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February 21 - 27, 2017

Bela of Hungary and his Tatony Wife
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For a reader hopping into an update for the first time, there is not much I can say in an introductory paragraph to explain everything needed before proceeding. The only readers able to follow are those taking the time needed to get a solid idea of the entire scope. It is probably impossible to follow unless the heraldic Coats are loaded and viewed. It would be helpful to have a photographic memory, or to at least spend some time to get to know Coats, and to understand what I'm saying about them. I did the work over years to be able to present to you the relevant Coats, and you need only decide whether I am correctly interpreting the evidence and the codes. It is far best that you load Coats on a separate browser(s) rather than clicking back and forth from the update page. It might take longer for one to read an update than the week it takes me to write it, but that's what it'll take for a solid understanding of what I'm doing. I know that few have the time to follow this in that way. My hope is...actually, I should have no such hopes as I should just allow God to do what He wants with this. One of my goals at this time is to discover the parent(s) of Josephs Caiaphas, and in the meantime to prove that heraldic masters and leading Templar families knew that all of heraldry had, at its foundations, Caiaphas and his circle of Christ killers. These updates are jot-down format (sub-titles don't usually reflect the roaming topics well) making it hard / impossible to have a pre-plotted storyline. I'm no longer doing final proof-reads, please excuse the imperfections / mistakes. Ever since I decided to use apostrophes only after surnames ending in vowels, I started to catch myself using apostrophes before the 's' of pluralized words, making it appear that I need to return to primary grammar school.

If ever you'd want to check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

Is the following Trump's new item, or does his vice president speak as he pleases whether Trump likes it or not? While visiting Europe, [Mike] Pence pledged the United States would keep working with Europe to boost the world's two biggest economies, fight terrorism and defend eastern EU states against Russian encroachment." That third item wasn't on Trump's pre-election platform. The man that ran is not the man now at the wheel, and, besides, I'm not so sure Trump's even at the wheel. [Pence] also pledged it would defend Europe's 'territorial integrity' and said the Trump administration will 'continue to hold Russia accountable' for the violence in eastern Ukraine and demand that Moscow honour the Minsk agreements for a ceasefire due to begin Monday." Mouth wide open: whaa? Is this tell-everyone-what-they-like-to-hear? Russia is not on the offense in Crimea; it's Kiev that's taking the heat to Crimea's rebels. The Crimean Russians don't want the war; they just want to run their own affairs apart from a West-friendly government. Why is that? Why don't all peoples love America? Is America love-less?

Early this week, Russia's Rosneft oil signed a deal with Kurdistan oil, as though the caving in of a hoped-for Trump-Russia friendship was the factor in rushing the concluding of the deal. Just remember: Putin wants friendship with the West, but the West returns a lovelessness, and threatens to destroy more pro-Russia governments. I'm not biased toward the West just because I'm a Westerner, and I don't practice patriotism and favoritism while sacrificing the mind of Christ, so to speak. Russia has every right to have Russia-friendly governments on its border, but the more that the West tarnishes the Russians, the less that the Russians want West-friendly governments on it border. I claim that Russia sincerely wants friendship with Trump, and an end to Western encroachment upon its political affairs. Ideally, countries on Russia's border should be both West- and Russia-friendly, not one or the other. But recently, the West has taken the Cold War to the Russians, who happen to be the underdog.

A lot of time has gone by since the fall of Communism. At first, Russia wasn't to be trusted by the West, and that's the way I felt too. Communism was expected to make a jab at resuming itself. But it didn't happen. There's no evidence I know of that Putin seeks to seize countries on its border. The message from Pence to Putin is that Russia does seek to do so. When Russia helped northern Georgia to break away from Georgia, it was unresolved as to who started that war. Yes, Russia finished the war, and forced the break-away, but there was a question on whether Georgia started the war, meaning that Russia may have had no prior plans to force the split in Georgia. In the same way, the West unseated a pro-Russian man in the Ukraine and replaced him with a pro-West leader, and when hostilities were under way between the Ukraine and Russians in Crimea, Russia once again moved in (expected) to extract a part of another country. There may not have been a prior Russian agenda to take Crimea from the Ukraine, however.

And that's where we are now, with the West wishing to change all leaderships, on the Russian border, if they happen to be pro-Russia. It's a very serious world matter. NATO is the tool being used. Trump ran on an anti-NATO platform, suggesting that he opposed NATO's intrusion into Russian fields of interest, but now that he's in the back seat, letting Mattis and others drive the country, suddenly Trump sounds like an anti-Russian bully, just like Obama in his final years. Certainly, Trump has sent Putin mixed messages. I find this dangerous toward Israel. The more that the West increases this anti-Russian sentiment, the more Russia will begin to despise Israel just because it has a Western foot. The more that the West continues to denounce the Russians unless they submit to the West, the more that Putin, likely, will desire to remove the West from the Middle East, and that can include animosity toward Israel too. Desire can turn into action.

Whack-whack, said Trump. Make me your president, and Obama-care will be whacked away. But now that he's at the wheel, or maybe not even in the car, no such whacking can be heard. There needs to be a law. If anyone becomes the president but breaks election-run promises, out of the White House he gets booted on his rump. If candidates are permitted to lie their way to the White House, which is what they do now, the country will have no spine. On its belly it will crawl, a mouse. A big mouth, or a big bag of wind from the lungs, is no replacement for a strong spine. Integrity is upright. God made man to stand upright.

Out this week:

On Sunday, The Telegraph published a piece accusing Russia of plotting to overthrow Montenegro's government to sabotage the Balkan country's plans to join NATO. Speaking to Sputnik, Montenegrin and Serbian journalists and political scientists explained exactly why the accusations are being leveled against Moscow at this precise moment.

...The prosecutor's claims follow allegations published Saturday in The Telegraph which, citing unnamed senior sources in the UK's government, accused Russian intelligence of plotting a coup and Djukanovic's murder.

Up and up this new Cold War heats up. But the article makes a good point, that by making Trump believe this report, it forces Trump to turn against Putin. Trump can either say to these friends of his, "you're bluffing," or he can take the anti-Putin attitude that they want of him. If he takes the you're-bluffing attitude, he loses a lot of friends, including Mattis. So, you see, Trump is not driving the car. Or, he's driving with a CIA pistol aimed at him.

Trump's man to replace Flynn as the security director is general McMaster. The national security adviser is charged with coordinating the departments and agencies to counsel the president on foreign policy and military operations. (New York Times).

The Moscow Times has a headline: Russian TV News Has Reduced Trump Coverage by Four Times in Two Weeks. Yep, it figures. Also from the Moscow Times: "Vitaly Churkin, Russia's permanent representative to the United Nations since 2006, died suddenly in New York City on Monday...Russia's Foreign Ministry has yet to comment on the circumstances of his death. " That's two dead Russian ambassadors in just a few weeks. If Trump puts icing on the cake by continuing the Syria stage as Obama had, Russia is predicted to plot something drastic upon that stage.

After three years of being told they could not go to the front lines, U.S. troops advising Iraqi forces as they evict ISIS from Mosul no longer face those tight restrictions, according to the top U.S. commander in Iraq, Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, as the new defense secretary stood by his side in Baghdad. Townsend...commands more than 6,000 U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria.

So, Obama, who promised to remove American soldiers, tucked in, bit at a time, 6,000. Though he kept them from the heat of battle, they are now available to Trump at the snap of a finger. " tasked with presenting President Trump a new plan to defeat ISIS -- a plan due on Feb. 27. Mattis suggested the former restrictions could be further loosened as he weighs whether to send more troops, and the Coalition prepares to expand the fight to Raqqa, the ISIS capital in Syria." The deadline is on the day this update is out. But what can Mattis offer Trump besides the increase of war activity? Yep, that's all the choice he has. But there is something else that comes with such a thing: repayment from Iraq for American assistance. Apparently, Mattis is bucking to have the Americans stay in Iraq a long time. This was the plot under George Bush, and the more chaotic the country, the longer the Americans can stay, and the deeper they can worm into the country's affairs. I find that wicked.

There's probably no negotiating with Assad for American assistance in Syria. The curiosity is that Russia is not leading the fight against that city. I can't understand this on its face. Is Russia afraid to encroach upon the American-Kurd alliance that had claimed the fight for Raqqa? Or did Russia weaken his ties with Assad, by trying to cater to the Kurds, to the point that Assad has cooled in disappointment? On the face of it, Russia and Assad have every logical right to lead the war into Raqqa, and Assad would desire this, but there is no such thing found in Russian news. How will it help Assad if a West-Kurd alliance wins Raqqa? It promises to turn Kurds militarily against Assad. Perhaps Putin has been waiting for Trump to engage him in a partnership for freeing Raqqa. Perhaps Putin will wait forever for this thing. Putin wanted to partner with Obama in the entire war against ISIS in Syria, but the CIA wouldn't have any part of it, and when Obama finally caved in to that partnership, the military raised a stink and changed Obama's mind.

The writing is on the wall, saying that, after ISIS has been neutralized, the Kurds will want to take on Assad, because Assad refuses to give Kurds the liberty to run their own affairs. This promises an escalation between Putin and Trump, and Trump probably has a side of him that doesn't like to back down. I am absolutely sure that the U.S. aim now is the forcing of ISIS fighters to join anti-Assad groups not outlawed (as terrorists) by the West, but this then turns Russia livid, and strengthens the Assad-Russia partnership as they both team up to fight U.S. interests in the country. This is where this week's news is leading, in my opinion.

Apparently, the coalition has snagged the Raqqa battle in order to keep Assad from having the victory there. That's why the Americans befriended the Syrian Kurds even at the consequence of angering Turkey. There is nothing standing in the way, if Trump really does end up trying to quash ISIS. The question is, will the silent leaders of the war choose to keep more of a stalemate in order to give ISIS fighters time to join anti-Assad moderates. That was the military will under Obama, and so why expect any different now? Under Obama, Iraq and the Kurds complained of slow movement of American weapons to help fight ISIS. Will that change now? It should, if Trump is a man of his word. Achem. One of Trump's main concerns is to be successful. He came into office with boast after boast of having the capability to change things, and so, lest he suffer humiliation, he wants to accomplish. This can speed things up in the Middle East. We should expect greater American bombardment of ISIS, but I still think that the plan is to spare the lives of its soldiers as much as possible.

The Iraqis have started to attack western Mosul as of last week. They seem to be winning hands down. A little extra input from the Mattis program should speed things up, but Mattis says the Iraqis will want the Americans in Iraq for a long time. No they don't. The Iraqis want American weapons, not American boots or faces. The only reason that Iraqis would want Americans to stay is where ISIS proves too strong, exactly what the Americans have been hoping for. But the Iraqis, after being forced to stall for months and months due to American tactics, discovered that they can beat ISIS handily, and now that this is known, I don't see how the Americans can stop the Iraqis from punishing ISIS quickly in Mosul. I suppose one question is: will Mattis build an American headquarters in Mosul? If so, what for? Because Trump cares for Iraqis? What if Trump insists on staying in Mosul while the Iran-Iraq axis opposes? The Iraqi Kurds are hoping that Trump helps them to win complete independence from Iraq. Is there a prophetic situation in the building here?

Fox reported this week: "ISIS is estimated to have between 1,000 and 3,000 fighters in Mosul, Dorrian said." That's not a very big deal. Are more Americans really needed? Mosul is a very large city for only 2,000 ISIS fighters, most of whom are demoralized, we can assume. It doesn't look like ISIS is going to have a Mosul headquarters as the place for which the anti-Christ can launch out, but the future of Mosul is not yet something that can be ironed out. If ISIS begins to make a comeback now, I suppose it's reason to suspect that Americans are assisting it.

Simultaneous with Mattis hinting that more American boots and more American weapons will go to Kurds in both Syria and Iraq, a thing that makes Turkey shudder, we find news, this week, that Turkey has purchased an S-400 missile system from Russia.

The first thing we learn under Trump's Middle-East program is emphasis on Raqqa, not Mosul, which may have, at root, the agenda to somehow defeat the Russia-Assad alliance:

General Joseph Votel, head of the U.S. Central Command, visited Kurdish headquarters at the Kobani and Raqqa frontlines on [Feb 25] to discuss the final phase of the Euphrates Wrath campaign to capture Raqqa, the self-called capital of the Islamic State (IS).

General Votel's visit to the Kobani and Raqqa frontlines comes a few days after Republican Senator John McCain visited Kobani ahead of a review of U.S. strategy and plans against IS, ARA News reported.

...According to the spokesman of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Talal Silo, General Votel discussed the recent developments of the SDF's Raqqa campaign and ways to increase coordination and support.

..."It also demonstrates that General Votel considers the SDF to be strong and close enough partners to be willing to personally visit SDF leaders to confer with them on the strategy to deal the death blow to ISIS in Raqqa," Heras further said.

...This is not the first time for the American General to visit Rojava. In May 2016, General Joseph Votel visited the SDF in Kobani before the launch of the Manbij operation. At that time, the General also met with Turkish officials.

I covered the Manbij invasion, and the Kurds at that time were ready to go into Raqqa, but, very apparently, the Americans stalled them. In the meantime, by having the chief of Central Command visit these Kurds, it looks like a flick to Russia's face. Back-off Putin, this is our deal. Achem, but wait, Americans are in Syria trespassing. Assad has not given them permission to be within Syrian borders. If Trump feels comfortable in Syria, without government permission to be there, he has no argument against illegal Mexicans in his country. You can't say that Assad is guilty of killing his own people if his own people were trying to kill his military and himself. Americans have deliberately killed Syrians too, haven't they?

