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March 14 - 20, 2017

Another Dream With Obama in It
This Time he Bought my House and Caused Rot, It Figures

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail you to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again. We'll need to wait and see whether Yahoo changes its policy.

This is new to me as per February activities:

In February, US Defense Department spokesperson Capt. Jeff Davis said senior leaders of Daesh are leaving Raqqa and moving operations to Deir ez-Zor [see maps] and Madan.

"We are working very closely with our partnered force to further isolate Raqqa. There is still plenty of ISIS [Daesh] fighters, and still plenty of ISIS leaders in Raqqa," Dorrian told reporters.

We need to ask: why would ISIS leadership leave Raqqa, it's capital stronghold, for another city not far east? What difference will this make to ISIS survival? Who are leaving, who is staying, and why? Did escapees from Mosul go to Deir ez-Zor? The bottom line is that, even while the U.S. is announcing an invasion of Raqqa, the enemy is already be expected if the U.S. wants ISIS to survive. The U.S. can soon waste a few more months in Raqqa, while the best fighting groups hunker down in Deir ez-Dor. Have I got that right?

Sputnik again: On March 8, a US defense official told reporters that there are about 15,000 Daesh militants on the territory of Iraq and Syria. The official added that there are some 2,500 fighters in the Iraqi city of Mosul and 3,000-4,000 operatives in Syria's Raqqa. Mosul was supposed to take months or even years to take, but here this week already the city is all-but in Iraqi "On Tuesday the chief of Iraq's Federal Police force announced that 90 percent of central Mosul's Old City had been retaken by security forces..." I don't think it was more than two or three weeks ago that Iraq entered Old = Western Mosul, and already it's all over. Where did the ISIS fighters go? Just where the Americans want them, in Syria, right?

The latest batch of Wikileaks exposures on CIA tricks includes one where the CIA steals an ingredient of Russian spyware, then plants it at the scene of a crime to produce Russian "fingerprints," thus framing the Russians for a hack job conducted by the CIA. Makes sense, and makes the CIA appear criminal, which it is:

In the article below, John Dorian talks like he's the public-relations manager of the Syrian war. Once again, he stresses that the Coalition goal is to defeat ISIS, repeated repeated repeated because the very opposite is true. Dorian also speaks as though the Americans are in charge of the Syria war, and if some Kurdish groups are not in tune with US will, they don't get to apply for the fight against Raqqa. But wait. Obama said he sent the 100s of US "advisors" to advise, not to lead. Expect the U.S. to look after U.S. interests, in Syria, especially with Trump's administration. They are not the advisors, but the railroaders, the hijackers. But I don't think the Kurds are playing to U.S. interests so far as they can help it. The Americans will try to force them, but the Kurds will resist.

I oppose the American and Canadian governments, not with missiles and bullets, but in spirit. When the judges of both countries opposed God, I opposed them. When the politicians of both countries did nothing to remove the supreme judges who chose to remove Christianity in all its forms from government institutions, they were essentially in bed with the judges. God saw this, and if our Father was offended by them, we should be offended by them too. It seems to me that God would be very disappointed in anyone who remains comfortable with a country that has, from its leaders down, rejected Him. While we are to be obedient to goodness while living as citizens in an anti-God country, that's only because God, in his wisdom, doesn't want to give the enemy a reason to persecute / arrest us. It's bad enough that nations will arrest Christians on false charges -- what the Israeli nation did to Jesus -- when it comes to Christian persecution.

The highest of judges can be removed for misconduct, and toppling the authority of God in a nation is misconduct, is it not? Why then, were not the anti-Christian judges taken down? Isn't it sheer demonism to reject the presence of God in government? How can we remain patriotic to a country that has performed this demonic act in the face of the one and only Creator? I implore you, don't offend God by remaining content with the country you live in, wherever it is, if it practices only a semblance of righteousness while rejecting the Creator. All nations are under condemnation at this time. God permits them to continue only to allow the final numbers of converts. The current prime minister of Canada had a father who, as prime minister himself, installed anti-Christians on the supreme court, paving the way for a striking down of all abortion laws. This was exactly in line with demonism. Lest we forget, abortion is a vile and demonic act, and often follows rampant fornication which Western countries came to cherish.

The advancement of women predicts a war between the sexes. The advancement of women is a signal that its feminist leaders are seeking to topple the jobs of men, especially the leadership jobs. Since when did God command anyone to seek the highest positions for the purpose of controlling? But feminism started at the very time that demonism became rampant in the so-called "sexual revolution," where Christian principles were toppled in the social sphere. The pigs of the world prevailed, and they now rule. It is an end-time prediction that the pigs should gain the upper hand for a time. Had the feminists stayed home to gladly make the house a home, and to raise their own children, this world would have owed women a handsome reward, and God would have made them the leaders of men stuck on sinful ways. As it is, feminists by-and-large have contributed to the deluge of sin, and have engaged in pornography themselves, and adultery, and have not been a good example to the men they accused of wrongs in the first place. No one should have the illusion that, if feminists were in the majority of leadership positions, they would do a better job? What is "better," anyway, to a woman rejecting God?

If women abandon their own children for careers, what hearts do they have to make the world a better place for men? Why phrase the question like that, since they have no desire to make the world a better place for men? Instead, they want to make the world a better place for achieving their goals, and this is demonism too. It's more or less a competition that they have set up, but when children are largely neglected for this pursuit, how will that create better men and woman 10 or 20 years later? Instead, women are becoming more like men, and men more like women, for this is the secret agenda.

Every child knows its wrong to kill and steal, but Jesus came to teach a philosophy not apparent even to adults: the last will be first. What does that mean? It means that those who seek leadership positions will be the least admired by God, the least rewarded. But those who shun leadership positions because they have no "animal" within themselves to desire positions of control, "honor" and popularity will be regarded as the most valuable. What will feminists reap from God? You guessed it. But what about the good feminists? What is that, anyway? If women feel that men abuse them, and some do, then they should be seeking to rectify that situation, but the pursuit of leadership positions amongst Christian women is in opposition to the will of God. Take heed.

The philosophy of Jesus works with globalism too. What will globalists reap from God for seeking to lead / control the entire world? Who are the animals desiring this thing? The pigs, of course. And they have designed the future to have no God at all. They have uninstalled Him from governments, and seek to uninstall him from our minds and hearts. This is their Utopia, where they become God. The first will not only become last, but, in many cases, subjected by force to Punishment for life. In the meantime, it will be dog-on-dog, and no one, man or women, seeking a leadership position, for self-fulfilling ambitions, will come out unscathed. Ask all the murdered kings about that.

You can't compare the workload of a housewife to one where a women cleans houses for others on a full-time basis. Why would women subject themselves to full-time work? Wouldn't it be better to have a smaller house and a better home than to have a larger house and lower-quality home? But what if the women cleaning other homes started to feel as though she owned them, and that the real owners had to subject themselves to her authority? That's the obscene, globalist pig, trying to make all nations subjective to their control. Globalists think they know better about running the houses of others, but how can that be true when they don't know enough not to intrude? They haven't got the most-basic politeness learned yet that they should mind their own business. That's because they are in bondage to their demons. And in the Middle East, they are worse than pigs. On that stage, they are wild boars ramming the nations into chaos and destruction.

Why is Obama better than Qaddafi? Obama had his own military to protect him, and Qaddafi had his. Oh, Qaddafi didn't have the democratic-style government that Obama was under. But when Obama had the House of Representatives under Democrat control, wasn't he acting like a dictator? And if Obama could have achieved a dictatorial level, he would have taken it gladly. But this is exactly the color of the Western globalist, using "democracy" as his justification for destroying dictators, and in the meantime remaining willfully blind to the failure of his own democracy. Not even the people living under democracy are happy with their leaders, whom as an entire lot are viewed as, well, pigs. There were a lot fewer pigs in Qaddafi's government than in a Western democracy. The irony is that the people elect pigs over and over again, but this is evidence that the pigs have much control over even the election process. They have got it down to a science on how to get re-elected, and both Obama and Trump have glaringly exposed that false promise and false image are the main means.

