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April 4 - 10, 2017

The Festus Coincidence with the Poindexter Fist
John B. Poindexter and the Murder of Judge Scalia
Donald Trump has Already Revealed Himself to be of the Diabolical False-Flaggers

For a reader hopping into an update for the first time, there is not much I can say in an introductory paragraph to explain everything needed before proceeding. The only readers able to follow are those taking the time needed to get a solid idea of the entire scope. It is probably impossible to follow unless the heraldic Coats are loaded and viewed. It would be helpful to have a photographic memory, or to at least spend some time to get to know Coats, and to understand what I'm saying about them. I did the work over years to be able to present to you the relevant Coats, and you need only decide whether I am correctly interpreting the evidence and the codes. It is far best that you load Coats on a separate browser(s) rather than clicking back and forth from the update page. It might take longer for one to read an update than the week it takes me to write it, but that's what it'll take for a solid understanding of what I'm doing. I know that few have the time to follow this in that way. My hope is...actually, I should have no such hopes as I should just allow God to do what He wants with this. One of my goals at this time is to discover the parent(s) of Josephs Caiaphas, and in the meantime to prove that heraldic masters and leading Templar families knew that all of heraldry had, at its foundations, Caiaphas and his circle of Christ killers. These updates are jot-down format (sub-titles don't usually reflect the roaming topics well) making it hard / impossible to have a pre-plotted storyline. I'm no longer doing final proof-reads, please excuse the imperfections / mistakes. Ever since I decided to use apostrophes only after surnames ending in vowels, I started to catch myself using apostrophes before the 's' of pluralized words, making it appear that I need to return to primary grammar school.

If ever you'd want to check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail you to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again. We'll need to wait and see whether Yahoo changes its policy.

Due to my concerns that God has a message for all with this update, the Syria news will be in the last section. It's "fake news", anyway, because Trump's attack on Syria was based on a horrible / pitiless / brutal American operation but blamed on Assad.

I don't understand the apostle Paul at times. He was dead-set against the circumcision group of believers, who taught that, unless Gentiles were circumcised, they could not be saved. But when he returned to Derbe and Lystra (Acts 16), the latter being the town of Timothy, he has Timothy circumcised. Ouch, what for, Paul? I imagine that all in the circumcision group were going around asking all male believers the private question. But if they asked Timothy, what would they have done to him if he said, "I don't believe that circumcision applies with Jesus." Just leave it that. Yet, Paul sliced Timothy's skin off, I just don't get it. And when Paul later goes to Jerusalem, he himself shaves his head and gets ritually "clean." Okay, I get it, Paul was doing what he thought was helpful for not bringing the anger of the circumcision group against him, yet they pushed what he opposed.

At the same time, he was putting himself into the jaws of the anti-Jesus priesthood, and saying that he's ready to die from their hands, if that's what it comes to. But in that case, who cares if the circumcision group didn't like his theology? I don't think they were ready to kill him for opposing circumcision, yet Paul was pretending to comply with their wishes. This is funny to me because I view Paul as having utmost integrity, but this looks a lot like a weak moment, at best...though Paul was doing what the Jerusalem church asked of him, and he apparently didn't want a rift with it on his long-planned visit to it. Yet it sent the signal to other Christians to "play along" with the circumcision group. And that's what Peter was doing when Paul rebuked him. It's probably good for us to see the disagreements in the early church leaders, because we see that they were not clock-work perfect. I detect some arrogance when Paul tells his church that he was big enough to rebuke the chief apostle. No problem, we have arrogance problems of our own in the same sorts of situations.

The last time Paul was in Derbe and Lystra, the priest of Zeus brought bulls out to the people who wanted to sacrifice to Zeus, whom they thought was Paul's assistant, Barnabas. Silly Greeks, demented, really. But there you have it, a temple of Zeus in Lystra, just 2,000 years ago. Silly, Greeks, they had no problem worshiping an adulterer. Demented, really. And this is what Paul had to put up with everywhere he went, though this was not as dangerous as the Jews who stoned him to death in Lystra. But Paul survived, and he goes down to Pisidia, and through Perga and Antalya, which Acts 14:25 calls, Attalia. And in Perga there would arise the family of Tertullus, husband of Plancia Magna. Her mother had been the priestess of Artemis, and Plancia carries on with the job, demented, really:

Plancia Magna was a Roman citizen, a member of the Plancii from Latium in central Italy who had emigrated to Perge sometime during the late Republic. The family had risen to prominence and great wealth over several generations to become members of the elite in Perge. Plancia's father, Marcus Plancius Varus, became a member of the Senate in Rome and rose to the position of praetor; he served as proconsular governor of the province of Bithynia (see map) during the reign of Vespasian. Plancia's birth date is not known, but her major benefactions to the city were made during the reign of Hadrian (117-138 AD)...Plancia's husband, Gaius Julius Cornutus Tertullus...

There were at least five statues and numerous inscriptions of Plancia Magna in Perge.

Alright, she's a big deal in Perga, but she's of Latin origins, and she's a Herod-Maccabee too. And we can track her, thanks to heraldry, to the Plunkett surname, first found in the same part of Brittany as the proto-royal Stewarts. What's that? Plancia had a mother, Julia, daughter of Tigranes VI, king on behalf of Nero of Armenia in 58 AD. I assume that Paul was still alive in 58. The Julia above: "had a brother called Gaius Julius Alexander, who was the Roman Client King of the Kingdom of Cetis." This is the Maccabee-Herod line I've been referring to for many months. It split off, one line to Cetis, the other to Plancia Magna.

Julia married Varus above, who "came from a local, wealthy family who were prominent and they came from an unknown town in Galatia. His family owned large estates in Galatia." Opgalli, Tigranes' wife, was a Galatian too, and yet another Galatian line would be married by another Julia, of Cetis, the daughter of Mr. Alexander above. They say that nothing is known about the Galatian family of Plancia's father, but I think we can guess that it was at least close to the high priesthood of Brogitarus, for he was made the high priest of the Great Mother, and here we just read that Plancia Magna was herself the Great Mother's priestess. That would make the best sense if her father was directly from the line of Brogitarus.

It is very good that the Claver surname share's a white-on-black tower with Plunketts, for it not only reveals that Clavers were from Glaphyra Archelaus (just compare "Claver" with "Glaphyra"), but that Plunketts were indeed from Plancia liners. And the royal Stewarts have heraldry (see English Stewarts) sharing the full motto of Brocks, a branch of Procks/Brocuffs, smacking of BROGitarus. And the family of Glaphyra Archelaus was itself of a priesthood. We are talking the demented of the demented here, and the fact that they were rich and politically influential only toxifies the situation before Paul's ministry. Jesus didn't pick a pussy cat to do this job. The stupids thought that if they could be priests of important gods, that they would acquire honor, but what good is honor from the demented class?

The Claver Coat is a reflection of the Conn and Conys Coats, and the Turtle/Tuttle Coat is a colors-reversed reflection of the Conte's, the latter a branch of Conn-like Cone's. This is put before you because Turtle's might just indicate the line of Tertullus of Perga. Herluin de CONTEville was the grandfather of the wife of Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, of the Bessin, a place that I've traced well to the Bassianus bloodline, which itself liked the Julia / Julius name. BRICKs/Bruics are said to be from "broc," and so what we may have here is the Brogitarus line to the Bessin, perfect where I think Bassianus' were from Severus Bassus (Galatia), the great-great-grandson of Brogitarus.

Briquessart's son (Mr. Meschin) married a TAILLebois (see Tailbois') family in Lincolnshire, and that's where Conys were first found who happen to use a version of the Meschin Coat. The proto-royal Stewarts were in Shropshire, same as Eytons that share the Coat of Toothills, and the Turtle's are likewise TootHILLs while Hills share that same tower, in the same colors, of Clavers and Plunkets. The Toothills even share a white bend with Plunketts. The Turtle Crest has a leopard, as does the TAIL/Tailer Crest, and the Turtle Crest has a black leopard in the design and color of the three cats in pale (heraldic code for vertical direction) of Keats. The Tails use three lions in pale in colors reversed. And the Keats call them cats, I assume, because they were a line from CETis. For new readers, the cat-using Chives' are suspect with Caiaphas, killer of Jesus, now highly suspect in the ancestry of Cetis rulers. The trick is to find his mother or father, if ever God should want this revealed.

After returning to Derbe. Paul goes through Galatia, interesting where Brogitarus' son had beforehand conquered Derbe. Severus Bassus was alive (in Galatia, I assume) as Paul passed through, unless he died early. After passing through Galatia, the apostle came to Mysia, where he felt instructed by a dream to go to Macedonia, interesting Cassander of Macedonia had a line to Nysa of Cappadocia, mother in-turn of Nysa of Bithynia. In Acts 16:7, upon Paul's arrival to Mysia, he is forbidden to enter Bithynia, and that's when he's instructed to head to Macedonia. If we could look into the mind of God during the time of His adventurous pioneer, wouldn't He have wanted to plot the destruction, one step at a time, of the main elements of the hydra, using Christians? But the hydra fought back, and that's called Christian-era history, except that the modern hydra has changed "BC" to "BCE," and "AD" to "CE," trying to cancel the Christian nature of history. God laughs. The damage of God is too-far done, and the final thrust of the hydra will just go into the dirt. The dozens of false gods before Paul, versus the True God, no match at all.

Ion a Google search page for " severus bassus ", there is the following quote from a book I can't load: "BASSUS {whom the 'HRB' calls Bassianus, another of Severus' sons}, the son..." I don't recall seeing this before. Here is on the son above of Severus Bassus; note where he ruled, where Paul wasn't able to enter:

Bassus Proconsul of Bithynia was born in Gaius Julius Severus and Julia Severus (born Tyche).
Gaius was born in 10, in Galatia, Asia Minor.

Julia was born in 15, in Galatia, Asia Minor.

Bassus married Asinia Bithynia (born Marcella).

Asinia was born in 50, in Roman Empire.

They had one son: Caius Asinius Quadratus.

Bassus passed away in 101, at age 56

It makes me dizzy just reading on Paul's journeys. He comes round to Ephesus, where a Demetrius, a silver smith making products for the Artemis cult, decides to attack Paul. Later, there would be a Demetrius, acting ruler of ARTemis-like Ardaiei. As Ardiaei have been resolved with the congested heraldry on king-Arthur elements, Demetrius was suspect with the Demy/Dumez surname, which uses the same chevron as Turtle's/TOOThills, and Demetrius' king (young Pinnes) was a step-son of queen TEUTA of the Ardiaei. This can explain that while Turtle's were from the Artemis cult of Tertullus of Perga, its link to a line from queen Teuta (BC times) gave the surname the Toot variation, and further linkage to Hills (share the white Plunkett tower) got "Toothill."

The Turtle/Toothill Coat happens to use the crescents of French PINE's (= king Pinnes liners) in colors reversed. Pino's use crescents in the colors of the Tute/Toot crescent. And while Fulks are said to be from a mythical / legendary Tertullus, as likely code for a line from Tertullus of Perga, the Fulk-like Falcons (same place as Conte's) share the Turtle/Toothill crescents. The Falcons even use another white tower, only this time in Toothill/Touthill colors.

Upon surviving the Ephesus attack, and doing a round in Macedonia, Paul tells the elders in Ephesus that they will never see his face again. He heads for Jerusalem to deliver the funds/gifts he had raised for the city's church. He slips away from his Jewish enemies in Jerusalem, led by Ananias, the high priest (probably a son / relative of former high priest, Annas/Ananus, father-in-law of Caiaphas), and is taken into the custody of the Roman puppet, Felix, a Fulk-like term. However, of the two Felix surnames, neither show heraldic links to Fulks, so far as I can see, though English Felix's share the potent cross with Templar flag of Jerusalem while Fulk V was a king of Templar Jerusalem. Fulke's and Flecks were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Tute's/Touts, and the Flecks use what could be a double-fesse version of the Hill fesse. The same Felix's share the mill rind with Mills/Myles', the latter using a "virTUTis" motto term.

The Rinds honored by Felix's are interesting for using a version of one Bernard Coat, the latter sharing white scallops with Flecks, and in the colors of the same of Pattersons/Cassane's (Hell/Helles colors), the latter a line from Cassander of Macedonia. This recalls that emailer Patterson, whom I am sure was sent to me by God's decision, had a Hill/Hyle surname on one side. Felix had married Drusilla (Acts 24:24), a daughter of Juba II of Mauritania (what? way over there?), a descendant of king Massena of Numidia. Juba I or Juba II was married to Glaphyra Archelaus. The hells/Helles are new to me, and they are found here after tracing many surnames to mythical Hyeles of Crete. The Hells/Helles' use fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the same of Spanish Varro's, the latter first found in Burgos while the Spanish Burgos' share the annulet of Brylls, while Hyeles was an alternative name of mythical Brylle!

Felix (a ruler in Judea, succeeded Pontius Pilate) is in Acts 24:1 speaking a plot with Ananias against Paul, and Ananias has brought along one Tertullus, a lawyer. Hmm. Plancia married the Tertullus family that was probably connected with the Bassus line to Cetis, and the latter line came to rule Jerusalem in about 100 AD, the time of Plancia Magna's father i.e. who's daughter married another Tertullus.

Let's back up. Paul escapes the mob in Jerusalem by telling the officer there that he's got legal, Roman rights. And he's brought to Caesarea, a new city built by the first Herod (where did he get the money?), son of Antipater, a family suspect (by me) from king Antipater, father of king Cassander above. In Acts 23:31, they stopped for the night at Antipatris, before getting to Caesarea. A couple of years later, with Paul languishing in captivity (a prophet warned him not to go to Jerusalem), Felix is replaced with Festus, and he sees and speaks to Bernice and Herod Agrippa.

It's interesting that while I now expect Herod bedrock to Nysa of Cappadocia, the capital there was the much-older Caesarea, which may be hint that Herod's father / grandparent had lived at the older city, then gave the same name to the city built by Herod.

I don't know whether Festus was related to Felix, but I can say that Fasts were first found in the same place as Fulke's and Flecks. Here's something very interesting indeed concerning the Fast write-up that I've not seen before. But first, let me repeat that Tertulla was the mother-in-law of Vespasia Polla (see her in the last update; she was the mother of the 5th head of the Revelation dragon). Tertulla was wife to Flavius Petro of Rieti/Reate, where Reeds trace, and there is a Reedham location of an early Mr. Fastoff in the Fast write-up. The Fasts happen to share the quadrants of Petro-possible Pettys; the latter share the quadrants in this Arms of Rothschild for a related reason, and Rothschild ancestry has been resolved (by me) to be in the Rothes location and castle (Scotland) of Peter Pollock (there is a much on Peter Pollock in the last update), the first Pollock. He was named after Pollok, a location in Renfrewshire, and that term descended from Vespasia Polla.

At one time, for some years, the Fasts and WithiPOOLs (Shropshire, same as proto-Pollocks) were on the same page at houseofnames, sharing the same Coat now showing for Fasts. It may have been a mistake on houseofnames' part, or maybe not, for"WithiPOLE" can be a Vespasia-Polla line. The split-colors Withipole lion is that also of Place's/Plaiz'. "With" can even be from "Ves."

Polla's husband, Sabinus, son of Petro above, "served as a customs official and then as a banker in the province of Asia, where he was honored with statues dedicated 'To an Honest Tax-gatherer,' and later as a banker at Aventicum among the Helvetii in Gaul, where he died." Amazingly, I had traced "Helveti" to the Half variation of the HELPs, and while I always assume a soft link between Rieti with Ves-like Avezzano (suspect with VESpasia") up river from it, you can see in the last update why Avezzano's named Avesnes on the HEPE river of Hainaut. And by the way, the Fasts use the same crosslets as Tints. Fasts may have been of the Vasto branch of Montferrat rulers. Vasto's had their domain around Saluzzo. "Hainaut" is itself suspect from Annas, or the Ananias above, who had a Tertullus for a lawyer. The house of Vespasian attacked Jerusalem probably while the lawyer was still alive. Were Vasto's a line from "Vespasian"?

Now, if I'm correct in tracing the cushion-using Bibo's/Bible's from Vibia, mother of Lupus Laevillus, let's mention that Reedham-like Redhams/Redmans use cushions to. I can't yet say whether this latter surname was of Reedham, and therefore of the fasts there, but there is a good chance that Redhams were Reeds/Red, in any case. Recall Marcus Plancius VARUS, for Laevillus' full name was Caius Iulius Lupus T. Vibius VARUS Laevillus. I'm not an expert on Roman names, and am not sure what it means as to "Varus" following his mother's surname. "Caius Julius" was probably a title honing the Julius line rather than having anything to do with the names in his immediate ancestry. The Redhans/Redmans are using the giant Tewkesbury castle in both colors, and share the beacon in Crest with Fullers (proto-Pollocks, in my opinion) and Belli's.

Thanks to what God revealed in some of my life's events, the last update found the Demaine's (first found in Maine) using the fleur of Petro's. This finding tended to clinch the theory that God made Sharon Pascal my girlfriend for this revelation, for we both lived on a street called, D'Maine, yet I didn't meet her for that reason. The name of that street is why Demaine's were looked up. Pascals/Pass' had previously been traced (my me) to "VesPASia" with little doubt, and the Pasi's/Pascels trace excellently (without doubt) to Paisleys/Pasleys and Speers in Renfrewshire, where Pollocks were first found. If that's not enough, the Tewkesburys have been virtually clinched, in the past four or five weeks, with the Pellican Coat, the latter first found in MAINE! This tends to assure that Redhams/Redmans/RedMAYNE's are using the Tewkesbury castle, but as Pellicans are in the pelican of Pullys/Pullers (Fuller branch?) while the latter (Pullys) definitely trace to Vespasia Polla, the obvious is obvious: Redhams (share the cushion with Kilpatricks of the ANNANdale area) were Rieti liners. Let's repeat that Pullys share the martlet of French Josephs, first found in Maine and suspect with Flavius Josephus (the historian), the Jewish traitor "adopted" by Vespasian's family.

Compare the Coats of Pullys (same scallop as Sabine's) and Toothills, no small item when asking whether Tertulla of Rieti led to Tertullus of Galatia. Gamble's share the giant fleur of Demaine's, and out a rose on a stem, the Avezzano symbol, in their Crest.

While I've known that Paisleys are Pasleys too, I don't recall loading them as "Pasley" before, but it was done just now to find an English Pasley/Pashley surname (Berkshire) using the Fuller Coat! Bingo. They are in Pash/Pass/Pascal colors, and the cat-using Pussy's/Puseys (see Crispins) use the Fuller bars in colors reversed. The last update found the PIEKES'/Pfeils while thinking on the "PIECES of wood" of Rieti-liner Rita's. Pfeils got suspect with "RoqueFEUIL" because I was looking at that surname previously as the origin of "FULbert / Fuller." The Piekes variation may indicate the link I see between the saltire of Reeds and Pike's. The pike-using Geddes, in Redham/Redmayne colors, are suspect with "Cetis," where Laevillus' wife had royal family. His wife was the daughter of Quadratus Bassus, who "served as a Legate at Judaea from 102/103 to 104/105. After his term as suffect consul Quadratus Bassus served as the governor of Cappadocia and Galatia (114/115), and later Syria (114/115)." He had married the royals of Cetis; Wikipedia has him born in 70 AD. His father, Gaius Julius Bassus, "was Proconsul of Bithynia in 100/101." We saw Bithynia earlier with his father.

The Packers/Peckers/Pickers (Pek colors), who share white roses with Paisleys/Pasleys, were first found in the same place as Pasleys/Pashleys, suggesting that the two were branches. As I trace elements from Pincum to the Pinks and Reno's (topic last update) while expecting Reno liners to have named Renfrew, by what coincidences do Packers/Peckers use lozenges in colors reversed from the same of Pincs and Reno's while Pincum is at the mouth of the Pek river. I think this reveals that Pasi's/Pascels, Pascals, and even Vespasia Polla were from the Pek river, or at least its namers. It explains why Pasi's/Pascels were first found in the same place as Panico's. Perfect. We're talking Moesians. Packers/Peckers share the Moor head with Titus'.

Amazingly, the last update covered the fact that Roxanne, a later girlfriend, muttered, "she's CUTE," while we were driving by Sharon Pascal in front of her home. And the MonteCUTE's were thus stressed...with a great whack of disclosures as per their trace to Laevillus. But Montacute's happen to share the same lozenges as Reno's and Pincs, and so Cute liners had linked to Panico's too. Montacute's were first found in the same place as the Tints that share the Fast crosslets, and while Paisleys/Pasleys use the anchor, the Anchor/Annacker surname is beloved by the Grey motto, "Anchor FAST anchor." Leslie's use "grip FAST." Greys are in the heraldic greyhound while the greyhound is shared by Cute's and Glue's (you must see my carpenter-glue dream in the last update if you want to know what God wants someone/all to know).

Anchors/Annackers are suspect from Ancore, otherwise known as Nicaea, the Bithynian capital where Plancia Magna's father was ruling at the behest of Vespasian. Bithynians were suspect with Bidens/Buttons, first found in the same place as English Josephs (share the garbs of Wastells/Wassels).

The Pascal Crest is "A BEARDed man from the WAIST up." The waist may be code for Wastells/Wessels, suspect with Wissels/Whistle's (same lozenges as Packers/PICKers (see PICnic table)) that probably use the Tint and Payne lion. All three latter surnames were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Montacute's. It can be argued here that the Mussolini's (colors reversed from Mussels), highly traceable to Mussels at Musselburgh, are sharing a lozengy bend with Wissels/Wizels. The Keith/Mascals, you see, at Musselburgh, were related to Marshalls that use another lozengy bend, wherefore Cute liners become suspect along with "Keith" from "Cetis." Recall the Keat cats, for Keiths are said to be from a Catti peoples. Mussels (= Meschins) happen to share plates with Cute's! Bingo. That's why Sharon Pascal was described as cute, because Cute's matter to God's revelation. They turn out to be from Cetis. Cute's were even first found in the same place as Caiaphas-suspect Capone's, Chapmans, June's, Jeune's and Julians.

Plus, as Cute's are said to be of Cuthberts, by what coincidence do Cuthberts ("MINUS" and SERPent) share the dart with Maine's! "A hand in a gauntlet holding a dart proper." Glove-suspect Glue's/Gloughs are very linkable to Sine's/Sions (same place as Beards/Bards with "DoMINUS" motto term) that once showed gauntlet gloves. MontaCute's ("reGULA") proved to be Gouel-de-Waleran / Glue liners, and the Dol Alans became the English Stewarts (same place as Walerans) that use a regula-like "ragully" pattern. Dols use a whale probably for a Waleran branch. Recall that Alans of Dol and the Brittany Beards/BEARTs (share red bull with Sabine's) were very traceable to Brito-Martis on Crete, for the Cuthbert symbols in the brackets above are two Cretan suspects while the Cuthberts/CuthBEARTs (Beard/Beart colors) share the Alan fesse. Cuthberts were first found in the area of the proto-Geddes Geds (Nith river), and the Geddes PIKE's can fit right into this Pack discussion.

