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November 15 - 21, 2016

Trump-Team Heraldry

The world is still talking Trump. Everyone has an opinion on why dog-eared, disorganized Trump crimped the politically-smooth, iron-clad (vacuum interior) Clinton team. I wouldn't call the victory a bashing or a throttling. It only seemed that way because it was unexpected. In fact, I'm not even sure that Trump should get credit. Last week, I gave credit to she herself for giving him the victory, because she was unable to rise above her sins. But, this week, I'm giving Obama the credit too.

Sure, she had half of America voting for her, but this is typical in all elections of late, regardless of what pathogen the Democrats run. The glory in this election is that a pathogen on the Republican side smeared bloody soot on the deserving Liberals, turning them psychotic. They didn't think that Trump's outspoken accusations would work to his favor, and maybe they were right. The Liberals got a taste of their own filthy soot, but, I don't think Trump won just because he was bashing the other side like no Republican has before.

I didn't follow much of the election, but this is what happened. The Republicans ran John McCain, who didn't please the Christians of the land, even after he chose an evangelist Christian to be his running mate. After the Bush facade, it was not possible to fool Christians like that. McCain lacked the ability to create excitement, and Obama capitalized on that very thing by persuading the Democrats that he could perform virtual miracles. After eight years of opportunity, when Obama turned out to be merely human, and often looking like a rat, the excitement was dead. Along comes Hillary in this worst moment of time, as an extension of the Obama facade. Now the tables were turned: there was no excitement in the non-partisan camps for the liberals. This is not complicated. In the meantime, Trump turned up the excitement button with his own promises of miracle-working. That's what happened: the Republicans gave the Democrats what the Democrats gave the Republicans eight years earlier. Those few who put Obama over the top four and eight years ago were not for the Liberals this time. These few corrected themselves. Winning/losing the next election will be about winning/losing their hearts.

America has become a boxing ring. A civil war? It could happen. Pagan humanity can only take so much before bullets start to fly. Imagine how much money and work went into electing Hillary since the demise of her husband? Imagine the vanity now overwhelming the Democrat strategists after working with passion over the Obama years to complete the Liberal agenda that had been sidelined by Reagan and the Bush's. We all saw the hatred that was in the Democrats over those unexpected turning of events, when the Republicans even got control of the Supreme Court. What deep pain it was to the Democrats, but what grand hope there was in Obama to get the agenda back on track...only to find Trump's people soaring a minute after the Hillary team had finished setting its tables for their victory celebrations. If the stiff-necked, demented and juvenile Democrats continue as they are, they are asking for more pain, but there is a limit to what they can endure, and a civil war is very possible exactly due to their immaturity. At times, Obama seemed to be preparing for it, wishing to unarm the Christian militias; it was part of the Democrat agenda, and the talk of the Conservatives.

Trump has been trying to sooth the other side rather than to throw fuel on the fire. He knows that assassination is a real possibility, and besides, he doesn't wish for political backlashes while he attempts to rule (he's dreaming if he thinks he can avoid them). The spy machine that Obama fomented can now be turned on the Democrats, to spy-out their strategies for re-winning government control. There is a law: you reap what you sow, and that's why anyone above the Liberal pollution can see enough to rightly predict more pain for the staunch American liberal. This liberalism, tagged as "human rights," has been exported world wide. Humans are deemed to have the right to sin harshly, and to be respected for it, a theme that gets all the sinners on board, and there are a lot of these people globally. Therefore, the social / moral schism is not developing only in the USA. When the Democrats saw that much of the world was in their favor in opposition to Bush, at the time that the Internet was allowing global communication, the Democrats, in league with their news media, realized that they could export their immoral abyss.

Social pollution has creep, entering the hearts even of Christians. This is the test in the last days, to see whether we sympathize with Sodom. But wait. If the pollution is affecting even Christians, how will non-Christian Republicans avoid conversion to it? That's what's got to happen. The whole world (almost) has got to turn to satanism dressed as a normality. We have got to find the strength, and love of God, to avoid the porn that has been thrown into our faces. Once a Christian has been defiled by porn, the armor is off, and the death blow near. If not for the grace of God to get the flame burning again, there would be no hope of life. And it takes some effort from the Trinity to make the flame rise again once it's down to a near-smoulder. This is the highlighting of the grace of God in the end times; it's the way that he has decided to play out the finale. Just as the Christian is about to die in a Spiritually-bankrupt world, there He will be to steal the soul from satan's grip. For him, it will be just like the Trump bash to Hillary's face, and all of his worshipers will feel the sting harshly. This is where the liberals are taking the world. We can see that they are not going away. For four years, they will be a greater stench than they were under Bush. At this time, they are looking for a theme from someone, anyone in their camps, that can re-generate their hearts toward making a successful stench of themselves. This is what they do well.

A pathogen by nature infects the body parts, and spreads. Social engineering requires spreading of yeast into the whole batch of dough if it is to be successful. The yeast blows up and asserts itself in bold. One can't miss it. As a parasite, it's hidden, but if it wants to succeed in destroying the body, the affects of the infection must blow up and become visible. Normal parasites have no desire to kill the body; they just do what comes naturally when they eat away at it. But Liberals have every conscious inclination to destroy God's Body, His moral structure for society. This is why I define them as demented, for in fact they are. It's the predicted anti-Christ spirit, and it's therefore evidence that God and satan do exist. It's not a coincidence that every unbiblical thing is bloating before our eyes in this last generation. Might God let it go for one or more generations yet? Will he use conservative leaders, from time to time, to temporarily subdue the pathogens over a period of one or more generations? It's too early to tell whether Trump will act the conservative versus the liberal. I feel that he has a liberal inclination, in regards to Biblical positions.

I truly don't understand what justifies the "women's' rights" movement. I would be disgusted in a men's rights movement seeking to pit men against women in order to reap some gain in return for some losses by women. I do not believe for a second that the women-rights movement is about achieving equality for women. It is about empowering more women so that women can get the upper hand. Liberals, by nature, wish to rule, and so liberal woman want to rule. But a democracy is not to have a ruler, but rather a representative, a servant, an employee of the people, for the people. A president's job is not supposed to be for acquiring personal control, or on behalf of a group, to alter society. A president's job is to serve God, not just to say, "God bless America." I don't expect Trump to serve God, and so he will likely go down in shame. Obama knows all about the sinking sands under his shoes.

After liberals (I suspect American Jewry behind much of it) started with their wicked agenda, Republicans were called upon to undo it. Their presidents did not put the proper effort toward it, and then refused to select a bona fide Christian to become the president when Obama ran. And now we have this horror story in Donald Trump, whom is actually supported by some professing Christians. While we can celebrate anything Trump attempts in stomping upon the liberal agenda, yet there is little hope in seeing a God-pleasing trend from him. Apart from Jesus, a person can do nothing for God. There is nothing wrong with a president who depends on God by being faithful to Him, but the American people have been brainwashed into humanism, that man must help man, forget God.

We are learning some things as per the top globalist men that Trump can chose. It looks like the department of defence and/or the secretary of state will go to Bush-circle people if they get their bucking ways. This is almost as sickening as president Hillary. Did we think that Trump would give the world a fresh, new start? If it will be the old players all over again, the ones who lost to merely kid Obama, when will the Republicans learn? Even Sisi, the president of Egypt, has said not to prejudge Trump on what he said before the election, which is tantamount to saying that Trump lied his way to office, but Sisi will welcome Trump's new Middle-East strategy anyway.

They are saying that general Mattis might become the new military chief, but isn't he a hard-liner against Russia? According to Pravda, Trump has been snubbing the president of the Ukraine, a new approach on that front if it's true. The former president of Georgia, Sakashvili, says he knows Trump. The Americans have apparently lost both the Ukraine and Syria battle while Russia asserts itself all-the-more in the face of it. Russia is, for the moment, giddy in leaving the past behind, and hopeful that Trump will allow Putin a leading role even in Iraq. But Trump is only one man, and his many advisors and team players can change his outlook and plans. Sputnik has an article that you won't get in the West, reporting on the falling of the West-sponsored groups in Aleppo, when it gets down to this: "The analyst further said that Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election could also be bad news for the rebels since the next US administration could well focus on cooperating with Russia to destroy Daesh and will be less willing to support radical groups, opposed to Assad. " Wishful thinking on the part of the Russians?

Here is an example of how Liberals work. When the moral-standing Mike Pence was at a theater, a Liberal had a message prepared, which he gave to the audience, though Pence stood up and walked out:

“Vice President-elect Pence, we welcome you, and we truly thank you for joining us here at ‘Hamilton: An American Musical.’ We really do,” Dixon said to further applause. “We, sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values and work on behalf of all of us.

The Liberals have since exploded this thing to the point of ignoring the context, and are using it to get out their message, that Republicans are vile opponents of free speech, and that Trump is a dictator. But Trump has not come out to forbid the speaking of what was said, but rather that the way in which the "free speech" was delivered, while Pence was on a night out, was rude. Never mind if it was inappropriate, the Liberals are disobedient children in everything they do, and never learn proper behavior. A liberal teen would say, "Mom, you are a bitch, and the U.S. constitution protects me to tell this to your face." The mother still has the power to punish the child, I think, but Liberals are working to deny parents that right just as soon as they can win back the Supreme Court.

It is notable that the words spoken by the Liberal at the theater were couched respectfully, but everyone knows that, between the lines, Pence was being portrayed insultingly in opposition to diverse America, and in opposition to "our children, our parents...our inalienable rights [and] our American values." Yes, but Liberals are not the only Americans, and others have different values in direct opposition to theirs. If free speech is to be exercised, it must be done in truth, or the person is liable to punishment. Free speech should not come without risk if delivered falsely or with trickery to spell out only half the truth. The other half is that Liberals are offensive in the things they want for America, and half of America does not want their America. Liberals had their opportunity to elect their brand of social values, and they lost to Trump. As the children that they are, they will lump together like rats to harass the Republicans...until Jesus appears to pour a hot bath of hell over them, to shut them up once and for all. Selah, I speak the truth while exercising my free speech, but liberals have no fear of God, and to make matters worse, many Republicans ignore Jesus. This is the makings of a civil war.

It should be a crime to portray Republicans as racists just because they oppose illegal immigration. Free speech yes, but not false free speech. Liberals know nothing but false free speech because their underlying aim is to unseat Republicans, and the best way to do it is to stretch the truth into a lie. This is not acceptable free speech, which is why they cry the protection of their free speech, because it's the only substance they own outright. Everything else is like toilet paper used to uphold their organs. Trump spoke that in truth: liberals have no substance when they speak. They are unable to see the good side of the Republican position. Every nation in the world has a border policy, but liberals wish to sabotage America's border policies in order to get more Mexicans into the country to vote Democrat, and in the meantime, Democrats send Mexicans the message that Republicans despise them. Children like this ought to be punished, and that's exactly what this past election is doing, making the Liberals painfully psychotic. Unfortunately, while punishment has the purpose of curbing bad behavior, the devil can never learn that. They desire judges on the Supreme Court that will serve their rotten America couched with a righteous facade. Look behind the facade, and there sits the devil.

When I look behind Trump's facade, I think I see the devil there too. I'm not convinced that Trump operates on righteousness. Surprise me. The Republican party does have Nazi elements who wish to rule, whom are as bad as the Liberals in virtually every respect, though Republicans of this stripe act "Christian." I'm unsure of what set of dynamics created the Christo-Nazi elements, but have wondered whether it is based in Nazi elements, immediately after Hitler, disguising their stay in America clothed as missionaries. I sympathize with the damage done to Nordic Americans by the Democrat policy of supporting "minorities," but I and Jesus do not agree with a White-supremacist mentality. America is mostly of Nordic background, and one can say that this ethnic group is the home-grown American that Liberals now demonize for the sake of getting the Black / Hispanic / Jewish vote. But there are many of the latter groups who are in very fact home-grown Americans by now, yet the Liberals like to keep them in minority-camp mentalities for political purposes. Righteousness can be defined as not behaving in this way, pitting ethnicity against ethnicity merely for political purposes.

