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April 11 - 17, 2017

The Vladimir-of-Kiev Line through Casimir to Mummolin Somerset
Two More Girlfriends, Mamie and Babe, Speak
The Lyon Family in Auvergne, the Newest Place to Seek Western Khazars

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Not only has the U.S. not shown the evidence of Assad guilty, but it's now saying that Russia is "engaging in a cover-up of the Syrian government's role in a chemical weapons attack..." But there is nothing stated to show evidence of this cover-up. The article shows that the Mattis-ites, hypocrites, are on the edge, but still unwilling to charge Russia with the same nastiness as they are rushing to accuse Assad. They are openly stating that, along with the chemical attack, Assad targeted a hospital too. This is routine garbage from the U.S. Intelligence people, and they -- mass murderers -- need to be executed before they explode the world. Russia poses no threat in re-invigorating the old Soviet empire, as Mattis-ites fear, by engaging the Middle East in partnerships, whether Russia has a naval base in Syria or not, but if the U.S. continues to push Russia's buttons, the Russians may start to behave very nasty in return. Putin has already said that he will bomb American missiles and planes if Trump tries this again. Is that something to play with? Do we all want out living expenses to soar? Then support Trump in his battle against wee-wee Assad. Trump, the jerk. Mattis, the jerk.

The US declassified report is below. It says "our information blah-blah" but never tells what that information is, but takes the excuse that it needs to protect sources and methods. You can't attack a country based on your own word that guilt exists. You've got to show the guilt.

It is strongly recommended that you read the last update's section (link at top-corner of this page), "Tuesday Morning, I've Got Things to Add." You may have missed it if you loaded the page on Monday or Tuesday.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, a section was added to the last update, which will be pasted here temporarily for the readers that missed it. If you've already read it, you can skip down to the next section by clicking here.

The last update included an article from the Washington Post, where that media really shows signs of doing some actual work. Other media, in the Scalia case, generally collect stories from others, the lazy way. Here's another comment from that post article: "Law enforcement officials told The Post that they had no knowledge of the International Order of St. Hubertus or its connection to Poindexter and ranch guests. The officials said the FBI had declined to investigate Scalia's death when they were told by the marshals that he died from natural causes." Get rid of Comey, replace him with an honest man, and America will be a better place with fewer criminals running the elite circles.

Two Orders of Saint Hubert were introduced in the last update. Poindexter, the owner of the ranch where Scalia was killed, and who sat beside Scalia at dinner, is a leader in the International Order of Saint Hubert. Poindexter claimed that he asked Scalia to come down to the ranch in Washington, which request was a result of a certain lawyer who first insinuated the invitation, according to Poindexter. The latter refused to reveal this lawyer, supposedly Scalia's friend, and the lawyer came down with Scalia. It turned pout that the lawyer, C. Allen Foster, is himself a member (leader?) in the International Order of Saint Hubertus. If you didn't read the last update on that Order, it would be a good idea to do so. There was abundant evidence in the last update that God is about to have these criminals caught and punished and/or that Fosters and Poindexters both descend from Porcius Festus in the book of Acts.

Wikipedia has an article on C. Allen Foster: Allen Foster is the principal author of construction law treatise...He works for the firm Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP and has been listed in Best Lawyers since 2003. I find it amazing that Whitefords (share red garbs with Blythe's) use a version of the Hubert Coat, but instead of the Hubert crescents, the Whitefords put patee crosses on their bend in the colors of the patee used by the Bavarian Order of Saint Hubert. The Huberts share the crescent of Motts/Mottins, suspect with Modi'in, the Israeli home of the first Maccabees. The last update found that Poindexters share the (e)squire helmet with Twitch's and Armours, and then Motts/Morte's were first found in Cotes-du-Nord, otherwise called, Armor! Bingo.

The International Order of Saint Hubertus uses the white patee above in colors reversed, and throws in some oak leaves with acorns highly suspect (clinched, in my opinion) with Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee. This Order was of Ardennes, and then Ardens share the same cinquefoil as in the canton square of Prestons (double bars often code for Maccabees of Israel's Gamala). That makes two surnames in the firm that employs Mr. Foster suspect in connection to Saint-Hubert stupids. That leaves only the Taylors (Whiteford colors) to contend with, and Prestons (share the white tower with Presleys...and Clavers / Plunketts) were first found in the same place as TAILLebois', suspect as a branch of Tails/Taylors. The latter are kin to Chives' that use the moline cross in black, the color of the patee of the International order, and in the meantime the Patty's (and Renfrew-suspect Raines') use lions in the colors of the same of Taylors. Plunkett liners are very connectable to the Pollocks, first found in Renfrewshire, the same place as the first-known Whitefords.

Prestons are said to have been at a Beeston location in Norfolk while another Beeston is in Cheshire i.e. where Huberts were first found.

Pollocks were the proto-Rothschild line, it figures, for I read that the first Rothschilds, whom had linked to Bavarian elements, were involved with Rosicrucians. Rothschilds, birthed from Maier Bauer, were also from Scottish Bowers (share five bunched arrows with Arms of Rothschild), first found in Peebles while the Peeble surname shares green parrots with Pettys who in-turn share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild and in the FAST Coat. Meanwhile, FOSTers are also FESTers. Festus followed Felix as the Roman ruler of Judea, and English Felix's were first found in the same place as Saddocks who in-turn use the escutcheon in the colors of the same of Pattys. The escutcheon is an heraldic code for the Shield, and RothSCHILD is said to mean, Red Shield. The ESCUTcheon is part code for Scute liners, and that's where the potent cross of Skits and Skeets come in, for Felix's use the potent cross too. The first Pollock was at Rothes castle in Morayshire while Italian Felix's use the same stars as Morays.

It should be added that the homepage for the International Order of Saint Hubert uses the patee cross in green, the color of the Foster/Fester chevron; this is also the Shake chevron for those following Shechemite lines. The double bars of Prestons look like those of Musts/Muscats, first found in the same place as Knights and Blois', and Knights have traced to the Nith river, home of Patty-related Kilpatricks/Patchie's and the Nitts/Naughts, the latter suspect with NATHAN Rothschild's name (son of Mayer Bauer). While Fosters/Festers share black hunting horns with Patch's, the Scottish Fosters/Forrests use them in both colors of the Traby horns, and moreover these Fosters use the motto, "Hunter blow thy horn," as part-code for Horns/Orne's (white herons), a branch of HAVERANs/Herons (white herons) that give clue to AVARAN Hachorani Maccabee. The first Rothschild lived in a house called, Red Shield, then moved to a house on the same street which he called, Green Shield, explaining why Pollocks, Bowers, Burleys/Bourleys and Bauers all use green Shields. Haverans use the herons on a green Shield while Horns/Orne's use them on a red Shield, in the colors of English Blois' suspect with "Hunter BLOW thy horn." French Blois' use a white patee cross.

What about those acorns and oak leaves in the Arms of the International Order? The Acorns (stag head) were resolved with the acorn of Dutch Trumps/Tromps, but we can now add that the latter use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Tarves' and the Arms of the counts and dukes Guelders (taken from Wikipedia's Counts and dukes of Guelders article). Cleves and Guelder were blood-related entities in the initial bloodline that formed the Bavarian Order of Saint Hubert. This recalls that CORNers/Garners, who share the Gelder fleur-de-lys, use an ACORN! The sword design of Corners is that also of Dunns while Downs/Douns use a buck (stag) in the colors of the Trump stag head.

So, it appears that Corners/Garners were an integral element in the stag-depicted Order of Saint Hubert, recalling the Mr. Kepke, in a dream that was definitely from God for the purposes of this revelation, walked past the corner of my garage with a sickly-looking stag. And following the stag was a bearded man on crutches that was eventually resolved with my old Christian friend, Paul Smith. He was suspect in the dream weeks/months before I realized that Smiths (heron in Crest!) use the Crutch cross in colors reversed, clinching the dream from God. But I can add now that while Kepke became suspect with Keppochs/Kippax's, this surname happens to share the garb in both colors of the Whiteford garb! Zikers, it appears that God had in mind to use the Kepke dream for this Hubert band of utter stupids suspect in the coming 666 system.

By the way, there is a Blow/Bloor surname with goat heads in the colors of the same of Moline's, and in the colors of the Jonathan/Jonnas rooster heads, the latter's being in the design of the Blue's, first found in the same place (Airaines-related Arran) as MacAbee's (green Shield, Haveran/Heron colors).

It can be realized that St. Hubert was meaningless to this Order, and that he was chosen as code for the Hubert / Herbert surnames, and moreover the hunter theme of the Order is code for Hunters of Huntingdon, for Huntingdons even use the same fesse that is the Arms of Austria. Taylor-likely Taylards/Tailords (note the colors and shape of their cross) were first found in Huntingdonshire.

Back to Wikipedia's article on C. Allen Foster:

Allen Foster is an honorable member of the International Order of St. Hubertus. Known as a close friend of Antonin Scalia, Foster provided the late Supreme Court Justice a private jet to the Cibolo Creek Ranch meeting of the Order, where Scalia was last seen alive. Presidio County, Texas sheriff Danny Dominguez reported that Foster and the other members of the order insisted he had no authority in conducting an investigation of Antonin Scalia's death on February 12, 2016.

We wonder whose jet Foster supplied for Scalia. We wonder how many in the Order were privy to the murder. We all want to know whether Foster was a Democrat. Maybe not:

In 1993, [Foster] went before the Supreme Court to argue a case on behalf of Hispanic Republicans in Florida who said the state's reapportionment plan diluted their voting strength. During the argument, Scalia didn't spare Foster, asking him tough questions he was known for flinging at lawyers from the bench...The court ruled that voting rights had not been diluted. Scalia, along with Justice Clarence Thomas, dissented on procedural grounds.

It is not clear when Scalia and Foster became friends.

A lawyer supporting Republicans for voting purposes tends to indicate that Foster was, in the least, not a Democrat. Later in the article, "Over the years, [Foster's] eclectic group of clients has included the Republican Party, the libertarian Cato Institute, plaintiffs enslaved by Japanese corporations during World War II, and the former Blackwater Security Consulting, which was involved in a series of questionable incidents, including a 2007 shootout in Iraq that killed 17 Iraqis." There doesn't appear to be motive for Foster's involvement in Scalia's murder, yet that dark group of Hubert stupids concerns me. What do they stand for politically? Again, Catholics are usually Democrats because Protestants usually chose Republicans. This murder could even go as far up as the Vatican. There can be people no more stupid than Freemasons and Rosicrucians, except Catholics that vote Democrat. These are demented souls mixing demonism with Christ; Catholics have been doing it for millennia, long before the Democrats.

Here is a December-2013 photo with many of the Hubertus members (opens a new tab) posing for a camera. The photo is also at the fusion site below. Don't we just love their satanic-looking black-and-red robes. What do those colors have to do with hunting? I see a man looking like Poindexter in the front row to the viewer's right, beside the very-short man. The bald-headed one at the center of the front row looks like the Mexican mentioned in the last update, Archduke Istvan, a son of Hapsburg element, Felix of Austria. Scalia was killed near the Mexican border. Felix was born in Vienna, and one of the five sons of the first Rothschild operated a bank in Vienna from prior to Felix's birth in 1916. The House of Habsburg is listed at Wikipedia's Roman-Catholic Families article, as is the house of Hitler. What about that black swaSTIKA cross???

The page above, not known to me in the last update, speaks on a conspiracy theory wherein Leonard Nimoy (played Spock on Star Trek), now the leader of the Illuminati, had Scalia killed. This recalls from the last update: "Note how Sporck-like Spocks share the double-headed, red-on-white eagle of Choice's/Joyce's. Spocks even share eight, horizontal bars with Gowers/Gore's." The Choice's/Joyce's came back to topic where the Joyce Foundation was entered into the Scalia discussion, where Dave Hodges claims that Obama and Al Gore were both of that Foundation. "SPORCK/SPORK" was itself suspect as a cross between Spocks (PORCupine) and Pork liners such as we could expect from PORCius Festus / Porcius CATO...recalling the Cato Institute we just read. "Over the years, [Foster's] eclectic group of clients has included the Republican Party, the libertarian Cato Institute..."

Star Trek was created by Gene RODDENbury, and Roddens are listed with Rodhams (cinquefoils), very linkable to Rothschilds. Nimoys bring up the Nimo's/Newmarshes that share the Arden / Preston cinquefoil, and the Nimoy saltire is that also of French Andrea's. From here, we go to the Andersons that share the red Andrea saltire, and from there we go to the same, engrailed saltire of Tweeds (Saluzzo-Vasto Shield?). The Twitch's/Twiggs had caused me to ask whether Tricks/Triggs / Drigs apply as a Twigg branch, and we can see how "Trek," and the Terek river of Alania, or the Dreck variation of 666-suspect Drake's, can apply to Trick liners. Alania today has an Ardon river, if I recall the spelling correctly. Druckers/Driggers use bull's HORNs while Dreux's and Tweeds use the bull head.

I can't find any article on the Nimoy-Illuminati subject that has any meat. "The Mr. Spock theory was first mentioned as a joke, allegedly, by a parody website called, but since then, it has been accepted as fact that Leonard Nimoy had something to do with Scalia's death." I don't imagine that many hold to the theory as fact, but I find this amazing, anyway, especially is Spocks/Specks/Spicks were indeed the namers of Count Franz Anton von Sporck, founder of the International Order of Saint Hubertus. What do these goons do secretly in political circles? Pull strings? Spice's/Spicers can be suspect as a Spick branch, and Donald Trump has a Sean Spicer on his team, the White-house spokesman. While the Nimoy/Nimo surname can be expected with Numidians, I feel confident that Spicks and Spicers, as well as Kepke liners, were of the bloodline that named the Numidian ruler, Syphax. And since making that theory years ago, I have now found that Keppocks/Kippax's share the garbs of Hubert-suspect Whitefords, who use a bend-with-symbols in colors reversed from the same of Roddens.

You may want to keep in mind that Anton may have been named after a long line of the same from Antonius Felix of Judea. As Felix's use millrinds, while Rinds use gillie flowers, it doesn't look coincidental that Italian Tonys use the flower, and it's in the colors of the Jule flowers so that Julich can apply.

Roddens were first found in the same place as Stevensons, and both use the same bend. The Terek river has a STEPHANTSminda location, and the current head cheese of the International Order is one Istvan, whose name is otherwise, Steven. The Terek was, reportedly, a location of the first Khazars...whom I trace to RANGabe's and therefore very-feasibly to ORANGE...where I see the Hubert hunting theme. The rulers of Orange used the hunting horn.

Keppochs were first found in the same place as Scarburghs/Scarborough, and Mr. Kepke and I were both working as shoe salesmen in two different stores in a mall called, Scarburgh, in a Scarburgh area. The Scarburgh Coat is a near-copy of the Spice(r) Coat, but I didn't know that when I was selling shoes at 19 years of age, did I? Scarburghs share the red tower with Italian Andrea's. Spice's were first found in the same place (Devon) as Pine's expected in the porcuPINE of Spocks/Spicks. There is a Shoe/Schuch surname suspect with Skits, Scheds and Skeets, but there is also a Shawia-suspect SHOW/Schaw surname, and Shawia were Numidians. It's as though God ordered many events in my life as facilitation for my making surname links. "Show" is a motto term of Nimoys! Shows/Schaws are also Schors while little Andrea lived on Shore avenue.

This is a good place to mention the PUNGs/Paganells, likewise first found in the same place as Scarburghs and Pincs/Pinks. The twitch I've had often gave me the impression of being punchy, but, on account of that alone, I've disregarded the PUNCH surname until now. Let's look at it. Punch's have been regarded as a branch of Pincs/Pinks/PINCH's and Panico's/Pane's, the latter suspect along with Paganells as Payen/Pagan / Page liners. The punchy twitch can therefore link to Pagan liners, especially as Twitch's share three bends in the colors of the Pung/Paganell bends! Is that not beyond the norm and into the miraculous? You decide. We could expect the Hubertus Masons (or call them what you will) to descend from Hugh de Payens.

Dutch Bergs, incidentally, highly suspect with the Berg entity of the Bavarian Order of Saint Hubertus, share red lozenges with Pincs/Pinks, and the latter's Coat is again like that of the Board Coat (I gave little Andrea a boardgame). The Pinc Crest is the same arm with blue sleeve, with white cuff, as per the Spice Crest, tending to assure that Spice's are using a version of the Scarburgh Coat for a related reason. Punch's/Poyntz's/Pons' use an arm with a sleeve too, and a clenched fist ("A cubit arm in silver with the fist clenched"), as well as sharing eight barry with Spocks/Spicks. Recalling that the Pincs share the Montacute lozenges, and that Montacute's/Montague's traced well (very recently) to Panico's, let's add that the Poyntz branch of Punch's are said to have received their Linch property (Sussex) from Viscount Montague.

As Points use another arm in sleeve with a cuff, I reasoned that Points were a branch of Poyntz's, but here we can add that Points are in Spice colors. The Point Crest: "An arm bendways VESTed black, CUFF gold, with the fingers pointing." Cuffs / Coughs use a version of the Whiteford Coat. The Point piles come with the gold formee cross seen in the hand of the Pinc Crest as well as around the Pinc border. The formee is the symbol also of Crutch's and Smiths.

Another Dream

Good morning. As I awoke during sleep early this morning, I recalled a dream, and it ended with my hugging Chris Peare, the girl that Kepke stole from me. Back when I was 19 and selling shoes, Kepke, selling shoes on the lower floor of the mall, brought Chris across my store front, who worked for REITmans, and before long I was plotting to be with her before he was. Reitmans evokes the Redmans/RedMaine's, and while the latter are being traced to Rieti, near Avezzano, Jewish Reitmans happen to share a red rose on stem with Avezzano's, the latter using the crutch pattern on their bend. I can now add that Reitmans use the Zionist stars of Rodden-suspect Rotens. It looks like this dream was perfectly suited to carry on with Star Trek and Dr. Spock.

This recalls that Avezzano's were traced with zero doubt to Germany's Rudesheim, while Rudes' use the quadrants in the Coat of Wessels/WASTELLs, whom came to mind this morning when I was asking whether "FISTULa" may be God's code for a particular surname. It dawned on me at that time (still in bed wondering about the dream) that Italian Felix's use the same stars as Aurelia's while the Aurelia Cotta (mother of Julius Caesar) is expected as the relative of VESTALis, son of king Cottian. In this picture, the fistula at my tooth may have been created to point to the Cotta > VESTalis bloodline to the naming of FESTus of Judea. With this thought, lights went on in my head. It recalls the "vested" arm of Points. Besides, Dutch Reitmans, as with Jewish Reitmans, share two stars in Chief with Aurelia's. Dutch Reitmans/ReitMAYERS share the anchor with Majors/Mayers, the latter sharing three red roses in Chief with the Caesar Chief. Of interest is that Jewish Mayers use the Gelder/Op Gelder Coat in colors reversed while Opgalli's ancestry is expected (by me) to be from a child (Junia Caepionis) of Julius Caesar with Servilia Caepionis. Was Mayer Bauer (Frankfurt, near Rudesheim) named after Jewish Mayers?

I neglected to mention in the last up concerning the gillyflowers of Julian-suspect Jewels/Jule's, who evoke Julich, by the way. The Rinds, in the millrinds of potent-liner, English Felix's, use "gillie flowers." And Rinds (share a blue-on-white fesse with Wessels/Wastells) use scallops in both colors of the lone scallop at the base of the Aurelia Coat. We now have a solid link between Felix's and the Cotta > Julian line.

Back to the competition for Chris Peare. I kissed her first, at a bar called Paloma, where I would later kiss Kim Walsh on the cheek (with Kepke there). The Kiss' are therefore suspect here. Italian Paloma's (Page colors, first found in BARi) share the dove with Wessels/Wastells; the dove is very linkable to the Panico / Payen / Page line as per Cuppae near the Pek river. Spanish Paloma's happen to share pale BARS (Berry-liner code, right?) in the colors of the four fesse bars of French Page's/Pagenels (same place as Payens). So, the kiss at Paloma has brought us to the Panico bloodline, yet I can't see right-off how Chris' or Peare's work neatly into a Panico picture. I was seeing her while Kepke fumed with jealousy, and we were even in my bed one afternoon, yet I didn't try anything because I really respected her, wanted her on a serious basis. One night soon after, we were holding one another in my room, and Kepke yells from the living room, "He just wants to use her [for sex]." And hearing this, she looked at me, asking whether it was true, but she walked out on me too fast, indicating that she liked Kepke too. I went out and slammed the living-room WINDOW shut, breaking the GLASS, and left it at that. Before long, they were together, and he later proposed to marry her (never did).

I've just looked up Windows (same place as Pungs/Paganells) to be reminded that their Crest has a gold fitchee held by a lion paw, as does the Crest of Cuppae-suspect Quints (i.e. suspect with Quintus Caepio). The gold formee cross of Points and Pincs is partly a fitchee. As "Point" is like "Boyd," it should be said that Boyds use a hand with two fingers pointing, as do Points. Boyds (Stewart kin) were Bute liners, and GLASS' were first found in Buteshire. I slammed the window and broke the glass, and while Broke's/Brocks share the Stewart motto, the proto-Stewarts of SALOP (home of Boyds) went to live around GLASgow. The Brock fleur is also in the Panico Chief. (As Boyds share checks on a fesse with Marks, it should be noted that Boyer-like Voyers/Voirs (Brittany, near Window-suspect FINIStere) use a lion they call St. Mark's. The Window lion paws are expected to be the Finis/Fien lions.)

This reminds me that, at a school bus stop, with people waiting for the BUS, David Boyd (age 16ish) asked to see my cigarette LIGHTER. before ever realizing that this event was an act of God for surname revelation, I suspected that Boyds are from the blonde Budini (Ukraine, near Kepke-suspect Kiev), whom I tend to link to bus-like Buz, son of Nahor, and then the Cottian-suspect Cotesii were on what is now the BUSau river. While Kepke's father descended from Ukrainians, Cotesii were beside the Sensii that I trace to Sions/Sine's/Swans, who share the swan in the colors of the same of Chris', and more over the mythical Swan Knight was a son of Percival while Peare's (leopard heads) are expected as part of the Percival / Pierce/Pier line. The Peare's/Pearls use a chevron in colors reversed from the Quint chevron.

When Dave Boyd received my lighter, he dropped it maliciously to the ground. I said, "pick it up." he didn't. I SLAPped him (code for Boyds of SALOP, right?), and repeated, "pick it up." He PICKed it up and handed it to me, and the event was over. The Scottish Picks/Pike's (pierced stars) were first found in Ayrshire, (beside Glasgow), same as Boyds, and the Ayers use a "Lighter" motto term. That's how I know that it was an act of God to confirm important links. But then English Picks/Pex's, who look like they can be from the Pek river, indeed, use more gold fitchee crosses, in both colors of the fitchee-formee crosses of Pincs. Perfect, for Pincum was at the mouth of the Pek river. In the Pick/Pex Crest: " A tree," the Panico/Pane symbol.

Lights/Lite's, in Wissel/Wizel colors, and first found in Somerset (same as Pierce's and Percivals) along with Wissels/Wizels, use the swan along with feathers in the colors of the Tooth feathers. It was this morning that I wondered whether Wissel-like Wessels/WASTELLs were being indicated by God with the FISTULA at my tooth. English Pike's (same place as English Stewarts, and beside the Lights, etc.) use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of German Wessels The string of Wissel lozenges are colors reversed from the string of Pinc lozenges, which recalls the string of Percy lozenges, but yet another string is used by Marshals, perhaps of the NewMARSH variation of Nimoys.

Sorry, I haven't yet gotten to this morning's dream. I now want to show the Pickets/Pigotts as per "PICK IT up." Amazingly, Pickits (same place as Hugh D'Avranches that used the Scarf wolf head) use the three giant ermines that I've seen as an Arms of Vannes, and in the Pickit Crest there must therefore be the white wolf head of Scarfs, for the Arms of Vannes uses an ermine mammal wearing a scarf. Therefore, the "pick-it-up" event seems clearly to link proto-Stewarts of Dol and other parts of Brittany to Pek-river liners (suspect from the Paioni), but also to Budini / Trypillian / Cotesii elements in the Ukraine / Moldova. Trypillians are suspect with the Trabys i.e. that use the scarf.

We saw why Prestons (almost the Herbert / Fuller bars) could be of the Saint-Hubert stupids, and Pickins happen to use a "prest" motto term. Pickins also use "Tout," which is shared by Oliphants along with "voir." The Voyers/Voirs were first found in Vannes, and may have been a Boyd branch. I trace Oliphants from Bute-likely ArBUTHnotts to the Elaphiti islands beside Melita, and the latter is where I trace Mallets that share the Rind / Aurelia scallop. Aurelia's were first found in the land of the Italian Veneti while Vannes was the city of the Brittany Veneti. The Aurelia stars are in the Arbuthnott Coat. In fact, Aurelia's were first found in Padova, same as Abreu's/Abruzzo's that share two symbols with PRESleys, one being the white tower seen also in the Preston Crest. As the Preston tower is RUINed, it recalls that I trace Abreu's to Evreux, beside ROUEN, and moreover the Abreu lions are suspect (by me) with the Arms of Normandy (capital = Rouen).

In my opinion, Stewarts rule the American military. In my opinion, Armageddon is best viewed from the perspective of Stewart-loving cultists / secret societies seeking world domination.

The Bothwells (BOY PULLING a pine tree), in Pick/Pex colors and format, were from Bute, I have read, and thus they are expected with the Boyd and/or Point line to Bute. Bothwells were connected to Oliphants / Arbuthnotts, and so let's mention the "urGENTIA" motto term of Bothwells, like the "DiliGENTES" motto term in the Arms of the International Order of Saint Hubertus. The Dills/Dilks (dove) happen to use a giant lion in colors reversed from the Habsburg lion. The Dill lion is that also of Abreu's. "Dilk" can be in both the "DILIGite" and "DILIGentes' motto terms of the same Arms. A Gentes surname brings up Dutch Gaunts that share the wavy Dol fesse, and this recalls that Austrian Habsburgs were in the Gaunt theater (I'm not very familiar with any of that).

Incidentally, while Bus liners can be expected with Bush's, English Bush's share the black boar with Bothwell-like Booths (same place as Bush's, Scarfs, Keppochs), another reason to realize that God set the lighter event up, for it was at a BUS stop. At one time, the black Bush fesse was shown in red, making it the Keppoch fesse too. German Bush's/Buschs can be using the Gelder/Op Gelder fleur. The "boast" motto term of Nimo's/Nimoys must be for Boasts who mention the Bosco's...probably the Bosco's of Rose's (Constantine colors).

Aha! This is new. The Boushe variation of English Bush's evoked such things as Bouche's, Bochets, and Bouchier's/Bouchers, the latter sharing water bougets with Bugs! Excellent, for the Nahor-suspect Neuri are known to have been at the Ukraine's Bug river, and Buz was a son of Nahor. Excellent. It took me this long to notice "Boushe." Again, I trace Roxolani (ancient Ros-Alans) from the Neuri theater to proto-Stewart Alans, but also to the Rose's (boar head) that use water bougets (it seems that Waters were merged with Bug-river elements). The boar of the Molle's (ROXburghshire) and Schims/Schiens (white dove) can now be linked to the Bush / Booth boar, for Molle's share nearly the Arbuthnott Coat. Note that Bouchier's use the same checks as Bug-like VAUX's with a Bus-like Vose variation.

Hmm, while I link Schims to the ScimiTAR while linking it also to the Taro river, it happens to flow to Parma while Palmers/Parmers (Fleck kin) Schims share the white dove with Palm-like PALOMa's. That looks like Parma liners should be of the Paloma's.

Schims are suspect with "SHECHEMite," and the moleHILLs of Shake's make's Molle's connectable to Shechemites. If we think that "STAR Trek" is part-code for Stars, they use a chevron in colors reversed from the Shake chevron. I have been insinuating that Shechemites and Kenites are expected with the line of Pagan Levites from Jonathan of Laish, but until now have remained unfamiliar with the Healey entity of Chadwicks. Healeys (Helles colors) happen to use the same boar head as Shechem-like Schims/Schiens/Chands.

I had forgotten that I left off yesterday on the Kepke topic, and so I thought I had best relate this latest dream to see what surname connections it may have to do with. When the dream started, I was on a hill walking up, and saw a sleeping bag on the ground, which I picked up. I walked to the top, where there was a road, and a Nazi-like character drove past me on his motorbike that seemed to be out of the 1940s. He drove down the hill, then returned up the hill, and meanwhile I was crossing the road to a mall. When I was in the mall, though I can't recall where, I was lying down somewhere, on a platform (didn't seem like a bed), and Christine Peare was lying next to me, she with another woman friend with very short hair, and that's when Chris just came into my arms. I had no thought for sex, just loved holding her as soon as I touched her on the back. Such a strange dream. Maybe the Nazi-like character was Kepke trying to assure I never got to have her.

When I awoke, trying to make surname sense of things, I immediately recalled that Sleeps/Slepe's (as per the sleeping bag) use two fesse bars that, in colors reversed, are red, the color of the three fesse bars of Kemmis'/Kenys'. I always link the latter to the Coat of Welsh Bachs/BAGHS, you see, and view them from the Khyan / Apachnas Hyksos. And while I didn't see a full hill, just the incline, it can be regarded as a SLOPE, for Sleeps were first found in SALOP (Shropshire), and the Bachs/Baghs even use a version of the Stewart fesse with checks, as do Stewart-related Boyds that show a hand pointing with two fingers, such a pointincidence. I left off yesterday on the Point bloodline, right?

When we click to German Bachs/Backs, we find them sharing "In cruce" with Cleves'/Cliffs and Rudes', both first found in Salop, and part of the Hubert stupids, and the Herberts share three red fesse bars with Kemmis', the latter first found in the same place as Tewkesburys that share the castle of Redmans. Chris Peare worked in a mall for Reitmans. Again, the mall's name was Scarburgh, and Scarburghs were linkable to Spice's, and therefore to Spocks/Spicks, and finally Dr. Spock was named by Gene RODDENbury, we may assume, while Reitmans share the Zionist stars of ROTENs. Rudes' were first found in the same place as Sleeps. And this is all apparently got to do with Mr. Sporck, founder of the International Hubert stupids that dress up like silver-spoon Illuminatists, with gold borders on their long, flowing robes that make the Pharisees look like paupers. If the mall in the dream was meant as code, note that Malls/Mallibone's were first found in the same place as Huberts, and that the Hubertus motto includes "aniMALia."

As I said, when I had Christine in my arms, I could feel pure LOVE, no sexuality involved whatsoever. In fact, I recall sleeping the night with her and Louise Phillips (friends), all three in my twin-size bed (yes we were tight). Christine and I were not yet together, as I recall it. I found myself waking up, with an arm draped around her felt so good/right, I really started to like this girl (they were sleeping over, no sex). I can fathom that it felt good, virtually the same feeling as in the dream last night, because God wanted me to remember this. Aside from the WAISTell variation of Wessels (suspect with the Rudes quadrants), the point is, the Love's/Luffs use the same three bars as Herberts / Kemmis'. And in the Love/Luff Crest, another fitchee-formee cross. Love's/Luffs were first found in the same place as Davers, and the latter use a jay. The Love's/Luffs share three red bars with Leavells/Lovells (same place as Pierce's).

German Bachs use a steer while the Steer motto suggests kinship with Seats/Cedes' that in-turn share the double blue-on-white pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine, that being the part of Brittany that was home to the proto-Stewarts of Salop. It's also where Plunketts were first found that share the Hill tower. Moreover, Cardine's (same place as Huberts) are using a good reflection of the Plunkett Coat while Arbuthnotts were first found in KinCardine. The write-up of Huberts traces to Cardine-like Curzon, and Curzons (Derbyshire, traceable to Plancia-Magna elements at Derbe) are said to descend from a Hubert. Curzons (popinjays) and Huberts use bends in colors reversed from the Plunket / Cardine bends.

The popinjay must be for Popins (kin of Glenny-loving Mens'), and they use a "PRESTINa" motto term while Prestons, using two of the Herbert bars, come up as "PRESTIN." Glenns and Glennys (see Glenylon of Mens') were suspect with Gaulonites of Gamala, and double bars are often bars GEMEL. Maccabees of Gamala, right? As Scottish PREStins share the unicorn head with PIERCe's, in the colors and format of the Waleran bull heads and Quade wolf heads, Prestons look like they are a Laevillus > Pierce line. Repeat: "Note that Bouchier's use the same checks as Bug-like VAUX's with a Bus-like Vose variation." Walerans use a "vos" motto term, and Prestons use "ut" while Buz's brother was, Uts. For new readers, Waleran de Percival of Meulan was the patriarch of Leavells/Lovells, first found in the same place as Pierce's and Percivals, and the Arms of Meulan use the Vaux Coat.

