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July 4 -10, 2017

Bill Hicks versus Alex Jones
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Herods and the Illyrian Line to Komnenos

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again.

Miss Florida, I'm sorry that I can't take your emails any longer. I want you to know up-front, if you're still reading, that Herods become a topic in this update, and I will prove their origins in Macedonia. Miss Florida is the one who egged me on to stressing Herods a decade or more ago, and while I was slow to it, I did get round to their heraldic lines, and, when I was good enough at deciphering it, I was able to find lines both from Herod ancestry and their descendants.

If you've come from the last update, where there was shown friction in Syria, as per about July 2, between the Kurds and Americans, that's nothing as compared to the following UN-sponsored rebuke, on July-2, of the American-military demon:

I would suggest that these few people have had an axe to grind with the US's Syria mission for some years, but, now that something too-dangerous could take place in Syria, they are speaking out.

Last week, I came across the theory that Alex Jones is the same man as a disgusting comedian named Bill Hicks (had acting abilities), who supposedly faked his death to arise as Alex Jones (has acting abilities), Intelligence operator. In my opinion, the CIA has faked many deaths, and may be able to do so while protected by law, when the people are to be CIA agents. In fact, false-flag operations require plenty of faked deaths.

The very first video I watched of Bill Hicks, when he was young, had me very interested in the theory because his voice at times matched, or came close to matching, that of Alex Jones. I was also able to see that Hicks' face could in fact evolve in the face of Alex Jones, though Hicks didn't look like he would grow old to be hefty, as Jones now is. Eventually, I came across a video comparing the school photos of both young men, but they were not identical at all, though there was no proof that the photo for Hicks was in fact Hicks.

Today, Monday, youtube presented me with a video on this topic, because youtube regularly brings up topics that we recently engaged. Last week, I learned that Jones' stated birth date (mid 1970's) is about a decade after that of Hicks, yet someone pointed out that Jones today looks ten years older than his claim (of mid-40s). Indeed, Jones could easily pass for the mid-50s. The video today presents a fan of Alex Jones, speaking when Jones was 26 years old (about 2001). At seven seconds into the video, this fan, Jon Ronson, says that Jones "looks ten years older."

At 45 seconds, Jon says that, "I mean if he [Jones] wasn't so crazy, he'd be the new Bill Hicks." The problem is, no one really knew Bill Hicks much, and, no one had yet formed the theory that Alex Jones was Bill Hicks. Why did Mr. Ronson come up with a Hicks-Jones comparison??? It's incredibly interesting. One could come away from the video thinking that Ronson knows Jones to be Hicks. Previous to today, I had heard that both Hicks and Jones were from Austin, such a coincidence, I guess. Photo comparisons of the two men show distinct differences, but, if the two are one man, we could expect Jones to alter his facials features / ears. Or, one can alter Hicks' face by photo doctoring.

Last week, I had given up on the Hicks-Jones theory. But just now, still on Monday, the video below cropped up, which has yet some further coincidences of a very-interesting kind, suggesting that Jones works to Time-Warner, and moreover, there is a claim that Hicks told an audience that, as per a sudden money offer, he had a new television/producer job (while he has cancer???). We don't believe every youtube video we see, but this one may be worth keeping in mind:

If you want to research this theory yourself, be ready for profanity from Hicks and others. Hicks shows signs of anti-Christianity in some of his remarks, or perfect fodder for deep-state recruitment. Last week, I saw a comparison of the teeth of both men, which could be concluded as rather identical. The video below has an alternative photo comparison of their teeth, though their faces don't match well. Still, Jones' facial skin looks typically pulled, as when one has had plastic surgery. On the other hand, their eyes don't seem to be a match. At the 4:05 point, there is a facial comparison, with a young Hicks who perhaps looks much like Jones, yet the photo of Hicks leaves out the ear. Why? Apparently, it's not a match with Jones' ear. At 4:48, the two faces are compared again, for what looks like a match, but it's possible that there was doctoring done.

The owner of the video appears to be taking leaps. In any case, the video goes on to show (6:35) Jones' producer (Kevin Booth) with Bill Hicks. Immediately after this, the producer (on Alex Jones show) looks like a faggot by his mannerism. After this, there's not much to speak of until 13:10, when Kevin Booth is with Alex Jones, the latter accepting an award for Bill Hicks, and holding a plaque of Mr. Hicks (after his death). Jones looks smug in this presentation. I'm not sure whether this presentation came out before anyone created the Jones=Hicks theory, but that would be highly likely, of course.

The video below has Hicks with arrogant profanity of a type that I consider demonic. If you can bear that far, wait until the 4:45 point, where Hicks eye color isn't dark, as it is in other photos, but rather appears green, a necessity for matching Jones' eyes, though Jones can be wearing tinted contact lenses. But at 5:28, both ears show, not at all a match. However, ear shapes are so crucial in identifying people that, chances are, Jones had his ears changed. At 7:20, the lower teeth of both men seem a perfect match. At 7:25, the uppers seem a perfect match.

At 8:00 above, I learn that Kevin Booth was a producer for both men, a thing I didn't know. That's damning (if the claim is correct). At 10:02, Kevin Booth's Twitter account shows that both Bill Hicks and Alex Jones are listed as producers of the movie, American Drug War 2, a movie owned by Gravitas/Warner Brothers. At 10:30, the video says that Jones received the Hicks plaque (from Booth, as in the earlier video above) in 2004 before anyone had yet created the Jones=Hicks theory. This looks pretty much like a smoking gun. Another website adds: " Kevin Booth even says with a smirk on his face before he hands the award to Alex that 'maybe in some way Bill is even here with us right now!'" It looks like a trick by demented minds out of the drug / sin scene, so beloved of new-age Hollywood. In other words, it's nothing, just a deception, easy to do, nothing to be proud of, but it is good to know what Jones may be much about, as I think I'm almost convinced that the two are the same man. Whether he's ultimately protected / maintained by the CIA directly, versus something else, has not yet been proven in my mind.

At 15:50, Jerome Corsi of the Christian news agency, World Net Daily (pre-tribulationist org employing Hal Lindsey at one time), calls Alex Jones, "Bill." Interesting. Corsi left WNT daily to work for Alex Jones recently. 3:45, Alex Jones is actually shown doing a comedian act in a nightclub, same as what Hicks had done. See 17:00 for the claim that both Hicks and Jones were from Time/Warners Austin Cable Access.

If Jones is Hicks, then Jones is himself proof without a doubt that conspiracies, of the very nature he pushes, are real.

At the 20:00 point of the video above, Jones' faked birth certificate is shown. The video claims to misspell his middle name, and moreover the certificate has the county of birth in Dallas when the video producer says it should have been in neighboring Rockwall county. One website says: "Alex Jones was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up in Rockwall, Texas. Religiously, or should I say spiritually, Jones is a Christian." "Rockwall" struck a bell, and it turns out that it's virtually where Miss Hicks moved to. Who's Miss Hicks?

I've read that Hicks died in 1993 or 1994. In late 1994, the year Bill Hicks supposedly died, I purchased property in Texas. I saw Miss Hicks, for the first time, in Sunday church (Christmas day), the month after I moved in to my property. Her family was from Houston, where Bill Hicks was from (or perhaps born in). I learned (without my asking) that she had moved from Houston, to the same area as my place, about one year before I did, though I don't know the exact date. That puts the move in late 1993 or early 1994. We lived on the same river, about 10 miles apart. Wikipedia says he died February 26, 1994, and that "At the age of 16, while still in high school, he began performing at the Comedy Workshop in Houston." The article says his parents moved to Houston when he had been seven. As a teen, Miss Hicks had been a stripper, and was into drugs, according to her own Christian testimony, which tends to fit the lifestyle of Bill Hicks.

I got to know Miss Hicks on a friendship level, but not until about 2002. Curiously, I was informed (prior to 2007) that Miss Hicks' father was dead, yet, when searching online, about a year ago, whether her husband had passed away, I found her father's obituary with his death in 2014. That's nasty. What really was Miss Hicks? Why had I attended both her churches? After leaving the one we both attended, I was invited to another (2002), finding that she and her husband were there too, to my surprise. We both changed churches in the same year, maybe the same month for all I know. Her husband was in the first church the day I stood up (during the service) to blast the ecumenical visiting speaker; it was my last day at that church.

Until the time of seeing her in the second church, I hadn't seen her since early 1995. I'm just pointing out the possibility that God arranged for me to meet her. Again, the first time I saw her was Christmas day. A few weeks later, she came in and stood in front of me (in church), then turned to greet me after the service. I did not see her again until the year of attending the second church. At some point upon my return to Texas after 1995 (it was my winter retreat / cottage), I heard that she had been banned from the first church (for being extreme Pentecostal), yet, when I attended it in those years, I happened to take a regular seat directly behind the regular seat of her husband, though I did not know it was her husband at first. I had never seen him before; he attended alone, even without his sons. Was this seating arrangement arranged by a move of God for something to do with Alex Jones?

It all suggested a bad marriage, perhaps, or that the husband didn't like her prophesying, tongues, etc. He was not attending back in 1995, but rather she was always alone then. I think he may not have been a believer until later.

A few years later, I sold the Texas property, the same year that he and she sold their place, when she moved to a county smack beside Rockwall. This is simply amazing. Her son(s) was listed online as living in Dallas, and because I had reason to contact her, I found the phone at her residence in her name alone, without the husband, which may have suggested that they had split up. I may have been responsible for the split.

She and Bill Hicks are five years apart. It could appear that Miss Hicks went to live near her brother/relative, who then became Alex Jones. Has God arranged for me to disclose something on Jones? If so, I don't yet see what it can be aside from what I'm talking about right now, that, in fact, Jones is a fake conspiracy theorist. Why would this be important to God? I'd like to say that Texas is loaded with prosperity-gospelites, and that she was probably one of them.

God can provide clues to things by coincidences, even though Miss Hicks did not know either Bill Hicks or Alex Jones. I'll give you a further example. In the first year that I sold the Texas place, I as tribwatch was befriended in email by a female who, I think, may have scammed me out of money. She related sad stories from being robbed of her home to having a late, alcoholic father, no family at all, and always low on money. After I donated some, she moved on to other stories, giving the impression that she wanted more donations, or that she may have operated a large mailing list through which she (or he) sought donations using sob-story tactics. But I could not know one way or the other, and so I continued to respond to her emails for years. Eventually, she was checking in and out of hospitals, staying for months at a time. Finally, about two years ago, after asking me to come renovate her bathroom (I turned her down), she stopped writing suddenly without responding. Had she died?

Her most terrible fate (or faked sob story?) had been pancreatic cancer, the reason for which she claimed to be hospitalized. On Bill Hicks: "Hicks died of pancreatic cancer on February 26, 1994, in Little Rock, Arkansas..." The emailer did not have this disease until after I donated money. What do you think? Was she an agent of Miss Hicks, or just a coincidence from God to connect things to Bill Hicks for the story at hand? My donation to her was mailed to Minnesota. It's even possible that, if she/he was a scammer, God gave her/him the fatal disease. One day, I received spam from her email address, and she said that someone had hijacked her email account for spamming purposes (true or false?).

She had discovered my home address from my donation (a check), and afterward asked for a photo of myself. But I moved away from there almost instantly, in case someone was after me. Years later, she asked me to come renovate her bathroom. I didn't go. We had never had a romantic relationship; we had never met.

About a year earlier, while in the process of selling the Texas property, a freakish thing took place: I was almost jailed for years on a false charge, and Miss Hicks was a suspect I had in mind for giving the authorities false information about myself. I had evidence that she was trying to get the local police on my case as early as 2002, immediately after I half-accused her (actually, I was just asking) of committing adultery (with a man I saw her with four times in probably less than a month). Her husband was very wealthy, you see, and this was grounds for divorce, a big deal. So, I may have been responsible for their moving away from that area, and possibly for their splitting up, because he could have discovered that my accusation against her was correct.

When I called a meeting for her to attend in the pastor's office, she brought the accusation up, and so word of this got to the pastor and his wife. Miss Hicks assumed that I had told the pastor about her "buddy," but I had not, nor did I call the meeting for that topic, but for false accusations being spread about me by her daughter. It was clear to me that Miss Hicks was trying to blacken me because she feared I was about to tell others about this buddy (I wasn't planning on telling anyone). She told her husband that I was trying to commit adultery with her, haha, and so he blasted me the morning of the meeting above, and I left Texas that night bewildered, but, when I returned, he gave me a hug (never done that before). How did that happen? Why was he happy to see me?

Miss Hicks didn't know I was moving away (that year) until I had virtually packed and left, never to return (the place was sold while I lived elsewhere). Perhaps God arranged that move for my protection. I didn't know that her place was simultaneously up for sale until the real-estate agent I hired for my place informed me. I didn't know that this agent was married to Miss Hick's aunt until then. That's how the topic came up that her place was for sale, for he started to talk about her husband, his good friend. Had I not known from this agent that she was moving away, I would never have tried to look up her new address. Instead, I would have mailed her to the house she had moved from. So, it could appear that God arranged things so that I would know that she moved within a few miles of where Alex Jones went to school.

I had reason to find where Miss Hicks had moved, and found the address via White Pages. I wrote her a letter to explain things from my point of view, on certain topics that touched upon the above. She didn't respond. I wouldn't be telling all of this had I not had reason to find Miss Hicks at her new address. If the only coincidences were that she and Bill Hicks had the same surname and home city, I wouldn't have mentioned all of this, even though she moved to my area at nearly the time that Bill Hicks reportedly died. But when I learned that Alex Jones was related to Rockwall (he grew up there), who may very well have been Bill Hicks, it seemed that I had no choice but to tell the Miss-Hicks story.

It wasn't until after finding Alex Jones' Rockwall area that the other woman with pancreatic cancer came to mind. Think about it. It wasn't after deciding to tell this story that the other woman came to mind. It makes me feel as though I've got a commission from God to follow the leads, to discover what He wants said.

At Intelius, he's probably William M Hicks, age 55, for the Mary Hicks listed as his relative can be his mother:

I've found Bill Hicks' live presentation below (third minute) as per his last night-club act, where he tells the audience he's had money drop in his lap for a change of jobs, exactly when he supposedly had cancer in the last year of his life. See what you think.

At 9:10, a young man in 1997, who sounds like Alex Jones, but only at times, doesn't look at all like Bill Hicks. At 10:10, there's another picture of Alex Jones in 1997, but he doesn't look the same as the man at 9:10. As the video owner says, the nose is clearly not the same, which at first glance suggests plastic surgery. But then there is a body comparison of the two men (both in 1997), and here the two do not seem like the same man at all. The video owner suggests that Bill Hicks was appointed to replace the real Alex Jones (killed?) on the left, apparently to steal his radio show for deep-state purposes, but another explanation (I have) is that the man on the left was not Alex Jones in any way, but rather a fill-in (trained to replicate his voice) at the radio show for when Jones wasn't able to be there.

In the video below, a Bill-Hicks fan reads from a book where Kevin Booth is speaking, saying that he saw Bill Hicks after the latter's funeral, and that Bill told him he pulled off the biggest joke ever...assumed to be his faked death. Why would Booth reveal this in the words he does??? Did they want to get caught, but only to unprovable degree, to play with us? What could that accomplish for them?

Probably, one deep-state purpose in expending energies on an Alex-Jones project is to make Americans believe that the deep state is more powerful than it actually is. Ok, the deep state can kill people, so what? Anyone can kill, physically speaking. It's not a symbol of power, but a symbol of weakness and impending doom. Deep-state operatives are human, and humans make colossal mistakes, especially when they have a lot of blood on their hands. They want people to think that they are everywhere, reading all our mail and hearing all of our conversations. No, they cannot be. They can only do so much. They need a reason first before they spy on someone. They don't even know who in their own house will betray. Killers, beware. History teaches us that you never get far. Poor Julius Caesar, dying so young from a family traitor.

Beware the possibility of post-tribulationists who are fakes from the deep state, seeking the addresses and other information of post-tribulationists. This is why I never started a post-trib mailing list or group website, etc. I warned a post-tribber online (owner of a website) not to create a website where post-tribbers exchange information. One day, I received an email from a post-trib couple I suspected to be after me, to find where I lived. This couple was asking to come see me. After I turned the couple down, they emailed to ask whatever happened to a certain post-trib website. The owner just disappeared from online; this was the first I heard of it. My theory is that this couple was part of the people who caused the post-trib website to disappear, and that the couple wanted me to know it (that's why they mailed to notify me). As an alternative theory, the owner of this post-trib website was the enemy, seeking the personal information of post-tribbers, and was involved with the couple that wanted to come see me. In any case, this website was the one I warned not to do what it was doing.

I've read those who counter the Hicks=Jones theory. Perhaps the best argument they put forth is that Jones has an attitude and mentality too much unlike that of Hicks. First of all, whenever Hicks is performing as a comedian, he's not his real self, and his witty script is likely written for him by those who include sure-fire, tried-and-tested jokes. Off the cuff, a comedian probably can't crack too many great jokes. Jones doesn't strike us as a comedian at all, until he does a pretty good impersonation. Besides, Jones is probably being paid to create half the personality of a nut, and wit or depth-of-person is absolutely forbidden in that role. I've noticed that Jones likes to agree with callers off the top of his head, without thinking deeply first, because shallow is perfect for what he's likely been hired to do.

The other half of Jones needs to be somewhat intelligent and sincere-sounding, or he wouldn't get a following. He does sound very sincere at times, yet he has the other side where he's coming off like a nut in more ways than one (nutty claims/beliefs and over-done indignation). I have tuned him in at times to get his take on a certain issue, but he often disappoints. I think I now know why. I didn't know until told this week that he has outright fabricated events to the point of such ridiculousness that it clearly reveals his fakery (i.e. that he's a fake).

I suppose that Jones' main job is to create false conspiracy theories to distract or mislead to the wrong conspiracies, and to do damage control when other "conspiracy theorists" (truth-seekers) are touching upon the real, deep-state / media / congressional conspiracies.

Finally. The ears on the two men don't match. This is the largest problem area for me. I can accept that plastic surgery can radically alter ones appearance, and we note that Jones had a few years form the time of Hicks' death to do so, if in fact he did. It crosses the minds of some that the deep state is the origin of the Hicks=Jones theory, with the ultimate aim of making monkeys out of enemies of the deep state, with the ear differences the end-game proof that the enemies are shallow, unreliable. The deep state may have put out the similarities in teeth to get this hoax on tracks.

However, if God is speaking to me with the coincidences surrounding my knowing Miss Hicks, then, at the least, I think I can gather that Jones and Hicks are working for the same causes, both the enemies of end-time Christians. And if God wants to point this out, then this must touch upon Christian persecution. The Jones people probably have a list of Christian activists, along with their computer numbers, and, nowadays, Intelligence probably has access to peoples home addresses and phone numbers by first getting their computer numbers. Whenever one loads an Alex Jones video or webpage, they have the computer number too. And loading a Jones page, under these circumstances, can also come with some spyware in your computer. I imagine many low-key murders and arrests (by false charges) going on continually from amongst Jones' audiences.

The following page speaks to his facial changes, and shows the double moles on both mens' necks. In this page, the angle of the forehead and nose lines are shown identical, and the ears remain the greatest difficulty. The page claims, I think, that the ears were pulled closer toward the face. I'm not familiar with this type of surgery, and it seems rather difficult in my mind.

The page above claims: "Bill Hicks had no public funeral and was supposedly buried in his parents yard". I don't know whether there's such an animal as a grudge, but Hicks reminds me of a grudge on four legs. Hicks became rude, demonic, and found his companions in that area of life. People are asking why it would be necessary for him to fake a death in order to be resurrected as Alex Jones. Well, for one thing, a person fakes death to quickly cut off all ties from those that might seek him. He was a quasi-celebrity, and didn't want people looking for him in his new role. That can make sense. The new role called for a conservative political slant, yet Hicks was a raw liberal. He therefore wasn't able to quit his comic routine to become a conservative, if he wanted to do a good fake job. He was nasty enough in life to be agreeable to such a grand hoax, and Intelligence probably thought he had the intellectual ability to succeed.

