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February 13 - 20, 2017

Morini Gauls Investigated for Root in Varro Murena
Mummolin-Rusticus Line Expected from Herod Archelaus
It's Not the First Time Herods Traced to Nordic Pirates at Rostock

There is a pretty good article on the current condition of the Syrian war and it's after-math politics. There are some answers laid out that may not have been all-apparent previously. The second part of the following sentence has been known, but the first part seems new: "Russia suggests autonomy for Kurds, but the Kurds think their issues will be solved not through autonomy, but through a democratic, federal Syria." The latter part is not accurate at all. Rather, this is the Kurds voicing what they need to in order to keep the Americans happy. Of course the Kurds want autonomy in Syria, but they are being forced by the United States to settle for less, and to strike a New-Syria deal with the Sunni Arabs. The surprise for me is that Russia has apparently been blunt with its offer of Kurdish autonomy, which betrays Assad more than I thought the Russians had to this point. "Betrayal" here doesn't mean that Russia no longer supports Assad, but rather has high interest in the Kurds cut the cord that keeps them hooked to the United States. The latter are ever-promising more weapons, but they dribble in to keep the Kurds hooked with this need, and in the meantime the Americans condition the Kurds to accept a new Syria Western-style.

The article speaks on the Kurdish invasion of Raqqa, now months long but not making Western headlines at all. Not even the Russians are saying much about it. It's been slow, in other words, but why? The article points out how important this battle is in crushing ISIS, yet there's not much happening. Note how the following makes it appear as though American weaponry comes LATER, not now: "SDF commanders say they will first besiege the city and later target the city center with arms to be supplied by the coalition. The SDF currently advances on the city from the east, west and north. The Euphrates River is located to the south of the city and has two bridges on it. If the city is besieged, the coalition will reportedly [will it keep its promise?] hit these bridges and the Euphrates will be a natural part of the siege. In this case, IS would have no option but to go to Deir ez-Zor to the southeast." I had read that, after bridges in Mosul were reported hit, the Americans left one or two sufficiently intact for ISIS to repair them and escape into western Mosul.

Russia's chief concern out to be that the new Syria remains pro-Russia, and there is no better way to assure this, it seems, than to keep Assad very happy with Russia, yet the Russians are calling for Kurdish autonomy, the very thing Assad opposes??? There must be an awfully big reason for taking this position when it seems unimportant whether Russia has Syrian Kurds on his side. Perhaps it has to do with seeking to get closer to all Kurds i.e. especially the ones in Iraq / Mosul. The article speaks to a draft resolution tabled by Russia, but it's probably too soft and pliable to have any bones in an effort to keep Assad somewhat happy. Assad's position is that it mortally needs Russia whether it flirts with Kurds or not.

After Raqqa, all emphasis in Syria will probably lie on the Syria-Turk border, where Turkey (Erdogan) creates waves. Here is a little on that: "Erdogan sold out his friends of five years whom he was supporting in Aleppo. Just to be against the Kurds, he gave up all of the Free Syrian Army's (FSA) gains in Aleppo. He made a nasty deal that may be his demise." During the latter part of this time, Turks were even hitting ISIS positions, suggesting what the article implies, that Turkey wants a slice of northern Syria to become Turkey forever when the borders of the New Syria are redrawn.

It should be emphasized that Russia would not have been in Syria at all had not Obama pushed the "Arab Spring" too far. Russia was not willing to see Syria go to the West as Iraq had. This is the principal issue in Syria at this time: who's going to shove the other harder when push comes to shove, and which of the two superpowers will give in to the other's authority in Syria. Russia was at first giddy to see the end of Obama, especially as Trump blew kisses to him all election season. But, now, Mattis is apparently calling the shots in Syria (may not last forever), and he's not willing to give Russia one inch, unless Trump makes him. With the resignation of Flynn this past week, a friend of Russia, the table seems to be turning over on Putin. Trump is acting as though the Obama camp has forced Flynn's resignation, but this may be a "show" when in fact the perpetrators may have been his own team on Mattis' side. Or, Trump may not realize that the Mattis circle (includes CIA, likely) is responsible for crushing Flynn (just my theory as a possibility).

The Trump-forced resignation of the National Security Adviser (Michael Flynn) sounds as though Obama's fanatics leaked some phone calls between Flynn and the Russians, to one or more major media. Media are setting the story in that fashion. It's a little treasonous, but that's okay, Obama is above the law. "The nomination of Tillerson, former chief executive at ExxonMobil, showed the Russians that he, not Flynn, would be doing the negotiating, Makarkin said." You see, getting Flynn out of the way can make things more attractive and smoother for Exxon's Kurdistan agendas.

I don't think it was a coincidence that an Exxon man was chosen for such a capacity. Here's from the Jerusalem Post back in December: "Jerusalem did not applaud the appointment earlier in the week of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as the next secretary of state. Not because of anything against Tillerson, nothing is known of his positions on Israel, but rather because so much was known -- and liked -- about the other candidates mentioned: Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton." In other words, we have yet to see the shape of the Israeli agenda. Tillerson may have been responsible for Trump's recent outbursts against West-bank settlements.

The abrupt resignation Monday evening of White House national security adviser Michael Flynn is the culmination of a secret, months-long campaign by former Obama administration confidantes to handicap President Donald Trump's national security apparatus and preserve the nuclear deal with Iran, according to multiple sources in and out of the White House who described to the Washington Free Beacon a behind-the-scenes effort by these officials to plant a series of damaging stories about Flynn in the national media.

The effort, said to include former Obama administration adviser Ben RHODES [caps mine]—the architect of a separate White House effort to create what he described as a pro-Iran echo chamber—included a small task force of Obama loyalists who deluged media outlets with stories aimed at eroding Flynn's credibility, multiple sources revealed.

Hopefully, no shadow government has full control of a president this time. But this is no reason, necessarily, to celebrate Trump. The American situation at this time is a nasty disgrace all-around, and the less we see of it, the better. Trump is in the drivers' seat, and his ability to control is expected to increase as he learns how to use government reigns. Clearly, though, Intelligence worked against the current president, not exactly legal, and this, if Trump wasn't winking with the leaked calls, is going to become a larger battlefield, by the looks of it. If God gets involved, whoops, the bad guys lose bad. My hope is that Obama's eight years are fully leaked by the Trump circle. Rather than cowering due to a bashing from his enemies, Trump may come our bashing too, and win.

Bottom line: Intelligence / government records everyone's conversations, as far as possible, and leaks them when needed. Is this the future you want to live in?

By the way, the Flynn surname shares the white wolf with Scarfs, whom are in the scarf of Trabys/Sadowski's. The Flynn wolf is colors reversed from the same in the Arms of Placentia, at the Trebia river. Why does the Arms of Traby shows string shapes that can be secret code for 666?

When Trump visited Florida this past week to thank the state's voters, his wife said the Lord's Prayer, a very surprising thing. Is this the start of creating a Christian image? Trump told the crowd that he's going to fulfill every one of his pre-election promises, but with that promise coupled with the Lord's prayer, I think Trump has learned that he can't succeed forward apart from the help of his voting block. However, we should not be fooled. He let it be known that he could care less for those who voted for him, and his making repairs on this front is just the sewing up of a ripped shirt that will rip again just as soon as he feels like he's Superman again.

Whenever I search for Christian songs at youtube, I get more options for nasty political-fighting videos than I do for songs. Youtube, spit! Shame. The Drudge Report has a steady stream of garbage headlines for the garbage of humanity, including Drudge himself, apparently. The result of dishing out garbage, to those who call for it, is a garbage humanity, I'm sure I have that assessment right. And so while Trump bashes the liberal media, Republican media get all the trashier. Fox news never has a day go by when sexy women aren't part of the page. Ditto for some Russian media. When money is the primary concern of organizations that have too much money to begin with, don't expect Godliness. Ditto for Trump. When news gets boring, that's when the world will be normal again. When the world is normal, people will have more to do than read the news for entertainment. How can Trump promise to make America great again when there is great divide amongst the people? That is a too-high promise under the real circumstances, and it sounds just like Obama in his first few months.

Apparently, the Trump team has had a change of heart on Israel; "A senior White House official declared on Tuesday night that the United States would no longer insist on a 'two-state solution' to the Israeli-Palestinian Authority (PA) conflict. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the United States would not seek to dictate the terms of any eventual peace settlement, but would support what the two sides agree to together. 'A two-state solution that doesn't bring peace is not a goal that anybody wants to achieve,' the official said on condition of anonymity, according to the AFP news agency." Not long ago, Trump was adamant that he's working toward a two-state solution. People change peoples' minds. This time, the Israeli's changed the Trump tune, we may assume. What will Obama's shadow government do about this? How long will Obama's foot soldiers respect him now that he has no media coverage to make him into a god? "The sources also stated that Trump would not pressure Netanyahu regarding construction in Judea and Samaria." Meow. But the Palestinains are roaring, with foam at the mouth.

Who's behind computers with built-in-spy programs? This is the way of the future. Here is something you should know:

I don't really have a tech problem, I just want to sound off. I don't trust that Mirage Youcam exe. file which is always running, as I noticed on my task manager. I did a little research and am convinced that it might in effect be a virus. I found this at the Cyberlink Community Forum, in response to the question, "What is it, and what exactly does it do?" And here was the response By Cyberlink Customer Service:
YCMMirage.exe is a background process which will monitor if any AP is using our virtual driver. Once it is detected, YCMMirage will launch YouCam, and then YouCam will provide and share the webcam video to client APs. If you still need more info, feel free to contact with us.


Best Regards,

CyberLink Customer Service

It's worded to make it sound like a benefit for the computer user, and it's worded evasively, not answered to the questioner's satisfaction. Not many have a good idea of what the explanation means, but it's obvious that the computer camera, aimed at your face with a laptop, is running and sharing your face with someones, whenever something triggers it to turn on, and in some computers, it may always be running. This is the disturbing globalist movement in our faces, believe it. They are also taking the sounds we make in our homes, believe it. These cameras and mics were not built into computers for our benefit. Put some tape over your camera and mic and shut the goons out, even if the goons are the police; they have no business invading your house space without your permission. In future computers, because people tape cameras, assume a secret camera / mic in a small hole in our laptops. The goons must have all sorts of attractive programs for download, such as music, theater and game systems, that come built with spyware, it's just a no brainer.

In some computers, they install the camera attached to other programs that creates the excuse that you can't uninstall it without ruining essential programs. It's a red flag if your computer doesn't allow you to remove the camera or mic; the computer company is in bed with the spies, or is the spy, a no brainer.

The very night that I wrote the above, which was on the same day that I uninstalled by laptop's camera, the computer refused to shut down. It would shut off, but come back on a second afterward. After doing this repeatedly, I was forced to hit the restart, at which time I got an error telling me that something was missing in the boot-up software, meaning that I've got to get some software loaded to the computer that might fix the computer alright, and in the meantime maybe turn the camera back on without my knowing. I may not be able to use the camera myself, but it might be on anyway, for others to see me. Another thing, the program needed to fix the re-boot problem isn't free online, apparently, meaning that it needs to be paid for, which, if true, reveals itself as is a rip-off item, obviously intentional. We will be harpooned with in many different ways, with many different machines, as manufactures deliberately build-in booby traps that need correcting at their profits. Believe it, it's already been happening.

I don't want to live in a world where the police or the spy agencies can come see me eat or hear me talk. This is nasty. Principals / teachers watching their children do work or play at night? Disgusting. Black-market spyware for sale? Of course. The drug gangs will be replaced with spyware traffickers. Everyone will be spying on everyone who hasn't the morality to resist. Why read the news when you can go into someone's computer to see what fun you can have. This is where this is going if the government doesn't lead with prohibition.

What will Trump do about this? It deserves to be against the law. Now that the spies have come round to bite him, he's opposed to spying more than he was when he figured he could use it to his own benefit. It would be so easy to pass a law, unless the majority of the leaders were in favor of spying. What's wrong with our world that I should even need to bring this complaint up? My computer company has punished me for uninstalling the camera. Why? Why does the computer company want the camera on? Do the globalists own the computer company, and are they gunning to have every computer at their disposal 24 hours daily to the maximum capabilities?

The news out this week is that the Republican congress is not doing much at all, in contrast to the appearances Trump is giving of trying to get much done. There can be all sorts of ways to feign failures when the Republicans decide that Trump's promises need to be broken. For example, as a theory, Trump claims that the wall at Mexico will begin in months, knowing beforehand that his own team is setting up a failure intended to appear out of his hands to counter.

After the last update introduced Johnanes Valentinus Andraea, believed by some to have been the very founder of Rosicrucians, I recalled two "girlfriends" at my grade-5 class, Andrea and Nancy. I hardly knew Nancy at all, and she came after my "fling" with Andrea. Nancy and I slow DANCED in a class dance put on by our teacher (female). Andrea allowed me to give her a hug, and so I'd like to repeat some paragraphs from the last update, which happened to be the update that introduced Roet-related Ruedesheim, to which Rosicrucians were being traced, though Ruedesheim was introduced for an entirely different reason, and before Johannes Andraea and Rosicrucians came to topic. In other words, the girl, Andrea, was introduced to readers just after talk on Mr. Andreae because I started to think that God may have produced some event props to help discover what surnames were part of Rosicrucian make-up.

The mention of Andrea was as per my noticing her on the day our teacher was teaching on news anchors, and the last update showed how the News surname shares a saltire in the colors of the Andrea saltire. As I don't recall any other day in class that year, or any other day in class when I was speaking to Andrea, and because this one day in class has remained with my memory to 50 years later, I take it as an event helpful toward this revelation, for I have excellent evidence that God set up many memorable events for this same Purpose. The apparent News-Andreae link gives me confidence to continue looking at other props -- anything that has stuck to my memory -- to see if they can relate and make a compelling story.

The News' first became a topic as per the event wherein I was being destined to meet Miss Hicks, whom was in a dream of mine almost 40 years ago, if you can believe it. The dream was interpreted two updates ago, and elaborated upon in the last update, where it was connected hard to Obama's Singletary bloodline. I was stunned that this old dream could prove itself, so well, to have been filled with items simply as code for surnames. It's as simple as that. And with some ten-years experience in surname connections, I am now ready to make stories out of the items, not merely links from one surname to another. And the story on this Andrea issue is revealing Rosicrucianism, hard to believe, I know, in some large connection to Obama's ancestry. You be the judge as I dig deeper in this update. I can understand if this is too "crazy" for you to take seriously. I won't hold it against you.

The last update had much on the Singletary bloodline, and my agenda is to use the information from multiple dreams and special events to feel out what the ultimate message of God is. The suspicion is as per a New York Post article out recently that called Obama as part of a "shadow government" in opposition to Trump. But both Obama and Trump show signs of connection to Goldman-SACHs bankers, and while a dream of late with Obama within it led to the Sachs surname, News' share chaplets with SAXons/Septons. A former (or maybe not so former) member of the Goldman-Sachs team is about to become the Treasury chief for Trump. I find this very suspicious, and feel that money in the billions or trillions could be stolen from the tax payers through this Trump agent.

The Septon variation of Saxons is a branch of Seftons/Sephtons, first found in the same place Saxons, as well as the Carrs, Seats and Sands, all three in the Miss-Hicks dream. I recognize the rare, checkered Sefton bend as that of Faucets. Saer de Quincy built the castle of the Faucets, and Quincys are expected to be from Quintus Caepio(nis), whose line traces to Capone's, first found in the same place as News' and their suspected Chapman kin (suspect with "chaplet," of course). Then, Seftons/Sephtons use the giant eagle of Lutons in colors reversed while Lutons have variations like "Lothian," where Faucets were first found. Luton is in Bedfordshire (beside the first News', etc.) while Bedfords share the black lion paw with Quints.

The Nuce variation of the News' opens the possibility of News' being from queen Nysa of CHAPlet-like Cappadocia. Her ancestry in king Antipater of Macedonia allows me to trace her ancestry to the Ticino/Tessin river, where I trace Tease's/Tess'/Tecks that use a saltire in colors reversed from the Anderson saltire, itself red like the Andrea saltire. I trace the Andrea saltire, as per its use by Ayrshire and the Bruce's, to the Ananes Gauls, suspect in naming Annas/Ananus, chief priest of Israel whose daughter married Chap-suspect Caiaphas. I had explained, years ago, why Caiaphas could trace to "Cappadocia," and to the Capua bloodline to Italian Capone's, who share the black lion with Levi's and Faucets. At that time, I traced Caiaphas tentatively to a version of "Caesarea," (Cappadocian capital), something like, "KAYsariya," to the best of my ability to recall the spelling. The point is, Keys / Kays were suspect from that place, and they share two bendlets, without bends, in the colors of the bendlets, without bends, of Saxons/Septons.

Years later, and within the last year, "Caiaphas" had been suspect with "Kepke," but in all the time of stressing Kepke liners, I haven't been to the Kay motto to see its "Kepe" term. It just so happens that Keppocks were first found in the same place as Kays/Keys (and Bruce's), and that the Keep-loving Hepburns were first found in neighboring Northumberland, location of Blyth suspect in a close relationship with Keppocks (same dancette as Blyth's and Cheatle's).

A slow dance with Nancy was a hug or sorts, wasn't it? The Dance/Danse fesse is in the colors of the same of Cheatle's, while the latter use the fesse as a dancette. I've been tracing Cheatle's to the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel for a long time, and have been tracing Chatti to Keiths, first found in the same place as Faucets. Hugs/Hughes can be from Hugh Lupus of Cheshire, where Cheatle's were first found. The Faucets are said to have been at FoxSIDE, and Side's (lion in the colors of the Facet lion) are a branch of Seatons, likewise first found in the same place as Faucets. For some reason, the Billets and Bellows just flashed to mind as using the red color of Cheatle's and Keiths, and while Bellows (same Chief as Billets) use a FOX in Crest that can link to FOXside, Billets are like "Blyth." Faucets et-al were first found in HADDingtonshire, suspect with the Chatti-like CHADs because both use the same cross, essentially (in colors reversed from the Tease/Tess/Teck cross). For me, this all traces the Chatti of Hesse to "Cetis." I find that very reliable, and Cetis was to the near-south of Cappadocia, if not in Cappadocia. It's not necessary for "Chatti' to be directly from Cetis, but may have been, for example, from whatever named Cetis. A very-ancient Cati location in Cilicia comes to mind.

Fortunately, I bothered to re-load Blyths again to seek a clue as what more could be added, and reading that James Blythe was burgess of Dundee, it recalled that Dundee's use the lily, the symbol also of Chadwicks and Cetis'! Bingo. And Dundee's use it in the colors of the Cetis lily. As DunDEE's were in the neighborhood of the Dee river, they are expected as Duns, possibly from a Duns location near Blyth. While Duns trace to Obama's mother (Miss Dunham), Bill Clinton's father was Mr. Blythe.

The fortunes of the Rothschilds, whom many say run the central bank of America (and who knows how many other central / big banks, especially in Switzerland), were reportedly from Hesse-Cassel. That report is online.

I'm claiming that God set up the Andrea and Nancy events in my life. I recall nothing about Nancy aside from my labeling her the second-cutest girl in the class (next to Andrea), the dance we had, and my attempt to get her to be closer to me, when she rejected the offer...which makes sense where God was wanting to use the dance event alone. Not many days ago, I had a dream (absolutely from God) with Obama dancing (all explained in the last two updates). Here's from the last update, where the mention of Dunbars is as per the known fact that Jonathan Singletary, ancestor of Obama, changed his surname to, Dunham:

Now watch this. Chaplets were first found in Lorraine, same as the Summits in the Dunbar write-up. When I had got [Andrea] a couple of gifts (a board game and a book, ha), Tony up the street was romancing her at the same time. I don't recall how I found out, but I did hear that he got her jewelry, and I felt stupid for getting her a book (she was the class-browner type). I never heard from her again, and my family moved away that year, anyway. I don't recall whether Tony got her a necklace, but there is a great chance that he did, and it just so happens that Summits use necklaces. DunBARs are Bar liners [i.e. of Bar-le-Duc], from Lorraine, and the Fountains with Hugs use bars probably for that reason...

I recall the day, when we were a few houses down from her place, in a backyard. I convinced her to give me a hug, though it wasn't much. It was the first and last time, and it lasted a second or so, as I recall it, long enough to make the event. There is Hug/Hughes surname that should be using the Fountain fesses. I don't know whether this link was part of God's intentions, but it's a good link to have because heraldic fountains are important toward Cetis. I don't recall whether I kissed her, but Kiss' use fountains and trace to Cetis' via the BIBLE/Bibo surname. It's therefore possible that the heraldic book was devised as part of the Bible bloodline, or vice-versa; i.e. the Bible's were named when Bibo liners married the Book family.

So, I think that when I recall the event lasting a second or less, it was my attempted kiss, and maybe I didn't want to frighten her with a long-planted kiss, or maybe the 10-year-old dare-devil discovered a weakness. But that BOOK I (or God?) got her, that's the Roet / Reed symbol, and therefore connects absolutely with Ruedesheim. While I also got her a gameBOARD, Obama's dance was followed immediately by he on a skateBOARD (this is what proved the dream to be of God), and Boards proved to be important where they use a version of the Sewer/Suter Coat, the latter being what I perceive as the main feature of the Obama dream that links to the Sachs. It's important that Fountains were Lafins/La Fonts, in all likeliness because Cetis-liner Kennedys use a "lafin" motto term, and moreover the Kennedy Coat is a version of the Cassel Coat while that is seemingly part of Hesse-Cassel.

? In the meantime, Cass' (same place as chaplet-liner News', Chapmans and Capone's) use a version of the Kiss Coat, fountains included, and while Faucets share the lion of Lafins/La Fonts, Ville's/Font-de-Ville's were first found in the same place as Hugs/Hughes', which is Languedoc, a place like "Lancashire," the latter being where Saxons/SEPTons were first found that can be of the namers of SEPTimania, in Languedoc.

As for the Boards, they use the eight, white martlets around the BORDer of the Shield (while Boards are BORDs too), as do the Chadocks / Chadwicks who trace most-definitely to Cetis. Chads share the potent cross of SKAYTE's (same place as dancette-using Dunhams) who have a potent-using Skit/Skeoch branch in Ayrshire. Let me therefore repeat that while the Reed saltire is suspect with the same of Pike's/Pickers, the latter were first found in Ayrshire and can therefore identify the Reed / Pike saltire with that of Andrea's in colors reversed, for the Andrea saltire is the very one in the Arms of Ayrshire. And the pike-using GEDDES share the escutcheon of Chadwicks / Chadocks so as to look like a CETIS liner absolutely. The symbol of Johannes Valentinus Andreae was a saltire surrounded by roses, and the Geddes' lived in the same place (Nairn) as Rose's. Everything in fundamental Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism traces to Cetis, doesn't it?

Obama on his skateboard was twinned. That is, there were two of him (very close together) doing the very same thing, at the same time, as when one sees double in double-vision. One theory I discussed was that this was code for the Twin surname, and while I have, in the past, suggested that heraldic "beTWEEN" is code for the Tween variation of Twins, I have yet to mention that the Dunham description uses "between" (there is a martin between two spears).

