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February 1 - 6, 2017

Kenites of Laish? -- Why didn't I think of this before?
Shechemites Found in Surnames -- 90-Percent Chance -- Very Interesting
My Biggest Dream, Almost 40 Years Ago, Turns Out to be Heraldic Code
God's Latest Dream on Obama's Billiard Tables Has Incredible Proof of God's Guidance for Tribwatch
What Do Sewers and Obama Have in Common?

For a reader hopping into an update for the first time, there is not much I can say in an introductory paragraph to explain everything needed before proceeding. The only readers able to follow are those taking the time needed to get a solid idea of the entire scope. It is probably impossible to follow unless the heraldic Coats are loaded and viewed. It would be helpful to have a photographic memory, or to at least spend some time to get to know Coats, and to understand what I'm saying about them. I did the work over years to be able to present to you the relevant Coats, and you need only decide whether I am correctly interpreting the evidence and the codes. It is far best that you load Coats on a separate browser(s) rather than clicking back and forth from the update page. It might take longer for one to read an update than the week it takes me to write it, but that's what it'll take for a solid understanding of what I'm doing. I know that few have the time to follow this in that way. My hope is...actually, I should have no such hopes as I should just allow God to do what He wants with this. One of my goals at this time is to discover the parent(s) of Josephs Caiaphas, and in the meantime to prove that heraldic masters and leading Templar families knew that all of heraldry had, at its foundations, Caiaphas and his circle of Christ killers. These updates are jot-down format (sub-titles don't usually reflect the roaming topics well) making it hard / impossible to have a pre- plotted storyline. I'm no longer doing final proof-reads, please excuse the imperfections / mistakes.

Here is a Russian complaint against the American initiative in Syria:
Kurdish fighters dominate the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a collective that also includes the Syrian Arab Coalition, which is made up of fighters predominantly from local Arab areas.

American-supplied armored vehicles were delivered to Syrian fighters on Tuesday, but Col. John Dorrian said they were transferred to the Syrian Arab Coalition, not the SDF. Another of the SDF's Kurdish components, the Popular Defense Units (YPG) also denied receiving arms from the US-led coalition (Sputnik)

So, as Russian invites the Syrian Kurds to Moscow, the U.S. military under Trump apparently favors the Arabs rather than the Kurds. The way I see this, weapons to the Kurds are understood by the Russians to fight ISIS, but if Trump doesn't want that because the CIA has convinced him that ISIS is needed for taking Assad out, then it can explain reinforcing the Arabs instead of the Kurds. These Arabs are opposed to ISIS, but they would be more opposed to Assad.

Russia has complained that Trump has announced safe zones in Syria without first consulting Syria. I may agree with some of the things he claims to represent, but there is a right way to go about things. By making safe zones apart from Russia's involvement, this could turn into a super-power showdown in Syria. "Following Trumpís conversation with the Saudi king, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that any creation of security zones in Syria would require a practical agreement with the Syrian authorities. Russia said it intends to clarify the issue in a conversation with the United States, Lavrov added" (Sputnik).

Trump is suddenly Obama in a different suit: "The White House warned Israel on Thursday to cease settlement announcements that are 'unilateral' and 'undermining' of President Donald Trumpís effort to forge Middle East peace, a senior administration official told The Jerusalem Post." Netanyahu must be bewildered. Trump seem schizophrenic, like two people in one suit who disagree with one another, swinging wide from one side to the other. Nothing he says can be trusted to be his real position. Probably, he's singing to the tune of the people who controlled Obama, and it's a horrible song. Israel has the right to build wherever it wants to inside its borders. How dare any country tells another country that it can't. If Palestinians want a state inside Israel, it needs to be with Israel's agreement. The Palestinians are looking to the U.S. to force Israel's hand, and Trump has just become the bonehead to fit that jig. But, who knows, he may be singing another tune next week. "For the first time, the administration confirmed that Trump is committed to a comprehensive two-state solution to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict negotiated between the parties." "For the first time" means that he didn't include this position in his bid to win the White House. The nation is now ruled by the invisibles, those who were not elected, those who change the presidents' minds, control their agendas. Trump, the little pawn with a big mouth. He said whatever it took to get elected, and has now, already, thrown the reins of power to the invisibles, whether it breaks his promises and his platform, or not. The Israelis are hoping that Trump's just mouthing what he doesn't truly stand behind. "'The United States remains committed to advancing a comprehensive final-status agreement between Israel and the Palestinians that results in two states living side-by-side in peace and security,' the official said." Trump, the traitor.

Let me get this straight. Palestinians want Israel to accept an official Palestinian country within Israeli borders, but Palestinians don't want any Jews within their borders. I think "bonehead" was maybe a little light. Trump is a moron. Trump wants the glory of bringing the two countries to "peace" with a Palestinian state. A Palestinian state is a large stride upon a stepping stone to destroying Israel. I'm sure I have that right. Hamas on the west, Palestine on the east, and the Iranian Hezbollah and Assad on the north. Hmm, that looks like a recipe for peace, as only a moron can believe. No moron alive today knows who the next president of Palestine will be. If the morons think that by a grant of a country today, the Palestinians will show heartfelt thanks to the West, remaining forever faithful to the Western-brokered peace agreement, like I said, morons. Look at how wonderful that idea worked in Gaza, thanks to Western pride in nothing. Gaza would have been far better off had it remained a peaceful part of Israel, simply asking for reasonable / modest autonomy, and receiving it on good behavior. Instead, Gaza wants to murder Israelites. I say, send Gazans over to live beside the EU capital.

Late in the last update, and thanks to an emailer, which is how I often get my leads, an amazing thing was apparently found as per Cunninghams, whom I rarely include in my surname discussions for lack of knowing, with certainty, who their branches were. Here's the gist of this discovery that looks rather sound, which goes on to reveal that the Shake's and Shakespeare's were probably from the Biblical Shechemites:

Hi Greg...The Cunningham SHAKEfork, as it's called, is indication of a link to Shake's/Shakerleys (mole hill symbol) and/or Shakespeare's. The fork is in the colors of Conans, first found in Tipperary along with Irish Kennedys, though Scottish Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire. Therefore, it could appear that Cunninghams / Conans were a branch of Kennedys...

Note that the Shake Crest has what could be the cony rabbit of the Conns and Conys.

I just looked up Kenites and found that they might even have led to Cunninghams, for "In Josephus they appear as Kenetides, and in Ant, IV, vii, 3 he calls them 'the race of the Shechemites.'" Just look at the similarity between "Shake" and "Shech"! Amazing.

Whether Cunninghams knew that they were from Shechemites, I don't know, but I feel that this is a solid find. It tends to suggest that Shechemites had a similar name(s) throughout their migrations across Europe. As the Molle boar head is shared by Skene-related Schims that bring up Schands, perhaps the Schand-like SEConds were Shechemites too, even as "SCHIM" is like "SHECHEM"! Zowie. And "SKENE" could have been from a Shech term. The last update happened to emphasize the Skene-like SEQENenre bloodline, from a king of that name way down in Thebes (Egypt), but suspect with the Khyan-Hyksos migration across Europe, and "Khyan" may have been a name from Kenites. Judging from where Kenites were living, they probably had some relationship with Amorites. Wikipedia says that "Khyan" was an Amorite name.

Skene's are also Skins, which reminds of the Shins (Somerset) listed with Chinns, a branch of Kemmis'/Kenys'. Just compare the Shins/Chinne's and Kemmis'/Kenys' to the Apachnas-suspect Bachs (share the black talbot in Crest with Irish Shins), for Apachnas was said by at least one person to have been the same as pharaoh Khyan. German Bachs (once showed a gold calf) use a "spes" motto term, which I regard as code for the Space/Speccot surname that happens to share the fret upon a bend upon a gold Shield with Overs. The latter have got to be in the "Over fork over" motto of Cunninghams, thus tending to reveal that Cunninghams were a possible branch (or distant cousins) of Shins their C-version variations. To put it another way, Cunninghams and their ancient Kenite ancestors were Khyan liners too.

As Space's/Speccots use what looks like a version of the Turin/Thurin bend, while Speccots were first found in Devon, where the Turin-related Chives' were said to have been first found (until some weeks ago), it appears that Cunninghams may even link to the namers of Cuneo, which is in Piedmont along with Turin and neighboring Chivasso. The last update found Carricks from Cerrik, the ancient Cerragum between the Apsus river and ARNISSA it's not only notable that Carricks share the black talbot dog with the Turin-suspect Shins and Welsh Bachs, but the latter use the same star colors as the stars of ARNISS'/Annas'. While Turins with Chives' are now tracing suggestively to Tirane (Mathis-river area) and nearby Kavije (newly discussed last update). Kavije is near Arnissa so that it's now being studied as the basis of the marriage of Caiaphas to Annas' daughter.

The Mathis' and Chives' share a star upon a MOLine cross with the Becks. It makes sense to me that Chives' should be from Kenites and therefore from the Molle-related Shechemites, by which I mean to say I have no problem at all with the possibility that the moline cross is a Shechem-related item. Becks use a pelican in Crest, and their moline is in the colors of the Pellican Crest. If you read a couple of updates ago, you may have come to the important part where pelican-using Arthurs of Clapton were married to Tewkesburys. The latter use a giant castle in the colors of the giant tower of Pellicans, first found in the same place as Caiaphas- / Josephus-suspect Josephs. But here it can be pointed out that the Tirane-possible Terane's/Terrents had a Tarrant Monkton location in association with the abbey of Tewkesbury.

While Monks were first found in the same place as the Devon Chives' and the latter's Tarves location near the first Fothes' (= Foot branch), Monktons use FOOTless martlets in colors reversed from the Joseph martlet, as well as the colors and format of the Caepio-line Capone's (from Quintus Caepio, father of the Caepionis surname, a contemporary (or nearly so) of Cilnius Maecenas, husband of Terrent-based Terentia). The Monkton martlets are shared by Kennati-suspect Cheneys. Quints share a red chevron with Peks/Pecks and while both Peks and Quints were first found in Essex. Welsh Bachs share blue vair fur with Quints, and Pecks are in Beck colors. Moreover, Essex is the location of Colchester, from the Colapis/Kupa, where the Colps/Cope's trace that are in the motto of pelican-using Pullys, the latter using the Joseph martlet in the same colors. There is a lot that can be done with these keys for solidifying the descendants and/or ancestors of Joseph Caiaphas (murderer of Jesus Christ).

As Cunninghams must link to Molle and Moline liners, let's repeat that Moline's share the black moline cross with Mathis' and Chives', a great reason to include Tirane liners in this picture. Note the Capote variation of Italian Capone's, for the other Italian Capote's use a MULE's head, suggesting the Mule's were Molle liners. Mule's (virtually the Washington Coat) were likewise first found in Devon. But then compare the COPEland Coat to both Washingtons and proto-Washington Wassa's/Gace's, for the Copeland motto is linkable to the Bings/Bengs suspect with a version of the Chives Coat. It's all strongly suggesting that Quintus Caepio was a Cavii / Kavije liner.

The last update showed why Cunninghams should be a branch of Conans, one of which uses the Sinclair cross, in the colors of the Mathis On the dark map below, the Mathis river (modern Mat) is what looks like the "Isarus" river; modern Tirane is near that river's source roughly where the "N' of "Taulantii" is found. By what coincidence do Talens/Talons use the colors and format of Capone's and Terane-related Monktons? It looks like we not only have proof of a Terrent trace to Tirane, but of a Talent trace to the Taulantii. The Cavii are on this map to the north of the Isarus river.

Now, the Isarus brought the Sarah's/Sayers (Essex) to mind because they share a leopard in Crest with Chives;, and because they share the same bend as Shakespeare's.

Just after reading the email from Mr. Cunningham, I read one from another who forwarded about a half-dozen surnames to me, including his Packard line. Packards are listed with Peckers, and are using lozengy in Peck colors, and lozenges are now tracing to Lushnje, what looks like a form of "Losinj", the latter being an island directly off the shore from the Colapis river. It's a great way to trace Colapis/Kupa elements to Kavije because the latter location is smack beside Lushnje. The two locations are about 25 miles apart with the ancient Genusia river between them, the river upon which Arnissa was located. On my modern atlas, Arnissa was roughly where I find Rrogozhine Peq(h). Peckincidence? Beckincidence? The Lush's/Less' use a boar head in colors reversed from the Turin/Thurin boar heads. The Packard/Pecker lozengy are in the colors of the same of Grimaldi's, who lived at Monk-suspect Monaco.

The Beards/Bards were part of a dream that God absolutely gave readers through me. Mr. Kepke, an old friend, walked up my driveway followed by an old, sickly-looking stag, itself followed by a bearded man on crutch's. The bearded man looked like a friend, Paul Smith, and this turned out to be correct a few months later, when I realized that Smiths share the formee-fitchee cross of Crutch's. The latter's Crooch variation is a branch of the Croce's, the latter using the potent cross known to be adopted from a crutch symbol. One point here is that Eschyna de Molle married Robert Croce. Another point is that Beards/Bards (share the Leslie griffin head) use a boar in the colors of the Turin/Thurin boars. The dream was short, more of a vision, and was a clever method from God to have me realize that the stag was for the line of Andrew I of Hungary, father of the Drummonds, for Kepke's father was Ukrainian while Andrew was in exile in Kepke-suspect Kiev, protected there by Varangians, one of whom Andrew married in birthing the Drummonds. This led to the discovery, and the emphasis, that Donald Trumps is at the heart of the dream, for it turned out that Trumps were Drummonds.

I'm still trying to figure out why God would want to emphasize Trump. The trumpet, called a clarion, was the symbol of Arthurs of Clapton, and as heraldic symbols are almost always code for surnames, I assume that this trumpet was code for a Clare merger with Trumps, as well as an Arthur merger with a Clare-Trump line. I was going to bring this up again, anyway, since last night, whether it showed links to Molle's and Beards/Bards or not. Last night was at the very time that I opened the Cunningham email, and it was when an event of some ten years ago came to mind. I may have shared this some months ago.

The story goes like this. A new woman in church started to sit beside me. When I discovered that she had cancer, I took her out to lunch. On the way home, we went for a country drive, when we saw on object on the road. I stopped to find that it was a small deer, no higher than my knee. It was sitting, not running away, and its mother was nowhere to be seen. I assumed that it was sick because its mother had died. This was about a decade before the dream with the sickly stag. I took the little deer home and raised is as a pet, but that lasted only a week or two, as I didn't know enough to feed it a better-quality milk. It needed nutrients from its mother's milk, and so it died eventually. It was always sick, sometimes unable to get up. It would try to suckle under my bare knee, because it thought I was its mother. All I could do was give it bottled milk, but it died anyway. I have had many Signs that God wants me to emphasize the Knee surname, and here is one more.

The woman with cancer eventually died too, within months. She had came over a few times to see how the deer was doing, and it was during those days that I had an allergic reaction and almost injured myself severley. I don't know whether this was related, but I called her to come see me in the morning, to tend to a gash at my knee. I was on Benadyrl the night before due to an allergic reaction, where my entire body would become incredibly itchy, and finally covered in hives. It must have been something in Texas, where I did not grow up. I got up while doped out on Benadryl, opened the fridge door with a glass in my hand, and fainted. I don't recall fainting of falling, but I do recall getting up off the bloody floor, with a gash at my eyebrow, and beside my knee (the deer had died by then). Yes, a broken piece of glass was that close to my eye. I got up and hurried to the bathroom mirror to see how bad the cut was, and when getting there, I was fainting again, backward toward the corner of the bathroom tiles, and it took all my strength to make sure that the back of my head would not strike that corner. I was able to keep conscious enough, after the fall in there, to make it back to bed, where I called up the woman friend with cancer. We tended to the cuts in the morning, all was well again.

Last night, as this event came back to mind, my natural reaction was to try to recall her surname, to see if it applied to the sickly-stag dream. At first I could not recall her surname, but I said to self, "I know it, it will come back, I know it," and that's when it came back: ANDERson! Amazing. In the dream, the sickly stag was code for king ANDERs of Hungary. Is that not amazing? And then I thought to myself, last night, to the effect of: "but Lord, you wouldn't have let her die just to bring this message to me, would you"? I assumed that she was going to die anyway, and that God brought her to sit beside me in church, and that He then provided the little sick deer on the road, you see. As of yet, I haven't taken a look at the Anderson surname, which I will do right now. Last night, the Hendersons came to mind, important because Enders/Henters come up as Inger while I highly suspect that king Andrew married a woman from Inger the Varangian (born around 800 AD.

The Knee surname (stag heads and the red eagle of Terane's/Terrents) was resolved as a branch of McGee's who use the white boar head. Scottish Andersons use boar heads in colors reversed from the white Molle / Schim/Schand/Chande boar head (In Chaine/Chenay colors). This can indicate that Kenites could trace to the Andrew > Drummond line, and this gets us to the Trump stag, does it not? There are a host of Ken-like surnames that I feel sure toward a trace to the Kennati priests at Cetis. For example, the Caens/Canns use a buried "citis" term in their motto while Cetis was also, Citis. The Caens share the same motto as the Sure's that are in the Anderson motto, "Stand sure" (Kilpatricks, from the Apsus-river line to Cetis via an Antipater line, use a "sure" motto term). Just like that, Andersons are linking to Kenite suspects as well as to Shechemite-like Schims. Chaine's/Chenays share the white sword with Skene's/Skins, and Chains (no 'e') use a cross in the colors of the black Moline / Chives moline.

Let's now go to the "Stand" motto term of Andersons. While the Bibo's, suspect with "Vibia," mother of Carrick-line Laevillus who married the Cetis royals, use "a red rooster STANDING on a cushion" (the cushion is a Kilpatrick symbol too), the Levite- / Laevillus-suspect Levers use "A rooster standing on a trumpet, all proper." Propers/Robins, first found in the same place as Overs, use an ostrich, while Irish Clairs, in the clarion trumpet of Arthurs, and of the Hicks of Clapton, share five, white ostrich feathers in Crest with Caens/Canns. The Stands/Stains/Stants in the "ObSTANTia" motto term of Arthurs obviously applies, and then STANleys, who share the Knee bend and throw in stag heads of their own, use a "changer" motto term while Changers share three fesse bars with both Drummond surnames. Moreover, the entire motto is, "SANS changer," and Shechemite-suspect Shakespeare's happen to use a "sanz" motto term. Impressive. Stanleys are said to have become sole owners of a MEOLse location (Mole liner?) in Cheshire, where the Cunningham-related Overs were first found that share a blue bend with a gold symbol with Stanleys and Knee's.

I had a dream which I related not many weeks ago about a woman (Hicks maiden name) that would become my wife in the summer time. She still might. In the dream, to make this short, I heard God prompting me to go KISS her awake (Kiss'/Kish's, kin of Cush's, use the Bibo rooster), and as I did so, my hand grazed her KNEE and she flew up into my arms, both of us rising up in rapture into the sky. Nothing erotic here. Years later, when I thought I had identified her, I started to move in closer to her, and I asked to sit beside her at the first anniversary event, put on by our church at a local park, of the 9-11 disaster. After she sang her song, I got up to ask the pastor to ask her to do another song, but when I got back, STANLEY had sat in my spot, whom I had seen sitting beside her days earlier, and whom I would see with her two more times days later. When the evening was over, I caught up to her in the corner store, and as I was about to open the door with she standing inside of it, visible through the glass, I remarked to self that she had beautiful knees, but only after saying this to self did I recall that I grazed her knee in the dream. Or, that is, I was seeking to discover, that week especially, whether she was the one in the dream. As incredible as this sounds, there is still a chance that she will call me, maybe this summer.

The point is, that event led me to discover that the Knee surname shares the Stanley bend (i.e. the two surnames had married), and that it relates to Hicks of Clapton, whom were married by Arthurs of Clapton. It's probably true that Irish Clairs use a version of the Nagle fesse, Nagle's (share "non" with Clairs") being from "Oneglia," location of the Arthur-related Arduinici. These Arduinici married Doria's of Oneglia, yet Doria's were first found in Genoa, where Segni's/Segurana's were first found that share, likely, the moline cross of MacArthurs, for Irish Clairs use the MacArthur crown. And then the Seconds/Segurs were first found in the same place as French Clairs. Let's not lose sight of the fact that while Cunninghams were likely a branch of one Conan surname, the other Conans share the SinCLAIR cross, which is absolutely related to the black moline of Moline's. Therefore, as we are touching upon Kenite lines here, the SEConds are suspect with SHECHemites. If we spell it as "Second," it's virtually "Shechemite."

I related the Stanley story several weeks ago, maybe months. I don't recall whether I spoke about the American flag that he held that night, at the stage, but even this looks like a Sign, for Flags/Flecks happen to share two black-on-white fesses with Stans/Stands!!! Isn't God clever for this revelation? The same double bars are used by Works/Worgs, who can be found in the Sinclair motto, and the Work Chief throws in the lion heads of Meoles' while Stanleys are said to be from Meoles! Bingo. You now have excellent reason for identifying these black lions with the black lion paw of Quints, first found in the same place as Works, which recalls that Quint-related Capote's use a MULE. The Bedfords (beside the first Capone's) use black lion paws too while there is a EYworth location in Bedford said to be of the Andersons (the latter use "Stand sure"). In fact, when the deer was dying, Miss Anderson suggested we call for help to Miss Hicks, for her family owned a ranch with such things as buffaloes and exotic deer. Her husband was Mr. Kilpatrick, I kid you not. Both Andersons and Kilpatricks use "sure." As he was more than 30 years older than Miss Hicks, I was wondering whether I was to wait until after he passed away. That wasn't until about a year ago. Stanley could have been a ranch hand, I may never know.

It was recent when the Ajax god of the Kennati priests was traced suggestively to the Eyes variation of Eyers/Ayers (Derbyshire, same place as Sure's), and to the Eye location at Suffolk, where stag-head Clairs/Clare's were first found. This can indicate that EYworth was an Ajax line so that Andersons can be from the Kennati priests. By ther way, Josephus called the Kenites by a Kennati-like Kenetides term. The Trump-important Deise's/Diss' (Arthur colors and format) were not only first found in Suffolk because Diss is a location beside Eye, but Diss' share the gold, spread eagle with Irish Clairs, meaning, probably, that Clairs/Clare's use the Diss / Arthur chevron in colors reversed. As this Arms of Waterford uses a "Deise" motto term along with the Trump stag head (almost the Stanley-stag-head colors), it's now suspect that the three red chevrons of Clare's/Clairs are those of Waters.

Notice that the so-called fountains (Kiss/Cush symbol) in the Waterford Coat are three wavy fesse bars in colors reversed from the same of German Drummonds (first found near the first Trumps). Waterfords (brown talbot) were first found in the same place as Quint-related Quince's and Spinks, the latter using the same spread eagles as Clairs. Spinks share the black talbot with Kenite-suspect Shins/Chinne's, Apachnas-suspect Bachs, and Kennedy-related Carricks, first found in the same (AYRshire) place as Cunninghams.

The Arms of Ayrshire is known to use the Annandale saltire on a gold background, and while Annandale's use it on a white background, so do Andersons. Annans became suspect with Seq-Enen-Ra, my interpretation of pharaoh Seqenenre's name. This idea sprang up as per Anen, son of Yuya (major topic of the last update). In other words, the Shechemites may have been responsible for a host of Seq-like terms. It was postulated (last update) that Seqenenre was tied to the Khyan Hyksos whom he invaded, but failed to uproot. He was suspect as being imprisoned during the invasion, and forced to marry a Hyksos daughter, for some historians believe that a Hyksos king by the name of Seqenenre/Sekhaenre existed.

[It was the day after writing above that the Shake motto term was noted, "obtINENs."]

Andersons are said to derive in Andrew, Scotland's patron saint, but this is a farce. It's obvious, or it should be, that king Andrew of Hungary is at the root of Scotland, as per Malcolm III's involvement with Leslie's and Drummonds. Malcolms (stag heads) even use Andrew's Cross (Scotland's flag) in colors reversed. One Anderson branch is said to have been the West ARDbrecks, which can explain why Brecks use Arthur colors and format. Malcolms use an "ARDua" motto term as well as Nagle colors. The Malcolms even share the saltire of German Nails/Nagle's/Neils (engrailed, as with the Anderson saltire), assuring that the Arduinici of Oneglia contacted king Malcolm III's line. Nails/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia, same as stag-using German Becks/Bechs.

Zowie, I almost missed it. I recalled that German Jungs/Youngs/JUNE's use an upright stag too (as do Becks/Becks), and when loading the Jung Coat (Bavaria), it was not only in the same design (as the Beck stag), but in both colors of the Trump stag!!! I have always traced Yonge's / Jungs to Hungarians!!! YES!!! This is what the Kepke-stag dream was all about. God wants me to emphasize Donald Trump. But why?

Recall that Conans use the same fleur-de-lys as June's, for this can link Cunninghams to Jungs/June's and thus to Trumps. Now watch this. While English Jeune's, in the Yonge/Young motto, were first found in the same place as June's and Capone's (traces to Servilia Junius Caepionis, granddaughter of Quintus Caepio the elder), the look of French Jeune's caused me to recall the Mustens (same place as Muse's/Meuse's). However, I loaded the Mostens instead that use the very Coat of the Welshman, John Yonge. I then loaded Mosters to get the Masters (Kenite-suspect Kent) with the white unicorn head of Cunninghams. UNIcorns have long been suspect with the Una river of Juno.

Usually, when an animal has a crown round its neck, it's called "gorged," suspect with George, son of Andrew I, father of Scottish Drummonds. The Mosters/Masters have such a crown round the neck of their unicorn, only they call it "crined." When we load Crine's/Crone's, they use the same-type mural crown, in gold however, used in gold also by Caens, and the Crine chevron is in the colors of the Jeune chevron while Crine's were first found in the same place as Trevors that use the same Coat as Mostens and John Yonge. See also the Coat of Pennants beloved by the Cowes pennants. See also the Archer / Larcher Crest as it compares to that of Mostens. Moses' are said to have been lords of Mostyn.

By the way, I will never forget the morning that I found the little deer dead. In had it's nose on the ground (between or on its front hooves) with a line of ants entering / exiting its nostrils. There is no Ant surname, nor an Anterson surname, but Hants bring up the Hands using a stag. I have, for years, linked the Hand/Hant chevron to the same-colored stag heads of Hanna's (another "ardua" motto term), and the latter use them in colors reversed from the Trump stag head! You see, God is steering us to Trumps, and i am absolutely amazed. I don't know whether readers believe that God is in these things, but I believe it.

Hanna's were first found in Galloway, location of Fergus' suspect with the Forkers/Farquhars (said to be from Fergus' father, Fearchar) beloved of Cunninghams, and Forkers share red hands with Hands/Hants! When God does something, it's done perfectly. The Hants were first found in the same place as Knee-related Overs, beloved of the Cunningham motto. Hanna's are in Gorge/George colors. I assume that the Cunningham unicorn is now that of Fire's to whom FEARchars can trace, but Fier county (Albania) is ultimately where these items should trace, for moline-usingFears come up as "Fier." Remember, Shechemites are suspect in merger with Mole liners. I'll bet that Mr. Cunningham didn't know that God was moving him to write me for this update's revelation: the Kenites.

While Forkers were first found in AYRshire, the Amis', in the Forker motto, share the QUADRatus-suspect QUATRefoils with Ayers. As Ayers were likely in merger with some Ajax-based Kennati, it would serve that idea well if Amis' were from Amisos on the Pontus (Black sea).

Miss Anderson had a house filled with cats. If there was a stray cat, she would take it in. Andersons are said to be from Clan Chattan. I see Chattans/Cato's from Porcius Cato, and then Forkers use a "cado" motto term. The Ponts, perhaps from the Pontus, share the black boar with Porcia's. Ponts were clinched with Pontivy in Brittany. Ceto/Cetus was a mythical monster (whale) from mythical Pontus, and Ceto's real-life elements are suspect in naming "Cetis."

I'd like to repeat: "The Knee surname (stag heads and the red eagle of Terane's/Terrents) was resolved as a branch of McGee's who use the white boar head. Scottish Andersons use boar heads in colors reversed from the white Molle / Schim/Schand/Chande boar head." I had not yet loaded Molle's/Mole's at the time to see that they share the red eagle in the Terane/Terrent and Knee Crests. It should be noted that while Mole's were first found in the same place as the Leavells with the piles of Yonge's, the giant Mole boar head is in the colors of the giant Jung/Young stag, making Trumps linkable to Mole liners and therefore expected with Kenites. If Donald Trump is a major end-time, prophecy-related player in this world's demise, perhaps God is seeking to indicate that it all comes from the Kenite household of pharaoh Khyan.

Next, as Mole's show a Mowe variation, let's take it to the Mowbray write-up, where two origins on the name are proposed, one at Manche's Montbrai, and the other from Mowbray, also called, Monbrai and MOLbraium. Note how the latter looks like a Mole-Brain combo, for Brains use leopard faces in the colors of the giant Mowbray lion. And the Mowbray Crest is the Mosca leopard used also in the Crest of tracing to Kavije, beside Terane-suspect Tirane. As Mowbrays were first found in Northumberland, location of SIWARD of Northumberland, note that Sewards use the same leopard design. Siward is highly suspect in an alliance with George, son of king Andrew I, for there is an online claim, from an historical record, that George was in Scotland in 1055, the year after Siward defeated Macbeth, the latter being the king at Moray, where the Mole stars likely trace. Macbeth was killed in 1057 by Malcolm III, whose symbol is Andrew's cross in colors reversed.

Brains are suspect with the three Brian lions in pale, shared by Irish Constantine's/Considine's. English Constantine's use the same fleur as Jeune's, but this makes Constantine's suspect with Conte's / Cone's / Conans. It may even be that ConSTANTine's were a Cone merger with Stants/Stands/Stans. In fact, while Stanleys use the stag, Conte's and Cone's use antlers in the colors of the Conans with the June fleur. It may signal that emperor Constantine I was named after a Kenite liner. Or, there is a question as to whether Coons and similar surnames were C-version Juno liners. Though not meaning to complicate things, I've just realized that Jonathan the pagan Levite may have been borrowing from a Kenite god over which Jethro, a priest of Midian, may have presided. That is very logical because Kenites are expected around Moses' family. In this way, the Oeneus line to Juno may have been Kenite, and, if so, some evidence should crop up.