It is no small matter for the government to get caught pulling off a faked death and a Hick > Jones transformation for mass trickery on the airwaves. Keep in mind that the best articles / videos on this topic are logically suppressed by search engines. The recent Megyn Kelly interview of Jones now looks like a gang project, where it was decided beforehand to make Jones look unreliable / hypocritical when flip-flopping (on her show) on Sandy Hook.

The thing that gets me is that Alex Jones takes a position on Trump-Syria identical to mine. I don't get it. If Jones has the task of disinformation in support of the deep state, why is he showing himself opposed to Trumps' "slide" (Jones' word) to the same agenda in Syria as Obama? Aside from his exaggeration, in the video below, on the number of U.S. troops in Syria, Jones seems right-on with the rest of his show. But a show it may be. Perhaps he's decided to come out and take the position of most his viewers in an effort to win them back while they slide away from him. Or, perhaps the task for Syria now is to pretend to be opposed to Trump's anti-Assad agenda, only to mislead his audience later when Trump proceeds in Syria. We'll see.

If Jones is Hicks, understand how important it is for him not to fail the deep state. One can imagine that, as this Hicks-Jones thing plays out, Jones will be warned not to fail the deep state, and this requires putting on his best-possible show to act anti-deep-state.

It's Tuesday morning. For months, Microsoft has invaded my screen with a box to make me deal with my privacy settings. I always choose no thanks, but it always comes back, once a week or so, with this nasty box that I think is suspicious. No thanks, over and over again, but Microsoft acts dumb, like it doesn't know my will, and doesn't give me the choice to send the box away permanently. Finally, this morning, it didn't give me the choice to say, no. I had to press the ok button to get the box off the screen, and, in the end, I had to click ok to when it said it would now be working "behind the scenes" in my computer. Microsoft therefore thinks it has legal permission to be in my computer's privacy settings. But I did not give it permission; I only pressed the button to get rid of its intrusion. This is the way of the deep-state future, which is why I do no online banking, or keep personal information on my computer.

There's news on Raqqa from the pro-deep-state, military-loving news media, Fox:

Backed by airstrikes from the international coalition, the Syrian [Kurds] fighters captured the strategic town of Tabqa in May, and seized one of Syria's major dams that lies nearby. The battle for the city began in earnest on June 6 [same day US attacked Assad's men], as the fighters moved in from east, west and north of Raqqa. The fight on the southern front began later this month. Scrocca warned that the fight for Raqqa city has only began.

It's obvious that the southern route was left open for ISIS fighters to escape. We heard, months ago, that Raqqa had been surrounded, and the Americans even came out, afterward, to claim that, this time, no ISIS fighters would escape. Sure, sure. Mosul is now liberated completely, according to Iraqi claims today, Tuesday. The battle for Raqqa started at roughly the same time as the Mosul invasion, yet Raqqa has been barely entered. How can this be? "Dillon said last week that ISIS fighters have been 'abandoned' by their leadership as a 'steady stream' of leaders attempted to escape the city, some 'successfully.' " It's the leaders that the Americans are expected to protect.

In another article this week, Kurds in Raqqa say they are doing nothing:

ISIS are acting defensively, using snipers and mines he said, before adding that he was awaiting instructions [and waiting, and waiting].

“Now we are here as a line of defense and they are right there, by the wall, they are not moving, their warfare tactics are snipers and mines. That is why we are not moving forward, because we don't want more casualties,” he said.

The U.S.-backed SDF deployed around a thousand additional fighters to the front lines with ISIS in Raqqa on Sunday (July 2), the SDF media office said.

Um, if they don't want casualties, how can they defeat ISIS? Is the word from the Americans, "wait, don't go, you could die"? Better yet, are the Americans calling the shots, making the Kurds advance into traps so that, ouch, they prefer not to advance at all?

Just as German politicians are expressing a will to trade with Russia, and oppose the American sanctions on Russia, a "report" comes out (covered by RT) accusing Russia of trying to alter the results of German elections. This is the world struggle at this time. Most EU leaders are in opposition of Russia, hand-in-hand with the American deep state. Stab the deep state where it hurts, today. It is the American deep state that tries to alter election results, as a routine, especially inside the United States.

Note how the American government is pathetic toward a man wanting to live an innocent life with as little government shadow as possible. If he deserved anything, maybe a small fine for breaking a legal technicality, yet he got six years in prison for standing up for his beliefs, refusing to be portrayed as a criminal:

Remember Steve Scalise? He was brought to the same hospital as Seth Rich, in which government insiders murdered him. It was discovered that the surgery chief (Jack Sava) in this hospital is married, or is with a woman common law, who engaged high level operatives in the Hillary-Clinton team. Scalise, who was supposed to survive, is now infected, a thing we don't expect at this point unless it was intentional: "Doctors at the hospital where House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., has been recovering from a gunshot wound downgraded his condition from 'fair' to 'serious' Wednesday after he contracted an infection." The article is from Fox. If Scalise dies, it behooves Fox to do a stink-story on Jack Sava, don't you think?

Hillary Clinton once admitted on camera, speaking to the people, that the Council on Foreign Relations (private org) would be making the decisions, and mapping out her agenda. Some people might ask what's so bad about having the Council as the pilot of the nation's foreign affairs. Well, for one thing, its people are not elected. If they do what the majority doesn't want done, are they not a sinister operation? Who does the Council answer to? What inner circle has the lead ropes, and what is this circle more about? Should the news carry this truth?

Where does an infection from a bullet come from? Is the bullet covered in bacteria? How many people have you read who died of infection after being shot? Should we expect new, deep-state articles online on how a surprising percentage of people die from bullet-related infections, if Scalise dies of it? How many people with bullet wounds die of government-supplied infection? I've just read an article where a man shot 20 times at close range survived, and there was nothing said about infection. It only talked about the bullets missing vital organs.

Jack Sava was speaking to the nation soon after the Scalise shooting, and mentioned the possibility of an infection even before one developed, as though he was preparing people for what he knew was the plan. That's what came to my mind. Trump's team, knowing the dark story behind Seth Rich, has failed to get Scalia out of that hospital, to another one. Trump never tweeted anything about Mr. Rich, nor said anything I have read/seen in any media, and his entire team was apparently told not to speak about it. Kim Dotcom appealed to the American government, claiming he had proof that Seth leaked the DNC emails, but the people don't know what Trump's team is doing on this matter.

If Trump doesn't support/protect the American people from deep-state murders, let Trump be murdered to feel what it feels like. He is duty-bound to reveal the details on Seth Rich. The president needs to cease work abroad, and to hire more security for a rampage on deep-state leaders operating under his nose. The deep state needs to have its spy powers removed. No more spying on anyone unless they are serious contenders for criminality. Every person spied on is to be reported to the president, with details on each matter. The president shall have a personal team that reviews all people spied on so that the Intelligence community does not abuse its powers, so that it cannot spy on the president because it wants to kill the president for attacking its criminal leaders. Instead, Trump has, by the looks of it, permitted himself to be infected with the deep state. Trump is thereby a dead piece of flesh walking.

Scalise was involved in a crusade against human trafficking when he was shot. John Podesta has been accused both of child-sex and of involvement in the killing of Seth Rich. It was found that Podesta had contact with Jack Sava's woman (forget her name), a Democrat lobbyist. It looks like something Trump should be involved in. Trey Gowdy is trying to question Podesta on the matter of the DNC hack/leak, but, last I heard, the questioning was stalled for another time, perhaps this week. I have yet to hear "Seth Rich" from Gowdy. If Gowdy fails to bring Rich to topic, I'll label him a fraud.

If you can get just three minutes into the video below, talking on the Podesta attack against Scalia, that will be sufficient to make Podesta a suspect in Scalia's fate. The woman (Liz Crokin) speaking claims to have gone into the bar where Seth Rich was drinking a couple of hours before he was shot, and she thereby discovered that police did not question anyone at the bar. It was discovered that the bar's manager had visited the White House (he was signed in) very near before Rich was shot. Yet Gowdy, who speaks like he cares for justice, has yet to raise this issue.

The price a president needs to pay to get the deep state on the run is never to inform anyone where he'll be, as far as possible, and when he has an international engagement, he and his foreign hosts simply don't appear in the open at news conferences. He never speaks on the phone with anyone concerning his plans to avoid a paid, deep-state murderer. He tells the host on the other end that plans for a news conference won't be arranged until he arrives, and it's then done in a private place.

The world is notified that the president is at war with the deep state, and all of his family members are to be protected. Anyone in his inner and middle circles takes the job knowing the risks. This is what it will take, everyone on his team passionate about dismantling deep-state powers. Any attempted murder by an assassin caught by the police must be made to talk as per who hired/sent him, and a new law must be made for treating such men with great pain (very-dire prison conditions, starvation) until they speak. Any lawyers coming forward to argue the case for such men become suspects as agents for the deep state.

The president calls on all police people, media, and political institutions to play their parts. Whistle blowers come out now. The president gets a list of all-known paid assassins. He get warrants to spy on the suspects, keep close watches. Give them a taste of their own medicine. The president has his own personal spy system created for the purpose, with the same rights as FBI. He keep records on who flees the country, or who takes to low-key lifestyles suddenly. It could get very exciting. There will be no shortage of people at large serving to protect the crusade. The enemy will be discovered in all the cracks and nooks. Now that would be a feat to be proud of. Until then, Trump is a hollow zero when he brags on caring for the people.

Stop spending money of overseas military; spend it on chasing down the deep-state. Cancel the CIA, NSA and the FBI for the interim. It's the price needed. Let local police take care of routine crime until a new FBI starts up. Train completely new teams to lead those organizations from amongst people known to be reliable. Bring low-level FBI people closer to the top whom have likely never known contact with deep-state leaders. Hire God-fearing Christians and command them to carry out law as God would have it carried out.

There is likely no one that knows more on deep-state secrets than Russian Intelligence. Use it. Invite Russian Intelligence to the White House, make an international statement. We are seeing this past month or two that, finally, Russia is willing to attack the deep state in the news. The deep state didn't think it could come to this, but even though it can break out imminently, the problem is, Trump has been made an anti-Russian stooge, by all appearances, merely to protect his political skin.

The last thing the deep state wants to see is a Trump relationship with Putin while Trump keeps his past anti-globalist position. One could get the impression that Russia collusion was a deep-state operation, not merely a CNN mandate to increase ratings. By keeping the Russia-collusion story hot to the president's feet, Trump was forced to distance himself from his inclinations to befriend Putin. If this is the correct view, Trump is saving himself and the deep state while betraying justice and democracy. Is that permissible by a president?

It appears that the time for judging the Church has passed, and it's now time for judging the Church's enemies, saving the biggest for last. In a court proceeding, exposure necessarily comes before passing judgment. Before God judges the world and sentences it to Armageddon, exposure. It seems logical. And if Trump won't make the deep state run, God will. For if God is concerned with exposure, we expect that he will treat the sins firstly of the world's leading nation. And if any president does not do justice when it is in his power, that one will be defamed. This is how I view God's behind-the-scenes operations.

Trump appeared in Poland on Thursday, and Melania had a new dress on again. I think the budget for her outfits is about half the military budget. She wore a blue dress with red on it's lower, front half. These two colors, I read, are Poland's most popular heraldic colors. I'm wondering whether the Poles are most-concerned with a bashing of Russia. I have the sense that the American-Russia duel is to become like a sport, with boisterous fans. To no surprise, "President Trump calls out Russia in Poland," and that's a CNN headline:

The video is less than a minute. Trump swipes hard at Russia, asking it to join the West. But Russia has already expressed its will to partner with the West, yet the Americans rejected this, and pushed Putin away. Therefore, Trump is taking the deep-state position: portraying the West angelically while scouring Russia, and this is all for Syria and the Ukraine gas situation. Trump, a hollow blowhard, will not be able to alter his course now on this matter. It means that Russia will probably seek to expose the deep state. I certainly hope so.

Here's Trump in Poland while the Washington Post tries to make him confess that Russia interfered in the U.S. elections (keep in mind that Trump is scheduled to meet Putin on this very trip, for their first-ever meeting). Trump first of all gives the impression that he doesn't know for sure whether Russia was involved, and even says that, not 17 as claimed by the media, but only three or four Intelligence orgs were making the Russia accusation. Yet, Trump's general response speaks to me as though the Intelligence orgs were not able to convince him that Russia was involved. Yet again, when pressed by the Post, Trump comes out to say that it definitely did include Russia. So, this is the track that he has committed himself to, fast to accuse Russia before even talking to Putin about it. What do we say about a president taking a position in an important controversy without first hearing the other side?

RT didn't fail to report: "Warsaw and Washington have signed an agreement on delivering of American Patriot missile defense systems to Poland by 2022, according to the Polish Defense Ministry. The agreement was signed during US President Donald Trump’s visit to Poland." One could view this trip as crafted specifically to send Putin a message.

Here's Trump's foreign-affairs chief with what can only be interpreted as stall tactics so that the Americans can re-build the anti-Assad war machine:

“The United States is prepared to explore the possibility of establishing with Russia joint mechanisms for ensuring stability, including no-fly zones, on the ground ceasefire observers, and coordinated delivery of humanitarian assistance,” US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a statement

Tillerson was sure to repeat the brainwashing statement: "If we do not achieve stability in Syria, our progress in defeating ISIS may be undone." The Americans never say a word about Syria anymore without telling of their opposition to ISIS. This is their main message by far, yet here they are calling for Syria's attack on ISIS to end by way of a crafty, peace-first / stability-first program. If I were Putin, I wouldn't even meet with Trump. Doing so is an embarrassment for the Russian people. The meeting is sheer theater, anyway.

It just so happens that RT has this headline Thursday: "90,000-strong child porn ring busted on ‘dark web’". And, guess what? It was the United States that discovered it.

Police in Frankfurt swooped on suspected pedophiles after busting a massive child pornography website on the ‘dark web’. The site had almost 90,000 users who swapped graphic images of children and arranged meetings to abuse them.

...Authorities have not divulged how many suspects have been arrested. More details will be made available in a press conference Friday.

...The website's founder was handed a 30-year jail sentence.

How does a country arrest 90,000 perverts? In another day, they would be shot as a lot, with celebrations. Why should the webmaster get out of jail at all??? "Elysium" is a Greek-myth term, likely in connection with Ares-related pedophilia. There is a movie named, Elysium, with typical satanic tones. We cannot disassociate satanism and child-sex. It is demonic to the core. They want us to accept it, and the first step is to make it re-occurring news, which is why I will always remind that it is demonic. An adult enjoying sexual gratification on a child deserves instant death.

You may have heard about the queer orgy in the Italian home of a vatican tool who was under consideration to be a bishop by a cardinal close to the current pope. Try to imagine the life of such a faggot. And the police reported drugs at this "party." The place must have been filled with semen on the floors and couches, do we even want to imagine? Isn't it time yet to dismantle the Vatican? Isn't it time yet for Catholics to join Bible-believing churches? Sell off all Catholic properties, and give the money back to the people. The command of Jesus is that popes hear His words, and he said that no one should permit himself to be called, "father," for there is only One Father. What is it about this that the pope doesn't understand? Ahh, the pope wants to be the highest, wherefore he will become the lowest.

When judgment starts with the house of God, it's not referring to the vatican. That place is a den of satan, we can be sure. Catholics vote Democrat and liberal, generally, just because they don't want to join the conservative movements of Protestants. Shame on Catholics. Is it because Protestants don't have long, flowing robes that Catholics reject them as second-class Christians? There are some videos online showing that Joseph Biden is a child molester, and he happens to be a Catholic.

But this particular [orgy] occurred in one of the most prestigious addresses in Rome, the so-called Ex Sant’Uffizio Palace, in the very apartment owned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith where Joseph Ratzinger lived for decades before becoming Pope Benedict XVI. The palatial ochre-colored building is home to dozens of high-ranking cardinals who live within walking distance of their jobs at the Roman Curia in Vatican City next door.

Yes, it's time to dismantle the Vatican, but this starts with Catholics. It's time to find other churches, or go to hell with the Vatican. It's your choice. It's easy to make. You start by admitting your own fault for being a catholic in the first place. You then more to the New testament, and read for yourself what Jesus taught. It's so simple. You read and read until the Word of God becomes second nature to you, until it's in your heart. This is what makes you clean, not holy water or rosary beads or repeating prayers.

Is "Capozzi" from "Caiaphas"? Some of you may know that I trace the Rat/Rait surname to QuadRATUS of Cetis, whose daughter married Laevillus, the latter suspect (by me lonely) as a descendent of Caiaphas (Israeli high priest, murderer of Jesus). "...RATZinger’s former apartment, which had been given to Monsignor Luigi CAPOZZI, the secretary for Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, who heads the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts."

How embarrassing: "The Vatican police showed up to find an orgy in progress, with an untold number of naked men allegedly writhing around the floor with Capozzi and his cohorts, who were apparently under the influence of hard drugs according to the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano which broke the story that a host of Italian and international media have since picked up." It's time to overthrow the Vatican facade with a horrible rebellion. The media report was on June 28, they say, though some say the police raid was months ago.

Here is sick: "Vatican police arrested Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, 49, some two months ago during a raid in which he was caught in the act of hosting a cocaine-fueled gay orgy in the former Palace of the Holy Office... Despite Pope Francis’ promises of transparency and of cleaning up the Curia, not a word about the scandal has been spoken by any Vatican officials. Italian media broke the story last week after receiving inside information...Coccopalmerio has spoken publicly about what he has called “positive elements" in homosexual relationships." That's the popes right-hand clown saying the latter. The pope starts to look like a fellow-clown. This is unbelievable.

Catholics: demand to know who else was at the pig pen. Demand from the pope why warnings did not go out to Capozzi's church, that the members might stop attending. Shame Francis, great shame. Catholics, blind, unable to see because they don't take in the message of Jesus without the prism of the papacy. They vote liberal even though liberals promote faggotry, and here we can see some common ground, can't we? The cardinals are the ones who urge their "flocks" to vote liberal, don't they? But these are not the sheep of Jesus, plainly.

This story "comes on the heels of last week’s news that the pope’s finance czar, Cardinal George Pell, is facing criminal sex abuse charges for alleged crimes during his time as a priest in Australia." Some Catholics want to save the church from these types, but what church can there be if these types have been ruling it for at least one full generation? Why not skip out on the Catholic church entirely, follow the words of Jesus and forget the rituals, the robes, and all of that circus? You need no one for salvation but Jesus. What can't be understood about this simple thing? You don't need a priest to affirm or qualify your faith; you can go it alone with Jesus. That's what he wants, you connected to Himself, cherishing his words, not via a mediator who doesn't mind being called, father. The latter wants merely to be honored by his congregation. Jesus wants to see you appreciating his words as you read them, and taking them to heart as though he were your commander, your shepherd, your friend. Attending a Catholic mass means zero if you think it somehow advances your eternal interests. But if you are a friend and follower of Jesus, the package comes naturally with eternal life. How can that be hard to grasp?

We might even wonder whether Jesus was talking about child sex abuse when he warned, woe to those who sin against little ones, for it would be better that such a one were never born.

Either Eastern Europe is watching CNN, or Trump is delusional:

President Trump tweeted Friday morning that "everyone" in Hamburg, Germany was talking about the Democrats' response to Russian election hacking ahead of his highly-anticipated meeting with Russian President Putin.

Trump tweeted ahead of his arrival at the group of 20 summit: "Everyone here is talking about why John Podesta refused to give the DNC server to the FBI and the CIA. Disgraceful!"