Wikipedia says that the U.S. conducted only 55 air strikes when Kurds took Manbij (near the Turkey border). That conflict was over a period of about three months, or less than one bombing daily. Whether we justify such a low number or not, the fact is, there was practically no U.S. assistance, not even to instill a sense of fear in the outskirts of the city for any ISIS fighters thinking to escape. The article says that, in the end, the defeated ISIS fighters were permitted to escape to Jarablus, at the Turkey border, tending to argue for Turkey as their secret partner.

The battle for Manbij was preceded by the battle for Raqqa. But no sooner had the Kurd-led SDF army started into Raqqa (May 2016) that the Americans changed to plan to invading Manbij...bringing the Kurds well away from the highway between Iraq and Raqqa. Perhaps the purpose here was to allow the following scenario: "After the start of the Battle of Mosul (2016-17) in Iraq, many of the 20,000 ISIL fighters estimated to be living in the city fled to Raqqa, boosting the ISIL forces that were already present in their de facto capital city." Yes, and previous to the Mosul invasion, there was the Fallujah invasion where the Americans would have wanted the ISIL fighters there to escape to Raqqa. With the Americans claiming Raqqa as their own baby, at this time, they think they can protect ISIS fighters there from a Russian-led invasion. But wait. Russia has entered the Raqqa war:

The SDF spokesman stated that preparations for a new phase of the operation were continuing and the operation will begin in "a few days" [this month]. The next phase will reportedly involve capturing the road between Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor [blocking off the road between Iraq and Raqqa]...On 17 February 2017, the SDF announced the launch of the second stage of the third phase, aimed at capturing the eastern countryside of Raqqa near Deir ez-Zor, with the Deir Ezzor Military Council leading the operation. On the same day the SDF captured two villages from ISIL to the north of Deir ez-Zor and came within 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) of the northeast of Raqqa, while the Russian Air Force conducted airstrikes on ISIL forces in Raqqa city for the second time since its entry into the war.

That's Russia's involvement just three days before this update was started. It was roughly at the time that Russia started to receive negative vibes from the Trump administration. "Russian warplanes conducted several airstrikes in Raqqa Governorate on [February 17], targeting the Islamic State's (ISIS) tactical units and training camps...In a statement, the ministry said that their 'Tupolev-95 bombers had taken off from Russia and flown over Iran and Iraq to get to Syria,'..." That's the first time in years since Russia has bombed Raqqa. And soon after, the chief of U.S. central command makes an unlawful trip onto Syria land, and we wonder what the Russians will do next. I doubt very much that the Russians asked Trump for his permission to make these Raqqa strikes.

Another article claims that Russia used high-tech, pinpoint missiles, adding: "With the Syrian Arab Army advancing east towards Al-Raqqa, Russian air assistance is becoming imperative to the government forces because it forestalls the Islamic State's supply vehicles from reaching their intended locations." That is, Assad's forces are said to be headed toward Raqqa, but I've not read this anywhere else.

Here's Trump about the time he became the president: ""'They have sanctions on Russia - let's see if we can make some good deals with Russia,' Trump told the Times newspaper in the UK. 'For one thing, I think nuclear weapons should be way down and reduced very substantially, that's part of it.' The President also criticized Russia for its intervention in the Syrian civil war, describing it as 'a very bad thing' that had led to a 'terrible humanitarian situation.'" You may as well bring up a big gob from your throat, and spit it into Putin's eye, Mr. Trump. The fact is, the West supported a rebellion against Assad, and that is what started the spiral that caused a humanitarian crisis. Either speak the truth, or swallow your gob. The Americans started the assault on Saddam, and that is what spiraled into a humanitarian crisis. The Americans started the assault against Qaddafi, and that is what fomented internal war.

Here is a prediction. If Trump continues to inflame Republicans with anti-Muslin, anti-Mexican sentiments, the Mexicans and Muslims both, American citizens or otherwise, will begin to organize and retaliate violently. If Muslims had truly conducted terrorist plots in the United States, the events would have looked different than what we have seen thus far. About 14 years have passed since Bush invaded Iraq, and I have yet to see a concerted effort on the part of Muslims to start a wave of attacks in any Western country. The fact that lone "terrorists" have appeared violent, one after the other, is more reason to believe that the West has staged these things. But it doesn't matter whether they were staged or not. The fact is, Muslims in all Western countries have been very good, even angelic, or, at worst, tolerant and wise, throughout this period. They have not joined leagues to start a rampage or a crusade. But they might if Trump pushes on them.

There is much more suffering in the United States thanks to billionaires like Trump than to what Muslims have effected upon the country. Poverty is abusive, and the billionaires have caused poverty. They suck the wealth of the nations, without letting it flow people-to-people instead. Yes, a person that takes in a billion dollars then goes out to spend it, one way or the other, and it flows to all, including the poor, EVENTUALLY that is, but if the billion had originally been elsewhere, for example in the pockets of a million poor people understand what I'm saying. It can't go to poor people first if billionaires get it first. Money flows in cycles, never-ending, pocket to pocket, but if it goes to the poor to begin with, cycle after cycle, they can purchase things to remedy some of their needs rather than the billionaires getting spend on making more money. Mr. Trump, with no due respect, the financial problem with America is people like you. Housing is a dire need, and you made your fortunes in housing, not because you cared for those who had the pay for the houses. You didn't care about people then, and I have no confidence that you care for Americans now. People will still be paying rent or mortgages into their retirement, because of the one-percent owning 90 percent of the wealth.

Here's an example of Trump getting into the back seat of his own car:

Pravda.Ru asked these questions to military expert, former head of Israeli intelligence service Nativ, Yakov Kedmi.

"What do you think about the recent statement from Donald Trump, who said that Russia seized the Crimea, that the line of the Obama administration was too soft at this point? Earlier, during the presidential campaign, Trump said that one should recognise the Crimea as Russia."

That's not really a question as it is an insult, calling Trump a hypocrite. I say he doesn't deserve to be the president. I say Trump needs to go. But so long as he stays, I would love to see him beating up the Democrats, barring a civil war.

There are news outlets like Reuters which I expect to fabricate news obtained from unnamed, high-level sources even though their bosses have forbidden them to speak. One gets the impression that Reuters is in bed with a large host of unfaithful, high-level goons whom might say any tantalizing thing for an easy buck. Or, how do we know that Reuters isn't fabricating the entirety of their no-name stories? In my opinion, no worthy news station today should spread any comments from anyone who is unwilling to attach their names to their statements. Reuters just tarnished Steve Bannon in Germany, putting anti-EU words in Bannon's mouth obtained from a high-level but unnamed source. Sorry Reuters, I just don't believe you. And the more you come out with such statements, the less everyone else will believe you.

What's really wrong with globalists besides their plot to rape our savings using the global-warming hoax? Well, their biggest problem is their ignorance of Jesus, and the demons that consequently lead their thinking. If you reject Jesus, you set yourself up to be attacked by demons, some more vicious than others, some harder to remove than others. When they come in to take residence in your spirit, they lock on and abuse your thinking. That explains the horrors in the world conducted by "God's children." No they're not.

The problem with the Middle East is not its lack of Democracy. Half the problem is its false belief that salvation is through Mohammed. The other half of the Middle-East problem is their latching onto Western styles and thinking. Both philosophies are deadly. When Jesus said that salvation is through the Jews, he meant that it's through the God of Israel. Jesus told this to a Samaritan woman, because Samaritans didn't like Jews. It means that, the first step toward salvation is to accept that God's program is through the very thing that Muslims (and Palestinians of modern Samaria) despise. Until they get this straight, to abandon Mohammed and accept Jesus, God will never bless Muslim governments / countries. When was the last time that you heard the U.S. military, or a representative of the British / French / German government, tell the Muslims that their problems lie in Mohammed? That's why globalists are useless tools, and their hopes, if they have any, to fix / improve Muslim countries is in vain. If God has decreed that Muslim nations should be wretched, laughing stock, no globalist plot, whether it be to ruin Muslim countries in order to re-build them from scratch, will work.

There are some Westerners who, when they read Jesus, are turned off in the very way that Pharisees were turned off. Jesus had no home; he didn't spend his time saving money for an upper-middle-class home; he didn't care for furniture, and probably didn't bath every day as he went from village to village. Some Westerners want a silver spoon in their mouths, and they might call this the "American dream." But Jesus had other concerns when he went from town to town. He knew the horror that people face at death, when they awake to find condemnation. And this horrified God too so that he created a plan for salvation. With it, people facing death, whether it be suddenly or prolonged by a terminal disease, whom are terrified of going to the other side for fear of Punishment, can awake to find Jesus taking their hand, for example, and saying, "Don't be afraid, you're going to live." At that second, all fear vanishes, and is replaced by unspeakable joy. That's why Jesus didn't care about whether or not he had a bed to sleep on each night, or a shower room in the morning. It's because he cared about people's eternal fates, and for this attitude, God will make him the benevolent Dictator.

What this world needs is not a useless democracy where the opposition is constantly geared for tearing down the government's agenda, be it good or evil, but it needs a dictator that actually cares about the people. A dictator's agenda gets done without the other side thwarting it for fear that good will come of the agenda, for if good comes of the dictator's plans, the other side will never get to be elected. And this is the first problem with Western democracy: the desire for power (and the associated goodies) trumps whether the people get a good country.

When God had Jesus come as a "nobody," it was by Design. When people read about his non-worldliness, they either reject it or understand it. The religious leaders of His day were horrified by Jesus' dusty hair, or his ragged clothes, and when they saw crowds following this "disgraceful" man, they were sickened. The pope obviously loves the Pharisee view of things, and for me, that's the disgrace. Get out of your castle, pope, and do the Jesus thing. Remove that silver spoon from your mouth, and grow up. We are in a war, and this is not the time to live in luxury, for the first will be last, and the last will be first. In that case, Donald Trump is not going to come close to first place, is he?

If Jesus seems not to care about your worldly status, it's because He cares about your eternal fate. It's not that hard to understand. God knows that putting a silver spoon in our mouths will urge us to forgetting this Plan, and to start stressing more material things. It gets to the point of the prosperity preachers. We have seen this with our own eyes, in America, a lot of which comes out of Texas. For me, when I first read of Jesus having no pillow but a rock to lay his head upon, I thought it was big of Him, majestic, honorable, strong, brave, resolute, mighty. What kind of a king was this? It's the Different King, the one that actually cares, and, moreover, He is tapped into the Power that can actually change things in an instant, if only the potential recipients are worthy of change toward the good. And America, by and large, is not worthy for such change. Obama can promise it; Trump can promise it, but it's not going to happen based on their empty suits.

We can't have a love movement that produces good. What did the love-and-peace hippy movement produce? Sex and drugs. That's because demons will corrupt any movement not of Jesus. And if the evangelical organization is concerned with bringing in the money to meet the paychecks, it's dead on arrival. There is no program that works. The only thing that works is God, and we either have it or we don't. We either have the right attitude or we don't. When we have the right attitude, God works good through us. When we don't have the right attitude, God works against us to change it. There will be many signs that we are not pleasing to God, and the globalists, windbags all of them, walking around with silver spoons in their mouths, are too blind to see the Signs over the last 40 years. Instead of turning their nations toward the Jesus attitude, they become windbags for hot air, and useless, which is why the peoples no longer respect politicians. At each election, the peoples hope the next leader will be their long-awaited answer, but with each leader, more of the same.

The response of the ungodly is to say there is nothing much wrong with the world, and much good about it. They would say that fundamentalist Christians are the problem for complaining about world conditions. And like the Sadducees, they will point to all the great riches as evidence that there is much good. Even some Christians say that America is the most God-blessed nation in the world. You really need to stop and think about that claim. In any case, whatever "blessings" there are, there is spiritual corruption everywhere, people with hopeless souls en route to eternal destruction, and the leaders care nothing for this; they aren't even allowed to talk about Jesus in politics, or there will be an uproar from ACLUers and stupids such as Barrack Obama.

You may as well have been sucking a dork all your eight years, Obama; you accomplished nothing but more evil on the loose, as was your secret agenda. You cared more for raising homosexuals to honour than you did their condemned souls. You place your own soul under condemnation for the pleasure you receive in countering God, and you praise yourself for being brave enough to go against His people. You put like kind around you, and dressed yourself with enmity against God. You think that He is not as enlightened as you concerning "human rights." The most stupid man on earth concentrates on using his presidency to advance sinful activity even in the midst of sin all-around that has captured and tormented a large part of the population these past 40 or 50 years. Instead of freeing them from sin, you put them deeper into it.

There is no freedom from sin but the power of Jesus when a person calls to God through Jesus. Tell this to the people, Mr. Trump, over and over again until they get it. And count your financial fortunes as garbage. Use it for the needy, for only then will you shine with the Light of God from your soul. Show God you are serious, and He will take note, guaranteed. I fear that Mr. Trump is nothing but the camel before the eye of the needle, and to make matters worse, the camel bulges on both sides from saddle bags filled with golden spoons. It would have gone better for you had you not been born, that is the message of Jesus, and it's not that hard to understand. Life is a test, and you're failing. You're fired, Mr. Trump. You need a new job.

