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June 1 - 5, 2017

The Pakistani Awan Families in Congress Sucked Up State Secrets
The Incredible Democrat Uranium Deal with Russia
John Podesta Knows the Chief of Washington-Hospital Surgery
Jack Sava May be the Murderers' Accomplice

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In case you want some details on the latest American strike against the Syrian military:

It's a "funny" attack, as though the Americans are signaling how badly they want this part of Syria as their own. The Russians are speculating that the U.S. wants the oil of the region. It's not a bad guess. It seems that Trump U.S. is ready to bully Assad whether Russia likes it or not. But, caution. I am developing a mind to accuse the CIA / shadow government of willingness to see a limited nuclear war if it means winning blanket rule over Russia. I think that's what we have here, because I think the CIA cares nothing for human misery, American or otherwise. That's just the impression I have from the many visible hawks calling for Russia's demise amid the North-Korea threat. I'm even pondering a CIA-inflicted nuclear blast inside the U.S. that gets blamed on N. Korea. They might even drop the bomb on the Clinton residence because these two know too much.

Yes, the CIA / FBI may need to assassinate the Clintons before they ruin things further?

It's Tuesday morning. Several updates ago, I happened to get to the topic of judge Scalia's murder, when I thought that God gave me a dream to verify that He was interested in it. Ever since, more evidence cropped up that He was interested also in the car-crash deaths of Lady Diana and Grace Kelly...until, in the last update, and especially as per last week in the news, the murder of Seth Rich came to topic. The implications of the Signs prior to last week were that mobsters under Clinton were responsible; nothing makes more sense where it comes to the murder of Seth Rich. I had never before last week touched upon Seth Rich, nor did I have a plan to discuss it. In fact, I knew nothing about it. And I have had not one dream or event take place this past week or two suggesting some Message, meaning that the entirety of the three murders revolves around the murder of Seth.

Jerome Corsi said last week that he'll name the murder by Tuesday, today. I'm waiting for this story to come out. The leftists with their media are clawing away at this story as expected, saying their is nothing to it. The great news is that the big media is being bashed, little by little by the little guys, and even Fox is not coming out unscathed, a good thing because Fox pushes every single false-flag event. While Christians are thankful that Fox has replaced CNN to a large extent, Fox's core isn't Christian. Instead, it's made of money. A new right-wing media is needed that opposes and unveils the leftist snot, and meanwhile isn't afraid to mention Jesus. Sean Hannity, who liked to use a phrase from Jesus as part of his everyday show, never mentioned him nor God once, so far as I recall. If Fox didn't allow Sean to mention God, then let the old Fox fall away, and let it be replaced with a better Fox.

On every brink of scoring big, the left charges that the right is only being political. Well, not so fast. Even where politics is involved, the right I respect wants to demolish sin, and to make God the only Guide / Essence for all politics. Unfortunately, the right I don't respect elected Trump instead of a good Christian. Christians now need to hold their breath on whether Trump will act on their behalf for shooting down the sin inherent in leftist ideology. The "swamp" to Trump may not be the swamp defined by Christians. The right I don't respect will seek to deceive the right I do respect so that the right I don't respect get's their support, but never will the right I respect be allowed to rule the political agenda. I must conclude that the best we can do is to expose sin and its facilitators. There is nothing that concerns God more than the rampant sin in this generation.

When a group makes God the chief driver for a political agenda, God is bound to act, eventually, for that group, and even a small act from God results in large fruit. The New York Times, rather than being on the attack, needs to prepare its defence systems for a Surprise Attack. It is surely coming.

The sickening thing about right-wing media, however, is that they seduce people to their news with catchy titles ("Bombshell"; "This is big"; "Clinton about to be arrested"; Jaw-dropping"), but when you get to the article / video for details, it's a single paragraph of almost-nothing followed by the re-hashing of the old story. World Net Daily made me so sick to come to its website that I stopped going. Like Drudge, it covers faggots too much. Who wants sodomites in their heads on a near-daily basis? I've concluded that there's something snaky about Drudge; the website isn't adding to the DNC / Seth-Rich issues, but spends space fueling the false-flag events in England, making no sense whatsoever. This attitude will only fuel Muslim unrest.

We are in the midst of a generation of heightened demonic activity that easily infiltrates non-Christians, including Republicans. We know concerning demonic deception from the Bible, but in that respect we know it only "in theory." But here in this generation we are getting to know demonic deception in real experience. We can watch it at work. Demons have decided to go to their very ends in "glory" of mocking God, and pulling as many people to Hell with them as possible, meaning that activist anti-Christians have exactly the attitude of demons in seeking to go to their very deaths in complete rebellion. This is what we are seeing and experiencing.

"Chilling similarities between Seth Rich murder and 'Clinton Body Count' victims". That's a WND headline, but when you get to the story, nothing exists there beyond what the title itself says. No evidence, no nothing. Christians need better media than this, or we will be a laughing stock. There seems to be a lot of Christians doing youtube video, seeking to make a full living at it, and this requires a high number of videos with catchy titles, with the predictable. This needs to be stopped. Make your money in some other way than by being a trickster. You give Christ a bad name. At WND, they lead you to a page with a fraction of the story, then make you click to another page for the full story, just because they need more webpages to fit more advertising upon them. Christians need to behave better than the liberals. Make high standards, and keep to them. One in-depth excellent story per week is better for your reputation than ten cheap ones. You can fool people to clicking to the page or video only for so long.

Make up your mind on whether you want the New Kingdom, or whether you want to fix the existing rot. Prophecy alerts us to the fact that the end-time world in incurable. We are not here to build the New Kingdom of God in the United States or anywhere else. We are here to oppose sin, to remind that God does not approve. I'm all for wounding the sinful left so that it cannot promote itself as well as would otherwise be, but let's not try to do the impossible by winning a theocracy. It's not going to happen. Call out the sin, expose leftist hypocrisy, and tell the world that God's judgment will surely take place on willful sinners, for when we do this, God can be engaged on our behalf.

Dennis Prager at WND says: "In other words, I believe that Donald Trump may have saved the country. And that, in my book, covers a lot of sins – foolish tweets, included." I get it. It's just like supporting Fox News for to bash the left even when Fox is not dependable on a Christian basis. Is there a price to pay for this attitude? Yes, if those supporting Fox / Trump become like them. It could be a little like Lot's wife. Inevitably, Christians can become political animals, taking facts too far for the sake of scoring politically. How does becoming more like the leftist staple make us any better?

The Christian-media strategy is to play nicely to Trump in hopes that he will repay with niceties to the Christian cause. This tactic has required the complimenting of Trump even when he deserves the opposite. Basically, the tactic involves prepped / canned love for Trump, not good in the eyes of God. There is a STRONG SOMEONE who genuinely cares for society's rot a lot more than Trump does. Maintain your political activism with that in mind. Be glad, for God has a drawn-out plan to catch the liberal left in the most-agonizing trap. The more they ridicule us today, the harsher their punishment, make no mistake about it. I am well-passed my acceptance of my own country having built and enforced a spiritually-dark agenda, and from here, I depend on God to take it to the next step. If the next step is yet darker, so be it. Some Christians are not willing to admit defeat as yet, especially in the United States. The hope there is take America back. But defeat may be God's plan to have us retract our love for country, for obvious reason that the Kingdom is right at the door. It's a lot harder to win America back than it is to simply expose the rot, and calling people to repentance. In the meantime, the salt stays salty, and works in every crevice / wrinkle of society to thwart the dark side to a degree. There is going to be a deafening roar when the Kingdom arrives, can you just imagine the pain of the willfully-sinful onlookers at that time?

America, at the leadership level, was a false-Christian country from the start, as Masons provided for themselves a constitutional philosophy that could be disguised as Christian in order to keep ther more-numerous Christians from destroying them. Instead of building "good speech" into the constitution, they used "free speech." We are seeing the fruit of free speech today, which gives satan his voice as much as it gives Jesus his voice. Does that look like a recipe for greatness, or of destruction by civil war? Why didn't the constitution mark-out goodness as the underlying American code while defining goodness along Biblical lines? How exactly does "freedom of speech" protect Christian values? Not very well.

It's when we win against them that they will persecute us. Expect false arrests and murder. It's not going to go away.

Jerome Corsi has received a pass to attend White-House news briefings. Once working with WND, he's now joined Alex Jones. I'm not sure what that's about, but it's predictable that the left will cheapen Corsi on this basis. Today (Tuesday), Mr. Corsi appeared on an Infowars youtube video (about 13 minutes), but nothing was even mentioned concerning his announcement for Tuesday. Nothing in the video is of new value. Wednesday morning, nothing. Here's back some five days earlier at Reddit: "Bombshell! According to Jerome Corsi Seth Rich was murdered for political purposes and the killer is known! Infowars will be releasing the full story Monday or Tuesday!" There is zero on this at Infowars' home page this morning. What happened? Are we being toyed with teases?

The world, if it cares to see, has seen that Fox news and Rod Wheeler were silenced by behind-the-scenes threats. More people have come to the conclusion that this goes on in politics, and we also know that, for example, the communications of Seth's parents are being watched, and for this reason everyone is more controlled just because it's known or believed that the Intelligence people can watch everything. Even in the country of free speech, Sean Hannity has not been permitted to talk about the possibility that Seth Rich was the DNC leaker. It's as simple as that, and this is how the shadow government controls all media. Media bosses have been contacted in the past, we can be sure, when someone at their places got out of line with what they were permitted to report. And we now know more than we may have believed before that this shadow government kills "important" people. This is the condition of the nation with Intelligence people being able to read us all at will. Yes, laws are in place against this sort of thing, but dark men are lawbreakers, and moreover they have provided themselves with ways to get around the law.

If every word and issue that Trump members communicate with one another can be watched, it's not enough to call this "big brother." It's exactly having the murderer watching. If Trump wants to do anything against this, he needs to risk his life, or that of a family member. And the pitiful part of this is that normal Democrat voters are supporting this situation so far as we can glean in the Seth-Rich case. We have entered a new phase of demonic deception, a phase with rampant, open, fearless and heartless murder. And for what? Almost fully, it's about advancing faggots and transgenders. The left with straight faces are saying that there is nothing wrong with inviting drag queens into the presence of young children to read them nursery rhymes. We can see where this is going, to sexually charge the very young (roughly 10 years of age) into the ways of faggotry. But please, don't mention this day-in and day-out in the news. Instead, whack the left where it hurts by telling them that Jesus is coming with Judgment, that there are people who will never be deceived by their deceptive schemes, and that the good will inherit the earth, the universe, and all of eternity. Tell them this every day, that Christians celebrate the victory over them starting in 30 AD. This is the only reality that counts, and it is brutal in opposition to the liberals.

Ruin their sleep by reminding them of the coming Judgment. Ruin the demons coming in on your life by reminding them of the coming Judgment in Tartarus. They hate that word. It makes them uncomfortable. They ease up on us when they are reminded that Jesus is keeping score, Who will assign the level of judgment according to their level of deceptions.