It is not enough to speak the righteous line and claim it for oneself; righteousness needs to be in heart-felt practice. You can't as a White-male liberal claim righteously that you are non-racist, and then demonize white males just because they don't vote Democrat. You'd sound like a fool. The best thing you can do for your mind and future is to get out of the Democrat machine that twists your brain into rot. No number of blood-running, rowdy or passionate demonstrations / blogging excursions will cure you; quite to the contrary, you are killing yourself by feeding on half truths and sheer dishonesties. No one will feel sorry for you when you are utterly destroyed by your own hatred of true Christians. Your fellow anti-Chrstians will be too busy licking their wounds to lick yours. You will become alone in the darkness; the very thing you deserve. I repented. Why can't you? Who do you think you are to take-on Jesus in a life-long struggle against Him? Are you made of invincible material?

God makes women for men, and men for women, and the Liberal sees that all creatures unite male to female. What is the problem with the Obama's of this world that they should preach male-to-male sex as being just dandy? Long before white-male Americans, there were people who despised homosexuality. Were they all the crazy bigots that you accuse Republicans of being? Most of the historical world has opposed homosexuality as a type of disease, but, along come the last-days Liberals to announce their righteous position of embracing homosexuality. Really, righteous? And what do I get labeled for disagreeing? Who cares? Who cares what the rotten liberal accuses me of. That's how America will feel for the next four years. Who cares what the Liberals think? Americans will see, in the next four years, that Liberals are mere, spoiled, rotten children, and no one will try to convince America of this; it will become obvious from the Liberal's own hand.

If the Republicans had not run the Nazi-based, false-Christian Bush's, and if they had instead run a true Christian with solid substance, Obama would never have won. But even if Bush had not attacked Iraq, Obama would never have won. There are not enough Liberals, and their minority groups, in America to put the Democrats over the top at election time. This is why they are seeking to twist the minds of teens. This is why they are bucking to have illegals win citizenship, so that they can vote Democrat. It's not my definition of righteous. Teens, the most gullible amongst us, have been made to feel as though they are special to Democrats. There is a love-in facade from Democrat camps going out to teens in efforts to make them twice the children of hell as they are, and the teens are doing a fine job, in many circles and respects, of growing devil's horns. In many cases, no adult can out-do the satanic mentalities practiced by teens. And the youth corrupt / defile themselves because they don't know what they are truly getting into -- eternal enmity with God -- thanks to the Democrats that lead them onward to sinful lifestyles. There is a price to pay for it all on this side of Armageddon, and it's called irreversible damnation. God will remain very quiet, in the midst of the damned who think they are smart, so that they won't know what's coming to them at a sudden moment.

The whole of this doesn't make me happy. I need to look to a future happiness when Liberals will be vanished from the planet. That is the prophetic message of God, not His punishment on stiff-necked Israel only, but upon a global cast of the damned.

Trump called Mitt Romney some nasty things during his election campaign, but, says Pence, "I know [Romney] is under active consideration to be secretary of state (...) along with some other distinguished Americans." I would grunt against a president like this, a liar who accuses a man, harshly, of being incompetent for political office, and then hires him to lead the second-highest post in the land. Romney is a Bush tool. The Middle-East will become a Bush-Nazi project once again if Romney is chosen. There are many normal Christians in the Republican camp. Why pick the Mormonic Romney? Does Trump have a problem with Bible-reading evangelicals / Protestants? If he does, I will know that he's used them to get the vote, and then pulled a George-Bush ignore-them policy. Laura Ingraham, said to become Trump's press secretary, is reported in her Wikipedia article as a convert to Catholicism, which can explain why she's often on the show of Catholic Bill O'Reilly.

If Trump ignores Biblical Christians, his first term as president is predicted to be fraught with in-fighting. In fact, his first few choices for team members suggest some brutal divisiveness shaping up. I've read word that Trump isn't going to choose Romney, a good move if true. But he's flirting with all the big-name Republicans after giving the impression that he wasn't normal-establishment material. This man doesn't even try to hide his hypocrisy. He thinks he can steam-roll ahead and accomplish all that he desires regardless of how he shocks his voters with broken promise after broken promise. He and Hillary both ran as mirage's because that's what democracy has come to flagrantly.

I do not believe in civil rights for Blacks anymore than I believe in civil rights for Whites. This use of "civil rights" by Liberals is defined as special favors / empowerment for Blacks at the cost of Whites. It is in very fact a skin-color-acknowledging doctrine, but the definition of righteousness is not to acknowledge skin color. The Liberals are hypocrites in this regard, pretending to be righteous when in fact they want to shore up the Black vote, and meanwhile to pit Black American against White American. A Black has all the civil rights of others once he is an American citizen. Why do Liberals offer him more rights than that? If there are White racists in the land, and there are, it is no more cause to empower Blacks with special protections than to offer all Whites special protection for the few Black racists in the land. Why don't Liberals offer some civil rights to White Republicans living in Black communities? Did someone just turn the lights on? Why do Democrats offer civil rights and other goodies only to those groups that, by-and-large, vote Democrat?

It appears that Jeff Sessions will be the next Attorney General, predicted to undo at least some of the Liberal agenda of Eric Holder. Sessions was in favor of the Bush war on Iraq, but that may have been a position held for political purposes, in order not to distance himself from most Republicans. As Attorney General, he probably won't have much sway in any Middle-East affairs. For four years, Liberals won't be able to use the office to promote their illnesses. Sessions opposes the legalization of illegal foreigners. In concept, I believe in a world without national borders, but if Mexicans are to enter the United States only to give their votes to Demoncrats, I'd prefer they stay home, and I think Jesus might take the same position.

Trump wants Mike Pompeo to be the head of CIA. While I applaud his moral positions, Pompeo wants too much spyware on the people: "Pompeo has advocated for rolling back post-Snowden surveillance reforms, saying 'Congress should pass a law re-establishing collection of all metadata, and combining it with publicly available financial and lifestyle information into a comprehensive, searchable database. Legal and bureaucratic impediments to surveillance should be removed. That includes Presidential Policy Directive-28, which bestows privacy rights on foreigners and imposes burdensome requirements to justify data collection." The wanting of publicly-available financial and lifestyle information will only make computer spyware more sophisticated under the guise of tracking our purchasing / surfing behavior. I don't want anyone to have a list of everything I buy or say, but the governments now want that right as a stepping stone to having a bigger piece of us later, and needing us to be their willing puppets in the meantime. The government needs to find other ways to catch crooks aside from knowing everything we write, say and purchase. Instead of using this capability for catching crooks, governments will invent ways to control / modify / abuse us once they have the data systematized. If you like being a government puppet for creating a society ordered by the government, give Pompeo a thumbs-up. If you like a government allowing the people to create society as it happens freely and naturally, without social engineers dumping their brand of correctness into our minds, speak out against government spy tools in our lives. If you don't conform, you will be marked out, and if you do conform, you will become their puppet.

I see Western governments on-track to putting up signs, "No Playing in the Park." That's because I view modern governments geared to control tactics, but being playful / cheerful is good for spiritual health and strong personality, and therefore bad for government-control tactics. When they had futuristic movies back a few decades ago, the future looked geared to making us into obedient zombies, and playing was not part of it. Take Dr. Spock on Star Trek, for example, not exactly a cheerful, playful fellow, but more of a computer-like humanist without a heart.

Donald Trump has a sort of playful attitude, or at least he's uninhibited by, and rebellious toward, serious, globalist attitudes. His playful side is sown around a steely fabric, but if you look closely, there is in fact a playfulness under the iron face. He's going to play ball with Democrats, sending the ball flying through their teeth, by the looks of it, before Americans discover exactly what he intends to do with the country on his own behalf. In other words, what is Trump's true vision for the country? Why did he chose Pompeo to be his chief spy? What does Trump hope to gain from Pompeo? It appears that Trump will continue the false image of terror-threat in the country, what was a Bush-agenda item. But isn't that the globalist agenda?

It's a very good thing that the two Bush presidents did not support Trump, but as yet we don't know whether he's reaching to the Bush circle to give it the wink, or gifts if needed, for coming on-board his team. Trump may believe that it's better to have the Bush team on-side than opposed. The good thing is that Trump does not appear to be a Bush-agenda man from the get-go. Yet, instead of getting a CIA director who eases up on spyware, he chose to re-maximize spyware after Obama was forced to put some curbs on it. What's really behind this Pompeo choice? It will keep the American military in the Middle East, won't it, to keep the terror-threat hoax alive? And with the Bush-supported Mitt Romney as Trump's foreign-affairs chief, I think it says it all. I might even entertain Romney as the False Prophet if he gets the job. Part of the terror-threat hoax involves false-flag operations. Not once have I read of a terror act in the United States, since George Bush's Iraq invasion, that seems credible and real in my mind. A real terror act would be huge, involving an organized group inside the country that has close ties to Middle-Eastern groups, but falsely-created terror acts, created by the U.S. government, are predicted to be lone-wolf events to minimize the chances of the insiders getting caught by unforeseen complications that may arise. The faked 9-11 event taught the insiders all about such unforeseen complications. Besides, if a phantom group is created to make the terror plot look huge, the military / FBI would then need to feign going after the phantom group, a distraction not wanted by the military / FBI.

Pompeo is from Kansas. Here is from an article (this past week) describing him: "But last month, three militiamen were arrested in western Kansas in an alleged plot to blow up an apartment complex that's home to Somali Muslim refugees." What a coincidence that it happened in Kansas, and this was before voting day for the new president. Trump and Pompeo together are pushing the terror threat, signalling that Trump wants a major foot in the Middle East.

Pompeo is anti-Russia, and will therefore weld well with military leaders of that ilk. Expect Pompeo to be spying on the Russian footprint in the Middle East, and perhaps supporting American attacks on Russian military disguised as ISIS attacks. However, Trump has the power to curb Pompeo's treatment of the Russians. I see a real possibility of a US-Russia alliance that may have everything to do with the coming Revelation beast (not necessarily in the next four years). Pompeo, according to his own words, is exactly concerned about the Russian footprint in the Middle East, and Trump may need to play to Pompeo's will to some significant degree if there is to be a gelling between the two men. Trump could have chosen a Russia-friendly CIA director, but he instead chose Pompeo. Does it tell us anything about Trump's ultimate ambitions overseas, or whom he may be working for amongst the invisible globalists?

In the same way that there are liberals and conservatives in the USA, there may be a similar division in globalism that has global-warming fiends in the liberal camp, and oil-loving fiends in the conservative camp. Both the Western oil people and Putin want inside Kurdistan, and from that angle, they both want Syrian territory for cheaper oil exports out to sea. Trump may be thinking to form an inside trade deal on Iraqi oil, the sharing of the bag between Russia and the U.S. He might regard this as a smashing success to be worn on his chest, and then pull (or drag) the Republican hawks along with him to the new Middle-East future, safe from a Russian, global threat. Personally, I think a sharing of the oil is the way to go, but partnerships are made to be broken. In this case, we have yet to see the partnership begin at all, which it might not for a host of possible reasons. Trump would need to be willing to leave a pro-Russia administration in Syria, and Trump may have been feigning a Putin-friendly stance in order merely to fool Putin when it finally comes to the Syria crunch line. The crunch line is where tooth meets tooth with something chewed over in-between that may not be good enough to swallow, though Trump may be hoping that Russia will swallow his offerings anyway.

Trump may not have chosen Pompeo for Middle-Eastern reasons alone, but instead to get Hillary. Pompeo would like very much to reveal her sins in Libya, and, frankly, I think the world should know them. The scandal spills over to Syria, however, for the Libyan weaponry allegedly went to terror groups in Syria, a thing that Pompeo would agree to because the purpose was to oust Assad. Pompeo was a member of the committee investigation the attack on the U.S. "embassy" in Libya.

