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February 7 - 13, 2017

Avezzano's at Stuttgart; Roets and Rasmussens at Ruedesheim; all from emperor Titus
Obama-Dream Interpretation Expanded; Singletarys Link to Beach Dream
Warin the Bald of Metz Tells of Taddei's in Sleepy Shropshire
Johannes VALENTINus Andreae is Coming Home to Roost real Wright

Something phenomenal took place last week. A dream, explained late in the last update. As some are not expected to get to the end of the update, let me go over the dream here. The explanation in the last update is drawn over much writing because I had to find the meanings behind the symbols, and in the meantime, I was sidetracked, as always.

There was a billiard hall owned partly by Obama. I cannot recall some faint things taking place as the dream started, nor how I knew at that time that it was owned by Obama. The first vivid thing I recall was a black sheet covering all the billiard tables. There is no other word for this black item: it was a hard, solid sheet, not the drape kind.

Next, I was at a table with a pool cue in my hand, and leaning over to shoot the cue ball, but the ball was a piece of paper, with a small arc so that the middle of the paper was about a quarter inch off the table. I was eyeing a ball at the other end of the table, beside the corner pocket, an easy shot, but, no good, I can't shoot a piece of paper. So I made the paper into an airplane and shot it, but it missed the ball and rifled into the pocket, a sewer, as they call it in a billiard hall.

Next, Obama was in a dark suit dancing like a pro in a theater (Dunhams use a dancette), raising his one leg, then turning and going the other way, to be followed by the same dark-suited Obama on a skateboard, going up a curved / arched ramp with a mirror image, it seemed, of himself. That is, to men, exactly alike, beside one another, were on skateboards, doing the same stunt simultaneously, and exactly alike. Explanations for all of these things are in the last update; I won't go over everything again here.

When awaking, I was considering whether the Sewer/Suter surname could apply, but, generally, I tended to reject the dream as a message from God. But as soon as I found a couple of things, I quickly changed my mind. For example, the Sheet surname, first found in the same place as the Dunham surname of Obama's mother, shows a SKAYTE variation. It floored me to see this, it really did. God has a sense of humor, yet this dream is not for entertainment value alone. I then saw that the SUIT surname is listed with Sewers/Suters. Why a dark suit? I didn't say, "black," I said "dark," and Darks are a branch of ARQUE's, you see. And what floored me even more is that Darks use a purple arm while I was, at the time of speaking on the Darks, also relating on another dream, where a woman had a PURPLE BATHing SUIT on, and moreover the Baths are using the Shield of the Dunham-related Randolphs.

The Obama dream was given while I was telling the interpretation of the other dream (given 38 years ago) with woman, and I did not attempt to interpret the Obama dream until almost done with the woman dream. It floored me because I had left out only one thing I could think of, as per the woman dream, that had yet to be dealt with, and that was her purple bathing suit. That's why it was important to see Obama in a suit. I realized that the old dream, and the Obama dream, were of related code-work, all having the same Purpose.

Therefore, the Sewers/Suters/Suits were somehow merged with Dark/Arques / Ark liners, and the potent-using Bure's are suspect, not only because the potent cross is used by Sheets/Skayte's, but because Bure's are suspect with ARCHibure's/Arthurs. Moreover, while the woman in the dream was identified as Miss Hicks, the Hicks of Clapton married the Arthurs of that place. They both used the clarion trumpet, and so I will show you how the Obama dream leads straight to that trumpet, important because the Trump stag got suspect with the stag of Downs/Douns, a surname highly suspect with Dunhams because they were also Downhams/Dounhams.

In the last update, I suggested that the sheets over the billiard tables as God's code for something covert. Here is how I put it:

As the tables were covered, it may indicate that there is a covert operation underway [through Obama's circle]. There were other ways to convey a sheet to me, but He chose to cover the billiard / pool tables. Hmm, Lodens use the same fesse as Coverts while Courts/Coverts come up as "Covered." I didn't have Coverts in mind when starting this paragraph. Coverts were first found in the same place as Boards, and the sheet(s) looked like a giant piece of black plywood.

I usually identify the Illuminati with the covert / invisible Round Table goons of Britain, and here in the dream, billiard TABLE's were covered. Not only does the Table surname (same place as Dunham-Massey) share "hurts" (blue roundels) with Arthurs/Archibure's, but the Billiard surname has a Billet variation suspect with the covert Bilderberg Illuminatists, or call them what you will. Why is God giving me this dream now, with a strong link to Obama, now that he is no longer the president?

After the double men went up a ramp or arch on skateboards, there was some disagreement between Obama and an employee of his, and the employee, with his back turned toward Obama, was scolded by Obama. I had the sense that his back was the purpose of this part of the dream. This is where it ended, with the back of this employee showing vividly in my mind. We were outdoors at the time, and I assume it was the BACK yard of the billiard hall. I therefore suggested that the Back surname(s) apply, but as I didn't come across the Down BUCK until the update was nearly due on the Internet, I didn't get around to finding that German Backs/Bachs use the same wing design as German Bucks.

I can already glean that, partly because English Bucks use the antlers of Cone's and Conte's, and because Ranulph le Meschin was a Conteville, and because Conte's were first found in DUNholme (now Durham), the Buck lion is the personal lion of Ranulph le Meschin, the likely ancestor of Obama's mother. But there's more. The Bucks and Conte's use white antlers for someone's white stag, we may presume, and the Down/Doun stag is white. This picture is a perfect description of the black sheet covering the tables, where Sheets were kin of Dunhams. The Table's of Cheshire are going to bring us to the Buck lion by another route.

The Table write-up makes it clear that Table's share the Chee/Cheatle fesse (its in dancette format). We read that the Tableys sold their KNUTsford estate to Masseys and EGErtons, and to be sure that Eggs apply, though first found way over in Austria, they use hurts, the table symbol. And Egertons (Cheshire) must use the Buck lion. The "VirTUTE" and "fido" motto term of Egertons are those between both Buch surname, wherefore it can be gleaned that the Trump-suspect stag of Downs was part of this Knutsford estate. Egertons are said to be of Tatton (TUTE branch), a location in BUCKlow. We get it. Of purple-interest, the six-roundel Lacys use a purple fret-KNOT, now very suspect in revealing a Lacy merger with Knutsford liners. Table's use six roundels too.

The last update featured Kenites (same peoples married by the biblical Moses) and their Shechemite allies. They appeared to trace to the Heneti > Veneti line, to Vannes, the "wife" of king Arthur, and finally to Windsors. Some of the Kenites got suspect with CUNNinghams and CONans. But here it can be added that Cone's/Chowne's (Kent, same as Darks) are said to be from Hugh le VENDEE, a Veneti term if ever we saw one. Hugh is said to have been the nephew of Mr. CourbePINE (is that a Covert term?), and then Maschi's (Veneti theater) use "pine cones."

The Chowne variation strikes me as a version of the Covens, the latter using the same lion as Bucks / Egertons, and throwing in fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of the Cheshire Wolfleys. Obama's ancestor in Germany (Orsingen) was a mayor Wolflin, and while I read that these Wolflins changed to "Wolfley," it can be expected that the Cheshire Wolfleys apply, especially as Hugh Lupus (le-Meschin's uncle) is in the Wolf/Welf surname (Cheshire), while his mother was a Conteville. It works like this: Dunham-Massey put out the Downs/Douns with Trump stag, but called a buck as per the Bucklow location of Egertons. The way to find its way to Trumps at the southern end of Denmark is to realize that Dunhams were Danes, which was pointed out in the last update when Dunhams were discovered as Harcourts of the Hair kind.

Cone's/Chowne's were seated at Fairbourne. Fairborns (Yorkshire, same as Scarfs) use a "lever-screw," and therein is the trumpet-using Lever surname, expected with Clare's (Dane's) in come way due to the so-called "clarion trumpet." I don't recall any surnames using it aside from Hicks and Arthurs of Clapton. There is no Screw surname coming up, but there is a Scroll/Scrope/Scope surname that I got up because the lever screw looks like a scroll. And while the Scroll/Scrope Crest shares the five, white ostrich feathers of Irish Clairs and the Arms of Traby, the Traby/Sadowski surname uses a scarf while the Scarf wolf head is in the white-on-blue of the same of Hugh Lupus (first Norman ruler of Cheshire). Moreover, the Scope variation evokes Scopi/Scupi, a city of Dardania, and expected with the Skiptons of Yorkshire, where Scarfs were first found. Suddenly, "Scrope" and "screw" look like a branch of Scarfs, evoking the expectation that Trumps, in Scarf colors, are Traby kin as per the Trave river in the area of the first Trumps. Not only were Skiptons married by le-Meschin's brother (William), but Skiptons share the purple lion of Lacys (had a Yorkshire branch). Hugh Lupus' family was closely related to the Alans of Dol, and Dols were first found in the same place as Trumps.

The same Meschin family that married Skiptons also married Clare's of Kent (Tunbridge), where Maschi-beloved Cone's were first found. Cone's share the antler with Hamons (same place as Cone's), named after Hamon de Masci of Dunham-Massey. Hamons use a "rimini" term buried in their motto, and Maschi's were first found in Rimini. We now have a good idea that the Trump stag had ancestry in Masseys, and that it went ahead in the colors of the wolf of Hugh Lupus of AVRANCHes, a Varangi-like term expected with the Varni, the latter first heard of (about 100 AD) in the same place of the first Trumps. The BRANCH's use a version of the Hamon Coat.

Fairborne's ("cede") tell of the Fairbourne location (in Kent) of the Cone's, and as per the Fairborn roundels, it's a no-brainer that Fair liners had married Rundels/ROUNDels (Alan Coat) of Kent. The last update showed why FitzAlans of Arundels were of the Erens, the latter using the double bars of Morinis', who were in Kent, according to the Deering write-up. But Arundels were named after Arun in Sussex, where Downs (and Coverts) were first found, and Downs are in Aaron / Morinis / Billiard colors. Morinis, along with the Time's/Timms (Kent) that use the Morinis fleur, were Moray liners without a doubt, and Billiards (one branch, Yorkshire) use the Moray stars.

Having said that, it appears we just crossed the real (not fictitious) ROUND Table circle of families. The Round surname uses the motto of Scarf-like Sheriffs, and the latter use the Morinis' fleur-de-lys. The SLEEPING lion of Rounds can be for the SELEPitanoi, who lived at the southerly area of the Ardiaei Illyrians.

There was no hint in the Obama dream, that I can recall, for making a link of this covert-theme mystery to Donald Trump. Yet the dream led me to discover that Downs/Douns use the same stag as Trumps. As the Trump stag is in the Arms of Waterford (Ireland), it can suggest that Waters use the three Clare chevrons. The Vatts/Watters use the eye for honoring something of theirs at Eye, beside Diss, and while the Diss surname (more roundels) comes up as "Deise," that's a motto term in the Arms of Waterford. The Deise/Diss chevron with roundels is colors reversed from the same of Fairborns, no guff. The "Nec cede arduis" motto of Fairborns can be partly for the stag-using Neck(er)s (Fairborn colors).

The Table write-up tells that the estate of Tableys was sold to Masseys, Egertons and BREREtons. The Brere's were first found in Salop (same as Meschins), suspect with SELEPitanoi. Brere's use a "nag" horse in Crest, and in the Shield: "An ermine shield disPLAYINg a blue canton with gold falcon volant." The last update had a wealth of revelation on the paper plane that I made upon the billiard table. It was realized that Plains/Playne's were a branch of Blains, from Vilaine, location of Brittany's Dol. But as Diss is located in the same place as Playne's, it was realized that "DISplaying" is code for a Diss-Playne merger, for both surnames were first found in the same place.

Back to Egertons, whom are said to have had a location by that name in Kent. Egertons had a seat at WALLASey on Cheshire's coast, putting it near Liverpool, where trumpet-using Levers/Livers are expected to be from. If you recall, Stans/Stands (Yorkshire) are in the standing rooster of Levers, and in the Arthur motto, so let's mention right here that Worsley Hall (in the Egerton write-up) passed from Worsleys to Masseys, Stanleys (suspect with Trump stag in gold), Breretons, and finally to Egertons. Worsley castle is in Yorkshire...again. We are seeing a repeated Cheshire-Kent-Yorkshire triangle, apparently as per the Meschin-Skipton-Clare triangle. It's clear from the black pheons of Egertons that Walsh's, using the same, were namers of Wallasey. The Egerton Crest is three arrows tied together Rothschild-arrow style. It becomes apparent here that Wallis'/Wallace's are using the Egerton lion in colors reversed.

Worsley castle was the seat of ELLESmere's (same Coat as Egertons), but then the Elis', whom I've long suspected with Meschins, were first found in Yorkshire, though Ellesmere's were first found in the same place (Salop) as Meschins.

Turning to the Worsley write-up, we find that they were what appear to be high-level Templars. They are named from a Workesley location. I have mentioned that Meschins in marriage with Skiptons liked the Elis-like Alis/Alice surname, and here we find that Alice Worsley married John Massey (knight) of Tatton. Worsleys were first found in Lancashire, same as Levers and Liverpool, yet "WORKESley" smacks of Worcester...where Watts were first found, and where there is a Dudley location using the lion of the Kent Masons/Massins. The manner of the Worsleys had an obelisk over 65 feet tall, we read. Dudleys got suspect with count Dudo of Nassau origins, and so watch how Worsleys get us to hunting horns, symbol of Orange, which evokes the Masonic order of Orange.

Worsleys were at a Godshill location of Lancashire, and there is a Godshill surname, first found in the same place (Essex) as Works/Workes' (honored in the Sinclair motto). The Godshill Coat appears to use the wavy Dol fesse and the Clapton patee, logical if "CLAPTON" was from "SELEPITANoi, a line to Salop, where the Dol Alans had lived temporarily, and where SALTire's/Salters (10 billets) were found that use roundels in two colors, including blue hurts. The GoldSALDE variation of Godshills can suggest the Golds, first found in SALTZburg, who share a red hunting horn with Orange's, and moreover the other Golds (Suffolk) use the same lion as Nassau's, itself having gold-bullion bars (called billets), though the Gold lion is counterchanged so that it can also be the Mason/Massin / Dudley lion. I am very sure that the Nassau gold was part of the Quintus-Caepio treasure, though some of it may have went to king Boiorix when he defeated Caepio at Orange. Quints were first found in the same place as Godshills/Goldsalde's. Salde's bring up Sauts/Salts while German Sauts are also Suters, meaning that the Sewers/Suters can apply with this Salt-y picture.

Mr. Skeetz is the one who introduced Dudo of Nassau to me because he was seeking out the proto-Schutz surname of Dudo's German area, which was at Siegerland, and then the Sieger eagle is also the Dunn eagle, perhaps (same colors) . Schutz's are in the colors of the Sauts/Suters, nothing new to him, for I've mentioned it before. But it is so very neat that, in the last week, God gave us a dream that included the Sheet branch of Skeets', yet the central part of the dream seemed to be the Sewers/Suters. It seems as though Suters and Schutz'/Shutz's were one stock, therefore. Irish Leslie's use the same lion as Nassau's, as well as a "Sauvez" motto term that can be of some variation from "Saut>Savet."

BY WHAT COINCIDENCE do the first Schutz's include Woelfel Schuetze of EGER. That doesn't appear coincidental. It appears that Egertons had a GoldSALDE line to Schutz's in connection to Saut/Saltz / Saut/Suter liners. [See Eger surname found below that links to Salters.]

The Gold link to Nassau's / Orange was mentioned in the 5th update of December, where it was added that Golds/Gilders were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Dice's/Diss' while English Goldmans use the latter's colors and format. The Sachs, as per Goldman-Sachs bankers, beloved by Donald Trump, apparently, evoke the white-on-black rose of Playne-related Setters/Satterthwaite's (Suter-like) and the same rose of Dutch Sewers (no other variations given). The paper airplane, remember, went down the sewer! Sachs use the white-on-black rose too. And the Waterford location (loves the Trump stag) had connection with the Deise's/Diss', for Deise, an area at Waterford, is in the Arms motto. The Sachs-like Sykes'/Sichs are the ones sharing the "fountains" of the Waterford surname, and moreover the Sykes' are traced to a Sykes-DIKE entity while Deise's/Diss' are also Dice's.

This looks huge for understanding what these dreams might all be about, for God gave us a dream about Kepke leading a SICKly stag that's well-traceable to the Sykes'/Sichs, and here the meaning behind it may be the Goldman-Sachs character that Trump has been wanting to make the secretary of the treasury. I can see a skincode rising its ugly head from this. Steve Bannon, Trump's conservative advisor, worked for Goldman-Sachs too. The questionable (sounds like a scoundrel) Steven Mnuchin (Munich liner?), whom Trump has made the Treasury chief, is Jewish; both he and his father worked for Goldman-Sachs. Why would Trump pick such a Wall-Street executive after pretending to be opposed to the likes of these things?

So, there you have it, the story that comes out from the back of the employee whom Obama spoke to in the dream. Why was he an employee? It tells me that Backs are part of the Obama bloodline. The wing-loving Backs and wing-loving Bucks, one of which has the steer, and the other with the Egerton lion. Steers share "cede" with the motto of Fairborns, the latter having roundels-on-chevron in colors reversed from the same of Deise's/Diss'. The Cedes variation of Seats might just be a Cetis line of the Geddes / Chad kind, but then Chads share the potent Sheet/Skayte cross. The sheet in the dream was over the tables, and Table's are the ones who sold their estate to Egerton kin until it got to Egertons too. Reminder: Egers share the blue roundels of Table's and Bauer-suspect ArchiBURE's. One of the Bure surnames is the Bewere's, whom are in the write-up of Blate's/Blade's, that being a surname like the Plater variation of Playne's.

Recalling that one Hair Coat is a version of the HarCOURT Coat while the other Hairs use a version of the Dunham Coat, let's go to Courts, with pale bars in the colors of the fesse bars of the Dunham-like Hairs. French Courts use the Orange hunting horn in both colors, and while Boiorix was king of the Cymbri, they had a Cambria region in DENmark, where Harcourts developed. These Cambrians are expected with the Welsh Cymbri, and there is a Welsh Bach surname, first found in DENbighshire. The Court pale bars are blue and gold, but then the Cedes'/Seats use blue-on-white pale bars, and while Coverts got suspect with the sheet in the dream, Courts are Coverts too, and said to be from Sussex, where Coverts/Cofferts were first found along with Downs/Douns that use the Trump stag (I assume). Obama became president over the leadership of NATO by the Dane, Anders RasMUSSEN, a Masci-cousin bloodline linkable to Obama's ancestry.

The Buck and Back wings are in the design of the blue Here / Herzog wings. And while Fairborns are working into this update, the Becks and related Fairs were in the last update. And thanks to the Derbyshire Eyers/Heyers and Here's (blue wings ), one can fathom that Harcourts and Hairs were Ayers (same Coat as Eyers/Heyers), and therefore cousins, at the least, of the namers of Ayrshire. In this way, the Aures Numidians go to the Danes, and can explain the so-called "dark Danes" of the viking period. It's evoking Obama's dark suit. The Skits/Skeets', using the Sheet Coat, were first found in Ayrshire along with Sheds that share the shoulder code with the Down/Doun stag. And Sheds use the shoulder of a HERmit. The Helms share the helMET with HerMITs in colors reversed. What's that about? The other Helms (Sale bend) share pheons with Sale's/Sallets (Cheshire), which can be of the related black pheons between Egertons and Welsh's/Walsh's.

With potent liners tracing from Cetis, let's remind that the Bibo's, suspect with Vibia, mother of Laevillus, come up as "Bible." Then let me repeat from the 1st update of June, 2016 as per Nassau origins at the Siegen theater:

The Arms of Siegen has a Catholic clergyman holding a crozier and what ought to be a Bible. Croziers were first found in the same place (Auvergne) as Claviere's. Crozier's/Crossiers (large besant) are expected to be a branch of Cross'/Croce's (potent cross of the style used by Chads), and then a crossbow is used by Schutz-suspect Stuteville's (Levenax saltire?). If Stuteville's/ESTOUTeville's [Schutz saltire] were of Stuttgart, note that while Rothes use the raven, Siegerland and Sunderland are at a Rothaar mountain system (includes Hesse theater). There is a Sieg river in Siegerland, and there is also a Jewish Sieg surname using SCYTHES on a green Shield (color of the Bauer, Bower, Burley Shield), while Scythe's are listed with Skeets' (potent cross in the colors of the same of Cross'/Croce's)...

Seagars were first found in the same place as Sheets, tending to nail Siegerland with Schutz cousins / branches. But as Dunhams were first found in the same place, recall that Dunns share the eagle in the colors of the Sieger eagle. It seems true what the dream predicts, that Sheets were kin of Dunhams, and all related to the Table's whose manner / mansion passed to Egertons suspect with the Eger location of the second-known Schutz liner. If the Stout vikings (SHETland / Rothesay) were Danes, there is a good chance that Schutz's were Danes, which can explain a Sheet / Skeets link to DUNhams. I tend to see "Nec" motto terms (shared by RUTHERfords and RODhams, like "Rothaar" above) as code for the Neckar river, location of Stuttgart. The "Nec cede arduis" motto of Fairborns can suggest that Cetis-suspect Cedes' were on the Neckar.

So, with Godshills/Goldsalde's traceable to Dudo of Nassau, it's very possible that the Workesley variation of the Godshill-related Worsleys were named after Worcester rulers, or even that Worsleys named Worcester. The Arms of Dudley (Worcestershire) has a Masonic-like priest holding a book or Bible, and the beacon, symbol of Belli's, beloved of Bouillons, first found in the same place as Croziers. There are two Stur rivers in England, one in Worcestershire, recalling that Suters may have been named, ultimately, from Sturs...who have a Stower variation like the Stow variation of Stouts, the latter using three fesse bars upon a Coat reflecting that of the particular Harcourts with the Dunham Shield.

The meaning of the Obama dream is laying heavily upon me early in this update. Ultimately, it appears to have a focal point at the Round-Table Illuminati. The dream is apparently acting as a Voice from Heaven signalling that such a thing still exists, and that it's got covert plots that should concern us. The fact probably is that, no matter who the presidents, they come to realize that they are puppets of this invisible cabal, the Round Table. The presidents get a glimpse of who's behind the Round Table, and they are brought to an understanding, to play along, or suffer consequences.

The Benadryl Event

I told of my bringing home a sick fawn, to raise it as my own, while out driving with Miss Anderson. As the sickly stag in the dream, years after finding the sick fawn (it died), was code for the line of Anders I of Hungary, it seem that finding the sick fawn with Miss ANDERson was a Sign, all interpreted to the best of my ability in the last update. Andersons share the engrailed saltire with Tweeds while Bilderberg-suspect Blythe's were first found on/beside the Tweed river. Bill Clinton, son of Mr. Blythe, was Lord of the Cinqueports, and a Rhodes Scholar. A lord of the Cinqueports (five cities around, and including, Hastings of Sussex) is probably an honorary title only, to make Masonic stupids feel good, apparently. Stupids without God need all the comfort they can get because they have no peace.

Around the time that the fawn was found, Miss Hicks gave a prophetic announcement while speaking to the church. She said, "I saw the giants fall." Although I didn't appreciate, and in fact protested, her first-Person prophecies (her late father had been a Pentecostal pastor), I took this fall of the giants seriously when, a few weeks afterward, I had a dangerous fall. The problem was, I am not a giant, and I do not think that she was referring to me, anyway. But now that the fall event can be shown to be laced with codes, I think I can interpret her utterance as per the RockeFELLer "giants." To show how the particulars of the fall event seems like code for surnames, with a story behind them, let me tell of all the items in capitals.

I had an ALLERgic reaction, again, with hives breaking out all over by body (I mean everywhere), and took a good dose of BENADRYL, afterwhich I got up HOLDING a GLASS of WATER in my HAND. I opened the fridge door, and FAINTed right there (it's the last thing I remember). I don't recall fainting, but I FELL to the floor, and became conscious again while getting up from the floor, seeing BLOOD on the floor, broken glass all around, a large CUT to the inside of my KNEE, and I could feel another cut at my EYEbrow. I went to the bathroom MIRROR to see how bad the cut was (not serious), and began fainting again, FALLing flat on by BACK toward the CORNER of the TILES at the front of the BATH tub. It took all my strength to fall in such a way as not to hit the corner of the tiles with the back of my head, and I succeeded, prayerfully. I got up immediately, and went to lie down in bed in case I fainted again. I managed to PHONE Miss ANDERSON (it was the middle of the night), asking her to come see if I'm okay in the morning. I was hoping not to bleed badly at the knee (large gash, I was unable to tend to it). All was fine in the morning aside from the large blood STAIN in the mattress.

We have recently seen many of the capitalized terms above. For example, the Stain-related STANleys and the Knee's were found to be kin from a Sign having those two items connected (I won't re-explain everything). Andersons use a "Stand" motto term while Stains are listed with Stan(d)s. If this Benadryl event was meant as a Sign, it shows how serious God is, about its message, in allowing me to suffer the event. It turns out that the Andersons share the stars of the GLASS', and the Glass Crest uses Melusine with MIRROR. Already, the event seems to be a Sign.

HANDS are stag liners expected from Andrew's Hungarians, whom had descended from Attila and/or Bleda, the latter suspect with the stag-using BLOODs. "ATILLa" can be suspect with TILE's/Tills. The WATER bloodline is now well-linkable to the Trump stag, you see, so that this event seems to jibe with every other massage of late, and if the meaning of the Benadryl event is that Donald Trump is a Rockefeller agent, I would not be surprised, and moreover it seems Christian-alert-important for obvious reason. But, as we heard, the giants will fall. Or, in case it turns out to be in the following manner, let's jot that down too: Trump may himself cause the fall of Rockefellers. We shall need to see which scenario comes about. The Falls use the stag head too, in the black color of the Knee stag head.

"BenaDRYL" caught my attention because Tile's share the wyvern dragon with German Dragons while it has been resolved that English Dragons/DRAINers were from the DRIN river's Penestae peoples = proto-Pendragon. The old name of the Drin was, DRILon," like "BenaDRYL." And "BENAdryl" is like variations of the BENE/Bean/Van surname (hand), which, I read, is a sept of Mackays along with Fiens/Veynes'/Vans/PHONE's (Tunbridge). The latter are what I claim to be the wife of king Arthur while Pendragon was the father of king Arthur, and both themes work out of "Benadryl," you see. King Arthur was made to die at Bute, where Glass' were first found. The arrow of Mackeys/Margys (Ayrshire, overlooks Bute) is potential code for Artois' Arras capital. While the Veynes' list "Fien," the FAINTS list "Fein."

There are many ways to suffer an allergic reaction if God wanted to use Benadryl for making the Arthurian point above, but while my BODY was covered in hives, the Fien/Veyne bull head is covered in roundels that look like hives. It has been resolved that Fiens were Windsor kin, of obvious importance in end-time events within the Middle East, but let's not neglect that while OTHERS are said to be proto-Windsors, Pendragon was given an UTHER first name, much like "Utrecht," and therefore much like "Atrecht," the alternative name of the Artois capital, Arras. The latter lists the Arrow surname, and moreover while the Maceys share gauntlet gloves with Fiens/Veynes', the Mackeys are the ones with an arrow. Therefore, the Benadryl event is all over the Round-Table bloodline, isn't it, to royal-Windsor circles?

