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June 6 - 12, 2017

London Caught Faking Another Terror Attack
God Doesn't Seem to Like London's Plans
Trump Triumphant This Week
Mark Obama and the Two Men on Skateboards

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Well, as unbelievable as it sounds, London has staged another faked car-terror-attack. And this has as one of it purposes to fill the streets of England with police. Just look at this:

Trump challenged Khan [Muslim mayor of London] for saying there was “no reason to be alarmed" after the attacks. Khan spoke those words in a television interview Sunday in the context of reassuring Londoners about an increased police presence they might see.

"No reason to be alarmed," Khan said, describing a more visible presence as "one of things the police and all of us need to do to make sure we are as safe as we possibly can be."

No need to be alarmed, we are putting more police on the streets. What could England be up to with this? It looks like England is about to try something risky that requires the people to be more aware of police in their faces, in order to make the people fear acting against the government. But what could they be up to? And why is Trump always opposing things, like the odd-man-out? Are these attacks also distractions, and are the leaders wanting people to focus on the disagreements. Do they want to divide the peoples to make them less capable of successfully resisting an unwanted government program about to be foisted upon all?

By what coincidence did London elect a Muslim mayor in the very midst of reported attacks on England my Muslims? In fact, I think I can spot the game here. The plan was to feign attacks by Muslims, using a Muslim mayor to urge British Muslims to remain calm, peaceful. CNN is being blamed, at the article below, of staging Muslim photo shoots in what I interpret as government-sanctioned damage control. While the article includes rabid comments by anti-Muslims bent on making this a divisive conflict between Westerners and Muslims, I think the purpose of the CNN fakery is to relax British Muslims, to show that good Muslims are to prevail. In short, the British government wants faked attacks from Muslims, but doesn't want Muslims with British citizenry won't start an uproar or become violent. So, CNN gave a sample on how Muslims should act peaceful, in love:

We read: "Antro also notes that white police officers walked out of the scene and were replaced with Asian officers: 'Note the white police officers leaving before the CNN shot & the Asian officers coming in. They then left after they went off air!' According to a British viewer, BBC News also used this staged photo-op..." CNN should not be left off the hook for trying to pass along a peaceful attitude, for it's one example of many that CNN is willing to do fake news. It seems that every faked terror attack has a problem keeping itself from being revealed as a fake. Do they want the people to rise up against them as an excuse to put the people down? Or are they simply sloppy?

CHEATER'S REVEALED. If you go to the 2:45 point of the video below, you will see a "terrorist" lying down on a dark street, feigning injury or death. Watch the video roll from that point to a man in police helmet undressing to his underwear on the sidewalk, and putting on the same type of grey-green pants worn by the terrorist lying down on the street. Really, nothing more needs to be shown to expose this government-fake job. Along with this man in police helmet, several others are frantically changing clothes too, at the same spot, with yet another man or two down to his underwear, while others are putting a second set of pants on (over their own pants). They are all tucked away between the buildings and a row of ambulances at the curb; the latter may not only be serving as a means to block them from sight, but some of them may have transported this team to this spot.

Honestly, this government-hatched surrealism is hard to fathom. On the planet I grew up on, we were trained in honesty in preparation for becoming decent. We were taught not to cheat. But here we see the police departments cheating the entire world along with corporate media, and it just throttles us. We can't wrap our heads around this. How long have these zeroes been doing things like this? On the planet I grew up on, people who do things like this are considered zeroes, of no respect.

If we thought that it was bad enough to fake terror acts to have excuses for to go into the Middle East to kill, steal and destroy, here we are finding more: the British people are being deprived of their normal lives. The prime minister is now saying that Internet controls need to be put in place. What could that mean? Control, of course. If there were even as few as 10 suicidal ISIS operatives in the West, they could all do a car-terror rampage right now. There is nothing to stop them. This, coupled with pants-down videos, is the proof that ISIS operatives generally don't exist in Western society. The deep state has been conducting more murders than Western Muslims. The government-guiding deep state is the arch enemy of the West. When the people get that, and resist it, the world can start to return to normalcy. However, it's my opinion that God will allow this cancer to abuse greatly so that God can save greatly by their brilliant (highly-visible) destruction.

In a civil war where it's roundly known that the police chief is corrupt along with the government ministers, the latter have no chance even though they have most of the weaponry. Sooner or later, it will be game over because good always prevails. The blind goons from the dead don't figure-in the Power of the Living God. But if a whole society has neglected God for a long time, tolerating and participating in gross rebellion, the question then becomes: how badly will God allow the goons to succeed before He steps in and says, enough?

Once the goons have shown their true colors, it WILL BE game over for them because even sinful people tend to puke on such abhorrent humanity. They will not continue in power after they have shown their true colors, and these faked terror events are slowly-but-surely serving to reveal their true colors. They are still safe only because most of the people have yet to see the true colors. The first move of the imposters, when they see things slipping away, is to remove from the Internet the people who oppose them. If they threaten us all, it may or may not work. If they arrest most of us on false charges, they will begin the war, with the outcome uncertain. They have a lot more to lose than the little guys operating a news cast from their own humble homes.

And there are a lot of new little guys who would want to speak out after massive arrests. Word would spread quickly person-to-person, no need for the Internet at all, once the war has begun. All of society loses. But unless this war is fought, the cheaters will continue over us, raping and corrupting our children, and amassing their powers over us. In the Name of Jesus, there are people who can accomplish an awful lot due to the protection they have from God. We cannot fight with bullets, but we can call society to put away the cheaters in whatever ways it thinks best.

We have developing, right now, a Democrat league with the imposters, for it is evident to the Democrats that those who speak for Jesus are opposed to the imposters. It's a no-brainer, therefore, that many anti-Christian Democrats will side with the wrong and foolish side. In America, the trend may be to elect a future president who opposes the imposters. I have little confidence, at this time, that Trump is that man. If Trump were a truthful man, he would have denounced the latest terror attacks as fakes. Instead, he uses them to push the same agenda, which is to make the American people believe that terrorists are entering the United States massively. Apparently, Trump is one of the fools after all. He may have been one of them from the start, the biggest deceiver of all.

The video that I presented to the reader above is sure to reach Trump's highest levels. If in a month's time, Trump is still showing a faked belief that the terror attacks have been real, it should act as a wake-up call to all Christians now supporting him. This is a snaky situation akin to what I've imagined from the False Prophet, who I view as a false-Christian leader seeking to deceive the elect. I'm not saying that Trump is the false Prophet, but that he can be similar by way of obtaining Christian support.

If it were just a matter of police stooges faking terror acts to justify spying on all in order to tighten up the powers of globalists / Masons, it might not be so bad, yet, anyway. But we are seeing high-level murder as their very staple, and the way they choose the murdered ones is by way of spying on them. All of their ideological / political enemies are potential targets, sooner or later. If God has led me to this topic over the Signs I think I've had over recent weeks, then, here we are at least in the vicinity of His message to readers. Whether this is the full Message, I don't know. For example, part of the Message may be hat He is personally responsible for the video of the police officers undressing, and that there is more to come to undo these powers to a degree, to cripple them to a degree, just when they have in mind to injure some of His own people.

By the way, I could not sleep well last night. I got out of bed at dawn, shortly after a train's horn sounded. It was the first time I heard a train horn since I spoke on one last. The other Message of God, if this is what it is, is, obviously, to expect something from the globalists in a massive way. There can be little chance that what we see going on in Britain at this time is unknown by the Rothschilds and Cecil-Rhodes types. Unfortunately for them, their secret societies are not so secret to God.

Imagine the great round of applause and thanks He will get when He personally destroys this "Illuminati." Where's the light, police-officers-taking-you-pants-off? Don't you all look so silly feigning that terror act? What will the good police officers think when they recognize some of the cheaters in that video? No-one likes cheaters, but this is worse than merely cheating on a wife or country, it's worse than treason, it's murderously demonic in the middle of the night. People's worst nightmares have been forced upon their bodies, countless of them to date. Some of these police officers are sex fiends too, it is to be expected from the demons that inhabit their Masonic hearts.

Forget Donald Trump for salvation. It is God who will do the right thing, without fail. And when He does a thing, it is amazing to know. It could very well be that the British prime minister came out to mention a change in the Internet in order to justify removing the pants-off video. If only every person can be made to see this, it would be the talk of the dinner tables. People would try to wrap their heads around what might be the true case in Western government, very difficult to understand, yet very simple, really, if we come to the place where we simply view the government as mafia people (small 'm' = organized crime just the same) faking respectful roles. That's it, nothing more. And we have got never to forget that the big media, including Fox, are an integral part of this willingly.

Not all anti-globalists are angels, we can tell from their liberal, filthy mouths. These people are going to be of little value in this fight, and only serve to mark the rest out for slaughter all the more. In other words, there are criminals / criminal types in the anti-government camp, who are no better for society than the upper levels of the deep state. If ever the deep state wanted to justify a crack-down on the Internet, these filthy mouths only give us a bad name. We do need to wonder whether the deep state itself is online faking the posts of these filthy mouths and their extreme comments made to turn society off of anti-globalists. I can see this happening easily.

On the other hand, one of the most-formidable opponents of the pants-off government could conceivably be true, organized crime, and criminals in general who can act together or in combination as a significant complication for a fomenting police state. The other irony is that Russia / China can act as a boon for exposing this Western beast. Ultimately, though, it's God to be feared. Never leave God out of this picture. There is no one who despises the deceivers / murderers more. I am saddened that he will allow a massive amount of atrocity, however, before his hammer comes down with finality.

The importance of fully owning control of the large media is underscored in faked events. The pants-off state can pre-plan video and photos to get their message to the world freely and massively, while anti-globalists must rely on youtube / webpages alone, as well as happen-chance video / photos of non-insiders. It is my belief that the globalists wish to arrange laws wherein a single photo online has "visible" but secret information imbedded to reveal to the police the camera number, and from that they can determine whom it was purchased by. Their knowing everything the public buys is a facet of their program for this and similar reasons. Yes, to fight crime too, but also to install total control measures for any of their slated agendas.

However, if someone takes phone video at a faked terror site, I don't think they can discover the people doing so. They will be able to check out (see) all transmission material though the nearby cellphone towers, but that's about all, unless they also have a street-scene video of the exact coordinates where the video was taken...though I'm not sure whether they can, from the tower's records alone, tell the exact coordinates of where the video was taken. We can be sure that all telephone calls from the vicinity of the faked event were listened to, and the names of the people making the calls recorded. After that, all of these people will, likely, be spied on for as many as months to come. This is the police state that Snowden revealed to the world, and look, so soon afterward, the world is already in-the-know. How will it go for the goons? Not very well. If they don't yet fear Jesus, they will.

The entire world is being permitted to go the way of the deceivers for an Express Purpose, the glory of Jesus is catching these rats in complete brutality. God can be brutal, just watch. It can't be too much longer before He appears.

Hundreds of thousands of youtube viewers have seen the pants-off video, and it's only three days after the event as I write here. This is why the British prime minister has started a potential attack on youtube, obviously. It has nothing to do with restraining the communications of radical Muslims. In all the videos, whether from government cameramen or otherwise, the overall gleaning is that there was a hard police push (pre-planned) to keep people from going on the streets to witness no terror stabbings, etc. In one video, police were frantically telling people to get down to the floor to keep them from looking out windows. Yes, the police have a great excuse for telling people to get down, but now that we know about the pants-off video, we know also why people were being told to stay below window levels.

The police are going to come out with extra pictures of the dead terrorist with camouflage pants to "prove" (by shirt markings etc.) that he wasn't the pant-off police officer. But even if the two men were not the same, the fact that a group of men on the streets, during the attack, who had all the appearances of police officers, were changing clothes as we saw them, it's all we need to know. The pants-off officer may have been another terrorist actor other than the one shown on television.

If the police feign being some youtube shmucks trying to explain away the pants-off incident, we can only wonder how much deeper they will bury themselves. You can definitely expect the British police in a hard-hitting effort to explain away this incident. The logical way to disprove the video is to enter another photo / video (from a different camera) of the policemen changing clothes, but with a faked element pasted in capable of telling the time of the event AFTER the terrorist was already killed. It's not much of an argument, but it will work with many because many can't grasp how this sort of thing can be staged.