Pompeo is very opposed to Obama's deal with Iran. Iraq likes a partnership with Iran. Iraq would welcome a stronger American hand in Mosul, a thing that Republicans could easily agree too, but Iran would not welcome it, thus frowning on Iraq for inviting / receiving it. Try to make a prediction on the Mosul front in this regard; I'll pass for now. But I can see a possibility of Russia filling the void necessary for taking Mosul. That city's siege is proving to be complicated, and Iraq might just take a Russian hand if the battle worsens, and if Trump is unable to offer much. Iran has been tolerant of the Obama hand in Mosul, but with Trump and Pompeo animalistic against Iran, the pressure is on Iraq not to accept a Trump hand in Mosul.

Pompeo is a tea-partier, and anti-abortion. If he's Italian, he may be a Catholic. Trump's choice of men so far stand out as being the Liberal nightmare the Liberals didn't see coming. Here is a paragraph from a Liberal in the first throes of enduring the nightmare: "And that's why there's reason to worry about Flynn. A close look at his recently published book, public comments, and tweets reveal a man who swims in the same swamp of hyperpartisan, frequently fabricated, and disturbingly anti-Muslim rhetoric as Trump advisers like Steve Bannon, the white nationalist [read, venom] who was one of the first [red, venom] to receive a West Wing post." Everyone gang up on whites.

Flynn is slated to be Trump's national-security advisor, a sort of "wife" that he confides in, and a sort of mailman who takes the word / decision of the president to where he wants it to go. There can at times be a question on who really runs the country, the president of his advisors. I like Flynn where he called for Hillary's jail term, and perhaps Flynn and Pompeo were chosen together to get Hillary's true story to the world. I hope it sweeps Obama under the bus at the same time. But maybe now I'm dreaming. In a book, Flynn wrote:

This administration has forbidden us to describe our enemies properly and clearly: they are Radical Islamists. They are not alone, and are allied with countries and groups who, though not religious fanatics, share their hatred of the West, particularly the United States and Israel. Those allies include North Korea, Russia, China, Cuba, and Venezuela.

With four of those listed allies, I can agree with fairly easily, but a Russia-ISIS alliance? That is a hard one to swallow. On the other hand, maybe not. Flynn may have included these "allies" as unofficially so, who, arm-in-arm can find common ground against the West. Yes, and I myself (just a Middle-East news scooper for many years) have toyed with the possibility of a yet-to-occur, secret Russia-ISIS alliance. This may be taking shape as I speak because Mosul is predicted to be a Baathist-held city to a significant degree, and Baathists took the city along with ISIS in the first place. Russia may have had a secret deal with Baathists ever since the Bush war routed them out of power. And here, as the Mosul operation begins, the Russians may be compelled to come save the Baathists, and in the meantime to embrace ISIS. It's a scenario I entertain, not predict. Putin may decide that Assad is of no value for a Russian entry into Mosul / Kurdistan, and because the Iraqis have held the Russians out of Kurdistan until now, the Russians would find it very convenient to turn-coat and side with the very terrorists they claim to be at war with. As this is such an extreme egg to hatch, that's why I won't predict such as monster, at least not at this time.

Flynn seems like the type of thinker who sees Obama finding some alliance with ISIS. That's my position. It's probably the secret position of Pompeo and others who were close to the Benghazi investigation. Flynn differs from Pompeo in that Flynn is amicable toward Russia. This is perhaps the chief reason that Trump chose Flynn, and, if so, it speaks to Trump's agenda, not to be concerned with terror plots at home, but to shape the Middle East in the face of a Russian foot there. Flynn will have "power" to shape the concerns of the Pentagon and the State Department. To put it another way, Flynn may be able to control the outcome of any Pentagon / State issues when relating them to Trump, and by choosing Flynn, it can send the Pentagon the message that anti-Russian agendas will not be put on his table for discussion. Flynn thus becomes a fence to protect Trump from other chiefs wishing to derail his Russia-friendly approach. But in contradiction to a Flynn appointment based on his Russia-friendly approach, there is the former military chief chosen by Obama:

Mattis retired after leading Central Command from 2010 to 2013, managing conflicts across the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, and clashing with an Obama administration he saw as too weak and passive in its dealings with terrorists, and too eager to withdraw troops from Iraq and draw down troops in Afghanistan.

Beloved by his fellow Marines for his straight talk and salty language, the "warrior monk" was the subject of a conservative campaign to draft him to run against Trump for President.

The Daily Beast is saying that some insiders have revealed that general Mattis is Trump's first choice for chief of the defence department. The hawkish John McCain loves Mattis, which speaks for itself on how Mattis would not gel with Flynn. But why would Trump create a schizoid situation for his team? Why pick team players that are to be concerned for the same stage when they all see a different plot to the future? Mattis is a wild nut who openly stated that it would be fun to shoot Islamic husbands, and in that brash regard I can see him finding weed pasture with Trump. They would chew the cud together just fine with a bottle of harsh whiskey.

From the article above:

After [Mattis] took the helm of Central Command, he ran afoul of Obama administration officials for his privately blunt comments, criticizing the White House for everything from telegraphing a timeline for the U.S. departure from Afghanistan to the enemy, to failing to prepare to battle an expansionist Iran.

Uh-oh. The Mad Dog wants war with Iran.

The Flynn surname came up in the last update, suspect in a code used by a Massena-suspect line. Flynns (in Trump colors) come up later in this update, in a section on 666-suspect Trabys. In fact, Trumps were first found in a Polabian area that has a Traby-like Tarve river. Trumps can strike us as either/or Trips and Drummonds, both first found in Hamburg, near the Trave. The Krume's (sinister crescent) that were likewise first found in Hamburg, and in Trump / Flynn colors, were traced to Krume, on the Drin (Drilon) river, near a TROPoje location. As these terms were traced (by me) to ancient Trypillians in Moldova, where the modern capital is KISHINev, note that Trump's daughter marred Jared KUSHNer ("Ivanka converted to Judaism so she could marry Kushner.) " . A variant of the capital is, KISin'ov, while the Kiss/Kish surname is a branch of CUSH's, and a branch of Cass'/Cash's that share the weight scale with the Arms of Vilnius, where Astikas' married Trabys.

The sinister (facing left side of the Shield) crescent of Krume's is half in the colors of the Hazel crescents, and while Hazels were first found in the same place as Masseys, the sinister feature of heraldry has been identified (by me) as a Massey-line feature. Right beside Krume is a Has location to which I traced Hazels. The Drin rivers Penestae peoples is where Pendragons, Penes'/Pennys and Penns/Pence's trace. Coincidences? The Massey and Lys/Lisse fleur de lys trace to Lissus at the mouth of the Drin. The besants in the Flynn Chief trace to the namers of Bassania, very near Lissus. I kid you not, that Bassania was at the mouth of the modern Mat, anciently the Mattis-like Mathis river. To absolutely prove that the Mathis surname traces to the Mathis river, the Chives' share the Mathis moline cross while Chives' are from the Cavii peoples on the neighboring Drin. While Mathis' were first found in the same place as French Messeys, I have it recorded several times over the years that French Masseys/Masse's (now show a "tree without LEAVES") used the very same boots, in the same colors, as Trips (now show the shoe). The only Mattis surname at is listed with Italian Mattei's that also have Massi's in their data bank.

Hazels use "hazel SLIPs" (= leaves, probably code for Levi liners), and ISLIPS/Haslips (share stag with Trumps), which are obviously a Hazel branch, use holly that I've traced to mythical Holle, a witchcraft cult that was supposedly code for Holstein, in the Polabia theater. While German Hulse's use the same leaf design as Hazels and House's, English Hulse's (Cheshire, Nettle colors) use a sun-like object between the antlers of a stag ("buck") much like the starburst-like object that is the Arms of Holstein, though the latter is officially a "nettle LEAF." Nettle's were first found in the same place as Islips/Haslips and the Maxwells that use the Islip holly tree as a "holly BUSH."

The Bassania location was traced to the Base's, and while Islips/Haslips use their holly tree "growing from the BASE", German Base's/Bassens share the black hunting horn with the 666-suspect Arms of Traby.

I'm convinced by all of this that the Trump team is a Masonically-inspired team. Compare "Hazel" to "HADLey, for I read that "One of the most successful recent national security advisers was Stephen Hadley, who held the post under then-President George W. Bush (and is rumored to be in the running for Trump's defense secretary)."

At one time, I thought that Vladimir Zhirinovsky could become the anti-Christ. I have read that Zhirinovsky partied when Trump won the election.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a flamboyant veteran lawmaker known for his fiery rhetoric, told Reuters in an interview that Trump was the only person able to de-escalate dangerous tensions between Moscow and Washington.

By contrast, Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton could spark World War Three, said Zhirinovsky, who received a top state award from Putin after his pro-Kremlin Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) came third in Russia's parliamentary election last month.

Many Russians regard Zhirinovsky as a clownish figure who makes outspoken statements to grab attention but he is also widely viewed as a faithful servant of Kremlin policy, sometimes used to float radical opinions to test public reaction.

I view Zhirinovsky as the Trump of America. They share a similar personality cloth. My theory had been that Putin would one day give the Middle-East reigns to Zhirinovsky, and here we may be. But the other part of my prediction, in view of a Russian anti-Christ, does not seem likely where Zhirinovsky would then need to become an EU leader. Over the last 15-20 years, the possibility that Russia and the West would weld to the point that a Russian leader would be elected / appointed to an EU presidency has not panned out. Putin wants to go in the direction of an EU-Russia alliance, and perhaps even a political merger, but the United States does not like that at all. Obama's re-set button signalled that, perhaps, the United States might tolerate it, but here comes Trump now, who appears to have some mysterious sympathy for Putin (or not-so mysterious if it's all about his business interests in Russia).

I read a piece yesterday telling that Trump acts / lives / works like a Jew, and it's known that Zhirinovsky's father was Jewish (Eidelstein surname). Compare the Eidelstein Coat to that of Scherfs/Schere's, and note the arrow / bow theme of Eidelsteins, possibly the same as Rothschilds / Rothsteins. As George Herbert Scherff was one of Hitler's men, note how the Hiedler/Hitler / HEIDLer surnames are like "EIDEL" (Heids share the arrow with Rothschilds/Rothsteins). Then, compare the Scherfs also with Cosners/Kastners, a possible branch of the Kushners (married Trump's daughter). As Hitler's nephew was living in New York after the war...New York is where Kushner's family operated, hmm.

I trace the Rothschild arrows to Khazars/Kabars in Hungarian ancestry, and while Drummonds were from royal Hungarians (Andrew I), Hungarian ancestry has a stag symbol. The Trump stag is in the colors of Andrew's Cross and the Drummond/TREMond bars. While I trace "Traby" to Trabzon, that location was near the DRUMmond-suspect THERModon river. The Reuters article above says, "Zhirinovsky has even said he wants a DNA test to see if he is related to Trump." The Thermodon was home to the proto-mouse Amazons. Artemis' brother, leader of Muses, even had a mouse cult, SMintheus, perhaps a myth code for the entity that named SIEMomysl of Poland's mouse tower (Misl's use the mouse). The brother was Apollo, an apt name for naming Poles.

Trump could ruin the military faction supporting ISIS. Obama's strategy, along with that faction, seemed to deliberately allow ISIS escape routes when the Iraqis engaged the terror group in a major city. Right now, all of Mosul is surrounded by Iraqis, except the road to the west, to ISIS groups in Syria, that is. Shouldn't that have been the first road cut off? The Iraqi invasion into the city started a month and a half ago, and there had been months of previous assaults, all around the city outskirts, in preparation. Wasn't that enough time to control the road to Syria? Yet Reuters is reporting on November 21 that Iraq is only now moving in to cut off that road. It seems a no-brainer as to what the strategy was. What's the use of fighting ISIS in Mosul if they escape to Syria? Well, for the Iraqi leadership, that's just fine, and for Obama, that's just what the military faction may want.

