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July 18 - 24, 2017

The White Rabbit Concerns the CFR Chairman!
Peter Peterson of the Council on Foreign Relations Loved Mrs. Cooney
The Pelosi's of Cuneo
The Webb-Goodman Dou Pretend to Get White Rabbit's Thumb Drive

I'm not taking email at this time, here's why. I apologize to all having left email, as I can't even mail to inform you. I may never be able to use the Yahoo email account again.

I've got my eyes peeled this week for more news on White Rabbit. Although I said last week that the Forensicator story started on July 10 (2017), that was the earliest video / article I could find. It turns out that the story was introduced on Sunday, July 9. However, I don't know the time. Seth Rich was murdered July 10, 2016, but he was shot roughly at 4 am on the 10th so that the murder was in full swing earlier on the 9th. The bar he was visiting that night had a manager who signed into the White House (White-House records show) a few days earlier.

This story looks like another tease in the same way that social media was teased this past May on the Seth-Rich death, when the story itself died swiftly without legs. It's important to know who broke this latest story if we want to understand what may be happening. The only reason I'm reporting on it is that I introduced a white-rabbit event, in my life, in early May. I didn't know about Twitter's White Rabbit until July 11, and I re-mentioned my white-rabbit event in the Iraq Update that ended on July 10, not knowing that White Rabbit at Twitter put out Hillary Clinton's emails on the 9th. Isn't that wild? Had this "coincidence" not taken place, I might have disregarded this White-Rabbit-related story as a tease to distract Republicans. All week long, Forensicator has not come out to add to the story, nor has White Rabbit said anything to his readers / viewers. What's going on?

Some say that Disobedient Media broke the story, but maybe not:

As reported on Sunday at The Gateway Pundit website:

A mysterious IT specialist, who goes by the name The Forensicator, published a detailed report that appears to disprove the theory that the DNC was hacked by Russia.

The [almost-29,000] documents were copied [from the DNC computers] on July 5th [2016], five days before Seth Rich [DNC employee] was murdered.

The Forensicator summarized the complex report into 10 bullet points.

The most important aspect about the report is the "estimated speed of transfer (23 MB/s)" at which the documents were copied. It's inconceivable DNC documents could have been copied at such speed from a remote location [implies inside, DNC job).

Disobedient Media reports:

You're going to see "DNC" again. It's the Democrat National Committee, the chiefs of the Democrat Party.

Importantly, the Forensicator concluded that the chance that the files had been accessed and downloaded remotely over the internet were too small to give this idea any serious consideration. He explained that the calculated transfer speeds for the initial copy were much faster than can be supported by an internet connection.

This is extremely significant and completely discredits allegations of Russian hacking...

...The use of a USB drive [the only way to get transfer speeds as fast as 23 MG/s] would also strongly suggest that the person copying the files had physical access to a computer most likely connected to the local DNC network. Indications that the individual used a USB drive to access the information over an internal connection, with time stamps placing the creation of the copies in the East Coast Time Zone, suggest that the individual responsible for initially copying what was eventually published by the Guccifer 2.0 persona under the title “NGP-VAN” was located in the Eastern United States, not Russia.

If the story is false for any reason, it was tailored to make Seth Rich (did not support Hillary's presidential bid) look like he stole the emails. This accusation was the main staple of the Rich revival, this past May, from a large number of websites. Readers need to ask whether my white-rabbit story confirms this White-Rabbit story so that the latter is a true story. I had claimed that my white-rabbit event was about the murder, by the DNC or its chief members, of supreme-court judge Scalia on February 12-13, about four months before the murder of Mr. Rich.

Joe Capone signed into the White House a few days (can't recall exactly) before Seth Rich spent his last night in the bar where Capone was the manager. Capone claims to have been out of town that night. The idea here is that, if Capone signed in four or five days before, it looks like they called him to go see an Obama point man immediately after the DNC discovered Rich's email theft.

Just found the number of days: "Joe Capone, owner of bar, where Seth was last seen alive, was in Oval Office 4 days before the murder!" Someone else writes: "Oh cool he just decided to go on a tour of the East Wing.. that lasted 12 hours. Huh, thought those things only lasted for 45 minutes." Others carry roughly the same story, and it was FOUR DAYS before!

So, yes, it appears that Seth Rich copied an email trove five days before, and that Capone was called immediately to "take care of" Rich. It could appear that Capone was commissioned to work with the murderers, or even to set up the murder.

This latest story doesn't focus on White Rabbit. The Redice article above has the heading, "‘White Rabbit’ Twitter Account Dropped 28,000 Hillary Emails Online". Why did White Rabbit drop these for all to see? Why, after a week, isn't there anything nasty / incriminating to report from within the emails? Will the story just end this way? Waiting...

I want you to look at White Rabbit's logo, in the circle at the webpage below:

Look at the Y-shape under the nose, for this is the symbol in the CUNNingham Coat. And it's the CONN/CAUNE's and Cony surnames that use white coney rabbits. The Cunninghams call their 'Y' a "shakefork," part-code for the Forker variation of Farquhars (first found in Ayrshire, same as Cunninghams). I say that Cunninghams are from Cuneo, named after that place (or vice versa). My mother's Masci bloodline was first found in / beside the Cuneo theater.

Years before introducing my white-rabbit event (search "rabbit" two updates ago for a shortened repeat), I claimed that God called me to find the endtime-related dragon entity through much use of heraldic knowledge (that I came to possess), and finally, I admitted that it was based on the Masci / Massey / Meschin / Muscel bloodline, one of the reasons that God chose me, in particular, to do this work. The more I saw God working in me to produce various revelations, the more it dawned on me that he created events in my youth as clues. In the respect under discussion, I didn't immediately realize that the stairs I walked up, in order to find myself standing over a cage holding white rabbits, was His code for judge Scalia. It wasn't until after writing out reasons that standing over the rabbit cage touched upon the murderer of Scalia. In Italian, "stairs" is "SCALA." My mother is Italian, and her green eyes as well as her Grimaldi maiden name suggest ancestry in the Cuneo area (Grimaldi's were heavily in Genoa).

It could appear that, somewhere down Cunningham history, they took the Y-shape from a rabbit's nose to symbolize their roots in a Conn / Cony bloodline, I now assume. And they were able to use that symbol as a fork in further representing their marital kin, the Forkers (heraldic symbols are legally passed along to marriage partners). The Forkers/Farquhars are said to descent from a FERchart character, father of FERgus, and these surnames have always been suspect with Ferrari's, Fers/FERRATs, etc., and MontFERRAT happens to be smack at Bra. The reason that I climbed the stairs was to touch a bra on the laundry line. My other grandmother is a Ferrari.

The only reason that I entertained the rabbit-cage event (my age nine, maybe eight) as an act of God (to act as codework much later in my life) is that I had, for years previous to last May, been familiar with a Bra location in Cuneo. My friend's parents had a rabbit cage under a small deck / platform (no larger than 4' x 4'), where his mother would climb about four or five steps in order to access the laundry line. One day, their attractive tenant hung a bra on the line within reach on the platform, and I went up there to touch it with my finger. I recall pointing at it. I didn't pet it or have sex with it (didn't yet know what sex was), I just wanted to touch it, as you might imagine of an 8 or 9-year old, for fun (probably on a boring day).

At the risk of sounding far-fetched, I shared this theory with readers, starting in May, just as I was onto the Scalia and Rich murders, which were not normal topics for me. This is the reason that we should want to know more about the White-Rabbit story. It would have been of much-less interest, or much-less a "coincidence," if White Rabbit hit the news last week on some other issue, but it just so happens that he's the one who put out Hillary Clinton's emails. It's exactly down the track of my white-rabbit discussions.

The Cunningham motto is, "Fork OVER fork," and there is an Over surname (Cheshire) said to be from a tenant of Hugh Lupus, uncle of the first Meschin (both ruled Cheshire for the Normans of Normandy). Overs were first found in the same place as Huberts, and the Scalia murder is suspect from a group using St. Hubertus as their symbol. Huberts use a version of the Sale Coat (Cheshire again), and while I've seen a Sale-of-Massy surname, I typically trace Sale's to the Salyes Ligures that likely named Saluzzo in Cuneo. It is now incredible that I was able to clinch, not many months ago, the Clinton Coat with the sharing of the Saluzzo Shield.

On top of this, I trace the Sallett variation of Sale's to the Salto river in Italy, which is part of the solid evidence for tracing to the Durance river of the Salyes Ligures, for the Salto runs beside the Durance-like Turano river. Moreover, Turin is in Piedmont along with Cuneo. My mother and I were in a small town of her birth very near the sources of the Salto. We spent the entire summer there, when I turned 10. I had touched the bra the previous summer, if I'm correct in saying that I was nine at the time. The upper Salto and Turano run across Avezzano, a location that I trace to the Avise/Avison surname beloved in the motto of Kennedys, first found in the same place as Cunninghams. Impressed yet? When I stayed in Italy that summer, it was in the home of a woman with a Masci-Ferrari combination.

I'm going to go on with heraldry, but will not often open new tabs/browsers for you; you'll need to scroll back to this page after clicking a heraldic link, and so, if you roam around from there, try to remember which of the tabs leads back to this page, or you'll lose me. To do your surname explorations, use the Cunningham tab given above, or the new tab I'll open at the Cado link below.

The reason that I'm going on in heraldry is that, yesterday, I had wondered whether the Cage surname applies to the rabbit cage. I didn't have any reason to introduce the Cage surname until now. It started by looking at the Cado/Cadot surname (Brittany, compares with the Dol Coat), as per the "cado" motto term of Forkers. When spotting the Cadel variation of Cado's, it recalled the Caddels/Cadwells (and Blake/Caddells), who share the stag with the Hands (same place as Overs) that are in code with the red hands of the Forker Coat (the Hand surname has three red hands too). Cado's/Cadots/Cadels use three bends in the colors of the bend of Italian Botters, the latter being kin of Cato's/Chattans and Chatans.

The "cadet" motto term of Caddels/Cadwells brought the Cadge variation of Cage's to mind, and there are Cadet/Codet variations of a Coder surname, first found in Brittany along with Cado's/Cadots. So, there you have it, the Cunningham-beloved Forker surname brought us swiftly to Cage's. It's interesting that Cottars come up as "Coder" while sharing a blue Shield with and being first found in the same place as, Clintons

Italian Botters were first found in Lucca, beside Pisa. The latter is where Mosca's were first found whose leopard is in the Crest of Catch's (Botter colors), whom were looked up as per the Cadge variation of Cage's. The similarity between "Mosca" and "Masci" is thus more evidence that the rabbit cage was set up by God to act as evidence that the event was in fact created by Him. As you may realize, God needs to verify to me, first of all, that an event is His doing, and the way he would do so is to show how the items involved have surname links sufficient to be compelling to me. Otherwise, if there are no connections, I'm not going to announce the event at all. Catch's share white scallops with Meschins, and the five scallops at the top of a chevron of Catch's reflect the five crosses of Teague's/MacCAIGE's. The latter surname is highly suspect with the Capone's from the bloodline of Quintus Caepio and Julius Caesar.

Another interesting thing here is that the red Fergus lion was pegged without doubt (with Gallery/Galloway evidence) as that of Sauers, said to be from the Sau river, better known as the SAVA river. Seth Rich was likely killed, not by the two bullets, but by a group under Jack SAVA (or Sava himself), the chief surgeon in the Washington hospital where Rich was brought by ambulance. The Jack-Sava story is online as it relates to John Podesta, the leader of Hillary Clinton's presidential bid, and chief suspect in Rich's murder. The Sava river is suspect with the Shaw surname that is in the motto of the Arms of Ayrshire. The Kyle's of Ayrshire use candleSTICKS as part-code for Sticks who happen to share the three gold garbs of the Avise's beloved in the motto of the Ayrshire Kennedys.

The red Fergus lion is probably the Ross lion as per Ferker, earl of Ross, seen in the Forker/Farquhar write-up. The Sava river's Lesce location is where I traced Leslie's, first found in the same place as Forkers. Leslie's share gold symbols on a blue bend with Overs (recalls "Fork over fork"), and buckles with Caddels. The Blake's were traced to Bled, a location smack beside Lesce, and it just so happens that Blake's have a Caddell variation. Blake's/Caddells share the giant fret with Cattle's, and the fret (uses a MASCLe in its design, code for Masci variations) is the gold symbol on the Over bend. Blake's/Caddells likely use a version of the upright Mosca leopard above.

Recall that Overs were tenants of Hugh Lupus, for his mother was Emma de Conteville, a granddaughter of John de Burgo of Conteville. The Caddell side of Blake's is said to be from Richard be Burgo, "the Red Earl of Ulster," relevant where the flag of Ulster uses a red hand. The Conte's, a branch of Cone's, and likely the reason for "Conteville," share the lion of Lafins/La Fonts that are, along with the Avise's, in the Kennedy motto.

Let's go back to Ferker, earl of Ross, for the Ross clan (Scottish) is said to be from one Andrew. Scottish Andrews happen to use a Coat found with the Lant surname, and Lants were looked up as per the "VigiLANTia NON cadet" motto of Caddels (compare with Chads, Chadwicks and Geddes'), the latter first found beside Ross-shire. The Nons/Nevins were first found in Ayrshire along with Forkers and Cunninghams, and the motto of the Arms of Ayrshire uses "shaw," a Sava suspect. Shaws were first found in the same place as Colts/Cults that are likely sharing the red Caddell stag head.

There are two Vigil surnames that can be in code with "VIGILantia," and "vigilio" is a motto term of axe-using Cannings (Wiltshire) who look traceable to the Axe river (near Wiltshire), probably from the Axius river of Paionia, where I trace Cuneo elements. It's expected that Leavells were on the Axe river.

Caddels were first found in BANFFshire, suspect with the BIENVenu variation of French Biens. Carricks, first found in Ayrshire too, use a "bien" motto term. Carricks trace to Cilicia's Cetis along with Caddel liners. The VENtura variation of Italian Turins can apply to the "Venu" part of Biens, because the Scottish Turins (who definitely trace to Turin of Italy) were first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as Forkers and Over-suspect Leslie's. Rabbit-using Conns were first found in the same place, a great way to identify them with Cunninghams. The Turins were in cahoots with Tarves (Aberdeenshire), where Chives' were first found who share the Mosca and Catch leopard, and who named Chivasso at Turin. These locations are in Piedmont, where Masci's were first found. I trace Cattle's to Cattolica, beside the first-known Maschi's. In fact, Cattolica is between those Maschi's and Fano while "fano" is a motto term of Fiens/Fane's/Vans. The Bien / Vienne surnames can be suspect from the ancient Biaini of Lake Van, location of Mus. The Vienne's use a giant eagle is colors reversed from the same of fret-like Ferte's, a Ferrat-like term that should be closely of the Masci's of Montferrat as they named Ferte-Mace and the Mace's/Maceys thereof.

It's not coincidental that the river from Ferte-Mace goes down to CAEN in the Bessin, the latter location no-doubt named by the line of Quadratilla Bassus. Caens are also Canns, you see, another Kennati > Cuneo suspect.

Turins/Ventura's share the three bends of Cado's in the Forker motto, and, moreover, Turins/Ventura's share a gold fesse with Conns and Conys (compare the latter's Coat to Muscels and Meschins). The Turel variation of this surname is suspect with the Turul hawk in Hungarian legend, for I have identified the Andrew at the root of the Ross' with king Andrew I of Hungary. His Hungarian circle is where Leslie's are known to derive. See the history of Scotland's queen Margaret, wife of Malcolm III, and then see the stags of the Malcolm surname, because stags were made the chief symbol of Hungarian ancestry. The sister of Malcolm III married BARTholomew Leslie, the first-known Hungarian to Scotland, and he's suspect with the BARD surname that shares the gold-on-red boar with the Scottish Turins. You can't argue with the facts, historians.

The bends of Turins/VENturi's are in the colors of the fesse of Fens'/VENNs, and the latter happen to use the same scallops as Catch's. These scallops, along with the Fens/Venn fesse in colors reversed, are used by Cunning-like Kenningtons. It is incredibly interesting here that while I have confidently claimed that Moses was named by the royal Hyksos household after Mus elements from Lake Van, Moses married a Kenite. The Cado's beloved of Forkers use an "amis" motto term while Amis' are also AMOS', and, besides, they share the QUATREfoil with the AYRshire Ayers, probably a code for QUADRatilla or her father, Quadratus. Amis'/Amos are said to be from the Orne river, which is the river alluded to above which goes down to Caen. The Orne was home to Maccabee liners from Avaran Hachorani Maccabee. It's not coincidental that Fame's bring up Fiens/Fane's/Vans while Amis'/Amos' use a "Fama" motto term.

Amis'/Amos' use a "rosa" motto term while Moss'/Mose's (named CHAT Moss) use a "rose" motto term. Rose's lived at Moray and NAIRnshire, beside Ross-shire, and ancient NAIRi were at Lake Van. Rose's are said to be kin of Bosco's while Busca is in Cuneo.

See also that Ross-like Russells use the Meschin scallops, then do a little research on the proto-Hungarian Magyars in the region of Kiev (Ukraine), where the Varangian founders of Mosca-like Moscow were living at the time. Figure in the Meshech, a chief of Gog and Magog, for "MAGYar" could even be a MAGOG term.

The Fens/Venns (share the green Leslie griffin) first came to topic within the last year, when I told a story on my girlfriend, Diane MUSCHAtov (Mus-Catch / Mus-Cato merger?). I kid you not, I had climbed her television antenna to her bedroom WINDOW at night, when her Ukrainian father / mother wouldn't let me see her anymore, and immediately after that I got up on a high privacy FENCE at the front side of her house, and walked along it in protest, which is why I was looking for a fence-like surname, coming to the Fens'/Venns for that reason.

Later, but not much later, the Fens'/Venns would figure into the Macey-related Fien/Finis' and Fien/Fane/Van surnames as per a FINIStere location in Brittany. Earlier, I had linked this Finistere bloodline to Windows (the Italian for "window" is "finestra"), and this theme seemed important, coming to my writings very-shortly before the rabbit-cage event came to mind, which was at the same time (same evening, minutes apart) that a bed-wetting event came to mind. At the very time that my Masci-line mother was chewing me out for urinating my bed (at about age six), a friend of mine (same age) stood up from the back yard like a jack-in-box, peering through the screen of my open bedroom WINDOW, and laughing at me, "Haha, you peed your bed, you peed your bed." How can I forget this? It was awful. Later, I would climb the steps of his rabbit cage.

If you want to know badly enough why I related these events to readers, at the risk of seeming far-fetched, just do a Google search for bedwetters "John Podesta" "'wet works". It was as though something in my bed-wetting event has some link to the murder of Scalia, and I was speaking on Seth Rich soon after speaking on Scalia at the very time that the two childhood experiences came to mind.

