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March 28 - April 3, 2017

A Few of God's Amalekite Secrets in Mr. Mellanson
Cute Sharon and Sweet Carmel Gives Me Pasi
My Latest Dream -- What Not to do to your Wheel Bearings
It Just Has to be a Dream from God to Reveal Laevillus Liners

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I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail you to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again. We'll need to wait and see whether Yahoo changes its policy.

I get it: "The U.K. government wants WhatsApp to give security services access to encrypted messages in the aftermath of the Westminster Bridge terror attack." Use a faked terror attack to justify spying on everything everybody all-the-time. Spies defile their souls, and that means governments become more defiled. It's the way of the future. People should learn to do the right thing: ignore the rotting government, get on with your own lives, live as though no government exists...or demand that government serves the people, not the other way around. We are to be the bosses, the employers who pay the employees, and the government is our employee. Never forget it, and never let the government forget it. Get on your knees before us, government, and honor us, not we you. Humble yourself, government. If you want the downfall of the nation, just spy on all of us.

"British press reports suggest Westminster Bridge attacker Khalid Masood used the WhatsApp messaging service just minutes before the Wednesday rampage..." It's a lie. The British government lies to its people. The British government is guilty of sedition against the employer. The British government wants to rule the people, and does not want it the other way around. Read my last update to see how I know that the Masood terror attack was faked by the British government. "Last year the U.K. passed the Investigatory Powers Act, which aims to strengthen the country's surveillance powers." The British people are being harassed by the goons wishing to rule over them with an iron hand. "WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, says that it is working with U.K. authorities following Wednesday's attack. "We are horrified at the attack carried out in London and are cooperating with law enforcement as they continue their investigations,' it said, in a statement emailed to Fox News." Facebook was always intended to be a spy tool. It's now jumping to justify a final betrayal of its duped members.

The globalists have started. They have begun. It has begun. They are working their machinery. It is coming down the pipe. It's not good for ther people. It's the police state with a harder grip on our decisions. We will all be compelled to decide what they deem is politically correct, and we will not be able to steer the hearts of the leaders to our way of thinking. They will not represent us even an iota anymore. They will command what is best for us, when in fact it is best for them. They work our decisions, and watch how we decide, and they will devise ways to punish those that do not think as they command. The mind police is coming down the pipe to your computer camera. The ugly eyeball is in your home. Hit it with something! Get the thing out!!

Headline this week: "WikiLeaks has published hundreds more files today which it claims show the CIA went to great lengths to disguise its own hacking attacks and point the finger at Russia, China, North Korea and Iran." No more needs to be said. It's the best news the world could ever hear. The CIA blames hacking on the Russians that the CIA itself conducts, and this is the cause of the new cold war coming to the world right now. Ask general Mattis what fools they all are, including himself. And they invent stories of Russian nuclear subs patrolling the continental shelf of America, and other such tales never-ending to keep Americans hating / fearing the Russians. Otherwise they wouldn't all have jobs anymore, for military spending could be reduced drastically otherwise. And Trump wants to increase military spending just to caress the military bloc. They are about to fulfill their own prophecies when they drive the other guys mad. Go get some decent, productive jobs, and stop wasting money on more military. The world needs to calm down, but the Americans are fanning the fires of conflict as we speak. Perhaps they are seeking a plot to put American under martial law, after all. I can see them bombing their own country to accomplish that, then blame North Korea with "proof" to boot. Mattis wants everyone thinking that Korea is about to explode in a lunatic episode.

From now, it is possible to frame anyone with any crime with false email evidence created by the authorities. They just go into the victim's email box, create a nasty email, send it to someone, then "find" it and use it against the victim. If the CIA is willing to frame entire nations, why not political foes like Donald Trump? This is the downfall of the nation. Better to send the entire CIA packing than to see the chaos now showing as several ugly faces. Trump, the idiot, has just approved more spy capabilities on the American people by telecom companies. I knew that Trump was a goon from the start. I know his type. Words are cheap, and while they got him elected, there are big regrets already from those who empowered him. George Bush gave the American people some tax cuts, then allowed the government to take it back on high oil prices. It's a fool's game to believe modern leaders. Demons everywhere, chaos to be expected.

The British government is trying to make the faked Westminster attack seem to be of widespread involvement, but, no matter how they frame it, it was just one guy with knives, no major operation whatsoever. At any time, anyone can start to drive over people on any sidewalk, and this idea is not to hard for the sleeper cells to grasp. But, you see, there are no dire sleeper cells, or they would have acted with great success long ago. It would be easy to harm people in countless ways, leave a few Muslin tracts, then flee the scene and stay alive to do it again, but here we have this faked story of a guy who puts himself into a situation where he is killed. Nonsense.

The article below claims what we could expect of a faked attack: "Interestingly the CCTV cameras for Westminster were reported to have been taken off-line as of September, apparently due to the costs of maintaining them. See here, here and here. As a result, I've seen several police requests on TV for witnesses to come forward -- presumably, among the usual reasons, to compensate for the absence of CCTV." O gee, that great cost of keeping a few cameras rolling, and the parliament building's not worth the cost anyway, is that what we're supposed to believe? Just when a terror attack is expected, they stop the cameras to save a few pounds, is that the reality? It was of course necessary to shot down the cameras if this was a faked event, but not to shut them down too closely to the date of the attack.

"'Masood was not the subject of any current investigations and there was no prior intelligence about his intent to mount a terrorist attack,' London's Metropolitan Police said in a statement on Thursday [day after the attack]."
The Amalekite Bull Roar

The last update made me feel things about myself that the readers won't be able to grasp. Events and people in my life have been set up by God as a teaching tool to expand my knowledge of heraldry to the point that God's enemies are more-fully brought to light from the secretive darkness used by end-time enemies to hide them. I will proceed here with little repetition of things, assuming that the reader read the latter section of the last update on Cretan elements. Roughly the last half of the last update should be read by all.

I didn't mention my second girlfriend as a Christian, Kelly. As Charles Martel, founder of CAROLingians, was traced to mythical Brito-Martis of Crete, by what coincidence did I meet Kelly only because she was the friend of CAROL. Amazing. It is all incredible. God set Kelly up in my life too, with Carol, and as she was the wife of Mr. Moore, who was a new believer at the same time as I, the Moore's / Morgans may figure through Crete too. I wouldn't have known Carol had I not known Moore. Last night as I tried to sleep, with this and other things rushing to mind, making a lot of work for me this morning, I realized that Brito-Martis included Aulon/Avlona, the line to Avalon, where Morgan le Fay was the chief of NINE witches. Yep, that's right, Jeff Moore was placed into me life to advance an Avalon trace to the Cretan bedrock of Europeans. I'll explain as I go.

The Carols and Kellys both use two giant lions facing one another, and Kellys happen to put a white-on-blue tower between the lions, in the colors of the giant castle of Martis'/Martins, is that not amazing? Kelly's father was a MUSIC writer, signalling the NINE Muses, and while I was at her place, wondering whether God would make me a singer, I did a curious thing. I basically told God that I was going to open the Bible, put my FINGER wherever it landed, to see what He would say about this very thing. The finger landed on, "You shall have a song..." At my conversion, I saw an image of Jesus for a few seconds immediately after seeing a renewed me that looked like a singer. How did I know I looked like a singer? I could not sing at all, and would not sing load enough in church to be heard, but now sing prolifically at home and in car, my greatest hobby by far.

I had no idea until this very morning that the FINGER into the Bible was itself code for the Cretan Daktyloi (means "fingers"). It means that, without a shadow of doubt, the Martels and Martins, both first found in Gascony, had been from Cretans. Last night, I realized that TANAGRA, Boiotian home of Orion, was from "SANGARius," the home generally of Amyntes. God made me a singer for this, I now assume, and it can be added that Seconds/SEGURS, suspect from the SAKARya version of the Sangarius river, use the upright and gold-on-red lion we saw, in the last update, from the Cretan lines of Martis', Dee's and Deans/Diane's. Seconds/Segurs, whom are in the Levi motto, were first found in Limousin, from Lemnos, and Dionysus with Ariadne retreated from Crete to Lemnos. Plus, the Sarpedon Cretans were all over the area of Clarus. By the way, mythical Diana was goddess of the HUNT! "In Rome the cult of Diana should have been almost as old as the city itself as Varro mentions her in the list of deities to whom king Titus Tatius vowed a shrine."

The Orion line of Hyeles, daughter of Minos (sister of Ariadne and Sarpedon), was traced (last update) to the Yells/Yule's suspect with Julians. The Yells were recently proven to be with the Stick GARB (SARPedon liners, in my opinion), but here we find the Stick garbs also with Singers! Amazing.

If you read why Julians and their "swastika" traced to the Orion cult of Crete, then you may know why the Gels/Gileki Iranians of ancient Gilan passed through Crete as the Uranus > Orion (Iranian) urination entity. But here I can repeat how the Kelly Crest shares the Hitler/Hiedler Enfield griffin (!), can you believe it? And it floored me, last night, when this came to mind, that "KELLY" is like "GEL." You just can't provide better evidence to confirm that God is working in my life to reveal this urine bloodline, and he now wants us to know that it goes through the Muses / proto-Muses of Crete. Singers were first found in the same place as Pine's, Moons, and Darts, and beside the Sticks, the latter first found in the same place as Clapton.

I added a thing to the last update this morning, where I was on the German Lipps. They are Lippers too, suggesting Lipari, the largest of the NINE Aeolian islands. The Lipper Coat is the Wallis Coat, that surname much like "Aeolus." But here I can repeat this: "The Charley / Gray lion may be that of German Lipps too, but lions like this are plentiful. Still, it was Charley's girl that hit Barry in the lip." The Kelly Crest looks like a GRAYhound, yet is called "A green enfield on a ducal coronet." The coronet is suspect with Cronus, Zeus's father, Uranus' son. I may have neglected to say that the Punch surname uses horizontal bars in the colors of the same of "labore"-using Berrys, who compare with Barrys.

I neglected to mention why Perdix of Crete traced to Berry of France. The Daedalus line of Crete is known to have furnished at least one people group (Iapyges) in Apulia, where there is a major city, BARI. The last update, via events / people in my life, confirmed that Perdix was at Berry, France, suspect from the Hyksos capital, Avaris. Mythical Everes (definitely code for Avaris) was not only the grandfather of Daphne, but of Manto, and she is said to depict Mantova, near Amalekite-suspect Milan. And then there was RhadaMANTHys, a son of Minos. I realize here that the Manto / Rhadamanthys line can be suspect with AMYNTES, and therefore with the Masci-related Hamonds. Perfect.

RHADAmanthys is suspect with Ariadne (his sister) from Arados. This island at Syria is said to have named on-shore TARTus, what looks like the Cretan line of DARDanus. The latter appears to put "Danaus" at the end. One myth had the Danaans descend from Zeus' golden shower, a urination symbol, I believe. ARIADne is now suspect with RIETI, and as Vespasia Polla was from Rieti, but also from the Pasi's/Pascels, let's repeat that my first girlfriend as a Christian was Sharon Pascal. And, by the way, the two Sharons in this story may be for Sharon of Israel [I get around to this at the very end of the update, finding corroboration for the theory, and it involved Milan-like surnames]. The Italian Milans use "a tree stump sprouted," and the Sprouts (pelican) are using the crossed Speer / Pasi/Pascel spears! I trace Speers and Sprees to the Spree river of Lusatia, and, believe it or not, that was home to Sorbs whom I have been tracing to SARPedon (Rhadamanthys' brother) for years and years without flinching. Sharon Quinn punched Barry in the lip in the apartment of Steven MELLANson.

Mino's wife, PASIphas, can you believe it? I now have Vespasian tracing to her.

Recall that Pellicans had traced to the Arthurs of Clapton along with the TEWKESburys, for the latter use the white castle of Martis'/Martins in the two colors of the white tower of Pellicans (Kellys have a white tower), and here the Sprouts are from Milans that use a STUMP while Stumps use a colors-revered version of the Took/TOUQUE Coat! Excellent, and the latter were first found in Kent, same as Amyntes-liner Mynetts and Hamonds, yet Touque's were from the Tewkes-like Touques river. You can't argue with that, and it comes to us thanks to the people / events that God performed while I was a new believer, just as though I had this calling from the very start. Tewkesburys were first found in Gloucester, and Clapton is on the Gloucestershire border. The Humans were first found in Gloucestershire too, and Sprouts use "human hearts," and the Human chevron is in the colors of the Took/Touque chevron, while the latter has the Miletus-suspect motto, "Militia mea multiplex." Moreover, while it's known that the ancient Daktyloi Curetes were merged with the TELCHINes of Rhodes (from "Arados"), Tooks/Touque's (Mynetts colors) come up as, TOLKIENs.

After writing here, I tried for a Minos surname to find that it brings up the Mynetts. French Minos'/Mignots/Minolts/MigNAULTs (Normandy) show only martlets. Note how McNultys can apply to two lions facing one another.

I've been tracing GLOUCester to mythical Glaucus for years. Minos' wife, PasiPHAS, can be traced without doubt to Phasis, on an ancient Glaucus river (it's on the map below). Mythical Glaucus loved Scylla, and while I have good reasons to trace Edens and Eatons to Etna, at the Scylla part of Messina, let's repeat that SarpEDON was found with good cause to be of an Eden cult suspect at mythical Adonis in the Phoenicia / Syria theater. Or, consider this, that while Seatons/Sittens were first found near EDINburgh, Sithones were said to be a branch of Edones. The Claro's > Sinclairs were at Roslin, six miles from Edinburgh. The last update found solid evidence that "doMINUS" is code for Minos, and this recalls that the Arms of Edinburgh uses the motto term, "Dominus. Are you not impressed? It even uses "NISI dominus." It can even be using the Kyle anchor while Kyle's (candleSTICKS) are linkable to "Hyeles." So, the nasty urination line was at Scotland's capital, it's as simple as that.

The Arms has a portcullis gate suspect as code for Proculus, son of Laevillus, the latter now suspect as a son of Josephus, whom was "adopted" by Vespasian's family. The Edinburgh Crest: "An anchor tethered about with a cable all Proper." Why do they capitalize "proper"? The Propers use an ostrich, a symbol of old Crete. For years, I was tracing the ostrich feather in the Arms of Traby to Crete, along with the HUNTING horns of the same Arms, not knowing anything about Orion, or that he was a HUNTER. The horns were always suspect with the goat horn of Amalthea, and the horn there was expected to be code for corn = horn and therefore from "CRONus," whose horn symbol is expected from the Moloch bull that Zeus got as symbol. MOLOCH/MOLECH, a human-sacrifice cult, should thus prove to be from AMALEK.

The THETHERed anchor suggests the Teter variation of Deeters, who use Gareb-like grapes suspect with the Grapes/GRIPPs/Grabbens. Like I said, SARPedon was a Gareb line, and here we apparently find Garebites at EDINburgh. Perfect. For years, I claimed that the Eaton cross, a patee, was shaped as two double-headed axes, but that design was changed for no apparent reason by houseofnames. The double-headed axe is the Cretan labrys. Edins (GARBS) use a "sit" motto term, and are in Seaton/SITTen colors, all evidence of tracing to the namers of Edinburgh.

Years ago, I was tracing the Cretan Curetes to the Irish-Scot Cruithne/Cruithens at the time of my learning that Irish-Scots have myth tracing themselves to Miletus. I wasn't emphasizing the founding of Miletus by Sarpedon at the time, however, perhaps a lapse of mind. I did suggest that the Creighton variation of Crichtons was a Curetes > Cruithne line, but I was years away as yet from realizing that SarpEDON named Edons/Edins, and even when that was realized, I still hadn't realized that Crichtons/Creightons were first found in EDINburgh. Miletus is so close to Clarus that one can't now deny a trace of the Roslin Sinclairs to Clarus.

Miletus-like Milan was founded as Mediolanum by InSUBRES, and that may suggest the "SUPERo" motto term of Michaels. The latter entered the Cretan discussion with Michael BRILLinger because mythical Brylle was Minos' daughter along with Hyeles, both women said to be the Orion line: "Other ancient scholia say, as Hesiod does, that Orion was the son of Poseidon and his mother was a daughter of Minos; but they call the daughter Brylle or Hyeles." It floored me, after tracing Hyeles to candleSTICK Kyle's (like "Kelly") and Yells/Yule's (Stick garb) to find the three Stick garbs with one Michael Coat. God had obviously arranged the first name of Michael Brillinger, and then caused my father to move away so that we ended up near his home, in a town that starts with "Gorm." The Gorms were first found in Arran, and so see here what was said in the last update: "The Numans/Newmans in the Yell motto use the colors and format of Brylls. Numans are suspect from JJ Tolkien's Numenor at Arran, beside the Alexanders with crescents in colors reversed from the Yule crescents." I have proof that I correctly identified Tolkien's Numenor island, which he placed beside his Avallone, as Arran. It even looks like it can be an Orion entity along with the related Airaines. There is no doubt at all that Arran (where MacABBE's were first found) is a branch of Airaines (location near ABBEville), and the Raines' even use the Newman/Numan lions while the Newman motto appears to honor Abbe liners.

GORMleys use red martlets (same as Alans / Henrys), the symbol for Charles Martel, but Gormleys are also GRIMEs' and Grehans, recalling that I view "Grimaldi" as a Grey-Mallet / Gris-Mallet entity (Mallets trace excellently to Amalekites, see last update for that). The last update found that Brito's (looked up as per Brito-Martis) use NINE of the Grimaldi lozenges, and Brito-related Birds use more red martlets, no guff at all. So, God put Michael Brillinger, across from the street of Dionysus liner, Dennis Quinn, in a Gorm-named town to bring this evidence before us...meaning that my own Grimaldi-liner mother makes me an Amalekite. How stinkish is that?

Hyeles got traced well to the Hellespont, and on the map below we can see a Sarpedon point near Hellespont with a MELas sea between them. Sarpedon point is not far from Lemnos, but also near the mouth of the Hebros river. This latter term gets important when we realize that BRITO-Martis was the Aphrodite-Ares line to mythical Mars, the Marsi of Abruzzo (my mother was born and raised very near the Marsi) where the ancient capital was Brito-like APRUTium. Aphrodite was the official wife of Hephaestus, god of Lemnos, and thus expected to be close to Ariadne elements on Lemnos. Mount Gareb was on the west side of Jerusalem, facing Hebros-suspect Hebron. I've tracked Gareb as either the hill where the Israeli parliament (KNESSet) now convenes, or the hill beside it. There may be a secret reason for this modern outcome.

In Greek mythology, the Dactyls (...from Greek "fingers") were the archaic mythical race of male beings associated with the Great Mother, whether as Cybele or Rhea. Their numbers vary, but often they were ten spirit-men so like the three Curetes, the Cabiri [of Hephaestus] or the Korybantes that they were often interchangeable.

...The Dactyls of Mount Ida in Phrygia invented the art of working metals...

...The Cabiri (Kabeiroi) whose sacred place was on the island of Samothrace [island of Dardanus], were understood by Diodorus Siculus to have been Idaean dactyls [i.e. from Ida of Crete] who had come west from Phrygia and whose magical practices had made local converts to their secret cult.

The article says that Iasius/Iasion, Dardanus' brother, and founder of the Kabeiri stupids, was named from word-play as per the Greek name of the third or ring finger. In the meantime, the little finger was "idas," and thus like "Ida," but this entire scheme may have started off where the forefinger to the Greeks was, aeonius, like the Oeneus of myth that concerns my work chiefly. In other words, the Daktyloi were (as my theory hereby goes) originally from the Jonathan Levites out of Laish. As such, they were of the "Danites," the proto-Danaans, of Laish, for Jonathan was their high priest, and so we see, DarDANUS. The Kabeiri were priests, even. "DakTYL" may have been a Dak-entity merger with TELchines, for Danaans were first on Rhodes.

There is a Kness surname I'm not familiar with, sharing the Moray stars with Insubres-possible Innes', the latter likely a branch of Innus said to be from "Angus." The Kness" (eagle RISING for Rhisinum area of the Ardiaei and/or Rize area of Ardahan theater) are said to be a variation of "Angus," but I'm not biting on that so soon. The Kness crescent is also the Moon crescent, and the motto includes "asTUTia." Plus, the neighboring Lipps (Chives motto and cats) share "non" with Kness', and the latter are in Non/Nevin colors. The Lipps use MOUNTAIN cats, and while one Mountain Coat (almost the Ragg Coat) uses Crete-liner martlets, the other Mountains use the white bull, symbol of Cretan Zeus. Mounts ("RAGGed staff") and Mounts/Mons' (lion in colors reversed to the Dee, Diane Martis lion) are probably Monunius liners.

Ragged-like Raggets/Ricketts ("Quid") use a SCIMitar, and share the Staff / Quint chevron. And while Raggs are also Wraggs, Braggs use more bulls (red), as well as the green-on-white chevron of Shake's! The Bragg-like Borgia's use the same, red bull! German Bargs/Bergs/Burghs use a version of the Ragg / Mountain Coat! Wrecks were first found in the same place as Mountains and Quints. Brecks have the Ragged/Rickett chevron in colors reversed. What a mess. Which surname came first? Were they all from one original? I have been convinced that Brecks (horns) and Bracks (horns) were Meschin liners while Mountains share the Messey/Messier saltire. Besides, the Burghs were likely from John de Burgo, great-grandfather of Le Meschin's mother, and Meschins were from the Horn-related Orne theater. All-in-all, it appears that Ragg liners were Burgo's to begin with, but there may be more to it. Bracks are from Brac/Brattia at the mouth of the Tilurius (Burgo liners may have renamed Brattia by a Brac or similar term). Spanish Burgos' are the ones with a giant annulet in the colors of the Bryll annulet.

It's time now to re-visit the sprouting stump of Milans. The Sprouts use the Speer spears exactly, and the Sprout-beloved Humans/Yoemans throw in a broken spear in Crest, the symbol of Sanders suspect with Clairs of Limousin, from Santones of Sainte (France) and out from the Sintians of Lemnos (Sinclairs are also Saints, and the other Saints use Gareb-like cherubs). The SINGLEtarys are a branch of the SINGULar variation of Sinclairs, and Singletarys share the broken spear of Sanders, the latter sharing the so-called white plates on the Singletary antelope, which are the symbol also of the Mussels from Musselburgh (Lotan-like Lothian), smack where Seatons/Sittens were first found. Amalek was the son-in-law of Lotan the Horite, suspect with Horites of Nuzi, the definite origin of DioNYSus. The latter was also called, ZAGReus, and that was code for the Zagros mountains (Iran) to the east of Nuzi, yet SAKARya also comes to mind. If these terms named Tanagra, then Orion looks like a Zagros-Iranian entity. The antelope is code for Antalya, land of Poseidon-related Pisidian, and we saw Orion given Poseidon as a father. Dionysus himself had a bull cult, Bacchus.

The likelihood that the thethered Edinburgh anchor is for grape-using Deeters/Teters reminds that anchor-like Ankara is near the Sakarya, and that the map below shows Stick-suspect Astacus (lower right) near Ancore = NICaea. Note nearby Chalchedon, for Sithionia was at Chalcidice. While on this map, note LAMPsacu at the Hellespont, for it recalls the shocker revelation of the last update where I placed my FINGER into a LAMP socket. Lampsacu is near Troy (Ilium on the map), and finger-depicted Cretans co-founded Troy. Abaddon-suspect Abydos is between Troy and Lampsacu. In Revelation 9, Abaddon is given the scorpion symbol, which was that of Orion and/or Artemis too, and Abaddon is said to be the Hebrew name of Apollo, Artemis' brother. "Gareb," they say, looks like a word for, scorpion, and whether or not Gareb actually derived in "scorpion," the idea may have stuck to the point that Garebites got the scorpion symbol. Abaddon is also given women's hair as symbol, and Apollo's Muses were all women, as were Dionysus' Maenads, as were Amazons mythically. Lamperts were traced to Muse-liner Mieszko Lambert, kin of Monunius-liner Moons.

