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January 24 - 30, 2017

The Jewish Enriguez's and their Hohen-Khazar Side
Kavije and Lushnje
The Kenites of Moses' Wife Enter the Discussion

Here is a page showing Trump's Executive Orders in his first week:

Trump is still promising a wall along the Mexico border, but its fulfillment seems far too fantastic for me to believe. He truly is passionate about stopping the open-border policy under Obama. There is a legal way to immigration, and Mexico should seek to increase the numbers of legal Mexicans into the country, everyone but the Democrats can agree with that. Democrats like full, unfettered freedoms as a primary rule, all else, including the ramifications for society, is secondary. I agree with Trump on this issue, especially as Democrats want Mexicans for political purposes only. But a wall along the border seems a little surreal. The best way is to actually send the migrants back when caught, while making things tough in jail for a while first, or giving them something to dissuade them from trying it again. Depending on the number of times caught, an automatic three to six months in prison would go a long way, paid for by the companies that had hired them.

There is something to be said for having the good / harmless Mexicans in the area of the border. Texans I had talked to told me of how they hired some to do such things as building their stone houses at $2 per hour. That's a win-win for both parties because people can't usually afford stone masons at the American price for them. I don't see why there couldn't be a mechanism to legalize such services. Temporary Mexican workers to be of service to Americans in the lower classes that can't afford the high American rates. Win-win. The poor can have their bathroom showers re-tiled for $25 instead of $500; etc. How can anyone argue with that? Every serviceman is now price-fixing, and they have no inclination to fix prices on the low side to the advantage of the consumer. The same service price goes to the one having a $15,000 income as having a $1,000,000 income. Who's going to help the poor? Bring in the Mexicans. Prove to the government that your income is low, and qualify for an approved Mexican worker; limit this plan to needed repairs only, not renovations / upgrades.

There needs to be a limit on how much companies can increase their prices annually for both services and products. When auto mechanics jumped from about $30 to $50 per hour many years ago, that trend continued because people of this generation are not ashamed to utilize greed. After all, "I'm in business to make money," they say. Um, yes, but your customers are people too. You don't need to be a prophet to know what will happen if car repairs doubled tomorrow. Mechanics will make twice as much until twice as many new mechanics arise due to the attractiveness caused by the doubling of prices, and in the end, no mechanic will make twice the income because they will all have half the volume of business, for there are only so many cars out there to fix. No body wins, and the car owners get stuck paying twice the price. There needs to be a law to prohibit this monster. No law is needed when the people are righteous, but laws are needed to resist evil, and there is plenty of the latter going around. Ask Trump.

Trump should never have become so rich in the real-estate market. He got rich because the housing beast was the greatest monster of all. Housing is a necessity in most cases. You can't let housing go up as it has unless you wish to ruin the backbone of the nation. Trump, give back the money you made using the housing beast. Having too much money has deformed your thinking. You never had enough. You used your big money to make it bigger, and you were still doing it while running for the presidency. You didn't have enough yet because money distorted your human heart into a stone. You can't possibly care for the poor because you got rich off of them. Rich and poor alike, you took too much of their money. You didn't say, enough is enough; I have enough now. You continued to grab while you could, the money that others need, when you were no longer in need. If you try to act like Mr. Righteous, you won't fool me. You can't squeeze through the eye of a needle into paradise because your wallet is too fat at your butt pocket. Take it out and throw it away, Mr. Trump, so that you can squeeze into Eternal Life.

Heaven is a challenge; you've got to fight your win in. Demons will be countering, and you'll find yourself tripping all over the place. Take a shot for your brother, turn your cheek for another, because you've got to fight your way in. You see, this kind of fight means that you destroy evil by promoting and doing good, but by making American companies profit more, it will come at the cost of the poor. You can't measure a nation's wealth and happiness by how well the corporations are doing. The nation will always contain the same amount of wealth, the question is: who has it? How is it spreading out? Do the poor have enough of it, or have the Trumps of the nation swallowed most of it so that there is little left for the poor.

Life is not very enjoyable if all one has is food, showers and sleep in a tiny, old house. There is a musty smell in the place coming from rot inside the walls, but there isn't money enough to gut the walls out. If only Mr. Trump would come by and take a couple of thousand-dollar bills out of that fat wallet, that poor soul's lungs would be able to breathe clean house air again, like 20 years ago. I watch him on the news, and he's increasing the money that steel companies make by an executive order requiring the Keystone pipeline to use America-made steel. Wonderful, but the poor guy's house still smells, water's getting through the shingles. It's all so wonderful that the steel companies are going to have a few more million, and with this, other corporations will bark up Trump's tree. "Do it for me too, and me, and me, and me."

The way to fix America is to lower prices to a fair shake for provider and consumer alike. The free-market system is fine so long as sellers are ashamed to charge too high, but people know no shame anymore. Ask Trump. The American people elected a billionaire, how stupid can you get? Fine, he's going to turn the Obama era around, as best he can, but what will he do besides that? Does he really care for the condition of the typical person? What is the typical person's major expense? Is it: 1) food; 2) utilities; 3) car payments; 4) housing. Ahh, you know the answer. If only the new president could work at bringing housing costs down, for all. But does his mind work that way? Does his plan to make American great again include a plan to bring down the cost of living? Lowering taxes isn't going to do much. George Bush used that trick to make the Republicans feel good, and by the end of his presidency, the housing market got very sick. The rich hawks swooped down and took houses away that the typical people had to let go of. We will never know how much they made because it's their secret. The best the government could do to help the situation was to lower mortgage interest to near-zero. But, really, isn't there something else that could be done?

What about an executive order wherein all property prices go down $50 percent, and where all mortgages are reduced by 50 percent? That's right. The banks give half the mortgage back to the homeowner because homes are now at half the cost. If you own a mortgage-free home, it doesn't matter that it's worth half as much, because you need pay only half as much when you move to another home. But if you have gobbled up many properties as a method of making easy money, you lose. Oh well, it couldn't happen to a better snake. No problem, let's carry out the plan anyway, because, now, the young people that own no home at all need pay only half as much. What a wonderful executive order. Do we expect Trump to propose such a plan? His mind of stone doesn't think in this way. That is not his idea of a great America. The banks would not approve, nor the fat-cat real-estate hawks, nor the lords of many properties. But the mothers and fathers of children facing stiff up-hill climbs to purchase and pay for housing would love the plan. Trump: "There is nothing we can do, sorry. The free-market system is the best the world has. It has made America richest of all."

Ahh, no, I don't think so, Mr. Trump. Each American family is in debt to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars to the government debt. This means that the government poured all that money into the economy so that it had to go into someone's pockets, and, generally, it went into everyone's pockets one way or another, allowed families to own two televisions at first, and eventually two cars. You get it. We got to be the richest by borrowing, but if we were forced to pay it all back tomorrow morning, most of us would need to sell our furniture and a car or two. Suddenly, we wouldn't look so rich.

In the meantime, while we are not forced to repay the debt, the government charges us for the debt's interest, on an on-going basis, via one tax method or another. Where does the government get the money that it claims to be borrowed on our behalf? Snakes that they are, the government pawns force us to pay interest on money it never really borrowed, and those interest payments likely go to the central banks, which are private banks owned by "international banksters." Whether the banksters print the money or use real wealth, we will never know. If they print it, they are counterfeiters. They are rich enough to do it, and to get away with it. They prefer that we stay in debt to the government forever, because they make a lot of money this way without lifting a finger. You want to stay away from this type of person lest he rubs off on you, yet America just hired someone similar as their ultimate decision-maker.

There is a problem with my great plan in a free-market society. As soon as the fat cats see that young people need pay half as much for new homes, up go their phone costs, their shoe costs, etc., because the fat cats know the young people have more money. In other words, in a free-market system, we the typical people are always paying MAXIMUM, one way or another, one expense or another, whatever the market can bear...and if you think this is good because you've been brainwashed into thinking that a "communistic" method of ordering the financial world is bad, then, fine, go ahead and pay the maximum, dummy. And you shouldn't mind to see your children struggling to pay the maximum either, dummy. Controlling prices is not communism. Communism is devoid of God, and a free-market system devoid of God will go down the sewer just the same. In a Godless communism, the government abuses the system, in bed with fat cats. In a Godless free-enterprise, the government abuses the system, in bed with fat cats. Controlling greed is the very will of God. But Trump views greed as entrepreneurship. "America, land of opportunity, made me great," he says (my words).

No, Mr. Trump, greatness is not measured by your money making. Greatness is measured by how much you gave away by not making it in the first place. Once you had enough, you could have worked for less. Instead, you sought to become "greater." The biggest will be the smallest, Mr. Trump, did you never read that from Jesus? How many years of life do you have left? How many good years do you have left? You can't take it with you, sir. Do you propose that all Americans seek what you have earned for yourself, enmity with God? Demons are all around you, in the hearts of those you have chosen for your governmental team. How can things go right? The demons won't allow it. Unless you have protection from Jesus, the demons will eat you alive, as you race to your dying day. It is coming.

Loving others can cover over many sins. God is not only able to forgive: he wants to. Use your presidency to love others, those in need, not those who already have enough. Life has value in as much as you feel good about yourself for the good you've done for others. Mr. Trump, you said that you wanted to become the president because you wanted to fix the country. Which parts were you referring to? God's parts, or those of the fat cats? Show us. Have nothing to do with the bankers. They have enough. If you would like to secure a nice, hot place in Hell, help the bankers to become more rich. You don't need answer to the voters if you are pleasing God. He'll look after any of those who complain about you. To earn rewards from God, don't boast about the good you do. Let others praise you, but not your own mouth. Praise your team where its worthy, but not your own self. Don't come on television bragging about all that you've done, and all that you plan to do, because you can't make one hair black or white. Anything you do can be undone if God is not in it. You can waste your entire presidency. Ask the wicked Obama.

Just think of how many home repairs your own personal money can do for people unable to afford them? How good would it make you feel if you put an ad online asking people to apply to you for some free money to do home repairs? You have the IRS to assure that all successful applicants are in fact in the worst half of the poverty bracket. There is nothing standing in your way. You can begin to make people happy tomorrow just by giving your money away. How easy is that? Start off with just one billion and see how good it feels. Just imagine how great you will be in the kingdom of God, when all of those hundreds of thousands of people line up to thank you for the money you gave ever-so-gladly, because you cared for their predicaments. Your spirit will be a shining star. The alternative is, you can die a billionaire, and become wretchedly poor on the other side. The right choice is obvious.

No sooner has Trump become the president that Putin has called the Syrian Kurds to Moscow to work out a plan for dividing Syria. The Syrian president doesn't wish to divide Syria. If Trump is uninvolved with this Kurd invitation to Moscow, it sets up a problem immediately. General Mattis is going to claim that Russia seeks to take the affections of the Kurds away from America, which is the makings of the same rift that existed between Russia and the U.S. military under Obama. Trump can be all the nice-guy that he wants toward Putin, but if he allows Mattis to use the Syrian Kurds to fight Assad, that's how things can go from bad to worse. Putin is on his best behavior in Syria in order to win the affections of Trump, but he doesn't want to see the Kurds doing the American will, which is to fight Assad to his death. The most-important news that we are waiting to hear is how Trump will officially speak out on Assad's future.

The Russians were taken by surprise this week as Trump promised safe zones in Syria, which sounds like a wonderful idea. We all would like to see safe zones. But "safe zones" can be avenues to fulfilling agendas having nothing to do with protecting civilians, but for protecting soldiers of a certain stripe. A no-fly zone over a safe zone gives fighters there cover. As Trump knows virtually nothing about Middle-East details, he's starting out "reasonable," allowing Mattis to make the decisions. It sounds reasonable, but the president's job is to check the "facts" that the CIA feeds him, to assure the American people are protected from scheming liars in these organizations seeking to use American money for sinister causes under the guise of something angelic.

Trump has made two things very clear. If Obama had taken the same positions, I would have blasted him, and this is why I denounce Trump for doing the same. When Trump says that he's anti-globalism, he may be opposing the UN agenda, for example, to minimize American sovereignty / importance. However, there are corporate globalists desirous of Middle-East intrusions, and who probably desire a globalist economy too. Bush knows all about them. Trump has done the Bush thing, in fact, by ramping up the Muslim scare. Trump is freaking the nation with his Muslim bogeyman, and is more-likely to cause Muslim uproar leading to violence by setting Americans blockheadedly against their American-Muslim population. Until now, American Muslims have been very understanding, and not at all concerted toward a violent lashing. At the same time, Trump's ramping up military hardware. What for? This is becoming unsettling. Is Trump simply hoping to win the affections of the military establishment, or is he working toward ratcheting up military excursions into the Middle East?

One Kurdish report in Iraqi news claims that Trump is destined to break Iraq into three states / provinces. This might be a wishful-thinking guess, or the writer might know something. By now, Trump has permitted, or even ordered, that Mattis sit down with the necessary leaders (CIA, etc.) to work out a Middle-East plan that the president might be able to agree with. They have the option of leaving Assad alone, whom has been greatly weakened, probably for the rest of his life, in regards to pestering Israel with any viable threats. On the other hand, this civil war has brought Assad close to Hezbollah, for the latter has been in Syria fighting for its president. Hezbollah might soon ask Assad for aid against Israel, and Assad may feel compelled to give it.

With Trump's pro-Israel position seemingly locked up, it's hard to see how the anti-Christ can arise, in the next four years, to the point of invading Egypt. In fact, I'm wondering: why cover Middle-East news at all at this time? Instead, I'm looking to an optional skincode in the offering over the next four years. It dawned on me that the Veri-Chip skincode may have gone belly-up (it was around 2010), not only due to a lack of sufficient market interest, but because of the Internet onslaught against it. That is, they decided it would be better not to prolong that onslaught by pretending to go belly-up with the product, then choose a future time to spring the skincode on the world when their Internet front lines had developed a plan(s) to combat those who oppose it. One way is to remove their enemies from the front of the Internet, and bury their pages where they have little visibility.

Put it this way, that the skincode was in the planning prior to the Internet in 1997, but that the people who were bringing it on did not have any idea as to how the Internet would pan out, and they may not have included the Internet as a possible vulnerability. Instead, they may have been thinking to use the Internet to the skincode's advantage. As it turned out, Westerners were suspicious, we hope, and afraid of it, not only on account of Christian warnings against the mark of the beast, but due to non-Christians warning of a globalist plot to control / monitor us using such things as skincodes / cashless societies. That fear will not go away, meaning that the goons will need to force the skincode upon many. And that's what Revelation 13 predicts.

Global warming has been of great help for those who oppose globalists, because it serves to reveal to others that globalists exist, and that they intend to seize our money using schemes. It helps us to see how they work, how they lie, how they oppose their enemies, and, frankly, it's identical to how the Democrat party of the United States works, using big media, and appearing angelic when in reality they are demonically inspired. Globalists have buried themselves more, in the past decade, than they have advanced themselves. And even Europe has gone backward on the "empire." It seems that there can be abundant time yet before the end arrives, because they are not able, as many feared, to do whatsoever they choose. Their powers have limits. Their big money cannot purchase all of our wills. The other half of the world propagandizes against Western global take-over. If Trump turns out to be a true anti-globalist, it's all-the-more reason to expect the beginning of the end beyond the next four years. In the meantime, the anger of Liberals against Christians smolders, and is predicted to turn violent, even as we saw death threats against Trump, who isn't even a Christian. The Democrats are the anti-Christs already in our faces. We know its shape already. Expect it to turn violent.

Putin is an enigma. He opposes Western globalism, yet wants in on it if Russia can have its "rightful" place as co-Top-Dog. Putin has given every signal that Russia is willing to be a globalist entity so long as Russia is not the enemy, but rather a chief partner. Is Trump the one to start a trend in that direction? While the Obama administration promised to re-set relations with Putin, I imagine that the military was unwilling, curbing Obama's position. Or, perhaps closer to the heart of the matter, when Russia spoke out against the invasion of Libya, Obama began to snub Putin, and finally to resent him in Syria. At the invasion of Libya, Obama thought he had a gold hand that could easily accomplish the toppling of any Arab nation, but Putin opposed this part of Obama's agenda. In the end, Putin beat Obama up.

We therefore go forward into the next four years with Russia to be respected as a formidable Western opponent. The U.S. military and CIA may seek to convince Trump that Obama's problem was in his political promise not to re-enter Middle-East warfare. Obama wanted a legacy, requiring the keeping of that promise as best he could. The military may try to convince Trump that Putin can be defeated if only the U.S. shows more muscle than Obama had. But if Trump decides that he needs Putin, for example, for inside-Russia business ventures of his own, or of his friends, then we may find the next four years in Syria to be a slowly-moving stalemate, with Russia too afraid to be too aggressive on behalf of Assad, lest he offend Trump, and with Trump too afraid to be aggressive lest he offend Putin. In that case, the thing to keep watch on is how the local warriors alter the course of the wars.

Will the anti-Israeli factions switch agenda, concentrating on Israel just because Trump is an avid supporter of that nation? Under Obama, the anti-Israelis could rest, hoping that the world powers could form a Palestinian state without a war. But with Trump and Netanyahu seeing eye-to-eye, a great victory for Netanyahu, the anti-Israelis must be puking to the point of asking one another what they should do about it. Military movement through Syria, without much fear from the Syrian army itself, is now possible for the likes of ISIS. This threat against Israel's northern border is what the Syrian civil war has developed; it will take only a wink from Russia, to Iran, to allow a concerted, Arab invasion of northern Israel through Syria. I imagine that the U.S. military still prefers to gamble in its secret support of ISIS, but that gets a lot harder if Trump is vehemently opposed to such a tactic. On the other hand, if cracks begin to form between Trump and Putin on the Syria issue alone, Putin has yet more to hold against Trump where the latter despises the formation of a Palestinian state.

If Putin sees no hope of a true West-Russia alliance, he may secretly allow an Arab invasion of Israel while denying to be in favor. This, I can fathom easily, for Israel is a Western foot in the Middle East that Russia should prefer to be cut long as the West continues to show resolve toward Westernizing all nations on Russia's border. I agree with Russia that it's more than rude for the West to turn Russia's neighbors against the Russian government. It's Western recklessness. It exposes the globalists in the meantime as sick, ailing from needing to wait too long to implement a world order. No one seeking it wants it to take their entire lifetime to arrive. When the senior George Bush used the phrase, "a new world order," in roughly 1990, as though it was coming round like candy, it sounded as though this thing was very imminent. There hasn't been order in the world ever since, not even in his own country. Instead, we've had the new world chaos. Get smart, Mr. Bush, stop dreaming.

I predict that the CIA will urge Trump to offend Putin, start a rift. Whether Trump takes the bait, I don't know. It could backfire on the CIA.

An invasion on Israel's north, in the next four years? No one, including me, would predict it now, at least not until we see how prepared Trump is to use force against such an attack. I'm just saying that, eventually, the situation will arise, probably with Russia secretly in favor so long as the West harbors enmity with Russia. Trump's stern call for safe zones may already foretell that he's willing to cut Putin down to size, make him feel like a bad schoolboy needing some correction. This is perfectly the attitude to have if Trump wants to see Russia supporting an Israeli downfall.

The Russians reacted, to Trump's announcement, with an open, media complaint that Trump didn't first speak to the Russians about the safe zones. In other words, Trump listened only to the CIA / military, not bothering to get the Russian side of the story / accusations. With the Syria-Iran-Hezbollah axis now on the winning end of the Syria stick, it's best not to be a wire brush to Putin's face. One Russian I read (January 27) said that Trump has yet to phone the Russian government.

The only way I can envision an Israeli invasion during Trump's term is for him to lose all confidence before a bolder, more-courageous Russia. If the Russians can convince the Americans that they are half crazy, calling their military bluff, Trump might decide to let the invasion go forward unobstructed by American salvation. But, at this time, no one would predict such a scenario. Everyone expects Trump to be more the winner in a game-of-chicken scenario with Putin. Or, at least, everyone half-expects Trump to throw his weight. And that's the scary thing: he just might. For globalists, this might be their hope, after Putin trounced Obama, in order to get the West back into a spirited rush.

In order for the CIA to win Syria now, Trump will need to create some excuse to send in American military superiority. Time is of the essence. This safe-zone promise might just be the fast-track to setting up that excuse. This might be a bad time to try this tactic if Theresa May of Britain isn't exactly an iron lady. Trump could be all on his lonesome, with all the rest afraid of taking their wire brushes to Putin's face. Is Syria worth it? Will Trump stomp and shake the earth merely for Syria? If the CIA has its wicked way, yes.

Another way for Trump to get military superiority into Syria is to act like the get-'er-done guy, feigning a massive attack on ISIS, but then picking a bone with the Russia-Syria alliance, just as the CIA has been doing for years. Trump then calls for a no-fly zone, a thing he spoke of before becoming the president. A no-fly zone everywhere in Syria makes the Syrians lame against the rebels, while giving the rebels time to re-group under the fat shadow of a mad, dashing, spirited rush by the Trump factor. This is the wire brush I was talking about. After praising Trump for months, Putin gets the wire brush for his compliments. It could happen.

While Trump's term may not see the start of the last seven years, Trump might be the one to set up the final scenario. Four years from now, the Democrats will come against him afresh, and no one knows what will take place after that.

