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March 21 - 27, 2017

The Faked Westminster Terror Attack
God Wants Someone to Read This Update to the Very End
Confirming Joseph Caiaphas as a Descendant (Grandson?) of Lupus Laevillus
This could be my best-ever heraldic treatment, especially the last half

For a reader hopping into an update for the first time, there is not much I can say in an introductory paragraph to explain everything needed before proceeding. The only readers able to follow are those taking the time needed to get a solid idea of the entire scope. It is probably impossible to follow unless the heraldic Coats are loaded and viewed. It would be helpful to have a photographic memory, or to at least spend some time to get to know Coats, and to understand what I'm saying about them. I did the work over years to be able to present to you the relevant Coats, and you need only decide whether I am correctly interpreting the evidence and the codes. It is far best that you load Coats on a separate browser(s) rather than clicking back and forth from the update page. It might take longer for one to read an update than the week it takes me to write it, but that's what it'll take for a solid understanding of what I'm doing. I know that few have the time to follow this in that way. My hope is...actually, I should have no such hopes as I should just allow God to do what He wants with this. One of my goals at this time is to discover the parent(s) of Josephs Caiaphas, and in the meantime to prove that heraldic masters and leading Templar families knew that all of heraldry had, at its foundations, Caiaphas and his circle of Christ killers. These updates are jot-down format (sub-titles don't usually reflect the roaming topics well) making it hard / impossible to have a pre-plotted storyline. I'm no longer doing final proof-reads, please excuse the imperfections / mistakes. Ever since I decided to use apostrophes only after surnames ending in vowels, I started to catch myself using apostrophes before the 's' of pluralized words, making it appear that I need to return to primary grammar school.

If ever you'd want to check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail you to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again. We'll need to wait and see whether Yahoo changes its policy.

I had another dream, the third with Obama in it, less than two days after the last update was uploaded. If you missed it, there was a short dream during the last update, where Obama purchased my old house, and where there were boulders decaying / rotting under the driveway. It proved to be heraldry-perfect where the Boulders/Bolters had been resolved, not many months ago, from the Bautica river, flowing just a few miles from CHIVASso. As the CHIVES use quadrants in colors reversed from the Drive/Drove quadrants, that's why the dream can be shown to be Designed for heraldic purposes. And there was more to it; the Trumps worked into that discussion, wherefore go back and read it because God is wanting us to know something.

I had suggested in times past that The Drive's/Drove's can be from the Drave river flowing parallel with the Sava river, and as the last update's dream was all over the Shaws, note how they are like "Sava." The last update (a short one, for a change) brought me to Mecklenburg, where Trumps were first found, but I neglected also to re-mention the Drave-like Trave river (map below) in that area. You need to see the map below to see how close the Trave is to Hamburg.

This third dream is absolutely fantastic. It speaks to me of a mild rebuke from God, but maybe not. Maybe it's His way to confirm that I correctly interpreted the second dream, and this third one is His way to follow up on the second. I didn't want to push the second dream too far, further than where God may have wanted it, and so I didn't re-mention the TRAVE last week. But this morning, near waking, I had a dream where Obama was halting the TRAFFic at an intersection He was there, and I was in a vehicle a couple of cars back from the intersection. I was angry, yelling at him, protesting that he doesn't have the right to stop traffic (the word I used in the dream) because he's not the president anymore. I then found myself across the other side of the intersection trying to convince a blond (extreme blonde) woman that this was wrong, though she didn't seem to think to. And that was the end of this dream, so far as I can recall.

When I awoke with the dream fresh on my mind, I quickly realized that this must have to do with a Traf-like surname, and that's when the Trave river came to mind, and also the 666-suspect Arms of Traby (Polish location). And it spoke to me about Donald Trump and the 666, because the Trave is near or exactly where Trumps were first found. I can absolutely understand why God would give us this pair of dreams, yet I'm completely confounded as to why Obama was a part of both. It again speaks to me of some Obama-Trump alliance / circle (it's what confounds me) that will begin to usher in the skincode during Trump's presidency. I'm going to feel very bad for interpreting these dreams like this, if it doesn't happen.

I mentioned the Blundell surname two updates ago, and therefore recalled, while still in bed thinking about the dream, that the Blond/Blund Crest has a shoe. By what coincidence do Trips, first found in Hamburg, use shoes??? So, with the blond woman at the traffic intersection, it proves that the dream was from God, and that it pertains to the Trave-river theater. Just take a look at the TREFF variation of Trips, suggesting that Trips were named after a variation of "Trave." As the second dream centered on the Polish line of Mieszko II Lambert (married Rijeka-suspect Richeza), it's probably no coincidence that the German Lux's, in the Blond motto, use the Mieske/Mesech bull head (both colors, same design).

For years, these Trips showed boots, identical to the boots shown by French Masseys/Masse's, but the shoes were shown starting about a year ago. There is a Shoe/Schuch surname that probably applies, which I link to potent-liner Sheets'/Skate's / Skeets/Skeochs. Both the Masseys and potent liners are extremely important because the one, Masseys, were exactly part of the second dream, and because potent liners were in the first Templar kings of Jerusalem. In fact, there was a driveway in another dream from God that had potent liners in view with Paul Smith on crutches (the potent cross of heraldry is said to be fashioned in the shape of a crutch, specifically, as code for the Crutch/Crooch / Croce/Cross bloodline).

As TRAVers share the scallops of Meschins, it seems that the namers of the Trave river were from Treviso (near-north of Venice). It should startle or excite you to find that Treviso was earlier, TARVISium, while Chives' were first found in Scotland's TARVES (Aberdeenshire). This clinches the Chives' in merger with the Drive's/Drove's, does it not? Yes, and it tends to lump Drive's/Drove's in with a Tarvisium trace to the Trave river. So, we can now be sure that Aberdeenshire, home of elite Hungarians -- that included Drummonds, first found in Hamburg -- came from the Mecklenburg area. And this is the area to which Wikipedia traces the ancestry of Donald Tusk, the previous Polish leader and now the EU president.

The last update's dream got us to the Mere's and DEMERE's of Cheshire, and here we find a "TEMERE" motto term in the Travis motto. The last dream also touched on the Teague's/TEEGERs suspect in heraldic tigers, one of which is in the Traver Crest.

One thing I neglected to say about the dream was that, while YELLING at Obama, I was going hoarse. Whatever that may have meant, it's notable that Yells were identified mere months ago as a branch of Traby-related STICKs, from the ASTIKas' of Lithuania, a family known to have married rulers of Poland's Traby (see Wikipedia's Traby article). The Traby HORN is now very traceable to Orne's/Horns / Haverans and therefore to Avaran Hachorani Maccabee, and therefore to Tromps/Trumps (see the last two or three updates for that discussion). SHETland was itself resolved with the Sheet bloodline. To prove that the Traby horn is code for some Orne-river element merged with, Caens share the five, white ostrich feathers in the Crest of the Arms of Traby, and Caen is a location down the Orne river.

It should be re-mentioned that while the Tarves surname (not the Travis') shares the black fitchee cross with Hanna's, the latter use the stag head in colors reversed from the Trump stag head, and moreover the trump stag head is in the colors of the Doun/Down stag, important because the Dunbar write-up traces to a Mochrum location in Wigton (Galloway), where Hanna's were first found. It's got the name of Ananus/Annas all over it, the chief priest who "entertained" Jesus on the night of his conviction. The Blonds/Blunds are probably using a gold version of the Coat of Levite-liner Leavells. It was resolved that the Taro river, with its Caen-related Ceno tributary near the TREBia river (northern Italy), applies to Tarves / Traby liners. The Tarrs (same place as English Leavells) are suspect in Leavell colors for a related reason, and moreover there was a TARsatica at Rijeka (not far from Treviso), while I trace Rijeka's namers to the naming of Roxburghshire, where Scottish Leavells, Mecklenburg-suspect Maxwells, and Molle's were first found.

I was able to link a Task surname somewhat closely to Molle's, the latter sharing the white boar head with Travis'. This recalls an event in my youth that was given to my readers as a Sign of a TARR (i.e. Tarves-like) link to McGee's and Knee's, and it just so happens that while McGee's use the white boar head too, the Knee's are in the description of the Shoe/Schuch surname. Shoe-using Blonds even show a "mea" motto term while Mea's/Meighs use the white boar head in both colors of the McGee head.

The Mea's were from the Meu river, in the Armor area of Brittany, and so note that the Blonde shoe is described as "An ARMed FOOT in front of the sun, PROPER." While the Cheshire Propers/Roberts share the ostrich theme with the Arms of Traby, the Foot-related Fothes'/Fittes (fitchee bloodline?) were first found in Aberdeenshire i.e. same place as Tarves. The Fothes' (Blond colors) were first found in the same place as the Hungarian Leslie's. a branch of Less' in the "footLESS" code of heraldry. The footless martlet must always impinge upon the line of Charles Martel, a Pepin liner to mythical Popiel of the Mieszko mouse tower. As the Pepins had married Metz, note that the Metz surname share the so-called orb with the image of John of Bohemia and his wife, at their respective Wikipedia articles. Note that both are given a scepter symbol, symbol of the Limbs/Lumbs (see the latter in the last update as a branch from Mieszko Lambert).

Shoe's/Schuchs use a knight, while Knights were Blois kin, both first found in the same place (Suffolk) as English Blonde's/Blunde's and Deise's/Diss'. The latter, somehow related to the Trumps of Waterford, are suspect with a gold version of the Child Coat, and moreover the Diss eagles are also those of TRAVels. As Blois' counts were united with Chatillon (near Metz), and while I traced Chatillon elements to Porcius Cato, note that the Travels use a reflection of the Porci Coat. French Blundels (probably the Piast / Child eagle) were first found in the same place (Picardy) as French Blonde's and the Cavetts, the latter from the Cevetta river through Chives-suspect Ceva. The Cavetts use horizontal bars in the colors of the same of LUXembourg and Lusignan (politically affected with Blois), but this is not the first time that the "Lux" motto term of Blonds was linked to Luxembourg. Note the DISford location of Blinds/Blands. Here's from the 2nd update of last December:

To prove that the Blind/Bland/Blond surname is that of John, the Blind / Blannan, of Bohemia, first recall that Lux entities are of John's Luxembourg ancestry. It's just been found that the English Blond/Blund surname uses "Lux" in the motto. Good one. I recognize the Blond Coat's "wavy bends" as those of Italian Marina's. But why? Spanish Marinas just happen to use more blue and white waves [compare with the Hamburg Drummonds], the colors of the Arms of Luxembourg and Lusignan. Thus, John of Bohemia bumped into Marina elements...

Just check out the colors of the horizontal bars of Morinis'. Then, as I've read that George -- son of king Andrew I of Hungary, and father of the first Scottish Drummond -- married a woman in Podebrady, by what coincidence is Podebrady in Bohemia? Bradys even share the sun with Blonds. It's important that Leavells use bars in the colors of those of Scottish Drummonds, but see the bars also of Amore's and Damorys, likely cousins of Morinis' / Marina's. If correct that TRUMps (Drummond colors) were a DRUMmond branch, then I would need to expect Drummonds from Brescia's Val Trompia. My intuition on 666 lovers includes the British associates of the wealthy London banker, Henry Drummond, founder and money bags for the cult, Catholic Apostolic Church.

The last update emphasized the Keppocks of Kippax, and here we find the Bland branch of Blinds/Blonds said to be of Kippax (Yorkshire). Mr. Kepke had sheer blond hair even in his 20s, when I saw him last.

John of Bohemia (14th century) married the daughter of Wenceslaus II of Bohemia. Going backward in this Bohemian dynasty, one reaches Richeza of Berg, potentially from Bergamo (near-west of Val Trompia). A generation earlier, Vratislaus of Bohemia married Swietoslawa of Poland (not Mieszko's daughter). Note that while Bergamo is near Brescia, the Bratts/Bradds can be using the Brescia lion in colors reversed while "Bratt" is like "VRATISlaus, and moreover Bratts/Bradds can also be of "PodeBRADy." Going back further to the time of George above, we find Duke BRETislav dying in 1055, the year that George was in Scotland. German Brets even use a reflection of the Travel / Porcia Coats.

Two Bret surnames are in the colors of Scottish Drummonds, and the Somerset Brets probably have their red lion in the Crest of Bratts/Bradds and English Blundells. The Sanford/Samford entity of the Somerset Brets (same place as same-colored Tarrs), as a surname, share the Travis motto. Not looking coincidental, Sanfords/Samfords (Drummond colors) share the quadrants of the Deeters/Teters, the latter first found in the same place as Trumps. The SANDford variation suggests the Sands / Sanders, from the Sintians of Lemnos, the island with the ancient Myrina location. The Mormons provided codes (such as "Lamanite") in their fake Bible to trace them to Lemnos, and Henry Drummond's church was founded in the same year (1830) as the Mormon church. Variations of the Morinis' surname are suspect with the fake Mormon character, Moroni.

The founder of Mormons was a Mr. SMITH, and by some coincidence or not, I was actually in his house. Events in my life were often chosen by God for a reason toward this revelation. Recall Paul Smith in the dream, for Crutch's share the Smith cross in colors reversed, and Smiths use a heron as code for Orne-river liners, making one Smith Coat appear to be a version of the Travis Coat. Note the DROPs on the Smith heron, for there is a Drove-like Trope surname with Drop variation that itself uses drops. And the white Drop/Trope lion became suspect, independent of the FORMee cross of Smiths, with the gold lion in the Chief of FORMans.

Sanfords/Samfords, in the colors of English Blondells, were first found in the same place (Shropshire, beside the first Salletts) as the SALTire's/Salters (and Travels) that share ten billets with English Blondells. The billets are in the formation of the six fitchees of Tarves'. The Blinds/Blands share a version of the Sale/SALLETT Coat, but these are versions also of the Coat of Dents, from Sedburgh, same as Blinds/Blands. Dents and Blinds were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Saints/Sants. Dents / Denets are suspect with Dance/Donnas liners from king Donnus of the Cottians, wherefore keep eyes out for Miss Cotta below. Donnus ruled up the Riparia river from Turin, the latter being right-close to Chivasso, and Scottish Turins/Tarns ("AuDENTes"), sharing the red-on-gold bend with TRAVels, were first found in the same place as TARVes, making "Turin" suspect as part of Tarr liners. Turins are probably using the Bard/Beard / Less boar, and Paul Smith had a beard that was meaningful toward the Beard surname, for Bards/Beards (use the green Leslie griffin) are of the Leslie Hungarians while Hungarians used a stag to depict their ancestry while Paul Smith followed a stag up my driveway. Moreover, Hungarians used a TURul hawk to depict their ancestry / relations.

Obama descended from Jonathan SINGLEtary-Dunham. The Single's are practically resolved from the Singular variation of Sinclairs/SAINTs (same area as Bradds), whom are in code with "Latter Day SAINTs," the official name of the Mormon church. Latters (Latin colors) can be gleaned in merger with Scottish Leavells, but as Latters share the crescents of German JULians, note the Jul-like Yule variation of Yells (English-Julian colors). Two Singletary symbols are in the Chief of one Sander surname. The Days are feasibly a branch of Dee's, from the Dee river of Aberdeen, though there is another Dee river in Cheshire, the area of Dunham-Massey. The plates (white roundels) on the Singletary antelope were resolved with the plates of Mussels, when Singletarys traced to Lothian not far from Roslin, the latter being home of too-wealthy Sinclairs. It's a good bet that the Yells, in Sinclair colors, were of Henry Sinclair of Orkney.

Latters (Hore/Hoars colors) share piles with Orrs/Ore's, kin of Orells, the latter first found in the same place as Sands and Blondels. It's suddenly interesting that while I trace Orells to Aurelia Cotta, mother of Julius Caesar, the Hore's are said to possibly have been from a Norman Aure entity. The Hore's are brought up here because they came up as "Hoars" (same place as Blonds/Blunds/Blinds and Deise's/Diss'). I was hoarse while yelling at Obama, and Yells/Yule's were just looking like Julian liners, right? I was screaming at the former president, but nothing came out of my mouth, it was so frustrating (I was half way out of the vehicle). And it just so happens that the Hore/Hoars eagle (could be that of Blundells too) is in both colors of the Dunn eagle. Apparently, Hore's were a branch of Ore's...who are likely using the piles of the Sinclair-liner Guiscards, the latter first found in the same place as the Nimo's/NemMOKE's that use the Julian / crescents in colors reversed. Or, we could say, the Nimo/Nemmoke crescents are those of Seatons/Sittens, first found in Lothian's Musselburgh area. Figure on the Hore/Hoars eagle being the Roman-Julian eagle in colors reversed.

It's a good bet that Ore's / Hore's were Aures/Aur liners, from Aures, Numidian home of the Shawia. The Numidian-suspect Nimo's use a "Show" motto term that gets Shawia suspects. And there is an Ayrshire Horey/Ure surname (Bret lion?), first found beside the first Ore's, using a version of the Aures Coat and Crest.

NemMOKE's/NemMOCKs are suspect with the Mochs that share the Dunbar sword. Moke's/Mocks (Somerset) use a "DISS SUNT" motto phrase, one possibly for Deise's/Diss', and the other for Sand liners. Moke's/Mocks share the gold rooster of Sinclairs, and to help prove that Yells were of Henry Sinclair, Yell colors and format are shared by Moke's/Mocks (share pean-ermine with Massey-related Hamons). The "summit" term in the write-up of DunBARS is code for the Summits, first found in the same place (Lorraine) as Bar-le-Duc and Lorraine's (same eagle as French Blundels), and so suspect the Summit NECKlaces with part of the Hore/Hoars-Crest eagle: "a gold bar gemelle around its neck." I trace Shetland's raven vikings to the Neckar river. As BALANcors/Balance's use the Hore/Hoars eagle, it can appear that Balancors were Blond liners.

The Sands, Seats and Cars, who were part of an old dream that was a message of God, pertained to a BLOND woman hovering over the seats of a car on the sand of a beach, and here we find that Blundells were first found in the same place as Sands, Seats and Carrs. This old dream proved to be very related to Obama's Singletary line.

The Westminster-Bridge Hoax

It took a review of just the photos at Daily Mail to discover that the British government is guilty of a world-class fraud, faking a terror attack in the British parliament building. After having studied the photos of the Boston Marathon, I learned quite a lot on how the team conducted the event. It was painfully obvious that, aside from one from the Russian media, RT, no video of the injury scene at Boston Marathon was released by the several media cameras were covering it. The RT video, taken by a private person at the scene, revealed part of the hoax, and a lot more would have been revealed if videos had been released...which is why videos were not released. Media answers first to governments, then to the people. If governments say "don't release it," they don't release it. That's how it works. Media bosses are not the way you think they should be.

The team conducting the marathon trick learned not to use over-bright red dye to act as blood, and here in London, we don't see it very bright. In both events, people were permitted to walk through the injury zone, casually, which is not true to reality. In reality, police officers would be ordered, and trained beforehand, not to allow passers-by near people injured from a terrorist attack, for any one of those people could be part of a follow-up terror attack. I think that all vehicles would be prohibited from crossing the bridge as soon as possible, yet the images show that vehicles are constantly changing upon the bridge, constantly moving across it, for almost an hour afterward. How can this be? I think I have a good answer, thanks to some banners.

We can be sure that all images, originating from people at the scene, when reported to the BBC, go past the police first, who decide what gets released and what doesn't. The strange thing is, In the images thus far, I never see any person taking private pictures with their phones. How can this be? The banners will tell us the reason. It turns out that some of the images are of the bridge on a day prior to attack day, and that's why no passers by are taking pictures of the injured persons. Injured persons were not there at the time, but rather images of injured persons, and their helpers/actors, need to be pasted into the scene...if the scene was of a day before attack day (March 22). There is no other explanation.

Let's get started. In the image below, you can see passers-by. I will show evidence below that this image was on a day before the attack. The woman looking at the camera looks like she was there at the time, but the injured people beside her were not. Look at the injured man's sock. I saw at least three people without their shoes on, but this is a desperate trick to enhance some semblance of injury where the perpetrators, the government, were unable to feign the serious injuries that we would expect of a car plowing through. Consider how difficult it would be to remove the tight-fitting boot from the injured man's foot due to a car part striking him. How does a car remove a boot from the foot? Go ahead and try to imagine such a scenario. It's highly unlikely. And how did the boot, without sign of damage, end up so close to the wearer's foot? I've seen this trick before, where the foot (with show) is turned to make it appear that the leg got mangled. The end of the bridge, by the way, is where you see the corner of the black-roofed building across the street.

Do you see a yellow sign in the image above? This is a smoking gun. The sign should be visible in that image. I will get to this shortly. But first, let me say that this man may have been at the scene. In one possible explanation, he let the dye go to the ground from a vial on his person, as the attack car drove by (driven by one of the plotters), he fell to the ground, taking off a shoe, and lied there awaiting his accomplices that would gather around him, not letting others come too near. And in some cases, more red dye could be distributed by the accomplices. In the meantime, police rush onto the bridge, getting everyone off of it, but they can't show this scene, which is why they show a scene from another day. Why can't they show a scene where people are removed from the bridge while actors feign injury? Because, the main purpose of the feigned injuries is to get pictures out, and people walking by casually are needed in the images so that the pictures can be said to have been taken by passers-by.

In reality, while the police and/or others in the plot are escorting people and cars off the bridge, the injured actors create the scene as was rehearsed, and one of the accomplices takes photos / video, then sends it to the central hoax office, where they decide which images to cut and paste into their bridge scene from a day before the attack. When done pasting, off the image(s) goes in a flash to the media of their choice. In some cases, media bosses are privy to the hoax (it's for the good of the country, right?).

Logic dictates that at least some people were pasted into the scene above. We look for evidence of it. We can check the head levels of all people to make sure that they are correctly to scale. In a paste job, the artist might slip and get it wrong. The woman in blue coat bending in the foreground, if measured in three sections (head to butt, butt to knee, knee to shoe bottom), is as tall, or taller, than the man with green shirt, who himself is already a half-head taller than most others (i.e. taller than 6 feet). In other words, she measures to be an extremely tall woman, but when we see her in another image to be presented below, a problem arises, for she is significantly shorter than a tall man. Note that most others have head levels roughly the same across the page, as it should be when a camera shot is taken from someone standing on the ground.

Below are two images of random scenes (not of the hoax, not even in London) to show that head levels are roughly identical (horizontal) no matter how far some of the people are from the camera. This is important for establishing that the yellow sign, which should be visible in the bridge image above, is not there.

The image below (by Reuters) is of the same scene at a different time with fewer people, only now looking toward the parliament building. The woman in blue coat is now standing. The heads are not level in this image, and by all appearances, the camera person is standing upright, for we can see the top of the railing that is itself about three feet tall, and we are clearly looking down on the woman sitting. When heads are significantly taller in the foreground, as they are in this image, the camera person needs to be very short, or squatted. My guess is that the camera person for this image would need to be about five feet tall, or less, if indeed we are seeing a true image all the way down the sidewalk. We saw that the woman is herself supposed to be six feet or taller, yet the man in red shows and hoodie, though further from the camera than she, is about a head taller than she, not correct at all, since all other heads get lower with distance from the camera. Frankly, the woman in blue coat does not look tall at all, making the earlier image of her problematic. If we ask how they possibly got away with dumping those cars parts on the sidewalk in the middle of the afternoon, that's why we know the frauds paste things into images.