Monunius was a DARDANian, likely from the Dardanus Trojans. Dardania is a location, not on the map, beside Abydos. Both are at the Hyeles-suspect Hellespont. The other map earlier shown POTaMOS between Abydos and Lampsacus, suspect with Poti, an alternative name for Phasis and therefore suspect with the Pasiphas Minoans. Mythical Helle fell off the golden-fleece ram, into the Hellespont (we get it), when it was flying to the Glaucus river up from Poti. We get it. It flew to Kutaisi, smack near Tyndaris, which was in code with mythical Tyndareus, the alternative father, essentially, of Pollux. The latter pugilist symbol was suggested as code for Puglia (another name for Apollo-like Apulia), home of the Iapyges (proto-Pagans/Payens? / proto-Piggs / Picots?) from Cretan DaeDALUS. The latter looks like mythical Talus, and the latter is said to have been the same as Perdix, code in my lonely opinion, of Bari in Apulia. Apulia's Taranto uses mythical Taras (son of Poseidon), a term that could have morphed to "Talus."

If correct to trace Minos to the Egyptians Min / Amun, the Ammonites, sons of Lot, come to mind. And Lot liners may have named Lotan, in which case Amalek was a Lot liner and thus possibly an Ammonite to Minos, explaining why the Zeus-line to the birth of Minos had AMAlthea raise Zeus. Minos was the son of the Zeus bull with Europa, whom I view as Evropa = Ebr(opa) = Eber = Hebrew. It suggests that Europa was the same as BRito-Martis, to be read as Eberito-Martis, the Abruzzo Hebrews. The Marsi were right close to Velino, itself very close to the town of my mother's birth, which I think is important for this revelation, or I wouldn't have been chosen to provide it. I guarantee that my mother's Masci line was from Lemnos, where we expect the proto-Abruzzo Aphrodite. Velino was traced very well between Aulon/Avlona and mythical Avalon, an obvious Apollo = Abaddon line. Aulon was beside the Ceraunii mountains that was likely of Cronus. The Humans, from the human hearts of Sprouts, use "spear CRONels," we get it. Crone's use almost the Grimaldi Coat, and may be using the Perdix fish jaw in Crest. And with Sprouts using the Speer spears, they were a Spree-river clan themselves to the Pasi's, likely from Pasiphas Cretans. The Lazi (map below) lived at the Phasis area, and I had traced them to LUSatia (location of the Spree river and the Sorbs). The Lazi were at Lazona while Crone's use LOZENges. The Crone Crest reminds that Demys were traced suggestively to Demetrius, lord of the young king Pinnes that ended up on Issa, which island I thing is in-code with "issuing". Here's the Crone crest: "A demi fish issuing" Demetrius operated near the Ceraunii on the Urbanus river (almost "Uranus"), home to proto-Massey Maeazai, and Pharia-possible / Pharia-likely Vere's (branch of Phare's) share the Massey Shield because both were at Manche. One Phare motto is "VirTUTE TUTis" while queen Teuta (Pinnes' mother-in-law) was at Issa.

In the Weir/Vere write-up, they are said to have been from Roxburghshire's Sproweston, with "Sprowes" as the root term. Sprouts were first found in Roxburghshire. There is a Dutch Sprows/Spruce surname (martlets) that uses a Coat very reflective of the town sign of Sprowston of Norfolk (Wikipedia shows / showed this sign). The Vere's are suspect from Varni, who lived in the area of the Gareb-suspect Deeters/Teters, and the Varns happen to share the bend of Grape's/Gripps/Grabbens, a likely branch of the Pomeranian Griffins that are in-code with the Kelly griffin. The ShakeSPEARE's share the Varn bend too, as do Yell-suspect Jells, and, the point is, the Shakespeare spear has tips at both ends, as does the broken Human/Yoeman spear, shared also by Fulke's, first found in the same place as Sproweston. Vere's / Phare's are suspect with Ferrari's, and while Vere-related Drake's trace to Abruzzo, my Taddei grandmother birthed Miss Ferrari. [Late in the update, Humans turn out to be of the Martel hammers.]

The Abruzzo/Abreu surname not only shares two lions facing one another with Kellys, but both use the white tower, and, if that's not enough, the Abreu lions are in the colors of the same of Martis' / Dee's and Deans/Diane's. One of my employees turned out to be a Miss Abreu, and it was her name alone that first got me to thinking to look into the possibility that Abruzzo was a Hebrew entity. Not Israelitish necessarily, but ancient, pagan Masci wing, apparently, in both colors. I had even found an Abreu-Masci / Masci-Abreu surname, meaning that God likely put Miss Abreu in my life. The two leopards in the Arm of Normandy are, in my opinion, from the Abreu lions as Abreu's named Evreux, near same-colored Rouen (Normandy capital).

If we ask why Kellys and Hiedlers/Hitlers use the rare EnFIELD griffin (has the head of a fox), we can also ask why Fields/Felds use a version of the Stick Coat. The Fields use a reflection of the Human Coat, but as the Sprouts are in a sprouting stump, lets add that griffins are used by Stumps. The Enfields use a lot of martlets again, the one in Crest in the colors of the Joseph martlet. The Enfields appear to be using a version of the Chadwick Coat with the Scute eSCUTcheon thrown in. Scute's share the "deer" with Mallets. The fact seems to be that while Zeus started off as an Iranian entity of the Kelly-based Gels, these Iranians moved in with Horites to Edom and contacted the line of Amalek there. Perfect. They then went to Crete via Hebrews (Esau was a Hebrew) in Tyre.

The Enfield-griffin design of Hiedlers/Hitlers is used by Gaineys/Keveneys who in-turn use the Kelly Coat and motto. As Irish Cohens/Kyne's share a green Crest with Gaineys/Keveney, the latter look like they engage Cohen-like variations along with variations from the Jewish Cohens/KAGENs but adopted from such terms as "GAGNE" of English Gaineys. Khazar kagans ruled the north of the Caspian sea, which could have engaged some Gels of the Kelly kind from the southern Caspian.

Here is a thing I missed in the last update. Mallets are said to include a Malo character in relation to a St. Maclovius at a Maclou church in Rouen. Recalling that Brito's share nine lozenges on red with Rouens while Mallets can be of "AMALThea," by what coincidence do Martis/Martins share the giant white castle of Maclou-like MacClouds/McLeods? The latter were resolved with Laevillus liners on Skye and Lewis, and with the Waleran bull head (McLeods uses a black bull head too). Waleran de Leavell married a daughter of the rulers of Meulan, and Meulan used the same Coat as Gilans/Gillanders, first found in Midlothian, location of Edinburgh. The other Gilans are the Gellone's too. So, the Gels and Kellys from ancient Gilan trace to the same place as Sarpedon-liner Edinburgh. The Gilan checks are very reflective of the Crone lozengy, no small thing, for it speaks to mythical Cronus at Gilan, exactly where I've traced him, for his wife, Rhea, is expected with Ray/Rey, a location at ancient Gilan (southern tip of the Caspian sea).

There is one Norman surname (same place as Crone's above) using the Pascal lamb, as well as a Kelly-like "AuXILLIUM" motto term that strikes me as "Ilium," the alternative name of Troy. I could never trace that term to any ancestral thing, but suddenly, if we add a 'K' to it, it becomes Gilan-like. Zeus was made proto-Trojan in the fictional Trojan war. Abreu's were first found in Padova, which I trace to the Troy-area Padasus, along with the Padus river at Padova. The Must- / Mustan-like Mosts/Mostyns (see Pennants too) use "Auxillium" along with "DoMINO," yet do not use "DoMINUS." I wonder why not. The Mostyn lion is in the gold of the Abreu lion, yet in both colors of a lion used by the Norman surname above.

The Mostyn Coat was used by a Welshman, John Yonge (GRAYhound), as well as the Tudor Trevors. Taddei's were, in my opinion, Tudor liners. There was a Cilla area near Troy that was beloved by Apollo cults. Trevors and related Pennants were first found in the same place (Herefordshire) as English Crone's (compare with Tudors) that are suspect with the Massey fleur and the Pine / Wayne chevron. Masseys were Masci's while the other Crone's use nearly the Grimaldi Coat, very evocative of my bloodlines. I must be from the urination bloodline as it touched upon Amalekites. Double yuk. The "mural crown" in the Crone Crest is often called a "mural CORONet." It always comes with four sections, possible code for Quadratus Bassus.

Pennants (same Coat as Mostyns) are in the pennants of Cowes', who happen to use the swaSTIKA-suspect Julian cross (why did NAZI's use "SS," like "SwaStika"). Wikipedia's article on the swastika shows a jewel swastika from ancient Gilan. And jewels remind that the Jewel surname is also Yule-like Jule, begging whether God had that jewel discovered by an archeologist, then placed in a Wikipedia article, just waiting for me to make light of the Jewel/Jule surname. If Amalekites can be saved by Jesus, there is hope for you.

The Jewels/Jule's: "A blue shield with three silver GILLYflowers." The Rinds use the gillie flower in a POT as code for the Potters sharing the Flower cinquefoil, and, perhaps not by coincidence, my mother's father ran a FLOUR MILL while Rinds are often in-code with "MILLrinds." Gillys were first found in Lothian, and possibly of Dominus-liner Edinburgh, therefore. Here are the Gills sharing a Shield filled with lozengy with Crone's and Grimaldi's, and possibly with the Mostyn lion because Gills use a "DoMINE" motto term. Gillys share a sinister canton with Schole's/Scayle's, and the latter put the Julian / Cowes cross into it, and moreover Schole's use another lozengy-filled Shield. Minos was married to Pasiphas from the lozenge-like Lazona area, much like "Lothian." Again, Gilan elements from the Zeus line were in Edom, suspect there with the Lotan Horites. There was a seven-headed Lotan dragon that God may be alluding to in Revelation, which was written on Patmos, where the city of Skala was to which Scayle's trace. Horites may have named Chora on Patmos, therefore, as that makes sense, but Horites may have named the Biblical Korah too.

I'd like to go back to when Diane Muschatov left her parents' home to come be with me, and on the first night we stopped in at the home of Sharon Quinn, and slept the night in her basement, where her brother, Dennis Quinn, was staying. I have neglected some things. I'll quote from the last update below, but note the square brackets that I added this week, in case you missed it there:

Dennis stole a 1970 Mustang off a new-CAR lot car when he was in his early teens, and four years later, I happened to purchase a 1970 Mustang totally by "coincidence." There was a third Mustang that had to do with a double-fulfillment of the Hicks (she was blond) dream, where the car in that dream posed as the 1960's model Mustang relating to another blond, my basement tenant, whom became my girlfriend before she left me (due to my Christianity) for Steve, the owner of the Mustang. The tenant's name, Helen, turned out to reveal secrets (not more than about ten updates ago) on Helena, mother of emperor Constantine I, and Helena's ancestry in Colchester. I'm not going to get back into all of that, but do want to make the point that Mustans [the surname] worked very well with the Mustang. [I had forgotten here that I met Diane many years later, when I was 42 years old, in a grocery store. I asked her to drop in for a visit, but told her I had a girlfriend at the time, and that was Helen, I kid you not. Diane never dropped in.]

I went on to say that Musts/MUSCHATs, like "Muschatov," are in Mustan colors, and we saw Mostyns above with a motto term tracing to king Minos. Diane and Dennis slept in the same room that first night, when I fell asleep on the couch in the living room. If I recall correctly, Dennis said something like, "let's go in the other room so we don't wake him up," and she went. She never came out until morning, and I realized last week that God set that evening up because, for by the time that I told this story, Deans and Dennis' together traced to Cretans. I then found that Diana's are listed with Deans. As God does things perfectly, I'm asking about me, a Masci liner much like her surname, on the COUCH. The next night, Diane and I slept on a bed CHESTERfield, right under the bedroom of my Masci mother, and Meschins were rulers of Chester, which went by the name of Diva, while Diens/DIVES' (old Masci wing design in the same color) were first found in the same place as Deans/Diane's. Plus, the chesterFIELD can be for the Fields using the Stick Coat in white.

Diens/Dives' and Diane's were first found in the same place as Coverts/COURTs while Diane told me, when meeting her in the grocery store, that she worked in a court house. Italian Diane's/Natali's/Dinatali's (same place as Italian Deans) use three crowns in gold, as do Grands (Arthur line, Pinnes possible) that are in the "Grandescunt" motto term of Coverts/Courts. Can you believe it? And Miss Covert, an avid emailer during my heraldry discussion several years back, married Mr. Dein, which is why Coverts and Deins became topics in the first place.

When getting to the Jewel surname above, I was thinking back to Tony, the kid I played marbles with as a child, who was giving little Andrea jewels while I was giving her gifts at the same time. Those items proved amazing for surname keys, and Tonys can be reckoned with Antonys (horns). One night, during the time when Diane's parents were not allowing me to see her (they had picked her husband for her), which was after the chesterfield evening, after she returned home, I climbed her television ANTENna, which went right up to her bedroom, and woke her up (I felt rebellious that night, and Rick Legge was with me). She said I was nuts because her brother could have shot me with his rifle. There had been a rifle mentioned recently, as related to little Pino (symbol of Pinnes line), that God used as code for the hunter symbol of Orion, and here it can be added that French Courts use three hunting horns in the colors of the three Grand crowns. Had I not told this story, I might have missed the "labore" motto term of Courts/Coverts, which was an item tracing to Crete in the last update with the same motto term of Dee's, who happen to share the same lion as Deans/Diane's. Impressed? I sure am.

Had I not said the above, I would have missed the mallets of German Antons, three mallets in the colors of thr three Mallet scallops.

Grands use the MacArthur crown design, and MacArthurs were first found in the same place (Argyllshire) as Crone's...and the Normans possibly sharing the Dean/Diane lion closely. It is amazing that RICK Legge was with me that night because I was going to go to the Tints (COUCHant lion) with my SLEEPING on the COUCH that first night, and Ricks (Dart fesse, probably) use a reflection of the Tint Coat, and moreover the orange griffin of Ricks suggest the Orange's that show the hunting horn in colors reversed to the Court hunting horns. Rick and I were competing for Roxanne Bennet, after Diane left me for good, and I got her. Dutch Bennets/Benedicts use that giant lion of Dee's, Deans/Diane's, Martis'/Martels yet again.

The Rick fitchees are in the colors of the sinister Gilly fitchee. This is perfect for what I had yet to say, that Leghs have been traced to Leicester, where the Toeni branch of Tonys had upper-class status, and the Arms of Leicester uses the same ermined cinquefoil (though on red) as the giant Bus cinquefoil that is probably in the Coat of Flowers (same place as Pine's, Darts), expected in the flower of Italian Tonys. But we just saw some GILLYflowers with Jewels/Jule's, is that not spectacular work by this God that the rulers of the planet reject as dead? Raggs, which we saw together with Raggets/RICKetts, were first found in Leicestershire. Leghs even use the giant Dee / Diane lion in colors reversed. And Legge's (Dumfries), I have just discovered, use a giant stag head in the colors of the same of Trumps. I might not have discovered this had Rick Legge not been with me that night up the Tony-suspect antenna. Legge's use as "tentaMINE" motto term.

This reminds me that Rick and I went into business with Trevor. The partnership was more a joke, and we built a deck together at the home of Archibald. That was the only job we did together, with ROXanne serving us drinks. Archibalds were first found in ROXburghshire. I'm wondering how Decks can apply. Aha! Arthurs are also ArchiBURE's while Italian Bure's share the upright bear of Couch's! The paragraph below this one was already written when the last sentence was added here. Roxburgh is where Shechemite-kin Molle's were first found along with Couch-like Googe's/Gouch's/COOCH's (share the Molle boar), and Sleeps use the Dart fesse. This recalls that when Sharon lost her mind, and I got on my one KNEE in front of them, to pray, she came back to normal, and I, filled with the Spirit, told them to put her on the couch.

The Haileys/Helys use boars in the same colors as Googe's/Cooch's and Gough/Goffs, and in the colors of Hely-like Kellys, and I trace Gog to Gugu/Gyges of Lydia, the capital (Sardis) of which was once, Hyde, like the Hiedler variation of Hitlers that share the Enfield with Kellys. White boar heads are shared between Haileys/Hely's and Bure-like Burleys, the latter being the certain line to Boura, near the Ladon river that was definitely named by Lydians under mythical Pelops. Hailey is a location in HERTFORDshire along with COKenach, both owned by Geoffrey de Bec. The latter is in the write-up of Beachs that should be using a version of the Cock / Grimaldi Coat. The Beachams/Beauchamps (Bedfordshire, location of Lotan-like Luton), first found also in HERTFORDshire, are using a version of one Gainey Coat while the other Gaineys use the Hiedler/Hitler griffin design as well as the Kelly Coat and motto. The Kelly-related Gaineys are KEVENeys while Kevens/Ewens use the same lion as Kellys / Gaineys. The Kevens/Ewens (see Keon variation, and lions facing one another) were first found in the same place as the Crone's with a version of the Cock Coat, and that's in Argyllshire, which the write-up equates with Dal RIADA, like "Ariadne / Rieti." Then, HERTFORDshire is where Titus' were first found while emperor Titus was from Rieti.

If the Beacham/Beauchamps were Beaumonts, whom I think ruled Bec Abbey as well as Meulan, it's notable that Beach-like Veach's are listed with Vitch's/Fetch's who in-turn use the three black bull heads of Walerans, from Waleran, son of a daughter of Meulan's Beaumonts. The Crispins from Bec Abbey are known to have been Clare's i.e. from Clarus in the domain of the Sarpedon Minoans. Remember, the Irish-Scots, who owned Dal Riada and related the Hebrides islands, knew to trace themselves to Miletus. The Brito-Martis trace to the Marsi of Abruzzo was to the vicinity of Avezzano, while Avezzano's were first found in Sardis-like Sardinia. Moreover, Avezzano liners were definitely in Avesnes upon the Helpe river while the Help surname uses the motto, "Auxilia Auxilliis."

Back to the couchant lion of Tints (same place as Ricks), which is probably the sleeping lion of Rounds, yet it's called by another name likely for the Couch surname (black canton). As Tintagel was the birthplace of king Arthur, and as it was in CORNwall along with the Gale's that share the blue unicorn with Tints, it can appear that the Cornovii / Cornelii namers of Cornwall were Cronus liners, where TiintaGEL looks like it can be from the Gels of Gilan. Cornwall is where the Cornish chough of the Urin Crest ("black BIRDs" in Shield) trace, and Cornwalls (Devon, same place as Darts) share the bend of Ricks / Darts.

Recall the "tentaMINE" motto term of Ricks, obviously for Tints. Herefordshire is where Crone's and Trevors were first found, along with Miners. It recalls that Trevor and Rick helped me build the deck. Miners use a black lion paw in Crest, which is the symbol of Bedfords (and Quints) while Mine's/Mines' were first found in Bedfordshire. Quinns, Quints and Quince's may have been Kenites, but I've been holding off on taking that view until finding Shechemites solidly amongst these Cretan items. Actually, Orion was a Shechemite entity to some degree, and that's part of the Shakespeare's, suggesting that Speer / Sprout liners were merged with Shechemites. Schuch-type surnames have been resolved with Skit- / Schutz-type surnames such as Scute's, who share the "deer" with Mallets. Anything with potent features can be a Schuch / Skit liner. Bedwells/Beatle's (Bedfordshire) use the lozengy of Crone's. Bed liners may be from mythical Batia, mother of Trojans (wife of Dardanus), whose grandfather was SCAMander, and while that looks like code for Maeander elements, "Scam" might have been a Shechem entity. Battins/Badons were first found in Somerset.

I was still feeling rebellious after climbing the antenna, because I felt insulted by her parents for treating me as they did, so I climbed a fence in front of their house and walked along its top rail. I've found the Fens', first found in Devon, with the scallops of Pattersons/Cassane's, kin of the Devon Sodans/Sowtens, the latter in the colors of Suters/Sewers that share the white fitchee with Ricks.

Knights, whom are beloved by the knight-using Shoe's/Schuchs, are apparently using a border with two colors in honor of the two Shields of Suters (Angus), and meanwhile the Shoe's/Schuchs use "knee" to describe their Knight. One can glean that Schuchs are a variation of Skeochs/Skits/Skeets that are also listed with Scute-like variations, explaining why Suters enter this picture. Apparently, Kness', said to be of Angus elements, were Knee liners. In any case, the Sheet variation of Skeet liners was traced th SHETland, and that's where the Hyeles line to Yells were. Although the last update strongly traced Brito-Martis liners to Brittany, I had not looked up Helens, first found in Brittany, and showing Hyeles-like Heylens/Heylins/Haylens! They are said to be from Crete-like CREDy-Helion! German Hellens show passant lions in colors reversed from the same of Sketch's/Skeggs. And while Helen left me for Steve, Kness' use a reflection of the Stevenson / Steve Coats while Stevensons share "non" with Kness'. Nons/Nevins, ("SPERandum") sharing the Kness crescent, as well as the crescent of Falcons that are in the Steve Coat, were first found in the same place as Hyeles-suspect Kyle's (share red stars with Kells).

This suggests that mythical Hellen (father of Aeolus) was a Gel/Gileki entity in relation to Hyeles, a Minoan line. As some myth writer substituted Brylle for Hyeles, it's notable that the Barill lion may be the Bratt/Bradd lion, colors reversed from the Crichton/Creighton lion, for both surnames were first found around Edinburgh. Helen was my tenant, and Tenants were first found in West Lothian. Tenants us a mast while Masts/Masters, first found in the same place as Minos'/Mynetts, use a "minor" motto term. Mino's/Mynetts use helmets while Helms come up as Helions while Helens are said to be from Herve d'Helion. Musts are Muschats while I bumped into Diane MUSCHATov in a grocery store, 20 years after she had been my girlfriend, while I was with Helen. I wasn't with Helen long. She was treating me instantly like a devoted wife, until I told her about the post-trib book. From that point, she was looking for someone else, while I was hoping she would accept Jesus. On our biggest outing, she had duck for dinner (I had buffalo), and Ducks, I see, use the falcon design of Stevens (Gloucestershire). It was maybe a week more, maybe two, when she met Steve.

Why should Ducks apply to Hyeles liners, I just asked myself, when Daktyloi came to mind. It recalls the building of a deck with Rick and Trevor. The Duck-Chief stars are in the colors of the Dagger scallops, and the Dagger Crest has the red Beard/Beart bull, traced to Brito-Martis in the last update. Decks are listed with German Daggers, and share the red squirrel with Dyke's (and Squirrels/Squire's) so that, they too may have been Daktyloi. Scottish Dike's were first found in the same place as Daggers. And I recall by heart that German Dyke's/Dickenhausens use a form of the German Martis/Martin Coat!!! They both use a "demi" lion emerging from a Chief-like "base."

The Eaton cross had ends rounded, unlike the flattened ones now shown. When rounded, they looked like double-headed axes. By what coincidence do Dickons use the Eaton cross!? The Eaton ends were more rounded than those of Dickens. The "omnia" motto term of Eatons and others has been a mystery to me unless its code for Omans, who happen to use martlets in Eaton colors. Omans happen to have been first found in the same place as Deise's/Diss'/DICE's! Plus, while Dardanus married Batia, Battins/Badens use an eye as code for Eye, a location right beside Diss.

I was convinced that Helen was brought to my life to act as code for Helena of Colchester, and that place is beside Cambridge, where Braggs were first found that use a "constans" motto term suspect with Helena's husband. Colchester is suspect with Colchians, but was a branch of Kyle's too. Braggs are the ones with the same chevron as Shake's with mole HILLs, and Mole's were first found in the same place as the related Googe's while Gogarene was in the Colchian domain. But Braggs also share the red bull of Beards/Bearts so that Shechemites in relation to Brito-Martis may be in view. The Brace/Brass surname (uses arms likely for Brittany's Cotes d'Armor), like "Bragg," uses a form of the Plunkett Coat while Plunketts were first found in Brittany i.e. same as Beards/Bearts. Plunketts were first found in the area of Dol, and Eschyna de Molle married an Alan from Dole.

