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June 20 - 26, 2017

Trump Is Not Trustworthy

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again.

With signs over the past years that Iraq has been unsatisfied with American fingers in the country, and not long after Mattis expressed his wish to remain in Mosul for a long time, if possible, we now find this early this week:

The European Union may send a new security mission to help stabilize Iraq after the expected recapture of Mosul from Islamic State, diplomats said.

EU foreign ministers will hold a first discussion on Monday, June 18, in Luxembourg and consider the deployment of an EU Security Sector Reform Advice and Assist Team which could train Iraq security officials, according to a draft statement seen by Reuters.

Iraq has formally requested EU help, diplomats said.

There you have it. Iraq asked the EU to come provide help, a possible snub against the United States. I don't normally hear of a special EU effort in Iraq. This one is partially a "Reform Advice" squad, an effort to combat Iranian influence in the future Iraq, we may safely assume. It doesn't appear that this EU scheme will amount to much, but I may be surprised. Anything with a Western foot in Mosul is worth some consideration. "'We cannot afford to allow a vacuum to develop [in Mosul],' said one EU diplomat briefed on the EU discussions. 'We and others are ready to step in. Just how we do that is to be decided.'" Well, you can't step in without a plan first to which Iraq agrees. Therefore, this looks like another slow development. It gives Tillerson room and time to get the best crack at Mosul on behalf of the U.S. of Exxon. We can go back to sleep now; I'll wake you up when the next thing is heard from.

Although I thought that Daniel 11:21-22 may have been fulfilled in the Bush invasion of Iraq, I am, by now, open to another fall of the Iraq military, which Daniel says will take place in the face of the anti-Christ, which it calls the "king of the north," a ruler expected to rule a stretch from the Euphrates in Iraq to Syria. In fact, this stretch is what ISIS claimed for itself, yet I do not think that the anti-Christ will be a Sunni Muslim. I am very familiar with all anti-Christ prophecies, and I put them all together in trying to determine the national identity of this boastful man. If we pick-and-choose only some of the prophecies but neglect the others, we can make mistakes. There is no chance that the anti-Christ will be a Jesus-like figure, or an Israelite, or the pope.

As things are now pushing toward a conquering of Damascus by the United States, we can look at a scenario in which Trump / Tillerson is entertained as a facet / supporter of the king of the north. My belief is that Isaiah 10 cannot be a prophecy of the ancient Assyrians, but must pertain to God's endtime "work" on Jerusalem, with the king of Assyria in Isaiah 10 being the same Assyrian in Isaiah's end-time prophecy of chapter 14, verse 25. Mosul is exactly at the ancient Assyrian capital.

Let's assume that the EU, which I view as the Revelation-17 whore, finds itself anchored strongly in Mosul along with the Trump-Tillerson government. And let's assume that the king of the north arises in Mosul from that very situation. We could then view the Medes of Isaiah 14 as Russia, for these Medes are called upon (13:17) to attack the Assyrian of 14:25. The latter is also called the "king of Babylon" (14:3), and Babylon cannot be understood as anything but the Iraqi-capital area. Normally, I view the Medes as the Kurds, but for all we know, Medes may have been ancestral to the first Russians and/or the Moscovites.

There is a drastic problem with this picture when we view Ezekiel 38-39 as the invasion of the anti-Christ into Israel. The fate of the Ezekiel company of nations under Gog of Magog is rather identical to that of the Assyrian in Isaiah 14:25; both are crushed by God's hand on the mountains of Israel. But this Gog is allied to Persia (Iran), a difficulty wherein we entertain the Assyrian as an American tool / ally. In a nutshell, it doesn't look like a good theory to have the anti-Christ part of Trump's attaché, especially as Trump's son-in-law loves Israel. In no way does the heart of Trump show flagrant animosity toward Israel. If the devil were living in Trump, such a thing would be expected to show by now.

Next, we entertain the anti-Christ as a Russian tool / ally, where the Medes of Isaiah are the Kurds. If it seems unlikely that merely the Kurds can destroy a Russian powerhouse in the Middle East, we can assume that most of his military items will be in and around Israel at that point, with only a small segment holding the fort in Iraq. But even so, Scriptures suggest that a lot more than Medes come to this attack on the beast, even as Isaiah 13:19 suggests a nuclear burning of Iraq. If this were all straight-forward, men of the world would be able to interpret it, but God wants them blind to it.

As I see the king of the north conquering Damascus in Isaiah 10, while Russia is NOT now in a position to conquer it, we can entertain a scenario in which the Americans first take out Assad, claim Damascus, and chase Russia out of Syria. In the build-up to taking Damascus, Iraq sides with Iran and Assad, therefore suffering a solid crush from the Americans. Russia and Iran together convince a broken Iraqi that's there's no choice but to let a Russian agent take command of the situation, and he happens to become stationed in Mosul, not illogical at all. The Kurds get burning mad at this intrusion, but they need to tolerate it for some years. The Russian tool gets out of control, because the suicidal devil operates in his soul, taking all of Iraq's "fattest" provinces as fuel for his war against the West, whether Russia likes his particular plans or not. He calls for all anti-West fighters to alter the focus of their schemes, to attack Israel instead.

He finds fighters attracted to him like iron to a magnet, because the West has pushed too far in taking Syria, etc. With Russia as their backbone, his fighters take a new stand, with new life, new vigor, and they test what they can get away with, finding great success...because Israel took shade in deep-state America rather than in YHWH. Hamas rejoices, Hezbollah parties, with a Russian-toted anti-Christ coming south at last. They gang up on Egypt, which predictably takes the side of the Americans. They win. More parties and celebrations. And as an abomination they encircle Jerusalem, which can be explained where the next American president is himself anti-Israeli.

This brings me back to a dream I had that was definitely from God. An old friend with hair like that of Donald Trump came walking up my driveway, followed by a sickly-looking stag, followed by a man on crutches as evidence that the stag was sick. It looked frail. Assuming that this stag is a symbol of Donald Trump because the Trump surname uses a stag head, might God's message be that Trump's presidency is to become frail, weak, lame? Will someone replace him sooner than 2020? Will the replacement be the False Prophet? I hate keeping tabs on Middle East news for nothing.

It's Monday afternoon at 4:41 pm. The American military downed a Syrian jet yesterday, and the Russians came out to say that they will henceforth follow all American / coalition planes, treating them as targets, in the foreseeable future. I've been looking to find what Trump is saying about this, because some of his supporters are crying the blues, saying that the military is trying to force the president to act against Russia. In other words, his supporters are having a hard time believing that Trump is in favor of the downing of the Syrian jet. I don't have that problem.

Well, as we all know, this Syria story is the biggest story by far for today. Fox news has many, many headlines, several on North Korea (definite distraction), but now word from anyone in the Trump administration to address the Syria attack. The story is too hot to handle in my opinion because Trump is in favor of the attack but doesn't want to say so.

The only pertinent government story that Fox has today, as of the late afternoon, is where a military spokesman warns Russia that the United States will retaliate if Russian jets fire on American jets. But even that alone is the biggest story of the Trump presidency, and where is his voice on the matter? Trump, the fink who despises his own voters. It's painfully obvious that Trump has been trying to sneak the war on Assad under the unwitting noses of his voters.

This is the biggest story of his presidency because it's a continuation of his firing nearly 60 missiles at Assad's airport. This is the development, thus far, of that event, when we didn't yet know whether it would escalate to a war scenario with Russia. Today, it's looking critical, yet the people are being fed other Trump news today, things that don't matter. Trump, you lousy fake.

Trump's schedule today: "President Trump today hosts Panama President Juan Carlos Varela at the White House. He will also meet with technology leaders, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Apple CEO Tim Cook, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, and Google chief Eric Schmidt..." It appears that he's got a busy day, but surely, the man of tweets will soon have something to say on this cold-war scenario, right? Actually, I can't be sure how a fink will respond. Google, his sworn enemy, is visiting him today.

If anything will carry a Trump reaction to Syria, it's Fox, but as of 9:45 Tuesday morning, nothing. It's not even a news story that Trump has been silent on the matter.

Trump is really turning me off. He promised to relieve the world of the cold-war threat, and here in only his first months he's called the military to start a war with the Russia-Assad axis. It's inexcusable. He deserves to be fired. I haven't forgotten that he fired the missiles immediately, before investigating whether Assad was guilty of anything at all; Trump revealed then that he simply believed his military on the evidence...which wasn't presented to the world satisfactorily. Trump is a very grave disappointment.

Whether America goes to war with either Korea or Russia is the choice ultimately by the people, whom the president represents. The president doesn't want to talk to the people about these things, very apparently. He wants to serve the military agenda alone, and this is sickening. How do Americans feel about going to war with Russia? What will this do to everyday life?

Fox is carrying the story that comes from the U.S military: a Russian jet came within five feet of an American jet. Anyone can realize that this is a faked propaganda report. Fox is carrying it. This is likely one of those anonymous "press releases" from the military that major media are compelled to report. By all appearances, Trump wants war with Russians in Syria.

Just think about how convenient it would be if you could have a news-release room that CNN and FOX had to fully respect. You could create any story you wished, sending it out as truth. This would be most-advantageous during false-flag operations, or any faked event or faked story, to rebut all your opponents. This is why I have come to ignore all reports from the U.S. military charging Russians of provoking U.S. military aircraft or ships (this is not new). The goal here is to portray Putin as a brute, and the Americans as angels. It's to project the guilt of American tactics onto the Russians.

I'm starting to feel very unsettled at the games being played of late. Not many weeks ago, I heard a voice, "It has begun." Since then, things are progressing fast with what looks like a globalist agenda. The people are being made to fear and hate one another in all sorts of ways. The Korea hype won't go away. Population control is part of the globalist agenda, and that program will use mass murder. We are being fed more toxins / poisons, and there is even the issue of chemtrails that looks spooky enough.

I am not very up-to-speed on chemtrails. Part of me wants to view it as a faked government program to fool the Russians into thinking that America has some super technology it doesn't. Or, the military wants to make the American public believe that it has solid powers over ther people that it really doesn't. The chemtrail reports are unbelievable, which is the first clue that this is a hoax. Supposed, whistle-blower pilots are telling us that they are forced to spread chemicals in the sky, over major cities. The pilots are not told what they are spraying, and are commanded not to speak about it with anyone. There is even a photo of the inside of a plane filled with chemical / gas tanks (in place of the seats removed) that appears part of the fakery. The chemicals can be seen by all as white streaks / clouds in air, and there is no effort to hide the criss-crossing formation of the trails. The reports are so bizarre that they reach the unbelievable point.

The purpose in making people fear the deep state is to better make them do what it will direct them to do in the future. Just two years ago, anyone who said "deep state" was a laughable conspiracy theorist, but the time has come when it seems that the deep state wants people to believe that it exists as an all-powerful organization that no one had better cross. We are being made to believe that the deep state will punish society en-masse if we don't do what it directs. This looks like the development of a nightmare scenario far worse than what the Soviet government did to the Russian people. We had best stock up on vodka as well as canned beans, just in case.

Hopefully, the reports of frightening scenarios are a collective sign that the deep state is becoming afraid. It all coincides with the beginning of the Internet, as people got the opportunity to communicate with one another, and as people started to talk about the deep state. It's obvious to any thinking person that the CIA, for one, would see this coming and devise methods to minimize the damage against itself. The majority of the people will soon admit that news reports are by-and-large from the deep state. Once society passes this threshold, it's just about game over. At that point, it will be a matter only of identifying deep-state persons, and from there the people can persecute them at every opportunity...justified because they threaten normal life.

If chemtrails are not a hoax, then we would like to know what they are spraying, and why. There is no lack of material on this topic. Some are saying that they are spreading aluminum dust as a poison. Before delving into this unsettling topic, know that the "best" articles and videos can be exactly from those carrying the hoax, and that the articles and videos are themselves tricks. The article below claims that the American government is faking this thing, with the evidence presented that most people don't see the chemtrails at all, especially not as badly as some pictures portray it.

Here's what both logical and telling, that the government claims chemtrails to be ordinary airplane exhaust for the very purpose of making people suspect that the government is trying to hide a truth so that people are more apt to believe that there is indeed a systematic chemical-outpouring program when in fact there is not.

This strategy can be seen in the faked-alien program. The government leaks reports that the government is hiding dead or living aliens, and people pick this story up as reality just because it looks like the government is trying to hide something. But why would the government want to make itself look like a goonish entity by spraying chemicals over cities? What other fabrications are they spreading? Did they falsely spread the Monsanto lies to make people give up on living off the grid? There is nothing we can trust anymore in the news, not even a photo.

