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June 27 - July 3, 2017

Final-Seven-Year Prophetic Stage Not Yet Set

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again.

In the way that I view Daniel 11:21-31, the same king of the north introduced in verse 21 is the anti-Christ invading Jerusalem in verse 31. Most prophecy writers view this man as Antiochus IV, king of ancient Syria. That's because verses previous to 21 do in fact speak on Antiochus' predecessors, when they were warring against the Egyptians. One excellent and key thing to come of this is that the anti-Christ of verses 21-31 can be realized as fighting against the Egyptians at the last seven years of history; we are to be looking to a war between something in the Syrio-Iraq theater and Egypt, as per verse 25. Until then, the invasion of Jerusalem cannot take place.

I can understand that, with God wishing to evolve the Daniel 11 text from an ancient scenario to and end-time one, He would chose to make some of the 21-31 text fit the history as pertains to Antiochus IV. Otherwise, the text would confuse all readers until the end times. The same text can therefore apply to both Antiochus and the anti-Christ, and, moreover, it gives indication that the end-time king will be somehow related to Antiochus' Seleucid blood and/or his Iraqo-Syrian geography.

How nice it was to peruse a large Egyptian news site this morning without finding an update on faggot news. And, under president Sisi, a ruler in a Western suit, Egyptian news even favors Christians over ISIS; it would be vice-versa had Egypt remained under the Muslim Brotherhood from the Obama years. Since Sisi took over from the Obama-beloved group, Muslims fighters in hiding, often in the Sinai between Cairo and Israel, have been trying to topple him, without any luck at all. In my view, the next toppling of an Egyptian ruler could be the fulfillment of Daniel 11:25, yet, as things stand, that event doesn't look prepared at all.

Current Egyptian news even has Sisi sending Hamas gasoline in order to power its electric power plant better toward the full needs of the Gaza population. The article said that Israel and the Palestinians under president Abbas are together denying Gaza their full gasoline requirements until the population denounces their Hamas government. In other words, Sisi has the terrorist situation in Sinai so well under control that he can afford to help Hamas while the latter is determined, as is ISIS, to destroy Israel. In fact, this all goes to show how futile the Hamas-Brotherhood movements are in their quest to destroy Israel. It doesn't appear that Daniel prophecy is nearly able to find fulfillment, this year, anyway. How fast can things change?

Egypt will extend a national state of emergency for three months after the government approved President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's proposal to do so, the cabinet said on Thursday, amid an ongoing militant campaign against a Christian minority.

Parliament unanimously approved a three-month state of emergency in April, broadening the power of authorities to crack down on what they call enemies of the state after two church bombings killed at least 45.

...Egypt faces an Islamic State insurgency in the restive Sinai Peninsula, where hundreds of soldiers and police have been killed since 2013. The group has increasingly carried out attacks in the mainland against Coptic Christian civilians in recent months, killing around 100 Copts since December. daily news egyptdailynews 22 June Egypt to Extend State.htm (this URL's not working for me).

The killing of hundreds since 2013 is not exactly a huge force capable of taking Egypt down. They will need a political wave to oppose Sisi, and perhaps the attacking of Christians is intended to stir Muslim hearts within Egypt to war against Sisi. I pray this doesn't work, for even if starts to work, the strategy will become heated (used with greater passion). It would not be overly surprising to find that Obama is helping this battle onward because he took it as a personal loss when Sisi toppled the Brotherhood. I've just read that Obama took a flight to Indonesia; some are saying that he's worried about legal threats against himself as Congress questions John Podesta. Indonesia has no requirement to extradite anyone wanted for arrest in the USA.

This concept of Obama continuing to support the Brotherhood after he's no longer the president would require that Obama stashed a lot of tax-payer money for which he now has access. I imagine that he would purchase weaponry and fighters for this cause from a Brotherhood-friendly government. I don't imagine that Obama himself would make the purchase, that is, but rather that he would transfer the funds to a nation that will. In any case, as things stand, nothing appears to suggest the fulfillment of Daniel 11:25 (invasion of Egypt by king of the north) for next three to four years...unless, perhaps, the Americans start a heated war with Russia in Syria.

It's the out-of-control factor of a US-Russia war that could change things rapidly. Countries that are business friends could become war enemies overnight.

Here is what I see as a reliable scenario during the Obama years:

Here are the actual percentage-figures [for oil-product supply] on that: Russia supplies 38%, #2 Norway (the only European nation among the top 15) supplies 18%, and all other countries collectively supply a grand total of 44%. That's it; that's all -- in the world's largest energy-market. Russia is the lone giant. But U.S. President Obama's team want to change that. (Unfortunately, the residents in southeastern Ukraine are being bombed and driven out to become refugees in Russia, as an essential part of this operation to choke off Russia's gas-supply to Europe.)

Obama has initiated, and is leading, this international aristocratic team, consisting of the U.S. aristocracy and Sunni Moslem aristocracies -- the Saudi and the Qatari royal families -- to choke off Russia's economic lifeblood from those European energy sales, and to transfer lots of this business, via new oil and gas pipeline contracts and new international trade-deals, over to the royal families of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Those royals, in turn, are assisting Obama in the overthrow of the key Russia-allied leader of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, who has performed an indispensable role in blocking any such massive expansion of Saudi and Qatari energy-traffic into Europe, and who has thus been a vital protector of Russia's dominance in the European energy-market.

Simply put, American-corporate interest for Middle East oil put the screws (defeated) to a Russian-Ukraine pipeline deal that would supply the EU with more fossil fuels than the 38-percent figure seen above. The aim was to deny Russia the sales in order to cater to the American oil companies, clearly in bed with the American deep-state government, by first taking command of Iraq, and later opening pipeline routes through Syria...the real but unspoken reason to take out Assad, replacing him with a pro-American / pro-Arabian ruler.

The rise of ISIS was fundamental to this scheme, yet ISIS has its own political agenda even while it receives money / weapons from Arabia (and the USA) to do the anti-Assad dirty deed. At this point, Trump has signaled an attempt to frighten Russia into betraying Assad, but this would require Russia be dumb to the American plot explained above. If Assad is taken down in Syria, Russia might even take the country over because it knows that taking Assad down is part-and-parcel with denying Russia gas sales to the EU. This is the current situation in which prophecy experts may try to predict the future so that it aligns with prophecy.

The problem is, too many prophecy experts don't look at Daniel 11:21-31 as pertaining to the end times. All prophecy people with a pre-tribulationist bent are denying that Daniel text. I feel very alone trying to predict the outcome as things now stand. Instead, I've given different scenarios that could possibly crop up, without a good choice as to which seems most feasible. I can see Russia betraying Israel in a snap under what's happening now, though a Russia-ISIS merger against Israel is just to difficult to perceive at the moment. How long would such a thing take to materialize?

ISIS has an obvious Muslim-extremist position, using religion to fuel its wars and justify occupations. ISIS looks just like what I imagined more than a decade ago as per the fighters of the anti-Christ. While calling out for soldiers from many nations, ISIS grows by looting and scheming inside Iraq and Syria as unorthodox soldiers without uniforms, while breathing threats against Israel. It's exactly the picture I painted for the fighters of the anti-Christ prior to the year 2000. It's the picture I gathered from Daniel 11:21-31; no other prophecies formed this picture in my head. At that time (before 2000), I was convinced to a point of 90-percent confident that the anti-Christ would be a Russian arising to assist the Iraqis against American fingers in the country.

Another prophecy that helped to form my picture is Daniel 8, where the anti-Christ rises from a small power to become great. As Daniel 8 likewise touches upon the Seleucid nature of the anti-Christ, one can gather that the anti-Christ will NOT be an official representative of a typical, full-blown nation such as Russia, or it could not be said that he starts small. He can have a large country backing him (secretly or otherwise), but he can't be that country's official agent in Iraqo-Syria. This picture fits covert American support of ISIS.

The agenda of ISIS, if we ignore its oil-based manipulations from the West, is to deny the Middle East a secularist society, and to rid Palestine of Zionism. This is where Obama can squeeze in like a bad shoe. I didn't tend to follow (or want to know) Obama's plots for Qatar, but it seems a given that, where Qatar supports ISIS, Obama supports Qatar. And we can imagine the deep state supporting this very thing, though for the other purpose of ousting Assad.

The article above:

...there has been proposed, in order to promote Russian gas flowing into Europe, an eastbound Iran-Iraq-Syria-Turkey-Europe gas pipeline (but sanctions stopped that); and there was also proposed, in order to undercut Russian gas flowing into Europe, a northbound Qatar-Saudi-Jordan-Syria-Turkey-Europe gas pipeline -- those being two different and competing ways of supplying gas into Europe.

As we can see, Turkey is key in either scenario, especially if the Ukraine continues to deny a Russian pipeline to Europe. Whereas Turkey has a responsibility to the EU if it wants into NATO, the Americans are turning Turkey right off of Western love by supporting Kurds inside Syria. In the meantime, Russia and Turkey have mended their partnership, hardening the Syria stalemate so that some drastic action is needed to get Russia out of the way. If the current situation continues where Russia is unable to acquire loyalty from the Kurds, there is the option of somehow taking ISIS away from Western influence. The only way I can conceive of such a thing is where a weakened ISIS gives up on ousting Assad, and turns against Israel instead in a save-face scenario.

It would be rather difficult for Trump to try to retain ISIS with open arms and open love letters. It would be difficult for Russia to do the same while retaining favor with Assad. Russia's only current foot in Syria is its anti-ISIS position. The way I see things now, and probably the way that the CIA sees it, ISIS is turning attention to other matters besides taking out Assad. More of this could allow Russia to negotiate with ISIS, and Assad would never argue against a Russia-prompted invasion of Israel. That's the situation that the CIA is directly responsible for. That's the situation partly to blame at the feet of Israel, for it too opposed Assad. One can almost see this coming, which may explain why the deep state is acting drastically inside Syria before ISIS is totally weakened.

But Trump is, apparently, by money transferred to the Arabian side of things, trying to strengthen ISIS inside Syria. It's just logical. The only question is what ISIS will do with its weapons and those who hold them. Will it squander them in fighting Assad, or keep them for fighting something else?

The fact that the CIA turned Iraq into a Shi'ite state is now backfiring on the CIA, for it doesn't allow ISIS in Syria to escape into Iraq unless it wants to get trounced there. The Kurds between Iraq and the ISIS capital area are pushing ISIS south toward Damascus, a thing desired by the CIA only if ISIS is strong enough to do battle against both the Kurds and Assad. This southward push has the CIA alarmed, which is why Trump's military is starting to bomb Assad. It seems imperative that Assad not get to enter the war against ISIS while the Kurds are geared to handling ISIS all their lonesome. There is an ISIS sandwich forming between Damascus and Raqqa, and it's about to be eaten from both sides unless Trump does something to save it. Therein is the damning hypocrisy of the United States government, Congress included. It's part of why I despise the American and British governments. If Israel takes shade under these humanist, Illuminatish governments, you know why Israel is about to be sorely punished.

I don't off-hand have the knowledge concerning Qatar to verify the following (article above): "The Moslem Brotherhood want to control Syria, and would love to approve a gas pipeline from Qatar through Syria to Europe, to reward their chief benefactor, Qatar's royals." If this is a correct view, I can see Obama working this scenario, yet I can also see the Brotherhood in Syria wanting to attack Egypt using any support whatsoever from Obama. To put it another way, Egypt is onside with Saudi-Qatar supremacy over the Russia-Iran axis, but an Egypt opposed to Brotherhood fighters can get it attacked to fulfill prophecy.

None of this interests me at all unless it can touch upon prophetic fulfillment. I care nothing to know about Saudi plans for oil profits, or for any particular Muslim philosophy to arise strongest from sectarian warfare. I wouldn't even be mentioning Obama anymore (thank God I don't see his face daily anymore) except that I had a dream indicating that he would be continuing in some facet of power even before there was talk of his shadow government in Trump's first days in Office. This shadow government gave me the same impression I had of Obama's sneaky / wormy methods to oust Mubarak (Egypt's former president), and it stands to reason that there is some Muslim-Brotherhood element in his shadow government that has more than a desire to prosper inside the U.S. It is logical that Muslim-Brotherhood operations inside the US are, as a chief project, funding Middle-East plots with American money acquired underhandedly one way or the other.

Roughly a week ago, last Monday morning, while awaking, I saw a fast image in my mind, of a man pulling a large, stout (almost fat) mouse by the tail. The man's back was to the mouse, with the tail over his shoulder. The man's head was as tall as the mouse's belly as it was dragged along dead on its back. It confused me because I tend to view Obama as a mouse entity (reasons won't be repeated here), and moreover there was no corroboration that this vision was from God. I thought that I would tell of it, anyway, right here. The sense that I had is that God himself was about to wipe out some facet of the deep state that I've been talking about. I had no sense on who the man was pulling the mouse. It was a medium-to-light gray color, not dark.

I can fathom why the CIA permitted Obama to indulge in positioning Muslim-Brotherhood agents within his government, in return for Obama's presidential capabilities for empowering anti-Assad forces. As Trump has no desire to raise the Palestinians to power in Israel, which was Obama's hope, and as Trump hired an former Exxon CEO to be his foreign-affairs chief, we can guess what the foreign policy of the Trump bastard is all about. The Obama bastard raised ISIS, and the Trump bastard aims to weaponize ISIS in a way that a Democrat could not. A bastard is defined here as one who did not learn right from wrong from his mother or father, being equal to a man with no parents at all.