Did I have hives all over by BODY due to an ALLERgy? The Fien/Veyne bull head is white, which we will see again by following the red Body/Botter eagle to the red eagle in the Ardon Crest. And red eagles, without BEAKS, called ALLERions (i.e. like "ALLERgy"), are used by Holdens/HOLDINGs, code for red-wing ALLERs. I was HOLDING the glass of WATER when I FAINTed and FELL, and it just so happens that the three fesse bars of Beaks are used by Faints/Feins. And there is a Waters' (with an 's') surname that shares the single, blue pale bar with Rockefeller-liner Roxburghs, and the Waters pale bar is in both colors of the lone pale bar of Bludders/BLOODers (share stag with Bluds/Bloods). The Maxwells of Roxburghshire share the double-headed eagle with Holdings, but the latter's is in the red of the same of SPECKS/Spicks/Spocks, interesting as per the SPECtacles of Watts and Vatt/Watters! Excellent.

The Knee Crest has another red eagle, and while the News surname got suspect as a Knee branch only very recently, it was first found in the same place (Cambridgeshire) as Stanleys. The "roll of parchment" in the News Crest must be for Rolls (same place as Stains/Stands) that use a potential version of the Fall Coat. The Rolls use billets too. Watters'/Walters are in Fall / Roll colors, and likewise first found in Cambridgeshire. As Watters'/Walters share red boar heads with Fairborns, compare the latter's Crest with that of the News'. While Fairborns use a "Nec" motto term, it's a little interesting that News' have a Nuce variation.

The gold eagle in the Ardon Coat is connectable to the gold eagles of Diss'/Deise's (Arthur colors and format), first found in the same place as Ardons and clarion-suspect Clare's that probably use the three chevrons of neighboring Waters. It's been established that the Beaks are Trebizond elements in connection to Trabys, and while the Beak bars are in colors reversed to the three fesse bars of Haughts (Cheshire), the latter share a white bull head with Buckleys (Cheshire). It can now be shown that the Buckley bulls and chevron are those of Sanders/Centers because the Holding description is: "...six red allerions, and a red escutcheon in the CENTER". I don't think that's coincidental because the Holding motto is identical with the Buckley motto: "NEC temere NEC timide." Recall BUCKLow of Cheshire, home of Egertons (Buck lion), for Buckleys and Buckle's should be Bucklow liners. And to this recall that the Downs/Douns are using the Trump stag (assumed) as a buck, as code for this Bucklow entity. Necks use another stag, and Nece's are listed with Ness'.

Alright, we just saw the eagles of concern tracing to the Deise/Diss eagle, and Trump liners connected between Deise's and Waterford, but there is the issue of the CUT at my EYE BROW, and for this we go to the "human eye" of Battins/Badens, first found in the same place as BATHs. Remember, while I was checking out the eye in the mirror, I started to faint toward the tiles at the BATH tub. I've read that the red Hohenstaufen / Hohenzollern eagle belonged initially to Zahringers of Baden, and the latter trace with no doubt to the Battins/Badens. The Cutts/Cute's use plates = roundels in colors reversed from the Penn roundels, and while I trace the Pendragon fleur-de-lys to the same of Sale's/Sallets, the latter use a version of the Cutt/Cute Coat. It's not a bad argument for viewing my cuts as part of the codework, though I do understand it if anyone refuses to believe that God would do such a thing to me for the purpose at hand. Cutts/Cute's share the greyhound with Penestae-liner Penes'/Pennys. There is a Cout branch of Colts that share the pheon with Sale's/Salletts, and while the Colts use the PILATE pheon in colors reversed, the Cutt/Cute PLATES seem to apply. Penns use PELLETS, and the Pellet surname shares the Coat of Pilotte's. For some reason, I've been blind to this apparent equation between Cutts and Colts, and it's suggesting that Salyes Ligures were at Mont Pilate. As MontaGUE's are also MontaCUTE's, it's very interesting that the Gough variation of the Gue surname is like the Cough surname (Baden-like baton) sharing the Sale/Sallett Coat. Baden is the location of the Neckar river and its Stuttgart location, which we can glean in the "Nec" motto terms of red-eagle Holdings/Holdens. Brows were first found at Orkney, smack where the Stout vikings operated.

The original point of the paragraph above was to show the Human/Yeoman Coat, much like that of Buckleys, and using "spear cronells" suspect as code for Cornells/Cornwalls (Devon, beside the Battins) that use the same lion (both colors) as Bucks and Egertons (share hurts with Table's/Tarpleys). The Human/Yeoman chevron is that also of Pendragons (and Vaughns), first found in Cornwall. The Human/Yeoman cronells look much like rooks used by Rockefeller liners. The Battin/Baden axe's were deemed in the colors of the Hanna stag heads for a related reason, and the latter are colors reversed to the Trump stag head. What was the connection?

Cheshire has the Holden-like Oltons at Oulton, "near TARPorLEY," a term like the Tarpley/Tarplow variations of Table's. Oltens are said to have owned Cheshire's Leighton manor, which then passed to Erdwicks. Suspecting that ERDwicks/EYRdwicks were short for EGGERds (same place as Oltens with an 'e'), it turned out that both use the black boar head, and moreover, while Fairborns use red boar heads, they also share besants on a red chevron with Erdwicks. As Fairborns use a colors-reversed version of the Diss Coat while Eye is beside Diss, it's very interesting that Egger-like EYERs/EYES' share the black-on-white chevron with Eggerds. It tends to reveal that Eggers were Ayer / Ayrshire liners, which is what's suspect with Hairs and Harcourts. Eggerds are said to have moved to Derbyshire's Foston, and it just so happens that Eyers/Eyes were first found in Derbyshire. Round-Table liners thus included Ayer liners, which recalls Obama's pre-president relationship with political activist and killer, Bill Ayers. Obama's mother worked for a Rockefeller agency, and she was posing nude for Frank Marshall Davis (some say he was Obama's true father) while Davis' share the Feller / Rock / Rod trefoil.

Leightons/Leytons share the black wyvern with Tile's/Tills, but as we just saw the Leighton manner going to Eye-suspect Egger liners, it speaks well to my viewing the eye in the mirror and falling back toward the corner of the tiles. Perhaps it's a coincidence, but Fallins/Fullems share the thistle with English Corners/Garners. Did we see black boars in the Eggerd Coat? German Corners/Corne's use the black boar too, and they could very well be Cornell liners i.e. the ones sharing the Egerton lion. It looks good. See also English Corns and Champs/Camps (both in Yorkshire, both with the same chevron, in Corner/Corne colors), but then see the "ears of corn" of French Champs, for "ears" are suspect with "Eyer."

By the way, the TEN Saltire/Salter billets must be code for the THENs/Tyne's, using TEN bars and first found in the same place as Salters. As Salters share hurts with Eggers, there is a possibility that Tyne's use the Egerton lion. The Tyne lion is in both colors of the Bene/Bean/Van lion. While the Tyne river is up by Berwickshire, Egers/Edgars were first found in Berwickshire. There are German Egers said to be from an Eger river. The German Egers use three stars in the form of a pale bar, all in the colors of the Waters / Blooder pale bar.

Salters share red roundels with Scottish Stutts/Stots, a possible Stuttgart line, for the Stutt/Stot pale bars (Schutz / Stutville colors) are colors reversed from the Arms of Stuttgart. The Stutville's/Estouteville's not only use the Schutz saltire, but the Anderson / Tweed saltire (all three of them with an engrailed border). It appears that the Stuteville's are using the Anderson saltire. This laces a Hungarian line to Stute liners which reminds that I trace Drummonds to Shetland. Miss Anderson was part of my fawn story, and then both Fawns and Egers/Edgars were first found at the Tweed-river theater. The "Byggar" motto tern in the Arms of Shetland suggests Biggars that share the same bend as the Hungarian Leslie's. The Tweed flows through Peebles, about 15 miles from Biggar.

While the Arms of Shetland uses a "SCALLAND" motto phrase, the English Trips use a SCALING ladders. German Trips show shoes, likely code for the Shoe's/SCHUCHs i.e. part of the Skeets/Skeoch bloodline expected in the naming of Shetland.

Fawns are said to be integral with Levi-colored Lowes', both having moved to Derbyshire i.e. where Eyers/Eyes' were first found. Lowes' use a wolf version of the Varn bend, but as the Shakespeare's use the same bend while being suspect (last update) with Shechemites, note that the Lowes wolf is in the colors of the same of Shechemite Skene's/Skins (see them last update). Fawns and Lowes' are said to be from AlderWASLEY (Derbyshire), and Wasleys are listed with Worsleys/WORKESleys. I kid you not, Lowes' were first found in WORCEStershire. While Lowes' share ther bend-with-bendlets of Walters/Watters', they are both in the colors of the Walser goat while the Walser mermaid (Melusine) is on a Shield in Worsley colors, while the Lowes motto, "Spero MELIora," is evocative of Melusine because I trace her to Speers, first found in the same place as Ore's suspect in "MeliORA." Walsers were definitely of Wallis canton and therefore of the Walsh's and Wallace's. Vaughns, with variations like those of Fawns, have a Coat and Crest like that of Humans, and as Battins use the human eye, it's notable that Eye may have been named by the Eyes variation of the Derbyshire Eyers.

The ALDERwasley location can be of the Walter-like Alders using a "roll of paper." Papers/Papwalls were first found in the same place as Eye-suspect Humans/Yeomans. Papwalls are possible a branch of Pepins, and the latter, along with Poppins, use a "Mens" motto term while Worsleys use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Mens'. The Poppin Chief uses the stag heads of Walt-like Falts. The latter are said to be from Henry de Ferrers, who received titles from Hugh Lupus, wherefore the Lowes wolf head is probably of the Cheshire Wolfs/Welfs, and in the meantime Lowes' look like Lupus-Laevillus liners, for Vaughns are said to descend from Laevillus-liner Llewellyn. The Anns/Hanne's use the Falt / Poppin stag heads too (Welf / Lowes colors), and were first found in the same place as Scarfs that use the white-on-blue wolf head of Hugh Lupus. Scarfs are suspect with Sheriffs, the latter suspect with the naming of SHREWSbury (Shropshire), where Llewellyn above lived. If that's not enough, the Hanne-like Hanna's use stag heads traced to the axe's of Battins i.e. the ones with the human eye (held by a hand, i.e. kin of Hanna's and Anns). Is that an eye where we see (below) the viking raven symbol; was it code for EYstein, Rollo's grandfather:

Stutville's call their saltire a "cross 'x'," and that could be code for the Egs'/Eggerts, with a perfect version of the Egger Coat but using red roundels instead!!! Saltire's/Salters use both blue roundels (Egger symbol) and red roundels. There just is no doubt about it: Schutz liners were part of the Cheshire Egerton entity. As the Stuteville saltire is a CROSS 'x', lets add that Sheets and Skeets' share the red potent cross with Cross'/Croce's. The Egs'/Eggerts were first found in southern Denmark, essentially, beside the first Trumps in Egger colors.

The Stuteville/Estouteville Crest could have used a cross, but instead uses a CROSSbow. For me, this again spells out that Stute liners were merged with Croce's/Cross'. BOWs use the same lion as Egertons, and while Bows use a motto term of Roets, and while Roets were immediately BEAUforts, the latter's lion is likely a colors-reversed version of the Egerton lion. The Balfour-suspect English Beauforts use a reflection of the Ayer / Eyer Coat!

English Beauforts are said to have been at Newburgh, and there is a Newburgh surname (earls of Warwick) said to descend from a son of Roger Bellomonte (BEAUmont) of Meulan! The Newburghs use the Chief of Setters/Satterthwaite's. As I trace Warwicks to Poland's Warsaw with excellent evidence, while the Piasts ruled at Warsaw, note that Eggs/Edge's use a spread eagle in the colors of the spread Piast eagle. There are three darts in the Crest of Wellesborns (Schutz greyhound?), while Newburghs got the Wellesbourne location of Warwickshire. Wellesborns use fountains inside lozenges in the colors of the same of English Shaws (Irish Shaws, a version of the Ayer / Eyer / Beaufort Coat; Scottish Shaws, another dagger).

The dart is used by Maine's/MAYNES' (same place as Darts)", and that line may have named Maynes (Renfrewshire), where Stute's/Stots are said to have moved to. The Maynes', with a version of the Coat of Egerton-related Walsh's, share black-on-white pheons with Walsh's and Egertons.

Rothschild Origins in Ruedesheim, Apparently

The Archers use a version of the LORCH/Larcher Coat (Derbyshire), and while Archers were first found in Warwickshire while German Setters/Setzers use an "archer," the German Stutts/Stutz's are said to be from LORCH! That can reveal Stuteville's / Stutts/Stots as Setter liners. Lorch is in Roet-like Ruedesheim (Hesse). The Arms of Ruedesheim may have the white scallop at the center of this Arms of Rothschild. Note that the Arms of Ruedesheim has a man holding what could officially be a book, symbol of Roets and Reeds. I had traced the Larcher / Archer arrows to the Rothschild arrows, but the things just described were not, at the time, known.

The Arms of Darmstadt (near Ruedesheim) has both the same lion as Dutch Bush's/Boschs and the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Buschs and the Ruedesheim Stutts. The same-colored lion is in the Arms of Rothschild. It can all explain my claims that George Bush was in Iraq to advance Rothschild interests. Aha! The Boschs use two of the Bush / Gelder fleur, and in the Bosch Crest, three bleu-and-white feathers in colors reversed from the three feathers in the Arms of Rothschild.

As Fetters share the giant sun of Hesse's, it's obvious that the Rothschild / Bosch feathers are code for Fetters, suggesting the logical, a Rothschild link to the fetterlocks of Morays. In fact, as this Moray Coat (with fetterlocks) is no longer showing as of about 2013, the reason may be that a Rothschild agent asked houseofnames to remove it. I trace Rothschilds to the Rothes castle, of Peter Pollock, at Rothes, in Morayshire. Moray is where the Randolphs ruled that are likely in Obama's ancestry, and Morayshire is where Rothers/Ruths/Randolphs (red Shield, Feather colors) were first found. Rothers evoke the similar mountains at Siegerland.

The sun of Dusters (taken from the "inDUSTRia" motto term in the Arms of Rothschild) should apply. The Jewish Cohens/Kagans use both the sun and Moray stars. Feathers, by the way, use the motto of Witneys in colors reversed, who were looked up as per a similar variation of Wettins. While English Wettins share buckles with Leslie's, Rose's (Bosco kin) use the boar head of Less' (Berkshire, it figures) and Bard/Beards. The Rothes location at Morayshire is where the Rose clan above lived that we can expect in the Jewish-Rothchild roses.

The sinister-facing white-on-red horse (colors of the Saxon horse) of that Rothchild (no 's') Coat is easily linked, now, to the Rasmussens (sinister-rising bend), first found in Hesse, and using a white-on-red unicorn. There is a white-on-red horse in the Arms of Ruedesheim, with a knight seated upon it, and that can be linked to the Dutch Ruthers. Note that the horse with rider of Motels has an arm in its mouth, the symbol of Dusters. Between Frankfurt (home of the first Rothschild, Mayer Bauer) and Darmstadt is Russelsheim, expected from Roussillon because it's related to Rodez/Rodes, like the RUDESheim version of "Ruedesheim.

[A day or two after writing here, I needed to return to the Ruedesheim article, and this time I caught glimpse of ASSMANNShausen: "Assmannshausen is, since the incorporation in 1977, a quarter of Rudesheim am Rhein in the Rheingau, located on the Rhine in the state of Hesse." Rasmussens come up as "ASSMAN." It could appear that Rothschilds chose Rasmussen for their NATO chief. Assmannshausen is in Rheingau-Taunus, the Arms of which (sinister split) uses the Nassau lion.

While the gold Nassau lion in the Arms above has a red tongue, ditto for the gold lion in the Arms of Mainz-Bingen (next-door to Rheingau-Taunus). As Bings/Bengs use a Taber-like motto term, note the lion heads of Tabers, in ther two colors of the Nassau lion, while the Taber Crest is a off-gold, brown lion with a red tongue.]

There is a Rudes/Rudge/Rutch surname, first found in Shropshire, same as Rothes. The Rudes Coat has a cross reflecting the cross of Mandys/Mundays, and the latter's "Deus" motto term should be code for the Deuster variation of Dusters. PLUS, the three colors of the Rudes are those of German Caplans while English Caplans use a version of the Roet Coat! We have thus discovered a Roet line right where Rothschilds are tracing. The Roet-beloved Books (same stag head as Book-loving Reeds) were first found in the same place (Berwickshire) as Gords that use the same boar head as Roets.

Caplans and Capes link to GARDners, possibly in the naming of StuttGART, for Garts are with lions in the colors of the Arms of Stuttgart. Garts share the three fitchees of Shere's/Shire's, first found in the same place as Garts, which is Surrey. The Surrich variation of Surreys is expected from Zurich, to the south of Stuttgart. The Arms of Zurich is a good reflection of the Egger Coat, by the way.

[A day or two after writing here, I recalled the Gartsens, using ravens!!! Zowie, and their are three blue ravens, like the three stag heads of Hanna's to which I trace the blue antler of the Baden Zahringers.]

Not far above we saw the crossbow of Stuteville's with a connection to Roet-Beauforts and Beaumonts of Meulan, recalling that a daughter (Isabel) of Eschyna de Molle (Meulan-like) married the brother of Peter Pollock of Rothes castle as well marrying Robert Croce, the latter surname listed with CROSSbow-suspect Cross'. The Rudes motto happens to include "CRUCE".

Stuteville's are said to descend from one Roger (11th century), brother of Herluin, the latter having been founder of the Bec abbey. French Jeans use a version of the French Bes/Bec/Best Coat (same place as Jeans), and that surname can link to Bec because, I'm fairly sure, Bec was of the Meulan Beaumonts that use the same lion as Jeans / Bes'/Becs. Amazingly, the Jeans came up in the last update because, in a 38-year old dream that was therein unraveled, I was walking onto a BEACH with my jeans (but no shirt). As Beach's show "Bech," it appears that the beach was code for Bec liners. Amazing.

As Beaumonts birthed the Leavells, while Vaughns are Leavell liners while having a version of the Human Coat, it may not be coincidental that Beaumonts were first found in the same place (Gloucestershire) as Humans. Jeans use the bell, in Label/La Bell colors, and Beaumonts were Bellmonts too. Labels were both first found in Gascony while Gascons share the duck with Herluin-possible Herls/Hurls. While Samsons were first found in Gloucestershire too, they share the lion of English Jeans, first found in Worcester. It's then interesting that Borderlands Bells use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Worsleys/Workesleys in colors reversed.

Yes, Beaumonts were at Bec: William of Beaumont, cousin of Robert I of Meulan, was the abbot of Bec. The link says that Henry of Beaumont had a son that was earl of Warwick, and Warwickshire is where Sheriffs were first found. The same Henry was bishop of EVREUX (and archbishop of Rouen, no small potatoes), which recalls that the Jean lions were interpreted (last update) as the ABREU lions. The book (page above) mentions that Waleran, father of the Leavells, have a gift to Bec abbey.

As it appears that while Eggers were Ayers, it makes sense that Skits/Skeets' and Sheds were first found in Ayrshire, and moreover this is proving to be the line of the Stuttgart ravens to the Stout vikings in Shetland and Rothesay. Yes, that's what this is about. Recall that Nettle's use an enTWINed snake, for the Arms of Holstein uses a "nettle leaf" while Egs'/Eggerts were first found at Schleswig-Holstein. Might "Schles" be a Schults liner? These vikings were also in the Orkneys, and that's where the BROWS/Burghe's/Bruche's/Brughs were first found (specifically at Harcourt-possible Harray). Henry Sinclair of Rus-likely Roslin ruled Orkney while Bruges'/Bruggs (from Sudley castle) use the same cross as Sinclairs; the Brows/Brughs explain the reason. While Sinclairs use a "work" motto term, Eggertons were related to the Workesley version of Worsleys while Works come up as "Workes." This is what appears to be an important and early Sinclair element not before known by me. The "commit" motto term of Sinclairs is for a variation of Conte's such as Comites' / Comitissa's, and this goes to Herluin de Conteville, son of John de BURGO. This is a good way to start proving that the Stout vikings were of the Norman Sinclairs. The white Work-Crest lion may be the Eger/Edgar lion.

Why do Danish Bauers share the hurt with Table's? Most every Rothschild investigator tends to put the Bauer>Rothschild line within the Round-Table Illuminati. German Egers/Egermanns (Jewish?) use stars in colors reversed from the same of Bauers, first found in the same place (Bavaria) as Egers. The Shoe's/SCHUCHS, with a variation like the Skeochs of Ayrshire's Skeets', use the Eger star too! The Aures surname was first found in Bavaria (same as raven-using Rothes'/Rothchilds), and may be using the Egerton lion, therefore, but then Egertons are the ones sharing bunched arrows with Bowers and the Arms of Rothschild. The Arms of Ayrshire has a "shaw" motto term in honor of the Shawia Numidians, and the Sauers, said to be from the Shaw-like Sava river, use the same red-on-white lion as Aures' too. It appears to be none other than the Numidian-Rus merger.

Recall that Egertons had a seat at WALLASey, for Wallis'/Wallace's, first found in Ayrshire, are with the Egerton lion in colors reversed. The Wallis lion is white and upright, as is the Fallis lion. Italian Fallis' use the same Coat as Scottish Fallis', and show (in their write-up) a Faillon variation like the Wallensis version of Wallace's. Variations of Italian Fallis' suggests Falts (stag heads), which share three bunched arrows with Egertons. The other Falts/Fauls were first found in Ayrshire! This is suggesting that Walsh's, Wallace's, Fallis' and Falts were branches. From this, one can fathom a Walt(er) variation.

The possibility is that the leaders that fronted Trump secretly needed to have him run as a Republican because there was no way of getting rid of Hillary Clinton from running (too many Democrats liked her because polls guaranteed a Democrat win with her). And they could have advised him to act like an anti-globalist in order to get elected. They could have said, pretend this and pretend that. It seemed that neither Obama nor the FBI wanted Hillary to win; perhaps they knew what the invisible cabal had chosen, which wasn't Hillary. Didn't Trump's daughter marry a Jew? They might like Israel, but their first priority can be to do business in the Middle East, and for that, peace between Israel and Arabs is part of the desired goals. The current instability in the Middle East may actually have stability, under Western control, as its aim. Make chaos, weaken the Middle-East nations, then mop it up with a Western mop. Only now, high-riding Russia has entered as the Middle-East police, and Russia takes every view that I do against the West, and perhaps worse. But just as soon as the West speaks kindly to Russia, they get in bed together. That's where we differ; I will never accept the West as it now calls the spiritual shots. God has decreed that the West must be ruined as it now proliferates itself. I agree. There is even the possibility that Trump will be God's painful hammer on the sinful Democrats.

It's a hard call on whether Fallis' / Falts were Rockefeller liners. German Stutts/Stutz's share the fleur of Corners/Garners, and the GARNers can be from the Varni. While German Corners/Corne's (Varn / Stuttgart colors) appear to be Cornwall liners, I would not view Cornwalls/Cornells as Varni. Instead, a Cornwall-Varni merger suits me better. Note that while German Bush's (same place as Schutz's) use the same fleur as Corners/Garners, German Corners share the black boar with the Yorkshire Bush's. And Wagers/Waigers (Weiser colors), sharing the heart with Scottish Stutts/Stots, and expected from the Wagrians on the Warnow river (ROStock) of the Varni, were likewise first found in Yorkshire. Dutch Bush's/Boschs use another red and upright lion. I trace Bush's to Busca (Bosco's were ROSE kin), near the Stura river that may have named Suters.

I truly wish I knew what Suters derive in, but whatever the case, they are linking with their branches to Stute liners suspect with the Rus. There is some evidence that the Stura river applies, but as Suters (leopard) share a Shield like that of Saddocks and Chadocks / Chadwicks, they should all prove to be variations of "Cetis," or from the entity that named Cetis. Suters use the fitchee, yet the basis of the fitchee, or even the kin of Fitch's, is not firmly established in my mind. The leopard faces of Fitch's go to the Fieschi of Genoa, and the Stura is inland from Genoa. The Suter fitchees are in the colors of the Seagar moline), shared in colors reversed by Segni's/Segurana's (who are in the motto of Fessys/Face's), first found in Genoa. As both the fitchee and moline are crosses, they trace to Croce's/Cross' that share the potent cross with Chads and Sheets, etc. Plus, Seagars were first found in the same place as Sheets/Skayte's, who, according to the Obama dream, are kin of Suters.

[Later in this update, the leoPARD is suggested for Pardons/Partons in some new, key discoveries concerning Tuscany liners to the Conqueror, and the Pardons are of excellent help in tracing them to Perta at lake Tatta. Tatta was instrumental, according to my work of late, in setting up the elements of my concerns in Cetis. The Pardon topic will even show some Tuscany links to the Trump stag.]

If Dutch Sewers were a branch of the Sewer variation of Suters, then it strikes me that the sewer in the dream could be speaking on the white-on-black rose (Playne colors) shared between Sachs and Dutch Sewers. In this picture, Dutch Bush's can apply to Dutch Sewers as per the Bosco merger with Scottish Rose's (WATER bouget). The dream could then serve to reveal that Obama, Bush and Trump are all supporters of Goldman-Sachs, and that this latter organization is about to push the skincode system further while Trump is president. The German-Bush fleur is used also by Gold-like Gelders.

[Insert -- Just hours after writing the paragraph above, I finally got round to loading Sachs/Sax's, to see that they were first found in Breslau. I kid you not, the Arms of Breslau uses the head of John the Baptist on a PLATTER!!! The Playne's, who are to be merged with Sewers, according to the Obama dream, are shown properly as "Platter"! Zikers. I proposed that Breslau (Poland) uses the Baptist's head because it's where Herods lived who were proud of killing John. Herod Archelaus had grape vines on one side of his coin, and German Platters/Plate's use the GRAPE vine as likely code for the line of Herod AGRIPPa! As you can see, the Playne/Platter Chief is a reflection of the Setter/Satterthwaite Chief that itself has the same roses as Sachs. It tends to nail that Suters are coming up as "Sewer" because Setters=Suters were merged with Dutch Sewers (same rose, essentially).

The official description of the Arms where John the Baptists is in the 3rd quarter, is partly like so: "the head and SHOULDERs of St. John the Evangelist gardant Argent, with youthful FACE and long HAIR Argent outlined Sable and with halo Or outlined Sable, issuant from an inverted crown Or outlined Sable. Surmounting all at center a ROUNDEL Argent, double-bordered in Sable, charged with St. John the Baptist's head Argent, with BEARD and hair Sable, semi-gardant turned toward the DEXTER." The silver/white roundel is a PLATE, generally, in heraldry.

I am now convinced now, completely, that the dream was about Goldman-Sachs. I had reported a few times during the Obama years that he was a supporter of Goldman-Sachs.