Let's continue some things from the last update:

"On the day we [Andrea] hugged, we were across the street from the friend where I went over to hear "Hippy-Hippy Shakes." It's just that the Hipps/Hips' use the same martlets as Singletarys while sharing the sphinx with Brocuffs [red potent cross, same as Skayte's/Sheets and Skits/Skeochs], and Singletarys use a BROKEn spear. The SHAKEspeare's come to mind. Coincidences? That hippy-hippy shake just taught us that Singletarys (and the spear-using Dunhams) were merged with Shechemites. I'm not making any of this up, I did do the hippy-hippy shake -- a dance -- in that friend's house, and Dance's/Danse's were first found in the same place as Jacks, and while they use the same fesse, one of my best friends while I lived at that area was Jackey/Jackie (don't know the spelling), while Jackie would be my first official girlfriend five years later.

"One thing that I forgot until the very end of the last update, and which has yet to be mentioned, is that Andrea was in my home at my 11th birthday party. I now have more "props" or items to forward as possible other clues to God's messages, and the first one I would like to address is my memory of bending down to tie the LACE of my running SHOE. I ask you, why would I have a vivid memory of tying my running shoe at this particular birthday party? Recall the neckLACE's that link to Dunbars. But this is phenomenal because the Skeoch variation of Skits has been linked to the Schuch variation of Shoe's for more than a year, thus confirming again that God has set up both the ancient events and my memories of them. In other words, God just gives me a vivid/sustained memory image that he wants me to recall decades later as material for this, His Revelation."

[Insert -- Days after the above, and after speaking on a Blyth location below that is not far from northern Yorkshire, it was realized that Jacks (northern Yorkshire), resolved a couple of years ago with Blythe's, use a version of the Kepke-like Keppock Coat, from a Yorkshire location of Keppax held by the baron, Ilbert de LACY. Lace's/Lacys (Yorkshire) use a fret-KNOT, and knots are what one gets, at times, with laces. I happened to click to the Yorkshire article from the Jack write-up, to be reminded of what I had forgotten, that the flag of Yorkshire is one giant, white rose...on royal blue. I had traced Kepke's to SYPHAX, suspect with SPICE's, and the Arms of Sunderland use an "AuSPICE" motto term not to mention the black boar, likely, of the Yorkshire Bush's. Sunderland needs to be part of the Blyth discussion. As Syphax was a prisoner ("house arrest") on the Tiber through Rome, note that the Arms of Sunderland (Durham) include lions in the colors of the same of Rita's (Rome). Plus, a fret, used by Lace's, is used by SPACE's/SPECCots too. If that's not enough, Scottish Jacks (Renfrewshire) use holly, while Maxwells use a "holly BUSH" as well as sharing the double-headed eagle with SPICKS/Specks/Spocks, and the latter's eagle is red, as is the fret-like Ferte eagle.

The peoples of Sunderland are called, Mackem, apparent code for Mackays of Sutherland, in my opinion, a branch of Maxwells/Maccuswells (suggests that Sunderland was a SUTHERland entity). King Maccus and his family in Dublin could have had the neighboring Waterford elements. It just so happens that Sunderland and Blyth were in Northumberland, and that while Siward of Northumberland is suspect with the Sewer variation of Suters, one can now estimate that Sutherlands and Sunderlands apply. The Sunderland Coat (Yorkshire) is obviously with the Coat of Scrope's/Scrolls (Masham of Yorkshire) who have a Skipton-like Scope variation (I trace this to ancient Scopi of Moesia), important because Lacys share the purple Skipton lion. Scrope's (spelling may indicate merger with Yorkshire Scarfs) are to be mentioned again multiple times in this update. Normally, when a Coat shows no Crest, five ostrich feathers in two colors within the Shield are shown solely for artistic value, but when we see five feathers of the same color, as we see in the Scrope Crest, it indicates that there is a Crest, and it just so happens that the Scrope's (share blue Shield with Scarfs) share the five, white ostrich feathers in the Arms of Traby.

Mashams/Massehams (short fesse), Rishtons and Rushtons (Glenny Chief?) share the lion of Setantii-suspect Side's, important here because I've traced king Maccus' ancestry to the Setantii. We read in the Lacy write-up of Rishton (owned by Lacys), in a Blackburn area, but the curiosity is that, as per an ancient statement that looks more like surname-code than reality, Blackburns are said to be from "Blakeburn" meaning "the yellow bourne," which doesn't seem correct. yet, as the Blackburn Coat is a good reflection of the Yell/Yule Coat, with both sharing the black fesse with Yellows (Jell colors), that statement appears to be garbage yet code. Yells/Yule's were recently resolved as Traby-Astikas liners in Shetland. I think my shoe laces have already spoken lots, but let's add that Blacks ("sed") could be sharing a black version of the Anderson Coat because the latter share a "sure" motto term with Kilpatricks, and Sure's use more holly as well as the black Black chevron. End insert]

I recall Andrea in the typical pointed hats for kids birthday parties, and there were the typical party whistles too that I recall blowing myself. There is a Whistle/Wissel surname, suspect with Wessels, and Wessels came up in the last update apart from my memory of this birthday party coming to mind. Wests use a dancette, and Singletarys are said to have been at WESTbourne (compare with Quince's). Here's from the last update:

Plus, at the first sight of the Arms of Assmannshausen [in Ruedesheim], it was noticed to be split in the colors of the split-Wessel Coat, and both use symbols in both halves in the same colors again. The Wessels use an antler that, in colors reversed, is the Veringer antler (i.e. for a trace to Baden liners). The big point is, I had traced Wessels to Vestalis, son of king Cottius, and Cottians were traced to the Cotesii, who lived on the Buzau river, I kid you not. English Wessels use doves in Battin/Baden colors, and, I kid you not, the English Wessel[WESTell] Chief not only shares the white horse with the Arms of Rudesheim, but the quadrants of the Rudes/Rudge Coat!!! Zinger, that was exciting.

Obama's mother's mother was Miss Payne, and while English Payne's/Paine's use the same lions as Whistle's/Wissels, French Paine's use a fesse in the colors of the three of Fountains, both highly suspect with the fesse of Leo's that use the same white lion as English Payne's/Paine's, but as the Leo lion is linkable to the same-colored one (white on blue) of Reed- / Roet-related Rita's (Rome), it's a great reason, suddenly, to trace the Pierleoni Jews (named after pope Leo) to Ruedesheim liners! Excellent, for the WRIGHTs to which the Singletary's and Roets links (see "WheelWRIGHT" last update) were traced to "WIRTEMberg," the version of "Wurttemberg" on the Arms of Johannes Andraea. And Rita's use a lion holding a "PIECE of wood" while the best I could do with "piece" was the Peace/Paise surname sharing doves with English Page's and Wessels (!), while French Page's (bars), first found in the same place as Payens/Pagans, can be gleaned as a branch of Payens/Pagans i.e. a branch of Payne's! Amazing. It's amazing how my special events and dreams tattle on the dragon cult of Templars. The Axe is already at the root of the tree, and the Axe's name was Jesus.

The News is that Chaplets are kin to Elizabeth CHAPPES, wife of Hugh de Payens, and that the News saltire (colors of Andrea saltire) is the one in the Arms of Ayrshire, known to be the ANNANdale saltire, while Joseph CAIAPHAS married a daughter of ANANus/Annas. Both men killed Jesus...the Risen Axe. I like to say that "stupid" is defined as a forester who stands directly below a falling trunk. This is exactly the picture of the last days. Jesus comes as Judge, cuts down the world tree, but instead of staying clear of destruction, the Stupids, all from lovers of Templars and Rosicrucians, stand directly under the destruction, refusing to repent even though God gives them time to repent, and warning signs of coming destruction.

After suggesting that Andrea's and Miss' Hick's husband's hug could be of the Hug/Hughes surname, I found a better the theory while discussing the Rothschild sector of the Round-Table bloodline. I didn't think of adding, until it dawned on me while re-reading the quote below, that Houstons/HUGHEStons share the Wright checks and the hourglass of Books!!! Zowie, can we see how Hugs/Hughs trace to Ruedesheim? As you read the below, knowing now that Ruedesheim liners were at Ayrshire, keep in mind that "Eger" was convincingly shown as a version of "Ayer / Ayrshire". Plus, as Hugo's share Melusine with the Crest of Glass', that's what "hourglass" is partly code for, for Houstons were first found at the GLASgow area, along with the first name, as a surname, of Miss' Hicks' husband. "Hour" is suspect with the "heure" (Eure comes to mind) motto term of the Hicks:

[Insert -- During the spell check at the end of the week, it was earlier that Table's and Chee's were found related. I copied that sentence to paste later in the update, where Chee's come up again, and, in order to find that place below, I searched "Chee." The search then brought me to each instance of "fitCHEE," and while wondering whether the term was deliberate in indicating a Chee merger with Fit/Fitch liners, I came to the apparent merger of Futters and Chee's in the paragraph above, where I wanted to repeat that "the Table write-up makes it clear that Table's share the Chee/Cheatle fesse" It appears that Chee liners were merged with Fitch's and/or the Fittes variation of Fothes', and as Table's use hurts for an Arthur branch, note that Danish Bauers use hurts and a leopard (i.e. the Fitch leopard?) while Bauers>Rothschilds are expected with Hesse liners. Repeat: "We read that the Tableys sold their KNUTsford estate to Masseys and EGERtons, and to be sure that Eggs apply, though first found way over in Austria, they use hurts, the table symbol." Austria is where Bauers were partly first found, though they were also first found in Bavaria...

The Egger Coat looks like a version of the Arms of Zurich, and from Zurich, families are within easy reach of Hurt-like Wurttemberg and Bavaria. While "WIRTEMberg" became suspect with "WRIGHT," the latter uses leopard face's in Egger colors. As Johannes Andreae's surname is highly suspect with Andersons, note that while the Arms of Bavaria uses the Franconian Rake, Hendersons use what looks like the Franconian Rake. I did the hippy-hippy shake at the house of FRANK, that's how I recall his name, and I HUGged Andrea across the street from Frank's, and, believe it or not, HUGo's were first found in Switzerland's Basel, on the border of Baden-Wurttemberg, and less than 50 miles from Zurich. If FRANConia didn't cover Basel, it wasn't far away, and it did cover parts of Baden-Wurttemberg up at the Rudesheim area. There is a Swiss Baden location about 10 miles north of Zurich. There is a celebrated Black FOREST on the north of Basel that could apply to the Forest variation of Forez's, in Fitch (and Frank) colors. The Black Forest is where Gauls from Segovesus (BC times) are said to have settled, though they originated in the Burgundy / Dauphine area, we are told, and that's where the Forez mountains are. I hugged Andrea on the corner of Shore, and while German Shore's are also Schore's, the Black Forest is in SCHWARZwald, itself forming the German border at Basel.

AHA! The giant gold-on-black SCHWARtz rose is the white-on-black rose of Swiss SEWERs!!! The Sewers are Schwartz liners! There was a Schwartz merger with Suters. God is emphasizing the Schwartz line (Thuringia) in the Obama dream! Why?]

The Sewer rose is that of Sachs too, you see, and the Obama dream pointed out the Sewers, not only the Suters that come up as "Sewer." In the dream, I sewered a paper airplane (instead of the cue ball) on a billiard table in Obama's billiard hall. Hmm, I hugged/kissed Andrea at the corner of Shore and Hull--- street (I lived on Hull--- street), and Hulls share the HALL Coat that might be intended in "billiard HALL." In fact, two houses up on Hull--- from where we hugged, and toward my house, there was a friend, BILL, directly across from Jackey, and it was Bill's father who drove me to the store to purchase Andrea's gifts. Yes, Bill was there. While Jacks (share the fesse of Dance's / Chee's) share a reflection of the Coat of Billet-like Blythe's (surname of BILL Clinton's father), the Billiard surname (has a Hilliard variation) is also "Billet."

PLUS, I have been emphasizing the Kyburg location at Zurich for years, and they share the same lion as Kingstons and Kings, while Hull is at the Hull river, location of Kingston-Upon-Hull. If that's not enough, the last update showed why Germany's Sunderland could be a Sutherland, and therefore a Suter / Suther entity, and here I see a Sunderland location near a Blyth location, both beside (or perhaps part of at one time) Berwickshire, where Blythe's were first found...along with the Aids suspect with the Suther bend. Blyth and Sunderland are on either side of the mouth of one Tyne river, and Tyne's can be a Twin branch. Blyth and Sunderland are at Yorkshire, where Jacks (and Sunderlands) were first found. Jacks are suspect with a version of the Bolton Coat because baron Scrope of Bolton (a lot like "Blyth") is in the Sunderland write-up.

Blyth is upon my atlas at Northumberland, where SIWARD of Northumberland ruled whose name has long been suspect (not now for convenience of making the link) with "Sewer." It recalls the Sewards, who happen to share two chevrons in the colors of the same of Singletarys. The Carols, sharing the Kingston / Kyburg lion too, and smacking of Carlisle (where the car in the Hicks dream traced), put a sword between their lions while swords (and the Sword surname using swords) are usually code for "Siward." Carlisle is beside Annandale, i.e. where the Andrea saltire traces, and where the Bruce's lived who share the Andrea saltire. While Jacks list "Jacques," the persecuted Templars under Jacques de Molay fled to Bruce I, king of Scotland, descended from the Bruce's of Annandale, and this king was a relative of Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray, and ancestor quite likely of Obama's mother (Dunhams and English Randolphs share the same Coat, and Randolphs are in Obama's ancestry, see below). The two Billiards surnames use the Moray s and/or Innes stars. Billiards/Billets use a white version of the Payen/Pagan Coat.

Carrs, by the way, with the same chevron as Singletarys, were first found in the same place as chaplet-using Saxons and CETIS-suspect Seats/CEDES' (and Sands). Carrs, Seats and Sands were all fundamental parts of the Hicks dream.

Thomas Randolph was the son of Marjory Carrick, who married Adam Kilconquhar, and he is in the English Adam surname, from Annandale, and using a cross in the colors of the Annandale saltire. I have a great problem recalling, over and over again, how Marjory Carrick was related to Bruce I. I think she was either his mother or wife. As Scottish Adams use a large arrow (Rothschild / Bower symbol), it's very notable that MARJory-suspect Mackeys/MARGys of Ayrshire (i.e. where Rudesheim liners were, right) use both the arrow and the raven for a trace to German Rothes'.

Yesterday, my twitching muscle, on the RIGHT side, had me asking whether I should seriously look up the problem online. We have all had muscle twitches, but this one has been steady for weeks. But, yesterday, I started to wonder whether God was providing this twitch for a surname reason. I noticed the twitch mostly while sleeping, but, last night, I was so relieved that it went away, and it was gone this morning. The reason that this absence of twitching took place is, I gather, because God wanted to make a contrast so that I would know it's His doing, for, the twitching started up again just as I wrote on the Blyth and Sunderland locations, and while they are near the TWITch-like Tweed river, there is a North Sunderland location just 25 miles (approx) south of the mouth of the Tweed. Besides, Blythe's (same place as Rights) were first found (Berwickshire) exactly at the Tweed-river area.

The Tweeds are suspect with the Suter-like Setters/SatterTHWAITS (there is a Thwait surname) that share the Sach / Sewer roses. God really has a sense of humor, it seems, but I am always reminded that He must be dead-serious with this work. It's not for my entertainment value. He is doing this for a reason(s), and part of it may be to get the attention of Christians for a future announcement. I'm not saying that in hopes of making readers follow my work closely as though it were important to me.

The twitch is on my RIGHT side, and Wrights are also Rights, and while Singletarys share the antelope design of WheelWRIGHTs, the Singletary Crest is said to be: "A black demi antelope platee, with silver antlers and beard, pierced through the CHEST with a gold broken spear and dripping blood." There you see the platee code for the Platters, who come up as "Playne," and while the PAPER airplane can link to Papers/Pepperwells/Papwalls (carNATIONs), they have variations like "Peverel" while there is a BEVERly location, on my atlas, right beside Kingston-upon-Hull. [It was a couple of hours after writing here that Beverlys were looked up to find them with a version of the Playne/Plain Coat!!!]. And while Pape's/Papenbergs share the Hull talbot heads in colors reversed. Papenburgs evoke Babenbergs and Bebbanbugs, the latter at Bamburgh castle of queen Bebba, suspect with Babels that share the Melusine mermaid with Hugo's. Bamburgh castle is at Berwickshire, the area at the mouth of the Tweed river, and Bamberg, Germany, home of Poppo I, founder of Babenbergs, may have been part of Franconia. In any case, Bamberg is in Bavaria, same as where Bauers were first found that trace without doubt to Bowers (Rothschild arrows, green Bauer Shield), first found in Peebles, a term I trace to the Papia version of Italy's Pavia, a city founded by the Laevi Gauls highly suspect in naming Lupus Laevillus, who married the Cetis royals.

In suggesting a Tyne-river link to Tweed-river liners, Tweets/Tweedale's share two estoiles in Chief with Twins/Twains/Tweens. I kid you not, Peebles is at the source of the Tweed river. Twins/Twains share black estoiles with Lodens/Leydens/Lethens (typical Leto / Letter colors) while there is a Loddon location in the write-up of twitch-suspect Thwaite's. I kid you not, I had gotten up while writing that last sentence, to check for a second Tyne river (Midlothian, north of Peebles), and noted a BROAD Law area smack at larger BORDers area, location also of Peebles. Incredible. The Letters/Lauders are from Berwickshire's Lauder, not far off the Tweed. The Reed- and Roet-beloved Books were first found in Berwickshire too, suggesting a Bebanberg-of-Germany link to Ruedesheim liners. I'm thinking that the gameBOARD and Obama's skateBOARD is a Broad-Law entity because I got Andrea both a book and a board game. I've got to admit, I got her a book I myself would selfishly like, on Tarzan. I remember that, but don't recall the name of the board game. It might come back to me.

Aha! The above was said before giving TARzan any consideration, and I then recalled that TARRs (and Bauer-suspect Bourlys) were first found in the same place as book-using Roets. If Tony got Andrea a necklace, note that while SUMMits use the necklace, PAYNE Roet was from the SOMME area, possibly related to SOMerset, where Roets were first found. Payne was father to Wheelwright-related Catherine Roet, born in Montreuil, (Somme) if I recall correctly. English Paine's share the white-on-red lion with Greys/Croys/Groys, and I've read that Roet ancestry was in Croys / Groys (I forget which). The Paine / Grey lion is likely the Beaufort lion because Beauforts were from Catherine Roet. The Greys use a colors reversed version of the Talbot Coat because the two were related, and this Talbot-Grey merger may be close to the talbot dogs of Pape's/Papenburgs (Hamburg). Scottish Pape's (Warin-of-Metz of Salop kin) were first found in the same place (Chatti-like CAITHness) as Andersons, and the Hendersons suspect with the Franconian Rake (I've seen the latter sideways). Were the Hesse Chatti up at Caithness?

The Shield-and-Chief color combination of Wrights/Rights is that of Skit-loving Brocks and Brocuffs. As Stewarts use the Brock motto, there's a good chance that the Singletary beard is that of the Brittany Beards, yet God gave me a dream (reported on and interpreted within the last two or three months) where bearded Paul Smith was walking along on crutches, known symbol of the potent cross which Brocuffs use. I didn't know until long after the dream that Smiths and Crutch's use the same type cross in colors reversed, and this was found used only recently by Playne's/Platters, whom are in the Singletary Crest, I feel sure. In fact, the Singletary "platee" are white roundels, symbol of Mussels/Muscels that named Musselburgh near Lauder and Berwickshire. Besides, Dunhams were Masseys.

Sunderland is at the mouth of the Were river flowing first through DUNholme (Durham now). Were's were first found on the same place as Roets, and Were's are said to have been married to Giffards in a strong relationship. As the latter use the same motto as Paine's/Payne's, it seems obvious that Obama's mother's mother (Madelyn Payne) was from Roet circles. Paine's/Payne's are in Singletary colors, and share the broken sword with them. The last update discovered that the white roundels and broken spear of Sunder-like Sanders were the symbols of Singletarys, and as SINGLEtarys are expected from the SINGULar variation of Sinclairs, it made Sanders suspect from the Saint variation of Sinclairs, itself suspect from Sainte, city of the Santones. This has the Mormon code of LATTER Day SAINTs all over it, for Book-of-Mormon codes (such as "Lamanite") trace to Lemnos, home of proto-Santone Sintians. French Clairs, from the Claro ancestry of Sinclairs, were first found in Limousin, named by Lemovices (beside Santones) that had previously been from Lemnos), and then the red bull of Charo's/Claro's becomes suspect with the Beard bull. That works. And while Mosca's are known to have married MonteCHIARo, in the Chiaro variation of Charo's/Claro's, the Mosca leopard design is in use with Sewards, suspect from Siward of Northumberland i.e. at Sunderland. That is a great and additional reason to view Sewers/Suters as a branch of, or at least merger with, Sunderland liners.

Siward is highly suspect with having a merger with George, son of Andrew I, father of all Drummonds proper, and this goes to the Trump surname, while the sickly stag that Paul Smith followed, while he was on his crutches, has become suspect in my eyes as the Trump stag. This dream was about a year ago, before it was known that Trump would run for the presidency, and I take the dream to relate to something of Trump globalism. James Mattis will likely lead Trump globalism to a large degree. In other words, while all the codes thus far pertain surprisingly to Obama, as well as to the Clintons / Rodhams, they pertain also to Trump globalism. I'm not wishing to sound a false alarm, believe you me. The last thing I want is a false alarm on my head. The Suther bend is also that of Rodhams, first found in Northumberland along with Roet-related Greys (share the Dunbar Coat), thus making Rodhams/Roddenburys linkable to the namers of Rudesheim/Ruedesheim. German Roets were first found in the same place (Thuringia) as Sewer-like Schwartz's, making Schwartzwald suspect with Siward liners. The northern end of Schwartzwald is right at Baden and Stuttgart, the heart of Baden-Wurttemberg, and Badens/Battins were first found in the same place as Somerset Roets and Tarrs. As Andrea got the TARzan BOOK, note that the Arms of Johannes Valentinus Andreae has "Wirtemberg" upon it.

Let's go back to the PAPER airPLANE as it was found to be of the Papers/Pepperalls, Peverels and Playne-merged Beverleys. As Playne's are Platers, the Plate's (Lancashire) were looked up to find them in Peverel colors, and sharing the red leopard face with Anthonys. In the meantime. English Tonys were first found in the same place (Leicestershire) as Peppers (scythes "beTWEEN" lions), which is the location of RUTland. Rutlands share the orle border with RUTHERfords, and Rutherfords share "nec" with Rodhams, while Stuttgart is on the NECKer river. The Summit NECKlaces can apply, and TONY is suspect in giving Andrea a necklace (I was in Tonys house many times, as his friend). By what coincidence was Johannes Andreae from the Stuttgart area? If Peppers were using the colors of the doves of English Page's, the Peppers would be using a good reflection of the Paine/Payne Coat.