Regardless of whether Poles are largely wondering on this issue, let's give credit to where credit is due: Trump finally mentions Podesta. On the other hand, is it really to his credit since the Podesta story is really about Trump? Is there any injustice that Trump can tweet about besides issues that touch upon his own political marks? How do we expect Trump's mind to work if he hasn't soaked up the words of Jesus? Do we imagine that he thinks like a Christian? Is he careful to do the Word of God? Seth Rich (recent news) was murdered, and the Washington police didn't investigate it because it knew there was monkey business from high-level / deep-state politics behind it. Doesn't this matter to Trump (read fink), that the police in his own capital is corrupt? Doing nothing about this close-to-home situation puts Trump in bed with Washington police, that's what Jesus implies.

What does the following have to do about the call of Jesus: "Trump's address in Warsaw's historic Krasinski Square called on the U.S. and its Western allies to confront common threats, declaring 'Our values will prevail, our people will thrive and our civilization will triumph.'" Famous last words. What does he mean by "our values"? Is that a fit-all phrase to make every American hot for his cause? I'd like to see those values described. They would include the god of freedom, the freedom that makes queer orgies legal, not to mention orgies involving spouse swapping. The original Law of God would stone such people, which is the right thing to do in order to prevent spread. But if even the police are corrupt, they haven't the right to stone anyone for their sins, because the police deserve to be stoned too. And in the end, volcanic rocks will fall from the air, according to end-time prophecies, and buildings will shake a crumble i.e. with people inside. Horrific.

To justify God's cruel ending, He needs to expose that fact that the world deserves it. All you liberals happy to see the Vatican riddled with faggotry, that's exactly what liberals do. And if God exposes the Vatican, he will also expose law enforcement. Of course, he will expose Trump if Trump doesn't expose law enforcement. What possible values to speak of can the West have when it protects corrupt police across the board?? Will the West really thrive? Isn't that a prediction that goes flat against the prophetic prediction? Okay, Trump, go ahead, just try to make the West flourish, let's see what happens.

The video below shows that freedom is not real, anyway, when the government decides issues. This is where a sick baby is being forced to die by the government against the wishes of the parents. Can we believe this? What evil ails the UK government? Life has become so cheap, and we are being made to feel this way by those who treat life cheaply, the pro-abortionists and similar rulers of governments. The Lord God is about to painfully abort pro-abortionists, and they will have nothing to say when their lives are snuffed out just because He chooses this for their fates. Die, and stay dead, and don't complain, pro-abortionists, for this is how you treat the unborn, with no choice at all.

To Trump's credit, he's trying to save ther child above, and simultaneously shaming the British government. Another video says that Trump would send a plane to pick up the child. This is a loving act. It's the first I've ever seen of Trump. Now if he could have a team go out with the project of ending on-demand abortion. The Supreme court is now 5-4 on the Republican side; there's nothing stopping the Republicans from over-turning abortion laws. If Trump really is full of love, he would do this. A woman has no right to kill her own child. That is horrible. Trump would rather fight Russia for Middle East oil to the fat cats than to fight for the unborn, isn't that right? After all, population control demands abortions in the millions. Real children, just like the one Trump would now like to save. If Trump does nothing to curb abortion now that he has the opportunity, criminal, is all I have to say. We should not forget the abortion issue.

The government should not have the right to go above the will of any caring parent. Period.

Poindexter Kin

Wow, according to Mark Dice (real surname, Shouldice, according to one), the International Order of St. Hubertus was "started by the Bohemian Grove." Evidence is not presented for this origin, however. The Hubertus organization is Catholic, and has its leader living in Mexico. Scalia's body was embalmed in El-Paso, on the Mexican-American border, and then quickly burnt to a crisp, obviously to hide the evidence of his murder.

At the 4-minute mark below, the claim that St Hubertus was "launched" in the Bohemian Grove in 1966 (it's an Alex-Jones video, by the way). The speaker says that the Order wears dark green robes, and while the first image of the robed men seems to be partly in black-and-white, there's a full-color shot at 5:16, where some green is visible, yet many robes appear black. It looks to me that the owner of the ranch (John B. Poindexter) is essentially in the front-center of the photo.

Here is an article co-authored by Steve Bannon showing the latest trouble for John Podesta.

By the way, the Poindexter surname at shows a Podesta-like Puddister variation. For this discussion, use another browser to enter the surnames, allowing you to scroll back and forth through the Coats while leaving my page open on a separate browser. Look at all the Coats for all surnames that I mention, noting the colors and designs. In heraldry, a marriage allowed symbols and colors to be passed down generation to generation. Illuminatists (or call them what you will) love their bloodlines.

It is my impression that Poindexters/POINGdesters are a branch of Payens/Pagans, PUNGS/PONGS/PINGS/Paganells, and therefore a branch of Paine's/Payne's. Obama is a chief suspect in Scalia's murder, and Obama's mother had a father who married a Payne. He was Stanley Armour Dunham, named partly from the Armour surname in his ancestry, and it just so happens that both the Armour and Poindexter surnames use a so-called squire's helmet in their Crests, which you can verify by entering the surnames here:

I know plenty about heraldic codes and family connections. Mottoes are almost-always code for family ties (i.e. marriages). I've just discovered that "Virtus" is a motto term shared by Morels/Moralles' (Spanish?), important for at least two reasons: 1) Armours use the same stars as Morel-like Morays/Murrays: 2) I had dream (discussed a few times not too-many weeks ago) that I interpreted as pointing to the bloodline of Morel-like Morleys and Morlands as a key part of Scalia's death by the Hubertus organization.

Westmorland, where Morlands were first found, is beside Berwickshire, the latter being where Armours were first found. I looked Morels up in the first place due to their LaMOR variation, making it appear "Armor" developed in the first place from a La More branch of Morays. Berwickshire is also where Blythe's were first found while Bill Clinton's true father was Mr. Blythe. Berwickshire is also where Aids were first found who share the fleur-leopard combination of Morleys and Morlands.

The Aids are clearly using the bend (diagonal bar) with leopard faces of Stevensons, but this is the bend also of Rodhams, for they were first found in Northumberland, same as Stevensons and English Morels. There is an alternative Stevenson Coat with the same stars as Morays and Armors, not to mention that the same stars are used by Billiards/Billets and Billiards/HILLIARds. After seeing that, just compare Hillarys to Clintons, and you will get the impression that Bill Blythe-Clinton married Hillary Rodhams due to bloodline lust. The Clinton Chief (top of Shield) shares pierced stars in the colors of the pierced Payen/Pagan stars. The Clinton stars are half in the colors of the same of Morays, etc. These stars are on the American flag probably for a related reason.

Next, Brocks (Payne lion in colors reversed?) use another "virtus" motto term, sharing it with Armors and Morels. The Brock motto also has "VireSCIT," while Morels use "NeSCIT," and this links to the Brocuffs (share Shield-and-Chief color combination of Brocks) sharing the so-called potent cross with SKITs and Sheets/Skeets'. It seems that Brocks were married to Morels because the two also share the same fleur-de-lys. Morels were first found in Brittany, and there is/was a More location in Shropshire, home of the Alans, previously in Brittany's Dol location, which is smack beside the region of Cotes-d'Armor i.e. named after the Armor bloodline. Brocks share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Clintons in colors reversed, which belongs also to the Cluns that named Shropshire's Clun location, home of the FitzAlans of Arundel.

I think I can glean that the Brock / Morel fleur is the Masci fleur-de-lys, for Alans of Dol married Robert D'Avranches of Ferte-Mace, home of the Maceys branch of Masseys. I trace the ancestry of the Dol Alans to Manche, where the Massey branch of Masci's were from. On the eastern side of Manche, a Vire river flows that should explain the "VIREscit" motto term of Brocks (and Stewarts), but let's not neglect the "VIRtus" motto term. From Manche's ancient Alauna location, I trace the proto-Alan surname to La Mancha of Spain, as per the Alan Huns that passed through Spain around 400 AD. Alans of Dol are known to have become the royal Stewarts, and so let's add that the Stewart motto is identical to that of Brocks.

I can also add that Masci's and Dunhams were connected to the Mieszko Poles, rulers in Warsaw / Masovia. Compare the split-Shield feature of the Mieske Coat to that of Morels, noting that Mieske's share the arm in armor with Armors. Morels share the Maccabee symbol, acorns, in the colors of the acorns of Dutch Tromps. German Tromps (Dol colors) are also Trumps, and were first found in the same place as the Dol surname, which is in Pomerania, where ther Mieszko Poles are known to have had some rulership. This may explain Trump's visit to Poland. The mouse is out of the bag. God is about to turn this mouse upside-down, killing it. I can link Trumps to Trabys, but will not go back into all of that.

As FitzAlans of Arundel married Alice of Saluzzo, it explains why the Clinton and Clun Coats share the Saluzzo-surname Shield (colors reversed from the Brock Shield). Masci's (share the Brock fleur) were first found Piedmont, location of Saluzzo. In fact, Saluzzo is near the Stura-Demonte river, explaining why Italian Demonte's share the upright unicorn with the Morel Crest, not to mention that RasMUSSENs use it too. If you see the Coat of French Demonte's, you'll see the lion that's in the Maschi Chief, and the Demonte's use two of them in pale (vertical direction), probably the two of BRUNswicks, for Browns share the Masci / Brock fleur.

English Morels (Nemo/Nimoy colors) show an alternative motto, "Bono animo esto." The ANIMO is significant because Poindexters/Puddisters use "Nemo," while there is a Nemo/Nimo surname that comes up as "Nimoy."

Leonard Nimoy, some say, was an Illuminati leader, but evidence for this isn't at all reliable on youtube. Nimoy was buried in California, location also of Bohemian Grove. Nimoy played Spock on Star Trek, and this show was founded by Gene RODDENbury (hated God) while Roddens are also Rodhams. Below is Mark Dice on Star Trek's animation series back when satan wasn't yet popular in popular culture. Dice makes a claim that the satyr in that cartoon is a subtle satan, and I have no problem with this view. In fact, I traced "Satyr" to "Stura," and as Satyrs were cousins of Centaurs, it should explain the Demonte unicorn. The Shield-and-Chief color combination of Saluzzo's is in colors reversed with Cutters, and Cutters can work into things where they may have been from "Keturah," the alternative wife of the Biblical Abraham (see Genesis 25).

I had posed a theory that "Satyr" was a soft-C version of "Keturah." It became my theory that God chose Abraham to birth Israel because Abraham's line with Keturah was destined to produce the many satanic nations, leading through Joseph Caiaphas to the end-time satanic war against God. If I'm correct that Caiaphas descended from Levites to Lupus LAEVillus, note that the Aids, who share the Rodden/Rodham bend, are in the motto of French Levi's. Moreover, the Laevi Gauls to which I trace Laevillus were in Piedmont's Novara.

The FitzAlans of Arundel, after they married Alice of Saluzzo, married PERCys, and Laevillus traces to the Leavells/Lovells, said to be from Gouel de PERCival. Percys (see them at Wikipedia) used the Louvain lion, which is the lion also of Masons/Massins, and both latter surnames were first found in Kent, a place that uses the horse as symbol, and this must be due to the Cantii founders of Kent, who look like what the ancient Greeks termed, CENTaurs, as play-on-words for the proto-Cantii.

Percivals were first found in the same place as Pierce's (unicorns) and Leavells, and then Maceys share the same star as Clintons, both using PIERCED stars while it's known that Bellamys of PERCHE married into Ferte-Mace i.e. origins of Maceys. Caiaphas descended from Maccabees, and Maceys are from them. This is what FreeMASONry is really about, secretly (compare Masons to Freie's). The Massin variation of Masons/Macons must be from Massino-Visconti in Piedmont. Perfect. Bellamys share the crescents of Nemo's/Nimoys, which are red like the crescents of Blythe's and Chapmans.

Percivals share the muzzled bear with Mackays/Maceys (and Berwicks), as well as white-on-red patee crosses with Mason-like Massena's (same stars as Payens but without piercing), and the Massena Coat is not only a version of the Masci Coat, but both have their bends rising toward the Shield's left side (our right), a rarish feature reserved for Mucius / Mucianus liners such as Rasmussens. Irish Mackays share the black wolf heads of Quade's, a possible Ade/Aid branch, whom I trace to QUADratilla, wife of Lupus Laevillus. God chose me to uncover all of this, trust me. It's for good reasons, for our understanding that end-time persecution comes from lovers of Joseph Caiaphas.

I trace Obama's mother (Miss Dunham) to Dunham-Masci / Dunham-Massey, a location of Hamon de Massey, a ruler under Hugh D'Avranches (his sister married the Meschin line). Again, Armour-related Morels share the upright, white unicorn with Rasmussens, and so I come to the "labi" motto term of Morels, for Liebs/Liebers and Leavell-like Liebels were first found in Silesia (Poland). Liebels use a "silver bird...with green BRANCH", and the BRANCH surname, linkable to the Hamon Coat, is from "AVRANCHes."

The Payens are important in Freemasonry because Hugh de Payens was the first Templar grand master. He not only married Elizabeth Chappes (Caiaphas-like surname), but acted in the Jerusalem conquered by the family of Godfrey de Bouillon, whose father lived across the thin part of the English Channel from Kent. Poindexters (suspect as a Payen branch) were first found in the English Channel. We just saw the "bird" of Liebels, and then the Bird/Burd surname uses the Bouillon cross in colors reversed. The Birds share red martlets with French Alans.

The Percival Coat is a version of the English Billet Coat, a surname much like "Blythe." The Billet Chief (Bus cinquefoil?) is a version of the Brick Chief suspect with the Massey fleur because Bricks were likely from Ranulph de Briquessart, father of le Meschin. French Billets/Billiards (reflection of the Mackay Coat) are with a white version of the Payen/Pagan Coat. If Billets use the Bus cinquefoil, let's add that it's in the Arms of Leicester while Dexters (suspect with Poindexters) were first found in Leicester, and, besides, Leicester was ruled by the Beaumonts of Meulan. The latter were directly ancestral to Leavells (more below). As Percivals share the muzzled bear with Berwicks, note that Blythe's were first found in Berwickshire, the area also of Scottish Leavells/Lovells that share a red-on-white fesse bar with Liebs/Liebers.

English Alans (share oak theme with Liebs/Liebers) use a red fesse too, and the Rundels (Kent) use it in both colors of the Alan fesse. Rundels use "olive BRANCHES." I can add to this picture indefinitely, with proof upon proof to back up the central claim: of Masonic origins in the Israeli priesthood of the intertestimental period.

The Rundels use a "grip" for their sword, while Leslie's use a "Grip Fast" motto, and then the Fast surname should be a branch of Fists that share the fist with Poindexters. Fasts are looking to be from the VASTo family that ruled Saluzzo...which can indicate that the Poindexter star is the Clinton star in colors reversed. As Rundels are expected from Arundels of Arun (Sussex), the Fasts are likely using the quadrants of Jewish Arens/Aarons. The latter use "hands clasping," perhaps play on "grip fast" while also code for a surname. In fact, "CLASping" can be part-code for the Claus' and part-code for the Pings/Pongs/Pungs/Paganels. The Clauds/CLAUSels happen to share the acorns of Morels! Yes, and Morels are the kin of Armors who in-turn share the squire helmet with POINGdesters.

I know exactly what God is indicating, including the Keppock surname (near the first Blythe's) that looks to be using a version of the Blythe Coat. As you can see, the Keppocks and Blythe's share the red fesse in both colors of the same of Liebs/Liebers (and Birds), while Morels are the ones with a "labi" motto term. I didn't know the Keppocks until after God gave me a dream on Mr. Kepke, a friend in my youth. He would engross me in playing ping-pong in his basement, and I think I now know why. God directed many events in my life to act as directives for making surname connections. Mr. Kepke owned a white rat, often set free in his basement. I trace Rats/Raits to "QuadRATus" (father-in-law of Lupus Laevillus), and as he's suspect from Caiaphas, note that "Kepke" can be a hard-C version of "Caiaphas."

The Lieb/Lieber Coat connects well to the Akman Coat (same bend as Fasts), and while Akmans are like the Asman / Assman variation of Rasmussens. Quadratus' grandfather (Severus Bassus) was from AKMONia (now in Turkey), a term so much like "Hasmon" that I trace the Maccabees to this place, for the father of the first Maccabees was a Hasmonean. The Akman "oak sprig" is said to be held by a "left hand," a rarity in heraldry, yet this jibes with the left-rising bends of Assmans/Rasmussens / Massena's / Masci's.

Can we believe it, the "virtus" motto term of Morels is shared by Akmans. Akmans include ACORNs as code for Avaran HACHORANi Maccabee. Spread the word, youtube media, noting that Dutch Tromps use acorns as well as the stag of German Youngs/June's/Jungs. After you see that, compare the Yonge's/Youngs (love the June's/Jeune's in their motto) to Scottish Leavells, noting that the latter can be with the Lieb/Lieber fesse. Donald Trump had considered Joseph LIEBERman for new FBI director, but Lieberman turned it down.

June's and Jeune's were first found in the same place as Capone's, and the great-granddaughter of Quintus Caepio was Junia Caepionis, a Livius liner on one side. I trace "Caepionis" to Cupionich, smack at the Clausel-like Clausula river. "Robore" is a motto term shared between Akmans and Aikens (both share the oak tree too), and the latter happen to share the black rooster of KOPPLe's while Cupionich is better known as KOPLik. Just keep in mind that Clauds/Clausels use the acorn, and this will trace Maccabees to the Clausula river on the north side of the ancient Cavii to which I trace "Caiaphas." Roosters are a symbol of Galli liners, likely from the Galatians of Akmonia.

I've concluded that the left hand was the symbol of the Mucianus bloodline (Rome), from mythical Mucius who lost his right hand. Initially, the loss of his right hand suggested that Mucianus liners had a right-hand symbol, and heraldry calls this, dexter, as in "PoinDEXTER," you see. The hand in the Akman Coat reminds of the hand in the Poindexter Coat. Here's the Poindexter description: "right hand clenched, proper, cuffed gold; 2nd, gold with a blue mullet." The Poindexter star is called a mullet as code for the Mullet surname (same place as Bouillons) that happens to use the Payen/Pagan Coat.

The "impune" motto term (Imps come top mind) of Poindexters is translated "impunity," not easily deciphered as a surname, though Punts/Pond(er)s (Aiken colors) can apply who were first found in the same place as Capone's, June's and Chapmans (another "virtus" motto term). The latter love the Ponds/Ponders in their motto. Chapmans share "Sub" with Akmans (and Percivals). As we can glean that Chapmans link well to Aikens, it suggests that Caepio's trace with Chapmans to Cavii either upon the Clausula river, or to Cavii in alliance with Clausula-river elements. The Chives' use the cross of Mathis' because Cavii lived on the ancient Mathis river (now the Mat), and Mathis' were first found in Burgundy, where French Ponds/Puintz's were first found. I trace Ponds/Ponts/Punts to Pontivi, near the southern border of Cotes-d'Armor.

Ponds/Punts share the black-on-white boars of Bush's/Buschs (same place as Pings/Pongs), and while Bush's are a branch of Boasts/Bois', Nemo's/Nimoys use a "boast" motto term, effectively tracing Poindexter kin to Busca, beside Saluzzo. The Shows/Schaws use crescents in the colors of the Chapman crescent, and Nemo's/Nimoys use a "show" motto term too. The single Poindexter star is that also of the Show-like Shoe's/SCHUCHs while Skits are listed with SKEOCHs.

Chapmans use a BROKEn lance as part-code for the Broke variation of Brocks, and the latter are traceable to BROGitarus, the ancestor of Severus Bassus of Akmonia. Lance's share the Alan / Rundel Coat, and we can now turn to the Saluzzo-suspect Sale's, first found in the same place as Masseys/Maceys and Huberts. The Sale's can be using the June fleur in colors reversed, but, in any case, the Sale Coat is a virtual replica of the Hubert Coat, except that Huberts use the white crescent of Motts. The latter are said to be first found in Cotes-du-Nord, which is the earlier name of Cotes-d-Armor. Recall that Poindexters share the Armor helmet, for German Helms use a giant helmet (means that Poindexters were Helm kin) while English Helms, first found in the same place as Arun (of the Saluzzo-Arundels), use a version of the Sale / Hubert Coats. Now we know why John B. Poindexter is a leader with the International Order of Saint Hubertus. This saint was mere code for the Hubert / Hubbard bloodline. Idiots will be idiots.