You may have crossed the Antarctica scare, so laughable. Don't be fooled. Naive Christians are involved in promoting this scare.

I suggest that chemtrails are to make the people fear the deep state. It reveals that the deep state is integral with the American military. I exaggerate nothing when claiming that the military is demonic. It's apparent in many ways. The military's main job today has not to do with fighting the overseas enemy. The military's main job today is to deceive the American public in countless ways while reinforcing in the minds of people, especially Christians, that it is the protecting and moralist angel of the country. I don't know how the deep-state donkeys can live with themselves. but they do it by being proud of their faked programs.

Here's how the hoax works. There will be headlines such as, "Chemtrails are NOT real. They are just contrails [ordinary jet exhaust]." Then, the government equips some planes to spew out the chemtrails in reality, and creates criss-crossing trails in the sky that no one can claim to be contrails, and these pictures are sent through social-media outlets, the more-sinister looking, the better for spreading the word. So, the chemtrails are real in the photos, but the photos are yet faked in the sense that they were produced to deceive, same as a real but staged false-flag event.

Whenever you read an article trying to convince the reader that chemtrails are contrails, that's a deep-state suspect at the authorship of the article...unless he's a complete idiot and actually believes that chemtrails are contrails. I've just read an idiot or stooge saying that the criss-crossing formations above cities are due to ordinary planes coming into airports from various directions. Well, some of us, like me, worked at an international airport, and also near an airport, in a city with over two million people, and moreover I've driven past that airport countless times aside from those two things, but have never seen a chemtrail-like pattern in the sky.

The problem is, in any controversy whatsoever, the deep state can weigh in, now, with faked photos doctored in the photo lab in order to discredit anything from its enemies. And the deep state has more than the ability to fake photos; it can fake claims supposedly from experts and witnesses and put them on the news without questions from media bosses. We are not so naive as to deny that the deep state would seek to employ their own operatives in high, media positions. Over a period of decades, all media can be overtaken by such operatives, and the sinister CIA under George Bush Sr. has had some four decades to accomplish this, though we could expect that it started before Bush was the CIA director.

The video below leads the viewer to believe that someone is filming chemtrails as they happen, and that they are everywhere seen by everyone. All you need to do to know the truth is ask anyone whether they have seen them, and to be smart to videos like this. He even claims to capture several chemtrail planes, and maybe they are, yet he's a government operative, quite apparently, spreading the hoax. In short, I don't believe that this thing is taking place anywhere except to create the hoax, and maybe as governmental science projects of some sort. Certainly, the military goons are not going to pollute the atmosphere with things that will sicken or kill his own family members, or those of his comrades.

Here's a laughable post: "I am a chemtrail pilot. It is hard work. I am sick of people whining about small health effects when the benefits are so great. The US murder rate is down a lot over the past 20 years. It could be that it has save your life. The "chemicals" are actually medicines and related to antidepressant and antipsychotic medications that are approved by the FDA!"

Again. Why would the military (fully in compliance with the White House) wish to portray itself as an alien-hiding group spreading chemicals in the air covertly? I can answer the alien part as a method of creating an anti-Creator deception that even NASA is involved with. And NASA's mission was to convince the world that it had a means to land a craft on the moon when it can't duplicate the same here on earth.

No one has ever witnessed a jet-fitted craft coming down to the ground in the way that they supposedly landed on the moon or Mars. They apparently can't control the straight-down drop of any craft no matter how sophisticated the attitude controls. They might be able to do it if they first hang the craft straight up and down from a crane, but try to land a craft like we saw it land on the moon after it's traveling at a fast speed parallel with the ground, and that's impossible. If it was possible and safe, the military would be using such craft because they can be landed straight up and down like helicopters, a great advantage in all cases of warfare.

In the same way that the craft won't go straight down while it's spewing out a jet of fuel from its underside, it won't go straight up unless it has what rockets use (fins) at their bases. When we see pictures of the moon landers shooting straight up at take-off, it's a trick of photography and special actors at the mic. If you think any man would take their chance trying to land and take-off on / from the moon in such a craft, then you need to understand rocket flight a lot better.

The Apollo lunar lander and its two men weighed about 11,000 pounds without fuel. When it landed on the moon (pretending), it had more than 2,500 pounds of fuel. A cube of solid iron (7.8 grams per cubic centimeter) comparable to 13,500 pounds (over 6 million grams) has 786,000 cubic centimeters. That's a cube of solid iron at 92 x 92 x 92 centimeters, or 36 x 36 x 36 inches. Now, try to imagine how much rocket force is needed to lift a cube of steel three feet wide. It's laughable, because the idiots didn't show a crater of mere, dry moon dust removed (by the rocket thrust) from underneath the landers when they supposedly landed on the moon. To this day, that argument has been repeated and repeated, but people still believe they landed this craft on the moon. That's the problem with this world, not just the deceivers, but the easily-deceived. If it were not for the easily-deceived, the deep state would have gone out of business decades ago.

Why would NASA wish to fool the Russians that Americans can land on the moon, etc.? In fact, I don't think they did fool the Russians. There is still a possibility that Russia and the Untited States are two tools of the Illuminati actually working together on a global plot that includes a world-war scare, though I don't entertain that view. Maybe I should. Maybe the harlot that rides on the beast is this secret union. In any case, if correct that the Americans can't fool the Russians with the moon / Mars landers, and if the Russians are not speaking out against these things because they were the first ones to fake a moon landing, then the purpose of the moon landings must be to get some control over the masses, to make them believe that the powers are mightier than they really are.

In real fact, the deep-state operatives fart like anyone else, and have very bad breath in the morning, not gods at all. If they don't take showers, they stink like a hell-hole. They can die very easily, just like you and me, and are in very fact weak in every regard before the Creator they deny. This is the correct way to view them. And they are murderers on top of being criminals. Not all things are fake, and their sinister sides are real. But they are zeroes; they make mistakes, especially under pressure, and are not invincible. They can be easily defeated if only the more-numerous people realize that they are not as powerful as we are being duped to believe.

Youtube is polluted with videos on American military bases under the ice of Antarctica, where there are held in prison part-animal humans and other genetic monsters for some globalist plot yet to be hatched. You can just let your imagination fly off on this one. If you look into it, you will never see the evidence because it does not exist beyond photos and claims, both of which are easily faked. Sorry, but we cannot believe anything anymore because the government is filled with liars who do not stick to the truth. The importance of telling the truth is being revealed right now, by God, in allowing natural liars to take the world to virtual insanity by their lies.

There will be no end to the schemes put out in social media, by the deep state, to counter the powers of social media in destroying the deep state. Social media is sickening actually, and bad for your mental / spiritual health. This is where it's going. Try as you might to find the truth, the field is covered in the ridiculous and the confusing by design. Probably, the best material for truth is highly buried / hidden by youtube's leaders themselves. Youtube brings up videos on the right side of the page from which you can chose in continuing your search. Figure it out: youtube can bring up the ridiculous and the confusing by deliberate program. The longer youtube exists, the more this program works as desired by youtube, and the longer the deep state has in infiltrating / controlling youtube's leadership. The Illuminati is a restless movement never ceasing, amazing only in its commitment to destroy the normal by replacing it with a new "normal."

I've just installed a 60-foot antenna on my roof. Actually, I didn't, I lied. But how would you know that I lied? The Illuminati "gets off" on deceiving. It must be true that, for its reward, there is the celebrating after a deceptive scheme succeeds. But what is there to be proud of in deceiving? How much talent does it take for me to say, "I installed a 150-foot antenna on my roof"? If I fooled you, it's only because you trusted me; it doesn't make you a fool. But it does make us look like fools if we can be led to believe in over-ridiculous claims, and this is what the Illuminati loves to celebrate. A Russian fighter jet came within five feet of an American fighter jet. The imps laugh as you believe this.

It is obvious that there are countless people on youtube putting out ridiculous claims for their own, impish enjoyment, much of which is in the name of making money from youtube. This is what youtube has boiled down to, not exactly a respectable thing.

Enter Jesus, who does not lie. Imagine a ruler over the planet that does not lie. Imagine the stability of society. Imagine the peace, thick in the air. People rejoicing over stability, so boring to Illuminati imps. The devil, fear. Jesus, peace. Which do you prefer? Well, God is about to bite the impish with a taste of their own medicine, but with real scares, and they begin even now, with a world going out of control to the point that it affects the future outlook of Illuminatists. They will rally behind the greatest powers promising peace and stability in the face of what looks like imminent world collapse. The joke will be on the impish, and God has the last laugh.

In other words, while the covert parts of the American government put out false-fear scenarios, God will create fear scenarios that even the greatest superpower will take seriously, and this move of God will come without remedy until the Final Fear Event actually rains down upon their corporate world in an earth-shaking spectacle. Does Trump wish to scare the world with a world-war scenario at this time?

Ask whether the Russians would fake the following video (June 21) where Russia's defense minister is in a plane with two American / NATO fighter jets coming up alongside to frighten him:

It's 6:30 on Tuesday evening, and Fox still hasn't had one word on Trump's position on the Syria-jet matter. Trump tweeted a joke to his supporters, and this was carried by Fox, but so far, there is not one headline speaking on Trump's Syria position. There is shocking to me, as shocking as it was when Trump said nothing on the Seth Rich matter just as it appeared that there was merit in a criminal investigation to his murder. If the president is not concerned about political murders, what murders is he concerned with? Trust me, there is something drastically duplistic, false, fake, sinister with Trump.

Trust me, the Trump agenda in Syria goes on with the players agreeing not to make it a news issue for public debate. This is a nasty way to conduct war. The president is in bed with the enemies of the Republicans on this matter, with murderers and satanic whores. There's no exaggeration here. Tillerson fired the Obama people on the 7th floor of the State Department, whom some called the shadow government, and of course Tillerson replaced them with war hawks. I don't know who he hired, but I can be sure that they are for war against Assad. It is nastier in the face of both Tillerson and Trump telling their supporters that they do not intend war with Assad when in fact they intend war with Russia and Korea. It must also be true that the military sent the major media, Fox anyway, a note not to speak on the Syria issue. We may assume that the media are to report only what the military sends them.

Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are tied up, still, on the Steve-Scalise and Comey stories. Couldn't they make some room to debate the Syria developments. Of course they can, but it appears to be forbidden. Tonight, Carlson is opening on the old Comey story, rehashing the same old, when the Syria story is absolutely fresh and "interesting." On the brink of possible war with Russia, silence from the pro-Republican media. What is this but a demand from the military to shut-up. Sean Hannity for June 20 has a June-10 re-run on Comey.

In other words, the biggest news at this time is not to be in the news. We assume that the Russians are in high-alert, with high-level discussions on how to handle this crisis, and what measures to use under various possible scenarios, with the CIA is seeking to know their conversations, with the Americans involved in their own high-level discussions on how to proceed under different scenarios, depending on how the Russians react, yet the issue is being downplayed as insignificant by Donald Trump. And Trump even tweeted a jocular thing, I have read. That's so funny, Mr. Fake President. And he also bragged about the economy as per the measuring stick of the stock market, an entity that belongs to fat-cat America.

I'm not saying that the media is not covering various things. Bret Baier of Fox has a piece (June 20) doing it some justice, but, as you can see at the 7:08 point, Bret tells that Trump's administration is "KEEPING QUIET":

Tillerson's Secretary-of-State department had a news conference on June 20. After the spokeswoman opened on Qatar, and North Korea, without mentioning Syria, she conveniently says that she doesn't have a lot of time today. The first seven (!) persons she chooses for questions ask about Korea. It looks pre-planned = fake = garbage = skirting the world-war scenario. The next four questions were on Qatar, followed by the Palestinian issue, which is nothing new at all that it should trump the Syria war. She then asks for a question on the Ukraine. The next question was on Iranian missile systems. And then she says she needs to run just as she knows that the topic will get to the Iranian missile into Syria. It's impossible, in a natural situation, that 14 out of 14 questioners wouldn't have one question on Syria on that particular day, after no one had heard a peep from Trump on his position there.

The first topic at the news conference was an American prisoner who died the day before, just days after his release from a North-Korea jail. My question: did the Americans kill this man in an effort to justify war with Korea? It would be a good idea to start stocking up on foods starting now, as prices could rocket imminently to fund the coming wars.

Why is Trump keeping Syria quiet? Is what he's doing wrong? Will it sit wrong with the American people? The Americans have attacked some Iranian hardware now (a drone), and Iran is responding with missiles into Syria, can you believe that? And it's only Tuesday (July 20) as I write this. My conclusion: the Americans are seeking to draw the Russia-Syria axis into a war for the showdown that Trump promised repeatedly he would not carry out.