From what one can gather from the NY-Times article below (2015), written by the Qatar leadership, Qatar formed a bond with Obama and feigned its anti-terrorism position. In other media, one can see Obama stating that Qatar is anti-ISIS while being a strong partner with his administration. On this issue, one needs to read the alternative media, for the mainstream will simply report what Obama says, trying to pass this off as covering the news. Yes, it is a covering of the news, but where "cover" means to hide things. I wonder who coined the phrase, "cover a news story," and why "cover" was chosen as opposed to "open."

Alternative news says things like:

Qatar is the number one state sponsor of Hamas, the militant Palestinian group whose declared goal is to destroy Israel. The U.S. has designated it as a foreign terrorist organization since 1997.

Qatar has poured tens of millions of dollars into the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip and has provided a base for Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal and the group’s “political bureau” since they moved from civil war-torn Syria in early 2012.

...In a March 2014 speech [less than a year before the Obama-Qatar meeting in Washington], the Treasury Department’s undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, David Cohen said that Qatar “has for many years openly financed Hamas, a group that continues to undermine regional stability.”

Anyone can see the real motives in a Qatar-Obama alliance where Obama wishes the Hamas leaders to destroy Israel. It's just so blatant that Obama looks utterly like a bastard (by every definition of the derogatory word carrying the meaning of "traitor") at his news conference with the Qatari leader.

If it seems strange that Hamas is so weak even while oil-glutted Qatar funds it, it speaks only to the powers of Israel in restraining moneys entering Gaza. But it seems that Egypt plays a restraining part in this too, for the sake of regional peace, for Gaza shares a border with Egypt...i.e. making it easy to pass oil money to Hamas, if Egypt wanted to. When Egypt was under a Brotherhood government, there was a real threat to Israel, but as the Brotherhood was uprooted, it speaks to God's restraining hand. It wasn't Time yet. The Brotherhood movement didn't go away, however, and we await its next success story. Sooner or later, success will arrive when God is most disappointed with Israel, and when the nations are ripe for a great leaking from the winepress.

"Last July [2014] the Pentagon concluded a deal to provide Qatar with weaponry worth $11 billion." Okay, we can grasp that some of these weapons or others not officially accounted for were, as part of the deal, to go to anti-Assad forces. But with Obama as the president at the time, why wouldn't he take advantage and, as part of his wink in this deal, demand that some of the weapons go to Brotherhood fighters? This is how presidential bastards waste tax-payer money, and how deep-state bastards get rich off of war. Muslim in-fighting is a great money maker, isn't it?

I am going somewhere with Qatar, for Trump's recent flip-flop on Qatar needs to be scrutinized. He came out of the election win with the position that Saudi Arabia was a terror state. Then, after being escorted into the deep-state halls of brainwashing, Trump said that Saudi Arabia was a good-ole buddy in opposition to ISIS. As for Qatar, he first said that it was a friend on par with the good-ole buddy, but soon-after called it a terrorist state. Trump doesn't seem to mind being this way openly. His staunch supporters will support him, anyway, so that they never hold his feet to the fire. There are different explanations for Trump's turning against Qatar, and frankly I don't care about what the real reason is.

Qatar looks like a prime example of oil interests versus anti-Israeli interests. While opposing Israel on behalf of Brotherhood prosperity, Qatar also maintains an American military base. It's just more squandered American money for the purpose of opening up opportunities for more squandered military money. This is a beast knowing no bounds. Since George Bush Jr., the American tax-payer has been raped badly. When Obama announced the near-depression after eight years of rape under Bush, he raped the people for yet another 800 billion, and that was for starters only. And Trump? More military spending than before.

There was a threesome in the Middle East which decided to go against Qatar lockstep with Arabia, and one of them is Egypt. Here's from June 6, when Trump's military was attacking Assad as Assad was attacking ISIS: "U.S. officials were blindsided by Saudi Arabia’s decision to sever diplomatic ties with Qatar in a coordinated move with Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), current and former officials in Washington told Reuters. The United States was not informed of the decision until just before it was announced, the State Department said." Okay, we might glean that Trump turned against Qatar so as not to offend the more-important Arabia. But there may be more to this where the CIA has already caught wind of a gang-up on Israel starting from ISIS in Syria.

Let me put it this way, that Egypt doesn't want war in Israel, and that, where Qatar wants it, we can expect some Egypt-friendly nations to stab Qatar in the back, calling it out for supporting ISIS. So, yes, Trump's shadow government wants Qatar to fund ISIS, but not if it's going to start the wheels of an invasion into Israel.

Uh-oh, this out on June 27 (Tuesday this week) is unbelievable:"

The Syrian regime has dismissed warnings from the White House that it had “potential” evidence Damascus was preparing to carry out another chemical weapon attack.

...Pentagon spokesperson Capt. Jeff Davis said on Tuesday that activity at Syria’s Shayrat air base indicated “active preparations” of chemical weapons.

The Pentagon is a lunatic. Trump, the Boss, is acting the criminal with the worst potential for evil at this time. There is nothing that inform us better that Mattis and his Pentagon buddies are involved in fakery within Syria. This might not be so bad if war doesn't break out between the superpowers. In the meantime, the Pentagon lies to its people in another way, by making them believe that North Korea could possibly attack the United States. We can learn a lot here about the unjust, diabolical tactics of the American military in other wars, to create fabricated reports about the enemy in order to bully them around, and, worse, in order to attack men and kill them when they are non-deserving. If you think this is a small thing, go ahead and worship the American military, and, later, speak to God about it.

The video below, featuring a CNN leader who doesn't realize that he's being taped, is the best news-based education that you will ever have on CNN, courtesy of a real news scoop by Pravda. The latter shows how a news organization can go out on a limb to get real truth rather than just aping what the Associated Press releases to media:

The video above is a great story to expose CNN as willing, with flying colors and serious gusto, to lie incessantly, weeks in a row, about a national president if it can make the company a little extra money. Is that hideous or what? We told you so, idiot liberals. And being idiots, they will continue to watch CNN. Amazing, is it not? They love beating up on Republicans so much that they gladly slurp up the lie.

Before you celebrate this CNN wipe-out, you need to realize that Trump has his own fake news going out at the very same time, for the purpose of making a lot more money than CNN did on increased ratings. Trump, without evidence, is continuing to ratchet up the charge that Assad is preparing another chemical attack, and, by all signals in White-House words at mid-week, Trump is about to attack Assad, with Britain's help, whether Russia likes it or not. This is a thousand times more idiotic than CNN. Trump wins hands down in the moron department. There is no hope for this man if he invades a nation based on a trumped charge. Here's a video on this touchy topic:

If you're not frightened about this, see the Russian video below as to what war might look like between Russia and the U.S. The message is that, just as the Russian-Syria alliance is at virtual victory over ISIS, the Americans are sending in stink bombs to save ISIS. You in America need to read between the lines to get that message, though the Russian people know it without being told. The rest of the world will, for a long time, view the Americans as military hypocrites if they start this war against Russia.

For some passionate food-for-thought views that you won't see on Fox, see this anti-American, anti-Israeli video just for your education. These types go too far, in my opinion, but they are not far from the truth either:

In the first minute of the news report below, from Israel, we find the claim that Assad's air force has been bombing the Israeli side of the border, but this could be easily faked. I wouldn't suggest a fake but for the timing coinciding with the American threat to Assad. Besides, knowing how fragile Assad's hold on power is, the last thing he would want is to bring Israel into the war against him. My guess is that Israel wants to enter the war just as soon as the Americans get it underway. Faking Syrian bombs on Israeli territory gets the people more slanted toward that war.

I can see nothing untruthful / misleading about the following video report from Moscow, and tend to agree that Putin is not a Stalinist, Soviet-era leader. I do think it's likely, however, that just as the Americans have old-school Russophobes, the Kremlin has old-school Soviet types that don't trust America (I don't think Soviets were ever plotting to attack the USA). The latest American news for more than a year now makes the old-school Russians look like they were right, that there is something to fear about America. Everything I'm seeing today tends to prove that Putin doesn't want war, and that he feels the United States is pulling him into a duel. Yes, it appears that the Americans want a Syria duel as a trial war to discover whether they should take on the Russians in a bigger way.

Westerners are now finding that listening to RT news is necessary because American media cannot be trusted. Why should the same media that carried Russian-collusion be trusted to ferret out the truth on this American war-swipe against Russia? This has nothing to do with Assad's chemicals; it's a picking of a war against Russia. You had better stock up on food, and if you're destined to be an American fighter in the Middle East, you're being forced to kill people who don't want war. Neither Assad nor Putin want war; it was foisted upon them by the globe-trodding Americans. Not wanting to back down in Syria after expending so much trouble and money, the American schemers are now wanting to do an extreme make-over. The fear of level-headed Americans and Britons is that is that this war will escalate to nuclear. Do we have a voice in what the Trump moron is now doing? Absolutely not, for reckless Trump does what he wants, not what you want.

I've been of the opinion that Revelation 17 foretells a nuclear attack on Europe from the Russians. That view is as per my conclusions, since prior to 2000, that the anti-Christ will be a Russian. However, never did I think that American intrusion would be the cause of Armageddon. I was expecting the Americans under Bush to withdraw from the Middle East in order to allow the anti-Christ to rise there. I was, in those years, more a Russophobe than what I am now. I expected the Russian to arise by trickery in the Middle East, then attack Israel with under-the-table Russian support (with Russia feigning that it didn't know the anti-Christ, so to speak). But that scenario did not develop.

Instead, to my surprise, Putin wanted an alliance with the West, an end to the cold war, and shared globalism with respect for Russian initiatives. There was no reason to doubt that scenario, but the CIA chose against it, and wants what we now see coming to fruition. It can easily lead to both a Russian bombing of Europe, and of Russia's closing its eyes to a Muslim invasion on Israel after the Israelis enter the war against Russia.

Ok, so, maybe, it has all begun. But where is the Revelation-13 skincode? Where is the invasion on Egypt?

How will the name of a man add up to 666 without the world being alerted to the fact that he's the anti-Christ? Revelation 13 seems to say that the skincode will incorporate a 666 just because it's the number of his name, and he appears to be very popular, and militarily powerful, so that no one could possibly miss him in the news. This is problematic. On the one hand, a worldwide skincode system for purchasing seems best led by the West, but that requires the same Western entity to partner with the anti-Christ...which happens to be a picture I see in Revelation 17, where the anti-Christ hates the partner yet allows the partnership to take place anyway. Perhaps I worded that wrongly. Perhaps the Russian wants the partnership, only to see Europe spoil it and suffer a nuclear war on account of it.

It's problematic because nothing at this time seems capable of forming a West-Russia partnership. On the other hand, perhaps the belligerence of America at this time will cause Europeans to take the other option, a safer path in opening a Russia-EU partnership. Definitely, this is where things could be going, especially as many Americans (and Trump supporters) are opposed to the duel that Trump is now inciting.

A hot war against the Russians at this time is the "best" thing I can think of for starting the prophetic timeclock against Israel and Egypt. In the Bush years, when all of Israel's enemies showed desire to wipe the country out, there was lack of support from Russia, but that can now change in the wake of an American attack against the Syria-Iran-Russia partnership. I never would have guessed that the Americans could be this stupid, themselves triggering Armageddon by the belligerence I now see. That idea wasn't settling upon my mind until Obama refused to pull out of the Middle East. Then, after I was convinced that Bush was part of the 9-11 fake job, I became very open to seeing the trigger of Armageddon by the Americans.

None of this explains an American-Russia partnership. I see Revelation 17 as a Russia-EU partnership, and Revelation 13 as a US-Russia partnership. Perhaps the latter will be made by the next American president. Nothing can take the Republicans put of power fast like a world-war scenario. The Republicans (war-hawk McCain) lost to Obama due to Bush-meddling in the Middle East. The war-hawk Republicans didn't learn their lesson by losing to Obama twice. Instead, they plotted to get their man back in the White House, and here we are.

One could say that it was absolutely necessary for Trump to feign like he wasn't a John McCain in order to win the election. One reason that Trump won was due to Obama's failure to pull out of the Middle East, i.e. the voters believed that Hillary would continue the war. Trump ran like one who opposed the war, then became a war hawk immediately. So, as you can see, pro-war men lead the Republican party. They would tolerate a pro-Bush Mormon president, but would never tolerate a true Christian. And so their reward will be Armageddon, when lavish vacations for the fat cats are no more. Gone will be the lavish male and female prostitutes. For the sins of the West, the buildings will crumble, after the Creator has removed the innocent.

The irony is that, after decades of U.S. meddling in the elections of numerous nations, the Americans put out an attack for the same against the Russians in the last U.S. election. However, this charge was from the unreliable Democrats crying the blues about a Trump victory when in fact Trump turned out to be anti-Russia...thus far, anyway. But along with the Democrat voice against Russia's election tampering, the spy agencies have cried out the same, as this plays well for their war. In the same way that the Democrats provided no visual evidence for their case, ditto for the spy agencies. So, what we have is a deep state that leans liberal / satanic, and desirous of a globalism with Russia wholly subdued, altered into a pro-West state.

Globalism has no Democrat / Republican leanings. Globalism hates them both, uses them both, keeps them both at their throats. The hypocrisy is that globalists are attacking Putin for voicing support for Trump, which is nothing of guilt; it's just a global voice that's justified under globalism. Globalists will voice their political desires for other nations, yet, when Putin does it, it's a grave sin in their eyes. And Putin's only sin was to want a better partnership with the United States than it had under Obama. That is the whole of the matter. Putin made his position clear, from before the election, that he wanted a partnership with Trump in order to avoid the war that was smacked into his face from the Obama team. And here, now, suddenly, Trump is worse than Obama. This is a monster, can you not see it? It won't go away just because the news stops covering these stories.

