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July 11 - 17, 2017

Twitter's "White Rabbit" Makes the News This Week!
The Truer Atomic Model, My Personal Theories to Shame Evolutionist Morons

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again.

If you've been reading me concerning some white rabbits in my youth that I claim to involve God's desire / design to catch assassins in the Clinton / DNC circle, then you might be interested in the following video where some are spreading the message in regards to a Twitter account named, "White Rabbit," unloading almost 29,000 Hillary emails. This story came out on July 10. My white-rabbit event, introduced in the first update of May, was brought up again in last-week's update, which ended (was published) at noon on July 10.

This email dump has two one main points of interest, according to IT specialist, Forensicator: 1) the emails from the DNC were copied and stolen on July 5, 2016, just five days before Seth Rich was murdered, and, 2) the seizure took the emails at a speed of 23 megabytes per second, much too fast for them to be downloaded over the Internet, meaning that neither Russia nor any nation, nor anyone outside the DNC building / server, could have seized them. The guilty finger is pointing to someone within the building, or on the same server, especially pointing at Seth Rich. This video is about the fifth I've seen so far (in a few minutes) with the "White Rabbit" story:

I've never known White Rabbit. The great thing may be: Democrats are once again ganging up on Trump as per Russian collusion, giving Trump and his people more incentive to treat this White-Rabbit issue. Forensicator wants to remain anonymous, adding mystery. He says he did not create the dump, but discovered it, and is passing along the story. I have yet to read how he came up with the date and transfer speed of the hacking. He says that he's emailed Trump concerning the issue. Here is the White-Rabbit story from an article:

Note that the story is coming out exactly one year after Rich's murder. If Trump disregards this story while it has merit, then let Trump be eaten alive by the DNC.

White rabbit is anonymous. In how many ways could God have given me a white-rabbit event? Why was it when I was about nine years old, and why was it in the back yard of Jerry Peterson? I was on a rabbit cage, trying to touch a bra on a laundry line. The story is in the last update, where it's written as though partly about judge Scalia's murder, about four months before Rich's murder. What follows is from the 1st update of May as I recalled an event in my youth that could apply John Podesta to Scalia's murder. To set this up, I need to first say that the bra on the laundry line was being viewed as God's code for Bra, a location in Cuneo that I had been mentioning for years:

I then went back to [thinking about] the furry rabbits, and recalled that "Cuneo" sounds like the Italian for "rabbit," and the Conns and Conys (both use a version of the Meschin and Mussel/Muscel Coats) use WHITE coney rabbits even. So, God got the Petersons to buy / breed those rabbits because He wanted to prove to readers that He touched the bra for a reason, and it's not for my pleasure or yours, though I don't mind a little fun along the way.

Who possibly could White Rabbit be? How did he/she get all those emails? It looks like a Wikileaks job, or, perhaps, Kim Dotcom. Some U.S. Intelligent agency could have had them stored, and perhaps it was a Republican-leaning agent who gave them to White Rabbit. The timing is perfect for helping Trump's new Russia woes. All the emails are available to anyone from a Twitter account. But when one searches " 'white rabbit' hillary emails ", the major media do not come up. If this were about Trump's 29,000 emails from his private server, we don't need to wonder whether the media would multiply the story.

I don't expect Fox news to carry it, not even Tucker Carlson. The latter sounds like he's really for truth on matters the other media ignore or bury, but I think he's been hijacked by the wicked. He'll make a show of things, but Fox has a leash on his neck. We now wait to see if the story is true, first of all, and then wait for any important emails as people read them over. There is a Facebook account named, "Hillary White Rabbit," that may have been created by the Hillary circle, this week, in efforts to somewhat cloud Google searches into this matter. As of today, the 13th, no one is saying much more than I've pointed out above, yet there are many already spreading the story.

You may know that people killed by Clintons are often reported by police as suicide victims, meaning also that the police are in a sort of collusion (understood conspiracy) with the Clinton crime ring. By what coincidence did the story below come out July 13, about a couple of days after the White-Rabbit story: "A Republican donor and operative from Chicago's North Shore who said he had tried to obtain Hillary Clinton's missing emails from Russian hackers killed himself in a Minnesota hotel room days after talking to The Wall Street Journal about his efforts, public records show." Are the Clintons trying to send a message of fear to all who engage the White Rabbit story? "Mystery shrouded how and where he had died, but the lead reporter on the stories said on a podcast he had no reason to believe the death was the result of foul play and that Smith likely had died of natural causes."

In case you don't want to read it all, here's the main points:

The Journal stories said that on Labor Day weekend last year Smith assembled a team to acquire emails the team theorized might have been stolen from the private server Clinton had used while secretary of state [no grounds for "foul play" here???]. Smith's focus was the more than 30,000 emails Clinton said she deleted because they related to personal matters...

...He also told the Journal he and his team found five groups of hackers — two of them Russian groups — that claimed to have Clinton's missing emails [can explain why Trump wouldn't want to touch the story, but so far, Russian hacking of her emails is controversial].

...For years, former Democratic President Bill Clinton was Smith's target. The wealthy businessman had a hand in exposing the "Troopergate" allegations about Bill Clinton's sex life...

...Smith's death occurred at the Aspen Suites in Rochester, records show. They list the cause of death as "asphyxiation due to displacement of oxygen in confined space with helium."

...Smith's remains were cremated in Minnesota, the records said. He was married to Janet L. Smith and had three children and three grandchildren, according to his obituary. Tribune calls to family members were not returned.

...Peter Smith wrote two blog posts dated the day before he was found dead. One challenged U.S. intelligence agency findings that Russia interfered with the 2016 election. Another post predicted: "As attention turns to international affairs, as it will shortly, the Russian interference story will die of its own weight."

By Friday morning, doing a search on Bing for " 'White rabbit' hillary " brought up White Rabbit Hillary's Facebook page first of all, but this alone won't hide the many articles on the Hillary-Clinton emails. We may assume that the search engines are hiding, or will hide, the best of these articles. The only articles I've read share the story without much comment, and the search engines can show all of these, of course, without doing damage to the Clintons. Clicking from Bing on a headline, "BREAKING: Twitter User 'WHITE RABBIT' Released...", gets a page with a doctored photo of Trump starting to have sex with his daughter, and then the page won't scroll down to the article. Maybe it will when you get to it, but right now I can't access the article, only the ads at the top of the page. If this is how things are done in American democracy, it's a lesson well learned.

There are titles at Bing for Hillary White Rabbit t-shirts, NeatoShops and other trivialities apparently trying to crowd out the white-rabbit-news search. As time goes on, I assume that more White Rabbit Hillary titles will appear in the search engines. Doing a Bing search for " 'white rabbit' forensicator " gets four results on the first page for White Rabbit Tea, as though Bing doesn't know what we want, as though Bing is partially ignoring the "forensicator" part.

There's a forum started on the topic below, where Clem 72 tries to argue that 23 megabytes per second is achievable from Romania, though he leaps and doesn't prove it at all. He says that the top internet speed in the world is in Romania at about 10.6 MG/s (= 85 Mbits, not the same as 85 MBs), and then tries to suggest how 23 could be achieved from Romania. The next post points out that Romania-to-Romania may be able to do the maximum speed above (reported by Wikipedia) but that it would slow down when acquiring data from the American internet. I can't find where the 23 speed can be verified, or how anyone came to that number in the first place.

One post: "So, if I read this right, to download 23 megabytes per second, you need eight times that in megabits per second, or 184 megabytes per second..... so you needed a connection almost 16 times faster than the American average at the time, and more than twice as fast as the current peak Romanian speed today. So if that's true, then it seems pretty reasonable that it was an inside job." The finger points heavily to Seth Rich, and so the major media should be covering this. Sean Hannity should be because he was leading the thrust against the killers of Rich. Where's Sean on this? No where. A pussy cat with Fox's leash around his neck.

Due to the speed, Forensicator claims that the emails were acquired (copied) simply into a USB stick, which is not a hack. Someone inside the DNC looks guilty. Seth Rich worked for the DNC. The White-Rabbit story includes what seems too good to be true, so far as Republicans are concerned, that he was shot and then murdered days after this batch of emails was copied. How could this not be the most-important story of the decade? If this is verifiable, then the powers that be, and the main media, are compelled to reflect and report on this. It would be horrendous for the liberal media to continue Russian collusion while ignoring this story. It could be that the Trump team let the White Rabbit out of the hat to frighten the media's bosses (the DNC), and that nothing more will come of it unless the bosses continue the onslaught against Trump. Hopefully, the DNC will continue the onslaught so that a multiplication of rabbits jump out continually until the whole truth is known.

If it turns out that a low-key / remote operator of the Trump team is releasing the Clinton emails, we may never get a smoking gun, but rather we may get a new controversy with the gun but no smoke. To play it safe, the Trump team wouldn't go all-out against the Clinton circle, but would be happy to merely subdue it. I'm hoping that Trump gets stung hard if he takes any approach not seeking to kill this beast, for the sake of justice, and for sparing more political murders in the future. In fact, if Trump does not do what he should, let him be the next assassination victim. Why should someone else die when he has the power, the will, and the promise-made to stop it?

Here is no lover of Trump, one who despised Hillary, and preferred Sanders as president. This youtube reporter has been stressing the Seth-Rich story more than anyone. For what it's worth, He says that Adam Carter gave the Forensicator story to Disobedient Media (supports Wikileaks), which broke the story. The video owner (H. A. Goodman) is perplexed in that Crowdstrike, a company hired by the DNC, was the only one permitted (by the DNC) to explore / investigate the "hacking" of DNC emails, an obvious red flag to the FBI that something illegal / untrue was being announced by Crowdstrike. This is a huge story that Trump is not engaging, as far as we know. Time is yet early, and perhaps the president will surprise us all. The FBI should have been more vocal in the DNC's blockage of an FBI investigation. Elsewhere, Goodman says that the FBI asked 13 times to look at the DNC servers, but maybe the FBI is fabricating that part now that it's in trouble for not forcing itself upon the DNC. With a murder of a political operative, the FBI doesn't need to ASK the DNC to look at its records.