English Tonys use a "sleeve," possible code for a branch of Sleeps/Slepe's (Salop), first found in the same place as Rothes' and Rudes'. Italian Tonys/Antonys use a flower, symbol of German Seys'/SEETz's/Sitz's while the Says/Seys' (Salop) had a Mortone-Say location in Salop (Shropshire) while Mortons share the goat head with leopard-face Antonys.

The Scottish Tyne has a mouth at North Berwick, which is at Haddington, and therefore near Musselburgh i.e. where I expect the carriers of the Singletary plates to have settled. Note that Musselburgh is on the Firth of FORTH, suspect in the last update with Fore's/Forez's and Fore's/Forres', and with the "Forward" motto term of Balfours. Seatons share "forward" while they were first found in East Lothian, location of Musselburgh. Seatons/Sittens are said to be from Say of Exmes (Normandy) and SAYtown of East Lothian, wherefore Seys/SEETz's/SITz's look to apply to Seaton liners.

The Twitch of Stanley Armor Dunham

The paper AIRplane can even be part-code for Ayers / Eyers, for Ayers use the motto, "lighter than air." Eyers/Eyes' were first found in the same place (Derbyshire, beside Cheshire's Chester) as CHESTers, and as there are no Chest surnames coming up, I'll assume the Singletary "chest" is for Chesters, especially as Meschins ruled out of Chester. Chesters happen to use a good reflection of the Playne Coat, making it very compelling that "airplane" is a double code, amounting to an Eyer merger with Chesters (share the same colors). I didn't look up Twitch's (didn't know whether there was such a surname) until immediately after the last sentence, to find them first found in Derbyshire, and perhaps using the Chee/Cheatle dancette, for Cheatle' were first found in Cheshire. While Armors, suspect with the middle name of Stanley Armor Dunham (Obama's grandfather, whose mother was Ruth Lucille Armor), use a squire's helmet, Twitch's use an "esquire's helmet." It's clinching Twitch's with Dunhams, and the Twitch Coat is a not-bad reflection of the Dunham Coat, and even uses the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Brocks / Brocuffs while Brocuffs share the same-type dancette border as Dunhams! Can you believe me? I am not lying about the twitch I have had. I have never known the Twitch surname before now (though I may have looked up their Twigg variation), and it's due to my twitching MUSCLE, like the Muscel variation of Mussels!!! I kid you not, that "muscle" similarity with "Muscel" did not occur to me while tracing the Singletary plate's to those of Mussels, nor even when I was speaking on Musselburgh, but the muscle came back to mind midway through writing the previous sentence! It's incredible, and hilarious. God made my muscle twitch for this!

Plus, it was yesterday that I figured I might need to re-tell the following story, seeking whether it was Intended as clues for surnames, and, sure enough, it fits in right below the paragraph above. My parents moved away from Andrea's area within two months of my 11th birthday party. I recalled this party only yesterday, and was wondering whether it was related to the event below. At some point of my 11th year, possibly in the fall (it wasn't winter), I awoke repeating, "No, I don't believe in you, God, I don't believe in you..." when, at that very second of the second instance, a bolt of loud and terrifying lightning struck. The light-energy through the window seemed to bounce off the pillow to my forehead (my face was facing the window as I lay on my side). I remember those very words I spoke. I then heard a noise outside the room, up toward the ceiling of the hallway. A half hour or so later, a neighbor knocked on our door to inform us that pieces of bricks from the chimney were all over the roof. My father and I went up there, and I saw this for myself.

The Chimneys use the antelope design of Derbys. Here's from the last update so that you know the score on this part of the discussion: "Feathers [kin of Lights/Lite's] share the antelope with Singletarys, and both use chevrons in the same colors. The red Feather antelope is identical to the one in the Derby Crest...Suffice to say here that Singletarys do link to Feathers and Fetters, and thus to Wrights, as expected where Singletarys share the WheelWRIGHT antelope design. In fact, while Wheelwrights use the antelope in red, same as the Feathers, Chimneys, first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Wheelwrights, use it in black, the colors of the Singletary antelope. And ANTELopes are code for ANTALya, near Derbe, and while the latter is in wolf-depicted Lycaonia, it should explain the clever AnteLOPE code." Twitch's were first found in Derbyshire along the Eyers, a branch of Ayers that presumably honor the LIGHTs/Lite's in their "Lighter than air" motto. How could the lightning to the chimney so-quickly and neatly lead us to Singletarys unless the event was Intended to? But can this picture link to Andrea, my birthday-party sweetheart a few months earlier? Remember, we were wearing hats at the party.

Whenever I think or write on this event, I'm always reminded of how hard God seemed to be against an 11-year child. Shouldn't lightning bolts be reserved for evil men? Ahh, but now I feel relieved if the event was Created by him for this revelation.

Might the LIGHTNing have been Intended as code for the LIGHTEN surname (same place as Says/Seys')? I don't recall looking up "Lighten" before, but the lightning prompted it just now, and the Lighten/Leighton Coat has the Say/Seys quadrants. Leighton-like Ladons, sharing a form of the Mussel/Muscel Coat (Twitch kin, we now gather), were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Lights/Lite's. And while Mussels/Muscels share a version of the Meschin/Masculine Coat, Bricks (suspect from Briquessart, father of le Meschin, ruler of Chester), sharing the Massey fleur, use a string of lozenges forming a bend, as do Musso's/MUSSOLini's, a likely branch of Mussels! Amazing, moreso because the lightning hit the chimney of a Massey liner (poor dad had to fix it). And Musselburgh is in the HADDington area of the first Say-related Seatons, and HEADs / Hede's / HATTs may just be a Haddington branch. The flash of light energy seemed to hit me on the FORhead, and Seatons use "FORward." And believe it or not, while the party with Andrea had pointed hats and party whistles, the Whistle's/Wissels (Payne kin) likewise use a string of lozenges in a bendy (diagonal) direction. More lozenges are used, on a bend, by party-like Perts/Petts, kin of Petits (see end of last update for that relationship).

Moreover, Lightens/Leightens were first found in the same place (London) as Tooths, while the latter share a version of the Light/Lite Coat. Here's from the end of the last update: "German Seys' use flowers, and Flowers share the cinquefoil of Poitou-liner Potters. The Shropshire Says/Seys' are said to be from Geoffrey de Saye, born in Greenwich, KENT, but dying in Poitou. It looks like Petit liners [Kent, same as Perts/Petts] can apply to that picture. And the bull in the Say/Seys Crest can make the BULrushes of Perts/Petts understandable." As Shropshire is beside the Masseys of Cheshire, while Meschins were first found in Shropshire, as were Says/Seys', I would suggest that Says use the Massey quadrants in colors reversed, especially as Says were Seatons of the Musselburgh area. I'm now asking whether Points (as per the pointed hats) were Poitou liners. The party recalls that Partons were clinched in the last update, while investigating Warin Bald, with Tattons-of-Massey and Taddei's, and my grandmother or grandfather (I forget which) was a Taddei on one side. I would suggest that Hatts are using the quadrants either of Masseys / Says / Tattons or even HANANs / Ivers/Eure's.

Do you know what strikes me here, is that since Andersons and Andrea's use the ANNAN(dale) saltire, king Anders/Andrew I of Hungary, because I've traced his ancestry to Laevi Gauls on the Ticino, was named after the Ananes Gauls, who lived between the Trebia and Taro rivers, the latter being where I trace Tarrs now suspect in the Tarzan book I gave Andrea. As the Caens use the five ostrich FEATHERs of the Arms of Traby, they trace well to the Ceno tributary of the Taro. And then the Caens use fretty in the colors of the so-called Andrew's Cross (flag of Scotland). Caens were first found in the same place (Dorset) as Hatts, I kid you not. Russells, expected as cousins of the namers of Roslin, were first found in Dorset too, and as Singletarys are now suspect out of Roslin, while Singletarys share spears with Tracks/Tricks and Drigs, what about that POINTED HAT in the Crest of Dregers/Dreyers!? I kid you not, I didn't know it was pointed until Dregers were loaded hours after writing here. I knew they used a hat from looking up Hatts in my files, where on old update mentioned the Dreger hats...but didn't tell that it was pointed. The Dreger Coat includes: "...a man in silver holding a bouquet of flowers and a scythe..." While TWINs use two black estoiles, here's the Dreger Crest: "A silver hat beTWEEN two [black] feathers." It recalls the martin between the two Dunham spears.

I always forget what surname uses a version of the Kilpatrick Coat with cushions, but here it's refound with Dryers (Annandale), looked up as per a version of Dregers/Dreiers (Bavaria). Should we draw a line Bavaria to Annandale? Kilpatrick-related Close's share the spur with the Dryer Crest, the Ayer leg / boot, and meanwhile "spur rowells" are the name of the Payen/Pagan stars.

As Dreux is a location in Eure, I suggest that Hatts use a version of the Iver/Eure Coat (DUNBARtonshire), very reflective of the Han(n)an Coat. There is a question on whether Dunbarton was named after Dunbars or Bartons. The latter were first found in Cheshire, and could be expected with Dunham-Massey. Compare "BARTon" with the BIRTHday PARTy, from the event in which Hatts crop into this discussion. There is a Leven river at Dunbartonshire (Scotland), and Levens are interesting for being on the colors of Say-related Seatons and Sands while being first found in the same place as Says, while Levens share elephant heads with Sanders while the Sands, Sander-related Single(tary)s, and Seats/Cedes;' were first found in the same place. Miss Hicks, in the dream, was SINGLE, in a car upon the sand, and she was hovering asleep over the seats while Says and Levens were first found in the same place, Sleep-like Salop, as Sleeps/Slepe's. It's no coincidence that German Sanders (Rhineland, smack at the Hesse-Cassel area) share the red and upright bull of Claro's/Charo's.

[It wasn't until the day after writing above that I was scrolling back past the Leven and Birth/Bert Coats, when seeing the similarity between their chevrons. Both use three white symbols upon a red chevron, suggesting that Berts were DunBARTon liners. As Births/Berts were first found in the same place as English Stewarts, it's notable that Levens are in Alan colors. Levens were first found in Salop, where the proto-Stewart Alans moved to from Dol, and as Dol is in Vilnius-related Vilaine, the black Birth/Bert hunting horns are those in the Arms of Traby. When we go to the Levins (with an 'i') to find that they share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Vilains, it's no coincidence, meaning also that Levins were a branch of Levens. And the Levins are the ones with a reflection of the Playne/Platter Coat. As Bartons share the boar with Bards/Beards, it's very notable that the Brittany Beards share the red bull with Claro's/Charo's and the related Sanders, for the other Sanders share elephant heads with Levens. Also, as Charo's are the MonteCHIARO line that married Mosca's, by what coincidence do Mosca-like Mascals use the elephant?

I had written the following sentence, but deleted it because it sounds hokey, like a stretch. Last night as I slept, I noticed for the first time that the muscle twitch on my side (closer to my back than front) goes into my upper arm (same muscle, I gather), and this needs to be said here because Armor is beside Vilaine. I decided to re-write that sentence when recalling that the Twitch surname shares the squire helmet with Armors. Are you not impressed? And just look above at how Mascals are like "muscle." The paragraph above was written wholly apart from anything to do with the twitch, so far as my conscience was concerned. Note that Trunks, possibly part of the elephant heads, share bull heads with Sanders.]

My second official girlfriend was Katrina Hanson/Hansen (if I wasn't with a girl for a month, I don't regard her as "official"). I first asked her out while lining up to purchase an ice CREAM from her, and CREMona is near the mouth of the Trebia river. That little incident, if set up by God, tends to speak for a trace of Hansons (Scandinavian liners) to Ananes Gauls. Sorry, I hate to break it to you Nordics; you didn't evolve from Neanderthals of the Ice-Age Arctic Circle, but from balmy Italy some 1500 years ago or less.

My first experience in sensing the Holy Spirit was at about age 11, in the same bed where lightning struck. I actually said a heart-felt prayer, one sentence long, when a very-nice sensation filled me (definitely not my own doing), which I wouldn't feel again until almost 22, about a week before I had the Hicks-on-beach dream. I was converted a week before that dream. I had met God at 11, but became a stupid for ten years afterward. I cried before God ten years later, realizing under the circumstances somehow that He had something different / specific for me, but it would not be realized until some five years ago that he was giving special signs all over the place to accomplish what I'm now doing. I started this paragraph to say what I think God wants me to say, that he was not being mean or ugly with that lightning bolt on a child, but rather Intended it for decades later, today. You would be amazed at the sensation of love He can turn-on in your being, if you've never had it, if only you allow the bottom / center of your soul to utter a kind thing toward God.

For those interested in the Warin-Bald investigation of the last update, the Lightens/Leightons are said to have had a branch in Huntingdonshire, where I traced Warin the Bald's circle, and, besides, that topic included the Aid and Aiton-related Eyton entity of Salop while the Lighten/Leighton write-up mentions a Leighton location with the alternative name, EATON Constantine. It tends to reveal that Eatons (Cheshire) were Eyton / Artem/Aiton / Aid liners, and as such I am compelled to trace all to mount Etna, where I trace Eatons and Edens. Here's an addition to the last update, in case you missed it: "Lucans/Lovekins/Lufkins were come across, first found in Shropshire, and using Aid colors as well as what could be the Eden scallops. The "rising eagles" of Lucans are in the design of the hawks of Hobs/Habs, first found in the same place as Aids." The Edens and Lucans/Lovekins together use versions of both Arthur Coats. Lucans were looked up initially for another section (below), checking for a Lucania liner. Lucania is in southern Italy not at all far from mount Etna. I have traced the Excalibur sword ("Caliburnus" to the Welsh) of king Arthur to mount Alburnus in Lucania. See Simsons below for more on this.

Edens are said to have been in STAINton (Yorkshire), and this has to do with the Hob-related "obstantia" motto term of Arthurs. I am familiar with the Stants/Stains (Yorkshire), but Staintons (Yorkshire) are new, and they use the cross design once shown for Eatons and Samsons! The "circle" of Staintons is the annulet of Vito's. As Circle's have variations and colors linking to the Sawyer motto and Sawyer martlets, note that they are white martlets, the color of the Windler/Winkler martlets (see Windleston location of Edens).

Edens are suspect at the naming of EDINburgh (Scotland's capital), near the Scottish Tyne river, and six miles from Rosicrucian-suspect Roslin, where the proto-Singletarys could have been as Sinclairs. With Singletarys now tracing hard as bricks to the namers of Musselburgh, it can in fact reveal Singletarys as Sinclairs of Roslin. One branch of that family (see Henry Sinclair) was up in the Orkneys, off the coast of Caithness, itself now suspect with such things as the Hesse Chatti, the Franconian-Rake suspect Hendersons, and the Andersons, kin of Andrea's and therefore all connectable to Mr. Andreae, co-founder of Rosicrucians. It's amazing what a bit of lightning can reveal. And the Keiths, said to be from Catti, were from the Hesse Chatti, yet Keiths were first found in Haddington.

Were Hugo's from "Egger" since Hugs/Hughes' share the same lion as Augers/Etches'? French Augers, first found beside Hugs/Hughes' and Page's, use one fesse in the colors of the four fesses of Page's/Pagenels. PERTs/Petts apply to Petits and perhaps the birthday PARTy. As Hugs/Hughes share the three blue-on-red bends of FOUNTains, and as Hug/Hughes' were first found in the same place (Languedoc) as Ville's/FONT-de-Ville'/, it speaks for itself, and even suggests that Payne's and Payens were closely related to Ville's/Font-de-Ville's. As Conte's were first found in Languedoc too, it's now a no-brainer that Hugs/Hughes' named, or were descended from, Hugh D'Avranches, son of Emma de CONTEVILLE. As French Paine's use one of the Hug/Hughes fesse bars, it's interesting that Payens were first found near the first Hugs/Hughs while both surnames use three stars in the same colors. Languedoc is the location of Roslin-likely Roussillon. Didn't we just see the party hats trace to Hatts, first found in the same place as Russells?

As Payens use a version of the Billiard/Billet Coat while 11 billets in Billiard/Billet colors are used by Bassets/Besancons, first found at Forez i.e. beside Mont Pilat, note that the Pert variation of Petts is like the PERDrix peak of Mont Pilate. The latter is at St. Etienne, and Etienne's use six billets in the colors of the 11 of Bassets, and, I kid you not, the PERD-like party was my 11th BIRTHday!!! God must have set up my 11th birthday party to show (partly) that Births/Berts are Pert liners from Mont Pilat / St. Etienne. Note that French Page's/Pagenels have a Coat comparable to that of Hugs/Hughes', and moreover it's notable the Goz's (Bavaria) use the Moray stars, as do Billiards/Billets and Billiards/Hilliards, for Hugh D'Avranches was a Goz on his father's side. Basset-like Bissets use these colors, and they were first found at Ross-shire, beside Moray. I would link both Petit lions to elements in this paragraph, with one Petit lion going to Ville's/Font-de-Ville's (PURPLE flag). English Page's (compare with Egerton-related Walsh's) are suspect with the Egerton pheons because the Egerton lion is linkable to that of Ville's/Font-de-Ville's in that Augers can be using the gold Petit lion, in the colors of the lions of Page-suspect Peppers (fesse similar to the Page fesse). The Walsh-related Walsers share the mermaid with Hugo's (Basel).

English Basels (same place as PURPLE Lace's) are using the pellets of Lace's, bringing the necklace back to mind. The Pellets use a Coat version of Pilate-related Pilotte's/PILLOWS. The lightning that seemed to bounce off the pillow felt like it went off my head, and Hede's are in the colors of the Pilate's. It's interesting.

It just dawned on me. Paper-suspect Peppers were just suspect with Page's, and I was having a hard time trying to figure out whether the piece of paper on Obama's billiard table was a paper or a page. I kid you not, it's 7:30 pm, and my stereo has been off all day. It was turned on 15 songs ago (60 minutes?). When it dawned on me at this time that Page's and Papers can both be part of the paper on the billiard table, because Page's and Peppers can be gleaned with versions of one another's Coats, the song, "Write Your Story," was playing (15th song on the list). Therefore, let me take you back two updates: (you're not going to believe this, but it made me shout):

I was wondering why the billiard table had a piece of paper on it, instead of being prepared with the paper airplane in the first place. I've looked at the Papers, but can't find a link to other surnames Intended by this dream. The Peace's [as per PIECE of paper] were interesting because Obama's mother is immediately from the Paine's, while Payen liners like Page's share the dove with Peace's. I was wondering whether the piece of paper was intended as a page, but had no way to know, until I heard the song I was listening to, at exactly the moment that the Page Coat loaded. I kid you not, I am not lying, the speaker is right behind my ear, and the singer is Francesca BATTistelli. I've taken three of her songs from youtube, and this one is titled, "Write Your Story. The chorus starts with, "I'm an empty PAGE, I'm an open book," and that's what was playing while checking out the Page Coat. I have never before been involved in anything like this. And I'm not even afraid. It is so good to hear from God in this way. I'm thanking Him every day, but wondering where this is going. The Page page had been loaded no more than 10 seconds when I heard, "I'm an empty page." The music folder I'm listening to has about 20 songs, and yet, Battistelli's page song happened to be playing when the Page page loaded. French Page's (same place as Payens) use four fesse bars in the colors of the two of the Ayrshire Hairs, and its these Hairs that are in the colors of the similar Dunham Coat.

As soon as I started the paragraph before the above quote, when I knew what I was about to write, I asked self what song was playing in case it was "Write my Story," and because that's what was playing, I was overwhelmed and couldn't help letting out a loud shout. Twice, I was a compelled to "roar" for the two times that he had that song playing when I was on the Page topic. On the second instance, I was making a page link to Peppers, suggesting that Peppers were a branch of Papers/Papwalls. Therefore, God put a page and a piece of paper on that table, and I've got to assume that Papers/Papwalls were kin of Playne's/Platters too. But as Page's were a Payen branch, it can explain why a surname that is properly, Plater/Platter, got Payen- / Paine-like Playne/Plain variations i.e. a Plate merger with Payens.

The Dunns use padlocks as possible code for Paddels/Pedlers/PEGLers (red flag), yet another Payne / Page/PAGENEL suspect. For the Paddels/Peglers share the three lozenges of Giffards (same place as Paddels/Peglers), while Giffards share the full motto of Paine's/Payne's. Paddels/Peglers happen to share blue-on-white fleur-de-lys with Varro's while Giffards are in the Were write-up. That is a good link to have as per a trace to Aulus Terentius Varro Murena. Giffards can be from Gofraid, of the Maccus pirates between Scotland and Ireland, where Skye and Lewis is found, home of McLeods that share the red flag with Paddels/Peglers.

As Caens use fretty in the colors of the Andrew's Cross (saltire) while fretty is a repeated saltire pattern, it strikes me here that the fretty Shield of Cotta's, first found in Languedoc, has to do with the Anderson / Andrea saltire, for Andersons use it in colors reversed from the Cotta fretty, and Cotta's are suspect with royal Cottians, whom I think put out Wessels and Whistle's/Wissels, the latter using the same lions as Paine's/Payne's. Andrea's were first found in Provence, not far from the Payens/Pagans and Page's/Pagenels of Dauphine, and Guerin of Provence must be in the Guerin surname sharing the Payen/Pagan Coat. Recall the hat in the Crest of Dregers, for Provence is the location of Draguignan. Trace Andrea's from Provence to the Anderson / Hendersons of Caithness, and it expects that Andrea's were related to the Hesse Chatti, which recalls that Andrea's surname was Fabian. I didn't know that I could recall her surname until minutes ago, and as soon as it was remembered, I also recalled that Fabers are in the WRIGHT write-up as fabricators of metal. Doesn't that trace Andrea Faber to the WIRTemberg of Johannes Andreae??? fabricators of metal included the Halybes who probably spread out into neighboring Phrygia from the Halys, but then the Halys may have been a part of Phrygia. It's just that Andrea had a pointed hat while the so-called "Phrygian hat" is pointed. Was Wurttemberg named after metal wrights? ARTEMidoros lived in Phrygia, and his grandfather was the high priest of Cybele, the Phrygian goddess.

I always trace Pepin liners to Paphlagonian Heneti smack in Phrygia, and then Poppo I was the founder of Babenbergs. "Fabian" might therefore have been an ancient branch of Bab terms such as Babels, Babcocks, and Babenbergs, especially as Babcocks were a branch of Cocks while Cocks share the Shield of lozengy Fabians. This recalls Babon of the last update, son of Mummolin. The latter was husband to ARTEMia, daughter of Rusticus of Lyon, suspect with the basis of Rosicrucians. The last update presented the excellent evidence of an Artemia trace back to Artemidoros, and moreover showed why Artemia's family to the Mandys/Mundays were linkable to Rudes' from Ruedesheim. Years ago, I traced Rusticus' family (predated Varangians) to the Varangian Rus, and that suggests he was a Varni liner. A Veringers were in Baden (tends to explain the Batcock variation of Babcocks), it's one good reason to trace Rusticus forward to Johannes Andraea. As Babcocks share the red rooster with Cocks, it becomes apparent that there was a Bab entity all of itself.