I had read on a Sale-Massy surname, which evokes the Masci's, first found in the same place as Saluzzo. Sale's, Huberts and Masseys/Maceys were first found in Cheshire, location of Dunham-Masci, which was operated by Hamon de Masci. The Hamon surname applies very well to this man, and Hamons use so-called "pean" (special color of ermine spots), a term that not only brings up Payens/Pagans, but it's like "pheon," the type of arrow heads shared by Sale's and Helms.

Motts are also Mottins, suspect with "Modi'in," home of the original Maccabees. Motts share an eight-pointed estoile with Hobbits, and Hobbits/Hoberts (same place as Dunhams, from Dunham-Masci) are said to be from "Hubert." Hobbits/Hoberts share ermine spots with Hamons, and Hamons share the sun with Hectors/Hoctors while Hobbits/Hoberts use an "Auctor" motto term that can possibly connect with Akmonia liners. The Cheshire Haughts are also "Hector/Hoctor," and while I routinely connect the Haught bull head to that of Armor-related Mieske's, the latter use the bull in black, which is half the color of the Hobbit/Hobert bull...but see also the black bull heads of Walerans, from Waleran, the son of Gouel de Percival i.e. the Laevillus bloodline.

Waleran married a daughter of the Beaumont rulers of Meulan, and then the Arms of Meulan used a Shield filled with red-and-gold checks, the symbol also of Irish Haughts (and Louviere's). Irish Haughts use "Two arms in armor grasPING a sword." Pingincidence?

The "vos" motto term of Walerans is code for the Vaux bloodline (likewise uses the Meulan checks). The check-using Vaux surname comes up as "Vose," and then there is a David Vose in youtube video who calls himself a Christian, yet claims that YHWH (God of the Old Testament) is actually satan, the belief also of the Illuminati and of Freemasons. So, you see, if Vose's are from a Caiaphas > Laevillus line, we can expect it to teach insane doctrine, in efforts to kill Jesus in our hearts, such as Vose teaches. Vaux's/Vose's are said to descend from the father of one Hubert.

At the 30-second point of the ridiculous video below (it's junk), Leonard Nimoy sings a song mentioning hobbits, and so let's repeat that the Nimoy bloodline is beloved in the motto of Poindexters.

Some of you may have read my treatment on a dream I had with a sleeping bag. To the best of my recollection, the dream occured the very night when I learned that the International Order of St. Hubertus (had some 30 men at Poindexter's ranch when Scalia was killed) was involved with Scalia's murder. The next morning, as I pondered the dream, I realized that I had been sleeping in a black sleeping bag with a red stripe, very evocative of the only photo I know of, online, of the Order's members. I had seen that photo that morning or the day before. The dream started with my picking up a sleeping bag (don't recall the colors) on a HILL.

Later, I applied heraldry to the dreams props because I had a string of dreams that, as God proved to me, had surnames at their core. These dreams were unusual for this Purpose, and I freely informed readers at the risk of sounding far-fetched. The Hill surname uses the motto, "Avancez," and Vance's happen to be listed with Scottish Vaux's, the latter first found in East Lothian along with Seatons/Sittens that in-turn share the Nemo/Nimoy crescents in both colors. That's already fairly amazing in clinching the dream's link to St. Hubertus, but there's more, for Nemo-loving Poindexters use a "lacesSIT" motto term partly suspect with Sittens / Sitlers/SCHITners (possible Skits / Skate's/Sheets' seen earlier). Sitlers (Silesia), who use a Rock / Rockefeller symbol (trefoil), share the lion of Faucets, the latter first found in East Lothian. The crescents above are red, as is the crescent of Chapmans, and the latter use a "CreSCIT" motto term. Ponds/Punts/Ponders are loved in the Chapman motto, and may be in the Poindexter motto too.

In earlier years, I've suggested that the Hill Coat is a version of the Craig Coat, and Craigs share white-on-black crescents with Motts/Mottins and Huberts. Craigs are in the Carrick write-up as their ancestry, and Carricks are almost-definitely from the Charax middle name of Proculus, son of Laevillus and Quadratilla. To prove this, we find Kennedys using the Arms of Carrick while Kennedys trace to the Kennati priests (pagans) at Cetis (Cilicia), where Quadratilla's family were royals.

Hills were first found in the same place as Squire's, recalling the esquire helmet of Poindexters. Again, the dream is pointing to the Hubertus crew as Scalia's killers. I had no way to cause the dream myself based on these considerations of the Hill surname. The Nemo/Nimoy crescents are those of the PERCHE Bellamys, and that place is like "Perga," home of the Maccabee liner, Plancia Magna. "Plancia" traces with certainty to Plunketts, first found in Vilaine (same as Dol), and sharing the white-on-black tower of Hills.

Hills were introduced here because I'd like to point out the video below by George Vreeland HILL. The video honors Leonard Nimoy's grave. I would suggest that Dutch Vreelands/Freelands use the fesse of Dutch Ghents, which is the wavy fesse of Dols too. English Freelands use the motto, "Libera terra liberque aNIMus," apparently honoring Liebs/Liebers / Liebs/Liebers along with Nimo liners.

The English Freelands (Hampshire, same place as Ponds) use a version of the Branch Coat, and, to prove that the Branch Coat is a version of the Hamon Coat, the latter shares a pean chevron with Freelands. Moreover, the Hamon antlers are called the ATTIRES of a stag, which likely has to do with the "terra" motto term of Freelands, and the "terras" motto term of Maccabee-suspect Alexanders. I see the latter using the Mott/Mottin crescent. Just compare the Terra Coat to that of Huberts! I picked the sleeping bag off the ground = terra!

Check out the Terras' for links to Moray / Morels and for sharing the Vreeland/Freeland star. The Terras' share a Coat of the Scotts whose write-up traces to a royal-family character named, Alexander.

After I picked up the sleeping bag, a man with HELMET on a motor cycle rode down the hill, then circled around and followed me up the hill. I had identified this rider as David Morley (old friend), but didn't know the Morel surname as a likely branch of Armours when discussing him. It should be mentioned that while Amore's come up as "Armer," Terras' use "Amore" for their entire motto.

Dave Morley was a organ player; his parents owned one. I'm wondering whether it was a Hammond brand organ, for Hamons are also Hamonds. Amazing. Morley-branch Morlands were first found in Westmorland along with Branch's, but as Branch's use the Freeland Coat, it could appear that God is pointing to George Vreeland Hill and his Leonard-Nimoy love. Mr. Hill is of Beverly Hills (he's trying to be a local politician). Hmm, I didn't know of the following connection of Hill to Farrah Fawcett when on the Faucets above:

Hubert-suspect Terra's, by the way, who use a Rockefeller symbol (rooks), were first found in Bavaria, where the other Order of Saint Hubertus had roots, though this organization had strong links to Holland and/or Belgium (I can't recall details).

When I got to the top of the hill, there was the road from which the biker came, and he went away on the same road, in the direction from which he came, as I crossed the road. The Rhodes bloodline can be expected as fundamental to Rockefeller lines, and in fact Henry IV of Rodes/Rodez married a daughter of the Roquefeuils, explaining why Rocks and Rods share the same trefoil. Both Rhodes' use roundels as code for the Roundel variation of Rundels = the Saluzzo bloodline to which Poindexters trace. English Rhodes use a gold leopard, which can connect to the gold leopard face of Morleys / Morlands, you see. It's as though God knew what he was doing with my dream. English Rhodes' use a "Robor" motto term that should link to the "Robore" of Akmans and Aikens.

Judging from the Rhodes write-up, where it connects the early member(s) to the Buck bloodline, the Rhodes lion is that of German Bucks. English Bucks (same place as English Rhodes') share the antler of Hamonds, Cone's and Conte's. This is how I know that the Hamon motto is part-code for Maschi's of Rimini, for Maschi's use pine CONEs. Bucklow in Cheshire comes to mind, as well as the Cheshire Buckleys and the related Buckle's who love the Cheshire DeMere's and Mere's, part of the Alexander motto that uses "terras." The Alexander motto is shared by MacDonalds, and the latter use the eagle of Ferte's, suspect with Ferte-Mace.

The Bucks were linked well to Bicks/Biks, and this line may have been in code with the motor BIKE that Morley rode down the hill. Dave married Carol, our church secretary, and they came riding the bike to my place one day. I had never seen Dave on his bike to my place, let alone with Carol on the back. The name of my street at the time is a surname that uses the three, wavy fesses, almost the symbol of Damorys/Amori's in colors reversed. The Damorys were first found in the same place as Amore's/Armers (and Clintons), and it's the Terras' that use "Amore." The Amore's are highly suspect with the nebulee bars of English Leavells, but I can now say that Morley-like Morels are expected from Moray along with Amore's / Armors. Moreover, the Carol surname uses two, upright, gold lions facing one another, as do French BECs/Bes' that may be using the Moray star.

To prove that the dream had David Morley, I walked across the road into a MALL parking lot, and then into the Mall. This was while the rider on the bike rode away, in the opposite direction. The Mall surname (Cheshire again, same as Hamonds and Masseys) happens to show a MARLYbone variation, and while Marleys were likewise first found in Cheshire, they are said to be from Brittany's Morlaix location, almost "Morley."

Malls/Marlybone's use the Massey quadrants in colors reversed, and in the same colors as the Says (Seaton colors for a reason) who merged with Mortons to name Mortone-Say in Shropshire. Shropshire also had a More location. The alternative name of Shropshire was Salop, like "slope." The hill upon which I picked up the SLEEPing bag was a SLOPE, and Sleeps were first found in Salop, can you believe it? Bags could be Bucks / Becs / Biks.

It was amazing to find, weeks after introducing David Morley as the dream's fulfillment, that English Morleys are listed with Mauls!!! God is turning this into a staggering adventure.

My mother is a Masci and a Grimaldi on both her parents sides. English Bags use the Grimaldi Coat, and German Bags/Beggs bring us back to arm in armor (shared by Mieske's). The Becs/Bes'/Bez' have been suspect with BEZprym, a son of Mieszko I.

One morning, my mother chewed me out for urinating my bed at about six years of age. Just as she was chewing me out, Jerry Peterson popped up in the open window, making fun of me. He heard my mother. This event came to mind while I was struggling with the Scalia mystery. I can't recall all the details that I recorded in an earlier Iraq update, but the way this bed-wetting event came to mind was amazing for me. I'll go over it again below. Not long before, I was investigating the "bedwetters" term used by a lobbyist when he was emailing John Podesta (February 2016), at which time Podesta used "wet works," known code for murder. As Scalia was found dead in bed, I reasoned that "bedwetters" was code for the plot to kill Scalia in his bed, which took place about ten days after the two first emailed each other on February 2.

Not many months before this investigation, I had traced the Window surname to "Finistere," a location in the same place of Brittany as Morlaix. My mother is Italian, and the Italian for "window" is "finestra" (my best shot at spelling it). Jerry Peterson at my WINDOW, you see, and Dave Morley as clue that the Morlaix bloodline did the Scalia killing. It was resolved that Windows were Windsors because the Windsor motto loves the Fiens while one Fien surname is also "FINIS," like "FINIStere." The other Fiens are kin of Maceys, a Masci branch. You see, it appears that God set that bed-wetting event up for finding the killers of Scalia. Windows even use a blue lion paw while Gerrys use blue lions (there is no Jerry surname coming up). Windsors share "me" with Poindexters, suspect with the Mee/Mea surname, from the Meu river of Cotes-d-Armor, the river from which Henrys (from Henrys of Rodez?) are said to derive.

Fiens/Finis' use an Nimo-suspect "animum" motto term, but also suspect with the "meum" motto term of Rhodes', likely for Mummolin (Merovingian ruler). The Rhodes cross is suspect with the saltire of Tailbois' (same place as Rhodes') whom the Cheshire ruler, Ranulph le Meschin, married. Fens'/Venns share white scallops with Tailbois' and Meschins, and scallops are code for Scylla, the Sicel part of Sicily at Messina.

I was lying in bed, recalling the time when I reached out on Jerry's laundry line to touch an ultra-white bra belonging to the young tenant in Jerry's basement (I wouldn't have wanted to touch it if she wasn't attractive to me. I was about nine years old). If I recall correctly, the bed-wetting event came to mind immediately at that moment, which challenged me to discover whether God set up the bra event. I can't emphasize enough how amazing these things are.

I recalled that there was a Bra location in Cuneo, but this was probably weeks before I was able to clinch a trace Poindexters and their many kin to Saluzzo, some of which was just shown to you above. Saluzzo happens to be in Cuneo. Plus, "Cuneo" sounds like the Italian for "rabbit," and there was a rabbit cage (white rabbits) below my feet as I touched the bra. This is so funny, thank you Lord. I even POINTed (POINDexter code?) my finger at the bra while reaching out, for I had to reach out.

Yes, I had to climb the wood steps ("SCALA" in Italian, can you believe it) to a platform where one accessed the laundry line, and under the steps, a rabbit cage, where I personally saw the white rabbits. The Conn and Cony surnames, suspect with the Maschi-beloved Cone's, use white coney rabbits, and moreover they use a version of the Meschin Coat. My mother's Masci line likely named the Meschins. Masci's were first found in Piedmont, where Cuneo is located. Jerry's back fence was my mother's side fence, and the Fens/Venn surname looks like a branch of the Fien/Van surname, the one that shares the gauntlet gloves with Maceys.

The Conys (same place as Rhodes' / Tailbois') use a rabbit holding a PANSY, which may indicate the mythical Pan (Satyr) line to Payens/Pagans/Paions, whom I trace to the Paioni peoples (Moesia), who lived beside the Satrae (real peoples), the likely reason that myth writers invented Satyrs...suspect (by me) in naming the Stura-Demonte river in Cuneo. Taillebois' are suspect with the Boii, who lived in PANonia. Bra is beside Asti (in Montferrat), and Paioni had an ancient city at ASTIbus.

Boii also lived in Modena, suspect with "Modi'in," the Israeli home of Maccabees. Some say the Boii named the Baiocasses of the Bessin, home to le Meschin's father. The father married a daughter of Emma de CONTEville, likely of the Cone-related Conte's. The son married Lucy Taillebois. The Talbots may be using the Rhodes / Buck lion. Poindexters are said to derive from Richard Poingdestre of the Bessin.

So, you see, it appears that God is pointing law enforcement toward Poindexter and/or his group. If Trump has any stuff at all, he will order a new investigation on Scalia's death. This should become the greatest political scandal on the heads of the Obama team. It deserves a political war. Division amongst the people is called for when the wicked wish to get away with murder of a supreme-court judge. Hello? Obama was trying to hijack America for the wicked agenda of unrepentant, brazen faggots, the swine of the planet. Just think of it.

My mother has green eyes, indication of Germanic mix with Italians, and Germanics had access to Cuneo from Switzerland. Grimaldi's were historically large in Liguria, which is the Cuneo theater.

The laundry line touched upon the Blonds, and while French Blonds are also Biondi's, the Ponds may apply here. Bra is at Langhe, where the Lance's (same star as Italian Biondi's) may trace that are in the Crest of Pond-loving Chapmans. The Bonds happen to use the same fesse bar as Conns / Conys / Meschins, and Blonds use fesse bars in these same colors. Compare the Blond bars with the Leavells and Amore's.

Here is what flipped me out about the bra on the LAUNDRY line. Weeks before this came to mind, I was re-stressing a blond woman (about 20 years old) whom I asked out at her bus stop while riding my bike. I had never spoken to her before, and asked if she'd like to meet me at the LAUNDRomat in the evening. And that's what she did. I had been wondering whether God was trying to stress the Lander / Laun bloodline(s) with this event, and that was almost bang-on the time when I first recalled the bra on the laundry line, which was owned by another blond about 20 years old. It then floored me to discover that German Landers share pale bars in green-and-white with LANGleys, suspect from Langhe and therefore from Bra!

You see, God provided this woman in my life to verify that the laundry-line event was for God's purposes decades later. While Asti is at Bra and Langhe, and while AstiBUS was a major Paioni city, the Paioni capital was STOBI while the Stops (buckles, pheons) bring up the Stubbs! Can you believe this? God gave me the courage to ride cold to a blond at her BUS STOP. It is funny, but there is a serious side to it.

I barely recall her showing up at the laundromat. I don't recall bringing my clothes home, nor walking back toward her place, but I do recall the best kiss I've ever had, at least to that point, while we sat at a picnic table in a small park across from her apartment. It just so happens that Paioni lived to the south of (or maybe on) the PEK river, and the PICnic table may apply to this. One Pick/Pex surname looks related to the Window Coat.

And while Blonds are suspect with the Laevillus > Leavell line, Laevillus' mother was Vibia, from the Vibius bloodline, suspect (by me) with the Bibo's/Bible's that share the red rooster with Kiss'. The latter are a branch of Cush's and the Bibo's use a rooster on a CUSHion, you see. So, this kiss that was great was great so that I would remember it, for a Reason. And laundromat-suspect Landers use roosters in the colors of the Kopple rooster. Recall that the Cavii are expected at the Koplik location, for Cavii lived at the Mathis river, now the Mat, which can be the reason for the meeting at the laundroMAT.

Let's remind that Vasto's were a branch of rulers of Montferrat, and that Bra / Asti are in Montferrat. Poindexters share the fist of Fists/Fausts in the same colors. The latter were first found in the same place as German Bush's/Buschs, suggesting the Vasto's out of Cuneo's Busca.

For months, if not years, before making the laundry link to this blonde (Lorraine), I told readers that she had beautiful feet. It's an impression in my mind that I can't forget. I had sensed that this was important to God, and of course I was suggesting the Foots and related Fothes'/Fittes'/Fette's, whom I always link to Foote in Guernsey, beside the first Poindexters in Jersey. One day, I wrote that Lorraine and Mr. Kepke both had sun-bright blonde hair, and, minutes later, I loaded the Blonds to find a foot inside of a sun in the Crest! It was hilarious and amazing all at once.

Later, I loaded the Feet surname, which is listed with the Fade's/Fatmore's that I see in the "fato" motto of Cuneo-possible Cheneys. In any case, the Feets/Fade's were first found in Yorkshire along with the first Keppocks, and this was found after I had resolved that Kepke's (Ukrainian) were Keppocks.

Fothes' use a cornuCOPIA as possible indication that they were from Cuppae, near the sources of the Pek river. There is a Puke location near/on the Mat river, and the namers of Cuppae may therefore have named Cupionich = Koplik. The motto of Fothes' is "InDUSTRia," what I see as code for sun-using Dusters (kin of Jewish Rothchilds), who evoke the PoingDESTERs. Is the latter's squire helmet linkable to that of Armors? Yes, and Armors share arms in armor with Dusters. The latter's crescent faces left, a theme of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'). German Rothes'/Rothchilds may be using the raven (called a bird, however) of Liebels.

Rothschilds, who love the Industria motto term, are now highly suspect from Rudesheim, German location of Assmannshausen = the Assmanns/Rasmussens, explaining why the latter use an upright unicorn in the colors of the left-facing horse of Jewish Rothchilds. This entity goes to Salop's Rudes' and Rothes', but also applicable are the Sleeps of that place, suspect with the Babons/Bavents (pean in colors reversed), from a son (Babon) of Mummolin. The red-rooster Babcocks/Badcocks, easily linkable to Grimaldi's, Cocks and Bags (sleeping-bag entity, right), can link to the red rooster of Bibo's/Bible's. I'll explain shortly why pean and Paioni can be Pan liners through the area of the Hatti, where I see the Mus Armenians and proto-Pepins. The Mus Armenians are highly connectable to the Aras river, origin of the Ares Armenians that seem to be in "RASmussen."