I am not a man of steel before God. I am weak, and fail in various ways. I have my own battles to fight for overcoming, and I don't have any illusions that I could be helpful to others if God didn't provide the means. This world demands much of our time just to pay the bills. There is not much strength left over after fulfilling that responsibility, and this is precisely why Christians should not seek high materialism, for it only robs us of more time and energy. If we have the right attitude, we will ask God to provide a way in life to be helpful toward His kingdom, His concerns, things that turn-on His heart, for when we do that which blesses His heart, he turns on his heart within us, and we shine from the inside out. That is the true meaning of blessed. That is life more abundant. That's the food eaten by Jesus that the fledgling apostles knew nothing about (yet). The Father, caring about the eternal result of each person's life, is despised by the current world rulers. The call of His people to sort out the societal blunders of the ungodly is regarded as meaningless, trivial, to be spurned. And for what in return? I have no idea. What I do know is that the agenda is to despise / minimize Christians who speak out like this. But while we are made "losers" in this world, we are triumphant with God, that's all that matters. We can rejoice in that we are not alone in having this view. There are brothers and sisters just as weak, but as strong, as you. Let God be your spine. Remove the devil from your spine by asking Jesus to remove the filthy things that latch to it.

Demons have no fear of God because they are absolutely stupid. They became fallen angels precisely because they were stupid. And people become en-spined by them. The force and the power of the ungodly is from such filthy things. When you bump into people like this and get close to them, they can see and sense your "different" approach to life, and they shudder. They are programmed to reject you, but much of the problem is that they don't want you to know how really-bad they can be, for their ways are humiliating before a true child of God. And they want to get away from the person shining the true light of God. This is exactly how politics goes, with a mass rejection of any politician shining the true light. It is very likely that any Christian making it high in politics had abandoned the Light while getting there, or at least ceased to shine Light while getting there. I'm not referring to an actual light of course, but to the human qualities that do not mix with the qualities of those whom operate by filthy spirits. Mr. Trump has filthy spirits. They cling to him, and affect his thinking. It's the job of filthy spirits to make their victims filthy, because demons can't tolerate someone operating on the will of God. It's not hard to understand these things. A person needs to sacrifice all to have God's Light shining from within, because God is not cheap, nor a dummy. If you tell Him you mean business when in fact you are protecting one or more of your demonic qualities, He's not fooled. Lay down your animosity toward Him, for this comes from filthy creatures more powerful than you. Do not go before God, to ask for His Kingdom, with a silver spoon in your mouth, but go naked and in sackcloth.

Still Grappling with Dreams and Signs

I am one who tends to question when Christians share their dreams with interpretations. There are some charismatics who think that every second event in their lives is a Sign, and ditto for many dreams. But I chalk this up to wishful thinking because they want to believe that God considers them special to have Him highly active in their lives. In some cases, I fear that this is an arrogant position of some arrogant believers, and prefer not to be like that. I would love it if indeed God were sending us messages in many or most dreams, but I tend to be cautious, putting virtually zero emphasis on dreams especially. However, I have had some dreams in the recent past that can be proven to be God's direction for the surname Investigations I've been doing since about 2006. For example, Paul Smith walking on crutches (my dream) while the Smiths share the fitchee-type cross of Crutch's/Crooch's in colors reversed. I didn't know this before the dream.

For the sake of readers that are come to this update after reading some previous ones, I won't repeat all the Signs, and their interpretations, discussed over the last two or three months. There are times, like right now, when I feel mentally exhausted. But I feel compelled to find what it is the God wants known through the dreams and Signs. The last dream proved to be from God absolutely, which featured a billiard hall owned by Obama, and this dream overlapped some items in a Miss-Hicks dream, all pointing to various bloodlines but especially to Duns, Dunbars, Douns/Downs, Dunhams and Singletarys. I have the very good sense that this goes to a Duns location between Northumberland and Berwickshire.

It's been several years now since the first dream I acknowledged from God, through a reader. It was simply a blue lion she saw near the time that she awoke, and it had a name with, or upon, it, which, she said, was "something like 'Cappeo'." I recognized it as the blue lion in the Arms of Macclesfield, for this Arms has a motto term, "copia." But it also has a "desunt" motto term while Moke's use "Diis sunt." And SUNTers show a SUMMETer variation, which I think is amazing, for I've been claiming (for years) that the "summit" term to which DunBARS are said to derive in is known/secret code for the Summit surname (necklaces), first found in Lorraine, location of BARs (of Bar-le-Duc). But there is more, for Dunbars are said to have been in a Moke-like Mochrum location while Dunns share the sword design of Mochs that have Mochrum-like variations such as "Mocher." It all points to a Dun trace to Dunham-Massey, in Cheshire along with a Macclesfield location.

The Dunns use a giant and spread eagle in half the colors of the same of Bars and Este's. And while it's known that Bars of Bar-le-Duc were first in BRUNSWICK, compare that term with BRYNEICH, an alternative name for Bernicia at Berwick. It just so happens that Duns is a location less than 20 miles northwest of Berwick. This allows one to trace Bernicians to Bruno's/Brunne's and the BARone's, both first found in Florence (I don't know who came first, Bruno's or Bernicians; it would be nice to know).

Just so that you get your geographical bearings straight, this discussion concerns a stretch between Yorkshire and Lothian. To the immediate north of Yorkshire is Northumberland, where Dunbars (and their Gospatrick kin from Antipatria) were initially, though Dunbars were forced to live later at Lothian. To the immediate north of Northumberland is a small area, Tyne and Wear (location of Sunderland), with the Wear river flowing through Durham, previously DUNholme. To the immediate north of Tyne and Wear is Berwickshire. It was resolved that Sunderland was a line related to Sutherlands and Sewers/Suters, and while Mackays lived at Sutherland, they share the MUZZLEd bear with Berwicks, part-code for Mussels/Muscels / Meschins/MASCULine's at Musselburgh of Lothian. Ranulph le Meschin was in charge of MUSSEL-like MACCLEsfield. Dunhams to Obama's mother descended from Jonathan Singletary, and Single's/Singletarys share white roundels, called plate's, with Mussels/Muscels.

The Berwicks use the bear and muzzle in the three colors of the same of Percivals, but it should be noted that Percivals share a dancette between Chief and Shield, as do Dunhams. Then, while Pierce's are a Percival branch, Mackay-related Maceys use pierced stars. Mussels in this picture are expected from the Moselle river, location of Bar-le-Duc, Lorraine and dance-related Nancy. The Percival Coat and Crest looks linkable to the same of Bellows and Billets.

I had indication, and claimed, that the False Prophet / Anti-Christ would be a mouse liner, not only from Mussel / Meschin liners, or the Mousquette's suspect with the variations of Mochs, but from the mouse tower of Poland, ancestry of Mieszko I, which, as the line of mythical (= codewords) Piast the Wheelwright, links to the Singletary Crest, for both use the same antelope design (the Crest is where Singletarys have their Mussel-related plates). The Wear river was where I traced the line of Mieszko's daughter, SWIEToslawa, as she linked somehow to Siward of Northumberland. The Sweets, I had noted, share two white-on-red chevrons with Sewards (same leopard as Mosca's, first found in Piast-like Pisa, beside the first Bruno's / Barone's), but it can now be added that Singletarys use three chevrons in those very colors. Moreover, Mieszko II Lambert married Richeza of Lorraine. It became suspect that "SWIEToslawa / Sweet" was related to "Tweed," the river to Berwick, and crossing by the Duns location.

Obama's mother was the daughter of Stanley Armor Dunham. When the twitch in my upper-trunk area wouldn't go away, and because it was on my RIGHT side while Wrights/Rights were in view as per WheelWRIGHTs, I started to wonder whether it was a Sign to help me make the surname links that God wanted made. I first proposed that the Twitch surname (like "Tweed") should be related to a Chest and/or Wright/Right bloodline, especially as Meschins ruled CHESTer along with Hugh Lupus, the latter suspect with the Welf/Wolf branch of Este. But, a night or two after proposing this twitch theory, the twitch entered my ARM, and the next day I found myself speaking on the Armor surname as per Stanley Dunham. It floored me to realize that Armors not only use arms, but a SQUIRE's helmet, while Twitch's use an ESQUIRE's helmet, solid proof that God is active in these updates for to reveal something of importance.

If you have been reading for several weeks in a row, do consider sharing at least this update with some others, even if I do come off a little nutty with talk of dreams and such. Personally, if someone were making the claims I'm making here, I would tend to see that as nutty, but just look at that evidence above showing that God seems to be in this.

I then realized that the Twitch/Twigg Coat is a version of the Dunham Coat, with the Pung/Paganell (Yorkshire) bends (in colors reversed) thrown in, for Stanley Dunham married Miss Payne. The dancette in the Twitch Chief got linked to the same-colored dancettes of Tottens/Toddenhams, which recognized that Tuits/Tute's have a TIODENI variation in the write-up that must apply, especially as Tooths use a version of the Letter/Lauder Coat while the Twitch-like Tweed flows near Lauder. The latter location is at the source of a Leader river flowing to Duns. Leaders were first found in Durham/Dunholme. As Durham is on the Wear river, it's notable that Leaders share the gold boar with Weirs/Vere's.

I'd like to apologize for calling the Wear river the "Were" for quite a long time. Fortunately, Wears are listed with Were's, and they share the red-on-white Crusader crosslets of Tufts who in-turn use a version of the Sherwood and Branch Coats, the Branch's being from the Avranches entity to which Hugh Lupus belonged. Sherwoods, now (as of the last update) suspect with ISHERwoods from the ISERE river, were first found in Durham i.e. on the Wear river. It just so happens that I see squirrel-using Valentins at Valence, very near the mouth of the Isere. And Tufts can link to Valentinian I if his father, Gratian, was of the namers of Grasse (southern France).

Bosco's use "tufts of grass" while the Arms of Grasse (near Antipas-like Antibes) share's the white lamb with English Lamberts, the latter using a chevron in the colors of the same of Sweets, Siwards and Singletarys. That's the first clue that English Lamberts were from Mieszko Lambert. But when we go to French Grasse's/Grace's, first found in Provence (beside Grasse), we not only find three chevrons in both colors of the two of French Lamberts, but in the white of the three Singletary chevron. This behooves a mention that English Lamberts are in the colors and format of Singletarys. Everything cries a trace of Obama's mother to the mouse-tower and lamb-depicted line of Mieszko Lambert...and this bloodline may be the reason for the lamb-like horns on the beast of Revelation 13, the one who ushers in the 666.

The Lamas' use the Grasse lambs in both colors, and they are suspect at the Le Mas location (near Grasse) that's found in the Dumas write-up. Can we assume that LaMAS' and DuMAS' were Mas(sey) liners? Looks like.

German Lamberts (Tute/Toot crescent) use the Shield and Chief colors, as well as the color of the Chief symbols, of Percivals and Bellows / Billets while Billiards/Billets and Billiards/Hilliards use a version of the French Lambert Coat. If that's not enough, French Masseys/MASSE's share the Lambert / Tute/Toot (and Luna) crescent (in Tooth colors). Luni was an ancient location at MASSa-Carrara, beside Piast-like Pisa.

I'm now ready to tell another true story leading to Stevensons of Northumberland, who share the bend of Valentins. After my separation and divorce, I was relying on a dream, now 38 years old. It was the Miss-Hicks dream, and the dream proved itself to be one from God (I can't re-explain here). I was expecting the blonde woman in the dream, my future second wife, to be Miss Hicks, whose name I did not know at the time. She had greeted me in church at the end of 1994. I was divorced by about 1998, due mainly to circumstances that my first wife chose to bring upon me, in an all-out war to take everything I had, including custody. And she dragged me through the courts, but I ended up telling the judge that it was a disgrace, according to the apostle Paul, for Christians to be in court, fighting as she wanted to fight, and so I laid myself down, refusing to go on in court, and let her have custody, knowing also that the first will be last, and the last will be first.

Just before I was able to get back to Texas (spring of 1999), where Miss Hicks lived, after a four-year absence, I was putting out an ad to rent an apartment in my house, in December of 1998. And to my door came an applicant, a blonde, and she took the apartment, afterwhich we started getting together, and, by Christmas, she put a Christmas card into my mailbox saying that she loved me. But when I told her about my post-tribulation book, she began to reject me, and she didn't want anything to do with Christ. I was hoping that she would be the woman in the dream, who was in a car of about the 1950's, all re-done nicely. After some time, the tenant then told me how happy she was to meet Steve, because she wanted to let go of me. And so she saw Steve instead of me. On their first date, they were in a billiard hall, incidentally, which seems important now that Billiards are very linkable to Stevensons / Stevens. One of the two Stevenson surnames has a colors-reversed Coat of Provence's (i.e. links excellently to the Grasse/Grace surname), by the looks of it, very linkable to Billiards and Lamberts.

By April or May, this same Steve drove up to my place (to pick up his woman), for the first time with a red, convertible 1960's Mustang, and it shocked me (I thought that the tenant might become my wife later). At that time, I left for Texas, waving goodbye to her while she was standing with Steve, at the end of my driveway, beside the Mustang.

After some seven years, I was invited to the Texas home of another Steve, and when he walked me into his garage, there was a beat-up 1950's model car that, I assume, he wanted to fix up. This Steve was new to the church, and had been somewhat of a Pentecostal preacher, while Miss' Hicks' late father had been a Pentecostal preacher too, and so I wondered whether the two were going to get together, someday, to fulfill the dream where she was in her boyfriend's car, though she ended up choosing me. The point is: two Steve's, two old-model cars, two prospects for the woman in the dream. Is there something about this? Her name was Helen, and while Helens are suspect with the Este horse's, there are two other Helens of concern in my writings: 1) Helena, wife of Bello-suspect Bela of Hungary and daughter of Vrm of Angusta; 2) Helena, mother of Constantine I, Roman emperor. I feel I can trace Constantine to Valentinian, and that gets the Constantine line to Stevensons.