On the side of the idea that Trump was NOT originally a deep-state operative until after being coerced, there is the video below on a hacked email from Colin Powell where he claimed that the Bohemian Grove was opposed to Trump's election. However, we need to ask how Powell knew this? If anything smacks of Republican Illuminatists, it's at the Bohemian Grove (where some Democrats attend).

Here's a photo of Colin Powell at the Grove in an RT video claiming that presidents and other powerful people were Grove attendees before becoming presidents and other powerful people. It could be very true, and, if so, this rates as deep state:

Recently, I shared a video where Trump was asked whether he ever asked God for forgiveness. He avoided to answer by telling how he's a good, Presbyterian Christian. After he finished this response, the same person asked him again the same question, and Trump was unable to lie about it. Instead, he point-blank revealed that he's never asked God for forgiveness. The question is: why didn't he lie about it? Is it because it's beneath him to admit that he has faults great enough to require pardon from God? Is it because the demon(s) in his soul is incapable of admitting need for Forgiveness? Is it because Trump thinks he's too perfect to need it? At what cost to ourselves would we be exacting to support Trump politically? Why should we believe anything he says?

War on Orthodox Journalism

Although Bernie Sanders is an anti-Christian, I would believe his story over that of the FBI:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Tuesday broke his silence on an FBI inquiry into his wife Jane Sanders, calling the probe a "pathetic" and politically motivated attack.

"My wife is about the most honest person I know," Sanders said on CNN"s "Out Front" Tuesday. "All that I will tell you now is it's a sad state of affairs in America when not only we have politicians being destroyed... but when you go after people's wives. That's pretty pathetic."

The FBI needs to fall, to be wiped clean with a new brand of people, and to be watched constantly by anti-deep-state people for infiltration by deep-state demons. If the FBI is permitted to be a political tool -- the partner of the same people who front political animals -- we can guess the outcome in an Evolutionary, non-Christian setting. The mandate of the American Christian is not to be happy with a Trump win over Demoncrats; the job is to see to it that Trump caters to God, and if not, to replace him with someone who will. If all able Christians would speak out (the Internet is cheap for this purpose), there would be an easier path to a more-Christianized society. My website costs a measly $65 annually. Any Christian can have a hundred online pages within a few years, all touching upon Jesus and a just society, all calling out the demonic voices and putting them in their place at the end of the line. People can't believe in anything unless they first hear it.

To better advance a less-Christianized society, the job description of a journalist has changed. As the trend now goes, a journalist is no longer one who goes out of the way, in creative / clever ways, to get at the heart of a matter, but merely someone who repeats what was heard from the upper levels of journalism, where the agenda is pure spin on behalf of a societal transformation, backward to pagan times. The wake-up call to Christians came when faggotry was popularized by media immediately after abortion was popularized. There were satanic colors to both movements, and it was impossible not to notice that media were playing a fundamental part, not merely in announcing the movements and their details, but in advancing the movements. The deep state, which wasn't part of anyone's vocabulary at the time, wasn't fooling Christians. They could fool the liberals and other backward retards, but not the owners of God's Truth.

A faggot living next door to you with another faggot is a great risk to your sons. If people don't hear this, it might not occur to them. People rub on people; they develop attitudes according to whom they interact with. Faggots living beside you will make you see the world more like a faggot. Faggots spread faggotry. Maggots beget maggots, and maggots take to wings, then eat shit. Ditto for the faggot. It is an uncomfortable topic that I would prefer not bring up, but, once in a while, it needs to be said because there are whole governments spreading faggotry as a good thing. A faggot living beside you, man, could be eyeing your body for sex whenever you are working in the yard. He could befriend you, not telling you that he especially likes it when you bend over to pull out a weed. Yes, this is faggotry next door. I think that every person espousing faggotry should be forced to live next door to some, on both sides on the house. Now that would be very good justice.

They would like to jail me instead of jailing the faggot, just because I use the word, "faggot." They prefer that I use a respectable term, but I prefer to use "pathetic animal." A faggot is very near to being, or already is, a child molester. But, my government would rather punish me for speaking like this. This is how you know that Christians need to speak out against demonic minds ruling over us. The reason that journalists are no longer journalists is that Western governments want the media this way, as mere mouthpieces on behalf of governments in the act of transforming society.

It is predictable that anyone speaking out in a massive way, or even in a little way, will likely be placed on a list that is stored for future use, where the list has headings such as "fundamentalist / evangelical Christian." In fact, all Christians can already be on multiple lists in the government alone. They would be ashamed to reveal that such lists exist, and they would have prepared, canned excuses for making them.

Here is where the deep state has taken things:

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Tuesday, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) asked a panel of intelligence officials whether his communications had ever been swept up when he was talking to a foreign leader abroad.

“Am I entitled to know?” he demanded. “Am I entitled to know if my communications were collected?”

The officials — from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the National Security Agency, the FBI and the Justice Department — struggled to answer the senators’ questions, in some cases saying they could better reply in a classified session before the same panel on Wednesday.

The article goes on to say that, in Bush's last year (2008), a law was passed where American spies could spy on persons abroad. This may sound fine to the American ear, except that the spies could also spy on the Americans at the other end of the communications...meaning that all political talk (by congressmen, White-House people, etc.) with foreigners can be legally intercepted without warrants. That is an awesome power to wield by organizations who routinely kill political opponents. This is the fall of a nation into an abyss of chaos and wickedness. Trump is at the White-House helm as much spy-related wickedness pours out into open view, and, guess what? He seems to be fine with it all, so long as it doesn't touch him. It did touch him, but he's fixing to have it touch him less. Good luck.

There are three ways to use private information: 1) by revealing it only to the person that the spy agencies are attacking, to get him/her to alter course on a program; 2) by revealing it to the news to assassinate his/her character; 3) by killing, or almost killing, the person. All three can work to alert others that the same fate can be theirs unless they do the will of the deep state. This is where the major media have been for a long time. It's not enough to attack the major media with the charge of "fake news." Trump needs to attack the deep state responsible for the fake news. He wouldn't attack the deep state openly, if he was smart, but would identify the ones who do the deep-state will, and then remove them from their positions. In the meantime, Trump can discover who the deep-state chiefs are that manipulate the politicians.

It can't be too difficult to do this if one has the spy system at his disposal, which is why Trump needs new spy chiefs that can be trusted to do this important job in unison with himself. When one has the spy system now operational, he can first find the deep-state puppets/victims, then watch their communications to identify the higher-ups all the way to the top, if possible. A president at this time can thus cripple the deep state seriously by denying it easy communication with its puppets (willing or otherwise).

The other alternatives are for Trump to cower, or to jump right into bed with them, in both cases to let the deep state continue. To decide where he stands on this question, we watch how Trump expresses his thoughts on spy corruption. Another way to judge Trump with this is whether the spies themselves fight to retain their current spy rights. If they come out to allow less access to unfettered info-gathering, it signals that they wish to deny Trump those powers, likely because his administration is using it against the deep state. But the article above says that the spies are fighting at this time to retain their liberal spy rights, and, in the meantime, Trump plays their game of faked terror in America. This does not smell good on Trump.

There are all sorts of faked scenarios that the FBI / HS can give Trump to convince him that the American people need to be monitored to avoid chaos, and that special spy rights are needed for the purpose. Then, after getting the wink from the president, they go off and spy on political opponents, including those on his own team. That tactic isn't going to work anymore, is it? Can Trump be that stupid while he brags on his cleverness? Ok, Trump has won the initial battles against Comey, but there has got to be more to come against him, unless Trump raised the white flag, caving in. As the majority of spy rights were won based on the threat of Muslim terror, Trump has the fundamental problem of catering to that tactic exactly. Trump may as well be George Bush in this regard.

We have all been conditioned to accept Google's ability to track our browsing history. But I reject this power. For its justification, Google claims that this power is to better assist its advertisers by discovering what we most value, and, besides, Google wants us to believe that it's a service to ourselves by bringing us ads on the things we most value. But this spy potential can be used in exactly the same way by political spies and those Evolutionary creeps trying to engineer society on behalf of deep-state demonism. Google is very-much about societal engineering; we can spot it a million miles away.

With all of these forces against us, their war over us is hardly won. They may be winning in the sense of openly spewing, with high-court sanction, their sinful garbage at us, but the war is not won until we all embrace it. The more they spew, the more we reveal it as garbage, the more that people take our side. If we don't speak it, people can't take our side. A media / academic monopoly is necessary to make people embrace sin, but we now have the Internet. Use it while we still can.

Google has refused to give us the right to remove all ads from our webpages should we so desire to. And things are expected to get worse as time goes on, as Google creeps devise ways to make more money than Google already makes. Eighty billion annually is not yet enough for this demonic beast. Even the EU showed / proved Google corruption; this big-news video is out this week:

Game-Changer; Rolling the Dice

John Podesta is testifying in a closed-door session this week, where Senate Republicans have the ability to get some damaging material out of him, at the threat of his jail time. This damaging material can fix a great deal of the current problem, yet, alas, this is a Republican farce because the premise of the hearing is that, in fact, Podesta's emails were hacked by the Russians. I have yet to see the evidence that the Russians hacked DNC emails, yet this is the premise, probably because it plays further to the victory already hashed out by Trump on Russia-collusion.

The Podesta emails may have been may stolen by Seth Rich, but, so far, I'm not reading that the Republican questions will be geared to discovery upon that angle. Nothing in the questioning seems capable of revealing the leaker. The questioning will be centered around Podesta's reason for disallowing the FBI to investigate the hack. In fact, why didn't the FBI insist that it had a duty to investigate the hack if Podesta was correct in blaming the Russians? It all smells of a false accusation against the Russians, what the deep state does best. The closed-door format allows the Republicans to ignore questions on who-done the hack, leaving it as it is now: a false accusation.

In my opinion, NOTHING can help the cause of president Trump like a revelation that the DNC / Podesta had Seth Rich killed for leaking DNC email boxes. Not only does it tear Russia right out of the picture, lumping Podesta and his assistants with fake-news-Russia, but it puts a horrible stripe across the DNC as an organization willing to murder one of its own for merely leaking. But after Sean Hannity started to bring Seth Rich to topic, only to have Fox put the ice on it, I started to wonder on various explanations, and I'm not yet sure what to conclude on how deep Fox is with the deep state, but being pro-Republican, generally, it suspects a Fox link to the Bohemian Grove. You won't find me in error to say that Fox news is an indispensable arm of the Republican war machine in the Middle East.

Mark Dice shows as an unorthodox reporter, a little like Alex Jones at times. In the next video, Dice goes against Sean Hannity for refusing even to discuss, over several attempts, the many reports concerning the dark nature of the Bohemian Grove. It could be a red flag against Hannity, begging the question on why he is ice upon this topic. To justify his refusal, he goes way overboard by portraying Dice as nuts. Anyone investigating the Grove, as Alex Jones portrays it, will find good reason to see it as a secretive society. The very fact that it's secretive with high-level Republicans in attendance should make pro-Republican news people want to talk about it, to get to the truth on the matter. The more controversial, the more a talk-show host like Hannity should want to discuss it.

Dice got a reception equal to that from Hannity when calling Bill O'Reilly. I understand that Dice was being viewed as harrassing the two shows, but, on the other hand, he was asking fair questions, and both men at Fox could have given intelligent answers...unless they were under the gun from their bosses never to discuss the Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg group. We are told that the elite go there for a long party, and that the mock human sacrifice they begin with is a frying (putting off) of the routine cares of life, nothing more sinister than that.

The video below features a 1981 news report on the Grove, where we see some guests including Bank of America, and CIA heads.

Mark Dice turns out to be a post-tribulationist, as I found in this video:

Hmm, I just saw a video from Alex Jones selling survivalist items, and, hmm, the many freak-out scenario's presented by Alex Jones does play a lot to post-tribulationism. To be fair, I don't know what Jones' religious positions are; I'm skeptical, that is all I can say at this time. Here in the video below is a "young" Jones in 2008, after he snuck into the Grove to take a video of the mock cremation.

There are a number of videos claiming that Jones is a counterfeit working in reality for American Intelligence. The picture they paint is that Jones specializes in disinformation intended to mislead conspiracy theorists away from the truth (can explain Jones' wildest theories that sound insane), and that he's recording / exploiting every important person who's opposed to the deep state. Here's one such video:

I don't know Jones well enough to give a conclusion. But I have heard from him some nasty ideas on the highly-ridiculous side that could support the charge that he starts with a truth on any issue, then sails away to lalaland, bringing his audience there. On July 1, he featured a caller/speaker saying that NASA is shipping children to a building on Mars for to make them slaves. While Jones may not have outright agreed with this idea, it's possible that this is an excellent example of how Jones makes stupids of his audience.

Another fruit that a fake can procure for the CIA is to make all conspiracy theorists look nuts, which may explain why Jones brags about being the conspiracy-theorist king (if the world thinks he's nuts, so the world is apt to think about his inferiors). There is yet another fruit that a fake can procure, by causing others to spread the lunatic parts of his messages, such as Hillary Clinton eating children.

At other times, Jones is very convincing in his sincerity, and says things that I and others can heartily agree with, but maybe this is simply part of his game in luring the audience away, or exploiting it for profit.

