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November 8 - 14, 2016

The Trump Glory, but For How Long?

Today, Donald Trump is singing: "And the lights, all went dowwwn in Massachusetts, the day I left her standing all alone."

I'm am ever so glad that Hillary felt the shock and pain of her loss. She had no business running for the presidency. She didn't deserve it. The liberal cult that raised her up in the first place, many years ago, with CNN at the charge, is despicable. They think the way toward progress is to overturn all tried and tested policies of yesterday. Liberals hang their clothes in the rain. They turn their couches upside down. What was right yesterday needs to be flipped on its head today for all of tomorrow. They are demented fools, dangerous and worthy of pain. The fact that an uncontrolled train, merely Donald Trump, beat the liberals, while 80 percent of the media tilts liberal, and while the best voters for liberals are merely "minorities" and women begging for special favors, is evidence of how bad liberals are, of how little they understand their own spiritual illnesses. They are not going away; they intend to destroy the country yet. My wish is that Trump cancels all Obama policies, but on this I am not hanging hopes. Republicans continue to lose to Democrats, from time and time again, because they never work toward the policies for which they were elected.

The Republicans now have full government control. There is nothing standing in their way, aside from ever-clamoring liberal junk, to re-track normal policies. The liberal country is going toward legalized pot, the elimination of the mother, and the man, the raising of the queer flag, and respecting minorities / newcomers more, merely for their votes at election time, than the long-time American. The liberals pretend to be anti-racist, and then tow the minority wagon, just to get its votes. They use those they pretend to love. Their entire scheme is to win by making good / righteous appearances when their true agenda is to rebel against every Biblical principle and Christian position.

Russia is very happy today. But everything that Trump said to get elected is up for reconsideration, including his material on foreign policy. Whatever he said about Russia / Middle east may or may not be his reality. There is no telling with Trump. I do not know whether he has one moral bone in his body. The enemy of the working class is the stock market, a casino that keeps the prices of both luxuries and needs soaring. Trump is predicted to guard the wishes of big business. Corporations that survive on shares can never stop trying to increase profits, and this system never allows prices to come down to where they should. This is a wicked system built on maximizing profits, and that means getting the best dollar possible for all products. This is heinous in God's sight. It forbids kindness in the market place, and teaches all merchants to maximize profits as "normal" business procedure. The worst fiend of all, in the past 50 years, has been the real-estate market. While bread and chewing gum has gone up 20 times since I was a boy, homes have gone up 40 times. Does that not signal something sick, that in one lifetime homes should go up 40 or more times?

The government mandates that all hoses to be placed under pressure should be reinforced so that no one gets hurt by an explosion. They make a law. They have millions of laws so that no one gets hurt with mechanical items, but they do not make a law to forbid the explosion in the price of homes twice as much as the increase of bread. For a young couple purchasing a home for the first time, their demon is not the price of food. It's the frightening prospect of purchasing a home. It forces the eradication of the mother because she is turned into a work horse in order to afford the home. The father now needs to go to work, and then tend to housework too. The children get mesmerized, receiving a lot less love and spiritual coaching / nutrition. The next generation grows up stunted, while liberals are everywhere in their media to make them demented, and to make them media addicts, in a motherless world, and the Hillarys of the liberal camp dream for all mothers to be the CEO's of large companies, blind to the real need of society. Besides, they wish to take the hearts of the children to their own agenda even if the parents are opposed. They take the children to their own agenda, by craft and cunning, and wish for the children not to honor their parents more than they honor liberal mechanisms. Liberals make media addicts of the world because they educate the world, their way, through the media, which is why I and many others deplore television, the movie industry, and "public" (= liberal-government brainwashing) education / schools.

I do not believe that Trump will address the societal illnesses that I speak of. This is why Republicans, after a political victory, become less popular. Their own voters become disillusioned, not standing up for them. The Republican party sacrifices its own backbone, and becomes like a closet liberal. The best thing that could have happened to Republicans this time around was the choosing of Hillary against them. And I am ever-so-glad that the team feels harsh / stunning pain this morning. They deserve a lot worse. They have already started their machine to pull Trump apart for to win the next election. Liberals are geared to control society, to bring the world to much worse than a Godless condition, to make the world such that it gives God incredible pain to watch. They want sin flaunted in God's face, to punish God for His rejection of them. Instead of changing so that God is pleased with them, they choose to war against Him. Instead of choosing His support, they want to die in rebellion, as though oblivious to their awful fate. And that is why they are demented. They might be intelligent, which is what makes them dangerous, but any intelligent fool can walk into a casino and lose his fortune. A fool is one that makes the wrong choice, but liberals are intent on making everyone the fool.

Republicans lost seats in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, underscoring how liberals stabbed themselves in the heart by choosing Hillary. She is the reason, this morning, that Trump is the shocker. And Republicans beat-up on the Democrats while Obama was the president because Obama was the president. Obama came in with a majority, and lost immediately when he put in place the liberal agenda, but liberals will never learn. The middle ground chose to reinforce the Senate and House with Republicans, thanks be to Obama the incredible fool. Liberals will instead seek to make people love the liberal agenda, more than before, rather than abandoning it due to widespread unpopularity. Their game is to twist minds until they believe that the wrong is the right. They want people to believe that the liberal progress is the natural evolution of an higher form of humanity, and that Conservatives and Christians are the base form of humanity. Fill up, then, on pain, and you had better get used to it, because God has much more in store for you. Unless you become wise. Last I heard, Jesus died to forgive even the liberal fool, providing that he repents. Ask this once-a-fool that writes to you now.

Did I make wrong decisions? Yes, and it was due to liberal ideology in our society, which drove me, taught me, to be a fool. I was lucky. I was introduced to the Healthy Spirit in my early 20s. He is the Clean Spirit, the Wholesome Spirit, the Right-Way Spirit, geared and driven to turn hearts toward God...if only you are willing, He will be there in a flash. Make the conscious decision, speak the right words to God, and there He will be, the Here-I-am Spirit. Does Donald Trump have any of this on his brain? That's why he can't be good for America. The Republicans chose not to put a Christian against Hillary, and now they have a lame-duck fool as their president. He will make the wrong choices...unless, unless, unless (am I dreaming?) God uses him, in spite of his folly, to beat up on the liberal agenda.

Fox News and others are asking, "How will Donald Trump fill the Supreme-Court Vacancy?" It was this that Democrats wanted in their favor so dearly, so badly, for their societal-engineering purposes. Republicans want it so badly, to rip the liberal agenda to shreds. The Liberals are the wolverine activists, the offenders, the destroyers, and Christian Republican lambs are the defenders. They are lambs happy to eat the grass under God's sun and rain, without any agenda other than His, but in my generation they have been forced to organize in efforts to blunt the teeth of the wolf packs. I am part of their force. This morning, the wolf packs have sore gums from being bashed in the teeth by a bashing, pounding Republican, and this may only be the start (or am I dreaming?). We await to see how good or bad Trump is for the normal world that God intended. All of the Christian lawmakers in the Republican camp can now appeal to him, if they haven't become apostates recently, for a return to spiritual normalcy. Had Obama not lost the legislature, Democrats may have had a 5-4 edge in the Supreme Court by now, for years to come. Alas, the Republicans have become the masters of the Supreme Court precisely due to the rabid attitude of Liberals in my generation. This morning, the foam at their mouths is frosting, turning to icicles. If it gets any colder, the teeth of some will crack to bits if a lamb just looks at them. By now, the lambs have learned how to handle the Liberal machine (or am I dreaming again?).

Many national leaders are showing resentment toward Trump in the same way they did toward Bush's victories. This is the worldwide Liberal conspiracy, an understood agenda seeking to sit on God's throne. It has only so much time until the Clock in the Sky reaches Explosion Day. History is wired to explode. The Maker will have His revenge on Pain Day. This morning is like a firecracker by comparison. I'm surprised that we've even reached 2017, and that the Clock will yet be ticking after 2020. How much longer can the Creation tolerate the Liberal Blasphemy? They are stomping on our God-given grass. They speak menacingly while we chew the cud. They promise more Liberalism in our faces. An army of neo-Libs is on its way to take positions against the Trump Factory. The production line will be slowed, and Trump will not be able to keep his promises, if they can have their way. The Liberal Scream is to become a screech intended to tear the hearts out of lambs. The devil is furious after 20 trillion bad choices, and he still hasn't learned to get it right.

But, for this morning, anyway, the neo-Libs are disgusted with Hillary, and she couldn't face them last night, in the wee hours, when she failed to give her speech, so depressed and put-off was this wolverine, in her dismay. She went instead into her den, alone, facing the reality she didn't know was coming. She thinks back to all of her victory smiles before she had the victory, how embarrassed she feels to have donned them in front of the world, day after day. And Bill, so hopeful that she would raise the Clinton flag once again, can't smile this morning either. The two wasted a lot of money since he left office, seeking power yet again. What now for the Clintons?

Woe is me if I taunt, but there is such a thing as telling the news, and this is the news this morning. The Democrats are in fear, as they should be, because, after a generation of building their God-Fight machine, the Trump Factory has successfully sold America a Liberal-Bash machine. And the owner of the factory is himself a Liberal that knows how to deliver it. It was wolf versus wolf, the worst time to put a wolverine in place to fight against him. Now the wolves will gang up on Hillary's back, making her responsible for the pain they feel. What went wrong, they are asking? We were supposed to win. Was Hillary like a false-flag operation? Was she a mirage? Did she sell the enemy her weapons?

Wasn't Obama's wink and support enough to put her over the top? Alas, some top Liberals knew that a Clinton win would put floodlights on her past government performance, which will threaten to reveal what the Obama administration was up to, yet a mystery to a large degree. For these insiders, a Hillary loss was more desirable. The ones she depended on may have been her worst enemies. She was against the flow, if you recall, in mid stream. She bowed out of the State Department, probably because she was made to feel unwelcome for a second term. She knew too much. She had become a threat, and that was before her email scandal.

Someone made the FBI come out and give Hillary a bad wrap not many days before voting day. Who was that? The FBI didn't want her to be President, did it, because it could put the floodlights on the FBI-Obama operations of the past. So, Obama feigned support for her election, seeking to make her faithful to the wickedness that they both operated, should she win the election. Only the self-deluded Liberal believes that Hillary paid for a private email server, when she had a free one with the government, for no wicked purposes at all. Only a demented Liberal fool would vote for her after knowing her email cover-up. Just count the votes that Hillary received last night, and that will tell you how many fools are in America, not including the ones that didn't vote. This is the war in America, the war tearing the country apart. It stems from Cecil-Rhodes globalism, which may have been behind the Libya scandal.

Trump claims to be against globalism perhaps for the reason that he is secretly its pawn. I will me monitoring his global policies, and commenting on them, from time to time. He does not seem to me to be a False-Prophet material. Trump may represent a lull in the world-wide globalist agenda, time for the Liberals to re-charge for to re-engage the fight in four years. Will the Liberals come out with a false-Christian presidential candidate for 2020?

Not only is the Supreme Court now tied at four Liberals versus four Conservatives, two of them are in their 80s. If Trump wins again in 2020, it can shape the American Court to look like one heavy elephant for a decade or more. But we have yet to see what Trump is truly made of. We may know by his choice for the ninth judge. Recently, Obama nominated Merrick Garland for to be the ninth judge, but the Republican-led Senate blocked the move. The Liberals have Obama to blame for losing the Senate during his time in Office. This is very-much part of the reason that this morning is so chilly in the dens of wickedness. Trump has promised to appoint conservative, pro-life judges. If he doesn't keep his promise, the Republican spine will shatter again just as it's becoming re-invigorated. Perhaps he will appoint a pro-life mirage, but he won't be fooling the lambs.

Anti-globalist groups like Alex Jones may be hopeful, and will watch the Trump card to see whether it really is anti-globalist. I don't quite see how prophecy can be fulfilled while globalists are not in charge, but, then again, maybe it's necessary to weaken them in order to alter the Middle East as prophecy is slated to go. Alex Jones is reporting: "Hillary Supporters Burn American Flag, Riot, Threaten to Kill Trump After Losing Election" They are chilled, but burning hot, a bad mix. Jones believes that Trump is anti-globalist.,or.&bvm=bv.138169073,d.amc&biw=955&bih=388&ech=1&psi=e0AjWO33FOi-jwTwuqLwCQ.1478709506094.6&ei=HlEjWPLkIuzYjwSo56vQDg&emsg=NCSR&noj=1

Nobody gives money to a huge corporation because they care about it. People give money to a corporation hoping to get some in return. This is the stock-market casino, and it's based on slime. The man with some extra money gambles it, which at one time was considered an act of slime. But my generation has grown respect for casinos, just like poison mushrooms in the night. And the corporations are under the gun to perform for their share holders, ever maximizing profits at the expense of...the fools who support the corporations. Yes, share holders too are forced to pay higher prices everywhere, due to other fools supporting other corporations, and so any win in stock markets are counteracted by the higher cost of virtually everything. And the Western governments have done nothing to kill this slime over the many decades in which is has turned day to night.

The wealthiest men in the world are honored as some sort of surviving gladiators. And Trump is one of them. They kill others, and survive. They make a lot of money while killing others. You can't receive a lot of money unless it comes from those who lose it. There are winners and losers in CorporationLand. The battle is ever-raging between giants in the blood-spattered arena. Is this good for a civilization? If it were Rome, that terrifying beast, it is good for it. But lambs want a different world, which is why I am bewildered with the lambs who support Trump as some sort of savior, more now that he has pulled off a miracle before our eyes. And he has given Hillary absolution. He sprinkled holy water on his supporters. They bowed before him. What next? Lightning from his fingers?

So why did the stock market tumble like Jill down the hill as it became clear that Trump was going to win? How can Trump fulfill his promises if it will become ruinous for the stock casino? The Liberals are poised to tear him up at every opportunity, and where he fails any group in America, that will be an opportunity. If he can't please everyone, it becomes an opportunity for the wolves to mar his name further, and this is what you can expect for four years starting now. This is what Democrat leaders specialize in.

Hillary said: "And to all the little girls who are watching this: never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance in the world to pursue your dreams." Is she somehow couching her words to imply that men are keeping little girls from fulfilling their dreams? What dreams should they have? Well, the Liberals will tell them the dreams that they should dream, and motherhood will not be a part of it. How beautiful the bare feet of a mother, but Liberals like fashion shoes. When God said to Moses, "Take off your shoes, this is holy ground," was God worried about mud on his shoes? Was the mountain like the floor of a house that needs protection from dirty shoes? Shouldn't God have said, "Wait Moses, please put your shoes on before walking in, because your feet smell." Why did God want Moses to have bare feet before Him? What's with bare feet? Ah, it's the true person. Stripped and naked, it's the true person, but liberals like to disguise the true person with plastic fashion. How beautiful the true mother, words little girls will never hear from Hillary.

And bare feet before the master are conducive to submission. What was God wanting submission for, in order to turn Moses into his floor mat? No. Submission means teamwork. He wanted Moses on his team, to take the pass, and run with it. The Liberal woman is no longer a team player with her husband. She is being tailored to be the leader, and the man now has the choice to follow her dreams, or he can ship out. Her dreams are to be primary. Motherhood and beautiful bare feet are not a part of this agenda, for the woman in the workplace is to become more of a kick-boxer, a thing little girls are not told until they are formed into steely feminists. Little girls, stay away from Hillary; enjoy your precious children. Make them one with your husband, and ask Trump to lower home prices before they get married. Little girls, grow up to submit to your husbands, and be a team player with him, and prosper together, for a man, if He is a Christian, is not geared to fulfill a wife's Liberal agenda. Whether you are a man or woman, you will ruin a family if your financial career is your primary dream. Ask Bill Clinton's mistresses; they know all about ruining Hillary's marriage. And why wasn't Bill faithful to her, if she is such a good role model for little girls? Get on your hands and knees, Hillary, take off your shoes, and ask God for forgiveness.

Actually, there is no use commenting on Hillary's concession speech, as it's from a speech writer, likely, who knows all the correct things to say. Politics is such phony business.

Why is it that the higher-population areas tend to be Liberals? I would suggest that the greedy and sinful gravitate to where "the action" is, and that cities are more conducive to forgetting God, which allows people to latch on to ungodly lifestyles and principles. Moreover, cities is where immigrants tend to go, and they by far vote liberal because liberals use them. In fact, this situation pits a stake between immigrants and the normal population. Spoiling society is what liberals do best. Shame on immigrants that are religious yet vote liberal just to reap some benefits from them. Why not just ask the devil to be the lord of your life in return for a few of his goodies? Hypocrites, it's not a wonder that some whites don't appreciate you much, because you make yourself like a prostitute doing favors to strangers for money. You would actually empower your spiritual enemy for money. Think about what you are doing. Do you think God can't see this?

And that goes for Blacks especially, whom have been voting liberal for a very long time since the liberal camp started smelling like the devil. Great shame. You pit Black against White by this kind of performance. You vote for liberals whether you agree with their agenda or not, because you think Blacks will get a little extra something from them whereas you don't think Republicans will dish you anything. But why should you receive special hand outs just because you are Black. Are you a racist? Do you acknowledge skin color? Apparently, you do. It is your liberal vote that reminds me you are Black, and that you don't like Whites much, at the bottom line. So long as you vote liberal as a block, I agree with White's that Blacks are second-class.

But no greater hypocrites are there, as a block, than Catholics. How dare Catholics vote liberal today when liberals openly acknowledge their anti-Jesus agenda.

If not for minorities (Jews included), feminists, queers, prostitutes, Hollywood scum, and Catholics, the liberals would have only teenagers. And that's because teenagers are easily deceived by liberal craft. As they get older, they begin to become more conservative.

There is a way to fix the housing problem for first-time buyers. Tax the real-estate market which, though housing prices have greatly increased more than virtually all other things, still charge six percent to sell a home. It's not a wonder that every fourth house has a part-time real-estate agent living in it. The solution is easy. Tax the real-estate companies, watch the part-time real-estate agents dwindle away, and use the money to help first-time home buyers with their purchase. The market owes it to the young people. The homeowner loses nothing when home prices go up. Nor does he/she win anything if they sell and move into the same price strata. The get more for the sale, and then pay more for the buy. But the real-estate company and sales agent makes more with the higher prices, and the one left holding the dirt bag is the one that's never bought a house, having no house to sell. The real-estate companies, partially responsible for the increase in home prices, owe the first-time buyer.

Since when do cars or boats go up in price with age? Yet, homes go up with age. How can that be? Who creates such a situation? As a newlywed, I moved into a home purchased in 1984 for less than $60,000. I sold it fast for over 230,000 twenty years later. Wages hadn't yet doubled over that period, but real-estate companies were making four times as much. By, 2016, the house went up to $350,000. The home has become older, has not had any major upgrades, and my children cannot afford this small house in their 20s. The oldest son, married, is in a basement apartment. His wife needs to work in order that they might get out into a small home with some form of down-payment. If this were merely a car...but paying off a small house is nearly a life-long event now, for a lot of people. Motherhood makes it all the harder. This house I'm talking about has less than $50,000 worth of materials. Isn't this an area important enough for a federal government to step in for solving the problem? What possible better matter are they preoccupied with? And through all this, the federal government has winked at higher energy costs. The government is clearly a traitor of the common people, favoring big business.

I didn't know the following:

In October, WikiLeaks also began to release batches of emails from the hacked account of the Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. One email, sent from a top campaign aide, shows that the Clinton camp deliberately supported the candidacy of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson in the hope that the unpopular Clinton would be able to beat one of them.

"We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to (take) them seriously," Marissa Astor, assistant to Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, wrote.

I doubt very much that this strategy was initiated for the first time ever by Astor. I'm very happy that this painful thing took place to the beastly Democrats who play unfair, look for dirt and announce it, anyway, even if they can't find it on the opponent, and basically act the devil under the platform while putting an angelic face upon the platform. Yet, this snake got half the American votes, very scary, a reason to have caution when dealing with Americans (half of them can't be trusted). There is nothing that makes me happier than the ruin of unrepentant evil by their own devices. We look forward to the Democrats getting caught over and over again. It's a never-ending stream of goodies in the news. Go ahead, make my day again, false-class dopes. True class comes with honesty. Trump did not defeat Hillary. Hillary and her team defeated her. It just feels so good. She even failed to beat the propped pied piper.

Sputnik is announcing that Russia wants to work on a two-state solution, for Israel, with Trump. Can we imagine a Russia-US partnership forming at this time? With Republicans? I'll believe when I see it. But for Russia to come out so soon to announce this, isn't it a direct insult to Israel? You see, Russia really wants a partnership with the United States. If Trump defies the Republicans, there can be such a partnership in the Middle East, and this may remain the American policy for a decade or more, promising peace in the world because the only major threat is animosity between the two.

Politico quoted a "national security adviser" of Trump's as saying Obama "shouldn't go seeking new adventures or pushing through policies that clearly don't match Trump's positions." This includes "efforts to bring peace to the Israelis and the Palestinians - even if those initiatives are symbolic at best...[Trump] has made it very clear he will support Israel and its preferences."

Several times, concerns were raised about how Obama would act after elections, and if he would push anti-Israel UN resolutions after he no longer had to worry about their effect on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Trump's position on Israel hasn't been anti-Israeli, and of course that's par for the course before becoming elected. For example, Trump can behave rashly, apparently, because that was his party platform, to get things done quick. And if he sees Israel stalling on the peace initiative, Trump might become a flash of rash. I see Trump flashing. But maybe he'll mellow out. We will know him much more as president in six months. He's got much more guts than Obama, more spunk, to put it lightly. Obama was a secretive player; Trump may be more open, more proud of himself. But with Democrats cutting him apart at every of his moves, he too may put up a screen to hide his agendas.

The thing that sticks out most is that Trump wants a partnership with Russia to deal with Middle-East crises once and for all; he's that ambitious and sure of himself. And Russia has already signaled that it's anti-Israel just by mentioning the two-state solution. Israel will never view Russia sincerely as a friend so long as Russia is pushing the Palestinian state. I see absolutely nothing in the Israeli-Palestinian quarrel that affects Russia adversely enough that Russia should push a two-state "solution." Therefore, what is Russia up to, and how will Putin weld with Trump in this new phase of an illusive "peace deal"?

Wikipedia on Trump's vice-president: "He opposes a Palestinian state" Mike Pence is a Catholic that takes roughly all of the ultra-conservative, Biblical positions. He was in favor of the Bush invasion into Iraq. Pence opposes the climate-change agenda, goodie for the whole world. The climate-change trolls are freaking so-good. Finish them off, put them out of their madness-misery. This is a sign that Trump is not a globalist, but what if they buy him off? The Arctic and Antarctic ice can handle a one-degree drop in average temperatures, but even that much isn't going to happen for decades, if ever. By then, if the Lord tarries, the peoples should mainly be on oil-less energy sources.

If Trump supports Israel to the point of allowing West-Bank and East-Jerusalem building, it could trigger a serious revolt amongst Arabs that begins the prophetic timetable. The battle for Mosul is engaged at this time, which is the city to watch for the next year or more. If Nahum 1:11 is to be fulfilled at Nineveh in the end times, that city is now Mosul. An evil one who plots against the God of Israel is to launch out of end-tine Nineveh, according to how I read Nahum. We know that ISIS elements in Mosul plot against Israel, but ISIS is not strong enough in itself to fulfill prophecy. That group needs an higher power. Who possibly could that be that would actually turn an army toward Israel? To know when the last seven years begins, it's as simple as that. This higher power will first succeed against Egypt as its first stage in defeating Israel. The major candidates are Russia and the Western coalition. At one time, I would have ruled out the Western coalition, but one just never knows. There is this issue of Netanyahu resisting a peace deal desired by the West, that could bring the West to zero tolerance once the Iranian threat becomes grave. If Obama accomplished anything in the Middle East, it was to allow Iran to prosper, and Russia to galvanize with the Iran-Syria axis. One more thing: the pussy cat allowed Russia to put bear feet into the Middle East. A Russian agenda is forming for forming the future shape of the Middle East.

There is a Catholic-Assyrian website that follows Mosul conditions closely, a good place to get Mosul news.

We now have the prospect of Russia entering the battle for Mosul, because Trump may allow it in spite of the resistance from the U.S. military. However, the Republicans would like to own the military now, once again, after a lull over the eight years of Obama's "ownership."

Just a few days after winning, Trump is showing his true colors, backing off on his hard-line promises. Republicans who believed these promises were naive, but that's nothing in comparison to the sin committed by Trump, of lying to get elected. Expect that God will pay him what he deserves. He's now saying that the Clinton people are "good people." America, don't you have any honest men. Is it necessary to elect billionaire's? What's wrong with you, Republicans? Is making a lot a money a sign that a man is competent? Isn't it rather a sign that the man is sinful?