One can even see here that the Intelligence community leaked their ability to spy on all in order to make everyone fear speaking out. Ironically, had Seth Rich announced that he was the DNC leaker, he would have been safer over the short term. For example, the Clintons couldn't kill Kenneth Star once the public knew that he was Clinton's chief investigator. It wouldn't have looked good. A person can't even go to the police for protection against the shadow government, fearing that the police might rat on him. Clearly, this problem is bigger than what men alone can handle, which is why we need to depend on God.

On the weekend, an FBI memo arose that had some excellent promise against Seth's enemies, but Wikileaks quickly informed that the memo was a fake. It wasn't necessarily the conservative side that produced it, for the liberals could have produced it for their own purposes. There can be two advantages to doing so, one to make the Republicans look stupid for carrying the story, and another to be able to have the ability to say that the FBI document was accepted as a fraud by Republicans, hoping that all readers would confuse it with the following:

A federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report detailing the contents of DNC staffer Seth Rich's computer generated within 96 hours after his murder, said Rich made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time....

Rod Wheeler, a retired Washington homicide detective and Fox News contributor investigating the case on behalf of the Rich family, made the WikiLeaks claim, which was corroborated by a federal investigator who spoke to Fox News...

"I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and Wikileaks," the federal investigator told Fox News, confirming the MacFadyen connection. He said the emails are in possession of the FBI, while the stalled case is in the hands of the Washington Police Department."...

I think that some people have confused the anonymous federal investigator with Rod Wheeler, a private investigator. I have read nothing whatsoever debunking what the federal investigator said, suggesting that he's a true person with true goods. This is where Trump needs to begin. The FBI was reported not taking-on the Seth Rich case, and this report is the best that the Democrats have in debunking the FBI forensic report. Trump's people need to ask the FBI point-blank if there is truth to that forensic report. Every citizen can become involved in this because it is a political murder wherein the police are doing nothing about it. Great shame. This is the beginning of exposing Masonry in police departments, and we await to watch how the rats deal with it. Chances are, they will make-faster their agenda, and go out of control while doing so.

By May 30th, Trump has yet to speak one word of the Seth-Rich story. He may be wisely going ahead secretly on an investigation, or he may have decided not to touch it. If he doesn't touch it, he will burn his own team time and time again as the shadow government plays tricks against them. Trump can't cure the situation by firing team member after team member. He's going to need to do what he promised, drain the swamp, even if it costs his life. Or, as an alternative, he can become a humiliated puppet of the dark side. He cannot make America great again so long as the shadow government exists, and by "shadow government" I don't mean only those whom Obama appointed / hired.

Here is what I would do if I were the president at this time. I would set up secret meetings with Kim Dotcom and others of potential value without telephone or email communications. All communications need to be done in person, and all people involved need to be trusted persons who watch their backs on being followed. Yes, it's like a spy fictional, only real. Rather than saying nothing in public on the Seth-Rich case in order to make myself appear non-interested to the enemy, I would speak out what the enemy expects of me. For example, I would encourage the Sean Hannitys to speak on Seth Rich in private forums until the FBI comes clean on the forensic report, and the Washington Times comes clean on Seth's computer. I would emphasize that murder cannot be tolerated regardless of the leaks, and that the FBI must go forward in an investigation being open to the possibility that the DNC killed Seth for leaking. I would not speak out too much, to the point of appearing too passionate about the case, but saying nothing can alert the enemy that things are going on secretly. The good thing is, Trump has a natural excuse for not speaking out, because he himself opposes leaking. As president, Trump has the natural expectation of bringing the FBI into the Seth investigation. It doesn't need to be a costly or elongated investigation merely as a publicity stunt to retain voters. Did Trump think that draining the swamp would come without risk to his life?

This is chaos. The nation is doomed. Why should God step in to fix it if this is what America deserves? Had America put God first instead of the money-based "American dream," and had the liberal movement not mocked God openly, the shadow government would never have formed to begin with. As it now sits, liberals are the prisoners of the shadow government. The liberals will choose to be good puppets in hopes of remained "free." Forever, they will march headlong and headstrong into the pit that buries them alive. The liberals are right-now empowering the deep state. By "deep," the entrenchment of this group is meant.

Wikipedia's article on the Murder of Seth Rich is on the side of the deep state: "The murder spawned several right-wing conspiracy theories about the crime..." That's not altogether true, for some on the left, especially Bernie-Sanders supporters, likewise feel that the DNC committed the murder. Wikipedia needs to come clean with different wording, saying that the only ones in the country who oppose the spread of the story are those who love the Hillary circle. That's where the true nuts bars reside, the ones wearing angelic masks.

The murderers would have wanted to know how often Seth Rich was at the bar, and whether he was expected on Saturday nights. Or, Capone was to inquire of Seth as to whether he would be showing up Saturday night, and perhaps Capone was to give him a special invite for a special occasion. In short, the murderers wanted to know when Seth could be expected at the bar that week(end), and such a thing could not be wisely communicated in email or by phone. Wikipedia: "...Lou's City Bar, a sports pub 1.8 miles from [Seth's] apartment, in Columbia Heights, where he was a regular customer."

The Wikipedia article doesn't even mention "forensic" or "MacFadyen." Until the FBI is asked directly whether it gathered any information on the Rich case, or whether it was involved in the case in an unofficial capacity, all of the hot air from the left has zero value. The Wikipedia article does not mention "Capone." You can bet that the FBI has its appointed Wikipedia writers, and that the owners of Wikipedia are deep-state puppets, a good reason not to send Wikipedia any money.

Over the past several weeks, I had reason to emphasize the Corner/Garner surname along with the Caplan-like Kepke surname. The following is therefore interesting:

Starting on Friday, July 22, 2016, WikiLeaks began releasing over 2 publications 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments from seven key figures in the DNC, none of whom included then-DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

By far, the largest number of emails came from DNC Communications Director Luis Miranda (10,520 emails), who had approximately three-times the emails released for the next highest on the list, National Finance Director Jordon Kaplan (3,799 emails) and Finance Chief of Staff Scott Corner (3,095 emails).

While I include the Chives' in with Kepke / Keppock liners, note that the Schultz Coat uses the Chives quadrants as well as sharing the armored arms of the Armours in Obama's immediate ancestry (his mother was a Dunham-Armour). There is also one "Clinton spokesman Glen Caplin."

The above article focuses on the inherent motives for an insider leak as opposed to Russian hacking. The logic is not flawed. The DNC situation was conducive to a leak by a Bernie-Sanders supporter. There is nothing too-wild about the possibility, and as the DNC is not itself going to elaborate on any of it, someone needs to investigate the possibility. As a murder was involved shortly after the leaks, the person responsible for the investigation is the FBI. As the FBI has allowed Newsweek and and other media to make the claim on its behalf that the FBI has not opened an investigation to the possibility, the FBI is thereby guilty, not just of not doing its job, but of suppressing and protecting the real murderer. This charge and logic is unassailable. The FBI is guilty, this is the big story here. The big story is not the particular identity of the murderer, but of the FBI being complicit with the murderers at the DNC. The corruption of the DNC we all know about, but most people have yet to glean and understand the full corruption in the FBI. The Seth-Rich story is all about it, and the FBI is keeping a low profile, claiming that this case belongs to the Washington police. Yes, it belongs to Washington local too, but the possibility above drags the FBI into it because the DNC is a federal organ.

The great news is that the current president happens to be a Republican. The even better news is that Republicans are in full control of investigative powers; they can call any investigation they so choose. The president can merely "ask" the FBI to take on the Rich case. This is just so wonderful...or is it? I don't know. I don't know whether Trump and the rest will do anything, perhaps cowering, perhaps uninterested in a DNC dispute that ends in murder. But this will come round to bite the Republicans hard if they don't finish house cleaning in the FBI. More than just the leaders need to be removed. The FBI needs to be re-organized from the basement up until it has ability to spy on NSA and the CIA, to cleanse those organizations too. Wherever there is cause to suspect the NSA of wrongdoing, that's where the FBI needs to be applied. If Trump fails here, he's essentially cutting his own head off in a public spectacle. We already see the Intelligence knife pressing against his neck. If he says he gives in, that he'll be a good-little puppet, shame, great shame. The country cannot tolerate a political-spy system.

In recent weeks, we have heard of Trump going after leakers in the White House. But what about the Intelligence people? What good would it do to remove suspicious persons in the White House while leaving your communications vivid before the national spy agencies? Remove the secret court that permits spies to spy without warrants from the normal courts. And jail any spy that dares break this law. Punish the Googles of the Internet world if they cater to the secret court. This has got to stop. The liberals have brought the country from the promise of freedom to the precipice of absolute enslavement. The very premise of freedom is freedom from the king / government (unless a law is broken). Instead, Democrats are now facilitating deep-state enslavement. This is not an exaggeration. It seems apparent at this time that the deep state is a Democrat animal of a totalitarian kind. If it sounds like a contradiction, it is. If it seems to promise lunacy...exactly right.

Take a guess at how easy it will be for Democrats to be pained while facilitating the deep state? In how many ways can the deep state abuse Democrats as they gladly support a Democratic dictatorship? Does the deep state really give a hoot for the lives of Democrats? The deep state only wants deeper, and the money for this comes from all citizens and companies, i.e. partly owned by Democrats. Apparently, Democrats tolerate being robbed if it means freedom from Christianity.

Every once in a while, someone points out the possibility that Republican and Democrat leaders (congress, etc) alike are on-board with the deep state, and that they deliberately, as a scheme, cause the voters to be continually at one anothers' throats precisely to divide the nation, weakening it so that the two sides won't unite against the deep state. If one half of the country attacks the deep state, the other half can be relied upon to discredit it. The deep state is then safe. We just saw how that works in the last update. The Seth-Rich story got new life, but, suddenly, this week, it's already half-dead.

In the meantime, those who are anti-deep-state got new members ready to pounce in the next controversy. This Rich story can actually convert a massive number of Democrats into "conspiracy theorists." They are waking up to how it works because they have felt the Clinton machine grind against their skins. Although many media people cannot speak out, many have seen the inner workings of this beast, and these hidden ones are the worst enemies that the deep state has, because at any time any one of them can be a lethal whistleblower / leaker. The great thing is, the hidden ones will not dare reveal themselves as such on their communications networks because it's now an open piece of knowledge that the deep state is watching. So, the deep state has created a large threat against itself by forcing its enemies into silence. If it's silence they want, silence will be their undoing. In the meantime, thousands of small guys (like me) continue to peck away, all the harder when they start to persecute some.

The Infowars article adds: "To date, the Washington Police have refused to release any investigative report or autopsy that precisely described the wound. Despite intensive research efforts by Internet sleuths, we do not know for certain which hospital in D.C. the Washington Police took Rich for treatment after the shooting." There are those who say that Infowars works for the deep state to help divide the people. Alex Jones sometimes acts like a Christian to get Christian support. It's all a mess when things like this blur the realities. For the time being, I'm treating Infowars as sincerely opposed to globalism, but, the question is, what is Americanism to Infowars? If it's only freedom from a global government, how does that necessarily spell a nation successful in God? Without God, all nations are headed for the fire.

Joe Lieberman as the next FBI boss would make a fine lamb. Plus, bonus, he's old enough to be almost senile, just when the deep state needs a soft brain with poor eyesight at the top. How many believe that hiring an old man (75 years old) to head the FBI is a good move? Then why has Trump advanced Lieberman as his top pick thus far? Wikipedia: "On May 25, 2017, Lieberman officially withdrew his name from consideration." Hmm, he didn't mind being interviewed by Trump, so what gives here?