Pierce's even share the unicorn with Christine's. I recall, and have discussed it with readers multiple times, that Vince Pierce PUNCHED Kepke in the face on Rick Young's driveway. Youngs share the Leavell/Lovell piles, and the same Leavells share the same fesse as Keppochs.

Just realized: the QUADRants (= giant checks) of Malls/Mallibone's (same place as Huberts) are in these colors! Malls even share the same bend as Huberts. I kid you not, I walked up the hill, and into a mall, in last night's dream. The guy on the motorbike had a HELMet on while Helms (same pheons as Cardine's) use a version of the Hubert / Whiteford Coat. There is no Bike surname coming up, but perhaps Bicks/Bickers apply, for they use the same stag heads as Popins expected in the Courzon popinjays. Why do Whitefords use an "uBIQUE" motto term? The guy on the bike looked like a Nazi, with an old WW2 helmet, by the looks of it. He was riding down the hill, then up the hill, and Whitefords are in Hill colors.

Quade's and quadrants are suspect with QUADRatilla, Laevillus' wife. As Huberts use the same crescents as Mottins and Craigs, they can trace to Charax, a name used by Proculus, son of Laevillus and Quadratilla. As QuadraTILLa can trace very well (aside from similarity of terms) to Tillers, Tails/Tailers and Tills, the Dills and similar surnames can apply. It's all suspect from the Avitus bloodline at the Tillurius/Cetina river, and while Avitus is suspect with Vito's, the latter use an annulet in colors reversed from the same of German Tills/Tillers. The white dove in the Till/Tiller crest is in the design of the white one in the Dill/Dilk Crest! I might not have known had Dilks not been looked up above.

Repeat: "The Dill lion is that also of Abreu's. "Dilk" can be in both the "DILIGite" and "DILIGentes" motto terms of the same Arms." There is even a Dilg surname (Delk colors) that can be using a version of the Curtis/Cortes Coat, suspect with a Curtus name of a Maccabee in the ancestry of Josephus. Courzons can apply. This recalls that French Courts use the hunting horn. The Hubertus stupids appear descended from that rotten traitor, Josephus, as they came down the pipes of history as Massey / Macey liners into Cheshire, where Huberts (same crescent as Modi'in-suspect Motts/Mottins) were first found. It's a little interesting that while Courzons could be Chris / Criss liners, Christine's are in Curtis colors.

I got down all the way to here before reloading POINdexters (helmet). I was going to say that the emphasis on the Point bloodline draws Poindexters in. But when the Coat loaded, I saw the "NEMO" motto term!!!! Leonard Nimoy really appears to have been an Illuminatist with the Hubert idiots. While Nimo's/Nimoys (same cinquefoil as Ardens and Prestons), who come up as "Nemo," use a "show" motto term, the Poindexters use the lone star of Shoe's (Bavaria). The Shoe's share the tree with Panico's: "...a silver tower topped with a tree, and with walls on either side." I first saw Christine Peare from my shoe store, and she worked at Reitmans while Reitmans are a Roten branch while Redmans use a castle in the colors of the Shoe tower.

We now have a pretty good idea that last night's dream was about expanding upon Hubert kin, and we can expect God to be most concerned with the end-time cult. The first thing that came to mind this morning, as per the sleeping bag on the hill / slope, was the Bachs/BAGHs, and they happen to use a version of this White Coat, which recalls the Whitefords having a version of the Hubert Coat while C. Allen Foster works for Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP. Taylors and Prestons have been clinched, I think, with the Quadratilla-Laevillus line.

Now, while the lozengy in the Arms of Bavaria was owned first by Bogens (are Bogans using the Till wyvern?), in Bug colors, it is known that it was transferred to WittelsBACHs, and lookie: the Wittelsbachs (share talbot with Bachs) use a version of the White Coat above!!! Perfect, Oh Lord. In fact, I have just realized that I slept with a sleeping bag over me last night, and it's all black aside from one stripe along one side, that is red, the colors of the robes of the Hubertus members! I can tell you now with confidence that God hates this group, and has something prepared for it, but none do they know. The Spy is watching.

The Bavarian lozengy is on an angle, and called "bendWISE." We are not naive. That's code for the Wise variation of Weis'. The lozengy was put on an angle to honor Weis liners. English Wise's use a mace.

The Iron Cross and its Stupids

We get the impression that Bachs/Baghs/Baughs were a branch of Bogens and Bugs (bougets in Whiteford / Hubert colors) . We have every reason to suspect that the Bavarian aspect of the Order of Saint Hubert was of this thing, but we of course ask concerning the Bavarian Illuminati, whether the idiots of that thing raised some of the Nazi's, now known to have been Rosicrucians of a THULE Society. The Tulls/Tolle's / Tools come to mind.

Where did that cross come from. Note that Biss', suspect in the ibis of Weishaupts, are in Hubert / Whiteford colors. Adam Weishaupt, who left the Catholic Jesuits, was a founder of the Bavarian Illuminati just as Mayer Bauer-Rothschild was gearing up for international richness. Weis and Wies' share wings with Bauers, first found in Bavaria. Bowers and Rothschilds use arrows while Bogens us the bow for shooting arrows. The Arrow/Arras surname (Bush fleur?) uses a cross in the colors of the Iron Cross. The Biss' were first found in Surrey, and the Surrich variation of the Surrey surname is suspect with Zurich (near the Bavaria border) while the Arms of Zurich shares the diagonally-split Shield of Hiedlers/Hitlers, first found in Munich (Bavaria) and sharing the stars of Bauers (Austria and Bavaria).

Heids (Bavaria) share the single arrow bendwise with Rothschilds/Rothsteins. Belgian Heids use a reflection of the Nim/Non/Nevin Coat, and the latter were first found in the same place (Ayrshire) as Margys/Mackeys that use another single arrow, along with sharing the raven with the Rothes' (Bavaria). The Mackey ravens are "HANGing from an arrow," and then the Cottons (Huntingdonshire) use "HANKs (bundles) of cotton" in a Coat much like the Nim/Non/Nevin Coat. Cotta's are likewise Cottons and use FRETTy. These ravens especially can be suspect with Ravensburg, where Rothschild roots should pass through. There is a Ravenna near Rimini that can apply, but I won't get into that here. Maybe soon. Wikipedia's Iron-Cross article has a link that led me to the "Bull [decree] of Rimini" by emperor FREDerick II Hohenstaufen, and Fred-like Ferte's are, I think, from Ferte-MACE, where I would trace the Mackeys above. As the Arms of Rothschild uses the Fast quadrants, the Margy/Mackey Coat can be the Saluzzo-Vasto Shield, especially as Masci's were first found in the Saluzzo area. Yet more, the Margy/Mackey Chief can be a white version of the Chief of Maschi's, first found in Rimini. This recalls the link of Frederick to Mosca's of Sicily, then over to rulers of Aragon that themselves married Savoy.

The Ferte eagle can be in this Bouche Coat, and as Bush's are Boushe's too, while one Bush president married Miss Walsh, it's notable that the Walsh's share a black saltire with Bouche's. As Walsh's can be traced with zero doubt to TRANS'/Trents and Terentia Murena, it's very notable that the red, spread eagles of Bouche's are used on white by Terents, and that the latter share a red-on-white chevron with English Walsh's (Morton kin). The black-saltire Walsh's use a "TRANSfixus" motto. It all makes Mackeys and Maceys suspect from Cilnius MAECenas, Terentia's husband.

Hmm, "[The Iron Cross] was established by King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia in March 1813 backdated to the birthday of his late wife Queen Louise on 10 March 1813..." The Lois' were first found in the same place (Artois) as Arras, the Artois capital. The Artois surname is listed with ARDONs while Ardens are highly suspect with the Ardennes elements of Hubert liners. I've resolved that the red Arrow/Arras tower is that of Murena's, from Terentia Murena, wife of Cilnius Maecenas from old Arettium, now called, Arezzo i.e. like "Arras."

Again, I, possibly descended from Maecenas, slept one night with Louise Phillips on one side, and Christine Peare on the other. The Welsh Louis'/Lewis' have already been traced to Leavells, where Peare's out to trace, and Phillips use a giant lion in colors reversed from the Louis/Lewis lion. The "amor" motto term of Phillips suggests the Amore's/Armers that use almost the Leavell Coat, and moreover Amore's thrown in a black bend, the color of the Whiteford / Hubert / Mall bend. Louise worked at the MALL too, selling to Penningtons. Penningtons (mountain cat), with possibly the Percy lozenges, use an "amore" motto term, but I didn't know that at age 19, did I? The Amore's (share talbot with Wittelsbachs) use the motto, "Tu ne cede MALIS," and Steers (Surrey, Biss colors) use "Tu ne cede me." The "ne" term can be for Nee's/Knee's ("knee" is in the Shoe description), suddenly interesting where Louise's brother (Glenn, hmm) came over one evening and put his knee to my face, almost knocking me out (I was asking Louise to move out of my apartment, where she and Christine were living for some months).

The "Tu ne cede ME" can be partly for Mee's/Mea's (same place as Bugs) that share the FACE/Fessy cross. Mea's use a "numine" motto term while Numans/Newmans use another "amor" motto term as well as the same lion as Louis'/Lewis'. Scottish Walsh's (same place as Scottish Leavells) use another "numine" motto term, and Kepke's brother married a Miss Walsh; her sister became engaged to Kepke himself. If Kepke's Kim Walsh had a first name desired by God for this revelation, then it's interesting that Kims (Buteshire, same as Glass') use a "prest" motto term and share the cinquefoil with Prestons.

Aha! Poindexters use "me" as well as "Nemo"! Excellent. God was pointing me to Poindexters, wasn't he? Yes, and kin, all expected with the Hubert morons.

Knee's (share the Molle Crest), sharing the German-Gelder bend, are Knight kin. Gelders were first found in the same place as shoe-using Trips, while the other Trips use a SCALing ladder expected with the ladder-using Scalia line (the rat-trap plot thickens). The Wittel-like Wizels were first found in the same place (Nith-river area) as Knee-suspect McGee's, and the latter share the Mee/Mea boar head. The Shoe knight is said to start at the knees probably for a Knight-Knee relationship. The Knights [share spur with Close's of Closeburn, Nith river] have an old variation suggesting the Nith river, where the proto-Geddes Geds lived (eventually merged with the Bosco-Rose's), and "Geddes" (pike fish, recalls "pick it up") looks like the CEDES variation of Seats suspect in "Tu ne CEDE Malis." Perfect, God really knows what he's doing, and I probably deserved the knee to the face for sleeping with Louise (Chris was with Kepke at the time).

I didn't know, or at least I didn't recall, in case this was found previously, that there is a Malis surname (share flaunches with Hubert-suspect Hobbits/Hobarts) sharing the Chris/Christman swan! French Phillips use another swan in the same colors! The lone blue star on the Chris/Christman swan is also the lone Shoe / Poindexter star. The Criss'/Cristmans (Austria) use a version of the Chris/Christman swan, and throw in a lone star in colors reversed from the Shoe / Poindexter / Wies star. The Christs/Chriss' (Austria) share the white wing in Crest with Weis' and Wies', as well as tracing potentially to mythical Creusa at Agrigento, location of a Hypsas river, which can explain why the Christs / Chriss' use a reflection of the Hips Coat.

To possibly top it off as concerns the Hubert stupids that God could have been concerned with, 40 years ago, the Fords (share "Christi" with Bouillons) share flaunches with Hobbits/Hobarts, which can suggest that WhiteFORDS were a Wittelsbach merger with Fords. The Ford motto appears to honor the Crums/Croms and/or Crums/Crombys, and the latter use a bottony cross, same as the so-called "crown of Charlemagne" seen in multiple instances on the Wikipedia page for the Wittelsbachs.

While I trace Glenns / Glennys to Gamala, the Penningtons are said to be of Gamel de Pennington. Louise's brother was Glenn. The Pennings (stags) use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Glennys and Gamals/Gamble's in colors reversed. Gamels (same place as Huberts), who share double wings in Crest with Weis' and Wies', share the same stars as Peare's/Perle's (leopard FACES). It almost looks as though God knew what he was doing with the names of these ladies in the life of yours truly, and this was, I need to assume, in spite of my sins and my putting God aside in those years. Kepke left Chris Peare for Miss Walsh, and Walsh's share the PIERCED swan with Gemels, I kid you not. The wedding invitations were out, but he backed out and went back to Miss Peare. Was it all for this reason here today? Chris' use the swan too, right? Yes, and the Swan Knight was a son of Percival.

It can appear that the Maccabee line of Josephus, and/or other Maccabee lines, especially from Cedes-suspect Cetis, bumped into the Weis line suspect with the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati. When seeking Nimoy branch's, "Nim" (branch of PALM) was entered to find it with Nons/Nevins (same place as Gemels), who share the same fesse as Wies'. Walsh's and Mee's/Mea's share "numine," recalling how well Spocks/Spicks / Spice's and Scarburghs traced to Numidians expected with Kepke-like Syphax. I haven't even come close to clinching Fords with Whitefords, but it's interesting that English Fords share the black and courant greyhound of Palmers/Parmers, who obviously merged with Flecks.

Another thing. While living with Louise and Chris, I painted a mural on the kitchen wall of an album cover by Cat Stevens. It recalls the Pennington mountain cat, but then Stevensons share the Rodden bend. Then, mountain cats are used by Chives'/Shewas', suspect with Shawia Numidians, and Cowes' use Penning-like pennants. Note the Cowes cross.

Repeat for those not knowing. When i first saw the image of Syphax on the coin at his Wikipedia article, it reminded me of Mr. Kepke, yet it would be months or years before I would recognize that God had created situations in my relationship with him for to expand on Syphax lines. "Chives" and "Caiaphas" are highly suspect as variations of "Syphax."

Cetis is where Quadratilla's family ruled. Geddes', with a "Capta majora" motto, share fish with Cabots, and the latter were first found in Jersey along with PoinDEXTERs. Jersey is in the Channel Islands along with Guernsey, the latter where Majors/Mayers were from. French Cabots get is to some Caiaphas-like variations. The latter can have a motto part-code for the lone-star Cuss/Kiss surname (same place as DEXTERs) sharing the rooster of Bibo's, suspect with Vibia, Laevillus' mother. I see Guernsey liners in Gernons that use a "CYFOETH" motto, and while Ranulph de Gernon was a son of Ranulph le Meschin, he can trace to SYPHAX because Meschins were from Numidians. "CyFOETH" seems to be code for Footes, a location in Guernsey, but also for Foetes/Fussen (Bavaria), which shares three human legs in its Arms with the Isle of Man, where Christine's were first found. Man was the island of the family of king Maccus, a Maccabee suspect to the Maxwells and Mackays. The "VIVis" motto term of Nims/Nons/Nevins (Ayrshire, same place as Margys/Mackeys) may be for Vibius liners.

The Capone and Levi lions are both b;lack and crowned, as is the black lion in the Gernon Crest. The Gernon Coat shares double lions in pale with Levi's, and Pale's use a CAMEL, we get it. The Welsh Phillips use a black lion with gold crown around its neck, and the "patriae" motto term of these Phillips suggests the black lion of Kilpatricks (Nith river, yes). Bricks, suspect with the Massey fleur and with Ranulph de Briquessart, de Gernon's grandfather, share the same-colored lozenges as French Louis', underscoring why Louise Phillips was placed into my life. These lozenges are in the colors of the Bavarian lozengy, expected to connect with Foetes/Fussen. I was kneed in the FACE by Glenn Phillips, and Face's/Fessys can apply to Fussen liners. Lozenges are at times called, fusils, as code for lozenge-using Fusils/Fusier's. Glenn was a close friend of Vince Pierce.

I kid you not that immediately after asking Louise Phillips to move, I found a new girl in Miss Whelan (I forget her first name), and Whelans use the Brick Coat! In spite of my sins...the Story was recorded then, to be told 40 years later. I've already told that, to my surprise when meeting her, Rick Young was dating her sister, and while Youngs share the Leavell piles, Whelans can be Waleran-de-Leavell liners. As I said, Vince Pierce punched Kepke on Rick Young's driveway, and Percys share lozenges in the colors of the Fusil lozenges (blue in colors reversed), all feasibly the blue Whelan lozenges.

The "NID cyfoeth" motto of Gernons suggests the Nide variation of Neme's/Name's/Needs (same place as other Name's/Neme's), with a chevron almost in both colors of the Foot / Fothes chevron, and the latter two use their chevron in the colors of the three Levi chevrons. It looks like a hit on the Levi's to the Briquessart > Meschin line, exactly expected of the Maccabees that put out the Levi blood in Caiaphas' veins. Besides, we just saw why the Briquessart line had contacted the Laevillus > Leavell line. The other Name's/Neme's (same place as the wife of Ranulph le Meschin) can thus be using the lion head of Chretiens/CRESTiens, the latter in the Levi motto.

There you have it, my best attempt to explain last night's dream. I do not recall what we were lying on when I saw Christine with her female friend, whom I did not recognize. I recall that her black hair was growing shorter, like that of a man, almost, you've seen this on women. I honestly can't remember what Louise's black hair was like, but I do recall that it may indeed have been that short. In fact, I am sure of it now. Recall that I had my arm draped around Christine's waist when I slept with she and Louise, for in the dream, that same feeling was aroused when I wrapped my arm around her upper waist. I didn't know, 40 years ago, and not until a week or two ago, that Scottish Wizels (same place as Nith river), perhaps of the Wizel variation of Wissels/Whistle's, use the VINCE griffins exactly. Might Wissels and Wessels have been branches of Weis' and Wies'? Or, were Wissels the makings of WITTELsbachs?

The "VINCEre" motto term of Grails/Neils may apply, but, in any case, the surname shares a "mori" motto term with Giffords, and the latter use "MALO mori," evoking the Malls again. The Giffards (lozenges) share the Paine motto, and the Paine lions are in the Wissel/Wizel Coat. I read that the house of Wittelsbachs were of the Ravensburg area, and that place was encountered when on the saint-Hubert bloodline. Some of the Arms at the page above show the triple-red chevrons of Ravensburg. The Bavarian lozengy is described as "fusilly" = fusils, and the Fusils/Fusier's were first found in the same place as, and use a reflection of the Coat of, Payens.

In the Arms shown for the Electors palatine of Neuburg, we read: " escarbuncle with rays or (Cleves)..." That is, a gold escarbuncle with rays but belonging to the Cleves mentioned in the last update. I showed that the Ray surname used the escarbuncle too, and that's why the rays are code in the Arms above. Cleves was an area ruled by the creators of the Bavarian Order of Saint Hubert. It appears that the dream this morning, Intended first to show the Bachs/Baghs, then the Wittelsbachs, turns out to be related to the Hubert stupids suspect in the murder of judge Scalia. Does it all mean that these stupids will persecute God's people in the near future? Is there any way to straighten them out before it's too late? The Wittelsbach page also shows the Arms of Mark, which share checks in the way Stewarts, Boyds and Marks / Marx''s do, and it just so happens that many place Karl Marx into the Bavarian Illuminati.

Here's from Wikipedia on the Bavarian order of Saint Hubert:

The establishment of the Order occurred during a long-term, intermittent territorial dispute, initially between the Dukes of Julich and the Dukes of Guelders, who were descended from a female line of the House of Julich. The dispute began in the 1430s, when Arnold, Duke of Gelderland claimed the duchy of Julich and the county of Ravensburg, and was resolved in the 1614 Treaty of Xanten, which established the United Duchies of Julich-Cleves-Berg of the counties of Ravensburg and Mark with the duchies of Cleves, Julich and Berg.

There we have the Mark entity too, and so it seems that God has walked us right into this Hubert connection to Bavarian elite that I probably would have missed if not for the dream. I have traced the Bavarian lozengy to Garibaldi of Bavaria, long before the Wittelsbachs, because a Grimoald came forth from his elite circle while Grimaldi's use a Shield filled with lozenges too. Almost as soon as I started this section on the dream, Baggs were looked up, but I didn't know what to say about them at that time, and so didn't day anything. But, now, the Baggs use the Grimaldi lozengy! The Bagg Crest looks like a version of the Weis / Wies Crests, and I think we now know why. As I said, my sleeping bag is in the colors of the robes shown above for the International Order of Saint Hubert, and so I'm convinced that this order is an outcropping from the disbanded Bavarian Illuminati (it was chased out of Germany, but was it really?). See also Irish Weirs.

So, another day, another step forward to what God has in store. Look out world, for He has remained patient a long time, but, inside, He's been fuming with a steady build up of wrath-to-come. It's be a lot like when a container explodes. Sudden, impossible to defend from, impossible to run from.

Baggs are said to be of Gaywood elements, suspect with the Gaia > Massena line to Meschins, and Gaywoods/Caywoods may be using the Abreu and/or Pelican tower. In any case, it's the Howell Coat, suspect with the English Thors. Again, the Fusils were first found in Dauphine, where Galli's were first found that use the Gay rooster, and so a Gaia-line link to Fusils can describe the Bavarian fusils. For new readers, Gaia, king of Numidia, was also, Gala. Note that Galla's (with an 'a') use the same lion as Dills/Dilks (suspect in the motto of the International Order), but in the colors of the passant Gernon lions. In the Galli Chief, the Bauer-Chief stars. The Numidians have long been suspect with the African Boofima cult that I have long traced to Baphomet in Bavarian-Illuminati circles. This is the Snake, folks, the Detestable One who will not repent even at his last hour. And that's why I call his followers, stupids. To Armageddon we go, and no one knows how we shall fare, or take it. The world won't have a choice because the stupids will take us there forcibly.

No one should get the impression that God is mean. Even while He's sorely disappointed, he's willing. If such-and-such ceases to be a stupid, and if he/she talks to God one unusual night, and, in the end, scared, she/he ends up muttering, "God, I want to be saved," then God will hear of it. An angels will tell Him, "such-and-such, at age 53, has asked to be saved, can you believe this?" If I understand Jesus, God will run to that lost sheep. But if He arrives and such-and-such has returned to the sinful life, bad news. But if He finds such-and-such still willing and serious to live for God, then, just like this stupid received the Spirit of God, with salvation as the ultimate bonus, such-and-such can have it too. If I understand Jesus correctly, the Father will rejoice over that one lost sheep, no longer lost...unless he/she strays one day, to be stupid once again. You need to guard your faith, and, when doubting, throw yourself on the Father, waiting as long as He makes it take, for revealing Himself in your life. If you believe the reports and dreams I've been giving this past year, it's for your strengthening too. I can see God, at times, not revealing himself to believers for a long time, to test them, to see whether they will stray gladly, or whether they will throw themselves on Him, waiting. Make up your mind that God is good, healthy, and right, the only way to go forward to the future. But as for those Masonic stooges, the unbelievable is coming. And they won't believe it when we echo the prophecies in their ears.

Below is the Iron Cross of Germany, a patee. It's probably not coincidental that it's in the colors of the Nazi swastika, itself a cross, we assume. The patee cross has been traced with good evidence to Patti in Messina, and king Massena may have been from there, for Massena's/Messina's use the patee cross. Wikipedia's Iron-Cross article says that it was used by Teutonic knights as early as the 13th century. But here at the Arms of the Teutonic Order, I see the Sinclair cross with good reasons. Gays and Galli's share the gold rooster with Sinclairs. The Maltese cross: "The definition of a Maltese Cross is one which conforms to a strict definition ("a cross of made from four straight lined pointed arrowheads, meeting at their points..." The writer thinks that the Maltese cross was a Christian cross, but he understands nothing. It's heraldic. It traces to the creators of heraldry, the Sinclairs and other Crusaders. These were rapists and murderers, and seekers of worldly power, not Christians. Make a distinction. The Arrow surname uses the same cross as Sinclairs, and so the Maltese cross may be play on the Arrows. Ermines look like arrow heads too. The cross showing for the International Order of Saint Hubert is a Maltese cross. See the arrowheads? In my opinion, it's a patee cross but modified to an arrowhead shape for a bloodline reason.

Recall how the Jule variation of Jewels evokes Julich and Julians. Jewels use "gillyflowers" while Rinds use "gillie flowers," yet Rinds also use the same scallops as Mallets. Compare the latter surname with the Maletto variation of Malta's, first found in Sardinia. Then, if you haven';t seen it yet, see the cross of English Julians, almost a swastika, not forgetting that Yells/YULE's (Arrow colors) share the STICK garb while Sticks are suspect in "swaSTIKa." Then click to French Julians and see the Bauer / Galli Chief. As was said, the Arrow Crest is for the line of Terentia Murena and her Rome-important brother, and this line was resolved with Maranos/Mauritano's as well as Murena's/Moratins, which I'm repeating because the Marano lion is also the Malta lion.

The Malta lion stands with a column, which I think is code for MalCOLMs/Columns ("ardua," can link to Artois / Arettium liners), who happen to use the same stars as Julians, etc. but the Coat also reflects the Mallet bend, which can explain, MALcolm. How can Scottish royals trace to Malta? Ask the Guiscard Normans, who were Sicily way roughly in the time of Malcolm III. Malcolm-beloved Petits use the Malta lion in colors reversed?

Guiscards/Wisharts were first found in the same place as Nimo's/Nimoys, and beside the first Malcolms/Columns. Recall the Nimoy-beloved Shows/Schore's/Schaws, for the other Schore's (compare with the Bosco pillar) use another column: "a silver column surrounding by a green vine on a green mound." Vine's use almost the Stick Coat. Who were the Astikas'? Ask the Radziwills, or the Rats/Raits (same place as Rose's) with perhaps the Sinclair cross. The Schore description fails to mention the roses on the vine, and Rose's love Bosco's while the "boast" motto term of Nimoys gets Bosco kin. The Rats, suspect with QuadRATus (father of Quadratilla), use a cross in both colors of the Bouche saltire, the latter looked up as per the Boushe variation of Bush's. Rats are said to be from a Rait castle "near Geddes," perfect for tracing to CETIS, where Quadratus' wife (a Maccabee-Herod) ruled. Rats share the anchor with Geddes-beloved Majors/Mayors, and French Majors must be using the Walker crescent because these Walkers are the ones with a "magna" motto term! It's a great way to assure that Plancia Magna was a line to Majors/Mayers.

The Avezzano's (red rose), first found in the same place as Malta's, traced to Rudesheim. I kid you not that Roddenbury-like Rotens were first found when dealing with the rat-trap code that I think God set up for me/us. The Traps were traced to Austria's Trappenburg. Traps (Traby/Sadowski colors) use a BUSTard while Nimoys love the Boasts/BUSTS (Stick colors). It's known that Trap-like Trabys married the Astikas' (see Wikipedia's Traby article). It can appear the Gene Roddenbury hired Leonard Nimoy for bloodline reasons. Mr. Nimoy played the killer of God in one Star-Trek movie. It wasn't by accident, was it, that Nimoy got that role.

The BUStard surname (more bustards) uses a version of the English Bush/Busch Coat when it was showing a red fesse instead of black.

The MalVEZZI variation of Malta's can suggest AVEZZano's, logically, meaning a Malta merger with Avezzano's, but also Dutch Vessi's/Vasseys (see Fessys/Vesseys) that share three pellets with Bustards. As "GriMALDI" was suspect as a Gris-Mallet combo, and while Grimaldi's were heavily in Genoa, and related / connected there with the Fieschi, I now suggest that Grimaldi's were a Gris-Malta entity, and that Vessi's were Fieschi. When we go back to the Bagg Coat with the Grimaldi lozengy, we find that their Gaywood Hall "occupies the site of a palace erected by John GREY," an excellent sample of how I view "Gris." And, believe it or not, Greys, first found in the same place as Roddens, use the Malta lion! Grimaldi's also honed in on Monaco, and the Monaco's use symbols like those of the Brittany Gris', who look like they use a version of the Aurelia Coat, and the latter shares the same scallop as Mallets! Bingo. It should explain why Malcolms share the Julian stars. Gris' are said to have been at Motte, which must have been named by the Motts/Morte's (Cotes-d'Armor).

I had read that Roets, part of the namers of Ruedesheim, descended from Croys or Groys, and these are variations of Greys ("fast" motto term). This was the Rieti / Avezzano line to the Ruedesheim area. So, with Avezzano's and Malta's both first found in Sardinia, it makes sense that Greys use the Malta lion. Northern Sardinia had a Gallura area that used the rooster, known to be adopted by VISconti's, a Vessy suspect. Ottone Visconti was traced between the chevron of Ottone's and the chevron of French Chappes', while Scottish Chappes' were first found in the same place as Guiscards/WISharts and Nimoys. It appears that the Malvessi family were Guiscard liners of the Visconti kind. Italian Bosco's share the tree stump with Milans, and Ottone Visconti was ruler in Milan.

Aha! Rat Crest shares the anchor with the Crest of Fast-loving Greys (there's a GREYhound in the Crest of anchor-using Majors/Mayers), and the Fast QUADRants are those of Petit-like Pettys too while Petits were shown above with the Grey lion in colors reversed. Keep FESTus of Judea on your mind, because Rats were traced to Quadratus, legate of Judea shortly after Festus. Just by reading the Rat write-up, Rats are easily linked to the Cetis of Quadratilla. The "Spero" motto term of Rats/Raits makes them suspect with the Pasi spears and thus with the RIETI line of VesPASia Polla. Pollocks were first found in the same place as Ore's suspect in the "meliORA" motto term of Rats. Trabys are Poles.

Monaco is near Grasse while Bosco's use "tufts of grass" atop their pillar. Bush liners are all over this cursed rat trap. Grasse can trace to Grazio's, first found in the same place as Ottone's, and using the rooster. Malcolm III was descended from king Duncan, and Duncans use the BUS cinquefoil. It's used also by Portis'/Porchers, suspect with Porcia's that share the black boar with Bush's/Buschs. Why do Busters love Pellets? If God chose the first name of Christine Peare, why do Christine's share the Pellet / Pilotte cups in both colors? Or, as Felix followed Pontius Pilate, by what coincidence were Pellets first found in the same place as Felix's (millRIND)? We could expect Felix to trace back to the Cotta > Julian line, and so let's repeat that Gillie-flower Rinds share the Aurelia scallop.

Vessi-beloved Pellets, and their Pilotte branch, are suspect with arrowhead-using Pilate's. That is, the line of Pontius Pilate can be traced to the Malta-related Malvezzi family, and the arrowheads that constitute the Maltese cross then become suspect with the Pilate arrowheads (or pheons, as they are called). They say that Pilate's mother was a Pict of Perthshire, which happens to be smack beside Stirling, where Guiscards and Nimoys were first found that were connecting to Malcolms/Columns. Lest you forgot, Malta's use the column. The Colts/Celts, first found in Perthshire, use the Pilate pheon in colors reversed, but Malcolms share the red stag head of Colts/Cults. Excellent. My mind instinctively tells me that Pilate's father (Roman ambassador to Picts) may have been from Malta elements.

Pellets and Pilotte's use cups while Cups/Cope's/Culps share the red rose with Avezzano's. The Culp location of Cups/Cope's is in the "culpa" motto term of Patents while Avezzano's use the potent feature. As there is no Potent surname coming up, I suppose that Patents fit that code. The Patent motto is used in full by Pullys, and I have an image of the Guiscard brothers (rulers of Sicily) with a pulley at their feet. It proves that many paintings of Crusader / Norman individuals come with heraldic symbols, and that these people went forward in history with bloodlines on their brains. The "palleSCERE" motto term of Patents once again gets us to Shore / Schore liners.

If we are convinced that Schere's/SCHERFs are using a version of a Walker Coat, what's with the "magna" term of another Walker Coat? By what coincidence did Hitler's bodyguard, Otto SKORzeny, reportedly state on a deathbed confession that George Herbert SCHERFF JR, son of a Nazi, changed his name to George Herbert Bush, that being George Herbert WALKER Bush, the first Bush president...after he controlled the CIA? In other words, it appears that George Scherff was adopted by a Bush family that had married a Walker family. And while Walkers (same place as Bush's) look to honor Plancia Magna, George himself married Barbara PIERCE. Their son, the second Bush president, married Laura WALSH while English Walsh's use a PIERCED swan and pheon arrowheads. Scottish Walsh's (Bush colors) share gold annulets with "Magna"-using Walkers. Doesn't this all look like bloodline lust from the enemies of Jesus Christ, whom we can expect to form Illuminatists, or call the stupids what you will.