Trump has appointed Stephen Bannon, a Conservative activist to be his chief strategist. This signals that he's not going the route of a closet liberal, but it may be short-lasting. Bannon may be a fake badge pasted to his administration's flag to make Republicans believe that he's going to punch the daylights out of the liberal agenda. I'll believe it when I see it. The English Bannon surname, by the way, uses a version of the Fleck Coat.

The Arms of Ghent

I've never thought to tackle the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt. One version shows the glove, or "gant" in French. This is called a canting Arms, when a symbol is an obvious sound-alike term to what it's representing. If there are canting symbols, then there are canting motto terms, but also not-so-obvious and even secretive canting symbols. The traditional Arms of Ghent is an upright white-on-black lion. Where did it come from? Is the black Flanders lion a colors reversed version, or vice versa?

Note the motto term, "LIEFde." It reminds me that the three Levi chevrons, in the colors of the Flanders lion, were used by the neighboring counts of Hainaut. The Lief surname is listed with Leves'. Later in the article above, we find that mysterious bees cropped up into some Arms of Ghent, and I read this without recalling that Liefs/Leves' use bees, even though the Liefs/Leves' came to mind as soon as I saw the Arms. I knew right away that white-on-black lions are rare. I could recall only one by surname, that of the Stake's/Stoke's (two tails, wherefore see what must be the Montfort lion of Irish Stake's/Stacks). It took me a few minutes before I loaded the Stake's; I had forgotten that their Crest shares the dove with Liefs/Leves'/Leave's. It looks like we have a story.

The article above tells of the heraldic masters in Luxembourg, how they were not happy with Ghent breaking the law when adding crowns to the lions. We read: "After the independence of the Netherlands, the city [Ghent] received the upper arms above in 1817. According to the Dutch law, the arms were crowned with a crown with five LEAVES." Why five?

Stake's use a dove with OLIVE branch, and Olivers are said to be from Leif-like "oleifr" (Old Norse). There three black martlets in the Oliver Chief, the color of the Joseph martlet. Ghents were first found in the same place as English Josephs.

? When we ask what the Stake's / Stoke's were, the STAKE / Ghent lion happens to be in SADDOCK colors. The Stake motto is translated, "Innocent Fortune," evoking the treasure of Quintus Caepio. His line married the Livius surname. The Olive's/Oliffs, first found in the same place as Quint-related Quince's, use the greyhound-with-collar, shared by SHUTZ's, Germanicized as "Schutz." The Stake motto uses "Fortis" (fortune), but that must be code for the line of Sforza's, for they use a quince. Forts use the bee too. Note how German Forts (same place as Schutz's) look like they use a version of the Sforza lion.

I cannot think of one more surname with an upright white-on-black lion. I know of many using them in black-on-white, especially in Wales. Jewish Levi's use a passant lion in black-on-white. The Stake/Stoke motto share's "qui" with Shaws/Sheave's, said to be from "SITHECH." Isn't that the Stoke's? The Sticks use garbs, also called wheat SHEAVES. The CHIVES' use a WHITE-ON-BLACK and upright (aha moment) cats, and the "qui" motto term must be for the Keys, as well as for the keys of Italian CHIAVA's/Sheave's. The Keys share two bendlets without a bend with Ince's/INS' (and Inch's) suspect in the "insons" motto term of Stake's/Stoke's. There is an Inson/Ensin surname I've not known about, first found in the same place (Kent) as Gaunts, and Insons use swords in the colors of the Arms-of-Gaunt lion. It reminds of the pommel and hilt of Swords, and Hilts happen to use an upright lion in colors reversed from the Gaunt / Stock lion.

The Arms of Gaunt adopted a virgin placed beside the white lion. There is no Virg surname, but Werks/Works use lion heads in colors reversed from the lion with virgin, and while Sinclairs use a "work" motto term, we read, in the Gaunt write-up, that the Conqueror married a sister of a ruler of Gaunt. One would never know this by reading Wikipedia's article on William's wife (Matilda of Flanders). She was the daughter of Baldwin V, son of Baldwin IV, and at the latter's article, I cannot believe my eyes. he is holding what looks like the Aller Coat!!! The last update emphasized Allers, tracing them to the Italian Aleramici, a branch of Montferrats that were likely supporting Guy of Spoleto.

Warks share a black saltire with Baldwins.

I had theorized that William the Conqueror was named after the same that named queen Willa, of Tuscany. I was able to sense that he should trace to this family. Willa's daughter was Rozala of Ivrea, and she was mother to Baldwin IV above, I kid you not. The Conqueror married a woman from the family that I suspected William himself to descend from, but I have not known this until now. William's article says that he and his wife were third cousins.

While Ivrea was home to the ARDuinici that I traced to Artois, Baldwin V was born in Artois. In the last update, I discovered the Arda river, and for that reason looked up the Arda surname which I have not been familiar with; it uses a white and upright lion, only half in the colors of the Arms-of-Gaunt lion, but in both colors of the Stake/Stack lion. And the two tails of the Stake/Stoke lion suggests the Montfort lion while Monforte is a small location in Montferrat, home of the Aleramici! It's seems clear enough that Baldwin IV was from Montferrat elements (i.e. assumes his mother, Rozala, was an Aleramici liner), and that this line led to the Arms-of-Gaunt lion from Arda elements in the Arduinici. The Arda is beside the Taro river, and the latter is where Guy of Spoleto died.

Gilbert de Gant, by the way that the Gaunt write-up puts it, is expected to be a brother of Baldwin VI (son of Baldwin V), but Wikipedia's article on Baldwin V mentions no son with the Gilbert name. The article for Baldwin VI shows the Aller Coat without question. If it disappears from the article, see it here:

Note that they put a helmet at his feet, which was traced to Umbrians recently, with reasons. Spoleto is in Umbria.

I am so amazed by finding the Aller Coat with Baldwins days after treating it. I trace "BALD(win) to the Baltea river through Ivrea. It means that Ivrea liners formed the Baldwins of Flanders and Templar Jerusalem before the time of Rozala of Ivrea. The Baltea was also the BAUTica, and Baldwins (Sinclair cross?) were also BAUDwins, while Bauts were first found in the same place as Bouillons. Godfrey de Bouillon was brother to Baldwin, first king of Jerusalem. The ancestors of de-Bouillon ruled in Burgundy. "Willa [mother of Rozala], known as Willa of Tuscany, was the daughter of Boso, Margrave of Tuscany and his wife Willa of BURGUNDY." Boso's use the bull design of Claro's/Charo's, and I say that William the Conqueror was a Claro > Sinclair liner. There is a very good chance that Willa of Burgundy was connected to the proto-Baldwins in Burgundy. Balders use the Sinclair cross, for both surnames were in Lothian.

The Aller Coat uses gyronny in the colors of the Gaunt-surname fesse bars, and the red bend over the bars is in the color of the Aller eSCUTcheon. This reminds me of my trace of "Gaunt" to "Genoa," home of the Fieschi that I traced to Fessys, suspect in the heraldic fesse i.e. used by Gaunts. The Ghent-surname Chief was traced to the Side/Sudy Chief, and the latter, along with Sutys and related Seatons, were suspect (months ago) with the Setantii Brigantians in a merger with the Maccus vikings. In the last update, I was seeing Maccus links to Guy of Spoleto, etc.

Before I learned that the so-called gonfanon banner was owned by Montfords, I traced it partly to Belgian Gone's at a time when I still didn't know that the red Gone fesse was in the Gaunt fesse. Gone variations include "Guenet," seemingly proving that they were Gaunt / Ghent liners. Gone's show "Kohn," which is the birth surname (Jewish) of John Kerry, current chief of Obama's State Department. The Kerrys use bees! It suggests that Kerrys were kin of the ones who gave Gaunt their bees, and the Liefs/Leifs/Leves (in Kerry colors) are the chief suspects. But, in that case, Ghent was itself Jewish, and that explains the link to Levi's. The Side/Sudy lion is a black passant lion, like the black one of Jewish Levi's, and in both colors of the French Levi's. Sutys use a lion in both colors of the Side/Sudy lion, but it's upright, like the Arms-of-Flanders lion.

The Montforts married the family of the Leicester Beaumonts, and the daughter of Robert Beaumont marred Mr. Percival, father, if I recall correctly, of the Leavells. Beaumonts had been the first earls of Warwick, and the Flander surname was first found in Warwickshire. It appears now that the Liefs/Leves' were also the Leavells, thanks to the link of the Stock / Stake lion to the Arms-of-Gaunt lion, and to what I consider obvious Montfort links to the Gaunt lion.

It was very recent when Kerrys were mentioned alongside the Halfs/Helps, at the time when I first realized that the latter were a Helvetii-peoples line to the Helpe river in Hainaut / Flanders. It was a great find because the AVESNes location on the Helpe, and a second location in another part of Artois, was very traceable to AVEZZANo, not far from the center of Guy Spoleto's realm. In that discussion, Flemings were being traced to Trypillians, themselves suspect with heraldic hourglass shapes, used, for example, by Kerrys and Halfs/Helps in colors reversed from one another. That alone can trace Kerrys to Flanders. Here I now find that Sutys use a "HAVE" motto term that should apply, and there is a Have/HAAF surname (incredible), first found in Belgium! Beside's, the Suty share "hazARD" with Seatons, and the latter are known to be Flemings. Why do Have's/Haafs use ducks? The Avesnes-Holland entity was discovered with a Miss Poele, and Dutch Poels use another black-on-white upright lion, perhaps wearing the crown that Gaunt was using illegally.

Guy of Spoleto was also "Guido/Wido," and Guido's not only use another hourglass shape, but a lion half in the colors of the Stake/Stack / Montfort lion, and half in the colors of the VIRGIN/Virgo lion, I kid you not. Virgins are said to descend from a Mr. Virg, and were first found in the same place as Gaunts. While Camerino location of Guy Spoleto was traced to the CAM river in Cambridge, Virgins use "nunQUAM" while Cambridge's use "quam." Virgins have two motto terms suggesting kinship with Nuns/Noons, and the latter may be with the Schutz saltire round-about. Nuns were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as English Ducks; the latter use red lions.

As Godfrey III (Burgundy elements) went to Rome to protect the Pierleoni, and afterward got involved with Tuscany (where the Boso-Willa line was ruling), it's a good bet that the "pieces of WOOD" held by the Rita lion is part code for a Guido family, for Guido's are said to derive in "wood." Both surnames use a white and upright lion. The last update had many "holding" terms, which, as a surname, is listed with ALLERion-using Holdens (definite kin of Allers). The Rita Coat: "a silver lion rampant HOLDING pieces of silver wood surmounted by a curved bendlet." There are Sure/Shore and Mount / Mound surnames that can apply. The Mons capital of Hainaut may be in the Mons surname because the Godfrey line (suspect as Flemings, right?) were in Rome with the Pierleoni, who lived in Rome where Rita's were first found. The counts of Hainaut can be seen below using the Mons/Mount lion, the Flanders lion, and the three Levi chevrons:

It can't be coincidental that while Mons/Mounts list "Mound" (the Mons/Mount lion is on a mound), the English Mounds/Mynds (why Shropshire?) share bees on a chevron with Liefs/Leves', and moreover the Mounds show lion heads in colors reversed from the Arms-of-Gaunt lion. The Mound lion heads are shared by Werks/Works. Wait until you see the color of the Virgin lion.

It is amazing what was just found. The last update introduced the Peso surname when dealing with the Pisa/Piso surname that shares the same lion as Rita's. When I wrote "pieces" above, I tried for a Pesos surname, which brought the Peso/Petingale surname up, which happens to use the Bouillon cross in colors reversed! Godfrey II was the grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon! Bingo. It now appears that Godfrey, or his line, was involved with Pisa liners of the Pesos kind, and that Rita's /m Pierleoni out of Rome were in Pisa. We also have evidence that Pisa liners merged with whatever Petingale's were, and that makes them suspect from "Peter/Petro," the name that form PIERleoni. The lion of Rome's Sforza's: "a gold lion HOLDING a quince." The Sforza and Rita lions are both upright and on blue Shields.

The Virgins, first found in the same place (Kent) as Louvains, Gaunts, Brabants, and the Masons/Massins suspect with the Pisa lion, are probably sharing the Mons/Mount lion. As Masons are from Numidia along with Shawia peoples at Aures, it's notable that the Aures surname shares a red lion in both Crest and Shield, as does the Virgin Crest and Shield. Aures was the name of the tribe married by Shaw-beloved Idris of Morocco (originally from Syria, same as Annas' father Seth), whose family ruled at Fes/Fez, important because Fes'/Fez' were first found in the same place as Bouillons. Idris married Kenza, like "Kent / Kenneth / Kennedy," and Kenneths (flames) use an "uro" motto term, like the Aur/Aures surname. Kenneths also share an "itur" motto term with Shaws ("patITUR"), highly suspect with the ITURian Arabs, and with the name, "IDRis," itself (he was a Muslim / Arab). This made his line, with his Aures wife, traceable forward to mythical Kenneth MacAlpin, the Pictish king of Scotland, but also backward to the Kennati priests in/beside Cetis. It can't be a coincidence that the Arms of Ayrshire (Annandale Coat) use a "shaw" motto term while "AYR / Ayer" looks like "Aures," and then Kennati-liner Kennedys were first found in Ayrshire, along with Carricks (same chevron and fitchees as Kennedys) that trace to Laevillus' son, Charax. Laevillus married a Miss. Bassus whose mother was a known Herod-Maccabee family known to have ruled Cetis.

Therefore, a line of the priesthood at the Cetis theater is suspect in planting itself in the Shawia of Aures, and we saw that Shaws are traced to a Sadducee-like term traceable to Stocks that use the same lion as the Arms of Gaunt. I know nothing of the Kennati religion. I can only guess that the Sadducees, who did not believe in eternal life, were picked by the Romans from a branch of Kennati. The latter are highly suspect in "Ghent/Gaunt," and somewhat suspect in the naming of Genoa and Geneva. The Genova/Geneva surname (Piedmont) uses an upright lion in colors reversed to the Mons / Arms-of-Hainaut lion, and "HAINaut" is suspect with Annas, a Sadducee high priest of Israel who nodded his head at the murder of Jesus. Caiaphas had married his daughter. We saw good reason, in the last update, for connected the Arda river to the Alde river, and to Olds / Aulds / AULTS / HOLDens, but here we are at "HainAULT." As it's also "HainAUT," the Ault / Aut surname might apply (no Aut surname comes up), and Aults/Aulds/Alda's (Agrippa-suspect griffins) are said to have been first found in Ayrshire, I kid you not. The Old surname (same place as Quince's) was interesting for sharing hurts with Arthurs, and white-on-black martlets with Levins/Livins and Saddocks, a good reason to expect Sadducee and Levi suspects to the Arda river.

Another surname with red lion in both Coat and Crest is that of SHAW-possible CAWleys/Cauleys. The next American vice-president had Miss Cawley for a mother. There are three Cawley surnames, and the Scottish ones show sinister buckles, a very good reason to trace them to Guy Spoleto / Camerino. Both Cawleys above show "CAMley," working toward my theory that Guy of Camerino named the Cam river. Recalling that the "dulce" motto term is suspect for Khazar liners of the Dulles kind, note that "Dulce" is in the latter Cawley Coat while it shares the Hohen checks. "Dulci" is used by the Ricards that may be using the Coat of Fidenza-suspect Fittons. Scottish Cawleys had a branch at ARDENcaple, between the Shaws of Perthshire and those of Ayrshire. This branch is said to have been a tribe of MacAlpine's, and I trace Kenneth MacAlpin to Kenza of Aures. The Shawia Numidians were also called by a hard-C versions (I always forget the spellings, but Wikipedia has them if you want them). There is a Caple surname listed with Capells/Kepells, sharing a gold fitchee with Quints. Fittons are suspect with Capelli-related Bidens. A second branch of Scottish Cawleys has them in Ross and Sutherland (beside the first Dulles' at Moray), suggesting the Mackays/CAWS, first found in Sutherland.

In the last update, the Wiggs/Wigtons became highly suspect with a version of "Wye," after finding the GUY of Spoleto elements should be on/off the Wye river from Worcestershire. So far as I can see on my atlas, the Wye has a source very near the Stur river of Worcestershire, at Clent, where Clintons traced (for the first time) together with Blythe's. Bill Clinton was born a Blythe, and Clents use the Blythe symbols, as well as the Deed/Dade Coat that is in the "deed" motto term of Flemings. They all share garbs in the gold color of the Stick garbs, and the Aults/Aulds use a garb-like cherub. The cherub is between a pair of white wings, which we see in the Genova/Geneva Coat, and then Aults/Aulds (Fessy colors) use "griffins FACing EACH OTHER" while Face's are listed with Fessys and traceable to the Fieschi of Genova. There is an Each surname listed with Algers/Agars/Augers, sharing a gold lion in Crest with German Aults/Alts, and using an "aGENDo" motto term. The Each surname also uses the same lion as Sforza's, and as the Syphax Numidians are expected in Rome while also expected with Spicks/Specks and Speccots, note the Each motto term, "SPECTemur."

The Meschin-suspect Biss' use snakes facing each other. The Others are said to be the root of Windsors, from a character of the dukes of Lombardy, and Rozala of Ivrea was also styled "of Lombardy."

After "Guy" was suspect in Wye's/Wighs, I considered Vicks too, but didn't mention them. I had forgotten the surname that shared a wavy, vertical bend with Vicks. I had seen it in the last update, however, and it just came up with German Aults/Alts.

The Wye's/Wighs share griffins with Aults/Aulds in the colors of the Each lion, and in the Wye/Wigh crest there are the five ostrich feathers of Caens whose motto "liCITIS") is part-code for Cetis/Citis, and probably part-code for the Lice's/Lees' that could be using the leopard FACEs of Levi-beloved Aids/Eddie's. That's a neat way to trace the Caen motto to Levi's at Mons, for the Mons/Mount lion is shared by Lee's/Lighs, which sure looks like the Lice/Lees surname...which all works to trace the Levi-suspect line of Laevillus to Hainaut.

The same five, white ostrich feathers are in the Arms of Traby (Poland), and it's known that Traby married Stick-like ASTIKAS' of Lithuania. The Caens thus trace to the Ceno tributary of the Taro (i.e. where Guy died), making "Ceno" suspect with "Kennati." Moreover, the Traby hunting horns are black with gold stripes, as are those of WEIGHTS, who strike me with "WIGH." The Weights use their hunting horns in the colors of the three wolf heads of Quade's/WADE's, you see, and I have no doubt that Quade's trace to QUADratilla Bassus, Laevillus' wife Herod- / Cetis-liner wife. In this picture, Guy/GUIDO of Spoleto may have been a QUADE liner, you see. "Guy" may have been short for, or modified from, the name of his Quadratilla line.

The blue griffin in the Wye/Wigh Crest likely is the Jefferson / JAY griffin, for the Wye river has as source up in the Hereford area, while Jeffersons / Godfrey-suspect Jeffreys/Geoffreys / Jays (said to be from "Guy-like "Gai") were first found in Herefordshire. Why do Jeffreys/Geoffreys (Poel lion?) use a CANTon, or why do Cantons list GANTons? Probably because Godfrey de Bouillon was related to Gaunt liners. Godfreys share the pelican with Pulleys/Pullers (Fullers?) The Jay griffin holds, probably, the red escutcheon shield of Allers / Holders, and thus this traces Jays to Baldwins of Flanders, especially Baldwin IV (Rozala's son) onwards. The Jay bend is also the Aid bend, but I know for a sheer fact that Astikas' were kin of Justine, wife of Valentinian I, and Valentins use the same bend again. But the Valentinian factor is a long story that I don't want to engage again if I can help it. Suffice it to say here that the Valentins use squirrels while Squirrels list "Square," what the heraldic canton is sometimes called.

To help prove that Jeffreys were Godfrey-de-Bouillon liners. Scottish Jeffreys were first found in the same place (Peebles-shire) as Balds. German Balds, first found in BAUD-like Baden, use an hourglass shape alone, in colors reversed from the same of Guido's. What could this mean? I would suggest Guido links to the BAUTica/Baltea river through Ivrea, and thus linking Guido's between the Arduinici of Ivrea and Artois, the latter being the location of BOULOGNE, home of Eustace, father of Godfrey de Bouillon and Baldwin I. Guido's, also known to historians as Guidi, were of BOLOGNA. This is an apt way to trace the red Quido lion to the red Arms-of-Hainaut / Virgin lion. If the other Jeffreys are using the Poel lion, Scottish Jeffreys can be showing the Polesdon stars in colors reversed, for the Eustace (and Hurt) stag is in the Polesdon Crest.

The Crest of Scottish Jeffreys has a cloud over a sun, and while Suns are listed with Balder-related Sinclairs (beside Peebles-shire), Clouds are listed with McLeods that use a "HOLD FAST" motto, another reason to link Holdens to Aleramici of the VASTo branch. The Sinclairs list "Saint," and the other Saints use cherubs, the Ault symbol. The McLeod flags can trace via the Flags/Flecks to Palmers/Parmers to Parma at the Taro river. The McLeod bull head happens to be in the color and style of the white Buckley bull heads, and Guys use buckle's while Spoleto-like Spoltons (same place as Buckleys) use more buckle's, the symbol also of Leslie's that have a "GRIP FAST" motto. This reality is all new to me, things that I've been missing over a decade of investigation.

Grants, who share the MacArthur crowns, use "Stand Fast," and while stands are in the Arthur motto, Stands share the double black-on-white FESSE bars (think Fieschi of Genova) with Palmers/Parmers and Flags/Flecks. The MacArthurs are using the moline of Segni's/SEGURana's, first found in Genova, and Fessys use a "segni" motto term, no kidding at all. SEAGARs were first found in the same place as Palmers and Flecks, and the Fulke's that ruled Angers (and the Liefs/Leves').

Rays were treated in the last update, and though I mentioned their escarBUNCLE, I neglected to repeat that Buncle's/BONkyle's (Bononia liners?) use buckles. Angers/Engers (Inger the Varangian?) use the escarbuncle too, and they look like a branch of Nagle's. While they trace to "Oneglia," the Doria's, with a branch in Oneglia that married proto-MacArthurs, very apparently, were first found in Genova. Doria's are suspect withy the Ghent / Side / Bush eagles (Bush's/Buschs trace to Busca, beside Saluzzo). Inger the Varangian was married to Melissena Rangabe, suspect with mythical Melusine of Angers, whom the Vere's, first found in the same place as Angers/Engers, placed on Arduinici-suspect Avalon. That is, as king Arthur was made to die in Avalon, I expect Arduin liners there.

Not only Angers, but Cnut-beloved Hangars "Artes"), use the escarbuncle. The Hangars use another blue griffin (same as Guy-suspect Jays), though they put a gold one holding the escarbuncle. The relationship between Rays (escarbuncle) and Angers elements can be where Rays use a form of the Free/Frey Coat, a surname suspect with Frisians, who lived next to Wieringen (Netherlands), the origin, in my opinion, of "Varangian." Wieringen was home to Rurik the Varangian, one of the first known Varangians, yet Inger lived at the same time. Inger married a Rangabe, and the Wikipedia article on Michael I Rangabe (Byzantine emperor) shows the Rangabe flory cross in the white of the same of Bouillons. Michael was, if I recall correctly, Melissena's grandfather.

I've just noticed that the Anger/Enger Coat is much like the Clinton Coat so that one can expect an Anger trace to Alice of Saluzzo, a Montferrat liner, making Alice an Aleramici liner, right? But the Vasto branch ruled in Saluzzo and Ceva.

The MacArthurs arte said to be derived in Campbells, and the latter share gyronny with the Mathie's/Manns that show the MacArthur crown. The gyronny of both surnames is therefore expected with the Aller gyronny, which we saw in the painting of Baldwin VI of Flanders / Artois. Mathie's are traced in their write-up to MacDonalds, first found in the same place as MacArthurs, in the Bute = Avalon theater. As Mathie's come up as "Mathies," I suggest that they were a branch of Mathis' (Burgundy) that share the moline cross of Ceva-suspect Chives'. German Mathies' may be using the Saluzzo Chief (neither have symbols).

Let's remind that Chives' use MOUNTain cats in the colors of the Stake/Stock lion for a likely trace to the Arms-of-Gaunt lion. Mountains can be of the Mons/Mounts, and so note that the Levi chevron may be in the Shield of German Mathies'. The Mountains share the footless martlets of Apple's / Applebys, perhaps a line that named "Avalon" (said to mean "apple orchard" but this is probably mere code for Apple liners). French Mountains (Languedoc) use the same saltire as Messeys, first found in the same place as Mathis'. The white bulls of French Mountains can therefore go to the white bull heads of Buckleys. The ESCARbuncle may be part-code for Askers, who share the "Fac et spero" motto of Scottish Mathies', and Askers use a good reflection of the Scottish Michael Coat (Michael I of Byzantium?).