Compare the Bienvenu Coat with that of Decks/Daggers (same fleur as Masseys/Maceys) in case God provided a deck at the top of the rabbit cage for making this link. In fact, Turin is near the Ticino/Tessin river, where I trace Decks/Daggers...and Teague-possible Tease's/Tighs and Tease's/Tess'/Tecks. The Teague's are the ones showing a MacCAIGE variation! Decks/Daggers share the squirrel with some Arms of Ayrshire.

Teague's use a Coat like that of Tucks/Tooks/Touque's, and a Touques' surname (with an 's') shares large besants with the Brittany Cadets, a possible branch of the Cadge variation of Cage's. It's a good bet that Tuckers/Tokers (Devon) link to Fens'/Venns (Devon) and Chives', for Chives' were, until recently, said to be first found in Devon. Tuckers//Tokers share the axe (code for Axe river into Devon) with Bienvenu's. The wavy Tucker/Toker bars are in the colors of the wavy Cado bends, and, again, Cado's share three bends in the colors of the three Turin/Ventura bends. But see also the wavy Dol and Ghent bends, for Ghents are from Gaunt while Fiens/Fane's/Vans share the Macey GAUNTlet glove.

Irish Tuckers/Toghers, who share the sea horse with Tuckers/Tokers above, were first found in Tipperary, same as the Kennedys who use the Arms of Carrick. Scottish Kennedys use the Coat of Caddel-like Cassels, and as Caddel liners can be gleaned from Cetis, it's not a coincidence that Kennati priests of mythical Ajax were at Cetis. German Cassels link to the triple chevrons of Bleds and Clare's. Kennedys, first found in the same place as Cunninghams (and Carricks) are expected to be a Cunningham / Cuneo entity. "Teague/TEEGER" traced well to TIGRanes IV, a Maccabee-Herod, and ancestor to the Cetis royals. The "OPtem" motto term of Teague's/Teegers is suspect partly with OPgalli, Tigranes' wife, and partly with Timms/Time's.

It doesn't look like all of the surname / family connections above are coincidental. It appears that God knew what he was doing with a Masci bloodliner at the rabbit cage. As was said, both Lorraine and the tenant who owned the bra were sun-bright blonds, as was Miss Muschatov, and the Blond surname uses a version of the Leavell Coat while Leavells are from Lupus Laevillus, husband of a Cetis royal (Quadratilla Bassus), not to mention that Carricks are from the Charax middle name of Laevillus' son (Proculus) with Quadratilla. The mountains of material I have on this subject can't be repeated here.

There is now reason to tell that I personally witnessed an antenna in the backyard of an old Christian friend. It had fallen on top of the backyard fence. In fact, as I recall it, it may have been on the fence GATE. In any case, we now have two events with antenna and fence, and I even trace the Fien/Fens/VENN surname to the Heneti, whom in myth became the VENeti and were represented by mythical ANTENor, a term much like "antenna." This friend happened to be Paul Smith, who was in a dream that God gave me within the last year or so. I claim that God provided heraldic evidence that the dream was from Him.

Finistere is beside Vannes, where Veneti Celts lived. The mother of Paul Smith is Barbara, and the only-known Barbara surname is said to be from Venice, home of Italian Veneti. Paul's father's name is Peter Smith, the name also of a man seemingly murdered by the Clinton circle about a week ago. The last time I saw Lorraine, which was the first time since we split a year or two earlier, was in a coffee shop while I was seated with Paul alone. She was carrying a child, an event that was solidly resolved (my me) as God's code for the Child surname, from king Childeric, husband of Bassus-liner Basina from Turin-related Thuringia. The point is Peter Smith:

Peter Smith killed himself days after an interview with The Wall Street Journal in which he said he sought out Russian hackers to try to retrieve some 33,000 deleted Clinton emails and pass them to Michael Flynn, then a campaign adviser to Donald Trump.

Fox had that story. We can wonder whether the 29,000 from White Rabbit might include some of those 33,000. Note that "antenna" is much like ANTONIN Scalia. [I didn't know while writing up here that an accomplice of White Rabbit, who goes by "DeFANgo," would show a short video of a white rabbit along a backyard fence. You can see it shortly below. I didn't know up here that God was pointing to Peter Peterson of the Council on Foreign Relations; you must read this update until you get to that point, for you won't be disappointed.]

Between the bed-wetting and bra events, at about age seven as I recall it, and while running across my front lawn, I heard a voice (there were no people around), "Will you live for me?" I was not accustomed to hearing voices in my head, and never did hear other voices, so far as I can recall, in my childhood. But this voice was loud and clear, almost like a person standing there. I was so caught by surprise that I rejected this question, turning Him down. My parents were not evangelicals, and never taught me about living for God. The religious or concept, "Will you live for me," was totally foreign to my mind. I'm trying to make the case that God wants to catch the murders of Seth Rich, perhaps by using me to do it. I have the feeling that this is going to be wild...or at least very good

At age 11, while I awoke repeating, "No, I don't believe in you, God," lightning struck the chimney, scattering bricks on our roof. I was still saying those words consciously for the second time when the lightning struck. My father had moved into a new house maybe two months earlier, beside Bruno. The two men both worked for Shay real-estate company, and Shays are listed with Shaws. Moreover, Bruno's use a bend in colors reversed from that of Overs, and the Bruno bend can be a gold version of the Botter bend, for both surnames were first found in the same general area. Browns use the fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Masci's.

The LAUNDRy line was important as per another event that God caused indicating that a LAUNDRomat was code for LANDER/Landen surname (shares left-rising bend with Masci's, Massena's and Rasmussens). This connection of two events was indicated to me immediately before the rabbit-cage event came to mind, and I was already connecting the laundromat to the laundry LINE as the latter event came to mind. Hmm, the Lants came to topic above, and Line's are also Linds and Lints while it's known that Lindseys, who named Lincolnshire as Lindsey, can connect to the Conys because they were first found in Lincolnshire. Lents use a familiar bend, and were first found in the same place as Cuneo- / Kennati-suspect Cheneys.

Defango Versus the Goodman-Webb Duo

Here's White Rabbit's page for downloading 28,882 emails. White Rabbit claims that these are from Hillary's private server, yet they were downloaded from the DNC computer. Therefore, someone took the pains to gather all her to-the-DNC emails, placing them on one file. Be my guest and read them all, then report back to me what dirt you find. Talk to you in a couple of years, ok? I can tell you this, I'm not reading them. It's 542 MGs of data in ZIP format. Anyone who downloads the emails can become persecuted.!N2YjFCzQ!dP66-Chxpr7jM-KCho04Dw

[The page above loaded as a blank-white page for me on July 31, not very surprising. Another blank page appears for me at!tzolCLhA!5pFP7LMhmbtp3VMhRT9gRg, which is an URL on White Rabbit's page claiming to have some July-5 files.]

I right-clicked the file of 542MG, and asked it to download by the standard (not ZIP) method. It took several minutes for a box to appear asking whether I wanted to open or save it. Should I save it??? Will the Democrat goons be looking for the file in all the world's computers?

In the comments at the page above, Lissy Marie asks, "I don't know if I trust these [files shared by White Rabbit]. Where do they originate? Guccifer was a DNC Scam." She means that Guccifer was used by the DNC to make the Russians look guilty for what Seth Rich did.

White Rabbit responds on the rude side, maybe because he's a Trump lover: "So don't download them. Nobody is holding a gun to your head."

Lissy Marie (dated July 10) responds, "No answer to the question though?"

Clicking to the second post page, it starts at July 12 from White Rabbit, and he throws in 666-like image, saying, "My man .@defango put the #RabbitFiles in a handy collection. Enjoy!" Hmm, did Defango (at Twitter) get asked by White Rabbit to put the emails together? Or did defango do it on his own initiative, then pass them off to White Rabbit. In other words, who originated this open view of Clinton's emails? Defango focuses on the development of the Bitcoin, the logo of which can be suspect as a 666 code (the two thin lines on the Bitcoin logo represent a 6 digit on the Universal Product Code's right half). Down the defango page above, he adds a 19-second video, entitled, "Chasing the White Rabbit," and there's a white rabbit with dark ears along a FENCE, innocent enough. What's the purpose of this video? There is a Chase surname (Cassel branch?) that could be sharing the Fens'/Venn / Leslie griffin head.

Defango apparently believes in aliens, which I regard a hoax of the evolutionary morons over at NASA and the American military. It's my estimation that the military has played coy concerning their alien cover-up, wanting the world to believe in aliens. The military cover-up of aliens can be faked, you see, to make the world take aliens seriously. In the meantime, UFO craft are merely pet projects of the military that may or may not work with efficiency in flight.

I really think people are on the laughable side when they believe that the typical alien creature with big eyes (makes their brains look larger than ours, scaaary) and squeaky-little mouths could possibly be beings evolved on another planet. What are the chances that life in another solar system evolved almost like humans? Forget it, they are tricking you.

Defango was in cahoots with Jason Goodman, not to be confused with H.A. Goodman. Defango and Jason Goodman had a falling out, as can be witnessed in Defango's video below. I don't know these characters. At about 1:40 point, Defango mentions "deep throat, which he alternatively calls "the rabbit or the rabbit's handler." This mystery is new to me, so I'm looking into it right now. Defango (on June 4) tells Jason Goodman and George Webb: "I have 100-percent proof that I have interacted with deep throat before you met him..."

By the way, there happens to be a White Rabbit News at Twitter that doesn't look related to Defango's White Rabbit. Defango looks morally unstable to me, and doesn't add much credibility for the White Rabbit. However, he took great pains to clear himself of the charges from Goodman, and may therefore be the victim, not the aggressor.

At the 2:46 point, Defango talks about "the first message ever sent to George from the rabbit." Apparently, White Rabbit trusted George Webb. I'm going to argue that he's a government agent. Webb and Goodman were involved in the Seth-Rich case this past May.

At 3:35, Defango says, "I just invited you to a conversation with the rabbit...with the person who the rabbit got the files from so that we could all talk about this." As he's inviting the man/men on to his show, it suggests that Defango is the person from whom the rabbit got the files. After saying the above, he reveals his beef with Goodman and/or Webb for calling him a liar, and then trying to take credit from him on who got the emails first. At about the 4-minute point, it sounds as though Defango has proof that he downloaded the material from the person who gave it to the rabbit. But he's not mentioning the person's name. It leaves doubt that White Rabbit got the files from Defango.

It's not fun or rewarding to watch Defango's video, but I put up with its downsides, learning here that Webb / Goodman were seeking to take primary credit for working with the White Rabbit. They are trying to defame Defango, who has another video with Goodman saying that Defango tried to spoof the file. "Email spoofing is the forgery of an email header so that the message appears to have originated from someone or somewhere other than the actual source. Email spoofing is a tactic used in phishing and spam campaigns because people are more likely to open an email when they think it has been sent by a legitimate source. The goal of email spoofing is to get recipients to open, and possibly even respond to, a solicitation." Well, we're not dealing with spam, and no one's trying to sell anything, so "spoofing" as Goodman accuses Defango would seem to mean that Defango tried to take credit for having the files first where in fact Goodman had the files first. Yet Goodman may be trying to falsely muddy the Defango waters so that less viewers will take him seriously. As yet, I haven't seen evidence that Goodman or Webb are attacking the White Rabbit too.

At about the 2:25 point in the video above (June 3), Trish, an associate of Goodman, claims that the rabbit wouldn't give Defango a file. She's trying to discredit Defango. But we saw the White Rabbit above claim (July 12) that he got the emails from Defango. So, Trish and Goodman look like the liars. I've got to reason that the rabbit saw Defango's videos attacking Goodman prior to the the July-12 statement. The rabbit was clearly coming out swinging for Defango. I don't think it's wise for White Rabbit to openly reveal online who his source was, yet Defango seemed to have been willing to reveal that he did give the files to him.

At 2:40, Trish complains that Defango is sharing a "modified version" of her-side file, again seeking to put a bad light on Defango. We can wonder what key thing might be different about it. This could be the first step of the deep state to vilify Defango on behalf of when and if something in the emails becomes a crisis for the DNC.

I wish Defango could cut out the derogatory language, as it makes him seem like a human pimple. Early in the Defango video below (June 3), he says that the rabbit did give Trish the file, and Trish's side later sent it to Goodman, and Goodman says he gave a copy to Defango. Therefore, if anything damaging comes out from the emails, the Goodman side can hope to argue back that Defango fabricated it. By claiming to have the original files, the deep-state (Trish et-al) can claim that the damaging parts were never part of the original files. Defango says here that he had the "pre-Trish" file in original 7-ZIP format, but argues further that she changed the file when sending it two hours later to Goodman and/or others. Defango accuses her because she was supposed to send the file to Wikileaks first of all, and not in an altered file.

If you think it's laughable that any of these guys could be government Intelligence working for the DNC, then you don't know the Seth-Rich story well enough. We should expect the DNC side putting out spies in the pro-Rich camp. That's a no-brainer.

Defango had several videos out around June 3, trying to defend himself, and, a couple of weeks later, George Webb and Jason Goodman break the story of a dirty bomb on a ship (the Memphis) on the Atlantic coast of the United States. I didn't hear of that news, but CNN carried it slightly. This is a head-scratcher story. This makes the duo look like government / DNC workers indeed. In fact, when I watch the videos where the two men present stories with Trish involved, they all-three look like they are acting carefully from a general / topical script.

Someone claims: "Update: the Rabbit is Daniel Patrick Vezina" A nice'a Italian name, but with first two names not often chosen by Italians. The page (June 8) shows that Defango revealed White Rabbit's name as such, but how can anyone explain such a thing? Why would an accomplice reveal the rabbit's identity? Did Defango give a false name to help White Rabbit? It turns out, as we shall see, that the Goodman side may have been the first to reveal the Vezina name. That much I can understand, for I expect the Goodman side to have Intelligence on-side. As for the author of the article, who seems to be in love with the Trish-Goodman team, why is she revealing White Rabbit's name at the risk to his life? I mean, if the only beef between the two sides is who had the original files, it doesn't justify risking the life of White Rabbit. If both sides were really on the same side against the killers of Seth Rich, we wouldn't be seeing this nastiness. But as the author doesn't mind risking the rabbit's life, she comes out smelling like a government spy. The article even says that Trish met the rabbit in Boston, trying to give Trish the credit for the original file(s).

So, for the time being, I've got to trust that White Rabbit is a legit agent hoping to undermine the killers of Seth Rich. The article adds: "'White Rabbit' said he's not an insider. Supposedly Rabbit had downloaded the files from Guccifer 2's Wordpress website before they were deleted last summer." That can't be true because Guccifer is the very symbol of a Russian hacking of the emails, the DNC fabrication. Does the article wish to make Guccifer the origin of the rabbit file? Looks like. And that's what I would expect from the Trish-Goodman duo, if they are deep-state / government / DNC operatives. I therefore do not believe that Trish met White Rabbit, and perhaps White Rabbit never did send her anything.

To prove that the article is a Goodman product, it calls Defango a possible deep-state operative from Crowdstrike, the organization hired by the DNC to fabricate the Guccifer story: "Then a techie (presumably from Crowdstrike, possibly deep-state troll "Defango") muddied the waters by putting out a second set of files [= Trish-and-Goodman accusation] that sent researchers to Kim Dotcom's Megaupload. That same party seems to be manipulating White Rabbit's defamation of Patricia Negron and George Webb." Ahh, here we learn what could be expected, that the rabbit wasn't keen on George Webb after sending him the emails. Above all, we need to listen to White Rabbit's side of the story because he holds the upper hand in that the Trish-Webb side admits they got the emails from him. This piece tends to argue for the existence of some cold distance between the rabbit and the Goodman team.

According to the same author, Patricia Negron is Trish, and she's charged as being a Lithuaniuan spy by the other side. I wonder who first exposed Trish as Negron.

The first vcbestor article above just knows so much that no one else knows, as though it's a ground-breaking piece of garbage that the deep-state wants every interested party to run with. "Then Rabbit called Trish and yelled that she'd exposed his identity. She hadn't! She's betrayed no-one! Maybe she'd only misunderstood when the woman said, "If Rabbit's okay then i'm okay." Garbage. This is garbage. Why would anyone reveal this thing while at the same time saying that Trish is frightened for her life, blah blah. It appears from this that "Vezina" was the name first revealed by Trish, or that the Trish team wants the world to falsely believe that the rabbit is Mr. Vezina. In my opinion, the article pretends to know much detail in order to become an authority on the matter, and to thus hijack it for the needs of the deep state. There's only one comment (after the article) to speak of, to date, and it's an attack on Defango.

Here's a video with Goodman and Webb speaking on a bus, with passengers in the background. It looks fully faked, with the passenger actors as part of the production. The video, entitled, "Wabbit Season," is dated July 10, the day that White Rabbit came out with the email trove. So, you see, this bus video was a major attempt to denounce the White-Rabbit story. Keep in mind that this is more than a month after the disagreement with Defango. As usual, Webb seems to be in outer space rather than bang-on topic:

Just after the first-minute mark, Goodman claims that the speed of 23 MG/sec is at the extreme-high level of a flash-drive / USB stick, though this is not true. But even if it is true, so what? The only issue is whether such a stick is available, and it is amply available. Why does Goodman bring the topic up at all? To create doubt in the story? Yes, the DNC wants the story to be a hacking from Guccifer.

In the 4th minute of the video, we find that some Goodman enemies claim that they are sending the email files of concern out stacked with viruses, though I would suggest spyware for obvious reason. Also in the 4th minute, Goodman says he's going to release, today, unfriendly and "sexually-inappropriate" text messages from Vezina to Trish, but these text messages ought to be fabricated, meaning possibly that Vezina is not White Rabbit, but may be on their side as a player in their game. The trick would be to fashion Vezina as though he's White Rabbit, and later, to have Vezina put out messages that damage the White-Rabbit side.

In the 5th minute, Goodman accuses White Rabbit of "posing as a leaker, posing as a whistle blower."" Talk about a cheap shot. Who cares about who the original whistle-blower-leaker was??? Instead of hailing White Rabbit for his courageous decision in leaking the emails, they are taking cheap shots seeking to tarnish the messenger. It is extremely good to know that Goodman and Webb are deep-state / DNC operatives.

In the 5th minute, one can tell that it's Webb's turn to speak the topical script, and this time Goodman takes a back seat to the conversation. Keep in mind that the Hillary emails are not a topic, especially at this time, to speak upon openly on a bus. The two passengers that can be seen are pretending to be asleep, not listening. It figures. How could anyone want to sleep when two guys are speaking into a camera on a bus a few seats to the front??? Forget it, this is theater. The problem that the deep state has here is that it doesn't want to use the major media, because this story is being kept from it. Therefore, the deep state doesn't have a big horn for whatever it's trying to do. May God have the big horn, and may he use it soon.