The Sacks/Sage's (Cap/Capes colors) happen to use a chevron in the colors of the three of Singletarys that happen to put a BEARD on their antelope. Sacks/Sage's use "old men's heads wearing black CLOSE CAPs." Close's/Clovse's (Macey Shield?) were first found in the same place as Singletarys. The latter are said to be from Singleton in KIRKham (Lancashire), and then Kirks use a sword forming a saltire with a crozier, while Caps/Capes' use a sword forming a saltire with an oak branch. The Sawyers (same place as Dunhams) use a Kirk-suspect motto term while sharing white footless martlets with Singletarys (share gold spear with Dunhams). These martlets are in use with Saddocks, first found in Sussex, where there is another Singleton location.

Singletarys are said to have possessed the town of Thornley, and there is a Thornley surname, in Singletary colors, and first found in Durham, which was DUNholme in earlier times. Note the white wolf head in the Thornley Crest, and that one Thornley location was beside WOLsingham, for Obama's ancestry is expected with the Wolfleys/WOOLeys. Thornleys use virtually the Wassa/Gace Coat in colors reversed (but also reflect the Dart Coat, for the record).

The Thorley surname was looked up in case it can be a Thornley branch, and it's said to be from Thorley of Hertfordshire, held by Rodhere, a bishop of London, and that's where Caps/Capes' (Rother colors) were first found. German Roders are in Singletary colors, and happen to use a spread eagle in the colors of the same of Childs (first found in Hertfordshire too, and Childs are the Childeric line. Childs use one of the three Singletary chevrons. Childeric's son, Clovis, has traced well to the Clovis variation of Close's. As Childeric ruled at TOURNai, Thornleys can be from that place.

Thorleys are in the white-on-green colors of the Wolfley "wool packs" (might they have been wool SACKs before Wolfleys married Packs?), and in the colors of the white wolf heads of Torleys! Good one. Torleys were first found in the same place (Galway) as Teague's/Teegers, explaining why houseofnames gave the two surnames the same wolf design in Crest. I trace Teague's to the Touque's and therefore to the Touques river, where Gace is located to which Thornleys may have been acquainted by marriage. It's online that Obama descended from a mayor Wolflin of Germany while that surname became "Wolfley" when in America. As Teague's share the cross of English Julians, by what coincidence do Wolsinghams/Walsinhams (same place as Dunhams) use the six bars of German Julians in colors reversed? "TOUQue" got suspect with the Tous variation of Tosini's because the latter share the star of German Teegers, apparently.

Torleys are shown properly as Tullys/Tillys and even "Atilla." The Wolfleys happen to use blue wolves, and it's said that the blue wolf was a symbol of Mongols / Huns, but I have always claimed that the Attila Huns applied, and here we are. Bleda can be in the "blood drops" of the Singletary antelope, and Bleds are the ones with a "tous" motto term. That's striking, especially as Bleds share three chevrons with Singletarys (Sinclairs, right?) while that latter's three link well to the three of Clare's, i.e. in colors reversed from the three of Bleds! We now know why Singletarys use blood drops.

If you missed an addition this week to the last update, it involved the Turleys using the three Singletary chevrons, apparently.

Thornleys were not only at Wolsington, but at Crook, and it just so happens that Crooks/Croks (Thornley colors, same place as Singletarys) use the bend of Aids, apparently, but it's in the colors of the Wolfin and Pollock bend. Pollocks are included because Eschyna de Molle's daughter married Robert Pollock while Eschyna herself married Robert Croce. It's known that Crooks were from Robert Croce. The Dunham-related Randolphs were rulers of Moray, where Peter Pollock had his castle. In this picture, Obama traces to proto-Rothschilds i.e. the Pollocks. End Insert]

The Brows share black swans with Chaplets, and chaplets are used by Sach-possible Saxons. The cut on my brow recalls that, now, there is evidence that Cutts/Cute's are a branch of the Couts / Coutts sharing the stag and pheon of Gelder-like Celts/Colts. Cutts / Couts had looked above to be merged with the Sale's/Salletts that I expect at Saluzzo, beside Busca. If you check out the Couts and Coutts, one has red antlers, the other blue, which were the colors of the Veringer (Varni suspects) and Zahringer antlers respectively. Saluzzo was was an area of Italy reachable politically by the royal family of Rozala of Ivrea. I had traced her to white-on-black roses, which happens to be the colors of the Sach / Sewer / Settar/Satterthwaite (Suters?) roses. Might the Sachs have gone through Cuneo / Ivrea? It recalls that I had traced the Fire's to the Stura river, and the Fire's use half a unicorn (and half goat) in the colors of the so-called "Saxon horse", how about that. The Arms of Shetland (raven) uses a white unicorn. As Bush's use a goat head, it can apply to the bottom half of the Fire animal. As the Brows use the same saltire as Supers/Sopers (billets), the Sewers may apply to that surname. German Sobers (SAXony) use ROSE leaves.

Varni were a fellow tribe of Angles, and Stutts/Stutz's use an angel in Crest. English Angels/Angle's share a half horse with the Arms of Stuttgart, and show a cane-like "baston" while French Bastons/Batons share red roses and a blue Shield with Stutts/Stots. German Angels use the red rose in both colors of the Stutt/Stot rose. This is the Rus line, isn't it? It evokes the Stout Rus. The Angels/Angles with the baston have a motto phrase, "Stare SUPER" (Stairs/Stayers have the English Capone Coat). The Cutts/Cute's and Sale's are suspect with the bend of English Rothes'. Russells (goat), probably from Roussillon, location of Roquefeuil, use the same lion as Egertons too. Bastons/Batons were first found in Poitou, suggesting that the Baston/Baton Shield is the blue one of Poitvins, who show a white-on-blue rock, the colors of the same of Roquefeuil-based Roque's (same place as Roquefeuil). Dutch Bush's/Boschs share billets with the Arms of Roquefeuil, as well as sharing a red-upright lion, and goat, with Russells.

The Baston/Baton Coat (compare with Capote's/Chaputs/Chapus') has the same rose-filled Chief as French Sturs/Esturs/Estermayers (Jewish?), and the latter's Coat is reflective of the Stutt/Stot Coat. Compare the latter with the Coat Coat. Why do Code's/Codds use ravens?

I have the sense that, due to the several dreams and events combining at this time, something sinister, in the planning for a long time, has already begun from the invisible monsters. The will of God for mankind is spiritual cleanliness; the words of Jesus make us clean. It's so simple, really. But look at all the spiritual filth in the West. At whose feet will God lay the blame? At those who claim to be the true rulers of the West. Those whom are highly respected. And why are they highly respected? I haven't got a clue. The tendency is to respect those who climb high in politics, but, as we just saw, an absolute pornographic, money-hounding scum has just become the president of the United States, and before that, the Obama scum, and before that, the Bush scum. And we almost had the Hillary scum. What kind of way is this for me to speak on these "great" people? Not even the people running for president speak kindly of each other. Christians had placed their hope on Bush because he seemed respectable. We then learned that he was a fake, like all the rest. They know that respectable imagery is needed to become elected. And it's this false respectfulness that the West has as the very best thing going for it. On top of these things, we don't know the full spiritual condition of the invisible money bags that influence / control the elected officials. It seems more like an insane asylum than the cleanliness of God. When all the world's people are clean because they like to be, that's when Jesus will be ruling. Enjoy a clean life, it's so simple, the answer to all the world's problems.

The Democrats are saying this past week that Trump's pick for treasury ran a bank in which it foreclosed peoples' mortgages based on an attempt to enrich itself during / after the banking scandal that started at the end of Bush's eight years. It's in the news by searching "Mnuchin" (pronounced, men-u-kin). Although I expect Democrats to always demonize Republican leaders, I still read their articles fishing for truth that wouldn't be advertised by Republicans. Banks are not supposed to desire foreclosures. That's supposed to be a failure of the deal in the eyes of the bank, but if the banks like foreclosures, it obviously stinks. It's not clean. And neither is Trump clean. He's not likely to put clean people at the posts closest to his agendas, for clean people will object to his methods of governing. Cleanliness includes honest, ethical methods. A charging bull can be expected to throw up some mud, but a clean person behaves like a gentle dove. Trump's already in trouble because he's acting like a bull out of the gate. If the clean person disagrees with his methods, he'll be bucked off.

It's not easy to find details on the raven-symbolized viking invasions of the Orkneys, Shetland, and Mann, but Wikipedia has a short article on the crow-suspect Crovan dynasty, from the same stock as Sitric and Maccus. The Crovans are traced to a Gofraid, a name also of the Sitric > Maccus line, and suspect with the Gophers/Gofers that use the Scottish flag, Andrew's Cross. Gophers are in the colors of the Danish and Swedish Anders. The Gophers put drops on their saltire, symbol also of Pattersons/Cassane's that in-turn share the white-on-blue scallops with Swedish Anders. It suggests that Gophers trace with king Andrew I of Hungary to the Apsus river (location of AntiPATRia, where PATTERsons trace, but also the river on which TROPoje is located, that being of the Trope variation of drop-using Drops). The way to make sense of this is to take my trace of proto-Hungarians on the Ticino/Tessin river, a trace that was made independent of my trace of Decks/DAGGERs to the Ticino, which itself was made before I knew of the ancient DEXARoi at Antipatria. So, it appears that the Crovan dynasty traces to an Antipatria line through the Ticino, and while one can be certain that Tease's/Tess'/Tecks were Ticino-canton liners, note that Tease's/Tighs (same place as Annas') use a colors-reversed version of the Jewish Goffer Coat. The latter's fesse is in the colors of the Scottish flag. There was a Hungarian king, TAKSony, a potential Teck liner, ruling shortly before Andrew I.

I always link the Laevi of the Ticino (may have named Levante, brother of Andrew I) to the Ananes Gauls, and the latter to Annan(dale), which should explain why Andersons (same stars as Goffers) share the Annandale saltire. It seems strange to trace Hungarians, or even proto-Hungarians, to pirates between Ireland and Scotland. If a branch of proto-Hungarians came to the Scottish Isles independent of the other branch going to Hungary, it can explain why the Atheling Saxons (princess Margaret's father) were in exile with Andrew I. Margaret's father was Edgar, perhaps of the Eger/Edgar surname, and he was in exile in Kiev with Andrew I. The Dexaroi are in-code with daggers, for example the KilPATRick dagger with drops, but while Dexters/Decksters also trace to Dexaroi, and while some right hands are called, dexter hands, it doesn't look coincidental that Egers/Edgars use "A right hand holding a dagger." The Eger/Edgar motto, "MAN do it," must be part-code for the Isle of Mann (raven in its Arms), ruled by the Crovan dynasty as well as Maccus' family.

There seems to have been some connection of the raven-line pirates to these Hungarian cousins. By what coincidence are Stute's/Stutts/Stots using pale bars in colors reversed from the same of Atheling-like Athols, first found in the same place as the Hungarian Drummonds? Fesse bars in the same colors are used by Saxony. The Arms of Saxony is used by German Wettins, but then English Wettins (Gloucestershire), share buckles with the Hungarian Leslie's, who came from Hungary with queen Margaret, when Maurice Drummond piloted the ship...that I suspect in the Arms of Shetland. Repeat: "It appears that the Stuteville's are using the Anderson saltire."

Vertical bars in the number of the Athol bars are in use with Courts/Coverts, while the COFFERT variation of the other Coverts is like "GOFRAID."

I'd like to repeat: "Stuteville's are said to descend from one Roger (11th century), brother of Herluin, the latter having been founder of the Bec abbey. French Jeans use a version of the French Bes/Bec/Best Coat (same place as Jeans), and that surname can link to Bec because, I'm fairly sure, Bec was of the Meulan Beaumonts that use the same lion as Jeans / Bes'/Becs. Amazingly, the Jeans came up in the last update because, in a 38-year old dream that was therein unraveled, I was walking onto a BEACH with my jeans (but no shirt). As Beach's show "Bech," it appears that the beach was code for Bec liners. Amazing." The next thing in the dream (it is still vivid in my mind after 38 years), after seeing myself in jeans upon the sand, was spotting a car on the beach with a woman walking to its front from the driver door. At that moment, I saw a close-up of her face, and exclaimed, "She's BEAUTIful." And after that I was at the car, with her asleep inside of it, and I was directed by a voice to go wake her up, which I proceeded to do, Sleeping-BEAUTY style by kissing her awake. It dawned on me that there might be a Beauty surname that could be a Beaumont branch, and I was not disappointed, for the Beauty surname (Dorset) shares three black-on-white bulls with Walerans, apparently! If I recall correctly, Waleran was the son of a daughter of the Meulan Beaumonts! Amazing. The Waleran write-up traces to Meulan.

Beechams are listed with BEAUchamps, suggesting another Bow/Bough / Beaumont branch. Beechams/Beauchamps are traced Guy Beauchamp, earl of Warwick, and we saw Beaumonts ruling Warwick. The Beauty surname is listed with Bow-suspect Bowds/Boweds/Bowoods. The Walerans use the bulls as heads, and colors reversed from the lower bull head of Sanders; the latter were looked up in the last update because I was on sand, as was the car (Sands and Carrs were first found in the same place).

Beechams use the colors and format of Hicks, important because the woman was resolved as Miss Hicks, someone I had met about 18 years ago. The Hicks are said to be from SAUTeby, and Sauts/Suters became extremely important when the Obama dream was given to us in the last update, just as I was writing out the interpretation of the beach dream. Both dreams had SUITs that bring up the Sewers/Suters. But here I can add that while Hicks share the gold-on-red fleur-de-lys with Falts, the latter were first found in the same place as English Sauts/Salts.

I've just realized that Sauts/Suters (share gold fesse with Hicks) share gold-on-black hexagrams / Zionist stars with German Becs. If you look at this, it tends to prove that Miss Hicks was the beautiful woman. Without the Hicks surname, Sauts/Suters wouldn't have come to topic in the last update. The Suits/Suters were introduced at paragraph 431, while the sewer dream was introduced in paragraph 555 like so, " Last night, I had a dream." Paragraph 431 would probably have been written the day before 555, and, if so, the Sauts/Suters were introduced on the day that the sewer dream would take place. It tends to assure that Miss Hicks was in that car.

Poor Miss Hicks, probably isn't reading this, not knowing yet that God may want her to marry me. I'm not calling her to tell her about this update, or the last, because I am happy being single. I will only forward these updates to her if I feel that God wants me to. In the letter I wrote her 5-6 years ago, explaining the dream, I told her that I needed to expect a woman who had a temporary man owning the 1950's model car in the dream, and I wanted her to have that information up-front, before she ended up with a man owning such a car, so that she would know that she was in my dream. But I've learned this past week that the car was a symbol for Carrs / Carlisle i.e. not necessarily having anything to do with another man owning a car. The woman in the dream was like a MODEL, and while I can't recall the model of the car, I've called it a classic-MODEL car (it was all done-up nice). The Models/Middle's, first found in the same place as Rothes and Rudes'/Rudge's, are said to have had a MEADley variation while Arthurs of Clapton, at the time they married Hicks, also married Meads (share the pelican with Arthurs). The Meads come up as "Meadley." It's not easy or likely to take things in the dream, and then find them linking heraldically.

There is more in the way of a Hicks trace to Ruedesheim (Hesse). Carrs share the sun with Hesse's and Fetters, and moreover the "sed" motto term of Carrs can be for the Sead/Seat bloodline, for she was hovering over the Seats of the car. I recall the seats being white, and the car being red, the colors of Rudes' and other Redone liners.

Next, she popped into my arms and we were RISING into the sky, which is why I figured that God had chosen her, or foretold her, as my wife. But, suddenly, it may have nothing to do with marriage because, whether I choose to use "float" into the sky, or "rising," it seems to have heraldic value. The Floats were shown in the last update as a branch of Fleets / Flecks/Flags, and McLeods of SKYE and Lewis use FLAGS. The "RISINg" term in heraldic descriptions was emphasized a few weeks ago in relation to RHISINum, where the Ardiaei lived that trace to Arthurs i.e. that married Hicks. In other words, while the woman was Miss Hicks, it's not necessarily true that she needs to become my wife. The only thing I can be certain of at this time is that God has used me -- events and dreams in my life -- as some sort of prophetic tool to disclose some prophecy-related revelation. The dream was absolutely instrumental in getting me to go out and live alone. Immediately after coming to live alone, I started to write the post-trib book, and I have never stopped writing, almost daily, since about 2005. I could not have come as far as I have, in heraldic smarts, had I been married all this time.

We saw that Beautys are sharing the black bulls of Walerans, and it was not many weeks ago (5th of December) that the black bull of McLeods was absolutely discovered to be the Waleran bull. "Skye" may even be a Sykes variation. Houseofnames shows the McLeod bull in white, the colors of the Sanders bull head. While I don't recall rising into the clouds with Miss Hicks, that would have been appropriate where McLeods come up as "Cloud." And the Skye term may have been, in the first place, a variation of some surname as play on "Cloud." As Flags use double fesse bars, they should prove to have been Harcourt Danes. [In the next section, the Flag/Fleck entity comes up with an investigation on the Varni-suspect Warin family (11th century) so that Varni > Varangians can apply too.

If there is a question on whether Rimmons/Crimmons (Skye) derive in one or the other variation, I would suggest that they are from Rimini, for the lion is in the colors of the lion of the Rimini Maschi's, and the Crimmon/Rimmon motto suggests Diva, the Cheshire capital where le Meschin ruled. Rimmons are said to have known McLeods well. My mother is a Maschi liner. Hicks and I rose to the sky. French Jeans use the same lion as Rimmons/Crimmons. End insert]

The Rudes Crest has " Two arms in red supporting a silver SHIELD, emerging from a mural coronet." I have it from a long-time emailer, with Pollock mother, that Peter Pollock's daughter or granddaughter was Muriel, and that speaks to the Mural coronet. The emailer used "lady Rothes" for this person, and she had married a Mr. Watson while Watsons (share the oak with Watts / Vatts) were first found in RUTland.

Aha! While Morinis' were traced to Morays, even as Rothschilds do, Muriels (peacock) use the Morinis fleur-de-lys. The Muriel pale bar: "...a red pale engrailed, VOIDed of the field..." Bowers, Bauers, Bourlys, Pollocks, and VOYTs all share green Shields. The Voeter variation can suggest Boeters/BOWaters/BOUGHwaters (Sadducee house of Boetus?), using an escutcheon in colors reversed to that of Natts/Nathans and Sadducee-like Saddocks.

The last event in my squirrel saga (a years-long string of events in my attic concerning squirrels up there) was the last squirrel that will ever be up there (the attic is now fully enclosed). That last squirrel got in, but never got out, after I sealed the only place that it had left to get in and out, which was at a small opening at the SOLAR PANELS. I was anticipating this event as a Sign, and was not disappointed, for weeks later, I found that PAINELLs are in the SOLE/Sola. Can you believe it? If the Painells disappear from that write-up, be assured they were there. The Solneys married Painells, that's what it says. But we can now add to this, because Fulke Paynel is in the Waleran write-up, as one transferring a deed to Waleran of Meulan. Fulke Panel is said to be the lord of Brampton, and Bramtons use two lions in the colors and passant position of the three lions of Solars/Solas', I kid thee not. So, you decide. Has God been wanting to say things through me? Why? Should you keep tabs on my messages over the coming weeks / months / years? What will He message next?

Here is God's message: Rothschilds and Rockefellers, give back the money you have hoarded for yourselves, to the people that need it desperately in these days, for your hoarding has made getting by (paying the basic bills for necessities ) very difficult for many. You are the epitome of greed, and will be judged terribly if you shun God's calling in these last days.

I had read that Rothschilds were into Rosicrucianism, which puts a red rose on its Christian-like cross, but even that could be a code for the Cross/Croce / Crutch/Crooch bloodline that founded Templar Jerusalem. Certainly, no one would disagree strongly in a claim that Rothschilds, in founding modern Israel, were followers-up on the old Templars. Miss Florida has just emailed about Pennsylvanian Rosicrucians using pyramids as sanctuaries / temples, which reminds of the pyramid-shaped tombstone of Charles Taze Russell, a Zionist of Britain, and founder of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Russell had an unhealthy interest in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and claimed such things as God putting prophetic messages into its dimensions, etc., etc.

By what coincidence did the founder of the Mormons and the presidential Bush family both come out of ROCHester, New York? As this very Bush family had married Smiths, the surname also of the Mormon founder, it's a good bet that the Bush's had belonged to the Freemasons that the Mormon founder (Joseph) entertained on the top floor of his Mormon headquarters. What connections did the Bush's have in becoming very rich? I claim that the fiscal-cliff "crisis" was a hoax, and so we should note that it was a phrase being circulated in the time of the final Bush president. The Cliffs (share "CRUCE" motto term with Rudes') even use a version of the English Bush Coat while Fisks not only use a version of the Cliff Coat, but a pyramid in Crest. Cliffs were first found in the same place as Rudes' and Rothes, and the Rudes can be reckoned here as using the Fessy/Face cross because Fessys are from Fisk-like Fieschi's of Genoa.

Rochester is not far from the Pennsylvania border. Moreover, both the Moravians and the Rosicrucians were in Bucks county, named after Buckingham of Britain, where one expects royal lines. The Zinzendorf-suspect Zinzans (share estoile with Fisks), using a ROCK, were first found in Berkshire, home of Windsor castle. Windsor royals liked to stay / live at Buckingham palace.

Pennsylvania was named after William Penn, and Penns share the black fesse with Bush's and Cliffs. Moreover, the Bush family lived at Rochester's PENfield. If that's not enough, the Fisks share a red-and-white checkered Shield with the neighboring Rochesters. What gives? The Penns put plates on their fesse, in the two colors of the fleur-de-lys in the Playne/PLATTER Chief. And they are white fleur, the color of the Bush and Bosch fleur. The Penn plates recall the plate in the Arms of Breslau, for that city is also called, WROClaw, perhaps the Rochester bloodline. The green Rochester fesse has gold scallops all in the two colors of the gold billets in the Arms of Roquefeuil. Roquefeuil is in Russell-suspect Roussillon, and there is a Russelsheim location beside Frankfurt, and very near Rudesheim. I was reading that Rosicrucians were led by, or affiliated with, a Mr. Clymer, and while that surname is listed with Clements/CLERmonts' (share the Clair besants), with familiar-colored fesses, the Claro's were up at Roussillon-suspect Roslin, where they had built a lavish, esoteric temple (with money they had for blowing away), the Rosslyn chapel. It's disgusting that they would call this monster a "chapel," as though it had to do with worship of God.

It appears that we have found the very guts of ROSicrucians already, and they loved the Cruce/Croise surname. The guts included the Rudesheim liners, and Rosicrucians probably use the rose as their primary symbol for their beloved Bosco-related Rose clan, from whom they probably descended back in the days of the early Pollocks.

Fisks were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Clare's and Deise's/Diss', meaning that the eye over the Rosicrucian pyramid look like code for the namers of Eye, beside Diss at the Suffolk-Norfolk border. Recalling the Sikes-Dyke phrase in the SICH write-up, like the Dice variation of Diss', let's add that Fisks use a "SIC" motto term. And if you've been reading in the past two weeks, you may have come across the link of the Trump stag to Deise liners at Ireland's Waterford. Rose's use WATER bougets.

The fountains that you see in the Sich Coat are the three Drummond bars in colors reversed. The Arms of DARMstadt use a lion in the colors of the wavy bars of Scottish DRUMonds, and a fleur-de-lys and flag in the colors of the wavy bars of German-Drummonds. One could get the impression that Drummonds named Darmstadt, or vice versa. It just so happens that, during the time of Nathan Rothschild of London, there arose a Henry Drummond, filthy-rich banker of London, founder of a Christian-Zionist cult that started the Catholic Apostolic Church (Britain) in the same year (1830) that Joseph Smith founded the Mormons in Rochester.

Darmstadt is about 40 miles from MANNheim at the mouth of the Neckar river. While I see Drummonds at Shetland, which shares the raven with the Arms of Man, it seems that the Isle of Man was populated with Mannheim elements in conjunction with Stuttgart elements up the Neckar. It could be that a Darmstadt branch of peoples were not Drummonds proper, but that they populated the Scottish Isles before the Drummonds proper arrived, thus explaining why Drummonds arrived in the first place.

Mannheim is very close to Worms, origin of the royal Capetians (or Robertians) whose line included the Roberts and Propers/Robins/Roberts, both using the lion of Worm-related FORMans (same place as Seatons). As the Forman / Worm dragon can be gleaned as the SEATon dragon, note that the double wavy bars of Formans, in colors reversed from the same of Drummonds, are in the colors of the double pale bars of Seats/Cedes'. The Sutys, sharing a motto term with Seatons, use wavy bars too, but in both colors of the fesse bars of Stouts, suggesting that Suty / Seat liners may have been a branch of the namers of Stuttgart. In any case, I trace Seatons to the Setantii Brigantians, said to live between Ireland's Louth and Scotland's Lancashire, smack where the Isle of Mann is situated. The Suty lion is two-tailed, according to the description, and in the same colors of the two-tailed lion of Wells, first found in Lincolnshire, home of Ivo TAILLebois'. Wells are said to descend from Gilbert of Ghent, and Ghents share the eagles of Suty-related Side's/Sudys. That works. German Neckers use a single pale bar in colors reversed from the same of Tailers/Tails, and Dutch Neckers use a red stag having the color of the antler of the Baden Veringers (Stuttgart is in Baden).

Veringer-related Zahringers are of Zerrs/Zehrers with a hatchet as code for the Hack / Hake / Hacket line of Hykes'. And the dream made Miss Hicks (Seaton colors) suspect with Seat liners, right? There is the issue of the three legs in the Arms of Man, shared in the Arms of Fussen/Foetes, in Germany to the south of Stuttgart, and upon a leg-like Lech river. Lechs (Worcestershire), sharing the pelican with German Wells, use a reflection of the Hicks Coat, and their Arthur kin used the pelican too. As Hicks are said to descend from SAUTeby, it could appear that Sauts were Seat / Setantii liners. Sauts/Salts can thus be using a form of the Bright Coat, for Brights can be expected with Brigantians. Lechs are connected to Hanley, and while Anns/Hanne's are in Lech colors, there is an Irish Hanley Coat (arrows) looking like a cross between the Bower and Bourly Coats. Zahringers used the blue antler, traceable to blue stags of Hanne-like Hanna's. Thus, the Bauers of Bavaria (where Neckers and Fussen were first found) are linking very well to the Lech river, and then the FOETes version of its Fussen location evokes the Fetters that linked hard to Rothschilds at the Rudesheim / Hesse theater.

The Lech river is beside a tributary with a KAUFbeuren location that may be kin to the Hoffers that come up with "Hover." Kauf-like Cofferts/Coverts share the leopard face with Hoffers/Hovers, and while the Lech river is suspect with Ligurians, the Coughs / Hoffs, in Kaufer colors, share the bend of Sale's/Salletts. Kaufers/Kaufmanns happen to have been first found in HANover. Someone emailing me with Covert surname said that her father descended from a kaiser Coffert in relation to Hohenzollerns / Hohenstaufens of Swabia, and Kaufbeuren happens to be in Swabia. Here is a clip from the last update: "...the point here is HanOVER, linkable to the Cunningham-beloved Overs, for we saw that Cunninghams should link to Hanna's / Hants/Hands that might just be in '"HANover.'" First, Cunninghams share the white unicorn with the Arms of Shetland, and secondly, while Shetland elements were traced (last update, I think) hard to the Astikas' / Sticks, Cunninghams were first found in the same place as candleSTICK Kyle's, the latter sharing the white anchor with Kaufers/Kaufmans (giant anchor).