German Stocks use beetles, and Beetle's use lozenges in the colors of the checks of Meulan, the place ruled by Beaumonts about the time they had Leicester, which they transferred to Montforts. There are Fleming-suspect flames in the Beetle Crest.

Here's from when I got very excited in the last update, just as I was finding Clinton kin like I never knew it before, proving the Clinton-Coat trace to Alice of Saluzzo and Luisa of Ceva (Cevetta river):

The Bests just came to mind [as possible Vasto liners], and while the Dutch branch shares nine fesse bars with Cavetts, Vasto's were smack at the Cevetta river. It brought Stratons (STRAITon variation) to mind, who happen to use 11 fesse bars in both colors of the Cavett bars! On the Stratton bars, a red escutcheon, the color of the Aller / Holder escutcheon!!! That's big because Vasto's descended from ALERamici.
("mici" in Italian can mean kin / cousins).

I now come to German Ducks sharing 11 bars in the colors of the 11 of Stratons. While I was assuming the Vasto-Spoleto alliance at the Taro / Arda theater for reasons I don't know, it became obvious that Arduinici were at the Arda. Strat liners were being considered for the Stura valley in Cuneo, the thick of Vasto territory, but by that time Stur-river liners had traced with Tarrs/Tara's to the Taro. I now find that Dutch Stratens (with an 'e') share blue hurts of Irish Arthurs. And while Hurts share the fesse of Hurls/Herls (branch of Herods/Hurls, I assume), the latter use ducks. Moreover, Scottish Ducks are curiously listed with the NAIL-using Logens, and NAGLE's/Nails/Neils were traced (long ago) to "ONEGLia," home of Doria's that married a branch of Arduinici. The Logens use nails PIERCING a Hurt- / Herod-like heart, and Pierce's (share unicorn head with Cnuts) were likely the Percival-Leavell line from Beaumonts.

German Ducks and German Nagle's/Nails are in Duke colors, and the latter use chaplets. Duce's use two lions in the colors of the English-Duck lions, and the Duce lions are passant [= on their three feet) and in pale (= vertical positioning), as are the two Levi lions.

Let's go back to the Mounds/Mynds tracing hard to the Arms-of-Gaunt bees, and to Mons of Hainaut. Does the Mynd variation of Mounds/Munde's suggest Mynetts (Kent again, same as Virgins) and therefore Amyntes? The latter's great-grandson is said to have lived in AkMONia, and HasMONeans can be suspect with some Mon(a) element.

Note that Mona Lisa (painting of da-Vinci) smacks of the Lise variation of Lys' (same place as Levi's) while the Lys river of Artois / Flanders flows to Gaunt. Was Mona Lisa secretly the virgin of Gaunt? Note that da-Vinci-suspect Vince's/Vinch's (probably in the Fessy and Shaw mottoes) share the passant griffin of Irish Godfreys. The latter use the griffin's "WINGS endorsed," and Wings/WINKs (same place vas Justine's) can be traced hard to Vince liners out of VINKovci, also called Cibalae (birthplace of Valentinian I, Justine's husband), suspect in the "sibi" term of Vince's. Sibals use the moline of Segni's found with Vince liners in the Fessy motto. English Godfreys were first found in the same place as Virgins, making the red lion's heads of Godfreys (same as Luff/Love lion heads) linkable to the Werk/Work lion heads.

Irish Godfreys were first found beside the Tipperary of Kennedys, and Tipper liners, which include Gaunt-related Kendels, are tracing very well to Tibur, at the Pierleoni theater, recalling that the grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon was welcomed into the gates of the Pierleoni, with his army (see Wikipedia's article on Godfrey III). Although the Godfrey griffin shows in all black, the description says that it's silver with black wings. A silver (I use "white") griffin is in the Crest of one Jefferson surname. The SCEPTer which the Godfrey griffin HOLDs is suspect for SEPTimania elements.

Khazars and Joseph Caiaphas

The theory was that a line of Quintus Caepio and Julius Caesar (aka Servilia Caepionis, Caesar's mistress) birthed Caiaphas, and that Caesar went on to name Khazars that had Jewish king-priests, called kagans. As the most-roundly known Khazar king was Joseph, I began to get the impression that he and others were named after Joseph Caiaphas. I'm starting this section because I saw something above when I wrote: "Askers use a good reflection of the Scottish Michael Coat (Michael I of Byzantium?)." If Askers were of the ESCARbuncle used by Angers/Engers and Hangers, it's a reason already to suspect Askers with Inger the Varangian, and that ties them straight-away to Byzantines. French Angers are themselves in Rangabe colors.

Hmm, while I found reason to link Melissena's royal-Khazar side to Khazars on the Mures river (Biharia), whom I traced to Moray, note that German Michaels use Zionist stars in the colors of the Cohen/Kagan and Moray stars, all in the colors of the Rangabe cross. The Asker Coat was one that was traced with several similar ones, including the Meschin and Muscel Coats, to the Cetina river and its Bassianus bloodline highly suspect with Julia Maesa Bassianus. "Cetina" was traced very well to "Cetis," where I expect early Caiaphas elements, from the Bassus' of Cetis relations.

In other words, Michaels, suspect with Michael Rangabe, who use MASCLes as code for Muscels and the Masculine variation of Meschins, look like they trace Rangabe liners to the Cetina, suggesting that Michael I was a Massey / Bassianus liner. German Michaels (Bohemia) use the blue lion that I claim to be a Caepio-line lion. And the Joseph motto term, "wlad," can be for Vlads, who share the white-on-blue Zionist star with German Michaels. VLADimir the Great was a Varangian king in Kiev, at the time when the Kiev Varangians had on-off relations with Byzantines. These Varangians obviously furnished Inger, who is known to have led the Varangian Guard of Byzantium. Hence, he married a Rangabe. I find this very compelling that at least German Michaels were Rangabe's, Vlad/Flattens were from the Vladimir Varangians, and Josephs were related to that partnership at some point, likely through Joseph links to Cnut.

The same Varangians had an on-off relationship with Khazars, and eventually caused the fall of the Khazar empire, afterwhich Khazars fled to Hungary to be with their Kabar cousins, and it's known that the Kabars/Khazars of Biharia (predated the fall of Khazaria) were ancestral to the first Hungarians. The so-called Andrew's Cross of Scotland is in Rangabe colors, and the line of king Andrew of Hungary was suspect with Ross-shire (i.e. the Ross clan, said to descend from one Andrew), beside Moray. The Scottish kings were at Moray when the Drummond and Leslie Hungarians arrived with the Scottish-queen-to-be, and she, Margaret, was in Kiev along with prince Andrew (Andrew I above). He may have been seeing the young lady in bed for to produce children, and Margaret's cup bearer was Henry Sinclair of Roslin.

The question is: why is Andrew's Cross in Rangabe colors? What Rangabe elements was in the household of king Andrew? German Drummonds, born directly from Andrew, use bars in Rangabe colors. Drummonds are suspect at the Kildrummy castle of Maurice-suspect Mars (Maurice Drummond was the first Drummond, grandson of Andrew), and Mars share lions in the colors of the Ross lions, used in colors reversed by the Roslin-suspect Russells.

The French Angers write-up says that Anjou is partly in an Indre area, and then Inder/Enders come up as "Inger." The French Angers list "Danger," and the other Danger Coat uses the ermined cinquefoil of Bus' and Millets. The latter were traced to Melita in the last update, near the mouth of the Cetina. The Bus' have been suspect with the Budini and Neuri, both in the Ukraine, with Kiev between them. It just tends to show that Ukrainian elements were at the Cetina, and as I trace besants to Bassianus, there is the peculiarity of besants supposedly deriving in Byzantine coins (the idea of others), though I see them as sun symbols for El-Gabal. It could be that Bassus' were Byzantines to begin with. Dangers are traced in their write-up to Angerville in the Manche area of Normandy, and both Massey and Alans were from Manche (Alans were at Alauna of Manche, in my opinion, after Alan Huns were at La Mancha of Spain).

If I recall correctly, a line of Mieszko Lambert married the Kiev VARANGians; see Casimir. Note that the Casimir surname, sharing the red antler with VERINGers of Baden, has variations like "Camerino" in Kamarovski/Kaimerski. It very much traces the Varangians to Baden, which recalls the red eagle (can be a colors reversed version of the Piast eagle) is said to have been transferred to Hohenstaufens/Hohenzollerns (in/beside Baden) from the blue-antler Zahringers, kin of Veringers.

There is an Angerville Coat (Washington Shield?), and this surname is said to descend from an Alan count of both Brittany and Anjou. If this Alan was part of proto-Stewarts, it can explain why Stewarts use the Brock motto, for Brocks are said to be from Broc of Anjou. But Brattia, at the mouth of the Cetina, was also Brac and Broc, and this island is probably where the Askers trace. Angerville's use two red fesses, the color of the one of Alans. French Alans share the French Julian stars, and trace well to Attila circles while the latter were ancestral to Khazars, as some say, at the Terek river partly flowing through Alania. Alans of Dol descend from Flaad, like the Vlad/Flatten surname. There is a Vlad-named city on the Terek.

The Kennati priests at Olba/Orba were on a Terek-like river/valley, the Tracheitis. The name of the river can trace well to Tracks/Triggs (same place as Capone's and Julians) and Drigs (the Terek was also the Tergi / Terke) because they use a sun, a possible allusion to Bassianus' sun-god cult. In other words, a variation of "Tracheitis" may have been carried to the Cetina's Bassianus family, and later found its way to Caucasia to name the Terek via the formation of Khazars. QuadraTILLA became suspect with the namers of the Tilurius, the alternative name of the Cetina, and the naming of ATILLA (the Hun) was also suspect with whatever named the tail end of her name (her father was Quadratus, so why did she get the Tilla ending?). I then learned that Atilia was the name of one of Julius' Caesar's mistresses, how very interesting where Attila Huns founded Caesar-like Khazars. Atilia married Cato the Younger, and the latter's family was merged with the line (Levite-suspect Livius, if I recall correctly) that produced Servilia Caepionis, a mistress of Julius Caesar.

Both the spears of Tracks and Drigs are called, demi darts. Should this be viewed as a fundamental Speer merger with Darts? The Dart fesse is now traceable to the same of Italian Palmers because Palms and Palmers are Parms and Parmers while the Arda river, suspect with D'Art, is near Parma. Both the Track and Drig suns are said to be rising while Risings/RYsens were first found in the same place as Palmers/Parmers. Rye's are in Dart colors. The Rising cross is the one also in the Arms of Pula, though in colors reversed, and as it's in the colors of the Pollock saltire, it may be that the Jewish Pollocks are sharing the Rye/Ryse bend, which has ermines upon it, as does the same-colored fesse of Darts. Pollocks are said to use either a dart or arrow, and they were first found in the same place as Speers. In fact, an emailer (in her 80s) with Pollock surname married a Mr. Speer. She has not written or responded in a while, and may have passed away. Danish Rye's share the quadrants of Pettys, whom I trace to Pietas-Julia, the alternative name of Pula. It appears that Tracks and Drigs (Pollock colors) were Pula liners especially.

French Range's/Rangers/Rangier's (Champagne) use a cross half in the colors of the Rangabe cross, and it's the same gold one of Risings. Champagne's use a bend in Rangabe colors, and the same-colored bend as Cato's/Chattans ("omniBUS") and Chatans. Cato's/Chatans use a motto term, "AMICUS," and Micus is perhaps like a form of "Michael" to Greeks / Macedonians. English Rangers (don't show a Coat) list Ringers/RAINgars, suggesting at least contact with the Brittany-based Raines', at Rennes, very close to Dol, like the Dulo house of Attila. I can imagine Attila liners in Alania landing at Dol. The Raines' branch of Wrens use a broken spear for Brock liners. Wrens remind me of Wrangs/Wrangle's (sinister lion), but they don't show any clue to Rangabe liners thus far, aside from using Michael colors.

A thing I don't recall seeing before is the similarity between "OURBA," the alternative name of Olba, and "AWRABA," the alternative name of Aures in Numidia (home of the Shawia Numidians), where Idris married. This opens the possibility of tracing "Kennati" to "Kenza," Idris' wife in Awraba, but also of tracing proto-Shaws to Olba. Interestingly, the Michael / Vlad Zionist star is used by Hagars (namers of Angers?), first found in the same place as Shaws. Again, the Shaws ("qui" motto term) are Sheaves' too, and while Italian Sheaves' use the key, I just saw a key in the Arms of Vladkavkaz on the Terek river! Plus, it was just one minute before this had come to mind that another factor told me that Khazar priest-kings were Abruzzo-line Hebrews, and Italian Sheaves' were first found in Abruzzo. Plus, I trace Alauna to Aulon/AVLONa in Epirus, while I have good reason to trace the Epirotes (peoples of Epirus) to "Aprutium," the old Abruzzo capital. The Bruce's/Brusi's are traced by me to Abrussi, and Alans married Bruces to become the royal Stewarts. Stewarts share the checks of Khazar-liner Cohens.

I should also mention the Keith Catti, for Keiths traced hard to the Cetina river. The Khazar city on the Terek was KIZLyar, like "Kissel," or "Cassel," and while Scottish Cassels share the Coat of Kennati-liner Kennedys, German Cassals are probably using the Ble/Bled triple chevrons (in the colors of the triple bars of Keiths), suspect with "Bleda," Attila's brother. Cassel in Germany is said to have been founded by Chatti. In this way, one can trace proto-Keiths from cat-like Cetis to the Cetina, and to the Chatti of Caesar- / Khazar-like Cassel (Hesse's use a giant sun, symbol of Jewish Cohens/Kagans, in Hagan colors). There is a key at the BASE of the Scottish Cassel Coat! Note that German Cassels share a castle with Cato's/Chattans, which recalls that Atilia married Cato. English Castle's (bee in Crest) use the same bend as Cato's/ well as Pullens/Pulley who share the red Sabine scallop, and thus trace to Vespasia Polla, wife of Flavius Sabinus (yes, this family lived in Sabina).

Wikipedia's article on Cato the Elder once said that he grew up in Abruzzo. It then changed it to owning land in neighboring Sabina, which reminds me that the red Sabine scallop is used by the Mathie's/Matthews that happen to share the Ble/Bled triple chevrons! Scottish Mathie's use the motto phrase, "Fac et," and Faucets were smack at the same place as Keiths, and only a couple of miles from MUSSELburgh, while it's Mussels/Muscels that have a Coat tracing with several others (including mascle-using Michaels now) to the Cetina.

It should be added that the Champagne bend (same as Cato / Castle / Pullen bend) shares the potent pattern with the bend of Avezzano's, from Avezzano at Sabina. The Chatans put roses on this bend, and that's the symbol of the Caesar Chief and Shield. Why were Caesars first found in Kenza-suspect Kent?

The German Michaels have a Coat much like that of Italian Cassius'/Casano's/Cassandra's. Although I now trace that surname to king Cassander of Macedonia, his area was beside Epirus. Cassander predated Julius Caesar, but "CassANDER" is probably a compound term, "ander" meaning "man" in Greek. Therefore, Cassander may have been a Cass liner of some sort that later named Caesars. The Ble's/Bleds use a "tous" motto term while Tous' use buttons, and I've been tracing Bidens/Buttons to this Cassander for two or three weeks now.

The mother of Julius Caesar was Aurelia Cotta, and Caracalla, who married Bassianus, was named, Aurelius. The Aurelia surname happens to use more white-on-blue stars, same as the Moray / Michael / Cohen stars from three surnames all suspect with Khazars. It's one of the reasons that I accepted the trace of Caesars to Khazars. But now that Khazars seem to be touching upon the Cetina, let's add that Mallets, who trace to neighboring Melita, share the same-colored scallop as the BASE of the Aurelia Coat (it's called a base for a reason). These scallops are gold, the color of the scallops of Michaels whom have already traced to the Cetina by their other Coat. Michael's list MITCHell, and the Mitch's can curiously be found with Muschats that share red triple chevrons with Cassels. Moreover, Muskets are in Muschat/Mitch colors, and were first found in the same place as Clare's (and Blois'), indicating that the Muschat/Mitch chevrons are those of Clare's too.

English Mascals, believe it or not, were first found in the same place as mascle-using Michaels, and Scottish Mascals are listed with Keiths! I didn't realize this until now, able to trace Michaels very well to Catti liners. The Mascal elephant is therefore traceable to the Elaphiti islands, beside Melita i.e. near the mouth of the Cetina. Mascals (same place as Saddocks) are expected to be using a colors-reversed version of the Saddock escutcheon.

As Wrangle's use the fleur-de-lys in the colors of the same of Mascals, it's notable that the Wrangle lion faces sinister, a symbol of Masci / Massena / Meschin/Masculine liners. Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') use sinister features, and while German Rothes'/Rothchilds share the raven / crow with Corbetts (same place as English Rothes'), the Corbetts ("paSCIT") use the elephant too. Dutch Castle's use three crows that can apply. They say that the first Rothschild got super-rich from knowing prince William of Hesse-Cassel. At one time, the Musket lions were in the design of the English-Rothes lions. Why would houseofnames change that design (after I mentioned the link?).

Corbetts (same place as Meschins) are said to be from Corbeau in Caux, and the last update found that Meschins derive from a lady of Caux, married to Balso D'ESPAINEs, whose surname was found with Spine's, said to be from Caux. As Caux got suspect with Chalkers and Chaucers (both first in Kent), let's tell that VladKAVKAZ is said to be named after a local version of "CAUCASus." Gogarene/Gugar is in Caucasia, and some say that Gog was named after "Cauc." I read Ezekiel 38 as Meshech (proto-Meschins) being the chief Gogi tribe. A Mr. Chaucer married a Rothes-suspect Roet, likely from the Biblical Rosh, a tribe of Gog / Meshech. Therefore, there is reason to believe that Khazars (Caucasia) were involved at Caux. As Spine's are Spings too, note that Spinks use mascles. Symbols and codes help to make sense of surname variations. As Gomer is in the Ezekiel list of Gog allies, note that Roger de MontGOMERy is in the Corbett write-up. He was earl of Shrewsbury and Arundel (there is a Montgomery location in/beside Shropshire).

The Corbett ravens are used by Canterburys (Kent), supposedly named after the Cantii namers of Kent. This allows us to make a Corbett link to Chaucers and Chalkers all-the-more. Down in Russi-land Roussillon, beside Roquefeuil, there is an Orbieu area, beside a Corbieres area, and so I'm wondering whether Orba at Cetis named Orbieu, and whether Corbetts relate. I traced Orba to the URBanus river, beside the Maesa-suspect Maezaei, and beside the Cetina river too. The Ceraunii on the Urbanus (see left side of map) were traced to mythical Coronis, the mythical crow. Coincidence? Plus, Roussillon-suspect Russells share the Meschin scallops. It looks like we can trace Urbanus / Cetina elements to Orbieu and Corbieres. Urbans share the bend-with-symbols of Massena's, and Massins were first found in Kent too. There is a Ceraunii mountain range smack beside Aulon/Avlona = the proto-Alans, and Alans of Dol went to live in Shropshire, where the Corbetts and Rothes' were first found along with Meschins.

Here is the Corbeille Coat that comes up as, but doesn't show, "Corber" and "Corbiere". This area of Roussillon is where da-Vinci-Code garbage (just codework dressed with a fictitious storyline) is centered, which area includes Rennes-le-Chateau, and while I've been repeating for some years that I rarely find any surname using the Vince/Vinch griffin design, you just saw it with Corbiere's. I don't recall anyone else that uses it, though I had found one other. It's things like this that alert me to the apparent fact that houseofnames uses the same design when symbol-sharing kin are known. Then, after I make the links, houseofnames changes the designs to thwart my work. That's my theory. I do not extol heraldic links, but always give the topic a very negative brush stroke. It's artistic satanism. Houseofnames virtually stopped changing designs after doing so rampantly for one to two years (2013-15). It was actually a great help. Corbetts come up as "Corbell," and there is an Italian Corbell Coat too, with a single crow.

It's hard to say, but I think the Mazza's use the same griffin design. In any case, CHATeau's (Cassel colors) are listed with Castels, were first found in Artois (home of Eustace II), and share the cross of Eustace's, a good reason to trace the Godfrey griffin to the Vince / Corbiere griffin. The Roussillon area under discussion was SEPTimania, and Godfreys use a SCEPTer. Satanism is always childish, and is proud of itself because it doesn't know enough to be a man. A real man is good. Satanists say that the good die young, or are left behind to lose. Go ahead, leave me behind, but in fact I'm way ahead of you when I'm not in your camp.

Darths (Kent) were looked up as per Darts, and they use the Vince griffin design in the colors of the Mazza / Pembroke griffin. The Darth-Crest griffin probably has the Rod trefoil in its mouth.

Let's go back to the bee on the pennon of English Castle's, who are probably a branch of Cato's/Chattans and Chatans. The Pennons (stags, Hun-line symbol) use a Coat reflective of the English Blois', first found in the same place as Pennons and Clare's, the latter using the same triple chevrons as castle-using German Cassels. It's just that I've always seen similarity between the Aurelia Coat and that of French Blois', and there is more to a connection between them that will not be repeated here. The Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire, where elite Vere's governed England to a large degree, we may assume, and the Bee's share the Vere quadrants, which are also the Massey quadrants because Vere's and Masseys were both from Manche, beside the bee-depicted Bessen of the Bassianus line. German Bee's use almost the same quadrants, and nothing else, and while Vere-suspect Fers use the German Cohen Coat, and Vere-suspect Vairs use the German Hohen Coat, the latter use the Cohen checks in red and white, the colors of the nothing-but- quadrants (i.e., look like checks) of German Bee's. See Tute's/Tuits too.

One gets the impression that Vere's were from the VARangians of Inger who had married bee-line Byzantines, and. besides, a Nicholas de Vere liked to promote Melissena-like Melusine, from Avalon, a mythical place that I now trace from Aulon/AVLONa, through Alauna in Manche, to the Stewart-beloved island of Bute. The Boys show variations similar to the Bee's, and even show bees. The Bee bend with fleur is probably that of Sale's/Sallets (related to Pennon-suspect Pendragons that went through the Italian Oscans) that I trace to the Salto river in Sabina. The Sale/Sallett Crest is a pheon suspect with the Paioni/Paeoni, and the latter peoples lived beside the Penestae, the proto-Pendragons that had Uscana as their capital. The Dragons/DRAINers leave no doubt that Pendragons were from the Penestae on the DRIN river, but as the Dragons/Drainers share the helmets of Mynetts, we find ourself at Amyntes, father of Artemidoros. We now go to this:

Amyntas, Tetrarch of the Tectosages [Galatians] and King of Cilicia Trachae between 36 BC and 25 BC, was the predecessor of Polemon I of Pontus as King of Cilicia Trachae. Also mentioned as being King of Galatia, Amyntas was a son of Dytilaos, Tetrarch of the Tectosagii.

Amyntas was the father of a Princess of the Tectosagii who married Artemidoros of the Trocmii, son of Amyntas, Tetrarch of the Trocmii, King of Galatia. Through his daughter and her husband he was grandfather of Gaius Julius Severus [Bassus], a nobleman from Akmonia at Galatia, in turn the father of Gaius Julius Bassus [father of Quadratus Bassus]...,_Tetrarch_of_the_Tectosagii

So, you see, the Bassus line had married rulers of the Cetis area, and later, the same Bassus line married the Herod-Maccabee line that itself had married the ruling family (see Iotapa) of Cetis. Notice that the son of Artemidoros is missing, as no one claims to know who he was that was father (or mother) to Severus Bassus, in the very time expected for the birth of Joseph Caiaphas (I say about 20 BC). Note how "TROCmii" smacks of the Trachae area of Cilicia, which must be the TraCHEITIS valley, location of CETIS and the Kennati priests. Why do Caens, with a "liCITIS" motto term, share a fretty Shield with Cotta's? Does the line of Julius Cotta-Caesar trace to Cetis/Citis liners? Looks like.

When we get to Michael I Rangabe of Byzantium (to about 811), he was followed soon after by Michael II, said to be an Amorian ruler, from Amorium in Phrygia, i.e. same area as the Galatian tribe(s) above. The question is, why did Michael II use the throne name of Michael I, if they were not related? Galatia is not far from Byzantium.

The Balms were first found in the same place as Palms/Parms, and Balms use flowers as well as leaves. That is, they are said to use flowers, yet they show leaves instead. The leaves are on branches, with four leaves to each branch. Why four? It looks as though someone removed one leaf. Shouldn't we expect some surnames to use a four code for Quadratus liners? For example, Ayers, who use a version of the trefoil-on-chevron of Shaws, substitute with quatrefoils. And the Croms, who have a cat in Crest, use quatrefoils too, suggesting that the cat is code for a Quadratus line through/from Cetis. The Ayers and Shaw chevrons are black-on-white, the colors if the moline cross of cat-using Chives'/SHEWas'. Therefore, Palms/Parms and Balms, especially as they use four LEAVES, are suspect with a Quadratilla-Laevillus line through Parma.