While at the toward-parliament image, note the dark building (Portcullis House) on the right side, how its shape is rounded at the corner where there is a street perpendicular with the bridge street. We can't see the intersection here, but will see it below where we also find two banners that are not in other images.

The image directly below has a yellow sign, easily pegged at nearly eight feet tall. We need to assume that this sign was truly at the scene on attack day, as many would have seen and read it. We can see a piece of the parliament estate at the right, telling us that we are viewing the same side of the bridge as the images above. The sign is expected between the man-without-shoe and the end furthest from the parliament. Using all the photos in this one article alone, it can be established that the man-without-shoe is near the third lamp post from that end of the bridge.

In the image below, we see an injury zone at the very end of this bridge, as well as the first and second lamp post. The top of the second post can be seen midway up, and touching, the first post. The yellow sign is visible above peoples' heads, and can be gleaned to be further away than the second lamp post, meaning that the sign is standing between the 2nd and 3rd posts. However, I'm not necessarily treating this picture as authentic just because the sign is visible. For one thing, the writing on the sign seems too large at the top, as compared to the sign in the image above. This inconsistency may reveal that the sign was pasted into this image, but, if so, what else was pasted, and why are we not getting the true scene?? The time on the Old Ben clock shows 2:44, some four to six minutes after this area was reportedly hit by the attacker. At this early time, I would expect that police, in the true scenario, were on the bridge, removing people and directing traffic off the bridge, etc., but we are not supposed to see that. Instead, we are supposed to see people casually on the bridge so that the images can be credited to them. Look at the significant amount of "blood" on the sidewalk, yet only one person is attending the injured person. What's wrong with this picture?

When we go back to the Head-Level image, the sign should be towering over all heads because all heads are roughly horizontal on the image. Had the camera been low to the ground, then we might be able to justify not seeing the sign, but, the fact is, this image is a smoking gun for this sign-less reason. The sign needs to be between the man in green shirt and the second lamp post protruding from his shoulder (the first lamp can also be seen). The sign is simply not there. We might say that some hoodlum knocked the sign over. Not likely. People would have been on their best behavior at that time. There is some yellow along the road, but this is the open door of one of the ambulances, not the sign. Even if the back of the sign wasn't yellow, the sign is simply not there. This scene was photographed on a different day, and the people, some of them, anyway, were pasted in. It is advantageous to be able to paste in, or include, casual passers-by, because they block much of the view and thus hide the fact that the street and sidewalk have no expected blood spatter, or the gross levels of blood we'd expect from a car ramming through people. Note the man on a small motorbike, not parked, but moving along the road, meaning that all the cars and buses in the image are not parked either. But this would be impossible, if this were a true terror event. The bridge would have been closed immediately, in a true event. For all the police know, a second or third terrorist might come plowing through. Right? Of course. We don't even see police on the road yet.

In the image below, we see two large banners way up high, too high for a hoodlum to knock down. The images are in good quality and can be expanded to see the banners in detail. They are at the corner of an intersection directly across the street from the parliament's double corner towers. These towers mark the end of the bridge nearest to the parliament. The Big Ben clock shows 3:05, and the streets are mainly dry, with just a little wetness near the curb. As you can see, the bridge is blocked off already, and this is probably a true scene, thanks to the banners showing. Note the positions of the vehicles.

We now go to an aerial view of nearly the entire bridge. See the red, air-ambulance helicopter (seen in other images) on the grass, at the top, to be sure that this image was intended to be of attack day. However, there are six lamp posts visible of the type discussed above, but the yellow sign cannot be seen between the second and third lamp posts, meaning that the scene was taken at another day with the hoax pasted in. Nor do we see the two banners for the same reason. Smoking gun. The banners are to be across the small road from the front corner of the Portcullis House, itself directly across from the Big Ben clock. To put it another way, the banners (white = easy to see) are supposed to be on poles at the second red arrow. The British government is involved in a world-class hoax. The stupids are that stupid. What are they up to in conducting such an elaborate, wicked scheme? It's obvious: they want the excuse to carry on in Middle-East meddling. What a bunch of morons, pretending to be angelic in world affairs. It's laughable and sick all at once.

The image above and below comes to my computer with poor quality, and perhaps it comes to you with poor quality since they were saved into my files. In the dailymail article, it's clear to see the time at 3:30, not very late, and yet the sides of the bridge street have a few people seemingly walking along, not grouped up at injury zones. There are not supposed to be people walking along at this time, but then the scene is not of attack day. Some of the items are pasted in; for example, we can see the attacker's car on the sidewalk beyond Big Ben. The similar image below shows all six lamp posts again, with a lower-angle shot of the street, but with no yellow sign once again. Nor are the banners there. Both images have identical street elements, as though the pictures were taken mere seconds from one another. But vehicles are expected to be in different positions even seconds apart, unless they were all parked. At both ends of the bridge, cars are pasted in an on angle to give the illusion that the bridge has been blocked off, and that no vehicles on the bridge are moving, yet what explanation can be given for all of those buses / trucks on the bridge some 40 minutes after the attack? It looks like a bus / truck convoy. How did all of those vehicles ever get there in the first place? Did they allow the buses / trucks on the bridge, then forbid them to leave? Of course not. What they did was to take an aerial image of the bridge that they had handy in their files, and then, without thought for the problems I'm bringing up, they pasted a few cars helter-skelter on angles to give the impression that it's not a regular-day scene. But even the cars at the parliament end of the bridge are not parked as we saw them in the true scene (with banners) at 3:05.

The dailymail article from which these images were taken: "Police closed off the bridge yesterday while members of the public and paramedics helped those injured on the bridge," but this is the caption for the photo showing the time clock at 3:05. We are shown the road block at that time, at the parliament end of the bridge. Don't we expect the other end to be blocked too? Then why do we see large buses / trucks on the bridge at 3:30?

Another article says that the terrorist drove onto the sidewalk between the third and fourth lamp post, but another article yet has his path going straight along the entire sidewalk. Whatever the story, it didn't happen, and the attacker is not dead. The bridge is 820 feet long, which would require about 20 seconds to cross at a slow speed of 50 kilometers per hour. By the sounds of the reports, he was moving much faster. Without restriction along the sidewalk, we'd expect a crossing in 10-15 seconds. The bridge is 85 feet wide, and the large vehicles in the 3:30 image thus measure about 25-30 feet, yet the caption reads: "An aerial view of Westminster Bridge shows ambulance crews treating those who were mowed down by the attacker." Those vehicles are too large to be ambulances. It appears that they chose an image stacked with buses / trucks that they thought could be passed off as ambulances.

This was a very nice terrorist, not only because he chose to minimize the damage by using knives instead of a machine gun, and not only because he came alone to minimize more damage, but because there is no blood spatter to be seen anywhere along the course of his motor-down trip. But, don't worry, the authorities can still produce blood-spatter images at will. The point is, the images from day one show no such thing, nor any blood on his car. The railing all along the sidewalk course is as clean as before. All bloody images beside victims have minimal blood, and some none at all, because he was a really nice guy even while losing his head. To prove that the official story is a fake, your own eyes tell you that not one victim in the photos was hit hard by a car, yet the official story, as told by Telegraph, is that the attacker drove "at high speed." Have you any idea what a body looks like when hit at high speed? Did you see anything like that in the photos? The injured were actors, pure and simple. If this were a true event, they wouldn't be showing the images of injury victims. Don't be their fool.

Expect the usual in the near future, feigned reports about what the terrorist (and his friends) has on his seized computer, or in his home, or in his past, or in his online writings, to give you the impression that threats are real in your neighborhood.

I don't think that London, on a cloudy day in March, can go from wet road to completely dry inside of 30 minutes. The image below has the time at 3:19, and all roads appear dried. Not one area has wet-versus-dry markings, which would appear dark-versus-light. Everyone knows that about pavement. Sunlight striations on the pavement can be seen in the upper-left, though we never see evidence of sunlight in the other images. Note the red helicopter on the grass, which is said to have arrived before 3 o'clock. But why isn't anybody being loaded into it, since it is said to have been an ambulance? Is no one injured, on the bridge, worthy of the gasoline? Was the helicopter worthy only of the politicians, such as the goons responsible for this hoax? At 3:30, there's still no one around the helicopter, so far as we can make out, nor is it taken off to carry someone away.

After writing to this point, I took a break for about an hour, but could not get back online after that. Hmm. I was able to fix the problem, but won't tell here how I did it. Just look at the timing. Someone had emailed me to say they personally knew Jeff Bauman (the one who was pictured at the marathon with both legs blown off), and that he really did lose both legs that day. That's how I knew I was being watched. Tribwatch's treatment on the marathon is probably the most-extensive online. It was done in at least two segments with some time between them. One segment starts in the 5th update of August, 2013 (with some 9-11 material in the update before that).

Just look at the attacker's car. His front end is smashed in as much on the left side as on the right side, an impossibility at the angle he must hit the railing. And the railing is perfectly clean, not one scratch visible. Please, this is silly. There wasn't enough room on the road for him to turn and strike the railing head-on, yet the damage to the hood demands a head-on collision...unless it can be shown that he struck other vehicles on the way. So far, I've not read any report of his striking another vehicle, but, don't worry, the story can change to add what's still lacking. The car was never smashed into the railing; someone just parked it there. How, in the middle of the afternoon? A tow truck makes sense. A tow truck brought it there, and they arranged some method to get it off the road. Perhaps the car was driveable up onto the sidewalk. The article below shows his track, but does not indicate striking any car, bus or truck:

Striking people at "high speed" with a small car can cause them to smash into the windshield if they see the car coming and jump. Besides, people near the start would have been screaming so that not many pedestrians thereafter would have been taken by surprise. They should have been able to move off the sidewalk, or tight to the railing, or onto the railing, faster than you can say, "faked terror," yet the authorities want us to believe that people all along the sidewalk, from beginning to end, were hit. Taking someone's legs out with a low bumper causes their bodies to fly into the windshield, yet that didn't happen even once, or the evidence would have been lying on the street. The top-view of the attacker's car below shows the edge of the windshield, no blood, of course. The hood does not look proper for a head-on- collision with anything, but looks as though something powerful came down from above the hood.

There can be seen a heavy-looking beige item lying against the railing at the front of the car. We see it again in the image of the car below, and this one comes with people placed just right, along with the beige item, to hide the railing at just the right location so that we don't see the lack of damage to it.

But in the side view of the car below, the item is not there. See any blood on the car? Nope. See any blood on the ground? Nope. Yet there is a victim at the front-left tire. Not all three of these car images need be assumed to be the officially-released ones. The side view image may have been taken by someone not privy to the plot. Look, another shoe. It's simply amazing how this terrorist was skilled enough to clip the shoes off of his victims.

The image earlier showing the time at 3:19 shows how impossible it would be for this car to drive hard, head-on, into the railing. There just isn't enough room to turn the car while doing any significant speed. There is also a curb to go over before reaching the railing. And, of course, there are no tire-skid marks for his very-sharp turn...because he never took it. But, they know it's my word, for example, against theirs, and they have the entire police department on their side, evidence that entire police departments are going berserk these days. Ask Boston's police.

The Ardiaei Expected at Vis

Good morning. Last night, as I awoke during sleep a few times, and especially near dawn, I had wave after wave of what I consider to be the Holy Spirit through my being. I've never had so many waves all at one time, sometimes two or three in a row back-to-back. It is a soft (non-threatening) but vigorous energy flow through my entire central being, as though through my central nervous system; it's the best I can do to describe it. It always feels like pure love, it always makes me feel accepted by God. All fear of condemnation vanishes. I never hear a word of English when this takes place.

Last night before bed, during a short time of prayer, I was saying that, when He sits upon his throne, so to speak (I don't think he has a literal throne as we think of one), and he has all of His business in the universe before him, he doesn't think to come visit me. Just before, I was asking whether, once he's finished this heraldry-related revelation, will he go away from me, leave me feeling cold again. There have been periods in my life where God did not seem very close to me, and times even when I wondered whether he liked me at all. So, last night, I was being frank, and telling him that I wouldn't blame him if he wasn't inspired to come visit me for nothing more than a visit. He has so many other sons and daughters, much better than me. And this was then followed up with wave after wave, as I said above. It really does bring a person to tears. I felt this morning that he wants me to publish this inner flow, to let readers know that, somehow, he cares about each individual whom he has committed himself to. When he does something, he's not lacking energy or power, nor desire, to do it perfectly.

I had a thought this past week. I've repeatedly asked him, in the past, why it was necessary for Jesus to die a cruel death just to forgive the likes of me, for example. What possible argument can be justified to cancel my sins just because someone else dies in my place? How possibly could God, angry enough to take my life away in the beginning, then have a change of heart because someone else dies in my place? How does that make me any better? Where is the logic of turning hatred toward me into this sheer love just because His Son takes my punishment? Or, why couldn't God have devised another way to forgive sins that wasn't so awful upon His own Son? Or, why couldn't Jesus have died a less-torturous death, like maybe dying painlessly in His sleep?

And that's when I re-realized that the torturous part of the death was needed to expose the excellent quality of God. He wanted to show the angels, and all others that live and think, that he wasn't just some aloof Being living in absolute luxury, and while having no fear of being assassinated, neither would he subject himself to anything dirty, let alone painful. He wanted to show that he wasn't going to be like human kings and queens who subject themselves only to the best. He would first produce his very own Son, and then command Him to die by a cruel death, and in the meantime, watching this take place would torture His own heart. But it had to be done to show the world that he was willing, and the only possible message that we could acquire from this is, not that God loves cruelty, but that he is wanting to love us. He wanted a family so badly. For the purpose of this death, he even enabled a terrifying beast, the Romans, to conquer Israel. He made the Death very unpleasant, and Jesus, when arriving to the moment of entering the Event, even prayed that, if possible, this awful "cup" be taken away from him. But, understanding the gravity of this Calling, Jesus went ahead with the Script, knowing how much it meant, not only to save billions of individuals from the decay of death (such a hard thing for us all to deal with), but to create the stepping stone for building the Family of the Father.

In a word, God demanded Jesus' Death to expose the GRAVITY of the situation, both the unweighable desire in God for clean and sincere family members, and the great weight of pain / grief that our sins placed upon his heart. God was caught between two harsh realities, both by the sins that spoil his happiness, and by the horror he feels at our horror when facing the decay of death, knowing that we will never-more return to life, never to see the sun again, never to be again, ever-ever, such a cruel thought for us. The Cross got our attention, and we believed that God really is a wanting Father, unlike the bastard kings of the world, who have no Father, and no love for their subjects. And along with forgiveness, God tacked on eternal life, exactly the ticket we all love. Yet, in the face of this Thing, preached and made known everywhere, the rulers of our modern world have despised it. And the Father determined that every member of his House should be in the sky watching the destruction of the useless sons and daughters. Rather than changing course in the face of this prophecy, the world rulers will accuse us of loving the violence of God against them. And they will desire to persecute us before the Time arrives, because they will hate God to their very ends, and the only way to lash out at Him is to lash out at us. It will be their last hurrah, whoever they turn out to be. They are in the wood.

It's Amazing what a Song Can Lead To

Yesterday, while seeking more youtube music, I saw the WISSmann Family, wondering whether this surname could be proven to be from the Illyrian island of Vis. While no Wissman surname comes up, a there is a Wissmann surname (elephant trunks in Crest). The Wassmuth and Wassmann variations suggest that proto-Washington Wassa's (bars gemel) because both use the Zionist star. The Wissman Shield is described with a "demi-man", and the Crest with "A 6 point gold star...," suggesting part-code for the Points. As the Weis surname shares the gold Zionist star with Wissmans/Wassmans, we get it.

The Wachsmund variation of Wissmanns had me checking for Waxmans, and they not only bring up the Wissmann/Wassman Coat, but an Austrian branch using the same. happen to use the Wissman/Wassman Coat. The WACHsman variation of Austrian Waxmans/Wassmuths suggests the Walkers, and both the Scottish and German Walkers even use two Zionist stars in the colors of the same of Weis'. Suddenly, there is potential to identify Walkers and Walch's/Walsh's (swan) with the namers of Vis. German Walkers are said to be partly of a Mr. Welkere in WEISSENburgh. Note that Weissens share the upright goat, in the same colors, with Wallis-canton Walsers, suggesting that Walch's/Walsh's and Walkers were from Wallis-canton liners, and/or its Sion location.

As Wallis canton is also, Valais, it doesn't look coincidental that the Valais/Valois surname shares the white-on-blue crescent with two Walker surnames, the same two that share the Zionist stars of Weis'. The same crescents show with Toothills/Tuttle's. This allows us to glean that Swans/Sions are sharing the Tott/Toth swan.

The great thing is that English Waxmans use the same black cross as Vise's/Vice's! Excellent, and the latter's stag head can be that of Trumps round-about. We have just connected all Wax-like surnames above to the namers of Vis, and as this island is beside Pharia, where one king Pinnes was stationed, who was a step-son of queen Teuta, it explains why the same Waxmans show crescents in colors reversed to the Tute crescent.

There are several good points to add. The Tute crescent is white, and inside of a red canton square, reflective of the white Zionist star of Wassa's inside of a red canton square. While the canton is code for Washington-related Cantons, one can glean that the canton started out as a square as code for the Square's/Squire's, a branch of Schere's/Scherfs that share the rose on a stem with Walkers. Note that Bush's (Yorkshire, same place as Walkers and Tute's) use a goat head in Crest. The son of president George Herbert Walker Scherff, whose surname was changed to "Bush" to hide his Nazi identity, married Laura Walsh. The junior Bush was involved in the 9-11 hoax, a dastardly event that will not go unpunished. The perpetrators, who were Americans, will not go unpunished...on the day that God urinates on the ruling, Round-Table cult from Pinnes.

English Walkers even share blue-on-white crescents with French Pine's. Another upright goat, and with crescents in the Shield in the red color of the Wissman crescents, is shown for Pintons/Bointons. As English Waxman's were first found in the same place as Fiers/Fere's, the Pinton/Bointon lion can be that of Formans/Fermans. As Fiers are Fair/Phaire kin, I can see that Fier's namers were of Pharia, or vice-versa.

Our main sources (Polybius and Appian) disagree on the exact cause of the First Illyrian War, but only in detail. The basic framework of events saw King Agron [Teuta's husband] attack the island of Issa (modern Vis). Agron died at some point during the siege, and was succeeded by Queen Teuta, regent for his infant son Pinnes (not mentioned by Polybius). Teuta continued the siege...

In Polybius the Roman ambassadors, C. and L. Coruncanius, were sent out in response to appeals from the Italian merchants affected by the capture of Phoenice. They had a stormy meeting with Queen Teuta on Issa, and in the aftermath the younger Coruncanius was murdered.

It is amazing to find here a CORUNcanius character after it has been resolved that Corns were likely a branch of Horns/Orne's -- the urination bloodline of mythical Orion / Uranus discussed recently -- from the Maccabee son, Avaran Hachorani Maccabee. "CorunCANIUS" smacks of Caen, at the Orne river. Caens are also Canns. If Canns were Cunninghams, then Caen was a Kenite entity, fully expected because Kennati were at Cetis/Citis while "citis" is buried in the Caen motto. Thank you, big mouth of heraldry. Open up.

Uranus' son was CRONUS, and so one can trace Cronus liners from the Ceraunii of Illyria to the naming of Coruncanius. The Ceraunii were on the URBANus river while Austrian Urbans (see also Massena's) share the Zionist stars of Walkers / Weis' in both colors. The Urban bend is also the Weis bend. Proto-Maccabees are suspect from Pharisee-suspect Pharia and Vis, in connection with the proto-Massey Maezaei at the Urbanus river. When I was four or five years old, God arranged for me, a Masci liner on one side, to urinate into the mouth of my neighbor, Pino (same age), and I did not know at the time that Maschi's use PINE cones. Nor did I know at that time that God destined me to write this heraldry-based story on God's enemies. The urination event on Pino caused me to discover all of what you can read in very-recent updates.

Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee, who traces fundamentally to the ACORN kin of Trumps and Tromps, lived in Israel's Modi'in, suspect with Mottins/MORTE's (another crescent), and here we can add that Vise's/Vice's are said to have been in Devon's MORTHoe. It can be gleaned that Walsh's loved MORTons (goat head, yep, it figures), and that Mortons and Walsh's together use the colors and format of the Devon-based Exeters and Maine's. The WassMUTH variation of Wissmanns and Waxmans can be applied to the Mott variation of Mottins/Morte's, but it just so happens that there is a Muth surname listed with the MEDley-branch Methleys (Yorkshire, same as Walkers and Tute's), and in the meantime Medleys were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Vise's, and as the MEADs who married Arthurs of Clapton (Somerset). One can glean here that Meads and Medleys were Modi'in liners, one way or another.

Arthurs are Ardiaei-important, and therefore expected from queen Teuta. If you compare the four crescents of English Waxmans to the four red roses of Artems/Aitons, you will see again as to why Arthur liners should be from Vis liners. It should be added that the Aiton branch of Eitons/Eytons use a version of the Toothill Coat. English Waxmans are the ones with the Tute crescent in colors reversed, but they are also the crescents of Pino's. The latter even share the crescents in all four corners of the Shield with Waxmans. You see, the Lord thy God will urinate on the Washington bloodline, and all of those liberals living in, while loving, Washington DC.

Arthurs use a motto term in honor of Stands together with Hobs/Habs. I was STANDING on the railing of my front PORCH when urinating (unintentionally) on Pino as he came walking suddenly around the CORNER of the outer perimeter of the porch. Corners share acorns with Tromps. Just before writing about Pino a few updates ago, I had been on the Arthur marriage to Meads of Clapton, when discovering that Clapton was also PORTIShead. Looking up the Portis surname at that time, I talked about it, and then, a little later, when checking the Porch surname as per the urination event, it turned out to be listed with the same that "Portis" (the BUS cinquefoil) brings up. Watch your head, Arthur bloodline. Something's going to rain down upon it from the true sky god.

I wasn't in the habit of urinating outdoors, as I can't recall doing it at any other time while living at that house. But God set that event up, it's very obvious to me. I vividly recall the street number, 10, at the front of that white porch. And the number ten became suspect with the Then variation of Tine's, from a Tyne-river area near the Tweed. Artems/Aitons (with a version of the Rosicrucian cross of Johannes Valentinus Andreae) were not only first found in the same place as Arthurs, but that place was Berwickshire, upon the Tweed river that was resolved with the Twitch surname (merged with Tottens), a branch of the Tuit variation of Tute's. The "occiDENT" motto term of Artems/Aitons is part-code for the Dent - TOOTH bloodline, but may be code also for Oaks (Somerset) that show ACORNS. Oaks are in Mead colors, and the Meads (Corn chevron?) are using a variation of the Godfrey Coat while Godfrey de Bouillon had a father in Artois. That father is of the Eustace surname that shares the red cross of Artems/Aitons (but see also the Somerset Baths) as well as the black cross -- likewise between antlers -- of Vice's/Vis'. It's clear: Maccabee-related lines in the Ardiaei ended up in the household of Eustace II, who furnished the first king of Templar Jerusalem. The Eustace cross is in both colors of the Andrea saltire, and the latter is used by the Eustace branch of Staceys (Astikas line?), first found in Mead- / Meth-like Meath.