Where the Americans now claim that they are training Syrian fighters wholly to fight ISIS, we spot the acute importance of allowing ISIS to survive in Syria, for without this group, Trump has no more excuse to fight Assad. The natural next move for the Russians is to expend themselves upon ISIS with four times the energy and money from this point on, then tell Trump to get out of Syria because ISIS has been diminished sufficiently that Moscow can look after the mopping up without American help, thank you anyway. I have been wondering for months why the Russians are so slow in taking care of ISIS. As I said, the Americans moved in to take over the Raqqa stage when Assad was coming for it. The Russians may have permitted this thinking that they would allow the Americans to pay for the battle. But now look.

The Americans do not own the Raqqa invasion. The future forecast is that the Russians and Iranians together will get involved there, come what may from Trump. This will force Mr. Fake President to openly declare that he's entering a war. Don't worry, his military will find an excuse for doing so, easy as pie.

Why did the Americans shoot down the Syrian planes? Because, the U.S. says, the Syrians bombed the Kurds. Yes, but Assad says he was bombing ISIS, not the Kurds, which makes 100-percent sense. Yes, but the Americans insist that Assad bombed the Kurds. Yes, but what if it was an accident, or what if Kurds got near to where ISIS was being bombed. No matter, the Syrian pilot deserves to die, because the Americans say so, even before an investigation on whether the attack was deliberately against the Kurds. That's how we know the Americans are guilty, because they bomb innocent people yet don't think it's right that Assad should shoot down one of their planes for doing so. So, there you have the simple logic that Trump wants war.

As we all know, Assad doesn't want to start a war against the U.S., and that's how we thinking people know that Assad would never target the Kurds deliberately right in the area dominated by the U.S. effort. You can't argue with that, nor can you argue that Assad used chemicals some weeks ago, because it's futile. But Trump claimed exactly that, and that's how I know he's Mr. Fake. He is starting a war that his own voters don't want, that Democrats don't want, and many will get rich off of another war.

Once war begins that drags Russia and Iran in with much fury, there will be no controlling the fire. If Europe thinks it has a refugee problem now, wait until the U.S. bashes horn-to-horn with Russia. It's no coincidence that crude oil remains very low, well under $50 at this time, because Russia will use its oil money to fund the Syria war. Americans owe it to Russia for the unexpected oil prices for a long while now. Had it not been for this, Westerners would still be paying obscene prices, guaranteed.

Before the 2-minute mark of the video below, the former chairman of the Republican House Committee says that noting in the new Trump team is better than it was under Obama in the way of transparency. This is a key point that the Republican voter needs to understand: the Republican-led arms of the government are not being helpful in bringing to light the sins of Obama's administration, Chaffetz says. This explains why president Trump is uninterested in the murder of Seth Rich. In this video, Chaffetz is acting the whistle-blower on Trump.

Chaffetz is what every Republican voter is who trusted Trump, and he's strongly implying that Trump is a carbon copy of Obama, a keeper of deep-state will. That's why Republicans never get anything done that voters expect them to. The Trump lovers in the comments section missed what Chaffetz said, but he's is in no position to lie about it. He's the one personally who asked for the documents from the state department, under Tillerson, and Chaffetz is saying that Tillerson may as well be Obama himself in this regard. If Trump lovers aren't listening, they look worthless too to make the president do what he should do, and thus Trump lovers are sacking their own hopes for justice on political corruption.

One should not neglect the claim of Russia that several ISIS elite were killed with one attack, where the very ISIS top dog may have been killed. If this was a big blow against the Americans, it can explain these latest developments immediately thereafter, to be interpreted as America blowing off steam, lashing out like a mad dog. "You're gonna pay for this, Russia."

I'm not looking to Trump to bring justice to America. Trump is more a self-interested moron pretending to do the right things for America. I'd rather hang my hopes on Trey Gowdy, a legal moralist, who might actually abhor injustice for its own sake. Mr. Gowdy is the new chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (the position Chaffetz just resigned from), having the responsibility for cleaning up the Intelligence swamp. Gowdy wants not much more than to go head-to-head with the American military in Obama's / Hillary's Libya crimes. The military is one of the stone-walling groups that Chaffetz complains about. The military already has Trump hand-cuffed, willingly, just like a moron who doesn't understand that the president is in charge of eradicating corruption.

The chairman for a committee on Intelligence has the job of overseeing Intelligence, the deep state, but this can be corrupted where the chairman assists the Intelligence communities to do their work rather than policing their potential for corruption. If a committee chairman is corrupt, so will go the Intelligence people as far as they can swing things. The current chairman of the Senate's Committee on Intelligence, Richard Burr, "was a supporter of and campaign advisor for the presidential election bid of Donald Trump." That's convenient. It should help Trump clean swamp. Let's see what he does to do so. When's the last time we heard Trump attack Hillary? Before the election?

Here is a comical video (Lynch looks so trapped in pre-packaged fakery) of this week where Gowdy questions Loretta Lynch while she tries to protect her past reasoning for protecting the guilt of Hillary Clinton. To understand this best, you need to know what game Lynch was playing along with Comey in Hillary's benefit. She with Comey are protecting Hillary even now, when Hillary's career is all but over, bringing shame upon themselves and allowing people to read right through them in these congressional hearings, tending to mean they are lying under oath to protect themselves from being shot or otherwise punished by the Clinton crime machine:

There are others saying that Comey struck an immunity deal with Trump in return for saving Trump on Russia-collusion. Immunity deals are themselves obstruction of justice in return for testimonial favors, meaning that Trump could indeed be guilty of obstructing justice in order to save his political skin. The first post on the video page says " is time for President Trump to get aggressive and get people indicted." In my opinion, Trump doesn't want to rock the boat now that he's cruising safer than before. Trump doesn't care to do justice on Hillary because there will be a backlash. Sorry, America, Trump is not your saving angel after all. The crime machine gets away due to Trump, but there are others plugging away at it, and Gowdy is a leader in this regard. Will the deep state flatten him too? So far, we can't be sure.

Another thing Gowdy will head is the Obama-Russia collusion in the unmasking scandal. This touches upon Clinton's election campaign, and, we will need to see whether Gowdy is forced to resign, or worse, because Chaffetz may have resigned due to threats against his family.

Gowdy is praising Robert Mueller (FBI), which may indicate that the deep-state threat against House Oversight lies with his circle, especially as the FBI covered up the Libya crimes. Mueller is the one who oversaw the sale of American uranium to a Russian company, a deed that touches upon the girlfriend/wife of Jack Sava, the latter being the accomplice in, or actual performer of, Seth Rich's murder. Mueller became the FBI chief under Bush, and continued into the Libya crimes that Gowdy is passionate about revealing. On the issue of Libyan weapons going over to ISIS in Syria, it behooves me to think that Obama and Bush saw eye-to-eye because it was a CIA operation. Mueller should be of that same fabric. For Gowdy to praise Mueller this past week or so, it seems that Gowdy fears him. Or, in the least, Gowdy is not passing judgment on Mueller's part in Libya until he's at least incriminated himself on the matter.

We have heard no word from Mueller or Trump on the offer of Kim Dotcom. Gowdy called Mueller a straight arrow, but Mueller's conduct toward Dotcom looks as crooked as can be in covering a political murder. While Mueller can be expected to cover for the murder because the FBI was likely at its root, there is no excuse, his voters expect, for Trump to ignore Dotcom. If Mueller was winking to the arming of ISIS from Libyan weapons, one would expect that he and Trump see eye-to-eye on the forceful ousting of Assad.

There is nothing good that can come of Trump's joining the anti-Assad forces in the Unites States, for these are the ones conducting faked Muslim-scare tactics, and the raping the Middle East. Trump has joined the Joker and the Riddler. One needs to distinguish between Obama's arming of ISIS and the Republican hawks that want the same. Obama hopes for a Muslim Brotherhood to prosper from what ISIS can accomplish, a thing that Republicans don't want.

Here is Michael Savage sharing my views exactly on Syria. Two men can never agree on everything, but in this regard, I see it exactly as Savage does, in every way that he speaks on it here:

John McCain is the chosen symbol of the American war on Russia as chosen by those who want no war between the superpowers. The old cowboy below has notified me that Trump is to appoint McCain's wife to some ambassadorship. There is perhaps no greater sign of Trump's capitulation on pre-election Trump. Trump stabs himself by this, his trusted voters are mocking him more. And if we think that Gowdy will be Batman to the rescue of Gotham City, oh-no, not another disappointment.

Yes, the Republicans always disappoint, and there's a reason. They are stacked with Masonic retards freezing all progress toward justice. With all of Gowdys moralistic bluster, no one has been prosecuted; it's all been hot air thus far. Still, for the moment, I'll hang my hat on Gowdy to lead things in the right direction, though ultimately the FBI needs to make the expected arrests under Trump's new FBI chief. The cowboy (Gabe Zolna) has been convinced that the Democrat-Republican in-fighting is much a theater. This view is that of Republicans who watch nothing getting done when Republicans have the power to get things done. However, the truth lies somewhere in-between, where some congresspeople are not involved in Masonic theater / doublespeak / deep-state collusion.

The cowboy takes his hat off for the following video on June 20. One difference between him and I (though I don't know him well) is that he tends to view the deep state as invincible, creating a dire picture unto a catastrophic financial collapse. I see God in the picture restraining the deep state, and laughing at it. Look at the failure of the deep state in Syria, for example. It couldn't get Obama to attack Assad on a chemical-weapons charge. Assad and Russia beat up on all the pro-American forces in Syria, and the "evil axis" still has the upper hand. The deep state is not invincible, and it will go down in infamy in a few short years flat.

Donald Trump's wife has in the past modeled as a slut would for Hugh Hefner (the New York Post and others claim to have nude photos of his wife). Suddenly, as the "first lady" of the Republicans, she's become religious. We can all forgive the sins of those who have repented of them, but rather than repentance, we can suspect fakery on her part in this regard. Donning a religious facade, especially when Trump and Melania were at the Wailing Wall, is a sick piece of theater.

You have the typical Trump supporters putting up video titles such as, "IT’S OVER! PRESIDENT TRUMP JUST RUSHED OUT AND SPILLED THE BEANS ON HILLARY CLINTON," but when you get to the video, there's nothing but a tweet of the president that has nothing to do with an "it's over" scenario. In fact, the president just pointed to the obstruction of justice of Hillary in an effort to mock Mueller for investigating him (it's just Trump self-serving). Trump's avid supporters never cease giving the impression that Trump is personally responsible for arrest after arrest...that never materializes. Bluntly, Trump supporters who never criticize him are taking viewers for their fools.

I understand the need to defeat Democrats at election time, but this quest is better served by following, and reporting, the truth. Trump is not the only factor in defeating Democrats. The bigger factor is to expose their criminal party now, while Trump has a majority in both legs of the congress. Yet Trump is squandering this opportunity for to save his own skin. The best way to win the Senate again in 2018 is, for example, by revealing the murder of Seth Rich by the DNC. Gowdy has every reason to see to it that the Senate remains in Republican hands in 2018.

There is nothing wrong whatsoever for the president to call the FBI director, asking for an investigation on Hillary's email scandal. This is NOT interfering with the FBI. It's making a request. The FBI director can turn the president down, and the president can fire the FBI chief. That's just how things work. The president has the upper hand, but if he doesn't use it after promising he would, shame, great shame. It's no sweat on the president's agenda to ask the FBI to arrest Hillary Clinton for breaking the law. She will be arrested, allowed to go free on bail, and her trial will then take place. It should no more be a secret trial than the typical trial.

Again, during the tense stand-off in Syria, the president tweeted on his popularity. What kind of a president is this, whose continual concern is to whisk all voters up into a Trump-ho frenzy carried by his youtube supporters, and yet when it gets right down to the hopes of these same supporters, he fails to fulfill their hopes?? This is what the laughing cowboy is trying to relay, and we can see a sort of insanity settling over his mind that should break out any day into a facial twitch if Trump continues to confuse him. This dissemination of mild insanity upon the Republican voter at this time is of course not good for the country, coming after the insulting Bush-effect on Christian Republicans, and while Democrats have long been demonically-inspired. If Trump's only definition of saving the country is to better its economy, and to give the White American a stronger political hand, he has no part in God.

If you want God's attention, you need to deal with demonic influences in the nation. It's not enough to attack Obama's programs and laws for to change them back to a more-normalized version; one needs to attack Obama and his helpers, for they will go on spewing demonic programs. If Trump thinks he can survive by leaving his enemies untouched, because they won't then attack him as fiercely, he's not only wishful thinking, but he's a traitor to his calling as the president. Nothing at this time is more important than destroying the destroyers, but trump is starting to look like one with each passing week. I'm not even sure I want to capitalize his name anymore.