Back to the Bearded man of Pascals. Scottish Beards/Bards use the green Leslie griffin while Leslie's use buckles while Packers/Peckers were lords of a BUCKLEbury manor. Hmm, Polish SoBEKs use the buckle in purple, the color of English Pace's (Italian Pace's are listed with Pasi's/Pascels). There is a Polish Pack surname while French Packs use the red bull of Beards/Bearts. Packers/Peckers are said to descend from Hugolin the STEERsman, but this may have to do with some play on the steer of Bachs/Backs, a term like "Buckle and "Pack." The Bach steer shows as the same bull design as used by the Brittany Beards/Bearts.

I first kissed Sharon Pascal at the beachfront (while sitting on a PICnic table, incidentally), and the Beach's/Bech's (same place as Titus') worked into that theme in the last update. But I neglected to say that the Kiss/CUSS/CUSH surname shares the red rooster with CUSHion-using Bibo's, and German Cuss' happen to use a bend with three stars all in colors reversed from the same of Scottish Vaux's/Vance's, a Laevillus line to the Arms of Meulan. Table's, whom have Masseys in their write-up, were first found in the same place as Walerans.

If I had a girlfriend as an act of God for the purposes here, I might expect that her name(s) relates to my Massey bloodline. Polish Packs share the Massey fleur-de-lys. The Kiss'/Cush's share the Cass/Cash Coat, and the latter's weight scales are evidence with other things of links to Justine's, from Justine of PICENum, a term like "PICNic." The Pasi/Pascel surname happens to show a PACENti and a Pasino variation, and my Masci-line mother was born in PICENzo, not far from Picenum. Justine's were related to the Wings/Winks (same place as Justine's), and Masci's use wings. Kilpatricks, who use cushions in their chief in the colors of the Panico Chief, itself using the Masci fleur, share the same lion as Pass'/Pascals. I trace Winks to Vinkovci, birthplace of Justine's imperial husband.

Bec Abbey, which I recall being somehow related to a Toothill location (I recall the phrase, "Tooting Bec") was in the possession of the counts of Meulan, where the mother of the Leavells originated. "Theobald of Bec (c. 1090 - 18 April 1161), sometimes known as Tedbald, was archbishop of Canterbury from 1139 to 1161...Theobald became a monk at the Abbey of Bec, Theobald was the patron of his successor Thomas BECKet...[King] Henry believed that Theobald had been elected not only because of Stephen's concerns but also because Waleran of Meulan, the lay patron of Bec, was attempting to put his own man in one of the most powerful positions in England. Waleran and his twin brother Robert, Earl of Leicester..." If you read the last update, you'll know why Waleran was from Lupus Laevillus. Incidentally, while the Leavells are said to be from "wolf," though not technically correct, Varro's use the wolf, making them highly suspect from Lupus Laevillus. Leavells were also "Lupellus" or other such terms. Becket-like Beckers (same place as Toots/Touts) use the Beach vair fur in blue, and the Beach's along with Bearings/Beckerings/Beckings use the Arms of Meulan. Beckets were first found in the same place as Fulke's and Tute's/Tuits. THEREFORE, it appears that Bec elements were part of the Pasi/Pascel bloodline, and this paragraph's link of Bec to Laevillus is excellent. As Caiaphas' father-in-law was Ananus/Hanan/Annas, note that Hanans share the black bend with Bearings/Beckerings (first found in the same place as Annas'). In the dream of last week, I was putting carpenter glue into my wheel BEARINGs, and while Wheels figured as Waleran elements, the Glue's were resolved with Gouel, Waleran's father. Actually, "Gouel" can be a version of the Weal variation of Wheels just as Guilliams are Williams.

Dutch Beckers/Bakers use "POPLar leaves," and PEPOLi's (same place as Pasi's/Pascels) share the black-and-white checks with the bend of German Beckers (same place as Waleran-suspect Auto's/Otto's), in the colors of the Toothill/Touthill bend. There is a Popoli surname too, first found in the same place (Naples) as Italian Capone's while English Capone's were first found in the same place as Toothills/Touthills. The latter use a "Cornish chough," possibly for the Cornuto line of Tertullus. Cornish's share the same chevron as English Capone's. Quintus Caepio, whose Caepionis version is expected with Capone's, stole a vast treasure (106 BC) from Rome that needed to be laundered, and Tertullus became a banker in Galatia, exactly where the Gauls lived that had also lived in Toulouse, where Caepio got his treasure. The Galatian Gauls I'm referring to are those of Brogitarus.

Beckets use a "Bis vivit" motto phrase, partially suspect with Vibius' to which Laevillus belonged, for Vibia-liner Walerans use "VoBIS." The Biss' share the coiled snakes of Nettle's in both colors, and the same leaf design of Dutch Beckers is a "nettle leaf" in the Keating Coat. Recall the Keat cats and the reason that MontaCute's should be Keith-Catti liners. Nettle's may be a branch of Needle's honored in the needle of one Petty Coat (Pettys are Flavius-Petro suspects with the Fast Shield). The Keating motto suggests that the Keating Crest boar is the red boar of Less' (same place as Pasleys/Pashleys and Packers/Peckers), which is in colors reversed from the Beard/Bard boar. There is a Liss surname looking applicable to Cedes', expected from "Cetis" along with Keatings. It's known that Pollock titles were taken early by Leslie's. PLANCia Magna should be the reason for PLANTagenet Fulk, and Plants/PLANQUE's (from Montreuil in Artois) happen to use cabbages while the same leaf design as the nettle leaf is a "cabbage leaf" in the Coat of French House's. There we have the "coincidence" that Rieti-line Roets were likewise of Montreuil.

We want to know whether the Plants/Planque's are using the patee cross of Claptons, for the other Claptons share a bend like that of Plunketts. Reminder: the Tewkesburys who married Arthurs (pelican) of Clapton share the REDham/RedMAINE castle, which is a form of the Pellican tower, while Pellicans are in the pelican of Vespasia-liner Pullys/Pullers/Pullens, and the latter share the Plock-of-Plunket martlets, yet they are also the martlet of Josephs, first found in the same place (MAINE) as Pellicans.

English Plants/Plantagenets use a label while Labels/La Bels share the crescents of TURTLE's/Toothills, a not-bad reason to view Turtle's from Tertullus. Plantagenet was the son of Fulk V of Anjou, king of Jerusalem, and Plantagenet's mother was a daughter of Elias I, count of Maine! Note that Biss' share the scallops of Flecks, then read: "Elias I (also Helie or Elie) (died 11 July 1110), called de la FLECHE [caps mine] or de Baugency, was the Count of Maine..." Going back a little further in time to Herbert I of Maine: "Herbert was, at times, a nominal vassal of his neighbor Fulk III Nerra, Count of Anjou..." The latter is in the write-up of Fulke's (same place as Flecks), and Plancia's father had first gotten his political career under Nerra-like Nero. There's more vair fur used by Nero's. It's interesting that one Herbert surname shares the Pasley / Fuller bars. Another Herbert surname uses palm leaves while Palmers share a version of the Fleck Coat. It appears we are spot-on with HerBERT of Maine, and that FulBERT can apply as per the sharing of the same bars by Fullers and Herberts. Note the HerBELOT variation of the Herberts.

There's more. The last update stressed the "green tree" of Panico's and others, and here the Pack bull stands in front of a "green tree." Today, I found the Pacino's (same place as Pasi's/Pascels/Pasini's) with a "green tree" and nothing else. I also found Picks/Pex's with "A tree" in Crest, and sharing gold-on-blue fitchee crosses (now suspect with the Vitch kin of Walerans) with Pincs/Pinks/Pinch's. Can they all descend from the Picensii peoples (see right-center of dark map) at/beside the Pek river? Looks good. The Pek river, not marked, is the smaller one flowing by Cuppae to Pincum, which is Punicum on the map.

English Packs share the anchor on blue with Paisleys/Pasleys, the latter first found in the same place as Speers, and spear-using Fulke's (same place as Flecks and sharing the Shield of Belgian Flecks) share the giant fleur-de-lys of Polish Packs. It should be added that while Vasto's were a branch of Montferrats, Renier of Montferrat was suspect with the Reno river / surname, thus linkable to Panico's, for a daughter of Renier's son married Guido Guerra III of Bologna elements.

I was living in the basement on D'Maine street, in a house owned by Greeks. I don't recall their names, and so I've looked up Greeks/Greers (same place as Kilpatricks), to find them as a branch of Gregors, both sharing the oak tree. The related Alpins, who share the thistle with Paisleys/Pasleys, call theirs a fir tree. With Paisleys, Alpins can trace to Albino's of Modena, near the Panico's. In fact, Panico variations are suspect with Modena's Panaro river. Greeks/Greers use "a silver quadrANGULar lock," which looks like part-code for the D'Angulo surname of Nagle's, branch/kin of Angle's/Angels ("demi-PEGasus"), but then Pass'/Pascals share the Templar lamb with German Angels. As with all Templar lambs, the Angle lamb holds a banner, code for the BANNERs from the PANARo river. Just look at what the Greeks have brought us to so lickety-split.

Marano is on the Panaro, and the Marano lion traces very well to the same-colored ones of Paine's, Tints and Wissles/Wizels. But the neighboring Monks are suspect with the same lion, and they are expected from Liguria's Monaco, smack beside Oneglia, where Nagle's trace whom I see in the Gale fesse. In fact, the Gale fesse probably has the Monaco lion. Oneglia is where the nails of Logans/Lohans trace, and this was put into code for Lohengrin, the Swan Knight, whom was revealed as part-code for the swan-using Locks and Lokens/Lochs, thus explaining why Greeks/Greers use a quadrangular LOCK. And LohenGRIN is suspect also with Grimaldi's, who lived largely in Monaco. The Zionist stars of Monaco's, in colors reversed, are blue, as are the same of Modena's Casano's/Cassandra's, and the latter link to Sodans, first found in the same place as Monks and suspect with a version of the Gale fesse. Moreover, while it's been resolved that the Marano lion is that of Wallis', the Walsh's use a pierced swan to corroborate a Marano link to Monaco, but that swan is part-code for the Pierce branch of Gouel de Percival. The last update found that Gouel-likely Glue's/GLOUGHs were likely a branch of Glove's, the latter in the Coat of swan-using Sions/Swans.

Recall how Masci's were linking well to Vinkovci elements, for Vince's/Vinch's are good candidates for Vinkovci liners because they use a "sibi" motto term while Vinkovci was also Cibalae. It was very recent when finding the Vince Coat with the Wizels/Wyllie's (same place as Greeks/Greers!), sharing a Wizel variation with Wissles/Whistle's. "Vince" is a known variation of "Vicenzo," and Valentins, suspect with Valentinian I of Cibalae, Justine's imperial husband, were first found in Vicenza...not far from Este. Greeks/Greers use a "MeMOR esto" motto term, partly suspect with Morinis', first found in Modena with Marano's. Masseys share the pegasus with Angle's/Angels.

Aha! This estoile-using alternative Arms of Macclesfield (Cheshire) uses a "Memors" motto term. The five-pointed crown in the Macclesfield Arms has a "rim," and the same crown is in the Greek/Greer Coat! PLUS, RIMS/Rome's/Rooms were first found in the same place as Greeks/Greers!!!!!!!!! This is a way to connect Maschi's of Rimini to Rims/Rome's. The Crest of the Arms is said to be of the "Knutsford-Bucklow-Wilmslow area," and while Knutsfords are traced to Cnuts, they are suspect with the Knights that I trace to the Nith river of Dumfries-shire i.e. where Rims/Rome's and Greeks/Greers were first found. While that river was home to the Geds, the "PunGIT" motto term of Rim's/Rome's may apply. I had read that the Nith-river Geds "gave their swords" (army) to the Mackays of Sutherland.

I had read that Vaux's/Valibus' (same stars as Sutherlands) were a branch of Wells, and that can be proven where the Vaux Coat is shared by Wellmans, whom I've just found as "Wilm," as per the Macclesfield Arms above said to include a symbol of Wilmslow. The green Wilm/Wellman roundels are called, pommels. Swords used the pommel and are expected in the Sewer variation of Suther-like Suters.

It all looks like cute Sharon Pascal on D'Maine street. Repeat: "The Pascal Crest is "A BEARDed man from the WAIST up." The waist may be code for Wastells/Wessels, suspect with Wissels/Whistle's (same lozenges as Packers/PICKers (see PICnic table)) that probably use the Tint and Payne lion. All three latter surnames were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Montacute's." Yes, but Wastells smack of Vasto's / Fasts, and might yet be from Porcius Festus, governor of Judea during the reign of Nero. Of high interest is the Feast surname, new to me today, which has variations like those of Vitch's/Fetch's/Veach's (like "Beach") who in-turn share the three black bull heads with Walerans. The Feasts/Veiths/Vietschs happen to use three bends in the colors of the one bend of "Grip-FAST" Leslie's.

By what coincidence do Plunketts (same place as Dol) use a "FESTina" motto term??? I had almost forgotten. The Lents (Dol colors) suspect in the Plunkett motto should be the Dol Alans, yet notice how Alents/Quillans/Ailans (Alan colors) use a reflection of the Annas Coat. There is a Quillan location beside Rennes-le-Chateau and Roquefeuil. Keep in mind that French Julians (like "Quillan") and French Alans use the same stars.

All of the Pass-related surnames --- which seemingly included Beck / Beach liners -- are strongly showing from Vespasian, and expected to go through his son, Titus, but the latter's son, Domitian, was himself a Roman emperor, the 6th head of Revelation's seven-headed dragon. The early Bassianus' (200 AD) included one empress, DOMna. There is a Domino/Damon surname using a giant tower in colors reversed from the white one of Plunkets, Clavers and Hills. German Damons/Damanns use "mullets pierced" while Pierce's were first found in Somerset, founded by a DUMNonii peoples. German Damons/Demanns use s dancette while Dance's/Donnas' were first found in the same place (Piedmont) as Domino's/Demons...and Masci's, important where the Masci's were in Cheshire, where Chee's/Cheatle's were first found that share a red dancette with Damons/Demanns and Demans/DOLmans (Cheshire garbs?). Piedmont was the territory of Vasto's. (Damons use their dancette in the colors of the same of Openheims.)

Hmm, the D'Homan variation of Domino's/Damons suggests the Humans/Yeomans (same place as Tewkesburys) using "spear cronells" (in colors reversed from the Damon tower), and in the Human Crest, it's the Fulke spear but broken. I can clinch this Human trace to Fulke's by way of the "human hearts" of Sprouts (in the last update) who in-turn use the Pasi/Pascel spears upside-down, and the Sprout spears are exactly the Speer spears! Moreover, Sprouts were first found in the same place (Roxburghshire) as Sprowestun while Fulke's were first found in the same place as Sprowston. That is, Human-loving Sprouts appear to be a branch of Sprows/Spruce's (share vertically-split Shield with Fulke's). While Fulke's share the double-tipped SHAKEspeare spear, Molle's/Mole's (Roxburghshire) are in the moleHILLS of SHAKE's.

As Payne's use a broken spear and lions in colors reversed from the Broke/Brock lion, it suggests that the Spears, beloved of the Pasi/Pascel spears, were in merger with Brogitarus liners to Brocks. And Brogitarus' Galatians are suspect with the father of Plancia Magna. That father, as we saw, had a Varus surname, as did Laevillus, but here I am seeing a flood of evidence -- never seen before by me -- for a link of Vespasian's family to Laevillus. My hunch is that Joseph Caiaphas was Laevillus' grandfather, and Josephus' father so that this can explain the Laevillus link to Vespasian's family i.e. when Josephus joined it (the bastard was the Jewish general fighting Vespasian, and after killing his entire army, women and children included, he went over to Vespasian...and made him an offer he could not refuse, we assume.

The Steer surname loves the Cetis-like Cedes' in its motto. If I recall correctly, the Cedes'/Seats share two pale bars in the colors of the same in the Arms of Vilaine, that place being where Plunketts were first found. The Pollock-like Plocks, sharing the same martlet as Pullys/Pullers, have a Plunket term in their write-up, not of great surprise where Vespasia Polla's mother-in-law was Tertulla. They say nothing is known of Tertulla, but there are such things as cover ups, and we would expect a cover-up most as it touches upon Caiaphas' details. Nothing, they say, is known about his parents / children. Josephus claimed to be of Jewish priestly lines.

This page from a book says that the "Plancia VARI" were "locally very powerful" when allied with the "Cornuti Tertulli." Plancia's son, Tertullus, it says, was "favored by Vespasian..." This son's daughter, Julia Tertulla, we read, "married Julius Simplex, and then the Perga-like Perkin surname has the motto, "SIMPLEX viGILUM VERI." It can be somewhat gleaned from that motto that the Perkin fleur are shared by Gilans/Gellone's (Quillan/Alent colors), probably from the Gellone monastery because it was near Quillan. William de Gellone monastery was a ruler of Tool-suspect Toulouse. Simple's were first found in the same place as Pollocks and Speers, thus nailing the Perkin surname with a Tertullus line, from a family taking on the Perga name, to Vespasia Polla. It suggests that Tertulla, wife of Flavius Petro, was of this thing. The white tower is used also by Spanish Vigils while the Perkin motto term, "vigilum" can apply. Vigils share vair fur with Scottish Gilans, and the latter's Coat is of the Laevillus > Leavell line to Meulan.

There's more, for while the Perkin lion is that also in the Toothill/Touthill bend, the Tooths use a version of the Perken (with an 'e') Coat. The same black lion can be in the Chief of English Verys (Norfolk, same as Fulke's, said to be from legendary Tertullus). Scottish Verys/Fairie's use a plow while the Shropshire Plows (and Dole's) use the fleur of Varro's in colors reversed...meaning that Plows use the same fleur as Hells/Helles', the latter in TootHILL colors. Plows share the dancette with Tottens, first found in same place as Fiers/Fere's, a branch of Vere's and anchor-using Fermans / Firmans. It can be assumed, therefore, that Tertullus liners were to Verys and Vere's.

The Asners/Eisens use the same bend as Toothills but put horseshoes upon it, symbol of Ferrers, Ferrari's and similar others. As the Toothill bend-with-lion is used by Eytons/Eitons, the latter are now suspect with the Eisen variation of ASNers, and so they can trace together from the namer of ASINia, mother of Caius Asinius Quadratus, father-in-law of Laevillus (I know of only one Laevillus). Compare Jewish Eisenhowers/Eisensteins to Cetis-suspect Chads. Are Aesons/Essons (probably the lions of Annas-suspect Angus') using the Place/Plaiz / WithiPOLE lion?

There is the possibility that "Tertullus" was derived in the queen-Teuta line I see in the family of Amyntes (Brogitarus' son). "Tertullus" may have been a Teuta-Tull combination, which may have been of the same that named QuadraTILLA Bassus (Laevillus' wife). This can explain why Turtle's are listed with Tuttle's/Toothills. The Tools (familiar lion) come to mind, for while they are suspect from "TOULouse," the particular Gauls that Amyntes and his wife belonged to (the Trocmii and Tectosages) had been at Toulouse, or near it. Tools even share the brown boar, in the same design, of Pollocks, making Tools suspect with "Dol." One Tull/Tolle Chief shares the Tool lion. The "PRUDentia" motto term of these Tulls (anchors, see Fermans / Firmans) suggests the Prude's/Pride's that share fish in the same colors with the Arms of Rieti (Pratis" motto term).

The Prude's/Prats were first found in the same place as Bouillons. In this translated article, Godfrey de Bouillon is shown at the head of the row for the marquis of Saluzzo under Manfred I. In the second row, we find the Saluzzo Coat with Alice of Montferrat, and when clicking to her article, she's the wife of Manfred II of Saluzzo, a Vasto liner. The Arms of Dal Vasto use the Saluzzo Shield (just a blue Chief, nothing more), but as Vasto's were a branch of the Aleramici on Montferrat, note that the Arms of the Aleramici use only a red chief, the color of the Tull/Tolle Chief. It's known that Alice of Saluzzo married the FitzAlans of Clun (Shropshire), yet they were from Dol, part of the line to Stewart formation. The Tulls/Tolle's share the Stewart checks, thus nailing the Tools as Dol liners, apparently, and explaining the Pollock boar in the Tool Crest. The Vespasia line (of Pollock) can thus be traced to "TerTULLus" if Tull/Tolle / Dol liners apply. This is not trivial. Tolls/Tulle's, for the record, share a pyramid with Fisks.

When we go back to the page with the image of Godfrey de Bouillon, we find Beatrice of Savoy. At the head of the third row, there is an image of a marquis of Saluzzo (assumed to be Manfred III), and beside his head is the same flag of Templar Jerusalem that's upon Godfrey's breast. Why is the potent cross being used for this Aleramici line? It seems certain that the Taddei's (share Bouillon cross for a related reason) are involved here, but as Taddei's (same Chief colors as Tulls/Tolle's were first found in the same place as Massa-Carrara, the Arms of which share the Tull/Tolle (and Fulk) checks, it seems obvious that Taddei's were connected to the Saluzzo line to FitzAlans. The latter were in Arun / Arundel, in the same place as the first-known Felix's (Taddei colors) that happen to use the potent cross!

Plus, Tulls/Tolle's were first found in Staffordshire, location of Lichfield, the place of St. Chad (I don't know whether he lived or was legendary code), while the crutch-potent symbol was owned first by Chads, according to what I've seen implied. The Chads (same place as Tuits, Flecks and Fulke's) use the potent cross too, but are suspect with the Trent Shield for a trace to Marano. The Chad cross is in the colors of the Bouillon / Taddei cross. The Tool and Tull lions are in the colors of the Marano lion. The Tuits (Chad colors) are said to have included a Todeni character of the Normans, like the Tosini variation of Berone-beloved Tous' (same general area as Fulks and Taddei's...and Barone's / Bruno's expected with the brown Tool Pollock boar), and the latter's shirt with buttons can be the Bithynia line to Bidens/Buttons, i.e. from the father of Plancia Magna in Bithynia. That gets us to Tertullus, Plancia's husband.