If we are convinced that Kellys and Abreu's trace to Hyeles / Brito-Martis, then we ought to note their white tower also with Hyeles-like Hills/Hylls. Hills, sharing the Oman fesse in both colors, were first found in the same place as Squirrels and Dudleys while Dudleys share a giant, blue lion with Halens/Hallams, the latter first found in the same place as Elis' (Hill colors) and Jills/Jells. They say that a Daktyloi named, Hercules (a Danaan), founded the Olympics at Elis of Pisa, and while the modern Olympics has five rings for a logo, like five fingers, maybe, the red-squirrel Dutch Dyke's use five annulets = rings. The Squire variation of Squirrels is a branch of Sire's, traced acceptably to the mythical Sirens of Calydon, especially to Astakos with the Astikas'.

The Daktyloi article above claims that Hercules, founder of the Olympics, was the thumb while there were four others representing four fingers. Thus, five fingers were the symbol of the Olympics, and the ten fingers of Crete must have included the Samson > Hercules line of proto-Danaans. As they were first on Rhodes, note that Rhodes-related Manders use FIVE besants! Why do Rhodes' use only four besants. The Mander motto includes "OMNIbus." Recall Shechemite-possible Scamander, father of Batia, for Battins and Watts liners may have been of one stock.

Jack (Yorkshire) and Jill (Yorkshire) went up the Hill (same place as Watts, branch of Vatts/Watters') to Fetch (Waleran kin) a Pale (Yorkshire) of Watter (same bend as Jills). Vatts/Watters (use the eye) were first found up Dal Riata way, and use specTACLEs while TICKhills/Tickle's were from Yorkshire too, suggesting a Dakyloi merger with Hyeles liners of the Hill kind. Ticks bring up the Tooks/Touque's/Tolkiens that are being traced to Cretan Miletus, an excellent reason for viewing Tickhill from Daktyloi (of Crete's Dikti).

A green chevron is used by Kells while green-chevron Shake's use moleHILLs. Kells share red stars with Kyle's, and Cale's/CaHILLS/Caughells share the anchor in Crest with Kyle's. Cale's ("DoMINO")use a WHALE while Fetch's/VITCH's (Berwickshire, beside Lothian) use the WALeran bull heads while Kells have a chevron in colors reversed from the same of FITCH's. For the time being, fitchee crosses are being regarded as code for Waleran > Leavells liners. Fetch's/Vitch's ("factis" should be for Lothian's Faucets) are said to be associated with Grahams, who in-turn use "A falcon KILLing a stork." Killins/KILIANs/GILINs (Like "Helion"), in Kill/Keele colors, and with the Coat of the Brittany Plunketts exactly, share the Hill (and Claver) tower in both colors. Plunkets were in Vilaine, which links to Trabys/Astikas' of Vilnius and therefore to Yells/Yule's and Kyle's!

A couple of hours after writing here, the Candle's were looked up to find FIVE RINGS in the colors of the five Mander besants! You can't argue with that.

While Grahams (at Eber-like AberCORN) were first found in Midlothian, location of EDINburgh ("DoMINUS"), they use scallops in colors reversed from the EDIN scallops. Edins (version of the Diss/DICE Coat!), first found in the same place as Diss'/Dice's and Fitch's ("ESPERance"), share gold scallops with Kells. It all looks so Cretan by the latest definitions. Edins even use the Shield of Deeds/DADE's/Dadys, whom, I've only just realized, could be a line from DAEDalus. It recalls the Daddys/Dowds in Fitch colors.

A GRAhams (recalls Grehans) is said to have been a loyal fellow of Sir William Wallace while Wallace's/Wallis' share the GRAY lion, which reflects the giant GRAYhound of Sicilian Cale's/Cali's (almost the two-headed Roman eagle), perhaps of the Sicilians of Gela apply whom are said to have founded proto-Carrick Agrigento (I've been I trace the Arms of Agrigento to Anchors/Annackers!). Indeed, the Craigs (= proto-Carricks) that I trace to "ACRAGus" (early form of "Agrigento") use a version of the Hill Coat, and Carricks (said to be from Craigs) were first found in the same place as Kyle's and Craigie's! Excellent. Craigie's and Craigs both use motto terms suspect with Vibia, mother of Lupus Laevillus (i.e. the line to Waleran). The greyHOUND of Gela-suspect Cale's can be Huntingdon-important where David of Huntingdon is in the Graham write-up.

And Midlothian is where Gilans were first found that use the Arms of Meulan. Perfect, especially as Meulan was also "Mellent" while Mellents are listed with Scottish Milans/MacMillans. The Irish Mellents/Mellans (greyhound) are colors reversed from the molehill Shake's. The Mellents/Milans and their Knap elements make it appear that they were of the Side's/Sudys and Sutys and therefore the Lothian Seatons. German Knaps can be with a form of the Meath Coat. The other Gilans/Gellone's can be using the three red fleur-de-lys of Perga-liner Perkins, expected with Plancia Magna, and here the Magna term can be interesting if it's to the Anchor-loving Majors, themselves beloved by Geddes' that I expect to be of the Cedes' variation of Seats.

By the way, from the beginning of last week, I made a mistake made before, by incorrectly stating that Mellans use an elephant in Crest when it's said to be a greyhound. However, the following was added in the last update: "Recall how Mallets were from Melita, beside the ELAPHiti island, for Mellans (and Sanders) use a greyhound head looking like it doubles as an elephant! Shock and Awe. The white Mellan greyhound is in a BASKET while Corbetts (Salop) use a white elephant in Crest along with a "PASCIT" motto term. Baskets are in Mallet colors." I think this justifies calling the Mellan/Mellent greyhound an elephant, as it's very expected, anyway. Baskets, said to be from Wight, location of Newport, share leopard faces with Newports. This picture had been traced to Aid-like Quade's while Turpens, first found in Dorset along with Baskets, use a version of the Aid Coat, which itself uses the Newports leopard heads in the same colors. The Baskets are therefore suspect with a chevron version of the Eytons/Eiton bend (white, as with Aids and Mellans), Eytons being first found in the same place as Corbetts (Garebite suspects) and Newports.

Laevillus' son, Proculus, had a Charax middle name, and while the Arms of Carrick (black fitchees) is used by the Kennedy surname, Irish Kennedys were at Tipperary, where Irish Cale's/Cahills are said to be from. The CAUGHell variation of the latter recalls that Coughs use the Sale bend with fleur while Sale's should be of the Salassi below. The Sallett variation of Sale's goes with the Kennedy motto term, "Avise," to the Avezzano area, where the Salto flows. Coughs were first found in Kennati-like KilKENNY, and the Arms of Kilkenny can be using the Field Coat. Kilkenny is beside Meath. One Killeen castle was early in Meath, and the Arms of Meath uses a "Cheile" motto term (shared by Camerons) that's for the Chiele's/Cheels ("leg in armor"), first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) as Kills/Keele's. The latter use the Craig crescent in colors reversed, as well as sharing the QUADRants of the Huntingdonshire Tailards (at DIDDington) who in-turn use a version of the Eaton Coat! Tailards are linkable to Chives' in multiple ways.

Having Grahams thus linking to Killens and Kyle's while Kyle's are related to Yells/Yule's, we have a Cretan history story shaping up where they trace to Lothian, and Lothians (share talbot with Carricks) even use the Arms-of-Traby hunting horn. Cretans are expected en-masse in Sicily. Killens were at one or both KILLEEN castles, which may just be from CILNius Maecenas, who married the sister of AULUS Terentius Varro Murena (Murena's share the tower with Killins), who is the one that defeated the Salassi (on behalf of Rome) at the area of the Lys river of Aosta, where WALLIS-canton Walsers came to live. For this reason, "Aulus" may have named Wallis canton, as well as Walsh's and Walerans, perhaps even Wales (Walkers use "magna"). Wales liners may have turned Hill / Kill liners to Wale-like Cale's. Cale's/Cahills use "a whale on a wavy sea" while Sea's (branch of Seamans suspect in the Gale motto) use the wavy bars of Teucer-suspect Tokers (mythical Teucer was the co-founder of Trojans with Dardanus), and Toker-like Teague's (Killin /Touque/TICK colors) were first found in the same place (Galway, possible Gel entity) as one Killeen castle. Tokers share the same-type gold chevron as Cornish's.

Killins were first found in Mayo while mythical Maia was a daughter of Atlas, symbol of Attaleia = Antalya, the line to Aetolia at Calydon. This is a way to corroborate the Orion link to Antalya / Perga, then over to Oeneus. There was an Olympus location near Antalya as there was in Elis / Pisa. There is a Mayo surname sharing the Grand and Conrad crowns. a Maja goddess was at Abruzzo's mount Maiello, and this looks like it assures a link between the double Kelly lions and the double Abreu/Abruzzo lions.

Repeat: "The Brace/Brass surname (uses arms likely for Brittany's Cotes d'Armor), like "Bragg," uses a form of the Plunkett Coat while Plunketts were first found in Brittany i.e. same as Beards/Bearts. Plunketts were first found in the area of Dol, and Eschyna de Molle married an Alan from Dole." She also married Robert Croce, and Croce's are from mythical Creusa at Agrigento. Brace's/Brass' and Plunkets are in Burgos' / Bryll colors, and Perga, home of Plancia Magna, is at Antalya i.e. in a chief part of the Pisidian theater to which Orion's Poseidon elements may have derived. Repeat: Plunketts use the Hill / CLAVER tower, and GLAPHYRa was the great-great-grandmother of Plancia Magna. I've maintained that the Less' / Beards/Bards have boar heads connectable to the Fiddle wolf heads, and here the Braggs (probably the Beard/Beart / Borgia bull) use a "FideLIS" motto term, as do Perdix-liner Barrys (Legh kin?) who share the red wolf head of Fiddle's (from VIS-de-loop). German Bari's/Barrie's use "Fidus" while Fiddle's are also FIDElows. Liss' use the same pale bars as Cams, and Braggs were first found in Cambridgeshire i.e. location of the Cam river.

The three Cam / Liss pale bars are in the colors of the two of Seats/CEDES' (share three red roses in Chief with the Major Chief), and these are in the Arms of Vilaine, where Plunketts were first found. The Babels (probably Walser kin) use the same three pale bars, as well as a GATE suspect with Geddes / Cedes liners. Yate's (Vilain / Plunket / Porter colors), suspect in the "yet" motto term of SEATons, use the portcullis gate suspect as code for Proculus. Porters/Pawters (Potter colors), in the same place as Potters, should be part of the Gilly and Gillie flowers seen earlier, and as Proculus had a Charax middle name, Gillys and Gillie's should trace to the Gela founders of Agrigento. Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle, in Ayrshire, where Kyle's and Carricks were first found. Add it up. It leads to the three nails in Jesus, and to the three nails in the raGULLY Arms of Colchester. The Arms of Meath not only honors the Cheile's/Cheels, but may be with the Ged / Turbot fish, for Meaths were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as TurBOTs (Botter colors). The Turbot triDENT should be for Dents (Yorkshire), and Tooths are with a version of the Perken Coat. Gate's bring us back to the Dee / Dean/Diane / Martis/Martin lion. Gate's and Monaco-suspect Monks were first found in Devon, beside the Geddys/Gideons.

The anchor-using Majors need a little elaboration, recalling that they are said to have included Melkor-like "MALGER." This recalls the expected trace between Orion of Crete and the Oeneus Calydonians, cousins of the MELEAGER Calydonians suspect with Amalthea liners. The Major Chief is a version of the Anchor Chief, but with the Caesar roses, and I think Julians trace to Gela and therefore to Agrigento with the Anchors. The Major Coat is a reflection of the Annas/ARNISS Coat for a trace with the Hypsas river of Agrigento to the Apsus of Illyria, where there was an Arnissa location (see dark map earlier). The Apsus flows to Fier county, and English Babels (Poppo-line Babenbergs and Papenburgs, likely) were first found in the same place as Fiers and Apps'. Malger/Mauger, son of one Papia, was archbishop of Rouen, no small title, and we saw why Rouens should be kin of Brito's. As Brito's (Monk lions?) share a version of the Grimaldi Coat, let's add that one Grimaldus character married Crispina, daughter of Rollo, Normandy king at Rouen and husband of Poppa of Valois. Valois' are listed with Valais', the alternative name of Wallis canton, and Papia-suspect German Babels share the two-tailed MeluSINE mermaid of Walsers.

"According to [Mr. Grimaldi], Crispinus, Baron of Bec, was the son of Crispina, daughter of Rollo, by Grimaldus, Prince of Monaco."

That should explain why Beach's/Bechs use a vair form of the Grimaldi lozenges, in Crispin colors. And as the Beach Coat is exactly the GRISley/GRESleys Coat, that's why Grimaldi's should be Gris-Maldi's. Monaco was near GRASSE, and Grazio's (Perusia) share pomegranates with French Crispins (Parez). Monaco is also near Oneglia, where Nagle's trace that are also Nails/Neils, and Grails, like the Grelly variation of Grisleys, happen to be listed with Neils. The nail-using Logans/Lohans/Ducks (why Ducks?) have traced to the mythical Swan Knight, LohenGRIN, whom I identified as a Ligurian swan (Monaco is in Liguria), probably from Savona, beside the Grimaldi's of Genoa, who were related to Fieschi's of Genoa, and Fessy's happen to share "hoc" with Logans/Lohans while Hocks (Switzerland) use the swan. We got to the Grimaldi's and Grisleys via the Papia of the Major write-up, and here we find "Hoc majorum" as part of the motto of Logans/Lohans (WestMEATH).

WATCH THIS. After I became a Christian, STEVE MELLANson asked be to be the assistant coach for some organized HOCKey (13-year olds). I took the job. This was the Steve who challenged me to heal his EAR, and it didn't draw blood when he thought it would. Ears are in heraldry as likely code for Eyers/Ayers, and while Cretans have traced well to Ayrshire, Eyers/Ayers were first found in Derbyshire along with Grisleys, the latter being of my mother's Grimaldi bloodline, but GriMALDI's are suspect with Amalekite-liner Mallets while Mellansons can apply to Amalekites even as Hok-using Majors can apply from Amalek-like MELEAGer. Keep in mind that while I had traced Oeneus to Laish, from years ago, and while I traced the Lys/Lisse surname to Laish from years ago, I didn't find the Melkors until last week, using a giant fleur in the colors of the Lys/Lille fleur. Mauks/Melgers/MILLgers use the Vilain Coat.

Meleager's wife, Atalanta, traces to Attaleia with Atlas. If not for Plato making Atlas, the known symbol of Atlantis, a first of TEN sons (ten fingers, apparently) of Poseidon, I would not have been able to identify Atlas with Attaleia, but the Attal-like Aetolia location at Calydon assists in this identification. So, if we are convinced that the Amalekites of Crete go to Meleager, that's another reason to associate Orion with Attaleia/Antalya. And while Pelops had his wife in Pisidia-like Pisa, location of Olympus (known location of Daktyloi expected with Olympus of Pisidia), note that his father, TANTALus, is much like "ANTALya." One can expect that "Tanta" was play on something of its own, in relation to Antalya, and, for the moment, the ATINTanes come to mind as they trace from the Ceraunii mountains to Tintagel. It's known that Tantalus was of an area (Tmolus) where Teucer's father also had elements. As that father, SCAMander, may be code for Shechemites, highly suspect with the Shake MOLE hills, hmm, what was TMOLus named after? It just so happens that TANTons were first found in the same place as Tints, and moreover Tantons (share Cornish choughs with Urins) share gold lozenges with Nagle who in-turn use a version of the Gale fesse. The Cornwall peninsula (from Ceraunii?) is a good place to expect Plato's western Atlanteans. The lozenges of Nagle's/D'ANGULo's are colors reversed in the Coat of ANGELs who in-turn use a baston while Bastons are Batons while Battins/Badons (always linkable to Dice's) were first found in the same place as Tantons, and smack of Batia, Teucer's daughter.

Now, recall that Helen left me for Steve but not before she and I had DUCK and BUFFALO meat at the same sitting. Hocks share a blue Crest with Tints and Nagle-related Gale's/Gails, while Logans, said to be from GAILENga, are said to have been from a bishop of KilmacDUAGH, and the Duck Coat is a colors-reversed reflection of the Major Coat. The Duck stars are also those of Scottish Vaux's, while Walerans, who married Meulan and is therefore linkable to the Coat of English Vaux's/Vose's, use a "VOS non" motto phrase, while Nagle's use "Non VOX." Plus, while the Pohls are said to use a BUFFALO, it's exactly the black Waleran bull head!!! Is that not wild? And Vaux's/Vose's were first found in the same place as Daggers. The Duck-Chief stars are in the colors of the Dagger scallops.

Non's use a fesse in colors reversed from that of Nagle's, and Nagle's use a version of the Gale Coat while the Gale motto looks like it honors the Coggle's/Cockhills ("Non") that share the red rooster with Vibia-suspect Bibo's/Bible's. We might not be able to link the two roosters, except that Coggle's use a "CUSTodit" motto term while Custs use the Coat of red-rooster Kiss'/Cush's, and Bibo's put their rooster on a CUSHion. There is a good chance that the Coggle Coat is using a version of the Keppock Coat. See also the red roosters of BabCOCKs and Cocks.

The restaurant that I took her to was not known to me before, except that Paul Smith had taken me there. It was a HUNTER's outfit, but the point here is that the Kepke dream I had, with Paul Smith in it, was at first well-interpreted as part-code for the Beards, for Paul has a longish beard. The Beards/Bearts share the red bull in the Dagger Crest, and while Daggers and Ducks are now suspect from Daktyloi, so Beards/Bearts are suspect from Brito-Martis. And the Orion hunter of that Cretan picture is perfect for suggesting that God is the one who really took me to the hunter-theme restaurant. With Helen, I took the seat at the romantic firePLACE, and so let me add that Place's are in the colors of both Beard surnames. The Place's use a lion, however, once again in the colors of the Dee / Dean / Martis lion. AND, incredible, German Smiths use the same lion as French Pohls/PAULS!

I now need to ask whether God brought Paul Smith to my church in the first place for to meet me. At the time, he owned a red Jeep, and I bought a used red Jeep, by no choice of mine, some 25 years later. Mine was owned by a person who offered it to me at a price I couldn't refuse, and it sits in the garage where Paul Smith walked to in the Kepke dream. Note how "JEEP" is like "KEPke" or "KEEP," and that the CHEP surname has a JEEPma/Jepp variations, note to mention Kepke-like Jabeek/Jabach. I can think of only one reason for God's setting up of the Chep/Jeepma surname (double-headed eagle likely of Julius Caesar), and that's Caiaphas. The Chepmans, in the same place as Capone's, Julians and June's (the latter share the fleur of Dagger-branch Acre's), use a chevron in colors reversed from the same of Keep-branch Hepburns (same general area as Acre's / Daggers/Dacre's). Hepburns were first found in the same place as Stevensons and JEEP-like Joplins (Gobel liners?), the latter using the Grey lion, in the colors of the Brito lions. The chevron of Hepburns is in the colors of the same of Jeune's beloved by Yonge's, first found in the same place as Quints. Helens were from Saint-BRIEUC (Brittany), and Chepmans use a BROKen lance as part-code for Stewart-related Brocks. The Brock and Stewarts use "VireSCIT" while Chepmans use "CreSCIT" while Brock-branch Procks/Brocuffs share the potent cross of SKITs/Skeochs. Chepmans ("pondere") were kin of Ponders (same place as Chepmans) and Ponts/Ponds, from Pontivy (Brittany), and then the Ponders and Ponts/Ponds share the fesse of Keppocks. Pontivy is about 35 miles south of Saint-Brieuc.

Saint-Brieuc is also Sant-Brieg while Briegs/Brigge's (checkered Shield) were first found in the same place (Silesia) as buffalo-line Pohls (ostrich feathers). Briegs are from a Brieg location. The Briegel variation is a potential Bryll variation, and Brylls share the annulet of Brieg-like BURGos' (the annulet is now suspect with Daktyloi fingers). Helens (CREDY-Helion) trace well to the Cretan Hyeles, the alternative name of mythical Brylle! The Brieg Shield is used by Wards/Varde's (recalls the Vardaei on the Neretva), first found in the same place as Quince's that use a version of the Brito Coat, in my opinion, but Ladys/Laudymans (Anchor link, in my opinion) were also first found there who share annulets in the colors of the five of Kyle-beloved Candle's. The Brieg / Ward Shield is used also by WARRENe's, which tends to clinch the Varni/WARNi goddess, NERTHus, with Vardaei upon the NERETva. The Warrene canton can have the Brito lion. Warrene's, who married Henry Huntingdon, were first found in the same place as Deans/Diane's who in-turn share the Chepman crescent. Look at all that the duck dinner has revealed.

The Ward motto term, "fus," can be for Fusie's/Fusils that share lozenges in the colors of the same of Launays, from Launay of Brittany. The Brest location in Launay is of the lozenge-using Brests/Brix's and Bricks, like "Brieuc." Suddenly, Ranulph le Briquessart (married the great-granddaughter of John de Burgo!) is looking like a Brylle liner! Amazing. Wards share the blue lion with the Arms of Brescia/Brixia. I, connected by my mother to Briquessart's Meschin son, had duck / buffalo dinner with Cretan-liner Helen at a hunter-theme restaurant. We sat at the firePLACE while Place's share the lion of Gernons, and Ranulph de Gernon was the son of Ranulph le Meschin. Fire's use the Rasmussen unicorn, and Rasmussens use the Jeune fleur. Orion of Crete traces to Oeneus of Calydon, and there was the Oeneus/Una river of Juno beside the Colapis river of Jeep-like Japodes. Orion was a line to the Horns/Herons in the Smith Crest. When God does it, it's done perfectly. And I remember that I wore brown pants that night, not my favorite pants (which is why I recall them), but God must have put me into them because the Place / Gernon lions are also those of Brunswicks. Browns share the Brock fleur.

I cannot recall Helen's surname (it was a fleeting relationship). After our first kiss, she put a Christmas CARD into the mailbox, signed, "I love you." The Cards/CERTs use another blue lion, as do Love-suspect Louvains, and the Massins/Masons from king Massena of CERTa of Numidia. Her boyfriend Steven drove up with a red Mustang (convertible) while Mustans use a good reflection of the French Jeune Coat, while Musts/MUSCHATs (same place as love's) share the red lion heads and bars of Love's...but red lion heads are used also by Ducks that share the Steven falcon design! The Must / Love bars can be the Barry bars i.e. a Perdix line. I met Diane MUSCHATov while still in the fleeting relationship with Helen. There is a Convert/Coniers surname (same place as Cone-branch Conte's) sharing the sleeve with Tonys / Tickhills / Hastings.

Repeat: "I've maintained that the Less' / Beards/Bards have boar heads connectable to the Fiddle wolf heads, and here the Braggs (probably the Beard/Beart / Borgia bull) use a "FideLIS" motto term, as do Perdix-liner Barrys (Legh kin?) who share the red wolf head of Fiddle's (from VIS-de-loop). German Bari's/Barrie's use "Fidus" while Fiddle's are also FIDElows." It appears clinched that Barry liners were from Perdix elements out of Apulia's Bari, and that Beards were of that circle of elements, making Perdix connectable to Brito-Martis. Both Barrie's above use "regi," which recalls the Ragg/Wragg link to Braggs.

I'd like to add that "Fido" is a surname with Fothes'/Fitte's, a branch of Foots that I always trace to the motto term, "cyFOETH," of Gernons. Fido's/Fothes' use the cornucopia, symbol of Amalthea. It strikes me here that Fitch's/Fitchets / Veach's/Vetch's/Vitch's (Waleran Coat, tentatively the buffalo line) should apply, and so let's first go to the Gernon write-up to find them from MontFITCHET/MontFIQUET, in the Orne area, home of Ranulph de Briquessart, de-Gernon's grandfather. Here is the Montfitchet surname showing variations just like those of Muschats, and said to be from the Gernons. The Fiquets are listed with Foot-like variations, and may be using the Launay / Fusie/Fusil lozenges. There is a Foote location in Gernon-like Guernsey (off the coast of Manche), where Oeneus-suspect Majors escaped to.