If Jones is a fake, then we could explain his secret entry into the Bohemian Grove as a trick, a sensational kick-off to his career to lure in the unsuspecting, or a special aid for the launch of his Internet greatness. If Jones is a fake, why shouldn't there be others? Here's Jones routinely displaying himself as one who takes ideas off the top of his head, which can give the masses the impression that all conspiracy theorists do the same:

If we ask why the Intelligence community would want a Jones pointing fingers at itself, or serving to reveal false-flag operations, one could say that Jones is not the first to point the fingers, but that he waits until others do, then gets in on the action to mislead, if possible. Moreover, it would work to the benefit of the deep state if people are made to think that it's far-more powerful than it really is. Jones can serve that misconception. But even if the deep state is secure enough to pull off a thing like 9-11 without having a number of its people jailed, it doesn't mean that the deep state is too much to defeat. If it were secure beyond defeat, it wouldn't need to murder anyone to protect itself.

In the end, murder brings it into God's judgment, and He knows exactly how to defeat it, painfully. If the deep state lasts but one or two generations, that's a dismal failure precisely because it had achieved exclusive powers. What went wrong? It was wrong. It is its own problem.

By Thursday, news came out that Trump's travel ban on a few Muslim nations was supported by all supreme-court judges? What does this tell us but that even the Democrat judges are in favor of passing this thing that works to the Muslim-scare agenda of the deep state? Yes. Trump must be flying high now on the drunkenness of hollow success. The travel ban will accomplish zero to protect the nation. The worst-ever threat comes from those who create the scare, for it tends to insult American Muslims, or to make them feel subdued. This travel ban has more of that effect to boot, simply because it angers Muslim / Arab / Iranian Americans. And, finally, there would be no Muslim scare had not the American military become entrenched in the Middle east, and here Trump is prepared to force very-deep entrenchment with a war against Russia.

Let's consider this war. Russia shoots down an American jet, or vice versa. What will Trump do? By force, he will need to send more military to the region, because Russia will do so. In the long-term, the race to dominate militarily will sky-rocket for years to come, and alliances will be formed unto a world war. In the short-term, everyone will start biting their fingernails. It's your dream come true, isn't it? Yes, and you have no choice because the Trump bulldozer is here, roaring at this very time with what he thinks are talented powers within himself to succeed. Trump has beaten up on the DNC, on the Clinton circle, on Obama's judges, on the FBI, on big media, and he's won all of these wars as well as insulted the EU in the process. Now for the big one: Putin. Trump sees his opportunity to become a god in the eyes of the world, but it looks like it will need to be over Putin's dead body.

On Friday (30th), I caught wind of a story from the NRT news agency in northern Iraq. Earlier in the week, NRT claimed to see helicopters landing in ISIS-held neighborhoods, and, then, on the 29th, this came out:

SULAIMANI – Footage shows seven military helicopters flying over an area under Islamic State (ISIS) control near Hawija in south of Kirkuk, with at least one landing in the ISIS-held area.

The seven helicopters were seen near the village of Saadiya in Hawija, which is under the control of ISIS.

NRT reporter Rokan Jaf said one of the helicopters was a Boeing Ch-47 Chinook type and that the helicopter landed for an hour in the area.

The Boeing CH-47 Chinook is an American twin-engine. It is used for troop movement, artillery placement and battlefield resupply.

According to the footage, the six other helicopters, which were Apache and Cobra types, were guarding the Boeing CH-47 Chinook while it was on the ground.

Peshmerga commanders in the nearby area told NRT on Thursday (June 29) that they had no information and no cooperation with the military helicopters.

Deputy Commander of Peshmerga forces in the frontlines of south Kirkuk, Hiwa Abdulla, told NRT that the helicopters didn’t land in Kirkuk province.

Other footage shows the helicopters in the skies of Koya in the east of Erbil on Tuesday (June 27) as they flew towards Kirkuk city.

I've quoted the entire article. The Americans have responded by saying that they had no helicopters in that area on the days sighted, and that any charge of collusion with ISIS is a farce. Of course, I expect the Americans to say just that. And a leader of the Iraqi Kurds denies any Coalition involvement with ISIS, but what might the Kurds know about such a thing? There are parts of ISIS that are expendable for the U.S., and other parts that are vital for defeating Assad. I expect the U.S. to bomb the non-vital parts in a show of anti-ISIS bravado.

It's obvious to me where Mattis is going with this war, attempting to turn both ISIS and the Kurds on Syria. Trump's foreign chief just came out to say what was expected, that the Kurdish referendum on Iraqi-Kurd sovereignty is opposed by Trump. Part of this position is to retain strong ties with Baghdad, but it also spurs the Kurds to defeating Assad, for, once that's done, at least some semi-sovereignty can be achieved in the New Syria. Denying the Kurds a state in Iraq causes Kurds to fight for one in Syria, and having seen that Assad won't stand for a Kurd province, the Kurds are ripe for being turned against Assad. But, so long as the Americans are feigning a fight against ISIS, it's not politically safe for their Kurd allies to turn against Assad openly. There must be at least one obstacle yet to be removed before Mattis unleashes Kurds against Assad. The Turks, for example, don't want to see a US-Kurd victory over Assad, for this gives Kurds an upper hand in forming a New Syria.

Another obstacle to date has been the too-strong position of ISIS. The Americans realize that they can't take down Assad with ISIS too strong, or the world will frown on ISIS having a top-dog position in the New Syria. This too-strong-ISIS scenario had restricted the U.S. military under Obama. But if the Kurds can weaken ISIS sufficiently, some other Sunni factor can be pushed in by the international slobs (drooling for Middle-East power) to head the New Syria. But this speaks to yet another obstacle (in turning Kurds against Assad): the Kurds feeling used by the U.S. when the latter seeks to hand more power to the Sunni than to the Kurds. The Kurds have already heard that they will not get special sovereignty rights, in either Syria or Iraq, from the U.S.

As soon as Kurds are let go against Assad, if ever the green light develops, the Kurds will no longer need to fight ISIS. That is, Kurds will acquire the excuse of being preoccupied against Assad, and with this move the U.S. hope would be that ISIS and all other Sunni will pick-up the war against Assad all over again. The longer the Kurds are allowed to go after ISIS, the worse things get for toppling Assad, leaving the Americans about one sane option: to secretly promise Kurds special autonomy in Syria if they dethrone Assad.

There is an insane option: the Americans find an excuse to go after Assad all their lonesome, which is what Mad Dog seems to be working toward at this time. There is no reason, however, that the Americans can't try to get Kurds to turn on Assad in the meantime. The following could be playing to that plot: "U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said [June 27] the U.S. may need to supply weapons and equipment to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) even after the liberation of Raqqa from the Islamic State (ISIS)." The Kurds don't need more weapons even now, yet Mattis wants them to have more after the ISIS capital is retaken??? What's going on in secret talks between he and the Kurds, anyway?

Mattis and his spokespeaople don't give the public more than one or two sentences of "news" apart from re-re-remention that their fight is against ISIS, for this is necessary brainwashing against the story all others tell, that they are in bed with ISIS. Over and over again, Mattis and the rest tell us they really-really-really are fighting against ISIS. You need to shut your mouth, Mattis, because you drool like a maniac when it opens. Go ahead Mattis, show the world how insane you are, attack Assad and North Korea at the same time. Or, just shut up...and tell Trump to shut up while you're at it. The world doesn't need to play with nuclear fire, as you are, at any time, least of all when you're crying the blues about losing the Syria war to Russia.

Is this war against Assad just about American pride? Will pride bring the world to Armageddon? Doesn't Trump strike us as an egomaniac?

Apparently, NRT has had some large effect on the local population, for, on June 30, the Kurds had to speak out the following after Americans denied being in the area: "A Peshmerga commander said seven military helicopters seen flying over an Islamic State (ISIS) held area near Hawija, south of Kirkuk, were on a private mission. Wasta Rasul, a Peshmerga commander south of Kirkuk, said during a press conference on Friday (June 30) the helicopters were from the Iraq-U.S. Joint Operations and they conducted a private mission. “They carried out the mission successfully,” Rasul added."

Okie-dokie, so what we apparently have here is the questioning of the American military, by upper-level Kurds, on the sightings of these craft over ISIS territory. We note that there is nothing said by NRT about ISIS firing at the helicopters, or vice versa. Recall that one Kurd official denied any landing on June 29, for this story has changed too. Yes, the Pentagon has come out admit a landing, and this time we even get a faked reason for the landing:

Saeed Kakaiy, who was an advisor to a former minister of Peshmerga, said during NRT News Panorama on Thursday night (June 29) that the helicopters were American and they went to the area to rescue a group of humanitarian and intelligence sources in the Abasiya district.

“The fighting threatened the lives of the intelligence sources of the United States and three of them were to be executed,” he noted. “The operation aimed to rescue those sources in the district” (article above).

Ah, er, how would Kakaiy know such details unless the Americans put it into his head? And since when does the military release such details, unless it needs them to cover what it was truly doing? The article goes on to tell what the Americans had previously denied: "Seven military helicopters landed in a few ISIS-held areas on June 25, 27 and 28, according to footage NRT obtained." Not just one, but seven of them landed. Last I heard, a helicopter can't land unless it first gets close to the ground i.e. within a hail of bullets and other metal things from ISIS. But if the Americans were there to conduct talks with ISIS, we can easily explain the ability of seven helicopters, or more, to land and take off again without one deadly incident.

In my opinion, a high-level American delegation landed with protection from other helicopters. The thing coming to mind is the Russian report that Baghdadi had been killed, requiring a new ISIS leadership. ISIS might inevitably struggle at choosing a new leader without forming a schism, and the Americans want to assure that the new leader is a man of their own best choice, right? We don't need to hear direct from the Pentagon to know that much.

RT headline late this week: "Russia, US & China able to join forces in tackling global challenges – Lavrov " Lavrov is Putin's spokesman, at least at most times. We can see here that the Russians are playing an anti-war, partnership game, and it's not necessarily without substance. If Mattis attacks the Russians, the world will likely side with Putin due to his gentlemanly attitude in the face of Western slobbery. For further success by this attitude, Putin would go "easy" on American military bases inside Syria. If the world sees Mattis as the one starting this war on a faked charge, Putin would feel that he has recourse to maintain Russian presence in Syria even if he loses the first skirmish against the United States. If Mattis is thinking that Putin can be scared away, I don't think it's going to work, but this must be why Mattis is now playing the hardball game.

Germany is not altogether happy with further sanctions against Russia:

A US bill threatening to sanction European companies taking part in construction of a Russian pipeline is seen as unacceptable in Berlin, Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said, especially if it actually aims to push America’s own gas exports.

“We deem it absolutely unacceptable when a bill demands that Europeans give up on Russian gas so that they could sell American instead, at a much higher price,” Gabriel said in Krasnodar, Russia, on Thursday as cited by Handelsblatt daily.

The Germans are talking sense, and exposing the Americans for the hypocrites that they are on this gas issue. Mattis is nothing but a brute for the American oil men, and the Germans cannot all be so short-sighted that they can't see the American purpose in Syria. It is no small matter for the U.S. to lose the support of Germany in this duel against Russia. Germany appears poised to blast the Americans on their take-over of the Ukraine, for not all Germans, surely, are blind to American purposes in the Ukraine.

The America-first attitude wielded by both Mattis and Trump shows egg on its face with a look at the bill involving the new Russia sanctions: "'The United States government should prioritize the export of United States energy resources in order to create American jobs, help United States allies and partners, and strengthen United States foreign policy,' the bill says, as cited by Bloomberg." I can see why the Germans could get the impression that sanctions against Russian oil is a boon to American-oil sales. Does anyone think it's perfectly dandy to sabotage an entire county (Ukraine) in order to spoil a Russia-EU oil pipeline? As a Christian, with friends in the Ukraine, I cannot accept this tactic no matter who carries it out. We have got to choose for the right, even if our own country is choosing the wrong. "German Chancellor Angela Merkel also called the bill a 'peculiar move' while Gabriel released a statement saying that 'Europe's energy supply is a matter for Europe, and not the United States of America!'" Not according to blunt-faced Trump.

Russia has a rightful expectation to have business relationships with nations on and near its border. Not according to US-faced NATO.

If Trump thinks he has rights to be in Syria fighting ISIS, so does Russia even-more so, for Muslims line much of the Russian border. And if Putin feels that he has a good partner with Assad because Assad provides Russia with a naval base, how can war-faced Mattis disagree? Now many military bases do war-faced Americans have? And if Russia wants to have relations with Assad because Russia would like its pipeline across Syria, is that any reason for the Trump train to start a world war over?

How will a Russian pipeline through Syria and the Ukraine, when it's feeding Europe, create war tensions between Russia and Europe? Doesn't it speak more to a solid business partnership? Alas, all the giants in the globe are Meant to fall, and here we are seeing that the biggest giant is creating the schisms between giants that open the cracks to its own Hell.

Here's Trump late this week engaging in what the world may be viewing as a bluff: "'We're working closely with South Korea and Japan, as well as partners around the world, on a range of diplomatic, security and economic measures to protect our allies and our own citizens from this menace known as North Korea,' Trump said." Yes, but N. Korea hasn't damaged the world 1 percent as much as the other menace, the United States. Imagine if N. Korea were in Syria seeking it's own pipeline there, killing Syrians by the 100s of 1000s in order to get merely that oil prize. But N. Korea hasn't done anything like that.

If you want to sit through seven passionate minutes of anti-CNN, a popular topic this week, here's one:

It's been my opinion for years that God's judgment starts with the House of God, then moves to judging (exposing) its enemies. We saw corrupt evangelicals judged over a period of many years while the liberals scoffed, ignoring their own sins, but, hopefully, the time has come to judge (expose) the CNNs of the liberal / Masonic / satanic world. It's been two days since Project Veritas exposed one CNN manager/producer, and roughly a day after a second CNN producer (with foul mouth) was secretly taped calling the voters (read CNN viewers) "stupid," but CNN has not come out to do a story on those managers. Instead, CNN supported them by saying that CNN honors diverse opinions. "Diverse"??? Is that all that CNN has to say about it? It just buries the company in cheapness all-the-more. Don't worry, CNN, there are too many liberal junkies for you to go bankrupt. They love your junk, are addicted to it, and you know it.