The problem is, there have been a lot of people in the world ridiculing the "conspiracy theorists" who would be quick to take the side of a faked police counter-photo. Photos intended to counter the obvious oops-revelations can roll out for weeks and months afterward. They have this advantage too. On top of that, when all else fails, they come out massively simply doing character assassinations on conspiracy theorists, making you feel that you would do well and righteous to stay away from them, all the more reason that anti-globalists should not use cheap profanity in their presentations and posts. But, like I said, the profanity could be coming from government-agent posts who disguise themselves as anti-globalists. And they can create a number of ways to portray conspiracy theorists as mad dogs by pretending to be theorists who, in their webpages, show bad attitudes coupled with no meaningful evidence at all. The viewer gets the impression that these guys are nuts.

Bottom line: Britain will lose a large number of loyalists due to the pants-off video. Tic, tic, tic, little by little, the British government is making enemies who will not behave. Everywhere in Britain, there are rightful traitors of the government not guilty of treason at all, because the "traitors" are the ones who actually care about government, while the government obviously does not. The government is sorely guilty of treasonous behavior, from a long time ago, against what people expect of government.

When one compares the beard shape of the dead or dying terrorist to the pants-off officer, it can be seen that the two are not the same man. This video explains:

The sad thing is, Christians like Lisa Haven are quick and happy to do a video exposing CNN for its faked part in the latest London attack, but not a word on the faked event itself. They fear losing their audience should they relate this truth. How will it help to degrade the imposters when we neglect the best, most-damaging evidence against them? And if Trump takes the position that the terror events are real, with Lisa and many other anti-globalist Christians following lest they do political damage to Trump, we can see the damage-by-omission done by Christians. In what other ways are the Lisa Havens going to skip over a major lie while they speak against other lies? It's a bizarre situation, if not sickening. She has not shied away from false-flags events in the past, but here it could be that she'll now deny faked attacks lock-step with Trump.

As Trump's too chicken-hearted or corrupt to care about this issue, I don't care about Trump. Get rid of him, Republicans, and run a decent man for 2020. A decent man should be able to beat whatever the Democrats put against him. The problem is, there are a lot of Bohemian-Grove Republicans, or Masonic elements of different stripes. This is the snaky problem in the United States, a problem that will delight God when he comes to tackle it. It will feel so good to take care of it. Get out the music, and celebrate. Be glad for the ultimate victory.

Trump has made amply clear that he is for the Muslim scare tactics, and the apparent choice of Tillerman makes it appear further as though Trump has a solid desire to stay militarily involved in the Middle East. This is the thing that I despise and warn about, as one of the globalists' worst projects looking like a recipe for Armageddon. Are we now going to support Trump??? He's not likely opposed to sending American youth into combat for someone else's Middle East wealth. Why should one person die for the wealth of those who already have too much? When he snubbed the EU recently, it was because the EU isn't doing enough to prop up NATO, not because he wants NATO's demise.

To solve Muslim terror in the West, even if it existed (which it does not), get out of the Middle East. But, no, Trump is resolved to staying there, as is Britain. Wholesale destruction is coming upon those who honor this Roman beast. If you don't want to get burnt, don't touch this. If Israel is attacked, then the United States can justify military support for Israel, but the invasion of other Middle Eastern nations, who were not a significant threat to Israel, has to do with seeking advantages for fats cats, obviously. And war itself is a money maker. Hell roasts very hot for those who send their own countrymen to die so that they can get more rich and powerful. George Bush Jr. did exactly this thing.

The NSA spy agency came out with a report this past week that I loaded, but stopped reading when it claimed that Russia did indeed hack certain election units. There can be no proof of this (we take NSA's word, or we don't), and one expects this very story to justify the assault on Trump. But the NSA report stopped short of angering Trump, saying or implying that whatever the Russians did in seeking to turn the election to Trump's favor had nothing to do with Trump-Russia collusion, and moreover it didn't have any ultimate effect, one way or the other, in altering the vote that counts in electing presidents. The latter item is a whiplash across Hillary's face, and a gentle stroke of love across Trumps's face.

The obvious intent of the NSA is, well, obvious. That's why I stopped reading. It's trying to justify spying on the Trump team during the election, based on evidence that Russia was hacking things, but it simultaneously plays heavily to Trump's wishes in hopes that Trump will leave the NSA alone. My gut feelings at this time are that Trump will probably be stupid enough to leave the NSA alone, thinking that all is now well with the soft ball from the NSA. In reality, the NSA, if left in it's current state, will seek to come bite Trump hard for the next four years, and we can bet that it's spying on the Trump team right now. The spy agencies don't want to take orders from the president, but would rather move the president to doing what the spy agencies have been trying to do since before Trump became the president.

I thought I'd like to read a Russian article on the same story. I found exactly the expected where the NSA fabricated the accusation: "Russia denies an NSA claim that its military intelligence tried to hack local US government organizations managing voter lists. A secret report on the alleged operation was apparently leaked to the Intercept by a whistleblower named Reality Winner...The Intercept didn't explain how exactly the intelligence agency attributed the hacking attempt to Russian military intelligence." There you have it: the NSA wants us to take its word on Russia being the hacker, not explaining how it knew it was Russia. I simply don't trust the disgraceful NSA, and neither should anyone. This NSA story is like a leak just when Trump is beating up on Comey, an NSA effort to keep Trump looking indirectly like the friend of Russia.

Magyn Kelly on Trump's Lap

Last evening, the last thing I did while perusing some youtube videos was to watch Magyn Kelly in Alex Jones' studio in preparation for Jones' appearance on her NBC show next week. I found this completely strange, with everyone wondering what's going on. Why would Magyn Kelly want the Pizzagate guy on her show just when she's only starting out? Why is Alex Jones fawning on her? Feel free to watch the entire video, but I'm interested only in the beginning, where Alex Jones asks whether she will sit on Trump's lap.

Last evening was the same day that I heard the train horn near dawn. Roughly a couple of weeks earlier, I was telling readers that a train goes by here only once in a week or two. This was told because a bird screamed, about three minutes before the train sounded its horn. The scream sounded as though something climbed the tree in the dead on night (roughly 3 am) to capture it in its mouth, killing it. I had the sense that this was some sort of Sign having to do with political murderers, which is why I shared my ideas with readers. It was tentatively concluded that the bird and train horn were about the murder of Seth Rich in the middle of the night.

With Jones jokingly asking Magyn Kelly concerning whether she will sit on Trump's lap, I am reminded that Mamie sat on my lap unexpectedly. I have recently talked about Mamie as someone placed in my youth by God for to stress certain prophetic things touching upon decades later (now). I tried my best to understand those events, and to decipher them, feeling uneasy about this interpretation of things because it may sound like lunacy, especially to new readers unfamiliar with the way that God handled me in my youth.

Roughly at the start of July, 1981, I found myself at Mamie's party, and we danced, nothing more. I had become a Christian about two years earlier, and was still frequenting with the old gang that I called my friends. However, by this time, I was on my way out. At the time that we danced, I was not yet living in the apartment of Paul Oulette. I recall that he needed to move out at the end of October, meaning that I was there to that time. It was while living at Paul's those couple of months that I had what I considered a special revelation concerning the sequence of revelation's 21 plagues, like so:

1st Seal, 1st Trumpet, 1st Bowl,
2nd Seal, 2nd Trumpet, 2nd Bowl
...5th Seal, 5th Trumpet, 5th Bowl (end of 1260 days)
6th Seal, 6th Trumpet, 6th Seal, etc.

It's hard to explain how a thing like that came to me, as out of the blue. Some would call it a genius moment, but I thought that God was giving me this thing, and after investigating the idea deeply, it looked full-proof correct. It wouldn't be until about 1998 that I put it into a chapter in my post-tribulation book:

Just after that revelation, and while still at Paul Oulette's, it dawned on me that the anti-Christ of Daniel 11:21-24 pertained to his rise in Iraq. There was no evidence, at the time, for anything that we now see in Iraq as per its invasion by Bush. It was in the midst of these things that Barry called me (at Paul's) to invite me to a weekend of camping, with the normal beer parties. I declined, but when he said that Mamie was going to be there, I got the impression that she was interested in me. I had not seen her since we danced, and when we had danced, we were newly acquainted only. The lure worked, and I went.

As we sat around the campfire on the first evening, Mamie came to sit on my lap, so unexpectedly. She was comfortable, acting as though she had been a long-time girlfriend. The only other thing I recall after that was getting into a sleeping bag with her, in her tent, and that she was not allowing me to hug her closely. There were others in the tent with us, and nothing happened sexually.

Not many months ago, I had a dream from God (without doubt from him) with a sleeping bag central to its meaning. The sleeping bag was resolved as pertaining to the Order of Saint Hubertus and the murder of judge Scalia. I don't think that I have fully deciphered this dream, and do feel that it will be used again, later, as further insight into God's Message concerning endtime players. The meaning of the tent we slept in was resolved with the Tint and Tinton surnames; more on this below.

I was out of a job while living at Paul Oulette's, and got one at a neighboring pizza store. The job didn't last more than a couple on months, and my relationship with Mamie came to an end just as my days at this pizza place came to an end. This is what's so amazing about finding Alex Jones asking Magyn Kelly whether she'll sit on Trump's lap, for Alex was heavily pushing Pizzagate at one time, until recanting due to threats. I read that the pizza store he was accusing of trafficking in child sex / porn sued him.

Plus, Mamie and I got back together about a year later, and the events with her at that time (explained a few weeks ago) were resolved as pertaining to the car-crash murder of princess Diana, yet also overlapping on the car-crash killers of Grace KELLY (makes me ask whether Megyn Kelly is from the Baron-Massy entity named as per Grace's sister-in-law).

To put it another way, baron-Massy surfaced in the royal Grimaldi's with the sister of Grace Kelly's husband, Rainer Grimaldi, prince of Monaco. This find was startling to me, finding it years after proclaiming that God chose me to venture into the heraldic secrets of Freemasons because my mother is a Masci on her mother's side. It can be shown that Masci's are the Italian spelling of Massys. My mother's maiden name is Grimaldi, and when I first found baron de-Massy in the Grimaldi family, it was further found that the throne of Monaco is purple. The curiosity, however, is that Monaco is a small "kingdom."

In the meantime, on a wholly separate track, I was advancing the theory that God chose Mamie for me to represent the Biblical harlot (Revelation 17), who is given a purple color. Years before advancing these things, I was predicting, via special events (Signs) in my life, that the False Prophet will be a Massey liner. So, Mamie and my bloodlines were tentatively resolved as pertaining to the coming False Prophet / anti-Christ. According to Mamie, her mother was committing adultery with the husband of the next-door neighbor.

After coming to believe that "Mamie" was chosen as a name by God to represent the MAINE bloodline of Joseph Caiaphas (son-in-law of chief priest, Annas), I found a MAMESfelde location in Nottinghamshire (same place as the Annas surname), said to be named by the MAN(s)field surname. This surname uses so-called maunches as code for Manche, where Mass(e)ys had lived, and likely named after the Manx peoples on the Isle of Man. King Maccus of the Isle of man should be exactly of this Massey family in Manche. And the grandfather (Sitric) of king Maccus was a king of Dublin, which city happens to be the seat of the Irish baron Massy.

The Mansfield Coat shares the same chevron and format as the TINTons suspect with Mamie and I in her tent. Tintons (use "royal tents") were first found beside the Maine's, and Maine in France was capitalized at one time by Le Mans. I'm sharing evidence that God really did put me together with Mamie to set up some clues on what to look for, and what to write, to the world as it pertains to the coming evil upon His people.