If I try to guess at who the False Prophet will be at this time, during Trump's term, who supports the anti-Christ by somehow acting on his behalf, working to make everyone love him while he spews venom at God and against Christians, even while he plots Israel's downwfall, I am unable. It doesn't appear feasible that the False Prophet will come from Trump's administration. As things now stand in the Middle East, I would be more inclined to seeing an Arab/Muslim as the False Prophet. If this turns out to be true, then I would cease to expect a Western 666 system, and I would feel terrible for having brought that idea up to so many readers over 20 years this year. I do not think that Revelation 13 is capable of revealing whether the mark of the beast is global versus local to Israel's dread neighbors. If the mark of the beast turns out to be solely an ISIS thing, is it pure coincidence that a skincode system in the West happens to be a near-reality as we speak? Perhaps this near-reality is the very thing that has Christians watching events closely in the Middle East. However, if the entire war against Christians is in the Middle East, and we in the West have little to worry about, and no reason to survive 1260 days without purchasing power, what great cause is there in our watching Middle-East events? Revelation 13 says that the mark of the beast will come over EVERYONE. Is that a literal, everyone-in-the-whole-planet? If so, the mark and the False Prophet will not originate with any ISIS-like group.

If the False Prophet is of a super-power, able to make fire come down from the sky, will he be a Russian or an American? While I can't imagine a false-prophet type from Russia, I can imagine one within an American leadership. "False prophet" seems to denote a religious figure, but maybe not. Perhaps he's just a prediction-happy sort of psychic circles within atheism. Why is he described with the horns of a lamb? Why two horns?

It seemed as though everything was moving toward prophetic fulfillment as I had envisioned it, under Obama. Not only was I half-expecting the middle of the last seven years in 2013 aside from anything to do with Obama, but here there was a church-going, Liberal anti-Christian president with a lamb-like disposition that could excellently suit the False Prophet, especially if he turned out to be anti-Israeli, and that too became evident. Moreover, I was expecting the American False Prophet to ally himself with Russia in Middle-East affairs, and the Obama administration had, from the outset, promised a re-set with Russia. It was evident by about 2010 that Obama was not likely be the False Prophet, because the middle of the last seven years could not fall in 2013. Perhaps satan was seeking to move things in a certain, prophecy-reflecting direction, but the Restrainer did not allow it at that time.

What I find suspicious is that there was no marketing attempt by the Veri-Chip people to implant items into skin. They applied for legalizing the process in about 2004, and they announced the end of the program within about six, short years. This is why I'm suspicious. The Veri-Chip was getting a significant number of people to read Revelation 13 (not what the satanists wish for), as well as directing them to many websites with prophetic and other Christian messages, not what the satanists wish for. I can fathom that a decision was made to announce the Veri-Chip dead to keep the world from reading Christian pages, and from that point the rulers urged Google to suppress certain Christian writings, including mine. Google does not receive complaints from ordinary people. It dictates how the Internet will operate under its shadow.

In Obama's first term, Russia was not under Putin as the head cheese, and there was hope of bringing it around to a Western world order, but Putin secured a law that allowed him to run for another term of six years. And when he became powerful in Russia, he decided that entering Western globalism would come at a higher cost to the West than it was hoping to pay: an eye-to-eye partnership where Russia is considered equal with the West, and without further NATO animosity on the Russian border. But the West rejected this, and hoped to remove / destroy Putin before he became more powerful, for he was even creating an eastern bloc of anti-American nations to oppose Western globalism. I imagine the same agenda is on the CIA's main plate as we speak. It really is a cold war, but a lot nearer to some sparks than back in the 60's and 70s. In the meantime, between the 1970's and the first decade of this new millennium, the West adopted satanism in all its forms, yet viewing it as "human rights," and this spiritual pollution is far worse than it was in Communist Russia. The longer the West remains steeped in pursuing a satanic society, the more murderous and foolish it will become, because demonic influences in people promise exactly that. America's spy system is geared to spying on its own citizens for the time when the globalists take actions they know to be unpopular and wicked.

Back to Spain

Much of this update does not include links to Coats. To have easy access to Coats, take any Coat link below, and put it on a separate browser.

The following is a curious set of links pertaining to a Spanish entity, in such high numbers that it's not even debatable as to whether the links are accurate. Credit for this topic goes to Miss Florida for sending in on an Enriguez family after reading the 1st update of last December. I intended this to be placed into a much-earlier update, but it got crowded out by another topic. It's being placed at the start of this update due to its importance and its curiosity. The December update had to do with a key find, where Manfred of Montechiaro, who married a daughter of the Mosca's, traced with the imperial-Hohenstaufen line to Spanish royals at Aragon.

The most amazing part of her tip on the Enriguez family is that while Mosca's share their leopard with Chives', the latter share a black moline cross with Spanish Enriguez'. It tends to prove that Mosca's are using the Chives symbol. But there is more that has amazed me, which I'll get to.

Online quote: "Ferdinand I...king of Aragon, Valencia, Majorca, Sardinia and (nominal) Corsica and king of Sicily..." He had some widespread powers, and I'm already asking whether the Courcys, suspect from Corsica, are using a version of the Ferte eagle because Ferte's named "FERDinand." I maintain that Ferte's were of Ferte-Mace, logically linkable to "Mosca." Therefore, for the moment, Ferdinand is suspect as a Mosca > Macey entity.

Here's how we get Ferdinand to the Enriguez family. His son was John II of Aragon, who has a first name like Macey-beloved John of Gaunt. John II of Aragon was father to Ferdinand II. An online Google-book page I was reading claims that Ferdinand I was Jewish, and that Ferdinand II was possibly from an additional Jewish woman, Palomba. As the story goes in the online page, she had an affair with the admiral of Castille, Fadrique Enriguez, and the son that was produced had a daughter, queen of Aragon and Navarre, Juana Enriguez, mother of Ferdinand II. Juana was herself married to the son of Ferdinand I so that this was a mainly Jewish bloodline.

Back in the December update, it touched upon the Hohenstaufens, Manfred and Constance, in connection to Manfred of PALMA di Montechiaro, and here we find that John II married a granddaughter of PALOMba. It could appear that she was a Montechiaro liner, in which case there is a clue that ManFRED of Montechiaro was Jewish. It's what I've always thought about the Cohens and Hohens, from the Jewish chiefs of the Khazars. The Spanish Jews had written king Joseph of the Khazars, enquiring as to what sort of Jews they were, and it seems that, soon after, the Khazars were in Spain on account of such correspondence, but not before the Khazar empire fell (to the Varangian Rus). And by the way, Constance's use the Ferte eagle too. The mother of the mother of Ferdinand I was Eleanor of Sicily, descended from Frederick II Hohenstaufen, father of Manfred above, father in turn of Constance of Sicily.

The imperial line of this Frederick goes through Frederick III of Barcelona and Sicily, which explains why the Barcelona cross is that also of Savoy, for Manfred above was married to a woman of Savoy. And as Constance's use the RED Ferte eagle, Ferte's are hereby identified with Hohenstaufens, while Hohenstaufens / Hohenzollerns (I forget which) are said to have received their red eagle from neighboring Zahringers, recalling that Cohen-like Conte's and Cone's use the antler, symbol of Zahringers. Can't "ZAHR" be from "CZAR / CAESAR" and "KHAZAR"? With Ferte's suspect with Maceys, by what coincidence do antler-using Hamon(d)s belong to Masseys?

Here is how John of Gaunt enters the picture, who was involved with Aquitaine's Candale area. Henry, brother of Ferdinand I, married Catherine of Lancaster, daughter of John of Gaunt but, according to Wikipedia, not with his wife, Catherine Roet, but with Constance of Castille. How did the daughter get the Catherine name if not from Catherine Roet? I've got to disagree with Wikipedia here. It seems that Roets should be expected in the family of Ferdinand. In any case, this Gaunt-marriage to Ferdinand can explain the gauntlet gloves of Maceys, if Ferdinand was a Ferte-Mace Macey, and that makes him suspect from the Maccabee "Jews" (perhaps not Jews in the technical sense).

It should be kept in mind that Alan Huns were in La Mancha of Spain in the 5th century, probably before they named Alauna in Manche, home of Masseys/Maceys. One could expect some Alans remaining behind in Spain. At this point, I'd like to point out the Futters, suspect in the motto of Fullers, for Futters (share the red fesse with Alans) came to mind with the admiral of Castille, FADRique Enriguez. [Later, horse-using Fullers come up where the mythical-Folos centaur comes to topic, which is traced to Volos in the area of Jason and the ARGOonauts, an entity that can be suspect to the naming of ARAGon. Centaurs expect Ixion liners.]

Ferdinand I and John II were born in MEDINA del Campo. It seems here that Medina was named by some aspect of Modane in Savoy, for while the Spanish line under discussion had blood from rulers in Savoy, the MODENs/Modeys share the FRETTY (what a ferdincidence) of Enrico's, apparently from the Enriguez bloodline. The Ferte's were seen above very much of ManFRED, but here fretty looks like it's for a Ferdinand. And a fretty Shield is used by Cotta's, expected from Aurelia Cotta, wife of Mr. Caesar, and mother of Julius Caesar, while this entire discussion is suspect from a Caesar > Khazar line.

Not only does Miss Florida stress anything to do with John of Gaunt, but she continued to bring count Zinzendorf up, for years, unsatisfied with my treatment of him over the years. Then, in the last update, he came up very big, and linked harder than before to Windsor castle, which is where Modens/Modeys were first found. It just so happens that Zinzendorf's Moravians were linked (last update) satisfactorily to the Morinis', first found in MODENA! I'm amazed. I really do need to say, God must have been using Miss Florida, on numerous occasions, over the past decade, to direct many of my topics. For anyone not knowing, Maccabees in Israel lived at MODI'IN.

Zinzendorf was linking to the Finistere area of Brittany, where I was tracing the Fiens/Finis' and Fiens/Fane's, the latter using more gauntlet gloves. And the Windsors by another name (Windows / Windens) were seemingly linkable to Finistere. Therefore, it could be that the Spanish end of the Alans, Maceys, Chives', etc., all converged in Brittany in time for the Arthurian-cult stupids (same area) who wished to hide their ancestry in fable's dressed as real history. In one fable, the Morte's/MOTTINs were included who share the Alexander crescent,

Back to the Google-book page, where I found that a character from GANDia is the one who mentions Ferdinand's descent from the Palomba woman, and Gandia (smacks of Candale) was home to pope Borgia. I wouldn't have even known about this pope had Miss. Florida not brought him up years ago. He had a wife/mistress from the CANDida family that likely named Gandia, and I am very certain that the Candida eagle (colors reversed from the Ghent eagles) is in use with the Doria's who married Arduinici, part of the Arthurians. While I think that Morte's/Mottins (first found in Brittany near Finistere) share the Alexander crescent because they trace to the Alexander name used by Maccabees, pope Borgia chose to use a throne name, Alexander. The Glove surname, suspect with the gauntlet glove (they could have used a different kind of gauntlet), uses a version of the Alexander Coat! This seemed like a key find. Alexanders ("terras" motto term) were first found in KinTYRE while Tyre's use the Ferte eagle again. It looks like the line to Terentia Murena (the Morinis bloodline), wife of Macey-like Cilnius MAECenas.

While Chives' are now being said to have been first found in Tarves, Tyre's and TARves' share the black fitchee. This recalls (from the 1st update of December) that Tarrs (same place as Roets) were resolved in using the Arms-of-Aragon bars. Therefore, Tyre's were Tarr / Tarves liners, all suspect from the Taro river that flows to PARMA, the latter suspect from the same family of terms that named Palma di Montechiaro as PARMA di Muntichiaru. Italy has a Palma location near Naples, where Candida's were first found. The Constance's who share the Tyre eagle were first found in the same place as Palmers/Parmers, how about that. It's in Norfolk, where the Pelagonia-suspect ICENI (as per mythical Phlegyas, father if Iceni-suspect Ixion) lived that were discussed in the last update as part of the namers of the Ceno tributary of the Taro, and the last update also found Jewish Cohens/Kagans in the Cheneys, with proof. The Palmer-kin of Flecks (Norfolk) were resolved in the last update as part of the Pelagonia / Pellican line to both the Alans and Arthurs. Pellicans were first found in the same place as the Josephs who use the Cheney martlet in colors reversed.

We could argue that the two heraldic Joseph surnames were from king Joseph of the Khazars, and/or from Josephus the historian, a Maccabee, but no matter, Josephs are still suspect with Joseph Caiaphas, whom we can imagine as a celebrated individual amongst satanists. Surely, they have developed symbolism to represent Caiaphas.

The Tarves Coat needs to be traced with the similar Clinton Coat to the Saluzzo Coat and therefore to Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of Luisa of CEVA suspect with Chives'. Luisa is, in my opinion, in mythical GorLOIS, along with Windsor-related Gore's (Alan kin), and then the Gore's/Gowers use a version of the black Chives moline. Until recently, Chives' were first found in Devon, beside Gorlois, whose wife birthed king Arthur with Windsor liner, UTHER Pendragon (see write-up of the OTHER surname), as the father.

I have been linking both Joseph surnames to Henrys, and here we find Enrico's and similar Enriguez'. The Brittany Henrys were at the Meu-river area, same as the Morte's/Mottins that share the Enrico fretty.

Spanish Borgia's (Aragon area) share a red bull with Chiaro's/Charo's, who are beloved in the motto of English Josephs, first found in the same place as Burghs/Burroughs. These Josephs were descended from Henry Joseph of Hampshire (he's online) back in times prior to Ferdinand I, wherefore the Enriguez line may have gone from Briton elements to Spain, not the other way around. French Borgia's/Bourgs use a moline cross on gold, as do Enriguez's, and that tends to make a link of the Khazar Jews under discussion to pope Borgia, yet the Borgia moline could be suspect with the moline of Caiaphas-suspect Chives'. If we go back far enough, to about the 5th century, prior to the Khazar empire, we might discover that a Caiaphas line was involved with the very makings of the Khazars. I expect it from a line of Julius Caesar.

French Gands were first found in the same place (Burgundy) as Mathis' who use the Chives moline exactly, another reason to see a Caiaphas line to the Khazars Jews. Modens/Modeys and Arcs were first found in BERKshire while Berks/Burghs use a cross in the colors of the Borgia/Bourg cross (Modane is on an Ark river).

Gaunt-suspect Gands (Belgium) use another moline, which apparently links Borgia's Gandia to Gaunt in Belgium. And the Gaunt surname shares a red bend with the Belgian Gone's/KOHNs, who, though they have a Ghent like variation, smack also of Cohens. If gaunt was founded by Cohens, it can explain why I accidentally / wrongly traced "Gaunt" to "Gaia," a Numidian king of BC times, for I trace "Cohen" to the Numidian queen, Kahina (7th century AD), for she ruled Numidia when it was overwhelmed by Byzantine powers, and Melissena Rangabe was an imperial Byzantine on one side, and a royal Khazar on her mother's side. She married a Varangian (9th century), and it may just be that Varangians overthrew the Khazar empire (11th century) due to a typical, civil war / family struggle after Kiev's Varangians had married elite Khazars. I'm not familiar with that war, but maybe I should be.

As the Varangian-suspect Vere's place mythical Melusine in AVALON, now suspect with VALENtinian's name, it's interesting that the 5th century was that of Valentinian, a major topic in the last update. Valentinian's name is suspect with Avlona, origin of proto-Alans of Brittany and of La Manche in Spain. Wikipedia's article on the Alan Huns tells that, from Spain, they went over to northern Africa, perfect timing for meeting up with Kahina. That can help explain why Stewarts and related Boyds use the Cohen / Hohen checks (as do Fers and Vairs). The last update, very late, found convincing evidence that Alans of Avlona named a VELINO mountain opposite the Salto river from mount SABINA, and that should explain why Hohenstaufens / Hohenzollerns were from SWABia. The latter is said to have been named after the Suebi nordics, but Suebi were related / associated with SEMNones, whom I trace to SAMNites, a branch of Sabines (yes at mount Sabina). They say that Sabines disappeared from history early, but, no, they did not. They moved, possibly to Savona to begin with. The Sviones were probably from the namers of Savona, and the Suebi are usually said to be from Sweden, named by the Svi. There is convincing evidence (see "swan" last update) that Savona liners were from lake Sevan, home of Sadducee-suspect Soducena. The swan of Josephs traces to Sevan liners. But that swan was changed to a footless martlet in colors reversed to those of Cheneys, and it was the last update that discovered Cheneys as Jewish Cohens/Kagans.

There was reason to see the Alans at Velino with Masci's, and Kahina could very well have been a descendant of king Massena. Massena's and Masci's share similar Coats, both using a sinister-rising bend. I didn't want to say this, but the face of the statue of Kahina (Wikipedia) reminded me of my Masci-line mother. As I said, she and I spent two months very near mount Velino, in the village of her birth.

It is worth repeating here that the Kennati-like Kennedys, suspect with Cheneys, use an "Avise" motto term while connecting hard to Conteville's, who share the cross of the Artois-based Eustace II, a potent liner himself. My sense is that Kennedys will prove to be proto-Cohens as they went through and named Kenza, a Numidian queen, wife of Idris of Morocco. Kahina (topic of last month) predated Kenza by about a century, and Kenza may have been contemporary with Melissena Rangabe. I had traced Guerin of Provence to Melusine as well as to Kenza, but that was before realizing the Melusine was from Kahina. Kahina was killed by the Arab/Muslim ruler of her domain, and Idris was an Arab/Muslim), begging whether there was a blood connection. Idris' son ruled at Morocco's Fez/Fes, which, as a surname, was first found in the same place as Bouillons (i.e. of the very household of Eustace II).

So, here is a scenario. Alans of Avlona settled Velino early, before they circled through Spain to be with Massena-line Numidians, and they did the latter because they were Masci's of Velino to begin with, who had earlier been from Massena liners in Numidia. Later, they were in Arthurian Avalon (Bute), where Vere's locate Melusine. An early (and foggy) line of Levites from proto-Croatia is expected at Camulodunum / Cambridgeshire in BC times, later plugging into the Alan-Arthur merger as it arrived.

From Kenza, the line would be expected (mainly a guess) with proto-Carricks of Agrigento, the Mosca's of that area, the Hohenstaufens of Sicily, the Arthurian-cult in western Brittany, and linking to the Spanish lines discussed above. From the Drago river at Agrigento, it goes to Draguignan, in the Provence of Guerin, and from there it went through Roquefeuil-Rodez elements in cahoots with William Gellone, to Albino-suspect Picts, Kenza-liner Kenneth McAlpin, the formation of royal Scots with some Hungarian-Khazar elements, and to witchy Avalon (Scotland), then back to Guerra liners of a mysterious Vere type in Anjou. This mystery is where the Marsi of Abruzzo should connect, as per a Mercian merger with Melusine of Avalon, which I can detect in the motto of Bute-liner Crichtons (green dragon possibly code for Melusine).

We saw above how Cone's and Conte's could be a Cohen branch from the link of their antlers to Caesar- / Khazar-suspect Zahringers. Therefore let's first re-mention the "Avise" motto term of Kennedys, for it's of Avezzano, near mont Velino. I know for a fact that Avezzano's (shares the potent feature on a bend with Champagne) were the line to Avesnes (Artois) because an Avesnes line was related to rulers of Champagne. When we get to the "la fin" motto phrase of the same Scottish Kennedys, while finding that Lafins/La Fonts were first found in the same place as Irish Kennedys, it can be realized that Kennedys were probably a branch of Conte's because Lafins and Italian Conte's share the same lion, which is also the Flanders / Hainaut lion while the Avesnes entity above, if I recall correctly, ruled Hainaut (Avesnes on the Helpe river is in Hainaut). Plus, this Helpes to make the Kennati priesthood traceable to Eustace-suspect ConteVILLE's because French Ville's, first found in the same place (Languedoc) as French Conte's (and Cotta's), are listed as FONT-de-Ville's, likely a branch of Lafins/La Fonts. Compare "Conte" with "Kennedy / Kennati."

It's interesting suddenly that while the red Ville lion (Stewart lion?) holds a FLAG, now tracing hard as Flags/Flecks to Stewart-beloved Pelagonia (Langs use the pelican), the Link- / Lang-related Lyncestes area, smack at Pelagonia, looks like the namer of LANGUEdoc! The Ville lion is colors reversed from the Montfort lion, and while Montfort (on the Meu river) is a location near Dol, Monforte is a location at Piedmont's Langhe! Now we can clinch another aspect of proto-Alan-of-Dol migrations. Languedoc was also OCCITANia, suspect with Joktan, brother of Pelagonia-suspect Peleg. And Occitania reached down into north-eastern Spain, where the Eber-likely Ebro river has it's mouth. As one can expect the SEPHARdic Jews of Spain at the Ebro, that's probably part of what we are talking about in the merger of Khazars with Spanish-Jewish elite. However, Joktanites (from ancient SEPHAR) and Pelegites, though Hebrews, were not (initially anyway) literal Jews. But Caiaphas was. It's a question to be asked whether Hebrews of a non-Israelitish kind eventually met and married literal Israelites of various kinds, the Laevi, for example.

We really need to ask the question on what the Cohens and Hohens were if indeed they descended from the Kennati. How did Jewish blood work into it? Was it of Caiaphas and/or of Annas? It came out recently that the blue antler of Zahringers belonged to the blue stag head of Hannans, who in-turn were using the colors and format of Battins/Badens because the latter were of Zahringers (Baden, Germany). That's one way to link Annas suspects to Hohens, and therefore back to Annas liners in Kennati-family circles. And where the Hanna fitchee is that of Tarves' and Clintons, it links Caiaphas-suspect Chives' to the same. Clinton-related Saluzzo and Ceva are in CUNeo, but what named the latter? Ceva is on the Cevetta river, and Cavetts, in Saluzzo and Lois colors, were first found in Picardy i.e. near Avesnes. Why do Caves' use the fretty of Cetis-liner CAENs, the latter being a Kennati liner with high certainty? Why do Fitch's share the leopard head with Caens? Why do Caens use white ostrich feathers while Lois' use a giant and white ostrich? It looks like a Caen link to LUISa of Ceva, in Caen-like Cuneo.