Manfred III of Saluzzo married Beatrice of Savoy, and her daughter, Constance, married the ruler of Aragon who had traced excellently to the Sicilian Mosca's and Hohenstaufens. Constance was the queen of Sicily when Manfred III above became its king, and she happened marry PETER of Aragon, making him suspect with a Petro-of-Rieti line to Peter Pollock (the Tull PYRamid can relate to Peter liners of a Pierre / Peir kind). The Mosca leopard has long been suspect with the Chives-Crest "cat," but here I can repeat that Chives' should be of the namers of Ceva while Luis of Ceva was mother to Alice of Saluzzo. The latter's father (Thomas) was a son of Manfred III above: "In his youth [Thomas] was brought up at the court of Chivasso by marchese Bonifacio II of Monferrato..." Chivasso, named by the Chives', right?

Therefore, the Caiaphas-suspect Chives' are looking closely linked to Vasto liners i.e. possibly from Festus. We can ask whether Caiaphas himself (or his son) had anything to do with replacing Felix with Festus in Judea. Mosca's were first found in Pisa, same as Tous'/Tosini's, and while I have it from a message of God through emailer Patterson that Caiaphas can be expected with a blue lion, Pisa's use one, and it's likely the lion of Massins/Masons and Louvaine's, for Pisa is at Massa-Carrara. The Massars/Massai's were first found in Lucca, and Lucca's use the cat with Chives'. Masseys/Masse's were first found in Savoy with Beatrice of Savoy, but as her daughter was queen of Sicily, it makes Mosca's suspect with Masseys of Massa. Constance's even share the pine symbol with Maschi's, as well as using the same eagle as Ferte-Mace suspect Ferte's that are themselves traceable to "ManFRED" and the Sicilian line of emperor FREDerick Hohenstaufen.

Read carefully. Bidens/Buttons, who share the same fesse as Scottish Leavells/Lovells, in the colors of the double fesses of Love's/Luffs, were first found in the same place as Josephs and Botters. Italian Botters (may be using the Toothill/Touthill bend closely) were first found in Lucca, and Botters are definitely using the Chattan and Chatan (another white tower) bends. These latter surnames link well to the Lucca cats and therefore make the Lucca-area link to Chives'. The latter's mountain cats suggest the Mountains who share the same saltire as neighboring Messeys/Messiere's. Chattans/Cato's (Roxburghshire, same as Scottish Leavells/Lovells) are said to have intermarried with Percy and Potts, and while Potters were first found in the same place as English Botters, the Percys are known to have merged with Louvains, and to have used the Louvain lion. Moreover, Percys married the line of Alice of Saluzzo once it was married by the FitzAlans of Clun (Cluns use the Saluzzo / Vasto Shield too). We can glean here that Louvains should have been Laevillus liners to Percy-like Percivals, and moreover cushion-using Redhams/Redmans, expected as a Laevillus line to Rieti, share the castle with Chattans/Cato's. It's well-established in my mind that PORCIUS Cato (owned land in Sabina two centuries before Vespasian's birth) is a line out of the Rieti area to Chattans, and then there was PORCIUS Festus. Vastincidence? Porci's use the same fleur as Petro's and DeMaine's. Potters were even first found in the same place as Porters/PAWTers (beside English Leavells) whose portcullis gate is suspect as code for Proculus, Laevillus' son.

Vests/Vestens/Vesters (Switzerland, same as Feschs/Vechtens) use a single, upward arrow (on blue) in the colors of the single, upward fist of Fists (Austria). See also the arrow of the ANNANdale Adams with what could be the Savoy cross in colors reversed. Italian Felix's were first found in Rome, as were Rita's that use "PIECES of wood" while Piekes' (Bavaria, same as Rothes'/Rothchilds (no 's') use another single and upward arrow (again on blue). The single arrow of Rothschilds/Rodsteins/Ruthsteins can apply, and while they can be of the same-colored Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs, first found in Moray (home of Peter Pollock), Italian Felix's happen to share the Moray stars. The Rothers/Randolphs (Rodham colors) are expected from Thomas Randolph, earl of Moray, but in connection with Peter Pollock's Rothes castle. Thomas was the son of ADAM Kilconquhar, who is in at least some of the Adam surnames.

Continuing with Vest / Fist suspects, English WASTells/Wessels (WESTmorland) share the garbs of Josephs (same place as Bidens/Buttons), while German Wessels (share the horn with Bidens/Buttons) share a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Chads, from St. Chad of Staffordshire, where Wess'/Westons/Westerns (share the Ice/Ecko/Icky eagle) were first found. English Felix's use the potent cross from St. Chad. The Wessels/Wastell Chief was traced to the Coat of Rudes' (Shropshire, same as English Rothes') while Rudes' were traced to Rudesheim, beside Frankfurt, home of Mayer Bauer, the first Rothschild. (If the Feschs/Vechters were from the Fieschi of Genoa, the Ice/Icky eagle looks like the Doria eagle.)

There is a Fester/Foster/Forester surname sharing a rare green-on-white chevron with Shake's, and then a green Shield is used by Forez's/Forests (same fesse as Herods/Heraults), first found in Savoy, very Festus-interesting because the Forez mountains are beside Mont Pilat while Felix followed Pontius Pilate while Festus followed Felix. Italian Felix's use stars in Pilate-pheon colors, and Pontius Pilate's mother is said to have been a Pict of Perthshire, near Moray. Cluns (Vasto-Saluzzo Shield exactly!), in Pilate colors, were first found in Perthshire. Forez's/Forests use the motto, "TOUT travers," and Travers are highly suspect with a Treviso/Tarvisium trace to Tarves, where Chives' were first found. Caiaphas was the high priest under PONTIUS Pilate, and that may indicate a close connection between the two. Plancia's father was a ruler of Bithynia and the PONTUS.

I had thought that Cutters use the Saluzzo Shield in colors reversed for a related reason. Cutters use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Brocks and Brocuffs (potent cross), and while Brocks use the Scottish-Stewart motto, English Stewarts were first found in the same place as Walerans, whom were found to be a branch of MonteCUTE's, making Cutters suspect with the latter. This recalls the GLOVE link to the Glouph's/Glue's (Sion/Sine kin), and then the Glove Coat (Perthshire again) is a reflection of the Catter Coat (same place as Pasleys/Pashleys and Packers/Peckers). God showed (last update) why Glue's should be of the Carpenters (Glove-like globe in Crest), whom I've always (for years) linked to Fullers, but this update found the Fuller bars with Pasleys/Pashleys. Carpentras is beside Pertuis, which I see with the Perdrix peak of Mont Pilat, and therefore with "Perth(shire)."

Recall that the Cute plates linked strongly to the Mussel plate's because the two proved to be the line to the Keith Catti of Musselburgh. The Keiths come up as Mascals, and there is another Mascal surname first found in the same place as English Felix's...and Deans/Diane's that were in God's code, Diane MUSCHATov (Mosca branch?) If I recall the spelling correctly, there was a Muscula location in Numidia. I've just found Musselmans, sharing the same checks as Hohens, suggesting a Mosca-Hohenstaufen relationship as the basis of Mussels. That works. And the blue Musselman Chief can therefore be the Saluzzo-Vasto Chief where Constance of Sicily was from Manfred III of the Vasto's. As I trace mythical Melusine to Cohens / Hohens, note that she's in the Buron/Byran/Barone Crest, for Musselmans are said to be of a Buron entity. Baruns/Barone's (Waterford) use the blue Vere boar, we may now assume. This has Bruno / Barone liners all over it.

Musselmans first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Tute's/Toots, but said to be from an old location of MicklethTHWAITE / MUCELthwaite (same place), in Norfolk, where Tute's/TUITs and THWAITE's were first found along with Felix-like Flecks and Fulke's. It tends to reveal that Mussel/Muscel liners were Mick-like, and Micks are also Mukula's while Mitch's are listed with MusCHATs, beside the Musts/Muschats/Mousequette's and related Love's/Luffs. The latter use three fesses in colors reversed from the same of Micks/Mukula's, and are in the colors of the three Buren bends, much like the bendy of Italian Barone's (same place as Bruno's, beside the Mosca's), very likely the Perdix > Barry / Berry line.

Catters are in the colors of Satters/SetterTHWAITE's who may in-turn be using a version of the Levin Coat while Levins share the martlets of Saddocks, the latter using a colors reversed Shield version of Mascals (same place as Saddocks).

The Michaels come to mind here with "Mukula / Mickleth, and Michaels/Mitchells (mascles, no guff) happen to use "Favente" while Musselmans use "Favent." It tends to prove that Michaels are using a wavy version of the engrailed Meschin/MASCULine fesse. This recalls that God's code for the Brylle-line Cretans was Michael Brillinger, and here the Hell/Helles fleur-de-lys are in the Musselman Coat while Brylle's alternative name was Hyeles. And we can also point out that while Meschins married Yorkshire's Skiptons, the Elis'/Heles' were first found in Yorkshire, as were Musselmans. The Elis cross with symbols compares well to that of Supers suspect in the Michael/Mitchell motto. Supers use a version of the Faithful Coat (more plates), in Fleck colors probably for a related reason (Flecks share the Meschin scallops).

Amalthea of Crete is being traced to Mell-like surnames, and Mellins/Melville's (compare with Mattis Coat below) were first found in Midlothian, beside Musselburgh. These Mellins had a place in SarpEDIN-suspect EDINburgh (Arms of Edinburgh use a "DoMINUS" motto term suspect with mythical Minos, father of Sarpedon). Musselburg is in East Lothian, where Vaux's were first found that are part of the Laevillus > Waleran line to MontaCute's. Mellins/Melville's happen to share the white greyhound with plate-using Cute's, Glue's and Mellons. This tends to assure that Cute's were of the Keith Catti. English Vaux's share checks in half the colors of the Hohen and Musselman checks, which reminds that the Vaux bloodline from the Arms of Meulan/Mellent ought to be of the Cohen / Hohen Khazars. As the Baux variation of Bauts can apply to Vaux liners, let's mention Amadeus VI of MontMELIAN (Savoy), father of Beatrice of Savoy. Amadeus (mythical Amata?) married Cecilia of Baux. The Italian Mattis' (i.e like "AMADEUS") use the same checks as Cohens, and come up as "Massi.

The "DENique" motto term of Mellins/Melville's can be for Deans/Diane's because the two share crescents in colors reversed, and because the Dean/Diane Chief is that also of the Savoy Masseys'/Masse's. The latter once showed BOOTs that could have been code for the BAUTica river, where Bauts/Baux's trace. The Mellin/Melville roses can therefore be of Rozala of Ivrea (on the Bautica), and that place is suspect with the Yvery location of Waleran, count of Meulan/Mellent.

On Baux: "The House of Baux is a French noble family from the south of France...They were independent Lords as castellan of Les Baux and Arles and wielded very considerable authority at local level. They held important fiefs and vast lands, incl. the principality of Orange." "Orange" has been suspect with "Rangabe," and with Melissena Rangabe (half Khazar), whom I trace to the forming of Cohens / Hohens (i.e. I see mythical Melusine as representing her). I don't think I'm going to agree with Wikipedia's definition of "Baux" with a house built on a steep mountainside.

The Mellin/Melville's share "COELum" with Stevensons while God use Steven Mellanson as a sign (see him last update). This motto term can be for the Cole's, first found beside Walerans, and sharing the black bull with them. As The Baux's of Naples are said to be Balzo's, the bull-using Boso's/Bosins (MILAN) come to mind. The latter's bull design is that of Claro's/Charo's/Chiaro's, highly suspect with MonteChiaro's of Sicily, who married Mosca's. English Josephs use a "charo" motto term, and we saw why Joseph Caiaphas should be of the Chives' (Chivasso, near Ivrea) sharing the Mosca leopard. Boso's/Bosoni's (Ottone/Otto colors), suspect with Bosonids, were first found in the same place as Ottone Visconti, and Auto's/Otto's (beside German Mellins) have the black bull head too. Ottone's/Otto's have a solid chevron in the colors of the same of Stevens.

While Montacute's are said to be from COUTance (beside the Cetis-line Caen location), making is suspect with a line from Cetis, the "regula" motto term of Montacute's might be partly for a REGneville location beside the town of Coutance. As that term looks like "Regan," note that Regans come up as "Regal," a term in the Cole motto.

Good morning. It's Thursday. For at least seven months, I've had a bump on my gum from an infected tooth. It subsides to almost gone, then grows and releases a small amount of white pus, more often when I have more sugar. Yes, sugar really does decay a tooth, when sugar is in the bloodstream. So I went off of sugar to the best of my ability, and the bump can thus go ten or more days without issuing, which I feel to be a safe situation, and may even cure the tooth. But yesterday, I noticed, for the first time since the bump developed, that it is completely gone. I monitor the thing by sliding the tongue over the gum. It is now gone, completely. It might come back, but it's now gone. And this bump is called a FISTula! In my opinion, this tends to be a Sign that the Fists and similar surnames, which were the topic yesterday and the day before, were indeed from Festus. And I have a feeling that the Tooth surname applies, which, I've noted in the past, has a version of the Perken Coat for a Teuta trace to Tertullus and Plancia Magna.

I know it sounds crazy, but I claimed that both the Tooth and Gumm surnames apply, and that God allowed the tooth decay to take place to get me to stress these surnames, which was being done while I discovered queen Teuta. I had never before stressed nor investigated her Ardiaei people, even though king Arthur has been a major topic for almost a decade. I am flattened to see just now that the Shield-and-Chief colors of English Gumms is that of the Monferrat Aleramici, important because the Vasto's are an Aleramici branch. Is that not amazing? So, the message I'm getting is that Festus was related to Tertullus, and includes kinship with Aleramici, who, by the way, are suspect with the Allers (red escutcheon) and their kin, the Holdens (red escutcheon and a so-called ALLERion (beakless) eagle).

The upright (rampant) Gumm lion is in both colors of the PASSant lion used by the Perkins ("Simplex"). The Gumm Chief is even a good reflection of the Chief of Caiaphas-like Capes', first found beside the Gumms. The latter were first found in Cambridge along with Capone's, Chapmans and June's. The Gumms can be of the Game variation of Cams, for a Cam river runs through CAMbridge. The Gumm lion thus becomes suspect with the crowned lion of Italian Capone's while the Perkin lion becomes suspect with the crowned Levi lion, all lions in black on white.

The Tooth-related Twitch's, who share a squire helmet with Armors, were traced by an act of God to the Armour surname in the father (Stanley Armour Dunham) of Obama's mother. The source of the Meu river is in the Armour part of Brittany, and flows, shortly after leaving Armour, though a MONTFORT location. It then meets another river near Rennes while the Raines' use lions in the colors of French SIMONs. Perkins were first found in Leicester, where Waleran's Beaumont side was ruling after being in Meulan. The Leicester title passed from Beaumonts to SIMON de MONTFORT, meaning that he was a Leavell line. Montfords share an upright and giant white lion with French Simons, and the Montfort lion is colors reversed from the same one of Italian Simons (Sicily).

The "mon" motto term of French Simons suggests that they use the lion in the Arms of Gaunt, which comes with a virgin as code for Virgins, first found in the same place as Ghents (and Mynetts and Numidian-liner Massins), and using the Aur/Aures lion, I believe, for both surnames use the red lion in both Crest and Shield, as do Italian Simons. Aures was the Numidian home of Shawia, and while I trace Aures liners to the namers of Ayrshire (uses a "shaw" term in its Arms), English Simons (same place as Walerans) share the trefoils of Ayers and Eyers/Ayers (STICK colors), which are used as quatrefoils in the same colors by Shaws. QUATRefoils are suspect with QUADRatilla, Laevillus' wife, mother of Charax Proculus, the ancestor of Carricks, first found in Ayrshire. You are learning proper history here, the real dragon guts behind the royal Stewart line that now owns the American military.

The Kyle's of Ayrshire, from Kyle, where Proculus-suspect Porters were first found, use candleSTICKs in honor of the SITHECH ancestry of Shaws. This line was that of the Vilnius ASTIKas', and I see Vilnius' namers at Vilaine, the part of Brittany beside Armor. There is no question that Vilnius elements traced to Sire's, expected as the kin of Squire's, you see, and this explains why Italian Simons use an "ARMatus" motto term as code for squire-helmet Armors, and why French Simons use "mon plaiSIR"; that motto recalls that Plaiz's share the Withipole lion counterchanged, and then Plessis' share the same-colored lions as Raines'. The Mons/Mounts (could have named MONTforts) use the same red and giant lion as Leghs (almost the Italian-Simon lion), the latter suspect at the Legro river of Leicester. Note how "Amyntes is like "Mont." French Monts, first found in the same place as Shaw-like Save's and the Messeys/Messier's sharing the saltire of neighboring Mountains, use three mountains, yet they are likely the rocks of Roque's, the latter first found in the same place (Languedoc) as Roquefeuil and Mountains.

Spanish Monts use "A blue shield with ten silver leaves (panelas) leaves within a silver roped border," The Rope's, who share an antelope in Crest, have the same lion as Italian Montforts (Sicily), recalling that Sicilian elements linking to Peter of Aragon included the Mosca kin of mountain-cat Chives'. While both Messier surnames (recalls the Massars of Lucca while Lucca's use cats) were first found in the same place as Pilate's and Pilotte's, the Pilate pheon is in colors reversed from the Rope pheons, and the latter's is in the colors of the Colt pheon while Colts were first found in the same place as Shaws. The Colts and Colters were from KOLODziej the Wheelwright, myth code for Wheelwrights that share the red antelope with Derbys, not to mention that Wheelwrights share the six-sectioned Shield with English Simons.

I'm not done. The Mynetts use the helmet too, and trace from Amyntes, said by Wikipedia to have conquered Derbe, and then Eyers/Ayers and helmet-using Twitch's were both first found in Derbyshire along with the Ropers (same as Ardon Coat) that use a "Lux" motto term (Brocuffs use it too), that should be for the Lux's using the Mieske / Cole bull. The Derby ANTELope is part-code for ANTALya (not far from Derbe), smack beside Perkin-liner Perga, home of TerTullus, whose name is suspect with the proto-Tulls/Toole's = Dols. Montfort and Rennes are in Vilaine, the same area as Dol and the first Plunkets. The Mynetts helmets are said to be "open" (the Armour helmet is open) which can be code for Openheims, the German branch of which uses a curved, solid chevron on a red Shield, as do German Gumms. As English Gumms are suspect with the Aleramici Chief, note that the German Openheims (same motto essentially as the Arms of Rothschild) use a blue Chief, the colors of the Vasto-Saluzzo Chief. The FISTula on my gum is expected to indicate a Vasto link to Gumms, and there we have a compelling one.

Tooths share the griffin of Letters/Lauders, and Lauder is near the two Tyne rivers while Tyne's/THENs use TEN bars, suspect with the ten leaves of Spanish Monts. What can we suggest for the leaves part? Compare Tooths (and Perkens) with Lauder-like Lighters/Lite's in the Ayer motto, and we see why Tooths should be tracing to Lauder, near the Tweed and Teviot rivers suspect with the Twitch surname (shown properly as Twiggs). The latter uses three bends in colors reversed from the same of Pungs/Paganels, and the latter are also Panels (share label with Pane's/Panico's) while Spanish Monts use "ten leaves (panela's)" (brackets not mine. We get it, and I see Levi liners with the Panico's, explaining the dove of leaf-using Leave's/Leve's. The Twitch bends are thin bendlets in the colors of the same of Toothills/Touthills (Cambridgeshire, same as Gumms, and beside Tooths). Toothincidence?

Panels were resolved as kin of Sole's, and can therefore be of Spanish Solana's/Sole's. As the Sole fish are in the colors of the same in the Arms of Rieti, the Solars can be using the Plaiz / Withipole lions.

There is a question on whether the Toothills (Perken lion) are using the Levi lion because the EITons use the Toothill Coat while AIDs, in the Levi motto, share the white bend with Eitons while Aids were first found in the same place (Berwickshire, Tweed-river area) as Arthurs and Aitons/ARTEMs, the latter suspect with ARTEMidoros, son of Amyntes. The Toothill / Eiton lion is likely that of Davids, and the latter use it in both colors of the Aid leopard heads.

The Twitch Chief uses the Totten dancette, but the sphinx-using Openheims use another dancette, suspect with king Donnus of the Cottians. There was a Julius-Caesar-Cotta reason for tracing Cottians to Amyntes, son of Brogitarus, the latter suspect with sphinx-using Brocuffs, and the latter use the Shield-and-Chief in colors reversed from the same of Vasto's that were within political reach of Cottians.

We can also visit the Claviere's, whom are known to have married French Mountains. The Claviere's show a fist-like hand, yet the hand appears formed for the landing of a hawk / falcon, and beside the hand are two birds, perhaps falcons, for Falcons were first found in the same place (LANGUEdoc)as Mountains, and use the same crescents as Labels and black-leopard Turtle's/Toothills (could be the black Aid leopards, right?). The other Toothills use their lion "LANGUEd red." Yet the Claviere description speaks on another Coat: "A red shield with a silver saltire between four silver keys." Keys are the symbol in the Crest of Clavers, the latter being the ones with the Plunket tower for a super trace to "Glaphyra," ancestor of Plancia Magna.

Tote's share the blue chevron with Turtle's/Toothills, and were first found in Staffordshire, location of St. Chad whose line is expected in the potent cross of Brocuffs. As Tote's use nothing but a chevron, the simplicity of their Coat evokes the Saluzzo-Vasto Coat (colors reversed from the Brocuffs). Tote's were first found between Derby and the Eitons of Shropshire, and as Tattons of neighboring Cheshire use the Tute/Toot crescent and the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits, Tute/Toot liners can be from Lake Tatta, near Derbe. Both were in wolf-depicted Lycaonia, and that's where I see the anteLOPE symbol, a union between things in Antalya (Pamphylia) and things in neighboring Lycaonia. Pamphylia had a Bilis river very suspect with Billets and similar surnames, and the Bils' share a Shield of checks in the colors of the Pelaiz/Baez checks, recalling the "PLAISir" motto term of Simons. The latter share the lion of greyhound-liner Greys.

Tattons, incidentally, use another white greyhound in Crest, symbol of Cute's and Glue's, for example. As Cute's share plates with Mussels (and the Singletary antelope), it brings white-Crest and blue-Chief Musselmans (same place as Tute's/Toots, and as Wheelwrights sharing the Singletary antelope design) back to topic, for they were in MucelTUIT, also called MickleTHWAIT while Thwaite's and Tuits were first found in the same place. Perfect, for Tattons are said to have married Masseys. MICKLEthwaite looks linkable to Cheshire's MACCLEsfield. And Thwaite's share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins! Perfect. One Thwaite location is even said to be in CLAVERing. Wikipedia naively traces "Clavering" to clover. As Glue's are Cloughs, it can appear that Glue's and Glove's were of the Clover variation of Clavers (same place as Tute'/Tuits). It makes Gouel de Percival suspect from Glaphyra ARCHelaus. Dutch Clavers can be using the Brocuff Shield. Glove's use a version of the Coat of Catters, the latter first found in the same place as Arks.

