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June 7 - 13, 2016

Syrian Chess Match
Nassau Billets, Continued

The Kurds and Americans were supposed to attack ISIS in Raqqah, where ISIS seems determined to fight. Instead, the Kurds turned to attacking ISIS in not-so-nearby Manbij. Why? Does the following make sense?

Syrian Kurdish-led forces to retake control of Manjab from IS in days

Hundreds of militants from the Islamic State (IS) have evacuated their headquarters in the city of Manbij in the northern countryside of Aleppo province in Syria as the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are tightening their attack against the militants in the city, military sources reported on Wednesday.

The Western-backed SDF troops closed most of the roads leading to Manbij after taking over dozens of villages to the north, east and south of the city.

The only route that IS militants could use to escape was the western exit towards Aleppo. Kurdish-led forces to retake control of Manjab from IS in days

How can that make sense unless the Americans provided this escape route? Shouldn't the Kurds have surrounded the entire city? What good is it to let them escape toward Aleppo? Sure, it relieves Manbij's population, but the same fighters will be in other areas of the Aleppo province, enslaving its populations. Is this the way of the future, to provide ISIS one escape route per city, to fight another day in another location? Perfect, just the way the U.S. wants it. Here's from the last week in April:"Subsequent to fierce battles with rebel groups, militant fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) were able to control several key areas in Syria's northern province of Aleppo, local sources reported on Saturday." Not welcome by other Sunni in Aleppo province, but in-there anyway, vying for a place in the next Syrian government, post-Assad era.

The same is happening in Fallujah:"Intelligence information emphasized that the ISIS has begun evacuating the families of its members from the city of Fallujah through al-Gomhorya Bridge and they are moving towards somewhere near al-Amiriyah." They can't cross the bridge unless the Iraqis allow them. Is that really a victory? For the U.S., yes, that is a victory.

Still, things are suddenly happening quickly, perhaps for a prophetic reason. All sorts of doors are open for change, and ISIS is not gaining ground. ISIS is earning for itself a very-poor reputation in its treatment of city people. ISIS is the coward afraid of field battle in winner-takes-all, the way wars were fought normally in all of history. ISIS, the city rat. Russia, almost daily, claims that new terrorist recruits come over the Syria border from Turkey.

"The government has stated clearly that Hashed al-Shaabi forces were in a support role for the second phase of the Fallujah offensive and not meant to enter the city center, where tens of thousands of civilians are still trapped. Yet the Hashed al-Shaabi's powerful military commander, Abu Mahdi al-Mohandis, said on Sunday that his men would move in if operations dragged on." Whose dragging the operations out? He sounds frustrated at the "long time" the Iraqis are taking. The article says that this army has about 30,000 men. If they are not allowed into the city (because they are Shi'ites accused of harming the city's Sunni's), why couldn't the Iraqis have put some of them at the southern side of Fallujah, where that bridge is located that's allowing ISIS fighters to escape? I dunno. It looks like the Iraqis, who initially said they had surrounded the entire city, have decided to allow ISIS fighters to escape. It doesn't look like the Iraqi will, however. Who else may have plotted it? I'm sure you know.

Now, let's look at Reuters, ever desirous of giving the Americans a high score and the best image possible:

U.S.-backed militia drew within firing distance of the last road into an Islamic State stronghold in northern Syria on Thursday, part of a wave of new offensives putting unprecedented pressure on the self-declared caliphate [drama].

The effective encirclement of Manbij by a militia called the Syria Democratic Forces is part of an assault launched last week, backed by U.S. air power [hurrah] and American special forces [hurrah again] to seal off the last stretch of Syrian-Turkish frontier.

It marks the most ambitious [gasp] advance by a group allied to Washington [yay!] in Syria since the United States [heart-throb] launched its military campaign against Islamic State two years ago [gotta love those can't-do-anything-wrong Americans].

Yes, but the squeaky-clean American angels let ISIS escape from Manbij smack toward Aleppo. Reuters didn't mention that part. Reuters used "effective encirclement of Manbij", but there was a leak smack toward Aleppo, as was predictable last week. Reuters doesn't want the West to know this. The article has a link to another page: "Turkey condemns Russian air strikes on hospitals [boo], schools [BOO] in Syria". Reuters wants you to believe that Russia did it. Turkey, the American mouthpiece. It is inconceivable that Russia would do such things in Syria at this time. Turkey has the brain of a chicken, but Reuters has the brain of a roach to include that article (dated June 9) in its world news, expecting you to take it seriously.

The Reuters article says that, on June 9, the Kurds were within a mile of the western road to Aleppo. A kilometer away allows people to flee using the road, doesn't it? Why aren't they reported as coming right to the road at any distance from the city? "'We have reached the road that links Manbij and Aleppo, from the west,' Sharfan Darwish, spokesman for the Syria Democratic Forces-allied Manbij Military Council, told Reuters. A monitoring group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, confirmed that the SDF had advanced to within firing distance of the western road, positioned within a kilometer of it, and were now in effective control of all routes into the city. Civilians in the city and surrounding countryside were fleeing." If it was this easy to take this city, why did the invasion take so long? Ask those pro-Iranian Shi'ites above who are tired of the stagnation. Things are happening quickly now, and the U.S. can't do much about it anymore. The enemies of ISIS seem to be on the verge of confident victory. But how do you defeat a city rat too cowardly to field fight?

Both Reuters and the American military are pretending to be eager for an attack on ISIS in Mosul. The U.S. may actually desire this at this time because it relieves ISIS elsewhere. It is important for the Americans that ISIS controls the areas near the Turkish border, especially at Aleppo. Plus, the Americans need to feign the desire to take Mosul on behalf of the Kurds who are in a passion to rule it. The Americans had a long time to invade Mosul, but never did it happen. Now, suddenly, they want the invasion of Mosul. The motive speaks for itself.

Early on June 10 Russia time:

The Obama administration pledged to play an integral role in liberating the city of Raqqa, but US-backed forces are moving in the wrong direction and are now nearly 80 miles from the Daesh stronghold.

The Syrian Army (SAA) continued to advance on Raqqa after seizing the Taqba dam on the Euphrates River only 25 miles (40km) from Raqqa this weekend...

...the US-backed and Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have reversed their position and refocused military strength toward recapturing the city of Manbij...

The retreat by the US-backed SDF, which had previously been in competition with the Russian-backed SAA in a collective bid to recapture Raqqa from Daesh, presents a major strategic setback for the Obama administration, employing the dual goals of ousting Bashar al-Assad while also liberating territory from Daesh.

We can tell that the Russians are relishing the moment, and they are correct. Before the Assad army marched out toward Raqqah, the Americans and Kurds had announced that they were coming in to take it. It is obvious to the Americans that they and the Kurds cannot seek to take Raqqah simultaneous with the Syrians, for that would spell certain defeat of ISIS in Raqqah. Besides, the Russians and Syrians would be able to see first hand how the Americans are feigning their air strikes. The U.S. cannot coordinate with the Russians on military advances because the Americans are feigning their advances. Below is a map, with Manbij not shown; it's north of the lake between Aleppo and Raqqah, where you see the gold road south-west toward Aleppo.

Raqqah meant everything to the Kurds. It was extremely-important for the Kurds to take it before Assad does, in order that the Kurds could claim their stake in that city. Yet, the Kurds turned away from it, attacking Manbij instead. It doesn't make sense unless the Americans convinced them to turn away. Not only are the Americans trespassing on Syria illegally, they are playing mind games. The French arrived to assist the American-Kurd alliance.

The Russians, Syrians and Iranians just had a meeting to discuss the next phase of this war. I think civil war is crazy, but civilians who feel upset by a government often resort to it. By now, Assad has been willing to listen to the opposition's objections, and he's probably been willing to cater to them, but we never hear anything like this in the news. All we hear is that the opposition won't back down until it's in power over Assad, meaning that the opposition isn't interested in normal life; it wants power. And I think the West eggs it on to reject any deal from Assad. Don't you think the same? It means that war in Syria is a Western-backed horror. The Americans must be sending the opposition messages of powerful grandeur if they can just defeat Assad. In the meantime, the Americans are elongating the war, unable to arm the opposition strongly enough due to Russian presence. That's what's going on. This is not a Syrian war, but an American one.

The surrounding of Manbij, according to reports, is having the effect of cutting off the main supply route between Turkey and various terror / anti-Assad groups. Simultaneously, upon killing 400 ISIS fighters in Manbij (another article on Saturday says only 159), the Kurds are saying that they will liberate the city at any moment, suggesting that there are few ISIS fighters left in that city. Where did they go? Did they escape on the road to Aleppo? Why was that road the last one to be cut off? Reuters on June 10: "The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said the SDF...took control of the last route into Manbij on Friday." How long was this road left unguarded as they approached / surrounded the city?

Associated Press on June 9 has a contradiction: "This Wednesday June 8, 2016 video grab shows smoke rising from the city of Manbij, Syria. U.S.-backed fighters on Thursday closed all major roads leading to the northern Syrian town of Manbij, a stronghold of the Islamic State group, and surrounded it from three sides, officials and Syrian opposition activists said...A statement by the Military Council of the City of Manbij, which is part of the SDF, said all roads from the east, north and south have been cut." It says nothing on the western road still open, nor does it speak to people fleeing using that road. The article does say that ISIS fighters were shaving beards to disguise as the regular population. Moreover, the article claims that ISIS within the city is preparing to resist, yet the Kurds were saying that the city was about to be liberated.

In other words, instead of keeping to the war on Raqqah, the so-called ISIS capital, the Americans went to Manbij, with little resistance, and are allowing the Syrians to tackle Raqqah alone, hoping that the Syrians will take many casualties. However, the good news is that supply routes to Raqqah are now cut off from its north, and with the Assad Syrians to Raqqah's west, between it and Aleppo, the Turks won't be able to supply Raqqah very easily. There is not much the Americans can do about this. To boot, they have got to make a good show of pounding ISIS because most/many Syrians think they want ISIS to survive strong. I imagine noisy American jets swooping through but not having much effect. AP reports 105 "strikes" (probably not the same as flights) by aircraft since the advance started, or about 15 per day on average. It's a good show, but the U.S. may have inflated that number. AP reports 132 militants killed over the week, hardly enough to make the Kurds celebrate the victory already...unless many more fled.

The same AP article: "The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said SDF fighters are about 800 meters (yards) from the last main road linking Manbij with the city of Aleppo." It doesn't sound as though they were marching in, but rather stationed 800 meters away. It takes about 20 minutes to walk that distance. This was the road to Aleppo, the choice road for militants to take when escaping. While ISIS doesn't have hold of Aleppo city, it has strongholds around it. Why were Kurds merely stationed at a distance rather than coming in immediately? Did the Americans say blah-blah-scare and blah-blah-fright to make them wait? They went in the next day, and no one I've read reported any problem in doing so.

The Daily Beast has some specifics not seen in other articles: "'From the north side, we allowed a road to remain open and we have passed the road between Aleppo and Manbij,' said Shervan Kobani, a Kurdish fighter. 'We do this in order to avoid destruction of the city, in order for the civilians to escape, and to give the ISIS fighters an option to escape,' he told The Daily Beast." Ahh, they passed the road to Aleppo roughly on the 8th before they cut off the northern road, and even allowed the northern road to remain open to let ISIS flee! Why aren't other media reporting this thing? Because, it makes the Americans look bad. This is a sham. The only reason that the northern road was closed by the 9th, and the western one by the 10th, is, probably, is because the Kurds felt it was ridiculous to let ISIS escape. Or, the Kurds were giving a false report of closing all roads so that the world wouldn't think badly of them. This is like the Catholic church sending a child molester to officiate in another church in another place to do there what it had done before.

The faster the Kurds and Iraqis eject ISIS from any spot, the worse the Americans will look for not doing it sooner. This attack on Manbij is being said to be the most aggressive the Americans have ever been. It doesn't say much for the past. Probably, the Kurds are the initiators of this advance, with the Americans helpless but to make a good show of it. Yet, no one that I've read mentions the Kurds alone; it's always the "American-backed" forces of the Kurds. The Americans are to get the credit, you see. Or, without the Americans, the Kurds wouldn't succeed.

But ISIS does not seem to be the big monster that the West reported at first: "Kobani [same man in the Daily-Beast quote above] said that the so-called Islamic State group is on its last legs in Manbij. 'ISIS cannot resist us, and blow themselves up near civilians when we reach them. They are very weak now, and wear women's clothes to escape.'" It's not a wonder that they force all women to cover their faces, so that they can walk around covered too, when needed. How can Kobani say that ISIS is on its last legs in Manbij when only 130 fighters have died? His message seems to be that the fighters all fled. There is virtually no one shooting at the Kurds.

Here is another man in the same article: "'Now they realize they are besieged in Manbij and we give them three days to flee and within a few days we will be rid of them,' he said. 'We allow the main road in the Ghandura village to be open, so they can flee. But maybe tomorrow we cut this also.'" What kind of "victory" is that? Whose idea was it to let ISIUS flee? I can see the Americans arguing to the effect that letting them flee will save civilian casualties, but the American military is not reporting this part of the story. The American military has not, so far as I've read (I don't have television), reported on, or argued against, allowing ISIS to flee by design.

Aha! The same article: "Abu Muthanna, a deputy FSA commander, told me during a funeral in Kobani that so far the Northern Raqqa campaign has stopped. 'We are ready to liberate Raqqa city, but the coalition decided to move towards Manbij,' he added. 'Maybe, depending on the circumstances, the international coalition will go to northern Raqqa after Manbij is liberated,' he said" The reality seems to be: Kurd-backed U.S. forces. As we now know that the Americans decided for the Kurds to switch from Raqqah to Manbij, what else did the Americans decide for the Kurds??? The latter are wondering whether they will ever go back to Raqqah. It appears that nothing in Manbij has been resolved in the fight to halt ISIS, and the numbers killed may have been inflated to make the best-possible appearances on the world stage.

I can understand why the Americans decided not to attack Raqqah. The original plan was to let Raqqah's fighters escape, but with Assad coming from the Aleppo direction, that wouldn't have worked so squeaky clean as they had hoped. I wonder whether television news is stressing this reality, that the Americans wanted ISIS to escape. Here's another sample: "Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) attacked a convoy for the radical group of Islamic State (ISIS) while trying to escape the city of Manbij in Syria's northern Aleppo province, military sources reported on Friday. At least ten ISIS militants were killed in the SDF shelling, including the ISIS governor of Manbij Osama al-Tounsi." It doesn't sound as though the Kurds wanted ISIS fighters to escape. It sounds as though the Americans wanted the Kurds to let them escape. And look at the road they were taking, the western road toward Aleppo: "The convoy, consisting of three cars, was exiting the western gate of Manbij heading towards al-Bab city when the SDF forces bombed them." If even a leader of ISIS was escaping, doesn't this speak to the whole lot? Yet the American military is claiming that ISIS will pack a mean resistance in coming days, perhaps just wishful thinking.

The Americans must have seen the world frowning on them for abandoning Raqqah, and so they put out a message: "US anti-ISIS envoy Brett McGurk confirmed that after liberating Manbij from the Islamic State (ISIS), the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will focus on taking Northern Raqqa...'I just can't put a timeline on any of the operations for Raqqa and Mosul...'" I don't believe a word he says. And then this: "Moreover, the American official suggested that Manbij is where the US-led coalition believes that the Paris attackers, the Brussel attackers, pulse through, from Raqqa to Manbij, and then to Europe to carry out attacks."" Hmm. I didn't study the attacks on Europe to check whether they were false-flag events, but, if they were, one can now suppose that the U.S. and France had created a plot to get to this part of Syria, at the Turkish border, for some ulterior motive. The French have had "advisors" in the Manbij area for about a week now, and everyone's asking what for?

He condemns the Americans when he says: ".They [3,500 Manbij fighters] continue to advance so rapidly that Manbij is now almost entirely surrounded. And once Manbij is taken away from ISIL, it will really entirely cut off their ability to move from Raqqa and to move fighters, and to threaten us and to threaten our partners and our homelands,' he said again." Well, if merely 3,500 fighters can get this vital job done in a week, why did the Americans procrastinate for almost two years??? There is no way for this stooge to get glory for the Americans unless his listeners are dumb and blind together. The Americans are merely putting on a show at this time, and they have other motives for the area, count on it.

Here's from two updates ago: "Syrian Kurds began an anticipated operation against the Islamic State (IS) in Raqqa province in northern Syria at around 2 p.m. on May 24, according to reports. The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, which includes the People's Protection Units (YPG), the armed wing of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), began the operation after a long preparation process, Rudaw reported." A week later, they started for Manbij. We would like to know the reason? Why would they prepare for Raqqah, then move to Manbij?

The fiercest fighting this past week has been in Aleppo, with the Nusra Front and similar others, probably a US-cherished group, giving Assad's fighters a pretty hard time. And certain media have been keen to accuse Assad of war crimes in the meantime, making him appear like a barrel-bomb-happy thug. Reuters is quoting spokesmen from the opposition to portray the Aleppo battle, and, of course, the opposition is painting Assad and the Russians as brutal. That is, Reuters is doing the very same by taking its quotes from the opposition. Assad has apparently closed the last road into Aleppo, probably feeling justified because the Americans have done the same in Manbij.

Assad's army approached to the area between Raqqah and Aleppo just as the Americans skirted off to Manbij. Perhaps Assad knew that the US plan was to allow the flow of Raqqah fighters into the Aleppo area. It's much closer to the Turkish border than Raqqah. Aleppo can supply Raqqah just as well as the route through Manbij. The French may have arrived only because the West sees a worse situation developing from a bad one. With Aleppo now almost surrounded, and the Syrian air force pounding away at it, the consensus is that ISIS fighters are about to be starved in their holes in multiple large city centers.

I'm pondering why so few civilians have left Manbij. By the weekend, I was reading about 600 only with a population of 90,000. How can ISIS keep that many people from simply walking out of the city? Yet, on Monday, according to yourmiddleeast,com, "About 20,000 people are still living in the town, which had a pre-war population of about 120,000." The 90,000 figure may have been a Western figure inflated deliberately to give cause for not attacking it right away. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British organ, is bad-mouthing Assad, and can be, therefore, dishing out false facts that play to the Western game. For example: "But the Observatory and a resident [just one?] said the regime dropped barrel bombs -- crude unguided explosive devices -- on Daraya on Friday, preventing residents from receiving the desperately needed food."

Kurds now rule the outer roadsides so that civilians should be pouring through ISIS' fingers into the welcoming hands of the Kurds. Moreover, with food scarce in the city, one would expect ISIS to take the entire food sources of homes and allow the dwellers to leave the city. The more people in the city, the faster the available food for ISIS dwindles, right? I am determined to keep eyes on how each situation develops. Can the Americans give ISIS a miraculous salvation?