All American presidents now need to contend with the polls telling, week-to-week, on how many voters are happy with them. Trump's went from 55% approval to 45% in just a couple of weeks. What's wrong with that picture? It seems that the entire "middle" ten percent that got him elected suddenly doesn't like him much anymore. It reveals that the middle (Independents, we might say) allowed themselves to be deceived by Trump's false promises / false imagery. Suddenly, we are seeing how little power Trump has to exert his promises, even if he genuinely wants to keep some of them, but we are also seeing dog-on-dog within the Republican camps. This is no-nothing democracy. Or, indecision democracy. Or, divided democracy. Or, stalemate democracy. And in this American democracy, the president has a right to be a dictator by Executive Order, but, we have just seen, the real leaders of the country are any of the judges, for one judge alone struck down one of Trump's Executive Orders. Trump then revised the Executive Order, but, this week, a judge (Derrick Watson) from Obama's Hawaiian stomping grounds struck that down too.

Who judges the judges? Why can't they be impeached for misconduct? When the judges voted to eradicate God from government institutions, why did the bulk of citizens accept it gladly? Why didn't the people arise against the judges to throw them out on their rumps? How can Obama say, "God bless America" at the end of his speeches while nothing pertaining to God is permitted on a government property? What kind of lip service is that? If we invite God to our homes, offering him a wee chair to sit on, making him feel small and unimportant, isn't that bad enough? But American and Canadian judges tossed God out the front door, and the nations' leaders, rather than being aghast, went on devising their humanistic governments as though they thought they could progress to greater heights without Him. And they borrowed and borrowed and borrowed to achieve their ends, and the nations fattened up on borrowed-money spent, but now the awful weight of the debt has come home to roost. Borrowing to the max is exactly what a Father would expect from an irresponsible, foolish son, but the nations are not yet better even with all of that extra, unearned money. How could we ever get to the point where child porn is rampant? Is the human race filled with lunatics? Ahh, the sin problem, the very thing that globalists / humanists neglected to consider.

Okay, lip service it will be. Love has long gone cold, and people offer lip service to one another, with fangs poised under their lips in case needed on a spur of the moment. People are friendly in business only to get your money. Once it's in their hands, you can go to hell. And the worst of it has not yet taken place. If some are praising the attributes of modern technology to improve our lives, there is the underlying sin problem that corrupts it all. And the governments are leading the way to the corruption of the Internet. Ask the CIA about that. When the Internet becomes geared to serve the CIA, you'd be far better off under a Qaddafi. At least you could forget about him and go about your life in your own little world, but here in the West I am reminded repeatedly that the government is about to watch me even in my home, so far as the government can swing its piggish snout to that point. The people need to take a sledge hammer to this snout, send the pig squealing. Instead, the young people are too naive to realize what's coming, and, duped, they will pay the great price for their ignorance in roughly 10-20 years. Already, they have become telephone addicts, perfect for the CIA.

Fox News opinion by pro-abortionist, judge Andrew Napolitano: "We now know indisputably that this secret FISA court -- whose judges cannot keep records of their own work and have their pockets and briefcases checked by guards as they enter and leave the courthouse -- has permitted all spying on everyone all the time...The NSA has never denied this...Because the NSA has the digital version of every telephone call made to, from and within the U.S. since 2005, " How did things get this way? Who set up this bizarre FISA court, really? Whose idea was it to record every telephone call, every email? Normal people don't order such things. Normal people realize that what you say is owned by you, and crime will need to be fought by other means. And even the pigs know that wiretapping every phone will lead to corrupted / bogus usage of the spy system by the spies and their political friends. Here we are, learning that it was possible for Obama to spy on Trump during the election, and that it will be possible for Trump to spy on his opponent in the next election. Trump needs only to win the support of an appropriate spy circle in order to abuse the system.

Judge Napolitano claims that three sources assured him that the British spied on Trump's calls on Obama's behalf. Napolitano actually reported this as part of his job on Fox News. It seems to me that he has some mighty-big evidence to make such a news report, but the Trump White House has denied Napolitano's claims for the sake of protecting good relations with Britain, obviously. Even if Trump would like Napolitano's claims to grow bigger legs, the U.S. military and CIA would seek to convince Trump not to go down a road that divides Britain from America in the Middle-East slog. Here's Napolitano (article above):

Sources have told me that the British foreign surveillance service, the Government Communications Headquarters, known as GCHQ, most likely provided Obama with transcripts of Trump's calls. The NSA has given GCHQ full 24/7 access to its computers, so GCHQ -- a foreign intelligence agency that, like the NSA, operates outside our constitutional norms -- has the digital versions of all electronic communications made in America in 2016, including Trump's. So by bypassing all American intelligence services, Obama would have had access to what he wanted with no Obama administration fingerprints.

If Napolitano is correct, then the British have all the phone records of Americans too. How could this possibly be the case unless there are British globalists in bed with American globalists? Surely, no American-only would give the British the right to spy on Americans. It must be from high-lvel Americans committed to globalism. The NSA must be a globalist pig from its highest level(s). Says the judge: "We have an unelected, unnamed, unaccountable elite group in the intelligence community manipulating the president at will and possessing intimate, detailed knowledge about all of us that it can reveal." The irony is that while the NSA feeds the public Muslim-related scare tactics to justify its over-blown spy system, Trump himself is a great source of identical sentiments. Trump may or may not intend them as scare tactics, but his fear of Muslim invasions work to the benefit of the NSA.

Trump is now left almost alone with his claims that Obama spied on him, until he offers the evidence. We shall have to wait and see what the evidence is; hopefully, it is sufficient to open national dialogue to the point that the people take a sledge hammer to the head of NSA and the CIA.

Read below that Obama's administration (possibly ordered by Obama himself) spied on the telephone call of Dennis Kucinich (a Democrat) when speaking with the Qaddafi's son:

You see, every political issue and controversy now has a spy system beside it, usable by a corrupt president such as Obama. How many enemy politicians did Obama spy on? That's why the people need to take a sledge hammer to the head of the NSA. It's beyond repair. Democrat president will find Democrat spy, and Republican president will find Republican spy. Tit for tat, forever and ever, in Western democracy, the dogs will eat one another alive. Is this the program that the West wants to export to the Libyas of the world?

In whose bedroom is Faggot Obama now? Last I read, he's spending a month in the Pacific islands. I wonder whose pants he'll be in over there. He really is a disgusting queer. This is what America has produced by kicking God out the front door of the White House. And now the world can get its next democracy lesson from Pornographic Trump. God might like to make a laughing stock of this democracy, you just watch and see. And what are the Christian churches doing through all of this? Are they remaining patriotic? Is this a good time to be faithful to an abominable harlot? When God bombs her bed, you won't want to be there.

It's not hard to understand why the British would help Obama ruin Trump, and, in the meantime, why the CIA would wink. I'm not saying it happened exactly that way, however. Trump was promising to give the war stage a more-favorable tilt toward the Russians. But what does the FBI have to do with Syria? The page below claims the FBI's "number two" as saying that they first ruin Flynn, then Trump. I've always believed that Obama had a special relationship with the FBI, and here it may be reveal-able that it was especially with this number two, Andrew McCabe. Why was the FBI concerning itself with Flynn's communications with the Russians? Is it surprising if the upper levels of the FBI, during the Obama years, were themselves Rhodian globalists?

The Iraqi Kurds have called on Trump to open a U.S. military base in Kurdistan, to protect it from the Iraqi government as Kurd independence is sought. The problem is, the Kurds are lumping the military base in with their independence movement, and the Americans are apt to keep distance from it in order to keep relations with Iraq. I don't imagine that this policy will change under Trump, but I can see the Americans starting a military base in Mosul because it can be claimed separated from the Kurds.