Musselburgh is near the Tyne / Tweed rivers, but closer to where Keiths/Mascals (said to be Catti) were first found, and the Mickle surname happens to use the Keith/Mascal motto in reverse, both sharing "vincit" with English Shaws, important because Shawia Numidians were from the Mascula area of Numidia. Coots/Cootes' (ducks) use the same motto, and Coote's/Couts use a version of the Colt Coat, linking the latter's stag head to that of Keiths.

Now just twait a mynett, I tawt I taw a pussy coot. The motto I'm referring to includes "VERItas," and so if Coot liners (Catti, I assume) can link to Tertullus liners, it recalls the Plancia VARI (Plancius Varus, father-in-law of Tertullus of Perga), and the "veri" motto term of his Perkin line. Repeat: "Thwaite's share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins!" Perkin- / Perga-like Burghs/Berks use the CAT! I did, I did see a pussy coot. Remember, Fullers are Carpenter kin while Pussys use the Fuller bars in colors reversed, while the Fuller motto is suspect with Futters that use the dog of Glue's. It's not a wonder that the Futter dog is called a maSTIFF, it's glued.

"VeriTAS" can also be for Tass' (same place as Deise's/Dice's) that happen to share the red scallop with Sabine's / Pullys/Pullers (same place as Tute's/Toots)...which again makes the Tertullus link to Tertulla of Rieti. And the Tass Crest is another greyhound. Tass' were even first found in the same place as PARROT-using Pettys.

Seneschals, suspect with mascles of sphinx-like Spinks (Glue lozenges), use a "Macula sine" motto phrase that should apply to Macclesfield elements. And Glue's share "Sine macula" with Cheshire-side Flints. The Shore's/Sure's are said to have been in Derbyshire's MICKLEover while Schore's/Shows are also SCHAWs (Tute/Tout crescents). The Shows/Schaws are in the NewMARSH motto, and while Marsh's are suspect with the Marshall kin of Keiths/Masculs, Show's/Schaws use a version of the OLIPHANT Coat, which itself shares the Tute/Toot crescent because there is a "Tout" motto term in the Oliphant motto. And English Mascals (and Pettys) use an ELEPHANT. I couldn't have fabricated better links if I tried. The big mouth of heraldry speaks a mean story, and God is telling the story with miracle after miracle in my present life, but extending from related miracles in my youth. And he chose me to do this, not because I'm gifted or specially holy, but because of my bloodlines. It doesn't exactly make me feel cottony-warm to see where my past traces to.

Tattons are said to have married WithenSHAW-Massys. Were they of the Withipole's?

If you check variations of Nimo's/Newmarshes/Nemmoke's, you can then visit Moke's to see a "diis sunt" motto phrase, like the "desunt" in the Arms of Macclesfield. And Sunters (Porcia boar?) were first found in the same place, BERKshire, as Arks and Catters (Porcius Cato?). Someone's black hunting horn is under the hooves in this alternative Arms of Macclesfield, and Mickle's happen to use the black hunting horn. The Cato's/Chattans of Clan Chattan often use the motto phrase, "bot a GLOVE," partly from the Butteri cowboys on both the north and south of Rome i.e. the Italian Botters.

The alternative Arms has a Rimini-suspect rim, and a motto suspect with the Cone's (antlers) in the Maschi pine cones, and that was the Conte line (antlers) likely of the Conteville's that birthed Meschins, but then Conteville's were birthed by John de Burgo, whose line definitely goes to the Burghs/BERKs (cat). It's the only Berk surname coming up, suspect with Berkshire's (Tatton quadrants); the latter share the fret with Cattle's suspect from Cattolica, at Rimini. As I expect Tattons from Taddei's (by what coincidence did my Masci-related grandmother get birthed from a Taddei?), let's add that I expect Taddei's with WILMA of Tuscany, which recalls that the alternative Arms has a Crest said to be from the Knutsford-Bucklow-WILMslow area. On the Macclesfield-Crest lion, we read: "The red lion represents the Egertons of Tatton, who held the hundred's Court Leet. This lion appeared in Knutsford's crest. Red lions also occur in the arms of the local Legh, Mallory and Leigh families." Mallorys, first found in Leicester i.e. the Legro-river where I trace Leghs. The Legh / Mallory lion is also that of HABSburgs/HAPSpurgs while Knutsfords share the fesse-with-lozenges (same colors) of Abbs/Apps. That's a good link to have because it traces something in the Apsus river to Swietoslawa, Cnut's mother.

"Court Leet" is interesting where Leets/Lete's have not been known by me before. They were first found in the same place as Gumms, recalling that Tooths use the griffin of Letters/Lauders (Tweed river). This would be a good place to add that Gumm-possible Hume's (Tweed river) use a "True TO THE end" motto while Leats use "Trustie TO THE end" motto, both apparently honoring Tooths. Leets/Lete's use a bend in colors reversed from the Toothills bend. So, you see, Gumms and Tooths were related, and I say that God gave my tooth an infection to blow up my gum, or I would not have stressed the Tooth link to Gumms over the last six months. And Tweeds/Twiddys, can we believe it, use the Shield-and-Chief colors of fistula-suspect Vasto's-Saluzzo's! Tweeds were first found in the same place as glove-using, Glue-related Sions/Swans.

Hume-beloved True's were first found in the same place (Warwickshire) as English Pettys, still suspect from Petro of Rieti, but let's keep in mind that Scottish Pettys share the green parrot with Leets (suspect with Court Leet of Egertons-Tattons). The Leet parrot is in both colors of the Petty martlet, and the Pettys use the Fast quarters. These are the Pettys that link hard to the Shield in the Arms of Rothschild, for the petty parrots are used by Peeble's while Bowers were first found in Peebles-shire. We saw above that the Rothschild Arms uses a motto linkable to that of Hume-like Openheims.

I don't know what Court Leet refers to, whether to a surname or not, but can add that French Courts (Languedoc, same as Cotta's) share the gold hunting horn with German Gumms, the latter sharing the black rooster with Crest of Cotta-like Coats/Cotes' (Staffordshire, same as Tooth-suspect Tote's) suspect in the "cotised" bendlets of Toothills/Touthills. Coats/Cotes' were used as per the description of one Knap Coat, and Knaps were looked up as per the Anticks listing same variations that end in Knap-like terms. English Knaps were first found in the same place as English Gumms! Anticks were looked up as per: "The antique crown [Arms of Macclesfield] occurred in the crests of both Knutsford (colored gold) and Wilmslow (colored red)." The Knaps happen to use crowns, as do the Grands in the motto of Courts/Coverts. German Knaps were first found in the same place (Rhineland) as OpenHEIM (Hume's???) whom themselves use the five-pointed crown in the Macclesfield Crest (the antique crown under discussion). "Heim" was traced to "Helm," and English Knaps happen to use helmets.

Aha! The Code's/Codde's share the black castle with Redhams/Redmans, the latter having been introduced as per the Reedham location of an early Mr. Fastoff. We just saw Coats in the same place as Tote's and linkable to Toothills, and Mr. Fastoff is in the write-up of fistula-like Fasts. You see, there is some reality in my "madness." Code's/Codde's (Cornwall) even share Cornish choughs with Toothills! You can't argue with that. And Reeds share a "copia" motto term with one of the Macclesfield Arms. Coats and Code's must be part of cute Sharon Pascal, the line from Rieti's Vespasia line, and so let's not forget that Tattons and Cute's share white greyhounds in Crest.

For the record, the code-studded Knap Shield partly has: "...a boy issuant, POSEd in profile WEARING a gold crown and a brownish COAT with silver flaps and a silver VEST, holding a STICK in his DEXTER hand..." Recall the Montfort location in Astikas-suspect Vilaine, for Dexters/Decksters were first found in the same place (Leicester) as Simon de Montfort ruled. Here we can remention the squire's helmet of Armors ("tutissima"), as per Squire's sharing the red squirrel with German Decks/Daggers. The Armor Coat looks linkable to that of Leets/Lete's, and Gumms (same place) share the hunting horn in both colors of the same of Warren-branch Wearings (Devon, same as Wears/Were's) who might be in the "wearing" term of the Knapp description. Spanish Pose's use the same fleur as Spanish Petro's, and both share the tower while Pose's use it in red, as do Spanish Murena's/Moratins, recalling that the Montfort lion is used by Marano's/Mauritano's (Modena). The Morinis' (Modena) share the blue fleur-de-lys with Leets/Lete's. Finally, the latter's fleur are in both colors as the ones of Spanish Varro's, recalling Aulus Terentius Varro Murena. The two Varro wolves face in opposite directions, as do the same-colored, two Murena eagles. That looks like a good strike.

The Varro / Leet fleur are used also by the Plows/Ploughs honored in the plough of VERY's/Fairie's, no coincidence, and a plowshare is used by Cotis'/Curtis' (Court/Covert colors) that use the same dancette as Plows. We can now assume that "Court Leet" was of the Curtis bloodline, from Curtus Maccabee, one of the Maccabees to whom Josephus traced his ancestry.

With Thwaite's linking so well to Tertullus, let's bring back the "VeriTAS" motto term as it's suspect with the Tass' that shows also as Tache's, suspect with both the gold DAGGer scallop, for the latter use the Sabine bull while Sabine's (same place as Thwaits) share the red Tass/Tache scallop. The "Sans tache" motto of Knap-like Napierscan apply, and the Napiers happen to use the same saltire as Tweeds. Napiers have Never-like variations, and Napiers were first found in Perthshire, beside the Nevers'/Neve's (lily) of Angus. The latter can be using the cross of Thwaits/Twitts/Tweats.

The Murder of Judge Scalia

Here is a video on the murderers / accomplices of Supreme-Court justice Scalia, but you don't see the main evidence against John Podesta until after the 30-minute mark. The section between 1:07 hr and 1:23 is long and seemingly irrelevant until Obama gets to where he speaks on the hacking upon of the DNC -- as well as on John Podesta's emails -- at which time it can hit us in the face that Obama is blaming the Russians because he knew it was the pro-Scalia people to see if they could catch the murderers via emails. I warn you that watching this video may have you feel as though you wasted 1.5 hours of your day, but the use of "wet works" (some minutes before 36-minute mark) in a email exchange between Podesta and Steve Elmendorf, a few days before Scalia's murder, is compelling where "wetwork" is a known (Mafia?) code for "murder / spilling blood." Isn't "Podesta" an Italian name? The sentence in which "wet works" is used makes no sense to the reader at its face value.

We have Elmendorf writing to Podesta on Tuesday Feb 2, 2016, "We won. Raising money today, talking the bedwetters off the ledge and heading to NH for the long weekend...let me know what else I can do." It sounds as though he's going to New Hampshire, not far from Martha's Vineyard. Podesta writes back in the same minute of receiving the email, just to say "Thx."

Podesta and Elmendorf were fools-hat upper-levels supporting the accident waiting to happen, Hillary Clinton. Podesta was top dog and probably had power to hire and fire. "Talking the bedwetters off the ledge" sounds metaphorical for getting someone not to take the plunge (as in a suicide plunge off the high ledge of a building). But whom does he mean by "bedwetters"? The youth? Isn't there a better term for teens? "Bedwetter" is not apt for peeing the pants in fear of something. Are the bedwetters the aged who can no longer hold it in? Why do the aged need to be talked off the ledge? Are they jumping i.e. leaving the party?

Seven days later, on the day Bernie Sanders was destined to beat Hillary in New Hampshire (primary), Podesta writes (4:36 Eastern Time in the afternoon) to Elmendorf nothing but, "Didn't think wet works meant pool parties by the Vineyard." Huh? It must be an "inside joke". It sounds as though Martha's Vineyard (Massachusetts) is at issue due to the V capitalization, but what's with "WET works" and, seven days earlier, "bedWETters"? How do we understand pool parties in freezing Massachusetts February? How does "wet works" apply to Bernie Sander's fundraising, or celebrating, or whatever, at Martha's Vineyard? Does Bernie live at Martha's Vineyard? Is it his second home? Is it a synonym for Bernie Sanders? Why should "Vineyard" refer to Sanders in any way? Wikipedia's long article on Sanders doesn't have "Martha."

Some lone person, who could be working for the Scalia murderers, wrote matter-of-factly, "Yes, Bernie had a pool party in Martha's Vineyard," but no one else trying to get to the bottom of this mentions it. Was it an indoor pool party? Why doesn't the person tell where the pool party was? Martha's Vineyard is an island, not a property.

On the same day of Podesta's "wet works" email, Elmendorf writes him back: "I am all in. Sounds like it will be a bad nite, we all need to buckle up and double down." It sounds like a lamenting of the prospect of Sanders getting the victory. Fine. But what else was going on for justifying "I am all in"? The previous emails didn't justify it. There must have been some telephone conversation(s). It's 8:56 pm when he sends this email, when there is virtually nothing more that could have been done on behalf of the vote that evening, but Podesta's saying, "I am all in." The suspicion by some is that there were two separate messages, with "I am all in" having nothing to do with the bad night about to happen in New Hampshire. That is, Elmendorf was confirming that he's agreeing to a request of some sort, privy to Podesta, and involving a plan.

Here is an MSNBC article (not worth visiting), with the headline, "Bernie Sanders a regular at high-dollar donor retreats," dated February 9, 2016, the day of the latter two emails above. The article mentions that Sanders was at Martha's Vineyard now and again, but does not say that he was there on the day of the article, nor anytime close.

The date of the article: "02/09/16 04:10 PM — Updated 02/09/16 08:59 PM" Fancy that. If all times were of the same time zone, Podesta's email was just 26 minutes after the article was published, and the article's update was just three minutes after Elmendorf wrote Podesta back, which could suggest that the Podesta team was involved with the material in the article, perhaps asking MSNBC for a change(s), explaining the update.

The long video above (where this section started) claims that the place Scalia was visiting (in remote Texas) at his death had both a pool and vineyard. The pool is easily visible from the satellite image, but I'm not sure that the neighboring farmland has grape vines. This is the weak spot in the theory, but there is still some cause to pursue a murder story.

When Elmendorf first writes (Feb 2) to say, "We won. Raising money today, talking the bedwetters off the ledge and heading to NH for the long weekend...let me know what else I can do." But one comment states: "there were no races or debates decided on 2/2." If that's correct, I think this email is a problem. Plus, why is he jumping two week-ends off, telling Podesta where he's going at that time, the weekend when Scalia died? Scalia died on Saturday the 13th (four days after the double email exchanges), and this was the long weekend because Monday the 15th was President's Day.

Could "We won" mean that Elmendorf was pushing to make the murder plot go forward, with hard cash of course, and that he succeeded? In the meantime, Podesta was waiting to hear whether the plot would move forward, and "We won" says it all. But he said it on the wrong day if there was no political victory at the time. "Raising money today" then looks like he's out to get the cash to pay for the murder.

Judge Scalia was found murdered in his BED, and then we have "bedwetters" as potential code for the murderers. Yes, if the murder plot was to have him die in his bed, "bedwetter" would be perfect code for this plot. "Talking the bedwetters off the ledge" could then mean, "talking the undecided murderers into not jumping i.e. deciding against it." Theory: Elmendorf was talking to the murderers on February 2. Where was he on that day?

Let's read it again: "We won. Raising money today, talking the bedwetters off the ledge and heading to NH for the long weekend...let me know what else I can do." Let me interpret: We got the deal. Money's being secured today. I've talked the murderers into not jumping, and it's happening on the long weekend.

He didn't say where it's happening, though it's implied by the timing and "bedwetter". To indicate the long weekend in some way was necessary to communicate to Podesta, in case there were multiple plots on how to carry it out, that the deal was to get him while he's scheduled for a hunting vacation in Shafter (almost on the Mexican border). Online reports tell of a suspicious ruler of that area that seems to have been privy to the murder. We also read that the ranch was owned by a Democrat, making sense.

I don't know where Elmendorf was when he emailed Podesta on either the 2nd / 9th. "Steve Elmendorf is also the Goldman Sachs point man for the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, who attended the Democratic nomination debates against Bernie Sanders in Durham, New Hampshire, on February 4, just 9 days before Scalia’s death?" So why did he say, on the 2nd, that he's headed to NH for the weekend of the 12-15 if in fact he was scheduled there one or two days later? Chances are that he didn't want an email record that he was appearing with Hillary's event on the 4th. It's not good for her if he's there at a fund-raiser, but he got caught there anyway, and media have at least one photo of it.

Mick West, an avid defender of Democrat activism, writes: "By "wet works" Podesta was referring to personnel changes in the Clinton Campaign after the disastrous 20 point loss to Bernie Sanders in the New Hampshire primary that day." West says that "wet works" was used to describe a figurative murder of some of the Clinton staff. Okay, but why would they get the axe in relation to Martha's Vineyard? Did Podesta really say, "Didn't know firing Hillary's NH staff meant pool parties at the Vineyard"? But this interpretation doesn't expect Elmendorf responding hours later with "I am all in."

If anything, Podesta's statement sounds as though Sanders was going to celebrate the victory at a place in Martha's Vineyard, as though Podesta knew that Sander's celebration party was scheduled there. But, in that case, why does Podesta link the wetworks with Sanders victory? Here's another way to interpret the statement: "Didn't know that our job with Scalia meant (would result in) Sander's victory party." Was Podesta lightly "blaming" Hillary's loss on Elmendorf and others pre-occupied with the assassination of the half-century? That could explain Elmendorf's reply to buckle up and try harder in the future to beat Sanders. But that's also the reply with "I am all in," and everyone knows that the latter is a phrase to be expected in some plot where there is cause for resistance / opposition for being involved. It's exactly what we would expect if Podesta was fishing for the status of the plot, one week after the first email. "I am all in" would mean, I haven't changed my mind, and everything is still a go. It's not necessary for the rest of Elmendorf's email to pertain to Scalia; the "bad nite" can be about Hillary's poor score in NH. That was definitely important to Podesta, and Elmendorf was also taking the opportunity to express / promise harder work .

Another writer comments: "On first read of the email my first move was to research the site [ranch] of the event... 'bout fell off my chair when I got to an aerial view of the property and saw, the Vineyard... and the Pool." Someone else: "The Ranch [where Scalia went hunting] does have a pool and it is believed that a vineyard is just down the road." Satellite photo below, but "Vineyard" is added wrongly, I think:

If the murdering party were all looking at this satellite image (without "Vineyard" added in), and if it was their opinion that the farmland seen is a vineyard, then it would seem that the "Vineyard" in the email exchanges could have been about this location. Below is a photo of a vineyard, with vine rows about two feet wide and far more space (than two feet) between each row. The satellite image doesn't look identical because the greenery there is far wider than the space between each row. Each of the rows (satellite image) are about as wide as the pool, far too wide for one row of grape plants. Still, the murderers may have decided wrongly that this was a vineyard, or they may have decided to call it the "Vineyard" as code.

Someone else: "Contacted an employee at the Ranch and they informed me the crops were Alfalfa. Not sure what to make of Vineyard at this moment." The people answering phones at the ranch would have been told to say something other than "vineyard," but if it's not alfalfa at the ranch, that makes the ranch suspicious. Alfalfa photos below don't have rows, but, like wheat plantations, are continuous across the land:

Elmendorf is a Goldman-Sachs lobbyist. Really. "Elmendorf isn't just a lobbyist for Goldman Sachs, the former political operative also lobbies for Monsanto, Citigroup, Verizon, and countless other massive corporations. The super-lobbyist isn't a random acquaintance either, he was described as a 'key player' in Clinton's campaign by investigative journalist Michael Isikoff..."

The article above, dated February 4, 2016, shows Elmendorf in a photo at the Hillary fundraiser of that night. He's sitting beside Howard Dean, big hmm. Was Dean part of the murder plot? Why were they at the fundraiser? She would not have wanted him there. It looks very bad to have a lobbyist at a fundraiser for the next president. It's a huge no-no.

Elmendorf was in the audience when CNN hosted a Town Hall debate between Sanders and Clinton on February 3, in New Hampshire. "No one thought to point out that her handler from Goldman Sachs Steve Elmendorf was in the audience as she denied any influence from them. Absolutely unbelievable." This was the day before the fundraiser, and the day after Elmendorf's email to Podesta said that he would be in New Hampshire for the long weekend, yet here he was in NH the very next day, if not also at the time that he sent the email. There is need to investigate Howard Dean's emails and activities at that time. While these emails are not conclusive proof of guilt in the Scalia case, there is sufficient cause to make these men suspects at the FBI level.

Here is what we might expect from undercover Democrats in protection of Podesta: "The first article was published January 19, 2016 on and refers to Chelsea Clinton's attack against Sanders as 'wet work'. Here's the full quote: 'Democrats, meanwhile, wrung their hands over why she of all people would be dispatched to do this kind of wet work.'" Yes, achem, but why is this rare term being thrown around less than a month before Scalia's death? Podesta then uses it too 21 days later? Who was making this such a popular term at that time? Couldn't we expect others in the Scalia plot to use it in email exchanges in regards to the plot? It's not beyond belief that someone in Podesta's position would have been privy with the murder plot, and for all we know, Chelsea is being primed to be murderous herself by parents who know all about it.

Someone adds: "The ranch owner stated he found him with a pillow over his head, but later retracted his statement. No autopsy either... Chelsea Clinton sits on the board of the daily beast, which is the first major outlet apparently to publish about Scalia's death." There are some foul-mouthed conspiracy theorists in criminal camps, or even amongst Communists, who will invent "facts", spreading them online for others to repeat. It's hard to believe that the murderers would leave a pillow over his head, and harder to believe that the owner, if he were involved, would claim that he found the dead man with the pillow on his head.

Renting a room at a hunting lodge isn't like renting a motel room with maids entering rooms at check-out times, where the hotel owner is not in that line of work. It's very possible that the ranch owner was the first one to notice that Scalia didn't check out on schedule, and that the owner was the first one into the room. "The man known for his elegant legal opinions and profound intellect was found dead in his room at a hunting resort by the resort’s owner, who grew worried when Scalia didn't appear at breakfast Saturday morning."

Okay, we have an important fact, or claim of fact, as per the owner being the first to find him dead. If the owner was privy to the plot, he wouldn't tell us who Scalia was socializing with the night before. If the official story is that Scalia wasn't socializing with anyone the night before, then the owner becomes more suspect. There is a chance that someone was in his room who conducted the act, and a hooker used to get into the room makes sense here, and a hooker would make the family more agreeable to a no-autopsy, quieter news story. However, how would the murderers be assured, before the night, that Scalia would let anyone, including a hooker, into his room? They had no assurances.