While the Foots (Cheshire) and Fothes'/Fitte's use one chevron in the colors of the Levi chevrons, the Fiquets/Fiots use three bends in colors reversed from the Levi chevrons, and Levi's were first found in the same place as FOIX's, like the Fiaux variation of Fiquets/Fiots. Vaux-suspect Faux's (said to be from Robert de Vaux / Vals / Valibus) use a giant mascle. I maintain that Levi's were from Oeneus of Calydon. Then, the Sprows/Spruce's, mentioned earlier with Sprouts in relation to the Milan surname, use "BIRDs," and they are the white martlets of Levins and Saddocks/Sedgewicks, the latter a branch of Chadwicks (same martlets) that use a lily as part of the Lys', first found in the same place as Levi's. The Birds, who use martlets in colors reversed from the same of Chadwicks, are kin of Bouillons, first found in the same place as the other French Foix's and Jeune's. The Birds share three bends with Fiquets/Fiots/Fiaux's, but in black on white, almost the three Levi-chevron colors. The Levins use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Tanners, the possible namers of Tanerdevilla in the write-up of Tankerville's (version of the Chadwick Coat), and thus Levins can trace to Tanagra, Boeotian home of Orion. The Saddocks look like Sadducees, and the latter had a house of Beotus suspect with Boeotians. The closest I've ever found on the Levi chevrons, in surnames, is that of Archdeacons (same place as Walerans), whom come up as "Cotys," as do the Caiaphas-suspect line of Cotta's. Why would Cotys' / Cotta's be listed with what should be Decani liners? Yet more, Decans / Deacons can now be suspect from the first term in "Daktyloi." Keep in mind that Levins were first found beside the Daggers/Dacre's and Acre's (same fleur as June's). We shouldn't assume that Archdeacons were named after an archdeacon. The Tankerville Shield is said to be used by French Chamberlains, from Chambre on the ARK river, which can explain ARCHdeacons, especially as the English Chamberlains use the three Dagger scallops.

While Deacons were first found in the same place as Diss'/DICE's (Chamberlain colors and format), Deeks/Dyke's, with three trefoils in the colors of the triple Levi chevrons, were first found in the same place as Daggers. Compare Deeks/Dyke's to English Jeune's, noting the Jeune martlets in the colors of the Levin martlets. Levins are Livings too while three cinquefoils are shared by Livingstons/Levinsons/MacLeays (West Lothian, same place as Tanner-like Tenants/Tenmans), in colors reversed from the Tankerville cinquefoils, not to mention the cinquefoils of the Donkeys ("DISce") in-code with the Chamberlain donkey.

Tenants/Tenmans were first found close enough to McGee's to be using their boar head. The TenMAN variation is interesting where Tenants use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Mens' while the Jeune fleur are in use by Mens-loving Pepins, suspect from Papia/Pavia, co-founded by Laevi Gauls. The club in the dexter hand of the Livingston savage must be for the Clubs, with martlets in colors reversed from the Levin/Living martlets, and first found in the same place as June's and English Jeune's, while using the same chevron as French Jeune's. Clubs (McGee colors) use white fish (half in the colors of the Geddes pikes), symbol of Geds that lived on the Nith river in the area of the McGee's (suspect with Knee's and Knights), and the Nith was home to Kilpatrick castle while Kilpatricks (DAGGER) use a dexter paw from the same lion as Jewish Levi's/Levins. Clubs are expected to be a variation of the Clovse variation of Close's, from Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick Castle. Donkeys/DOWNkins were a branch of Duncans, and as Donkeys were first found in the same place as Greys who use the Dunbar lion, it seems rather clear that Duncans were Dunn / Down liners.

My Modena Task

While writing the paragraph above, for some reason, it back to mind that I met Diane Muschatov at a party with Joe, who would himself be the husband of another Diane. At that party, I first met Kim and saw her a few times, but gravitated to Diane, for the two were close friends. I therefore looked up Kims (Bute), to find them using cinquefoils in Down/Dunn colors, while the latter were first found in the same place as Deans/Diane's. I then recalled that my relationship with Diane ended when I walked her fence, and climbed her antenna, when Rick Legge was there. Legge's are the ones using a stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head, and the Down/Doun stag. The Fens' (Kim colors) share symbols on a fesse all in the colors of the same of Lords, the latter having cinquefoils in colors reversed from the Kim cinquefoils. The Lords are in the motto of Glasgows, while Glass' were first found in the same place as Kims.

I had tackled the Fens' the last time when speaking on this fence, but though I traced them with certainty, via the Pattersons/Cassane's and Sodans (same place as Fens'), to Casano's/Cassandra's of Modena, I didn't realize until now that Fens were from Modena's Fanano. The Fens/Fans/Venne fesse is colors reversed from the fesse in the banner-using Arms of Fanano. With Joe at the party, the connection there must be where English Cassane's/Cassandra's were first found in the same place as Josephs. Neat enough.

Fanano was part of the gonFANON banner (symbol) of Montforts, and therefore included the Banner-related Panaro river of Modena, which river was the location of Marano. The Marano's/Mauritano's use the same lion as Montforts, which, in gold, is the lion of Deans/Diane's that use "Forti" as possible code for MontForts. If correct, the Dean/Diane lion is that also of Sforza's, excellent because the Laud variation of Lords is part of the Ladys/Laudyman's, first found in the same place, NorthAMPTONshire, as the Quince's in the quince held by the Sforza lion. Then, the AMPTON's use the Lord/Laud / Kim cinquefoils! had I not walked her fence, this discovery would not have been made. As per Deacon liners, it's notable that Italian Deans/Diani's (same crescents as Deans/Diane's) are also Degans.

Scottish Deans/Denes': same place as Dean-like Downs/Douns and sharing one upright sword in the colors of the one of Mochs, apparently, for the Moch sword design is used by Dunbars (same lion as Montforts / Marano's) said to be in Mochrum. Again, Mochrum is in Wigton, where Hanna's were first found that use stag heads in colors reversed from the Down/Dunn stag. Irish Deans use double fesse bars in the colors of Scottish Mochs/Mochrys (lion colors reversed from the Dunbar lion). The variations of the other Mochs are like those of Musts/MUSCHATS/Mousquette's, can you believe it, and I had missed until now that Irish Deans share the double fesse bars with Musts/Muschats, which really nails the Diane link to Muschatov liners. The Must/Muschat Crest is the black Singletary antelope, and Jonathan Singletary, in Obama's ancestry, changed his surname to Dunham, the surname of Obama's mother.

Here is an amazing thing. Joe's surname was Oulette, which I have never seen before at houseofnames. Oulette's use the triple double bars of Mauds/Maids, and a version of the latter Coat is with the Monmouths, but the latter leave one of the two lion legs out!!!!!!!!!! Amazing, it's got to be code for the Leghs and/or Legge's.

The Maid / Monmouth lion is colors reversed from the Montfort / Marano / Dunbar lion, and while the Fane variation of Vans/Veynes' was suspect at "Fanano," Fane's were first found in Monmouthshire. As Fane's come up as "Fame," it can be gleaned that Gale's/Gails ("fama"), the Seamans in the Gale motto, the Seaman-branch Sea's, and Tokers all apply to Fanano liners. The wavy bars of Tokers, Sea's and Seamans are all in the colors of the Fens'/Venn and Gale fesses. And we saw the sea in the Coat of Gale-like Cale's/Cahills. This amazing, for Ricks connect to Tints, in my opinion, and Tints to Gale's. So, if you thought I was a jerk to walk the fence in my swan song at Diane's, blame God the Storyteller for it.

I can assume that God had an important reason for this Fens link to Fanano, and, immediately just now, I saw that the Gale's use a fesse colors reversed from that of Fens'. This took place just after Cale's linked well to Cilnius-suspect Killens, and, in this same update, we saw evidence as to why AULUS Terentius Varro Murena should be a Wallis liner. Murena-like Marano's happen to use the very same lion as Wallis', and neither use anything else. While Marano's are Mauritano's too, Murena's, who share a tower with Kellys, are also Moratins (which is one reason that Kellys were traced tentatively, a couple of years ago, to "Cilnius"). The amazing thing about this is that Kelly and Diane were back-to-back girlfriends. I was at Kelly's father's cottage in winter, and I recall snowmobiling on a lake at Diane's cottage, which must have been late January / February. It's also amazing that Joe Ouelette (possible Gel liner) was able to get us to the Fane's at Monmouth, especially as my mother's a Macey kin while Maceys share gauntlet gloves with Fane's. And as Fens' are Venns while Fane's are Vans, this was king Arthur's wife (called Guinevere), the Veneti out of Brittany's Vannes/Gwened, and Gale's were part of TINTagel, kin of Ricks, it appears, while KELLYs are predicted to be cousins of the Gale line to TintaGEL. Tints and Ricks were first found in the same place as Terentius-suspect Trents (use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same in the Arms of Wallis canton).

It strikes men that "OULette" may be named from GOUEL de Percival, father of Waleran. Percivals and Leavells were likewise first found in Somerset (same as Trents, etc), as were Pierce's that share the unicorn head with Gails and Tints. Pierce's muse a wavy chevron, and "wavy sea" is part of the Cale description, suggesting Cale contact with Weavers, who happen to use gold symbols on a blue fesse, same as Gale's. And English Weavers (same place as Maceys) use the ANTELope for a trace to ANTALya. We trace Oeneus to OENomaus, Pelop's father-in-law, to the Oeneus = Una river, then note the "uns" motto term of German Weavers (Macey stars?). Then, wavy-bar Webbers (same place as Pierce's), a Weaver branch, use the same fleur-de-lys us Jeune's. As Webbers (blue disk, Olympics symbol?) use the Pepin bend, Webbers are suspect with queen Bebba / Babenbergs. Pepins are still suspect with the Heneti Paphlagonians, the proto-Veneti, and, mythically, the Heneti were depicted by ANTONor (Trojan), recalling that I climbed the ANTENna on the same night that I walked the Fens.

If GUINEvere was part-code for Guine's/Gunns, it's notable that they share the sea symbol with Sea- / Seaman-related Cale's (Gale colors) who in-turn share the anchor with Kelly-like Kyle's. The "semina" motto term of Gale's should be for the same-colored Seamans. It tends to trace Kyle / king-Cole elements to Tintagel, and Kyle's are known (by me) Astikas liners, as well as known Shawia Numidians. The Candle kin of Kyle's are the ones with five rings tracing to Elis / Pisa, and that's where Tantalus' son was traced by ancients. (The Sea Coat appears to be in the Arms of Cardiganshire.)

I didn't look up mythical Diana until writing here. It floors me to find that she was from a Rick-like location: "Being placed on the Aventine [Rome], and thus outside the pomerium, meant that Diana's cult essentially remained a foreign one, like that of Bacchus; she was never officially transferred to Rome as Juno was after the sack of Veii. It seems that her cult originated in Aricia, where her priest, the Rex Nemorensis remained." Clicking to the Aricia article, we find that it was beside Ardea, and that "Legend also recalls that [Aricia] served as a temporary burial place of the Greek hero Orestes." That's code for Orestia, smack at Arda on the Hebros. Therefore, the Ardiaei (king Arthur) at the Cornwall peninsula may have been directly from an Arda > Ardea line. Diana's mother was made Latona (Artemis' mother), symbol of Latins at Ardea, and her father was made Jupiter, who was of the Colapis liners to Kyle's, Cale's, etc., suspect with Gale's. Incidentally, Uranus to the Romans was Caelus, and while king Gaia/Gala was suspect at Gale's, mythical Gaia was Uranus' wife.

Recall the night when I slept on the COUCH while Diane, so curiously, ended up sleeping in the same room as Dennis (Quinn). The Dennis Coat as that also of battens, we may assume, from the Axe river of Somerset, thus making Dennis liners linkable to Ricks. The Tints, with a Coat similar to that of Ricks, use the COUCHant lion, you see, but the "nihil" motto term of Deans/Diane's/DENS' (Massey Chief) can be pointed out as per the Nihill variation of Neils, for German Nagle's are also Neils/Nails. Vere's, suspect in "GuineVERE," use "nihil" too. Vere's trace themselves to Anjou, where Gennes' were first found that are in the Jeune write-up, and Juno elements traces to nail-using Colchester. Don't forget that Colchesters use the Quint Coat while Quints can be Quinns, who share the winged horse with Angels/Angle's and Masseys (same Shield as Vere's), and Quince's use the Rouen MASCLEs. The next night we were on the CHESTERfield, while Meschins/MASCULine's, likely named after Dunham-Massey / Dunham-Masci, ruled Chester/Diva. It was the closest I got with intercourse with Diane (there was no intercourse with the first three ladies under discussion).

Compare Quinns to Guinness' that come up as Gennes-like "Gennis" and you will see reason for a Quintus-Caepio line through Junia Caepionis (his great-granddaughter) to Dennis Quinn. Guinness' were first found in County Down, which uses a motto, "ABSque Labore NIHIL." If you click the County-Down link above, you will see a fish on a lattice/fretty background, same as in the Arms of Rieti ("In pratis late"). Who else used "nihil"? Oh, yes the Aricia-suspect Ricks. Read on. (By the way, County Down shares stags with Downs/Douns, and with Knee's of County Down, and is said to be named after Downpatrick while Dunbars were mixed with Gospatricks, a good reason to trace to Antipatria on the Apsus river, and therefore to the Apps/ABBS surname suggested in the County-Down motto. There is a crozier and green snake in the Arms-of-Down Crest)

While the "Forti" motto term of Deans/Diane's got suspect with the quince-using Sforza's, the Gale's put lion heads on their fesse in the colors of the Sforza lion, and Sforza's were first found in Rome i.e. within a Titan's urin-shot of Aricia. The Kellys could thus be using the Rita lion, for Rita's were first found in Rome and use almost the Sforza lion. Rita's trace to Rieti, near the Abruzzo border, and the comBATTANT Kelly lions are expected to be the combattant Abreu/Abruzzo lions (same as Dean/Diane/Dens lion) too while Battants are listed with the Somerset Battins/Badens i.e. that should be using the Dennis/Denys axe's. Battins share the eye with hand with Labore's suspect in the County-Down motto, and Labore's, first found in the same place as RICHmonds, share bars gemel with Richmonds and Oulette's, while Oulette's are said to derive in "oeil = eye." Whether or not that's correct, the Eye location to which Battins trace well could have been named by Oulette liners.

Combattant lions are used by Reillys in the colors of the Guinness lion, but also in the colors of the Morgan / Moore lion, and Vere's traced their beloved Melusine to Anjou, where Gennes' were first found. Moreover, Anjou is where Mireux's were first found that should be in-code with Melusine's mirror. The MYRTLE tree of Mireux's could be for Charles Martel, not forgetting that the Kelly tower is in the colors of the Martis/Martin castle.

The Rita lion was traced to the same one of Poole's, from Poole, at the Somerset border, for Poole's (same place as Quints) trace to Vespasia Polla at Rieti. But Poole's can now be expected with buffalo-using Pohls that share the Waleran bull head, apparently. German Pole's (frying pan) share the ostrich feather with Pohls, and French Pole's use the same lion as Sforza's. Dutch Pole's use the same lion as Palins (Dorset, same place as Poole's), but take note that the Dutch-Pole lion is crowned and in the colors of the crowned Capone lion! It's excellent reason to trace Caepionis' to Vespasia-Polla liners. See that the same-colored PASSant lions of Jewish Levi's are also crowned! "Passant" in this case traces excellently to VesPASIa and the Pasi's/Pascels, which recalls that my first girl (as a believer) was Miss Pascal while Pascals have the same lion as Levi's. We can see here why the message of my girlfriends justifies the heartaches. God was giving me quite a few lousy heartaches on behalf of the story you are now reading.

If the FYRING pan is code for Freins/Friends (compare with Pine's / Wayne's), they were first found beside Poole, and in the in the same place as same-colored Ricks. It's interesting that mythical Pan (son of Hermes) was born at Killeen-like Kyllene (Arcadia). Moreover, zowie, while Maia was mother to Hermes, Killens were first found in Mayo!

I don't recall many events with Miss Pascal that could act as Signs. We first kissed at a beachfront on a picnic table. I just looked up Auto's because I took a job with an auto-parts manufacturer, while seeing her, and Auto's use the black Waleran / Pohl bull head! When with Miss Pascal, it was the very time that Joe Oulette (MOORcock in Crest), suspect with Gouel, father of Waleran, became a close friend. He and I were friends with Jeff MOORE (!) at that very time, whose wife-to-be (Carol) knew Kelly so that Kelly and I got together after Miss Pascal left me. If this revelation is important enough to God to even choose the first names of people Intended to stand as clue's for surnames, then we could suggest that Jeffs/Jeffreys can apply that use the same lion as Palins / Pole's -- and Oulette's! -- as well as sharing a black canton with Couch's (share bear with Percivals). This recalls that I was in Moore's house with Diane at the very start of our relationship. Carols use lions combattant, and were first found in Tipperary with Pendragon-related Kennedys, and the latter share the dolphin with Tippers, the latter first found in the same place as Pendragons and Tintagel.

Note how Scottish Moors (share "non" with Nagle's) use a version of the Gale / Nagle fesse, asking where the "franGOR" motto term is code for mythical Gorlois of Tintagel. I view GorLOIS as part code for ostrich-using Lois' (Artois), which can link to the Pohl / Pole ostrich feathers. Gorlois' wife (and king Arthur's mother) was Igraine, perhaps code for the same as LohenGRIN. Hmm, Igraine-like Grehans are also GORmleys. Wikipedia: "Tintagel or Trevena (Cornish: Tre war Venydh," looks like a Veneti / Gwynedd line, not to mention that Trevors come to mind, first found in the same place as Jeffs. Pendragon took Gorlois' wife in adultery, but this only means a close family relationship, in the real world, between Pendragons (same fleur as June's) and whatever Gorlois and Igraine represented. Trevors and Pennants (Pendragons?) use the Arms of John Yonge while Yonge's/Youngs (June branch) love Jeune's, the latter's fleur looking linkable to the German Moor Coat. Recall RICK Young from the last update, and, zikers, I missed telling, until now, that Legge's (and Downs) share the stag in the colors of the June/Jung/Young stag! Pennants are in the Cowes Coat while a Cowes location is on Wight smack across the small waters from Poole.

Recall that while Oulette's use the double-bars gemel of Monmouths, the Monmouth lion is missing a leg (same idea as the Massey tree without leaves to indicate Levi suspects). The Keele-related Cheile/Cheels use a "leg in armor" with spur. As Oulette's got suspect with Eye, which has previously been suspect with the Eyes'/Eyers, note the latter's Crest: "A BOOTed and armed leg on which there is a spur." While Armor is a Brittany province, there is an Oulette-like Goulette surname (Brittany) with the same lion as Sforza's. The Masseys without tree once showed BOOTs.

Oulette's are said to be from a Willy-like location (Ouilly-le-Basset, Normandy), and Willys/Williams/Quilliams, with a Coat somewhat like that of Cockers (this points to the moorCOCK of Oulette's) show a Killin-like variation. Cock-like Couch's were first found in the same place (Oxfordshire) as Dulys'/D'Oyle's said to have included Mr. D'OUILLI. There is a Cullie variation of Willys suggesting the Cullys who happen to share talbot-dog heads with Kellogs (though the latter call them greyhounds), not to mention sharing a split-colored talbot dog in Crest with Williams, first found partially in Monmouthshire. And the William gyronny pattern is in the colors of the Hopper/Happer gyronny while Hoppers throw in a white tower, the Kelly symbol. It can appear that Williams got named after being from mount-Kyllene liners, themselves suspect from Gilan.

So, if I have provided enough evidence to trace Cilnius Maecenas liners along with his wife, Terentia, to the Somerset theater's Gale's and kin, let's assume that Gale's are with the Sforza lion, for Sforza's received the green snake of Visconti's, though it was changed to a blue-on-white one, which is used by Shells that happen to come up as "Cheele." The Coat is a good reflection of the Rick Coat but with perhaps the Massey / Crone fleur. While Irish Shields use another "forti" motto term, English Shields (doves, Shaw motto) use a version of the Leave/Leve Coat (dove in Crest), the surname expected of French Masseys having a "tree without leaves." It just so happens that the French-Massey Chief is that of "Forti"-using Deans/Diane's. Round and round we go.

To help prove that the Sforza's can be in fort-like motto terms, the same lion as Sforza's is used by "Fortem"-using Fennes/Finis'/Fiens, whom were traced solidly to Fane's/Vans/Fiens. The Fens/Venn trace to Fanano is to Modena, and this seems to be the central aim of God is these names surrounding my three girlfriends: to show Modena connection to Modi'in of Israel. One Killeen castle is in Meath while the latter term can be a Modena elements from METHoni/Modon, which was mythically a daughter of Oeneus of Calydon. MAECenas' ancestry, or the surname that "Maecenas" was in about 200 BC, became suspect with naming the Maccabees in about 175 BC, but this suspicion was before finding Marano in Modena (Maecenas' wife was a sister of Murena). From my birth, I was commissioned to discover this Murena link to Maccabees, I can feel it. It's perhaps important that Ricks link to Cheele's as per "Aricia" (origin of Diana) being like "ARCadia, location of mount Kyllene. "ARCAD" is much like the Ricket surname (scimitar, same chevron as Quints). Recall that, when I climbed Diane's antenna, Diane indicated that her brother got the rifle out, or was asking for it. Riffels (Savoy, same as Masseys without leaves) use a giant goat, symbol of Pan, born at Kyllene. Savoy is near the Walsers (of Wallis canton) who likewise use the upright goat, as well as a two-tailed mermaid complimenting the two-tailed Montfort lion (shared with one tail by Marano's).

Hermes was a CADUSii Armenian that named HATUSSa on the Halys river, home of Calypso-like Chalybes. "Pan" was traced by me to Armenia's Lake Van, location of Mus and Tarun, the latter a great place to trace the Taran/Terent surname. We can understand why Fens/Venns / Fanano liners should trace to Pan, therefore, and Rick was with me when I walked the FENCE after climbing the ANTENna. The Halys river was smack beside the Parthenius, home of ANTENor's Heneti, the proto-Venetians suspect from Lake Van. Calypso abducted Odysseus, and the latter's wife was made Penelope, same as Pan's mother at Kyllene. "[Odysseus] washes ashore on the island of Ogygia, where Calypso compels him to remain as her lover for seven years. He finally escapes when Hermes tells Calypso to release Odysseus." A Hermes connection to Odysseus, we get it.

And while Ogyges was suspect with the Biblical Og, he (mythical Ogyges) was king of Riffel-suspect Rephaites (Riffels are properly, "Rife"). Reeve's ("rege") use a good reflection (chevrons colors reversed) of the Ricket/Ragget Coat. Recalling that the rifle was also Indicated as code for Orion liners to Pino, note that mythical Ogyges was a king at Boiotia, home of Orion and of Schimatari (in the Ricket-Crest scimitar). Boiotians are suspect with the Boii, the proto-Bohemians, and while Boii conquered into Modena, the two-tailed Montfort lion is the Arms of Bohemia. Pino was resolved as code for Pinnes, and while he was an Ardiaei king, so was AGRon (husband of Teuta), while Pan's brother was AGReus. Wikipedia even says that "agreus" meant "hunter," but, more-likely to begin with. Agreus was play on the Greek term for a goat. The hunter theme given to Agreus suggests Orion and/or Diana. It's notable that Agreus was also ARGeus, like "ARCadia." Mythology was 50-percent play-on-words / play-on-themes writ, and 50-percent trying to show-off ones skill in that "art."

OeNOMAUS was smack beside mount Kyllene, and Agreus was given a brother, NOMIOS. This doesn't necessarily mean that Oenomaus was rooted in "Nomios," for it could have been the other way around, a writer using "Nomios" as his "skilled" method of linking OenoMAUS of Pisa to the Hermes cult. I say that OenoMaus was a Mus liner. It recalls the Mauks with Meleager-like variations, very important where OENomaus was himself invented by the "skill" (hardly) of another writer in linking Oeneus of Calydon to Pisa's Amazons.