Does the New Earth Challenge Your Faith?

I really like the Christian article below, written well and addressing the coming world in King Jesus, albeit He comes with a new name. You may have noticed, too, that the Bible doesn't tell much on what life's specifics will be in "Heaven." If we go by the symbolism in Revelation, well, it's symbolism and not necessarily a literal reality. Even with the symbolism, however, there may be little reason to doubt that the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21) is a gigantic city cubed, as high as it is wide, and several hundreds of miles high...but what's that? The NIV has a footnote saying that the measurement is 1,400 miles. There's no air in the present earth at the heights of this future city, but, we are told in verse one, there's going to be a New Earth.

Does anyone want to tackle this "problem"? It assumes that people will have anti-gravity abilities, but how do people move around and live in a city that tall? What exactly could be going on in everyday life? There is no hint at all. I don't imagine anyone hanging out the laundry on a line from their apartment balconies.

Mankind is to believe it, or to rule that the author of Revelation was a fake prophet writing fiction. There is nothing anyone can tell another about Revelation to prove that it's truly God's message. We don't even know for certain that the apostle John wrote it. One needs to appeal to the inner self alone to decide on this matter. It's a toss-up, and one needs to be a Spirit-filled believer even to come close to taking it seriously. Serious Christians are not over-challenged, however, by the Revelation-21 picture, for they (including me) fully realize that this earth is a pilot project / boot camp from God, and that evidence exists in the Creation to show that God is very capable of creating a Revelation-21 reality. If he can hang planets in orbits, and make flesh think and talk, we believe that he can also make a spirit body beyond the comprehension of the best physicists. In fact, we expect it.

One should never tackle Revelation apart from knowing the rest of the New Testament intimately. It becomes clear that the writer of Revelation's seven letters has a doctrinal viewpoint conforming to the Apostolic writings. But the rest of the book has many completely-new pictures foreign to the words of Jesus as we know them. However, the main theme of Revelation, Christian persecution and the eternal reward for endurance, is mainline Jesus. And within the prophecies, there isn't anything necessarily out of conformity with Old-Testament prophecy. But even if the writer of Revelation was a sincere and devoted church leader who devised a fictitious book, our faith does not hang on this book.

There is nothing in the Bible that even tries to explain the New Earth and the spirit body. Paul could only convey, without details, that flesh bodies will be replaced by spirit bodies. Jesus was able to walk through walls, but I cannot comprehend it. In my mind, it is impossible for any matter to penetrate matter by such a thing as walking through walls. Fine, it tells us that spirit bodies are not made of atomic matter, or at least not of any atom / molecule species known to physicists. I can comprehend the possibility even while I can't explain the mechanics. It's not beyond the realm of possibility for God to make a spirit material that modern science cannot grasp.

Just try to imagine the dead from their graves, arising with new bodies regardless of what fate took place to their bodies, and you will be challenged. After every dead body has fully rotted away, except for a few mummies, there will be life, the promise of Jesus. The Old Testament does not stress life after death; it's more like a training ground for living a life acceptable and pleasing to God. But with the appearance of Jesus, wherein the topic of resurrection is central, we start to find a turning of Biblical topics to the future Age. We should not mistaken the few examples of the post-Armageddon world, found in the Old Testament, with the New Earth. There are yet flesh bodies on this present earth after Armageddon.

The writer of Revelation doesn't include scenes from the human, post-Armageddon world, yet he does introduce the concept of a 1,000-year period on the present earth prior to the New Earth. It's a very logical scenario in which the devil is "chained." The implication is that Jesus returns to form a working government in place of the wicked governments now ruling, and that evil behavior in the world will be replaced by the dictates of Jesus, whose main agenda is to please the Father. If we ask why God would bother with this intermediate period, I would guess that it's (partly) to allow the births of countless billions more for inhabiting the New Earth, which, by the way, comes with a New Universe...which may not be black, as we see it now. I expect it not to be black.

I've got to assume that the Millennium will continue with the use of electricity, and that some key technologies will be introduced by God, though not exploited by wicked men forcing the world to pay maximum prices for it. Free solar power should actually be free, what a concept. But technology will take a back seat on the importance scale to moral integrity. The work of Jesus will be to instill moral teaching, and it won't be complicated, nor burdensome. The earth will not be complicated under God's authority. We all understand playing fair in a community situation; the problem is, many people don't play that way on this side of Armageddon, and it's the selfish brutes whom have historically ended up in power.

So, we can figure out the intermediate period easily. People will still need to eat and cure illnesses; death will yet exist. They will need to work to keep fed and dry, and warm or cool. Some will have more than others to call their homes, and there will probably be taxes to pay for government workers. There will likely be disputes and courts, and some criminals too may crop up, yet everything will be laced with far-more honesty, all people will be under the gun (so to speak) to perform as Jesus wills. There will be punishment for violating God's laws; it will be an earth filled with many nations (Isaiah 53 speaks on many kings) all geared to rulership by Theocracy, the very thing that is obscene to the wicked of today. You don't need to look far today to find a person mocking Theocracy.

The only "problem" I see with a Theocracy is that God won't allow me to do as I please. I won't have the right to practice diversity. For me, this is not a problem at all, but it is to those liberals running CNN. They are at war with God even before they experience his Government. They already know that they don't want it. They prefer to support the case of the faggot to practice diversity than to support the Rightful Creator, whose anti-queer position is perfectly normal. God doesn't want men and women to be queers. Perfect normality, I like it. Bring it on.

And mothers should not kill their children while they incubate in their own wombs, no more than a mother should kill anyone else's child. Perfect Rule of Law, bring it on.

And women should not prostitute themselves nor receive money for posing sexually, etc., as this is degrading even by modern standards. Shame on women, and shame on the police, addicted to porn. I was under the impression that God made woman to be the angel-factor in a dog-eat-dog world, yet feminists have become the she-wolves. Where are the women calling out for the angel-factor? Has angelicism gone out of style? Yes, it has, thanks to liberal media. Forget the angelic, the modern liberal woman wants to be more like Madonna. Everything has been turned upside-down, and it's no longer news. Everyone knows it, and half the globe wants it that way. This is why Jesus is likened to one who makes the curved paths straight; it's equivalent to turning things right-side-up.

If the filthy condition of this world doesn't bother you in 2017, you had best take a long, hard look at Lot's wife. If you don't feel within yourself a sense of loss for the human family as per the wicked flow of this generation, I question whether you have God at all. Never mind anything else until you get God first. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all else falls into place. It's just so easy, for the willing. It's not work at all to obey God, for the willing; it's undesirable work only if the soul rubs against the will of God.

The article below stressed the coming Kingdom: "The real Jesus of your Bible came preaching the message of the Kingdom of God (Mark 1:14). It was not a 'fluff fluff' gospel about a warm feeling in your heart or about just 'accepting' the Person of Christ. Rather, it was about the soon-coming Government of God which will bring genuine peace, prosperity, health and happiness to this sick and confused world." There are many ways to write that thing, and the New Testament (Hebrews) itself touches upon it where it spurs us to leave the elementary teachings about faith, moving onward to the purpose that faith was Given in the first place.

One of the first things that occurred to me when I accepted Jesus was that faith in Him, or human connection with the Spirit, is a natural human capability. It takes work to remove the Spirit from ourselves, not work to receive Him. God made human connection to His Spirit like our natural ability to breath the air for life. The Spirit is everywhere that the air is, and people may connect to the Spirit even though they don't know Jesus. God welcomes it when anyone connects to the Spirit, and he expects us to desire this Living Water. It takes work to reject it, until the conscience is dead. The Spirit enables people to have the sense of right versus wrong even before they find a rich understanding of Jesus. However, there is a difference between this general connection to which we apply ourselves, and the receiving of the Holy Spirit as poured into us by a special act of God.

Unfortunately, my description above on natural connection to God can be rejected in favor of a scientific explanation that goes something like this: people today have been engrained with Christianity so that they develop a Christian conscience, but this is not the Spirit of God acting in their minds because there is no God. That's how humanists (read fools) see things, and this viewpoint has been havoc upon Western society. The wicked need to work hard to maintain this viewpoint. The least we can do for Jesus is work to comparable levels to defend Him.

The Millennium can be viewed as damage control, or a period of making reparations, but, ultimately, it's a period for glorifying God. To put it another way, God feels the need to clear himself from the charges that the wicked have brought against him. For example, the charge that He's cruel, or the charge that he's not really righteous, or whatever their demented minds can dream up. So, He will pour out his Spirit on all flesh (see Joel), just as soon as Armageddon subsides, to make a distinction between this world and one governed by God from the souls of men. Now, the souls of rulers are drinking the Dark Water, from fallen angels, but later the rulers will drink the Living Jesus.

The article above wants to point out that the death of Jesus, and the forgiveness thereof, is not the most-important thing. Rather, it was a method to establish control of the planet by Spirit-filled servants. Even so, the ultimate purpose is not to glorify God, though this is necessarily the first thing on the agenda. The ultimate goal is Life in whatever way God has planned, or will plan, for it.

By "glorify", I mean to substantiate His worthiness to rule. We rejoice where our Father is proven worthy (justified) to rule, and we wish that it could take place today before all of our enemies so that we too can be found justified in supporting Him. AND, TRULY, this day that we hope for today will occur eventually, and it will be a great-fireworks display having a similar effect on all people as one could predict if it were to happen toady, July 1, 2017. But if we are not fighting nor struggling to call out / resist the wicked, what glory will there be for us when that Day arrives? If we are fitting in and going with the flow, what good is knowing that Jesus died for our sins? Do we want eternal life while rejecting the essence or material of life that God himself has destined? Do we imagine a type of eternal life of our own creation that isn't what God has planned?

I guarantee you, people in God's kingdom will not be eternally dressed in white robes. These robes are symbolism in Revelation. The particular symbolism is made obvious. The robes are churned out through sufferings at the hands of our enemies. Aside from the fact that the wicked will rob us of money as best they can prior to the 666 commercial system, they will force us into poverty situations for years by use of the 666. In the meantime, they will ridicule us, cause us to fear retribution unless we go with the flow, but this is all God's choice for us in order to glorify us with greater magnitude. How brightly would you prefer to shine on that Final Day? That's what the white robes mean, the brilliance of the glory.

But let's not get carried away, for we are, most of us, not extremely righteous, not extremely deserving of speakable glory. We get washed, white robes, that is all. But, even so, their will be our personal glorying in the Victory. It's like the sense of celebration with a team winning the most-important Game of History. The one who works hardest in the game gets the best Thrill of Victory. There is not much to be bored about with the dim near-future. But it is dim. And dim is depressing. But get your football helmet on, because we are going to crash things up a little as they come crashing down upon us. They burn against us even now. We can be thankful that Trump is not a Christian, or they would burn still hotter in our direction.

The good news is, their fire is a spiritual nothing, unable to hurt the stable Christian. The bad news is, their bodies can hurt our bodies, and once their cherished society appears threatened by Christian activism, they can decide to hurt our bodies, illegally but "legally" because it'll come from the top. If it were from mere thugs on the streets with the police on our side, there would not be much concern, but God has arranged the powers themselves to hate us.

The battle is not the one between Trump and CNN. The battle is between God and CNN. This is the game that we are to play, not the game of supporting Trump. He won't be the only one exposing the liberals. Long before president Trump, Christians were exposing liberals in head-to-head combat. We expect that God will be our quarterback, and he may throw us a long ball over our heads so that we are unable to reach and catch it as we make the dive. That's typical of God, to stretch us in failure. We don't mind the thrill of the dive, but it hurts to find the ball just out of reach with an anti-climatic ending. If it were going to be easy success, we wouldn't get better at anything. But God is a good coach who would have us try harder until we reach perfection, even if it takes a million years. There is the time, but is there the will within us?

God can celebrate the one who goes for the dive even if he doesn't finish the play because it's beyond his control. Pity the one not taking the dive, not trying. Jesus spoke to this in the parable of the ten talents, implying that God is hard on us, expecting some effort. Effort comes easy when we are involved in a competition with team players. The team spurs the team. The prospect of victory eggs us on in effort. We are not fighting for money or merely a stupid bowl, but for a whole species of society that our enemies wish to rob from us.

There is little most of us can do as compared to CNN, but the Internet allows us to do something, and that's why I'm on here. You can say anything for God on the Internet, just as you could when sitting in front of someone at their table, yet you won't often have the green light to say it in most instances at their table. Here, I can say it, and let the person at the other end read it, or not read it. But here I'm making my dive, not because God wants me to, but because I want to. I want to support God. I like Him. Go ahead, make God's day, try liking Him. Chances are, He'll make you fall in love with Him. What you've always desired from a soulmate, God is all of it and more.

I can tell you exactly why you have "failed" for God if you've ever tried to serve Him. It's because the guy that catches the long bomb is proud of himself, not recognizing that he caught it mainly because the one throwing the ball did it excellently, right into his arms. So, God throws the perfect ball, deserving the credit, but we take the credit instead just for catching it. To keep us humble, he arranges failures (it's a no-brainer) in the midst of the successes that He operates through us.