In the second half of the 9th minute, Goodman interjects and says that White Rabbit and Defango are trying to "undermine this investigation with deception," but, so far, I can't see what damaging thing can come of their "deception," nor do I understand what is meant by "deception." In other words, if Goodman is going to accuse White Rabbit of deceiving, then Goodman needs to provide the purpose, motive or outcome of the deception, or something to substantiate that there is indeed deception taking place. I see nothing but a fake Goodman in this. Webb goes way off-topic, as seems to be his style.

The two both tarnish Seth Rich while they are at it. Then they go back to the rabbit, asking whether he worked for the DNC. Who cares? How can this tarnish the rabbit? In the 28th minute, Goodman again returns to the accusation that White Rabbit is "disseminating crap to people," but fails to explain what the crap is or how the damage is defined. It's an empty accusation. It cannot fool anyone who takes this seriously as an important step in catching the crime ring, and, we hope, God is at the head of the White-Rabbit thrust.

Goodman at 19:45: "Anyone who thinks that Defango or the rabbit tried to help us is either ignoring the facts or doesn't know what they're talking about." This is just not credible coming from someone who truly wants to catch the crime ring, for the rabbit did nothing but release the emails. Where is the harm to "us" in this, Mr. Goodman? Why are you going after the hero on day one??? You had the emails, according to your claim, since the start of June, and so let's ask: did you release the emails to the public??? Why not???????? When will you release your version???????????????????

In the 21st minute, we find that Goodman proposes, or supports, the theory that Seth Rich may still be alive. Webb pipes up and says they both sent for the autopsy report, but were denied. In this picture, the deep state may be advancing another trick, to frame Rich (in the court of public opinion, anyway) as an actor of his death for a sinister cause. [I haven't proof read past this point, sorry for any mistakes.]

The first post on the video page: "I've become more and more disenchanted with this entire channel. Jason has been making enemies with absolutely every single person that has ever tried to help them. I truly do hope that by 'outing' this Rabbit fellow that he has 1000% solid proof of these allegations. It appears that Jason makes everyone his enemy once they 'crowd source'" Most of the posts take a similar position, but nastier too. "Wow. Very very low blow! You guys have turned into two babbling bafoons. Now your doxxing. What are you guys cnn? Remember you reap what you sow..." Well said, here here. But there is yet nastier than that. Post after post, they all call this pair of acting clowns out for a pathetic video. The followers must be dismayed by the torrential downpour.

Just before the 3-minute mark, Goodman reveals the alleged name of White Rabbit, perhaps to cause him some fear. This is the worst thing Goodman could have done for his secret cause because he let out the secret: he's on the deep-state side. At 3:12, Goodman says that White Rabbit "seems to have passed bunk files." Now we know the Goodman-Webb game, obviously. If these men were true truthers, they would NOT have revealed the rabbit's name, obviously, even if they did have his real name.

There is reason to link Avesnes to Comines, two locations in Artois. The Arms of Comines shares the key symbol with the AVESNes-like Vezina surname. The Avison surname shares the Coat of the Comine's. The person to which I trace this picture in Artois' is Eustace II (fathered the first Templar king of Jerusalem), whom I say is represented in myth by a stag (the Eustace's and their stag-like branch, the Staceys, both use stags). In the Paul-Smith dream, an old friend with father from the Ukraine walked up my driveway, leading a sick-looking, skinny stag, itself followed by Paul Smith on crutches. When I walked the fence of Diane Muschatov, whose parents were from the Ukraine, Rick Legge was there, and Legge's happen to use a stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head. The Muschat surname, linkable to "MUSCHATov," is a good reflection of the Keppock surname (shares garbs with Avisons and Comine's), and the old friend with Ukrainian background has a Kepke surname. This latter old friend had hair like that worn now by Donald Trump, and so I viewed the dream as pertaining to Trump but related to the potent-crutch bloodline from the chief / initial Crusaders, and here (below) I can link the Vezina surname (keys) directly to that bloodline.

The Claviere's are said to use keys, and Claviere's were first found in the same place as Bouillons, the surname of a son of Eustace II.

The flag of Templar Jerusalem, known to be owned by Godfrey de Bouillon, uses a potent cross (his Wikipedia article shows this cross on his breast). It's known that the potent cross is a symbol of a crutch. In fact, the Crutch/Crooch surname (see the potent cross of Cross'/Croce's) uses the Smith cross in colors reversed, which is how I know that God gave the dream, but here I can add that while I trace Avisons to "Avezzano", there is an Avezzano surname that shares the potent design on a bend with the Arms of Champagne. It's known that Avesnes in Artois had its elite in marriage with elites in Champagne.

If White Rabbit is Mr. Vezina, then it can add to the evidence that the white-rabbit event in my life pertains to him, if Vezina's were Avezzano liners. Vezina's can be suspect with the namers of the Bessin, and thus with Basina, a Frank queen whom I trace between Quadratus Bassus and the Meschin line which originated in the Bessin. In this way, the White Rabbit can be traced to Masci's of Cuneo. One of the most-outstanding things about Paul Smith is that he built his own, beautiful canoe (it was from a kit), which he destroyed when it came off of his red Jeep while driving along. I want to say that a canoe-like surname can be from Caen of the Bessin and/or Cuneo. Some 25 years after the canoe was destroyed, I happened to purchase a red Jeep, and there is a Jeepma surname that shares the white Zionist star of Goths/Gothels. This looks meaningful where Gothelo was the father of Godfrey III the Bearded, the grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon. Paul Smith wore a heavy beard. Again: the flag of Templar Jerusalem, known to be owned by Godfrey de Bouillon, uses a potent cross, and while it's known that the potent cross is a symbol of a crutch, Paul Smith was on crutches in my dream. Again, the first king of Templar Jerusalem was de-Bouillon's brother. There are many writers online who claim that the Templars because the international bankers. Why a red Jeep? Perhaps for the red Shield of Bouillons / Cano's and their kin.

Basina (5th century) was from Thuringia, and that's where the Tall surname was first found that once showed the same bees as the Bessin surname. The tomb / casket of Basina's husband had gold bees. Bessins were first found in Cheshire, where Ranulph le Meschin (from the Bessin) ruled who was moreover descended from the Conteville's of Comines. Le Meschin married Miss TAILLebois, making her suspect with the Talls. It appears that the Paul-Smith dream is a revelation that end-times wickedness in high places stems from the Templars. Yet God seems to be indicating, through my work, the Masci bloodline in particular.

Basina's son, Clovis, is said to be the origin of the Frank fleur-de-lys, in the colors used for it by Masci's. The latter's Coat is a version of the Massena Coat, itself using a bend very linkable to the Tall bend. The Petersons were first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as Turins/Thurins, and while the Peterson Coat is suspect with that of Pattys/Pati's, Massena's use the patee cross as code for Patti in Messina. The Tall bend is in the colors of two Peter bends. While English Patents/Pattens use the green griffin head of the Aberdeenshire Leslie's, Scottish Patents/Paddons use a version of the Bessin Coat.

Here's George Webb interviewed in a video: "The spiraling rabbit hole of the Seth Rich Murder - With George Webb". The first thing Webb talks on (at the 2-minute point) is stairs going up to a deck / platform. Amazing coincidence. I can't take listening to Webb. I can't get anything of value from him. I stopped listening in the 6th minute; don't bother even going that far, unless you have time on your hands.

Question: did God have me climb steps to a deck in order to point the finger to George Webb, or his bosses? Here's the Goodman-Webb duo interviewing (video out June 5) Rod Wheeler, the one who revived the Seth Rich story in May. Wheeler came on fast, and exited just as fast as soon as Rich's parents asked him to hush up. The productive part of the video is as the 11:00 point nears, where Wheeler (private investigator) was denied the autopsy report, which he says is rare. At the 14:00 point, more valuable info, the Wheeler would like to publicize all that he has, but Rich's family won't allow it.

I don't know whether Wheeler knows that Webb and Howard are fakes. At 15:45, Wheeler says he doesn't know who the attending physician is, but may be lying. Goodman asks him these key questions suddenly, "Did you speak to the attending physician at all,? and "Do you know who that was?" Wheeler seems a slight-bit subdued and answers, "No, and "No I don't." Anyone who knows this story knows that Rich was murdered by the attending physician. As the duo press Wheeler about this topic, even mentioning Dr. Sava, Wheeler acts dumb, "I have no idea." The duo want to know whether Wheeler is onto the murder at the hospital, but Wheeler denies them. Actually, ther duo can see that he's lying.

Just before 19:00, Wheeler talks on a former FBI guy's claim to a female Fox reporter that the DNC emails were from Seth Rich, who then gave them to Wikileaks. Wheeler says that he heard the claim from the reporter, but that he never met the FBI man, nor even knew his name. So, that's like a dead end if either the FBI man or the reporter weren't being truthful. The story then went on Fox, where Hannity interviewed an excited Wheeler. He was excited because the DNC-email leak made so much sense to him, for obvious reasons, to explain the murder. Wheeler then hit a block wall when he called the police, which party proved to be guilty of a cover-up, revealing a deep-state assassination...typical wickedness where police chiefs do the wicked bidding. Shame, Washington, great shame. Your great country is infested with human rot, starting with you.

The duo then (26:35) bring in their Russia-hacking narrative, though they play on someone else's so as not to appear that they are pushing it, and Wheeler doesn't like this tactic. Webb brings this up, and it concerns some Russian spy program able to decipher that DNC data went to the Clinton Foundation on July 7, 2016, a couple of days before Rich was killed. It give's the duo's viewers the impression that Seth was not necessarily the leaker, and it plays well to CNN's version of the Wikileaks leak by the Russians. Why would Webb bring this Russian involvement up when it's roundly understood by truthers that the DNC faked the Russian-hacking? It's what we could expect from two fake truthers. It can't be spiritually constructive for people to agree to being deceptive.

Nearing 33:00, Wheeler said that he told the nation, on the air, that he thinks he's uncovering a crime ring above and beyond the murderer of Seth Rich. That's not wise, and he needs God's protection for that.

We can see here how fake truthers can interview their enemy to pry info out of him/her. Wheeler herein gets his opportunity to tell his story, after Fox defamed him, and he seems like he could be working this case still apart from the parents. After 25:00, the duo ask him concerning Joe Capone, but Wheeler says nothing.

I'll go over another video of the duo later in this update, where they pretend to download the rabbit files (for the world to see) on the same day (June 1) that Trish supposedly acquired the files.

I Bump into a Peterson Suspect Here - Must Read

Coffee break, time for a little laugh, especially at the end:

Here's some good news:

The White House and the Central Intelligence Agency have declined to comment on reports that president Donald Trump has decided to end the CIA's covert program of arming the so-called moderate rebels in Syria.

On Wednesday [July 18], US officials told the Washington Post (WP) and Reuters that Trump has decided to put an end to the covert CIA plan which began arming and training the so-called moderate Syrian rebels in 2013.

Authorized by President Barack Obama, the secret Timber Sycamore weapons supply and training initiative has served as the backbone of Washington’s strategy to topple the Syrian President Bashar Assad.

...Without sharing the details of the program’s demise, the unnamed US officials claimed that Timber Sycamore would be phased out over a period of months. The WP report also said the decision to end the operation is being supported by the Jordanians, where some of the CIA training has been taken place.

Just before finding this, I was wondering why all has been quiet on the Syria front, and, in the meantime, there hasn't been another wacky / faked terror act lately. This news comes just after Trump met Putin. Maybe the two are in love. Maybe not. The article goes on to say: "The Reuters report notes that the US will continue to support select Syrian rebel groups with airstrikes and guidance as part of a separate effort." "Select" Syrian rebels? Is this the under-Trump CIA quitting an old tactic against Assad and starting a new one?

Let's face it. Trump had this agreement with Putin hashed out before the summit. In the ropes of the summit, Trump was breathing ugly against Putin even while he knew that he was granting him this terrific gift. Putin has long wanted this CIA program doused. And here Trump gave it to him. So, it's possible that Trump's rough talk against Putin was a deceptive smoke screen (to make hawks happy) to hide his desire to start a Middle-East partnership with him. Netanyahu can't like this.

It's possible that Trump has been listening to messages akin to mine, deciding that the CIA which wants his helping hand in Syria is using its own hand to destroy the president. Tillerson can't be happy. Trump is at this time warning the acting FBI chief not to look into his financial / business affairs for dirt on Russia. Mueller has stated that he wants to. By now, Trump should know that the FBI has already spied on him in ways that would make him murderous. Trump can't be naive about his being spied on from every direction by an octopus.

There has got to be a plot against his life, and probably more than one option, at a later date, especially if the Trump choice for FBI chief goes after Hillary. Sooner or later, the media won't be able to ignore an assassination by the Clintonites when it gets closer up the scale to Trump. So far, Trump has not spoken out against the "suicides" of recent victims, but Trump needs to care about this, or, for all I care, let Trump be assassinated, good riddance. If the president allows the Clinton circle to murder without raising a peep, good riddance. The president cannot let this happen in his country. He needs to secure himself and his family, and announce to the country openly that he's going after the Clintons. You just watch half or three-quarters of the country help Trump with the greatest zeal they have ever shown for any mission.

It is not mission impossible to send the rats to their death traps, when you have the presidency and the Congress. Media bosses might even betray the Clintons. The first thing, arrest the Clintons and ask the judge to refuse bail. In the meantime, expose what that circle did to Scalia as reason to refuse bail. Then get Wray to wire tap all Clintonite suspects in an emergency situation. What will the rats do? It will be their war when they call it, but they are greatly outnumbered, and moreover they won't have legal use of the police and military. Trump does. Trump can have the military leaderships changed on a dime if any of the chiefs wish to support the Clinton side. What better way to cleanse the swamp but by forcing the swamp to declare an illegal war, then ousting those government employees who take the DNC side. Trump will have all the sympathy. But if Trump doesn't start the animosity, the rats will continue to nibble away at him.

If Trump is careful to respect God, he will have His help too, likely, because there is no one more than God who wants to punish Democrats, especially now that they are seeking ways to persecute Christians.

The FBI, this week, has released 7,000 emails from Anthony Weiner. This is the clown who received dozens and dozens of thousands of Hillary / State-Department emails. They sent it to Weiner's computer, a complete mystery because no one, including Comey, is talking about a reasonable reason for this transfer. What business is State-Department business that of Weiner's? Hillary can be arrested on this one thing alone. I suggest that Weiner was commissioned to transfer State-Department business to a higher up(s) i.e. the deep state wishing to monitor and control Obama's foreign agenda. The very reason that Hillary got a private server is because she knew her agenda was illegal. Obviously.

The FBI and others may be releasing emails now because White Rabbit did so, meaning that it world only look bad if the FBI didn't release them too. The White Rabbit trove might even peg the FBI as worthy of criminal investigation. Closed investigations are ongoing as we speak, and the list of people involved in unmasking Trump is growing.

I missed the following story last week concerning a death-bed confession of a CIA operative that blew up New York's Building 7 on 9-11. He reportedly says that the plot was in the works for a few years prior to 9-11 (2001), which puts it in Bill Clinton's final four-year term. Mr. Howard maybe couldn't die to meet God without confessing this, but it needs to be confirmed that these are his words. They are amazing if they are his words. The problem is, social media can be as fake as mainline media. One just never knows because both political sides have dishonest representatives.

If you understand the impossibility of landing men on the moon, see this video that has Trump's space guy in focus, asking what sorts of moneys the Trump circle is gearing up to steal from the American people on the next NASA hoax-project. This direction is dismal for Trump, and it makes me think he's now entering a criminal mindset. This entire video is based on lies, a thought-out propaganda spectacle to sell the public on the next expensive NASA hoax. Trump knows that men did not land on the moon. The elite all know it by now. The evidence is overwhelming and common online. America is a lie altogether, the entire ruling elite is nothing but a contraption ready for the junk yard. Trump knows the country is badly in debt, and here he wants to spend more money on less than zero???

The fact is, the space race unto superiority is a boon to military strategy against Russia / China. That's all the Apollo space race was all about, a hoax to convince the world that the USA had technological wizardry which it in fact did not have. Is this where Trump wants to re-bring the nation? Is this his idea of make America great again?

Here's the Canadian prime minister walking into a G20 affair, and he's clearly looking for Trump. He finds him, goes over close, hopes to start something with him, then gets snubbed by Trump. Meanwhile, Trudeau tells his liberal voters he doesn't like Trump, because they don't. And Trudeau wants an alliance with the Clintons. His government just announced a grant of $20 million (not 241.5M) for a Clinton Foundation organ (Family Planning Summit), much or all of it for women's / reproductive issues (read abortion et-al).

No one in the comments section of the video page likes Trudeau. I regret the people using derogatory language as though common. As you know, it's everywhere now, and, as you can see, conservatives use their share of it. It's not more manly to use derogatory language. The comments are all chiding Trudeau for being a little boy, and yet the comments are often childish with that language. My position is that Trudeau should never have become the prime minister, not just because he doesn't deserve the job, but because the extremist liberals elected their strange man seeking the toppling of God. Trudeau can't accomplish anything good because of his life choices. In the video, he thought to waltz in and start up a world-renown friendship with Trump because it puts him (Trudeau) in the limelight, such a hypocrite. If I were the prime minister in that hall, the last person I would have wanted to speak with is Trump. I would have looked for a kinder face. Trudeau walks in and lines it straight for Trump, not looking at anyone else as he walks by the many, there's just not a second to waste on those others. What does this mean? What does the son of a leading humanist (read anti-Christian) want with Trump? He this man a humanist too?

If we thought that Trump was the first president in a long time to be chosen outside the will and hopes of the Council on Foreign Policy, that theory was killed when Trump chose a CFR man, HR McMaster, as his national security advisor. Not all at CFR are in agreement, but, still, this is reason to question Trump's Middle-East agenda, for McMaster had become a king-pin of the Middle-East war. So, it appears that Trump chose a man desired by the CIA et-al. McMaster had replaced Michael Flynn, whom was thought to be ousted using illegal activities by the CIA and/or its partners. Does that smell fine with you? The deep state boots your man out with illegal leaks, then you replace him with a man the deep state desires??? Shame, Donald, your mother would be ashamed.

I don't yet see reason to be optimistic, for Trump may be leaking a false report that he's cancelling a fight against Assad. The truth may be that he wants Russia to think so. Or, he may in fact be cancelling one CIA operation, but why can't we expect another, secret operation, for example, to turn ISIS fighters in "moderates" who then fight Assad with CIA support secretly while the Americans say, "I didn't do it."

The story I'm painting here is from highlighting relevancy in the article below, which says:

When considering how relevant McMaster’s CFR membership may be in his strategic position in the Trump administration, we should examine how closely he adheres to the CFR’s record for advancing internationalism, eradicating national borders, and entangling the United States and other nations into a number of supranational organizations of which the UN is the outstanding, but not the only, example.

In 2006, McMaster joined the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in London as a senior research associate with a mandate to “conduct research to identify opportunities for improved multi-national cooperation and political-military integration in the areas of counterinsurgency, counter-terrorism, and state building," and to devise "better tactics to battle terrorism.”