By the way, note that Smiths, who may not have been Smiths until marrying Faber liners, share red-on-white fleur-de-lys with English Fabians. Just compare the Smith cross, which is the Crutch cross, to that of Playne's/Plains/Platers, first found in the same place as English Fabers, for the latter use a version of the Sewer/Suter Coat and add a fesse-with-symbols in colors reversed from the same of Sauts/SUTERs. I sewered an airplane in a corner pocket, and Paul Smith walked past the corner of my garage on crutches. As Corners/Garners use the sword design (rare) of Dunns, the stag that Paul followed is this suspect with the Down/Doun buck, but as I had previously identified it as the Trump stag, by what coincidence are the two in the same colors? The Dunns with the sword also use sinister-facing BUCKle's! This paragraph was inserted here after I found the Down buck below as kin of buckle-using Buckbys. A Dunn link to buckles recalls the buckles of Roslins.

The Faber fesse is also the Hede/Heid/HEDELin fesse, in case this is a Hatt line. Hede's/Heids are in Hiedler/Hitler / Heidler colors, but see also Dusters (share sun with Hitlers) and Jewish Rothchilds.

English Babels use pale bars (identical to those of Game's/Cams) in the colors of the Italian and German Faber fesses (compare with Cassius'/Casano's), and while Andrea hugged me, Hugo's share the mermaid of German Babels/Babe's. And, I think, I may have slipped her a slight kiss while Kiss' share the red rooster with Babcocks! In the last update, I told of a Mrs. Babcock who joined her son in writing six fraudulent checks. out from my bank account. made out to a certain man with KIZZle surname. It was shown that "English Kessels/Kestels (falcons), in Kissle colors, use the same chevron as Kiss' / Cass'." The Cass-like Khazars at KIZLyar were suspect, and I trace Cohen-branch Khazars from the Melusine mermaid i.e. shared by Hugo's and Babels. I identified mythical Melusine with the historical Melissena Rangabe, a royal Khazar on her mother's side, and wife of one of the first-known Varangians, Inger (800ish AD). But the Terek river of Kizlyar traces well to the Tracheitis valley of the Kennati priests at Cetis, whom I identify as Heneti while tracing hard to Kennedys, the latter sharing the Coat of Kessel-like Cassels, which then traces this thing to Hesse-Cassel. That's where Roets trace, generally, and their beloved Books share the same chevron as Kessels / Kiss' / Cass', which for me suggests that Books/Boggs are a branch of Bogens / Bogans that can be gleaned with the variations of Babels/Babe's. German Cassels share the triple chevrons of Clare's, which brings us right back to the Singletary bloodline. As Wessels are Westels too, compare with "Kessel/Kestel." Wessels/Westels share three garbs in the colors of the same of Kennedy-beloved Avise's/Avisons. Let's not neglect the WESTbourne in the Singletary write-up.

Andrea was blond, as is the mermaid, and then there is an English Babe/Babb Coat (I suggest kin of Haughts) first found in the same place as Hatts, and while Andrea wore a pointed hat, Babe's/Babbs use "A dexter hand with two fingers POINTING to the sun". Points/Pointers use the finger pointing too, and Podebrady-suspect Bradys (Babe/Babb colors) use a finger pointing to the sun too. For me, this looks like the German Frank surname (share leopard face with Babe's/Babbs), feasible Franconians but first found in Bohemia, location of Podebrady. As Andea's are a branch of Andersons suspect from Andrew I of Hungary, who married the Varangian Rus, and may therefore have married Inger's bloodline, by what coincidence did I read that George, son of Andrew I, married a woman in Podebrady? Just compare German Franks to Andersons! The Franks use red leopard heads, symbol of Antonys, and Tony gave Andrea some jewelry. By the way, as Phrygians can be to the Freys (Roser colors), note that the latter share a courant white horse with Danish Andersons, Rush's, Rosers, and Singers/Sangers. Plate's likewise use red leopard heads.

It's known that Melusine represents the so-called Melusines peoples of Lusignan (France), and it just so happens that the Arms of Lusignan (Rangabe colors) share fesses in the colors of the same of two Faber surnames, suggesting, if we can trust that God set Andrea Fabian to represent this thing, that Johannes Andraea was a line to the Varangian, Inger, whose family named the Melusines. As Andraea's Arms use the rose, that makes sense in a Rus picture. Lusignan was within reach of the Santones, especially as Lusignan was involved with Angouleme (in the land of Lemovices, where Sander-related Clairs were first found). Angouleme, suspect with Melusine at Anjou, is on the immediate east side of the Santones. German Sanders, you see, were first found in the same place (Rhineland) as German Bartons/BERTons, and while there is a Leven river at Dunbartonshire, Levens share the elephant heads with Sanders. So, if I can trust that my BIRTHday Party was code for a Johannes-Andreae link to Births/BERTs, whom linked above to Levens and DunBARTon, it appears that we can trace him also to Santones i.e. from Lemnos, island of the metal-smith god, part of the ARTEMis entity. In that picture, Wirtemberg and the Wrights (Rangabe / Lusignan / Faber colors) were Artemis liners.

AHA! The mother of Plancia Magna was a priestess of Artemis at Perga, and as Plancia was related to the Simplex family, it can be gleaned that her city, Perga, is to the Perkins that use a "Simplex" motto term. And the Perkins happen to share the red-on-white fleur of Smiths and Births/Berts! These fleur are in the colors of the Barton boar heads. This creates a mystery on how far back Births married a line from Plancia Magna, and who they were at the time. It asks whether Plancia had a line to Artemia, of course. I had gleaned that she links to Amyntes of the Tatta area, and he was father to Artemidoros! Perfect, for it makes someone in Plancia's family suspect as the wife of Amyntes. The Perkin motto must be code also for Spanish Vigils, who share a white tower with Plunkets.

Aha! Paul Smith followed a stag led by Mr. Kepke, and the Simple's use the motto, "KEEP tryst"! I knew it, I knew it, that Kepke would be of the Keeps. Hepburns use the same motto.

It was the Ivers/Eure's that were first found in Dunbartonshire, and they use a Coat reflective of the Hatt Coat while Eure is the location of Dreux while Dregers use a pointed hat. Isn't that the meaning of Andrea in a pointed hat at my birthday party? Dunbarton is right beside Glasgow, the hourglass line, and while I gave Andreae a hug, HUGHEStons use the hourglass, and, moreover, the Melusine in the Hugo Coat is not only in the Glass Crest, but the same Drakenberg Vere who traced her to Anjou had her in Avalon before that, and Avalon was the island (my personal discovery) of Bute while Glass' were first found in Buteshire. If one goes a small ways west to the coast from Dunbarton, that's where Bute is. Plus, I gave Andrea a book, and Books use the hourglass too.

"Avalon" is a mythical term as code for a line from Avellino, named after Apollo, twin brother of Artemis. BODEgisel was the son of Artemia's daughter! Bute was previously, ROTHESay, a Rus entity, and Artemia was daughter of Rusticus. As I think I gave Andrea a KISS, note how "BodeGISEL" smacks of "Kissle / Kessel / Kizlyar," for Melusine was part-Khazar, and can therefore be expected with ancestry at Kizlyar (Terek river of Alania). Gene Roddenbury, creator of Terek-related Star Trek, was a Rusticus > Rothesay liner, wasn't he? As Tracks/Tricks and Dreger-like Drigs share the green and upright lion with Lyons, while Rusticus was of Lyon, I'm seeing a Terek-river trace for Rusticus, and moreover the Hatts use ROTHES-like wreaths. That is, the line of Rusticus was the proto-Varangian line to Inger, husband of Melissena, and together they had a line at Rothesay. That's how Kizlyar elements get to Bute, a great argument for viewing BodeGISEL as a line to / from Kizlyar. Note that Ivers/Eure's use quadrants in colors reversed from Says that may have named RotheSAY. The Says even share the bull head with Dreux's! As Says were or Mortone-Say, the Hatt quadrants can be those of Mortons (one branch in Cheshire, another beside the RUSSells who share the goat with Mortons). As the birthday PARTY can indicate Perts/Petts, they are the ones with bulRUSHes.

Everyone was blowing party whistles at my party. And Kessel-like Wessels use an antler suspect with the red one of Veringers. It suggests a Veringer link to a red stag, and such is used by Books as well as Colts/Celts of PERTHshire, where Rollo, suspect from Rollo the Rus viking, were first found. Rollo's share the boar head with Bartons and Bards/Beards, and moreover the Rollo Clan Badge is the Colt/Celt stag head.

While Whistle's are using the same lions as Paine's/Payne's to Obama's mother, let me repeat that Westell-possible Wests use a dancette. Singletarys are said to have been at Westbourne. The WESTbourne write-up traces to a Roger, ruler of Winchester, explaining why the Westbourne's use seven lozenges in the colors of the seven MASCLE's of Quincys, for Saer de Quincy was ruler of Winchester too. Singletarys were Mascal / Muscel kin, right? Quincys were first found in the same place as Lauds/Laudymans, whose use annulets in Chief in the colors of the lozenges in the Anchor Chief; the latter's are in the colors of the Westbourne lozenges. Having made a Laud link to Westburns, we take it to the Laud variation of Lords that are in the motto of Glasgows, and thus we bring Westburn liners up to the Dunbarton area. The HUGHEStons of that area share the checks of Stewarts and Wrights, and as Hugo's were first found as Basel, on the border of Wright-liner and Andrea-related Wirtemberg, it speaks for itself as per a Germany link to Glasgow, especially as the Stewarts of the Glasgow area had migrated from Salop, where Rothes' and Rudes' were first found. These checks belong to the Cohen Khazars, of Melissena Rangabe. The Cohens/Kagans (Moray stars) share the sun with Rusticus- / Terek-suspect Tracks and Dregs, and with the Moray-related Fetters.

The Arms of Zurich, and the Coat of Ayer-suspect Eggers (Ayrshire is beside Glasgow) are with a version of the Hiedler/Hitler Coat, and while Adolf Hitler's mother was Miss Polzl, suspect with Pollocks at the Glasgow area, Adolf's father had married a Miss Glassl too. Then, Adolf's nephew, William Hitler, changed his surname to Stuart-Houston? What was that all about? Can we glean a Hitler link to Hugo's? Where any of this touches upon the HATTi line to Chatti of Hesse, note that HEIDlers/Hitlers share the sun with Hesse's.

I've just encountered a sure trace between Westburns / Quince's and Guy of Spoleto. It comes from the manor of Buckby said to be owned by Saer de Quincy. Looking up Buckbys, who could be in the buck of Dunham-related Douns/Downs, it turns out that they (Buckbys) -- an obvious branch of the Cheshire Buckleys (same bull head as Singletary-related Sanders) and Buckle's -- use buckle's in the colors of the same of French Guys. To prove the link, English Guys use the seven Quincy mascles or Westburn lozenges, yet the Guys put blue-vair fur in their mascles / lozenges, the symbol of Quince-related Quints. The Guy buckles are used by Spoleto-like Spoltons/Spauldings, said to descend from Cheshire's Ranulph le Meschin (ruler of Chester), a MASCULine liner. You see, Obama's Singletary line really does trace to my twitching muscle, on the wright side of my chester, and also up into my Armor. Guys are Gaia > Gay liners, right? Yes, I think so, and Gaia was king of Numidia, location of Mascula. Buck-using Downs/Douns (Trump stag?) were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Mascals.

I suspect that the three bends (very skinny) of Twitch's are those of Pungs/Paganells in colors reversed. Pungs are in the motto of Rome's/Rooms, who in-turn use a fesse in the colors of the ones that fill the Coat of Tatta-likely Tottens/Todenhams (Tute / Tuit colors), who use a "sequor" motto term that can be of a Sakarya line (Singers/Sangers come to mind). The Dunn sword was traced to the same sword design of Mochs/Mochers because Moch variations suggest Mochrum (Wigton) in the DunBAR write-up. Mochs trace to mythical Muksus/Mopsus at ancient Mokissos, at lake Tatta, evidenced by the fact that Mopps/Modburleys (same canton as Wassa's, same fesse as Rooms) share the double BARs of Washingtons (Canton Coat in colors reversed) who in-turn use a double-bar a version of the a Moch/Mochry Coat, itself using the Wreath Coat (same lion as in the Totten Crest). The latter use the motto, "FortiTUDINE," apparent code for TODENi's in the Tout/Tuit write-up. Touts/Tuits were first found in the same place as Dunhams, and the latter use a version of the Twitch Coat which itself has the same-colored dancette as fills the Totten/TODENham Coat! Therefore, Twitch's look like Tuits = Todeni's. The Tatton Coat looks like a version of the Tute/Tuit Coat.

Having said that, by what coincidence is the Down/Doun stag (Moch-sword colors) in colors reversed from the stag heads of Hanna's, first found in Wigton, location of Mochrum? As I trace Plancia Magna of Perkin-related Perga to the Tatta area, see how the Page Coat is a version of the TOOTH-related Perkin Coat. Perga was smack beside antelope-suspect Antalya. Twitch-liner Tottens (Middlesex) use four fesses, the number of French-Page/Pagenel fesses. Repeat:

And the Perkins happen to share the red-on-white fleur of Smiths and Births/Berts! These fleur are in the colors of the Barton boar heads. This creates a mystery on how far back Births married a line from Plancia Magna, and who they were at the time. It asks whether Plancia [a Herod-Maccabee] had a line to Artemia, of course. I had gleaned that she links to Amyntes of the Tatta area, and he was father to Artemidoros! Perfect, for it makes someone in Plancia's family suspect as the wife of Amyntes.

According to Wikipedia, Amyntes conquered Derbe, to be precise, and Mandys/Mundays, who trace between "Amyntes" and MUNDEric (Artemia's husband), were first found in DERBYshire along with Twitch's!!!! This has got to be the reason for my twitch. I can bet my entire right side that Caiaphas will trace to this, for he was suspect with the family of Opgalli of Galatia, and she is expected in the motto of Teague's/Teegers (from TIGRanes, Opgalli's husband), and it just so happens that the wolf-head design of Teague's is in the Mandy/Monday Crest. Mynetts use OPen helmets, which might just relate to an Opgalli line.

The fitchee in the Mopps/Modburley canton is used in the same colors by Birth/Berts (they use a wreath but call it a garland). The Births/Berts use a chevron in colors reversed from that of Page's, and both were first found in Devon along with Paddels/PEGLers. The Births/Berts share black hunting horns with Burns and Bernice's, suspect from Berenice Agrippa. But the Simple Coat uses them too! My birthday party with Andrea traces to this thing with Plancia Magna (kin of Mr. Simplex, I can't recall his full name or his relationship), we can feel it in our right-side muscles. Corners/Garners, part of the Paul-Smith dream, share the white-on-blue fleur of Gelders/Op-Gelders. If that's not enough, the Corners/Garners have the Dunn sword design but in the colors of the same sword design of Mochs!!! I knew that the corner of the garage was in the dream for good reason! The Corner sword points DOWN, but is described as " a sword in bend beTWEEN a silver fleur-de-lis..."

Tiems/Teems, suspect with the "diem" and "opTEM" motto term of Teague's/Teegers, were first found in Gelderland. It's very meaningful, trust what you see. Diems bring up Dittmayers while Ditts use a TIGRanes-like Tiger. Corners/Garners use the Moch sword, and this goes to Mokissos, beside Tatta, and on the Halys river of the Hatt-suspect Hatti. You see, Andrea with pointed hat traces to the Hatti Phrygians, especially to Atti(s), the sun god of Phrygia. You see, God is talking to us today from nearly 50 years ago. As Hatti lived in the Phrygia theater, note the sun of HIEDlers/Hitlers, in the colors of the Hesse sun, speaking possibly to a Hatti line to Chatti.

Keeps are in the motto of both Simple's and HepBURNs, and while Burns share the black hunting horn with Simple's, Burns are said to have had a location in Renfrewshire, where Simple's were first found.

I have claimed that one Sign for this revelation was Larry Barret and his girlfriend, Laura. I can't recall why Laura pertained to Barrets, but the latter use many fesse bars in the colors of the Totten bars, and this comes after Tottens became suspect with Births/Berts, which is why I re-looked Barrets up at all just now. Barrets share a lion with crown with Paddels/Peglers ("asTUTia"), and the latter's fleur is colors reversed from the Corner / Op-Gelder fleur. Whether right or wrong, Paddels were looked up as per the padlocks of the Dunns with Moch sword. Peglers are expected as a branch of Pagans, and HUGH de Payens (Hug liner?) married Elizabeth Chappes...from Caiaphas, right? The Pegler lion is black, and the Barret lion almost black, but black, crowned lions are those also of Capone's and Levi's.

The Paddel/Pegler fleur-de-lys is blue, as is the same of Morinis', and the latter traces excellently with Marano's to Varro Murena. Therefore, let me repeat from above: "Paddels/Peglers happen to share blue-on-white fleur-de-lys with Varro's while Giffards are in the Were write-up. That is a good link to have as per a trace to Aulus Terentius Varro Murena [Roman general]." That was said because Paddels/Peglers share the three lozenges of Giffards (same place as Paddels/Peglers). No surprise but a surprise just the same, the Morinis fleur is in both colors of the one of Pegler-like Pungs/Paganells. The Varro's use black wolves, the color of the Mandy/Munday wolf head. If Giffards were from Gofraid, names in the family of king Maccus, note that Varro's sister (Terentia) married Cilnius MAECenas. The latter's name is much like "Mussen," and Rasmussens are listed with Assmans now tracing between Assmannshausen (Ruedesheim) and Akmonia, home of Amyntes' and/or his descendant(s).

Note at the Mussen link above that the surname (share the sword with Mochs) is also "MUSTin," for Musts bring up Mousquette's/Muschets that reflect some Moch variations, and moreover Musts have double-fesse bars connectable to the Mopps/Modburley and Moch Coats. And, lucky strike, the Musts/Muschats use the same black antelope as Singletarys. The Must Crest: "A black demi antelope chained and ringed gold." One Ring Coat has a Crann variation linkable to the Grounds/Cranne's that share the same elephant as Mascals (Saddock kin). It all looks like a Mussen-line link to Moch liners from Mokissos.

The PARTy HAT can now trace to the PARTHenius river, of the pointed-hat Phrygians called Heneti.

The Moke's use a "Diis SUNT" motto phrase suspect with the "desunt" motto term in the Arms of Macclesfield. "Sunt" may relate to Sanders, but, in any case, I've found Sunters/Sumpters that show "SUMMETer," suspect with the Summits with necklaces. A few hours ago, I came to the Jewels/Joels/Jule's, for I was thinking that, maybe, I didn't know what Andrea got because I was to link her to the Jewel surname. The latter use gillyFLOWERs on a blue Shield while Summits use necklace's on a blue Shield. By what coincidence did Tony give her jewelry while Italian Tonys use the flower. It's unbelievable; you might think I've made it all up (that Tony gave her jewelry). The Tony and Jewel flowers are even in the same colors.

I would need to be one sorry idiot if I were making all of these things up. I would need to be the devil.

The Jule variation is like the Yule's of Yells, who share gold on a black-on-white fesse with Moke's. It was resolved that Yells use the Stick garb, and were definitely Traby-Astikas liners, part of the Assi's of Shetland.

Why would God emphasize a Tony-Jewel relationship for this project? The Flowers use a cinquefoil in the color of the same of Bus', the latter being part of the Arms of Leicester along with the Toeni/Tony sleeve. Dexters, suspect with Trabys with 666 lovers, were first found in Leicestershire. I accidentally typed ^66 above, because the chevron is above the '6', which recalls that three chevrons, as used by Singletarys and Waters, could be secret code for 666. By the way, while the Bus surname shows a cinqueFOIL, here is the Arms of BUZANcay with three treFOILS only, in the colors of the Bus cinquefoil. There are more than one Buzancy locations, one in the Aisne area of France, and, while looking at this, the Morini Gauls were found at Boulogne, perfectly situated for a migration to Kent, where the Morinis' were living (according to Deering write-up). I will definitely revisit this Morini-Gaul topic soon to see what the Morinis link to Eustace II may have been, but I can tell you now that the Bone's, Bonns, Bologne's and Weis' apply. It looks capable of expanding quickly.

I was just asking what I could recall with Tony, in answer to the question above. I was in his house several times, but remember nothing in there. I do recall that he, I and at least one or two others in the neighborhood were playing "potsies" with marbles, winner keeps all. I recall only one thing, very vividly, a miracle. I had a long-shot. I had to hit a marble a 1/2-inch round with a marble shot from my hand 1/2-inch round. Usually, a marble is tossed like one throws a ball when swinging the arm from back to front, but, in this case, I put the marble to rest on the index finger, sitting above the thumb nail, to flick the marble. I prayed, and shot, and hit the marble dead-on, I was so amazed. But, drats, it didn't work again after I prayed again and again. Obviously, God can't answer prayers like that, only to deprive the kids of all their marbles. Fair is fair, God needs to stay out of competitions. I'm not at all suggesting that the flick shot wasn't a miracle. It was, I could tell by the bottom-of-my-heart prayer (a silent one), probably the first one I ever gave for a marble shot. This was before Tony and I competed for Andrea, because I don't recall seeing Tony again after Andrea.

The point is, I see nothing of value in the Marble surname, but one of three Alley surnames shares the sinister buckles of Dunns, in the same colors even, and these are the Dunns with the Moch sword, a "Mecum" motto term, and the padlocks. It's the Moke's with the "sunt" motto term suspect with Sunters/SUMMETers, suspect with the necklace-line Summits in-code in the Dunbar write-up. Note that Dunns have a hand holding a key in Crest, as do Clavers, the latter first found in the same place as Dunhams, and moreover the Clavers are in Mussel/Muscel colors, and, moreover some more, "Claver" is from "Glaphyra," explaining why Clavers share the white-on-black tower of Plunketts (Traby- / Astikas-related Vilaine), for Plancia Magna was a daughter or granddaughter of Glaphyra Archelaus. The latter had the nerve to marry a Herod knowing that his father (Herod "the great") was a monster.

Sinister symbols are those of Masci's/ Massena's and Rasmussens, from mythical Mucius, and the Roman Mucianus surname. In myth, Mucius lost his right hand, and had only the left to use, which can result in both a right-hand or left-hand symbol to the future stupids that carried his symbol, and the 666 will be applied on the right or DEXTER hand, which may explain why my right-side muscle has been twitching for this revelation. The left hand is called, sinister, in heraldry, and Dunns with Alleys share a sinister symbol (it's not accidental):

Gaius Mucius Scaevola, legendary Roman hero who is said to have saved Rome (c. 509 bc) from conquest by the Etruscan king Lars Porsena. According to the legend, Mucius...demonstrated his courage to his captors by thrusting his right hand into a blazing altar fire and holding it there until it was consumed...According to the story, Mucius was rewarded with a grant of land beyond the Tiber and given the name Scaevola, meaning “left-handed.” The tale is presumably an attempt to explain the origin of Rome’s famed Scaevola family.