Flowers are said to be possibly from Fletchers/FLEGers, and Flags/Flecks use a version of the Palmer/Parmer Coat. Plus, Palmers/Parmers use trefoils. Note the "Ballne" variation of Balms, suggesting the Ballans/Baalams that use the Penn/Pence Shield in colors reversed. The PENES'/Pennys (Northampton) then share the greyhound "courant" (no legs in contact with the ground) with Palmers/Parmers and Lys'/Lisse's for a trace to Lissus in the Cavii theater, and to the PENEStae peoples up-river, on the DRIN, from Lissus. This should explain while Ballans/Baalams are in the colors of Dragons/DRAINers and Pendragons, and so Parma / Palma liners may have been from the Italian OSCANs, from the USCANa capital of the Penestae. Italian Palmers are said to be from Palma in Campania, and as they share an ermined white-on-red fesse with Arda / Arthur-suspect Darts, note that darts were first found in Devon, beside the Cornwall Pendragons, and basically in the area of king-Arthur's birth from Pendragon (it's only myth code to reflect some realities). The myth, "Le MORTE d"Arthur," was code for Morte's/Motts who use the same-colored estoile as Ballans/Baalams, and moreover the crescent of Morte's/Motts is in use with Darths/DEATH's, while "morte" above means "death." The code work is clear. In fact, Le Morte d'Arthur had his death in Avalon, which obviously trace's to Avellino in Campania, making Palma a Penestae-likely entity. It thereby becomes clear that Darths (Flanders, probably Artois) and Darts trace to the fesse of Italian Palmers/Parmers.

The vice-president of the United States will now be Mike Pence, and Arthurs used clarion TRUMPets. Pence's use a "CLARum" motto term, and Clare's (with Plume's) were first found in the same place as Ballans/Ballams (the latter, in case you missed it, are tracing to Balms/Ballne's = Palms/Parms). Strongbow Clare ruled Pembroke, and the Darth/Death griffin is probably the Pembroke griffin too. Morte's/Motts were first found in Cotes-du-Nord (beside Dol, Rennes and Montfort), where French Henrys are traced in their write-up, while Irish Henry's (Tyrone) share a giant spread eagle with BALANcors/Balance's, the latter's in the colors of Morte's/Motts and the others above. These colors are shared by the Rennes-line of Raines. French Henrys are still said to use red ducks, the symbol once shown by French Alans, but the Henrys now show red martlets, what the French Alans now show. The white Balancor eagle can be of the white Masci wings because the Darths/Death griffin can be the Mazza griffin.

Trump's were first found in the same place as Dols. This recalls a heraldry page I studied that had many Plume liners in Brittany, which suddenly (due to the above) become suspect with "PALM(a)." And Plume's/Plumers/Flaums/Floms became suspect with FLEMings, especially as English Plume's share vair fur with Irish Flemings. If this makes Palm liners suspect with Fleming stock, why would that be? It recalls Bommers and Pommers, and that Bommers were listed with Fleming-line Borders!!! Yes, and this is a great find, for the ancestry of Flemings (chief Crusaders) has always been a vast mystery. French Plume's are said to be from Dol.

Border's use the Sword swords, and Swords use the POMMEL with Hilt, making the pommel trace well to Palma. Hilt's share the upright black-on-white lion with Pommers and HARPers while HIRPini lived at Avellino. The Pommers (same place as Palmer-line Darts) use "Virtutis" while Palmers/Parmers use "virtute," and the Pommer Shield is in the colors of the Darts / Italian Palmers (from near/in Avellino). Irish Henrys -- suspect with the Lannoy / Lyon lion, a line of Herods -- are said to be from CULLENtra, while Irish Cullens/Holly's use Melusine, said by Vere's to have been in Avalon (why do Hall / Hall liners link to Avellino liners?). The other Hollys are with a version of the Coat of Plunkets, first found in the same part of Brittany as Dol and Rennes, and are in Raines / Dragon, Penn/Pence, Morte/Mott, etc. colors once again. Melusine is shared by Glass' that were first found in Buteshire, while I identify Bute (in Buteshire) as mythical Avalon.

The Hirpini "wolf peoples" can be identified with the wolf line of Avalon-like Apollo. The family of PLANCIA Magna, whom I trace to Plunketts, was in charge of an Artemis cult, and she was the twin sister of Apollo. Plancia was married to Tertullus, and while Fulks of Anjou traced themselves to quasi-mythical Tertullus, the Vere's transferred Melusine of Avalon to the first counts of Anjou. For years, I was reporting that the Mire's/MIREUX's of Anjou used a holly TREE (they not show a myrtle tree), and that surname got identified with the MIRROR that you see Melusine holding. Note that Tree's and Lannoys both use a helmet with PLUMES of feathers, for that was a symbol on the coin of Herod Archelaus (he was banished to Vienne, beside Lyon). The Tree's list "True" to while Hume's/Home's, with a "True" motto term, use the Lannoy and Lyon lions in colors reversed.

Now, golly-holly, the Fulk, Geoffrey Plantagenet, is said to have worn a sprig of broom in his hat, very suspect now as code for the plumed helmet. French Plante's (Artois) are also "PLANQUE(tte)," a clear sign that Fulks were Plancia-Magna liners. Plancia is known to have been a Herod, from the same Herod-Maccabee line that married Bassus'. English Plante's/Plantagenets use a red stag "TRIPpant," reminding of my Fleming trace to Trypillians. French Plante's use "cabbage's," and Cabbage's share lions in the colors of the Raines lions, and were first found in the same place as Penes'/Pennys. Buteshire was home to MacArthurs while MacCarthys/Arthys use a red stag too, but Buteshire was also home to Campbells that have been suspect both with the namers of Campania and ABELLinum = Avellino. Plante's/Plantagenets use a laBEL, while Labels/La Bels share white crescents with Morte's and Darths/Deaths while the latter's griffin has a trefoil in mouth in the colors of the Holly/Cullen trefoils (while the Flanders Hollys use a "wheat SHEAF" and a reflection of the PLUNKET Coat). Let's not forget that an Angerville Alan was count of Brittany and Anjou, or that the Stewart-related Brocks were from Anjou.

Plunketts and Dol are in the Vilaine part of Brittany, which was traced acceptably to Vilnius in Lithuania, home of the Astikas' that married Traby. In this way, lines between Palma of Campania and Plume's of Brittany can trace to the Trebia river i.e. the Parma theater. The fact that the Trebia and likely the Taro at Parma was home to the Ananes Gauls begs the question as to whether the Carthaginian line of Mago produced "Magna," for the Hannibal-suspect Ananes are suspect with Annas of Israel while Plancia Magna (Perga) was from a royal-Israelite line. The red stag of Carthys is identical to the red one of Plantagenets, and it therefore gets very interesting where "Carthy" is like "Carthaginian," while the Plantagenets stag is Treby-like "trippant." The Carth stag, "a red stag with gold ANTLers", can trace to Plancia Magna because her husband's (Tertullus) city of Perga was right beside ANTALya, where I've traced antlers for years.

If the aim is to find whether Palma of Campania does trace to the naming of Parma, I can see some ways to do it. One way is where Walkers, who use a "magna" motto term, also use vertical bars in the colors of the Tarr/Tara bars. This has the effect of linking Tarr-river liners to Plancia liners, and then Plunkets use a "FESTina" motto term that can be for the Vasto-Fast line which was found likely with Guy-Spoleto elements at the Taro area. The "lente" motto term of Plunkets suggests the Lents, first found in the same place as Penns/Pence's, and using the Save bend, or the Leslie bend in colors reversed, while Leslie's use a "Grip FAST" motto. While the royal Taro location of Ireland was in Meath, Meaths are traced to as Metham location (and family) "occupied by Ilbert de LACY." The Meaths share quadrants, half in blue, with Fasts, and are said to be from Marr of Yorkshire, where Mars were first found, yet Mar in Scotland is where Leslie's were first found who trace hard to Guy Spoleto (died at the Tarr). Meaths are in Hate/Height colors, while the two were both first found in Yorkshire, and, moreover, the Meath quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Hagans (Tyrone), strongly suggesting a Methan link to Hagan / Hague liners. As Leslie's were Hungarians, and as the Scottish flag has been traced to Andrew I of Hungary, note that the flag is used by Hate's/Hague's (Hagar colors). Hagans, in the colors of German Drummonds (from Andrew I), found in the same place as Trips, share the boot with Trips.

Mar of Scotland was beside Banffshire, and that's where Boyne's were first found while royal Tara was at the Boyne river. Boyne's share the motto of Hamiltons, their tree, and their cinquefoils. The Hamilton cinquefoil is used by Leicester, and PERKins were first found in Leicestershire. Leicester was ruled by the Beaumonts who married the Laevillus line of PERCival-Leavells, making Percivals and Pierce's suspect with Perga / Plancia too. We have the first piece of evidence here that Laevillus links to Plancia, but there is a bigger one coming soon, and another.

There is the argument to be made that while Flecks/Flacks are Palmer/Parmer liners, and likely a Fulke/Folk branch, Placks (Pullen martlets?) show that they are from "Plunket." As Placks come up as Plocks, they are suspect with Pollocks/Polks (same place as Hamiltons). In this picture, Flacks/Flecks look like Plancia-Magna liners either to Palma and/or Parma. As Beaumonts are known to have descended from Harcourts (of Torcyville), note that Harcourts share double fesse bars (suspect from Israel's Gamala, to Cammell / Hamel(ton) liners) with Flecks and Palmers/Parmers.

Plancia was related to a Mr. Simplex while PERkins (Levi lion?) use a "Simplex" motto term, thus tracing Perkins well to "Perga." Perkens (with the 'e') use the colors and format of Hollys/Cullens. Perkens are obviously related to Feathers and Ayer-beloved Lights/Lite's, in Leto / Letter colors. Mythical Leto was the mother of Artemis through Perga, and of Apollo through Avellino. Apollo's mates included the Coronis Lapiths (always trace to Muse's / Mysian / Meshwesh), and Coronis has been traced (by me) to the crown gorged around an animal's neck, used, for example, by Avellino-suspect Harpers. The crown-like Crauns/Crane's, with a crown gorged around a neck, were the first ones to alert me that gorged crowns trace to the Coronis line of Ceraunii. The Ceraunii were on the Urbanus river while Urbans share the bend-with-stars of Massena's while the latter share patee crosses on red with Crauns while the Urbanus was beside the Maezaei. It can explain why Crone's/Crome's (Crom branch?) share the Massey fleur on a Coat sharing the colors and format of Perkens, for the Craun patee is in the colors of the same of Plante's/Planquette's (not to mention Claptons). Sometimes, the "mural crown" in the CRONE/Crome Crest, which is suspect with the Perkin lion "emerging" from it, is called a "mural CORONet." I have had inklings of a trace of the mural crown to Muriel Pollock, daughter of Peter Pollock, the first Pollock proper, wherefore it's very notable that Crone's/Crome's were first found in the same place (HEREfordshire) as Fullers, where one might expect the Here's / Ayers/Eyers (share quatrefoils with Crome-like Croms!) of not-far-away Derbyshire.

The Simple's (Renfrewshire, same place as Hamiltons / Pollocks) use the Hebron motto, "Keep tryst," and Hebrons along with their Chill/Child kin share the colors and format of Perkens and Cullens. [Aha! A couple of hours after writing here, when loading the Hereford Coat (Piast eagle?), it's essentially the Chill/Child Shield! See the colors and format of the Trevors / Tudors of Hereford.] The Hyatts, who list Hilts, are like Haits/Heights (Hyatt colors), first found in Derbyshire along with Brogitarus-suspect Froggits [and Here's who share the Brock/Brocken tree stump!!!]. Brogitarus' [like "Brock" hee-hee] son conquered Derbe, and I had found evidence of a Derbe trace to Plancia Magna. For example, Derbys use the ANTELope. The Hyatts/Hilts are the ones with an upright lion in the colors of the same of Harpers, but they're also the colors of the passant lion of Perkins. Harpers, now suspect with Hirpni in the Palma theater, use a "Suavis" motto term while Leslie's use "SuiVEZ." The Leslie bend is in the colors of the bend formed by the Plantagenet label. [Brocks use the dart].

A friend (Christian) with Pollock bloodline told me that Muriel Pollock married a Mr. Watson before most Pollock titles went to the terrible Leslie's. Watsons (share black martlets with Plocks/Placks) share the griffin head of Dobers / Dobermans that I see as Mieszko-Dobrawa liners, and using the bend of Jewish Pollocks. The Leslie's use the same griffin head in green. Mieszko's other wife therefore became suspect with Haldans, using the griffin head in gold, and probably the Maxwell saltire. The Watson griffin is gorged around the NECK with a crown, and Necks use a stag with a crown on one ANTLER. Rodhams share "nec" motto terms with Rutherfords.

This other wife was Oda of HALDENsleben, near to the Brocken mountain, and then Watsons use another tree stump. I feel quite sure from above that tree-stump liners (includes Rodhams that I trace to Rutland, where Watsons were first found) are Brogitarus liners of the Brocken / Brock kind. Watsons may be a branch of Wade's/Quade's and Weights, but are highly suspect with Watts and Vatts (and the Hamilton / Boyne tree). As proto-Pollocks are being traced to Herefordshire, it's notable that Here's are said to descend from Peverels (partly in Derbyshire, in Boy/Bie colors)), for they list LittleBOYS, and they also had a boy symbol, to be suspect with Boyne liners. In the last update, Pollocks (and a Clinton branch) were traced to where Herefordshire meets Worcestershire, and the latter is where Watts were first found who share the Watson tree. I can't recall the details fully, but so-called Goeth's stump was an oak stump in relation to a Nazi concentration camp near Brocken mountain (home of witchcraft), and the HITLER'S FATHER MARRIED BOTH A MISS POLZ (highly suspect with Pollocks at Glasgow) AND A MISS GLASSL, WHILE WATTS AND VATTS USE GLASSES hanging from their oaks. Hitler was born from Miss Polzl. English Watts (share billets with German BLOCKs) look like they were kin of Plocks/Placks; both use lozenges, and English Blocks (Plock / Watt colors, probably the Paisley roses) are using a version of a Watson Coat, and throw in the tree stump...begging whether Blocks (same place as Dols) were Brocks. All of this is expected in relation to Plancia-Magna liners, Herods to say the least. Goeths/Goths (suspect with the father of Godfrey III) use the Hagar / Vlad/Flatten / Michael star. The TREE stump can be suspect with the Herod line to Tree's/True's, and the Hamilton / Boyne motto, "THROUGH," may relate. Boyne's are now being watched as Boy liners between Tarr-river liners and the Tara location of ancient Irish kings.

Finally, before moving on, the hands from clouds of Watsons link well to the same of Jewish Aarons/Arens, for Arundels and Rundels were Alan kin, and moreover FitzAlans of Arundel and Clun (Shropshire) trace to Alice of Saluzzo along with Clintons. Clouds/McLeods use a "Hold Fast" motto and perhaps the white bull head of Beverleys whom are suddenly tracing to Guy Spoleto, as do both McLeod motto terms, as well as the McLeod flag. The Fasts use the same quadrants as English Lutts (Worcestershire), signalling that McLEODs/Lutts were Lutt liners. McLeods had been traced with Hold liners to the Alutus river (Transylvania), now the Olt. Across the Carpathians from the Alutus is a Neamt location, and the Lutts use a Coat much like the Neams/Name's. There was plenty that traced well to the Neamt area, and Fuller-related Beacons/Bacons, who have cinquefoils in the colors of the Hamilton cinquefoil, may trace to Bacau, downriver on the Bistrita from the Neamt area.

Bacau is an area between the Bistrita and the Trotus, and while Trotts/Troaths/Truths use vertical bars in the colors of the same of Tarrs/Tara's, one can get the impression that the Taro was named after some Tarot-like term that named the Trotus. The Hume's, with a "True" motto code, were suspect from HUMorului, to the north of Neamt. True's are said to be from "trot." It's very interesting that Darts/Tarts (first found smack beside the Tarrs!) share a white canton with Trotts, and that Bacons are in Dart colors, while the ermined Dart fesse has connected well to the ermined fesse of Italian Palmers. Fleming-suspect Trypillians lived at the Trott theater (Moldova), and Darts/Tarts use flames. Therefore, I should perhaps cancel the trace of Darts to D'Art and the Arda (beside the Taro), and trace instead to Trotus liners. True's are said to derive in "trog," which may have some reality as per a link to whatever "THROUGH" stands as code for.

I suppose one can consider that Alutus liners named the Alde's, and only after that was the Arda named after it. The Beverly surname below shares "libertas" with Italian Dino's, and while the latter look linkable to Taddei's along with Alda's (suspect with the Rodham motto), and the latter have a white-on-red fesse, the Dart/Tart symbol. The Shield-and-Chief color combination of English Alde's is in the colors of the same of Dino's, and colors reversed from the same of Bacons. Dino's use another tree very linkable to Tree's/True's in this discussion. Tree's are also Trews while Droits, who share the red-on-white fleur with Perkins, are also Drewetts. This can trace Pergo liners to Trotus liners. But on whether Alde liners named the Arda river, I cannot be sure. While the Tarr bars are suspect with the Leavell bars, the latter use them with the nebulee feature, which is used in the same color by Droits (Oxfordshire) and Damorys / Amore's, first found in Oxfordshire, and possibly from the Mures river of Transylvania. That works, especially as Vere's were laden in Oxfordshire while Nicholas de Vere traced his family to Transylvania.

It's interesting that while Pattersons share the same scallops as PEVERELs, Pattersons use a CAMEL that can trace to Hamelton / Boyne liners. BEVERLys (Kilpatrick colors) use a "patria" motto term, and look to be using a version of the Buckley Coat, which is a surname tracing to Guy Spoleto. The Buckleys share the Travis motto, and Travis' (in Beverly colors) share white scallops with Peverels. The Beverly Crest is the Crest of Haughts (same place as Buckleys). Beverleys were first found in the same place as Palms/Parms, and are in Palmer/Parmer colors, and they say that Beverly-like Bavarians were named by a Baia branch of Boii, which can explain the boy symbol of Peverels. Scottish Watsons share a blue fesse with Beavers, first found beside Plantagenets, and Pollocks were proto-Rothschilds, and therefore expected to be a line with beaver-like Bauers, first found in Bavaria. Heraldry makes these mysteries work out. Beverlys lived in Leven (Yorkshire) and use a Coat like the Levins/Livins. I can glean that Holly-related Hulls should link closely to Beverlys (Bessin colors, bee-like motto terms shared by Newmans). They also say that a Boii branch named Baiocasses of the Bessin, and Travis' (share white scallops with Bavaria-suspect Peverels) trace to the Bessin.

While there are arguments for tracing proto-Pollocks to Placentia (Trebia river), it's notable the Simple's share black and striped hunting horns with the Arms of Traby, that being a location near Plock (Poland). Pollocks use hunting horns. Pollock ancestry is suspect in Fullers, who share the horse with Plunkets and Simple-loving Hebrons. The Wrens, suspect with naming Renfrew, share the purple lion with Lacys and Skiptons (Yorkshire again), which I trace to general Scipio at Placentia.

It's interesting that HIRPINi-possible IRVINgs/Irwins use holly, for this can make an Hirpini link to Plancia's Artemis cult. Artemis had the so-called Calydonian boar while Harpers use the boar. Then, while Perkins use the same lion as Jewish Levi's, I had traced the pagan-Levite line of Judge's Jonathan to Oeneus, king of Calydon, I kid you not. Plus, Calydon is in AETOLIA, which I trace to "Attaleia," the alternative spelling of Antalya i.e. smack beside Perga! Wow. Laevillus can now be suspect with the Perkin line back to Perga. Jonathan (Levite priest) was in Lissus-suspect Laish, at ancient PANIAS, a possible line to the PENEStae on the same river as Lissus. While the Leto / Artemis / Apollo line had a dog symbol, it's notable that Plunkett-suspect Hollys use the dog.

Pollocks use a boar shot with an arrow, which is how the Calydonian boar was represented (by the myth writer) when shot and killed by the king of Calydon and his wife, Atalanta (code for Attaleia liners). Pollocks were first found in the same place as Speers who use the boar. It looks like the Levites of Laish ended up in Renfrewshire (significant Jewish population there). Pollocks were from Fulbert, pal or kin of the Dol Alans i.e. at the same place as the first Plunketts. It seems that Fulbert was a Plancia liner, or an associate of a Plancia liner.

It's notable that while Haits/Hague's (Roque rock) use "inVICtus," the Vice's/Vise's not only share the cross type, in the same colors, with Heights, but are suspect with the Harper motto term, "sauVIS." Leslie's were traced to Lesce on the SAVA/SAVE river (Leslie's have a bend in colors reversed from the Save bend), which river (Shaw liner?) may be intended in the Harper / Leslie motto. Lesce is beside Bled, and then Ble's/Bleds use a "tous" motto term for Button/Biden-loving Tous' while Biden-suspect Fittons share the same bend as Leslie's. To this I should add that the lynx in the Penny/Penes Crest traces to LYNCestis (not far from the Penestae), in Macedonia, where Cassander ruled who's line is said to be ancestral to rulers of Bithynia i.e. to which I trace Bidens. The Fittons are suspect at Fidenza, near the mouth of the Parma. Lyncestis is beside PELAGonia while the father of the Coronis crow was PHLEGyas.

Enter the Cass'/Cash's, Cush's and Kiss', all using the same chevron with "fountains." And it's in the colors of the Shaw / Ayer chevron while a branch of Ayers (and Here's) were first found in Derbe-line Derbyshire. It can make Plancia Magna suspect with the Cassander line to Bithynia. French Caseys, suspect with Cassel / Cato liners, use only leaves on a branch, reflective of the same of Balms, which can trace Cassander lines to Palms / Parms. Kiss's share the red rooster with Bible's/Bibo's, and the latter have on a CUSHion. I trace Bibo's to VIBia, mother of Laevillus, but that trace was, I think, before realizing that roosters trace to Gaia/Gala, father of Massena. A red rooster was seen in the Crest also of Plunkett-colored Ballans/Baalams.

Irish Caseys use the crow and the same bend as Cato's / Chatans, recalling the Cassel links to Cato-like surnames.

Brian Kin Out of the Closet

If one enters "Plantagenet," another Coat comes up that doesn't with "Plante." This Plantagenet Coat (Yorkshire) is virtually the same as the Irish (I link them to Oxfords) Brians that come up with "Boyen," like the Boyne's suspect from the Taro river. The latter share a motto term of Kilpatricks, and use an "UachTAR" motto term and almost show a scimiTAR out of a cloud. The write-up for English Brians (black and striped horn) says that the name Guy was "frequently in the family." It speaks of a king-celebrated Guy de Brien (knight) of SLAPton, which reminds me of Steve Tarr's slap shot (that didn't quite go into the net, but was left for me to poke in; see "Steve Tarr" last update). Slapton is in Devon, beside the first Tarrs. The place sounds like "Salop," where a Saluzzo line was. It also sounds like "Clapton," and there is a Clapton location in Somerset (where Tarrs were first found) that was home to a Hicks family that married an Arthur surname, wherefore, as I read, these Hicks shared the clarion symbol (said to be trumpets but otherwise called, rests) with Arthurs. It's amounting to a very good trace to the Arda and Tarr rivers, and the Brian hunting horn can thus be that of Trabys for a Brian trace to the neighboring Trebia river.

English Brians share three piles with GUIScards, and Guido's list "Guis." Irish Brians/Boyens are said to be of DalCASSIANS, and that can get us to the Kilpatrick-related Pattersons/Cassans/Kissane's, while the Kissane's are also GUISSane's. They share red stag with English Plante's/Plantagenets (London), and the Clapton patee (COUNTERchanged) is shared with French Plante's/Planque's! It tends to verify that Brians/Boyens are using the Plantagenet lions, as well as tending to assure that Slapton was a Clapton line. This is very good to know, and it is apparently linking to Tarrs, amazing.

Brian Boru was also "Boruma," like the sprig of BROOM in the hat of Geoffrey Plantagenet (which he may never have worn aside from writers fabricating the idea in his stead as mere code). The Broom/Brome surname uses sprigs of broom. This can explain the Brian link to Plante liners, and signals that Geoffrey Fulk above was a Brian liner.