It's true, God is tough on us, making life a little dull because we are not winning games all over the place, but, instead, we must watch the stupids win more games than we are winning. Yes, but this is to set up the Final Bomb, when Jesus goes for the long dive and grabs the ball with one hand while crossing the goal line. Our failures are for making contrast with that One Play alone, and, don't worry, all hands, yours included, can then be raised in the air in a Global Roar. That's what Revelation is about, and this is the Glory of the One who Paid Death that we might roar. So, please don't forget to roar. Note that Revelation has "voices" in "heaven" in the midst of the lightning / thunder at Armageddon. Our voices?

The reality of what Jesus accomplished won't be a rocketing reality until he appears with his church in the sky. No steeples or fine clothes will be there, just bare-naked bodies of a spirit kind, neither male nor female. I can't tell you what you'll be thinking in the sky at that time, for a period of days before Jesus brings the throngs down to earth. I can tell you that Israel will be restored at that time, without fat-cat money strings, and that someone will need to rule the earth on behalf of God. Some will be over ten cities, others five, and they will all be able to walk through walls in order to spy on the secret plans of surviving fat cats. How fun that will be, to put those types down, to give them as they deserve their jail time. Did Jesus suffer at the hands of his enemies only to rise above them? Ditto for us.

When Israel mourns at that time, ever so sorry for rejecting Jesus, the plates will be set up for a special meal. As Jesus said, the 12 apostles -- the rulers of Israel -- will drink the cup of His Blood at that time, like the passing around of the Trophy from which we all get a sip of champagne. The far-reaching results of the Sacrifice will be vivid at that time.

So, is it good to be political or not? Well, it depends on the meaning of "politics." If it means political in-fighting for the quest of becoming top-dog politician, no. We see this every election. But in God's Millennium, God will likely appoint "politicians." In that regard, we can benefit the Kingdom later by understanding justice and proper procedure now. Knowing right from wrong is essential when ruling. While the courts decide whether people have acted rightly or wrongly, and urge correction by sentencing, yet the politicians in the field are responsible for conducting society in the right-versus-wrong way. A ruler is to be a governor (an open tap) for the right, and a blockage (shut-off valve) for the wrong. The judge acts as the ultimate blockage if the hand of ruler isn't heeded.

In a kingdom where most subjects are agreed in the Spirit of God, controversies, the mark of our modern day, will not arise much at all. The bond of the Spirit to the citizenry could be viewed as a continual party for all. No task master will crack the whip to make the employees work harder because time is money. Try to imagine a world where bent money-making is itself a chief abomination. How would your workday change under a government like that? The condition of the world at this time speaks to the authenticity of prophecy. There is hope. Share my attitude. Go for the long bomb for victory's sake. The victory is coming, anyway, the only question is how much we'll appreciate it. I'll appreciate it more if Jesus appreciates me and my work for Him. If not, I'll be ashamed.

More than half way through the article above, I love it. It is bang-on. Then comes the heading, "The Reality of Christ's Coming World Government". Shudder. I always thought that "world government" was a dirty word. Those who love the word don't want to see "Jesus" in the same sentence, let alone as the king of a coming globalism. And this is why globalism today is ruled by God's enemies, to create a power-punch ending on the day that Jesus is glorified. Happy is the word. Jesus will be made very happy by the Father, we just couldn't grasp the whole of their mutual love. Do the many rulers of globalism have love for another? That's a joke, right?

On the other hand, the people of God are commanded to love one another so that the entire Kingdom is based upon it. You don't get that with our modern world, sorry. It's hopeless because of greed, competition, lust, and human limitations. The liberals lie when they say this is the best they've got. In truth, they have access to God, but don't want Him. They prefer the end of the world, and of life for all, rather than to see Jesus on the world throne. The anti-Christ (openly opposed to God) is the manifestation of that very attitude, and that's why Revelation 13 is important where it says that the masses honor this character. The importance of the 666 is to show proof that the masses applaud the attitude of the anti-Christ against God.

As I said, God is tough on us. He's asking us to die rather than to receive the anti-Christ. It's far easier to die for Jesus when we have 100-percent assurance that he is the Son of God. But what about those who haven't that level of faith? I suggest that the more-important question is: why don't some have strong faith? Jesus said that the end times will test faith, and so the solution seems easy enough: build my faith. But wait. I'm not at all sure I can build my own faith to any strong level for the purpose of laying down my life for Him. I think I would rather depend on God to give me sufficient faith, at the moment of need. But doesn't God give faith only to the deserving? That is, if God is unhappy with our life in Christ, might our love grow cold, followed by a weakening faith? I can see that. I teach that strong faith depends on the quality of (how much God appreciates) our works, and I define "works" as our life or "walk" in Christ.

Coming to Jesus is only a first step. There are many more steps and trials before salvation is secured. Some say that once a person accepts Jesus, they are eternally secure/saved, but I think that's incorrect. A person can feel eternally secure as a gift of God, because that person is pleasing God (generally, for the most part). This is great, thank you, Lord. But I hold that some people accept Jesus with little root, little passion, and then fall away. You can't argue with that, it's obviously true. Others feel that they would never fall away from Jesus, and this brings the sense of eternal security, which is exactly what it may be. Yet it is possible for some to believe that they are pleasing God with their works in Christ, only to discover that they were not pleasing enough or at all. A good example of the latter is a false teacher / prophet who speaks false things for Christ.

We are saved by believing, but we are not saved by believing only once or twice. That would be ridiculous. We must continue in our belief until the end, and with belief, we also apply the words of Jesus, otherwise belief is in vain. It's a shame that some believers have made this simplicity an issue at all. It is not for me to claim salvation for myself. It seems rude or even dangerous for me to say, "self, not to worry, you are saved already because you believe in Jesus." Yes, it's important to believe and feel saved, but God is looking at your stuff, not your belief alone. What about saying something like, "Lord, please help me to be acceptably obedient to Jesus." Faith is all over that statement, and it shows the right stuff too. Hopefully, the prayer is sincere.

The article above seems to be taking the position that king David himself will be the Millennial ruler, which may be implying that Jesus is not visibly in the Millennium. When Ezekiel says that "David" will rule the Millennium, he's merely a symbol for Jesus. David is the one who conquered Zion, and Jesus is from his bloodline. So, David was Permitted to conquer Zion because Jesus does the same, taking it from the anti-Christ. It is possible that the anti-Christ will be Prepared from a line of Jebusites that ruled Jerusalem when David took it. It is amazing to ponder what David's role will be in the Millennium, or even that of Abraham, Moses, etc.

David, when he slew the giant of the Philistines, could have been given that prize because it represents the end-time invasion of Hamas on Jerusalem. One could say that the atrocious attitude of Goliath was peculiar to the attitude of Hamas today.

I don't think we should go overboard on the love that Jesus commanded us. When we take care not to be harmful to others, we have fulfilled one third of it already without lifting a finger. Another third is to be helpful to the needs of others, whether mental, spiritual or physical. When someone asks you for help, or if you can see a need, offer it so far as you can. It's common decency, easy as pie...unless you have a selfish disposition. The last third of love is to eat together, spend time together, get to know one another, accepting / appreciating one another. The latter is the purpose of church, or at least as church (in one another's homes) was fashioned in the first century. Find a home church near you if church buildings rub you the wrong way. You have a right from God to be there if you are a believer; they have no right or Command to reject you. Don't go there to take; think about giving of yourself.

Beware the cults. Cult leaders reject all churches but their own, which is like hatred / murder in disguise. They cover all churches with roughly the same blanket of insufficiency. All churches are accused of having damning problems, from the pastors on down. How can anyone know this? Has anyone been to all the churches? Has anyone gotten to know all the pastors? Yet, the cults put a blanket accusation over them all. Clouds without rain. Beware being like that. Yes, all churches have problems, but it is not ours to reject them all on account of their problems.

Jesus wants unity, not division, and so we don't want to come down on the side of divisive. If there's a doctrinal problem with a church / denomination, don't reject the church entirely...unless it's got evil doctrine (many do). Some churches in a denomination can reject the denomination's wicked doctrine(s). In my opinion, the papacy is itself an evil doctrine. Take off that stupid crown, Mr. Pope, and get real. You are just one of us, and even less than us because you made yourself first, because you allow men to address you as "holy father." Are you nuts? Don't you know the words of Jesus? Robed Catholicism with its ritualistic approach wants us to think that it's frighteningly sacred so that people won't criticize it for fear of God. It's a sham.

You don't have money to feed someone? That's okay, because you can feed spiritually. People with little money make the best candidates for Christian teaching. Don't teach by being an advocate of correct doctrine, with all your articles geared to putting others down who don't take your point of view, for this is a program in causing division. There are things more important than whether "David" in Ezekiel's endtime prophecy is David or Jesus. We don't want to spoil fellowship (spiritually murder a brother) based on this disagreement. Our agenda is Jesus' agenda, which is to learn the right from wrong for the purposes of advancing human relationships. But if we spend our time causing divisions, how does that support human relationships? There is a solution: teach the right doctrine without banging the church next door on the head.

There is something to be said for letting doctrinal differences slide, though this is not a hard rule because some doctrines must be protected. It's just super that you want to be a teacher of God's word, such a great thing, but just remember, God can judge you by comparing your own performance with your own teachings. Every pastor / preacher has this cloud hanging over his head, and this is where the grace of God needs to excel. Paul called himself a fool because he taught the perfect word of God beside his own performance that failed at times. The irony: a teacher can't teach inadequate things in reflection of his own failures. A teacher is required to teach the absolute-correct thing regardless of his own performance, yet God expects teachers to have better personal performance than the average believer. If you don't have it, don't be a pastor.

On the other hand, we all teach one another from time to time if we're concerned about the progress of the Kingdom. What better thing to teach than what a particular church is lacking? You don't even need to call it "teaching." The Catholic church lacks a humble figurehead; it's a warning, not a teaching. The liberals lack God and are ruining society; it's a warning, not a teaching. Catholics vote Democrat: it's a warning, not a teaching. There is a difference between the shepherd and the watchman. The latter cries wolf. There are many online watchmen crying wolf to liberalism, but, strangely, many support Trump. It's got me affected. It's like taking the sheep to the bear pen while crying wolf. Hello?

Here's Trump's UN ambassador on Saturday: "'The United States and the international community must respect the desire of the Iranian people for regime change and recognize this right,' she told Fox News in an exclusive interview from her group’s headquarters outside of Paris." Interpretation: The Iranian rebels have the right to topple Iran because the West doesn't like Iran. So, they find and fund rebels from any country they seek to topple, and demonize the nation openly, which results in the nation spewing hatred at the West, which only feeds Western justification for toppling it. Hamas was breathing threats against Israel simultaneous with the same from Iran, but we heard of no Western plots to topple Hamas. That's because Gaza doesn't have wealth to seize, isn't it?

The Americans must be asking why they should let all their old weaponry go to waste when replacing it with new, and what better way to use the old but to topple weak nations like Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran? It's super business for the fats cats who cling to, or control, the military establishment.

So, Trump is very ambitious for toppling and nation building. What other message can we get from Haley's words above, coming at the same time that Trump wants to bask in the glory of taking Korea and Syria. Look at Haley's craftiness, shifting the blame to topple Iran to the rebels, making it appear that the West is merely an incidental / secondary support base: "'The overthrow of this regime, the mullahs' regime, is the responsibility of the Iranian people and resistance. Nevertheless, we want the international community to stand with the Iranian people.'" Is Haley nuts? Will the West topple Iran at the same time that Trump goes after Syria? I'll chalk this down as wishful thinking on her / Trump's part.

Meanwhile the West allows 9-year olds to watch porn freely, like a sacred cow, excellent for killing God within their souls throughout their youth and into adulthood, until their dying day, if possible. Porn and its byproducts (rape, adultery, child molestation) is in the DNA of the West. By far, it's spiritually safer to live in Iran under the religious there than to live under the Iranian rebels who would model their society after the West. Yes, the religious Iranians would kill Christian bodies, but the West kills Christian souls.

Also on Saturday, word came of the liberation in Aleppo (Syria's far north) of ISIS' last stand there. It seems that ISIS never wins anything. It's loss after loss in both Syria and Iraq. I never read anything anymore in the news about the old Syrian rebels once supported by the United States and hanging out in Aleppo as best they can.

It crosses my mind always that the destruction in Iraq and Syria has been decreed by God because he saw the hearts of the people, desirous to throw the Israelites from their homes and their country by warfare. I don't mention this much because I don't know whether it's God's doing. But even if it is, I don't pre-conclude that the West is some holy tool of God. Not anymore, anyway.

Here's a younger Trump saying that the planes could not possibly have gone clear through the Twin Towers:

By knowing that planes cannot penetrate those steel buildings, Trump also knew that 9-11 was an inside faked event. One step after that conclusion, it's a natural no-brainer to realize that George Bush was involved in the event for to create the excuse of starting Middle-East intrusion. Here's Trump on that touchy issue, mincing words because he wants to win the presidency, but still saying that it was stupid to start the Iraq war. Yet, today, after a couple of months under CIA brainwashing / fear mongering, Trump is looking like a CIA tool for the same Middle-East agenda he once blasted:

You need watch only the start of this Alex-Jones video to see that pre-elected Trump makes a terrible hypocrite out of president Trump:

Here's Alex Jones telling on Trump's pre-election promise to expose the real people that took down the Twin Towers. I realize that, even if he were doing this, it would take Trump some time and a lot of luck. My problem with Trump is that he's willing to go after Assad in the very way that he opposed Bush's Middle-Eastern intrusion. I my opinion, a president needs to be fired by a special counsel for doing something contrary to what he promised, if he can't give a good reason for it. Pre-election false promises are a reprehensible big deal.