One can easily see why RasMUSSENs use the sinister bend, for "Mucius" (yes, like "Moke / Moch") was code for the MUCIANus surname. We can lump Mussens/Mustens and even Musts into this batch. John was on PatMOS when he received the Revelation (chapter 13) with the 666. Just follow the bouncing alley from Mokissos to Patmos. Note that Sunters/Summeters use three black boars in pale, like the three cats in pale of Keats'. Put that together with the black boar of Porcia's, and we see Porcius Cato, Roman statesman, whose Porcius surname is like mythical PORSena in the Mucius quote above. Hmm, there is a Porsen surname with a Fabian-like "Favente" motto term. Parsons look like Porsen liners, and the latter appear to have been the makings of the Paw surnames to which I link Powers and Poors (just in case it applies).

The Cato surname is listed with Chattans, that being Clan Chattan to which Gillys (sword) belong...whom are likely in the gillyflowers of Jewels/Jule's. Note that Gilly use the rare sinister canton square, and it has the same fitchee as the same-colored canton of Mokissos-liner Mopps/Modburleys (same place as Masseys to which Obama belongs), the ones with the double Must/MusCHAT/MOUSquette bars (God showed my readers that Obama is a mouse entity). As Andrea received the jewel, note that the same fitchees are in the Birth/Bert Coat.

Okay, so, God was apparently emphasizing Tony with Andrea, and then gave me the miracle shot so that it sticks to mind almost 50 years later. I can't remember whether God hit Tony's alley, or someone else's; I imagine that it was Tony's. The Alleys are properly, Auley/Cauley, and Irish Cauleys are also CAMleys, interesting where I gave her a GAMEboard, for Game's bring up as Cams. The Alleys with the Dunn buckles were first found in DUNBARTONshire, I kid you not, and this makes me suspect Bartons and/or Dunbars (Mokissos liners) all the more with my birthday party. The Alley buckles are in the colors of the Arden cinquefoil's, and Alleys were first found at ARDENcaple. It's impressive that while Jackey was one of the guys playing marbles, the Jacks use a reflection of the Arden Coat.

Until immediately after writing the paragraph above, I have not looked Windows up again since before I told readers of my getting up before dawn to open a window, at which time a super revelation was given. It was in the last update as follows: "As I was still standing at the window, praying (or showing my desire) that [Miss Hicks] and I not be destined for marriage, it dawned on me that the interpretation of the dream has come while she was SINGLE. Is that a coincidence, or is it a Sign that Hicks and Singletarys were merged?" I went on to show many Singletary links to the Hicks dream. But here I finally got round to checking the Window surname, not mainly due to my standing at the window, but because, on the night that I moved away from Andrea's area, I was throwing tomatoes at someone's backyard window. I have to admit, I can't imagine that God would make me do that. It was in Bill's backyard, and Jacky was with us that night. It's just that, about an hour before loading Windows (Yorkshire, same place as Jacks), I was looking at Porsens, who share gold lion paws with Windows. The Window Crest shares a lion paw holding a gold fitchee with Quints. We saw while Singletarys at Westbourne can trace to Quints (mascles), and the latter were first found in the same place as Spinks (mascles), who share the same spread eagle as Dunns.


While KYburg shares two bends with KY-like Kays/Keys, the latter were first found in the same place as Kingstons sharing the same lion as Kyburg. As Kays come up as "Cay," much like the Caw variation used by MacKAYs and Annandale-related Adams, it's important that Bruce's were likewise first found in Yorkshire, which was Eboracum in ancient time, traceable to the Ebroicum/Eburovices that named Evreux in Eure. Eburones were at Belgian and very feasibly allied to the Morini Gauls. I trace Bruce's to Eburovices out of Abruzzo elements, and therefore expect many Eburo liners in Yorkshire (Ebers share the black boar with the Yorkshire Bush's and Porsen-possible Porcia's). It's very interesting that the Buzans/Besants/BASSANts, who can be in "BuzanCAY/Buzancy," share the quadrants (Abreu/Abruzzo colors) of Eure's and Annandale-like Hansons. As Buzans were first found in the same place as Fiers while sharing a reflection of the Vere Shield, which itself uses the Annas/Arnisss star, I suggest that Buzans were from ancient BASSANia (mouth of the modern Mat river), not far north of Arnissa, itself beside Fier country. The Kyburg lions are gold, as are the Abreu/Abruzzo lions, and while there is an eagle in the Arms of L'Aquila (Abruzzo), eagle-using German Hagels (Wurttemberg and Baden) use a reflection of the Arms of Kyburg. Buzins/Botszins were first found in Wurttemberg, and use the gold lion yet again.

Throwing tomatoes at windows was not typical of me, but I would do worse at times. I had spent the entire previous summer in Abruzzo with my mother, before going to the same class as Andrea, and Porcius Cato was said, at Wikipedia, to have grown up in Abruzzo. His Wikipedia article removed that, and changed it to owning land at Sabina. There is a good chance that Cato's were Hatti liners to Chatti at Hesse. That would be Andrea's hat.

Well, as it turns out, Caple's/Keppels, looked up as per, ArdenCAPLE (where Alleys lived), use gold fitchees too. Caple's are said to be from "one of the most ancient houses of Guelderland (Holland)..." Caple's claim to be from a Mr. Keppel of this Guelder entity. It's interesting here that Dutch Gelders/Op-Gelders share the Bush fleur, while Dunns use a "holly BUSH," as do Maxwells, first found in the same place as Cato's/Chattans.

Mystery solved: Ardens (with an 'e') happen to share a red-on-white fesse with Bidens/Buttons/Budins, and the latter share the chapeau cap of CAPELLI's, wherefore ArdenCaple was a Capelli liner, definitely resolved from ancient Cabyle in Thrace. It smacks of Cybele, wife of Atti(s), and goddess of pointed-hat Phrygia. I trace the eagle of Ardons (with an 'o') to the same of Botters/Bodins/Bodys, the latter first found same place as Bidens/Buttons, and yet there is an Italian Botter surname sharing the same bend as Cato's/Chattans while Clan Chattan uses a "bot" motto term as code for these Botters. Italian Botters were first found in Lucca, and Lucca's use the cat, we get it.

I've also found the Budens/Botens (Prussia), new to me, and in Italian-Botter colors while sharing the red roses of Chatans (Poitou), an obvious branch of Cato's/Chattans ("OmniBUS").

So, it appears that my Abruzzo adventure, followed with the Andrea-related Signs, are all related to a Hatti line to Porcius Cato. Why would God want this shown? Is my relative out of Abruzzo going to become the anti-Christ? Andrea lived on Shore drive, and Schore's share a version of the Bosco Coat, and Bosco's are in the write-up of Rose's suspect in the Chatan / Buden roses. Roses are used by Zans/Zants that use a column in Crest, symbol of Schore's, and Sunters share the black boar with Bush's/Buschs! That's new material. Bosco's use "tufts of grass" atop their pillar, and Tufts use a version of the SHERwood/SHIRwood Coat. The latter use "A hand holding a silver BRANCH of ROSES with green leaves," because Branch's use the Sherwood Coat. The Sherwood roses are white, as are half the Zan/Zant roses. One half of the Zant Coat has the German Rose Coat (Silesia), and the other half is the Sach Coat (Breslau, beside, or even part of Silesia). The Zant Crest: "A silver column on a red CUSHION, a ROSE on top divided red and silver." I found Zans thanks to "TarZAN," but I'm not suggesting a Zan link to Tarrs. As French Roses use the Zant roses in colors reversed, note that French Rose's were first found in Lemnos-liner Limousin, making Zants suspect with Santones.

There are no Tomato surnames, but there are two Tomasso surname, with the Italian branch showing "Tomati" and similar versions. Click to the other Tomasso's (doves, Cheshire) to find a bend in colors reversed from the Cato / Chatan / Botter bends, and in the colors of the bend of German Gelders. Dutch Gelders are the ones with the Bush/Busch fleur, and that fleur is shared by Corners/Garners while German Corners share the boar in both colors of the Porcia boars! English Bush's: black boar! Zinger.

I want to say something heart-felt here. For many years, as a Christian, due to my sensitive conversion, I was very zealous to serve, yet disappointed in what God was doing through me. I tried evangelism for some years, trying to initiate various things, but after 15 years, nothing was working for me. I even had disappointment when God started to stay too quiet after about my first year. It was excruciating at times. And the Spirit had promised me something that would amaze me, but after 30 years, still nothing. I think you can imagine how a human would feel in the face of this. But after 30 years, starting roughly in 2010, I began to get signals that some special events were taking place around my place. I was like a candle flame almost going out, but then starts to revive solely by the work of God. Eventually, after fearing to inform readers that I thought I got messages from God in such-such events, the events got to be numerous and compelling enough that I became confident in reporting them, and didn't care if readers thought I was crazy. But, I've got to tell you, God's creating little special events around my house with mice, hare's, robins, jays, dreams, snap visions, whatever, was peanuts in comparison to what I now know He did in many events and situations early in my life, and it is this that has me blissfully stupidifed at this time. God came through after I became numb, not caring much whether he ever would, and, besides, I had decided it wouldn't be very impressive, anyway. In fact, it is very impressive, and I don't think it's over yet.

Just look at how many things God had to set up to make this revelation? He had to name Andrea, put her Fabian family on Shore drive, and he had to have my parents move nearby, etc, etc., etc., etc. And He has arranged many other things in my life, and those of others, to create thought-out methods of conveying these things to Why today?

Did he get me to throw tomatoes at a window? Gosh, that's a tough one. But just compare Tomati's to Leavells, for the other Leavells were first found in Roxburghshire, same as Maxwells and Cato's/Chattans. Don't Windows use the Quint Crest? Isn't Quintus Caepio the line to Laevillus? But did Laevillus also come from Cato? I didn't expect all of this emphasis on Porcius Cato. Yet he returns to topic repeatedly. The wreaths of Hatts got to be called chaplets for a reason, and "CHAPLet" (same swans as Josephs) is much like the Capelli line to ArdenCAPLE's. Caple's/Keppels are in Alley/Auley colors, and the latter were first found in Ardencaple. Where the Alley write-up defined "Ardencaple" as "cape of the horses," it's a typical out-to-lunch derivation. It's clear that Ardens and Caple's both apply. Cabyle was on the TONZUS river to ARDA, plain enough. And the BUTTON-using Tous'/Tosini's (likely to the Tosni=Toeni=Tony bloodline) show "TONSO.

For an example of how the creators of these write-ups botch, see Kaywoods/Cawoods versus Keys / Kays (both use similar and rare chevrons), noting that they are traced to different definitions even while both surnames were both first found in Yorkshire. The creators of the write-ups were either ignorant of the similarity between Coats and names, or they deliberately lied. I am not sure which, but do entertain outright lies. This is why it's important for family historians to know their heraldry, though I do understand that it's too huge an undertaking for most. But as I'm doing the footwork, why aren't historians borrowing from my material?

Caple's/Keppels are said to descend from "Lord ALBEmarle," and the earl of Albemarle is in the Gros/Grau write-up: ""First found in Bourgogne, but one of the first records of the name was found in England where William le Gros (died 1179) was the Count of Aumale (Earl of Albemarle), Earl of York, and Lord of Holderness."" The Gros'/GRAU' use a GREYhound as evidence that Grau's were grey liners. If family historians would get these symbols understood, they wouldn't make cape-of-the-horses blunders, for example. Greys were first found in the same place (Northumberland) as KEEP-loving Hepburns. The Stevensons and Rodhams of Northumberland were from Valentinian, but as the Stevenson bend is a version of the Aid bend, Messina elements of the Aid / Eden kind should have been in Northumberland.

As Alba's share the swan with French Josephs, though they now show a footless martlet in the same black-on-gold colors, note that French Marle's/Marlot's use the Joseph martlet,, indicating that AlbeMARLE's were an Alba-Marle merger. The amazing thing here is that Alleys are leading to Marble's I kid you not. The other Marle's use footless martlets in colors reversed, which recalls that Foots / Fothes' were kin of Gernons, the surname of Ranulph le Meschin, and the latter is in the write-up of Marble's/Marple's (fitchee lovers). Just check out the MORPeth location (Northumberland) of English Marle's (virtually the Winger Coat), the makings of the Merpel manor of Cheshire, which was later, "Marble." The Marble's are said to be of Bradshaw, and Bradshaws ("assez") use more black footless martlets. The "Qui" motto term of BradSHAWS is shared by Shaws, and the Bradshaws share two bendlets without a bend with Keys and Kays.

I can link BradSHAWS to the Schaws (Baden) listed with Schors/Schauers, for the other Schore's share the vine with Bradshaws. The Schauers sure look like Schwartzwald elements (Baden-Wurttemberg). "Show" is in the Nimo motto along with "boast" while Boasts/Busts tell of a Walter de Bosco. As Shaws are from Stick-related "Sithech," note the proof where Vine's use a white version of the Stick Coat. Repeat: "AHA! The giant gold-on-black SCHWARtz rose is the white-on-black rose of Swiss SEWERs!!! The Sewers are Schwartz liners! There was a Schwartz merger with Suters. God is emphasizing the Schwartz line (Thuringia) in the Obama dream! Why?"

Note the "vit" and "assez" motto terms of Bradshaws, for Assi's are Traby-ASTIKas (= Stick) liners while Aziz(us) was of the early priest of El-Gabal while Julius Avitus (suspect in "vit') married the daughter of a priest of El-Gabal. This is great. Bradshaws are suspect with the Joseph (and Glen / Glenny) martlets. Glens use a red heart in Crest, and Bradshaws use a "red hart," which is the red stag of German Hearts. But the red stag is of the Colts/Cults, first found in Brad-like Perthshire, where Shaws were first found. This Bradshaw section is being added here after the parts below on the Party/Pardy and Pardon/Parton section, which solves the birthday party brilliantly, as God intended, and so Brads are suspect with Pardy / Pardon liners, especially as Glennys share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Pardons/Partons, included the Shield colors (compare with Gumms). The giant Marble griffin is partly explained by the same of Bolts (same place as Bradfords), for Bradshaws were in Bolton. Boltons use "VI ET virTUTE." Bradshaw in Bolton is in a larger Salford area, and Salfords (probably the QUADE wolves) come up as "Savard," suspect with the Bassus-liner besants of French Savards/Savarys, and this goes to Severus Bassus, the root of Bassianus'. It's working. The Saleman/Salian fesse can be in play with Haywards/Hawards, said to be from Salford.

The Isherwood location in the Marble write-up has a wolf-using surname by the same name, including "Usherwood," first found in the same place (Monmouthshire) as Fane's/Veynes', and then the Bradford-beloved Vine's are also Veyns. Not only is the Isherwood/Usherwood wolf head in the design of the Teague/TEEGER wolf head, by Vine's use " A TIGER's head proper." EXCELLENT! Glenns were suspect with Josephus' Gaulonite, from Israel's Gamala, and while heraldry sometimes calls double bars as, gemel, Isherwoods/Usherwoods use two "pairs" of double bars, and while Pairs bring up peacock-using Paws/Paukers/PaurBUSCHs (Baden again), meaningful because Ushers use lion paws alone. They are black lion paws, the color of the same of Quints. As Parr-loving Manners/Maness (kin of Mens', kin of Glennys) use the peacock, the double Isherwood bars must be those of Pair-like Parrs, especially as the Isherwood Coat is much like that of Manners/Maness'. It's making Paws/Paukers and the other Paws suspect as Parr liners, but let's not forget the Cetis-liner Erens.

AHA! The Cubits/Cupids use the BRAD lion head in colors reversed and show hands from clouds in Crest, the symbol of Eren-like Aarons! Perfect. The Bradshaws are now found with the Eren bars.

"Pauker" then suggests Parkers, who use a red antler, the color of the Bradshaw "hart" (stag). As we saw Baden in this part of the discussion, the red Veringer antler comes to mind. Note that English Parkers (Derbyshire) reflect the Coat slightly of Powers while Paws/Paukers are also PAUERbachs.

I think we have evidence above that Shaws were the namers of Schwartzwald. They were Shawia Numidians to Ranulph le Meschin (earl of Chester) and others. Note that Ranulph's mother was a Conteville, while Bradshaws use a "content" motto term. Ranolph's mother was a VERINGer-suspect D'AVRANCHes, sister of Hugh Lupus, the latter possibly in the Hugo surname, first found at Basel i.e. the Schwartzwald border. Shawia trace most-definitely to Masons/Massins, who share the Melusine mermaid with Hugo's.

Merpel of the Marble's is said to have been owned by Randle, earl of Chester, but I have never seen this version of "Ranulph." The Randle surname uses the lions of Raines', which makes Randolph look like a Raines / Wren liner, though I don't think I can agree. Note that while Ranulph (sometimes Randolph) followed after the family of earl Hugh Lupus, the latter used a white-on-blue wolf head, which, in colors reversed, is the blue wolf in the Randle Crest. Wolfleys (Cheshire) use the blue wolf in colors reversed to that of Hugh Lupus. However, so far as I'm now concerned, this only makes a Raines link to Hugh Lupus, and, perhaps, Raines' merged with Meschins to form Randle's and Randolphs. Wrens/Raines' share the purple lion with Skiptons, the latter married by William Meschin, Ranulph's brother. Raines' look like they use a "leges" motto term for Leghs/Lighs, who use a lion in the same colors as shown in Wikipedia's Ranolph-le-Meschin article. I trace Leghs to the Legro river of Leicester, where Toeni's/Tonys had some rule, and it was Tony who played marble's / alleys with a bunch of us.

I insisted for years that Randolphs were named after Ranulph le Meschin, but hard evidence continually evaded me until finding the Rands (same place as Dunhams), who use the same lion as Leghs/Lighs. Just look at the three white-on-red chevrons on the Rand lion's body, for they are the three Singletary chevrons, suggesting strongly that Rands were the Obama-line Randolphs. And Singletarys have never been shown to be Massey / Meschin liners as much as they have in this and the last update.

Can we believe it? The Rand write-up has the Playter family, with variations like those of Playne's/Plains/Platers (same place as Playters). Did I mention that Playters are said to be of SOTTERley? That's the airplane that I sewered on Obama's billiard table that was code for Sewers/SUTERs. We have come around to show by another method that Obama was from the Sewer / Suter bloodline, and it was intimate with Rands, very apparently. The wavy / weaving bends of Playters are code for the Cheshire Weavers, beloved of Shuttle-loving Keeps (weaver's shuttle). Weavers are Este / Pepin liners that share the antelope with Singletarys (same place as Shuttlewords). It makes Shuttlewords expected as Suter liners. Childs are also Chills, the likely namers of Chillingham, where the Keep-loving Hepburns (same chevron as Childs) were at home.

Shuttleworths use "Shettle, and Settle's have green-on-white lozenges linkable to white-on-green lozenges of Stars. The Bury location of Shuttlewords looks like it has a surname with the Masci bend in a non-sinister direction. Irish Burys (spear), sharing the green Shield with white-on-green Burleys/Bourlys (part of ModBURLEYS?), are from Dublin, where Sitric, grandfather of Maccus, ruled. Burleys and Ladons have been resolved from Greece's Boura, near/at the Ladon river (it wasn't an off-the-cuff trace). That trace included white-on-green Simsons (Burley colors) through the ancient Enotri peoples of Laus, the latter location known to be founded by peoples of neighboring Sybaris, who are in turn known to be from Boura. The latter was near Sparta while Spartans founded the Taranto area, where white-on-green Coffers and Caffer(t)ys trace.

The Motels, first found in Taranto, put an ARM in the mouth of their horse. What do you think that means? By what coincidence are Motts/Mottins said to have been first found in Cotes-du-Nord (Brittany), otherwise called, Armor? Why would Taranto elements relate to Armor way over at Brittany? You need to ask the Tarans/Terrents, who use the Child Coat in colors reversed, and you then need only read the below on the Childress ancestry of Obama. The plume of feathers on the Caffer and Motel helmets can be code for the Plume's of Brittany, and then we find more white-on-green with Hume's, who use the lion of Lyons and Lannoys in colors reversed while the other Lannoys, and the Hume-beloved True's, use plumes of feathers on their helmets too.

I showed earlier why Lucans/Lovekins and Edens can trace to Lucania's Excaliber-sword location. Edens are said to have branched to Windleston (Durham = Dunholme), and the Windle's/Winklers are in Simson (white-on-green) colors. If you read the earlier mention of Lucans and Edens, recall that Staintons were at topic, a branch of Stans, for Stanleys use a reflection of the Bury bend suspect with Masci fleur. It can appear that Boura liners went through Taranto to Lucania. At age 12, God gave me a special event involving the Tarrs, Knees, and McGee;s, and while Knees use the Stanley bend, Tarrs are suspect from mythical Taras, in the Arms of Taranto and the Coffer Crest. McGee's share the white-on-red boar heads of Jutts/Juggs (and Mea's/Meighs), from Jugon in the Armor area of Brittany (location also of the Mea-related Meu river). The green-on-white Henrys were at the Armor area, as verified by the write-up of the Brittany Henrys, but then Henrys (and Alans) share the red Valence martlets, and Valence (probably a Valentinian entity) is near Lyon.

From the last update: "On line 212 of Obama's genealogy, John CHILDress is the husband of Catherine Ament, and while I traced Masci's to Childeric's wife, Aments bring up Maschi-related Hamons." There are buckles in the Coat of Childress' (same place as Stans / Staintons), and buckles are of the Down/Doun buck. As Julia Maesa Bassianus, a chief suspect to Childeric's wife, was wife to Julius Avitus, suspect with Vito's (share large red-on-white annulet with Staintons), compare Childress' with Staintons. As Obama's father-in-law was Stanley Armor Dunham, check out the Childress Crest: "A cubit arm in chain ARMOR holding a red buckle in the gauntlet." Obama's Childress line goes up to Nancy Childress, at line 53, wife of George Armor. Does anyone feel a twitch? Cubits/Cupids (hands from clouds) were first found in the same place as Dunhams. If Childeric was named after the Cilnius family of Maecenas, it makes even Childeric traceable to a line between MAECenas and Julia MAESa. "Stainton" is defined in its write-up as "farmstead on stony ground," but what if "Stonley" wasn't the original variation of Stanleys? If it wasn't, the bloodline wasn't likely named after stones.

Why NANCY Childress? Nancy is the one I danced with, and while Dance's are also Nancy-like Ance's, Dunhams and Twitch's use the dancette, and, besides, the Twitch dancette is that of Tottens, suspect in the "tot" motto term of Aments. Why, therefore, has God called a Masci liner to do this work -- intruding into my life, changing its course, denying me a normal life, reserving me, preparing me -- while it's now made obvious that Obama is a Masci liner while God just gave me an important dream recently about Obama that He wants passed on to the Internet? Why now while Obama is no longer the president? One theory had been that he was in Pakistan as a youth working for the CIA, and that makes him suspect as a shadow-government fool, especially now that he has been a president of the country for eight years, working the government toward the agenda of his fellow CIA fools, and yet Obama has a big bone to pick with Netanyahu whether or not mainline CIA is on board with it.