The other Claptons use a wolf half blue, the symbol of Placentia at the Trebia. Not only do the Casano's/Cassandra's apply when Pattersons/Cassane's do, but also the Sodans/Sowdens, first found in the same place as Slapton! So, we now know that Dalcassians were the Cassane liners, expected from Cassander of Macedonia, whose father, king Antipater (may have come to name the father of the first Herod), is likely the proto-Kilpatrick / proto-Patterson. Both latter surnames use drops, suspect with Drops/TROPE's. As Casano's/Cassandra's were first found in Modena, where Albino's were first found, it very notable that Albins/Aubins were likewise first found in the same place as Slapton. I still reckon that "Clap" liners were from Glaphyra Archelaus, who married two Herods and one Massena (king Juba of Mauritania). The Jewish encyclopedia says that she lived with Herod Archelaus at Vienne-Isere.

As Knee's need to work into Tarr's slap shot, let's go to the "garnished" hunting horn of Brians, for Garnish's/Garneys/Garnoise's (SCIMITAR!), I kid you not, are using the same scallops as Sodans/Sodhams (ha!), and were first found in the same place as Knights and Clare's. The Cassane's/Cassandra's share the three red chevrons with Clare's, suspect in clarions. Irish Brians use the sword, but then Swords use swords in the colors of the Shots.

The "Lamh" motto term of Brians/Boyens (shared by Sullivans) gave the impression of the Lamas lamb shared by the Arms of Grasse, and here we fond the Garnish's with a "grace" motto term and a chevron in colors reversed from the Grace/Grasse chevrons, and these Grace's were first found in Provence, beside Grasse. Irish and English Grace's use a lion split in both colors of the split lions of Brians/Boyens. Garners are in French-Grasse colors.

I claim that the Grasse / Lamas lambs are the Bassianus bloodline. The English Brians say that their three blue piles are "joined in BASE," but others using piles are not so described. The Base's/Baise's/Bayse's happen to use two of the Brian/Boyen lions, and the Base's/Bassans the use black and striped hunting horns! That was easy, and it traces to Bassania, at the mouth of the Mathis, which trace's to Chives' (same cross as Mathis'), first found in the same place as Slapton. Other piles joined at the base may thus relate to Base / Bassianus liners. It recalls that Bassania traces to Basina Merovingian, and that her son, Clovis, traces to Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle, and as the proto-GEDDES Geds were on the Nith river along with Closeburn, let's add the "GODDES" motto term of Garnish's. JOINers (swords joined at the tip) may apply who can be using the Pilotte / Pellet / Shaw cups. (It brings to mind several items joined at their tips)

We now have an excellent link to the Pucks, fully expected in Tarr's slap-shot event, for Grasse's are expected with Grazzio's, first found in the same place as the Ottone's that share the Puck Coat (almost). And that place was in Umbria, the place ruled by Guy Spoleto whose buckles are shared by the Bassianus liner, Ranulph le Meschin (same place as Claptons).

This recalls that the Pierleoni liner, Benedicts, whose lions are in the colors of the Brian/Boyen / Grasse lions, have a German branch using "boilers," and then Bouillier's/Bouillins/Bouiliane's (rooks), highly suspect with Bouillons, were first found in the same place (Brittany) as French Brians. Brains (not "Brian") use LEOpard faces, probably a Pierleoni symbol. By the way, Godfrey III, Godfrey de Bouillon's grandfather, was a ruler of Spoleto when he married Beatrice of bar, daughter of Boniface II Frederick, margrave of Tuscany. In Wikipedia's Duke-of-Spoleto article, Godfrey is listed as regent in Spoleto. It was this same Godfrey who was supporting the Pierleoni. "[Godfrey III] was enfeoffed with the Duchy of Spoleto (1057) by Pope Stephen IX, his brother. In January 1058, Leo de Benedicto Christiano threw open the city gates to him and Beatrice after the election of Pope Nicholas II.",_Duke_of_Lower_Lorraine

Godfrey III is styled, "of Lotheringia," and might therefore descend from Mieszko and Richeza. It's notable that Godfrey got Spoleto in the same year that Malcolm III became the Scottish king, for Malcolms use the same saltire as the Brittany Brians, and moreover the Brian roses can be for the Rose's, first found in the Moray area, where Malcolm and MacBeth had ruled. Rose's were first found in NAIRNshire, a good place to trace the Neuri, whom I see as Nahorites and therefore related to Bus' and Hamiltions, both of whom use the Boyne cinquefoil. In fact, as BOSCO's are in the Rose write-up, they could be Bus liners, which is to say that Bush's/Buschs were Bus liners, from Buz, son of Nahor. This recalls that Brian Boru, to whom Brians/Boyens are traced, were in a league with the Irish Burghs that I traced to Alice of Montferrat, herself related to Alice of Saluzzo, beside BUSCA! I now have reason to believe that Brians (or their Boyen / Boyne kin) were involved in a line from Malcolm III, especially from Andrew I of Hungary.

The Brian / Malcolm saltire is colors reversed from the flory Rangabe cross, and the latter is white, the color of the Bouillon flory. Somehow, Brians are to be found related to the chief Crusader family.

The Irish Burghs are the ones sharing the Eustace cross, and Godfrey III married Eustace's daughter, Goda, like the "Goddes" motto term of Brian-beloved Garnish's, making GODfrey and Goda suspect with Goth/Gothel liners to the flag of modern Israel. I can see Irish Burghs, the only surname showing a Berk variation, naming Berkshire, where Modens/Modeys and Arcs were first found, and then Modane on the Arc river is about 25 miles only from BRIANcon (Durance river, from the Turano river). The cat-using Croms were first found in Berkshire, and Irish Burghs/Berks use a cat in Crest too. Godfrey's mother is said not to be known, but she would have lived at about the right time (a woman by 1000) for Richeza (or Lorraine). Godfrey III was born around 1000, making him a Polish suspect of the Mieszko kind; it's not a thing I generally include in my developing views, but my eyes will be on any clues that may support it. Godfreys use Pole-suspect Pellicans, and Jeffreys were thought to be using the stars of Polesdons in colors reversed.

French Brians are actually said to be from Brien, count of Brittany, and brother of Alan the Red, the latter being the one awarded with RICHmond (Yorkshire, same as Mars), can you believe it? The Brians must have been Mieszko-Richeza liners. Richeza traces well to both the Richess/Rich and Rick surnames, while Ricks use an orange griffin, while Orange is at the mouth area of the Durance. Rulers of Orange, and the Orange surname (Rangabe's?), use hunting horns, a Brian symbol, yet the latter's is in the colors of the same in the Arms of Traby i.e. Poland. This reminds me o the Mieszko trace to Siward of Northumberland, for he defeated MacBeth (1054) three years before Malcolm III killed MacBeth, and George, father of Scottish Drummonds, said to have been in Scotland in 1055, is suspect with that scene. This can explain why Brians trace to both Mieszko and Malcolm, especially as Brians use the sword, symbol of the Sword line from Siward. Note that the Brian sword is garnished while Garnish's are in the colors of the Brian / Malcolm saltire.

While Desmonds use a "crom aboo" motto, "Lamh"-using Sullivans, from the Salluvi branch of the Salyes (Durance river), the likely namers of Saluzzo, use "abu." The Desmonds were related to the McCarthys of Muskerry, and that's the general homeland of Sullivans who must therefore be using the McCarthy / Plante stag in gold.

The Brittany Brians are said to have been at HELARDiere, which reminds me of Hillarys sharing the six, black fitchees of Saluzzo-line Clintons (same place as Grazzio-kin Crispins and thus linkable to the Grasse-Brian relationship), and it also reminds me of the Biliards listed with Hilliards/Hillards that use the same Coat as Billets/Billiards (same place as Pellicans), and, zowie, those Coats, using one chevron in the colors of the triple chevrons of French Grace's/Grasse's, are virtually colors-reversed versions of the French LAMBert Coat (in Helardiere-Brian colors), highly suspect with Mieszko II Lambert, Richeza's husband! It really makes the Grasse / Lamas lambs suspect with Lamberts, especially as English Lamberts use lambs. It very much appears that lamh-liner Brians were with Hiliards/Biliard liners in Helardiere. The write-up puts Brians together with a king in a battle at Calais = Artois...i.e. where Eustace lived who's suspect with Irish Burghs/Berks.

Compare German Lamberts to English Billets and Bellows! The latter are honored in the bellows of Skipton-suspect Skiptons (same place as Clintons / Crispins), and while Mieszko-related Meschins married Skiptons (had Alice daughter(s)), the latter were in Craven while Cravens are using a colors-reversed version of the Mieszko-suspect Rick Coat! See also the Tints (same place as Ricks), kin of Gala-suspect Gale's at TintaGEL, birthplace of king Arthur from the mythical wife of GorLOIS = Luisa of Ceva. Compare the Tint crosslets to that of Gore's and Fasts. Tints were first found in the same place as Tauntons and Roets, and Tauntons are in the write-up of Staple's (share red fleur with Jaggers) suspect with a line from Payne de Roet at Estaples. Staple's are basically said to be related to FitzPaine's. In Taunton, there is a Staple-Fitzpaine location (same place as the first Roets). Tints use a lion in the colors of the same of Roet-related Beauforts, and the Tint lion is "COUCHant" while Couch's, first found beside Roets, are also "Cauche," reminding that a Mr. CHAUCer married the sister of Catherine Roet. Therefore, Tints, expected from the Atintanes (lower-left of map) of the Macedonia border, to the immediate south of Antipatria, are expected with Caux Normans at the Bessin. The Couch's/Cauche's use two vertical bars in the colors of the many of Tarrs, first found in the same place as Tints and Roets. If Dutch Benedicts/Bennett are using a book, it can link to the Roet book.

When viewing the Orange horn, it reminded me of the Jagger/Yaggers horn, which I had tentatively traced to Jugurtha, a son/grandson of king Massena. Jaggers above were first found in the same place as Mieske's. As Gala/Gaia was Massena's father, note that Galli's (Macey / Bright stars?) were first found in the same place (Dauphine, may have covered Orange) as French Lamberts, for Massena must somehow trace to Mieszko I. English Jaggers share a gold patee with Claptons while the latter are traced (by me) to Glaphyra, wife of Juba II, a possible descendant of Jugurtha. As it's very likely that Galli's are using the Gay rooster, note that Gays were first found in Savoy, location of Modane. The Galli rooster is colors reversed to the Orange horn, and Horns/Orne's are from the Orne river down to the Bessin (i.e. home of Ranulph de Briquessart). English Jaggers (same place as Craven and Skiptons) are using the sword of the ancient Bistones (Libya), as I see Bessins and Bistons using who share the bend of the Cheshire and Salyes-suspect Sale's/Salletts.

BONifaci (Frederick) of Tuscany, father-in-law of Godfrey III, reminded me of the "Du BON" motto phrase of Benedicts, and the Dubons/Bons happen to use a colors-reversed version of the Galli Coat, but with a dolphin, symbol of Dauphine. That looks right. Reminder: French Lamberts, first found in Dauphine, would be using the Macey Coat, essentially, if the Lambert stars were gold.

English Lamberts were first found in the same place as Rangabe-suspect Michaels, and German Michaels use Zionist stars in the colors of the Billiard / Lambert stars, which are also the color of the Zionist star of Goths/Gothels, suspect with Gothelo, father of Godfrey III whose wife is not known but suspect as Richeza of Lorraine/Lotheringia! Zowie, I'm impressed. The Leslie-beloved Fasts may be using a form of the Lorraine bend. The Goth star is used by Hagar(d)s, who suddenly appear as a branch of Jaggers/Yaggers. Hmm. And Hagars were first found in the same place as Numidian-liner Shaws. Austrian Jaggers use the hunting horn in both colors of the Brian horn. The father of Ranulph le Meschin, Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, and the Macey-related Brights, are suspect from BRIGantium, the alternative name of Briancon. That's why the Orange hunting horn should apply to this Bessin family, or why Brians of Briancon should link to Orange. It's making Billiards and Helardiere suspect with Rangabe's. German Breits/Breitbachs use nothing but the duke-of-Masovia wyvern. Compare with German Dragons/Dagomirs (Silesia) showing Polish variations, and linkable to "Dagome," an alternative name of Mieszko I.

Recalling that the German Michael Coat reflects that of the Casano's/Cassandra's of Modane-like Modena, let's add that Staple's were probably at Barnstaple, where Albins/Aubins (see Barnstaple's) were first found that were an obvious branch of the Modena Albino's.

The Staple fleur are red, as with those of Gellone's/Gillings, and while William de Gellone was traced to Kenza of Aures, in the land of Numidians, that was before I had GALA/Gaia on my mind. Since emphasizing Gellone, I've become acquainted with the Gala / Gay Coats, and as Jaggers (same place as Gellone's) use fleur in both colors of the Gellone fleur, suddenly, William Gellone looks like a Gala-Numidian liner. He is thought to be the father of Guerin of Provence, beside Grasse, beside Orange, and at the bottom of the Durance river. Believe it or not, Guerins share the pierced Zionist stars of Payens, first found in the same place as Galli's. The Maceys use pierced stars in the same colors and positioning. The Staple's (fleur colors reversed from the Massey fleur) translate their motto (identical to the Peter motto) with "nothing," and Nothings (beloved of the Suty motto) look to be using yet another Macey Shield.

The Gellone/Gilling write-up is out to lunch when deriving the name, but it can be gleaned as secret code. It says that a place calling Gilling (held by a count Alan) is defined as "settlement of the family or followers of a man called Gythla or Getla". I see no relationship between the latter two and "Gilling," but the two do look like GETULI Numidians. Plus, as we saw the "Goddes" motto term linkable to Goda, mother of Godfrey de Bouillon, she now looks like a Numidian, explaining the Moor head of Bouillons. I'm suggesting that Goda was a Geddes liner, or from the Geti name of Caracalla's family that traces to a Geti family of North Africa, home of Berbers suspect in the Barbera's that share fish on red with Geddes on the one hand, and English Barbers sharing the Gellone fleur on the other. I can glean that the Barbers are from Haught / Drake-Dreux liners (Abruzzo) from Warsaw of Masovia. While English Barbers share the bull with Sabine's, Scottish Berbers, suspect with the saltire of Hannibal-suspect Annan(dale)'s, share the red scallop with Sabine's (Annandale is in the same place as the Geds (fish) of the Nith river). Spanish Barbera's are expected with the MORATIN/Murena tower, if that helps to trace Barbers to MAURITANia, home of Berbers...and of Juba II. The Cabots (fish colors reversed from Geddes fish) suspect in the Geddes motto use fish in Gellone / Orange / colors, and were first found in the area of the first Mago-possible Majors/Magors. Recalling that Kilpatricks on the Nith are being traced to the ancestry of Nysa of Bithynia, the "nisi" motto term of Annandale suspect Barbers may be indicating that the Nith was a Nysa liner (BC times).

It's feasible that Gala was of the Geloni peoples living with Budini. In any case, if we are convinced that the line of Eustace > Bouillon was from Numidians, let's look at Caulders, suspect in the CAULDRons of Spanish, and Mauritania-suspect, Barbera's (hourglass shape). Caulder share the stag with Eustace's and their branch of stag-like Stacey's, and moreover, the Caulder antlers are in Gellone / Barber colors while the Caulder motto uses, "ViGILANs," like the Gilling variation of Gellone's. Irish Gilans/Gillons (Ulster, where I had traced an aspect of Eustace's) even use the Gellone/Gilling Coat, adding a "fire bomb" in Crest. Colts/Cults/Celts (same place as Shaw Numidians) share a giant stag head with Caulders, suggesting that the two are branches, but my problem is that, while I've traced them to Celts / Caledonians (the people groups), I am now seeing a different theory in the Galit and similar variations of Galli's.

Scottish Gilans are traced to Galloway, location of Wigton that became suspect with a Wye/Wigh branch of Guys. It can explain the "VIGilans" code. Bothy Gilan surnames use a hand HOLDING an item, suggesting Guy Spoleto's alliance with Montferrat liners in the Saluzzo theater. That was the VASTO family, and so note the Scottish Gilan Crest: "A right arm embowed VESTed and cuffed in blue holding a gold covered cup." The cup is used by Pilotte's and Pellets (and Shaws) while the Pilate pheon is expected between the antlers of the Colt/Celt antlers. The Eustace's and VICE's/Vise's use an item between antlers too, and the latter two use the same black cross between the antlers, giving appearances that Eustace II was related to Guy Spoleto, and in fact Eustace's father-in-law (Godfrey III) ruled Spoleto. We thus have evidence that Eustace's and Stacys were from Eustace II, as expected. Hanna's of Wigton use stags.

The COVERED cup can be code for either Coverts or same-colored Covers/Cove's, but when we find that German Covers are listed with Coburgs, the proto-Windsor, Saxe-GOTHA and Coburg, come to mind. Royal Windsors (BERKshire) had merged with the royal line of Orange.

MOUSE-tower mythology on Mieszko ancestry was written by AnonyMOUS GALLUS, and Italian Galli's/Gallus' use another rooster. It was the symbol of Gallura in Sardinia, and Visconti's of Sardinia picked that symbol up. Galli's/Gallus' were first found in Rome along with Visconti-related Sforza's. It looks like Galli's were Visconti-of-Gallura liners. The first snake of the Milan Visconti's had a Moor child in mouth, suggesting Visconti links to the king-Gala bloodline. Another Italian Gallus surname (Tuscany) uses the same lion as Grace's/Grasse's, and thus traces to Grazzio's and Brians, or, to put it another way, to Godfrey III in Tuscany / Spoleto. If Piasts of the mouse tower were named as code for Pisa liners, this Gallus surname can apply to the myth writer's code for himself. The Galli rooster is in both colors of the Gallus lion, and it's a gold and upright one, same as the Sforza (and Pennant) lion.

German Gallus' can apply to the myth writer too, for they share the black rooster of KOPPLe's, very traceable to "GOPLo," location of the mouse tower. Gallus' remind me that Grass' and Glass' may have been branches. If correct, Grasse may have been a Gala>Massena line. While the Pisa lion is almost the Massin lion, there is a Massino-Visconti location near Milan. In such a case of a Grass variation of Gallus liners, the Grazio's and Crispins would become Gala liners.

Galts/Galls/Gaws happen to share "vincit" with the Shaw motto, and were first found in the same place as Shaws and Cults/Celts. As I identified Visconti's with Guiscards, it's notable that the latter share piles with Pennants (sinister split) while the Galt/Gall Crest is "A red ship with flags and pennant flying." The Gaw-like Cowes/Cawe surname uses pennants too, yet are in the shape of the Guiscard piles. It appears that Cowes on Wight may have been named by the Gawe branch of Galts/Galls. "Flying" can be code for Flynns (white-on-blue wolf) that show a green snake, the original color of the Visconti snake.

A thing strikes me here. CAUCasia was also Colchis, suggesting that the latter may have developed from a Calchis variation of "Caucus." If we entertain the Gallix variation of Galli's as the evolution to CHALKers (Kent, same place as Massena-line Massins), we could then entertain that this Gallix>Chalker line formed the Chaucers (Kent), and also the Caux area of the Bessin that was married by Balso D'Espaines, recently suspect with a line of Syphax Numidians (expected out of Rome, where Gallis/Gallus' were first found. The Massena-line Meschins were descended from Balso and his Caux wife. I really like this theory because the Khaldi, whom I see as proto-Celts, lived smack (with the Meshech-derived Amazons) at the south of Colchis, beside the Meshech of Batumi and the Moschi mountains, in Colchis. The Cups/Cope's/Colps trace to the Colapis river, where Colchians settled, and the covered cup of Gilans can be for Covers, from a Cove location, a potential variation of "Cope." Covers/Cove's share a white-on-red bend with Rye's/RYSE's, potentially from Rize, smack at the Khaldi theater! I like that. It can suggest that Gala was a Colchian in North Africa.

This recalls the TOREATae Caucasians, fellow Maeotian tribe with the SITTACeni, for Rye's/Ryse's are honored by SADDOCK symbol. Chaucers then use the sane bend as Rye's, as well as a TORToise. The CHAWser variation (Shaw liner?) may indicate a merger with Cowes'/Cawe's. I suspected that a branch of Sittaceni, especially a Soducena location in Colchis, named the Sadducees, but "Sittaceni' is much like the "Sithech" to which Shaws are traced. By that time, it was years after I thought that Cilicia, location of Cetis, was named by Colchians. And I claimed that the holy grail was mythical Cilix (like "chalis"), known code for Cilicia. Later, a Chalchis location in Syria would see Herods ruling it, and married to Berenice Agrippa (herself a Herod). Challis'/Chales' were first found in HERTfordshire, and use besants as a fesse in both colors of the HEROD/Harald fesse. The Coat looks as though it can be a version of the Orleans Coat, using TORTeaux instead of besants. This reminds me of Julius Agrippa, uncle of besant liner, Julius Bassianus. The related Orrels were first found in the same place as Cowes'/Cawe's.

As Hertfords are said to be from HERberts, the latter become suspect as Herod liners too. French Herberts (besants) look like Herefords because the Fullers (Herefordshire) share three red-on-white fesse bars with HerBERTs. This is interesting where I'm correct about Fullers being of FulBERT the Saxon. Berts (Herbert colors) share black hunting horns with Bernice's and Burns, suspect with Berenice Agrippa. In colors reversed, the Bert horns can be the hunting horns of Pollocks (Herod/Harald colors). The Herbert bars are colors reversed from the same of Chalkers.

The Saxon/SEPTon surname was first found in the same place as Orells (bendlets in the right colors), and both use similar Coats, while Orleans' (three fesse bars) use seven (sept) torteaux suspect with Septimius Severus, who married a daughter (Domna) of Julius Bassianus. English Herberts (Arda-river suspects) show seven bunched arrows that can be the Pollock > Rothschild line. These Herberts were first found in the same place as Fuller-related Knights and Knight-related Blois'

The Herbert bend is in the colors of the bend of tortoise-loving Chaucers and the Orell bendlets. As I trace Orleans' and Orrels to Aurelia's, it's not likely coincidental that Septimius' son, Caracalla, was named, Aurelius. The Doris'/D'Oris once again use the same fesse and Chaucers and Rye's, but it's wavy this time, as is the same-colored bend of Jewish Pollocks, first found in the same place as torteaux-using Ore's (piles). Fuller motto term: "fermiORA." At one time, I thought that Doris' could trace to Doris, a wife of the first Herod, and it may yet be correct (a Doris-Herod merger with Aurelia's). Doris' were first found in Dauphine, where the capital was Vienne, where Herod Archelaus was banished. Alternatively, DoRIS' may have been d'Ryse liners.

After looking up a Galy surname, to find it with Galli's, the English Caly's/Cauleys/Cawleys were loaded to find a bend in the right colors, and using the Keele/Kill quadrants. It reminded of the Cheile's/Cheelys (Lincolnshire, same place as Keele's) in the motto of bunched-arrow CAMERINs/Camerons, and Cheile's share the red-on-white bend with Calys. Therefore, it appears that these Keele liners link to Herefords in more than one way. Cheile's share red-on-white bendlets with Orrels. Repeat from above: "There are three Cawley surnames, and the Scottish ones show sinister buckles, a very good reason to trace them to Guy Spoleto / CAMERINo. Both Cawleys above show "CAMley," working toward my theory that Guy of Camerino named the Cam river." And here we find a third Cawley surname very linkable to Camerons. I wonder which of the Cawley variations came first, and whether they preceded the Keele's and Cheile's.

Let's go back to Brians in HelarDIERES (Brittany), for there is a Dier(es) surname with a "Terrere" motto term that can apply to the "uachTAR" of Brians/Boyens. I see the "timere" motto term of Diers and others as code for Demere's and Mere's, both using the MacDonald ship, and both first found in the same place. The MacDonald motto, "Per MARE, per terras," is shared by Alexanders, first found on KinTYRE, wherefore one may argue that Dier;s/, showing a Dyre variation, should be of the namers of Kintyre. However, the Dier Coat is a version of two Hare coats so that Diers may have been d'Here's. Or, Here liners evolved from D'Here's to Diers to Terras'. But Hare's and Here's are highly suspect as Ayers from Aures Numidians. Note that Hare's share double, gold-on-red fesse bars with HARcourts, in Fes/Fez colors, making Harcourts suspect as a Dane merger with Kenza-liner Numidians.

McInTYRE's/Atters (share black MacDonald ship with Demere's / Mere's) use "ardua," and the Taro flows beside the Arda. Tarrs list "Terre." McIntyre's use a "galley" ship, and a dagger in Crest that should link to the Mackay dagger. What does it suggest when a galley is used while Demere's and Mere's were first found in Cheshire? The Galli > Massey bloodline. English Galleys -- probably an Alan>Stewart line, possibly from the Helardiere Brians -- are in Travis colors, and Meschin-related Travis' share "timere" with the Cheshire Buckleys. Of all the names to describe in the Galley write-up, it chose Archers (Arc-river suspects) and Jegers, translating the latter as "hunter," and thus linking to the Jagger hunting horn. But "Jagger" was not necessarily the original term of the bloodline.