The Kile variation is like the Kill variation of Keele's (Kyle colors), and the latter happen to share the quadrants of Zollerns, which were in fact used by Hohenzollerns. The Keele's use the crescent of Yells, (same garb as Sticks), from Yell of Shetland. The Yell Coat looks linkable to the Cunningham-suspect Conans. The Cheile's, taken from the motto of Camerons that share the five, bunched arrows of Rothschilds, were first found in the same place (Kent) as Keele's, and both use the embattled border feature. Therefore, I glean a Rothschild link to Hohenzollerns, but there is a Kaufer aspect from this picture way over in Ayrshire too, expected when the Stuttgart / Mannheim elements went to the pirates of the Scottish Isles. Just take king Maccus (family ruled Isle of Man) to the arrow-and-raven Mackeys/Margys, first found in Ayrshire. Then note the raven of German Rothes' (Bavaria) because English Rothes' use a version of the Cough / Hoff Coat...and German Hoffs are listed with Hovers/Hoffers.

As Isle of Man is expected with Setantii, let's repeat: "The Suty lion is two-tailed, according to the description, and in the same colors of the two-tailed lion of Wells, first found in Lincolnshire, home of Ivo TAILLebois'." That's where CAUFs/Calfs were first found. The Sutys use a "have" motto term that gets the Have's/Haafs, possible branch of Halfs/Helps. Hafers/Havers use "chess rooks" while Rooks use the raven, rooks, and the sun in Hesse- / Fetter-sun colors. Halfs/Helps are expected in the naming of the Helpe river, location of Avesnes that traces in very fact to "Avezzano," on the Salto river to which the Salt variation of Sauts can trace. This river flows from Avezzano to Reed- and Roet-based Rieti that can itself be expected (with certainty) with its elements at Ruedesheim. The Avezzano's even use the red rose on a stem, as do the Stutts/Stutz's, first found in Ruedesheim! Heraldry has just coughed up an excellent find, especially as Avisons use a black anchor (held by a dexter hand), likely a colors-reversed version of the Kaufer/Kaufmann anchor.

More: while Avisons are also Avise's, LAFINs/La Fonts (same place as Irish Kennedys) use the same lion as Wells / Sutys while Scottish Kennedys use the motto, "Avise LA FIN". No mistake, for Scottish Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire, and, besides, Kennedys share the Coat of Cassels, from Cassel over at Hesse-Cassel, where the first Rothschild was doing some sinister work (it's online if you want to read about it).

It dawned on me that "Setantii" (double 't's almost) could be from the namers of STUTtgart, which, if correct, should see a Stunt-like surname in connecting Stutts to Setants. It therefore floored me to see the Stunt Coat, for I saw it immediately as using two items in the Coat of Titus'! Emperor Titus lived in Rieti!!! Just look at the timing of this find, on my first-ever trace of Avezzano to Ruedesheim, and the first-ever trace of Ruedesheim to Rieti. This is highly valuable, more precious that all the diamonds owned and mined by the Rothschilds, for it traces Rothschilds to the seven heads of Revelation 17. Vespasian, Titus and Domitian, all from the same Rieti family, are the 4th, 5th, and 6th heads.

Repeat: "...Thorley of Hertfordshire, held by Rodhere, a bishop of London, and that's where Caps/Capes' (Rother colors) were first found." Titus' were first found in Hertfordshire, and Rothers (Rothaar mountain, probably) can be using the Singletary chevron, relevant because Thorleys were brought to topic as per the Singletarys of Thornley.

I don't know what ails the preachers who insist that the seven heads are seven global empires of history. They have no right to make such an off-the-wall claim. It's off the wall because the Bible does not agree with the theory. Prophecy starts the first global empire with Babylon (700ish BC), but these preachers claim that the first and second include the earlier Egyptian and Assyrian empires? Why? Where's the logic? Who says so? Why choose to make the Egyptian empire part of the seven heads as opposed to the Armenian empire, or Sumerians, or the Chinese empire, or the Martians? Who says that the seven heads include Egypt? Not the Bible. You can't just make a guess like that and call it for Biblical fact.

The seven heads are said to be seven kings, not seven kingdoms, and the ruler at the time of the writing of Revelation was Domitian, wherefore he's the sixth king, because Revelation 17 says that the 6th was ruling when the Revelation was given. To make sure that the 6th was Domitian, it says that the 7th comes for a short time, and Nerva, who followed Domitian, ruled only 16 months. It works, don't fix it with off-the-wall ideas. It means that the anti-Christ will somehow belong to the seven Roman emperors starting at 37 AD. These seven, from 37 to 98, cover the entire Apostolic period. One might even speculate that the Roman church started in 37. If the writer of Revelation was the apostle John, and if he did die, it would have been close to being passed away in 98 AD. Revelation and the Gospel of John have parts suggesting that John may not have died, because he seems to be one of the two Olive Trees that needs to return in the end times, to preach up a storm against the 8th king, the anti-Christ.

The Stunt-like Stants/Stands were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Stutts/Stots, said to have had a branch at Renfrewshire's Maynes, like "Mainz," near Rudesheim. Maynes' were first found in the same place as English Stewarts, and while Maynes' share the double Perche chevrons, Stettons (red Shield, Nuremberg) use a lark "PERCHED" on a log, while Larks (same place as Stant-related Flags/Flecks) share a hand from a cloud with Stants/Stands. A so-called log is used by Leibs/Laibs (Stewart lion?) while Liebs are expected with the Alan fesse.

StuttGART-suspect Gardners are said to be from Nuremberg too.

Stunts, showing properly as STURdee's/Stirdee's/Sterdys, which has got to be of the Stirlings/Sturlings/Sterlings), for the latter share the Moor head with Titus! Can you believe it? Stirlings share motto term of Seatons / Balfours, and one of Drummonds.

Stirling is where Chappes'/Cheeps/Chaips were first found while French Chappes' use the Moor head too. German Kaips are part of this. As Stunts/Sturdee's show no Setantii-like variations, it's questionable as to whether they were the link between Seaton- and Stut-like terms. A possibility is that Stutt liners were short for the Sturt variation of Stuarts (same as Stewarts). The Stower variation of Sturs is much like "Stuart / Stewart." STURTivants use the Stewart lion in colors reversed.

This picture can link to Hicks (married Stant-loving Arthurs) of Clapton because Stunts (beside Clapton) look like they indicate a Sturdee merger with the neighboring Standish's (beside Clapton).

Titus' were first found in Hertfordshire, near the first Capes', Capone's and Chapmans/Chepmans. Hertfordshire is the location of Albans, suspect with the Stewart-beloved Albany. Albans' bring up the Albins/Aubins (formee fitchees), first found in the same place as red-lion Stewarts. Harlows, expected in the naming of Hertfordshire's Harlow, use the same lion as Stewarts, possibly indicate that the Stewart stag is from the Hertfords (Arthur colors and format), said to be from a count Alan of Hertford.

The leading Rosicrucian order is AMORC, looking like it loves Moray liners, but then Drummond bars are suspect with the Damorys/Amori's and Amore's. The stupids don't do anything without word-play codes, and that's about as intelligent as this human species ever gets. Don't mistaken their great wealth for intelligence. Most anyone with great wealth at birth can make more of it, and only the stupids continue to increase in wealth once they enter the multiple billions. You have got to be an idiot to spend your life making more money when you have millions gifted to you from your parents. A wise man knows that money-lust corrupts, makes the soul empty of the right things, the right thoughts, the worship of God. For money, they become idiots, unworthy of life, yet they want to command the direction of the entirety of the human race. This is the coming Lesson; that the rich are not fit to rule. Just watch how Trump destroys himself, guaranteed, along with most-everything he touches. Half the country wants him dead already, and even the Christians who voted for him don't like much about him. Without God's help, under this set of circumstances, the prediction is that Trump is doomed to fumbling and falling in all he does.

Warin of Metz "the Bald" and the Conqueror's Tuscany Line

After ending yesterday, I was introduced by an emailer (same one as mailed concerning Cunninghams, such a great thing) to Warin the Bald, sheriff of Shropshire not long before the Dol Alans came in to take possession of that area. Already, we can begin to explain why the Alans were linked to Vere liners, as has been proved in many ways. But as this concerns Norman Shropshire = Salop, it should pertain to the Selepitanoi Illyrians, the Ardiaei of that area, and who knows what-more. For example, the Labeates (lake Scodra) of the Selepitanoi area could be a line to the Liebs / Leibs/Laibs, one of which is suspect with the Alan fesse, for both fesses are complimented with the oak theme. And it just so happens that while the Scodra-suspect Scott surname is said to be from a brother of the royal Baliols, that surname crops up in the Warin-Bald circle. It is also of interest to me that I have traced "Metz" to the Mathis river having a mouth exactly at, or close beside, the area of the Selepitanoi.

The better that God has steered my heraldic ship, the better that His revelation will fall upon the readers that he Intends it for. If all of my wildest claims can be shown to have more than mere merit, that's why God is steering the ship, because, alone, I don't think I could have advanced beyond the ability of historians to understand my areas of concern. Tracing "Metz" to "Mathis" based on similarity alone is not impressive at all, but where a Metz line was at Salop, suddenly the historians' interest is tweaked, and the readers begin to think that, maybe, John at tribwatch is not just blowing hot air. I have traced besants to the Bassianus bloodline, and found it to be at Bassania, smack beside the mouth of the Mathis, and the Metz surname uses several besants, including a giant one. You see, I am more advanced than historians in these particular concerns, and I'm flying along these days while they have been stuck in the mud for decades and centuries in regards to the same things. Heraldry is the key to making these links, but one first needs to know what the symbols are code for, yet no one is stressing the importance of these codes...besides myself, and Google appears to be suppressing my work. I tell this thing so many times because I want to shame Google, in the end, for practicing censorship upon this work. Shame, Google.

If at any time you want to have some background info on Warin the Bald, see this:

"Warin de Metz, the ancestor of the Fitzwarins lived 30 years later than Warin the Bald and only held 1/20th of the 70 Manors of Shropshire. 3 of his manors were next inherited by Robert de Eyton."" The great thing about this is that Eytons at Shropshire can be shown to be a branch of Aitons and Aids at Berwickshire, but I'm even wondering whether this was the line that named, Eye. After all, Aitons/ARTEMs and Aids were first found in the same place as Arthurs, and the Diss' at Eye use the colors and format of Arthurs, as do the Davers (same place as Diss') that trace to the Daversi = Daorsi of the Neretva river, a river controlled by the Ardiaei. The latter's domain was between the Neretva and the Selepitanoi. I have been tracing "NERETva" to NERTHus, the goddess of the Warin-suspect Varni (went by that name in 100 AD, about seven centuries before the first-known Varangians, who came out at the time of GUERIN/GARIN of Provence. While the latter may not have been a Varangian proper, he is assumed to be a Varni liner, anyway.

[After this update was out, Lucans/Lovekins/Lufkins were come across, first found in Shropshire, and using Aid colors as well as what could be the Eden scallops. The "rising eagles" of Lucans are in the design of the hawks of Hobs/Habs, first found in the same place as Aids. The next update finds that Eytons are Eatons too.]

Warin the Bald and Warin of Metz were father and son, and the Fulk name was used heavily for their descendants. The Fulke's (same place as Flags/Flecks) use the Shakespeare spear, and while Shakespeare's use the Varn bend, Shakespeare's are now serious candidates for the SHECHemites to which the Cunningham "SHAKEfork" links. Yes, this is a wild claim from little-old me, but I say it as a fact because I just know enough to recognize it as a fact. The Kenites and their Shechemite allies / kin moved together out of Israel (or proto-Israel) to Scotland, and they also furnished the Cunningham-like Conans that use fleur-de-lys, code for a Laish line to Lissus at the Selepitanoi area. Kenites were married by the Biblical Moses (a chief Levite), wherefore some Kenites / Shechemites can be expected with the pagan Levites at Laish. And when we get to Eyton of Salop, we find that the related Aids are in the motto of Levi's (Shakespeare colors).

Checking the Fitzwarin surname at houseofnames, they can be gleaned with Warenne's/Varenne's of Huntingdon, where Ada of Varrene married Henry Huntingdon, a descended of David I of Scotland. I have been tracing ADA of Varenne to "AIDs," but I can now fathom how this link could have come about, with her family link to Eyton and the Warins thereof. The Belleme's of Salop were part of the Warin circle of entities, and they were the Bellamys, who married Masseys/Macey's of Ferte-Mace, while Masseys of Cheshire were married to Tattons. Ferte's are expected with the MontFERRAT link to Guerin of Provence. We find that the FitzWarin quadrants are therefore (likely) the Tatton quadrants. This became a super find, as it is able to trace Tudors to Italian Taddei's, as has been my claim (since it developed as a theory more than a decade ago). Within the past year, I found that William the Conqueror needs to trace to something in Tuscany, Willa of Tuscany being suspect, and here in the Warin picture it can be explained. The Tute's/Tuits (same place as Fulke's) tell of the Conqueror's close relative being part of the Todeni branch of Touts, but then while the other Tute's use the Tatton crescents, the obvious seems apparent enough, especially as Peverels, born from an illegitimate child of the Conqueror, married the Salop Warins under discussion.

The Eyton Coat is a blue-Shield version of the red David / Davis Coats, and while I was opposed / hesitant, in the beginning, to a trace of Davids (same place as Tattons and Masseys) to David of Huntingdon (later king David I of Scotland), I realized that it was probably true. Eyton variations suggest the Aitons, and Aids use leopard faces on a bend in the colors of the lion on a bend of Davids. Clearly, Davids (Cheshire / Wales) and Eytons were related indeed, tending to verify that FiztWarins were related to Ada of Warenne. This paragraph tends to prove that Aids were in fact a branch of Aitons/Artems.

There are three Warin surnames besides the FitzWarins. English Warins share the Pape bend, both having the same checks as Warrens/Warenne's (and Wards). These Warins are said to be from "MILES SIRE de Guerin (Sire surname involved here?)", a very fortunate thing for discovering the line of mythical Milo de Vere, count of Anjou / Angers shortly before the Fulk counts of Anjou. This mythical thing from the wicked Drakenberg Vere's must surely relate to Fulks of Anjou. In a page I'll feature below, it says that all male descendants of the Warins of Whittington were to be named, Fulk. The Sire's (beside Provence) use the mirror of mythical Melusine, and she is said to be the mother of Milo de Vere! Now we understand the code work of Nicholas de Vere. Warins are thus working into the line of 666-suspect Traby-Astikas, which can explain why the tail of the Drake dragon looks shaped into a 666. The Drake description suggests the Diss-Playne merger that I see in "displayed": "A silver shield with a red wyvern, wings displayed." The Wings/Winks were first found in the same place as Justine's/Justus' that are part of the Vilnius / Sire motto. Dunns use "A blue shield with a gold eagle displayed."

Of no surprise, yet a surprise for me just the same, English Warins use HUNTING horns (Huntingdon-surname symbol) in colors reversed from the Orange hunting horn, suggesting a Warin trace to Garin/Guerin of Provence, for Orange is a location just north of the current border of Provence. There is a Draguignan location in Provence to be linked with Drake's, and English Warins even show a Warin-like wyVERN dragon in the same red color as the Drake wyvern. We can thus assume that Draguignan was a witchy location of proto-Drakenbergs.

Brechs, first found in Shropshire, use hunting horns in the colors of the Warin horns. What would this Brech link to Warins amount to? Well, if correct that Brocks / Brocuffs trace to Brogitarus, he was father to Amyntes, whose line is in the Mynetts that share the open helmets of Dragons/Drainers (same place as Mynetts and Hamonds). German Dragons use the wyvern (no front legs, pointed tail). Brechs are suspect with Ranulph de Briquessart's name [see the Breconshire character later], for he was father to the first Meschin, and Meschins were first found in Salop. Meschins descend from EYstein, father of Malahule, to the rulers of the Bessin, a place suspect from Bassania at the Selepitanoi theater. Pretty neat. It works. And while EYstein-suspect Eye is at Diss while Diss' use a gold version of the CHILD Coat, king CHILDeric (5th century) married to BASINa. It stands to reason, suddenly, the Eyton was an Eystein line. In fact, Eystein ruled More of Norway while there is/was a More location in Salop.

Suddenly, the Levi's (same place as Lys'/Lisse's from Lissus) appear merged in early times with an Eystein line, and as Eystein was the grandfather of Rollo (a Dane from Laish, right?), note the "par tout" motto phrase of Rollo's, for Parrs use the double bars (Harcourt Danes, right?) of Moray-liner Morinis' in colors reversed, and Touts are a fundamental part of the Warin circle. I trace Tattons to lake Tatta, which is near Derbe, and Wikipedia reports that Amyntes above conquered Derbe, which I trace to Derbyshire, beside Cheshire and Salop. The son of Amyntes, ARTEMidoros, traces in all likelihood to the Artem surname that's lumped by houseofnames with Aitons (houseofnames and Swyrich likely received its surname list from an older source that could be centuries old, or centuries in the making from libraries of the Freemasons). You can't be more logical than what you are seeing for this "wild" trace.

French Warins/Varins (Burgundy, same as Sire's) help us to disclose the Milo-de-Vere secret, for they use the moline of Mile's in colors reversed, and Mile's were first found in the same place as Drake's. Therefore, Miles of English Warins links to French Warins, and we can therefore be of the persuasion that the Vere's of Anjou / Angers were from the Varni and their fellow tribe of Angle's. As Bricks are said to be from "broc" while and Brocks are said to be from Anjou's Broc, I would identify Mile's with something at Broc. The Alans of Dol and Salop share the motto of Brocks when we see the motto in the Coat of English Stewarts (same place as Exeter, now suspect with a variation of the Egs bloodline). English Stewarts were first found in the same place as English Warins (said to descend from Warings of Waringstown, Devon).

The Warin/Varin moline is gold, as is the Fier moline, and Irish Fairs ("VirTUTE TUTus") use the Fier Coat in white. It's a neat-little way to trace this entire Warin batch to Fier county (Albania), and, as such, that's where we can trace the Varni people group. "VIRtute" can be expected from the Vire river, Norman land of the French Vere's, and the Vire is in the motto of Stewarts / Brocks. It's notable that French Fairs/Viers (same place as Sire's) use the same bend as Sire-related Valentins and Eyton-related Aids. This goes to Valence at Burgundy, and to the Valence-surname connection with the French-Alan martlets and the Morinis' bars. As mythical Melusine (witch cult) was placed by Vere's at Avalon, while the head mythical witch of Avalon was Morgan le Fay, note the Fayer variation of Scottish Fairs/Phares' (same place as Daggers from the Dexaroi up the Apsus river from Fier county).

Why should English Stewarts be using the Egerton lion? We can ask the roundels of Eggers and Egs'/Eggerts. The Arundels and Rundels/Roundels were linked recently (last update) to Aarons, and the latter's quadrants can be those of Angels/Angle's, especially as the same quadrants can be in use with Deters/TEETers (Tute liners?), first found in the Varni theater along with same-colored Dols (a whale, what for?). The one wavy Dol bar is in the colors of the three wavy fesse bars of German Drummonds, first found (Hamburg) beside the Varni theater, and probably where Angles arose. English Alans (and Rundels, same place as Morinis' in the Deering write-up) use one fesse bar in the colors of the three of Scottish Drummonds, and Morinis', feasibly at Salop's More location, use two fesse bars in the same colors. Stewarts were close to Wallace's/Wallis', and while Egertons were of Walsh connection, the Wallace lion has traced (via Terentia Murena) to the same lion of Marano's, first found in the same place (Modena) as Italian Morinis'.

Morinis' show a Moroni variation used by the dingbat Mormons in their faked Book of Mormon, and we saw why Henry Drummond should have been part of the global hoax that included Mormons. Henry Drummond claimed to be one of the Europe-wide 12 apostles, but he was more insidious than being merely a silly dope. There was a huge, money-making agenda, wasn't there? There cannot be a more-satanic scheme than to steal the money and virgin daughters of Christians. Hell burns for the likes of Rosicrucian imperialists. The religious Rosicrucians have hope, but there are imperialist / political Rosicrucians seeking to control society unto a satanic order. Ask Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, now dead and not likely in Paradise.

German Warins (Saxony), probably of German Garins/Gorings, use the split Shield of Belgian Flecks, and in colors reversed from the split Shield of Fulke's. It appears that all three Warin surnames were related, expected in heraldry, for ancient heraldry concerned itself with the same noble lines, not with any bloke / nobody at all who registered a personal Coat of Arms. The elephant trunks of German Warins are in the three colors of Italian Franks, possibly Franconians, and two of the three colors are those of the Warins / Flecks / Fulke's. I trace two Frank surnames ("nati" motto term evokes the Natts/Nathans) to Pollocks, the proto-Rothschilds. The German Rothschilds of Rosicrucian times were probably mixed with Franconians at Frankfurt's naming. The first Rothschild named his first son, Nathan. The first Rothschild lived at a Frankfurt house dubbed, Green Shield, the color of the English and Scottish Frank Shields.

Woe is to the family that hoards the wealth of the nations in plural. Woe is the torment and suffering of anyone assisting that family to make more money. The end of this situation has been Decreed: a smoldering planet after violent destruction. One can almost smell its smoke in the news right now. The political planet is spinning out of control; no Rothschild can control this as it comes-on too fast. Hands will hang limp, helpless. Give back the money before it's too late. Quick, give the thrones of the nations to God's Christians. Alas, Revelation says that the Rothschilds will rather die. Rockefellers, it would be better for you to drink crude oil and die than to fall to the wrath of God. If only there were a dictionary word more-appropriate than "stupid," I would use it. The End-Times are the Stupid-Times. Let God rule. But the stupids will have none of that.

The wyvern is used by Tilleys, which recalls the Irish Tillys/Tullys listed with the Torleys during the Singletary investigation. At that time, the Tulls (another pyramid) were looked up too, which use an ADversis" motto term that one can assume as code for Ada of Warenne, for Tulls share the Chief of Drops/Trope's i.e. from Fier country's Tropoje. The lion is in the colors of the Tool lion. The Tull Coat uses the checks of Italian Fulks (and Fers/Ferrats), first found in Tuscany, exactly where this discussion is leading as per the Taddei's. The white Drop/Trope lion is expected in gold in the Forman Chief because the Fair anchor is suspect in the Forman Chief.

Repeat: "The Sacks/Sage's (Cap/Capes colors) happen to use a chevron in the colors of the three of Singletarys. Sacks/Sage's use "old men's heads WEARING black close caps."" I went on to show why Close's and Caps can apply to Singletarys, but here we want to point out that Wearings bring up English Warins (share wyvern with Tillys, from Tilley of Normandy).

Repeat from the same Singletary discussion: "Close's/Clovse's (Macey Shield?) were first found in the same place as Singletarys. The latter are said to be from Singleton in KIRKham (Lancashire), and then Kirks use a sword forming a saltire with a crozier, while Caps/Capes' use a sword forming a saltire with an oak branch." The Circle surname brings up KIRCHners, in the colors of Sawyers (same place as Dunhams) that in-turn use a similar motto term while sharing white martlets with Singletarys. The Warin/Wearing Crest: "A dragon charged with a CIRCLE of gold on each wing."

The Torley-like Turleys are suspect with the Singletary chevrons, which, if they were in colors reversed, would be red, the colors of the three Taddei chevrons. If Turleys are using the Singletary chevrons, it would tend to clinch the Torleys as a branch of Thornleys. Turleys were first found in Leicestershire, where rulers included the Tosni-related Toeni's, and Tosni's have got to be of the Tosini variation of Tous', first found in the same place as Taddei's. It's known that Tosni's were from Malahule, son of Eyton-suspect Eystein.

Repeat from the Torley discussion earlier: "Thornleys were not only at Wolsington, but at Crook, and it just so happens that Crooks/Croks (Thornley colors, same place as Singletarys) use the bend of Aids, apparently, but it's in the colors of the Wolfin/Walwins and Pollock bend." The Crooks put three INEScutcheons on their bend in the colors of the three leopard faces of Aids upon the same bend. As this Crook symbol is not just an escutcheon, it looks to be honoring the Innes surname, first found at Moray, home of Peter Pollock. While I can only assume that the Wolfin variation is of the Wolflin surname in Obama's ancestry, it doesn't matter, anyway, here. Note that Walwins (Bouillon colors) come up as WALDWIN while they share the green wyvern Crest with BALDWINS, first found in Salop, can you believe it? Suddenly, Warin the BALD of Salop looks like he was named, not after his bald head, but for his link to the Baldwins. The Norman / English historians are toying with us, not wanting us to know the Norman links to Italian royals.

Formans, suspect with the Fair anchor, use a green dragon too, and Guerin-suspect Guerra's use another green wyvern. The big mouth of heraldic symbols speak. Why aren't historians listening closer?

The most-renown Baldwins were counts of Flanders, and while one Baldwin IV was married by Rozala of Ivrea, whose mother (Willa) was from Tuscany, the grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon -- the latter being the brother of Baldwin I of Jerusalem -- married a gal from Tuscany. The Baldwin motto looks to honor the Nobels/Nobels, who have a Coat reflecting that of Wolfleys. Both Coats use so-called "flaunches," perhaps code for Flavians from emperor Vespasian and Titus.

The Nobel fesse with besants reflects the Coat of Fairborns while Scottish Fairs were first found in the same place (Cumberland) as Nobels, and while French Fairs/Viers', with the same bend as Wolfins/Waldwins, were first found in the same place as French Nobels and French Warins/Varins. Go ahead and click to Irish Fairs (VirTUTE TUTus") to see a moline version of the flory Bouillon cross; then see the Bouillon cross with Taddei's. Why do Bouillons use a "Vero bello" motto phrase? As Fairs trace solidly to Fier upon the same river as the DEXARoi, by what coincidence were Nobels and Fairs both first found in the same place as DAGGERs? English Acres' are an obvious branch of Daggers, but lookie at French Acres' (Forez, Burgundy) with a bend in the white of the Burgundy Fairs, but in both colors of the Eyton/Eiton bend. If the Acres put just a single black lion on that bend, it would be the Eyton bend in its entirety. The bend is in the colors of the billets of Besancons/Bassets, first found in Forez. The Forez mountains are near Mont Pilat, and these are the colors also of Pilate's.

Firminy is a location very near Mont Pilate, and while Formans come up as Fermans, Firmans ("Christo") share anchors with them. But as Formans use the same anchor as Fairs, it tends to speak for itself that Fier liners were at Mont Pilate. Burgundy was the home of Rozala's ancestry too, as well as the ancestry of Godfrey de Bouillon.