It's becoming clear that ISIS is spread too thin, and that they will lose their war unless they bunch up in larger clusters in fewer cities. This looks like the U.S. game plan at this time, to save ISIS fighters for another day. They may have been directed not to fight hard in Manbij, to simply act like the population until the heat has passed. And the Americans can therefore be predicted to take the Kurds away from Manbij just as soon as "victory" is announced. The ISIS fighters can then grow their beards back, and start afresh. But the U.S. didn't figure-in Assad's advance toward Raqqah. I don't know whether Assad has ordered car searches along the highway between Raqqah and Aleppo. I don't know whether he thinks that's good or bad for his cause. So long as vehicles are not searched, men, weapons and food (oh, and emergency razor blades) can arrive easily to ISIS fighters anywhere.


Iraqi forces backed by coalition airstrikes expelled Islamic State (ISIS) militants in the village of Kharaib Jabr near Makhmour on Sunday quicker than expected with no causalities, officers told Rudaw.

...According to Omar, ISIS militants who escaped to nearby villages...

It was planned to recapture Kharaib Jabr within two days "because we were expecting more resistance from Daesh (ISIS) but it only took hours for them to run away from the village," he added.

...Maj. Shekhani reported that the operation captured about 75 square kilometers of territory from ISIS, pushing the group further towards Mosul.

Maybe that's the U.S. plan. What victory is it if the Iraqis attack a village or town only to let them escape toward Mosul, where the Iraqis are destined to attack later this year? The end of a Reuters article, which has not much news, says: "The Iraqi army is also massing tanks and troops south of Mosul, in preparation for an offensive planned later this year to retake the largest city under the control of the militants." It looks like, this time, the Iraqis are going in no matter what the Americans say. The Iraqis would look bad if they failed to go in this year too.

Turkey was furious prior to the invasion of Manbij, but Manbij sent the cock hysterical. Manbij is just too close to the Turk coop for the foxy Kurds. Prior to this attack, the Turks were offering the Americans their own army to fight ISIS, and this, one may theorize, is the actual U.S. game plan, a master stroke of deception that will allow ISIS to regroup. On the first offer, the Americans rejected it. But a second offer may take place that is accepted, if the world can be made to believe that Turkey is truly opposed to ISIS. The Russians are working hard to make the world believe the opposite. "[Turkish] Foreign Minister Cavusoglu later stated on June 7 that the U.S. had 'given a guarantee' that the Syrian Kurdish YPG would withdraw east of the Euphrates River [Manbij is west of the river] after the completion of the operation to seize Manbij. If implemented, these concessions will likely prove sufficient to prevent Turkey from acting to undermine the operation."

Ahh, we now know the game plan, to get the Kurds away from Aleppo. Will the Kurds go? I suppose they will, back to Raqqah, unless the Syrians are in Raqqah at the time. Then what? Then the arms from Turkey will start to flow again through Manbij. You read above that the Americans will invade Raqqah next, but how will they secure Manbij at the same time if the Kurdish-led army is only 3500 strong? Well, the U.S. refuses to coordinate with Assad and the Russians, and cannot coordinate with Iranians. Who's left? The Turks. If the Kurds can't get the job done, the U.S. can appeal to the Turks for some bitty-little help. Or, there are the "moderate" Sunni, loads of them, everywhere in Syria. For the moment, the U.S. decided against going with the moderate Sunni, and chose the Kurds instead. About a week ago, they had a love-fest together while the cock looked insanely on.

One reason that the Americans may not have gone with the Sunni is that their greater numbers could assure more-certain success against ISIS. It seems to me that using Sunni to invade Sunni towns makes for a better game plan than using nationalist Kurds, whom the Sunni don't like at all. As ISIS is itself Sunni, using Sunni to attack it would rob ISIS of more fighters. It would be a win-win, which is why the Americans don't want it. The Americans would be more interested in transferring Turkish weapons in moderate-Sunni hands to ISIS, and carving away at Assad's reputation while ISIS lingers in his country and makes the population fed up / weary of Assad's war. Lingering ISIS is the U.S. game plan.

Manbij, by the way, is near ancient Carchemish. The article above has a map showing the Manbij area. The article speaks to the moderate Sunni, who happen to be openly supported by Turkey. The article even mentions that many of them live in the Manbij-to-Aleppo stretch. It tends to make much sense for the Americans use these Sunni, yet, as we read: "The U.S. Department of Defense attempted to mobilize this [Sunni] community in an ill-fated 'train-and-equip' program that ended [in failure, we are to assume] in October 2015." But was it really a failure, or did the Americans falsely claim a failure? It probably wasn't a failure at all. The Americans likely equipped them with weapons for use against Assad, and finally gave the world the false impression that the program was a dud. Russians claim that some of these Sunni groups have been caught with Israeli products, but it's hard to know whether this is mere propaganda.

And where are the Baathist Sunni in all this? I haven't got a clue. On the sidelines? I have my doubts. Then where?

When ISIS was at war with other Sunni in Aleppo, the Turks, we are told, started to bomb ISIS too, as did the Americans. But this is like nonsense to me, for they allowed the gas production of ISIS to continue. I did read of Americans bombing some ISIS gas facilities this week, but only because the Russians were a few days ahead of them in bombing gas facilities. The Americans could have bombed them much earlier, but they did not focus on it. Plus, "Opposition [anti-Assad] sources also blamed their external backers [the U.S.] for the setbacks, criticizing the U.S. for failing to provide key equipment -- such as night-vision goggles, mine-clearing vehicles, and anti-tank weapons -- that could counter the use of SVBIEDs and IEDs by ISIS." On whose side were the Americans, really? No matter, the two anti-Assad sides destroyed much of the other, and wasted a lot of weaponry in the process, the reason that Assad grew stronger over them both.

The Americans, obviously, cannot support ISIS in the end, anyway, no matter that they use it to defeat Assad. Ultimately, the West doesn't want radical Muslims in power over Syria, and so the West favors the clean-shaven Syrian...secularist democrat. It is a good turn of events if the West can get ISIS out of Aleppo province so that the Sunni don't destroy the Sunni, leaving little else to take on Assad. Using the Kurds to eradicate ISIS from Aleppo is favorable to that end, but it's neither the perfect will of the West nor Turkey. Turkey wants ISIS together with the other Sunni to remain strong in Aleppo province, but not if they kill each other. If they do, then ISIS will become the less-favored Sunni group that needs to be dealt with.

It's clear. Without ISIS, Assad will more-likely succeed. Without ISIS, the Western assault in Syria will more-likely come to nothing. The fuel for the fire for this war is the Turkish border at Aleppo. The Americans can insult the Turks with support for the Kurds and not lose the Turkish hand that feeds the anti-Assad forces. The Americans can protect ISIS with the use of the Kurds, and meanwhile the Americans can keep the Kurds from going to the Russians, a thing that is more key than media articles are conveying. But here's an article (quoted from above) that puts it straight:

The Syrian Kurdish YPG maintains a long-term strategic objective to form a contiguous autonomous zone along the Syrian-Turkish Border, calling into question the ability of the U.S. to maintain its guarantees to Turkey. The Syrian Kurdish YPG could elect to establish a land corridor to the Afrin Canton in Northern Aleppo Province rather than press the fight against Ar-Raqqa City – a move that could find support from Russia...

Meanwhile, pro-regime []Assad] forces remain positioned to exploit gains against ISIS for their own ends. Pro-regime forces sit outside the key urban centers of Al-Bab in Aleppo Province and Tabaqa in Ar-Raqqa Province in anticipation of future opportunities...The decision to prioritize these efforts reflects the overriding strategic aim shared by Syria, Russia, and Iran -- namely, the expulsion of the U.S. and all vestiges of its influence in the region...Russia has expressed interest in expanding its ties with the Syrian Kurdish YPG in Northern Syria and faces accusations of providing material support including man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) insurgency in Turkey. A competition for control over Northern Syria will provide Russian President Vladimir Putin with additional avenues to pursue this policy.

The article ends with the conclusion that ISIS cannot be defeated, nor can either Assad or the Kurds so-much as take Raqqah. But this may be wishful thinking, deceptive talk, or a mistake based on misconceptions on the brute strength of ISIS. In any case, the West is there to assure Operation Lingering ISIS, whether it is as strong as it pretends to be, or as weak as the Iraqi's and Kurds now think it is.

The Syrian Kurds have become a symbol of hope for Assad's survival. The Russians do wish to cater to them, and it's this that brought the Americans and the Franks to a huddle in northern Syria, at the very moment that Assad announced a march on Raqqah while flirting with the Kurds. The Americans immediately took hold of their new lover, those very Kurds, and married them before Putin could get in a first kiss. The Americans then announced their own invasion of Raqqah in hopes of keeping Assad away. After some days of suspense, he decided, nyet, he was going to come out to Raqqah anyway, and that's precisely when the Americans took their lover to Manbij to avoid combining Kurd forces with Assad's forces at Raqqah. The Russians would then be swooping through, dropping love letters to the Kurds.

How long will the Americans remain married to the Kurds with Turkey screaming in their ears? Better yet, how long will the Kurds remain married to the Americans with the Americans doing nothing for their autonomous zone? That's Russia's million-dollar question. Russia is hand-cuffed for handing the Kurds their autonomous zone, because Assad won't stand for it. The American dilemma is that, if they leave the Aleppo area, forsaking the Kurds, the Russia-Assad axis will move in and continue to cut off the supply lines from Turkey (I don't understand why this axis didn't do it sooner, perhaps lack of manpower). It will allow the Kurds to flourish in that area, with the natural result of Kurds looking lovely toward Russia, exactly what the Americans do not want, meaning that the Americans will need to put up with Turkey throwing pots and pans at their heads and screaming at the same time. To alleviate, the Americans can divorce the Kurds and re-unite with Turkey, and together they can have northern Syria, only this time, the Russians, and even the Iraqi Kurds, will become cross, very cross. There is no solution that sits perfect with the Americans; they will need to choose their enemy, but the more they switch sides, the less anyone will appreciate them that still does.

The world was asking why the Americans let the modest opposition down just as it was poised to ruin Assad? It's not a hard question. The answer is Russia. And Russia is what keeps the Americans from joining the Turks. But a time may be coming when the Americans will need to do it, risking whatever backlash Putin will come up with.

The first I've read the following is on Monday: "Russia is now trying to find new allies in Syria, including the Sunni Arabs (led by Saudi Arabia) who share the Russian goal of destroying outlaw groups like ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) and al Qaeda." With the Americans failing to take the Sunni, the Russians stand a chance, but not unless the Russians are willing to offend Assad. "Russia is hoping to get some of the al Qaeda factions to accept a negotiated peace that will leave the Assads (and most other Syrian non-Sunnis) alive and still in Syria. Some of the Gulf Arabs are willing to negotiate, especially if that makes Russia less of an Iranian ally." There is a chance for a Russian-Sunni alliance in forming the next Syrian government, especially if something happens to Assad.

The article above portrays a scrambling ISIS on the verge of poverty: "Currently ISIL has about 20,000 armed members, most in Syria and Iraq. That's down from peak strength (in late 2014) of over 30,000."

Sputnik is saying that Assad needs to chose between Aleppo and Raqqah; he can't have both. "Another problem [for Assad] is the lack of troops with the army and popular forces. Currently, the most capable army and popular forces units are deployed to Raqqa, including a tank brigade and the Desert Eagles special operations brigade. However, it is difficult to assess their number as well as their combat capabilities." Translation: nothing is about to be decided anytime soon.

I don't have much to say on the Orlando attack, or whatever it was. If the one being pegged as the shooter were never on an FBI surveillance list, the story wouldn't have been much of a candidate, in my eyes, for being a West-sponsored shooting. But the shooter was on the list, automatically playing to the West's purposes, and moreover, from day one, ISIS took credit for the shooting, exactly what I expect in a false-flag operation. The U.S. government has been accused of coercing or tempting certain Muslims to conduct attacks, but of course the agents are undercover actors pretending to be terrorist types. And they may even offer the shooter money and help for doing the deed. The shooter then gets killed at the scene by those who monitor the event, or is captured soon after, and no one can know that it was all set up unless they study the fine details, seeking clues. I'm not wanting to do it with this event. I'm not saying either way whether it was a West-sponsored shooting [I decided to start investigating in the next update.]

What might a faked shooting be for as far as global motives? It better allows the Americans to put boots on the ground in Syria, or to justify more brutality / civilian "casualties" in their bombing campaigns. An up-scaled American presence is probably the only way the Americans can defeat the Shi'ite government of Assad, by the look of things now.

The short-term promises to starve ISIS fighters in three main cities, with Raqqah becoming the fourth. Things to keep eyes on is how the Americans will get ISIS out of this bad situation. I half expect Western media to make the attackers look heartless for starving the city inhabitants in the meantime, or for causing their tribulations in other ways.

U.S. support for the invasion of Fallujah isn't playing toward a good U.S. relationship with the Iraqi Baathists: "Operation New Dawn was a joint U.S.-Iraqi offensive against the insurgent stronghold of Fallujah city in 2004. Baghdadi [reported ISIS leader] 'has been successful,' said Gabriel. 'He recruited two top [Baathist] leaders into his movement: Fadel al-Hayali, his top deputy for Iraq who once served Saddam as a lieutenant colonel; and Adnan al-Sweidawi, a former lieutenant colonel who headed ISIS's military council until his demise in late 2014.'" In other words, at this point, Iraqi Baathists would be more inclined to join the Russians than the Americans, if the Russians keep to some gimmick that pretends friendship. I've never read one way or the other what possible Russia-Baathist relationship there may be. "'But if and when the negotiating begins for new lines to be drawn across Mesopotamia, it will be the Baathists at the table opposite the Iranian surrogates, not ISIS.'"

The article says nothing on what Baathists are doing at present, aside from taking a second seat to ISIS. I expect that they are holding the ISIS fort in the Baghdad area, and as such they are under siege by the Iraqi-American coalition, whether the Americans want it or not. To read up on the Iraqi-Baathist movement, see Naqshbandi Army. "On January 18, 2014, Reuters reported that after the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and its tribal allies overran Falluja and parts of the nearby city Ramadi on January 1, the Army of the Men of the Naqshbandi Order was one of the rebel groups also present in the city. The group operates in Kirkuk and other parts of northern Iraq, and is linked to Saddam Hussein's former aide Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri, who was himself an adherent of the Naqshbandi order..."

The Secret Side of Google

Julian Assange of Wikileaks: "Google is heavily integrated with Washington power, at personal level and at business level...Google which has increasing control over the distribution intensely allying itself US exceptionalism." Is Assange someone who doesn't like modern America, or does he have his facts straight? A Google partnership with the U.S. government, if it exists. wouldn't be admitted by Washington, and that's the best way you can know that it's wrong. Controlling flow of information? It's not only wrong, but a political tool that can do as much damage as the devil can with "democracy." If you want to know what the devil can do with democracy, look at the Democrats, stupids all of them, groping for "freedoms" that are, at their core, freedom from God's controls on mankind. We saw Hillary Clinton lie about her emails, saying she didn't know it was wrong to use a private email server of her own making. Liar, obviously, and Democrats will be willing to see her as the next president, anyway. If you take some stool, wrap it in glittering tin foil, and send it to the White House, that's Hillary.

"According to the whistleblower, Google has turned into a "traditional US state power," reminding that its former CEO Eric Schmidt was now heading the Pentagon innovation board." Google and the U.S. military? But of course. The U.S. military under the likes of Obama are expected to befriend Google because it facilitates the spy system. The secret court used by NSA (spy agency) forced Google to comply with NSA's wishes, but as it's a court ruling, it gives Google an "excuse" in doing so, but Assange is going further, saying that there is a Google willingness to be the military's partner in spyware. All that the military leader needs to tell Google is that this is good for America because the bad guys stand less chance at setting off bombs in the streets. Yet, the other reality is, the military is propping ISIS up in Syria. And Hillary was part of Obama's Libya scandal that sent weapons to Syria's Salafists. Obama loves Salafists.

Here is a thing from two updates ago that you may not read much in the West, noting that Cohens are generally Jewish and therefore willing to support what the State Department claims to be a pro-Israeli agenda in Syria:

According to an email from the head of "Google Ideas" Jared Cohen, received by the US State Department in 2012, the company was trying to support insurgents by urging representatives of Syrian power structures to take the side of the opposition.
"Given how hard it is to get information into Syria right now, we are partnering with Al-Jazeera who will take primary ownership over the tool we have built, track the data, verify it, and broadcast it back into Syria," Cohen wrote in the e-mail.

Sputnik is now reporting: "[Assange] also said that Google is engaged with the US White House and Hillary Clinton's elections campaign." Is this a fair way to conduct politics in a democracy? Hillary won't mind, because she's doesn't care about democracy; she' going for the ultimate Nervana, to succeed at the presidency even though she doesn't deserve it. And right now, she's ahead in the polls. If she becomes Mrs. President, I predict that she will come to regret it. I predict that God will oppose her, shame her, torture her, make her regret it.

All of the political-animal, mega-corporations see the value in befriending Google. It is a major media for deciding elections. There is no democracy in America for "the people." Everything is decided by the corporations and their political tools. This is the definition of "Illuminati," for one, the partnership between corporations and government, with government the subservient partner. And the corporations are the "silent partner," the one the people don't hear about. The phrase, "lobby group," speaks to this partnership. It's perfectly fine for corporations to be involved in the political process, but it's wrong for them to control it. It's wrong for the one-percent to try to decide elections for the 99-percent. It is no longer a democracy. And this is the sort of democracy that the U.S. wants to export to the Middle-East simultaneous with turning the Muslim woman into a typical American tramp.

It is not a coincidence that porn has free reign online. This is for conditioning the world into satanism. The government people responsible for letting this happen will be very sore to see God's reaction toward them. One of the main reasons that Christians see the end-time upon us is the explosion of porn and Godlessness since the 1970's. People who engage these things will lose the normal mind in other areas of life. They will grow cold in love, become utterly selfish and unjust in family and business decisions. If you see wrong decisions made everywhere, it's part of satanism. I'm not referring to religious satanism in rare dark, cults, but to satanic spirits seeking to control people's decisions and actions. God will allow this to take place in those whom have hated Him. This process is showing its fruit everywhere, and the stupids are too stupid to realize their own errors. That's how it will be right up to the time that Jesus appears in Frightening Light. They do not believe that Jesus is coming because Jesus never makes Himself known to them. God hides from them so that they think He doesn't exist. But he hides because they are evil, and because they choose evil. Ask Hillary. Winning the presidency would be an celebration to her haughtiness, a gloating in her craftiness.