As I said, the three, black Levi chevrons were used in both colors by the counts of Hainaut, where Mons is the capital. Hainaut is where we find a MASny location that you can see in the write-up of the Memes/Mainey surname, noting too that the latter uses three, black chevrons, which are even in both colors of the Tinton / Mansfield (and DOW) chevron. In the Memes/Mainey write-up, we read of an early Manny-Masny family of London birthing Anne Hastings, wherefore see the maunch that the Hastings use. Hastings was one of the CINQUEport cities along with Dover, wherefore note that the Memes/Mainey CINQUEfoil is likely that of DOVers.

Next, we go to the Billets/Billiards, first found in Maine, and sharing the coat of Lamberts, important where Mieszko II Lambert (Poland's mouse tower) was likely related to the Lambert of Hainaut (they may even have been the same man, though I haven't looked heavily into it) in the write-up of English Lamberts.

While I came to believe that God named certain people from birth for my purposes, it's interesting that, as per Alex Jones, the Polish Alex's (Lambert colors) share the wavy fesse of Dutch Gaunts, a surname closely connected both to Masseys/Maceys and to rulers of Hainaut. French Alex's share the double-headed eagle of Spocks/Specks in both colors, and to this it can be added that Scottish Alexanders (Mieske sword?) use a version of the Memes/Mainey Coat while being first found in the islands between Scotland and Ireland, where king Maccus' family ruled.

The Scottish Alexander surname (beside the first MacAbee's) is highly suspect (by me) from Alexander Balas, the Seleucid king who made a pact with Jonathan MACCAbee. After that time, several Maccabees used Alexander as their names. In Daniel 11:21-24, the anti-Christ is a descendant of the Seleucid kings. Do not listen to twisted pre-tribulationist teachers as they interpret Daniel 11:21-35 as pertaining to ancient times, for it's obvious that verse 31 speaks to the still-in-our-future anti-Christ invasion of Jerusalem.

One of the best pieces of proof that God named people from birth, who were later slated to bump into me, was as per one Cindy Richardson. It turned out that the Cindy surname was important in many ways, and linkable to Richardsons, the latter of Cheshire, where Masseys lived after leaving Manche and Ferte-Mace (Ferte's share the giant red eagle with Alex's). Cheshire was also the place where king Maccus (a Maccabee liner, right?) had talks with Saxons. The double-blue pale bars of Cindys are those also of Seats/Cedes', shown also in the Arms of Vilaine, the latter being the part of Brittany where Dol is located. It just so happens that the Dol surname (MECKlenburg area) shares the wavy fesse of Alex's and Dutch Ghents. Meanwhile, the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Richardsons is that of the Vilain surname, in colors reversed from the same of English Ghents. And the latter share the eagles of Suty-related Side's/Sudys, a branch of Seats/Cedes' we may assume.

The Alexander-named Maccabees married Glaphyra Archelaus in the time of Jesus, and descended in two or three generations more to marriage with the royals of Cetis (Cilicia), a term like the Cedes surname. In fact, one Alexander Maccabee married royal Cetis.

Cindy Richardson, my pastor's daughter, became a topic as per her looking unhappy toward Mamie and I on the first occasion of my inviting Mamie to a church event. Mamie and I were just getting in a small hug and kiss at the baseball diamond, and Cindy (the only thing I remember of the entire day) was looking upset toward me, either jealous or unhappy that we would do that at a church event. Whatever the case, the event stuck to my memory, and I've been of the habit of investigating surnames as per events that stick to my memory, this event being almost 40 years ago.

I might not have investigated the Cindy and Richardson surnames except that her parents and she dropped into the pizza store I was working at (they didn't know it) while I was still with Mamie. And I happened to be their WAITer that night. The Waits/Weights once again get us a Coat in the colors and format of the Mansfield / Alexander / Memes/Mainey Coats, but they also reflect the WADE/Quade Coats while I trace Quade's (share the Irish-Mackay wolves) to QUADratus, the one who married the royal-Cetis Maccabees. There is much more to this, to be found in updates over the last month or two.

Maccabees of that ancient time had conquered for themselves Gamala in Israel, and this place has been resolved in the so-called double-bars gemel, used, for example, by Oulette's. In fact, Oulette's use three sets of double-bar gemel in the colors of the three chevrons of Memes'/Maineys. I was living at Paul Oulette's place for almost exactly my two-month relationship with Mamie, and for roughly the same time that I worked at the pizza place. And the Oulette Chief shares lions in the colors of the same in the Richardson Chief. I'm therefore wondering whether Pizzagate's bottom line (whatever it's all about) relates to Oulette-line individuals and/or the Richardson surname.

The night after I slept in Mamie's sleeping bag, we went WADing in the lake. As we were not swimming or diving in, there is no other name for it but wading. Aside from the Wade variation of Quade's, there is a Wading/Wadden surname with very-possibly the June fleur in colors reversed.

There is a Gamel surname, first found in Cheshire along with Richardsons, and there is a Gemel surname sharing the chain with Wade's/Quade's. One can easily put two-and-two together to trace the Cetis-line Maccabees to Cheshire's Masseys / Maceys, but what about the Kellys of Monaco and their relationship to baron Massy out of Dublin? Is this what we are to watch as per the coming False Prophet?

If God was in the mouth of Alex Jones when he piped up about Megyn Kelly sitting on Trump's lap, why Trump? Why would there be implied a Kelly link to Trump? Were Trumps (same place as same-colored Dols) from the king-Maccus line? The Trump stag head is in the Arms of Waterford, and Waterford is near Dublin.

Kellys were first found south of Dublin, according to the Kelly write-up, and the Kellys use two lions combatant in the colors of the Jones lion. Fat coincidence? The same lion is also in the Monaco Coat along with a fesse in Alex- / Dol-fesse colors. And while Megyn Kelly likely railed against Bill O'Reilly, the Reillys themselves use two lions combatant, with blood drops to boot, the Jones symbol too.

I suppose that God could have used another item beside the lap, but then the Lapp surname (giant mermaid) was first found beside the Palins that link to the Quint lion paw, and, besides, the Palin lion is also in the Oulette Chief. Palins were first found in Dorset (same as Quints), location of Poole, and then the Poole's use the same lion as Jones' / Kellys / Monaco's. It's almost the lion of Goulette's, first found in Brittany and suspect with Gouel de Percival (father of Waleran de Leavell), from the line of Laevillus, husband of Quadratus' daughter. Leavells are said to be of a wolf theme, and Quade's use wolf heads in Waleran-bull colors and format. A lot more could be repeated here. Gouel's family married Beaumonts, suggesting that Goulette's use the Beaumont lion.

I suggest that we keep eyes on Trump's chief of military, general Mad-Dog Mattis, the so-called "warrior MONK." Monks are suspect as Monaco liners, and the Monk lion is that also of Megyns/Meakins/Meghans (stag heads). Suddenly, especially as both surnames share the same chevron too, it could appear that God named Megyn Kelly for to make the link(s) in this paragraph. The Megyn/Meakin lion is colors reversed from those of Irish Maghans/Manns/Mathuna's, and the latter's Crest can be the Mieske / Memes/Mainey arm-with-sword. Note that Scottish Mathie's/Mathans are also Maghans, for this line can be of the Italian Mattis'/Massi's.

I may be missing something on Kelly-on-Trump's lap, but this is the best I can do for starters. Kellys and their Hillen/Oulihan branch are in Trump-stag colors, and the German Hillens/Hille's (Bavaria) happen to use an upright horse in the colors of the upright stag of German Youngs/June's (Bavaria), the latter's stag in both colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head. If nothing more, it can appear that God is talking to us with the Megyn-Kelly show's invitation to Alex Jones. I plan on watching the show if it's placed on youtube. I don't know whether anything in the show pertains to any Message that God wants us to emphasize.

The Dutch Tromps were helpful (about two months ago) in tracing the Trump kin of ACORNs to Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee. The Avaran name got highly suspect with the Haveran variation of Hearns, a branch of Orne's/Horns, and this connects to the train horn, does it not? I heard the train horn the morning of first finding the Alex Jones video featuring Megyn Kelly. In fact, the video is dated June 6, the day I heard the train horn.

It reminds me of the dream that God definitely gave, of Mr. Kepke (my old friend with hair like that of Donald Trump) leading a sickly-looking stag up my driveway, followed by Paul Smith on crutches. The "Sic" motto term of Maghens/Manns can apply here, for stag heads are used by Megyns/Meakins that happen to use a lion in colors reversed from the Maghen/Mann lions.

The Smiths happen to share the heron with Horns/Orne's and Haverans'/Hearns. In the sleeping-bag dream, I picked the sleeping bag up on a HILL (I made much of this previously), and this can now go to the Hille variation of Hillens that happen to use a version of the Trump Coat, as we just saw. And English Hills share the white tower with Kellys (Hillens/Oulihans use it in gold).

Jones' were first found in the same place (DenBIGHshire) as BAGHs/Bachs, suspect in "sleeping bag," for the Sleeps use fesses in the colors of the Bagh/Bach fesse, I gather. German Baghs use the arm-with-sword again, shared by Maghans/Manns. Bag(g)s happen to use the Grimaldi Coat, which now drags Kellys-of-Monaco into the sleeping-bag symbol.

In the sleeping-bag dream, which I connect to sleeping with Mamie in her sleeping bag, a man on a motorbike came riding down the hill after I picked up the sleeping bag. The rider circled around and came up the hill with me. He was identified as an old friend, Dave Morley, whose surname is likely of the Mortons, first found in the same place as Lapps, and expected in the CastleMORTON entity in the Hill write-up. French Morels (Brittany, same as the Morlaix location of Marleys) happen to share the gold-on-blue acorns of Dutch Tromps. English Morels were first found beside the Morley-branch Morlands, and in the same place as Manners/Maness'.

From an event that took place with Dave Morley (married the secretary of pastor Richardson), I was able to state with confidence that Marlins apply, and they happen to use three fesses in the colors of the two Sleep fesses, and Sleeps were first found in Salop, where the Dol Alans lived while Dols happen to share the wavy, white fesse with Marlins. Morlins, who share a pair of white wings in Crest with Baggs, are listed with Morlands (share the Morley symbol). The Martley branch of Marlins are said to have been in Worcestershire, where the Hills were first found.

Morleys use the Morland/Morlin fleur in white, and in both colors of the Wading/Wadden fleur (Hill colors). I went wading with Mamie, probably before noon on the day after sleeping in her sleeping bag. You see, the Mamie sleeping bag is connecting to the dream with Morley circling the sleeping bag I picked up. He was on a BIKE while Biks/Bicks use more stag heads (red, as per the Megyn/Meakin stag heads) and possibly the Royal bend (brought to topic as per the "royal tents" of Tintons).

Morlands are said to have been related to BIGods (Essex, same place as Peks and Yonge's...and the Quints who share the Bagh/Bach vair). Bigots/Bigots (share tortoise with Sichs) are said to have had a Marston-Biggot entity while Marstons/Marsons share the fleur of Morleys and Wadings/Waddens.

There is no other word to use as per my PICKing up the sleeping bag. The Pickers/Peckers/Packers share lozenges in the colors of the Bagg lozenges, and Pe(c)ks share white patee crosses with Wadings/Waddens. Picks/Pike's can be linked to Reeds ("PAX" motto term) whose English branch share the stag head of Megyns/Meakins and the Pek chevron (colors reversed from the Megyn/Meakin chevron). Scottish Reeds were first found in the same place as Morels.

So, you see, God seems to be speaking these things to us for a reason, for all of these coincidences, and many more, can't be coincidences. I am quite sure that the main reason for this is to protect Christians as the time of persecution snaps upon us, and to weaken the fools a little or a lot before they snap it upon us.

Moving on, here is a video suggesting that scummy thingies like the NSA were hacking the election to hijack it. They are doing to America what they accuse the Assads of the world:

Wow, I've never seen or heard this before, about Joe Biden, perhaps the next U.S. president, touching young girls sexually. This really is sick:

Look at the timing of when I came across this pedophilic-like attitude of Biden. I first loaded two videos above, and because it's presented by Ron Johnson, youtube brought up other Ron-Johnson videos as suggestions, which is how the Biden video, by Ron Johnson, was found. Now put that together with the apparent message of God, as per my working for a pizza restaurant that just connected (above) to Pizzagate accuser, Alex Jones. I could get the impression that Alex Jones is correct with his Pizzagate accusations, which involved pedophiles in elite Democrat circles. Amazing. These are your Hell-bound lunatics, and we wish them Hell no later than yesterday. These guys justify Hell fire, for they often kill their children, and some even eat them.