I haven't been at all well-read on Crowdstrike's conclusions (I ignored them). If I recall correctly, it accused Guccifer for acting on behalf of Russia in a plot to help get Trump elected, and this gave Russia the motive to hack the Hillary team's emails. I considered this Crowdstrike angle to be fabricated to hide the truth on Seth Rich's leaking of the emails. I'm now hearing that Guccifer 2.0 took the emails from Romania, but this may be a false DNC claim in attempts to explain how the data was seized so speedily, in case experts were able to discover the speed. The Forensicator-related emails at issue are being lumped in with the Guccifer 2.0 trove. Below, we have this possibility: "Fast forward to April 2017 – Guccifer the so-called Russian hacker, just revealed in a DM that Seth Rich was, in fact, his whistleblower."

At the forum below, one writer who has apparently looked at the near-29,000 emails claims that some are redacted (blacked/blocked out), which may be some evidence that the police / government had a hold of these emails, or even that the White-Rabbit crew hacked them from the government. No one has yet responded after this comment, but more comments may occur in the future:

[I re-loaded the page above at the end of my week, on Monday, the 17th, and there was only one post on the page, the others having been removed. What to think? Did the FBI get involved to hush things up?]

The video below is slow-going and repetitive, but if you can get fast to the 8-minute point, he talks about time stamps on the emails in Eastern Standard Time, or eastern USA, as the place where the emails were obtained / copied. This particular trove is said to be about 2 gigabytes of information, and is being lumped with the other DNC "hacks," not from Clinton's own email server. In other words, these emails apparently pertain to those between Hillary and people at the DNC headquarters, and all stored at the DNC. So, while Clinton destroyed her emails, the DNC still had her email correspondence stored.

If we ask how Seth Rich could possibly get away with copying these emails when the DNC is sure to have the best security to avoid such a thing, the fact seems to be, Seth didn't get away with it. He was murdered. I probably would not have been re-visiting this issue had it not been for White Rabbit. The first time that I mentioned the white rabbits (at age nine) was just nine weeks ago, while in the midst of writing on the Rich and/or Scalia murders. I therefore think that there is something to this latest twist, as an Act of God. If Trump ignores this, God can work around him, or any other stopper. I expect Him to force big media to report on it, eventually. If Trump doesn't make this an issue, the big media can get away without making it an issue, but if God bites Trump hard so that Trump's team makes it a story, then the liberal media will need to respond. I am waiting for the bite on Trump.

Trump likes to act proud of his powers to beat up the media, as though his power comes from self rather than his supporters. Trump would be a zero already if not for his vocal supporters. But instead of doing what they want done, Trump denies them. What do you call that? I call it someone who needs to be bitten hard.

On Friday, this is one of the things that Fox considered news worthy: "NYC subway rider wakes up to man urinating on her face". Same day: "2 charged with sending out nude pics of politician", and, "GoPro seeks to reunite owner with lost camera found in San Diego" . Wow, there just can't be anything more important than those three stories. It appears that Fox is bent on becoming less popular. It no longer knows what crowd to appeal to, but even if it continues to appeal to Conservatives, they feel used because it's only a business decision. Every day, Fox reminds that the Republicans can't repeal Obamacare, nor provide an alternative. Fox was complicit with the 9-11 scam, the mother of all murderous false-flag operations. Now that humanity is being treated like dirt, so God will treat the true dirt like human refuse. You think it can't happen? The slowness of Judgment is for two reasons only: 1) to allow more time for repentance; 2) to expose the guilt.

Sean Hannity was sure to cover the story of Trump's son speaking to some Russian agents claiming to have dirt on Hillary Clinton. This is the new Trump-Russia-collusion story that's come round, from a leak on the inside, to bite Trump's arse. The funny thing about this story is that Trump Jr's claiming to be fully open about it, by sharing the emails (all of them?) he exchanged with the Russian agent, yet I never read what was said about Hillary. Trump's son claims that it was nothing to speak of, but then why can't he share what it was that the agent informed him?

The video below shocked me to say, "pulled a rabbit out of a hat." It's dated July 13, but it's about the Russian agent above, the female lawyer seen in a photo sitting beside Obama's team member just eight days after she met with Donald Trump Jr. It appears that she could be a pro-Democrat agent plotting to set-up the president in collusion with Russia. Things like this are not going away, Mr. Trombastic. Try to get something done about it, will you?

Here is a computerized voice adding to the story above. If this is true, then Obama's team was using Russians to meddle in the election:

Here's the same topic from Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, where we learn that Congress has interest in this story:

In short, Obama's Loretta Lynch allowed this Russian lawyer into the United States after Homeland Security denied her entry. She was working for a shady, liberal organ when she approached Trump's son with bait to do Trump political harm. This opens a new page into how liberals work elections.

Here's Trump attacking Comey on the first anniversary of Rich's murder. Comey was likely privy to the murder, judging from how the FBI reacted (no reaction) to it.

Is it Russian collusion for Trump's son to meet with a Russian claiming to have negative info on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government? No, it is not, even if Putin himself calls up Trump to give him the information personally. For it to rise to the level of collusion, Trump would first need to call on Putin for any dirt on Clinton. But if Putin calls Trump, the latter has no choice but to listen. Trump then decides whether the information is correct. It would be unpresidential of Trump to deny hearing of an illegality committed by wanna-be-president Hillary Clinton. If Putin thinks the American people should know something about Hillary Clinton, he doesn't need to tell it to the Trump team in order to publicize it, but, out of respect for Trump, he could allow Trump to present the information. Is this "meddling" in the election? Yes, but it's not in the ballpark of tampering with voting houses, and if the data is true, it doesn't even look like meddling so much as it looks like something Americans can appreciate. In my opinion, one incident does not constitute collusion. Collusion is where the parties together tackle methods of defeating an opponent, and both agree to shared rewards, and/or a partnership afterward.

Let's say that Putin called Hillary to report that Donald Trump had committed felonies with Russian companies. Shouldn't the American people be glad to hear of it? We know that the Democrats would love it. I don't think that American law should forbid foreign countries from reporting unknown crimes by presidential candidates. As it turned out, there seems to be no message to Trump from the Russian government, and so this story looks to be another backfiring on Democrats. They are just the stupids to continue the collusion attack, forcing Trump's hand harder upon the deep state. I love it.

Trump's team is being watched 24/7 by "police," which we can prove with the story below. If Trump does nothing about this, then let his enemies hear everything he says, I love it. Do nothing to help Americans from deep-state trolls, but then take your lumps, Mr. President.

Sun Spots are Not Cooler

Here's your science lesson for today. I developed the correct theory of light emission. It is definitely not the photon, as science today believes. Modern science has a view of atomic physics that enable the big bang. If any theory or belief does not permit the formation of a galaxy or a star from a big-bang explosion, it is rejected by modern science. This is why modern physics believes wrongly that all atoms attract one another by the force of their own internal gravity forces. No gravity particles have ever been discovered, but they are believed to exist as gravitons, or call them what you will.

The only reason that science believes in inter-attraction between ALL atoms is that it allows big-bang material to come together as blobs. You are free to imagine this in any way that you wish, but you need to start by viewing matter traveling further and further from all other matter, as the material is sent flying from an explosion at one single point. Got it? Okay, this is easy. All particles from the big bang (it never happened, of course) are moving further apart, and would never come closer if they all repelled one another. The only blobs that are formed are in the minds of the dunce-cap evolutionists, who routinely create fantasies for themselves.

The fact is, all atoms, when in their individual / unbonded forms (i.e. non-molecular form), repel one another. This is why gases produce gas pressure, be assured. I know what I'm talking about because I have ten years of deep thought in this, and have proved to myself that evolutionists have adopted wrong ideas in their fervor to murder the Creator. I'm not even very intelligent, and I was able to arrive to the truth, while others far more intelligent cannot come to the truth simply because they fear going against the establishment. I have zero fear of these morons. I have zero respect for them, and I don't care what any of them would say about me for pushing against them. Take my example; disrespect evolutionists today, don't even think of being kind to those who murder God.

As gas atoms repel, they apply pressure on all walls within a container. If there are no walls to contain them, the atoms continue to repel continuously further apart i.e. the gas spreads out. This is a scientific fact. What's the problem with evolutionary science that it can't understand this? It can understand it, but it prefers inter-attraction between all gas atoms, and for this reason they needed another theory to explain gas pressure. They call it the kinetic theory of atoms, which I won't explain here but to say that they view gas atoms in constant motion (an impossibility) at hundreds of miles per hour, repeatedly bouncing off one another. This is impossible because, in the real world, unlike the world of their fanciful imaginations, any two objects striking head-on with the same mass and velocity cancel one another out; they both cease to move in such a collision. The related hard fact is: every two atoms colliding in any direction, be it a graze or hard smack, will produce a net loss in combined velocity. Particles, like any other objects, can only collide so many times until they cease to move altogether.

All right, now that you know the truth, you can ponder it until you realize that I am correct, and they are incorrect. What does it mean when even the physicists are lying to us? It's not only the media and the deep state, but the related evolutionary morons. They really believe that electrons orbit the atom at the speed of light, or near so, or very fast. Whatever the speed that they imagine, they are idiots for drawing up the orbiting electron in the first place. Imagine how hard it would be for a particle to enter an orbit ( a very-delicate thing), especially at such speeds. They view electrons leaving atoms, and coming back into orbit as though it were the most-natural, most-easily accomplished feat. They see electrons colliding with photos continuously, and yet remaining in orbit (needs perfect balance to be maintained) all the while. Forget it, don't appeal to some magic force in the atomic world to make these things seem possible. The evolutionist is a moron; stick with that view, and you will not go wrong. You have every reason to seek the way atoms really work because you know in your heart or hearts that electrons don't orbit atomic cores.

Obviously, electrons, when they are attracted by the positive force of an atomic core, will become captured by the core. We don't imagine them in orbit because we realize how small the chances are that they would come toward the core at just the right speed and direction to enter a perfect orbit. Only a moron takes this view, and my "moron" I'm not referring to people whom have never questioned the scientists but believe them anyway. I'm talking about the ones who devised the theory fully realizing the impossibility.

Electrons simply accumulate all around the core. It's the natural expectation. You cannot argue against this theory, it is just so logical. In the way that iron filings are attracted by a magnet, ditto for electrons to the atom's protonic core. Now you know the truth.

The inner layers of captured electrons will be very close to one another, or even in contact with one another if the positive force attracts them strongly enough to over-ride the inter-repulsion between electrons. Their inter-repulsion is what maintains space between pulled-in electrons, but if the pull is stronger than the inter-attraction level when electrons are in contact, then they will be captured while forcing to make contact. This is the true nuclear force in an atom: the electrons trying to get away from one another, but the proton having them "glued" to itself. Destroy the proton's attraction force, and out explode all the electrons.