Star Terek's Pharisee Cult

The following is complicated, from the 2nd update of December. Keeping in mind that Sithech-Shaws come up as "Seth," the name of the father of Jewish chief priest, Annas (Caiaphas' father-in-law), and that Shaws were a branch of the Abruzzo Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's, yet expected at Ceva:

As Shaws were first found in the same place as Celts/Cults (share stag with Annabels/Hannibals [and Hanna's]), it's interesting that Chenchela [Numidia, where I trace Shaws] is also "XenCELT or MasKULT" [why XENcelt?] Mussels/MUSCELs (Meschin-version Shield) use plate's suspect with Pilate's that are in the Celt/Cult pheon. The Pilate pheons are in both colors of the same of Irish Kynes'/Barnacle's (come up as "Cohen"), believe it or not. Scottish Mascals/Masculs are listed as Keiths i.e. at Musselburgh! That's beside Roslin!! Can you believe it? Keiths/Masculs (stag head) share "vincit" with Shaws!!! English Mascals (Saddock kin) use the six Constantine fleur-de- lys!!!! It's all rippling new material, excellent for the record. Keiths are said to be of a marriage with CHEYNES' of Axkergill!!!!! Nothing in this paragraph was known by me when suggesting that Keynes' could be from Kahina's name. I've rarely loaded the Shawia article, and am not very familiar with its map. But here it was loaded on the day after speaking on Constantine's, super timing. I even loaded a surname an hour ago (the Monctons as per Tarrant Monkton) showing the same martlets as Cheneys, clinching what appears to be a Cheney trace to Mascula, and to the Ceno river.

That was in the update after the mention of Constance Hohenstaufen. To see why all of those exclamation marks were used, read the update shortly before the above quote. Keiths are Cetis suspects while the Kennati were at Olba, in Cetis, and the Keith marriage to Cheney liners expects that Cheneys were of the Kennati. Then, a few updates later, in the last one, Cheneys figured soundly as Cohens/Kagans, and this is all while I trace Hannibal liners to the Huns, and Huns to the founding of Khazars at the Terek river. Now, recall Ajax, the god of the Kennati, for the "Star TREK" show was realized as code, for its creator, Gene RODDENbury, is expected from the Roddens/Rodhams, first found in the same place as Stevensons, and using the same bend (this is the Valentin bend too while Valentinian had talks with the Attila-line Huns), 'and it just so happens that there is a STEPHANTSminda location on the Terek. Then, while I lumped Stars into the "Star Trek" code, it was years ago, before knowing that Ajax liners traced to Eye. The stars happen to an eye! The Eyers/Eyes' are obvious kin of Shaws, all from Aures, at the map above, land of the Shawia.

From here we can go to the Spocks, listed with Spicks/Specks, who can be using the Cavetta bars. The Specks can be of the FRET-using Speccots suspect in the spectacles of Watts and Vatt/Watters. It makes the Spock eagle suspect as the Ferte eagle and thus traces Star-Trek elements to Manfred's Hohenstaufen line. If you are too young to know, Star Trek featured a long-eared (Satyr-like) Spock character who, in a Star-Trek movie later, killed God, the latter depicted as an insane alien. The nerve of Star Trek to include that scene.

You might want to load Staufers (Steven / Stephantsminda liner?) and compare with Aarons, the latter suspect with ARNissa (Illyria) and therefore with the Arniss variation of Annas'. The latter is suspect from HANNibal's trek to the Trebia river's Ananes. Hannibal's father was Barca, suspect at BARCelona. If Barca liners named Barcelona, it can explain why Hohenstaufens came to rule that city, coming back to their old cousins. As English Josephs use a "mago" motto term, probably for Mago, Barca's son and Hannibal's brother, it can trace to king Joseph of the Khazars, or another Joseph character of the Khazars, ultimately named in honor of Joseph Caiaphas when one goes back far enough. Reminder: these Josephs use a "charo" motto term for Charo's/Chiaro's, a line from Manfred of MonteCHIARO, right? That connects to the Hohenstaufens. By what coincidence did the Hohenstaufens and/or HohenZOLLERNs use quadrants in the colors of (or perhaps colors reversed from) the Chives quadrants? You can see the quadrants at houseofnames' Zollern surname, shared by the Enriguez's that were from a Palomba woman suspect from PALMA di Montechiaro.

As the Spocks/SPICKs/Specks are suspect with the Numidian, SYPHAX (Caiaphas-suspect term), and as the latter got suspect with Mr. Kepke's surname, let me repeat that Mr. Kepke and I were working in two different shoe stores in the same mall at a Scarburgh district of a city. After he walked by with Miss Peare, whom he had just met, I went for her and ended up kissing her first, at a bar called Paloma. But he took her away from me, and I let that take place. Later, he left Miss Peare and became engaged with Miss Walsh, whom I KISSed at the same Paloma bar. Walsh's use an "AuSPICE" motto term while Spice's look like they share a version of the Scarburgh/Scarborough Coat, and Scarborough's are in the write-up of Diss'/Dice's, smack beside Eye. The Kiss' (from Laevillus) use a form of the Waterford Coat while the Arms of Waterford has a motto in love with the Deise variation of Diss'. This is now meaningful because Kepke is for some reason expected as a symbol of Donald Trump, while the Trump stag is (very likely) in the Arms of Waterford.

If Kepke's (Ukrainian father) were a hard-version of "Syphax," it can trace Syphax's descendants to the namers of Kiev, where the Rus conquered who overthrew the Khazars, and who moreover were in cahoots with Andrew I of Hungary, the ancestor, I now feel, of Donald Trump, and related to the Morinis / Drummond bloodline. Syphax was imprisoned in a form of house arrest, by the Romans, at the Tiber river, not far up from the PIERleoni Jews (whom I introduced in my updates thanks only to Miss Florida, for she studies Jewish bloodlines in high places, trying to make rounder sense of them all). The Aaron quadrants are suspect with those of Deters, and the latter were first found in the same place as Trumps (same colors). Deters use grapes, symbol of the Tiber-like Tabers from Morinis circles.

What I see is the Varni of Pomerania in the 1st century, developing into the Varangi of Kiev (9th century), and the Veringer kin of Zahringers which suggests a Varangian-Khazar merger in itself. Later, the Varangian marriage with Andrew I of Hungary produced the Drummonds, and they were first found beside Pomerania, while I think Trumps were a Drummond branch. And I had reason to suspect that Donald Trump was to be linked to Mr. Kepke so that the whole of this can go back to Syphax and some woman at the Tiber river, perhaps that being the proto-Pierleoni as depicted by Miss Peare. The Walsh's are themselves from Morinis / Murena liners of BC times, and from Wallachia, home of the Cotta-suspect Cotesii. Star Trek featured "Scotty" (starship's mechanic) while one Scott Coat is a version of the Terrah Coat (Terentia-suspect), both lines apparently honoring the Drummond- / Leavell-suspect Amore's / Damorys/Amori's, suspect with Terentia's Murena surname. There is a modern Tirane location between Arnissa and the Mat(his) river that I will keep in mind from now on, and probably discuss again soon.

I need to work offline at this time, explaining why you're not getting links to surnames. The Leavell bars are expected with the Amori bars, and as Leavells were PIERCe/PIER / PERCival liners, note "Starship EnterPRISE." Prise's are listed with PRICE's/Pryse's, first found in MERIONethshire, and thus the Prise lion gets suspect with the Marano/Mauritano lion...making the Morinis / Marano / Murena bloodline expected at Merioneth. Walsh's trace also to Wallis canton, and so we can expect PRICE liners to do the same, especially to the PERCHE-related Garveys / Harveys at the Arve river (lake Geneva).

I trace the Alexander (of Baliol) character in the Scott write-up to Alexanders, now suspect as a merger with GLOVE's, interesting as per the GLOBE of Carpenters, for the latter are very linkable to Belli's and Fullers, all three using three bars in red-on-white, and therefore linkable to Damorys. Here's from the 2nd of March, 2013:

Weird or What is a television show narrated by William Shatner. For all you youngsters, Shatner played Captain Kirk on Star Trek, where the driver of his Starship Enterprise was named, Scotty, a term that can trace to the Scott-related Skits and Scheds using a version of the Chad cross and Coat. Plus, Shatners are the ones with a CHADbolt variation. Weird or what?

I looked up the Weird/Weerd/Wardz surname, with the first thing entering my head being the eagle of the English Botter Coat. It is perhaps not by chance that the Botter eagle changed last week or even this week as I write, for it's now in red on gold, the colors of the Beard/Beart bull [and the Ferte eagle] which was emphasized above for being in the colors of the Bird fesse so as to trace Beards/Bearts to Chad with Birds and Bolts. Have you noticed how Weirds/Weerds could be a Beard branch, in other words? The Botters above even show as "Bods/Bodin" so as to be (likely) part of the namers of Chad's Bodele.

The arrow design of the Bolt surname is used by Enders/Henter, the surname that I had traced (many months ago) to the code, "Starship ENTERprise."

"Wierd of WHAT" can also be code for the Watts that can link by their spectacle's to Spock. The Ship(ton)s use "bellows," code likely for a branch of Belli's, and Belows use more FRETTY. Enders come up as "Inger," suspect from Inger the Varangian, father of the Cohens proper, in my opinion. The only child I know for Inger and Melissena was EUDOKia, like the EUDOSES nordics, whom Tactitus lumped with neighboring Varni. That makes a lot of sense, unless "Eudokia: was a common Byzantine name. If not, it might reveal that Inger was a Eudoses liner, with Eudokia named after his side of the family, not Melissena's. One can expect Eudoses liners with the Eudes/Odo name amongst the French, or even Otto of the Germans. The Ottone's share the long perchevron of French Chappes' while Scottish Chappes' use "ears of WHEAT" while Wheats are also Wetts. Wierd or wett?

It recalls when Vince Pierce punched Mr. Kepke in the face. Roughly five years later, he shows up on my job site (out of the blue, unexpected) with Mike Oddie, who had punched me in the face when I was about 12 and being disobedient to God's calling. They both came with their boss, Frank (demon-possessed, I was sure), and Eudes is a French name. This pair of events has been mentioned before because they appear to have been set up by God for a reason(s), and here's a good explanation: Kepke is regarded as a Kiev entity very-possibly from Varangians, and so it may be true that Varangians were in close alliance with Eudoses peoples that named Odins and Oddie's (same place as Percys), and close to Pierce's. Oddie's are suspect with Maurice Drummond in Yorkshire, and with Andrew's Cross. As mentioned before, Kepke got punched on the driveway of Mr. Young, and Youngs share the black piles of Leavells, the latter from the Percival = Pierce bloodline. Coincidences? Or Sign? Leavells are expected to be using the bars of Amore's while the Damorys appear to use a version of the Drummond bars. Amore's and Leavells share nebulee, very linkable to Ixion-Nephele liners at Camulodunum, near to where Amore's and Damorys were first found. Camulodunum is beside Kent (probably named after Ixion's CENTaurs), and Kent is said to have been at least co-founded by Jutes, whom some say had previously been Eudoses. Mr. Young would soon (within two years) be dating Miss Whelan, suspect with Waleran Percival, founder of Leavells. In colors reversed, the Percy lozenges could be the Whelan lozenges. I (Massey liner) dated Miss Whelan's sister when Mr. Young was dating Miss Whelan, and Whelans share the Brick Coat so as to be using the Massey fleur.

Recall the eye of Stars linkable to Eyers/Eyes', for the latter were Ayrshire liners while Sheds and Skeets'/Sheets' (or is it the Skits?) were first found in Ayrshire. Scott liners are expected from Scodra, beside, or part of, the Chives'. Do Spocks use a PORCUpine for a Porcius-Cato line? I had read that Bassets, sharing the Damory / Drummond bars, perhaps, used a porcupine. "Basset" brings up the Besancon surname (billets of Billiards/Billets) that links to the Billet branch of Bellows. Bissets, first found in Ross-shire, where I expect the line from Andrew I, use the same bend as Cato's and Chatans. Kepke owned a black Lab named, Blacky, and, 25 years later, I owned a black Lab named, KATY, that got run over by a car chasing a CAT (her favorite joy next to chasing beavers in the water). The Blacks are likely kin of Blake's/CADDels, who share the FRET with Cattle's/Cattels. Fret's are now tracing hard to Ferdinand of Aragon / Barcelona. For the record, Kate's were first found in Mecklenburg, same as Trumps and Dols, and all three surnames are in the same colors, with Kate's using the Zionist star and moreover showing the Jewish Katz surname.

I identified Blake's as a branch of Blais' / Bleds (probably from Attila's brother), and then Blade's and Burtons (show Lab dogs) together have Drago de BEWERE in their write-ups, while Bewere's are suspect with Beavers. As soon as I let Katy go free at the town park, once nightly, the first thing on her agenda was to tear for the river and fly over 15 feet of water (she was lean and well-bred for hunting), crashing down toward a beaver, if there was one (there often was), or a duck. She would whine and yelp (pure joy) while swimming to get a beaver. When we got home, life had not yet been good enough; she would spy the street for a cat, and knowing that she'd get a good slapping to the rear side when she returned, she'd fly off anyway, giving the cats the frights of their lives. Ahh, life doesn't get any better than that. I had to give her away; the other owners fattened her up terribly (probably didn't give her the nightly exercise), and she died soon after chasing a cat.

If we check out the two Frank surnames with saltires, we can spot a link to the Blade's and Spanish Pelais'/Baez's, and while Blade's are said to have had a BURSEblade branch, Burse's look like a Leavell line. The Bluds/Bleds are apparently sharing the resting / lodged stag of Maxwells, first found in the same place as pile-using Leavells. While Pollocks are a Maxwell sept, the Franks use the Pollock saltire, half of which is in the Pelais Coat along with the Bils checks, apparently, because the Bilis river (Pamphylia) looks much like "Pelais" and its variations.

A "perfice" motto term is used by Enders/Ingers, and a "perficio" motto term is used by Ender-like Hunters, potential Hun liners to the TEREK river. The Hunter hunting horn is used by TURKS/TORKS! Upon finding that (5th of August, 2012), I concluded: "! So, yes the Star Trek crew does trace to the Terek. And Enders/Enters became suspect with Anders/Andrew of HUNgary, a Hun line. In other words, Inger's Varangian line became linkable logically to the Varangian wife of Andrew I. The Prise bloodline could by from "Pharisee," making for a whale of logic where Levite-suspect Leavells were from Percivals. It's not a wonder that the Star-Trek stupids had a movie where long-eared Spock killed God, for their ancestors had killed God in real life. I link the Star Coat to the Settle Coat, and the latter may have been a branch of Shuttlewords/Shettlewords who share the weavers' shuttle with Kepke-suspect Keeps, a good reason the link Stars to Kiev elements.

An Inger merger with stag-liner Andrew evokes the dream from God wherein Mr. Kepke led a sickly stag up my driveway, and it was Kepke's shiny-smooth blonde hair, in the style of Trump's, along with this Sich-line stag, that expects that dream to alert us to the Trump stag. Why was the dream given to us not long before Trump won the presidency? Scarboroughs are in the Sich write-up along with Sikes-Dyke, suspect with the Dice variation of Deise's.

It may appear that Enters and Hunters were of Huntingdonshire, where Warrene's (same name as Varni-possible Varenne's) had rule who share a Shield of checks with Cohens / Fers / Vairs. The "perFICE / perFICIO" terms evoke the "TransFIXus" motto of Walsh's, or the Fix's/Ficks. The latter were first found in Luneburg, same as pelican-liner Langs, and the Fix-like Vise's use a stag head in dark BROWN, where brown is suspect with Brunswick, a city merged with Luneburg. The Vise's are said to be from Morton-like Morthoe while Walsh's loved Mortons. One Morton surname was first found in Wiltshire, where the DeVISE variation is said to have been. The German Vicks are likely a Fix branch because the Vick hexagram is shared by Weis'/Weisers while Fix's are said to be from Ficko de Wesera.

It's been warm for over a week, and I just saw a squirrel run across the back yard as the last sentence was ended. Squirrel saga not yet ended?

A couple of years back, while investigating possible Fix/Fick branch's, I claimed that Avons/Evens trace to the Evenus river of Calydon, and then suggested that the Vice stag head was that of CELTs/Colts from "CALYDon." It was pointed out that the Avon river has a source in Wiltshire i.e. where Vice's were first found. It was then realized that stag of Evenus-like Venus' is dark brown, the colors of the Vice stag. Amazing find. This does not necessarily fly opposed to my trace of mythical Venus to the Heneti, for while the Halybes were with/beside the Heneti, Halybes are usually lumped with KHALDI, whom I see as proto-Calydon. When we go to the brown stag head of Rollo's (apparently brown because Rollo's were first found in the same place as Celts/Colts), we find a "par" motto term while Heneti lived on the PARthenius river. As Mortains were in the Avon-river area too, it's notable that the double Parr bars are in colors reversed from the same of Morinis'. Can you see why Parthenius-river liners should have been at Morinis liners in Modena?

The Parr bars are shared by Erens, first found in the same place as Parr-loving Manners/Maness'. The Erens even use the scallops of Sodans/Sowdens (compare with Casano's), kin of Pattersons/Cassane's i.e. kin of the Modena Casano's. Arens, who bring up the Jewish Aarons, use the Morinis fleur!

I had said: "The Elm-Crest 'woman' is described with 'head and shoulders while 'Shoulder' is like the Shovel/Shouler surname (in Skull colors, suspect with Schole's/Scayle's and Scalia's) so that, quite apparently, the Elis 'woman with 'hair diSHEVELed' is a clever double code, both for Shovels and Evels/ELMsleys. The Shovels even share white crescents with Elis'." In ancient times, myth writers made rulers of Elis a part of the rulers of Aetolia, in Calydon. Parrs use a woman with shoulders too, and their double-fesse bars are probably part of the same of Hairs / Harcourts, and the Ness'/Nests that must be in the nest of the Lang pelican. Can this picture trace to Nestor at Pylos? .

A trace of the Heneti to Elis and Calydon is expected where Pelops, who married Amazons of the Elis area, had ancestry at Attaleia (Pisidia), the naming of Aetolia. Both Pelops and his father ruled at Eneti, a Heneti element. Calydon was home to Oeneus, father of Modon/Methoni = proto-Modena, right? Yes, beside Pylos. Was the latter as Pelops / Pollux line?

There is a good chance that Pelops was an Apollo line of a different time period than Apollo proper, in which case Pelops elements at Elis and Pisa can be expected with the Leda-swan line that birthed Helen and Pollock-like Pollux. The Pollock Crest uses a boar shot through by an arrow. Atalanta, named from Attaleia, shot the Calydonian boar with an arrow, wounding it, and her husband (king of Calydon) shot it with another arrow, killing it. The Pollock Crest may be in honor of that Calydon entity, for Pollocks removed to Scotland, home of Caledonians. While I traced the castration symbol of Uranus to a branch of his people in Elis, Pollocks were first found in RENfrew, suspect with the Wren/Raines surname that can apply to Uranus-like Airaines (Picardy), and to the related island of Arran in Scotland (home of MacAbbe's, from Abbeville near Araines). So, while Oeneus is suspect with Levites, and Spartans with Joktan-branch Hebrews, Pollux > Pollocks can be viewed as Peleg-branch Hebrews in a marital merger with Calydonians of some sort.

Pollocks began as a non-Pollock entity in association with Dol Alans, beside Raines-likely Rennes. The Dol Alans were ultimately from Alania (Terek theater), where the people became called, Irons, suspect with Iranians or even from Uranus elements. The Iron surname happens to be said to be from Airaines. The Dol Alans (from Attila's house of Dulo) removed with proto-Pollocks to Renfrewshire. Jewish Pollocks share the bend of Stevensons, a branch of which is suspect with the naming of Stephantsminda at the Alania theater. Peter Pollock, the first Pollock (because he lived at Pollok in Renfrewshire), was at Moray's Rothes location, and Stevensons share the Moray stars. While German and Scottish Franks were apparently kin of Pollocks, German Franks were first found in Bohemia, beside the Moray-related Moravians. The Rothes' of Shropshire share white-on-black lions with the Raines'. The last update found a Salop-like Selepitanoi peoples (map below), at lake Scodra, suspect with the formation of Scots from Picts. As the Selepitanoi are at the Cavii theater, is it a coincidence that The Rothes' (first found at Salop = Shropshire) use lions in the colors of the Chives' cats? This apparently traces Cavii elements to Shropshire. As Cowes is a location on Wight along with Newport, note that while Newmans share the Raines lions, Newports use leopard heads (see Aids) in colors reversed from those lions, but then also compare the bend of Levi-beloved Aids with the Stevenson bend, not forgetting that the Stevenson bend is that of Roddens/Rodhams too, the line that loved the Terek river.

Proto-Alans at Forum Allieni, because that place became Ferrara, became suspect with Pharisees escaping Israel in 70 AD. But here we have an Alan link to Star-Terek elements that include Pharisee-like Prise's, and besides the trace of Pollocks to Peleg suspects in and out of Sparta, the Alans of Dol came to use a Pelagonia-line pelican symbol. One could get the impression that Pelagonia was of swan-line Pollux, and, indeed, while I trace the swan to lake Sevan, which is lake LYCHNis on the map below, Pelagonia is off the shores of lake LYCHNidus. Lych-like LIGuria has a swan king. The Arthurian cult had the swan king, Lohengrin (see Logens / Logans / Lokens/Lochs / Locks), son of Percival the grail king. But we are no longer in the dark; Percival was the line from Lupus Laevillus. A bright light has been shone upon the Arthurian stupids, and they climbed too high in this world for the world's good. They now wish to control us all, to put us into their global box, in a global society of their planning, full of error and liberal lunacy, satanic whims and demonic designs.