Democrats were showing Trump (in videos) touching his daughter in roughly the same way. And now we have Magyn sitting on Trump's lap as a picture posed by Alex Jones himself. Hmm. Here's one video of Trump:

It could appear that child molestation will now become advanced everywhere, exactly what we see, with child molesters in high places. It wasn't bad enough that faggotry was popularized. What next? How much longer must we endure this? Long enough for God to expose that the fires of Hell are justified even for humans.

On June 7, the following shock came out from British police:

We would remind all social media users to think carefully about what they are saying before posting messages online. Although you may believe your message is acceptable, other people may take offense, and you could face a large fine or up to two years in prison if your message is deemed to have broken the law.

...The force later attempted to backtrack from its original warning with a “clarification” that jail time and fines were only appropriate punishment for actual crimes, like inciting violence or racial hatred, rather than general “offense”.

Hmm, is it a hate crime to tell that there was a pants-off police officer who faked the terror attack? Yes, that is definitely akin to hateful speech on my part. I say arrest the British police chief and throw away the key. Life imprisonment for the police chief whom was an accomplice in faking three terror attacks in three months. Life imprisonment for the British government obviously guilty of innumerable crimes including the ravaging of Muslim nations. Yes, I hate people like this who kill just to amass a world order under their own powers. Shame, great shame. They are worse than faggots by far.

If the British police want the public to honor them after this string of faked events, I say let the British people rebel until they toss the current powers into prison using honest courts and police officers. It is definitely time for a rebellion. How the people go about it, I cannot control, but they have the absolute right to rebel against the British government and the police people involved. Pure disgust for these loathsome cheaters. This is not treason; it's called law and order. Punish the guilty government and remove it. There, I said it. And the corrupt police would arrest me with a false charge, adding to their crimes. That's why I HATE them. That's why I condone inciting the people against them.

Let all the good lawyers, and all the wealthy good people, gang up against them, and throw them into prison. Replace them with good people. This is the will of God against whom the current powers have rebelled. They incite the masses against the court and government of God, and they will indeed be Imprisoned for this.

The disgusting police. The disgusting government. They trouble and deceive you with faked events, then threaten you if you dare speak out against it. Depraved and wicked police. Do not serve this animal. It would jail you on a false charge, and some it would kill. This is where the pornographic Western world is right now, mentally deluded by its rampant sins. They are becoming more like the rabid Muslims they accuse than they are becoming more like Jesus. It doesn't enter their minds to make the world like Jesus. They want us to respect faggots and sodomizers under threat of jailtime. That's where they want us to go. After that, we are to tolerate adult sex with younger and younger teens. And they wish to rob parents of their authority over their children so that they can corrupt them.

There is every reason to hate this thing, and to incite all good people against them. If you haven't the money to bring them to court, then speak out against them. You have the right to speak everything that is right, and you have the right to speak against government evil without it being called treason. You have every right to be disgusted with liberal faggotry in YOUR society. It is YOUR society too, and that of your children. Stand up for your children against this senseless lunacy from God-despising government.

People have the "right" to have sex with a mule, but don't force me to view it as an acceptable lifestyle choice. The anus was made by God for crapping, not for "loving" as do the sodomites. Yet the British and American governments, and to an extent the Canadian, have been guilty of worse in trampling down the Middle East. I don't like the Muslim religion, but it's not for me to kill Muslims. Yet Western governments have taken it upon themselves to make war with Arab nations, and all of it has been on false pretences.

There is a little sparrow in a nest right now, sitting almost all day long on its eggs. The nest is in the ceiling of the garage, as soon as I go out the kitchen door into the garage. I've been in and out of that door today maybe 25 times. We have an understanding. I go out without looking at it, and it stays in the nest. If I look at it, it gets scared and flies off. So, I'm doing all I can to be helpful by pretending I don't know it's there.

Tell me, activist atheists, what programmed the bird to sit on its eggs most of its day like that? How did the bird know that it needs to sit on the eggs to keep them warm, otherwise the species dies out? Again, how do all birds know to do this? Fat chance? No, the only fat thing is over your ability to reason properly. How did the genes alone, without a God to program them, know to program the bird so that it builds the nest, and finally sits on the eggs? Genes have no eyes, no brain. They don't know what grass is by which the bird builds the nest. Genes don't know what eggs are, let alone that eggs need to be warmed by the body of the bird.

Genes don't even know what a bird is, nor what the air is that it flies in. Unless genes know what air is, and its specific viscosity, they could not form the wings to fly in it. Stupid atheist. You bungling idiots. You devise complicated evolutionary science yet reject the simple logic sitting before your common sense. The reason that you devise complicated science is that you are wickedly intent on convincing the masses that all of nature came to be without God.

How did the genes make the bird so excellent on its feet, or in flight? Did you ever see a bird only partway through evolution so that it crashes into tree branches half the time, or lands but falls off because it's footing isn't perfect? Look at how excellent their footing is, how graceful their flight habits. Stupid atheists, it's not me that is making myself more intelligent than you; it's you who are reducing yourself to the level of an idiot. People need to be incited against government rule by atheists and satanists, for they are treasonous against God's planet. They teach to reject God and therefore urge people, children included, toward eternal punishment. This is nothing shy of demonic wickedness.

The great news: millions of former atheists have abandoned atheism, and many became good Christians.

I recall teaching my oldest son that loyalty toward me or anyone else is important. Yes, I wanted him to be loyal to me, of course, but I didn't mean that he needs to obey everything I say, nor to allow me to control his every move. I freely allowed him to disagree with me, and told him that this was fine. But by loyalty I meant, "keep the relationship alive," or, as God puts it, "honor your father." I knew that I was loyal toward my kids; does this mean that they can tell me what to do? What do you think it means for me to be loyal toward my kids? It's just so easy to understand. It doesn't mean that I'm making myself subordinate to them.

Yet, CNN wants to make Trump look like a control-freak boss for reportedly asking Comey for loyalty. If Trump did ask him specifically for loyalty, he likely wanted to know whether Comey was going to treat him as Obama had, as an enemy, or whether Comey was going to respect / accept him as the president. Loyalty involves sincerity, or no guile. Trump had reason to suspect Comey more with guile than with true-blue, and frankly Comey has proven to all that he has guile toward Trump. Just look at what Comey gave CNN for to attack Trump day-in and day-out.

I don't know whether Trump asked for loyalty at all. So far as I've read, this is Comeys claim, and Comey could be lying for obvious reason. CNN is trying to turn this loyalty charge into obstruction of justice, a crime, on Trump's part. I think CNN needs to be jailed. We should not be loyal to a media, police force, or government, that practices deceit. Wickedness deserves no loyalty. Comey revealed himself as a deceiver, but then I think Trump is a deceiver too. I say, remove Trump and put in a good man who talks to God in loyalty and sound doctrine.

Trump just advanced an FBI chief in Christopher Wray, a Yale-product lawyer. At first sight, this doesn't look good at all:

In 2003, President George W. Bush nominated Wray as assistant attorney general in charge of the Criminal Division of the Justice Department...Wray was assistant attorney general from 2003 to 2005, working under Deputy Attorney General James Comey.

It looks like Wray could be just as corrupt as Comey, but falling down on the Republican side. No one knows Wray; he could be honest, but a corrupt Bush picked him soon after 9-11, and at the time of his Iraqi misadventures. On the other hand, Wray and Comey together refused to abide of a Bush-spy doctrine at one point. I'm not sure what that story is about, but aim to find out. Here's Trump:

Hours after the Twitter post, the White House followed up with an official statement in which Mr. Trump called Mr. Wray “an impeccably qualified individual,” citing his role in major fraud investigations and antiterrorism efforts at the Justice Department after the 9/11 attacks.

There you go, a great reason to entertain Wray as everything the Bush circle needed to advance his Iraqi project. There is a question as to whether Wray jailed innocent people while fighting the terror phantom, the figment of Bush's imagination, the same Bush who ramped up the American spy system so that it culminated in the disgrace the world recently witnessed.

Democrats are calling for Wray to keep the FBI independent. Translation: unaffected by Republican fingers. Isn't it amazing how Comey gave Obama loyalty but denied it for Trump? With Wray, while the shoe may not be exactly on the other foot, it's enough if he's truly honest, for he can then spy out the corruption in the FBI, and tell the world what Obama had been doing. This is why Trump's other choice, Lieberman, was a bad choice, as though Trump cared nothing for cleaning out the FBI. And maybe he doesn't care. Maybe he cares only that they not attack him personally. If there's going to be more unlawful spying for political purposes, let it fly into the face of Democrats, who deserve to eat it whole.

On the day after writing on Joe Biden, Drudge had this headline: "Cross-dressing killer disguised himself in burka to lure boy from mosque..." Also at Drudge today, the report that the city of Vancouver, the drug capital of Canada, installed a Bitcoin machine to convert dollars to Bitcoin. One thinks here that the British-Columbia and/or Canadian government must be working with the Bitcoin owners. How else can such money conversions be made unless it's a plot hatched with Bitcoin rulers. Can anyone make such a conversion machine? Can I, without knowing the Bitcoin owners?

The Globe and mail has a 2013 headline, "Bitcoin picks Vancouver for its first ATM", but this reeks of leaving the Vancouver government out of the picture as an innocent bystander.

...Mitchell Demeter, co-founder of the Vancouver-based store Bitcoiniacs, is the man behind the automated teller machine’s arrival.

Bitcoin was in the headlines for all the wrong reasons earlier this month, when U.S. authorities shut down the online marketplace Silk Road and alleged its users were buying and selling drugs using the digital currency.

...We were planning on setting up offices across Canada, then we found these ATMs, which basically do something similar. They make it more accessible. … The company that we’re working with is called Robocoin. They’ve had these ATMs custom-built for this purpose.

I do not think that Robocoin could have built the Bitcoin ATMs apart from federal-government sanction. "We’ve got one coming [on Monday], and four more coming in the beginning of December. … We’re spreading those out across Canada. We don't have any locations finalized, but we’ll be hitting major cities." A couple of months before the article above, there's an American article where we get an indication as to why Western governments want legalized drugs:

Things are getting serious for Bitcoin this month: a federal judge declared it real money, Bloomberg gave it an experimental ticker (XBT), and New York’s financial regulator announced an interest in regulating it. Declaring Bitcoin “a virtual Wild West for narcotraffickers and other criminals,” the New York State Department of Financial Services is stepping into the sheriff’s boots.

The only way to beat drug traffickers while shifting to a cashless, Bitcoin society is to legalize drugs. The government is willing to become the drug trafficker for this bitcoin, another reason that God is turning up the temperature in Hell. So, bottom line: governments are now setting up the regulation of Bitcoin, meaning that everything will be made to operate biased toward corrupt, Godless government. And the fall of the dollar that everyone is warning about would appear to have bitcoins in mind as the salvation of the economy. There doesn't necessarily need to be a collapse of the dollar; the scare alone is enough to popularize bitcoins.

It could even be that Christian warnings about the collapse of the dollar have played right into the hands of the cashless-society schemers...who invented the dollar-collapse hoax in the first place. As I said in the last update, I see no difference between Bitcoin and the dollar once the government provides a centralized bank for Bitcoin, except the difference that Bitcoin removes the need for cash. The article above tends to reveal that the New York government is leading the charge for Bitcoin regulation. After regulation, there will be government dominance over the currency. The skincode system of purchasing can develop parallel and in unison with Bitcoin advancements. The logo for the mark of the beast might just be the 666-possible Bitcoin logo.