While Kepke was engaged with a Miss Walsh, and while he became suspect with a line from/to "Syphax," annulet-using Walsh's use an "AuSPICE" motto term, just as if God set up the short relationship between Kepke and Walsh to point out this Kepke connection to Spice's. And Walsh's have been resolved with Aulus Terentius Varro Murena, brother of Terentia. If Kepke's girl, Kim Walsh, had a first name desired by God, then it's very notable that the Kim's use three cinquefoils in the colors and format of the Pilate arrowheads. If the Walsh / Pilate arrowheads are Malta-line elements, by what coincidence do Walsh-related Wallis'/Wallace's use the same lion as Malta's? Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, an excellent Illuminati-type stupid, claimed that mythical Melusine was on Avalon, which I identified as Bute long before knowing that the Crest of Wallace-like Glass' is Melusine, and before knowing that Glass' at all, said to be first found in Buteshire along with Kims. And the Walsers share Melusine with Glass', and even put two tails on her, suggesting the two-tailed lion of Montforts, which had been resolved not only with the Marano/Mauritano lion, but with the Wallis/Wallace lion.

The Kim cinquefoils are a reflection of the three Moray stars, and Morays use Melusine too. Moray is straight north from Perthshire. I can only two girlfriends named Kim, and the only one whose surname I can recall was Miss Thomson. Thomsons (Ayrshire) happen to share the same stars as Morays, and moreover they share the red stag head with Pilate-liner Colts/Celts. Kim Thomson was a girlfriend immediately after Jackie, and Jacks use the Keppoch fesse, I gather. Booths were first found in the same place, and even share the boar heads of Bush's (same place), and the last time I saw Kim Thompson was at a phone BOOTH. Thomsons ("best" motto term) use the Best/Bez star.

There is no Littleford surname coming up for Jackie's surname, but Little's ("Magnum" can be using the white saltire of Scottish Walkers, and the "magna"-using Walkers were first found in the same place as Thomsons. That looks good, Planned. I now recall two things, guessing that the Walker saltire was that of Kilpatricks, and then I traced Little's to the near-east of Annandale, roughly in Kilpatrick country. If that's not enough, Daggers (beside the first-known Jacks) share the Jack scallops, and Dexter-loving Kilpatricks use the dagger. The "Forte" motto term of Daggers (same place as Thompsons with a 'p') can therefore be of Ford liners, if God chose Jackie to be with me for her full surname. The "Christi" motto term of roses-using Fords should be for roses-using Christ's using a version of the Deck/Dagger Coat. Coincidences? I can't be making this up if I tried.

If you find this incredible, think of how I feel that God should plan ahead of time to name people in certain ways, then go about creating situations in my life. The Dagger bull is that of Sabine's, from Rieti, and that can make the Redmaine castle identifiable with the same of English Forts. In fact, haha, I recognize now that the two black stars in the white Fort chief are those of in the white Chief of Beacons/Bacons (Redmaine's use a beacon)! Beacon-using Fullers use a motto that I figure is partly for Futters, sharing the Jack fesse. Beacon-using Belli's have been resolved with the "bello CHRSTI" of Bouillons. Futters use a "MaSTIFF" dog while Stiffs, first found in the same place as Kim-suspect Chemmis' and Redmaine-related TEWKESburys, use a version of the TOUQUE Coat, and thrown in the Pasi/Pascel spears, I assume, recalling Sharon Pascal on D'Maine street.

In fact, while I was still living on D'Maine, and very, very shortly after being with Sharon, I met Kim Thomson somewhere, and she came and slept the night with me. We didn't have sex because I was a new believer at the time, but in the morning, she lay flat, and fully naked, on my naked BACK. It is incredible because I always link Bachs/Baghs to Kemmis! Can God do these things? I find it hard to believe, but there you have it. I recall nothing else while sleeping with her, except her lying on my back in the morning. I never saw her again, but for one time, when she was at a telephone booth on Yonge street, and Thompsons (falcons, lure, Pendragon motto) share a white lion in Crest with Booths. Lure's (Ayrshire, same as MUIRs/More's and related Nons), with the same chevron as Glasgows, and colors reversed from the same of Pasi-liner Paisleys, use a "SPECTeMUR" motto term, and Speccots (fret) can be of the Speck variation of Spocks/Spicks (maybe the Ferte eagle).

I do admit, I wasn't pure sexually as a new believer, but I was trying hard. In the meantime, I now realize, God was throwing all these lovely ladies at me for these reasons that you are seeing. He then ripped them away from me, I suppose, preparing the next. Ouch, lovely, ouch, lovely, ouch, lovely, the story of my youth. I've told that Sharon left me, then showed up at my door, opened her arms, and gave me this very warm hug, like she loved me, and then left for good. Ouch. But Hugo's, you see, use Melusine. Hugs/Hughes' (Muir stars?) can be expected with Houstons/Hughstons (hour GLASS), of the Glasgow / Paisley area. You see, God gave me that hug, didn't He? Hugs share three red fesse bars with Kemmis', but see Fountains (green snake can be Melusine symbol) too with two Hug symbols. As Hugs were first found in the same place as Cotta's, the Hug Chief should be the Julian Chief, and the latter's stars are used by proto-Stewart Alans. It's probably not coincidental that Houstons use the Pully/Pullen martlets. It's Vespasia Polla in our faces, and she's wearing the Stewart checks.

By the way, while Aurelia's use silver-on-blue stars, Julians use gold-on-blue stars, very expected. Muirs/More's with the Julian stars are suspect with Morays, the latter using the Aurelia stars. Like I said a couple of years ago, "Caesar" named the Khazars, and they came to Moray.

Sharon hugged me last at my DOOR. I can't forget it. She wasn't even inside. I don't think she said anything, as I opened the door. She just flung her arms around me, knowing, I suppose, that I was hurt by her leaving. So, I looked up the doors and found that one door surname can be using the Hug lion, yet another Door surname (spear, Pascel symbol) shares the white-on-blue leopard faces of English Wrights, and then Scottish Wrights, like Houstons, share the Stewart checks. Moreover, Scottish Wrights use the eagle-head design of Caesar-suspect Caseys and RedMAINE-related, Julian-suspect YELands. The Mures-river Khazars were led by a MenMURAT/MenuMORAT-like character (can't recall the spelling exactly), and Wrights use "MERITez" as the full motto. The Mures-river Khazars were at Biharia, and trace to Biggar, smack at Lanarkshire, where Scottish Caseys were first found. Yep, it's true. Yells/Yule's were at Yell in Shetland, and the Arms of Shetland (raven) uses a "byggar" term. Biggar is not far from the CumMOCK area of candleSTICK Kyle's while Yells/Yule's use the Stick garb. Mocks/Moke's share a black fesse with Yells and Yellows, and this can connect to Nimoys/NemMOCKs/NemMOKE's.

CUMmock may have been named by the Combs/Comes', as per the comb used by Melusine (Khazar symbol, right?) in the Coat of Prestwicks (porcupine), for Ayrshire has a Prestwick location. It would be very telling if Cummock was a Nimoy element because Prestwicks were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as porcupine-using Spocks/Specks. Comes' recalls Miss Comyn, mother of Adam Kilconquhar, husband of Ayrshire's Marjory Carrick. I always connect Kerricks to Presleys/PRIESTleys.

Back to the Wallis topic. Forgive me for separating it between many other things. It's important that a reader from Switzerland, probably sent to my email box by God (she was reading for years, hard to believe), informed me that Walsers were named after Switzerland's Wallis canton, the location of Sion, and Walsh's happen to share the swan with Sions/Swans/SINE's (like "MeluSINE"), first found in Lanarkshire, smack beside GLASgow. So, KIM Walsh has two names relating to Sion / Wallis liners in Bute. And while Walsh's use a "numine" motto term, this goes to JJ Tolkien, whose codes I tackled BEFORE I was even primed in heraldry. He had a fictitious NUMENor island from which a neighboring island could be seen that had an Avallone (his term) location upon it. I identified Numenor as Arran, therefore, because I was already of the belief that Avalon was Bute. Later, to my amazement, I was able to see that the Numan/Newman motto ("Ubi" and "ibi") honors the Abee's/Abbe's, first found on Arran! So, Tolkien knew the chief families of bloodline lusters, and, like all stupids, he created fictitious stories while toying with those surnames in his characters. I even found an article that traced his Sauron character, the owner of world-power rings, to Sicily. Hmm, Sauron is like "Sharon."

He was the creator of the Hobbits, and the Hobbit/Hobard surname is now suspect with Huberts. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings suggests annulets, shared by Walsh's. Tolkien had elves, and Nicholas de Vere gave Melusine the code, "ELVIN Princess." Stupid idiots. Grown men playing surname games like this, what was wrong with them? Does one human being have it above another due to a mere surname? IDIOTS!

I then saw that the Numan/Newman lions were those of Raines', but this was before finding the Hiram surname, which is listed with IRONS...yes, that's right, a good candidate for explaining "Iron Cross." "Hiram" is a character in Masonic ritual. The Hirams/Irons, who use two crosses, one a latticed moline, are said to be from Raines-like Airaines, and as this location is near ABBEville, one can link AIRAINes to MacAbbe's on ARRAN," yet another reason that Numans/Newmans can trace to Arran. Yes, but Tolkien probably knew more on this than I do. Here is the Hiram/Iron Crest: "A silver cross moline lozengy, PIERCED silver." At this time, the lozenges are in one color WHITE), making it appear as fretty lattice.

The Hiram/Iron Shield has an "inDENTed" cross while Dents (same place as Walkers / Bush's) use WHITE lozenges in such a way as to reflect the Hubert Coat! Bingo. And Dents share roughly the Rothschild motto with OpenHEIMs while MacAbee's use the HAM salmon! Excellent. Openheims (Rhineland, same as Bush's, near the first Rothschild, Mayer) share the anchor with Majors/MAYERs, and use the rare red-black combination seen in the robes of the International Saint Hubertus. It can be gleaned from the above that Dents are using a version of the Coat of the Salop Rothes' (same place as Rudes'), thus linking Huberts to Rothschild liners. Huberts even share the same crescent as Alexanders, first found on Kintyre, beside Bute. Perfect. We have the Bavarian elements from Rieti all tracing to Bute, and the Margys/Mackeys, with the Rothes raven, were first found in Ayrshire, which looks out to Bute, Kintyre, and Arran. The Stick-loving Kyle's were in Ayrshire too. Hams and same-colored Hammers were first found in the same place as Felix's.

It's notable that the Rhineland Schutz's share a saltire in colors reversed from the Bouche saltire.

The German CAPlans use the red-black combination too, as do Rudes'. And the scallop at the center of the Arms of Rothschild is used by both CAPE's/Capes' and Apps'/Abbs', the latter suspect with Habsburgs/Hapsburgs, which can explain why the same Rothschild Arms uses an upright lion in the colors of the same of Habsburgs. The Rothschild scallop is non a central, red escutcheon, and central, red escutcheons are in the Arms for both Neuburg and Bavaria at Wikipedia's Wittelsbach page. The escutcheon for Bavaria has a sword crossed in saltire with a scepter (Godfrey symbol), much like the sword crossed in saltire with an "oak branch natural" in the Capes Chief. Neuburgs share the quadrants of Aarons in colors reversed. The black, passant Godfrey griffin is suspect with the same of Wittel-like Wizels (same place as Kilpatricks).

French Naturals share the raven with Bavarian Rothes'. Naders/Nedele's (Arms of Austria / Habsburg?) should apply to NATURals, and the Needle-like variations goes to the needle used by Rothschild-beloved Pettys. The "AVE" on the Nadler fesse, which is also the Apps/Abb fesse, seems like code for an Abb branch, but the Ave surname brings up the Avis/Avisons. This recalls Avesnes near Comines (Comine's share the Ave Coat), and expected with the family of Godfrey de Bouillon. Note that Scottish Abbe's use a version of the Abb/Apps Coat, still with the Capes scallops, but throwing in possibly the Wizel/Wissel lozenges, for the Ave / Comine's garbs are used by Wessels/Wastells. There is a German App Coat new to me, with possibly the Redmaine castle, for Rothschilds trace well to Rieti with Redmaine's. As Apps liners are from the Apsus river, where cushion-using Kilpatricks trace, let's repeat that Redmaine's (beacon) use cushions.

Capes' were first found in the same place as same-colored Tooths...whom I expect related to fistula-like Festus liners. Moreover, "fistula" is like "Wastell," and the latter uses the red-black combination too, along with a bend reflecting the bend of Felix-beloved Rinds. The latter are very linkable to Rands/Rynds that share the same lion as Habsburgs, but Rands put three chevrons on the lion in colors reversed from the three of Ravensburg. The Rand lion was resolved with Obama-line Randolphs (share the bat with Bugs) and with the triple chevrons of Singletarys, and there is even a Randolph surname that comes up only as Rudes-like "Ruths / Rother" (in Rodden/Rodham colors). God gave me a dream not many months ago with Obama in it, and pointing directly to Plains/Playters (almost a black patee), but I didn't yet know that a Playter entity in the Rand write-up.

Dents (lozenges in the colors of the Apps/Abbs lozenges) are said to be from SEDbergh, and Walsh's use a "sed" motto term, all suggesting things from Sitten, the alternative name of Sion. Dents are implied in the write-up of Tooths, yet both surnames may have unique roots i.e. Dents were not a branch of Tooths, though there would then have been a merger of a Dent-like surname with Tooths that created the Dent surname . For example, Dance's, using a Coat like that of Keppochs, were first found in the same place as Dents and Keppochs. As Patents share the motto of Pullys/Pullens while the latter were first found in the same place as Dents, the Dents must be using the Patent lozengy.

I've neglected to mention the Keeps beloved in the Hebron/HEPburn motto. The latter surname was first found in the same place as same-colored Roddens, and while Roddenbury is expected to have chosen Spock, he's linking to Kepke elements.

I'm not forgetting that Tooths share a version of the Coat of Perga-line Perkens who I now trace to mythical Perkunas of Lithuania, home of the Astikas'. Perkunas was husband to Lada while Ladys/Laudymans (very linkable to Glasgows) share the annulets of "magna"-using Walkers in both colors! Bingo, for Plancia Magna lived in Perga. Let's not forget Julich-Cleves-BERG. Laudymans should be in the Laud variation of Lords who are in-turn in the motto of Glasgows...and Lords (Glasgow colors) use the Pilate pheons as well as cinquefoils in colors reversed from the same of Kims!!! Repeat: "If Kepke's girl, Kim Walsh, had a first name desired by God, then it's very notable that the Kim's use three cinquefoils in the colors and format of the Pilate arrowheads. If the Walsh / Pilate arrowheads are Malta-line elements, by what coincidence do Walsh-related Wallis'/Wallace's use the same lion as Malta's?" Kims were first found in the same place as Glass'.

The Lord cinquefoils are in the colors of the same of Amptons while Ladys/Laudymans were first found in NorthAMPTON, while the Ampton chevron with gold roundels is in the colors of the Walker chevron with the gold Laudyman annulets!!! Excellent. The Walker-Bush family married Laura Walsh. If her first name was chosen by God for this massively-important revelation, note that Kepke was Lawrence. There is no Laura surname coming up, but there is a Lawrence surname with a "Be Ready" motto for tracing to Rieti liners, and Readys share the swan with Walsh's, but in the colors of the Chris swans! I'm never without amazement with these things. The Walsh swans are pierced while Christ Peare can be a Pierce liner to the mother of George Bush. The Lawrence's, can we believe it, are said to be from the manor of "YELand-REDMAYNE," and Kepke met Chris while she worked at REITMANS. Either you need to believe that I'm making all of these things up, through a decade of full-time heraldic work, or that God has named the people in my life for His revelation. There is no middle ground possible.

The Lawrence's come up as "Lawer" with two other surnames, with German Lawers (Maine colors) sharing the red bend with Keeps and putting the pierced stars of Pike's/Pickens upon it who in-turn share the gold-on-red saltire, with gold symbols surrounding, with English Reeds ("Pax"), and the same gold-on-red stars, though not pierced, are used by Scottish Reeds ("Pax"). Amazing. It's as though God named Lawrence.

It tends to verify the Redmaine's were a Reed merger with Maine's, especially as both use the red-on-white chevron. These Reeds share the Pascal eagles, and Sharon Pascal lived on D'Maine street. Meanwhile, Lawers/Lawrence's share the same cross as Pascals. French Pascals (Pasi/Pascel colors) use "mea Christus" while Mea's use the cross in colors reversed. BE SHOCKED, because this Pascal link to Lawrence's is new material to me, and I did not know the motto term of French Pascals when mentioning my arm around Christine's waist, and here the description of the Crest of English Pascals is: "A bearded man from the waist up." Astounding. And I had a dream of Kepke leading a stag up my driveway, followed by a bearded man. [Later in the update, the Waistells are identified with actual people, I won't spoil the surprise.]

The Comps/Camps suspect in the Lawer motto were not only first found in the same place as Keppochs, but they use a reflection of the Spice Coat, and Kepke is supposed to be a Syphax line. As Spocks/Spicks can be suspect in some way with Nimo's/Nimoys, by what coincidence do Lawers, in Nimo/Nimoy colors, use "animi"? The Nimo Coat looks like a colors-reversed version of the Pike / Reed Coat. The Comp/Camp Crest has a trefoil, symbol of the Devon Pike's who are in-turn suspect with the Trent / Wallis-Canton Shield. Spice's (probably in the Walsh motto) were likewise first found in Devon. This recalls that Syphax was a prisoner at Rome, where RedMaine-related Rita's were first found that use "PIECES of wood" suspect at first with Peace's/Paise's and Pasi's, though PIEKE's were later found.

Piekes'/Pfeils not only use a good reflection of the Baddo Coat, but share a single and upright arrow with VESTs, and the latter have "a man dressed in blue," the colors of the clothes of the bearded man from the WAIST up. The Baddo's were looked up as per the Baddow location of Pascals. Baddo's were first found in Baden, and Pascals use the Bath cross in colors reversed while Baths (probably the Wissel lion) were first found in the same place as Battins/BADENs and Wissels/Whistle's! Excellent material to work with. Bath / Battin liners were traced to a Badon character in the bloodline of Mummolin (6th century Merovingian ruler), who had a Babon character too that were together traced to BABcocks/BADcocks, and the latter share the red rooster with Lawers and Bibo's/Bible's. Later, the Waistels are found from a Speer-suspect family in Lusatia that links to Veringers of Baden, and it probably has to do with my surname.]

My last girlfriend at D'Maine was Miss MUSCHATov, and then the Pascals are said to be from "Much and Great Baddow," The Much surname (same place as red-chevron Quints and Pascals) brings up the triple chevrons, in the colors of the double Maine chevrons, of Musts/MUSCATS! I never cease to be amazed. It's the chevron of Walsh's (share pheons with Maine's) too, right? The Much surname could be of the NemMOKE/NemMOCK variation of Nimo's. The middle girlfriend at D'Maine (three in total) was Kelly, and Kellys share lions comBATTANT with Abreu's that were in Evreux/Eure, and Pascals are traced in their write-up to Pasci in Eure. Battants bring up Battins/Badens. Kellys and their Kiev-suspect Keaveney kin share the Rita lion.

YEALAND is in the Redmaine write-up, said to be held by Robert de KEMYers/CYNERS suspect with Kinners (double anchors) and the Key/Kay motto. Hmm, Kepke's brother was Robert. The Shins/Chynne's and Kemmis'/KEYmichs/Kemeys' use the same Coat, and this was part of my latest dream just before Christ Peare was back into my arms. The Kemmis' were first found in the same place as Tewkesburys i.e. who share the Redmaine castle. These surnames are suspect with Kims/Kimmie's/Shimis'/Kins. Walshincidence? What does it mean that Robert Kepke married Kim's sister, a Walsh?. The Propers/Roberts use a key in the beak of an ostrich. Lois' use the ostrich. Do Propers/Roberts (share the Robert lion) use the Keppoch dancette because God knew what he was doing? While Walsh's use "TRANSfixus" as code for Trans'/Trents (same place as Wissels and Shins/Chynne's), Propers/Roberts (same place as Masseys/Maceys and Maceys suspect with "MAECenas") use "tyrranis." Amazing. This is the first I've ever done this, not realizing till now that Kepke's brother was code too. French Roberts share blue vair fur with Kemmis and Chynne's.

Ha, I guessed knew it before looking: Welsh Roberts were first found in the same place as Bachs/Baghs...the ones in the dream's sleeping bag whom I always link to Kemmis'! And Welsh Roberts use a split-colored lion, one being the Louis/Lewis lion, and the other the same one as Welsh Phillips. I don't recall Louise Phillips having short hair when she first appeared in my life. But I do think she got it cut very short later. In the dream, the woman with Chris Peare had her hair becoming shorter as watched, until it was very short. It must have been Louise. I never did like her much.

Aha! The "Manus" motto term of Propers/Roberts is for the Maness/Manner surname that is in the Mens write-up, and Mens' of Glenylon were the ones who first had me looking at Glenns and Glennys. "Mens pristina MANSit" is the motto of Popins that share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Mens' and Glennys. Louise's brother, Glenn. Pepins ("Mens") use the bend-with-fleur of Weaver-branch Webbers (same place as Trents), and Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle." Pepins even use the Jeune fleur while the Kepke's lived beside Mr. Young (Jeune and Leavell liner to Pierce's).

At one point, father Kepke purchased a plumbing store for the brothers, and Pipe's are a Pepin branch. Plumbers are the only one's I know of that share a WAVY chevron with Pierce's! And "wavy" has been resolved as code for Weaver liners because Webbers use wavy bars. God really did know what he was doing. German Plumbs/Plume's share the Zionist star or Reitmans (Redmaine's of Yeland, right?) and Rotens. Hebrons, who use a "Keep" motto term, were first found in the same place as Roten-like Roddens and Maness'/Manners. Webbers use a "telis" motto term while Telis' (PYRamid) are listed with Tulls/Tolle's (share red Chief with Mens', Reitmans, etc), first found in the same place as Pipe's. [I didn't realize until later that a Tullia character was of Clermont-Ferrand, a large topic later in this update, and so note my use of Ferrends below without Tullia in mind, whom I have rarely mentioned.]

When knowing Kepke, I lived on a street, Reesor. While English Reesors use the vair patee of Ferrends ("Justus "PROPositi" can be for Propers), the latter once again use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Mens', etc. About the time we moved in, God started on me. He struck the chimney of the house with lightning when I was waking up saying, "No I don't believe in you, God, I don't believe in..." boom! Just like that. And these days, I recall dreams for this revelation only if I have them when waking up. Chimneys, in Keppoch colors, were first found in the same place as Keppochs. As you can see, Chimneys look like those Kemmis / Kim liners. Our neighbor was Bruno (I lie not), who worked in real-estate with my father. Bruno's were first found in Firenze, and Ferrends have been traced to Firenze with little doubt, for the Ferrend Chief is a version of the Chief of Taddei's, first found in Florence. I have a Taddei great-grandmother. Scalia's were first found in Florence, and while Scalia's were kin of English Trips, German Trips once showed the same boots as French Masseys/Masse's, from Massa-Carrara at the Florence area.

Was Yeland a Yell/Yule liner? Why is the border of the Lawrence cross raGULLY? Gullys share the swastika-like crosses of Yule-like Julians, and Yells share the STICK garb! Did God name Lawrence for this? Redmayne's share the castle of Tewkesburys, kin, I assume, of Rieti-liner Pellicans. The Lawrence cross, in ragully, is used in colors reversed as the Arms of Colchester, and candleSTICK Kyle's trace themselves to king Cole of Colchester.

And Hitler's father had married Miss GLASSL before marrying Miss POLZL while Pollok was a location at Glasgow. Hitler's nephew, William Hitler, gave himself a new surname, Stuart-Houston, and Houstons were first found at Glasgow too. It appears that the swastika Nazi's, goons all of them, were from Vespasia Polla. I had found cause to trace Hitler to Maschi's, and while they use pine cones, French Pine's share the Walker crescents.

And if you are convinced that Prestons were a Presley branch, then lets show the Presley description: " grappling IRONs..." No guff. Kyle's were first found near PRESTwick while Presleys (same chevron as Hepburns) are also PRIESTleys. In short, expect Presleys to link to Ham / MacAbee / Openheim compounds.

I always link Presleys to Kerricks, and therefore assume that Prestwick was involved with the area's Carricks. Kerricks had links to Cheshire, where Huberts (Kerrick colors) were first found. The Presley grappling iron, once called a grappling hook, once looked identical to the calTROP of Kerricks. Trope's/Drops were first found in the same place as Fiers and Apps/Abbs', all from Fier county on the APSus river, location of TROPoje. Along the northern parts of the Apsus, a CORRACum location (on map below) can be seen that is somehow connectable to the Charax name of Quadratilla's son, Proculus. He was traced to the portcullis gate of Porters (Tewkesburys were at PORTishead), and Scottish Porters were first found in the same place as Kyle and Prestwick. Kyle's were near CUMMock (at Glasgow), and Fier county is the location of Kuman, the origin of Comyns/Commings (dagger). Corracum is beside Antipatria, the origin, I now believe, the Antipater, father of the first Herod. Corracum and Antipatria are at the home of the dagger-depicted Dexaroi. Daggers share a version of the Hips Coat, and Hips share the Sphinx with OpenHeims (share dancette with Carricks), and Spinks (share the black Carrick talbot) were first found in the same place as Laudymans (same place as Quince's, see Quints below). Where will historians find unknown history this reliable? Yet the leading Illuminatist goons must secretly know a lot more than God is revealing through me.

Hooks are used by Dutch Walters while English Walters (Cambridge), in Jeune colors, share the bend of Grape's/Grabbens/Grapners, suggesting "grappling hook." Walsers, though I objected to it at first, were found to have possibly produced Walters. Hooks can a branch of Hocks (Switzerland) that happen to use the Swan, symbol of Sions/Swans suspect from Sion in Wallis canton (Switzerland). Hooks use a reflection of the Harvey Coat for a trace to the Arve river at lake Geneva (i.e. near/amongst the Wallis-canton liners). Moreover, while Garveys share the Perche / Maine double chevrons, Hooks were first found in the same place as Maine's. The Hock swan is shared by Cambridge's i.e. where grappling-suspect Walters were first found. The antlers in the Hock Crest are suspect with Zahringers, founders of Switzerland's Berne. German Walters share the same fesse as Nons/Nevins, expecting the latter to link close to Presley/Priestly liners.

Recall that Nons/Nevins were first found in Ayrshire, same as Prestwick, for Kerricks use a motto, "NUNquam NON PARATus," and the Arms of Rieti used "pratis." This is all rather easy to do once the main players are known. Nuns (lion paws) were first found in the same place as Hobbits/Hobarts, in Kerrick / Hubert colors. Heraldry will continuously trace to the main players. "NunQUAM" is expected with Cams/Game's (very traceable to Kims of the Shin / Schim / Kemmis kind) at the Cam river of Cambridge, and Cambridge's ("quam" motto term) share the Ready / Chris swan. There is a question on whether the Prestbury location of Kerricks was a Preston line. As we saw Lawrence's with the Arms of Colchester, note that Colchesters, who share the Coat of lion-paw Quints (same place as Colchester), share red estoiles with Prests/Priests (Kerrick colors). Prests were first found in the same place as Titus' (emperor Titus was the son of Vespasian). Irish Pratts, in colors reversed to Kerricks, use pellets again, and were first found in the same place as Hobbits/Hobarts. Yet, English Pratts were first found in the same place as Colchester. Belgian Pratts share a red saltire with Tailbois', but the Pratt saltire is the Bruce-Annandale saltire while Bruce's were from Abreu's/ABRUSSi's that share two Presley symbols, including the white tower of Prestons.

It can appear that Preston liners were Pratt liners out of Rieti (near Abruzzo border), and Prestons were first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) as Pellet-branch Pilotte's and Tailbois'/Tailboys'. Prestons use a RUINed tower while ROUEN is in the Pratt write-up. While Quints merged with Colchesters, Quince's use seven of the nine Rouen mascles. Sometimes I think that the chief enemies of God in Masonic end-times passed through my mother's village in Abruzzo, underscoring why I was chosen for this job. Why is Ivo called TailgeBOSCH? It evokes the Bois/Boast surname beloved by Nimo's/Nimoys, and while Tailbois' were first found in the same place as Prestons, the latter share the gold cinquefoil with Bois'/Boasts. The latter use a version of the Cheney Coat, and were from Bosco liners at Halberton. Dick Cheney, while vice-president for George Bush, did some illegal favors, we heard, for Haliburton. It looks like bloodline lust of the most-wicked people alive today, who kill their own people, then go on living regular, fun lives.

Pratts are said to be from RYSton, and Rys' use the ermined-white bend of Roddens, a clear sign that Pratts are in the "pratis" motto term of Rieti. Roddens are said to be from a Rodden river in Salop, where Rudes' and Rothes' were first found, and so see the ermined-white chevron of Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs too. Why do Morays use a "Tute PRET" motto? As Morays are Murrays, "My Three Sons," starring Fred MacMurray just came to mind, and the Sons surname was checked to find it with mallets. Reesors/Rhys'/Rice's/Reece's have an Ave-like "aevi" motto term, and share ravens with Rothes'.

Rothschild-suspect Natts/Nathans are suspect with the escutcheon of Rye-loving Saddocks. While Welsh Reesors/Rhys' use the talbot, English Reesors/Reesons were first found in the same place as Tailbois' that use scallops in the colors of the scallop on the escutcheon in the Arms of Rothschild. Nettle's use the Crest of Biss' who in-turn use the white scallops in both colors of the Meschin scallops, and Saddocks with Natts/Nathans use the escutcheon of Mascals, first found in the same place as Saddocks. The first Meschin married Taillebois'. This suggests that Natt liners evolved from Meschin lines to Nathan Rothschild.

The Kerrick write-up mentions DUNwich while Dunham-Massey/Masci is in the same place as Prestbury. Dunwich's (same place as Mallets) may be using the Aurelia Coat minus the Moray stars. Dunwich's (new to me) are traced to Robert MALET, assuring that the Dunwich scallops are the Mallet scallops too! As I think that Obama-liner Rands/Rynds use the personal lion of Ranulph le Meschin, who was probably named after Dunham-Masci, note that the Dunwich's share the Rind scallops. Marjory Carrick is said to be mother of Thomas Randolph, the Moray-line Randolphs. Le-Meschin married Miss Taillebois while Carricks use the talbot. Spinks use mascles. Tailbois' use the Meschin scallops in the colors of the one scallop in the Arms of Rothschild, and while Biss' use them in both colors of the Meschin scallops, Biss' are suspect with the ibis of Weishaupts. I trace Moray (where Thomas Randolph ruled) to Morinis' in the DEERing write-up, and Mallets use the deer. Dunbars were Gospatricks while the latter's saltire is in the colors of the Randolph / Bath cross. The Baths are in the Randolph bats, and Baths, first found in the same place as Colchesters and the Bath-related Payne's and Wissels, share the cross in the Arms of Colchester.

As Keith Catti trace to Cetis, where we can expect Proculus elements, it's notable that the red Openheim dancette can be that of Cheatle's. The Heims use foxes, a symbol of SIONnachs/Fox's, and Sion elements trace to Melusine in both the Moray and Glass Crests. Again, I trace Morays to the Morinis' of Kent in the Deering write-up, and Kent is where OPEN-helmet Mynetts were first found that I see in Openheims. Openheims share the anchor with Tulls/Toole's (probably the Tool lion), and Morays are said to be from TULLbardine. I've argued aside from anything in this paragraph that Morays were from the Khazars of the Mures river (Romania), and that they must have included the royal-Khazar line of Melissena Rangabe, for she works out to be in-code with mythical Melusine. The argument included the Jewish Cohens/Kagans because they use the Moray stars while Khazar kings were kagans. But here I now find the checks of German Cohens with the Tulls/Tolle's, but I don't recall ever checking anything concerning TullBardine.

There is a Bardine/Barton Coat probably sharing the Bard/Beard boar, and as Bards use the green griffin of Leslie's (Hungarians), it's very notable that Leslie's were first found in Bardine-like ABERDEENshire, which I traced to KABARDINo (home of Kabars) way over in the land of the Khazars, where proto-Hungarians lived. The Tulls/Tolle's (same checks as Stewarts) are suspect with Dol, which may have accommodated some Beard/Beart liners. The PRUDentia motto term of Tulls/Toole's can suggest the Prut river (ancient Pyretus) of Moldova, where proto-Hungarians may have reached. If correct, the "pratis" motto term of Rieti is likely of a Pyretus line (Prude's share the Arms-of-Rieti fish, I assume). Reminder: the motto of Morays, "Tout PRET." It suggests that the Khazars at Moray were as far as the Prut river, no problem at all. And the Siret/Sire weight scale is shared by Cass'/Cash's and Cush's/Kiss'/Kish's suspect with the Moldova capital, Kisinov, still further east than the Prut. Justine's share the weight scale and moreover use a motto phrase, "SINE CAUSa"; we get it. You need to stick this to the motto of Glue's.