Rasmussens use the Pepin bend with fleur-de-lys, but French Pepins use the same bird (same colors) as Liebels. Landers come up as "Landen," suspect from Pepin of Landen, and thus Lorraine was all about this line, that being from the royal Merovingians (includes Mummolin). Mummolin was related to Rusticus of Lyon, or descended from Decimus Rusticus of Lyon, and the Lyons and Lannoys share the upright green lion with Lorraine's, the latter known to use the Piast eagle...suspect in the Road Coat (same place as Bush's/Buschs) in case it applies to the road in the sleeping-bag dream. The Piasts are the mouse-tower Poles, descended from Mieszko I (father of Sigrid "the HAUGHTy), whose family took over from mythical Popiel.

I PICKED the sleeping bag off the ground, and Grimaldi's (share Bag Coat) share the lozenges of Pickers/Packers/Peckers, the latter said to be of the lords of BUCKLEbury.

I think I've made the case that God wants justice from the killers in the Democrat party, and moreover wants to expose them. I'm waiting for my "partners" in this plot. About two weeks ago, maybe three, I had a snap vision of a man pulling a dead / defeated mouse by the tail, on its back. The belly of the mouse was as high as the man's head. When this vision occurred, it felt that God was about to disclose / finish / execute my project that He's working through these things.

What was Popiel code for? Here are the Poppels/Poppens, using what should be a red version of the Mieske / HAUGHT / Buckley bull head. Check out the bull heads of Trunks, for the Poppel/Poppen Crest uses elephant trunks. I had suggested recently that the Franconian RAKE was code for lines from Richeza, wife from Lorraine of Mieszko II, and to prove it, Trunks were first found in Franconia. Rake's share the pean chevron of Hamons. Poppins/Pophams can be using the Bik/Bick stag heads.

Popleys (probably merged with Bessins) are candidates for Popiel mouse liners, and they happen to share a "Mens" motto term with Pepins, important because I did not recognize the MAN who pulled the mouse by the tail, nor do I recall his face at all, suggesting only that he was code for a Man bloodline. Popleys use "MANsit" too, possibly part-code for Sitlers (Prussia, same as Mieske's). Sitlers use an upright lion in colors reversed from the same of mouse-using Misls (left-facing lion), who are in code with SiemoMYSL, a fictional character of the mouse tower. Popleys and Mens'/Menzies' share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Montferrat rulers, as do Bricks and Billets.

German Mans use the Massey quadrants, as well as being first found in Stura-like Styria. English Sturs were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Popleys/Pophams (and Drake's), while French Sturs were first found in Manche i.e. home of Masseys (beside the Bessin). I trace "Manche" to the Manx peoples on the Isle of MAN. Yep, that's right, the Massey mouse line from king Maccus of the Isle of Man, that's what that dead mouse represents. The nasty vikings, thieves, still attempting to rob the entire world, silly utter stupids in high places, how they will fall so terribly hard. Selah, hurry up, Lord.

Drake's use the red-on-white wyvern dragon used by the dukes of Masovia, and Mieszko ruled out of Masovia. We get it. I emailed Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg after he contacted me. He's a chief satanist, lover of dragon blood, and so I didn't have nice things to say to him. He died about a year later, and while I don't know whether this was symbolic for things to come, it just so happens that Vere's share the Massey / Mann quadrants, all three using white on their red quadrants. Vere's are from Vere in Manche.

Nicholas wrote that the chief of the Vere clan is from the Irish Weirs that happen to share the Grimaldi Coat, except that it's got the lozenges in bendy (diagonal) direction, same as the Arms of Bavaria...that happens to use the Franconian Rake.

Was the mouse on its BACK? The Backs/Bachs use a bull too, but call it a Styria-like steer. I am sure that Backs/Bachs are from the Hyksos king that persecuted Moses in the Exodus. There is a Steer surname uses the split-Shield of Rudes' in colors reversed, and this is a reliable link because both surnames use a mural crown/coronet in Crest. Steers share "me" with Poindexters, and Rudes' share the cross of Mee's/Mea's.

On one side of the Steer Coat, the white-on-red Mann lion may be present. Again, English Sturs were first found in the same place as mouse-liner Drake's, and French Sturs were first found in the same place as Vere. Was the dead mouse pulled by the tail? That's got to be code for the Tails/Tailers and Tillers (Seaton crescents?), both of whom can be using the white-on-black lion on the other half of the Steer Coat (compares with Conys / Conns).

Maccus was a grandson of Sitric, whom I trace to Sitters/Sidewells (maybe the Lander / Langley pale bars), and this speaks to me of Seatons/Sittens and their Side/Sudy / Suty branches (see Setantii Brigantians). The "cede" motto term of Steers can be for the Cedes'/Seats sharing the two pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine (where Dol is located). The Vilains are suspect with the Tanner Coat, and Bra along with Cuneo are along the Tanaro river. The Aleng variation of the Dol Alans is from the namers of Langhe, also on the Tanaro. Scottish Stewarts share the pelican with German Langs.

The Steart/Stert term in the Steer write-up could suggest Stewarts, and then see that Steers share a lion in the colors of the Sturtifant/Stiver lion. The latter's Coat looks like a colors reversed version of the Talbot Coat, and moreover it's the Grey Coat while Greys were first found in the same place as Stiver-like Stave's/Stevensons.

Was the belly of the mouse pointed up? The Belly's share three Moor heads in Chief with Tanners, and the Tillers likely use the Bellamy crescents. The Bellamys are in the Stop/Stubbs write-up. Tills share the wyvern dragon with the dukes of Masovia.

I conclude that God is pointing to a Bra element as the killer(s) of Scalia. Recall that the Morley bloodline is expected to apply to the killers, for Morels share the Broke/Brock fleur. Here it can be pointed out that a "flax breaker" is use by Bra-suspect Brae's/Brays. The latter are said to be from Falaise, evoking the "the tanner of Falaise"...i.e. whom I trace to the Tanaro river, location of Bra. Recall that DAVID Morley may have had a Hamond organ, for Brays look to be using a version of the Hamon(d) Coat. This revelation is so important to God that I found Him naming baby's first names to make it. In this case, I'm recalling that I've seen the mouse-using Misl Coat as a version of the Cheshire Davids.

Reminder: Misls use lions in the colors of the same of Carols, and David Morley married Carol. The Pepins and related Pipe's expected in mythical Popiel of the mouse tower are in the "organ pipes" of Letts. And the Pepins are known to be the fundamental root of CAROLingian Franks. English Morels were first found in the same place as Lorraine's, and both use the red-on-gold bend. Lorraine's use the Arms of Lorraine, the location, and Lorraine was first named, Lotheringia, by a Carolingian. Lorraine's are expected with the Este eagle (from Bars of Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine), and "esto' is a Morel motto term. The Weavers use "esto" too while Weaver-branch Webbers (Morel fleur?) use a colors-reversed version of the Pepin bend. Pipe's were first found in the same place (Staffordshire) as Stops/Stubbs, and while they use versions of one another's Coats, I asked Lorraine to the laundromat at her bus STOP. Stops/Stubbs share the pheons of MARLboroughs/Marburys.

Was Lorraine a blond because God wanted to stress the Blond surname? The Blonds are using the six bars of Webbers. Recall that the six, nebuly BARs of Blonds were linked to the same of Leavells, for the latter were first found in the same place as Webers. It's interesting that while Pepins and Pipe's use the fleur of English Jeune's, the latter were first found in the same place as Weber-like Babers. Bebers/Beavers share the fesse of Weavers, you see. As Weavers were first found in the same place as Hamon de Masci, the Babers may be with the Hamon chevron.

French Jeune's were first found in the same place as Clermont-FERRAND, and these Jeune's share the chevron of FRIENDs, the latter first found in Somerset along with Webers / Leavells. Reminder, Youngs/Yonge's, who use a "jeune" motto term, use the three piles of Scottish Leavells! Bingo. English Ferrends share the Popley/Popham / Mens Shield...which is the Shield of the rulers of MontFERRAT. Then, Italian Ferrands (with an 'a') share the Fer/Ferrat Coat. French Jeune's use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Mens in colors reversed, and as Pepins ("est") use a "Mens" motto term, it's clear that Pepins use the Jeune fleur. Youngs/Yonge's were first found in Essex along with the Este's ("J'aVANCE") sharing the white-on-black Pepin horse heads. This effectively traces the Pepin / Pipe camel to Camulodunum (Essex).

Ferrends use a version of the Taddei Chief, speaking to Firenze, where Taddei's and Morello's ("inverted chevron") were first found. Poppo of BAMberg was traced to PAMphylians, who lived in reach of Cetis. Taddei's and Babenbergs share three, red chevrons, and Poppo above was the founder of Babenbergs. Tattons of Massey happen to share the red-on-white crescent with German Bambergs (Franconia). One of my great-grandparents was a Taddei, suspect from lake Tatta, between Pamphylians and Paphlagonian Heneti. The latter were around the Galatians of Akmonia, and this place is suspect with Hasmoneans, who conquered camel-like Gamala (Israel). I trace Heneti > Veneti to the Fiens/Vans that share the symbol of Maccabee-suspect Maceys = a Massey branch. Amazing history, is it not?

Vairs are Vere's who share the Massey quadrants. My Taddei ancestor birthed a FERrari who married a Masci. Lake Tatta is off the Halys river, home of the Halybes = makers of iron = ferrari. My Ferrari grandmother birthed a daughter who married an iron worker. The daughter was Josephine, which, as a surname, is listed with the French Josephs. I feel that this my Italian family descended from Joseph Caiaphas. Verets/Vairs were first found in the same place as Chappes' and Levi's, and the Galatians are from Gauls, one branch of which were the Laevi.

Repeat: "It was amazing to find, weeks after introducing David Morley, that English Morleys are listed with Mauls!!!" Mauls/Morleys share the scallops of Tailbois'. Mauls/Morleys use a "Clementia" motto term, and Mummolin was descended from Decimus Rusticus of Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne) while Clements (BRECKnock) come up as "Clermonts." The Davids share the Coat of Welsh Davis', the latter said to descend from princes of Powys. Clements/Clermonts' were from Powys. Davids and Davis' can be gleaned with Levi-beloved AIDs, first found in the same place as AITons/Aytons, from the Eytons (Salop) that share the David / Davis Coat on blue. The David / Davis Coat compares well with the Rodden/Rodham Coat, part of Road elements, we may glean.

The mother of Decimus Rusticus was ARTEMia (born around 375 AD), who I trace with some reason to Artemidoros, a Galatian, grandfather of Severus BASSus (contemporary with Jesus / Caiaphas) of Akmonia. Bruno's were first found in Firenze, and Brunswicks share the double lions of BASE's (same place as Tailbois' that married the father of le-Meschin in the BESSin). Aid-suspect Aitons are also Artems, and Aids are in the Levi motto. Jewish Levi's use double lions like those of Base's, and they are called lions in pale while Pale's (the surname) share the camel with Pepins.

We saw that Malls/Marlybone's use the Massey / Vere quadrants, and so let's also tell that David's only sibling is Vera. The organ-pipe Letts are suspect with the Annas' that I think use the star of Vere's (Essex). English Morels use a "Bono" motto term linkable to MarlyBONE's, and moreover such motto terms are used by Orrs that use a cornuCOPIA while Davids' use a "copia" motto term.

Morels were first found in Brittany and should trace with the Alans of that place to Langhe. I am not able to tell of any Morley-like entity in the Bra area, however. I can beat around the bush, though. The Mauls/Morleys were resolved with the Chad Shield, and Chads were first found in the same place as Flacks, expected in the FLAX breaker of Brays. Also, the "inVERTed chevron" of Morello's can be code for Verets/Verona's/Vairs/Vires', for no Vert surname comes up. Verets are suspect with Fers/FERRATs, the latter sharing a Coat version of French Vairs/Fers'.

Let's go back to the Bricks to show that they were connected to the Laevi Gauls. Before I begin, I'd like to say that I had a girlfriend, Miss. Whelan, and Whelans happen to use the Brick Coat, a great start, suggesting that God set me up with this young lady to make this point. Whelans are suspect with Waleran de Percival, the line from Laevi-like Laevillus. When I met Miss. Whelan, I did not know as yet that her sister was seeing my friend, Rick Young, which recalls that Youngs share the three black piles of Scottish Leavells. You see, too many coincidences to be coincidences.

Next, the Bricks use lozenges in colors reversed from the lozenges of Brix'/Brice's, and then German Brix's use PIERCEd stars while Pierce's are Leavell / Percival liners. It has been resolved that Bricks and Brix's were from Brixia/Brescia, when Lane's/Lano's were first found that trace to Launay in the area of Brittany where Brest is situated. The Brest surname brings up the Brix's, you see, and the Launay surname happens to use more lozenges, this time in the colors of the Percy lozenges. Excellent, for it tends to assure that Gouel de Percival (father of Waleran above) was the Percy bloodline.

Before going on, let me remind that I had a dream where I was putting carpenter GLUE (instead of grease) into my wheel bearings. This was comical, because, upon waking, I realized that this was about Glue de Percival, so to speak, for Waleran married Beaumonts of Meulan, and the Bearing surname (same place as Tessin-river Tease's/Tighs) uses the same checkered Shield as the Arms of Meulan. The Glue/Cluff surname uses hollow lozenges (mascles) in the colors of the Brest/Brix lozenges. Amazing, is it not? Glue's even share the blue lion with the Arms of Brixia, which is used by Bruce's too, first found in the same place as Percys.

Why CARPENTER glue in the WHEEL bearings? The Carpenter Crest is a globe, which was a code that evaded me for years, but can now be gleaned with the Glove surname (compare Coat with Wheels) smacking of the Clough/Cluff variations of Glue's. Let's not neglect the gloves used by Maceys, for gloves are used also by Sine's/Sions (same chevron as Maceys) while Glue's use a "Sine" motto term. Carpenters love the Belli's (the ones coming up as "Belly"), and while Italian Belli's (share the Carpenter bars, almost) were first found in the same place (Verona, not far from Brixia) as Bellini's, the latter use the bear paw in colors reversed from the same of Powys' over in dragonic Wales (probably from the Cimmerians of Rhodes / Rhodopolis). Glue's were first found in northern Wales, location of Gwynedd, a line from the Venedotia / Veneti of Vannes, where I trace glove-using Fiens/Fane's/Vans. Vannes is to the south of Brest. Can we trace bears to BEARings as well as to Percivals? Yup.

In the Percy write-up, the surname is traced to a Tesson family, and that has got to be from the Tessin river, where I trace Tease's/Tess'/Tecks for more reason that their using LEAVES as code for the Laevi that did in fact live on the Tessin (or Ticino). We saw above that Bearings/Barings/Beckerings (Baring bankers come to mind) were first found in the same place as Tease's/Tighs/Tye's, the latter suspect with the star of Annas' (Caiaphas' father-in-law was Annas, a chief priest of Israel). Tessons are also Tysons, and they use the Touch lion in colors reversed.

The Tease/Tess surname uses the Annandale saltire in colors reversed, and Scottish Bruce's are known to use the Annandale saltire on gold. Ananes Gauls were on the Po river near Brixia, and this traces the Ananes to Annandale, great history for the historians, but none have ever written to thank me. I don't think Bruce-loving historians want to be from Italians.

Percys are known to use the Louvain lion, and that surname could very-well be a Laevi line. Percys are said to be from a Tesson individual, as early as the 900s, from Anjou, where there was a Broc location to which Brocks are traced. Yet, the Bricks are said to descent from "broc," and this works excellently if it's the broc of Anjou. BROGitarus (Galatian, from Gauls) was ancestral to the wife of Laevillus, a not-bad reason to suspect that Laevillus was from Laevi Gauls.

The Tesson individual from Broc is said to have acquired a barony in Normandy known as Fontenay. Just compare the German Belli's to Italian Fontana's. Then, while English Fountains share three red fesses with Luffs/Love's (same place as Carpenters), the latter use them in both colors of the Belli / Carpenter bars. Luffs/Love's are Louvains, aren't they?

Laevillus wife descended from royals of Cetis, where the Kennati priests ran an Ajax cult of stupids. Laevillus' son, Charax PROCulus, traces to Carricks, and may himself be behind the naming of BROC (Brocuffs are also Procks). Scottish Kennedys (same place as Carricks and the Brock- / Brocuff-related Skits) use a "la fin" motto phrase that is definitely for the Lafins/La FONTS (first found in Tipperary, same as Irish Kennedys). It looks like Proculus liners were at Broc, where Mr. Tesson of FONTenay lived. Is that not amazing history?

Did we see Brays with a FLAX BREAKer? Yes, and Breakers are listed with Brechs, while Flacks (same place as Skit-branch Skate's/Sheets', kin of Cetis-suspect Chads) are also Flags found in the purple flag of Ville's/FONT de Ville's. The bra belonged to a Leavell-liner Blond, right?

Italian Fontana's were first found in Bologna, as were Guido's that share the red-and-white hourglass shape of Skits and Skate's/Sheets'. The Bello-loving Bouillons were from Eustace II of Boulogne, and while the Bouillons use the flory cross of Birds in colors reversed, the Bird flory is the red one of Spanish Fonts/Fontana's.

Milan is near the Tessin river, and then the Percy write-up speaks of the Tessons descending to MarMILONS of Fontenay. It can explain why Milons/Melons (Ile-de-France, same as Verona's, Levi's and Chappes') use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Italian Fontana's. I linked Font-de-Ville's to Conte's to form Conteville's long before finding the Lafins/La Fonts share the lion of Italian Conte's, but here it can be repeated that Scottish Milans/Millens use the same lion. If the white Percy crescent was on its blue Shield, it would be the crescent of French Conte's (same place as Font-de-Ville's) and the related Falcons/FalCONTE's, suspect with Fulks of Anjou.

I've been linking Kerricks to PRESleys for upwards to a decade, and Presleys link excellently to Brescia elements because I read the Eburovices of EVREUX (Normandy) were in Brescia, and because Presleys use two items of ABREU's/ABRUZZ's, the proto-Brusi/Bruce bloodline. Scottish historians really don't want to trace the royal Bruce's to Abruzzo's Italians. The Bruce / Brescia lion is suspect as the Louvain lion.

Falcon's heads are used by Sawleys, the latter looked up because Percys are said to be from Sawley of Yorkshire. The Sawley Coat looks like a version of the Kitt and Kite Coats, excellent because Kidds use an "orbem" motto code for Orba/Olba, the location at Cetis of the Kennati priests. Kidds even share a white crescent in Crest with Percys! This is excellent for a Percy link to Percival-Leavell liners, especially as Kite's are suspect from the "Citis" variation.

HERE's A BIGGIE, be floored, historians. Scottish Sheds were first found in the same place as Skits, Carricks and Kennedys, making Sheds suspect as a soft version of Cetis liners such as Chads and Geddes' (same escutcheon as Chadocks / Chadwicks). English Sheds/Scheds (falcon!), first found in Yorkshire with SEDburgh and Percys, use the Chad / Skit cross. And the Percys are said to have historically used a fesse inDENTed, code for the Yorkshire Dents (share lozenges with Percys) said to be from Sedburgh! That's the biggie, assuring that Percys were Percival-Laevillus liners. Link Sheds/Scheds to Mauls/Morleys for obvious reason.

The Shed/Sched falcon is said to have a DEXTER claw on a potent cross. While PoinDEXTERs use the helmet as code for Helms, the latter share white-on-blue helmets with helmet-like Hermits, relevant because the Ayrshire Sheds have a hermit in Crest. Recall the Teck variation of Tessin-river Tease's/Tess', for Dexters are also DECKsters, and it just so happens that Poindexters share a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Fontana's. We saw that Fontana's had traced between Fulk-ruled Anjou and the Laevillus line in Cetis, perfect for linking Fontana's to Shed liners. And both Sheds and Chads share the red-on-white patee cross with Font-like Ponts (suspect in the "impunity" term of the translated Poindexter motto).