It had recently been emphasized (one or two updates ago) that the woman in the dream was SINGLE, and that Carrs with their Sere kin can be sharing the colors and format of Single's/Singletarys (and Lamberts). Hicks use a "Tout" motto term while Touts were merged both with Lamberts and Tattons, the latter suspect with Taddei's i.e. first found in the same place as Bernicia- / Brunswick-related Bruno's / Barone's.

By the way, Miss Hicks and I have become old enough (her husband passed away) that I'm starting to believe that the dream had nothing to do with re-marriage, but was wholly to do with helping to create the heraldic / historical story desired of me by God.

The latest round of discussions has focused on an Andrea-surname link to Johannes VALENTINus Andreae, and so the Stevensons / Stevens are expected in linkage to his line. Andrea's were first found in Provence, you see, and while they share a red saltire with Andersons, the Irish Barone's share the Anderson saltire in both colors. And, lo and behold, Irish Barone's were first found in Waterford while the Arms of Waterford are using the Down/Doun and/or Trump stag. They are all three colors reversed from the stag head of Hanna's, the latter first found in Wigton, location of Dunbar-related Mochrum. In fact, the Dunbar-Gospatrick duo are expected in Mochrum, while Gospatricks use a saltire in colors reversed from that of Andersons / Barone's. An Anderson link to the Duns location off the Tweed river can be gleaned where Tweeds use the same saltire as Andersons.

For years after the Miss-Hicks dream, whenever I told it to friends (I expected her to become my first wife), I always said that the woman looked like a real "lady." But here I'm staring the Barone annulets in the face, and they are in the colors of the same of Lauds/Laudymans who happen to come up as "Lady."

To clinch the Lady link to Barone's, the latter use a "Fortuna" motto term while "Lady Fortune" is the Klassen/CLASSen Coat, while GLASgows use a "Lord" motto term while Lords come up as "Laud." There you have it. All the way back to a dream 38 years ago, still fresh in my memory due to me thinking about it so many times, we have what looks like some emphasis on the Barone's.

The Este-Line Bars of Mieszko Lambert

Here is new material right now: Italian Barone's use bends in half the colors of the Andrea bends, and Andrea's use bends in both colors of the Merit bends, while Dutch Merots/Marot's/Mauritz's use the same saltire as Andrea's. This evokes Marot de Yorvik, whom I think was Maurice, grandson of king Andrew/ANDERS, a perfect fit with Andersons and Andrea's. Moreover, Rich's/RICHESS' and Ricks can be of "Richeza" of Lorraine, and while German Lamberts were first found in Franconia, Hendersons (same place as Andersons) use what looks like the Franconian RAKE. English Merits/Morrets were first found in Durham, on the north side of Yorvik = York, and right in the area of discussion, where the Mieszko-of-Lorraine liners are expected. The French Andrea's above even share the red tower of Moritans/Murena's, and the Marot/Mauritz fleur (blue, same as Stevensons) are in the colors of the same of Morinis'.

"Richeza of Lotharingia (also called Richenza, Rixa, Ryksa; born about 995/1000 – 21 March 1063) was a German noblewoman by birth, a member of the Ezzonen dynasty. She married Mieszko II Lambert, King of Poland..." Ezzonens were from Ezzo, the name also of the founders of Este, yet the Wikipedia article remains hush on the logical Lorraine link to Este's.

It's interesting that, at Ezzo's article, he has at location on the Mosel/Moselle river, a name like ancient Mosul (Iraq) that was also called, Mepsila, like mythical Mopsus (Pamphylia, and Clarus too). Mopsus was also, Muksus, when his cult center was at Mokissos (lake Tatta = Tute / Tatton / Totten ancestry), where I trace Mochs and Moke's. Mopsus was a false prophet, if you catch my drift. The MOUSE tower of Poland should apply exactly to a Mopsus-of-Mokissos Obama's mother. Tatta was in the area of Derbe, which has proven to trace well to Derbyshire, where Twitch's were first found.

So, that's the basic story to date, that a line from the Tatta-Cetis-Cappadocian circle of ancient families, suspect with Herods, Maccabees, and the high priests that killed Jesus, will furnish the 666 system via some aspect of a Mokissos trace through the Polish Mouse-Tower entity in direct relationship with the modern circle to which Obama (and Trump?) belongs, or will belong to. While MOSELs (share black boars with SUMMETers) are also MOSSwells, Moke-like Mose's/Moss' (illegal colors shared by Tweets) were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Singletary- / MUSSEL-beloved Plate's. As Tweeds share a bull head in Crest with Haughts (same place as Dunham-Massey) while Swietoslawa was also, Sigrid the HAUGHTy, it speaks for a "Swiet / Sweet" link to "Tweed." The Haughts of Cheshire are said to have been at Haughton MOSS.

We also read of a Haughton castle at HumSHAUGH, Northumberland, as could be expected. As we can expect the Lyon / Lannoy liners at the Wear river, as per the Isherwood trace to Sherwoods at the Wear, it's notable that Lyon-related Hume's, suspect in "HUMshaugh," were first found in Berwickshire.

Ezzo's mother was Richwara of Zulpichgau, and so Richers were loaded, to find them using a good, colors-reversed version of the Rich/Richess Coat, and adding "blue cornflowers" that have a purple tinge, as do the "blue leopards" of Sewards (Richess colors), first found in the same place (Devon) as Flowers. Ezzo's line goes back to ERENfried of MAASgau/Masau (late 800s). Wikipedia doesn't take Erenfried's ancestry further back, but there was a GISELbert, count of Maasgau (Mass/Meuse river) earlier in the 800s that can be from the namers of Bodegisel (see last update for Bodegisel entities). I have traced Bodegisel to Bute, where Arthurian myth placed NINE witch's as code for the mythical Muse's...expected at the Meuse rivers, one of which was the Moselle = Little Meuse).

Giselbert was installed as count in Maasgau, probably in the late 830s/early 840s...

The origin of Count Giselbert is unknown...The similarity of the name "Reginar", given to many of his descendants, to the Nordic "Ragnar" suggests Viking connections, especially bearing in mind the increasing number of Viking raids south of Frisia...

It reminds of my trace of Rusticus, whose daughter married Bodegisel's father, to vikings. It continues: "The rise of Giselbert {II} was cut short by his own lawlessness. Maasgau was inherited by Duke Giselbert's nephew, Rudolf, but he and his brother Reginar {III} were disgraced and banished to Bohemia in {958} by Bruno Duke of Lotharingia." Hmm, this is in time for George, son of king Andrew I of Hungary, and father of Maurice Drummond, to have married a woman of Podebrady, Bohemia. It then mentions a Kessel location on the Maas river, and Kessels were suspect with "Gisel."

As Giselbert's son was REGINar, like RAGNvald the viking father of Rollo, by what coincidence do Reagins (illegal metal-on-metal colors of Mose's/Moss') share the colors and format of the Rollo boars, while Rollo's use a "par tout" motto phrase partially for Parrs that happen to share the double fesse bars of ERENs. We just saw ERENfried in the line of Maasgau rulers shortly after Giselbert. When we go to the "passe" motto term of Rollo's, we find the Templar lamb with the Passe/Pascal surname. The Rollo Crest shares the black boar with Mosels/Mossells (same chevron as Kessels) and Babons/Bavents/Babians (Babon was nephew of Bodegisel). Erens (Northumberland) share the red rooster with Kessel-like Kiss', and while Reagans share the blue dolphin with Kennedys (purplish tinge to the dolphin), the latter share the Coat of Kessel-like Cassels. The latter are expected with the Keith Catti in Lothian's Musselburgh area, near the Roslin of Sinclairs.

In the Coat, the Rollo boar is blue, as is the boar in the Crest of Barone's, and while the latter have a "fortuna" motto term, Rollo's use "Fortune." There you have the Este-Bar line through Brunswick to Bernicia. The Giselbert line was in Lotharingia, another name for Lorraine. Rollo was somehow a Sinclair, and the Sinclair cross is also that of Lorraine's Nancy's (ESToile).

As Hainaut used the triple chevrons of Levi's, this is notable: "The date when Reginar [I] was installed as Comte de Hainaut is uncertain but was probably during the last quarter of the 9th century..."(article above).

Richeza and Mieszko had a daughter, Ryksa, who married Bela I of Hungary, brother of Andrew I. I now trace Bela to Eustace II of Boulogne. The Bella/Below Crest is "An arm pouring water from a chalice" [perfect for a Bela link to Eustace, as you will see]. In the Arms of Rijeka/Reka/Rika, there is a double-headed eagle pouring water from a container (that I don't know the official name of). Note that while Bella's/Belows use a "Tout" motto term, Tattons (Tout crescent) can trace to Hungarians: "On the other hand, a concurring tradition has preserved that the three brothers [Bela, Andrew and Levante] were sons of Ladislas the BALD's brother, 'Vazul by some girl from the clan' of Tatony. Modern historians agree that the latter report is more reliable and unanimously write that Levente was born to Vazul and his concubine from the Tatony clan."

Did you notice "the Bald," a potential Baldwin line from the royal son of Eustace II? As I trace Eustace's family to the BALTea/Bautica river, note that BALTimore's/Calverts (Below colors) use a "masghii" motto term, suggesting the rulers of Maasgau that also got Hainaut. As Reginar of Maasgau and Hainaut got suspect with Ragnvald of MORE, note "BaltiMORE." Ragnvald's brother, Malahule of More, is the ancestry of both Massey-suspect Meschins and the Todeni-suspect Tosni's, the latter related, I feel sure, with Taddei's = Tattons-of-Massey. I don't ever recall tracing Tatons to "Tatony," but if this is correct, it looks like Taddei's of the Bouillon circle were at the Tatonys. This recalls the trace of Warin "the Bald" to Taddei's, one and two updates ago. Wikipedia has no article on the Tatony family at this time. A Bello/Belli Coat uses pale bars in the colors of the fesse bars in the Arms of Hungary. As Tottens/Todenhams share the dancette of Twitch's, apparently, it's notable that "Tweed" is Taton-like. As the Ezzonids to which Richeza belonged are suspect with Azzo/Ezzo, founder of Este, note the estoiles in the Tweet Chief.

The Yorkshire-Berwickshire stretch area is where Maxwells were first found whom I trace to Rijeka/Reka/Rika, but as Maxwells were from the Maccus vikings, I expect those vikings, now, with a line from Bodegisal through Giselbert and his son, Reginar, then connecting with Erenfried of Maasgau, ancestor of Rijeka-suspect Richeza (wife of Mieszko). And there is a Rhegin location on the More-suspect Mures river of Transylvania that can apply to Reginar ancestry, for I feel that Ragnvald of More needs to trace back to Rhegin's namers. The Khazars of the Mures river are candidates in that picture. Why are Maas' registered with the Yorkshire Mars? Why are the Burgundy Mars (Mercian suspects) sharing white scallops with the WildMORE's (Lambert colors and format) in the Eyton write-up?

Maasgau is in the area of the lower Rhine, home of Salian Franks that had merged with Sicambrian Franks from Attila's proto-Hungary. So, what we have, apparently, is the Mieszko-Lambert line from Reginar of Maasgau and Hainaut, which can explain the Lamberts of Hainaut (Mons). In fact, English Lamberts are said to be from Hainaut's Lamberts. Then, after Mieszko, who may have been named after a Maasgau variation, the line goes to Bela I (10th century), in time to go to Eustace II (11th century) in some way. Eustace's mother was a daughter of Lambert I of Louvain, and sister of another Lambert, as well as sister to Eustace I of Fiennes, a potential Fane/Veynes/Fien line, which should explain why Fane's/Fien's were first found in MONmouthshire, as per Mons of Hainaut. Hungarians are said to have a language akin to that of FINNO-Ugrics, in case that explains the Fiennes entity.

By the way, if one clicks to Eustace's father (Eustace I of Boulogne), three red-on-gold roundels (in the Arms of Boulogne too) are shown as his entire Shield. Eustace I married Holland, and that's where Maasgau is. When one clicks the link to his wife, Adelina of Holland, her arms are three gold-on-blue fleur-de-lys in Chief, with the same colored vair fur filling the Shield, suggesting a link to the Avesnes relationship with Champagne's.

If the Franconian RAKE is code for Richeza liners, it's notable that a similar design to the rake is used by Busts while French Champagne's have the "bust of a moor..." in Crest. Compare with Hendersons, for while the other Busts are in the "boast" motto term of Nimo's/NemMOKE's (same place as Moor-liner Chappes'), the latter use the same saltire as Andrea's. Nimo's and Busts use the gold cinquefoils, I think, of Ardens i.e. for a trace to Artois (location of Boulogne). It recalls that some Hungarian line married Bavaria (uses Franconian Rake). In fact, it was GISELa of Lorraine and Bavaria roots that married king Stephen of Hungary (predated Andrew / Bela). Gisela was a daughter of the Welf-liner, Gisela of Lorraine and Bavaria (she is in her Wikipedia article standing above the Arms of Lorraine having the Piast eagles for the Mieszko-Richeza marriage). The latter Gisela was daughter of Adelaide of BELLAY, and the Bellay surname (Moor heads) gets Scottish Belli's (Moray) who share the motto of Carpathian-suspect Carpenters (Hungary is beside the Carpathians). THIS IS MOSDT EXCELLENT because I happen to recall a CARPENTRas location that happens to be about 40 miles northwest of Pertuis, the latter where I see trace Andrea's!