By now, Obama may have asked Trump what his strategy upon ISIS will be, and the Trump team may have been meeting, as per the transition process, with the top dogs in Middle-East affairs, which gives the Obama team a means to feel him out. Part of Obama's strategy may be to secure as much of ISIS as possible against a Trump bashing, if that's what Trump has in mind. While Trump is not a man of his word, he yet wants glory by fulfilling some of his promises. If the ISIS group of American interest in Mosul has been permitted to escape to Syria, it opens the door for a Trump alliance with Russia. In the Mosul scenario, Trump may urge the Iraqis to allow Russian involvement in Mosul, what Obama and his military faction resisted.

For Mosul news if interested:

Another candidate for the department of defense is general Patraeus. He's coming out to say that Trump should prioritize the war on ISIS rather than on Assad, in contrast to Obama, and possibly in contrast to Mattis. If Trump picks Patraeus, that should spell a new military approach in Syria. However, Patraeus has been no friend of Putin. Patraeus has been a hero with the modest Sunni, and Mosul is going to be fought over between the Sunni and the Kurds, just as soon as it's taken from ISIS.

The Big-Mouse Trap is Coming

The end of the last update seemed important enough to repeat it at the start of this one. If you read it, scroll down to "In Addition" to continue:

The Merone/Merrin scallops are in the colors of the same of English Bannons (London) who use the Fleck / Palmer/Parmer double bars, very apparently. The Feltmans (Bannon colors) that use the double bars in colors reversed, and add a "palma" motto term, along with a "spolia" term, were likewise first found in London. I therefore need to ask myself whether God has put me on a Spoleto course, for the first time ever in the past couple of week, for this reason of the Bannon appointment. My prediction that the anti-Christ system will be a mouse line seems right-on course. As Fulk-rooted Plantagenets were likewise first found in London, let's repeat that Flecks and Fulke's were first found in the same place.

Donald Trump has just appointed Breitbart's Stephen Bannon as his chief political pilot, for this man is credited for winning Trump's election. In reality, Hillary elected Trump along with the dopes who put her up as the candidate. Let me repeat what was said when on the Macey-related Brights: "German Breits/Breitbachs use nothing but the duke-of-Masovia wyvern. Compare with German Dragons/Dagomirs (Silesia) showing Polish variations, and linkable to "Dagome," an alternative name of Mieszko I." Didn't I trace Guy of Spoleto to Mieszko?

Bannon is the executive chairman of Breitbart News. I had noted that, after the 2nd George Bush, Republicans tabled almost all presidential candidates from Polish-suspect lines, including Romney (surname shares the Pulley/Pullen Shield). One could get the impression that Republicans are led by a cult tracing back to Mieszko's mouse tower.

Trump's were first found in the Pomerania / Mecklenburg area, where Mieszko's had a ruling branch(es). One could get the impression that Republicans are led by a cult tracing back to Mieszko's mouse tower. The Arthur clarions (said to be trumpets) may apply. Note that the Traby hunting horns are in the colors of Bannons, for the Bannon Crest is a white ostrich while the Banning scallops are in the colors of the Stick garbs. The Mieszko-suspect Bests/Bez' use the same ostrich in Crest. Dols were first found in the same place as Trumps, and Dol is in the Vilaine area of Brittany, what I trace to "Vilnius." I also claimed that God showed me, by a very odd set of events, that the anti-Christ would be related to a rat trap, and the Traps (Tyrol) suggest a Traby line while the Rats (Traby-horn colors) can be for the Radziwills said to be in the ancestry of the Vilnius Astikas'. Traps look like they belong to the set of long-necked birds mentioned above as Lett liners, and Traps are said to be from Trappenburg in LEUTSchbach. Leuts' are listed with McLeods/Clouds/Lutts, who use flags suspect with Flags/Flecks. There is also a Rattenberg (wheel symbol in Rothes colors) in Tyrol, at Rat mountain.

Rattens may have been named after the upper Rhodanus/Rhone, which is called by a similar name by Germans. I think they call it the Rotten, which can trace to the Shropshire Rothes. Here are the Germo-Jewish Rotens (red Shield) using Zionist stars in Trap / Traby/Sadowski / Rothschild/Rothstein colors. Many Rothschild investigators were saying that Rothschilds used the Zionist star, and this could be the reason. Rotens are also in Rodham colors, and the latter are properly, Rodens/Roddens. You can get to a wheel from the "alter" motto term of Rodhams. Rodhams are kin of Watsons while there is a Wattens location near Rattenberg, which explains why proto-Rothschild Pollocks married early Watsons. Pollocks were kin, in my opinion, to Adolf Hitler's mother; he was in the Munich area i.e. near Tyrol; Hiedlers/Hitlers even share the Bauer stars. Adolf's connections were to Austria, location of Tyrol.

There is a Watten surname (same place as Annas') sharing a black-on-white bend with the Shropshire Rothes'. Wattens are traced to Mr. Watone, son of Mr. Tirell = the Tyrol/Tyrone surname. Both Wattens and Tyrells are traced to lords of Poix (Picardy); see Pois of Picardy in the write-up of Powers that share a green Shield with Bauers / Bowers.

It looks like Wattens were from Wattens in Tyrol. As German Tyrols use the rare symbol of Dutch Reeds, it appears that Roets (their Catherine wheel is used by Alters/Colters) and Reeds trace to Rotten liners too. The Rat Trap has enlightened on the Rothschild bankers, apparently. The Wattens / Rattenberg area ((Innsbruck) is at the Brenner Pass, and Brenners share a chevron in the colors of the two Tyrol/Tirell chevrons, which are shared by Dexters, kin of Weights that share the same hunting horn as the Arms of Traby. The 666 will be in the right hand, which is the dexter hand, and Brenners show rights hands, all in a reflection of the Garnish Coat. The same chevron is shared by Watsons (clouds) of RUTland. We can now trace the namers of Wattens to the Watts and Vatts, whose glasses can be for Miss. Glassl, a wife of Hitler's father.

Another thing is that while Rats share a black, engrailed cross with Sinclairs, the latter use a "work" motto term while a Worgl location is very near Rattenberg. And Worgs/Works share the double black bars of Bannons, Flecks, etc! It appears that while the Bush's were elected for Rothschild purposes, Trump is yet another Rothschild pawn. Forget what he says in opposition to globalists; watch what Trump does instead.

The Bannon Crest: "An ostrich with a key in its mouth," the same as the Propers/Roberts/Robins, first found in the same place as Maceys and Brights/Brude's (suspect from Briancon/Brigantium). "Brude" was looked up as per the description of Brian-beloved Garnish's: "A cubit arm holding a scimitar embrued". It may signal that Briancon was specially related to the scimitar line, and Trumps use a giant stag head in the colors of the Schim boar head. Compare with the Cubit Coat suspect with the Caepio-line lion, but also see the Brude-like Bradds/Breeds with a giant lion head in colors reversed to the same of Cubits.

The Cubits: "Two hands issuing from clouds, battling with scimitars." The first time I saw the Brian/Boyen Crest arm from a cloud with a sword, it reminded me of the scimitar, and that item was found in short order with Garnish's because the Brian sword is said to be garnished.

Bradds were first found in the same place (Midlothian) as Crichtons/Creightons (Seaton dragon), and the latter's "grace" motto term traces with the same of Garnish's to Mieszko-Lambert lines in the Grasse theater (it expects Guerin of Provence but also the DRAGuignan location in Provence, from the Drago river, where I trace Carricks, Crags, Craigs and CRICKs). Crichtons not only use the Bradd lion in colors reversed so that it's the Cubit lion, but it's colors reversed from the English Grass lions. If this lion is specially the one of the Quintus-Caepio line, note that the other Irish Brians share a lion paw in Crest with Quints. English Brians use the same hunting horn as the 666-suspect Arms of Traby. Take a look at how the tail of the Drake wyvern looks like code for 666, for Breits use the same wyvern, but without that tail shape. English Brians were first found in the same place (Denbighshire) as Bachs (share blue vair with Quints), which can explain the Breitbach(er) variations.

Cricks (same place as Crags) share the Erskin/Eskin pale bend, but put the type of gold fitchee upon it that is held by the lion paw of Homers/Holmers i.e. very reflective of the Quint Chief.

"Bannon worked at Goldman Sachs," a company that one can imagine at the fore of the push for the 666 commercial system along with Rothschild bankers. "In 1990, Bannon and several colleagues from Goldman Sachs launched Bannon & Co., a boutique investment bank specializing in media. Through Bannon & Co., Bannon negotiated the sale of Castle Rock Entertainment to Ted Turner." Can't Turners be Turano liners along with Tyrone's/Tirells? Turners are said to be from Mr. Capellanus in the London / Cambridge area, by the looks of it.

"After the sale of Bannon & Co., Bannon became an executive producer in Hollywood. He executive produced Anthony Hopkins's 1999 film Titus." This was not the emperor Titus, but may have been from his bloodline. While the Titus Coat shares gyronny in half the colors of the Picard gyronny, "Bannon married Mary Louise Piccard, his second wife..." Londons / Lundys use gyronny too.

The Brittany Piccards may be using the Sforza lion that holds a quince. The Titus Coat has an escutcheon with the Chappes Moor head possibly be due to Josephus being a close relative of Caiaphas, perhaps a son, for Caiaphas would be expected to abandon Israel at Titus' invasion, as Josephus is known to have done, when he became a virtual family member of Titus himself. It just so happens that while I was satisfied in tracing Spanish Petro's to Flavius Petro, emperor Titus' great-grandfather (in Rieti), the Petro's use the same fleur-de-lys as in the Picard canton. The blue-white / white-blue lions above can therefore be the lion of Rieti-liner Rita's, very suspect with the Sforza lion. In the Picard Crest, a white lion holds the Petro-suspect fleur-de-lys, and it's also the Gamble fleur-de-lys. If I recall correctly, Josephus, as an Israeli general, was in charge of Gamala. At least, Gamala was mentioned by Josephus in relation to a Pharisee, Sadduc, and Josephus himself claimed to be from a priestly line. Gammals/Camels were first found in the same place as Roets, and they use the camel so that other heraldic camels can relate. Gamble's can even link to gyronny-using Campbells suspect in a merger with both Capone surnames.

Gamble's and Campbell-colored Camps were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as blue-lion Bruce's and the Newarks that share yet more white-on-blue lions, not to mention so-called GEMEL bars! The exclamation mark is for NewARK, suspect from the Ark river passing near to Briancon. I suggest that the Newarks are sharing the Bradd lion now that Bradds can trace with Brude's to Briancon.

All of this is making me very suspicious of the Trump team. Obama opened the way for a dictatorial attitude in the White House, and the Trump team can bounce off of it, to use it too.

As we know, the powers wanted the skin chip by the year 2,000, and while the American government made them legal a few years after 2,000, the marketing team realized that the public was not ready for it. Instead of pushing it, the VeriChip company decided to fold / freeze the product. It is predicted to come back when the public is deemed more willing.

In Addition

The Roten Coat is now forever etched into my mind as a Rothschild branch. Amazingly, while the rat trap had to do with catching 16 squirrels in my attic, the squirrels were themselves part of the symbolism, I awoke this morning with the following on my mind, which I decided to write on first thing. It goes to the Saracena, Laus and Blanda locations at the Calabria-Lucania border, where also there was a SCIDRis. It connects to Laus = Ragusa of the Saraca's in Dalmatia, and at the time of having these thoughts, I started out by asking whether Lambert of Hainaut (Belgium) was Lambert, son of Mieszko I. How could that possibly have been the case, I was asking. The Saraca's were initially at Kotor, near lake SCODra, which traces well to Scidris because the namers of Saraca apparently named Saracena, but as Saracena is beside Laus, the Saraca's of Dalmatian Laus themselves may have named Saracena. This can then connect between BLANDa and FLANDers, at Hainaut. The SCIDris location was traced tentatively to Side's/Sudys, who are a branch of Sutys that themselves show to be a branch of Seatons, known Flemings, and Flemings are always integral to Flanders.