It's right down the terror-hoax alley, and it's got Bill Clinton's Rhodian fingerprints all over it. It adds the worst: "One would have expected an interventionist, neoconservative CFR member such as John McCain to have appointed a man such as McMaster to his inner circle. McCain, in fact, did express hearty approval of Trump’s pick..." McCain is a CFR member too. No one elects CFR members. The CFR is not under the authority of the president. The CFR can build various mechanisms in which to control a president, starting with the "friendly" to the brutal.

Hmm, "The Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations is composed in total of thirty-six officers. Peter G. PETERSON [caps mine] and David Rockefeller are Directors Emeriti (Chairman Emeritus and Honorary Chairman, respectively)." The Wikipedia page adds,"Co-Chairman of the Board Carla A. HILLS."

And, CAN YOU BELIVE IT: "President Richard N. Haass" The Haass surname (Bavaria) shows nothing but a HARE!

This gives us reason to believe that my being on a rabbit cage at Jerry Peterson's backyard was a message from God to indicate the CFR at this time.

The Hare surname is likely in code with Haass', and the surname could very well be of Hesse. The first Rothschild, suspect by many with the formation of the Bavarian Illuminati, had some beginnings at the mansion of a prince of Hesse-Cassel. The English and Scottish Hare Coats allow us to link it to the Harcourt and Dunham Coats, and it's known that Obama's mother (Ann Dunham) worked for Rockefellers. My theory has always been that Obama corrupted the FBI according to his desires. Harcourts are Danish, and the previous NATO chief (Rasmussen) was a leader of Denmark.

I'm not prepared to link Twitter's White Rabbit to the CFR over this coincidence, but I am compelled to link the CFR to God's message at Peterson's. The suspicion from this point on is that the CFR is behind the murders of Scalia and Seth Rich. In Peter Peterson's Wikipedia article: "Peterson has been named the most influential billionaire in U.S. politics." AND LOOK: "In 1953, he married psychologist Sally HornBOGEN Peterson...The Petersons divorced in 1979. The following year, Peterson married Joan Ganz COONEY, a creator of Sesame Street." Those capitals are mine to indicate a CONEY rabbit!!! I now know that this man is whom God was pointing to. Bogens were basic Bavarians which owned the Arms of Bavaria in Templar / pre-Templar times.

I highlighted CFR co-chairman, Carla A. HILLS (slated to be the next chairman), due to the sleeping-bag dream, where a rider on a motor bike came off a Rhodes-suspect road, down a hill past me, and rode back up again after I picked up a sleeping bag on the hill. The next morning, as I spoke on this, I realized that my black sleeping bag, with red stripe down one side, looked like the robes worn in a photo of members in the International Order of Saint Hubertus. More than 30 of these members, including the ranch owner, John B. Poindexter, were at the ranch where judge Scalia was killed. Poindexter is the one who invited Scalia to the ranch.

I had loaded that photo for the first time roughly (I can't recall exactly) the day of/before the dream. BUT THIS IS INCREDIBLE, for I put this sleeping bag through the LAUNDRY yesterday!!! It's the first time washed in probably more than two years. I was at a laundry line while on the rabbit cage! And I laid the bag out to dry on my DECK! I was on a deck when the rabbit cage was beneath me.

I could point out again that Hills were first found in the same place as red-rabbit Squire's/Squirrels beloved in the squire helmet of Poindexters and Armours (Obama's father-in-law was an Armour on one side). The Decks use the red squirrel too. Plus, it dawns on me here that the Hill fesse is in the colors of the same of Cooney-like Conans, first found in the same place (Tipperary) as Irish Kennedys (more helmets). The rider on the motor bike (looked like an old bike from WW2) had a helmet on, you see, which reminded me of a world-war II Nazi helmet. I'm not making this up now; it was mentioned immediately after the dream.

"Most of [Peterson's charitable] giving has been to his own foundation, The Peter G. Peterson Foundation, which focuses on raising public awareness about long-term fiscal sustainability issues." I'm going to keep that in mind as per those deep-state goons suspect in manipulating the economy, working out a cashless society, etc.

Next. While Jerry Peterson's father was a Jewish Pole, Peter Peterson is from a Greek father with birth surname, PetroPOULos. Carla Hills is now an incumbant to the chairman throne of CFR along with ROBERT RUBIN, a nice Jewish name, first found in Bavaria (i.e. I'm insinuating the Bavarian Illuminati, founded by a Jew), where Rothes' were first found that trace to Rothes castle of Peter Pollock (Pollocks have a Jewish branch).

I capitalized "Robert" because the Rabbit surname claims to derive in "Robert," but I have my doubts. Rabbits may be a Rubin branch, for example. Italian Rubins and Rothschilds/Rothsteins share the eight-pointed star, and there is a Rabin surname that shares the raven with the Bavarian Rothes' and the Peters. I clinched all three Peter surnames at houseofnames from Peter Pollock, the first Pollock, whose father was in Shropshire, where English Rothes' were first found that use a Coat version of Huberts and Hubbards. The latter two were Cheshire elements along with Masci liners, and I suspect that the Rabbits use a version of the Hamon Coat, that latter surname being from Hamon de Masci at DUNHAM-Masci (Cheshire). The antlers in the Hamon Crest link to the same of Cone's and Conte's, the coney-rabbit line, we may assume. Behind their raven, the Rabins happen to use ermines in colors reversed from the so-called "pean" ermine of Hamons, which is code for Payens/Pagans/Peans. Thus, the black boars in the Rabin Coat can trace with the same of Bush's to Cuneo's Busca.

If that's not enough, Scottish Pollocks and Rabins share the brown boar in Crest, and Rabins describe their Crest like so: "On a MURAL crown, charged with three fireballs, a boar's head holding a sword vertically in its mouth." Emailer Pollock investigated Peter Pollock, and found that his daughter or granddaughter (I forget which), whom she called, "Lady Rothes," was MURIEL (or Mariel). The "mural crown" above obviously applies Muriel's Pollock bloodline. Emailer Pollock told me that she (the ancient Muriel) had married Watsons, and Watsons happen to share the Rodham tree stump, indicating that Hillary Rodham is a Rothes liner from Peter Pollock.

Both Muriel surnames can be linked to Pollock>Rothschild liners. One uses the peacock while Peacocks (use peacocks) are known to be a Pollock sept. A peacock is used by Comforts, and emailer Pollock (first name, Mariel) was a Comfort surname on one side. God knows what he's doing in my life on behalf of his revelation right here. Emailer Pollock said that her husband, who had ties to Stanford University (as does the CIA), was murdered. You see. God wants to catch these fiends.

Rabbits are said to have had old Rabace / Rabes variations. There is a separate Rabes/Rabe/Rabl surname (Austria) using the German Rothes Coat! Excellent. The Rabl variation evokes the Ribble river through Lancashire, where Muriels and Nelsons (they're in the Rabbit write-up) were first found.

Jerry's Polish father was married to an Italian woman, Maria. Italian Maria's, which may be of the Muriel bloodline, who look like they have a Coat linkable to Blonds, were first found in Genoa, a major location of Grimaldi's that share the Bag Coat. The lozenges in these Coats can be linked to the bend-wise lozenges in the Arms of Bavaria by first noting the Irish Weirs (Weirs had merged with Masseys). The Bavarian lozenges are called "bendWISE" (in the direction of an heraldic bend) as code for the Weis/Wise and Wies surnames of Bavaria, which are to Adam WEIShaupt, founder of the Bavarian Illuminati at the time (1776) of the first Rothschild, Mayer Bauer. Spanish Maria's use fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the same of Muriels, and there is even a Spanish Muriel surname.

God verified to me that the Blond surname was part of His disclosures to me concerning Lorraine. This disclosure was before the blond tenant at Jerry Peterson's place came to mind, who owned the bra on the laundry line that I touched while over the rabbit cage. I reported on meeting Lorraine in front of a Greek restaurant because I felt that everything about my meeting her there was code for something. Peter Peterson of the CFR is a Greek; might he apply to Lorraine codes. Note that the Arms of Lorraine (France), and the Lorraine surname, use the Piast eagle because the Pole, Mieszko II, married Richeza of Lorraine. I always link Lorraine (the location) to bra-like bars of Bar-le-Duc (in Lorraine). The Road surname, suspect in the sleeping-bag dream, uses a sideways version of an eagle that can be the Piast / Lorraine eagle.

I had seen Lorraine a couple of times while sitting in the Greek restaurant (actually, it was a typical diner -- no Greek theme -- with a Greek owner). "[Peter] Peterson was born in Greece and came to America at 17 years of age, the son of Venet and George Peterson, Greek immigrants. His father opened and ran a diner in 1923 after changing his name from Georgios Petropoulos." Note how "Venet" is like "Veneti."

I got to know the diner's owner (Jimmy) well, and ended up renovating his restaurant bathroom at the time I was spotting Lorraine out the front glass (waiting at the bus stop). She was attractive to me. One day, while riding my bike, I saw her at the same bus stop, and rode over to introduce myself. I asked her out, and suggested that we meet at the laundromat that evening. That's how I feel that God connected codes involving her to the laundry line at the rabbit cage. It was incredible to find, later, that the pale bars of laundry-suspect Landers are shared by LANGleys, for Langhe is a location smack beside Bra. This is an excellent example of how I'm convinced by God that he was fashioning the items in my life for the purpose of making this revelation today.

I'm noting that the Langdons/Landons use a reflection of the Rabbit Coat.

If I recall correctly, Obama's mother's mother was Miss Payne, and Payne's/Paine's come up as "panes," while the pansy in the Coney/Cony Crest is a Payen/Pagan branch that lists "Panse/PANTZer." I claimed that Lorraine's white PANTS were part of the revelation, and her bus stop was all about the Paioni. The Pence surname, now acting as Trump's vice-president, is listed with the Penns, who use Arundel-representing roundels. There is a Pense/Pinsent surname suspect with the Piast / Lorraine eagle, and with the Panico/Pane/Panetta surname.

The Pense/Pinsent write-up traces to Burton Pynsent House, built for William Pitt, first earl of Chatham. Chathams (roundels) were first found in Lancashire along with Chadwicks and Chadocks, Cetis liners. Then, from the article shared above on the CFR:

There are several disturbing phrases (e.g., “multi-national cooperation,” “political-military integration”) found in that description of McMaster’s mandate — along with his association with the IISS [evokes ISIS], which has a decidedly internationalist bent. For example, a newsletter posted by the Royal Institute of International Affairs (commonly known as Chatham House), which has long been a type of “sister” counterpart to the CFR in Britain...

It seems incredible that Chatham House would invite the chairman of the IISS to co-chair a plenary session if both organizations’ objectives were not compatible. As for cooperation between Chatham House and the CFR, the two groups have a long history together, ever since both were founded after World War I. Chatham House started as the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London in 1920 and the CFR was founded in New York in 1921.

Jerry Peterson's blond tenant lived in the basement. I can recall being down there many times (before she moved in), but the only thing that sticks to my memory in that basement is the tiny billiard table (kid size, about three/four feet long). The Billiard and Hilliard surnames are a branch of Billets while Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe. The Clintons (Saluzzo / Clun Shield) had merged with a line from Cuneo's Saluzzo when the FitzAlans of Clun (Shropshire) and/or Arundel married Alice of Saluzzo. Peter Pollock's father had served as a knight under the Shropshire Alans, and the SLEEPing bag was part-code for the Sleeps, first found in Shropshire, which place is also called, sleep-like Salop.

The Alans show Coats linkable to both Gore Coats, and then there's a third Gore/Gower Coat that shares the black flory cross with Nelsons in the rabbit write-up. This cross is almost the so-called moline cross of Chives', and the moline has arms identical to the tops of rooks (used by Roke's / Rookbys) that represent Rockefeller lines. Roke's, first found in Oxfordshire along with the first-known Clintons, use the raven too. It's known that a daughter of an elite family in proto-Rockefeller Roquefeuil (in Roussillon) married nearby Henri IV of Rodez, the line likely to Cecil-Rhodes globalism...that furnished the Rhodes Scholarships to which Bill Clinton belongs. No one can apply to be a Rhodes Scholar; it's by invitation only, same as CFR membership.

The Hills surname can be a branch of Hillarys who in-turn use the six Clinton fitchees. These fitchees are those of Tarves', kin of Chives' from Chivasso on the north side of Cuneo. Moreover, Alice of Saluzzo was the daughter of Luisa of Chives-suspect Ceva.

On the one hand, I am very surprised with the brunt of this new revelation: that Peter Peterson and the CFR are central to the White-Rabbit theme. On the other hand, I am not surprised at all that the CFR should be behind political murders. Again, I do not think that White rabbit is a CFR operative, but rather feel that God put those white rabbits under my feet to indicate that the White-Rabbit disclosure of emails has to do with CFR business. When Hillary Clinton had her top-secret data emailed to Weiner, was it Weiner's job to pass the data over to a point man of the CFR? Probably. Hillary, the dirty rat, once said openly that she was under CRF authority. Is that not a dirty rat?

Did the American people elect the CFR? Do Americans chose CFR members? No and no. So why does the CFR get to have the Middle East agenda? Does the CFR really give advice to presidents, or is it more like do-as-I-say-or-else?

Jerry invented the game of fugitive. Whenever a car would come around the corner, he and I were to dive into a ditch before the car lights shone on us. Otherwise, we were dead. And we really did dive into the ditch. He took the name from the television show, The Fugitive, where the government hounded an innocent man. Sound familiar?

If the 666 commercial system is going to be a product of the United States, we could expect the Commerce department to have its fingers upon it. Peter Peterson was a Commerce secretary under Richard Nixon. In fact, he was the secretary in 1972, until February of 1973, which recalls that the global, 666-studded UPC bar code came out in 1973. In the same year, there was a Senior Scholastics magazine (September 20) that introduced the concept of the mark of the beast. It said:

All buying and selling in the program will be done by computer. No currency, no change, no checks. In the program, people would receive a number that had been assigned them tattooed in their wrist or forehead. The number is put on by laser beam and cannot be felt. The number in the body is not seen with the naked eye and is as permanent as your fingerprints. All items of consumer goods will be marked with a computer mark. The computer outlet in the store which picks up the number on the items at the checkstand will also pick up the number in the person’s body and automatically total the price and deduct the amount from the person’s “Special Drawing Rights” account.

It seems clear enough that this sinister tattoo was part of the UPC program. The UPC is the bar code on all store-bought goods. The UPC has been law for a long time, forcing people to use it in order to sell or buy. Note that Revelation 13 has the 666 on the hand or forehead, same as the magazine above, and that no one can buy or sell without it. Obviously, the concept was unpopular. They will need to force it on the resistance, exactly when their money-empires crumble. Do not fear the skincode's prophetic arrival, because it's the special time to lift your head to Jesus.

It's interesting that youtube's White Rabbit shows a black rabbit logo as well as a white one, and the Rabbit surname shows black rabbits. This other White Rabbit produced a demonic-feel video denying that the mark of the beast would be a true mark on the hand or head. Would the Illuminati go to such lengths as faking Christians in media who tell many Biblical truths for the sake of spreading into Christianity an important-to-them lie? Whatever the case about youtube's White Rabbit, caution.

I have been reporting that I was nine years old when on Peterson's rabbit cage. That was in 1966, and so see this on Peter Peterson's wife:

In 1966, Cooney hosted what she called "a little dinner party" at her apartment near Gramercy Park. In attendance was her then-husband Tim Cooney, her boss Lewis Freedman, and Lloyd Morrisett, an executive at the Carnegie Corporation, in which the potential of television to teach young children was discussed. Cooney was chosen to oversee and direct the creation of what eventually became the children's television program Sesame Street...

We can wonder how many Masonic codes went into Sesame-Street characters. At her Wikipedia article, Joan Cooney's mother was Miss Reddon (much like the Rodden/Rodham surname), and Reddons/Reddens were first found in Roquefeuil-suspect Roxburgh, same as the Rutherfords that share the motto term of Roddens/Rodhams. The black Rutherford martlets are likely a version of the black ravens we've been seeing from Rockefeller / Rothschild liners, and Watsons use the black martlets too, important because Maxwells, the mother trunk of Pollocks, were likewise first found in the same place as Maxwells.

The Carpenters, first found in the same place as Rabbits, use the six pale bars of Reddons. In green, these six bars are those of Langleys. The Carpenter chevron can be expected with the same of Watsons, the latter first found in RUTland, where I trace Rodhams/Roddens (share the same bend as Jewish Pollocks). The Rutland and Rutherford surnames both use the so-called "orle" border. The Carpenter-beloved Belli's were first found in Verona while the Verona Coat is a version of the Feller Coat.

I have got to repeat here that, as soon as the event at nine years of age came to mind, not many months ago, I connected it to the white CONEY rabbits of the Cony / Conn surnames (Conys were first found in the same place as Rhodes'). It's clear. God has made it clear to readers, firstly that I'm not crazy, and secondly that He, in events from my youth, was speaking to you, the reader, about the marriage of Joan Cooney to Peter Peterson. Why is God emphasizing this couple?

Petersons were first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as rabbit-using Conns, and both use white on black. The "Nihil" motto term of Conns is for the Nihill variation of Neils, and the latter are suggested for the Nelsons in the Rabbit write-up. It's very likely that the white Peterson lions are those of Tailers and the related Chives' (first found in Aberdeenshire). It's a little interesting that the fat Peterson cross is in the colors of the similar Ganz saltire, for Joan Cooney was born with Ganz surname...from Mr. Ganz (Jewish banker) of Thuringia, where the Tailer-suspect Talls were first found. I have read that Pollocks descended from Clovis, son of Thuringia's Basina.

Uh-oh: "In 1956, after many years of depression, Joan Ganz's father committed suicide at his home in Phoenix." Are you sure, Joan, that the Clinton circle didn't have him murdered for some form of disobedience?

So, Mrs. Cooney was a daughter of a Jewish banker. Recall Defango's "Chasing the White Rabbit" video (19 seconds only), suspect as God's doing to indicate the Chase surname: "[Joan] Cooney served on several committees and corporate boards, including the Mayo Foundation, Chase Manhattan Bank, Johnson & Johnson, and Metropolitan Life Insurance."

Back to Peterson. On the Blackstone group: "Blackstone was founded in 1985 as a mergers and acquisitions boutique by Peter G. Peterson and Stephen A. Schwarzman, who had previously worked together at Lehman Brothers, Kuhn, Loeb Inc." We can expect the mark of the beast from bankers, right?

There is a Jewish Kuhn surname that brings up the same Coat as "Cohen" and "Kagan." It uses the Moray stars and thus links to Peter Pollock at Rothes castle (Moray). Peter built this castle, commissioned by the king, if I recall emailer Pollock's words correctly. I trace Morays/Murrays to Khazars, where "Kagan" should trace. Suddenly, the Jewish priests amongst the Khazars, who acted as priest-kings called, kagans, can be suspect along with Conns, Kennedys etc, with the ancient Kenites/Kenetides married by Moses, a priest-king of Israel...not at all suggesting that the Khazar priests are to be reckoned blessed of God.