Here is "Google Is Not What It Seems, by Julian Assange ":

In the page, Assange starts off by speaking on the Google CEO: "Schmidt had taken over as CEO of Google in 2001 and built it into an empire." Schmidts are Jewish, aren't they? Can we start to envision Google as a Rothschild tool? That would explain why Google doesn't bring up some of my pages even if I ask for them in the query. Assange says that Schmidt asked to visit with him:

The stated reason for the visit was a book. Schmidt was penning a treatise with Jared Cohen, the director of Google Ideas, an outfit that describes itself as Google's in-house "think/do tank." I knew little else about Cohen at the time. In fact, Cohen had moved to Google from the US State Department in 2010. He had been a fast-talking “Generation Y” ideas man at State under two US administrations, a courtier from the world of policy think tanks and institutes, poached in his early twenties. He became a senior advisor for Secretaries of State Rice and Clinton. At State, on the Policy Planning Staff, Cohen was soon christened “Condi’s party-starter,” channeling buzzwords from Silicon Valley into US policy circles and producing delightful rhetorical concoctions such as "Public Diplomacy" 2.0." On his Council on Foreign Relations adjunct staff page he listed his expertise as "terrorism; radicalization; impact of connection technologies on 21st century statecraft; Iran."

I can see a "pro-Israeli" agenda here, but I can also see a pro-America agenda of a Zionist kind, one seeking to make Muslim nations just like Israel, the government of which has forsaken God in typical American secularism, defined as a democratic system where both religion and Godlessness have free romping, and where the latter has the upper hand because the government tools are designed to be on its side. This is Rothschild Illuminatism from way back, the Enlightenment of Rosicrucians who claim to be the world's rightful rulers because they have superior knowledge and understanding. None of the puppets operating beneath them are to question their "good" motives, otherwise they can find themselves debilitated or even dead by a variety of unlawful strokes. Some people call this the iron fist, but the ones with the iron fist insist that they are for the good of mankind. And that's why they have done nothing to eradicate disgusting porn for all. And they teach the world to think that business news is important.

Assange goes on to say that Cohen and Schmidt worked together, parallel with the Obama administration, to create a public bandwagon / fanclub using protection from terror as the dope to facilitate a union. That's what I consider global brainwashing to convince the world of the need for revamping the Middle East. But one can see Assange's other implication, that Google advertised its involvement in terror to justify using itself as a proud agent toward its eradication. The reality is that the people who run Google are interested in spying on all citizens, in the West, for to facilitate global controls over them. There is a globalist agenda, and the peoples need to be seduced into it, otherwise an iron fist will be used to force them. It will be good to have as much information on all leaders and sub-leaders at the time, and in the meantime this "information highway" can be used to effect globalist politics. One of their facilitators, "global warming," is part of a rope that is hardly a lifeline, but more like a rope around the body to confine it. The man on the street is o longer to enjoy the good life vacationing and luxuriating for his own pleasures. We are to become robotic instead, serving their global agenda, and paying for it is to become our new happiness.

Is the woman below a RothSCHILD:

Schmidt arrived first, accompanied by his then partner, Lisa Shields. When he introduced her as a vice president of the Council on Foreign Relations -- a US foreign-policy think tank with close ties to the State Department -- I thought little more of it. Shields herself was straight out of Camelot, having been spotted by John Kennedy Jr.'s side back in the early 1990s. They sat with me and we exchanged pleasantries...

Some time later Jared Cohen arrived. With him was Scott Malcomson, introduced as the book's editor. Three months after the meeting Malcomson would enter the State Department as the lead speechwriter and principal advisor to Susan Rice...He had previously served as a senior advisor at the United Nations, and is a longtime member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

That's as American-globalist as one can get. We expect Rothschilian reptiles in American globalism. They are reptiles because, like snakes, they work under the grass until they are upon you, ready to swallow you whole. They are out to own the United states outright. They will never have enough until they have all; they are the father-god of America, a product of London, a people who know money like they are the ones who print it "legally." They can't get enough of it from newly-invented taxes and other schemes, so they print it. Yes, they destroy the economy by printing money, ever causing prices to rise sharply, but they want the money badly because there is no time to lose. They are such idiots for not realizing their rush to Hell. You can't get more stupid than this.

Assange goes on to say that, when he tried to contact Hillary Clinton by phone, the call immediately got Mrs. Shields involved. Why would Hillary Clinton's office call Mrs. Shields at Foreign Relations at that time? Assange thinks it's because Hillary asked Shields and Schmidt to visit Assange as per the above event (in 2011). Clinton didn't like Assange, and he may have been one of the chief reasons that she used a private email server, believing that Assange had spooks able to get at government emails. But what was Hillary trying to hide? And if it was Hillary that set up the meeting with Assange, wasn't it ultimately Obama's fear of Assange at heart? And we now know what Obama was trying to hide from Assange, the Libya scandal, for one.

Everyone knows that Obama was the architect of Mubarak's overthrow shortly before that of Gaddafi's. The overthrow of Mubarak was much to the credit of organizing street marches by use of the Internet. Here's Assange: "According to the emails, [Jared Cohen] was trying to plant his fingerprints on some of the major historical events in the contemporary Middle East. He could be placed in Egypt during the revolution, meeting with Wael Ghonim, the Google employee whose arrest and imprisonment hours later would make him a PR-friendly symbol of the uprising in the Western press."

There was no way for Assange to misunderstand the following:

In internal emails Stratfor's vice president for intelligence, Fred Burton (himself a former State Department security official), wrote,
Google is getting WH and State Dept support and air cover. In reality they are doing things the CIA cannot do . . . {Cohen} is going to get himself kidnapped or killed. Might be the best thing to happen to expose Google's covert role in foaming up-risings, to be blunt. The US Gov't can then disavow knowledge and Google is left holding the shit-bag."

No matter how we interpret Google's involvement, whether as a precaution or an advantage taken by the CIA, the message is clear: Google was working with the Obama government to remove the president of a Middle-East country. That's not a small-potatoes agenda. And it's the stuff of conspiracy theories. Alas, the overthrow of Mubarak had no long-tern results aside from exposing Obama as a Salafist / Brotherhood lover, explaining why Salafists in Syria are not on America's terrorist list even though Russia insists that they should be.

"Cohen had been in Afghanistan in 2009, trying to convince the four major Afghan mobile phone companies to move their antennas onto US military bases." Well, if the military can spy on communications just by having antennas nearby, they can do it in the Unites States by parking their tails near antennas. Would that be correct? By why bother if the military can just get the permission of the phone companies to enter their data bases? And under Obama, these sorts of things are happening. Why? Because Obama is a dog. Over and over again, Obama, the smooth talker, has proven to be a dog.

Clearly, Google has had no bones about it's links to Council on Foreign Relations (a non-government organization but of course it is): "Three days after he visited me at Ellingham Hall, Jared Cohen flew to Ireland to direct the "Save Summit," an event cosponsored by Google Ideas and the Council on Foreign Relations." He goes on to say what I did at the top of this update. Here's how he puts it:

Since at least the 1970s, authentic actors like unions and churches have folded under a sustained assault by free-market statism, transforming "civil society" into a buyer's market for political factions and corporate interests looking to exert influence at arm's length. The last forty years [since the 1970s] has seen a huge proliferation of think tanks and political NGOs whose purpose, beneath all the verbiage, is to execute political agendas by proxy.

Whom do the "political" NGO's work for? Yes, they work to affect politics, but who pays them? Who sends them out? Well, the rich who want to alter politics their way, regardless of what the 99-percent might want or need. And the only thing the rich want is to safeguard and advance their money, and the purposes for which they put their money to work. If you don't like to view this as a conspiracy theory, just call it a fact. It will depress you, but the alternative is to live in fantasyland. Rich evil directing a society is the oldest profession; it invented prostitution. Only now, rich evil prints its own money, no need to go pillage it in war with a neighboring country.

Globalist activism is the goal of Jared Cohen, the very opposite of my goals, which are to help defeat this beast. My feelings have been that, in order to implement a 666 system, a whole generation needs to be brainwashed from youth, wherefore note the name of this foundation:

. This [Gen Next Foundation]'s website says it is an "exclusive membership organization and platform for successful individuals" that aims to bring about "social change" driven by venture capital funding. Gen Next's "private sector and non-profit foundation support avoids some of the potential perceived conflicts of interest faced by initiatives funded by governments." Jared Cohen is an executive member.

Gen Next also backs an NGO, launched by Cohen toward the end of his State Department tenure, for bringing internet-based global "pro-democracy activists" into the US foreign relations patronage network. The group originated as the "Alliance of Youth Movements" with an inaugural summit in New York City in 2008 funded by the State Department and encrusted with the logos of corporate sponsors. The summit flew in carefully selected social media activists from "problem areas" like Venezuela and Cuba to watch speeches by the Obama campaign's new-media team and the State Department's James Glassman, and to network with public relations consultants, "philanthropists," and US media personalities. The outfit held two more invite-only summits in London and Mexico City where the delegates were directly addressed via video link by Hillary Clinton:

You are the vanguard of a rising generation of citizen activists

. . . . And that makes you the kind of leaders we need.

Social change by whose capital? Yours, of course. The rich don't pay for anything; they make you pay for it. Who paid for that huge increase in the price of oil. You. What social change are they seeking to bring about? Are they trying to share the Gospel? Don't they want the world to honor their own people, to make it serve them? Of course. They aren't spending money for you; they are spending money for their own causes. They are recruiting any stupid that would serve them as the next generation of "leaders," and, later, when they have enough of these dopes, they will be used to enforce their globalism. That's the goal, anyway. Whenever someone calls you to be a leader for their own cause, you're not a leader at all, but a sucker who's being lured by their glittered wrappings.

Assange: "By all appearances, Google's bosses genuinely believe in the civilizing power of enlightened multinational corporations, and they see this mission as continuous with the shaping of the world according to the better judgment of the "benevolent superpower...They believe that they are doing good. And that is a problem." But, really, this is not Google's baby. It was birthed by others, and Google was taken aboard like a whale on a hook, because the fiends needed Google's Internet reach. Google is therefore being used, but so long as it permits it, it has become a fiend. Actually, the truth may be that Google was hi-jacked by Schmidt, agents of the fiends to begin with.

Google, my enemy:

Nobody wants to acknowledge that Google has grown big and bad. But it has. Schmidt's tenure as CEO saw Google integrate with the shadiest of US power structures as it expanded into a geographically invasive megacorporation. But Google has always been comfortable with this proximity. Long before company founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin hired Schmidt in 2001, their initial research upon which Google was based had been partly funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). And even as Schmidt's Google developed an image as the overly friendly giant of global tech, it was building a close relationship with the intelligence community.

Bad, very bad. Can't you just imagine what this entails? Google has become the web-like veins in the all-seeing-eyes of the Illuminatists. Read the rest and be shocked. This world has never been like this. The U.S.A. has become a demon. It is not about to let go of its Middle-East agenda. This looks like prophecy in the making.

A new report has raised concerns about Google's influence in European politics, revealing a "revolving door" between the tech giant and politicians. It follows research which proved a similar relationship between Google and Washington.

The study, conducted by the Google Transparency Project (GPT), found at least 80 “revolving door” moves over the past decade, finding instances in which Google hired government employees and European governments hired Google staff.

“Google, now part of Alphabet Inc., has hired at least 65 government officials from all over the European Union since 2005,” the GPT wrote on its website. Twenty-six of those officials came from the UK.

It might have been nothing-really if Google had hired one or two British-government people over ten years, but 26??? And it's hiring from all over the Western world. What's it up to? Is this a Google empire in the making? Google is now facilitating globalism, isn't it? In a new world where it's elite government people versus the people, this is not a good sign. Government versus the people means that government no longer serves the people, but rather uses the people's money against them, to rule over them, to design their lives as it sees fit. And government prioritizes itself when deciding how it sees fit for the people. Google doesn't want to be of the lowly people because money puts it into an elite class, and lots of money makes it powerful.

Mr. Skeets on Nassau, Continued

Mr. Skeets shared this: On top of all of that, have you ever looked at the Norman surname? The Scottish coat of the Norman surname has a gold lion on black with a top section of blue Billet's on gold. They are colors reversed from the Nassau billets. Here's my response, and some further revelations on Nassau kin:

Yes, I've seen the Norman surnames before, but not being familiar, I forgot they use billets. There was talk in the update out this week on a Habsburg link to the Nassau lion, and here we find an "ab" motto term. The Habsburg topic included the Coverts/Cofferts (fesse that is the Arms of Austria / Habsburg), who can trace to a Swabia location of Kaufbeuren. Swabia (where Nassau's are said to originate before Suderland) is on the north side of Switzerland's Kyburg, which itself uses a gold-on-black lion, as does this Scottish Norman surname. English Normans share the gold leopard face with Coverts, and put it on the same Shield as Tanners. While William the Conqueror was from "the tanner," Scottish Normans use an William-like "Auxilliam ab" motto phrase. The Habsburg surname happens to use a gold lion in both colors of the Arms-of-Normandy leopard.

It can be important that the Norman billets are blue on gold, the colors of the Dutch-Bush billets, for Bushers use gold-on-black lions. Here's Wikipedia: "After the removal of the ruling House of Nassau from Laurenburg, the castle was administered by a Burgmann of Nassau, whose descendants are still named "von Laurenburg" today. Among them, the families of the Loeners and the BUCHERs are well-known today." English Buchers/BUSCHERs share the Dutch Bush/Bosch lion (colors reversed from the Habsburg lion).

The OpenHEIMs became a topic in the update because they use the curved and solid chevron in the Arms of Rhineland-Palatinate (where Nassau's lived), but also because they were suspect with the HEIMes part of Orne, while Orne became strikingly suspect with "Orange." Here I realize that Openheimers should be using the Grand/Grant crown, Covert-important because the Courts/Coverts use a "Grandescunt" motto term. Openheimers share "conCORDia" with the Arms of Rothschild! That clinches Openheimers with Covert liners, and meanwhile links Rothschilds to Covert liners too. The other Openheim Coat (Rhineland, same as Bush's/Buschs) share the spread black eagle with the top half of the Court/Covert Coat. What was so important about Coverts?

While French Grands are in Court/Covert colors, French Courts (Grand-crown colors) use a hunting horn in colors reversed from the Orange-surname hunting horn (that's a big deal), and these Courts throw in what could be the Sutherland/SUDERland stars! Suddenly, Courts and Coverts are looking close to Nassau's. At this time, I'm entertaining a trace of "Court" to a similar term used by Israel priests to which Josephus traced his ancestry.

French Courts list CourtAUX and CourtAULT while the Scottish Norman motto is "AUXilliam ab ALTo." Then, from the update out this week: "It's interesting that William de Eu, mentioned earlier in this update, was styled, 'Comte Heimois and d'Eu'. Do Heims and Openheims relate to Heimois (also called, Heimes / Heime)? Heimes was also, Exmes, and I've just found this quote: 'Also from below it appears that EU was originally called "Exmes"...' Mr. Skeets had sent in on a Eaux version of 'Eu,' and so it does appear that 'Eu' is short for Exmes, or at least fundamentally related to it. Another page has, 'Count d'Exmes (Eu) and/or "the ExMESIN of Heimois"."" In other words, the "aux" motto term can now be realized as code for Eaux in Heimes. It's suggesting that "Auxilliam is code for William of Eu (son of Richard "the fearless"), not William the Conqueror. However, both were Normans of the same family, both with the same name.

Coverts are said to be Courcys, and Irish COURCys were first found in CORK. Then, while Talbots were fundamental to Eu, Corks use the lion tails of the Tail(er) lions. Like Coverts, Tail(er)s use the leopard. French Courcys have cinquefoils alone in the colors of the same of Buckets/Bocards, suspect with Buchers. Bouchards use leopards. Courts/Coverts use the motto phrase, "grandescunt AUCta." The motto comes with a phrase in the English translation, "grows GREATer," while the French Gros', first found in the same place (Burgundy) as Graut-like Grands, list a Graut variation while Openheims use an "InteGRAT" motto term.

When we click over to German Gros, they are traced to a TROCkau surname, of a character said to have been with Godfrey de Bouillon in the first Crusade. As I trace the Openheimer sphinx to Brogitarus, a high priest belonging to the TROCmii Galatians, this is where Mr. Trockau may trace. He is said to have settled Franconia, where Trunks were first found. The Arms of Rothschild use "buffalo horns" that double as elephant TRUNKs. Trunks use half the quadrant colors in the Arms of Rothschild.

The Trunks, at first sight suspect with "Trockau," happen to use all the quadrant colors of Comforts/Comerfords, and while "Comfort" has much similarity with "Coffert," it's interesting that Cathian Covert, who told me that her father descended from a kaiser Koffert, married Jeffrey Dein, for Deans/Deins (first found in the same place as Coverts) may be in the Comforts motto. Comforts use stars in the colors of the Bauer and Trunk stars.

The Trunk variations include some like the Drink/Dreng surname sharing the Dreux lion, making Dreux's suspect with Trocmii liners. "TrocKAU" may originally have been "Trocgau," where "gau" is a suffix; the root then becomes "Troc." This may reveal that the Drengot Normans were Brogitarus liners. In fact, while Brogitarus' son was Amyntes, whom I trace to Minutes, the latter's three OPEN helmets are used in colors reversed by the Dreux-like Dragons with Drainer variation. The latter are in Pendragon colors, and PENdragons are suspect with OPENheims. Dragons/Drainers share the embattled border feature with Tragers. German Dragons share the red wyvern with Drake's, but in Orange-surname colors.

In the last update, part of an Arms of Orange-Chalons was shown as including a Veere Shield having nothing but a fesse in the colors of the Dragon/Drainer fesse. Moreover, on the opposite side of the Veere Shield, there is one owned by Burens, perhaps related to "KaufBEUREN." The fesse used by Burens is likewise white, and embattled, suggesting that Burens were Dragon / Veere liners. Between the Veere and Buren Shields, there is a central one with the Veere quadrants, upon which the Orange hunting horns are placed. Guerin Provence, and the Draguignan location thereof, is suspect in this thing. There are two Beuren/Buren surnames, the Dutch one using a lion in Orange-surname colors, half of which is in the colors of the lion in the Guerin Chief. The same red-on-gold lion is in the 2nd quadrant of the Orange Arms above. It is now possible that the Vere boar is code for a Buren / Burley liner.

Guerins are said to have devised a Crusader Order for Templar Jerusalem, playing well with the Trockau link to de-Bouillon. In fact, while Hugh de Payens was the first grand master of the Templars, Guerins share the Payen Shield, which shares gold-on-blue Zionist stars with Trunks/Drenkers/Trenks.

With this obvious and fundamental Vere link to Nassau elements, it is now possible to identify "Nassau" with "Annas," for the so-called Vere star is used giant by Annas'. Annas' were first found in Nottinghamshire, where Suttons are said to derive. The Annas / Vere star may be in the Arms of MAAStricht, for Vere's use the Massey Shield while Masovia's dukes used the Drake wyvern in both colors...meaning that a Masovia link to Maastricht, or a Masovia link to Maas-river liners, may have been the historical fact. Chalons-sur-Marne is near the Maas/Meuse river. The Meuse surname has the same six bars as Courts/Coverts.