I had already realized, before this morning, that the Lys river to Ghent/Gaunt (Flanders) was from Laus elements, but that got me to thinking about LUSignan, because I trace the Lys/Lisse surname to Lusignan and Lusatia (the German form of the latter, LUZICa, is like "LUSIGnan"). And the last update taught me that Mieszko II Lambert was the son of a woman from Lusatia. The peoples of Lusignan are called Melusines, and that's why you can find online that the snake-tail woman, Melusine (given a fish tail too), is known to be a Lusignan entity. Her mother's name, Pressina and similar terms, can trace to Prussia, where Mieske's were first found, but then Prussia may even have overlapped with Lusatia. Prusias of Bithynia is coming to mind. In any case, the Arms of Warsaw, the Polish capital of Masovia, where the Mieske's ruled, use the Melusine mermaid, suggesting that Mieszko's can trace to Laus / Saraca / Blanda elements, and while I had traced the white-on-blue Saraca fish to Bars of Brunswick and Bars Bar-le-Duc, the latter location is in Lorraine, where Mieszko II got his wife. Bars are traced to Bar, near Kotor and nearer still to lake Scodra. Bars are known to be a branch of Este's and the Bars even share the white, spread eagle of Este's, both with a blue background, and then one may see the white, spread eagle (on red background) of the Mieszko Piasts in the Lorraine Coat.

As soon as Warsaw's Melusine came to mind, the Sheriffs of Warsaw came to mind too, which is when it was realized that Sheriffs use a fesse in colors reversed from the Saraca fesse. At roughly the same time, it struck me that Arms of Lusignan use blue-and-white fesse bars, perhaps from the blue fesse of Saraca's. The Sheriffs are suspect with the Shire's, and to this you can read the section, in the last update, on Sire's and Squire's/SQUIRRels as they linked to Vilnius, where Astikas' lived that were married by Trap-suspect Traby of Poland. Shire's/SHERE's share the black talbot dog of Saraca-suspect Carricks, and moreover use black-on-gold fitchees, roughly the symbol of SCHERE's/Scherfs (red roses), and it's the latter surname that reveals Shire's/Shere's as a branch, or cousins of, Sheriffs (red roses). Scherfs' were first found in Austria. I wonder where.

You can read in the Rose write-up that they were Bosco kin while two Bush surnames list "Busch." Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') use roses too, and what I suspect is the Zionist star of Weis', the namers of Adam Weishaupt, I assume. The Rose clan was at the area of the Rothes castle of proto-Rothschild Pollocks. In fact, Peter Pollock built Rothes castle, and his daughter married a Mr. Watson, now known to be of Watten elements. Adolf Hitler's nephew, William Hitler, changed his name to William Stuart-Houston (lived in New York after the war), and both the Stewarts/Stuarts and Houstons were at Renfrewshire, where Pollocks were first found, and there had been a very close relationship between the proto-Stewarts of Shropshire, where English Rothes were first found, and Peter Pollock's father. The Watson fesse, by the way, is in the blue of the Saraca fesse.

The Scherf surname was reported by a liberal nut (he wasn't alone), online, to be the birth surname of the first president Bush (George Herbert Walker Bush), the son of the Nazi, George Herbert Scherff Sr., and I believed this for various reasons. For example, the Walker Coat is a good reflection of the Schere/Scherf Coat. And the fact that the first president Bush was the CIA director also spoke to me of Nazi plants in America. William Hitler lived in PATCHogue of Long Island, and Patch's share black hunting horns with the Arms of Traby. Moreover, the Kilpatricks who share a white saltire with walkers show both Shere-like variations and a Patchie/Pathy variation.

George Washington's wife was married to Mr. Custis. The Custis', listed with Curtis'/Cortes', share a fesse in the colors of Sheriff fesse, and the three crowns surrounding the Custis fesse are in the colors of the three griffins surrounding the Sheriff fesse, and both surnames were first found in Warwickshire. The gold Custis crowns are highly suspect with the same of Grands/Grands because the Custis-colored COURTs/Coverts have them in their motto. These colors are used for the Kilpatrick CUSHions, while Vilnius- related (see Cass'/Cash's last update) Custs are also "Cush." Why is William Hitler's full name, William Patrick Stuart-Houston?

The Covert variation of Courts/Custis' brings me to an emailer with Covert surname who was found, during a set of events that I found strange, to live at Post Falls, Idaho, near the Aryan Nations headquarters. After suggesting that her ex-husband and his son were suspect as part of the neo-Nazi's, or white supremacists, and after he contacted me, I found evidence in my email box that the family / group was seeking to find me. And this continued until a month ago. I have a police report prepared with every piece of email-box evidence I could round up, in case something happens to me, shared with an individual near my home.

Covert's ex-husband had a sister married to a Mr. Scheriff from West Islip, Long Island, smack beside Patchogue. This part of Long Island is where a missile is believed (by some) to have been fired that shot down flight TWA 800. Her ex and her son were listed with addresses both in Post falls, and in WARSaw, Indiana, where there exists a white-supremacist group, WARS, which suggests that elements from Warsaw, Poland, can be involved in this. The next vice-president of the USA has been the governor of Indiana, interesting, but I'm not making the connection on that basis alone.

Covert claimed to descend from a kaiser Coffert of Germany, but I could not find who he may have been. She lived near Clark House mansion, which was itself at Heyden Lake, location of Aryan nations. Mr. Clark, the wealthy builder of the mansion, went yachting with the German kaiser of his day (predated Hitler's rule), which is a thing that can be read online (not my opinion merely).

The quartered Shield of this Arms of Rothschild was traced solidly to the Pettys (half the Pollock saltire?), first found in Warwickshire. The green Petty parrot (suspect with peter liners) is used by the Peeble surname while the Bowers, using the five bunched Rothschild arrows, were first found in Peebles-shire. The first Rothschild, Mayer, was born Mr. Bauer, and Bauers share a green Shield with Bowers and Pollocks, as well as the Hitler/Hiedler stars. Just compare the Heidler (not "Hiedler") Coat to the Jewish Rothchild Coat.

While a daughter of Eschyna de Molle married the second Pollock, she had also married Robert Croc/Croce, which is why the "crux" motto term of Wattens looks relevant. Crux's/Crycks and Cricks share the pale bar in the colors of the same of Eschyna-suspect Eskins/Erskins. The Pollock saltire can be used in two color schemes, one in the colors of the cross that is the Arms of Pula/Pola (Istria), which has an alternative name of Pietas-Julia, and then Wattle's/Wadlows/Wardlaws are showing a "pietas" motto term, the first-ever I can recall. English Wattles are said to be from old Watelie in Nottinghamshire, making it obvious that Wattle's are using a form of the Annas Coat, but with the lion of Heidlers, perhaps. Wattle's are said to descend from a holder of a GLAStonbury abbey, wherefore see Glastons listed with Melusine-using Glass'.

It just struck me that Wassels/Wessels (Washington colors) can apply to Wattle liners, and then link to Washingtons. Whistle's/Wissels (Somerset, same as Wattle's!) share a white-on-red lion with Wattle's. There is either confusion here, or revelation, where it appears that Watten / Watson / Watt liners were Washington liners. The Wassel/Wessel antler is probably the red one of Veringers; the latter traced to Mieszko's in the last update. Their Zahringer kin used the blue antler, and so see a stag head in the Arda Crest with both a red and blue antler, for Arda's share the Wattle lion. Aha! Arda's are said to be from Picardy, as are the Wattens!

The reason that Washingtons (Glass stars?) were brought up is that Rotens share the white-on-red Zionist stars with proto-Washington Wassa's/Gace's. Washingtons share those double fesse bars seen above (not in the same colors), and Wassa's use them too. The double bars above of Banners, Flecks, etc., are in black-on-white, same as the Stands/Stains suspect in the "Stand fast" motto of Grands/Grants. The last update showed why Crete's/Crests are linkable to the Levi motto, but here we can add that Crete's/Crests use the same three bends as French Grands, first found in the same place (Burgundy) as Crete's/Crests (they probably use the bends in the Arms of Burgundy).

By the way, Works/Werks/Wergs, traced to Wergl at the Watten theater (Tyrol), had previously been suspect with the naming of WORCestershire, and that's where the Watts were first found that likely share the Watson tree. Although a pair of GLASSes hang from the Watt oak, they are called a "a pair of spectacles." I suggest that they began as glasses, and became spectacles when Watts merged with Speccot / Speck (and Specter?) liners. Speccots look to be using a version of the Lorraine Coat. While I trace Speccots and Specks/Spocks/Spicks to the Syphax Numidians, the raven (a form of crow), the only symbol showing for Specters, has been identified (by me) as a code for the Meshwesh Cyrenians suspect later in the Massena Numidians (Syphax and Massena were married to the same woman). I actually trace the mythical crow, Coronis, to Patmos' city of Chora, and Patmos is where John received the Revelation.

As DOBERmans share the Pollock bend and the white Watson griffin head, in Lambert colors, I would suggest that, if Lambert of Hainaut was a son of Mieszko, he was a son with his wife, DOBRawa. Dobers (French-Lambert colors) use a blue version of the Doberman Coat, and were first found in Austria.

The Wassa description: "two sets of double red horizontal bars, and a square top left in which there is a silver star of six points" Although the square is normally a canton, while cantons use the Washington Coat in colors reversed, the Wassa's opted to call it a square, and Square's are listed with Squire's/Squirrels. It appears that the Rothschilds were Washington kin, and linked to Scherff liners. HORIZontal is rarely a term to describe fesse bars, but then Orris/Ore's were first found in the same place as Pollocks, while Doris'/D'Oriss' share the wavy bend of Jewish Pollocks. Note that "RED horizontal bars" can be part-code for Reds/Reeds (expected with Roth liners), for while Reds/Reeds use a "copia" motto term, Orris'/Ore's have a cornuCOPIA, perhaps part-code for Coronis liners. In fact, the CORNucopia was a symbol of Zeus' bull (think horns) cult on Crete, and Zeus' father was Coronis-like CRONus (think corno = horns).

The areas of concern in Tyrol were at the Brenner Pass, and Brenners are said to derive in "Brabant," a part of Flanders at Brussels, and essentially beside Hainaut. Judging on where Brenners were first found, I'd suggest that they are sharing the Glasgow. Houstons, with an hourGLASS, were first found in Glasgow/Renfrewshire. The Glasgow tree might be the Watson / Watt / Vatt tree, and a tree is used also by Dowlings while William Stuart-Houston was born to Miss. Dowling, wife of Adolf's brother, Alois Hitler. Remember, Adolf's father married Mis Glassl. Glasgows use the oak tree, and Dowlings/DOOLings (Dol suspect) use "a holly tree eRADicated proper." The blue Dowling-Crest lion is gorged. Dools are listed with Dowels/Dougals (Rita lion?).

I hadn't re-looked at Rads (same place as Bauers) until seeing the term above. Rads share white Zionist stars with Rotens! It therefore tends to trace Rads to Rats and their Rattenberg location near Watten. The "ERADicated" code can also be for ARDA's that share a white-on-red and upright lion with Heidlers, but this makes for confusion where it makes Rad liners look like Arthur liners.

"EradiCATE" can also be code for Cate's/Cats, a possible branch of Jewish Katz's. Cate's use the moline of Fere's/Fears (said to be a branch of Vere's of Oxfordshire), used in white by Fairs. Both Fere's and fairs share the blue bend with Charo's/Claro's, and the Fere moline is colors reversed to the Charo/Claro bull, which is upright, just like the colors-reversed bull of Italian Torells (Milan). The latter were looked up yesterday while finding the Tirell ancestry of Brenners, suggesting that Charo's/Claro's can trace to the Tyrol line of Tyrols/Tirells> Brenners. The Brenner chevron is in the color of the Charo/Claro bend.