The lesser Khazar rulers were called, Begs, perhaps part of the Bag surname. The Biggars are from Khazars of Biharia. There is a Beg surname first found beside Biggar (Lanarkshire) and Moray. The Kuhns share the same chevron as Sions/Sine's, first found in Lanarkshire along with Biggars. The Begs use the letter 'A' on their Shield, and while I can't make sense of it, Langs use "ABCDEF" on their Shield. As Alans are Alengs while Langs share the pelican with the Alan-Stewart line, the Beg 'A' may be code for Alans. Begs could be using the Dillen crescents, and Dillens (same lion as Stewarts) may have formed as D'Allens. Khazars (Huns) lived near the Caucasian Alans (Huns), and "Dol" is suspect with Attila's House of Dulo.

I decided that the LANG letters were code for the LINkletter surname, i.e. Links were a Lang branch. Linkletters (Orkney, beside Biggar-loving Shetland) use the Stewart checks in green, a color of Langleys and Landers/Landens (suspect as a branch of Langdons/Landons). And then there are the bankers, Merrill-LYNCH. Hmm, might Merrils be a Muriel-Pollock line? Yes, the Merrill surname gets the Muriel surname! Lynch's are suspect with a version of the Feller / Verona Coats. French Alans once showed ducks instead of their martlets, and Linkletters (and Ganz's) use ducks.

The following gets very interesting. As I've repeated several times, Lorraine and I left the laundromat that first evening. I can't recall a thing we did that evening, besides the best kiss I ever had at a picnic table in the park. I might reason that asking a beautiful woman to a laundromat is what all the guys ought to do because it puts women in their own element. But, no, I think that great kiss was to make me remember it, in order to associate the Kiss surname with the laundromat code. The Kiss surname not only shares the red rooster with the Cocks that in-turn share the Bag lozenges, but the Blackstone's, first found in the same place as Langleys, use the red rooster too. The Langleys are the ones with the Lander pale bars, most-excellent if one can make a Blackstone link to Langleys. By what coincidence was BEGGa a daughter of Pepin of Landen while his son was Grimoald (Mayor of the Palace)?

Another mayor of the palace, Mummolin, was the father of Babon, who in-turn birthed Grimo, explaining why Babcocks use the red rooster too. In other words, by Grimaldi side must be from this circle of surnames as they trace to Grimoald and still earlier to Grimo.

The Cock / Bag lozenges are expected with the Irish Weirs, and then Blackstone's and Langleys were first found at the Wear-river area (i.e. Durham) along with Cone-branch Conte's. So, Lorraine codes link to the coney rabbits at Jerry Peterson's place, and Blackstone Group was founded by Peter Peterson. The Black surname (same place as Conys) shares the red-on-white crescent with Begs, and Blake's are traceable to Bled, suspect with Bleda, Attila's brother. I have been convinced that Attila's Huns in league with Alan Huns were ancestral to the Khazars. Bled is near Emona on the map below, which traced well to "Mons" of Hainaut (Belgiam) because a Bohemian queen had family near Emona while being a part of the bloodline of elite Hainaut (I forget her name and the deatils).

It's notable that the Love/Luff bars are linkable to the near-same of Musts/Mousquette's, both first found in the same place as similar-bar Carpenters and Rabbits. First of all, Carpenters can be suspect from the Carpathian mountains, location of Biharia and the Mures-river Khazars. Secondly, Rabbits use a good reflection of the Langdon/Landon Coat, itself looking linkable to the Quade and Waleran Coats, two surnames that trace with Blonds to Quadratilla Bassus and Lupus Laevillus. The latter's mother, I insist, whose name was Vibia, from a Vibius family, produced the Bibo/Bible surname that has the red Kiss rooster on a CUSHion (Kiss' are a branch of Cush's). So, you see, the codes around my Lorraine blond work to produce Illuminati ancestry from Laevillus, and Love's/Luffs (almost the Leavell bars) not only may be a Laevillus line, but are expected as a Loeb branch, for the red Love/Luff lion heads are in the Lobe/Loeb Crest, no guff. Lobe's/Loebs (same place as English Stewarts) must be sharing the English-Stewart / Dillen lion.

The first Rothschild was the son of a banker in the mid 1700s, and lived in Frankfurt. "Kuhn, Loeb & Co. was a bulge bracket investment bank founded in 1867 by Abraham Kuhn (b. June 20, 1819, d. May 30, 1892 in Frankfurt, Darmstadt) and Solomon Loeb." Nearing the second world war, Loeb's merged with Rhoades and Company at Wall Street. One can see why satanists arise and fall in this big-money-making racket. Fools.

Want to see more fools?

In 2008, Peter G Peterson committed $1 billion to create the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, an organization dedicated to addressing economic and fiscal "sustainability challenges that threaten America's future." [they always have a nice frontal face, like a mask]...

In 2010, the foundation launched an annual Washington, D.C. event aimed to draw attention to America’s long-term fiscal issues [pretending to be the doctors of a bad crisis]. The now annual Fiscal Summit brings together top U.S. leaders, such as Bill Clinton, Chris Christie, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, and Patty Murray, to discuss challenges and solutions to U.S. fiscal sustainability.

Question: do they create the financial scare in the first place in order to have recourse for "correcting" it? I don't trust Paul Ryan.

The Hairy Secret of Cuneo

Pelosi's (columns) were first found in Savigliano, in Cuneo province. I didn't know this until now. See the Cuneo map below to see Savigliano smack beside Bra! Saluzzo is on the opposite side of Savigliano. Langhe can be seen on the south of Bra. Busca, not shown, is midway between Savigliano and the city of Cuneo. Let's repeat here that German Cohens/Cons share the Coat of Montferrat-suspect Ferrats/Fers. The Savage's, first found in the same place as Dunham-Masci, use six lions that can connect to the Clinton Coat, for while the Clintons use the Saluzzo Shield, "Savage" looks like SAVIGliano.">

There in the list with Nancy Pelosi is the Murray/Moray surname, but the article later includes Ron PORTman. I trace Porters to Proculus, Laevillus' son, and Portmans were not only first found in the same place as English Leavells, but share the Muriel fleur-de-lys. Moreover, as Muriel Pollock was destined to see her line become a sept of Maxwells, Scottish Leavells were first found in the same place as Maxwells/MAKESwells, whom can be gleaned in the "Make" motto term of Portmans. The same motto uses "heart" while Scottish Harts use the Pollock saltire. I'm, not trying to make evil of any particular individual that I don't know, but I am showing a bloodline trend, however it might be explained.

Back to Nancy Pelosi, for I've found that God named peoples' first names when involved in this revelation. Nancy is a location in Lorraine, location of Bra-possible Bar-le-Duc. I wasn't going to say all that, but then noted the Boves location on the Cuneo map, and looking up the Bovo's/Bovie's, they are said to be from Nancy in Lorraine (but also from neighboring Marne, home of Mummolin, father of Babon). The Arms of Boves shares the white bull with the Pelosi Coat! The Mieszko-related Haughts use the white bull head.

There's also a Boves/Bevis surname with helmets in the colors of the giant helmet of German Helms, and then the English Helms (same place as Arun, the place that named Arundels that married Alice of Saluzzo) share the pheon with the Boves/Bevis Crest. I always link Helms to Sale's (same place as Savage's), and Sale's to Saluzzo. That works. The English Helms were first found in the same place as Mascals.

The Kennedy helmets are coming to mind, but I traced the helmet-using Poindexters to Cuneo's elements. I initially deleted the first sentence of this paragraph; none of this paragraph would have been written had I not found the Bovo surname. The three white Kennedy helmets are in the design of the three Boves/Bevis helmets, and, moreover, Scottish Kennedys share three of the six black-on-white Clinton fitchees. There is a blue sleeve in the Crest of Irish Kennedys that matches the blue sleeve of Coughs/Cuffs (KilKENNY), the latter using the Sale Coat. Kennys happen to share the Muriel / Portman fleur, which can also be the Masci fleur. Porters/Pawters and potters were both first found in the same place as Boves'/Bevis'. The latter may be using a version of the Pilate Coat.

Kennys (Galway) share "floreat" with Browns, and both use the same fleur. It's almost the German-Busch fleur for a good method of linking Kennys to Cuneo's namers. Kennys use a parchMENT (see Mynetts below), and Ments/Manns, first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as white-rabbit Conns and Turins, use a version of the Cony / Conn Coats, and look linkable by their dragon, format and colors to Pendragon-related Dragons/Drainers and Penns/Pence's. Conns and Conys use the colors and format of Mussels/Muscels, and the latter share Pilate-suspect plate's with Penns/Pence's.

Cuneo's Bovis is on or beside the STURa Demonte river, and then STURs (from Manche, same as Masseys) were first found in Hampshire along with Boves'/Bevis', no kidding at all. You see, God has taught me well. No family historian can compete. I've learned the bloodline truths because the reader needs to be assured that "my" message is His. Look out world, God really does live, and He really is mad.

Masci- and Cone-related Hamons are Amens/Hamonds too, and first found in the same place as Massins/Masons and Hamond-like Mynetts/Minute's. The latter use nothing but three helmets. Yep. And they were from Amyntes (Galatia), great-grandfather of Severus Bassus, great-grandfather in turn of Quadratilla. The Mynett helmets are those of Dragons, explaining why the Drake's were also first found in were the Chase's.

There is a question as to whether the Bevis variation is a branch of same-colored, Bavarian Beavers/Bibers/Bieble's, who evoke the Bibo's/Bible's. Why are Bewere's (near Frankfurt) also Bawers? Can Bauers thus trace to Vibia? Bewere's were first found in Rhineland, same as German Bush's/Buschs, and then Busca is right beside Boves. That can explain why Bush's and Rothschilds could have ganged together in Iraq.

In 2010, "The [Peterson] summit featured a keynote speech by President Bill Clinton. Other participants included...Center for American Progress CEO John Podesta..." Like I said, God is mad. Mere childish stupids wishing to "control" the world, to build it unto their own monuments, humanist icons shaped of their own filth, false arrests and murders.

So, why did Peter Peterson succeed David Rockefeller (another banker) as the chief of the Council on Foreign Relations? Did Rockefeller desire this? And what had the agenda of Rockefeller been? Chasing the White Rabbit. "David Rockefeller (June 12, 1915 – March 20, 2017) was an American banker who was chairman and chief executive of Chase Manhattan Corporation." Do we expect Rockefellers to be interested in Middle-East oil? Rock's uncle was Nelson Rockefeller (governor of New York, and vice-president for Ford), the surname in the Rabbit write-up. " The [Chase] bank also is closely associated with and has financed the oil industry, having longstanding connections with its board of directors to the successor companies of Standard Oil, especially Exxon Mobil [Trump's foreign secretary was an Exxon CEO]...It is now called JPMorgan Chase." Hmm. I can't find why my friend was JERRY Peterson. One theory, JP (Morgan).

Emailer Pollock couldn't stop repeating to me her disgust of the Leslie's that stole all Pollock lands my marriage. She would gripe about the evil Leslie's whose ambitions were to gobble others up. These Leslie's came into the Pollock field shortly after Muriel Pollock, or even with her daughter (I just can't recall exactly). The green Leslie griffin is in the Crest of Chase's, and the Case's share buckles on a bend with Leslie's. These surnames could be a branch of Cass'/Cash' and Kiss'/Cush's. As the Arms of Roussillon had been connected to the Arms of Aragon, the Spanish Case's, first found in Aragon, can be connected by their colors to the Arms of Roquefeuil.

English Case's look linkable to Keys/Kays and Stants, both of Yorkshire. Chase's use the key in the mouth / beak of the Leslie griffin. The Case bend with buckles can be that of the Stops/Stubbs too, and while I link them to Stirlings, and Stirlings to Chappes' and Guiscards, and therefore to Ottone's and Ottone Visconti, note that he ruled in Milan, the Lombardy capital, for Italian Case's were first found in Lombardy.

The "jungit" motto term of the English Case's reminds that Waterfords share the Cass / Kiss Coat while Jungs/Youngs share a white-on-blue stag with an Arms of Waterford. Just compare the tall chevron in that Arms with the Chappes and Ottone chevron. Then, while the same Arms of Waterford uses a "Deise" motto term for its neighboring Deise region, the Deise surname, first found in Suffolk with its Diss location, is also "Diss/Dice," which should explain the "DIStantia" motto term of English Case's. The English Chase's are even said to have ruled Winchester, the city of Saer de Quincy. Visconti titles went to Sforza's, and the Sforza lion holds a quince as code for the Quince's/Quincys.

Chappes' are suspect from Quince-liner QUINTus Caepio, and Quintano's use three dice all showing the '6'. Was that deliberate to indicate a 666? Quintano's came up initially as per that surname married by a royal Grimaldi styled "de Massy." It was possible to trace this Massy barony to the Massy barony of Ireland's Dublin, beside Waterford. Quince's use mascles. Visconti's named Massino-Visconti (in Piedmont, at Lombardy border) with Massins / Massena's, we may gather.

I'd like to go back to Blackstone, the surname. For this I need to repeat from above: "...but the Blackstone's, first found in the same place as Langleys, use the red rooster too. The Langleys are the ones with the Lander pale bars, most-excellent if one can make a Blackstone link to Langleys. By what coincidence was BEGGa a daughter of Pepin of Landen while his son was Grimoald (Mayor of the Palace)? Another mayor of the palace, Mummolin, was the father of Babon, who in-turn birthed Grimo, explaining why Babcocks use the red rooster too. In other words, by Grimaldi side must be from this circle of surnames as they trace to Grimoald and still earlier to Grimo. I was insinuating that Begga named the Bag surname that itself uses the Grimaldi Coat. Blacks (Glass / Gleason / Kyle stars) seem to me to be of Glasgow / Lanarkshire, the location of Begga-like Biggars.

The Black Crest has a lion neither red, brown nor orange, and it looks rust because RUSTs/Roosts share the black-on-white saltire with this particular Black surname. I know that RUSTicus of Lyon (born 455, around the time of Childeric and Basina) connected to Lorraine because the green Lyon lion (color of the Landens/Landers) is in the Lorraine Coat. Besides, Rusticus' great-grandson, Mummolin, was ruler of Chalons-sur-Marne, on the west side of Lorraine. So, you see, the Blacks help to clinch the Blackstone link to Pepin of Landen, himself a mayor of the palace.

Mummolin was a Mayor of the Palace, a position held standardly by Pepins i.e. what the Lander/Lander surname is all about. In fact, that surname shares the Kopple rooster for a trace to the Mieszko mouse tower (at Goplo), and Richeza of Lorraine married Mieszko II. Not all historians trace Richeza's ancestry to Carolingians, but some thought it should be so, and Carolingians are known to descend from Pepin of Landen. That's how my Lorraine can be viewed, in yet another way, as a Sign from God. As I'm a Masci on one side, my being with Lorraine can be a Sign partly of Mieszko and Richeza, especially as my mother is both a Masci and a Grimaldi. Richeza's ancestry (male side) was from rulers of the Maasgau, the Maas-river area of the Netherlands.

I don't know whether it's important, and it may be, but I asked Lorraine out on my 24th birthday. As I said, apart from recalling my meeting her at a particular laundromat, I recall nothing else but our kissing, and Kiss' are a red-rooster line. This tends to convince me that Richeza of Lorraine was from Pepin of Landen's line to the line of Mummolin > Babon > Grimo. When I look at this in connection to the bra-on-laundry line as it pertains to Peter Peterson, I'm noting most of all that he founded Blackstone Group while a Babon/Bavent surname shares two red fesses with Blackstone's.

It just so happens that while Babons/Bavents were first found in the same place as Rabbits, the latter are said to derive in "RadBODE" while BODEgisel was Babon's brother. It could appear that the writer of the Rabbit write-up knew that surname's trace to Mummolin. Note that "BodeGISel" can be a line to the Kiss surname, especially as Kiss' share the same chevron as Rabbits. The write-up claims that "Radbode" is a version of "Robert," but I now suspect a Rat/Raid merger with a Bodegisel line. The "gisel" part of Bodegisel's name was used in other ways as a name in itself, and Kessels happen to share the Kiss / Cass / Rabbit chevron (see Cecil ancestry in Kessels, asking how close the Cecil lions are to the Peterson lions). It could appear that the Chatti namers of Germany's Cassell relate, explaining why Cassels and Rusts share black-on-white fitchee crosses. Mummolin's Chalons-sur-Marne was renamed, CHATILLon, like "Cassel." Black-like Blake's are also Caddells.

I now want to repeat from above while on Robert Rubin (CFR chief):

I capitalized "Robert" because the Rabbit surname claims to derive in "Robert," but I have my doubts. Rabbits may be a Rubin branch, for example. Italian Rubins and Rothschilds/Rothsteins share the eight-pointed star, and there is a Rabin surname that shares the raven with the Bavarian Rothes' and the Peters...Behind their raven [Rab-like term], the Rabins happen to use ermines in colors reversed from the so-called "pean"...Thus, the black boars in the Rabin Coat can trace with the same of Bush's to Cuneo's Busca.

It just so happens that there is a black boar head in the Babon/Bavent Crest, and the latter's Coat is filled with black-on-gold ermine spots, the colors of the Rabin ermine spots. The Bode-like Booths (same place as Bush's) likewise use the black boar. Bode's/Botters were first found in Hampshire, same as RICHESS'/Rich's suspect with Richeza.

French Bode's/Bauds (Italian Botter colors) were first found in Auvergne, the location of Decimus Rusticus of Lyon (before 400 AD), ancestor of the Rusticus of Lyon that was great-grandfather to Mummolin. Without re-explaining it, I trace Bode's/Bauds from their Baut variation to the Bautica/Baltea river (flows into Chivasso), origin of king Baldwin I, brother of Godfrey de Bouillon. Again, Chivasso-liner Chives were first found in Tarves (not far from Rothes of Peter Pollock), and the Tarves surname uses the black-on-white fitchee crosses of Rusts / Cassels. Chives' use a MOLINE cross suspect with "MumMOLIN." Eschyna de Molle was the mother-in-law of Robert Pollock, brother of Peter at Rothes castle.

As was said, Godfrey de Bouillon was the great-grandson of Gothelo, the line to the Goths/Gothels (Bode/Baud / Botter colors), and they happen to share the Zionist star of RADs (Bavaria, same as German Cassels), allowing Rads to be the reason behind "Radbode." Italian Botters are Cato/Chattan kin that can link to the Chatti of Cassel, and thus to Chatillon liners. By what coincidence were Bode's/Botters first found in the same place as Chase's?! We are chasing the rabbit, aren't we? Chase's and Cassels share the key, and Cassels use it in black, the colors of the key in Artois' Comines location. The Arduinici of Ivrea (Bautica river) named Artois, home of king Baldwin I. The "Avise" motto term of key-using (Scottish) Cassels is for the Avise/Avison surname that uses the Comine Coat, and Comines was ruled by CONTEville's, which can explain why Scottish Cassels were first found in the same place as white-rabbit Conys. Chase's are now suspect with a version of the Bouillon cross.