So, whose the judge, Derrik Watson, that struck down Trump's revised Executive Order?

As a basic search of Wikipedia would reveal, most media reported that Watson was nominated to his post at the Hawaiian District Court by President Obama in 2013. Some even indicated that Watson graduated from the same Harvard Law School class as Barack Obama did in 1991.

But what they didn't mention, either out of ignorance or for political reasons, has shocked a group of Reddit users at a popular pro-Trump subreddit called The_Donald. In a post headlined "I Kept Digging," one user from the group connected the dots, pointing out that Obama and Watson weren't just classmates and political allies -- but were also within a five minute drive of one another just 48 hours before the judge issued his ruling.

The story checks out, at least in part. Earlier this week, Hawaii media confirmed that the former president made an unannounced trip to the island of Oahu, home to the state capital of Honolulu, on Monday, playing a round of golf and dining at a private room at a local Thai restaurant with his sister and friends. Using Google Maps, Reddit's observant user pointed out that the restaurant, Noi Thai Cuisine, was just a five minute drive from Judge Watson's house, and just a few minutes from the Prince Kuhio Federal Building, where Watson presides.

It's not just Sputnik that has that piece: "On social media, amateur sleuths noted that Judge Watson had graduated from the same Harvard Law School class as Barack Obama (in 1991), and even noted that Obama had been in Hawaii on the day of the ruling, as though they had cooked it up together." Or, "According to ABC, 'Obama is believed to have arrived in Hawaii, where he was born, on Monday,' and was seen in the state during the week." I'm not reading too much about that part of the story from the Obama-loving media. Why's that? Democracy in shambles. An ex-president dog conspiring with a high-level judge to usurp a sitting president's agenda, laughable. Obama, that is. What else is this dog doing in the shadows? I'm reading, "Eric Holder also vowed that Obama was close to returning to politics, stating, 'It's coming. He's coming...and he's ready to roll.'" It sounds like the Coming of Jesus, but, alas, it's only the Dog Squad, and there we will find Obama sniffing the rear holes of the other dogs. Obama, the Faggot President, doesn't want to go away. He's the epitome of the one who wants to be first, and he wishes to empower all of God's enemies, wherefore, to the stinking pits of Hell he will go, to the last place, a place of utter regrets. It is no one's choice but his own. This is such a thing as human garbage, and it's not the poor. It's amongst the rich.

Is there evidence that Obama was in Hawaii just as this Watson raised his liberal head? "Obama ate dinner last night at Noi Thai Cuisine at the Royal Hawaiian Center, located at 2201 Kalakaua Ave in Honolulu, according to Conservative Tribune and this Facebook post from the restaurant." The page shows the post with photos of Obama; the post is dated Wednesday, the day that Watson raised his head. It's a no-brainer: Obama was in Hawaii to spur Watson on, maybe even give him a "gift," or even to give him the written judgment against Trump. Consider that this isn't even about ObamaCare, nor Trump's assault on any Obama program. If Obama goes to this extent to topple Trump on merely a travel ban, what is Obama willing to do to stop Trump's assault on ObamaCare?

From what I'm reading, this judge has no valid argument because he's giving foreigners constitutional rights, while American law does not provide these rights to anyone but citizens. But, the point here is, Obama is indeed setting up a major schism between the American people.

I don't agree with Trump's travel ban. I think there is no substantial Muslim-terror threat in the United States, and most of whatever there has been was created directly, or fueled, by the CIA / FBI / Globalism. Muslims had easy access into the United States during Obama's eight years, but there was nothing I saw of a Muslim terror threat. The Boston-Marathon bombing and the Oklahoma shoot-out were government-staged events. My Iraq Updates covered and investigated both events extensively, concluding with zero doubt that the government under Obama staged them. No, I'm not ashamed to make this statement. I wasn't influenced by anyone when coming to my conclusions.

The 9-11 event (when there was a Republican president) was also staged by the government, but this is why I say that these events are sponsored by globalists. To no stretch of the imagination, there must be some globalist overlap between the Democrats and Republicans. After discovering the dimensions of the steel columns in the Twin Towers, I concluded that it was impossible for a jet to slice through the beams as suggested from the news images of the holes in the towers. Had the holes been less wide, spanning half the wing spans of the planes, for example, I would not have been able to make my conclusion. The wing spars (their metal "beams") are expected to fold back (or even break off) as they strike one steel column after the other, and the wing-folding effect would have been far easier (i.e. far-more extensive) at the outer end of each wing. Yet the buildings' columns showed slices clear through them to nearly the entire length of each wing, as though the wings folded back virtually zero. Impossible. The event was a trick, therefore, and to help prove it, there were no recovered planes. The main frames of the planes would have survived the fires and the crumbling of the buildings to the ground. If this event had truly been of a terror attack, the government would have wanted to pick-out the plane frames as a priority, if only to show them to the world. The plane parts were the property of the airliners, and the government would have been required to return them to the airliners.

A headline this week has a Muslim taking the gun of an officer, but these events can be staged easily. I imagine a concerted program from a few Western nation to stage these events until no longer needed. "'I shot the police': Text message sent by 'Radicalised Muslim' who shot at cops before grabbing an officer's gun" Why should I believe this report? The Muslim was shot dead, and he may not exist, therefore. The authorities will blow the event up to convince us that Muslims in the West are a serious concern. But where's all the groups ("sleeper cells") that we expect to form? Only an imbecile believes that every Muslim terrorist acts alone. And the West wants us all to be their imbeciles. Terror act after terror act, there is always a loner...because staging a terror act from a large / organized group gets too complicated / risky.

The 9-11 event continues in the Middle East. It has not gone very well for the globalists since the over-done Bush invasion. I don't know all that they hope to achieve, but neither do I care. I'm covering this beast because I see the Return of Jesus upon their frightful faces. They are just men, but very evil ones.

Does Putin still love Trump? Nope. "Russian President Vladimir Putin accused NATO in February of meddling in Russian affairs and trying to provoke a conflict, posing a threat to global security with its 'newly-declared official mission to deter Russia.'" Under Trump, four NATO ships have docked at Odessa, Ukraine. That's a lot of firepower. It's unsettling for Russia.

Here's the evidence that Western democracy is creeping into Iraq: "Three in four families receiving social security benefits not eligible, minister." Yep.

I find it weak of Muslim men to force their women to cover their faces. Are they so incapable of restraining their sexuality that merely a woman's face turns them uncontrollably into adulterers? On the flip side, Western media are polluted with sexy, half-undressed women everywhere, and lewd porn is obviously beloved. Which is worse, covering women completely, or showing them in glossy, sexual poses / acts? I find the West deplorable for this. I will not become like the West by embracing it. Disgusting record, Western nations, great shame. Hell is a literal human-garbage heap. These judges treat God like insignificant garbage, and so God will not pity them when they are heaped into the Hell-hole, one on the other, horrified. Enjoy your luxury a little longer only, because it will happen to you, all of you who approve of porn or let it flourish. You disgusting animals.

Awwe, I forgot. We Christians are supposed to love everyone because God loves everyone. Wrong. God does not love everyone. God is dismayed to the point of great pain at what He sees today. If it were not true, the prophecies would speak of glory for the end-time nations. Instead, it speaks on their utter destruction, painfully, without pity for their screams. How can God love the human while hating only the sin? You need to be a schizophrenic to take such a position. You can't separate the person from the sinful nature resulting in hatred for God. And there are some Christians saying that God doesn't see our sins if we are believers in Jesus? What kind of way is this to phrase things? Of course He sees your sins, stupid, and deals with them too. He increases your punishments with the increases of your sins, especially if you are a believer.