While Irish Fairens use Vere colors, English Fairens (partly first found in Oxfordshire) show the ermined double bars of Feltmans/Felthams. Clicking over to German Feltmans (Annas / Vere star? Nazi patee?), one finds a version of the German Caplan Coat while English Caplans were first found in the same place as the Josephs that use a "charo" motto term. Fairens were first found around the first Capes' (London) and Feltmans (London), while the Apps/Abbs share the Capes scallops and the Arms of Austria / HABSburgs (the Habsburg surname is also HAPSburg). This fesse is shared by Coverts/Cofferts. Did Austria have kaisers?

What Surnames were from Flavius?

The VELDman variation of German Feltmans reminds of the VLADs/Flattens that share the Zionist star in both colors of the Rad star. It was just yesterday when the idea occurred that FLATT liners, including Flaad, ancestor of the Dol Alans, could be from a variation from "Flavius.? Let me explain, for as Pollocks trace to Flavius Petro, so can the Dol Alans. Try to figure out what "Flavius" became. It's very difficult. What about converting the 'v' to a 'u,' a common thing for Romans terms? That can get "Flaus." It's not a long jump to "Flaut." At one time, I arrived by a similar exercise, when converting the 'F' to a B/P, to "Blox," and Blox's (Paisley roses?) look to be sharing the Watson chevrons and tree stump, while the first Pollocks married Watson. However, Blox's could be a version of "Pollock".

Flash's/Flesh's, sharing the double chevrons of Chaplains and Josephs, show a FLACHman variation, sounding a little Jewish and possibly revealing that Flecks and Aflacks were Flavian liners. It's Josephs that use a "wlad" motto term. Flate's/Fleets/Flete's use the double bars of Flecks as well as their scallops, indicating that Flat-like surnames may apply. This has led me back to the Falts/Falds/Fauls/Faulds (three bunched arrows) that I've reported in the past as sharing the same fleur-de-lys as Petro's. Amazing coincidence. And Fletchers/Fleggers are also "Flessor/Flescher/Flesher." The latter are said to have bonded with Stewarts of Scotland, and to have descended from Fleche Normans.

It now reveals that Felts / Feltmans / Felthams were Fleck liners, and while the Feltmans/Felthams are using the Caplan Coat, it traces the Caplan kin of Joseph's, suspect with Flavius Josephus, smack to the family that gave him his name! English Caplans have a Coat reflecting that of Rieti-liner Roets. Until now, I had no idea that the Feltmans were using the Fleck bars specifically due to the two surnames being variations of one stock before them. Flotts/Floats share the Flatt chevron, in Fleck / Fletcher colors, and both use the trefoil, a symbol of Fleck-related Palmers, the latter likely from Palma, near to where Italian Capone's were first found that share a black-on-white lion with Jewish Levi's. Floats were first found in the same place as Flecks.

As the Falts/Falds who share the Petro fleur have the same stag heads in the background as Anne's/Hanne's, it's notable that German Feltmans are using the same star as Annas'. Anne's/Hanne's are said to be of Tickhill castle, and the Tickhill surname (same place as Tuts and Anne's/Hanne's) happens to show a gold fleur-de-lys (color of the Fald/Fald fleur). The Tickhill castle is said to be four miles north-west of a Blyth entity in Nottinghamshire, and because Annas' and Tease's were first found in Nottinghamshire, we can assume that Tickle's/Tickhills were a branch of Tecks/Tease's/Tess'. Tickhills use a "sleeve" in Crest with probably the Massey fleur upon it, and a "maunch" (otherwise called a sleeve) in the Coat. Ticks are listed with Touque's/Tooks.

Falts/Falds (Lupus/Welf colors) are said to have been at least associated with Henry Ferrers, who took the TUTbury title from Hugh Lupus D'AVRANCHes...which should explain why Flatts and Flotts/Floats share the same chevron as BRANCH's (and Hamons and Ticks). Henry Ferrers is in Hugh's Wikipedia article, which article at one time mentioned his "nickname," FLAIDD." I realized that it was due to his connection to the Dol Alans and therefore was a name from Flaad, which explains why Spanish Lupus' share a billet border in the same colors as the billet border of Irish Dole's. I have it recorded as early as the 3rd update of March, 2009: "Hugh d'Avranches was the first earl of Chester, and as Wikipedia reports that he was 'called the Fat or the Wolf (Latin: Lupus, Welsh: Flaidd)'..."

You can see Hugh's white-on-blue wolf at the article, and then there's a white wolf in the Fleetwood Crest. I would trace the martlets of Fleetwoods especially to Apple's / Applebys, potential Avellino-wolf liners. Fleetwoods are said to be of Hesketh and Little PLUMton, the latter suspect with Palma (near Avellino). This recalls that Palma liners should have named Parma, beside FIDENza, which I recently traced to Fittons, kin of Heskeths; they use each other's garbs, and Fittons use them in the colors of the same of Comyns, the kin of Conteville's that birthed Hugh Lupus. Thus, Fleetwoods are looking like the line from Flaad of Dol to Hugh Flaidd Lupus.

Fleetwood is in Wyre while Wyre's are listed with Vere's/Weirs. I would suggest the VIRES river at Manche. The blue fleur-de-lys on the Fleetwood wolf is also in the Crest of English Dole's, first found in the same place as Capone's, and using fleur-de-lys in the Coat that are said to be owned, in those colors, by Flavian-possible Plows; the latter use the full motto of Fleetwoods (a Very/Fairie surname uses a plow). The stag in the Plow Crest has all three features of the stag in the English Stewart Crest, and Scottish Stewarts use a motto term, "VIREScit." English Verys (Crete/Crest Chief?) are said to be from Mr. Verer.

There is no mistake in the links that I'm making here, and Wikipedia may have removed the Flaidd entry due to a request. The plow share is over the shoulder of a farmer in the Custes/Curtis Crest, and while English Farmers/FERmare's were first found in the same place as Vere's, Farmers share the red stag heads of the billet-border Dole's and Rieti-liner Reeds. It makes the Irish Farmers suspect with a version of the Branch Coat, and this in-tum suggests that Farmers were Ferrers liners. As the Hugh-Lupus wolf head is in the colors of the same of Scarfs while Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf, the hunting horns in the Farmer fesse (the Alan fesse?) can be the Arms-of-Traby horns in colors reversed, for the Dol Alans link to the Traby-Astikas merger. Was this line destined to produce the 666 financial world? Only fools would bring out such a system seeing that Revelation warns against it. But fools happen to control Western nations by the money which they have come to seize. Not blindly, but deliberately, they will press on with their beloved 666.

The Flynns are deemed to be using the Hugh-Lupus wolf too.

I can glean that Dole's and Plows ("Quod") use a version of the Mackay/Quoid and Bellamy Coats. The Plow motto term, "alter," can be for Alters/Colters, and the latter's Catherine wheels trace to Rieti-liner, Catherine Roet. That's why Plows (from PLAUEden, Shropshire) can be from roughly a FLAVius > Plav > Plaue evolution of terms. As Bellamys were likewise first found in Shropshire, what about the BELLOVaci founders of Belgium? Were they Flavian liners? Was the circle of Crusaders in Belgium purely from Flavius Petro's line that had once conquered Jerusalem in 70 AD? Doesn't the "bello" motto term of Bouillons act as code for a Bellovaci line, from king Bellovesus (predated Flavius Petro)? Bellovesus is the reported founder of Italy's Gauls, many of which formed alliances with Hannibal.

The "tibi" motto term of Plows suggests the Tiber-river Tibbs/Tibbits i.e. the Rieti-related Pierleoni that had probably descended from Porcius Cato to the Tippers/Tippets. As Cato's/Chattan and Chatans share the bend of Pulleys/Pullens, a Vespasia-Polla ancestry in Porcius Cato is not without some merit.

Assuming that the Dol Alans (from Avellino in Campania, right?) descended from a wolf-liner Flaad, why? Ask the Hirpini of Avellino. It's tending to prove that Flatts were of the Flaidd name of Hugh Lupus, and that Branch's are in fact an Avranches line. It's dragging the entire Flavius-Flatt discussion through Hugh Lupus. The Alans that I see through Avellino started at Aulon/Avlona, and may not yet have been to Spain's La Mancha as the Alan Huns of about 400 AD. That maunch we saw with Mules' is code for Manche, location of Alauna (and the Normandy origin of Ferrers-suspect Vere's). But I claim that proto-Alans were at Forum Allieni (proto-Ferrara) in about 70 AD, and so note how Ferrers can be Ferrara liners (suspect with the entity that named Pharisees).

It's known that Robert D'Avranches married a woman from Dol, and I had read that this Robert was from Ferte-Mace, where Hamons trace. Robert married a daughter of Baldwin of MUELes, and then Italian Capote's/Capi's/Capozza's (Florence) use a mule in Capes colors while Capes' were first found beside English Capone's. There is a Mules surname (See Annabels/Hannibals) that brings us back to double fesse bars, and what looks like a version of the Washington Coat.

I always claim, now, that Hamon(d)s were a branch of Mynetts, and so note the "Mente" motto term of Scottish Falds. "Ardua"-using Ments/Manns look like merger with Dragons/Drainers / Pendragons / Penns/Pence's, and the "STABILis" motto term of Ments/Manns suggests the Staplers/STABILs, likely a branch of Roet-related Staple's that in-turn share the Peter motto. Drainers were named after the Drin river, where we saw three surnames, in relation to Donald Trump's team, tracing. Staplers/Stabils (same place as Roets) look to be using the Tease / Annas stars in the Chief of the Annan(dale) Coat. With the Alans related to Birds/Burds that use the Bouillon flory in colors reversed, note that Staplers are said to be from Etaples, 10 miles from the home (Bologne) of Godfrey de Bouillon's father. This was the Boofima > Baphomet lion to the Templars, co-founded by Payens/PAIONs and therefore related to Payne de Roet of the Etaples area. The ancient PAIONI peoples had a major city, STOBI (lower center of map), and as the city was on the Axius river, the Axe river of Somerset looks to apply, for Staplers/Stabilis' were first found in Somerset (may have been named after the same that named Somme, in the Etaples theater). The source of the Axius is right near the Penestae.

Boofima and Baphomet had a goat symbol, and so we see goats in the Ment/Mann Coat. Thomas le Stabeler in Lincolnshire looks like he could have brought the Stapler/Stabilis Coat to the Tailbois'.

So, a little unexpectedly, some good evidence cropped up to show that Flatt liners were Flavius liners, or even a variation from "Flavius," but there is also the red flory cross of Dutch Felts, which can be a colors-reversed version of the flory cross of Petro's. Note how the Birds/Burds are linkable to French Alans. The Flesser variation of Fletchers is amongst the type that I can see from Flavius > Flaus. Fletchers use "An arm drawing a bow," and while "drawing" may be code for Darwins, the Bows/Boughs happen to share a rare motto term (suspect with Massa-Carrara) with Rieti-liner Roets (and Massar-like Masters). Bows are said to be related to Alan "the black", duke of Brittany. Bowes' are said to have ruled Richmondshire, which was previously given by the king to Alan "the red" of Brittany. Richmond is in Yorkshire, where Fletchers (and Anne's / Palms / Ments) were first found.

As per that idea that recently that Prusias of Bithynia led to the line of Brogitarus, I've just spotted a lake Prasias on the map above (or below), beside the OdoMANTI peoples along the Strymon river (suspect with the Stura and Stur rivers). The OdoMANTES (some said they were Paionians) variation can thereby explain AMYNTES, Brogitarus' son. Moreover, Amyntes' son, Artemidoros, traces well to Artems and Arthurs, and thus connects well to Pendragons whom cropped up at the sight of the Ment/Mann Coat. I get the feel that Edones have much to do with this.

Recalling that Paganells are kin of Crete's/Crests, note Crestonia to the south side of lake Prasias. It's perfect where Pagan liners were Paionians. Reminder: the lion in the Crete/Crest Chief was deemed to be that of Jewish Levi's, and Crete's/Crests are now being viewed as a branch of the Levi-beloved Chretiens/Chrestiens. English Paganells use the dagger so as to trace to Dexaroi, in case they did name the Ticino/Tessin river, home of the Laevi.