/The MacDonald / MacIntyre eagle is that of Ferte's too, suspect with Ferte-Mace. French Galleys/Galtons were first found in the same place as Galli's, and share red roses with the Helardiere Brians. The latter Galleys use the same chevron as French Noels (Mackay-version Shield?), and the Diers use a "nolo" motto term. English Noels/Nole's are said to have passed their estate to Harcourts, tending to nail Diers with Hare's. Galts (ship in Crest) and Couch's/Cauche's (Tarr bars?) share the bear with Mackays. The Galt bear is said to have a red MUZZLE.

German Nole's/Knowls (same place as Mieske's) look like they use Masci / Massena colors with the Masci wings. As German Nole's use an hourGLASS shape, note that the same wings are in the Jewish-Glass Coat. In colors reversed, the Nole wings could be the blue Here, Here/Herr (same place as Nole's/Knowle's), and Her(t)zog wings. But why do Bauers use blue wings?

There is also a Nol/Knoll surname (Hebron Coat?) with more red roses (Mackays were up in the land of the Rose clan), and perhaps with the Mascal / Corbett elephant. The elephant can be Elaphiti-important, for the Elaphiti islands are right beside deer-depicted Ragusa, while Diers are said to be from "deer," and while that's not true, the Diers (and Dere's) may be a reason as to why Ragusa is said to derive in deer. English Nole's/Noels (fretty in Alan colors) are said to have been at an ELLENhall estate, and Ellens are listed with the Dol>Shropshire Alans. This is the estate that passed to Harcourts. Double fesse bars are used by Gaze's/Gace's and Washingtons, both kin of Cantons, and Noels/Nole's use a stag GAZING, and share a canton with Gaze's/Gace's.

Having said that, there really wasn't evidence that Diers link to Brians, even though there was some evidence that Diers are from Helardiere. The "suum" motto term of Diers may be for Some's/Sions/Swans, first found near GLASgow, and using the Macey chevron, in my opinion, with some reflection with the Coat of French Noels (likewise from Ellenhall). The latter Noels share the crescents of Falcons, and Some's/Sions use falconer's gloves. It may be important that French Noels are almost showing a reflection of the Biliard/Hilard and Billiard Coats. The Billets / Bellows (Ship kin) can be Label/La Bel liners, for they use the Noel / Falcon crescents too, and then Belows (one 'l') share a fretty Shield with English Noels/Nole's.

Mieszko II Lambert

While Mieszko's had a branch in Pomerania, where Dol's were first found, the German Belows (Maxwell eagle?) were first found in Pomerania, and are said to be of Peest. It's not a thing I've emphasized, but isn't that looking like Mieszko's Piast ancestry? I trace Maxwells to the naming of Mecklenburg, beside Pomerania. The Belows use eagle in both Shield and Crest, and while neither are in Piast-eagle colors, they are eagles. No Peest surname comes up, but I just saw a blue-on-white upright lion, a minute or two ago, which I wasn't going to mention, but am now because it's the Pisa lion too. This blue lion belongs to Rantons/Wrentons (named Renfrew?), whom are in the Dier write-up. The Ship(ton) kin of Bellows are thought (by me) to be purple-lion Skiptons, and then Wrenton-like Wrens use the purple lion too. The Wrenton Crest has two hands holding a sword that should be for the Mieszko connection to Siward. There is a BEESTon variation of Bessins, and a Beaston location in Cheshire.

Here's from the last update: "The third earldom of Warwick: "It was created for a third time in 1618 for Robert Rich, 3rd Baron Rich..." Mieskincidence? When we go to his section of the Earl-of-Warwick article, we find the Richess/Rich Coat is featured, bottany crosses included. Penelope, his wife, was also a Devereux, and married Mr. Blount secondly..." Beaston is said to derive its name from a castle owned by Ranulph de BLUNDville (I'm sure he was a Meschin). The Mieske arm-with-sword appears to be in the Beaston/Bessin Crest. There is a Dutch Beest/Best Coat (Piast-eagle colors) with what could be the Crispin bars, and perhaps a branch of French Bests/Bez'.

The last update dealt with Streets and other such names, and came to the Catherine wheels of Stratts by another name (Steats/Staits), in Piast colors, important because these wheels are used by Wheelwrights while they should be from mythical Piast the Wheelwright. Years ago, I tentatively traced French Bests/Bez' (same star as German Lamberts) to BEZprym, son of Mieszko I, and there in the last update was found that the Best/Bez surname uses a "monSTRAT" motto term. The term can be partly for Mons of Hainaut, for the English Lamberts (Piast-eagle colors) are said to descend from counts of Mons and Louvain (Pisa lion?), specifically from Lambert, born in 940, when Mieszko I was roughly a young man. It can suggest that Mieszko ancestry was right in Lambert.

I have the sense that proto-Piasts were from Bistue (on the map at the end of the Urbanus, home of Ceraunii) in the ancient land of Maezaei / CERAUNii, which should explain why CRAUNs/Crane's (Bernicians) are using a version of the Richess/Rich Coat. In fact, as dukes of Masovia used the wyvern dragon, that's what's in the Richess/Rich Crest, and it's white, the colors of the Wessex wyvern, perhaps indicating that Fulbert, father of Pollocks, was from the Wessex Saxons. I traced the Gewisse area (may have covered Hereford) of Wessex to the Kwisa river in Lusatia / Poland. Again, I've read that dukes of Masovia used a red-on-white wyvern dragon, the colors of the same of Drake's, first found in the same place as Richess'/Rich's. In colors reversed, the Drake wyvern is white, and in both colors of the Piast eagle.

I didn't know consciously, until now, that Mieszko Lambert was a son of Emnilda of Lusatia (a wife of Boleslaw). I have this recorded in 2014, but it was not retained in my head. As Boleslaw was son of Mieszko I, it makes Lambert, son of Mieszko I, the likely reason for the naming of Mieszko Lambert. The first Lambert lived at the time of Lambert of Mons / Louvain, and Louvains use roughly the Pisa lion. I have a quote from 2014: ""TADEUSz Wasilewski saw in [Lambert's mother] a Moravian princess."" That can explain why Lamberts and Bests/Bez' use the same star as Scotland's Moravia/Moray. But not the speaker, a possible Taddei, for Taddei's were first found in the same place as Pisa.

The Crauns share the patee cross in the colors of the same of Claptons and Plante's/Planque's, and the latter's Fulk ancestry could be in the Italian Fulks, first found in the same place as Pisa. These Fulks share the Cohen Coat, and Cohens were Khazars that I trace to Moray. These Khazars are suspect with the line of Melissena Rangabe, and Melusine is holding a sword in the Arms of Warsaw. The Taddei's share a white flory cross with Rangabe's, but the Taddei cross, half in the colors of the Craun / Rich crosses, are in Piast-eagle colors.

Let me quote from 2014:

Lambert was the son of Boleslaw I, called "Chrobry," and then, due south of the Sensii [suspect at the naming of Sion] there is a Crobyzi entity. As Sorbs lived in Lusatia, this Crobyzi entity may have been the proto-Sorbs. It just so happens that the Crow surname, sharing the camel with one Gobel surname (suspect with "Goplo," origin of Piasts), in the design of the Pale/Paly camel head, has a chevron in the colors of the Sein/Simms chevron [ravens].

This was intended to link Crows to mythical Siemowit of Goplo. As Siems/Simms share the so-called halbert axe with Sion-related Walsers, it seems that Siens/Simms were Sion liners, especially as Sion was also Sitten while Siens/Simms were first found in the same place as Seatons/Sittens. This can have the effect of tracing Sion/Sitten (in Wallis) to Siemowit Piasts, and to Lambert of Mons, who should prove to have been a Levi liner.

To be sure that we are not talking only Lambert of Mons, it should be added that Crows share the rooster with Goplo-liner Kopple's. The Crow roosters are in the colors of the Piast eagle, and moreover Walsers share the Melusine mermaid with Warsaw. The Walser mermaid has two tails, linking strongly to the Montfort / Bohemian lion, and Boleslaw was named after Boleslaw of Bohemia (Montforts share the Wallis/Wallace lion). The entire Crow and Halbert/Halpert Coats are a reflection of English Lamberts, the ones said to be from a Lambert of Mons / Louvain. German Halberts use a giant "chess rook" in the colors of the same of raven-using Rooks. Chess' have a Cheese variation that can play to the mouse-tower theme, and Chess' share the same lion as Bests/Bez'. It's colors reversed from the Louvain lion, and both Misl's and Chess' show the gold lion in both Shield and Crest. The "legibus" motto term of English Bests (same place as Louvains) suggests the Lee's/Leghs because they share the Mons/Mount lion. It seems unquestionable that both Best surnames trace to counts of Mons.

The mythical Greek crow (Coronis) was traced to the Ceraunii, and thus goes to the Crauns/Crane's and Massey-suspect Crone's/Crooms. It's very notable here that CROMbys are said to use the bottany cross, symbol of Crauns. In Greek, a crow was "corvos," much like "Crobyzi." Therefore, Boleslaw comes out looking like a Ceraunii liner i.e. from Bistue, especially as Crows were first found in Norfolk and Suffolk, the latter being where the first-known Crauns were first found. It makes Crows suspect with Lambert of Mons. The Crow CAMEL can be expected with bars GEMEL, used by RICHmonds (Craun / Richess colors), the latter suspect with Brien, count in Brittany, brother of the first Norman ruler / owner of Richmond.

It gets interesting where the Plante's/Planque's (expected to be a merger with the Dol-area Plunketts) use cabbage leaves while Cabbage's use a motto term that I trace to Angusta, where I've entertained the line of Annas of Israel, because Richmonds use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Annas'. A thing I haven't mentioned is that English Claptons (Cabbage-Chief colors) use the same-colored bend as Plunketts, tending to explain why Plante's/Planque's share the Clapton patee. Cabbage's use a chevron in the colors used by Levi's and the counts of Mons, in Annas-like HAINaut. English Claptons were first found in the same place as House-related Hazels, and House's use cabbage LEAVES, the latter being the ones honored in the Arms of Ghent. This Arms uses a white-on-black lion, the color of the Cabbage lion, making the latter's highly suspect as the Levi lion in colors reversed. The Cabbage holly then recalls that Hollys/Cullens share Melusine in Crest with Warsaw, and that the other Hollys use a version of the Plunkett Coat, wherefore it can't be coincidental that Planque's use the cabbage leaves. It means that Plunketts were a merger with Hollys and Claptons as a certainty.

The Annas' were first found in the same place as Tease's/Tyes'/Tighs (use the same stars), and the latter are said to have had a branch at MOUSEhole (Cornwall). The Tease/Tyes fesse is colors reversed from the same of Crauns, making the white stars in the Tease / Annas Coat look like the Best/Bez / Lambert stars. German Tease's/Tecks (same colors as Annas star) use LEAVES on a saltire in colors reversed from the Annan saltire. As the Ticino river was the Tessin, the Tease's/Tess'/Tecks trace there, especially as they were first found in Switzerland, where the Ticino originates. The LAEVI (predated Annas of Israel) are known to have lived on the Ticino. Cnut, grandson of Mieszko I, is said to have named Nottingham, where Annas' and Tease's/Tyes' were first found.

The is a Misl/Maisel/Meisel surname use the only heraldic mouse I know of, which is why SiemoMYSL of the mouse tower must be code for that surname. Note that the two gold lions of Misl's are facing each other, as in the Best/Bez Coat. In colors reversed, it's the Arms of Flanders lion. There is another gold lion in the Misl Crest, as there is in the Cabbage Crest. Cabbage's were first found in the same place as Quints, beloved of gold-lion Sforza's. As Levi's use a motto term probably for the Aids, the latter have a bend with leopard heads in the colors of the bend with mouse of Misl's. I had traced the Misl bend to that of Davids / Davis', and they put a black passant lion on their bends in the colors of the same of Levi's.

French Levi's are traced to Levy Saint NOM, which recalls my trace of Name's/Neams to Neamt, near Angusta. The "Chretien" motto term of Levi's must be for Chretiens/Crestiens, with lion heads in Louvain-lion colors, and in the colors of the Neam/Name lion heads. I don't know whether Noms/Nome's/Nons/Nevins apply, but they use "a branch of palm" while Palms/Parms share blue vair in Chief with Quince-related Quints. Palms share the fleur de lys of Crone's/Crome's and Masseys for an excellent Palm/Parm link to Crauns. It's probably not a coincidence, therefore, that the Craun-beloved Hinds are using the colors and format of None's/Nons/Nevins! This is a great piece of clue for Levi circles. The Nagle's (share lozenges with Hinds) use a "non" motto term and a fesse in colors reversed to the Non fesse. The O'Nagle variation especially looks like Oneglia, home of a branch of Arduinici that can trace to the Arda river, beside Parma.

The Crete's/Crests (probably the Arms of Burgundy) show a passant lion in Chief in the colors of the same of Jewish Levi's, making Crete's/Crests look like a Chretien/Chestien branch. Earlier in this update, I saw bendy in the colors of the Avesnes bendy, half in the colors of the Burgundy bendy, which may suggest a line between Godfrey III's Burgundy family and his Artois family i.e. of Avesnes kin. You can read (at the Avesnes link above) that Avesnes, as per Baldwin VI, was married to Champagne. You can also read that this Avesnes entity was related to Dampiere's, explaining why DamPIERE's use the Flanders lion, yet, it's also used by Peters (raven)...i.e. that likely could become Pierre's at Dampiere. Why should Peter Pollock trace to the Flanders picture? Ask the Mieszko's. The Dempsters share "strenue" with Pollocks, and put a Siward-suspect sword on their fesse in the colors of the Craun fesse.

Clappers use a Shield filled with red vair fur, the colors of the Vair / Hohen checks, and the Clappers share a sun with Jewish Cohens/Kagans. Scottish Champagne's use a vair Shield too, and they trace to Campania, location of Palma. But I've always had an heraldic problem linking Clappers to Clavers or Claptons. Gold lions facing one another are used by Abreu's/Abruzzo's, and as the Drake / Masovia wyvern must trace to Abruzzo, let's repeat that while Avezzano's share the potent feature with French Champagne, Avezzano's trace to Avesnes in Artois / Hainaut, The Helpe-river Avesnes connects to the Halfs/Helps (Quint fitchee?) that use what can be construed as a blue perchevron (or chevron) in colors reversed from the chevrons of Lamberts, indicating Lambert of Mons. The half symbol of heraldry is called, demi, and Demy's use a blue chevron while showing DuMAIS/LeMAISE variations indicative of Misl's/Maisels. The gold fitchee is shared by English Bests (ostrich). The Craun Crest: "A gold DEMI hind ducally gorged in blue." The Nagle's, who linked to Hind kin, are said to be from Milford HAVen. I'll get to Havens below.

The Ricards can be suspect with the Richeza-Mieszko marriage because their French branch (Brittany) are using what can be construed as the Best/Bez symbols, while the English branch (same place as Richmonds) can be with the Lambert chevron in colors reversed.

The KELPs use a chevron in the colors of the Half/HELP hourglass shape, and are said to be from Colp. They are the Cope's/Cups/Colps that I trace hard to the COLAPis = Kupa river, asking why Helvetii should trace there too. Were they a C-less variation of "Colapis? The Kelp/Cope (and Copp) chevron is in the blue of the Demy/LEMAIS chevron, reminding that blue-on-white chevrons (example, of Garnish's with "grace" motto term) trace to Grasse, kin of LAMAS' that share white lambs with English Lamberts. It's hard to say whether Claps/Clappers ("pike naint proper" = a fish) apply to Kelp/Colp liners, but Dutch Clappers/Cloppers use mallets while deer-using Mallets trace to Melita, near deer-depicted Ragusa, where the hind (a deer) of Crauns can trace. The Clapper pike can be the pike of Geddes, the latter now suspect with Goda, wife of Eustace II. The Mallet scallops, in colors reversed, can be the Garnish scallops, and Garnish's are the ones with a "Goddes" motto term (albeit I have not clinched a link of that term to Geddes'). The "govern" motto term of Garnish's is probably for Governs/MaGAURENs (like "Garn"), from Haven-like Cavan. The Cavans married Strongbow Clare...of Pembroke, location of Milford Haven.

As there is a Dampiere location near the mouth of the Helpe, we now have the identity of Halfs/HELPs locked up where Dempsters and HALPerts were first found in the same place (Perthshire). The Halberts/Halperts thus became suspect with the HELVetii people group, who lived at/beside lake Geneva, itself beside the Wallis canton of halpert-using Walsers. Dempseys share the swords of Dempsters, and through in what should be the Wallis lion. In this way, Helvetii liners appear to have carried Sion elements to Hainaut.

Belgian Nains/Nanets may apply to the "pike naint" of Clappers. By what coincidence do Wards, who share the same checked Coat as Nains/Nanets, share a white-ermined bend with CLAPtons? I've never been able to link Clappers to Claptons that well, so far as I can recall. Wards (same place as Cabbage's that have traced well to Hainaut's Levi) share a blue Crest with Claptons. The blue Ward-Crest lion is likely the Winchester lion that comes with the Quint fitchee. The Nagle's are also NAINgle's/Naingale's, and Gale's share a blue unicorn in Crest with Tints.

This reminds me that I traced the Boofima human-sacrifice cult of the Imperi peoples, from Massena Numidians to Imperia, the alternative name of Oneglia. The Nagle and Non fesse can connect to the fesse of Boeufs/Beefs, first found in PERIgord, you see. The Hind-loving Crauns use patee crosses half in the colors of the same of Massena's, and the latter must trace to the Maezaei = Ceraunii theater, where I trace Bassianus' (roughly) who married Julius Avitus, and it just so happens that Havens use annulets (Craun symbol too) in colors reversed from the Vito annulet. The Havens are of AVENelle's/Avenets, and while Pembroke's (probably the Mazza/Mazza/MazzaGALLI Coat, like "Maesa," Avitus' wife) are said to be of Avon, the Avon/Even Coat (Eustace stag) shares a gold lion with the Haven Crest, suggesting that Havens could have been Cavans / Avons. There is a Half-like Helwysia de Clere in the write-up of English Clare's.

Cavans are in Vito colors and put their crescents "in BASE." In colors reversed, the passant Base lion can be the red and passant Cavan lion. Now that we have a decent trace of Pembroke's to the Avitus-Maesa marriage -- not to mention that French Clairs use besants and a passant leopard in colors reversed from the Base lions -- we can bring up the Pembroke and Mazza griffins as per Julius Agrippa. The Mazza / Pembroke bend is likely the Bessin bend.

It appears that the Avons/Davenells are a branch with Davens, recalling the Davenports at Macclesfield, the latter on the side of Cheshire closest to the Derbyshire border, and then Avons were first found in Derbyshire. Davens and Avons share the gold round-tailed lion (as I call it) with English Deins (same crescents as Cavans) and Italian Massars, the latter having variations like the French Masse(y)s. Massars and Davens both use their gold lion on silver. Then, Diens/Dine's (Masci wing), first found in the same place as Deins, are also "Dives" suspect with Diva, the alternative name of Cheshire's Chester capital. Compare the Dein Chief with the Masse(y) Chief. The Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Deins is in colors reversed to that of Italian Dino's, who look like Taddei's while Tattons are said to have married Masseys of Cheshire. Tattons (and Tute's) share the Dein / Masse crescents, in Taddei-Chief colors, and Diens/Dine's share gold patees with Crauns.

By the way, I recently gleaned that Masci's were close to Mars and Drummonds, when Marlins entered the discussion. I didn't know until now that the Diens call their Masci wing a "marlion wing," which is probably meant as "marlin." The description says nothing of the wing being upside-down, often called "REVERsed," and suspect with Revere's that share the Mason/Massin lion. That explains why upside-down features often strike me as used by Massey kin.

Aha. The Marlin write-up traces a branch to Malvern Hills in Worcestershire / Herefordshire, where the first-known Fullers were living that use three bars in colors reversed from the same of Marlins. Wikipedia's Malvern-Hills article derives the name in some similar-looking term meaning "bare hill," but it amazes me that so many such ideas never consider that a place could have derived from a surname or people group. Malverns are listed with Melville's, said to be from MALLEville in Caux, which recalls that the line of MALAhule, as it descended to Meschins, married a lady from Caux. Therefore, the white-on-red crescents of Malverns/Melville's can be those of Masse's and English Deins/Dene's/Deans, the latter included due to the "DENique" motto term of Malverns/Melville's. The Malls of Cheshire should apply. Italian Deans, first found in Placentia, use the Dein/Dean crescents, and show Degan-like variations. Italian Deans together with the motto and moline (MacArthur moline in colors reversed) of Scottish Deans (same place as English Deins/Deans) gives reason to trace Deans to the Arda river and/or to some Arduinici in relation to Genoa's Segurana's.

Recently, the Clintons were traced to the Malver Hills area, or at Clent to be more exact, and Clintons share the black fitchee with Davenports. As Davens look like a branch of Avons, while the latter share the lion of Deins, note that Malvern, the town near the Malvern Hills, is very near the Avon river. What were Marlins doing at Malvern? We could ask the Marsi that I trace to Mercia, which included Malvern. Or we could ask French Mars, first found in the same place as Messeys that use the flag of Mercia.

Jonathan the Pagan Levite

As per the Mousehole location of Tease's/Tyes', I tried for a Mousel surname, thinking of the Mussels/Muscels all the while, to find Mousels/Meusels first found in the same place (Austria) as Misls/Maisels. But the heraldry, aside from colors, does not indicate links to Mussels, nor Tease's. Galts and Alis'/Alice's use the MUZZLEd bear. The SIMSons, who may have been a branch of Simms/Siens, use an "Alis" motto term, and the English Simpsons are once again with a gold lion in both Crest and Shield, yet half in the colors of the Flanders lion. The Symms/Seins had been suspect as a Sion line to Lambert of Hainaut (Flanders), and with the Crows. Cheshire has a Crewe location, and the Croux variation of Crewe's is like the Crooch/Crouch of Crutch's. The area around Saracena, at the Calabria border with Lucania (map below) has potent crosses, and "potent" is said to stem from the idea of a crutch. See the Laus location that is probably from the Laus(a) of Saraca's in Dalmatia, but then see "Blanda" to the north-east of Laus. That term was suspect many years ago with the naming of Flanders, but there had been no evidence until seeing the "Alis NUTRior" motto of Scottish Simsons, for ENOTRI are said to have lived in the Saracena theater. Note Potentia in Lucania:

The Nutters/Nottings use a bend in the colors of the fesse of the Arms of Saraca (see their Wikipedia article). I've never noticed that Nutters/Nottings could have been Enotri, until now. They were also called OENotrians, and as such I traced then from Jonathan the Levite priest in Laish (assumes that Laish liners named Laus and Laus), through mythical Oeneus of Calydon, and Oenomaus of Grecian Pisa. Laus in Dalmatia was Ragusa, and a second Ragusa in Sicily reveals that Saraca's were Saracens of Sicily, around Syracuse, itself at the Messina theater. Well, Messina is said to have been named after Messene in Greece, location of Modon/Methoni, which city was made a mythical daughter of Oeneus of Calydon. Therefore, In expect Jonathan-Levite liners in Messina.

Jonathan is in Judges along with Samson, and while this mythical-like Samson character is said to be a Danite, I think someone was mucking around with the tail end of Judges, adding non-Inspired, myth text into it, and the suspects are some Levite scribes from Jonathan's bloodline. We learn that Jonathan became a priest of some 600 Danites that conquered Laish, re-naming it Dan. But I glean that these supposed Danites were Meshwesh from Tanis who eventually named Messene and Messina. In Messina, a myth writer created the Scylla monster, with wolf heads, and most people locate this monster where Sicily faces closely to Calabria. Another myth writer made Glaucus a lover of Scylla, and this to me fits the Glaucus river in Colchis, home of the Laish-suspect Lazi of Lazona. There is an great argument for tracing Lazi to Laish where Laish was beside Panias while the Lazona-like Ladon river of the Pisa area (Greece) is beside the Peneus (is "Oeneus" a similar term for a word-play reason?). This Ladon river was made a father of mythical Daphne, and the Peneus was made another of her fathers, and there was a Daphne location smack beside Laish and Panias, mentioned by Josephus, and on my modern atlas as Dafna, about two miles from modern Dan.

We have a story, that Laish's Levites / "Danites" arrived to Oenomaus of Pisa, and related to neighboring Oeneus of Aetolia, from Attaleia in PISidia. The Masse-relate Deins and Diens that we saw were first found in Sussex along with Dans and Danners / Daniels and other such variations. Masse liners are from Massa-Carrara, at Italian Pisa. The Cheshire Crewe's may be using the Pisa lion, and I would trace Crewe's, and I've traced potent-cross Croce's, to mythical Creusa (wife of Aeneas) at Agrigento, part of the mythical make-up of Romans along with Oeneus like Aeneas. The formation of Romans is from the Benjamites in the tail end of the book of Judges; trust me on that, it's a longish but reliable story, and ties into the Amazons of Pisa represented by Oenomaus. These are the proto-Oenotrians at Calabria.