As billets are expected with the Quintus-Caepio treasure, it's notable that another Norman surname (Suffolk, beside Capone's and June's) is in Quint colors and using the same fleur as June's. This Norman surname is suspect with a fesse version of the three chevrons of Clare's (Suffolk again), which are in the colors of the one Quint chevron.

After finishing that, another email from Mr. Skeets that fits very well into the claim of the last update concerning a Dudo-of-Nassau link to Dudleys:

Have you seen that the Dudleys and Suttons are one and the same from a Norman Knight? Dreu de Montagui, also spelled Montacute. The Cute surname has a dog on the helm that is almost identical with the Schutz dog. The Dudleys and Suttons could very easily be an English version of the Nassau's and Schutz's...

This is the first he's written on Dudleys, and, apparently, he was convinced from material in the last update, that Dudo was a line to Dudleys. I know I was. But here he finds that the green-on-gold lion in the Arms of Dudley is in the Sutton Coat, and that Suttons can easily be another branch of surnames from "SUDERland." So far, his search for Schutz's, whom he knows to have been vassals of Nassau, can trace by its Shutz variation to the namers of Suderland/Sauerland. I think the case is being made that Shutz's/Schutz's were Suderland/Sauerland liners. The Suters/Shuters, who list "Sewer," are apparently using a version of the Chaddock / Saddock Coats (all three surname use a white eSCUTcheon along with Keon-related Keens) while Skeets' share the red potent cross with Chads. While Skits use the same Coat as Skeets', the Skits are shown properly as SKEOCHs while Suters/Sewers are said to derived in a term for a shoemaker, which looks like code for kin rather than the verbal reality because Shoemakers show a SCHUCH variation. Many write-ups use code for kin, claiming falsely to derive in some term that simultaneously looks a little like a derivation. In this case, the Suter/Sewer write-up claims that "sutare" is Norse for a shoemaker, but I haven't checked to see how accurate that is.

While Shoe's are listed with Shoemakers/Schuchs, Shews, I've just found, are listed with Shaws. Skits/Skeochs have a SKEWych variation, and they were first found, along with Sheds, in AYRshire while Irish Shews/Shaws use a trefoil version of the Ayer Coat. The Arms of Ayrshire has a "shaw" motto term. Suddenly, if Shews were Shoe's, Skeets' are looking like they trace from the Shawia Numidians, from Ayer-like Aures. I'm being careful because there could have been a Shawia merger with a Skeet-like family rather than "Skeet" being purely a variation from "Shawia."

As Hagar(d)s were first found in Perthshire (beside Angus) as Shews/Shaws, the Hagar(d) star can be the Billet star. As Colts/Cults (Pilate pheon in colors reversed) were first found in Perthshire, note that the billet-using Doyle's/Dole's share the red-on-white stag head of Colts/Cults. This topic has been resolved from the PERDrix peak of Mont Pilat, as it named PERTHshire, suggesting that Billets were a Pilate branch. As Mont Pilate is at St. Etienne, while Etienne's use billets in Billet colors, we naturally ask whether the Billet chevron is the same colored one of Stevens, for "Etienne" is the French word for "Steven." Scottish Stephensons have a chevron in colors reversed.

Shuters/Suters are said to be from ANGUS Souter in Angus, interesting because Angus' use the same star as the Vere / Annas star. It can once again argue that "Nassau" was formed as per linkage to Annas' (conspired with Pontius Pilate to kill Jesus). The Sewer variation can arise from Sawyers (Suter/Shuter colors) because the latter share white footless martlets with Saddocks / Chadocks / Chadwicks. Moreover, while Sawyers can be a branch of Sarah's/Saiers, the latter share what looks like a version of the Suter/Shuter leopard. Moreover, Sawyers were first found in the same place as Fulke's with "sera" motto terms. The Sarah/Sayer motto has been deemed code for Forbes', first found in the Angus area. Again, Sawyers were first found in the same place as Seagers (Sawyer colors) while Suderland reaches into the Siegerland area of Dudo, founder of Nassau, which helps to make a strong case for linking Shuters to "Suderland."

Having said that, the last update showed why the Geneva surname can apply, for the central feature in the Arms of Orange-Nassau-Chalons (above) use checks on "an escutcheon Geneva." In the past, I've traced the Geneva's, because they are also Genova's, to Genova, where Segni's/SEGURANa's were first found who use the Seagar moline. This moline was used also by Sibalds of Fife, i.e. at the Angus theater. Sibalds were found to be kin of Justine's, first found in the same place as Saws/Shaws/Shews.

The Russells can now be mentioned because they use "Que sara sara" rather than the "Qui sera sera" of Fulke's. Russells became suspect with Sarah/Sayer liners because Sauers/Saiers use the same lion as Russells. The "problem" is that Sauers/Saiers are traced in their write-up to the Sau = Sava river, which is where "Shaw" had been suspect. It's a problem because we now have the goods for a Sauer trace to Sauerland, the later name of Suderland. The problem is solved if Sauers were in Suderland for its renaming, and that's looks like the reality. The upright red lion in the Orange-Nassau-Chalons Arms might just be the Sauer lion; the one in the Arms is in both colors of the Geneva/Genova lion.

Suttons (two-tailed lion) use the motto of Maness'/Manners while Cathian Covert married Mr. Maness too. Or, at least, she called herself Cathian Maness after her man. Manns appear to be using a goat version of the Dragon/Drainer Coat, and Russells themselves use the same white goat. I was never able to find kaiser (emperor) Coffert, and figure that he went by another name. She said that he was related / associated with Hohenzollerns / Hohenstaufens. It's notable that while Bils' use the same checks as Sawyers, Manns use a "staBILIS" motto term while Pamphylia had a Bilis river. Hohens and Cohens use checks too, suspect with Czechoslovakia, and then Suttons share two tails on their lion with Czechoslovakia's Bohemia. Russells were first found in the same place as Quints, and the latter share the gold fitchee with Sewers/Suters. Another surname sharing the same chevron as Quints are the Slate's of Slaughter with a "CreSCIT" motto term.

It's probably a good idea to quote the description of this Arms from in case it disappears:

The coat-of-arms of Orange-Nassau were back then:

Main shield the arms of Nassau-Dillenburg: quarterly I Nassau (on a blue field with golden billets a golden rampant lion), II Katzenelnbogen (on a field of gold a red rampant lion guardant crowned), II[I] Vianden (on a red field a fess of silver), IV Dietz (on a red field two golden leopards). On an escutcheon the arms of Orange-Chalons: quarterly I and IV Chalons (on a red field a silver bend), II and III Orange (on a field of gold a blue bugle-horn stringed red garnished silver); an escutcheon Geneva (chequy of nine gold and blue).

Over this an escutcheon Veere (on a black field a fess of silver); under it an escutcheon Buren (on a red field an embattled fess of silver).

As you can see, the red lion (second quarter) mentioned above the quote belongs to Katzenelnbogens.

The SAIRE's/Sere's/Serts (Angus stars?) have been lumped with Zerrs/Zehrers and Seers/Sears. This works because Saire's/Sere's share the white rose with Swiss Sewers while Zehrer-suspect Zahringers founded Berne in Switzerland. As Berne's use the bear, it should explain the "Bear and FORBear" motto of Sarahs'/Sayers, said to be from St. SAIRE of Normandy. It should also explain the FORBes bear. Between Berne and Zahringers of Baden was Kyburg, mentioned in the last update, which uses the same lion as the Scottish Norman surname. KYburg became suspect with the Keys/Kays, which can explain the "CHE sara" and "QUI sera" motto phrases. Kyburg is smack beside ZURich, where surnames such as "Saire" can trace. Note that Surreys/SURICHs can link to Sheers/Shere's/Shire's, first found in Surrey. In colors reversed, the Shere / Schere fitchee cross becomes gold, the colors of the fitchees of Sewers/Suters (and Quints). Sewers/Shuters are said to be from Souter Angus of Angus, it should explain why Saire's/Sere's and Seers/Sears can be sharing the two Angus stars.

Seers/Sears may be using the Suther/Southern eagle. Zahringers, I have read, gave their red eagle to Hohenzollerns/Hohenstaufens (I forget which), and the other Hohen branch use a black-on-white eagle, the colors of the Seer / Southern eagle.

The Williams use a talbot, which tends to reveal that Williams are from William Talbot of Eu. I have seen Williamsons in the list of MacKAY septs. The Norman surname with the same lion as Kyburg is the one with the William-like "Auxilliam" motto term. Scottish Mackays (share the muzzled bear with Forbes') are one of the few surnames first found in Sutherland. One Williamson Coat can be sharing the Irish-Shaw Coat, perhaps a version of the Sheer/Shere Coat.

I was just looking at the map because "Saint-Saire is a commune in the Seine-Maritime department...situated by the banks of the Bethune River in the Pays de Bray..." That's when SOTEville was spotted smack beside Rouen, with Buchy between it and St. Saire. Buchy can be of the Buchers, now known to be fundamental with Nassau, and yet Bucher liners are suspect with Bugs, first found in Nottinghamshire. Repeat: "Annas' were first found in Nottinghamshire, where Suttons are said to derive." It makes Suttons suspect at Soteville. While Bugs use water BOUGETs (water containers, similar to buckets), Buchys (Guiscard piles?) are listed with BUCKETs/Bocards/Buchards. Suttons are said to have been lords of "Barons Dudley." French Talbots are said to have had some elements at Rouen.

There is a Sote surname (shows no Coat) listed with Sussmans/Seusemans/Susskinds, suspect with Southern / Sutherland/Suderland liners. The Sussex/Sudsex surname likewise has a page yet doesn't show a Coat. Here is the Suss/Soeth Coat, with "a lady in a h[a]t holding a flower in base". The Sode's are listed with Sutton-like Sowdens/Sodans, and were first found beside the Montague's in the Sutton write-up. A half-brother of the Conqueror, Drago de Montacuto was at Somerset's Shipton-Montacute castle. The Montague's (Rhine/Reno lozenges?) may be using a version of the escutcheon of Saddocks/Sedgewicks (Sussex). If Drago was born from Herluin de Conteville and the Conqueror's mother, MontaCUTE may have been a Conte liner. Montacute's are said to have been in COUTance, which had a CONTentin variation linkable to Conte liners. Conte's and related Cone's are in Cute colors, and hank-using Cottons may apply here.

There's nothing in the page of Cute's/Cuts to identify them with Montacute aside from the Comyn entity of Conteville's tracing to Sale liners suspect in the Cute/Cut (and Cutter) Coat. Cutters share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Sheds while the Scheds/Sheds share the potent cross of Skits' and Skeets'. Cutters (dragons may be from Drogo) are suspect with a colors-reversed version of the Saluzzo Shield while Alice of Saluzzo married FitzAlans of Arundel (Sussex). These FiztAlans (said to have had wealthy elements in Somerset) were from Shropshire's Clun location, perhaps relevant where Cute's/Cuts (white dog head / greyhound in Crest) use a Coat version of the Shropshire Rothes'/Roothams (share white Crest with Arundels). These Rothes'/Roothams (Rodhams?) use a white lion head in Crest that looks like a dog head, and Arundels mention "DUGdale" in their write-up, perhaps a branch of Dogs/Doags. Dugdale's are said to be of SHUstock (Warwickshire), perhaps named by Shuster/Shewsters/Shoestars/SOOSters. Doggers/Doggets happen to use two courant greyhounds. Moreover, while Cute's/Cuts (Arundel colors) are said to be from "son of Cuthbert," Cuthberts share the fesse of Arundel-like Rundels/Roundels (and Alans), and Coutance was at the Alauna theater. As you can see, Cute's/Cuts use roundels, in white, called plates, and then Blate's/Blade's are said to be from Drago de Bewere. Bewere's look like Bauers. Greyhounds are part-code for Greys, first found in the same place as Rodhams.

Cute's are said to use "three white squares" even though they show white roundels.

As I claim the Dogs/Doags are fundamental kin of dog-using Talbots, let's mention that the Talbot Coat (Shropshire) is a colors-reversed version of the Grey Coat, explaining the two white greyhounds in the Arms of Exmes, for Talbots were Eu = Exmes liners to begin with. The Cute's/Cuts use a white greyhound.

Therefore, Mr. Skeets may be correct with the Cute greyhound head being that of Cute-like Schutz's/Shutz's. In this picture, Montague's were not originally from a Cute entity, but formed a Cute variation when merging with a Schutz family. For now, this Cute = Schutz idea is speculative, yet worth considering because Montague's were involved with Suttons. In fact, I had traced Schutz's to Sale / Saltire liners, and here the Cute's are using a Coat like the Sale/Salette Coat. Saltire's (Shropshire again) use roundels of two colors, and ten BILLETS! One can glean that Saltire's are using the red-on-white Grey Shield, especially as both Saltire's and Grey-related Talbots were first found in the same place.

Assuming that "Shutz" was the original version, rather than "Schutz," let's repeat that Arundels were named after Sussex, where Shutz-like Saddocks were first found that are an obvious branch of Chaddocks / Chadwicks that in-turn use what can be construed as a version of the talbot Shield. Then, the Montague Coat can be construed as a version of the Saddock Shield, making a strong Shutz = Saddock case. (I'm not willing to view "Salt' as a version of "Shutz.")

Unlike Saddocks and Chaddocks, Greys, Talbots, Montague's and Saltire's don't call their Shield eSCUTcheons, but rather use "border." However, Borders (Somerset) use two swords in saltire in the colors of the swords of SHUTE's/Shutes' with Cute-like CHUTE variation! We now understand their trick: Shields with borders indicate Schutz kin in many cases. The Borders throw in a single star in the colors of the Sutherland/Suderland stars.

I didn't know there was a Dugdale/DOUGdale surname (red moline and red roundel, color of the Saltire roundels). The last update suggested a Dougal/Dowel link to the DOUGHtie/Dowty variations of Dude's, suspect with Dudo of Nassau. Dougals/MacDILLs and Dowels/Duills (Dillens?) share the white lion with Rothes', half in the colors of the Nassau lion. Greys use a white lion of their own. Dougals/Dills use quadrants in colors reversed from the same of Pettys / Arms of Rothschild, as well as the Fast quadrants, relevant because Greys use the motto, "Anchor FAST anchor."

Let's go back to the lion shared by the arms of Nassau-DILLenburg. This is new to me, that Nassau's were fundamentally merged with Dillenburgs. It looks like Dillenburgs were Dowel / Dougal liners, as unexpected as that would at first seem. No Dillenburg surname comes up. Irish Dillons/Delions/Dylons (Jewish? Bob Dylan is) are said to be named after Lyon of France, and it just so happens that Lyons/Lions / Lannoys share the green and upright lion with Suttons. It appears correct, therefore, that Dillens were Lyon liners, though it will take more to clinch it for me. One can trace Dillens to the Arms of Dudley with Suttons, especially as the Dudley surname uses the same lion as Masons. This addition of Dills and Duills into the picture reinforces the Dude/Doughtie trace to Dudo of Nassau. Dillens use the motto of the Numidian-based Massins/Masons.

As Arundels are from Arun, consider "ArunDEL." After that thought, Dells were loaded, and to my shock, they use a hand from a cloud, the Aaron/Aren symbol! Dugdale's are also DugDELLs (why is "Dugdale" in the Arundel write-up?). Stevensons use a hand from a cloud on with what should be the Saluzzo Shield (because clouds now trace to the Arundel-Saluzzo marriage). As DOUGlas' share the three white stars on a blue Chief with Stevensons, it argues for a Douglas equation with Dugdale's, and tends to reveal that Douglas' were Saluzzo-Arundel kin. The blue Stevenson fleur-de-lys are colors reversed from those of Dole's/Dollens, though the latter has a blue one in Crest, suggesting a fundamental Dol link to Dillenburg liners.

Doyle's/Doills/Doyels/Dole's use billets for a border in the colors of the Nassau billets. Dailys use hands, a black greyhound, and probably the Dill/Dilley/Dilke lion in colors reversed. Dailys are now predicted to be part of the Schutz-Nassau alignment based on their black greyhound.

I would guess that German Dole's/Dols (share three feathers with the Arms of Rothschild) are a Bauer-Hohen mix. These Dole's use a "vine-stock" while English Stocks share a two-tailed lion (white) with Suttons. Moreover, both Stocks and Suttons are said to be from the Trent river while Trents can be traced to the Chad Coat.

Dogs/Doags (another white Crest) can be using a version of the Saire/Sere/Sert Coat (suspect with Angus stars) with the Shute sword thrown in. The Shute sword is in the colors of the Dog/Doag sword. The Sire's/Sirets, suspect with the Shire variation of Sheers/Shere's, were traced hard to sword-using Justine's (same place as Dogs/Doags, beside Angus) and Sibalds ("Justitia"), but here we find the red moline of the Sibald Crest in the Dugdale/Dougdale Coat! Excellent for identifying Dugdale of the Arundels with Dogs/Doags. The Shute / Dog sword is suspect with Siward of Northumberland, and Greys / Rodhams (both suspect above with Dog kin) were first found in Northumberland, as were Stevensons (now suspect from their Chief with Dugdale liners).

Sire's, Sibal(d)s and Justine's all trace to Justine of Picenum, wife of Valentinian I of Sibal-like Cibalae, also called, VINKovci, where the "vincit" motto term of Doyle's/Dole's (and Shaws) traces, along with the billet-using Wings/WINKs (Perthshire, same as Shaws and Justine's) and the wings of the Dole's/Dollens. The Sire-Justine line was very traceable to Vilnius, where Astikas' lived that became suspect with Sticks and Stocks, the Sticks of particular importance because they traced well to "Sithech" term of Shaws, and to the candleSTICKs of Kyle's (Shaw-inclusive Ayrshire). The finding of the Le Mans candlesticks was recent, and Le Mans happens to have been the Maine capital, and Maine is where Billets were first found suspect with the star of Hagars (same place as Shaws).

Maness'/Manners, likewise first found in Northumberland, were kin of Parrs that ought to be in the motto of Rollo's (Perthshire, use the Colt/Cult stag head). One way to clinch Maness'/Manners with the Veere Coat in the Arms of Orange-Nassau-Chalons is as per the "Purr y" motto term of Maness'/Manners. If it's for the Purys, they were first found in Oxfordshire, home of elite Vere's. Yet the 'y' may even be code for "Eu." Recall that Burens are placed on the Arms opposite from the Veere Shield, for Purys show a Burey variation, and Purys/Bureys even use a fesse in colors reversed from the Arms Veere fesse! This is new to me, and was almost missed. I have been tracing Mens', said to be a branch of Manners, to Glenns and Glennys for over a year, and here the Purys/Bureys share the black footless martlets of the latter two, tending to clinch the Maness/Manner motto as code for Purys/Bureys.