Now that CNN is more-proven than ever to be a faked-news outlet, let's revisit 9-11 in this short video to show how CNN was complicit with the 9-11 fake job. And remember, a CNN producer just came to the news telling that CNN viewers are stupid:

I watched the first four minutes of this next video twice, which suggests that 9-11 had to do with Trump on multiple factors. In the third minute, ask why the three sheep have numbers on them at all? Earlier, note the two instances of the 9 and 11 mics. Trump, they say, once considered purchasing the Twin Towers, which may have been at the time when the city was already half-decided to take them down by standard demolition. In the meantime, the military was brought in to fake a terror attack on their demolition.

Just came across a very-short video showing two pieces of excellent evidence that the Apollo moon landing was a hoax. Trump, whom has seen the hoax videos, and therefore knows the landing to be a hoax, just advanced NASA not many days ago. This guy is a snake, isn't he?

Ten minutes of truth, time to let go of nationhood:

It is depressing to admit that the American nation isn't what you've always thought, that, instead, the leaders are fakes caring nothing of the population. There is a societal war in the West happening right now between the conspiracy theorists accused of creating false news on little evidence, who want to wake the people up to the fact that the true fakes are the rulers of the establishment. It's a perfect recipe for the break-down of American society, but this is not why Russian agencies are contributing to the recipe. It seems that the Russians would not be feeding it if the establishment turned kind toward Russia (doesn't say much for Russia).

In the latter scenario, there would be less chance of eradicating the wicked deep state that is a vital establishment organ. For the long term, it is better with Russia helping to expose the deep state. It's what a lot of conspiracy theorists have wanted, for Putin to open up and tell what Russian Intelligence knows. Yet, this is risky because, well, can be trust Russian Intelligence? If Russia shuts its mouth so long as the deep state plays kind toward Russia, how trustworthy is Russia. I watched Putin shut his mouth all the time that he was asking for a partnership with the West. Only after the deep state attacked him furiously has Russia come in to attack the deep state. So, don't knock it, it's helpful to the parts of the United States who want the deep state crippled.

One thing about fat cats, they won't last long in a tough situation. They wouldn't want the breakdown of society, or a civil war not of their own making (i.e. controlled). That too is a good thing. So long as the conspiracy theorists are on the attack, behind a sudden breakdown of society, the establishment won't call for martial law without thinking hard, or unless they have no choice. Martial law for the purposes of silencing conspiracy theorists is too risky for fat cats who like to have constant access to societal pie. Martial law will be a ticket for the enemy to begin a protracted war throwing dirt on American pie. I don't think it's correct that the deep state wants martial law and the related breakdown of society; sometimes I think that Russian agents are secretly pushing this scare.

If the deep state has plots to conduct a controlled disaster, through a population-control program, for example, using an EMP attack of their own designs, we can be thankful that conspiracy theorists have arisen and jelled just in time, who would complicate the controlled program, thus forcing, hopefully, the deep state to scrap the project. To put it another way, God has the last say on deep-state designs and programs, and, right now, I think that God is exposing them. Certainly, their choice to go for Putin's jugular has backfired in every way, with lots of soot on the deep-state face. The fiercer the deep state fights Russia, the worse it gets for them. Rather than the deep state successfully urging the Russian population to attack Putin, as is the deep-state design, the Russians are urging Americans to attack their deep state. So long as the deep state exists, there will not be an end to this global conflict. The deep state is the fat worm who robs the American worker on behalf of American globalism. The deep state is the superior "American" agenda that transcends and/or infiltrates presidential teams.

If you would like some traditional / raw journalism on the issues I cover, see Vice News. I am not very familiar with this youtube forum. Here is Vice's second video on the ISIS attack on Mosul. This video tells that Iraqi commanders abandoned Mosul as ISIS flooded in. Russians would have Iraqis believe that ISIS was made strong suddenly by American weaponry i.e. the Russians would have Iraq turn its back on Americans. That scenario is still doable as per Iraqi partnership with Iran.

If you watch Part 4, you see an Arab asking whether there was a deal between ISIS and the Kurds, at the time that ISIS was wanting to conquer Baghdad. That too can be construed as American fingers in ISIS. The Russians would therefore use this as evidence of Americans seeking the fall of Baghdad for to establish Sunni leadership over Iraq again, in efforts to keep the Iranians out. The failure of ISIS to topple Baghdad forced the Americans to feign a fighting against ISIS, if the Americans wanted to keep Baghdad in their hands i.e. from going over to the Russians. The important question at this time is: what does Baghdad think of Trump's attacks on Assad? Does Baghdad think that the Americans are attacking Assad in efforts to save ISIS? The Russians would tell Iraq exactly that. And Iraq's great embarrassment when fleeing ISIS in Mosul tends to remind the country that it should more than disapprove of the Americans, especially now that Iraq doesn't need the Americans much.

In a nutshell, the American deep state, if it attacks Assad, risks losing Iraq to the Russian axis. It opens a situation for an American invasion also on Iraq. If that sounds ridiculous, it's no less likely than Trump's sudden turning on Assad. We all know the reason for that turning, and the same deep state at the root also wants full control of Iraq, if possible. There is nothing good about current Middle-East progress. We might say that the Muslim population hasn't seen anything yet.

To put this another way, the fall of Iraq that I see in Daniel 11:21-24, from the invasion of a highly-successful army, may be upon us.

Here is a seven-minute digest of where we are, in case life has made you forget:

Below is the second Vice-News video I've seen of the Crimean rebellion, showing the American deep state in the process of losing this war too. Here is the first video. Not much has been going well in opposition to Russia, predicting for the short term that Russia will fight on rather than shrink back. Is this a time for Trump to play aggressive?

The deep state lost the Crimean war when they used the tactic of demonizing the Russians for daring to put boots on the ground in someone else's country while the deep state was doing exactly that in Syria. Russia went all the way and annexed Crimea, getting away with it.

Here's one reason that American military spending has sky-rocketed in the Middle East. It speaks about hiring private armies, which may signal that the owners of private armies may be more reliable (obedient) than some official, American military brass in following deeps-state orders. It really stinks of conflict-of-interest, globalist coups / assassinations / etc. for which the American tax payers are opposed. This is more-or-less identical to the deep state keeping safer in doing dirty deeds by hiring assassins. And these private companies can be turned on Americans, of course, for political purposes. Private contractors don't necessarily work for sheer money, for every human has political / ideological values.

Below is a video of a Christian gone amuck in patriotism. This time, he's a Canadian. He's firstly opposing prime minister Trudeau for his global-oneness program, but why does the speaker link the call for Godly values with patriotism? What does the table of Canada have in common with Jesus? At roughly the 6-minute mark, he shows the Canadian Coat of Arms, and claims that it's about Canada's traditional ties to Jesus, when in fact it's a Biblical text twisted out of context as though the text were about the Canadian geography. If this "Christian" doesn't understand that much, he shouldn't be speaking for Christ. In the same way, there are countless Americans claiming that the USA is traditionally of Christ when the early Americans were themselves twisting scripture out of whack.

Take my example. I lost readers for opposing Bush. I chase liberal readers away constantly. I lost others for calling the American military a demon. I lost more readers for not worshipping Trump. I lost others for sounding like I'm pro-Russia. I lost others for claiming that the moon landing was faked. I lost others for claiming faked events starting with 9-11. I've never had a large readership due to my post-tribulationist position. I'm far too religious for the world class. I've said that Canada is a spiritually-dim country. I've called American Christians to severe heartfelt ties with the United States. The only thing I've got to depend on for any sort of success is, well, God. He either makes my work worthwhile, or I bust. It's all-God or nothing for me because this, in my eyes, looks like the only way to meaningful success.

When Jesus indicated that we should obey the laws of the powers, to pay caesar what belongs to caesar, He didn't mean that we should be patriotic toward caesar. Patriotism is of the heart, a love of country. It seems to me that the only country we are to love is the Israel of God. It also seems to me that any nation putting Jesus off is not to be loved. Trump's "making American great again" does not mean that Jesus is in view. So, be smart, be lonely, go with God alone, and you shall not be disappointed.

Canada is between two seas, and, often, a Canadian will hear the phrase "from sea to sea," as a reference to Canadian glory. In the Canadian Coat of Arms, a Biblical text is used where Jesus, in the Millennium, will have rule from sea to sea, from the Mediterranean to the Dead sea. Canada took that scripture for its own purposes, a wicked thing to do. If there is a Christian not understanding this simple thing, shame.

I've long resolved to see society go to ruins. It's inevitable. I no longer get my sanity or happiness from society, and especially not from any future hope promised by society. It's better this way, trust me. We could be at the anti-peak of a downward turn in morality now, before it peaks normal again in 25 years, to be followed by more ups and downs through another 300 years, but, could anyone stand a world as bizarre as even the next downward turn promises? It all looks like there will be a super anti-peak at a soon-coming Armageddon.

It is the privilege of a Christian to take a starkly radical position, not to be a mainstream player. Whereas this depressed me at one time, it is now wonderful in my sight. But it's more like mud to go only half way, to adopt love of nation as well as love of God. It is the nation that foments and maintains the present mainstream. The main has not been a natural product, but a manufactured one. It is wonderful to be the underdog headed for the last-minute victory. Just you wait for it, the thrill will not disappoint.

It is not ours to incite the overthrow of the nation, but we are free to have no love for it. We can love people, but love of nation versus another is not recommended, for God has citizens in every nation. Who is the dummy that thinks God loves his/her nation more than another?

As citizens, we have the right to contribute in the replacement of current leaders; it is not treason. As Christians, we now have the privilege of speaking out against the evil ruler, knowing that we come down on the right side. It's perfect, it feels good, it is good, it does good. This right to speak publicly for Jesus, which was not allowed when caesars ruled the world, is thanks to God's enemies in the so-called Enlightenment, for they arranged free speech in order to speak on behalf of alternatives such as secret societies, and, later, on behalf of evolutionary fantasy, sin and finally against Christianity as a lot. We can now use it against them, for the time-being, anyway.

If they dare censor us, bango! We have them in God's trap. And they have censored us already, a sure sign that God will take up our case. What do we think God is doing if not watching his own fighters? We can never be opposed to sin as much as God is. The ruin of the wicked deceiver is His pleasure, and for anyone that sides with God, it will be their pleasure too. Nations can have nothing to say against us, for they must at least pretend that they are for the good. They have developed an image of Godliness even while they have no love for God. Therefore, we shall have no love for nation. If the nations do battle against Jesus, we shall reject nation because God would be offended otherwise.

We don't need to break one law when we reject nation. To define this rejection, it means that we do not honor it. We choose to look down on nation purely because it is evil. We call the nation out as evil, to repent and do true good, to acknowledge God as Creator and rightful ruler over all, and to have all laws reflect the words of Jesus. If Muslims don't like it, too bad. If atheists don't like it, too bad, because the alternative for the nations is Certain Punishment. We can't advocate or proclaim anything but the entire will of God. It is sorely deficient to adopt pluralism / secularism as a fix-all for a diverse world.

Freedom of speech should never mean that people are free to use profanity online. We reject nation because the nation doesn't punish this at this time. In fact, nation allows the most-disgusting porn to corrupt all of its citizens, meaning that nation has failed in the task of protecting the citizenry. It would be an easy matter for the government to lock a computer from access to the internet if vulgarity originated from that computer. The computer can be allowed to the Internet again once the owner promises not to use certain words.

The wicked are intent on spoiling everything for all. The wicked received their green light from the nation years ago, and are now exercising their craft freely. No sooner does a Christian praise Jesus for an event that some wicked person uses profanity in the very next post. This is the modern nation. It cannot wash its hands clean of what it allows others to do in the name of Internet freedom. The nation has every right to create a clean Internet in just the same way that media, though wicked, provide clean news casts, or in the same way that teachers have the right to demand clean mouths in a classroom situation.

The Internet has gone well beyond verbal vulgarity. The guilt lies on the nation, and the nation cannot hide behind the courts who permit freedom of expression to the point of porn, if the nation has a superior law in honor Jesus. That is, if the judges are under the words of Jesus, neither can they rule that porn is permissible for any reason. But by the very rejection of Jesus, the nations have permitted courts to give sin green lights all over the place. The guilt is at the top of the nation, the lawmakers. Muslim nations are far better in this regard than Western nations, and shall we be patriots? You are kidding, right?

How possibly am I to honor my country while my country is a sin gusher in my face? It's impossible to be patriotic for a righteous nation that doesn't exist. Can I perceive nation as worthy of my honor while ignoring this gusher? If you can, it makes me scratch my head. My nation would argue that it has progressed from Christianity to something far better. My nation would say that Christianity is an out-moded tradition for old nannies. Am I at war with my nation? Not as much as my nation is at war with my God. That's where the war lies, and that's where the stroke of death arrives. In the midst of nation murdering God, a Backlash. My only wish is that I can be the whip. I want to be right there when the Deathblow comes, whatever its form. Alas, this right belongs to the Son.

I just know that there are people who share "my" views in this regard. I see these people all over the Internet, and of course they are not my views, as though I originated them.

I've predicted that liberalism in en route to popularizing child sex, and here we can see Canada moving snakily in that direction:

Shame on my country. It's going toward orgies on the streets for the sheer purpose of provoking Christians to anger. I'm past the anger point. I'm now at the laughter point. I'm at the point where I care nothing for these enemies of God. There shall be no pity on the final stroke upon Sodom. I no longer hold out hope for society, seeing that its bent, from the top down, on going in this provocative way. My attitude now is, hurry up and bring it on fully, get it over with.