Clarus, to which I would trace Rollo's family at Morinis-suspect More, was at Latmus, where the Elis line to ENDYmion was at. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a tight, heraldic way to trace Endymion to Enders. Leats have become established on the front burners of my mind, and they are the ones with a motto, "Trustie to the END". Clarus, Ephesus, and Latmus were home to mythical Leto. The Leat motto loves the Tooths whom were merged with Letters/Lauders (Leto/Alitto colors), who use the griffin of Aliotta's that come up as Elis-like "Ali," first found at Scylla (where shoulder liners should have been), beside the Aeolian islands. Mythical Aeolus had probably been an Elis entity. The letters in the Coats of Scottish and English Langs can apply to Leto liners, and we were just speaking on the Langs of LUNEburg while Endymion was the lover of the Carian moon (= LUNA) goddess. You see, some people in the times that heraldry was formed knew where they were from.

The moon goddess of Caria was beside the Rhodians, who went to live as Redones of France in the Languedoc area, and as the symbol of LANCaster is the ROSE, we can imagine a trace to the Russi/Ruthenes of Roussillon, smack in Languedoc. Then, just trace the Rosellon version of "Roussillon" to Roslin, home of the very-wealthy Sinclairs, yes from Claro's that are suspect with Charo's/Chiaro's Claro's. That gets us back to the Montechiaro circle of families that were of the Hohenstaufens from Swabia. The Charo's/Claro's share the red bull with Sabine's, and while were at this topic, let's trace the Suebi-Semnones alliance, along with the Sabine-Samnite alliance, to the line of mythical Samson as it evolved into Hercules. This will go right to Attaleia, the city that was encoded as Atlas, and then queen Atalanta in Aetolia's Calydon. This begins at ancient Sammanud of the Nile delta, near Tanis, where Samson's and Laish's "Danites" were truly from. These Danites had a Levite priesthood tracing in my writings to Oeneus of Calydon.

I can then trace the namers of, or people in, Sammanud to Beth Shamesh, beside Timnah, where Samson got his unidentified wife. This area, downhill from Jerusalem in the direction of the Philistine sea, was also near Modi'in, which should explain why Oeneus was the father of Methoni/Modon. Worldly historians don't like history like this. They prefer to trace all of mankind to "Lucy," the ape in Africa, or the ice-men apes that got buried in the ice-age ice existing only in their pathetic imaginations. Brute beasts are too stupid to understand the existence of a Creator. I know, I was one of them. They don't like to trace all of archeological human history to the Ararat area, because that sounds too much like Noah's account of the re-setting of human history, atop thousands of feet of sediments that covered the lush, previous world. The only logical explanation for such a disaster is that the humans had become brute beasts needing eradication as a complete lot, yet, they are back, in our world today.

Sammanud was also SEBENnytos, and here one can see the line from that Nile city to Sabines and the neighboring Samnites. The Suebi Nordics are thus not from icemen of 12,000 years ago, but from Egypt no more than 4,000 years ago. The only deformed skulls belong to modern historians, teachers of fantasies, and lovers of great conquerors. It makes their lives "interesting" to praise the greatest murderers of our history. Maia and Electra were two sisters of Atlas, and Electra is a term to be found in the ancestry of Hercules. Maia ended up as Maja, at mount Maiello of Abruzzo, and while I don't know how close that mountain is to mount Sabina, I yet expect links between the two, and figure that other Attaleia liners were smack in that area, which was the naming of Italians. But if Aetolians were in the Abruzzo area, that's why we could expect some Levites of some type there. Sabines had an Ops bee cult (cornucopia symbol), from AMALthea (cornucopia symbol), a Cretan goddess suspect with the dread AMALekites, but then the husband of Atalanta, and king of Calydon, was MELEAGer, almost "AMALEK." And there was a Hebrew-suspect boar in Calydon that needed to be subdued. This boar was said to belong to Artemis, and for this picture we should trace it to her center at Ephesus, seeing that Elis elements were at neighboring Latmus. Artemis at Ephesus goes back to Amazons of the Trabzon area, home of the KHALDI, and location of the PYXITes river, explaining the Caledonian Picts of Scotland's north.

When we return to Roslin's Sinclairs, from Clarus at the Latmus area, we take it to Henry Sinclair, of Roslin, only he's stationed as a ruler in the ORKneys (northern Scotland). JJ Tolkien had some fictional ORC characters, allied with his evil MELKOR (AMALEKor on his brain?), whom I can decipher as a line from MELEAGER, for the latter was on the Argo ship filled otherwise by many men from ORCHomenos. Somehow, Tolkien knew that Calydonian elements were in Scotland's far north. I've never made the Amalek link to "Meleager" before, so far as I can recall, and an Amalekite trace to northern Scotland is interesting where I tend to trace Cretans to Cruithne and Crichtons/Creightons (Roslin area). The Letts/Late's, who were through Rieti at Sabina, use ORGAN pipes as code, apparently, for ORKNey elements of a Pepin kinship. Why Pepins? Ask the Paphlagonian-Heneti line to Evenus at Calydon? SHETland, beside the Orkneys, can be of the SHEDs. An Aetolia-related line that put out the Latmus moon goddess traces to the sleeping moon of German Roets (and Carian-suspect Kerns/Karens), a line from Rieti along with Reeds. What do you know, the Reeds share the red Celt/Colt stag head i.e. of a Calydonian line (related to the Rollo-badge staghead).

Sleepy Hohenstaufens

I believe it is the Scottish More write-up that points out a More location in Shropshire. To help prove that Morinis' trace to this More, Shropshire in the location of SHREWSbury, and the first fleur-de-lys that I linked to that of Morinis' was that of Shrew-like Sheriffs. When we go to Shere's/Shire's, we find black fitchees (and the black Lab dog), the symbol of Tarves', and while Chives' were first found at Tarves, Salop is now being traced to the Selepitanoi at the land of the Cavii. That trace is looking better all the time, but there's more. Tarvis' are now suspect, with some evidence, from Tarvisium, also called, Treviso, and that the Travis' use SCALLOPs, like "SELEPitanoi? The Cheneys, by the way, use a "bull's SCALP." The idea here is that the Cheney bull is that of Walerans (because both trace directly to Cetis elements), and that Lupus Laevillus was connected to the Chives'. Again, the Cheney martlets are a colors-reversed version of the Joseph martlets, which reflects my theory that Joseph Caiaphas was in the ancestry of Laevillus.

To help support this apparent trace of Cavii elements to Shropshire, the Alans thereof, especially at its Clun location, had merged with Alice of Saluzzo while Clintons have been resolved with the Saluzzo Shield. In it, the Clintons (same place as Leavell-suspect Amore's) apply the six, black fitchees of Tarves'. Yet, Cluns, using the Saluzzo Shield, were first found in Perthshire, where Shaws were first found that seemingly apply to some Chives variations, such as "Shewas" (almost the makings too of "Shrew"). Note that the Shropshire Rothes use a version of the Coat of neighboring Sale's, making the latter traceable to "Selep / Salop." Until now, Sale's have been traced to the Selletae Thracians, but for several months, the Selletae had been linked to others of northern Thrace, including the Lissae / Bessi area that I trace to Lissus and Bassania, smack beside/amongst the Selepitanoi. Note that the Travis scallops are shared in the same colors by Biss', not to mention Pelagonia-suspect Flecks. The Selletae lived at Cabyle while Josephs were kin of Caplans, Capelli's and Chaplains.

Therefore, I can fathom that a branch of Selletae named the Selepitanoi, which may explain why the 'p' is followed by a 't'. Moreover, the particular Alans that married Alice of Saluzzo were the FitzAlans (lived at Clun) of Arundel, at ARUN of Sussex, a term suspect with "Aaron," but also bringing "Arran / Airaines" back to mind, and it just so happens that Aarons recently got suspect with "ARNissa," at the Genusia river not far south of the Cavii! In fact, I expect a fundamental Cavii link to Arnissa in relation to Caiaphas marrying Annas' daughter. If I recall correctly, the Gennes surname shares a red fesse with Alans. I've never seen nor mentioned before that there is a Cavii-like Kavije location (modern atlas) well south of the Mat(his) river, and very near Arnissa. Just change the 'j' to an 'i' and it's virtually, Cavii. CHIVES' were said to be first found in Devon, beside the Trans'/Trents, and Tirane is near Kavije while CHIVASSO is near Tirane-like Turin. Hmm. Recall the Alan trace to mont Velino, at the Turano-river area.

Note how "Gaia" was also "Gala" as per a Numidian king. If we change the 'i' to an 'l' in "Caiaphas," it becomes "Calaphas," much like "SELEP" or even "Clapton." There are numerous theories as to what "Caiaphas" derived in, and yet another is that he was named after Gaia. I have read from some online source that "Caiaphas" means "rock," same as "Cephas," and while I tend to reject that as the real root of his name, it doesn't matter; others may have maintained it, giving Caiaphas liners a rock symbol, or even a Rock surname. While the Sadducees to which he belonged had a house of BOETus, note that POITvins use a Gaia-line jay on a rock in the colors of the Roque/Rock rock. Poitvins are expected with Potters, and Botters, both first found in the same place as "mago"-using Josephs. Gaia may have been allied to Mago at some point. Majors/Magors, suspect with the Foote location in Guernsey, and therefore with Foots and Fothes' (same place as Tarves), and with the footless martlets of French Josephs, use a version of the ANNACKer Chief. Annasincidence? See also the Chief of Capote's and their Chives-like variations.

The list is growing of Illyrian migrants to Sicily. Here I can add that the Selepitanoi could have been pirates, and as such that could have named Scylla, depicted in myth as a mariner-swallowing monster i.e. a pirate entity. The Traviss scallops are shared my Meschins, first found in Salop. In fact, the Traviss blood link to Meschins has been made. It should be added that the Selepitanoi were at the location of modern BAR while Bars that named Bar-le-Duc are at the Moselle river while Mussels/Muscels share the Meschin Coat. See also the Cuneo-suspect Conys and Conns (Meschin colors and format), for Saluzzo is in Cuneo. Conys / Conns may have been a Cohen line linked to Mosca's, for the Cony Crest is: "A Coney holding a pansy," possible code for a Panias-based surname. As Panias and its neighbor, Laish, trace to the Peneus and Ladon rivers, compare the Ladd/Ladon Coat with that of Conys and Conns. The rabbit design of Conns/Conys is shared by Haas', perhaps from Has (Albania), near the Selepitanoi.

The new idea that Claptons were named after the Selepitanoi can be put beside the fact that Claptons use a giant patee cross while Patti is a location at Scylla (Sicils of Messina), and you can note that patee crosses are shared by Massena's/Messina's. Yet more, while Scylla was a wolf monster, Claptons use the wolf head. While mythical GLAUCus loved Scylla, Samsons, sharing the Meschin scallops, were first found in GLOUCestershire, and Clapton is at the Gloucestershire border. It's easy to see that Arthurs of Clapton trace to the Ardiaei Illyrians placed beside the Selepitanoi, and it has become strongly suspect with the Ardiaei-related Dardanians usually stamped on maps to its north.

Unfortunately, there is no way to make these connections with any solidity unless a pioneer in this science spends ten years becoming skilled at making them. Unfortunately, I got Picked to be that pioneer. It's been a whack of work I could have lived without. But I do see the importance in all this, to reveal that the killers of Jesus were going to descend to willing and similar shady creatures considering themselves blessed / enlightened / gifted / destined world rulers. It's amazing how a lot of money can twist the soul into something inhuman.

If correct that Scylla was named by the Selepitanoi or one of its branches by a similar name, I feel compelled to trace this to Skala of Patmos. This was off the Carian coast from the SLEEPing character, Endymion. It may be far-fetched, but, perhaps, some Aryans (i.e. Indo-Europeans = proto-English) were involved in the Endymion cult that used "sleep" for his code in honor of SELEPitanoi lines. In fact, Endymion was from Elis, where I trace Aryan-suspect Uranus. And one place to which I traced his father, Cronus, besides Coronis at Chora of Patmos, was to "Caria" (founded by a Zeus line of Cretans). Note how Endymion's lover, Selene, could be a Skala code. But if Cronus was a Coronis entity, doesn't it make Cronus a proto-Lapith? I view Cronus' wife as Rhagae (modern Rey/Ray), at Iran, but migrating to Crete as Rhea, and Corinthian elements of the Sisyphus kind were at Rhodes / Lycia, a Cretan area. Rhagae can then be traced to the naming of Reggio (Calabria) in what is thought to be the Charybdis monster, the one usually paired with Scylla. Before I know that Lapiths were on Lesbos, I traced Charybdis to the Charops cult of proto-Hungary, for "Scylla" seemed to trace excellently, in that picture, to the proto-Hungarian Szekelys, the point being that Orpheus, a descendant of Charops, floated to Lesbos upon his death on the Hebros river (i.e. a Charops line to Orpheus was defeated in war and retreated to Lesbos).

It's Laevillus-interesting that while OEGRus was likewise made the ancestor of Orpheus, HOGERs list Hogens while Hogans share the annulets (in colors reversed) of Hungarian-liner Youngs/Yonge's who in turn share the black Leavells piles! That is one heck of a "coincidence" where I identify Lapiths on Lesbos as Levites. And LESlie's were Hungarians, right? As an O-less "Orpheus can look like a line of Rephaites that developed a capital vowel, it's interesting that the Biblical OG, like "OEGrus," was a Rephaite king. If I'm correct in tracing "raven" to "REPHA(ite)," note that annuLETs can be part-code for Lets, who use ORGAN pipes traceable to ORKNey, where we can expect the Stout-raven vikings. "ANNUlet" then becomes suspect with mythical Anu (Sumeria), who may have put out the Anaki Amorites at Hebron (faces western Jerusalem, location of Rephaite valley).

I expect the Anaki liners at/near Aenus, at the mouth of the Hebros. While a mythical Aeneus in known to have depicted Aenus, Aeneas (with an 'a'), invented by another myth writer (Virgil), was made the husband of Creusa, and so I expect Creusa elements near/at Aenus. I had read that Aeneus' wife was something like, Annette," which strikes me as the Heneti, for while I trace Venus to the Heneti, Venus was made Aeneas' mother. Probably, the Eneti ruled by Pelops was the partner of a ruling peoples at Aenus, itself beside the APSinthi, traceable, therefore, to the Hypsas river at Agrigento, where Creusa and Aeneas were placed temporarily, yet we must also trace this to the Apsus river, beside the Arnissa location suspect with the Annas surname. It's just another Illyrian link to Sicily. Any heraldic cross can be expected from Creusa elements. A patee cross would indicate Creusa marriage with rulers at the Patti location of Sicily. A fitchee cross can indicate a Creusa marriage to Fitch's, and so on. Fitch's can be of the Fittes variation of Foot-related Fothes', and while Foote is a location on Guernsey, that island is where Majors were from who loved the Agrigento-line Anchors. Hmm, "Foot" can actually be a POTent liner, as per the potent cross.

When I was 15 or 16, Dave Boyd asked to see my lighter. He immediately dropped it to the ground in an act of malice. I immediately slapped him in the face and said, "pick it up." He immediately picked it up and gave it to me. I immediately walked away. It was all so fast and unexpected. As Boyds were slap-like Salop liners of the Alan kind, I can now trace "Boyd" to Butua (now Budva), at the Selepitanoi area, you see, but I'm wondering why the lighter was involved in this apparent Sign. The thing coming to mind is that Lights/Lite's, a branch of Leto's, Leats, and Letters (but why not Letts too?), were from Leto at LATmus, and thus I should expect Leto liners to Selepitanoi. This is perfect where one traces SELEPitanoi to the SLEEPING lover of Selene, the moon goddess of Latmus. That sleeper, ENDymion, squares with the "Trustie to the END" motto of Leats. Why does the end of "LatMUS" look like the end of "PatMOS"?

Well, we are not finished, for while the Scylla monster had multiple wolf heads, it's known that Leto and Apollo were a wolf entity. Now that we can trace proto-Boyds to Sicily, we can ask why Boyds use the same checks as Hohens? And Khazars are suspect in receiving the line of Caiaphas, he probably married to a woman in the house of Boetus. It's already been established that Bute's/Butts use estoiles as per a Bute link to Bars of Este, and Bar is smack at the Selepitanoi theater, indicating that Bute, in Scotland, where Boyds were at, traces back to Butua. And Bute was, as per my claim, Apollo-line Avalon. You can also take Apollo's Muses, in code with the nine witches of Avalon, to the Little-Meuse-river theater, where Bar-le-Duc is located. And we can take the organ pipes of Letts to the Pepins married to Metz, at the Bar-le-Duc / Little Meuse area.

Why would Hohenstaufens of Swabia go to rule a kingdom way down in Sicily? Perhaps they were going with their old Sicilian cousins from Butua. Avalon needs to trace, now, through Velino at proto-Swabia Sabina, and Avezzano of that Sabina area traces to rulers of Champagne-Avesnes, while I trace "Champagne" to Campania, location of Avellino, home to wolf-liner Hirpini. Way back at the formation of Romans from Aeneas, the Roman wolf line married Mars, which was Virgil's code for the Marsi at the Avezzano area. To the south of Champagne, an Avallon location. Champagne is itself on the west side of the Little Meuse. As Boyds are suspect as a Selepitanoi entity, we can also mention that "Metz" is like "Mathis," and that Mathis' (share the Chives moline) were first found in Burgundy, which covered Avallon, and moreover Cavii were at the Mathis river, and so why not some Selepitanoi too?

It occurs to me that Slavs may have been named after a version of "Selep." It recalls my trace on king Arthur to Slavs, a trace I neglected for lack of evidence (because I had not emphasized the Ardiaei until a few weeks ago), but here we find the Ardiaei beside the Selepitanoi. Hugo's (Basil, beside Swabia) use the Melusine mermaid, a Hohen-line symbol, and while YUGOslavia may have been named by Hugo's. it's beside Croatia, the Arms of which share the Hohen checks. I see Cravens as Croatians, yet Crevenia is a location near Has in the Cavii theater. Crevenia is between the Cavii and the proto-Pendragon Penestae, and the Craven-beloved Actons use the same fesse as Darts, from the Dardanians up-river in Kosovo. Kos is an island off of Caria, and Crevenia is beside EpiCARIA. I fully expect HASmoneans, Sadducees and Caiaphas in relation to a line from a Dardanian king, Monunius I. Cravens not only share six fitchees with Tarves', but use the Dart fesse in colors reversed.

I see Croatians (KRVati) and SERBs from Jerusalem's mount GAREB, on the west side of the city, same as the Rephaite valley. I think that a G-less "Gareb" is a Reph term, therefore, though of another time period (Gareb is mentioned by Jeremiah). Og of the Rephaites was traced to Ogyges in the ancient Acte area between Boiotia and Athens, and Butua is suspect with Boiotians while Kotor, very near Butua, traces to the mythical Athenian king, Kodros. The point is, Acte smacks of Actons, whom are in the Craven motto. In this way, one can trace the Boets/Bute's/Butts, along with the house of Boetus, to Boiotians, and one may even expect that the Ogyges monster was part of it. One can then expect that the wheat used by Levite liners such as Chappes', for example, were called "garbs" when Gareb elements married them, though there is a Garb surname that may apply exclusively.

My guess as to whom Hohens were before connecting to Melissena Rangabe would be the Piasts at the GOPLo mouse tower, themselves a line of Salian-Merovingian Franks that developed into German Salians in Frank-suspect Franconia. In this picture, proto-Hohens can be of KOPLik (very near Kotor and Butua), and perhaps also GABULeum, near Crevenia. It's just that Hohens lived in Swabia's GOPPingen. This makes proto-Hohens suspect with Caepionis liners out of Koplik = Cuppionich, and can explain why they hooked up with Khazars if indeed the latter were Caepio>Caiaphas liners. And the Kopple symbol, a giant rooster, stands tall for the line of Caia(phas)-like Gaia (see the Gay / Galli rooster). The Poitvins that came up earlier as a potential Boetus line use a colors-reversed version of the Galli Coat, but with a jay in place of the Galli rooster. The Franconian RAKE was traced to Reka (Rijeka) in Croatia, but also to the Piast wife, Richeza of Lorraine (= Bar-le-Duc area). We would like to know where Hohenstaufens / Hohenzollerns got their black-and-white quadrants, whether directly, or nearly so, from Chives'.

It seems reasonable enough to trace HohenSTAUFENs to Stephantsminda liners into Germany. Khazars had their Terek capital at KIZlyar, perhaps part of the Kiss / Cass bloodline, as that seems logical enough. The Kiss' are the ones with the red-rooster trace to the same of Bibo's, suspect with Vibia, mother of Lupus Laevillus. Caiaphas is suspect in his ancestry. However, I have been sure that Cass' / Kiss' were from Cassander of Macedonia, making him a proto-Khazar suspect. But if that's correct, did Caesars descend from Cassander? Very possibly, yes, for Caesar was a Patrician while Patricks and Pattersons/Cassane's both trace to Antipatria, like "Antipater, Cassander's father. Roman Patricians were older than Caesar, but this may indicate that all elite Romans were initially from Antipatria liners.

Where Weren't Khyan's Descendants

An online Google-books page tells that Eburovices-related Cenomani entered Italy under the leadership of an ELITOvius (similar terms were stressed yesterday), which evokes the Leto surname and it variations. It says that Cenomani settled Brixia and Verona, making the Belli's and Bellino's of that place suspect with Bellovesus, by whose graces the Cenomani entered Italy. As this was earlier than the Maccabee line at Cetis, I would expect the Cenomani to have named the Kennati, though maybe it was still the other way around if the Kennati were early enough in Cilicia. Chances are, the Cenomani Gauls entered Galatia, (after being in Italy) and partook with the Galatian line of Bassus'. Brixia was a Hebrew center, right? Brixia and Verona were in the land of the Heneti>Veneti, from the very area that the Bassus' were living in. The Bassus' can be expected in relation to Bassania at the Selepitanoi area, and into Galatia when the Cavii / Mathis liners arrived to Galatia, and this Cenomani picture may give clue that they went from Brixia / Verona.