The Paganell Crest: "A DEXTER hand holding a dagger erect proper." It makes the lion of dagger-using Kilpatricks suspect with the identical Crete/Crest lion, especially as the Scottish Paganells come up as "Pung" while the Rome's/Rooms, first found in the same place as Kilpatricks, use a "pungit" motto term. The Kilpatrick dragon can be that of Seatons/Sittens, wherefore let's add that Seatons traced convincingly to the Sithones, a fellow tribe of Mygdones and Edones that lived in Chalcidice, to the south of Crestonia. The Kilpatrick lion is said to have a dexter paw on the dragon's head, which is so reflective of Revelation 13 that I'm inclined to trace Patricks, and Antipatria, to PATmos.

In the Odomantes article: "Cleon invited Polles, [the Odomantes] chieftain, to join him with as many Thracian mercenaries as could be levied." It just so happens that the Polles/Poel surname shares a black-on-white lion with Crete's/Crests and Levi's. That's very interesting for his being the Pollock ancestor i.e. somehow linkable to Vespasia Polla (wife of the son of Flavius Petro). The Strymon's trace to the Stura in Cuneo gets one to the Asti theater, suspect with Astibus, another major city of Paionia. The Strymon was home also to the Satrae, suspect with naming mythical Satyrs, and while Pan was a Satyr, and perhaps at the root of the naming of Paionia, German Polles' use a "frying PAN," no kidding. Poole is at the source area of the Stur river. The Mygdones, whom I trace to Megiddo of Israel, were between the Axius and the Strymon. In fact, Megiddo liners are suspect with "Macedonia," the country ruled by Prusias. The latter is still under suspicion for being a Hebrew liner of the Aphrodite > Abruzzo kind.

Note the Sinti to the north side of lake Prasias, for Sintians lived on Lemnos, island of Aphrodite and Hephaestus. There is a good chance that peoples of Sinti were a line through the Santone's (France) to the Saint variation of Sinclairs, for Claro's are traced to Clarus, right beside Hephaestus-suspect Ephesus. I traced Keturah of Hebron strongly to Ephesus, but her line is suspect in Satyrs, moreover. This recalls that the Essenes of Israel had a branch at mount Carmel, right beside Megiddo, and that there was an essenes bee cult at Ephesus. A Biblical tribe from Keturah (Genesis 25), the LETUSHites, can be traced tentatively to the DentheLETAE on the upper Strymon, and her son, Medan, can go to the neighboring Maedi. Keturah's Biblical tribes include the Lemnos-like Leummites.

I am ready to entertain that the wife or parent of Brogitarus was a line from Prusias' Odomantes connections. I was very lucky to load the Ment surnames when I did, because one of them uses the three gold-on-blue bends of Crete's/Crests, and the latter were looked up only minutes after viewing the Ments. It speaks louder, now, for an Odomantes connection to neighboring Crestonia in what became Templar circles.

As Flowers are suggested to be Fletchers/Flessers, note "FLAUer." What about "Falaise" as yet another Flavius-suspect line? Why do Fallis'/Fallers use trefoils (the Flatt / Flott symbol) along with what could be the Poole / Rita lion? Why were Vallis'/Valles' first found in Brittany, and why do they use three fesses in the colors of the Alan fesse, and in the red of the three fesses of Fullers? I can see how Italian Valles' can trace by their counterchanged moline cross to the Moline's said to be directly from "the tanner" of Falaise. His named was FULbert, suspect with Fullers. The lozenges of Fellas'/Fells link to same of Massey-related Whelans/Failins/Phalens and Bricks, wherefore note the Faillon variation of Italian Fallis'/Fallers (the same Coat as their English counterparts).

I'm seeing Tut(e), Tatton and Taddei kin with the Vallis', but as Rollo's use a "tout" motto term, note that he married a gal from Valais. One can even link the Vallis cross to the of Pass'/Pascals that are likewise in the Rollo motto, and from that one can go to the Pascels/Pase's/Pasi's that trace well to VesPASIA Polla. One can also link the Vallis cross to the potent one of Skits / Skeets because the Vallis motto includes "quieSCIT". Stewarts use "vireSCIT." "QUIEScit" can be double code, one for the Quies/Kwisa river in Lusatia, near the Spree river to which the Speers and Sprees trace whose Coats look linkable to the Tute's / Tattons.

For the matter of Whelan/Failin liners, what's the whale code for in the Dol Coat? The fact that the wavy Dol fesse is shared by Dutch Ghents can suggest the line of John Gaunt with Catherine Roet for yet another Alan trace to Rieti. It never ends. Dol is in Vilaine, and Vilains share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of English Ghents and Tanners. The white eagle in the Ghent Crest looks linkable to the white wings in the Dole Crest. Whale's/Whele's (Well / Wallis / Walser liners?) happen to use a bend in the colors of the Alan fesse.

As Dole's were first found in Cambridge while Cambridge's share white-on-blue swans with Readys, it's just another Alan-of-Dol trace to Rieti liners. As the other Dole's (Ready / Cambridge colors) share the red Reed stag heads, in the colors of the Alan martlets, it suggests that Readys were a Reed branch in relation to Dole's of Cambridgeshire. And that's how Alan liners from Avellino should have merged with Italian Capone's, all the way to English Capone's, first found in Cambridgeshire. The Italian Valles', by the way, have a Velone variation that may indicate a merger with Avellino / Avlona liners. As Cambridge's share a white-on-blue patee cross with Blois', might the latter have been Flavius stock?

The Blois patee can link all by itself to Pattersons / Patricks, and the Blois scallops are in the colors of the same of Pattersons/Cassane's. This causes me to ask whether Flavius PETRO was named from a peter line named after AntiPATRIA. That's why I just loaded the Patria surname to - ZOWIE - find the Pulley/Pullen Shield, scallops and bend!!! This red scallop is also that of Sabine's while Flavius Sabinus married Vespasia Polla! We now have very good reason to trace Flavius liners to Blois, and to the Patria/Petrie surname, et al. It can explain why the Patterson camel should trace to the Gamala elements suspect with Flavius Josephus. Scottish Pattersons share the pelican with Pulleys/Pullens and Stewarts.

The Patria/Petrie Crest: "An eagle LOOKING at the sun." The LUKENs/Lucks/Licks have another pelican. Patria's/Petrie's are said to be from Flanders = Belgium, but settling temporarily in Cornwall...where Tippers/Tippets were first found. Tippers are said to have been in Cornwall well before the Norman invasion, which tentatively places Tiber-river elements in Cornwall before the Pierleoni proper. The question has always been: who were the Pierleoni in times earlier than the Peter who named them?

Lockens/Lachners may have the wavy Pollock bend on someone else's colors, and it's half in the colors of the Patria/Petrie / Pulley bend. I can see "LACHNer / LAUGHNer" to be a variation of LAFINs/La Fonts, first found in TIPPERary. There is a Locker surname (Sheriff Shield?), like the Locher variation of Laughners, with three DAGGER blade's, a perfect way to link them all to Antipatria / Dexaroi liners. I have long-ago traced Lock / Lick liners to lake Lychnidus, to the immediate north-east of where the Dexaroi (= the DassaRETAE) are stamped on the map.

A look upon the map finds Bullis between the Dexaroi and Aulon/Avlona, a good reason to suspect that Vespasia Polla descended from Bullis elements while Flavius Petro descended from Antipatria. German Bullis' use a PLOUGHshare, I kid you not, and this must be part code for Share/Shere/Sheer / Shera/Kilpatrick / Schere/Scherf liners. It now stands as further evidence that Plows/Ploughs were Flavius stock. The Share Crest has the talbot head of Blade's.

The proto-Flavius name may itself have been a P/B term, something like, Belavius / Bellovesus. Compare Welsh Belleme's/Bellins (possibly the Polles/Poel / Powell / Peter lion) to Petersons and Patys (Polles' came up as per the Odomantes chief, Polles, perhaps a Bullis liner). The Belleme's/Bellins must be the reason that Powys' use the Bellino bear paw in colors reversed.

Christians and Trump

Exit polls show white evangelical voters voted in high numbers for Donald Trump, 81-16 percent, according to exit poll results. That's the most they have voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 2004, when they overwhelmingly chose President George W. Bush by a margin of 78-21 percent. Their support for Trump will likely be seen as part of the reason the GOP candidate performed unexpectedly well in Tuesday’s election, according to Five Thirty Eight.

White evangelicals are the religious group that most identifies with the Republican Party, and 76 percent of them say they are or lean Republican, according to a 2014 survey. As a group, white evangelicals make up one-fifth of all registered voters and about one-third of all voters who identify with or lean toward the GOP.

...Trump's candidacy has caused a huge divide among evangelical leaders, but evangelical voters coalesced around him as a presidential candidate, many citing his promise to appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade.

Let's face it, the bulk of Christians are voting for Trump out of utter fear of nasty Liberals intent on pushing sin into the faces of their children. Christians have no love for Trump otherwise, and he knows it. But how he reacts to the promises he made to Christians is a big deal, because Jesus stands up for them. The Middle East is not all there is for Trump to concern himself with, but the Middle East is the Rat Trap of God, and America is one of the many rats slated for it. It doesn't seem coincidental that the Republican party is ignoring the Bible-based Christian even while conservatives share many of their morals and thinking patterns.

With a Republican president who promised to undo abortion laws, having both the power of the Senate and the House on his side, there is no excuse to do nothing. The problem now is, future presidential candidates on the Republican side can expect the Christian vote just to keep the Liberals suppressed, and the Trumps of the party are predicted to become more liberal. Christians may like Fox News for the same reason under discussion, but Fox has no love for evangelicals, and will work to minimize publicity for evangelical candidates, snubbing them and even sending bad signals about them. Fox may be on-track to taking Catholics from Democrats, and, if so, Fox will become an arch enemy of Protestants of all stripes. Fox news has a steady stream of sexy images and gory headlines. It has no love for the Bible.

If we merely use a candidate who loves casinos to get an agenda done, the candidate will use the vote and not fulfill the agenda. A candidate cannot love both casinos and God. He will love the one and hate the other. But the pro-life Laura Ingrahams of the world may push Trump to act. It's one thing to vote Trump to keep the nasty Liberals in the dog house, but Laura is prepared to be his world-wide spokeswoman. Is this a good trend from religious Republicans? Doesn't Trump's very life stand opposed to Jesus? Will Laura now become stained with his clothes?

The solution: vote for Trump because you are voting for Republicans that represent your ideals, but stay clear of him as he performs his worldly agendas, and of course don't love the man just because he won the election, for in fact he did not win the election. You won it for him, with the help of Obama and Hillary.

Do we expect Jews to do the Christian will?

Who exactly is Jared Kushner? has rounded up some quick facts about the future president's favoured son-in-law.

• Kushner married Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka Trump...The couple are raising their three young children together in the Orthodox Jewish faith.

• Kushner is the son of New York real estate mogul, Charles Kushner. He serves as the CEO of the family’s real estate and construction business, Kushner Companies, as well as publisher of the New York Observer, a Manhattan-based newspaper.

• In 2005, his father was sentenced to two years in prison for tax evasion, making illegal campaign contributions and witness intimidation. The plea deal was negotiated by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who was working as a federal prosecutor at the time.

There has been speculation that Kushner played a role in Christie's demotion from the head of Trump’s transition team and advocated for vice president-elect Mike Pence over Christie as Trump’s running mate during the campaign. He is also said to be behind the ouster of some key allies of Christie in the transition team, including former Congressman Mike Rogers.

... • Kushner has also said that he will return to his role in the private sector. However, reports that Trump has tried to obtain top security clearance for his son-in-law to attend presidential briefings, suggests Kushner may take on a more substantial role.

Crowley said Kushner will probably become a “special adviser” to the president because nepotism laws prevent him from serving in an official capacity. “When it comes to the executive office of the president, there’s great latitude for the president to put his own advisers in place,” he said.