Here's on Iran's missile strike during the period that trump has said nothing to the American people on the Syrian stage:

The launch, which hit Syria's eastern city of Deir el-Zour on Sunday night, appeared to be Iran's first missile attack abroad in over 15 years and its first in the Syrian civil war...

...Two U.S. officials said Iran fired six ballistic missiles during the attack – one Fatah-110 and five IRSS-1 “Zulfiqar” missiles.

The Iranian missiles hit near a pair of cities in eastern Syria where officials said top ISIS leadership and its “bureaucracy” have fled to since leaving the terror group’s so-called capital of Raqqa months ago.

Iraqi lawmaker Abdul-Bari Zebari said his country agreed to the missile overflight after coordination with Iran, Russia and Syria.

The Iranians targeted an area not far north-west of Mayadin, not at all near Al-Tanf's American base. We imagine trump proud that his Syria agenda has gotten Iran's attention. I imagine trump waging a gamble here, based on a desire to win the Syria war quickly and with finality, for to bathe in world-wide glory. If this takes place, I would worry about trump's take-over of Iraq too, for, as you just saw, Iraq was an accessory to Iran's missile shots. Instantly, if it happens, we would be swept into something looking much like a prophetic situation.

Almost two weeks ago, the Russian military released the video below to indicate that they want peace, not war. They stress that they were faithful to ceasefire agreements and that, essentially, the civil war in Syria has come to a halt. The purpose of this video is to expose or portray the United States as the aggressor, and I think I would have to agree (I stopped watching after a couple of minutes):

On June 21, Sean Hannity opens with the Syria war! Just kidding. Instead, he opens with the fight to remove Trump as president, which is the fake news of CNN. So why does Hannity still cover this "old" story? Yawn. Hannity made himself appear independent of others when he was going after the killers of Seth Rich. He said he wouldn't stop going after them, but I've yet to hear a peep from him on that topic. Can we trust Sean Hannity, after all? Does he ever criticize the president? Why isn't Hannity talking about Syria? Hannity stresses the politics, yes, but isn't Syria part of Trump politics...part of Trump keeping his promises? Ahh, Hannity's self-driven job is always to make the Republican president look good, but here on Syria, Trump doesn't look so good. What's the difference between Hannity and Democrat spinners except that they are on opposite sides of the coin?

Did Putin really kill all those people that McCain speaks about? Not that I've heard.

Here's another conspiracy theory at the time that Trump was being silent on the WW3-almost in Syria:

Conspiracy theories wouldn't exist unless the events give them fuel for suspicion. We saw some reasons to be suspicious in the video above, but here's more below, what we would expect if there never was a crash at all. We see that the cargo ship scrammed it out of there, leaving the navy vessel, not reporting the crash at all, until the ship's command felt guilty about doing a hit-and-run some 50 minutes later. This is so preposterous, the idiots just did again what they do best, be idiots. I don't know how they faked that damage on the hull, nor can we know for certain that there were any sailors on the ship at all.

This news comes as military people are expecting news from Trump on Syria, and so it looks like a fill-in news story, a distraction, a news piece made to appear more important than the Syria news. How long was this in the planning? For as long as the downing of the Syrian jet was in the planning, to coax Assad to start the war. They want to take Russia down before one more year goes by; they want to take Russia down before it arises stronger than it is now. They don't trust Russia, and meanwhile they want to move ahead with Western globalism unobstructed by a second superpower. But mistrust of Russia ten years from now is no reason to start a world war at this time. It seems that lunatics are in control here, and trump is exactly part of it as soon as he's out of the gate.

Trump doesn't want the nation talking about Syria because it doesn't want voices to rise in unison against the war. The lunatics have planned to get this war started before the people weigh in. Russia would be smart to hold off any attack on the Americans, but the Americans would then fake a Russian attack by killing their own people. Just thank God that there is a God who has the last say. Did you buy extra food yet? Pasta is cheap, fills you up, and lasts at least three years. I have a grocery bag filled with it (about a two-year supply normally), and might get one more.

There was an explosion in Brussels June 21. It seems that the world is falling apart.

There is a potential, secondary aspect to the accident at sea because the ship was Filipino, and ISIS in the Philippines has been making news lately. So, the idiots might make this look like a car crash at sea. After all, it's the season of car crashes everywhere. I frankly doubt that they will try to make this look like an ISIS act. It's much better for the military if this embarrassing story just goes away.

There are some trying to figure out what happened from the cargoship's trail, but how do we know that this path isn't itself faked for the sinister purpose. Perhaps the trail has been faked as a set-up for later blame on a terror group. No matter what they say, even if they say that the cargo ship turned off its lights and its transponder in a bid to sink the ship, the navy ship saw it coming. Surely, the ship is equipped with sound alarms in case the watchman is asleep or in the toilet. Surely, the cargo ship should have suffered more damage than the navy ship, yet the cargo ship is in near-perfect shape. The navy ship almost sunk while the cargo ship got a scratch.

For all we know, the moving video of the damaged naval vessel is just one doctored photo moved along the surface of the water to fake motion in the water. The fakers may have a means to hide the ship (undamaged), in the near future, from all unauthorized viewing. Then, after some time, it will come back in the news all repaired. Yeay.

Born Again in the Spirit

The deep state needs to be educated on the Plot of Jesus, who was in deep collusion with the "Father." The Crucifixion was a mighty act on the world stage slipped in secretly in tiny Israel. There can be no doubt that the Plot was hatched even while the devil had firm grip of the nation. The devil's club in the Sanhedrin sent spies to catch Jesus in some words that could be twisted to his guilt, and eventually they ended up arresting Him on a false charge, succeeding thereby in a political murder. It's what the devil's dimwits do best, only this time they crossed the line and did it to Someone highly respected by the Creator, and for this there would be ramifications. The end times is nothing more than the final act of this political murder. The end times is the time to deal with those who kill Jesus again and again.

We who have given ourselves to Jesus have been witnesses that the end times works to scour our born-again experience. The object of the devil's sons is to corrode our Newness in Christ. The Biblical concept of "born again" is not to be a baby all over again, but to be a new and better soul. To be born in God means to realize the truth, that there is the Spirit of God ever-present and all around us, even in us, and to adhere to a new way of thinking. Jesus made the devil a major part of his teachings precisely so that we might destroy his works in us.

There are various ways to define "born again." "Seeing the Light" is a synonymous phrase. It's when we recognize the greater program of God that we abandon our natural tendencies for positioning ourselves in this world. The latter becomes like garbage, as Paul described it, and we press on to the greater program. It doesn't happen without effort on our parts. We are in battle against the "old man," as Paul puts it, to develop into the New Calling. Another way to define "born again" is to be "connected to the head." Late in the New Testament, there are described clouds without rain, shooting stars that stay bright for only a moment of time, men whom had disconnected themselves from the Head. They came to Jesus but did not have deep commitment. They had "forgotten" that they were once happily united in Christ. By "forgotten," it's meant that they no longer cared, no longer counted it a great thing. The world had crept in, corroded their souls, blocking out the Light. Sin covered their hearts once again.

This is our battle, our work of faith, to stay uncircumcised of heart, to keep it healthy = holy in the Light that gives it growth. God understands fully this battle. Even Paul had to admit that it is a miserable task, where at times he did the things he didn't want to do (he may have been speaking to his sexual side). The devil (generally speaking, demonic influences) knows he can defeat us to a degree, because he's much older than we are, and probably more powerful to begin with, yet the Top Secret he doesn't want to acknowledge is that God opened the way of Grace through the Crucifixion. Every born-again believer knows the definition of Grace, which is the magic bullet that kills all of the devil's devices against us, and the terrible irony for the devil is that the silver bullet was shot exactly at the celebration the devil enjoyed when killing Jesus.

Anyone striving for the born-again calling gets excused for their old-man weaknesses, when they pop up now and again, and these people escape eternal death while the devils fry in Hell with their deep-state lovers. The end times is our fight against the deep state, the liberals and the modernists, the worldly who set society up to be at enmity with God, even to a ridiculous point. They suffer great pain whenever Christianity scores on any issue, and they will seek to pay us back for the torment we represent to them.

How can you know whether you are still interested in the born-again calling decades after you've committed yourself? You can tell by the animosity you feel against the deep state's war against God. You can tell when you ask God to protect you and your loved ones, even friends, from demonic influences. You can tell when you recognize that we are indeed in a spiritual battle. The liberals actually act as evidence that Jesus Christ is truth. All of the anti-Biblical movements in government are telling us that Jesus is the Truth. The more rabid they are against Jesus, haha, the more we "remember" that Jesus is Truth, and this will drive them crazy, probably by Design.

I do believe that Jesus is like one with an axe to grind, like a tormenting angel who pours one irony after the other on our enemies. Look at how the liberals are suffering at this time. They have just used drastic political tactics against Trump not seen before, yet in the five elections since Trump took office, the Republicans have beaten the Democrats in every one of them. This is extremely painful because Democrats were looking to these elections as thermometers, to tell how badly they were beating up on Trump, and yet the Trump side won the elections. I'm not claiming that Jesus set that situation up, but I am saying that things like this are expected from God to punish the liberals in the here-and-now. Try to imagine the pains that God sends these idiots in their personal lives. Do they celebrate a victory against us? They really shouldn't.

There was a time when television was called an "idiot box" due to the garbage. Everyone my age knows that television took a drastic turn, from the 60s onwards, and especially in the late 70s, to liberalism. One could spot the devil coming, and this resulted in a vast born-again movement. Ever since, the Democrats floundered until they lost the full powers of Congress which they enjoyed beforehand. The loss of the House under Bill Clinton's sexual scandal was a great example of what I'm talking about. Christians were able to put Republicans over the top even though liberals owned the big media, no small achievement.

In those days, the liberals were already celebrating their victory over Christ, and we all remember their pushing Clinton as an intelligent man, worthy of the presidency even though he was grossly unfaithful to his wife. The liberals were writing on the wall that they were the devil's advocates, and we all saw it. Just then, the Democrats lost political powers, and they continued to watch it slip away without remedy. Clinton was forced to balance the budget with his remaining years, and the next two federal elections went to the Republicans in a way extremely painful to the warring Democrats. But nothing was so painful as Trump after Obama. Yet, the liberals haven't seen anything yet, for they continue to oppose Jesus, continue to lie and ruin society. The prediction is ever-so-easy on their fate.

In the meantime, while Democrats were floundering, George Bush, who literally disguised himself as a born-again Christian, was setting oil-loving globalists up in the Middle East, the act that would usher Armageddon, by all appearances to date. Christians were thus granted world-stage, prophetic scenarios to reinforce their faith in the midst of the devil's last stand, when he would attack our faith with all the nastiness he's expert in. The Book of Revelation tells that the situation would become so bad that weeping will describe our great-tribulation endurance. And probably for this reason did Jesus say, blessed are you when you weep now, and woe to those who laugh now.

He also said, blessed are the peacemakers, a term that does not describe Donald trump's agenda at this time. You may have noticed that I don't capitalize, "satan" or "anti-Christ," for capitals have as one purpose to honor the entity being capitalized. One of my purposes now is to save reading Christians from falling into the trump-trap.

As evidence that Trump's marriage is not at peace, and under some dire irony, there's a video online with he and his wife coming down the stairs from his White-House plane. At the bottom of the stairs there sits a vehicle. The vehicle is about as tall as the heads of both. Trump arrives first, but there comes a point where we can not see either one on the other side of the vehicle. We then hear the door slam, followed by his wife, a couple of seconds later, walking around the backside of the vehicle, headed to the opposite door. Yes, trump is that nasty, make no mistake about it, in plain view of others, even those who think he's great. And he will be nasty even against his own voters if his voters don't support his agenda.

I'm not saying that Melania is an angel, but am saying that this couple should expect some dire and painful ironies for lacking the born-again calling in their lives. And if they try to act like Christians to clinch the Christian voter, or the Christian activist, things will only be worse for them. When Trump, shortly before his victory, was caught speaking on a bus concerning his adulteress attitude (just as bad as Bill Clinton), he tried to minimize it as "lockeroom talk." It could appear that God is wanting to judge certain foolish Christians as hypocrites for opposing Clinton's infidelity while embracing an adulterous Trump. It was at this finding that all Christians should have distanced themselves from him. Vote for him, fine, in order to defeat Hillary Clinton, but do not embrace him.