We might prefer another view, where someone knocked on his door, then barged in with a gun and at least one more man. But there is a risk here that Scalia could yell. The best scenario is where the ranch owner rented that day/night only to plotters (easy to do), so that if anything went wrong, there was no one but plotters at the ranch at the time of the murder (could have been anytime after midnight).

We assume that autopsy experts can tell whether a man dies by heart attack versus suffocation. The Washington-Post article above continues:

It then took hours for authorities in remote West Texas to find a justice of the peace, officials said Sunday. When they did, Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara pronounced Scalia dead of natural causes without seeing the body -- which is permissible under Texas law -- and without ordering an autopsy.

We might even realize that Texas is an ideal place to conduct a political murder for the reason we just saw. There are few normal people comfortable with the fact that no autopsy was conducted, especially when there had been rumor upon rumor of the Clinton circle conducting political assassinations with those of lower levels than Scalia. Besides, a motive for murdering a Supreme-Court judge at this time, under Obama, is clear to everyone (unless they don't know that the Supreme Court (nine judges) was, under Scalia (pro- Republican), voting 5-4 routinely, in favor of Republicans, when the legal case was a political firestorm). The horror for the Democrats and murderers alike is that, thanks to Obama's poor political maneuvering, he lost the legislative branch of government to Republicans, wherefore the democrats never got to replace Scalia with a Democrat. For what have the murderers risked their freedom? Diddly-squat.

This one is hard to believe: "A manager at the El Paso funeral home where Scalia’s body was taken said that his family made it clear they did not want one." I've got to say that there must have been some smooth-talking individuals who convinced the chief family member not to do the autopsy. Everyone else, aside from plotters and democrats, would have urged the family to do the autopsy. But if God allowed them to temporarily get away with the murder, there is a reason. Probably, God likes to hang dark and heavy clouds over "successful" murderers all night long. Gloom.

"'He was having health issues,' Guevara said, adding that she is awaiting a statement from Scalia’s doctor that will be added to his death certificate when it is issued later this week." What would a county judge way over at the Mexican border know about the details of Scalia's health problems? No one is permitted to know these details. She probably knew nothing. She clearly sounds as though she's trying to justify foregoing the autopsy. "'It wasn't a heart attack,' Guevara said. 'He died of natural causes.'" How would this arrogant creep know what he died of? What does "natural causes" mean? I know exactly what it means: It means that she was privy to the plot, and that she wants everyone to believe no foul play.

Detail: "John Poindexter, the Houston businessman who owns the Cibolo Creek Ranch, said Sunday that Scalia and a friend arrived Friday by chartered aircraft, traveling through Houston. At the ranch, Scalia joined about 35 other people invited by Poindexter, who declined to name the other guests." It's amazing that the Fist surname was a topic of this very update, and here the Fist fist is used by Poindexters! I am writing this Sunday morning, days after the Festus > Vasto topic. Is this a Sign that Poindexter was privy to the murder, or even the murderer?

Believe it or not, the Twitch/Twigg and Armor helmet is in the Poindexter Crest. The Armors use one chevron in the colors of the two of Dexters. I have never known that John Poindexter was the owner of the ranch until this hour, when the Washington Post article was loaded. In recent weeks, the Armour / Twitch helmet was attached hard to Obama! You decide what this means. Armour's are said (website below) to use a "squire's helmet," and Poindexters use "An esquire's helmet proper." Twitch's/Twiggs use "An esquire's helmet". All three helmets are white, but the Armor helmet is open while the others are closed. Obama's mother was the daughter of Stanley ARMOUR Dunham, named from the Armour surname in his ancestry.

It can be added that Downs/Douns share the Trump stag, apparently, while Dunns use buckles, evoking "buckle up and double down." One could expect the Dunn surname on the Obama team. Anita Dunn, wife of Bob Bauer, was once Obama's Director of Communications. As for her husband, "Bauer was President Obama's personal attorney and the general counsel of the Obama for America presidential campaign prior to his appointment as White House Counsel. He has also previously served as the general counsel to the Democratic National Committee, and had advised President Obama since Mr. Obama came to Washington, D.C. in 2005 as U. S. Senator" (Wikipedia). It says he was a partner at PERKINS Coie law firm. >BR>

In 2009 [his first year as president], President Obama appointed Robert Bauer, the chair of [Perkins Coie's] Political Law practice, to become his White House Counsel. Bauer returned to private practice with Perkins Coie in 2011...

...The firm was founded in 1912 and has represented the Boeing Company [heavily into false-flag operations] since the founding of the aerospace company in 1916. Other clients include Microsoft [uh-oh],, Starbucks, Costco, Craigslist, Google [uh-oh], Facebook [uh-oh], Intel [uh-oh], Twitter [uh-oh], AT&T [uh-oh], Zillow, REI, Intellectual Ventures, UPS, Barack Obama...

It looks like this Perkins company does the gamut for the heavily-spied-out information super-highway.

This finding of the squire's helmet with Poindexters comes the day after, (Saturday, same day as the murder) the first squirrel since last fall was seen. Last year, it would routinely climb the dead tree that came crashing down roughly a month ago. It would do nothing in the tree, but come back down again, just a routine part of its day. Yesterday, the squirrel was exactly at the base of that same tree (but I did not see it go up, and stopped watching). So, yesterday, I saw a squirrel at that tree, that is all I saw of it. Half of the trunk still lies on the ground, as the snow has only melted this past week. This is INCREDIBLE for a couple of reasons, one being that the Squire surname lists "Squirrel" and even shares the red squirrel with Dexter-suspect Decks/Deckers!!!

Amazing, it's as though God felled that tree (in the wind) to point the finger to PoinDEXTER! And Decks/Daggers share a horizontally-split Shield with Poindexters. It's as though I am on the Scalia topic just when God wants me on it to reveal that the murderers included Obama and Poindexter. Yesterday, I was seriously thinking to delete the entire Scalia investigation, as it seems the evidence is scanty, but I decided this morning to finish it, and now this!

Let me explain further. The best way to explain is to repeat what I said in the second update of March; keep your eyes open for the TWIGGS:

Just as I finished the paragraph above, a strong wing came in and caused some branches to hit the house's front door area. I had been praying just a few days ago, "Lord, please take that tree down." Yes, I meant by the wind, and I meant only the top part of it, for even the top 10-15 feet would be enough. It wasn't the first time I asked him. It's a dead tree on the front lawn, and I've been afraid of cutting it down for three years because it's tall enough to get near the windows, and would likely hit the garage roof. The only way to avoid it is to get up on a tall ladder and cut it about 12 feet up, dangerous [for me]. It leans toward the garage, and trying to make it fall the other way risks having it fall to the front where windows could be broken. This wind just blew twigs against my front door, and when I saw and heard them, it confused me, because I don't see how twigs could be on the roof above the door [I didn't hear the tree snap or hit the deep snow]. But when I looked out, there on the ground, and pointing straight to the front door, was half the dead tree! I'm telling you, the trunk on the ground points about 7 inches to one side of dead-center of the front door, and therefore straight at me. No windows were damaged. No damage at all. There are twigs on the front porch, and, I kid you not, Twitch's have a Twig variation! He arranged for these twigs to "knock" at my front door, otherwise the tree could have fallen without me knowing about it at this moment. Most of the wind-blown twigs are gathered within two feet of the door. It seems He made this take place deliberately while I was writing on end-time, anti-Christ prophecy.

These twigs were important then because I was in the middle of stressing the Twitch's/Twiggs, and they became a topic only due to my claim, that God gave me a massive muscle twitch at a certain spot on my right/dexter side that was itself meaningful (you'll need to go back and read it all to understand fully). So, what happened is that the top half of the tree trunk was snapped off, and when the top of the tree smashed onto the driveway, three feet below the front newly-built DECK (about October), the twigs bounced off the ground, and the wind blew them up onto the deck, and against the front door. "Knock, knock, hello, John, are you home? Yes, you are, just look at us pretty twigs lying here, what do you think we mean?" No other tree was harmed but this dead hardwood tree. There are softwoods and short maples all around it from the south, except for a wind path that can come against my front door, and that's where this strong gust (probably 60 mph or better) came through. The tree had been dead about three years only, still very hard. I can't chop through this hardwood (with an axe) when the wood is eight inches thick, even after it's sat outdoor all summer season. This is very hard wood.

I highly recommend that everyone goes back to read where this fallen tree is the topic in at the link below. I explain it there as best I can as God's Message to all, concerning the identity of the anti-Christ, but you might read the rest of this update first, not a bad idea.

I really am shocked at the Poindexter Crest, and the squirrel, and the fallen trunk. It all has to do with what I've called the Rat Trap bloodline to the False Prophet and/or anti-Christ, which is closely related to Dexters. This rat-trap theme came when God was showing me Signs as i caught 16 squirrels in my "attic" with a rat trap, and none of the Signs seemed to indicate that Bill Clinton is involved with ISIS. Perhaps I had that Sign misread, but Bill Clinton worked into it very well, ISIS or no ISIS.

The Poindexter fist is described like so: "A shield divided perfesse: 1st blue with right hand clenched, proper, cuffed gold; 2nd, gold with a blue mullet." The right hand can be called "dexter" at times, and is, but the use of "right" suggests the Rights/Wrights as Poindexter kin, and this goes exactly to the WheelWRIGHTS that were the topic at my explanation of the fallen tree. Obama's Dunham ancestry is from Jonathan Singletary, who changed his surname to, Dunham, and Singletarys are the ones sharing the antelope design of Wheelwrights. The Fist fist is "A blue shield with a hand clenched into a fist at the center."

There is a Clench/Clinch/Clink surname ("hand gauntleted") using the same lion as Tree-loving Hume's. Clents = Clench's? Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe, and Blythe's share the gold-on-red garbs with Clents. There is a Clent area at/beside Powys, and the Powys surname shares the bear paw with Decks/Daggers (the bear paw is in the Powys Crest while the Powys Shield has a lion paw). The Powys bear paw is colors reversed from the same of Bellino's, kin of Belli's, highly suspect with Blythe / Billet liners smacking of BILDERberg. I can see how Clinch's/Clinks could become Clicks, and the latter use "A silver shield with two bears' paws facing outwards." Clench's are said to be from a Pewsey area while Pewseys were first found in the same place (Oxfordshire) as Clintons, and beside the first-known Points (Berkshire, same as Zinzendorf-suspect Sinsons/Zinzans), suspect with POINdexters. While Chives' and Pewseys share the cat, Chives' were first found in Tarves (Aberdeenshire) while the Tarves surname (Aberdeenshire) shares the six, black fitchee crosses of Clintons, both using them in identical fashion. There are two Clink surnames.

I had linked the Tarves Coat to the earls of Mar, both in Aberdeenshire along with KinCARDINE. Then, the Cardine's, first found in the same place as Masseys, Dunham-Massey, and Marlborough's, share the white-on-black pheons of Marlboroughs, and the latter are said to derive in MARbury, suggesting the line to/form the earls of Mar. White pheons are shared by Pilate's, first found in the same place (Burgundy) as Mars and Messeys/Messier's. The Marrs have been suspect with the Mercians because Messeys/Messier's use the same saltire as the Mercia flag.

The annual Bilderberg conference in 2016 was at Dresdan, Germany, over by the Polish border, suggesting a stroking of the Polish EU president (Donald Tusk), and the stoking of the war against Russia. Count Zinzendorf was born in Dresdan.

From the Weekly Standard, the headline: "Hillary Brings Goldman Sachs Lobbyist and Fundraiser to Dem Debate." It may be a bit of an assumption that Hillary brought him there, but seeing that this was two days after he convinced the bedwetters to get off the ledge, he would have been itching to tell, or directed to tell, Clinton the "good news," and that was best done in person rather than my email:

[Having Elmendorf at the fundraiser] isn't an ideal image for Clinton, who has been fighting her ties to Wall Street. Just yesterday, Anderson Cooper asked Clinton, "did you have to be paid $675,000" for speeches to Goldman Sachs. She replied, "That's what they offered."

It makes more sense that there had to be a dang-good reason for Elmendorf to be in the audience that night. He probably never appeared in another fundraiser, and, if correct, why this one? In any case, the murder (which I'm now assuming) turned out for the betterment of the Supreme Court, as Republicans see it, because they were able, this past week, to get around a law and vote-in a new, Republican-leaning judge to fill Scalia's shoes...and the new pick is a lot younger to boot. The Dems really got burned bad on this one, with God's punishment yet to fall down.

Again from the Washington Times: "Later that day, Scalia went out with the group to hunt blue quail. But 'he did not exert himself,' Poindexter said. 'He got out of the hunting vehicle and walked around some.'" But if Poindexter was of the plotters, they could have sedated / killed Scalia out in the fields, then carried him back with no one at the ranch but other plotters. And they would be half-predicted to have a pool party to celebrate. We can then revisit, "Didn't know that wetworks meant pool parties at the Vineyard." Now, we can interpret: "Didn't know the Scalia job and the pool party afterward meant pool parties at the Vineyard." Remember, this line was written by Podesta 26 minutes after the article came out with Sanders visiting the pool on Martha's Vineyard.

The Post has other details on what Poindexter told police as concerns the guests and Scalia's early bedtime hour. Can we be sure that Scalia would retire early? Late the next morning, "'Everything was in perfect order. He was in his pajamas, peacefully, in bed,' Poindexter said." It indicates no struggle to kill him, perfect. But the crime was not perfect, for they failed to do an autopsy. There are multiple ways to kill someone, then dress them "peacefully" in his pajamas. I can understand why a family wouldn't want an autopsy if all looked like a natural death, for it's dishonoring / disrespectful to a body to have strange autopsy people flipping / rolling it over, etc. But the law people involved should have pushed for the autopsy where this particular man could be considered marked deep-red for assassination.

They drove the body to El-Paso, with 20 officers escorting (big scene) during the midnight hour, arriving at 2:30, when all are asleep. Could that be deemed suspicious / expected to reduce the local talk?

Here's someone's review in an ad, written in the past week, for the ranch where Scalia died: "Took my family of 4 for spring break with another family of 4. The facilities are great, the activities are great, the staff is great, the food and serving style is only ok for me. No keys for the rooms - tells all you need to know really. Texas hospitality in a totally safe crime free zone - coming from..." Key keys to lock doors, huh?

Someone staying January 3, 2016, says: "Managers Kathy & peter are the best!!!!!" Elsewhere on the site, for example, below a review dated May 21, 2016, the general manager is Brian Severn. But in the next post dated May 2 (people stayed in April), the general manager is: "PeterBrauer, General Manager at Cibolo Creek Ranch, responded to this review." However, under that line, it says: "Thank You Swauknomad for your review...My name is Brian Severn and I am the new General Manager that has been on property since last Wednesday...Please feel free to contact me at your leisure at or 432-329-3737." We conclude that Mr. Brauer was replaced as of Wednesday (April 27, I assume). Why? Was he given a couple of months notice? That gets him back to the general time of Scalia's death. Or, was Brauer the manager only for a short period on behalf of the murder? If we were the FBI, we would ask this question. Here on Brauer's Linkeld page we find "General Manager-Consulting Cibolo Creek Ranch August 2015 – March 2016 (8 months)". He could be a nice guy, but he was the manager during the death, and the FBI should have questioned him.

Another on the same page: "After lunch we headed out to the pool area to enjoy the sunny weather. The pool is mildly heated which made nighttime swimming comfortable." Pool party in mid- February (2016) at the Mexico border? Possible. I lived in south Texas, and can say first-hand that it's t-shirt weather in mid-January. "Dinner was an absolute treat! At this point there were only six of us at the resort." Not a large crowd. We should ask whether Scalia went hunting there alone, as that doesn't seem likely. Who was his companion / party? I haven't read anything on that. "We ended our evening soaking in the hot tub at the end of the property that is very dark. It allowed for the most amazing stargazing I have ever done! Unbelieveable night sky!!"

A photo of Poindexter is at the article below:

Poindexter told The Washington Post that Scalia was not charged for his stay, something he described as a policy for all guests at the ranch.

"I did not pay for the Justice's trip to Cibolo Creek Ranch," Poindexter wrote in a brief email Tuesday. "He was an invited guest, along with a friend, just like 35 others."

Poindexter added: "The Justice was treated no differently by me, as no one was charged for activities, room and board, beverages, etc. That is a 22- year policy."

...Poindexter, who would not identify Scalia's friend...

Okay, he claims that a couple of times each year, he throws these get- togethers at no charge. And while he won't reveal Scalia's friend, hasn't anyone revealed him? The crowd of 35 others (I was thinking a smaller operation, but it turns out to be a 22-room outfit) seems high for a murder plot, but for now we've got to take his word on it. With no keys / locks for the doors, it could have been as simple as putting some chemical in his room / at his nostrils while he slept, to sedate him first.

The article says that Poindexter has a Houston company (J.B. Poindexter & Co) with 1-billion annual revenue, and 5,000 employees? Poindexter himself puts the numbers lower. So why was he working this ranch on the night Scalia died??? If we were the FBI, we would ask this question. It says he lives at the ranch. The below can be interpreted as no one's answering questions:

The nature of Poindexter's relationship with Scalia remained unclear Tuesday, one of several lingering questions about his visit. It was not known whether Scalia had paid for his own ticket to fly to the ranch or if someone else picked up the tab, just as it was not immediately clear if Scalia had visited before.

t is also still not known who else was at the Texas ranch for the weekend, and unless that is revealed, there could be concerns about who could have tried to raise an issue around Scalia, said Stephen Gillers, who teaches legal and judicial ethics at the New York University School of Law. He compared it to unease that arises when judges and officials from major companies are invited to seminars or educational events that bring them together for periods of time.

"People worry at those kinds of things, there's a creation of access on the part of people with an interest in the courts, and that is unfair," Gillers said Tuesday.

That is spot-on. You don't assume a natural death with a supreme-court death when the judge dies at a "public" gathering, especially where the owner of the gathering is himself a rich fat cat. An article on the day after the death, but not discussing it, says: "After the war, Poindexter said, he [blah-blah]...He then went to work for Wall Street banking and investment firms."

The LA Times has another picture of Poindexter's discovery, and it appears that Scalia was not under the covers.

Poindexter had just met Scalia, and although he found him "congenial" and they got on well at dinner the night before, his first thought was: "He’s a Supreme Court justice, and if he doesn't want to be bothered [in the morning]."

Eventually, Poindexter entered the silent room, apprehensive...He spotted Scalia, still in his pajamas. "He was in perfect repose in his bed as if he was taking a nap. His face wasn't contorted or anything," Poindexter said. "I went over and felt his hand and it was very cold, no pulse. You could see he was not alive.

To say, "He was in perfect repose in his bed as if he was taking a nap. His face wasn't contorted or anything," is exactly perfect for giving us the impression of no foul play. It's expected if Poindexter was part of the plot.

After saying that Scalia wasn't hunting much at all, or not at all, it adds: "Most of the other guests had been to the ranch before and were friends or longtime acquaintances of Poindexter..." That's expected in a murder plot, but I doubt very much that everyone there was privy to it.

Poindexter said he had met Scalia once before, briefly in Washington, when he was there with a sports group and the justice agreed to meet them. He said he invited Scalia to the ranch on the suggestion of a mutual friend, a lawyer, who came with Scalia(same article.

He declined to identify the lawyer or any of the other guests, except to say that they were "very substantial business people," but not big names in politics.

Ah, Scalia's hunting partner was a lawyer. And Poindexter himself invited Scalia along with the lawyer. So, we can imagine that, if Scalia didn't take the invitation seriously, the lawyer may have peppered him later with requests to go out, and, finally, Scalia agreed. Who was this lawyer??? The FBI should know. "Poindexter had originally invited Scalia to bring his son, and when he couldn't come at the last minute, the justice brought the attorney friend instead, who alerted the family to his death, Van Etten said." Yes, but that could be a fabrication invented after Scalia was dead and unable to contradict it. It makes Poindexter look very innocent if indeed he truly asked the son to come out. Plus, the statement is couched perfectly to make it appear that the hunting trip was purely Scalia's idea, not the lawyer's.

Poindexter: "'There is no political angle here,' he said. 'It was strictly a group of friends sympathetic to the justice's views.'" I find it hard to believe that the whole lot were Conservative leaning. How did such a crowd get chosen for this event? Why should everyone be Conservative leaning? Or is this Poindexter's way of deflecting the truth, that some staunch Democrats were present?

"He sat next to Scalia at a dinner of 'typical ranch fare.' He didn't recall what the justice ate, except that it wasn't steak...By dinner's end at about 9 p.m., Poindexter said, 'he seemed in good spirits.' 'He stood up and said he was tired, he had had a long week and he would see us in the morning,' he said." That view sort of makes him look snotty, unless of course he really was tired or feeling sick. Feeling sick? Did someone drop something into his drink or food?

Poindexter, sitting beside him. Why? What if Scalia wanted to sit with someone else, someone he knew Better? Was the lawyer to Scalia's other side? Was Scalia at the head of the table?

He appears to be a modest political donor, with contributions to the Democratic Party, a Democratic political action committee and several Texas Democratic candidates for Senate and Congress, according to Federal Election Commission records.

In the interview, he called himself "a committed independent."

What interview? Ahh, the interview by the LA Times after Scalia's death. Ahh, Poindexter was evading the fact of his Democratic leanings, wasn't he? Don't we think that Trump's FBI should review this case? And shouldn't Trump get rid of Comey first? Yes, and yes. Should Trump put the FBI in the hands of a conservative, and should he be an outsider? Yes, and yes. Has Trump shown himself to go with outsiders lately, as was his pre-election promise. No.

Articles tell that Poindexter was en-route to the Supreme Court if Texas wouldn't give him a piece of the national park next to his ranch. That's another can or worms. Poindexter was requesting the sale of Texas park when Texas was under Rick Perry (Republican). The latter is now a Trump operative. It was unclear to me whether Perry was for or against Poindexter, but the article did say that Republicans blocked his offer. It said that Poindexter would make the offer again at a later time, that he has 30 years left to succeed. One first step is to get the Supreme court 5-4 in favor of Democrats. Poindexter may even have been the creator of the murder plot. Did he push his way to get Scalia to see him that first time in Washington? The FBI should be asking this question.