Agrigento was founded by peoples of Gela toward the Saracen area of eastern Sicily. There must have been a reason that two Saracen chiefs, Samsam and Timnah, were named such, for mythical Samson was married to an unnamed wife in Israel's Timnah. We then find the Timms/Time's first found in Kent, where the first Messina-like Massins were first found that are suspect with the Pisa lion. This picture bumps us into the Louvain lion and takes us to Flanders, which I expect from Oenotrians of Blanda at the Laus-of-Lucania theater, explaining why Levi's were in Flanders. It's an amazing story shaping up, but these peoples were arch-enemies of the God of Israel, the Freemasons.

As I said, Glaucus was a lover (or merger with) of Scylla, which assumes the Lazi Caucasians at Messina who came to name Laus. Samsons were first found in Glaucus-like Gloucestershire, and they share the Meschin scallops, code for Scylla liners (= the Sicel namers of Sicily). But the Nutters/Nottings, using the Bassianus-line besants, were likewise first found in Gloucestershire, and it's known that Colchians settled around the Maezaei theater i.e. where I locate Bassianus' due to Saraca-suspect Caracalla (emperor) employing Julius Bassianus in Dalmatia.

The Nottings (colors of Cnuts/Knotts) can be assumed as the namers of Nottinghamshire, though that was said to be named by Cnut, a Danish king traceable to Dan = Laish, especially as Cnut was a grandson of Maezaei-suspect Mieszko, himself from the Bistue area of the Maezaei theater, and suspect also at the Piast entity at Italian Pisa. Samsons and Danish Cnuts both honor the Flags/Flecks that share the Samson scallops, and Samsam with Timnah both abandoned their fellow Saracens to join Guiscards rampage against Saracens of Sicily. Guiscard is said to be of the household of Rollo the Dane, but I would suggest that Guiscards may have been Cnut liners.

Danish Cnuts share the green trefoils of Albino's, first found in Modena along with Cassius/Casano's that are in Nutter/Notting colors. As Modena is so much like the Modon variation of Methoni, it seems expected to find Cnut Danes tracing to Modena, and it really helps to make NUTTERs look like the Oenotrians/Enotri out from Methoni. Note that the Albino Chief with trefoils is colors reversed to the Simson Chief with crescents, and that crescents are used by the Saracen surname in the colors of the other Simsons, the ones suspect with the Flanders lion and therefore traceable to Blanda, Laus and Saracena. The "NUTRIor"-using Simsons were first found in Buckinghamshire while Buckinghams use the NUTTER/Notting fesse with besants.

The English Albins were at BARNstaple, and while Barnstaple's share the Albino trefoils, the Arms of Saraca has a fesse in the colors of the same of Bernice's, a branch of Burns, both first found in the same place as Saracens. This fesse is in colors reversed in the Cassius/Casano Coat. The latter are also Cassandra's now expected from Antipatria/Antipater, where I assume Antipater had a city whom birthed king Cassander. Antipatria was very near the Drilon/Drin river to Lissus. Antipater was also the name of the father of all Herods, and Bernice's are suspect with Berenice Herod Agrippa. She married Herod of Chalchis, now highly suspect with the Challis'/CHALICE's of HERTfordshire, in Simson / Albin colors, and using a fesse of besants in the colors of the Herod/Harald fesse. Note that Albino colors are used by "sera"-using Fulks, and compare the latter with Belgian Flecks, for while English Flecks are Flags, flags are used by McLeods whose list of septs include Herods and Haralds individually. Note the McLeod sept of MacAbee's, in the same colors.

As silly or doubtful as it may sound to some, I claim that a special event took place in my childhood that was intended, as with several other events in my life, to disclose the Freemasonic revelation that God put me to work on. I feel that I was chosen because my mother is a Massey liner, and this caused me to keep some tabs on Massey kin until I began to realize that all of Freemasonry, and heraldry, surrounds Masons/Massins. It eventually proved true in king Massena, who was a late-comer in my work. Never did I have ambition to track Massey liners until they become the obvious focal points of much heraldry. There is a lot more to this that won't be repeated here.

In other words,certain events and people's names in my life were for making connections that God wanted made for the ultimate revelation of where Freemasons derive: in Israel's pagan-Levite line to the murderers of Jesus. That theme explains why God would want to reveal it. It was never my intention, when I began the hunt for the roots of the Rosicrucian / Biblical dragon, to enter anything touching upon Israel, but that is where the hunt compellingly went, and it makes a lot of sense. The pre-Christian Dragon line went through the killers of Jesus. That line needs to go through Alexander the Great in Macedonia (part of Daniel's prophecies), to the Romans, a thing that I was always included in my earliest views, but it's also got to go to the Rome-propped Herods and the chief priests of Jerusalem.

I think it was the garnished sword of Brians that got me see that even Steve Tarr's first name is to be part of the Steve-Tarr event in my childhood. I can show you where Stevensons link to Levi's, even as Stevens are suspect with the perchevron of Chappes'. The one Stevenson Coat shares leopard faces on a red-on-white bend with the Aids that are in the Levi motto. This is the bend of Rodhams too, first found in the same place -- Umbria-suspect Northumberland -- as Stevensons, where the Siward>Swords ruled that are in the garnished sword. RODhams are relevant because we'll shortly see the topic going from the leopard-suspect Pierleoni to the Roets, first found in the same place as Tarrs that I see in the scimiTAR of Garnish's. The other Northumbian Stevensons use the colors and format of the Garnish's.

That hockey event now seems to be all about this picture, and the Rodhams need to be viewed as Roets = Rita's. As Stevensons use the GARland, it becomes obvious from above that GARnish's were from the same stock as GarNISH's/GarNOISE's. I've already looked the Noise's and Nish's up to find a story. While they say that "Steven" means "garland," I've never taken to the implication that Garlands were a fundamental Steven branch. Instead, I see a Steven merger with a gar line that came to call itself "Garland" because "Steven" is said to mean, 'crown." So, the heraldic play was to make the garland a sort of crown. I now have the evidence above that Stevens were gar liners of the Garnish kind, and while the latter use a Tarr-suspect item, the Garlands share vertical bars in the same colors with Tarrs. The Stevenson Crest: "A dexter hand emerging from a cloud holding a laurel garland" Dexters share the blue-on-white chevrons of Stevensons ("non") and Garnish's.

These chevrons trace to the three, in colors reversed, of French Grace's/Grasse's, first found in Provence, while the Stevenson Coat above is a reflection of the Provence Coat. The latter's chevron is in the colors of the Grace/Grasse chevrons. Garnish's use a "grace" motto term so that this trace of the Steven-Gar merger traces with certainty to Grasse and neighboring Provence. GUERin of Provence is suspect in the Gar line, but this may be too hasty.

It is notable that the Provence stars are in a Chief not defined by a box, and the same can be said for the crescents of Governs suspect in the garnish motto, and for the gold garbs of Josephs that can thus link to the garb in the Crest of the Stevensons (Josephs use a gold garb even in their Crest). Part of this story is to touch on the Capelli- and Joseph-related Bidens as they trace to the line of Cassander of Macedonia, which we can keep on the back burner as the dragon line of Alexander the Great through to Annas son of Seth, and to Joseph Caiaphas, the leaders of the wolf pack that, along with Pontius Pilate, had Jesus hung up to die.

We can ask whether God chose Pilate to be the ruler of Jerusalem, at that very time, for a particular reason having to do with the roots of his bloodline. It's notable that while Sithech-Shaws and Pilotte's / Pellets (same place as Sithech-like Saddocks) share the same cups, one Shaw surname lists "Seth," fully unexpected, but I think I get it. Shaws were first found beside Angus, and Annas' use the same star as Angus', which asks whether Angus' were a branch of Annas', and this goes to the "angustis" motto term of Cabbage's.

In case we have trouble seeing Stevensons as Levi liners, there are additional points to make that trace Levi's to the Laevi on the Ticino. That is, if Decks/Deckers/Daggers are a branch of Tecks/Tess'/Tease's (leaves), which we saw very linkable to Annas', we then link the three, green leopard heads of the Stevenson bend to the three, green squirrels of the same-colored bend of Valentins, and from there were link to the squirrel of Decks/Daggers. We then go from Valentinian's wife, Justine (daughter of Justice of Picenum), to the sword-using Justine's/Justus' (share "non" with Stevensons), first found in Perthshire, same as Shaws. Justine's are most-definitely from Justine of Picenum, and her lines (the Sibals of the Angus area, and the Sire's/Sirets) were very linkable to the Arms of Vilnius (share weight scale with Justine's and a "justitia" motto term with Arms of Vilnius), and to the ASTIKas' of Vilnius who I see as a line of Sticks that I came to realize as a branch of the Sithech term in the Shaw write-up.

You need to agree with what I'm saying, so let me go on. The Dexters/DECKsters use "weights" in crest that are a weight scale, and Weights use the hunting horns in the Arms of Traby, and Astikas' of Vilnius are known to have married Traby (see Wikipedia's article on Traby). Once we are convinced that Decks/Daggers are involved in this, and linkable by their red squirrel to the Valentin squirrel (it has the effect of proving that Valentins were from Justine's husband), we take the red squirrel of SQUIRE's/Squirrels and realize that Sire's/Sirets were their branch. We can then trace them to the Siret river, which was anciently the AGARus, and trace to Hagars, first found in the same place as Justine's and Shaws, and beside Angus, which itself traced excellently, thereby, to Angusta off the Siret river. It was also called Augusta, likely after Augustus, the Caesar that made Annas the high priest of Israel.

You need to be a little shocked at how well it all works, and you have the backing of my claim that this is God's revelation, not mine. On top of the obvious and correct links above, we can trace Daggers, both surnames, to the Dexaroi smack at Antipatria, where the line of Alexander the Great can be expected. As the dagger-using Kilpatricks and the Garnish-related Pattersons, both from Antipatria, use blood drops, note that Garnish's share blood drops on their scimitar with the drops from the Kilpatrick scimitar. Pattersons are said to descend from Sodhans, and they can be gleaned in Sodams/Sowdens, using the Garnish scallops.

Plus, the "causa" motto term of Justine's must be for the Cass/Cash / Kiss/Kish / Cush bloodline, for at least one of them used the weight scale. The Siret is in Moldova, and the Moldova capital (Ukraine theater) is suspect with the Kiss/Kish branch. The Cass branches thus become suspect with Cassander liners to the Cassane merger with Pattersons, and to the Casano's/Cassandra's that are easily linkable to the Sodan / Garnish scallops.

The anchor-using Sire's put a black line between their red Shield and Chief, meaning that they are showing a red Chief, the colors of the Anchor/Annacker Chief. The Sire Chief even shows three gold lozenges, the symbol in the Anchor Chief. The comparability between "Annack" and "Annas" is readily seen, but this makes me suspect that Annas of Israel was from the Biblical Anak, an Amorite near Jerusalem when that city was ruled by Amorites, whom I trace to Moray to the near-north of Perthshire.

Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, a leader of some globalist nut-cracker witchcraft cult that touted "dragon blood," traced his fathers to Melusine of Anjou, and to the Anunnaki, the same, I assume, as the Anaki. How did he know? Perhaps he knew the things I'm touching upon here, for I think Vere's included Guerin of Provence, who are said to have been amongst chief Templars, which can be seen in the Payen stars of one Guerin/Garin Coat. The Provence's and Chappes- / Levi-related Stevensons use the same stars as Morays, and the Moray/Murray Crest uses green Melusine (she at first had a snake tail) and her mirror. We then see a green snake curled around a mirror in the Sire/Siret Chief, a chief that traces to the Annackers. Amorites were anciently, Amurru, like "Murray." The Weir branch of Vere's use the Moray stars on what looks like a version of the Coat of Nagle's, who once again share "non" with Stevensons. Drakenberg is probably closely related to modern Baphomet, the Templar god, and traceable to Boofima at Imperia = ONEGLia.

The Murrays of Tullibardine are said to have become dukes of Atholl, in Perthshire. Atholls are traced to a Garry location, which can explain why Atholls share vertical bars (GARland symbol too) with Italian GARins (Bologna). Irish Garrys use another green snake, and their "Fear" motto term is for a known branch of Vere's. The Garrys are with the trefoils of the Modena Albino's, which I think is important where Nicholas de Vere traced his fathers to the ancient Mitanni (almost as old as Anak of Hebron), which I expect at Modena. The "garbh" motto term of Garrys must be for mount Gareb at Jerusalem, in western Jerusalem facing Hebron. The Garrys share the lizard and trefoils with Corrigans/Carrigans and Organs/Horrigans, which brings me to the organ pipes of Lets. What should be the reasons for the annuLET symbol? Was that an Anunnaki line merged with Lets? It looks like it, and while the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Lets is that of Annas', the Lett saltire and Chief is colors reversed from the same of Annan(dale)s. We know a correct deciphering when we see it.

As Organs (share a red Shield with Sire's and all the following) are in Orne/Horn colors, it's notable that Leto's, Alitto's, Aliotti's, and Letters ("umbra") all share long-necked / griffins birds in the colors of the same of Orne's/Horns (herons). It looks as though we can identify them all as Lett branches, and the Organs / Corrigans then look like the namers of the Orne river down to Caux and the Bessin. It makes Guerin-suspect Garrys, and the Gar line of Garnishes, suspect either as a branch of, or a merger with, something on the Orne river.

As Letts show "Latt," the Ladds/Ladons, almost using the colors, format and symbols of Meschins and Muscels in colors reversed, come to mind. As Meschins must trace to mythical Oenomaus (Amazon king) of Pisa, at the Ladon- / Peneus-river theater, this picture can link to the pagan Levites from Oenomaus to Oeneus to the latter's daughter, Methoni, suspect with the Mitanni line to Modena, beside Bologna, where Garins were first found along with Panico's/PANE's (Masci fleur?). That's why I've noted, for the first time, that the black Ladon fesse is in the colors of the three Garin fesses. And the PENNs/Pence's use plates, a Muscel symbol too, on yet another black bend so that we apparently have Peneus-river liners here, from Panias of Phoenicia, smack beside Laish...which I assume evolved though the Lazona county of the Lazi to Ladons, Latts/Letts and similar terms, especially mythical Leto and Leda, not to mention Lada in Lithuania.

By the way, as German Garins/Gorings share the Arms of Saxony that uses bars in the colors of the Atholl / Garin bars, it tends to speak for itself if Atholl named the Atheling-branch Saxons. German Julians use vertical bars and were first found in Saxony while English Julians share the salamander-in-flames with the Moray Douglas' that share the stars of Morays/Murrays, and it's the latter who had a branch at Atholl. The Arms of Saxony, and the Rita Coat, are the only two Arms I can think of with curved bends. German Wettins use the Arms of Saxony, and English Wettins (same place as Letts) show buckles.

Methoni is in Messene, and Aliotti's, using the Letter griffin exactly, were first found in Messina. These terms are expected with OenoMAUS, but before anything was known of Oenomaus, I had traced Phoenicians to Lake Van (Armenia), location of Mus, which I realized were in code with the CadMUS Phoenicians. By that time, the CADUCeus rod of Hermes was recognized as code for CADUSII Armenians, and as mount Hermon was at Laish / Panias (like "Phoenix", a father of Cadmus), while Pan was made a son of Hermes, it became obvious that Cadusii named Kadesh, and that CADmus was a Cadusii-Mus relationship. Then, as Cilix = Cilicia was made a brother of Cadmus, we trace his Tyrians to an ancient Cati peoples of Cilicia, and go right to the Keith Catti at MUSSELburgh, named by the Mussels/Muscels that share the Penn plates so as to trace to OenoMAUS and his realm's Peneus river. That is, the Oenomaus Amazons and Levites were in East Lothian, where Seatons/Sittens (kin of the double-tressure border of Letters) were first found that trace to Sitten (Sidonians?), otherwise called, Sion, which was the name of the summit of mount Hermon. The Bible says that Laish was a Sidonian city.

And Zion at Jerusalem was also ZEDEK, like SADDUCee, and like CADUCeus/CADUSII, making Sadducees suspect with a Cati peoples from Cadusia. It would be extremely interesting, as per the plot of God, if Zedek was named by the same peoples, for Sadducees came to rule Jerusalem = Zedek. And the Gareb-line garbs all over this picture trace to JEREVan (Armenia), smack at Soducena. This was the land of the Aras river that developed into Ares, who were worshiped by the proto-Bistones, we may assume, because Bistones worshiped them who must have made an alliance with the Meshwesh Amazons in Cyrene, the proto-Masseys that went on to live in the Bessin, kin of Bistone's (the surname).

The Bistones Africans worshiped Ares as an erect sword, and so we should ask whether Siward of Northumberland was named after that sword theme. If he was, that idea looks to go back a lot further than Siward, for there is a Serdica region in the land of the Bessi, at the upper reaches of the Hebros river (from Hebron liners?), and that area also has an Ares-suspect Arsus location, as well as a Lissae location that traces excellently to Lissus and neighboring Bassania, making the Bessi (priests of Satrae, they say) appear to be proto-Bistones for abundant reasons (for example, Masseys share the Lys/Lisse fleur). To the south of the Bessi you can see the Arda river that may apply to the Arda of Italy. The Benni on the Arda may have been the proto-Pendragons at Penestae, or Benjamites. The ERGINES tributary of the Hebros has been traced to Corrigans / Organs/Horrigans, and thus may trace to the naming of the Orne river. The Hebros is a place to expect the Anaki of Hebron. The Caeni along the Ergines traces to Caen in the Bessin, doesn't it?

Yes, and the Keith Catti traced with the Caens motto to CADUSII-like CETIS (in Cilicia, Cadmus' mythical brother), and Caens to the Ceno river, smack beside the Italian Arda, making it very likely that the Arda region on the Hebros named the Italian river. The Benni, if they were proto-Benjamins, came to use Anaki-suspect annulets. The Bengs share the Coat of Chives' from the Caiaphas-suspect Cavii peoples at the Mathis river, location of Bassania and Lissus.

Morays/Murrays are even said to descend from MacAngus of Moravia, a descendant in-turn of the DUNCans royals whom I trace to Mount DUNAX to the south side of the Serdi of Serdica, explaining why Siward of Northumberland was a Duncan supporter / relation. Dunax is at the source of the NEStus river upon which the Satry-suspect Satrae lived, and further down river we see NICOpolis, While the Nestus is suspect with mythical Nestor of Pylos, beside Methoni, the NICOmedes III character of Bithynia married NYSA, and then Nice's/Ness' list "NEST" too. In other words, the pagan-Levite entity at Laish / Panias, which traces with mythical Pan to the Satyrs, can now trace to the Bithynians that are suspect in the dragon line to Caiaphas and Annas. Mythical Dionysus, who was close to Satyrs, and whose symbol was oen = wine, links obviously to Oeneus at Methoni, and DioNYSus (from mount Nysus) had a NIKE entity that can explain Nicopolis at the Satrae theater. The theory was that Keturah, the other wife of Abraham, had a tribe that named the Satrae. Abraham lived in Hebron, and was acquainted with Anak's family.

And so we now go to the GarNISH's/GarNOISE's, asking if this was a line from Nysa, herself from the line of Antipater > Cassander. Recalling that Stevensons and Provence's linked squarely to Garnish's, we find the Nish Coat to be an excellent reflection of the Stevenson and Provence Coats, all three with the same stars as Morays, and all three having them in their Chiefs. The Nish chevron is in the colors of the same of Garnish-beloved Grace's/Grasse's and Stevens. The Nish's are said to be from NAOIS, meaning that Nish's look like a merger with, or branch of, the Noys/Noise's. However, the Nish's are said to be a variation of "Angus," and that seems too much of a stretch. But as Angus' and Nish's share two white stars in their Chiefs, it appears that Nish's were merged with Angus'. Therefore, it appears that MacAngus of Moravia (Moray) -- suspect from an Anaki merger with Jerusalem's Amorites to Nike elements -- was a Nish liner.

Nish's use yet another "non" motto term, and are in Non/Nevin colors. The None's/Noons/Nuns (Capone colors), who may relate to Levy Saint NOM of the Levi surname, share the bull-head design of Anchors/Annackers and the lion paw with Quints. The "Suaviter" motto term of None's/Noons is like the "Suavis" of Harpers, and while the latter just became suspect with the Hirpini of Campania when the Palma location in Campania was under discussion, one can add that the Non's use a PALM branch. Moreover, Camps use the colors and format of Capone's while Italian Capone's were first found in Naples, part of the Campania theater. It can be added that while Irish Leslie's use a "Suivez" motto term, Harpers share a gold boar with the Leslie-suspect Bards. Harpers can thus be entertained with the Arpii / Carpi that I say named the Carpathian mountains of the Hungarian theater, especially at the Mures river that was a line to Moray, in my opinion. Quasi-mythical ARPAD, founder of Hungarians, should apply to CARPAThia. I say Less' use the Bard boar in colors reversed, and that the red Barton boars should relate while Harpers were first found in Lennox, of East DumBARTONshire.

Recall the talk of Perthshire elements being beside Angus, which pitted the Seths/Shaws with the Annas / Angus family, for Nish's were first found in Perthshire, and that's where Hagars (Nish colors) were first found that not only use a star in the colors of the Nish stars, but are suspect with Hagar, Abraham's concubine, mother of Nish-like ISHmael. Nish's show "Ness/Kness/Kneece," looking a bit like the Knee's. Annas' come up as "ANESS." Were the Anaki a line to mythical Nike? I'd say, yes.

Loading the same-colored Noys/Noise's, there's a "NUNcia" motto term, perhaps partially for the Nancy area of France. The "olivia" motto term, and the dove with olive branch, as well as the colors, suggest the Leve's/Leifs/Leave's. The "Cas ni" motto phrase of Josephs might apply to the Nie/Nye variation of Noise's.

Next, I wanted to look at Gars, once satisfied that Garnish's/Garnoise's were Gar liners merged with the obvious. German Gars are also GARNs/GARINS, though they don't come up when entering "Garin." Instead, the Gorings do. Gars/Garns show a lion crossed by a red bend, the Rita symbol, and then they also show "Karen" (but do not come up entering that term, which reminded that German Roets and Karens share the sleeping moon of LATmus (Caria) i.e. mythical Selene the moon goddess, and her mate, Endymion the sleeper from Elis (Pisa), location of the Peneus / LADon river. Therefore, Ladds/Ladons, suspect as MUSSel kin, can trace to this Carian location of LatMUS (speaks of the Masa "sea peoples" of Caria). Gars start to look like Carians, perfect because Roets are expected from neighboring Rhodes. Italian Pisa is beside Massa-CARrara, and the Meschin-related GERNONs share the gold lion with these Gars/Garns that also show "Garnen." Gernons show Garnons. If the latter's red Shield were removed to leave the blue one behind it, the Gernon lion would be the Maschi lion. That starts to make Garnish's look like they went through Ranulph de Gernon.

It was all reason to link the Gar/Garn Coat to Rita's, but when clicking to Irish Gars, there were blue lions in colors reversed from the white Rita lion, and a white lion in the Gar Crest. In the Gar Chief, the lion is in Gernon-lion colors.

Car / Gar / Har terms become greatly convoluted to the point that it's hard to know who links to what. But right now, Carians seems to be surely in view. Carols/Garville's share the lion of Gars/Garns. If they were a branch of Garnish's, can Carians link to the Nicopolis-Satrae theme that Nish's/Ness' and Noise's were traced to? Absolutely, for Dionysus had a cult of female Maenads that were hunted by Satyrs, and the Maenads can be gleaned as named by the Carian river, Maeander. Manders even use a version of the Rhodes Coat.

The page below speaks on the Sea Peoples invasion on Egypt, which I am sure was made of a confederacy of past-Hyksos Anatolians seeking to reclaim Egypt, which they lost in the 17th dynasty. The page gives a list of allies of the "Khatti" who attacked Egypt, including the Masa and Arzawa allies, the latter being Lydia, more or less, mythically the son of Atti(s), the Phrygian sun god that depicted the Hatti of Phrygia, but as we see them named as "Khatti," they likely trace to Cati in Cilicia, which was a peoples there about the time that the Hyksos ruled Egypt. As per the Egyptian name of the Hyksos, Heka KHASEWET, they trace to Cilicia's Kizzuwatna, and I've read that this may have been Cilicia's Khassi area, home of the Cati. In other words, the Hyksos left Egypt and settled in Cilicia, which may have had everything to do with mythical Cadmus and Cilix, for Cadmus must trace to the Nile delta (where Hyksos ruled) because myth writers made the Cadmus' mythical ancestor related to Danaus = Tanis in the Nile delta, and Danaus' brother Aegyptus.