How do we explain that Robert Mueller became the FBI head under George Bush in 2001? Or, how do we explain that James Comey replaced Mueller in 2013 (soon after Libya scandal) under Obama, yet Comey had been in George Bush's Justice department? Could it appear that the leaders of the opposing parties are catering to both parties? How do we explain that Comey was a Republican most his life, yet protected Hillary Clinton last year and into this year? At times over several weeks to date, I have stressed the Choice/Joyce surname as important, and here I can point out that one deputy FBI director under Mueller, and during the Libya scandal, was Sean Joyce.

It could seem that men guilty in the scandal, and/or knowing too much, were let go to lessen the risks. And these men then became the slaves of the Intelligence rats, always watched. They took the bait, became hired, and then ended up the slaves. Comey can now expect to be watched 24 hours, 365 days, just as he watched others. Perfect, it looks so good on him. The spies are being spied on, what a wonderful recipe for disaster upon the entire nation.

Whose at the top of the pyramid? Is there a pyramid? Is there a small group that orders the Intelligence people to operate in certain ways? Did Obama have full powers in that regard, or did he first need to satisfy others before he could get away with an order? Will Trump become the same sort of stooge? Trump doesn't like being a stooge, this we can probably guess correctly. His wife may be complaining that he's getting too dangerous for her comfort. Any number of elements can be playing into this. What's needed is pin-pointed removals of Intelligence pawns that tend to service the agendas of non-elected fat cats, but as the president, a fat cat himself, cannot go about firing all of these people, it is necessary for Trump to get new chiefs in Intelligence agencies who will do that cleansing for him. Trump knows this, yet he chose Joe Lieberman as a prime choice, and Joe has just revealed that he's not interested in helping Trump. It appears that Trump just wants to seduce a new FBI chief quick, and then move on to other things.

The Awan Spies Bite the Democrats

Another man has been found murdered. As many as several days after the man's body washed up on a Florida beach, one could google the story yet not find that any of the major media were involved with it, not even Fox news. It seems that the captain of the Fox sinking ship decided abysmally that the money-line is more important to Fox than exposing DNC murderers.

Beranton Whisenant Jr., the murdered man, was a federal prosecutor in Miama's U.S. Attorney's Office. That's what makes this suspicious, and he's probably not a Republican. His body was found in the same area of Florida as the home of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former (until recently) DNC chairman. The latter is suspect by many in the group that killed Seth Rich. Personally, I feel that Wasserman is guilty.

Apparently, his body was taken out to sea, and the murderers did not likely want the body to be found washed up on a beach. It is just stupendous that CNN is not sharing this as something suspicious. There have cropped up countless heartless, soul-less people in leadership positions, just callous and obscenely so. It is disgusting, and we need to be on our guard not to become like them.

Debbie Wasserman is named in an Awan-brothers story that the big media have refused to carry. These brothers are Pakistani's who were working for various Democrat law makers (House of Representatives) with fingers in globalist issues. Due to the report that they obtained their jobs starting in 2005, a few years before Obama took office, no one is willing to suggest that Obama was involved in getting them the job. But just imagine the scenario where these boys were CIA operatives in Pakistan, where Obama had been too, feeding political secrets to Obama, giving him an advantage in becoming the next president.

The brothers were fired when they were caught going through the computers of their bosses. It's such a huge story, but the media have decided to block this, too, from the public. It's this black-out that informs the other side best that there is something of guilt for some key Obama / Clinton / deep-state operative(s). It is all so disgusting. One outline of the brothers is here if you'd like to have it before reading on:

The Awan brothers are the "suspects" in this quote: "Five Capitol Hill technology aides told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group that members of Congress have displayed an inexplicable and intense loyalty towards the suspects who police say victimized them. The baffled aides wonder if the suspects are blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, to which they had full access." It sounds like a joke with the democrat congressmen acting the clowns as though they don't know better than to hire, not just brothers, but Pakistani brothers.

When is the last time that you've heard of an entire family of brothers working together in the same occupation for the elite of the elite involved in Intelligence, homeland security, foreign affairs, etc? It sounds like a house-cleaning service with access to the computers while everyone's out of the house. These boys really had a great suction on their vacuum cleaners. The owners of the house were dazzled by their performance. Or, ah, er, maybe it was something else:

A manager at a tech-services company that works with Democratic House offices said he approached congressional offices, offering their services at one-fourth the price of Awan and his Pakistani brothers, but the members declined. At the time, he couldn't understand why his offers were rejected but now he suspects the Awans exerted some type of leverage over members.

Well, at the time that these international dogs first started working for deep-state Americans, the Bush war on the Afghan-Pakistani border was raging. Osama bin Laden was probably in cahoots with CIA operatives that Obama had known well. It was hard for conspiracy theorists, few in numbers in those early years, to convince me or others that conspiracies such as this could have been taking place for real. What better explanation can we come up with for Obama's (Obama who?) win in 2008 other than his working ties to the deep state?

"Additionally, staffers' iPhones were all linked to a single non-government iTunes account." Can't something so popular as iTunes be a CIA spy service in disguise? Yes, it can. Trust what you now know, that even government spies keep no moral limits when devising information-gathering methods. The next sentence: "Awan began working for Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida in 2005, and his wife, his brother’s wife, and two of his brothers all appeared on the payrolls of various House Democrats soon after, payroll records show. They have collected $4 million since 2010." I wonder whether young Obama was smoking dope with the father of these Pakistanis. Some, including myself, believe that Obama was a CIA operative in Pakistan as early as his college years.

Debbie Wasserman is herself a congresswoman, for Florida, and by the time that she was the DNC Chair, there can be no doubt that the brothers wanted to get all of her information (incidental included) for whomever the brothers worked for. For all we know, they were paid by commission, more pay for the more they stole, with big bonuses for getting Wasserman's data. It could have amounted to a means (blackmail) of keeping in-the-know Democrats from speaking out on Obama's sins, if by chance they wanted to.

Near the start of 2017, Mr. Awan fled the United States, when he saw the writing on the wall. He had been fired by some law makers in February, just after the nail-biting months, when the Wasserman circle was being heavily watched as per the Seth-Rich story. Yes, she maintained faithful to the deep-state, but she was watched all the same, and these Pakistani's apparently had a major role to that end. Just think of how demonic the situation is when the unelected goons spy on as many politicians and law makers, police departments, media as possible. Does America not have the backbone to throttle these goons once and for all? Must we all abide our lives according to their dictates, in fear of punishment from them, walking on eggs shells all the while?

The federal prosecutor (Black man) found dead in the very area of Florida where Wasserman hails from "was assigned to investigate cases of visa and passport fraud." That's according to court documents. It could appear as though he was given a case to check up on the Awan brothers, or the details in how they got into the U.S. in the first place. After all, Wasserman, we read above, was one of the first to give these boys their jobs. However, Wasserman looks like White trash if ever that phrase has any substance; she's not expected to have friends from Pakistan. Obama, on the other hand...

In a nutshell, the 30-odd congresspeople who hired the Pakistani's were as irresponsible with state secrets as Hillary Clinton, but the Pakistani story has the potential to nab Obama if some connection between they and he is stumbled over. Obama is the one that gave Wasserman her DNC-Chair job. So, Wasserman helps out the Pakistani boys as early as 2005, and Obama gives her an elite position as part of that international circle of rats.

The article above says that Wasserman was plying the DC police for the return of a computer(s) (held by police) as it relates to the Awan investigation. My apologies to readers for recently saying that this was her request for obtaining Seth Rich's computer from the police. The video I was watching gave me that impression.

What are the chances that Pakistani nationals, two wives included, are going to successfully obtain U.S. visa's to work in a sensitive area of the House of Representatives, unless someone in that House makes the request on their behalf to Homeland Security? I'm now reading that the first person to get these rats their jobs was Democrat Gregory Meeks of New York. ""'As of right now, I don’t see a smoking gun,' Meeks said. 'I have seen no evidence that they were doing anything that was nefarious.'" That's exactly what we expect to hear from the guilty party who ushered the rats in.

The article has Meeks calling them "Muslim Americans," but they are instead Pakistani citizens. It could appear that Meeks was covering for them, as it sounds painfully bad to hear in the news that Pakistani citizens have been found guilty of seizing state secrets in the House of Representatives. Like I said, it comes across as a "joke." "Awan has long-standing relationships with Meeks, Wasserman Schultz and Fudge. Meeks was one of the first lawmakers Awan worked for after coming to Capitol Hill in 2004. He joined Wasserman Schultz’s office in 2005 and started working for Fudge in 2008."

I'd like to take you back to the 1970s or 80s, when it was evident even to a young Christian person like myself that liberalism was hijacking Biblical values. Did we ever think at the time that liberals would come to engage in political assassinations so freely as we are seeing now? How can we explain this? Easy. Demons to which God abandoned them. Evil infiltrating their minds and pervading their hearts due to their rebellion against God, and here their unrepentant attitudes in the midst of their murders are their sure ticket to Hell-punishment.

Wasserman's 23rd district of Florida is not far down the coast from the 21st district, where Lois Frankel hails as another Democrat law maker that had the services of the Awan family. Frankel is a member of the foreign-affairs committee. The investigation into this family began during the transition period between Obama and Trump, and got fast legs as soon as Trump became the official president on January 20. It doesn't appear coincidental. Details are scanty, but blame this in the complicit, corporate media. Some are saying that the Awans are guilty for the DNC leaks to Wikileaks, but I'm not entertaining that part.

It sounds like a conspiracy plot involving congressional Americans themselves: "Among the House members who presently employed the services of ring leader Imran Awan were Andre Carson, the second Muslim member of the House of Representatives, as did Congresswoman Jackie Speier. On March 22, 2016, Jackie Speier was one of eight House members who asked for additional funding so that the Awan clan could secure Top Secret/SCI level clearance."

As Trump now has the ball on this issue, we expect arrests of congresspeople. "According to a source in contact with this writer, the potential damage to our national security is 'incalculable.' This source is also questioning why an investigation of this magnitude has not been handed off to the FBI for investigation, rather than keeping it assigned to the Capitol Police. 'That itself should raise a lot of flags,' stated this source who declined to be named for this report." I think that's well stated. But if the Trump effect was merely to send the family back to Pakistan, is that enough?

Trump had best not disappoint on this. He needs all the voters he can get in 2020. If he loses in 2020, his enemies will undo everything he does to overturn Obama. Mr. Trump, you need to do what you need to do if you want four more years. Do yourself a favor, and look after the rats as they deserve to be looked after. Every rat is your enemy in the meantime.

The deep state appears to be in the throes of another cover-up, and Trump needs to enjoy throwing the light switch on. It really is fun to nab the guilty; the Bible would have us celebrate that very thing. Here's the cover-up: "The Miami Herald noted that the investigation [into Whisenant] was still preliminary and cautioned that, if the case were a murder, authorities would more likely be sounding an alarm and hunting for suspects. However, it has not yet been publicly released how Whisenant died."