After telling of the Cenomani at Brixia and Verona, the page goes immediately to the Saluvii. It says: "...the Saluvii; they settled near the ancient tribe of the Ligurian Laevi, who lived about the Ticinus." "Saluv" is like "Selep," and Saluzzo liners were in Salop while Sale's were in neighboring Cheshire, where I now expect Cenomani-suspect Cheney elements (Cheneys use the Saleman/Salian bend, right?) Or, at least, Cheney liners of the Chaine/Chesney/Chenay kind were merged with Cheshire elements of the Maccabee fold. It says that the Salyi were at war with Massilians who had sailed from Phocaea." If it's not merely an assumption that Massilians had derived from Phocaea, I would suggest that the Massylii Numidians (to whom Gaia belonged) were from Phocaea (Lydia, on-shore from Lapiths of Lesbos) to begin with.

The above was recorded in the 6th update of January, 2011, having many things that I had forgotten. This was said: "Phocaeans had been earlier from Phocis, in the land Parnassus, land of the Muses...whom I trace to Mysians. Locrians lived at Phocis, smacking of proto-Ligurians. 'Dionysius of Halicarnassus does not separate them, mentioning that Locrians is the later name of the Leleges...According to some traditions, [mythical] Deucalion, the founder of the Hellenic race, is said to have lived in the Locrian town of Opus or Cynus.' The latter term smacks of 'Cygnus,' the swan king of Liguria." As I think the swan entity was Sabine-like Savona, note that Sabines had the Ops cult, making it appear rather stark that Sabines were partly Locrian / Phocaean. It argues well for a Phocaean trace to lake Fucino (near Sabina) of the Marici-suspect Marsi that I see at "Marseilles" (= Massilia re-named). I'm not nearly convinced that Ligurians derived in LeLEGES on account only of that term, but the rest of the information is more convincing.

"Cygnus" is a dictionary term in Greek, meaning "swan," and so it is very possible that he was mere play-on-word code for a Cynus line to Liguria. It doesn't mean that "Cynus" meant swan, but can imply that the Cynus entity was in merger with lake-Sevan Armenians to Savona. And by the way, mythical Lug had a father, Cian, i.e. with a spelling much like "Cynus," while Lug's father or grandfather was one-eyed, symbol of CYCnus-like CYClopes'. Note how "CycLOPES" can be part-code for a wolf, for proto-Ligurians are suspect with "lyco," the Greek for wolf (can apply to Lycaonia and/or Lycia). One of the Zab rivers at ancient and Nuzi and Arrapachitis, the latter named by Joktan's great-grandfather, was the Lycus. Very apparently, Ligurians had a swan symbol for being descended from the namers of lake Lychnis, which was the location of the Cyc-like Gogarene/Gugar. In fact, Lychnis was once called by a name after this Gog.

It is necessary for the swan-line Ligurians to trace back to the Leda swan line, and that was probably in league with the mythical Sthenelus Spartans (from the Perseus > Gorgophone line). Liguria-founding myth had one Gyptis princess of the Ligurians, suggesting a line from Aegyptus, brother of Danaus to which Perseus belonged. The Phocaeans offered EuXENOS, if I recall correctly, in marriage with Gyptis, and so compare that term with "CYNUS." It looks like a match, but the myth writers didn't want us to know. Or, they figured everyone knew who needed to know, and left it at that, without further explanation. There is an excellent argument here for revealing Cynus with pharaoh Khyan, and we may bet four chariot wheels that he was behind the Cenomani. Khyan was followed by king Apepi/Apophis (probably in code with the Argos line of Epaphus), whom I trace to proto-Pepins at the Heneti area (Parthenius river), where I see the Perseus Parthians, and where the Galatians would later settle.

I don't think that "Cynus" and "Cygnus" were identical entities with Gogarene, however, though a merger could be expected. One article had informed me that Lug's father was Cein, himself the "son of Dian Cecht, god of healing." As this is mere code for whatever the writers thought of Lug, by what coincidence did they use "CECht"? They must have believed that Lug was the swan-line Ligurians. But "Cecht" is much like "Keket / Hecate," whom I trace as Hyksos to HECTor, mythical king of Troy. This recalls that I had trace PolyXENA, to EuXENOS, and Polyxena was a daughter of Hecuba, mother also of Hector. No coincidence. The Cynus entity at Phocis was, therefore, also at the Hyksos-branch Trojans (Troy wasn't necessarily always a Hyksos-ruled domain). Myth writers made the Sangarius/Sakarya river the father of Hecuba, indicating that Hyksos were at that river (right amongst the Apophis-suspect Paphlagonians). Keket was the frog goddess of Egypt, and the frog plague upon Khyan may have been due to his worship of that goddess. The Sangarius is in frog-suspect PHRYGia. This "coincidence" expects Aryans in Phrygia, just as Aryans are expected between the naming of lake Sevan and "swan" (I doubt that the Greek for a swan was "swan"). Gog is expected to be an Aryan entity.

As Ixion was the brother of Coronis, note that Coronis birthed the god of healing, Asclepios (probably named partially after Skala at Patmos), thus making Euxenos an Ixion-line suspect with some Patmos contacts. By the way, "Cecht" evokes Sitric CAECH of Dublin and Northumberland, whose son / grandson ruled the Isle of Man, to which Lug had escaped according to his myth writers. That works. It's interesting that while my atlas shows a Douglas location on Man that appears to be the island's chief city, Douglas' share the salamander in flames with Sagans/Segans (Kagans?), potential branch of Segni's/Segurana's (compare with MacArthur Coat for a Segurana trace to Argyllshire), first found in Liguria (it figures). "Caech" may even have been a Sagan variation. I trace the salaMANDER to Maeander-river Maeonians, right beside the Segur-suspect Sakarya. Hecate / Keket elements were definitely in that Phrygian area. Therefore, add Segans to the list of Seqenenre suspects.

If Ligurian myth was tracking an Aegyptus line to Liguria, it predicts to be from Lyncestes, for Aegyptus' only surviving son (anything that mattered to ancient historians) was Lynceus. And Lyncestes (a real place) was beside lake LYCHnidus, a term like "LACYdon," the latter being where the Gyptis princess was living (near Massilia). Remember too that I identify the household of Khyan as a Mus / Meshwesh one, though I don't know what it was officially called in his family. I traced it to from Apollo-line Mysians to Meshwesh of eastern Libya (Epaphus from Mycenae elements married mythical Libya), and then to the Massena Numidians i.e. the Massylii, and here we are with what looks like the Khyan = Ixion line to Massilia. You can then bet all your frogs that the Hyksos, with their Meshwesh, went through the Locrians once they were beyond Troy (Mysia).

Another factor in Ligurian make-up was mythical Lycurgus of the Edones, a fellow tribe of Sithones that are evident in STHENelus, mythical king of Liguria (father of Cygnus). As I trace Dryas, father of Lycurgus, to Odrysians, note the CAENI beside the Odrysians, and recall that one writer named Lug's father, not as "Cian," but CEIN." Of further interest now is that ODRYSians just became suspect (days ago) with "KODROS" of Athens (beside Boiotia) so that Ligurian elements can go to Kotor, perfect because neighboring Butua was from the Cadmus Boiotians, smack beside Phocis and its Locrians. Plus, there is a KODRion location smack at lake Lychnidus (where we expect proto-Ligurians, right?). Kodrion is marked on the Apsus between Antipatria and a Boius peoples that were also called, Boii, probably short for Boiotians. The Apsus is suspect from the Apsinthii peoples at the realm of Cicones/Kikons, and near the Caeni. It seems that we are all over the line(s) from Khyan (suggesting that he had children).

Boii conquered Bologna, where there was a Setta valley traceable to Sation (dark map) at the Kodrion area (when Kodrion is marked at the southern tip of lake Lychnidus). Plus, the Setta is a tributary of the Reno that flows into Bologna beside the Savena river, likewise flowing into Bologna, and one can glean the Ligurian-swan in "Savena."

It just so happens that a Cephissus river flows, to the best of my recollection, between Boiotia and Athens, while Perseus married a daughter of Cepheus. Cepheus' wife, Cassiopeia, was a Cass-Joppa code suspect in naming CassANDER (of Macedoinia), for her daughter was ANDROmeda. Besides, Antipatria is near the Parthini, suspect with the Parthenius river at which I place Perseus Danaans. We should therefore expect some Danaan elements around the Parthini, not far from Lyncestes. By what coincidence was Lug's father a so-called Danann (almost the Greek "Danaan")?

The Google-books article above: "The Libui came next [into Italy after the Cenomani] and the Saluvii: they settled near the ancient tribe of the Laevi..." The Libui could easily have been a "Levi" variant over centuries of time. This recalls that one Hyksos pharaoh had a Saluvi-like name, though I cannot recall it's spelling. That could make the Libui a Libyan branch of the Apophis kind. How can Hyksos be Levites? From their merger with the 600 Danaans in Laish, whose priests were pagan-stupid Levites in rebellion against the Moses line of Levites, and Moses was the one who devastated Khyan with frogs and other such pests. Before long, Egypt was spoiled under the throne of Apophis, and so the Hyksos were chased out of Egypt. That's what you get when you fool with the true God. There is a good chance that Jonathan, the primary stupid, traces to Aeneus at Aenus, where the Cicones lived that smack of Cycnus/Cygnus, and this may indicate that the Cynus entity at Phocis had migrated to become the Cicones, whom were mythically the brother of Hebros. Hyksos were Hebrews, very possibly of the Nairi at Mus. The very Hyksos capital, AVARis, smacks of Eber liners. Avars were an ancient peoples of Caucasia i.e. within reach of lake Sevan (named after Lake Van, location of the Nairi).

One of the maps even has a Sale location beside Aenus. In other words, while the line of Jonathan can trace to Aeneus as well as Oeneus, Aeneus was smack at the theater of a Khyan-possible peoples. And it is absolutely necessary to trace Hyksos to Trojans, who happened to furnish the other Aeneas, mythical founder of Romans, and partner with Tyrians at Carthage.

While one has the natural inclination to understand "Dionysus" as Dio-Nysus, what about Di-Onysus / Dia-Oeneus? After all, "oen" means wine in Greek while Dionysus was made the wine god. But what I see is codework, and sometimes myth writers had to think hard to produce a code that could be as descriptive / clever as possible. Dia was Ixion's wife. Pelops was created from the real place as PelopONNESUS. The line of Jonathan Levites was not likely "Oeneus," but rather a Greek writer applied a wine theme to that group, later adopted by other writers. Dionysus was a grandson of CadMUS, an Armenian entity in Phoenicia. It's very possible that Cadmus, with known ancestry in Egypt, was the very Khyan Hyksos. It is very likely that the Hyksos were a Cadusii-Armenian peoples, for the caduceus staff did not belong to Hermes only, but to Tyre-suspect Tiresias, son of Avaris-code, Everes.

And when you look at one Egypt-local name for the Hyksos, Heka KHASewet," Cassiopeia comes to mind just because Perseus was a Danaan or proto-Danaan. Perseus saved Andromeda from a sea monster, and one could expect a mythical Leviathan off the Joppa coast, named after Levites developing into Lapiths. At this point, Levites become a sea-faring peoples. If I recall correctly, there was a chest put out to sea in relation with Perseus myth, and that suggests a pirate-treasure code. Pirates at sea earned their monster codes. Hyksos are known to have escaped Egypt to the land of Philistines, though it was then inhabited by the Biblical "Avviy" (Avvites), and they lived at EKRon, for one, like ACRisius, the ancestor of Perseus along with Avvi-like Abas. Of the several mythical Abas', one was made father of Lysimache, symbol of Lysimachia beside the Caeni. Another Abas was turned into a swan by Aphrodite (meaning she was a swan liner too).

Back to the Google-books page: "In the Greek mythology, the Locrians are closely related to the Phocians and Eleans." The Elaans were at Elis. Why would peoples from Phocis, across the Corinthian gulf, be close to Elis? Well, at Pisa of Elis, mythical OENoMAUS ruled, who shared the chariot wheel symbol with Ixion, and moreover, we find Hermes in the myth that concerns Oenomaus' chariot wheel. That's code for the Hermus river, location of Phocaea. And Pelops, who married the horse-depicted daughter of Oenomaus, was previously ruling the Hermus-river area. As Oenomaus (Amazon king) was clearly part of Oeneus of Calydon. It begs whether "Elis was named after "Laish," the latter being right beside a real Daphne location (exists to modern times). Elis and Pisa were home to mythical Daphne, daughter of Tiresias above, and Manto, her sister, was likely a form of "Maenad," the demon-possessed Amazons of the wine god.

Below is a map of the Elis area with the real city of Oenoe, on the Ladon river of Daphne. Expect the pagan Levites in that ancient location. At the source of the Ladon, there is a Lasion, a term smacking of the Lasonii, fellow tribe with Pisidians. Lacedaemonia (in Sparta) may have been named after Lasion, and Lacydon after that. If you don't yet know, Laish was at Panias, and then the Ladon flows into the Peneus. The Ladon river is alternatively stamped the "Selleis." As Lasion is at the source of the Selleis, could this indicate proto-Lacydon and its Salyes Ligures? That's what it looks like, but, while this was shown way back in January of 2012, I had forgotten all about it. Remember, Joktanites are expected both at Sparta and Occitania, and the latter place was at least beside Lacydon. Plus, we would like to know how the Sephar-likely Sephardic Jews of Spain got Jewish, since Joktanites and Pelegites were not.

I'm not suggesting that "Dionysus" was deliberately named as per a Dia-Oeneus code, for I feel sure that he was named after a Nuzi line to a mount Nysus. However, a writer apparently took his name, and saw the makings of a wine code, and thus applied it. Dionysus was said to be a chief priest, and that goes well with Laish's Levites. As I said, Cadmus was code for Cadusii Armenians at mount Hermon, location of Laish. Cadmus was essentially the Hermes-caduceus line to the Kabeiri center of Boiotia, and Dionysus was the chief priest of the Kabeiri stupids. What's left to understand? Dionysus was the Laish-Levite line, and his lunatic symbol had to derive from some malicious human qualities amongst his Kabeiri. I can imagine God giving the pagan Levites to demons as their reward, and those demons were already in the ruling Hyksos. When we trace them as far as Boiotia, we are beside Phocis and its Locrians.

Do Salyes trace to Selletae or to Selleis? Well, the Selletae were at Cabyle, and Cybele was the mother goddess of Phrygia, and mother of the Lydians, while Lasonii is suspect with Lydians. So, over to Selleis go the Selletae that one may assume to be part of the Cybele cult. It's interesting here that the Halys river, home of the Hatti = Cybele's husband, was virtually the Greek word for "SALT."

The Israelites made a golden calf unto Khyan, in my opinion, signaling that Khyan liked a calf entity. He may have been a worshiper of the Baal bull, but the calf may have been developed as per his dead first-born, not a nice thought at all, that Israel would honor his son in a bid to have Khyan accept them back to Egypt.

The bull cult of Baal evolved, fairly obviously, into the Zeus Taurus, a Tyrian-Tarsus entity with Hebrew suspect Europa (Cadmus' sister, we get it). Cadmus' brother, Cilix, was code for Cilicia, location of Tarsus. This bull was also part of Cronus, we can assume, and as he was the Lapith line to Coronis, at CHORA of Patmos, it recalls that Moses, after the golden-calf rebellion, had to put up with the rebellion of the man, KORAH. The Uranus-Cronus-Zeus cult may not have been the beginnings of Hyksos, prior to their arrival to Egypt, but may have been a merger with the Hyksos after they were forced to leave. This cult may even have grown out from the survivors of Korah's rebellion, most expected amongst the pagan Levites resisting Moses and Joshua. In Wikipedia's Khyan article, Khyan is "SEUSerenre Khyan". The name therefore looks like a Zeus-EREN-Ra combination, interesting where Aarons come up as "Aren," if I recall correctly, who use the cloud suspect with Nephele! That's a good way to trace Ixion (and Rundels/Roundels / Arundells?) to "Khyan." Erens (Aaron colors) can be using the Kiss rooster.

Zeus' brother, Poseidon, was code for a Hyksos-of-Phoenicia line to the Pisidians at Pisa, home of Oenomaus. Zeus' other brother, Hades, a dark entity, apparently, was likely code for the Hatti of Hattusa, a Cadusii entity. Why were the Hatti so dark? You need to ask the traitors of God, who loved freedom from God, wherefore God made them slaves to demons. God did not leave demons on earth so that they would take peoples' hearts from Him, but to enslave those who chose to abandon their Creator. That makes the most sense. Let's not get it backward. Resist the demon, and he will go pester someone else. You'll know the demon is upon you when you see wicked pictures in your mind, or evil promptings in your heart. God helps and Seals those who resist evil promptings, and that's real freedom. It really doesn't take a lot of wisdom to make that choice, but human weaknesses can and do fail us.

It's a mess trying to figure out why Leto and her twin children had the wolf symbol. My guess is from the Lycians with a goddess, Lada, for I see Leto at Latmus, across the Maeander river from Lycia. But the Caeni look like "canine" and the Latin word for "dog." Then there was WassuKANNI as the Mitanni capital in the time of the Hyksos. By what coincidence did Homer make Hector the king of Troy while making Agamemnon the king of the opposing side in the Trojan war? It was recently realized that AGAMEMnon was code for AKHMIM, the Egyptian city of the Mitanni character, Yuya, whom, by the way, I view tentatively as proto-Gog and/or the line to Gyges/Gugu of Lydia (potentially as Phocaea). In other words, the fabulous Trojan war may have been concocted because Homer (Gomer line?) knew that the opposing sides were both from the Mitanni. Agamemnon was made a grandson of Pelops i.e. potentially at Phocaea.

I'm not very familiar with Mitanni-kingdom geography, but do know that Mitanni were centered on the upper Euphrates. That's where we find Haran. If that city was the intention of the myth code, Uranus, let's go to that trace I make of Uranus to the Elesians of Elis, who were also called, Eleans, like "Helen, wife of Menelaus, brother of Agamemnon. Some of Uranus' offspring were called by an Elesian-like term, though I have forgotten the spelling. This is a very good way to trace Mitanni to Elis, and that's where myth writers had Oenomaus, same entity as Oeneus, father of Mitanni-like Methoni. As Haran is said by many to have been where Nahor was living, while the Nairi were at Mus, note OenoMAUS.

As MENElaus has been resolved as code for the Las/Laas location on Sparta's Mani peninsula, we can assume that Las was named after Lasion up at the Elis area, even as Lasion is suspect with Spartans once called, LaceDAEMONians (smacks of HippoDAMa/HippoDAMNia, Pelops' wife ("hippo" is Greek for horse). By what coincidence were Oenotrians (Enotri) at Laus of the Calabria-Lucania border? Lucania even smacks of Laconia, an alternative name of Sparta. Oenoe, in case you've forgotten, was on the Ladon river, near Lasion. It appears that Oenotrians were from Oenoe. Note that Enotri are in the "Alis NUTRior" motto term of Simsons (share white crescents with Elis'), and that "Alis" smacks of "Elis." It's known that Laus was founded by neighboring Sybaris (Sephar liners?), and that the founders of Sybaris were from Boura smack at the Ladon-river area. Hmm, Burleys/BOURlys use boar heads (Eber symbol, right?) in both colors of the Simson crescents! That is a great find, making Bowers and Bauers (and perhaps ModBURLEYS) suspect from Boura's Hebrews and/or Oenotrian-branch Levites. I have been convinced that Laus was the line to the fleur-de-lys of the Franks.

The Trojan war (had a horse plot) began when Hector's brother abducted Helen above, she being obvious code for the Hellespont at Troy. But that traces Elis elements to the Hellespont, and Elis is still suspect, along with Lasion and Las, with "Laish." Why should Laish elements trace to Hellespont? We need to ask its DarDANUS location, for Laish was controlled by "Danites." And Dardanus was made the brother of Ixion-suspect Iasion. Dardanus was made to marry a daughter of Teucer, a line of Tocharians / Togarmites, in my opinion, that may have been the namers of the Touques river, location of Gace, named by proto-Washington Wassa's suspect from "Wassukanni." My question is one I have never struggled hard with. Instead, I've been hoping that it would settle itself naturally with time: was "Khyan" from the namers of Wassukanni? Were the Hyksos, called Asians by some, from the Mitanni? Hyksos can be suspect with the Hayasa-Assi, usually mapped at the upper Euphrates. Turn "Hayasa" to "Heka," and the Heka KHASewet" look like Hayasa-ASSi. One can see the formation of "Hecate" from "Heka."

Why was Yuya, living after the Hyksos were expelled from Egypt, a royal horse trainer? Was he a Hyksos? His daughter, queen Tiye, is expected at the naming of Sparta's TAYgeti, the mountain range that forms the Mani peninsula. While I trace the Mani peninsula to the Maeander river and its Maenads, the latter should resolve as mythical Manto of the Hyksos. Menelaus' grandfather, Pelops, is expected between Attaleia and Lydia, with the Maeander river between them. There is coming a final plague upon Khyan, at Megiddo. Why Meggido? My hunch is that globalists of Rothschild circles have investments and cushy things in northern Israel. When the kings of the east come toward them, they will depend on the frogs (see Revelation 16) in the throat of the anti-Christ to save them.