Note that while Simsons use a motto code for the Enotri = OENOtrians, whom are known to have lived at Laish-line Laus of Calabria-Lucania, "SIMson" is a lot like the SHIMMY variation of Kimmie's/Kynnie's/Cammie's (brown stag head) expected as a branch of Cams / Kemmis'/Kenys' and therefore of SHINs/Chinne's. The "ALIS" motto term of these Simsons, and the colors of their crescents, traced in the last update with Burleys/Bourlys (share green Shield with Bauers / Bowers) to Boura, at the ELIS area, and right where there was an Oenoe location likely symbolized by OenoMAUS, and so note that Alis' use so-called "MUZZled" bears as though for the Maus entity of Oenomaus. Burleys/Bourleys share the white boar head with Molle's, SCHIMs/Chands, and Knee-suspect McGee's. It makes this heraldic boar look like code for "Boura," and thus tends to identify the Boura area with Hebrews that can well-fit the Calydonian boar. I will expound on this in the next section. The other Simsons use the same lion as Italian Conte's. Historians trace the peoples of Laus to the Boura area of the Peloponnesus.

Molbraium is said to be in the Normandy canton of Perci, and that spells the Leavell-Percival line known to be from the Beaumonts (gave their titles to Montforts), tending to assure that the Mowbray lion is that of Montforts and Marano's, perfect, for Marano's were from Terentia Murena, she being the line to Terane's/Terrents with little doubt. Thus, Mole's were related to a line from Terentia, and the Fear/Fier moline traces very near to Tirane while one name of Terentia's brother, VARRO Terentius Murena, was traced suggestively to Fier county not very many days ago, but before I re-found this modern Tirane location that had slipped my mind for a year or two.

The Anderson stars are in the colors of the Black stars, which is mentioned because I've just found the following from a 2015 update:

Conrad Black, previous owner of the Jerusalem Post, had a brother, GEORGE Montegu Black III, sons of GEORGE Montegu Black II. I don't know how far back the Black-Montagu relationship goes, but without this in mind, the Blacks were traced a few updates ago to Coutance [same area as Montbrai], where Montegu's are said to derive. I kid you not, that Montagu's were not on my mind, nor even a topic, at that time. Conrad Blacks grandfather, GEORGE Montegu Black, was the son of GEORGE ANDERSON Black. I KID YOU NOT, that when this paragraph was started, it wasn't due to the George's that happened to come along; I just wanted to make the Cassan link to Blacks. I KID YOU NOT, when this paragraph was started, I didn't even know that the Anderson surname would crop up, AMAZING because Danish Andersons use a white horse in the position of the Hanover horse!!! Zap, what a surprise.

I'm not able to recall that entire discussion, but the point here is HanOVER, linkable to the Cunningham-beloved Overs, for we saw that Cunninghams should link to Hanna's / Hants/Hands that might just be in "HANover." Houseofnames has a Hanover page but shows no Coat, wherefore the white horse is probably in the Arms of Hanover, and it's linkable to the white Cunningham unicorn.

The vertically-split Shield of Danish Andersons is in Andrew's Cross colors. We want to assure that Danish Andersons were from Andrew I, and indeed these Andersons are in the colors of Drummonds and Trumps. German Warners use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed, and were first found in Lower Saxony, same as Hanovers. We are finding that Cunninghams link to Anderson elements. It just so happens that while Ted Turner of CNN merged with Time-WARNER, English Warners (squirrel in another mural crown ) use the same bend as Turins/Thurins (suspect with Tirane / Terentia liners, right?). English Warners were first found in Leicestershire, where the Beaumont-Montfort duo ruled. The Austrian Turners use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of the German Warners, and therefore the Turner Shield is that of the Danish Andersons. Vertically-split Shield are used by both Trents and Tarves', the latter from Tarves, where Turins were first found.

Therefore, Turners were a branch of Turins, but if you compare German Turners (Pellican tower?) to English and Swedish Thors, you will find that they are a branch too. German Turners: "A tower between two elephant trunks, each decorated with three ostrich plumes." Therefore, German Turners share elephant trunks with Swedish and German Thors, and while Trunks were first found in Franconia, where I trace Franks, the English and Scottish Franks (one of them can be using the saltire of Scottish Andrews) share "nati" in their motto with English Warners. English Turners use what's normally called a mill rind, yet it's described as "A silver shield with a black FER de moline." That looks like Fier/Fear liners with certainty. That recalls the moline of Chives from Chivasso, at Turin, close to Fers/Ferrats at Montferrat.

The Swedish Thors share hearts on blue with Wagrian-suspect Wagers. Wagrians lived on the WARNow river of the Varni/Warni, and thus this looks like the origin of warners, making an excellent trace of the Varni to Fier country, as was expected. The Varns are the ones sharing the Shakespeare bend, and as I view Varni as the basis of the later Varangians, this picture traces exactly to Andrew I. He is suspect with (H)Enders/Ingers too, suspect with HENDERsons. The Arms of Franconia is a so-called Franconian Rake, and it looks much like the piles of Hendersons (said to be from the sinister side, an unusual place to attach piles). Hendersons are said to be from Caithness, where Fearchar-based Forkers are said to have started a branch.

Hendersons are also said to be from Shetland where there is a Yell location while Jells share the Varn / Shakespeare bend, and it's used also by Gripps/Grape's suspect in the grapes of Deters, the latter's quarters in Trump colors, and moreover Deters were first found in the same place as Trumps, which is Mecklenburg / Pomerania, smack in the Varni theater. German Andersons, using the split-Shield of Danish Andersons (Trump colors), were first found in the Warnow / Varni theater too. So, there you have your revelation from God: Andersons were a line from Andrew I to Donald Trump. This is the meaning of the sickly stag and of the sick fawn.

Just compare the Yell/Yule Coat to the Conan Coat, indicating the Cunningham fork, shaped as a perfect 'Y', can be in honor of Yells/Yule. The latter can be using the Stick barb because Kyle's, first found in the same place as Forkers and Cunninghams, use candleSTICKs. Therefore, Yells are Astikas liners from Vilnius, and as the latter have already been linked to Assi's (share fasces with Arms of Vilnius), first found in Shetland, it speaks for itself in making the Vilnius link to Yell. I always trace Maurice Drummond, the first Drummond, to Shetland elements.

I've just realized that Scottish Andersons are said to have had a branch in DOWhills while Dows are listed with Doe's, and they share a gold garb with Yells and Sticks, as well as sharing the same chevron as Sticks. This is incredible. The fawn was found on the road (it didn't need to be) with Miss Anderson in my vehicle, and Roads use a sideways eagle in the colors of the sideways piles of Hendersons (first found in the same place as Yell). Stunning. The Road description: "A red shield with a silver eagle displayed on its side." Childeric, the first Frank king, very likely of the Frank surname(s), was partially from SICambria, the proto-Hungarian capital, as per the Sicambrian Franks. Childeric's Salian-Frank side was from the lower Rhine while Roads, first found in Rhineland, use the same-colored eagle as Childs (colors-reversed version of the Terane/Terrent Coat). The Salian Germans were from Franconia, and the Franconian Rake is now suspect as a borrowing from the Henderson Coat.

The Fawn surname wasn't checked until now, to find the same crescents as Yells! As can be expected, Fawns use a black hunting horn, the colors of the Traby hunting horn, important because Yells are Astikas liners while it's known that something in Traby of Poland married the Vilnius Astikas'. As English Brians use the Traby hunting horn, compare "Brain/Brian" with "Burn." Note that French Brians (share "Sans" with Stanleys) use the Malcolm / Nail / York saltire. Link the Bernice and Burn hunting horn, also black, to the Fawn horn, because Fawns were first found in Bernicia = Berwickshire. Bernice's are expected from Berenice Agrippa, and her surname is expected with the Pomeranian Griffins, as well as the Gripps/Grape's/Grabbens, which is why grape-using Deters (Pomerania) have become one of my re-occurring topics. Ditts use a tiger looking linkable to the lion of Side's, and "side" is a term in both the Henderson and Road descriptions.

As the Rake's and Rich's/Richess' are traceable to Richeza of Lotheringia, suspect from Rijeka, where I trace Maxwells, note that Hendys (Saxons) share the "holly bush" with Maxwells (and Irish Dunns). While Peacocks are said to be a sept of Pollocks while Pollocks are a sept of Maxwells, let me add that while Scottish Andrews use the Pollock saltire (the latter used it green on gold too), and while the Hendy bend looks linkable to the Andrew saltire, I found the Hendys by seeking the meaning of "blue INDIAN peacock," which is a common heraldic peacock. I therefore looked for Indian-like surnames and found Indie's bringing up the Hendys. The Hendy bend is that also of Iverys, and Hollys are suspect with the Plunket Coat while Plunkets (Dol area) are highly suspect with proto-Pollocks at Dol. I always trace the Pollock saltire to the British Frank surnames, and they to Franconia, owners of the Rake. Trunks, first found in Franconia, use the bull heads of Pollock-like Bullocks, first found in the same place as Maxwells. The Bullock motto is one relating to Valentinian lines.

[Insert -- I didn't learn until the day after writing the above that Tweeds use the engrailed saltire of Andersons, and the Tweed river happens to be at Berwickshire, where Fawns were first found. Amazing. It never ceases to amaze me. The Tweeds are said to be from STONEhouse, while Stanleys are also Stoneleys. Stonehouse's share the white talbot in Crest with Stone's, and while Stone's use the Craig motto ("Vive et vivas", suspect with Vibia), Craigs (crescents in colors reversed from Fawn crescents) are in the write-up of talbot-using Carricks, a family from the Charax name of Vibia's grandson (Proculus). Craigs use the same crescents as Morte's/Motts and Deaths/Darths, the king-Arthur bloodline. When I get to the Motels below, for a fantastic example of God's power, remember that Motts link to Craigs, for Motels share the rider on a horse with Motels and Coffer-suspect Caffers/Caffertys.

One can even link the Stonehouse's to Glaphyra Archelaus, grandmother of Opgalli, for the three hawks of Stonehouse's are those of Hobs/Habs (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs), the Hobs being in the "OBstantia"motto term of Arthurs, the same motto that honors the Stants/Stands/Stans (=Trump-Stanley kin)...whom are in code in the standing rooster of Vibia-liner Bibo's, and in the standing rooster (upon a trumpet) of Laevillus-likely Levers. This is a great piece of argumentation. Fascinate your friends at your next Bible study, for I recognize the Stonehouse fesse as that of Glaphyra-line Cliffs/Cleave's, a branch of Clavers/Cleavers that share the tower of Plunketts, from Plancia Magna, Glaphyra's daughter / granddaughter in Vilnius-related Perga. Cliffs/Cleaves, can you believe it, use the black wolf heads of Quade's. Like I said, fascinate anyone with this material, exposing what's really behind heraldry. King Arthur, from the killers of Jesus. The Craig horse is a lot like the Plunkett horse, and the Clavers use a Coat like that of Conns and Conys while the Stonehouse's could be with the Caen leopard face.

The Stone's (Cornwall, where king Arthur was born) are suspect with the Arden cinquefoils, the Botter eagle in colors reversed, and therefore with the Ardon eagle, and this goes to the "Buddy" term that I spoke of Stanley. That is, when I was up speaking to the pastor, and after Stanley came to sit beside Miss Hicks a minute before he was to go up and hold the flag, I approached her and asked, "is that your buddy?" She didn't like my tone and the fairly-obvious accusation. But that's how things went after that, very badly. Botters are also "Buddy." Reminder: "Flags/Flecks happen to share two black-on-white fesses with Stans/Stands."

Flags/Flecks share double fesse bars with Clavers, first found in the same place, Norfolk. Then, as Conns / Conys could be using a version of the Claver Coat due to kinship with a Glaphyra line, it's notable that Norfolk is where Fleck-related Fulke's were first found who share the SHAKEspeare spear, another good reason to suspect Conn and Conys as Kenite liners. Cunninghams were first found beside Archelaus-like Argyllshire, where Herods/Hurls (gold fesse) were first found that are likely kin of Herls/Hurls who share the gold fesse in both colors of the Conn / Cony / Claver fesses. Herods and Hurls are both listed as septs of flag-using McLeods, the latter now known to be from Laevillus (the explanation started with a bloody-hand vision reported in the 4th update of last December). You may want to recall this paragraph when I get to Mattis' below, for Italian Fulks, first found in Tusk-possible Tuscany, share the Italian Mattis Coat.

Stonehouse's and Stone's share the white talbot with Deters, and were first found in the same place (Berkshire) as the Constantine's that use fleur in the colors of the Stonehouse stars. This possible link to Stone liners to Deters recalls that Deters are suspect with Trumps, even as Stanleys/Stoneleys are now shaping up as Trump kin. After the following section, you will see that Deters are definitely part of God's revelation as per my time in Texas. End insert.]

Enter Tusk, Stoltenberg, and Mattis

Next, I've just seen the red tusk of the Molle boar head, which has reminded me of Donald Tusk, the EU president since 2014, and able to remain at that post to beyond 2020. Tusk was the prime minister of Poland, and the Polish Piasts may have been from Pisa, where Mieszko-like Mosca's were first found, and that's in Tusk-like Tuscany. I can't recall all the methods by which I linked him to Eschyna de Molle (her first name suggests the Molle-related Skene's / Schiens), but as her daughter married the second Pollock (Robert), I think we have her connection to Poland by that method. The Polish Piasts use the same eagle as Childs / Roads, and moreover I had traced Siward of Northumberland to a daughter of Mieszko I. This is the same Siward to which I link George, patriarch of Trumps. Siward is in the Sword surname that shares swords in the colors of the Skene/Skin swords. At the tips of the Skene swords there are wolf heads, symbol of Quade's to which I trace the Q-like scarf of Sadowski's, who happen to come up as "Traby," indicating that the nobles of the Traby location, which merged with Astikas', may have been Sadowski's. The Scarfs use the Quade wolf heads in white-on-blue, the colors of the Trump stag.

Traby elements are suspect in a Trave river through the Varni theater, and the Varn scallops are in the colors of the Stick garbs, all linkable to Yells and Jells. It's notable here that Trabys/Sadowski's use a giant letter, if that's what it is, as do Cunninghams whose Conan branch is with a version of the Yell Coat. Wagers were first found in the same place as Scarfs, and then the gold hearts shared by Wagers and Thors are in use also by SHETland-suspect Skeets'/Skits/Skeochs, first found in the same place as Cunninghams and SHEDs (Trump colors again, but also a version of the Scarf Coat). The English Sheds, with a version of the Chad Coat, use the Skeets potent cross, shared the Croce's married by Eschyna de Molle, and moreover the English Sheds were first found in the same place as Scarfs that use the wolf head in the colors of the Molle boar head. Does it make sense for Kenites to move across the world with the Laish Levites to the potent cross of Templar Jerusalem?

Finally, after many years of wondering, I have arrived to deciphering what SADowski's were, a branch of Sheds / Chads / Chaddocks / Chadwicks! Yes, and they named SHETland, where the Traby-Astikas liners were. I get it. We can now trace Scarfs to Shire's/Shere's. a branch of Schere's/Scherfs, and then link the Shere talbot to that of Carricks, first found in the same place (Ayrshire) as Sheds and Skeets', and the Forkers that brought us to Shetland in the first place. A way to connect this to the Kenite kin of Molle's is to note the "shoulder" term in the Shed description, and link it to Chives'-suspect Shults'.

DONALD Tusk became suspect with DONALD Trump a couple of years ago, well before I knew that Trump would become the president. This is suddenly interesting, because I had no plan to jump from the Cunningham-Mole entity to Tusk. The first I tackled Donald Tusk was in the 5th update of August, 2015, where Tasks were looked up to find a white boar's head, linkable to the Molle boar head. I had said: "Donald Tusk descends from a Pomeranian tribe, the Kashubians. Kashubia is at the Rostock / Varni theater, and the Kashubian flag is in Varn colors. The Arms of Kashubia is a griffin in the same colors, and the dukes of Kashubia were from the Mieszko-related Griffin surname suspect in my mind with Herod Agrippa. By what coincidence was there a Burn- / Bernice-like name at the root of Kashubia: "Barnim I the Good (c. 1217/1219 - 13 November 1278) from the Griffin dynasty was a Duke of Pomerania (ducis Slauorum et Cassubie) from 1220 until his death."" Cassubie could have been a Cass/Cash / Kiss/Cush line, especially as Cass'/Cash's share the weight scale with the Arms of Vilnius, the Shetland Assi's, and the Justine's ("causa" motto term).

It's notable that Barnstaple's (see Albins/Aubins) and the related Albino's share the trefoils of Scarfs. Barnims (Dragon/Drain colors) can be using the Conan cross, and the Yell / Fawn crescents, in colors reversed. I can glean that the Barnstaple bend is a version of the Valentin bend, and this was the Vilnius-related line (Justine was wife to Valentinian I of VINKovci) that included the Wings/Winks (same place as Justine's), explaining why the Barnim Crest has four dragon wings with its dragon head. In fact, as the Sire's were Vilnius liners, the Shere's/Shire's and Schere's/Scherfs are expected to be Sire = Seir liners, very-likely to have come into contact with Kenites way back.

Here's Poland's Mr. SCHETyna. "In the early 1990s, Schetyna co-founded a commercial broadcaster, Radio Eska..." Why does that look like "ESCHyna." "When Tusk co-founded Civic Platform in 2001, Schetyna became secretary-general." Schetyna is now the president of Poland. I wonder, did Donald Tusk fund and/or cater to Trump's campaign?

The NATO leader at this time is Jens Stoltenberg. While the Stoltenberg Coat (Lower Saxony) shows one thing, the description says it uses "...a red heart pierced by an arrow," reminding of the three NAILS piercing a red heart of Logans/DUCKS, who came up two updates ago as per the Dickel/Ducker surname suspect with the motto in the Arms of Waterford. The Dickels/Duckers were first found in Westphalia, and may have been a branch of Hazel-related Dussels, from Dusseldorf. Who else was first in Westphalia: "NAILS/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia, same as stag-using German Becks/Bechs." I think we just traced Stoltenberg to Oneglia's Boofima goons. Indeed, the Arduinici of Oneglia married Doria's that use the same eagle as shows in the Stoltenberg Coat, and, moreover, the Arrow surname (Murena tower in Crest for sure), in the Stoltenberg description, is from Arras, the capital of Arduinici-based Artois. It's the Round-Table goons, isn't it? The Dickle/Ducker bars were linked to the same of Valence's and Murena-related Morinis' (suspect with the Drummond fesses).

Next, the Stoltenberg / Doria eagle is that also in the Chief of Italian Mattis', and English Mattis' share the MacArthur crown while the MacArthur moline, in Trump / Molle colors, is used in colors reversed by the Segni's/Segurana's, first found in the same place as Doria's.

The Arrow cross is that of Conans, for sure, because the Arrow fleur are in the colors of the same of Jeune's, first found in the same place as June's that use the fleur in the two colors of the other Conans. And June's are of the Jungs/June's that use the Trump stag.

I'll never forget calling Miss Anderson, from 2,000 miles away, while she was in the hospital. She was angry, unwilling to believe that her cancer would take her. She seemed to have lost much of her faculties, probably doped up. She didn't speak long. While I was still in her area, I was asked to pray for her at the front of the church, and so I placed my hands on her shoulders. Instead of praying for healing, I found myself asking for God to make it bearable, if he chooses to take her. And Miss Hicks was right there, on her knees beside us, but she was looking up at me, almost smiling. I didn't understand that. I was looking deep into my soul for the right words to speak. I wanted it to be God's prayer, not mine. I think it was the last time I saw Miss Hicks, for I returned home after that, never to return to Texas, and she moved away at the same time. I found where she was at, and when I thought her husband had passed away, I basically invited her to share the rest of my life in a letter. But upon calling, her husband answered the phone. I thought he had passed away because the family phone was not listed in both their names, but only in hers. That's where things stand. If she received the written package, she knows how to get a hold of me.

I think I know why she had to be married, so that I would not be with anyone while writing this revelation, a revelation that God has spent 60 years on. I can now say that when God wants to get a message out, he trains / teaches the message to people years ahead of time, then causes them to write books. But the way that he has manipulated the events of my life, intended for these writings, never cease to amaze me. This concerns not mere information that I need to remember in order to write it down, but it concerns my personal experiences that I would come to interpret as per the surnames involved in the "props," if you will. The fawn was a prop, for example, and so was Miss Anderson. Miss Hicks went to church in Crystal before meeting me, and I drove only as far as Crystal when seeking a property in Texas, and six months later I ended up 10 miles from her property. Hicks share fish with Roach's, and there were cockroach props behind the wallpaper. Crystals were found to use the calvary symbol of the Khyan HYKSos, you see, and she was a Hicks-line Hyksos. Props, props, everywhere in these events.

Why do Dutch Walls use only a Roach-like Rock? How amazing is it that Papers/PepWALLs (!!) and English Walls (Scarf wolf head?) were both first found in Gloucestershire, where Tewkesburys were first found that married the Arthurs of Clapton (Gloucestershire border), who also married Hicks of Clapton? I've never known any part of this paragraph, so far as I can recall. God-created props props props. He prepared the wallpaper to peal away from the wall, in time for my arrival, so that roaches could squeeze in under it. It was an eerie night following the eerie night before it. It was nice to see the morning outside.

Repeat: "The NATO leader at this time is Jens Stoltenberg. While the Stoltenberg Coat (Lower Saxony) shows one thing, the description says it uses "...a red heart pierced by an arrow,..."" Amazingly, the Papers/Papwalls use CarNATIONs ("carnations stalked and leaved green") while NATO-like Nations bring up the Nathans with a red heart pierced by an arrow!!! This has got to be the reason that God prepared those roaches behind the wallpaper!!! It's a Stoltenberg alliance with Rothschilds unto globalist quests, eventually to bring the world to utter ruin, all on their heads for not collecting with the saints of God.

Not only was the son of the first Rothschild named Nathan, but this Arms of Rothschild uses the Petty quarters while another Petty surname uses a compass needle while Nations use the compass. The Paper link to Rothschilds is now obvious, and therefore, the Roach's can be suspect as some aspect of a Rothes liner. The green parrot of Pettys is used by the Peeble's surname, and while the Bowers (use the five bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild) were first found in Peebles-shire, I trace "Peeble" to "Pavia/Papia," where I've traced Pepins, though, as what now looks like a certainty, the Paper/Pepwall branch is definitely looking like a Pavia liner.

As Oenotrians have been deemed Levites from the Laevi, co-founders of Pavia, expect Rothschilds to be such. Papers/Papwalls were first found in Nottinghamshire, and, later in this update, I ask whether NOTTings were named after OENOTrians. At that time, I go hunting for Kenites amongst the Oenotrians of the Boura area, where Bowers and Bauers trace now without doubt, and so let me mention up-front here that Nations use the fesse-with-fesslets in colors reversed from the same of Conys and Conns. Conans use a fesse with fesslets too. The Boura area was smack beside the Peneus area, very traceable to PANIAS and Laish, and then the Cony Crest has a coney rabbit with a PANSy. You need to gawk at the Pansy surname (Westphalia, same as Dickels/Duckers suspect with pierced-heart Ducks), three items in the colors of the three Burley/Bourly boars! If you don't know, the first Rothschild (Mayer) was a Bauer surname by birth, and no one seems to know exactly why he changed the name to "Rothschild."

Papers must be a branch of Peverels, likewise first found in Nottinghamshire.

As I have written a few times, I did not go further than Crystal because my Nissan vehicle developed black smoke out the tail pipe (Papers look like Pipe / Pepin liners), and here I find that Smoke's and Nissans (compare with calvary-using Keens) both share the rare, sinister-rising bend. It's all intended to make me believe that this is a message from God, and whether or not the reader believes me, it makes me go forward to the end of this revelation. Khyan-suspect Keens use a sinister bend made of lizards, and have a sinister-facing horse. Both Nissans and Keens use a central, white escutCHEON. Lizarts/Lazards use the Cam bars, and Cams were first found in Gloucestershire too, along with Kemmis'/Kenys' that share the Shin/Chinne Coat, apparent Kenite liners met earlier in this update.

I'm astounded by what was just found. The paragraph above was written fully without my looking at the variations of Smoke's. There are only two Smoke-like variations, but the rest are Roach-like Rauchers/Rauke's/Ruch's/etc.!!! Can anyone believe this? Their bend is in Roach colors. The smoke was not there the day before Crystal, so far as I can recall. The night before, I was mugged, and when the thief tried to drive the Nissan away, God performed a miracle and spared me that. God gave me an eerie omen in the sun, covered by a tiny cloud, hours before this happened. It was all in preparation of what's being written here, and probably some more that I haven't yet realized.

When I went to sleep in the back of the Nissan, parked in a quiet neighborhood of Galveston, the thief rocked the truck, and I awoke with his threatening me with a gun. I had locked the hatch from the inside using VICE GRIPS. Vice's, like Stanleys and Nissans, use another stag head, along with the same type cross used in the calvary symbol. The Leslie's, with a "Grip" motto term, use a blue bend with gold buckles, all in the three colors of the Stanley bend with symbols. Nissans were first found in the same place as German Drummonds (Hungarian kin of Leslie's right?) while the Stanley stag head is half in the colors of the Trump stag head. Recall the Knee Coat, like the Stanley Coat, for when the thief had me pinned inside the truck, with hands around my neck, he lifted one hand high to plunge a weapon into my gut, but I raised a KNEE to block it, and it hit my SHIN, by the way, popping out of his hand to the floor. Necks (possible Knee liners) use another stag head, as do Knee's. He had both hands round my neck, and Hands/Hants use the stag too, and, in fact, they were a branch of Hanna's that have stag heads in colors reversed from the Trump stag head.

[Insert -- I didn't realize until the day after this was area was written that the Shin bend is in the colors of the Nissan bend. When writing the paragraph below, I was emphasizing the "over" motto term of Cunninghams, but neglected to add that the Over bend with symbol is in the colors of the Leslie and Stanley bends with symbols, and with Leslie's being Hungarians in some relationship with the Drummond Hungarians, it makes a Stanley link to Trumps. And Stanley was holding the American flag at the 9-11 memorial event, begging whether Trump is about to be swallowed up by the fiends that created the terrible 9-11 hoax. This insert was started while I was making a Simson link to Shins in the next section below, and after the mention of Coffers shortly below. Simsons are in Irish-Coffer colors, and English Coffers, with crescents in half the colors of the Simson crescents, were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Shins/Chinne's. Overs come up as "Offer," i.e. a Coffer-like term. The next section starts in a bid to trace Simsons to Kenites, and the latter are highly suspect with Over-loving Cunninghams.]

With both his hands round my neck, and shaking it, he was shouting, "Give-em OVER, give-em OVER." He wanted the keys. The Keys use another stag, in Crest, and brown like the Hand-Crest stag. I should say, "Hey Lord, that's funny now, but it wasn't funny at the time. Couldn't there have been a different way to get your message across?" I gathered all my strength with his hands still around my neck, and pushed him out the door while saying, "In the name of Jesus, get off!" I was free, but instead of attacking him (I had no idea what weapon(s) he had, a fled up the driveway, and knocked on the front door of the house. No one answered. I had his "weapon" in my hand, after having picked it up off the floor before he managed to get it back. It was just a piece of plastic, half the case of a remote-control unit for a television. After seeing that, I ran back, hopped a fence to the street, but he was gone, leaving the driver door wide open.

The truck wouldn't start for him, and he fled. I took a spare key from under the mat (Jeune fleur?), and on the third try it started. It had never failed to start before, and never failed to start again, but it failed to start for him. It just clicked twice for me, as it must have for him, without turning the engine over (the electricity was cut off to the starter motor, thank you, Lord). It was a miracle, but, yes, God created that frightful experience just for you. What do you think? The next day, Crystal and black smoke.

The following I was not going to mention. Some years after that experience, I changed churches, and went to another one where Miss Hicks was going as well, but I did not know that she was attending there. It was within the first few weeks when the pastor asked people to the front to pray. And when I got there, he asked us to hold hands, and putting out my right hand, there was Miss Hicks taking it with her left. And while she was holding it, with my wondering whether this was going to be my wife as per the woman in a dream some 22 years earlier, I felt her hand like "dew." If you can't understand what I mean by dew, I don't blame you. But that was the word that went through my head. Earlier in this update, while on the Doe/DOW surname, I had loaded the Dows/Dove's too, and they happen to be in Dew(ey) colors, but I wasn't going to mention this because I was uncertain on whether it applies. And then, while scrolling back through the Coats that had been loaded, I spotted the "Duw" motto term of Welsh Matts//Matthews.

Have I missed anything? Yes, I have, and it just came to mind. The Motels were first found in Taranto, and the Arms of that city use the rider on a dolphin of Irish Coffers, and the latter use a "victoria" motto term. I kid you not, the morning after staying at a motel for the rest of the night after the thief experience, I stopped for a break a couple of hours away at Victoria (125 miles away from Galveston). Can you believe it? I got a coffee and newspaper in Victoria (why do I even remember the name of this pace?) to learn (in the classified section) that land in Texas was affordable, and so I went to look at two or three properties that day, including one at Crystal. And that's my eerie story. As soon as I drove away from Crystal, back toward home, I said to self,"I'm going to save $15,000 and come back in six months to get property. Six months later, I came back with wife and kids with $17,000, and purchased ten minutes from Miss Hicks.

[I kid you not, that this insert comes the day after writing above. I had missed something. The only thing I recall about Victoria is how relieved I was to drive up and park. I went in for a COFFEE, and recall sitting back with it in the truck with the newspaper. I remember nothing else in Victoria, and so one would think that I simply would forget what kind of drink I had at that time. It could have been a juice or a pop, but that coffee is engrained in my memory probably because Irish Coffers are also "Coffee"!!! Amazing. You see, God makes vivid memories that are intended as part of the Signs. Why are Coffers so important?