Umm, a man washes up on a shore, with head trauma, and there is no boat in the waters to be seen, and he's in his clothes, not his bathing suit, and the police are still trying to figure out whether this is a murder??? That's a cover-up in the making. "An eyewitness told NBC Miami of finding the body: "When the tide came in he obviously was caught in the surf and tumbling,' describing him as 'very well dressed wearing a sort of a casual business shirt, black pants, and all of his personal effects were on him and that’s what we found unusual.'"

The intensive article above has links to the scanty stories by AP and ABC, neither of which show signs of plying the police with deeper questions, or even appearing alarmed. The murder of law people, ho-hum, let's go back to sleep.

He had been with the Miami high-crime unit for only five months. Very likely, if the deep state were not in possession of a national spy service paid for by the people, this man would not have been killed. But when they saw that his work entailed things that the deep state needed covered, it decided to end his life. That's how I see it. And that's the evil of a liberal spy system, and why a woman no longer has her husband, and why three children no longer have their dad. By how many times do the people want to multiply this situation before they stand up with some backbone to take car of the rats in their attic? They are mating and multiplying as the people do nothing but cower, and they are also mocking us for their successes in getting away.

If you've been reading up on these issues, you may have heard of yet another murdered man, Shawn Lucas, whom I personally saw in a video where he was serving court papers to the DNC office. Shawn had a camera at the time, and insisted on filming the transfer of the papers to the DNC staffer. They almost-immediately had him killed in his own bathroom, to send the message that the rats need to be feared. This was near the time of Seth Rich's murder. Let me tell you something as Hell hangs over their heads, that these people were too stupid to realize that each and every murder they commit tears their Democrat party wider and wider apart. Just look at their condition now, less than one year later. With even 80 percent of the big media, the Democrats still cannot come to control the entire government, which is exactly what Republicans have just done precisely due to the corrupt goons that now lead for the Democrats.

I ask you. Should not AP and ABC both tell us when he was last seen, by whom, and what he was last doing, anything that can tell us how Whisenant ended up dead. Isn't that to be expected of the major media? This May-25 story has reached Trump's ears, we can be sure, and likely, the police have not officially declared how they will categorize this death because they may fear Trump's team should they call it a natural death or suicide. The police has indicated that he MIGHT have been shot in the head, as if the police need to take all week long to figure that out, or as if they can't tell right away on hour-one. His body has not been missing for weeks, and probably not even for days. We would know better on how long he was in the water if AP or CNN would just tell us when he was last seen alive. These media have had almost two weeks now to find out.

I've never seen anything so compelling as what the video below shows. There appears to be two, dire Masonic signs, from two men, signalled toward Comey as he swears to tell the truth in a Congressional hearing. I've not known this hard-hitting Christian before now, haven't much of a clue what he's all about:

Police departments all over need to be made more afraid to cover things up than to do their proper jobs. Who will make an example of a police department seeking to cover a political assassination? Easy: the Justice Department, now ruled by one Donald Trump. If you want true respect, Donald, you need to be the hammer-in-chief over the skulls of corrupt police departments. The less time you give rats to scurry away, the more frantic and problematic their retreat. Go in immediately for the "kill," make noise and swing your arms chaotically to make them confused, and then nail them with covfefe. You can't lose.

To save you from spending six minutes at the video below, let me just say that it's on Kim Dotcom sending a second message (Monday, May 29) to Robert Mueller for safe passage to the United States to hand in evidence of Seth Rich leaking to Wikileaks. Apparently, Mueller ignored the first request a week earlier, but the importance here is that Dotcom isn't letting go of this...just yet, anyway. Mueller's going to look awfully stupid if Dotcom's evidence is excellent / unassailable, and Dotcom may not be able to resist making him look just like that. Dotcom has an opportunity to be a hero for Trump supporters.

A petition to the White House was started, requesting a special investigation into Seth Rich. As of May 31, there were about 40,000 signatures. "If we could reach the 100,000 goal [by June 18], a WH official response would have to be made, which would bring so much more awareness to the Seth Rich case." More awareness? As in maybe Trump hasn't heard about it yet? C'mon.

On May 29th, Roger Stone (Infowars supporter) claimed that Steven Wasserman was the federal prosecutor for the Seth-Rich case. And then there was this out on May 31: "Disgraced former DNC leader, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, may have had her brother, Steven Wasserman, bury the Seth Rich Case. Steven Wasserman would have the power to do this, because he is Assistant US Attorney at the Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia." Debbie was caught sticking it to Bernie Sanders, and Steven is your typical Democrat jerk (as in unreliable) in shameless / lawless (above the law) Washington. Steven will prosecute the case only if a random robber is found.

On May 30th, Sean Hannity appeared on his Fox show to say that he will be back "sooner than later" to add more to the Rich-Seth issue. In the meantime, he continues to hammer home the fact that leading Democrats admit that there is no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. Comment on a Hannity page: "Normally I would never ever support this jerk [Hannity], but he is very right on this topic. The media's obsession with Russia and blackout of the Seth Rich murder are too suspicious to ignore. Keep up the fight Hannity, from a Bernie supporter that wants to see the real truth come to light and stop this Red Scare newstalgia thats gripping the government." You see, a lot of Democrats (trained to hate the Hannity's of news media) are finally recognizing the corrupt machinery of Democrat leadership.

It's possible that the Clinton circle, and even with Obama supporters to boot, are gearing the media to stay on Trump-Russia collusion because they have prepared, in advance of this media storm, false evidence to prove the collusion. Perhaps they haven't yet played their false evidence due to the risks, one being a civil war, another being exposure of the fraud and therefore more of the masses turning against Democrats for years to come.

Or, the two opposing sides, including Trump and the many bloggers pouring fuel on the fires, are on the same team trying to start a civil war for such purposes as population control, political murders guised in warfare, property seizures, etc. The way to get control of the country just as it seems that the deep state is in deep trouble is to drop a small nuclear bomb, blaming it on North Korea, and it seems to me that Trump has been doing all the right things for playing to this scenario. I just don't trust Trump. And who are those Christians announcing that Trump was sent from God? How do we know that they aren't imposters seeking to get Christian support?

A small nuclear bomb would silence the political bickering, and unite the country; the people would be friendlier toward the CIA in a common fight against North Korea. But there are risks because Russia then needs to choose whether to side with the U.S. or Korea. It seems that the deep state is willing to push against Russia in that possible scenario. I've come across multiple reports about America-friendly people inside North Korea stating without doubt that the Korean leader is truly bent on nuking America. I find this claim so preposterous that I'm inclined to seeing the reports as fabricated by the deep state. Why would they fabricate such things unless they were seriously considering the drop of a nuclear bomb on America? In such a faked scenario, especially if it's dropped in a vacuum (no prior strike from Korea), there may not an attack on Korea in return, for the sake of world stability.

Most Republican videos are on the attack against Hillary, and few against Obama. The latter is the one with the powers to stir the American pot at this time. No one knows how much money he grabbed and sits on at this time, or spread to others for certain causes that he feels strongly about. Most know that Obama had an unjust Justice Department chief, a tool for covert Obama agendas. Robert Mueller (Republican background) was chosen to head the charge against Trump by the Justice Department's deputy prosecutor with a nice Jewish name (usually indicates a Democrat):

The Justice Department appointed Robert Mueller, who preceded James Comey as head of the FBI, to serve as a special counsel overseeing the investigation into possible Russian meddling in the 2016 election, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced on Wednesday.

...“I determined that it is in the public interest for me to exercise my authority and appoint a Special Counsel to assume responsibility for this matter,” Rosenstein said in a statement. “What I have determined is that based upon the unique circumstances, the public interest requires me to place this investigation under the authority of a person who exercises a degree of INDEPENDENCE [caps mine] from the normal chain of command.”

Independence? Smoke screen. The FBI chief is expected to act politically impartial, and thus he learns how to act that role if per chance he's politically charged secretly. Obama (president in 2009) allowed Mueller to be the FBI head into late 2013. It seems, therefore, that Mueller was to Obama's liking, especially when the FBI did nothing to confound Obama's Libya scandal in 2012. We totally get how "independent" Mueller is. Sometimes, "independent" could mean playing both parties on behalf of one elite group. "Mueller has agreed to resign from his private law firm in order to avoid any conflicts of interest." Is that how important it is for Mueller to "get" Trump, or to save Trump?? Which is it?

As nothing of guilt on Trump's part has yet surfaced, we can expect some false evidence in due time because it is crucial for the Democrats to weaken Trump to the point that he loses significant congressional powers in the 2018 elections. Timing the release of false evidence is often crucial. Some are saying that there is a plot to impeachment based on this issue, but the anti-Trump side was not banking on the Seth-Rich scandal that has almost fully upended the attack on Trump. The Democrats are now in defence mode. The more they lash out at Trump, the larger the Rich story in rebuttal; the two are completely connectable. The president is in the driver's seat on this one (he has authority even over Rosenstein), but only because it concerns his own welfare.

The Seth-Rich conspiracy promises to get traction precisely because the president will need it. No one should view this necessarily as Trump to the rescue of Americans, but perhaps more like God forcing Trump's hand to expose the deep state.

Rosenstein had involvement in removing Comey, but if we read this as Rosenstein's pro-Trump stance, how do we explain Rosenstein's investigation on Trump-Russia? Is this investigation a non-starter intended by the president to find no evidence against him? Is Mueller part of this hoax? I don't know.

Trump seems to like Rosenstein for some reason. Rosenstein's Wikipedia article doesn't reveal his political affiliation, but does say: "He was one of the 46 United States Attorneys ordered on March 10, 2017 to resign by Attorney General Jeff Sessions; Trump declined his resignation." Hmm. I wonder what that was about. I assume that Jeff Sessions [Trump's Attorney general] wanted Rosenstein removed for his liberal / Democrat ' Obama positions, but Trump not only objected in this case, he made Rosenstein the deputy-chief of the federal state's lawyer. Sessions must have become dizzy with this knock from Trump to his head. Might this choice from Trump touch upon a facet or, or schism within, the deep state?

Should we begin to hope that a Trump-ROSENstein love-in isn't evidence of a Trump-Rothschild partnership? Why do Rosensteins share a red Shield with Rothsteins/Rothschilds/RODDENsteins? It can't be coincidental that the arrow of the latter surname acts as a bend while being in both colors of the bend of Rodhams/RODDENs/Roddenburys.

Rosensteins share the gold-on-red rose with French Rose's, and these are in the colors of the eight-pointed stars of Rothschilds/Rothsteins/Roddensteins (compare with Weis'). Scottish Rose's are the ones with the Bush-line Bosco's in their write-up. Rosenstein became the chief attorney in Maryland in the first year of George Bush's second term, and I'm convinced that George Bush was a Rothschild servant. See the heraldry discussion on Muellers in the last update, where the surname linked to Clintons (Weis / Wies star?) whom I know to share the Shield of Saluzzo's, from Saluzzo, beside Busca (Piedmont). Masci's and Maso's/Masons (red roses, Wies colors) of Piedmont are highly suspect with these lines.