As BAUTs were first found in the same place (Auvergne) as Bouillons, while Baldwins reflect the BALTea river, also called the BAUTica, I traced de-Bouillon's family to that river...which happens to flow through Ivrea. I had found reason to identify Rozala with white-on-black roses, but that's no reason that the giant white-on-red rose of Dutch Noble's can't apply. The "Christi" motto term of Bouillons must be for the rose-using Christs (nothing but roses).

In another webpage: "Melette [de Peverel] chose [Warin of Metz] as her suitor and he was revealed as Warin “The Bald” de Metz. They got married and Warin became Lord of Whittington..." Note how that term is like WITHENshaw in the Tatton write-up, for earlier on the page (below), we read: "The Welsh Tudur clan held Whittington and Tudur Trevor ap Rhys was born there." It makes Tattons look like Tudors. Withenshaws are said to be, alias Massy, in the Tatton write-up.

The Whitting Coat has somewhat the look of the Metz Coat. We saw Burgundy playing its large part in the Warin picture, and that's where moline-using Mathis' were first found that trace without doubt, thanks to the Chives Coat, to the Mathis river of the Cavii Illyrians. Metz, if it was never in Burgundy, is to its near north. We read: "Fulk FitzWarin V was created 1st Baron FitzWarin. All the male heirs were to be given the first name Fulk and the barony, with the castle and lordship of Whittington, descended from father to son." Italian Fulks share the Coat, almost, of Italian Mattis, and the latter use a white bend on blue-and-white checks, which can be suspect to be the Eyton / Acres bend. Just compare the Mattis bend to the same white one over the blue-and-gold checks of Warren-related Wards (in the Balfour motto, right?).

My bet is that the blue lion in the Ward Crest is the one in the Winchester Crest, for Wards were first found in the same place as Quince's/Quincy's, while Saer de Quincy ruled Winchester (same place as Drake's and Warin-suspect Mile's). The Quint fitchee is behind the Winchester lion. There's another blue lion head in the Crest of Irish Miles', who put a crown under the lion head, the only symbol of Irish Wards. Irish Miles' use a "virTUS" motto term that could be part-code for the Tous/Tosini's (TUScany), the ones with buttons in honor of Buttons/Bidens, first found in the same place as Drake's and Mile's. Bidens/Buttons are said to have had clergy in Bath and Wells of Somerset, where Baths and Battins/Badens were first found, and then the Balfours share a "baton" with same-colored Coughs. It's made obvious by the heraldic Cornish Chough (shared by Toothills) that Coughs (kin of Sale's) were with the Cornwall bloodline, and Cornwalls, using a motto term for the Durance river of Sale-related Salyes, which is the river of Briancon, were first found in Devon i.e. beside Baths and Battins. We'll see below why Brechins were from Briancon.

Can you believe it, Toothills are using the Eyton bend and lion together!!! And Toothills were first found in Cambridgeshire, same as June's / Jeune's. Round-about, Toot / Tooth liners can be of the Tuscany Tous' with BUTTONs.

I was eyeing "forward" motto term of Stirlings, where that term is the entire motto of BalFOURs, I gathered that it's code for the Fore surname (there is no Four surname). French Fore's are listed with Forez's, and Scottish Fore's are also Forez-like Forres', but while I was on the Fore's/Forres' years ago, I didn't know at the time that they use the three fleur-de-lys of June-related Jeune's. It's important because I had claimed to trace the treasure of Quintus Caepio to Mont Pilate, and to find June liners at Forez provides a good argument to that end (Jeune's and June's were both first found in the same place as Caepionis-liner Capone's, and June's trace to one or more of the three sisters, Junia Caepionis). As one peak of Mont Pilate is PERDrix, the Pilate pheon can be gleaned with the Colts/Cults of PERTHshire, and that area, said to be the birthplace of Pontius Pilate, is near Morayshire, where Fore's/Forres' were first found. The latter's motto, "Tout travers," sharing "Tout" with Morays, suggests the Travers/Travis' from "Treviso," in my late opinion, and as Treviso was TARVISium, I trace something in that city to Tarves, near Perthshire and Rothes castle.

As we can understand, the Tout crescent should be found at or near Moray, and while the Chepmans/Chapmans (same place as June's) use such a crescent (like Touts, it's almost all they use), the Chappes'/Cheeps, first found in Stirlingshire, right beside Perthshire, should apply. This effectively identifies the Tute, Tatton, and Massey/Massa crescent with Caiaphas' line from Junia Caepionis. Masseys'/Massa's were first found in the same place (Savoy) as Fore's/Forez's, yet should trace to Massa-Carrara, location roughly of ancient Luni, wherefore it's very notable that Luna's use the same crescent under discussion. As all their locations here (Moray, Stirling, Perth, Tarves), aside from their Cambridge origins, are on the north side of the Firth of FORTH, I suggest that FOREZ / FORRES liners named the Forth. The Forth coast is the location of GlenROTHES.

Massa-Carrara is in Tuscany, near Pisa, where Mosca's were first found that use the leopard in the Crest of the Tarves' Chives'. The Chives' call it a cat, and a cat is used by Lucca's, from Lucca (Luce's?) at the Pisa area. Travers/Travis' are said to be kin to NATEby's, and so enter Rothschild kin because Natts/Nathans are in the same colors, as are the Nettle's using the Biss Crest while Biss' use the Travers scallops. Natebys (bird bolt traces to Bautica river since a few weeks ago) use the Traver Coat, but add a black lion paw in Crest, the Quint-Crest symbol. This shocked me, for minutes before coming to it, the black lions of Works/Workes' jumped out at me, which were come to when rolling "W" versions on my tongue at the sight of "Forres." WORSleys/Workeleys (same place as Travis'), that is, came to mind, for it was recalled that they use a red Chief and white Shield, colors reversed from the Shield-and-Chief color combination of French Jeune's (Auvergne, same as Bouillons). It struck me hard that the Work lions belong to the black lion paw of Quints, for both surnames were first found in Essex. The French Jeune's are in Bouillon colors, and the Bouillon flory is colors reversed from the same of Birds that are part of the bird-bolt code. If Worsleys were Forez liners, it traces Quintus-Caepio liners from Mont Pilate, does it not?

Shortly above, we had come to the Acres' of Forez , and then the fleur-de-lys of June's are used by English Acres', I kid you not. But a version of the English Acres Coat is used by Conans while the other Conans use the cross of Sinclairs (and Balders), the latter using a "work" motto term! Bingo. Balders not only use a "ferme" motto term, possibly for Firminy elements at Pilat, but a "Constance" motto term that must be for the Constance's ("AppeTITUS" motto term), kin of Constantine's that use the same fleur-de-lys as Jeune's. Balders were first found (West Lothian) near Roslin of the Sinclairs, and near the Balds of Peebles-shire. Chance's are, the "Tout" motto term of Fore's/Forez's goes to the same of Rollo's, first found in Perthshire. Fore's/Forez' are in Pollock colors possibly due to the Fore's/Forres' being first found in Moray.

As Conans were brought to topic with Cunninghams, by what coincidence do Work-like Forkers, from the "fork" motto term of Cunninghams, share the black lion with Works? As per the FARQuhar variation of Forkers, I looked at WARKs, having nothing to say, until looking at the Amis' (in the Forker motto), first found in the same place (Northumberland) as Warks (Jeune colors).

By the way, this morning I came across eaten leg bones on top of the outdoor firewood stack in the garage, about the size of rabbit-leg bones (one is three inches long, and the attached one is five inches, what else could it be if not a rabbit?). I do have rabbits here that frequent the garage, but have never seen a skunk or racoon, surprisingly enough. The rabbit must have been eaten recently because I continually remove wood from this stack. I always take unusual events as a possible Sign for Direction, and perhaps the Conn / Cony rabbits are implied, to indicate that the Kenite line to Conns / Conys (Meschin colors and format) was that also of Cone's (Fairbourne). Conans (same fleur as June's), first found in the same place as the Avise-loving Kennedys, are said to be from "rabbit," but this must be a misunderstanding based on the Conn / Cony rabbit symbol.

As Scottish Conans share the Sinclair Cross, Conans may have been kin to Works/Workes' too. The BalQUHIDDER term from Scottish Conans could be the Quid variation of Quade's (Conan colors). This picture can trace Junia Caepionis to Quadratilla and Laevillus, at Cetis where proto-Kennedy Kennati had a stupids cult in worship of Ajax. Ajax who? What idiots. Scottish Conans (Kincardine) were first found in the same general area as rabbit-using Conns, said to be from MonQUHITTER.

I was just loading Wikipedia's Kincardine article from the link at houseofnames, and then came to the Arms of Aberdeen (double-tressure border of Flemings) , which I'm not familiar with. It has white castles supported by leopards, highly suspect with the Chives leopard as per their Tarves location in Aberdeenshire. But I then spotted the Aberdeen motto, "BON Accord," which must be the meaning of the rabbit BONES! You see, I have a good sense of when God is producing an event around my home. The Cords/Courts use a fesse in colors reversed from the Conn / Cony fesse, while French Courts use the same hunting horn as Brechins! Good one, for Brechin is just outside the southern border of Aberdeenshire. The Court hunting horn is colors reversed from the Orange horn, and so just look at how important these rabbit bones are, as you read on, for I would not have come to the Court horns had not the rabbit bones sparked interest in the "Bon acCORD" motto of Aberdeen.

Tarves' was home to the Chives' out of / into Chivasso, off the Bautica river. The Chives cats are a form of the Tailer lions, but Raines' use lions in those colors. Raines, though I trace them between Rennes and Renfrewshire, where royal Stewarts connect between the two, are about to become suspect from "Orange." That's where there was a battle against Quintus Caepio, probably to get his treasure, and so I reasoned that there was a treasure connection between Orange and Mont Pilate. Rainhams have the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Saluzzo's and Cluns (Pilate colors), and while Clun is in Shropshire, the Cluns were first found in Perthshire. Rainhams/RANGhams (starts to look like "ORANGe") are said to be from Wrangholm in the Forfarshire theater. As Rangabe's share a white flory cross with Bouillons, we may gather that the money needed to successfully invade Jerusalem -- from as far away as England, Normandy, and Belgium -- was from the remnants and capitalization of the Caepio treasure, part of which was in the possession of the Bouillon family. And they probably invaded Jerusalem because they were hoping to capitalize on under-temple gold left behind when Titus' men over-turned and burned the temple. The Titus' were first found near the Capone's / Chapmans / June's.

The Rainham Coat could be a version of the Joseph Coat, with the garbs of both Josephs and Comyns, the latter from Comines at the area of Bouillon's father. Comines is not far from St. Quentin. The Wrens (said to be from Raines') share a purple lion with Veys/Vivians, who in-turn share Fife symbolism, and Fife is on the north of the Forth too. To the east of Perthshire is Forfarshire, and right beside Forfar is BRECHin while Brechs are the ones with the Orange hunting horn in colors reversed! This is a new piece of information for me, and it comes after the suggestion that Rainham was an Orange line. It looks good, and Brechs, first found in Shropshire, use hunting horns in the colors of the Warin horns.

It's not hard to fathom that Guerin of Provence was involved with Orange / Pilat elements, and the Provence surname (Burgundy again) even shares the Moray stars...with Stevensons while the other Stevensons can be gleaned, not only with the RODden bend, but with the Aid bend, tending to assure that the Provence's, and the Acres' of Burgundy, were Eyton/Eiton liners in relation to the Salop area of Warin the Bald. Both the white-on-red Aid and Stevenson bends use three leoPARD faces, which suddenly brings PERDrix to mind. And while I feel good about tracing the LEOpard to the Leo line of Jewish Pierleoni, Wikipedia's article of Godfrey III tells that the Pierleoni flung open their gates to Godfrey III, father-in-law of Eustace II, and grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon. It was after this that Godfrey married Tuscany.

After finding Brechin on my atlas, I spotted Forres about a dozen miles from Rothes, explaining why Forres' were first found in Moray, but also tending to clinch the Forez Coat with Pollock colors. As Balfours use "ForWARD," note that Wards are the ones using a Shield filled with the checks that fill the Warren/Warenne Shield. Modern Zionist started politically when Arthur Balfour, the foreign minister / prime minister of Britain, was in cahoots with Lord Rothschild (Britain) as per a Balfour Declaration (1917, after WWI toppled the Turks) to populate Israel with Jews. It makes a lot of sense that the first Rothschild got hold of a vast amount of Caepio-related fortunes in Hesse-Cassel. Scottish Cassels use "Avise," and the Avise surname shares the Joseph garbs while having been linked earlier in this update to Rothes-like RUEDESheim/RUDESheim, itself from the home of emperor Titus to which Josephus allied himself. The VISE/Vice surname is the one using the same-type black cross between antlers as is found in the Crest of Eustace's, suspect with Eustace II. This tends to indicate that Eustace was in cahoots with Avesnes (there are/were two such locations in Artois). As one Avesnes is on the Helpe river, note that the Coat of Helps/Halfs can be using a version of the Chappes / Steven perchevron.

The Ruedesheim-related Roets had a Beaufort branch, and one Beaufort Coat (same place as Todeni-related Tute's/Tuits that share the FitzWarin quadrants) looks like a Balfour kin. The other Beauforts were first found in Savoy, same as Fore's/Forez's. It's perfect cause to identify the Balfour motto with Forez liners. Perfect. The motto loves the Wards, apparently, kin / branch of Warrens/Warenne's.

The Peverels, prior to the marriage to Warin, owned Brunne, later called, Bourn, and while Bourns have a Chief a little like the Taddei Chief, the Taddei's were first found in the same place (Florence) as Brunne's/Bruno's, the latter having a bend in half the colors of the Eyton bend. It seems like strong indication that the Conqueror was descended from Bruno's and/or Barone's and/or Berone's. This is new to me, and it jibes perfectly with my claim that Fulbert "the tanner," was not a tanner at all, but had that phrase applied as a means to cover up his descent from the Tanaro river (Piedmont). The Conqueror, I assume, didn't want the world to know that he descended from Italians. It just so happens that Bruno's are said to have had a branch at Asti i.e. on the Tanaro river!!! Zowie. Note that the William surname shares gyronny with the Titus surname, the latter sharing the Chappes Moor head, which is what makes Josephus suspect as even a son of Joseph Caiaphas.

And if correct to trace Asti to Astibus of PAIONia, note that a Payen/PAION surname furnished the first grand master of Templars. He was out digging below the Jerusalem temple with his goons masked as "protectors of pilgrims." This first Templar master married Elizabeth Chappes, and we can bet that her family had some Caepio treasure, and that Caiaphas had some too, which he had buried dozens of feet under the temple. We can also assume that, due to Titus' invasion, the Caiaphas family was unable to retrieve the gold under the temple. How does one get to the secret entry of the tunnel when all the temple stones are piled on top of it? Ah, the Zionists, the Rothschilds, may have gotten wind of the buried treasure, thus explaining their great effort (it required WWI) to seize Israel. And to give a false explanation of their great wealth, the De-Beer-Rhodes' and Rothschild families may have started diamond mines.

Tattons use the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits, and the latter speak of a Todeni character directly related to the Conqueror (father of Peverels). The Peverels use three garbs half in the colors of the three Avise/Avison / Joseph / Comyns garbs. The Peverel garbs are in the colors of the three Pilate pheons. It's hard to conclude whether "pheon" was a Paeoini element, but it's notable that while Pine's and Payen-like Pyne's. German Tanners (Franconia) use pine cones, as do Maschi's expected with the Piedmont Masci's. If Asti (Piedmont) named Astons and Ashtons, note that they were in the Cheshire-Lancaster theater of Masseys / Meschins. German Cone's are the Cohens with the same check-filled Coat as Massi's/Mattis'. This is the entity that I fear is about to destroy the planet via the U.S. military quest in the Middle East.

"The Welsh Tudur clan held Whittington and Tudur Trevor ap Rhys was born there. He married Sioned verch Rhiwallon and they had a son Gronwy ap Tudur (1090 Whittington)." The Rhys bloodline is expected with Rye's/Ryse's that, once again, use the same bend as Aids. We already saw why Eytons of Shropshire should trace to the Selepitanoi, and the latter were near RHISinum/RHYZon. There is a Welsh Rhys surname (ravens) that uses, I kid you not, the gold talbot dog in the William Crest! I once was hesitant in tracing the one William surname to the Conqueror, but this looks likes a near-clincher. However, there were many Williams. Rhys' have a Cynan character in their write-up, and similar Conans, suspect with Cone liners now squaring up with the Tanaro>Conqueror line, are in Rhys colors.

It wasn't until writing two a paragraph below that I got round to loading Tanners (Moor heads) to find that they share a gold talbot dog in Crest!!! Hee-hee, hah-hah. I do recall changing my mind, and identifying Williams with William the Conqueror, and this must have been the reason. Note that the head bands on the Moor head between Chappes, Tanners and Titus' are in different colors.

By what brechincidence were Williams first found in BRECONshire while said to descend from Brychan Brecheiniog? Isn't that the Orange-related Brechs? Brecons/Brechins were first found in Angus, beside Brechin at ForFARshire (Fair / Fier liner?), and the three piles of Brecons/Brechins are in half the colors of the same of Welsh Brians (Denbigh), and in half the colors of the same of Guiscards, first found in the same place as Chappes'/Cheeps. Brians are from Breck-possible and BRYCHAN-like BRIGANtium (= Briancon), a no-brainer now. Briancon is slightly outside the Savoy border, and Savoy is where Fore's/Forez's were first found whom are suspect with Balfours (otter), first found in Fife (beside FORfarshire and Brechin), and sharing the black-on-white chevron with the Welsh Rhyse's.

Aha! Recall that the rabbit bones got us to Kincardine, where Scottish Conans (Sinclair cross) were first found, for while Stonehaven is the seat of Kincardine, the Stone's (Cornwall) use a white talbot with spots, as does half the William Talbot, and William the Conqueror was a pine-cone liner, right? It's amazing at how much dead bones can speak to the secrets of those pirates, whom Norman historians have loved. Stupid historians. They were pirates, unhappy with their lands in Norway, unhappy even with a chunk of France, they then went on to kill and maim and steal in England, Wales and Ireland., Stupid Norman historians. Get a whiff of reality, which stinks of dead human corpses piled as high as the cloud. They say to one another; let's go kill and steal, and after that, we can share the booty and the respect of being bona fide kings and leaders in the land. They ought to go sack the homes of every stupid Norman historian that likes to sing the praises of the Conqueror's family.

Stone's almost use the white-on-blue spread eagle of the House of Este. Stonehaven is the location of FETTEResso castle, which evokes Albert AZZO / AlbertEZZO, the founder of Este. Morays used the FETTERlock. As we just saw Warin-Bald traces to Bruno's and Luni, see this: "The elder branch of the House of Este included the dukes of BRUNswick and LUNEburg...According to Edward Gibbon the family originated from the Roman Attii family, which migrated from Rome to Este...The first known member of the house was Margrave Adalbert of Mainz [near Ruedesheim / Frankfurt], known only as the father of Oberto I, Count palatine of Italy, who died around 975. Oberto's grandson, Albert Azzo II, Margrave of Milan (996–1097) built a castle at Este, near Padua..." In Azzo's article, we find that he ruled Lunigiana, the ancient Luni. Azzo married KUNIgunda (a Welf), and later married the city of Maine, with whom he had a first-born son, Fulco, the names of the Whittington Warins. Welfs/Wolfs were first found next door to Warin the Bald, in Cheshire.,_Margrave_of_Mila

Luna's are suspect with the Tout crescent, and while Piasts may have been Pisa cousins, Luna's are very linkable to a Lambert Coat, suspect from Mieszko Lambert...which should explain why the Piast eagle is spread and white, ditto for the Este / Bar eagle. Mieszko Lambert married Richeza of Lorraine (uses the Piast eagle), in the Bar-le-Duc area. Thus, Mieszko liners from the Pisa / Luni area can be expected with Bar-suspect Bruno's of that area. The Bruno bend can be a gold version of the same of Italian Botters, first found in Lucca i.e. near Pisa.

The Azzo-like Assi's were at Shetland, which had the yell location of Yells that have a Coat like that of Irish Conans. The Italian Azzo's (Fermo/Firmum) use a Coat like that of Massi's/Mattis (and Courts/Coverts), especially as the Massi's/Mattis' once showed the eagle with bent neck, part of a two-headed eagle but with one head removed (Stoners have this eagle in colors reversed). I had found the Massi/Mattis checks in the Arms of Massa-Carrara, explaining why the Massi variation is listed with what otherwise are Mattis terms. Fermo is in Ascola PICENO, part of the Picenum entity to which I have traces the Shetland Assi's for years. See also Justine's of Perthshire i.e. near Kincardine / Stonehaven / Fetteresso. The Azzo's have variations like the Aesons (the Bard/Beard boar), first found in Angus, very near Perth. If the Aeson lions are those of BRAMtons (talbot in Crest), it's interesting that Bramleys use the red rose on a stem, which traced with Avezzano's to Ruedesheim (Roet line). The Arms of Mainz shares the wheel with Roets, for Catherine Roet owns the Catherine wheel. The Arms of Mainz is said to have six spokes while Spoke's/Spocks/Specks/Spike's (porcuPINE) use a double-headed eagle.

With Warin the Bald tracing in several ways, some not subtle, to Tuscany, is it a coincidence that Balders use a "ferme" motto term? It could appear that the Baldwins of Flanders were all of Este.

I'd like to return now to Turville's, suspect with the three Singletary chevrons. In colors reversed, they are red, the colors of the three Taddei chevrons, which I trace to the triple chevrons in the Arms of Cardiff, the Welsh capital...which assumes that the Welsh capital is using the chevrons of the Taddei>Tudor line, even though I have never seen Tudors using the chevrons. It's a good bet that the Welsh capital uses the triple-red chevrons of Clare's, from Strongbow Clare of Pembroke (Wales), but then the Pembroke bend-with-dragon appears to be that of Mazzo's/Mazzone's/Mazzolla's (Saleman/Salian bend?), suspect with the Meschins that married Clare's. If you look at the Azzo variations, they are identical to M-less variations of Mazzo's. Some Azzo variations reflect M-less Musso's/Mussolino's, which can indicate that Azzo was named after a Mattis / Mazzo line (or, if not, the two lines were merged).

Turville's ("VirTUS") can be Turano-river liners because they are traceable to Champagne, and the Avezzano's of the Turano area were married to rulers of Champagne when they had named Avesnes at Artois...which is why Avezzano's and French Champagne's share the crutch=potent symbol within their bends. Turville's are said to be from Turville-la-Champagne, and they share vair fur with English Champagne's, first found in the same place (Leicestershire) as Turville's. The bend of French Champagne's is that of many, including the Eytons/Eitons. But I still have the Bone's in mind from the rabbit bones, and so compare the Champagne bend to that of Bone's and Toothills; all three put gold bendlets beside their white bends, and as the Toothill bend is the Eyton bend with black lion, it speaks for itself.

Then, the Bramtons share two lions in the colors of the two Aeson lions, and the Bramtons lions are identical to the Semper lions, while "semper" is a Turville motto term. Sempers are said to be from "Peter," as are the Perons, first found in Champagne, and using the three wolf heads of Quade's/Quids whom became suspect in the BalQUHIDDER and MonQUHITTER entities of Conans and Conns respectively. The rabbit bones had been about the Conn rabbit, and Conys use the same rabbit holding a pansy while Pansys share the dove with Payen-related Page's (both from Dauphine), while Payens/Pagans appear to be in "ChamPAGNE." The Paine's/Payne's, in Obama's immediate ancestry (earlier from Singletarys), share the fesse of Leo's, while Leo's are suspect in the LEOpard along with Pard liners of some sort, and it just so happens that Pardons/Partons are said to have had a Peron variation. The the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Pardons/Partons is that also of Bramleys, and the latter share a red rose on stem with Avezzano's, thus tending to clinch the inclusion of Bramtons.

Having crossed the Eytons/Eitons (Este-eagle colors), a branch of Quade-like Ade's/Aids (leopard faces) and Aitons, they could have been from the House of Este's Attii elements: "According to Edward Gibbon the family originated from the Roman Attii family, which migrated from Rome to Este." The Azzo-like Aesons and Bramtons share the same lions as Solars while Sola's/Sole's are said to have married Painells = Paynells/Paine's that share a passant, white lion with Leo's while it's the French Paine's that share the fesse of Leo's. Pagnells were first found in the same place as Bramleys, and beside the Cumberland Pardons/Partons. It looks like I have this picture's implications worked out correctly. Singletarys and Paynells/Paine's share the broken spear in Crest, and Spears share the crescents of Tattons for a trace to Taddei's, right? Note that Taddei's share the red Chief with Pardons/PARTons while ancient PERTA is at lake Tatta!!! Zowie. There can never be doubt in the future that Taddei's were Tatta liners. Note that Dino's (Florence), sharing another red Chief, and said to be from Taddeo Dini, use "Libertas" across their Chief, the motto term of Godfreys.

Let's return to the Brunne's/Bruno's of Florence (same as Taddei's) that trace excellently to the Brunne location ruled by the Peverels that married Warin the Bald, for while Italian Baronne's were likewise first found in Florence, Berone's (with an 'e') use a "tous" motto term for the Tous'/Tosini's of Tuscany. Beside's, the Bruno's named Este-related Brunswick, and the two Brunswick lions are colors reversed from the same of Bramtons / Aesons. The Aesons/Essons are said to have been connected to TOSchachs, I kid you not, and the Chach part of that term evokes Sitric Caech.

Berone's use the colors and format of English Barone's who in-turn use a version of the Coat of Wagers, suspect with Wagrians in the area of the proto-Warin Varni, where Trumps were first found. We saw the Trump stag in the Arms of Waterford, but here I discover that Irish Barone's (Vere boar) were first found in Waterford, underscoring the trace of English Barone's to the Trump theater. This really snuck up on me, for, at first, I didn't realize that the Taddei chevrons are in the colors of the three of WATERs! Bingo. As the Taddei chevrons are expected with those of Clare's, it's notable that the Waterford Barone's are said to be of Strongbow Clare. Aha! The Wager crest shares the gold annulet with the Waterford Barone's! Excellent. The Wagers are expected with some contact to Veringers (Baden), and we saw earlier that the Gartsens trace to StuttGART, using three ravens in the right colors for Zahringers, but I didn't tell above that the ravens hold gold annulets in their beaks.

The Bramtons talbot in colors reversed could be the talbot of Fortune's/Fortuna's (Tuscany), whom were looked up as per the "Fortuna" motto term of the Waterford Barone's. In the meantime, I saw why English Fortune's (share gold symbol in Crest with the William-Crest talbot) could be using a version of the William gyronny. Italian Forte's/FortaGUERRa's use the Arms of Stuttgart, and we saw why Stout vikings could have been from the Varni. English Fortune's were first found in the same place (Lothian) as Claro's>Sinclairs and Fermo-suspect Baldwins (share the Sinclair cross). But as Baldwins throw in black fitchees, the color of the Tarves fitchees, note that the Tarves Shield is split in the colors of the split Azzo Shield (Azzo's were first found in Fermo). This can reveal that Este, the location, was ruled by elements from Tarvisium. The latter is where Avitus-suspect Vito's were first found who share the annulet with Waterford Barone's.