And then there are the Christians who complain that church has become only a social affair for some. I get it, that some people go to church only for the social, but do not take their faith seriously. However, let's not rape the importance of social contact for the majority -- the deep / true believers -- for the early church met for the very reason of engaging with one another. They ate together when they met, and I doubt very much that they engaged the form of church service we have today even in non-Catholic church. Protestants of the 17th-18th century retained a Mass-like formula for weekly gatherings, but this seems wrong to me. Much better would a home church be where everyone engages rather than sitting isolated on a pew unable to speak to the person sitting next to you. In the last church I went to, if we arrived early, we were permitted to speak in the pews, to laugh if we wanted, and, no, we did not think it was an offense to God, as though God were at the front of the church wanting us to be quietly reverent. We have all week at home to practice reverence and quietness with God.

Engaging with one another is the right thing to do if all we do is meet for an hour, or little more, each week. As it is, almost the entire time allotted for church service forbids us to engage socially. Church can get excruciating for those afraid / unable to sing with gladness (because they are ashamed of their singing voice), because they remain quiet the entire hour long, week after weeks after months. Those who like/love singing get a real lift with it, but those who can't sing can feel introverted. This is not right, if it leaves people flat when it's all over. It's probably why many don't bother to attend. Bring on the socials, and let Christians enjoy one another in gladness...whether they can sing or not. And let every church be tested by how well they do in accepting one another, in spite of their imperfections / disagreements, during the get-togethers. Don't always sit at the same places, but move around to everyone, especially to those who tend to get the most neglected. This is what blesses God's heart. Let the churches compete to see which is the best in loving spirit. Make God's day, have a social every Sunday after church, get more-deeply acquainted, exercise your self, it's good for you.

I've spent much of the week downloading music. I love to sing, and I love to test / improve my singing abilities with the singers I'm singing to. Music writing is an art that I don't have, and turning the words on paper into a desirable tune is even further beyond my abilities, which is why I like to sing along with those who have the talent in creating good songs from scratch. There are some very nice performances on youtube, but some are very hard to find. I praise those singers who took the time to make a video, giving their music out for free. If only churches would do services for free, I might give twice as much. I would rather give of my own free will than to be coerced by collection-plate time. I find the collection plate disgusting because it's a stumbling block to anyone new to church. Is there no other way to pay for church costs besides passing the plate just before the preaching? Ahh, but they do it because they know it gets the best results, and that's another reason that I frown upon it. I went to a church where they didn't pay a full-time pastor, and didn't pass the collection plate. Perfect. The weekly "preaching" was divided between a few elders, and younger men were trained in speaking in the meantime. Perfect. But, they still had a "service," and for me this is unnecessary. Better a small home church where everyone contributes to snacks and teaching around one coffee table. Beware huge congregations; beware church "cities", for they always seem to be geared to big money.

If church services mold us into a certain mold, that's not good. But if all we do is sit there, then we tend to become a mold. That's why I prefer to be "free," to resist the mold effect. To each their own on how to resist it, but home churches seem excellent for avoiding it. Start home churches everywhere, and consider not burdening the same home over and over again. It's such a waste of Christian money to have so many church buildings half empty on Sunday mornings, and fully empty most of the rest of week. Such a waste, thanks to denominational competitions, and to the many who must become pastors or bust. Do not be coerced into giving a 10-percent tithe, as this is not a New-Testament law, and was abandoned by God when the curtain of the Jerusalem Temple was ripped. Churches operating out of building fully paid will continue to take weekly collections anyway, which is not right in my eyes. If I were the leader of a church, I wouldn't want to accept money from the congregation for my food and other bills, as I'd be ashamed to take it, and I wouldn't want to collect more than the place requires to pay the costs. After that, if some money is needed to look after certain people in need, we could talk to the congregation about it.

Every citizen gives to the poor / elderly / injured / sick in taxes so that compelling believers to give an additional 10-percent (of income) in tithes gets to the point of sinful in my eyes. Big churches usually coerce their people to give the tithe (that's why they are big, on virtual, stolen money). Of course, everything big churches do is for God, they will tell you over and over again (gives the impression of being a tactic to keep money flowing), but how do you know that? Go ahead and take your chances, but I feel to avoid large, big-money churches, especially the charismatics. The will of God in church is to be one with your fellowship, glad to be part of the Father, with the Son presiding over all hearts, none of which should be rigorous or unpleasant to us. We as believers have jumped ship from the world, and have thus become renewed in a New Thing, a One Thing, a Membership...meaning that we no not need to become members merely of a local church, because we are all members of One Body. It seems to me that church membership is the attempt of the elders to snag your loyalty, but I question the motives of that silly thing. I've never registered for church membership because I'm already a member, whether the people there think so or not. If they are members of something that I'm not of, then they are members of something other than Jesus, and I don't want any part of that.

By paying pastors, a few paid apostates are created, for it is entirely possible that a pastor should betray / forsake Jesus while continuing on as the pastor for the sake of the income. Ask the Catholic priest who preys on little boys. Ask his cardinal who shuffles him off to another church when caught preying on little boys. They both know all about this. But if the priest / pastor were not paid an income, he would scram it out of the church as soon as abandonment of Jesus was complete. I don't know of any paid pastor in the New Testament. Paul was too ashamed to accept an income from the entirety of all his churches, and this was a practical piece of insurance against the perception of conflict-of-interest. If a pastor gets money for pastoring a church, might not Jesus say to him, in the end, "you have received your reward in full." Scary thought, even for those who pay his living expenses. It's something to chew over, indeed, and the fact is, it's darn-near impossibly to attend a church without giving any money at all, nor would we want to give nothing at all. Just because the pastor of a church has abandoned doesn't necessarily mean that God isn't in that church, though we might question why true believers are still there.

How do you know whether you are a true believer? By whether you talk to God regularly. Going to church is meaningless to God if you don't seek to communicate with Him, if you don't desire Him to be in you. God wants it all, He in you, or nothing. Contrast that with the concept of God that some hold to, of His being uncaring, absent. Can we be glad that the only Creator actually wants to be, not just beside us, but in us? This is marvelous. This is what Jesus made possible. There is no end to the potential, but we can do nothing of our own will, even if God lives in us, if He doesn't support it. And that's why even good pastors may be doing "the work of God" that really isn't His work. It's ironic, but it has to be true in some cases.

I can tell you by experience what new, zealous Christians are like. They want to go out and change the world with the power of God within them, but do not realize that God needs first to change the inner man, which takes a lot of time, sorry. It means that great things thou shalt not do if thou can't change the inner "man" with God's leading. The greatest work of God is to make the inners healthy after we've corrupted them with this world's grime. The Word is a lamp unto our feet mostly on the day we decide to leave the grime behind.

The Word is what defeats the grime, but we do not read the Word of God forever. We read it until it has been understood, afterwhich we carry it in our hearts. It is not the Program that counts for Life, but rather the Program downloaded into our hearts. Does it make God happy if we read, "Blessed are the peacemakers," a million times? Or does it make him happy if we are for peace? If Jesus made you a peacemaker, you no longer need to read, "be peaceful." The Law was made to correct law-breakers -- the grime -- and that's why the Word of God will be done away with, in time, when lawbreakers are no more. There is no value in reading the Laws of Jesus; there is value only if we apply them.

Jesus didn't come to be eloquent, handsome, or Shakespearean (God forbid), but to pull us out of the dragon's grime. In the end, the Church will mock the dragon on His behalf. How slimy, devil, to think that you could out-do God. How stupid the humanist to think that he could control or better the world while calling the world to an anti-God program.

Swing your right arm back and forth from right to left, and see if you can tell how long it takes, from the moment your arm stops going right to the time that it starts going left? No time passes between your command to make the arm go left and the time that it starts to go left. It's an amazing "machine" you possess. You don't press a command button to roll your eye upward or downward; it takes place as soon as you will it to be. You can swing one arm back and forth while swinging the other arm up and down, and there are no buttons to press. The idiotic humanist doesn't understand this as a Creation of an Intelligent Being. The humanist thinks he's real smart if he can build a robot, as though it were his stepping stone to becoming God some day soon. What an idiot. This is where humanism is going right now, the attempt to create life from scratch. Such an abominable idiot.