It's interesting that the News surname (new to me) used chaplets, and that it was first found in the same place as Chapmans and Capone's. The News Crest: "A dexter arm proper vested perchevron gold and red gold holding a roll of silver parchment." The News Coat is in Quint colors.

Recall the Simson link to Coffers, for after my divorce, when I returned to Texas for the second time, I had just gotten a motel room when I saw a woman drive by and into a restaurant across the road. As she was pulling out, I flagged her down and asked her out for COFFEE! I kid you not, her maiden name was Simson. I told this story in the first update of January, in case you don't believe me. See "Mandy" in that update. In fact, Mandys use a "providebit" motto term while Coffers/Coffee's use "providentia." When I went to church with Mandy, we happened to sit right behind Miss Hick's husband, though I did not know this. Miss Hicks was not attending this church anymore, which was the church in which I first saw her. Therefore, I assume that she was at the church in Crystal, for, later, she said she attended there. End insert.]

The first time my family walked into church, after purchasing in November, was on Christmas day, and there, in a too-sexy black dress, was Miss Hicks. And I thought that she should not be like that in church, but then it maybe wasn't her fault. She was shapely. A couple of weeks later, she came to sit directly in front of me, and after the service, she turned and greeted me. I was not whatsoever interested in her. I was a faithful husband. But my wife went lunatic on me after we returned home in April. We were separated, and finally divorced, just as the dream predicted...where I saw my future wife, whom I came to believe would be Miss Hicks.

I had forgotten the dream completely after becoming married. When I first saw Miss Hicks, the dream was a million miles off, but the very minute that I decided to move out of the home temporarily, because there was this awful thing between my wife and I that needed relief, the dream came back to mind like a bolted message from / through the ceiling. "The bulldog!" I exclaimed to self. And as I considered the dream, which was not interpretable before, suddenly the explanation was very clear.

I didn't mean to get this far, as I've told this story before. But now I've got to explain the dream. I had been a Christian about a month when this dream took place. There were two parts with two scenes, and I could never explain the first half, though the second half was clearly my marriage to a blonde woman. As the dream started, I stood by the edge of a swimming pool, and saw a British bulldog fall or jump into the pool, where there was a shark with nasty teeth. It got the dog half into its mouth head first, with a ring of teeth around its belly, and when I jumped in to save it, I could not pull it out. Suddenly, the scene changed, and I was walking to shore from within a clean, light-blue, exotic body of water. As I got to the sand, I saw a woman in the distance beside the only car on the beach. There were no other people. As I started to walk toward her, I saw her face, and remarked on how beautiful she was. But when she saw me coming, she got into the car. When I arrived, she was hovering in the car, eyes closed and face stressed out, worried about whether some man (who owned the car?) was out and about after other women. I was able to hear her thoughts, and after hearing that, a voice came from behind me, "What are you waiting for, go wake her up." So, I thought the thing to do was to kiss her awake, but when my hand brushed by her knee, she popped up into my arms, and we rose embraced into the sky. End of dream.

When I awoke, I dearly wanted to know what the bulldog and shark was about, but I could fathom no interpretation. Some six years later, I was married, and no British bulldog (the short, fat kind) had shown up in my life. Therefore, the dream was forgotten. But in the year that I was saving the $15,000 to purchase land (down payment) in Texas, my wife talked to me about an ad where someone was selling a giant British bulldog that could be a great part of our lawn-decoration business (part-time) for celebrating special occasions (usually 40th and 50th birthdays). So I went to this place and looked at the bulldog, standing about six feet tall, and several feet long and wide, a real 3-dimensional beauty (made of fiberglass). I bought it. It was a great money maker, and it helped us to save the money we needed. But the dream did not come to mind yet. The following summer, after having purchased land in Texas, and seeing Miss Hicks, my wife didn't want to return to Texas, and she went lunatic on me, doing things that assured a divorce. I wanted to live temporarily elsewhere under those conditions, thinking it was best, and that's when the bulldog in the garage, and the message of the dream, came bolting through the ceiling, just as I was opening the closet door to pack some clothes. That's when I recognized that she was the shark.

Yes, and when I did move out, she refused to let me have the bulldog so that I could work it to pay for all the family bills, which I was of-course willing to do. Instead, she kept the bull-dog, as well as the other critters we used for local lawn displays, running it herself, and the other half of the business that I possessed, the out-of-town part where employees would set up the lawns, was out of her hands because the business phone happened to be in my name alone. She decided that she would get the bulldog (the best money-maker), and I would get the Texas property. I had no choice, she was the shark from whom I could not salvage the bulldog. The dream had come true to its first half.

The second half was a re-marriage, I then realized. And it would apparently be blessed of God, for he is the one that gave the dream in the first place. If it was not a dream from God, neither can I believe that the devil has power to give such a dream and then to cause me to purchase this unusual bulldog, 15 years later. The devil could not cause us to purchase the business necessary that would then make the bulldog attractive / necessary in the first place. It had a price tag of $5,000, and $1,000 more for the trailer. Only God could get this right just because He was able to foresee it. I do not believe that the devil can see the future. He can make some future events take place, but he doesn't have the intelligence to literally see the future in the way necessary to fulfill this dream.

It's been more than 20 years since I was able to interpret the first half of the dream, and still there is no fulfillment of the second half. What went wrong? It was bewildering at every instance of my thinking about this. I expected the new wife within a year or two. But on the very first return from Texas, before the separation, I started to write the post-trib book, and, luckily, the Internet came out about a year later, or the book would probably not have gotten published in any way. And after that book was done, I felt Commanded by God to find the Buzites, which led to this extraordinary revelation that I'm heavily involved with right here. It's all becoming so interesting that I think I could forego a wife altogether. You see, there is no way that I could work out this revelation while married, just no way at all. No wife would allow her man this much time on a computer, and no wife would allow a man to concentrate as I've needed to for learning this "science" that I've pioneered.

With God's help, I was able to see things about heraldry that has not dawned on others, and I was able to couple it with mythology (and history) to find the lines out of Israel that needed to be tracked and understood. Yet, several people have been involved with it, not I alone. But I'm at the center of it all, and I have seen the entire revelation unfold. I understand it like no one else, yet it's so large and complicated I can't even begin to explain it to my sons. No one can listen to much of it and follow it, but, for what's it's worth in the future, I trudge on, and, at this time, it appears that we have arrived to its central Purpose in Donald Trump, Donald Tusk, and/or James Mattis. If this turns out not to be true, I will be greatly disappointed. I sense that there are globalists who know exactly what they plan to do with Trump, and that it would be opposed by Christians if they knew the plot. Therefore, they will need to work in a way that deceives the Christians into believing that the plot is a good one, acceptable to Christians.

The grave problem with announcing what I have just announced is that I myself cannot fathom the end arriving over even eight years of Trump, unless Egypt is conquered by the anti-Christ in the next one-year period. I cannot fathom that. Trump may have little clue as to what the higher-ups will try to do with him, and he might just go along with their will, whatever it may be. Or, he may have been part of that higher-up circle to begin with.

Oenotrians from Hephaestus

I'm going to repeat from above so that you can contemplate upon it as I discuss it further:

Note that while Simsons use a motto code for the Enotri = OENOtrians, whom are known to have lived at Laish-line Laus of Calabria-Lucania, "SIMson" is a lot like the SHIMMY variation of Kimmie's/Kynnie's/Cammie's (brown stag head) expected as a branch of Cams / Kemmis'/Kenys' and therefore of SHINs/Chinne's. The "ALIS" motto term of these Simsons, and the colors of their crescents, traced in the last update with Burleys/Bourlys (share green Shield with Bauers / Bowers) to Boura, at the ELIS area, and right where there was an Oenoe location likely symbolized by OenoMAUS, and so note that Alis' use so-called "MUZZled" bears as though for the Maus entity of Oenomaus. Burleys/Bourleys share the white boar head with Molle's, SCHIMs/Chands, and Knee-suspect McGee's. It makes this heraldic boar look like code for "Boura," and thus tends to identify the Boura area with Hebrews that can well-fit the Calydonian boar. I will expound on this in the next section. The other Simsons use the same lion as Italian Conte's. Historians trace the peoples of Laus to the Boura area of the Peloponnesus.

First off, the Shimmy quadrants are in the colors of the same of Trump-suspect Deters, and the Shimmys use cinquefoils in the colors of the Deter talbot and the trump stag. This recalls Mandy Deter, with a Simson maiden name. Amazing. I never cease to be amazed by these things. She almost got me to marry her, and forego Miss Hicks. In all the time that I was with Mandy, about two years, I had no contact with Miss Hicks, for she was not going to the same church anymore. Did God set that situation up?

Secondly, why do Burrs use a reflection of the Coat of Levi-possible Levins? While you are at it, note that Jewish Levins/Levi's use a gold crown on their black lion, as do Italian Capone's, while elephant-head Levens (with an 'e') use the same chevron as Quints while throwing in stars in the colors of the star of Annas'. It's got Quintus Caepio all over it, and his line to Livius-related Servilia Junius Caepionis. As Servilia had an affair with Julius Caesar, while I trace him to Guillestre, note how the following discussion leads us there. But let me also say that the repeated quote above came while discussing Brains and Brians in connection to one Constantine surname (Brian lions in pale) while another Constantine surname uses the June / Jeune fleur-de-lys.

All right. So we expect Oenotrians from Oenoe, near Hebrew-suspect Boura. Burleys/Bourleys share the white boar head with Molle's, SIMson-like SCHIMs/Chands, and Knee-suspect McGee's, and these guys are suspect now with Kenites that defaulted from Moses, joining Jonathan's stupids at Laish. It makes this heraldic boar look like code for "Boura," and thus tends to identify the Boura area with Hebrews that can well-fit the Calydonian boar. Myth said that the Calydonian boar was from Artemis, and as she was at Ephesus, where I trace "HEPHAEStus," see below how Hephaestus was a Boura liner.

If Khyan was of a Mus line, and if he was named from Kenites, there is a good chance that Kenites should be find-able at the Elis-Pisa area. By what khyancidence do OENOTrian-like NOTTings use a blue bend with gold symbols, same as Stanleys and Knee's, while the Nottings use gold roundels (code for Aaron-suspect Arundels) on their blue bend, as do the APACHnas-suspect BUCKINghams, and then Khyan-possible Cheneys were first found in Buckinghamshire along with Boura- and Oenotrian-liner Simsons. This is making Nottingham and "Canute" suspect from Oenotrians, especially as Laish had proto-Danes while Canute (grandson of Mieszko) was a Dane king. Canute's mother, Sigrid the HAUGHTY, is in the Haught surname, first found in the same place as, and sharing the white bull head with, BUCKle-related Buckleys. It recalls that Knee-suspect Knights trace to the Nith river, which is where Nitts/NAUGHTs were first found who rhyme with "Haught." The Nitts/Naughts even use the Cohen checks while Cheneys were resolved in the last week or two as a branch of Cohens/Kagans at the Chagne river of Guillestre, beside BRIANcon.

As Oeneus was given a wine symbol, I'm wondering whether Oenotrians developed a Wine surname. There is one Wine/Gwine's surname (Welsh) in the colors of Coffers, which recalls that Simsons looked like a merger with both Coffer surnames. The Wine's/Gwine's happen to use the same spread eagle as Lotan-like Lutons, and Lotan liners are expected at the Ladon river, location of Oenoe! Excellent. As Wine's are connectable to Gwynedd, compare that term with a G-less "OENOT." This now makes the VENEDotia, whom I trace to Vannes/Gwenea and mythical Guinevere, suspect as Oenotrians. Were the Heneti the Oenotrians? Simsons were first found beside Berkshire, the latter the home of the Windsor-branch of Pendragons, and when I accidentally typed "Quint" above as "Wuint" because the 'w' is beside the 'q', it was asking whether Windsors from named after Quints. That's when "Wintsor" was entered to find the Windsors coming up. Wends, vandals, and the Venethi location up north were all veneti liners, thus making Windsors suddenly suspect as Oenotrians. That would be unbelievable if correct.

In all the time that I was linking Windsors to Windows and therefore to FINIStere, last moth, I neglected to load the Windsors to see their "fie in" motto phrase, code for the Fien variation of FINIS', we can assume. It was realized at that time that the Windsor line from Finistere was part of neighboring Vannes/Gwenea, the "wife" of king Arthur. The Windsor saltire is in the colors of the Mea/Meigh cross, the latter from the Meu river flowing near Finistere, and then the Windsor motto even uses "me." There is a lot that can be done with this, but for the moment I'm struck by the possibility that Windsors were Quintus-Caepio liners. It's notable that while French Henrys are said to be from parts of the Meu river, the giant green eagle of Irish Henrys could be a colors-reversed version of the Wine/Gwine / Luton eagle. Luton is a location in Bedfordshire (near Berkshire and even closer to Buckingham Palace), and Bedfords share the black lion paw with the Quint Crest. And Windows use lions paws too, the one in Crest holding a gold fitchee cross, the color of the fitchee held by the Quint lion paw! And that must be why the Windsor crosslets are gold! Bingo. Suddenly, the Simson Oenotrians are suspect with things in Buckingham Palace, probably not the butlers only.

Repeat: "While the Stoltenberg Coat (Lower Saxony) shows one thing, the description says it uses "...a red heart pierced by an arrow,..."" Amazingly, the Papers/Papwalls use CarNATIONs ("carnations stalked and leaved green") while NATO-like Nations bring up the Nathans with a red heart pierced by an arrow!!!" Compare the Window Coat to that of English Walls (possibly the Clapton wolf head; possibly Waleran liners). Reminder: Dutch Walls: a rock, code for a Roach branch. Note that while English Walls share the Morinis fleur, Windens (same lion as Irish Walls) use the FETTERlock, a symbol of a Moray Crest no longer shown at houseofnames. That Moray Coat had a "Deum time" motto while Time's/Timms share the Morinis fleur too. Then, Fetters share the giant sun with Needle's/Nadlers, in-code in the compass NEEDLE of Rothschild-beloved Pettys. In the Crest of German Walls: "A black plume of cock FEATHERs." Plume's were especially in Brittany while Needle's/Nadlers were first found in Shropshire. It looks like that pealing wallpaper was very important, and Peals happen to use the motto, "Industria," a motto term in the Arms of Rothschild! The Peals (shuttle in Crest) even share bunched arrows with Rothschilds! Honestly, when I wrote "pealing", I had forgotten that Peals link square to Rothschilds. Peals even coming up as "Pealing." It never ceases to amaze me.

Michael Savage, of radio-talk-show fame, was born with a Wiener surname, and Savage's share the black lion paw. Weiners are listed with Wayne-suspect Wansteads, and Wanstead is in the write-up of spread-eagle Childs. Wanstead is between London and Cambridge and therefore near Luton. Wayne's are not only suspect with the Arthur pelican and Irish-Arthur chevrons (in Windsor-saltire colors), but are a branch of the Fiens/Fane's/Veynes' that I trace to Vannes/Gwenea and Finistere.

In all this, we can now ask whether "OENOTrians named "Quint(us)" from a Went/Wint-like term. English Windens happen to use lion heads in the colors of the Sforza lion that itself holds a QUINCE. See also the lion of Winden-suspect Fiens/Finis'. Scottish Windens/Wintens happen to share the same chevron as Cope's/Cups and Copps. As Sforza's were first found in Rome, where the Tiber river is suspect with Tabers, note that while one Taber surname shares grape's with Deters, the other Tabers share the lion heads of both the Windens and Papers/Papwalls (same place as Cams / Kemmis'/Kennys'.) Windens, with virtually the Taber Coat, use a "bon" motto term, like the same of Pierleoni-liner Benedicts / Bennets. The Pierleoni were Catholicized Jews, on the Tiber river, and in high Vatican circles.

If Papers/Papwalls were Pepins, then they were traced to Paphlagonian Heneti! The ones now suspect with Oenotrians/ENOTri. If not mistaken, Heneti were at Shin-like Sinope. The Newton Shin bones are in Simson-crescent colors. Sinope was home to CIMMerians...whom I trace to the naming of Chambre on the ARK river. There is ARCHibald Simson in the write-up of the CHAPlet-using News/Newes' (same place as Capone's and looking like a merger with white-crescent Chapmans), and that makes Newtons suspect with the News. Archibalds share the white crescent with Simsons. Archibalds use the same bend as Knees, a term like "News." ArchiBURE's (Arthur variation) can be a merger with Bure's, two branches of which are traceable to Boura! Yes, and Bourlys are in Simson / Newton colors. It adds up, and takes the Boura Greeks to Sybaris and Laus. Perfect.

The News are said to be named after the yew tree, probable garbage. I have said the following in the past: "I took a shot at the Kensington yew tree in the last update, with a suggested trace to "Yuya," the Mitanni horse trainer of royal Egypt, ancestor of king Tut, and here I find a yew tree in the Corp Crest while the Corp Coat has "green stumps of wood"..." Woods use a "TUTus" motto term. Note that KENSingtons can be of the Kenys variation of Kemmis' while Yuya was at Chemmis. That city traces to Agamemnon, brother of MeneLAUS.

Grape's are used in the Coat of Laus', and while I can be sure from the scythe of Laus' that they trace to Laus, beside SCIDrus, one can use this argument for tracing Deters / Tabers to Oenotrians.

The Taborites are usually linked by others to the Moravians under count ZINZENdorf, and Sinsens/Zinzans, who were thought to be a branch of Simsons (by me), were first found in Berkshire i.e. location of Windsor castle (beside the Simsons of Buckinghamshire). Mandy Simson Deter had an item named, Winecup, and so, because Simsons are Oenotrians suspect with Wine's/Gwine's, I've looked up the Dutch WINEcoops/WineCUPs, a potential line of Cope's/Cups from the Kupa river. Winecoops (Arms-of-Waterford colors) appear to use the Roque/Rock rock in the same colors, but call it a mountain. They also use "water" under the mountain, evoking the eagle on a rock on the water in the Arms of Rijeka, beside the Kupa river. The Sinsens/Zinzans: "a falcon standing on a rock."

Winecoops appear to use the quadrants and colors of Deters, amazing enough! I never cease to be amazed by these things. As the Winecoop lion is also that of Rita's, first found in Rome and in the colors of the lion of Pierleoni-line Leo's, it's interesting that there is a Dutch Bennet/Benedict surname using what looks like a book, symbol of Rita-like Reeds and Roets. The German Leo's/PYRZewiski's may have a version of the Winecoop Coat. More amazing is that I happened to look up Connells about the time I was writing here on Winecoops, and the Connells, first found in the same place as Kenite-liner Cunninghams, share the Winecoop lion as well as using a red rock that is in the same design as the Winecoop "mountain." Can you believe it? As Connells are Scottish, the Winecoop and Rita lions must be that of Dougals / Dowells. Conans are said to derive in the "'rabbit', son of Dugal," another indication that Conys and Conns were Conans, but now linked to Dougals somehow linking to Pierleoni. Here is a Dugal Coat (Brittany, Dol colors) in Dougal-lion colors, and suspect with Dol liners for obvious reasons. Dols are in Deter / Trump colors, and first found in the same area, and Dole's/Doyle's share the red stag heads (but called bucks) of Reeds.

Repeat from above: "Simsons are in Irish-Coffer colors, and English Coffers, with crescents in half the colors of the Simson crescents, were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Shins/Chinne's. Overs come up as "Offer," i.e. a Coffer-like term. The next section starts in a bid to trace Simsons to Kenites, and the latter are highly suspect with Over-loving Cunninghams." It looks like mission accomplished. Shins/Chinne's were first found in the same place as Roets. Note that Irish Connells can be using the Rod / Rock trefoils (= ROQUEfeuil-Rodez merger with Henri IV of Rodez). Scottish Connells happen to share the blue fitchee cross with Albins/Aubins (from Barnstaple) and Windsor-beloved Mea's, and then the Roet-related Barnstaple's and Italian Albini's share the trefoil under discussion. Windens have a Mr. D'Albini" in their write-up, and I did therefore trace Albins/Aubins to the Meu river near Finistere.

It just so happens that Connells came to topic only as per the TirCONNELL location of Canons. Canons were looked up earlier while Conans were a Cunningham-related topic, but I could see nothing at the time of a Canon-Conan link. After working on the sinister bends of Smoke's/Rauks/Rauchers and Nissans, I was thinking that the Smoke/Rauk bend was that of Canons too because Kenite-possible Shins/Chinne's use the same bend as Nissans, and it's almost the Cannon bend. As the Canon bend is that also of Valentins, that's why the WYNKoop variation of Winecoops needs to be considered as a branch of Winks/Wings from Vinkovci. Wings/Winks were first found in the same place as Scottish Bennets. Was Vinkovci named after a line of Oenotrians of the Wine kind?

As Valence's are obvious Alan kin, note that English Dole's are in Winecoop colors, and first found in the same place as Stanleys, the latter suspect with Deters, the latter first found in the same place as Dols.

I hadn't realized that Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') use the Smoke/Rauk bend in the sinister direction! The Rothschild bend came to mind as I was up inserting an above point on "Industria," while finding the meaning of the pealing wallpaper. I recalled that "inDUSTRia" is code for Dusters (trefoils again) who use a version of the Rothschild bend. The Rothschild Coat shares the sinister-facing horse with Keens, but then note too that the center of the Keen Coat is an escutcheon, same as the Arms of Rothschild. And so one can assume that the white Keen fish links close to the white Roach fish. The lizards that form a sinister bend in the Keen Coat amounts to a sinister bend in the colors of the same of Smoke's/Rauks and Rothchilds. God really prepared that wallpaper for a nasty revelation on Rothschilds. I wonder what else God has prepared for those nasty thieves. Give back the money you stole from the peoples, Rothschilds. And you too, Trump.

Can't LIZarts/LAZards be Lazi liners from Laish? The Keen Coat shares the WineCoop lion. Keens share the calvary symbol with Crystals, and here the Keens are entering the roaches-of-Crystal topic. The "Felis" motto term of Keens should be for the Felix's, the Italian branch first found in Rome, which recalls that the Winecoop lion traced to the same of the Rome Rita's. It is then very Kenite-interesting that this connects to the Pierleoni that set up an anti-pope (maybe two). While Kenite-related Shake's use a mole hill, Keens are in Mole colors and use a "DEMULcta" motto term.

While Mitre's share the same stars as Molle's and Felix's, the Keen motto includes "mitis." Note that Mitre's share the dove with Payen-related Page's, not to mention that the "piece of wood" of Rita's can be code for dove-using Peace's/Paise's, for the Sole's about to come to topic are said to have been merged with "Painells," which has to do with the "solar panel" revelation that God gave you. The Rita-suspect Leo's use the same fesse as Paine's/Payne's, suspect with Payne de Roet in particular. German Leo's: a sinister bend with Zionist stars. As Javier Solana was a Madariaga, of a co-founding family of the European Union, let me add that Mitre's are suspect with MADARriaga-like Mathers/Maddirs. The latter's "ForTITER" motto term can be for the Teeter variation of Deters. It can also be code for Forts that have quadrants in colors reversed from the same of Felix's. Forts share a bee in Chief with Peals/Pealings, and the Peal bee is said to be "volant," possible code for Valentin lines.

As the dove is used by PANsys (BOURly colors), suspect with Panias, that's where I have traced Payens suggestively in the past. It's the Connell-related Conys that use a pansy, and Kenites are now highly suspect at Laish, so why not also at Panias? Reminder: Panias traces to the Peneus river, near BOURa. Pansys were first found in the same place (Westphalia) as the Dickels/Duckers that share the five Valence (wings) fesse bars in colors reversed. The Cony fesse-with-fesslets are in colors reversed with those of Nations/Nathans, and the latter use a pierced heart, as do Ducker-suspect Logans/Ducks. The Nation/Nathan fesse is in the colors of the same of Ladds/Ladons, and, can you believe it, the Ladons were first found in Somerset, same as Burleys/Bourlys! That's virtually a clincher for tracing Ladons to the Ladon river. The English Duckers were first found in the same place as Daggers.

Look at the colors of the Rocks/RUCKERS -- like the Coffers, Wine's, and Lutons -- and using ROOKs that can apply to Smoke's/Rauks/RAUKERS. It's the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil, and then the Henrys we saw above, with a giant eagle suspect as the Luton / Wine eagle (Oeneus = Laish Levites, right?) in colors reversed, has been suspect with Henri IV of Rodez. Aha, the Rooks use the same chevron as Cope's/Cups/COLPS (Colapis = Kupa river). Rooks happen to use a "sol" motto term, and while Sols are listed with Solana's, Sole's (Futter colors) share white fish with Roach's! The latter's fish are colors reversed from those of Hykes'/Hake's, and the latter have a chevron in both colors of the Sole chevron. Solana's share the giant sun with Fetters / Needle's / Hesse's, but it's not necessarily true that Solana's owned it first.

Remember, I left Texas after the night of the wallpaper roach's because the Nissan began to SMOKE out the tail pipe, and Miss Hicks was at church in that town. It is very apparent, therefore, that Roach's are a branch of Rocks/Ruckers and Smoke's/Raukers. How did my truck's exhaust system know this? Did the muffler have eyes and a brain to see those roaches coming? The truck slept outside all night, what could it have known about those roaches? And by the way, Tails/Taylors (Conan colors) are said to have had a branch in Cunningham.

The Colapis river, and the Colps/Culps/Cups, are in the motto of Patents, first found in the same place as COLchester and Quints. The Patent motto also uses "PALLEScere," while the Pelaiz' and sharing black-and-gold checks with Winters, now suspect with "Quint." The Palles surname (same place as Pullys that share the Patent motto) is gleaned to be using a version of the Nagle Coat while German Nagle's are Nails too while the Arms of Colchester uses nails. As the Pelaiz checks are shared by Bils', I trace Pelaiz liners to the Bilis river of Pamphylia, and because I see that Bamberg was from Pamphylians, note that Poppo I of Bamberg was father of Babenbergs, for Patens use a Shield filled with lozengy in the colors of the checks filling the Shield of Pepoli's, and then the Popoli's, first found in the same place as Italian Capone's/Capua's, have a split Shield in the colors of the split Plaiz/Place Shield. Did you spot the Heneti-suspect Winters with the Heneti-suspect Poppo liners? Capua was a mythical Trojan.

Next, the Blaiz's/Blaze's (share gold martlets with Blake's), using a form of the Black Coat, trace via the Bles/Bled/Ble surname to Bled, north of Rijeka (i.e. beside the Colapis), where I trace Maxwells that share the Black and Blaze saltire. Maxwells were first found in the same place as Molle's, while Blaze's are said to be from Bley, three miles from Le Molay area. Blake's, first found in the same place (Devon) as the Pense's in the Eskin motto, share the single black-on-white PALE bar with Erskins, whose Eskin variation smacks of ESCHYNa de Molle. Bled is beside Lesce (Sava river), where I trace Leslie's that share the green griffin of Patents. Pale's/Palys (Blaze / Plaiz variation?) use a camel as likely code for the namers of Camulodunum, the proto-Colchester.

But the Blake's are said to have moved to a TWIZell castle 10 miles from Berwick, in the area of the first Maxwells / Molle's, and this castle must have been named after the Tweed river (to Berwick), which recalls that Tweeds (kin of some STONEhouse elements) use the saltire of Hungarian-liner Andersons. This is a good way to help prove that the Hungarian Leslie's (Stanley/STONEley kin) were from Lesce. The Tweed / Anderson saltire is in use my the Maxwell-Ros clan, the Ros' being definitely of the Rose's, beside the Ross' that are said to descend from a mysterious Andrew, whom I know to be Andrew/Anders I, who married the Rus.

The other Blake's/Caddells use a saltire in the colors of the Tweed saltire, and it gets ROSlin-interesting where the first Blake's share a green dragon head in Crest with the Crichtons, first found in Edinburgh, six miles from Roslin, home of Sinclairs that use a cross in the colors of the Blaze / Maxwell saltire. And the Sinclairs appear to have merged with Conans. The Roslins, first found in the Lincolnshire, same place as Blacks -- as well as the Taillbois' that share the Tweed / Anderson saltire -- use square BUCKLE's (suspect with the Apachnas-line Kenites) in the illegal colors of the Tweet/Tweedale fish. The latter also share the pelican with Palles' in the motto of Patents and Pullys, which is another way to trace Tweed liners to the Colapis-river / Lesce theater. The point is that while Roslins are expected from Rosellon = Roussillon, which is the area that covers Roquefeuil, the ROCElin variation of Roslins speaks to Roque liners, which is why the Tweet fish should be close to the Roach fish.

Recall that the Round-Table bunch, the Rothschilds and their kin, were from Peebles-shire, for Tweets were first found there along with Shimmys/Kimmie's. And the Round-Table Illuminati is usually said to have been devised / controlled by Cecil Rhodes while Rhodes' (from the Roquefeuil-Rodez marriage, right?) were likewise first found in Lincolnshire (as with Roslins). Thus, I would suggest that Varangian Rus to the wife of Andrew I descended from Redones of Roussillon, and that they included the Sinclair / Norman vikings.

Recall the carNATIONs of the Papers/PapWALLs, how they linked to the Rothschild branch of Nations/Nathans, for the Dutch WALLs use a green rock, and green is a colors in the Arms of Roquefeuil. Irish Walls use a scimitar with blood, by the looks of it, and can thus be code for the Bled location that I see in Bleda the Hun. Irish Walls can be using the Beaumont lion, in which case some Walls can be of the Wells / Vaux's that I know to be Waleran liners = Leavells from Gouel de Perceval. Why do Irish Walls use a "CAESAR" motto term while German Walls (same pale bar as Blake's / Eskins / Tails) were first found in the same place (Baden) as ZAHRingers. Badens/Battins were first found in the same place as Percivals and Leavells. Although I can't figure that Nathans could be from in the Ladon-river area, it seems solid that they are using the colors of both Bug surnames, the English branch (water bougets) first found in Nottinghamshire (same as Nathans). German Bugs are now showing ravens, the symbol of German Rothes', but, at one time, German Bugs showed the Joseph martlet. English Rothes' were first found in the same place (Salop) as Petty-beloved Needle's/Nadlers. The lions of English Rothes can be those on the pale bar of Tails/Taylors. As these lions are used by Tilurius-river Tillers, that river is near the Neretva river, suspect with Nahorites possibly from the Neuri on the Bug river.