Carpentras is so close to Orange that one could hear a blow horn between the two places. It's interesting that the latter Gisela above married "the WRANGler" (duke of Bavaria) an Orange-possible line. Busts's call their rake-like object "indented" while Dents (same place as Bella's/Belows) use what can be a version of the Sale Coat for a trace to Salyes i.e. on the Durance river. Busts can apply to this picture because the "boast"-using Nimo's have the same saltire as Andrea's, and because the Bust symbol is much like the "piles" of Hendersons. While Comines is in Pas-de-Calais along with Boulogne, that being of the Comine/COMING bloodline, Hendersons use "three silver piles COMING from the sinister side..."

Carpenters use "acuta belli" in their motto, suggesting the Cutts and/or Cotta's, the latter sharing a Shield of fretty with Bella's/Belows. The latter use "d'en haut" as possibly code for a Dent / Denet line, and there is a Denaut/Naud/Nault surname (Champagne) that happens to use the ship of French Durants (Dauphine), important because Durants are from the Durance river (location of Pertuis). And Italian Donato's (Umbria) use almost the six bends of Italian Andrea's! Excellent. DANTE's are listed with Italian and English Durants, the latter sharing the DANCEette of Coughs (compare's with Cutt / Dent / Sale Coat), and the fleur-de-lys of Sale's and Coughs. King Cottius, not far from Orange, was son of king Donnus while Donnas' (same place as these kings) are also Dance's. English Dante's/Durants are said to have had a branch in Yorkshire, where same-colored Dents were first found along with Stants/Stans (compare bar with Cutt bar) suspect in the DuraSTANTia variation of Dante's/Durants (Cutts were first found in the same place as STANleys). As Andrea's / Andersons use the Annandale saltire, I gather, it's notable that Nitts/Naughts, first found in the same place as Annandale and the Nith river, are like the Naud variation of Denauds/Naults.

So, the BodeGISEL-suspect Gisels come from Lorraine, and so see the Arms of Lorraine in the Lorraine Coat (Northumberland) but with the latter throwing in green-and-upright lions, the Lyon symbol that can indicate a Lorraine merger with the line of Rusticus of Lyon (his daughter was Bodegisel's great-grandmother and Grimo's great-great-grandmother). I had some of these family relationships confused in the last update, I apologize; I think I have fixed them all. I'm terrible at keeping track of who's whose mother / brother / sister.

The green lions of Lorraine's are colors reversed from those of Moors / Morgans, in case the Moor heads above are for that entity, for Morgan le Fay was the chief witch of Bodegisel-suspect Bute, and this Bute was beloved of the Drakenberg Vere's that are of the Irish Weirs who not only use lozenges in the colors of the Grimaldi lozenges, but on an angle, like the Arms of Bavaria's counts. Compare Scottish Weirs/Vere's to Scottish More's/Moors. French Fays/Fes'/Fez', who share the fox with Bellows (not the Coat of Bella's/Belows) were first found in the same place as "bello"-using Bouillons. Irish Fays (Galway) share a gold boar with Weirs/Vere's, and are therefore suspect with the Porci bend i.e. the Vere boar looks like a Porcius-CATO liner. Galways (Keith motto) use a CAT. Don't let the Irish-Weir write-up fool you into thinking that the surname derives in "Mhaoir," but rather view it as a Vere merger with Mhaoirs (probably Moors/More's, right?). Fays/Fes'/Fez' were, in my opinion, from Fez/Fes, the Moroccan city ruled by Idris of Morocco, the line that I say founded the Scot transition from royal Picts in king MacAlpin (compare motto of Alpin-related Alis' with that of Galways) via Guerin of Provence and/or William de Gellone.

The holly in the Crest of Irish Weirs is interesting where holly is used by Cabbage's that have an "angustis" motto term, for Bela of Hungary married Helena of Angusta, according to an online quote that I accept and promote.

As Vere's (same place as Molle's) ruled Oxfordshire for centuries while the Arms of Oxford uses a beaver, it suggests that English Beavers are using the fesse of Scottish Weirs/Vere's. But if you click over to German Beavers (Faber colors), you'll see plenty of Bab terms that can be from Babon, Grimo's father. There is a question on whether German Beavers are with the Arms of Zurich, but it's the German Egg Shield while English Eggs can be using the Piast / Lorraine eagle.

Recall how Bone's (almost the Champagne bend) were traced to Eustace's / de-Bouillon's family in the last update, for English Lamberts use a reflection of the Coat of Dutch Bone's (Massey fleur?) while being first found in the same place as English Bone's. And Dutch Bone's share the Lambert / Tout crescent. Then compare Toothills with English Bone's. Toothills (David bend) have been resolved with the Eytons of Shropshire, whom are very linkable to Warin "the bald" of Shropshire. And Eytons/Eitons (from EYstein, Malahule's father?) can be gleaned with Aids and Aitons, both first found in Berwickshire.

The family of Ranulph le Meschin, and all of its allies, including proto-Stewarts of Shropshire, rebelled (royal-coup attempt) against the Norman rulers of England, which is why they had to flee to David of Scotland (he created the royal Stewarts, essentially). The EYGHton variation of Eytons might just have been of Egertons (Cheshire). The neighboring Heights/Hyte's (same place as Twitch's) use the cross design, in the same black color, of the Eustace Crest. Eustace II married Ida of Lorraine, and his mother was of Louvain. Wikipedia says that he was one of the few "companions" of William the Conqueror. While Wikipedia is likely wrong to say that his "Gernon" name meant "mustaches," note that Williams use Gernon-like gyronny. Ida of Lorraine was the daughter of Godfrey III of Pierleoni associations, husband of Beatrice of Bar/Lorraine, the latter a wife also of Tuscany, meaning that Godfrey III got entry into Tuscany business.

In Beatrice's article, she was living with her aunt, empress GISELa (born 990), the latter having married Brun I of Brunswick (supported Mieszko I) before marrying the emperor (Conrad II the SALIAN). Gisela's article has her decked out as a Babenberg, a good reason to trace Babenbergs as a lot to a naming from Babon.

At her article, Beatrice of Bar (Bute-related Este liner, right?) is painted in Bute/Butt colors while Butua (now Budva) is near Bar at the coast of Lake Scodra. Beatrice may, therefore, have been from Bodegisel liners, and the latter from Butua. In the article on Beatrice's mother, we find the latter supporting Mieszko II Lambert. The possibility is that the Mieszko-Bela line connects with Bouillons after the time of Eustace II.

My Two Goals and Two Kisses (it's fun to be used of God)

Ida was the mother of the first Templar king of Jerusalem. Her first name is like that of Ita of Metz, wife of Pepin of Landen, that being a family I link tentatively to queen Bebba. Then, the Babe's/Babwells share six pale bars with Italian Belli's, first found in the same place (Berone-like Verona) as Bellino's that use a giant bear paw possibly for Bernicia links (Bebba was at Bernicia). This is a good time to bring back to topic Babon, son of Moline- / Molle-suspect Mummolin. To present what I need to say, I've got to repeat two special events that I claimed was from God so that the props in the event, the only ones I can recall, would be used later in life to make surname connections. Just watch and see how many connections the props in the two events make.

At age 12, it was my first year of organized hockey. I recall nothing in the semi-final match before looking at score board (2-2 tie game), with the time clock showing about two minutes to go in the game. I recall nothing after looking at the time clock but scoring the winning goal. STEVE Tarr took a slap shot from inside the blue line while he and I had a two-on-one break. The puck went off and over the goalie while has was way out of the net, and fallen to the ice after receiving the shot. The puck rolled toward the net but stopped on the goal line, with me skating in, fully alone. And seeing this puck just sitting on the line, my knees gave out for excitement. I slid in, poked the puck into the net as I slid past the goal post, and went into the boards, when the entire bench cleared in celebration, and piled on top of me. It wasn't exactly the Stanley Cup, but, the point is, how does one forget a thing like that?

I had already started to think that this event was for linking Tarrs to Knee's, for example, and it turned out that Pucks use virtually the same Coat as Ottone's. Later, it turned out that the knee would crop up in other events that proved to be Intended for surname elaboration. In the final game, about a week later, I recall nothing (not even the victory celebrations) except the first goal, the fact that we won 6-2, and that Tarr got 4 goals (he was the super-star of the league). For the first goal, Steve Tarr was skating around a defenseman in the CORNER, and when he turned toward the net, I was alone there. He gave me such a gentle pass that I was able to redirect it 90 degrees on a backhand, with enough power that it went sailing over the KNEE PAD of Jim McGEE (a friend) as he kicked it out to block the shot. McGee's were first found in the same place (Dumfries) as pad-like Padyns, suspect with the Patchie variation of Kilpatricks that had a castle on the Nith river. And Patch's share black hunting horns with the Arms of Traby (Poland) while something in Traby married the STICK-suspect Astikas' of Vilnius. I trace Vilnius to the Vilaine area of Brittany, beside the Armor area where we find Jugon.

The theory was that McGEE's (Knight colors) were a branch of Knee's, both suspect with Knights/Nights from the namers of the Nith river in Dumfries-shire, and while Cnuts are suspect in this too, Cnut was the son of Swietoslawa while McGee's use swords in the colors of the Sword swords (Sweet / Lambert / Seward colors) while Swords are from Siward of Northumberland. It's bang-on as per the opening topic of this update's discussion.

Moreover, in addition to what I've resolved about the events' props, I now see that the McGee boar head is red in colors reversed, while Babons use the red boar. Also, Knights use pale bars in the colors of the Belli pale bars so that it starts to appear that the hockey events were for drawing a Babon line to Eustace II, for Babons are said to be from Bavent at CAEN, and Caens (share fretty Shield with Bello's/Belows) are from the Ceno tributary of the Taro, where Tarrs were traced thanks in the first place to Steve Tarr (or I wouldn't likely have stressed Tarrs). Tarrs use pale bars in half the colors of the same of Knights.

After the picture above was proposed (many months ago), the Taro was discovered (by me) partly as the home of the Ananes Gauls (usually they are placed at the neighboring TREBia), and Dumfries is the location also of Annan(dale). Amazing, right? Caens share the five, white ostrich feathers in the Arms of Traby, the best reason for a Caen trace to "Ceno." Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf while Scarfs were first found in the same place as Belli's/Belows, and, moreover, the ermine in the Arms of Vannes (Brittany) wears a scarf.

With the necessity of Eustace II tracing to Cetis/Citis along with the Caen motto, it tends to speak for itself, now, which is why the Cetis-surname lily (in the colors of the Tony flower) is important where it is code for Lille, near Eustace's home. The Arms of Lille use the fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the three in the Coat of English Fabians (same place as Cassandra's/Cassane's), themselves in the colors of the three chevrons of Cassandra's/Cassane's...from king Cassander of Macedonia, suspect now as both Herod and Kilpatrick ancestry.

I should be able to provide evidence that Fabians were of the Babian variation of Caen-area Babons/Bavents, and Andrea Fabian suggests that Babon liners were hooked with Andrew I of Hungary, bang-on topic where Bela is now in view, and moreover Andrea's (Provence) use the Annandale saltire in the colors used of it by the Arms of Ayrshire, while Ayrshire was home to candleSTICK Kyle's, reminding me that Andrea Fabian was at my birthday party wherein 11 candles were blow out, hmm. Eleven billets are used by BESANcons (Bessin / Caen liners?), first found beside/at Mont Pilate, a peak of which is PERDrix. Now that Party / Pardons/Parton liners have traced from Pertuis of Provence to PERTHshire, let's remind that the Vilnius-Valentinian bloodline was with the sword-using Justine's of Perthshire (along with SITHECH Shaws), and meanwhile let's ask, why STEVE Tarr, for Stevensons are Provence kin.

Tarrs had been linked to the scimiTAR symbol that goes partly to the Schims/Shands that share the MOLLE boar-head, and while Molle's are suspect with MumMOLin, Eschyna-de-Molle's daughter married Robert Pollock, son of Fulbert "the Saxon" from Vilaine. This Fulbert is suspect as a son or nephew of Fulbert ("the tanner") of Falaise, whom can be gleaned in the Moline write-up, suggesting a MumMOLIN trace to Fulbert. Fulbert-suspect Fullers share the beacon with German Belli's, such a "coincidence." Tanners use the Shield and Chief colors of Vilains, and share the Moor head with Swords, but as ASTIKAs' of Vilaine elements were STICKS, note that while I POKED the puck into the net, Poke's bring up Pollocks (share hunting horns with the Arms of Traby and with Party-possible BIRTHS/Berts).

Plus, the Moor head is of the Chappes' that share the long chevron of Puck-related Ottone's NorthUMBRIA-suspect Umbria), begging the question on whether Pucks were a Poke/Pollock branch. The Stevens, I kid you not, share the solid chevron in the colors of the same of Ottone's, exposing that God really did set Steve Tarr up for that poke-in-the-puck event, where the puck was poked into the Nith-like NET. And German Steve's even share three pale bars with Knights, and in the colors of the Tarr pale bars.

The puck was on the goal LINE while Scottish Line's/Lends share blue-on-white annulets with Ottone's, in colors reversed from the Puck annulets. Line's/Lends share "virescit" with Stewarts, and may therefore be of Alans/Alends (Dole / Stevenson fleur?). God was speaking to me, have due respect while some would say I'm nutty on this claim. The "Lente" motto term of the Vilaine Plunketts now looks like a Line/Lend liner, especially as German Line's/Lynds share the white horse (same style) with Plunkets. The Perga location of Plancia magna traced well to mythical Perkunas of Lithuania, location of Vilnius. While Perkins use a 'SIMPlex" motto term for a Mr. Simplex, kin / associate of Plancia Magna, Line's/Lynds use a "SEMPer" motto term while Sempers (Essex) share the same two lions of Line's/Lends. The Bramton lions (Alan/Aleng colors) in pale are identical to those of Sempers, and in colors reversed from the two in pale of Brunswicks...which recalls that Luneburg traces well to Langs (i.e. Alan/Aleng suspects), feasibly from the Tanaro's Langhe region.