As much as I'd like not to tell the following, I'll give you just about the entire story. The gang at Dennis' and Steve's parties were going out of control. Demons were infiltrating. One night, Dennis comes out of his spare bedroom to the party in the living room, where his fledgling wife was sitting too. He pulled me into the spare room, and there was a woman with her top above bare breasts, pants half way down, and passed out drunk on the floor. Dennis had just "banged her," and he indicated that he wanted me to get into the room to take the blame so that his wife wouldn't find out. It was disgusting, exactly the way I see the Dionysus cult. This was a woman that I was slightly involved with at an earlier time, at the home of Dennis' parents. A short time after being dragged into the spare bedroom, I found myself living for a short while at this same woman's house, and, meanwhile, Dennis and his wife broke up. At this time, I started to convene with a more-respectable group, thanks to Joe's brother belonging to it, and they would gather always at the home of one BARRY character, which, we might think, is God's way to speak to us now on the Perdix line out of Crete and into Bari of Apulia. This becomes important shortly as I continue. But as this transition from Dennis' group to Barry's was due to Joe's brother, we should keep the Oulette's in view, for they, especially if they were Goulette's, could have been Gileki/Gels to the Hyeles Cretans. Just keep this in mind.

I recall few things while living at this woman's apartment, not even her name. I recall having sex, and, on an entire wall, I painted the album cover of the Boston band. While I was painting it, I invited Barry and some others over. Shortly afterward, I moved out to the street that Sharon Pascal lived on (we were about a half dozen houses apart), and, by some "coincidence," before I knew Sharon, her brother started to frequent the camp-out parties that the Barry gang would have. We liked camp-fire beer parties and beaches the following day. That's the only reason that Sharon would become a girlfriend. But it all looks Planned by God for this Cretan story today.

While living on Sharon's street, before becoming a Christian, I re-met a high-school girlfriend, Miss Simpson, at a party thrown by Michael Brillinger. This is interesting where Simspons use a "nutrior" motto term for the Enotri of the Laus / Saracena area in southern Italy. The founders of Laish- / Elis-like Laus and Sybaris are known to be from Boura at the Elis / Arcadia area. Enotrians are also known as OENOtrians, can you believe it? The Dionysus wine line. And so I took Miss Simpson home for the night, and in spite of this, it appears that God is using her name to make a key revelation, especially as I met her at Brillinger's place while he's to be expected as God's symbol for Brylle, the same Cretan woman as Hyeles. Miss Simpson had a boyfriend, and while I had picked up VD from the previous woman mentioned above, she got it from me (I didn't know I had it at the time), and gave it to her boyfriend. I confess, I knew that she had a boyfriend. I suspect that Dennis gave it to his wife so as to be punished with losing her. He moved into his sister's basement, and I come along with Diane, and witnessed to both he and his sister with open Bible. So far as I can recall, I never saw them again.

So, Simpson's angry boyfriend came and slashed all four TIRES on my car, and even entered my basement to say a few angry words. I recall having been a fledgling Christian when he entered, and gave credit to God for his not slashing me too with his knife. In spite of my sins, this story seems necessary because Tire's share the red spread eagle with Pascals, and while I claim that Oeno liners were pagan Levi liners, the Pascals use the same lion as Levi's. It's already interesting.

But there is more. The Simson crescents are white (in both colors of the Boston lion, in case this means anything). Alexander, first found in KinTYRE, use white crescents too, as do Brylls. Can you believe it? The Bryll crescents are in the colors of the ALEXander crescents while Simsons use an "ALIS" motto term; feasibly, the first Alexander may have been an Elis liner. This recalls my trace of Uranus to Elesians, the people of Elis, and the Elis surname uses the same crescents as Alexanders and Brylls, a great reason to trace "Elis" to "Hyeles," but also to Uranus-suspect Orion, son of Hyeles/Brylle. Is that not amazing. The ERINyes were descendants of Uranus, and one was named, ALECto, as code for some people group.

Would you say that the woman drunk on the floor, pants down to her knees, bare breasts below her top, was "disheveled." The Elis Crest has a "A naked woman her hair disheveled." That should be part-code for the Harcourt Danes of the Hair kind. German Elis' can be with the Olympic rings, secretly. I caution, however, because if I'm implying that God created that situation in that spare bedroom just for this revelation, it's not an easy thing to grapple and come to terms with. But there you have the facts of what happened; I'll let you decide if God was in it. Benjamins (flames), suspect with a version of a Walsh Coat so as to be traceable to Aulus Terentius Murena, use five annulets and a saltire in the colors of the Elis cross (see Flame colors).

[Insert -- Recall above where Brylls (same annulet as Burgos') started to look like the Briegel variation of Briegs/Briggs, for this smacks of the ancient Brigians = Phrygians. I had identified mythical Phrixus, brother of Helle, as a Phrygian entity so that they now appears identifiable with a line of Brylle-Hyeles Cretans...yet they were TYRians, right? Yes, indeed. In fact, I traced "Phrixus" to the namers of Friesland, where Brylls were first found! Expect mythical Frigg and Frey to apply.

Both Uranus and Orion had the urine symbol, and it became suspect with the "golden shower" that Zeus was when producing a son, Perseus, with Danae (proto-Danes we may assume). I trace Perseus to the Parthenius river smack in Phrygia, but "PERSeus" was also suspect with mythical "PARIS," the Trojan who abducted Elis-suspect and Helle-liner Helen...sister of Pollux. As Pollux had a pugilist symbol, I trace him to Puglia = Apulia, exactly where the Bari Cretans were. As Pollux and Helen were daughters of Leda, a version of Leto's Apollo line, I have got to trace Leda to Eleutheia, the birth goddess of Crete, for that is where Leto traces, and this is suspect with the Letushites, the descendants of Keturah, the other wife of Abraham (Genesis 25). I even trace Keturah's son, Medan, with little doubt, to Medea, the witch of the golden fleece city, and that witch's goddess, Hecate, I trace to HECTor, Paris' brother. Perfect. If that's not enough, I recently showed a map with Tyndaris smack at the golden fleece city (Hattusa-like Kutaisi), while Leda's husband was Tyndareus. This is coming to us thanks to Miss Simpson at Brillinger's party. He lived across the street from Dennis' parents, and was helpful in convincing me that Dennis himself was of Dionysus of Crete, for Dennis' are even said to be from "Dionysus." The annuLET (shared by Brylls) is still suspect with Lets/Late's who use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Annas' in colors reversed, and the ORGAN pipes of Lets/Late's might even be a Orion line. The "late" motto term in the Arms of Rieti comes to mind.

"TYNDareus" brought the ATINTanes to mind, and his name caused me to find the Tintens (new to me) that use "ROYAL tents," and were first found in Devon, beside the Tints that use crosslets in colors reversed from the Royal crosslets. The paragraph below (and many below it) was already written before finding Tintens and Royals, so note that "MontREAL was named after "royal." I did not know the Tintens / Royals when starting this insert. End insert]

And so let me add that the four, slashed tires were not on my Firebird, for I blew the engine of the Firebird while traveling several hours away, to Montreal, with Barry. The engine lost water and seized. Catherine Roet -- from Rieti, suspect with Ariadne, Dionysus' wife at Lemnos -- had ancestry in Montreuil, Picardy. Catherine Roet owns a wheel symbol, and we could say that I got all four wheels slashed as my punishment. The night Barry and I were in Montreal, we picked up ladies at a bar and brought them to our motel room for the night. So, I paid with a busted engine, I assume, for God was in my life in spite of my sins. Ariadne was a daughter of Pasiphas, the Colchian line from Phasis, at the river to the golden-fleece city. This is all making too much sense not to be accurate.

Recall HELEN and I sitting beside the FIREplace at the hunting-theme restaurant, where the Duck dinner brought Daktyloi to mind. And here we have a FIREbird while Alecto, a descendant of Uranus, was one of the so-called Furies while Fire's are also Furs and Firs while Alis' use the Fir tree. "The Furies had snakes for hair [Gorgons] and blood dripped from their eyes." You decide, I just tell the story and what comes to my mind.

I had to get the Firebird towed home (had the engine replaced), and Tows/Toughs/Touch's (in the Clan Chattan motto) use the Boston lion in colors reversed. Bostons were first found in the same place (Roxburghshire) as Shechemite-liner Molle's, and Bostons are in the colors of Simpsons and Shake's (molehills). As I said, Simsons are expected with Oenotrians, from Oenomaus / Oeneus, Levites, and the Levites out of Laish are expected with Shechemites. The Simms (halbert axe) were first found in East Lothian, and use a "labore" motto term. Alberts use a sledge hammer while Hams and Hammers are in Simson-crescent colors.

In Alecto myth, there is a queen Amata, recalling the matto = crazy symbol of the Maenads (recall SCAMander, and read also as ScaMANDER). Amata is queen of the Latins, and she wants her daughter, LAVINia, to marry the king (TURNus) of the Roet-like Rutulians at Ardea. By what coincidence do Roets share the TURIN boar heads? The Latins were from Lydians, right? Yes, and Latins must have been of Latona, the Greek Leto at the Latmus area, exactly where I trace the sleeping moon of Roets. Recall the sleeping moons of Brylls. Simson-like Samsons/Sempsons use a "letho" motto term. Here's how to trace Danaans to Ardea: "In Greek mythology, Ardeas was a son of Odysseus and Circe. He was said to have founded Ardea, a city in Latium, although others suggest Ardea was founded by Danae." That's the golden-shower girl. Recall that I urinated on Ardiae-suspect Pino.

Alecto mythology (by Virgil, creator of Oeneus-like Aeneas) has to do with Benjamites from Rimmon. Trust me. Uranus was father to Japetus, likely code for the Japodes, whom I say were of the 400 wives, in JABESH, of the 600 Benjamites (Book of Judges). Turnus above was at war with Aeneas, and the latter was likely the Greek Aeneus, known symbol for Aenus at the mouth of the Hebros. Ardea elements (of the Latins) are from Arda, up the Hebros river. The Aricia area near Ardea might just have been of "Ares," for I've read that Ares' special mate, Aphrodite/Venus, enters Roman myth in Ardea. Cilnius Maecenas was of a Cilnius family in Arettium. Let me quote from Wikipedia on Alecto, and note what looks like code for the Chalybes/Halybes in relation to Juno:

In the Aeneid (Book 7), Juno commanded Alecto to prevent the Trojans from having their way with King Latinus...Alecto's mission is to wreak havoc on the Trojans and cause their downfall through war. To do this, Alecto takes over the body of Queen Amata, who clamors for all of the Latin mothers to riot against the Trojans. She [Alecto] disguises herself as Juno's priestess Calybe...Alecto abandons persuasion and attacks Turnus with a torch [symbol of Artemis], causing his blood to "boil with the passion for war"....

...Her punishment for mortals was Madness.

There we have the madness symbol of Maenads, suspect with "Amata." The article tells that Alecto/Alekto was also "Aletto," suggesting the Leto cult at the end of the Maeander river. There is a Leto/Alitto surname showing much like the Letter/Lauder and Ali/Aliotta Coats. Alicea's/Alisi's/Ales' were first found in Messina (same as Ali's/Aliotta's), and share the wings of Portuguese Abreu's, yet the Masci's use this wing too while Masci's use a version of the Messina Coat. From here, one can go to the Massi variation of Mattis'. It just so happens that German Bergens, sharing the white-on-black crescent with Alexanders and Elis', use an "ales" motto term. While Mons (Hainaut) is also "Bergen" on my Atlas, the counts / county of Hainaut used the three Levi chevrons, in the colors of the three pale bars of Ailes'. That looks meaningful. Recall that FIVE is traceable to Elis' Olympics, for Portuguese ALfreds share the five Abreu wings, suggesting that Alfreds were Ali / Ales liners. The Athelings (included Alfred "the great") were suspect with Atholls, who share pale bars in the colors of the Ailes pale bars. English Alfreds, same place as Ailes'.

As "pus" is likely a suffix on "OLYMpus," the latter looks rooted in "Elohim," the generic term for "gods," used also in Genesis for the God of Israel. There is a good argument here for tracing Olympus to the pagan Levites after Jonathan, who created a false / misrepresented form of the true God. ELis / Hyeles / Hellen may therefore have been named after El, the generic, Hebrew word for "god." One can see here how Bergens were of the Brylle line suspect with Breigs / Burgos', for the Bergen crescents are those also of Brylls (Friesland) while the Burgos' use the Bryll annulet. It appears that the Cretan urine line was at Mons with Monunius liners, perfect, for I urinated on Pino, who's God's symbol for Pinnes, whose Ardiaei were merged with Monunius liners. Monunius' daughter married king Gentius, and he's to Ghent, right? It's about 50 miles from Mons/Bergen. One of two Dutch Bergens share the small crosslets of GANDy/Candys (Canton/Ganton colors), making the latter highly suspect with "Gaunt."

Calybe was wife to LaoMEDON (Trojan, same house as Paris and Hector), suspect with the Keturah>Medan line to mythical Kodros, father of Medon. Another son of Kodros founded Ephesus, mythically speaking, and Leto-Artemis were heavy in Ephesus. It's all good fodder for tracing Leto back to the Keturah > Letushite line. Halybes were on the Halys river along with a Mokissos location, and Alis' share the same sword as Mochs. Alexanders use the same crescent as Spanish Mata's/Matos', and this feasibly of the Mattis', first found in the land of Etruscans. And then there was Mattathias Hasmonean, suspect with RasMussens that share the Firer/Fur/Fir unicorn. I owned a FIREBIRD, and I am a Taddei (land of Etruscans), kin of BIRDs, as well as a MUSSEN liner, likely, and while i was raised in the home of Leticia, wife of Pepin, Rasmussens share the Pepin bend-with-fleur, suspect with the Jeune / June fleur. Mochs were first found in the same place as Mathis' and Messeys.

Along with the Erinyes, Uranus birthed the Meliae: "The Meliae were nurses of the infant Zeus in the Cretan Dikti mountains, according to the 3rd century BC poet Callimachus, Hymn to Zeus, where they fed him on the milk of the goat Amalthea and honey." We thus learn that the Daktyloi was word-play for the Dikti mountains. And Uranus was the father of Amalekites, apparently. Dikti should explain "PerDIX," and help to understand why he was a Bari entity rather than a "Perd/Perdis"-like one to begin with. Here's on Amata and Turnus: Turnus, and his ally Mezentius, leader of the Etruscans, were defeated by Aeneas...When Amata was informed that Turnus had fallen in battle, she hanged herself. What was MEZENTius? The hanging symbol was found in relation to proto-Masci's at the Oenomaus Amazons, in relation to Hippodamia (Oenomaus' daughter) and Chrysippus. The latter was a queer cult, lover of Laish-suspect Laius (Boiotia). In a dream (explained several times in the updates), God showed me that Masci's were involved there, and with the founding of the Romans from Benjamites, but this revelation was aside from the forthcoming realization that Maschi's were first found in Rimmon-like Rimini.

When we click over to the Mezentius article: "In Roman mythology, Mezentius was an Etruscan king, and father of Lausus. Sent into exile because of his cruelty, he moved to Latium. " It looks like Laius, son of CadMUS, and moreover it looks like Laus elements. The same article:

In the traditional myth that predates the Aeneid, Mezentius actually outlived Aeneas, who 'disappeared' into the river which Aeneas became associated with in a hero cult. However, since his benefactor Maecenas was a native Etruscan, Virgil portrayed Mezentius as a tyrant...

When one clicks the Maecenas link at Wikipedia, it goes to Cilnius Maecenas, though I can't be sure whether the text above refers to him. In any case, we see Maecenas-like MEZENtius associated with a Maecenas bloodline / entity. Arettium is in the land of Etruscans. There is a Pembroke-suspect Mazzo/Mazzoni/MAZZANTi surname said to include a Mazza family of Modena. Pembroke was ruled by "Strongbow" Clare while a Masa Sea Peoples were at/near ancient Clarus. The Pembroke colors and motto phrase, "arduis constans," looks linkable to the Borgia-likely Braggs (may share the Claro/Charo bull) and Constantine's.

Aha! There is a Meser/Messerly surname (Austrian) coming up as "Messen" and using a tower in the red color of the Murena tower! The two Murena eagles face opposite directions, rare, indicates the sinister line of mythical Mucius = the MUCIANus surname. It's in the colors of the Massi/Mattis / Fulk eagle. Masers bring up Masseys. Mouse-using Meisers (gold lions facing both directions in two different quadrants, rare, indicates sinister). English Meisers/Messers are listed with Messier's, as are French Messeys. See also the gold Massar lions.

As Miss Pascal left me for a college boy, I thought to look up College's (Cale colors) only now, and there we find a version of the Cheele/Shell Coat, but with a green-on-white snake. It appears that Cheele liners morphed to College's/Callage's. As the latter share the pomegranate with Grazio's, first found in the same place as Visconti-suspect Ottone's, note that the College snake is in the original colors of the Visconti snake. Then, as Ottone's/Otto's (College colors) have variations like those of Auto's/Otto's, recall that I had a job with auto parts while seeing Miss Pascal. In fact, one day, while out delivering some parts, I stopped in at her college to say hello (I found her because it was lunch time). Is that not amazing? There is a Coles surname (Cheele/Shell colors) with a green snake.

Pascal left me, then came back to my door for a very warm hug, then left for good. You can't figure women on these matters, and they won't tell you (truthfully, anyway) why they're leaving. Hugs can be using the Sforza lion and the Leo fesse.

Next girl, College-related Kellys. College's (Crispin colors) are colors reversed from Kellogs, and the latter share a reflection of the RIMMON/Crimmon Coat. Below, the Rimmons come back to topic with an Ottone suspect. Amazingly, while College's are said to have named COLDridge in Devon, beside the Gale's and Tintagel of Cornwall, Colds are listed with Cole's that share the black bull with the Devon Walerans! The Auto/Otto bull is black too! I'm giddy here. The Auto's were first found in the same place as black-bull-head Mieske's. I had forgotten about the Cole's when seeking evidence that Kyle-Cretan liners trace to Gale's. The Cole's (as per their trace to Japodes on the Colapis) had been tentatively suspect from one of the seven hills of Rome, the Cale-like Caelius. Why did Romans view Uranus as Caelus?

Diana, the hunt goddess, was at one of the seven hills of Rome, the AVENTine, a term like the Abantians (real peoples) depicted by mythical Abas. Another Abas (of Argos) was the grandfather of Diana-like Danae, the golden-shower girl. Uranus was not only the urine liner, but the Orion-hunt line.

My fourth girlfriend, Roxanne, was with the Firebird after I replaced the engine. We drove by Miss Pascal one day as she was walking to her home. That looks meaningful, and while the Firebird can potentially be Intended as code for Birds, by what cosmic coincidence do Birds use a version of the Coldridge/Coleridge Coat!!?? It suggests that the Cole bull is the Beard/Beart bull but in the colors of the Pohl buffalo. The Coldwater flory is also that of Carlisle's while the latter share a hand holding a PEN with the Simms Crest. Until finding this, I wasn't going to mention the Cute's below.

I recall that day because it was so surprising that, after not seeing Miss Pascal again for months and months, she popped up while rolling by slowly around the corner of the street with Roxanne in the car. I was not living on Pascal's street anymore, yet, for a reason I cannot recall, Roxanne and I drove along that street that day. And as soon as I muttered something like, "that's Sharon, we were together last year," Roxanne commented that she was "cute." I remember that word, and was surprised to hear it. The Cute's/Cutts happen to share white roundels on black with Penns! Note the "clarus RECTum" motto phrase of Penns, for I was thinking of that term when coming to Rickets/RECKETs. As the latter came to mind with "ARCADia, Penns may be from mythical Pan liners. Mussels share white roundels, and the Alis' are said to use "MUZZLEd" bears. It's known that Arcadia, beside Alis-like Elis, became symbolized by the bear constellations.

I suspect a Pascal link directly with the Cute's, as per what Roxanne uttered when she first saw Miss Pascal. Cute's share a Coat like that of Sale's/Salletts, from the Salto river through Vespesia's Rieti. Coincidence?

It's important here that I knew Rick Legge from the time I was last with Diane to the time I was last with Roxanne. ROXburghs, in Gale colors, use the small saltires of Gale's in the same colors while Gale's are still suspect with the Sforza lions. The Message here seems to be manifold, but as Tints use a COUCHant lion, let's repeat that Gooch's/Gouch's were first found in were BOStons suspect with Buz, son of Nahor, important because I link ancient Roxolani to Nahorite-suspect Neuri. The latter were on the Bug river while Bugs share the water bouget with Roxolani-suspect Rose's. Ricks (kin of Gale-related Tints) use the Craven Coat in colors reversed, and Cravens were suspect with "KRVati," the local name of Croatians while I traced Roxolani to Rick-like Rijeka/Rika, in northern Croatia. In this picture, Ricks were Roxolani. Cravens were first found in the same place as RICHmond. I met Roxanne in a town called, Richmond. She showed up one day in a Christian home-group where Rick and I were attending.

After living at Archibald's for a while, with Roxanne there all the time, we spent the winter at the home of Roxanne's parents, the Bennets, and this would be amazing if Dutch Bennets are using a book, the Roet / Reed symbol. Although the Bennet description doesn't tell what the lion holds, Bennets are also Benedicts, from the Benedict name of the Pierleoni, whom were highly suspect with the Rita / Leo lion. Leo's share the Payne fesse while Catherine Roet was a daughter of Payne Roet from the Montreuil area. Payens/Pagans happen to share "spur rowells" with Simms, and so note that Rowells/ROSEwells/ROTHwellsl use almost the Penn / Cute/Cutt roundels.

If only God had given my Firebird a wheel symbol, we could connect the trip Barry and I made to Montreal, and we can then ask why it was Barry in the car. What possible connection could Barrys have to Roets? Ahh, Perdix and Ariadne. An there was a wheel symbol, which I'll get to.

The Wheel-Bearing Dream, and I'm Stickin' to it

Good morning. Just before waking, I had a dream. I was fixing my car on someone's parking lot. The wheels were all off, and I was putting carpenter's glue into the wheel bearings (instead of grease). I then realized, that's not good. But Carpenters ("acuta") do have the same red-and-white bars as Barrys, and I was at exactly this spot last night, at the paragraph above. There is even a Glue surname, using mascles in the colors of the same mascles as Spinks (talbot dog), as well as a giant greyhound head in colors reversed from the same of Kellogs, and the background is the color of the Firebird exactly. The Kellog and Glue greyhounds both look like talbots, however, probably for a reason, and the enfield Kelly griffin looks like a greyhound, probably for a Kellog reason. Apparently, Glue's/Cloughs/Clows were Kelly liners.

The "Acuta" term reminds of the Cute's/Cutts, only not the MontaCute's (same place as Ricks, Leavells and ROETS!) came to mind, and Montacute's ("reGULa") honor the Acton's (same fesse as Ricks) in their motto, as do Cravens that use the Rick Coat in colors reversed. The "REGula" term could be code for a Rick / Recket line, and the "gul" can be for something of the Gullys because they are Julians while Cute's/Cutts can be from the Cotta's (surname of Julius Caesar's mother). This could identify TintaGEL as a Gully / Julian line.

The buried "gula" term can even be for Gouel de Percival, ancestor of Walerans, first found beside the MontaCute's, and in the same place as Stewarts that happen to use the so-called RAGULLY border pattern. Spanish Gulls/GUELs/Guelens (same place as Solana's) use two fesse bars in the colors of the three of Berrys (with an 'e'), first found in the same place as Walerans! Berrys ("sine" motto term) are in Bearing/Baring colors, and Wheels/Weals could be Waleran liners. Carpenter glue in my wheel bearings.

BE AMAZED. The Bearings share the Vaux/Vose Coat while Waleran de Percival married a gal from Meulan while the Bearings use the Arms of Meulan, and while Walerans use a "vos" motto term for that very line. I put GLUE in wheel BEARINGs, meaning that God has revealed a Gouel link to Glue's/Cloughs!!! Did you ever doubt it? The Percival bears may have to do with Bearings. See also the same checks of Louvier's suspect with the Leavell wolf / lupus symbol in the Chief, and trace to La Louviere at the east side of Mons. My atlas has Mons named alternatively as Bergen while Bergens/Mergins are also BERRIgans (suspect with the Dutch Bennet/Benedict lion). The Mergin variation evokes the same-colored (gold) and giant lions of Morgans, Moore's and Goulette's, which recalls that Joe Oulette (MOORcock) was the best friend of Jeff Moore. I met Kelly from the Moore family, and Kellys can link to Glue's via Kellogs...just as though God knows how to set situations up for making surname links. Joe married Diane, and Bergens/Mergins use the Dean/Diane lion in both colors.