If Christians do not distance themselves from this fake, it's very possible that Christians will lose their calling more than they already have, developing into the foolish virgins. Instead of watching for prophecy, they will be rooting for Trump politics. There are untold numbers of Christians writing online that Trump is a God-send.

Well, I could say that God sent George Bush to be the president, not at all meaning that God loves George Bush. I could say that the Rothschilds started modern Israel as an act favored by God, and for this purpose one could say that the great wealth of Rothschilds was an act of God too, not at all meaning that God loves the Rothschilds. There is a national or world stage that God may desire in order to teach Israel and humanity a lesson, but this doesn't necessarily mean that the ones who set up the stage on His behalf are his own Christian people. We are able to distinguish Christians from Christless "Jews" such as the Rothschilds. The irony is, the very stage set up by obscenely-rich Rothschilds is the very global theater in which they become a punishing-rod lesson for all humanity.

I will leave it open for God to convert the Rothschilds, for I can't yet say whom God will give grace to versus those he won't forgive. Strive to be forgiven. Keep the necessary values at heart, and acknowledge your "old man," the humanity that tends to be at enmity with God. The New Testament calls this old man the "flesh," which is a symbol of a human resisting the Spirit of God. How do we know what the Spirit of God is in order to be part of Him? We know it when we speak appropriately to Him, and in truth. If you are undergoing severe battles in your flesh (not speaking to sexuality alone), be truthful about it when speaking to Him. You should be asking the Doctor to fix the problem rather than enjoying a season in the flesh. If you are asking, that's because you believe. It is by Grace that you still believe. You make the choice to remain/continue in Christ, and by Grace (view this as a special-to-you, hand-of-God miracle) the Father provides a way to a spiritual victory. We hope. There's a certain level of appropriate devotion / performance that's required on our part to make our faith acceptable.

It's Thursday. I'm checking Fox news this morning for a word from Trump on Syria. Nope, sorry, nothing there. Instead, Fox is celebrating Trump's election victories, i.e. where the Republicans have won five, straight congressional elections. This will indeed spur Trump to attacking the Obama agenda more, at least in word, but has this 5-0 score really been due to Trump's good performance? Or has it been more due to poor performance by the Democrats? The Republican news today is that no one wants the Democrats anymore, that even the celebrities are taking flight. Haha, but who wants them? Will the celebrities now infest the Republican party, to set themselves up against the Christian bloc?

Well, you have this Melania problem, a woman whose been a tramp in the model world, and if this brings like-minded people into the Republican party, from the liberal side, how will it help the Christian cause? Well, some Christians no longer care about the Christian cause. And if Trump brings fat cats into the Republican party, from the Democrat side, how is this a good thing? I don't think I've yet seen Melania in the same outfit twice. She must spend half every day deciding what to wear, and, in the other halves, sending next week's outfits to the tailor. Doesn't she do anything but try to look attractive? Is she nothing but a sexy figurehead? Life will get very thin on meaning and fulfillment if one puts a high priority on being attractive.

It's no secret that computerized photos can be altered easily and drastically until someone as unattractive as Hillary in her old age can look like a stunning 35-year old. This is done constantly now, we may assume, with advertising images. Today, there is a very-attractive photo of Karen Handel (won the Georgia election), whereas she is not very attractive at all. There really needs to be a law against altering photography in the news, for this is the feeding of non-reality. It's going beyond the altering of facial features. We expect lies of all sorts from the most-powerful because they are exactly the ones who can protect themselves the most from potential punishment. Fox is featuring, this week, a seal beating up on a giant squid, a video, but is it real, or will faked videos be used to increase hits = more money?

One of the first things a born-again Christian does is to respect the value of life, the value of mankind as a concept, even though mankind is filled with evil. The Call to love one another is a Strategy, not just the right thing to do. Mankind was made to work together warmly in honesty, no need to lock doors at night, but, since the 1970-s, this world has become cold as ice. Christians are by far better people, more law-abiding, than the police. It is easy to point to Christian sin where the Christian is falling away from Grace, but this has no reflection on Jesus, for he doesn't condone the sin. On the other hand, the police chief will condone the brutal crime of a fellow officer, and will urge all officers to embrace the brutal officer.

This is not unlike the Roman soldiers of 30 AD, except that Jesus can't pray, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing," when officers shoot their victim unnecessarily. It's one thing for a Roman soldier to obey orders in the crucifixion of a man deemed a criminal by Pilate, and quite another to shoot a man in custody just because the officer is a raging brute. Police officers get brutal when a person they try to arrest doesn't succumb like a dog at their feet. Police officers are low-level nobodys (even in the eyes of politicians) who want the respect of the king just because they wear a neat uniform. But if they earn their respect by being warm and humble law watchers, then they can be worthy even of eternal life.

The obvious gift of the born-again calling is self-evident: you get to be a new person fashioned on good, solid principles, with a new task in life unlike the tasks you tolerated up to that point, tasks that left you empty of heart in a stone-cold world. The choice is so easy and natural it begs the question on how liberals can actually fight to avoid the gift. It is very perplexing.

When Jesus said that the world lords it over others, he was speaking of the police chief, or, in those days, the commander of the guard. Jesus insinuated that the captains used their authority as a tool unto their own pride. Today, they say that America is not like that, because, today, you can call the president a clown and get away with it. But you can't do it if you're alone with a police officer. Especially in the future, he might kill you as fast as emperor Claudius would have if you didn't lick his feet promptly. It's one thing for me to use "idiot" and "stupids" to describe liberals from my home, but it's not the choice of words I would use if I were captive in their guard.

While police forces and governments go onward into spiritual oblivion, and while presidents and prime ministers act the devil's clowns, obstinate in all they do, refusing to glorify the supremacy of their Creator, Christians remain humble because it's a chief Calling. Prior to the 1960s, democracy set up representative governments precisely to do away with a government lording things over the people. Government workers were regarded as servants - ministers -- of the people. From that time, in unison with the rise of a corrupt CIA, leaders who lorded it over the people set up police chiefs from the brutal side, rather than the humble side, of police departments. Arrogance prevails because power-hungry are at the helm. It's always gravitates to brutes acquiring power where the devil gets his way.

Good people now need an alternative police department to deal with the brutal police departments who protect the arrogant leaders. Someone in the house needs to stab Caesar again. Who more than Jesus wants this job? Who more than the Father wants this job for Jesus? Rejoice, but it's dangerous even to put this on paper. "My" supreme idiot box prefers a Godless nation steeped in faggotry, with real, live faggots raising kids in one home right beside the Christian couple trying to raise their children morally. "My" idiot box is a stench before God, but, thank God, I do not belong to him. I am free to cut myself off from him.

The time for honoring the fat-cat trumps of the world is coming to an end, God will make sure. Our spiritual war is against the trumps of the world, make no mistake about it. And it's the Democrats -- can you believe it -- who cry out the most against fat cats. Yet, these same Democrats hire fat cats as their own presidents. It's self-inflicted punishment, they have no one to blame but themselves.

On the other hand, Republican voters give fats cats respect as entrepreneurs, hard workers, or even God-blessed people. They speak of trickle-down economics to justify large corporations. The daily business news is not concerned with the hardware store on Main street, but with the Walmarts who ruin every store on Main street. Not happy with that, Walmart then got into the grocery game, which had the effect of raising food prices because more money needs to be charged when there are more grocery stores, per one town, all needing to survive. Mass production is going the way of robots (computerized, assembly-line machines are robots), which will "require" population control because the alternative is too much unemployment insurance paid out by big business.

There are credible reports on population control by mass-murder for a time in the near future when the worker can be replaced by the robot. The only use deep-state corporates have for people is their labor, otherwise the elite would rather we not be in "their" society. This theory is so logical, it's why I call it credible. Too many people are ruining "their" planet. They want to "clear the air" with a mass-murder, and some are saying that they are planning to pull all electricity on us, then going underground or off-shore for a year or so, after most have starved or killed one another in survivalist mode. It's very doable at this time.

The last thing the deep state wants is survivors killing them, and this is perhaps the one, solid reason that they won't try this scheme. It explains why the deep state wants no private-gun owners, for guns help them feed their families along with killing those responsible for pulling the electrical plug. It also explains why the deep state doesn't want people prepared to grow their own gardens, for any survivor can be their murderer in due time. There will be ways to know who they are. If God wants a disaster such as this on America, there is no hope in avoiding it.

"Jun. 23, 2017 - 4:51 - US officials have new fears that North Korea could attack the US with electromagnetic pulse bombs - and this is more worrisome than their missile tests." Most-worrisome is where the Americans are plotting to perform an EMP attack while faking it from Korea.

To spare you on watching the video above, I'll just tell you of the bottom-line duplicity. The expert says that America doesn't have near enough spare parts or transformers to replace all the damaged ones in an EMP attack. WHY NOT? Why can't a few billion dollars go into producing spare parts expected to be blown out? Because, they want us dead, quite apparently. Why couldn't each state be ordering spare parts at all times, each state looking after their own needs? How easy would that be? They can use the money saved federally by getting out of the Middle East.

I was looking at a can of ravioli last night, four inches wide by six inches tall, with 1,000 calories inside. Two of these cans daily is sufficient. If each can costs two dollars, that's about $700 dollars per six months of food security per person. It might not be a bad idea to have cases of such food on-hand at all times in the future, and if the food goes to waste, look at it as insurance money gone to waste, a thing we tolerate in other regards. Canned food should last up to three years so that the insurance cost is about a third of $700 annually. If you have a pet dog, you can save on dog food when you deem the food in the cans no longer edible due to bad taste. Sell it to neighbors that have dogs to get back some of the money (think of all the happy dogs). For all I know, it can last five years in a safe condition. I've tested dry pasta after three years, no problem.

Six months of insurance gets you time enough for a garden, and so you might add some garden seeds to your insurance list, or just save the seeds from your own vegetables after testing whether they will sprout at all. We should be growing some vegetables now just for practice sake, to see what the problems may be, per vegetable, and how to avoid some of them.

Someone writes in 2015, "Canned goods can last, proven, 70 years. Canned C rations from WWII, 1944, are still found occasionally, and are still edible. I have a pallet of MRE's [ready-to-eat meals], bought in 2000, with a life span of 10 years, that are still good and I eat occasionally"

Soups are mainly water, a waste of money. Take all the water out, and see how precious-little food there is. Remove the cheap vegetables (themselves mainly water), and there's almost nothing left. Dry your own vegetables and store in airless packaging. You can suck out most of the air, from a plastic bag, with your mouth, or buy a machine to do it (Costco has/had one). In survival foods, you want as many calories / fats as possible, and don't worry much about high salt content (as per raising blood pressure) because the heart-attack risk from increased blood pressure is offset to a degree by eating less (= less material in the veins to threaten a heart attack or stroke). We can't believe everything we read on food quality because the Internet is a war zone between competitors, downgrading the enemy. Tightly-packed Chef Boyardee (less water) is better (even has meat) than loosely-filled SpaghetiO's (more water).

Don't buy any foods from Walmart, for Walmart has swung a deal with the American military, and it appears that Walmart stores are being decked out to help deep-state operatives in the survival of a tragedy.

Here's a plan. Buy dry pasta and your own jars. The cost of a canning jar is meaningless because you save it right away as compared to purchasing canned pasta, but, bonus, you still have the jars afterward for preserving your own garden produce. How much does it cost for jars? Less than a dollar per 32-ounce jar. Don't buy them from Walmart unless paying cash. Don't buy in any way that reveals your private information to Walmart, not even by debit card. Do not trust Walmart; put them out of business so far as you can help it.

Pasta without tomato sauce can be made interesting with some olive oil (high in calories) and spices, hot or cold. If you store olive oil (shelf life about two years) for a year past the due date, it could still be good for frying foods such as your own dehydrated potatoes:

In the ten-best survival foods below, beans is number two. However, your household will stink if everyone's at home in a crisis, when they are eating beans almost daily. It's an important consideration because stomach gas follows people to bed, where they sleep with others, especially in a crisis situation where relatives share a certain home due to its advantages, for example, well water. If you have well water, and the grid is unplugged by design, your home will become desirable.

Canned meat is on the list, yet it's expensive. Sure, canned meat is worth the expense, if a crisis comes. If it doesn't, then it's more money gone to waste. Plus, what exactly is in canned ham, for example, when they sell it dirt cheap? We get what we pay for, and food manufacturers have tricks that governments turn blind eyes to, especially in these wicked days. When you buy hunting rifles, one for your son too, it may be a good idea to get all rifles of the same make exactly, sharing the same bullets.

Food prices go up when a crisis seems possible because people start to stock up, raising demand. Don't wait until then, if you decide to spend insurance money on food. What I'm writing here is not a substitute for enduring the entire 3.5-year "great tribulation."