Beside the Pyretus was the AGARus, and Hagars (Perthshire, same as Justine's, all in Pilate colors) should be using the Moray / Innes star. The Agarus was later the Siret, and Sirets/Sire's (Astikas kin) use Melusine's mirror with a snake (Melusine was originally with a snake tail), amounting to super indication that Justine's connected with nearby, Pret-loving Moray. The Sirets/Sire's use a motto term (same as in the Arms of rat-trap liner Vilnius) in honor of the Justine's, first found in the same place as Hagars, and in Hagar colors. The Siret/Sire tower may be that of Presleys. [The Hagar star and Agarus river becomes considerable with the Vlads later, suspect with Vladimir of Kiev.]

The Tull/Toole Chief is that also of Trope's/Drops, suspect with Trypillians of proto-Moldova / Ukraine. The Fairs (ViTUTE TUTus"), a branch of Fiers from the Tropoje area, share the anchor in the colors of the Siret/Sire anchor. Fairs were first found in the same place as Daggers, though the German DAGGERs use the squirrel as code for the Sire-branch of Squire's/Squirrels. You can't argue with this because DEXARoi were at least up-river from Fier county, and may even have been in Tropoje. Plus, Justine's have been long-resolved, with no change of mind, with Justine of Picenum, wife of Valentinian I, and Valentins use squirrels, which link excellently to the bend of Stevensons (same place as Roddens that had the Rother line at Morayshire), which is the Rodden bend too. This is why Irish Fairs use the falcon design of Stevens.

As Justine's were first found in the same place as Wings/WINKs, the French VINCEnts are gleaned in sharing the Justine border in colors reversed. Then, the QUATRefoils of English Vincents have the look of the Moray / Kim Coats for a Vinkovci trace to the Moray>Avalon line, not forgetting that the Arthurian myth, "Le MORTE D'Arthur," about king Arthur's death in Avalon, was code for Morte's/Motts and Deaths/Darths, both of which share the Hubert crescent. The "COLENdo" motto term of Huberts can be for the Colens/Holly with yet another Melusine in Crest. Colens/Hollys share the red-on-white garb with Whitefords. The White's that use a version of the Wittelsbach Coat show a "death" motto term.

Valentinian was born in CIBALAE, later Vinkovci. The SIBALs (Fife, same as Butters/Bitars), sharing "Justitia" with Sirets/Sire's, happen to use a red moline that can be colors reversed from the moline of Irish Fairs. The "daBITUR" motto term of English Vincents recalls that Butters (Fife and neighboring Perthshire) are Bitars too, which should have to do with the BUTTERflies of French Tulls. Yes, and the Syrian BAATHists, whom I trace to Baths and Randolphs of Moray, were co-founded by Mr. Bitar and Mr. Aflaq while both surnames, Aflacks and Bitars/Butters, share the same cross, the same cross also as world-seeking Sinclairs. The Butter/Bitar Crest and "Deus" motto is suspect with the Rothschilds and related Deusters/Dusters. Aflacks/Aflecks (Ayrshire, stacked with Vilnius and Rothschilian lines) may have been merged with the Felix-suspect Flecks (Italian Felix's may have the Aurelia = Moray = Cohen stars), who are in Aflack colors and share the Biss scallops.

Repeat: "...Fords (share "Christi" with Bouillons) share flaunches with Hobbits/Hobarts, which can suggest that WhiteFORDS were a Wittelsbach merger with Fords. The Ford motto appears to honor the Crums/Croms and/or Crums/Crombys, and the latter use a bottony cross, same as the so-called "crown of Charlemagne" seen in multiple instances on the Wikipedia page for the Wittelsbachs." Crums/Croms share three quatrefoils with Vincents, the latter first found in the same place as Dexters. The other Fords share the Palmer/Parmer greyhound, and while Palmers use a version of the Fleck Coat, Flecks were first found in the same place as Hobbits/Hobarts that use a "PRETiosa" motto term. Reminder: Hobbits/Hobards share an eight-pointed estoile with Motts/Morte's who in turn share the crescents of Huberts who in-turn use a version of the Whiteford Coat.

The motto term, "tutus," of Irish Fairs gives the impression of Titus of Rieti, and Titus' were first found in the same place as VINCE's ("SIBi" motto term like "CIBalae"), such a vinkincidence. In fact, Vince's use "conSCIRE sibi," part-code, we can assume, for the Squire branch of Sirets/Sire's. That can connect to the ESQUIRE helmet of PoinDEXTERS, suspect from the Dexaroi, exactly where Siret/Sire kin are tracing en masse. The Wizels that share the Vince griffins were first found in the same place as dagger-using, Antipatria-based, Kilpatricks that put a dexter paw on the head of a lion. To clinch the Poindexter trace to Dagger / Patrick elements, let me repeat from above:

Aha! Poindexters use "me" as well as "Nemo"! Excellent. God was pointing me to Poindexters, wasn't he? Yes, and kin, all expected with the Hubert morons.

Knee's (share the Molle Crest), sharing the German-Gelder bend, are Knight kin. Gelders were first found in the same place as shoe-using Trips, while the other Trips use a SCALing ladder expected with the ladder-using Scalia line (the rat-trap plot thickens). The Wittel-like Wizels were first found in the same place (Nith-river area) as Knee-suspect McGee's, and the latter share the Mee/Mea boar head. The Shoe knight is said to start at the knees probably for a Knight-Knee relationship. The Knights [share spur with Close's of Closeburn, Nith river] have an old variation suggesting the Nith river, where the proto-Geddes Geds lived (eventually merged with the Bosco-Rose's), and "Geddes" (pike fish, recalls "pick it up") looks like the CEDES variation of Seats suspect in "Tu ne CEDE Malis." Perfect, God really knows what he's doing...

That motto was put beside the "Tu ne cede ME" of Steers, with "ne" suspect with the Nee variation of Knees. I neglected to mention that while the Malis' and Mallets are expected at St. Malo, beside Dol, the Mee's/Mea's were from the Meu river near St. Malo, but also near Jugon, where I trace Juggs/Jutts that share the McGee / Mea boar head in both colors. The Meu flows also in Vilaine while the Arms of Vilaine use the twin bars of Cedes'. So, with Poindexters traceable to something at the Meu based on their "me" motto term and other gleanings, that river flows in Cotes-du-Nord area too, where Motts/Morte's were first found that share the Hubert crescents. And Cotes-du-Nord is also Cotes-d'Armor while Armors share the squire helmet with Poindexters. We can expect Alans of Dol all over these stupids, and it recalls C. ALLEN Foster, possibly with a Miss Allen as his mother. There is hope for stupids, but first, they need to get out of Masonic cults, and they need to stop killing and seeking worldly power.

Let's see where the Scalia-loving Trips lead. They share the hawk with Hobs/Habs, a potential branch of Hobbits/Hobarts and/or Apps/Abbs = Habsburgs from the Apsus river. So far so good for tracing Trips to Trope's/Drops at Tropoje. Isn't that where PoinDEXTERS trace? Yep. The Hawks use a "Strike" motto while Stricks (share black Shield with Sticks) are also STICKlands, such a ratincidence. And the Hawk hawk has a gold-on-black fleur upon it, the colors of the Stick garbs. And Stricks/Sticklands (bundle of holly) use a "Sans MAL" motto term while being first found roughly in the same place as Daggers and their Acre branch.

Here it's interesting that the Acre eagle has a "black torteau." I was under the impression that torteaux were red roundels. Black roundels are pellets, and while Pellets are Pilate kin, from Mont Pilat near the Forez mountains, the French Acre's, in Pilat colors, were first found in Forez...which recalls that Forez's are Forests while Festus-suspect Fosters/Festers are Forrests. Festus followed Pontius Pilate in Judea after not many years. Now, compare the Coat of Acre's with the Coat of Yells/Yule's ("Numine"), the latter using the Stick garb. While Yule's are expected from Julius Caesar, his affair with Servilia Caepionis is expected to have birthed one of the three Junia Caepionis (all sisters), and then Acre's (and Conans) use the same fleur as June's, the latter first found in the same place as Julians. Julius Caesar was able to use the black Roman eagle, and we just saw a black eagle with both the Hawks and Acre's, but black eagle heads, in the position and designs of the three Casey eagle heads, are used by YELands. And Caseys were suspect to or from "Caesar." Scottish Caseys (crows) share the bend of French Acres! Excellent.

This recalls the Yeland-Redmayne entity of Lawrence's, and, if God chose the first name of Lawrence Kepke for this revelation, I could expect more. For example, we saw Lawrence's using the raGULLY cross of Colchester, and we saw that Quintus Caepio, grandfather of Servilia Caepionis, was in the Quint Coat that is a match with the Colchester Coat. And we saw that Gullys ("sine") share the Julian cross, and share a red chevron with Quints. I told that Kepke lived beside Rick Young, and that Youngs use the Leavell piles while using a "jeune" motto term for Jeune's, first found in the same place (CAMBRIDGE) as June's and Caepionis-like Capone's. We can't be thinking that I've been making all of this up. The Lawrence-beloved Readys share white-on-blue swans with CAMBRIDGE's (same place as Keppochs). Like I said, I am a prisoner of God's revelation, and I've been virtually trapped indoors, without a life, without a woman, for ten years and counting. Should I walk away now? No, get the popcorn out. Sing while God has his way with the stupids. Take this revelation, if you are reading it, as a warning, and stop being a Masonic jerk.

We saw the 600 members of International Hubertus. I had been wondering whether my recalling that Kepke lived at house number, 31, was ever going to be significant. Young lived at 29. Added together, they equal 60.

I could not recall Kim's sister's name until I glanced at my music list (several hours after writing here), seeing Nikki Phillippi. The sister is Nikki Walsh, without a doubt. There is no Nikki surname, but Nickels/Nichols use a giant pheon in colors reversed from the Walsh pheons (upward pheons), and both surname use a "sed" motto term, can you believe it? Nickels (downward pheon) are said to be from Nicholas d'Albini, and this checks out where Albini's share the green trefoil with Dutch Nichole's.

The Basement and the Anti-Christ Rat

The trefoils are used by Barnstaple's because English Albins were from Barnstaple. Staple's then use the Peter motto while all three Peter surnames are from Peter Pollock i.e. from Rieti. Albins and Barnstaple's were first found in Devon, along with Walsh-related Maine's (share downward pheons with Nickels), the latter tracing with Demaine's (same fleur as Reed-related Petro's) squarely to Petro of Rieti, father-in-law of Vespasia Polla. This recalls a thing I can never forget. Lawrence started a spin-the-bottle game of "strip poker." There was he, me, and married Nikki only. She was down to her underwear, yes with bare breasts, she just sitting there on the rug like it was nothing, and she's married to Lawrence's brother, such a shock to see this. I came down to my underwear, and then I lost again. Oh no. I just couldn't remove my underpants in front of her. So, I passed...because this was Lawrence's game, and it's he that must have wanted Nikki. I wouldn't have touched her married. So, he spun the bottle one more time, and Nikki lost, The "punishment" announced by Lawrence was to go to the basement together (out of my sight, that is). I don't know what they did, maybe nothing, maybe adultery.

The reason I'm telling this is that, while there is no Poker surname, Poke's are listed with Pollocks. Wikipedia's article on Clan Pollock says, or once said, that the Pollock arrow is also a dart, and Maine's use the dart too. Jewish Pollocks share the same bend as Barnstaple's, and while Pollocks trace to Valentinian I, Valentins (green squirrels) use a reflection of the Barnstaple Coat with it's green trefoils. Barnstaple's and Maine's would not be a topic if not for Walsh's, Nickels/Nichols and Nichole's, and they in-turn would not have come to topic if not for "Nikki." And Lawrence's are the ones with RedMAINE's in their write-up. I've got to say that, I find it very, very hard to believe that God would have anything to do with that game. The Maine pheon is colors reversed from the Nickel pheon, and Nickels were first found in the same place as Massey liners = me. It's notable that while these pheons can go to Pilate's, German Nichols use pellets.

Albini's were first found in the same place (Modena) as Morinis', and the latter share two fesse bars with English Nicholsons. Believe it or not. If God was in that game, one thing coming to mind is that the Revelation harlot, whose fourth, fifth and sixth heads were Vespasian and his two sons, is represented by the bloodlines of Nichole Walsh, so to speak. In other words, God made Nikki like a harlot that night for a Message. Like I predicted, the anti-Christ and/or False Prophet will be a Massey / Meschin / Mieszko liner. I have every confidence that the Harlot will be a Julian liner, and the ragully cross of Lawrence's is a Julian line, and moreover it connects hard to Servilia Caepionis. To put this another way, the league in Revelation 17 between the Harlot and the anti-Christ could be represented by the Nichole-Walsh and Lawrence-Kepke entities, and the False Prophet was represented by my Massey line. Does this mean that the False Prophet will be a chicken?

As we saw that Quints use the Colchester chevron while the ragully Lawrence cross is used in colors reversed in the Arms of Colchester, let's add the unbelievable, that the Colchester Coat is a reflection of the Scottish Nicholson Coat (Casey eagle head in Crest!). The Crest of pellet-using Nichol(son)s gives the impression of the Mieske/Mesech arm, but that Coat also uses the black Cole bull while Cole's were first found beside black-bull Walerans (same place as Maine's), and then Waleran's Leavells (same place as Colchesters and Tintagel-related Ricks...and Backs/Bace's/Bache's) are in Colchester colors. Kepke lived beside Rick Young while the other Leavells use the piles of June-loving Youngs/Yonge's. Nikki's sister was Kim, and I saw Kim Thompson last in a PHONE booth on YONGE street after she laid on my BACK on my BED at D'Maine street. There are two Back surnames, one with a Bace variation suggesting Pace's/Pascels. The Quint lion paw was resolved with the same of BEDfords (compare with Fords), and the latter's Crest has the same black lion (almost) as the Thompson Crest. Phone's/Fane's/Veynes' (pellets on a white bull head) are Macey. Bachs/Baghs were first found in the same place as Welsh Roberts (name of Nikki's husband), and, believe it or not, the Robert lion is split in half in the two colors of the same in the Thompson Crest. Astounding. No one can make this up.

The Thompson / Pendragon motto is suspect with the Tipps that not only use another black bull head, but downward pheons in half the colors of the downward Nickel pheon.

The Nicholsons above with a Colchester-like Coat were first found on Skye and LEWIS, and Lewis' were resolved as Laevillus liner to Leavells partly because McLeods of Skye and Lewis use both the black and white bull head. The Lure's in the lure of Thompsons are a sept of McLeods (fact), and Thompsons use the motto of Pendragons (compare with Vaughns), first found in the same place as Coles, and Pendragons (at Tintagel) were very related to Phone's/Veynes'. Amazing. Mythical Pendragon committed adultery with the wife of mythical GorLOIS, the Louis/Lewis line, apparently, but he was also code for Gore's (fact), first found in the same place as Quints and Youngs. But Quints (BLACK-lion PAW) were first found also in Dorset, where Palins/PAWlins were first found that use the same BLACK lion as Roberts and Louis'/Lewis'. Palins/Pawleys use the stars in the Sabine Chief so as to figure with Pullys/Pullens.

Repeat: "I saw Kim Thompson last in a PHONE booth on YONGE street after she laid on my BACK on my BED at D'Maine street." The woman in Revelation rides and sits upon on the ant-Christ. Can this event indicate a harlot trace to the Kims that I see as a branch of Kemmis', kin in-turn of Bachs/Baghs? That's what it looks like. In this picture, the anti-Christ is a Massey liner. Let's go to the bottle that Lawrence spun, for Bottle's/Bootells/Butells (possibly of Cornwall's Bude) were first found in the same place (Lancaster) as LiverPOOL, where the Beatles band came out of, and then Beatle's/BEDwells were first found in BEDfordshire, location of Luton, suspect with the seven-headed Lotan dragon that should be implied in Revelation 17. For those who don't know, the dragon in Revelation, which the woman rides and sits on, has seven heads. The end-time anti-Christ is an 8th king but belongs to the seven, meaning that he belongs to the Julian line (first three heads up to Nero) and then also to the Vespasian line.

The Beatle's/Bedwells share lozengy with Baggs, and the latter's lozengy is that of Grimaldi's. My mother is a Grimaldi on one side, and a Masci on the other. German Baggs/Baghs/BEGGs use the arm and sword of Mieske's/Mesechs, feasibly, and the latter share a black bull head with the Tipps'. Black-bull-head Walerans were rulers of BEC and Meulan, and the Arms-of-Meulan lozengy is that of Beatle's/Bedwells too. Becs/Bests use the star of Thomsons (no 'p') because Thomson use a "best" motto term. Becs/Bests were first found in the same place as Cotta's and are therefore suspect with the Aurelia star. The Mieszko-line Wheelwrights (from mythical KOLODziej the Wheelwright) link to Lanarkshire's COLTers (share Catherine wheels with Wheelwrights) while Colts/Celts share the red stag with Roet-related Reeds, Books and Thomsons. Reeds and Roets (owner of Catherine wheels) share the book while Books are also Boggs and can be gleaned with the two Beacon/Bacon stars (i.e. Books look like a Bacon branch), yet they can be the stars in the Chiefs of Sabine's and Palins, the latter first found in the same place as a Poole location.

I can glean that Thomsons are Aurelia liners, a great definition of the Revelation harlot, for she sits on the seven hills of Rome, ruled by the son of Aurelia Cotta. Roets and Reeds trace well to Rita's (first found in Rome) that I think share the POOL lion. Rita's were first found in the same place as Quince-loving Sfroza's, and while the two may be using the same lion, the Becs/Bests use the same lion as Sforza's.

Can we believe it? German Becs/Bechs share the stag design of German June's/Jungs/Youngs, and the latter's stag is in the colors of the Trump stag. The Livers/Levers, first found in the same place as Liverpool, use a TRUMPet. The Bottle's (same as Liverpool) are in Nickel colors and first found beside the Nickels, and the latter share nearly the pheon of Tipps, first found in the same place as Liverpool. The Tipps share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Livings/Levins, suspect with Livers/Levers. Or, the Tipps share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Ghents while Phone's/Veynes' use GAUNTlet gloves.

I can glean that the black, spread eagle of Backs/Bace's/Bache's is in the White Crest because these white's use a reflection of the Bach/Bagh Coat. It asks whether the White lions are an upright form of the Robert lion.

Back to the spin-the-bottle strip poker, for the Revelation harlot will be raped by the anti-Christ, who will turn on her after she rides him. Can this indicate that Lawrence's have to do with the line to the anti-Christ? The Lawrence Crest is a turbot fish tail, and Turbots use the same fish as Geds (said to be from a Geddes location in Yorkshire) while Geddes' have been resolved with Laevillus' wife in Cetis. Turbots use a triDENT, and were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Dents, suspect with Dance's that use the Keppoch fesse. And Dents were at SEDburgh while Walsh's and Nickels both use a "sed" motto term. There we have the Nikki-Walsh link to Kepke suspects. If Turbots were Tarves liners, note that the latter link hard to Turins, for the latter share the same bend as Keeps. Besides, "Kepke" is expected as a hard version of the namers of Caiaphas while Chives' were first found in Tarves.

The fish on red of English Neve's (Roach fish?) look like it applies here because Scottish Neve's/Nevays (same place as Navys/Nevoys) share the lily with Cetis'. The latter Neve's use fleur in colors reversed from the June fleur. Should the Nevins of Nons apply? Chattan-like Chadwicks (same escutcheon as Geddes') use the lily too. Repeat: "I have been insinuating that Shechemites and Kenites are expected with the line of Pagan Levites from Jonathan of Laish, but until now have remained unfamiliar with the Healey entity of Chadwicks. Healeys (Helles colors) happen to use the same boar head as Shechem-like Schims/Schiens/Chands. " I think we should find the variations of Kims, Shins/Chynne's, Schims/Schiens, Skene's/Skins, and Kemmis'/Kenys' very applicable to "Kenite."

As Chives' use the cat, symbol of Clan Chattan, and as Clan Chattan (same bend as Italian Botters) uses a "bot" motto term, "TurBOT" may have been a Tarves merger with Botters. English Botters (same place as Caiaphas-suspect Josephs) use an eagle PERCHed on an item, and while Perche is beside Maine (home of French Josephs), the Maine's share the double chevrons of Perche's. It tends to reveal that the Walsh chevron is that of Perche's to some degree. For years previous to this one, Chives' were said to be first found in Devon, same as Maine's. The "Durat" motto of Turbots gets the Durats of Dol and sharing the Ward / Warren / Wearing checks (always expected with the Cohen / Hohen Khazars).

By the way, it may have been God's will to have Nikki and Kepke go to the BASEment because Base's/Baise's use two lions that are the Proper/Robert and Robert lions. If Base's are of the Backs/Bace's, then they could be the Pace's/Pascels to PAISley, especially as English Pace's were first found in the same place as Propers/Roberts. As Base's were first found in the same place as Presley-suspect Prestons, the double Base lions look like the Presley / Abreu lions. The second Pollock was Robert.

When I first took "baseMENT" seriously because I recalled by heart that Base's use the same lion as Roberts, I looked up the Pings and Pongs because Lawrence loved to play ping-pong in his basement. Pings and Pongs are both with the Pungs/Paganells. Later, I reloaded Ments/Mants not recalling what they use, and it turned out to be three bends in colors reversed to the same of Pings/Pongs (Morinis fleur?), first found in the same place as Keppochs and Ments, can you believe it? Did God provide that ping-pong table where Kepke and I played it lots?

Scottish Ments/Manns (pellets) have a Coat possibly linking to the Thompson Coat, and while the Thompsons share the Pendragon motto (see also Shaw motto), Ments/Manns ("ardua", dragon, Pendragon colors) show multiple signs of linkage to Pendragons / Penns ("clarum"). The latter, with "water DROPS" on its dragon, even share a white lion in Crest with Thompsons, and the Thompson lion has been linked rather hard to the Robert lion...but one can also inspect the colors of the Shatner/Shotbolts lions, for William Shatner was the leading actor of Star Trek. Shatners/Shotbolts were first found in the same place as Titus', and the latter happen to share a passant lion in both colors of the same of Roberts, thus reinforcing the Robert identity with Robert Pollock.

But it's also the passant lion of Formans/Fermans who happen to use the dragon design of Penns, recalling that Ment-suspect Mynetts/Minute's share the helmets of Dragons/DRAINers (same place as Mynetts, reflects Ment/Mann Coat) from the Drin river, home of the proto-Pendragon / proto-Penny Penestae. By the way, Penes'/Pennys share the lynx with Links, and the latter's horizontally-split Shield is in colors reversed from the same of German Daggers/Decks. I trace this lynx to Lyncestes, on the south-east side of the lake of the Penestae. The Linch entity is in the write-up of Panico- / Paganell-suspect Punch's.

I had proposed that the Forman Chief is using a gold version of the white Drop-Chief lion so as to trace Formans to Tropoje and Fier, and here the Penn "water drops" suggest a Penn trace to Tropoje liners, of no surprise at all since the Penestae were near the Apsus river. As the Penestae capital was USCana, suspect with the founding of Italian Oscans, the ESQuire helmet may apply to Uscana liners (the Esk river comes and Eschyna come to mind), for it's otherwise the squire helmet as code for Squire's/Squirrels (Daggers/Decks use the squirrel, you see, and Dexaroi were on the Apsus). The daughter of Eschyna de Molle married Robert Pollock! Zowie, and Eskins bring up the Mar-related Erskins (same place as Pollocks / Paisley). Aha! The Eskin/Erskin motto uses a Penes-like "pense term! This is an excellent conclusion because the esquire helmet is used by PoinDEXTERS! It's used also by Twitch's/Twiggs that happen to use three thin bends (usually called bendlets) in the colors of the three bends of Ments/Mants! And while the latter's bends do not show thin, they are nonetheless called. "bendlets."! It's amazing what an "E'" on "squire" can reveal. I can now conclude that God was indeed the designer of that strip-poker game, as unlikely as it would at-first seem. He caused that two-some to go to the basement for the reasons we are seeing right here, and probably for more reasons not yet realized.

I'm regretting that I failed to mention the surname that uses the Shield-and-Chief colors of Titus' along with a good reflection of the Irish Fair and Fier Coats, for while the Scottish Fairs (share the Forman anchor in both colors, Dagger colors) were first found in the same place as Daggers and Acre's (same fesse as Ments/Manns), it suggested that Fairs and Vere's were Fier-county liners (Fiers and Vere's were from Isle-of-Man-suspect Manche). French Acre's (Forez, could be Eiton bend) use nothing but a white bend, as do French Fairs, but the latter's is in both colors of the same of Jewish Pollocks, who likewise use nothing but a bend. One gets the impression that Titus' had linked to Fier-county elements. Everything now under discussion, including the Aid- / Aiton/Artem-suspect Eitons, is from Amyntes, father of Artemidoros, the family that named the Base-like Bassus' (surname of Quadratilla). And the Penestae lived on the river of the Chives'-suspect Cavii, the mouth of which is near BASSANia, while the other Base's, sharing black hunting horns with the Arms of Traby, are Bassens too. [While writing here, I didn't yet know that I would be elaborating, below, on the Artemia bloodline, expected in merger with Childeric's line.]

It's probably Lawrence-important that I trace Basina, wife of Childeric, to Bassania, and as she lived in THURINgia, note that Turins/Thurins, first found in the same place as Tarves (where early Chives' lived), share a bend in the colors of the same of Keeps and Lorraine's ("Lauro" motto term). It's seems not a wonder if God decided to name Kepke with a Lawrence first name, for we can now make a Kiev link to Lorraine, and I think I know exactly what that is (explained later). The Lorraine's use the same eagles as Childeric-liner Childs, and the Child Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Terent Coat, and so we are right-on the Terentia-Murena line to the Walsh's. Again, while Terentia's brother was Aulus Terentius VARRO Murena, Laevillus had a Varus name, connectable, we may assume, to Fier-county liners. This Murena character had conquered the Salassi for the Romans, who lived in Aosta, location of a Lys river that, according to our source in Switzerland, was home to the Wallis-line Walsers. It seems that his Aulus line named Wallis, and by the way the Glass / Gleason / Kyle stars are those also in the Arms of Wallis.

The Laurie's/Larrys/Lawrys and Lowrys use the same giant cup, and Laurie's us a Polla-suspect motto. In the meantime, the Lorraine eagles are the Piast eagle, while Piasts were rulers of POLand. The Laurie's use the red-black combination suspect with Hubertus, and Mandys use that color scheme too. I'll be coming back to the Piasts in their relationship to Kiev Varangians. The Mandy wolf head has Bassania-suspect besants. The Lorraine eagle's are colors reversed from the Spock/Speck/Spick eagle, and Kepke's are suspect with Spick liners.

The Shatners/SHOTbolts can trace with "Trek" to the Terek river of Alania, home of Irons suspect with the Iron Cross, but home to the early Khazars too. I trace "Germany" to "Armenia," beside Alania, and the Iron Cross was a German thing. There is a sling SHOT in the Arms of Dachau (Bavaria), headquarters of some of Hitler's concentration camps, and Shots/Shute's (same place as Walsh-beloved Mortons) happen to use the same sword as Kirks "primum"), if you can believe it. William Shatner played captain Kirk on Star Trek! The Dachau sling shot is therefore part code for Shatners/Shotbolts, and part code for the Sling vulture suspect with "Walter," a variation of Walsers. Believe it, Kirks were first found in the same place as Daggers! It's the Dexaroi to the naming of Dachau, you have Gene Roddenbury's secret word on it.

Kirks share the thistle with Paisleys, but it may be too early to link Kirks with Polla liners through Pasi's. I can add that Thistle's (suspect with the Peter bend and lion) were first found in the Channel Islands, where PoinDEXTERs were first found. Amazing coincidence, for Leonard Nimoy is suspect in the "Nemo" motto term of Poindexters. If the Thistle pheons were white, I would make an immediate Thistle link to the Glasow-beloved Lords/Lauds. Recall how CUTE Sharon Pascal traces to Pasi's/Pascels, for Shots/Shute's show a CHUTE variation. The MontaCute's (from COUTance) come back to mind. If Montacute's are with the Saddock eSCUTcheon, it recalls that Shute's and Scute's (eSCUTcheon too) scan be Saddock branches. The Montacute's, like others, don't call what appears to be a Shield-on-Shield an escutcheon, but rather a border, yet Borders use two swords in the colors of the Kirk swords, and while the Kirk sword is in saltire with a Crozier, the Border swords are in saltire too.

Scute / Shute / Schutz liners evoke the Scotts and therefore Star Trek's Scottie/Scotty (don't recall the spelling) character. One Scott Coat is a good reflection of the Thistle Coat. The other Scotts use a black griffin while Montacute's use a gold griffin with black wings. The black Vince / Wizel / Godfrey griffins are coming to mind, and Wizels/Wissels were first found in the same place as Montacute's. As the latter are MontaGue's too, note that McGEE's Wizel/Wissel colors), first found in the same place as Wizels, use almost the Border swords. This tends to clinch the Chute-related Kirks with Montacute's. If the latter were note Chute's to begin with, they could have merged with them. .

Recall that the Wikipedia page on Wissel-like Wittelsbachs had a Kings-of-Bavaria Arms showing a scepter, the Godfrey symbol too, but look again at how the Bavaria scepter is in saltire with a white-on-red sword, all upon an escutcheon, looking heavily like the Kirk Coat, And we just saw why captain Kirk traces to Bavaria's Dachau. The Wittelsbach page has the Arms official description: inescutcheon gules [red], a sword argent [white] pommelled or [gold] and a scepter or [gold] in saltire, in chief a royal crown or. An INEScutcheon is suspect with Innes' of Moray and/or Innus' of Angus and/or Inse's / Inch's.

An escutCHEON is a code word but shown as a shield, and it's part-code for Keens (escutcheon) and Keons, the latter's estoiles linkable to the same of Colchesters because they are the red estoiles of NEILs while the Arms-of-Colchester cross has NAILs. Irish McGee's are said to have been in O'Neill territory of Ulster.

Note the SINTSENhofer variation of Slings (Austria), like "Zinzendorf." Slings may have been the Franconian Salians.

By the way, Kepke had a pet rat (white) in the basement, very interesting where the rat trap has to do with Trypillian-suspect Trabys, for I read that Trypillia is a location south of Kiev while Kepke's father was from Ukraine, location of Kepke-suspect Kiev. He would just let the rat run about, and he loved that rat. You may be thinking that I'm making this up because I trace Rats to QuadRATus, and we saw above that BASEment-suspect Base's/Bassens (Austria) can be from Quadratus' Bassus surname. In fact, amazingly enough, the striped Base/Bassen hunting horns are black, as with the horns in the 666-suspect Arms of Traby, and Trabys have always been suspect in ther rat trap!!! Amazing, the rat in the basement...Lawrence didn't know that God arranged it. Later, I would use one rat trap to catch 16 squirrels in my "attic" (second story, unfinished). Why 16? I don't know yet, but the Radziwill connection with Traby (see Traby article at Wikipedia) was the basis of the rat-trap line, as I personally call it. explored and found suitable for my rat-trap system.

Again, the Poindexter-suspect Dexters use "weights" in Crest while Weights/WHITE's use the striped hunting horn in both colors of the Traby horn. It's easy to trace these hunting horns to Dexaroi at anti-PATRia where KilPATRicks are also Patchie's while Patch's use more black hunting horns. These English WHITE's are also Weights and share the blue vair fur with Wittelsbachs and the other English White's that have a Wittelsbach look to them. The rat was WHITE. We saw the black eagle of Base-possibly Backs/Bace's linking to the Crest of White's that use a version of the WittelsBACH Coat, because the two Coats reflect the Bach/Bagh Coat, but I had neglected to view Scottish White's showing the same eagle as Backs/Bace's. These latter White's throw in QUATRefoils, suspect with Quadratus BASSUS! We saw VINCEnts with quatrefoils, and Vince's use the black griffins of Wittel-like Wizels. Plus, it was Kim Thomson/Thompson lying on my back while Thompsons use the Shaw motto backward while Irish Shaws use a trefoil version of the Ayer quatrefoils. This would be a good place to repeat that Scottish Shaws use the Pellet / Pilotte / Christine cups in the same colors.