Actually, Nathans can be of the Anat cult, the Heneti of Pelops who removed to Oenomaus of Pisa. That can explain why Nathans share the Ladon fesse, and the fact that Pelops ruled at Heneti is a great argument for identifying Oenotrians with it. In fact, the Ladon / Nathan fesse is black, shared by Conans, the latter a branch of Conys / Conns that use the Nathan / Ladon fesse in colors reversed. That's why Cunningham-line Kenites should have been at the Ladon river and environs. Can't "Heneti" have become "Kennati"? The problem here is that Oenotrian-suspect Heneti can thus look like Kenites/Kenetides. While a merger can be expected, I think the Heneti should have been one or the other. This is a tough call, and perhaps I have simply been wrong with identifying Oeneus with "Jonathan." Maybe Oeneus liners were K-less Kenites to (H)Eneti.

Solana's may have been something like Slains, using another "industria" motto term, and first found in the same place as English Rothes. The Slain martlets are in colors reversed from the ones shown previously by German Bugs. Slains appear related to Leslie's / Bards/Beards. Or, as Madariaga's use roundels, note that Arundels use swallows so that Solana's/Solers may have been Swale's / Swallows. Later, as goes a theory I have, they married a surname using a giant sun, and then took on Sol-like variations. The Solars/Solers' share pale bars in the color of the one of Roxolani-suspect Roxburghs/ROKESbys, and I link Roxolani to the Neuri. Roxburghs use an "AUDax" motto term likely for Aude, location of Roquefeuil and Roussillon. It stands to reason here that the Roxburgh horse head is the same-colored horse of Keens (probably the one of Jewish Rothchilds too). The "quam" motto term of Roxburghs is shared by Cambridge's, and so it's evident that the Roxburgh and Solar pale bars are those of Cams, but why not also the Keen-beloved Lizarts/Lazards? This paragraph is a good way to explain why Javier Solana (former NATO chief) was the "boss of Europe." He may still be.

One sun god comes from Atun of Yuya's descendants. Yuya was from Chemmis, and Cams were first found in the same place as Kemmis'/Kenys', the latter an obvious branch of Cammie's/Kimmie's/Shimmys and therefore traceable to the Simson Oenotrians. A son of Yuya was Anen, and then the Solars are said to be from Neen/Nene. This recalls my Seq-ENEN-Ra understanding of king Seqenenre, of Egyptian Thebes. Later, the Atun god would name mythical Aedon of Grecian Thebes. And Solars share a red lion with Daytons, said to be from Autun. Plus, here's from two updates ago:

The Solar bars are pale bars in the colors of the Drink pale bar, and, I kid you not, that when this paragraph was started, I didn't have the Drinks in mind, nor did I have in mind that the squirrel [after he got into the attic through a slit at the solar panels] died of thirst. Is that not amazing?

That discovery was coupled with the fact that Sole's are said to have married Panel-like Painells. And it should be added that the Solar lions are in the colors of the Solana/Soler sun and wolf heads. Drinks are using the Dayton lion, I assume. Yuya traces without a doubt, now, to Las at the Mani peninsula of Taygeti, and therefore likely to Lasion, beside Oenoe. In fact, I feel ready to identify Simsons from the namers of Chemmis/Akhmim, and therefore from something in relation to Agamemnon, grandson of Pelops. The False Prophet of Revelation 13 could be of the two lambs that were placed into a myth about Menelaus, and the one golden lamb that made Atreus the king of Argos. Atreus was the father of Menelaus and Agamemnon. In this picture, the false Prophet can be from the wayward Levites and their Kenite god(s). There is some talk online that "Kenite" is from an Arabic term for "metal smith," but I think this is regarded as a theory only. Micah, who owned Jonathan in the beginning, had a wealthy mother with extra silver on hand by which Micah fashioned his household god.

Haifa's Origins

Hephaestus was the mythical metal smith, and he had a cult of priests. I see Hephaestus as code for Ephesus, where mythical Pandareus ruled who birthed Aedon of Thebes. As that's a Pan-Dar entity, I tend to trace it to the naming of Dar-Danus, brother of the founder of Hephaestus' Kabeiri priests. Here's a thing I had recorded in 2012:

When I traced "Herod" to "Herodotus" out of Thurii (centuries before the Herods of Israel), I mentioned the earlier name of that place, Sybaris, and its founding by Greeks out of Boura of Achaea. I even recall tracing, years ago, the Muse-infested Sybaris location to Muses in Helice/Helike. Therefore, see here what has just been found today: "Olenus, son of Hephaestus and father of Helice and Aex, two nurses of infant Zeus." Not forgetting that Dexamenus was a son of a king of Olenus, we can click the Helice link at that sentence to find the Helike city in Achaea. From this, we understand that "Aex," an HephAEStus entity, is code for Achaeans. From this, we understand that the Galli [priests of Kabeiri] of Hephaestus founded the Achaeans, and so compare "Helike" to "Gileki."

There was a Gileki-like Glaucus river to the golden-fleece city of Colchis, and that's where the Lazi of Lazona lived that are expected at the Ladon river. This was the area of Elis, where I trace Uranus after Cronus castrated him and threw the parts away. I see Cronus married to the city of Rhagae at the Gileki theater (Iranians/ERANians). In this picture, "Elis" may have been from a version of "Gileki," not from "Laish." In any case, I had recorded, but lost, three Aex/Aik terms used for mythical characters in relation to Hephaestus, and his name is very related to AESon, father of Jason of the Argo ship. Aeson and Iason are expected to be equivalent to someone else's use of Iasion, brother of Dardanus, and founder of the Kabeiri near Lemnos. And the Kabeiri were also at Thebes, you see.

Safe to say, Elis was a Helice variation. But what relationship was there between the Elis area of Uranus and Zeus' infancy on Crete? Zeus's infancy can be gleaned with the Muses because the ten Curetes of Crete (called the mythical Daktyloi, similar to MINOS-suspect DexaMENUS above) were dropped to nine, the number of the Muses. I had read that Minos, son of Zeus on Crete, was given a nine-month symbol, you see, and as Crete has a birth goddess, it seems that Zeus' infancy on the island was wrapped up around this nine-number birth theme. So, when we read of Muses at Helice, we are taking about OenoMAUS too, right. Yes, and Zeus was raised on Crete by AMALthea, suspect with Amalekites years before realizing that MELEAGer -- king of Elis-related Calydon, home of the Oeneus Oenotrians -- was spelled like "AMALEK." And the Bible claims that Kenites were at one time partnered with Amalekites.

There were two versions of Dexamenus' parentage. He was an Ambracian entity that was made the symbol of the drinks of the gods. There was a major Zeus-cult center at Epirus' Dodona. Ambracia was a real place in Epirus that was alternatively called, Arta. Expect Arta to be somewhat of the Minoan Cretans and related to Epirus' Aulon/AVLONA entity, the proto-Alans. Then trace it to Abruzzo's Velino. There is a very good chance that Arta traced to the Ardos peak at mount Hermon (Tyre), for Zeus mated with a Tyrian entity in birthing Minos. And Aeson (in Thessaly, location of Zeus' Olympus) was made the son of Tyro and Cretheus, an obvious Tyre-Crete combination. Dexamenus (looks like it means, 10 Minos') was made the father of Deianeira, what looks like code for Dia, Ixion's wife, for Ixion was also of Thessaly. Muses were infested in the PARNassus area of Thessaly, from Muses of PARION, by the looks of it. But Muses were from the Mus household of Khyan, and now suspect as a fundamental part of Kenites.

There was a mythical Ambrax"king [when] the exiled Aeneas came to his city. He was son of Dexamenus that was in turn son of Hercules." From this, we learn that the founder of the Romans was at Epirus' Ambracia/Arta. As peoples of Epirus named Abruzzo, it's important that Sabines, Marsi of Abruzzo, and the wolf peoples of Avellino were three known ingredients in Roman make-up. From this, one can glean that wolf peoples of Avellino were at Velino, at mount Sabina, and beside the Marsi. Perfect. And Aeneas may have been an Oeneus entity.

With Hercules as the father of Dexamenus, we take it back to the Samson "Danites" at the Laish area. It's known that Hercules was a human-sacrifice cult in Tyre, and that must have been none other than the Zeus Taurus, or Moloch. Chances are, the Ardos entity near Laish was of Arados in Syria, a place I identify with the Avvite donkey god (Tartak) that a myth writer gave as symbol to Samson. It was not many updates ago when I traced Dardanians of Ardiaei alliances to Arados. And as the Dardanians put out Monunius I, founder of Hasmoneans (my discovery a few weeks ago), it's important that Samson was given an official wife at Timnah, near Modi'in, where the first-known Hasmoneans lived.

In another version, Dexamenus was a son of Oeceus (almost an Aex term), king of Olenus, and mythical Olenus was made a son of Hephaestus. Olenus was a father of Aex, nurse of Zeus on Crete. "Aex/Aik" means "metal," you see, no hard stretch of the imagination needed. But why "HEPHaestus"? Were the Hepburns/Hebrons from him? Was he named after Hebe, Hera's daughter and wife of Hercules? After all, Hera is the one who tossed Hephaestus (her ugly son) out of Olympus to Lemnos. Was HEPHaestus a Haifa entity in Troy?

The reason that there are many links to this point in the update is that I have been online for two days straight. But just before getting to this point, the descriptions page would no longer allow this computer to use its arrow for viewing all the surname branches. I will need to check another computer to see whether this is so for my computer only.

They say that "Daktyloi means "ten fingers," and so it appears that the Greek for "fingers" is "Tyloi," But as Curetes are said to have partnered with Telchines of Rhodes, where the proto-Danaans were, it appears that the ten fingers were code for Telchines, whom myth writers had originated in mythical Telchis of Sicyon, beside the Cronus / Coronis cult at Corinth. In this picture, the Coronis Lapiths of Patmos were much the Telchines too that spread out to Crete. And they said that Curetes of Crete's mount Ida founded mount Ida at Troy, and that these Curetes along with Korybantes' had founded Troy. As "korybantes" looks like the Abantians of Euboea, said to belong to mythical Abas, its notable that there is a mythical Abas at the root of the Perseus-branch Danaans at Argos. With the Danaans and Lapiths involved in this picture, along with a Dexamenus trace back to Samson, it can appear that the Levites of Laish were also in the mix, somehow, and the Kenites are therein suspect with the Amalekites to Amalthea, said to be the goat and bee goddess of Crete.

We should also ask why Samson evolved into the human-sacrifice cult of Hercules in Tyre. I had traced the Zeus bull to Haifa, on the Israeli border with greater Tyre. And I found cause to trace Essenes from neighboring CarMEL to a Cretan cult, the name of which I have forgotten, but one that connected in multiple ways with the essenes bee cult at Haifa-like Ephesus. As the founder of Argos was made married to MELia (Boiotia, exactly where Pandareus of Ephesus was traced by ancients), one can expect the Amalekites behind this bee-honey symbol. In fact, many years ago, I spent much time on connecting the honey theme to the Moloch bull, which was a shrine set ablaze as a furnace for sacrificing infants to death. Although I was comparing "MOLOCH/MOLECH" to "AMALEK" at the time, I was careful in not making the connection hastily. Yet, that connection might just be the fact. My theory was that cannibals at the sacrifices would spread honey on the roasted human flesh. In myth, Cronus ate his children, you see, and Pelops offered human flesh to the gods in the way that sweet ambrosia was made a drink of the gods. It was a pathetic entity worthy of Hell, and God hated the Amalekites. Uranus was a god of the giants, and Cyclopes ate men too. Some of the Gigantes' were given hand symbols (such as 100 hands), which seemingly connects to the 10-finger theme, and the Ladon dragon was given 100 heads as possible indication that he was of the so-called Hecatonchiere (means 100- headed ones in Greek).

I have remembered the name of the Cretan goddess. Here's from January, 2013: "I won't go over it all here, but will re-mention that the proto-Essenes of the Carmel area had, in my opinion, become mythical Eileithyia/Eleuthia, the birth goddess of Crete, daughter of Hera and Zeus. It was evident from king Minos' nine-month symbol that he received the symbol from the Cretan birth goddess, and yet nine also became the number of the Muses. Also, this EiLEITHyia was made a mother of Artemis round-about so that, plainly, she evolved into "Leto," mother-proper of Artemis and Apollo. Therefore, for the first time ever, so far as I can recall, I think that the Abaddon of Revelation 9 can be identified with Abdon in the land of Asher." Asher's land was at the north of Israel i.e. the Carmel / Megiddo / Haifa area. I had forgotten about this Abdon term, but if I was correct in seeing Abaddon at Abydos of Mysia, it was near Dardanus. As the latter was made the father of Trojans, we need to connect him to the Curetes / Korybantians that founded Troy. In the Trojan war, where the gods took sides, Zeus was pro-Troy, while other gods took the side of Pelops' grandson.

As you can see above, there is good reason to identify the birth goddess with Leto = Latona and the 100-headed Ladon dragon at the Pisa area. Yes, Laish liners. But myth writers placed Ladon, with his 100 heads, also in western Atlantis (the Hesperides, as they called it), and that needs to go through mythical MELEager and his wife, Atalanta. There we have the Amalekite line yet again, apparently, and it was traced by myth, along with mythical Myrina, the name of a real city on Hephaestus' Lemnos, to the Atlas mountains, where the Tyrians would settle and found such cities as Carthage, possibly the worst human-sacrifice entity of all.

In all this, let's not forget the golden calf set up by the rebellious Levites, whom, we gather from the Biblical account, forced even Aaron, by peer pressure, to contribute in making this idol. It can appear that these same Israelites -- now expected with some Kenites -- went on to form Moloch, yet I expect them to have merged with non-Israelites of Canaan, especially the Sidonians of Laish. And mythical Sidon was made part of the Tyro-Cretheus entity to Jason the Argonaut...whom was placed in myth near Volos (Thessaly), suspect with mythical Folos, the centaur at the Kedron river near Oenoe, and traceable to the Kidron valley at Jerusalem, where, the Bible says, Moloch / Baal was worshipped. It starts to appear that all wickedness from Canaan through Greece and into modern Illuminatism, was from the rebellious Levites, whom were incapable of worshiping the God of Israel. Probably, as the Biblical account makes plain, they rebelled against God for taking so long in the 40-year wilderness. They wanted normalized life, tired of the desert. But God wanted to test them, to find His faithful, to reward them, and to improve them through suffering.

In the Wikipedia article for Eileithyia: "In classical times, there were shrines to Eileithyia in the Cretan cities of Lato and Eleutherna and a sacred cave at Inatos." "Inatos" sounds like "nativity = birth," but as Inatos was a real place, that's how the birth-goddess / birth-theme of myth seems to have arisen. You can clearly see the Ladon dragon at Crete's Lato, and while it's known that Lycia, home of the goddess, Lada, was founded by the mythical Sarpedon Minoans (yes, of Crete), it seemingly explains the formation of Leto/Latona at the Latmus / Ephesus area (myth writers trace Latmus' goddess to Elis elements, we get it). I had written: "Didn't Josephus identify Keturah lines with caves? Zeus was himself born and hidden in a cave, which is a theme for the birth-mother too" And without anything to do with an underground theme, I traced proto-Apollo to Arados, the peoples of which happened to named neighboring Tartus, the likely makings of "Tartarus," the Greek underground that must be in code with Revelation's "abyss," said to be ruled by Apollyon = Abaddon. The real city of Eleutherna, and the ELEUTHia" variant for Eileithyia, is like the Greek word for "white," which can explain why Zeus was a white bull, and why Io of Argos was a white cow. That tells us that the Moloch cult was at Argos, where the Danites of Laish would end up after crossing through Rhodes, that island being much like "Arados."

It seems that all mythical themes in Greece, from Zeus on-down, derived from the rebellious Levites in merger with pagan entities which God terribly despised. We should be thankful that the Creator opposes human sacrifices, and similar disgusting practices. We should be thankful that the Creator is not demonic, not wishing to torment the living, or to see us in needless pain for His own pleasure. We should be thankful that He is a gentleman, and that he is Faithfulness Incarnate through Jesus. Yes, Jesus is tough, and he will be a tough Judge when God hands him the right to judge, but it will be the last time that Israel needs a Judge, and, this time, the king of Israel will judge the entire earth.

Back to "Inatos," looking much like "Nathan / Eneti." A Natt surname shows a Nathan variation, and it uses an escutcheon, which is an heraldic Shield that can possibly explain why a Mr. Bauer changed his surname to, Rothschild. That is, there may have been a Boura-line merger with the Cretan Inatos entity at the Ladon-river area. The Natt escutcheon was linked to the same of Saddocks, and feasibly to the same of Nitts/Naughts. As Kilpatricks were at their castle upon the Nith river, and as they have a dagger that traces to the DEXaroi at Antipatria, one has reason for viewing the Dexaroi from the Dexamenus entity, traced above to Samson, the supposed last Judge of Israel. Here is an interesting online quote: "Abdon, was the son of Hillel, a Pirathonite, and was the tenth Judge of Israel mentioned in the Book of Judges (Judges 12:13-15). He was a member of the tribe of Ephraim. He was buried on Ephraimite land, in Pirathon, in the hill-country of the Amalekites..." Ephraim shared the land north of Jerusalem with Benjamites, the latter having had 600 remnants at RIMMON that were founders of Romans from the Oeneus river. But, remember, the founding of Romans was also from Aeneas at Arta/Ambracia, a place that was mythically made a son of Dexamenus.

What is the Rome-founding connection between Dexamenus elements and those of the 600 Benjamites of Rimmon. In myth, there was a Romulus wolf line, founder of Romans, and his brother, Remus. In other words, they had two Rome entities, one of which could have been the Rimmon line. I discovered that Benjamites founded Romans due to a dream in the last week of December of 2012. Here is a clip from that:

Cadmus was even given a mythical Laius as a descendent. Laius may have been the line of the 600 vagabonds [Danites] from Laish to Thebes, for mythical Laius sought to take the Theban throne from the line of Zethus and Aedon. Note the chariot symbol: "According to some sources, mostly belonging to the Christian era, Laius abducted and raped the king's son, Chrysippus, and carried him off to Thebes while teaching him how to drive a chariot..." Homosexuals who abducted and killed their victims??? Where have we just read about things like that? [Judges has a story of a rape and killing from the Benjamites where the victim was cut into pieces, and mythical Pelops was given a similar symbol when he cut people to pieces and offered them to the gods.]

Chrysippus was a young man or even a teen when raped. He belonged to the Hippodamia family of horse-loving Amazons in Pisa, which had the chariot symbol...

Chrysippus was a son of Pelops (husband of Hippodamia)...

I must now record a dream I had while waking this morning before writing on this very subject. I saw a piece of paper that I was to regard as execution papers. I didn't know it yet. I saw the highlighted name, Masci, on one line, and then the highlighted name, Micah, a few lines down. They were the only two words in bold print that I read, when suddenly, I watched a man executed by hanging (rope around his neck), who was made to drop down a well shaft. It frightened me so as to stick to my memory. Later, I got down to writing to a point just before this paragraph, where I was reading Wikipedia's article on Chrysippus, and I was getting a hint in the back of my mind that the dream had to do with the Masci bloodline somehow identifiable with Micah, the man who hired Jonathan, the man in the story of the 600 men at Laish. It's an understandable thought process because Laius abducted Chrysippus [same entity as Creusa, wife of Aeneas?].

Wondering, therefore, whether the Chrysippus / Laius topic could trace to the Masci bloodline, one point was that Hippodamia was an Amazon that I trace to Mazaca...and to Meshwesh at Tanis. Besides that, the 600 Danites also traced to Tanis. As I kept reading the Chrysippus article while such thoughts were passing through my mind, I got to the part: "Atreus and Thyestes, together with their mother, were banished by Pelops and took refuge in Mycenae [named after Micah liners?]. There Hippodamia hung herself."

Did God give me a dream to understand that the 600 Danites were Meshwesh tracing from Laish to mythical Laius and therefore to the Pelops > Chrysippus Amazons? I simply cannot deny it. It gives me the impression that some things cannot be shown through history articles, myth clues, or heraldry codes, so that dreams or odd events from the One in charge of this revelation are necessary. Some years ago, I had even traced Pelops to "Belus," father of Danaus...And did you understand that Hippodamia hung herself at Mycenae as indication of her fundamental ties there, the city founded by Danaans [Perseus in particular] on the outskirts of Argos?

...Let me repeat from the quote above: "Atreus and Thyestes [brothers who were granted golden lambs of power], together with their mother [= Hippodamia], were banished by Pelops and took refuge in Mycenae. There Hippodamia hung herself." But two sentence before that line, I read: ""Hellanikos and Thucydides write that [Chrysippus] was killed out of jealousy by Atreus and Thyestes, his half-brothers, who cast him into A WELL."" That's how I knew absolutely that the dream was from God....

Very impressive. I'm not going to re-explain here how the dream revealed that Benjamites founded the Romans, you are welcome to go read it. The point is, God started to get involved in these revelations, by dreams, from about that time. And it included a Hyksos-suspect entity that I see in the calvary symbol of CRYStals too, and this had to do with Miss HICKS of Crystal's church, who married Mr. Kilpatrick. As the Chrysippus topic is about a Laish line to Pisa, one can imagine the Khyan-Hyksos line to that area, and this Hyksos entity was the Zeus-Taurus bull, Moloch, I feel sure. Therefore, as it needs to trace to Haifa, near Megiddo, let me repeat that the proto-Kilpatrick line at Antipatria/Antipater, was likely a name in relation to king Antipater of neighboring Macedonia, a location that I see from "Megiddo."

Having said that, let me say that Mr. Kilpatrick's first name, an unusual name for a first name (it's usually a surname), is identical to the name of the city wherein I purchased the fiberglass BULLdog. If God arranged for the dog to be a bulldog for allowing me to follow the clues, I would need to trace the Dexaroi at Antipatria to Megiddo's Hyksos line, and as I identify Samson as a Hyksos entity, that gets the Dexaroi back to Dexamenus, doesn't it? Yes, for as it was resolved that DexaMENUS was part code for Minos, the latter was born from the Zeus Taurus, when it raped Europa of Tyre, the sister of Cadmus, founder of Thebes. Myth said that Cadmus founded Thebes by following a bull when searching for his lost sister (Europa), meaning simply that the Zeus-Taurus Tyrians were at Thebes too.

Thebes is where Cadmus killed Ares' dragon, and where he married Ares' daughter. This dragon was resurrected when its teeth became the "Sparti," but this reminds of the nasty teeth of the shark that had the bulldog in its mouth. Hmm, was their a human-sacrifice cult from Moloch that also sacrificed dogs, and ate its meat? Hmm, the shark was in a pool, and Pool / Pole liners can be from Apollo. I'm merely conjecturing at this point that the dream of my re-marriage also had clues for this revelation on the Lotan dragon. The Lotan dragon was a sea dragon, and one wonders whether Leviathan was a shark rather than a whale.

Hmm, Mr. Kilpatrick's first name was a surname first found in the same place as Pollocks, and the latter use the colors of Coffers while Irish Coffers/Coffee's (has to do with my coffee at Victoria the day I arrived to Crystal) use the Arms of Taranto, which is said to be mythical Taras, son of Poseidon, riding a dolphin, likely the Daphne dolphin from the Ladon river, for I read that Taranto was founded by Sparti-suspect Spartans...who owned the Leto>Apollo line of Leda>Pollux. As Pollux was given an ancient PUGIList symbol, I traced him to PUGLia, an alternative name of Apollo-like Apulia, location of Taranto! The Motels, first found in Taranto, use a horse, symbol of Pollux's brother.

The previous day, before I arrived to Victoria (in the Coffer/Coffee motto), I passed right by Miss. Hick's home at the Galveston area. This was her home the year before she was at church at Crystal. She with her husband had moved from that home no later than about January of 1994, and I passed by that place (the city in which her house was located) in April of 1994. I recall getting out of the truck to take a leak on a ramp (I had to go so bad and couldn't wait), and looking at the city lights, in the meantime, in the early evening. Earlier that day, I had an eerie feeling as soon as i crossed into the Texas border, when seeing a little cloud, not much wider than the sun, and not much longer, covering the sun completely, with blue all around it. Years later, I would find that image in the Crest of Jeffreys, a Coffer-like name. It begs the question on whether Jeffersons, first found in the same place as Jeffreys, were Heffer liners from "Haifa." Irish Heffers happen to share the crescents of Coffers. The Arms of Haifa uses a tall perchevron linkable to the same of Chappes', and the Chappes perchevron is in the Arms of Waterford as shown from my link above. Wikipedia removed this Arms of Waterford on the same day that I copied it from its article. I was lucky, because I saved it before it was removed. It made me feel that a Trump stooge is watching my writings, and that he had power to call Wikipedia, asking to have it changed to an alternative Arms. You can find that story in the 2nd update of last month.

The omen was to prove to me that God was carrying me along, for that night, after taking the leak and looking toward the previous home of Miss Hicks, I was almost robbed of all, including the shirt off my back. I was able to get my jeans on immediately after he awoke me, threatening to shoot me, but I didn't bother getting the shirt on. In the dream, I was walking out of a body of what looked like ocean water (Galveston, where I was almost robbed, is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico), with my jeans on, but no shirt, I kid you not. I saw myself, in the dream, as though I were the viewer of the scene, walking across the sandy beach, without a shirt.

The Arms of Haifa use a ship, as does the Arms of Waterford. The Arms of Waterford in my possession has a lighthouse, or beacon, inside the perchevron. It might be code for the Light surname, which has a version of the Tooth and Letter Coats (similar to the Leto Coat), all linkable to the "TO THE" motto phrase of Leats, that being a surname like "EiLEITHyia," the birth goddess on Crete that I traced to Essenes at mount Carmel, smack beside Haifa on the one hand, and beside Megiddo on the other.

The Kilpatricks, now being suggestively traced to a proto-Dexaroi entity at Megiddo, do not only use a dagger, but blood drops as code for Drops/Trope's from Tropoje, on the Apsus river along with the Dexaroi. And, the Kilpatrick description has a "DEXTER paw" of a black lion, the color of the Levi lion, on the head of the Seaton dragon. The black lion paw is shared by Chappes-liner Quints, you see, traceable between Haifa and Waterford. In my dream, I was coming out of a blue body of WATER, and Waterford along with Haifa use a blue background, though Haifa uses a blue perchevron to boot, the color of the perchevron of Kaifs/Keips with several Chappes-like variations. The Quint chevron is in use with Levens, and they share the elephant head with Sanders (Santones = Sintians from Lemnos?). Meanwhile, as I walked on the sand, I saw a car on the beach, and, I can fathom, Carmel liners could have developed Car-like surnames. Beech's could be a Beck / Bech / Bach branch from Apachnas, important if the woman at the front of the car was Miss Hicks. Bachs once showed a gold CALF, and Crystals with Keens and Moses' (Mosten liners) use a CALVary symbol.

Theory: the Kenites and Levites that abandoned Moses liked the Jonathan name that evolved to Oenotrians, and the Hyksos that joined them shared the Baal bull with them, evolving together to Zeus, and his son from Haifa, Hephaestus, but also merged with an Anat line to the Kenite-rooted Heneti. The theory may need a little tweaking, but it's a start.

The Dream Turns Out to Have Heraldry at Heart

I didn't know the claim in the subtitle under well below.

I have told this story several times, and have used the word, "hover," for she was hovering over the seats in the car. "Hover," I now realize, is like "Heffer." It reminds that Saddocks (same place as Coffer-like Cofferts) are said to be from HEVERsham (Westmorland), while Hevers share a version of the Eden Coat while Edens (and Eatons) can be from "Essenes"! Plus, Westmorland is up near the CARlisle area, itself on an Eden river! Edens were first found in the same place as Waterford-beloved Deise's/Diss' and the Clare's suspect with the three Water chevrons. The Hephers/Evers, said to be from Kent's Hever location, use a version of the Eden Coat. Note that Edens use the Blythe garbs while Hephers use them in colors reversed, for the Tickle write-up traces to a Blythe entity (four miles from Nottinghamshire).

This is bringing the specTACLEs of Watts (eye, traces to Eye, beside the Deise / Eden line) to mind, suspect as part-code for Tackle's or Tickle's/Tickhills, like the Dickel variation of Duckers that could be in the Arms-of-Waterford motto. The Dickels came to mind with DEUCALion, a mythical entity that is said to have founded all of the Hellene Greeks. It could be another DEXamenus / DAKtyloi entity to Dexters and Daggers, and, in fact, the Daggers and their Ducker branch were first found in Cumberland, smack at the Westmorland / Eden-river area. The Dexters were first found in Leicestershire, and the Arms of Leicester uses the sleeve that you see in the Tickle Coat. The SPECtacle's became suspect with Speccots, who share a fret on a bend with Coffer-possible Overs/Offers. Remember, Heffers share ther Coffer crescents, and they are in the colors of the Wheats/Wete's/WHATE's, a possible Watt / Water liner, but then note how the "WEIGHTs" in the Dexter Crest can apply.

The dexter paw of Kilpatricks, upon the same lion as Levi's, can in itself suggest the Laevi of the Ticino/Tessin. I always link Laevi to Ananes Gauls, whom removed to Annandale, smack near the Eden river at Carlisle. That's the area of Kilpatricks too. At the source of the Nith, there is a CUMNock location that has got to be from KUMAN upon the Apsus river, for Comyns share the dagger with Kilpatricks. As Kuman is in Fier county, just compare the Fier cross to that of Carlisle's.

Tickhill is in Yorkshire, where Beech-suspect Bechs were first found. York is beside Leeds, and we might take a stab at tracing Eileithyia to the namers of Leeds, for while Leats use the motto, "Trustie to the END," Endymion was a mythical character at Latmus, home of the Eileithyia cult, I feel sure. The HUME's. with a "True to the end" motto, were traced to QUMran, the city of the southern-branch Essenes, a good reason to trace Leats to the Essenes expected at Eileithyia. For years, I've linked Kilpatricks to the Lattins / Latins, but recently, within the last year, that link was clinched.