The page directly above has a link to the page below on a bill advanced in January of this year making it illegal for the United states to fund grounds such as ISIS and their allies. Eye-popping is this: "After nearly 5 months since its introduction, only 13 of the 535 members of Congress have signed on as co-sponsors...To add insult to treason and murder, Senator Rand Paul [R-KY] introduced this same legislation in the Senate. He currently has zero should come as no surprise that Donald Trump signed hundreds of billions of dollars in weapons deals with other countries who also fund these people." It's amazing proof that congress is, by-and-large, a deep-state animal.

It's Trump at his phoniest: "What’s more is the fact that less than one week after publicly reprimanding Qatar for terrorism, President Trump signed off on the sale of $12 billion in weapons to the country he referred to as a 'funder of terrorism.'" It's never going to be put on paper that some of the American weapons to the Saudis are slated for ISIS. It's understood by Saudi Arabia that, while Trump seeks the fall of Assad, it should fund the war against Assad in return for American "gifts."

What this world needs is the born-again experience. But not if it's a typical "craze" to enjoy in passing, then leave for another experience as soon as another comes along. The born-again experience is not a sensual pleasure. It's an eternal life, not just the gift of everlasting time, but living in respect of Jesus, whatever he may call us to. It's willing obedience to a healthy Calling, the thing that makes the devil puke because he wants your worship instead. The born-again part is the beginning of the journey, and we are not to remain born forever. We move on to growth, better understanding of truth, better able to defend ourselves against the attacks of the enemy. Part of the Calling is to know God better, but demonic influence portrays God as a nasty being, no surprise.

Trump, instead of being the peacemaker that he promised his bloc, has become one with the belligerent warrior, the CIA. We thought that Trump was going to use his brutality on our political enemies, but here Trump is working up a world-war scenario. Well, what am I complaining about? Isn't this what I want, to speed up the Kingdom of God? Well, yes, but I don't want a world war right now. I like peace in the world because it makes my home feel stable. Poor Christians. We are in tight spot, wanting the arrival of Jesus, but not the devastations thereof. How can we come to terms with this?

Well, one way is not to desire war. Yet, even the prophets gloried in the punishment of the wicked by war. I would suggest that we not welcome war, but that we do accept it as those who shut their eyes for a short while until the Fury has passed. The coming mother of all wars is a God-plotted thing; we cannot put God into a Love Box and say that he doesn't start wars. He does. Are the nations who fight the wars innocent, if God starts the wars? No. God can start a war, not by fueling the underlying animosities and desires, but by simply opening up a gate that allows the warriors to pass through with their own greed and hunger for power. The evil is birthed by the warriors, and God restrains them, or God opens the gate by removing his restraints. God thus allows wars, but the warriors are yet guilty for the way they conduct themselves in war.

What would God want most but to have the wicked lead the military on the Day? God doesn't want Christians there on that Day, we can understand this. The devil does want Christians in the fighting force, understandably. But never in the leadership positions. Likely, Christians will be put on the front lines, from this day forward, for to murder them deliberately.

A true Christian is defined as one who finds the Calling, then wants to know all about it. He therefore reads the Bible until he has exhausted all that he/she can about the calling. By that time, many years later, the Bible changes the person, because the person takes it seriously. If a person reads it deep for more than a decade, I'd day that's proof of commitment. But if a person reads only parts of it, once only, and then decides on the matter, whether or not to follow Jesus, I'd say that's more the shooting star that quickly goes out. This is why a true Christian is often defined as a Biblical one, someone who sticks to the Biblical rules for living, which the modern world cannot tolerate because it has it's own rules for living, for being unified. The words of the apostles are at enmity with the humanist world.

We await the day of the humanist's destruction, when he dares to persecute us. He can't, anyway, until God opens the gate. Every individual act of persecution needs its own gate, for God has every life in his sight, and every true believer in his hand. If the humanist tries to go through the gate without God's will, he will find an alligator on the other side to bite his leg off. He'll scamper away on one leg, and won't try it again.

Grace has nothing to do with how either Melania or God looks. In a test of beauty, God wins hands down, though His beauty isn't about facial features (I frankly don't know whether God has a face as we think of one). Grace starts where the Father is a judge who doesn't want to grant us continual life, but rather wants our lives to be ended, because we are rotten, good for nearly nothing, a disappointment that pains him merely to look upon us. If not for this, there could not be Grace. Enter Jesus, who acts as our lawyer on our behalf, convincing the Judge to have mercy because we might become pleasing if only Jesus could have some time with us, to train us. Jesus (via the Spirit) then digs around our roots, fertilizes them, waters them, aerates them, and if we refuse to grow, he abandons us to the Judgment of God. It is worse to die after receiving Grace than not to have received it at all. Grace buys us time, but eternal life comes from growing.

Someone online says that Trump spoke these words: "The beauty of me is that I'm very rich, you can never be too greedy." Try to imagine how God feels about this clown. The line is in the video below from someone who thinks Trump is the anti-Christ. I must disagree with that position simply because prophetic proof isn't there, at this time, anyway, but this video has value, anyway, with scriptures for anyone not familiar with it. You won't find sensationalism in this video:

Here's Donald Trump faking Christianity but not getting away with it. He could have lied, saying that, yes, he's asked for forgiveness, but he apparently couldn't stomach even that. Take a look at a clown act:

Below is a video out today (June 22) with Jason Chaffetz sharing a phone message where the guy on the other end is threatening to hang him to death. While this angry man may have been a "nobody," the time will come when the nobody is being paid by the deep state on a serious murder threat. Chaffetz, who says he's had dozens of death threats, says that the law doesn't take them seriously, which is, of course, very convenient for the deep state. It could look like the deep state policing its own death threats. If law enforcement would treat each and every death threat with some frightening response (a couple of phone calls, a visit at his door when his neighbors are home at dinner, a police press release in the local papers), there wouldn't be rashes of death threats.

Once we understand that this is going on, we recognize how the deep state controls government people not in line with the deep state. Chaffetz quit a congressional-leadership job recently, and here already he's coming out to share what I've not seen from any other congressman, which tends to show that Chaffetz is leaking a profound reality. If Trump doesn't take this seriously, would he deserve to die by a death threat?

The latter part of the video shows Trey Gowdy speaking to Obama's Homeland Security chief, which actually concerns the murder of Seth Rich (though Gowdy won't take that position, yet, anyway). It concerns the fact the Homeland Security would not release helpful data as per the DNC leak reportedly from a Russian hacking (in reality, it was Seth Rich). Absolutely, if the HS data could help the accusation that the Russians did it, or even if it could block the Russians from doing it again, HS would have turned over the data. The refusal leaves suspicion, doesn't it? Can't Trump demand that data?

Are there actually laws in place where data from a government organ is sealed from the public no matter who requests it? If Congress can't get it, surely the president can. This matter is in Trump's hand, therefore, but this president is not reliable, so far as I can see, on the Seth-Rich case. The news here is not so much HS / FBI / CIA refusing to give the data, but Trump refusing to demand it. Gowdy may be another clown act intending to make Republican voters "happy" with the failure because he at least tried to expose the other side.

By the way, the story is not new this week, but not very old, that "Sen. Bernie Sanders and his wife have hired defense attorneys amid an FBI probe into a loan the senator's wife procured for Burlington College while she was school president, according to news reports." This FBI attack on Sanders looks like a shot across his bow, a message that he should not assist with the move against the DNC as per the murder of Seth Rich.

On Friday, the Russians (RT) put out a piece telling that they hurt the Americans in a show of defiance: "Two Russian Navy frigates and a submarine have fired six Kalibr cruise missiles on Islamic State targets in Syria, the Defense Ministry said. Militants who survived the attack were later killed in airstrikes...Russia warned Turkey and Israel about the attacks via military-to-military hotlines, it added"

We can realize why the Americans are so slow to finish off ISIS in Raqqa: "Over the past week, Islamic State militants made numerous attempts to escape the besieged city of Raqqa and head towards Palmyra using a 'southern corridor,' according to the Russian military. The terrorists are moving forces through rugged terrain to the Hama province during the night and setting up command posts and ammunition depots in large buildings there, it added." This flight to Palmyra is new to me. The Americans said that they would hem ISIS in Raqqa on all sides, yet its escaping both to Palmyra and Mayadin???

It should be a matter of time only before the Americans play their next trick. Watch for a trick, because the Russia-Syria-Iran side is doing nothing to provoke the Americans, so that the Americans need to fake a provocation. Yes, Russia's attacking ISIS makes the CIA angry, but this is not to be categorized as a provocation against the Americans.

Hold on a minute. I've just found a June-22 video claiming that Russians shot down as many as six U.S. drones; it's according to reports of eye-witnesses in Syria mixed with reports from an anonymous Pentagon leaker. This comes from a video producer (I have serious problems with some of his views) whom I've seen as sympathetic toward the Russians, but I don't mean "sympathetic" in any sinister way, but more like my position where I don't want to see war between the superpowers. If this Russian hit is the fact, I would suggest that Putin has decided to play this game as though he's absolutely unafraid of a war escalation, and this confidence may be precisely due to Trump's trying to keep the American people in the dark. It could look like a sign of weakness on Trump's part, though I don't see it that way. Instead, I half-suspect that Trump has decided to start this war....unless circumstances change his mind.

Another explanation for the story above is that Russia shot down nothing, but rather the Americans did it to blame it on the Russians.

With Assad at his full powers a few years ago, the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis stood no chance in conquering Israel, especially with a healthy United States on side with Israel, though Obama weakened that relationship. Now, however, with Syria a trampling zone, Hezbollah and Iran together are inside Syria under a Russian umbrella. The last thing Trump wants to do is to anger this axis, because there is a war zone open all the way to Israel, and Assad even has the upper military hand in his country. Assad might be counting his lucky stars right now, after all, with the new developments from Trump, because Assad gets to act the broker in an invasion on Israel, if he can convince Putin to support it. And the more bluster that Putin is made to take from Trump -- whom he thought might be a friend -- the greater this scenario can develop real. Iran has, as of today, Friday, returned to its destroy-Israel rhetoric.

The kicker could come when ISIS militants, unfaithful to America, announce that they will cease hostilities toward Assad in return for a united effort against Israel. If the U.S. was controlling ISIS fighters through the dictates of Baghdadi, and if the Russians did kill him weeks ago, one could expect ISIS fighters to divide into groups under various leaders, each with their own future strategies for continuation. We could call these groups free radicals, free from American control.

There are all sorts of possible scenarios in all-out-war. Putin has the option of killing Assad and blaming it on anyone inside Syria. Putin can then step in and provide a Russian ruler on behalf of the Assad loyalists, thus placing the Syrian army much under the direct control of Putin.

The video producer (Joe Biggs) below is saying partially what crossed my mind when hearing of a failed U.S. missile-to-missile test in the Pacific. My thinking in particular, not the same from Joe Biggs, is that the Americans faked this failure in order to justify a faked strike from Korea. Granted, I'm only entertaining this view, not predicting it hard. In other words, if such a fake job were on the agenda, it would help if the public was shown beforehand that American defense systems are vulnerable to missile attacks in the Pacific. Or, put it this way, I can't see any other reasoning behind this failed test at this time. As Mr. Biggs points out, the natural thing to do in a failed test such as this is not to air it before all the world, which is how we can know that the Pentagon (idiots) is faking it. We need only to figure out why it's faking it, and I reject Bigg's theory, which is to encourage Korea to fire a missile at America.

I read today a report that the cargo ship which rammed into the USS Fitzgerald was hijacked by North Korea. Hee hee. This might just be the American claim secretly, not intended for public news, but intended only in the hearing of the North-Korean leader. The idea is to make Kim believe that the Americans are so intent on attacking his country that they have faked a scenario, at the cost of a badly damaged war ship, in which North Korea rammed their ship. This could be expected to frighten Kim so much that he would capitulate, and, indeed, he just came out and said that he's ready to cancel all nuclear tests in return (= save face) for some concessions from the U.S.

Late this week, there was word from the Philippines, tending to rule out that the crash was wholly a faked event:

TOKYO, June 26 (Reuters) - A U.S. warship struck by a container vessel in Japanese waters failed to respond to warning signals or take evasive action before a collision that killed seven of its crew, according to a report of the incident by the Philippine cargo ship's captain.