Why do Dutch Bergens/Bergers share red lozenges with Montacute's? Ahh, Berry in France is now Bourges, meaning that we have a Perdix trace through Berry to Mons. Again, the county of Hainaut used the three Levi chevrons in both colors, otherwise I don't know anything else using them. It predicts that Levi's were Leavells. Levi's were first found beside La Falaise while Oulette's (three black gemel bars can be of the three black Levi chevrons) are said to be from Falaise. Fallis' (Wallis lion?) are suspect from "Valais," location of Sion, while "Glue's" share a "SINE" motto term with the Berrys having fesse bars in the colors of the fesse-barry of Leavells. It's amazing what a little glue in your wheel bearings can reveal, not forgetting that Waleran was a descendant of Wheel/Weal-like Humphrey de VIEILLEs. The SINE's/Sions (Glue colors) use a white demi talbot in Crest, tending to assure that the white Glue "greyhound" was also a talbot. The Spanish Gull/Goel Coat is that of Harcourts, and it's known that the Beaumonts descended from the Harcourt, Humphrey de Vieilles, the point being that Waleran was a son of a Beaumont woman with Gouel (or Goel) de Percival as the father. Why else would God prepare another dream if not for this enemy of His?

How God must have despised Julius Caesar. English Gulls (another "sine", same as Glue's) use a version of the German-Julian pale bars while Gullys use the English-Julian cross. While Carpenters can be with a red version of the Julian pale barry (both use six bars), I've expected Julian liners at Guillestre on the upper Durance river (near the Cottian capital), and there is a Carpentras location near the mouth of the Durance. And, to top it off, German Gulls/Guels/Golens have a giant gull in the colors of the giant "greyhound" head of Gull-like Glue's!

Why do Carpenters use a glue-like GLObe? Glove's, like the Clough variation of Glue's, look like they apply to the Wheel/Weal Coat, but, in any case, as gloves are used by Sions/SINE's/Swans (Glue colors), it's no coincidence that the Glue motto is "SINE macula." Perfect, O Mighty One. That motto phrase is used by Seneca's/SENESchals (share nine mascles, as with Brito's) along with sharing mascles with Glue's. It recalls that while I traced Cottians to a Cotesii peoples on the modern Buzau river, Cotesii are on maps beside the SENSii while Spanish Sans' (same place as Brito's) use the same eagle as Spinks (same mascles as Glue's) and Stone's. The latter are mentioned as per the "flint stones" of Flints, who not only use a "Sine macula" motto, but were at Flintshire, beside the Denbigh location of the first-known Glue's/Cloughs. Glove's (wings) were first found in the same place (Perthshire) as same-colored Wings/Winks, the latter suspect in the Montacute wings. The Glove crossBOW should be for the Roet kin of Bows/Boughs.

The dream has proved to be a hit on the Cotta bloodline, and appears to drag Gouel de Percival of YVERY (Normandy) into it. Cottians were to the near-west of IVREA (Bautica river). That works, meaning also that Bautica-river liners must apply so that the Baux (pronounced "Bow") variation of Bauts (Glue colors) can indeed be of the Waleran-beloved Vaux's/Vose's...but suddenly the Bows/Boughs look to apply. Ricks use the CRAVEN Coat in colors reversed while Seneca's/Seneschals were at CREVEcouer. The Sens/Senn surname (Switzerland, same as Sion) uses a reflection of the Aurelia Coat, not only suggesting that we are on the line of Aurelia Cotta, but that she was of a Cotesii-Sensii merger to the Cottians.

I recall that French Pepins once showed what I thought was a Gull (in the colors of the German Gull gull), and while the Pepin camel is expected at Gamala, Josephus said that Gamala was the home of a GAULONite, a term like the Golan variation of German Gulls/Guels. Therefore, Gouel de Percival may have had a first name from Gaulonite liners, and Gaulonites may have been Julians in their ancestry. Dutch Gulls/Guels, a "bird."

Wessels/Wizals, first found in the same place as Ricks and Tints, are expected with the Tint lion, and were traced to Vestalis of the Cottians. Orange is near Carpentras while Ricks use an orange-like griffin! The dream has succeeded in finding a very important Leavell link to Julian liners, expected at Sicily's Gela with Barrys out of Crete, and somehow this goes to the Cotta suspects, the Montacute's. It's expected to be of TintaGEL. The Salyes were on the Durance, and the Sale Coat is a reflection of the Cute/Cutt Coat. Recall Roxanne in the Firebird saying that Miss Pascal is CUTE. We were on a street called, D'Maine, and Maine's (unicorn head, look like Walsh kin) happen to share the black and downward-pointed pheon with the Sale Crest.

Maine's (dart) were first found in the same place as Darts and Walerans, while Darts are expected with Darths/Deaths that share the Glove / Mott/Morte crescent. And look! Maine's are said to be from Goel-like JOEL de Mayne! Joels are listed with Jewels/Jule's, like the Yule variation of Julian-suspect Yells. De Mayne's estate was given to Mr. Zouch, and Zouchs/Souchs (Couch's?) use a besant-version of the Vaux / Bearing Coat! Couch's (pale bars in Tarr-bar colors) use the bear while Bearings can apply to it.

The importance of ROXanne in this picture must be where the Somerset Leavells (same place as Tints) had a branch in ROXburghshire, same place as the Gooch's/Gouch's suspect with the couchant lion of Tints. The Leavell barry is in the colors of the fesse bars of Berrys (Labore colors) who in-turn use a "labore" motto term while Labore's (Bore branch of Berrys?) use the double-bars gemel of RICHmonds, and moreover they are in the colors of the two Gull/Guel/Goel fesse bars. Repeat: "The Gull/Goel Coat is that of Harcourts, and it's known that the Beaumonts descended from the Harcourt, Humphrey de Vieilles, the point being that Waleran was a son of a Beaumont woman with Gouel (or Goel) de Percival as the father." Dutch Goels/Goldsteins/Coltsteins use more barry, and so don't forget that the dream occurred after I left off on the question as to why Barry was in the Firebird when off to Montreal.

This latest dream recalls the event given to me/us by God when Steve Tarr took a slap shot, hit the goalie, then bounced to the GOAL line, stopped there, with me sliding in to POKE the PUCK into the net. The Pucks (Glue colors, branch of Ottone's/Otto's) were traced to the Peucini of Peuce, to the east side of the Sensii and Cotesii. The PEK river has a mouth at PINCum while Pincs/Pinks share red-on-white lozenges with Montacute's. Reno's/Ryne's share the same lozenges while Pincum-suspect Panico's were on a Reno tributary, the Setta at Bologna/Bononia...the city where Pasi's/Pascels were first found. Reno's/Ryne's were first found in the same place (Switzerland) as Recks/REICHELs, recalling the "RAGULa" motto term of Montacute's. Thus, the Ricks can be of the Recks/Reichs. Pasi's/Pascels (spears) trace to Paisley, in Reno-like RENfrewshire, where Spears and Aurelia-liner Orrs (Bononia-suspect motto terms) were first found (not to mention the Poke's/Pollocks). Aurelia's share the white patti cross with Peks/Pecks.

I'm now wondering whether the goal line was code for Goels, the Spanish branch using fesse bars in the colors of the pale bars of Tarrs (same place as Ricks and Montacute's), first found beside the first Walerans, and in the same place as the Leavells using barry in Tarr- / Goal-bar colors. English Line's happen to share annulets in colors reversed from the same of Pucks, as well as showing the upright and crossed white spears of Pasi's/Pascels (Glue colors again). It recalls cute Miss Pascal, and Poke's/Pollocks do trace to Vespasia Polla.

The early Montacuto's of COUTance (Manche) later became MontaGUE's, suggesting Monte-Gouel, so to speak, explaining their "reGULA" motto term, and their present linking to Glue's. The latter's talbot-like dog (white) may have come to be called a greyhound just because the Cute/Cutt Crest is a white greyhound. The Hounds use a BORDer in colors reversed from the MontaCute "BLACK border," tending to clinch the Cute / Coutance link to Montacute's. Borders (Somerset, same as Montacute's and Leavells) were first found beside Walerans. The Coutance/Constance surname was first found in the same place as Cotts. It appears that MontaCute's/Montague's were Aurelia-Cotta / Julius-Caesar liners, indeed.

The white roundels of Cute's/Cutts are usually called, plates, suggesting French Plate's (in Glue colors) sharing scallops in the colors of the same of Fens'/Venns and Pattersons/Cassane's, but as Blate's/Blade's (Pilate pheons?) are said to be from Drago de Beware (one of the Bure surnames), note that the Montacute's are traced to Drogo de Montacuto. As BERTons/BURTons are said to be from the same Drago de Bewere, that's why the Glue dog heads are also the Bert dog heads. They show as the same design for both surnames, but the Bertons just call them "gold dog heads." You now have cause to view the Lux bull head, as per the "Lux vitae" motto of Bertons, as the Waleran bull head. Montacute's can be linked to Alice of Skipton, wherefore the "All is" motto phrase of German Bertons can apply, especially as Percivals share the muzzled bear with Alis'/Alice's.

Yet, the Cute/Cute description says "Silver on a black bend three white squares," meaning that Cute's used both squares and plates, and Square's/Squirrels share the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers expected with Pattersons/Cassane's from the Dexaroi peoples.

Not to lose site of Cottian suspects, German Line's/Linds (same place as Waleran- / Ottone-suspect Auto's/Otto's) share the white horse on red with Wessels, and Wissels/Wizels (lozenges in colors reversed from those of Montacute's and Pincs) were first found in the same place as Tarrs. Scottish Wizels/Wileys (same talbot as Spinks) share the black griffin with Scottish Line's (Pek/Peck chevron?), who could be using the rose of Recks/Reickels (and Caesars). The Wizel griffins are exactly the three of Vince's/Vinch's while Montacute's use "black WINGS." As Wizels/Wileys (Oulette colors) share the talbot in Crest with Williams, the Oulette-suspect Willys/MacWilliams (said to be a Mackay sept) come to mind who use roses in both colors scheme's of Recks/Reichs and Caesars. While Percivals can be using the Berwick / Mackay bear, the Percival Chief shows the Pek patees, wherefore see that Peckers/Packers (more roses) use lozenges in the colors of the Wizel/Wissel lozenges.

Bearings/Barings are also BECKerings, for some reason, and the Beckers/Bechers are using the Beach/Bech vair fur in blue, and moreover throw in a "Bis vivit" motto phrase. I first kissed Sharon Pascal at the BEACHfront! Plus, the Beechams/Beauchamps may have been Beaumonts of Meulan. Welsh Bachs (more vair fur) were first found in the same place as Glue's! It makes the "steer" of German Bachs/Backs suspect with the Waleran bull. Montacute's use a griffin with "BLACK BEAK," and while it's known that Conrad Black (owned Jerusalem Post) was a Montague, it explains also the BLACK wings and BLACK border of Montacute's.

Scottish Bennets were first found in Perthshire, same as Wings/Winks. Roxanne Bennet followed Diane as my girlfriend, while Dutch Bennets use the same lion as Diane's. After Roxanne and I split, I moved back to Richmond, and rented a room in the home of a woman that turned out to be a friend of Sharon Quinn, and there I re-met her. Archibald's, then started my own business in the throes of moving to Hunt street (Diana, goddess of the Hunt?). Archibalds (share white crescents with Simsons) happen to have been first found in Roxburghshire, and ArchiBURE's are suspect with Boura (as with Simsons) because ARCadia anciently got the Arcas (bear) symbol while Italian Bure's use the bear, as do Alis' in the Simson motto. So, ARCHibure's are suspect from Arcadia, but then why are Archibure's listed with Arthurs? I see the Rutulians from Ardea here. Drago de Bewere was a Bure liner too.

Archibalds are in Fens/Venn colors while sharing the blue star with Modena's Casano's/Cassandra's, and meanwhile Modane is on an Ark river now suspect with Arcadians. As I said, Rick Trevor and I playfully started a partnership while building Archibald's deck, and Rick was earlier with me at the fence (this tends to verify that we should be on the Fens / Fanano / Modena topic with Archibalds). Recall that Riffels/Rife' use a goat suspect with Arcadia's pan, for Archibald's use a "REFiciar" motto term, but as CHIARO's (another bull) and Archibalds share the blue bend, "RefiCIAR" looks like part-code for Chiaro's/Claro's, beloved of the Josephs first found in the same place as Cassane's/Cassandra's. When I try to gather of all the things that the Great I Am has done in my life for this story, I am overwhelmed. There must be dozens of other things He's done not yet discovered. [I find below that RICHards use the Riffel goat in colors reversed. Richards (Bavaria) are suspect with the Weis Crest].

I re-painted the Firebird Corvette blue, which is exactly the colors of heraldic blue that we are immersed in here, including the Bird-like Bure's, and while Birds trace to the BAUTica river without doubt, I was reporting the French BAUTS (blue Shield) with an upright goat for years until it was seen to be a ram (it may have been changed from goat to ram). The Bautica was also the BALTea, suggesting ArchiBALDs. Note that German Bauts/BAULDs (same place as Auto's) share "bello" with the motto of Bird-related Bouillons, the latter first found in the same place as French Bauts. German Bauts/Baulds share one crescent in the colors of the Archibald crescents. Yep.

I now recall that Dennis Quinn got the gang to surprise me on my BIRTHday, having something to do with mag rims for the FireBIRD. If I recall correctly, Dennis invited me to a birthday party at his place, and with me up there, they went down an somehow got the rims (I purchased) installed on the car, then took me out to surprise me. The point is, BIRTHday and FireBIRD, as though to verify that this car was God's choice for me, for emphasizing Bird liners. The Births/Berts use the same fitchee crosses as Ricks. As fitchee crosses are now suspect with the Fetch's/Vitch's that share the Waleran bull head, note that Births/Berts were first found in Devon, same as Walerans. The latter use "non" while Nons/Nevins share the Archibald / Baut/Bauld crescent.

Aha! Recall the Cotesii at the Buzau river, for it was the RIMNA area of Moldova! The Cotesii came to topic as per the dream of wheels off on a parking lot, when I put carpenter glue in the wheel bearings! Carpenters have been suspect from the namers of the Carpathian mountains, which were at the Rimna river. The "acuta belli" motto phrase of Carpenters should be partially for Cottians, and partially for the namers of a Biella location near Ivrea. The glue dream was all over Waleran de Percival of Yvery, likely from the Arduinici of Ivrea. The namers of the Buzau might just have named the Bautica, for Cottians ruled near the Bautica. I can definitely see the Maschi's of Rimini at the Masci's, first found in the same place as Ivrea. Chatillon, on the upper Bautica, can be from elements of Cattolica, the latter between Rimini and Fano.

Rams share the white-on-blue ram with Bauts/Baux's, and "Baux" is a possible "Vaux" elements, which, if so, tends to link Walerans to the Bauts. Rams, because they use a "VIS" motto term, are good for exposing Ottone's/Otto's (share a chevron in Ram-chevron colors) with Ottone Visconti. The "fieri" motto term of Rams can be for Ferrari's that share the Sforza lion. In the Ram Crest, a blue chevron, and then the Ram Coat, in colors reversed, is much like the Coat of Ram-like Rimmons/Crimmons (blue chevron). The Dions/Dienes'/Dyonnes', in Baut colors, and sharing the same chevron as Rams, were first found in the same place as Bauts. That looks informative. And Rimmons/Crimmons use a "Divis" motto term while Dienes-like Diens are also Dives'! That is excellent corroboration that Rimmons were between Maschi's and Diva of Cheshire.

Another white ram is used by Moutons/Myrtons, with Modane-like variations (i.e. Modane is on the Ark river), yet the Myrton variation is like that of Mortons (goat)...who may have formed the Morte variation of Motts/Mottins. The Mazzo's of Modena come to mind here because Mortons (reflect the Walsh Coat) are loved by the Walsh motto. A white ram is also in the Crest of Hazel- / House-related Hulse's.

Having said that, recall that Rimmons/Crimmons were spotted with a reflection of the Kellog Coat, a potential CILNius line...always suspect from goat-mountain Cyllene. There is a lot to this that doesn't readily meet the eye. If Rams are Rimini elements, then we can trace them to Fanano along with the Fane's, from Fano, beside Rimini. The Fens'/Fanns/Venns (same place as Berts) happen to be in Ram colors while sharing the fesse that (in colors reversed) is the Arms of Fanano, and Fens' share white scallops with goat-using Russells, the latter said to be from BERTrams. The Kellogs share the three talbot heads of English BERTons, while German Bertons are with a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Terentia-suspect Trents. So, there you have Rams linking to Bert liners suspect with the Bautica river and the white-ram Bauts/Baux's.

If Baux's were Vaux's, note that Walerans share the black bull head with Lux's in the "Lux vitae" motto of English Bertons/Burtons. As Ivrea is on the Bautica, note ROZALA of Ivrea, like "Russell." Royals are said to have named ROISEL. Pilate-suspect Reals were first found in the same place (Forez) as Besancons/Bassets (Real colors) while Bissets were first found in the same place as Ros' ("ALIT"), the latter using the same lion as Rosells and Wallis', in Leto/ALITTO colors. The symbols of both Real surnames together can make a link to Martels and Martins/Martis together. BertRAMs happen to share the blue Crusader crosses of Rimmons/Crimmons (Russell lion?), and meanwhile the Russell scallops are those also of Meschins. Scottish Vaux's (share gold lion in Crest with Bertrams) are also Vance's while Bertrams use the motto, "J'avance." We can't argue with that. When we click to German Bertrams (same place as Pohls that share the Lux bull head in both colors), with the same chevron as English Berts, there's also the same lion as Wallis' / Marano's / Montforts, additional reason to trace these sets of surnames to Modena.

If Rosells were from Rozala of Ivrea, of a royal Italian family, chances are, Marano's are using the Rosell lion. Rozala's mother, Willa, can then be of the Willys/MacWilliams, for the latter use nothing but roses, suspect with Rozala lines. Willys are said to have been in Harris island while Harris' ("REMINisci") use the porcupine, a symbol I had read for Bassets. If this Ross-shire trace to Rozala seems to betray my claim that Ros' (Ross-shire) were of the Drummonds, note that Bassets share the Drummond bars, apparently. The Harris Coat (hedgehogs) looks like a version of the Macey Coat. The other English Harris' were first found in the same place (Derbyshire) as Heyers and Eyes'/Eyers/Ayers.

Drummonds were birthed by king Andrew I of Hungary, his line going to Andrea's that were found at Pertuis, less than 50 miles from Carpentras. Pertuis was found to be of Andrea's partly as per Signs involving little Andrea, who was invited to my 11th Birthday PARTY. It's a long story that can't be repeated here. Pertuis became suspect with the Perdrix peak of Mont Pilat, and here we just saw some surnames from Forez, beside Mont Pilat. It appears that mythical Perdix, in going to Barry liners, were also at Pertuis (mouth of the Durance river). The Andersons and Hendersons were both at Caithness, the Gunn theater, and Gunns share the ship of French Durante's while other Durante's share the Sale fleur for a Durante trace to the Durance river.

Rimmons/Crimmons were first found in Skye and Lewis (note Skye-like "reminiSKI"), where the McLeods were from that use both a white and a black bull head (only the white one now shows). It was resolved that Lewis' were Waleran > Leavell liners thanks much to the McLeod bull head. As German Leo's have a Pierce-like variation, Gouel de Percival comes to mind, and that can mean that McLEOds were PIERleoni / Leo liners, for Pierce's have a Pier variation. The last I recall the Firebird, I was driving around with Christine Peare. We ended up at her place for the weekend evening. Of all the woman I was close to, she was the sexiest by far, both in looks and attitude, and she was the most voluptuous and shapely at the same time. That evening, she showed me a photo of herself (21 years old) in a two-piece bathing suit, running on a beach toward the camera (vavavoom), a sure sign she wanted to get back with me. But she wasn't a believer, and so I slept on her couch that night, without her. And I brought her to church the next morning. That night was the last I saw her, because we were not spiritually compatible. I had every opportunity to use her, if I wished, for weeks and months, I suppose, but I was changing in my new faith.

Here's the point. The COUCH again, and the COUCHant lion of Tints, first found in the same place (Somerset) as Pierce's/Piers/Peers, the latter sharing the unicorn with Pierce's and Fire's. Somerset was beside the Berts that share the white-on-red fitchee with Ricks (Somerset), and the fitchee is suspect with Vitch's/Fetch's that share the black Waleran bull head, and have a Beach-like Veach variation. She showed me a photo of herself at the beach. Do Walerans use "FAMam" as code for Fane's/Fame's? Apparently, yes, for they use a bull head (white). The Couch's share the bear with Percivals. Pearincidence?

Russells share the Biss scallops in both colors. The "voBIS" motto term of Walerans can be partly for Biss' (green snakes similar to Coles snake) that share white scallops with Fens'/Venns. The green Visconti snake was called a BIScone. The Biss Coat ("Ayez") is a reflection of the one used by Maschi-related Cone's. The Biss motto term, "pruDENCE" can suggest the Dance's that share the fesse of Rims/Rooms/Rome's (the latter's Pung/Paganell kin were first found in the same place as Dance's). As I claim that the Biblical Benjamites of RIMmon founded Romans, it may be that God provided that rim gift to reveal that Rimmons/Crimmons (Fens colors) apply to a Rimmon line to Rims/Rome's. The rims were put on the car of a Masci / Ferrari / Taddei liner while Ferrari's use the Sforza lion, and Taddei's use the flory Bird cross in colors reversed. These things never cease to amaze me. Maschi's were first found in Rimini, beside the Fano location in the motto of Fane's/Vans//Fiens (branch of Fennes'/Fiens suspect with Sforza lion), and while one Quinn Coat shares the winged horse with Masseys, the other Quinns (LONGford, probably the Tute crescent) use snakes. The Rimmons use the same lion as Sforza's, but it's also in the colors of the passant Maschi lion. Quinns may be king-Khyan liners, for I claim that his house was a Mus or proto-Massey one. I read that Khyan was also APACHnas, perhaps the line that created the winged horse, PEGasus. Dionysus was also, Bacchus.

[I didn't know until immediately after the paragraph below that one Richard Coat (Brittany) uses the same lion as Sforza's, another Richard Coat (Yorkshire) uses a reflection of the Rimmon/Crimmon Coat; and the third Richards use an upright goat in colors reversed from the same of Og- and hunter-suspect Riffels. If Richards are with the lion of Sforza's (Rome), it can trace Rick liners to Aricia, to the near south of Rome. This is a good reason to view the Dean/Diane lion as the Sforza lion on red.]

The Quinn "snakes" can be code for the Snake's/Snooks (Sforza lion again), whom are said to be from a term suggesting the Seneca/Seneschal surname, which uses NINE mascles, almost the Quince symbol. Seneca's are said to be from Dance-like Dents, first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Dance's. Seneca's had a seat at CREVEcouer while Cravens were likewise first found in Yorkshire, and Cravens use the Rick Coat in colors reversed, suggesting the possibility that Ricks were from Yorkshire's Richmond. The Snake's/Snooks look like they use the Macey Shield with the Massey fleur in colors reversed, and Italian Dance's were first found in the same place as Masci's. It's interesting that Meschins married SKIPtons of Craven, both traceable to general SCIPio who made an alliance with the Numidian king, Massena, at the time that Scipio founded Crimmon-like Cremona and PLACEntia. Place's can be with the Gernon, and maybe the Maschi, lion. The Actons, beloved of Cravens, had an Axton location in Kent, where Massena-liner Massins (and Maschi-related Cone's with "gauntlet hand")) were first found, and moreover the Rick fesse is that also of Actons...feasibly from ancient Acte, land of mythical Ogyges. It was the land also of Orion the Hunter, and Ricks are suspect with "Aricia," land of Diana the huntress (often given stags as pets).

Dennis and the gang put TIRE's on my Firebird, and Hamons use a "discRIMINI" motto term (can be read "DisCRIMINi") for their Maschi / Masci kin (see Hamon de Masci at Wikipedia). Hamons use the Cone / Conte antlers but call them the "ATTIRES of a stag," can you believe it? If I recall correctly, Dennis persuaded me that he could get the tires installed on the rims for me, and I must have given him both the new tires and rims for that, but he didn't tell me that he was going to install the tires on the car. So, a few of the guys went down from the party (probably my 21st), jacked up the car, and installed them...bless their hearts. And they didn't know that Almighty was moving them for your "entertainment" today. And one Message is: he wants all of those sinners to know Him, to respect Him for what he is. He'll relent from rejecting us if we relent from rejecting Him. It's that simple and easy. He's calling us to be strong against sin, one step at a time.