If you are familiar with the Universal Product Code that everyone has been using for decades, you may know that it comes with a 666 where the central double bars are also on both sides of the UPC as well. Each of those three double bars are identical to the numeral, 6, that the UPC uses on its right half. Well, you can see these double bars in the Bitcoin logo here:

The UPC has several double-bar codes for various numbers, but the 6 specifically uses two, thin bars having the very look of the double bars on either side of the Bitcoin-logo 'B.' And the 'B' itself can be construed as two 6's, one upside-down. At this point, this is merely interesting, a clever way possibly to pass off the 666 while giving its schemers a way to deny it. I have been of the opinion that the schemers cannot use '666' point-blank on the mark of the beast; they have got to fool people into using it. However, Bitcoin can be forced upon us without option of anything else.

I'm reading in January of 2016 that Robocoin quit the business:

Romit, the remittance service that began as bitcoin ATM developer Robocoin, has said that it is shutting down its bitcoin services.

...When reached for comment, Romit provided CoinDesk with an email announcing the move, stating: "We are discontinuing bitcoin services from our product offering. Please withdraw your bitcoin immediately by logging into your wallet."

Hmm, what happened? "Romit did not immediately respond to queries regarding the motivation behind the service shutdown or why the move is taking place at this time." It doesn't sound reliable. What next?

"In essence, the [ATM] solution converts cash to bitcoin via a Romit service provider and then unlike fiat currency, and then transmits it to any place in the world almost instantly using the digital currency's block chain technology, and without the intervention of a bank." But wait. Isn't Romit using Bitcoin as the bank in these money transfers? It's recording the transaction, or could be. What's the difference whether Romit does the transfer, or a standard bank? Nothing. Someone receives Bitcoin in his Bitcoin bank. Romit has the potential to make Bitcoin everyone's bank, and, perhaps, the bankers threatened Romit's people because there's big money in money transfers.

On January 18, three days after the article above, people got re-excited:

Romit has changed their tune a bit in regards to discontinuance of all of their bitcoin related services. They are now stating that all ATM service will continue after all. Sort of.

However not with the Romit wallet which they had everyone move to from the Robocoin wallet and that is no longer anything or might be the Romit wallet in disguise.

...Maybe the Robocoin wallet, which is now Romit wallet, is going to be the going away wallet and another wallet is planning to surface or the services of a 3rd party wallet could sweep in and rescue the wallet impaired.

Point is the ATM is going to keep working!! You can still use it!!

It appears that there may be others behind Romit that want to own the "wallet," which I assume is a bank account named to make the user feel as though it's not a bank account. Smoke and mirrors, but what really is this thing at the highest levels, we want to know. Who most is going to nab the Bitcoin beast for selfie gain? Who most is the most greedy? Who most wants bank-money monopoly? Bitcoin is the Swiss banker of the world, no questions asked. Both legit and illegit transfers, wow, think of how Darth Vader could rule the world with this. Same article:

Just not the RoboCoin ATM because its not the Robocoin ATM anymore and it never morphed into the Romit ATM instead its now called the CoinVault ATM ... but there is no CoinVault wallet...

As a valued CoinVault ATM user, you received a notice from Romit (formerly Robocoin) regarding withdrawing all of your bitcoin from your Romit wallet. First, the CoinVault ATM service will continue to function as normal and allow you to buy and sell bitcoin...but will no longer support the Romit wallet. We are in the process of updating our ATM user interface to remove the Romit integration and our new user interface will start to roll out to all CoinVault ATMs in the coming weeks.

...Now CoinVault is rather interesting. From their front page: " CoinVault ATM's are popping up ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!!

The webowner is not so sure that CoinVault machines are everywhere, yet. We now want to know who ConVault is, oops, Coinvault. When we go to the mysterious CoinVault homepage (, we find that it has a rare .io extension in its URL. Is 'io' secretly for International Order? The homepage says almost nothing, but does reveal that they are a wallet after all, and able to deal in various digital currencies, not just Bitcoin. The page offers no "About us," no email, no address, no city, no nothing.

By clicking a link on the homepage, one gets to here, where further links are made available. Hitting the "Legal" link gets to a page with, "CoinVault is a trading name of SoftChains Ltd, a company registered in the UK number 10064770." The same page has an email address: Also on this page:

We may disclose your Personal Information to any member of our group, which means our subsidiaries and our ultimate holding company [what's that?] and its subsidiaries [like who?]. We may disclose your Personal Information to third parties if you have consented to such disclosure [translation: they want to sell your info]. In addition, we may disclose or provide access to your Personal Information to third parties without your consent...

In the business directory below, we find that Softchains Ltd was registered as a company on March 15, 2016, almost-immediately after the Romit wallet was terminated in February. It's address is 6 Chatsworth Rd. London. Why 6?

Another business directory says that, for Softchains, there is no parent company known, and only one shareholder and one CEO, with the shareholders name made invisible. The CEO is listed as Dan Mordehai Gershony [Jewish?], a Danish national. Since 2008, he worked as Director for Tsabar Solutions, and before that as Secretary with Maven Technologies Ltd (London). He's shown as being with both companies simultaneously since 2008 to the present, yet the same page claims that both companies have been dissolved. Both companies have the same address on the first floor of the Hillside House at 2-6 Friern Park, London. The page says that shareholding is locked for Softchains.

There is a Mordehai Adhut online, and the Adhut surname is a Jewish term meaning, "unity." In other words, Mordehai Gershony of Softchains appears Jewish, good for fitting into Rothschild-banking case it's the fact. I don't know how to interpret the smallness of this high-potential company other than to suppose that the world is not yet ready for Bitcoin on a massive level. When shareholding becomes unlocked, others may then contribute, and there may be a boom planned after that. I'm reading that locking out of shareholders is usually a year or less in duration, though a follow-up contract to renew lock-up may be possible.

On Thursday, Comey was asked whether the New York Times was incorrect in accusing Trump of collusion with Russia. Comey answered point-blank that the Times was putting out a false story. Comey, the dog, then added that it's not his job to call the media to tell correct a wrong story. Okay, I understand that the FBI maybe can't call every media up to rectify things, but this story has been out there not once or twice, but months on a daily basis in many major media together, and Comey, the dog, did nothing to rectify it; he just admitted that he didn't call any media to do so. This man is depraved. He was happy to see a false story in the news in opposition to his president, his boss, yet he ruled a federal police department. People like that need to be thrown into prison. Not just Hillary, but Comey himself.

Comey also admitted that he told trump three times that he was not investigating his collusion with Russia. The CNNs of the world have yet to apologize to their viewers for feeding them garbage. CNN's viewers like garbage, anyway, and they make a fantasy into a reality so often that they have lost touch with reality. CNN will now go on to other lies, over and over again, making lunatics out of liberals. How does anyone know whether Comeys memo's are real? How can any group impeach a president based merely on the personal memo's of a disgraced FBI director whom has behaved in opposition to the law? Yet this is where CNN is taking things now. What a waste up human energy.

It is absolutely and perfectly fine for a president to ask or urge an FBI director to cease an investigation into any matter if the president knows that the accusation is false which is the reason for the investigation in the first place. A president has the right to say: "Mr. FBI Director, I am not guilty of these charges, and would therefore urge you to cease this investigation." That is not obstruction of justice unless Trump is guilty of the charges.

The video below is on the celebrations of the Russians for Comey's new attitude. We wonder what it is that straightened him out, and I say it's because the next FBI director will have the power to look into how Comey dealt with things pertinent to Trump. In other words, unless Comey wants to dig himself deeper, he now thinks he should start telling the truth. Note the headline in the video's news bar, saying that Trump's military attacked Assad's forces twice in the past week. It looks like Trump is catering to the globalists he professes to oppose.

Trump made it known that he is concerned about the Ukraine in the general way that Western leaders feel about it. Below, Lisa Haven has journalist Lee Stanahan on who speaks on various issues of good facts that you might like to spend almost 30 minutes on. George Soros' nation building is part of the discussion. Nearing around the 20th minute, he talks about the take-over of the Ukraine by Western schemes, yet Russia became the bad guy at that time. Russia is being blamed for all sorts of things that are not likely true.

Here is a video you'll likely enjoy telling that there was undeniably collusion with Russia:

The idea that both political parties play to one, overseeing invisible group, albeit this group may be fractured, can perhaps be seen starting in the first half of the third minute of the video below. It answers as to why no one has been arrested that should be, and tends to give the impression that both political parties are to remain roughly equal in power so far as the people vote for, or want, them. It seems that the leaders of both parties know that there are limits to how much the other side can be damaged. They can vilify one another in word as much as they please, but law suits against certain, insider people are forbidden. If someone tries it, they get damaged or killed. They can kill the Seth Rich's of the political world, but not the accepted insiders. That's a theory.

I have been wondering why Trump is not so-far using his Republican majority, which is very rare, to do what is expected at this time of flying illegalities. He even has Fox on his side (not to mention a majority in the Supreme Court) to carry his side of the story when the leftist media twists his intentions. But this is the same Trump who said he would do the things expected of him, and the people gave him a majority government to do it. I've been wondering whether it's too early for him to act, but something tells me he never will act aside from verbal attacking. Where's all that pre-election attitude against democrat evil? Is his own political survival the only thing that matters to the country? Not if he lied and is now prepared to do nothing of what he promised to Hillary and the others.

In the video below, Trump's lawyer says that Trump never asked Comey for loyalty. He also says that Comey committed a crime by leaking a classified memo to the press. Doesn't Trump thereby have the right and expectation to ask his justice department to arrest Comey? Even this one leak amounts to treason against the president of the United States. Will Comey be made an example of what happens to those who do wrong in high office? We hope so, but, my question is, will Trump seek this out, or will Trump be a do-nothing?

What about the idea of Trump's lawyer suing the major media for their disgraceful push of the collusion story? Isn't it way over-time that the major media are made to fear pushing false stories? Here is an excellent opportunity for Trump and his Republican majority to at least start the expected law suits, which alone can help to straighten out crooked media. If Trump does not do these things, he is a liar on cleaning swamp. What more-polluted swamp can there be than the media that educates the masses with disinformation? If all he does is tweet boos and speaks threats when he has power to act, he's a phony.

In the video, the lawyer says that the Trump team ("we") will leave it to the appropriate authorities on whether the Comey leak should be "investigated." But what's to investigate if no arrest is conducted? Comey admitted guilt before the entire nation to see. Probably, he admitted this after getting legal protection (i.e. their respective lawyers came to a deal) from the Trump side beforehand. And these political "investigations," that always end up doing little, are supposed to satisfy the voters that something of punishment is being handed down hard when in fact it is virtually no punishment at all of what wrongdoers deserve. Arrests are not only to punish the wrongdoer, but to make other wrongdoers fear doing the same wrong.

This leak comes in the midst of news that political leaks from Intelligence agencies are tearing the nation apart. Trump has been verbally seething in opposition to leakers (only because they happened to hurt him), and so Trump is under the gun to get Comey prosecuted. But I'll bet Trump will do nothing on this. He can't wipe clean the problem by throwing a roll of paper towels into the swamp.

It's not likely true that Comey gave his self-damning testimony by personal choice or charitable offerings to the country. The Trump team likely had the evidence against him for to put him in jail, and (my theory) once their respective lawyers discussed this, they came to a deal for Comey to admit things of political benefit to Trump providing that Trump assures no arrests. And that means Trump needs to break the law by directing the justice department to play dead. His attorney-general (Jeff Sessions) was in the news this past week offering to resign due to a disagreement he had with Trump. I think I get it. Sessions was given the choice of agreeing with an illegal demand from Trump, and therefore threatened to resign. This is my theory. If this is correct, Trump chose expediency as opposed to justice.

The following will fuel social-media headlines using "bombshell," and "arrested."

President Donald Trump's outside counsel will file a leak complaint regarding former FBI Director James Comey's leaked memos with the Department of Justice, a source close to the outside legal team tells NBC News.

Trump lawyer Marc Kasowitz will file the complaint with the DOJ's Inspector General and the Senate Judiciary Committee...

"I asked a friend of mine to share the content of a memo with the reporter," Comey told the Senate yesterday during several hours of questioning. "I didn’t do it myself for a variety of reasons, but I asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel."