Agamemnon's wife, CLYTemnestra, looks like it's partly of the Khaldi > Calydonian line. I always view mythical Manes from Mannai of Armenia to the Maeonians that named the Maeander, and Manes appears to be in "ClyteMNEStra." I had read that historians generally trace Armenians to Phrygians. Armenia, like the Mitanni kingdom, was on the upper Euphrates. "Ar" in "Armageddon" means "mountain" (mountain of Megiddo), wherefore "Armenia" may have been named, mountain of Mannai (or the Biblical Minni). Manes was made the father of Attis (married the Phrygian goddess), who was himself Aeetes, while the latter's daughter worshiped Hecate...who had the wolf symbol herself, indicating a frog-Phrygian connection to Leto-branch Lydians, especially as Lydians were made the child of Attis (sun god of Phrygia). As Leto/Latona was the Ladon dragon, given many heads, so Hecate was given multiple wolf heads or wolf bodies. This recalls the multiple wolf heads of Scylla, from Skala at Patmos, itself off the shore from Leto's domain at the Lydia-Caria border. Why did the writer of Revelation, on Patmos, use frogs as the symbol of satan? Frigg, I don't know. Maybe it has to do with NATO, which looks like "Odin" backward.

Odin and Frigg can be traced to Swedes, or Goths of Sweden, but I trace him to the Sitones and Sviones in particular, from STHENelus of Liguria, suspect as the Sithones, a branch of Odin-like Edones. The Goths may have been from the Eudoses / Jutes, and perhaps the Eudoses were named after Edones through Liguria. Jutes were alternatively, Eotens. Odin's cult was countered by mythical Loki, what looks like a wolf-line from Ligurian circles. Stabo, I think it was, said that Edones and Sithones were a branch of Megiddo-like Mygdones. If one goes up the Axius river from the Mygdones, the Maedi entity will be encountered, suspect from Medea, worshiper of Hecate, the Egyptian frog line to Phrygians, right? Frigg, I think I've got it. It looks like NATO will be responsible for Armageddon because it refuses to cease its meddling in the Middle East. Whatever nationality the anti-Christ turns out to be, he has got to be allied with end-time Rome = Europe. In fact, Daniel 7 has him ruling Europe, as most read that prophecy. The only army for Europe's protection at this time is NATO, but Revelation promises the raping of Europa yet again, only this time, she's going to be tossed into the flames rather than going forward with her children to the founding of Europe. Ezekiel had satan as an ancient king of Tyre.

One thing depressing me is that while I've spend considerable time on prophetic topics over nearly 40 years, there is one thing that makes the end-time appear after my lifetime. While I claim that no one had a right to proclaim the end times until a 666 commercial system was in place, or at least practically possible, as it is now, I myself have been guilty of expecting the last seven years to begin at any time imminently, yet I have come to believe that there's no way for the "kings of the east" (Revelation 16) to muster 200 million men (Revelation 9:16) for an invasion into the Euphrates river. Perhaps that number was a typing error. Revelation uses "two miriads of miriads." That's (2 x 10,000) x 10,000. Plus, another problem I have is that it uses "cavalry" when describing that number. Ezekiel likewise uses cavalry. I can't fathom cavalry in these days. How could any false prophet seek fame or acceptance by predicting such a vast army that could never arise in his lifetime? If he wasn't a false prophet, how can we explain such a vast number, even today? If he wasn't a false prophet, how can we explain that God used "cavalry"? Why would God throw such a curve into this prophecy? I don't have an answer. But other, fantasia-like parts of Revelation are now do-able.

The two miriad of miriads come immediately after the 5th trumpet, where there is vast hole formed in the ground by something like a falling star, with a gigantic furnace billowing out of this hole. And Apollo is a part of that 5th trumpet, the leader of the so-called locusts that appear from the smoke of this furnace. Obviously, Revelation uses symbolism in all of its prophetic parts, and these are not expected to be literal locusts. But the choice of "cavalry" yet troubles me, even if it's a symbol of merely an army. God could have simply said, "men," rather than include horses with them.

Unfortunately, there is no description of the "kings of the east." How far east is "east"? Can Iran be included? What possibly could spur or require such a vast army in Iraq and/or Syria? Okay, maybe the Chinese get fed up with NATO meddling in the Middle East, but sending in 200 million??? It seems a lot over the top. What's going to happen to the Chinese economy in the meantime? Will India join this rampage? There is nothing I read in anti-Christ prophecy that warrants such a vast army, though I can fathom that an oriental coalition -- as for example the one now forming with Russian designs to counter the West -- could decide that the time for destroying / conquering the West has come. It sounds like a global-suicide mission, and that's what Armageddon is. Do we think the world has arrived to this yet? Doesn't its people need to be far into insanity first? How long does it take for the world to go insane if God ceases to restrain demonic spirits? The apostle Paul had the knowledge (2 Thessalonians 2) that the end could not come until God first removes Himself from the midst of satanic powers (i.e. He ceases to restrain them).

I suppose it's possible for orientals to get eye-to-eye, and shoulder to shoulder, for their great cause of destroying the sinful West. Man egging man to leave work and march out to Iraq. Trump himself is proving to be another thorn in China's side. Are we arriving to "enough-is-enough" in China?

Let's go back to the Hyksos at the Sangarius river of Phrygia, for the seven-headed dragon of Revelation can be alluding to the Lotan dragon (seven heads), and therefore to the Ladon dragon (100 heads). We saw why the Hyksos should trace to the Ladon river. Mythical Sangarius married Metope, a location near Corinth / Sicyon...not far from the Ladon. Metope was the mother of the Ladon dragon, and of Salamis, the latter being a Teucer entity now linking to Cetis, etc. Some say that Ezekiel's Togarmah are the Turks, though I have not been convinced. It struck me that the TrocMi Galatians (lived at the Sangarius) who lead to rulers of Cetis were feasibly a version of "TogarMah." In any case, "Cetis" is suspect with the mythical Ceto monster that came from the same family of monsters as Ladon. As "ope" is a suffix, "Metope may have been the Medea / Medusa entity, which I trace to Mysia's Parion/Parium, home of Hector (this needs to be gleaned from his brother, Paris, and his father, Priam). So, the Hyksos were between the Sangarius and Parion when forming their rule over Troy, and "TROCmi" can be a TROJan element while Togarmah-suspect Teucer was the patriarch of the Trojans.

Here is an online quote to prove that Hecate / Keket was a Phrygian entity: ""[Sangarius] is also the father of Nana and therefore the grandfather of Attis."" Nana? In Egypt, Keket was the frog goddess, and NUN the frog god. I don't know which frog cult came first, the Phrygian of the Egyptian. Either Phrygia was named after the Aryan frog cult in Egypt, or Phrygia named the frog cult in Egypt. A frog ancestry for Attis > Aeetes explains why Aeetes' daughter worshipped Hecate. The Hatti were on the Pontus, father of the monsters i.e. likely the Colchian pirates that included the Lazi...and the Bats to Batia, Teucer's daughter. The Caucasian scythians, wickedness in human form.

In 2011, I had said: "In the map of the Sakarya [Sangarius] river, there is shown its Kirmir tributary, smacking of Jim Hensen's Kermit the frog. Phrygincidence? Why does "Hensen" smack of the Heneti, who lived in Phrygia?...Why do Hensens use a green snake? Entering "Sakar" gets the green snake of the Seagers/Sugars." So, there you have it, even Sesame Street appears polluted by Masonic stupids honoring ancient bloodlines of the fiendish, human-sacrifice kind.

There is a question as to whether Nana named the Ananes Gauls. They were at Placentia, location of a Le Mose (city district). A king of Egyptian Thebes (enemies of Hyksos) by the name of Seqenenre was the father of AhMOSE and KaMOSE:

Seqenenre Tao II is credited with starting the opening moves in the war of liberation against the Hyksos, which was ended by his son Ahmose.

Later New Kingdom literary tradition states that Seqenenre Tao II came into contact with his Hyksos contemporary in the north, Aawoserra Apopi...

I find it mysterious that the Mose name was way south in Thebes as well as that which apparently named Moses. The article says that historians do not know how Seqenenre died mid-battle against the Hyksos, but perhaps he did not die. He could have been taken prisoner until he decided to marry a Hyksos daughter, for the Hyksos were probably in trouble at that time, needing influential allies, after the 10 plagues, which weakness can explain the attack by Seqenenre in the first place. In any case, as there were SEQUANi Gauls, compare with "SEQENenre." Some say that a Hyksos king had a Seqenenre name (I'll get to him below). The Sequani were west of lake Geneva (Khyan line?), and Annecy is south of that lake. I expect all Gauls to be from the Galli priests of Kabeiri i.e. that operated Cybele's cult at a Kabeiri location on the Sakarya. See map of Sequani area:

In the 2012 update, I came across the Macon location (Burgundy / Autun) while on the Sequani Gauls, and found that Macon was also called, MATISco. As Macons are listed with Massins/Masons, it's feasible that Matisco traces to the Mattis/Massi surname at Italian Pisa, where Mosca's were first found. At this time, while I don't expect Donald Trump to be either the False Prophet or the anti-Christ, I am keeping eyes on his military chief, general Mattis. He is one mad dog that promises to get the ire of China, and of Russia, if he can get his way. Macons/Massins use a "Dum" motto term that can be for the namers of Dumfries, location of Annan(dale).

Either the Saone (Sona) river of the Sequani named them, or they it, which asks whether Seqenenre named Sion / Zion / Sihon. Some historians claimed that Hyksos escaped into Jerusalem i.e. into the protection of its Amorites. If the Ananes Gauls came to Italy from the Saone-river theater, note that the SAXON surname uses Caiaphas-suspect chaplets (swans in the colors of the French-Joseph swan). Josephs were first found in the same place as Billets, and the Mose Coat, if I recall correctly, uses billets. The Moses Coat (probably from Moesians) shares the so-called calvary symbol (not to be mistaken for a Jesus-loving symbol) with Khyan-like Keens/Kahins. The latter use an eSCUTcheon that's part code for their Keon branch, and while SCUTE's use the escutcheon too, Shute's share the white sword with Mochs, highly traceable to Mokissos on the Halys river i.e. of the Attis cult of stupid priests. If you look at Masonic rituals, you recognize right-away that they are stupids. Stupids don't realize their own stupidity until their deeds are shone upon normal people. Only then do Masons become ashamed.

Back to Nana, for ANEN (real person) was a son of Yuya. As Yuya's daughter was grandmother to king Tut, note that Tottens (and Creuse's) use a "SEQuor" motto term, and when we look again at "SeqENENre, it seems that Anen was part of it, recalling the theory that both the Hyksos and Yuya were Mitanni. I would therefore understand that king's name as Seq-Anen-Ra, or Seq-Nana-Ra, suggesting that the Seq part was a Sakarya element, and that Yuya's son had descendants all the way to the Nana frog cult at the Sakarya. And that was smack at the area where Cybele and Attis were worshiped whom myth writers made the parents of Lydians! It's a great and new way for us to trace "YUYA" to "GUGU" of Lydia, same as king Gyges (700 BC). Apparently, the line of Seqenenre led to Yuya's son, in the least, perhaps to Yuya's parent(s). But this is a strange view of the Biblical Gog, if I have this correct, from Mitanni out of Africa. It opens another avenue of exploration in checking out whether Annas of Israel was from Anen. As Seth was an Egyptian god in relation to Horus, while Creusa can be suspect as a Horus line to Ares / Eros / Erotes, by what coincidence was Seth the father of Annas? Repeat, SEQENenre may have named the Saxon surname that use chaplets while Chaplets use swans. There is a Saxon location beside Sion (Switzerland), and Sions (the surname) list "Swan." It definitely appears that Yuya and/or Anen was the Zeus swan line.

The Creuse surname must have known its trace to this king because mythical Creusa was wife to AENeas. It's a very good argument for tracing the Yuya line to the founder of the Romans, the frogs, and to Aenus (Hebros river). Previously, I traced Yuya to Gyges living at about the time that Lydians were forming the Latins at Rome. Gyges' father, Dascylus, a location in Mysia, smacks of Tusculus on the northern border of the Latins. But the big story cropping up suddenly here is that Annas' ancestry can be from a Yuya-Anen line to Aeneas. Note that while Anchors/Annackers are suspect with Annas liners, Ankara is a city near the Sakarya. Take this picture to Gogarene/Gugar, assuming that it was named by a Yuya line too, and that gets us smack beside MUS, and nearer yet to Sadducee-like Soducena. One question is whether Gugar traces back to Gugu, or vice-versa, but note that while Yuya MUST trace to the Agamemnon Spartans, that very family was involved with the swan line from lake Sevan, location of Gugar! In fact, Agamemnon's wife (Clytemnestre) was herself born in a swan egg, for she was the sister of Pollux and Helen. And while Yuya was a royal horse trainer, the fourth sibling in a swan egg, Castor (Cassiopeia > Gorgophone > Sthenelus liner?), had a horse symbol.

Some think that a Sheshi character was a Hyksos king, but then the Biblical Sheshai was a son of Anak in Hebron way back in the time of Abraham (predated Hyksos by a few centuries). Wikipedia's Khyan article: "Two Hyksos pharaohs remain unknown. Many scholars have suggested they were Maaibre Sheshi, Aper-Anath, Samuqenu, Sekhaenre Yakbim or Meruserre Yaqub-Har...but thus far, all that is certain is that they were Asiatic kings in the Egypt's Delta region." "Anath" suggests Anat, a goddess I view as naming the Heneti i.e. at the Sakarya theater. Anaki could have been from Anu (Sumeria), the latter's wife said to be Antu i.e. like "Anat." Note Sekhaenre (same name as Seqenenre) YAKbim, for Yoke's/Joke's use a giant swam. JACKs use garbs in the colors of the same of Keep-possible Keppochs i.e. that may be of the Hebrons/Hepburns.

Mokissos (center for the Mopsus stupids = false prophets) was at Tut-suspect Tatta. I view "Creusa" as a form of "Hros," and the latter has been trace to "Horus," son of Ra, essentially. To put it another way, Creusa was a form of Ares, known lover of Aeneas' mother, the latter being queen of the Kabeiri psychopaths. The Aras river passed near the Habur, the makings of the Rus-Hebrew alliance. Again, the Kabeiri are suspect from the (K)Habur river, and while king Shamsi-Adad lived on the Habur river (home of the Mitanni), "The name Hayanu is recorded in the Assyrian king lists -- see 'Khorsabad List I, 17 and the SDAS List, I, 16'--'for a remote ancestor of Shamshi-Adad I (c.1800 BC)." "Hayanu" was proposed by the writer for the origin of "Khyan" from an Amorite name. "Samson" at Beth Shamash might even have been a royal line from Shamshi-Adad at Sammanud (Nile delta).

This entire discussion evokes the sons of Keturah, one of them suspect in naming the Mitanni. One of the sons looks like he should have named the Midianites, and the Biblical Jethro of the Midianites looks like a J-version "Keturah." Jethro belonged to the Kenites of Midia, a Khyan-like term. It's possible that Moses ended up with Kenites due to Khyan's descent from them. Jethro was a priest of some cult, but the information is lacking as to what sort of god he presided over. Of course, there are people who think that Moses' god was an extension of Jethro's false god (did Jethro have the Holy Spirit, however?), but this assumes that the story of Moses was a concocted hoax where there were miraculous events and other matters. Jesus convinces us that Moses was not a hoax, but then others say that Jesus was himself an elaborate hoax. At the end of all updates, starting at this one, I will provide a page to my treatment on the 70 weeks of Daniel tending to prove that Jesus was not a hoax. This matter on whether Jesus was a hoax should be the most-important thing in your life.

One theory had been that the princess which named Moses ended up in marriage with Seqenenre, father of Ahmose and Kamose. The Mose term existed prior to her time. Seqenenre's father was SenAKHTENre Ahmose, looking related to the Atun god of king AkhenATEN, Yuya's grandson. Wikipedia's article on Senakhtenre Ahmose says that he possessed an item taken from a Hyksos city while Hyksos were ruling it, which may indicate a marital merger between he and a Hyksos royal family. They say that Senakhtenre's father may have been NubKHEPERre, a possible Hebrew to the line of Keeps / Kepke's / Keppochs. Zowie, the latter are the ones with a version of the Craven Coat while the Craven motto honors the Actons (Hebron/Hepburn colors)!!! It appears that Keppochs were in-fact from the ACTON-based line of SenAKHTENre. While I see Merovingians related to Hebrons/Hepburns, they trace to Merowe, now in Sudan, further south yet than Akhmim or Thebes, but in the same ancient-Egyptian realm. Actons had an Axton location in the same place as Masons/Massins, kin of the Meschins of Craven-Skipton. The Macon variation of Massins should be from Macon, not far from Autun, where the Atun god traces with little doubt, for Autun is beside NEVERS while NEFERtiti was the wife of AkhenAten.

You can see Totten liners in the motto of Masci-related Hamonds. Yuya's daughter birthed king Akhenaten, father of king Tut and brother of ThutMOSE, signalling a Tut-Mose relationship. If Yuya was a Mitanni of the Hyksos line, it can explain why AkhenAten's god traces to Aedon, mythical queen of Thebes, the city founded earlier by Hyksos-liner CadMUS. And the dragon killed by Cadmus had magical TEETH, which might just have been code for queen TETisheri, the mother of Seqenenre. That works only if they were Aryan speakers, but Mitanni, I think, were part of the Hurrians (yes, Aryans).

As the Hebros river is expected from Hebron elements, note that the Keep-loving Hebrons/HEPburns can trace well to the APSinthi because HIPS' share a version of the Creusa-suspect Christ Coat, the latter sharing roses with Hebrons. And Rose's are form Rus elements, right? Moreover, the footLESS martlets of Hips' can be from LYSimachia (see mythical Lysimache), a location near or amongst the Apsinthi (beside Aenus, right). The FOOTless martlet is suspect with the namers of Foote, on Guernsey, where Majors (ROSES) are from who use a version of the Anchor/Annacker Coat, that being an Anaki-suspect surname through Agrigento, all-the-more reason to view the Anaki as a line to mythical Aeneas / Aeneus. However, if Aeneas liners were Anaki, I don't think we can quite equate "Aeneus" with "Oeneus," though the fact that the terms are well-reflective of one another may indicate that myth writers knew of a merger between the two. I fully expect Annas, the chief priest of Israel, to be a Levite from the Laish Levites. And we can ask what the most-ancient entity was that was honored by the Anchor lozenges. That is, what was Losinj named after, when the entity arrived to Croatia (GAREB suspects)...probably as the Colchians? Why do Keppochs (same place as Cravens) share a Coat like that of Cravens but using GARBS instead? It would be a good guess if we suggested that "ApSINTHI" were partly from the Sintians of nearby Lemnos. As such, Apsinthi cousins can be expected at the Lemovices and neighboring Santones Gauls, not far from Autun's Aedui peoples. It wasn't until this entire paragraph was written that I checked how far Limousin was from Auton, and then spotted Le CREUSot smack beside Autun! It was within easy grasp of the Sequani.

Nevers is less than 50 miles from Bourges, ancient Avaricum, suspect with the Hyksos capital, Avaris. One could get the idea that Nefertiti liners had moved across Europe with Hyksos, or at least with peoples from Avaris. As Sinclairs (known to descend from Claro's) show a Saint variation highly connectable to Santones (for various reasons, including the Limousin location of French Clairs) that named Sainte, note that Clare's use the same three chevrons (both colors) as Dutch Burghs (they no longer show these chevrons, but show a dancette instead), a good reason to trace Dutch Burghs (and probably the Borgia's that share the red bull with Claro's/Charo's) to the naming of Bourges. The Clare's of Tunbridge had married the same Meschin family that married the Skiptons of Craven.

There is developing very little doubt that Freemasonry is a cult loving its bloodline back to the Mus household of Hyksos, and this is probably the reason that God chose that Hyksos household for to display His proto-Armageddon signs through Moses: he knew that the end-time goons seeking to take the world away from His grasp would be from the namers of Moses (not named such by his parents). Meschins were from Danes. How did that happen when Massey liners were otherwise Italians?

Avaris was close to Tanis. Consider also, in light of the Rus-suspect Creusa liners, that while Laish had "Danites," Danes were called, Rus. Clearly, they trace to the proto-Danaans that at least one myth writer had at Rhodes, and from there some are expected at Rhodope, a good reason to view the OrBELUS area on the west side of the Rhodope mountains as from "Belas/Belus," father of Danaus. What named mount DUNax at the northern end of Rhodope? Ahh, DUNAX must have been a DANAUS entity, revealing that the Scottish Duncans were old Dane cousins, if not a Dane-proper line. Note that Duncans share the Bus cinquefoil, for Bus' are suspect with the footLESS martlet through LesBOS, home of Levite-suspect Lapiths. Can Ore's (same place as Hamiltons that use the Bus cinquefoil) be from the namers of ORbelus? Yes, for while Ore's use piles, Orbelus is at the Nestus river, suspect with mythical Nestor at Pylos (where we can expect Oeneus liners from neighboring Methoni). "CinqueFOIL" is suspect as code for RoqueFEUIL liners, whom I see from the Roxolani Rus in cahoots with Neuri- / Nairi-line Nahorites, and Nahorites included the Bus' and Hamiltons. Can this picture trace Bus' to the Bessi Thracians beside Dunax? When Orpheus' head floated down the Hebros to Lesbos, was he floating from the Bessi?