Another surname using a horizontally-split Shield are the Decks/Daggers, and these have been resolved with the Dexaroi peoples beside Paionia. That makes Payen-suspect Poindexters a cross between Paionians and Dexaroi. Again, the Ayrshire Sheds use the colors and format of Scottish Mackays, and the latter use a dagger. And Irish Mackays share the three wolf heads with Quadratilla-line Quade's, a symbol for LUPUS Laevillus (Leavells are wrongly, but rightly, traced to a wolf theme). So, Sheds and other potent liners are from Laevillus of Cetis, and the first flag of Templar Jerusalem, which i assume was used when Hugh de Payens was the grand master of the temple area, is known to have used a potent cross.

Another surname using three white-on-blue helmets is that Panter/Pander/Pantry, easily linkable to Payens/Paions because the latter call their stars, "spur rowels," the symbol also in the Panter Chief. Italian Fontana's were first found in the same place as Paioni-suspect Panico's/Pane's/Panetta's, and Panters may be a Panetta branch. I trace "Panico" to the Pincum at the mouth of the Pek river, and Peks/Pecks (Kennedy chevron?) happen to use the same patee crosses as Sheds and Chads. Where Panters are from the namers of mythical Pan (mythical terms always derive in the real world, not vice versa), the HERMits who share the three helmets of Panters look like Armenian elements from HERMes, father of Pan. I trace "Pan" to Lake VAN, which has a Mus area very connectable to Moesians around Panonia. The Boii of Panonia came south and conquered Bologna, where Pant-suspect Fontana's and Panico's/Panetta's were first found. Messene of Greece is the location of Modena-suspect Methoni/Modon, and the Boii of Bologna moved into Modena too.

The Pek river is in Moesia, and as Massena's/Messina's use the Pek patees while patees are code for Patti in Messina, it speaks for itself in tracing Messina, and Greek Messene, to Moesians. Near the Pek was Cuppae, "city of doves," and there is a dove in the Crest of the Moses/Moesen surname, we get it. And Pansys (in the Cony Crest) along with Page's use doves, more evidence of Paionian links to the Pek river (and Cuneo).

It's interesting that Peks are wrongly said to derive in the top of a hill (or peak), for I climbed the hill to a road at the top. Sheds/Scheds must have a version of the Rhodes Coat, for both surnames use a "meum" motto term, and both were first found in Yorkshire. Years previous, Rhodes' were said to be first found in Lincolnshire. The new write-up places the first-known Rhodes' beside the Morlands of Westmorland who share the gold leopard with Rhodes'.

Herod Origins Only My Readers Can Know, But Who Cares

I CLIMBed the hill to the road, and "climb" to Italians could be spoken as a Scalia-like term. During the climb, nothing was happening but the motor bike climbing the hill behind me. The rider on the bike, who was associated with the road, had a helmet, a Poindexter / Armour symbol. He circled the sleeping bag while Bags share a Shield filled with red-and-white lozenges with Grimaldi's, and I, a Grimaldi on one side, had picked up the sleeping bag just before the rider came down the hill. There was no shed in the dream, so far as I can recall, but a Shield filled with lozenges is used also by potent-like Patents. I can't say that the dream had anything to do with Patents, but it looks reasonable that Patents were linkable closely to Bags and Grimaldi's. I recall that Grimaldi's linked by way of Grimoald of Bavaria to Clermont-Ferrand, and CLIMERs can be linked exactly to that thing, as you'll see shortly.

What people group were Patents from? They were resolved as COLchians at the COLapis river (Croatia), as their "CULPA" motto term suggests. Lozenges are traced to Losinj in the very area of Croatia where Colchians are known to have settled, and, to boot, Patents were first found in Essex, location of COLchester. It's amazing what heraldry can reveal; Colchians in southern England. I trace lozenges to Lazona of Colchis, where Lazi lived that were with or beside the Bat Colchians, and that speaks to Badon, perhaps, a grandson of Mummolin. Another grandson of Mummolin was Grimo, and the latter's father was Babon. As Grimaldi's share a Shield filled with red-and-white lozenges with Cocks, it's clear that BABcocks/BADcocks, who share the red rooster with Cocks, were named after Babon and Badon, assuring that Grimaldi's were from Grimo...or perhaps Grimaldi's named Grimo. There is a lot I can do with this find, but it's not the topic here.

To find Colchians near the Colapis, look up the Apsus-like name of the brother of mythical Medea, a mythical Colchian princess, daughter of Aeetes, depicted with satanic debauchery. You'll find that the brother named the island of APSorus off the Croatian coast.

I traced LESlie's to Lesce at the upper Sava, and the mouth of the Colapis is at the upper Sava too. As the Patents above share the green griffin head with Leslie's, it could appear that Leslie's were from Lazi Colchians, and this, in my books, is the Ladon dragon to which I think Revelation speaks. It passed through the Amazons = proto-Masci's of the Ladon river in Grecian Pisa. I am from the Ladon dragon by blood, but, who cares? They were only people, and we have a choice to be good or evil, to accept Jesus or reject Him. The Lazi lived at Phasis, which was also called, Poti, and there you may have the POTent bloodline, by the looks of it, and so we may expect it at Antipatria. We may expect the potent cross of Templar Jerusalem to indicate that Caiaphas, Annas and/or the Herods were Colchians. There was a Rhodopolis location on the Glaucus river between Poti and the golden-fleece city of Kutaisi. In myth, Glaucus loved Scylla, the Scalia bloodline.

Keep in mind that while I trace "Proculus" to the portcullis-gate code of Porters/Pawters, the latter's Coat and early location makes them look like they should be a branch of Poti-suspect Potters. It's suggesting Colchians at Cetis, and, indeed, that's in Cilicia (= mythical Cilix, brother of Cadmus), a Colch-like term.

The other Patents were first found in the same place as Annandale, and the dagger-using KilPATRicks were from AntiPATRIA smack where the Dexaroi lived, on the Apsus river. The Apps surname happens to use lozenges in both colors of the Patent lozenges, revealing that potent liners are from the namer of Antipatria, which is where I trace Antipater, father of the first Herod (king of the Jews). See Antipatria on this light map:

It's now easy to make the trace from Antipatria to the Herods via Antipater, king of Macedonia (Paionia was in northern Macedonia), whose descendant was queen Nysa of Cappadocia. Nysa became suspect with the Nice/Ness bloodline, and Morley-like Morels happen to use a "NEScit" motto term that looks partly for Ness' and partly for Skits = Sheds. Amazing. On top of this, wow, the Sleeps share two red fesses with Ness'!!! They also share two red fesses with Babons/Bavents, remember. That now extra-clinches the rider on the bike with the Morel bloodline! I've kicked around the idea that "Herod" was a Rhodes / Rodez term to begin with, and it's interesting that while Henry IV of Rodez is in heraldry, the Roads share a giant, spread eagle with Henrys. It's a great bet that the Greek island of Rhodes named Rhodopolis at Colchis, for Helios of Rhodes can be linked to Colchis; for example, via his kin, Circe, symbol of Circasia, the area of Colchis where Poti sat.

"Helios" likely depicted the real city of Ialysos on Rhodes, and because "Kutaisi" can be gleaned as a version of "Hattusa" on the Halys river, we can link Ialysos to "Halys," especially as the Hatti namers of Hattusa were represented by the sun god, Atti(s), which happens to be the name, virtually, of the mythical king of Kutaisi, Aeetes. As Aeetes was originally a king of Corinth, and as he left Corinth in the hands of Hermes (code for Armenians) when he left to be the king of Colchis, it's easy to realize that "Hattusa" was named by the Cadusii Armenians that were represented by the caduceus rod (had snakes) owned by Hermes. This close connection of Hermes (owned the golden fleece) to Colchians should explain the ermines in the Patent Coat, and we could probably trace Hermes to Ermines/Armines (same place as Rhodes') that happen to use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Annan(dale)s. See also the Tailbois Coat.

The Cadusii Armenians were allied with the Mus Armenians of Lake Van to produce Pan, Hermes' son, in Phoenicia's Panias, at mount Hermon. The Cadusii-Mus alliance was depicted by mythical CADmus, king in Phoenicia. In myth, Cadmus and his Armenian wife, Harmonia, were turned into two snakes as they slithered away to Illyria. That was indication that the myth writer viewed the two caduceus snakes as pertaining to a Cadusii-Mus alliance. Pan at Panias was exported to the Peneus river, beside the Ladon river, and both rivers are close to Arcadia, the official birthplace of Hermes. From the Peneus, I trace to the Penestae at the near-northeast of Antipatria, and from there, I take the Panias entity to the Dragons/Drainer, PENdragon, and Mynett surnames, all three of which share the same helmets with Irish Kennedys. The Kennedy dolphin is from Dauphine and Daphne, the latter being a mythical daughter of the Ladon dragon, though she was given the alternative father of Tiresias, who likewise owned the caduceus rod. There was an ancient location of Daphne smack beside Panias. Tippers (same place as Pendragons and Cole's) use dolphins, and Irish Kennedys were from Tipperary. This is the dragon backdrop to the Kennati priesthood.

This is the first I've seen Rhodes' first found in Yorkshire, where Pincum-likely Pings/Pongs/Pungs/Paganells were first found, whom I trace to the motto of the Annandale Rome's/Rooms. The latter's "placit" (part code for CITis?) motto term is code for Placentia elements, for Ananes Gauls lived at Placentia. Again, the Annandale saltire, which is used on gold in the Arms of Ayrshire, is in colors reversed with the Tease/Tess/Teck saltire, making the Ananes link to Laevi Gauls. There is a La Mose area in Placentia, and the English Mose/Moss surname (billets) is said to be from CHAT Moss, interesting where the Mose's share the patee cross with Chads (same place as Chats/Catts/Ketts). German Mose's/Mosers use a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of Poindexters, and they use a single star each in colors reversed from one another. The first grand master looks like a Paoini through Moesia (the Mus Armenians, right?). It's not a bad theory that Hatti (or Attys the sun god) named Cat-like terms such as Cetis.

I climbed the hill, which got me to look at the Clements with Climer variation. It's first of all noticeable that these Clements use two black bends, the symbol also of the German Mose's/Mosers. The Clements use a "patris" motto term, and in the Crest, "A hawk proper." There is a Herod/Herald surname (Argyllshire), using the hawk's lure, suspect with king Harald, father of Maccus, of the vikings who ruled the Scottish isles off the Argyll coast. They ruled there in the time of Ralph Tesson in the Percy write-up. I have been tracing the Herods/Haralds to Herod Archelaus, who was banished from Israel by Caesar, and went to live at Vienne Isere, near Lyon. I have therefore been linking the Lyon and Lannoy lion to this Herod (son of the first Herod), but I can now add that Tessons use the Lyon / Lannoy lion in colors reversed, can you believe it? Herod Archelaus got that surname from marrying Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia, you see. It's a Nice trace, isn't it?

For those who don't know, I need to repeat that Herod Archelaus had a coin with a feathered helmet on one side. Wikipedia once featured this coin at its Herod-Archelaus article, but removed it (perhaps because I linked it to certain surnames). The True's/Tree's use a feathered helmet, and Hume's use "TRUE to the end" for a motto while using the Lyon / Lannoy lion in colors reversed. And the other Lannoys use another feathered helmet, I kid you not. The Squire's that are connected to helmet lines share the red squirrel with Tessin-river suspects, Decks/Daggers, and this tends to link helmet liners to the Antipatria > Herod line. The Comyns use a dagger too, and Herod Antipas, Archelaus' brother, was banished by Caesar to Comyn-like COMMINGes. The Comyns are also Commings, can you believe this, historians?

So, we now have the Herods/Haralds linking by their hawk theme to the same of Clements, no small thing whatsoever, and Clements use a "patris" motto term for Antipater > Herod lines, right? Yes, but as Clements come up as "Clermonts," it links to Decimus Rusticus (Vatican clergy) of LYON, ruler in Clermont-Ferrand!!! Bingo. You can't argue with the facts, historians. It's the Illuminati-of-Herod, isn't it? =

Lure's share red roses with Moses'/Moesens. Both the Lure's (Ayrshire) and Herods/Haralds are listed as septs of McLeods, the latter living in the Scottish isles. The Lure's use another lone star, in the colors of the lone star of Mose's/Mosers, the ones sharing two black bends with Clements! Excellent. As Clements/Clermonts share the Clair besants, I suggest that Lure's were a branch of Larins/Clarens (Argyllshire) that use two of the Clare chevrons. Amazingly, French Larins/Laurens share the scallops of Apps' for a Lure trace to the Apsus river i.e. location of Antipatria. Note that while Lure's are linked to Carrick, Larins/Clarens use a "Creag" motto term. I have traced McLeods/Lutts to the ALUTus river (now the Olt), which happens to flow into the Danube at the Moesia theater. English Lutts are interesting for sharing the Massin/Mason lion, as well as the quadrants of Fasts who in-turn use a bend with symbols that I see as a version of the same of Lauren-like Lorraine's. The latter share the upright green lion with Lions and Lannoys. McLeods/Lutts use the motto, "HOLD FAST," part-code for Olt-river elements, I gather.

Fasts, by the way, who almost use the potent cross in the colors of the Chad potent, were first found in the same place as Chads. This is said because Cappadocia was very near, or may even have covered, Cetis. It could appear that Cetis had some Herod blood, and indeed, Wikipedia confirms this where the Herod line from Alexander Herod, another husband of Glaphyra Archelaus, put forth Julius Alexander, their great-grandson, who married (Iotapa) the royals of Cetis. The latter Mr. Alexander birthed Julia, wife of Quadratus Bassus (born about 70 AD), father-in-law of Laevillus. Base;s use two lions in Pale while Chats (same place as Chads) use three cats in pale in the colors of the two lions in pale of Jewish Levi's.

The Hills share white-on-black towers with GLAPYRa-line CLAVERs (compare with Conys) and PLUNKETTs from PLANCia Magna, another descendant of Glaphyra and Alexander. Clavers were first found in the same place as Fasts, Chads / Chats, and Fulke's/Folks. Plancia' was married to Tertullus, and Fulks are said to have ancestry in one Tertullus. Royal-Jerusalem Fulks of Anjou birthed Plantagenets, and French Plants (share red patee with Sheds and Chads) are also Planque's, an obvious line from the Plancia bloodline. There you have the Cetis link indirectly to Anjou, what was witness by other methods. The Cappadocian capital was Caesarea, also known as Kesariya and similar spellings, while Fulke's use the motto phrase, "Qui Sera."

It was the Font line that traced with Ralph Tesson of Anjou to Fontenay, and while Fulke's/Folks were first found in the same place as Flecks/Flags, Font-de-Ville's use a does the McLeod/Lutt Crest. Again, while Font-de-Ville's are expected in merger with Conte's, a branch of Conn-like Cone's, Conns and Conys use a reflection of the Claver Coat, and, besides, God told us that Conys link to Bra while Brays use a FLAX breaker apparently for the Flack variation of Flags. The Conteville's ruled Comyn, can you believe it? That's the dagger line from Herods, isn't it?

Wikipedia: "The Abbey of Fontenay is a former Cistercian abbey located in the commune of Marmagne, near Montbard, in the département of Côte-d'Or in France. It was founded by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux." ClairVAUX?? Isn't that the Laevillus bloodline? In fact, while French Clairs share the Clement/Clermonts Chief, there is a Clermont surname sharing keys with Clavers and Claviere's. The latter show two hands like when a hawk / falcon comes to perch upon one, but the description page below tells that they use keys as an alternative symbol. There you have the line from Glaphyra of Cappadocia (her fathers ruled a religious cult of stupids) linking to Clermont-Ferrand's Lyon line from the Vatican cult of stupids. I wonder whether they wore red, satin underwear already.

The gay orgy was at the apartment of one Mr. Capozzi, and the key symbol is used by Italian Chiava's/Chiapponi's. Plants/Planque's use cabbages while the Cabbage surname was first found in the same place as Quince's, suspect with Quintus Caepio, ancestor of the JUNia Caepionis'. Recall the scallops of Larins/Laurens and Apps', used also by Capess' (same place as English Plants/Plantagenets). The latter's Shield-and-Chief color combination is that of French Jeune's, and English Jeune's were first found in the same place as Capone's, not to remention the Pont-loving Chapmans.

Quintus Caepio predated the first Herod by one or two generations, and he, as a Roman general in war, found and stole a massive treasure of gold and silver bars at Toulouse, across the Garonne river from Comminges, which can explain why Herod Antipas went to live at Comminges. At the time, Comminges was named, Lugdunum, as was Lyon up by Vienne-Isere. The latter is near Orange, where Quintus Caepio was forced into war the year after he stole the treasure. Herods had so much gold they were lavishing the Jerusalem temple with it.

My theory is that Caepio's named Caiaphas, and that Herods got some of the gold when Caiaphas did. With Caiaphas looking rich, it can explain why the hand of the high priest's daughter was offered to him in marriage. There could be acorns on the "oak branch" in the Capes Chief.

The Fontenay abbey above is not in Normandy. This abbey is said to be of Cluny elements, evoking the Cluns that use the Saluzzo Coat. The Fasts are suspect with Vasto's of Saluzzo. The Fasts came back to topic as per the Lutt quadrants, and Lutts use both the Massin and Sforza lions while Massino-Visconti was named partly by Massins, I gather, and while it's known that Visconti titles went to Sforza's. So, as we saw that Marmion was also "MarMILON, suspect with Milan, where the first Visconti's ruled, so I gather that "Tesson" was from the Tessin river near Milan. Again, Italian Conte's share the giant, Milan/Millen lion. The Fontenay-le-Marmion of Ralph Tesson is in Calvados, though there is another Fontenay on Manche, where we find the Contentin suspect with Conte liners.

Below is an article of the baron of Marmion, who used a Shield of blue vair fur, a symbol in the Chief of Quints (same place as Youngs), and it just so happens that the Sforza lion holds a quince, no guff. The first Visconti ruler of Milan was Ottone, and Ottone's share the tall chevron of French Chappes' (share Moor head with Stirlings) while Scottish Chappes' were first found in the same place (Stirling) as Vis-like Wisharts/Guiscards. It looks like Quintus Caepio is all over Marmion. The article mentions Ralph Taisson, son of Ralph Tesson from Anjou. In the article below: "In 1140 King Stephen left Robert Marmion of Fontenay in charge of defending Falaise Castle from Geoffrey of Anjou." That's Geoffrey Fulk, the first Plantagenet, and he, at his Wikipedia article has gold-on-blue lions upon his Shield, the Fast / Sforza symbol too. Reminder: Fasts are expected with the Montferrat branch of Vasto, and Fers/Ferrats share a Shield of checks with Vairs/Fers' honored in the Marmion vair fur.

Reminder: Tessons/Tysons are the ones with the Lyon / Lannoy lion in colors reversed, and Tye's/Tease's are probably using the star of Annas' (same place as Tye's/Tease's) while Caiaphas married the daughter of Annas. "Due to similarities between the coats of arms of the Taisson and Marmion families there is some speculation that they were related."

I've just learned in the above article that duke Robert of Normandy, who was over Marmion, was buried at Polesworth of Warwickshire. It is said that king Maccus was from the Normandy vikings of this duke Robert, and moreover Guiscards are said to be from the same. Maccus' grandfather, and thus Harald's father (Sitric), is said to have married Edith of Polesworth, and it just so happens that Polworths share three piles with Guiscards (both colors). While Anjou is at Angers, a river Anker runes through Polesworth. One of two Anker surnames is Annas-like "Annacker" too. The other Ankers are Inksters, first found in SHETland, which recalls the Anjou link to Sheds / Sheets'.

Ankers/Inksters use the Hamilton motto, "Through," perhaps code for the True's (Warwickshire, same as Polesworth) that share the feathered helmet with Lannoys. To put it another way, Tesson/Tysons use the same lion as Hume's while Hume's use a "True" motto term. The Anker/Inkster and Hamilton Crests both use a tree, and True's are also Tree's. Inger the Varangian is coming to mind, and Ingers are also Enders while Hume's use, "True to the END." Hamiltons were first found in the same place as Polworth-suspect Pollocks, the latter being in Herod/Harald colors. German Enders/EndePOELs could thus be using the star of Herod-related Lure's. It was emailer Pollock that introduced the Lannoys to me, many thanks.