The "puro" motto term of Bellows/Bellets (Mens' Shield) should apply to Purys.

The full Maness/Manner motto ("Purr y PARvenir") is that also of Suttons so that, where Suttons are Dudley kin, and where Doag / Dugdale / Dougals all trace to Dillenburg, it's all making sense for identifying Suttons with Suderland's namers. The Mens' and Glennys share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Billets and Bellows, and the next thing I'd like to know is whether Dillenburgs, rather than Nassau's, owned the original billets of Nassau / Eu.

Billets and Bellows both share the Dog/Doag cinquefoils, and recalling that Bellows are honored in the bellow fans of Skiptons, let's remind of Shipton-Montacute castle, for Montacute liners were involved with Suttons.

The Veere / Pury fesse is shared by Saltz' (Austria), and Saltire's use billets. Saltz's share the eagle leg with Brays and Talons/Talents. One way to trace the Talons/TALENTs to the TAULANTii Illyrians (beside the Cavii) is to note that HICKsons/Hixons use eagle legs / talons while Chives' are definite kin of HYKES'/Hacks, both first found in Devon, beside the first Talons/Talents of Cornwall. The Hixon eagle legs are in saltire, and colors reversed from the Schutz saltire, while Schutz's and Scotts are both suspect from lake SCODra, to the near-north of where Taulantii are shown on maps. The namers of Suderland, in other words, are suspect from Scodra elements. Welsh Chalons are using the colors and format of Talons/Talents (and Capone's). It's interesting that Capone's were first found in the same place as Dole's/Dollens, for this may start to argue that Dol was named by Talon liners. In other words, Dillenburgs, Dole's, Talls, Talbots, and the rest may have been Taulantii liners. German Tolls/Tollens were first found in the same Nordic area as Dols, and are probably sharing the German-Dole/Dol Shield. Irish Tolls/Tools, suspect with "Toulouse," are also Doile-like Toile's. This has the potential to link the Toulouse treasure, expected with Capone's, to things relative to Talbots in Eu. The Taulantii (Illyrian coast) may have been Illyrian pirates, which can suggest that the Toulouse treasure was from them. The Romans were fighting Illyrian pirates in the time of Hannibal's excursion into southern Italy, just little more than a century before general Quintus Caepio found the Toulouse treasure.

As both Scott Coats are versions of both Talbot Coats, I expect lake-Scodra links to Eu elements. That's where the Scott-Crest griffin comes in. It's black, the color of the English Will dragons, and there is a griffin in the Will Crest. That could identify the Wills with William Talbot of Eu. The Will Coat has a border of besants (yes, more roundels). English Wills are said to be from SALTash...a location in Cornwall, where Talents were first found that share the Saltz eagle leg! It means that Saltzburg liners in Austria were likely at Saltash. Scottish Wills use more griffins, red, like the Dugdale Crest. The Williams use a talbot in Crest, and it's half white, the color of the Exmes greyhound.

Note that Willis' share a black-on-white chevron with Doe's (Bray chevron?), the latter coming to mind with "d'Eu." The Doe's show a Dow variation that can speak to an Eu merger with Dowells/Duills / Dougals/Dills. Then, while German Dillens show a Diller variation, German Tillers show "Tile" while another Tile surname (from Tilly, between the Orne and Vire rivers) shares the black-on-white wyvern with Wills! Excellent. There was a Tilly merger with Talbots of Eu, no real surprise, and the axe held by the Will griffin, or the axe in the Tile Crest, are now traceable to the axe held by the Drake wyvern. The Will griffin is blue, linkable to the Jefferson griffin because Jeffersons were first found in the same area as English Tillers/Tylers (probably using the Tail(er) lions). See the Bogan wyvern too. English Tillers/Tylers use more roundels, and are suspect with a version of the Mussel and Meschin Coats (because le Meschin married Taillebois).

Dews/Deweys have a fesse in colors reversed from the Doe/Dow chevron (not enough to make a clinched link). Dews/Deweys (dragons) look like a branch of Dragons/Drainers and the Veere's of Orange-Nassau.

The Yoke's had come to mind earlier with "Eaux," but I didn't know how to link them. All I knew was that Yoke's share the giant swan with Dale's. And that might just be enough, now, to make the Yoke-Eu link. English Yoke's/Joke's (Dewey fesse in colors reversed?) have been regarded (by me) as a branch of Jacks/Jake's/Jeeks, and the latter were traced to kinship with Billet-like Blythe's. This paragraph reminded of the Doke's/Dooks/Duke's, possibly suggesting that Dogs/Doags/Doaks may have been d'Eau liners. If correct, it would tend to clinch Talbots with Dogs/Doags. The latter use a thistle in Crest while Thistle's use a bend with symbols all in the three colors of the same of French Talbots. The English-Talbot write-up says that Talbots were originally listed as a D'Eu surname.

The Dols have been long suspect with Attila's House of Dulo, and while Tills / Tiler's / Tillers were suspect with the naming of Attila, I've never concentrated on tracing his name to Taulantii. It's interesting that while Tolls/Toile's/Tools share the brown boar of Pollocks (from Dol), Schutz's share a gold saltire with Pollocks and moreover use a greyHOUND traceable to both Hun surnames, one of which uses a white greyhound (same as Cute's, first found in the same place as Doile's/Dole's), and the other having talbot dogs in Toll/Tool (and Grey) colors. Alans were traceable to kinship with the Khazars as the latter descended from Attila in Alania (or the Terek river). Mainline Khazars trace from Biharia to Biggar (Lanarkshire, home of Scottish Stewarts), and Biggars share the Dulles/Dallas Coat (i.e. making the latter Dulo suspects). It can be expected that the white Hun greyhound, is that also in the Arms of Exmes, for the Hun talbot is likewise white.

At this point, one needs to mention that the lozenges of Grey-beloved Anchors are colors reversed from the Reno and Montacute lozenges. Reno's are expected with Renier/Rainier of Montferrat, father of William V of Montferrat, as he linked to Skeets elements on the Reno river (Bologna). For this exercise, it needs to be said that while Guido Guerra married a daughter of William V above, and while Guido's (Grey lion?) were of Bologna, Guido's are suspect with the hourglass shape in the Skeets / Skit Coats. This has the acute potential to link Guido-Guerra liners to the Saluzzo-FitzAlan marriage. The Setta valley, tributary of the Reno, may have developed a Cetta-like variation from which MontaCUTE was formed.

Let's entertain a Setta trace to the namers of Coutance. Let's assume that, just as Coutance was also, CONTENtin, let's assume a Sente variation for Setta liners, which then can explain the Saint variation of Sinclairs. The latter's "commit" motto term is for the Comites-like variations of Conte liners. "Sente" recalls the Sensii peoples (Scythia), beside the COTesii, whom I traced to "Sion," where Setta-like Seatons/Sittens trace. The Cotesii were suspect with Cottians, and therefore with Cotta's/Cottins (Cotton kin), first found in the same place as French Constance's/CONTENs (FERTE eagle used by English branch) and French Conte's. As I link Setta / Reno elements to MontFERRAT, note that Cottins and Cottons use FRETTY. The Ferte's are suspect with Ferte-Mace, the Masseys/Maceys of which were in Manche, location of Coutance. Constance's/Contens (Macey stars? Conte crescent?) use the pine tree while Maschi's/Maskalys (Masci / Massena colors) use pine CONE's.

As Chads share the Skeets cross, note how "Chad" is like "Cetta." Skeets' (almost the Chaddock eSCUTcheon) use a border, and Borders now recognized as Shute / Schutz liners (Scotts use a border). To be blunt, a non-Germanized version of "Skeets / Schutz," or "Sheets / Shute," was derived from, or named, "Setta." The importance of Mr. Skeets' find that Montacute's were of Suttons plays to this paragraph. Chads were first found in the same place as Skeets'...and flax-suspect Flags/Flacks sharing the double black-on-white bars of Dude's/Doughtie's.

From the last update when finding that the 4th quadrant in the Arms of Orange-Nassau-Chalons was for Deetz's: "The "red wings" in the Deetz Crest suggest the billet-using Wings/Winks; the latter can be using the Hagel pile." Red wings have since been found with German Mauch's who share a white Zionist star with Hagel-like Hagars, first found in the same place as Wings/Winks. The Skits/Skeochs are said to have had a location in MAUCHline (East Ayrshire), you see. Deetz's tell that counts of Nassau-Dillenburg had a castle at Diez. As Deetz's (Dade/Deed colors) use the Brunswick lions while Bruno's were first found in the same place as Taddei's. "Deetz" may have been a Taddei branch. Note that Dade's share gold-on-red garbs with Billet-like Blythe's.

Deeters/Teters/Dieters use an upright white talbot in the colors of the greyhounds in the Arms of Exmes. The Deeter quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Jewish Aarons/Arens. German Arens can therefore be using the Siegen eagle. I've been asking myself whether "Deetz" was a version of "Seetz > Skeets." Deeters throw in "a bunch of grapes, proper," but then Propers/Roberts and Roberts use the same lion as Deetz's. While I've traced Cheshire elements to Hesse's Chatti, here we find the Deetz's, first found in Hesse, linking to Cheshire's Propers/Roberts who apparently share the fesse of Cheshire's Chatti-suspect Cheatle's. The MalPAS location of Propers/Roberts may indicate the purple-Shielded Pace's (Cheshire), possibly of Bologna's Paces/Pasi's.

Aha! The Bunch's (Perthshire) share the Montacute lozenges! Bingo. It recalls that Punch's were identified with Pinks/Pinch's, the latter using the Reno lozenges, now apparently clinched with the Montacute lozenges. The Pinks were suspect from "Panico," known to be a family in the Setta valley. The Bunch's thereby have the potential to trace the Deeters (bunch of grapes) to the Setta, reminding of that Deetz = Skeets possibility. The Bunch Coat compares with the Jack/Jeek Coat, the latter first found in the same place as Pinks. The Pink Coat is a fairly good reflection of the Suter/Sewer that Suderland elements may trace to the Setta valley.

The Tattons (branch of Tute's/Tuits, same place as Chads) share a white greyhound with Cute's. Although not stated, the Tatton greyhound is SEATed, as is the same one in the Hun/Hundt Crest. The Hun Crest is described like so: "A silver greyhound sejant." That special term for "seated" is likely code for Sagans/Segans who link by their salamander-in-flames to the same in the Arms of DUDley i.e. like "Dade, Deed, etc. The talbots of English Huns: "three silver talbots SEATed." There is a Seat/Cedes surname that can apply to Setta liners, and it uses a cock with "WINGs expanded" (the Sword description too).

Mauchline is near the sources of the Nith river, a river that was home to Kilpatrick castle. Kilpatricks use a "make" motto term while Machs list a Make surname. It appears that Machs/Make's were of Mauchline elements. Kilpatricks share the dagger with Mackays (Sutherland) and Shaws, and Machs/Make's (sinister bend) are an obvious branch of Masci's / Massena's (sinister bends in the same colors as that of Machs/Make's), yet the Mach bend with symbols are in all three colors of the same of French Talbots. English Talbots were first found in the same place as Meschins. Tattons of Masci married WithenSHAW while Shaws and Massins/Masons were from Numidians, expected in East Ayrshire, right? Yes, and that makes Mauchline a line from king Massena as he merged with general Scipio, leading to the Skipton-Meschin marriage which I identify with known to be at Shipton-Montacute.

General Scipio is said to have founded Placentia after losing his war to Hannibal, and then while the Arms of Placentia use a white square, Cute's/Cuts are said to use three white square's. It's strongly suggesting that Montacute's were indeed Cute's, and that they were merged with the Scipio-Massena alliance (that likely formed a marriage). By what coincidence do German Daggers/Decks (Massey fleur?) share the red squirrel with Square's/Squire's/Squirrels? The Scottish Daggers/Dackers look like they can be a branch of Jacks/Jake's/Jeeks, which, if correct, identifies Jacks/Jake's/Jeeks with DEXARoi Illyrians, on the APSus river (explains why Hips' use a version of the Dagger/Deck Coat).

One can now speculate on whether Dexaroi of the Dagger kind formed the Jacks/Jeeks (both use gold-on-red scallops), and then morphed into the Yoke's/Joke's (more gold scallops), and finally named Eaux = Eu, where the Taulantii Illyrians are being traced as Talbots. The latter were married by scallop-using Meschins, and the latter use a version of the Mussel/Muscel Coat, while the latter share white roundels with Cute's. Amazing coincidence. Scottish Jacks/Jeeks (share holly with MAXwells/Maccuswells, kin of Make-loving Kilpatricks) had their scallop-using branch first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Maxwells and Skiptons. Another amazing coincidence. The Dexaroi definitely linked up with Maccus / Mackay liners, and I now know that king Maccus was a raven-viking line.

The bibliography in the Mauch write-up suggests that the surname was first found in Baden, and perhaps even in raven-suspect Stuttgart. The raven-using Macie's/MARGys were first found in Ayrshire (i.e. same as Mauchline), and Mackesys, listed with MARGesons, share a motto term like one in the Dagger/Dacker motto. It's a great way to show links of the Maccus vikings = pirates to the Dexaroi Illyrians. There is no one in the world of public writing making people-group links, far-and-wide, as I do. I'm not proud of this, but expect it because I say that this is God's work. If Mr. Skeets is a young man, perhaps he can continue this work when I'm gone. The Daggers/Dackers even use a "Forte" term in their motto while the Arms of Stuttgart share the black-on-gold demi-horse of Italian Forts/ForteGUERRI's. It looks like Dexaroi passed through Ferrara.

The last update showed that Hugh Talbot of Eu, son of William Talbot of Eu, married Lesceline of Harcourt, daughter of the Montforts. But the French-Talbot write-up says that Hugh Talbot, apparently a later Hugh Talbot, married a daughter of Gerard de Gournay. The Gournays use pale bars that are split in half over the length of the Shield, thus looking like billets. Yet they are said to be "A shield paly of six gold and blue, perfesse counterchanged." Palys/Pale's use a bend in the colors of the Talbot bend. Gournays are said to be from Gournay-en-Brai i.e. the Bray river, location of Saint Saire. The Saire's/Sere's are the ones with what could be a version of the Dog/Doag Coat. The gyronny pattern of Williams might just be code for Gournay liners. Don't we expect Taulantii / Talbot liners with eagle-leg Brays??? Were Brays from Bar at lake Scodra?

There is a Bra location at Montferrat, and beside the Alan namers of Langhe. Scottish Langs happen to use the same fesse as Veere's again, and I've been tracing Vere's / Fers/Ferrats the namers of Montferrat. I trace "the tanner" of Falaise to the Tanaro river, location of Montferrat, and one can read on Falaise in the Bray write-up. One can therefore expect Taulantii liners on the Tanaro, and it just so happens that Alice of Saluzzo, descended from Montferrat, was a daughter of Luisa of Cavii-suspect Ceva. In this way, Cavii / Taulantii elements trace to the Alans of the FitzAlan kind. And while Talons/Talents were first found in Cornwall, I claimed that mythical GorLOIS of Cornwall was part-code for Luisa of Ceva. I've never retracted that claim. The Bray "FLAX BREAKer" is probably part-code for some branch of the Alan-related Brocks/Broke's. Brays are in Flag/Flack colors, and Breakers/Brechs (Shropshire) use the hunting horn of Orange's in colors reversed.

Hugh III of Gournay (pre-Conquest) was father to Robert Montfichet, and then the Montfichet/Muschat/Mitch surname has one Robert GERNon Montfichet who apparently equates Gernons with Gournays. For the record, the page on Hugh III shows six wavy pale bars in red and white for Hugh II of Gournay. Hugh III was father to Gerard, father of Aimee, wife of Hugh Talbot (died 1120), father in-turn of Gilbert de Lacy by his Lacy wife. Lacys share the purple lion of Skiptons. The first Meschin had a son, Ranulph de Gernon. If Ranulphs were Ralphs, note that Ralphs/Rolphs (kin of Rose's) use the raven.

It may have been God's will, from the foundation of the earth, to grant the Caepio treasure to the Israeli lines that killed Jesus, for this would grant satan his ultimate in world controls: the raw power of brute money. In this way, the Lesson of History For All Time would be played out with satanic families abusing both their money and powers, and, in the end, killing Christians that merely resist them (not oppose them with weapons). The Lesson of All Time will show that satan and his minions are not worthy to rule the planet while having the powers to make all the major decisions for it. Just watch and see.

Black footless martlets are shared by Pullys/Pullens in both colors of French Josephs, the latter first found in the same place as French Billets. Pully is a location on the north shore of lake Geneva, along with Morges and Vevey, the latter two tracing to Veys/Vivians and mythical Morgan le Fay of Avalon = Rothesay. This is being said because the Sutton lion is colors reversed from the Morgan / Moore lion. Veres trace themselves to the witch cult of Avalon, sorry losers, idiots and scums, all of them, delving into satanic / mystic nonsense / lunacy, and spoiling mankind at the same time. Morgans were first found near Glamorgan in red-dragon Wales. Proud in the power of their money, dragons are blind. They think their problem is that they haven't yet got enough money. The rest of the world isn't conforming to their utopian dreams, and so they think they need more money to subdue it. Idiots. Like men without brains, they drive their own vehicles over a cliff.

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But Jesus is much more than a maker of a good society. He came to eradicate death. What more could the world ask for than this enormous thing? While the body is destined by our sins to death and putrid rotting down to the bone, Jesus came to give a new life to those who accepted his way for society. But this is not what the idiots want. Truly, they are idiots. They think the Apostles were making Jesus up for some sort of personal scam. They are unwilling to listen to Christians, or to give them latitude in societal engineering. Christianity is suppressed in the modern West, kept in ropes so that it doesn't win the day over the leaders seeking something else. On the one hand. Google gives me freedom to write anything I wish, yet on the other Google suppresses my writings. And that's the "freedom" offered by the hypocrites wishing to create their own world in opposition to God. They give maximum freedom to those like themselves. They meet together and conspire, but they are not the Solid Rock. They will never get along, for people seeking power to change will bite each other into obscurity and uselessness. Unless you remain in the Vine, you can do nothing. Ask do-nothing Obama.

The Mysterious Baliols

The royal Baliols are in the Scott write-up as ancestors of the Scotts. If Baliols can be traced to Billets, which they can, it raises the possibility that Scotts were Schutz liners from Suderland. As I go along identifying Baliols as Bellamys, we get to Mace's/Maceys because Bellamys married Ferte-Mace. I still haven't found the actual marriage, but I had it from a source that Bellamys married Ferte-Mace. The point is that Suderland is expected in Sutherland, home of Macey-related Mackays. We start from that premise.