While the Staggs (Devon, same as Pine's) use stags, the stag itself became suspect as a symbol in the first place as play on the STACey / Eustace bloodline, for Staggs share a cross between the antlers with Eustace's. But there's more to be understood here, for the Staggs share the stag head in blue with Hanna's, and the latter's are a colors-reversed version of the Trump stag head. Then, while Eustace's were first found in Kildare, that's beside Meath while Meaths (Yorkshire) share the quadrants of Deeters/Teters, the latter in Trump colors and first found in the same place. It's feasible that "Teter" is a Teuta line. Toot-toot, blow the trumpet on this. Note that the Hanna ("ardua") cross is almost the Vise/Vice / Eustace cross.

The Stagg chevron is that also of Demys/Dumais' whose LeMET/LeMAIT variations might show evidence of Meath / Muth connections. The blue Demy chevron is alone, without symbols upon or around it, as is the blue one of Tuttys/Totys. "Demy" is the only thing I can think of filling the "demi" code of heraldry, and we saw a "demi-man" with Wissmans / Waxmans, which is extra evidence that Demys should be using the Tutty chevron (since Wissmanns were practically clinched from Vis). The Tutty chevron is in use with Tuttle's/Toothills, but the latter's is once again in both colors of the Stagg chevron. The Demy / Tutty chevron is in both colors of the same of stag-using Hands.

Pinnes was a child when first a king, and his domain was looked after by Demy-like Demetrius. It's very possible that Demetrius liners merged with Massey / Maid liners to explain some of the Demy variations. There may have been other Pinnes'.

The Second Illyrian War was a short campaign in which the Romans restored the balance of power they had created at the end of the First Illyrian War, ten years earlier. The First Illyrian War had seen the Romans intervene on the east coast of the Adriatic to prevent the kingdom of the Ardiaei becoming too powerful

The regent of the kingdom, Queen Teuta, had been deposed, but had been left with some possessions. The infant king Pinnes had remained on the Illyrian throne, although the Illyrians had been forced to renounce all claims to Corcyra, Pharos, Issa and Epidamnus. They had also agreed not to sail south of Lissus (now on the Albanian coast) with more than two unarmed ships. Finally Demetrius of Pharos, an ally of the Illyrians who had quickly changed sides when the Romans appeared, was rewarded with some possessions.

It would be Demetrius who triggered the Second Illyrian War. In the aftermath of the first war he married Triteuta, the mother of Pinnes, and became Regent of the Ardiaei. This made him the most powerful figure on the eastern shores of the Adriatic, but he was still officially a friend of Rome.

...Demetrius himself escaped [the Roman invasion], and took refuge with Philip V of Macedonia where he soon established himself as one of Philip's most important advisers, and probably played a major part in forming the alliance between Philip and Hannibal that would trigger the First Macedonian War (215-205 BC).

One might expect some Macedonian elements in a bloodline from Demetrius. It would not be a wonder if it linked to the line of king Cassander (Macedonia) to queen Nysa of Cappadocia, or to Artemidoros. Both of these lines are expected to have merged with the Maccabee line to Cetis. Casano's/Cassandra's were first found in Modena. Note that while Demetrius is expected to have been named after mythical Demeter, there is a Demeter surname (ship), first found in the same place as Masseys, and listed with DeMere's. Demetrius was a pirate. The Demeters/Demere's are said to have held land from the Venables', and the latter share the double bars of Morinis' (i.e. same place as Cassandra's). The Venables Crest is the red wyvern of Drake's, the latter first found in the same place as English Cassane's/Cassandra's. The Venables motto suggests connection to Bullis, near Fier county, down-river from the Dexaroi at Antipatria/Antipater, this place very suspect with king Antipater, Cassander's father. The tail of the Drake wyvern dragon looks like its code for 666. Why do Bullis' use the same star as Vere's?

Buckle's use the "temere" motto term too, suspect with Demere's, the latter first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Buckleys. Buckle's were first found in the same place as Jay-using Davers, and Jays of De Gai are suspect with the buckle-using Guys, traceable from Guy of Spoleto (same place as Grazio's) to buckle-using Spoltons/Spauldings of elite Cheshire elements.

Some Demy variations could potentially have formed from the Mate/Mathy/MATTEI surname (same Coat as Manders, first found in Devon, same as English Pine's). It's notable that Maids/Mauds share bars gemel with Wassa's while "gemel" is highly suspect with Maccabees from Israel's Gamala. The first five Maccabee brothers had Mattathias as father, which is a version of the Matthew / Mattis surname, and Mate's/Mattei's (Stacey saltire?) are said to have had a branch in Ardennes/Marne, making them very connectable to French Pine's, first found in Limousin, a place named by Lemnites (of Lemnos). The ancient Myrina capital of Lemnos is traceable to "Marne," an area of France beside the Meuse theater to which I trace Amazons > Muses, and Lemnos (island off of Mysia) happened to be inhabited by Amazons. Likewise beside Marne is Ardennes, not likely named after "forest," as claimed, but after elements from neighboring Artois i.e. Ardennes was an Ardiaei settlement. In fact, the Pine fesse has cinquefoils, as does the Arden fesse. French Clairs (share besants with Manders and Mate's/Mattie's) were likewise first found in Limousin, and they trace to ancient Clarus (known home of Amazons) near the mouth of the Mander-based Maeander river (now in Turkey).

Artois elements need to trace to Arthurs, Artems and others of Berwickshire, but this latter area was spread north in Scotland to Lothian, location of Musselburgh, no doubt of the namers of Moselle = Little Meuse. And as Metz was of the Moselle are, note how it's much like "Mate/Mattei." Besides, the Metz surname uses besants. Meuse's use patee crosses in the colors of the same of Claptons and Ceraunii-liner Crauns. The Meuse Shield uses almost the Babel bars while Pepin of Landen married Ita of Metz, while either one or both was found with potential ancestry in queen Bebba of Berwickshire. Babels were first found in the same place as English Waxmans, and as Waxmans proved to be of Wallis canton, where Walsers are from, note that Walsers and German Babels both use a two-tailed MeluSINE merMAID, part code, we gather, for the Sine variation of Swans/Sions.

Crauns and English Clare's/Clairs were first found in Suffolk, which suggests a previous Clarus-area link to Coronis elements. I trace Coronis to Chora on Patmos, and wonder whether Chora was named after the Biblical Korah who sought to take Israel away from Moses. I always tend to pair Patmos' Skala with Chora, and as I trace "Skala" to "Scylla," at Messina, that's the location also of Patti to which the Craun patee crosses trace. In this picture, and I take it seriously, Cronus, father of Zeus, may have been named after Korah himself, for as they made a golden calf in the wilderness in another anti-Moses movement, by what coincidence was Cronus' son given a bull symbol? Besides, Moses was named, in my opinion, by a proto-Meuse entity in the royal Hyksos family that "adopted" him, while the Hicks are using a version of the Craun Coat. As Chives'/Shewas' from the Cavii at the Metz-like Mathis river use a version of the Hykes/Hack Coat (has the Meschin / Eden scallops), it speaks for itself. The Meuse patees are half in the colors of the patees of Massena's/Messina's, and the latter are the ones sharing the Zionist stars (both colors) of Urbans for a Messina trace to the Ceraunii on the URBanus. The Metz surname is using an ORB that I find very linkable to Urban liners.

The Aliotta's, first found in Messina, are able to make a Scylla / Skala link to the Ardiaei where Aliotta's are using the Tooth and Letter/Lauder griffin. Lauder is a location between Berwickshire and Musselburgh of Lothian. The Leto's belong to the Letters/Lauders, and they are from mythical Leto at Clarus, mother of ARTemis, who was likely named after an early version of Ardahan at ArARAT (Herodotus claimed that Amazons were first at Thermodon, near Ardahan, before being at the Clarus area). As "Ar" meant mountain, "Ararat" could have meant, "mountain of Arat." This becomes suspect as the proto-Ardiaei. As Clarus was at Caria, let me add that, before the Korah > Cronus theory, and when I had no good idea as to what Cronus traced to, I settled on his naming the Carians, for the line of Zeus on Crete, according to SarpEDON mythology, founded Miletus at the end of the Maeander river. And Musselburgh is near EDINburgh while Edens and Eatons (compare with Hykes'/Hacks) trace well to Messina's ETNa. So, you see, all of God's mortal enemies in Canaan were later settled between Kos and Clarus, with Caria in-between.

Amalekite-suspect Amalthea was part of the Cretan Zeus, and we can reckon that Amalekite blood came over to Caria with the Sarpedon wave. In Ephesus, beside Clarus, there was an essenes bee cult of Artemis, suspect with "meli," the term for "honey" that may have come to depict AMALekites, In the Bible, Amalek was the son of Eliphas, son of Esau. Amalek's mother (Timna) was a sister of Lothian-like Lotan. Myth made Pandareus of Ephesus the father of Aedon of Boiotia, and that latter place had Melia as a honey goddess. As Melia was made married to the founder of Argos, it stands to some reason that Amalekites were early at Argos. The Argos goddess (Io) was given a white-cow symbol, the white Zeus bull, that is. The white color was, probably, from the birth goddess (proto-Leto-suspect Eleuthia) of Crete, responsible for the sacred nine number that went to the Muses, whose chief was Apollo, twin brother of Artemis. This is the cult in never-ending turmoil, from century to century, for which the lightning strikes in Revelation were fashioned. God will give this beast "rest" once and for all, Selah.

And the irony is that Leto is suspect from the Letushites (Genesis 25), birthed by Abraham and Keturah. I reason that God, who beforehand had his end-time Wrath planned for this dragon line, chose Abraham for to produce another son, from another wife, so that Israel might eternally replace the Keturah beast at the demolition of the planet. The Keturah line went to mythical Medea, queen of Coronis-like Corinth, whose chariot had 12 dragons and flew the sky...just like the 12 deer of Santa Claus who invaded the celebrations of Christ for Christmas, seeking to replace Jesus with fantasy and pagan symbolism, including the PINE tree of Attis (her father was Aeetes). This is the never-ending rudeness of the dragon cult, always seeking to upset the glory of God. I've read what seems logical, that mythical Attis named Attica (beside Boiotia), and it just so happens that Medea rode her chariot from Corinth to Attica.

As Mortons / Morte's/Mottins are expected from Modena or Modi'in, the latter being the home of Mattathias, it's notable that German Manders use three, sinister-rising bends in colors reversed from the three Murton bends. Sinister features of heraldry have become suspect with the 666 bloodline (as I call it) to and from Maccabees, making Maccabees proper suspect from the Mucianus surname of Romans (see right-hand symbol of mythical Mucius). It just so happens that the three bends of Manders are identical (sinister direction included) with the marine symbol for six (this Coat obtained from Wikipedia's article on "Six"). Mythical Mucius must have had a right-hand symbol initially, because he lost it. But as he lost it, remaining only with a left = sinister hand, the MUCIANus bloodline, in later times, must have taken a left-hand symbol for itself, for the RasMUSSENs, Massena's and Masci's all use sinister-rising bends (the viewer's right of an heraldic Shield is considered the left side). I reason that the Mus household of the six-suspect Hyksos were ancestral to the Mucianus'.

Rasmussens use the Pepin bend-with fleur, in the colors of the Jeune fleur, and half in the colors of the June fleur. This surname was from Juno, with of Jupiter, and somehow we might expect that Jupiter had been of some Zeus line. Feasibly, "Juno" was named in honor of Ionians, and Io may have been a short-form for Ionians, but I advance another theory, the Juno was from mythical Oeneus of Calydon, himself from "Jonathan" the Levite, one of the anti-Moses rebels. That makes a lot more sense. The Una river, which flowed beside the Urbanus, was also the Oeneus, and as Jupiter-like Japodes (real peoples) were beside the Una, it stands to reason that Jupiter and Juno were codes for peoples at these neighboring rivers. We just draw a line from those rivers to the particular Romans that worshiped Jupiter, noting that the Caesars were traced by myth to Oeneus-like Aeneas. This was the beast chosen by God to sentence the Abraham>Jesus line to death, and to conduct the murder, so that God would have recourse, in due time, to pay the beast back all that it deserves.

Italian Fare's/Ferrari's were first found in Modi'in-suspect Modena, where Moronis' were first found. Spanish Fare's/Faro's (share tower with Murena's) look to be using a Morinis version of the wavy Forman/Ferman bars, and Spanish Varro's are suspect with Aulus Varro Terentius MURENA, whose Wallis-related sister married Mucianus-like Mr. Maecenas. It's making sense.

Fare's/Faro's use "fold flames" in Chief, and while Folds/Fauls use the leaf design of Hazels, the latter were traced to "HASmonean," and to a modern Has location (down the Drin river from the Penestae) that I view as a remnant of the namers of Hasmoneans. The Maeander-river Maenads, all woman, as with Amazons, had a thyrsus rod with a PINE CONE at the end, indicating linkage to the Aeetes>Medea bloodline. Yet, this pine symbol may have named the PENEStae, and king Pinnes. Remember, God has told us that little Pino is of the urination line of Uranus, father of Cronus (Wikipedia's article on Uranus says he could have been named after "urination = rainfall), the latter related mythical Orion was of Boiotia, which is where mythical CadMUS followed a bull when seeking to find his sister, Europa, after she was abducted by the Zeus bull. We get it, the Zeus bull out of TYRE and CRETE ended up in Boiotia, and Argos too. Juts follow the bouncing cow patties from Amalek-suspect Miletus to neighboring Ephesus, then to the Melia cult of Boiotia and Argos. This line was partly from Merops of Kos, grandfather of mythical Aedon of Boiotia, and she was likely the same as mythical Aeson (birthed by mythical TYRO and CRETHeus, we get it), father of king Jason of Corinth, husband of Medea. There you have what looks like certain evidence that Keturah's son, Medan, was of the Zeus cult to mythical Medon of Athens, son of Keturah-like Kodros. It's telling us that Medon was named after Medea elements from Corinth...i.e. Medea was from Medan, son of Keturah, the line that ruled as a Cronus>Zeus entity in Corinth. Later, the wonderful Jesus forms a church in Corinth in spite of its pagan dogs resisting. He's wonderful because he's genuinely happy about saving people from death. Whom did Jesus chose to found the church at Corinth? Paul of TARSus, the city that was named after the Zeus Taurus (i.e. the Taurus mountains near Tarsus, mother of Tyre).

Near / amongst the Japodes was a Tarsatica location, now Rijeka (uses the double-headed Roman eagle). Chives-related Tarvisium is not far off, and Tarvisium-liner Travis' share the scallops of the six-suspect Hykes'/Hacks. Travis' share the scallops also of Biss', and the latter are the best I can do with deciphering the "ibis" goat of WEIShaupts. The Bavarian Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt, now suspect from Vis, and Vis elements of the Pinnes / Teuta kind trace well to the end-time Round Table Illuminati that had the likes of Cecil Rhodes. Both Clinton's and Obama's teams were stacked with Cecil-Rhodes globalists, the stiff-necked Exodus pharaohs of the last days. It's interesting that while "Cecil" is said to be derived from "blind," Paul of Tarsus was made blind before receiving his Commission from Jesus.

So, as John wrote of the 666 from Patmos, off the coast from the mouth of the Maeander, we can start to glean that Maeander-river elements (probably Amazons) were of a 6-loving cults that, in the end times, would make the marine code for 6 to be a version of the Mander Coat. But one can suspect that the right-hand symbol of the Mucius entity was at PatMOS, and that this symbol would be carried to the very last days when the 666 is forced upon people's right hands. It's important to repeat here that the Manders use a version of the Rhodes Coat while the island of Rhodes was not far from the mouth of the Maeander; this helps to clinch Manders from the Maeander river's MAEONIANS. Mattathias was a HasMONEAN, and Rasmussens are also Has-like Assmans / Asmans, partly from Assmannshausen, a location at Rhodes-suspect Rudesheim, itself between the Frankfurt of Rothschilds and Maeonian-possible Mainz (use the wheel as symbol, very suspect with Catherine Roet). Frankfurt is on the Main river. The Main surname uses a dart as code for Dardanians of the Dart kind, but Mains also share the unicorn with Rasmussens. My guess is that German Mains were Harcourts and Manners/Maness' in Pomerania.

The naming of Cecil Rhodes is very-much related to this discussion, for Cecils use the Coronis-suspect motto, "COR UNUM via UNA," which even includes what appears to be code for Una-river elements. The motto was found to be part-code for Correns because both surnames use black escutcheons. The SIX Cecil escutcheons are in the format of the six Tarves / Clinton fitchees. Correns, first found with Corrys/Currys in WATERford (where the Trump stag head is used), share two white wings in Crest with the Weis and Wies Crests. It's asking whether Water liners were Wass / Weis liners. The Coronis-suspect Crauns were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as same-colored Deise's/Diss whom are in-turn in the motto of this Arms of Waterford. Corrons/Corrona's (Cheshire, same place as Meschins that share the Biss scallops) use a reflection of the Curtis/Cortes Coat (suspect with Curtus Maccabee), both in Court/Covert colors, and the latter use the six pale bars of Meuse's (the latter are the ones with the Craun patees). It bears repeating here that Courts and their Grand/Grant kin can be gleaned as kin of Orange's, suspect with Orne's and therefore with Herons/Haverans, the line from Avaran Hachorani Maccabee. Grands/Grants share the three gold crowns of Grand-like Correns and Curtis'.

Here are the Grand-colored Carrens. As Carrens share the the Shield-and-Chief colors of Dutch Puttens, it's a good bet that we are on PATmos' Chora liners. As PATTersons/Cassane's use the white camel head of Carrens, we can now trace Patmos liner to the namers of Antipatria, for Pattersons trace to Antipatria with certainty, as do their branch, the Kilpatricks, first found in the same place as Scottish Puttens/Patents. The other Patents use the Shield of Schole's that show a Scayle variation...from Skala on Patmos, right? SCHOLfields use bulls. The Patent motto includes "culpa" as code for the Colps/Cope's from the Colapis/Kupa river, the river of Japodes. I was blind, but now am saved. Cecil Rhodes remained blind. I win, he loses. All of the Zeus lovers lose, bitterly, painfully, and I win already, gloriously. On whose side will you choose to be?

Is the world giving your truly any thanks for making these discoveries? Never mind, God has a heart big enough to be thankful, and we together have a job to do, together, in ruining the stupids of this world. God would not cause me to spend as much time as I have, on this project, if there were not going to be any fruit. I will rejoice at the downfall of the stupids, no matter how painful. I will not have pity. If not for Jesus, I would have become a prime stupid. I was well on my way. And stupids go about making other stupids, twice the sons of Hell as they are. It's a ravaging disease on the body of mankind, which knows no pity. Is it a small matter when the ruling stupids set out to kill / jail / diminish / abuse the people of God in efforts to cause God pain? It is convenient of God to speak this revelation through events and dreams in my life, for rulers that get hold of my material, upon reading these things, will consider me a kook. Perfect. When God does things, they are perfect, with deeper meaning than we at first realize.

The Meaux location (Yorkshire) of Meuse's/Meux's reminds that the Lemieux/Meux surname (variations much like those of Demys/Lemets) share the giant, white unicorn with Rasmussens, perfectly expected. The LeMieux unicorn is in the colors of the LeMUTH/Mothe surname (Lorraine = Moselle theater), which itself shares the tower of Spanish Fare's/Faro's. Although many other surnames use this tower, Fare's/Faro's figure well here because the Rasmussen unicorn is used also by Fire's/Furs/Feuerers. LeMuths recall the WassMUTH variation of Wissmanns and Waxmans. Lemieux's are in Cavett colors, and first found in the same place (see also Picards), thus linking to Ceva liners i.e. suspect with Mathis-river Cavii. In fact, while Luisa of Ceva is in the giant Lois ostrich, it's in the colors of the giant Lemieux unicorn. the

If we compare "Wassmann" to Assmanns, we can glean that Rasmussens were out of Vis too. It just so happens that WEISbaden is very near Rudesheim / Assmannshausen. This is the guts of the Rothschilian bankers, from Vis and the Ardiaei thereof. Compare the Pinton/Bointon motto and Coat to that of Harcourts, the latter a branch of Hare's and therefore potentially of the Here's and Herzogs that share blue wings with Bauers (the first Rothschild was a Mr. Bauer of Frankfurt). As German Mains were first found in the area (essentially southern Denmark) of the first Deeters/Teters, the fleur of Deeter-suspect Meaths could be the same of German Hairs. I see Bellamy-Maceys and Harveys in German Hairs, and Bellamys were of Garvey-related Perche, beside Maine (Mains share the double chevrons of Garveys and Perche's). The same fleur as used by Hairs are those of Browns, from Brunswick elements, which can explain why Brunswicks share the Pinton/Bointon lion. Harcourts were Danes, expected from Danaan of Rhodes.

A Mander motto phrase is shared by Oliphant-related Arbuthnotts, and Oliphants (same crescent as Tute's) trace to the Elaphiti islands near Pharia. We can guess that the Elaphiti islands were taken at some point by the Ardiaei, explaining why ArBUTHnotts were kin of BOTHwells that use a PINE tree. The boy pulling the pine tree down may do with the Pintons/BOIntons. We can estimate that the heraldic elephant is code for Oliphants, and we saw elephant trunks in the Crests of Wissmanns/Wassmanns and Waxmans. Perfect.

We might now want to know why Rights/Wrights (same place as Artems / Arthurs), from the 666 entity of Wheelwrights, share the blue-and-white checks with Massi's/Mattis'. Note the Morton- / Murton-like motto ("Meritez") of Rights, for Murtons (Devon, same place as English Pine's) were Meretone's. It could appear that a Right surname developed as per this secret 6 "god" worshipped throughout the ages, suspect with a Hyksos line to the term, "hex." The Zionist star is a six-pointed hexagram. Murtons and Rights are in Meriton/Morrington colors.

ROTHschilds can be expected from the namers of Rhodes, but Rothes are now fully expected from the RUEDesheim/Rudesheim location of Germany, and with the Rudes', first found in the same place (Salop) as Rothes' (Ruedesheim is a Roet entity). I now trace "Salop" with the Sleeps/Slepe's to the Selepitanoi, smack at the southern Ardiaei theater. The Sleeps are suspect with a version of the Dart and Pine Coast, and Darts (Devon again) are from the Dardanian partners of the Ardiaei, and it's royal-Dardanian blood that, in my current claim, birthed Mattathias Hasmonean. The Arms of Rothschild share an "Industria" motto term with Wachs'/Walchts, and the latter were looked up as per Wax-like Wissmann variations. Later, the Wies' (not "Weis") were loaded, who not only share the white Weis wings (Bauers use wings), but the star and fesse of Wachs'/Walchts. Perfect.