Eventually, at some height above the protonic surface, electrons will no longer make contact. The further from the core they are, the further electrons hover from one another. On the outer-most layers of captured electrons, they hover over the protonic surface at the greatest distance from one another. It's identical to air atoms in the atmosphere. Air atoms inter-repel too, and the further they are from gravity, the greater the distances between them = the less air pressure and air density. You can't argue with the logic. All right, now you know what the atoms looks like, shrouded with a cloud of captured electrons all around.

When the atom sits motionless, with no light shining upon it, the electrons hover motionless over the proton. It is so logical you can bank on this as the reality. If the atom in the head of a nail is banged by a hammer, the electrons in both will jiggle / vibrate like gang-busters. Some of them will bounce away from the outer clouds of atoms, making the atom more-positively charged for the moment, until electrons in the vicinity are pulled back in. The atoms always seeks neutrality of charge, which is when it's fully-loaded with electrons; each proton can only capture so many. There is a limit because all captured electrons combined create an outward negative force in every direction, and when it's equal to the positive force that likewise radiates in all directions, no more electrons can be captured. It's just so logical that you know this to be true. Tell the moron why he's a moron today.

When nothing is touching the electron aside from light, the electron clouds are jiggled, or "excited" by the light. What is the light? It's a wave through the electron medium that exists everywhere, because the sun constantly shoots freed electrons from atoms. The solar wind is made of electrons, but the morons tell us (or at least told us) that the solar wind is half protons and half electrons. This is their claim because they don't see protons ever destroyed. After all, if they survived the big bang, nothing can destroy them, and this is why they are morons. In fact, they not only need to claim that the big bang created protons and electrons, but, due to their belief that all protons are identical while all electrons are identical, they -- haha, what a laugh -- need to claim that the big bang made them all the same. Since when does an explosion have the brain to create all particles the same?

And, to top off their stupidity, they say that electrons have identical levels of charge as compared to protons...just as though the big bang had a brain and predicted that the morons need each electron to have the same charge as each proton.

In other words, realize that they are wrong, and seek the better explanation. Follow logic. The solar wind is made of electrons released from solar atoms when the protons are destroyed. The protons can no longer hold their electrons, and so they stream out and away from the sun under their inter-repulsive forces. How logical. No stretch of the imagination needed. We don't give a hoot whether the logic complies with big-bang necessities, because we wiser know that there was no big bang. That's the doctrine of demons. The time for the evolutionists is up. Hardly anyone takes them seriously anymore.

It doesn't matter how protons in the sun are destroyed. But if there is a constant stream of free electrons on space, it's obvious that protons are being destroyed. There cannot be a stream of protons in space too, or they would attract the electrons and revert to atomic form. NASA lied when it claimed to find protons in the midst of solar-wind electrons. It lied because the evolutionary theory requires as many naked protons as there are free electrons, for the morons teach that each proton is able to grab exactly one electron, because both have been labeled with identical levels of charge.

So, the so-called ether that Einstein worked so hard to eradicate and deny is in fact the solar wind. That is the wave medium of light. As electrons are freed from destroyed / crippled protons, they shoot outward from the sun's interior, and they strike this solar-wind, wave medium which they even contribute to, and they create waves through it all the way to our eyes. We "see" it as the brightness of the sun.

It's not the eyes that see light in all its forms as much as what's connected between the eye and the brain. To understand what we see, we need to define a wave's mechanics, and, lucky for us, it's not as complicated as the morons make it out to be, who teach that light is both the photon particle and a light wave. You can't have both unless you wish to devolve into a lunatic. Einstein did away with the light medium, and replaced it with the photon. Science then proved that light was a wave, but the morons retained the photon anyway, yet continued to deny the existence of a light-wave medium. They needed nothingness between atoms, or their kinetic theories would be jeopardized, and so they invented a new kind of wave (quantum garbage) that doesn't need a wave medium. Like I said, insanity.

To explain why photons don't cause pain in our skin by striking us at 186,000 mps, they try to tell us that the photon has no mass. Haha, they really do swallow their insanities whole. And what, please tell, causes the photon to move so fast? By what coincidence do all photons move the same basic speed? Impossible. The velocity of any particle depends on what causes it to move. The idiots (please, never respect them, because this is what they desire yet don't deserve) tell us that orbiting electrons deflect photons, then bounce them away to other orbiting electrons, continuously, and that when a photon enters the eye, that's their definition of light.

Well, let's entertain them. There you see a magical photon without mass, screaming toward an atom faster than you can think, and, lucky strike, it collides with a whizzing electron becoming dizzy around a proton at the speed of light. Bang, the collision occurs. What next? Shouldn't the death of the orbiting electron result? Yes, but in the mind of these morons, the laws of the atomic world have laws of their own, and they obey only the evolutionists' fantasies. They say, the photon can't send the electron out of orbit if it has zero mass, for it then has no energy. But there cannot be a particle having zero mass. It's a fiction. So, they resolve to give it an itty-bitty amount of mass, not enough to do damage at those speeds. Anything with mass at that speed throws the orbit out of whack, but, says the evolutionist, the electron does not go out of orbit. Instead, it's bumped into a higher orbit, and this he calls excitation. Let's put it this way, that if you entertain this theory, there is no hope for you in the field of physics. The only reason that the evolutionists bumps the captured electron into different orbits is because he's concluded that captured electrons orbit at all times.

If the photon moves like a bullet at 186,000 mps, never changing its velocity, then we are forced to conclude that the electrons deflecting them are moving at the same velocity. But, we are not allowed to view the photo-electron collisions as typical, because, in typical collisions, particles never strike one another always dead-on, or always grazing, but in many different combinations between the two. In typical collisions, particles or objects will alter their velocities after making contact, and the specific velocities after contact will always depend on how heavy or light they make contact. But, as the moron has resolved to viewing a photon particle ALWAYS moving at 186,000 mps (seven times around the earth before you can snap your fingers), he can't claim that the photon-electron collision is typical. He needs to invent a new type of collision. He envisions the electron somehow catching the photon, or absorbing it, maybe like a snake swallowing a mouse, and the electron then gets a kick out of this energy, but, anyway, the electron pitches the photon back out again, somehow, and out it goes again at 186,000 mps. Like I said, if you take this seriously, there is no hope for you in normal physics; you will never have the true atom understood.

Back to the light wave, the normal way to view light. Every wave's existence needs to have a stone tossed into water. In the case of light from the sun, every freed captured electron is a stone striking into the solar-wind ether. When a stone falls into water, the water molecules are forced to push one another in a domino effect, progressively further out from the spot where the stone fell. The light wave is similar, except that, instead of moving out in all directions around the spot where the electron strikes the wave medium, the domino effect is in one direction only, always frontward (in the direction of the striking). I can explain why this difference exists.

So, when one electron is freed from an atom inside the sun, it becomes a striker, pushing a row of electrons to its front, all the way to an eye on earth. Each electron in the chain is jolted eye-ward at a certain velocity, but never at the impossible speed of 186,000 mph. The velocity of each jolt can't, of course, be faster than the velocity of the striker. The specific velocity of each striker probably has to do with the color of the light; ultra-violet is a fast striker.

The intensity / brightness of light probably has much to do with the density of the strikers (at the source inside the sun), though I can see the possibility that density and striker speed combine to form the ultimate color. Actual color and brightness never resides in the electrons or the wave mechanics (domino effect), but is a product of the eye and brain together. That is, there is no colored light entering the eye; the color is formed by the eye and the connections to the brain, the particular color depending on the speed and densities of the last electrons in the wave, i.e. the electrons that strike the back of the eye. Color is a manifestation from the brain's reaction to the wave's striking at the back of the eye.

If the wave is too weak to form a reaction, the color will appear to out sight as black. Like sun spots. It gave me pause when first tackling the reason that something so bright as the sun could actually have black spots. The moron says that it's due to "cool" areas on the sun. That's laughable. It doesn't matter that one spot may be cooler (i don't see how) than the area adjacent to it around, it's still very hot and therefore very bright. Yet, a sunspot is black to the eye. There could be only one interpretation: the solar material in a sunspot is moving away from the eye faster than, or almost faster than, the strikers and jolts toward the eye.

I therefore claimed that sunspots were depressions in the sun, where molten material was sinking fast. I made this claim before knowing anything about the nature of sunspots. And it proved to be correct. Sun experts say that sunspots are whirlpools, and so, yes, the molten materials are sinking into the sun. This now proves that light is a common wave, not a photon, for no one predicts that light by photon theory would produce black in our eye just because solar material is moving away from the eye at a few hundred miles per hour. That is, a photon traveling at 186,000 mps, minus 500 m/p/h (if that), is not slowed enough to produce black.

To put it another way, a striker electron cannot create a wave toward the eye if the striker is moving away from the eye faster than it is striking toward the eye. In such a case, the striker does not strike the wave medium toward the eye, but rather away from the eye (the sun is filled with wave medium because it's made of free electrons). The video below, on sunspots, was out this week,and is entitled, "NASA Discovers MASSIVE 75,000 Mile Wide Hole in The SUN" Once you get past the sunspot part of the video, in the first minute or so, it's all garbage; spare yourself and don't watch it.

NASA is a satanic organization bent on deception by photography. It invents things, then deceives people into believing them. NASA is closely related to the demon, the American military.

If a stone is dropped to the sea from a cloud through a whirlwind that drives the stone upward, away from the sea, it cannot make a wave. Ditto for the striker electrons in a whirlpool called a sunspot.

The reason that light waves are longitudinal (straight ahead) rather than all-directional such as sound waves is that the particles in the light medium are not attracted by gravity. That's because electrons are repelled by gravity. No one should mistaken simplicity with a simpleton mind. If I say that gravity is a negative force common to all electromagnetism, it may sound simple and backward, because everybody "knows" that gravity is not an electromagnetic force. But scientists have deceived themselves. They need gravity to pull all material, including electrons, and especially electrons, otherwise stars and galaxies could not have formed by a Godless, big bang. Once you understand the basic necessity for a universe formed by the big bang, you will realize where the morons went wrong. They created a false gravity where all protons attract all protons, something that only a moron would advance. No greater moron has there been since the "enlightenment" but the evolutionist.