Before gleaning from the Scott write-up that Alexander, brother of king Baliol, was of the Alexander surname, the motto of Newmans, "Ubi amor ibi fides," was seen as using two codes for the MacABEE's, first found in Arran, beside Kintyre, where Alexanders were first found. I had reason from JJ Tolkien's codes that his code, Numenor, was for Newmans on Arran. But here I find the motto, "Ubi bene ibi patria," using the same two motto terms as Newmans. The latter motto is that of Bailys, thought by some to be a branch of Baliols. It works because Bailys are thus traceable to Arran, beside the Alexanders, and there is even an early Alexander Baili in the Baily write-up. The clincher comes when the Baily write-up traces to Bailleul-En-Vimou, "about six miles south of ABBEYville in Somme" (Picardy).

If the similarity between MacAbee and Abbeville doesn't quite convince you of Baily link to Arran, lets go to the Hiram/Iron surname, said to be from Arran-like Airaines in Somme. It seems that while Airaines elements named Arran, Abbeville liners were the MacAbee's. Plus, while the ancestry of Catherine Roet was in Picardy, which is where the Somme river flows, the particular Scotts said to derive from the brother of king Baliol use Catherine wheels, known to be the symbol of Catherine Roet.

As "Arran / Airaines" is very much like "Aaron/Aren," recall that the Stevenson cloud with hand was found linkable to the same of Aarons/Arens, for not only were Stevensons first found in the same place as Bailys, but both share the same three stars in Chief. "AiRAINES" seems to have been of the Raines / Wren surnames because Raines' share white-on-black lions with Newmans.

To help prove that Scotts were kin of Alexanders, there is the "amor" motto term of Newmans, while Alexanders use a "terras" motto term, which, as a Terras surname, uses a motto, "Amore," probably related to the Scott motto, "Amo," because Terras' are using the Scott bend and symbols. Bailys were first found near Mauchline, and as the latter was resolved to be a Mach/Make branch, recall that the latter use a sinister version of the Scott / Talbot bend. As the Make's an be established as a branch of Maxwells, it's important that Pollocks were a Maxwell sept. German Bellows use the same double-headed black eagle as Maxwells. Bailys lived in Lanarkshire, close enough to the first Scottish Pollocks to be using their brown boar. Jewish Pollocks were found to be using a version of the other Stevenson Coat.

The "ne" motto term of Amore's can be construed as code for the Ny's/Nays because Newmans ("amor") are said to have been NYmans. Nys/Nays (Newman colors) share six horizontal bars with Damore's / Amore's. The latter two were first found in Oxfordshire, home of elite Vere's, and Ny's were first found in the same place as Vere's (and Quints). Moreover, Ny's use fesse bars in the colors of the Veere fesse in the Arms of Orange-Nassau-Chalons. We are getting close to unveiling how Baliols link to Germany's Nassau, and perhaps by now you've guessed that it's to do with Billets. Billet-related Bellows have a BalSCOT term in their write-up.

This would be a good place to say that the Baliol surname shares a chevron in the colors of the same of Chalons, and moreover, while Chalons-sur-Marne was Chatillon, the counts of which merged with Blois, the Knights, first found in the same place as English Blois, share three pale bars with the counts of Chatillon, and were resolved to be a branch of Nee's/Knee's/Nays. The latter happen to share a blue bend with Scotts and Terras'. If you read my story on my knee symbol in 12-year-old hockey, involving Steve TARR, note how Knee's are linking to Terras' here.

The Scotts are in the process of being lined up with the Schutz vassals of Nassau. The Schutz's are likely a branch of Shoe's/Schuchs, the latter using a KNIGHT from the KNEEs up. Why bother mentioning the knees? But it does: "...a knight issuing from the knees..."

There is a German Terras surname with Deer/Deire variations, and then Italian Dere's/Res' happen to share the same three stars in Chief as Bailys, Stevensons and Douglas'. They are all suspect as the Moray stars, yet the Sutherlands/Suderlands are said to use the Moray stars in a different color scheme. So, with Scotts descending from Baliols, and Bailys descending from Morays/Murrays, Scott linkage to Suderland is within reach.

It's important that the Terras/Derr Coat (rooks) is a reflection of the Rothes Coat, for while Peter Pollock was at Moray's Rothes castle, Arran and Kintyre are beside Rothesay. Plus, Moray is beside Ross-shire and the Rose's of that area, which can explain the Res variation of Dere's.

From Bissets, first found in Ross-shire, I envision Bassets whom I think are using a version of the wavy fesse bars of Damorys/Amori's, an obvious branch of Amore's. The Bailys / Baliols should link to Amore's, right? But when we get to French Bassets (Forez, beside St. Etienne), they are using a multitude of billets in Etienne-billet colors, and in Billet colors. The Basset billets are in the colors of the multitude of Baily stars.

One branch of the Alexander-Bailie line is said to have been at Jerviswood. When we get to the Jervis/JARVis Coat, it has one chevron in the colors of the two of GARVeys. The latter have the two chevrons of Perche's, while Bellamy's, who share the fesse of Garvey-like Harveys/Herveys, lived in Perche. That's why I expect Bailys to have been Bellamys. As Harveys and Garveys were traced to the Arve river into lake Geneva, recall that an "escutcheon Geneva" was part of the Arms of Orange-Nassau.

There is a Bonneville location at the Arve, and then Bonnie's (bend in colors reversed from the Bone bend) are using a version of the Talbot / Scott bend. The Bonnie bend likely has the Masci bend too because Bellamys married a Masci line at Ferte-Mace. Massena's, who use a version of the Masci Coat, show patee crosses in colors reversed from the Garvey patees. I see the Oxford lion in the Garvey Crest.

Reminder: two chevrons in the colors of the Perche's are used by Maine's while Billets were first found in Maine. Maine's were first found in Devon, where Hykes'/Hacks were first found that share black scallops with Jarvis'. In fact, the Maine's use the colors and format of Jarvis', as do the Exeters (named after a city in Devon)...who use bells as likely code for Bells and Bellamys (both use the same fesse). This makes the Jarvis chevron linkable to that same of Hykes/Hake's. Recall the Hicksons/Hixons (eagle legs) that traced to the Taulantii, for the Cavii trace to Chives', kin of Hykes'/Hacks, and then Jarvis' were first found in the same place as Talons/Talants (eagle legs). While Jarvis' came up from the Baily write-up, Talents share the gold-on-black chevron with Baliols.

Was Exeter named after "Eaux"?

Garveys are traced to "GARBh," said to mean "rough," but these choice of words look like word-game codes, for I traced the crow to Mount GAREB (Jerusalem) while ravens (form of crow) are used by Roughs/Rolphs/Ruffs. As the Garb surname (garbs) is expected from the Arve, it's likely using the Macey Shield (with someone else's black chevron), but compare also with French Harveys (Ile-de-France). In the Garb Crest, white wings, the color of the Masci wing (the latter's were both white at one time, more reflective of the Massena Coat), but then there are white wings upside-down in the Geneva/Genova Coat! Bingo, that works, for the Masci wing design once showing is still in the Coat of Diens/Dives', and it's upside-down there.

While mount Gareb was about 1.5 miles west of Jerusalem's western wall (it could be the Knesset hill today), the Rephaite valley, suspect with "raven," was on the west side of Jerusalem too. The Rebels/Robels, showing the old Masci wing in white, may have been Rephaite liners. Note that while I identified the heraldic oak with king Og of the Rephaites, the Rebel/Robel Coat has an oak stump. However, I've only just learned that the red stump is called a "red stick," but then Sticks use garbs! It's likely a RED stick because Roughs/Rolphs/Ruffs were likely represented at times as Rufus = red liners, and there is Rufus surname listed with raven-using Rothes'/Rothchilds. I would NOT originate Rufus' and Ruffs in "red," but would rather trace Rephaites to red themes such as Rufus'. Just link the Rough/Rolph raven to the same of Peters, and therefore to Peter Pollock, origin of red-shield Rothschilds. Rephaites have come to control the world. God must have chosen Jerusalem because he knew its non-Israeli inhabitants would one day rule the world in opposition to His Son.

Rollo was Rolph, wasn't he?

I now have the goods to prove, to a point, anyway, that Stuttgart was a raven entity to the raven-depicted Stout vikings, for Stuteville's/ESTOUTville's share the vertically-split Shield of Rebels/Robels. Both the latter's, and the Dien's, wings are in the colors of the giant Balance/Balancor eagle. The latter are in the colors of the Baliol swords and the Balan fesse (Alexander colors). The Balan fesse has Billet-like pellets...which are roundels traceable to Arundels, and therefore to Arran, itself beside the Alexanders that share the crescent of Motts/Mottins (Balan colors). The latter (Maccabee suspects) share the white estoile with Balans.

The Billets have variations ending with "aud / ault," and Aude's, who share white swords with Baliols, are in both colors of the Billets. Compare "Billault" with "Baliol."

As Baal was at the south-west side of Jerusalem, and as European Baal is thought to be Bel, did Bellamys get named after a Baal cult of old? It's making sense. I could add evidence to this claim, but I'm tired of going in circles. Mythical Bellerophon and his Pegasus was likely the proto-Bellamy, and being around the Maeander river, Bellerophon elements likely merged with Manders / Manners / Mens', which can explain why the Borderlands Bells use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Mens' in colors reversed. Maeonians of this stripe are expected at Maine, beside Perche, and Massey liners have routinely traced to Caria, where the Maeander flows, and home of Apasa/Ephesus, suspect from Jabesh-Gilead (Jordan river, Israel), the other home of Rephaites. Jabesh is suspect with Jebusites of Jerusalem. I'm going in circles again.

The Bells and Bellamys use a single GOLD BAR on blue, the colors of the Nassau billets. That is, the Bellamy fesse might have been intended as one giant gold billet bar.

Good morning. What follows was not part of the plan to this point. It came to me as I wondered why the Nassau lion-and-billets were shared by Dillenburgs. To this point, I haven't seen any indication that Dill liners originally owned the billets versus the Nassau's. Dills reminded my of the Tiller trace to QuadraTILLA, whose name came from her father, Quadratus. In asking, a few years ago, what her name's suffix was named after, I was looking at the Tilurius river. I didn't yet know that this river was also the CETina river, like "Cetis," where Quadratus' family ruled. Besides, the Tilurius (center-left of map below) has a source near the Maezaei, and this peoples was related to king Massena, as Urbans suggest, for while the Urbanus river is to one side of the Maezaei, Urbans apparently share the bend of Massena's.

First of all, compare Urbans with Talbots, a great way to trace the Eu billets to some relationship with Urbans. The Talbots use two fleur-de-lys on their bend, making it linkable to the three on the same-colored Masci bend. These fleur, shared by Masseys in different colors, will become Caepio-important momentarily. "Urban" was gleaned with "Orba," a main area along the river where Cetis is located. I was instantly convinced of a Quadratilla-line link between Cetis and the Tilurius, especially as Quadratilla was of a Bassus surname expected to evolve into the Bassianus'.

Not many months ago, I showed a coin belonging to emperor Caracalla that had Orba upon it. Caracalla was the line to talbot-using Carricks. Caracalla's mother (Domna Bassianus) was the sister of Julia Bassanius MAESA, very suspect with "Maezaei" because Caracalla put her father to work in Dalmatia somewhere; the exact location wasn't told. However, the Tilurius river is in Dalmatia. The mouth of the Tilurius is where we find the island of Brattia, and then, while Julia's father was the priest of the El-Gabal sun god, the Brattia-like Bradys use a sun in Tiller colors. It's not a coincidence that while Brattia was also called, Brac, the Bracks/Brachens/Brakkers share the Tiller fesse in both colors, and put a talbot dog upon it. The Brack fesse is colors reversed from the Carrick fesse, and both surnames share the black talbot in the same design (one leg off the ground). In the Brack Crest, a seated talbot. The same black talbot is used by Crags that happen to use what could be a version of the Talbot bend.

Therefore, it's not a coincidence that Carrick-related Craigs and Craigie's use motto terms like "Vibia," the first name of the mother-in-law of Quadratilla. Plus, these talbots are likely black to conform to the black wolves of Quade's / Mackays/Quoids. One way to view this is to take the Lupus name of Quadratilla's husband (Lupus Laevillus), and see his Lupus line at the Tilurius and/or Telavius, where proto-Talbot liners picked it up, but later changed it into a talbot dog. In the meantime, the talbot liners mixed it up with Dog/Doag liners, wherefore it's interesting that while Scottish Mackays brought their Sutherland elements to Moray, that's where Douglas' were first found whom have a Dugdale-like term in their write-up. The Quade-like Geds / Geddes had joined the Mackays in the far north of Scotland, and while Geds and Geddes use fish, the Dugdale moline has been resolved with fish-tail ends tracing to Caracalla-like Saraca's (fish) of Dalmatia.

It's not an idea that I've entertained, but may be true, that Rook liners were named after Ragusa, the Dalmatian home of Saraca's. As that place was also called, Laus, I realized that the Saraca fish became the white-on-blue fleur-de-lys (still retains a central fish in disguise). I hadn't yet known at the time that the Lys surname traced to Lissus (Laus-like) while the Cavii of that area, beside the Mathis river, traced to Mathis' and Chives', both of which use the black moline. I hadn't yet known that Raggs use the white-on-blue fleur-de-lys so that they should prove to be Ragusa liners. Houseofnames puts the same ends on rooks as it does on moline crosses. And the Rooks (garb) happen to use suns with their rooks that can trace to Julius Bassianus' cult. Roach's/Roche's use fish in the colors of the Claws/Claxson lion, apparently relative because the Roach Crest is described like so: "On a rock proper, a silver eagle rising, with gold beak and legs, and a silver fish in the CLAWS." This could be code for a line from the Clausula river, where I trace Fortuna's that use a giant talbot in the colors of the giant Claws lion. The Clausula is somewhere off, or even flowing to, lake Scodra. Lady Fortune is in the Coat of Claxson-like Klassens.

I feel that the Brady sun is pertinent to the giant Hesse sun. Nassau was related to neighboring Hesse. Deetz's were first found in Hesse, and Hesse Chatti not only trace to Nassau-related Dudleys, but to Keiths in MUSSELburgh. The Tillers use a version of the Mussel/Muscel and Meschin/Masculine Coats, but Tillers put PELLETS (official name of black roundels) on their lion as indication that they were Billet / Bellow/Bellet liners. The Tiller lions are in the colors of the same of Tail(er)s, but also of the Newmans and Raines' that were part of the Baliol discussion. By the way, Talbots are said to have been of a Beval abbey, and "Bewell" is a term in the Baliol write-up.

Earlier, we saw that a Talbot member of Eu was married to rulers of Gournay, which term tended to resolve as a Gernon branch. It just so happens that Gernons share the two lions of Deetz's, while the second Meschin had a Gernon surname. German Plate's share grapes with Deeters/Deiters (talbot dogs), and because the English Plate's are in the colors and format of Billets (and Pilate's), it becomes obvious that Deetz liners were fundamental to the Nassau / Eu billets. Plus, German Plate's use the swan design once showing for French Josephs, first found in the same place as Billets. If that's not enough, English Plate's share white scallops with Meschins while Mussels use plates (official name for white roundels). The Zionist stars of Billets are half in the colors of the same of Urbans and Massena's. The Vere symbols on the Arms of Orange-Nassau-Chalons bring us to Vere's that lived in the same place as Masseys (share the Vere Shield). Therefore, Mr. Skeets has inadvertently brought me right down my specialty alley.

If the Setta valley was of a Cetta-like term, then Skeets / Schutz / Scott liners can trace to "Cetis / Cetina." The Cetina-like Seatons happen to share the red-on-gold crescents of Bellamys, and Seatons were first found in the same place as Keiths. If I recall correctly, Keiths (bars in Seaton colors) were clinched in a trace to Cetis. The Bellamy fesse can be a version of the Craig fesse in different colors, for when Bellamys married Ferte-Mace, I see them marrying the line of Julia Bassianus Maesa (i.e. whose sister married the Carrick entity). Julia's husband, Julius Avitus, is suspect in the motto of Bellows.

Bellamys happen to share the scepter with English Godfreys, and Irish Godfrey share the chevron of Baliols. Moreover, the Baliol-descended Scotts share a black griffin with the scepter-using Godfreys. Why are Baliols linking to Godfrey de Bouillon? Shouldn't we ask the "bello" motto term of Bouillons? Isn't that the Belli / Billet line? "SCEPTer" was suspect with emperor SEPTimius Severus, father of Caracalla, and that idea works excellently here, especially as the Irish Godfreys are in Tiller colors. Bernice's, a relative topic below, use a "PerSEVERantia" motto term.

It should be added that while Dulls use "domed towers," Dome's/Dommers (Rhineland) might be code for a surname from "Domna" Bassianus, Caracalla's mother. And the great thing is, Dome's/Dollards/Dillards are in the colors of the Orange surname while "Orange" was traceable to "Orne," and then Orne's share the heron with Dome's!!! Excellent clue. We now have a Septimius / Bassianus / Caracalla trace to Orange.

Dollars/Dolers (CLACKmannanshire) use a BORDER of besants. Although there is nothing showing for the Dollar Crest, there is a description for one: "A dexter arm embowed holding a faulchion with a gold pommel and hilt." Swords (same swords as Borders) use pommel and hilt. There is a orange color for the Hilt-Crest lion. I've put "Clack" in capitals to suggest a possible l-version "Carrick." If fish-using Roach's/Roche's were Ragusa liners, let's repeat that Roach's use claws likely for the Claws'/CLAXsons. When we get to the Ladys suspect with the Lady Fortune of Klassens, they have a Laus-like LAUDYman variation, and moreover the Lady Coat looks like a version of the Anchor Coat while Fortuna-related Greys (same lion as Claws/Claxsons) devote their motto to Anchors. Glasgow's (fish) have a motto that finds the Lauds/Lords (same pheons as Pilate's). The Glasgow motto shares "flourish" with the translation of the Rook motto. The Geddes-beloved Major surname, with anchor, has a Chief reflective of the Lady Chief, and moreover Majors share the greyhound with Laus-suspect Lys'/Lisse's. The Anchor lozenges are colors reversed from the ones used by Thomas Randolph, 1st earl of Moray. If I recall correctly, he was the son of Marjory Carrick.

To prove further that Ragusa/Laus liners exist, see the ArBUTHnotts, in Ragg and Saraca-fish colors. They are mentioned in their write-up with Oliphard = OLIPHant liners while Ragusa is smack beside the ELAPHiti islands. The Arbuthnotts have a "Laus" motto term, and are traceable by their Bothwell kin to Bute, from Butua, smack beside Kotor, where the Saraca's are said (Saraka Wikipedia article) to have lived before living at Ragusa. The peacock is shared by Arbuthnotts and Manners/Maness' while Manders share a "Laus Deo" phrase with Arbuthnotts. If we take the "buth/both" out of "Aberbothnoth" (old name of a location), they look like Abernathys (Clause lion?); the latter are said to be from a Nethy the Nith, home of the ancient Geds (fish in Saraca-fish colors). ClackMANNAN is near to the Nethy, and to the Fife area where the first Geds were first found. The Abernathys are likely using the Fife and Five/Fify lion, but these surnames are suspect with Vibia Varia, Quadratilla's mother-in-law. If I recall correctly, Carricks (a branch of Craigs / Craigie's using Five-like motto terms) had ancestry in Fife. Pfiefers use a giant anchor.