I have an amazing thing to re-report. Recall spin-the-bottle that led Lawrence to the basement. The Bottle-like Butlers (share five, white ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby) just came to mind because they use cups too, and Butlers are using a version of the Dunham Coat. This is now excellent. For those that didn't read about my Obama dream, let me repeat some of it. I was in Obama's billiard / pool hall, and was shooting a game when the cue ball was a piece of paper or page on the table. I turned it into a paper airPLANE, and while I was able to shoot it straight, I missed the red ball near the corner pocket, and SEWERed, as they say, defined as shooting the cue ball into the pocket before hitting any balls. The Sewers are listed with Suters (!), and Plains/Platters were first found in the same place as DANCEette-using Dunhams and SKATE's/SHEETs. The dream had started with a black SHEET covering all the billiard tables, and after sewering, I was suddenly in the BACK yard of the pool hall, where Obama was DANCing. Immediately after his dance, he was on a SKATE board, and later I found that Boards use a version of the Sewer/Suter Coat, but it's also meaningful that Suter-like Shute's use the same swords as BORDers!!! God has a sense of humor, or He's dead serious on pointing a dexter finger at the Star-Trek Illuminatists.

After he was on a skate board, Obama was angry with an employee of his, and I saw that employee's BACK, turning his head toward Obama. The dream ended right there, and I was sure, at the time, that the Back bloodline had to apply. I now find that Scottish White's, using the Back/Bace Coat, use a reflection of the Plain/Platter/Playter Coat. We saw Playters in the write-up of Rands/Rynds that use the three chevrons of Singletarys (Obama's ancestor, Jonathan Singletary changed his surname to Dunham, the surname of Obama's mother. She was a daughter of Stanley Armour Dunham, himself from the Armours that share the Poindexter helmet. Should we start to suspect that Obama was involved with the Hubert stupids?

As Armours use the same stars as Aurelia's as well as a "Cassis" motto term, Armours could have been Julius-Caesar liners. The Armour Coat is almost the Billiard / Lambert Coat, and while Lamberts were from the Piast, Mieszko II Lambert, Billiards and Lamberts are in POOL colors. In the meantime, the Piast-based Wheelwrights use the antelope design of Singletarys. The Lorraine's use the Piast eagle because Mieszko Lambert married Richeza of Lorraine, which was Lotheringia at the time, and we saw that the current head cheese of the International Huberts is a pretender ruler of Lotheringia.

Why were Billiards/Hilliards first found in the same place as Keppochs who in-turn share the garbs of Billet-like Blythe's (same place as Armours), and meanwhile French Billiards (virtually the same Coat as Billiards/Hilliards) are also Billets. Does a Kiev line have to do with a Keppoch connection to Mieszko Lambert? Doesn't Lawrence Kepke bring us to Laurie's/Larrys that share laurel with Lorraine's ("Lauro" motto term)?

Let me repeat that while Rats had a Rait castle near Geddes, the Geds tell of a Geddes location in Yorkshire, where Ments, Pings/Pongs and Keppochs were first found. The Rait castle was likely in NAIRNshire, where Geddes' and Rats were first found, and Nairn is suspect with the Neuri in Ukraine, though Neuri are suspect from the Nairi at Lake Van, where I trace the Phone's/Veynes'/Vans. The Rats use the same, engrailed black cross as the Sinclairs whom I suspect as Varangians i.e. the people group that conquered Kiev, then joining the Khazars of that area. Lake Van had a Rusa name for its kings while Nairnshire is where the Rose's were first found too. And the water bougets of Rose's are suspect with the Bug river, known home of the Neuri. While Marrs (Yorkshire again) are suspect with a passant version of the Ross lion (Ross-shire is beside Nairn), one can also compare the double Strange lions to the double Marr and Base/Baise lions, then see the Tull/Tolley (Stewart = Cohen = Khazar checks) and Tool lions too, for their is a Doly location near the northerly Bug river, at the Polish-border region. Why was Kepke's rat white?

And this brings me to Casimir of Poland, with a Khazar- / Casey- / Caesar- / Cassis-like name. He was the son of Mieszko and Richeza. Recall the "DILigite" and "DILigentes" motto terms of the International-Hubertus order, for here we find Heylwig of Dillingen, mother of Ezzo of Lotheringia, father of Richeza. The Dilgs/Tilgners were suspect with those motto terms in the last update, and they were first found in Swabia, same as Dillingen (Bavaria). The Dilgs use a Coat reflecting the Macey Shield, and the first thing I spot in the Arms of Dillingen (Macey colors) is the sinister bend, and the same fleur as sinister-bend Masci's.

If one clicks to the page for the Dillingen district, the Arms can be seen using the same passant lion as Maschi's. The six-pointed stars in the Dillingen Arms are in the colors of the eight-pointed star of Teegers/Tigners/DIGNers, a lot like the Tilgner variation of Dilgs, begging the question of whether Dillingen was from the Teeger variation of Teague's ("SumMUM"). It appears that we have found some Hubert-Order bedrock, thanks to their motto.

The Teague's/Teegers have been virtually resolved with "TIGranes" and Opgalli, king and queen of Armenia in the time of Caiaphas. From the standpoint of that geography, it's not a far cry to the founding of Khazars. The line of Opgalli and Caiaphas is suspect with the Khazars...which can then go through the Varangians of Kiev, to the West, expected very hard in the Zahringens and Veringers of Baden, beside Dillingen. Note how the Dilg Coat can be a version of the Aurelia Coat, for the Aurelia name was in emperor Caracalla, who married a sister of Julia Maesa Bassianus. Caracalla's brother, Geta (recalls "diliGITE"), had a Geddes-suspect name going back to Getuli Numidians, in my opinion, for Caracalla's father was from north Africa. Syphax was a Getuli Numidian.

There's a lot of history around Dillingen that I'm not familiar with, but Swabia was home to Hohenstaufens / Hohenzollerns, Khazars that, I read and reported on, received the red eagle from Zahringers. In colors reversed, it could have become the white, spread Piast > Lorraine eagle. While Lorraine is in the Bar-le-Duc / Moselle area that traces with Bars to Este, it's notable that Ezzo of Lorraine has a name like the founders of Este. Bars (share the white, spread Este eagle) had previously been in Brunswick (Robert lion?), and that was likely from Bruno's, first found in the same place as Scalia's. However, Poindexter said that he knew no Scalia link of the Order of Saint Hubert. Dillons can be using the crescents of Masseys/Masse's, though they once showed the same boots as Trips, and the English Trips (same place as Mynetts and Hamonds) are the ones with a "scaling ladder," code for ladder-using Scalia's. Whether judge Scalia was a Hubertus nut or not, Scalia's are expected from mythical Scylla = the Sicils around Patti an Messina, where the patee cross of the Masons traces. Messina's use a version of, including the sinister bend, of Masci's.

It's also interesting that while Neuburg was found to share the escarbuncle of the Cleves area where the Bavarian Order of Saint Hubert had beginnings, the Neuburg surname (Bavaria), in Eren colors, uses quadrant in colors reversed from the same of Jewish Aarons/Aren, and then the husband of Heylwig of Dillingen (Ezzo's mother) had a father, ERENfried II. These surnames are all in Saluzzo colors, and Saluzzo's use no symbols, ditto for Erens. But the big point here is that Cleves'/Cliffs were from Glaphyra Archelaus, the grandmother of Tigranes, husband of Opgalli. Forgive where I've said before that she was Opgalli's grandmother; I have a hard time keeping it all straight.

Let me put this quickly for the record. The father of Ezzo was Herman I. English Hermans (Saluzzo Shield as used by Clintons?) share a Coat like that of Neve's, first found in the same place (Angus) as Ezzons/Aesons, and Ezzo's line was called, Ezzonids. Angus is near Tarves, where the Tarves' share the six fitchee crosses of Clintons. The split colors of the Tarves Coat was found in the Arms of the counts and dukes Guelders, same entity as Cleves, and the Dutch Gelders are also Op-Gelders, suspect with "Opgalli." Coincidence? The Saluzzo Shield is used without doubt by Cluns, first found in Perthshire i.e. beside Angus, and Clun of Salop was home to the FitzAlans of ARUNdel, from ARUN is Sussex, while we read that the Hermans above (share white-on-black martlets with the Sussex Saddocks) had a branch in Sussex. Then, the Vasto's of Saluzzo can be of the Fasts that almost use the Aaron/Aren / Neuburg quadrants. The Arms of the Duchy of Cleves share the same escutcheon as Chadwicks and Chadocks.

[The Teegers/Digners share the eight-pointed star of button-using Tous'/Tonso's, and while this links to the Toll/Tullia butterflies, the Teague's/Teegers use a "SumMUM" motto term as code for Mummolin, apparently. It is shown below that Mummolin ancestry was definitely in Tulls/Tullia's. It indicate's that Opgalli traces to Mummolin, and she was a Galatian, just like Amyntes suspect in the name of Munderic, Mummolin's father. This is great material, and we will also see below that Op-Gelders can link square with GELDuin of Toll-like Dol.]

Teegers/Digners use plates, the symbol of Mussels/Muscels that should have named "Moselle." We thus expect a Dillingen / Swabia-Baden link to Lorraine, and Casimir's even use nothing but a red antler, the symbol of the house of Veringer. ZAHRingers, who may have been named after the idea of "Czar," from "Caesar," used a blue antler. The antler is also used by Masci-like Hamon(d)s, highly suspect with the Amyntes line to Bassus' > Bassianus'. We are seeing some basic Massey-line links to Mieszko's. The line of Herman I is thought by some to go back to Thuringia, and that may be to Basina, perfect as per the Childs using the Lorraine eagle. Others say Herman was from Charlemagne. Back to Richeza, Herman's granddaughter, for there is a Richess/Rich Coat using bottony crosses. From the Wittelsbach article, here the Arms of the Electors of Bavaria, showing the crown of Charlemagne with a bottony cross. Note that it's an orb with besants, like that of the Metz's (Austria), from Metz in the Moselle theater.

The Thuringia elements from Basina can be in the Thurin/Turin surname because it shares the Lorraine bend. But as Thurins/Turins were first found in the same place as the Tarves CHIVES', we glean a trace to Turin, beside CHIVASSO, and as one can expect that the line of Childeric went to Charlemagne through Pepin of Landen, husband of Miss Metz, it seems a no-brainer that "Metz" is from the Mathis river, location of Bassania. The Cavii lived smack at/beside the Mathis (now the Mat). And that explains the BESANts of the Metz Coat. And Masci's that can be gleaned at Dillingen were first found in the area of Turin and Saluzzo. Messeys/Messier's were first found in the same place (Burgundy) as Mathis' that share the Chives moline, what's there to argue? We are all in agreement about this. French Masseys share the Dillen crescents.

Messeys/Messier's were first found in the same place as Primo's/Primeau's (Melusine's mirror again), who share the gold-on-blue patee cross of Metz's. We glean a Mathis-river link on that basis alone, to Burgundy. I kid you not, that when I was living in Lawrence's neighborhood, I used to bounce a lacrosse ball (with a lacrosse stick) off of Bruno's (our neighbor) brick wall. There is a Lacrosse/Cross surname (Languedoc) using a cross in the colors of these patee crosses, and moreover they are in the colors of the Messey saltire. Neither Messeys nor Lacrosse's add other symbols. They are in the colors of the Bruno bend, and Bruno's add no other symbols. Browns use the Masci / Dillingen fleur (but so do a million others, the symbol of French royalty). And Kirks, with a "PRIMum" motto term, use the CROZier while Croziers have the Lacrosse cross...with perhaps the Dillingen fleur thrown in. Yep, captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise, leading us to the Primo's. Kirks use "OPtiMUM" while Teague's/Teegers use "OPtem" and "SumMUM." It appears that the Star-Terek crew, so to speak, were Mummolin liners. How could we possibly get Khazars into the veins of Mummolin, only half way between Caiaphas and the first Templars, and roughly at the start of the Khazar empire? [Could the namers of Atil river have been in Tolls/Tullia's? Yes.]

Earlier, a curious thing happened. I was typing a surname at the houseofnames box, and when I looked up, the number 361 was in the box. I had no idea how that number got there. It's impossible for me to have missed the letter keys, to hit the number keys accidentally. But here I recalled that Galways (cat, Keith motto) use a number, 1361, under their "Baals bridge." This was recalled because Teague's were first found in Galway. As Teague's use ther Julian cross, Galway may have been a Julian line.

Prime's (leg with spur) use an "enVITA" motto term, probably for Avitus, husband of Julia Maesa. The Prise's/Price's, suspect with StarSHIP EnterPRISE, use "Vita," as to the Bellows in the bellow fans of SHIPs/Shiptons. Now you know for sure that Gene Roddenbury had a rotten, bloodline-lusting mind. "ENTERprise" can be part code for Enders, one of which comes up as "Inger," suspect with Inger the Varangian, who married the half-Khazar, Melissena Rangabe. The Prime Crest shares the brown owl in the TAGERt Crest, and Tagerts (Ross-shire, Nairn theater) share "non vi" with the Chives motto. Tagerts look like they can apply to some of the Dilg / Dillingen elements of Teegers.

The Messey saltire was the flag of Mercia, and while I don't know queen-Bebba history that well, I traced her to Pepin of Landen and/or his Metz wife. And she's expected in the Babel surname that uses Melusine, possibly explaining why her mirror is with Primo's. The Mars were first found in Burgundy too, to explain why Mercians are involved with the Messey saltire. So, the Franks were weighing in on Bernicians, Saxons and Mercians, and these, I predict, were the proto-king-Arthur entity, some from the Penestae at the sources of the Mathis, some from Bassania at the mouth of the Mathis, some from Lys-based Lissus. And I can now predict that the Khazars came across the Varangian Ukraine to Transylvania's MARos/Mures river, still east of proto-Hungary, and landed in Scotland to set their shop up at Moray. Recall the hard link between Eschyna de Molle and the Penestae, for its known that Eskins/Erskins were in-relationship with Mars near Moray. It seems a do-brainer that Mars (KilDRUMMy castle) were from the Maros river, the namers of Moray. DRUMMonds (Perthshire) were Hungarians, no surprise, themselves 1/3 Khazars.

The question is, did Babels get the Khazar mermaid after the life of Bebba (did her descendants merge with the Moray Khazars), or was she already a Khazar by that time, via some proto-Varangians / proto-vikings who entertained Khazars in the West? I pose that question because English Babels (gate, may be a Geddes line) are suspect with the Cam bars, and I see the line of Caiaphas / Josephus all along Cambridge's Cam river, between the Saxons and Mercians. I'm entertaining the line of Caiaphas through Tigranes' Armenia in the 1st century, a few centuries before the Khazars had their empire in northern Caucasia. I'm entertaining that line across the north of the Black sea to such things as the Neuri, then over to Nairn, beside Moray. Finally, due to Bebba-line links with Mercia, the Caiaphas line ended up in Cambridge, next to Camulodunum = Colchester. Pepins use the CAMEL, and I trace Camulos (namer of Camulodunum) to KEMUEL, son of Nahor, wherefore I suspect proto-Camulos, a god said to be part of Mars (i.e. like the Mar surname expected with Mercians), from the Ukraine. As I said, the Yonge's/Youngs / Jungs, the line to June's and Jeune's, expected from Caiaphas, were Hungarians. Ask the stag of German Jungs/Youngs/June's. Yet that's the stag of Drummond-suspect Trumps.

It can be noted that the Wessex Saxons had a white wyvern dragon as symbol, and wyVERNs are suspect with the Varni, the potential proto-VARANgians known as far back as 98 AD. Varni had a goddess, Nerthus, suspect from Neuri / Nahor elements at the Neretva river, where the Ardiaei = proto-king-Arthur were living as early as the 3rd century BC. The Richess Crest is a white wyvern, and the Casimir Crest is the VERINGer antler. Casimir, son of Richeza of Lorraine, married Maria DOBRoniega of Kiev, what seems liken a Dober / Doberman entity, suspect with the bend of Jewish Pollocks. DOBRawa was a wife of Mieszko I, and Casimir was a son of Mieszko II. The Herman name continues with Dobroniega's son, Wladyslaw I Herman, and it should be pointed out that one Herman surname, like one Herbert surname, shares the three fesses of Pollock-suspect Fullers. I see Fullers with Fulbert "the Saxon," the father of the first Pollock, Peter, who built Rothes castle at Morayshire. We can't get off-track no matter which way I turn this discussion.

The Khazars were curiously ruled by Jewish priest-kings. There is some lore from a report wherein the Khazars were purely Togarmites (evokes the Tagert / Teeger surnames) that converted to Judaism out of pure fancy, but this is a nutty claim apparently hiding the reality. It would have been suicide to claim the truth, that Khazars were from the line of Caepionis > Joseph Caiaphas and/or Josephus. The best-known Khazar king was one Joseph, and, if not mistaken, he put out the report of the Khazar conversion to Judaism. I suspect that the Laevi on the Ticino, which had proto-Hungarians, got to the Maccabees of BC times, and therefore to the line of Tigranes Maccabee as it went to Cetis, and from there it married the Laevi line to Laevillus. In the meantime, some Laevi liners got into Caucasia. They will tell you that "tagert" means "priest" to the Irish, but how did it get that way?

We can look for subtle hints. Khazar-like Cathers/Catters share the griffin of Dobers / Dobermans, and have a Coat like that of Glove's that were recently seen with Glue's/Glouphs who themselves were in a dream as carpenter glue in my wheel bearings. In the morning, the dream's codes resolved themselves brilliantly (as if God knows how to give excellent clues; he'd win a game of charades hands down) with Gouel de Percival, patriarch of the Leavells. Cathars share fish with Cetis-suspect Geddes'. The question arises as to whether Dobroniega was a Khazar amongst the Varangians of Kiev.

Catters/Cathars were first found in BERKshire while Berks/Burghs share the CAT. I'm envisioning seeing Chives-cat elements with Khazars. First trace Cavii to Chivasso, near the Ticino, in BC times, then over to Israel, then through Khazaria after 70 AD, at which time Josephus, and probably other priest liners, betrayed and went over to the Romans with some hard cash. There first choice, however, would have been to go be with the Maccabee liners at Cetis. Wikipedia has Tigranes' death after 68. However, "In 63 Tigranes had to renounce his crown." Tigranes was the great-grandson of the wealthy Herod "the great." What was him family doing in Armenia after 70 AD? I can imagine many Jews and even some Edomites with him. I see them descending to the Gelderland of Holland.

The Simson Harlot and the Roslin Babe

I now need to re-tell my relationship with CATHY Simson. It strikes me here that her first name is for Cathers, for Simsons were first found in Buckinghamshire, beside the first Cathers in Berkshire. Moreover, Berkshire is where Simson-like Sinsons/Zinzans were first found, suspect with count Zinzendorf of the Moravian Church. The Simson motto is suspect with the Enotri that I trace to the Laish Levites. I befriended Cathy Simson shortly after Kim Thomson. In fact, I recall no other girlfriend between them. Both were short term, and I was serious about neither. A few years later, I met Kim Thomson again and had her sleep the night, as said above. At roughly the same time, while living at the same place, I invited Cathy Simpson to stay the night, when meeting her at the party of Michael BRILLinger. The Brills use the same annulet as Burgos', and Burghs/Berks are suspect in the naming of Berkshire. So, if God named Cathy Simson, and then brought her to my life, perhaps it's to indicate that Cathers/Catters were Simson kin.

While in school, I went from Kim to Cathy, and while on D'Maine a few years later, from Cathy to Kim, back-to-back. I was with Cathy before becoming a Christian, though by the time her boyfriend found that I slept with her, I had been a Christian of a week or more, I can't recall how long. I passed VD to Cathy, and she to the man she was with when she came home with me. If this was intended as another symbol of the Revelation harlot, it's interesting that Berkshire (home of Windsor castle) and Buckingham castle are two prized possessions of the British crown. He came to slash all four tires of my car as my punishment, and this seemed meaningful where Simsons have an "ALIS" motto term while ALEXanders were first found in KinTYRE. Alexanders have long been traced to the Alexander name used by Maccabees, from Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king that formed a strong alliance with Jonathan Maccabee around 150 BC. Jonathan was the ancestor of Josephus according to his own words. Tigranes was the son of Alexander Maccabee, and Tigranes' grandparents were Alexander and Glaphyra. Tigranes named his son, Gaius Julius Alexander (in honor of Romans, very very bad).

In Daniel 8 and 11, the anti-Christ comes out of the Seleucid dynasty / bloodline / kingdom. I cannot remember the woman's name that passed VD to me, and so the Simsons can be suspect with playing the part of the Seleucid bloodline. I say that the anti-Christ system will be a Massey = Meshech entity, and Alis' happen to use a MUZZLEd bear, same as Mackays whom trace back with great certainty to a king Maccus viking. It's got Maccabees all over it. Plus, Cathy can be code for Catherine Roet, and Cathers/Catter happen to share fish with Roach's, in case they apply to Roets.

I can enlarge on the theory, new right here, that Cathy Simson was code for the Revelation harlot (not at all meaning that she personally has anything to do with it). Kims/Shimis' and their variations must have been Simsons / Simms, and frankly, SIMsons look like SCHIMsons, so to speak, from Schimatari of Boiotia possibly, or otherwise a line of Shechemites. Moses was married to a Kenite, and Jonathan of Laish (beside Daphne and Panias) was a descendant of Moses, and so we can expect that Kenites were amongst Jonathan's rebellious Levite band. Kenites has associations with Shechemites, and all of this can explain the Ken-like variations of Kemmis' and Kims.

Next, I trace Laish to Laus in southern Italy, which along with neighboring Saracena had the Enotri. After finding above that Lawrence's were also Lawers, and that Scottish Lawers (red rooster) was possibly with the Keep bend, it was noted that German Lawers are the only ones that come up as "Laus." With the tentative linking of Pike's to Lawers, I then moved to saying, "This recalls that Syphax was a prisoner at Rome, where RedMaine-related Rita's were first found that use "PIECES of wood" suspect at first with Peace's/Paise's and Pasi's, though PIEKE's were later found." Soon after finding that, the Bicks were reloaded to find a good reflection of the Lawer Coat. Bicks were first found in Berkshire, home of Windsor castle, explaining why Windsors and Bicks share the stag head.

Stag heads ("bucks") are used by Tristans, first found in the same place as Trists and Pendragons, and using a version of the Pendragon Coat. Mythical Tristan of Cornwall was a character of the Arthurian goons who created fables but didn't tell anyone that they were writing about surnames. Trists are in the "KEEP tryst" motto of Hebrons, and use a "TREPidum" motto term suspect with Trypillia (south of Kiev), the initial reason that Keeps were suspect with Kiev's namers. It's Pendragon-helmet-interesting that Trists are said to use an ermined SQUARE in the top left (though the Coat doesn't show it), for the Penestae were smack beside the Square-related Dexaroi.

We need to ask why the Penestae outfitted themselves with a dragon theme. The dragon-using Seatons/Sittens were first found in the same place (East LOTHIAN) as Shechemite-suspect Simms, a great clue that Cathy Simson traces to the Biblical-dragon line, which I've been identifying as the Ladon dragon of Greek myth for longer than a decade. And I've been identifying the Revelation dragon with the seven-headed Lotan dragon for that reason, and LOTHIAN sure looks like "Lotan." Lothians use the same hunting horn as the 666-possible Arms of Traby. We saw that Eschyna de Molle latched to Penestae liners, and Shake's are the ones with MOLEhills. East Lothian brings us to the Keith Catti, and while cat liners are becoming suspect with Khazars, we will soon see how Lothian traces to Khazar suspects in Lotheringia.

UTHER Pendragon was code for the Others/Otto's that tell of their Windsor relationship, and Others likewise use a version of the Lawer / Bick Coat. The first time that Lawer's were mentioned in this update, they were connected to the Pike stars, and these stars, including the piercing, are used by Simms that happen to have a PEN in Crest. (Carlisle's share the pen in Crest).

By clicking to the other English Tristans, you find the downward pheon of Nickels, and suspect with the pheons Maine's, the latter first found in the same place as the latter Tristans. There we have another piece of evidence that Lawrence's and Keeps were related, and the Walsh pheons can work into it. Nimo's/Nimoys, sharing the Other crescents, are apparently in the Lawer motto term, "animi." We have a huge hit here, and it recalls that Nikki Walsh was looking like code for the Revelation harlot too, when going to the basement with Kepke. Her first name was the reason for introducing Nickels and Nichole's into the discussion. The Nichole's were found with the trefoils of Barnstaple's, first found in Devon, right in the thick of Pendragon things, and Devon is even the location of Seaton at the end of the Axe river, probably explaining why Simms (same place as Seatons) use the axe. Decans and Deacons use the axe too, and they trace to the motto of Rickets, while Ricks (Somerset) were first found on/beside the Axe river.

So, why are Peace's/Paise's in Simson-crescent colors? I don't know, but the Nimo cinquefoils are with the Grass', first found in Buckinghamshire, same as Simsons. What I do know is that Sybaris founded Laus above, and that Sybaris' peoples are known to have been of Boura at the Ladon-river area of Greece, and then Burleys are likewise in the colors of the Simson crescents, and moreover Burleys were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Ladons/Ladds/Ladeys. There you have the Simson trace to the Revelation dragon, but as the harlot is suspect with Europa (she rode the back of the Zeus Taurus), and while I think her name was intended as EBRopa, as per Eberites = Hebrews, note "Boura." This recalls the "TUFTs of GRASS" of Bosco's, and that Tufts are Tuffs/Tafts too, suggesting the Taphians that were put in code as "Daphne." In short, Tuffs were from Daphne, beside Laish, and for some reason, this dragon line was linked to Grasse, ending up at Buckingham. I should repeat that Panias, also beside Laish, traces to the Peneus river beside the Ladon, and then probably to the Pendragons via the Penestae.

Ladons/Ladds use a Coat reflective in the Conn and Cony Coats, and Conys use a coney holding a pansy while Pansy's share the dove in the same colors as the Peace/Paise doves. Conys were first found in the same place as Prestons who in-turn share the cinquefoil of Grass' and Nimo's. The Arms of Grasse (southern France) uses lambs in the colors of the same of French Pascals. The same applies for Lamas'/Lammers, a possible branch of Lamberts, and first found in the same place as Prestons.

The above was inserted, from the Bicks on down, after writing the following paragraph:

I'd like to mention Mamie, my sixth girlfriend as a Christian. I do not recall the name of the fifth, but one day it may come back to mind, and there may be a story in her too. I danced with Mamie at her party while the fifth was entertaining friends, and after the innocent dance, I went to see the fifth, but she was out for a walk with the husband of the lady that was at her place. And this lady let me in to wait for them to return. When they returned, there was a streak of GRASS stain on the side of her butt (perhaps "hip" is a better term) of her white PANTS, the kind you can't get by just sitting, but only by sliding pants on the grass. I pointed and accused, which ended the relationship. She was a doll, and I might have married her had she not been a Jehovah's Witness. I do wonder what story God may have in her. The first time seeing her, walking by me on a sidewalk, I blurted, "I'm going to marry you." Strange conduct, was it not? I had never known her before. I asked her out later while riding my BIKE and seeing her again at a street CORNER. I'm jotting this down in case the items turn out to be surname-related.

The bike is why Bicks were looked up again, and also why Grass' were checked, to find them with the Nimoy cinquefoils and first found in the same place as harlot-line Simsons. The Nimoy motto is the one with the Bosco-related Boasts, and we just saw Bosco's with tufts of grass. I'll admit that the Ladds brought Conys to mind because Pansys show a PANTzer variation, and there is no Pant surname. Pansys and Peace's/Paise's are green-on-white, colors reversed from the grass stains on her white pants. But I can see no way for the Stains to apply to these other surnames that apply rather well. I had been thinking that Charles Russell could apply, who was the founder of Jehovah's Witnesses, for as I can't recall her name, so strange, perhaps there should be something else in code as per her JW religion. And when I looked at the Marry surname: the same lions as Russells. Plus, Russells can be expected with Varangian Rus at the naming of Lothian's Roslin. That's dead-center the Sinclair family.

I have more to say that will get into Lambert elements, starting with Spanish Lamas'. Note the wolf/dog in front of the tree, for Lothians use a dog with a tree, and moreover the tree is used by Alpins and related GREGors. Before I go on, I would like to say, without a word of a lie, that after I told her that I was going to marry her, I was in Jimmy's Greek restaurant. Funny how I remember his name but not her's. And I was staring at her when she stood outside at the bus stop on the corner, which is where I would ask her out for the first time, while riding my bike, on my birthday. I remember that. I think I saw her two times from inside the restaurant before that took place. And she said she would join me that night. It must have been a set-up and temporary gift of God, for the Greeks/Greers use a version of the Alpin / GREGor symbol. Note that Spanish Lamas' use three fesses in the colors of the Crispin barry, for French CRISpins (Lorraine) share the pomegranate with Grass-suspect GRAZio's. Hee hee. So, you see, God set me up to see her from a Greek restaurant to make this point(s).

Greeks/Greers use the motto, "MEMor ESTO," suggesting the Este roots I see in Lorraine. And "Mem" evokes Mamie. In fact, "Mam" and "Mem" both get the Mens', first found in Midlothian, location of Roslin! How did we get there so fast after theorizing the she represented Charles Russell? I may as well tell here what was discovered while writing below, that Lotters/Lots can be seen as a Lothian branch while "Lotter" smacks of "LOTHERingia = Lorraine. Therefore, this gal, this nameless "babe," as Mike Oulette called her, is bringing us exactly to where the discussion was going aside from considering her. And Babe's are expected from Babon, son of MUMmolin! Amazing. It looks like Mamie was another temporary gift. She became my girlfriend as per a phone call from Barry while I was living at the place of Paul Oulette, Michael's brother. Barry said they were all going camping, but I turned down the invitation because I was moving away from beer parties, yet Barry (the Crispin barry applies) said that Mamie was going, and I fell for it. Later, I will tell you what happened with Mamie at the camp ground. Barry was at Mamie's party when I was dancing with her; no one else did; there was no dance floor, but Mamie and I somehow started to dance in the living room. I was already taken, however, by the "babe," and was not pushing anything with Mamie.

Lothians ("CUSTodit") are in Simson colors, and are said to be of a Loudon location near Ayrshire, where Nons were first found that are in the Lothian motto too. Cunninghams use a SHAKEfork to indicate that they were likely Shechemite-loving Kenite's, and "CUNNingham" recalls the Conns and Conys that brought us the pansy for getting us to the PANTzer surname. I recall only a few things with this doll. Our first kiss was the best sensation I have ever experienced in a kiss. This may have been to point out that Custs, feasibly in the Cunningham motto, share the all-important Kiss/Cuss Coat who in-turn share the red rooster with Bibo's and Babcocks/Badcocks, the latter looking like it honors both Babon and Badon, the latter being Mummolin's grandson. It looks like the Babe / Babel bloodline, and while I trace queen Bebba to Pepin of Landen, the Mens'/Mams/Mems are beloved by the Pepin and Poppin mottoes.

Did I ask her out on a bike? The Bicks share the stag heads, in both colors, of Poppins. And Bicks (Preston-cinquefoil colors) use "prestina." I have seen the mother of mythical Melusine as "Pressina," but have seen other variations than may have used "Prestina." In any case, Babels use Melusine, a good indication that Pepins were linked to queen Bebba, who lived not far in time from Babon. Babons share two, red fesse bars with Prestons, and are said to be from Cunn-like Caen.

I also remember the evening as we were on a walk, when she sat down on the grass, but I didn't sit down with her. I recall sensing that she was losing interest in me. While that first kiss was great for me because I liked her much, her JW religion was keeping distance between us, at my own choosing, and she no-doubt sensed it. One day after we had broken up for a month or two, Joe Oulette asked me to join he and his wife to go see an old friend of ours, and when we got off the bus at the main bus station, I was the first one off, and there, the first person in line to get on the bus was Miss JW. If looks could kill. She was still upset at me for accusing her of making out with her friend's husband. But isn't that a symbol of the Revelation woman? I decided to walk on by and not stop to talk due to the way she expressed displeasure toward me.

The point is, I asked her out at a BUS stop, and last saw her at a bus stop, and I trace Bus' to the Neuri whom I think were in cahoots with the ROXolani, the possible proto-Roslin = Russell liners. Is this somehow to do with a JW role in the end-time anti-Christ system? Miss Babe was my fifth girlfriend, after ROXanne Bennet. Hmm, as per "RoxANNE," is it coincidental that Anne's use the Bick stag heads in both colors? One Bennet surname was first found in the same place as Lothians; the other Bennets use the same lions as Ross'.