Google has Poindexter's political-contributions page, where's he's often said to "lean Democratic." But after loading the page once, Google refused to bring me back, but brought me instead to a page with many John Poindexters, just as though Google were trying to hide the original page. Yes, for the Poindexter at topic with me is listed 18th out of 18 on that page, as though Google hopes that most won't get that far down. When clicking on the 18th man, the original page I had gotten, showing his individual contributions, is not given. Instead, I got the page below where he's stated as giving the Republicans much more money than Democrats, even nationwide, in 2014, yet the page says: "John B Poindexter has contributed more to Democratic-affiliated committees in 2014 than any other." Is this a joke? It says he gave $11.5 million to Houston Republicans and only 3.8 million to Houston Democrats. Or was he trying to purchase the Republicans on behalf of his projects?

. Here is the Google-search page that refuses to bring Poindexter's page up the second time for me; you try by clicking "John Poindexter | Political Contributions":

Elsewhere we read: "'We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled,' said Poindexter. 'His hands were sort of almost folded on top of the sheets,'...'The sheets weren't rumpled up at all.'" If his hands are folded over the sheets, he's got to be envisioned lying on his back, with sheets above his chest / stomach.

The New York Times clarifies the pillow: "With even boldfaced names like Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump raising questions, Poindexter...said the conservative justice’s pillow was above his head and resting against the headboard of the bed." In other words, the pillow was not on his head/face, but then why would Poindexter mention the pillow at all if it was merely resting against the head board. Who cares about that? We can assume two pillows in the bed. If they used one pillow to suffocate him, the best place to put it afterward is against the headboard next to his head.

The best theory so far: put a sleeping agent in his food, then suffocate him later, with the ranch owner present and winking. No sign of foul play unless his blood is checked. They could have done that alone without the family's permission, in this case. Or, they could have talked the family into taking a small sample of his dried blood. There must have been some heavy maneuvering by the experienced killers to convince the family to do no autopsy work whatsoever.

The bedsheets and pajamas all crisp suggests that Poindexter-and-crew want us to believe that he died virtually as soon as he got into bed. He's a big guy; they wouldn't have wanted to carry him to bed, if they had the choice. So, he gets into bed himself, and, before the sleeping agent wears off, they enter and do the rest. He's passed out to begin with, and may not have moved or made any facial expression as oxygen was robbed from his lungs.

It would be risky to give him an overdose of anything in his food, for he might then have passed out in front of them all. However, if they gave him enough to make him feel awfully sleepy, they could then facilitate his going to bed, and afterward, any bedwetter could enter the bedroom to finish the wet work, one way or another.

Here is where the story falls apart (from Daily Mail):

Poindexter first went to Scalia's room at 8.30am on Saturday, but the door was locked and his knocks went unanswered.

He returned three hours later with a friend of Scalia's, who had come with him from Washington DC to the ranch.

Do you think it's even remotely possible that Scalia's friend is going to wait until 11:30 to go see whether Scalia is alright? The "friend" had heard by this time, we can safely say, that Poindexter knocked at his door at roughly 8:30. Already, the friend should have been wondering. The judge wasn't bashing with alcohol the night before. He even got off early to bed, immediately after dinner.

The Daily Mail says Scalia "observed as some of the guests hunted quail." That's the third time that we read on how he wasn't hunting. Why did he come out? Why does he seem distant from the hunting party, yet Poindexter says he was jolly and happy all over the place, exactly what we expect the killers to say.

"Scalia's personal physician and sheriff's investigators said there were so signs of foul play and concluded he had died of natural causes." Was the physician a Democrat? Can a physician know that a murder by overdose of a drug has taken place by merely looking at the judge's face? Is it safe for us to assume that the physician merely assumed a natural death?

Here's just a small part of the motive for murder:

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has been left split with four Democratic and Republican appointees each.

Now a number of pending cases on abortion, immigration and affirmative action, among others, could be left with a 4-4 tie with the loss of conservative Scalia to tip the majority.

The court faces a crowded docket of politically charged cases that were certain to resonate in the presidential campaign on issues such as immigration, abortion, affirmative action, labor unions and Obama's health care law.

And that doesn't include cases for multiple years until Scalia's natural death, if he were not murdered first. Poindexter knew the politics of the area, and of the state well. "Guevara said she was shopping in the nearby town of Alpine when the Presidio County Sheriff called her and said a Supreme Court Justice had passed away at Cibolo Creek Ranch and he needed someone there immediately because both justices of the peace were out of town." Why were both out of town? It's a question for the FBI, if the FBI cared to do it's job.

But the FBI is busy spying on us, watching naked ladies on their computers, and doing anything but protecting America. Obama will see to it that the FBI does nothing, nothing, to protect America, and amongst the best southern pawns that Obama has are the Mexicans, like Guevara. The Mexicans in Texas -- staunch Catholics included -- worship Democrats, shame on them all for this.

Guevara was very content not to know what the judge died of. All she knew, as we all do, is that Scalia's heart stopped. So what? Guevara concluded that the judge did not die by a heart attack. Don't the Democrats want to know what the cause of death was? No, for his death is wonderful for an activist Democrat (don't kid yourself to think otherwise). This is why the FBI should ask Scalia's physician whether he's a Democrat.

This isn't the first time Guevara has been the source of controversy. In 2013, Melaney Parker Rayburn was found dead after being hit by a train in Marfa, Texas. She had just been married a few months earlier. Liz Parker, Melaney’s mom, questioned how Guevara handled the investigation of her daughter’s death, The Daily Kos reported. Melaney was hit by a Union Pacific Railroad train and, Liz wrote, a Union Pacific representative told her that it appeared that her body had been placed on the tracks while she was unconscious. Liz asked the Justice of the Peace and the Sheriff to open the case as a homicide investigation, but they would not. Guevara, who was a Justice of the Peace at the time, did not order a rape kit or an autopsy, Liz wrote, because a doctor at the scene said the cause of death was obvious.

How does a young woman decide to walk into a train??? Isn't it just as likely that anyone dying in this way was murdered?

We need to understand the situation in its entirety. Obama has, like no one before, moved the American Mexicans to a frenzied state, ready to eat white Americans alive, and the immigration issue is headed to the supreme court simultaneously. What can we expect of the Mexican officials in the Scalia case. It's of no wonder, possibly, that Scalia was lured to the vicinity of the Mexican border. Many Mexican Americans have government jobs there.

By the way, "Embalming is required by Texas law before a body can be transported out of state." Also: "Cell phone service is spotty in Far West Texas. There’s no service at the ranch." This is a not-bad ingredient for a perfect crime, for Scalia may have called some family member to say he's not feeling well. He may have realized that murder was a possibility when he started to get hazy.

The bottom line may be: Can a county judge order an autopsy even when the family rejects one? If so, then the plotters needed a Guevara...who wouldn't demand one if the Democrats told her so.

Danny Dominguez was the sheriff of Presidio county (Guevara's county too). Danny was offended:

Sheriff Danny Dominguez says Cibolo Creek Ranch owner John Poindexter reported the death at the ranch near Marfa but refused to tell the sheriff who had died.

"I then advised Poindexter that a death reported in Presidio County was under my jurisdiction and that it should be reported to my office," Dominguez said in his report. "He then stated to me that this death was way beyond my authority and that it should go to the feds."

The Feds? Who are they? Oh, Obama, of course. How could he now known about this event? He would have ordered that the death be reported right away to the feds, and the feds would then look after it. "The sheriff relented and agreed to put Poindexter in touch with the U.S. Marshals Service. Dominguez met the marshals at the ranch and also contacted County Judge Cinderela Guevara..."

According to the sheriff's report, Scalia was lying in bed with his arms at his side and his bed covers smooth. Nearby was his suitcase, which was open and full of neatly folded clothes.

Only one thing appeared amiss: a breathing apparatus. The small device, called a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine, was on the nightstand next to him -- but unplugged and not turned on.

The finding has sparked speculation that Scalia may have forgotten to use it that night.

...Scalia is also one of an estimated 22 million Americans who suffered from sleep apnea, a potentially life-threatening condition caused by either a blockage of the airway or a signaling issue from the brain regarding breathing during sleep. This can cause someone to stop breathing -- for a second, a minute or more -- up to hundreds of times each night.

Um, yes, but lest we go too far here in creating an alternative cause of death, Scalia was able to survive hundreds and hundreds of sleeps without passing away. Yet, here in this God-forsaken ranch, surrounded by Democrat Mexicans awaiting their Supreme-Court victory, Scalia passes away just as though he ran out naturally of oxygen. And it was just in time for Obama to appoint another judge.

And what about that perfect bed? Danny reports the same, suggesting that the bedwetters went in as soon as Scalia was in bed. He didn't have time to toss and turn. Or, it's possible that they got the blankets nice and smooth if they weren't already. Danny says that the arms were by the side, and Poindexter has them almost folded on the blanket, suggesting hands on his chest / stomach...not what I would describe as arms at his side. Of course his upper arms need to be by his side, but anyone saying "at his side" means straight arms at the elbow, and to the side of his body. "Arms almost folded" is not the same. Can we compromise, midway between them, saying that both men were accurate? I don't think so. Would anyone move Scalia's arms (in the morning) from the folded position to the almost-crossed position before Danny arrived? I don't think so.

"Almost folded" suggests one hand beyond the other but not touching. That is, the right hand is past the midway point of the torso, and the left hand is likewise, but the two hands/arms are not touching. It's not anywhere near "arms by his side." While we can't convict in a court of law based on this inconsistency, there is a court of public opinion, and this court played a large role in not allowing Obama to have his Democrat judge to replace Scalia. The Republicans even succeeded in getting their replacement (Neil Gorsuch, age 49) by breaking the law last week.

It is highly unlikely that Scalia would die of natural causes on a day when he was absolutely normal. Poindexter, to divert attention from the murder, claimed that Scalia was normal right down to the minute that he left the dinner table. Poindexter actually points the guilty finger at himself by this mistake, for he then paints a scenario wherein Scalia dies in the same position as when he first got in bed. Anything's possible, but so is murder. Which is more likely, Scalia dying on a normal day showing no signs of illness, or his murder just in time for Obama to pick a Democrat judge? Who were the men at the ranch that night? The FBI knows, and Trump can dig into this just as soon as he gives the FBI leadership to an anti-Obama man. Out with Comey, the fiend, and in with a good man!

Tuesday Morning, I've Got Things to Add

To recap, the leaders of the Democrats are suspect in knowing about the murder, and Poindexter, like all others at the gathering, are suspects. It is expected that Poindexter not reveal to the public the attendants. To his credit, Poindexter mentioned the pillow; it's the one thing that should not have been mentioned by the plotters. Every hotel bed I've seen has two pillows per bed. I assume, like me, most people use only one to sleep with, as two near-new pillows, such as we could expect at the ranch, pile too high for comfort in sleeping (perhaps large people can accommodate two pillows, I wouldn't know). We could ask why one pillow was between Scalia's head and the headboard, in the first place. Does it make more sense for the sleeper to put the pillow there, or for the murderers to do it that way? Sometimes, people pile two pillows for watching television, or when they want to stay awake for a while (do some thinking). If Scalia decided to remove one of the piled pillows before sleep, wouldn't it have been easier, more expected, and more logical to slide it over to the side rather than push or flip it up over against the headboard (where it can fall down over the head during sleep)? If Scalia fell asleep on the piled pillows, we could expect the murder(s) to remove one, and then, rather than put it back under the head, just leave it leaning against the headboard.

With Poindexter saying "over his head" rather than "above / next" to his head, I envision the pillow in contact with the head i.e. there wasn't much room between the top of the head and the bedboard. The FBI has photographs if it wants them. I do not envision Scalia's head as much as 12 inches from the headboard, but more like six or eight. Rooms that cost $400-500 nightly are going to have pillows about 8 inches fluffy. Pillows are routinely placed an inch or two from the headboard, not six. That's why Scalia wasn't likely to flip the pillow up against the headboard, because it would have been vertical between his head and the headboard. Instead, just slide it over to the side. Right? Yes. This little detail isn't enough to convict, but police look for clues of guilt, and this can be one of them. Clues of guilt justify an investigation.

Scalia is taking his breathing apparatus out of its case. He sets it on the night stand (which I assume is the bedside table). He doesn't plug it in. He gets into bed, puts two pillows piled in preparation for using the machine, lies down on them, and then realizes, when turning it on, that he forgot to plug it in. Instead of getting up to plug it in, he goes to sleep. Or, while hesitating before getting up to plug it in, he falls asleep on the two pillows. But then why was one pillow not under his head? Clues, clues, clues.

Scalia is a big man, and big men find it hard to maneuver in bed. The bed sheets were in perfect condition, we are told, and so we should ask whether Scalia could climb into bed and throw the covers over his body into a perfect condition. Or, could we imagine that he was actually picked up and placed into bed already dead, with the perpetrators then spreading the blankets nice-and-neat over him. As Scalia brought the machine along, it was a no-brainer for the plotters to at least set it up, for that would be expected of Scalia, and perhaps they decided at the time not to plug it in to make it appear as though the unused machine contributed to his death. Or, Scalia did plug it in and use it, but the plotters unplugged it. "Experts say the chance of death from skipping a single day [of the machine] is tiny...Typically, the only immediate ill effects are snoring and possibly getting up at night gasping."

Where did he put his dinner clothes? Were they refolded already and in the suitcase? Wouldn't his wife know whether he folds close into the case in the evening versus the morning? In the statement above, anyway, sheriff Danny says only that his clothes were folded neatly in the suitcase, no mention of that day's clothes left on a couch or chair. The FBI can discover what the case was there. Assuming that he put his dinner clothes back into the suitcase, we learn that Scalia had the power, or was feeling good / normal enough, to bother folding his clothes. Did he also take a shower before bed? If yes on both questions, it seems he wasn't feeling terrible at all. Why did he die, then, on this night? Clues clues clues.

If you were folding your clothes and replacing them into a suitcase, after you've already pulled out the pajamas, wouldn't you first pull out the next day's clothes, too, before replacing the current day's clothes into the case? Where were the next day's clothes? The FBI can know. The sheriff may know. No one mentions clothes in the shower room. No one mentions wet towels or a wet rug in the shower room. He could have showered before dinner. The FBI needs to re-enact the evening in the room according to the clues, asking if any clue leans toward others being in the room too.

Where did the writer of the page below get this statement: "When found by Poindexter, Scalia was still in his daytime clothes from the night before." What? If this is true while Poindexter said he was in pajamas, that doesn't look good. We can assume that he arrived to El Paso with whatever he had on in bed. He was promptly cremated afterward, as we would expect if the crime was covered up: "One of the most amazing facts surrounding this 'mystery death' is that Scalia's body was cremated before an autopsy could be performed. Cremated? Wasn't Scalia a Catholic? The last time I heard, Catholics do not sanction cremations. Oh yes, you can be cremated if you are Catholic, but it is extremely frowned upon."

Amazing. The article above says: "Following the Gulf oil explosion in 2010, I wrote a seven part series entitled The Great Gulf Coast Holocaust. It was in that series that I discovered the unmistakable reason that Obama was made president. Obama (when he was still a still a State Senator in Illinois), Valerie Jarrett and Al Gore headed a group known as the Joyce Foundation. The Joyce Foundation was designed to promote acceptance for carbon trading schemes which could be linked back to George Soros and Al Gore." When I saw JOYCE Foundation, I recalled the Taster's Choice coffee I had been using, for the Choice surname includes "Joyce." I did an investigation on both the Taste and Choice surnames, and while the Twitch Chief uses the Totten dancette, the Taste surname is properly, Taet. I'm now wondering whether God is using "my" work to catch the entire band of murderers. This is exciting. Go God go!

The twitch in a muscle between my right chest and the upper arm was bothering me almost non-stop for weeks in February, and roughly at the time that it was mentioned to readers (initially in the 1st update of March) -- because there was excellent evidence that God gave it to me for pointing the finger to Obama's Singletary>Armour>Dunham bloodline -- the twitch went away...the day after I stopped using Taster's Choice coffee. I had been online to see what the twitch could be caused by, and some said that coffee could do it. Taster's Choice was a brand I hadn't purchased in years, but had accidentally purchased a jar (maybe because my regular brand had it's jar shape changed, confusing me). Or was it an accident? Here's what was said in the first update of March: "...Taste's share the trefoils of Rods / Rocks whom I trace to Roxburghs." For me, Rods and Rocks were the ancestry of Rockefellers."

And here I find, in this update alone, that while the Twitch/Twigg surname makes Poindexter suspect -- with God's finger, not mine, pointing to him -- this Joyce Foundation suddenly has God's finger pointing at Obama! Or, to put it another way, it seems God's suggestion that some people at Joyce Foundation can be largely of the murderers. The twitch came back, by the way, and has been hammering me non-stop lately, including last night. I had been wondering whether the Twitch surname, and all that it meant, was still important to God, and here we are! This section is written today, Tuesday, the day after the update was put online, and I actually awoke this morning agonizing a little over what more I needed to do with the Twitch surname. I could see nothing more that I could say about it. But here the Taster's Choice aspect of the Twitch theme has cropped up by complete surprise.

I may have more to say on this in the next update. It can be added that French Jarrets are also Jarre's, and said to be from Dol. English Jarrets were first found in Shropshire, home of the Dol Alans. French Gore's/Jorre's may have created the Jarre's/Jarrets because both Gore Coats are rough versions of both Alan Coats, and we saw above: "Obama, Valerie Jarrett and Al Gore headed a group known as the Joyce Foundation." Gore's/Core's were first found in the same place as Quints while the latter share the Taste/Taet chevron, in Alan-fesse colors.

The Gore line has been resolved with the FitzAlan marriage to Alice of Saluzzo, and the Saluzzo Coat was resolved with the Clinton Shield. While Bill Clinton's father is a Mr. Blythe, the "honoraBILIS" motto term of Choice's/Joyce's (demi wolf) may apply to the Blyth bloodline, especially as Billet-related Bellows share a "vita" motto term with Choice's/Joyce's. The Shield-and-Chief colors of Bellows are those of the Aleramici, kin of Saluzzo's / Vasto's!

Recall that Felix liners are suspect with Fulke's and Flecks, for Gowers/Gore's (share white wolf with Gore's/Core's) have a "flectes" motto term. The Choice's/Joyce's share the black wolf with Yonge's, the latter first found in the same place as Gore's, and while Yonge's share the piles of Scottish Leavells (Roxburghshire), English Leavells use six horizontal bars in the colors of the eight bars of Gowers/Gore's. It's possible for "Gower" to indicate a Gore merger with Cowes'.

Same article (I'm not familiar with the views of the author, Dave Hodges): "It was when Obama first became involved in the Joyce Foundation that George Soros, David Rockefeller and company backed this relative unknown for President. After I read volumes of material on the Joyce Foundation, it was easy to conclude that Obama was chosen to be President because he would virtually hand over the entire economy to a few wealthy bankers under the guise of climate change." I read that Obama's mother had worked as a normal employee for Rockefellers. How many people would like to see Rockefellers jailed, put your arms at your side, pretending they are almost folded on your breast. Scalia's room was not treated as a crime scene, but no one yet knew whether or not it would, by the time that the sheriff arrived, meaning that no one was permitted to move Scalia's arms by the time that the sheriff arrived to see them at the judge's side.

After some difficulty, Poindexter reaches the Marshals Service and is told to let none of the guests leave.

Saturday, mid-day: Poindexter also calls County Sheriff Danny Dominguez, who is the first responder on the scene. He determines that Scalia's death did not involve foul play. It is not known how he determined that.

Saturday, around 2:30 p.m.: The first of several U.S. Marshals arrives at the ranch by helicopter and the compound is "secured."

It sounds exactly as though the situation was being treated as a crime scene, just in case. Perhaps the writer, who doesn't think Scalia was murdered, is not quite putting it right when saying, "He determines that Scalia's death did not involve foul play." Perhaps the sheriff only said that it doesn't look like foul play. Obama is expected to have weighed in with the US marshals, and so we read, "Saturday afternoon/evening: Marshals eventually move Scalia's body to a funeral home, but only after a decoy hearse is dispatched to mislead reporters on the scene. (According to The New York Times..." I can imagine the plotters deciding beforehand to get reporters off this case until Scalia's body is on the plane back east. Who decided for cremation? The following makes the lawyer friend of Scalia suspect in convincing Scalia's wife not to do the autopsy:

Saturday, around 8 p.m.: County Judge Guevara, having spoken with Scalia's doctor directly by phone and with his family indirectly (by phone through the lawyer travelling with the justice), satisfies herself that Scalia's health was marginal and that his family does not want an autopsy.

This sounds like the lawyer who may have coaxed Scalia into going to the ranch in the first place. This lawyer should have considered himself somewhat of the judge's bodyguard, yet he didn't go see if anything was wrong with the judge until near noon. That doesn't look right at all. The more the other side argues that the judge was already half-dead while alive, the worse it looks for this lawyer. And on behalf of protecting this lawyer's reputation in this regard, we can expect Poindexter to say that there seemed to be nothing sickly about Scalia all day long. That is, Poindexter paints a scenario in which he and the lawyer thought innocently that Scalia was simply sleeping late. A second attempt at knocking at his door at 9:30 seems logical, if only to rest assured that Scalia was not sick. The lawyer (turns out to be C. Allen Foster) knew that Scalia was not living the life of a teenage, sleep-in-till-noon bum.

The article above is the first I've seen to indicate that members of the International Order of St. Hubertus was at the ranch that day.

The Order gained media attention in February 2016, when U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died while staying at Cibolo Creek Ranch in Presidio County in West Texas. The owner of the ranch, John B. Poindexter, as well as C. Allen Foster, a Washington attorney who traveled with Scalia to the ranch by private plane, hold leadership positions within the Order; at least two other private aircraft traveling to the ranch were connected to known members of St. Hubertus. Poindexter indicated that he knew of "no connection" between Scalia and the Order, and that Scalia had traveled to the ranch to go hunting.

It doesn't matter that Scalia wasn't part of the Order; the Order could have had everything to do with the murder. I can't believe that I had read one to dozen reports on Scalia, yet this Order was not mentioned. "The International Order of St. Hubertus is a worldwide organization and knightly order of hunters and wildlife conservationists that promotes traditional hunting ethics and practices. The Order was founded in 1695 by Count Franz Anton von Sporck, who brought together noble hunters from Austria, Bohemia, and other countries throughout the Habsburg Empire." Note how Sporck-like Spocks share the double-headed, red-on-white eagle of Choice's/Joyce's. Spocks even share eight, horizontal bars with Gowers/Gore's. By some coincidence or not, Scalia's first name was Antonin.

Fosters were a recent topic, and Fosters (BERNICia, location of Twitch-related Tweed river) happen to share the gold-striped, black hunting horn with both the 666-suspect Arms of Traby, and the Dexter-beloved Weights (Dexters use "weights" in Crest)! The Foster horns are likely those of BERNICE's and Burns too. I rarely mention Fosters, but in this very update I had come to this: "There is a Fester/Foster/Forester surname sharing a rare green-on-white chevron with Shake's..." It's amazing to find Fosters with FESTers, for the Fist fist is shared by PoinDEXTERS! There appears to be something in all of this, especially as I've been harping on Traby circles for years as being a 666-loving bloodline. Why does Saint Hubertus have 600 members worldwide? By choice?