The Wachs/Walcht Coat (shares green Crest with Close's/Clovse's) can be a fesse version of a Macey Coat, but it can be more-closely a version of the Close/Clovse Coat , for while the latter are very traceable to Closeburn, home of the Dumfries-shire Kilpatricks, the Wachs'/Walchts were first found in Dumfries-shire. Click over to German Wachs'/Wachoveski's (Silesia, same as Wies' and Roet-related Karens) to see a version of the Hanna Crest, but as this latter Wachs surname is clearly Polish, as are Trabys, note that the Close/Clovse Coat is likely using the gold-striped, black hunting horn in this Arms of Traby (the three strings look like code for 666).

The Wrights/Rights are likely a branch of Roet-related Rita's, both out of Rieti, and this now makes plain that Piast the Wheelwright of Poland, a mythical character of the Roet bloodline, was from Rieti elements (Wheelwrights use the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet). The Wheelwright Coat is broken into SIX sections, which is what Tate's do too, whom are suspect in the "diTAT" motto term of Wachs'/Walchts. Ruedesheim was traced solidly to Avezzano's (another rose on stem), and they were definitely a branch of the namers of Avesnes' (in/beside Artois), for the Hainaut rulers of Avesnes were merged maritally with rulers of Champagne. But here we can add that Mate's/Mathys/Mattei's were first found in Champagne while Wrights/Rights must link to Massi's/Mattis'.

Next, after we speculate that a Rieti line of the Mucius kind came to form the Right surname, and seeing that the Traby-suspect Close's are using the Macey Shield, we go to the Weights, for they use the Traby / Close horn too, and they are beloved in the so-called "weights" in the Dexter Crest. While "dexter" means "right hand," the Dexters did not begin with such a name, but were from the Dexaroi at Antipatria, exactly where the Kilpatricks of Closeburn trace. And the Kilpatrick dagger is not only code for the Dexaroi, but it's shared by Comyns (same Coat as Avesnes-branch Avisons), from Kuman in Fier county, important because Fiers (and white-wing Apps/Abbs) were first found in the same place as English Waxmans (Fier is on the Apps-like Apsus river). Dexters are suspect with a version of the Huck Coat, and six-suspect Hucks share blue chevrons with Huckabys who in-turn use "Asclepios rods", relevant because ASCLepios (Skala suspect) was a son of Coronis. Here is some ancient mythology: ""[Ascalaphus] betrayed the fact that Persephone had eaten a pomegranate in the underworld, something that she was forbidden to do. Ascalaphus was punished by being turned into an owl." The Kilpatrick Crest has the "dexter paw" of a lion on the head of a dragon.

The Biss Chief appears to be using a form of an Asclepios rod, and while there is such a thing as an Ascalephus owl species, Biss' (share white scallops with Apps'/Abbs') were first found in the same place as owl-using Gastons. The latter share scallops with Biss', but use them in gold, the color of the Dagger scallops. Note that German Daggers/Decks use a reflection of the Ice/Ecke Coat, the latter a potential Issa liner. Biss' use "snakes respecting EACH other," and Each's may be a branch of Ecke's. Note that the Icke's are listed with the Tout-loving, Craun-suspect Hicks, in Arthur colors because Hicks of Clapton married the Hicks there. Six-loving Hyksos descendants were at Issa, weren't they?

Gastons are much like the Gasson variation of Wassa's, and while Gascony was founded by Basques that lived at Biscay, the VISconti's used a green snake originally, called a Biscone. The Biss snakes are themselves green, the color of the Kilpatrick dragon, and Biss' share white scallops with Pattersons/Cassane's, which is now making a Dexaroi link to Issa = Vis. Lest you've forgotten, Biss' are suspect with the ibis of WEIShaupts, making "Biss" suspect as a Vis variation. Therefore, if correct, the Asclepios / Coronis cult was on Vis as well as at Patmos, and the Ardiaei pirates at Vis apparently picked this disease up and brought it to the feet of Cecil Rhodes, but not before establishing the world-control cult of Adam Weishaupt, a slippery Jewish fink. Thomas Jefferson wrote that Adam Weishaupt was just a fine man, and Jefferson's America was establish in the same year as Adam's Illuminati.

It had been resolved that Baths are using a version of the Artem/Aiton Coat, and that Baths with Battins/Batons together should prove to be from Bato, a Dardanian, brother of Monunius II. The latter's daughter married a king of the Ardiaei, Gentius, suspect with "Ghent," part of the environs around Artois. The Wex variation of Waxmans had me looking at the Ecke-like Wecks'/Wicks, to find the three axes of Battins/Batons, apparently, but the Crest should belong also to Decans and Deacons, who both use a colors-reversed version of the Bath Coat. Long before coming to the Dardanians, I had traced Deacons / Decans to Decani, in Kosovo, which turns out to be the Dardanian theater.

Wecks'/Wicks (Vise/Vise colors) were first found in the same place (Surrey) as owl-using Gastons (same place as Biss'), and this latter surname could be a branch of the Yatton (think "Gatton") entity in the Wecks/Wick write-up. In any case, Gastons (Wassa/Gace/Gasson colors) use the owl probably for the Kos owl cult of ancient Edom, for there is a Kos island near Rhodes, and here we just touched upon KOSova. On top of that, the Oliphants, suspect in the Waxman elephant trunks, are suspect from Eliphas, son of Esau, king of ancient Edom. Esau and his Edom had a red theme that could have named Rhodes. I trace Rhodes to the Redones of France that made up Merovingian Franks, and while the first king of the Merovingians had a son, Clovis, whom has been resolved with the Clovse variation of Close's, Merovee, the mythical character after which Merovingians named themselves, was from "Merops," mythical king of Kos. Pandareus, Merops' son, was made (by the myth writer) the king of Ephesus, smack at Clarus. We can glean the Ardiaei-of-Vis link to the Dardanians of Decani / Kosovo. In going down the White Drin, Kosovo elements would have found the proto-Pendragon PENEStae, who look like they named king Pinnes, explaining why king Arthur was made the son of Pendragon (compare Pendragons to the Dragon surname (both use helmets) with a Drainer variation looking like it's from "Drin").

Mythical Orion raped Merope, meaning that Orion (and his father, Hyrieus) in Boiotia was directly related to queen Aedon of Boiotia. Trace this to the Aedui peoples of Autun in France. "There are several references to Hyrieus as the father of Orion that connect him to various places in Boeotia, including Hyria; this may well be the original story (although not the first attested), since Hyrieus is presumably the eponym of Hyria. He is also called Oeneus, although he is not the Calydonian Oeneus." Yes, but the two were the same entity in different places.

Open up, Pendragon, your helmet, for Someone wants to urinate in your mouth. Drink up, chief dragons, your reward. For a long time, much sooner than my personal discovery of the Penestae, I've been claiming that Pendragon and his bastard son were Merovingian blood in Britain. Clovis' mother (Basina) has been traced to Bassania, near the mouth of the MATHIS river, the river to which I trace the naming of Mattathias Hasmonean. The Penestae were at the sources of the Mathis river, and perhaps all along it too. King Arthur was born from GorLOIS (see the Lois' of Artois), part code for Luisa of Ceva, from a location traceable to the Cavii at the Mathis river. For those not yet knowing, Mathis' share the Chives moline.

Let's go back to the Mate's/Mathys/Mattei's, for they are the ones using the Mander Coat (with besants as code for the Bassania bloodline), and Manders (Kos/Kosinski colors) were from the Kos theater, we may safely assume. The Maenads, whom I alone identify from the Maeander, apparently, were given a madness / insane symbol. You will find this often where Maenads and Dionysus are in myths. In Italian, madness is "matto." Matincidence? There must have been some Matt-like people group amongst Maeonians who ended up at the Mathis (now the Mat). German Matts (Jeune / Rasmussen fleur?) share the tall and curved solid chevron with VISconti's, and Gaston-like Gusts use a similar chevron.

Pendragons share the OPEN helmet with Mynetts, and the latter use three helmets in colors reversed from the same of Dragons/Drainers. Mynetts are from Amyntes, father of ARTEMidoros, the line to Hasmonean-suspect and Assman-like Akmonia (Severus Bassus of Akmonia was a grandson of Artemidoros). The curved, solid chevron is used also by OPENheimers (HEXagram), suspect with the open helmets, and "Heimer" may have been play on the Maccabee hammer symbol. The MacArthur and Mathie crown is in the Openheimer Coat (Mathie colors), moreover, and they are in the colors of the Grand crowns while Grands were beloved of Courts/Coverts that trace well to Curtus Maccabee. The Mathie motto and lion are suggesting the Faucets, the latter said to be from Musselburgh, and then Faucets use the same lion as Welsh Matts/Matthews. Doesn't this picture all look like it comes from Matthathias Hasmonean, father of all Maccabees?

Scottish Mathie's (blue wings) use the three chevrons of Clare's in colors reversed, and Claro-liner Sinclairs were in Roslin, near Musselburgh. The Sinclair cross is probably a version of the Mathis / Chives cross, for proto-Mathis' are expected at the Maeander, which flows near Clarus. Nearby Miletus is suspect in the motto of Tooks/Toque's, and the latter share a solid chevron in the colors of the same of Openheimers. The Gace variation of Wassa's named Gace on the Touques river, near Lisieux, the latter possibly from Lissus in the Cavii theater, and neat the mouth of the Mathis. As I identify the Chives cats with the Tail(er) lions, note that Mathie's are also said to be of KinTAIL. The Tail(er) lions are three in pale in the colors of the three, pale scallops of Biss'. Tailers have been traced well to the Tilurius river, near Vis. See map:

Recall the Carrens/Carrons (share camel with Pale's), for Mathie's are said to be from LochCARRON. This looks like a Carian line with the matto symbol of Maenads. French Carrons even share the besants (both colors) of Toques' (with an 's') and the Severus-suspect Savarys/Savards. This Carron Coat (shares fretty with Caens) appears as a blend between the Meuse and Metz Coats. Carrons are said to be from the Caen of Orne theater.

Karens/Kerns (i.e. much like "Carren") use a sleeping moon as code for the Carian moon goddess, and her ever-sleeping partner, at LatMUS, smack beside Clarus. The Sitlers/Schitners, first found in the same place as Roet-related Karens/Kerns , must be sharing the Faucet lion because Faucets were first found in the same place as Sittens/Seatons (probably use the Kilpatrick dragon). And Sitlers/Schitners use the trefoils of Ice's/Ecke's (Rostock) too. Compare the latter with Edge's/Eggs (Mathie colors), a match, suggesting that Issa elements named the Adige river, or were at least merged with an Adige branch. TREFoils are suspect with Trips/Treffs, the earliest known living near Rostock, and moreover Trips use a "SCALING ladder," suspect both with Skala liners, and with the Letters/Lauders of the Lothian area. Latters are in Edge / Ice/Ecke / Latin colors, bringing LATmus to mind. In this picture, we trace Latmus Carians to Patmos, then to Vis, then through Visconti's to Wisharts/Guiscards (share piles with Latters), the latter first found in the same place as Scone's...smacking (new realization) of the biSCONE snake of Visconti's!

To identify Karens/Kerns with the Ceraunii on the Urbanus, they use a sinister bend made up partly of the Urban hexagrams. Their sleeping moon is that of German Roets, likely from Rhodes elements, and these Roets were first found in Thuringia, same as Basina, mother of Clovis, wife of Childeric. Then, Childs use the same eagle as Edge's/Eggs, as well as the eagle of Lorraine's, the latter linkable to Musselburgh liners. The LeMUTHs of Lorraine use the tower of Scone's. and Scone's use the white-on-blue hexagram of OpenHEIMERs. Then, while Faucets were at FOXside, suspect with the Seaton-related Side's and Sutys, Heimers use foxes. This works well because Faucets are in the motto of Mathie's (Openheimer colors) who in turn share the crown design of Openheimers. Moreover, the other OPENheimers (PENdragon suspects) share the sphinx with Hips' (Apsus-river liners) that in turn use a version of the Dagger/Deck, and therefore the Ice/Ecke, Coat. The Sutys who share a "HAZard" motto term of Seatons/Sittens also use "nothing," while Nothings (same dragon as Seatons) are NORTHerns while Denardo's/NORDI's (same lion as dragon-loving Norths) use the Scone / LeMuth tower too.

I've tried again and again to figure out what Matt entity was in Caria, but nothings clicks off-hand.

Here is a new find, thanks to seeking Meuse/Meux kin. First, let's re-cap: the Astikas' that married Traby elements in Vilnius trace excellently to Astakos of Calydon. Mythical Oeneus of Calydon was joined to mythical Meleager, king of Calydon, and the latter had become suspect with JJ Tolkien's Melkor character. MELEager is likely of Melia and therefore from Amalekites, the latter partners to some degree with the Kenites married by Moses, and thus expected to join with Jonathan the pagan Levite of Laish, who traces to Daphne at her Ladon river, but then Daphne was code for Taphians living at one time in the Astakos area of Calydon. The first point is that while "Vilnius" traces well to "Vilaine," in Brittany, the Shield-and-Chief colors of Vilains is that also of French Mauks, and neither use symbols (their Coats are identical). The second point is that Mauks list with Melkor-like Melgers! Amazing, for it suggests that Tolkien had a Melger line in mind, but here it can be proven that his evil Melkor was from Meleager. There are a multitude of Melger variations beginning with "Mel." The MelGEIL variation suggests the Geils/GaillARDs/GayARTs, first found in Brittany, and with plates in Vilain colors.

Having said that, Oeneus' elements at the Ladon river were of mythical OenoMAUS, much like "MAUK" and "Meuse/Meux." The "Guilles and MAUGers" phrase in the write-up of Majors, whom are said to have had a Malgor variation, looks related to Mauks/Melgers. Austrian Melkers/Melcore's could be using the Massey fleur, but as it's also the giant Alba fleur, note that Alba is a location along the Tanaro while Tanners use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Vilaine / Mauks/Melgers. The other Tanners share the pine cone with Maschi's, and this, though code for Pine's and Cone's / Conte's, may yet trace to the pine cone at the end of the thyrsus rod of Maenads. The Melker fleur is used by Lys'/LISSE's from Lissus, suspect with "Laish." This now gives reason to trace the Matt-crazy entity of Maenads to the Laish / Lasonii line to Ladon-river elements. Lasonii, suspect from the Lazona area of Colchian Lazi (same place as mythical Aeetes / Medea), were either on or near the Maeander, and expected to be part of the Aeetes=Attis entity in Phrygia.

When I urinated on Pino, my parents shared the rental of a house with Taff liners, and Mr. Taff's first name was Pepin. Pepins and RasMUSSens share the same fleur as Yonge-beloved Jeune's, the latter from the Oeneus river, and therefore from Oeneus in the land of Calydon. Taphincidence? Taffs use the Mieske/Mesech arm, I assume. Pepins trace, in my opinion, between Apepi/Apophis, king of Hyksos, and Paphlagonia i.e. the Phrygia theater. That's why Pepins use Massey-line symbols, because the Hyksos were proto-Massey liners. The Orins, suspect with Orion liners, share the lozenges of Schole's/Scayle's, and the latter's annulet is that also of Yonge's, the latter using the Shield-and-Chief colors of Vilains / Mauks/Melgers. The other Yonge's, the ones with "jeune" motto term, use roses in the colors of those in the Major Chief.

The Shock-in-Lamp Event

I recall many events at that house, between the ages of about three and five. One of the most-vivid memories was reaching high into the socket of a lamp with one finger, without its light bulb, and feeling a tingling sensation that I rather liked (the electrical supply in that old house may have been 60-amp service or less). But when I went back to do it again on another day, holding the finger too long, it hurt, and I didn't try it again. Still, it was enough to have me look up (only now) the Shocks to find them listed with Shechemite-liners Shake's/Shakerleys (amazing "coincidence"). Shake's were resolved with Kenite liner Conans that use the fleur of June's (same place as Jeune's). Conans were likely a branch of Cone's / Conte's, you see, and Shechemites were anciently of the Kenites / Amalekites. The ANTLers of Cone's and Conte's are for ANTALya, home of Pisidians (from Tyrian Poseidon) that named Pisa in the land of Daphne / Taphians. One could expect some Amazons in Pisa to return to the Antalya area in time for Plancia Magna at Perga, right beside Antalya. Her mother was a priestess of an Artemis cult. Plancia was from the very Maccabee line that married royal Cetis.

Therefore, the pine cone of Maenads (many centuries BC) can be expected with Kenites in relation to Clarus on the Caria-Lydia border. Conans (one branch uses the Sinclair cross) were first found in the same place as Irish Kennedys that were from Kennati priests, and Kenites were called Kenetides by Josephus, he being very related to the Maccabee line at Cetis, home of the Kennati. The Cetis surname uses a lily, part of the Laish > Lys/Lisse line. For new readers, this lily symbol was code for Lille, a location near the Lys river to Ardiaei-suspect Ghent. Compare the Conan cross to that of Arrows while reading the Arrow write-up, noting that Arrows use fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from those of Jeune's. Assume Jeune's and June's from Junia Caepionis, noting also the colors of the crescent (same as Tute's and Pino's, for example) of Chapmans, the latter first found in the same place as June's, Jeune's, Capone's and Julians i.e. making one of the three Junia Caepionis' suspect as a daughter of Julius Caesar, for he had an affair with their mother.

French Conte's (same place as Mauks/Melgers) use the Pine crescents in colors reversed, tending to explain why "pine cone" can be used as code for that line. Urin-like Orins use the Shield of Schole's/Scayle's while the latter share the black Julian cross, and where Orells and Ore's are from the Aurelia bloodline that named Caesar's mother, she becomes an Orion-line suspect. Her surname, Cotta, was first found in the same place as French Conte's. It's a little interesting that the capital of the Cottians (made an alliance with Julius Caesar) was at Sheck-like SEGusia.

See also the Caepio-suspect lion of Schicks/Schickels (same place as Schutz's), like the Shick variation of Shake's; compare with the Pisa lion, perfect for tracing Shechemites through Grecian Pisa.

German Shocks (Switzerland) use a MAN as likely code for Maeander liners. The Schoch variation suggests the Shoe's/Schuchs and potent-liner Skits / Sheets. Issa liners became suspect with the "issuing" term, and the Shocks happen to use "The man issuing from the torse." Shoe's/Schuchs use "a knight issuing from the knees," which recalls that, while my mother was down visiting Mrs. Taff, I was falling on my knees, and because she laughed, I did it again and again, until it hurt too much. Why do I remember that? Mauks/Melgers are suspect from Meleager, from the land of Taphians, and I expect Shechemites primarily with the people of ancient Daphne, about two miles from Laish. That white tower we just saw is in use by the torse-like Tors'/Tours, first found in the same place as same-colored Conte's. Mythical Daphne was made the grand-daughter of mythical Everes (the "shepherd seer"), code for the Avaris (the capital of the Hyksos, the so-called "Shepherd kings"), where Apepi ruled...who traces to Pepins, right? And why do Mens-loving Pepins share the Jeune fleur? Does it predict the French Jeune's (Auvergne) are using the Mens Shield in colors reversed?

As Tors'/Tours were first found in the same place as Cotta's, it's interesting that while Orrels use a version of the Saxon Coat (both first found in Languedoc-like Lancashire), "Saxon" is much like "Scone." It's the Scone's that share the Tors tower in both colors. The Cottians ruled beside the SEQUANi, making them suspect with the Saxon surname (CHAPlets, makes perfect Junia-Caepionis sense), and thus providing evidence that Orells were AURelia-Cotta liners. French Jeune's were first found in the same place as same-colored Bouillons, which was AUVergne, a term that begins with "AUR," we can deduce. The Scone Coat happens to use the same hexagram as Goths/GOTHELs while Godfrey de Bouillon was a great-grandson of GOTHELO. The Godfreys use a SCEPTer while Saxons show as SEPTons. Now we have their secret over there at Boulogne. The first king of Templar Jerusalem was of Junia Caepionis. His name was Baldwin, and then the Baldwin surname uses a Jeune-like "Je n'" phrase buried in the motto.

The "pas" motto term of Baldwins should be for the Pass variation of Pascals (could be the Bouillon cross in colors reversed), who should be using the Lampert/Lambert lamb, and possibly the Levi lion. The Pass/Pascal cross is identical, aside from background color, with the Eustace (and Burgh) cross. The Pasi's/Pascels are a separate surname first found in Boulogne-like Bologna, and while both of these places had the alternative name, Bononia, that version appears likely to be in the motto of Ore's, for Ore's were first found in the same place as Paisley that traces well to "Pasi." It all explains why Ore's and Orells share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne. Yes, and that makes Junia Caepionis traceable to Aurelia Cotta, as expected. I see it as very feasible that Julius Caesar gave one Junia Caepionis in marriage to the royal Cottians, and this may have been the Junia that furnished Joseph Caiaphas. The Cottian king, Cottius, had a son, Vestalis, and then Wessels/Wastells/GASTells happen to share the garbs of English Josephs and the Comine's. Suddenly, Vestalis becomes suspect from a Vis line of a Wassa-like kind.

Rudes' use a horse in the colors of the Assman uniCORN (a horse), and Corns share the chevron of Capone's while the UNIcorn is suspect as part code for the Una river of Juno. That tends to trace Oeneus-liner Levites to Akmonia, but also to Rudesheim. You can't help but notice that while Bouillons are in Jeune colors, the Chappes Moor head is in the Bouillon Crest, but as Levi's (and Lys') were first found in the same place as Chappes', the Pass/Pascal lion becomes suspect with the Levi / Capone lion. The Rudes' are expected with Assmans, and the latter share the Pepin bend with fleur and therefore the Jeune fleur. Perfect.

As Conte's are expected in ruling over Comines, note that German Wessels use another antler (Wassa-star colors) that should link to the Conte antler. Conte's were first found in Durham while the Durham surname uses the same stars as Aurelia's. Durhams even use a good reflection of the Belli Coat while these Belli's (Moor head) are obviously in the Bouillon motto. Durhams use the same stars as Morays while Belli's were first found in Moray. Figure on a Rudes trace to the Rothes castle (Morayshire) of Peter Pollock, who lived in the same place as Ore's, yet he had earlier been from Salop, where Baldwins and Rudes' were first found. Excellent, thank you heraldry. By what coincidence do Durhams uses a Cotta-like "acuta" motto term? To clinch the Bouillon link to Durhams, the latter use the Weir/Vere fesse while Bouillons use a "vero belli" motto phrase. The Ruedesheim-liner Roets share the gold boar with Were's/Vere's.

It was resolved that the Wessel Chief used the colors of the Rudes', and with the latter first found in the same place as Baldwins, it's a good reason to suspect the Rudes cross as a version of the same-colored Bouillon cross (Assman colors). It's easy to seen why the Rudes cross is that of Fessys / Taffs, for Fessys -- with a VESSey variation -- were of the Fieschi of Genova, where the Doria's were first found that married Arduinici. The latter had a branch at the Bautica river. This makes Vestalis suspect from a Fessy branch around the Bautica, and tends to reveal that Wessels and Wissels (Fessy colors) were Fessy liners...probably an Ardiaei-of-Vis line. German Wissels even use the wing design of Genova's/Geneva's (and Bauers). I see an arm with fist between these wings.