Cheneys love the Majors in their motto, and French Majors share the crescent of French Rose's while English Majors use the Rose and Rosenstein rose in colors reversed. English Majors have a Coat connectable to that of Anchors/ANNACKers, as well as to the Coat of ANNAS', and the Rothschilds/Rothsteins use a single arrow in the colors of the one Major anchor and the one Annas star. The latter were first found in the same place as Rose-related Bugs.

I can glean that the Annas star is used by Angus', the latter having named Angus near the earliest-known Rose clan of the Moray / Rothes area. I entertain that Annas' were from the chief killer of Jesus, Annas/Ananus, the high priest of Israel. One could expect the Illuminati from a line of Annas/Ananus, and so let's add that while the Bavarian Illuminati was founded (1776) at the time of the first Rothschild, it was founded by the Catholic Jew, Adam WEIShaupt while Weis' (share white wings with Masci's and Wies') use a Coat in good reflection of the Rosenstein Coat.

Compare the Coat of Masters/Misters/Mesters (same place as English Masons) to that of Sessions. Musts/Mousquette's/Muscats, who share the antelope of Obama-liner Singletarys, once showed the lion-head design in the Crest of English Rothes', but the design changed to that of the red lion heads of French Majors. The Must/Muscat Crest is described as "A black demi antelope CHAINed and ringed gold." Help yourself to seeing the Cheney-like variations of Chaine's/Chenays. The latter once showed the white wing that Masci's once showed; both wing designs were changed (why?) so that they still match. At roughly (I can't recall exactly) the time of the changes, I was claiming that the Masci wing was the wing also of German Bauers (= proto-Rothschild surname).

Of course, past, marital linkage of surnames doesn't necessarily indicate / reflect known political partnerships today between all who have the surnames. But, in some cases, past surname linkage can be useful for explaining current partnerships (especially in high places) between blood-respecting families / individuals. There have always been blood-respecting rulers.

The Sessions/Sisons are said to descend from Mr. Berkeley, and then Berkeleys look like they use the patee of Massena's (version of Masci Coat) and a version of the Mackay Coat. The "Non" motto term of Masters/Misters connects maritally to Nons/Nevins, first found in Ayrshire, same as Mackeys/Margys the latter using the raven of Rothes'/Rothchilds and likely the arrow of Rothschilds/Rothsteins. The Shield-and-Chief color combination of Mackeys/Margys is shared by Saluzzo's and Clintons while one Berkeley motto term is a Saluzzo-like "salutem." Mackays use "forte" while Sessions use "for the" while Moray, where I trace Mackays, was also known as, Fortriu. The Moray stars are shared by French Bests (possibly the Massar/Massai lions) while the Session motto is, "Hope for the best." Compare the Coat of French Bests with that of baron-Massy-suspect Kellys and Hillens.

I can glean that Dutch Bests use the bars of Portis'/Porchers, namers of Portismouth at Clapton (Gloucestershire border). There is an online article saying that Meads of Clapton married Arthurs, and Meads use a version of the Godfrey Coat, both in the colors of English Bests (same place as Godfreys) who share "Libertas" with Godfreys. The "legiBUS" motto term of English Bests (same place as Masters / Masons) appears important where Bus' share the giant cinquefoil of Portis'/Porchers. In all this, Bests can be of the Bust variation of Bush liners.

Trump removed Sally Yates (as Attorney General) and installed Rosenstein in her place, while Yate's are the ones with PORTcullis gates. Compare the split Shied of Yate's to the same of Sessions (same place as Session-like Samsons).

"Libertas" can be code for Liebers / Leibers / Liebermans/Leverkuehns (same place as Trumps). Levers use a rooster STANDing on a TRUMPET, and the Arthurs of Clapton used a clarion trumpet while French Clairs (same place as French Rose's) share the Rosenstein / Rose rose in colors reversed. The motto of Scottish Rose's ("ConSTANT") loves the True's/Tree's that share the plumed helmet with Liebermans/LeverKUEHNs. John Kerry was born a Jewish COEN liner.

It's predictable that Armageddon is going to be a Sneak-Up destruction, by the secret hand of the All-Seeing Father of Jesus Christ, upon the darkest and proudest descendants of Annas and Caiaphas. When they start to kill followers of Jesus, start the countdown. The fake Jews in the Illuminati shall not reap the eternal Kingdom, and no amount of money can bribe the Father.

I am not suggesting that any man mentioned above is an Illuminatist necessarily, or a pawn thereof. Heraldic connections of old can act as interesting lamps upon what may (or may not) be real in the way of endtime partnerships.

It is important that we don't freak out at what could be coming imminently. If we trust Jesus' words, we need to trust Daniel, and if we shun the numerous crack-pots in prophecy land that don't properly interpret Daniel, we recognize from Daniel 11:21-31 that there will be an invasion of Egypt, by the anti-Christ, some years prior to the successful invasion of Jerusalem (verse 31). Not until the latter event will the anti-Christ be given 3.5 years of authority (by God?) to lead the world to Armageddon.

Whether it's God who gives him the 42-month authority (see Revelation 12-13), or the rulers of the earth, the fact remains that God permits this lawless thing to come upon the human race to show what happens to it when He stops restraining the demons and their human servants. After the invasion of Egypt, things turn swiftly globular, if I understand prophecy correctly where it appears that he has reign over Europe. If we trust Daniel, there is yet time for us to prepare for the worst, not at all meaning that some bad times can't come sooner.

The question is whether Rosenstein acted shrewdly on his own behalf by agreeing to fire Comey, even though it may not have been his perfect will. Rosenstein said that he knew beforehand that Trump was going to do it, anyway, and opposition to the president would not have allowed Rosenstein to continue. Yet, Trump's choice to keep Rosenstein was more than simple mercy on the man; Trump then elevated him to a very high place. I find this difficult to understand where Trump appeared resigned to installing anti-liberals to high places. Rosenstein was installed as deputy attorney even before Trump took official command of the White House.

At the page below, we find that Rosenstein is a Democrat leftist. "Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s decision on March 2 'to recuse himself from dealing with investigations relating to Russia’s involvement in the elections,' observed Nathan Guttman in The Forward the next day, 'make Rosenstein, once he wins Senate confirmation, the government official who would lead the probe into Trump’s Russian connections…'" Whose Guttman? Why does the Guttman Coat use a symbol facing the Shield's sinister side, a rarity but used by Masci liners as well as Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'). There is even a Jewish Guttman surname.

I see Maso's/Masons and Masseys in the Jewish Rothchild Coat (shares sinister-rising bend with Masci's and Massena's). I didn't find the Jewish Rothchild Coat until some three or four years after the first inklings of Masci-Rothschild links began to occur to me. For as long as six years, I've been maintaining that God chose me to write on end-time prophecy due to my Masci bloodline, and here I think I can understand it. You need to have a Masci bloodline in order to keep tabs on Masci kin in order to establish what you are seeing here and lately, but you also need the time, devotion and drive to know heraldry as much as I now do.

The two-headed Guttman eagle is used in both colors by Cheps/Jeepma's, and the latter use the Goth/Gothel star, showing that GUTTmans are Goth/Gothel lines from Gothelo, great-grandfather of GODFREY de Bouillon (his line is expected in the Godfrey surname). In fact, while Godfrey's father ruled Boulogne, the Arms of Boulogne shares the red roundel with the Lieberman Coat, and the latter shares the knight with Guttmans. The first Rothschild named his first son, Nathan, i.e. like Nathan Guttman. Guttmans use the flag while Flags/Flecks/Flacks are loved in the motto of Samsons. It could appear that Trump was ready to nominate Lieberman because he was "asked" by a Rothschild agent to do it.

On May 30th, a lawsuit was filed by Jack Burkman against the DC police in an effort to obtain Rich's computer. Burkman is the one offering more than $100,000 for information leading to the arrest of Rich's murderer. We await to see how long DC stubbornly extends this action, or whether it gladly gives up the computer right away. DC always has the option of nabbing a false murderer in an effort to thwart the Rich side.

The short video (not by Wikileaks) below is entitled, "WIKILEAKS IF TRUMP DOESN'T TAKE CLINTON DOWN, WE WILL!" The title does not appear hyped. The video speaks on an article claiming that, if Trump's team does not want to go after Hillary, Julian Assange will come out with evidence that Hillary committed treason when selling military secrets to Saudi Arabia, etc. This has the potential to shame (not merely embarrass) Trump for doing nothing. Plus, Assange is sending the Democrats a message indicating that he's got more headaches on the way for them. If Wikileaks can keep presidents honest, and Hillary subdued, I'm for it.

To Trump's great credit, he actually betrayed the global-climate scammers today. Not only has he kept his promise to the voters, but he has gone a mile to convince me that he isn't a globalist after all...unless he's supporting fossil-fuel-loving globalists. It's good to know that he really is opposed to the climate-change thieves. However, there's probably no use in celebrating because they will now get energy costs increased as their alternative way to rob us.

I cannot ever say enough on the stupidity of Democrats. They have come out today as an army to voice their dismay, as though they don't realize that the scam robs their money too. Look it, if you're a pro-climate individual, you are absolutely free to send the Paris-Accord people a check for a few hundred dollars. Go ahead, put your money where your mouth is. I'll bet that you, Democrat, won't give a dime, hypocrite. You want them to force me to pay even though I don't believe the earth is becoming warmer. In the same way, you want me to pay for all of your Democrat causes even though I oppose them.

Until sea level rises significantly, everywhere, over the course of 5-10 years, there will be no evidence of global warming. Never mind taking the ever-changing temperatures all over the earth; just measure sea level. I have yet to read of one beach house where the ocean has reached the threshold of the front door. Relax.

Jack Sava and Lisa Kountoupes

Here is a potential bombshell from Richard Saunders, though carried by many all at once. It has been found that Jack Sava MD, the director of the surgery department at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, has a lobbysist woman-friend (girlfriend, wife?) that not only engages closely with John Podesta, but was an avid lobbyist for president Clinton. Mr. Saunders guesses that Seth Rich would have been taken to the Medstar hospital. Details on the girlfriend/wife, Lisa Kountoupes, is at Saunder's webpage below. This looks like the next big story, very-possibly zeroing in on the guilty parties:

If you spend time at the page above, you learn that Lisa was hired as a Democrat-government lobbyist by a uranium company, evoking the deal that Hillary apparently made with Russia, selling out a vast amount of American uranium to that country.

Kountoupes also worked for the U.S. Department of Energy and has known ties to Uranium One, a Russian proxy company that Hillary Clinton offloaded 20% of the U.S. uranium supply to during her tenure in the State Department, as reported by Intellihub's Shepard Ambellas in a January 2016, report titled: "Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians along with one-fifth of our uranium ore."

That's quite the accusation that's been floated online. "Uranium One is more than half-owned by Atomredmetzoloto of Moscow." The Democrat media, if they are forced to take this story, will say, so what if Lisa is sleeping with the surgical director at the hospital where Seth Rich died? That's proof of nothing. But I think this is a huge item for the Rich file. Republicans and Sanders supporters now have a trail to follow, and Wikileaks (apparent origin of this story) may have more for consideration. Why didn't Wikileaks come out with this earlier? Likely, Wikileaks is withholding information for some time hoping to catch the Democrats in various ways of obstructing justice:

WikiLeaks emails reveal Kountoupes co-hosted a Feb. 22, 2016, fundraiser with Tony and John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 national campaign chairman. Kountoupes and Dr. Sava were also listed on a guest list attached to a Feb. 7, 2016, email to John Podesta. Kountoupes is listed among Clinton Foundation contributors in the $10,0001-$25,000 donation bracket.