German Bode's/Bohdens (same white-on-blue again) use roses while Rats/Raids were first found in the same place as Bosco-related Rose's, who lived also at the Rothes area. The Bohden variation can suggest BOGdens/Budgens, who are in the colors of Bostens, the latter using the Lyon lion in colors reversed. The Bug-related Rose's (beside the bouget-like Beggs) share the "water bouget" with raven-liner Rolphs/Ralphs, indicating a Rolph connect to Rothes / Peter liners. The Rats/Raids use the Sinclair cross while Rolph = Rollo was a proto-Sinclair Claro. Sinclairs lived at ROSlin near the Keith Catti in HADDington.

AnseGISEL was the husband of Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen (he married Metz, near Chalons-sur-Marne). It's a good way to suspect a Mummolin-line link to Pepin, especially as Ansegisel was the son of a bishop of Metz. "ANSEgisel" can be an Annas liner, for Annas' were first found in the same place as water-bouget Bugs, themselves in the colors of the Bavarian Bogens that are known to have owned the Bavarian lozenges, a blue version of the Grimaldi lozenges. There was a Grimoald of Bavaria that was very linkable to Grimo, but then Begga's brother was also a Grimoald.

Ansegisel was the father of Pepin of Herstal, essentially the start of the royal Carolingians. Repeat: "Clicking to the second post page, it starts at July 12 from White Rabbit, and he throws in 666-like image, saying, 'My man .@defango put the #RabbitFiles in a handy collection. Enjoy!'" Roughly that same design can be seen as a logo of the Carolingians at Ansegisel's article:

This looks big. Compare the Annas Coat (giant white-on-red star) to that of Griims/Gris' (giant-red-on-white star). It makes Annas, the killer of Jesus, suspect with descendants to Ansegisel. The latter's father was ARNolf, like the ARNiss variation of Annas'. The Griim star is red, as are two stars in the Coat of Tease's/Tighs, likewise first found in the same place as Annas'. And the Annas star is in the Tease/Tigh fesse, we may assume. German Tease's/Tess'/Tecks were first found in the same place (Switzerland) as Landens/Landers.

Bugs and Bogens (same place as Rads) are in Rat/Raid colors, perfect because Rats/Raids were first found in the same place as the Rose's sharing the Bug water bouget. So, it appears that we are on the Bodegisel > RADbode line of the Rabbits once again...which I trace to QuadRATus Bassus, a descendant of AMYNTes, suspect with MUNDeric, father of Mummolin. Yes, for Munderic was a son of ARTEMia (daughter of Rusticus) while Amyntes was father to ARTEMidoros.

Quadratus' daughter married Laevillus, himself suspect as a descendant of Joseph Caiaphas (high priest that killed Jesus), who married the daughter of Annas of Israel. I traced "QuadRATUS" to Sub Radice in Thrace, near Cabyle, and the Landen/Lander pale bars are in the colors of the Radice/Radi / Cable checks / fretty. One can tinker around to see why Cable's and Caens link to both Leavell surnames, not ignoring the "citis" term buried in the Caen motto (Quadratus' family ruled Cetis/Citis). Caen is in the Bessin, and the Cable Crest is the erect sword of ancient Bistones (Cyrene) used by the Bessin and Biston (and Mieske) surnames. The Bistones became suspect from the Bessi of Thrace, to the near-west of Sub Radice. The Bessi are suspect with "Bassus," you see, Quadratus' surname. The Bessi are said to have been priests of the Satrae Thracians, whom may have named the Stura river in Cuneo. Sturs share the red fesse with cable's, Caens and Leavells, but the three Stur fesses are in the colors of the two of Babons/Bavents, begging whether "Bavent" is of the Boves location at southern end of the Stura (in Caen-like Cuneo).

Ancient Cabyle (Tonzus river) traces through the Capelli's to the Crest of Bidens/BUTTONS (same place as Bode's/Botters and Richess'), and the Buttons (share red fesse with Cable's) are in code with the BOTONy crosses of Richess'. Capelli's are said to be of Este elements, and Este liners of the Bar kind were in Lorraine. Este's were founded by Azzo, and Richeza's father was Ezzo. The Tonzus-like Tonso surname (compare with Bothwells and Dutch Bode's) uses a shirt with buttons, we get it. Bothwells use the LYNCH Coat, and LINKletters use green-and-black checks, almost the green-and-white of Radice's/Radi's.

It's a little interesting that "Capelli" means "hair" while "Pelosi" can mean "hairy."

The link between Cetis and Thrace was likely touching upon king Cotys of Thrace, and French Cotys/Cotta's share a shield filled with fretty with Cable's and Caens. Cotys was a client king of Julius Caesar, whose mother was Miss Cotta. English Cotys (same erect sword as Cable's) are curiously listed with Archdickens (Decks / Tecks?), and they share three, black chevrons with Levi's.

The mother of queen Margaret of Scotland, Agatha, had mysterious ancestry that has been wildly debated. A new (and unexplained) theory from 2009 is in the Wikipedia article on Richeza of Lorraine (Lotheringia), where she is made Agatha's mother. I've not seen this theory before, but if this is true, then queen Margaret was a Mieszko liner. Amazingly, while Margaret is styled, Margaret of Wessex, the Wessex Saxons used a white wyvern dragon, a symbol in the Richess/Rich Crest!

Plus, Richeza was the mother of Casimir, and this particular part of the Mieszko line was in marital contact with Varangians of Kiev. Queen Margaret had been in exile, with her Wessex father, in Kiev, protected there by the Varangians. Hmm, I traced the Gewisse entity of Wessex to the Kwisa river of Lusatia i.e. at Poland.

Next, I want to repeat from above:

Back to Nancy Pelosi, for I've found that God named peoples' first names when involved in this revelation. Nancy is a location in Lorraine, location of Bra-possible Bar-le-Duc. I wasn't going to say all that, but then noted the Boves location on the Cuneo map, and looking up the Bovo's/Bovie's, they are said to be from Nancy in Lorraine (but also from neighboring Marne, home of Mummolin, father of Babon). The Arms of Boves shares the white bull with the Pelosi Coat! The Mieszko-related Haughts use the white bull head.

One of the ways to link Haughts (same place as Dunham-Masci) to Mieszko's is where the Mieske surname, the one with the erect sword above, has a black bull. I always link it to the bull of Cole's, first found in Cornwall along with Bude's and Cotys'/Archdickens, and the latter are one of the surnames with the Mieske sword. Secondly, Mieszko I had a daughter, Sigrid the HAUGHty. One can link this black bull to the same of Walerans (Devon, same as Cotys'/Archdickens), the known Leavell line. And the point to all this is the columns in the Pelosi Coat, for Columns are the Malcolms while queen Margaret was wife to Malcolm III. So, if we think that the Pelosi trace to Cuneo has Masci's of a Mieszko kind at it's roots, it may be of Mieszko II and Richeza. The ancient Bistones were in Cyrene, same as the Meshwesh/Mazyes that I trace to king Massena of Numidia (Masci's use a version of the Massena Coat).

Pelle's, by the way, suspect in the Pully/Pullen motto, were first found in the same place as Conys. The Pully motto term is "PalleSCERE," and Schore's (Hamburg) happen to use a column. The motto term is likely code for the Palle(s)/Paul surname, first found in the same place as Pullys, Bush's, and Hillards/Hillars/Billiards. The same motto uses "culpa," code for Culp location of Cope's, in Aberdeenshire, where Cony-branch Conns (yes the tweo uisng coney rabbits) were first found. I trace Culps/Cope's to the COLAPis/Kupa river, very near Lesce, i.e. where Aberdeenshire's Leslie's were.

A Meschin of Cheshire married, if I recall correctly, the family of king Duncan, the line of Malcolm III. This can reveal that the Malcolm stars are the Macey stars. The same Meschin (William, I think it was) who married Duncan's family also had marital relations with Meschins of Skipton, and king Massena had made a strong alliance with Skip-like Scipio, a Roman general. The "petit" motto term of Malcolms must be for Petits, one branch of which was first found in Kent with Massins/Masons, and the other branch first found in Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's (English Messier's were first found in the same place as Conys that use a version of the Meschin Coat, and as Lucy Taillebois, wife of Ranulph le Meschin (from the Bessin), brother, if I recall correctly, of the Meschin that married the Duncan family. Messeys/Messier's use the flag of Mercia, and I think I can now spot Masci-line linkage to queen Margaret via Mercians. In colors reversed (marital unions often resulted in the use of colors reversed), the Messey/Messier saltire is blue, the color of the Malcolm saltire. The Pello's/Pelux's/Pelus (beside Messeys), looked up as per "Pelosi," were found with a saltire in both colors of the Malcolm saltire! Duncans use "Disce," and Hamonds use "DISCrimini."

The Kent Petits can be suspect with the lion of Aures' (Bavaria) lion, for I link king Massena to the Shawia Numidians of Aures. The Column/Malcolm surname was first found beside the MARGy/Mackey surname, suspect for years with queen Margaret (there is also a Mackesy surname listed with Margesons). Margys/Mackeys were first found in Aures-suspect AYRshire, the Arms of which uses a "shaw" motto term. Aures was home to Kenza (wife of Idris of Morocco), a Kent-like term, and Kenneths (share IDRis-like "ITUR" with Shaws) share the stag with Malcolms. The latter's is a red stag head, same as the Celts/Colts that were first found in the same place (Perthshire) as Shaws. The Celts explain to me why Malcolm's ancestry in Duncan was called the DunKELD dynasty. The Polish Casimir surname uses a red antler (owned also by Varangian-like Veringers), suddenly looking linkable to the red Malcolm stag. Another red antler is in the Arms of Spree-Neisse (Lusatia).

Perthshire is named after the Perdrix peak of Mont Pilat, explaining why Celts/Colts use the Pilate pheon in colors reversed. The Pilate's were first found in the same place as Messeys/Messier's, and the Pilotte's, who use the Shaw cups, were first found in Lincolnshire, same as English Messier's. Pelosi's are also Pilati's.

All right, enough ancient history. Where do I now go with this Peterson-Cooney Disclosure? Is this for someone else, so that God might catch the culprits through him/her when he/she reads it? Youtube has videos on CFR, the members of which included many presidents and secretaries of the State Department. Here's a primer on the CFR, which includes Hillary saying that the CFR is going to tell her what to do as a State-department chief:

It appears that the CFR is the most-invisible organization of all the secret societies. But it's not invisible because it uses its visible puppets to announce its agenda left and right. One can feel-out what the agenda is if one tracks its members. They are nothing but men, anyway, and they can be screwed easily when God acts. This is what we are waiting for. Nobody wants a group not elected to spend the peoples' money to do their own business. The CFR is in fact the enemy of the United States, wishing to put it through a mental meat grinder to churn out a new product in line with a globalist ideology.

How many European leaders respect the agenda of the CFR? How many Russians give a hoot? How many Chinese will lay down their lives to support the CFR? In other words, if the CFR thinks it controls the world, it's dreaming. The nastiness of this secret society has a toll on Americans, however, and all that touches upon the country. The way things are going now, American leaders won't want to expose their membership in that cult. Will Trump say anything in opposition to the CFR? Will Trump be its puppet? Isn't it true that it's the CFR versus the American tax-payer? Yes, and that's why the CFR has a public-relations program. But, thanks to the Internet, the tax payer isn't going to swallow the PR campaign, anymore. And the time to expose it seems all but arrived. Let's see how it will fare under pressure.

There needs to be a law. No elected official, and no one appointed by elected officials, is permitted to speak to the CFR unless the entire conversation is recorded and made available to the public immediately, within hours. The public has as much a right to know those conversations as it has the right to know the contents of Hillary's State-Department conversations. The first six minutes of this recent news story (from a pro-Trump atomaton) seems relevant to secret-society gatherings of the globalist kind:

As you can see, Trump met with Tillerson, Mattis and others at an event not covered by the press, much like a Bilderberg meeting. The question is, who put out the video above if the press wasn't permitted to cover it? Trump gets out of his car, climbs the steps, turns toward the street, and utters his victory over ISIS, then goes onside. It could appear that the Trump team plotted this show to deceive the American people into thinking that the meeting was about fighting ISIS. The U.S. has been doing virtually nothing against ISIS since Trump took office. When the Iraqis tell of their success in Mosul, they never applaud the Americans for their "help." The video is also notable for the showing of police people driving by before Trump arrives, sending the signal that he's well protected wherever he goes.

Tillerson, as CEO of Exxon, was a guest speaker with the CFR in an on-the-record session (open to the public). I can only fathom an on-the-record speaking engagement with the CFR if the CFR wants the public to be brainwashed with a public-relations stint that does NOT reflect the hard-core mechanisms of the CFR. The event was on the price of crude oil, which is a topic touching upon world politics rather than merely putting gasoline in your tank. In the hard core, it's about manipulation of Muslim countries, isn't it? But when it's open to the public with soft-core, it's about the tax-payer bravely facing the volatile prices and a fearful economic outlook, and the CFR to the rescue.

Trump replaced the late Antonin Scalia with Neil Gorsuch, a member of the CFR, no guff at all. Who proposed Gorsuch to Trump? When Trump says, "America first," it's intended to look like a bomber across the CFR bow. The voters still haven't got their answer as to whether Trump was faking an anti-global position before being elected. The CFR will simply tell Trump that it has American interests primarily. But these are fat-cat interests, not for Americans on the streets. And Trump is a fat cat who thinks that bettering the economy is to make fat cats richer. Ultimately, that sort of economic strategy helps the CFR. The way to make America better is to work on finding ways to bring prices down so that the ordinary worker can store savings. Shudder, the government doesn't want people saving money, but rather wants them spending all they have. It's better for tax revenue, and Trump wants to brag on how tax revenue is increasing. Fat cats have never been a good thing for the ordinary worker.

Peter Peterson (Republican) was a Commerce secretary. And Trump's pick for Commerce, Wilbur Ross, a banker, was a leader with Rothschild Inc / N M Rothschild & Sons. He started with the Rothschild bankers not long after 1973, and we need to ask whether Peter Peterson was himself a Rothschild pawn. Tell me whether the following smells good to you: "In the 1980s, Donald Trump was in financial trouble because of his casinos in Atlantic City. His three casinos in Atlantic City were under foreclosure threat from lenders. Ross, who was then the Senior Managing Director of Rothschild Inc., represented investors in the casino. Along with Carl Icahn [Cahn liner?], Ross convinced bondholders to strike a deal with Trump that allowed Trump to keep control of the casinos" (Ross' Wikipedia article). We must never forget that a man owning casinos is likely a liberal at heart. Cahns are listed with Jewish Cohens/Kagans.

So, Ross was Trump's friend from way back. And he with Clinton had some Russia-collusion on their hands: "Ross was raised as a Democrat. He served under U.S. President Bill Clinton on the board of the U.S.-Russia Investment Fund." What's that? Who cares? It not of God. It's not even of value. It's globalist junk, Intended for Hell. This is my story, that God is about to whack this thing, and Trump has NOT been God's servant.

Recall when the banks in Cyprus were closing on their customers in what looked like a globalist pilot project for other countries. "Since 2014, Ross has been the vice-chairman of the board of Bank of Cyprus PCL, the largest bank in Cyprus."

Why bring your Commerce chief to the Arabs: "In May 2017, Ross accompanied Trump on his first foreign visit to Saudi Arabia." We can imagine Tillerson on-the-ball about that one. The Americans like to attack world leaders that shoot protesters, but they love Saudi Arabia even while it has found a solution to shooting protesters: "Saudi Arabia banned protesting after the 2011 Arab Spring, and dissenters face the death penalty." Isn't that the same as shooting them? Ahh, America, the hypocrite. And not a wonder, for it listens to the CFR. What does it mean when America keeps Saudi Arabia as its concubine? Illegitimate children come to mind, who are the same as unelected CFR members taking the reigns of power unto themselves.

What business was it of the Bilderberg group to invite James Mattis to one of their affairs? More importantly, why did Mattis attend when asked? Do these finks think that there is a build-up of prestige for attending? What business do fat cats around the globe have with a leader in the American military? Some say that bankers around the world are eager to fund wars. And there is always a lot of mopping up to do in the aftermath of wars, or of going in and seizing the companies that go belly-up due to the wars. Ross himself bought out companies that went belly-up, begging whether Rothschilian fat cats routinely engineer bankruptcies in order to seize companies on-the-cheap.

Trump appointed Gary Cohn, a CFR corporate member, as the director of the National Economic Council. It could appear that Trump as a CFR vision for his make-America-great-again program. Might Cohns be Conns and Conys? John Kerry was born a Jewish Mr. Kohn (or Cohn). Another CFR member, Jim Donovan, is Trump's Deputy Treasury Secretary. This is all on money matters. Robert Lighthizer, Trump's, Trade chief, is a CFR member. It looks like Trump is betraying the people to the CFR. "Linda McMahon, Administrator of the Small Business Administration (CFR corporate member)". It's CFR in all the money-matters positions. "Steve Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury (CFR corporate member)". In the list below, you can see that both the National Security Advisor and its deputy were CFR people chosen by Trump. That looks pathetic. Rex Tillerson is listed as a "corporate member," which I assume means that Exxon is the member so that Tillerson is by extension.

While Trump may wish to drain the Democrat swamp, it appears that he's wading in the CFR swamp. I can tell you exactly what's been happening. Some CFR members informed Trump not to lay hands on the Clintons. But Trump is getting desperate, and is finally starting to listen to tribwatch (kidding): "President Donald Trump embarked on an early-morning Twitter barrage Saturday that...complained about 'intelligence leaks,' and called for investigations into 'the many Hillary Clinton and Comey crimes'" (late this week).

In another tweet on the same day: "What about all of the Clinton ties to Russia, including Podesta Company, Uranium deal, Russian Reset, big dollar speeches etc." He was not saying these things when his voters wanted it a couple of months ago. It's a good sign to see that he's unafraid, but, is it a trick to regain better approval ratings?

The CFR likely prohibits political bias so as to embrace peoples from both parties, and in this way one can say that a deep-state element is in both parties. But there must be a basic difference between a Democrat deep state and a CFR deep state. Apparently, the DNC answers to CFR leadership.

My question now is whether Peter Peterson had Scalia killed in order to replace him with a CFR member? Just guessing, of course, but Peterson may have laid the murder plot out before some wicked DNC leaders, and the DNC then took care of it. I climbed the stairs = scala at Jerry Petersons to the top of a cage with COONEY rabbits, so to speak, suggesting that Peterson of the CFR was involved in Scalia's murder. It's not an accusation, just an observation. I'm following the dictates of my view on that event. Peterson's wife, formerly Mrs. Cooney, is a Catholic, and Poindexter's Hubertus cult is Catholic.