Often, and in my opinion, Catholic Orders chose the names of saints as per the surname the Vatican (or some other Catholic org) wished to honor, meaning that St. Heburtus was chosen as code for the Hubert bloodline. Note that St. Hubertus has likely been linked to Eustace II of Artois by a secretive link to St. Eustace:

Saint Hubertus or Hubert (c. 656-727 AD) became Bishop of Liege in 708 AD. He was a Christian saint who was the patron saint of hunters, mathematicians, opticians, and metalworkers. Known as the Apostle of the Ardennes...

Saint Hubertus was widely venerated during the Middle Ages. The iconography of his legend is entangled with the legend of Saint Eustace.

Hubertus was born in Toulouse. Huberts/Hibberts/Hibbets/Hubbards (Cheshire, same as Sale's), in Hobbit/Hobard colors, look like they use a version of the Sale Coat. Huberts are said to be from Hibbert of Marple and BOIRtles (Beards/Bearts?), evoking king Boiorix at Orange (near the Durance river of Salyes, where I trace Orne / Horn liners; Orange's use the hunting horn too). Boiorix defeated Quintus Caepio the year after Quintus stole a vast treasure in Toulouse. I have routinely traced the treasure-related elements at Orange to Mont Pilat beside the Forez mountains, and then Fosters/Forrests appear as a branch of Forez's/Forests. In fact, these surname connections alone may explain how the hunting - forest theme of St. Huberts Order came about. They say Ardennes (beside Artois) is derived in "forest," but I say that Artois elements took on the name of Ardennes, and it could just be that Ardennes was so-named due to the Fester/Foster/Forrest bloodline in Artois.

Eustace II was father of Godfrey de Bouillon, the founder of a secretive Priory of Sion (not a hoax, in my opinion). Bouillons were first found in the same place as Claviere's (Bouillon colors), and the latter's hand may be play on the Fist / Poindexter fist (or "clenched" hand). As I said, the description website has the Clavier Coat as a white-on-red saltire, shared by the Brisons (share a white pheon with Pilate's), from MontBRISON smack beside Mont Pilate. The Hubert-like Herberts were seen above using the Fuller bars, and Fullers use a motto code that can thus be for FIRMiny, beside MontBrison. Fullers (and Redhams/RedMAINE's) share the beacon with Bouillon-suspect Belli's, and while Beacons (another Firminy-suspect motto code) are listed with Bacons, French Bacons use the same cinquefoils as Bellows (and Portis'/Porchers). Redmaine's share the Tewkesbury castle while Tewkesburys married Artois-related Arthurs of Claviere-like Clapton, while Clapton is at PORTIShead while eight-bar Portis'/Porchers (same place as Hobbits) share the same cinquefoil as above, and it looks like the cinquefoil of Bus', which is in the Arms of Leicester, where Dexters were first found. It's almost the ARDEN cinquefoil. In the Portis/Porcher Crest are three red fesses, the color of the three fesses of Herberts.

The Arms of Leicester include the sleeve symbol of Toeni's, and you may have read, in the last two months, about my marble game with young Tony, how it became suspect with Marple's/Marble's (could be the griffin of Mott-related Deaths, the latter sharing the Hubert crescent). Tony and I were both trying to win the affections of little Andrea, and she turned out to be code for the Andrea's at Pertuis, near the mouth of the Durance, and related to Perdrix at Mont Pilate. God knew what he was doing when putting together events in my life, and He did these things so that they could tell a story today. Watch it, fiends. Andrea-related Andersons use a saltire in colors reversed from that of Brisons.

Tonys are expected to be Antons, and so let's repeat; Count Franz Anton von Sporck. By what coincidence do Antons share flaunches (fairly-rare heraldic feature), in colors reversed, with Hobbits/Hobards? "Spock/Spick" has been suspect with "Syphax," a Numidian ruler who was imprisoned near Rome, and whom I connected to PORCius Cato, and here we not only find that Porcia's (suspect with Portis'/PORCHers, right?) share the black boar with the Dol Jarrets/Jarre's, but "SPORCK" looks fashioned to reflect "Porck." Let's not forget PORCIUS Festus!

The Tiber river where Syphax was held (by Romans) got highly suspect with Tabors/Tabers and with the Taborites loosely around count Zinzendorf. The latter's political connections were in Austria, the root of this Hubert Order. If I recall correctly, Taborites and related Moravians were in Bohemia, and here we find: "In 1695, Count Franz Anton von Sporck founded the society in Bohemia, which is in modern-day Czech Republic." Spocks/Spicks use the PORCupine, no guff at all. At Anton's Wikipedia article, a coin with a hunting horn for the Order of St. Hubert.

"Count Sporck's intellectual interests led him to found a branch of Freemasonry in Bohemia, but they also had the effect of arousing the suspicion of the Habsburg ecclesiastical authorities for his flirtations with Jansenist philosophy and anti-Jesuitical polemicism." Yep, that kind of "Christian."

The Tabor lions were recently ( several weeks ago) suspect with the same of Fiens/FINIS', and the latter were suspect with Windsors while Windsor castle is in the same place as the first-known Sinsons/Zinzans (estoile, royal-blue Shield). Then, Anton Sporck (born in Bohemia) married Maria Eleonora of Fineke, with a Finis-like surname. I trace Finis' both to the "unFINISHed pyramid" in the Great Seal of the United States," and to the Fien/Finis / Fien/Fane/Van bloodline at Finistere, western Brittany. The father of Anton Spork, Count Johann von Sporck (1595-1679), born in Sporckhof, was timed roughly at the formation of the first-known Rosicrucians under Johannes Valentinus Andraea and Francis Bacon (Valentins use the squirrel). I can see that this is the reason that God put me together with Tony and Andrea, to make the Mr. Andraea link to Anton Spork.

We saw why Redhams/Redmaine's trace to the line of Sabinus at Rieti, and here we can add that Hobbits/Hobards (same place as Flecks and Dunhams) share the Sabine bull, apparently, because the Hobbit/Hobart motto, "PRETiosa," can be for the same surnames as the "pratis" motto term in the Arms of Rieti. Hobbits share an eight-pointed estoile with Motts/Morte's while the latter share the crescent in the colors of the Hubert/Hibbert crescent. It's a great way to assure that Hibbert was named by the Hobbit bloodline. The Hobbits share the so-called "flaunch" with Wolfleys, first found in the same place as Dunham-Massey and Hibbert. Obama's ancestry, which is definitely from the namers of Dunham-Massey, included the Wolflins (or was it "Wolfin") of Germany, whom are said (online somewhere) to have changed their name to, Wolfley. The heraldic flaunch (view 'u' as a 'v') was even suspect as code for "Flavian."

We can imagine that 666ers have a code for that number: "Saint Hubertus was born (probably in Toulouse) about the year 656." They don't know the date, but they chose 656. The Washington Post: "Justice Scalia spent his last hours with members of this secretive society of elite hunters," and some are using the satanism word. If I recall correctly, while February 1st is a high holy day of witchcraft, they can use February 2 as well. Elmendorf apparently secured the deal to kill Scalia on the 2nd (if I'm correctly interpreting his words to Podesta). In other words, was Elmendorf visiting some political- / elite-witchcraft group on the 2nd?

Cibolo Creek Ranch owner John Poindexter and C. Allen Foster, a prominent Washington lawyer who traveled to the ranch with Scalia by private plane, hold leadership positions within the Order. It is unclear what, if any, official association Scalia had with the group.

Two other private planes that landed at the ranch for the weekend are linked to two men who have held leadership positions with the Texas chapter of the Order, according to a review of state business filings and flight records from the airport.

...The Post obtained a Presidio County Sheriff's Office report that named Foster as Scalia's close friend on the trip. Sheriff Danny Dominguez confirmed that a photograph of Washington lawyer C. Allen Foster is the same man he interviewed at the ranch the day of Scalia's death.

It adds:

The societys U.S. chapter launched in 1966 at the famous Bohemian Club in San Francisco, which is associated with the all-male Bohemian Grove -- one of the most well-known secret societies in the country. In 2010, Poindexter hosted a group of 53 members of the Houston chapter of the International Order of St. Hubertus at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, according to a Houston society publication. A number of members from Mexico were also part of the ranch festivities...

How in Hell could the FBI not see cause for murder with Bohemian Grovers at the ranch that day!*?!\@?>! The United States government is awash in corruption, distance yourself from it. Do not be a patriot, but pray for the destruction of the corruption's agents, many of whom are patriots, Republican satanists in disguise. The Bohemian Grove mimics human sacrifice, but as no one can get near the dummy, no one (but the Grove) knows whether it's a real human. For the record: "The group's Grand Master is 'His Imperial Highness Istvan von Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduke of Austria,' according to the Order's website." Can we believe it, Archduke Istvan (born, 1961) is on the page of FELIX of Austria as his son! "Lothringen" refers to Lorraine, France.

The article ends with "As they all [seven children of Felix] lived in Mexico, and some still do, they are called by the Spanish equivalent to their names." I can easily imagine this family in bed with American Demoncrats. At the bottom of the page, one can click to Felix's family tree. On his mother's side, Felix descends from Charles Ferdinand d'Artois, Duke of Berry. Yes, the Berry location in France under discussion lately. Eight-bar Crispins (Lorraine, near BAR-le-Duc) are suspect with the Barry / Berry barry, and Crispins were resolved as a branch of GRAZio's (share pomegranate with Crispins) while Charles above (son of Savoy) died in Graz, Austria. Online quote: "NAZIS IN THE PROVINCES Styria and Upper Austria, and particularly their capitals, Graz and Linz, were notorious as Nazi nests." Graz was the seat of the Leopold branch of Habsburg, and Leopolds can be of the Vaticanized, Pierleoni Jews, likewise from the Tiber river. Antons use the leopard face, as do Coverts/Cofferts suspect with the Arms of Austria; Coverts, likely a branch of Coffers / Coffee's, were first found in the same place as Felix's, and are a branch of Courts/Coverts (same place) that can be linked to hunting-horn French Courts. Swiss Leopolds can be using the Tabor lions. Italian Leopolds (Clark dragon-head design) have variations linkable to the Chives-related Lipps (BROWN cats).

Charles married the Two Sicilies (Bourbon), the Arms of which (below) shows the Templar flag of Jerusalem as well as red roundels, symbol in the Arms of Boulogne. That flag shares the potent cross with English Felix's, and Belgian Flecks (compare with Fulke Shield) can apply right here to Ardennes / Artois elements. The Bourbon surname shares the fleur-de-lys of Browns, suggesting the Bruno line to the Bars of Brunswick, known to have branched off to Bar-le-Duc. Bars share the hunting horn. The Bourbons are in the ancestry of Felix on his father's side too.

In Istvan's photo below, he has a black flory cross on his shoulder, the symbol of Gowers/Gore's. "HIRH Istvan Franz von Habsburg-Lothringen, Archduke of Austria, Royal Prince of Hungary (born in Mexico city, Mexico on September 22nd 1961), Austrian National, holds a Bachelors' degree at law school at Itam in Mexico City and Master in Business Administration at Ann-Arbor Michigan. Private employee in management at an Electronic component manufacturer in Luxemburg." His Arms are shown, I assume, and the Arms of Lorraine are part of it. The born-in-Mexico part evokes the reason for El Paso. He was the twin of Archduchess Viridis.

The following is important: "For the hunting weekend earlier this month, Poindexter told The Washington Post that Scalia traveled to Houston with his friend and U.S. marshals, who provide security for Supreme Court justices...From Houston, Scalia and Foster chartered a plane without the marshals to the Cibolo Creek Ranch airstrip. In a statement after Scalia died, the U.S. Marshals Service said that Scalia had declined a security detail while at the ranch." How could anyone plot Scalia's murder before the event when it was routine for high-level judge's to travel with their security detail? Did the plotters get Scalia's assurances that marshals would not come out with him? Was Poindexter correct to say that marshals followed him to Houston? There is not much danger flying to Houston as there is in the remote fields around the ranch. We have all heard of hunting "accidents" before.

Perhaps the ranch had frowned on Scalia's bringing law men out to the ranch, telling him that it would dent the vacation for the others. Perhaps Scalia was forced, in that way, to decline, beforehand, the marshals. While it's true that Bohemian-Grove members are largely Republicans, was Poindexter accurate in stating that all attendees were Conservative? Is Hubertus stacked with Republicans? As I understand it, Catholics, especially Mexican Catholics, vote Democrat. And the Order was Catholic, at least to begin with.

There is a Catholic Order of St. Hubert, also called, Bavarian Order of St. Hubert, to be distinguished from the International Order of Saint Hubert above. At its beginnings, the bloodline owning the Order of Saint Hubert overlapped with house of Guelders, the latter using cinquefoils in colors reversed from those of Ardens. It can appear that the two Orders were related by blood (recall that Felix descended from Charles of Artois). While Dutch Clavers share the same chevron as French Ardens/Ardennes', and while Glaphyra Archelaus can link excellently to the Gelder surname, Anne of Cleves (i.e. Claviere line?), wife of Henry VIII, was part of the early Order of Saint Hubert.

The Arms of Cleves uses the escarbuncle shared by such surnames as Rays and Hangers (why do Scottish Rays share the stag with International St. Hubert?). The Rayborns use a stag but call it a roebuck ("roebuck drinking out of a brook"), suggesting that antler-using Bucks can be of the buckle-using Buncle's, which recalls the buckles of Dunns suspect with buck-using Douns/Downs. The Rayborns share the helmet with Poindexters, Armours and Twitch's, and while Rayborns don't call it a squire's helmet (as code for Squire's/Square's), Rayborns call their canton a SQUARE.

The Arms of Cleves shares the white-on-red escutcheon with Chadwicks and Chaddocks, a branch of Saddocks/Sedgewicks first found in the same place as Felix's. There is a Cleves surname (share's "cruce" with Jeffersons) listed with Cliffs, wherefore such things as Cliftons and Cliffords can apply. Cliffords (same place as Jeffersons, Fullers and Tarves-like Trevors) use the Warin checks and the Warren Shield while Cleves' are said to descend from a Warin. Ada of Warenne married Henry HUNTINGdon, and Warins/Wearings (red wyvern dragon) use hunting horns in the colors of the same of French Courts (Languedoc, same place as Cruce's and Gillys/Jilles, beside Galli's). German Warins (Saxony) use a reflection of the Belgian Fleck Coat.

English Flecks share the scallops of Tarves-suspect Travis' (both suspect from Treviso/Tarvisium). Compare the Arms of Cleves with the Tarves Coat.

The Gelders surname shows an Op-Gelder variation, suspect with "Opgalli," wife of a grandson of Cleves-suspect Glaphyra Archelaus. Coincidence? It has been my guess that Caiaphas, suspect with the Chives' of Tarves, was a close relative of Opgalli, but the evidence now being presented wasn't known by me until now. We read: "The establishment of the Order occurred during a long-term, intermittent territorial dispute, initially between the Dukes of Julich and the Dukes of Guelders, who were descended from a female line of the House of Julich." Those of you who had read my story on Tony, Andrea and our gifts to her know that the Jewels/Jule's (Julich liners?) entered the discussion (Tony gave her a jewel). Tonys use a flower in the colors of the gillyflowers of Jewels/Jule's (I didn't know this when I was 11 years old, did I?). I gave her a book on TARzan and a gameBOARD while Boards (same place as Felix's) share the Chaddock / Chadwick Shield (Rochdale) as well as the same escutcheon as in the Arms of Cleves (see the Arms of Rochdale too). One branch of Rays (Gill colors) is said to have been in Gill, suspect with GILLYflowers.

Jewels/Jule's recalls that Yells/Yule's link to the Sticks and Astikas'. In this gillyflower picture (see "gillyflower" in the next update for more), the Gill location of the Rays can apply to Jule / Yell / Jell/Jill liners, the latter first found in the same place as Rays and Scarfs. The Arms-of-Cleves / Ray ESCARbuncle, while part-suspect with buckle-using Buncle's/Bonekills, may also be part-code for Scarrs, in Gell/Jill colors. The Cleves'/Cliffs (same place as Masseys and Huberts) are in Stick colors and said to have married the heiress of Styche. The Cleves'/Cliffs share the three, black wolf heads of Quade's, which are in white with the Scarfs, tending to reveal that the Q-like "scarf" of Trabys/Sadowski's is in honor of Quade's. Elements from Traby, Poland, married Stick-liner Astikas', probably no coincidence.

It appears that Tarves-like Trabys were part of the Cleves location at the Rhine-river theater (Netherlands theater), which can explain why the Tarves surname shares a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same in the Arms of the counts and dukes Guelders above. As one branch of Irish Mackays shares the Quade wolf heads while there is a Dutch Mackay Coat (Massey Shield?), I suggest that Dutch Clavers (Macey stars?) are using the Mackay and Ardennes chevron; the latter's stars can be those of Sutherlands. Compare the Coat of Suther-like Suters (near Tarves) with the Board Coat.

While the International Order of Saint Hubert had beginnings in Bohemia and Austria, it came to Ardennes, suggesting links to the earlier Bavarian Order of Saint Hubert now under discussion. Some say that Bavaria and Bohemia were both named by Boii peoples, and others say that Boii (or the Bai of Bavaria) also named the Baiocasses of the Bessin, where Meschins descended, and where the Orne river flows. The Bessin/Beeston Coat shares the bend of Huberts, for Huberts were first found in the same place as Beeston.

Here's from the homepage itself: "The International Order of St. under the Royal Protection of His Majesty Juan Carlos of Spain, the Grand Master Emeritus His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Andreas Salvator of Austria and our Grand Master is His Imperial and Royal Highness Istvan von Habsburg Lothringen, Archduke of Austria, Prince of Hungary." Why Andreas? Note that variations of Italian Andreas smack of the Drin river and the Drainer variation of helmet-using Dragons (use the Mynett helmets). Andreas' were first found in Friuli, beside the first-known Salvators, and while Rayborns call their helmet a knight's helmet, Knights use three pale bars in colors reversed from the same of Salvators. It just so happens that the squire's helmet traces to the squirrels of Valentins, the latter first found in the same area as Salvators. It appears that Johannes Valentinus Andreae can be a blood root of this Order. Spanish Salvators (Aragon) have a Coat reflecting that of Suters and Boards.

The Drains/Drayne's (same place as Scarfs) use an orange-like lion. The Ricks (ORANGE Crest) use the fesse that is the Arms of Austria, and share the white-on-red fitchee in the sinister canton of Gillys. The "RECTumque" motto term of Huberts can be part-code for Reckitts (scimiTAR), who in-turn use a "Quid" motto term that gets the Quade's. The Cleves / Quade wolf is in both colors of the same of the Choice/Joyce wolf. The Scarf wolf head is identical to the one of Hugh D'Avranches (same place as Huberts), and while he along with the Meschins descended from John de Burgo de Conteville, the Cleves entity was of Julich-Berg. John de Burgo also ruled Comines (Artois), the Arms of which shares the key with Clavers, and moreover shares red cinquefoils with the Arms of Cleves above! The Comines cinquefoils are colors reversed from the same of Portis'/Porchers (almost the Herbert bars) suspect at Portishead = CLAPton. That works, don't fix it. Portis'/Porchers look much like Berry / Barry liners, which recalls Charles of Berry and Artois, ancestor of Felix down in Mexico.

The Portis cinquefoil is likely that also of Flowers and Potters, and while Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers," Hangers were first found in the same place as Potters and same-colored Porters/Pawters (and red-wyvern Drake's). This recalls that Hangers share the escarbuncle with the Arms of Cleves.

My twitch subsided, by the way, about an hour after starting this section. I think I have hit the reason for this twitch of late. Although it's not now caused by Taster's Choice, I think it's still admissible that the Taste and Choice/Joice surnames are applicable to the Twitch / Armour / Poindexter bloodline, simply because God could have made the twitch disappear (after about a month non-stop) immediately after going off of Taster's Choice coffee. Yes, the twitch returned, but for a reason, apparently. Is this all to do with the coming 666?

The American Band has Played a Wicked Note on the Trump

I don't think Trump wants to alter the national spy system as per its blanketing every American. I think Trump's only going after those people who spy on he and his team. If that sounds like he's self-centered, that's what I think. I also think that his staunch supporters amongst anti-liberal, ant-spy circles will urge him to do something about the blanket system, and then find him resisting more than they expected. We shall soon see how he treats this. I have yet to see a tweet from him, in any of the videos on the topic, where he's come down on blanket spying by the NSA. If Trump does anything about it, he gets no credit from me; he'll be doing it just because his supporters would fall back if he didn't. Here is a scary statement out this week: "A senior White House official told NBC...the White House was bringing back more of a George W. Bush-era-type NSC [= National Security]."

Trump has made it clear that he wants the spies to have the best capabilities to catch home-grown terror, but if he's not naive, this is a sick hoax on Trump's part. Not long ago, the NSA could not prove more than one or two cases of the dozens it claimed beforehand of home-frown terror acts. The NSA was clearly fabricating the terror acts to justify deeper spy methods. Didn't Trump hear about that? Trump is of that cloth, make no mistake about it. If they spy on him, he gets angry and acts, but if they spy on others, that's just dandy for him. If that's his attitude, I'll spit in his face.

The article above says Steve Bannon has been down-graded. You see, Trump is moving in the direction that his superiors want him to. Yes, they are his superiors, for Trump is not yet much of a leader. They will steer him. The shadow government has the experience on how to do it, one way or another, whatever works best on him. And he is therefore predicted to become one of them.

Here's an example of Trump's people trying to steer his ship: "Roger Stone, one of President Donald Trump's most ardent surrogates, has publicly implored the president to back marijuana legalization -- even as he blasted his U.S. attorney general for 'outmoded thinking' on pot while quoting Thomas Jefferson and The Bible to justify his position." The Bible, outmoded thinking? The fact is, the "progressive" move of liberalism "forward" has all been done before. Ask the doped-up Trojans, and Sodom and Gomorrah. The liberals are taking us backward to destruction. The Biblical call is forward to the eternal future. Never forget that. To move forward is to move toward God's kingdom.