Westons, said to be from Orne -- perfect where German Wessels use a "horn" -- are thus suspect with the Doria eagle. Doria's are said to have derived in "de Auria," and may therefore have furnished the Aurelia name for Caesar's mother, especially as the Doria eagle can be a one-headed version of the Roman eagle. Doria's may therefore have named DURham, but as Durhams was previously DUNholme, it may explain why the Genova wings are upside-DOWN, for Dunn liners were also Douns/Downs and Dunhams/Downhams. Dunns use two spread eagles, one of them with two heads, and colors reversed from the spread Weston eagle. The Weston write-up doesn't tell why Mr. Bailleul of Orne is in the write-up, but we can thereby see that the Dunn eagle is that of Balancors/Balance's, which tends to confirm that Balancors were Bailleuls / Baliols.

Baliols (Northumberland, home of Sword-liner Siward) not only share the white-on-black sword with Fesch's/Factors/WACHtors/Vechters (Vis suspects), but are said to have been of Harcourt while Harcourts and their Hair branch can be gleaned as Dunham kin. This helps to clinch the Dunn eagle with the Balancor eagle, and then while Duns is a location in Berwickshire, the Scotts, said to be of a royal Baliol family, are said to have been at the Teviot area of Berwickshire. As per BalanCOR, it's interesting that Cors/LeCourts use a sinister bend in the colors of the Scott / Terras bend while one Dunn Coat uses sinister buckles, as do the Spoltons/Spauldings (SIX-sectioned Shield) said to be from Ranulph le Meschin. The Baliols use the same chevron as Cor-like Corns. While Scotts use almost the Eustace stag, Terras' (same Shield as Scotts) use the Stacey stag, which recalls that Dunbars had a branch at Wigton while the stags of the Wigton Hanna's link to the Stagg stag and therefore to Staceys. In the meantime, the Doun//Down stag is colors reversed from the Hanna stag.

It strikes me here that the Scott motto, Amo, can be for the l'Amy variation of Lamps/Lambie's, though there are two Amy surnames that could apply, one first found in Cornwall (location of Tintagel, same place as same-colored Wassa's) and said to birth Cotton Amy from John Cotton. The other Amys (in Cotton colors) were first found in the same place as Cotta's/Cottons. It appears that my finger in the lamp is directly responsible for this discovery of Cotta liners to Lamps. English Cottons can thus be suspect with the chevron of French Lamberts (and Billiards/Billets). English Cottons use HANKs of cotton while Hanks use the six bends of PAGANs/Paganells in colors reversed. What's that telling us about Templar ancestry in Miss Cotta?

I've just realized a new thing while crossing Siward of Northumberland. The Sewards are using the ermined chevron of Pine's (same place as Sewards), and this is the chevron also of Singletarys, for Siward was a Mieszko liner, as was Obama's Singletary>Dunham line. It has been resolved that the Singletary chevron is that of Lamperts/Lamberts (same as the Pine / Seward chevron), whom we just saw linking to Bouillon's / Baldwin's family. It's therefore notable that the Aurelia stars are used by French Lamberts, and moreover there are two white stars in both the Aurelia and Sweet Chiefs. Sweets, first found beside Pine's, and in the colors of Wissels (same place as Sweets), were from Swietoslawa, daughter of Mieszko I. I can't recall whether she was mother to Mieszko II Lambert.

Obama's mother was a Payne liner while Payne's share the Wissel lions, and while Pine's were also "Pyne." It suggests rather strongly that Hugh de Payens, first grand master of Templars in the time of king Baldwin of Jerusalem, was from king Pinnes, which may explain why the Belli chevron is that also of Demetrius-suspect Demys. Payne's share the broken spear with Singletarys, and spears are a Pasi/Pascel symbol.

It should be added that while Payne's share the GIFFARd motto, Balancor- / Dunn-related Westons are said to be of Orne, where I would trace the horn of Weston-suspect Wessels. While Giffards (same place as Pine's) are in the Wear/Were write-up, and while Wears/Were's were from the same place as Wissels / Sweets, there is a Wear river at Durham. Wears/Were's share the crozier with Lamps, making it more certain that all things here were of Lamperts. Moreover, while Payens/Pagans were first found in dolphin-depicted Dauphine, Durhams use twin dolphins. Giffars were also Giffers while Ivers/Eure's (share "quam" with Giffards), who share the gold boar with Weirs/Vere's, are also Givers ("obliVIScar").

An elite Gifford is said to be of Longueville while Longville's use a version of ther Pine / Seward Coat, apparently, with the Were crosslets in colors reversed. It recalls LONGarus, father of Moon-suspect Monunius II. Moons were likewise first found in the same place as Giffards and Pine's. We just saw Cottons linking to Pagan liners, but here we can add that Cottons were first found in the same place (Huntingdonshire) as Longville's.

Link Longville's to Tints (Somerset, same as Wissels), for the latter share the Wissel / Payne lion, probably, as well as the Longville crosslets in the same colors. Therefore, Longville's were at Tintagel, birthplace of king Arthur. Perfect. While king Donnus, father of Cottius, is still suspect with the Donnas/DANCE surname, Longville's use a dancette. The Longville talbot, and the "Till" motto term, suggest Tilurius-river liners i.e. smack at the Vis theater.

The blue unicorn shared between Tints and Gale's (same place as Tintagel) helps to nail the Gale link to "TintaGEL," but it can be added that Gale's use the unique / couped Lamp/Lambie saltire in colors reversed. As the Lamp saltire is in the colors of the Gopher saltire, it appears that Gouferna was a Gopher liners (Gophers use blood drops called "guttees de sang."). It tends to assure that the Wear/Were and Lamp croziers were closely related. Goghs/Googe's and Goughs/Goffs share boars in Gopher colors, but as the boars are those of Molle's, we are upon Shechemite lines. Molle's and Goghs/Googe's were first found in Roxburghshire while Roxburghs share the saltire of Gale's. There is a good chance that Gog was named by king Og of the Rephaites. The Urins and Roofs are suspect as Rephaites

My father caught a pigeon / dove while he and I were on the roof of the porch (I think we was fixing the kitchen window), and when he gave it to my mother, I could not believe my eyes. She twisted its neck and cooked it. The Page's (same place as Pine's) that use doves have the Pine/Pyne chevron, and French Page's (Dauphine) are pigeon-like Pageons too. I therefore understand why God had my mother do that thing (she doesn't remember doing it, but I saw it with my own eyes, and it was burned into my memory). It means that little Pino represented Payens/Pagans, but he also represented Orion liners from Shechemite Schimatari.

There are two Pigeon surnames, the English branch possibly with a version of the rook-using Halbert Coat, for the other Halberts have a version of the Page Coat. Meanwhile, English Alberts were first found in the same place (Kent) as English Pigeons. There is even a Twist/Twiss surname (Arthur colors and format) sharing the Pigeon griffin design in Crest! French Pigeons should be suspect with the Belli chevron so-as to link to Bouillon liners, yet as Twists/Twiss' use stags (the NECK symbol!!!), the Pigeon chevron can be that of Staggs too. Italian Pagans use the double bars of Neck-possible Ness'...which belong to WASHingtons too.

The Twists/Twiss happen to share the orange-like griffin of Ricks, and the latter, while using a version of the Payne Coat (same place as Ricks and Wissels), use a version of the Tint Coat, making Twists/Twiss' suspect with Longarus liners to Longville's. As Mieszko Lambert married RICHEZA, note that Twists/Twiss' use the colors and format of Rich's/RICHESS'.

It's possible that WISSels got a d'Wiss > Twiss variation, for Twists are said to have included an Agnus de TWIZEL while Wissels list Wizels. Again, Wissels use the Payne lion, wherefore the twisting of the neck of the pigeon is exactly linkable to Wissels even without the Twists being a Wissel branch, or Wissel merger. As Rich's use BOTTONy crosses while being first found in the same place as Buttons, by what coincidence are there "horns" (the Wessel symbol) in the Button Crest? Twists/Twiss' were first found in the same place as Baliols and Bailys, and Bailys (10 stars) can be using the Aurelia stars if Wessels are from Vestalis.

There is even a Scottish Wizel surname sharing almost the Godfrey griffin! They are both on all fours, and in the same colors; only the designs are slightly different. This can't be coincidental because everything about these Sign at this old house is leading to the Bouillon - Payens Templars. English Godfreys (share scepter with Limbs/Lombs) were first found in the same place as Pigeons. The entry of Alberts (same place as Godfreys) above now recalls that ALBERT asked me to keep his basement apartment while he went to work the winter at WHISTLER mountain. Wissels are also Whistlers.

The Godfrey description says that the black griffin showing is a white one, meaning white or black can be used by this surname, and it just so happens that the Pigeons, first found in Kent with Godfreys, use a white griffin in Crest! Excellent. And the (Catherine wheels in Godfrey-griffin colors), likewise first found in Kent, use a black griffin in Crest! Bingo. The two Scott surnames use versions of the two Talbot Coats while the Crest of griffin-using Wizels (Dumfries) is a talbot dog.

The Wizel griffins are used exactly by Vince's/Vinch's, begging why "Vince" and "Wize" are similar. If Windsors (definitely part of Tintagel) apply here, note that the pigeon was brought to my mother through the WINDow. Windows share a lion paw holding a gold fitchee with Quints.

Gophers were first found in the same place (Oxfordshire) as Amore's/Armers and Damorys/Amori's whom have become highly suspect with the "Amo" motto term of Scotts, for the Terras' that share the Scott Coat use "Amore." Here it can be added that French Amy's/Lamie's (Languedoc), with variations like those of Lamps, are in Gopher / ARMor colors, and use large ERMines, the Ermine/Armine symbol.

It is very clear to be that Baldwin/Bawdwin was named as per the Bautica/Baltea river, which flows near the Cottian capital. That explains what we are seeing in heraldic connections. But as it can be gleaned that Baldwin's family was involved with the Arduinici branch of Ardiaei upon the Bautica, one can expect that Cottians merged with some Ardiaei liners. This allows a method of tracing Ardiaei liners to Amyntes and Artemidoros in Galatia in-time to birth Severus Bassus in Akmonia. This is a compelling view because Julius Caesar was involved in conquering the area to the east of Galatia, and already had the Galatians as his allies. If you've been wondering, yes, I see Julius Caesar with Cottian ancestry in his mother. The garbs of Wessels makes it very compelling to see Joseph Caiaphas in this Cottian-Ardiaei line. The HORN of German Wessels must be code for Avaran Hachorani Maccabee. If I'm correct in viewing Wessels (and Whistle's/Wissels) as Wassa liners, note that Wassa's use bars gemel as code for Maccabees of Gamala.

The "cruce" motto term of Rudes' is of the potent-crutch bloodline, and the flag of Templar Jerusalem was a potent cross. Cruce's / Cross' / Crutch's were probably a branch of Christs in the Bouillon motto, and Christs can be using the Caesar roses. is that one of the Weis / Wies wings in the Christ Crest?

Another thing I recall at that old house with Pepin Taff is watching Mary Poppin come down with her umbrella, which had me wondering whether I should try it off the ROOF of the porch. I decided against it, yet, I recall this thing while Poppins share "Mens" with Pepins, and moreover Poppins share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Mens', said to be a branch of Manners (isn't this part of the Shock man)? It was the same porch upon which I URINated on Pino, and Roofs use the three ravens of URINs. It went into his MOUTH when he looked up, and while there is no Mouth surname coming up, this can yet be for Motts and their branches. The Shocks/Shake's could have used moles alone, but as they use mole hills, it reminds that Hills use a version of the Coat of Craigs who in term share the white-on-black crescent with Motts. Craigs are in the write-up of Kennedy-related Carricks, all first found in the same place as CUNNinghams that use a "SHAKEfork," and moreover the Shocks/Shake's show the rabbit design of CONNs / Conys. For this Kenite reason, I assume, God had me put my finger into the lamp socket to get shocked.

While Carricks have been gleaned from Proculus (son of Laevillus), whose name included, "Charax," and while "Proculus" has become suspect with the portcullis gate of Porters, it causes me to ask why this update comes while there was a faked terror attack directly across Bridge street from Portcullis House. I looked up the Minsters (millrinds) just now, because the bridge is named, Westminster, to find Minsters using the same fesse as Craigs / Hills. Hmm. Scottish Porters were first found in the same place as Kennedys, Carricks and Cunninghams. English Porters/Pawters have been gleaned as a branch of Potters while the latter share the white cinquefoil with Porch's/Portis'. In my current records, I trace Pinnes and Teuta (not clinched but expected) to the Bassus' at Akmonia, whose family married the Cetis rulers, at which time they birthed Quadratilla, mother of Proculus. Amazing coincidences, as though God, when he does things, does them excellently. It's expected that Laevillus was a Jonathan-line Levite, with Kenite / Shechemite blood all over his family connections. SHECHEMites had been traced to Orion's Boiotian cult at SCHIMatari, and thus the urination event with Pino gets suspect with Pinnes-line Ardiaei to a marriage with Shechemite-suspect Laevillus. Mathie's and Kennedys both use the SCIMITAR.

Schimatari was at Tanagra, very suspect with the Tankerville's (themselves suspect as Tanners) that use the same cinquefoil as Porch's/Portis'. A version of the Tankerville Coat is used by CHAMBERlains while Minsters show a MinsterCHAMBER variation! Excellent, for Chambers were from Chambre, on the Ark river along with Modane, the latter suspect with Motts/Mottins. Perfect. And Arks with Modens were first found in the same place as Windsor castle. The millRINDs of Minsters (same place as Quints) are part-code for Rinds that use "A flower pot containing gillie flowers," while Flowers use the Potter cinquefoil. Perfect. It means that the namers of Westminster bridge were Proculus liners. Why did this line get to name the bridge at the parliament building? Was there more from Proculus in elite British places?

So, if you were able to follow that, it appears that Minsters use the Hill fesse while Hills were Shake/Shock kin, meaning that Minsters were coupled at least closely with Shechemites out of Laevillus' family. The Hill tower is in the colors of the same of Hoppers/Happers, a potential branch of Hobs/Habs suspect with OPgalli, ancestress of Quadratilla. Hoppers/Happers (Cone / Conte colors) were first found in the same place (Durham) as Cone-related Conte's. It has been resolves that Teague's/TEEGERs were from TIGRanes, Opgalli' s husband, and while the "Diem" motto term of Teague's ("OPtem" motto term) gets DITTmayers, the Ditts/DITES use two stripeless TIGERs. Meanwhile, Hoppers/Happers use a "SubDITES" motto term. Meanwhile, Teague's use a version of the Took/Touque Coat while the latter come up as "Tolkien," and, meanwhile some more, JJ Tolkien liked to write about Hobbits while the Hobbit/Hobbart surname is in Hopper/Happer colors. Rinds show a "Diut" term buried in their motto.

It can be gleaned that Ditts/Dites' use a version of the Scythes/Side/Sudy Coat, for the latter have a tiger in Crest. It can be gleaned that Scythes' and Scythe's/SKEOCHs (Ayrshire, same place as Carricks, Porters, etc) are a branch of Shoe's/Schuchs and therefore of the Schoch variation of Shocks! You see, God knew what he was doing with my finger in the LIGHT socket, for Lights/Lite's (Leto/Alito / Letter / Lettice / Aliotta / Tooth colors) are in the "Lighter than air" motto of Ayrshire's Ayers. And look at the MAUCHline entity of Scythe's/Skeochs! MAUKs/Melgers were from Tolkien's Melkor character, right? And from the Oeneus cult at Calydon, where we expect Shechemites. Here are the Mauchs with another sleeping moon, as with the Karens/Kerns, first found in the same place as Side-suspect Sitlers/SCHITners. Karens were the Carians from the Miletus-LATmus area, and Tooks/Tolkiens use a "Militia" motto term. We get it.

It's notable that Lettice's and Lights/Lite's share the same chevron as Pine's and Halberts, and that Mr. Taff's wife was Leticia. They lived inside the house from the porch where I peed in Pino's MOUTH. Lights/Lite's were first found in the same place as Tarrs/Terres' (traced to the Arms of Aragon) while their daughter was TERESA, and while "terras" is a motto term of Alexanders that share the MOTT crescent, but also while it's a motto term of MacDonalds, the latter use the Ferte eagle while Ferte's were traced hard to Fredricks, the name of Teresa's brother. Can you believe it? When God sets things up, it's perfect. In fact, Ferte's traced from the Hohenstaufen Fredericks to their Sicilian branch, and from there they were with Spanish Ferdinands (Aragon) along with ManFRED-related Mosca's of Sicily, but I neglected, at the time, to check the Ferdinand surname (Major roses?), which can be gleaned with the Mosca leopard.

Ferdinands use a "halbert" axe with their leopard, and axe's are code for the Axe river in Somerset, where Tarrs/Terres' and Lights/Lite's were first found. At the end of the Axe river there is a Seaton location. The Porch's/Portis' are expected at Somerset's Portishead = Clapton. Can you believe it? Not just events in my life, but the names of people in my life were chosen by God for this revelation. It is astonishing. Leticia was laughing while I was falling on my knees in her living room, and, later, at age 12, God provided two events in my life that linked the Knees to Tarrs, can you believe it? Or, one can say I was falling on my Shins while Shins are a branch of Schims/Schiens.

Scythes'/SIDE's, expected in the FoxSIDE home of Sitler/Schitner-related Faucets, use the Ghent Chief while Gentius was a king of the Ardiaei. Therefore, a line from Gentius to Quadratilla Bassus can also be expected. The SCHIMs (Molle boar head) are listed with Shands/Chande's while Quadratilla-liner Quade's use CHAINs. Chains/Shaneys (Caen branch?) use the same cross as Conans and the Artois-based Arrows, and that's got to do with the arrow shown with the Scythes/Side tiger. Halbert-like Alberts use the chain too.

More. German Halberts use a giant rook, code for Roxburgh liners such as Rooks / Rookbys. The Roxburghs share the saltire of Lamps in colors reversed, and I put my finger into the lamp socket. Schim-related Molle's were first found in Roxburghshire, and Eschyna de Molle married Mr. Croce while Croce's (share potent cross with Scythe's/Skeochs) are a branch of Croziers...honored in the croziers of Lamps.

Another thing I recall vividly, at that old house, is that I would slide down the stairs fast on by belly, so much fun. And here I find that Bellys/Belli's use the Moor head of Bouillons ("bello" motto term), first found in the same place as Croziers. I am a Taddei in one great-grandparent, and Taddei's use the Bouillon cross. Then, when we load Stairs, we find the colors and format of Godfreys (Kent, same place as Stairs), but check out the Capone's too. When God does it, he knows what he's doing. I must be descended from those Templar jerks. The Godfrey-related Meads (pelicans) married Arthurs (pelicans) at Portishead. Recall the white tower that came up a few times, for it's used by Pellicans, in the colors of ther castle of TEWKESburys that also married Arthurs of Clapton. Tewkesburys can be a branch of Touque's/Tolkiens, likewise first found in Kent. The new British leader is now a May surname, and Mays (could be a Demy branch from Demetrius) use that white tower yet again.

The Capone's can be traced excellently to Quintus Caepionis, and then Quints were first found in the same place as Minsters, near Portishead, you see. So, the Westminster Bridge, at Portcullis House, makes it appear that Arthurian stupids were at the helm of British politics. What else should I call them if they take pride in a line from Pendragon? That line was from Mynetts and Hamonds, both likewise first found in Kent, the bastion of Freemasonic idiots that test God to the max. And Kent is where Minster-like Misters/Masters (Roet kin) were first found. I have prayed that God would expose the faked Westminster event, but, that will need to be in His time, maybe tomorrow, maybe a decade from now.

My mother told me that I drank turpentine while it was sitting in a bottle on the stairs, and that I was brought to the hospital as a result. As the Godfrey-suspect Stair surname just proved to be relevant, I looked up (just now for the first time) Turpens and Tine's/Tyne's to see if God had these two in mind. I am so amazed, because Turpens share a griffin on all four feet, and apparently of the same design, as the Godfrey griffin! Godfreys share the scepter with Lamp-possible Limbs/Lumbs (LAMPert/Lambert colors), and, can you believe it, the Lamps use the full motto of Caseys who in turn use the Limb/Lomb Coat in colors reversed. As Lamperts share the chevron of Pine's, the TerPINE variation is Pino-interesting, especially as German Lamperts/Lamberts use the Pino crescent in colors reversed!! Zowie. It's the Tute crescent too, you see, meaning that my finger in the lamp was no coincidence.

Now, let's recall that Lamps share the crozier with Wears/Were's, and that the latter had linked to LONGville's, for the latter use as "then" motto term, which is a Tine variation. Longville's share ermine-white-on-red with Pine's and Darts, and while Moons were first found in the same place as Pine's, LONGarus was father of Monunius II. Tine's are the ones with TEN bars along with the THEN variation, while the number on my front porch was, 10. I peed on the Pinnes line at house number, ten, and the line of Pinnes came to marry the son of Longarus.

English Tills (axe), expected in the "Till" motto term of Longville's, were first found in the same place as Turpens. German Tills/Tillers, suspect with the Vito annulet and therefore with Julius Avitus, are in Turpen colors. There were reasons for expecting Tilurius-river liners with Julius Avitus' wife (Julia Maesa Bassianus), and emperor Valentinian I, whom I'm gleaning with Turpens, was not far away either in time or geography. Especially with Vis being so close to the mouth of the Tilurius, "AVIT(us)" may have been a Vis element. The Till dragon is in Vise/Vice colors. Vito's were first found in TreVISo/Tarvisium, not far from the first-known Valentins, and we saw TraVIS' sharing the scallops of Vis-suspect Biss'. The Biss scallops are three in pale in the colors of the three lions in pale of Tiller-like Tailers, and English Tillers share the Tailer lion.

To nail this thing, the Tilurius was also the Cetina, while Cetins/Cattens share the black-on-gold fitchee with Tarves', and share cats with Chives', first found in Tarves and Devon (the latter was stacked with Ardiaei / Dardanians). The "Cautes" motto term of Cetins gets the Cotta's/Cottons so that Aurelia Cotta appears to be of a line that named the Cetina. That is, expect the Cottians / proto-Cottians at the naming of the Cetina, and while their capital is now Susa, Susans share the lily with Cetina-suspect Cetis'. Suddenly, it can appear that Cetis, in Cilicia, was named by Cottians. How did that ever come to be? We might ask the Cotesii, or king Cotys of Thrace, an ally of Julius Caesar's family! Look at what that swig of turpentine has already wrought, and I'm just gettin' goin'.