By the way, the Beverly location in Umbria-suspect HUMBERside (along the Humber river, England) is where English Lends/Lunds were from, whose Coat is a virtual match with that of Aisne-possible Aesons. Beverlys happen to use the Shield and Chief colors of Vilains. The Lends/Lunds are said to be of a Baiton-BEACON area in Beverly, and while Fullers use a beacon, the Fuller motto was suspect with Futters, and here we find that a version of the Futter Coat is used by Baintons/Bantings (Northumberland)! Excellent.

Schims/Chands (same place as Skene's) come up as "Schien" while Skene's/Skins get us to the McGee / Sword swords (in the colors of the Line/Lend spears). Schims/Schiens share "fortuna" with Rollo's while the Schim/Schien and Molle boar heads, in colors reversed, are blue, the color of the Rollo boar head. It's predictable that the Rusticus-Mummolin line was to Rollo.

The Bello/Below Crest: "An ARM pouring water from a chalice." It's possible that the chalice was originally a jug, for Juggs/Judds trace well to Cotes-d'Armor (Brittany), location of JUGon. [I didn't know while writing here that Juggs were first found in the same place as Chalice's.] Plus, McGee's share the white-on-red boar head with Juggs/Judds and Mea's/Meigh's, the latter therefore tracing to the Meu river through the Jugon / Armor area. Chalice's/Chalis' are said to be from Pas-de-CALAIS (compare with "CHALIS"), where Boulogne is located, that being home to Eustace II. It's perfect for indicating a Bela-Eustace link. Chalice's can be suspect with Herod of Chalcis (Syria), closely related to BERENICE Agrippa (of Herod Agrippa), whom I trace to the naming of Bernicians. One could get the impression that Herods from Chalcis named Pas-de-Calais.

Burns speak on a Bernys location in Renfrewshire, where Poke's/Pollocks were first found. Burns and related Bernice's (CUMBERland, beside NorthUMBERland) both use more black hunting horns, as do Fulbert-suspect Berts/Births that I now trace to Beards/Bearts of Brittany. Burns / Bernice liners are thus linking to Trabys / Astikas' expected in Brittany. Recalling that after poking in the puck, I slid into the BOARDs, the Bert-like BORDers come to mind, first found in the same place as Tarrs, Roets, and Beart-like Brets/Brits (familiar lion in Crest). Borders use the same swords again as McGee's and SWORds, and Obama's skateBOARD was linkable to Boards because they use a version of the SEWER/Suter Coat. Skayte's/Sheets are a branch of Skits to be found in the "vireSCIT" motto term of LINE's/Lends, and I poked the puck across the LINE with SKATES on. I got Andrea Fabian a BOARD game for her gift, as well as a Roet-related book on TARzan. I knew there needed to be a good reason for getting her these lousy gifts.

I do not recall, when pointing out the GAME board recently, telling that English Fabians are said to be from Fabianus of CAM, just a spectacular piece of evidence that God is speaking to us through this event nearly 40 years later, for Cams come up as "Game," and moreover, zowie, the Cam/Game Coat is identical to that of English Babels/Babwells! Excellent. It appears that God used Andrea to show that Fabians were Babons/Babians. The last update showed that another Fabian surname shares the Grimaldi Coat while Babon was father to Grimo. I am a Grimaldi on my mother's side! Amazing. If I did KISS her, that goes to Kiss' sharing the red rooster with BABcocks, while Grimaldi's / Fabians share the Cock Coat. Compare the two Fabian Coats with two Crone Coats.

All I recall is coming near to Andrea, when asking her for a hug, but it was very short and polite, though I can't recall if I kissed her on the cheek (definitely not on the lips). However, the fact that Cheeks were first found in the same place as Babons/Babians (share red fesse with Baintons) suggests that I did kiss her. And Cheeks share the crescents of Baintons/Bantings (see above) said to be from an old BADington location, feasibly of the BADcock variation of Babcocks. In the article below, one can see Babon, father of a child of unknown name and parent of duke Badon...which can explain a Babcock-versus-Badcock variation. In the article, AdelGISEL Grimo (ruled between the Meuse and the Rhine) is made Babon's son. In fact, this recalls that Baths/Atha's use the Artem cross in colors reversed.

Badings/Bads/Baade's are in Bath colors (probably a branch of Bats/Baats) and share the same bend as Chaucers. There is even a bat (Bat/Baat symbol) in the Babbington Crest (Northumberland, queen-Bebba theater). Chaucers use a tortoise while Babbingtons ("Foy est tout") use 10 torteaux (red roundels). I suggest that Chalice's/Chalis' are using the bars of the Orleans', for the latter use torteaux between bars while Chalice's use besants between bars. The write-up speaks on Little BAVINGton (Northumberland), like the Bavent/Bavin variation of Babons. As Northumberland was home to the line of Sitric Caech, grandfather to Maccus that named Mackays, note that French Bavins/Babins use a reflection of the Mackay / Macey Coats, suggesting that the Maccus line was in cahoots with the queen-Bebba line.

Definitely, at the funeral of Mr. Grimaldi, my uncle, FABRicia kissed me on both cheeks, as is appropriate at funerals between distant relatives. But no one else that day kissed me. English FABERs were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Babons/Babians. As she hadn't seen me since we were children (when I was about 11, same age as I hugged / kissed Andrea Fabian), she said to me, "You're a man," and then leaned over to kiss me. I don't recall speaking another other words with her. I therefore looked up the Man surnames to find one with a "STABILis" motto term, reminding that Catherine Roet was from the Estaples location beside Montreuil. The Stable's/Staplers happen to share a red saltire with Andrea's, and in both colors of the Anderson (and Tweed) saltire, and moreover Stable's/Staplers (very Annan-like) were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Roets.

As Estaples was in/beside Artois, the "Etaples" version may even be of some variations of the Table surname (shares hurts with Artois-liner Arthurs). In that case "round table" may have been code for Roet-Etaples liners, period. If I recall correctly, Rounds use a SLEEPING lion, connectable to the sleeping-moon line of Roets. Don't Rounds share the same chevron as Roet-beloved Books/Boggs? Yes, and the SLEEP/SLEPE surname of SALOP is being traced to the SELEPitanoi Illyrians near the southern boundary of the Ardiaei Illyrians, and while Miss Hicks -- representing the Hicks-Arthur marriage in Selepitanoi-like Claptons (Somerset), was asleep in the Carr, the sleeping theme was of Endymion, and his moon goddess, of CARIA! Plus, she was in the car upon a beach in SUMMER, which may relate to SOMERset (where Roets, and round-table Percivals, were first found). I've just looked up Summers (share the ermined, white fesse with Sleeps) to find they were of a Sommeri location near Round-like Rouen.

One Clapton Coat shares the same bend as Plunketts, and it's white and ermined. The wavy bendlets of Claptons are code for Weavers (same place as Claptons) and Webbers, the latter, first found in the same place as the Clapton location, using six wavy bars in the colors of the wavy bendlets of Claptons. The Webber fleur are colors reversed from the same of Constantine's and Jeune's, but then see the Pepin fleur.

Aha! The Staple's share the red-on-white fleur-de-lys of English Fabians! And, moreover, Fabers share the crosslet style of Irish Burys while English Burys (could be the Masci bend) share a version of the Staple bend, important because Fabers are said to by of a Bury St. Edmunds entity. If Burys are using the Masci bend, by what coincidence was my mother's father a Mr. Masci? That is, with Fabians we are at my mother's Grimaldi side, and with Fabers we come to a Masci possibility. Bury is a location near Bolten, both in the outskirts of north-western MANchester, and the following locations are at the south of Manchester's suburbs: "The manor of Dunham is recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086 as having belonged to Aelfward, a Saxon thegn, before the Norman Conquest and to Hamo[n] de Masci afterwards. The Barons de Masci also had control over the manors of Baguley, BOWDON, Hale, PARTington [Party liners?], and Timperley." Bowdons/Boudens (Lys- and Bautica-river suspects), first found in Cheshire, are also Bouldens. These locations are near Dunham-Masci, and close to Macclesfield. It can appear that Isle-of-Man elements in southern Manchester (once Cheshire) were from Maccus elements in particular, for he formed an alliance with Saxons, probably in the Cheshire area (where he met with them).

Timperleys and Temple's both were first found in Cheshire, but Temple's can be with the eagle in the Massi/Mattis Chief. Temple's and MASTers (same place as Timms/Time's) share "quam" with CAMbridge's (and Rounds) so that the Cams/Game's can apply (because Cambridge is on a Cam river). Bowdens share the red lion head of MUSTs/Mousquette's/Muschats, first found in same place as Babons/Babians while both use two red fesses! Bingo. Plus, while Hamons use "pean," which is the name for gold ermine spots on black, Babons use black ermine spots on gold.

As the Partington Crest shares a hand holding an anchor with the Irish Ailward crest, and as the Ailward Coat (Bute/Butt estoiles?) has possibly the Masci / Bury fleur, I may have found the Aelfward Saxon ruler of Dunham in Ailwards, first found in the same place as Babons/Babians (a good reason to link the Ailward estoiles to a Bodegisel line to Bute's/Butts). This recalls that Dunhams use a version of the BUTler Coat, and while Butlers throw in cups, the Pilotte / Pellet symbol, Partingtons use nothing (in Shield) but three DOWNward-pointing pheons, the Pilate symbol, while Partys were traced compellingly to Perdix at Mont Pilat. I herein am finding that Babon is indeed tracing to Masci's liners, and, much, much later, a Masci would marry a Grimaldi to produce my mother. God then calls me to make this revelation. But why?

English Ailwards can be using the lozenges of Baguleys in colors reversed, and they are gold, the color of the Anchor lozenges. The Baguley estate was sold to Leghs, we read, which reminds that Fussen/Foetes, on a Lech river of Germany, uses roughly the three legs in the Arms of the Isle of Man. The Baguley lozenges are blue, as are the Arms of Bavaria known to be obtained from the Bogens (Bug colors) that happen to use Bagel-like variations. Bogens/Bugle's/Bugels share the bow with Bute-colored Bude's, I get it (suggests, amongst other things, that Grimoald of Bavaria was a line from Grimo / Bodegisel circles).

The Babbington Crest: "A bat carrying a scroll". "Carrying" was traced solidly to castle Cary (same place as Roets) of the Leavells. Scrolls are in the write-up of their kin, the Sunderlands, suspect with Sutherlands, while Mackays were first found in Sutherland. Roets have a motto term suggesting Cary liners that will shortly be linked to Master liners. Catherine Roet's sister married Mr. Chaucer, whose surname (Cheek colors) is a branch of Chalcis-like Chalkers while Roets (almost the Molle / Schim boar head) are suspect with Redone-line Herods. Payne Roet, Catherine's father, was in Montreuil, in Chalis-suspect Pas-de-Calais. The Roet boar heads are those also of Gords, the latter said to be from the Tweed river (Bernicia).

While I'm making a lot of sense digging for what God would like to see exposed, it's complicated. What story exactly am I to tell? I accidentally spelled "Feber" above, and got a stag head in the colors of the Trump stag head. Febers were first found in the same place (Savoy) as Massa's. To replace Flynn, Trumps has chosen H.R. McMASTER (national-security advisor), and Masters (Roet-moon colors) share the Roet motto term under discussion. Masters (share embattled fesse with the "stabilis"-line Mans) were first found in the same place as Massey-related Hamons and Masons/Massins, and while Trump has chosen general Mattis, Italian Mattis' come up as "Massi," and moreover the latter share the checks of the Arms of MASSA-CARRara, having a term like the "quaerere," the Master / Roet motto term.

There is a question on whether Trump's team was itself responsible for the over-throw of Flynn in exchange for McMaster, as per pressure from the Mattis team (there were many standing behind him to have him run as president this past election). There is a good argument here for a Roet-moon trace to MONunius I (Dardania), founder of Maccabees (says me) who evolved into Massey / Master liners.

The Feber stag head is in the colors of the Down/Douns stag, and in colors reversed from the stag head of Hanna's, the latter first found in the same place as Dunbars of Mochrum. The Downs/Douns, likely a branch of Downhams/Dounhams/Dunhams, are said to have named ROOSdown (Devon), as well as a Ralphdown location from Ralph de Downe. That should explain why one Ralph surname (same place as Rose's) shares the water bouget with the Rose's (and Bugs), the latter first found beside the Roos/Ross clan. But "ROOSDown" is like "Roost" while Roosts/Rusts share the black fitchee with Hanna's. I have been tracing the Hanna fitchee to the same of DAVENports, but this is the first time I recall finding that DAVENs could be DOWNs. French Davins (lilies) are listed with the Brittany Davis'/Davids, and Obama is suspect as a son of Frank Marshall Davis. Downs do come up as "Dowen." Davenports loaned / adopted their fitchee from an Arms of Macclesfield because both entities were in East Cheshire.