Who made the atoms to make the steel that the idiot uses to make the robot? Who made the electrons that run down wires? Idiot, you cannot create from scratch because you must use something already Created. But Someone had to have more brains than you because He created both the various atoms and the electron, and he put them in unison to form materials, and then used some of them in countless living creatures. And while the idiot knows that he can think, and while he finds the ability to think to be a miraculous thing, yet he denies the Creator. Give due credit to the One it's due to, the definition of praising God. But for those who sabotage the praise that belongs to God, to the garbage heap of Hell go, screaming with utter regrets, without pity. Jesus said so. If you take issue with this, speak to Him about it. If you die in your sins, it's because of your own decision.

The idiot says that the big bang created every electron exactly the same, and every proton exactly the same. Such a laughable idiot. How could a massive explosion conduct such a thing as to create every electron equal? But the idiot goes further, saying that every proton has exactly as much positive charge as the electron has negative charge. One starts to get the impression that the explosion had a brain, yet the stupid does not want to confess a Creator. That's a sin problem, obviously. With God in the picture, a big bang is wholly unnecessary. Stars can be moving further apart in every direction simply because they repel one another. After all, they shoot electrons at one another, meaning that stars are electro-magnetically charged.

The battle for your mind has been on-going for many decades, with the idiots rising higher until they came to control the bulk of education, the bulk of the media, and thus the bulk of the Western world. If they were true idiots, they wouldn't be guilty of sin, but as they claim to be highly intelligent, their sins remain. If they were ignorant of great learning, they wouldn't be guilty of sin, but as they claim to be enlightened, their sin of not recognizing the Creator remains. Herodotus, wrote a few centuries BC of the most-northerly people not yet reaching the Moscow area, but if mankind were one million years old, as the stupids claim stupidly, the Baltic coast, and Scandinavia, would have been greatly populated in his day. On the other hand, if one family started at Ararat in about 2350 BC, we would expect exactly Herodotus' reported scenario in 500 BC. Don't be stupid, think right. There is a Creator, and he hides himself for a reason: we are all under testing. The stakes are high.

When Jesus returns, I imagine that his face will look perfectly clean, or maybe we can call it the look of clean perfection. A handsome man in his youth can have such a look, I suppose. Some women can appear cleanly angelic in their facial appearances. One could say that this is a mild reflection of the image of God. Some say that cleanliness is sexiness, but that's only because we have desire for attractive appearances. When seeking music on youtube, I'm disappointed to see that most Christian women taking the mascara factory to heaven with them. Call me old-fashioned, but I think that Jesus is old-fashioned too, and would ask ladies not to use make-up. I even think that this is a no-brainer. Susan Boyle, the 47-year old "sensation" on American idol, and not attractive at all by worldly standards, is now singing some Christian songs; she got the download (from me) for one song that many others have available.

I spent the day yesterday putting together a mix of mountain-country Gospel music with contemporary Messianic-Hebrew (is that allowed?), and I had a good time with it. Both groups use the fiddle, and the Israelis use a banjo-like instrument at times. So I alternated one or two songs from one group, versus one or two songs from the other. It's interesting to hear the entire production of about 30 songs. I'd put it online for you but I don't think it can be done without creating a single production such as a youtube video. Frankly, I don't know how, but may tackle it. One of my favorite songs amongst the 30 was by the Baggy Bottom Boys, ain't that a hoot?

I've had another dream, another driveway

The last couple of updates concerned the finding of the bloodline of Avaran Hachorani Maccabee, one of the first-five Maccabee brothers. The evidence for tracing his name to the Haveran surname may seem minor to some, but with my broad understanding of heraldry, and the elite bloodlines that it serves, I feel convinced that the Avaran=Haveran claim is correct. The evidence went beyond that fact that Haveran-related Orne's/Horns named the Orne river, part of which is only some 20 miles from Ferte-MACE, a location of the Maceys/Mackays. The latter even use a mace while we are told that "Maccabeaus" meant "hammer." Plus, the Orne flows down into the Bessin, where proto-Meschins arose to elite circles. And the Masseys/Maceys had a Massie location in neighboring Manche.

There's more, for while I trace Caens to Cetis (Cilicia), that's where the bloodline of Julia Iotapa was ruling, and she happened to marry Alexander Maccabee. Caen is at the Orne river, you see. If not for the Trump/Tromp surname, the Maccabee trace to Haverans / Orne's/Horns (both use the same herons) would not have taken place. It's all discovered in the last two updates., including the Horn-like acorns of the Dutch Tromps, where "ACORN" (the surname) is being identified in honor of "HACHORANi." Therefore, line Maccabee line to Cetis has become suspect from Avaran Maccabee in particular.

On my papers, I have Plancia Magna as the sister of Alexander Maccabee, with Plancius Varus as her father, a great reason to trace the father's surname to the Vere's of Manche that share the Massey/Macey QUADRants, suspect as code for QUADRatus Bassus, the husband of Julia, daughter of Alexander Maccabee. Note that Trumps/Tromps use a stag head in the colors of the same in the Arms of Waterford (Ireland), for Haverans are said to have had a branch at this Waterford location.

My mind has a tendency to link the three, white-on-green herons of Haverans to the three white-on-green boar heads of Burleys/Bourlys, whom were identified with Bauers and Bowers. Thanks to the OENotrians/Enotri in code with the motto of Burley-colored Simsons, Burleys were traced with a good degree of certainty to ancient Boura, in the Ladon-river / Elis area of Greece, which is where I can now trace Ladons/Ladds, first found in the same place (Somerset) as Burleys. The Simson motto loves the Elis-like Alis' that use "MUZZLED bears," the Mackay symbol. As Ladons/Ladds use a version of the Meschin / Mussel Coats, it adds to any outcropping reasons for linking Burleys to Haverans.

Where were the proto-Maccabees at or near the Ladon river? The Ladon river was the area of mythical OENomaus, and as I identified "OEN" with the Levites out of Laish, it's perfect, for I claimed that these pagan Levites went on to furnish the Judean priests that murdered Jesus, and it's known that they were an outcrop of the Maccabee priesthood. The last update explained that these Beotus-House Sadducees should be from Boeotia's SCHIMATARi location, but I neglected to re-mention the SCIMITAR symbol of Kennedys, important because Kennedys have been traced to ancient Kennati priests (pagan dopes) of Cetis. I view Caens from the Kennati as well, and as Josephus (himself a Maccabee liner) called the Biblical Kenites as, "Kenetides," it appears evident that Kenites named the Kennati, especially as Kenites are in cahoots (in the Bible) with SCHIM-like SHECHEMites. By what coincidence does the Schim surname share white boars heads with Burleys??? Thanks to the variations of Schims, we can glean that Skins/Skene's / Schiens and Chands were Shechemites / Kenites.

If you don't know, Kenites were married by the Biblical Moses, a Levite, but some Kenites are expected to have gone on in a relationship with Jonathan of Laish, a pagan Levite. This is my story at this time.

Where were the proto-Maccabees at or near the Ladon river? OenoMAUS was an AMAZon king, and I trace the ending of his name to Mus of Lake Van. It bears repeating here that Vans/Fane's share a symbol with Maceys/Mackays so that Maceys are expected in connection with, or directly from, Lake Van's Mus. It is now very interesting that I've been interpreting "scimiTAR" with the Taro river (northern Italy), which has a Ceno tributary to which Caens can be traced very well. If Tarrs/Terre's, who were first found in the same place as Burleys and Ladons, are in the scimitar code, then we can assume that "Schimatari" was named partly after a proto-Tarr bloodline, and this evokes Tarun, an alternative name of Lake Van's Mus. But as Lake Van had a Nairi empire that I identify with the Biblical Nahor (Abraham's brother), by what coincidence was his father, Terah? It seems that Terah either had a tribe that named Tarun, or Tarun named Terah. Either way, there's a connection of Terah to Tarun.