Why would Comey offer the additional, self-damning detail of hoping to start a special investigation on Trump, unless this admission was a Trump-demanded stipulation in the agreement between the two parties prior to the Senate hearing? But we all know that agreements between opposing lawyers, prior to conclusions, and orchestrating the conclusions, is a form of corruption, and obstruction of justice, and Trump should have had no part of it. Instead, Trump should have revealed all that needs to be revealed, publicly, about Comey's corruption, without making deals. You need to be white yourself if you want to cleanse the swamp as Mr. Clean.

The way Comey worded his guilt is like one who routinely gives a piece of information to a leaker, ho-hum, asking him to give it to the media, like Comey might ask his wife to pick up some mayonnaise for his sandwiches. It sounds all-too-routine. But if Comey decided that this much needed to be admitted too, there must have been a lot worse under his knowledge of leaks that he's not wanting to admit to. So, yes, investigations are useful tools, but if they are crippled by design by the invisible deep state so that they do not end up in arrests, or do major political damage, then corruption reigns. This is the new-world-order in a nutshell.

Alex Jones is of course jumping on the Comey story: His video: "Rubio Asks Comey Why He Didn't Leak That Trump Was Innocent" When Rubio presents Comey with the question of why he didn't "leak" that the president was innocent of the charges brought against him by big media and all the democrat load mouths, Comey was permitted to give one quick answer only, and it was to project guilt on others when Rubio was asking him about his own guilt. In other words, the answer is not an answer at all. Comey answered: "I don't know [why I didn't tell anyone what I knew], I find that matters briefed to the gang of eight are pretty tightly held in my experience." Ridiculous. Comey was compelled to tell the media regardless of whether the media would remain tight-lipped about it. And there are plenty of media who would have been glad to circulate such an ultra-important admission.

Worse, Rubio, after addressing this thing that Republican voters are incensed about, didn't throttle Comey for this unacceptable "answer." Are congressional hearings mere theater? There is no justifiable excuse to leave your own boss (Trump) floundering in false, bad press for weeks in a row, with no end in sight, when you are the one who can chase away the mad media dogs with a mere phone call. But Comey has portrayed his own self as a dog, trying to turn law enforcement against the a cheap, self-serving distraction when the president should be turning it against criminal Democrats under Obama.

Limbaugh has a video with the title, "Comey Is Giving AMMUNITION To Both Sides". Like I said, the deep state may have been allowing, for decades, the fiercest verbal warfare between the parties, and this is "good" for political fervor, but arrests of their own servants are forbidden. It's a logical viewpoint. Political in-fighting of the fiercest kind is "great" for media viewership, important to the shadow government because it gets its message out through the media. We could say that the shadow government is guilty of dividing the peoples in the first degree.

I recommend Mark Levin on the Comey case for some entertaining listening, for Levin loves to get angry (his trademark), and there's no place better than this case where can he enjoy it:

In the fall-out of Comeys admissions, the Internet is stacked to heaven with false reports on Russian collusion, and people are stumbling into this giant stack of bull patties apart from knowing what Comey admitted to. That's because most Democrat voters don't follow political news. The Democrats want their voters dumb and stupid, with the shadow government sending them, from liberal celebrities, all the things they are to believe. In this shadow government, Democrat politicians are included. The liberals will always be the anti-Christ movement, and this is perfectly fine by Trump because his concerns are bettering the American economy (code word for corporate profits), and making America great again like it was when everyone believed that NASA put men on the moon, or when everyone "knew" that the American military was superior to that of Russia's. I can think of better ways for America to be great that will never dawn on Trump.

There is at least one image online suggesting that Trump treated / tolerated his current wife much like a model-tramp, but, suddenly, she's now a religious person because Trump needs this image of her to keep the religious Republicans on board for the next election. Obama used the same tactic along with his wife, or whatever she is. The evil of politics is where the vote counts far more than morality. The latter term is not a ghost or a mirage or hard to grasp. Morality means doing the right thing. People don't like "moral" anymore, and prefer to use "ethical." "Moral" sounds too much like the Bible to Democrats. By what coincidence has Trump just quoted Isaiah:

The American attacks against Assad's soldiers since Trump took office have been "justified." The Americans simply say that the Syrians started each skirmish. And Trump sounds like the CIA is in charge of his foreign policy: "Donald Trump says Iran has helped commit 'unspeakable crimes' in Syria." There is no way to understand this but that Assad is the bedrock of the unspeakable crimes. It notifies the world yet again that Trump and his military are out to attack Assad in spite of Russia standing opposed. There is no trick here, they really do want war against Assad. The brute force that Obama wasn't willing to lay against Assad appears to be in the works with Trump...under the guise of his faked war on Syrian terrorists. This much has become fairly clear to me.

Put it this way, that because Trump asserts his war against ISIS, the West cannot allow ISIS to defeat Assad, meaning that there's no one else to defeat Assad but the Americans themselves. And that's what's rising. The Americans think they are fooling the world with their "advisors" inside Syria. Now that Obama is gone from the Syria stage, the CIA won't even be able to fool Democrats. We all know what the Americans are secretly doing in Syria, and this forces the Russians to seek Intelligence on what they are doing, and to make strategic decisions, one of which was to cuddle up to North Korea if that's what it will take to preserve Russia from its invasion by America. Russia appears not to know whether the Americans will invade or not, but this is the problem created by the West's animosity. In a sane world, Russia shouldn't be wondering.

We all understand the problem of Russia standing in the way of Middle-East takeover by the Americans. If North Korea can be removed by Trump, it gives Russia one less nuclear power to depend on, making Russia less capable of standing up to help Assad. Theoretically, this creeping step-by-step conflict could last 50 years...because globalists want, well, the globe. If this is how they treat Muslim nations when they stand in the way of globalism, what makes us think they would treat Westerners any different who stand in their way?

Religious Iran is not so much opposed to Jews as it is the Zionism. Yes, Muslims reject the concept of Israel, but the New Testament makes it plain that Jews are liars for rejecting Jesus, meaning that the are not Jews at all. They may as well be Iranians. I don't think it's coincidental that the Rothschild / British founders of modern Israel have been integral to globalism. This is headed for a false-Millennial globalism, we might say, amongst the Zionists who think they are blessed of God for restoring Israel. In other words, they await the promised and eternal restoration that rules the world, yet they want no part of Jesus. So, the end times is a conflict upon God's stage between the vastly-wealthy Jew by blood versus the spiritual Jews, the True Israel. But not all globalists would want this picture of an eternal Israel in any form.

The social media is conspicuous for having nothing from Trump on his standing on the many issues discussed by those who love him. Some are reporting that Trump's meeting with Henry Kissinger was NOT on his schedule. Last Sunday, Kissinger was speaking out well for Trump (video below), and one of the things he said was that Trump's apparent snubbing of, or coldness toward, some friendly nations is not a sign of his uninterested in ordinary politics, but part of his craft as a solid negotiator. Kissinger says what Trump says, that he's trying to make America first, but this is not necessarily a sign on anti-globalism, as many Christians are reporting. Trump could have in mind a globalism under American as indisputable top-dog as opposed to Europeans wanting the EU as top-dog. Can we say that Trump has been speaking and acting toward the EU as one who has authority? Rudely, too. But to his credit, he wants to drastically reduce American hand-outs overseas, yet perhaps he hasn't realized that this money is intended to somewhat control foreign affairs, and, perhaps, he will keep on rolling out that money to prop up his foreign-affairs legacy. Now that his overseas trip is over, he can concentrate on jailing Obama and Hillary, right?

No one can accuse Trey Gowdy as do-nothing. Every Republican can take tips from Gowdy on how to be outspoken, and, hopefully, Gowdy's just a good man rather than having globalist underpinnings. He just took a new job, replacing Jason Chaffetz (Caiaphas line?) as chairman of the House Oversight Committee. Gowdy has been vehemently opposed to Obama on his Libya scandal. And Gowdy wants to go after Obama's shadow government, the NSA in particular. There's a short video below speaking on Chaffetz's opposition to Trump and his resignation allowing Gowdy to take over. It looks like an excellent development for hammering Obama in ways he deserves:

The speaker in the video above, who calls Chaffetz a "whore," says that 80 people "disappeared" surrounding the woes of the Clintons:

The video below reportedly has an FBI insider claiming that Chaffetz's family was threatened by Rothschilds and/or the protectors of the Federal Reserve (bank) when Chaffetz announced his intention to audit it:

Here's Chaffetz and Gowdy in a great, people-desired move (doesn't look like theater) going against a cocky U.S. Intelligence "service," accusing it of hiding matters congress has been asking for. In the end, we learn that the Secret Service is hiding (see "I do not recall" at 14:16 point) the top-dog who's refusing to give congress the information they've demanded. Just try to guess at what the evil is behind the cover-up. Even Cummings needs to take the Republican tack on this cover-up. The ultimate question is whether congress lets these bad boys get away with this unscathed aside from what we see here:

Chaffetz claims that he's retiring / quitting due to "family" and old age or being too tired, but the latter doesn't sit right. It appears that his family has been threatened by the dark, entrenched state. He's says (in the video) he's been disappointed with the Trump administration for not revealing the documents desired as per the Clinton-email scandal. Surprise!investigation. That looks like Trump the fraidy cat, maybe revealing that the Clinton circle has threatened Trump just as they have threatened Chaffetz. Next, they will threaten Gowdy if he steps out too far.

I could be wrong about Trump being threatened to explain why his attitude toward Hillary Clinton has softened drastically. Jeff Sessions apparently wants Clinton to go to jail as per a CRIMINAL investigation on her, and, perhaps, Trump has been upset with Sessions partly for this different approach between them on her fate. It could be that Trump has been put under dark-state pressure to get Session to soften up. There are other videos on this Chaffetz matter.

Trump has reason to be afraid, of course, but he also has the power to quadruple his security. To their advantage, the dark state has the Intelligence services to spy on where Trump or his family members will be at any one time. It's exactly why he needs to cleanse those houses. The American people will accept his hiring 1,000 body guards for the objective of destroying the dark state, and Trump needs only to announce that this is his battle, if indeed he wants to drain the swamp. To Trump's advantage, his family does not need to report to a job, and the members can get together and create their part in an agenda to destroy the dark state. The alternative is the continued destruction of the nation. What should Trump's family do? Back down, or take the risks???

How many Intelligence people would be willing to expose the obvious dark-state operatives? MANY! And that's why the deep state will never know which of the many ratted on them, because there are many to choose from. It's as easy as ratting without discussing it on a phone or email. It's just too easy to rat on these darkened demonics who think they have the right to run the government, and steal the peoples' livelihoods. But, the question is, does Trump work for or against a schism / faction within the deep state? Ratting to Trump if he's one of them is obviously counter-productive. Ouch.

In an all-out war on the deep state, the fighters need to be protected with guns in their homes, security cameras, and they need to go out each day assuming a plot on their lives at every corner. That's what it will take to defeat this monster to the point that all Intelligence agencies are cleansed of their operatives. Take away the deep state's ability to spy, and you knock out their eyes and ears. Next, spy on them with the newly-cleansed Intelligence houses, because, after all, they are criminals. It's ok to use national spy services to spy on the criminals, is it not? For this purpose, the leading and activist Democrats are to be regarded as non-Americans, without a voice on the matter. Trump should cancel the regular news conferences, as they can be dangerous in more than one way to the cause.

If I could break globalism down into two major types / schisms, one could be an America-based corporate conglomeration seeking wealth overseas by any number of schemes insensitive to the condition or welfare of nation states, as well as exporting American values. The Council of Foreign Relations should fall into that group. The other faction could be a Europe-based oneness program to export liberalism (and climate change, etc) globally, and to have nation states revere the EU as the unspoken global head. If I knew enough about Bilderberg, I could take a stab at guessing which of the two it belongs to, or whether it seeks unity between both.

I don't know Chaffetz or Gowdy; they could be Bush-circle / war-hawk boys for all I know.

A healthy economy is based on healthy people. They produce more product, and business leaders make better decisions. Liberalism is a mental blindness and spiritual disease predicted to slow the economy, and conservative free-market is a robust but misdirected program. It keeps blind to the law of Jesus that love of money leads to hatred of God. It's not about the economy, stupid. It's about eternal life. America is about the economy, but Jesus is above all of that. To receive eternal life, morality must change. It is easier for Trump's fat donkey to squeeze through the button hole on his plush jacket than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. With a little help from God, even a donkey can talk.