Well, they say, protons actually repel protons, but they possess some sticky matter ("strong nuclear force") causing them to exist as clusters of protons, and, moreover, all protons have gravitons that cause inter-attraction between protons. Their Godless big bang was incredibly intelligent, knowing before the explosion that every proton had to be equipped with a graviton and some sticky stuff so that protons moving forever further apart could come together as stars and solar systems.

The truth likely is: no gravitons needed. I can explain a way for gravity to form from free electrons in the heat of planets and stars. These free electrons then attract all atoms. It's simple, but, the point is, if gravity source stems from electrons, or their negative charges, then gravity must repel electrons. This was my brainstorm, helping me to realize how gravity attracts all atoms. If electrons are anti-gravity particles, then the ether is not pulled by the earth's gravity. Or, free electrons always rise away from the earth unless they are forced toward the earth by something such as the solar wind? What does it mean when electrons ever-rising in the atmosphere have zero weight?

All particles pulled by gravity are under tension. To move any object pulled by gravity, a certain amount of force is needed. But if a piano was not pulled by gravity, you could move it like a piece of dust with the breath of your lungs. In a sound wave through air, there is resistance to wave motion because air atoms are pulled by gravity, but when an electron striker strikes the electron ether, there is no such resistance. I reason that this allows the forward jolt to continue in the forward direction without a net affect to electrons to the sides.

Here is the way I see a sound wave through air. A hammer to the head of a nail causes atoms in the nail and hammer to vibrate and therefore to jolt against air atoms, but the air atoms, being held in a tight grid by gravity, do not move much. I'm guessing that the air atoms near the source of the sound do not move even one atomic diameter. The motion of the first atom in the line jolts atoms in the forward direction as well as atoms to the sides, and so on.

The same must be true of electrons striking the electron wave medium: electrons to the sides must be moved by the first jolted electron as it moves forward. However, if the first electron is forced to move several electron diameters, what's going to happen? Look at the 'B' on your keyboard, and let that act as the first-jolted electron. When it's jolted midway between the 'G' and the 'H', and as far as the 'T' or 'Y', what will happen? Sorry to do this to you. I can understand it if you don't care about this.

But for anyone who wants to know, let's go on. As the B moves between the G and H, it will jolt the G forward toward the R, and the H will be jolted forward toward the U. Let's just do one side, because the same result will be to the other. Let's do the G side. As B is moving forward past the G, it has vacated its spot at B, allowing V (thanks to a push from C) to move toward B, which in turn allows R and T to repel G backward toward the V area. So, the forward jolt of G toward R is counteracted by the backward repulsion of R and T on that no jolt (= light wave) goes out in the diagonal direction. The only jolt is that of b toward the front, and the second atom in the line repeats what was just said: i.e. the second atom creates only a forward jolt.

But if these letters were air atoms (or water molecules) that barely moved, then the jolts to the sides could not be counteracted by the vacating of the first air atom (B) of its original spot.

Another thing. The faster B is jolted past G and H, the less effect B has in moving G or H, because moving an object by electromagnetic force is a combination of force and the time applied by the force. Imagine slowly rolling a steel magnet (in the shape of a ball) less than a centimeter past a steel ball at rest. Imagine doing the same very fast. If done fast enough, the steel ball won't move visibly. If done slow enough, the steel ball moves toward the magnet. It's therefore very feasible that an electron jolting at a few hundred miles per hour will cause no motion in neighboring electrons as it passes them. The velocity is very rapid, and the particles are very weak in electromagnetic force. Thus, only electrons to the direct front of the first-jolting electron will carry on the jolts in domino fashion.

There are various ways to define a moron. One is an anti-Christ whose religious position of no-God is inserted into his scientific picture. He claims that to add a God to science is not permitted by scientific process, but allows a no-God picture to be entered. And he tries to explain atoms by natural processes devoid of intelligence. Whether God is real or not, the moron removes him from the picture of atomic creation. Wherever there is heat, the moron admits that free electrons exist, yet he doesn't define heat as electrons because he prefers his kinetic theory of heat instead, where all atoms attract one another. That is his starting point because he is an evolutionary moron. He refuses to come to grips with the obvious, that a Creator invented atoms, and that He attached living things to atoms.

Yes, free electrons define heat. This means that the heat pool in a planet is the source of gravity too. The sun is all heat and all gravity. There is nothing hard to understand about this. Wherever there is a large source of free electrons, there is a large source of negative energy that pulls all atoms to itself. An atom is defined as a single proton attracting free electrons to itself that, in an environment without gravity, loads electrons until their outgoing negative charge equals the proton's outgoing positive charge. But gravity is a negative charge that can blow some of the loaded electrons off of that fully-loaded atom, until the outer layers of all atoms are pulled by the proton with a force equal to, or slightly greater, than the repulsive effect of gravity upon them. That is, the power of gravity cannot blow away the outer layers of electrons because they are held to the proton too strongly.

To put it another way: not all electrons that an atom is capable of capturing are in fact captured because gravity has its way by blowing the electrons away that are held to the proton with less than the blow-away gravity force. All atoms at the same distance from a gravity source have an outer layer of electrons held to the proton by ther same amount of force, which we can call the G force at that particular distance. G-force changes with distance from the gravity source, meaning that atoms further away from gravity load with more electrons than atoms nearer to the source. If an atom is brought nearer to gravity, it loses electrons all the while.

As a space rock approaches a planet, electrons are being blown away, causing a vivid comet tail to point away from the planet. A comet tail is not made of rock material, but of free electrons creating light because electrons are being emitted. Wherever electrons are emitted, whether from the interior of the sun, or from the filament of a light bulb, they jolt the electron ether and thus produce light. As the comet moves away from a planet, its rock atoms re-load with electrons in the solar wind. The comet is God's way of making morons out of evolutionists.

If you can find a light bulb that still has a vacuum, you can prove that electrons rise away from gravity. Physicists admit that the filament of a bulb loses electrons (and that most of the energy of the bulb is released as heat). I called a light bulb company, Sylvania, and was told that their 25 watt bulbs still came with vacuums. I purchased a couple. One was covered in wax. The bulb was then turned on. The wax melted only at the top, proving that electrons rise from gravity.

If the kinetic theory were true, the wax would have melted evenly all around the bulb, for the moron envisions atoms flying around in all directions within the bulb, striking its glass everywhere evenly at all times. And he defines temperature as the specific speed of these flying-about atoms. He thinks that the electrons released from the filament speed the flying atoms up.

Yes, the wax-on-bulb is proof that electrons rise away from gravity, as expected, and it also proves that free electrons define heat. Heat is not defined as electrons captured by atoms; that's to be viewed as stored heat. In order to become heat, electrons must be free from atoms, free to enter another material like the atoms of your finger. Wherever electrons enter atoms, the material expands because electrons in the atomic pores cause the atoms to take on added negative energy, causing atoms to repel from one another more than they did with less heat in their atomic pores. This atomic repulsion due to pore heat defines gas pressure and the expansion of fluids and solids.

So, heat is a material after all, but those 19th-century physicists who once held to the view of "caloric" (their term for heat matter) didn't know that the material was electrons (they weren't yet discovered). Before the caloricists could make that discovery, Einstein and the other morons hijacked the electron, assigning it weight as one of their blunders. The caloric theory died because it was expected (wrongly) to add weight to heated items. In fact, electrons weigh zero so that heated items are not expected to gain weight.

The reason that I made these discoveries is that my Christian conversion alerted me to the fact that scientists were morons at their roots. I therefore expected them to have the nature of the atom figured wrongly, and it turned out to be a correct prediction. But, had I respected scientists, I would never have made these discoveries. If I were prone to viewing physicists as the gods of atomic knowledge, I wouldn't have launched out with an unfettered challenge to get to the truth. Sure enough, I discovered that their fundamental belief on atoms is conducive to the creation of a universe devoid of God.

All atoms attract, they say, meaning that they define gas pressure as speedy atoms all punching out on the inner walls of whatever contains them. And they knew that all objects that collide cancel out some of one another's momentum with each collision. In other words, they lied to us on behalf of their sacred cosmology. And for this, they will be ashamed in Punishment, for they will refuse to teach the truth to their dying day in Armageddon. These morons are the epitome of the anti-Christ movement. They are at the charge of the "enlightenment," their "age of reason," their war against Christianity. They are the weeds amongst the wheat choking out the Truth until the peoples starve to spiritual death. Instead of Truth, the evolutionists feed the masses fantasies, but NASA will go down in infamy for this sin.

These goons are the ones who invented the black hole, defined as a star so large that it attracts its own light, keeping the light from escaping. The goons became bored with their watch of the stars, and needed to invent fanciful ideas to keep the masses interested. A star cannot attract light because light consists purely of jolting electrons in space, which are repelled by electrons in the star. The solar wind would constantly move away from stars even if stars were not constantly exploding, but the explosions add to the force of outward motion. They say the stellar wind takes two or three days (I forget the exact time) to reach earth, but you cannot measure the velocity because they are in error when they claim a sun 93 million miles away. It's much closer.

By the way, I'm not a flat-earth proponent.

Even William Shatner, captain Kirk on Star Trek, said that cosmologists are inventing things when reporting such things as planets in other solar systems. Watching the stars has become too boring; cosmologists need to make their lives more worthwhile with such fanciful ideas. Life on other planets is a hoax perpetrated by NASA and company.

So, the sun sends freed electrons into our atmosphere, forcing the heat against the sun-side of the planetary surface, and, in the meantime, planetary gravity sends the electrons back out into space. If this were not so, the earth would have fired long ago. What is it that the morons can't understand about this? They admit that the emission of free electrons always accompanies the emission of heat. They admit that solar electrons fly from the sun constantly, and they realize that solar electrons enter our atmosphere. But they never speak on electrons rising away from the ground, back into space, lest you get the impression that electrons define heat. They never speak on a sea of free electrons in the atmosphere lest you get the impression that an ether fills the atmosphere.

There is nothing in the air that can stop the solar wind from contacting the ground. If the mentally challenged try to fool us into thinking that the solar wind deflects off the atmosphere, like arrows against a shield, that would be expected in their efforts to hide the truth. The solar wind consists of tiny electrons, far smaller than air atoms. They will penetrate the air easily and strike the ground because they push one another forward, away from the sun. Even when they crash into atoms, there are other electrons behind them that thrust the entire mass of invaders toward the ground. They will get through, and do get through, or the ground could not be heated. Heat in the ground is free electrons entering the ground. As the earth turns away from the sun, earth's gravity sends the electrons back into space on the dark side of the planet.