Pollocks of Payens and their Amalthea Kin

To recap on cute Sharon Pascal, there must have been a reason that God uttered "cute" concerning her. While one can trace the Reno lozenges to Reno-are Panico's due to the same-colored lozenges of Pincs, one may so not easily clinch a link of the same MonteCUTE lozenges to Panico's. But if God indicates that Montacute's link to Pascals, we then take the Pasi/Pascel line, first found in the same place as Panico's, to Vespasia Polla. And that allows cause to link Cute liners to Panico's. Montacute's are said to be of Montaigu-Les-BOIS, in COUTance, and the Bois peoples were in Bologna. The Savena river at Bologna, smack beside the Reno as it runs through Bologna, must be related to "Sabina," an excellent reason to trace "VesPASia to Pasi's/Pascels.

Recall Diane and I sleeping on my mother's chesterfield (one night only), for Chesterfields, sharing in their chief the Panico Chief's fleur, share the white greyhound with Cute's/Cutts. Chesterfields use a dancette while Deans/Diane's can be expected with Dance liners. Diens/Dives' were from Diva = Chester! Beautiful. Chesters were first found in the same place (Derbyshire) as Chesterfields, and use the Shaw motto. Shaws were close kin to the Eyers/Ayers / Here's (tree trunk) of Derbyshire. later, I find another white greyhound in a Mellon Crest, and my problems with Diane's father started in a my phone call to her from Mellanson's house, which was why she left home for a couple of days, to protest against her father, and she ended up on my chesterfield as a result. Mellanson is himself suspect with the Eyers/Ayers.

Repeat: "English Line's happen to share annulets in colors reversed from the same of Pucks, as well as showing the upright and crossed white spears of Pasi's/Pascels (Glue colors again). It recalls cute Miss Pascal, and Poke's/Pollocks do trace to Vespasia Polla." Yes, and Pollocks were at/beside Paisley while the Paisley surname is also PASley. Let's not lose sight of the Puck-related Ottone's/Otto's, for Auto's/Otto's share the black bull with Walerans. This is a great reason to trace VESpasia to Ottone VISconti, suspect with the CONTE's (same place as Coutance's and Cotts/Cottons) that appear to have named the CONTENtin, another name for Coutance. The other Cottons are said to be of CONNington, and Conningtons/Conytons/Conitans (Cambridgeshire), smacking of Conte liners, share piles with WISharts/Guiscards, first found in the same place as Scottish Chappes'. If you don't know, French Chappes' (same place as Levi's) share the tall PERCHEvron of Ottone's, and Maine's use the double chevrons of Perche's.

If we then ask why ROXanne uttered "cute," we expect that her name somehow links to this Vespasia line, which recalls that I trace proto-Pollocks to ROQUEfeuil liners via the Fullers. That is, FULbert "the Saxon" was the father of the first Pollocks at a Pollok location in Renfrewshire, and I traced him to "Fuller" (Polla-liner Pullys are also Pullers), and I have been connecting Fullers, Belli's and Carpenters for years due to their sharing of red-and-white bars, and because the "ACUTa-Belli" Carpenters lover Belli's while one Belli surname shares a beacon with Fullers (Beacons/Bacons, evoking the Beach's / Bechers Beckerings/Bearings, even use the boar design of Pollocks. And today, thanks to the glue dream, we saw why Carpenters are Gouel-Waleran liners. And his Somerset Leavells use ther Berry bars while the carpenter glue was put into Berry-like bearings. Besides, his Scottish Leavells were first found in ROXburghshire. Aside from Roxanne, me and cute Pascal, there was the Firebird and a street called D'Maine while Maine's share the dart with Pollocks, though it was more-often called an arrow. Reminder, Vespasia Polla married the son of Petro of Rieti, which can explain why the first Pollock was Peter, and Petro's share a version of a Reed Coat while sharing the fleur-de-lys of Demaine's. And French Josephs share the footless martlets of pelican-using Pullys/Pullers (same scallop as Sabine's) while Pellicans were first found in Maine. There is no denying these links.

We now turn to Porcius CATO, for Wikipedia once said that he was in Abruzzo as a boy, and Pellicans share the same tower as Abreu's/Abruzzo's. Plus, the CATE/Cat/Cates' moline is in the colors of the Petro flory, and while a moline is much like a flory cross, the moline has ends like rooks that belong to Roquefeuil liners. The daughter of Eschyna de MOLLE married the second Pollock (Robert, Peter's brother). Wikipedia's article on Porcius Cato says he owned land in Sabina, a place that named Sabinus, son of Petro and husband of Vespasia Polla. It seems that surnames knew their trace to Vespasian. Wikipedia's article on Jacques de MOLAY once showed his breast with a black-on-white moline, the colors of the Chives moline, then the article used the very same painting of Jacques, but with a red moline on his breast. As a grand master of the Templars, Jacques was a Caiaphas liner, wasn't he? Yes, and the first grand master married Elizabeth Chappes. Let's not be naive. Jacques' are listed with Jacks/Jeeks/Jeke's, suspect in the "ProJEKI" motto of Maine's.

The Chives' use MOUNTain CATS, and also share the moline with Cate's/Cats, suggesting that CUTE-related MONTaCute's link to the Chives mountain cats. This is no small thing when seeing God's desire for us: to connect Montacute's to Lupus Laevillus. It tends to verify that Caiaphas was the ancestor of Laevillus, and/or ancestor of Laevillus' wife, and that Caiaphas liners went to the Chives' of Chivasso at Turin (near the TANARO river). Until less than a year ago, houseofnames said that Chives' were first found in Devon i.e. same place as same-colored Walerans. So, that's what God is working to reveal, and he has succeeded brilliantly already. Chives' share the black moline with goat-using Moline's, the latter said to be of the household of FULBERT "the TANNER" of Falaise, that place suspect with "RoqueFEUIL." German Tanners use pine CONE's while Cone's were a branch of Conte's, and French Conte's were first found in the same place as Cotta's and PINE-tree Coutance's/Constance's.

Drogo de Montacuto is said to have been the half-brother of William the Conqueror, and the latter's mother is known to have been a daughter of Fulbert "the tanner," making Montacute's suspect from the tanner, for Herluin de CONTEville was second husband to the Conqueror's mother. It is likely that Montacute's were directly of the Moline's, therefore, and that MontaCUTE's therefore belong to whatever the Chives cats are code for. Moline's share the goat with Mortons while Drogo de Montacuto is said to have held lands from a Robert, earl of Morton. You can bet that these Mortons were from Marano's/Mauritano's, kin of Wallis', for Mortons are beloved of Walsh's, and moreover the Moline goats are in the colors of the Walser goats. That's why Montacute's were linked to Trents (i.e. from Aulus VARRO Terentius Murena). And VERE's were first in Manche, location of Coutance.

The REGneville location beside the town of Coutance looks appropriate for "REGula" (Montacute motto term.) Instead of reading that term as RAGNEville, as though linked to Reagans, I suggest "RegNEVILLE, for Neville's (same place as English Conte's) are said to be associated with the Canterbury archbishop, while a Mr. Morton was an archbishop of Canterbury (Kent, founded by Cantii). One Cantor Coat may be using a version of the Zouch/SOUCH Coat, the latter being in the Demaine write-up. German Cantors use as "RECTangle," recalling Rickets/Ragetts (Kent!), but also recalling the Ricks, kin of COUCHant-lion Tints (besides, I see Gale's with a version of the Nagle's = Angle's). And this makes the swords of Rickets suspect with the same-colored swords of Borders, first found in the same place as Ricks and Tints, and beside the Maine's. English Cantors/Gaunters (goutts) use a "terret" motto term while Terrets are listed with Terents!

The Cheshire Mortons (probably the Guy / Spolton buckles) were first found in the same place as purple Pace's, and Montacute's are said to be of SHIPton-Montacute (Somerset, same place as Ricks), while Bellow-loving Shiptons (same place as Cantors!) are suspect with purple Skiptons. Again, Ricks use the Craven Coat in colors reversed while Skipton is in Craven.

The six bars of Cantors/Gaunters are in the colors of the same of Leavells (!) and Roets, from the wife of John of Gaunt. Canterburys were first found in the same place as Gaunts (wolf, can be for Lupus Laevillus, and the wolf theme in the Leavell write-up, from "LUPELLUS" and other such variations of Leavells). Gaunts use six bars half in the colors of the six of Leavells.

French Gouts/Goughs can be of the Goughs that share the Gooch/GOUCH / Molle boars. Perfect, and both the latter were first in ROXburghshire while Roxburghs are suspect with the small saltire of Candys (but in someone else's colors, such as the Lamps/Lambie's, suspect with the Hainaut Lamberts). As Gouts share the Moor head with Bello-loving Bouillons, I suggest Gouts = Goths/Gothels, from Gothelo, de-Bouillon's great-grandfather. The goutts are the name of the Canter roundels, half red, the colors of the roundels in the Arms of Boulogne (de-Bouillon's father was on Boulogne).

Fallis' (trefoils, symbol of Rocks and Fellers = Rockefellers from Roquefeuil) can be with the Rita / Poole lion. The Arms of Roquefeuil uses billets, and Billets/Billiards (kin of Bellows = Billets) were first found in Maine. The gold billets of Roquefeuil are code for the gold bars of Quintus Caepio, who found the treasure at Toulouse, across the GARRONE river from Roquefeuil. Titus', expected from emperor Titus, son of Vespasian, use GYRONNY. Roquefeuil (beside Reno-like Rennes-le-CHATeau) is in Aude while Pollocks use an "AUDacter" motto term, and while a de-Pol surname was in elite Foix-Candale while Foix is beside Roquefeuil (Languedoc, same as Roque's) while Foix's were first found beside La Falaise. CANDale (Garonne river) and the Kendals are known to have been of the family of John of Gaunt, husband of Catherine Roet (i.e. Rieti liner), and Candle's/Cantwells/Kentwells use a CANTON. This is not Rouquet science.

German Bertons, suspect with the split Shield of Trents (same place as Montacute's and Leavells), use snails while one Snell surname shares the Cate moline in both colors. These Snells use a "cruce" motto term while Eschyna de MOLLE (suspect with Moline's) married Robert CROCE. This is additional cause to view Cate's with Montacute's / Cute's / Cotta's (Languedoc), but it strikes me that the mountain cats are for a line of Mounts/Mons', to the Levi liners of county Hainaut (as well as to Mountains). Caiaphas married the daughter of Ananus/Annas, like "HAINaut." Hainaut covered Avesnes (Helpe river), known by me to be of the Avezzano location near Rieti.

It appears that the Caiaphas>Laevillus line went through Titus, the destroyer of Jerusalem and pillager of some of its temple gold, much of which belonged to Caiaphas and Herod, we may assume, and some of it buried beneath the temple, explaining why the family of Godfrey de Bouillon and Hugh de Payens were sacking Jerusalem, and pretending to be protectors of pilgrims at the temple. Hugh de Payens was kin or friend of the rulers of Champagne, and Hainaut-related Avesnes was married to them. The potent feature (top-of-crutch design) in the flag of Templar Jerusalem is in the bends of both Avezzano's and Champagne's for that very reason, and Avisons share the three garbs of Josephs highly suspect with both Josephus and Joseph Caiaphas. That is the Templar mystery solved, the treasure of Quintus Caepio going partly to Caiaphas because he was descended from Caepio. Or, we could say, Caiaphas looked so rich that money-lusting Annas offered his daughter to him. Josephus then purchased his freedom, with some of the same gold, in the face of certain death at the hands of Vespasian. By the time of Titus, the Romans may even have realized that Caiaphas and Herod had some of the Caepio gold (rightly belonged to Rome, but Caepio stole it), explaining the invasion of Israel in the first place. Wikipedia may still have the story of this gold at Caepio's article.

We read: "The Avesnes family played an important role during the Middle Ages...In 1212 Margaret II married Bouchard d'Avesnes, a prominent Hainaut nobleman...While he was in Rome, Joan convinced Margaret to remarry, this time to William II of Dampierre, a nobleman from Champagne." DamPIERRE's, first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) as Peters, and sharing their lion, have a motto, "DoMINUs PETRA mea," probably part-code for Flavius Petro of Rieti, for Peters share gold-on-black mascles with Pratts (same place as Quints) in the "pratis" motto term in the Arms of Rieti. As Late's/Letts use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Dampierre's in colors reversed, as well as using the saltire of Belgian Pratts (it's the Bruce - ANNAN(dale) saltire) in colors reversed, what about the "late" motto term in the Arms of Rieti? Dempsters (same sword as Dempseys) share "strenue" with Pollocks. It all looks clear enough, the links unassailable.

As Pratts are said to have been at the Rouen castle, the Rouen / Quince mascles likely apply. Abreu's of Evreux were close to Rouen's rulers, right? See the mascles also of Petts/Perts, perhaps with the bend of Cheile's (same place as Dampierre's). And we might ask whether Pierre's (Languedoc) use the Sforza lion (has a quince). Pierre's share the same bend as the other two Peter surnames, and while Hanks (same place as Dampierre's and Peters) use bendy in the same colors, they are likely of the "hanks of cotton" of Cottons, the latter using a "paratus" motto term, the full motto of Swords (same swords as Dempseys / Dempsters). I don't recall ever noticing the similarity between "Sword" and "Sforz."

It appears that heraldry over at houseofnames concerns itself with only one Peter line, from the Roman dragon at Vespasian, through the Pierleoni to Pollok. However, while Pollocks were named after Pollok (the location), it may not be verifiable as to whether they were related to the namers of Pollok. One thing is for certain: Flavius Petro led to Peter surnames that link to Pollocks, and the other certainty is that the first Pollock was Peter, which can suggest that Fulbert "the Saxon" married the Vespasian line in Pollok. The Rita's (same place as Sforza's and Pierleoni) use the Poole lion along with "PIECES of wood" suspect with Pasi > Paisley liners. The Piekes'/PFIELs (same place as German Rothes') use an upward arrow (Rothschild symbol) in the colors of the upward Pasi spears. I've never known the Pfeils, but they look like RoqueFEUILs or the namers thereof! This recalls the Pelais'/BAEZ's, with half the Pollock saltire, and suspect with Placentia/Piacenza, where Ananes Gauls lived, and where I trace the pike-using Geddes' ("majora," like the "major" of Peters). English Pike's (Devon) happen to use trefoils (!), excellent for connection with Roquefeuils.

Scottish Pike's/Pickens have always been compared to the saltire of the "Pax"-using Reeds. The Pike stars are called mullets while Mullets (same place as Bauts / Bouillons) use the Payen/Pagan Coat, suggesting that Pickens were Pagans. As the MULLET Coat throws in a hunting = goat horn (in Baut colors), the AMALThea goat horn comes to mind, which became the cornuCOPIA. What about the "Pax copia" motto of Reeds? Mallets ("force"), in Mullet colors and format, can you believe it, use the same scallops as Peters! The Mullet horn is in the white color of the same of Pollocks. Eschyna de Molle's daughter married Pollock, and her line was likely to Jacques de Molay (expected to descend from Hugh de Payens'), and here we are seeing a fundamental Peter-Pollock link to Payen suspects.

Note that Dampierre's share the so-called "label" with Panico's/Pane's, a potential branch of Payens / Paine's/Pane's, the latter using a lion paw "grasPING a broken red tilting SPEAR" wile Pinc-like Pings/Pungs get the Paganells (label in colors reversed from the Dampierre label). German Peters share the black wing in Crest with Montacute's (same lozenges as Pinks), and Montacute's have already traced to Panico circles. Cute's use "squares," and Square's have a "ferme" motto term linkable to the "FermiORA" motto term of Fullers. Fullers use "Fermiora FUTURA" and Paine's/Pane's use "FOEDARI." Futters use the fesse of Rome's/Rooms/Rims who in-turn use a "PUNGit sed PLACIT" motto, suspect partly with Placentia liners. Pings/Pungs/Paganel's use a Coat version of the Cotton-beloved Hanks (same place as Peters / Dampierre's), and they may be ANGus liners, for Futters (share dove with Page's) share the two Angus stars (both in their Chiefs).

Aha! The "maSTIFF" dog head (white, like the Glue "greyhound") must be code for Stiffs sharing upward crossed spears! Stiffs look linkable to the Coat of Stumps (griffin design of Masts/Masters) honored in the SPROUTing stumps of Italian Milans, suggesting that Scottish Milans/Millens (and Buchanans) use the Peter / Dampierre lion. Masts/Masters (share emBATTLEd border of Stiffs), sharing the gold griffin with Battle's, are suspect with "mastiff," and share a motto term of Rieti-line Roets...suspect from Ariadne of Crete. Masters were first found in the same place as Massins, from king Massena, father or grandfather (I forget which) of JUGURtha, and Jaggers share the Mullet hunting horn, suspect with the Pollock horn. This reminds that the Masa Carians should have been of the Minoans around Miletus and Clarus, and that the latter location is expected in the motto of Ticks/Tooks/Touque's that share a version of the Stump Coat. Meanwhile, Mazza's//Mazzone's/Mazzanti's (compare with Clare-related Pembroke's) share the gold griffin with Mast(er)s.

If you want the headache bad enough, you can go back to the Sans / Seneschal topic above and make a link of the "Sans" motto term of Peters to the Cottian elements of Montacute's, and to the mascles of Glue's/Cloughs. Again, Fulbert of Pollok is expected with the Carpenter kin of Fullers, and I'm stickin' to it. There is a Fiel surname listed with Fields (Stick garbs?), and Falds/Fauls happen to share the Petro fleur-de-lys. Irish Fields are properly Feelys. Falds/Fauls use one upright arrow (Peikes/Pfeil symbol) along with crossed arrows linkable to the crossed spears of Pasi's/Pascels. See the Sticks garbs with English Michaels because the Scottish Michaels share the Peter / Pratt mascles. As Michael Brillinger was a Sign, I think, of Michael links to Brylle of Crete, by what coincidence do German Michaels show "MichaHELLES" while Brylle was also Hyeles? German Michaels share the blue lion with a Peter Crest. See colors of the Barill lion. Reminder, Hyeles-suspect Yells use the Stick / Michael garb.

The Pembers were looked up to check for Pembroke links. As Pembroke's are also PENbroke's too, they may have been Penn merger with Broke's/Brocks, which recalls the PEN of Carlisle's, the latter suspect with Carians (i.e. from Clarus area). Carlysle's have the flory cross of Petro's in colors reversed, and Carlisle is a location at the EDEN river, Edens suspect with SarpEDON liners that were anciently made founders of Miletus. Pembers use a Coat reflection somewhat of the Miletus-suspect Tooks/Touque's, and Pembers use "An eagle proper PREYing on a silver CONEY." Recall that Rieti-liner Prude's/Pride's use lamPREYS, and spot the coney-using Conys in a repeat from above: "The other Cottons are said to be of CONNington, and Conningtons/CONYtons/Conitans (Cambridgeshire), smacking of Conte liners."

Conte's share the antlers of Cone's while Maschi's of RIMini use pine cones while the Pember Shield has "buckets with gold handles and RIMS." I rarely come across heraldic rims, but here is one in the same update as the mag-rim story, which led to Rimini elements, and found the Rim variation of Rome's/Rooms. The latter are said to have been in Annandale, smack beside Carlisle. Buckets/Buchards share three red piles with Conningtons/Conytons, and the gold Bucket/Buchard fleur could be that of the Petro line to Carlysle's.

As Rims/Rome's use a motto tracing to Placentia / Place's, note that ther Place Coat is a reflection of the Wandel/Vandels Coat, for "wandel" is a motto term of Handells, making the latter suspect with the Ananes Gauls to Annandale. The great thing is, Vandals were likely Veneti = Heneti, and that's whom I identify Ananes with. The Wandels show a club while clubs were first found in the same place as Conytons.

Annandale and Carlisle are at the SOLWAY Firth while Solways/Salways use a saltire in colors reversed from the same of Benjamins (five rings suspect with Hyeles > Elis lines), expected from Benjamites of RIMMON. See how nicely that works? The Solway saltire is shared also by French Bouchers. The latter share the red eagle with Barills. Solways have a black-a-Moor with a ribbon, and the ribbon is shared by Dampierre-likely Dempsters.

I had a feeling that Michael Boucher (my age) would enter this Cretan discussion. When one walked out the door from Barry's side door, there was Boucher's side door, for they shared the same driveway (two as one). Michaels have already traced to Cretans, and Boucher's/Bouchier's/Bowsers use water BOUGUETs, revealing that Boucher's and Buckets/Bouchards are water-bouget liners along with the Bugs. Whose checks are Boucher's using? Boucher's/Bowsers above won't come up as "Boucher." There are two surnames coming up as "Boucher." English Boucher's, who share the blue lion with German Michael's and Peters, were first found in the same place as Conys (compare with Michaels), Dampierre's and Peters. German Peters are suspect with the stars of Morays / Innes', and while Peter Pollocks Rothes castle was in the land of the Rose's, they too use the water bouget. Michael Bouchier probably married a girl I was kissing (this revelation came with its perks) in the kitchen of Steve MELLANson (at one of his parties), and maybe her name will come back.

Haha, after entered the brackets above, chuckling, I loaded Kitchens, for fun, and there were water bougets!!!!!!!!!!! Now we know that God set her up with Michael Boucher. Yep, and He must have had Michael's parents move in beside Cretan-liner Barry, or vice versa. Note how Kitchens use a reflection of the Milan-beloved Stumps and Miletus-likely Tooks/Touque's. Kitchens were crossed not long ago and became suspect with Couch liners. Kitchens were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Pembers; the two share the same-colored chevron. As English Bouchers can be using the Este / BAR eagle in colors reversed, the estoiles of Hitch's can make them applicable to Kitchens. I'm guessing that Hitchens (same place as Moor-head Titus') use the Tewkesbury castle.

Simms share the hand holding a pen with Carlisle's. One Simson Coat was resolved with the Palin, BUCHANs and Buchanan lion because PALINurus is beside BUXENtium/Pyxus (Lucania), beside / amongst the Enotrians in the motto of the other Simsons. As ther Milan/Millen lion is said to be the Buchanan lion, it seems that Simsons can be linked closely to Coats like those of Stumps (beloved of Italian Milans), and as Kitchens use such a Coat, Simsons can link to Hitch's, first found in the same place (BUCKINGhamshire) as Simsons. It was so nice to be able to meet a girl in the kitchen, and just start kissing her. Ahh, youth. Women had not yet started to view men as dangerous or guilty until proven innocent. BUT, as you can see Milans working into the discussion, let me remind that it was Mellanson's kitchen, and he became a COACH, a possible Kitchen/KUTCHen variation. Mellansons were first found in the same place as Buchan, a good reason to trace Mellansons to Milan liners.

The Melansons (one 'l') use nearly the Este / Bar eagle, and do use the Sans/Sanchez eagle, and then hockey-like Hocks were first found in the same place (Switzerland) as Sens'/Senns, and, can you believe it, the latter use one crescent in Mellanson-crescent colors! Milan is near Switzerland. Sens'/Senns are using a reflection of the Aurelia Coat.

There is a Kutch surname suspect with the Hazel / House / Hulse leaf, and Hazels share the same crescents as Mellansons. Kutch's/Ketch's, Hazels and Hulse's were first found in Cheshire with my Massey line, and, I think, if I'm kissing a girl by a plan of God, it should mean that she and I are related closely. Simpsons, first found beside the Berkshire House's, are in House colors. I now recall the Sinsons/Zinzans (estoile), first found in Berkshire, and suspect with "Simson." If Sinsons came first, Simsons start to look like Sens' liners.