Perhaps the Christo-Republican Council for National Policy (secret society) is responsible for much of the patriot-love Christianity going around. It was founded by a pre-tribulationist (Tim LaHaye). Wikipedia's article at the link above suggests that this Council elected George Bush in 2000. Interesting here is that "Other early participants included W. Cleon Skousen, a prominent Mormon theologian and founder of the Freemen Institute; Paul Weyrich..." It's pre-tribulationists in bed with the cults, including loony Moon. Whoever you are, you and God alone are more powerful than the muddy alliances in the CNP.

Why won't the country pay me for my children to attend a school of my choice? There can be no acceptable answer. It's just a matter of money. The public school system tabulates the number of children attending, then sets a money figure on the cost for that number, and finally it acquires this amount from the state, i.e. from me and all other tax payers. If 20 or 40 or 60 percent of the people choose not to send their children to public school, the costs go down for the public system, and so it can give the savings to those who want their children to be schooled elsewhere. The liberals have been up in arms against this FAIR argument because they need the public schools to brainwash MY children to their "values." The last thing they want is for me to have the choice of sending my children to a Christian school. Well, when my country treats me this way, I call down the judgment of God upon it, and He hears it. You will never catch me patriotic to a country like that.

It's not just that the country refuses to give me my own tax dollars for my own childrens' school costs, but that my country insists on taking the minds of my children and teaching them the things I don't want therm to know, and this is said to be on behalf of the state, because, they say, children need to be brought up suitable for the state. Well, let me tell you, patriotic Christian. If you don't get your one foot out of your nation, it's going to Fry. If you can't yet see that you must not touch your country, I can't possibly see what good you are to God.

Jesus said that you can do nothing unless you remain in the Vine. We need to take that for what it means. It doesn't mean you can't do absolutely nothing. You can. You can be out of the Vine, and you can build skyscrapers, or a thousand other things. But the meaning of Jesus is obvious: you can't do anything for God unless you remain in the Vine. But if you have one foot in your nation while your nation spits in Jesus' face, don't you get it? Can you be that daft? Do you have illusions that Christians will turn any Western country into some theocracy?

It's one thing to fight politically, and celebrate victories over the anti-Christ left, but quite another to go about it as a patriot. You need to deem the nation what it is: evil. It's not just the liberals in the nation that are evil; it's the very government. It's the government that won't let your brothers and sisters have their fair share of society. It's the government that seeks to torment you with sinful society. It's not the time to call people to patriotism. This is a ruse from the wicked, those who want Christians to blend in peaceably / supportively with a national flow not of God. We can't do that. We can't be helpful of sin. The nation is trying to force us to do that which we abhor, on top of robbing us of our children. There is no choice but to let your feelings and concerns be heard by God. Let the incense rise into the nostrils of God. People don't birth children so that they can grow up to be good tools of the state. That's Soviet Communism.

For what are you patriotic? For the way things used to be? It no longer exists. The reality now is that your Western nation has forsaken your desires for society, and therefore your will should merely be a changing of the guard. By now you know that dependence on politicians is in vain. It's much better to fill the Internet with plugs for Jesus, and warnings to our enemies that God will punish, for this is a pleasing aroma in the nostrils of God. And he will answer without fail when he is pleased. God seeks glory at this time, and the type he seeks is to be vindicated for his righteous ways. To secure the best protection for yourself in any government-launched tribulation, stand up for Jesus as you see the government spitting in His face. The darkness fears nothing more than Jesus.

The damned prosperity gospel, to lure you into prioritizing well-being and wealth in the midst of a societal takeover by the darkness is a stench in God's nostrils. God's not asking us to do the impossible. Just stick up for Jesus. It doesn't matter that we can't win the fight for society on this side of Armageddon. What matters is that we show ourselves clearly on the side of Jesus. I shall not respect faggotry; I shall not respect a government that permits porn and prostitution, drugs and disgusting musicians, actors and comedians for our "entertainment." I shall call the government out for facilitating sins of all kinds while prioritizing the economy and the nation's well-being. Trump is all about that, and we can't fall into that sin at this time. It is not the time to make American great again; it is the time to stay clear of its Judgment. Do not touch this thing.

To put it another way, only God can bring a nation to health by changing / disarming / destroying the evildoers responsible for societal illness. We therefore depend on God, not on politicians. How do we get God's attention so that he will destroy the darkness? We don't need to. He knows all about it before you were born? He's not unaware, obviously, and so there can be only one thing to do: speak out, watch your statements get rejected and abused, and glorify Him by so doing. Give Babylon twice as much pain as she has caused you. Tell Babylon that you stand for Jesus, and for a society Ordered by Jesus, and this will bring her pain.

Tell her that she's about to be burnt to a crisp if she doesn't heed your message. You don't need to mince words or be overly sensitive about it, for she has no sensitivity toward you. You have heard her speak in the Madonna's of the liberal world. Entertain yourself by standing up for Jesus. Laugh, rejoice, shout, have a great time being rejected, for God will find it useful on the day of Glory. Every spit in your face will convert to a boulder on the head of a demon on that Day. Stockpile your boulders today! While there is still time. All you need is passion.

Aside from how Bill O'Reilly would define "patriot," there are those using the term in opposition of the liberal globalism seeking to kill nationalism. Obama is a part of that kill movement. Here is an excellent opportunity to use a different term that alludes to Christ, accept that many anti-globalist Americans do not respect Christ. There you have the problem. How deep should Christians go in uniting with these patriots? Can a Christo-patriot union predict that some anti-globalists will falsely pass themselves off as Christians?

Whenever we ask ourselves whether the fragile planet should be placed in the hands of Christians, and the masses note that Christians are generally not holding the higher ground in world-class institutions, so what? It's not the look of Christians that counts, nor their moderate money levels, nor their courage, capabilities or even their resolve to tackle world problems that counts. It's their God who counts. He's the one that makes change for the better or worse. Hope and change rests in Him. If the world but honors Christians as a tactic to honor the one Creator of all, the world can get through the current chaos.

Alas, as Muslims persecute Christians, the Middle East will disappear behind higher flames. God has known from the start that Muslims (not all) would destroy both Jew and Christian if they had the opportunity, and ditto for Obama's liberals now seeking to make a come-back under the craftiness of Obama. Good luck, stupids.

Let's all be global-warners. We're not here to fight globalism with bullets, but to warn of God's displeasure of liberalism and fat-cat oil goons. Liberals love mother earth while destroying morality. Oil men love money while using the people as slaves. Which do you prefer to be your rulers? We saw how the oil men raised oil prices to the sky simultaneous with the real-estate scams from the bankers, and we saw the government of the USA doing nothing to curb the high prices. We saw the government coming down on the side of normal market activity as per supply and demand. This hurtful nonsense is where we are headed, again. For a time, oil prices are down in efforts to subdue Putin's military powers for Middle-East intercession, but we can expect their ropes around our bodies yet again. We have hope in God, who can preoccupy the globalists on both sides of the political nightmare, keeping them from advancing their overly-malicious programs.

Aha! On July 3 from a Kurdish media:

According to the Syrian Observer website the daily stated that the U.S. has seized the control of the airport from the Kurds on the pretext of reforming the airport and is preparing to undertake a ground attack against Syria.

Witnesses have told the daily that U.S. forces are renewing that rebuilding the airport and American helicopters are using the airport.

The daily quoted Alexi Chepa, the deputy chief of Foreign Affairs’ Committee in the Russian Parliament, as saying that the event proves that the U.S. has not set aside its plan to out the legal government of Syria.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated the airport from the control of the Islamic State (IS) at the end of March.

I've not read anything like this, where the Americans have had to seize something form their Kurd allies. And it comes just after the airport had been in ISIS hands, suggesting that the Americans wanted it in ISIS hands for to attack Assad. We now have the prospect of the Kurds rebelling against the Americans, unless they join the fight against Assad. But there is also reason for the Kurds to suspect that the Americans were phony all along in their anti-Isis stance. Taqba is about 25 miles up-river from Raqqa. The Kurds have wanted Taqba for their own quasi-state in Syria. This American show of force against Kurds is more bad news for the already overly-complicated Syria project.

Sputnik on July 3: "According to the Polish foreign minister, the construction of a US missile defense base in Poland will be completed in a few months." Why would Poland announce this openly unless it's a stoking of the fires in Russia's face. Poland appears to be willing to see a war on Russia.

Doing a Bing search this morning on "taqba airport" fails to bring up one Taqba page (on the first result-page). Instead, Bing acts ignorant, bringing up Taba airport, and Aqaba airport. Changing the search to "taqba syria airport," Bing finally coughs up a result page with the two pages using "Taqba airport" in their very titles. Why wouldn't Bing bring these pages and others up before??? Censorship, to protect the Americans, who don't want the story to be known that they seized the airport from the Kurds. The article, "Taqba Airport / Today in Syria," is dated 2014, however. And all other results have news on previous Taqba events. It seems that Bing is already programmed to hide, as best it can, the current Taqba story.

I re-did the search with " taqba airport 'The daily quoted Alexi Chepa' ", which includes a full phrase from the Kurdpress article above, but Bing refused to bring up the article, suggesting that Bing blacklisted the page, and probably all other Taqba pages dated after July 2. This is the way of deep-state Internet. The deep state comes to control the information superhighway in the very way that dictators control their countries. Proof upon proof upon proof acts to weaken these bums. One can no longer depend fully on Google or Bing when asking for a certain phrase in order to bring up what we would like to read. This is by design just because the deep state wants to control what we read. What do we call this sort of betrayal? What should be the punishment for the deep state? How would teachers treat the principal of a school who had a secret program to hide knowledge from the teachers which the teachers desired to possess? Can we assume that the deep state is hiding pages from government people too? Of course. It's not just news and Christian material, but it's the entire sphere of human writings that get accepted or rejected based on the desires of the Internet Worm. How many employees does the Worm have in order to succeed with this censorship? Can you believe what comes to your mind? It's an evil conspiracy. Isn't it?

I searched Bing for "taqba kurdpress," but the article would not come up. We might think that it's just too early for Bing to have registered the July-3 article on July 3, but this can't likely be correct because news needs to be instantly loaded to search engines, within minutes, anyway. Besides, Kurdpress has an article about Turkey, dated July 3, with the phrase, "presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin," and when I ask Bing to search for, " 'presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin' ", no problem, the Turkish article comes up first on the result page.

You see, Bing is hiding the Taqba article, proof that Bing does the will of the American military, and that the military contacts Google and Bing to make requests for hiding news...and all sorts of things. It's not just a police state; it's a military state. The American military is a demon. Much of the news today is a distraction to keep us from realizing that the Americans are in the very throes of re-attacking Assad. Trump is in hot talks with the military on this issue, but you would never know it from the headlines out on any day of this past week or two.

Surely, Bing will bring up the article if we search, "taqba 'july 3' ". Sorry, nope, but it did bring up another Kurdpress article of July 3, 2017, where the U.S. senate is threatening to cut off Kurd money if Kurds go ahead with their referendum. This is a deep-state message, not be to be hidden. But the taqba article: nowhere to be found at Bing. Thank you, deep state, for this. It's very useful. Continue on, and we shall see the end of the matter. A birdie will come along and swallow the Worm without a thought. Ah well, so it goes.

By the way, when the Americans downed the Syrian jet recently, it was south of Taqba.

Let's remove "taqba" from the search, and let's just search "kurdpress" without even a date. Surely, Bing will bring up the news page for today, July 3. Yes, it does, and the article of concern, with the title, "U.S. has taken back Tabqa airport from Kurds: daily," is on the page. So, let's ask Bing to search, " 'U.S. has taken back Tabqa airport from Kurds' ". NOPE, SORRY. Bing doesn't know anything about that.

To its credit, Google does bring up the article when asking the phrase above (the searches between search engines were made three minutes apart). Might we glean that there are struggles between Google and the deep state on censorship issues? Google even adds a Kurd article, "Kurds reaching critical juncture in US partnership / Fehim Tastekin ," ndated July 3.

US President Donald Trump is wavering between members of his team who want to expand the war in Syria by also targeting Iranian-linked elements and those who say such a step would mean endless conflict in the region. This internal US disarray further complicates already-complex field developments in the Syrian civil war and the battle against the Islamic State (IS).

...Numerous claims are circulating that the United States will deploy forces to Syria's Tabqa base, which has been liberated from IS; that the YPG will be sent [away, get lost!] to al-Tanf base on the Iraq-Syria border, where Jordanian-based forces opposed to the Syrian regime are operating; and that after Raqqa...Kurds will be tasked with challenging the Iranian elements.

There you have what appears to be the Americans in a hornet's nest of their own making, scheduling / urging / coercing Kurds to fight the Iranians, if they refuse to fight Assad directly. The article adds, "A senior YPG [Kurd] commander who spoke to Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity said the YPG is ready to go to anyplace in Syria to fight IS, but they will not agree to any alliance beyond that. He said Kurds see Iran as a problem but will not become part of a battle against it. They have no plans to move to al-Tanf, he said." Yes, but maybe the American demon hasn't yet dangled enough money and power in their faces. "Recent developments have prompted questions as to whether the United States is using the Kurds and how much the Kurds can rely on the United States."

The article outlines a ten-year military agreement between Syrian Kurds and the USA, and ends with: "...YPG commander said, 'It is strategically and ideologically wrong to set up an alliance against Iran similar to the one set up against [IS]. We cannot line up with imperialist forces, neither with bigots. We have serious projects for the Kurds and also for the future of Syria, starting with democratization of the country. That is our goal. The United States doesn't care. We are wondering whether the international partnerships we have entered into will help implement this major project [or niot].'".

That's damning for the deep state. Carry on, we shall see what the end is. We are looking to a birdie. The American people want the money back which the dangle-demon has stolen, in the trillions. Birdie's like to dangle worms before sliding them down their throats.


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