Einstein was able to discover that light causes the captured electrons of an atoms to escape the surface of the atom. Every different atom has its own peculiarity on how electrons escape. This is the crux of heating by solar panels. As the electrons escape the atoms, the atoms are made deficient in captured electrons, and thus the atoms thirst for electrons, creating the so-called electrical potential i.e. the ability to create a current of electricity down a wire. Until physicists start envisioning the truer picture of the atom, they will not be able to predict as well on how best to exploit this electrical potential. I tried to come up with some ideas, but don't have the means to test things.

Obviously, if science views electrons in orbit, they cannot predict how best to release electrons from atoms. Captured electrons are like a gaseous fluid around the atom. The electrons move about when jolts of light energy come against the atom. These jolts are like rocks to water, causing splashes in the electron clouds. An atom needs to be envisioned as a single proton covered with thousands or millions of tiny electrons all seeking to push one another away from the proton. The deeper the electrons (i.e. the closer to the proton), the harder they are to release in a splash. Only the surface electrons will splash upward to become temporarily free from the proton. They will come crashing back down again because the proton's positive force acts as a "gravity" force upon all electrons. Stop shining the sun on solar panels, and the panel's material returns quickly to normal i.e. as fully-loaded with captured electrons as possible. Only so long as light shines on the panels will the panel's material keep a deficient electrical charge.

The modern physicist thinks that the electricity of a solar panel is formed by the freed electrons. Yes, they view electricity as sourced in free electrons. Free electrons runs down the wire. This is incorrect. Just try to imagine it. All captured electrons are in orbit around atoms, and, in the meantime, free electrons are running past all the atoms. Where are they running? Why are they running? Why aren't they seeking to enter orbits instead of running??? Why should a positively-charged entity attract the running electrons instead of the orbiting electrons. Forget it, this is nuts.

The reality is that while atoms are robbed of some of their electrons by the invasion of light jolts (the higher the frequency of jolts, the higher the splashes), captured electrons from an electric current can be fed into these atoms. Electricity always involves a current of captured electrons, not free electrons. The morons cannot envision a current of captured electrons, atom-to-atom, because he thinks electrons are orbiting. He can't conceive one electron jumping atom-to-atom while retaining orbits in all of them. That would be too much fancy even for the moron. So, he invents free electrons in the midst of orbiting electrons to define electricity.

In my theory, which is correct, an atom made deficient of electrons seeks to rob a neighboring atom of its electrons, and this is what causes electrons to run atom-to-atom. Eben morons can figure this out, and it has occurred to them, yet they are forced to remain morons by the Moron Establishment that would punish them if they dared rebel against the orbiting electron.

There is no electricity running atom-to-atom in a solar panel in full sunlight unless the solar panel is connected by a wire to a more-negative entity. Any material not in the sun is more negative (has more loaded electrons) than the solar panel in full sunlight. The solar panel can splash all it wants, but no electricity will run between its atoms when all atoms are splashing and thereby producing equal electrical deficiencies. But if the panel is hooked up to battery terminals, the electrons in the more-negatively-charged terminal will run into the panels, replacing the electrons that the sun has robbed. The splashing electrons then go up as heat. The splashing electrons never become the electricity, stupids.

It's necessary to envision the atom as a planetary atmosphere. The two are virtually identical. There are particles hovering over the protonic surface, all under inter-repulsion. The trick is to send missiles of light into the atomic atmospheres in order to maximize the temporary loss of electrons. The good news for solar power is, scientists can test different materials and different light rays even though they don't view the atom properly. The bad news is, they don't want the Creator in their lives. Why should the Creator reveal to them the best way to exploit solar power?

The goons figured out how to destroy / cripple the uranium proton in order to get all / most of the captured electrons released. Upon release, these electrons act as missiles sufficient to destroy / cripple neighboring uranium protons i.e. to form a chain reaction called the nuclear reaction = the atomic bomb. But this is dangerous, and they can't get it to work with any other material aside from uranium. Is there a way to temporarily reduce the protonic force of an atom so that light allows larger splashes of electrons? What is the protonic force of a proton, and how does it work? It remains a mystery, and God's not telling the morons. But in the coming Millennium, God might allow the peoples a better way to exploit solar power.

Due to my view of the atom, uranium has been found as the smallest of all atoms, which is directly opposite to what the morons claim, that it's the largest. How can this error be? How do the morons determine the size of an atom? One of the ways is to turn them all to gas atoms, and then to measure where the atoms end up in a container, whether nearer to the top, or nearer to the bottom. If they release many types of gases into the same container, they find that hydrogen atoms always migrate to the top layer, and so they reasoned wrongly that hydrogen atoms weigh the least, and must therefore be the smallest, for they define atomic weight by the number of protons in each atomic cluster.

And they noted that uranium gas is always the lowest of all gases, and so they decided wrongly that the uranium atom is the heaviest of all atoms. And they assigned the uranium atom a core of about 232 protons. The morons think that more than 200 protons are stuck together in a cluster, even though they believe that protons repel one another. If you can't see the error in this, there is no hope for you in truthful physics.

To get at the truth, we need to discover, first of all, what causes gas atoms to rise so that hydrogen gas takes the top spot while uranium gas takes to the bottom layer. Or, when different metals are made molten, uranium always takes to the lowest layer, giving the wrong impression that its atoms weigh more. The reality is that uranium has more atoms per unit volume, predicting that it's the smallest atom.

The bad news is, we can't weigh an atom on a weight scale. The good news is, all atoms weight the same. Yes, for all atoms (at the same distance from gravity) emit the same level of net-positive force, meaning that the negative force of gravity pulls all atoms by the same force. Weight is defined even by the morons as the specific pull of gravity. If gravity pulls all atoms with the same force, they all weigh the same.

Gravity is the thing that first makes all atoms possess the same net-positive charge, and so it's not coincidental that all atoms weigh the same. Gravity arranges that situation by blowing off all captured electrons held to the proton with less than G-force, leaving all atoms radiating the same level of net-positive force.

Okay, now that we have the correct view, we can go forward trying to find why hydrogen atoms rise to the top of a mixture of gases. It didn't take me long to realize that hydrogen atoms are the largest, allowing more rising electrons underneath it. The hydrogen atom weighs the same as a uranium atom, but he uranium has far fewer rising electrons underneath it because it is a far-smaller atom. It's the rising electrons that give atoms lift, you see, and so this discovery would not have happened had I not realized first that electrons are repelled by gravity. The rising electrons told me the relative sizes of atoms, and it's directly opposite to the claims of the morons, perfect for the Judgment that they deserve.

Okay, so now we can know, if you trust me, that one cubic inch of uranium weighs more than one cubic inch of iron because the uranium has smaller atoms i.e. there are more atoms per cubic inch. It's just so simple. And a cubic inch of hydrogen has 16 times fewer atoms than a cubic inch of oxygen, which fools the morons into thinking that hydrogen atoms weigh 16 times less than oxygen atoms. They wouldn't have been fooled except that God allowed demons to fool them. Had they not murdered God, he wouldn't have desired to make fools of them, and may have protected them from demonic influences.

I once wondered whether my discoveries were by an act of God for to procure some benefits to the church in the great tribulation period, or even in the Millennium. On the other hand, He may have caused me to discover the truth of atoms in order to shame the morons. Or, he did not cause me to make the discoveries at all. I don't know, yet anyway, why I made them.

The morons came to the conclusion, which they cannot prove, that all gases of equal volumes, and at equal temperature and pressure, have exactly the same number of atoms. Therefore, because one volume of oxygen weighs 16 times as much as hydrogen, they conclude that the H atom weighs 16 times as much as the O atom. But they do not satisfactorily explain why all gases should have the same number of atoms. Doesn't that seem to you a vast unlikelihood?

A water molecule is not an H2O molecule. The morons give it such a name because roughly two volumes of hydrogen gas combine with one equal volume of oxygen gas to form water (steam) with none of the two gases left over. The fact is, however, that water is more like HO8, having eight times as many oxygen atoms as hydrogen atoms. I know this because a volume of oxygen gas weighs 16 times as much as an equal volume of hydrogen gas, and because two volumes of hydrogen is needed with one of oxygen to make water. Hence, for every two H atoms, there are eight O atoms. This does not necessarily mean that water molecules are eight O atoms bonded to one H atom. It could be 16 O atoms bonded to 2 H atoms themselves bonded to one another.

Atoms are permitted to bond precisely because their electron atmospheres have "holes" or spaces between electrons. If they were hard balls on their surfaces, they could not bond. Instead, the electron atmosphere of one atom can fit into, or merge with, that of another atom so that the proton of one atom pulls the electrons of the other atom. In this condition, the atomic bond will remain until something pulls the atoms apart. Merger of atoms cannot occur without some electrons being lost from both atmospheres, and this defines the release of heat known to physicists during all bonding of atoms whether it's to produce liquid from gases or molecules from atoms.

The loss of captured electrons during merger is fully predicted where the merged regions are doubled in electron density. In other words, the merged regions suddenly have their electrons closer to one another due to doubled density, and, according to the law of electromagnetism, they will repel one another with more force. They have nowhere to repel themselves but into other regions of electron atmospheres (they can't stay there either), or into the void outside the atom's sphere of control. So, one half the electrons in the merged regions will be released as free electrons = heat, fully set free from the atom, and the other half will remain because they become of density equal to that of the atom's normal density aside from merger. We now have a way to measure the depth of a merger by the amount of heat loss in the bonding process.

The two protons end up attracting the electrons of their shared, merged region. If something comes along to unmerge them, they suck up the very number of electrons lost during merger. This is why the same amount of heat loss during bonding is the heat gain during unbonding. But "loss" and "gain" is relative; what the atom loses is to our gain, and what the atom gains is our heat loss. Squeezing liquids under pressure forces atoms to bond more deeply, creating heat out of the liquid. Turning liquids to gases causes atoms to rob us of heat. Are there ways to exploit these bonding and unbonding processes? If there are, God may not be informing the morons.

Every two atoms have a set limit on how deeply they will merge. What stops the merger at a set point? Why won't oxygen atoms merge more deeply into hydrogen atoms? The answer isn't likely to come from evolutionist goons tackling the problem with their erroneous atomic views. A proper view of atoms, and a proper attitude toward God, will do much better.