There is no Coach surname, but German Coche's/Coech's use a reflection of Hazel bend, a good fit to Mr. Mellanson the coach if the Hazel crescents are close to the Mellanson crescents. The Mellanson fesse is colors reversed from the Hazel fesse. The Coche's/Coech's (highly suspect with the Oneglia > Nagle line) throw in the red lozenges of Montacute's / Pinks / Reno's. French Coche's/Cuchets share the red rooster with Cocks and Babcocks, and were first found in the same place (Dauphine) as king-Gaia-liner Galli's (I'm sure he owns the heraldic rooster).

I should be from the line of Gaia/Gala, or at least of a cousin line, and while I was his assistant coach, I should mention that the only player on that team that I recall the name of was the goalie, Glenn. Mellanson spent a lot of time training him, and liking him. Goals / goalie's are now suspect with Gouel liners, right? Let's continue, for I see something excellent from that coaching event. Goeul liners were Montacute's, a good reason to see that Coche/Coech lozenges as those of Montacute's. Then, Glenns (Joseph martlet?) and Glennys were suggested with Josephus' GAULONites (from Israel's Gamala). And as the other Coche's/Cuchets share the giant red rooster of Bibo's/Bible's, from Vibia, mother of Lupus Laevillus, that's exactly the line to Gouel of Percival. Is that not amazing? The "i zal" motto phrase of Mens'/Menzies has been suspect with "Hazel / Islip/Haslip," but we now have the Hazel crescents linking to those of Mellansons.

Glennys (Shield of Mens'/Menzies') were first found in the same place as Mellansons and Buchans ("seCUTUS"). The Mens/Menzies write-up traces them to Glenylon, while Wikipedia's article on the Menzies has them at Glen Lyon of Perthshire. Buchanans, first found in Lennox = Leven, had a branch in neighboring Stirlingshire, itself near the first Livingstons/LEVINsons (share double-tressure border with Buchanans). It's all close enough to Annandale for Lennox's/Levenax's to be with the Annandale saltire. The Mens' and their Maness branch are beloved in the mottoes of the Pepins (Gamala-suspect camel) and Poppins (Mens' / Glenny Shield), whom I trace to Pavia/Papia, co-founded by the Laevi Gauls. Pavia is about 25 miles from Milan. Poppins happen to use the same stag heads as Anne's/Hanne's. I trace "Pavia" to Peebles, where Glenns were first found.

There is no Goal surname coming up, but Goels are also GELDsteins/COLTsteins while Colts/Celts were first found in the same place as Buchanans. As Simpsons are suspect with the Buchanan lion, note that her name was Cathy Simson. While there is no Cathy surname coming up, there is a Catherine surname while Colters use Catherine wheels. Catherine's were first found in the same place as Sions/Sine's/Sions, and, if Simsons were Sinsons / Senns' first, that works. I just can't link the Catherine/Chatenay surname to Catherine Roet, though it can link to Cate's / Chattans / Chatans.

When you entered Mellanson's apartment, he was almost-always sure to be with a beer. His wife was on his case about this. And I think her name was Susan, but I just can't recall. The point is, German Beers share the upright and brown bear with Couch's, playing again to that hockey-coach theme. The brown colors suggests Brunswick liners, probably Bruno's / Barone's / Bars. As Couch's got suspect with the double bars of Dulys'/D'Oyle's, in-turn suspect with Oulette's (GOULette's?), it recalls when Mr. Mellanson challenged Joe Oulette and I to heal his ear. English Beers were first found in the same place as Walerans, from Gouel de Percival, and Percivals use the bear too.

English Berone's and Barone's use the colors and format of PEMBERs, while Strongbow Clare of PEMBRoke is in the write-up of Irish Barone's. Berone's share the hedgehog with Harris', and the latter had a branch in Derbyshire, where Harris-like Here's/Heyers and Heyers/Eyers -- the surname suspect with the heraldic ear -- were first found. HEDGE's recall to Kutch's/Ketch's/Kedge's that linked to Mellanson kin, the Hazels. Kutch's/Kedge's share a black border on a white Shield with Montacute's, the latter sharing the lozenges of Cocher's/Coech's. I recall that Italian Milans once showed the same type tree stump as Here's/Heyers, and the latter call it "black tree trunk sprouting afresh." Both Mellanson-like Milans and ear-liner Here's/Heyers use "sprouting."

So, the Beers were followed, and they got some of the same elements as Mellansons had previously linked to, and moreover it came back to the Laevillus > Waleran line and even got the Eyers. And Goulette's were first found in the same place (Brittany) as Melansons (in Goulette colors), while Melansons almost use the Bar eagle.

Good morning. After ending last night, I was wondering why the Blood bloodline wasn't coming up as per the blood problem in Mellanson's ear, when I recalled the "tous" motto term of Berone's, a term shared by Bleds! Amazing. It tends to reveal that Bruno / Barone liners were part of the Amalekite-suspect Mellansons. I always trace Blood/Bluds and Bleds to a Bled location north of the Japodes, in the upper Sava river, an area that was home to a Bohemian queen in the ancestry of some line to Hainaut, and as the Hainaut capital was Mons, I traced the queen to Emona, beside Bled. This recalls the trace of Montacute's to the Boii city of Bologna (and Panico's there). Moments later, when wondering why a Q-tip was used by Mellanson to draw blood from the ear, it was noted that "Cute" is like "Q-t(ip)." Mellanson challenged Oulette and I to heal his ear, and after praying he said, "Okay, I'm going to stick this q-tip in my ear and draw blood," meaning that he was very confident because he always drew blood on previous occasions. Then the Tipps' (antelope) happen to share the black bull head with Walerans and Mieske's while WHEELwrights use the antelope too.

[An hour after writing here, the French Mellons (Ile-de-France] were found with the bull-head design of Tipps'. These Mellons use a "VirTUS motto term.]

There is no Sharon surname coming up, yet there was Sharon Pascal and Sharon Quinn. An ancient Sharon area was part of Israel to the south side of mount Carmel. There was a large Baal cult (100s of priests) of Carmel where I see proto-Cretans and proto-Zeus. For this reason, the naming of Caria was suspect from CarMEL, and the honey=mel theme of myth (especially Amalthea) appears to be from this term, especially as it sounds like our "caramel." Did Carmel elements lead to Pascals and Quinns? The latter use the pegasus, which in myth was made the partner of Bellerophon. Together, they defeated the Khimera dragon (part goat head), which was in Lycia (beside Caria), though I see it as code for the Cimmerians of Kamiros on Rhodes i.e. off the coast of Caria. Quinincidence? Plus, Dennis Quinn married KIM! I get it.

Quinns use "snakes" which at first may have been SERPents as code for SARPedon. SNAKe's share the Sans/SANCHez eagle and look like they can be from "Sanchez." But the Snake eagle is that also of the Brittany Melansons, believe it or not, and Mellansons share the Sens'/Senn crescent. Steve Mellanson and Dennis Quinn had apartments at opposite ends of the second floor (Joe Oulette's sister moved in beside Quinn's apartment). Snake's can thus be using the Sforza lion because Sforza's loved Quinn-like Quince's. The latter are still suspect with the Brito Coat, and Brito's use nine lions in colors reversed from the Lipp(er) lion. Brito's were first found in Castille, same as Sans'/Sanchez' and Martins. As Brito's can be of Brito-Martis, the castle of French Martis'/Martels could be for Castille liners.

Reminder: Martels use the MALLet (but called hammers), and Melita is beside the ELAPHiti mountains, suspect from Eliphas, father of Amalek. Irish Martins use a "DoMINO" motto term, and the "Auxillium" motto term of Irish Martins can be for a Killian/Quilliam variation of Willys (Oulette's?), first found in Harris (Harris' share the hedgehog with Berone's). Haifa-possible Halfs/Helps (Auxilia Auxilliius") can apply to Carmel liners, for Haifa is at mount Carmel.

It's interesting that Italian Martins (Brescia) use goats facing one another, with a disc between them, all in the colors of the Kelly lions with a tower between them. Animals facing one another are given the comBATTANT symbol while Battants use axes. Battants were at the same place as the Axe river, with a mouth at Seaton (Devon), perhaps related to the namers of the Setta valley of Panico's, for Savone's were first found in Somerset (Axe river flows there) while Setta is beside a Savena river. Savone's share the crescent in the colors of the same of Labels and Irish Martins while Panico's related to both. Maschi-related Hamons use "DISCrimini."

Italian Martins share the Panico/Pane Chief exactly, suspect with the Masci fleur. Spanish Martins share a "green tree" (no species given) with Panico's. Sharon Pascal comes to mind at the Panico's. Mellansons, incidentally, use "a bundle of rods with an AXE in the middle." I traced the Cretan axe to mount Carmel, where Elijah had the task of defeating 450 priests of Baal, who's ministry was taken over by Elisha who in-turn was given the miracle of floating an axe head. I read that Essenes, which had a branch at mount Carmel, gave axes to all initiates. There was an essenes bee cult at Ephesus, in honor of Artemis there.

Sharon Quinn punched Barry in the FACE and I saw blood on his lip; she then left and went to her brother's apartment, and collapsed at the door, screaming as though possessed / crazy (Maenad symbol). Lipps (Chives kin without doubt) were first found in the same place as Mellansons and Leslie's, and I traced Leslie's to a Lesce area smack beside Bled long before I knew of Bled. These areas are at the upper Sava/Save, suspect with the Shewas variation of Chives', and Save's (bend colors reversed from the Leslie bend) even use "serpents." Lipps use BROWN mountain cats, and Mons', who may have originated at Emona, are also Mounts/Mounds. Why do Quinn's use a wolf head "FACE up"? It's a white wolf head, and Gore's, first found in the same place as Yonge's and Quinn-like Quints, use the white wolf (as do Gowers/Gore's).

On the map below, Lesce and Bled are up by the Emona and Carni areas (top-left). not far up the Sava from the Breuci that may have named ther Brixia version of Brescia. There is a question on whether "Sharon" became the Karen surname to such things as the Kerns (sleeping moon of Carians at Ephesus, and of Rhodes-suspect Roets). Did Sharon liners name Carni, therefore? CHARs use the partridge, the old code for Perdix liners, and while I traced Perdix to Bari and Berry long before Sharon punched Barry, Berry is at the CHER region.

Irish Kerns (Mayo) use a chevron in Quinn-pegasus colors, and in colors reversed from the Shake chevron. There is a Carmel/CARTmill surname in Quinn colors, and perhaps with the Brito lion. CARTers (Roet wheels) use the Kern chevron, and were first found in Winchester, which place was related both to Quince's and Quints (Winchesters share the Quint fitchee). One Carter surname uses lions combattant in the colors of the Sforza lion. And the Carter Crest shares a white greyhound (color of the Quinn wolf) with Cute's/Cutts (!) for a link to cute Sharon Pascal, which is an amazing thing, since I didn't know it when seeking Sharon links to mount Carmel. Another white greyhound is in the Mellon/Mellan Crest (simply amazing), and the Shield is in Kern colors.

Carny's, first found in Mayo with Kerns, can be using the Brito lions (not directly, necessarily). The Carny motto suggests Tine's. The Mayo location suggests Maia, daughter of Atlas, mother of Hermes. Maio's (Umbria) use another "green tree," in both colors of the "green tree" of Spanish Martels, and Roets (from Pane-like Payne Roet) use an "oak tree," as do Oak's, first found in Somerset, same as oak-tree Roets...and Mells and Payne's.

Milans use a tree strum, and Tree-loving Hume's (HAM / Hammer colors, I get it!) are in the right colors here, but as the Hume lion connects to the Lyon / Lannoy lion, note that Lane's/Lano's were first found in Brescia, same as Italian Martins. Hume's can be the Humans/Yoemans beloved of the Sprouts in the sprouting tree stump of Milans. Perfect.

Payne's use as "malo" motto term. The Giffards, on the Axe river in the Were write-up, were thus likely where Montacute's were first found, and Giffards use the Payne motto so that Giffard-Were's were likely of the Mells. Cute's use the greyHOUND while hounds use a version of the Giffard Coat.

French Mellons use seven besants, the number of mascles used by Quince's. French Mellons: "A gold bull's head looking forward." These Mellons use "honor" while Hammers use "honores," which can explain why Martels can call their mallets, hammers. Honors and Green's (probably of Greenwich) share near-identical Coats, three stags in the colors and positioning of the Mallet scallops. Green's share "VirTUS" with Mellons. Greens and Honors are likely using the Eustace / Stacey stags. Greenwich's look like Grin liners, and "Gormleys are also GRIMEs' and Grehans, recalling that I view "Grimaldi" as a Grey-Mallet / Gris-Mallet entity."

The Karens/Kerns use their sleeping moon in bend formation, but rising in a sinister direction, as with the split in the Hammer Shield ("labores"). The Hammer lion is, once again, the same as the Sforza lion, and it holds a hammer, the symbol of both Martel surnames. Hammers are in Ham / Kern / Carter colors, and Hams share the MacAbee/Abbe salmon while Carnys may be honoring Abbe liners in their motto. The Gorms/Blue's, perhaps of the Ble variation of Bleds, were first found in the same place (Arran, of Reno-possible "Airaines") as MacAbee's.

Quinns are in Winn colors, and Winns (share green Shield with Irish Kerns) were first found in CARNarvonshire. Winns (Wales) were first found near the Carns (GlaMORGANshire, Wales), making the Winns suspect in Morgan- / Moore-lion colors. It's a good bet that Winns were of the wife of king Arthur, and Carns share the pelican with Arthurs.

As Peter Pollock was commissioned to build Rothes castle at Morayshire, it explains why Bavarian Rothes and these English Peters share the raven. It also explains why English Rothes' (reflection of the Cute/Cutt Coat) were first found in Shropshire, where Peter Pollock's father lived before moving to Pollok. But as the Aurelia's share the same stars as Morays, the gold-on-blue scallops of Peters can be that of Aurelia's (Padova, same place as Abreu's), not forgetting that Aurelia-liner Ore's (red roundels) were first found in the same place as Pollok, and that the Ore's use motto terms suspect with Bononia, home of Panico's.

Winchesters share the gold fitchee in Crest with Haifa-possible Halfs/Helps and Quints.

God sent me an emailer with Pollock bloodline (more than a decade ago) to get me to keep tabs on Pollock kin, and while she spoke to me of Paisley, and her marriage to Mr. Speer, that was years before I'd come to realize the Pollock trace to spear-using Pasi's/Pascels. You see, God had this bloodline marked out for the sort of discovery you just witnessed. And while Pollocks are a sept of Maxwells, ask Roxanne about Maxwells, first found in Roxburghshire along with Maxtons who use the same chevron as Quints. You can also ask Roxanne about the pelican-using Sprouts (Roxburghshire) sharing the crossed spears of Speers in the same colors. Scottish Harts use the Pollock saltire while Sprouts use hearts around their spears. We might therefore have a chat with the "sanz' motto term of ShakeSPEARE's (double-tipped spear) to see whether if choughs up anything about the Peter / Rothes raven. Should we trace Coughs (double-tipped spear but not called such) to Gouch's of Roxburghshire?

As "Aurelius" was the name of emperor Caracalla, son on DOMNA Bassianus, the "DOMINus" motto term of Dampierre's can apply to her, but this is no reason to toss out a trace of that same term to Minos of Crete, for Brito-Martis should trace to Marsi of Abruzzo. I've been toying with a "Bassus / Bassianus" trace to "PHASIS" for some time, and Minos married PASIPHAS. She looks perfect for the Pasi surname. The "InVIDia" motto term of Peters can thus be for Avitus, husband of Domna's sister. If God named RoxANNE to be additional revelatory keys, the TICKhill location of Anne's/Hanne's might be from the Dikti area of Crete. Tecks/Tease's are expected to be of Tease's/Tighs (same place as Annas'), sharing the Annas star. In this picture, the Dikti Cretans named the Ticino/Tessin river, perfect if they were the Levi out of Laish, for Laevi Gauls lived on the Ticino.

The Olympic Ring in My Ears

After the paragraph above, I recalled committing myself to do something on the Tooth link because the Ali's/Aliotta's of Messina and the Letters/Lauders of the Tine-river area near Lothian. Tooths use "obTINEbit" for Tine liners. Tooths love the Palmans/Pellmans in their motto, who are in Poole colors, which is the first clue that Palmans are from Vespasia Polla. As Tooths use feathers, the German Pohl / German Pole symbol, it's no surprise. The Palman Crest is a peacock while Peacocks are a Pollock sept. Palmans share pelicans with Pells and Pullens/Pullys (share the SABINE scallop), revealing that the Pelicans are from Vespasia Pollo, explaining why the Pellicans share the tower of Abreu's/Abruzzo's, no small conclusion. The Pellicans were first found in Maine, and when I was dating Sharon Pascal, we both lived on D'Maine crescent. Remember, VesPASIa Polla was a Pasi/Pascel liner. Plus, Demaine's (never known this surname before), to my astonishment, use a giant fleur in the colors of the same of Spanish Petro's, whom were traced solidly to Petro, Vespasian's grandfather, SABINUS' father, and Vespasia's father-in-law.

DeMaine's were even first found in the same place (Maine) as Pellicans, meaning that God led me to live at D'Maine Crescent, and moved Sharon's parents to get a place on that same street. The GREAT I AM does it without our knowing. What has He done in your life without your knowing? Pullens/Pullys use the martlet of Josephs, first found in Maine. Yep.

Palmans ("VINCit") were first found in the same place as Titus' and (VINCE's), a great reason to trace them both to Titus, Vespasian's son. As I see the resurrection/revival of this very Roman beast / bloodline in the end-times, I expect this topic to link to the Mieszko mouse tower. The Vince's/Vinch's use the Wizel griffins.

The reason that Petro's trace well to Petro is that he lived in Rieti, where English Reeds trace that use a version of the Petro Coat. Again, Miss Pascal left me for a college boy, and College's brought us to Coldridge's, and so compare the latter to Petro's. Roxanne and I were just rolling past in front of her home, in my FireBIRD, when Miss Pascal appeared on the sidewalk, and while Birds use the Coldridge/Coleridge Coat in colors reversed, we can now glean that Birds were part of Vespasian circles. Pascals, to my amazement, share the red-on-white eagle's of Scottish Reeds. The latter's "labore" motto term is suspect as a Cretan entity, and we saw why Brito-Martis should trace to the Abreu/Abruzzo surname. Look to the Crest of Petro's (Abreu colors) to see the white Abruzzo/Abreu tower.

Rieti elements were at the same place as Panico's, who use "....a green tree on which there is a BIRD..."

The Reed chevron is in the color of the COLchester and Quint chevron, and the Quints share the gold fitchee with the same Reeds. The latter even share ther COLT stag head while Colts and Colters (share Catherine wheels with Wheelwrights) are both traceable to mythical KOLODjiez the Wheelwright (Mieszko ancestry), and while it's known that Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel, Roets share the book with Reeds, which is how we know they both trace to Rieti...suspect with ARIADne of Crete, right? It's hard to say whether the "copia" motto term of Reeds can be intended hint of the Cretan cornucopia, but I do know that the Sabine bee cult of Ops had the cornucopia, and the Sabines (people group) also had a QUIRITES cult that should prove to be the Cretan Curetes (Carmel liners?). The Reed garbs are thus suspect from the Sarpedon Gareb liners. Basically, shift the entire Cretan island to Vespasia Polla, and we have the ugly guts of this dragon figured out.

About the time that I got to the Pells and Palls (above) from the Palmans/Pellmans, I was thinking about the time that Paul Smith complained that he had ringing in his ears (TINNitus), which is a thing I got many years later. This was crossing my mind just before crossing the "obTINEbit" motto term of Tooths. Hmm, I thought, and so the Rings were loaded to find that they use the same chevron as Smiths. Was tinnitus named for metal smiths banging metal on their anvils?

This thought was perfect for the Tooth topic at hand because the Olympic rings were traced suggestively, years ago, to the Ali variation of the Messina Aliotta's (same griffin as Tooths). It appeared that Ali's were from Elis (home of Olympics) because the Aeolian islands were off the Messina coast, and Aeolians looked like they could be Elis elements. Now, as I trace Eatons and Edins to Etna in Messina for good reasons, by what coincidence do Rings share black scallops with Edins? And EDINburgh is right at one Tyne river, and near the Letters/Lauders (same griffin as Ali's/Aliotta's). Amazing. If Smiths are from Hephaestus metal smiths, then let's add that Hephaestus was the Roman Vulcan whom is usually located in the Etna / Aeolian theater.

As Smiths use the Crutch/Crooch crosses in colors reversed, it's interesting that Hephaestus was lame. The Crutch surname was not likely the original in the batch, but, possibly, an Hephaestus liner created it from the Cross/Croce bloodline. In colors reversed the Ring scallops are those of Biss', and the latter's "Ayez" motto term is like the Eyes variation of Eyers, and I happen to identify heraldic ears with Eyers. The ring in the ear. Did God give me the ring in the ear? It does not disturb me at all, and I never hear it but maybe a few times annually when all is quiet in bed. But I can ignore it totally even then. Eyes'/Eyers are a branch of Ayers (both have chevrons colors reversed from the Ring chevron), and the "Lighter than air" motto of Ayers has been virtually clinched with Lights/Lite's, who not only look like they can be Letter liners, but share feathers with Letter- / Aliotta-related Tooths.

It's interesting that the griffins under discussion are upright and in the colors of the upright Lipper lion, for Lipari is the chief Aeolian island. This is also the Wallis / Marano / Montfort. We saw the Tooth motto term, "Palman," while Palmans traced to Vespasia Polla, the line to Poole's that use the Rita lion...but, on a red background, it's the Lipper lion. It's also the Grey lion while Greys were first found in the same place as the Reeds that use "labore" while Labore's are the ones showing the eye.

"Lighter THAN air" can be code for Thans, perhaps a branch of the then variation of Tine's in the Tooth motto term, "obTINEbit." The Thans use a reflection of the English Constantine's, and the mother of emperor Constantine I is said to be from Colchester, in Essex, where the Thans were first found. Thans are in Coles-bull colors, moreover, and while Constantine's use the same fleur as Capone-related Jeune's, the latter first found beside the Capes' and same-colored Tooths. Beside's, Quints use the Colchester chevron. The three nails in the Arms of Colchester belong to the Neils that share the red estoiles of Colchesters. I can see Caiaphas all over this.

The Capes' use the Abbs scallops, and Abbs liners can be suspect from the Jabesh wives of Benjamites, and therefore expected at the Colapis river. Repeat from above, "County Down, which uses a motto, "ABSque Labore NIHIL." If you click the County-Down link above, you will see a fish on a lattice/fretty background, same as in the Arms of Rieti ("In pratis late"). Who else used "nihil"? Oh, yes the Aricia-suspect Ricks." The Downs use the same stag as Youngs/Jungs/June's, we can therefore assume, on account of multiple links between June elements and the Arms of Down. If the eye of Labore's is for Eye, that location is just 30-40 miles from Colchester, with IPSwich between them. The Hipps' might apply to Ipswich.

The "pratis" motto term of Rieti was traced to Prude's/Pride's because they use fish in the colors of the Rieti fish. The Pride's/Pride's use lampreys, and then Prays were first found in County Down. We now have a Vespasian trace to County Down practically clinched.

Tooth-beloved Palmans use blood drops on their pelicans, and while pelicans are used by Scottish Pattersons, the Pattersons trace to AntiPATRIA, as should the "patria" motto term of Palmans. This recalls the recent discussion (last update) on the Sign as per my drinking TurpenTINE (as an infant), which event proved to be symbolic for Turpens and Tine's. The latter are in the moot of Tooths (white griffin), and Turpens (blood drops on a white griffin) proved to be Trope's, listed with Drops, from Tropoje on the APSus river, location of Antipatria. Go ahead and load the Prays to see the Drop/Trope Chief. It's a great reason to trace the County-Down motto to the Apsus river's Vespasian elements.

Rieti is down the river from Avezzano (crutch pattern), and while the Avisons use the Comyn/Comine garbs, Comyns/Comine's (dagger) have been resolved with Kuman, a location in Fier county along with Tropoje.

I was reading Acts last night, and noted a Trope-like name in the accounts of Paul as he fled various areas when Jews were out to kill him. I think I will take a closer look at those things in the next update, as Paul was though the Perga area, and even had run-in with the Artemis cult of Ephesus. It's very possibly that Paul's enemies evloved into some of the surnames that God has wanted me to stress.


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