Everyone has heard by now, I assume, of Trump's attack on Syria. Trump is looking just like Obama on the Syria stage. "U.S. intelligence officials, based on a preliminary assessment, said the deaths were most likely caused by sarin nerve gas dropped by Syrian aircraft on the town of Khan Sheikhoun on Tuesday. A senior state department official said Washington had not yet ascertained it was sarin." Russia says Syria didn't do it, and trump takes the position of his superiors, of course. Trump is a horrendous mistake. Can't he realize that Assad wants nothing more at this time than to get some friendship with Trump? Is Assad going to drop chemical weapons at this moment?

Trump: ""I now have responsibility...When you kill innocent little babies' this crosses not just a red line but 'many, many lines.'" If he were an intelligent man acting normally, he would have waited for the evidence from both sides before speaking as he did above. It looks more like a play being played out, and it means that the Western military can advance to the next step already. I don't like Assad, but I despise the American military, the CIA, and their British partners in crime. From Sputnik: "The Russian Defense Ministry said early Wednesday that the airstrike near Khan Shaykhun was carried out by Syrian aircraft, which struck a terrorist warehouse that stored chemical weapons slated for delivery to Iraq." Ask Trump if that's possible? It may be hopeless. This may be an American script being played out, with the CIA hoping that Trump will be harder on Putin than Obama was.

Same article: "'The Syrian Army is accused of using chemical weapons, while the data that is being used by those who launched this campaign, is based on the statements made by the NCESC and by an organization called Human Rights Observatory in Syria, which is located in London and in fact, has no means of its own to really monitor the situation,' Dolgov told Sputnik." That's not an unreasonable assessment. Dod the Observatory speak too fast? Looks like. But that's how false-flag events are conducted, with accusations started immediately against the ones being framed.

"Maria Zakharova said that the White Helmets and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) cannot be considered to be reliable sources as they have been repeatedly caught spreading fake reports on the situation in the war-torn country." I believe it. The West is losing the war and is desperate.

At the below video, Trump is speaking from a script written, probably, by someone else. Assad is guilty immediately, and this is not a normal course of events. It may have been timed deliberately for Trump's visit with the Jordanian king, allowing Trump to engage the world on the colors of his coming Syria campaign. It appears that the Americans want Jordan to be helpful in the coming fight in Syria. "Officials say Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will discuss Syria with Russian leaders next week when he visits Moscow. It's the first announced visit by a top U.S. official to Russia since President Donald Trump's inauguration."

"U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley slammed Russia Wednesday... and held up pictures of victims." It looks like a staged act when pictures are held up, to get national/world sympathy, less than 24 hours after the attack. This is the Trump stage. I have yet to hear the story from Assad, but already I'm thinking that the West conducted thus mass murder. This puts russia on red-alert. Haley, on day one, is already saying that the US can and wants to act alone when Russia veto's any UN resolution. But she doesn't have the authority nor the position to make such a statement, meaning that it's scripted, written before the bombing. I doubt that Trump -- in a normal, true event -- would call her to give permission to make that statement on day one.

Fat-head Trump to the rescue, the fake. I now know that Trump is a fake, a false-flagger. Russia may even know that the Americans did this, but, of course, they wouldn't want to say it at this time. We need to hear from Assad first before humming the war drums.

If this were a normal event, the West would hold off until the facts were in, but, by that time, world shock would subside. A staged event requires a world shock immediately, with no doubts allowed in the staged accusations against who-done-it, and then it's fueled to the heights in coming days / weeks. That's how I see the story unfolding on day one.

I have to assume that Russia's story was obtained from Assad: "'Yesterday [April 4], from 11:30am to 12:30pm local time, Syrian aviation made a strike on a large terrorist ammunition depot and a concentration of military hardware in the eastern outskirts of Khan Sheikhoun town,' Russian defence ministry spokesman Igor Konoshenkov said. 'On the territory of the depot there were workshops which produced chemical warfare munitions.'" It doesn't sound unreasonable to me. In fact, Assad knew that by dropping chemical weapons, he'd only invite Trump to come get him (i.e. impossible to blame Assad). Trump, involved. Trump, liar! Trump, beast! This is an easy one to figure.

Here's the Russians now willing to accuse the West openly of conducting false-flag operations:

Russia's deputy ambassador to the UN, Vladimir Safronkov, hit back by accusing the UK of being "obsessed" with overthrowing President Assad instead of seeking peace.

He said his country - which can veto any UN Security Council resolution - saw no need for a new resolution and called for a "full, objective" international investigation. Much of the video evidence of the attack had, he argued, been "staged".

Where is the evidence that Russia's story is untrue? But the West coming out swinging, without evidence, is all I need to see to know the reality. I don't like Assad, but I despise liars and beasts. Condemnation to the current American administration, and may God destroy the CIA before it destroys the innocent of the land. Let God be the Judge. We shall see the outcome.

"Hasan Haj Ali, commander of the Free Idlib Army rebel group, told Reuters news agency: 'Everyone saw the plane while it was bombing with gas.'" Firstly, this is not an impartial witness, and secondly he didn't see gas inside the bombs. If the rebels are not guilty, then let them immediately allow Russian witnesses to the site to show whether a barn of chemicals was responsible versus bombs dropped by planes. Under the controversial circumstances, the rebels WOULD DEFINILY INVITE the Russians to the site with Westerners, to see that there are no chemicals in storage buildings or weapons factories, if indeed that's the case. Am I right? Yes, I am. However, at this time, I don't know whether the gases were released from an ISIS camp verses a Syrian-rebel camp. The quote above only says, "a large terrorist ammunition depot."

"A chemical weapons expert, Col Hamish de Bretton- Gordon, told the BBC that the Russian version of events was 'pretty fanciful'. The idea that a nerve gas like Sarin could spread after a weapons manufacturing process had been bombed was 'unsustainable', he added" (BBC). I can't understand that statement. Why can't barrels of gas, when exploded, not spread? Perhaps one barrel alone can't spread far, but if 290 are exploded at once, I see potential for some distant travel.

Besides, the Russian account may be from Assad's best guess on day one, when the reality may be that the rebels unleashed the weapons on the streets just as the Syrian planes were flying overhead. If Assad knows he didn't drop gas, then he would be confused as to how the chemicals dissipated, and his best guess might indeed be that the chemicals were in a building, or outside the building, and their being hit by bombs wasn't his plan. I have read recent reports that the opposition have used chemical weapons.

While Trump kept Russia's hopes up for an alliance, and yet at arm's length, the West was restoring the rebels.

US funding for rebel groups in northern Syria has been partially restored, opposition sources tell Al Jazeera.

A new military alliance of rebel groups in northern Syria aims to consolidate military control over Idlib province, the western part of Aleppo province and parts of Latakia province, according to a Free Syrian Army (FSA) commander.

That's what's going on. The rebels have their mouths open waiting for the West to stuff them with more "food." Al Jazeera is implying that Turkey is about to assist the effort against Assad. If it begins soon, Trump could ask the Syrian Kurds to abandon the invasion of Raqqa to go for Assad instead. Trump thinks he now has the card to start that effort. It's a fake card, but a card just the same. The card allows the excuse of excusing Russia as an American ally in Syria. So, what are you going to do, Trump, start a world war? You haven't changed a thing in this regard. Same old civil war in Syria, more violence and hardship, heart-ache, same old, same old, and here you wanted to be better than Obama. Assad was a minimal threat to Israel; he could have been left alone. All that money wasted by the West on the civil war could have gone simply to preventing Syria from smuggling Iranian weapons to Hamas. Was that too simple and inexpensive for the Western Beast?

In 2013: "'President Obama, do not attack Syria,' Mr. Trump said on Twitter. 'There is no upside and tremendous downside.'" The fact is, most of the world had a hard time believing the Western charge that Assad was responsible for the chemical weapons at that time. And the world was fast taking the position that the Americans staged the event as an excuse to go in and get Assad. But one minute after hearing from his military superiors that Assad done-it, Trump turns against Assad on international television like there could be no other explanation. Fake! Garbage!

The New York Times seeking to put holes in Russia's story:

The Russian Ministry of Defense said on Tuesday that Syrian aircraft carried out a strike on the eastern outskirts of Khan Sheikhun between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Witnesses, doctors and rescue workers said that a toxic substance spread after warplanes bombed the city between 6:30 and 7 a.m. -- five hours before the Russian government says Syrian aircraft targeted insurgents. It is unclear how many attacks were carried out that day, or what time they occurred.

There is no hole there because we don't know whether more than one wave of Syrian planes went through, and, besides, if this was faked by the West, it may have been done while American planes flew over. It's too early to say. I frankly have no idea who to believe, and that's the position the West should be taking for a lot longer than the first 24-hour period. That's why I cry faked event but likely with real killing. It has begun.

The same article dishes out the typical image of a ruthless Assad: "Several witnesses who described the early morning attack said a second airstrike hit a clinic treating victims." The harsher they make Assad look at this time, the less I believe them. Assad was waiting to see how Trump would behave toward Syria; he would have been on his absolute-best behavior, because Trump announced openly, like a solemn pledge, to go after ISIS, and nothing more. It was lovely music in Assad's ears, and that's why I say Trump, the fake, the liar. I will not respect this beast.

The image I had of Trump before he attacked the Syrian airstrip with 60 missiles was of a bull-nosed, premature actor, lashing out uncontrollably like an unrestrained bully. While what we have just seen in Syria fits that description well, I suggest that it's not appropriate in this case. I feel that this was a plot in-the-making for weeks or months, and something the military had on its table since the Obama administration. To put it another way, this was Act II of the faked chemical attack under Obama, but with a president who committed beforehand to strike the Syrian planes in punishment.

The Americans were fast to say that the 60 missiles were all that they were doing at this time, letting the world breath easier. But, this bombing is a fruitless an counter-productive act because, if they want to carry the war against Assad, they will need to fabricate another horrible event blamed on Assad, and the world might not go along with it, seeing that it's harder now to believe that Assad would commit a second weapons attack, or do something similar like dropping bombs on a school or hospital. The Russians are already starting the campaign to accuse Trump of acting prematurely (to put it nicely):

"President Putin regards the US attacks on Syria as an aggression against a sovereign state in violation of the norms of international law, and under a trumped-up pretext at that," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday.

"Trumped-up pretext" means a false-flag operation. It will be harder for Trump to give the green light for a repeat act, but, the problem is, bull- nose Trump is dangerous. He might just do it, anyway. Escalation of war between the super powers had just nudged up a few notches, but the CIA / Central Command has been willing to chance this in order to take Syria for the West. That's the bottom line.

My opinions on this are not birthed in the article above, which itself says: "However, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the US missile attack on a Syrian air base had been prepared long ago." That just sounds like a no-brainer. The military had wanted to do it under Obama. It appeared to me that, under Obama, the main plot was to bring oil prices down to starve Putin simultaneously with trying to make him less popular at home. Escalation of the war in Syria would only increase oil prices, and make Putin stronger for supporting Assad.

The ruined 20 Syrian planes are not predicted to change much, as it only makes Syria's friends support him more, probably to the point of replacing the planes with better ones. If the West wants to win this, they will need to engineer another excuse to start, and then maintain, a war until it's won. It will be Iraq II. In fact, the conquering of Syria was in the Bush playbook when he was the president. He just didn't get the opportunity to conduct the act.

The article above makes the point that the American ships off of Syria were prepared ahead of time to make this attack. That sounds reasonable, and, if true, makes shambles of Trump's attitude. He was pretending to be outraged, and for this I cannot respect him from this day on. If you want someone who speaks well of Trump, you need to go read someone else. In my view, the American demons killed Syrian people with chemicals twice to justify this new aggression, and Trump is in bed with these demons.

In a real situation, if the Americans did not create the chemical outburst, the Americans would have waited more than two days, first to assure that Assad had done it. Secondly, they would have waited still longer to convince the world that they had appropriate evidence. Neither was done. There is no need to rush the attack of Assad's jets, but the American military has been itching to act for too long.

I don't support the bad guy just because he talks like a good guy. It doesn't matter to me if you stop reading me because you love Trump; I'd rather you see him for what he really is, and it's my task to portray him accurately. Sputnik on April 7 (Friday) put this out:

The militants from Daesh on Friday used poisonous gas against civilians in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the Mosul municipality chief told Sputnik.

If ISIS has chemicals, then the Syrian rebels were able to capture some wherever they defeated ISIS units. Will we see the same outrage from Trumpists on the Mosul event? No.

"The American defense secretary Jim Mattis consulted me early yesterday evening about our assessment of the regime's culpability for the chemical weapons attack and we reviewed the need to understand and to deal with any likely Russian reactions to the attack," British Defence Minister Michael Fallon said on BBC TV.

...The launch took place about three hours [that long?] after the Security Council failed to agree on an investigation...

A Russian diplomat speaking to reporters after Thursday night's Security Council meeting said "a resolution should not, can not, and will not pre- judge the outcome of an investigation. First of all things need to be investigated ... the crime scene at Khan Sheikhun."

But they said, no, no waiting for an investigation, bomb now. And they gave the Russians an hour or two to get their men and planes out of the target airport??? Couldn't the attack have waited even another day? Why not? Was the media program spoiled? Yes, it was. They had to bomb before public opinion weighed in to say, NO! They knew how public opinion ruined the opportunity under Obama, but not this time. But the impoverished goons haven't gained anything by ruining Assad's airport. They have only given Assad more resolve to win the war sooner, and less reason to have peace talks with the West.

You will need to decide on your own whether you will be a tiling patriot at any cost. I can't justify supporting murderers. I do not think Trump has flipped-flopped on the Syria issue; it appears he was lying when getting elected partly by acting opposed to more war in Syria. The big media exposes this as a fraudulent attack because, instead of doing their job to verify that the military is correct, they are on the military bandwagon. He hasn't changed his mind about Syria; even the French and Germans claimed that Assad was guilty. But how would they know so soon? The fact must be, the pro-bombers were all agreed beforehand to play it out as it's playing out.

We now await the U.S. justification to increase power against Assad. "Following the US military action, Russia decided to suspend its memorandum of understanding on air safety over Syria with the United States, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry." Cold shoulder, what else.

The following video tells you why Trump attacked from day one, because he knew the American people oppose the attack / escalation of the war. But Trump will say that the people are for the attack. In other words, Trump acted alone with the military, not for the will of the people that he's been hired to represent. This is nasty. To make it worse, Christian politicos will support, believe and "corroborate" Trump.

The fact that there is evidence that children and others were killed / hit makes Trump an accomplice to mass-murder, and as surely as God lives, Trump will pay the price for this.

Did the following accuser make up a fantasy out of the blue, or was there truth to it?

On May 3rd, 2016, the Inquisitr ran an interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, who made the case that Hillary Clinton approved the sending of sarin gas to Syria.

At a time when Clinton is trying to secure the 2016 democratic presidential nomination, Hersh is coming forward with allegations that the democratic presidential front-runner and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was a go-between the Obama Administration and the leaders of Middle Eastern nations (namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey) to set up a horrific sarin gas attack and place the blame on the shoulders of Assad. Why? So that the U.S. could invade Syria and blame Assad.

"By the terms of the agreement, funding came from Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi's arsenals into Syria."

Hersh didn't elaborate as to whether the "arms"' he referred to encompassed the chemical precursors for creating sarin gas, which Libya stockpiled. However, multiple independent reports have independently confirmed that Gaddafi of Libya did, indeed, possess such stockpiles. Additionally, the The Free Thought Project reports, the much-touted U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya was operating as a "rat line" for Gaddafi's weaponry while Hillary Clinton was at the helm.

This pastor (I don't know him) sounds like he has a level head:

See the 5-minute to a little after 6-minute to see that sarin gas could have been put on the streets by the rebels:

From the maker of the videos above, this is a must see to nearly the 4th minute:

At the same time, Syria shot down an Israeli jet. "RUSSIA and Iran have said they will respond to further American military actions following the air strike in Syria last week." And what if Israeli jets get involved too? I can see a Russia-versus-Israeli war here, mainly due to Trump's bull-nosed attitude. I can also envision Trump seeking to mend things with Russia anytime soon. "The statement read: 'What America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well.'" It's hard to see how Russia can back down now if Trump does it again, but Trump is the type to swing his fat arse in derision even in the face of this world-war scenario. Holding our breath, with North Korea on Russia's side. There is virtually zero chance of a nuclear strike from Korea, unless Trump acts the big-shot stupid and escalates the world temperature for the sake merely of Syria. You can't get more stupidly diabolical than that, but Armageddon predicts exactly this.

I'm reading that the Syrian airport is already re-operating. Fox even says, "...Syria has used the damaged air strip to resume bombing the town where the chemical attack took place." The bombing has only strengthened Syria with a stronger Russian backbone, leaving only one way for the Americans to get their way in Syria: escalate the world temperature. One thing about Putin, he doesn't seem insane. On Trump, I'm not yet sure. On the American military and CIA: definitely wicked and out of contact with the sanity of God.

Here's one that the Russian RT likes:

Sometimes I get voices in my head. Not clear voices that reverberate loudly, but low-volume, faint voices. I didn't know what to make of it last year, when I was doing a tile mosaic on the step into my bathtub. It only took me a day, and the step turned out very nice, yet near the end of the job, I heard a voice, "Make haste." This was last fall. I didn't know whether God was saying, never mind about the fancy things in completing this house, or whether the phrase had to do with the nearing of the tribulation period. It did not sound like my own voice. Then, not more than about a month ago, while stressing Trump, I heard, "It has begun." I have not taken either phrase very seriously, yet, because voices in our heads could be from our own heads, somehow. But there you have it, for whatever you may make of it. Suddenly, "It has begun" looks prophetically related. Is it time to start planning survival strategies? Shouldn't we wait for the anti-Christ to attack Egypt first? Could this happen soon, if Trump goes ahead to beginning a world war?

My heart goes out to Christians in the Middle East under attack from ISIS. Will Trump take these believers into America, if only for the short term?

Only the fool believes this headline: "The U.S. military is expanding its presence and infrastructure in northern Syria in order to fight ISIS and support the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)-led Raqqa campaign." The same news site: "US Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend on Tuesday said that he prefers a long term American military presence in Iraqi Kurdistan." Although he tries to make us think so, he's not going to say that thing for the Iraqi news people unless his superiors are saying it too. He's talking about the Mosul area. With Russia's hair on end now, a push for protecting Mosul from Russian influence is the predictable American strategy.

The American strategy to remain in Iraq on behalf of fighting ISIS actually weakens the American goal in Syria because the Americans need to perform better in the battles against ISIS now on-going. Mosul is a lost cause for ISIS, and Raqqa is going too. The ISIS fighters will melt into the rural population, awaiting a better day for making a come-back, but how will this allow the Americans to remain in Syria, the "sovereign state." The long and the short of it is that Trump, in case his brass decides not to push the world-war buttons at this time, is going to try to fill Syria and Iraq with American items in preparation for war against Russia, while stating that it's to fight ISIS. We can see this taking place as of Trump's first week as president. But Russia is now posing as Syria's savior, and Putin will openly question the build-up of American presence in Assad's "sovereign country." In this way, the Trump attack has probably damaged the quest to build American military presence in Syria. One way to fix the problem is to feign friendship with Putin, pretending to go after ISIS together with him. The Russians seem to have a soft spot for the United States whenever the latter feigns friendship with Russia.

Some videos that I was looking at

When I asked readers to read this entire update, I didn't mean this section too, which I've added in case it interests anyone.

How many American dollars went to ISIS under Obama? The video below shows a check from Obama, for $100,000, written to the Muslim Brotherhood a few weeks ago. This shows Obama's inner stench. I doubt very much that it was his own money, even though it's drawn from his bank account. This proves that he unseated the Egyptian "dictator" to give power to the Muslim Brotherhood. What a fiend.

The Democrats came out of the gate swinging and bashing, causing Trump to fall to one knee, because he was very green in the skills of using government, and because his team was itself not well-geared for working together. But the prediction is, Trump will reform government institutions to cater better to his own fight than to Obama's fight, at which time Trump will lay the fatal blows. It will take some time, but the harder the Democrats hit him now, the worse it will be for them later. That is, if they can't silence him with threats of blow-backs.

Obama has left the United States for uncharted waters in exotic islands, for at least some weeks, while Trumpulent winds blow against him:

Here's why Obama's running scared:

Susan Rice, one of Obama's chief accomplices, has come out to admit the wire taps on Trump, but she's doing it for damage control, saying that none of it was intended to hit Trump for political purposes, etc. She's not trying to back-stab Obama, but knows she has the responsibility to come out and say something to the nation, as she is a chief instigator:

At the 4-minute mark of the video below, Susan Rice says that Obama ordered the "wire-tap" data on Trump. But I think that Rice and other Hillary supporters wanted the spying done a lot more than Obama, though they had to get Obama to go along with it, and, of course, the buck stops with him where there is guilt here, and there is a lot of guilt:

I always said that Obama was a rat who hired rats, and now one rat (Evelyn Farkas) has made clear that Obama was indeed a rat. She said on television:

I was urging my former colleagues and, frankly speaking, the people on the Hill, it was more actually aimed at telling the Hill people, get as much [spied-out] information as you can [on not-yet-president Trump], get as much intelligence as you can, before President Obama leaves the administration.

Because I had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with the senior people who left, so it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy...that the Trump folks -- if they found out how we knew what we knew about their...the Trump staff dealing with Russians -- that they would try to compromise those sources and methods, meaning we no longer have access to that intelligence.

Those were her words before Trump accused Obama of spying on him, and these words, frankly speaking, reveal that she ordered the Obama team to spy on Trump to find where and how he was partnering with the Russians. In other words everything Trump said or wrote was up for review in order to find where he was speaking to the Russians. It's clear enough to me: create a crisis to justify spying on a person, then spy. If you get caught, say it was done for the good of the people. Obama, the fiend.

Here's Hannity dissecting the Farkas admission; she wasn't part of the Obama administration so that what she said above on TV makes no sense:

Here is a Hawaii character who looks like he's been wanting to say this for a few years:

Here's a curious charge against Paul Ryan. Another video says that ISSA (Republican) met with Obama people too:

The following is what Snowden was warning about, that the NSA / CIA can watch the candidates of both parties during and between elections:

Here's one way Democrats win elections with some help from fraud:

The following is part of the current civil war, typical of Google and similar others:

Here's a former NSA worker (William Binney) who says the NSA was starting a globalist record-keeping system in 2001. He says the FBI was part of it, no surprise, and he says they "manufactured evidence" against him to keep him quiet:

The same William (Bill) Binney is on Fox News below, telling the same story. He says that NSA checks for cheating in order to use it in blackmailing political / ideological foes. Binney says that, since 2001, the near-start of George Bush, NSA has kept data from the Supreme Court justices, etc., meaning that, if the judges can be convinced that this is true, off the heads of the NSA bosses will go. Binney portrays the NSA as the shadow government, the invisible rulers seeking to control the official rulership.


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