The Hume lion is shared by TYsons/Tessons while Tease's/Tess'/Tecks (same place as Ticino canton) look linkable to the Kilpatrick-beloved entities under discussion. Then, take this to the Tease'/Tighs with a Tyson-like variation, and we are then in NOTTinghamshire (Oenotrian-based?), where Tickle's are said to have had a castle. It's making the Nith river suspect from Crete's INATos = nativity line. Again, the Nitts/NAUGHTs, much like "Natts," share an escutcheon on a black Shield while Nitts/Naughts were first found in the same place as the Nith river. The Geds upon the Nith evolved into the Geddes (another escutcheon) that share fish on a red Shield with Roach's, the latter likely using the fish of Hykes'/Hake's in colors reversed. The Eden-river liners near Annandale are expected with the scallops of Hykes'/Hacks, especially as the latter are likely using the Eaton quadrants.

The Bech/Beech Coat share's vair fur with Welsh Bachs. While Furs are listed with Fire's. "flames of fire" is used by Beckeys/Backie's. Firemans/Firmens share the lion of Becketts. One could get the impression that the sandy beach was code for Fier-county liners to which Kilpatrick's trace. The Buchen write-up claims that the surname is from "the German word buohe, which means beech tree..." I would disregard that definition, but would retain a Beech-Buchan relationship. Buchanans and Buchans share the black lion with Kilpatricks. Did Mr. Kilpatrick marry an Apachnas-line Hyksos? I'm Keen on the idea. Crystals use a FIR tree, and Furs come up as "Fir."

Recall that Arthurs of Clapton married the Hicks of Clapton, noting that Claptons use a giant PATEE cross. Another good reason for tracing Claptons to Glaphyra is in Clapton-like CLIFtons, for while Claptons share the Plunkett bend, Plunkets share the tower of Clavers/Cleavers, kin, we can assume of Cliffs/Cleave's. Cliftons (Plunket colors) use a motto term suspect with the Droit variation of DREWitts, the latter suspect with the Trew variation of the Hume-beloved True's. The Clifton Crest as a peacock, symbol of both paw surnames, at least one of which is suspect with the Kilpatrick paw. "Mon Droit" is a motto phrase of English Heffers/Heifers (Brian lions?), first found in the same place as Bourlys and Ladons. Recall the blue perchevron of Haifa-liner Kaifs/Keips, for the latter surname was first found in Bavaria, same as Rothes' and Bauers, making modern Haifa suspect as a Rothschild bastion within Israel, and moreover suggesting an ancient-Haifa trace to Boura at the Ladon-river theater. Ladons happen to share black scallops with Essenes-possible Edens (same place as Deise's), who have the look of Arthurs / Deise's/Diss'. I don't know when Haifa was first named such.

Now, recall that Hick-related Arthurs use a motto that honors Stant liners, for Stantons share vair fur with Beech's. The Beech vair is red, reflecting the Vair Coat, while Beecham/Beauchamps, in Arthur colors but looking like Gore's (i.e. mythical Gorlois) and Windsors, use a red swan. One Beecham branch is said to have belonged to Ralph de Todeni (Worcestershire, same as Watts), and while Todeni's are in the Tute/Tuit write-up, I see them as a branch of Tous'/Tosini's that use a red SHIRT. Is this why I had no shirt upon the beach?? I have forgotten the color of the car on the beach, but I had said, years ago, that it was red, with a white interior. That was said before looking at the Carrs, white-on-red. I can glean that Carrs are a branch of Karens / Kerns, from Carians. Note the "sed" motto term of cars, for the Seats / Seatons can be in that while the woman in the car hovered over the seats. I guarantee that Carrs honor the Sere's / Seers / Zerrs/Zehrers in their motto, and the latter use the hatchet that's for Hatchets/HACKets (share fish with Hykes'/Hake's), potential branches of the Hack / Hake variations of Hykes'! It never ceases to amaze me. That must have been Miss Hicks in the car.

The Keens share white estoiles on blue with Irish Carrs. This surname happens to use a "CLAVo" motto term, much like the CALVary symbol of Keens. Was that Miss Hicks in the car? I'm Keen on it. The Shurts/Shorts use gold-on-blue estoiles, and, can you believe it, these are the colors of the stars of the red-shirt Tous!

Recalling the Hicks link to the CALVery symbol, let's add that the Cedes variation of Seats are in the motto of Steers (lion paw), while the Bach CALF was changed to a steer. Moreover, Seatons are expected from the Setantii Brigantians, and so compare "STANT" to "Setantii." It appears that the Arthur motto connects Arthurs to the Setantii. The Standish saltire, by the way, can be the Tweed (and Anderson) saltire, for Arthurs were first found at the Tweed-river theater. Tweets use more estoiles, and while estoiles are suspect from Este and Istria liners, that's where "Steer" may trace. The Stars are connectable to Settle's.

Scottish Champagne's, with a Coat identical to that of Stantons, share a Shield of vair with Beech's, and I trace Champagne's to CAMPania while Beechams/BeauCHAMPs are said to derive in "Bello Campo," evoking the MacArthur-related Campbells that I've traced to Abellinum, at Campania. Amazingly, Campania was the home of the SIDICINI! That tends to clinch a Sidicini trace to Setantia, especially as I trace Arthurs of mythical Avalon to Campania's Avellino (Abellinum). Thanks to the dream, I've only now just realized that the Arthur motto is code for Setantii, but as it's also suspect with the Jewish woman, Opgalli, can we now begin to see that she was a Sadducee liner, or that Sadducees should be related to Sidicini?? Arthurs trace to Artems (same place as Arthurs), and to Artemidoros (a Galatian, as was Opgalli), and then Standish's have a saltire in the colors of the Artem cross. Artems are with the AITons, probably a branch of Levi-beloved Aids (same place as Aitons). Compare the Aids to the Canons that came up with the Smoke's/Rauks.

The Camps are the ones in the colors and format of Capone's, while Italian Capone's/Capua's are from Campania's Capua location. Capone-related Quints share vair fur, as well as sharing the black lion paw with Bedfords. Beechams/Beauchamps were first found in Bedfordshire...location of that Luton entity that had been linked earlier to the Wine/Gwine Coat, at the time that I brought Weiner-related Wanstead to mind, for Wanstead is roughly where Capone's were first found, and, moreover, while Savage's share another black lion paw, Michael Savage was born with a Weiner surname. This thing got suspect with Oenotrian wine liners at the Ladon river.

As the Laish liners must trace to Danes, that gets us to Harcourts (Hair kin) that share double fesse bars with many kin, such as Stants. The Cnut Danes are said to have founded Nottinghamshire, where STANtons were first found. Isn't it possible that SETANtii, or the SITTEN variation of Seatons, were from the SIDONians of Laish? "Sit" is a motto term of Arthur-suspect Edens. This recalls a claim of mine years ago that king Arthur was related to Carlisle and the Eden river. I'm wondering how to link Carlisle with Carrs. One thing appears to be clinched already: Carlisle's are from Carmel along with the hovering-suspect Heffers from Haifa. Why do Carlisle's use a Qumran-suspect "HUMilitate" motto term?

Here's from Wikipedia's House-of-Harcourt article: ""At first the Harcourts had lands in Leicestershire [where Dexters were first found, and where the Tickle symbol was], but in 1191 Robert de Harcourt of Bosworth inherited lands of his father-in-law at Stanton in Oxfordshire, which then became known as Stanton Harcourt." Stanley sat beside Miss Hicks with his American FLAG, and Flags use the double bars of Stants/Stans while the latter were first found in the same place as Hicks. God seems to know what He's doing when putting these events together. It seems he knows his heraldry well.

The Torville location of Harcourts was in Artois. As the Beaumonts were descended from HUMphrey de Vieilles of the Torville Harcourts, it's feasible that Beauchamps were a Beaumont branch. Might HumPHREYs have been named after the Hume line of Essenes? By what coincidence do Freys use horses in the colors of the Hume lion? The Freie's may therefore be with the Beaumont lion.

The Seatons are an obvious branch or merger with Sutys, kin of Side's/Sudys, and then the Sudeleys are probably using the Harcourt bars. Here's on online quote: "William BOTELER and 21. Joan de SUDELEY. He married (1) unknown; (2) bef 18 Jul 1385 11. Alice BEAUCHAMP..." Botelers look like they can be Beatle's/Bedwells (Bedfordshire, same as Beechams/Beauchamps) who use lozengy in the colors of the same in the Arms of Meulan, where the Harcourt>Beaumonts ruled that went on to rule Leicester. Why do Dexters of Leicester use TWO chevrons? Therefore, Beech liners can link to Gouel de Percival of Leavell, the one, if I recall correctly, married a gal from the Meulan Beaumonts. Is this why I was walking without a shirt on a sandy beach toward the car with Miss Hicks? Has it all to do with Laevillus?

Recalling that Kenite-suspect Shake's use mole hills, what about a Meulan link to Kenites? Capone-related Capote's use a mule. The Molle's were linkable to Skene's via the Schims/Schiens, and Skene's share the gold wolf heads of Haifa-liner Kaifs/Kaips. Moreover, the thief at Galveston hit my shins while Skins can be a branch of Shins honored by the "shin bones" of Newtons, in Hume / SIMson colors. The Simsons (beside Bedford / Luton) are the ones suspect with the Coffer / Heffer crescents in white. One can theorize here a Haifa trace to mythical-Capua Trojans by a branch having donned a capital-C, ultimately naming Caiaphas. I can see the Indo-European speakers forming "calf" from a Haifa-like term fronted with a 'c'.

What happens when "Kemuel" loses its 'K'? Does it become a Mule / Muel term? Camulos is said to have been a near-equivalent with Mars, but as I see proto-Mars from the Marsyas goat, note that a goat is used by Moline's.

Let's go to the Sands and Sanders. Sands are in Quint colors. If the red Sand fitchee is in colors reversed, it's gold, the colors of the Quint fitchee. German Sanders use red bull heads, and if Sanders were Sintians to the Santones, let's add that Hephaestus of Lemnos was a son of the Zeus Taurus. The Sand bend is in the colors of the Clare chevrons, and the latter's are in the colors of the Quint chevron, but then French Clairs were first found in Limousin, named by Lemnos-liner Lemovices. The Seconds/Segurs (Limousin) trace to Segurana's and Sibal(d)s suspect in the "sibi" motto term of Vinkovci-suspect Vince's/Vinch's, but that motto term is used also by Irish Sanders along with "conSCIRE," suspect with the Shere's/Shire's, Squire's and Schere's, likely branch of Valentinian-liner Sire's. The Sander elephants along with this trace to Seir-suspect Sire's speaks of the Lotan line of Seir, explaining the red colors. If Miss Hicks was in a red car, I suppose the learning is that her Hicks line was from Hyksos in merger with Lotan's Edomites. Hicks and Hykes' use red too.

Irish Sanders can be gleaned with the Mascal elephant because the Sander Crest shares plate's with Mussels/Muscels. Mascals were first found in the same place as Saddocks, and the two share escutcheons in colors reversed. The Saddocks use the same escutcheon as Natts/Nathans, and the Saddocks are the ones from Haifa-suspect Heversham. Musselburgh is in Haddingtonshire, where the Mascals/Keiths were first found, and while Haddington is also where the Seat-suspect Seatons were first found, whose dragon is in the Kilpatrick Crest, it appears clinched that Miss Hicks-Kilpatrick was on that sandy beach. The Haddington cross (same as Artem/Aiton cross) can be that of Chads and Sheds, important here because Saddocks/Sedgewicks are obvious branch of Chadocks and Chadwicks. The latter two were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Carrs, Seats, and Sands (!!!), as well as the Levers with a standing-on-a-trumpet code that should connect to the clarion trumpet of Hicks and Arthurs. Just connect all that to the discovery that Arthurs, Artemis and Levi-beloved Aids link to the Sidicini > Setantii line, and anyone can see the nasty implication?

Can anyone now see why God has walked me through these revelations? Sudeley-like Suttels are listed with Suters/Shutters sharing a Coat like Saddocks/Sedgewicks / Chaddocks. There is a Hover surname (Westphalia) listed with German Hoffers, and it uses a giant leopard face in the colors of the Aid leopard faces. The Hover leopard wears "red horns" looking like bull horns, possibly of the red bulls of Sanders. Jewish Hoffers use the same stars as Carrs, but it's not possible to make a close connection between the two. However, one can see why the Jewish Hoffers are using a version of the Tease/Tigh Coat. As the latter are highly suspect with Annas', Hoffer liners can be Caiaphas liners. Cofferts share the leopard face.

I flipped when finding that the Sands, Seats and Carrs were all first found in Lancashire. This theory that the dream of my re-marriage might also be put in code (by God) for his revelation is now apparently clinched. The Shirts, with possibly the Carr chevron in colors reversed, were first found in Cheshire, same as Shuttle-related Weavers, and Cheshire is not only beside Lancashire, but Cheshire elements were often related to Lancashire families. And this is what we find in the Shirt write-up. Moreover, a Shirt line of SCHIRrard is said to be descended from the Conqueror (Danish line) to the "present earl of HARborough." Harcourts? Yes, for Shirts share a peacock in Crest with Harcourts? The red-shirt Tous'/Tosini's are suspect with the Todeni's in the Tute write-up, and then that write-up traces that surname to a close kin of the Conqueror.

The Chaddock / Saddock Coats are taken from, or adopted by, the Arms of ROCHdale in Lancashire. They all use eight, white martlets as a border feature, and so when we see any symbols with the same pattern, such as that of peacock-liner Cliftons (same place as Carrs, Seats and Sands), it can apply. Miss Hicks was HOVERing over the seats, and Cliftons share "droit" with Heffers/Heifers. The latter use lions in colors reversed from those of Solars, which is mentioned in case the Carr sun links to the same of Solers/Solana's.

The Shirt roundels are in the colors of the Vita annulet, and Vita's (Tarvisium) appear to be in the Shirt motto. By what coincidence do Vita's show "Bittini," like "Button," while the Tous' describe their Coat with "red shirt and buttons"? I now recall a dream of late. I recorded the dream in the 2nd update of this month, like so:

Good morning. I had a dream last night, a long one, for a change. I was playing golf with a couple of others, and after the game, we were driving in a car [!], and one of them, the driver who looked like my dentist, was making fun of me for wearing red buttons on my shirt...My dentist's surname is fundamental with Guiscards/WIShards...

The Tankerville's, part of the Tancreds, use a version of the Chaddock Coat, but with eight, white cinquefoils around the border, same as Cliftons (same place as Chaddocks / Chadwicks). One can see that the Shirts are using a version of the Tancred Coat. Therefore, chalk up another dream from God to us, to the world, to anyone that will listen. Both Coats have a white-on-red chevron surrounded by red symbols, as does the Coat of my dentist's surname. As there was a CAR in the dream, it seems to indicate that the Carr chevron is a colors-reversed version of these chevrons for a related reason. I never cease to be amazed by these things.

As I see Guiscards/Wisharts as a branch of Ottone's (share annulet with Vita's/VITONE's), let's repeat that they use the Chappes perchevron so as to be linkable to Haifa liners. Vita's were first found where I trace Tarves', and then the Chives' of Tarves can be Haifa liners too. The way I see it, some modern entity gave Haifa its Arms, and it happens to have been a line from Joseph Caiaphas, which can well explain why Armageddon is named after Megiddo. As German Pucks share a version of the Ottone Coat, note that English Pucks were first found in the same place as Saddocks. The Halfs/Helps are expected at the Helpe river of Artois, but note that they use a form of the Chappes / Haifa perchevron.

I have neglected a coupe of things. As it seems that God created the dream to indicate the merger of Carrs, Sands and Seats, shouldn't they also have linked to Hicks, if Miss. Hicks was in the car? It could explain why the Sand fesse and symbols are colors reversed from the Hick fesse and symbols. Hicks were first found in Yorkshire, beside the other three. Hicks are traced to an early Hikke de SAUTeby, and, I think, one can make the case that German Sauts/Suters are using a version of the Dutch Sander Coat [this was either a mistake, where another surname was intended besides Dutch Sanders, or I meant to say that they both share the gold Zionist star].

Another thing I neglected is my hand brushing up against her knee. Hands and Knee's share the stag with Hicks, and the Knee bend is in the colors of the Hand chevron. As Knee's are kin of Stanleys, it's notable that Stanleys and Hicks share a gold stag head. However, the Hicks call if a BUCK, as could be expected: "A gold buck's head couped gorged with a green CHAPlet." Chaplets share the swan with Beechams, who have a Coat reflective of the Hick Coat, can you believe it? And Beach/Bech liners can be Buck / Bach liners.

Now, I've worked out another batch of links. Its starts with blue wings shared between Shurts/SHORTs and German Bachs, and with Welsh Bachs above sharing the same stars as the Sere's found in the Carr motto (you can see that Sere's use a version of the Carr Coat). Thanks to the white rose of SERE's, I recognized their Coat as a version of the Gilbert Coat, but this is thanks also to the black talbot shared between Welsh Bachs and SHERE's/Shire's, indicating that Sere's are a branch of Shere's/Shire's...and the Squirrels/Squire's in the Gilbert Crest. How neat and tidy. We see a lot of red here because three were Seir Edomites.

As Seers share a similar chevron, and as they share even the Carr chevrons and Carr stars, one should also load the Tancreds (same place as Hicks) and Shirts to see that they apply to Seers, making it more sure that my shirt was off, as I approached the car, for an heraldic reason. My dentist's surname applies exactly to the Tancreds (share red scallop with Seers), and the Coat of the Dentist's surname is a near match with the Dog Coat, and as these Sire liners link to Justine of Picenum, note that Dogs were first found in the same place as Justine's and Wings/Winks...the latter expected in the blue wings of Shurts/SHORTS. I have told the story a few times in the last couple of years, and claimed this to be a sure Sign from God, that I put my SHORTS in the wash, and after they were hung up to dry, I put them on, felt a hump in the pocket, pulling out a furry, dead red squirrel (rolled up like a ball), what we see in the Gilbert Crest.

Dogs have a Coat reflecting those of both Seers and Sere's. The Dogs were looked up because, as yet, I haven't tackled the first half of the dream, where the bulldog fell / jumped into the POOL. The Shurts/Shorts were first found in the same place (Dorset) as Poole, and as the Pools/Polmans, and as the Quints suspect with the Sands. Quints are said to be first found in both Dorset and Essex, the latter being where Seers were first found that share the black Leed eagles. Leeds is a city where Hicks were first found (Yorkshire), Leeds were first found in the same place as Quint-related Capone's. The Leeds are important because the Leats are the ones who love the Tooths, while Dents (evokes my dentist) were first found in Yorkshire, and the dog in the pool was ringed with the teeth of the Shark. Tooths use a "palman" motto term while Palmans (pelicans in Pool/Polman colors) share the peacock design of Cliftons, first found in the same place as Sands, Cars and pale-bars Seats. Tooths use feathers and Fetters share the sun with Carrs.

As Bole's share the arrow-pierced boar with Pollocks, note that Bulls, looked up as per "bulldog," have bull heads in Pool/Polman colors, and moreover are said to have been "Bole." German Pohls/Pohlmanns (share feathers with Tooths and German Pole's/Pohls) use another bull head, but call it a buffalo head. Miss' Hick's Kilpatrick husband had a ranch with buffaloes. As Leeds were a part of the paragraph above, let's add that Ladys/Laudyman's, of the Laud variation of Glasgow-beloved Lords, share gold annulets with Bulls. Pollocks were up at Glasgow along with the surname that was Mr. Kilpatrick's first name. Note that Dutch Pole's use a gold-crowned black lion, symbol of Capone's and Levi's.

The Sanders motto is shared by Bullocks, and both use bull heads. Just compare the Bullock Coat to the Dog Coat, which has me begging the question as to whether God Himself created the bulldog that I would eventually come to purchase, solely for making this link between Bulls, Pools, Dogs, Sanders and Carrs. Yes, the Carrs too, for while they trace to Carlisle, that's up by Lockerbie while Bullocks use "Five Lochaber axes with gold handles and silver blades, bound with a scarf." Pollock-likely Bullocks happen to be in the colors of scarf-using and Polish Trabys/Sadowski's.

Next, as Seats use pale bars, the Pale's were just loaded, to find them first found in the same place as Hicks, and moreover the pale's use the same bend as Knee's. I now view the latter as a merger with Hands, and then Irish Hands use virtually the Coat of Leats, who in turn share the black fitchee in Crest with the Crest of Hand-related Hanna's. The surnames on the Irish-Hand page can be gleaned with a term in the write-up of Swords, and then Dogs and elephant-head Sanders (motto, shared by Vince's, links to Cibalae = Vinkovci) are likely using the Sword sword. We just saw why these elements trace to Lotan of Seir, and his sister married elephant-liner Eliphas.

Recall the claim above that this dream has traced Hicks to Seir, for Hicks even share "Tout" with Oliphants. Sand share a fitchee on gold with Leats...from Eileithyia, right? It gets interesting where the shark in the dream was a cartoon-like creature, and nasty. For, later, as per the purchase of the bulldog, we were putting cartoon-like critters on people's lawn to celebrate their BIRTHdays. Eileithyia was BIRTH goddess.

Now, let's read the description of the shark-like Sarks, listed with Surreys: "A gold shield with a chevron perchevron PALY of eight red and silver counterchanged" Palys can be of the Tooth-beloved Palmans while the shark had nasty teeth. Just imagine a cartoon shark with a menacing look on its face, showing its teeth like a nasty grin. Note that the Sark chevron appears to have lozenges, and that the red lozenges of Tooth-loving Leats and Hands are on gold Shields. Although the Sark lozenges, if that's what they once were, are only in half the colors of the Leat lozenges, they are half white, the color of the Dent lozenges. Dents use two terms in the Arms of Rothschild.

There is a Shark surname using cranes, in the colors of the Crane crane, but the other Crane's/Crauns, from the Ceraunii on the ancient Urbanus river, happen to use annulets in colors-reversed from the Bull annulets, and these Crane's/Crauns have a Coat like that of Hicks. As Hicks are expected from the Mus household of Khyan, note that Muse's/Meuse's, first found in the same place as Hicks, share the gold-on-red patee crosses of CRAUNs. See the Massey fleur of Crone's having the same chevron as Cars, making Carrs suspect as a branch of Crane's, especially as German Crone's and Dutch Cronkite's use a crane (probably the Leto crane). There was a CERAUNii mountain system smack near ancient Bullis/Byllus (it's on the bottom-left of the maps). Bullis is right at the edge of Fier county, i.e. where Kilpatrick elements were from. I can now say that Bullis elements named Pola/Pula on Istria, for Pollocks trace to the Arms of Pola/Pula. It was the Carrs that used estoiles suspect with Istria liners through Este, and the Irish Carr estoiles (in Este colors) are looking like a match with the Bull bull heads. Note how the Kerrane variation of Irish Carrs looks like "Crane."

Aha! Bulls were first found in the same place (Somerset) as the Carrys to which the Leavells are said to belong, and Irish Carrs show a Carry variation. It means that Carr liners look like they are part of the namers of Ceraunii. Carrys are said to have had a branch at Yorkshire, a good reason to view their Coat as a version of the Dent Coat. As Pollocks were at Rothes castle, link the Carry Coat also to that of English Rothes', first found in the same place (Salop) as their Alan-of-Dol associates, for these Alans were from Aulon/Avlona, smack beside Bullis.

Trace the Alans of Aulon to the Arthurs of Avalon, and therefore to the SELEPitanoi, suspect with "Salop." Then, let me re-tell the story when Dave Boyd dropped my LIGHTer with impishness, and after I gave him a quick SLAP in the face, he picked it up, gave it back, end of his malice. I claim that this was a Sign, for Boyds were Alans of Dol, and the slap was code for Salop, but the LIGHTs need to figure into this, and here I can reveal the reason. Lights use a version of the Tooth Coat, and the two share feathers with Pole's and Pohls. Now I know why God had me slap Dave Boyd. If you say he didn't deserve it, yes he did. He would often walk by me at school calling be nicknames that were on the insulting side, but I just shrugged him off as a joker (I was never afraid of him).

I assume that God thought he needed to be embarrassed in front of all his bus-mates. In the meantime, I now know that Lights (share the white swan with Carrys), first found in the same (Somerset) place as Carrys and Bulls, were merged with Bullis / Aulon elements. Ayers use the motto, "LIGHTER than air." While Boyds are said to be from Shropshire (Salop) the Scottish branch was first found in AYRshire. We get it. God knew what he was doing. We can understand why He would wish to unveil Leavell liners, right? Yes, and Leavells were of Yvery, probably from Arduinici of Ivrea. Consider yourself lucky if you are reading these things, not because I'm writing them. It should come to you as evidence, badly needed in these dark days, that God lives, and is active, not sleeping.

Lights, I now see, share the same chevron as English Carrs. Their Lite variation betrays their being a branch of Leto's, Letters and several similar surnames. The Leto's: "A red shield with a silver CRANE drinking." Now we know why Leto's use a crane, as code for Carr(y)-liner Crane's. Sleeping-moon Kerns/Karens (sinister bend formed by the symbols) were first found in the same place (Silesia) as Pohls, and this sleeping moon -- shared by German Roets while the other Roets were first found in the same place as Carrys / Lights / etc. -- is a great reason for tracing to mythical Leto at Latmus, location of the sleeping man, Endymion, lover of the Carian moon goddess. Therefore, figure that Ceraunii were Carians.

Ahh, the "sed" motto term of English Carrs must be for SEDburgh, home of the Dents. As Stars (estoiles) were first found beside Somerset, it's notable that they share the same chevron (white like that Carr chevron) as Irish Kerns/Kierans. The SETTle's share the lozenges of Stars, and the Star eye can be that of Badens/Battins, first found in Somerset. If I recall correctly, the Arms of Pula have a green Shield, as with Stars and Kerns. The Stars are from the area of the STUR river. The Setantii can perhaps be gleaned in the "conSTANS" motto term of Kerns, but when seeing their "FiDENS ET" motto phrase, I recalled that Dents should be a branch of Denets, but the Dens were also loaded to find that they are the Deans/Deins, first found in the same place a Denets (Dent colors).

As I view Diens and Deins as Massey kin, the Dein lion now looks like that of GERNons liners (included the son of Ranulph le Meschin), for Karens/Kerns show "Gern." As Dens/Deins, Diens (Masci wing) and Denets were all first found in the same place as Coverts/COFFERts (share leopard face with Irish Kerns that brought Dens and Denets up), it's probably not coincidental that both Coffer Coats share the green Shield with Irish Kerns, and that Coffers/Coffee's use a "proviDENTia" motto term while Denets use "providenTIAM." I've highlight "tiam" because it recalls that Tiens/Thames' have a Tean variation suspect with Teano, the city of the Setantii-suspect Sidicini. Therefore, it seems true that Setantii liners such as Stants/Stans are in "conSTANs" motto terms. Coffers/Coffee's even use another "sed" motto term suspect with Sedburgh of the Dents. Note that Coffers/Coffee's trace to the Arms of Taranto in APULia, tending to verify that the green Shield of Stars (and Kerns) is a Pula item, perfect because Leto at Caria was mother to Apollo, and, by way of a migration to Sparta, of Pollux. English Coffers, with nearly the Kern chevron, were first found once again in Somerset.

Note the Pula-like king of Lissus in this quote: "They returned with a lot of important information: Two armies of Illyrians were known to approach Rhizon from south-east: One south of lake Scutari, and one north of it. The southern army contained the armies of the Abri tribe and the Greek city of Lissos led by king EPULON of Abri. These would be joined by forces from Olokeinon and the SELEPitanoi [proto-Pollocks were in Salop]. The northern force was formed from the armies of Labaetas, Dassareti, Grabaei, Chelidones [Calydonians?] and SCIRtari [caps mine], and the army was led by king Pleuratus of Labaetas."

In passing, I just want to say that "Scirtari" reminds of the squirrel in my shorts. "Scirt" can evolve into Shirts and then Shorts, and in the meantime they are similar to the Squire variation of Squirrels. Note that I have been tracing the squirrel-using Decks to Dexaroi, whom are the Dassareti above, in a league with the Scirtari. I hope not to forget to re-visit this, but I likely will forget. I have so many things going on at once.

Irish Mackays use "LICEnTIAM while Lice's share leopard faces and a black lion in Crest with Kerns and Gernons...and Crone's...and SITlers, first found in the same place as Karens/Kerns. You can't say I'm not being thorough.

The hovering in the car is important for establishing the Haifa line. That's what I'm seeing, and that Haifa-Carmel line was traced to Lemnos through Hephaestus (probably named Pahisos on Crete) -- as a Crete > Ephesus line -- long before the dream's particulars were recognized, today, as props for God's heraldic purposes. And so the sand gets us to Sintians of Lemnos, whom I traced to Sands / Sanders years ago, Note the RAGully of Sands, for Ragusa is right beside the Elaphiti islands encoded in the Sander elephant heads. As God made her hover over seats, it seems that Setantii Brigantians were involved, and this can be of the Sidonians (they were in Laish) that were mythicized as part of the AESon cult of HephAEStus. And the car is well-explained as a Carmel trace through Meleager, kin of Elis elements that were at Caria, founded by the SARPeden Minoans of Crete whom I've identified as Mount Gareb liners to Sorbs and Serbs. From Caria, we go to the Eden river at Carlisle.

I have been claiming that "SarpEDEN" is for Eden liners for at least a couple of years, and we saw the Edens above linkable to Heffer liners. But Eden linked even to Ladons and a lot more. Repeat: "The Cnut Danes are said to have founded Nottinghamshire, where Stanton were first found. Isn't it possible that SETANtii, or the SITTEN variation of Seatons, were from the SIDONians of Laish? "Sit" is a motto term of Arthur-suspect Edens. This recalls a claim of mine years ago that king Arthur was related to Carlisle and the Eden river." The Eden liners had been suspect from a Sumerian cult at their ancient Eden, which they devised as a carry-over from the pre-Flood Garden of Eden. I gleaned as false-Nephilim cult, after the Flood, creating a serpent-worshiping Eden cult at the junction of the Tigris with the Euphrates, and that was downtown Sumer. Inana was the Sumerian goddess said to be of the great dragon, and she is generally perceived by others as evolving into Ishtar.