I wonder who the other co-host(s) was. The overall suspicion is that Hillary is guilty of the murder as much as anyone else, for no one had a greater motive to deny Bernie Sander's election rights than Podesta's team. I wonder whether Lisa is one of many Democrat babes who start relationships with key hospital men when the liberals need hospitals to play along with false-flag or murder situations.

As Tony Podesta is a lobbyist, he would have had a front-row seat with president Hillary simply because John Podesta would have gotten much of the credit for her win. I now learn that Tony's ex-wife served on the board of the DC Police Foundation, begging the question of whether Democrats infiltrate into / spy on other police departments:

D.C. power broker Heather Podesta is the ex-wife of John Podesta’s lobbyist brother Tony, whose Podesta Group is one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in the world.

...Heather Podesta serves on the board alongside recent Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier, who served as police chief when DNC staffer and widely-reported WikiLeaks source Seth Rich was murdered in July 2016. Lanier stepped down as police chief the next month.

At this point, we don't know whether Sava was at the hospital during the murder. Probably not, if he was smart, and directors probably never work night shifts. But he could have assigned the killer and created a boss over the entire event that would do the killing. Or, Sava may not have known anything about it, but felt compelled to say nothing on behalf of the truth (i.e. opposing Podesta) so long as Lisa is sleeping with him. If this is adultery, all the harder for him to give legs to the story. So far, I've not heard the name of his wife.

At Intellius, relatives of Jack Alfred Sava (age 50) are listed as: Lisa Kountoupes, Jeanne Sava, Ateljevich Sava. The same page as a Jack A. Sava at 70 years of age (has roughly the same addresses at Jack above), and having worked at Georgetown University Washington Hospital Center. No other hospital is mentioned, begging the question of how long Jack was at the hospital where Seth was killed. Jeanne's age is not given. In her Intellius file, her only address is La Fayette, California, while Jack above at 50 is assigned four California addresses. "Ateljevic" is said to be a Serbian name, and the Sava river does run at the Serbian theater. Recall Bill Clinton's Bosnian / Serbian adventure.

Note JEANNE McIntyre below, married to what looks like Jack's grandfather, thus explaining "Jeanne Sava" above. It suggests that Jack's grandmother / mother alone is listed as his female relative, perhaps meaning that he's been unmarried, or that Lisa has been his long-time wife (but why isn't she listed as Lisa Sava?). If Intellius is wrong in portraying Jack as 70, then Jack may be the 50-year old, Jack Alfred Sava, making Jeanne his mother:

Dr. Jack A. also known as Jack Ateljevich (see social websites) On Dr. Sava's FB and on his father's FB, see identical family photos. His father Sava Ateljevich b. 1928 San Francisco is also listed on Bohemian Grove membership...Name: Sava Ateljevich Gender: Male Birth Year: abt 1928 Age: 35 Marriage Date: 26 Nov 1963 Marriage Place: Marin, California, USA Spouse Name: Jeanne M Mcintyre Spouse Age: 33 [when married, I presume]

Name: Jack A Ateljevich Birth Date: 7 May 1967 Gender: Male Mother's Maiden Name: Mcintyre Birth County: Alameda...

There's confusion here, for Jack A Ateljevich, age 50, is born to Jeanne, expected by other information to be the mother of Jack Alfred Sava, age 50. I can see why some are claiming that Jack Sava MD is Jack Ateljevich. In fact, the director of the surgery department seems to be using an incorrect name when using, Jack Sava, for "Sava" was the first name of his father.

The page above offers a Bohemian guest list for 2008 in which a Sava Ateljevich appears. But there could be more than one man with this name. Still, the Bohemian Grove is in California, where Sava Ateljevich of concern lived, and where Jeanne is listed with an address.

The Intellius page for Jeanne M Ateljevich (assume Jeanne Mcintyre) has he age at 70, not correct if she was wife to Sava Ateljevich. Intellius can only go by online data, and it's often false by design of the people offering it. Jeanne M Ateljevich is listed as an employee of The Planning Commission, but California has several of these. Nothing can be added from Intellius when searching "Lisa Sava" or "Lisa Ateljevich."
Lisa is also listed as an employee of the US House of Representatives. I suggest that "Kountoupes" is a Greek name, feasibly spreading up into the Serbian area.

One of Lisa's kin, Cary, has his own page as Cary George Kountoupes (Maryland and Michigan addresses). He's the one said to be of George Kountoupes Painting Company. His relatives include Donna and Lisa Kountoupes, as well as Lauren Richardson.

There is a Toupes/Toop surname (water bougets) having variations much like the Italian (and Greek?) word for "mouse." As the Toupes/Toop Chief is in the colors of the Drop/Trope Chief, zowie, Toupes' can be from Tropoje, one such location in Albania's Fier County, and another near Kosova. In fact, I once saw the latter Tropoje as "TOPoje." On my old atlas, it's in Albania, where the old Albania-Yugoslavia border was. This Tropoge is about 20 miles north of the most-northerly p[art of the Drin river, and therefore it very close to Koplik, where I've traced the ancestry of the mythical Polish Mouse Tower!

I've predicted that the False Prophet / anti-Christ will be a Mouse-Tower liner, and I've identified that line between the Maezaei of the Bosnia-Sava theater and Ranulph le Meschin, who married Lucy Taillebois of Lincolnshire. Not only were Toupes' (share two symbols of the Bugs) first found in Lincolnshire, but they use three cups in Chief in the colors of the Meschin scallops in the Tailbois Chief. Bouget-like Buckets were likewise first found in Lincolnshire, where we can expect Rhodes / Rose liners (the latter likewise use water bougets). German Bugs/Buggens (Bogen colors) share ravens with water-bouget Rolphs.

In fact, the Toupes cups are "COVERED cups," which recalls that Coverts are expected from northern Croatia, and that Ranulph le Meschin ruled COPEland while Cups are listed with Cope's/Colps...from the Colapis/Kupa river in northern Croatia. Coverts are suspect with the fesse of Cravens in colors reversed, and while Meschins married Skiptons of Craven, Croatians are called, KRVati, a term like "CRAVen." Cups/Cope's share red roses, and a chevron, apparently, with Maso's/Masons.

I believe that a Miss Covert was brought into my email life for important reasons of my work. She was emailing me as a very good friend at the same time as one Janet Maio, and the letter became suspicious when she asked to come live with me on my tribulation retreat. Nothing of any romance between us had started, but, rather, she made this request (more than once) cold. Later, I became suspicious of Miss Covert, and found her married at Riverside, California, where Janet Maio lives. The latter started to email me from her real-estate company, and it just so happens that while Riverside is in Ontario county, Ontario has a Planning Commission. One may assume that Planning Commissions are city organs in charge of new, real-estate developments. Without demonizing either woman, my point is that God may have provided these two in my email life to now point to the Ontario Planning Department. Just a guess.

Sava-like Irish Shaws use "covered cups," and a dagger as code for the Dexaroi on the Apsus river, the mouth of which has the other Tropoje location.

I have emphasized the Bled area of the Sava area (Croatia-Austria theater) as named after Bleda, brother of ATTILa. Note "ATELjevich." It is Jeanne Ateljevich who worked for a California Planning Commission. Bogans use virtually the TILL wyvern in colors reversed, and Tillers (branch of Tails/Tailors) are expected as Meschin-Tailbois liners from the Tilurius river of Croatia's Dinara area. The Maezaei were either at, or not far from, the sources of the Tilurius. German Tills use the annulets of Vito's in colors reversed, they being from Julius Avitus (200 AD), husband of Julia Maesa.

Julia Maesa's birth surname, Bassianus, has been identified (by me) with the Base surname (shares the lions of Gernons, the surname of le Meschin's son), and therefore with the so-called base of an heraldic Shield. But at times, the Chief area of a Shield is called the TOP. I get it. The top and base are both reserved for Topoje / Tropoje liners of the Bassianus kind. Toppers use scallops on a fesse in the colors of the crescents on a fesse of Tillers, but compare also with the Coat of the Macey kin, the Bellamys, for Maceys share the gauntlet glove with Topps. I get it. Tillers were first found in Monmouthshire, same as gauntlet-glove Fiens/Fane's/Vans. The Tiller / Tailor lions are in the colors of the lion in the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt.

Aha, German Toppers/Topfers/Tophers use the trouts of Trouts/TRUBacks(Westmorland) that show Tropoje-like variations. Toppers/Topfers were first found in the same place (Thuringia) as Talls/Thalls who share the Bessin bees.

The voat page adds: "Surname Sava is the Italian version of Slavic name Savitch or the Greek name Savas. Ateljevich or Ateljevic is Serbo-Croation." It appears that the Cheshire Savage's/Savitch' s can apply, whose lions are colors reversed from the Tiller / Tailor lions. The Savage motto phrase, "te pro," just put Teppers to mind whose sinister bend must be that of Dobers / Dobermans (compare with Jewish Pollock Coat), and there is a Dober location smack beside Koplik!!!

The Sava was also the Save river while Save's use a bend in Tepper- / Dober-bend colors. Saffers use a "vita" motto term. Recently, the FITCHee cross, used by Quints, became suspect as a symbol of the AVITus line, and here we can add that SaVITCH's can be a Sava-Vitch combo.

Plus, Koplik is also, Kupionich, and the similar Caepionis surname is from Quintus Caepio while Quints share the black lion paw with Savage's!!! This is an excellent find. Until now, the Savage motto has eluded my understanding. We now know that Dobers were indeed from Dober / Koplik, and while Mieszko I of Poland is known to have descended from the Mouse Tower, he had married DOBRawa.

The Podesta email where Jack Sava and Lisa Kountoupes are guests to some fundraising event is dated February 7, 2016, five days before Scalia's murder. Money for the murder was, in my opinion, needed at that very time. This was the period where "wet works" was in a Podesta email (Feb. 9, if I recall correctly) to one Elmendorf who had used "bedwetters" when emailing him (Podesta) on February 2. Scalia died in a bed, and "wet works" is code for murder. "Bedwetters" then looks like code for Scalia's killers. Elmendorf, who was engaging the bedwetters according to his own words, told Podesta that he would be fundraising immediately, which sounds like Elmendorf had to raise more money for the increased "needs" of the as-yet-unsatisfied bedwetters.

The Sava story has been on youtube for a week, yet youtube did not automatically bring up the videos when I searched material in relation to Seth Rich. Youtube was perhaps hiding this story. Here a video dated May 25, clarifying that the 20-percent-uranium deal was wholly in regards to the sale of Uranium One to Russia. Can we try to guess how Lisa Kountoupes may have been used for this sale, or how she may have helped to drive the sale on behalf of the DNC / Clinton Foundation?

A post at the page above: "Seth's attending physician was Podesta's sister in law." I didn't know that she was a surgeon or doctor. Was she really?