The hope is to form hydrogen from water with less heat. The heat needed to break water into free hydrogen gas is expensive.

The morons have complicated H2O. For reasons they hold dear, or to eliminate a dire problem with their theory, they tell us that one hydrogen atom is really two bonded, and that one oxygen atoms is really two bonded. They call either one "diatomic" atoms, but ignore this blunder too. Stick to volumes of gas used to form water, and you won't go wrong; ignore the number of atoms they claim for a water molecule. They say that two volumes of H mixed with one of O produces two volumes of steam. I won't argue with this except to say that it's probably not exactly equal volumes of either three.

Steam, they tell us, weighs about nine times as much as hydrogen gas. This number is midway to 18. Two volumes of H and one of O weighs roughly 18 atomic units (1 + 1 + 16), and since they are said to produce two volumes of steam, they assign water a weight of 9. Ok, that works, but, the problem is, morons lie to us, wanting us to believe that their atomic-weight tables are exact because this assists in their passing off their erroneous view of atoms. For example, they teach that all atoms consist of identical protons; the only differences between atoms is the number of protons. So, they assign 16 protons to one O atom, and one proton per H atom, or 14 protons to one nitrogen atom, 12 protons to one carbon atoms, etc. But if we press them for details, it turns out that carbon gas is not exactly 12 times the weight of hydrogen gas, nitrogen is not exactly 14 times as heavy as hydrogen gas. They lie to us because they want us to believe their theory on atoms possessing protonic clusters, with each proton weighing equally.

The truth is, every atom has a different proton. Size may not be the only difference between them, because they could all take unique shapes. One thing that is certain: all the different atoms have different levels of protonic attraction. The ones with the greatest level of attraction will build the largest electron atmospheres. Therefore, I predict that the hydrogen atom has the strongest positive force, and thus the largest atmosphere. This explains why eight O atoms can merge upon one H atom. Do the O atoms sink fully into an H atom, or only partially into one?

Why should the O atom cease to merge when it's only partially sunk? I don't see any answer accept that its outer atmosphere makes contact with the solid part of the H atom's electron "cluster" (it's not technically a cluster if that's defined as particles under inter-attraction). Somewhere down into the H atmosphere, there are electrons in contact with one another, forming an impenetrable wall, making further merger impossible.

Or, if the atom is small enough, it will sink until fully submerged into a larger one while not yet reaching impenetrable parts. While these predictions can be made, trying to establish the correct look of a water molecule eluded me. I didn't have the tools to succeed, and I gave up the quest to understand atoms when writing the post-trib book.

I had tried to discover the size of an oxygen atom in relation to a hydrogen atom. It would have been a break-through to find the keys for making that one determination. Again, the H atom is not 16 times lighter than the O atom, but rather there are 16 times as many O atoms in an equal volume of gas. In both gases, the atoms are repelling one another with equal force because gas pressure is identical for both volumes. The trick is to find the distance, in atomic diameters, that the H atoms find themselves apart as compared to the same for the O atoms. It's complicated.

I therefore asked the easy question: do H atoms receive 16 times the lift from free electrons as compared to O atoms? If so, one would then need to make the cross section of an H atom 16 times larger (area). But is it true that one atom receiving 16 times the lift will end up crowding a container with 16 fewer atoms before exerting the same pressure on the container walls? Again, it's complicated. And my pet peeve is complication. I don't do well with it.

The lift on atoms from rising electrons does not constitute gas pressure. The latter is from the inter-repulsion between atoms. When they are twice as close in all directions, they each exert (according to electromagnetic law) 4 times the repulsion for a total of 8 times the pressure. What? Yes, it's true. When a non-magnetic material is brought twice as close to a magnet, there is four times the attraction. When an material is brought twice as close to gravity, there is four times the attraction. But this is when the material being attracted isn't itself attractive. The prediction is that two magnets brought twice as close will attract or repel eight times as much, or twice 4 times.

So, in the case of atoms, where all repel, they are predicted to repel 8 times as much when cutting their distance in half, and this checks out in a volume of gas. Yes, it does. I was able to reason that atoms in a container are brought twice as close when the volume is cut by eight times, and it's known that the volume of a gas is increased eight times when it's volume is cut eight times. How did I reason that atoms are twice as close when the volume is eight times decreased? Because, there are only three directions: up-down, east-west, and north-south. These are the three dimensions of a box.

Let me explain. Picture a box-shaped container for best understanding. If we cut the volume of a gas in half from the top down, we have only brought the atoms twice as close in the up-down direction. They are not yet closer at all in the east-west or north-south directions. So, we need to cut those directions in half too, and when we thus cut the volume in half three times, it's equivalent to cutting the original volume by eight times. Perfect.

So, now we know that atoms in a gas are under electromagnetic repulsion. Unless you're a moron insisting that gas atoms are under inter-attraction. In that case, there is no hope for you; take up some other field, but don't pollute physics. And that's what the anti-Christ morons do, demanding that all physicists do the same.

One can now draw a diagram with two boxes. In the one box, there are 16 times as many dots as in the other box. The dots represent the centers of atoms, yet we don't know how large they are. That is, we can't plot their circumferences (assuming them to be roundish) on the drawing. All we know is that 16 times as many O atoms creates the same repulsion pressure on the box's walls as the fewer H atoms in their box. How can we determine the relative sizes of these two atoms?

In order to get 16 times the pressure in a container, we need to cut the volume in half four times. Yes, after we get it to 8 times the pressure (with three cuts), one more cut in half brings it to 16 times. The atoms are now about 2.67 times closer than in the initial volume of the container. I'll assume that we are measuring from the centers of all atoms.

Next, we find how much closer the center of the O atoms are in their box as compared to the H atoms in their box. To figure this out, we need a reliable method, and I have one. We first imagine a box with 16 dots on any horizontal line. The other box has only one dot on the same horizontal line. But, in reality, there are not 16 times as many O atoms along any horizontal line. This line is merely a one-dimensional thing. In the box, there are three dimensions, or three directions. So, to find the truth, we divide 16 by three to get 5.3. That is, there are 5.3 times as many O atoms in any direction as there are H atoms. In that case, our box of oxygen atoms needs to have 5.3 atoms on any horizontal line per one H atom. This enables us to figure that centers of 2 H atoms are as far apart as 5.3 centers of O atoms, in all directions.

The problem is, we don't know how far apart the outer edges of the O atoms are. But here's a clue: when gases are pressurized, they reach a point where liquid forms from the gas atoms. Liquids mean that the atoms are making contact. In my mind, gas atoms will never merge until they make contact. They are under inter-repulsion, and therefore resist merger until making contact. Only when one atom's atmosphere is forced to begin merger with another's can the liquid droplet form. Only when forced into contact will the electromagnetic forces invite full merger.

As soon as the first liquids form in a pressurized gas, the mergers make for more space for the other atoms not yet merged, meaning that a little more cutting of volume is needed to merge more atoms, and so on, until the entire gas is liquid. In other words, there does not come one point alone in the reduced volume of a gas that causes all atoms to contact and merge at the same time. The first few allow the others to survive as gas atoms, for a little longer while reduction in volume continues.

We can thus bank on the approximation that, as soon as the first liquid droplets show, that's when all atoms are virtually in contact at their outer edges. If a gas reaches that point after gas volume is cut 8 times, then we can have a good approximation of the specific circumference of the atom. We know that the centers of all atoms are twice as close when volume is reduced 8 times, and if edges contact after that amount of reduction, one can figure that the space between atomic edges is identical to one atomic diameter.

Search engines have made it near-impossible to investigate matters such as this. Searching for "liquefaction table" gets everything but, just as if the search engine deliberately hides what's wanted. Surely, there have got to be tables online showing the liquefaction point of every compressed gas? One could start to suspect a cover-up on many facets of science as those who oppose the morons take to arms against them. To the best of my recollection, gases liquefy roughly at 10 or 12 cuts in gas volume, meaning that gas atoms are little more than one atomic diameter apart...when they are below their so-called critical temperatures.

The various "critical temperatures" of gases that define the temperature point at which it, or higher, makes liquefaction impossible even under pressure. This reveals that there are two mechanisms at work in atomic bonding. One, there is the pressure mechanism that brings atoms into contact and merger, and, two, there is the heat surrounding the gas atoms that adds inter-repulsion to them. When the inter-repulsion factor is greater than the mechanism that causes merger, merger won't happen.

We would think that Google understands the search query, "liquefaction point of hydrogen." But, nope, sorry, Google acts ignorant. The problem is, the critical temperature of hydrogen is well below freezing point so that one needs to extrapolate on the distances between H atoms at STD (standard temperature and pressure). Frankly, I don't know how to extrapolate, and don't recall trying. One article on how to liquefy hydrogen admits, "However, free hydrogen is extremely rare on Earth because it evaporates so easily in space." What causes hydrogen to be lost in outer space. According to kineticism, no atoms should be able to cross the vacuum of space, or all air atoms would be doing it constantly, and we'd all choke to death before long. What keeps the air on earth, and what causes some gases to be lost to space?

Heat particles. Yes, the free electrons rising into outer space lift all gas atoms. Water vapor, for example, can be lifted only so high, as high as the clouds, but no further (this disregards wind's effects). There is a logical reason for this. On the other hand, hydrogen atoms are larger and receive greater lift so that, I assume, they can in fact be lost into space. It should be obvious that air atoms can only be lifted so high, not far enough for gravity to lose a grip on them sufficient to keep them from fully escaping. The hotter it is, the higher the atmospheric ceiling becomes due to more rising electrons.

Atoms will rise until the downward pull of gravity equals the upward lift of electrons. Atoms stop rising because the density of rising electrons is reduced with height above a sphere. With added height above a sphere (doesn't apply to something like a flat earth), there is increasing volume of space for the particles to spread out. One should not view the rising electrons as taking habitation under atoms, as though the same electrons always abide there. Rather, there is a constant stream of them striking the undersides, but then brushing up and over atoms, as you might imagine rising air brushing along the undersides and sides of a balloon.

Air atoms go higher than water molecules even though water molecules are much larger for obtaining more lift. A water molecule is one hydrogen atom per eight merged oxygen atoms, and therefore weighs nine times as much as one air atom. If we ask why air atoms don't all rise to the same altitude, it's because gravity is able to pull them all down to the ground. If we ask why all air atoms aren't on the ground, it's because air atoms inter-repel. God has the situation built just right, with three mechanisms working in conjunction to maintain the air and clouds just as we see them. Praise be to the Great One whom the morons despise. Let the cosmos hear: the morons despise God. Shame, great shame.