The last update two updates has a "comical" event in my youth that led me to mythical Orion, and it was following his tracks that I found Schimatari smack where myth writers had his father, Hyrieus of Tanagra. It was very welcome to find that "Tanagra" traced to Tankerville's that happen to use the same cinquefoil as Buz-suspect Bus' (Buz was a son of Nahor). But here I can add that Terah lived in UR, smacking of the Urin and Orin surnames that I was emphasizing before realizing that they should be related to Orne's/Horns / Haverans. Orion was linked strongly by a urination symbol to mythical URANus, whom I traced (years ago) tentatively to "HARAN," an ancient city near Ur that has the same name as Haran, another of Terah's sons along with Nahor / Abraham. It appears that, in the same stroke as finding the descendants of Avaran Maccabee, we have been able to see Maccabee ancestry at Haran, possibly the man. Without going into the reasons again, the Masonic-beloved Hiram surname is traceable to ARRAN, where MacAbee's were first found that are in Haveran / Burley colors.

I have been linking Alexanders to the MacAbee's of Arran for years, thanks much to a Numenor code from JJ Tolkien. In his works, Numenor is a fictional island that I identified as code for Arran. Also, I have insisted, without change of mind, for as many as ten years, that the Ferte surname is from Ferte-Mace. The point of this paragraph is the "TERRAS" motto term of Alexanders (beside Arran), which is the motto term also of MacDonalds, the latter using the same spread eagle as Ferte's. And it's a red eagle, which I traced with the same of Tarans/Tarents to "Tarun" (Lake Van, Armenia) because I figured that the red heraldic eagle could be a subtle method of indicating the mythical phoenix, and because I figured that mythical king Phoenix (Tyre) was from Lake Van. In fact, it became apparent that "Phoenix" was code, or even an alternative name, for Panias, a couple of miles from Laish. I had read that Van-like Pan (mythical goat) named Panias (mount HERMAN), and indeed there is a Peneus river through Elis that has a source near Arcadia, the official birthplace of HERMes (code for ARMENians), father of Pan.

There is a Terras surname using a version of a Scott / Talbot Coat, and there is royal-line Alexander character in one Scott write-up. I expect Scotts from lake Scodra, and here the Clauds/CLAUSELs (acorns) can be re-mentioned, whom I trace to the CLAUSULa river that drains into lake Scodra.

It all works fine, not likely coincidentally. But where do I go from here? I haven't had any Direction for days. My inclination is to query on the president-Trump link to Avaran Hachorani Maccabee. Is this meaningful? Was I led to the Trump surname only because it would provide the obvious clues of an Acorn link to "Hachorani," or does this involve the Middle-East actions / decisions of Donald Trump's administration? We shall see.

It's interesting that Hirams/Irons can be using the cross of Irish Burghs, for the latter were resolved with John de Burgo of Comyns, and Comyns were traced to Como, not far west of Val Trompia. Midway between Trompia and Como is BERGamo, where I'm tracing Mr. Burgo. In other words, we have here a great reason to trace Hirams/Irons to Orne liners, and it just so happens that Orne's were first found in the same place (Middlesex) as Fiers/Fere's while Comyns trace, with no doubt at all, to Kuman in FIER county (Albania). Thus, we can add a Kuman link to Como, and to the Como's that named it. An early ALWIN Horne is in the Orne write-up, with a named to be expected from ALBANians. The Simpson-beloved Alis' use a version of the ALPIN Coat, and both use FIR trees while Fir's list Fier-like Fire's (Orne colors). The last update told why Haverans should trace to Casano's/Cassandra's of Modena, and that's where Albino's were first found. Albino's (version of Simson Chief?) were first found at SESTola while "Sest" is a term found in variations of the surname where we find Cetis' listed. English Albins/Aubins are in Simson / Burley colors.

We read that the Waterford branch of Haverans liked the Hearn variation. Herns/Hurns happen to use "three red bars-GEMEL" (three pairs), that code suspect with Maccabee's of Israel Gamala location. In the Hern/Hurn canton there are FIVE lozenges in the colors of the Quince lozenges, and "Quince" is expected to have gotten a "five" code. While Quince's were first found in Northampton, the Herns/Herns are said to have had a branch in Southampton. I can see Poole / Rita liners involved here, from Josephus' family ties with the grandson (emperor Titus, destroyer of Jerusalem) of Vespasia Polla. It just so happens that Titus' were first found in the same place (Hertfordshire) as Orne's/Horns! I was hoping to find something like that. But there's more, for while Titus' are expected with the Moor head of Chappes', the tall perchevron (solid chevron) in the Arms of Waterford is also the Chappes perchevron.

Bars gemel in colors reversed are used by Richmonds, and the Richmond entity of that family, when Richmond passed to king Henry VII, is said to have renamed a SHEEN location in Surrey. Perfect, because Sheens/Sheehans can be expected with the Skene / Schien variations of Schim liners.

We read from Herns/Hurns of their Holbeach Hurn location South Holland of Lincolnshire. HolBEACH's/Holbechs happen to share the pelican in Crest with Haverans, and Orne's/Horns are said to have been first found in both Middlesex and Hertfordshire, the latter being where Beach's/Beche's ("vair fur," should be the Fier bloodline) were first found. As Holls/Halls were first found in Lincolnshire along with Holbeach's, the latter look like a Hull-Beach merger (Hall-related Hulls were first found in the same place as Richmond). Beach's share a Shield filled with vair fur with English SHINs, first found in the same place as Burleys, Tarrs/Terre's...and the boar-head Roets suspect with a version of the Holbeach Coat. The Holls/Halls above share the talbot dog with Irish Shins. Tarrs/Terre's show nothing but PALE bars while Pale's use the CAMEL.

As Haverans (and Irish Shins) were first found in County Clare, it's notable that while the acorn-using Tromps are Dutch, the Dutch Holls/Halls use the red, triple chevrons of Clare's as well as sharing a white stag head with German Trumps/Tromps. I have seen Dutch Burgs/Bergs using the same triple chevron in both colors. Three, red chevrons are used by Cassane's/Cassandra's while the DalCASSIAN entity in the Haveran write-up was linked to them, and as the three Cassane chevrons are used in both colors by the WATERS, make the link to the WATERford Haverans = Hearns.

Another branch of Herns/Hurns was in a Ringwood area of Southampton, which asks whether Rings were Orne / Orion liners too. Ringwoods (same checks as Bils' / Sawyers) have "moorcocks proper, beaked and legged red," in the Shield (Cocks trace to Cetis), and though the houseofnames page shows no Ringwood Crest, the descriptions page below says they use "A goat running toward a tree", making Runnings/Ronnys (Dol / Ghent fesse?) suspect as a Ring branch. Ring-like ORANge's use the hunting HORN.

Ringsteads (Hampshire), along with the Southampton- and Dorset-branch of Herns/Hurns, were of the Poole area, and while I trace the Poole lion to the Rita lion, the latter's is suspect as a white version of the Sforza lion, which in-turn holds a so-called quince as code for the Hern-beloved Quince's. This was the line from Quintus Caepio, who fought a war for the Romans at Orange, and lost to king BOIORix. Might he have been a Boiotian entity of the Boetus kind? The BOYER-like Voyers/Voirs use lions in the colors of the Sforza lion. Why do Boyers, with bendlets in Quint colors, share blue vair fur with Quints (first found in Dorset)? Boyers and Simsons, both first found in Buckinghamshire along with Ceno-suspect Cheneys (see blue vair of Kemmis'/KENYS'), share the falcon in Crest.