HAHAHA, this is "impossible." You won't believe this. An hour or two after writing the paragraph above, I got round to trying for a Stop surname, a thing I don't recall entering before. The Stops are listed with Stubbs (BUCKles), who use white-on-black pheons (same as Nickels), same as one Tristan Coat. I tried hard to see a connection to Bus', but couldn't see one, until Tristans were loaded in the description website to find them with the BUCK. I rode my BIKE to a BUS stop to ask this blond babe out, and BICKS use more BUCKs. So, the Stops link to the bucks of Tristans, a branch of Trysts in the KEEP TYRST motto of Hepburns, and Trysts use a TREPidum motto tern, while TRYPillia below Keep-suspect Kiev is near the BUG river where I expect BUZ liners to BUCK-like BUS'. Moreover, the BUDini lived at or very-near Trypillia, and BUDE is a location in Cornwall, where Trysts and Tristans were first found. Herodotus said that the Gelloni amongst the blond Budini were GREEKs, which may or may not apply to Greeks and Gregors. This plays to Windsors in Buckingham, doesn't it? Yes, for the Other bend with crescents are in all colors of the Bick bend with Bicks.

I can now feel sure that STUMPs (beloved of Milans) are using a colors-reversed version of the Tristan Shield, which expects Stumps to be a branch of Stubbs/Stops and Stubbings. The Stumps (Buck colors) are using a version of the TOUQUE's/Took Coat, the latter loving Milan-like Miletus, which evokes the Tocharians in Russia's Khazar zone. Tokers were first found beside Cornwall. We meet the Tocharians again below. In myth, Teucer was made a father of Batia, and German Bus' were first found in Baden, the line from Mummolin's Badon, we may tentatively assume. Baden-Wurttemberg had the Zahringer / Veringer antler, and Bucks use antlers. Babe's/Babels, suspect from Badon's uncle, were first found in Wurttemberg. This would all be topped off if there was a Jimmy surname listed with Kimmys/Shimmie's (Keith kin), who use the Kim/Shimis cinquefoils, white like the Bus cinquefoil. The Kimmy Crest: "A buck's head erased proper." Believe it or not. Anne's: "Red with three gold buck's heads cabossed." They are in the colors of the Bick bucks.

Why did we see the three Oulette brothers above? Oulette's use a moorCOCK, and Babcocks/Batcocks share the red rooster with Cocks and Bibo's. "A black moorcock, with wings expanded [Pantzer liners?], combed [Cimmerians?] and wattled red." Combs (Devon, same as Goulette-suspect Walerans) use lions in red, and the colors-reversed lion of Wattle's/Wheatlys (Somerset) is likely the lion of Baths (same place as Wattle's). This recalls that Watts / Vatt and BATTins/Badons (same place as Baths) all use the eye. It looks like Oulette's bumped into Mummolin>Badon liners. Babon's son, Grimo, goes well to Grimaldi's, sharing the Cock Shield. The Shield-and-Chief colors of Wattle's/Wheatlys is that of Annas', first found in the same place (Nottingshire) as Bugs. Same-colored Bogens use the Bavarian lozengy suspect with the Grimaldi lozengy, and Bogens transferred their lozengy to Wattle-like Wittelsbachs suspect with Wissels (Somerset) that probably share the Bath / Wattle lion. The Wissel lozenges are in the colors of the Grimaldi lozengy, and Grimaldi's of Monaco are suspect with Monks (same place as Combs) that can again be using the Wattle lion. Wettins (same place as Masseys) share buckles with Stops. Stubbings share besants on a bend with Buckinghams and Nottings.

The Stubbing motto is "QuiesCAM," and the Kwisa river in Lusatia, is also called The Queis, and this has been traced to Gewisse of the Wessex Saxons. Other Saxons lived on the Cam river into Essex. "After the partition of the march in 965...the adjacent territory to the east [of the Kwisa] was gradually incorporated into the Silesian region of the Early Polish state under the Piast duke Mieszko I until 992. His successor Bolesslaw I Chrobry further extended the Polish reach of power to the west, campaigning the Milceni lands around BAUTzen (BUDissin)..." The latter is Lusatia. We will see Lusatia again. Budini and Geloni (Alans?) can be suspect with proto-Rus Roxolani, perhaps from king Rusa of Van. Makes nairy sense. Stubbings are said to be of ROSSENdale (Lancashire), and Rossens were first found in Silesia, making them Varangian / Veringer suspects. Have you ever seen so many bucks? Rossendale's, first found in Lancashire, and sharing the Petty / Fast / Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants: "...two roebucks counterchanged." Due to Mieszko presence at Silesia / Lusatia, we could conjecture that the lambs of Roe's are from Mieszko Lambert.

If Mamie represented Mummolin, does the Dance surname apply to him? Mummolin had for a mother a granddaughter of Rusticus of Lyon. His daughter, Artemia, is suspect with the ROSE-using Artems listed with Aitons, and the Rose's (Ross-shire) use water bougets for a trace to the Neuri. Ross' use the upright lion in colors reversed from the same of Russells. The Artem Coat is a version of the Decans / Deacon Coats both of which use the same lion as Russells. The Keppoch-suspect Dance's show lion heads in these colors, and we can expect Varangian Rus to be with the Kepke lines in Kiev.

But there is more that I have only discovered here with my notes. To set this up, recall the Grass-suspect Crispins, from TOUL of Lorraine. Tools and Tulls/Toole's use an appropriately-colored lion, and Tullia of Lyon is the new discovery here. She was very close in time to the Laevillus circle I stress, and Rusticus' daughter, ARTEMia, and her son, MUNDeric (father of Mummolin), apparently trace well to AMYNTes, father of ARTEMidoros. Rusticus was the great-grandson of another Artemia, daughter of anther Artemia, of Clermont-Ferrand, and Ferrands have been identified as Firenze = Florence liners, which works well here because Rusticus' daughter married Florentinius. Ferrands (mentioned earlier as Ferrends), first found in the same place as Dance's, use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Mens' and Poppins, and share white in the Chief with Poppins. As I said, Ferrands use a version of the Chief of Taddei's, first found in Florence.

Italian Ferrands (Florence) are very welcome here for using the same Coat as Fers/Ferrats and the Khazar Cohens! It's that Varangian-Khazar relationship from Melissena Rangabe (her husband was a Varangian), yet Rusticus alone predates her much, as does Bebba. Clermont-Ferrand was an Auvergne entity, related to Claviere's there, and Taddei's use the same cross as Bouillons (share the white Rangabe flory cross), first found in Auvergne. Yes, it's got Herods all over it, including Herods of Lyon. And Lyons / Lannoys share green and upright lions with Lorraine's.

Artemia of Clermont-Ferrand birthed a son (about 400 AD, coinciding with Childeric's family) who married TULLia of Lyon, daughter of Opgalli-possible Galli. And so we want to take a look at the Tull/Tolley Coat again to see if we can make the link to Tullia. But first, the French Tull/Tullia surname (butterflies), first found in Dauphine, location of Lyon. Butters use hearts as possible code for Herods. English Tulls/Toole's: the Italian-Ferrand checks! Bingo. As these checks are owned by Stewarts too, the wavy, white fesse of French Ferrands (compare with Tristans that are part of "Keep Tryst") can be the Dol fesse. For those who don't know, the Vairs/Fers' use the Hohen checks.

The only problem I have with the above is where Mens', said to be of Manners, come up as Mams and Mems. It's hard to see how Mummolin can apply to that surname. Yet, Mens' are loved by Pepins = Merovingian elite, and Mummolin (a possible Pepin) was Mayor of the Palace. Pepins share the same fleur as Flys/Flyths that could be expected in-code with the Tullia butterflies. Flys/Flythe's (pellets) were first found in the same place as Drake's, and the latter's "muscas" motto term, though code for Mosca's, is interpreted as "fly," which only-now makes sense. Rusts/Roosts share the red wyvern with Drakes, bringing us back to the land of English Josephs ("charo" motto term goes to MonteChiaro, married by Mosca's). French Josephs use martlets in colors reversed from the ones inside the pellets of Flys. This latter surname is new to me.

Yes, the buck stops with God, but it's not like Him to make a mistake. There is no Mamie surname, but here is a good explanation: "Mamie" or it's rare MAIME variation, was named intended to show that Mummolin liners were in MAINE as the Mens' / Manners. I gave her a BIBLE when she went away on a trip, and when she returned, she said she left it under a BED. The Ladon dragon can be suspect at Luton, in BEDford, and Bedfords can be from Badon of Mummolin. It wasn't until after writing the last sentence when Bedfords were loaded to find an "AniMUM" motto term! Lucky strike? No, God told this to us, and it means that Bibo's/Bible's were Mummolin / Babon liners. This is hysterical.

Mummolin ruled at Chalons-sur-Marne (not very near to Maine, however), the Arms of which uses the same Coat as Scottish Croziers. By what coincidence were French Croziers first found in Auvergne, the know ancestry of Mummolin? The latter Coat shares a giant besant with Lane's/Lano's, and we will shortly bump into these Auvergne liners where i suggest they included McLeans/McLane's.

You might recall the Flythe variation of Flys when you get to the discussion of Flaad and Vlads, the latter suspect with the Joseph motto, yet also from Vladimir of Kiev. The Fly chevron is black, as with the Flett/Flait chevron.

Drake's become highly suspect (below) with Khazars through Masovia. This can explain why the Drake motto includes "fly-CATCHER," for Katch's/Katz's (cat) are shown below as figuring into the Khazar fold. Catchers/Cachers (tiger) are in Catch/Katz colors, and share scallops in the colors of the same of Spanish Lamas'...and Pattersons/Cassane's, which makes me see the Fens'/Fanns and the Arms of Fanano. They are white scallops, the color of the scallops used by Flecks/Flags and Fleets (in both colors of the Russell scallops). Fly's are said to be from a Flag-like term. Fletts (Sinclair colors) were first found in the Orkneys, where Henry Sinclair, from Russell-suspect Roslin, ruled. Josephs were related to Henrys from Templar times. Sinclairs were Claro's in Normandy, and Charo's/Chiaro's are also Claro's.

Reminder: Rus-possible "English Reesors use the vair patee of Ferrends." Note that Welsh Reesors/Rice's/Rhys' (ravens = raven vikings) use the William talbot, with Williams (Breconshire, same as Clermonts'/Clements!!!) potentially from William the Conqueror = Sinclair.

Rus-possible "English Reesors use the vair patee of Ferrends." I lived at a Reesor street when God struck our chimney with lightning. "You need to put an 's' on "Clermont" to get the Clement Coat.).

The last girlfriend I had at D'Maine was Diane MUSCHATov, Ukrainian. The Ukrainian Mr. Kepke visited me at D'Maine only once, while I was near the end of my relationship with Kelly, and moving quickly to Diane. MusCATs (play on Catter liners?) can be using the Colchester / Quint chevron. The Musts/Muscats share the Wheelwright-antelope design, and possibly a version of the Coat of Cravens, possibly from Crevenia at the Cavii theater. Meschins married Skiptons of Craven an area in Yorkshire, and the Cravens seem clearly to be using a Coat version of the Yorkshire Keppochs. We read that Kippax was held by Ilbert de Lacy, and Lacys share the purple lion with Skiptons. The latter are suspect with the Ships/Shiptons that linked excellently to "Starship Enterprise."

Kepke had a black Labrador dog named, Blackie, and for this reason I read, just now, in the Keppoch write-up, that Ilbert de Lacy held Blackburnshire (Lancashire). Checking Blackburns (Lancashire), they use a version of the Thompson fesse. Kim Thomson/Thompson stayed the night either between my being with Sharon and Kelly, or between Kelly and Muschatov (I never two-timed, I hope you're happy to hear). To help prove that God named that dog (I would much-later own a black lab named by my sons, Katie), and the Kepke refers to Keppochs, BlackBURNs share the white horse head with Keep-loving HepBURNs. There are now reasons to link Kepke liners to Kims and Thompsons together, and by investigating Blackburns, a link to Dillingen was found.

I recognized that the nebuly Blackburn / Thompson fesse was used the "wavy" fesses used by English-Welsh Clements, first found in BreckNOCK, and said to have attacked Brecon, where Welsh Thomas' were first found. This investigation of Thomas' began right here, but I did not yet know, when mentioning Blackie, that English Thomas' use a black Lab (talbot) in Crest!!! You probably think I made "Blackie" up, but no, he/she was mentioned in an earlier update. These English Thomas' share the Coat of Elis' (same place as Keppochs) while Simsons use an "Alis" motto term. Both Miss Thomson and CATHY Simson (I owned KATIE, a black lab) were blonde, as is the "naked woman" in the Elis Crest. I once had found a naked-like surname, but can't get it again here. Nocks, in Elis colors, were first found in the same place as Simsons. Alis/Alice was a name used for at least one daughter of the Meschin-Skiptons of Yorkshire, Alice de Meschin.

One of the two English Thomas' used more nebuly, shared also by English Leavells, and it just so happens that those Leavells use sin fesse bars in colors reversed from the six of Italian Tomasso's/ToMASSI's/TOMASINI's (same place as Capone's/Capua's). Now we know why God set me up with Miss Thomson. It always boils down to Laevillus. Welsh Tomasso's/Thomasons were first found in the same place as Masseys. I cannot remember anything about Kim Thomson at my place, not one thing, except her waking up naked and lying face down on my back, expressing pleasure. I don't remember taking her out of the apartment, or going anywhere. I do recall breakfast, But I do recall driving by her on another day not long afterward, driving slowly at a red light, and greeting her as I passed while she was at a phone booth. Phone's were first found in Wales.

One of the two Welsh Thomas' use the same cinquefoils as Kims, in the colors of the stars of the Thomson (no 'p') Chief, and French Clements use a giant star in the same colors (did God name Kim Thomson?). We therefore have the Thompson (with a 'p') link to Clements clinched. We can also see that Welsh Thomas' were both Thomsons and Thompsons, and while Kepke was engaged to Kim Walsh, Walsh's love the Trents who use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of the Welsh Thomas' above, meaning that these Thomas' use a vertically-split Shield in the same colors as the same of Wallis Canton. Thompson liners are thus expected to have bumped into the Varro-Murena and/or Cilnius-Maecenas line, and this is where Kelly comes in, for I had once felt sure (yet hard to clinch) that Kellys were a Cilnius line. Keele's can be using the Chives quadrants. I either went from Kelly to Kim Thomson, or from Kim to Kelly, and Kepke visited on a spur, dropping in without notice while Kelly was over at my place. Amazing.

I almost missed it. The Thomas griffins are not called Enfields, but the green Kelly and green Keaveney griffins, though of different designs, are both called Enfields. The Hiedlers/Hitlers use the same design showing for Keaveneys...and Thomas'!!!! Can you believe it? I went back-to-back with Kelly (can't recall her surname so may not be meaningful) and Miss Thomson, and both use the Enfield griffin. Keaveneys (Galway, same as Julian-suspect Teague's) use the Kelly Coat exactly.

I'm still in the process of showing how Dillingen applies to Thomson-Clements, but here I inadvertently find that the other Keaveneys/Kevens use a version of the Dillen Coat! Dillens use the motto ("Dum Spiro SPERO") of Massins/Masons as well as sharing the Speer/Spire (Roet boar heads) and Spree crescents, meaning that Kiev-like KEAVeneys are from the Spree river of Lusatia, where there is a Spree-Neisse area having (in its Arms) the red antler of Veringens, yet it's also that of Casimirs while Casimir's great-grandmother was of Dillingen! Bingo. That clinches a whack of things, and it's all found while dealing with Kiev-suspect Kepke's / Keppochs. Casimir married a woman of Kiev. Thoms use "erect spears" and share "Cornish choughs" with the other Welsh Thomas'.

Casimir's grandmother (or Mieszko-Lambert's mother) mother was Emnilda of Lusatia, perfect. And i have insisted for years that the mother of mythical Melusine was from Lusatia, meaning that Khazar blood is expected in Lusatia. For the moment, this Khazar blood can be expected in Richeza, but Emnilda is also suspect. Reminder: the eagle of Casimir-like Caseys is colors reversed from the Piast eagle. And the Casey Coat as a whole looks like a colors-reversed version of the Child Coat. Scottish Caseys (same place as Khazar-liner Biggars) use a bend in colors reversed from the same of Irish Cohens, and the latter use the Lord pheons, the Lords (fesse colors reversed from same of Cohens/Kagans) being in the motto of Glasgows while Glasgow is beside Lanarkshire, where Biggars and Caseys were first found. Plus, while king Joseph of the Khazars said that Khazars were TOGERmites, Irish Cohens share the sea horse with TOKERS! Why did it take me so long to see this? I've known the sea horses of both Crests for years. Togarmites are suspect with TOCHARians in the very area of Russia that Khazars ruled.

Biggars even use the same bend as Irish Cohens (and throw in the Glass = Wallis-canton = Sion stars). As the Biggars share the Dallas/Dullus Coat (Moray), note that Jewish Cohens/Kagans (Moray stars) share the Dol fesse. Whose pelican do Biggars use? That of Godfreys? That's a good choice because Godfrey de Bouillon was of the Priory of Sion, no hoax at all. But the Pellican bloodline of Pullys/Pullens is suspect too because Biggars (near Pollok) use a bend in colors reversed from that of Pullys.

The same bend as Caseys, but in the sinister direction, is used by Dobers, and Emnilda's father was DOBROmir of Lusatia. In colors reversed, it's the Wessel/Westell bend, which I once ventured to trace to the Vistula river. Here I find (in Emnilda's article) that Dobromir ruled the Vistulans, and that Wessels/Westalls share the gold garb with Caseys, and that German Wessels use an antler in colors reversed from the Casimir antler!!! If this means I've got to admit error in my trace of Wessels to Vestalis, son of Cottius, so be it, but not yet, because there may be some truth in the Cotesii living at the Vistula. I expect a Casimir trace to Wissels/Whistle's/Wizels and related Payne's and Tints. Note that Pollock-suspect Dobermans were first found in VARNi-studded Pomerania, the area of the first-known Dols now suspect with the Cohens/Kagans. It's exactly what I expected, that VARANgian Rus of Kiev should be responsible for Khazar blood in the West.

As Dobers share the gold griffin head of Comps/Camps, it's a good idea to repeat the following concerning Kiev-suspect Kepke kin:

The Comps/Camps suspect in the Lawer motto were not only first found in the same place as Keppochs, but they use a reflection of the Spice Coat, and Kepke is supposed to be a Syphax line. As Spocks/Spicks can be suspect in some way with Nimo's/Nimoys, by what coincidence do Lawers, in Nimo/Nimoy colors, use "animi"? The Nimo Coat looks like a colors-reversed version of the Pike / Reed Coat. The Comp/Camp Crest has a trefoil, symbol of the Devon Pike's who are in-turn suspect with the Trent / Wallis-Canton Shield. Spice's (probably in the Walsh motto) were likewise first found in Devon. This recalls that Syphax was a prisoner at Rome, where RedMaine-related Rita's were first found that use "PIECES of wood" suspect at first with Peace's/Paise's and Pasi's, though PIEKE's were later found.

There is a lot of meat in that one paragraph, but let's add that trefoils are shared by English Dobers (Yorkshire, same as Comps/Camps / Keppochs) in Lawer colors.

The Sensii living to the south of Cotesii are suspect in naming Sion, and the "sed" motto term of Walsh's, shared by Dobys, suggests the Sitten version of that city. I trace Walsh's to Wallachia, the area of the Cotesii / Sensii. That works well. It suggests a Wallachia connection to Wallis canton. Let's not forget that Walsh's share the pheons of Maine's for Khazars are suspect in Maine.

That "magno" motto term we just saw can be linked very well to the line of Plancia Magna that I trace to Perkunas of Lithuania. On the map below, see the Bug river, nearly tributary of the Vistula, recalling that Neuri on the Bug are suspect with the Buzau river, home of the Cotesii. The Bug is a tributary of the Neuri-like Narew river. Then see the Plock location near the junction of the Narew with the Vistula, and finally see the Plunkets in the write-up of the Plock surname! This is new to me and great. The "magno" term is used by Dobys, same place as Plock-like Pollocks. Therefore, the Pollok location of Renfrew was from Plock, or vice-versa, depending on which was first. Note the Brest location along the Bug, for it recalls Brittany's Brest, in Launay, and Launays (Alans?) use lozenges in colors reversed from the same of Vilnius-related Sire's (and Penningtons). Plock is near Traby (in Lodz, shown). The Sire tower starts to look like the Pellican tower, and Pellicans were first found in the same place (Maine) as...Josephs!!! The Plocks even share the martlets of those Josephs and pelican-using Pullys/Pullens (same bend as Caseys)!! We have it nailed. The Vistula has a source at the Carpathians, and therefore near the Mures river.

I woke up with my arm around Chris Peare's WAIST (as per Waistells) while I slept with her and Louise Phillips at the same time, which reminds that Louise was code for mythical GorLOIS, very linkable to Wissels. Louise worked for Pennington while PENdragon mated with Gorlois' wife. I had tentatively traced "Gorlois" to Gorlitz, near the Spree and on the Neisse (Nysa), but didn't know at the time that Gore's were involved. Therefore, Louise's name can trace to the Vistula with Chris' waist. The "VINCit" motto term of Penningtons evolves the Vince's that share the Wizel (and Godfrey?) griffins, and that can indeed suggest Louise links to Wisels/Wizels. The four Pennington lozenges are in the colors of the three of Sire's/Sirets, and the latter use Melusine's mirror. Sire's are a branch of Squire's while the Pendragon helmet is likely connectable to squire's helmets.

The Dobys ("sed magno"), first found in the same place as Pollocks, once showed the same helmet design that's used for the squire and esquire helmets of three surnames, Armours "Cassis"), Twitch's and Poindexters. The dexter arm is the right arm, and I had my dexter arm around her waist, and Armours use arms. The waist was found in the Pascal Crest, and the Pascal lambs were expected with Lambert. The Vests were linked to Pascals (Bath cross, probably) without doubt, as well as to Baddo's of Baden. Recall my trace of Lords/Lauds to Ladys/Laudymans (NorthAmpton) and Amptons, for Pennys/Penes' were first found in Northampton, and the Lady annulets are shared by "magna"-using Walkers whom I trace to "Wallachia," which covered the Buzau river of the Waistel-suspect Cotesii.

The above clinches the Speer and Spree surnames with Lusatia, and clinches the Massin motto with Speers, and it's the Speer spears that are in the Coat of Pasi's/Pascels that are in-play with Sharon Pascal, by first official girlfriend at D'Maine. In other words, God must have set both she and me up on D'Maine as per wanting to show that Joseph of the Khazars (there could have been multiple king Josephs) relate to the spears of Pascels. Pascals/Pass' (Piast eagle in colors reversed) use a lamb that may actually be code for Mieszko Lambert. The Pascal/Pass eagle can be that of Terents, and the look of the Pascal Coat can link it to the Decans Coat i.e. a surname in motto of Richeza-suspect Rickets. The Decans in the Ricket Motto use a colors-reversed version of the Bath Coat, and we saw why Pascals and their Baddow location are of the Baths (same place as Wisels/Whistle's, so amazing suddenly). Rickets share the rare black ermines on gold with Spice's, which in colors reversed is called, pean, code for the Pean variation of Payens, I assume. Pean is used by antler-line Hamons, Moke's (Somerset, same as Baths and Badons), and Babons.

As Richeza was mother to Casimir with Mieszko Lambert as the father, it's also notable that the Pascal eagles are in the colors of the Casey eagles, Moreover, we saw a black version of the Casey eagle heads with Yelands in the write-up of Lawrence's/Laurence's (same cross, essentially, as Pascals), the latter suspect with Lorraine = Lotheringia, home of Richeza. But the Lawrence write-up has Yealand-RedMAYNE, and Lawrence Kepke visited me at D'Maine only once, while Cilnius-suspect Kelly was over. One needs to entertain some towers as code for the Mouse Tower from which the Piasts descend, and Kellys use the tower.

Spree's, though first found in Cornwall (same as spear-using Thoms), use a "simple" motto term while Simple's were first found in the same place (Renfrewshire) as Speers, Paisley, and Pollok. The big story is that we have found the Kiev line of Casimir at the Spree's of the Spree river. This was the region also of a Kwisa river that I trace to the Gewisse entity of the Wessex Saxons. Recall the white wyvern, the Wessex-Saxon symbol, of the Richess/Rich surname. This tends to nail that surname with Richeza, Casimir's mother, and make's Ricks (Craven Coat in colors reversed) and Rickets/RECKETs (the latter possibly in the ERECT spears of Thoms) possible Richeza liners. Reckets share roses with Reichers and Maso's. Cravens were first found in the same place as Richmonds, and the Craven motto loves Actons, said to have an Axton location in Kent. Rickets were first found in Kent, as were Dum-spiro-spero Massins/Masons. It appears that both Rickets, Richmonds and Ricks all connect together, and to Richeza too. Nothing else matters in heraldry but the powers that were, all interconnected by blood.

Dillens share the crescents of Cheke's/Cheeks, suspect with the checks used by Hohens and Cohens, suggesting the possibility that Dillingen was a Khazar entity. These crescents are those of Spree's and Speers too. I had wanted to say that German Dillens, who come up as Dillingens, share four, black fesses with German Clements, though Dillingens use them with a gold background...feasibly related to the triple Levi chevrons. I don't know what entity to equate Clements / Clems, though Clements come up as "Clermonts," and they share the French-Clere Chief. This recalls Artemia of Clermont-Ferrand, mother of the husband married to Tullia of Lyon. (This Artemia was the wife of another Rusticus, first name, Decimus.)

Chances are, Clements were merged with Strongbow Clare. English Clare's were first found in the same place as Deacons, a branch of Decans' whom are in the motto of Rickets. Here's Thomond in County Clare (named by Strongbow) with what could be the Mieske arm-and-sword. In the same way that McLeods formed a Cloud surname from the 'c' in "Mc," Clements may have been MacLams/McLems initially i.e. Lambert liners. MacLams/MacLeans look like they use the Casey eagle head. Or, these are all coincidences, and "Clement" is just a corruption of "Clermont." Note that the double Clermonts/Clement fesses are those of FLAGS/Flecks too, suspect with the "flagi" of Flys and the flag of Fothes'/Fette's.

Repeat: "Mummolin ruled at Chalons-sur-Marne, the Arms of which uses the same Coat as Scottish Croziers. By what coincidence were French Croziers first found in Auvergne, the know ancestry of Mummolin? The latter Coat shares a giant besant with Lane's/Lano's, and we will shortly bump into these Auvergne liners where i suggest they included McLeans/McLane's." I trace Lane's to Launay. French Lamberts share essentially the same star as French Clements, and English Clements share besants with Lane's. One can then look at Limbs due to the Climb variation of Clements, noting the Limbs (scepter) essentially use the Casey Coat in colors reversed. In colors reversed, the Limb Coat is a reflection of the Lemen Coat while Lemens could be the makings of "Clemen." Compare Caseys with English Lamberts.

While Rickets use SCIMitars. Schims/Chands come up as Schiens, first found in the same place as Skene's/Skins (wolf heads). Then, Richmond of Yorkshire is said to have been called, Sheen. I can start to make the Skene-wolf link to Quade's and Scarfs (same place as Richmond) because Rickets use a "Quid" motto term that gets the Quade's. And the Vlads/Flattens are in Scarf colors while smacking of Flaad, the father of the Dol Alans whom I connect to Traby. It's the Trabys/Sadowski's that use a Q-like scarf, and the scarf is on the ermine in the Arms of St. Malo, a location beside Dol. I'm seeing Vladimir "the great" to the Vlads/Flattens and the Dol Alans.

A woman of Dol married a D'Avranches (Robert, if I recall correctly), and Hugh D'Avranches used the same wolf head as Scarfs. Compare AVRANCHes" to "VERINGer," for the line of Vladimir > Casimir went to Veringers. Wikipedia's article on Hugh D'Avranches removed the Flaad-like term that was one of his names, and the article defined the term as "wolf," which was obviously incorrect. Why did Wikipedia remove this term (roughly "Flaide") after I connected it to the Flaad of Dol? FLEETwoods use the white wolf in Crest, and Fleets use a version of the Fleck Coat. The "Quod" variation of Fleetwoods suggests the Quoid variation of Quade's. The Fleetwood Shield is split nebuly like one English-Thomas Coat.

Can we believe it? The Fleetwoods use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Tarves' and the Arms of the counts and dukes Guelders. Read on to find what looks like an origin of the Gelder entity from a Kiev to Dol line. Fleetwoods can be gleaned with the Mountain martlets, and therefore connectable to the mountain cats of Chives' of Tarves, but see also Apple's and Applebys Bute colors), the latter using the martlets in the form of the six Tarves fitchees. APPLE's looks AVALonish, and Alans from Aulon/AVLONA are expected in Avalon = Bute.

The article below says that Robert D'Avranches married a daughter of GODwin Dole. It's interesting where GOTHs/Gothels use the Vlad/Flatten Zionist star. There is a Godwin surname that happens to share the Alan fesse, and while both Gore's use version of both Alan Coats, Gore's use the white wolf in Crest too, making Gore's connectable to Hugh D'Avranches (new to me). Godwins were first found in Yorkshire, same as the Richmond location known to be ruled by Alans of Brittany. While it can be gleaned that Godwins use a version of the Craven Coat, it's also a version of the Much/Must/Muschat Coat. The Much variation reminds that Mochs trace to Mokissos, where there was the cult of Muksus = Mopsus, who was heavy at Clarus.

While there are indications that the Khazar line to the West was smack to Alans of Brittany, I can now show a new and excellent thing, thanks to the gold griffin in the Godwin Crest. It's connectable to the white Cather/Catter griffin because Dobers versus Dobermans use the gold versus white griffin in Crest, and the Haldens use it in gold, which is how I know that Dobers are from Dobrawa, for she was one wife of Mieszko I, while his other wife was Oda of HALDENsleben...suspect with the Sleeps/Slepe's, first found in the same place (Salop) as Dol Alans. In fact, the Sleeps/Slepe's use two fesses in colors reversed from the same as Musts/Muscats, the latter's red lions once showed in the design of the lions used for the Salop Rothes'. I have no idea why merely the lion design was changed, but it was after I made the connection.

The day after writing here, I got around to checking Kate's/Katz's (Jewish name) as per my Katie-named dog, and zowie, they not only share the Vlad star, but show KATTERbachs! I know what this means, trust me: the Kepke family were Khazars amongst the Varangians. The Kims use a reflection of the KatterBACH stars, and Kim laid on my BACK. The Bachs/Baghs have always been linked to Kim-like Kemmis'. Can you believe it? The Coat of Kate's/Katterbachs (Mecklenburg, Varni theater) probably uses the Cohen/Kagan stars. The latter share the fesse of Dols, first found in Mecklenburg! Nailed it. The Stewarts use the checks of German Cohens, don't they? The Katzeler variation smacks of Kizlyar, the Khazar capital on the Terek river.

Katz's/Katch's (Kate/Katterbach colors) makes this go to the same-colored Chattans/Cato's, Chatans and Botters, I feel sure, and as Botters were first found in Lucca while Lucca's use another cat, it stands to reason that these cats, code for Khazars, apparently, allow cat-using and Caiaphas-suspect Chives' to apply. It's hard on my brain, because I've never envisioned Cavii liners coming to the Chives' via Khazaria.

So, as Godwins are using a good reflection of the Must/Muschat Coat while using the Alan fesse instead, they must be from Godwin Dole, an Alan from Flaad, and because Vladimir's daughter as a Dober-like name too, I think we can trace something of Godwin to Casimir's marriage to Vladimir's daughter, and that something is suspect as Hugh D'Avranches, a Veringer, explaining why Hamons (of Hamon-de-Massey, in Hugh's domain) use the antler too. In fact, I read that Robert D'Avranches, the one who married Dol, was from Ferte-Mace. Robert was viscount of Devonshire, where English Stewarts were first found. He was also lord of Oakhampton (Gore-like Coat). Robert was related by adoption to Redvere's/revere's that happen to use the Massin/Mason lion, probably having something to do with his being a sheriff of Kent.

Another article calls Godwin by "Gelduin," and then Gelders use a giant fleur in the colors of the giant Zionist star of Vlads/Flattens. And we saw FLEETwoods linkable to the Arms of Guelder. Recall the Catchers/CACHers, for Cake's/CACAbreds share a giant and white fleur-de-lys with Dutch Gelders. The Fleetwood wolf is that of Gore's/Gowers, except that the Fleetwood wolf has its head turned sinister, suggesting linkage to Mieszko liners. The Gore's/Gowers use a "flectes" motto term for Flecks/Flags, a branch of Fleets, we can assume.