Democrats Love Muslims in America

As evidence that good FBI people are active, there's the youtube headline, "FBI FINDS HILLARY'S MISSING COMPUTER & THUMB DRIVE! HUMA, SISTER & BROTHERS HOUSE RAIDED" It looks real. The second part of the video shows Obama links to ISIS / Brotherhood. The video's offering tends to make a great case for Hillary's election-related collusion with Arabia, and for her treason in allowing an American Saudi operative (Huma Abedin) a red-carpet invitation to U.S. top secrets:

The video above shows that 46 Goodge Street (London) is the address of both the World Muslim League (part-owned by Arabia) and the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs run by Huma's family members. It would be hard to believe that Obama was not part of this situation, or that Hillary came upon Huma all apart from Obama's fingers. From this small step to the assumed, one can glean, helped by the article below, that Huma was Obama's spy on Hillary's invisible sides (she wasn't an Obama fan).

Google Maps from 2008 — the earliest date available — shows the Muslim Word League London office entrance, which appears to have office space above a pizza restaurant.

This direct connection [of the Huma family's Muslim Minority business] to the Muslim World League and a child organization called the World Arab Muslim Youth Association (WAMY) — also housed at Goodge Street offices — is significant due to a 2009 State Department memo which reveals that while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and Huma Abedin was her top aide, and the Secretary of State’s office was engaged in talks with Saudi Arabia about stopping the Muslim World League from funding terrorism at the same time the “Abedin family business” was operating out of the Muslim World League’s London office.

Two scenarios exist: 1) Hillary was genuinely opposed to Arabia's funding of ISIS; 2) Hillary feigned opposition to it, and supported Obama's Middle-East program of advancing ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. It goes on: "This revelation shows that while Huma Abedin was serving at the highest level of government as Hillary Clinton’s aide and had access to this information, Abedin had a direct connection to a group that was suspected of actively funding groups like al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and Hamas, which had not only killed civilians around the world but also U.S. servicemen."

One can also glean the likelihood that Obama's cause, with Hillary in full support, was to stack the United States with a strong Muslim minority that would give the Democrat party the edge, over Republicans, over all elections in the foreseeable future. But, thank God, these people were caught sufficient to put Democrats on track to being robbed of full, official powers. That's why the star of Breitbart was murdered recently.

Another [body] guard assigned to Clinton’s residence in Chappaqua, N.Y., recalled in a February FBI interview that new security procedures for handling delivery of the diplomatic pouch and receiving via fax the highly classified Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) had been “established by Abedin.” The witness added that Abedin controlled the operations of a secure room known as a SCIF located on the third floor of the residence.

In her own April 2016 interview with the FBI, Abedin contended that she “did not know that Clinton had a private server until about a year and a half ago, when it became public knowledge.” The server was set up in the basement of the Chappaqua residence.

However, another witness told agents that he and another Clinton aide with an IT background built the new server system “at the recommendation of Huma Abedin,” who first broached the idea of an off-the-grid email server as early as the “fall (of) 2008,” ostensibly after Barack Obama was elected president.

In doing a Google search for "46 Goodge street," not one major media comes up with the story presented by Breitbart above. Breitbart has played a large role in drowning Democrat powers. Trump had shown that he was a respecter of Breitbart philosophy, at least inasmuch as to crush Democrat power. But afterward, Trump seemed to back away from it. The problem is, it's hard to know whether he had backed away from his pre-election attitude due to threats / fears, or due to having faked them to begin with merely to get elected on a Republican ticket.

What position do we think the Muslim World League, in London, would take in regards to the Muslim mayor of London?

There is an ICCO (Italian Coffee House) pizzeria at 46 Goodge street, how coincidental is that???

In May, even without Trump's pick for the Supreme Court sitting upon the court, it voted 5-3 to disallow the teaching of Sharia Muslim law in schools, a thing Obama wanted. One of the four liberal-leaning judges betrayed the other three for this cause. Good one. America doesn't need to give Muslims special favors until Italians get it first, which, of course, will never happen. Muslims and Italians have butchers in common, but Muslims butcher people is the problem.

On Friday, Trump came out to do a news meet, and claimed that he did not ask Comey to be loyal to him. Trump also said that he's not finished speaking on this subject, and that he will come out with more on the Comey affair. But the country needs much more than the removal of Comey:

Bluntly, Trump told the press yesterday (Friday) that he has a tape recording(s) of his conversation with Comey. Ahh, that explains why Comey cut off his right arm this week, to save from Trump cutting off his head. Trump needs not to tell anyone that he's about to come out with damning evidence, for this can lead to his assassination. One piece of good news: it's no work at all for Trump to get the bogeymen fired, and he even enjoys firing them. It's hilarious that Trump's staff seated CNN's and the NYT's journalists in the back rows for this very news conference. It's like when the teacher makes a class-disrupting student stand with nose in the corner of the room for punishment by embarrassment. On the serious side, CNN's top dog needs jailtime to make the appropriate example, or the media will continue to lie to the masses.

Trump's the type of guy who will judge the major media as guilty for remaining silent to the things taking place that help him, which can be judged as malicious to the point of treasonous, not as free speech, because it can be shown that the media agenda is not about the liberty to speak out the truth, but an agenda to bring down a president. The concept of free speech doesn't allow fabricated accusations against a government for the purpose of bringing it down, and the 9th and deciding Supreme-Court justice will prove that I am correct if only Trump brings the major media to that point.

It's about time that the major media in support of liberalism is brought before the Supreme Court to settle the matter on how far free speech in the media can go in opposition to a government. So long as the media is honest in the truth, free speech is a right, but fabrications are a wholly-different matter, and proof of media fabrication is no-more glaring than what we have right now, where media coverage on Comey is completely dishonest immediately after the media fabricated multiple anti-Trump stories having no merit or substance on which to base the charges.

Trump is still despicable in my eyes, no matter how he beats up on his opponents in his political battles. He has the bad side of ferocity, and if it comes at you, you will know how lacking in good quality he is. He's rough, crass, and will prick you for his own purposes.

If you watch only until the three-minute mark of the next video, you will have seen enough. It's true that Syria said it will retaliate against the American military if it makes one more attack on its troops. It's a huge thing that can get out of control into a U.S.-Russia skirmish, and I fear that Trump is exactly the lunatic type who won't back down, by all appearances, in his presidential attitude thus far. Trump promised not to do this, but here we are, going. He showed his true colors when he sent 59 missiles on a Western-faked chemical attack.

I haven't seen Trump in a press meet telling us what the progress is against ISIS in Syria / Iraq. I have heard nothing of his greater war against ISIS. He repeatedly says that his chief aim is to fight ISIS, but nothing is happening in Syria / Iraq. I've been covering the Syria / Iraqi news for years, from Middle-East news sources, and the way things sit now is less dangerous for ISIS than under Obama. Trump instead focuses on ISIS within the U.S., a hoax. There has been no ISIS danger inside the U.S.

If you get past the first few moments at the video below, there's some comical material in support of Trump that rivals the night-show comedies of the Democrats:

Mark Obama May Be a Son of Frank Davis

Near the start of this year, I had a dream that was absolutely compelling as one from God, giving me the impression that Obama would continue in politics or globatics even while Trump is the president. In the dream, I was at Obama's billiard hall, and when taking a shot on one table, I sewered (Billiard term). The dream gave me the impression that many of the items in the dream were for surnames, and so I showed the Sewer/Suter surname, not realizing until recently that the Suter surname is like "Soetoro," the name of Obama's father-in-law.

Immediately after I sewered, I was in the back patio / yard of the billiard hall, where I watched Obama (in dark pants) do a dance (one or two seconds long, I noticed his leg going up toward me to the horizontal position), followed immediately by his being on a skateboard with what I regarded as his twin. That is, two men in DARK business suits were side-by-side, identically doing the same thing (like a mirror image) on their respective skateboards, which was going up a curved ramp. At any point of the dream, any symbol can have more than one meaning, for God knows how to do this like no one else. I found that the Suit surname brings up the Sewers/Suters, and that they use a Coat much like that of Boards (i.e. as per "skateBOARD"). Moreover, the Board Crest is an antelope, symbol of the Singletarys from whom Obama's mother descended.

There is a good reason, I hope, in Obama's half-brother, for repeating this dream at this time, but allow me to repeat a little more, for new readers, before I launch into the half-brother. I reasoned that the skateboard was used for at least two reasons, because the Skate and Board surnames both verify that this dream was from God. We just saw that the similarity of the Board and Suit Coats verify that Obama was dressed in a suit as yet another piece of evidence that God was the author of the items used, but to prove it all-the-more, the dream opened with a black SHEET covering all the billiard tables, a thing that floored me upon realizing that the Sheet surname brings up the Skate surname. I assume that God chose for Obama to own a billiard hall in order to have recourse for bringing up the Sewer variation of Suters/Suits, and while he could have put a pair of skates on one table to indicate the Skate surname, the sheet is better for that surname because it has the second meaning of covertness on Obama's part.

Again, as English Billiards/HILLIARDs use the Coat of French Billiards/BILLETs while BILL Clinton was born to Mr. BLYTHE, while Bill married HILLARY, and also because the Hillary surname uses the six fitchee crosses of Clintons, it seems that the sheet over the billiard table has to do with some covert thing of the Clinton couple / Clinton circle. Why was it a black sheet?

Moreover, Sheets/Skate's were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Dunhams...and Cetis-liner Chads sharing the "potent" Sheet/Skate cross. One can see that the so-called BORDer of the Sheet/Skate and Board Coats link to the same of CHADwicks and CHADocks, and while Sewers have long been suspect with Siward of Northumberland (same place as Rodhams), he's in the Sword surname that shares the swords of Borders. Not only do Dunhams use an heraldic dancette to explain why Obama was dancing in this dream, but Jonathan Singletary had changed his surname to "Dunham," and he was ancestral to Obama's mother, Ann Dunham. You can verify the Dunham dancette or anyone else's symbol at this webpage:

So, you see, unless you think that my unconscious brain was conjuring up a dream with items that make for excellent surname connections, the dream's items were authored by God to convince my readers that He has a message. I have told this dream roughly four times, and on each instance, Obama's suit was never said to be black. I've always use "dark" because it was a charcoal color. Well, today, Sunday, I came across a video with Obama's half-brother, Mark Ndesandjo, in a charcoal business suit. I'm not familiar with this half-brother, and because he has some facial features, not to mention his ears, that reflect those of Obama extremely well, I started to wonder whether the two men on skateboards was referring to this duo in real life. Here is the video:

As you can see Mark's shirt is black, making his suit charcoal in color. The first thing coming to mind was whether this was actually Obama's non-identical twin with the same two parents, but this requires that they are giving the world false stories on their parentage. I let that idea go, however, and, in fact, I wasn't at first even going to tell readers about Mark or this dream under discussion.

Upon looking into Mark a little more, the following article was found where he and president Obama are in the same photo (compare their ear shapes), both wearing dark suits, both looking charcoal to me. Well, this started to get to me, and finally I decided that I'd share the dream based on the theory that it involves Mark. Ignoring the theory that they are twins from the same womb, I might suggest that there is a special relationship and/or shared agenda between the brothers in some political or social area, and that God wants someone(s) to know of it.

I was mowing the lawn today, and decided then that I would share the dream based on the possibility that Mark is an imposter where he feigns distance between himself and Obama. This would be a necessary and wise move if the two were/are involved in illegal activity, for if either one gets caught, the natural tendency of law enforcement is to investigate the other if the two had previously shown affinities and closeness of various sorts.

Mark lives in China. Wikipedia, at his mother's article, said (2012) that Mark ran/runs "an Internet company called WorldNexus that advises Chinese corporations how best to reach international customers. Mark graduated from Brown University, studied physics at Stanford University..." Hmm, global business connections with one of America's arch-enemies, China.