I was just studying the possibility that the Lothian Fortune's could be using the colors and stag of Eustace's when the Fortune motto hit me as, "DilTAI DEUS," what looks like "Tadeus," the Latin version of "Taddeo," we may assume. Godfreys, who share "Libertas" with Taddei-related Dino's, share "Deus" with Fortune's. There was a mythical Titus Tatius (of Sabines) that can apply to a Titus (or Titius-river) merger with Taddei's.

The Wayers were looked up as per "Wager," and that gets the Were's, said not to be a Vere branch, but I have discovered to the contrary. The Were link to Vere's may have been before the times that historians could grapple sufficiently enough with such a problem. The Were river is at Durham, where Sherwoods were first found that share the Vere star as well as the entire Coat of Branch's, from Varangi-like Avranches', a good reason to identify Wayers/Were's as a Varni line from Wagrians. The "Fuimus" motto of Wayers/Wears has to-date eluded solid identification with surnames, but I had proposed the Fews, who happen to share a heart upon a blue Shield with Wagers/Waygars! Excellent. As Wagers use a "dexter arm," it's a logical Varni trace to Fier's link to the Dexaroi. In fact, the Formans use the anchors of Fier-related Fairs while, between the anchors, there is the same lion as the Heart/Art lion.

The Heart lion is one of the two Brunswick lions so that we may trace the Bruno's / Barone's once again to the Varni. Hearts use a "Fortis" motto term that can go via Italian Forts to Stout vikings, from Stuttgart, the theater of VERINGers. These Hearts are said to have been lords of Teffia, and then the Tuffs/Tafts share the red Wayer/Wear crosslets, and moreover the Tuff/Taft Coat is a version of the Sherwood / Branch Coat. Perfect. It tends to verify that Wears were Wagrians, or, at least merged with them.

I feel that God has used yet another emailer (the one that got me to Warin the Bald) to get me onto a topic at a time when I had become ready to dissect it properly. We have learned a new thing, that Trumps were at least merged with Bruno liners, making Trumps possibly fundamental with Brunswick-Luneburg and/or the Brunne location of Peverels. Both Este's and Peverels are in Trump-stag colors, and, remember, the Trump stag can be traced to the blue antler of Zahringers. I don't know the point of all this for anyone reading, but God was surely in the rabbit bones this morning, and this directed me to Stonehaven, and from the Fetteresso castle, it got me to Este's founder (even though I have no proof that the castle was named after Azzo/Ezzo lines). And here we are. I suppose the message is, Trump is an Este-liner puppet. Or, there is an Este-line sector of the Round Table that now has principal rule in world politics.

The PAPER airplane that I sewered with could have been Intended for Papers, who have Peverel-like variations. Pepins were obviously merged with Este's, the latter in Sewer/Suters colors. Meanwhile, the fesse of Sauts/Suters is in the colors of the Pepin bend.

Proto-Baathists and Rosicrucians

The BATHing suit of Miss Hicks is important where Baths, Bitars/Buttars and Aflacks trace to the founders (Mr. Bitar and Mr. Aflaq) of the Middle-East Baathist party. They founded it in Syria, and president Assad is a Baathist. The ISIS group opposed to him has Iraqi Baathists on-side. This picture was "exciting" when Obama put Joseph BIDEN (Bidens have Bath and Wells in their write-up) in charge of partitioning Iraq, and so we need see whether Trump follows along those lines, and what the outcome looks to become. Bitars (hearts) and Aflacks both share the same cross, shared also by Sinclairs and Balders (and of course a host of others). One Bald-like variation that I can't refind has a Bath-like variation, suggesting the Bautica river, where I trace Baldwins. Excellent, for the Round-Table Arthurians were from Ivrea upon the Bautica. The Obama dream predicts Round-Table elements, and the Suters (leoPARD) were Sheet/Skayte kin, according to the dream, traceable by their leopard to Perta at Tatta and therefore linkable to Cetis, where Sheet liners trace now with very little doubt. Plus, Sheets were first found in the same place as Aflack-like Flags/Flacks/Flecks (Aflack colors), likely kin of the Tuscany Fulks. I could go on and on making further links to these things, but this is enough to create the basic picture, and I prefer it simplified.

Prophecy predicts the Seleucids, in some way, with Daniel 11's final "king of the north," who likes to think he's God (a total mental case, yet loved by many/most). I have felt comfortable with a Seleucid trace to Sardinia's Sulcis, because it had an alternative name, Sant-Antioco," like Syria's Antioch, named by king Seleucus I after his son. These royals are part of the Daniel-11 prophecy, and it's feasible that Seleucids of Syria came round to found Baathists. When finding that Wikipedia's article on Dagome (alternative name of Mieszko I of Poland) was said to have had ancestry in Sardinia, and because there is a Sulcis-possible Silesia at the Polish border, I entertained the Mieszko's with Seleucids. This later made more sense when learning that Jonathan Maccabee (one of the first five Maccabee brothers) formed a strong alliance with the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas. It can be easily predicted that the Alexander names in the Maccabee line were part-Seleucid, and it just so happens that Alexander Maccabee had a wife, Iotapa, from the royal family of Cetis. And with Maccabees descending to Massey liners, including Julia Maesa Bassianus suspect with the Maezaei, the latter smack at Bistue, a term I trace to the Piast ancestry of Mieszko I, it all speaks for itself on where the Seleucids trace. And Silesia is where the SCHITner/Sitler write-up traces that surname.

If we assume that Schitners were Skits, that is exactly the Sheet/Skayte bloodline, and while Obama's Dunham line (same place as Sheets) traced to Dunham-Massey, his Singletary line uses the antelope design of Wheelwrights while the Piast dynasty was given the myth code, "Piast the Wheelwright." In fact, he was even given a name, KOLODziej, which traces well to COULTers/Alters, because they share the Catherine wheel with Wheelwrights. And Colters/Alters (in the motto of Roet-like Rodhams) were first found in Lanarkshire, beside the Ayrshire Skits and Sheds, and in the domain of Scottish Stewarts that share the checks of Wrights. Obama's pastor for two decades was Mr. Wright, and Obama was in cahoots with an activist, Bill AYERS.

So, I think I have made the case to myself that Seleucids of Silesia trace to Ayrshire, if, that is, Schitners were Seleucids. And that case becomes stronger if indeed Skit / Sheet liners were Cetis liners from the Maccabee marriage to Quadratus. The Quade's share their wolf heads with Irish Mackays while Mackeys/Margys were first found in Ayrshire. The Syrian father of Annas (chief priest of Israel that spearheaded Christ's murder) was SETH, and while Seths bring up the Shaws, the latter are in the Ayrshire motto as, "God Shaw the Richt." Is that part-code for Wrights/Rights" Are heraldic right hands, when indicated in descriptions, code for Wrights/Rights?: Dexter hands are probably code for the Dexters that love the Quade-suspect Weights in their Crest's "weights," and Weights use three hunting horns in the colors of the three Quade wolf heads. Neither Shield uses anything else. Wrights use leopard heads, and bars suspect with the Parrs, the latter potential PARDon liners that link to "leoPARD." In any case, the double Parr bars are in the colors of the double Dexter chevrons, which exposes how Rights can link closely to Dexters (two of the Colter chevrons). This is the line most suspect, in my work, with the coming 666, and Obama's Dunham past links square to Wright liners.

Again, the Single(ton)/Single(tary) surname is much like the Singular variation of Sinclairs, suggesting a Claro merger with Single liners. Sinclairs share the Bitar / Aflack cross, and the vikings to which the Sinclairs belonged were seeking with all of their resolve and fortunes to rule the entire world. It's in the history books. And I think they have that mentality engrained in their genes, to this day, in the Round table Illuminati, or call it what you will. There is a Syrian location, often in the war news, that is much like "Single / Shingel." Obama was involved with that place. When Bill Clinton left office, he took a globalist role, for these goons have globalism in their hearts due to demonic reasons. Obama said that he would continue to be active, and my Obama dream tends to suggest the same.

The Singletary spear (in the Dunham Crest, right?) is shared by TRACKs/Tricks (kin of Drigs). Little more than a year ago, I had suggested that the Kennati priests at Olba/Orba (Cetis), on a Terek-like river/valley, the Tracheitis, may have been the origin of Tracks/Tricks, first found in the same place as Capone's, June's, Julians, the very ones I expect from the Caiaphas line to Cetis. The Terek, origin of Caesar-suspect Khazars, was also "Tergi," like the Trigg / Drig variations. They share green with Stars, whom I assume were kin of Terek-river liners, but Stars (share the eye with Baathist-possible Watts and Battins) can be Suter liners. The Singletary spear is broken, suspect with the Brocks/Broke's that share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Prokopps/Brocuffs (same place as Schitners!), and while Brocuffs use the potent cross of SKITS, Brocks use a "VireSCIT" motto term. You see, Singletarys are now linking to the Sheet line, just as the dream suggested is the reality. Brocuffs use the same-style dancette border as Dunhams and Hairs.

Brocuffs are suspect with Brogitarus, whose Galatian family is suspect for the Galatian woman, OPGALLI. The Brocuff potent is surrounded by four smaller crosses, reflecting the flag of Templar Jerusalem, a design used also by the early Rosicrucian saltire.

Recalling that Gelders are also OP-GELDERs, and that they use the Bush/Busch fleur-de-lys, note how that fleur can be the red one of German Colters/Geltzers/Goltzers (Baden), whom use a split Shield in the colors of the Colter/Alter chevron. The GeltSAYER variation suggests merger with Sayers, who share the leopard in Crest with Suters. While the Sayer bend looks linkable to the Varn bend, the Colters/Geltzers were first found in the same place as Varni-suspect Veringers, and moreover the vertically-split Shield of Colters/Geltzers is colors reversed from the same of German WARNers, and in the same colors of the split-Shield of Austrian Turners. English Warners share the squirrel with VALENTINs

If you click the Rosicrucian link above to the cross of Johannes VALENTINus Andreae, note "WIRTEMberg," which is where Battins/Badens trace without doubt. It has a spelling variation much like "Wright." To this day, I have no great idea as to what may have named Wurttemberg (merged politically with Baden), though I ventured a guess that "Wurtem" was a version of "Arthur," but that was before finding the ARTEMs, first found in the same place as Arthurs...and Wrights/Rights!!! Zowie. Note that Wrights had an early branch in Cambridgeshire.

I'm pretty sure, suddenly, that Wrights/Rights were Rieti liners to Ruedesheim, for as we saw that Rasmussens/Assmans were of Assmannshausen in Ruedesheim, so the Scottish Wrights share the unicorn with Rasmussens. The Wright unicorn has a blue feather in mouth, easily discernible now with the Hesse-related Fetters! Bingo. Why do Tracks/Tricks and Drigs share the sun with Hesse's and Fetters? Feathers are the ones honoring emperor Valens, brother of Valentinian, and the Rosicrucian co-founder, Johannes Valentinus Andreae, may serve to reveal that Ruedesheim Rosicrucianism traces back to Valentinian, to whom I traced Pollocks before discovering that they were proto-Rothschilds. Feathers are said to be from Juliana Fethere, and Arthurs of Clapton liked to use Juliana, which may explain why the Feather chevron is in the colors of the Irish-Arthur chevron.

The Feather Coat has the colors and format of Childs, the latter from Wanstead, between London and Cambridge, and therefore connectable to the Cambridge-branch Wrights. WANsteads were traced to Wayne's, whose Coat and pelican were traced long ago to Irish Arthurs. Feathers share the antelope with Singletarys, and both use chevrons in the same colors. The red Feather antelope is identical to the one in the Derby Crest, and this surname traces to Derbe, near lake Tatta. The same antelope design is used by Chimneys, and, a few years ago, I claimed that God provided a bat trapped in my chimney flange (almost directly above my desk) as code for the bats of the Moray Randolphs i.e. sharing the Bath Coat. It was at that very time that a grub in my firewood led me to find the Avezzano relationship to Avisons. Suffice to say here that Singletarys do link to Feathers and Fetters, and thus to Wrights, as expected where Singletarys share the WheelWRIGHT antelope design. In fact, while Wheelwrights use the antelope in red, same as the Feathers, Chimneys, first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Wheelwrights, use it in black, the colors of the Singletary antelope. And ANTELopes are code for ANATLya, near Derbe, and while the latter is in wolf-depicted Lycaonia, it should explain the clever AnteLOPE code. Derbyshire is where Ayers/Eyers were first found to which Bill Ayers can trace. Also, unicorn-using Cnuts were first found in Derbyshire that may now be suspect with the Rasmussen / Wright unicorn.

The Wheelwright wheel is in the colors of the wheel in the Arms of Mainz or of Mainz-Bingen. Although the latter uses six spokes while Wheelwrights use eight, the Arms of Assmannshausen has the wheel in colors reversed, and with eight spokes. As Roets trace to the Assmannshausen area, while Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel, it tends to trace WheelWRIGHTs right to where I am now tracing Wrights. Therefore, it seems that Wrights/Write's/Rite's were either directly from Rieti, or connected to one of its lines as a branch thereof. The Wright/RITE LEOpard head had been suspect with the same-colored lion of the Rome RITA's, the latter's probably using a version of the same-colored LEO lion...because the Pierleoni (named after Leo) were in Rome. And as the Pierleoni were on the Tiber river, recall that Tabers may be in the motto on Bingen-suspect Bings. The Rita lion is in half the colors of the same of Rome's Sforza's, and Tabers use lion heads in both colors of the Sforza lion. The latter's holds a quince as code for Quintus-Caepio liners.

There is a Bingen surname in Bing colors, though shown properly as Binney, of a location by that name in West Lothian, where same-colored Balders were first found. Balders use "ferme" and English Fullers use "fermiora," as well as a beacon as code for Beacons/Bacons (!), recalling the Rosicrucian co-founder, Francis Bacon! I've just realized that while the Fermo location was home to the founder of Este, and while Este's were in Brunswick, the Brunswick lion is in the Ferman/Forman Coat! There is a lot to be gleaned from that.

The Binney-like Binns (giant Moor head) were first found in the same place as Wheelwrights. Why? The Binn-Crest "mortar" has a wheel! Morters are listed with Motts/Mottins/Morte's. The Binn Moor head is in the Collar Coat, except that their head bands are of different colors. There are so many heraldic collars to with Binn liners may now connect. The Binn Moor head shares a pure-white head band with the Stirlings whom themselves share a black bend with Bingens/Binneys. And while Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire, you can bet that there was a Chappes link to Binns.

I was actually looking at Fullers before coming to the Bacons ("Firma", we get it) because the Irish-Fuller Crest shares the brown horse with the Bingen/Binney Crest. The Belli kin of Fullers had an Italian branch at Verona, not far from Este, and looking much like the Berone's / Baronne's expected from the Brunne's/Bruno's. Irish Fullers translate their motto with "BOLD and RIGHTly," perhaps part-code for the Bold/Bolt branch from the Bautica river. It's the river that Bouillons were from that use a "bello" motto term, and the Bouillon motto shares a term, almost, with the motto of English Bingens/Binghams...whose Coat looks like a version of the Bone Coat, a surname suspect from Bononia = Bologna, where I trace the Boulogne location of de-Bouillon's father. While I identify Fullers with Fulbert, patriarch of Pollocks, who was in Dol with the Alans, Bingens/Binneys use a "DOLoque" motto term (possibly part-code for Lodge/Loges liners).

However, as Ruedesheim is in this Right picture, let's also mention Bonn, a location near Ruedesheim, for Bonns share a version of the Bone Coat. The Bacon stars are in the colors of the Bingen/Binney star. It's interesting that while I trace Bacons to Bacau in Moldova, there is a BUZau river in southern Moldova, and between the two, there is a RIMNa area to which I trace the Beng-suspect Benjamites of Israel's RIMMON. Then, shockingly enough, Bingens/Binghams are said to have been descended from Bus-like Buisly/BUSliaco, and, shocking-shocking, French Bacons use the same cinquefoil as Bus'! It looks like we can now have the Benjamites pegged rightly as Bingen liners.

Plus, at the first sight of the Arms of Assmannshausen, it was noticed to be split in the colors of the split-Wessel Coat, and both use symbols in both halves in the same colors again. The Wessels use an antler that, in colors reversed, is the Veringer antler (i.e. for a trace to Baden liners). The big point is, I had traced Wessels to Vestalis, son of king Cottius, and Cottians were traced to the Cotesii, who lived on the Buzau river, I kid you not. English Wessels use doves in Battin/Baden colors, and, I kid you not, the English Wessel Chief not only shares the white horse with the Arms of Rudesheim, but the quadrants of the Rudes/Rudge Coat!!! Zinger, that was exciting.

As the Battin/Baden axe's were recently traced (confidently) to the stag heads of Hanna's (what's "ardua ad" for?), note how that name reflects "JoHANNES." Hanna's are said to be from Gilbert of HANNETHe. Anns/HANNE's were from Tickhill (Yorkshire again), where the Buzau-suspect ancestry of Bingens/Binghams is said to be from.

This reminds me of two "girlfriends," if we can call them such, at 10 years of age. I have learned that the names of girlfriends were Set up, often to make parts of this revelation more clear to me. ANDREA and Nancy were back-to-back girlfriends, from the same class, but I did not have another girlfriend until Jackie Littleford. I purchased a couple of gifts for Andrea, but when I knocked on her door, her parents probably set her straight that she was too young to date, and that explains why I never saw her again. At that age, I was a dare-devil, and later, I became burnt in many ways. Nancy was come close to when our teacher had a dance party for the class, and asking us to pick a partner, somehow I ended up with Nancy. Woe, slow dancing with a cute girl was fun, but what was the teacher doing this for, with such young students? Was it God's idea to provide the Dance surname at this time?

It was recent when I traced the Nancy location in Lorraine to Johannes-like "ANNECY." Coincidences? Compare "DANCE" to "ANNECY," but then there is a Dance/D'ANCE surname, first found in Piedmont, same as the Susa capital of king Cottius, and Cottius' father, Dannus, became suspect with the Dannas variation of the same Dance's/D'Ance's. Lorraine was the home of the Bar(r)s of Este out of Brunswick and into Bar-le-Duc, and the previous black horse showing in the Este Crest was identical with the black horse head in the Crest of Dance's/Danse's. I will never forget that Este horse head design, because Bute's (ESToiles) still use it. The Nancys, Haddocks and Rudes' share another cross like that of Bitars / Aflacks.

By the way, the Dunham martin should link best to the Irish and Italian Martins, in the same colors. The latter use a label for Labels/La Bels (suspect with Massey-related Bellamys) that share the crescent of Irish Martins (calvary symbol). In the Martin Crest, a gold estoile shared by Bute's/Butts while Butlers share nearly the Dunham / Randolph Coat. Irish Martins were first found in Galway, same as Torleys that looked very linkable to Obama's Singletary and Wolfley parts.

My suspicion was that Round-Table globalists set up the first Baathists for to fulfill some agenda, like those tinkering with massive machinery they can't fully control, and that, with the wrong nuts and bolts, ends up backfiring, to everyone's hurt. This is the definition of globalists: too-rich-for-their-own-good people who hate God for love of what money can buy, and who should know better than to nation build where they are not welcome by the majority of the population. Put a fool's cap on their heads, and the definition is completed to perfection. However, it's not funny, because they waste my/your money in nation building, for, before long, all their advances are taken back by their enemies in the population. The history of war shows that the loser today comes back to win tomorrow, and this is what breeds more, perpetual war.

I now recall, from not many weeks ago, that Nancys linked to the Haddocks (Chaddocks?) suspect in the motto of squirrel-using Gilberts, and we just saw Gilbert of Hannethe. In fact, the Gilberts were at the root of Carricks, the latter said to be from a Gilbert in Galloway, home of Gilbert of Hannethe! Gilberts share the squirrels with Valentins i.e. suspect in "Johannes Valentinus Andreae"!! Zinger. The Haddocks (same place as Chaddocks / Chadwicks) throw in a fleur in the colors of the June fleur. If we compare both Conan Coats to Haddocks, it appears that they had become kin.

Did we see Nancy's tracing to Este liners via the Dance's? Nancys share the eight-pointed estoile with Maccabee-liner Motts/Mottins/Morte's, whom are in the mortar of Binns, first found in the same place as Dance's/Danse's. When Obama was skateboarding up an arch, it could have been code for the relationship (that I've not known) between Sheets/Skayte's and the Ark river at Mottin-like Modane. The Mott crescent is suspect with the Alexander crescents, and Alexanders are suspect from the Maccabee-line Alexanders, first found beside the Gorms/Blue's that share the rooster design of Jonathans/Jonas', possible namers of "Johannes." Note the JonaSCHEIT variation of Jonathans. There has been some temptation here to outright identify Hanna's with "Johannes," and while this may be hasty, Andrea and Nancy are supporting that idea.

I have never forgotten the street that she lived on, don't ask me how this little miracle can be. But, every once in a while in my life, I remember her street, SHOREham Drive, maybe because a friend (forget his name, maybe Frank) lived at a corner of Shoreham. The only thing I recall about him, and vividly, was going over to listen to the song, "Hippy-Hippy SHAKEs," and I even recall doing the hippy-shake DANCE at the time, inside of his house. Amazing. The point is, one Andrea/Andre surname (Provence) shares the red saltire with Andersons, and while the latter uses a "sure" motto term, Sure's are listed with SHORE's (Derbyshire again), I kid you not. My question is, how did God go to produce this situation? Danish Andersons share a white and courant horse with Wessels, and moreover share the vertically-split Shield of Colters and Turners, the latter sharing the bend of Turins/Thurins, from Turin i.e. in Piedmont.

And here while on the prospect that Johannes Andreae was to the Hanna surname, we find that Andrea's/Andre's use the ANNAN(dale) saltire as used in the Arms of Ayrshire. Andersons use the Annandale saltire as Annans themselves use it. From Provence, the Andrea's could have been involved with the Provence surname (suspect at Valence), in Anderson colors, and with a version of one Stevenson Coat (beside the Wessels/Wastel) while the other Stevensons use a version of the Valentin bend, thus making an Andrea-surname connection to Valentins. The latter were first found near Este.

The Johannes surname shares a giant red scallop with Sabine's, in colors reversed from the giant scallop of Caplan- / Capes-suspect Gardners (Nuremberg), the latter now suspect at Baden's StuttGART (recall the blue Gartsen ravens, in the colors of the Hanna stags, as proof that Gart liners named Stuttgart). At Baden, we have come to Write-suspect Wirtemberg, the term in the Arms of Johannes Valentinus Andreae. As Capes' were first found in London, and as the Gardner scallop is the Capes scallop while Sabine's use it in colors reversed, and as Mr. Sabines was the grandfather of Titus, by what coincidence do London and Lund's share gyronny with Titus'? Lund's are known to have been connected to Sial(d)s in Fife, and that's the line from Cibalae, birthplace of Valentinian I. Besides this, Andersons are said to have had a branch in Badenoch, which traced very well to Battins/Badens and/or Baden of Germany, though I can't recall the details.

Fife is where the Bitars/Buttars were first found that use the same strong arm as the Darks/Arque's that are highly suspect with dark-suited Obama on his skateboard upon an arch/ramp. If you go to read this in the last update, the BATHing SUIT of Miss Hicks came up at exactly the time of the dark Obama suit, and her suit was purple, as I recalled it before seeing the "purple arm" in the Dark Crest. And here, while discussing Baathist links possible for Obama, after showing why Baths are a merger with his Randolph bloodline, we find the Dark arm, apparently, with Bitars, the surname that co-founded Baathists. While the bow of Bitars can be of the Bowers, first found in Peebles-shire, where Andersons had some beginnings, the "Deus" motto term, shared by Bitars, has been suspect with the Deuster variation of Rothschild-loving Dusters, who use tow arms.

The Bitar description gives an alternative symbol: "Two hands issuing from a cloud drawing a bow." Dusters use an "arm in armour," as do Armours, and while the latter share the stars of Stevensons, the latter use a hand out of a cloud. The SQUIRE helmet in the Armour Crest helps to make the Armour link to Stevensons, for the latter replace the Squire-related squirrels of the Valentin bend with leopard faces. So, connect the dots, for Armours were first found in the same place as Stevenson-related Aids and WURTTEMberg-suspect Artems. The latter use roses on what should be the Bath cross in colors reversed, and Rose's were of the Badenoch area, and, moreover, the saltire of Johannes Valentinus Andreae has four roses surrounding it, as does the Artem/Aiton Coat, can you believe it!? I had missed this when making the Wirtemberg link earlier to Artems! Excellent discovery, just by following the dots. And while Write's are suspect with Wirtemberg, Write's share the Armour stars too. We have just trace the co-founder of Rosicrucians to Artems and Baths with very little doubt, and that tends to trace his blood also to Battins/Badens, and Badenoch.

[I now recall that Obama's true father could have been Frank Marshall Davis, while one article I read made a compelling case that Davis was a son of a illegitimate affair from a high level politician with Stevenson surname, whose family or family member had married a Davis surname. Obama's mother was the daughter of Stanley ARMOUR Dunham. Big hmmm. Stanley's wife (Madelyn Payne) was a bank vice-president in Kansas, though the Obama genealogy doesn't give the name of the bank.]

Recall the "firma" of Bacons, for Squire's/Squirrels use "ferme." In fact, recall that Fullers are the ones, along with German Belli's that use the beacon as code for Beacons/Bacons, and recall that Fullers use "FERMiora," for The Bellini's were first found in the same place as Italian Belli's while Bellini's share the bear paw with Squire's/Squirrels...thus linking Squirrels to Azzo of Fermo, founder of Este castle. It's a great way to assume that Azzo got hooked up with, or was descended from, Valentins of Vicenza, about 30 miles from Este. It's notable that while Squirrels were first found in WORCEStershire, the Bacons use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Worsleys in colors reversed. Worsleys married Masseys of Tatton so as to trace by that route to Taddei', the latter using the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Worsleys.

So, we now know why Squirrels are Valentinian liners, for he married Justine of Picenum, and Fermo is in what used to be Picenum. This not only verifies that Squirrels, Bacons and Fullers trace to Picenum, but opens a host of others possibilities with similar motto terms. One thing coming immediately to mind is that while I see Futters in the Fuller motto, I have Fullers recorded as using a poppinJAY, part-code for Gaia liners, and as Gaia was father of Massena, note that Massena's share the white-on-red patee cross with the Arms of Fermo. Both the Arms and Massena's use the sinister bend, as do Rasmussens that share the bend of Poppin-like Pepins. Poppins even use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Bacons, Worsleys, etc.

The problem in that perfect picture is, I now note that the Futter bird is called a dove. Either I had it wrongly identified as a poppinjay (shared by Twine's and Coursins), or the website changed it to a dove. While Futters (Fetters?) were first found in the same place as Jays, Twine's (like the "Tiens" motto term of Squirrels) not only use poppinjays, but the same fesse as Futters (three of the same in the Fuller Coat). It's interesting that Twine's were first found in the same place as Dance's/Danse's, the latter share an embattled fesse with Twins. Plus, the latter use two estoiles in colors reversed from the same of Stiffs (Steven liner probably) while the Futter dog is called a maSTIFF. Stivers/Sturdivants come to mind suspect with the lion of Greys, first found in the same place as Stevensons.