Did Trump tell the electorate that his advisors included this rich, New York Jew? I don't know. I hardly followed the election at all. And that's because I couldn't stomach his garbage. Try to imagine how much more sickening I view Democrat garbage. Am I happy in this world? If not for Jesus, I would be just like them (but not as rich). Hmm, "At the age of 26, Kushner purchased the office building at 666 Fifth Avenue in 2007, for a then-record price of $1.8 billion, most of it borrowed."

Trump let his Polish-Catholic campaign manager go, replacing him with Kushner. "[Kushner] was for a time seen as Trump's de facto campaign manager, succeeding Corey Lewandowski, who was fired in part on Kushner's recommendation in June 2016" Wikipedia's writer seems intent on giving Kushner much of the credit for the electoral win, but the fact is, the evangelical voting block make up a third of the whole. Note how the Lewandowski Coat above is much like the Flynn Coat, both in Trump colors, then read: "Trump was reported to have requested the top-secret security clearance for him to attend the Presidential daily intelligence briefings as his staff-level companion, along with General Mike Flynn who already has the clearance."

Trump's first wife (who birthed Kushner's wife) has a Moravian background. I see Moravian lines to Moray as white-on-blue, the colors of the Trump, Flynn and Lewnadowski Coats, but also of the McLeods, the surname of Trump's mother. Trump's grandfather was from the Rhineland area of Germany.

Recall that Vilnius elements trace to Dol in Vilaine, and that Dol married the line of Hugh Lupus while Flynns use the wolf in the colors of the Hugh-Lupus wolf, for it can suggest that "Flynn" is a variation of "Vilain." Of further interest is that the Cash / Cush Coats (Vilnius-related suspects) share a black-on-white chevron with Flynn-like Fallins/Fullems while the latter share the white greyhound with Fallens/Fallone's. I had found good cause to trace Dol to Doly of Poland, and while the Dol Alans do trace to Huns, the Fallen Coat looks very linkable to both Hun Coats. Hun / Mongol lore has a blue wolf, which, in colors reversed, could be the Flynn wolf.

Recalling now how Hitler's nephew could have been involved with Scheriffs of West Islip, let's add that Islips and Bloods/BLUDs both use a "lodged" stag/buck, code for Hungarian ancestry, which included Attila and his brother, BLEDa. There is a Lodge surname that shares the lion of Greys, in the colors of the Hun dogs, one of them a GREYhound. Lodge's are in the colors of the Blois dragons, and both surnames were first found in the same place, along with Clare's who use triple chevrons in colors reversed from the same of BLEDs/BLES'...making "Blois" suspect as a term from "Bleda." Note the DUBLE variation of Bleds, for Lodge's use the so-called DOUBLE tressure border.

Hitler was supported by Catholics. But, surely, Trump cannot be a Nazi element along with the Jewish Kushners, can he? Well, maybe he can even if Kushner's not. Hitler's demons had men of Jewish descent, believe it or not, and Hitlers are themselves suspect as Bauer / Rothschild liners. But there were different sorts of Jews in Germany, some from Khazars, others not, and perhaps one camp wished to exterminate the other. Even if Trump's blood is derived from a Nazi past, he could himself be uninterested. Remember, Cosners looked like they can be using a version of the Scherf Coat, and Islips share the stag-with-holly-BUSH of Maxwells. If Trump hires Mitt Romney, I might even keep in mind that the Bush's feigned being uninterested in Trump.

In consideration that a Scheriff family of West Islip (Long Island) ended up at the edge of HAYDen Lake (Idaho), headquarters for Aryan Nations, while Trump's father died in New HYDE Park, Long Island, see Wikipedia: "In 1715, Dongan's estate was sold to George Clarke (who was Secretary of the Provence of New York). He named it Hyde Park in honor of his wife, Ann Hyde." It just so happens that a mansion at Hayden Lake was Clark House, named after a F. Lewis Clark) who went boating (early 20th century) with the German Kaiser.

I CANNOT BELIEVE MY EYES. My digging into Clark House (a couple of years ago) had me believing that the ancestry of a long-time emailer, with Covert surname (she doesn't like me anymore), was related to Mr. Clark of Clark House. She had married the brother of a woman whom herself married Mr. Scheriff of West Islip. On "Google's search page for New Hyde Park NY," there is a map showing COVERT Avenue smack in New Hyde Park!! Amazing coincidence.

Mrs. Covert doesn't like me anymore because I am telling this story online, which makes she and her ex-husband look like members of Aryan Nations. But I have never accused her of being so, while I have entertained her ex (not a Covert) as being such. Besides, I see a bigger story here than merely members of the low-level Aryan Nations. I see the Long Island Nazis in the White House, CIA, etc. And that's my main story that God may have provided for readers, by having Mrs. Covert contact me in the first place. Clarks are expected to be a branch of the Clerk variation of Clairs. In case it applies: "Covert Avenue was named for Johannes Covert, who had a large farm in the area in the 1700’s and 1800’s. About 1912, the street was renamed Seneca Avenue." This Covert Avenue is in Ridgewood, Queens, not far from Long Island (itself part of Queens).

Both of Trump's parents died at the Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park. Why the Jewish hospital? Here's Trump's ancestry:

I was surprised to find that there is a genealogy of a Johannes Covert, born in Long Island, leading up to a Catherine Covert, born in roughly 1900 in Babylon, Long Island, exactly the location of West Islip. The Mrs. Covert who was emailing with me was nearly Catherine; her name is so close to it that she may have been born Catherine. But she was born about 1955. Unfortunately, Catherine of about 1900 has no children listed:

By scrolling back from the page above a few generations, through the male line (i.e. starting at her father, Joseph Covert), you will come to her g-g-grandmother, Sarah PULLIS (born 1795), much like POLZl (the final 'l' is a suffix), the surname of Hitler's mother.

The Clark connection to Mrs. Covert was as per a Julia Faye Covert (born in or very close to 1920) listed also as Julia Faye Clark due to her husband, Edward Clark. Mrs. Covert has a daughter, Julia. And Julia Faye Covert is listed beside Riverside, California, where Mrs. Covert married the husband that I mentioned above. Julia Faye is of age either to be the mother or grandmother of Mrs. Covert.

Neo-Nazi running for office in Riverside County October 19, 2010 | By Tony Barboza, Los Angeles Times

Political newcomer Jeff Hall has run a discreet campaign trying to unseat an incumbent on an obscure Riverside County water board. He hasn't posted any signs, didn't show up to a candidates forum and lists no occupation on the November ballot. But Hall is well-known as a white supremacist. As California director of the National Socialist Movement ? the nation's largest neo-Nazi group ? Hall has helped lead demonstrations in Riverside and Los Angeles, where white supremacists waved swastika flags, chanted "white power" and gave stiff-armed Nazi salutes surrounded by hundreds of counterprotesters.

There is a possibility here that Catherine Covert, born about 1905, was closely related to Julia Faye Covert, born in/about 1920. Catherine's brother (Raymond E Covert) is said to be born in 1904, and he's listed before her, suggesting an older brother. Neither are listed with their own children, but both were born in Babylon, and can therefore be expected to have moved to Post Falls, Idaho, where Mrs. Covert lived with her husband married in Riverside. As I said, Mr. Scheriff from Babylon married a sister of Mrs. Covert's husband, and the mother of the two siblings has an address listing (online) in/beside Post Falls.

Back to Johannes Covert in the genealogy (born about 1725), I'd like to say that, when writing on this topic in the 3rd update of May, 2015, I had cause to suspect the Powell surname, and here I find Catherine Powell, wife of Johannes' son.

Mrs. Covert said to me that her father was descended from kaiser Coffert, himself either associated with or related to the Hohenstaufens or Hohenzollerns (I forget which). As F Lewis Clark of Clark House was a good friend of kaiser Wilhelm II it suggests that Edward Clark, who married Mrs. Covert's mother / grandmother, was related to F. Lewis Clark. The latter disappeared (reported as a suicide but I think he skipped out on his wife for someone else) 1914, after Edward's birth. He disappeared in California, where I expect the birth of Mrs. Covert.

"Wilhelm knew his home had inspired his friends [i.e. Clark and his wife, Winifred] to build something similar and had a globe of the world made in 1909 as a housewarming gift for Winifred. He gave Lewis a cannon."

Why was there a Covert genecology above, tracking the family from the 1700s into the 1900s? Was it an important family? None of the women who enter the tree as wives have such comprehensive genealogies. Theory: Wilhelm II was of the Coffert bloodline, and related to the Coverts of Long Island / Ridgewood. After befriending F. Lewis Clark, the latter came to befriend these New York Coverts, and he was responsible, somehow, for their moving to Post Falls, just a dog's walk from Clark House. Note that the New York Coverts list no more children as per the early 1900s, for this is a Long-Island genealogy webpage, where we expect no more children listed if the family moved away.

More theory: the New York Coverts had kin in California, which can explain why Lewis Clark had business there at the time he disappeared (allegedly, his hat alone was found floating in the waters off a peer in Santa Barbara). Still theorizing: one of the California Coverts married a relative of Lewis Clark, making this Edward Clark suspect as Mrs. Covert's father. Instead of taking on the Clark name, Mrs. Covert decided to go with the Covert name. This is the best I can do with the information at hand. Or, Edward Clark was none other than Lewis Clarke by an alias. If even any of this is correct, one can assume that Adolf Hitler was related to Miss Pullis seen above, or even that Hitler was a Covert somewhere down the line, for this can explain why his nephew moved to Long Island.

Below is another Johannes Covert, born in Flatbush, Long Island, about the same time as the Johannes above. This Johannes (looks Dutch) was the father of Catherine Covert. When we follow the line from Catherine's brother, Bourgon, to the next Bourgon Covert, he marries Miss Coshun, like the New York Kushners married by Trump's daughter.

When we follow Johannes son, Lucas, born in Great Neck, Long Island, his son is another Johannes, and he's born in SENECA County, New York, and while that's the name that renamed Covert Avenue in Ridgewood, a Johannes Covert is said to have named that street not long after the time of this younger Johannes Covert, who's brothers, Isaac and Abram, suggest a Jewish / Khazar family. A sister of Johannes is shown as Teunis, a name seen in the genealogy of the other Long-Island Coverts. This family spread out to neighboring New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

I'd like to record William Covert (born 1753) of Amityville, in Suffolk country where West Islip / Babylon is located. Was he a Wilhelm liner?

The page below claims that the first Coverts in New York were Dutch, and used Coever as a variation. Houseofnames lists Coevers with Corfs/Corvers and other such variations, but the Scherff-like Cerf(f) variation seems applicable to the discussion. They are traced to Henricus Corf in the 13th century of Westphalia. The page below also shows "Corwin", and houseofnames has that surname. As Corvins use fretty in colors reversed from the Cotta fretty, and as I trace Cotta's o Cuthberts, first found in the same place as Corwins, it tends to speak for itself on a Covert trace back to Julius Caesar's mother (Aurelia Cotta). I did say that Caesars developed into the Khazars along with a line from Caiaphas.

Note the "Se je n" motto phrase of Corwins, like the Segans/Sagans that share the salamander-in-flames with Julians. Note that Sigens may be using the Zollern Coat, which was used by HohenZOLLERNs too (the latter ruled Germany until Hitler and provided at least one German emperor of Rome). Why did they call themselves Caesar-like kaisers?

The Covert page above lists Coversons, who bring up Coverts/Cofferts. "Coert" is also on the page. It never gets to the 20th century, however.

Coverts were suspect with the namers of Caiaphas before I knew the Cavii at Lissus. Since then, Lissus was traced to Lys'/Lisse's, and they happen to use a fleur-de-lys in half the colors of the giant one of Coevers/Corfs/Cerfs. Corvins come up as "Kerwen," and a third Kerwen Coat shares the raven with Peters while using a "patrie" motto term. All three Peter surnames trace to Peter Pollock, suspect as the ancestor of Hitler's mother. Peters have already traced well to Polesdons that list Pullis'.


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