We can glean that a line from Herod Archelaus was connected to the Maccus bloodline in naming Harald, son of Sitric. Sitters use pale bars in Herod/Harald colors. It appears that Herods named Heralds. One of the first Varangians was Inger, a contemporary with Rurik of Wieringen, brother of another Harald. "True TO THE end" has been deciphered tentatively as part-code for Tooths (Capes colors), first found in the same place as Plantagenets and Capes'. Tooths use feathers, and link easily to Feathers/Fedders, whom, I assume were not originally Feathers until they wanted to honor the feathers on the coin of Herod Archelaus.

Tooths use a "palman" motto term while Palmans/Pelhams use a "amore patria" motto phrase...for Antipatria > Herod liners, right? It's another reason that Hume's can link to Lyons and feather-using Lannoys. Tooths share "perseverantia" with Bernice's, suspect with Bernice Agrippa, a Herod. Tooths use a GRIFFin while Griffins are suspect with "AGRIPPa." Bernice's share "Vincit" with Palmans, tending to clinch the Tooth relationship with Bernice's. Burns, who share the Bernice hunting horn, are said to have had a location in the same place as Pollocks and "Through"-using Hamiltons.

Hamiltons use "A green tree with a SAW cutting through it." Sawers (same place as Fulke's, etc) use a TROUveras" motto term, making it appear that Sawyers are in code with Hamiltons. Capes' and Kirks share the white-on-red sword in saltire with another item, and there are two swords in these colors in the Gumm Chief. Kirks are suspect in the Sawer motto. Sawers were suspect with German Sauers sharing the lion of Russells, and Russells use the motto, Que sara sara" while Fulks use "Qui sera sera." "Qui" and "vincit" is used by English Shaws, and Sauers are said to be from the Shaw-like Sava river. The "QUI"-using Shaws are also Sheaves', as are the KEY-using Chiava's/Chiapponi's mentioned earlier with the Claver = Glaphyra discussion.

German Gumms can be using the black Kopple rooster for a trace to Koplik, for this place is a couple of miles from Dober while Jewish Pollocks share the Dober / Doberman bend. Moreover, there is another helmet in the Coat of Dobys ("magno" motto term, we get it), first found in the same place as Pollocks. Plocks are said to be of the Plunkets, and "Pollock/Polk" is even like "Fulk." It seems clear enough that Plancia-Magna lines went through the Fulks and Plantagenets / Planque's to Renfrewshire, where Speers were first found that are in the spear of the Fulke Crest.

Inger the Varangian married Melissena Rangabe, whom I've deciphered as mythical Melusine of Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg. He said that she birthed a son, Milo de Vere, the first count of Anjou ahead of the first Fulk of Anjou. Reminder: the barons Marmion out of Anjou use Vere-related vair fur. Milo de Vere was likely fictional, but Nicholas was hinting at some real Vere blood in the Plantagenet picture, which, I assume, he couldn't prove to the world without giving away from Illuminati secrets. Vere's and related Fiers were from Fier county at the end of the Apsus river, which area included Kuman, the reason that Comminges-suspect Comyns use the dagger. We expect Antipatria > Herod liners in Anjou, don't we?

Kuman-like Humans (listed with Yeomans) use the Fulk spear broken, and are in Dragon/Drainer and Pence/Penn / Pendragon colors. I trace Dragons/DRAINers to proto-Pendragons on the DRIN river, near Antipatria (shown on map below), flowing in the land of the Cavii and Penestae. Humans use "spear cronels," suspect in multiple ways with the Lazi Colchians from Corinth, and Scottish Crone's (Argyllshire) use a Shield filled with red-and-gold lozenges. However, Cronels may be code for Cronleys, suspect with a version of the Kirk Coat. Heraldry has at least one "human HEART" (in the Peek/Peak Crest) that can be suspect with "HEROD," and, perhaps we can now trace to Herod liners out of Kuman. While "Herod" can morph to "Herod," note that Grode's use a trefoil for connection to Henry of Rodez. Gross' share the same fesse of Dragons/Drainers. Hmm, by what coincidence do Gards share the hawk's lure with Herods/Haralds??? German Gumms are also Gomers and Gumens/Gommens. Reminder: Gumm-like and Tooth-suspect Hume's/Humms are Herod liners.

I claimed that God allowed me to have a bump (fistula) on my gum due to an infected tooth. I pray and pray about it, and try to stay off of sugar, but, while much healed over the past year, it's still slightly infected. If I'm correct that God provided this to make me stress the Tooth relationship to Gumms, then it must be important to Him.

Aha! Peeks can be Beeks, and Beeks are suspect with the HUMBER bars. The Beeks (share ostrich theme with Poland's TRABy) use the three bars that are the Arms of TREBizond Empire, and that thing was founded by Mr. KOMNenos!!! And Peeks are the ones with the human heart. Komnenos lived roughly at the time to Lugdunum (at Toulouse) was renamed, Comminges. Whatever they say about the origin of "Comminges," it could be smoke and mirrors.

This is the first I've thought to see a Kuman-Human connection, and Kirks can trace with the Annas'/Arniss' to ancient Arnissa, to the near-north of Kuman. Arnissa is where you see EPIDAMNIA on the left side of then map below. Repeat: "Capes' and Kirks share the white-on-red sword in saltire with another item, and there are two swords in these colors in the Gumm Chief" I had no idea when writing this that "Gumm" might be a Kuman branch. I'm not at all convinced, but I'm looking at it. Should we expect Gomers Cimmerians at Kuman? The Yeoman/Yoeman variation of Humans can easily form "Goman." An Arnissa link to Kuman elements can explain the anchor of Avis'/Avisons, if Anchors/Annackers were Annas liners. In fact, the Avis write-up traces a member to Holme of Norfolk, and while Comyns were first found in Norfolk, Holme's can be expected with the Home variation of Hume's.

As Komnenos was a Byzantine along with Inger's wife (Melissena), I'm starting to get the impression that the blue Comyn / Avis Shield is that of Ingers/ENDers. The Avis anchor (held by a dexter hand) can then be for the blue-shielded Ankers/INKsters (true-like "THOROUGH"). Anchors/Annackers use lozenges in the colors of the same of Crone's that could be of the Human cronels. Again, I trace mythical Melusine's mother (Pristina) to Lusatia's Spree river, origin of the Speers and therefore connectable to the spear cronels.

The above tends to trace Ingers/Enders to Anjou, and so I'd like to say that German Gumms could be using the Orange hunting horn in colors reversed, for "Orange" is suspect with "RANGabe." The Brays use a flax breaker for the Fulk-like Flacks, and Breakers/Brecks share the gold hunting horn with Gumms, though Breakers use it in full colors reversed from the same of the Orange surname. Orange is suspect with Orne, for Orne's are also Horns, we get it. But, we may ask, what named the hunting theme of the International Order of the Hubertus stupids? The hunting horn needs to be code for something besides Orne and Orange elements. Orne is a river at Caen within the Bessin, and between the two Fontenay locations of Normandy. Caens share fretty (lattice) with the barons Marmion of Fontenay, and, as I said, Comyn/Comines (Artois) was ruled by Font elements. The La Fonts are in the Scottish-Kennedy motto along with the Avise's/Avisons (named Avesnes) that use the Comyn Coat (same place as Chads).

By the way, Italian Milans use the tree stump while the Stump surname (griffins) looks like it's a merger with Tooks/Touque's, important because Fontenay is near or at the Touques river.

So, with Koplik going by the alternative name, Cupionich," like Caepionis, and with Quintus Caepio fighting a war (he lost) at Orange, one might suspect that some Caepio treasure wormed through Plancia's family to Fulks, perhaps explaining why Fulk V of Anjou was king of Templar Jerusalem.

Now that we have helmet-loving Dobys tracing to Plancia Magna's Herod line, we can mention the Doby motto term, "miNIMA," for Nimo's are beloved by helmet-using Poindexters...from the Dexaroi of Antipatria, right?

Drakenberg-suspect Drake's use a wyVERN dragon suspect as code partly for Varni (same area as Pomeranian Griffins) that I see in naming Varangians. Hence, a Varni trace to Inger and Melissena. The Varn surname uses the same bend as Agrippa-like Gripps/Grape's and Shakespeare's, and the double-ended Shakespeare spear is in the Fulke Crest. This effectively reveals that Speers of Renfrewshire were a Shakespeare branch, and Shake's happen to use mole HILLS (not moles alone) while Eschyna de MOLLE was the mother-in-law of the second Pollock, Robert. As the Polish Mieszko's were related to the Pomeranian Griffins, we can spot that the dukes of Masovia (mouse-tards) were at Anjou as the Drake's or proto-Drake's.

Probably not by coincidence, emailer Pollock married Mr. Speer, who was murdered. It's like God is telling us something, for she suspected Illuminati elements in the murder. When God does anything for this revelation, it usually has deep and multiple things for the gleaning. I suggest that, because the other side of the Herod-Archelaus coin had a GRAPE vine, the Agrippa's also became the Grape surname. Pomeranian Deeters/Teeters use grape's, and Teet-like Tate's share a six-sectioned Shield with Wheelwrights while the mouse-tower Piasts that included Mieszko's primarily were given the myth code, Piast the Wheelwright. Plus, Tate-like Tattons share the crescents of Speers and Sprees, from the Spree river at the southwestern border of Poland.

As Speers share the boar heads of Roets, note that the rider on the bike took off down the Roet-like road, for the Road surname uses a giant eagle ("displayed on its side") in both colors of the Piast eagle. The Road eagle -- which has it's feet toward the left of the Shield = Mucianus code -- is in the colors of the Tooth griffin and the Rasmussen unicorn. Remember, the Assmann variation of Rasmussens named Assmannshausen, at Roet-likely RUEDesheim. If you recall, Rasmussens use a left-rising bend that's also the Pepin bend while, in the mouse-tower myth, Piast the Wheelwright had Popiel killed (eaten by mouse inside the tower) in order to rule the mouse-tower area (Goplo, from Koplik), himself. Mieszko I was the first-known Piast ruler, and he married DOBRawa, a name like the Dober location beside Koplik. Now you know Mieszko origins better than the bigoted historians i.e. who don't like me because I'm Christian-crazy.

The Road eagle on its side must be code for the Sitric line to Side's/Sudys, whose tiger in Crest has been traced to Tigranes Herod-Maccabee, a grandson (I think) of Glaphyra Archelaus and Julius Alexander Herod-Maccabee. Reminder: SITRic-suspect Sitters/SIDEwells use a left-rising bend as well as roosters in the colors of the Koplik rooster. You see, the Herod-suspect line of Sitric > Harald > Maccus was linked to Mieszko mouse-tards. That can explain why Sitric married Edith of Polesworth. This location in Warwickshire traces with the naming of Warwick to Warsaw, the Masovia capital that happens to use Melusine holding a sword. Moreover, Warwickshire is either in or near the Gewisse area of Saxons, which I traced many years ago to the Kwisa river of Lusatia, near the Spree river of Lusatia. This place is "LUZICa" to Germans, like "LUSIGnan" of France, and the latter city is known to be the haunt of mythical Melusine.

The two Lusatian rivers above were near or at the first SITlers...who share the lion of Sutys, in both colors of the Side/Sudy lion too. If you live in Poland, you might do well to get as far as needed to avoid a nuclear attack. The Americans are assuring this attack by spurring Poles against Russia. Poles moved into Pomerania, a region also called, Polabia. Trumps were first found in Polabia. Mr. Trump loves Poles doesn't he? Yes, and he has no idea what God has planned for Europe, the tart. The former Polish prime minister (Donald Tusk) now rules the EU tart, and, says Wikipedia, Mr. Tusk descends from Polabia.

The Road write-up traced to Roderus of Pomerania, in Rostock, in 1282. Rostock is on the Warnow river, named by the Varni.

Tusk and Trump both got Donald as first names, and MacDonalds share the red Ferte eagle. The MacDonalds were pirates in Argyllshire (where Herods/Haralds were first found), and probably merged with Harald and Maccus, sinners. What really were MACdonalds named after? By what coincidence is the Macey homeland called, Ferte-MACE? See the Ferte eagle and a buckle with the Argyllshire Macie's (said to be from "John" but ignore the family historians, because they don't know their heraldry well enough). By the looks of the Macie variations, it appears evident that Maceys of Ferte-Mace merged with Kane's, and it just so happens that Ferte-Mace is near the source of the Orne river down to Caen. This gives indication as to what Maccus traces to. It's possible that Harald's wife was a Macey, and that this woman first introduced Macey elements into the Scottish Isles.

The Macie/MacKane buckle is in both colors of the Scottish Dunn buckles, yet Dunns (key) make their buckles face left. That suggests Dunham-Masci. These Dunns use a "MECum" motto term. Irish Dunns share the lizard with Orne-possible Organs / Corrigans (Sitter colors). In this picture, the trefoil of Organs can be that of Sitlers. The giant Ferte eagle is colors reversed from the same of Vienne's, suggesting a Herod line from Vienne-Isere.

Somehow, the Piast mouse-tards got to Ferte-Mace, I can see it at every investigative turn. Macie's/MacKane's link clearly to Cheshire's Mere's / DeMere's and the Buckleys / Buckle's who love them in their motto. For those who don't know, Maccus had talks with Saxons in Cheshire. The Polesdons of Cheshire use stars in colors reversed from the Hamon stars, making Polesdons suspect with Edith of Polesworth. The Buckley bull head is likely that of McLeods (= mother trunk of Herods / Haralds).

Repeat: "McLeods/Lutts use the motto, "HOLD FAST," part-code for Olt-river elements, I gather." Holdens (kin of Allers) happen to use red, beakless eagles, called allerions. Ferte's use the red eagle. Beaks are using the three Haught bars in colors reversed, and Haughts share the white bull head of McLeods and Buckleys. The Holden motto is exactly that of Buckleys. In colors reversed, the Holden eagle is the Piast eagle.

This is a good place to add that griffin-like Grieve's/Greve's/Grave's (Derbyshire) use a left-rising split, the giant Vienne eagle in one half, and the giant Luton eagle in the other half, making Luton (Bedfordshire) suspect as a Lutt liner. In colors reversed, the giant Luton eagle (Herod/Harald colors) is green Henry eagle. So, there you have evidence that Greve's are Agrippa-Herod liners. French Greve's/Graves' were first found in Rodez country. The Tooths use the griffin, and with the Hume's/Humms now suspect with Gumms, and therefore with a Kuman line to Comyns, note that Comyns use the motto, "Courage," while a Courage surname (Essex, beside the first Comyns, are said to have named "Cowridge END" in Luton! The Hume motto: "True TO THE END". Aha! It's of the "spear cronels" of Humans, for English Crone's use the three Courage fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. It thus appears that Humans were Kuman liners to Artois (depicted by the heart?) and Cimmerian-infested Wales (haunt of king-Arthur dragons). Compare these Crone's to Vaughns, and Vaughns to Humans and Pendragons.

Holders (not Holdens) happen to use more griffins, and the griffin-using Bickle's (Varn colors) might apply to the Mieszko-Griffin partnership. Irish Griffins use a "velis" motto term while Velis'/Veils (Side eagles?) use bendlets in the colors of the Varn bend. Velis' share the black Teague/Teeger crosslets, and Teague's share the perchevron of Tooks/Touque's who in-turn use a Coat like that of Bickle's.

The red eagle was owned by Baden's Zahringers, and they linked hard (a few months ago) to Casimir of Poland, who married the Kiev Varangians. The Casimir surname shares the red antler with Spree-Neisse in Lusatia, and with Varangian-suspect Veringers, the kin of Zahringers. The red-eagle Holdens use "Nec" twice in their motto, and Baden has a Neckar river. Can you see here why the ROAD eagle can apply to the Zahringer eagle? Just look at the RODham motto, and you'll see it.

Although there is no Tusk surname, Tuschs (Bavaria) are in Varn colors. Griffins use a motto, "Ne VILE Velis," indicating that Vile's are a branch of Veils/Vails (Tusch colors). Tuschs use "A man's BUST in proFILE, dressed in black, WEARING a black pointed cap turned up gold." File's are listed with Vile's. It just so happens that Varns (falcon) share "Ne" with Griffins.

What's the Tusch bust for? Recall that the Franconian Rake is suspect with Richeza, wife of Mieszko II, for German Busts use what looks like the Franconian Rake. Scottish Busts happen to use a version of the Vile/File Coat. Note that "wearing" is like "Wieringen," the earliest-known Varangi term. Trunks were first found in Franconia, and elephant trunks can go with elephant tusks, yet I can't recall one surname using tusks.

Recall the Breakers/Brecks using the Orange hunting horn in colors reversed, and how that discussion was linkable to Vere-beloved Inger the Varangian, for Wearings/Warings (Warsaw liners?) use the same horns as Breakers. The Wearing Crest is a red dragon, the color of the Drake / Masovia dragon, and Warsaw is the Masovia capital that uses Melusine in its Arms, the dragon woman that had her snake tail replaced by a fish tail. Wearings were first found in the same place (Devon) as Were's/Wears; the latter share croziers with Kirks (and cronel-like Cronleys) while Wearings have a dragon on two "circles"...while the Circle surname (Silesia = Poland) is also the KIRCHner surname. Roddens, the bloodline that invented Star Trek with its captain Kirk, share "nec" twice with Holdens. It tends to trace Kirks liners to Veringers on the Neckar.

This Crozier Coat is essentially the Arms of Clermont-Ferrand (ignore the red cross and view the gold one underneath it), whose rulers (Artemia and Rusticus) were ancestral to MUMmolin, and Kirks bury "mum" twice in their motto. French Croziers were first found in Auvergne, location of Clermont-Ferrand. Artemia is suspect with the naming of mythical Artemis. Plancia Magna and her mother were high priestesses of Artemia in Perga, which recalls my proposed old trace of Walkers ("magna" motto term) to Komnenos. I trace "Artemis" to THEMIScyra, near Trabzon (same as Trebizond).

Repeat: "The David / Davis Coat compares well with the Rodden/Rodham Coat, part of Road elements, we may glean." The Roddens share cinqueFOILS on a bend with the Busts having a reflection of the FILE Coat, and while Busts can be gleaned as Busca liners, Bosco's are in the Rose write-up, important because Foils use a giant rose. I always trace trefoils, quatrefoils, cinquefoils to RoqueFEUIIL, and as that place married Henry RODez, it appears a good bet that Roddens were from that marriage. The Road eagle could be the Zahringer eagle in colors reversed.

All of this checks out if I was correct to trace the first Varangians to France's Redones/Ruthenes. If I now need a Redone merger with the ancient Varni (at least 700 years before the first-known Varangians), let's repeat: "The Road write-up traced to Roderus of Pomerania, in Rostock, in 1282. Rostock is on the Warnow river, named by the Varni." Yes, but this was well after the first Varangians (about 850 AD). Yes, but it can give clue that Redones were way up in original-Saxon country, where Varni operated. In fact, Varni were in southern Denmark, where Dane's arose, and Lindos on the Greek island of Rhodes was home to Danaans, according to myths. Lincolnshire, where Rhodes' were stacked heavily, was once called, "Lindsey," an obvious line from Lindos.

And the BEAKless Holden eagles are code for Beaks, who share the three fesses of Humbers, relevant because Lincolnshire is at the Humber-river area. And Humber/Umbers are expected from Cimbri of Denmark, and from that we glean the Cimmerians/Gamiri of Kamiros, another city of the island of Rhodes. The writers of Wikipedia's Cimbri article don't even mention Rhodes, shame.