If Futters (almost the Bacon stars) use both a poppinjay and a dove, note that the Rudes- / Ruedesheim-related Wessels use the blue dove too, and that Rasmussens were from Ruedesheim's Assmannshausen. It makes Futters out to be a branch of Fetters, especially if Futters are intended in the Fuller motto while Fullers were from Fulbert, father of Peter Pollock at Rudes-like Rothes = Moray, for Morays use the FETTERlock! That looks like a bingo, especially as Rothes' were first found in same place as Rudes'. It expects the Hesse / Fetter sun somewhere at the Moray theater, and the Cohens/Kagans, with the Moray stars, use the sun too. The giant sun once showed for ECTORs while Pollocks use an "AudACTOR" motto term. Bingo-bingo, I wonder whether Bingens of Ruedesheim relate to Rothes castle, for Bings use the same lion as Rothes'...and of the Raines' that I trace to "RENfrew," home of Peter Pollock. We have learned a mighty lot here, tending to clinch Ruedesheim with the naming of Rothschilds.

While Obama on his skateboard was with another man doing exactly the same, as in a mirror image, I suggested that Twins apply to it. The Sewers/Suters that were the primary surname of that dream, and link also to the suit he wore while on the skateboard, were first found in the same place (Angus) as Futters/FOTYs and (H)Ectors (mythical Hector Hyksos?). Ectors have three bends in the colors of the three Fuller bars, and Fullers loved Bacons (Pollock boar?) whom were part of British-royal Rosicrucians. In fact, John Dee (associate of Francis Bacon) was an agent in the court of queen Elizabeth, and the Dee river is in Aberdeenshire, flowing between Angus and Rothes. The two Angus-Chief stars are in the Futter Chief (but see also the Balds). The obvious implications in this paragraph is highly reliable. The Dee's use a "Hic" motto term suggesting a Hick line at the Hectors/Heckie's (Hykes/Hake colors). Some say that William Shakespeare was Francis Bacon.

Playne's (same place as Diss' / Davers / Clare's) use a Coat version of the Suter-like Setters (Sauts/Suters use a Seiter variation), and the latter use the same roses as Sachs and Dutch Sewers, suspect with the white-on-black roses that I traced to Rozala of Ivrea, that being the city of the Arduinici. The mother of Javier Solana wrote a 666-page book of Francis Bacon, or so I have read (I've never seen the book to verify that it had 666 pages), and Solana's share the giant sun with Ectors (the latter now show a small sun).

When Obama was dancing, I recall only his lifting one straight leg toward me (Foty-like FOOT closest to me), then turning around and going the other way. I assumed this dance, which was immediately followed with he and the other on the skateboard, was code for the Dunham dancette (it assured that the man was Obama, which I was in-the-know about from the dream's start), but when we ask what the dancette is code for, we can go to the Dance's/Danse's, using the same fesse as both Futters and the Cheatle's/Chee's (Cheshire, same as Dunham-Massey), the latter using the fesse as a dancette. That works well. I see Cheatle's from the Chatti of Hesse (it's a years-old trace, not invented now for convenience) to the Keith Catti, and to the Kettle's suspect with the Keith stag head. Keiths were a Cetis line, but see also the Keats cats, looking linkable to the Tailer lions in the colors of the Bing lion. The Tailer lions are the cats of Chives' while Chives' share the Bing quadrants, and were first found in Tarves, near Angus and Rothes. The Fothes'/Fette's (branch of Foots) were first found in the same place as Tarves, and can be suspect as the Moray-related Futters/Fotys = Fetters.

[Insert -- During the spell check at the end of the week, it was earlier that Table's and Chee's were found related. I copied that sentence to paste later in the update, where Chee's come up again, and, in order to find that place below, I searched "Chee." The search then brought me to each instance of "fitCHEE," and while wondering whether the term was deliberate in indicating a Chee merger with Fit/Fitch liners, I came to the apparent merger of Futters and Chee's in the paragraph above, where I wanted to repeat that "the Table write-up makes it clear that Table's share the Chee/Cheatle fesse." It appears that Chee liners were merged with Fitch's and/or the Fittes variation of Fothes', and as Table's use hurts for an Arthur branch, note that Danish Bauers use hurts and a leopard (i.e. the Fitch leopard?) while Bauers>Rothschilds are expected with Hesse liners. Repeat: "We read that the Tableys sold their KNUTsford estate to Masseys and EGErtons, and to be sure that Eggs apply, though first found way over in Austria, they use hurts, the table symbol." Austria is where Bauers were partly first found, though they were also first found in Bavaria, which itself uses the Grimaldi lozenges in Egger-hurt colors.

The Egger Coat looks like a version of the Arms of Zurich, and from Zurich, families are within easy reach of Hurt-like Wurttemberg and Bavaria. While "WIRTEMberg" became suspect with "WRIGHT," the latter uses leopard face's in Egger colors. As Johannes Andreae's surname is highly suspect with Andersons, note that while the Arms of Bavaria uses the Franconian Rake, Hendersons use what looks like the Franconian Rake. I did the hippy-hippy shake at the house of FRANK, that's how I recall his name, and I HUGged Andrea across the street from Frank's, and, believe it or not, HUGo's were first found in Switzerland's Basel, on the border of Baden-Wurttemberg, and less than 50 miles from Zurich. If FRANConia didn't cover Basel, it wasn't far away, and it did cover parts of Baden-Wurtttemberg up at the Rudesheim area. Were Hugo's from "Egger." There is a Swiss Baden location about 10 miles north of Zurich. There is a celebrated Black FOREST on the north of Basel that could apply to the Forest variation of Forez's, in Fitch (and Frank) colors. The Black Forest is where Gauls from Segovesus (BC times) are said to have settled, though they originated in the Burgundy / Dauphine area, we are told, and that's where the Forez mountains are. I hugged Andrea on the corner of SHOREham, and while German Shore's are also Schore's, the Black Forest is in SCHWARZwald, itself forming the German border at Basel.

AHA! The giant gold-on-black SCHWARtz rose is the white-on-black rose of Dutch SEWERs!!! The Sewers are Schwartz liners! There was a Schwartz merger with Suters. God is emphacizing the Schwartz line (Thuringia) in the Obama dream! Why? End Insert]

Let me remind that the skateBOARD should be code for the Boards/Bord (same place as Saddocks), using a version of the Sewer/Suter Coat, but with the Chaddock / Chadwick / Saddock martlets, all in the color(s) of the Singletary martlets. No coincidences. God knows how to give the perfect dream. And as the Board Crest is a "gold antelope statant," i.e. sharing the antelope with Singletarys, it's clear from many angles that Obama's bloodline was a Cetis line. I don't recall addressing "STATant" in the last update, but as Suters have been proposed as Stutt liners, that works. State's were first found in Cheshire.

I am impressed once again that God used the surnames, and related things, from lady friends in my ancient past, to help make links. It usually entails vivid memories. The only thing I recall about Andrea in class is that I noticed her for the first time when the teacher was talking to us on how to be a news anchor. I recalled that day several times in my life. Why? What possible interest could I have had in a 10-year-old girl while I was an adult? How on earth can I remember that piece of that one day, and why? But when I recalled it, it had nothing to do with remembering Andrea, but rather about the news-anchor lesson. I don't remember anything else the teacher ever taught or said in class. I don't recall talking to Andrea in class, ever. So, I've just looked up the News surname (chaplets, important to God's revelation) to find it using a saltire in Andrea-saltire colors. Amazing. I can understand why the reader might think that I'm some kind of goon, making these things up. It gets hard to believe, I realize. The News description: "A shield divided per SALTIRE gold and red, four chaplets counterchanged."

Now watch this. Chaplets were first found in Lorraine, same as the Summits in the Dunbar write-up. When I had got her a couple of gifts (a board game and a book, ha), Tony up the street was romancing her at the same time. I don't recall how I found out, but I did hear that he got her jewelry, and I felt stupid for getting her a book (she was the class-browner type). I never heard from her again, and my family moved away that year, anyway. I don't recall whether Tony got her a necklace, but there is a great chance that he did, and it just so happens that Summits use necklaces. DunBARs are Bar liners, from Lorraine, and the Fountains with Hugs use bars probably for that reason. Game's/Cams (gameboard?) use pale bars in Bar colors, and Cams are feasibly from the Cam river that named Cambridge, where News' were first found, and where CHAP liners were (News' are likely using a version of the Chapman perchevron). We saw why Boards link to Suters / Saddocks / Chadocks / Singletarys. Books are kin of Roets / Reeds who trace to Ruedesheim, where Mr. Andraea may have had his Rosicrucian links. That's important if correct.

I recall the day, when we were a few houses down from her place, in a backyard. I convinced her to give me a hug, though it wasn't much. It was the first and last time, and it lasted a second or so, as I recall it, long enough to make the event. There is Hug/Hughes surname that should be using the Fountain fesses. I don't know whether this link was part of God's intentions, but it's a good link to have because heraldic fountains are important toward Cetis. I don't recall whether I kissed her, but Kiss' use fountains and trace to Cetis' via the BIBLE/Bibo surname. It's therefore possibly that the heraldic book was devised as part of the Bible bloodline, or vice-versa, the Bible's were named when Bibo liners married the Book family.

On the day we hugged, we were across the street from the friend where I went over to hear "Hippy-Hippy Shakes." It's just that the Hipps/Hips' use the same martlets as Singletarys while sharing the sphinx with Brocuffs, and Singletarys use a BROKEn spear. The SHAKEspeare's come to mind. Coincidences? That hippy-hippy shake just taught us that Singletarys (and the spear-using Dunhams) were merged with Shechemites. I'm not making any of this up, I did do the hippy-hippy shake -- a dance -- in that friend's house, and Dance's/Danse's were first found in the same place as Jacks, and while they use the same fesse, one of my best friends while I lived at that area was Jackey/Jackie (don't know the spelling), while Jackie would be my first official girlfriend five years later.

Obama Connection to Miss Hicks

Good morning. Note that Seagars, first found in the same place as Dunhams, use a moline, recalling the mole hills of Shake's, suggesting that Seagars, and the Sakarya river, were of the Shechemites. That's not small revelation if correct. If Sawyers were a Seagar branch, it should be noted that the Sawyer martlets are in the colors of the same of Boards, far Sawyers were first found in the same place as Skeets/Skayte's (and Seagars). As Segans/Sagans use a salaMANDER while that traces to the mythical Maenads on the Maeander river (not far from the Sakarya), by what coincidence did the Maenads have a dancing symbol?

Last night, after ending above, I got to a New York Post article telling that Obama has an office near the White House, where he's running a "shadow government" (the Posts's phrase) with 30,000 supporters whose goal is to overthrow any Trump agenda hoping to undo Obama "legacy." What legacy? Obama went down as a loser, and we should be happy that even most Democrats chalk him up as such (for losing full Democrat power to Republicans), or the that number might already be 300,000. If this sorry-ass movement, based on the typical poor sportsmanship of Democrats, gets large traction, I can see it bringing in Hillary supporters, and even Europeans. Right now, due to the Obama dream I had, I'm wondering whether he has direct ties to the leaders of ISIS. I think we can see what that could all entail as per an ISIS invasion of Israel.

I awoke this morning to open a window. It was almost dawn, and I needed fresh air (I like cool temperatures in the range of 50 F). As I was opening the window, I was praying that Miss Hicks and I not get married. It gave me a lot of relief this past week to learn that our hugging and rising into the sky may not be a Sign that we would get married, but more like a Sign that Masci liners were one with the Hicks, and this is what I've been saying for years, that the Hyksos was a Meshwesh / Meshech / Mus household. It's exactly what I trace Obama to, the Masseys. And Mieszko's, with which Singletarys were merged, are likely in the Mieske/MESECH surname. As Jonathan Singletary (why "Jonathan") changed his surname to Dunham, there had to be a reason, some sort of kinship with Dunhams. And so I imagine a Mieszko line to Singletarys > Dunhams.

The reason that I would like the dream not to be a Sign of marriage is that it seems unreal at this time that she and I will be married, and I do not want to go forward in life waiting any longer for such an event. But I do want to understand the dream. And so, after closing the window (it's cold out, so it was left open for just a couple of minutes), I got back into bed, and started to look at the dream in view of it the hug / embrace being a sign that a Hicks-Masci merger, and blood connection to the namers of Skye, is the correct interpretation. The Skye's can be of the fountain-using Syke's/Sichs, you see, part of the Kepke-stag dream (points to Trump) that becomes linkable through the Trump stag to fountain-using Waterfords. And, again, Singletarys use the three Water chevrons in colors reversed. Skye and Lewis were named partly by Lewis', from Llewellyn liners, from Laevillus, son of Vibia to whom I trace to Bibo's/Bible's. Look at how neat that is, requiring no stretches on my part.

As I was still standing at the window, praying (or showing my desire) that she and I not be destined for marriage, it dawned on me that the interpretation of the dream has come while she was SINGLE. Is that a coincidence, or is it a Sign that Hicks and Singletarys were merged? The Hykes/Hake's, I realized, were using a chevron and surrounding symbols in colors reversed from the same of Singletarys. And, like I said, Obama is from my mother's Masci bloodline, for Dunham-Massey was also, Dunham-Masci. Ranulph le Meschin was a Conteville liner, and Maschi's use pine cones for the Cone / Conte's (Durham = DUNholme) that share the ANTLer (like ANTELope) with Maschi-liner Hamons, and Dunham-Masci was ruled by HAMON de Masci/Massey. It all seems clear enough, and while Meschins descended from Malahule the Dane, Dunhams use a version of the Hair Coat, itself as version of the Coat of the HARcourt Danes. As we see above that Singletarys can, on multiple grounds, be viewed as closely merged with Shechemite lines, let's repeat that Shechemites were in alliance with Kenites, suspect with the naming of the Hyksos pharaoh, Khyan, the hard-hearted Exodus pharaoh who never knew when to stop warring against God's chosen. It's the very same blockheaded attitude that rank-and-file Democrats, and Obama, possess.

As I got into bed from the window, I realized that the Carrs use the same chevron as Singletarys, and related thoughts went through my head as per the links of the Carr motto to Sere's / Seers / Zerrs/Zehrers, the latter using the axe and hatchet as part-code for the Hatchets/HACKETs, highly suspect with Hykes'/Hacks and Hykes'/Hake's (same place as Dunhams) at the Axe-river theater...which, now that I expand upon it, is where bathing-suit- and Randolph-related Baths / Battins/Badens were first found along with Were's. The latter should connect to the Were river, location of Durham = Dunholme. While Were's may not have been Vere liners closely, I expect that Vere's named the Were river, and that something of a Vere line at that river became the Were's. The Were write-up says that Were's were one with Giffards, and the latter use the same motto as Paine's while Obama's mother was the daughter of Madelyn Payne.

The Singletarys use the format and colors of Childs (Merovingians), and the Arthurs that had married the trumpet-related Hicks' of Clapton were From Merovingians in Britain. Keep those Childs in mind. Here is my theory: Miss Hicks was committing adultery on her ranch with Stanley while her aging husband (more than 30 years older) was back in the city visiting, and being cared for, by his direct family. He had a disability. God used me to catch reveal the adultery to our pastor, though this was not my intention. To make a long story short, I went to the pastor one Saturday, the day after I had seen Miss Hicks with Stanley for the 4th time in roughly three weeks (her husband was out of town on that night). I asked to set up a meeting the next morning, with Miss Hicks, because her daughter was spreading a rumor about me, that I was looking at her and other young teens sexually. She was 13 years old, and weighed 300 pounds, and the pastor laughed this off as i told it to him. The point is, I felt that Miss Hicks was spreading this rumor for fear that I was about to reveal the affair, and, moreover, I had good evidence that she was plotting other harm against me using the local police. She wanted to tarnish my name as a child molester so that no one would believe my claim that she and Stanley were having an affair.

The next morning, she did not appear in the pastor's office, but rather her husband appeared, and gave me the evil eye, and a stern rebuke due to my making a "proposition" on his wife. That was the end of the "meeting," a minute long. So I asked for another meeting for that evening, and this time Miss Hicks showed up alone. She apologized about her husband's proposition claim, saying that he had misunderstood. And it was she who brought Stanley to topic, not me. I had no intention of revealing the affair to anyone, and had not told the pastor the night before. My concern was this report of child molestation that this family was apparently spreading.

I left Texas the night of the meeting, and when I returned almost three years later, her husband, a few weeks after I had returned, came to me in church, and gave me a hug (never did that before, and we had never been close at all). I was looking at Miss Hicks over his shoulder during the hug, and she, up at the front of the church, was looking at us. She didn't look happy about it. I should mention that while Hugs are listed with Hughes, Hugh D'Avranches was himself a Conteville, and the Avranches-related Branch's were first found with related others, including the Conte's, at Dunholme.

When the husband hugged me, I took it as an apology for what he said to me the last time we were together in the pastor's office. And I therefore sensed that he had discovered the adultery, and was now thanking me for revealing it, which can explain why his wife wasn't looking too happy about this hug.

I had to put my house in Texas up for sale later that year, and invited a real-estate agent from church to my place. He knew Miss Hicks and her husband well, for he married Miss Hicks' aunt. I don't recall knowing this before. He got talking about his friendship with the husband, and told me, that very day, that Miss Hicks and her husband had listed their house with him for sale. I had driven by her house on every occasion of going to town once or more each week, and never did I ever see people at her gate, but that day, after the real-state agent left, I went to town. On the drive back, there was the real-estate agent at the gate with Miss Hicks, looking gorgeous as always. I honked as I drove by, and, I suppose, that gave her the creeps, for, by then, I figured that they were moving as a decision by the husband to get her away from the area where her adultery had taken place.

I don't recall seeing them again. Some time later, I decided to look Miss Hicks up on an Internet directory, because I wanted to send her an explanation on why I had called her by phone, etc., etc., and I wanted to tell her of the dream because I was still single, expecting the dream to be fulfilled, likely with her, as much as I didn't like her that much for obvious reasons. However, there was the possibility that I had been wrong about her adultery with Stanley. I found her new address, and the phone at that home was listed in her name alone, which indicated that he had passed away, and so I sent her the package, some five years after I had sold the Texas house. There is no need to tell the rest of the story, because, the point is, her house was registered under a Mr. Childs. I would not have known about the Childeric line to Childs had it not been for this, for I had not previously known the Child surname. While Singletarys (version of the Child Cost?) use the martlet as code for Charles Martel, he happened to be a Pepin on one side while the Merovingian line from Childeric had Pepins in high places, and probably married with them.

After Miss Hicks did not respond to my package, I called to see whether she received it at all. I had to leave a message, twice, and on the third call an elderly man answered (or at least he sounded elderly), claiming to be her husband, yet his name was not on the phone listing at that house. The theory is that he and she were living at different homes due to the adultery, and that she was living with Mr. Childs. Or, Mr. Childs was the previous owner of the house, and her husband, though not living there, would show up from time to time.

About five years after that, last summer, roughly, I was writing on the Hicks dream in one of the updates, which got me to check-up online for her husband's obituary. I found it immediately. He didn't pass away until the end of 2015, a good reason to believe that he and she were not living together. I can see no other explanation for his name not being listed in the white pages. He had been an important man to many who might have wanted to contact him at his new address. The point is, the interpretation of the dream came when she was a widow = SINGLE. If the dream had nothing to do with her marriage to me, good riddance, it would make me very happy just to know it. I would be freed of that ironic / false expectation, and besides, she can be rather offensive on top of the possibility that she was an adulteress with an unknown number of men. It can explain why she talked four hours when I first called her at her home phone.

Our RISING into the sky recalls that while "Sykes" is like the Dice variation of Deise's/Diss', and while Sykes' are said to be from "Sykes-Dyke," whatever that means, the Diss' use the colors and almost the format of Hicks. Moreover, the Diss' link to Davers from the Daversi = Doarsi at the Neretva river, home of the proto-Arthur Ardiaei that were as far south (from the Neretva) as RHISINium. This appear to explain our rising into the sky, whether I use "rising" or the floating term that traces between Floats / Fleets / Flecks/Flags and the flags of McLeods of Skye and Lewis. Davers and Diss' use the colors and format of Arthurs, but Diss' also have the Child Coat in gold. The Flags/Flecks share double-black bars with Stans/Stants (Stanley suspects) in the Arthur motto. But we now have the additional information that Arthur-related Artems were Wurttemberg liners to the Battins/Badens / Baths (same place as Clapton), and likely from the founder(s) of Rosicrucians (yes Andreae), which recalls my claim the king Arthur was a Rus entity. And the Bacons use the same cinquefoil as the first name of Miss Hicks husband.

While hovering over the seats, she was with eyes closed, or SLEEPing, and I awoke her sleeping-beauty style, while the SELEPitanoi were at/beside Rhisinum. Moreover, the SELEPITANoi smack of "CLAPTON." I think that this good interpretation of the dream, with her BATHing suit tracing to the same area as Clapton, is compelling for the use of RISING to the sky. I expect proto-Hicks at the Rhisinum theater, and have explained that the SCALLOPs of Hykes'/Hacks can be of the same entity that named SELEPitanoi, mythical Asclepios being suspect.

Having said all that, we can see why Miss Hicks was in a car, which not only indicated her being SINGLE (I took it to be her boyfriend's car), but Carrs and their Sere kin appear to be using versions of the Child Coat. God could have indicated Childs by putting a child in the dream, but by using the car, I'm able to get to Childs by the fact that her house had been, or is still, owned by a Mr. Childs. And so Childs get suspect as kin with the surnames intended in the Carr motto, "Sero sed serio." There is a good-bit of Sere / Seer material in the last update. It was in that update that the bathing suit of Miss Hicks was superimposed upon the suit of Obama, but not until this update that the Singletary link to her singleness had come to mind. The sands use a fesse in colors reversed from the Hicks fesse, and while a Mr. Sanders was trying to be the next American president (Hillary beat him) just months ago, I'm noting that one Sander Coat uses two white chevrons, the color of the three of Singletarys. The Sand-like Saint variation of Sinclairs reminds of the SINGULar variation of Sinclairs, and that French Clairs were first found in Limousin, named by the Lemovices that were kin to / allies of the Santones.

There is a Sleep/Slepe surname (Rudes / FitzWarin colors), using two fesse bars in Single-Singletary colors, and first found in Salop. The surname is said to be from a Sleapa entity of 1086 and earlier. I don't recall knowing of the Sleep surname before; it doesn't come up in any of my files. As Salop has a Mortone-Say location (in the Cliff write-up) known to be of the Says/Seys', note that FitzWarins are likely using the Morton quadrants. Rudes' are said to be of SEYsdon. Besides this, the Walsh's are using a Coat version of the other Mortons whom they love in their motto. The Morton line was from Terentia Murena, whose husband, Cilnius Maecenas, is to whom I trace Childeric's name. Terentia's brother (Roman general) conquered the Salassi of Aosta, at/beside the Lys river (Bautica tributary), home of the Walsh-related Walsers (share goat with Mortons). Hicks use the fleur-de-LYS, and Arduinici down-river from the mouth of the Lys (at Ivrea) lived at the Lys river of Artois. Hicks and the Savoy Fore's/Forez's/Forests use a "Tout" motto term while Masseys of Savoy (beside Aosta) use the Tout / Tatton crescent. I always forget the Salassi-like name of a Hyksos king. The Forez fesse is a reflection of the Fitch chevron, while Fitch's share the gold chevron with Diss' (same place as Fitch's).

Note the Walsh motto term, "morTUUS," possibly for Tous'. These Walsh's (same chevron as Hykes'/Hake's) share "sed" with Carrs. See here that Carr-beloved Sere's share the colors and format of Single's/Singletarys (and Childs). Recall that the blood drops of the Singletary antelope traces to "tous"-using Bleds.

I have been wanting to use "trance" for the way Miss Hicks was sleeping. Hovering and trance's go together, and she appeared TRANSfixed in a TRANCE. This got me to thinking of any surname that could apply, bringing the Trans variation of Trents to mind, suspect in the "Transfixus" motto term of Walsh's. Trents were first found in the same place as Baths, Clapton, ect. Yet more, I have been linking Trents to Tarans/Tarrents/Terrents (both use eagles) for years, and telling that the latter use the Child Coat in colors reversed! Zowie, that doesn't look coincidental.

I saw her boyfriend in the dream (assumed owner of the car), and the word I've always used (for years, long before realizing the dream was code for surnames) for him is "HEFty," possibly of a similar surname (e.g. Heffers) in relation to the Hoffer variation of Hovers. While in her trance, distressed, I could hear her thoughts: "he's out and about, maybe after/chasing other women." I assume that some woman entity applies, but thus far nothing has clicked to solve this aspect.

The thing bothering me is that a certain Steve came to our church in my last year in Texas. He was a quasi-Pentecostal preacher, who invited me out to lunch one day in church, and he then invited me to his home, showing me around. He brought me into the garage, where he had a classic-model car, but not yet rebuilt / renewed. It got me wondering whether Miss Hicks (daughter of a Pentecostal preacher) had been responsible for bringing him to this church. Was he having a secret affair with her? One day, a Steven emailed to rebuke me for opposing certain Pentecostal practices / movements in my online book, but as I had given Miss Hicks the address to the book, but not him, it had me wondering whether he had obtained it from her (assumes a close friendship). Or, they could have been two different Steve's. I kid you not, Steve (married) at church was hefty, there is no other word for it. He was not "fat," but bulky (yes, slightly overweight, but most of it is simply a large build). He had short dark hair, just like the man in the dream. The Stevensons share the leopard head with Hovers/Hoffers, and I saw him while she was hovering. Clapton-possible Clifftons share "droit" with Heffers, and Heffers/Heifers were first found in the same place as Clapton (the location). It appears like another correct interpretation, and it assumes that he and she together were in adultery...which is another thing that many Pentecostal leaders of guilty of. This is another thing that has me hoping I won't need to marry her.

What does all of this mean? What possible reasons could God have in steering the events of my life so drastically as to make some key revelations today? What can we take away from a Hicks-Singletary link? Okay, Obama traces to Hyksos. So what? Why would that be important after Obama is no longer the president? Okay, Obama traces to Childeric, himself from Hyksos and Shechemites. So what? But it was just hours before standing at the window this morning that I learned of Obama's "shadow government." And he may not only have billions of dollars stashed away from his theft of it while president, but he could have Round-Table goons in league with him to help quash some of Trump's initiatives. I was given an event during the Obama years suggesting that he was ready to take the county over using some extreme crisis. The event had to do with the black UN helicopters, to it that way, but as his political fortunes waned, and he became too weak, there was relief in many who were thinking / claiming that Obama would never let the presidency go, that he would keep it using martial law. My Obama dream tends to resonate with this picture. Obama dreams of the day when the whole world loves him again, but that was before the world learned of what a thief and secretive control-freak he was. He has no one to blame but himself.