While I suspect that Joseph Caiaphas was born from the line of Quintus Caepio as it mated with the line from the Cottians, in Aurelia Cotta (mother of Julius Caesar), the Boyer bendlets are called, "COTISed." While that code evokes the Cotesii peoples of Wallachia, there is a Cotis surname (same place as Sheriffs) that brings up the CURTIS', and then Josephus wrote that he descended from a Maccabee named, CURTUS. You may have read recently as to why Courts/Coverts (Curtis colors) link to the Orange horn. The Curtis plowSHARE (see Scherf variation of Share-related Schere's) suggests that Curtis' are using the Sheriff fesse. Plows share the dancette of Curtis' probably as code for the same-colored Dance's/DONNAS' (Piedmont) suspect with king Donnus (Piedmont) of the Cottians. Independent of these considerations, "Plow" was suspect with "Flavius," the name that Josephus adopted when in the custody of Titus' family. Josephus could have been the son of Joseph Caiaphas for many heraldic reasons.

Julius Caesar had a long affair with the granddaughter of Quintus Caepio (Roman general). As her first name was SERVillia, hmm, that's much like "SHERIFF." I don't expect that "Sheriff" was the original variation.

Good morning. I have been doing little this weak on heraldry. But last night while sleeping I had a dream. My previous house was sold to Obama (mother was Miss Dunham, descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham), but there were rotten / decaying boulders under the driveway. That's the entire dream that I can recall. If this is a Message from above, then the Boulder surname needs to link to Massey-Dunham liners. The first thing I note about Boulders/Bolters is their bird bolt, and both Birds and Bolts / Boltons have been resolved from the Bautica river while including the Bird-related Bouillons. Going to the description for the 4th quadrant: "a gold bird bolt in pale feathered silver." It just so happens that Feathers use the colors and format of Singletarys, and both share an antelope in Crest. The red Feather antelope is that also of Chimneys, first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Boulders/Bolters. It had been resolved that the Feather / Chimney antelope was that also of Wheelwrights (Yorkshire), and there we are again on the Massey-related Mieszko bloodline.

The Wheelwrights use the Catherine wheel owned by Catherine ROET, which apparently speaks to the ROTTing boulders. However, the word, "deCAYing," did come to mind in the dream, with "rotting" as an after-thought, and it just so happens that Cays/Keys were first found in Yorkshire. The Wheelwrights have this description: "An heraldic antelope holding between the forepaws a SHIELD on which there is a red Catherine wheel." The Shields (Shaw motto) share the dove in the colors of the Boulder dove, and moreover use Lambert / Billiard colors and format. The Shield / Shaw motto includes "qui" while the Shaw branch of Sheaves/Chiava's use keys as code for the Key/Cay surname. It therefore stands to reason that Cays/Kays/Keys were formed as a hard form of "Shawia." Cays/Keys are even said to have had a branch in Perthshire, where Shaws were first found.

So, there we have another dream, occurring after Obama has left the White House, indicating an Obama-line link to the Mieszko Poles. Why? Does it have to do with Donald Tusk, the previous Polish leader and now the EU president?

Then, to understand why the boulders were buried under the top layer of the DRIVEway, Drive's/Drove's have the quadrants of Chiava-like Chives' in colors reversed, and the latter even have a Shaw-like Shewas variation. I find the dream amazing, suddenly, because I expect "Chives" to be of a Chivasso location some 10 miles from the mouth of the Bautica river! Masseys use the fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of the Lys'/Lisse's, and there is a Lys tributary of the Bautica. It bears repeating here, for new readers, that the Lissus location in the land of the Cavii Illyrians traces to the Lisse variation of Lys', so that we can expect Cavii at the naming of Chivasso. In other words, the Shawia could have descended from the Cavii, or the two could have been cousins (from one stock earlier).

I fully understand what we are speaking to here, for while the Cetis surname uses the lily, there is a Lille location near the Lys river of Artois, and the Arms of Lille use the same fleur as the Lys/Lisse surname. Therefore, we are speaking to the Maccabee-Herod line from Cetis, to the first Templar kings of Jerusalem.

This recalls that an old friend, Mr. KEPke, was in an earlier dream that likewise proved to be from God, and he was walking up the driveway of my current house. That dream helped to discover the root of Trumps at Val Trompia (likewise in northern Israel), thanks to Kepke walking by the CORNER of the garage. I kid you not, I personally buried dozens of boulders (up to two-feet round), with my excavator, under this driveway. The "kepe" motto term of Cays/Keys thus looks like code for the Yorkshire Keppochs, a term close to that of "Kepke." It appears that Keppoch/Kepax/Cupashes variations can be hard versions of "Shewas," for example. Although the Keppochs are said to use garbs, this symbol is often called, wheat sheaf/SHEAVES. I can glean from the Keppoch write-up's trace to a relation of Ilbert de Lacy that Keppochs are with a version of the Craven Coat, and thus linkable to Meschins of Skipton. As Meschins were Massey liners, it explains why God make Kepke my friend. Note that while Meschins were from the Bessin, location of Caen (and the Orne river now tracing to Val-Trompia elements), Caens share the red fesse with Keppochs.

The Brests/Brix's were resolved from Brescia/Brixia, at Val Trompia, and the Brest lozenges were resolved as a white version of the gold Launay lozenges (from Brittany's Launay, location of Brest), the latter's very connectable to the same of the Yorkshire Percys. The same lozenges are used by Fusils, in the format of the Brest/Brix lozenges, and then the Shays/Shaws/Sheaves' use so-called fusils instead of similar lozenges.

Therefore, the latest dream works, with heraldry, to create a picture, and it's telling, for one thing, that Chives' were from the Numidian Shawia peoples, which explains why Maids use a red lion in both Crest and Shield, for Shawia were from Numidia's Aures area while Aures' have a red lion in both Crest and Shield. Maids (same place as Birds) are being introduced, not just because they were first found in Cheshire, where the Massey-line Numidians lived, but for the Maidenhead location (Berkshire) of Bird-loving Boulders. English Shays/Shaws/Sheaves', whose Coat can be pegged with that of Hamons, from Hamon-de-Masci at Dunham-Massey, were likewise first found in Berkshire. Irish Shays (Sheaves/Chiava colors) appear to be with a version of the Dunham Coat, and with the Masci fleur-de-lys.

Irish Shields were first found in the same place (Galway) as Teague's/Teegers that share the border feature upon solid chevron of English Keys. While Maidens have a falcon seizing a mallard duck, Mallards/Milwoods (Derbyshire) share the black-on-white moline of Chives'. The latter even share "Virtute" and "vi" with Boltens (Chimney chevron?), and Boltens (same place as English Bolts) share the "buck" with the Dunham-suspect Douns/Downs who in-turn share the stag of Trumps, I assume, in both colors.

I have already understood the trace to the Arduinici, of Ivrea upon the Bautica, to the naming of Artois, location of the Lys river, smack in the area of the first king of Templar Jerusalem, whose name, BALDwin, was traced to "BALTea, the alternative name of the BAUTica. Baldwin's brother was Godfrey de Bouillon, and Bouillons, using the flory cross of Birds in colors reversed, were first found in the same place as BAUTS, we get it. Forgive me for my mental lapse in not stressing the Ardiaei Illyrians until mere months ago, but this is the people group that furnished the Artois bloodline. The Artois capital was Arras, and there is an Arras surname that comes up as "Arrow," which should explain the arrows in the Shay/Shaw/Sheaves Crest.

As Boulders use a "dove RISING," while Wheelwrights use an HERALDic antelope, it's notable that the Pollock saltire can be a version of the cross of Risings (same place as Dunhams), all in Herald/Herod colors. Jewish Pollocks and Rye's/Rise's share the same bend with Valentins while the latter's Valentinian family, which linked to Herod-Archelaus elements, is in the Feather motto. Danish Rye's (can be expected from Cnut) even use feathers in Crest. It can be added that while the Boulder quadrants are shared by Deeters/Teters, the latter, in Trump colors and first found in the same place (dragon-infested Pomerania-Mecklenburg), were first found in the general area of the first German Bolts. It's important to be bumping into the VARNi of Mecklenburg here, for while I trace their NERTHus goddess to "Neretva," the river of the Ardiaei, the outcropping VARANgians found Kepke-suspect Kiev (Mr. Kepke's father was Ukrainian). As Norths and Denardo's/Nordi's use the Voir/Voyer lion, it's making the latter surname suspect from Boiotia, home of Aeolians that mythically married Neretva-suspect Enarete.