So, while Febers can link to Downs, Fabers use the fleur of Lille in colors reversed while Davins/Davis' use lilies, the Chadwick / Cetis symbol. I don't know whether Roosts developed from a rooster symbol in the Rusticus line, or from "Rostock," but if Rusticus goes to ERENfried of Maasgau, it's notable that the Erens use the red rooster, shared by Babcocks. Erens are in Aaron/Aren colors, and Arun's Arundels share the swallow with Lille's.

The question arises as to whether Babon and similar terms, including Babels and Bebels/Beavers, were of Bibo's/Bible's, for, indeed, the latter share the red rooster with Babcocks/Badcocks/Batcocks. It should be said that while I found cause to trace trace Rostock to Roxolani Alans, Babcocks share the single pale bar with ROXburghs, and the latter share the white horse with Rush's. While Battins share the eye with Watts and Vatts/Watters, there is a Waters surname sharing the blue pale bar with Roxburghs. Rush's are in Bath colors, and while the eye of Badens/Battins (same place as Baths) traces to Eye, the latter is at Suffolk, where Rush's and Babons/Babians were first found. "Battin" became suspect with "Watt" because both surnames use the eye, and Watts were first found in the same place (Worcestershire) as Babcocks.

While I've been insisting that Bibo's were from "Vibia," mother of Laevillus, I can't recall how good the evidence was for such a claim. I don't recall the evidence being strong, yet my instincts have permitted me to make the claim in a solid way. "Vibia" is suspect with Vivians/Veys, and similar terms that I get to shortly as per Rusticus ancestry. As good evidence for a Bibo/Bible trace to Vibia, English Leavells were first found in the same place as Baths / Battins, while Scottish Leavells were first found in Roxburghshire, as were Mummolin-suspect Molle's and the Maxwells that share the same saltire of Roosts/Rusts, though Maxwells also used a red saltire when merged with Ros' (branch of Rose's), in both colors of the Artem cross. As Ross' are said to be from an Andrew, it suggests that Maxwell-Ros was using the Anderson saltire, and this should trace to Andrea's not far from Lyon, in case Rusticus of Lyon applies. Artems use roses, highly suspect with the Rosicrucian rose.

As I've confused the reader as to who was whose parent / brother, let me lay it out here first, before going to earlier times in the ancestry of Rusticus, which is very enlightening:

Rusticus of Lyon (born around 455 AD) was father to Artemia, wife of Florentinus, very important when we get to Clermont-FERRAND.

Florentinus (born around 485) and Artemia were parents of the wife of MUNDeric, he suspect with AMYNTes, the latter being ancestor of Leavillus' wife and father of ARTEMidoros (suspect as Artemia's ancestor).

Munderic was father to Mummolin, and the latter father to Bodegisel and Babon. The latter was father to an unknown child that was in-turn parent of Badon, suspect as the line to Baden, Germany, Baden Switzerland (near Zurich), Badens/Battins, Baths, and Badenoch of the Ross / Rose theater.

According to Wikipedia, Rusticus of Lyon was the great-grandson of Decimus Rusticus (born around 370) and Artemia...which gets the Artemia name still further back, and fairly close to Artemidoros (1st century BC). This latter Artemia was a daughter of yet another Artemia, signalling that there could have been still-earlier Artemia's. The earliest Artemia above was of Clermont-FERRAND, recalling the English Ferrends/Ferrands (axe, symbol of Battins/Badens) that I trace to Firenze/FLORENCE (the city), which is why Florentinus is important here, otherwise, my trace of Ferrends to the Taddei Chief would have a problem, if Ferrends trace instead solely to the Clermont area (France). As Taddei's use the flory cross of Bouillons, with the latter first found in Auvergne, just gawk at this:

...Artemia of Clermont-Ferrand (then Augustonemetum) in Auvergne (Arvennia) (born say 355), and they were the parents of a son (b. ca 400), who was a Vicarius of a province in Gaul under the father of Sidonius Apollinaris...

The above tends to verify that the triple-red chevrons of Taddei's were those also of Clare's, the latter first found in the same place as Babons/Babians and Eye. I get the impression that there had been a Tuscany relationship with Auvergne long before Godfrey de Bouillon, and in fact Bouillons look like Taddei's proper from as early as one of the Artemia's. I haven't known the Italian Ferrands/Feranti's until now, and this is a break-through, not just because they were first found in Florence, but because they use the Fer/Ferrat Coat. I link Clermonts (keys) to French Claviere's (share keys with Plunkett-related Clavers), first found in Auvergne, and Clavier's should be from Glaphyra Archelaus (Plancia's grandmother/mother, I forget which), who married Herod Archelaus...i.e. of the Lyon area.

I have Plancia Magna jotted down as daughter of Plancius Varus, a potential Fer / Vair liner to Farrands. I also have Plancia jotted down as sister to Alexander Maccabee-Herod, husband of Julia of Cetis, parents of OpGALLI, potential ancestor of Gallia, wife of Decimus Rusticus. Opgalli's line furnished Quadratilla Bassus, wife of Laevillus, son of Vibia.

Wikipedia goes on, saying that Rusticus and Gallia "were the parents of Aquilinus (ca 430 - ca 470), a nobleman at Lyon, schoolfellow and friend of Sidonius Apollinaris and the father of St. Viventiolus and his brother St. Rusticus, Archbishop of Lyon." VIVENtiolus can be a Vibia line to Vivians/Veys, especially as F French Veys use the cinquefoils of Artem-like Ardens (in the "Ardens" motto of same-colored Perts/Petts) in colors reversed, while Dutch Veys use a boot for Bodegisal-suspect Bute. Moreover, Vivians/Veys were first found in Cornwall, location of Bude. As Bude's share the bow with Bogens (earliest-known owners of the Bavarian lozenges), let's now go to Bodegisel-Bobo, the name that Wikipedia gives to Bodegisel at his wife's article. At Bodegisel's page, we read:

According to Hans-Walter Herrmann and Ulrich Nonn, confusion between Bodegisel and a later duke named Bobo is responsible for the semi-legendary duke Boggis who appears in sources from the ninth century on.[1] Bobo was a member of an illustrious Austrasian family and a nephew of the deacon Adalgisel Grimo

I haven't looked into this "confusion," but what I can add is that Bogens (Bug colors) look like they are from that Boggis entity as it related to Bodegisel, explaining why Bude's use the bow and therefore tending to clinch Bude of Cornwall as a Bodegisel line. The Roet / Reed-beloved Books are Boggis' too, and Roets were first found beside Cornwall. Both Reed and Books/Boggis' (Berwickshire, expected from Este liners at Brunswick, in cahoots with Bebba liners) share the red-on-white stag head of the PERTHshire Colts/Cults. The latter are the ones sharing the Pilate pheon, which you will find Munderic-interesting below. The Bude's use a seven-pointed star in the gold color of the eight-pointed estoile of Nancys (Este-laden area of France) in both colors of the Bute/Butt estoile.

As it appears that God use 10-year-old Andrea to send us a message about Pertuis, note Wikipedia on Munderick: "Munderic (died 532/33) was a Merovingian claimaint to the Frankish throne. He was a wealthy nobleman and landowner with vast estates in the region around Vitry-le-Brule (now Vitry-en-PERTHOIS) near Chalons-sur-Marne." This is in Grand EST [could have been Este origins], notable because it's not far from Bar-le-Duc, a line from Italy's Este, itself paired politically with Fer-suspect Ferrara. If I recall correctly, Chalons-sur-Marne (Moselle) was Chatillon, the entity that merged with the counts of Blois, and which I think used a version of the pale bars of Knights, first found in Suffolk, same as Blois', Babons, Battin-related Eye, and Fabers. This makes a viable trace of Munderick elements to Suffolk. Suffolk is where Child- / Childeric-suspect Diss'/Dice's were from, and Munderic was probably a Childeric liner, by the sounds of it. The Arms of Lorraine are suspect with the Child eagle.

I'm reading that Vitry-en-Perthois is at a Chee river, recalling the dancette of Chee's/Cheatle's and the school-room dance that my teacher held when Andrea was in my class. But I danced with Nancy, while Nancy is a location at Lorraine, the very area under discussion (though some 100 miles separate Chalons from Nancy). The cross of Nancys (Cornwall, same as Vivians/Veys) is in the colors of the Roost/Rust cross. The Chee-related Les Hauts-de-Chee is a commune in the arrondissement of Bar-le-Duc. Reminder, Perthois-like Perts/Petts use bulRUSHES. The Tren-using variations of Nancys are suspect with Childeric liners and Trans'/Trents from Terentia Murena / Terentius Varro Murena, and Murena's share two eagles / birds looking both right and left (not common) with Claviere's. The Claviere description tells of another Coat used, with keys and a white-on-red saltire, colors reversed from the Anderson saltire.

Vitry-en-Perthois is where the Chee meets the Saulx, and Saulx's/Saux's/SCHAUTs/SCHEAUTs (Burgundy) use the same lion as Ferrara's, though clawed and langued red, as with the Sforza lion. The Shoe's/SCHUCHs use a "knight" and "knee" term in their description, and that makes Schuchs and even Skeochs/Skits / Sheets/Skayte's suspect as a branch of the namers of the Saulx river, especially if Knights do use the count-of-Chatillon pale bars. At my birthday PARTY (suspect with Pertuis) wherein Andrea came, I tied up my SHOE. Why do I remember that? It was my running shoe, which has me looking at Runnings, using a fesse like that of Chee's, but colors reversed. The white Running fesse is wavy rather than a dancette, however, but so is the white fesse of French Ferrands (expected with Clermont-Ferrand), who may be using the three downward arrowheads of Pilate's as per the PERDrix peak at Mont Pilate. PARTingtons are the ones sharing three, downward pheons of Pilate's.

See also the Brittany Robins, a possible branch of Propers/Robins/Roberts (same place as Chee's and sharing the same-colored fesse) that share the key with Clermonts and Claviere's. The "Vivit" motto term of the other Robins, and the colors of their chevron, suggest merger with a branch of Vivians/Veys. The "Manus" and "TYRANnis" motto terms of Propers/Robins should apply, and "TyranNIS"" may even be double code, one for Nysa of Cappadocia, expected with Nice's / Ness' that use two chevrons in the colors of the Proper/Robin chevron. Nysa had offspring, another Nysa, if I recall correctly, of Biden-suspect BITHYNia, and Bidens use the same chevron again. Propers/Robins use the Robert / Forman / Brunswick lion, and Formans (Fier-county liners) share the dragon of Worms while Worms, Germany, was origin to the Robertian royals of France, known founders of the CAPETian dynasty. CAPPADocia was beside Perta of lake Tatta, and we are playing all over Taddei liners here with Clermont-Ferrand. It looks like the Capetians were from Nysa of Cappadocia, and moreover Cappadocia liners are expected in the motto of Cetis-liner Geddes' who use Picenum-suspect pike fish.

Aha! As Caiaphas is suspect both from Quintus Caepio and Cappadocia liners, and as I expect Caiaphas from one of the three JUNIA Caepionis' (Quintus' great-granddaughters), note the NISS'/Nisi's (Rhineland) that I'm not familiar with, using the June / Jeune fleur-de-lys along with the Quint chevron! That looks right. If I recall correctly, the Caepionis mother of the Junia's married Mr. Livius, and so note that the Levin martlets that can be in the Niss/Nisi canton.

As Wassy is near (25 miles roughly) Virty-en-Perthois, it's notable that Wassy's/Gace's were first found in Cornwall. They with Washingtons are suspect with the Nice / Ness bars, and as Wassys/Gace's use a canton because Washingtons use the Canton/Ganton Coat in colors reversed, I expect the Niss/Nisi canton to apply.

As the Saulx's/Saux's use a "traHUNT" motto term, it's feasible that this surname could be a relation of the Orange hunting horn and therefore identifies the Saulx/Saux lion as that of Nassau's. The Saux variation may have furnished the Sachs. While "Perdrix" is like mythical Perdix, the latter was given a partridge symbol by the ancients, and Saxe's use the partridge. The largest Saulx tributary is the Fier-like Viere. Viers (Bologna) look like a merger with Panico's of Bologna, and Partridge's share the black-and-white checks (filling the Shield) of Pepoli's, first found in Bologna. It appears that Saxe's are thus discovered as a branch of the namers of the Saux variation of Saulx's, and this recalls that while Skeets / Skayte liners are also SHEETs, Panico's were at the SETTA valley! Excellent. I had traced Skits and Skeets' to the Setta (years ago) on little more than some combined whims, but this is a clincher, I can feel in my Bononias. Note that the label of Panico's and Viers is for La Bels/Labels, likely part of the "bello" motto term of Bologne-related Bouillons.

I feel that I am skating to the Fiennes line. The latter (same as Fiens/Finis'), sharing the Sault/Saux lion, apparently, are said to be from the earl of Boulogne, and have an "aniMUM" motto term. The Fiennes Coat is used by the entity, Saye and SELE.

The red bend in the Partridge Coat must be that of Perts/Petts, firs found in Kent, the same place as Partridge's and English Petits. French Petits use the Sault/Saux lion, minus the red claws and tongue, which assumes a fully-red lion used by some kin, and red is the color of the giant lion of English Petits. Perhaps it's coincidental, perhaps not, but when a lion comes with different-colored claws, it's called "charged," while Char(d)s use the partridge too. Tongue's can be code for Tongeren (Meuse-river theater), the location of GONDulph, Munderic's other son. The Arms of Tongeren uses vair and a swan. As Tongeren is in Belgium, the Belgian Gone's/GUENETs can apply to "Gondolph." I trace Gone's to the gonFANON banner, part-code for Fanano, suspect with Fiens/Fane's that use the GAUNTlet glove. This picture looks linkable to Fiennes.