Chattans/Cato's share a castle with the Cetin Crest, and the "foVEAN" motto term of Cetins should be partly for the Clan-Chattan member, Veans/Beans/Bains (probably the Veneti at Treviso). It appears that Porcius Cato was a Cottian / proto-Cottian. The Vean/Bean Crest has the Chives-Crest leopard, we may glean, though Tailers have a leopard in Crest too. The motto of Veans/Beans uses "targe" while Targets/Tagarts/TEGERts, suspect with Tigranes Maccabee, share "non vi" in their motto with Chives' (Target/Tagart / Teague/Teeger colors). The "vi" has been suspect with the Viu tributary of the Riparia, the latter being the location of Susa. Targets/Tagarts have the look / colors of the Coat of TIGER-using HOBs/Habs (they're probably in the Arthur motto), highly suspect with OPgalli, wife of TIGRanes.

Repeat from above: "The Biss Chief appears to be using a form of an Asclepios rod, and while there is such a thing as an Ascalephus owl species, Biss' (share white scallops with Apps'/Abbs') were first found in the same place as owl-using Gastons." Targets/Tagarts use owls. Lamperts/Lamberts were first found in the same place as Biss' too. It could appear that Apps/Abbs/Happys and Hobs/Habs/Habbie's were both from the Apsus river, and that they merged with Vis liners of the Pino king. After all, I was right on TARGET into his mouth. You never saw a better shot, truly, right down the gutter. Poor Pino. I never got to apologize. The "domine" motto term of Apps/Abbs is suspect with empress Julian Domna, sister of Avitus' wife.

Near the mouth of ther Apsus river is TROPoje, resolved with the Trope variation of Drops, but as Turpens/TORPens (Trope/Drop colors) use "blood drops," it's now clear that Turpens were a Trope branch! Excellent. It's amazing what a bottle of turpentine can tell us about world history. And Tine's share the red-on-gold lion with Guerins (Payen Shield) while the latter are said to have officiated the "Order of St. Jean of Jerusalem," which was "formally the Most Venerable Order of the HOSPITAL of Saint John of Jerusalem." Can you believe it? My mother said she took me to the HOSPITAL for drinking Turpentine.

There is a Troop surname having a page but showing no Coat. Troops were first found in Banffshire (at the Tarves theater). Just as I was wondering whether Veans/Beans named Banff, I loaded the Banff article at Wikipedia to find that they derive it in "Bean-naomh meaning 'holy woman'" And they use the virgin Mary in the Arms of Banff, but she's inside of a bean-like shape, and Veans/Beans were first found beside Banffshire. I doubt that Banff was derived in a term for holy woman, but play on words came to give Banff that symbol anyway. It recalls that the Arms of Ghent (Gaunt) uses a virgin while Virgins were first found in the same place as Ghents. Plus, Virgins (suspect with the Aures Coat and Crest) share the red and upright lion with Tine's. There arises a question on whether Tropoje elements named Treviso/Tarvisium, which can explain the Troops near Tarves.

By the way, the Turins (same place as Beans), first found near Tarves and expected to be kin of Chives' of Tarves, share a Coat like that of Spanish Pagans. The latter put lions on their bend instead of the Turin boars, and lions are on the Turpen bend too. I equate Veans/Vans/Beans/Bains with Vans/Veynes', and trace both to Lake Van, home of ancient Bain-like Biaini, and of Nairi suspect with Nairn, near Banffshire. That works. I didn't realize till now that Banff could be a Bean entity. In fact, the Italian Turins are shown as VENTuri's (Veneti, apparently), and said to derive in BONAVentura," while BANFF can be a short-form of such a term. "Banff" was always a problem for me, but here it may now be uncovered. The Turel variation of Turins/Venturi's (use a 'V' in Chief) may be in the mythical Turul hawk of Hungarians, for I traced Hungarian ancestry to the Ticino river, not far from Turin. Besides, Hungarians lived in Aberdeenshire, where Scottish Turins were first found. The stag in Hungarian ancestry can even be for Veneti liners because Venus'/Venis' use the stag.

It seems that Turins/Venturi's are using a colors reversed-version of the Mander bends (666 suspects), and while I trace Maeonians to Armenia's Mannai, it was near or even at Lake Van. Manders split their Shield in the colors of the split Shield of Austrian Turners and German Warners, while English Warners use the same bend as Scottish Turins. As Warners are suspect with Varni, it's notable that Turins share the gold boar with Weirs/Vere's (share croziers with Lamps/l'Amys). It's likely that proto-Veneti Heneti were on the Maeander river. Wears/Were's are said to have been on the Axe river while French Biens/BienVENU's/BienAIME's (Lamp / Amy kin?) use axes. I trace the Varni goddess to the Nairi-suspect Neretva river, land of the Vardeai, suspect with "Garda," and Carricks use the motto, "Garde bien."

Why is the Warner Crest a good reflection of the Weis / Wies Crests? This may go to the possibility that "Tarvisium" was intended to include Vis elements in its name. The black Vise/Vice cross is almost the black Tarves fitchee, and the style of cross used by Vise's (share stag head with Croziers) is shared by Croziers (Auvergne) in the colors of the saltire of crozier-using Lamps/L'Amys. Biens were a Mackay sept, and one Amy surname shares muzzled bears with Mackays. The French Bien(venu) Shield is split into the two colors of the split-Wessel Shield, and these Biens were first found in Gascony while being in Wessel / Wassa/Gasson colors. Wassukanni was the Mitanni capital (16th century BC) probably while Nairi were still at nearby Lake Van. Wassa's were first found in the same place as same-colored Amys.

Turpens use a version of the Aid/Ade Coat (share white bend with Eytons/Eitons), and the Aids were first found in Berwickshire, near the two Tyne rivers. Perfect. God made me drink turpenTINE on the stairs so that my mother would tell me, so that I could report this in the same update as the faked event at Westminster bridge. The AIDs were first found in the same place as Artems/AITons and Hobs/Habs, and while Aitons are a branch of Eytons/Eitons (same place as Tine's), the latter use a version of the Amy/AMOTE Coat (Lamp/l'Amy colors). While stressing Eytons not more than ten updates ago, I had found someone in the area of the first French Amys that shared the Eyton bend, but can't recall the surname. TOOThills (Hill merger?) use a version of the Eyton Coat so as to assure Teuta-line merger with Aid liners.

The Eyton bend-with-black-lion was resolved with the David bend-with-black-lion, and the latter's was pointed out as being in the colors of the Aid bend-with-black-leopard-faces, but here we note that the three leopard faces of Turpens are replaced with lion heads so that Turpens are found merged with Davids...who were resolved with David I of Scotland, who had previously been the ruler of Huntingdon (where Cottons and Longville's were first found).

Turpens were first found in Dorset, same as Quints and Minsters (and Heron-suspect Hearns/Hurns) , and while the line of Quintus Caepio is suspect to Caiaphas and the Levites in Laevillus, French Levi's (same place as Chappes') honor the Aids in their motto, but just hold on to your seat. Reminder: the Stair Coat is fully the Capone Coat while Caepio's descendants were "Caepionis." They were partly at "Kupionich," in my opinion, which was also KOPLik (CLAUSula river), the line to the Mieszko mouse tower in GOPLo. Italian Capone's/Capua's share a black-on-white lion head with the Turpen bend, is that not astounding? And the Capone lion has long been suspect with the same-colored lions of Jewish Levi's! Such a belly-buster. The Sothern Coat compares with that of Turpens, and the Sewers/Suters likely apply.

The "cause" motto term of Tine's is like the "causa" of Justine's, and like the "casus" of Caseys and Lamps. The Aid bend was traced solidly to the same of Valentins, from Valentinian I, husband of Justine of Picenum. Justine's and their kin, the Wings, were first found in the same place (Perthshire) as Halberts that in-turn use the colors and format of Lamperts (Surrey), from Mieszko II Lambert. I was in the bedroom of my Masci-liner mother when my finger went into the lamp. The Turpen Crest: "A silver griffin with gold WINGS, PATTERned with blood drops." PATTERsons/CASSane's and Kilpatricks use blood drops. Cassius' are listed with Casano's/Cassandra's, and English Cassane's/Cassandra's share the triple WATER chevrons, in the red of the same of Taddei's. Caseys are traced in their write-up to WATERford while Waterfords share the fountains of Cass'/Casts, Kiss'/Kish's/Cush's and Custs.

So, we just saw that Turpens and Tine's are well-linkable to make a fine story of God's enemies. I sit here trying to figure out all that God had to arrange, before my birth, to make this story, but I get lost in the complications. Frederick was my age, whom I called, Fred. I recall no event with Fred that stands out. We did everything together, however, including sliding down the stairs on our bellies, and sliding down the RAILING. This recalls the Rallings (Pendragon motto phrase), who share three white swords with Shute's, in Sother/Suther colors (recalls the Sewer variation of Suters). As the Justine's use a white sword as well as being related to the Turpens that in-turn use a version of the Sothern/Suther Coat, note that Shaws, first found in the same place as Justine's, use a version of the Pendragon motto.

Valentinian I was born and raised in a city that had the name, VINKovci, and I think the Godfreys use the VINCE/Vinch griffin. If correct, the Turpens are using the Vince/Vinch griffin too, of obvious importance where Turpens use a version of the Valentin bend. Fessys love Vinkovci elements in their motto, and Fessys were merged with Taffs. The WINGS/WINKS, because they were first found in the same place as Justine's, must be a Vinkovci line, and then while I put my finger into the lamp, Jewish FINGers start to look like Wings or Wingers, the latter using a version of a Clapton Coat for a trace back to Portishead. The other Claptons use the Craun patee, and Vinkovci is not far from the Ceraunii on the Urbanus (whose to say Ceraunii were not also in Vinkovci?). Fingers: "A gold shield with red flames at the bottom, and a blue arm coming out of the flames, pointing with its index finger."

I kid you not, that after I asked the question above in the brackets, I instantly recalled, as though Someone put it into my head, that Wingers and Crauns share the so-called Hind!!! Wingers were first found in the same place as Conte's, and while Conteville's ruled Comyns / Comines (in the area of Eustace II, father of Godfrey de Bouillon), the Comyns are also "Commings," expected in the "COMING out of the flames" of Fingers. It just so happens that Clapton-suspect Wingers and Flame's are in Godfrey colors, half-expected where Godfreys use a version of the Coat of Meads of Clapton.

The Fall-from-Wall Event

I'm not done, because I vividly recall an event on the short WALL between the front lawn and the sidewalk. I must have been maybe three years old, not able to save myself. I fell off this wall, and was going straight down, head first, almost like one diving into water, when I got this brilliant idea, to put my hand on the top of my head to save my head from getting hurt, and ouch, I crunched my hand. It was such a weird event, seemingly impossible since the wall was so short (about 14 inches as I recall it). Who put me almost upside down in that short span? So I've just looked up Hands, Topps, Heads, Walls. Hands are already known to be a branch of Hanna's, in-turn a branch of Staggs suspect with Staceys and their Eustace branch. Perfect.

Crunching my hand brings Paine's come to mind because Walls can be using a version of the English Pagan Coat. Then, Scottish Pagans/Paganells use bendy in the colors of the three Turin/Venturi bends while the latter are suspect with Banff-possible Biens/BeinVENU's, and German Biens use a WALL, which has the look of the center of the Wall Coat.

While the Turin/Ventura bends are suspect with 666, English Pagans use "A dexter hand holding a dagger erect proper," having the Dexaroi all over it, who lived on the same Apsus river as Tropoje. My atlas has another Tropoje about 20 miles north of the most-northerly part of ther Drin/Drilon river (near/in Kosovo, meanwhile Kos' use three bends too), but later this place was found as "TOPoje," perhaps a spelling mistake, perhaps not. This Topoje/Tropoje was near enough to king Gentius to explain the gauntlet hand of Tops, and the gauntlet is even in a Gent-like CANTon while Cantons are also Gantons. And Cantons/Gantons are in the colors of Gentons (same place as Daggers) that share the Pine chevron and the scallops of Apsus-river Apps'/Abbs'.

This other Tropoje is near the SELEPitanoi, suspect with the naming of Salop, where Tine's were first found. And SELEPITANoi got suspect with "CLAPTON." In other words, this event with hand on top of head may be another method of discovering Turpen / Tine liners. Can family researches guess as to why Sleeps/Slepe's (Salop) share the Dart fesse, in Genton colors, and why Sleeps use two fesses in the colors of the same of Gantons/Gantons?

My hand on the top of my head at three years of age, and here at nearly 60, I find Tops (beside the Godfrey-related Turpens) with a hand holding a gauntlet, and Gaunt is just down the Lys river from Eustace's domain in northern France. It could appear that God has a one-tracked mind; the Signs always go to the first king and/or grand master of Templar Jerusalem. Let's shake a stick at the Templar liners, shall we? Shocker: Lamps use a hand in Crest too. And Shocks/Shake's show an "obTINens motto term that can be for the Turpen / Tine line. The Shock/Shake chevron is in the colors of the bend of Wears/Were's while the latter put croziers, the Lamp symbol, in their bend. Family researchers, aren't you the least-bit happy that I put my hand into the light socket to take the shock for this revelation? How many times have you fallen on your head to find secrets like this? And in the end, it's not me who's nuts, but you, because you derive surnames in the dumbest-possible way.

Once we're at Gaunt, it's the area of Pepin of Landen, and while Pepins use the Este horse's, they are also the Head horse's. The wall I fell from was at the front of the house where Pepin rented the main floor (actually, he may have owned the house, for all I know).

Walls were first found in Gloucestershire, to find them using the same wolf head (different colors) in Crest as Claptons while Clapton is on the Gloucestershire border. The other Claptons use the Craun patees, and while Crauns (annulets) have a crown around the neck of their hind, Walls have a crown around the neck of their wolf head.

Mallets, from Melita (island not far from the Tilurius), use a crown around the neck of a deer, and may be using the Aurelia scallop. The Mallet deer is white, as is the Doun/Down BUCK (Bucks probably use the Cone / Conte antlers), and French Mallets happen to share BUCKles in the colors of the sinister Dunn buckles. As proto-Masseys were linked with Craun elements at the nearby Urbanus, the Walls can be using the Masci fleur.

Yet the Wall Coat looks like play on the WALL in the Coat of German Biens, and Biens had traced to Banffshire, the area of the BUCHans that happen to share black-on-white lion heads with Turpens, the latter suspect as a branch of nearby Tarves. German Wettins share ten horizontal bars in colors reversed from the ten of Tine's, and the Cheshire Wettins use BUCKles. Aha! The green trefoils in the Wettin bend are probably those of Dutch Tackle's/Tekels, from the specTACKLES of Watts and Vatts! Yes. Wettins were a branch of Watts / Vatts/Watters. You will see below that Watt / Wheat/Wete liners were merged with Shechemites (the section below was written maybe five minutes before coming up here to find the Tackle trefoils. In fact, Wettins came to mind here only because Watts and similar other were mentioned below. What a super find). I didn't know that Wettins (use the Arms of Saxony) use the ten Tine bars until now.

Moreover, as Pellicans were at Clapton, somehow, so we find Wells with the pelican. The other Wells use a lion in the colors of the Side lion, and I, a Masci, fell off (or DOWN) the wall to the SIDEwalk. The Side's share the Ghent eagles, and Ghent was the same location as Gaunt above. Irish Walls: a SCIMitar. Swedish Walls look to be using a chain while Chains can be a branch of the Chands listing Schims. Side's and their Seaton branch were traced to the line of Sitric > Maccus > Mackays, and Biens were a Mackay sept. In fact, Side's and Seatons/Sittens were traced to the Setantii peoples out of Louth, suspect with the Sidicini that had a capital at Italy's Teano, suspect with the Tean variation of Tiens/Thames' (same place as the Thames river), and this seems linkable to Tine's. Westminster bridge is over the Thames river. Teans/Thames' are said to have had a seat at Chain-like Chinnor, and Chinns/Shins (Kenite suspects) have been resolved with the Schien variation of Schims. Chinns/Shins use the Coat of Kemmis'/Kenys', the latter first found in the same place (Gloucestershire) as buckle-using Wettins (and Walls).

The Ditts are the ones with a version of the Side Coat and Crest, and Walks, believe it or not, use a "DITat" motto term. Did God make someone build that wall at the sidewalk just so that he could flip me over and have me land on my head? I'm going to have a talk with God one day about that. Not all of the Signs given me were pleasant experiences. The Walks bring up the Wachs found earlier seeking Waxman branches. I'm seeing that Walls and walks together were both of Wallis canton and Sion, and so a wall by a sidewalk was Chosen for this. To make it more important, I had to fall on my top to bring in the Gaunts, and the Sions/Swans once showed gauntlet gloves (I saw them several times with my own eyes, explaining why the Sion/Swan chevron is that of gauntlet-using Maceys). I had to fall on my top with my hand at the top because Tops use a hand holding gauntleted hand, and this assures that the event was a Sign. Then, while the SIDEwalk speaks to Side's/Sudys, the Side-related Sutys use wavy bars half in the colors of the one wavy bar of Dutch Gentes'/Ghents.

Thanks to the HAZard" motto term of Sutys, we can glean that they use their wavy bars in the colors of the one fesse bar of HAZels (Cheshire again, same place as related Weavers that own wavy bars). The Hazels then have the leaf design of Fauls/Faulds, a branch of Falls, I assume, explaining why I had to fall off the wall. The Falls/Vails even use the spread Side / Ghent eagles. Amazing. The "Mente" motto term of Fauls even gets the Ments using the three bends of Pagans/Paganells (same place as Ments). And as I fell on my head, note that while Heads use the Este Shield and Crest (the Este Crest once showed the black Head-Crest horse head exactly), the Faul motto has "praESTO" while Weavers (same fesse as Hazels) use "Esto." German Weavers get us to the Weis / Wies Crest again, and probably use the Macey Shield.

Walks/Wachs' can be using a version of both the Macey and Comyn Coats with the Massey fleur in colors reversed. It can be added that Lamp-beloved Croziers can be using the Masci / Wall fleur, and that Creuse's (Cheshire yet again) are in Lamp colors, and may be using the Wallis lion. The Creuse motto suggests kinship with Seagers (Creuse colors), who may not only use a version of the Weis / Wies Crest, but the green coiled snakes of Biss'. The fact that the Seagers use both a gold and a white wing in Crest reminds that Masci's use wings in both colors. Seagars use the moline cross of SEGNI's/SEGURana's, and, can you believe it, German Weavers use a "segne" motto term! I had no idea until now that Weis' and "Wies' use the Masci wings (Masci's once showed both wings in white).

Seagers are suspect from the Sakarya river, and now with Akmonia's Rasmussen line. Biss' (same scallops as Cheshire Meschins) call them snakes "resPECTing" each other while PICOTs/Piggots (Cheshire again) should be Bigots because the latter use the green snake too. I didn't know when starting this discussion that it would lead to Picots, who share the white wolf head of Walls!

In my 20s - 30's, about four people in a short time (maybe two years) said that I look like Tom Creuse. Did God give me the look so that I would get to know the Creuse surname? Look at what it has just done. My Masci side could be from Creuse's, in fact, but, sorry, Tom's not as good looking.

Between the wall and the porch was a single walkway, typical, but the sides of the walkway were lined with BRICK planted into the soil at an angle. I remember these. Why would I remember them? Because Bricks (Massey fleur) are from Ranulph Briquessart, the father of Ranulph le Meschin. And when I was about 20, I was the boyfriend of Miss Whelan, and Whelans (Waterford, stag head) not only use the Brick Shield and Crest, but they have Failin/Phalon variations like the Phails of Falls! Amazing. Who put those bricks in the walkway? God did. In fact, I do not have a memory of the bricks with the walkway together, but I recall just one day when my father was working them.

Finding the Whelans here at Waterford, by what coincidence does the Arms of Waterford use the Trump/Tromp stag while Bricks use the lozenges of Brix'/Brests in colors reversed while Brixia/Brescia is at Val Trompia! Perfect. Thank you, bricks by the sidewalk where I fell.

Plus, the pellets (black roundels) of German Brix' are for the Pilotte-related Pellets (both use the same cups), and then the Brix's/Brests/BRISONs are in Pilate colors while Mont Pilate is near MontBRISON. Believe it, family researchers, you are getting the good reliably. Scottish Brisons (share white pheon with Pilate's) use the same saltire as Corrys/Currys, the latter first found in Deise of Waterford!!! If not for Miss Whelan, I might never have known the Whelans. If not for the fall off of the Whelan-like wall, I would not have been able to complete what you see here. Falls/Vails are a branch of Velis'/Vale's (same motto as Apps'/Abbs'), who have an expected swan head in Crest (as per the Sion / Walsh swan).

While I was Miss Whelan, Rick Young was with her sister. And, can you believe it, German Youngs use a stag in Trump-stag colors!!! ASTOUNDING. I obviously did not have a normal life. But this is very enjoyable today. I have no idea how to thank God, or even if I should, for using my life in these ways. It wasn't done for me, but for others. I knew Rick Young for several years before, but did not know he was seeing Miss Whelans sister until after I was with her. I am flattened by what was just discovered. I was in Rick's house many times, and even worked with his father. Mr. Kepke lived beside Rick, and Kepke first worked for Rick's father, but got me the job too. I was in Kepke's home much more than in Rick's, and I had a dream, maybe a year ago, before Trump was elected, of Kepke leading a sickly stag up my driveway. I resolved that the Kepke dream had to be about Donald Trump. And here we are again at Waterford. At the time that Rick and I were with the Whelans, Kepke was engaged to Miss Walsh while his brother had married her sister. Walsh's use a PIERCED swan.

The Ricks are in Brison colors, and while I link Orange to Mont Pilat as per the great treasure of Quintus Caepio (he fought a war at Orange), Ricks use an orange griffin while the Brisons use a gold hunting horn, which is what the Orange horn would be in colors reversed. Can you believe it, but Brick-like Brecks use the gold hunting horn too, and it's colors reversed from the horn used by the Orange surname. Now you know that there was a Mont-Pilate link to Orange elements.

The Punch in face Event

As I've said before, Vince Pierce punched Kepke in the FACE of Young's driveway while I stood and watched. It didn't break to a fight, just one, unreturned punch. Years later, I joined my boss with another working crew where VINCE Pierce appeared with Mr. Oddie, and he had punched me in the FACE at about age 12. He was the town bully. I took a lot of pain for this revelation (it cut me to the heart to see Miss Whelan walk away from me, but she was meant only temporarily, right?). I've told this Pierce-Oddie story before, but I didn't have it all explained fully, I realize now, for Face's/Fessys are part of Valentinian I, and his father was Gratian Funarius of Vince-suspect Vinkovci. And the Brisons, in Valentin colors, use a "funera" motto term. To prove further that the Brison / Breck horn is that of Orange's (and Courts), the Arms of Orange share pomegranates with Crispins and Grazio's, both suspect with "GRATian." And Greats share the saltire of Oddie's in colors reversed! Amazing. Neither use symbols with their saltire.

This face-punch story convinces me that Greats, Grazio's and Crispins were from Gratian / Valentinian, and you can find, not more than about ten updates ago, that Valentins were traced to Valence, near Orange. See also the saltire of the Brittany-Alan Brians, from Briancon, not far from Orange. The Brains use faces. Kepke got it in the face on Rick's driveway, Rich's/Richess' are from Richeza of Lorraine, where Crispins were first found.