As Anu and ANTU, a Sumerian couple, likely evolved into the ANAT, a cult of absolute stupids that I see at the naming of the Heneti, by what coincidence was that at frog-like Phrygia while Inana-like Nun was a frog god? As Anat was generally paired with BAAL, I traced her to the Eneti city ruled by PELops. But Baal (bull symbol) was the Haifa bull-cult, right? His sacred mountain, one of them, anyway, was at Cassius (Syria / TuBAL), where he defeated the Lotan dragon. It's got Laish liners all over it, especially as Cassius also had the name of Daphne-like Saphon. Note that modern Tubal is T'bilisi (now in Georgia, once the land of the Attis Phrygians), evoking Belas, mythical father of Danaus.

In the area of the Baal cult, an EDONis god was formed, which became the Hebrew word for, "Lord," and this I carried to the Edones about the southern end of the Rhodope mountains. Can the Edones be connected to the Haifa - Carmel area so as to jibe with a trace of Edens to both of those places? Yes. Strabo said that Edones and two tribes, one the Sithones, whom could have been the Laish Sidonians, and the other the Mygdones, whom I trace to Megiddo, yes, right back at mount Carmel. The Bible has a story in which Elijah conquered a vast Baal cult at mount Carmel. Elijah's spirit was placed on Elisha, a Laish-like term signalling that the Laish "Danites" could have been in the area of northern Israel, and as the Essenes initiates were given an axe, I reasoned that this was the double-headed axe symbol of Crete, called a labrys, and that it originated in an Essenes cult of Carmel as per the miracle through Elisha, wherein an axe head was made to float in the Jordan river.

The design of the Eaton cross was changed at houseofnames after I claimed several times that it was secretly designed to be the double-headed axe symbol. I did not know at the time that Eatons could be Essenes liners, at least not at first. A similar cross is still being shown for Dickens, though, as I recall the Eaton cross, the ends were more rounded yet than the Dicken ends. Most patee crosses do not use these rounded ends. As you can see, Eatons and Dickens both use gold lions in Crest. While the Eaton cross design (in gold) was showing for Samsons too, the Samsons ("letho" motto term) share a blue lion in Crest with Dickensons.

While the particular Essenes that apparently latched onto Elijah and/or Elisha may have been honoring the God of Israel at the time, I assume that they became paganized at their leadership before long. One can imagine that they were in the northern parts of the Jordan in Elisha's time, but then moved down that river to live at Qumran (north-west coast of the Dead sea, near the mouth of the Jordan). I had theorized that carriers of "Elisha" named Eileithyia, and that it made sense to carry that term to "Elis," but there is the possibility that another Laish-like term named Eileithyia.

As I see Lydians from one of the Ladon-related lines that included Leto, and therefore Eileithyia, let's go to the Shirts, for the dream had these five essentials: my walking without a SHIRT on the SAND to a CAR with a woman HOVERing over the SEATS. There were other details that I might get to, but these were the chief symbols, and all of them can be connected as per traces I've made in the past. I had suggested that variations of the Shirts were for Sardinians, and I reasoned that the Sardinian Sea Peoples were from Sardis, for it was Lydia's capital while it's known that Lydian elements were part of the Sea Peoples. They had attacked Egypt in the time of Ramesses, and one branch that failed in the attack is known to have settled Dor, I view these Sea Peoples as Hyksos branches in high places forming an alliance to get Egypt back within their grasp, for Ramesses was not long after the expulsion of Hyksos. The mouth of the Hermus river, after it passed Sardis, was not far from Lemnos, and moreover while the Hermus became the Gediz, the Geddes share fish with the Hykes'/Hake's.

The Hatchets/Hackets use a fish too, and the hatchet-using Zerrs/Zehrers, whom can be gleaned as a branch of Carr-beloved Sere's and Seers, have the AXE in the Crest. Yes, it's code for Somerset's Axe river, the mouth of which has a Seaton location, but can't the Axe river be named after a Hyksos line that used an axe symbol from way back at Carmel's Baal cult. Yes, for that would explain why God chose to float an axe, to show that he is the true God that can perform what the axe-loving Hyksos of that area were unable to match. It just so happens that the Axius river through Paionia goes down into the area of Mygdones and Edones, can you believe it? It appears that I have my history story straight, and that God is reflecting it in the dream with Miss Hicks. And I can imagine that some of his globalist enemies will come to read these things, as His warning to have them stop doing what they plan on doing, which will lead to Armageddon at Megiddo, if they don't stop. God is good, and is expected to warn His enemies in many ways before they achieve the back-fire called, Armageddon.

The Seaton location is in Devon, where the Eaton-related Hykes'/Hacks were first found. There cannot be this many "coincidences" if I haven't got my history story correct. But He taught this to me. Why? For my personal delight? I could care less, actually, to know these things at the expense of more than ten years of the better part of my life. I have evidence that His enemies are reading me as we speak. Perfect.

Note that the frog goddess, Hecate / Keket, is the makings of "Cetis," or mythical "Cetus/Ceto, born of the Pontus pirates that also named the Ladon dragon, and therefore suspect as Colchian pirates that included the Lazi. The Lazi were mythically married to a fire god, NerGAL, smacking of the Halybes of the Pontus, metal makers, whom probably saw the Halys-like GALLI in their midst, from the Lemnites that fronted the Kabeiri idiots. I trace Hephaestus, for obvious reason, to the HALYBES metal makers, and there is a question as to whether they were named after, ELIPHAS, the line to elephant-using, Lemnos-based, Sanders. The ragully of Sands is suspect with a Ragusa-Elaphiti alliance while carrying Laus elements, for Ragusa was also named, Laus(a), and the fish-using Saraca's of Ragusa named Saracena, beside another Laus location at the border of (C)Halybes-like Calabria. It looks like I have my history story straight even to this point, and so I expect the Hyksos of Ragusa to have planted a branch at Calabria too, and figure that Hykes' and Hackets got their fish symbol by this connection.

The model of the car in the dream was not gleaned or revealed, but I have always said, as a fact, that it was a done-up 1950's MODEL car. That's what I always call it, and so it's interesting that Models, listed with Middle's, use more ragully. I traced Middle's and their Mytilene-like variation to Mytilene of LesBOS (possible Laish-BOZrah liner), out to shore from the mouth of the Hermus, which matches the trace of Shirts to Sardis. And by the way, I didn't have SHORTS on when walking out the water, which would have complimented the SHIRTlessness greatly. Instead, I had BLUE JEANS on, and there are three Jean surnames to look at, anyone of which can be suspect from "Jonathan," which reminds me that the Jonathan/Jonas roosters are in the design of the blue Blue/Gorm roosters, and that the water was BLUE. Gorms were suspect with Worms and FORMans, both using the same green-dragon design, but then Seatons use the green dragon too. As a matter of fact, the Formans use wavy bars like water! And they are the wavy bars of the Seaton-related Sutys, I feel sure. Note that the Suty lion can then be the Model/Middle lion. What about the blue wings of Shurts/Shorts?

English Jeans/Jans' (blue lion) were first found in Worcestershire, same as Watts, branch of Vatts/Watters! Good one. Spanish Jeans use a billet border in the colors of the billet border of Dole's. The red bull of SANDers can be that of the Sabine's that happen to share the red-on-white scallop with English Jeans/Jans'. I think that works well because I was out of the water, and onto sand, with my jeans on. Sanders use the label as code for La Bels/Labels, and the latter happen to use the same crescent as Savone's/Safins (Sabines peoples of Italy were also, Safini) while French Jeans use a BELL in Label colors. It seems to be clinching a Jean link to Sabine lines.

As Mont Sabina is beside Abruzzo, the French Jeans could be using the two Abruzzo/Abreu lions. As both surnames use the lions facing one another, called, comBATTANT, it's notable that Battle's use a griffin only, in the colors of the Abruzzo/Abreu lions, and that BATTANTs, listed with Battins/Badens (blue axe's), were first found in the same place as Savone's/Safins. Battants share the eye with Watts / Vatts/Watters, amazing. French Jeans use a version of the French Bes/Bec/Best Coat (same place as Jeans).

Hmm. After calling Miss Hicks by phone, and after our fledgling friendship grinded to a sudden halt a couple of weeks after the phone call, replaced by enmity between us, I stayed three years in the home of an employee, a woman with Abreu maiden name. When I returned to Texas after that time, the enmity was gone.

Just a Li'le thing About the Cetis Surname

A thing concerning the second half of the dream was the kiss I was about to give her. The reason for it is that, while in the dream, it reminding me of waking SLEEPING Beauty with a kiss!!! That is staggering. After I heard her thoughts, with eyes closed and looking distressed, she was asleep. The Carrs had just led us to the sleeping theme of Caria, right? I never cease to be amazed.

The Kiss' have proved to be from Vibia, and that woman should be in the "Vive" motto term of Stars (same chevron as Kerns), for the Star Crest is a CAT-a-mountain," feasible code for Cetis, and moreover Sturs are suspect with the Leavell bars while Laevillus was Vibia's son, and married to royal Cetis. In ancient times, DerCATO was a fish entity that was often linked to Star-like Ishtar, and the latter's symbol was an eight-pointed star, which is in the Tous Coat along with a red shirt. By flipping the consonants of "SHTAR," Shirt-suspect SARDis can be obtained, important because Sardis was the Lydian capital while mythical Lydia was born to Cybele, the GREAT MOTHER goddess, just like Ishtar had been in Babylon. This is a way to track the dragon Great Mother, which began as Inana, to Lydia, then down the Hermus river to Lesbos, from which lesbians, or feminists, were named that can be expected with a mother-goddess theme. The Kabeiri were queers too, and transvestites, I have read.

This Great Mother is in Revelation 17 as ruling Rome (just trace Lydians to Latins), and the latter's symbolism is clearly that of the Zeus Taurus riding Europa on his back. It's the Haifa-line Hyksos. The Tonso variation of Tous' has been traced solidly, with little doubt, to the Tonzus river (Thrace), location of Cybele-like Cabyle. That should explain the eight-pointed Tous stars...shared by Keen-related Keons. As Hicks were Keen kin round-about, let's repeat that Chives', using cat-a-mountains, are using the quadrants of Eden-related Hykes'/Hacks, fish liners. Hyksos had planted themselves in Cilicia, location roughly of Baal's Cassius area, long before the Cetis royals under discussion; Cetis was in western Cilicia. For those not yet knowing, the Tous' use buttons, and Buttons share the chapeau cap of Capelli's, which is how we can know that Tous' were from Cabyle-Tonzus elements.

As the Selletae are on the dark map at Cabyle, let me repeat: "Hicks are traced to an early Hikke de SAUTeby..." The Sauts can be gleaned as part of Salt / Saltz liners, suspect with "Selletae." Near Cabyle one can see the Caeni while the Cabel surname shares the fretty Shield of Caens, no coincidence, wherefore the Caeni trace to the Ceno river- Caens, and as such the Caeni must be behind the Kennati priests of Cetis. In that case, I can begin to trace Kenites to the Caeni.

Moreover, while Cetis was also, Citis, Caens use a "liCITIS" motto term that can also be read, LICitis, as code for Lice's (share leopard face's with Caens). Caens share the gold mural crown/coronet with Crone's, and Masters, who share a Caria-suspect motto term with Karen-related Roets, use a red mural crown (crowns are often code for Ceraunii, from mythical Coronis of PatMOS off the Caria coast). Caria had a Masa Sea Peoples highly suspect with the Muse household of the Hyksos. The Muse/Meuse surname (same place as Hicks) shares that patee crosses of Crane/Crauns, and they happen to be the patee cross of Claptons (same colors for all three surnames) while Hicks were at Clapton. This location was on the border of Gloucestershire, where Samsons were first found that once showed the same cross as Eatons, and the Samson scallops, same as the Meschin scallops, are code for Scylla elements, while the Sicils of Scylla were at mount ETNA, where I trace "Eaton" for obvious reason. In myth, Glouc-like Glaucus loved Scylla, and it's dream-interesting that while I walked out of blue water, "Glaucus" is said to be defined as blue-green ocean water. Glaucus was a fish entity through Greece, but his name was the Glaucus river to the golden-fleece Colchians.

Back to the Crane's/Crauns above, part of the Carr / Kern liners we can be sure, which trace well to the Ceraunii, thus tracing Muse's to the Maezaei, beside the Ceraunii. Olba of the Kennati was also "ORBa," tracing excellently to the Urbanus river of the Ceraunii, and then while Metz is a city at the Little Meuse (Moselle) river, the Metz surname have a so-called ORB. The besants of the Metz surname indicate the Bassus surname of royal Cetis. The Metz' are this identifiable with the Maccabee-suspect Mathis surname (same place as Maccabee-suspect Messeys) that shares the black moline with Eaton- / Hykes-related Chives'. The cross of Eatons (same place as Masseys) that looked like two double-axe heads was a patee cross, suggesting that Essenes were at Patti of Messina (eastern Sicily), making sense where Cretans are expected at eastern Sicily. Patti was at mythical Scylla, from Skala of Patmos, home also of Coronis that named the Ceraunii, or vice versa. Just trace Messina (beside REGGio) back to Messene (Greece), home of Oeneus liners, then take the eastern Sicilians into Calabria, to Oenotrian-laden Saracena and Laus, for eastern Sicily had its own Ragusa location, and its own Saracens.

I can now link the five ostrich feathers of Caens to Quadratus Bassus. This link was made a few weeks ago where QuadRATUS was gleaned with the RADZiwills married by Traby (Arms of Traby use the five Caen feathers; the Ceno river of northern Italy is near the Trebia, we get it). The Weights (same hunting horn as in the Arms of Traby), whom are suspect with Quade's unto the Quadratus line, are honored by the "weights" in the Dexter Crest, and these weights are a weight SCALE. The Aaron-suspect Arens use "scales," while the Scales' use the five, white feathers too. Isn't this the Skala line? The Scale's even use the SCALLops of Caiaphas-suspect Capes', thus linking Caiaphas liners to the rabid Scylla pirates and other human demons. As Tooths were first found in the same place as Capes,' by what coincidence is the Scylla wolf-monster always depicted with terrible teeth? The shark in the dream had terrible teeth, and while Tooths (white feathers) are expected to be Tout/Toot liners, Hicks use a "Tout" motto term. There is a Shark surname, and it uses the CRANE, the line from Coronis to Scylla.

As the shark was my wife, it's notable that her surname shares the three chevrons of Clare's in both colors for a related reason, yet they are red, the colors of the triple chevrons of WATERs. The shark was in water, right? I usually say that the shark was in a KIDney-shaped pool, and Kidds are the ones with an "orba"-like motto term that assures CETis/CITis liners to "Kidd." It's interesting that a consonant-reversal form of "Kennati" could form a KIDDEN/KIDNey-like surname. Kennedys use the dolphin, from Daphne, and her Lotan line was a sea monster. If the ancients didn't have a special term for a shark, mythical Ceto / Leviathan could very well have been the shark.

The way to make a pool link to this shark is where PLANcia Magna was at Perga while Perkens use a form of the Tooth Coat. It was resolved that Perkens trace to the Lithuanian god, Perkunos, and the Traby-Vilnius marriage was in wolf-depicted Lithuania. The Lithuanian goddess, Lada, can therefore trace to mythical Lada of Lycia, for Perga was probably owned by Lycians at one point. My point is that the Leto-Apollo wolf line named Apollonia, one such location being in Mysia, and another beside Aulon/Avlona (Ceraunii mountains) while Plancia-liner Plunkets were first found in the same place, Vilnius-related Villain, as the Dol Alans from Aulon. Therefore, "PLANcia" may have been an APOLLUON term (as Greeks called Apollo at times) that could easily have named Pool entities. The tooth symbol of Scylla goes back to the Leto>Apollo wolf, right? Yes, and that's why Apollo mated with Coronis to produce Skala-depicting ASCLEPios...the scallop line that might just have been the naming of the Salop-suspect SELEPITanoi.

Recall king EPULON (highly suspect with proto-Pollocks in Salop) of the Abri peoples, stationed at Lissus, looking a lot like "Apolluon." That character's name was suspect with the naming of Pula/Pola in Ishtar-like Istria, and he had the Selepitanoi as allies in his war(s). As Hyksos were traced to neighboring Dardanians, might the SLEEPing Miss Hicks have been a SELEPitanoi element?. Indeed, compare "SELEPITAN" to the Hicks of CLAPTON. This can resolve the predicament that I found, for I had traced "Clap" to "Glaphyra," and while that may not be technically correct, Plancia Magna was a daughter/granddaughter of Glaphyra. While one Clapton Coat uses the Muse / Craun patee, the other Clapton Coat uses the same bend as Plunketts, another good reason to see "Plancia" from one of the many Apolluon terms.

JUST REALIZED: The Abri-like Abreu's/Abruzzo's share the white tower with Plunkets! Bingo. We have just traced Abruzzo's, previously traced to Epirus (location of Aulon), to the naming entity of Epulon, or Epulon himself. Somehow, Plancia Magna was related to Epulon, and this recalls that she married Tertullus, a name used for the ancestry of Fulks, the latter suspect with the Polk variation of Pollocks, for Belgian Flecks and English Fulke's (same place as Flags/Flecks) use Pollock / Arms-of-Pula colors. These are the colors also of Apulia-based Coffers.

Fulke's use a giant fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Lys/Lisse fleur-de-lys. You are about to see why Cetis liners were smack in the Lissus line to the Lys surname (pronounced, Lee), but in this we should keep in mind that the Caen-suspect Lice surname, with symbols having the look of the Quade Coat, which symbols are leopard faces in the colors of the same of Quade-like Ade's, is more-properly shown as, "Lees." It is my strong opinion that the Saraca fish evolved into the fleur-de-lys when the Lille location at the Lys river of Artois turned the fish into a lily. Just trace the Ardiaei at the Ragusa (= Laus) area to Artois. Thus, the namers of Laus are gleaned being behind the Lys/Lisse surname from Lissus. Yes, just trace the KODRion location on the Apsus to KOTOR (not far north of Lissus), the original home of the Ragusa Saraca's, according to Wikipedia's Saraka article.

Back to the ostrich feathers of Scales' who show the Capes / Apps; the latter share the lozenges of Schole's/Scayle's. We get it. It was the German Arens that use scales, and then the Erens use two fesse bars in the colors of the two chevrons of weights-using Dexters, and so we can glean that Dexters/Decksters were Dexaroi on the Apps-like Apsus river. I had not clinched the Dexter link to Dexaroi until now, thanks to Aaron colors. As the Cavii at Lissus, and "Caiaphas," are suspect with the namers of the Apsus, let's mention that the Eren bars are identical to those of Parrs, while Parrs use a woman's SHOULDers, while SHULTS' use a version of the Chives Coat, and moreover the SCHULts variation is a lot like "SCHOLE."

Midweek, the following was added to the last update, that you may have missed. It was added where Morinis' kin were being linked to Modena, right where I had said, "Can you see why Parthenius-river liners should have been at Morinis liners in Modena?" It can indicate that Parrs were Parthenius-river liners, especially as Manners are from the neighboring Maeander. The Manners are below, but note the "Laus" motto term of Manders, as though we should be expecting Maeander liners at one or both Laus locations.

The Parr bars are shared by Erens, first found in the same place as Parr-loving Manners/Maness'. The Erens even use the scallops of Sodans/Sowdens (compare with Casano's), kin of Pattersons/Cassane's i.e. kin of the Modena Casano's. Arens, who bring up the Jewish Aarons, use the Morinis fleur!

The Morinis' have double-fesse bars in colors reversed from those of Erens, thus clinching the Eren-Aren relationship, even though Erens have variations showing that would disguise the link. Manners are a branch of Mens' that share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Parthenius-like Partons (same place as Daggers), in colors reversed from the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Capes'. The Acres' are said to be a Dagger branch, but, I've just seen, they can be with a version of the June-suspect Conan Coat. The latter were first found in the same place as the Kennedys, and by now the Dexaroi are highly suspect with a branch in the Galatian field in connection to Bassus at Cetis. This Dexaroi-of-Apsus link to Cetis is why it's important to first make a Lissus link to the Apsus.

The Selepitanoi-suspect Lights/Lite's (i.e. Apollo and/or Leto-of-Latmus links to Selepitanoi) use the white feathers in Crest too, though not five, and the Leat-beloved Tooths not only use them in the Shield, but they were first found in the same place (London) as Capes'. It's more evidence that Apollo liners were with Epulon of Lissus, but as Apollonia was beside Bullis, let's now add that the Bullis surname uses roundels, code for ARUNdels. Are you impressed? The clouds are being lifted from our eyes by the two hands of God.

The Capes' are now suspect from Epping, a location between London and Cambridge, the latter being where June's, Capone's, Chapmans, and Julians were first found, all suspect in the birth of Caiaphas in relation to Laevillus' family at Cetis. Tooths are the one's who honor the Palmans in their motto, and Palmans (peacock, for roundel-using Peacocks, a Pollock sept) use an "Amore" motto term while the Leavell bars are suspect with the same of Amore's. What was this Palman line now biting into the Lupus-Laevillus family? Palmans, first found in the same place as Scales', have pelicans in the colors of the Billet stars, the latter first found in the same place as Pellicans and Josephs, which is in Maine, a possible location of the peacock-using Manners/Maness'.

The clouds are being lifted from our eyes by the two hands of God. The sunlight is shining on the solar panels of my mind, generating a thought process. Plancia Magna, now suspect with a wolf line from Apollo, lived on-shore from Rhodes, home of Helios who, as with Apollo at times, was called, Sol. The Laus-loving Manders use a version of the Rhodes Coat because the Maeander river was not far from Rhodes, and even closer to Plancia's domain. Spanish Sols/Solers/Solana's use the wolf along with the giant sun, and Solars use three red lions that can be the same of Irish MAGHANs/MANNs, what could be a Plancia MAGNA line. In fact, as Plancia is tracing to the Light-suspect Selepitanoi, recall God's slap-happy revelation that Boyds are Light kin from Salop, for the Boyd motto, "ConFIDO," can be part-code for Fiddle's/FIDElows, from a Fidelow location (Normandy) that was also called, Vis-de-LOOP, explaining why Fiddle's use the wolf. And it's a red wolf head, same as the Solers/Solana's. From this, it can be gleaned that Javier Solana has been a Rhodian-linked goon of the Rhodian Illuminati, or call it what you will (the Rhodian Trolls would be much better).

These goons are practically worshiped in the world by the lower-level political pawns called presidents and prime-ministers, and they look highly upon themselves, confident that their globalist agenda will come to success. But God, the one who sees the end from the beginning, has told us otherwise. Straighten out your act, insidious trolls, before it's too late for everyone. Go home and pick your noses, as that would make the world safe, at least. Why bring further disdain upon yourselves? The normal people despise you for driving their ship against their will. The Russians are planning a heap of nuclear dirt for to bury the European trolls, but this is because the trolls have been earning it. Will the trolls stop? Just read the news; they are going full-speed ahead. They want missiles pointed at Russia. That's why the EU put the former Polish prime minister at the EU throne.

Javier was of Madariaga blood, and Madariaga's use roundels, yet another Aaron / Aren / Eren suspect. It can explain why Mathers use the double fesse bars of Manners/Maness', in which case Madariaga's were indeed kin, round-about, of double-fesse-bar Erens and Parrs.

Modena, and the Erin-related Morinis' of that place. Jewish Aarons/Arens are suspect with some Jewish-priestly line. The red rooster in the Kiss/CUSH Crest goes to Vibia, Laevillus' mother, and is related definitely to Casano-related Cass', from Cassander of Antipater elements, and while these included Kilpatricks (CUSHions) and Pattersons, Palmans use a "patria" motto term that should apply to the same. It just so happens that Erens use the red rooster in Crest too, and Arens share the weight scale with Kiss-related Cass'/Cash's. The Modena-liner Sodans (one fesse in Eren-fesse colors) use a red Crest themselves. It was made clear above that Erens were stacked with Modena elements. Why do Modens/Modeys share a fretty Shield with Caens? What is it from Modena elements that were in Cetis? Were Cassan liners also Chattans?

To see more peacocks, use the "PAIR of scales" of Cass'? The Pairs are listed with Pauers/Paukers, highly suspect with the peacock-liner Paws, and that goes to an assortment of paws, the dexter paws of Kilpatricks being Cetis-important. Kilpatricks share Tropoje-beloved drops with Pattersons/Cassane's. As Cassander was the ancestor of queen Nysa of Cappadocia, and as Glaphyra's cult was in Cappadocia while her descendant, Plancia Magna, was beside ANTALya, note that the MusCHATs/MusCETs use: 1) an ANTELope; 2) the double fesse bars of Ness' / Nice's; 3) the red lion head of Sodans very suspect with the red rooster of Kiss'/Cush's. Muschats come up as "Must," and are in Mustin/Musin / Moses colors, while Mustins use the same chevron as Pairs/Pauers. That looks like a match all-around, suggesting Mus / Mos liners in the Cetis fold as it related to Nysa.

The Aarons share a hand from a cloud with the Stans/Stants (same place as Swale's), now identified with the Setantii / Sidicini, Sadducee-liner suspects. That makes the Aarons more suspect from Jewish priests. These clouds are represented by heraldic nebuly, shared by Leavells, Amore's and Swale's (Este colors, "esto" motto term), the latter in Aaron/Aren colors. Swale's are suspect with the swallows of ARUNdels. We get it. The "jesu / Jesus" motto terms of Swale's are not for Jesus, but for the red-rooster Jess'/GESSONS, first found in the same place as swale's. The GASSONS are listed with proto-Washingtons, both using the double-fesse bars of Ness', apparently. Washingtons were from a similar name in Lancashire, and Lancashire is where Dickensons were first found who share the fesse of Swale's. As Rundels share the Alan fesse for obvious Fitz-Alan-of-Arundel reasons, the Swale's are likely using the Dol fesse.

Arun (where Arundels were named) is in Sussex, where Saddocks were first found. While Cass' may be using a version of the Chadwick / Chaddock escutcheon, Cetis-important, as you will shortly see, the related Cuss'/Custs/CUSTES', with a variation like the marital surname of Martha CUSTIS, wife of president George Washington, were first found in the same place as same-colored Swallows (said to descend from an Alan character in association with a Vatican pawn in Yorkshire, where Swale's were first found). Swallows ("swallows in flight") are said to be from "SAULON," a potential Solana hint. Washingtons are becoming suspect at lake Tatta, beside Cappadocia, where I trace the Mitanni line of king Tut.

Swallows use a Coat reflecting that of Conans and Acres', and while re-reading the paragraph below, it dawned on me that the Sodans/SOWDons could be Saut liners. Re-loading the Sauts, the Sauts/Salts ("A demi ostrich with a horseshoe in its mouth.") can be using a colors-reversed version of the Casano Coat, for these Sauts use the same stars as Sodans. German Sauts/SUTERS (see below) have already been suggested with a version of the Conan Coat (both have fesses in colors reversed to Austrian Saltz's).

[Insert -- Last night, I had a dream. I was in a billiard hall owned by Obama, and when it came time for me to shoot the cue ball, it was a piece of paper on the table. There was a ball at the other end on the table, next to the pocket, an easy shot, but I knew there was no way I could shoot a piece of paper flat on the table, so I made it into a paper airplane, and when I shot it, it went straight alright, but it missed the ball and went straight into the pocket. When I awoke, I figured it was a Sign, possibly, for the Sewers, for when one shoots a cue ball into the pocket, it's called a sewer. The Sewer surname (Billiard colors) brings up the SUTERS with a SOWDon-like SOUTer/SOUDer variations. Checking, the Sowdens come up as "SOUDEN." The latter's red lion can be the Angus lion because Sewers/Suters were first found in Angus.

Note where this dream was located, inserted naturally above but after the paragraph below was written. That is, note how the dream connects to Swale liners in the next paragraph. The Billiards/Hilliards not only use a rooster in Crest, but were first found in the same place as same-colored Swale's and Jells. The Billiard/Hilliard rooster is black, but has red parts, suggesting the Kiss / Bibo rooster. This heraldic feature of double-colored rooster is called, jelloped, and Jells are said to have owned HOPton (Derbyshire), while Hoptons (Shropshire) share the rare pattee-fitchee cross with PLAINs/Playne's (Levin Coat?), whom I looked up as per the paper airplane. Jells are suspect with Yells, and the latter (resolved as Vilnius/Astikas/Stick liners) use a version of the Swallow Coat. Yells/Yulle's are in the colors of Julian-likely Gulle's, how June-interesting since Conans likewise use a version of the yell/Yulle Coat while using the fleur of June's, first found in the same place as English Julians (share the cross of Gullys). Suddenly, the Shetland location of Yell resolves itself as a Julian line. With Hoptons connected to Gully liners, it evokes "Opgalli," especially as Galli's own the rooster. End insert]

Swale's were first found in the same place as Stants that share the Flag/Fleck bars while McLeods/CLOUDs, in Aaron / Swale colors, use flags as well as the bull head (used in black too) of Leavell-related Walerans, the latter first found in the same place as Sodans that use a version of the Eren Coat. So, the Aaron cloud can now be code for McLeods, a surname I now know to be from Laevillus. It looks like the hunch was correct wherein Aarons would trace to the killers of Jesus (I'm not demonizng all Aaron liners). The McLeod castle is in the colors of the Chatan tower and half in the colors of the Chattan castle. recalling the possibility that the Casano's can be Chattans / Chatans? Can't Casano-related Sodens ("Sodhan" in the Patterson/Cassane write-up) be Sadducee liners of a sort? Swale's are in the colors of, and first found in the same place as, Scarfs, and the latter are honored in the scarf of SADowski's, who come up as "Traby." It's all plain, isn't it?

I do not even recall checking for a Cetis surname in the past, but I did about an hour ago, which is what prompted this section. The Cetis' are in Aaron colors, and use a lily, the symbol of Chadwicks! Excellent find. It tends to clinch that Chads, Sheds, Chaddocks and Saddocks/Sedgewicks (HAVERsham) were Cetis liners [Sheds are now practically resolved as the namers of Shetland]. The Lille Crest is a "swallow in flight," can you believe it? Is your head spinning? Swallows in flight are used by Swallows. It just means that Arundel / Aarons / Aren liners were out of Cetis.