That claim tends to reveal a controversy between the parties rather than an event fully staged where the ship wasn't even damaged. However, why did the cargo ship collide if it was able to send warnings to the ship in its way? Are we to think that the cargo ship didn't see the navy ship until the final minute? Is the navy ship the only one with steering capability? The fact that we now have this message of warnings beforehand begs the question on why there was a crash at all, and perhaps this is evidence that both parties are engaged in theater. "The container ship steered hard to starboard (right) to avoid the warship, but hit the Fitzgerald 10 minutes later at 1:30 a.m...." Zikers, ten, whole minutes to steer away, and still it collided??? That story is not sitting well with me. This story looks packed with confusion as to what really happened, a common trait of an event faked by the U.S. government.

Google Games Are Not Funny

It used to be that, when asking "the sky is blue" from Google, you would get all articles with "the sky is blue" anywhere in the world. And nothing would be brought up, in the searches, before all the pages that possess "the sky is blue." Now, when you search, "the sky is blue," instead of getting pages with that very phrase, the first search results are all showing, "Why is the sky blue?" I didn't ask for that. Does the Google computer not know how to read, "the sky is blue"? You may think that this is an innocent thing from Google, but, no, it's very serious. Google wants to condition us to believe that this is the best Google can do for us, to get close to what we ask for, and, moreover, Google wants us to accept that what we ask for can be on the 2nd page, the 4th page, or the 100th page, as if the Google computer is overtaxed by our request.

So, in using this method of bringing us results, Google creates for itself an excuse to hide myriads of webpages that it itself black lists. Instead of the best-reading articles, the most-interesting points, and the truth, Google promotes deep-state news as well as shallow distractions from a host of bad thinkers and political leftists. Youtube follows the same path by no coincidence at all. This is entirely logical for anyone who understands the brute conspiracy of the Rockefellers, etc. But there is payback for all cheating, and it's called failure. The joke is already on Google and youtube, for even with the two of them together, as well as a host of similar big-Internet cheaters, the Democrats still lost the election hahahaha. It looks good on the Google tramp. Did Google interfere with the election, hahahaha? Yes, but it lost because cheaters can be prosecuted. The worst is yet to come, we can feel it in our bones. Go ahead, Google, black list this page, make my day.

When you search, "google corruption," do you think Google will bring up the best articles possible? Don't we know that Google will hide them, and bring up only a fraction, those it cannot hide due to their being from big names? Hello? The big names are testing google at all times now, to check whether their controversial material is being buried. Payback is coming. Word is spreading. No one likes a cheater. Plastic, all that's phony and trivial takes priority over all that's respectable. That's why Google uses cartoon pictures at its home page, so that we say, "that's okay, Google is fun."

On 10 June 2017, I [an investigative journalist] did a Google search for [my published] two articles, by googling in one search, the seven words shown on the following line:

zuesse washingtonsblog comey emails six laws Hillary

Nothing appeared on the first page of the Google search-results that would bring me directly to either article. I was stunned. I had never encountered the likes of this before.

.. I then did a search of the same seven-word string, and the first page of search-results at brought me to multiple web-pages for each of those two articles, including both of the specific web-pages that I’ve linked-to just above here.

The webpage above tells how Google plans to avoid hiding webpages, seeing that word is spreading. Yes, it's true, Google will now hide fewer pages...because it's going to eradicate them completely from its databanks. Oh, goodie, Google is now preparing to shoot itself in the head instead of merely in the foot:

I have previously indicated that Google (now calling itself by a conglomerate name, “Alphabet Inc.”) has hired contractors to threaten independent news websites that publish articles that Google will treat as being ‘fake news’, so as to make the owners of those sites fear loss of their advertising income-stream from Google if the site does not promptly remove specific articles that those contractors request them to remove. I had first gotten indication of this fact when one of the sites that publishes some of my articles became threatened about one of my articles...Google-Alphabet trying to block the public from finding certain types of truthful information.)

Only later did I come to realize that Google does not itself issue these threats but instead employs contractors to do it for them so as to protect itself from the guilt.

That's just like deep-state powers when they want to kill a human: keep a safe distance by hiring a contract killer.

While we truthers are hoping to spread the word of deep-state corruption, Google is hiding our pages, now eliminating them, on behalf of the deep-state. What will be Google's fate when its in our hands to act against it? Is Google untouchable? Things can change fast. God is on the side of truth, and truth needs to get out to expose darkness, wherefore Google has picked a fight with the Almighty, hahahaha. This is going to be good. The bigger they are, the more enjoyable to watch them fall. In one year alone, Google was exposed as a deep-state operative, but there are several years left.

In my opinion, youtube is much worse than Google. I find that youtube brings up the worst-possible videos first when it doesn't want people to educate themselves on certain matters. Here's someone complaining about youtube removing his pages, some with over a million hits. This video may be deleted by the time you get to it. I'm all for censoring fake news, but how does anyone know whether the prohibited news is fake versus merely disliked by google / youtube? Shouldn't there be a rule or law requiring the youtubes and googles of the Internet to list each and every video / article that it forbids, giving reason for discontinuation, and allowing the owners to come back with another video / article arguing their own case for all to see?

The obvious way for youtube and google to go, for maximum effect on behalf of their own philosophies, is to blacklist productions without telling the owners; otherwise, owners will raise a stink en-mass. By not telling the owners, the retaliatory stink will come much more slowly. So, that's what the censors are doing.

If youtube is concerned for fake news, just put a link to a list of fake-news promoters right on the youtube front page. I would appreciate that very much. I will choose whether a video contains a bad conspiracy theory or error or hate speech. Yes, we do need to protect against bad education, but what I see at this time is youtube deciding on behalf of the deep state what is proper education. I just asked youtube for a "list of youtube fake news," but, instead, I got an army of those opposed to youtube on this issue. Come on, youtube, give the people a list of all videos that you have removed, and let the people assess whether you have been justified in removing them.

Late this week, two articles appeared at Drudge saying that Democrats and CNN want to veer away from Russia news that infested the country over the past few months. I get this, I really do. Now that the effort has failed, and now that the Republicans are turning Russia collusion back against Obama and Hillary, the Democrats want all talk on Russia to go away. The liberals have had me laughing things up for weeks.

On Friday, a "fake news" video was out expressing that president Putin came out to reveal that he, too, is a conspiracy theorist. The video is titled, "Putin Says US Presidents are Puppets, ‘Men in Dark Suits’ Rule DC". I suggest that Putin is dreaming if he thinks he can turn Trump around with this coming-out. Putin is, however, showing that he wants Trump to change, because Putin doesn't want literal war with the deep state.

Finally, after distracting preoccupation on the Russia-collusion charges by the DNC, "The House Intelligence Committee next week plans to interview John Podesta as part of its investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign, according to a new report." Trey Gowdy should, if he's any straight-shooter at all, mention Seth Rich as a more-likely candidate for seizing Podesta's emails. The interview will be in a private setting, where we won't know what Gowdy asks. Who called for this closed session? And why?

Did you ever wonder why a congressman has only a few minutes to ask a culprit about his guilt, and that half the time or more is spent by the culprit trying to evade and change the topic? How possibly can justice be done with ten minutes of questioning? Isn't that more theater, to put on a good show? If the questioner is just about to pry the damning response from the culprit, oops, too bad, times up. The deep state and most the congress are one couple, lovers, isn't that right? I think this is a closed session to protect Gowdy. I'm watching to see whether he, too, is just a phony, the worst kind, the type who acts the most-contrary to a phony. Somewhere in all this, I'm expecting God to come through with a knock-out punch that the Congress refuses to give.

Try to wrap your head around the following, for it's the most-unimaginable atrocity of the media, far worse than gladly covering false-flag events:

Norwegian Police have just uncovered over 150 terabytes of child porn, in the largest child sex abuse case in modern history, named "Operation Darkroom', that has uncovered photos, movies and chat logs containing atrocities against young children and babies, in a year-long bust that targeted pedophiles operating on the "DarkNet", or "Deep Web". The "DarkNet' is the part of the internet that isn't indexed by search engines and requires specific types of web browsers to access it, and this anonymity allows pedophiles and other criminals to operate and pass information around freely.

Despite the huge success of this bust by Norway Police, there's a complete mainstream media blackout in the UK and US, as the English-speaking West refuses to publish any details on the case in a rush to cover up the recent PizzaGate scandal.

Truly, what other motive could there be for not covering this aside from the media not wanting to appear dumb in mocking or rejecting the core of pizzagate: organized child-sex rings? I'm going to allow the article to be graphic in your mind for one reason only, to give you a clue, if you don't know already, of a demon in human form:

Among the 51 perpetrators said to be involved, 20 have been arrested. The list of the accused includes “highly educated” individuals, including two former or current elected politicians, one teacher, a lawyer and a police officer. Yet, English-language media both in Europe and stateside in the U.S. have ignored the story. As Norwegian news publication Tadens Krav reports, the material shows penetration of toddlers, children being tied, children who have sex with animals and children who have sex with other children. One of the accused men had a pregnant girlfriend and planned with another to commit offenses against the child when it was born, police said. Some of the accused performed abuses directly online, including atrocities against their own children. Police stressed that the case involves a network. The investigation is ongoing. So while the U.S. media busied itself with its campaign of denial, lies and cover-ups involving Pizzagate and “fake news,” this huge child sex abuse story broke in Norway. The story did appear on Associated Press’ wire, but did anyone run it? The infamous crime syndicate rags The Washington Post had the story briefly on Nov. 20 but has since taken it offline, as did The New York Times. German state news group Deutsche Welle and UK Independent provided a brief story, and Sputnik ran a more thorough article. Fox News still has this up – but would a thinking person even call this coverage?

No outcry against it from Fox even. No battle call to the other media to stamp this out in America. Let the children be damned, but don't hurt John Podesta because he's tied to Hillary Clinton. Let's put this into perspective. The Podesta brothers are at the heart of pizzagate proper, and some say Seth Rich was killed because his email leaks was the thing revealing John Podesta. Then, while Gowdy and Podesta soon go head-to-head, hopefully for more than ten minutes, the following ups the drama:

In an emotionally charged speech, Gowdy told a room full of prosecutors that he vowed to take down the Elite pedophile ring that is infesting Washington D.C. and the rest of the nation, adding that if anyone stands in the way of the child sex cases, then he wants a list of those people's names so he can force them to publicly explain themselves for their actions.

People are wondering who's getting murdered first, Gowdy or Podesta. Then again, I've yet to determine whether Gowdy is a phony. I've read that Ivanka Trump is pushing her father to go after child-sex offenders, but this too may be phony. For example, look at this statement: "Since Donald Trump was sworn in as president and promised the American people that he would destroy the child trafficking networks in the United States, hundreds have been arrested nationwide in a string of operations carried out by federal law enforcers." But one can say that hundreds get arrested over every few months anyway, whether Trump is the president or anyone else.

We all think that child porn and child-sex will never get traction, but we need to be shocked because it's exactly getting it. I was just as shocked with the way they legitimized abortion, first by convincing the masses that it was popular when it probably wasn't. Fake polls grew the movement to popularity. There will be a move to normalize "love" with children, if this world lasts 15 or 20 years more. But the things I've caught in print suggest disturbing molestations of a demonic kind that cannot rate as love whatsoever. You need to be a manifest demon to advocate the killing of an unborn baby, and we have seen "normal" people advocate it. Bill Clinton had the wickedness to say that the killing of a child by an abortionist, when it's still partly in the womb as it exits, is not murder, but is perfectly acceptable. I doubt very much that he would have spoken those words if it horrified his wife.

I'm a peaceloving guy, but I say that the case has already been made by God that Armageddon and eternal death is justified upon the wicked. We don't need to see anymore, but when it's exposed that even a good number of politicians in Congress are molesting children, that should just about signal the end.

Just days after Dr. Phillip McGraw exposed an Elite pedophile ring on mainstream TV by interviewing an escaped former child sex slave, his show was canceled by Dutch Media RTL.

The more I read that the political and legal elite are promoting this thing, the more I'm convinced. If there is one thing I cannot grasp, it's how a grown man can find sexual pleasure in a baby or young child. We can never stress enough that this sort of animal needs to be cut off from the human family without pity. Whatever you do, do not sympathize with what they do, for the demonic movement will take us to that position. The demons want us to know how a pedophile's mind works, to understand it, and, later, to find common ground with it. This will be the new normal, if demonically-inspired men can help it.

If you know American politics, you've probably heard of Dennis Hastert. Headlines: "Republicans rush to defend Dennis Hastert, plead court for leniency..."; "Leading Republicans send letters in support of Dennis Hastert" What did he do? Worse, why do we read the following sympathy: "Still, the longest serving Republican House Speaker in American history has prominent Republican friends rushing to publicly back him even as he’s accused of being a serial child molester." The accusations were not false.