Cambridge may have been named by Cambrians in spite of its Cam river making it appear that the place was named after a bridge on the river. "Cam" may have been short for Cambrians. The Lindseys (same place as swan-using Swans/Sine's/Sions) share the swan with the Cambridge's, which can suggest that Cambridge was settled by Kamiros' Cimmerians. The Cam surname comes up as Gamira-like "Gamer." The Kamer/Cammer surname (share red lion with Russells and Rhodes') is interesting for using a version of the Deck/Decker/Dagger Coat. The English Daggers (share gold scallops with Varns) were first found in CUMBERland, no guff, and they share "forte" with Lindseys. The latter use "Endure forte" as possible code for Enders/Ingers.

bull Cams/Gamers (French-Acre colors) use exactly the six pale bars of English Babels, and that looks like the queen-Bebba Bernicians, from the Bernice's and Burns, both first found in Cumberland. This recalls that the Acre's, a branch of Daggers, use the same fleur-de-lys of the Cambridge June's. How's all this stacking up in your head??? Is there a Caepio link to Herod-suspect Rhodes liners? Were Cimmerians at Antipatria? Babels were first found in the same place as Fiers and Apps', and Fier county is downstream on the Apsus from Antipatria. Historians, you owe me. It may take years for Christians to get used to a Herod trace to Antipatria, but it will come because this is absolutely correct. On the other hand, who cares?

German Babels share a two-tailed Melusine (same woman as in the Warsaw Arms) with Walsers, the latter from Wallis/Valais canton, location of Sion. That's of the Sion surname with the Cambridge swans, right?

The Agrippa-suspect Graves'/Greve's, first found in Redone country (Languedoc), use six horizontal bars in the colors of the six of Cams and Babels.

Next, we visit the Aitons of Berwickshire = Bernicia. They use a reflection of the Cumber/Comberford/Camelford Coat, and both uses roses while Rhodes is suspect with Rose liners. Cumbers/Camelfords share the peacock with Comerfords/Comforts. So, if Bernice's and Bernicians were named after Berenice Agrippa, or even after Berenicianus, brother of Julius Alexander Herod-Maccabee, there is cause to see "Herod" from a Rhodes line, especially as Rhodes is offshore from Caria, birthplace of HERODotus (predated Herods of Israel). The Peacock surname uses a "fear" motto term, and, can you believe it, Fears are listed with Fiers.

Compare Comforts (Mullet kin) with GRAPE-using Deeters/Teeters. In colors reversed, the Deeter dog is in the Damory/Amori Crest (Laevillus liner, right?), and, in the Damory Coat, almost the wavy bars of Chalkers.

The Rodhams share a white-on-red fesse with Chaucers, first found in the same place as Comerfords/Comforts . The latter use the talbot dog (in the white of the Amore talbot) as some indication of links to Tailbois' of Lincolnshire = Lindsey. Chaucers and swan-using Chalkers (both first found in Kent) are suspect with Herod of CHALCis (Syria), who, if I recall correctly, was the husband of Berenice Agrippa. The sister of Catherine ROET married a Mr. Chaucer, no kidding at all. And the Swans/Sions once showed the gauntlet glove, code for John of Gaunt, Catherine Roet's husband.

You Can't Argue with the Facts

Something just dawned on me: Olivers can be from "Olba," the area of Cetis where the Kennati priests operated. The Arms of Carrick used a red-on-white chevron, and sometimes they add black fitchee crosses. That's all in the Kennedy Coat, and Scottish Olivers use two chevrons in those colors. Hmm. In the past, Olivers were regarded as Leaf/Leve = Levi liners, and can therefore trace from Laevillus, especially as Scottish Olivers were first found in the same place as Scottish Leavells. Big Hmm. These Olivers tend to reveal that their "Ad" motto term, and that of others, is code for Aids in the Levi motto.

I can glean that the double Oliver chevrons belong to Larins/Clarens, for French Larins share the Capes scallops, and Capes' were first found beside the Cambridge Chapmans, the latter using a "Crescit" motto term that squares with the "cresco" of Olivers. These terms could have to do with the Crestiens in the Levi motto. Chapmans use a PERCHEvron (solid chevron) in the colors of the Oliver chevrons, but then the Perche's use two of them too, in the same colors again. And the Maine's likewise use two of them while Maine in France is beside Perche. Then, the French Joseph's, first found in Maine, and suspect with Joseph Caiaphas, share the black martlet with the Scottish-Oliver Chief. Amazing history, is it not? The English Olivers share an armored arm in Crest with Chapmans.

Reminder: Carricks are from the Charax middle name of PROCulus, Laevillus' son. And the Joseph martlet (once showed as a swan in both colors of the CHAPlet swans) is in the colors of the PROCtor nails. Proctors (Jeune colors) were first found in Cambridge along with Chapmans and Jeune's. They say Proctor and Gamble was/is an Illuminati entity. One could venture to guess that Illuminatists, from the line of Caiaphas, had a lot of fun with the theme of three Jesus' body. "PROCT" smacks of "BROGITarus."

Recall how "Gard" started to look like a variation of "Herod / Herod," for Gards use the Proctor motto.

The Proctor Crest shares the red martlet with French Alans and Birds. French Gores/JORE's (see "TouJOURs" in the Proctor and Young mottoes), who use a version of the French Alan Coat, share greyhound heads with Olive's (same place as Quince's and Levi-suspect Cabbage's). English Gore's were first found in the same place (Essex) as Laevillus-liner Youngs ("Toujours jeune"), Caepionis-liner Quints, and Colchester. Quints use the chevron and colors of Colchesters (probably the Young lion in Crest), and the Arms of COLchester have three nails too. The Cole's (same place as English Olivers) share the black bull (Proctor / Levi colors) with neighboring Walerans.

Scottish Youngs and Leavells use three black piles (almost look like nails), the color of the three Proctor nails. Colchesters, first found in the same place as same-colored English Leavells, share the red estoiles with Neils, revealing that the Colchester nails are code for Neils. The latter's Nihill variation is in the motto of the Essex Vere's. Chapmans have their arm holding a lance on the point, and Points use three piles that, in colors reversed, would be black. The Point piles are also gold fitchees, the color of the Quint fitchee.

The Kennedy / Oliver chevron can be linked to the same of Maynards, first found in the same place as same-colored Love's/Luffs. Maynards were looked up as per the Minard variation of Mynetts, and the latter use three helmets in colors reversed from the same of Irish Kennedys/MINaghs. I can glean that Maynards are using the Eustace stag, for I recall linking Eustace's to a surname that uses hands, and Maynards do use them. Eustace II was linked to Comines (French-Belgium border), and the Comines surname shares the Coat of Kennedy-beloved Avise's, both sharing the garbs in the Chief of English Josephs.

Mynetts are expected from "Amyntes," son of Brogitarus. I routinely link the Kennedy helmet to that of Pendragons, and while the latter are mythically the ancestry of Arthurs, Comines and Eustace II are Artois elements, and, moreover, Arthurs were first found in the same place as ARTEMs/Aitons (and Aids) while ARTEMidoros was a son of Amyntes. That's what the Arthurian cult is much about.

The Comyn Coat is a version of the Garb/Garp Coat, and Garveys once again use two red-on-white chevrons. One Harvey Coat (same place as Levi's) is a version of the Garb/Garp Coat, and the other Harveys were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Comyns.

Denbighshire, where Laevillus-suspect Glue's were first found, has a Commins location, and is where Bachs were first found who share the blue vair of Quints. Glue's share the mascles of Spinks, first found in the same place as mascle-using Quince's. Spinks share "Fidelis" with Proctors.

As Gards use the Proctor motto, the Gore's came to mind here, which recalled that I looked up Gormans earlier in this update. One Gorman Coat turned out to be a reflection of the Glue Coat, and English Gormans share the three red-on-white fesses of Fullers, looking much like the six red-and-white pale bars (can be of Carpenters and Belli's, and, besides, the Irish Gormans use "bello," like the "belli" of Carpenters and Belli's. The Fullers share the beacon with one Belli surname, you see, and it turns out that the gold Gore crosslets are in the Carpenter chevron. Therefore, the carpenter glue touches upon Gore liners. After saying all that, I tried for a Garman surname (Essex, same as Gore's), and it came out with a wavy form of the six Carpenter / Belli pale bars. Compare with the wavy Damory / Amore bars, but as I link the latter's bars to the near-same of wolf-line Leavells, note that the Leavell bars are red-and-gold, as are the eight of Gowers/Gore's (share white wolf with Gore's).

The Gower/Gore motto is a reversed version of the Monan motto, and Monans are traceable to a Dardanian king (Monunius) who married the Ardiaei Illyrians, both of whom were found ancestral to the Hasmoneans = Maccabees proper of Israel. Of interest is that while Dardanians traced well to Darts, Pollocks use the dart (usually called an arrow, symbol of the Artois Arrows/Arras'), and are expected with ancestry in Fullers. The Fuller motto is expected with Futters that use a dog head much like the one in the Glue Coat. The Wheels/Weals (share boar in Crest with Pollocks and Beacons), which I assume as part of the glue-bearing there, share an ermined-white fesse with Darts, and Wheels were first found in Salop along with the Fuller-suspect father (Fulbert) of Pollocks. It's where the Alan-Stewarts lived that were first found in the same place as Darts and Weal-like Walerans (i.e. expected with Glue's), and I now trace the Sleeps of Sleep-like Salop to the Selepitanoi Illyrians on the south side of the Ardiaei.

While Pollocks are in the colors of the Belgian Flecks (Artois is on the Belgian border), English Flecks, expected in the "flectes" motto term of Monans and Gowers/Gore's, use fesses in colors reversed from the Wheel fesse. Selepitanoi were at Bar, which I always trace to Bar-le-Duc. The Dol origin of the Pollock-Alan alliance behooves a mention of the Dol-surname whale, in the colors of the Carpen fish. That surname is new to me, and it was first found in Pomerania, beside the first-known Dols of Mecklenburg. Note that the Dols share a white fesse with Wheels/Weals.

When we go to Wheelers/Whalers, we find Pollock colors and a "jure" motto term that should be for French Gore's/Jore's. The latter use greyhound heads, and while the Glue greyhound head doesn't look like a greyhound, that's what it's called at the descriptions webpage below. If the Glue greyhound doubles as a talbot, it's in the colors of the talbot in the Pomeranian Deeters/Teeters. As same-colored Trumps/Tromps were first found in Pomerania and Mecklenburg, let's add that the Trompia valley is on the west side of lake GARDa, and that Gards use griffins applicable to the Pomeranian Griffins.

Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine, and Lorraine's share the green-on-gold lions of Wheelers/Whalers. The way to explain the Glue greyhound, besides Glue connection to Gore-liner Gormans, is by way of the Greys, who use the Stiver/STURTifant lion (i.e. Stewart suspects), while Futters use a "maSTIFF" dog that can be part code for Stiver / Stive liners. The Futter / Glue dog is a talbot, usually, and I see the Talbot Coat as a colors-reversed version of the Grey Coat, and then Scodra-suspect Scotts use two forms of two Talbot Coats. Bar and the Selepitanoi were at lake Scodra, which takes in the waters of the CLAUSULa river. "Grey" just indicated that I should check for a Gory surname, and there is one, from Skye and Lewis (same as McLeods/Lutts), though showing no Coat. Reminder: Dutch Tromps share acorns with Clauds/CLAUSELs.

As Gore's are also Core's, the Corys (Kilpatrick Coat?), said to be from Mr. CARi, are interesting for being first found in the same place as CARpenters (same crosslets as Gore's/Core's). Were Carpenters a Carys / Carrs merged with Panters? Castle Cary is in the Leavell write-up, after all. Currys/Corrys can be with the saltire of Gosptaricks (same place as Greys and Stive's), who ought to be Antipatria liners too. The Trump/Tromp stag was found in an Arms of Waterford, and Corrys/Currys (and Corrans) were first found at Waterford.

Aha. Panters use HELMets linkable to Holms and therefore to Hume's/Home's.

Again, acorns are code for Avaran Hachorani Maccabee, a Hasmonean. In all the years that I sought Hasmoneans in Has and Mon terms, I was tracing them to modern Has to the near-south of the Clausula. Has is on the northern-most Drin river, in Cavii territory, and this river is beside the Mathis that became suspect with Mattathias (Matthew), the first-known Hasmonean (about 200 BC). Years later, I came across MONunius I of Dardania, and Dardanians were not only well within reach of a river flowing south to Has, but Monunius lived in about 300 BC, leaving time for forming Hasmoneans in Israel by 200 BC. The way to trace Dardanians to Maccabees proper is through the Macedonian line of king Antipater (about 300 BC) to Cappadocia.

Be Amazed

We can be sure that Dardanians were from the Dardanus Trojans, who married the Batia-line TOGARmites, in my opinion, for mythical Batia (Bat Colchians?) was a daughter of TEUCER. I didn't realize until the moment of writing the last sentence that SCAMander, Teucer's father, must have been part-code for SHECHEMites. I kid you not, I introduced this paragraph solely to get into the Shechemites, a Biblical peoples allied to the Kenites (pagans) whom Moses married, and whom I trace to the Kennati, for Josephus called them, Kenetides. The Biblical Togarmah was a son of Gomer, and, I kid you not, I opened this paragraph in order to repeat my trace of "Gomer" to "QUMRan" (shores of Israel's Dead sea), and to suggest that Shechemites may have been ancestral to the Essenes of Qumran. There were Essenes also at Israel's mount CARmel. The reason that Shechemites came to mind is that I loaded the Gorhams (HERTfordshire, same place as a Fuller branch) to find SHACKle bolts. I had recalled the broken spear of Gomer-possible Humans, which brought SHAKEspeare's to mind that were traced to Shechemites by way of the CUNNingham SHAKEfork.

That is, Cunninghams, first found in the same place as Kennedys (and Forkers), were themselves suspect as Kenites, making their shakefork suspect with Shechemites. I was convinced. Shake's put a hare in Crest while Hare's (Harcourt branch) were first found in Ayrshire, same as Cunninghams and Kennedys, and this recalls the coney rabbits of Cunn-like Conns / Conys. After these things clinched the existence of SHECHEMite lines, I found a SCHIMitari location in Boiotia, suggesting that the heraldic scimitar was its code, which Kennedys happen to use.

If you recall, Kuman was linked to Arnissa, and therefore to the Annas/Arniss surname suspect with Anchors/Annackers. These were suspect with the Anaki, a Biblical peoples (Amorites) in Israel's Hebron, and then the lozenge-using patents share the Coat of Schole's suspect with the Eschol valley in Hebron. Shackle's use "lozenges buckles" in the colors of the Anchor/Annacker lozenges. The Shackle fesse is that also of Gore's/Core's.

Gorhams use another griffin, and we can always assume the Pomeranian Griffins. The Bolts, one branch of which were first found in Mecklenburg, were trace to the Baltea river, home of the Arduinici, an Ardiaei line to Artois (= reliable trace). The other Bolts, who come up as "Balt," share the black griffin with both the Scodra-suspect Scotts and the Gards, which can suggest a lake-Garda merger with Baltea-river elements. The southern limit of the Ardiaei was at Scodra. Bolts/Balts were first found in the same place as molehill Shake's/Shakerleys.

The Shackle Crest is a poplar TREE, and there is a Poplar surname listed with Popiel-suspect Popleys. The Tree's/True's bring us to the motto of Hume's, long suspect as Qumran liners. Hummers bring up Humbers (another griffin). I have seen the Gorham shackle bolts as the Moray fetterlocks (this Moray Coat is no longer shown), and Fetters are suspect with Fedders/Feathers, whom I see in the feathers of Hume-suspect Tooths. Fetters and Gorhams both use a gold item between the same two wings, and, can you believe it, the giant Fetter sun is the giant Hesse sun, a surname from Germany's Hessen!!! The Essenes, apparently. I had no idea when starting that the Gorham shackle bolts would lead to Essenes suspects. Is that not amazing? The Hesse sun is, like the Fetter sun, between two wings. Jewish Hesse's, another griffin.

Irish Hessens use lozenges looking like the Brix / Brick lozenges, and Brescia is smack at the Trompia valley, all on the west of lake Garda. Recall the Kuman-like Humans, for their spear cronels had suggested the Crone's, one of which shares the fleur-de-lys of Bricks. Reminder: Comyns use the motto, "Courage," and "English Crone's use the three Courage fleur-de-lys in colors reversed" Human was off the Apsus river, and ancient Ephesus was Apasa to the Hatti. Amazons in the ancient city of Ephesus had an essenes bee / honey cult belonging to Artemis, and here we can find bees with the German Hummers/Hummels. The bees are upside-down, said to be "facing DOWNward," which recalls the Dunn padlocks, which happen to be with sinister-facing buckles in the colors of the Gorham lozenge buckles. The Downs/Douns use a stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head, and Dunhams/Downhams/Dounhams use a version of a Hare Coat (Harcourts were Danes). Dunns were first found in Angus, and as the Angus Chief has stars in the colors of the Annas/Arniss star, Angus may have been named by an Anaki line.

Angus is not far from Moray, and Amorites are expected in Moray-like terms. Moray is traced (by me) to the Mures river, and to the Khazars of Biharia, whom I trace to Biggars (same place as Swans/Sions). The Arms of Shetland uses a "byggar" term, and Shetland is where the Assi's were first found, now suspect with Hesse liners, for the Locks (swans) happen to use an "Assi" term buried in ther motto, and Morays didn't only love Hesse-related Fetters, by fetterLOCKS. How nicely that works. Lochs use the swan too, and were first found in Austria along with Hesse's (both use blue Shields). Link Locks to the cross of the Nairnshire (beside Moray) Rats (another anchor). The Arms of Shetland shares the raven with Tate's, and the latter are buried in the "ASSIduiTATE" motto term of Locks.

The Moray Coat showing fetterlocks had a motto, "Deum Time," which was resolved with good reason to be from Timna of Edom, the daughter-in-law of Esau. The Edomites were on the Dead sea, and they produced the mother of the first Herod...meaning that Herod Agrippa, suspect in all the griffins, can be included. In Greek, a griffin is a GRYPHon. Note that Graphs (Avis / Anker colors) share the black anchor with Avis' (who in-turn use the Comyn Coat).

We saw that Hessens look linked to Brix/Brest liners, but here the pierced stars of German Brix's can be traced to the same ones of Elgins, first found in Moray. Elginshire is at the Moray area. In my opinion, the three Brix/Brice/Bresson lozenges are a version of the three Pilate pheons because Mont Pilat is beside MontBRISON. Without going into it all again, I can see that the Brison branch of Brise's (Morayshire) love Justine of Picenum, beloved also by the Assi's. Justine links hard to the Sire's/Sirets, suspect with Seir, the Edomite land of Timna above. The Sire's/Sirets share three blue lozenges with Hessens, pretty amazing corroboration that Assi's apply. Justine's are related to the Wings/Winks (same place as Justine's), from Vinkovci, her husband's birthplace, and this should explain the wings of Fetters and Hesse's. Hesse is paired politically with neighboring Cassel, and one Cassel surname uses a version of the Kennedy Coat with motto included, with "Avise" as part of the motto.

If you care to look into Justine's father-in-law, emperor Gratian, you'll see that his nickname was like the "funera" motto term of Brise's. The Brise's share the star of Pretts and Sutherland. You can read in the Sutherland write-up of their using the Moray stars in gold-on-red, and these are the Prett stars while the Moray Coat still showing has the motto, "Tout PRET." One peak of Mont Pilat is PERDrix, and Justine's and Wings/Winks were first found in PERTHshire (south of Moray), location of Pontius Pilate's mother according to some. Yes, and to prove it, the Celts/Colts, first found in Perthshire, use the Pilate pheon in colors reversed. When we go to the Perts/Petts, we find hollow lozenges (Pratt symbol too) in the colors of the Shackle lozenge buckles / Anchor lozenges. It could appear that Pilate's were engaging Moray liners.

For a long time, I have been linking the Cass / Kiss fountain-related bloodline to the weight scale of Justine's, Sire's, Assi's, and the Arms of Vilnius, not to mention the "causa" motto term of Justine's. But here I happened to think of "Sich" when looking again at "SHECHem," and it just so happens that Sichs share the Cass / Kiss Coats as well as showing an "ASSIduus" motto term.


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