If you've been reading me for a while, you may know that God emphasized squirrels at my place for the Squire/Squirrel/Square surname beloved of the squire's and esquire's helmet of Armors and Twitch's respectively. Helmets are the symbol also of Ament-related Mynetts (same place as Aments) and the Kennati-line Kennedys that use the Arms of Carrick. The latter are from the squirrel-using Gilberts that apparently honor the Haddocks (Hatt liners?) in their motto, who were recently tagged to the Nancy cross. Carricks share the black talbot and fitchees of Shere's/Shire's/Share's (Carrick colors), a branch of Squire's/Square's, very apparently, and likely a branch of Shore's. Andrea lived on Shore Drive, and the Sire / Squire line was heavily at the squirrels of Valentins, suspect to Johannes Valentinus Andraea. Frank was on a corner of Shore and Hull---, and while the Hull talbots are black in colors reversed, I listened and danced to the Hippy-Hippy Shakes at his house while Hips' use the sphinx (as do Brocuffs) as code for black-talbot Spinks (same place as Quincys) suspect with the Dunn eagle. As soon as I returned from Abruzzo, I went to see Frank, the name of Frank Marshall Davis, the more-likely father of Obama. German Franks are the ones with the Anderson / Andrea saltire, and these Franks are suspect with the line of George, son of king Andrew, and his Bohemian wife at Podebrady, parents, we may assume, of Maurice Drummond, whom, I read, was Marot of Yorvik, in York, where Staintons / Stains and Childress' were first found. Stanleys were first found in the Wanstead area of the Childs/Chills. Besides, the Drummonds lead to Trumps that share the Down/Doun stag.

Marshalls, a merger with Hatt-liner (or Hatt-suspect) Mascals/Keiths, share a string of lozenges with Bricks, Musselburgh-suspect Mussolini's, and Whistle's, and moreover the other Marshalls can be using Andrews' Cross in colors reversed.

It makes sense to trace from Artemidoros through the Bassus' to the Avitus-Bassianus marriage, then to Artems, first found in the same place as Arthurs that have the Avitus-suspect Staintons in their motto. The Stainton annulet is called a circle, and while Circle's (show a church) have variations looking like are a branch of Church's, indeed, the Church's use one, engrailed fesse in the colors of the two, engrailed fesses of Stants (same place as Staintons). As Staintons use a "covered CUP, " while CUPids share a hand out of a cloud with Stants, it speaks for itself, yet the Cubit variation of Cupids is in the Childress Crest: "A cubit arm in chain ARMOR.../, thus tending to indicate that Stanley Armor Dunham was a Stan bloodliner in his ancestry. As I claimed that king Arthur was a Merovingian in Britain, there we can see why in the Childress link to Stants. The Cups are listed with Cope's while the Arms of Copeland shares the blue lion with Cupids.

As Julius Bassianus (Maesa's father), along with the son (Caracalla) of his daughter (Domna), trace back to Cetis' Bassus line (from Severus Bassus), note that Staintons (same annulet as Vito's/Bitini's) were first found in Yorkshire, where Caracalla became the emperor upon his father's death. The father was Severus, like the name of Severus Bassus at Akmonia. As Julius Bassianus was the priest of El-Gabal, a Syrian god that had a black STONE symbol, the Stonleys/Stanleys, suspect with the Trump / Doun stag in gold, may have been named after that black stone. But, if so, why don't they use a stone symbol? There is a picture online of the black stone upon a coin, and it comes with an eagle, the symbol of Stone's. Twitch's are looking like a line between lake Tatta and the Tweed river, note that Tweeds are said to be from STONEhouse. Stonehouse's share the white talbot in Crest with Stone's, and while Stone's use the Craig motto ("Vive et vivas", suspect with Vibia, whose son married Quadratilla Bassus), they are proto-Carricks, from the same that named Caracalla, right? Why do Craigs share the symbol of Motels, minus the arm? Ask the crescents in the Craig fesse, in the colors of the giant Mott/Mottin crescent.

Here's from two updates ago: "One can even link the Stonehouse's to Glaphyra Archelaus (beside lake Tatta, married the Herod at the Lyon theater), grandmother of Opgalli, for the three hawks of Stonehouse's are those of Hobs/Habs (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs), the Hobs being in the "OBstantia"motto term of Arthurs, the same motto that honors the Stants/Stands/Stans (=Trump-Stanley kin)...whom are in code in the standing rooster of Vibia-liner Bibo's, and in the standing rooster (upon a trumpet) of Laevillus-likely Levers." The Ardiaei Illyrians, probably from Arda at the end of the Tonzus river, were at RHISINum, and then the "RISING eagles" of LOVEkins (Aid colors) are in the design of the hawks of Hobs/Habs, first found in the same place as Levi-beloved Aids.

The Herods have been traced successfully to Antipatria/Antipater, a city on the Apsus river suspect with Antipater, king of Macedonia. The first Herod was a son of a later Antipater, and the line of king Antipater furnished Nysa, queen of Cappadocia, where the son of the first Herod married Glaphyra. With another husband, Alexander Maccabee-Herod, Glaphyra was a great-great-grandmother to the wife of Quadratus Bassus. To link Nysa to Mokissos, note the shared double bars between Nice's / Ness' and Mopps'/Modburleys, but also of the Musts/Muschats that share the lion heads of Love's/Luffs. Were the latter a branch of Lovekins?

While the ancestry of the Bassus' in Amyntes and Artemidoros (why do Arduinici-married Doris' use the Stone eagle?) is being traced to Rusticus of Lyon and his daughter Artemia, the latter was great-great-grandmother to Grimo while the hawks of Opgalli-suspect Hobs must be code for the Hawks that use pilGRIM's stave's, part-code for the Stave's/Stevensons i.e. one branch of which shares the Aid bend. Put this together with the Aid-suspect Aitons that come up as "Artem." That makes the Pilgrims, who use stave's themselves traceable to Grimo, brother of Babon, and then Aids and Artems/Aitons were first found in Bernicia, home of queen Babon-like Bebba.

Andrea fits into the Grimo picture where her surname was Fabian, a possible Babon variation, and, as I said, Andrea got suspect in a fundamental link to my Abruzzo trip, for she became suspect with Porcius Cato's childhood in Abruzzo. There is a black boar in the Crest of Babons/Bavents, recalling the "Favente" motto term of Porcius-possible Porsens. Babons/Bavents are said to be from Eston-Bavent, and Estons/Astons use another black boar. And the lozengy Shield of Fabians is exactly that of Grimaldi's and the Babcock-related Cocks, while my mother's maiden name is, Grimaldi. This is astounding, once again. It seems that "Babon" was indeed from "Fabian," and that Babons/Bavents, and the Bavent location at Caen, was from Babon's family (the red Caen fesse could be that of Babons). Porsens were looked up as per the mythical character in the myth where Mucius burned off his own right hand, and so note that one Grimm lion faces sinister (viewer's right, Shield's left), no accident.

Having made that assessment, by what coincidence do Andrea's use a red saltire while Artems use a red cross in both colors of the Anderson saltire? Isn't that expected where Artemia named her son after the Fabian bloodline? Who was the Fabian liner, Artemia or her husband Mummolin? Remember, the Artems use four roses surrounding their cross, as did Johannes Andreae around his saltire. Are you not impressed? I sure am. And the PilGRIMs use a SCIMitar while Schims use the MOLLE boar head! It appears that Eschyna de Molle was a MumMOLin liner. Schims come up as "Schien" while first found in the same place as Skene's/SKINs, and then, no guff at all, Irish SHINs use the same bend as Porci's while English Shins/Chinne's use three fesses in the colors of the two of Babons/Bavents/BABIANs!! Zikers. Fountains likewise use three red fesses while first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Pilgrims. It makes the fountains of Kiss' suspect with a line of Babon and/or Porcius Cato to / from Laevillus. The Kiss' share the red rooster with Bibo's while the latter share the cushion with Zans/Zants (share the column and rose with Vine-loving Schore's).

Andrea and I were blowing party whistle's while Whistle's use passant (not upright) lions in the colors of the upright (rampant) Bath lions while the Bath Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Artem Coat, but more-so a colors-reversed version of the Deacon and Decan Coats that used upright lions in colors reversed too. These are suspect with the lions of Ross', beside the Rusticus- / Rosicrucian-suspect Rose's, you see, the latter in the Artem Coat. This trace is especially good where Ross' and Rose's were up at Moray, where Randolphs were ruling that use the Bath cross...because Randolphs us Batcock-suspect bats. Now, the earls of Mar (KilDRUMMy) were beside Morayshire, and Mars use lions in the colors of the Ross lion, only the Mar lions are passant, and in the colors of the Whistle lions. And I trace Mars to the Marsi of Abruzzo, you see. My mother's town was within 40 miles of lake Fucino of the Marsi, and as close as 20 miles possibly. The Mars were not first found around Mar of Scotland, but in Yorkshire, where Marot de Yorvik is expected.

It appears that Marsi were in that town. Was Cato a Marsi liner? I have read that my mother's town was named after the woodpecker, and while I don't think that is accurate, the woodpecker symbol of mythical Mars seems to have been named after the people that named her town, and, what another shock, the town was Picenzo, apparently named after the same that named Picenum, ruled by Justus, father of Justine, wife of Valentinian I, suspect in a line between Johannes Valentinus Andraea to Andrea Fabian. How amazing is that? As soon as I returned from Abruzzo (all summer there), I started grade 5, and saw Andrea, the cutest girl in the class, and, there you have God's trick to get me attracted to her, to cause the hug / kiss event, and to invite her to my party. Suddenly, Andrea doesn't need to link to Cato at all; she links to the namers of my mother's town and/or to my mother's maiden name.

On second thought, Cato is said to have owned land in Sabina while Johannes' share the giant red scallop with Sabine's. The problem is, how can we assure that Johannes' were named after Johannes Andrea? One interesting thing, Johannes' use the Sabine/Savona's (and Pully/Pullen/Puller) scallop on gold, in both colors of the red bull of the Brittany Beards/Bearts while the same red bull is in the Beard Crest. Bards/Beards (Leslie griffin) use a boar, the Porcius / Pollock symbol, and the estates of the early Pollocks are known to have gone to Leslie's. The Brittany Beards are said to be from "BERTet," smacking of my birthday party's suspected links to Births/BERTs. It's interesting here that while Mr. Sabinus married Vespasia Polla, the Berts can be in FulBERT, father of all Pollocks, especially if Berts (share hunting horn with Pollocks) were a branch of Beards/Bearts in Brittany, for Fulbert was a vassal of one of the Dol Alans. In this picture, where it's possible to trace Johannes' to Beards/Bearts, what about French Alans, sharing the stars of Savone's, using the red martlets of Valens/Valence's and Valence's... which opens up a way to link Johannes' to Valentinian. Then, the Andrea saltire is in the colors of the Johannes scallop, while Andrea's were first found in Provence, not especially far from Valence.

There is even a Party/Pardy surname, sharing checks (Pert/Pett colors) on a fesse with Stewarts and Alleys, and first found in Shropshire, where Fulbert lived again alongside Alans. As Shropshire has a Clun location, note that Cluns were first found in PERTHshire. On the south-western edge of Provence, there is a PERTuis location, upon my atlas, along the Durance river. Suddenly, Andrea's (Provence) look like they should have been at Pertuis. By what coincidence do English Stewarts and Pardons/Partons share a ragully bend!? It suggests that Partys/Pardys and Pardons/Partons were Beard/Beart liners. It may indicate that Breads/Breds/Bradds (Edinburgh) have the Stewart lion in Crest due to being a line of Beards. Pardons/Partons were traced excellently, thanks to Taddei's (part of my Abruzzo bloodlines), to Perta of lake Tatta. It tends to mean that all of the Party-related clans were Tatta liners, anyone of which could have Herod (cringe) blood).

I've just loaded Bretts/Brits to find them using a colors-reversed reflection of the Caple/Keppel Coat, and as the latter is likely a branch of Biden-beloved Capelli's while Bidens are said to have been in Somerset's Bath and Wells, Somerset is where Bretts/Brits (and Tarzan-suspect Tarrs along with Book-loving Roets along with boardgame-suspect Borders) were first found. Wells share the pelican with Stewarts, in the design of the DeVAUD pelican while Vauds/Vallibus' share the checks in the Party/Pardy fesse (these particular checks are Laevillus liners to Leavells). The Hatts use QUADRants (Quadratus liners, likely) in colors reversed from the same of Twitch-suspect Tute's/Tuits, whom, I have read, are a branch of, or merger with, Tosni's = Tonys. Reminder: HATTs use wreaths while Wreaths use a version of Coats linkable to Mopps/Modberleys, from Mokissos on the Halys river, the river of the HATTi, and, moreover, Mokissos is just a few, short miles north of lake Tatta. The Hatt bend with wreaths are in the colors of the Saleman/Salian bend with eagle's, a surname suspect from the Salyes on the Durance river i.e. location of Perta-suspect Pertuis! Bingo! My birthday party speaks from the dead.

Seriously, Andrea in the birthday hat is about Perta at Tatta, and the Hatti remnants thereof, tracing to Pertuis and Andrea's in Provence, and to Andersons, all involving the Annan saltire, especially as Hatts can be using a version of the Hanan Coat. It should be telling us that the Israeli high priest, Ananus/Annas, was of this thing. The nephew of Adolf Hitler chose Stuart-Houston as his alias surname, a good reason to suspect Adolf's ancestry from Stewarts / Pollocks.

And God may have set me and Andrea up with Tony because Tonys use the flower while my mother's family owned the town flour mill. I trace Marsi to the Marici allies of Laevi, co-founders together of Pavia. Marici are suspect with Marks, and the latter share checks on a fesse with Alleys. I played alleys with Tony. The Alley checks are in the colors of the similar and probably-related lozenges of Fabians / Grimaldi's, and a Shield filled with checks in those colors are used by Babenbergs. The Alleys have thus led to some good evidence for identifying Fabians with Babenbergs, underscoring the likelihood that God had set up those alley competitions that included a miracle flick-shot. My mother's brother, Mr. Grimaldi, lived near his relatives that have a daughter, FABRicia. We played together once, I recall, and then chatted together at her home. But I never saw her again until Mr. Grimaldi's funeral some 35 years later, when she came up to me and said, "You're a ma-an," and she KISSed me, I kid you not. That morning, I had seen Mrs. Babcock, I kid you not, and Fabians share the Cock Shield while Cocks share the red rooster with Kiss'! No, He doesn't just float around forever; God is active with people's lives, enjoying Himself while creating situations in the lives of those who love him. He sure seems to be enjoying this. Fabricia's brother was Parry, but what are the chances that Parrys would share the same fesse as Fabers?

My thinking is that while Andrea's were first found in Provence, the pointed party hat suggests Draguignan, in Provence, for the pointed hat is in the Dreger Crest. Draguignan has long been suspect (not now for convenience) from the Drago river, otherwise called the HYPsas, and that goes to the Hippy-Hippy Shake, right? The Shake's use MOLE hills, and proto-Mole's may have named MumMOLin. In colors reversed, the Mole boar head is blue, and Vere's use the blue boar while Drakenberg (spit!) was officiated until recently by Nicholas de Vere. The name of the current chief of the Vere clan is the term found in the write-up of Irish Vere's that happen to use a Shield of lozengy in the colors of the same of Fabians! Amazing. The Vere lozengy is on an angle, as is the lozengy in the Arms of Bavaria, and there was one Grimoald of Bavaria (not long after Artemia) while Grimoald of the Franks (son of Pepin of Landen) was possibly related to Grimo above. The Vere's ruled Oxford for centuries, and the Arms-of-Oxford beaver is suspect with Beavers / Bewere's / Bebers that show variations like those of Babe's/Babels. Fabian-suspect Babon (Babons are also BABIANs) was the father of AdelGISEL Grimo. As Drake's love the Mosca family in their motto, the Arms-of-Oxford elephant can be that of Mascals. The Drake motto has been suspect also with L'Aquila, the Abruzzo capital some ten miles my mother's town. I have the feeling that she was directly related to the Oxford Vere's, and/or the line that produce Nicholas de Vere, and that God chose me for a reason such as this to unveil the dragon bloodline.

Beavers may have named Weavers, and so note that Webbers (wavy bars) share the Pepin bend with fleur. Were Webbers from Bebba / Babcocks?

When first encountering AdelGISEL Grimo, I was able to ferret this out: "...Gisels (Brittany) happen to be listed with Gris', suspect with the naming of Grimaldi's [from grey = gris], and both features of the Gisel/Gris Coat can link to the same in the Monaco Coat. German Gris'/Griims clinch the link to Grimaldi's, apparently." The giant Gris/Griim star got suspect with the near-same of Annas', a line possibly to Annecy and Nancy. I had at first traced Pepin of Landen to queen Bebba, and then changed my mind to tracing his Metz wife to queen Bebba (predated Pepin). In the end, they could both have traced to her. Note that while Bebba was at Bamburgh castle, Bamburgs/Banburys, first found in Oxfordshire, can be using the Artem cross. Artemia was roughly of the time period of Bebba, and she ruled at Bernicia, where Artems were first found. If it's correct that her line was related to Alfred "the great," it's notable that while Italian Abreu's are Abruzzo's, Portuguese Abreu's share the five wings of Portuguese Alfreds in both colors. Masci's show one of those wings, and while the mother of Johannes Andreae was Miss Moser, Mosers/Moesiers (Swabia, either Wurttemberg or Bavaria) use two gold lions combatant, as do Italian Abreu's.

The Marsi of Abruzzo are suspect with the Mercians, likely merged with the line of Bebba several times over. The flag of Mercia is the saltire of Messeys/Messier's, first found in the same place as Mars and same-colored Save's/Saibes' (look like Sabina liners), the latter using a snake, symbol of Angitia, the snake goddess of the Marsi. Pepins trace to Papia = Pavia, home of Marsi-suspect Marici. At my birthday party, I tied the LACE's of my running show, and I trace Marsi and their FUCino area to PHOCaeans at "Marseilles," which, earlier as Massilia, formed a marital alliance with LACYdon.

The Presley COCKatrice is a version of the Drake wyvern while Presleys use two symbols of Abruzzo's/Abreu's. There is yet another way to trace Drake's to Abruzzo by comparing the colors of the Drake wyvern with the lion of Dreux's, from Dreux in EVREUX, the Abreu line. There is a red wyvern in the Crest of Venable's (Cheshire). The Venable's were found as per "Waleran Hunter of Venables family" in the Ernie write-up, and Ernie's (rising eagle) were first found in the same place as Drake's. As Venable's use a "VenaBULIS" motto term, I would trace them to ancient Bullis, near the Apsus river that traces to the naming of the Hypsas = Drago river. Moreover, Walerans use the black bull head, as do Dreux's, and this tends to reveal Waleran Hunter of Venable's as part of the Waleran-Leavell line. The Hunters share the same Coat (virtually) as Latins, first found in the same place (Wiltshire) as Dreux's.

It recalls Warin the Bald of Shropshire, where Hunters were first found, for Warin's investigation (last update) led to Ada of Varenne, wife of Henry Huntingdon. I had doubted that he was named after a bald head, and suggested wyvern-using Baldwins (Shropshire), who happen to use the same saltire as Hunters / Latins. Warin's circle ended up tracing to Bruno's/Brunne's and Taddei's, both first found in the same place as Italian Latins.

Again, " while the mother of Johannes Andreae was Miss Moser, Mosers/Moesiers (Swabia, either Wurttemberg or Bavaria) use two gold lions combatant, as do Italian Abreu's." And Moses'/Moesens (said to be of Mostyns, and in Mustin colors) are said to descend from Jean de Moy, wife of William Crispin of Bec, while French Becs/Bes'/Bez' use the combatant Moser lions too. Until now, I could not be sure that French Becs/Bess were Bec-abbey liners. Crispins (pomegranate) of Parez (Lorraine) were a branch of Grazio's (pomegranate), first found in Perusia, of Umbria (one Provence north of Abruzzo), where Meschin-related Guy of Spoleto ruled. How were Meschins related to Guy of Umbria?

The "meum" motto term of Mostyns (sinister split traces to Mucianus') traces not-bad to MumMOLIN because Becks use a MOLINE cross. How interesting is that? What if all molines were code for a Mummolin line? But why do flory crosses look like molines? A Florence merger with the Mummolin line? Should I invite the Birds/Burds to my 11th birthday party? The Mostyns share the Coat of John Yonge while German Becks share the white stag of German Youngs/Jungs/June's, the latter's in Trump- and Doun-stag colors.

The Mostyns were first found in Flintshire, beside Cheshire, and the latter had a Moston location that was also "Moreston" in ancient times, which may explain what should be the Moray star of French Becs/Bes'. The Flints use "flint STONES," perhaps code for the black stone of El-Gabal, for the "Domino" motto term of Mostyns can be code for Domna, daughter of a high priest of El-Gabal, and sister of Julia Maesa that could be expected as kin to Mostyns / Moses / Moser liners. The big deal here is a trace of this circle of names to Mummolin and Artemia, for it's where I expect the ancestry of Johannes Andreae.

Morini Gauls made Morons out of Bouillons

The Morini Gauls are said to have been at Itius Portus "of unknown location. The main candidates have been Wissant and Boulogne, more usually called Gesoriacum..." This Bologne Coat is amazing for using the same lion as Bone's, for it can verify that Bone's are from "Bononia." I normally see Italian Bologna as Bononia, but French Boulogne had the same name. As the Morini Gauls were at WISSant, I looked up the Wies'/Wiesens and Weis' to find a match! The Weis' use a good reflection of the Bone Coat. Excellent, because WeisBADEN is on the Rhine not far up from Bonn, and Bonns use a version of the Bone Coat with Bologne lion. I can't recall where I got the Bologne lion, whether from an Arms of Bologna or some Bologna-related entity. I saved it as "coatBologne2", probably spelling it wrong without the 'u', because I have the Wikipedia Arms of Bologna spelled wrong too, as "coatBologne." Note that both write "Libertas," and that the Wikipedia arms has it written on a diagonal so as to form a bend in the colors of the Weis bend. The Weis' share the two white wings in Crest with Wies'/Wiesens.

The Wies/Wiesen Coat (Silesia) surprised me greatly, for it was the first Coat looked at in checking for links to the Wissant location of the Morini, and this surname happens to use a fesse in the colors of the two of the Morinis surname. And while Boulogne is often the take-off point for French ships going to Kent, the closest part of Britain to France, the Deering write-up has a Mr. Morinis in Kent. Bingo, it means that Morini Gauls were not likely named after "sea," as claimed, but from Marano of Modena, very near Bologna, for the Morinis' surname was first found in Modena. Therefore, I suggest a Bononia-of-Bologna link to Bonn and Weisbaden, and somehow to the Morini Gauls. On the other hand, it possible that Morini Gauls came first, migrated from Bolougne to Bologna and in the meantime named Marano. As Marano is on the Banner-related Panaro river, note that the Bologne lion holds a banner (reads "Libertas").