Imagine, a well-respected, Republican congressman who likes the sex organs of teens in his mouth. Just picture him doing it to some kid in his gym class as the opportunity arises in the heat of a moment, unable to restrain himself. He rushes the boy, whips down his pants, and starts sucking like a demon. The fresh human victim doesn't know what to do as his gym teacher insists he finish the job. In less than a half-minute, it's over, and Hastert goes back to being "normal," but not until he first threatens the boy should he tell anyone. The school principal, and his fellow teachers, have no idea that a monster lurks in their building. Yet, other Republicans plead for mercy from the court? It makes us think that Congress is a boy-sex club. How, possibly, could the ever-so-few in society have managed to get into high politics? Are others opening the road for them?

Now, let's talk about adult consent between faggots. Is this not the consent of two monsters, monster on monster? Are we fine when Dennis Hastert does it to a man over 18 or 21, yet we are not okay with it if the boy is 16 or 17??? Accepting faggotry is what the world of liberalism has brought many to believe in preparation for accepting sex with minors. Never-ever give queers respect, and expect queer partners to raise queer boys and girls. It's a no-brainer, yet full state governments are embracing queer marriage as though their leaders either have no brains, or are some of the monsters. Which option is more logical? There is a monster problem in anyone who doesn't see anything wrong with adult faggotry. The monster doesn't go away after a queer turns 18. The monster could very well get progressively worse after 18. We will have more such monsters by allowing two queer men to raise children in the name of marriage.

This world is doomed, and now we know why Sodom was made a symbol of end-time doom. God did not make end-time doom symbolized by thieves, adulterers or prostitutes, but by faggots who killed their victims. The best way to steer our ships in the last days is to stay close to Jesus. Safe waters prevail there. When the terrible storm comes, we will be safe. It's not enough to be a good person in this world while embracing it. Jesus talked about losing your life for Him, or forsaking all we have to purchase His Kingdom. These things mean that we are to let go of the world, all of it, and engage life as directed by Jesus. We are to live in the world by new standards, a new mentality, with the Creator ever before our consciousness and our consciences. To love God with our hearts means, first, to be open to His presence in life, and secondly to react to it in an appropriate way, in line with The Way.

To love God means NOT to call it a job to have God before our consciences. It's a gift. We get to live in God, with God part of our lives. It's no small gift at all. It's by far the best thing that could befall a worldly person, to turn to the Creator and find a Father. This worldly person will then learn what solid means. In the world, everything is slippery; just when you think you have something, it slips away. But God is faithful, loyal. He won't abandon long as we don't desert Him. For me, finding God was the best. There is no comparison. Life has not been a merry-go-round these past, four decades, but that's because we are in a war situation until He returns.

He's expecting us to be players in this war, we may assume, and we need to develop our own particular parts in handling it. The goodies come later. We are being called to be mature and patient in this regard. It can get hard. We don't serve harder just because we want more goodies. We serve because we love God's ways, and because we want them established on the earth. We ring out what God's ways are, that he finds faggots abominable. And, for that matter, why did he call the anti-Christ "the abomination that makes [Israel] desolate"? Will he be one of the elite faggots?

Some of us may have seen Trump standing at the Western Wall. He was the first American president to go there. Jesus said to his apostles, that when the abomination is standing in the holy place, it's time for Israelis to flee Jerusalem. This statement needs some clarification. There is evidence in Daniel that the end-time sanctuary will not have a temple building, and therefore will not have the so-called "holy place." If I recall correctly, Daniel always calls it a "sanctuary," never using the Hebrew word for "temple building."

When the Romans destroyed the temple, they left the west wall standing that surrounded the temple grounds, and this is now the Western / Wailing Wall that modern Jews call their sacred sanctuary. The Muslims have permitted the Israelis to worship at this wall even though Muslims own the temple site. When Matthew 24 uses "holy place" in relation to Daniel's "abomination of desolation," it can mean "holy spot / holy area" rather than the so-called "Holy Place" within the Solomon temple. Put it this way, that if Jesus meant the Holy Place within the temple building, we are not yet anywhere near Biblical fulfillment.

I strongly assume that I'm correct in claiming that Daniel predicted the Western Wall rather than the whole temple. There is a special clue in Daniel 9, which says that the abomination of desolation will appear on a "wing" of the temple. I have looked at the Hebrew word for our "wing," as per the definition given it in Strong's Concordance. It means very much the Western Wall, for the Hebrew term can be defined as "edge" or "extremity." In other words, the abomination will be in relation to a side or outer edge of the temple. It tends to carry no significance if it means near a wall within a temple building, for why bother to point out such a detail in the first place? But if the term refers to the Western-Wall sanctuary, we today realize why it was important for God to use it, for it indicates to us that the anti-Christ can appear without the temple building in Israel.

In fact, the use of "wing" acts as proof that God gave the prophecy to Daniel. And the use is in the 70-week prophecy that is itself excellent evidence that Jesus is the Messiah. This prophecy is excellent for hanging your faith hat on, in case you have doubts about prophecy.

Next, we might like to know the timing of when the abomination stands in the end-time sanctuary. Has Trump already fulfilled it? It might not be a bad theory except that Trump isn't speaking against Israel. However, from what I have seen of this man, everything he does is a trick in one form or another. Ultimately, I think that the abomination will stand in the temple area midway through the final 70th week, as per the invasion of Jerusalem in Daniel 11:30-31. It doesn't give the believers much time to flee, but it is a good time to get out of the way. The military entry of his forces into the temple area comes shortly before the fighters trample the streets of the city. Things will go in that order.

Do we imagine Trump's American forces fulfilling this invasion? Or will Trump have Muslim forces fighting Israel on his behalf? As you can see, it is a difficult / unlikely position to take that Trump is the anti-Christ. That's why I'm not making such a claim. However, I can imagine the deep state having an agenda to overtake Netanyahu's government, or even breaking with American tradition altogether for a gang-bang on Israel. And if Trump does the will of the deep state on that count, then, I suppose, he can be the anti-Christ, perhaps in his second term.

Why would Trump decide to be at the Wailing Wall at all?. What value is there in his showing up in an unnatural aloneness, at this wall, wearing a Jewish cap? If he was prepared to start a media onslaught against Israel, this was not the way to go about it. It looks more like he's interested in forming solidarity between his administration and Israel's government. However, he also wanted to make West Jerusalem the Israeli capital, but backtracked, they say, only because his team members said it would be counter-productive to the peace process. And his team members -- read deep state -- are interested in giving old Jerusalem to the Palestinians as their capital, exactly what we expect of dark men in conflict with God.

We haven't the ability to predict (read confusion) what Trump will turn into as he morphs into a deep-state puppet, for we don't even know what he is to begin with, aside from being at enmity with God far in favor of his fortunes. I don't think he's religious enough to qualify for "false prophet." He is at least the basic sinful individual, typical of my generation, of some of the same types I brushed shoulders with in my youth, yet he's now meeting repeatedly on a near-daily basis with "politically correct" movers and shakers who have long had a globalist agenda in the Middle East. It is not a bad theory that Trump donned the kippah (cap) at the Western Wall in order to reinforce Israel's part in the downing of Assad.

When I heard Trump's sexual / adulterous side from his own mouth, he was just like an old friend I was with, Mr. Kepke. And they both have the same kind of hair (though Trump may be wearing a wig). Kepke came to mind just now as I wrote, "kippah." I may yet need to correctly interpret a dream I had this past year, where Kepke walked up my driveway followed by Paul Smith on crutches. The evidence that God gave to convince me that this dream was from Him, is where the Smith surname shares the type of cross, in colors reversed, used by the Crutch surname.

I've known for years that the Templar flag of Jerusalem used a potent cross, but it was only recently (a year or so) when learning that the four arms of the potent cross are a take on the upper part of a crutch. That is, a potent cross was deliberately formed from the shape of crutches so that heraldic potent is in very fact a symbol of the Crutch/Crooch surname. To clinch this, the Cross/Croce surname happens to use a double-armed type of potent cross. By entering "Croce" in the box at the webpage below, you can read that the cross is called a potent:

So, so far as I can tell, God was trying to tie Trump to the Ukrainian Kepke surname while also making a link to the symbol of the Templar Zionists. The Kepke dream came while I was entertaining "Kepk" as a hard version of "Caiaphas." The question arose as to what part Trump may have in prophetic fulfillment. Then, while the Obama transition to Trump was underway, I had a dream where I was shooting a paper airPLNE on Obama's billiard table, prompting me to look at the Plain surname, which happens to use the same cross as the Crutch surname, and in the same two colors.

Let me back up. While I was taking a pool shot on Obama's table, the cue ball was a page on the table. Unable to shoot a page lying there, I turned into a paper plane. I then realized that the page was code for the Payen/Pagan bloodline, for the French Page surname was first found in the same place as the Payen/Pagan surname, and meanwhile Obama's mother was a Payne on her mother's side. Plus, "Plain" may have been a Paine branch to begin with. The first grand master of the Templars was Hugh de Payens. Does it make sense that the Payen bloodline should have connected to the Crutch bloodline when the flag of de Payens' Jerusalem was made the crutch-potent cross?

There's more, for English Paine's/Payne's, in English-Page colors, share the broken spear with Singletarys, and Obama's mother is known to descend (on her father's side) from Jonathan Singletary. Plus, while Plains are also PLATErs, the Singletarys use: "A black demi antelope PLATEE..."

Ok, I can grasp all of that Templar ancestry as a message to us from God on end-time Zionism, but why bother bringing Obama into the picture when he's all-but finished as the president? Well, it could be that Obama has unfinished work to do, and that the Templar-descended (read from Caiaphas) deep state is agreeable in helping him out...which ultimately requires that Trump puts aside all bitterness for Obama, because the two are going to be on the same page as their respective agendas cross paths. Yet, I have the problem of figuring out how end-time Zionism could possibly furnish the anti-Jerusalem anti-Christ. It's not making sense, unless I entertain a backstabbing of Israel by Zionists unhappy with the Israeli government.

Frankly, I'd rather predict a Russia-Iran invasion of Jerusalem that Obamites could be festering with. Then, Trump, the unpredictable one, just lets it happen because the deep state wants a coup in Israel. Instead of viewing Trump as the False Prophet, perhaps Tillerson. Wikipedia says Tillerson has donated thousands to his church's magazine. While some say that Hugh de Payens married both Elizabeth Chappes and Catherine Sinclair, "In 1986 Tillerson married Renda St. Clair..." However, I can't speculate yet on Tillerson's prophetic role, or if he has one at all.

Two days after writing the above, the following appeared on June 25: "In a rare twist, President Donald Trump passed on an opportunity Sunday to denounce former President Barack Obama as a leader of the 'resistance'..."I don't think he's leading it," Trump told Fox News' 'Fox & Friends'..." It doesn't look like the capitulating Trump wants war with Obama. Brag, brag, brag is all that capitulating Trump does, which has nothing to do with justice or a show of force to curb corruption. So long as Trump survives, he's a happy, fat donkey (read do-nothing).

Here's a tweet from Trump on Friday: "Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY?" Well why don't you order someone to look into corruption by Obama on that very topic? You keep pretending to be opposed to Obama, but this is hardly enough. You promised the voters that you would see justice done. WHERE IS IT?

A worrisome poll in Russia has 38 percent of the population saying that Stalin, a mass-murderer, is the most-important Russian in that country's history. This number is about that of hardened liberals in the United States who choose destructive, demonic tendencies. They with Stalin have hatred of God / Christians in common.

Late this week, Trump came out to admit that he didn't tape his conversations with Comey, exactly what we would expect Trump to say if a closed-door deal was made between the two where Comey's part of the agreement was to confess in an open forum that Trump wasn't guilty of a certain charge.

If the former CIA chief admits today that Kurds have a right to their own state, why couldn't it be the same with the current CIA?

“I think, ultimately, they probably do have a right to an independent state...

...We calculated at one point – the CIA – that they needed to export about 800,000 barrels of oil at US$105 per barrel.”

It could seem that the CIA wants high oil prices, because, in their calculations for a Kurdish state (what business is this of the CIA, anyway?), they were using $105, meaning that this figure was realistic in their eyes. The CIA thus looks like it's got its heart wrapped around Kurdish and other Iraqi oil issues.

We can now back up to when the ISIS group first appeared as an arm of al-Qaeda. The first thing it did was to seize Mosul, on a main edge of Kurdistan, while other units got between Kurdistan and Baghdad, effectively giving the Kurds protection from the Iraqi army in order to form sufficient autonomy to sell oil as they pleased. And guess who bought their oil? Israel, for one.

Is Heinz part of the plot to physically-sicken the world:


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