I can't see any way to trace the Fife / Five lion to the identical one of Clause's aside from the Claxson variation of Claws' smacking of Clackmannan. If Carrick ancestry was indeed in the Fife area, then Clack liners may have been l-version Carrick liners. The mother of Saer de Quincy was from a Quincy line in Fife, which for me traces Quintus Caepio liners to Fife. The Clack surname is in Claws/Claxson colors.

There has never been doubt in my mind that billets trace to a line of Pontius Pilate that named Mont Pilat in Dauphine. Payens, first found in Dauphine, share pierced Zionist stars in half the colors of the same of Billets. The Payen stars are in the colors of the Massena / Urban stars. And Payens put forth the first Templar cult in Jerusalem, and the link between Templars and FreeMASONry is clearly one between Payen's cult and Massins/Masons (share the FREIE lion). One can glean that Pontius Pilate's descendants were part of the reason for the Templars, nothing to do with love of a Catholic Jesus. The Templars were after gold in the Jerusalem temple. Emperor Titus hadn't gotten it all, they probably believed. Quadratilla's husband was placed in Jerusalem by the Romans one generation after Titus. Again, there is a Titius river beside the Tilurius so that, perhaps, Titus was related to Bassus liners. The Maezaei are shown at the upper Titius. The line of Titus is very traceable to Josephs, and therefore to Plate's.

Titus' use gyronny (identifiable with Deetz-related Gernons), an eSCUTcheon, the Moor head of Chappes', and a PASsant lion (suspect partly with Pasi's) in the colors of the same of Gernons / Deetz's. As Deeters are shaping up to be Taddei's, perhaps the latter were Titus liners. It just so happens that while Templars were in Jerusalem thanks to the first Crusade, led by the family of Godfrey de Bouillon, Taddei's use the Bouillon flory cross. And "Bouillon" is suspect with silver bullion bars (because the Bouillon cross looks like two silver bars crossed).

On the opposite side of the Maezaei from the Urbanus river, the Una river has been identified (by me) with high certainty as the river that named mythical Juno. On the map, the Una is the Oeneus, like the Oneum location at the mouth of the Tilurius. The Titius has a source very near the source of the Una,. .The Junius family married by the Caepionis (like "Capone") line of Quintus Caepio traces to this Una river, therefore, and June's, first found in the same place as Capone's and Chapmans, use fleur-de-lys, traceable with the Lys/Lisse surname (greyhounds) to Lissus (on the map above), a city of the Cavii. It appears from the simple June Coat, therefore, that June's were related to Cavii in the first place, as were Masseys (same fleur colors as that of Lys'/Lisse's) and their Masci branch. The Chives-related Hykes' (trace to the Taulantii too) share scallops in both colors of the Meschin scallops.

The theory is that Taulantii named the Tilurius with Lissus between them, but there is also the Telavius (like "Taillebois") on the other side of the Titius. As Ranulf le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois, it's more likely that the Titus lion is that of Meschin's son, Ranulph de Gernon. At Wikipedia's article on le Meschin, his lion is shown in red-on-gold, colors reversed from the Gernon lion. One can imagine that "Laus" could form a Luce/Lucy and Luciano surname, both of which use fish. The Luce fish are routinely traced to the Geddes fish, though the explanation behind the origins of the two surnames are wrong. In reality, the Geddes pike fish are code for Pike's, the Scottish branch first found in the same place as Carricks.

The Titius river shows a Burnum location that is highly suspect with the naming of Berenice Agrippa, for she was engaged to be married to emperor Titus; they lived together, and probably had children. The uncle of Julius Bassianus was Julius Agrippa, suspect now with the children of Titus and Berenice. The Bernice/Burness surname happens to share pierced Zionist stars with Payens, and both call them "spur rowells." The Rowell/Rothwell/Rosewell surname (besants) was first found in the same place as Lucy Taillebois.

"Agrippa" thus becomes suspect with the GRAPE's of Deeters (talbots in Plate colors) and Plate's, especially as the Grape surname is listed with the same that list Gripps. The Grape's/Gripps are listed with a Garb- / Garvey-like surname suspect with Gareb liners. We already saw Gareb liners linked to Bellamys, and while the gold Bellamy fesse was suspect as a gold bar, it's shared by Tillers, Mussels and Meschins, the latter two using nearly the format, in the same colors, as Baliols. The Baliols are the ones sharing the chevron of Capone's and Talents, and while Baliols were the stock of Scotts, the latter trace to lake Scodra, not far north of Lissus. But as Scotts use a version of the Talbot bend, a Scott link to Urbans and Orba is expected.

The Scotts use Catherine wheels for a line of Catherine Roet, daughter of Payne/Payen Roet. The latter's first name makes Roets suspect as kin of Rowells/ROTHwells, and therefore Roets pan out as kin of Bernice's i.e. of Berenice Agrippa. Indeed, for Roets (book) are obvious kin of Reeds (book) with a Rieti-like Ried variation. If not mistaken, Titus and Berenice lived in Rome (the Romans rejected her for his wife, and he was forced to leave her), where Rita's were first found who use a "PIECE of wood" as part-code for Pasi liners that I see in "VesPASIA." She lived in Rieti as Titus' grandmother. Therefore, Titus and Bernice are suspect with children to Roets, Reeds and Rita's. The Bradds, like "Brattia," share a white-on-blue lion with Rita's. English Reeds (garbs) may be using a "PAX copia" motto partly in honor of Pasi liners.

English Reeds are said to have had a Reed location in Hertfordshire, and that latter area is where Titus' were first found. Scottish Reeds/Rieds (Sutherland stars?) are said to descend from Robertsons, and then Roberts and Propers/Roberts happen to share a gold-on-red passant lion with Titus'. Reeds/Rieds use a "fortiTUDINE" motto term that should be for the Tadini variation of Taddei's. If so, it makes Taddei's suspect with emperor-Titus liners. It makes a Roet and Payen trace to Titus very convincing.

Titus adopted (almost) Josephus (the historian), whom I suspect as a close relative of Joseph Caiaphas, and the latter is suspect from Quintus Caepio. I've been predicting that Caiaphas' family knew where some of the temple gold was that came from Caepio. Certainly, Herods had an enormous amount of gold in that period. Reeds/Rieds can be using the Quint chevron because the Reed/Ried chevron shares a gold fitchee with the Quint Crest. Furthermore, the Reed stag heads are those of Pilate-related Colts/Cults and billet-using Doyle's/Dole's. Let's not forget that German Dole's use a vine-stock i.e. with grapes. There was a question on whether Dole liners were Dillenburg liners. If so, then Dole's / Tollers can be QuadraTILLa liners from the Tilurius.

English Tollers can be using the Bird/Burd and Taddei flory cross all in one. We can now bring the Taddei-like Dade's back to topic who share the same garbs as the copia Reeds, arguing once again for a Taddei trace to Titus. But as the Garb/Garp surname is suspect as an Agrippa branch, it speaks to children from Titus and Berenice. The Garveys happen to use two red chevrons while Taddei's use three red chevrons. Taddei's use the cross of Bouillons, and the latter were Flemish while the Fleming surname uses a "deed" motto term assumed for the Deed variation of Dade's. It tends to suggest that Flemings, a primary Crusader peoples, were fundamental with Taddei liners. But as the other primary Crusaders were the Claro Normans, note that Clare's likewise use three red chevrons.

Burds can be a branch of Borders that are now being viewed as Shute / Schutz liners. Bordens (probably Hawk / Axelrod kin) are said to have been barons, and landlords of a Mr. SURDeval, a feasible Sword liner because Borders share the Sword swords.

Dade's use the colors and format of Brechs that happen to list a Brack variation. Brechs/Bracks are the ones with the Orange-surname hunting horn so that Nassau-Dillenburg elements appear linked to Brattia liners. Recalling that the talbot kin of Carricks trace to Brattia liners, let's repeat that Carricks of the Caracalla kind had traced to the Orange's.

The next thing to do is check for Dillenburgs in Google, and to look at the Dillen surnames again to see if anything can indicate Quadratilla specifically. Again, Tilurius-river liners of the Tiller kind use billet-related pellets, and Bellets/Bellows are definitely part of the Schutz-Nassau entity. The billet-using Saltire's (probably the Talbot Shield in colors reversed) share a red rooster with Bible's/Bibo's, suspect with Laevillus mother (Vibia). The Saltire rooster has gold billets upon it so that if Billets trace closely to Quadratilla, so do Saltire's. We already realize that Talbots can be Tiller stock. Laevillus can trace to Levi's that use three chevrons in the colors of the four Dillen/Diller fesse bars. Very interesting, but not conclusive. The Dillen/Diller bars are black, as are the two fesse bars of Dude's.

Saltire's share the red roundel with DUGdale's, but this is not in itself enough evidence for a close / meaningful link. Saltire's also use blue roundels called, hurts, and the Hurt surname shares the gold-on-black fesse of Tillers, all in Schutz colors. Scottish Harts and Daddys/Duddys/Dowdys both share the Pollocks saltire, gold like the Schutz saltire. Daddys can be expected with Dudo of Nassau, and while Dude's are also DOUGHTys, and while Irish Dade's share the Coat of DOUGHERtys/Doghertys (Dog-Herty), Douglas' are said to be from Hardys while sharing three white stars in Chief with Doughertys/Doghertys. It appears that the trace of Doughertys and Dade's to "David" is assumed and mistaken. It appears that they are Douglas liners. I have seen the red stag called a "hart," and Doughertys / Dade's both use a red stag. While I can't decipher the Dougherty motto in any way unto a surname, it's translated, "Our HERITage," apparently code for Hardy liners. HURTs share the fesse of Herls/Hurls, a branch of HERODs/Hurls.

I think I know what the paragraph above is. It's the Mont-Pilat liners mixing with red-stag Colts/Cults, or, to put it another way, Pilat liners merged with lines from Herod Archelaus to the near-east of Mont-Pilate, at the Lyon area. I have already traced lines from this Herod to Lyons and Lannoys, but then Irish Dillens are said to be from "Leon." German Hards/Harts use the red stag ("deer"), as do MacCarthys/ARTHYs. These Hards are said to have had a seat at GRABENstadt, and then Grabens are the ones who list Grape's and Gripps. Very Herod-Agrippa suspect.

Saracens at Nassau

There is a Dillenburg location: "Dillenburg is a town in Hesse's Gießen [Giessen] region in Germany. The town was formerly the seat of the old Dillkreis district, which is now part of the Lahn-Dill-Kreis." The Arms of Dillenburg use a lion in the colors of the same of Nassau-Dillenburg, but without billets, suggesting that Nassau's own the billets. "DILLKreis" can explain the Dilks variation of Dills/Dilleys (gold lion). Dillenburg is at the Dill river. Dillenburg is beside a town of Haiger, also on the Dill, and then Haigers are listed with Hagar(d)s, first found in the same place as red-stag Colts/Cults. As Haigers/Hagars share the white-on-blue Zionist star with Billets, this can prove that Billets are in fact in code with the Nassau-Dillenburg billets. The Dill/Dilks lion, it should be added, is colors reversed from the lions of Abraham-suspect Bramtons, a necessary statement at this point because Hagar was the name of Abraham's concubine. "The nobles of Haiger...gradually waned with the rise of the house of Nassau-Dillenburg."

Here's something interesting. I've read that, historically, Hagarites were conflated with Saracens. "Hagarite" was a general term to indicate Arabs because a general (and probably wrong) consensus was that Arabs descended from Hagar's son, Ishmael. As Saracens were likewise Muslims, the two terms were used interchangeably. It seems that this is what's behind the Hagar surname, for it's in Hague colors while Hague's use a rock in the color and design once showing for French Rocks/Roque's. It was in this update that I introduced the idea that Rook / Roach/Roche liners trace to Saracen-like Saraca's, which caused the question on whether Rock-like surnames were from "Ragusa." There is another Ragusa location on the east side of Sicily, home of Saracens, and that's where I've been tracing Saraca's. Roquefeuil, in Languedoc, where Rocks/Roque's were first found, uses gold billets.

The Ragusa topic earlier led to ArBUTHnotts. They use both the star and crescent in the same colors of the Hague star and crescent! The Arbuthnotts (first found beside Hagars) suggested Abernathys, and the latter use the same lion as Dills/Dilks. Note that ABER is like ABRaham. It's possible that, 1,000 years ago or more, some families still knew a line from Ishmael. I would expect it through pagan Greece in pre-Christian times. I expect it in Athens with mythical Kodros.

Here is something new. The Laus name for Saraca was traced to Laus in southern Italy, smack beside Saracena. As Arbuthnotts use a "Laus" motto term, they can now be traced to Italian laus because it's beside BUXENtum, where I traced Buchans and Buchanans with little doubt. Buchans were first found in the same place (ABERdeenshire) as Arbuthnotts / ABERbuthnoth. I still think that Aberdeen was named after Kabardino, the name of a Caucasus region named for Kabars, for while Kabars made up a portion of the first Hungarians, Leslie's, known Hungarians, lived firstly in Aberdeenshire. Kabars, or Khazars, as some call them, were on the Mures river, which I trace to "Moray," and Arbuthnotts (and Hague's) happen to use the Moray stars. It just so happens that Buchans share the sun with Rooks, and Rooks use a "sol" motto term while Hague's use "sola." The French Hardys may be using the Buchan lion heads.

Buxentum was also called, PYXus, and this is where the Pike's ought to trace that are in the Geddes Coat.

All-in-all, it seems that Hagars and Hague's (Oddie saltire?) link smack to Haigar and the Dill river. My guess is that Haigar was named after Muslims of the Saracen kind. There are two Sarasin surnames, one using crescents (Muslim symbol too), as do Hague's, and the other using a moline i.e. fish-tail ends, same as heraldic rooks). The one with crescents use a black wolf with gold collar while the Collar(d) surname uses Moor heads.

Saracena was home to Enotrians, otherwise called, Oenotrians. The mouth of the Tilurius has an OENium location that can apply. In any case, I traced Oenotrians to Jonathan the pagan Levite priest of Laish (all found in Judges). Take it or leave it. I traced them to the Oeneus/Una river of Jonathan-like Juno. Take it or leave it. I identified the Romans from Benjamites of Rimmon (in Judges). Take it or leave it. I don't want to re-explain all that, as I'm tired of doing circles. I need a long vacation from this work.

Simsons have a motto term as code for Enotrians. One Simson Coat shares the same lion with Buchanans for a Simson trace to the Laus / Saracena area. The other Simsons use crescents in Chief in the colors of the stars in Chief of Doughertys/Doghertys and related Dade's. There was a Saracen leader by the same of Samsam to which Simsons may trace. He joined war with Guiscard in betraying his fellow Saracens. One could expect his lines in heraldry, therefore. If the Simson Coat with crescents had a red stag, it would be a great match with the full Coats Doughertys / Dade's. But this is where the Hardys can come in, suspect with the Buchan lions heads, for they are black, the color of the Buchanan lion. Therefore, the Simsons are expected to be kin of Hardys, especially if Doughertys/DogHERTYs were Douglas' (said to descend from a Hardy family). Meanwhile, a red stag has been called a hart.

The way to be sure of a Buchanan / Buchan trace to Buxentum is that it was beside PALINurus, while Palins share a black lion with them. Palins even share three white stars in Chief with Doughertys / Dade's. Check out the colors of one Power surname (green and white, the colors of Simsons and Doughertys), for the other Powers look to be using a version of the Palin Coat.

As Doughertys are Dockertys, Dockers were checked to find a "SEMper" motto term. Sempers are a surname sharing the two lions in pale of Bramtons. It fits right in with Hagarites / Saracens.

Having said all this, which convinces me of a Douglas trace to Saracen liners, it's notable that the Sarasin moline is colors reversed from the Dugdale/DugDILL moline. Duggens, who share a gold lion in Crest with Doggers/Doggets, share a central white-on-blue crescent with ArBUTHnotts, and the Duggens share gold-on-blue ESToils with BUTE's/Butts while the other Bute's/Butts share a fish on a fesse with the Arms of Saraca. As Laus = Ragusa was traced above to Lissus, note that Lys'/Lisse's share multiple courant greyhounds, in pale (vertical), with Doggers/Doggetts. I would consider linking the Duggen Coat to Motts/Mottins, and then Modens/Modeys/Modes' are probably in the Hagar motto term, "MODESte," part-code for Este's whom once showed the same black horse head in Crest as the Bute/Butt Crest.

Doggers/Doggetts were first found in the same place as Flags/Flacks, whom are in the motto of Samsons, likewise suspect with Samsam (Sams/Sammes' are likely using the Simson lion). Flags/Flacks share two fesse bars in the colors of the same of Dude's/DOUGHtie's. Samsons and Flags/Flacks share scallops in the same colors, a symbol for the Scylla part of Sicily, beside the Saracens of the Ragusa / Syracuse area.

The Simsons were practically clinched, some weeks ago, with Sinsons/Zinzans (rock), suspect from count Zinzendorf. The Sinson rock ("a falcon standing on a rock and a estoile") now means a lot more than it did if it's a Ragusa-line symbol. The Falcon surname even shows the white-on-blue crescent. Sinsons/Zinzans were first found in the same place (Berkshire) as Modens/Modes'.

Semans/Seamans (share blue Shield with Sinsons), because they use crescents, and because their Sea/Sees kin use a fish, look like a Simson branch. The fish is colors reversed from the Saraca fish, and the wavy bars of both Sees' and Semans are in Saraca-fish colors. The Sees are said to be from a Seal location while Seals (Bernice / Saraca fesse?) and Sailers can be construed with the Quade wolf heads. As the Quade wolves are black, like the Sarasin wolf, and as Semans share a black crescent with Sarasins, it appears that these Saracen lines were somehow linked to the Quadratilla line. Yes, the Seal fesse is the one in the Arms of Saraca, and the Seal Coat is a good reflection of the Bernice Coat. While Seals are also Sealys, the page for the Arms-of-Dudley description has a Cseley term (see 2nd update in April).

Dugdale's/Dugdills use a "pigRITIES" motto term while the Rites/Write surname happens to use three leopard faces in Chief in both colors of the three stars in the Douglas Chief. The Rites'/Wrights are said to be from Ralph Wright, burgess of Stirling (beside the Dollars (roundels = Alan-line symbol) of Clackmannanshire, important because Wrights are a Stewart branch while Dollars can be Dol liners. Plus, while Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg spoke on a father-son team in Thomas and Ralph de Vere of Blackwood in Lanarkshire, the Rites'/Write's are not only traced to Thomas Wright, but to a Ralph Wright of BLAKEenhall of Lanarkshire. The Blackwoods/BLAKEwoods happen to use another white-on-blue crescent, and Blackwoods were first found in the same place (Ayrshire) as Shawia Numidians.