Lisa's company is called, Denham. It's almost "Dunham." Denhams use " A crane holding a stone in its claw." Not only are Crauns/Crane's traceable to the Ceraunii on the Urbanus river, the river also of the Maezaei, but "claw" is traceable with the Claws/Claisen surname to the Clausula river, location of Koplik. I've just heard that a Clintonite with Claiborn surname has been arrested. Claiborns (share "vincit" with Sava-suspect Shaws), first found in Westmorland along with Trouts/Trebecks, use an "inVIDiam" motto term that can be partly for Vido's/Vito's. The Claiborn Coat is very linkable to the Coat of Quade's and therefore of Vitch's and Walerans.

Denhams are in Curry colors while using a "Cura" motto term. Savage's are suspect with the Cecil lions in colors reversed, and the Cecil escutcheons are used by Correns, first found in Waterford along with Currys. The Cecil motto is suspect with both the Una river (between the Ceraunii and the Colapis/Kupa river) and the Ceraunii.

It's a little interesting that while Correns share the green parrot with Pettys, a John Petty was, until his resignation not long ago, the commissioner of Riverside's planning department. Any Petty individual can be tentatively suspect as a Rothschild agent. I trace Pettys to Pietas-Julia, at Croatia's Pula/Pola location that uses a cross in the colors sometimes used for the Pollock saltire. Pollocks are proto-Rothschilds.

It looks like the Biblical wolf in sheep's clothing.

Mueller's Uranium Mission to Moscow

In the video below, dated two-to-three weeks ago, a couple of Wikileaks cables are shown stressing the period between 2006-09, years which included the Georgia-Russia war in 2008. The FBI director, Robert Mueller, was chosen to deliver a uranium sample to Moscow in mid-2009. According to Wikileaks, the uranium was seized in 2006 in Georgia's black market, and the Georgian government put it into safe-keeping over in the United States...during the Bush years. Then, as soon as Obama took over the government, Russia requested to see a sample of the uranium, and the Americans agreed (I doubt that the Republicans would have agreed). This was during the reset-button period.

Russia supposedly wanted to test the grade / nature of the uranium, but why? Could we suspect that the Obama government was playing with fire already, seeing a potential sale of uranium to Russia? From this preliminary situation, one can envision an escalation to the point of the sale of Uranium One to a Russian company.

The backdrop to all of this is that Mueller became the FBI chief a week prior to 9/11; one could get the impression that Bush chose Mueller to head the FBI specifically to provide cover for the too-big-to-handle 9-11 hoax. On this basis alone, I can finger Mueller as absolutely corrupt.

The uranium delivery by Mueller was scheduled on September 21, 2009. This information is from a Wikileaks-obtained document from the Americans, shown on the video below, stating further that the delivery was in the works from prior to April 16. It looks like a government-to-government, black-market deal. If it wasn't, or if it was merely about Russia wanting to assess the sample for advancing their understanding of criminals in Georgia, someone else would have delivered the uranium other than Mueller. The Wikileaks cable shows that there had been a VERBAL deal (not to get caught on paper) to give Mueller a flight right-of-way into the Russian capital.

Question: why would the United States deliver uranium to Russia unless: 1) the Obama administration was catering to the demise of American, military supremacy; 2) high-level fiends in the Obama administration were simply making themselves wealthy? Not very long before Hillary quit the state department, Russian Intelligence reported that Hillary's plane crashed while she was flying onto an Iranian-airport runway, and that she suffered her head wound there. My impression was that Obama and/or the deep state was trying to get her killed, explaining why she quit. What was she doing in Iran during the time that Obama wanted to engage that belligerent nation with a deal...that involved uranium enrichment??? Did Obama bribe Iran into accepting the deal by selling Iran, under Obama's table, some of that Georgian uranium?

I'm curious as to why this video story, dated May 17, 2017, has not been major, to date, at youtube? Do the other Trump supporters find fault with this story, or is this another example of youtube censorship? It plays excellently to saving Trump from the Democrats that insist on bringing Russia into the daily news. Yet, I didn't get wind of this story until June 2, and I've been at youtube almost daily for the past three weeks. Alex Jones had the story two weeks ago, as did others, but it just never came up in my time at youtube.

The short video below adds a few details from Wikileaks, confirming that Mueller's initial trip was to be on April 16. Obama's first day as president was only on January 20. It looks like a speedo scheme.

Wikileaks can be reckoned as either sitting on this information until now, or Wikileaks can be accused for fabricating it now because it greatly assists Donald Trump. After all, the very one in charge of the Russia-Trump collusion investigation is being fingered in a secret, Russia-uranium, deal-like scenario, very very bad indeed. It doesn't look good on major media to ignore this story completely. If we don't know whether Wikileaks has fabricated the story, that's why it's the media's job is to find evidence one way or the other.

Assuming that Wikileaks has a true story, the timing for it is like a shot across the Democrat ship, for I think it is evident to any thinking person that Mueller is being used to advance fabricated evidence for Trump-Russia collusion. The Democrats have nothing else by which to destroy / impeach Trump. It's either to fabricate the evidence, or shut up and tolerate Trump until 2020. In fact, the harder the Democrats fight, the harder Trump will punish them...meaning, let's not hope that the Democrats stop fighting. The question is, how bad will it be for Republicans when Democrats get the government / congress back?

And it's not just Democrats looking to kill Trump literally or otherwise, but the Bilderberg elites are now wanting his neck for opting out of global warming. We do a disservice to call it "climate change" because this phrase was concocted by the schemers when evidence showed that the earth is sometimes cooler than before, making the globalists look naive / silly for calling it "global warming." So, although their original premise was that the greenhouse effect heats the planet to a critical point, the jerks (= unreliable) now say that the greenhouse effect can cause both "extreme" heating or cooling. Laughable. But the reaction from the globalists who oversee the climate hoax may not lead to laughter. This has crushed their world goal for at least four years, and they may seek their monies from something more hazardous to our health than seizing more of our taxes.

The fact seems to be that the Democrats decided to attack Trump on Russian collusion starting with Hillary's accusations, the very purpose of which were to detract from Hillary-camp ties to the murder of Seth Rich. The obvious fear was that, apart from Trump-Russia collusion in the news, Americans would see Seth Rich as the DNC leaker, making the DNC appear as his murderer. As long as Americans believe that Russia was supporting Trump's election bid, that's why Americans would also believe that Russia hacked the DNC.

The pitfall of this Democrat strategy was that it caused Republicans to focus on Hillary-camp ties to Russia. Wikileaks has been right on that spot with the uranium-deal leaks. This is called a backfire; Hillary has black-smoke marks on her face on top of her irony in losing the election. And this week, Democrats are telling her to just go away, no surprise, hahaha. But I say that Hillary should push harder, because she is the best thing for the Republicans in a long time. The more she fights and opens her mouth, the worse Democrats look, hahaha. It's becoming everywhere hahaha, a high time of rejoicing for the Republicans.

Keep in mind that, in all of this, there is yet the issue of Obama spying on the Trump team, promising further hahahas of perhaps the best kind. The spy program was framed upon the suspicion that Russia was helping Trump in illegal ways. There are only three Intelligence organizations with powers to unmask names -- the CIA, FBI and NSA -- and all three are being called by force of law to come testify before the Republicans on what they know. Expect lies, and expect lies to inevitably create further exposures. The House Intelligence Committee had to subpoena the Intelligence community (May 31) after the NSA was not forthcoming. It looks like it's high nunes for the NSA's of America. Time to shoot'em up.

In short, Hillary's running for the presidency expanded Republican powers greatly, amounting to some serious backlashes upon various items of the Obama years, and while the hope of the O-side and the FBI was to make Trump lame in mustering the backlashes, the very efforts have thus-far been directly responsible in making Trump desirous of backlashing. The Punishment taken by Jesus in his whiplashing, and finally in the crucifixion, is deserved by the liberals. Jesus was punished before the entire capital city when it was loaded with onlookers. We could conjecture that God will not forego the similar exposure and punishment of end-time liberals before the onlookers of their capital city, and we hope that liberalism will die sooner rather than later. It's already too late in my frame of mind.

Still, I find it strange that Trump has not indicated (where I've been) even whether his inner circle has discussed the Seth-Rich issue. There is not transparency here, as though Trump is afraid of something should he pipe up on the matter. The DNC is half the swamp, and here the Seth-Rich case is a golden opportunity to expose the DNC, with many Democrat and Independent voters in support. By June 3, with Mueller likely not responding to Dotcom's request, I caught wind that Kim's lawyers have asked Trump's department of justice for the ability to share the evidence against the DNC. However, Kim's problem is that he wants to bargain with this evidence, while no one in the United States will do such a thing openly. It isn't moral, Kim, to make such a bargain.

Here's a comical video from Michael Savage on Trump live when backing away from the Paris Accord. I'm still in happy shock that Trump would actually pull out. He has shown me that he's willing not to be a global puppet. For this, I can be grateful, but I will not forget Trump's lunatic act of firing some 59 missiles against president Assad on false charges from the deep state. The most-amazing part of this story is how such a vast part of the world's leadership is willing to play the deceived puppet. Trump sounds as though he's sincerely concerned about the climate-accord's waste of tax-payer money. Good for you, Donald. In the same way, hire lots of thumpers to thump other wasteful projects from the liberal jackasses ("donkeys" is too kind). Trump's Thumpers to the rescue...but we should fear a missile-happy Donald. That could be next, and Mattis is still breathing threats to Korea. What if Trump is putting aside the money saved from Paris to the Middle-East military? Did I just spoil the celebration?

Let's celebrate the likelihood that the United States would win a nuclear war with Russia. Hmm, I don't hear any yippies. Okay, Trump did the right thing with the climate donkeys, but Trump's colors in the Middle East have yet to be seen fully. So far, I'm scared. This saber-rattling with North Korea and Russia looks obscene to me, and Trump, though he ran on a platform of coming to good terms with Russia, has looked too much like a puppet of the Republican hawks. No one should even mention nuclear. But this theme has become commonplace since the West ganged up on Putin. It all started when the West sabotaged Russia's gas deal with Europe, which included the Western coup in Ukraine. But Trump has hired an Exxon man for his foreign affairs, promising to fuel the conflict against Russia, and that's how we see Trump shaping up on that front. Here's from June 3:

Following the signing of a long-term strategic oil and gas contract between Erbil and Rosneft on Friday the CEO of the Russian company Igor Sechin says that the deal will help Kurdistan Region's economic infrastructure.

...Sechin said that the Kurdistan Region has been a good place for Russian companies such as Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil and others.

Uh-oh, it sounds as though Russia is grinding this success in the West's face. I predict that Russia will become a real bad boy in the Middle East, but will maintain that the West forced its hand. As a sovereign nation, the new Russia has a right to make business partnerships in the Middle East and Europe, but the CIA and others DO NOT WANT ANY OF THIS. What in Hell Fire is the CIA? It should have an opinion on this issue? The CIA's job is to protect America, not shape its global agenda. It reminds of Comey thinking that he had the right as merely the FBI chief to be Hillary's judge. These Intelligence agencies think they should call all the shots, and they clearly would shape the agenda of the president if they can get away with it. That's why Trump needs to do some serious house cleaning.