The article: "Determine the critical pressure for hydrogen as about 13 atmospheres (atm). This is the minimum pressure needed to keep hydrogen a liquid at its critical temperature [of 33K]." This means that, in order to liquefy hydrogen, a gas volume needs to be cut 13 times as compared to STD (standard pressure is one atmosphere = typical air pressure of 14.7 psi). It also means that hydrogen, at 33 Kelvin (33 degrees above absolute zero) and at standard pressure, has atoms with edges little more than one of their diameters apart. However, when hydrogen is permitted to rise to 70 degree F while maintained at standard pressure, the atoms will be further apart...which is to say the gas will expand to a greater volume. I would like to know what that volume is, but working with the Internet these days doesn't look very appealing.

When asking Google for "compressed oxygen properties," it acts like it doesn't known what I'm talking about, and brings me suppliers of liquid oxygen instead. Google is geared to money making, like a filthy dragon that doesn't have enough money yet. Shame, great shame. Google is in a class of its own, a class that doesn't think like the rest of us. One would think that many people have the properties of compressed oxygen in table after table, all anyone wants to know, but Google gears itself to the highest bidder. Whoever pays the most money gets Google's primary attention. Filthy dragon. We are not permitted to research or learn well anymore because Google has evolved a mentality for filthy lucre. It often brings up books / articles for sale instead of offering free data.

I know that doubling the temperature of a gas (on the Kelvin scale) doubles the volume or pressure (one or the other but not both), or nearly so. This is what science claims, it's not mine alone. To make hydrogen atoms twice as far apart as they are at 33K, the gas volume needs to be increased by eight times. That means we double the volume three times, once from 33 to 66 degrees, then 66 to 132, and finally to 264 degrees. Absolute zero is -273C so that 264K = -9C or about 16F. I can reason off the top of my head that H atoms at 70F will be between four and five atomic diameters apart from center to center (or three to four from edge to edge). We can then go back to the premise above that oxygen atoms at STP are 5.3 times as numerous than H atoms at STP. If we imagine each H atom as being 1 inch round and 4.5 inches apart at their centers, we could divide 4.5 by 5.3 to find O atoms .85 inches apart at their centers. It predicts that O atoms would be about .2 inch round.

With these gas atoms only a few diameters apart, the realization is that gravity has a good hold on them (ignores electron lift) at normal atmospheric temperatures. That is, as compared to their inter-repulsion, gravity has a good hold on them. However, as hydrogen atoms rise from gravity due only to rising electrons, the grip that gravity has is very minimal, which speaks further to the weakness of atomic inter-repulsion in ordinary (unpressed) air. Birds can be glad that air atoms have weak inter-repulsion because stronger repulsion means less air density = less air resistance for flight (resistance is needed to hold the bird up).

Here is a great video for the morons, where they can learn some dependable things:

There are endless hardships in this world, all caused by the morons who refuse to let God into peoples' hearts, as far as they can swing it that way.

Here is a video either with real demons, no kidding at all, unless they are staging this to make us upset:

The most-fearsome part of the movement is where governments, like Canada, are prepared to jail people for showing animosity to transgenders. Truly, there is insanity breaking upon the liberals. They have proudly wandered so far from normality that they are now susceptible to chronic insanity. We can't know what goes on in their noggins. There is no use trying to make sense of their arguments. Don't even try. Don't get and stay angry. Just ignore them (it's what they dislike), but continue to show that good people oppose that which is disgusting. Continue to argue and teach that which is normal, lest the demons succeed in taking down the masses to their mentalities. The thing they want most is a fight from us so that their movement makes the news repeatedly. They want media attention, which is why I never click a faggot story at Drudge. There is something wrong about Drudge. I am now visiting his page daily in case there are stories for what I'm interested in, but he (and/or his staff) is half a demon himself, by the looks of it.

Below [oops, I forgot to give the video's address] is Putin speaking after his meeting with Trump. He seems sincere, and he's not deviating from his previous stance. He still says that Russia is opposed to American intervention in countries, and still says that he would like a good relationship with the United States. That doesn't sound like aggressive Sovietism to me. There is no hint in his words or attitude for what we might expect from a closet murderer like Stalin. There is no hint in his voice that he's out to be the World Big Cheese on behalf of a dictatorial Russia. I'm not saying that he's absolutely safe from demonic manipulations; any man can be susceptible. But whenever I hear him, I do not see what the American deep state accuses him of.

On the other hand, I fear that the American deep state wants things like transgenderism in our faces, and porn in Muslim nations. Putin once came out to denounce faggotry, then had to back-peddle due to world pressure. That's why I hope the best for Putin, because I think he's at least close to normal. He speaks normal too, though I understand that some of the people in his inner circle may have some dope from the old, Communist system still sticking to their politics. Putin's mistake is to want an alliance with the West. It can only corrupt him. He's wrong to have made a deal this past week with Trump in Syria; the Americans are prepared to stab him in the back after using him.

Youtube media has many types coming forth, some who argue that the pope is the anti-Christ / false Prophet, some who say that Trump is a God-send to defeat the anti-Christ pope, and on-and-on it goes. There are many in youtube media wanting to make a living at it, and so their stories will be hyped. They often trick me, with juicy titles, to click their videos, only to find no substance, or nothing new. There is even one calling itself "Fox Media." It gets worse when youtube brings up many videos of owners I click, for days and days afterward. I once loaded an anti-Nasa video owner (Arthur Sage) who happened to be a flat-earther (I didn't know it at the time), yet even this week, months later, youtube continues to offer me flat-earth videos from others besides the video owner I watched. It gives me the impression that youtube gives junk to its political opponents. Youtube definitely knows to suggest pro-Trump videos, for about 95 percent of all political videos that it suggests are pro-Trump. So, you see, I get flat-earth junk, but what other kind of junk does youtube punish me with just because I don't load pro-Democrat videos? I dislike many pro-Trump video owners, and 90 percent of the videos youtube suggests are those I do not want suggested, but youtube provides no way for us to block out video owners or even individual videos from popping up over and over again. Filthy youtube. It plays nastily. In other words, there are lousy videos that bait me to click, and when I click, youtube brings up a load of videos from the same person. Ouch. On top of this, youtube pretends to be too daft to know that suggesting videos I've already seen is unwelcome. Someone needs to start a much-better video system for normal people.

Here's Lisa Havens, whose apparently trying to make a living on her media: United Nations Surprise! NWO Treaty PASSED: “Peace-On-Earth” or “Pure HELL”… Guess What’s Ahead! It would have been an appropriate title if it just said, "Anti-Nuclear Treaty In the Works," and it warrants no exclamation mark, nor the use of "NWO" because the major nations oppose this treaty. Why is it a surprise that the UN wants an anti-nuclear treaty? The use of "Surprise" in the title is used by many video owners to indicate something new, but there's nothing new in the videos. It a bait tactic.

Lisa takes the side of the nuclear powers that oppose the treaty, even while she says she likes the treaty. Her position, in the name of Jesus, is pure mud. She argues that, since there is a sinister thing such as North Korea, the nuclear powers need to make better and better nuclear bombs. It's exactly the recipe for the man-made side of Armageddon. Lisa, you need to take a different tack on behalf of Jesus. This is the gal that wants NATO strengthened, because Trump does. We know the will of Jesus already: no more weapons that kill. Make real peace. The United States has enough nuclear weapons to act for its defense.

Can't real peace with China be made? It doesn't appear that Trump's administration is after this. Putin is offering himself as a peaceful partner, but the West is throwing dirt into his face. And Lisa exults this attitude. The West desires all the wealth, not wanting to share it with Russia and China. Trump appears poised to start a stand-off with China over some itty-bitty islands off the China coast. Trump is poised to start aggression over the escapades of itty-bitty North Korea. Trump appears poised to start the Cold War over itty-bitty Syria. There is a false scare everywhere from the West, because the West wants excuses to make changes, always intruding, always seeking control. This attitude cropped up EXACTLY after the cold war ended. The true colors of the West thus became exposed, at least to me. The West is now using its nuclear superiority to bully the world into compliance. Why waste a good crisis?

The problem is, there are countless who don't yet recognize what 9-11 was all about. The West is still engaged in that plot. Another problem is that 9-11 was initially exposed largely by liberals, because they hated Bush. They were more prone than Republicans to jumping into the truther movement because it served Democrat politics. But a truth is a truth regardless of who pushes it. Politics aside, the West is engaged in a global program to pattern all nations after a pornographic demonism. It should be clear that the abominations being pushed in Western society are planned for all nations.

The video reveals that Lisa defines the new world order as the UN seeking domination inside the U.S. Many take this position, but this is only one globalist movement. What about the new world order espoused by George Bush Sr? What do we think that was all about? We saw what his son did, and Trump is carrying that torch in ways that Bush Jr. wouldn't have. Trump is willing to take on the anti-West nations that Bush was unwilling to challenge. One step at a time, the purpose is to take down the anti-West nations. But what will replace them?

When you go to a gathering to visit or socialize or speak, do you pass yourself as me-first? "Hey everybody, this is all about me-first." It's a great way to get yourself rejected by all, and this is what Trump has done in Europe. Trump supporters are all banding around this America-first movement. Isn't that rude? Isn't it opposite of the calling of Jesus? Isn't the mother of abominations a me-first woman? She's got the flowing robe, in the hottest color, and she sparkles in jewels that adorn her body. She sits herself down on the hills of global power. What does she care about? Self.

It doesn't matter to me if the EU rejects Trump, and this is a good thing in the sense that it slows EU globalism, but that doesn't make Trump correct for his rude attitude. We need to call a spade a spade, and Trump supporters aren't doing it. They are walking with the pied piper to a rotten place, because a me-first personality is about to fall...because the Law of the Universe demands it. The first will be the last. The American president should reject EU globalism while being an example of humility. That's true greatness. America-first can only be America-alone...a good thing if everyone else is a demon. But if the American government is itself led by a chief demon, then America-alone means that the American people are in for some undesirable things.

What we have is a Trump globalism shaping up, which I think is a CIA globalism versus a UN globalism, though the two can find common ties, we may assume. Certainly, there is no CIA common ground with the UN anti-nuclear treaty above. I don't have any indication that the CIA is not the one seeking to seize the weapons of ordinary Americans. The common idea that the UN seeks it could be disinformation. The American deep state has every reason to disarm American gun owners, and we saw that Obama desired that thing.