Here one may be able to spot that "Geld" and "Vlad" are similar terms. Should we now be thinking to trace Opgalli to Vladimir of Kiev? Keep in mind that the Gothel variation of Goths should be for Gothelo, great-grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon. A trace to both Gothelo and Gelderland / Guelders is very possible. It could reveal that Gothelo was a Vladimir-of-Kiev line though Casimir. Godfreys use the griffin. See "Robert D'Avranches" in article below to see that he was also d'ABRINC. Then note the acorns of Dutch Brinks. Then see both the acorn and the Gelder fleur with ACORN-like Corners/Garners (another griffin head in Crest, and a sinister sword). Corners/Garners were first found in the same place (Rutland) as Decans' in the Ricket motto. German Brinks may be using the oak theme as per Oakhampton. Spocks of Devon are said to have been of Oakhampton elements.

The 1130 Pipe Roll records "Robt de Abrinc" in Devonshire accounting to the king for his malevolence for his marriage to "filia Geldewini de Dol". m[arried] firstly HAWISE de Dol, daughter of GELDUIN de Dol & his wife Noga de Tinteniac.

Compare "noga" with DobroNIEGA, daughter of Vladimir. The Tintens (royal tents) were first found in CORNwall, location of TINTagel, home of Gore-liner Gorlois. Cornwall is where Spree's were first found highly suspect with Casimir's grandmother. The Tinton chevron is in colors reversed from the same of Pendragons (Cornwall), and so we have just found the ATINTANes in Miss Tinteniac, who lived south of the Apsus river and at Aulon/AVLONa, explaining why an Alan of Dol married her, and why king Arthur, born of Pendragon at Tintagel, was made to die on Avalon.

Recall that, when on the USCana capital of the Penestae, and wondering whether ESQUire helmet was fashioned in that way to honor an Uscana / Oscan line to the Esk river of Scotland, ESCHYNa de Molle came to mind, and with that I found the "pense" motto term of ESKINS/Erskins (same place as Speers). Well, it's known that she married an Alan of Dol to the line of royal Stewarts. Besides, Pendragons use an open helmet in Crest, shared by Mynetts, first found in the same place (Kent) as Royals suspect in "royal tent." I had read that Pendragon had some Kent elements, and Mynetts should be what the myth goons intended. The Pense surname (Devon) happens to use both the Este eagle and the Piast eagle, perfect for where I think Richeza's father was an Este liner. As Pense's are said to have been lead by Hugh of Mont PINCon, it appears that Penestae named Pincum, the Pincs/Pinch's, and the Panico's. This recalls that the esquire-helmet Twitch's/Twiggs can be using the bends of Pings/Pongs/Pungs/Paganells. I understand this perfectly as the Pendragon line to Arthurs, first found at the Twitch-related Tweed river.

There are three Esk rivers in Scotland, one in Angus, near the Erskin-related Mars that I connect with Tarves. This recalls that the split Tarves Shield is used by Arms of the counts and dukes Guelders, and we just saw Godwin as Gelduin. The giant Vlad star is in the colors of the giant Este eagle, expected where Casimir married Vladimir's daughter while Casimir was the grandson of Ezzo, the one suspect with the founders of Este. Hugh Lupus D'Avranches (wolf head in Este-eagle colors), whose descendant married the daughter of this same Gelduin, was probably of the Welf branch of Este because Welfs/Wolfs were first found in his Cheshire. It's the perfect picture for tracing to the Pense Coat, which adds gyronny, a symbol I always connect to Ranulph de Gernon, the son of Hugh Lupus' nephew. De Gernon followed (not immediately) Hugh Lupus as earl of Chester. The Pense Coat adds a white chevron, half on blue, the colors of the Dol chevron. Perfect, we are on it. We are uncovering the king-Arthur cult's bedrock.

So, here is what I propose. The rat-trap line starts with QuadRATUS, named after Sub RADICE at the source of the Hebros river in Thrace. Sub Radice was near Tyle (both on light map below), which named his daughter, QuadraTILLa. Tyle is near Cabyle (compare Cable's to Radice's noting the Khazar-suspect checks), both along the Tonzus river to the Tonso variation of the Tous'/Tosini's (Florence). "Cabyle" goes to the Capelli's of Este, and the Capelli cap is used by Bidens/Buttons, perfect because the Tonso/Tous surname is said to use "shirt and BUTTONs." Bidens/Buttons provided JOSEPH Biden, vice president, feasibly as a plan of God for this revelation, for Bidens/Buttons were first found in the same place as Josephs and Drake's. It is a fact that the red-on-white wyvern dragon (Varangian suspect), shared by Drake's, was used by the dukes of Poland's Masovia, and Casimir was birthed by those dukes. Drake's can be expected with the Dragons/Drainers (share the Mynett / Pendragon helmet) from the Black Drin river of the Penestae, though there was a White Drin (tributary of the Black drin) with a Decani area that I trace to Deacons (same place as Clare's, Claro-important) and Decans' (version of the Bath Coat for a related reason) in the Ricket Coat. Perfect, and Ricks were first found in the same place as Baths (Tint lion, likely) while Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed while Crevenia (on this dark map) is near the Black Drin where it meets the White Drin. You can't argue with this.

Having said that, let's add that Josephs (same place as Drake's) use a Vlad-like "wlad" motto term, no coincidence at all! It means that Josephs trace to a Khazar ruler, Joseph. It tends to reveal that Vladimir himself, or his ancestor, was married to a Khazar, no surprise at all. Mieszko- / Masovia-line Haldens were first found in the same area as Sinclairs (they were originally Claro's), and probably use a version of the Sinclair cross, indicating a Mieszko-line merger with Claro liners. The same Josephs use a "charo" motto term, hee-hee, and there is a Claro/Charo surname, first found in Este-beloved Ferrara, and thus linkable to Capelli's, for Josephs were first found in the same place as Capelli-like Caplans, and moreover the double chevrons of Josephs are used by Chaplins! There's more, for as this is the rat-trap line (from Tyle / Sub-Radice / Cabyle) line to Josephs, so we find that the five, white ostrich feathers in the Arms of Traby are shared by Irish Clare's. While I haven't clinched the theory, Claro vikings were suspect with Varangians, and so let's repeat that Casimir links to Veringers.

The Khazars lived at the Atil/Itil river smacking both of Attila and Quadratilla, but let's not forget that this line is expected to DILLingen, the ancestry of Casimir that included Lawrence-suspect Lorraine. Attila's brother, Bleda, is expected as Bled, on the upper Sava river north of Richeza-suspect Rijeka/Rika/Reka, at the north end of Este-like Istria. I traced Maxwells to the eagle in the Arms of Rijeka, and here I find that eagle with Lotters while seeking LOTHERingia-related surnames. The great think about this is that Lotters/Lots share the brown talbot with Lothians so that we have a great piece of news: Lothian was named after Lothar, the Carolingian named of Lotheringia, or vice versa.

I Remembered her Name

Good morning. While going to sleep last night, I rolled a dozen nor more female names off my tongue because I figured that if I would sound them out, I would remember what her name was. I got to "Lori.., and said,"Lorraine, her name was Lorraine," and I laughed. I then knew it was Lorraine, it all came flooding back. God must have given me a mental lapse on this. Her name was dead-center on the topic of this update. I was dancing with Mummolin, so to speak, on the night I went to Lorraine's place only to find her grass stain. Mummolin at Chalons was on the western edge of Lorraine, and the green Lorraine lions are those also of Lyons so that we can glean a Mummolin-line link to Lorraine. I was laughing more when i recalled what beautiful feet Lorraine had, and what beautiful hips Mamie had. But let's back up to the night when I when camping with the gang, when Barry lured me by saying, "Mamie's coming." She ended up letting me sleep in her tent that night, along with one or two others, but she was cold toward me, so strange. She wouldn't let me touch her the way that I wanted to, and that may be due to the fact that we didn't know each other, for all we had done together before this night was to dance at her living room.

Stop. We slept in a tent, and royal tents are used by the Tintens, the latter from the wife of Gelduin / Godwin of Dol. The Tints use a COUCHant lion, and Tulls/Tullia's use a rare (to me) single, red pale bar. Tulls could be from the Dulo house of Attila, and then to Dol. Perfect. For I expect QuadraTILLA with the Atil river of the Khazars. The Ble's/Bleds, possibly from Bleda, Attila's brother, use the triple Clare chevrons in colors reversed, and while the Ble's/Bled use a "tous" motto term for BUTTON-using Tous'/TONSO's, they are from the Tonzus river, location of TYLE!! Excellent. And Clare's of this discussion have got to be from Tullia's Clermont-Ferrand!! Zikers, this is a power-packed paragraph.

I wasn't able to think of any surname using a red pale bar, aside from BUTTERfly-using Tulls/Tullia's, but then found two with Couch's. I do recall lying on a couch with Mamie one afternoon, but that could be expected. Yet, I do recall it, and if God uses any event for this revelation, it would be useless if I could not recall it. So, whatever He intended to use, that's what I will recall. Had it not been 40 years ago, I might have remembered too many things, much of which was never Intended as code. God has been playing charades, showing me the clues, and it's my job to guess what he's talking about. Hope you are enjoying this "game." We just saw the Couch's possibly using the Tull/Tullia bend, and the Couch's link to the tent-liner Tints, right? Apparently, the Tullia line goes to Tintagel, birthplace of king Arthur, and I have been viewing him as two things in his deep roots: a Redone-Rus from France, and a Merovingian liner in Britain.

Normally, ladies liked being hugged and made to feel warm, but this Mamie turned away from me, while lying down in the tent, to keep me from getting my way. So, I had to settle with going to sleep with my right arm around her WAIST, exactly the position I awoke with when Chriss Peare had stayed the night. This recalls WAISTells, and so I was asking whether Mummolin was a Waistell/Wessel liner. This is the first update in which I've seen a Waistel/Wessel link to Casimir; previously, that surname was traced to Vestalis, but he was a grandson of king Donnus, and the best I could ever do with his name was the Donnas/DANCE surname (!), first found in the same place (Piedmont) as the Cottian capital. I just laughed at that.

In years gone by, I had also traced Vestalis tentatively to the Vestula river, and Casimir makes this very possible. The day after going to sleep with my arm around her waist, we went wading in the lake, essentially dancing slow at waist level, I kid you not. her breasts were not under water, and we were roughly waist level. We were holding each other, and she was all warn on this morning. That evening, she was in her two-piece BATHing suit (Mummolin traces to the Baths / Battins/Badons/Badens, as does Casimir). Note that Lake's use six fitchee crosses in colors reversed from those of Rusts/Roosts, for I realized last night that the Rusticus line through Rusts is accurate and meaningful toward the six fitchees of Tarves'.

That night, when I looked at her in her bathing suit on her front lawn, with GRASS, I was taken up by how beautiful her hips / thighs were. It wasn't her arms or ankles or knees, but the hip area, and Lorraine had the grass stain in the same area. It made me wonder whether this impression in my mind was code for the Hops, whom I trace both to Fier at the Apsus, and the Hypsas river at Agrigento, which was also called the Drago, and traces exactly to the Drake surname because the MonteChiaro entity at/near Agrigento married Mosca's that are in the "muscas" motto term of Drake's. This is very important because, much earlier than that marriage, there was a Clermont-Ferrand entity at Auvergne, which we can assume to have been the proto-Claro line to Sinclairs on the one hand, and ther proto-Chiaro name to Montechiaro on the other. The Rus saltire is in the colors of the Sinclair cross, you see, and the Chives' of Tarves use a MOLINE cross in both colors of ther Sinclair cross while MumMOLIN looks like he's the line to Moline's. In the Moline write-up, the surname is traced to the family of Fulbert "the tanner," the daughter of which married the Conqueror, whom I view as a Sinclair.

We can also take this Rust Coat (fitchees in the colors of the Tarves fitchees) to Nancy in Lorraine, for Nancy's got suspect with "Dance" due to my dancing, in a grade-5-class dance, with Nancy. It was the class that Andrea was in who would prove to be meaningful toward this revelation's line from Andrew I of Hungary,k who was descended from Khazars on the Mures, at Biharia. Nancy's use the same cross as Sinclairs...and Butters. Recall that Tulls/Tullia's, suspect from Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand at Auvergne, uses BUTTERflies. And Flys, linkable to both Joseph surnames, were first found in the same place as Drake's and Josephs. French Josephs were first found in MAINE, suspect with "Mamie." So, this is a strong argument for tracing the Tullia line, the known ancestry of Rusticus, to Butters/Bitars.

The other Tulls/Toole's share anchors with Formans/Fermans and Firmins (Godfrey lion heads, share "Christo" with Bouillons) whom I've traced to Fier County on the Apsus, and independent of that, I've been tracing the Anchors/Annacker Coat to the Arms of Agrigento for years, without change of mind (they may both be using the Shield in the Arms of MontFERRAT's Aleramici family). It's indication that the Hips' surname links from Agrigento to the Tullia > Mummolin line. Fiers (MOLINE), by the way, share all three colors of Charo's/Chiaro's/Claro's, and both surnames use the blue bend.

I read that Aeneas and Creusa, mythical character to the Roman foundation, had stopped at Agrigento, and so I traced Creusa's name to Crease in France, right beside Auvergne. It's nearly perfect for tracing Mamie's hips from Agrigento to Mummolin, but there's more, for the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne is exactly the CROZier Coat, and the French Crozier surname was first found in Auvergne. That's why I was laughing last night, because God never ceases to amaze me with these things. It was in this update that the Lacrosse/Cross cross was linked to Burgundy elements, and Lyon was part of Burgundy, but it was also of Godfrey III, grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon, whose surname was first found in Auvergne. Godfrey went to assist the Pierleoni at Rome, which can explain the PYRamid of Tulls/Tullia's, and then married Beatrice of Bar (Lorraine, yep), whose family was in elite Tuscany, location of Ferrand...and Bouillon-related Taddei's that share the Ferrend Chief. But this Godfrey III was some six centuries after Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand, suggesting that Taddei / Florence liners were at Auvergne long before Godfrey contact the Florence area. This is useful information where Childeric could have merged with Tullia's family. Godfrey III is called, the Bearded.

And this is where I laughed again last night, for I made a mistake above. I did not see Lorraine last at the bus station, as I said, but, one or two years later, while I was getting acquainted with the bearded man, Paul Smith, at a coffee shop, Lorraine came walking by (I don't think she saw me) carrying a CHILD no more than about a year old. And the Lorraine Coat uses the same eagles as CHILDS! It's hilarious. But it's for a reason more important for giving me entertainment value. While there is evidence to link the Lorraine eagles to the Piast eagles, I have no evidence that they are the Child eagles too, but here in this little event, I think I can count on the king-Childeric link to Lorraine, but this little event then suggests that the Childeric line went first to Mieszko Lambert. Childeric lived about the time of Tullia. And, remember, until I recalled her name, Lorraine was "babe," the Mummolin > Babon line, right? Yes, to Babe's / Babels, and red-rooster Bibo's/Bible's, and red-rooster Babcocks/Badcocks/Batcocks, and bat-using Randolphs of Moray that use the Bath cross. And it was Michael Oulette who called her a "babe" while Oulette's use a MOORcock, part code for red-rooster Cocks, and part-code for Moray elements, we may safely assume, from More of Norway, the Sinclair capital there. And Irish Moore's and Morgans use an upright lion in colors reversed from the same of Lorraine's! When JOSEPH Oulette (my close friend in the party gang) first became a Christian with me, he first befriended Jeffrey Moore.

Paul Smith is the one with a red Jeep, and I would purchase a red Jeep too, some 25 years later, having nothing to do with my choice of matching his vehicle, of course. The Cheps/Jeepma's use the same Zionist star as Vlads, and the giant double-headed eagle of CHEPs/Jeepma's, suspect with the Richeza line at Rijeka, is in both colors of the two giant birds (martlet and swan) shown over the years from the Coat of CAIAPHas-suspect Josephs at Maine. This is highly interesting because I'm expecting the Caiaphas line through Khazars, into the Varangians of Kiev, and here we find a potential Caiaphas line sharing the Zionist star, in colors reversed from the same on the Israeli flag today, with Vlads, suspect with Vladimir "the great." It's just a matter of finding where his ancestry was Khazar.

We can add that while the Caiaphas line is suspect from Syphax to Spocks/Spicks and Nimoys, the latter were first found in the same place as Chaps/Chappes'.

But let's move to Lorraine's beautiful FEET. Why her feet and not her shoulders or knees? Why do I even remember this? Reminder: her JW religion is suspect with Charles Russell, who had a fascination with the Great Pyramid of Cheops, and would make prophetic predictions based on its measurements and other details, a real nutcase. And I've read that his tomb stone had a pyramid or pyramid shape. It smacks of Pyramid-using Tulls/Toole's, the root of Russell-possible RUSticus, and moreover Roussillon in the area of Redones is Rosellon too, like the Sinclair capital of Roslin. The first thing I notice of that "feet" is like "fitchee," the Rust/Roost symbol. But Foots share the chevron of Fothes/FETTe's/Fittes', first found in the same place (Kabardino-suspect Aberdeenshire) as Tarves. The Fothes chevron is also the Fly chevron, and the latter's fleur-de-lys are those also of Arrows/Arras', who once again use the same cross as Sinclairs. It is very clear that the Claro vikings were from Clermont-Ferrand, and we need to trace Caria's Clarus location to Auvergne, therefore. Flys use a gauntlet. Fly's are said to be from "flagi," and Fothes'/Fette's, with the same chevron, use a "flag," no coincidence at all, meaning the Lorraine's feet are tracing to Tulls/Tullia's.

The Feet/Fademore surname, suspect with the Cheney motto, was first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Dance's and Keppochs, and shares the red fesse with both. LAWRENCE Kepke was a Lorraine liner too, right? Cheneys and Feet both use gold martlets, as do Flys, and the latter along with Cheneys use them colors reversed from the Joseph martlet. The Futters/Fotys use another red fesse.

Repeat: "English Reesors use the vair patee of Ferrends."." I lived at a Reesor street when God struck our chimney with lightning, and Chimneys (Keppock colors), suspect with Shechemites of the Kim/Kin/Shimmie kind, were first found in Yorkshire too. Chimneys, smacking of Cheneys, even use the same chevron as Walsh's, both colors reversed from the same of Keep-loving Hepburns (near northern Yorkshire, home of Keppochs). Kims/Kins use the Fraser symbol, and Frasers were first found at Tweed-dale, while Tweeds (Mieske / HAUGHT bull head?) were first found in Khazar-laden Lanarkshire. For the time being. Tweeds are being traced to Sweets (compare with Lamberts), suspect from Swietoslawa (Sigrid the HAUGHTy), a daughter of Mieszko I, yet her name was used also by the line of Mieszko Lambert > Casimir. Why do Tweeds use a Tull/Tolle-like "Thol" motto term?

I had traced the Veringer / Spree-Neisse antler to one or two applicable Forst locations, and while Forsts smack of the Forests/Forez' / Forrests/Fosters, one Forst Coat (Baden) can be using the Sweet / Lambert chevron. Was "FRASer" a FORSt line? Frosts, first found in the same place as Flys, share the black chevron with Flys. In fact, zowie, the Frost Coat is a version of the Flett Coat, and Fletts are like the Flythe variation of Flys!!! The Frost Crest traces to Lorraine liners: "An old man's head between two sprigs of LAUREL."

On my atlas, Cleremont-Ferrand is not more than 25 miles west of the foothills of the Forez mountains.
Tuesday Additions

As soon as I had loaded the update, it struck me to recall the GOUCH variation of Googe's/Gooch's ROXburghshire, same as Molle's), and this surname share's the boars of MOLLE's while COUCH's use pale bars in the red color of the Tull/Tullia pale bar, excellent because Tullia of Lyon was ancestral to MumMOLin. This would not have been found today had I not recalled being on the COUCH with MAMie. Mumincidence? Plus, a thing I don't like to think about, least of all to report, is that her mother was having an affair with her married neighbor. This once again brings to mind the Revelation harlot, who rides the beast that I've strongly entertained as Gog, a term like the Googe variation of Gouch's.

There is a Dutch Gouch surname using the double fesses of Parrs, and the latter, no guff, are in the motto of Maness/Manners who almost use the Parr bars. This recalls that "Mamie/MAIME" may have been used to indicate Maine liners. The Mansfields (who apparently own the heraldic maunch along with Mansels/Mangels) are said to be from a MAMESfeld location of prior to 1086. Excellent. for I strongly feel that the Caiaphas line goes to Mummolin, but needs to connect with Josephs in Maine. The Mansels (falcon RISING) have this description: "...three maunches (cloak sleeves)." It just so happens that sleeve-like Sleeps/Slepe's of Salop can be from the SELEPitanoi at lake Scodra, the location virtually of RISINium! Bingo. The Mansels/Mangels have clinched the sleeve trace to Selepitanoi. And Risinium/Rhyzon recalls the Reesors/Rice's/Rhys' that happen to use the colors and format of Mansels and Mansfields! Bingo again. I win. See lower-left of map:

The Selepitanoi were virtually at, or even in, Laish-suspect Lissus, and the Shechemites that I see in Laish trace to the Molle's, meaning that they trace excellently, thanks to Mamie and her couch, to Mummolin. That is dependable, bank on it. And while we danced in her LIVING room, and while the couch was in her living room, and while Levites were at Laish, the Livings/Levens come to mind who share the Saddock martlets in both colors. The map above shows the Mathis river, and so if you haven't already, check to see that the Mathis surname shares the Chives MOLINE cross, no guff at all, and, to add weight upon this excellent discovery, Italian Mattis' share the Tull/Toole checks! Trust your instincts and make the implied link between Caiaphas liners and Tullia at Auvergne. Then seek other evidence for this.

I had reported several updates ago that the Sleeps can be using the double bars of Babons. The Sleeps were then suspect with the Dart fesse, and Darts are now known (by me) to be from the DARDanians that merged with the Ardiaei. The latter's domain reached Risinium. The Dardanians had a BATO character thus suspect with Badon liners. Bato was the brother of Monunius II, who had married an Ardiaei gal. King Arthur's birth was near the first-known Baths and Battins/Badons, and while the Rusticus line is suspect with the Rose / Ross clan, they were up against BADENoch. But this is more to the Mamie-point where Maine's use a DART in Crest!!! And while darts were first found in the same place as Maine's and Moline's, the latter share the black moline with Chives', and are said to be from Devonshire's DARTington! Hee hee.

And while Taddei-related Bouillons were first found in Auvergne, Godfrey de Bouillon was born to a father ruling at Boulogne, and we then find an earl of Boulogne in the Moline write-up, excellent evidence that Moline's were from MumMOLIN.

So, you see, God knew what he was doing with Mamie and me, and if he named Mamie just for this revelation, it's a shocker, meaning that this is extremely important to him. It seems that God wants to reveal the bloodline of Caiaphas, then trace him through Gog, Rosh and Meshech at the Khazaria stage...but not before offering Jesus up. I see a lightning-mad God at Reesor street.

The Gouch/Googe boars are in use also with Goughs (Gopher colors), first found in Radnorshire, near the first-known Clermonts'/Clements, and near also the first-known Mansels/Mangels at Glamorgan/Morgannwg. In colors reversed, this Gouch / Gough boar is the blue one of Vere's, who lived in maunch-like Manche, where the English channel was called, "The Sleeve." It appears that the Manche liners, knowing their maunch-sleeve symbol, coined "the Sleeve" for that waterway. I, a Massey liner from Meshech was on Mamie's couch with her, and Masseys, from Manche too, share the Vere quadrants. I therefore expect Massey liners at the Clermont-Ferrand entity of Auvergne, and I am even a Taddei in a great-grandmother while Ferrands (vair fur) share the Taddei Chief.

I trace Taddei's to the Welsh Tudors (helmets), and we just saw some Welsh things, but the Prise's/Price's were also first found in Wales, at Merionethshire, which uses upright goats in the colors of the upright ram of Bauts. first found in Auvergne. I was reporting the Bauts with a goat for years until I saw it as a ram. It may or may not have been my mistake. The Arthurs use the pelican that traces excellently to Pellicans, first found in Maine, but Arthurs were from Arduinici at the BAUTica river, and Baut-suspect Merioneth is at the Arddu / Ordovices part of Wales. Merions/MARINs, first found in the same place as Josephs, and sharing the cross of Morencys (same place as Chappes' and Levi's), I assume, use a cross much like the Lawrence cross. The Merions are in Murena colors, begging whether Varro Murena's line to Walsh's was at the naming of MERIONeth, as well as going through Chalons-sur-MARNE and Lorraine. Looks good.

Verys/Verrers use the Shield-and-Chief colors of crozier-using Kirks. This recalls a Verres location near Chatillon of Aosta, at the sources of the Bautica river while Verres' (Cohen/Kagan stars?), in the colors of the Auvergne Bauts, were first found near Auvergne. And Ferres' (same place as Tulls/Tolle's), believe it or not, share the black anchor with Tulls/Tolle's (Cohen / Fer/Ferrat/FERRAS checks), who in-turn use an "adVERSis" motto term. Tulls/Tolle's, Verys/VERRIS' and anchor-using Formans/Fermans all use a passant lion in Chief. There's nothing left for the dragon to do but chuck-up. And Fers/Ferrats are said to be from Tolle-like Dol, and Ferres' throw in a MOLINE, the Fair / Fier symbol too. The Ferres moline is in both colors of the Segni/Segurana moline, and the latter throw in the Este eagle. From here one can go to the Seconds/Segurs, first found in the same place (Limousin) as Clere's.

As Este's were founded by Azzo, note that Azzo's were first found in Firmum/Fermo (Picenum), and that they use a double-headed, black eagle in both colors of the same of Cheps/Jeepma's. I see Tarves colors in the Azzo Coat because Tarvisium is near Este. The Assi's (Shetland) use symbols connecting to Justine's and the Arms of Vilnius, thus making Azzo's highly linkable to Valentinian and Justine/Justus, and it's Ferrands that use the "Justus" motto term. The fasces in the Arms of Vilnius and with Assi's should be for the Fieschi of genoa, and the Fessys/Face's use a "segni" motto term for the Segni's of Genoa, who we just saw connected to the Ferres Coat. You can't argue with iron.

Remember, Kirks use a crozier tracing to Clermont-Ferrand. "Starship Enterprise" is part-suspect with Stars who use the chevron of molehill Shake's in colors reversed. And Stars share the eye with Battins and Watts / Vatts. The Prise's/Price's (rose sprig) share the lion of Marano's / Wallis' / Montforts, all related surnames to kinship with Walsh's, kin in-turn of Maine's. The Mauritano variation of Marano's goes to Walsh-beloved Mortons that share the goat with the Moline Chief, but the Moline's use the goat in the two colors of the same of Walsh / Wallis-related Walsers, who throw in a two-tailed Melusine, the symbol of Babe's/Babels, and moreover we are now tracing Melissena's Khazar blood from Mummolin. Her husband was Inger, and Ingers bring up the Enders that must be in-code with "ENTERprise, you see, So, "Enterprise" is made of two codes for related surnames. There are German Enders (Cornwall) too who use a unicorn in the colors of the same of Furs/Fire's / Rasmussens...who together look like the Vere-Massey relationship. A Fire-like Vire river flows at the Manche border. Vires'/Vairs/Verone's were first found in the same place as Morencys while the latter got suspect above with Varro Murena.

In short, the maunch is code for Mamie liners from Mamesfeld, and while we saw linkage above to Maness'/Manners, the Mams/Mems/Mens' are said to be a branch of Manners. Mamie was therefore a symbol of Maine liners, and so all events that I can recall from her should pertain to the line of Caiaphas through Maine. In slept in her tent, and the tent is the symbol of the Tintagel entity, in Cornwall, same as ARROW-using Ingers/Enders, and Arrows/Arras' are said to be from Arthur-related Artois, location of Boulogne. Arrows, who trace without doubt to Wallis-founder, Varro Murena, share the fleur-de-lys (Lissus symbol) of Joseph-related Flys/Flythe's honored in the Tullia butterflies, and Butters share the same cross as Arrows/Arras'. We can ask whether Sub-Radice elements named Radnor. I didn't know until writing here that Radnors (Radnorshire) happen to share the Clere and Clermonts/Clement Chief!!! This would not have been discovered had I not been on Mamie's couch, and remembered it, for it's the Goughs that were first found in Radnorshire (black boars, lion facing sinister direction). Come on out with your hands on your head, Mummolin.

BEHOLD. Clere's were first found in Limousin, founded by the Lemnites, who probably lived at Lemnos' Myrina location that I've suggested in the past for "Marne." The Sintians of Lemnos go to the Santones Gauls, beside the Lemovices founders of Limousin (evokes the Lemens suspect with "Clemen," a variation of the Clermonts/Clements that share the Clere Chief). The Saints are listed with the Sinclairs, you see, but while English Saints use cherubs, the Welsh Chalons use "cherubim heads"!!! Haaaha, Chalons-sur-Marne. We have them nabbed as Lemnites in Wales. Welsh Chalons were first found at Powys, location of the Clermonts/Clements, and moreover the Powys paw is that of Bellino's, first found in Verona. Also, while the Sinclair motto is part-code for a variation of Counters/Conte's or French Conte's, Saints use "wings counter-crossed saltireways."

Lemens share the dolphin with Clermonts. As I link Lemnos to the mouth of the Hebros, not that Hebrons/Hepburns are the ones with Keep motto while Lemens have a Coat reflecting that of Keppochs. Something at the Hebros theater could be suspect with proto-Keeps / proto-Caiaphas, perhaps the APSinthi. The dark map shows CYPsela on the Hebros. Sale is at the mouth so that CypSELA may have been an Apsinthi-Sale merger. Maronia was not far west of that mouth. Marone's, with the same chevron as Welsh Chalons, share the Googe / Molle boars. From Cypsela, it was just a matter of taking the Hebros to the Tonzus, then up to Cabyle, Tyle and Sub Radice. Italian Marone's share the black anchor with Tulls/Tolle's.

Recall that Clare's trace to Bleds, and therefore to Bled, likely, which is not far (about 60 miles) from Udine, the latter where Radice's were first found. Bled is suspect with Attila's brother, and Sub Radice was beside Tyle (near CABYLE). We are right back to the button-using Tous'/Tonso's. In Italian, "lattice" goes by a radice-like term (my mother pronounces it, radich/radish)), and CABLE's (Somerset) who use lattice in the colors of the Radice checks, were first found beside Tills. German Tills (arrow) use the Vito annulet in colors reversed, and Vito's/VIDO's can be in the "ImpaVIDE" motto of Cable's (Lyon colors). Vito's were first found in Tarves-likely Tarvisium, and this now suggests that Julius Avitus, with his wife, Julia Maesa Bassianus (175ish BC), could have been ancestral to Tullia of Lyon at Auvergne.

Udine is in Giulia, and may be the line to the Masci-winged Dine's/Diens/Dives'. Nearby is where the first-know Valentins were first found who share the Duster bend, in my opinion, in Lyon colors. I traced Valentinian I to Valence, near Lyon, but at the time hadn't bothered looking up Lyons, and here I find that they were first found in the same place (Perthshire) as Valentinian-related Wings/Winks and Justine's! Valentinian was alive roughly (off the cuff) in the time of Attila (450) and Tullia (425) of Lyon. I think I can spot that Tullia was Attila's daughter/sister/something, named after his house of Dulo. Fast-forward to Dillingen, and then to Dillens that use the same crescents as Masseys and Deins/Dean/Diane's, first found in the same place as Dine's/Diens. Amazing coincidences. It's already like a hard fact that Dillens (Casimir entity) are using the crescents of Speers / Sprees (Casimir suspects), whom are in the Massin/Mason motto.

Attila's father, MUNDzuk. Mummolin's father, MUNDeric.

Without going into the long form, let me add that the Brice branch of Bruce's use evidence of linkage between Justine and the Arms of Vilnius, and while the Astikas' of Vilnius are expected with Sticks, the Brice-like English Price's (not necessarily Rice's, as the write-up suggests) use the fleur in Stick colors. I might not put much weight on this, but Bruce's may have been from the Breuci, on the map below at the upper Sava, but not quite as far up as Bled, which is roughly where you see Emona. We can imagine Huns all over that area, and they did invade down into Friuli, or the area of Udine. Sava liners are expected to Shaws, first found in the same place (Perthshire) as Justine's, and Justine's husband was born off the lower Sava. This is the family that traces hard to Astikas', making "Enterprise" part-suspect with the Traby-Astikas marriage. Astikas' were RADZiwills who can connect to Radice's of Udine. Justine of Picenum (Valentinian's wife) was the daughter of Justus, and Ferrands use a "Justus" motto term. Perfect (for making the point / argument). Farrands (with an 'a') share the same fleur as Price's, and while Wings are a line with Justine's, Farrands use wings.