Rex Tillerson, Trump's former Exxon man (the company CEO), is his secretary of state. He just had a small breaking with the president, refusing to attend the Paris-Accord event. It's interesting that Syria was the only country, until this week, to reject the objectives of the "climate" accord. The peer pressure used to dupe the entire world of elite even has oil men faking adherence for fear of rejection from the gang leaders. Trump should be praised for being a true leader on this matter. If only he would do the same with Jesus next week, it would be soon enough to be considered part of a double-shock wave across the crumbling global floor.

To Tillerson's credit, "Donald Trump’s Secretary of State has refused to host an event to mark Islam’s holy month of Ramadan, seemingly breaking with a long bipartisan tradition." Good for you, Rex, it's time to change the status quo. Mohammad, the biggest fake messiah, the warrior who stole the God of Israel to himself. And all religious Arabs believe the nonsense that the God of Israel was really speaking to salvation from the Arabs. This animosity that Arabs have created between themselves and the very concept of eternal Israel is the reason that God will not save the Middle East from intrusions. The intrusions are not right and good, but neither will God fully save the Arabs from it. It appears that the Damned forests in Noah's flood, now the crude oil imbedded in the sedimentary rocks above the Garden of Eden, will serve much to destroy the land of Muslims and Arabs together.

The Office of Religion and Global Affairs wants Tillerson to bow down to Ramadan; meanwhile Muslims kill one another over the days of Ramadan. The Independent article where the quote above appears has a man kissing a man on the lips, which is why I'm not sharing the page. It has begun. By next year, more and worse will appear whether we can stomach it or not. Why don't they allow us to click an ad off when it offends us? Why won't youtube give us the right to block certain videos forever? Why are we being forced to receive? The ones who don't want Jesus rammed down their throats are going to ram sin down our throats.

Partly from Ezekiel's Gog prophecy, it can be gleaned that the anti-Christ himself will be tossed into a lake of fire set aflame from tar products under modern Edom. See Isaiah 34:9-10 for that fiery prophecy. Probably, Sodom was exactly where the lake of fire will erupt.

I'm New to the Bitcoin Cashless Society

Here's a couple of smart, young guys who move through various topics to the cashless society via bitcoins. They talk about a deliberate scheme to make the dollar shaky simply to move everyone to Internet = digital money. Once most of the planet is operating on digital money, banks will close, and cash will disappear, perfect for the control-freak globalists. We badly need a Sign from God that the time to start a country retreat has come. At that time, don't buy bitcoin, but get a place where you can grow enough of your own food, etc.

We can also imagine a faked banking scandal where we are told repeatedly that banks cannot survive, an excuse to close them down just when we all have the option of converting our bank accounts to Internet money. There is no place to put your internet money that the spies can't see at all times. You can lose all your internet money, of course. But they don't care, because they want the system, and would love to seize all your money when needed. They will rig it up that way, making it very attractive at first, as though they care for us. Who will you blame or sue when it's gone? The city is the worst place to live in a collapse. It all looks so hopeless, but God cares.

The bitcoin was introduced during Obama's "depression" in 2009. He faked a depression just as banks were being portrayed as sinking ships. But the schemers are not as powerful as they would like to be, or they would have advanced their cashless society decades ago. Everyone has now heard about these cashless-society schemers, and so they may not get away with it at all on a voluntary basis. They will need to force us, and perhaps they will pretend to have no control over the crises that they create in the first place, intended to force us. The entire gamut of their schemes will be deception. But look, God has the last say on what scenario they are ultimately permitted to advance.

I can see three 6's in the bitcoin logo. There are two 6's in the 'B', and a third one in the two thin lines that come with the 'B' to make it look like a $ sign. In the UPC, two thin lines represents a 6. I can even see the bitcoin logo as secretly honoring "Bill" (Gates).

The bitcoin's angelic qualities include the convenience of not having to convert currency from nation to nation. But look at the price we pay for this small convenience. Forget it. Get used to carrying cash. Each week or two, take out large amounts of cash for your entire needs in that period, and you will find it just as fast to get through the store check-out than using the debit card. In the meantime, we all send the globalists the message that we want cash. Let them violate our will, if that's what they choose, for God then smacks them all the harder on Hell Day. There will be a Hell Day for the money-lusting stupids. But never mind them; how will we get through this coming period? That needs to be our focus at anytime now.

The video below has someone (an actor?) passionately making bitcoins appear anti-globalist, starting throughout the 6th minute and ending with the punch at about 7:10. He starts by making a great pitch against government, but ends by making bitcoins seem like the solution, making him suspect as an actor. After that, a guy converts dollars to bitcoins at a typical banking machine, and he's smiling about it. After that, they try to lure us in by promising that one bit coin today could have huge value tomorrow. The attractive advertising has begun for the cashless society.

The other angelic quality of bitcoin, or anything comparable, is that you don't put the bitcoin in a bank, and therefore don't need a bank to make transactions. You simply trade your bitcoin for a product on the Internet when purchasing it. Whether or not bitcoins will be of use at a typical store, I wouldn't know, but I don't see why not, if this is what the globalists want. I'm not fully up to speed on how one keeps track of their personal bitcoin balance, but one video says it's impossible for the current method to continue for long, needing a shift to a centralized computer, and that's a "bank," is it not?

In other words, your balance information must be stored somewhere (and regulated), which then becomes your "bank." Someone or something needs to keep your balance, and that is a bank, is it not? If anyone tries to say otherwise, they are lying. This bank is the one that sells bitcoin. You buy bitcoin, and this seller-bank keeps the score. You use bitcoin to make purchases, and the bank keeps the score yet again. Tell me that's not a bank. At that point, the bitcoin is just like the dollar, only a cashless dollar.

If the whole world goes bitcoin without other currency options, we assume that there will be just one bank for everyone. That would be just fine so long as a real angel of God was the CEO. Otherwise, I don't like it. What keeps the seller of bitcoin from giving himself as many free bitcoins as his little heart desires? Wouldn't the Rothschilds just love to control this? And individual governments would want to have oversight of all transactions to minimize criminal purchasing in their respective countries.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but no one will be able to withdraw money from this bank. The only thing that can be done is to use bitcoin for purchases. Neither can one withdraw money to purchase illegal drugs, and neither can one withdraw money to put under the mattress for peace of mind in bad times.

Do you know who owns the bitcoin bank / enterprise? How can we trust someone we don't know? At least banks are traditional, and still operate traditionally under government oversight. People / businesses are afraid of what might happen if no one takes their bitcoin as payment for anything due to unforeseen circumstances that crashes the system. Banks, for example, could oppose bitcoin. Users should first ask the Rothschild bankers whether they will allow bitcoins without sabotaging the system. On the other hand, banks can make up for their loss in revenue from transactions, and banks can loan bitcoin just as they loan dollars. It's not so clear-cut as to whether regular banks will ultimately oppose bitcoin, or whether they will have any choice but to accept it.

Someone had to rake in dollar-money when initially selling bitcoin. How do we know that the Rothschild bankers haven't been behind it from the start? Some say it's a CIA operation. Will we ever know? Could it be the devil? If this is a forerunner to the mark of the beast, the latter appears to be many years away. I am saddened by the prospect of having to watch the world get worse for at least 10 more years, by the looks of it, and very-possibly 20 or 30. In the meantime, I'd like to provide a sample on how we can keep tabs on dim, socio-political issues while remaining true to the Biblical core, and not losing faith.

I'd like to give an example of how social-media news cheapens itself. Ever wonder why Republican congressmen rarely weigh in on these news people? The Next News Network, which has shown signs of wanting to make money as a priority, has a headline, "SETH RICH MURDER CASE JUST TOOK STUNNING TURN - SOMETHING BIG IS HAPPENING..." Stunning, Big, typical language in many titles of others. Why not just use, "Burkman Sues DC Police for Rich's Computer." It would be more respectable-looking than trying to lure people with hyped suspense, only to disappoint about half the time. Besides, if anyone does a youtube search for "Burkman," the video above won't turn up because it doesn't use "Burkman" in the title.

Some of these people I won't even visit anymore regardless of how exciting their titles sound. The more exciting, the less I want to click. The main media has its problems too, like doing an entire story on one paragraph, then re-hashing old news, and they even buy / borrow the one paragraph from other news people, how two-bit cheap can they get in their fine suits and perfect hair?

There needs to be a news-video website where people offer news without ads and without making money. No need to ratchet up the hits means no hype, no pressure to satisfy. Some of these guys and gals at youtube do four or five videos daily. This many news people are not needed in the first place, and it's sad to see them all competing for the hits, trying to have a more professional look, etc. The need to make money can have the tendency of stretching the truth of a story in hopes of satisfying the viewers for getting repeat hits the next day. You can't readily tell who are in it purely for the money, perhaps playing both sides, the left and right, daily. Some may have more than one operating name, we may assume, when they use computerized voicing.

Seth Rich updates can be checked into from Freedom Watch:

One of My Play Lists if You Like

I thought I'd share my list of Messianic mixed with hill-country music. Sometimes, the two types share the same type of sounds. It was fun doing this. There may not be many southern readers anymore because they are usually Bush supporters, and expected to be Trump supporters too.

It took some time getting songs in an arrangement (sequence) I liked, so you might want to start with mine, then alter as you like. I don't have a clue how you can download these songs straight from my Internet system, so the best I can do is to list the youtube addresses. It will take you some work to have these songs, but at least I did the work in tracking them down. I was picky, and, some nights, I would find zero songs to download after a lot of trying. For each song that you get to, copy the browser's URL-address into the box at the youtube converter here:

Follow the easy steps at the converter, and the song will automatically download to your computer, to wherever your computer automatically receives downloads (if you are new to computers, you will probably find them in your downloads file). The downloads come without the commercials, thankfully. Don't forget to write out the name of the groups, when you assign the songs to your playlist, if that's what you like to do.

As I'm 60 years old going on 20, I like music with some beat and power / emotion. I have speakers three feet tall, making this place sound like a concert hall. I wire the laptop to a typical amplifier that feeds the speakers. It's just lousy by comparison straight from the laptop's speakers. You can get justify some decent speakers since youtube allows you to save money on music. An amplifier may not be needed (though it may sound better, I wouldn't know); maybe just the appropriate cord between speakers and computer.

In Elohim Itanu

Victory in Jesus -- Selah

Hashivenu Elecha

It's Already Done

Vivaldi by Southern Raised

Hine Go'alieni Chai

WWJD Baggy Bottom Boys

No More Will I Run

Mary Did You Know

Yeshua Hamashiach

Odecha BeKahal Rav

Rock of Ages

Mighty One of Irseal

Grace Will Lead me Home

Not By Might

Wayfaring Stranger


Stomping Grounds

Ain't No Grave

Bind Us Together

By the Riverside

Adonai Adoneinu

Farther Along

Elohim Lanu Machaseh Va'os

Jesus I am Resting


Baruch Haba B'shem Adonai

Holy Name of Yeshua

Lechu Nerannena LeAdonai

Sweet By and By

King's Banquet Instrumental

Coming Back to You

Where No One Stands Alone

I am Weary Let me Rest

Great is the Lord

What Child is This?

Adon Olam

I can't even walk without You Holding my Hand

Hine Keinei Avadim

Shimcha Kadosh

Good Christian Men rejoice


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God

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