Seqenenre of Thebes was investigated by a Mace surname, while his mummy "was unwrapped by Gaston MASpero on June 9, 1886." Can we ask why Massey suspects were involved here? Did some Massey kin know that they descended from Yuya? Doesn't Ezekiel lump Meshech with Gog? Why do Masons/Massins use a "spero" motto term, like "MaSPERO"? Could "Gaia" ultimately be from "Yuya." GUY of Spoleto used buckles shared by the Meschin-based Spoltons, and Leslie's who share buckles are traced by me to Lesbos, home of some Mitanni, in my opinion. The Methley-related Medleys share the tiger with Mabee's/Maybe's, a name like that of Maaibre Sheshi. Buck liners are suspect with APACHnas Hyksos, and while Bachs once showed a gold calf, symbol, I think, of the Exodus pharaoh, see here: Zehrers use the hatchet, though the Crest has " A man in proFILE, carrying an axe on his shoulder, wearing a gold and red SASH." Hatchets are also axe-like Hackets (Hyksos suspects), and File's/Vile's use calves, good reasons to expect the sash as code for a Sheshi-line surname.

They say that Khyan's son, Yanassi, did not succeed him on the throne. Why not? Why does "Yanassi" look like "Aeneas / Annas / Anaki"? It reminds of the Gennes/Jennes surname using one of the double NESS bars, and thus traceable to the Genusia river suspect with the proto-ANNAS'/Arnissa's. Don't Hyksos trace exactly to the Aeneas Trojans? Was there a second Yanassi in this king's household somewhere, with descendants all the way to Trojans? The first Yanassi, I assume, died in the 10th plague (death of every first-born son). It would be interesting if Khyan descended from Keturah's Midian line, for Moses married Midianites. They may have been nothing other than Mitanni by a similar name. I see possibility, especially as I had found some sound evidence (I've forgotten the term involved) to trace Hyksos back to Keturah, that Yanassi was named after a line from Anak, explaining the Sheshi king, if in fact he was a Hyksos king. "The ancestor named Anak had three children: Ahiman, Sheshai, Talmai (Numbers 13:22). They lived in Hebron and the hill country (Joshua 11:21) before being destroyed by Joshua. Their remnants then lived among the Philistines (Joshua 11:22)."

It's known that Hyksos retreated to Gaza, when they were forced out of Egypt, and Gaza was home of the Philistines (later in time), which can explain why Anak's sons went to live in the Gaza theater when pushed away by Joshua. Feasibly, by the time of Joshua, the Hyksos were as good as gone from Egypt (I'm not up to speed on the throne dates for Apophis). The Avvites were living in proto-Philistia at the time of Joshua, and if correct that "Khyan" was an Amorite name, if can indeed trace his ancestry to Anak. It's notable that "Ahiman" is much like "Akhmim," Yuya's home a few centuries after the time of Ahiman.

In the Exodus rebellion, when even Aaron (Moses' brother) was compelled to contribute to the making of the golden-calf idol for the rebels, one could imagine some of the Levite leaders going back to Khyan. If, for example, Jonathan's parent married Yanassi, one could theorize that "Jonathan/Yonathan" was a Hebrew version of "Yanassi." In this case, I would need to trace all the way to the Oeneus/Una river of JUNO. As I trace the UNIcorn to Una-Juno elements, let's talk about the Dimonte-surname unicorn, for the STURa-Dimonte river is suspect with Satrae Thracians that can be from "Keturah." And the Bach calf has been changed to an adult bull, yet it's called a "STEER." While Akhmim was also called, Chemmis/Kemmis, by what coincidence do Welsh Bachs use a near-version of the Kemmis-surname Coat having some Khyan-like variations? Juno was the chief Roman goddess while Aeneas was the mythical Roman founder. It all looks very traceable to a Yanassi within the household of Khyan, yet linking to ANEN, son of Yuya, where Dimonte's had a Desmond variation (see French Desmonds), for Irish Desmonds (MUSkerry liners) share the ANNAN saltire. The Deas branch of Desmonds were first found in Annas-like Angus (Angus' and Annas' share the same star).

Angus is where Hectors (once showed a giant sun) were first found that can be cousins of Actons, all from a line through Acte of Greece (home of Yuya-possible Ogyges) to mythical Hector of Troy and the Hecate witch cult. Acte was at Aten-like Athens, and while mythical Athena can thus be traced to the Atun sun god of Yuya's line, she was made to mate with Hephaestus of Lemnos i.e. home of the Lemnites that were later near Autun. The Daytons, said to be from Auton, share the same lion as Angus'.

So, the way to explain a Yuya link to Khyan is where SeqENENre of Thebes, way south nearer to Akhmim, was Seqenenre, one of the Hyksos-king candidates that we read above from Wikipedia. He maybe didn't die; he maybe went over to the Hyksos to save his skin, and in the meantime to marry the royal Hyksos daughter. It seems like an excellent trace between his name and the Sequani, even though his name may not have been originally intended with a "Seqen" root term. I'm suggesting that Seqen- / Sehen-like terms were carried far and wide over centuries. The SECONds (in the Levi motto) are listed with Segurs, perfect because they were not only first found in Limousin (named by Lemovices), but because Segur liners are highly expected from the Sakarya river, where Yuya / Hyksos liners are tracing by logical means. Seagars and Segurana's use the MOLine cross (Creusa-Moline merger expected), code for the Moline surname (probably a form of the Sinclair cross), while SAKAR-like SHAKERleys/Shake's use a MOLE hill.

While Avaricum turned out to be the Cher department, the Char(d)s share the partridge with Saxe's. If Yuya liners named Guys, note that Guys share buckles with the Cheshire Wettins while the Wettins of Germany use the Arms of SAXONy. I know of only two things using the curved bend: 1) the Arms of Saxony; 2) the Rita surname...that shares the same lion as Creuse's, first found in the same place as buckle-using Wettins and buckle-related Buckleys, Apachnas suspects, right? I'm STEERing you right here. The curved feature of heraldry can be code for Carvers, listed with calvary- / calf-like Calvers, and the calvary symbol (shared by Moses' and Keens) has already become suspect with the Khyan-Apachnas Hyksos. Rita's have their lion holding a "piece of wood" while Guido's, who come up as "Guis," are said to be named after "wood."

Guido's were first found near Imola, but I can't make an heraldic link between Guido's and Molle's / Moline's in order to help trace the latter to Imola. The best I can do is to link SHAKEspeare's to Varns while suggesting that Varns were cousins of Guerra's that included Guido Guerra. The idea here is that Imola liners were meshed with Shake liners, and then Vere's use a blue boar, which is what the Molle boar would be in colors reversed. In all this, Varns and the ancient Varni can be Avaricum liners. Vere's link themselves to counts of Anjou i.e. the Fulks, and then Fulke's/Folks share the Shakespeare spear. This is a thin but possible way to identify Shake liners from Seqenenre. HOWEVER, after writing that, I was asking what other surnames can result from "SEQEN," and the Molle-related Schiens/Schims/Chands (same boar head as Molle's) came to mind! They show a Second-like Schand variation. Notice how Eschyna de Molle has a Schien- / Skene/Skin-like first name.

Now, as I've insisted that Schims, and therefore Schiens, are in code with the SCIMitar, note that this sword is rather identical to a so-called SAXON sword! Good one, John. It looks like we really have identified Saxons as a branch of Schiens and Skene's. Then, as Saxons, the people group, were a fellow tribe with Jute's, by what coincidence do Schiens/Schims share the white boar head with JUTTs/Judds/Juggs? That is a great reason to include the Varni in with Molle kin, for Varni lived where Saxons and Jutes would first appear some 200 years after Tacitus first mentioned the Varni. And as Eudoses-suspect Ottone's use the Chappes chevron, let's not lose sight of the Saxon CHAPlets. And the Chapmans can be using the Perche chevrons in the form of a so-called PERCHEvron (solid chevron) because the Chapman crescent is red, the color of the same of Bellamys (lived at Perche, beside the first French Josephs). And the Perche's use the two chevrons of GARVeys, the latter GAREB suspects from the Arve river smack beside the area where Sequani are usually placed (they of course were moving about). As both Joseph surnames link closely to the Sequani-Clare merger evident in the Seconds/Segurs, let's add that English Josephs (love the Claro's/Charo's) use GARBs.

Then, let's go back to Gareb-suspect Cravens, who, because they honor the Actons, are expected in merger with the line from Senakhtenre, Seqenenre's father. We first note that Cravens share six fitchee crosses with Chives-suspect Tarves', part of the ScimiTAR, we can assume, because Chives' share the black moline cross with Moline's (the latter are said to be of the household of "the tanner" of Falaise, wherefore they are suspect with a moline version of the Sinclair cross). It can be realized that Chives' share the quadrants of Hykes'/Hacks because Chives' were, until a few months ago, said to have been first found in Devon, same as Hykes'/Hacks. Besides, Hykes'/Hacks share the scallops of Travis', from Tarves-based Tarvisium/Treviso. From that Hyksos-expected picture, we go to the quadrants of Shultz's, for the Shultz star looks like it can be a colors-reversed version of the giant star of Acton-like Ashtons, in the colors of the double chevrons of Ash's, first found in the same place as Hykes'/Hacks and Maine's, the latter using the double chevrons of Perche's (because Maine is beside Perche). Then, Ashbourns/Ashburys use a version of the Craven Coat. Therefore, Ash liners look like Acton cousins / branches from Seqenenre's father.

And once we have a good / solid trace of this family to lake Geneva (location of the Arve), we are close to SION, which I've traced to the Sensii to the north of ancient Thrace, in the land of Scythia Minor, where one can expect the SAKA scythians. This is pointed out because of "SENakhtenre." He was the one who possibly named Sion / Zion in Phoenicia / Jerusalem, or something to that effect. Zion is a hill within a mile or two of mount Gareb. It's notable here that the goat of Sion-area Walsers is in the colors of the moline of goat-using Moline's. The Walser axe is called such as to be code for Halperts / Alberts, and English Alberts have "A savage with a sledge hammer over his SHOULDER", part-code for Schultz's, I believe. The Sitten name for Swiss Sion traces to the Sittens that named Seaton at the mouth of the Axe river, where Schultz-suspect Hykes'/Hacks were first found. Savage's use six lions in the colors and pattern of the six fitchees of Tarves', and the black Savage lions are colors reversed from the Chives "cats." Sledge's/Sleighs (same place as Quints) share a gold fitchee in Crest with Quints, while the Quint fitchee is held by a black lion paw, the Savage symbol too. Heraldry is a big pack of code for kin. Compare some Chives variations with "Savage." Quints were first found also in Dorset, in the same place as black-lion Palins, and goat-liner Russells who moreover use the same scallops as Hykes'/Hacks and Travis'.

So, it appears that dummy historians are way wrong for tracing Saxons to monkey-faced icemen previous to an imaginary Ice Age, for Saxons trace from balmy Egypt, and before that to the Ararat area of the Mitanni. There was little human history, upon the sedimentary rocks, prior to Abraham, let's face it. Popular historians are farces, for they know that the populations of people groups 4,000 years ago were too small for mankind to have been a million years old by that time. Godless / evolutionist historians are mental cases worthy of being booted out from the schools, but, unfortunately, the schools are led my similar mental cases because the governments are too. That's where we have come with God's plan, to allow His enemies rule over the globe until they condemn themselves incurably by the way they conduct their rule. And we others need to bear this for what looks like an entire lifetime. We groan, we complain, but we find ways to enjoy life too. In the end, we trust for glory within the Glory of the Magnificent One. What a contrast He promises to be. Here is what the dopes of our world should do: look up, and talk to your God as He deserves to be talked to. Then you won't be dopes anymore.

Do you recall why Alberts should trace to a line from Sion/Sitten? The halpert axes of Walsers (of Wallis canton). And the Sions/Swans share the heart with French Sauvage's. Douglas' use the heart, and we saw above why the Douglas salamander should trace to Seqenenre liners. The Halperts use these axes too. Italian Alberts have an annulet (with chains) in the colors of the Ottone annulets, which gets us to Chappes liners again. Italian Alberts were first found in the same place as Guido's, whose Guis variation can be of the VISconti's, who liked the name, Ottone. That should be able to trace Guido's to Wallis canton too. And the Guido's (in GUIScard colors) happen use the same lion as Wallis', which is very-likely the Marano lion (as well as the Bohemian lion as per Boii of Bononia), and then the Marano branch of Morinis' were from Deerings of Kent, where English Alberts were first found. The Guido's are probably using the Chapman/Chepman perchevron, right? The top of the Guido Coat can be considered a single pile, and that's what Guiscards use. The Guido pile can also link to the same of Wings/Winks, and then the Albert chains can be for the WING-using Chaine's/Chenays. Wings/Winks were first found beside the Guiscards, and the latter were first found in the same place as Scottish Chappes'/Cheeps. The Chaine's/Chenays use a sword for Serdica liners, and Serdica was near ORbelus, where Ore's trace who use the Guiscard piles as well as motto terms in honor of Bononia, where Italian Alberts were first found. Serdica is also beside the Bessi priests of the Satyr-depicted Satrae, which can explain all the goats above, including the one of Marano-liner Mortons. The Satrae were beside Orbelus.

What's So Important About the Squirrels?

God said that he hated Esau, and for that reason he gave the blessing / birthright of Israel to his twin brother. It's a good theory that the twin brother was never meant to be born, but that God created the twin in order to use Israel as a means to destroy the line of Esau, which was Foreseen by God in end-time rulers, and probably included a line to the Herods. I'm not trying to put words into God's mouth, but am presenting a theory.

The Wings/Winks are strongly established in my mind with Valentinian I and his wife, Justine of Picenum, and therefore with the squirrel-using Valentins. The last time that this topic came up, it was suggested that the importance of the Squirrel/Squire and Sire surnames was as per a line from Esau's Seir elements. I would like to repeat much of what I have said on this topic, but with an attempt to add to it, because I feel that this is where God wants me to go. The way to prove that Sire's/Sirons were from the mythical Sirens at Calydon is, first off, by a heraldic mermaid I featured that was, in the description website, called a Siren. Not many surnames using this mermaid call it a Siren, and I recall only one, but have forgotten the surname using it that way. While I interpret the mermaid from the Numidians, yet there was a connection to the Sirens because the mermaid's mirror is in the Sire/Siron Coat. That's why some call her a Siren, we may assume.

Next, the only red mermaid I have seen if from the Elis'. Most others use it in green. Red was the color of Esau and his Edomite kingdom, you see, and Elis of Pisa was connected closely by myth writers with Calydon's Aetolia. There you have a good reason to trace the Elis mermaid to the mythical Sirens of that area.

There is more, because a Moray Coat no longer shown at houseofnames had a "DEUM time" motto phrase, with one term acting as code for the line of Timna of Sier, and the other term acting as code for EDOMites. In the Bible, Timna was the wife of Esau's son, Eliphas, and while the latter had a line to the Oliphants, the Oliphants share "tout" with the motto of the Moray Coat still showing. In the Moray Crest, the green mermaid highly connectable closely to the same of the Mason/Massin/Macon Crest, for the latter use a "DUM" motto term. Moreover, Masons/Massins were first found in the same place (Kent) as Time's/Timms (and sledge-hammer Alberts), who happen to use the fleur-de-lys of Moray-suspect Morinis', from a Morinis-Osbert relationship in Kent. I think this paragraph is so compelling that I view it as fact: the families involved knew their trace to Timnah of Edom, and therefore they knew that Lotan, Timnah's father, was a line to the mythical Sirens. These secrets would have been kept recorded by royal families throughout the Christian centuries.

Fortunately, having found multiple concerns in the Calydon area, as per other aspects of my work, I came across the Taphian pirates at the Akheloos river, smack where myth writers had the Sirens, and this allows one to establish that Taphians were named of "Daphne," or vice versa, whose main rivers were the Lotan-related Ladon, and the Peneus of Elis. And Daphne had a dolphin symbol, which can well-explain why mythical Melusine, though beginning with a dragon/snake tail in Lusignan, was later given a fish tail, as you see her in the heraldic mermaid. The finding of Oeneus as the king of Calydon actually came late to my understandings, within the last several months only, but I had been toying with an Oeneus interpretation of the Laish Levites for as many as three years to date, and here one can trace Daphne, the Peneus the Ladon rivers, with absolute certainty, to Daphne, Panias, and Laish, three locations very close to one another. On my modern atlas, Panias is Baniyas, about three miles East-north-east of Dan, and the latter is shown about a mile east of Dafna. It therefore gives me confidence that the Laish Levites trace to Oeneus, and we can add that while Ixion is likewise suspect with Laish's Levites, his wife is likely in the nebulee border feature of both Leavells and Time's/Timms. It's perfect.

To put it another way, in most of the time that I was suspicious of a Jonathan-Oeneus equation, I didn't know or remember that Oeneus was a king of Calydon. All I knew consciously was that he was father to Methoni, and that he was likely part of OENOmaus of Pisa. Upon finding him as king of Calydon, it nailed him with Laish, whether or not he was a form of "Jonathan." In the meantime, as I built up a better understanding of the Laish line to Calydon, my understanding of the Squirrel/Squire bloodline was increasing to the point of there being no doubt whatsoever that it included the Traby/ASTIKAS bloodline in connection to the Sire/Siron connection to Valentinian's wife. And that's why the years-old suggestion that "Astikas" was from "Astakos" is now as good as fact, for Astakos is just 15-20 miles from the Ahkaloos river.

It's only been a matter of weeks since the realization that mythical "ULYSSES" (probably a pirate entity) was a Laish line, possibly the namer of Lissus at the Illyrian coast. It was discussed in December, I believe. Ulysses' home base was the island of Ithaki (as Ithaca is now called), directly out to sea from Astakos! And to the immediate north of Ithaki is the island of LEVkas. The mythical adventures of Ulysses brought him far from home so that his secret station (which the myth writer(s) may not have been willing to divulge) may have been at Lissus. He is expected to be a Colchian entity first, around the Black sea at Odessa, and thus feasibly of the Lazi Colchians. To the immediate south of Ithaki is the island of ZAKINthos, a Seqen / Saxon-like term, which is mentioned because "Ithaki" may have been from "Saka." Odessa/Odessus was on the verge of Scythia Minor, and as Saxons were likely a fellow tribe with EUDOSES, compare with "ODESSUS."

The Laish line to Laus at the Calabria border was beside Schyth-like SCIDrus, very suspect with lake Scodra near Lissus. Laus was founded by Sybaris, the peoples of which are said to be from the area of Calabria-like Kalavrita smack at the Ladon-river theater. On my modern atlas, there is a Dhafni location at the only large lake shown on the Peloponnesus. If I recall correctly, Ulysses was involved with a Calypso entity, much like "Kalavrita / Chalybes." (C)Halybes are usually partnered, or even equated with, the Calydon-suspect Khaldi, and that's a good argument for tracing Halybes to Kalavrita.

When we go north from Levkas to the next major island, Corcyra (now off the coast from Epirus), it's got a Lapith-like Liapadhes location as well as a Levkimni location. On my atlas, this island is, Kerkyra, much like Kurkura (now Kirkuk), the ancient Arrapachitis. As it was also "Arrapha," it may have named the Repha(ite) valley at Jerusalem, and, as was said, SALMyDESSUS off the Thracian coast was suspect as a Salem-Odessa combination suspect from proto-Jerusalem, Salem. IXION is suspect from mount Zion at Jerusalem, but a summit of mount Hermon (i.e. where there was a Sion summit) had an Ardos peak with mythology concerning demons that would mate with women, what the Bible calls the Nephilim, just like "Nephele," alternative wife of Ixion. In the myth, Nephele was an impression of Zeus' wife, Hera, whom I trace to the "Jeru / Hiero" part of "Jerusalem / Hierosolyma." It's notable that Epirus had an Arta area (still on my atlas) beside Thesprotikon, the latter being where the Seleucids (= proto-Anti-Christ entity) are expected to have had roots.

The Epirotes of Epirus may have been named after the EVROTas (sounds Hebrew) river in downtown Sparta, and Sparta is where I expect the Joktanite Hebrews from Subartu, a Sybaris-like term that I think named Sparta (beside Dhafni), and that was smack at the Arrapha area. The Arrapha area was also where we find proto-Dionysus Nuzi, and Dionysus was an Oeneus element. Evil incarnate. Proto-Hermes from mount Hermon was made to be born, officially, at Arcadia, between Sparta and Dhafni.

As Jerusalem had a mount Acra, I can also mention an island of Akra smack beside Methoni (real place), daughter of Oeneus. Bewteen Methoni and Akra there is a Schiza term, the name of an island, I assume. This actually makes "Pylos" suspect with PHILIStines around EKRon. If Methoni was a line from Modi'in, it's interesting that the latter was within easy reach of Philistines. It recalls that Hercules (= Samson of Philistine regions) birthed a Scythes character with a snake-tailed woman.

Years ago, I presented the case that the Biblical KIDRON valley at Jerusalem -- which is off the Zion hill toward the west and therefore over-looking Hebron, and therefore very linkable to Rephaites -- was traceable to a Kendron/KEDRON river near the Ladon. I could glean that Ixion's CENTaurs (mothered by Nephele) were of this KENDron entity. I had asked, "why is there a horse in the Arms of Follo?" Follo is at Italian Pisa, and Grecian Pisa is at the Kendron area. Follo came up as per mythical Folos, a centaur of a Foloi forest in the Kendron theater. And as Ixion was placed by myth writers in Thessaly, that's where there was a Volos location. Fullers use the horse! Folos was made a son of son of Silenus (code for a goat-cult) with Meli as the mother, smacking of MELEager of Calydon. In Greek, "ager," the ending of "Meleager, can be a goat entity.