Mark's Jewish mother is/was Ruth Baker, interesting because the dream ended with one event after the two men in dark suits were on their skateboards. The event was Obama's employee (that's how I understood this character), being scolded by Obama while his back was both toward me and Obama. I didn't know how to interpret this event but assumed that the Back surname could apply. As Backs can easily be a Baker branch, might the employee have been Mark??? That is, does/did Mark secretly work for Obama, and are they up to things even now? In the dream, the two were not getting along, and this is how Mark has portrayed his relationship with the president. Moreover, Obama, in wanting to distance himself from Mark, contradicted Mark's story, forcing the latter to speak on it:

Mark Obama Ndesandjo said he was surprised to hear his half-brother President Barack Obama say they had only recently met for the first time.

“I was floored by it — I don't know why he said it,” Ndesandjo said to Laura Ingraham, adding that he had met the president several times over the years and still isn’t sure what his motivation was for making the claim. “I think he was being president and was not being my brother,” Ndesandjo said.

From their first meeting, which took place in the 1980s in Kenya [there may be no proof of this meeting]...

When Ingraham pointed out that Obama doesn’t spend very much time with his extended family and seems to prefer the company of celebrities such as Jay-Z and Beyonce, Ndesandjo said she “had a point.”

Barack Obama met with his half-brother Mark in China in 2009.
…For five minutes.

The brothers are once again in the same photo, in the article above, both in dark suits, Mark in a charcoal suit. One has the choice of believing that Obama hates his brother, or that the two agreed to feign distance from one another.

Backers share three red-on-white bends with Hectors, the latter were first found in the same place (Angus) as Sewers/Suters/Suits and Dunns. The latter use a giant and spread eagle in colors reversed from the same of English Backs. One could even say that the two men had to keep balance on their skateboards, for the Balance surname likewise uses the Back eagle in colors reversed. The giant Balance eagle is in the colors of the giant griffin of billiard-like Ballards/Belards, and Backers were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as English Josephs while French Josephs were first found in the same place as Billiards/Billets (and Stevensons / Rodhams). Billiards share the same stars as Bailys (probably a branch of Balliols). I include the Stevensons because Frank Marshall Davis was reportedly involved with political Stevensons in birthing Obama.

Look at this abnormal or even suspicious part at the 1:30 point of this video:

Mark has a real sensitive / uncomfortable spot when asked about contacting president Obama on the phone. Either he's always talking to him on the phone (it could bring Mark to a blush to say otherwise in response), or they never do because they don't want to know one another. Which is it? Obama then says he doesn't know Mark well, but is that part of their mutually-accepted mask?

Mark claims that his Kenyan father was extremely abusive to Ruth Baker, and for this reason Mark did not have any relationship with his father. One could speculate that they didn't have a relationship because Obama Sr. was not his father at all. Instead, Mark had to fabricate this father because Obama had fabricated him. Both brothers happen to have a white mother, and perhaps it was the same mother, as Obama's birth is clouded in mystery.

I read that one of Obama's brothers (can't recall which but think it is Mark) tried to open a foundation in America, and that while the very registration was floundering / failing, suddenly it went through, as though Obama got involved on Mark's behalf. Below is Marks foundation involving children. Why children? "The Mark Obama Foundation Ltd's goal is to foster cultural exchanges between Asia, America and Africa, with an emphasis on helping young people appreciate art." Also online: "Mark Ndesanjo is a self taught musician who offers piano lessons at an orphanage school in Beijing. "With president Obama being a known sexual pervert...

Obama Sr. died in a car crash, and one of his son's died in a motorbike accident. Political murders? Someone says that Obama's mother was killed along with another family member to hide the Obama hoax.

At about the 5-minute mark of the video below, Mark, in 2014 -- deeply into Obama's presidency -- gives the impression that he's proud of his brother for "changing the world." I detect a contradiction. He's says he's proud of being an Obama due solely to his brother Obama. At the 13-minute mark, when asked if he chats with the president, Mark again becomes immediately closed, like the question on his particular relationship is out of bounds, and yet he says he's proud of the brother. I didn't watch much of the rest.

In the following short, CNN video, Mark spills the beans about his lousy brother, saying that the president opposes the portrayal of the father as a wife batterer. And the bottom line is that they don't like one another. But is this a truth or a faked concept? I never see Mark in anything but a dark suit.

If you can get past the first part of the next video, to the 33:10 point, we get to Malik Obama in Kenya. Malik says his presidential brother is a disappointment, and the same video touches upon the notion that Obama's real father is Frank Marshall Davis. Malik claims that he was the best man at the president's wedding, and vice versa; it would be very hard to argue from this alone that Obama Sr. was not the president's father. However, the disappointment that Malik expresses about the president may once again be a feigned thing to put distance between the two in case their mutual African agendas run amuck. I recall writing on Malik's Africa-wide agenda to prop up the Muslim Brotherhood.

At 13:57, note that there were two previous titles of president Obama's book, "Dreams of My Father," and that this can be construed as a book written deliberately to fool the political world into thinking that Obama Sr. was his father. Malik says that when he visits Obama, he goes "through the back door or at night." Suspicious. Malik conveys that this degrading situation was because the president treats him unimportantly, but if we think that it's a little over the top that Obama would see his brother only at night because he didn't get along with him, then we can suggest a second theory, that the two are not to be caught seen together in case they get caught working on a common African agenda. In such a scenario, American tax-payer money would be routed to Malik's causes (under the condition that Malik appears to be in poverty so far as his personal life is concerned).

Malik claims to be upset with his brother because the president seems not to allow Malik and the rest of the family in with the president's "program." This could itself be a faked statement because a grown man should expect that the Kenyan family is of course not going to be part of Obama's political program. In other words, we can suggest that Malik is making excuses as to why he and the president aren't getting along.

Malik then says that Obama would not grant up to $20,000 for the funeral of Malik's aunt (sister of Obama Sr.). Malik says that Obama gave no money, exactly what we expect if much money was going to his causes. Malik then says that the president does not want anything to do with him anymore. True, or faked? Malik words it like this (just before the 42-minute mark): that Obama was cold and ruthless "on the people he said were his family." He does not say that Obama was turning his back on "his family," but on the "people he said" were his family. Big difference.

After the 42-minute mark, Frank Marshall Davis becomes the topic. There is a photo comparison between the president, Obama Sr., and Davis. I say Barack looks more like Davis, and so does Malik. The latter then gives the impression that his relationship with the ex-president is fully over. After Malik's segment comes to an end. the commentators make the point that the to-be-president would not send his book manuscript to be read over / checked by Malik if there was no family connection, yet this ignores that sending the manuscript can be a NATURAL and strong part of the hoax of inventing a false father. I cannot imagine that the purpose for creating a false father has anything to do with Barack's wanting ties to the Kenyan, but rather I opt to believe that Obama simply had to hide the real father, for Frank Davis was an avid communist, not a good platform for American politics. Mark knows that China is a communist country, right??? Who was Mark's father, really?

The video with Malik was out in April, 2015, as was the video below where David Vose says that Obama's real birth certificate, from Kenya, was sent to him. Vose doesn't say who sent it to him, but says that he thinks its authentic. But why won't Mr. Vose tell who sent it? I say it was the Obama people, who sent it, to counter the sorts of things we just saw:

The, in early 2017, Malik himself reportedly came out with Obama's real birth certificate! This story is in the video below. Two options are: Malik didn't report this, and Malik did report it. Two options are, Malik was coerced or bribed to report it, or he willingly reported it because he's been secretly in cahoots with the president all along. Now that Obama is no longer president, it doesn't matter whether the world thinks he was born in Kenya. It's the lesser of two evils where one of them is the disclosure that Frank Davis was his father. Note that the Kenyan certificate is written in English.

If you would like to see Dreams from My Real father," the full movie, it's supposedly below, but I can't get it to work for me, perhaps a youtube tactic to protect Obama at Obama's request. The counter says only 221 hits, which cannot be correct. Why would youtube want to hide a ridiculous claim? But if it's fact, then Obama would ask youtube to hide it.

Here's the creator of the video, talking its guts. Do not miss the 35th and 36th minute, for Obama was likely connected to this Weather Underground group. There was a discussion on how to eliminate masses of American capitalists who would not be re-educated along communist lines. Obama may have wanted to attempt this sort of thing, but he and his backers just didn't have enough power.

On Sunday of this week, a video headline, "Inspector General Discovers Obama Paid $300 Million to Afghans That Don’t Exist". That money reportedly went to fictitious Afghan law people. The same corruption could have been performed in Libya and several other Arabic nations. With Trump as president, and if he can energize anti-Obama people in the Intelligence agencies, Obama could be put into jail easily on this one thing Afghan scandal alone. Will Trump keep to his word?

On the first occasion of sharing the dream, it was mentioned that I instinctively knew that the billiard hall was only part-owned by Obama. The tables covered in a single sheet (like plywood painted black), which I saw from an overhead view as though I was at the ceiling, were arranged in a 'L' shape, as though Obama owned only one wing. I wasn't aware of who owned the other part of this business. There remains another large mystery, for when I sewered on his billiard table, I was not shooting a normal cue ball. Instead, it was a piece of paper or page. Realizing that I could not shoot a piece of paper lying flat on the table, I turned it into a paper airplane, and then shot it well, but straight into a corner pocket to my left side, missing the red ball that I was aiming for. Why was this airplane part of the dream? There is a Plain/Playtor/Platter surname, much like "Blythe," sharing the black-on-white fitchee cross with Clintons, but there may be more to this than merely a surname. Many believe that Bill Clinton had some people killed in airplane accidents.

When initially telling of the dream, and on an occasion afterward too, God convinced me that the piece of paper was to be regarded as a page, which led to the realization that it speaks to the Payne surname in Obama's almost-immediate ancestry. Payne's are likely a branch of Payens/PAGans, first found in the same place as French Page's. In the family tree below, Obama's mother is shown as the daughter of Madelyn Payne:

Try this for some entertaining think-thoughts:

Other Matters

The video below, in the first few minutes, has some decent, reliable-sounding facts on global cooling. Yes, the expert says that there has been 15 straight years of global cooling to date, after 20 years of global warming. He makes the excellent point that natural CO2 is so scarce in the atmosphere that, even with some contributions from man, it cannot create a "greenhouse effect." In other words, the atmospheric passage of heat from planetary surface into outer space is not restricted by anything but a small iota more on account of the total addition of manmade CO2 molecules, and thus there is no speakable over-heating from that CO2. It's a myth of the globalist imposters who need to be jailed, or, better yet, fed poison. The tiny warming or cooling levels in the small fraction of one degree, from year to year, or decade to decade, can easily be due to differing levels of heat from the sun. Hello? I didn't listen to much of the video.

Here's the dangers and problems of Evolution demonism. Don't forget, the creative factor in the genetic process of Darwinian evolution does not know what either a wing of a bird is, or what the viscosity of the air is. Genes cannot therefore get the wing to work properly, not even in a trillion years, because the very complexities of wing formation, cell-by-cell and at the atomic levels, in the first place, by genetic changes, is ridiculously impossible. This video may be basic to some, but very enlightening to others:

Here's a man who doesn't want anyone to know that he was at this month's Bilderberg meeting. Why not? Is he ashamed of having gone? Finally, he claims that he was a journalist at the meeting, but he's not allowed to speak about what the agenda was. Why not? Is he really a journalist? If so, what was he and other attending journalists urged to do in their journalism profession? To be silent on certain news for the globalist cause?

Here's a skeptic on Bitcoin, with an excellent video because there are many trying to make Bitcoin attractive based on the unlikely story that it will weaken both governments and banks:

Here's fake food coming to your supermarket thanks to the corrupt, end-time government sanctioning the marketers:

MacDonalds makes food that even bacteria won't eat; no refrigeration needed:

In case you drink lots of bottled water, see video below on several brands selling highly-acidic water. The story here is that governments are not protecting our health possibly by design, to enrich the medical field and to end our lives a little sooner, as some heartless globalists would like things. We people are such an nuisance to fat-cat globalists. You can get your own ph tester.


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