The ARDiaei stretched down south as far as rising-like RHISINum, and Herods/Heralds were first found in the same place (Argyllshire) as MacARTHurs. Rhisinum was not far north of the Lissus location, and therefore it is not out of the question for Cavii to have been in league with Ardiaei, together moving to the Po-Bautica area. We could speculate that this migration was part of the move to the founding of the Varni proper. The Argyllshire area was part of mythical Avalon (or Bute), where the dragon-line of Melusine was at in some form, and while I do identify the raven-viking conquerors of Bute as Varangians, it's notable that Kiev-like Keefe's/Keiffe's, in Herald/Herod colors, use the same lion as Morgans / Moore's, the latter two part of Avalon's mythical Morgan le Fay. As Pine's have been resolved with an Ardiaei king named, Pinnes, what about the pine tree of Kiefs/Keefers/Geefers? The latter's Coat is in Keppoch colors. Compare the Irish Heffer Coat to that of Heralds/Herods, noting also that English Heffers/Heifers use three lions in pale in the colors of the same of the two of Gernons. While Wikipedia's article on Eustace II (father of the first Templar king of Jerusalem) is said to have had the nickname, Gernon = mustache, I reject that claim as stated, and trace him to the Cheshire earl, Ranulph de Gernon, son of the first-known Meschin.

For those reading the Signs from Andrea, a little girl that I was slightly involved with (when I was 11 years old), let me repeat that, for a short time, I was a friend of a Jewish boy, Herald, and the only thing I can recall about our friendship was the day I was in his house (almost directly across from Andrea's place). We played CHESS that day, and as I've come to realize that many of my vivid memories were set up by God to make surname links later in life, I'll tell here that Heralds share the hawk's lure with CHEShire's. Take it or leave it, but I think this was a Sign, and the Jewishness of this particular Herald doesn't seem coincidental. Meschins were first found as rulers in Cheshire. Andrea's proved to be from king Andrew I of Hungary, who was protected in exile by the Kiev Varangians.

I could go on and on making additional links to the main entities to which this all belongs, but my spirit feels tired of going round in circles to the same entities. It seems that God is stressing, for the near future, the Massey bloodline and Obama, but also the Varangians, founders of Moscow from their Kiev empire. Ranulph le Meschin (first-known Meschin) descended from Hugh d'AVRANCHes (ruler of CHESter, Cheshire), he having a VARANGi-like name.

The Scottish Andrews (why a MOOR head), with a saltire in colors reversed from the same of French Andrea's, have a "VICTRix" motto term that can be partly for the Victoria's, especially as "victoria" is a motto term of the Heffer-related Coffers (Herald/Herod / Morgan / MOOR colors again). Victoria's even share the black-on-red pale bar with Russian AlexANDERs. Hmm, note the Drove-like endings of Russian Alexanders, for their Zionist stars reflect the Coat of the Chives-related Tails/Tailors...while we saw the Drive's/Drove's linkable to Chives'. Scottish Alexanders were first found in the Argyllshire / Bute area. My events my little Andrea included Frank, a friend of mine, while multiple Frank surnames are expected with the Pollock / Andrea saltire.

"VicTRIX" can be gleaned with the Trix/Trick/Track (and Drig) surname too, which not only uses a giant lion in colors reversed from the same of Morgans / Moore's, but it's green, the color of the lion of Lyons / Lannoys, the line of Herod Archelaus. As the latter's coin had a helmet with feathers on one side, note that both Lannoys and True's/Trees use that symbol, for Trix variations can be of the True variations. Coffer-colored Caffer(t)ys use another helmet with feathers. Compare with Quint-possible Quinns.

The Alexander stars are in the colors of the three used by Rotens, and the latter's can be suspect with the martlets of Singletarys/Singletons. The latter's spear looks like it could be in the Trix Chief. One Singleton location is said to be in Lancashire's AMOUNDERness while Amounds are listed with Hamons. The latter use the "ATTIRes" of a stag, and while stags trace to Hungarians, Scottish Alexanders, with the same-colored chevron as Amounds/Hamons, were first found in KinTYRE. The Hamon attires are otherwise ANTLers, a term like the ANTELope in the Singletary Crest. Amounderness is in Fylde, explaining why the Fields should be using the garbs of antelope-using Derbys, the latter in the colors and format of Amounds/Hamons.

Another surname first found in Kintyre are the MacDonald-related Ronalds, which recalls the Ronnys above that came up like so:

Another branch of Herns/Hurns was in a Ringwood area of Southampton, which asks whether Rings were Orne / Orion liners too. Ringwoods (same checks as Bils' / Sawyers) have "moorcocks proper, beaked and legged red," in the Shield (Cocks trace to Cetis), and though the houseofnames page shows no Ringwood Crest, the descriptions page below says they use "A goat running toward a tree", making Runnings/Ronnys (Dol / Ghent fesse?) suspect as a Ring branch. Ring-like ORANge's use the hunting HORN.

Shields use the snake design of Quinns. Ronald MacDonald, the commercial clown, is in MacDonald colors, just one of many examples of heraldic love of the over-rich. The Ferte eagle of MacDonalds / Ronalds speaks to a Dol-woman marriage to a Mr. D'Avranches (I think he was Robert) of Ferte-Mace, which should explain the sharing of the wavy, white fesse between the Dols (Mecklenburg) and Runnings/Ronnys...but see also the same fesse with Dutch Ghents, for Maceys use the gauntlet glove as code for liners out of Ghent/Gaunt, at the mouth of the Lys river through Artois. It's all been a l'ille secret up till now. The "mare" motto term of Ronalds / Alexanders is for the line of Mere's and DeMere's, both first found in Cheshire, and both sharing the ship symbol of MacDonalds / Ronalds. Why do Ronalds and Donalds call their ship a "galley"?

As this goes back to proto-Meschin Gala/Gaia, the Numidian whose son (Massena) formed an alliance with general Scipio, let's repeat that this alliance must have formed a child to the SKIPtons (share the Lacy lion), married by Meschins. The Skipton-related Lacys use a FRET-knot as part-code for Cnut, Mieszko's grandson. We saw above (or in the Keppoch write-up) as to why Keppochs should have been Lacys. As Ships/SHIPTONS are expected as a branch of SKIPTONS, it explains why the DeMere's can call their galley a "sailing SHIP" as code for the Skipton side of the Massena-Scipio merger. And the Sails were first found in Cheshire.

The Mere's call their ship a "lymphad," and that must be code too. Limbs/Lumbs (LAMBert colors), in Singletary colors and first found in the same place, not only use the Running/Ronny fesse in colors reversed, but probably the Piast eagle heads too. Limbs/Lumbs share the scepter with Godfreys, the latter kin of Meads, the latter first found in the same place (Sussex) as Limps/Lambie's (see Casey motto and eagle heads). Limps/Lambie's, in the colors of German Lamberts, were first found in the same place as one Singletary branch, and as the same-colored Coverts/Cofferts sharing the Limb/Lumb fesse. Comparing the Covert/Coffert Coat to that of Cheney-beloved Fade's can indicate that "lymPHAD" is part-code for fade liners.

It's interesting that Runnings/Ronnys share the red Shield with Rouens, for this can reveal that the viking-Normandy capital (Rouen) was a MacDonald-pirate entity. That works, especially as Rouens (Brittany) are said to descend from Rennes elements while the Raines branch of Wrens share the purple lion with Skiptons and Lacys.

[See my third dream with Obama, in next update, as follow-up to the Drive/Drove what appears to be 666 lovers.]


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