Aha! Odins (same place as Oddie's) share the crozier with Lamps while Lamps use the Oddie saltire! Zinger. The Odin lion is that of Wallis', but recall how the Wallis lion was suspect with the Creuse lion, for Croziers are Creuse liners. Aha! The Croziers with a crosses in the colors of the Lamp saltire share a central besant with the Yorks that use the Great saltire, and Oddie's with Odins were first found in Yorkshire. Plus, a large besant is all that Lane's/Lano's (Brescia) use who traced with certainty to Launay, in Brittany where Brest is a location. The Launay use the Percy lozenges, and Percys (probably a Pierce branch!) were likewise first found in Yorkshire. This is all incredible. The Crispin cross is of the design used by Croziers.

It recalls my unclinched theory that the Rangabe Byzantines were Orange liners, and here we can add that the Rangabe cross is in Oddie- / Lamp-saltire colors. Aha! The Punch's share eight bars with English Crispins!!!! And both use red bars. Until now, I had been wondering how the punch in the face would work it. Crispins are in Face/Fessy colors, and while they are Vesseys too, the Crispin cross is the type used by Vise's/Vice's.

If we ask why Mr. Pierce punched Kepke, let's first tell that Punches (Keep colors) use eight horizontal bars in the colors of the same of Leavells, the latter first found in the same place as Pierce's and Percivals. You can read that Leavells were from Percivals (they were from Gouel de Percival). Then, to my further amazement, I've mentioned many times that Scottish Leavells use the Young piles!!!!!!!!!! Pierce punched Kepke on Young's driveway. You probably think I'm making all of this up. The Kepke's were likely a branch of the Yorkshire Keppocks, they using one FESSE in the colors of the Crispin bars, and it happens to be in the colors of the one fesse of Scottish Leavells! Here upon the Leavells we are on the crux of what God wants to destroy in the end-times.

Kepke loved to dance. He danced and danced in all the bars. I may now know why. Dance's (Yorkshire!) use the colors and format of Keppocks. Dance's even have the same black horse head as Heads and Weaver-beloved Este's while Keeps use a WEAVER's shuttle. But Dance's bring us round to king Donnus of the Cottians, suspect with Wessels and Wissels.

I can see that God has revealed what was expected, the Joseph Caiaphas, killer of Jesus, was possibly the grandfather of Lupus Laevillus. The latter married the Bassus line at Cetis, and "KEPKE" was always suspect with a form of "CAIAPHAS." Or, at least, I took all things Kepke as a symbol for the Caiaphas line, and here we see Kepke and Rick Young both tracing to Laevillus-line Leavells. Kepke was punched on a DRIVEway while Drive's should be using the QUADRants of Caiaphas-like Chives', and quadrants are suspect with QUADRatilla, wife of Laevillus. Moreover, Kepke's first name. Lawrence, is a Lorraine-suspect surname using "A silver demi turbot tail upwards." There is a Turbot Coat (same place as Keppocks) using fish in the colors of the Geds fish, and while Geddes' use fish too, they are suspect with "Cetis," where Quadratilla's father was ruling (he had married royal Cetis). QuadraTILLa's Bassus surname is a great reason to trace Avitus to the TILurius, for he married Bassianus, and Tillers even use a reflection of the Meschin / Mussel Coats while Avitus married Maesa Bassianus.

The Geds' use the motto, "DURat," and Dure's happen to use a "Quid" motto term while Quids/QUADE's were from QUADratilla. Her "tilla" ending was resolved with Tilurius/Cetina liners, wherefore let's repeat that "Till THEN" is a Longville motto term, suggesting that she traces back to Longarus. The Thens/Tine's, I have realized, are of the Dine's/Diens/Dives' (same place as Deans/Deins who'll shock you below), expected at the name of Diva, the alternative name of Chester (Cheshire). The other Dives' use a dancette, and the Capes / Apps/Happy / Genton / LARIN scallops. I drank turpenTINE while "Turpen" looks much like "Turbot."

If you read on Colchester / Camulodunum not many updates ago, note that Lawrence's use the ragully cross in the Arms of Colchester in colors reversed. I glean that the red ragully fesse of Sands (same place as Lawrence's) applies to the red ragully cross of Lawrence's, but then note how the Sands use a red fesse surrounded by red symbols, as do Keppocks and Dance's! Bingo. See also the Quint-related Colchester Coat. Sands are in the colors of Quints (Essex, same place as Colchester and the Youngs), and both share the fitchee while the Quint fitchee can be a colors-reversed version of the Sand fitchee. Quints share the chevron of Colchesters. Sforza's love the Quince's, first found in the same place as Face's, and Sear de Quincy was ruler of Winchester while the gold Quint fitchee is in the Winchester Crest...behind a blue lion that God said (several years ago) was the lion of a Caepio line. The "ready" motto term of Lawrence's can be for Readys, but Reeds use a "copia" motto term, the term of the Davids that use a version of the Eyton bend, making it the bend also of Levi-beloved Aids. It's very important here that Josephus could have been the son of Caiaphas, and the father of Laevillus, for Reeds were from Rieti, home of ther imperial Flavians that "adopted" Josephus.

The other Reeds (same place as Tarves and Turins) use another gold fitchee, and reflect the Keppock Coat well, and the copia Reeds even share garbs with Keppocks that would be in the red of the Keppock garbs in colors reversed. The Reed chevron is colors reversed from the same of Keep-loving HEPburns. Rieti is on a Turano river suspect with the naming of Turin. So, it appears that Lawrence Kepke traces by his first name to Reeds, and to Josephus. The Reed motto includes "fortituDINE." The hourGLASS of Reed-beloved Books/Boggs can be of the same of Houstons, first found in the same area as Paisley / GLASgow.

The Arms of Oettingen-Oettingen share a talbot dog with ear emphasized, as do Longville's (Odin / Rick colors). The OETTINgen saltire is white, as is the Oddie saltire, and in both colors of the ODIN lion. Plus, I read that Oettingen elements had a stork symbol while Odins were first at Storkhouse. VINCE Pierce punched Kepke's face on Rick's driveway, but God could have set that up differently, but here we find that Ricks use a good reflection of the Longville Coat (Huntingdon, where hunting horns should trace). LOOKIE: as Ricks (same place as Wissels/Wizels) are expected with the Wissels/Wizel lion, let's remind that Scottish Wizels (another talbot) use the VINCE/Vinch griffins exactly! Is that not unbelievable? There is not a thing in that little punch that doesn't fit. Note the Vince-like motto term of Moins/Muns/MUNDS, first found in the same place as Mund-like Mynetts and Hamonds, a great reason to expect Amyntes and Artemidoros from Monunius liners.

Rick's family had a whippet hound, and there is a Whippet surname that mentions a Whippet WASSAIL ceremony. Whippets share the swan head with Velis'/Vale's, likely a branch of Failins/Whelans, and Rick dated (or may have married) Miss Whelan. Whelans even share a string of lozenges in bend formation with Wissels/Wizels. Incredible. It's amazing how much God can say with such simple events.

While riding my tricycle on that sidewalk upon which I had fallen, I looked up one day at the near-full moon (bright day) and stared and stared. I remember this, and thought about it from time to time in my youth because the moon had taken on such clarity or depth or "something" meaningful that greatly impressed me. That moon on that day was burned into my memory...probably because Moons (same place as English Pine's and Darts) use the Pine and Pino crescents in colors reversed. I could have seen that moon while on foot, but as I was on the bike, perhaps God's message is Catherine Roet's WHEEL symbol, for German Roets use a moon! That makes sense.

This caused me to look up the Wheel surname, after writing the above, and Wheels happens to share an ermined-white fesse with Darts. The latter use a canton now known to be code for GENTius, the husband of Monunius' daughter. Cantons are the ones with two fesse bars in the colors of the one of Darts. Moons have been resolved with Monunius, king of dart-like DARDanians. There is no mistake here. The moon event on my wheels has already proven to be a Sign. But that was the entire sign, nothing more to recall about it. But it can be added that Wheels were first found in the same place as Sleeps/Slepe's who share two fesses in the colors of the Canton fesses. The canton-using Wassa's use double bars in colors reversed.

Wheelers/Whellers use an "Avito" motto term, and Julius Avitus is now suspect from Vis, where I'm now tracing Wassa's. Wheelers share green-on-gold lions with Rippers/Ripleys, suspect from the Cottians at the Riparia river. Wachs'/Waughs/Walks (like variations of Fessy-suspect Feschs that could be using the Mott estoile) may be using the same fesse as Gentes'/Ghents, but as the latter is the wavy Dol fesse while Dols use a whale, note that Whalers bring up the Wheelers/Whellers. Whale's/Whele's not only use another canton, but the bend of canton-using Keeps. German Wellers share the DeVAUX pelican while Vaux's use the checks in the Arms of Meulan. Meulan was ruled by Beaumonts who gave a daughter to Gouel de Percival, patriarch of Leavells. The couple gave birth to WALERan, and he's in the write-up of Walerans, first found in the same place as Darts, Moons and Pine's. Open thy mouth, dragon, there is some hot urine awaiting thee. I'm not accustomed to the new finding that the Waleran bulls are essentially those of Fetch's/Vitch's, what fitcee crosses may intend.

You see, God knew what he was doing with that sidewalk and wall. Moons use the same crescent as Lamperts/Lamberts, and there was at least one Lambert character, ruler of Hainaut, where the capital was MONS. Yep, the Monunius line was the namer of Mons, smack at the border of Artois, named by the Ardiaei. Yep, that's where Ghent is located too. Yep. And if God is good enough to get the urine down the center of Pino's open MOUTH, ask what he does in your life that you don't know is from Him. This is how He works, without you knowing about it most of the time. The urine first hit Pino on the HEAD and Heads use the Este Coat. It then went into his mouth as he looked up, and MonMOUTH is where Vans/Veynes' were first found, who not only use gauntlet gloves, but are a branch of Wayne's that use the ermined-white Pine chevron, in the colors of the Irish-Arthur chevron. And Mouth-suspect Motts/Morte's use the ESToile, You see, God knew what he was doing, and it reveals that the Monunius-Gentius marriage produced descendants at Monmouth, in WALES.

On top of that, Monmouthshire is beside MORGANnwg while the stupids made Morgan le Fay the chief of Avalon, and they had Arthur die there as play on the fact that Deaths/DARTHs use the crescent of Motts/MORTE's, and one of them called his myth, "Le MORTE D'Arthur," as play on the Mott bloodline at Monmouth and Morgannwg. So, they knew a lot, but were not revealing their past, and they lied to us all with myth, but didn't tell us what was behind their fables.

We saw the Orion line as a branch of Cretan Zeus, but then it was said by myth writers that Cretans founded mount Ida at Troy, and that was home to mythical Dardanus, the proto-Dardanians, right? In fact, the Cretans had been given a 10-FINGER symbol when called, DacTYLoi, and we just saw LAMPerts merged with a Dardanian line. Finger into the lamp for a shock. I actually expect Shechemites through Crete now, with the Amalekites, and we can ask why AMALthea of Crete, who raised Zeus as an infant, was given both the bee and goat-horn symbol, not to mention that the goat horn became the cornucopia. Why do Davids, from horn-using Hunter liners in Huntingdonshire, use a "copia" motto term while Orrs use a cornuCOPIA? Orion was a HUNTER! As you can see, Huntingdons/Huntings use the same fesse (without ermines) as Darts, and share hunting horns with Hunters (greyHOUND, same place as Sleeps). These horns, though code for Orne liners from Maccabees, can yet trace to the Cretan horn suspect with Cronus and the Zeus bull, and we can view the latter as the ancestry of Maccabees in Monunius I of Dardania, and we can be rather sure that he was of the Selepitanoi, somehow.

The greyhound above can reveal that Hounds are Hunt liners, and that Greys (Talbot kin) were fundamental with Hunt liners. Talbots/Talbarts, first found in the same place as Sleeps, were resolved with Dogs/Doags with that familiar chevron again. Someone wrote in to notify me of a tailer-like surname of Huntingdonshire, the Tailards. They can be gleaned with a version of one Hunt(er) Coat, the one first found in the same place as Talbots. Tailards (Tailer colors) use the quadrants of Drive's/Drove's, and there was a good Chives-related reason given for Pierce punching Kepke on a DRIVEway. And he came walking up my driveway in a dream with Paul Smith while Smiths share the heron with Orne's/Horns. The Hicks use an "heure" motto term. It can be gleaned that the Tailard / Drive quadrants are those also of Hykes'/Hacks and the Chives', the latter formerly said to have been first found in the same place (Devon) as Hykes'/Hacks and Pine's, Moons, etc. Again, the Chives cats are in the colors of the Tailer lions for a related reason.

Thanks to "heure," I have just found good evidence for a claim not yet clinched, that the Henrys of Rodez were Herods. As Henri IV of Rodez/Rodes married a woman from RoqueFEUIL, it explains why Rods and Rocks use the treFOIL, yet this is the symbol also of Hure's, whom I am not familiar with. The Hure's have variations such as Huron, HUREL and Herod-like Huret! Perfect, especially as "Herod" brings up the Herrals/Hurls (branch of Herls/Hurls). The first Herod had a mother from the house of Aretas III of Edom, and Hicks' are in Arthur colors. It expects that Ardiaei came around, somehow, to name Aretas. This theorized picture has been found, apparently, from the line of Cassander to Nysa of Cappadocia, for Cassander's father, king Antipater, had the same name as the first Herod's father. Cappadocia was the location of Glaphyra Archelaus, married by Herod, a son of the first Herod. "GLAPHYRa" traces to Clavers, who share the gold-on-black fesse with Herls/Hurls/Herals and Hurts/Horts (same stag as Eustace's), who in-turn share gold cinqueFOILs with Ardens. You can't argue with that. And Clavers share the white tower in both colors of the same of PLUNKETTs (and Hills) while PLANCia Magna was descended from Glaphyra (with another husband, a Maccabee-Herod). Note how the Huron variation of Hure's is like the Heron/Horn/Orne / Haveran surname from Avaran Maccabee. Irish Herons/Haverans even share the pelican with the Antipater line of Pattersons/Cassane's.

I had traced Henrys from Rodez to the Brittany Henrys, who share the red martlets of Alans, yet these Alan martlets once showed as the same duck design as those once shown for Herls/Hurls. Alan the Red (why Rodes-like red?) of Brittany was given Richmond to rule, and Richmonds use bars gemel in colors reversed from the same of Hearns/Hurns (the latter's Coat looks linkable to that of Wassa's). The Hearn/Hurn fesses are in the colors of the Alan fesse, and in the colors of the chevron of Quints, first found in the same place as Hearns/Hurns. It's got the Maccabee-Herod line all over it. It makes the Hure/Hurel/Huret fesse suspect with the Alan fesse. The Hearns share gold-on-red lozenges with Shakells (poplar tree), the latter like the Schickel variation of Pisa-suspect Schicks. Shakells use "lozenge buckles" in colors reversed from the Wettin buckles, or in the colors of the Dunn buckles. Might the poplar tree be for the same as mythical Popiel? Tree's/True's use the feathered helmet on one side of a coin of Herod Archelaus (Wikipedia's Herod-Archelaus article once mentioned and showed this coin, but changed it after I mentioned it).

Emailer Patterson was a fluent reader at one time. She had ideas on the Amalekites, but, at that time, I wasn't able to entertain / confirm Amalekite lines. Yet, she caused me to keep eyes open, and here at this time I think I have arrived to finding them with some certainty. God gave emailer Patterson a dream with blue lion named "something like Cappeo." I know what that means.

We can expect some heraldic goats to be from Amalthea's Cretans if they are not code for a goat-like surname such as Goths/Gothels. PINTons/Bointons share the upright, white goat with Riffels, and the only two things I can recall with Pino, though he was my neighbor and of my age, is the urination event, and being at his garage where a man showed me a HUNTING rifle. No coincidence, God set that up, and burned it into my memory. That rifle is why I looked up Riffels ("passa") in the first place, and the surname reminds me of Rephaites. The Riffel crescents are red, as are the Pinto/Pino crescents, you see, and I was actually on the end of the driveway when the rifle was shown to me, not inside the open door of the garage. Note that Spanish Pinto's use the crescents of Italian Pinto's/Pino's in the colors of the Moon crescents.

The BOINTon variation reminds of the Boy pulling a PINE tree down in the Crest of Bute (= Avalon) liner Bothwells. It's interesting that Pintons/Bointons, sharing a red fesse with Keppocks and Dance's, were first found in the same place as both, and all three surname use red symbols around their red fesse. As Pintons/Bointons use the fesse in both colors of the Alan fesse, note the part-red fesse of Bute-liner, Alan-related Boyds ("A hand pointing with two fingers"). Repeat: "I glean that the red ragully fesse of Sands (same place as Lawrence's) applies to the red ragully cross of Lawrence's, but then note how the Sands use a red fesse surrounded by red symbols, as do Keppocks and Dance's! Bingo" The Sands are in both colors of the Pintons/Bointons. And the "ready" motto term of Lawrence's gets swans with Readys, but then Reeds use a "copia" motto term too.

The Drove variation of Drive's can be of the Trope variation of Drops, and while I see the Trope-Chief lion in a gold color in the Forman/Ferman Chief, the latter's is in both colors of the Pinton/Bointon lion (same position, called "passant"), who are the ones with a "passa" motto term suspect with the Pass'/Pascals and Pasi's/Pascels, the line to Paisley, beside Ayrshire, where Orrs (motto suspect with Bononia, where Pasi's were first found), Boyds and Hunters were first found. The Bothwells were off the coast of Ayrshire, and as they are of ther Arbuthnotts, whom were somehow associated with Oliphants (honor the Boyer-like Voirs/VOYERs in their motto), it reminds me here that Mallets, from Melita, beside the Elaphiti islands, should be of "AMALThea," for Amalek was a son of Eliphas. I'm conjecturing Amalthea liners at the cornucopia of Orrs, you see, for Kenites and Shechemites were traced to Cunninghams, first found in Ayrshire, and to the Cunningham SHAKEfork. And while Pasi's share crossed spears with Speers that were likewise first found at the Paisley area, there are the ShakeSPEARE's. Mallets use a "FORCE" motto term that can be of the shakeFORK, the latter likely code for Forkers/Farquhars, first found in the same place as Cunninghams. There is a Force surname with leopards in Sforza colors.

The Speers share the boar heads of Rieti-liner Roets (share book with Reeds), and so we are at the family again that adopted Josephus, and the Pollocks, first found in the same place as Speers, were from Vespasia Polla, mother of the emperor that adopted Josephus. So, who really named Lawrence Kepke, his mother, father...or God? Repeat: "The Geds' use the motto, "DURat," and Dure's happen to use a "Quid" motto term while Quids/QUADE's were from QUADratilla." "DuRAT" can also be for the Rats/Rate's/Raits that use the motto, "SPERo meliORA", making them suspect with a Rat-like Rieti line of VesPASIa Polla through the PASI''s, and this coincidence makes "VESpasia" look like a Vis liner. Rats are said to be from castle Rait "near Geddes," to my surprise here, which nails the Rats with the "Durat" of Geds'.

"MELiora" can be an AMALthea honey line because the "ora" traces well to cornucopia-using Ore's. That's rather stunning, in fact. Copia liner may include Cope's/Cups, and then Laurie's/Larrys (Caplan colors) and Lowrys/Glorys use a giant cup with laurel, the latter a symbol also of Lorraine's. Why doe Laurie's use a motto, "rePULLUlat"? It looks like it's for Vespasia POLLA.

Caseys, who can be using a hand holding the Walk garb, are said to have been both at Waterdown and Oriel, the latter possibly a urination line from Orion. In fact, the real-estate agent who listed (for sale) both my house and Miss Hicks' house, at the same time, was Mr. Casey. He was married to Miss Hicks aunt. The "heure" motto term of Tout-loving Hicks might just be an Orion line, for Orion's father was Hyrieus (from Tanagra = Schimatari). As Ore's and Oriels/Orells share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne, the home town of Eustace II, by what coincidence could Hirams/Irons be using the Eustace cross?

When I peed on Pino, I was doing it down to the WALKway to the backyard. I suppose I just couldn't wait to go inside. Walkers use the crescents of French Pine's in both colors! These Walkers have a motto term for Plancia Magna, apparently, while Plunketts (from Vilaine) use the same bend as Claptons / Wingers, and another white tower, in both colors of the Hill tower. In the Plunkett Crest, the Head horse, possibly.

The Orion article at Wikipedia goes on to say: "Other ancient scholia say, as Hesiod does, that Orion was the son of Poseidon and his mother was a daughter of Minos; but they call the daughter Brylle or Hyeles." Note that Brylls/Prills use "three moons, each within a silver annulet," while "Minos" is like "moon," or like the Egyptian Min / Amun. I consider the Bryll moons to be sleeping moons, and Cretans of the Sarpedon kind were at Latmus. The Yell-like Hyeles character can now be traced to Kyle's and Julian-suspect Yells, for Yells/Yule's (Kyle colors) use crescents in colors reversed from those of Brylls, and Kyle's use candle STICKS while the Stick GARB is in the Yell Coat! Is that not amazing?

We have just traced Orion to COLchester / Camulodunum, and therefore to the ColAPIS river (Apis was the Egyptian bull cult suspect with the Minoan bull). See also Yellows and Yelles', the latter suspect with a JULian eagle. Gelles'/Gelans (smack of the Gilan area of the ancient Gels/Gileki, at/beside Rhegae) share annulets with Brylls. The Arms of Colchester uses a raGULLY cross, and Gullys (share red chevron with Colchesters) share the Julian Cross. "Ragully" can now be gleaned with Rhea of Crete (Zeus' mother, Cronus' wife), whom I've traced back to ancient Rhegae, now Ray/Rey in Uran-like Iran/Eran. Wikipedia's article of the swaSTIKA has a swastika jewel from ancient Gilan, and the Julian cross, along with the Gully Crest, looks like the makings of the Nazi swastika.

I suggest a Hyeles trace to HELLESpont, and therefore to mythical Helen of Sparta, in connection with the Stick-suspect Astakos area in Calydon. Mythical Helles, code for Hellespont, was part of the golden-fleece Colchians, and I trace "Colchis" to "Gileki." The golden fleece was up an old Glaucus river from Phasis, and Mino's wife was given a Phasis-like wife. Helen was a daughter of mythical Tyndareus, and there was a Tyndaris location (see map) smack at the golden-fleece city. There is an Astacus location at Marmara (the waters inside the Hellespont), on this map:

The Numans/Newmans in the Yell motto use the colors and format of Brylls. Numans are suspect from JJ Tolkien's Numenor at Arran, beside the Alexanders with crescents in colors reversed from the Yule crescents. Numans were first found in the same place (Dorset) as Quints while Quints use the Colchester Coat. The other Quints were first found in the same place as Colchester. COLchians are known to have been around the COLapis river, wherefore, I see the Cretan Colchians at Colchester, and this is how Zeus could have evolved into Jupiter, for Japodes were on the Colapis. When I met a friend at 13 with a Quinn surname, he lived directly across from a same-aged friend with BRILLinger surname. Quinn's first name, Dennis, is a surname using axes, a Cretan symbol, and Dennis' are said to be from "Dionysus, while Dyonysus was a Cretan entity to some degree. Impressed? God never ceases to amaze me with events / situations in my life. Dennis' are traced in their write-up to a bishop of Paris while mythical Paris abducted Helen (that's why she depicted the Hellespont, the location of the real city of Parion/Parium, where mythical Priam, and his son, Paris, trace. Who named Dennis Quinn, his mother, father...or God?