Let's go over that. Swallow liners are Aaron / Aren / Eren kin in association with Arun in Sussex, where Saddocks and Dine's were first found, and Cetis' use the lily as code for Lille's that use the Swallow symbol. Why do Arundels ("hirunDINE") use SIX swallows?

Well, I never did kiss Miss Hicks. She popped into my arms before I could get a taste of that sleeping face. Besides, what would I be kissing, Laevillus himself? I know what this means, that my bloodlines, including my mother's Massey line, were from Cetis. We both are, Miss Hicks and I, both from Hyksos. But we decided to believe in Jesus, and he will make us into proper Israelites. We floated into the SKY arm-in-arm, and McLeods were at SKYE and Lewis, the Lewis' being from Leavells. I had a bloody-hand vision that I spoke on some weeks ago, realizing that it was about the bloody hand of Lewis' (shares blood drops with Kilpatricks), and that's when I was Taught that McLeods were from Lewis' and therefore from Waleran. Like I said, we FLOATED into the sky, and while the McLeod flags are code for Flecks, they are an obvious branch of Floats, Fleets, and Palmers/Parmers (all three, Norfolk), while Palms were first found in the same place as the related Stants, and the Swale's sharing the courant greyhound with Palmers and Lys'/Lisse's. Fleets, in Cuss/Cust colors, were first found in the same place.

The lily in the Cetis Coat should be special code for Lilys (in the colors of the fleur-de-lys of Lys'/Lisse's and the Arms of Lille in Artois) who themselves use the lily. The Cetis surname was found the night that I went to bed and had the billiard-table dream suggesting the Sewers/Suters, and here I can add that the two surnames use eSCUTcheons (very linkable to SUTer) in colors reversed from one another. The Lilys are said to have had a Lilly location at Berkshire, where lily-using Susans/Sousans were first found, Recalling that SUDELeys came up with Beachamps/BEECHams, it's probably not coincidental that, of all the many swan designs at houseofnames, the Beecham swan is in the design of the Lily swan while Swallow-related Lille's (Oxfordshire, beside Berkshire) use a "SEDULo" motto term. While Parrs use the Eren bars, Catherine Parr (royal-British line) is in the Lille write-up.

Explanation of the Obama Dream

Recall that, in the dream, I made a paper airplane. As there is no Plane surname, God could have intended the Plains/Playne's, who use a giant patee-fitchee cross, the symbol (smaller) of Lille's. That's now twice that the dream has connected to the Cetis-Lily merger. It can appear that God wants the world to know, or at least his enemies, the Freemasons, that heraldry was all about this Cetis element through which Laevillus passed. Again, Plains can be using a version of the Levin Coat, while Levens look like Quint liners. In order for me to link the plane to Levins, the Levin Coat happens to use the same dancette feature as Dunhams, the surname of Obama's mother. The billiard hall was owned by Obama. Both dancettes use nine points; not all do. Butler's (more five, white ostrich feathers) don't. But Hairs, who have double fesse bars like Erens, use nine points. The Hairs are using the double HARcourt bars, as are the Sudeleys (as bends, however), making Sudeleys suspect as Suter liners, smack up against the Cetis', right? The Ayrshire hairs are using the double bars of Manners/Maness' who share the motto of Suttons (Sodans?) that honors the Parrs, kin of Erens that use a version of the Sodan Coat. This is a message from the paper airplane to the paper president.

I kid you not, that the dream ended with Obama dancing, verifying (as per the Dunham dancette) that the Dunhams (probably Danes, like Harcourts) are Intended. He looked absolutely professional, and after he danced, he was skating on a skate board like a pro. For both, he was in a dark suit. When the dream started, all the billiard tables were covered with a large black (non-bendable) sheet, and only part of them belonged to Obama. Unbelievably, Dunhams were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Sheets/Skeets', while the related Skeets' (won't come up as "Sheet") were first found in Ayrshire (same as Hairs). But what kills me is that, when I awoke, I decided to reject this as a dream from God, and here, to my absolute dread almost, I see that Sheets have a SKAYTE variation!!!!!!!!!! I don't blame you if you think I'm making this up. It's staggering.

[A couple of days after writing here, I got around to checking the Boards as per "skateboard," to find that The Board Coat is using a version of the Chaddock / Chadwick and Sewer/Suter Coats. It's just staggering, for Chads share the potent cross of Sheets/Skayte's. The meaning of this dream takes up much of my time for the remainder of this update.]

That dream was this morning as I write. I was wondering why a black sheet, and see that the Sheet Coat has a black Shield. Now we know that the potent-cross Sheets, Sheds, and all the rest, including the Chads, mere merged with the line to Obama, and it's from something at Cetis that reflects "Suter." The Suter leopard is said to be "SITTING."

Obama's mother is from the Randolphs, and you can see that English Randolphs use the Dunham Coat, but Scottish Randolphs were the first earls of Moray, suggesting that both Billiard surnames use the Moray stars. The French Billiards were first found in Manner-possible Maine. The dream ended when, after he was on the skate board with his partner, both doing identical stunts beside one another, there was some issue about the back of his employee. Maybe Obama knows what this means. One Back surname is the one that once showed the gold calf.

Next, I need to discuss the BATHing suit that Miss Hicks wore. I don't recall or didn't notice what she had on while lying over the seats. Seats/Cedes' are in the Steer motto while the Backs above now show a steer. When walking out of the water, seeing her from a distance, she was in a bathing suit, light purple, I think. It's been years since tracing the bats of Scottish Randolphs to the BATHs, for both surnames use the same cross, and Baths are also Atha's, suggesting the MacHeths of Moray. I have never before checked surnames in relation to the bathing suit, and here I find that Suits bring up the Sewers/Suters, No guff. The bathing suit could have been blue, I just can't recall, but whenever I think about it, I choose light purple.

I was wondering why the billiard table had a piece of paper on it, instead of being prepared with the paper airplane in the first place. I've looked at the Papers, but can't find a link to other surnames Intended by this dream. The Peace's were interesting because Obama's mother is immediately from the Paine's, while Payen liners like Page's share the dove with Peace's. I was wondering whether the piece of paper was intended as a page, but had no way to know, until I heard the song I was listening to, at exactly the moment that the Page Coat loaded. I kid you not, I am not lying, the speaker is right behind my ear, and the singer is Francesca BATTistelli. I've taken three of her songs from youtube, and this one is titled, "Write Your Story. The chorus starts with, "I'm an empty PAGE, I'm an open book," and that's what was playing while checking out the Page Coat. I have never before been involved in anything like this. And I'm not even afraid. It is so good to hear from God in this way. I'm thanking Him every day, but wondering where this is going. The Page page had been loaded no more than 10 seconds when I heard, "I'm an empty page." The music folder I'm listening to has about 20 songs, and yet, Battistelli's page song happened to be playing when the Page page loaded. French Page's (same place as Payens) use four fesse bars in the colors of the two of the Ayrshire Hairs, and its these Hairs that are in the colors of the similar Dunham Coat.

I didn't realize until the paragraph above was ended that English Page's mention the monuments of the DINHAM family. The Dinham lozenges (Fessy/Face colors) are called fusils, and Fusils/Fuziers (Payen colors and format) were first found in Dauphine, same as French Page's and Payens. The Baths and Scottish Randolphs use the same cross as Fessys/Face's. Dinhams and English Page's were first found in Devon, same as Spurrs in the "spur rowells" of Payens. I'm not at all convinced that Dinhams were Dunhams, but the possibility is that both were Dane elements. Dinhams may be a branch of Dine's/Diens/Dives, from Cheshire's Diva (Chester). Dinhams come up as "Diamond," and the other Diamonds use lozenges in the colors of the same of State's/Stathams, first found in Cheshire.

There is even a Battistelli/Tittoni surname (Corsica) with pyramids (Fisk symbol), and a Chief that looks like a WATT Chief, suggesting that Watt liners were also Batt liners. Watts use two billets on either side of a roundel, all in colors reversed from the same of BattiSTELLi's. English and Scottish Steels (Giddy Hall near SANDbach) use billets in their Chief too, and as they are from Cheshire, the Macclesfields, with the same cross as Baths and Fessys, can apply. You will see below why the Battistelli pyramid links to the same of a Fessy line. If Watts were of the Wade variation of Quade's, and therefore from Quadratus Bassus, it's interesting that Watts were first found in the same place as Cetis-beloved Lilys (said to be from pre-Norman Saxons of England). "Bassus" = Battins? The Heths/Heaths use the rooster.

The Battistelli pyramid is in Bath colors, and Baths use a "DISpertire" motto term that can be for Diss elements, and while Diss (same place as Playne's) is beside Eye, Watts and Battins (same place as Baths) use the eye. The "HABere" motto term of Baths suggests connection to Habs/Hobs, in the same place as Artemis that in-turn use a colors-reversed reflection of the Bath Coat. As the Bath surname was first found in Somerset and Gloucestershire, it evokes Clapton at the border of those two places, and recalls that Tewkesburys and Pellicans, both married by Arthurs, are in Bath colors. This topic was in the 1st update of last month, where it was said: "The Meads not only share the pelican with Pullys, but use a version of the pelican-using Godfrey Coat (shares a Moor with Bouillons)." The Arthurs of Clapton also married the Meads. The Bouillon family was at Artois, and I see it in Comines, in the arrondissment of Lille. The Bouillon flory cross (with fleur-de-lys ends) is in the colors of the Bath cross.

Just imagine how patient God has had to be, waiting more than a decade for me to learn this science before he could finally start to unveil the heart of his Intension. It's not like he can just write a small pamphlet with all the facts laid out, then sign it, God. Since writing on the Arthurs of Clapton, Claptons have traced well to the Selepitanoi, smack at Lissus! Bingo. Recall, Epulon, the ruler of Abri at Lissus, for while the Ardiaei were nearby on the north side of lake Scodra, Arthur liners were expected at Velino of Abruzzo, and while it's already a fact in my mind that the Abri were an Abruzzo branch, or even the founders of Abruzzo, the Abruzzo surname uses the Pellican tower, and lions in half the colors of the Bath lions.

Two of my files have, "Cetis surname." One from January of 2015 reads, "Sadducees may have been named after the entity that named Cetis. The fish-using Geddes even use the same escutcheon as Chaddocks and Chadwicks, and there is a Cetis surname using an escutcheon too." However, I didn't realize at the time that Chadwicks and Cetis' share the lily, which would have clinched the link. In October of 2016: "A giant lily is used by the Cetis/Sestius surname, albeit I don't know whether this surname has anything to do with Cilicia's Cetis." The Albino's of Modena were in SESTola, much like the SESTier variation of Cetis'. Beside Sestola was Marano, and Marano's use the same lion as Baths. Marano's were a branch of Morinis' (Modena) with the double bars of Erens in colors reversed, and Erens traced to Cetis (for the first time in this update) with little doubt.

Good morning. After taking yesterday off the computer, I'm ready to tackle the latest dream, or the reason that God would give it. I have taken the position that this corroborating dream was given exactly after I had interpreted the 38-year-old dream (beach and car) almost fully, to the best of my ability. It suggests that God wants the reader to know, and me too, that the old dream was Intended as heraldry-related code. To my own amazement, I had neglected the SUIT that Obama was wearing when I realized and told that Miss Hick's bathing SUIT was code for Sewers/Suters, the very surname that the latest dream seems to center upon. In other words, because I happened to speak on the bathing suit immediately after treating the latest dream, while both the bathing suit and the latest dream were about the Suters, it acts as verification that both dreams were given by God for to lead us in a certain direction at this time.

I almost decided not to mention that Obama was wearing a suit while dancing and skating. And even when deciding to mention it, I was going to mention that it was a "dark" suit. I didn't say "black," I said "dark." Well, while I thought the bathing suit was purple, the Darks/Arque's use "A purple arm." I also told that there were two men, one Obama, doing exactly the same thing with the skate board, though Obama danced alone. That is, the two men (maybe they were both Obama) were mirror-images of one another, as though a person is experiencing double vision, or when two figure skaters are doing the same thing. And this now appears to be for the twin symbol of heraldry, called, gemel," often used with two bars, as the Harcourts and Hairs do. However, while the Dunhams are using a version of a Hair Coat, the Dunhams leave the double bars out, suggesting that they didn't connect with the Bar line much, though Dunbars had. Levers are said to be from D'Arcys.

Yes, DunBARs were merged with Bars of Bar-le-Duc. How many ways are there to say, top? Why are Dunbars said to derive in "summit." No one who feels that a surname meaning "the top" uses "summit." But it just so happens that the Summit surname was first found in the same place (Lorraine) as Bar-le-Duc. And Summits use neckLACE's while Lace's use a purple lion and purple fret-KNOT. While Knot-liner Cnut was a Dane, like the Dunhams, as well as a grandson of Mieszko I, a Piast, the Lorraine's use the Piast eagle because Richeza of Lorraine was married by Mieszko II. And while Piasts were given the code, "Piast the Wheelwright," Wheelwrights share the antelope design of Singletarys, while it's online that Obama's mother's Dunham surname was from when a Jonathan Singletary changed his surname to, Dunham. Yes, Obama was directly descended from Jonathan Singletary, suspect with the SINGULar variation of the Danish Sinclairs. And Rollo's use a "PAR tout" motto term in honor of the double-bar Parrs, but we should also realize that the Touts are Tooths while they say that Cnut's Danish relative, BlaTAND, has a name meaning "BLUEtooth." This should explain why Clare's, no doubt from the Claro's variation of the original Sinclairs, are using the triple BLE/Bled chevrons. The Blue surname (Arran) shows a Gorm variation while mythical Gorm was the Danish ancestor to Bluetooth and Cnut. We get it. I have been tracing the Blois' to the Ark river (Savoy), and this now evokes the Arque's/Darks, using a saltire in the colors of the similar cross of Sinclairs. Obama's line, and double-bar Harcourts, were closely related to the Darks, weren't they?

Summits evoke the Somme river because that's where Airaines is located that traces to "Arran," where Blue's/Gorms were first found. I can't recall whether Blue's use TWO roosters, but do recall that Jonathans use two, and in the design of those of Blue's. That's because both surnames were first found on Arran, and MacAbbe's/MacAbee's were related to ABBEville at the Somme area. But there is either a large coincidence here, or MacAbee's were so named because they knew themselves to from Maccabee of Israel, who were in gemel-like Gamala. Moreover, the Ark river is the location of Modane, like the Modi'in location of the first-known Maccabees. And Josephus traced himself to JONATHAN Maccabee. Like I said, "large coincidence."

In this picture, the Darks, and the dark-suit / purple-suit Suters, look like Maccabee liners. But God could have put Miss Hicks in a business suit. Why a BATHing suit? Ask the Obama line of Baths > Randolphs at Moray (share "TOUT" with Rollo's), where the double-bar Morinis' trace who were, according to the Deering write-up, at Kent, where Darks were first found. The Morinis bars are colors reversed from the same of Rollo-beloved Parrs. And the Heths, suspect from the Atha variation of Baths, use more roosters, code for the Gaia > Massena line to the Meschins that married purple lion Skiptons (same place as Lacys) as well as CLARE's of Kent, and to the Massins (Kent again) that share the Moray Crest. It's all visibly obvious, and the Gaia line was to the Gays (giant rooster in the gold of the Sinclair / Heth roosters), first found in the same place as the Ark river.

I now recall the paper lying flat on the table. I was eyeing it up close, and it remained in my vision long enough to make a point, that it had a slight curve. It's middle was higher than both sides, which forms an ARC. Arcs were first found in the same place as Modane's, and Zinzans, and later I will show the theory that Zinzans were in the Tint surname relating to the Arthurian cult of southern England. Tints and Gale's share the blue unicorn, possibly from the Dimonte's of the STURA-Dimonte river. I expect Gale's from the Gala-Gaia bloodline to Gays (same place as the Arc river).

In all this, the Stura-like Suters are being emphasized by God. Why? I don't yet know, but it links to Scute's by the Suter eSCUTcheon, and we saw that the dream was much about the Sheet / Skeets / Sched / Shed line, which named Shetland, where the Stout-raven vikings ruled. As Stouts have three of the Harcourt bars, it suggests that the Stout vikings were likewise Danes, which jibes with the raven of Rollo-suspect Rolphs. What we see in the Dunbars (same place as Sinclairs) is a Dane link to Parr-like Bars, from Bar, down at lake SCODra, where I trace Skeets liners. Bar is beside Butua, a line through Este (Suter colors!), and while Bars use the Este eagle (in the color of the Lorraine / eagle), Butua traces to Bute, earlier called Rothesay, where the raven vikings conquered too (explaining why Rothes use the raven). That exclamation mark is because "Este(r)" could produce a Suter-like surname, and, besides, the Stur-river theater is where Borders were first found that share the same swords as Shute's. Note the colors of the fesse bars of Shute-like Sutys', linkable to the Stouts. The latter are shown properly as Stows, while Sturs (Ester / Ister kin) show Stow-like terms. Dunns use another white, spread eagle, the color of the same of Este's. The Dunn eagle is the double-headed Maxwell eagle in colors reversed, for both surnames use the holly bush, and Este was not far from Rijeka.

This suggestive Suter link to Stur and Este liners together is confusing my brain. Whatever the truth may be, a Dun link to Bars suggests the logical, that Danaans out of Laish, and to Lissus, were in the Lissus / Bar area, which happens to have been the home area of the Lapith-like Labeates. Bar is suspect with Parion/Parium, and the Hecate-related Trojans therein, part of mythical Medea at Corinth, the Coronis-Lapith line. Medea flew from Corinth to Kodros of Athens, and his line went to Kotor, smack beside Bar. While Parrs were figuring up as Parthenius-river liners, the Partheni are marked beside Lissus, suggesting that Bar could have been a Partheni location. The main point is that Danes can now be traced to some things at the Scodra area.

Why did the earliest-known Danes (ignoring the legendary characters) marry Mieszko's daughter? This recalls my connection of SIWARD of Northumberland to Sigrid the Haughty, Mieszko's daughter who married Danes. At the time, I had looked "Sewer" up for the first time to find that it brings up the Suters. I also tried "Seward" to find its purple leopards. The description page says they are blue, but yet they show in purple, evoking the purple bathing SUIT! Bingo. The Sewer/Suter/Suit Crest has a leopard too. And while the Seward leopard design is that of Mosca's, the latter were kin of Charo's/CLARO's. This week, the Sewers are at topic along with the Moray-suspect Billiards/Billets while the other Billets show as a branch of Bellows honored in the bellows (fans) of Skipton-suspect Shiptons.

Kotor is close to Koplik and Dober, the line to the Goplo Piasts, and so we should note that Kopple's share a rooster in the colors of the Jonathan roosters, for this speaks of Gaia > Massin > Maezaei line to Mieszko's, and Maezaei's were beside the Ceraunii-branch Lapiths. The Urbanus river of the Ceraunii is where Piast-based BISTue was located. When we trace this thing to Moray, that's roughly where BISSETs (Ross-shire) were first found, as well as the MacHeths with a rooster that can be a colors-reversed version of the Kopple rooster, making the Baths/Atha's (same cross as Savoy) linkable to the mouse-tower Piasts, as expected with Obama's Singletary > Dunham line. Bissets are suspect with Bassets while Besancons/Bassets use billets in Billiard/Billet colors, and moreover the other Bassets look linkable to Damorys / Amore's (Stur bars?), first found in the same place as Bellows-loving Shiptons. I trace Amore's to the motto of Scodra-suspect Scotts.

It should be added that while both Scott Coats are versions of both Talbot Coats, the heraldic talbot dog is a Lab(rador), perhaps code for Labeates (i.e. at Scodra). The "Cadog" term in the Dog write-up was instrumental in revealing that the Talbot Coat shares the Chadock escutcheon. It appears to my senses that many escutcheon liners now use a "border" (creating a similar look to an escutcheon), as do Talbots, because Borders were escutcheon liners in the beginning. At this time, the fact that both KEON-related Keens and Suters use the white escutCHEON, while Keons are in Suter colors, is some evidence that the original escutcheon was named / created as per a Suter marriage with Keons. And Keons are the ones with the eight-pointed stars, symbol of Ister-like Ishtar...which could reveal that Suters were indeed Ishtar liners, perhaps from Istria.

The dream is suggesting that Sewers/Suters were kin of Plains/Playne's, and there are "diPLAYINg" terms used in descriptions that could signal a Diss-Playne marriage (both surnames first found in ther same place). It just so happens that while Suters and Playne's both use fitchee crosses, the Fitch's use a gold leopard FACE while there is a gold leopard in the Suter Crest. As Suters/SUITs are to link to Baths, note that Face's/Fessys share the same cross as Baths, the latter first found at the Stur-river area, and in the colors of the Borders of the same area. As Borders use the same swords as Sewer-suspect Shute's/SHOTs, note that I SHOT the paper airplane with a POOL cue into the sewer. Poole is a location at the mouth of the Stur river! Amazing. [The Boards/Bords (share antelope with Singletarys) were not yet known here in using a version of the Sewer/Suter Coat.]

The Bath Coat, including the four lions, is a colors-reversed version of the Coat of Deacons, first found in Suffolk, location of Diss' (beside Eye). The Decans, who share the Coat and axe of Deacons, trace obviously to the axe and eye of Battins. Decans were first found in Rutland, as were the CORNERs. The airplane went into the CORNER pocket! It's humanly impossible to be making all these things up for to tell this elaborate story as my personal tale. It's humanly impossible even for someone like me that knows heraldry very well. I don't know it well enough to be able to create such a dream that's telling the story at hand so persuasively. The dream was real, just as I described it. The Watts, suspect with the Battistelli Chief, have a branch that uses the eye! Therefore, it turns out that Battistelli's were Bath liners.

I do not recall the conversation at the end of the dream where there was some sort of a rift between Obama and an employee of his. The very end was my seeing the BACK of this employee. It's hard to explain how I knew the back to be important, but it was the meaning of that scene. His head was turned as far back as it could be in viewing Obama, while on his skate board, rebuking him for something. German Backs happen to use a Stur-like Steer. The Steer motto, "Tu ne CEDE me," is suspect with the Cedes'/Seats, and that gets us to the bathing suit of Miss Hicks, hovering in the car, over the seats. Hovers bring up the Hoffers with giant leopard face, and Face's use the Bath cross. The sewering of the plane goes to Siward of Northumberland, while his domain was where Livings/Levins were first found that have a reflection of the Playne Coat. Levins were first found in WestMORLAND while Morlands and Morleys use more gold leopard faces, and they are jelloped with fleur-de-lys, the Playne symbol, and moreover Jells could be of the Yell location of SHETland, named by the Skayte/Sheet line using a cross in colors reversed from the Bath cross. As both dreams seem to be in view with similar connections, let's add that the Skayte/Sheet surname shares gold fleur-de-lys with Hicks. The latter's "huere" motto term, which I don't recall deciphering, may be code for a Hover branch.

It can be added that while Ore's were first found in the same place as Houstons, the latter use a HOUR glass, suggesting another Hover code, for Ore's share two motto terms like the "bon" of Hicks (they use "bon heure." Ore's were first found in the same place as Hamiltons that share the giant Bus cinquefoil, and that's the Pocket cinquefoil too while the sewering was the plane going into the CORNER pocket. This recalls that the Pocket variations link to the Porcers (the Pocket cinquefoil in colors reversed) that come up with "Portis," suspect from Portishead, the location of Clapton, home of the clarion-trumpet Hicks. Here's from the 1st update of last month:

In the dream, the stag walked by the corner of my garage, and so, not taking any part of the dream for granted, I looked up Corners. Corners/GARNers (share the acorn with the Arms of Rutland), very likely the Varn bloodline, were first found in RUTland, at Leicestershire, where the Bus cinquefoil was that's in colors reversed from the Pocket/Poucher Coat....Rutlands share the "orle" border with Rodham-related Rutherfords

The Sewer/Suter description: "an orle of eight silver crosses crosslet fitchee.." The Boards/Bords with a variation of the Sewer/Suter Coat: "...silver inescutcheon within an orle of silver martlets." Yes, and orle-like Orrels share red roundels with Ore's and Orleans'...and Tristans, the name of an Arthurian knight of Cornwall. Tristans were looked up as per "Dresdan," birthplace of count Zinzendorf, and king Arthur was born at TINTagel, in Cornwall, near the first Tristans. It dawned on me that "Zinzan" can be from the "ATINTANes," an ancient peoples beside Aulon/Avlona (Expect a Bude trace to Arthur's Avalon), and smack at Bullis. Bullis' (same place as Diss') use red roundels too!!! Zikers, and Tristans use the label, code for Labels/La Bels that share the crescent of Falcons, the latter honored in the Zinzan falcon! I think we have the Zinzendorf-Atintanes link at least half clinched. It's interesting that Sanders/ZANDers use the label too, while sharing roundels in Chief with Ore's, and Ore's share the red-on-gold fitchee with Sands. As Sands are to be in the dream with Miss Hicks, let's stress that Hicks and Ore's share a motto in honor of Bone's / Bonns, apparently, wherefore compare the Carrs with Dutch Bonns/Bone's. Irish Carrs share the estoile on blue with Zinzans. Bonns have spread eagles in colors reversed from the same as Diss'.

The Bude location in Cornwall is of the Bude's who share the estoile with Zinzans (and Bute's), and the birth of king Arthur from UTHER Pendragon is part-code for Others whom are said to be the proto-Windsors i.e. at Windsor Berkshire, where Zinzans (royal-blue Shield) were first found. Tints, first found in the same place as Baths, and sharing a white-on-red lion with Baths, and Dresdan-possible Dressers (THURINgia), use the Windsor crosslets in half their colors. The Others use a reflection of the Turin Coat while Turins/THURINs are highly expected at Tarves, while Chives' (of Chivasso, beside Turin) were, until a few months ago, said to be first found in the same place as TRIStans (Travis colors), a term suddenly looking like "TARVES." As the Tint lion is "couchant," the so-called Couch's Mill (Couch write-up), in Cornwall, apparently applies to Tint kin. The Couch's are apparently using the double bars of DuLYS' (same place as Couch's), but in the colors of the double SuDELEY bars. Hmm, Joan of ARC had the earlier surname of, Du Lys."

Now, recall that Watts are using a version of the Battistelli Chief, for the other Watts use a falcon too. And the Watt-possible Quade's/Wade's share the black wolf head with the Tristan Chief. The Ore Shield-and-Chief color combination is shared by Battistelli's (and Annas'), and both use white in the Shield. The Ore's share the three piles of Couch-like Cowes' (there is a Cowes location on Wight i.e. near Poole), and the Cowes pennants are for PENNants that use the same Coat as Treviso/Tarvisium-possible Trevors. The latter use the same chevron as PENdragons (OPEN helmet) that share the helmet with Tudors i.e. from Trevors.

I had checked the Batti's, and they happen to share red, eight-pointed stars ("stelli" means) with Keons i.e. who are right down the sewer alley. Therefore, Battistelli's may have been a Battin-Stur merger. Remember here that Battistelli's song about the empty page was linked to the page in the Obama dream that I formed into an airplane. It's as though God caused me first to record her song from Youtube for later use in making the Battistelli-surname connection to that dream and/or the beach dream. Her surname is suspect with the BATHing suit for that reason, and it just so happens that Battins were first found in the same place as Baths. One can then ask whether God gave Battistelli some the words of this (Christ-honoring) song, for it goes, "I'm an empty PAGE, I'm an open BOOK, WRITE your STORY on my heart," while Roets, first found in the same place as Battins, use the book, and it's code for the Books/Boggs that have an HOUR glass in Crest! Amazing. The Wheelwright-suspect Write's (leopard faces) have a branch with a version of the Coat of hourglass Houstons! And STORY's (share a six-sectioned Shield with Wheelwrights) are suspect with Stur liners!! Glass' (Buteshire) share the Moray Crest.

The Houston motto, "In Time," can go with the Time's/Timms (same fleur as Morinis.) to the "Deum Time" of Morays (no longer shown at houseofnames) because English Write's use the double bars of Rollo-beloved Parrs, which are colors reversed from the Morinis' double bars (Rollo's use "PAR tout," while Morays' use "Tout pret"). Write's were first found in the same place as Arthurs and leopard-face Aids, but the white leopard face's of Write's look linkable to the same of Brains, first found in the same place as Tewkesburys (Brain colors) that married the Clapton Arthurs, and then while the Pellicans were expected with this picture, the Pellicans were first found in the same place as French Josephs sharing the footless martlet of Houstons (and pelican-using Pullys/Pullens).

Blanche's/Blanks (gold leopard face), once said to have been first found in Shetland, use the Bus cinquefoil too.

Imagine how important this project is to God if he first makes Francesca Battistelli a singer with potential to have music recordings, for the final purpose of bringing the message above, for starters anyway, to tribwatch. Long before I saw the Bath-Coat similarity with that of Artemis, I claimed that Battins were one of the most fundamental to Arthur elements of southern England. Since then, Artemis have traced to Artemidoros, son of Amyntes, from the Mynetts that use OPEN helmets, which may be the reason for "open book." The Openheims were suspect with the open helmets, and it caused me to view Helms as Heim liners. The Books/Boggs have been resolved from the Boofima cult at Imperia = Oneglia, location of the Arduinici that married ArtemiDOROS-suspect Doria's. The latter were first found in Genoa, where Fieschi's lived, a branch of Fessy's/Face's i.e. with the same cross as Baths.

IN FACT ZOWIE, there is a Fesch surname (share's swords with Borders) that I suspect with Fiesch's, but that just brought the Fisks to mind that use a pyramid, the symbol in the Battistelli Coat! It tends to clinch the Bath / Battin trace to Battistelli's. Fisks, first found in Suffolk, the same place as Diss' that's suspect in the Bath motto, use the stars theme as well as another estoile, making Battistelli liners suspect with Sewers/Suters if indeed they were Istria / Esturs liners.