The Hagels (Wurttemberg) that should be using both symbols in the Arms of Kyburg mention Mr. Hegelin of MOEHRENgen, and there is such a surname coming up sharing the Weis stars. Morings/Meritons (green on white roses) were then looked up to find a chevron in Morinis-bar colors. The Moring roses are in Lannoy / Lyon colors while suspect from Herod Archelaus at Vienne-ISERE, and while ISHERwoods / Ushers are now suspect from "Isere," Isherwood-like Sherwoods were first found in the same place (Durham) as Morings while the double Isherwood bars are colors reversed from the same of Morinis'. I suggest that Morings, due to their Marrington variation, were of the Burgundy Mars, wherefore it's notable that the Yorkshire Mars use a lion in the colors of the same of Marano's/Mauritano's, tending to identify Morinis' with this circle of surnames in apparent connection to things in Isere, or on the Isere river. More gold, Zionist stars (Moehring / Weis symbol) are used by German Morings, but in both colors of the Zionist stars of Sauts/Suters while Sauts/Salts can be use a Mackay / Macey combination, while the Saut / Mackay chevron is that also of Mars, while Mackays were in Suter-like Sutherland. In colors reversed, the Moor/Mooring / Morgan lion is green, the colors of the Lyon / Lannoy lion.

By the way, the colors of Lannoys and Lyons were suspect with the squirrels of Valentins while Valentinian liners were traced to Valence, near Lyon, and thus expected to be part of Herod's line. The Primo's, using roses in the same colors, which are the colors of the Moring roses, were first found in Burgundy, which covered Lyon and Vienne. The point is, Lyons were first found in Perthshire, along with Valentinian liner Justus/Justine's and Winks/Vinks, the latter sharing a single, red pile with English Hagels. For more lion paws, see Hegels likely using Savage / Cecil symbols.

I can now show how Andrea fits into this. Let me start by saying the Ewens (Argyllshire) are also Eugene's, and that I trace them to Euganeo, near Bologna. Irish Ewens (Argyllshire) use the same saltire as Andea's. This giant Ewen Coat has the giant Bologne lion in colors reversed, and it's also colors reversed from the giant Auger lion. I don't recall how I managed to claim confidently that Augers, with an "AGENdo" motto term, were EUGANeo liners. It may have had to do with the Augers use of the Petit lion while Petits are in the motto of Malcolms while Malcolms use the Andrew's Cross in colors reversed while the Ewens/Eugene's use Andrew's Cross, a great reason for expecting Andrew-line Andrea's in the Ewen picture. By what coincidence do French Augers use nearly the Wies/Wiesen/Wieser fesse (Wager heart?), to be expected if Wies liners at Bologna were merged with Euganeo liners. English Augers were first found in Yorkshire, where I expect Marot de Yorvik, whom I think was Maurice Drummond, grandson of Andrew I. Welsh Maurice's (same place as Jeffersons) use another giant, gold lion.

Wies'/Wiesens were first found in Provence, and that's where I trace the Varni (i.e. to Guerin of Provence), whose river was inhabited by Wager-suspect Wagrians. As Wies'/Wiesens use the same fesse as Fabers, note that Andrea's were first found in Provence! Amazing. It's also where Cetis'/Sestie's were first found. Wagers use hearts in the colors of the Aisne hearts. As Varni are expected from Terentius Varro, note that Aisne-like EISENhowers use a version of the Trent Coat (but compare to Chads too), and meanwhile Varro's sister married Cilnius' of Arettium that trace to Artois i.e. location of Aisne. The long-sword design of Eisenhowers are used by Feschs for what it could be worth. Hower(d)s look like they should be a Cover / Covert branch. Cove's look like a cross between Skulls and Bone's.

German Fabers (fesse in colors reversed) were first found in the same place (Bavaria) as Weis', tending to lump Fabers and Wrights into circles of Adam WEIShaupt (Jewish ex-Jesuit), founder of the Bavarian Illuminati in the time of Thomas Jefferson, who liked Weishaupt. I care nothing for Jefferson's claims to God; I care only about how abstract or distorted his Christian religion was, for gravitation toward abstract Christianity was the task of Freemasons, one degree at a time. Washingtons were from Wassa's, possible Weis liners, and, in fact the Bavarian Illuminati was founded in 1776, the Day of Independence for the United States.

French Bone's/Bonns were likewise first found in Provence, and while the dolphin of French Bone's can link generally to Dauphine, I have the same dolphin design with a Forez Coat, making the house of Godfrey de Bouillon suspect at mont Pilate, as was always expected along with the house of Hugh de Payens. The Irish Ewens use "The moon in her compleMENT proper," and Ments use three bends in colors reversed from the same of Pungs/Pagenells (same place as Ments), which are likely the bends in the Arms of Burgundy i.e. location of Payens and Mont Pilat. The three Pagenell bends are also in the Arms of Aisne along with the Arms of Champagne. At the bottom of the Aisne page, the Arms of described: "The Arms of Aisne combines the arms of the former Comte de PONTHieu at the top with those of the former Province of Champagne below." Was Ponthieu a PONTius-Pilate entity? Did proto-Ponthieu name Pilate's first name?

While at the article above, click to the Hauts-de-France article to see a map of Aisne where one can see St. Quentin in Aisne, the line from Quintus Caepio, whose treasure I suspected between Orange and Mont Pilat. Orange is at the mouth of the Durance, and the Pertuis location is less than 50 miles up the river from its mouth. Pertuis is suspect with the Perdrix peak of at Mont Pilat. As MontBRISON is beside Mont Pilate, we could also mention that the Brison saltire is colors reversed from the Anderson saltire while the latter's is red, as is the Andrea saltire, and the latter's is that of the Brison-line Bruce's of Annandale. The two Brison cowboy spurs are in the colors of the two Latin stirrups, and the Brison Coat shows a white pheon, the color of the Pilate pheon. In colors reversed, the Brison hunting horn can be that of the Orange surname (counts of Orange used this symbol), and even that of Brians (from Briancon on the Durance). Irish Brians share a motto term of KilPatricks, and the latter's castle was at Closeburn while Close's use the spur too.

Aha! French Brians (from Alan the Red and Alan the Black) use Andrews' Cross in colors reversed, and put four roses around it! Bingo, the Rosicrucians at the Alans of Brittany. Alan the Red ruled Richmond, at Yorkshire i.e. where Pagenells (and Bruce's) were first found. The Rudes'/Rudge's of Shropshire come to mind with French version of "Alan the RED," and that's the Rudesheim line to which I think Johannes Andreae linked. Brisons were first found in Berwickshire, and are colors reversed from the Berwickshire Artems/Aitons (four roses around a cross) suspect with the Arms of Johannes Andreae. As Balders (Crusader cross in Crest) use a "ferme" motto term (similar to the motto term of Rosicrucian-line Bacons) while MontBrison is near FIRMiny, I suggest that Balders share the black cross of Irish Brisons, but this is the Sinclair cross, obvious. The Norman Sinclairs were from MORE of Norway. Compare these crosses with Baats/Bats (RUTland), for Brisons are in Bath colors. We now have the Lyon lion of Rusticus>Artemia linked to proto-Brians out of Briancon. This recalls something(s) that had me tracing Eustace's to Ulster, and here the Brisons were first found in Ulster.

French Brisons are the Bruce-suspect Brix's/Brests from Brest of Brittany, near Ponthieu-possible Pontivy. The Brison/Brest lozenges are in fesse format, in the colors of the Faber / Wies/Wiesen fesse. Brest got me to start the Finistere investigation, leading to Windows that happen to share lion paws with Quints and Irish Brians. All three of those surnames can now be traced to Montbrison and therefore to Mont Pilate. Hauts-de-France as a Nord prefecture, the name of a Brittany province not far from Pontivy, and beside Finistere province. In Nord (or Armor), I have (on my atlas) a Quintin location, making it appear on multiple counts that there was much in common between Brittany at Aisne.

Nord of the Lille theater is where the Helpe river's Avesnes is located that was married between Hainaut and Champagne. The Arms of Nord uses a black-on-gold lion (same as Hainaut and Flanders), the colors of the Lafin and Conte lions. Lafins are in the motto of Kennedys along with Avis'/Avisons i.e. Avesnes liners. Why are the Kennati priests of Cetis tracing to Nord? From the Hauts-de-France article, one can click to the Arms of Lille (can be connected to the Levi, first found in the same place as Lys'), which comes in handy below. It was as per an interest in going to the Lille article that the Morini Gauls were bumped into this morning, whom I had known years ago, though they did not come to mind these past weeks while emphasizing the Morinis'. To find the Morini at Boulogne is a big deal.

Recall the Hunters and Latins (same counterchanged saltire) as they linked to Warin the Bald's Huntingdon elements, for these ended up tracing to Florence / Taddei's, and so lets add that the Irish Ewens can be using the saltire of Italian Latins, and this expects that Andrea's were close to both Latin surnames and therefore to Baldwins (share the Latin saltire). Baldwin I, brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, was the first king of Templar Jerusalem, when Hugh de Payens was in Jerusalem. Should we expect that the Crusaders were sponsored by king-Andrew / Varangian lines? Nordic pirates, and the Morini, kings of Jerusalem? The original/early

The swan-using Arms of Boulogne (chief city of Morini) use roundels in Alan / Rundel/Roundel colors, and Rundels (share the Alan fesse) were first found in Kent (same as Morinis'), directly across the sea from Boulogne. The Morinis' use double fesse bars in colors reversed from those of Erens, and Erens along with Aarons and Aruns (Arundel liners, probably) were traced / clinched recently to Cetis with plenty of evidence. Arun named the Arundels, and Arun is in Sussex, where Bone's (Saluzzo / Clun colors) were first found. The line of Alice of Saluzzo married FitzAlans of Arundels, and then married Percys, the latter using the lozenges of Brisons/Brests in colors reversed, and in the colors of the Launay lozenges, the latter from Launay near Brest. Laon in Aisne may apply to Launay.

Arms of Jerusalem used the potent cross with four surrounding symbols, like the saltire of Johannes Andreae. The lily (= Lille elements, right?) is shared between the Cetis' and Chadwicks (kin of potent-liner Chads), and while Kennedys were from Cetis, they too use a dolphin. The same dolphin design as Bone's and Forez's is in the Arms of Wissen, no guff. That's a big deal, being so far from Dauphine, yet, it traces something in Boulogne to Mont Pilate, we can feel it our bones. I expect Cetis' lines connected to Israel's chief priests (Jesus' time) to have been at Mont Pilat as the proto-Templars. The Quint(in) Coat starts to look a lot like the Arms of Boulogne and that of Rundels, as we focus on this. While Scrope's had become suspect with a "lever SCREW," the Rundel write-up speaks on "Roundells of SCREVEN of Yorkshire," where Scrope's were first found that use the same bend as Weis' (almost the Bone bend). The Lever Crest love the Stands, first found in Yorkshire. The stag ("buck") of Screvens/Scrivens ("blood drops" links to Blood stag) is identical with that of Stewarts and Eustace's, except that the latter adds an unspoken item at the neck (as does the Hurt stag).

This paragraph is a big deal. Stewarts use a stag in the same positioning as that of Kissane's, the latter using the stag in red, the color of the rooster of Kiss'. Kiss' and Cush's are a branch of the Kilpatrick cushions, and Kilpatricks are from the same place as Irish Pattersons that were merged with Kissane-related Cassane's. Both Pattersons and Kilpatricks can be traced to Nysa of Cappadocia, and from there to Cetis. The Screven lion, in two ways, is undoubtedly that of Pattersons/Cassane's (probably the Mar/Mores scallops as per Mar, beside Ross-shire), especially as Scottish Pattersons (Ross-shire) share the pelican with Scottish Stewarts. Italian Casano's/Cassandra's were first found in Modena i.e. same place as Morinis'. Thus, a Rundel link to Morinis' is looking very good, and Rundel-related Shropshire (Arundels were at Clun of Shropshire) has a More location. Scottish Pattersons were first found beside Morinis-suspect Moray, and the Randolph rulers of Moray link to the "buck" of Dunns/Douns while Dunham-related Singletarys were a branch of Sinclairs with a More location in Norway, which starts to ask whether the Morini were at Norway's More...explaining why the More Normans became a chief Crusader entity. Why was he called, NORMAN de Morinis? The Morini Gauls may have been in Modena (With the Laevi Gauls?) in time to furnish Maccabees at Akmonia (Galatia, from the Gauls). If Morini were named after the sea at Boulogne, then Morini would have been in Modena under another name (touch problem). The double bars of Morinis' are suspect with the gemel code for Israel's GAMALa, ruled by Maccabees; the latter lived first at Modena-like Modi'in, Israel. And Pattersons/Cassane's use a CAMEL! Zowie. I can see this clearly, and Maccabees were suspect with the ancestry of Cilnius MAECENas, suspect as the proto-Rasmussens/Assmans at Akmonia, and Maecenas married Marano- / Morinis-like Murena's. The Murena's share the red tower with French Andrea's.

I'm onto this. The Murena's could have predated the Morini Gauls, and could have named them, and while Morini proper were in ARTois, Cilnius' were in ARETTium (!!) since at least 400 BC, according to Wikipedia. ZOWERS, I can see clearly now; Hands are clearing away the clouds. Levi-suspect Liebers (screw-related Levers?) were traced with Aikens and Akmans to Akmonia, and Liebers can be gleaned with a version of the Alan / Rundel fesse.

The Sodhans in the write-up of Pattersons/Cassane's informs that the Patterson scallops are this also of Sodans (same place as Stewarts that should be in the Sodan Crest), but just go ahead and compare Erens (Aaron colors) to the Kiss Crest and to the Sodan Coat! It means that the Sodan fesse is that of Morinis' as well as that of Italian Casano's. The three Patterson/Cassane scallops in Chief are colors reversed from the same in the Eren Chief, and the latter's are blue, the color of the lone fleur in the Morinis Chief (compare with Mattis'). Note that the lone Wies/Wiesen star in Chief is colors reversed from the lone Morinis' fleur, and in the colors of the stars of Maccabee-liner Maceys and Sodans, the latter with a chevron in the colors of the double-Morinis bars. It helps to clinch Wiesens/Wisens with Wissant at the Boulogne theater.

Darling little Andrea had no idea that she was being used to disclose the dirty, stinking guts behind Johannes Andraea. Greedy pirates and thieves, massacring Jerusalem, killing even the Jews of France, setting themselves up as God's agents, and then going with new generations of initiates to create an untold number of mutations of True Christianity. The ruin of God's beautiful planet, like the violent ones before the Flood, are with us, stirred to murder once again, we can feel it in the news now.

Again, Ewens/Eugene's, suspect with Euganeo, have a branch that must be Andrea liners. Later, we cross the Fiers / Fairs of the Apsus river, an area suspect with proto-Arpads, founders of Hungarians to which Andrea's should trace. French Fairs show the same bend as Valentins, and the latter were first found near Euganeo. Ferrends, because they share a version of the Taddei Chief, are expected to be named after the namers of Firenze. Therefore, the "Justus" motto of Ferrends is likely code for Justus of Picenum, father-in-law of Valentinian I, and this is the line suspect to Johannes Valentinus Andrea. The Justus/Justine surname was first found at PERTHshire while Andrea's (thanks to my PARTY) got pegged at Pertuis (Provence). Valentinian's father, Gratian, got pegged with the Great/Greet surname, but it uses Andrew's Cross in colors reversed, and was first found in the same place (Herefordshire) as Maurice's, the name of Andrew's grandson. It's also where Taddei-liner Tudors / Trevors were first found, Trevors suspect with the Trabys of Justus' family circle.

Unless Wistans/WISANs (Whistle's?) used red roundels, I might not have brought them up as a Wissant possibility. I had not yet found Wistans/Wisans when saying, "The Quint(in) Coat starts to look a lot like the Arms of Boulogne and that of Rundels, as we focus on this." Quints happen to share a red chevrons with Wistans/Wisans, and the latter share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne. The Wistans/Wisan Coat is that also of Tosni-beloved Shirts (Cheshire, important here), and the latter use the same peacock in Crest as Parr-related Manners/Maness'. The following deserves to be repeated, which was found thanks only to playing marbles with Tony, whose name was (in ancient times) part of the Tosini-like Tosni's. Tosini's use the eight-pointed German-Teeger star:

The Isherwood location in the Marble write-up has a wolf-using surname by the same name, including "Usherwood," first found in the same place (Monmouthshire) as Fane's/Veynes' [share gauntlet glove with Maceys], and then the Bradford-beloved Vine's are also Veyns. Not only is the Isherwood/Usherwood wolf head in the design of the Teague/TEEGER wolf head, by Vine's use " A TIGER's head proper." EXCELLENT! Glenns were suspect with Josephus' Gaulonite, from Israel's Gamala, and while heraldry sometimes calls double bars as, gemel, Isherwoods/Usherwoods use two "pairs" of double bars, and while Pairs bring up peacock-using Paws/Paukers/PaurBUSCHs (Baden again), meaningful because Ushers use lion paws alone. They are black lion paws, the color of the same of Quints. As Parr-loving Manners/Maness (kin of Mens', kin of Glennys) use the peacock, the double Isherwood bars must be those of Pair-like Parrs, especially as the Isherwood Coat is much like that of Manners/Maness'. It's making Paws/Paukers and the other Paws suspect as Parr liners, but let's not forget the Cetis-liner Erens.

You can skim Gamala off the surface of all that, but as Marble's were of Ranulph le Meschin, let's not fail to see that the double Isherwood bars are colors reversed from the same of Morinis'. As Wistans/Wisan and Shirts use a reflection of the Sherwood (and Avranches-line Branch) Coat, ISHERWOODs look like a SHERwood branch. Shere's/Share's/Shire's are the Valentin-Squirrel/SQUARE line, isn't it? In fact, this is now tracing Share's / Squire's / Schere's/Scherfs / Scarfs and related branches to "ISERE." If they were not all out of Isere, then at least connected (before or after the naming of Isere). That is something I definitely want to keep in mind.

The Tosini-beloved Buttons use Shirt / Wisan colors, as well as the same fesse as Jewish and German Liebers, the German branch first found in the same place (Silesia) as Wise'/Wisens! Beautiful. Bidens are important for maybe using the horn of German Wessels, and for being first found in the same place as the British-branch Atrebates, whom in France were near/beside/amongst the Morini. Atrebates named the Artois capital, and that can trace them to Arettium.

I had linked Arettium to Arethusa in Syria, the earlier home of the El-Gabal cult, which birthed Azizus, his name being like the Assisi location not far from Arettium, and suspect now with Artois' "Aisne." Asners not only share wings in Crest with Wies'/Wisers and Weis', but use the same bend as Bone's. More wings are used by Hosts suspect in the "Hostis" motto term of Shirts. The "inVIDIA" motto term of Shirts (Vito colors) can indicate the Avitus-Bassianus line to Meschins of the Bessin. The Wies, Weis and Host wings are either in the color of the white or gold Masci wings. Shirts are said to be of HARboroughs, and then double-bar HARcourts share the peacock with Shirts, and the Cocks may be implied with peacocks, and thus that could be from Babon and Grimo. The Harboroughs are said to descend from William the Conqueror, and his mother's father-in-law is implied in the write-up of Moline's, suspect with MumMOLIN, father of Babon, father in-turn of Grimo.

Meschins are online as descended from Malahule, and he was the ancestor of Tosni's / Toeni's before the line got to Ranulph le Meschin. The close kin of William the Conqueror is said to be a Todeni in the Tute/Tuit write-up. Toeni's ruled at Leicester, and Shirts are traced to Stapleford of Leicestershire. Leicester was ruled earlier by the Harcourt-descended Beaumonts that married Waleran's father (Gouel de Perceval), he being the line of Laevillus to Leavells (suspect with Harcourt bars), and the Beaumonts gave their Leicester estates to Montforts, the ones using the Marano-surname lion, for Montforts own the gonFANON BANNER, part-code for Fanano, beside Marano, the latter on the banner-like Panaro river. The Mauritano variation of Marano's is like the Moratin variation of Murena's, for a trace to Cilnius Maecenas of Arettium. Fanano is at SESTola, perhaps related to the Sestie variation of Cetis'

. With Wistans/Wisans first found in the same place (Lanarkshire) as Swans/Sions, this is a great place to speak on the Priory of Sion that was created by the family of Godfrey de Bouillon. Those who say that the Priory was a hoax are probably wrong. There are all sorts of reasons as to why those wishing to cover this up would create some fine-sounding reasons to turn the reality into a hoax. The Arms of Bouillon shares the swan with Swans/Sions, and the Murena family do trace definitely to Wallis canton, location of Sion. Previously, the Swans/Sions, suspect with the Macey chevron, showed the gauntlet glove, part-code for Gaunt at the end of the Lys river that flows by Lille. That was Morini territory, right? At Belgium, right? And the GONfanon can be gleaned with Belgian Gone's who not only show a Gaunt/Ghent-like variation, but share the red bend with Gaunts (Kent, same place as Morinis', Brabants, Mason-related Louvains and the Virgins in the Arms of Gaunt). Gaunts use the gold wolf head of Isherwoods, the latter first found in Monunius-suspect MONmouth, where gauntlet-glove Fane's/Veynes' were first found (double bars much like those of Isherwoods are used by Monmouths and related Mauds). The lion / leopard in the red Isherwood Crest is likewise in the red Chief of Launays, and Launay is at FINIStere, where I trace Fiens/FINIS' (brown wolf), likely a branch of the Fien variation of Fane's/Veynes'. Note the "aniMUM" motto term of Fiens/Finis' (Kent again, same as Gaunts). Fane's were suspect with "Fanano," and so note that the Fiens/Finis' may be using the Bologne lion.

Launays use the Percy lozenges, and the Swan Knight (LohenGRIN) was made the son of PERCival, the Grail King. The Arthurian stupid had worked this out as his dirty, little secret. But who cares? Now dead, the man knows the reality. God is King, and he has installed Jesus with a footstool.

It was a great thing to find that the PilGRIMs use a SCHIMitar to indicate Grimo, grandson son of MumMOLin, for Schims use the Mole boar head. But I can now reveal that LOHENgrin links to the Pilgrims/PereGRINE's, for if you remove the handles from their staves, they are nothing but three nails, and LOHANs/Logans use three nails PIERCEing a heart, while there is a heart in the Swan/Sion Coat. Pierce's were first found in the same place as schimiTAR-suspect Tarrs, Leavells, and Percivals, we get it. This is what the boneheaded stupid was secretly talking about, creating a fable to speak on, but simultaneously hiding, this thing. As Nails are also Nagle's, it's notable that the other Nagle's can be using the Sodan fesse, and meanwhile trace to the Arduinici of Oneglia, a branch of Artois liners along with Arduinici of the Bautica river, at Ivrea, the latter like the Yvery location of the Percival-Leavell line.