When I wet my bed, Jerry Peterson popped up in the window to laugh at me. John Podesta of the DNC, whose surname is like the Puddister variation of Poindexters, spoke with Mr. Elmendorf days before Scalia's murder, and Elmendorf used "bedwetters" in his email to Podesta. My Grimaldi mother was in the room when Jerry popped up at the window. Scalia either died in his bed, or was made to look like he died in his bed, wherefore "bedwetters" becomes suspect as code for the murderers.

Podesta used "wet WORKS" in writing to Elmendorf, which we assume was in connection with the use of "bedwetters." By some coincidence or not, there is a Work surname sharing the white lion head with Petersons, and moreover the Squire's beloved of the Poindexter/Puddister Crest were first found in WORCestershire. Hmm. The fat Peterson cross, in colors reversed, is the Sinclair / CONan cross, and Sinclairs use a "work" motto term. I'm wondering, therefore, whether God arranged for Podesta's choice of words, "wet works," in order to point the finger at Peter Peterson. Or, at least, to his organization.

There are many ways to use slang or code for murder, and "wetworks" is only one. It just so happens that wet-like Watts (Watson branch) were first found in Worcestershire too. I trace the eye in the Watt Coat to the Eye location at the Suffolk-Norfolk border.

The Works (Rabbit colors) look like they use a black version of the Mousquette / Luff Coats, both surnames first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Rabbits, and beside the Works (Essex)...and the Raines' (Essex) that share the Peterson lions (I trace Raines' and Wrens to the naming of Renfrew, location of Pollok, home of Peter Pollock's family). On the north of the first-known Luffs, the FLACKs (Norfolk) were first found that share the double black-on-white fesses of Works, and then Bra-suspect Brays/Brae's use a "FLAX breaker" in Crest and a Coat in the colors and format of Rabbits. The Mousquette's share the antelope with Breakers/Brecks, using it in black, looking much like a black rabbit, possibly, the color of the Rabbit rabbits. The Mousquette antelope is chained while Chains/Cheyne's use roughly the same cross as Sinclairs / Conans. The same antelope is also said to be ringed, and Rings/Rangs (Norfolk) share the chevron of Rang-like Raines' perhaps because the two are branches.

There is also the coincidence that while urine was a symbol of mythical Orion, he was the mythical hunter while the International Order of Saint Hubertus has hunting as it's central theme. Wikipedia: "Orion's name is derived from the ancient Greek word oros 'mountain' or from ourios 'urine'." That statement is not likely correct; myth "experts" just don't get it. "Orion" was a code for a people group and/or their location, and, later, he, like many myth characters, was given a sound-alike term as code. Wikipedia mentions that Uranus (sky symbol) was related to "urine," in the sense of rainfall from the sky being like urination, and Zeus, his grandson, was given a golden shower as code. We get it. But this doesn't mean that someone named Uranus after urine.

Whatever the case, I say that God chose for me a bedwetting theme to add extra evidence that the hunting theme of Hubertus applies to what he wants revealed. In fact, it was only shortly before arriving to the Scalia topic that I found the urine symbol of Uranus and Orion. And that was only because I had been writing on accidentally urinating into the mouth of a neighbor (my age) when I was four or five years old. I was on the railing of the front porch, and he walked around the corner, and, looking up to see what water was falling on his head, you guessed it. It can be viewed as a shower from the sky. Although he was my next-door neighbor, I rarely played with him. I recall only one thing at his house, when I was at his garage and a man showed me a rifle. A hunting theme.

The boy's name was Pino, an odd name. One Pino surname uses pine cones, a Maschi symbol. A Masci peed on Pino, what's that about? I trace proto-Masci's of some sort to the Moschian mountains of Colchis, where roughly the huntress, Artemia, originated. She represented Amazons, and they all collectively were given the hunter symbol, suggesting that Orion (birthplace in Boiotia) was a Moschian > Amazon line. Mythical Attis owned a pine symbol, and he was encoded in mythical Aeetes of Colchis (in Caucasia). Somehow, the mother of Zeus (Crete>Mysia entity) evolved into Cybele, or vice versa, and she was Attis' wife and mother. Zeus' Cretan son, Minos, married Pasiphas, code for Phasis in Colchis, land of Lazona. I trace Colchians to Losinj (Croatia), and therefore to lozenges, the Grimaldi symbol. The related Cocks can be CAUCasians. Hollow lozenges are called, MASCles.

Stay tuned. I don't think that this revelation is over. In the meantime, youtube has videos on Peter Peterson:

I don't know if the side opposing Peterson is itself being honest with its side of the issue. You heard "austerity" in that video. It refers to tackling government debt, which sounds great, but includes the tactic of raising taxes. Can we see some trick in that? The video opens with a voice speaking on behalf of Peter Peterson, playfully, and with fear mongering on the economy. We saw this fear mongering in Obama's first year (2009), after several years of George Bush funnelling money to Iraq and the fat-cat pockets thereof. It was more-roundly called the fiscal cliff. Peterson is in videos dated the end of 2008 and the first half of 2009, for example, where he talks about the debt he wants to fix (does he really?), and seems to be saying that taxes need to be doubled to fix the crisis. He places the burden on the American people to pay the debt before the terrible takes place, yet the people never gave permission for the money to be borrowed and spent, a decision from the fat acts by-and-large. My solution: take the money from the fat cats.

After watching a few videos, it becomes clear that Peterson's crew opposed George Bush's tax cuts, as did Obama and Democrats before Obama. Yet, under Obama, the debt sky-rocketed worse than under the Bush years? Peterson is in another video in 2012, with the same message of laying the burden on the "American people." He's still pushing for more taxes. I say take the money back from fat cats who charged too much money. Did anyone ever see Obama being lavish with tax money? Now you know where the problem really lies, the fat cats stealing the money by countless mechanisms and government-related schemes. They live like there is no tomorrow, and, in fact, there will be no more tomorrows for them. The beggar at the gate will arise to eternal life, and the fats cats will get their flames.

Here's Peterson's point man (David Walker) promising, in a commercial, to "educate" the American people in order to get the debt paid, for the sake of the next generation:

h Walker is in another video of January 13, 2009, seven days before Obama took office. In this short presentation, his main message is that tackling the debt is largely about health care. Hmm. Never mind the words that he uses. Instead, ask whether a Peterson healthcare vision was foisted on Obama, with the task merely of cheapening the quality of health care so as to make it less expensive. That way, the government saves money, and fat cats get to have more government money. Or, let more American people get sick and die, so long as fat cats get to have more money to change the world abroad. The solution: doctors and hospitals need to work for less, because the problem is their high costs.

The suspicious thing about Peterson is that he took the debt of about 10 trillion, and raised it to over 50 trillion as per projected costs (over what period? he doesn't say) for health care and welfare, and then laid this burden on the people, making things look more bleak. One could get the impression that the CFR doesn't like people because they cost money to maintain. The CFR is powerless without money, and as fat cats won't give the CFR enough for the globalist agenda, the CFR needs to take it from the tax payer. Not that the CFR spends the money directly, but that it spends it when the politicians it controls spend it. That's what I think.

"Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Friday that he thinks Baghdadi is still alive." What could this old man, who works at a desk, know about that unless the CIA tells it to him? The CIA wants Baghdadi alive to justify more war, and Trump is giving the war more money, just like an idiot would. The nation's in deep debt, but more money for the makers of weapons, that's dandy with Trump, it's so good for the economy. He's worse than an idiot for this. He's a murderer. War in this case is sheer murder, because the CIA wants to kill Syrians that are not attacking the United States. It's an illegal war, and Trump remains ignorant here.

Look at this garbage from the U.S.:

The US intelligence community has assessed that a large number of ISIS foreign fighters will likely remain in Iraq and Syria instead of returning to their country of origin. They also believe that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is still alive.

“Many if not most of the foreign fighters who made their way to the conflict zone will end up staying, fighting and potentially dying in order to maintain the caliphate,” said Nicholas Rasmussen, the Director of the US National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) at the annual Aspen Security Forum on Friday.

The US intelligence community estimates that some 40,000 foreign fighters have joined ISIS in Iraq and Syria since the terror organization first declared its caliphate in 2014.

40,000 foreigners??? They have got to be kidding. Everything said above is to serve the CIA's wish to remain in the Middle East. Intruders, swine, murderers.

Here are some quotes from cultic popes that suggest they are much like the anti-Christ claiming to be God. At 12:25, when George Bush Jr. is asked what he sees when looking into pope Benedict's eyes, he said, "God." There are some accusations against pope Francis, without evidence. The 29th minute is best skipped; it has no value and you don't need to see it. If you want to skip all the Babylonian paganism (I recommend skipping) from that 29th minute, go to 40:00, but what follows that point isn't new to Protestants.

In case you missed it, there is a Catholic mass / ceremony at about 27:15 where the priest calls Lucifer the father of Jesus. If the translation of "Lucifer" is correct, this is akin to the ideas of some Masons and of David Vose of youtube. The latter is now teaching openly that the Old-Testament God was Lucifer. The mass / ceremony is followed up by a news story where young teens from Romania were picked up for sex in the Vatican. After the faggot orgy uncovered at the Vatican (made the news a week or two ago), I can believe it.

I'm not happy at all with the discussion on the pine cone, but the pine-cone altar at the Vatican is appreciated. The Vatican is filled with ancient idols. Catholics are so ignorant, I just can't understand what ails them. Why they would revere the papal buffoons, I cannot understand. My parents are near their deaths practicing the rosary; they took issue with me for "changing my religion," but I was never a Catholic, even if they think I was born one.

The Duo Trained in Deception, but They Really Stink at It

In another Webb-Goodman video by Defango (this is the one on "Trish the Dish"), Webb comes out early to say, perhaps playfully, perhaps not, that John Podesta's father worked for "Capone," suggesting Al Capone, leader of a Chicago mob. Obama was a Chicago man. Might this be the reason that Joe Capone was called to the White House? Was Podesta in charge of the Rich murder? Many think so who have an opinion in the Rich story.

Defango is incredible insensitive to anyone that doesn't appreciate foul language; he really is an ignoramus. No one else matters to him but others that have his type of mouth and mind. He comes across like a criminal. He smokes a hash pipe while presenting the video, explaining why he doesn't explain things well, or tackle any task requiring a sober mind. But, no one else is exposing this, so I've got to make-do. To spare you the language, I'll just give you the highlights of the video.

It comes to mind here that the deep state would have its own faked truthers out there looking professional, and thus attracting whistle blowers before they blow the whistle. The fakes can then get a better opportunity for catching the fakes. May we never hear from the rabbit again? Did they get him? In the 23rd minute, Defango says the knowledge on the rabbit's side of the story came from his "first phone call." Actually, how do we know that the rabbit was in the phone call? What if Defango has never met or heard the rabbit before? What if the Trish team caught the rabbit, then took over his life, his Twitter account, etc., maybe using Vezina to do so?

In the 26th minute, he shows the supposed text messages between Trish and the rabbit. In the 33rd minute, the rabbit admits that the files were obtained from Guccifer, meaning that it's not White Rabbit speaking after all, but a plant to make it appear so. Ask: why would the Trish side make this chat session public in a case involving something so drastic as the release of Hillary Clinton's emails? We've either got to be naive to think that this chat really took place, or, if it did, we have no choice but to think that the rabbit and Trish both were incredibly stupid for talking in full view of U.S. Intelligence. Take your choice.

Defango says the chat is taking place over a few days starting around June 2, long before the rabbit released the emails. So, if we entertain that they got him back in June, then we could surmise that the White-Rabbit emails released on July 9 or 10 were "safe," which can explain why no one has come out, as yet, with anything to speak of. And, if this is the correct view, then Defango still has the original version with the unsafe-to-Clinton version of the emails, explaining why the Trish team is after Defango. I'm not entertaining this view aside from a theory.

Defango claims that the Trish side of the files is virtually identical with his side, by comparing the size of both, but the Trish side may be using a small trick to make the size appear different than it really is.

In the 38th minute, the person acting as the rabbit says he's not going to speak with the Webb-Goodman side anymore. And he warns Trish about the duo. In this way, they make it more believable that the rabbit is really the rabbit rather than a Webb-Goodman agent.

At the 47th minute, Defango shows a Trish entry in one of her online comments saying, "Defango was the original doxxer of The Rabbit." "Doxing" is a term meaning to reveal someone's identity. It is not credible that Defango would reveal the rabbit. Even the fake rabbit, in the chat session above with Trish, said that he trusts Defango. Trish is easily pegged here as a liar trying to defame Defango...and the latter does a good job defaming himself. If this were a more-respectable man, the exposure of the Goodman team would go further.

Just as Defango is showing the quote above, he says, "...although she put his phone number on the stream way before I did," but the look on his face at the end of it suggests that the second half of the statement is merely aping what the Trish side accused him of i.e. Defango didn't really put the rabbit's phone number online. But there seems to be no argument from him as per Trish putting his phone number online, and, if she did, my guess is she did so to send Defango and others a fearful message. If it's his real phone number, it raises the chances that the deep state got him.

Remember, on July 12, the White Rabbit account at Twitter has the rabbit insinuating that his source for the files was Defango. They could have learned this when getting hold of the rabbit's computer.

In the 48th minute, he shows that Patricia Negron was the founder of U.S. News Corps (Boston), an important-sounding media that claims to oppose fake news. It's a great set-up for attracting conspiracy theorists. Trish claims she met White Rabbit in Boston, which, we assume, is his city too. The fact may be that the rabbit started talking to Trish about what he had, and she had her best (sexy) photo out from younger days to lure guys like him, or they altered her photo to make her look far better than she appears in the videos (almost don't look like the same woman). The attractive photo is used in the chat above.

Here she is looking quite different in this duo video. I'll give the highlights below if you don't want to watch it; it's very long:

As you can see, one of the first things she says (at 6:00) is that the rabbit got hold of the emails from Guccifer's files. They make it obvious that their agenda is to oppose the claims that Seth Rich was murdered for stealing the files. She is an actress in this video. She vilifies the Hillary campaign a little with her words, but that's okay because the most-important agenda is to protect the DNC from a murder charge as per Seth Rich, and the mention of Guccifer is all that's needed for that. After she gives her Guccifer spiel, the two guys then become actors, acting excited. But where can we find her treasure online? It's not there, or I would have come across it in my investigations? No one is reporting the DNC emails that were uploaded by Trish. It's a farce. While she's claiming the files to be from Guccifer, the duo morons call them the Rich files, the game they play.

At 15:00, you can hear for yourself that she received the thumb drive "tonight," as they speak on the video. The date is not given, but we are led to believe that, on the same day she acquired the data from the rabbit, she set up this video conference with the duo, a very dangerous thing to do when they know full well that Intelligence can record every online event. Remember, they are supposed to be anti-deep-state persons. So, this video is not credible.

A little later, they try to get her on a different forum, and the time with date shows at nearly 10:30, June 1. Or, is this the date they want us to believe? That is, why are they committing to showing the date? Or, as the duo are sitting behind the computer, maybe they didn't realize that the date and time was showing upon it. Finally, in the 22nd minute, just after Goodman turns the computer around (so we can't see it anymore) for no apparent reason but that someone called in to say, "hey stupid, the date is showing," they get excited again because Trish succeeded is sending them the entire trove of the rabbit emails. No matter, they did their damage, they think, but assuring their viewers that it's from Guccifer.

I can think of only one explanation for this video. Someone in the world has the trove, not from Guccifer, but from Seth Rich. Before that someone releases the rove, this duo wants to pretend having it from the White Rabbit so that they can put their spin on it. In fact, my white-rabbit story doesn't require that the White Rabbit is a true truther; he can be on the Goodman-Webb team, I suppose. My belief is simply that God is pointing to this situation in which the White Rabbit is involved, and God saw opportunity to use my white rabbits also to point at Mrs. Cooney, the wife of the CFR chief. I'm not saying that God is necessarily wanting to point to any guilt of Mrs. Cooney, but that coney rabbits point to her surname as per my heraldic knowledge, and therefore point to the chief of the CFR as per the rabbits belonging to Jerry Peterson's parents. The guilty finger is to Peter Peterson himself, or the CFR in general.

Now that the duo admit they have the emails, they are guilty for not publicizing them. In fact, I came across no social-media outlet saying that the duo put out the emails when many media were sharing the emails put out by White Rabbit over days after July 10. What's to be excited about, boys, if no one gets to see the emails??? Nearing the 25:00, Goodman flashes his computer screen on the camera, so that we can see the files supposedly obtained from Trish, but he makes sure that the bottom-right corner -- location of the date -- is not showing.

I noted that they took Trish off the pad screen during the transfer, probably because she didn't transfer anything. With her home no longer showing on the pad screen, she wouldn't need to be troubled to fake the transfer. Once the transfer is done, they out her back on the screen. At times, one can see how empty her soul is, for this is a disgusting thing to do.

In the 29th minute, they have Trish uploading the file from someplace, to the Google drive, and she says it will take an hour. Why is she uploading it to her computer when she has it on the thumb drive that she showed us all earlier in this video? Isn't it very dangerous to her life to be uploading the Clinton / DNC emails to her computer??? Of course, if she were a true truther. It's evidence that Intelligence can use against her to have her arrested, at best, and jailed. Anyone watching this video (more than three hours) and taking it as real, rather than a script, has got to be very naive.

Goodman acts excited because he wants to get this news out to youtube, etc., but it never came out, no surprise. How these imposters can think that this video would get traction, I just don't know. This is a clown act, and no one is even laughing.

By the way, the Goodman surname, which is Jewish, uses a reflection of the Hopper/Happer Coat, a surname like "Hubert." As was said, Huberts use a version of the Sale(s) Coat (Hill colors), and here we find a "salus" motto term with Hoppers. The Hopper Coat can be using a version of the Hills Coat. George Webb has claimed that he's Jewish, and that he has some sort of protection from the Israeli government / Jewish Intelligence. That's crazy. The white tower in Crest is shared by Goodmans, Hills and Hoppers/Happers. On the gyronny pattern of Goodmans, they put a two-headed eagle, the Spock symbol. Spock on Star Trek was Leonard Nimoy, and the "nemo" motto term of Poindexters gets the Nimoy Coat.

The German Good surname, which may be a Goodman branch, uses the same Coat as Sticks. I trace Sticks to the Lithuanian Astikas' that married 666-suspect Traby of Poland. Trish Negron is said to be a Lithuanian spy, though I don't know where that claim originates. This video under discussion is 3:33 (hours) long. The video is by

In the 32nd minute, Webb asks where she was born (Virginia), and she says her dad was in the navy. She reveals much else as Webb peppers her with personal questions, and he then says he wants the viewers to be able to find her yearbook online. One would never guess, by this attitude, that this group of three, just got hold of 29,000 Clinton / DNC emails. It all looks like a presentation, and, whoever wrote this script, is a failure, a total failure.