Ayrshire is known to use the Annandale saltire, which you can see below in relation to Bigot-like Pigots. Shawia also stacked up in Kent, where Chaucers were first found that share the tortoise with Bigots. While Rites'/Wrights use two fesse bars in the colors of the two Dexter chevrons, the Bigot description is: "A gold RIGHT hand in armor holding an adder proper." Often in heraldry, the right hand is a dexter hand, but in this case, the Rites/Wrights with Right variation seem to be in play with Bigots. It strikes me here that Dexters may be a branch of the Doggetts listed with Doggers. The Dockers came to mind simultaneous with a checking for a Doctor surname, which happens to be listed with Dockers, and the latter use spears pointed up, like the arrow / spear heads pointed up of Pigots, and, too boot, Piggs/Picgs use a purple lion. As Pace's, first found in the same place as Pigots/Picots, use a purple Shield, by what coincidence do Italian Pace's/Pasi's use spears? Pigots are said to use "blue-tipped spears," and, in colors reversed, the Pasi spear is blue. It looks like Piggs and Pigots were Pasi liners, and may, therefore, trace to Vespasian and Titus. Excellent, for it can identify "Rites" with "Rieti"! Zowie, that works well.

The "PIGrities" motto term (Dugdale's) might therefore be part-code for Pike / PYXus liners such as Pigots/Picots / Bigots / Piggs. This works excellently because the Piggs share the Shuster/SHEWster Coat, and the latter were mentioned earlier like so: "Dugdale's are said to be of SHUstock (Warwickshire), perhaps named by Shuster/Shewsters/Shoestars/SOOSters." The Piggs/Picgs (someone's purple lion) may be using a boar-head version of the Buchan lion heads i.e. so that Piggs can trace with Buchans to Buxentum = Pyxus. Compare the Picken variation of Pike's to "Buxen," and then recall that Pike's/Pickens were first found in Ayrshire, home of Shews/Shaws. Therefore, Shawia Numidians merged with Buxentum liners. Pike's even share the trefoil with Irish Shaws.

While Dugdale's use a red roundel = a TORTeaux, English Bigots (Shield-and-Chief color combination of Rites') show a TORToise. Hmm, TortEAUX. Pigots and Seals both use the same white wolf head in their Crests, which is the symbol of SCARFs. Pigots use ermines all over their Shield, as well as arrow / spear heads (which they call "PIKEheads") that look like ermine spots without their three dots. See the large ermine spot in the Crest of Ermine's (Tailbois and Annandale saltire). Ermine spots were a special symbol of Vannes, and it just so happens that the Arms of Vannes is an ermine mammal wearing a SCARF. No guff. Scarfs are suspect with Sheriffs, the latter first found in Warwickshire i.e. same as Dugdale's of Shustock. While I trace Vannes to the Fane's/Vans/Veynes', they happen to share the GAUNTlet glove with the Bigot Crest. John of GAUNT was husband to Catherine Roet, a Rieti liner.

Fane's/Vans/Veynes' (= king Arthur's wife) are a branch of Wayne's (Irish-Arthur Coat) and Pine's, the latter in the pine cones of Maschi's, first found beside Fano, the latter found in the motto of Fane's/Veynes'. The Pyne variation of Pine's is suspect with Pendragons, Arthur's father. The Pendragon helmet is open, as are the Mynett helmets, and Mynetts are a branch of Hamons that have a "rimini" buried in their motto, wherefore Hamons are of Hamon-de-Massey. The gold ermines in the black Hamon chevron is called, "peen", code for Pyne-like Payens/Peens. Ermines originate at Vannes/Gwenea, and the Maschi lion is therefore in the Coat of Voirs/Voyers, the latter said to be from a PENhoet location at Vannes/Gwenea. John of Gaunt was fundamental with this Arthurian cult, and his royal line went on to merge with helmet-using Tudors, rulers of England as per king Henry VII. As Voirs are in the Oliphant motto, note that Oliphants can be uisng the Masseys/Masse / Tute crescent.

The Seal Coat and Crest compares well with the Rites/Wright Coat and Crest, which may reveal that Seals and related Sailers are Salto-river liners, such as Sale's/Sails/Salletts. That's important because Seals share the Bernice Coat while Berenice Agrippa was engaged to emperor Titus of Rieti. Note that the Rites/Wright LEOpard faces are in the colors of the Rita lion, for Rita's (first found in Rome) were resolved with the PierLEONi Jews of Rome. The Pierleoni are very linkable to Leo's, now suggesting that leopard faces are part code for Face's/Fessys and Italian Leo's (share a white-on-blue lion with Rita's) together.

Pigots are said to have been in the same Prestbury location as Kerricks; these Pigots were of BUTley. As they married the heiress of Peshal, it's notable that Peshals share the gold lion head in Crest with the Dogger/Doggett Crest, for while I see Douglas' with Peter Pollock, so the Peter Crest has the same gold lion head while an early Peshal is said to have followed Robert of Stafford; the latter was treated in the last update as kin or even ancestor of Peter Pollock. Peshals may have been more Pasi liners, and their PEARsall variation suggests Pierleoni liners. Pierleoni are said to have been named after "Peter" and pope Leo together. German Leo's have a variation with a Peer- / Pierce-like prefix. Italian Leo's share the Payne/Paine fesse while Payne Roet was father to Catherine Roet, a good reason to equate Rita's with Roets and Rieds. The Leo lion, in the colors of the leopards in the Rites Chief, is in the Chief.

The Dugdale motto even uses a term that caused me to look up Pesters/Pistols/Pestells, traced in the past to kinship round-about with Quints, Capone's and, more-directly to, the Hopkin pistols. PESters are suspect with Pasi liners, for Pesters seem to be using a version of the Reed Coat with "Pax copia" motto. French Pacs/Packs share the red bull of Sabine's (Rieti is at mont Sabina), and English Packs use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Rites'/Wrights. While Pesters use red stag heads and a red chevron, Dugdale's use plenty of red, including a red Agrippa-suspect griffin in Crest. As Dugdale's are using a moline in colors reversed from the same of the Brittany Sarasins, note that Dols were first found in the Pomerania theater, where the house of Griffin lived. Reminder: the Sarasin/Saracen wolf wears a collar while Collars share the Moor head with Titus'.

By the way, The Le Pac variation of French Packs brought Leveque's to mind, and they happen to share the Templar lamb with PAScals (from Eure) while Pasi's show a Pascel variation. "PASCal" can explain the LeVESQUE variation. French Pascals (Dauphine) have the Leveque lamb (in Veck/Vesk colors) in Pasi colors. Amazingly, while Pacsals are said to be from Pasci in Eure, Pont l'Eveque is in Eure! This excellent because Rieti is near the Abruzzo border while the Abreu/Abruzzo bloodline named Evreux in Eure. It means that the Vespasian / Titus bloodline can be expected in Eure, and it just so happens that Abreu's/Abruzzo's share the gold-on-red lion with the Titus Crest! Sinclairs are said to derive in Pont l'Eveque. Vecks/Vesks (PALE bar in Jewish Pollock colors) are traced to a Henry le Euske, possibly the makings on Eaux = Eu.

German Pesters/Pisters are interesting for using a single, central annulet in the colors of the giant one of Vito's. The Pesters/Pisters, moreover, use Zionist stars in the colors of the same of German Mauch's, which were resolved at Mauchline (Ayrshire) as Massena / Masci / Mack liners, important where Vito's trace to Avitus, husband of Julia Maesa. It's unclear from anything I've read whether Avitus was himself Mr. Maesa, or whether that was the surname of a previous husband of Julia. Pesters/Pisters had a branch at GRUBnitz, perhaps named by the Grabbens/Gripps/Grape's, and then Julia's father was the nephew of Julius Agrippa.

By the way, Masci's once showed two white-on-red wings, which, in colors reversed, become red wings, showing in the Mauch Crest. I've claimed over the past couple of years that there was a close relationship between Gace and Ferte-Mace, and here we find the Zionist star of Gace's/Wassa's in the Mauch Coat. To make a Massena link to Pesters too, one can take the Pace/Pasi spears to Speers, first found in the same place (beside Glasgow) as PASleys/Paisleys (Pasi colors), and then appeal to the "Dum SPERo spiro" motto of Massins/Masons who share the Melusine mermaid with the crest of Glasgow-related Glass'. The latter, no guff, have a Jewish branch showing white-on-red wings (colors of Jewish Pollocks, first found in the same place as Speers. The latter are likely using the crescents of Tattons-of-Massey, and, moreover, the fleur-de-lys of Scottish Glass' is colors reversed from the same of Masseys/Maceys.

The Moray Crest not only shares the Glass / Mason mermaid, but the Moray motto, "TOUT pret," traces to Tute's/Tuits (same place as Sabine's) that share versions of the Tatton and Spree Coats, in my opinion. The Moray motto may be part-code for a line from Brattia (where Julia Maesa's family traces), and the Arms of Rieti (fish in the colors of the same of Prude's/Pride's) use a "pratis/pratus" (I forget which) motto term. It's not a coincidence that Prude's/Prats share the Tiller fesse. Pretts (besant) share the Sutherland stars, said in the Sutherland write-up to be the Moray stars. It's now clear to me that the Pretts are using the Robert / Proper/Robert lion because Robert of Stafford was looking like Peter Pollocks close kin while Pretts were first found in Stafford. Peter Pollock was commissioned to build Rothes castle, at Rothes in Moray. While Douglas' (Moray stars) are also DuGLASS', note that Scottish Glass' share lots of red with Dugdale's.

The Robert / Prett lion can also be the one in the Titus Coat. It's also the lion used by Benedicts / Bennets, the line to the Pierleoni. As the latter aspired to become popes, note that the Prett Crest is made to look like the Catholic communion symbol, where the priest raises the round wafer high in both hands. The Pretts are using the El-Gabal sun god in that besant, right? Some say the papal mitre is secretly a fish-tail shape, but it's rather identical with the so-called "black stone" of El-Gabal. This black stone is shown online, for example on this coin of Uranius Antoninus.

I'd like to decipher the Irish and English Pratt Coats now. It has the colors and format of the Shewsters and Piggs, as well as the English Shaws, and even shares the trefoil with Irish Shaws. The Pratt chevron has mascles, which are hollow lozenges, while English Shaws use lozenges beside their same-colored chevron. Mascles are code for Mussels/Muscels that use plates while Pratts use pellets. The Pellet surname (as well as Pilotte's) shares the Coat of Scottish Shaws. In thus tracing well to SHEWsters and Pasi--suspect Piggs, the Pratts can help to assure that VesPASIan had a line to the "pratis/pratus" motto term of Rieti. The Pilotte's were first found in the same place as Ermine's (and Vecks/Vesque's that already traced to Vespasian liners of the Pasi/Pascel and Pass/Pascal kind) that use the same lion as Pretts in their Chief. The Ermine's (same place as Tailbois') were first found in the same place as TailBOIS', suspect with the Boii of Bologna, where Pasi's were first found. Ermine's have a PASSant lion in the colors of the same of Titus'. The Pass/Pascal cross is in the colors of the similar Ermine / Tailbois Annandale saltire. The Abreu/ABRUSSI surname, to which the Pascals traced above, were claimed as the root of "Brusi," what the Bruce's of Annandale were once called. As Annandale is in Dumfries, where Kilpatricks were first found, it's notable that the Kilpatrick lion is the black one in the Pascal Coat.

As Sheriffs are suspect with the Sheera variation of Kilpatricks, note that Sheriffs were first found in Warwickshire, where a branch of Pascals is said to have lived. Sheriffs recall the scarf on the ermine of Vannes, for Ermine's are now tracing to the environs of Kilpatricks. Sheriffs can be gleaned with the griffins of Sailers, first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Scarfs and related to the Seals that share the white Scarf wolf head. York was early, Eboracum, like the Ebroicum peoples known to have named Evreux. As Sailers use the Quade/Wade wolf heads, note that Watts were first found in W

Bologna was also, BONonia, and Bone's were first found in the same place as pellets. Bone's became suspect with Beaumonts together with the Nassau lion, and here we find Billet-related Pellets in the same place as Bone's. Bone's use the same fesse as Pullys/Pullens (share the red-on-white scallop of Sabine's) while Vespasian's mother was Vespasia Polla.

As the Arms of Ayrshire is known to use a gold-Shielded version of the Annandale saltire, it's notable that Pike's/Pickens (Ayrshire) use it in colors reversed. As the Pike's/Pickens are likely using the Sutherland/Suderland stars, for a trace to Suderland of Nassau, the gold Pike/Picken saltire starts to look like the Schutz saltire. As Pike's are being traced to Pyxus = Buxentum, that place happens to be near SCIDrus. See it on this Lucania map, where you can also see PICENtia:

Note the Calor river to the south of Picentia, for the Schutz greyhound wears a collar. The Schutz saltire was recently suspect with the same of the Stuteville's, but the latter use the saltire also in the colors of the Annandale saltire. By what coincidence does the Stuteville Crest share the crossbow with Collars? Aren't Collars using the Titus Moor head? Yes, and Calors share a red bull with Sabine's, making Salurum / Sailers traceable to the Salto. I was going to say above, when on the Pratt surname, that its wolf is split vertically in the colors of the split Stuteville Coat. Amazing coincidence, for Pratts trace to Titus' Rieti.

In fact, my mother, born in Abruzzo's Picenzo location, has an Italian book in her home on the history of Picenzo, and it traces some of its inhabitants to nobles (from Vespasian / Titus blood?) of Naples, a city to the near-north of Picentia above. In the center-left of the dark map below, see the Picensii peoples to the near-south of a Pek river (not shown) near Cuppae, "city of doves," for the Peace/Paise surname, suspect with the "piece of wood" of Rita's, uses doves:

The Pasi's show a PACENTi variation, wherefore see PAEStum (Lucania map) to the near-south of Picentia. As there is a MalPAS Cheshire, where Pace's/Paice's were first found, note the Melpes river on the Lucania map, passing through Pyxus. Amazing coincidences. It should be added that while Avezzano is on the Salto, Avisons share the same garbs as the Arms of Cheshire. The Avezzano's use the potent feature in the bend pattern, and Potentia is in Lucania. SCIDrus-like Skits and Skeets' use the potent cross. The Alburnus area along the Calor river was traced to "Caliburnus," the Welsh version of "EXcalibur," the latter suspect (years ago) with Devon, where English Pike's were first found.

I think I am claiming that there was a Scidrus link to Picentia in tracing to the Pike's/Pickens with Schutz saltire, all linkable to the billets of Salto-suspect Saltire's, first found in Shropshire, smack beside Malpas. Apparently, the same elements between Picentia and Scidrus that were in southern England were also in my mother's (Massey liner, the same that named Dunham-Massey, Cheshire) home town. English Pike's even use TREFoils, which I claimed to be part code for the Tref variation of Trips. I saw with my own eyes that Trips once showed the same boots, colors included, as French Masseys. The latter now show a tree instead. There is a Scalea location (modern atlas) where your see Laus on the Lucania map, while Trips use a "SCALing ladder." There is a German Laus surname uses SCYTHes. The Trip boots have been replaced with shoes, and the Shoe's are also Schuchs suspect with the Skeoch variation of Skits. Clearly, Skeets liners trace to Scidrus (i.e. very near Scalea).

Of some interest, Scalia's were first found in the same place (Florence) as Naso's. It can explain why Schutz's were Nassau vassals.

The boot-using Masseys now use a tree, and Tree's (Warwickshire) share the black greyhound with Schutz's. Moreover, Tree's happen to have a knight in Crest, the symbol of Shoe's, thus clinching the Masseys with Trips in yet another way, and explaining the Trip shoes. German Shusters use the boot too, and Shewsters/Shoesters use the Pigg Coat for a potential trace to Pyxus. If Tree's were linked to Warwickshire's Sheriffs, note that the latter are likely using the Master griffins while Masters were first found in the same place (Kent) as Scotts (and Massins), who use their own griffin.

As the Shoe/Schuch knight comes with a knee code, note that Knee's use a bend with leaves in the three colors of the Scott bend and its symbols. The Massey tree is said to be "without LEAVES." We get it. Masseys were Shoe/Schuch = Schutz liners. Amazing. The Leave/Leaf/Leve surname uses doves, recalling the Peace/Paise doves traceable to the Pek river. Peks share the patee crosses of Massena's and Chads, the latter being yet another potent liner. While I don't know of any particular Massey elements in the Lucania area, they can be assumed from the Messina part of Sicily. Scalea may have been named after the Scylla part of Sicily.

The German Shusters ("pair of elephant trunks") can bring us to Schutz liners by another root, for they use, "a black boot at the center out of which SPRING three red roses." The Spring(er)s are said to descend from the Fonte's, and Spanish Fonte's, the only Fonte surname coming up, share the red moline with Birds, and moreover use a border with what looks like an eSCUTcheon. The Birds/Burds are suspect with the Borders now tracing to Shute / Schutz liners. I don't think this is coincidental, that Shoe-liner Shusters should bring us to this. It tends to assure that Birds are Border liners. But then the Birds use the Taddei flory in colors reversed, and Taddei's were first found in the same place as Naso's (mill stones).

Avisons/Avise's are in the motto of Scottish Kennedys along with Lafins/La Fonts. The latter were first found in the same place, TIPPerary, as Irish Kennedys. Repeat: "Pigots are said to use "blue-TIPPed spears," and, in colors reversed, the Pasi spear is blue." My guess is that Tipps / Tipper elements in the Pyxus theater were from Tipaza, a Numidian capital. As Kennedys and Tippers are expected to be PENdragon kin, let's re-mention that his son's Excalibur sword traces to mount Alburnus, at the sources of the Melpes river, for Malpas was also called by a DePEN term: "After the Norman conquest of 1066 Malpas is recorded as being called Depenbech{citation needed} and is mentioned in the Domesday book of 1086 as belonging to Robert FitzHugh, Baron of Malpas."

I didn't know while writing the above that the Arms of Cholmondeley, a location near Malpas, shares helmets with Pendragons and Kennedys. The Cholmondeley family claim to descend from Hugh of Malpas above. The Arms looks fairly linkable to Mandels/Mondale's, and even Arthurs. The Mandels/ManDELLs are said to be possibly a branch of Mandeville's, and the latter use quadrants in the colors of the same of Malls/Mallibone's, first found in Cheshire, and likely explaining "MALpas." The MARLIbone variation of Malls suggests the Marleys, first found in Cheshire, and sharing dolphins with Kennedys and Tippers. Dells use a gold garb in Crest, the Arms-of-Cheshire symbol.


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