I think it is very interesting to be able to trace Shechemites to the SAKarya river, and this looks like it has to do with Goldman-SACHS. In fact, the Sakarya was also the SANGarius, much like SINGle. I suppose that "SANGARius" can be to the Singer/Sanger surname, and Miss Hicks was a singer (she gave me one of her CDs, created in a music studio). Singers/Sangers share the horse with Pepins and Este's while Pepins use an "est" motto term. As Pepins are expected in the RASmussen bend, Pepins could be part of the Ruedesheim entities of ROSicrucian importance.

Here's from the 2nd update of February, 2015: "Read on to see how Sangers trace to Rusticus, no small point for linking Amyntes' family to Munderic (married Rustica's daughter). We have arrived. I can now explain the missing links between Artemidoros, Artemia and king Arthur. The only thing left to do after that is to find Caiaphas' dirty sock in king Arthur's mouth." Artemia was RUSticus' daughter, a 5th-century family from Lyons. If I recall correctly, there is a Sutton location in Somerset (i.e. same place as Baths / Badens, etc), while Suttons share the green and upright lion with Lyons. I was reading in a write-up yesterday that Sutton was owned by Arundels. Rusticus may have named Rostock, or vice versa, and this might even be the basis of Rosicrucianism. After all, ARTEMia is now being traced to "Wurttemberg" while Artems use a version of the cross in the Arms of Johannes Andreae of Wurttemberg. Artemidoros' family (some 5 centuries before Artemia) was chief of a Cybele cult on the Sakarya river, you see.

Artemia's father was Florentinus, smacking of Florence, where Taddei's (the Shield-and-Chief color combination of PARTons) were first found that trace to lake Tatta, location of Perta suspect with the Pert variation of Petts. And so see more from the February update: "Since then, the "bulRUSHes of the Perts/Petts came back to mind, tending to clinch a Rush trace to Rusticus. Also, the Frey / Phreeze horse, in both colors, was then found in the Sanger Coat, along with more garbs, which can imply a Roger trace to the Sakarya priesthood tracing in several ways to Rusticus liners. The black Sanger horse head in Crest [now brown] is the Bute/Butt / Este horse head too, and Bute's are tracing to Bodegisel with little doubt." Bodegisel was the son of Artemia's daughter. I cannot recall whether this was the same as Bodegisel, father of Arnulf of Metz, but as the Taddei's are seemingly linkable to the Artemia family, it recalls the Taddei link to Warin the Bald of Metz! That can explain why the emailer brought Warin up to me just before this update was started. The family of ARNulf (Aaron / Eren / Arundel line?) of Metz was married by Pepin of Landen.

As Singers/Sangers use their garbs in the colors of the Stick garbs while the Singer/Sanger motto includes a motto term of SITHECH-based Shaws, it speaks for itself.

Recall the implication at the start of this section, that Sakarya-river elements were merged with Maenads. That's more likely than was implied because Dionysus, who owner the Maenads, was a chief priest of the Cybele cult i.e. on the Sakarya. I can now add that the Sanger horse head is in the Crest of Dance's/Danse's! It tends to clinch the old claim that Dance's and dancettes are part of the Maenad line (Maeonians). The Manders use the same saltire as Andersons and/or Andrea's, and are expected (from the proximity of the Maeander to Rhodes) to be with a version of the Rhodes cross, the latter's looking very linkable to the Bath and Artem cross! That is extremely important for tracing Cecil Rhodes globalism to a Rusticus line through Andraea's Rosicrucians. The Rhodes-Crest leopard is of the design used for Sewers/Suters (both are of different shades of gold), now revealing why God wants us to know about Sewers/Suters. You Rhodians out there had better watch your thoughts and deeds, because God can really hurt you badly, at any moment, usually when you're scoffing Him.

Let's not forget that Hicks are from SAUTEbys while Sauts are Suters, and that Carrs are expected from the SLEEPING-Moon CARians near the mouth of the Maeander river. The sleeping-moon Karens (Roet kin = Ruedesheim possibilities) were first found in the same place as Sheet-likely SCHITners. German Roets (sleeping moon) were first found in the same place (Thuringia) as CHILDeric's wife, and the sleeper, Miss Hicks, bought / rented / shared a home owned by Mr. Childs.

The Body variation of Botters comes to mind with BODEgisel, and Botter do come up as "Bode." French Bode's, in the colors of Italian Botters, are the Bauts from the Bautica/Baltea river, a perfect place to trace Artem liners. It explains why Roosts/Rusts use the black-on-white fitchees of Balders, and why they share similar crosses. The Roost saltire is that also of Baldwins (same place as Rudes' and Rothes'). Now look at the Bats/BAATs (RUTland), with a bat version of the Roost Coat, and load the Scottish Randolphs to see the Bath cross with a bat. Baldings share the cup with Butlers, and the latter share a version of the English Randolphs. .

Bill Clinton is a Rhodes scholar (chosen men (can't apply to join) for globalist purposes), and Clintons use the same fitchees. Roosts/Rusts use a red wyvern linkable to the green one (color of the Lyon lion) of Baldwins and Waldwins, the latter said to be from a sister of mythical king Arthur (he didn't exist but as Arthur-related peoples / surnames). The Roost wyvern was used by dukes of Poland's Masovia (i.e. the Piast Mieszko's).

As Botters show a Button-like variation, we trace Buttons (same place as Botters) to their Bath and Wells location, which gets us to Baths using the Artem cross in colors reversed. Both Coats put four items around their crosses, and both sets are colors reversed from one another. As this now makes Rusticus' line suspect with the Baathists, it's notable that Bitars/Buttars and Aflacks use their crosses in the colors of the Roost / Baldwin saltire. There were five or six centuries between Rusticus of Lyon and the Baldwins of Flanders.

While Obama chose Joseph Biden (i.e. a Button liner), well versed in Europeans globalism and therefore suspect as a Rhodian tool, the chief opponent of Hillary's presidential run was a Sander surname (i.e. links to the Hicks dream again), perhaps fronted by the Obama circle to assure that Hillary would not win. When that hope failed, the Obama circle had to capitulate to a Trump victory, anything but Hillary (she's very dangerous to Obama's secret past).

There are some Bat-like terms in all that which I linked also to Batcocks, listed with Babcocks: "Ida of Metz has been proposed as a daughter of one Arnold of Metz. In at least one ancient claim, Arnold was the father of Arnulf of Metz, but others decided that Arnulf's father should instead be a duke Bodegisel, son of Mummolin. Clicking on the Mummolin link gets one to Mummolin, mayor of the palace, and father also of duke BABon." As Grimoald I was a mayor of the palace (Austrasia, France), while Grimaldi's use the Cock lozenges, it appears that BabCOCKs were from Babon, brother of Adalgisel GRIMO. Babcocks share the red rooster with Cocks, but why are they Batcocks too? It's got to be from the Roost-related Bats/Baats, from Rusticus, right? We are herein making solid traces to the period of 500 AD, not bad at all. It was the early Merovingian period, and nearly as far back as the Valentinian period at Rome. Recall the recent evidence that Valentinian elements traced to Lyon's Herods, and moreover note that the Fore's/Forez's share the Herod/Herault fesse.

And Childeric married Basina, the line of Julius Bassianus in about 200 AD. She was related to the Thuringian Talls/Thalls, sharing the bees of Bessins. There is a good argument for tracing the Carrick talbot to these tails, for Carricks are from Caracalla, who employed Julius Bassianus, his mother's father. father-in-law. And Carricks and/or Caracalla derives between the Charax name of Laevillus' son (Proculus), while the red rooster of Cocks and Batcocks is that also of Bibo's, from Laevillus' mother. Repeat from the last update: "Thanks to the white rose of SERE's, I recognized their Coat as a version of the Gilbert Coat [Carrick squirrel line], but this is thanks also to the black talbot shared between Welsh Bachs and SHERE's/Shire's, indicating that Sere's are a branch of Shere's/Shire's...and the Squirrels/Squire's in the Gilbert Crest." The Squire's and Sire's are Valentinian lines, and while Carrs love the Sere's, let's bring back the link between Miss Hicks in the car to Childs, in the colors and format of Sere's. One can fathom a link between Valentinian and Childeric (contemporaries, I think), and while Valentinian was born roughly or exactly in the land of European Avars, the early Merovingians married Avars, as well as Lombards that, in Lombardy, use white and green, the colors of the Valentinian squirrels. Lombardy covered the Ticino area, where I trace squirrel-using Decks/Daggers and Dyke's whom can go to Child-suspect Diss'/Dice's.

So, as Roosts and Bats use a saltire surrounded by four items, same as the saltire of Johannes Andraea, Rosicrucianism apparently derives in a Rusticus line in Lyon, and whatever that Bat/Baat line was at the time, from Laevillus though. It can go to the naming of Baden, the theater of Johannes VALENTINus Andreae. Does that work? The Rusts and Bats love fitchees, and Fitch's are in the colors of Forez's that in-turn use the same fesse as Herods, while Lyon was probably filled with member from Herod Archelaus, feasible namers of the Ark river in Savoy, where Forez's were first found. Herod Archelaus married Glaphyra Archelaus beside lake Tatta, location of Perta to which the leoPARD face of Fitch's traces.

Where are the Shechemites in this Lyon picture? They are expected from the Brogitarus > Artemidoros > Amyntes family at the Sakarya, and Amyntes conquered Derbe, and may therefore have taken Perta. The Fitch chevron, in colors reversed, can be the green one of Shake's/SHAKERleys, but, in any case, the latter's is surrounded by MOLE hills that can be from the second syllable of "MumMOLin." As Roost liners appear to like the black cross, what about the black MOLINE from "MumMOLIN." He not only married a daughter of Artemia, but was the son of MUNDeric, a term like that of Amyntes. It looks full-proof that the Brogitarus line led to the mayor of the Merovingian palace, even as Childeric (firs Merovingian king) married Basina, whom I trace to Bassianus ancestry in Severus Bassus, grandson of Artemidoros.

Behold! The Mandy/Munday Coat is like that of Rudes', from Rudesheim, location of Assmannshausen, the line of Rasmussens, whose Asman / Assman variation was traced to "Akmonia," home of Severus Bassus! That is a great mystery solved, but I have neglected the Munderic line for most of my emphasis on the Brogitarus line.

Both the Mandys/Mundays and Rudes' can be using the cross of Fessy's/FACE's expected with the leopard face. The Fessy/Face cross is that of Baths and bat-using Randolphs, thus making Fessys linkable to a line from the Rust-beloved Bats/Baats. And so it appears a strong argument here that Rusticus was related to the Fieschi of Genoa, and Feschs happen to use a saltire in colors reversed from the Rust saltire. Plus, the moline liner, Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genoa, are in the Fessy motto, no guff at all. Where do SEGURana's trace? The SAKARya, right? Yes, and while I suggested a trace of "Bassus" to "Phasis," it appears that "Fessy" can trace there too. Phasis (or Poti) was home to the Bat Colchians, I kid thee not one iota. The Bats named Batumi at the edge of the Moschian mountains of the Meshech, and then the Mosca leopard is in the Crest of moline-liner Chives' (share a black moline with Moline's). See Poti-suspect Poitou below, linking to Rudes', feasibly of the ancient HELIOpolis location near Phasis, for Helios was the god of Rhodes.

Recalling that I trace LOZENges to Lazona of the Lazi Colchians, note that some lozenges are called, fusils, while Fusils have variations that can be Phasis liners. Grimaldi's, using a Shield filled with lozenges, were concentrated in Genoa and Monaco, and we just saw why Grimaldi's were from the mayor of the palace, and from a son (Babon) of Mummolin. I kid you not, the following story is true. First, let me repeat: As Grimoald I was a mayor of the palace (Austrasia), while Grimaldi's use the Cock lozenges, it appears that BabCOCKs were from Babon, brother of Adalgisel GRIMO." Babcocks were BATcocks too, expected with Grimaldi's from the Bat Colchians.

Two or three years ago, I learned that someone was writing checks, from my own bank checks which he stole from me without my knowing. He signed them fraudulently with my signature, and was assisted with this crime by his mother, Mrs. Babcock. He wrote the checks out to a Mr. Kizzle. Just look at "AdelGISEL" above, brother of Babcock-liner Babon. I'm not going to attempt to explain how this event could have been set up, perhaps only partially, by God, to cause me to make a Kissle (Tanner talbot?) link to Mummolin. I immediately see that Kissle's are the Kiss line, for Babcocks, Cocks and Kiss' share the red rooster. Can you believe it? Just like that, the theft event proves that Babcocks (same place as eye-using Watts) are part of the Kiss bloodline. Babcocks use a lodged stag as part-code for Lodge's, the latter for found in the same place as Eye.

English Kessels/Kestels (falcons), in Kissle colors, use the same chevron as Kiss' / Cass'. Cocks, by the way, are expected as the Gog elements at the naming of CAUCasia. Khazars lived in northern Caucasia, but they had an earlier presence at KIZLyar (Terek river). Amazing, I never cease to be amazed by these things. This makes Kizlyar suspect from the Kiss line from Laevillus, and, as such, the Terek becomes suspect from elements carrying a name from the Tracheitis valley at Cetis. This seems important enough that God should cause at least part of that theft event, for example, the Kizzle name on the checks. I got back the entire $1,600 stolen (from 6 checks) from Mrs. Babcock. No charges were laid, though I did speak to police.

As I view Gene RODDENbury's Star Trek as part code for the Terek river, note that Roddens can be Ruedesheim liners. Note too that the Star chevron can link to the SHAKERley chevron. We now know from the mystery-solved above that Phasis Colchians were at, or out of, the SAKARya river and Akmonia, and later at Assmannshausen of Ruedesheim. The latter's next-door neighbor, Baden, looks like a Caucasian-Bat liner, especially as Rudes' use the same cross as Baths, and then zowie, the Battins/Badens share the eye with Stars! Excellent. And while Ruedesheim can be suspect with the Meshech-related Rosh, the Rose surname was at and around Badenoch. Neighboring Moray, where the Randolph bats are expected, has been traced (by me) to Khazars, but Gene Roddenbury knew all this long before me. Note that the eye is used by Vatts/Watters while Rose's use the water bouget. Roddens are in the colors of the Morayshire Rothers/Ruths/Randolphs. We are making sense.

Repeat: "...while Rothes' use the raven, SIEGERland and Sunderland are at a Rothaar [i.e. like "Rother"] mountain system (includes Hesse theater). There is a Sieg river in Siegerland, and there is also a Jewish Sieg surname using Scythes on a green Shield (color of the Bauer, Bower, Burley Shield), while Scythe's are listed with Skeets'" It makes Skeetz / Sheet liners suspect with Shechemites (in a merger, I assume) from the Sakarya. The write-up of Sunder-like Sutherlands tells that they use the Moray stars, while Sewers/Suters are in Moray colors and expected with an Obama line, one of which was the Moray Randolphs, we can safely assume. And the Rother/Ruth/Randolph chevron is in the colors of the Singletary chevrons. As I'm now linking Singletarys to the Hicks dream, which includes Sands / SANDERs, compare with SUNDERland, for Sanders use two chevrons in white, the color of the Singletary chevrons. Rothers/Randolphs are in Suther colors, supporting a Sunderland link to Sutherlands, and while the plane sewered, Suthers were first found in the same place as Playne's. It appears that Sewers/Suters were definitely Suthers too, and while that traces excellently to Sutherlands via the latter's Moray stars (in someone else's colors), it can appear solid that Sunderland was a Sutherland line, or that the Roth liners at Rothaar were of the namers of Scotland's Rothes castle. If Sanders were Sunderland liners, I would suggest not tracing at least one Sander surname to Santones.

The Sunderlands, said to descend from baron Scrope of Bolton, are using the Scrope/Scope bend, but as this is in Brown colors, it may be the Bruno bend too. It recalls the "lever SCREW," suspect as part-code for trumpet-using Levers. The Scrope/Scope surname was pointed out as the possible meaning of "screw," , which shares the five, white ostrich feathers of Irish Clairs and the Arms of Traby. The Traby/Sadowski surname uses a scarf, and Sc(h)arfs were first found in the same place as Sunderlands. "Moreover, the Scope variation evokes Scopi/Scupi, a city of Dardania, and expected with the Skiptons of Yorkshire, where Scarfs were first found. Suddenly, "Scrope" and "screw" look like a branch of Scarfs, evoking the expectation that Trumps, in Scarf colors, are Traby kin as per the Trave river in the area of the first Trumps."

Repeat: "The giant gold-on-black SCHWARtz rose is the white-on-black rose of Dutch SEWERs!!! The Sewers are Schwartz liners! There was a Schwartz merger with Suters. God is emphasizing the Schwartz line (Thuringia) in the Obama dream! Why?" Compare "Schawrts" to "Scharf" (same place as Basils) or to the Schare variation of Scherfs/Schere's sharing the red rose with Schore's. Scrope's are also Scope's and thus they were suggested from a Scopi line to Skiptons, and the latter share the purple lion of Irish Lacys while English Lacys share pellet roundels with Basils, and Basel of Switzerland is on the border of SCHWARZwald. That works.

And there is a SCHOPFheim location in Schwartzwald, just a few miles from Basel, as well as a SCHAFFhausen to the east, and due north of Baden and Zurich. Schaffs/Schaefers (Scarf colors) were first found in Hesse, and can explain why Schope's/Scope's above use the Traby feathers if Scaffs were a Scarf branch. Note that the same five feathers are used by Caens that share the Sure/Shore motto. Caens are Cetis liners, and that's where the Scarf = Quade wolf heads trace, which is where Singletarys have traced in many ways, which is to say that the Singular branch of Sinclairs (Claro's) were from Cetis liners. Traby liners are now tracing to Schwartzwald and Hesse. Scharfs/Scharfers (Bavaria) share the hunting horn with the Arms of Traby. See the horn of Dutch Fleurs with the same white-on-red (i.e. in Traby-scarf colors) horn as that of Scharf's. Dutch Fleurs share the Chief, almost, of Quints.

Now think about this, for while Trabys have been suspect with 666 lovers, the Schwartz' are very-apparently using the rose of Sachs while Goldman-Sachs may be on-baord the Trump team and/or the "shadow government" of Obama.

Sanders use the elephant, and Singletarys of THORNley could have been of the elephant-trunk Thors (Austria and Sweden), especially as Trunks (Franconia) share the white bull head with Sanders. The Sanders with elephants have a Chief in Singletary colors, where they put a broken sword, symbol also of Singletarys, suggesting that Sanders/Centers are of the Saint variation of Sinclairs/Singulars. Therefore, the sand in the Hicks dream was code for Singletary liners to Obama. Why? He's no longer the president. The Sander Chief with broken sword even uses white roundels = plate's that are in the Singletary Chief as "platee," like the Platter variation of Playne's!! Now you know without a shadow of a doubt that God is sending us a message.

The Wicklow location of Sanders advises a check of Wicks, first found in the same place (Surrey, suspect with "Zurich") as Schore-like Sure's/Shore's, and the Wicks Coat loves Hicks-related axes, and shows "cari" and "carent" motto terms suspect with Cary castle at the Axe-river area, the castle of Leavell liners (see Leavell write-up). Therefore, the Carrs sharing the same chevron as Singletarys look like they were at Cary castle. The "carent" motto term evokes the sleeping-moon Karens/Kerns, a perfect reflection of Miss Hicks sleeping in the car. The Carys even use a version of the Coat of Rothes, first found in sleepy Salop (i.e. where Sleeps were first found suspect with "Salop"). Aha! Carys share the same roses as Sewers / Sachs / Setters! The other Carys (Karen/Kern colors) even share a spear with Singletarys and Dunhams. I am unable to be more amazed than I already am, for I've reached the human limit for feeling amazement. Note that a branch of Carys were at Yorkshire, where Sewer-related Schwartz' have traced.

Repeat: "German Roders are in Singletary colors, and happen to use a spread eagle in the colors of the same of Childs." Might RothsCHILDs have been Child liners? After all, Childs use the red shield. Are Singletarys using the Child chevron? Is this why the Obama dream was given while I was interpreting the Hicks dream? Are the Obama-supporting Rothschilds seeking to undo Trump agendas, such as allowing Israel to build settlements?

On line 212 of Obama's genealogy, John CHILDress is the husband of Catherine Ament, and while I traced Masci's very closely to Childeric, Aments bring up Maschi-related Hamons.

Shechemites are expected at Laish, right? Yes, with some Kenites / Kenetides. While I don't know how the Lazi connect to Laish, note that Kenetides were likely the namers of the Kennati stupids, at the Tracheitis valley. And the Ajax god of the Kennati were suspect with the Eyes surname to which the Battin/Baden eye traces. The Tracks use a green lion, the color of the Lyon lion, and the latter' is a line from Herod Archelaus, suspect with Herods/Heraults, first found in Archelaus-like Argyllshire, where Vatts/Watters were first found. The latter use SPECtacles while SPECKS are the Star-Trek-beloved Spocks too. NOTE that while Spock had special/emphasized EARS, I trace heraldic ears to Eyers/EYES'! The latter use QUATRefoils suspect with Quadratus Bassus out of Akmonia. The Specks/Spocks share the double-headed eagle of Maxwells/Maccuswells, from king Maccus, son of Harald, in the Harald variation of Herods/Heraults. Here is a Maxwell-Ros Coat using the Ros water bougets (thanks for that one, Tim).

As the Tracks can be using the Singletary spears, it's possible to see a Tracheitis trace to the Sakarya, but before this can be confirmed, it's necessary to know whether Singletarys were in fact from the Sakarya. This is where I need to trust the Miss-Hicks dream, where she was apparently a Singletary kin, and while she suggests the Singers/Sangers too. Here is the Singletary Crest: "A black demi antelope platee, with silver antlers and beard, pierced through the chest with a gold broken spear and dripping blood". There is no shortage of codes there, but this week is almost up, and I haven't the time to tackle them. The PLATee evokes the Platter surname with Playne variation. Repeat: "...the Waters pale bar is in both colors of the lone pale bar of Bludders/BLOODers (share stag with Bluds/Bloods). The Maxwells of Roxburghshire share the double-headed eagle with Holdings, but the latter's is in the red of the same of SPECKS/Spicks/Spocks, interesting as per the SPECtacles of Watts and Vatt/Watters! Excellent." Waters use three chevrons in colors reversed to the Singletary chevrons, and SEATS/Cedes', now linkable to Singletarys via Miss Hicks over the seats, use two blue pale bars. As Seats are Seads too, the "sed" motto term of Carrs is coming back to mind.

Here's the Seat/Cedes Crest: "A blue demi COCK, wings exPANDed." The Sleeps are said to be from a Mr. PANTolf. Interesting, but that was said before looking the Steers up again, and they use the split colors of the QUADRants of Rodes', first found in the same place (Salop) as Sleeps! Steers and Rudes' even share the mural crown/corona, and the Rudes' use it in gold, same as Caens while Caens share the motto of Sure's/Shore's, first found in the same place (Surrey) as Steers. The latter are said to be of a Jayes entity, and Jay(e)s' (share blue Crest with Seats and Jay-using Poitvins of Poitou) use the same three roses as the Seat/Cedes Chief, tending to support the Seat-Steer relationship. Jays (eSCUTcheon) are a Gay branch while Gays share the gold rooster of Heths/Heaths, the latter naming the Heath location (Herefordshire) of Jays (Jefferson kin). The Steer lions can be partly those of Tailers because the Wigmore's, in the Jay write-up, use three greyhounds in the colors and pale positioning of the three Tailer lions. Jays are in Bath colors while Heaths/Heths are said to have been in Somerset, where the first Baths were found that were also Heth-like Atha's. MacHeth was a ruler / noble at Moray / Ross-shire, and that can trace the Rudes' and Rothes' (both from Salop) to neighboring Rothes castle when the father of all Pollocks moved from Salop to Renfrewshire. Jewish Pollocks happen to share the bend of Jays! This is a great paragraph.

The LEINTwardine location in the Jay write-up can be of the Plunkett motto term, "lente," especially as Leints, listed with McLane's, share the white tower with Plunketts. The Plunket horse design is that of Pollock-suspect Fullers, and the Fuller horse is in the brown shade of the Lane horse. Plunkets can be gleaned in the Plock write-up. Jays were first found in the same place as English Fullers. I now know that Jewish Pollocks were close to Jays, and that Fulbert was likely the founder of FULLERs. Plocks share the martlets of Pullys/Pullens/PULLERs, and the latter use the same bend as Lents (Dauphine-dolphin, my prediction), suspect with the Eyton and Toothill bends.

As Seats/Cedes' are expected in the "cede" motto term of Steers (Suter liners?), by what coincidence do Bachs/Backs use the steer while the BACK of Obama's employee was emphasized in the Obama dream, and while the Beards (Brittany) use the bull/steer design of Bachs/Backs, while the Singletary antelope wears a beard? Moreover, as the employee may have been Intended as a WORKer while Singletarys are expected in the Singular variation of Sinclairs, by what coincidence is "work" in the Sinclair motto? The Beard bull, by the way, was recently linked hard to Borgia's.

Could the salamander of Sakarya-suspect Segans/Sagans be code for Samander: "The first reference to Kizlyar dates back to 1609, although some historians associate the place with Samandar, the 8th-century capital of Khazaria.{citation needed} "

I'd like to record a few things concerning Pett liners. The bulrushes of Perts/Petts suggest Rush's that share the white and courant horse with Danish ANDersons. The Rush motto, Un Dieu," is thereby gleaned as code for Indie's/HENDys, in the colors of Andrews (Caithness, same place as Hendersons). We have no great idea on why the Pert/Pett Crest has led to Andrew liners, until we look at the "ardua petit" motto phrase of Malcolms, the latter expected from Malcolm III, whose sister married Hungarian. Petits were first found in the same place as Perts/Petts. Petits can be traced to the naming of Poitou, but we shouldn't assume that Poitou was named first. French Petits (same lion as Egger-possible Augers/Etches') were first found in Burgundy, and that could indicate the PERDrix peak of Mont Pilate, which can explain the Pert variation of Petts.

German Seys' use flowers, and Flowers share the cinquefoil of Poitou-liner Potters. The Shropshire Says/Seys' are said to be from Geoffrey de Saye, born in Greenwich, KENT, but dying in Poitou. It looks like Petit liners can apply to that picture. And the bull in the Say/Seys Crest can make the BULrushes of Perts/Petts understandable. The Says/Seys' use the colors of the Poitou surname, and the latter, being the same cross as Eustace's, were first found in Artois, home of Eustace II. The Poitou surname has Post-using variations while Dutch Posts use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Cluns in colors reversed. Cluns were first found in PERTHshire, as were the Shaws who share the full motto of Shields, and that motto uses Petit-like "patitur". The Shields are obtained from the so-called "shield" in the Crest of the Rudes', the latter first found in the same place as Says/Seys, and Rudes' said to be of Seysdon. Shields share doves (in Pilate colors) with Page's, first found in Dauphine, the Mont-Pilat theater, and Scottish Shaws share the cups of Pellets and Pilotte's.

It was determined that Eustace II was from king Bela, brother of Andrew I (Hungary), and the Stacey version of Eustace's shares the red saltire with Andersons, but in both colors of the saltire of Andrea's, first found in Provence, not far from Mont Pilate. Some questions arise in the implied links. What was the specific connection to Poitou? Porters and Potters could answer that.

Here's Proof for the Authenticity of Jesus as Son of God


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