Webb then explains (38th minute) that, the more the public knows about Trish, the greater her chance of surviving without getting murdered. Now I'm laughing, the clown has made me laugh. The reason he's saying this is that the crew thought it necessary to reveal false things about her, probably, and they needed an excuse to be asking her these personal questions for the audience to see. There is no US News Corps online, and so it seems that this company, supposedly founded by her, is a fake.

First of all, they are pretending that she secured the data from the rabbit on this very day. They have yet to discuss with her, or to ask her permission, about how to release the data, whether she wants to be the person to release it. Obviously, if this were a true story, they would first iron that out, but Goodman has already faked deciding for her where it's going to go to the public, and Goodman wants the viewer to think that he's going to put it out on Facebook from his own computer / youtube account, laughable.

Secondly, she has not said that she will put this data out via her computer, wherefore no one will know that she got the data, if the duo don't tell anyone. Webb is way out in buffoonland to say that people need to know more about her, at this early point, because it insinuates that people are going to find out about her, anyway. Laughable. In a real situation, they would be discussing how to get the material out without being known. The method of choice is via Wikileaks.

Thirdly, Trish fails to bring up White Rabbit, and his instructions on putting out the data, or whether he wanted Trish to put it out at all. Surely, the rabbit would have come to some understanding with her on what she was going to do with the data. But here, while the Webb clown speaks, she says nothing about the rabbit, and looks completely unafraid of being the person that puts the data out, as Webb is suggesting to her.

The fact may be that they don't even have the data at this point. Rather, they are anticipating, from Intelligence reports that they are privy to, the data to be released from another source, and will then copy it at that time with a faked claim that they had it first as per what we are seeing in this video. By faking that they had it first, they can accuse the files of being altered for political purposes / gain.

In the 39th minute, Goodman says "I'm texting HA Goodman right now." It's another laugh. It turned out that HA Goodman attacked the duo. If HA Goodman had this knowledge from the night of June 1, he would have let it show in his videos. I've been loading several of his videos over the past few months, but he knew nothing of this until after July 10. And he's had nothing but venom against this duo. HA Goodman likes to use profanity too, but not as much as Defango. Profanity does nothing for the truther cause but attract profane mouths. If that's what you want, go for it; most won't take you as seriously, and God won't want to be in your presence, mere human.

At 40:00, Trish says that the file has finished uploading. At that very time, Goodman is telling us that he's about to spread the news right now from his computer, and so Trish doesn't need to, wherefore that nonsense from Webb was to allow her to tell false things about her background, probably because spies do that as a rule. Goodman then directs Trish to make the first tweet, revealing why they had her upload the file. Trish doesn't put up one word of resistance (laughable), not one question, and, at 42:00 says, "I'm tweeting it now." At least I'm getting some laughs for my trouble in watching.

She repeats that she just tweeted it out, and Goodman then finds it online, saying it's 1.0 gigabytes large as a ZIP file.

In the 43rd minute, Goodman says excitedly that these are the "Seth-Rich files," even though he knows that the purpose of the video is to blame it on Guccifer, and to thereby take heat off of Seth Rich. In fact, Goodman heard Trish say that the rabbit got the data from Guccifer, and so we need to ask why Goodman is calling them the Seth-Rich files. Also, why wasn't Goodman surprised or whacked out when hearing that the rabbit got them from Guccifer??? Surely, they duo should have at least acted disappointed, but they failed even to do that. I say that they did not want to make a fuss when Trish mentioned Guccifer because it would have required asking questions in order to make it look real. But by not even letting out an ugh, they failed, anyway.

Secondly, the duo's members (true truthers) would feel disappointed if they repeatedly called them the Guccifer files. So, even at the middle of the 49th minute, the duo are prepared to name their release, "the Seth Rich files."

They then pretend that comments are coming in from their release. Also in the 49th minute, they appear to be pretending to talk to Kim Dotcom's people in Australia. They claim to be streaming live on youtube, and so their audience must be sizable after almost 50 minutes. They have no need to call them the Guccifer files because that idea, they think, will be pushed naturally by the Democrats (the dumb and blind, anyway) just from the early minutes of this video.

At 50:00, William in Australia says he can't download the 1-megabyte file. Goodman then acts as though he'll email the file (to William) as an alternative way for William to open it. I suggest that they spliced the video in the 56th minute, when the volume goes down and the picture changes for a few seconds.

I don't know how they think they can get away with this. There was zero talk on youtube, between June 1 and July 9, on this topic. I've recently spent at least four or five hours per day on my own work, much of that on youtube. This story did not show whatsoever, even though I checked youtube for new Seth-Rich updates.

Several minutes after telling that they are getting great comments, they haven't yet revealed one, but at the end of 1:06 (hrs), they say that Kim Dotcom is requesting the source of the thumb drive. They first check with Trish on whether they are allowed to tell of the source (the rabbit), and she says, you know what, tell him Guccifer. Yeah, right. "And Wikileaks re-tweeted it," she adds. Whether or not they are faking their having Kim Dotcom in communication at this time, it makes Kim appear as a government agent too. It's possible so that whistle blowers would go to him. If they are faking a Kim presence, Kim would later make light of it, making the duo look bad. That's why Kim must be a government agent too.

In short, all of the things these bozos are doing on the night of June 1 (if we can trust that date) would have, in a real situation, put off for some time until advice from all around was obtained on some safe plan to do this. The idea that the only-important thing is to get the data out immediately regardless of whether any of the two (Trish and Goodman) get punished, is ridiculous.

The page for the video is dated by Google's search page on June 2, though I'm not sure whether this date comes from Google exclusively or whether the page owner gets to pick his own date. If the date is legit, it suggests that they wasted no time putting it out. I couldn't stomach watching ther video any longer. I'll assume that they used the excuse that youtube banned their video exposing the files. I've read that the rabbit file was 1.98 gigabytes (according to Forensicator) in 7-ZIP format, but less than 600 megabytes when zipped. Goodman claimed 1.0 gigabytes zipped.

Kim Dotcom, speaking on the Forensicator material, said: "This in-depth analysis kills the entire Russian hacking narrative."

The Forensicator issue was taken up with technicalities by "In an interview with Motherboard in June 2016, the hacker who claimed to be Guccifer 2.0 said he used a zero-day exploit to breach the DNC server and steal files he later published under the title “NGP-VAN.”" The chart showing the transfer speed of 22.6 MB/sec is called Guccifer 2, yet all other reports lead us to believe that this transfer rate was worked out specifically by the Forensicator. Apparently, the chart is labeled wrongly, sarcastically, as per the false claim for this data, yet the numbers in the chart were created by Forensicator. What the Forensicator is saying, if I understand this correctly, is that an NGP VAN 7zip file (published online in September of 2016) falsely attributed by the DNC to Guccifer shows a transfer speed too high to have been downloaded by Guccifer. But if this file was published almost a year ago, why do we read that some people are only now pouring over the Hillary emails? Possibly, Guccifer only published the file titles without making the files themselves accessible; we could expect exactly that from the DNC. The so-called NGP/VAN data was apparently named by the DNC involved with the Guccifer hoax.

So, what White Rabbit has done is to unload to the public the actual files, not just the directories / titles that came with Guccifer 2. Yet, even with something so stunning as this, Democrats have by-and-large ignored the Forensicator, not tackling his claims. This is important for exposing that, whenever Democrats do come out in full force to attack anything, it's not from mere Democrat voters, but from a special / trained team of attack dogs...created for the purpose of Internet character attacks / disinformation / deception / confusion. It's obvious. We should expect a few Democrat voters (not part of the attack dogs) engaging this Forensicator issue, but I don't think I can count them on one hand. It seems that any concerted attack from Democrats comes first-and-foremost from the specialized teams. And that's how they operate all elections long, as a routine. The Republicans have had to learn their wicked craft for using it against them, such a sorry state for any nation. The new tactic (since the Internet) is to have an abundance of fake truthers spying on truthers, and messing them up however possible.

The most UNBELIEVABLE THING is that while her White-Rabbit emails are now out there to the tune of 542 megabytes, there's not a word about this by the mainstream media. I've not read from anyone that his email files are bogus, or that they contain viruses...though the viruses may be programmed to be asleep at first, and dated to destroy hard drives / create problems at later times.

There's a 2015 article by "Down Hillary Clinton's Email Rabbit Hole", which can indicate that my white-rabbit event touches upon the Clintons. Hillary is a blond, like the owner of the bra. I was pointing with my index finger to the bar while touching it. As I said, the Clinton surname traces to Alice of Saluzzo, in Cuneo. Mrs. Cooney is a Reddon (on her mother's side), nearly a Rodden, the latter being a variation of the Rodham surname. I was at Jerry's place countless times over three or four years, but can't recall any other event in his backyard except for the bra event, and feeding the white rabbits. I can't recall any other event with Jerry in my backyard aside from his popping up at the window. I can't recall anything in his basement but that tiny billiard table, and one Hillard/Hillar surname happens to come up as "Billiard."

The Billiard/Hilliard Crest shares a black rooster with the Lander/Landen Coat (laundry-line, right?), and the latter's sinister-rising bend is a Masci-liner symbol. A Masci liner touched the bra. The Billiard/Hilliard Coat is nearly the Macey Coat, but compare also with French Gobels that not only use a version of the Macey Coat with the Masci wing, but smack of the Kopple's that use a black rooster in both colors of the Lander/Landen rooster. I always see the Kopple rooster as a version of the two birds used by French Josephs (once showed a swan), first found in Maine along with the French Billiards/Billets that use a version of the Billiard/Hilliard Coat. I trace Masci's to Poland's Goplo mouse tower for these reasons and more, including similarity with mouse-tower Mieszko's, and nearly the Mieske arm in the Crest of English Gobels. The latter were first found in the same place (Essex) as Quints, suspect from Quintus Caepionis, whose surname I see from Cupionich, an alternative name of Kopple-like Koplik.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are both listed as CFR members, according to one list, yet an article in early 2016 says, "Though [Hillary] herself is not a CFR member, her proxies Bill (husband) and Chelsea (daughter) are." . What does the CFR want with Chelsea??? Is she slated to keep the Clinton-circle bond after her parents pass away?

Trump on the last day of this update: "So why aren't the Committees and investigators, and of course our beleaguered A.G. [Sessions], looking into Crooked Hillarys crimes & Russia relations?"" Wonderful, but is Trump afraid of the words, "Seth Rich" and "judge Scalia"? Is Trump only concerned for his own affairs, where Hillary's affairs touch upon Russia? Is the crime ring in the DNC of zero importance to him? Shame. Shame on Sessions if he does nothing about it. Cower in fear, do-nothings, and let the nation go further to rot, all on your heads. Trump has the power to order infinite protection for his life and ther lives of those who go after corruption. No one but the president is in as good a position to tackle the problem. Just don't be like Kennedy, going out into the open to an event known beforehand by the villains. Armageddon cannot arrive while Western governments and police forces are honest. If we are at the endtimes, so the governments must be corrupt. That's why Washington police has protected corruption in the DNC.

If interested, the page below has a real telephone conversation with the deep-state man in charge of "taking care of" the family of Seth Rich. He is in charge of what information gets out to the public. He refuses to speak on the condition and details of Seth Rich after he was shot. He refuses to reveal the hospital or the time of death, giving for his excuse that there is an ongoing, police investigation.

White Rabbit at Youtube

There is a White Rabbit youtube owner who happens to emphasize some typical conspiracy theories. He is apparently a Christian of some sort. This video is well done, and it's an excellent treatment on evolutionism, but this may not be White Rabbit at Twitter.

The next White-Rabbit video argues against a claim (by deep-state, we can assume) I've never heard, that most truthers are flat-earthers.

When I complained in the last update about youtube feeding me plenty of flat-earth material, I had not seen the video above (January 30, 2016). White Rabbit makes the claim that, SUDDENLY, in the past few months, seemingly out of nowhere, flat-earth material started to overtake truther material. In other words, he's been peppered with flat-earth material too, thanks to youtube sticking it into his face along the right-hand column. WHY?

Here's the third White-Rabbit video that shares important ideas on government-based propaganda to engineer the new society. I have been aware of this program since the 1980s (though it goes back to the 60s), and so have many other Christians and possibly many truthers.

In the next video, White rabbit shares on the mark of the beast, I'm about to watch it now.... Hmm, at the 1:12 point, he shows a bar code where, to the best of my knowledge, the bars do not match the numbers beneath them. Nor does this bar code use the three 6's that standard UPC bar codes use (see all your food products). He then goes off-topic (not without Biblical value, but with unlovely visual value) for many minutes, and doesn't come back to the 666 system as I know for a long time. I'm noticing that he likes to use eerie / ungodly / satanic pictures throughout this video, the very images of propaganda he opposes (is this necessary?).

In the 19th minute, he reveals his belief in Nephilim on this side of the Flood, a thing I ignore / oppose. I'm wondering where he gets his picture material, all of good "quality," stuff that takes money to acquire from a data bank selling it, or from an employer providing it freely to employees, or from lots and lots of time spent copying it from other videos / sources. He doesn't appear to be working alone, but does come across that way. To the 17th minute, he's succeeded in making my soul feel sick from the pictures alone. How is this a positive / constructive video? There is no hint yet on what his treatment on the mark of the beast will be aside from a system of the end-time Nephilim. I'm hoping he's not merely a Mormon, but it's coming to mind.

Finally, in the 25th minute, there's talk on the 666 as per the UPC and skin chips, but White Rabbit chooses a speaker (to present it) at the Prophecy Club (pre-tribulationists) who mixes DNA issues with it. By the 26th minute, the idea hits wherein the mark of the beast will somehow alter peoples genes through the use of mixture with animal genes, or with mixture with Nephilim genes, or from artificial manipulation of the genes, but these are definitely beyond the scope of anything in Revelation 13. Caution. So, White rabbit introduces a fanciful idea, a prediction that may not pan out correctly. By the 30th minute, disappointment, I want to shut the video off. Yet, he has over 3,000 thumbs up and only 142 thumbs down. Christians, what is wrong with you? Do you support that which cannot be supported? There is no Biblical talk on the Nephilim throughout post-Flood history. This is a sick video. There is something wrong with White Rabbit, I can assure you.

Near the end of the 33rd minute, he quotes from Revelation 13, and continues to show Hollywood-quality demonic pictures. Is this necessary? Is this guy a sadist? At the end of the 35th minute, he admits that DNA manipulation may not be a part of the mark, but that there is definitely a spiritual connotation to it. We can all agree to a darkened spirituality in those who accept the mark, but White Rabbit seems to be going the way of others who teach that the mark will not be a literal number in the body, and that we should treat Revelation 13 "spiritually" = allegorically. Yep, this proves true in the 36th minute.

White Rabbit, you are risking your standing with God by promoting a theory that has no basis in Revelation 13, and that denies the black and white of that text. I could expect such a theory from the ENEMY. It's possible that White Rabbit is a pre-tribulationist of the worst kind. White Rabbit owes me 45 minutes of many peoples' lives for making them watch this video without warning from the start where he is going with it. White Rabbit seems spiritually sick for presenting this video. To the end, he uses fearful and decrepit satanic material, foisting them into your head. In the last minute he says "I" instead of "we" to indicate that he's alone. I doubt that very much.

On the video page, he says, "*DISCLAIMER: Watch the entire video, from beginning to end. This feature film is about the 'mark of the beast' as described in the Book of Revelation..." Nothing could be further from the truth. The video is for some other purpose(s). The very first post on his page is unexpected from Christians, and appears contrived, a plot, from his fellow worker: "PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY!!!! Phenomenal job, well done, brother!!! This has been a mighty blessing to watch and I am sure that it will help and benefit many who watch it!...And hopefully, soon once I get permanently employed, I will be able to help you financially as well ... you really contribute greatly to the good fight, brother, your content is breathtaking!" I caution against White Rabbit

Dare I watch his transgender video? God forbid. I don't want the pictures in my head.

Back to the other White Rabbit, and the Clinton mafia. Here's another murder which you can verify with other sources. Money that went to the Clinton Foundation marked for Haiti-quake relief went almost wholly (about 90 percent) to other things, illegally. A Haiti-government worker, realizing this, was about to testify, when he "committed suicide":

It could appear that the murder ring has decided to "publicize" the murders in order to check the damage by fear. This can only lead to checkmate. Whatever we may think on who Alex Jones really works for, here's a video on a woman (Monica Petersen) who supposedly committed suicide when investigating Bill Clinton's Haiti money-business:

However, the video below, on the same woman, says that he could not find the story anywhere, in any media. Might it be true that no such woman died, but that the Clinton circle puts out false murder victims simply to instill fear? I'd like to say that while her surname is Petersen, my friend, under whose steps were the white rabbits, had a Peterson surname. I'm always on the look-out for a Peterson surname related to the White-Rabbit theme.

The video below shows that Ronald Reagan got elected while stating that he would oppose the CFR, and he promised never to include George Bush Sr. in his administration. In other words, Reagan either lied to get elected, or changed his platform when forced to do so. Not only did Reagan choose George Bush to be his vice-president, but Reagan was shot and almost assassinated. Some think that Bush tried to kill him for obvious reason.

When Bush was the president after Reagan, he announced the new world order, and said that it would go into effect without question. It's still not in effect, however. Why not? Because they are dreamers. It's not correct to say that they control the world just because they control the media. To control the world, one needs to have minds on-side. Here's a good video (within the British Parliament) showing how Bilderberg leaders play-down the Bilderberg agenda "like a bunch of drunken frat boys":

Not many giving comments approve of the attitude of the House of Commons when rebutting the question on what goes on at Bilderberg. The meetings are more than the official meets; the attendees get to talk in person (no exchange of information over wires) in the off-hours. It has got to be more than the exchanging of opinions, more like attempts to change opinions and agendas so that all fall in line, if possible. The meets also act as spy opportunities to spy out how people think on the issues of concern. The invited ones go to the meets thinking to achieve honor for doing so, but, the obvious fact must be, they are being sized up by watchers, which is more like a rape than a prize for showing up.

Here is what many of us were afraid of on chemotherapy. I no longer rule out the idea that the fat cats are causing severe illnesses leading to expensive deaths deliberately:

When's the last time you met a Christian who can do this:

Here, in contrast to the servant above, is a real-life false Christ in Russia, followed by mentally-challenged or scarred folk going nowhere and enjoying it. The false Christ doesn't appear until the 16th minute. It's freakish. Note that he doesn't mingle with the crowd; he had probably taking their money / estates. In the 20th minute, the video speaker actually has an interview with the demented imposter, at his home. The video speaker doesn't like the true Jesus, by the way.

Youtube's World Source is reporting, in at least two videos after July 10, that certain emails from Hillary Clinton have turned up not known before. It's possible that this is due to White-Rabbit effect.


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