Who named his and my friend, Michael Brillinger? German Michaels happen to share the passant lion of Barills (Barrel colors) in colors reversed, and English Michaels/Mitchells even share a reflection of the Stick GARBs. Dannys/Dance's/Dauncys (don't come up when entering "Dance") use san upright lion in the colors of the Barrel lion. Barrels have a talbot dog emphasizing the ear. We need to be careful here because Bar / Barry liners may not have been mythical Brylle liners. Yet, while Spanish Burgos' share the annulet of Brylls, Bourges was also called, Berry (ancient Avaricum, suspect with Avaris). And Berrys / Barrys share bars in the colors of the bends of the French Barrels. Sticks were first found in the same place as Boura-liner Burleys and Ladon-river Ladons/Ladds (Boura was near the Ladon), and Taphians from the Ladon were at Astakos.

This recalls my trace of mythical Perdix, often equated in ancient times with Daedalus of Crete, to Berry/Bourges. Amazing. Perdix had been given a fish-jaw symbol and German Berrys (Weis / Wies Crest) use fish faces, as do Geddes' and Geds'. The ragully feature can even be regarded as a saw, for Perdix was made the inventor of the saw as per the teeth of a fish. The "regi" motto term of German Barrys thus makes that term in other mottoes suspect with ragully. The "DURat" motto term of Geds' (Pilate colors and format) was suspect with Dure's (Justine colors), and Dure's happen to have been first at PERTHshire, which I trace to the peak, Perdrix, of Mont Pilat. I had traced Perdix / Daedalus to the Dodecanese islands, just outside of Kos, and the French Barrels use nearly the Kos bends.

Quinns (share green Shgield with Burys) were first found in Longford while Longfords use pale bars in the red-white colors of the Irish-Berry and Barret bars. Barrets once again use ten bars as potential code for the ten fingers of Crete. French Barrets share the white horse with Quinns. It could appear that God set Dennis Quinn and Micael Brillinger across the street from one another. While Dionysus was the wine god and therefore got the drunk symbol, I first became drunk in Quinn's house. Funny that.

It appears that the Brylle character on Crete was the ancestor of the Bars / Berrys, and should therefore be traced to Bar at lake Scodra. The LABeates were there, and Crete had a labrys axe symbol while Daedalus had a labyrinth symbol, two terms like the "labore" motto term of English Berrys. The "Deo" motto term of German Berrys, very applicable to old Zeus, suggests the Dee's (Hick colors) that use a "Hic labor" motto. Dee's use the same lion as German MARTIS'/Martins, and the labyrs axe was the symbol of Crete's Brito-MARTIS. Yep, that's right, Charles Martel was a Brito-Martis liner, as were other Martins, we may assume. Consider Dee-like DEAN Martin, for Deans/DENES use the same lion, while Dennis' use axes. Are you not impressed by God's handiwork? The Dean Coat is an upside-down version of the Martis/Martin Coat, and both look linkable to the German Lambert/Lampert Coat.

Aha! Brito's were first found in the same place (Castille) as Burgos'! Excellent. Brits/Bretts use the red and upright lion too, in colors reversed from the Martis/Martin / Dean / Dee lion. I can already guess that Brito's are using the Stewart lions, for proto-Stewart Alan Huns were in La Mancha of Spain. Note that while the ten Curetes were turned into nine, Brito's use nine lozenges (as do Rouens). There is a Castille surname (Alan colors) using the Irish-Burgh cross, but as Castille's were first found in Artois, it's got to be the Eustace cross too. English Martis'/Martins use a giant castle now suspect with things in Castille. My mother, with Grimaldi maiden name, loved Dean Martin, and the Brito's can therefore be using a version of the Grimaldi Coat. In other words, God may have caused my mother to "fall in love" with Dean Martin in order to make this connection.

Britans/Bradens were first found in the same place as Quinn-like Quince's that in-turn use seven of the nine Rouen lozenges, all on red, as with Brito's'. Brits/Bretts share the fitchees of ragully-liner Sands (same place as Dennis'), and God showed me why Sands must link to Hicks along with Beach's, the latter using a version of the Brito / Grimaldi Coat, I now assume. I kid you not, Miss Hicks first name is, Char---, and Chars, long expected with the Cher area around Berry/Bourges, use the partridge, the symbol of mythical Perdix!!!!!!! I can't exclaim enough. Charles'/Charlemagne's (MARTLets) are in Hicks colors, and expected with the Carolingians, founded by Charles MARTEL. This recalls that Dennis' sister, SHARon, was the girl friend of Charley. Amazing. God's given names to people for this revelation, and they haven't a clue.

I kid you not, that when I was witnessing to my batch of party friends, probably within a month of my conversion, Sharon was there, as was Dennis. I've told this story before, but never realized the significance. Sharon called me a fool for taking on Jesus, but Barry, sitting there too, spoke up in my defence, and Sharon, completely unexpected by all, stood up and punched Barry in the mouth!!! There was a bit of blood, but Barry, a gentleman, didn't fight back. And Sharon ran out the door, down the hall to Dennis' apartment, but collapsed at the door, screaming as though possessed, and I ran down, with some others, got on my knees and prayed to Jesus, and she came back to normal right that second. Dennis was watching this. I said to put her on the couch and giver her a drink, and that was amazing in itself because that morning I had a vision of a beautiful blonde who had mental distress. And right after this snap vision, I heard the voice of God say, "Write this down, you're going to have an argument with Steve tonight." I never heard God's voice so clearly again; this was much for strenthening my faith, but may have been for today, for the readers reading this.

I put the note in my pocket, and forgot about it. That night, Steve threw a party, and we all went, but Barry and some others wanted to go out to a bar, and I went, and when we got back, I felt the Spirit heavily upon me to witness, and that's when Sharon punched Barry. Later, Steve came to me to ask why I abandoned his party, and he was angry with me, and when I produced the note, he thought I had written it that evening. Later, on another day, he had blood in his ear, and he was challenging Joe and I to heal it (Joe's mother had part in my conversion, and Joe had been a regular at the dope / beach parties too), and we prayed for Steve, standing beside him. When we were done, Steve said, "okay, I'm going to stick this que-tip in my ear and draw blood. But when he pulled it out, no blood. I don't know whether he ever became a Christian, but one never knows. He was becoming an alcoholic at the time, and I abandoned the parties before much longer.

I saw the small amount of blood at his lip, and it may have been for the Lipps (same place as Tarves'), who happen to use the Chives motto. Both surnames use a mountain cat in Crest and cat-a-mountains in the Shield. If not for this punch, I would not have known the Lipps at this time.

By the way, English Charleys are using the Gray Coat, which had me wondering whether "Gray" is responsible for "Char." It caused me to check for a Charle-like Grelle surname (to check whether the two surnames were once from one stock), which was found listed with GRISleys...using the Beach Coat exactly. It's a vair-fur version of the GRImaldi Coat, and the latter surname was suspect as a Gris-Mallet combination long before suggesting in this update that Mallets are from Amalthea of Crete. Grelle-like Grails are listed with Neils, for some reason, but they show the white castle of Martis'/Martels! Amazing. The Charley / Gray lion may be that of German Lipps too, but lions like this are plentiful. Still, it was Charley's girl that hit Barry in the lip. The latter Lipps are Lippers too, and Lipari happens to be one of the NINE Aeolian islands. A theory on the change of Curetes from ten to nine, and the change of Muses from three and more later, and finally to nine, may have been as code for the Aoelian islands. The Lipper lion is that also of Wallis', a term like "Aeolus."

I now recall that during one of our beach parties, while still hanging out with Barry and the gang, I was able to get Sharon Pascal interested in me, and we got to kissing on a picnic table (in the evening) right at the beach front! Charley, at Steve's party, was the boyfriend of Sharon Quinn. I'm having a hard time recalling, but Steve's wife was also, Sharon, so far as I can recall. All three Sharons were blonds. Steve's surname, MELLanson, actually uses "a bundle of rods with an AXE in the middle." Sharon became my first girlfriend as a Christian. Recall how Mallets were from Melita, beside the ELAPHiti island, for Mellans (and Sanders) use a greyhound head looking like it doubles as an elephant! Shock and Awe. The white Mellan greyhound is in a BASKET while Corbetts (Salop) use a white elephant in Crest along with a "PASCIT" motto term. Baskets are in Mallet colors. Steve, and possibly the Steve / Stevenson surname, must have been an Amalekite. It recalls that Hawks use PilGRIMs staves (part-suspect with GRIMaldi's) while Stave's are listed with Stevensons while Hawkeswells use the Dennis axes in colors reversed! Bingo. Steve and Dennis had apartments at opposite ends of the hall. The AxelROD variation of Hawkeswells should explain the bundle of rods with an axe of Mellansons. Grays were first found in the same place as Stevensons.

Dennis' were first found in the same place as Sands that in-turn use the Hicks fesse in colors reversed, and Hicks trace to Cretans in the Dee motto. Miss Hicks was hovering over the seats in a car on a sandy beach, and Carrs were first found in the same place as Sands and Seats/Cedes'. Miletus is in CARia! This dream with Miss Hicks (I wouldn't meet see her until Christmas day in 1994, 25 years later) was within my first month as a believer, smack at the time of Steve's party. Can you believe all of this? Am I making it all up?

The Samford/Sanford entity in the Brit/Brett write-up tends to confirm linkage to Sandfords / Sands / Sanders. Sandfords (suspect with Deeters, first found in the area of the first Dols) were first found in Shropshire, temporary home of the Dol / BRITTany Alans. Deeds/Dade's use garbs. Dionysus of Crete went with Ariadne Minoans to Lemnos, location of Sintians, and Sander liners were very-recently traced to Sintians at the Dionysus-suspect Nestus river. Sanders that link to Singletarys / Sinclairs use the Vince/Vinch motto, and English Berrys can therefore be using the Leavell bars. The red Sander bull (linkable to Zeus liners) could therefore be the red Borgia bull, which is also the bull of Brittany's Beards/Bearts. Compare the latter terms to "Brito." It's the Zeus Taurus in Brittany, and we can expect that Britain was named after the same. I can see lightning right now on the ten fingers of God, ready to be thrown down. Take cover, world.

Aha! They knew, they knew. Look at the "DoMINUS" motto term of Beards/Bards! Clever rats, they knew they were from Minos. But they never told. This could mean that other identical motto terms are Minoan elements.

Recall Alan the red of Brittany, ruler over Richmond, and that Hearns use the three pairs of Richmond bars in colors reversed. Here we can add that Irish Barrys use three pairs of bars in the red of the Hearn bars, but Hearns throw in lozenges in the colors of the Quince / Rouen lozenges. The Richmond bars are in the colors of the three of ther English Berrys, first found in the same place as Stewarts, Pine's. Moons, Darts, etc. The Richmond bars are in the colors of the double bars of Labore's (same place as Richmond), if you can believe it, tending to clinch, via the Dee and Berry mottoes, a Brylle-of-Crete / Orion-of-Crete connection to a Brito-Martis > Brittany line. Labore's share an eye with hand with Battins/Badens, at the AXE-river area to which the Dennis axes are expected to trace.

Dennis stole a 1970 Mustang off a new-CAR lot car when he was in his early teens, and four years later, I happened to purchase a 1970 Mustang totally by "coincidence." There was a third Mustang that had to do with a double-fulfillment of the Hicks (she was blond) dream, where the car in that dream posed as the 1960's model Mustang relating to another blond, my basement tenant, whom became my girlfriend before she left me (due to my Christianity) for Steve, the owner of the Mustang. The tenant's name, Helen, turned out to reveal secrets (not more than about ten updates ago) on Helena, mother of emperor Constantine I, and Helena's ancestry in Colchester. I'm not going to get back into all of that, but do want to make the point that Mustans worked very well with the Mustang. [I had forgotten here that I met Diane many years later, when I was 42 years old, in a grocery store. I asked her to drop in for a visit, but told her I had a girlfriend at the time, and that was Helen, I kid you not. Diane never dropped in.]

Some time after Sharon Pascal, perhaps eight months later, I was with my third girlfriend as a Christian, another blond, which has me wondering whether the Blond / Blundell surnames are to be regarded. I recall the day, while at Steve's, she wouldn't pick up the phone, or something to that effect, and so I went to her place and knocked hard on the door, but her father answered, and, to make a long story short, he was forbidding me from seeing her. Her surname was MUSKATov, and as she was with Ukrainian parents, Moscovites / proto-Moscovites in Kiev come to mind. The Mustans can be a branch of Musts (Mustan colors) that bring up the MUSCAT surname, you see. Musts/Muscats use the double Ness bars and can thus be DioNYSus liners. In fact, I recall the night Dennis and I went to my father's wine cellar (when he wasn't home) to take a bottle of wine, the Dionysus symbol, but then Dionysus was of wine character, Oeneus, the Laish-Levite line, right?

She decided to leave home for me (for a couple of nights, to protest). Living at my parents at the time, and not wanting to go there right away with her, we stopped in to see Dennis on the way up, who was already separated from his wife at the time (because he was darn bad, just bad). I am having trouble here, wondering why God would put this fellow into my life, whose circle corrupted me to a fair degree (I'm not putting the full blame on anyone, however), but the best answer I can give is that it was for saving some in that group. Joe, for example, turned onto Jesus when I did. So, Miss Muscatov and I went to Sharon Quinn's home, because Dennis was staying there, and I recall witnessing to both with open Bible, and for a spark of a moment, I thought Dennis was listening. Sharon didn't even punch me in the lip.

I fell half-asleep early on the couch at Sharon's basement, and Dennis must have asked Diane into the bedroom. I was awake a few times wondering what they were doing in there, but instead of barging in, I trusted that she wouldn't do anything, though I knew Dennis would fornicate in a flash if he had the opportunity. The door to the bedroom was left open, and the lights were always on, but I heard not a peep from either one, and maybe she fell asleep. It was a strange feeling, a lot Diane had distanced herself from me, for she didn't come out once to see me on the couch. Perhaps she was wondering why I didn't come see her. But, if they did have sex, or even if they didn't, I now understand why it happened this way, the two in the same room all night, for Diane is a surname listed with Deans!!! The proto-Muscats / proto-Mustans / proto-Masci's must have passed through Crete with the Zeus Tyrians and/or Amalekites.

Italian Diane's, listed curiously with Natali's, were first found in the same place (Venice) as Italian Deans/Degano's/Diano's, and the latter share the crescents of Deans/Diane's above. It is just so incredible, for it assures that God was using Dennis to trace things of importance to Him to Crete, for Deans had traced to Brito-Martis with certainty. One can assume that Diana's were Dionysus liners too, and Joe (Joseph) married another Diane while French Josephs use the martlet, the symbol of Cretan-liner Charles Martel. On top of this, the Dine's/Diens (same place as Deans/Diane's) still show the white-wing design that Mosca-like Masci's once showed, and the Dean/Diane Chief is also that of French Masseys/Masse's. When God does something, he really does it well.

Might Ariadne have been the line to the naming of Rieti? Rieti-line Roets were Carians. Masse's should be from Massa-Carrara. There were Masa pirates in Caria. Minos was father to RHADAmanthys, probably the same entity as Ariadna, but with Maeander elements tagged on. The Amalekites of Amalthea at Caria's MILetus, right? If we go back to the LABYRs axe of Brito-Martis and to the Minoan bull pen, the LABYRinth, it reminds that the Levi-suspect LIEBERs share the fesse-with-oak-theme with Alans, and the latter already traced to Brito-Martis. The Alan fesse is even that of French Dennis/Denys''. The Leibers (not Lieber") share the tree stump (though they call it a log) with Italian MILANs, and Leibers throw in an upright lion in colors reversed from the same of Deans/Diane's, Dee's and Martis'/Martels. Leibers were first found in Brunswick, and the Brunswicks use the lion in colors reversed.

Liebers are Liebs and Leibers are Leibs, and then there were the Chives-related Lipps.

Diane ended up back home, and the last time I saw her, before breaking up for good, was when she went to play her SAXophone at a gathering. Saxe's (GARB) use the partridge! Amazing. She was never Intended as my wife, but was in my life for these reasons. I was doing work on Barry's house, being paid by his mother, after she left me. During that time, I spoke to Darlene, telling her I was sore that Diane had left, and before long, she wanted to get back together, which couldn't have been long after I finished the job at Barry's. But after she got into the car, I decided I didn't want her, and drove her home. I can't explain why I made that decision, but I now understand. The partridge was of Perdix (the latter means "partridge" in Greek), the epitome of Daedalus, Cretan owner of the labyrinth, and Perdix was suggested (by me) as a line to Berry, France, and here my working at Barry's between the time she left me (at Saxophone time) and returned tends to prove it. The car she got into (mine) was a FireBIRD, and we saw why the Brittany Beards/Bearts (bull) should be Brito liners. In fact, Birds/Byrde's share the martlets of Alans! The Liebers may even be using the Bird fesse.

Aha! Dino's use "LIBERtas" across their Chief, suggesting a branch of Deans/Diane's. And Dino's (same place as Taddei's) are said to be from Taddeo Dini while Taddei's/Taddeo's use the Bird flory cross in colors reversed! The Godfreys use "libertas" in their motto, while Bouillons use the Taddei flory. Recall how I was so confident that the Brito Coat is using a version of the Grimaldi Coat, for my mother's nephew is Dino Grimaldi. My great-grandmother is a Taddei. Therefore, the Muscatovs and my mother's Masci side must have been from Cretans.

Note that while sinister features are for Maccabee liners. CURTus Maccabee, Josephus' ancestor, looks CRETan while a sinister bend is used by the Brittany Cors/LeCOURTs. The Courts/Coverts and Coverts/Cofferts (suspect with Coffers in Saxe colors) were first found in the same place as Deans/Diane's. It recalls the day when there was a small orb-shaped piece of material in the hair of the other Diane while she was working in a coffee shop, when, on the same day, there was a small piece of an orb-like thing in Joe's hair as he was ordering a coffee, and the two ended up getting married. I told them about this thing after they were married. The point here is that Coffers are Coffee's too, suggesting that God set up those foreign things in their hair, and that the Hair surname can apply. It's easy to see why Hairs are a branch of HarCOURTs. Ho-hum, just a small wonder amongst many.

Minos was father of Sarpedon, and while I read that Sarp-like "Gareb" (at Jerusalem) is thought by some to mean, scorpion, there is a scorpion that Artemis sent to kill Orion. This must do with Artemis at Ephesus, the line from Merops to Boiotia. It suggests conflict between the Garebites / Rephaites, in Sarpedon against Orion's side of the Minoans. Trace these Minoans to ORCHomenos in Boiotia, but also to JJ Tolkien's ORCs, whom he made supporters of his Melkor. Remember, Melkor was of Meleager, king of Calydon, where mythical Oeneus was from, and Orion's father, we read earlier, was sometimes made, Oeneus. The scorpion is also in the book of Revelation (chapter 9) along with Apollo, which may suggest that the scorpion line went through Patmos.

"Gareb" is like "cherub," and a cherub is used by Tacks/THACKERys (share green with Shake's/Shocks), who might be a branch of the SHACKERly variation of Shake's/Shacks/Shocks. Thackerys share the GARB with GAREB-like Garbs but call them "wheat sheaves" because Wheats/Wete's/Whate's use garbs in the same colors. And neighboring Whats/Wadcocks use a chevron in colors reversed from the Shake/Shock chevron. It looks like SHECHEMites from mount Gareb, doesn't it, family researchers? Yes, and as SCHIMatari is at Tankerville-based Tanagra, note that while Tankerville's were a Tancred branch, Tacks/Thackarys are said to be from a Tancred. It appears that Tanagra liners merged with Schimatari liners were still merging in Britain, and forming similar variations as a result. The Watts and Vatts use "specTACles," now suspect with Tack liners. Tackle's/Takels/Takers are even in Shake/Shock colors.

A sailor between Crete and Patmos might stop first at Naxos, the largest island in the grouping, and it was the sacred island of Dionysus. The latter was the wine god and thus related to Oeneus elements. Dionysus was in Crete with Ariadne (almost "Orion"), a daughter of Minos. He took her to Lemnos, however, yet as he was a form of Hephaestus (both were given lame / limp symbols), note that the latter looks like "Ephesus." From Naxos to Ephesus, one passes Patmos, you see. Ariadne's mother, PASIphas, was likely from Colchis' Phasis, the area of Aeetes and Medea. Aeson and Jason, which married Medea of Colchis, were Minyan, likely from Minoans, for Aeson's father was Cretheus.

The line from Gareb was traced by me to the Greek corvos, our crow, and Coronis was a crow who mated with Apollo. It looks like the scorpion did go through Patmos. Reph(aites) are suspect as a vowel-less version of "Gareb" because they lived on the west side of Jerusalem, where mount Gareb was too, and "Repha" is suspect with naming the crow species of "raven." Don't pee your pants, but Urins use ravens. Yep, and Scottish Caseys use the crow. Yep. And they were first found in the same place as same-colored Sions/Swans, from Zion elements, we may assume, though from the Zion before it became the possession of Israel. The Amorites of Zion are expected with Merops of Kos, he being the same entity as Merope whom Orion raped (same theme as Zeus raping Europa to birth Minos). Europa in Tyre was ever-so close to Mount Sion, itself at the Laish theater i.e. to which I trace proto-Oeneus. It appears that Orion was a Laish entity. God's wrath.

French Caseys use three sets of six LEAVES, possibly as 666 code, and were first found in the same place as Levi's. Pass the turpentine, get drunk, and never wake up. The world has been raped to horribly already that it can't take another raping with nuclear war. But the stupids won't listen. Today, they are still making "better" nuclear warheads. Caseys don't call them leaves, but rather "laurel branches."

There is another way to link Walkers and Walch's/Walsh's to Sion's Wallis canton via my finding that Glass' were a Walser / Wallis branch. For this, take the "lord" motto term of Glasgows, who lived in the area of the first Sions/Swans, and trace the Lords/Lauds to Ladys/Laudymans that share the Walker annulets in both colors. Ladys/Laudymans are suspect with a form of the Anchor and Major Chiefs while Majors look like they were at least merged with Melkor liners. These are Amalekite suspects.

Share these things with those you know, or just generally online. It's God message either to a few, chosen individuals, or to the world at large. So far, He has not answered me on my question for the Purpose of my life in this regard, or, rather, what this revelation is meant to produce. I trust he will tell / show me in time.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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