It's not hard to see that Jeune/Genn variations could become Cantons/Gantons, Gaunts/Gants (Kent), and Gone's (the latter share the red bend with Gaunts and Partridge's). The virgin in the Arms of Gaunt is for the Virgins of Kent, using the same lion as Petits.

As Munds/Munts use the peacock of Manners/Maness', note that the latter's Coat is a reflection of the Vivian/Vey Coat, and that while Mens' are said to be a branch of Manners (Northumberland, beside Yorkshire), Mens' use the Shield and Chief colors of English Ferrands (Yorkshire). Manners/Maness' are the ones who love the Parrs who in-turn use the Eren bars now tentatively suspect with Erenfried of Maasgau.

Metz is closer to Nancy than to Perthois. If you follow Arnulf of Metz where he's made to son of Bodegisel (Mummolin article), Wikipedia tells of his proposed ancestry in Flavius Afranius Syagrius, and the latter's Afranius name is said to have been from Picenum, which recalls that Valentinian-related Wings/Winks and Justus'/Justine's were first found in PERTHshire (Valentinian I married Justine, daughter of Justus of Picenum). Therefore, a trace of Perthshire to Perthois and Pertuis looks bang-on. But then the father of Pontius Pilate is said to have mated (as a Roman ambassador) with a Pict of Perthshire to birth Pontius Pilate, exactly why Perdrix should apply to this entity too. Erens share blue-on-white scallops with Perts/Petts. By all appearances, this Perth entity was Merovingian.

Ancestry of Valentinian's Wives

Remember, Mandy/Mundays use the same cross as Baths, and if PartRIDGE's were a Perta-line merger with Ridge's, note that Ridge's use both the Mandy / Bath cross and the Manner/Maness peacock design. The Ridge Coat looks like a version of the Irish Curry Coat (gold rooster in Crest), using the same saltire as Claviere's and Brisons for a trace to Montbrison near Mont Pilat. Then, Scottish Currys (same place as gold-rooster Sinclairs) share the red rooster with Kiss'/Cush', cushion-using Bibo's/Bible's, and the Babcock - Cock duo. Brisons (Berwickshire) use not only use the Robin motto ("VIVit post funera virtus"), but the white-on-red Robin pheon! In colors reversed, this pheon is red, the color of the Partington pheon, all tending to clinch a trace of these pheons to the Pilate pheons. As the Brison Crest looks to be using the Brech horn, Brecks are probably a Brison branch, but, in colors reversed, the Breck horns are the Orange horns. "Funera" is suspect with Gratianus Funarius, father of Valentinian I. Currys are in Valentin colors, and share the gold rooster with Gratian-suspect Greats (Robin colors).

This recalls that, as one of the first major Signs around my place, as many as five years ago, a robin was frittering up and down upon the outside of a window. Although I played with it, scaring it away repeatedly, it would return, and fritter away some more, for at least an hour. It did this until I realized that it was code for looking itself in the mirror, and I was able to make a logical link at that time to Melusine's mirror. I don't ever recall tracing Robins to Valentinian, as was done above, as I didn't have sufficient heraldic knowledge at that time, nor do I know whether Valentinian had yet become a topic at all. But I can now add that Valentinian's wife is in some Sire symbols while the Sire Coat has "a green snake looking at himself in a mirror." Believe it or not. That frittering robin must have been God's plot to get me to say what I just did, at the appropriate time (i.e. right now). Shortly after the robin, squirrel Signs began, and Squirrels are Squire's, an obvious branch of Sire's (because Valentins use squirrels).

The line of his wife, Justine, linked to the Arms of Vilnius as well as to the Assi's of SHETland that share the FASCES with the Arms of Vilnius. And because Face's/Fessys (same cross as Baths) love the Segni's/Segurana's of Genoa, where Fieschi lived, the fasces code becomes identified thereby, for Segni's share the moline cross of Sibals, from Cibalae, where Gratian birthed Valentinian. Sibal(d)s were of Fife (at Bologna-like Balgonie), where the Coat of Vivians/Veys traces (to Fife's and Five's), and Robins are suspect with the Vivian/Vey chevron in colors reversed. The Arms of Vilnius shares the anchor and the weight scale (or scale of justice) of Sire's, but see also Justine's. Vilnius was traced to Brittany's Vilaine, and pheon-using Robins were first found in Brittany.

Robins are said to be from northwest Brittany, mainly or in particular, which is the province of Finistere. As Launay is in Finistere, note that Launays use lozenges in colors reversed from the Sire lozenges. Launays were first found in London while Sibalds were merged with Lundys, a branch of Londons. Launay became a topic at all, not many weeks ago, as per a squirrel bouncing off my chest, twice, on two different occasions, as I was intruding its nest at two different locations. I assumed that "breast" could apply, and found the Brests (lozenges), from Brest at Launay. Brests are also Brix's, and use lozenges in colors reversed from those of Bricks, and we saw why Brecks can link to Brison-related Robins, but then Brix's can be of the Brisons. Having said that, I looked up Brice's (scales of justice!) to find another "Justitia" motto term, used by the Arms of Vilnius, Sire's and Sibals! Brice's are using the Bruce / Annandale Shield Coat in colors reversed, and it has the same saltire as Picenum-suspect Pike's/Pickens. Figure on an Abruzzo-Picenum merger all the way to royal Scotland (Sire's can be sharing the Abreu/Abruzzo tower).

Valentinian's first wife was Severa, or Marina. Historians apparently don't know which of the two names was her important one. "Severa" seems traceable to emperor Septimius Severus about two centuries earlier. Valentinian then married Justine, the widow of Magna-like Magnentius. Note how the six-pronged cross on the back side of his coin looks like the makings of the potent cross. The symbol was popular. It's made of a saltire using two crutch-like members, but with a third coming vertically as a letter, P, apparently, the capital of "Potent."

Justina had two known brothers, Constantius and Cerealis. One of her daughters was named Galla. In La Pseudobigamie de Valentinien I (1958), J. Rouge argues all three names were representative of their descent from the Neratius family, an aristocratic family connected to the Constantinian dynasty through marriage.

As Constantine I had affiliations with Illyrians, I prose that the Neratius family above was from the Neretva river, origin also of the British Arthurians from the Ardiaei Illyrians. Arthurian myth even liked the name, Constantine. As OpGALLi was related by marriage to Plancia Magna, Justine's daughter, Galla, might possibly be from a previous Galla in the family. "Flavius Valerius Constantinus, as he was originally named, was born in the city of Naissus, (today Nis, Serbia) part of the Dardania province of Moesia on 27 February, probably c. 272 AD. His father was Flavius Constantius, an Illyrian, and a native of Dardania province of Moesia." Naissus is off the old Margus river north of the Paioni.

It suddenly doesn't look coincidental that the Niss/Nisi surname shares, not just the Jeune fleur, but those of English Constantine's. Sleeps/Slepe's use two fesse bars in colors reversed from the same of Ness'. Slepe-like Slavs lived at Nis and surroundings. I trace the Junia Caepionis' to Servitium, what seems like the perfect term for naming the Serbs i.e. that lived at Naissus.

Like Caracalla's father roughly a century before him, Constantine's father -- Marcus Flavius Valerius Constantius -- died in Yorkshire, at that time called, Eboracum. The father's Flavian name may indicate descent from Vespasian. The father's father was EUTRopius, which might just be to the Other surname, as well as to mythical (codeword) UTHER Pendragon, for the Others are said to be the origin of Windsors i.e. at Berkshire's Windsor castle while Constantine's were first found in Berkshire. The STANTS, whom I see in the Arthur motto, were first found in Yorkshire and may have been the reason for "ConSTANTine." The Watch's/Wedge's, first found in the same place as Pendragons, and using a chevron with symbols in the colors of Rounds (see also Utter chevron), and in colors reversed from the same of Pendragons, are in the motto of Others. The latter are in Niss/Nisi colors, and the latter share a red chevron with Wich's/Wyke's while Watch's/Wedge's are also "Wych."

Utters are interesting for using the Shield and Chief colors of Saluzzo's, for I trace mythical GorLOIS to Luisa of Ceva, mother of Alice of Saluzzo. As Gutter/Cutters (dragons) use the Shield and Chief colors in colors reversed, while "Gutter" was looked up as per the "guttee" (blood drops) of Utters, that can work. Gutters/Cutters were first found in the same place (Dorset) as Quints while Niss'/Nisi's use the same chevron as Quints.

I link Gore's/Core's to the Windsor crosslets and therefore identify mythical GORlois as a Saluzzo-line merger with Gore's, and then Gore's/Gowers (share white wolf with Gore's/Core's), first found in Yorkshire, share the black flory cross with Wichs/Wyke's (and Monunius-suspect Monans/Moonans). It's nearly the moline cross of Ceva-suspect Chives', and while Ceva is at a Cevetta river, Cavetts share eight horizontal bars with Gore's/Gowers. The latter are said to have had a Gouy entity, and there is a Gouy location in Aisne of Picardy while Cavetts (Saluzzo colors) were first found in Picardy.

I always link Gore's/Core's to Yonge's/Youngs, both first found in Essex, where Quints were likewise first found (in Dorset and Essex). Yonge's are the one's with a "jeune" motto term, and here while the Jeune's (same place as June's and Caepionis-like Capone's) look like a merger with Constantine's, the Watch's/Wedge's (Cornwall, same as Gorlois) use three wedges that look like they can be the Yonge piles. Moreover, the three Yonge piles are in the colors of the same of Scottish Leavells, first found in Roxburghshire along with Utters. Wich's/Wyke's (suspect with the Wych variation of Watch's/Wedge's) were first found in Somerset, same as the English Leavells (six horizontal bars in the colors of the eight of Gowers/Gore's). Leavells were at CARY castle (same place as Carian-liner Roets) while Wykes' use a "Cari" (and "carent") motto term. Wykes' use a "dexter arm emBOWed" while Bows share a motto term of Roets. We can assume that Wykes' use the BATTLE axes of Battins/Badens. While Leavells were from Yvery, Iverys are said to be from a BATTAILE entity in Eure, home of the Ebroicum/Eburovices that named Eboracum = York.

There were less than two centuries between Constantine's father and Lupus Laevillus, and it's very possible that Constantine descended from Caracalla's family (the latter may not have been married but is expected to have had some children).

The pine-using Constance's are very traceable to Ardiaei because of king Pinnes of the Ardiaei. Pinnes was related to queen Teuta of the Ardiaei, and while I forget the details, she was alive about the time that the Ardiaei married the family of king Monunius II of Dardania; see the crescents of Moons, first found in the same place as Pine's) This was four-to-five centuries before Constantine, signalling the possibility that he was from the Monunius / Pinnes / Teuta line. The Others, suspect with EUTRopius (Constantine's grandfather) share the red crescent with Teuta-suspect Tute's/Toots (Yorkshire, where Constantine's father died). Toothills were first found in Cambridgeshire, same as Constantine-related June's / Jeune's. See the crescents also of Pine's and Pino's.

As Tattons are clearly a branch of both Toot surnames, we then want to inquire concerning the Tatony family of Hungary, said to be the family that furnished the mother of kings Andrew and Bela. As the latter was reported as a husband of Helena of Angustus, by what coincidence was Constantine's mother, Helena? Angustus is in Moldova, within reach of the Kiev Varangians that were protecting Andrew, and therefore probably Bela too. It's notable that Helen, my tenant, went with Steve, for that may imply a trace of Stevens / Stevensons to king Stephen of Hungary, and, besides, Carrs share the same chevron as Pine's, white-on-red, the colors of Steve's red MUSTANg (white interior). MUSTENs, first found in the same place as Tute's, use a chevron in colors reversed, and this goes to the Moses', said to be of Wyke-like VYCHan, lords of Mostyn, the point being that Moses' are also "Moesen," suspect from Moesia, where Contantine's family lived. Moreover, Musts/Mousquette's share two red-on-white fesses with Ness' / Nice's, making the latter very suspect from Nis = Naissus.

Vychans (same place as Sleeps that use the Must / Ness bars in colors reversed) are listed with Pendragon-suspect Vaughns. Vychans/Vaughns are said to descend from Taddei-suspect Tudors, the latter not only sharing the helmet with Pendragons, but the same chevron as Pine's / Carrs. Vychans/Vaughns are said to descend from Tudor Trevor in particular, and Trevors (COCKaTRICE) share the Mostin Coat (both use a sinister-rising split). See the same Coat with Pinnes-possible Pennants All three share a gold lion with Mosers/MOESier, and the latter use it in both colors of the Nassau lion, suggesting that Nassau's were from Naissus.

No guff, on the map below, where Naissus is not shown, it's smack beside the PICENsii Illyrians, a great way to connect Constantine with Justine of Picenum. Note that the Margus river, beside the Picensii, is the MOSCHius river in its upper parts.

On ther map below, the TRIBalli are to the near-east of Naissus, and essentially where the Picensii are above. As Placentia is at the TREBia river, it's notable that La Mose is part of Placentia, and, moreover, I think Trevor Tudor was a Traby liner. German Mose's/Mosers may be uisng a version of the Utter Chief (Miss Moser was mother to Johannes VALENTINus Andraea!). There is a Trible/Treble surname, first found in the same place as Moons / Pine's.

Trabys/Sadowski's use a "scarf," symbol in the Arms of Vaughn-like Vannes. Utters use blood drops as part-code for Drops/Trope's.

This is a new area of adventure for me, and there may be more to say, but I'm out of time for this week for further investigation.


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