As Meshwesh (I read this as "Meses") came to rule at Tanis in the 21st dynasty, there is a question of whom they became after they were no longer ruling there. The Amazons, depicted by Maenads, make a lot of sense in connection to the Masa. Wikipedia says that Libyan Meshwesh were Mazyes too, and there was Apollo, leader of the all-female Muse's, who created a black-bird line (i.e. dark skinned peoples) in Libya's Cyrene, which was obviously the Coronis crow. But Apollo's mother (Leto) was at the Latmus theater, and especially in neighboring Ephesus, an Amazonian city.

The Khatti are also said to have been allied with Lukka = the Lycians on the south side of the Maeander, and Lycians had a goddess, Lada, probably a version of Leto, which Romans called, LATONa. It seems, therefore, that the Masa peoples in the Caria area became the African Mazyes, but also the Mysians that were beside, and somewhat ancestral to, the Lydians. Other listed allies are the Dardany, or Dardania in Mysia. This was the dragon line before Alexander the Great, when it was called Gog. The first king of Lydia proper, descending from Mysians, was Gugu/Gyges.

Yet other allies of the Khatti are listed as Carchemish on the upper Euphrates, and nearby Aleppo/Halab, suspect with "Lapith," the peoples to which Coronis belonged. That area of Syria may have been of Mazaca, what I see as a chief Amazonian city suspect with the Carian Masa. Attis and a related, Hebrew-like Kabeiri peoples were given a castration symbol, which I see as an exaggerated or playful picture of Jewish circumcision. If correct, it can suggest that the pagan Levite from Jonathan were in the Attis-Cybele cult, in the midst of the Hatti and Lydians, and so compare "Lapith" with "Levite / Leviticus / Leviathan." It's interesting, but I haven't clinched that connection.

Another group of Khatti allies are the NAHARin, what look like the Nairi from Lake Van, or Nahorites. I expect the Masa from Mus. This is where we can expect lines from Abraham and Keturah, and we can expect them to have been circumcised. The Kabeiri were first at Samothrace, probably a Mysian island but facing the mouth of the Hebros. Nahor is believed to have remained behind in Haran when Abraham came to Hebron. "Naharin, MdC transliteration nhrn, was the Ancient Egyptian term for the kingdom of Mitanni during the New Kingdom period of the 18th Dynasty." The Mitanni lived on the Khabur/HABUR tributary of the Euphrates, which traces excellently to the naming of the Hebros. The Amorites were not only in Jerusalem and Hebron, but at their Mari capital on the EUPHRATES, which I see as naming APHRODITE, wife of the leader of the Kabeiri. But myth writers paired her with Ares, whom the Romans views as Mari-suspect Mars, and that's why it's a good idea to trace Aphrodite to the naming of of Abruzzo, home of the Marsi. The Hebros was also called, MARitsa. And the very Vere-Drakenbergs that trace themselves to Mitanni trace to Abruzzo. The Martins, whom I've just found as "Matone," share the Nice / Ness / Nest bars. German Martins come up as Matons.

Double bars are used by two Hare surnames while the Gars/Gerrys, showing the same lion as Martins/Matons, are said to have included the O'Haras family. The O'Hara's have their own page in Herod/Harald colors, an example of how Gar / Car / Har terms create confusion. Are we to trace to Carians, or Rhodes-suspect Herods? HERODotus was born in Caria.

The RHODope mountains that create a watershed for the Hebros river probably named some similar terms that became surnames which were not directly out of Rhodes. For example, while Redones of France can trace to Rhodes, Rhodope liners might include Rodhams and others. As the Dunax area at the north end of the Rhodope range traces to Duncans, let's look at the Duncan / Donkey Coats, for we see cinquefoils in the colors of the same of Nahor-suspect Bus' and Hamiltons, and as it's used in the Arms of Leicestershire, I trace the Rodham cinquefoil to it. Note that the Duncan Chief has the two cinquefoils alone, as the Angus Chief as the two, same-colored stars. Donkeys use three cinquefoils.

Mythical Hebros and Kikon were both made children of Rhodope. Long before knowing of Dunax, or even that Duncans were using the Leicester cinquefoil, I traced the Kikons/Cicones to CYCNus, the mythical swan king of LIGURia. And Leicester is on the LEGRo river. That helps to clinch the Duncan trace to Dunax liners. Roths/Rothers, in Rodham colors, share a chevron in the colors of the Donkey chevron, which helps to trace Rother liners to Rhodope. The royal Duncans ruled at Moray, where Ruths/Rothers were first found, and so the Rothes location at Moray can trace to Rhodope.

I misplaced an old map showing a Sale location near the mouth of the Hebros, and where the map above shows Cicones. The Rothes' share the bend of Sale's/Salletts, and while I trace them to the Salto river (near the Hebros-suspect Marsi), it's interesting that the Latin for salt is much like "sale." Greeks called it much like "Halys," the name of a Phrygian river that was home to the Hatti, and in fact I trace Hephaestus, Aphrodite's husband, to the Halybes. However, the latter term means "steel."

We just saw an Angus-possible link to Duncans, and we saw earlier that Morays were from MacAngus of Moray. The Cicones lived at MARonia, and there is a Merone/Merrin surname, first found in the same place as Angus-suspect Annas'. I am shocked here, for I am not familiar with this surname, and it uses scallops in the colors of the Stick Garbs, and Annas is suspect with the Seth variation of Stick-suspect Sithech-Shaws. In fact, the Merone/Merrin chevron-with-scallops is in the colors of the Seth/Shaw chevron-with-trefoils! It's an indication that I have correctly reasoned the Annas trace to Shaws/Seths, and correctly traced the Sticks to the Sithech entity. The write-up of Scottish Seths/Shaws traces descent from Fife, beside Angus. The red Fife and Angus lion can therefore be the red Aures lion. The Aures Numidians in Angus, Fife, Perthshire and Ayrshire.

Irish Seths/Shaws shoe a SHEATHanaich variation that can help to identify the Stick line to this surname. But what's SheathANAICH stand for? Why do Italian Sheaves show Caiaphas-like variations while Caiaphas married Annas' daughter? While the Seth/Shaw dagger traces to Antipatria, the Irish Seth/Shaw motto, because it's a version of the Pendragon motto, traces to the proto-Italian Penestae, not far from Antipatria. In trace Fife's to Veys/Vivians, first found in the same place as Pendragons, kin of Sale's/Salletts. The mention of the Commyns in the Seth/Shaw write-up can trace them to Josephs.

As additional evidence that Shaws were Pendragon kin, the "I mean well" motto of Shaws suggests the two-tailed lion of the English Wells, and the pelican of German Wells. Not only do Arda's use the two-tailed lion of Montforts, but Arthurs use the pelican too. And the Mean/Meakin/MEIGHan Coat (same chevron as Irish Arthurs, in MEIGH/Mea colors) looks like it can be a rough version of the Arda Coat. I would trace the Wells to Walsers / Wallace's. I would trace the Arda lion further to Stick-like Stocks / Stacks / Stake's, suspect with Saddocks, same place as Pellets that share the Shaw cups in the same colors.

This apparent trace of Shaws to Wallis canton has me asking whether all previous theories on Seaton/Sitton ancestry are to be swept aside in favor of a root in the namers of Seth, Annas' father. Not far south of the Wallis area, there is an Annecy location. The Arms of Wallis/Valais have stars in two color schemes, one of then in the colors of the Annas star. As "Annecy" sounds a little like Annacker variation of Anchors, note that the Google-result page for "arms of Valais" show one Arms with an anchor. Along with the anchor, a weight scale, reminding of the Arms of Vilnius, and the Stick-suspect Astikas' of Vilnius. It's the Arms of Port-Valais. One theory that I held is that Seatons were from the Sithones of Chalcidice.

The surprising Merone/Merrin Coat can now be suspected as a version of the Cass Coat, for the latter use a pair of scales in Crest. The Well lion was immediately traced (as soon as I saw it) to the Lafin/La Font lion because the latter surname was first found in the same place as Pendragon-related Kennedys, and I've suspected the Pendragon motto with Tippers (same place as Pendragons) while Kennedys and Lafins/La Fonts were first found in Tipperary. From that idea, we can go to the "AVISe la fin" motto of Scottish Kennedys (share the CASSel Coat) to the Avise/Avison surname that shares a black anchor with the Arms of Port-Valais, and moreover shares the gold garbs (color of the Stick garbs) of the Comyns in the write-up of Shaws. As Shaws use the Pendragon motto terms, we could also trace Shaws to Lafins/La Fonts, and as Shaw chevron (colors reversed from the Pendragon chevron) is now suspect with the Merone/Merrin chevron, note that the same-colored Cass chevron has FOUNTains! Reminder: Vilnius-related Justine's use a "causa" motto term.

It appears that the Well line of Wallis liners were in cahoots with Cetis-liner Kennedys. The Pendragons are fully expected with the Uscana root of Italian Oscans, and for other reasons the Merone's/Merrins look like an Anglicized branch of Marsi. Oscan was the language of the Sabine tribe of Samnites, very suspect with the Semnones Nordics that were neighbors to the Sabine-like Suebi. And the Sviones were neighbors to the Sitten-like Sitones. I trace Pendragons to a merger with a line from the Salto river in Sabina. Wikipedia tends to center Oscans in Campania, where Arthurian Avalon traces. This recalls the Champagne blood connection to Avezzano- / Avison-liner Avesnes in Artois.

Wikipedia tries to link the Oscans to the Ausones, and it's only now that I've realized, for the first time, that "Auson" is equivalent to "Avson," like Avezzano / Avison! That is one heck of a way to link the Uscana Penestae to Avezzano, and it tends to prove that Pendragons (share the helmet with Kennedys) were Penestae as well as Kennedy kin. It can start to show that the Kennati priests at Cetis were Avezzano / Sabina elements. The article says: "Aurunci is the Roman name for Ausones by a commonplace change of an s to an r in Latin: *Ausuni> *Auruni> *Aurunici> Aurunci." Yes, but an r-to-l switch was more common so that "Aurun" becomes Avlun or Avellino in Campania. The theory can now be made that the root was at Aulon/Avlona, at Epirus (root of Abruzzo), then to Avellino, then to an Aurunci peoples of Avellino, and finally the Aurunci branch of Ausons named Avezzano. "AuRUNci" reminds me that English Roans/Rome's/Roens share the gyronny in the colors of the same of Campania-suspect Campbells. Scottish Roens/Rome's/Rooms share a red fesse with Aulon-suspect Alans, and as it's the August fesse too, let's Repeat that French Alans share the French-Julian stars. The Arms of Avesnes are bendy in both colors of the Alan fesse. Sone's arte traced to a count Alan.

If not mistaken, Oscans lived on the Liri river, and Lire's are listed with Lure's while Sone's (checked as per "AuSONEs) use a "hawk's lure." Liers/Leirs/Layre's (look linkable to Pendragons) are said to be from Dol. You may have noticed that Liers have the colors and combination of Arthurs, which reminds me of an Ardea location between the Liri and Rome that can trace to the Arda river in the way that Palma of Campania could have named Parma near the Arda. While Osci-possible Haskels share the Scottish Champagne Coat (not forgetting that Avezzano's share the potent pattern with Champagne), and while Haskeths/Haskets trace to Parma with their Fitton kin (same garbs as Avisons), Hoskins show "Haskin" and have what could be the Arthur chevron with the Arda lion.

I had forgotten that Irish Kennedys use the scimiTAR, tending to identify them as Caen cousins at the Ceno tributary of the Taro. As the SCIMitar is part code for Schims/Schiens and Skene's/Skins, who were linked solidly to Eschyna de Molle and Erskins/ESKINs, note how those terms reflect Haskins. While the Schims/Schiens use the same stars as the Arms of Wallis, the Shine's are like the Sine variation of Sions while Irish Shine's are traced in their write-up to "SIONnach." What's that SionNACH from? Annecy liners? Closer to home, the stars are likely those of Glass' / Gleasons through Glasgow, but then "Glas" can form from "Wallis/Valais."

The other side of the Hoskin Coat could have the lion of Rita's, first found in Rome, because the "reSPICE" motto term (of Hoskins) is suspect with Syphax liners while I see them linked to Rita's. The latter are from Rieti i.e. down the Turano river from Avezzano. If correct that the Arda and Rita lions are together in the same Shield, it can indicate that the Jewish Pierleoni were Oscans and therefore close to Arthur ancestry. A similar theme goes from the Penestae, down-river to Levi-suspect Lissus. The Swiss Scheins/Shine's use a giant Lissus-related fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Pendragon fleur.

The Dexaroi-suspect Dexters may be in the chevrons of Tyrone's/Tirols/Tyrells, a possible Turano liner because German Tyrols use the same, rare symbol as Dutch Reeds i.e. from Rieti. There were/are Jews in Merano of Tyrol. I'm wondering whether the Merone's/Merrins were from Merano. Spice's share the tower with Murena's, and while English Thors (same place as Spice's) use the tower, German Thor(n)s were from Tyrol. Spice's are said to be of the count of Mortaine, and Murena's are also Moratins (share red towers with Thors).

The Pendragon Crest has an open helmet that was suspect with Openheims (MacArthur / Mathie crown?) long before I recently realized that helmets can be code for Umbria liners of the Helm / Holm / Homer/Holmer kind. In any case, the other Openheimers are using the Alan fesse, I think, because they share a sphinx with the Brock branch of Brocuffs. This goes to the Aulon/Avlona location as it forms Avellino in Oscan territory, which expects a very close Alan-Pendragon relationship in Italy. Eschyna de Molle married a royal-line Alan of Dol, which is convincing me that she was an Oscan, especially as Erskins/Eskins ("pense" motto term) were close kin of Scottish Mars (mythical Mars was the grandfather of Romulus). It also recalls the recent trace of Spinks to Syphax liners, and as Spinks were first found in the same place as Quint-related Quince's (and Penes'/Pennys), note that Homers/Holmers share a lion paw holding a gold fitchee cross. I didn't know that open helmets were code until reading that Mynetts use "open helmets." Not many helmets are open, but the Pendragons use theirs that way, and the Pendragons are a branch of Dragons/Drainers that use open helmets in colors reversed from the Mynett helmets. German Thors and Openheims (Jews) share curved perchevrons.

I've just made a comparison between the Eskin-beloved Pense's/Pensons and Hoskins ("reSPICE"). Pense's were first found in the same place as Spice's and Thors, and the Pense's share gyronny with Tutus'. The last time gyronny was mentioned, it was with a shot that Roens may have been Aurunci liners. I can add that while Titus and Vespasian have been traced to Pasi's/Pace's, the Schims/Schiens (share the Molle boar head in Pasi / Moray colors) share the dove design of Noise's who in-turn use a "pacis" motto term, and Pasi's/Pace's trace to Paisley at Glasgow, which was home to Eschyna de Molle's family connections. It's another reason to trace "Glas" to Wallis / Sion along with the Schim/Schien stars. Perhaps it was something like Gallus > Guallis > Wallis. Note how the Valais Coat compares with the Schim/Schien Coat. So, the scimitar is tracing to Sion liners, unexpectedly enough.

The Merone/Merrin scallops are in the colors of the same of English Bannons (London) who use the Fleck / Palmer/Parmer double bars, very apparently. The Feltmans (Bannon colors) that use the double bars in colors reversed, and add a "palma" motto term, along with a "spolia" term, were likewise first found in London. I therefore need to ask myself whether God has put me on a Spoleto course, for the first time ever in the past couple of week, for this reason of the Bannon appointment. My prediction that the anti-Christ system will be a mouse line seems right-on course. As Fulk-rooted Plantagenets were likewise first found in London, let's repeat that Flecks and Fulke's were first found in the same place.

Donald Trump has just appointed Breitbart's Stephen Bannon as his chief political pilot, for this man is credited for winning Trump's election. In reality, Hillary elected Trump along with the dopes who put her up as the candidate. Let me repeat what was said when on the Macey-related Brights: "German Breits/Breitbachs use nothing but the duke-of-Masovia wyvern. Compare with German Dragons/Dagomirs (Silesia) showing Polish variations, and linkable to "Dagome," an alternative name of Mieszko I." Didn't I trace Guy of Spoleto to Mieszko?

Bannon is the executive chairman of Breitbart News. I had noted that, after the 2nd George Bush, Republicans tabled almost all presidential candidates from Polish-suspect lines, including Romney (surname shares the Pulley/Pullen Shield). One could get the impression that Republicans are led by a cult tracing back to Mieszko's mouse tower.

Trump's were first found in the Pomerania / Mecklenburg area, where Mieszko's had a ruling branch(es). One could get the impression that Republicans are led by a cult tracing back to Mieszko's mouse tower. The Arthur clarions (said to be trumpets) may apply. Note that the Traby hunting horns are in the colors of Bannons, for the Bannon Crest is a white ostrich while the Banning scallops are in the colors of the Stick garbs. The Mieszko-suspect Bests/Bez' use the same ostrich in Crest. Dols were first found in the same place as Trumps, and Dol is in the Vilaine area of Brittany, what I trace to "Vilnius." I also claimed that God showed me, by a very odd set of events, that the anti-Christ would be related to a rat trap, and the Traps (Tyrol) suggest a Traby line while the Rats (Traby-horn colors) can be for the Radziwills said to be in the ancestry of the Vilnius Astikas'. Traps look like they belong to the set of long-necked birds mentioned above as Lett liners, and Traps are said to be from Trappenburg in LEUTSchbach. Leuts' are listed with McLeods/Clouds/Lutts, who use flags suspect with Flags/Flecks. There is also a Rattenberg (wheel symbol in Rothes colors) in Tyrol, at Rat mountain.

Rattens may have been named after the upper Rhodanus/Rhone, which is called by a similar name by Germans. I think they call it the Rotten, which can trace to the Shropshire Rothes. Here are the Germo-Jewish Rotens (red Shield) using Zionist stars in Trap / Traby/Sadowski / Rothschild/Rothstein colors. Many Rothschild investigators were saying that Rothschilds used the Zionist star, and this could be the reason. Rotens are also in Rodham colors, and the latter are properly, Rodens/Roddens. You can get to a wheel from the "alter" motto term of Rodhams. Rodhams are kin of Watsons while there is a Watten location near Rattenberg, which explains why proto-Rothschild Pollocks married early Watsons. Pollocks were kin, in my opinion, to Adolf Hitler's mother; he was in the Munich area i.e. near Tyrol; Hiedlers/Hitlers even share the Bauer stars. Adolf's connections were to Austria, location of Tyrol.

There is a Watten surname (same place as Annas') sharing a black-on-white bend with the Shropshire Rothes'. Wattens are traced to Mr. Watone, son of Mr. Tirell = the Tyrol/Tyrone surname. Both Wattens and Tyrells are traced to lords of Poix (Picardy); see Pois of Picardy in the write-up of Powers that share a green Shield with Bauers / Bowers.

It looks like Wattens were from Watten in Tyrol. As German Tyrols use the rare symbol of Dutch Reeds, it appears that Roets (their Catherine wheel is used by Alters/Colters) and Reeds trace to Rotten liners too. The Rat Trap has enlightened on the Rothschild bankers, apparently. The Watten / Rattenberg area ((Innsbruck) is at the Brenner Pass, and Brenners share a chevron in the colors of the two Tyrol/Tirell chevrons, which are shared by Dexters, kin of Weights that share the same hunting horn as the Arms of Traby. The 666 will be in the right hand, which is the dexter hand, and Brenners show rights hands, all in a reflection of the Garnish Coat. The same chevron is shared by Watsons (clouds) of RUTland. We can now trace the namers of Watten to the Watts and Vatts, whose glasses can be for Miss. Glassl, a wife of Hitler's father.

Another thing is that while Rats share a black, engrailed cross with Sinclairs, the latter use a "work" motto term while a Worgl location is very near Rattenberg. And Worgs/Works share the double black bars of Bannons, Flecks, etc! It appears that while the Bush's were elected for Rothschild purposes, Trump is yet another Rothschild pawn. Forget what he says in opposition to globalists; watch what Trump does instead.

The Bannon Crest: "An ostrich with a key in its mouth," the same as the Propers/Roberts/Robins, first found in the same place as Maceys and Brights/Brude's (suspect from Briancon/Brigantium). "Brude" was looked up as per the description of Brian-beloved Garnish's: "A cubit arm holding a scimitar embrued". It may signal that Briancon was specially related to the scimitar line, and Trumps use a giant stag head in the colors of the Schim boar head. Compare with the Cubit Coat suspect with the Caepio-line lion, but also see the Brude-like Bradds/Breeds with a giant lion head in colors reversed to the same of Cubits.

The Cubits: "Two hands issuing from clouds, battling with scimitars." The first time I saw the Brian/Boyen Crest arm from a cloud with a sword, it reminded me of the scimitar, and that item was found in short order with Garnish's because the Brian sword is said to be garnished.

Bradds were first found in the same place (Midlothian) as Crichtons/Creightons (Seaton dragon), and the latter's "grace" motto term traces with the same of Garnish's to Mieszko-Lambert lines in the Grasse theater (it expects Guerin of Provence but also the DRAGuignan location in Provence, from the Drago river, where I trace Carricks, Crags, Craigs and CRICKs). Crichtons not only use the Bradd lion in colors reversed so that it's the Cubit lion, but it's colors reversed from the English Grass lions. If this lion is specially the one of the Quintus-Caepio line, note that the other Irish Brians share a lion paw in Crest with Quints. English Brians use the same hunting horn as the 666-suspect Arms of Traby. Take a look at how the tail of the Drake wyvern looks like code for 666, for Breits use the same wyvern, but without that tail shape. English Brians were first found in the same place (Denbighshire) as Bachs (share blue vair with Quints), which can explain the Breitbach(er) variations.

Cricks (same place as Crags) share the Erskin/Eskin pale bend, but put the type of gold fitchee upon it that is held by the lion paw of Homers/Holmers i.e. very reflective of the Quint Chief.

"Bannon worked at Goldman Sachs," a company that one can imagine at the fore of the push for the 666 commercial system along with Rothschild bankers. "In 1990, Bannon and several colleagues from Goldman Sachs launched Bannon & Co., a boutique investment bank specializing in media. Through Bannon & Co., Bannon negotiated the sale of Castle Rock Entertainment to Ted Turner." Can't Turners be Turano liners along with Tyrone's/Tirells? Turners are said to be from Mr. Capellanus in the London / Cambridge area, by the looks of it.

"After the sale of Bannon & Co., Bannon became an executive producer in Hollywood. He executive produced Anthony Hopkins's 1999 film Titus." This was not the emperor Titus, but may have been from his bloodline. While the Titus Coat shares gyronny in half the colors of the Picard gyronny, "Bannon married Mary Louise Piccard, his second wife..." Londons / Lundys use gyronny too.

The Brittany Piccards may be using the Sforza lion that holds a quince. The Titus Coat has an escutcheon with the Chappes Moor head possibly be due to Josephus being a close relative of Caiaphas, perhaps a son, for Caiaphas would be expected to abandon Israel at Titus' invasion, as Josephus is known to have done, when he became a virtual family member of Titus himself. It just so happens that while I was satisfied in tracing Spanish Petro's to Flavius Petro, emperor Titus' great-grandfather (in Rieti), the Petro's use the same fleur-de-lys as in the Picard canton. The blue-white / white-blue lions above can therefore be the lion of Rieti-liner Rita's, very suspect with the Sforza lion. In the Picard Crest, a white lion holds the Petro-suspect fleur-de-lys, and it's also the Gamble fleur-de-lys. If I recall correctly, Josephus, as an Israeli general, was in charge of Gamala. At least, Gamala was mentioned by Josephus in relation to a Pharisee, Sadduc, and Josephus himself claimed to be from a priestly line. Gammals/Camels were first found in the same place as Roets, and they use the camel so that other heraldic camels can relate. Gamble's can even link to gyronny-using Campbells suspect in a merger with both Capone surnames.

Gamble's and Campbell-colored Camps were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as blue-lion Bruce's and the Newarks that share yet more white-on-blue lions, not to mention so-called GEMEL bars! The exclamation mark is for NewARK, suspect from the Ark river passing near to Briancon. I suggest that the Newarks are sharing the Bradd lion now that Bradds can trace with Brude's to Briancon.

All of this is making me very suspicious of the Trump team. Obama opened the way for a dictatorial attitude in the White House, and the Trump team can bounce off of it, to use it too.

As we know, the powers wanted the skin chip by the year 2000, and while the American government made them legal a few years after 2000, the marketing team realized that the public was not ready for it. Instead of pushing it, the VeriChip company decided to fold / freeze the product. It is predicted to come back when the public is deemed more willing.


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