The Hasmoneans/Maccabees of Modi'in were discovered from Monunius I (300 BC) of Dardania, and Moons were linked to his name, recalling the moon of Ewens. Monunius II married the Ardiaei Illyrians. It was shown that Dardanian-liner Darts / Darths/DEATHs and MORTE's/Motts (same crescent as Deaths) were all Arthurian liners to Avalon = Bute, via the fable of another stupid, which he called, "Le MORTE d'ARTHUR." We get it. The GISELs/Gris'/LEGRIS' (Moray stars?) are said to have been at Brittany's Mott location. The first flory cross in the colors of the same of Rangabe's has just been found with LEGROS'.

Monans/MOONans use the double red lions of Nail-related Neils and Mulvaneys. I looked Mulvaneys up last night, after learning that Mick Mulvaney was made Trumps's budget director. It didn't take long to realize that MulVEYs/Mulvaneys were Veys/Vivians (Cornwall, same place as Pendragons and king Arthur's birth) to mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon, the chief witch of Arthurian stupids. The Veys/Vivians are easily shown to use part of the Fife and Five/Fify Coat, indicating that the Mulvaney / Neil / Keon lions are those of Fife's / Five's. The Mulls, you see, use the Morgan / Moor lion. So, Mulls merged with Veys to form Mulveys. They created a fable just to honor this thing, juveniles in the bodies of men. But why was the Vey/Vivian line given a witch symbol? What are Ferrers doing in the Vey/Vivian write-up? Mulvaney might know something. The Mheanna term in the Mulvaney write-up suggests that red-lion Maghans/Manns/Mahons were part of this line. The Mohon variation gets a surname-page (Kent) of its own with Moon-like variations.

Godfrey III, grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon, and father-in-law of Eustace II of Boulogne (father of king Baldwin I of Jerusalem), married Tuscany, and very likely married the Taddei's, and soon go to the Ferentino Coat, for Ferrends were of Firenze, otherwise called, Florence, where FLORY-cross Taddei's were first found that share the Bouillon flory in both colors. The Dino's (from Taddeo Dini) use a version of the Taddei / Ferrend Chiefs, and Dino's write "Libertas" on the Chief, the term in the Arms of Bologna. That alone is making a potential Taddei / Florence link to Boulogne, as expected from the Warin-Bald investigation that had Baldwins traced to Florence. The Fortuna surname was first found in Tuscany (location of Florence), but the Bologna surname share's its upright talbot (faces sinister). The vertically-split Coat of Bologna's is that of Belgian Flecks, suspect in the Monan motto. Mons is the Hainaut capital smack beside little Artois. While Italian Fulks were first found in Tuscany, the split-Shield of Bologna's is in colors reversed from that of English Fulke's (same place as English Flecks/Flags), and this was the line from mythical Melusine of Avalon...which is where the Mummolin / Bodegisel line had traced too. The giant fleur of Fulke's is in the Arms of Lille, suggesting the Belgian Flecks were in cahoots with Lille liners.

I've just realized that Sewers/SUTERs could be a branch of CUTTER-colored Cetis'/Sestie's/CETTIERs. They use similar escutcheons, and Swiss Sewers (same rose as SETTERs/SATTERs) use the white rose while Cetis'/Sestie's use the white lily, shared by Susans (Fleck colors), by the way. Cutters use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Skit-liner Bricks and Brocuffs. Cutts were first found in the same place (Cambridgeshire) as English SESTERS/SUSTERs/Shusters (looked up as per a Sest-combo with Suters) who share the three black boars of Booths while German Shusters use the Bute-suspect do Bute-liner Dutch Veys. As you can see, the Vey-over-the-top juveniles have been making surname codes for well over 1,000 years. By now, they have become morons. The Moroni's (same place as Fairs below) look like they may have merged with Apps, and the latter were traced to the Apsus river, location of Fier county! We now open the possibility that Morinis' / Casano/Cassandra circles at Modena were from AntiPATRia, where I trace Pattersons/Cassane's (and king Antipater, father of Cassander). Pattersons are the ones sharing blood DROPs with Rundel-related Screvens, and this is code for Drops/Trope's (blood drops) from TROPoje at Fier county!

As I trace Alans to Aulon/Avlona (proto Avalon of the stupids), beside the Fier country, and near where the historical/real ATINTanes (connects to TINTagel, king-Arthur's birthplace according to a moron) are on the map below, note the Scrivens are said to be of TENTergate. While Dol is in Vilaine, Vilains share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Tenners/Tanners (almost "Tenter"), in Lang colors. Alans were at Langhe of the Tanaro river. Note the Byllionnes at the Fier county, named after neighboring Bullis/Byllis, for smacking of the Bouillons. There is a Bullion surname (share's "rege" with Pattersons), using the bull heads of Walerans (same place as Stewarts that share the Screven Crest), apparently. Screvens were first found in the same place as Billiards/Hilliards (Sewer/Suter colors) and Billons/Billhams.

Aha! Bullis' share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne!!!!! German Bullis share the plow with Verys/Fairie's/Ferrys...from Fier county, right? Note that the latter (Lanarkshire, same as Swans/Sions and red-roundel Wisans/Wistans = Priory-of-Sion suspects) use the same Coat as Avalon-liner Mulvaneys/MulVEYS, Munans/Moons, and Vere-beloved Neils/Nihills. The Bullis star (within the roundel) is suspect as both the Vere and Annas/ARNISS star while an ancient Arnissa was on the Genusus river, one major river north of Fier County. Note the TAULANTii marked across the Genusus, for Talents share the colors and format of the Cambridge Capone's.

Zowie, recall that I threw tomatoes at a window from the backyard of Bill, a thing I wanted to delete because I didn't think God would use that event for surname revelation. I kept it in the update when finding that Tomati's/Tomasso's (same place as Italian CAPONE's) use the six bars of Leavells, apparently, while Windows share the lion paw with gold fitchee with Quints, from Quintus CAEPIONis. I now find that Billons/Billhams ("AZINcourt" motto)were first found in the same place as Windows. Plus, I trace CAEPIONIS to "CUPIONICH," otherwise called, KOPLik (east side of lake Scodra), and KOPPLE's share the black rooster with the Billiard/Hilliard Crest! The Billiards Coats are the Maceys Coats with gold stars, but see also French Goblins, suspect with "Goplo" (Mieszko ancestry in Poland), as are Kopple's. Bullions use the chevron in colors reversed from the Billiard chevron, and in the colors of the same of Swans/Sions (use the Lanark heart), and French Billiards were first found in the same place as Caiaphas-suspect Josephs. Aha! The black rooster is in use from Aikens, likewise first found in Lanarkshire...which is beside GLASgow (see Dobys) while Koplik and neighboring Dober were on the CLAUSula river. See the witch of Bute in the Glass Crest.

This recalls my trace of Lady Fortune (holds a banner) in the Klassen Coat to the Clausula river, but I didn't know at the time that the Fortuna's use the Bologna talbot, nor did I have any clue that Bologna liners could trace so well to what we have just seen. If you recall, the Bologna Coat links to the Flecks and Fulke's, and the witchy Vere's trace their beloved Melusine from Bute to Anjou, we get it. Glass' use the Fulke (and Lille) fleur in colors reversed. Just trace Clausula liners to Tuscany, where Italian Fulks bumped into them, I presume. The Glass fleur is shared by Perga-liner Perkins that happens to use a "veri" motto term and sharing the lion of one of two Very surnames. Melusine was called the Elvin-Princess Faerie, and one Very surname is the Fairie surname, we get it.

The Firenze-likely Ferentino coat uses the giant Arms of Lille fleur, and it's in the colors of the Bouillon flory!! Houseofnames has no Ferentino surname, but, somehow, I happen to have a Ferentino Coat in my files, and it's perfect to support a Bouillon-of-Boulogne trace to Taddei's and Fulks together. The Cetis / Chaddock lily must of-course be code for Lille, a city next to Boulogne. Lille is near the Lys river, and as the Lys' (and Masseys/Maceys) use the fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Lille fleur, it's obvious as to why the fleur of Florence got formed as a lily. Prior to that, Florence liners may have solely used flowers in general, such as used by Italian Tonys. The Flower surname can be using the giant and white Bus cinquefoil, the latter's in the colors of the giant Lille fleur (which may explain why Bush's (share the Booth / Shuster boars) were part of Skull and BONES. French Fairs/Viers/Vers'/Feuer (Burgundy, possibly at Forez) use the same bend as Skulls (same place as Jeffreys/Jeffersons), and the latter's Coat is an obvious red version of the Bone Coat, wherefore "Skull and Bones" at Yale was code for surnames. And that's why do-nothing-good Morons are churned out by Skull and Bones.

Deerings make Norman de Morinis part of the Osbert = Osborn family, and we can see this in the write-up of the Shetland Assi's, making Aisne, where the Morini lived, suspect with the Assi's. In this picture, I feel compelled to trace Aisne to Aziz(us), high priest of El-Gabal (I'm keeping eyes out for clues to that end). Assi's were Valentinian liners.

The Bus cinqueFOIL is in the colors of the three treFOILs of Buzancays, and it was this thing which got me to look up Buzancay, to see where it;s located, and finding Buzancy at Aisne, I clicked the Aisne link, then followed it to the Lille page where Morini were discovered. Buzancy is near a Fere location, and Fere's/Fiers share nearly a Fair Coat while the latter has a moline in the colors of the giant Bouillon flory! Excellent, for this not only traces Fier-county Illyrians / Albanians to Aisne, but to the Taddei-circle of families in relation to Templars / Crusaders. Note that while Hugh de Payens (surname first found in Dauphine) was the first leader of Templars, and while Provence-suspect Guerins use the Payen Coat, de-Payens was involved with Champagne elements while Bone's look to be using a version of the Arms of Champagne. As the Avezzano's were a line to Avesnes in Artois, that element needs to be included in this picture. and Avis'/Avisons are in the Kennedy / Cassel motto. Here is a green-on-white flory cross used by Avis'.

The "Luctor" motto of Bodegisel-suspect Glass' can be for Lusatia / Lusignan liners of the Melusine kind, and Lux's happen to share the Mieske bull, in black, possibly the Bullion bull head too. Lux's (in the motto of Glass-related Blacks) were first found in Gisel-like Geislingen. There's a Maurits GYSSELing is in the Morini Wikipedia article. I'm thinking Bute-suspect BodeGISEL. Note that Billons/Bilhams share the bow with Welsh Bude's, from Bude of Cornwall! Zinger, Cornwall is the location of the real place, TINTagel, from the Atintanes at Billon-like Byllis!! And, hee-heee, English Bude's use the Morgan lion for a perfect trace to Morgan le Fay of Bute. The Mulls that use the same lion are MulLADYs/MilLadys, for example, and Ladys/Laudymans are expected in the Laud variation of the Lords, in-turn in the GLASgow motto. But Mulls are also MOLedys, suggesting MumMOLin liners, for Bodegisal was son of Mummolin. Bingo.

In colors reversed, the Morgan / Bude lion is green, the colors of the Lyon and Lannoy lion, and Mummolin married Artemia of Lyon. Plus, the Lyon lion is that of Hume's, and the latter loves the True's/Trews, whom are suspect in the Trelowarren entity of the Vey/Vivian write-up, for there is a Trelow/TRUElove/TREWlove surname (Salop) using the Ayer / Eyer/Heyer chevron with quatrefoil's. It gets Morgan le Fay to Ayrshire, between Bute and Lanarkshire, and has that mythical witch linking to the Artemia line. And while Bute has been paired politically with Argyllshire, the latter is where Herods/Heraults, whom I've been claiming to be from Herod Archelaus for years (i.e. aside from this current argument), were first found in Argyllshire along with MOLINE-using MacArthurs. This is compelling.

When adding an insert near the start of this update, the Blacks came up with Blackburn, which housed the Rishton location of Lacys, at which time it was noted that Rushtons use a version of the Rishton Coat. It brought Rusticus to mind, which is when realizing that Blackburns, who linked to Yells/Yule's and Yellows, were three sharing the black fesse with Kissle's. And I then recalled that raven vikings of Shetland (where yells were from) also conquered Bute. At the time of the insert (thanks to the shoe laces at my birthday party), I was wondering where I had seen the gold, rising bird in the Lacy Crest, somewhere in this update, but could not recall, and here it shows with English Kessels (!), who happen to share a black chevron with Blacks.

The same insert had the Arms of Sunderland showing lions in the colors of the same of German Kessels, and the Kessel lion even holds a besant, which is central in the York Coat. It showed why Sunderland ought to have been of SUTHERlands, and Suters are expected as kin of Vilaine-suspect Plains/Playne's, though the latter are listed with a different surname, the Platers, feasible of the Plate's that are in-code with the SIX plate's (BLACK roundels) of Lacys. It recalls the proposed Screven link to the Yorkshire Scrope's, the latter resolved in that very insert as Scarf = Traby kin, and, moreover, the Scrope's are in the Sutherland write-up. It's making Scarfs suspect with the Screvens, and the Alans who had merged with Roundells/Rundels were in Shropshire, beside, and related to, Hugh Lupus who himself used the same wolf (see his Wikipedia article) as Scarfs. Sticks use gold garbs, symbol of Hugh's Cheshire.

As Yells (same garb as Sticks) are Traby-Astikas / Vilnius liners, note that Tanners, sharing a version of the Coat of Vilnius-liner Vilains, have the same demy talbot (different color) as Kissle's. And while Tanners were first found near Sticks, and Bude of Cornwall, Kessels were first found in Cornwall. It appears that Kessels / Kissle's were of the namers of BodeGISEL, and while it appears that Trabys love 666, the thieves who wrote fraudulent checks from my bank account managed to write SIX of them before they were caught. As I said, Mrs. Babcock was involved, and Babcocks share the Kiss rooster, while Kiss' share the chevrons of Blacks / Kessels. The pair of scales of Kiss'-related Cass'/Cash's is probably in use by right-hand-suspect Dexters (call them "weights") who themselves loved the Weights with Traby horns. If God is seeking to show a thing with these fraudulent checks, it could be that the 666ers will seek to defraud bank accounts of electronic money. It's easily done by hacking in, but there are other ways to abuse such a system. For years already, banks no longer accept large cash deposits, or provide large cash withdrawals. We are very close to cashless.

Rushtons are said to be of "RISEtone, explaining the RISing bird above. Rising eagles are used by Lovekins/Lucans (Rye/Rise colors), and the latter variation may be in the "LUCtor" motto term of Glass', kin of the "Lux" motto term of Blacks (share the Glass stars, a good reason to trace Blacks to the Buteshire elements of Glass'). Rushtons use a "patience" motto term while Patience's/Padyns/Patents share black-on-white crescents with Yells. I decided not to say that the Yell could be a version of the black hunting horns in the Arms of Traby, but here we find that Patience's were first found in the same place as Kilpatricks / Patchie's (their "Sheer" line is linkable to Scarfs) while Patch's use black hunting horns. Patience's share the gold tower with eSCUTcheon-liner Scute's (escutcheons), first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Rishton, and sharing the Chief and Shield colors of Rushtons.

This round-about link of Rise's to Traby liners should stress that Rye's/Rise's are in the "ear of rye" of SADdocks (same place as Rye's/Rise's) while "Traby" brings up the SADowski Coat.

Repeat: "The first flory cross in the colors of the same of Rangabe's has just been found with LEGROS'. Legros' are said to be from Eure's Gros." Legro's/Gros'/Grots (GREYhound) use a lion in colors reversed from the Gisel/Gris/Legris lion. Gros is in Amfraville (at Evreux), and the Amfraville surname (Abreu colors) is said to be of Robert Umfreville, lord of Tours and VIAN (Normandy), and it just so happens that while Viens/Vienne's (same place as Vienne-Isere of Burgundy) are in Amfraville colors, Vienne-Isere (Isherwood comes to mind) is beside Lyon i.e. of Rusticus' family. His daughter went to Mummolin, himself suspect in the motto of Fiens! You can't argue with the facts. i

This seems a great discovery: Isherwoods were first found in the same place (Monmouthshire) as Vian- / Vien-like Fiens/Fane's/Veynes'/Vane's ("aniMUM"), and the latter use the Vien/Vienne eagle in colors reversed. Therefore, Isherwoods must have been named after, or vice-versa, the Isere river. The Ark river, a tributary of the Isere, and the location of Modane, is suspect with Mottins/Motts while Gisels/Gris' were first found at Mott! Beautiful. Repeat: "Double bars much like those of Isherwoods are used by Monmouths and related Mauds," the latter smacking of Motts. As double bars are sometimes called gemel, and at other times we can imagine that they were Gemel liners even when not so-called, note that the giant cinquefoil of Amfraville's is in the colors of the giant fleur-de-lys of Gamble's, said to be from "Gamel / Gamall."

To nail the Viens/Vienne's with Maceys (share gauntlet with Fane's/Veynes' and Wayne's), I've read that Biens and Fane's/Veynes' together were septs of Mackays while Biens are in the Vien/Vienne motto. Then, while there is another Vienne in Austria, there is a Vian/Vian(d)en surname (Belgium and Luxembourg) using only a fesse in white-on-red, which is the entire Arms of Austria. The Rush's share the same fesse, and Rush's/Rusche's (Fulk wings?) were first found in Austria. Compare "Rusche" to "Rusticus." Rush's/Rusche's use arrows, a Rothschild / Rothstein/Rothschild symbol, and at times expected with the Arrow/Arras surname having a cross in the colors of the Rust/Roost saltire. The Fien variation of Fane's was connected to the same of Finis', expected at Finistere (must have been close to Brittany's Mott), and here we find Fiens'/Finis' with the three lions apparently of Prudhoe's, Windows and Windens (the latter two suspect with Finistere liners and even Windsors). Prudhoe's, from the Prudhoe castle of Mr. Umfreville, even share the lion paw in Crest with the Window Crest. Prudhoe castle was on the Tyne river through Northumberland i.e. near Blyth / Sunderville, and the latter location was suspect with Sutherlands (Umfraville colors).

Well, if Prudhoe's apply, perhaps also Prude's and Pratts. Here is one Prude Coat using the same fesse as Yellows. The latter had come up with Rushtons. Yellows are in Jell colors, while the latter use a reflection of the Varn bend, the latter suspect with the Varni that I think named Varangian RUS, expected in Shetland's Yell. The Varns use scallops on their black bend, in the colors of the Stick garbs. Rush's share the courant horses of Freys / Phreeze's, the latter two suspect with Frisians, and Frisia is right beside Varangian-like Wieringen, home of Rurik, possibly the first-known Varangian (probably named after Wieringen). Varni were at Rusticus-like Rostock, and nearby were the Herod-suspect Griffins. I see Herod-interplay between Rostock of Varni times in 100ish AD with Rusticus a few centuries later in Lyon. It makes sense.

Prude's share trefoils with DEUSters/Dusters that became suspect in code with "Deus" motto terms, one of which is in the Prude motto along with "mea." Mea's are expected at the Meu river, the area where Motts/Morte's were first found so that we are probably talking on the Mott location of Brittany, where Gisels were first found. This picture can explain why Deusters/Dusters share the arm with Armors, for Armor is precisely where Motts and the Meu are located. As Grimo was BodeGisel's nephew, note that the Grimaldi lozenges are used by Irish Weirs (i.e. Wieringen possibility). The trefoils herein encountered go to Albino's (see also Albins and Barnstaple's), first found in Modena, suspect with the Mottin variation of Motts.

The trefoils under discussion are those of Rods and Rocks, which were from the marriage of a woman of Roquefeuil and Henri IV of Rodez, explaining why the Prude's use these trefoils while first being found in Auvergne. They say that Auvergne was named after Aveyron (or vice-versa), and Aveyron, on my atlas, is stamped about the distance of one letter under (south of) "Rodez." It appears that we are yet on Rus lines here that can connect to RUSTicus. Albins/Aubins (share the blue cross of Mea's) trace to Aubin, about 25 miles north-west of Rodez. Italian Rocco's use the same bend colors as the Varn bend, but give it the embattled border suspect with Battle's that happen to share a giant griffin with the Pomeranian Griffins. Tragers use the embattled bend of Rocco's (different colors), important because Fellers are also FellTRAGERs. English Tragers use a reflection of the Yell/Yule Coat, substituting ravens (Roth/Rothchild symbol) for the Yell crescents, and Shetland had the raven (Stout) vikings. Tracks and Drigs share the sun with Deusters/Dusters and the Hiedlers/Hitlers, the latter using a not-bad reflection of the Deuster Coat.

I have just realized an important thing. The Deusters/Dusters (in the "Industria" motto term of the Arms of Rothschild) are using two symbols, in their top corner, of Dutch Bone's, and in the same colors. Meanwhile, these are the colors of Skull lions, and while Rods were first found in the same place (Herefordshire) as Skulls, the latter's bend can be the top half of the Deuster Coat because the bottom half has the same bend as English Bone's. And Bone's are now resolved with Bouillons, first found in Auvergne i.e. same as Prude's. When we move on to Scottish Prude's/Pride's (GLASgow / Lanarkshire), they use lamPREYs (Rush/Rusche colors) while French Preys/DuPRATS were likewise first found in Auvergne, and share a bend in the colors of the Duster / Bone bend. Pratts (trefoil again) are said to derive in a word for "trick," but Tricks are listed with Tracks. Irish Preys are said to derive in "predhae," almost Prudhoe".

And then there are the fish in the Arms of Rieti, in the colors of the Prude/Pride fish (lamprey), and moreover "pratus" is a motto term in the Arms of Rieti while that city was to the Reeds and Roets, perfectly fitting the Roth / Rust mold. The LAMprey can be code also for Lamms, using the same fesse as Rush's and Vians, and first found in Northumberland, location of Prudhoe castle. Lamms are in the colors of English Lamberts who were not only first found in the same place as English Bone's (and Rye's/Rise's), but share a reflection of the Dutch Bone Coat. Rise's (same bend as Skulls) came up with the Risetone location of Rushtons. German Lamberts share the Shield-and-Chief colors of Bacons while the two Lamm Coats together give suggestion of Bacon symbols. The Bacon Coats suggest linkage to English Bello's/Bellows/Bellots "(Vita"), and meanwhile the Bacon-line beacon is use by German Belli's (Austria) whose eagle looks linkable to the same-colored one of German Bello's (Pomerania), who ought to be in the "bello" term of the Bouillon motto. Bellows above are a branch of Billets and therefore looking like a branch of Billiards/Billets that happen to share a great Coat reflection of French Lamberts. The beacons is also with Fullers (proto-Pollocks?), first found in the same place as Skulls that happen to use the same bend as Jewish Pollocks.

The Lacy motto has "Meritas," suspect with Marot de Yorvik.


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