While Meleager was one of the many sailors on the Argo ship to retrieve the golden fleece in Colchis, Nephele figured prominent in the golden fleece account of Phryxus/FRIXOS. The leader of the Argo ship (Jason) was from Thessaly, but born to a Tyrian line through Crete, highly suspect with Minoans, and the Minyae, who were prominent on the Argo ship, were reported by one writer as burying horse heads with their dead. Note this online quote that may regard the north-African area of the Atlas mountains (around Tunisia), for Meleager was married to queen Atalanta: "The Centaurs got scattered from Malea to Tunissia, where some died from hungers and others got charmed by the songs of the Sirens. At the battle many famous centaurs died, Dafnis, Amfiction, Oreos, Ippotion [ippo = horse], FRIXOS...Hercules buried [Folos] close to a place that today is called Androni..." It sounds as though it touches upon the Taphian pirates highly suspect as Sirens, and "Androni" smacks of "Kendron."

Malea smacks of Mali in north Africa, indicating that the Meleager-Atalanta codes were knowingly related to Mali. But then while most Argos sailors were Boiotians, a Melia was the goddess of Boiotia, and wife of the founder of Argos, which can reveal why Jason's ship was apparently named after Argos.

Anyway, with so many arguments for tracing Laish elements to an alliance with Jerusalem elements, it begs how the Edomites of the Lotan kind had their own links to Jerusalem. It seems reasonable enough that the Laish link to Jerusalem had to do with Edomites there, though Samson is to be reckoned with, for he was between Jerusalem and the Philistines, and when he was placed at Timnah, doesn't that in itself make a link to Lotan's sister? The trace of Laish to Calabria's Laus is firm in my mind, and the trace of Laus to Laus(a), the alternative name of Ragusa (Dalmatia) is just as firm, for while Saraca's lived at Ragusa, Saracena is right beside the Laus of Calabria. No mistake. And it is possible for a term like SAR(aca) to be a Seir entity. It can't be a coincidence that while Timna married ELIPHas, the ELAPHiti island are right beside Ragusa. This must be part of the means by which the families involved knew of their trace to the Esau-Seir line. The Greco-Italian Ragusa was in the midst of Saracens of Sicily, of which two of its leaders were named, Samsam and Timnah, no kidding at all. Both leaders betrayed their fellow Saracens and went over to Guiscard. The Guiscards use Pylos-suspect piles, for the Saracens were in and beside Messina, known to be named after Messene, location of Pylos.

I stopped studying Old-Testament wars many years ago. In fact, I was never drawn to knowing their details or remembering them. I don't recall anything of Edomite wars against Jerusalem's Amorites, or Edomite wars against Philistines. I could be wrong because I didn't concentrate on those matters, but if I'm correct, I would suggest that Edomites were partners with Amorites, in the least. There is a Biblical Avith, capital of Avvites, and while the latter lived in the land that Philistines (from Crete) would later possess, the capital had an Edomite king at one early point. I assume that Avith was not in Edom, but in the west coast.

Avvites may have been largely Edomites. Samson's donkey-jaw symbol was an Avvite symbol, for Avvites had a donkey god (Tartak). Therefore, Samson, with a wife symbol at Timnah as code for the Lotan>Timna line of Seir, was a Tanis and/or Sammanud entity from the Nile, yet allied with Avvites in his fight against Philistines. I see in Samson the scenario in which Hyksos (included the line to mythical Daphne) were at war with Philistines after the Hyksos needed to escape Egypt. I would suggest that the 600 "Danites" at Laish were the same Hyksos as per the Samson entity. The Philistines did not have that name in Crete (or Caphtor), and "Philis" smacks of PELUSium, a real place mythicized as Belas/Belus, father of Danaus, for Tanis was at Pelusium. In this picture, I expect Philistines from something in the area of Pelusium, but not always getting along with the "Danites" of Samson. It's clear as glass: Samson was invented as a symbol of proto-Danaan of Argos, and some dragon-line priest of Israel inserted his account into the historical book of Judges (I'm not saying that other stories in Judges were necessarily fictional). Probably, Samuel was the last Judge of Israel, but if we accept Samson as historical, then he becomes the last Judge. I don't have an opinion on why both men begin with "Sam."

Remember, Hercules, the Greek line of Samson, buried Folos. Why Hercules? Apparently, Folos was of the Samson cult out of Laish, and we already saw why Folos should trace to Laish in that his Foloi was an area near the Ladon river. The Kidron valley at Zion was where Moloch and Baal would be worshiped in utter wickedness, and "Baal" looks a lot like "Belas." Argos is less than 50 miles from Dhafni, and so we can expect the Samson Danaans throughout that 50-mile span. Apollo, who was also Belas-like Abello, was placed in a myth where he wanted to love / rape Daphne in the Ladon river, but she ran away, indicating something other than an alliance between them at that point. Or, perhaps her running away was to indicate a migration to Calydon, with a wholesale move also of the Laish-Levites.

To Romans, Apollo's mother was LATONa, making it easy to understand why Apollo was paired with a Ladon-Daphne entity. The Apollo-Daphne alliance is apparent at the highly-religious center of Delphi, location of the so-called "Apollo Oracle," and Delphi is where Daphne got her dolphin symbol. Dhafni elements appear to have named Delphi (about 70 miles east of Aetolia).

So, I think that mythology coupled with Biblical history has made the case, that the Lotan>Timna line that included Esau blood, removed to the mythical Sirens. As they were all-women given a music symbol, they are easily pegged with the Latona > Apollo line from Mysians = Amazons, same peoples that were represented by OenoMAUS of Pisa. If we detect a Muse-Laish alliance, let me add that my atlas has a MASada location stamped about 4 miles east of Panias. As I trace PANias (or BANias) to Lake VAN, location of Mus, by what coincidence were Apollo's Muses (all-women, music symbol) like "Mus"? I've never mentioned nor even seen Masada on the Atlas. I wonder whether the Masters were from that place. Masters were first found in centaur-expected Kent, same place as Masons/Massins that have what I consider to be two symbols for Timna of Seir. The "Dum spiro spero" motto of Massins is partly for Speers, whom I've traced to Lusignan from Lusatia's Spree river, and that Speer line is of the Melusine mermaid in the Massin Crest, for she is known to be of the Melusines people of Lusignan.

Again, the Massin Crest is the Moray Crest, the latter surname highly traceable to the Morinis character of the Kent Deerings, and it just so happens that the Morinis Coat has two white-on-blue fesses while the Arms of Lusignan has fesse bars either in those colors or in colors reversed. Lusatia/Luzica and Lusignan can be expected as Laus liners from Ragusa. In fact, I've read that "Ragusa" was named after the deer, but from the very start that idea seemed to me like an erroneous claim, yet I agree that deer elements trace to Ragusa, exactly why Deerings may trace there. The Arms of Saraca use a blue fesse, possibly of the Lusignan fesses. On the blue fesse, the Saraca's place a fish, which may be another reason as to why Melusine got her fish tail. This possible Saraca link to Melusine is another reason for viewing Saracens from Sirens, or Siren cousins, all from Seir.

If I recall correctly, the Arms of Lusignan use three fesse bars, the number of bars, in the same colors, used by Seamans (same bars as Drummonds expected in the Arms of Waterford), and then the Seman river is the name of the ancient Apsus (I didn't know it until late this week). As there is a modern Cerrik location near the north side of the Seman, let's repeat from the last update that a black and single pile is shared between Degels/Dickels and Kerricks, a good way to trace Degels/Dickels (suspect in the motto of the Arms of Waterford) to the Dexaroi on the Apsus. This can indicate that the wavy bars in the Arms of Waterford link to Lusignan / Semans as well as to Drummonds. As Drakenberg Vere's may have had something in Lusignan due to their love of Melusine, let's remind that the Seman river flows through Fier country. And while Fiers share the moline with Chives', let's now consider that a Fier link to Cavii comes easier where Cavii named Kavije. As this proximity of Kavije to Arnissa spells the marriage of Caiaphas to Annas' daughter, let's repeat that Vere's share the Annas star. In all this, one can fathom that Laus of Ragusa was named after, or was at least related to, the Cavii location of Lissus.

There was also the issue of Sub Radice near Lissae at the upper Hebros, suspect with the RADZiwill ancestry of the Astikas'. The latter were in Lithuania, which had a Lada goddess, making the whole appear traceable to Ladon-river elements at Astakos. While the symbols in the Arms of Vilnius trace to Sire's/Sirons, Assi's and Justine's, the latter were first found in the same place as CALYDon-possible Celts/Cults/Colts, especially as it can be determined that the latter use the pheon of Pylos-possible Pilate's. "Astikas" is highly suspect with the "Sithech" term of Seths/Shaws / Shaws/SHEAVES, with the Scottish branch first found in the same place as Justine's and Celts/Cults. The candleSTICKs of the Kyle's indicates that Astikas' were in the Stick surname, the latter using garbs or wheat SHEAVES in the colors of the Shaw trefoils (and Ayer quatrefoils). This is telling us that Justine and Justus (her father) of Picenum was in some aspect of the Shaw bloodline, much of which was in AYRshire. The PICENum-like Pike's/PICKENs were first found in Ayrshire, same as Kyle's of Kyle...and the Laevillus-liner Carricks expected through Saraca elements. Just trace the Pickens to the pike fish of Geddes for a trek all the way back to Cetis. From there, hop over to Syria, home of Seth, father of Annas, and that should explain why Pike's/Pickens and Ayrshire ("shaw" motto term) both use the Arms of Annandale. For these reasons, the Cerrik location very near Arnissa should be part of the line to Annas'.

Without much space between Kavije and Cerrik, there is a Ragusa-like Rrogozhine location, right on the old Genusia river where the old map has Arnissa. Directly under "Rrogozhine," and using the same-type lettering as though the two terms belong to the same location, there is what looks like "Peq" or "Peqh," all of which may explain why Saraca's of Ragusa share the fish with Geddes while "Carrick" looks like "Saraca." It reminds me that the Pe(c)ks use a Coat linkable to the Carrick-related Gilberts. Moreover, as Peckers/Packers use lozenges, let's add that there is a Losinj-like Lushnje location between the Seman and Rrogozhine Peq. Just compare "LUSHNJ(e)" to "LUSIGN(an). Amazing. Note the end of "RrogoZHINE," much like the end of "MeluSINE."

As Cavii are just as suspect with Caepio's as Cuppae, this Peq term can be of Pek-river elements, for the Pek is as close to Cuppae as Kavije is to Rrogozhine Peq. In the center of the Cavii area there is a Puke location. If the Rijeka eagle is on a rock, it may be code for Rrogo(zhine," especially as Rijeka is near Losinj. Remember, The lozenge-using Apps', though traceable to the Apsus, were considered for the Colchian island of Apsorus, beside Losinj. As Apsorus was made the mythical brother of Medea, expect Keturah liners to this picture (I'm reminded of fish-suspect Kodrion on the Apsus). As the Argo ship was made to stop at Lemnos on the way to Colchis, and as the APSinthi, part-suspect with Sinti on Lemnos, were on-shore from Lemnos, mythical Apsorus, the name also of a Colchian river, may have been of the Apsinthi. Near them was LYSimachia, which could therefore be suspect with the Lazi Colchians...i.e. all at the root of the Lusignan / Lusatia entities now tracing well to Lushnje. The Luce's share the Geddes pikes so that it reinforces a Rrogozhine link to the Saraca's of Ragusa.

I have been wondering for years whether Ragusa named Rijeka. It was never resolved. I claimed that the Rijeka rock was code for Roxolani that ended up at Roxburghshire, and here it's notable that Rocks share the trefoil with English Pike's. The Roach's happen to use fish in Luce fish colors! Bingo. We now know where Luce's and Roach's both trace, and it's right at Arnissa, making it possible to link Rockefellers to Annas of Israel, explaining why many writers tend to lump Rockefellers in with Illuminati groups. English Pike's (Peks colors) use the split Shield of neighboring Trans'/Trents in colors reversed, the latter now being looked at for a trace to Tirane (near Rrogozhine). The Peks share a red chevron with Caiaphas-suspect Quints, and both Peks and Quints were first found in Essex, though the early Quints of Dorset were beside the first-known Trans/Trents.

Expect the Geddes' to have been directly of the chief priest, Annas. Proto-Geddes were the Geds (fish in Saraca-fish colors) on the Nith river near Annandale. The Nith was home to Kilpatrick castle, and Kilpatricks were definitely from Dexaroi at Antipatria (on the Seman / Apsus river). The Cetis line of Geddes had the Ajax cult of the Kennati priests while Ajax was kin to Teucer, suspect with Tokers that share the wavy bars and sea horse of Semans. As the Kennati-based Kennedys share the Arms of Carrick, it's now virtually clinched that Cetis elements were on either side of ancient Cerrik. In fact, as Geddes use the eSCUTcheon, I would place Cetis elements between Kotor at lake Scodra and the Apsus river. Geds / Geddes have been suspect for years from the Geta name in the family and ancestry of emperor Caracalla, and thus a Geddes link fundamentally to Carricks was expected even aside from the Charax name of Laevillus' son (Proculus).

I must now repeat what I claimed not many updates ago, that when my trip through Texas ended at Crystal, it was for an added Sign in regards to this dragon hunt of mine. The one night I stayed in a Crystal motel, there were cockroaches behind the wallpaper, making a lot of noise. Now that I know of the Roach trace to Rrogozhine, I can remind that Crystals (calvary symbol) are expected as a branch of Christs, and the latter use a version of the Hips (and Decker) Coat, a surname from both the Apsus and Hypsas rivers, the latter at Acragus, home of the proto-Carricks. These assertions were made years before finding Cerrik just a few miles north of the Apsus river. It's the clincher of those assertions.

The best way that I've been able to find a trace from the Apsus river to Cetis is by way of king Antipater of Macedonia, suspect in the naming of Antipatria. His son, king Cassander, had a line to queen Nysa of Cappadocia, right beside Cetis. But months before learning of the Cassander > Nysa line, the fesse in the Arms of Saraca was traced to the fesse of Cassius'/Casano's, suspect from Antipatria liners such as Pattersons/Cassane's. I didn't know, however, that Cassius'/Casano's come up as "Cassandra," until after meeting up with king Cassander, and checking for any surnames that might apply to him.

English Cassandra's/Cassane's use the same triple chevrons as Waters, and as this new-found Lushnje location (near Antipatria now on the Seman river) is tracing well to Lusignan and Seamans, by what coincidence are the Seaman bars linkable to Waterford elements? The Waterford surname uses the same "fountains" (wavy bars in just the right colors) as the Laevillus-liner Kiss'/Kish's, kin of CASS'/Cush's, and so let me repeat that Kiss' share the red rooster of Bibo's while the latter's rooster stand / sits (I forget which) on a CUSHion, the symbol also of Antipatria-liner Kilpatricks. You see, Vibia, Laevillus' mother, is expected to be from Cassander's descendent, Nysa. And from this trace, all sorts of other possibilities exist for an Apsus-river trace to Cetis. Laevillus married the Cetis royals when he married WATER-possible QUADRatilla.

While I see proto-Cetis peoples from between Kotor and the Apsus, I see their descendants, after their participation at Cetis, on the Cetina/Tilurius river, near Ragusa. Items such as the Chives-related Tailors and Tillers were from the Tilurius, making the Chives "cats" suspect with "Cetis / Cetina." LUCY TAILLebois can trace to Lushnje, because Luce's are also Lucys, and Carricks use the Taillebois-suspect talbot dog. The son of Ranulph de BRIQUESsart married Lucy Taillebois, and Bricks use lozenges that can trace as well to Lushnje as to Losinj.

In all this, there is the curiosity that Carricks share the black talbot with Sire-like Shire's/Shere's, the latter very linkable to the Sheer variation of Kilpatricks. Were Carricks a hard-C branch of the Square variation of Squire's/Squirrels, and/or the Share variation of Shire's/Sheers, or were Carrick and Shire liners merely a merger from different things? Could we see Sire's and Saracens>Carricks as two, distinct Seir lines? In any case, a Seir line has traced well to Cetis via the Squirrel kin of Carricks, and that brings the Seir line to the Charax name of Proculus. To see a Lotan possibility in relation to Carricks, compare the latter's fesse to that of Ladds/Ladons and Leaders. The LEADERs are interesting for the apparent / suggested trace of Rrogozhine Peq to the Pek river, for the latter has a mouth across the Danube from LEDERata. And, besides, while PINCum is at the mouth of the Pek, Pincs use lozenges. While you are at it, load the Meschins and Muscels to see similar Coats, for Briquessart above was father to the first-known Meschin.

The Trains, looked up for checking links with Tirane, are said to be closely associated with Percies, and Percys use more lozenges, in the colors of the same of Launays, and Brittany's Launay is an area that covers Brest while Brests' are also "Brix." That's why Percys (Pharisee liners?) and Brix / Brick liners can trace to lozenge-suspect Lushnje. The Train lion is in the colors of the LUSH/Less boar head (Alan-fesse colors). It's in the colors of the bull of the Brittany Beards. If you recall, Launay's Finistere traced to Windsors, whose castle was in Berkshire, where Lush's/Less' were first found. Percys were probably of the Percival-Leavells, first found in the same place as Trans'/Trents. As Launays are suspect with Alans, note that Trains are said to be of Richmondshire elements, ruled by Alan the Red of Brittany. Trains are also said to have been close to royal Balliols.

If I'm correct with a trace of the Less variation of Lush's to Lesbos, this is a way to trace Lesbos' Lapiths to the Arnissa area. The Turins/Thiurins, use boar heads in colors reversed to the Lush/Less boar head (see also the boar of Leslie-related Bards), were first found in the same place as Leslie's, footLESS-related Fothes', and Chives-related tarves', but Turin is now suspect with Tirane, as we saw above where it appeared that Kavije near Tirane looked traceable to Chivasso at Turin. Here are the old maps if you haven't got them on your own browsers:

On the dark map, modern Cerrik looks like "Cerragum.

The Kenites

After this update was done to this point, on the night before it needed to be put to the Internet, I opened an email from a Mr. Cunningham asking why Cunninghams should first be found in Ayrshire. He happened to mention the Kenites in the email, and so I loaded a few pages on Kenites to refresh my memory on what the Bible says about them. Although I recorded in 2012 that the Cunningham fork is a "SHAKEfork," it didn't stick in my mind. Here's part of my email in return, shocking:

...The Cunningham SHAKEfork, as it's called, is indication of a link to Shake's/Shakerleys (mole hill symbol) and/or Shakespeare's. The fork is in the colors of Conans, first found in Tipperary along with Irish Kennedys, though Scottish Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire. Therefore, it could appear that Cunninghams / Conans were a branch of Kennedys...

Note that the Shake Crest has what could be the cony rabbit of the Conns and Conys.

I just looked up Kenites and found that they might even have led to Cunninghams, for "In Josephus they appear as Kenetides, and in Ant, IV, vii, 3 he calls them 'the race of the Shechemites.'" Just look at the similarity between "Shake" and "Shech"! Amazing.

Yes, and just look at the timing of my opening Mr. Cunningham's email, about the day after mentioning the Shake's, and suggesting a trace of their Shakerley variation to "Sakarya" in the Seqenenre discussion. Note, too, how "KENETides smacks of the Kennati priests, or of Kent, where I trace Ixion's centaurs. Did Josephus know that Kenites trace to the Kennati? Amazingly, this update has many Khyan-suspect entities that can jibe with Kenites. Moreover, the Shake mole hills can warrant a repeat of what was said above: "Guido's were first found near Imola, but I can't make an heraldic link between Guido's and Molle's / Moline's in order to help trace the latter to Imola. The best I can do is to link SHAKEspeare's to Varns..." It turned out to be a good paragraph.

The Cunningham fork is likely code for the Forker variation of Farquhars, first found in Ayrshire. If they were a branch of Fergus' (Galloway), then Forkers can trace with the Fergus lion to the Sauer lion (and to the Gallerys/Galloways implied in the Sauer write-up). The Sau river in the Sauer write-up is the Sava, where we find the mouth of the Oeneus = Una river of JUNO, and so note that June's share black-on-white fleur-de-lys with Irish Conans.

The Cunningham fork is shaped as a giant 'Y', which still remains a mystery to me. The Cunningham motto, "Over fork over," suggests the fret-using Overs, first found in the same place as Meschins implied in the colors and format of the Conn and Cony Coat. The fret suggests the Spanish line to Maceys, but as Constance's use the Ferte eagle, it should be added that Juene's use their black fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of English Constantine's while Cone's and Conte's (definitely had merger with the line of Irish Kennedys and Lafins) can apply to that name. And "juene" is a motto term of Yonge's (share black wolf with Quadratilla-suspect Quade's), who share three black piles, in June colors, with Scottish Leavells i.e. the line to Quadratilla i.e. whose father had married the royal-Cetis family, location of the Kennati. The Bassus are known to derive in Brogitarus, high priest to Cybele at Pessinus, which, if i recall correctly, was/is on the Sakarya river.

The Spanish line referred to was a Hohen one suspect from queen Kahina, a potential Kenite line. When I was searching this update for "Midian," the search came upon "NuMIDIAN," and Kahina was a Numidian. However, this could be coincidental. On the other hand, Midianites may have had the Mose / Mus name from times long before Moses, for Midianites may have been the Mitanni, and Numidians were ruled by what I think we Mus liners. Again, the Oeneus river that Conans brought us too is expected as an Oeneus line from Mitanni-suspect Methoni, and so we can now ask whether Midianites were there together with Kenites of some form. Heraldry can help to discover the answer. My head will be working on this question.

The "commit" motto term of Sinclairs is in honor of a variation of the English Conte's (share the Cone antlers) or French Conte's, and then the Sinclair cross is shared by the other Conans, in the colors of the Conans above. The Sinclair Crest shares the gold Galli and Gay rooster so as to trace Sinclairs to Gaia/Gala, king of Numidia in the time that Maccabees were about to form their line to Josephus. The outstanding Maccabee line of the 1st century AD married the royals of Cetis one generation before it (Alexander Maccabee and Iotapa of Cetis) birthed the wife of Quadratus Bassus.

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