I have viewed Fisks with a version of the Cliff/Cleave Coat (the "fiscal cliff" was a money-grabbing hoax honoring this marriage), and view the latter as a branch of Claptons i.e. who had a Clapton location in the same place as Baths / Battins. The Stolts share red billets with the BattiSTELLi Chief, and Mr. Stoltenberg is now the NATO chief. Stoltenbergs use both the same eagle as Doria's, and "an ARROW PIERCing a HEART." Artois- / Arduinici-related Arrows (same cross as Sinclairs and HEART-using Buttars/Bitars) share fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same in the BORDER of the Skayte/Sheet Coat while the latter includes HEARTs within that same border. Pierce's were first found in the same place as Baths / Battins.

As Artemis/AITons, AIDs and Arthurs were first found in the same place, its notable that Aids share the black leopard face with Hovers while hovering Miss Hicks traces to the Arthurs of Clapton. The Hover leopard wears what look like bull horns, though they are called horns, same as the horns in the Button Crest that likewise look like bull horns. Buttons are said to have been clergy in Bath and WELL, which is in the same place as Baths, and moreover Wells/Wellers (come up as "Well" I use the DeVAUX pelican that should link very closely to the Arthur pelican highly suspect with Pellican liners at Clapton. As the Arms of Meulan share the Shield-of-checks of English Vaux', it's notable that Scottish Vaux's/VALLibus' were first found in East Lothian, same as Haldens whom I trace to Oda of HALDENsleben, and then Hyne von Wellen of Haldensleben is in the Well/Weller write-up. It suggests that the Well/Weller pelican is in Piast-eagle colors for a related reason. If you look at the Faithfuls as per the "be faithful" motto of Scottish Vaux's, you will see the Halden saltire. Faithfuls share plate roundels with Mussels of Musselburgh.

[Insert -- To prove that Vaux's were Wells, English Wellmans/Wilms use the same stars-on-bend as Vaux's. I've never known the Wellhams (rare green roundels) before, but looked them up as per the Wilmslow location of Dunhams. Wilmslow is in Cheshire, same as Dunham-Massey. Mussels use a version of the Meschin Coat, and I've claimed that Obama's mother traces to Dunham-Massey. Note that the Wellman / Vaux stars are those of SUTHERlands. Wellmans ("providentia") were first found in the same place (Somerset) as same-colored Leavells, which is logical. I had read that Wells were close to Meulan, but, in any case, Vaux's obviously are from the Meulan checks. Singletarys were of Singleton of Fylde (Lancashire), and Fylde's share green roundels.

Aha! Wellhams (beside the Pounds) are said to be from POUNDSford, and Pounds not only use the Wellham stars, but a formee fithee in the black of the near-same of Playne's! I recognize the Pounds Coat as a version of the red-fesse Coat that Bush's once showed, but it's also a version of the Coat of Ponts/Ponds (Hampshire, same as Bounds) that share the black boar head with Bush's! And so Bush's were related closely to the namers of Pontivy (Brittany). Note that Pounds, with dragon heads, are said to be from Drayton, for Drake's, likely kin of Dragons/Draynor, were likewise first found in Hampshire. As Dragons/Drayners use open helmets in colors reversed from the open helmets of Mynetts (same place as Dragons/Drayners), and as I say that Mynetts are a branch of Mandys/Mundays, here we find that Draytons (same place as Dunhams) share the eagle leg with Mandys. Expect the Drayton lion to be a colors-reversed version of the Legh/Lee lion.

Not far below, I introduce the "enTWINed" code suspect with the Twin surname, and conjecture that the double men on skateboards were code for Twins/Twains. But here, after all the below was written, I come to Dragons/Drainers to find that they use the embattled fesse, in colors reversed, of Twins, the latter first found in Hampshire so as to be related to the Drayton location of Hampshire. Not far below, Pond-like surname will be linked solidly to Playne liners out of Brittany. See also the Ments/Manns, another Amyntes suspect for obvious reason. Why do Ments/Manns exchange the open helmets for goats? Link the Ment/Mann dragon to the one in the same design of Formans / Worms. End Insert]

A song (Be Born in Me) by Francesca Battistelli is playing as I write. About 20 minutes before, "Write Your Story" played again, and this time I caught the phrase "Author of my hope." I'm not sure whether Author variations are from Utrecht of the Netherlands, but I do know that Authors (Arthur colors) use a Coat version of pelican-liner Becks. The Author moline is that also of Fiers/Fears, and while the latter use a version of the white moline of Irish Fairs, Scottish Fairs use the giant anchor of German Hope's in colors reversed. It's pretty amazing how the Authors link so well to Hope's.

Authors were first found in the same place as Arthur-suspect Diss' and Davers, and they are all-four in the same colors, though Irish Arthurs use the colors of Becks that share the pelican with Arthurs, and while the Arthur motto is part-code for Habs/Hobs, the Hope's are also Hopfers, almost "Hover/Hoffer." The latter (share the MacArthur crown) are the ones sharing the black leopard head with Aids (same place as Arthurs), and the Aids share the same bend as French Fairs, no coincidence, apparently. But this gets excellent for my trace of Arthurs to the Arc river, near BRIANcon, for the Hover/Hoffer Crest share's the white Brain-Crest (and Wright-Crest) leopard head. Plus, here's from the 3rd update of last month when the proto-Carrick Gilberts were traced to Briancon elements: "The first Lord recorded is Fergus, who died in 1161 leaving two sons: Uchtred and Gille Brigte (Gilbert).' Briancon was also BRIGANTium, which squares with Gille BRIGTE, for mythical-Brigit elements likely named Brigantium. Plus, Brians use a "UACHtar," apparently part-code for UCHtred."

Just look at the Author write-up, said to be from Ughtred (in Towthrope of Yorkshire). Briancon is near the Arc river, which can explain the Archibure variation of Arthurs. As these Arthurs married Hicks, let's now go to Miss Hicks standing in front of the car, for that would be at the HOOD, while the German Hope's above are also Hoods. Plus, when I arrived to the cat, I saw the doors. There was a scene showing the doors, and Dore liners can be Dorians, whom I trace to the Daorsi (same Neretva river as the Ardiaei), with a "DAVERsi" variation that I trace to Davers, first found in the same place as Authors. I'm not saying that Authors were a variation of Arthur. If Authors named Utrecht, note that the capital of Artois was, Atrecht. I'm seeing an Ardiaei>Arthur merger with Atrebates of southern England, the known namers of Atrecht. Davers use a jay, and while Jays (same bend as French Fairs) are from a Gai location, Gays were first found in the same place as the Arc river.

There are four Bure variations to chose from for "ArchiBURE." French Bure's use potent, two others are expected as Bower branches for a trace from Boura. Italian Bure's/Bura's use the bear, and were first found in the same place (Verona) as bear-paw Bellino's and Belli's. The latter are expected in the motto of Bouillons, who in-turn use a flory cross in the colors of the similar Fair / Beck molines, perfect for linking to Authors and Hope's. Scottish Belli's share the Moor head with Bouillons. It appears that the first Templar kings of Jerusalem were the Arduinici-Bouillon family from Ivrea.

If we equate "Quade/Wade / Watt / Batt," the Uat-Buto cult comes to mind, and as i now trace "Quadratus" to a Uat-Radice entity, note that "Rad" is like "Arados," for Sub Radice is at the top of the Hebros river, location of the RHODope mountains that can themselves have derived in "Arados." The latter city was originally, Arvad/Arpad, leading to mythical Charops (Carpae / Arpii peoples) up in the Arad area of the Transylvania-Hungarian border. I had traced proto-Apollo/Abello to Arados aside from the mythical fact that Orpheus, son/grandson of Charops, floated down the Hebros river with Apollo's harp. And "Apollo/Abello" had been considered in "Cabelees," the real people group that I suspect with "Cybele." That idea was years before finding and stressing the Cabyle location near Sub Radice. If correct that Quadratus was a Radice liner from the Cybele cult officiated by his ancestors (his great-6-grandfather was the high priest of Cybele), then this Arados line goes, not only through my Kepke-stag dream to something that God is interested in for these last days, but to the Arthurian cult > Round-Table dopes through that same Quadratus line.

Later in this update, I'll share a video that reportedly has Trump talking on someone's unknown tape recorder, while he's in a bus, lamenting that he didn't get married woman all the way to bed. This is the pornographic president, and he's got a mentality just like Mr. Kepke. In this bus, he says that his lips gravitate toward kissing women, he can't help himself. It's possible that the tape is a trick from his political enemies, you decide whether it really is his voice. It sure sounds like it. Trump is the Bill Clinton of the Republicans, and while we Christians are happy that Hillary didn't get elected, Trump's going to have us biting our nails, because he's got demons affecting his mind that he allows to operate through him, and no one can foretell what they will do through him. One day, they may be passive, the next he may be under a considerable attack.

Remember, the first Templar king of Jerusalem was the son of Eustace II of Boulogne (father also of Godfrey de Bouillon), and he is of the Eustace and Stag-like Stacy surname, both using stags. It seems that the Belli line was from the Hungarian king, Bela, brother of Andrew I, the latter being the line to Trumps, in my current opinion. Now that the Trump stag has been found in the Arms of WATERford, it's possible to trace the Andrew-Drummond line to some aspect of the Watts / Vatts/Watters;. Why else does it appear that God chose for me to get to the Battistelli surname at this time? Watts this all about? Why was the billiard-table dream about Obama too? Why should we be concerned with the Dunham / Skeets bloodline? Why Suters too? What does it mean? It can't be just an exercise in link-making with nothing to do with the future.

[I can't believe that I had forgotten. The day after writing here, I was back to the Dunham Coat, only this time I read the page, remembering that they are likely a branch of Downs that named Downham. And that's when I recalled that Downs/Douns use a stag in Trump-stag colors. At one time, I knew the Downs very well. Scottish Douns (sinister buckles) are listed with Dunns that were first found in the same place (Angus) as Sewers/Suters (Doun-stag colors)! There is a lot to chew over here for future considerations. For one, the Douns/Dunns can be using the Sword sword.]

There is a video online that claims plastic arms are being worn by one of Trump's bodyguards. The theory is made that the bodyguard is holding a short assault weapon under his suit, and that his real arms are under there too, for ready-action in case someone tries to kill Trump. There is also a video being spread by Democrats wherein Trump's at a podium, with his wife behind him looking dim. When he turns to her, she puts on a loving smile, but when he turns away from her again, she quickly goes back to her dim, concerned face, worse than before. The Democrats are suggesting that Trump said something to offend her, but, the reality may more-likely be, he turned to say something like, "don't be afraid,, there are 16 guys out there with concealed assault weapons." And there she is, standing right in the line of fire. I'm sure that she was made privy to the plans made for protecting Trump whenever he speaks publicly. I'm sure she was concerned about that too. The country is near civil-war mode. An assassination now could bring it on. Keep plenty of cheap, extra food, just in case.

I've heard reports that food will skyrocket this coming year due to food shortages, and already, I read in the news that Europe is short on spinach and broccoli, two of the best greens. Greens fight bacteria in the body, and if the global stupids are about to undergo their population control program, one way to do is to make people infected to death by some form of bacteria in the food, then sell it cheap to get the poorer people.

Battistelli's share red billets with Stolts; the Billiards/Billets seemingly apply. Was the Obama dream to indicate that Obama is still an active, globalist player? On Israeli foreign policy, Trump is already going the way of Obama, and we assume that Stoltenberg is involved with whatever plots are afoot. The Blocks, first found in the same place as Trumps, use billets in the colors of the Battistelli billets. What happens when Netanyahu's team becomes disenchanted with Trump's stern voice to curb settlements? Will Trump land upon Israel a hard fist? Isn't that to be expected from demons? In days to come, I hope that I will be made to understand the significance. The primary surnames in the Obama dream are the Suters / Shots/Shute's / Sheets / and steer-using well as the Playne's that I don't fully comprehend. Perhaps they are a branch of Blane's/Blains / Vilains. In fact, yes! I've just realized that Playne's share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Vilains, and that's the line of 666-suspect Trabys of RADZiwill connections in Vilnius! Zowie. The only reason this assessment was possible is that Blains were a recent topic, at which time I thought they were a Vilain branch.

This if from the 5th update of December: "As French Blains were first found in Brittany, it's a clue that Blains may be Vilains. It just so happens that Scottish Blains, first found in the same place as Kyle, use the Kyle anchor (I assume). The Blain anchor is entwined by a serpent. Cale's/Kahills not only use an anchor and the "confido" motto term of Alan-related Boyds, but share the whale with Dols. When I get down to the Traby clincher to Placentia, when I remention Blains, remember that Place's use the axe." Battins are primary axe liners, and Kyle's are using candleSTICKs as code for the Stick-line of Astikas'. The Astikas' were recently found in Shetland, and Shetland was a Sheet liner. The Kepke-stag dream had the third element of Paul Smith on crutches, which recalls that Smiths and Crutch's (Somerset) share the formee-fitchee cross, but the colors used for them are in the colors of the "pattee fitchee" cross of Playne's! Excellent, for "FORMee" is suspect with Formans (branch of WORMs), whom I trace to VRM of Angustis, whose daughter (Helena) married Bela of Hungary!! Excellent work, dear Lord. You really know your heraldry. Smiths were first found in Durham, previously, DUNholme, and German Smiths use the same lion as French Sauts and Pools (like the Pol variation of Pauls).

Remember, Dols are in Trump colors, and were first found in the same place as Trumps, which is in the area of the Traby-like Trave river. I claim that the Dol Alans rule the American military in these years. Mattis' share the same checks as Stewarts. I would now suggest that Trump is a royal-Windsor puppet. Certain British seem to me to be leaders in the Muslim-scare scam, and Trump is steeped in that scam. With Trump creating a heightened Muslim-scare, chances are we will also hear of Muslim terror acts inside the United States. Some of them may even be genuine Muslim acts because Trump's iron fist is goading them on to perform. In fact, there may even be Mexican terror soon. Of all the good Christians in the Republican camp, the Republican leadership fronted a pornographic billionaire. All that's about to happen will be at their feet. I foresee a lot of chaos, back-biting, division, never-ending until the Democrats get back full powers. Trump is the best thing they could possibly have dreamed of for re-gaining power...unless Trump succeeds in making the middle happy, and restrains himself from being offensive to Christians. The middle is probably best defined as too moral to be Democrat, and resistant to corporate fingers in high places.

The FASCES was a symbol of the iron fist of Romans. Isn't fascism named after the same term that named the fasces? The Assi's of Shetland, and the Arms of Vilnius, use the fasces, though it may be code for Fisks and the Fessy-branch of Fieschi in Genoa. As we saw, the Fisks share the pyramid with Battistelli's, and we need to ask whether the pyramid in the Great Seal of the United States applies. As was shown, "Great Seal" is itself code for the Seals / Sailers and Greats, and Greats were traced to Gratian, father of Valentinian I, the line that links both to Segni's/Segurana's in the Fessy motto, and to the Arms of Vilnius. It's the squirrel line too, that God has been warning us about in my squirrel Signs. It's the Rat Trap line, the Traby-Radziwill marriage. Seals / Sailers share the white and black wolf heads of Quade's and Scarfs (and Tristans), and the Arms of Vannes has an ermine mammal wearing a scarf.

As the Valentin bend connects solidly to that of Aids, note the Aid bend is a good reflection of the same of SUTHERs/Southerns, first found in the same place as Plains/Playne's!

The Bullocks use "lochaber blade's BOUND with a scarf." As Dol Alans were in cahoots with Pollocks (Valentinian liners along with Alans), these Bullocks are expected as such, and the "BOUND" code is possibly for a branch of Ponts/Ponds [this was written before inserting the Bounds above], now known to be from Pontivy, smack beside Vannes. Bounds are listed with Bone's, said to be from Manche, location of Alauna, and the shore at Guernsey. The "sufFICIT ORBis" motto phrase of the Bundys/BONDys could be for a Fisk line from the Fiquets/Fichets/FIOTs / Montfiquets/Muschats, and for Orba at Cetis. Montfiquet is where Gernons were from, and Gernons are traced (by me) to FOOTE in Guernsey, and while Guernsey is where Anchor-loving Majors/MAGors were from, see the anchor below. [Of some interest, every paragraph is numbered in my html page where these updates are written, and numbers are assigned also to every space between parargraphs. This paragraph was number 666. However, after adding another insert above, the paragraph above became 666 (and this one 668). Interesting, because I expect Trabys, who use the scarf, to be part of the 666 system.]

Recalling that the Fisk pale bar looks like a version of the Cliff fesse, here's more from the 5th of December: "The Cliff fesse with symbols is nearly that of Vilain-suspect Blains; the latter are the ones with the anchor of candleSTICK Kyle's, tending to verify that Vilaine of Brittany was a Vilnius liner." A Blain-Anchor merger at Vilaine evokes Plancia MAGna. A Blain identification with Vilaine makes sense because Plunkets, the line of Glaphyra > Plancia-Magna, were first found in Vilaine, and moreover Cliffs/Cleave's were Glaphyra liners. The Italian Bundy sword and stars are used by Dutch Clavers, and English Clavers/Cleavers (same tower as Plunkets) use the fesse in the colors of the Bundy/Bondy fesse. The same sword is in use with Justine's, perfect. Bondys/Bondys use the same fesse as Ladds/Ladons, as well as Stick colors, and Lada was the Lithuanian goddess. Sticks and Bondys/Bundys were both first found in Somerset.

The "eagle rising" of Bundys/Bondys is for Rhisinium at the southerly end of the Ardiaei, location of Butua / Kotor. Kotor is suspect with "Kodrium," smack at a Boius area of the Apsus river, and Boius elements are expected at the Boii of BONonia. As Bounds are listed with Bone's, one could get the impression that Bondys/Bundys were Bononia liners.

Now compare Dutch Clavers and Italian Bundys to English Sauts/Salts, for German Sauts/SUTERs use the same fesse as English Bundys! In fact, as Sauts/Suters use Zionists stars, look at what I wrote in 2nd update of November, 2011: "The Zionist stars of the English Bonds/Bundy are in the Italian Bundy Coat..." Neither Coat now shows the Zionist stars. I went on to say that the Italian Bondy stars are the same as those of Weis', suspect with the Bavarian Illuminati. And Bundys are said to be one of the 13 Illuminati families, a good reason for the goons to have asked houseofnames to change / remove the Zionist stars.

So, by following the Playne-like Blains, we came up the Sauts/Suters while the paper airplane went down the sewer as code for Sewers/SUTERS. No coincidence. God sure knows his heraldry. But why does God want us to know this thing about Brittany liners? The royal Windsors, right? They have plots, don't they, in the Middle East? Aha. The Seiter variation of Sauts/Suters prompted a check of the Setters/Satterthwaite's, and they use a version of the Plain/Playne Coat! Satterthwaite's were first found in Cumbria, the area of the first Livings/Levins using roughly the same Shield. Excellent.

SatterTHWAITE's appear merged to Thwaite's/Tweats/Threets, and the latter use the same fesse as Sauts/Suters (!), and even reflect the fesse-with-symbols of Scottish Blains! Bingo-Bingo, God wins. We have the meaning of the Obama dream expanded to this extra set of surnames. Thwaite's are said to be from CLAVERing and Lodden.

Scottish Blaine's (share "bello" with Blain-like Bouillons, hmm) were first found in the same place as Skeets'/SKITs/Skeochs (Bouillons were potent liners) while SHITTS are listed with the Shots/Shute's, both surnames using white swords (the Blains have it in their Crest). I SHOT the plane, missed the ball, and so the plane sewered as code for Shute-like Suters. And here the Blains are working in obviously as a Plain branch. Hello? Either I'm making all of this up, or there is a God who gives messages in dreams. Lookie: German Corners are from Silesia, same as SITlers/SCHITners that share the Pike trefoil, and Blains ("ParITUR pax bello" is partly for Shawia Numidians) were first found in the same place as PICENum-suspect Pike's/PICKENs, the latter suspect with a merger with Reeds that share "pax" with Blains. As the Geddes' use pike fish, note that German Bunts use "verGETTES in base."

What strikes me here, as I ask whether the plane was a symbol of a Bouillon line to the naming of Vilaine and Blains, is that the plane was made out of a Payen-related Page, and it just so happens that Hugh de Payens became the first master of the Templars upon Godfrey de Bouillon leading the invasion into Jerusalem. But what's Obama got to do with this?

Recalling that Sewers are likely of Siward of Northumberland, it's probably for a related reason that Swords share a "gold hilt and pommel" with Blains. The Shechemite-likely Skene's use swords in Sword-sword colors.

Okay, so SATTerthwaite's look like Saut liners, but as Satterthwaite's share the white-on-black rose with Dutch Sewers, it seems PLANE enough that Satter / Thwaite liners were part of the sewer-shot line. Thwaite's (Tweeds? Tweets?), who share besants on black with the Bondys/Bondys that use even the same chevron as Thwaite's, were first found in Norfolk, same as Sheets/Skate's. But what has all this got to do with Obama? German Setters/Setzers/Sezzers, with variations that are an excellent fit with the Saltz variation of Sauts, share the Aaron quadrants, and were first found in Regensburg, origin of the Wittelsbachs. Note that French Sauts/Schaux's/Sceauts have potential to be at least merged with Skeochs, and the Schuch variation of Shoe's/Shoemakers. Sauts/Suters/Sotters/Suders are said to derive in "shoemaker," and while this is incorrect, someone apparently knew the Suter link to Schuchs/Shoemakers. One could get the impression that Suters were from the same stock as Sheets. Shult's/Scultz's are much like some French-Saut variations, and are suspect with "shoulder, wherefore note the Shed description: "A hermit couped below the shoulders." Swords use a man's head couped.

Italian Bundys were first found in the same place (Sardinia) as potent-liner Avezzano's, which recalls mount Velino at the SALTO river with Avezzano, suspect from Aulon/AVLONA at Bullis. Suddenly, Suters can be gleaned with the namers of the Salto river. Crutch's are potent liners along with Sheets, and while Smiths share the Crutch symbol, Smiths also share the red-on-white fleur-de-lys with Thwaite's. While Crutch's are said to use a "formee fitchee" cross, it's in the design of (and colors reversed from) the patee fitchee of Plains! We now have dreams connecting once again, this time the Trump-suspect Kepke dream to the Obama dream.

The potent feature was seen with French Bure's/BEWERE's suspect in "Archibure," and then the Blade's in the Bullock description are said to be from Drago de Bewere. Bullocks are highly suspect with Bullis', and while German Bullis' use a "ploughSHARE," the same symbol is a blade for Dutch Tiems/Teems. That works, but as it drags Teems into the fold, let's repeat that Teems were from Gelderland while Gelders/OP-Gelders share the white-on-blue fleur-de-lys with Plows (Shropshire) and English Dole's (Irish Dole's use a billet border). And white fleur are used also by Blain-like Plains/Playne's. The airplane went into the corner pocket, and then Corners use the same fleur in both colors of the Plows and Dole's. The SHARE's are Squirrel liners expected as a branch of Schere's/SCHERFS, suspect with the Bullock scarf. The PYRamid could be part-code for Peirs, first found in the same place as Scherf-like Sheriffs. Entwined "snakes respecting each other" (but not said to be entwined) are used by Biss' that could be in the "orBIS" motto term of Blains. Nettle's use the same snakes in Biss-scallop colors, and call them, "two silver snakes enTWINed, respecting each other."

As Blade's are also "Blate," let's talk about the Plains/Playne's, for they show properly as "Plater/Platter/Plaiter," and do not have any Plain-like variations showing. In fact, when we enter "Plater / Platter / Plattor / Plaiter," the Plain Coat does not come up, even though the four variations are shown on their page. Instead, a version of German Blate/Plate's come up as "Platter/Plattor," and they show no Plain-like variations either. Also, an English Plater/Plaitoir/Playter surname has it's own page with three wavy bends in the colors of the International 6 flag. Why are the latter's bends rising in the sinister direction? English Platers/Playters are said to be from a SOTTERley location! Ahh, you see, God really does know his heraldry. The dream was so factual that it cannot be denied. The paper airplane was made for this purpose. Look out world of rulers, God has your number. English Platers/Playters were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Playne/Platers and Suthers, but also in Norfolk, same as Sheets/Skayte's and Dunhams.

I have the feeling that I'll be coming back to this page when the meaning in the real world occurs to me. The sheet over the billiard tables was in the shape of an 'L.' The longer part was owned by someone else, and Obama owned the shorter part to the side. I didn't hear who it was that owned the longer part, but as Obama was skateboarding with another man, I'll guess that this is intended to mean a Dunham merger with Sheets/Skayte's. Why reveal this? On the other hand, the two skaters could have been Intended for the Twin/Twain surname that shares black estoiles with Lodens/Leydens/Lethens (typical Leto / Letter colors), looked up as per the Loddon location of Thwaite's. Back in the 5th of December, when on the Blains, I said, "Blains are apparently a merger with Twinns/Twyne's," because Blains use "an anchor enTWINed by a serpent." The same update came to the "snake entwined around a STICK" of Schere's.

Blains have a variation suggesting possible merger with Bleds/Bles,' potential Blade/Blate liners, and Blatters are listed with Bludders/Bloodders/Blotters, sharing the stag with Bloods/Bleds. As the Bled location is north of Rijeka, while I trace Roxburgh's naming to Rijeka, note that Roxburghs (Platter/Playter colors) and Bludders share the single, blue pale bar. Murtons/Mertons use three bends in colors reversed from the Platter/Playter bends, making them into Moray (and Plate) colors, and the Billiards/Hilliards and Billiards/Billets both use the Moray stars, apparently. Mackays of Moray were first found in SUTHERland.

About a year after becoming a Christian, I moved into the home of Mr. Archibald, who was living at the time with Blain. Hmm, Archibald, in Roxburg colors, were first found in Roxburghshire.

As the tables were covered, it may indicate that there is a covert operation underway. There were other ways to convey a sheet to me, but He chose to cover the billiard / pool tables. Hmm, Lodens use the same fesse as Coverts while Courts/Coverts come up as "Covered." I didn't have Coverts in mind when starting this paragraph. Coverts were first found in the same place as Boards, and the sheet(s) looked like a giant piece of black plywood. The Brittany Blains happen to use pierced stars in black, reflecting the pierced, black Lodan estoiles.

Finally, when the two were skateboarding, they both went up an arc together, which may imply a ramp, and there is a Ramp/Rump surname. It uses two dark lions, and Twins use two black estoiles, while the skateboarders were two men in dark suits. At least one was a Negro, and the Ramp/Rump lions are as dark as typical Negro skin. Mordens use a "blackamoor" (Negro) in Crest, and while Mordens (and their Radwell kin) share black-on-white estoiles with Twins, they had a Morden/Mordon location in Durham = DUNholme. Mordens are said to have had a principal seat at Turville, smacking of Torville of the Harcourts. Turville's could be even be using the triple Singletary chevrons.

The former EU president, Rompuy, comes to mind with Ramps/Rumps, for he was leading when his foreign-affairs chief was Cathy Ashton, and it just so happens that Ashtons use a giant star in both colors of the Twin estoiles. I think that looks meaningful, for while the pair of leaders may no longer be official leaders, they could still be supporting EU plots in various ways. Is Obama going to work for the EU? The billiard tables and/or the Billet surname may even be a symbol of the covert Bilderberg organization. If Thwaits are a branch of Tweeds, it's notable that Billet-like Blythe's (surname of Bill Clinton's biological father) were first found in the Tweed-river area.

The Ashtons are said to have been at Lancashire's DOWNHAM, that being the Dunham/Dounham surname. If you check out the Down/Doun stag (called a buck), it has a star on its "shoulder," in the colors of the Ashton star, wherefore it could seem that Obama and Ashton came onto the world scene at the same time by some act of globalist decree to get heraldic kin ruling together. Idiots. The Doun star is colors reversed from the same of shoulder-suspect Shults'. Bucks use the antlers of Cone's / Conte's, and the latter were first found in Durham, earlier DUNholme.

Recall Poland's Grzegorz SCHETyna, acting president of Poland. As Downs/Douns use a stag in the colors of the Trump stag, note that Douns/Dunns are said to be of the South ESK river, for Mr. Schetyna co-founded Radio Eska. My Microsoft search feature is already failing to bring up this file when I search "Schetyna" or "Tusk." I don't think this is coincidental. To put it another way, it doesn't matter what term I search for this file, it will not come up, and is likely slated to be blacklisted by Google. Don't worry, God wins every-which way. My experience in the past is that Google black-listed a page wherein I linked Nato's Anders Rasmussen to the sinister code of the Mucius / Mucianus bloodline. I must have hit a nerve. In other words, the EU globalist goons are keeping tabs on my writings, and Google can be expected as part of a grand system of computer-infiltrating, insidious worms. How many years do these people have left before they face God face-to-face? What joy can there be in fulfilling a global task that flies in His face? Only a stupid would be able to answer that. Such a stupid says, "there is no God." Achem.

As Esk elements can by of Eschyna de Molle, note the "MULLach" motto term of Irish Dunns (Meath), likely using a gold version of the Bar / Este eagle. Note the erect sword of Erskins/ESKIns, and that there is a "pense" motto term (Trump's poiltical face is protected / enhanced by Mr. Pense). As Eschyna de Molle married Mr. Croce, the Eskin pale bar can be a colors-reversed version, specifically, of the one used by Crutch's/Crooch's. Escyna de Molle also married the royal-Alan line, and while Pounds (beside the Crutch's) share the Crutch cross, Pounds are from Brittany's Pontivy while sharing a red fesse with Alans. Pounds use "A castle proper" in Crest, and while Propers (same place as Dunham-Massey) share the key in Crest with Dunns/Douns, a castle is shared in white by French Martins, possibly in the martin mammal of the Dunham Crest.

Below is a video claiming that Obama and his wife have been separated, and that Obama flew right way, when moving ouf of the White House, to stay at the home of a queer couple. There is also a video with David Petraeus saying the the United States created, and must sustain, the new world order. He speaks like one justifying the expense of this order due to threats from Iran, etc., not justifiable in my mind, because Iran and others hate American-globalist intrusion into the Middle East, but Americans insist on intruding, like dreamers wishing for the impossible: Muslims willingly supporting Western globalism. Before that, here is the video on Trump in the bus. His attitude is just like that of Mr. Kepke 40 years ago:

Here's Proof for the Authenticity of Jesus as Son of God


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