Before writing here, I had recalled that I brought Mamie to a church event outdoors, and we were kissing at the baseball diamond while the pastor's daughter looked on with a tinge of displeasure in her face. About ten minutes after writing here, I got around to checking the Diamond surname, to find the ones from Devon being DINhams, who bring us to the ballpark of the COUCHant-lion Tints and the tent-liner Tintins. The pastor's daughter, Cindy, looks to apply where Cindy's/Condys share two blue pale bars with the Arms of Vilaine, and while Dol is in Vilaine, Gelduin of Dol was married to Noga of Tintiniac. No coincidence. English Dole's are now highly suspect with sharing white-on-blue Gelder fleur-de-lys.

Cindys/Condys happen to use a lion in colors reversed from the Lyon lion, and the Cunty variation can link to the "GrandesCUNT" motto term of Courts/Coverts (same place as Dine's/Diens and Deins) sharing blue pale bars with Vilaine and Cindys/Cuntys. Couers/Courts were first found in Brittany. If this starts to sound like Curtus Maccabee, recall the Gelder-fleur link to the same of Hachorani-suspect Corners/Garners. Another surname using two blue pale bars are the Spriggs (ROSE leaves), and the Prise's/Prices (same lion as ROSS') are the ones with the ROSE sprig.

Note that the Arms of Radnorshire appear to use the billet border shared by Irish Dole's. This can speak to the Radice's getting together with Dulo elements around Bled. The latter is beside Lesce, which I claim was of Leslie's, who were HUNgarians i.e. descended from the Attila HUNs.

[This section in square brackets comes after some of the below, flowing from above, was already written. Cindy's surname, Richardson, was looked up, for she was alone, looking straight at us, and Mamie and I (a Masci) were alone too. I don't recall anyone else in the memory-vision I have of this. Richardsons are said to descend from Hugh Lupus, who ruled at Chester, what was also called, Diva, a Cheshire location I see in the Dives variation of Dine's/Deins. The other Dives' use a dancette. Hugh's nephew was the first Meschin, and he too ruled Chester. The Masci's once showed two white wings in the design now showing still for Dine's/Diens/Dives'. I can get the impression that Masci's were connected with Udine liners. Propers/Roberts and Nickels were both first found in Cheshire.

Next, Dinhams use a "prest" motto term, and Prests have the Shield-and-Chief colors of Richardsons (same lion as Welsh Hughes'), first found in Cheshire. William Belwood, a Bello possibility, had two sons, David and Richard, and the latter had a son called, Richardson, the first known of that name. Clicking to Belwoods (Cheshire), they use three downward pheons in white, the colors of the giant, downward pheon of Nickels, and in both colors of the Dinham/Diamond fusils. Cindy Richardson was looking toward us at the baseball diamond. We were hugging, and Hugs are also Hughes'. The three Belwood (Bell colors) pheons are upward with the Robins, first found in Brittany, same as French Richards. and Propers/Roberts are also Robins. The other Robins (Bell / Bellamy colors) use thistles while Thistle's use more pheons as well as sharing the blue lion with English Richards and Cindys...and Bruce's. The Mummolin line of Kirks use the thistle too.

The Bell Chief is a reflection of the Richardson Chief, and the other Bells share the Bellamy fesse. Belwoods have Bellamys of Perche all over them, and these Bellamys had married Ferte-Mace, which, I read, was home to Robert D'Avranches, descendant of Hugh Lupus above that was the ancestor of Belwoods. And Robert of Avranches was the husband of Hawise of Dol, daughter of Gelduin and Tintin. We did not get off-track one bit by following the event of Cindy Richardson with Mamie and I, and yet Mamie's involvement suspects links of the surnames to Mummolin, right? Yes, and to Mamesfelde (Nottinghamshire) of the Mansfields. Hugh Lupus was a son of Emma de CONTEville, and Cindys come up as "CUNTy." "The records of the Templars show Aliz de Condi in 1185." Tints use the crosslets of neighboring Wears/Were's (croziers) in colors reversed so that Tints can be expected with the Tullia > Mummolin line.

Conte's and Cone's, possible Cohen Khazars, use antlers for a potential trace to the Casimir antler. In fact, some title's of Hugh Lupus went to Henry de Ferrers, a potential Veringen. A variation of Conte's is in the "Commit" motto term of Sinclairs along with "work," while the Work Chief is also the Richardson Chief. It's as though God named Cindy Richardson for this. The double fesses of Works are those of Flecks, first found in the same place as Farrands (beside the Works of Essex) that themselves use the double fesses in colors reversed. It's good cause to link the Ferrand fleur to the Sinclair cross suspect with Arros/Arras', and from here we may entertain that the Cilnius-Maecenas line from which Arrows descend had named Chalons-sur-Marne, for "Marne" looks like "Murena." The Murena Coat has two eagles facing opposite directions, same as the Coat of Claviere's, first found in Auvergne. It appears that we have found a great key here, ask the keys of Claviere's, Clavers and Clermonts. This makes the Claver and Murena tower suspect with the Auvergne tower.

Clermonts (compare with Kirks) use "St. Pierre" holding keys, and Pierre's, first found in the same place as the Mountains that married Claviere, use half the Mountain saltire. We can now trace something of Aulus Varro Terentius Murena to Chalons-sur-Marne, and the Terent Coat happens to be a colors-reversed version of the Child/Chill Coat. I have been tracing the Childs to "Cilnius" for a long time but without clinching it. We can do that now. Chills are expected at the Chillingham location of Hebrons/Hepburns, and that draws the Khazar-suspect Keeps into this picture.

It just so happens that the Keep bend is colors-reversed from the same of Chalons' (Burgundy) and Fes'/Fez's, the latter first found in Auvergne and sharing the fox with Thighs/Thys. It's a good bet that Thighs are a branch of Tighs/Tye's, first found in the same place (Nottinghamshire) as Mamesfeld, and then the Tysons use a lion in colors reversed from the Lyon / Lannoy lion. It appears that Lorraine's thigh is taking us to the Lorraine lion! But didn't Mamesfelde-like Mamie heave beautiful thighs??? Don't you find that staggering? And while Lorraine had beautiful feet, the Fly-likely Feets/Fatemore's share the red fesse with Tighs/Tye's. The Feet fesse is in the colors of the Tull/Tillia pale bar with butterFLIES. Feets were first found in the same place as Keppochs, and they share the same fesse. There was a reason that God out my life into contact with blond Kepke, wasn't there?

The Fez / Chalon bend is shared by English Colens along with the Joseph martlets. The Hollys are the Irish Colens. It recalls the "colendo" motto term of Huberts.

Family historians now have this dynamite by which to blow early-Merovingian history wide open. Keeps use a square and a galley (ship), and Tullia was the daughter of Gallia. Galleys were first found in the same place as Galli's that share the gold rooster with Sinclairs. Gallia's share the triple bends of Murtons/Myrtons/Mertons, feasibly from Murena.]

I had traced the Spree-Neisse antler, shared by Casimirs, to Forst elements (can be of Forests/FOREZ elements), and Lyons are said to be from Lyon-le-FORET. The Forets are listed with Forez's, themselves with a "Tour travers" motto, and Travers/TRAVIS' smack of Treviso, another name for Tarvisium, what a vitincidence. Treviso is in the Julian Alps, and about 35 miles from Bled. Checking Dutch Forsts/Voorts, they share the red annulet with Vito's! Bingo. These Voorts have a Coat like that of Colchesters while the area we are discussing is near the Colapis river.

Where Fosters/Festers/Forrests link to Forst elements, they use the Shake bend and can thus trace to (Mum)Molin. Scottish Fosters/Forrests use "Hunter BLOW thy horn," and Blows show the Moline goat heads in both colors!!! Excellent. The Horns/Orne's are from Orne, location of Caen, and we can glean that Cable's use a version of the Caen Coat. Tills are said to be from "Tilley near Caen." But these Tills (Dragon kin) use an axe for the Axe river, where Cable's were first found.

Radnorshire is at Powys, and while the Powys surname uses the bear paw of Bellino's in colors reversed, the Bellino's were first found in the same place (Verona, 25-30 miles from the first-known Valentins) as Bello's, suspect with the "bello" motto term of Bouillons. Note that Bello's share pale bars in both colors of the one of Tulls/Tullia's. We are on it. As Couch's use two, red pale bars, as well as a bear, it appears that the bear paw under discussion applies to Couch's. Excellent.

It strikes me here that the heraldic label can be of the La Bello's of Bello's. Recall that Bellows ("Vita"!) worked into the "StarSHIP." I suspect Bellamys here, who were at Perche, smack beside Maine (Maine's use the double-Perche chevrons). All in an afternoon's work. Bellows/Bellots share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Mams/Mems/Mens', but see also the English Billets (Devon) with the Bellows Coat, then click to French Billets/Billiards, first found in Maine (same as Josephs), and using the same Zionist star as Vlads suspect in the "wlad" motto term of English Josephs. There you have a great way to trace from Vladimir to Caiaphas, but we first need to clinch the Vlads/Flattens with Vladimir. Rus- / Rose-suspect Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') use a Zionist star in half the colors of the Vlad star.

I now recall that I traced Chalons-sur-Marne (where Mummolin ruled) to Knights. for that place was also called Chatillon, and is the particular Chatillon that merged with Blois. The counts of Chatillon-Blois used three pale bars for the Chatillon side, and Knights use three pale bars, in the colors of the similar Belli pale bars, while Knights were first found in the same place as English Blois'. That's a good way to assure that Knights were from Mummolin's town. Now that Belli's/Bello's have been traced to Mummolin, the Carpenters, and therefore the meaning of the carpenter glue, can also trace to him. My dream with the carpenter glue (5th update of this past March) was spectacular evidence of God still working in me to promote this revelation. The carpenter glue was all about the line of Laevillus, and it was in that update, most of all to date, that I could spot / verify Caiaphas ancestry in Laevillus. The Bibo/Bible surname, which God played upon with Mamie, is still suspect with the Vibius ancestry of Laevillus. Vibia is still suspect with the Cornwall Veys/Vivians, whom trace well Fife's and Five's/Fifys, while Fife is where Butters were first found.

Note that the Butters use a bow as play on the Arrows/Arras', but Butters share the strong arm with Darks that in-turn share the same saltire of Rusts. The "Deus" motto term of Butters, though when found in other surnames, became suspect with the Deuster variation of Rothchild-related Dusters, for the Arms of Rothschild use an "inDUSTRia" motto term, part-suspect with Inder/Enders/Ingers when read as "INDustria," for Inders share arrows with the Arms of Rothschild. Here we now find "Deus" with a surname showing the arm, and it can start to trace Rothschilds to Mummolin things.

The Duster bend with trefoils is used by BarnSTAPLE's, and while Rothschilds (highly suspect with Khazars somewhere down the pipes) descend from Peter Pollock, Staple's share the Peter motto. This has the Albins/Aubins and Albino's all over it, along with the marriage of Henry VI of Rodez (near Aubin) to Roquefeuil. The Barnstaple bend links to the Stevenson bend, and the Stevenson bend to Levi-beloved AIDs (same place as ARTEMia-like Artems/AITon), and the Aid Crest happens to be on the Staple bend. It's also in the Coats of Morleys and Morlands, and Levi-suspect Livings/Levens were first found in WestMORLAND! Zowie, I laid on Mamie's couch, and danced with her, in her LIVING room. At the party, she had on her best black dress, because it was her party, and Livings use a black Shield.

Spanish Bello's use staves, and that evokes the PilGRIMs and the "pilgrim's staves" of Hawks. This now looks like it's from GRIMo, Babon's son.

I have the recollection of wading in the lake with Mamie. She was stunning in a two-piece bathing suit, and there was hardly any room for me when holding her there due to her large breasts. Heheh. Now you know why I wanted to get warm when we slept in the tent, this woman was all woman. As we moved along in the water, turning in a circle, I looked up to the beach to see who was watching, and this one man was eyeing us, ah, er, her. I can still see his face, and that's probably because I'm supposed to check the Man surname, for Mamie represents Mansfields of Manche, right? Well, it just so happens that German Mans use the same Shield, with a white symbol to boot, as Vere's and Masseys of Manche...and she was wading in there holding a Massey. The Mans were first found in Styria, and Steers are the ones with a motto suspect with Cedes' who share double blue-on-white pale bars with Cindys...who likewise traced to Masseys at Ferte-Mace.

I don't know whether the Wade surname applies to our wading in the lake, but Wade's use a version of the Chalons-sur-Marne! Astounding mumincidence. Wade's, first found in the same place as Conte's, give the impression of Masci's with Messeys. I'm not making these stories up. I have told this wading story before, and have gone over the Lorraine events too, but I wasn't able to decipher them as in his update. It's stunning. Here, for example, is from the second update in May, 2016:

That night, I slept in her sleeping BAG [now refers to Bachs/Baghs]. Yes, with her. I wanted to hold her, but she wouldn't let me. She jerked every time I tried. I was trying to get a nice cozy position, but had to make do with an arm over her waist, with her back toward me, and that's how we went to sleep. You had to be respectful with her. The next morning, we waded in the lake more than waste deep, and hugging, doing a little slow dance in the water, you've seen this before. That evening at her place, she's in her bathing suit again, but I had not caught glimpse of her thighs until now. I had never seen more beautiful thighs...

I did not yet have the Waistels in mind, nor the waist term of Vests, but Wastells happened to be a topic earlier in this update, and that's why I re-introduced Mamie...whom has herein opened the revelation wide open. It's about Mummolin, I had no idea back in 2016. The SLEEPing bag, or our sleeping together, brings Sleeps to mind, but I didn't know until now that Farrands, almost "Ferrand," get's two ermined-white fesses in the colors of ther same of Sleeps. Italian Ferrands use the Cohen / Fer/Ferrat Coat, take your pick, but it's also the Tull/Tolle' Shield, and while these checks are, in my opinion, evidence of Khazars, I read that Attila's line founded Khazars. .

I didn't know that Cindy liked me. She hid this well. We went to the same church for over a year. Her family had a get-together at her place, and during the evening she just sat against the arm of the couch, right beside me, with her back toward me. I could sense it, this girl liked me. I didn't know until then. Nothing ever happened because I left this Pentecostal church, but the point is, her back was essentially toward me, and the Backs/Bachs came to mind above because they use the steer.

Unbelievable. I didn't look the Thighs (fox) up until after getting that quote for you, and it says that Thighs were from Gelderland! As Gelders are now shaping up to be Dol liners, it recalls Alauna in Manche. Mamie must have been a symbol of Alauna liners from Mummolin.

It's funny how Wade's are listed with Quade's but do not come up when entering "Wade." Now that Wade's have been found with a version of the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne, what about that theory that Munderic and his mother, Artemia, descend from Amyntes and Artemidoros? But as Munderic appears to be from Attila's father too, while Munderic's ancestor looks like Attila's daughter, one can thus trace Quade-suspect QuadraTILLA, the gr-gr-great-granddaughter of Artemidoros, to Attila. How much sense does that make? This was theoretical before this update, but suddenly the evidence shows up miraculously. It's amazing how Mamie's thighs can speak. Will she even know that her hips have made unique history?

Just realized" the Wade's were first found in Durham, location of the Wear river, and Wears (Foster colors) use the crozier while Croziers use exactly the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne. Amazing. And Wate's/Weights, sharing a Coat like that of the other Fosters, use three hunting horns in the colors of the three Quade/Wade wolf heads. Sometimes, when it hits me, instead of laughing or getting high about it, my heart sinks in reverence at the gravity of what's being done. Like right now.

Recall the Breuci were in the area expected of the Huns as the Huns approached northern Italy from the Danube. The Wears/Were (Devon) share the motto of Bruce's. The Wear/Were motto, "FUImus" is hard to decipher with certainty, but it's like the "Firmus" of Firmins. The best I can do with it, in the past, is the Few surname coupled with some Mus / Meuse entity. The Fews use a HEART in flames, and Scottish Harts share the Pollock and Frank saltires, but one Frank surname uses the gold saltire in white, and thus uses the same saltire (both colors) as Bled-like Blade's, the latter said to be from Drago de BeWERE. That looks like a correct fit.

For years, I have argued that Blade's (hare white pheons with Blade-like Pilate's) are Pilate liners, and yet I remained open to Bled liners too, suggesting that Bleda descended from Pontius Pilate. And here we are talking about a revelation from God speaking on a Caiaphas trace to the topic at hand, while Pilate came to power in Judea when Caiaphas was the high priest of Judea. Did Caiaphas have blood connection with Pilate? The Lyons were first found in Perthshire, where the mother of Pontius Pilate reportedly lived, and i agree with that report, for heraldry agrees with it. I showed that little Andrea at my BIRTHday PARTy was Intended by God as code for the Andrea's (same saltire as Bruce's) at Pertuis, but related to the Perdrix peak at Mont Pilate, which itself connects to the naming of Perth(shire). And I rode my bike to ask Lorraine out on my 24th birthday. BIRTHs/Berts are suspect with Bertons (share talbot with Blade's) that have Drago de Bewere in their write-up too (by a different spelling).

The Berton motto looks like it honors Vito's/Vita's, who, by the way, have at least one Button/Biden-like variation that can link Vito's to the Tyle-Cabyle area of Thrace. This area is very Mummolin-important because its Tonzus river traces to the button-using Tous'/Tonso's in the same Firenze/Florence area as the origin of Ferrands. We saw that "tous" is a motto term of Clare-suspect Bleds. Reminder: Vito's share the Till annulet in colors reversed, and he had married the sister of an empress (Domna Bassianus) roughly 150 years before Attila.

Now that we have Valentinian I tracking hard to Tullia of Lyon, let's add that he or his family members were speaking to Attila. Valentinian was the Roman emperor, and so he wasn't dropping in on Attila for cookies. Besides, Attila would have wolfed them down and puked, anyway. I understand he wasn't very graceful. I see him as a war hog. I read once that he claimed to be the wrath of God in Revelation, and so he sounds demented. Valentinian's father, GRATian, is suspect with the GRASS stain on Lorraine's pants, or on her thigh. What do we call the side of the butt? Isn't that the thigh? Isn't the Lorraine lion the Lyon lion?

The Thigh link to Chalons-sur-Marne is a Thigh link to the Meuse region, which may have to do with "FuiMUS." It's the crozier-using Wears/Were's that use that motto term. When we load the Meuse surname, it's got pale bars, same as the rulers of Chatillon. Here's the Arms of Chatillon, using blue vair fur in the colors of the same of Ferrands. The Meuse Chief has some similarity with the Ferrand Chief, and Vairs/Fers' share a Shield filled with checks with Italian Ferrands. Meuse's were first found in the same place as (Bruce's) meaningful because Bruce's use "Fuimus" too) and Firmins (share "Christo" with Bouillons). The latter are not only suspect at Firminy, near Mont Pilate, but use anchors on a chevron in colors reversed to the same of Tulls/Tolle's.

Spanish Fare's/Ferons (flames) use the wavy Forman/Ferman bars in colors reversed, and these Fare's throw in the white tower of Auvergne's. It appears that the entire Vere tent was over at Auvergne. While the English Kirks are obviously Auvergne-Mummolin liners, German Kirks use nothing but the Auvergne tower.

I'm going to take a new stab at tracing GRATian to the Grasse or the Grass surname(s), and in the meantime I'm looking for links to pants or thigh's or butts. First, we go to Panteur of Brittany. "In the 11th and 12th centuries the Countship of Penthievre (Breton: Penteur) in Brittany (now in the department of Cotes-d'Armor) belonged to a branch of the sovereign House of Brittany. It initially belonged to the House of Rennes." The Panter Coat (spur rowels) has a fesse in colors reversed from the Dol fesse, but this is shaky linkage to Penteur.

The Grats/Grasse's (Provence), in the colors of the Arms of Grasse, are definitely from Grasse. The Grats/Grasse's use three chevrons in the colors of the one of Ottone's, first found in the same place (Perusia) as the Crispin-related Grazio's. Crispins were of Lorraine, at Parez, a term connecting excellently with "Perusia. We seem to have a Lorraine-Babe link here to Grats/Grasse's. The Grat/Grasse chevrons are in the colors of the Pender chevron, and the Panter helmets, and in the colors of the Babel pale bars. It looks good for a Panter link to Grasse liners, and the Babe's trace to Mummolin>Babon at Thigh-related Chalons-sur-Marne in Meuse, and the six Meuse pale bars are half in the colors of the six of Babels. English Grasse's/Craiz's are in the colors of the Panders, and both use the same-colored lion, belonging also to Craiz-like Croce's, suspect from Crociatonum, in Manche, at Alauna.

The great thing is, and I don't recall doing this exercise like this before, Croce's were first found in Vicenza, same as Valentins!!! It's that I've never noticed before that the Craiz-like variations of Grasse's could be Cross liners. The Croce cross type is used by Croziers for a trip with Thighs to Chalons-sur-Marne. Victory has been achieved. The Light wins, the secret Darkness loses. English Croce's are clearly Massey = Manche liners. The Croce's link to Cheshire's Creuse's, who use the same lion as Croce's and Penders (Cheshire again), explaining why three or four people in a short while said that I looked like Tom Cruise. As that was before I was married at 26 years of age, it must have been around the time I was with Lorraine at 24. I suppose that God made me look like that actor on behalf of what has just been found.

The Scottish Valence's (WINGs) use fesse bars in the colors of the Grat/Grasse chevrons, etc. German Valence's use the Alan martlets.

There is a separate Cruise surname (beside the first Capone's) that must be using the Quint chevron, for if Tom Cruise was Planned as code, there must be something very important with Cruise's in particular. The Cheshire Creuse's, who can link to me because the Cheshire ponders share the Macey chevron, use a lion paw in Crest, as do Quints. Is that not freakish and exciting all at once? What hath God wrought? Where is he going with this? Cruise's were first found in Bedfordshire while Bedfords ("AniMUM") share a black lion paw with Quints...and the Cheshire Savage's, potential Sava-river liners.

Maime and I got back together after some months, first as just friends, and then I took her out to a cafe that was owned by a Jew, Joseph. Big hmmm. I knew Joseph very well. I then took her home, and we had some very poor sex on my couch, I had forgotten about this earlier when saying I had no intercourse with either she or Lorraine. But it wasn't intercourse, in my opinion, more like a dud. I think God had every determination to spoil it. I later sensed that God did not want me to see her again. And I didn't. And she didn't call. Someone else got her thighs, lucky guy. I hope she doesn't become like her mother. Oh, yes, that COUCH again. It was a lousy couch the length of a love seat, owned by Albert, who had gone to WHISTLER (British Columbia) for several months to work at its ski resort. He had asked me to keep his apartment warm for him so he could move back. The couchant-lion Tints were first found in the same place as Whistlers, can you believe it? Both surnames use white-on-red lions. It now appears that God had planned to get me on that couch with Mamie, and then, as my reward for being His prop unknowingly, he spoiled the occasion, and saved me from starting a more-serious relationship with a woman who left her Bible under a bed i.e. not really interested in it. Bed = Bedford?

Italian Alberts: same annulets as Ottone's, same place as Grazio's. English Alberts: a savage. German Alberts: same lion as Grass' at Buckinghamshire, beside Bedfordshire.

Here is how Mamie and I parted the first time. I had a job at a restaurant, and in came Cindy Richardson with her brother and parents for a meal, when I was waitering. And I served them, surprised to find that they ordered wine. It could have been that night, it could have been another night, I can't recall, when Mamie was there, and before long, as it was turning dark, my manager asked her (in front of me) if she wanted a drive home. I was waiting for the "no thanks," but she agreed all-so fast, which got me ruffled and fired up, and I let her know. Her attitude was that she and I were not serious. That was roughly the end of our seeing each other at that time. The point is, God had indicated earlier that Cindy and Mamie connected in some way, and it would really floor me if Mamie was there on the same night as Cindy, but I have no recollection on whether that coincidence occurred (the manager never did drive her home because I talked her out of it). The wine I served the Cheshire-line Richardsons: Wine's use the same eagle as Lutons, from Luton of Bedfordshire. Isn't this the Lotan dragon in connection with the Caiaphas line at the Quints? My guess is that Lutons use the Child eagle in someone else's colors.

I was the waiter, and Waits are with Traby-suspect Weights/Wate's, not the Mummolin-important Wade's/Waids, but it's close. The Kirks that trace to Mummolin and Auvergne use a "quod" motto term likely for the Quoid variation of Quade's/Wade's. Woods use what looks like the Watt / Vatt tree so that, in fact, Woods, and maybe Belwoods, were Wade's/Waids from Chalons-sur-Marne.

There are three Hones surnames that should apply to the "honos" motto term of Richardsons, and all three can be connected in one way or another to Richardsons. German Weiners/Winners/Wansteads (Child / Capes / Tooth colors), whom can be linked to a Wanstead location in the Child write-up that's smack in the Bedford area, use the split the Shield of German Hones'. The Hampshire Hones' use two fesse bars (wavy) in the blue-on-white colors of the two pale bars of Cindys/Cuntys (link to blue pale bars of Courts), and this now makes itself appear as the Huns / Kuns! It snuck up on me. The third Hones' are with Keons, who use a version of the Neil Coat (in the nails of the Arms of Colchester) that itself shares the garbs of Colchesters (same place as Whistlers and Tints) who in-turn use the Quint chevron that was just resolved with the chevron of the Bedfordshire Cruise's. There is a pattern here. It appears that Belwood-Richardsons were linked to Hun liners.

It's interesting that Michael Savage, radio man, was born a Weiner whole Woods use a savage. The Munds/Munts appear to be from Mundzuk, Attila's father, because the seem to honor Bleda: "A savage's head couped dripping blood, all proper." The Bloods/Bluds use a stag, the HUNgarian-roots symbol according to Hungarians themselves. And Munds share the Maness/Manner peacock (!!!). Maness'/Manners love the Parrs that share double fesse bars in the colors of the same of Hones! Perfect, we are definitely on Hun lines. It explains the Mam/Mem variations of Mens'/Mengzies'.

We now have every reason to trace the Mountains (Fleetwood martlets?), who married Claviere's, first found in Auvergne, to Mundzuk. The Monds (heath-cock can trace to Grimo elements) are suspect with the bees (Bessin symbol) loved by Childeric on behalf of Basina, but may be throwing in the Richardson lion heads. Fleetwoods, possibly of the Flythe variation of Flys, were in Wyre, and share "quod" with Kirks. The Fleetwood Shield is suspect with the Tarves and Arms of Gelder Shields. The Irish Wyre's/Weirs ("bendy sinister and barry") are highly suspect with the Grimo line, and use a "blue sleeve" (recalls the Mansfield / Mangel sleeves) as well as "a piece of green holly". As Vere's loved Melusine, I suggest the Wyre's mere merged with the Hollys/Cullens. I suggest that Scottish Wyre's/Vere's are using the Cohen/Kagan fesse in colors reversed, explaining the Fer/Ferrat Coat.

As per the "DRIPping of blood" of Munds, the Blood/Blud stag can be the one of Maxwells for a trace to Rijeka, not far from Bled. The Maxwell stag is with holly while one Holly surname, in Child colors and format, is also "Cullen," with an host of similar variations much like "Chalons-sur-Marne." Hollys/Cullens have Melusine in Crest, and share the Keppoch garb, meaning that Hollys/Cullens may be using the Hebron/Hepburn chevron. Beside's, the colors and format of Hollys/Cullens is that of Huns and Childs, while Huns were first found in the same place as Keppochs...and the Hulls sharing the white talbot with Huns. In fact, the Hulls use the talbot in the two colors of the same of the other Hollys. German Huns have the Greys all over their greyhound, and Greys were first found in the same place as same-colored Hebrons/Hepburns.

Just wait TILL you see what Childs were into. Tooths and Capes' were first found in the same place, London, as Wanstead, and this location is on the road to Cambridge, where Capone's and Weiner-colored Chapmans'/Chepmans were first found that can link to Cheps/JEEPma's sharing the Vlad star. There is an EPPing location on that road just outside of London, while Epps are with Apps/Abbs that share the scallops of Capes' / Dives' / Larins (same place as Grats/Grasse's). Note that Scottish Larens/Clarens use two of the three Clare chevrons so as to trace these Loren-like surnames to Clermont-Ferrand. Lorens are with Lorraine's. The Laren/Claren chevrons are red so as to match the two of Perche's / Maine's in case this has to do with the Bellamy roots of Belwoods.

The Kirk sword with crozier looks much like the Capes' Chief. Kirks are a standard with the crozier and the motto, "OptiMUM quod PriMUM." The "OPtinebit" motto term of Tooths looks Opgalli-important here where Vlads trace to Gelduin of Dol. To remind you, Gallia was the mother of Tullia of Lyon. Weiners/Wansteads share the large white fleur-de-lys with Gelders/Op Gelders, and the Childs at Wanstead are in the Lorraine fleur. Recall that the last time I saw Lorraine, she was carrying a Child while I was sitting in a coffee shop with Paul Smith, owner of a JEEP, for Smiths even use fleur-de-lys in the red-on-white colors of the Weiner fleur. Smiths were first found in Durham, location of the Wear river where, from the Wear croziers, we can expect the Croziers from Auvergne. To help link Smiths to Wanstead, the Smith heron is for Herons / Orne's, and the Orne river is the theater of Tilley.

Having said that, while expecting Till entities on the route from Khazaria to Mummolin, what's with Mr. Child of Wanstead said to be the earl of TYLney? There is a Tylney Coat with format in colors reversed from that of Childs (Till colors). It appears that we can trace Vito's to the Childs, and Avitus was not very long before Childeric, while the latter's wife, Basina, is expected from the Bassianus' whom Avitus did marry! Excellent. And while Basina traces to the Bessin, that's where Tilley is said to be in the write-up of English Tills. This is a major score because we are not far from the lifetime of Caiaphas with Avitus. The latter's wife produced the emperor, Heliogabalus, in 218. It's now clear that Attila merged with Childeric, or that their descendants had merged. Merovingians loved Avars that were down Friuli way. I get it. And Avars (proto-Varni?) were from Caucasia, easily married to Khazars, or to the proto-Attila line at the Atil river. Was Auvergne named by Avars?

I go back to the dream with Paul Smith following a stag, itself following Kepke. There was a good argument above for identifying the Holly/Cullen garb as the Keppoch garb, and then Smiths (Mea motto, share the Mea formee) are in the colors of the other Hollys (Hull suspects) and Fish's (tiger with gold MANE). Fish's, expected in the fish in the mouth of the Smith heron, were first found in the same place as Keppochs and Hulls. Fish's (not familiar to me) are in Hull / Holly / Smith colors, and happen to use the wavy chevron of Pierce's. German Fishers can be using the lion of Hull-associated Kingstons (see also Kings). Prude's/Prats use "spes" while the other Fishers use "ReSPICE," a term I would link to Kepke liners. Smith-merged Mea's (loved by Mand-loving Prude's/Prats) were first found in the same place as Mamesfelde of the Mansfields.

As we saw Munds tracing with little doubt to Mundzuk, by what coincidence were Tilleys able to receive the estate of a Mr. MANDeville? Mandeville's use the Vere quadrants in colors reversed, suggesting the Say quadrants because says were of Moreton-Say in Shropshire, where English Mands/Mynds were first found. Scottish Mands, looking like a branch of Dragons/Drainers, come up as "Man," and Dragons/Drainers (same place as Mynetts) use the helmets of MYNETTs. Very nice. I was holding Mamie while wading in a lake and looking at a man looking at her. Lake's (Mand/Man colors) are interesting for reflecting the Holly / Plunket Coats, and using six fitchees that could be colors reversed from the same of Tarves', the latter first found in the same place as Scottish Mands. See colors and format of helmet-using Tudors.

And the Fish's look like they can be using a version of the Vaughn and Pendragon Coats while Pendragons share the open helmet with Mynetts. The Arthurian Fisher King comes to mind, and here we can add that Fisks share the pyramid with Tulls/Toole's/Telis'. The peacocks of Mands are said to be in their "pride," and then Pride's/PRUDE's use fish (lampreys) in Fish colors while Tulls/Toole's use a "PRUDentia" motto term part-suspect with Dents. Pride's/Prude's were first found in Khazar-laden Lanarkshire. French Prude's were first found in Auvergne, yet I traced them (at least a year ago) to Brac/Brattia at the mouth of the TILURius river.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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