The language in the prophecy on the mother of abominations (Revelation 17) has her "fornicating" with godless nations. We get it. We can say that EU globalism is a bed of obscenity, where pornographic Westernism is offered to the rest of the world, including the liberated woman who is a slut when compared to the Biblical woman. And worldly-class men love their liberated women. Not satisfied with the "sexual revolution" that took precedence over the killing of babies spawned by the revolution, the West is now prepared to idolize faggotry and the ancient Greek practice of child sex: Hermes, Aphrodite and Ares. It might take 20 or 30 years to do it, but that's the direction now. The world is filled with normal people who won't buy into child sex, but the West will push this thing using their lessons-learned when pushing faggotry as a good thing. They will train up the next generation to walk in their ways, and we older people have got to combat it.

And when this is observed by the masses, no normal person still left standing will object to God's part in Armageddon. The burning of the weeds will be a thing to celebrate. Normal people, be warned: you are about to be portrayed as worse than nuts. You will become "dangerous."

How shall we define the New World Order? At one time, it seemed evident that the West controlled the UN, but, not anymore. If every nation is a member of the UN, it ceases to be a world order, and becomes a disorder. The members won't be able to agree, and that's not order at all. They didn't call it a "new world agenda." They called it an "order" because it has the air of authority, to order things with people falling in line. But the UN has proved that there can never be a new world order. All we can say is that different parts of the world are in competition to get the upper hand. Globalism as a concept exists, and is desired, but globalism can never exist without force of military arms. God permitted globalism as per the four beasts of Daniel 7, and the final beast -- the revival of the old Roman beast -- will have success for as far as it's described in Revelation 13. It looks like wild success, but, shock, only for 3.5 years. Is that really wild success? And look, the people appear duped in deception by the false-speaking leaders they espouse. It's bad, very bad, disorder. And that cannot last.

There are youtube videos with titles far worse than the one above by Lisa Havens. In fact, hers has only mild bait. It seems that honesty has been sacrificed to the god of money, and that dishonesty is now an expected thing, especially from business people. I hate to agree with liberals, but this world has become a bad place to birth children. The grass-roots liberals were at war with the elite rulers, but it's the grass-roots liberals who destroyed the common, normal people, and the elite meanwhile took on liberal spirituality. How else do we explain that the elite Republicans despised by Democrats love the Bohemian grove? There you have what appears to be two power-demons in competition with one another.

I can tell you this, that the crusade against child porn will give the child pornographers the opportunity to make everyone ask, "is there something secretly delightful about sex with "minors""? Yes, there must be a delightful thing about it, if you're a demon. So, as more people are influenced / filled more-deeply with demons, more people will take to sex with children. This is the New Western Order. When demons have the power to influence actions, we could expect things like the following:

I have no idea whether the video owner has special insights for the claims made, that Western banks are about to seize a large percentage of the peoples' bank accounts, as was done in Cyprus. The new theory toward the cashless society is with the Bitcoin, and for this to succeed, banks need to be a thing of the past. What better way to eliminate banks by making them appear unreliable? In this picture, the video above may be a trick by those desiring the cashless society. The video asks us to take money out of our banks.

At the end of this update:

Israel has voiced its opposition to the Russian-US ceasefire agreement reached by Presidents Putin and Trump at the G20 summit in Hamburg earlier this month.

...According to the prime minister [of Israel], the ceasefire would create the conditions for an Iranian presence in the Syria. Israeli officials have also marked their concern with the fact that the ceasefire agreement closes only a 20 km strip of territory along the Israeli-Syrian border to Iranian forces.

Netanyahu's remarks Sunday were a reiteration of comments he made July 9, when he requested that Russia and the US take account of Israel's interests in Syria. "Israel will welcome the real cessation of hostilities in Syria, but it must not result in the consolidation of the Iranian and its satellites' forces in Syria in general and particularly in Syria's south," he said.

I had wondered how this ceasefire could be made so quickly merely on the sidelines of the G20 meet. There must have been secret things in the works beforehand. I didn't read from others what the agreement fully entailed, but here is Israel claiming that it pertains to a small strip on the Syria-Israeli border.

I assume that the ceasefire is between Assad's forces and the "moderate" rebels. I can't imagine that the United States would demand a ceasefire on ISIS. Why would Israel then complain about benefits to Iran along its border? Does it mean that Iran and Assad get to use the ceasefire to plot things against Israel, or to reinforce their military near the Israeli border? Partly, anyway. It's a Russian article and could be expected to say the following, but it could perhaps be correct: "Speaking to Radio Sputnik, Boris Dolgov, a senior fellow at the Middle East Studies' Center for Arab and Islamic Studies, expressed the view that Israel's reaction to the Russian-US deal was not surprising, and could be explained by the fact that Tel Aviv supports militant groups that both Russia and the US consider to be terrorists." In other words, Israel is pro-ISIS on behalf of that group's desire to defeat the Assad-Iran alliance. But in order to take this view, one is compelled to view the ceasefire as touching upon ISIS too.

In other words, Israel's opposition to the ceasefire may be due to the Americans working the deal out so that no military fire can take place in the area, not even on ISIS. But Israel can't use its airforce in that area either unless the deal specifies what groups can or cannot be attacked. A week earlier, RT wrote: "Meanwhile, the prime minister of Israel, Iran's arch-rival, has also said that Tel Aviv will welcome a ceasefire in Syria, so long as it does not enable an established Iranian military presence in the country." Dolgov above adds:

Israel officially admits [really?] that the militants from these groups receive medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. They explain this via the fact that these militants are fighting against the Hezbollah movement, which Israel considers to be a terrorist group," the analyst added.

Wow. Can it really be true that Israel saves wounded ISIS militants? How can Trump attack ISIS, as promised, while he and his in-laws are friends of Netanyahu? One would rather expect that Trump will attack Assad, and that's exactly what we have seen.

The article ends with Israel's concern about Hezbollah on its border. It assumes that Israel wants the hostilities to continue so that Sunni Syrians can continue to quash the Hezbollah-Iran factor. Makes sense. But this news now carries the Middle-East war to the Israeli border. Will emphasis remain in this area?

Let's assume that captain Baghdadi was a pro-Western and Israeli tool, supported with American / Israeli money to turn the Sunni against Assad. What if the Russian report is true that the Russians killed Baghdadi some weeks ago? That could explain why Reuters, late this past week, came out with a story from a Kurd claiming that Baghdadi was definitely alive (could be a trick). It would be important for this assumed Western-Israeli plan to make the Sunni fighters believe that Baghdadi is still alive, in order to maintain ISIS fighters within the plan. But if ISIS fighters think that Baghdadi is dead, and thus look to a new leader with new plans that are not those of the American-Israeli plans, then we could expect the Reuters story, for Reuters always actively supports the West in this Middle-Eastern onslaught.

So, the possibility is that ISIS is now leaning away from the Israeli will, and may be leaning toward the invasion of Israel. This may not become the case except that Kurds pushed ISIS south, closer to the Israeli border. We may ask: if ISIS can't defeat merely the Iraqi and Kurdish armies, how will it do against Israel? It doesn't appear that the Sunni are in a position, while taking lumps on every side at this time, to plot the invasion of Israel. Something else needs to take place, at this time, anyway.

On July 10, RT gave a political low-down on the deal but without stating its stipulations. And it revealed that the deal was in progress before the G20 meet: "Netanyahu went on to state that he 'had deep discussions about this last week [before the meet] with US Secretary of State Tillerson and with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Both told me that they understand Israel's position and will take our demands into account.'" The entire tenor of this deal promises to end the war fully. It seems to be Putin's hope as well as that of Iran's. It will end the war with Assad surviving, you see, but this victory may explain exactly why Trump has shown readiness to attack Assad on a spur of the moment, just as soon as his military / CIA can fake another chemical attack. At least, this scenario allows us to understand why Russia is for the ceasefire, not to open common ground with Trump so much as to clinch Syria as a pro-Russian satellite.

By the way, the G20 was held in Hamburg, near to where the Trump surname was first found.

The ceasefire pertains to the Syria-Jordanian border, exactly where the Americans want protection from Assad. I'm not fooled by the American desire for this ceasefire, and it would be short-sighted of Putin to think that this war is over from this ceasefire. Russia is now claiming that the Syrian rebels want peace, to return to their normal lives, and for this they want Assad to grant amnesty. We can see where Russia wants to go, not to war. It's Trump that wants the war. It's Tillerson and the CIA who want a pro-American leader in Syria, and horrible war is just dandy for these people for such a score. Trump cries out against killing by chemicals but doesn't mind shooting pieces of metal missiles into bodies, no matter where they end up or how the person suffers while dying. That's because Assad is evil while the Americans are angels. The way in which this war was started, from the launchpad of 9-11, tells me all I need to know about the American spirit within the war.

Another article from Sputnik, on the 17th:

More than 10,000 Syrian militants are ready to enter into the fight against the Jabhat Fatah al Sham terror group (banned in Russia, formerly known as the Nusra Front) alongside the Syrian government’s army, provided that there is Russia’s assistance, Syria’s National Reconciliation Committee head Sheikh Saleh Nuaimi told Sputnik.

...Nuaimi also noted that a group of the so-called moderate armed opposition's commanders, who arrived in Ankara some two weeks ago, were ready for a meeting with the Russian ambassador and military attache in Turkey as soon as Russia agreed to it.

That in itself can explain why the Americans want the ceasefire, to cool this new movement.

Here's from Sputnik on the meeting between Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer: "Natalia Veselnitskaya, the attorney, has this week told US media that this [Magnitsky Act] was the sole subject of the meeting with the Trump campaign, and that she was not acting on behalf of the Russian government, but rather in a private professional capacity. She also said that she never had any intention to discuss Hillary Clinton with Trump Jr. As far as she was concerned, the meeting was only about issues related to the Magnitsky Act." It occurs to us that, if the Russians really were planning to get Trump some "goods" on Clinton, it makes the Russians look like computer hackers, a thing they don't want to look like now, after Democrats have plastered their faces with that very accusation. In other words, the Democrats calculated that, if they continuously accuse the Russians of hacking with a very evil backdrop, the Russians won't dare come out with what evil they know about Hillary.


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