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December 20 - 26 2016

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The Young Hungarians and the Trump
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After Egypt tabled a UN resolution seeking to club Israel on the head, it decided to withdraw due to Trump pressure (a very big deal), but the vote went ahead in a varied form tabled by others, with the freak Obama refusing to veto, now that he has nothing to lose anymore, politically. It was always in Obama to ruin right-wing Israel, but politics forbade him to do his full will. Now his true colors have come out, and he didn't care if the whole world saw them. The vote passed 14-0. See story:

How Obama hated the Jewish voters amongst Democrats. If not for them, he would have been able to persecute Israel badly starting eight years ago. Be shocked, Jewish voters, you who voted for Obama. Ironically, the neo-Nazi's are in the Republican camp. Whatever Obama hopes to gain from this, all the media Rare using "Obama abandoned Israel," and other such phrases. What a sorry arse. On behalf of American Jews, "Schumer urges Obama to veto anti- Israel resolution." Sorry, Schumer, Obama couldn't resist putting the best shot he had into his last hurrah.

I have no confidence in Trump to finish any good project. If he starts one because he wants to do a voter bloc a favor, he will shift the agenda to fulfill his own will, and that of his political partners. No man is good. Trump can't expend himself for others at all times; he will gravitate toward self-fulfillment, because God is not in him. Trump has not had one week go by since winning when he hasn't been an idiot. Here's this week's goof: "'Let it be an arms race, because we [the U.S.] will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all,' Trump said Friday morning, according to 'Morning Joe' co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough."

Why did Trump choose Mattis for defense chief, whose stance is anti-Russia? How can this make any sense? Is Trump trying to be schizoid? What kind if a high-wire act is he trying to pull off? First, he's Putin's friend, then he's going to stack nuclear weapons against Russia??? Isn't Trump the sort who will push his weight around when disagreements crop up? Isn't that the sort of spirit showing itself when he embraces a nuclear-weapons competition? He's telling the world he's no push-over. But wait, no one's pushing Trump. Putin is on his best behavior. Is this the time to be a schizoMANIAC? How angry does the Trump get when someone doesn't agree with him? Is he like the North-Wind god? If Russia turns out to set up the anti- Christ, I have the sense that it will be due to Western animosity against it.

Obama's friendly-friendly with Russia wasn't going to get anything done, and neither will Trump's. What the West should have done is to let Russia sell gas to Europe. That's called world peace. Give to Putin his fair shake in business, and he will be on his best behavior. But if the U.S. president brings the Russian people to animosity against the West for 20 years, how will that be good? That's been Mattis' attitude. And the West wants to beat Russia to Middle-East wealth, rather than to share it. In the meantime, God has a terrible agenda against the Arabs, very terrible.

Trump promised to be tough in the Middle East, and decisive, and Mattis is going to be the one to advance that attitude; otherwise, Trump looks bad for promising another false promise. Never mind Iran, the thing to watch is the relationship with Putin. Syria was not much a threat to Israel before the civil war, aside from weapons smuggled to Hamas, but that threat fizzed out due to Arab-infighting. Syria is definitely not a threat to Israel now, unless the next government is taken by someone more aggressive than Assad. Russia, I assume, voted for the UN resolution this past week in opposition to Israeli settlements, etc.

Trump promised a different tack on oil than Obama. The latter resisted home- grown oil and pushed for home-grown marijuana. Trump apparently got into bed with Goldman-Sachs after pretending to be different than other American presidents, and so look at how Goldman-Sachs views a healthy economy: "The Economy Needs Higher Oil Prices -- Goldman Sachs" What exactly is this economy-beast that needs higher gas prices? The American drivers don't view the economy that way. Why are Americans being brainwashed into accepting / tolerating / inviting / celebrating higher oil prices? Isn't that mindset from the money demons? Is Trump going to feed the money demons?

The headline above is from an article touching on Trump's oil strategy, in which it tells that home-produced oil favors a barrel at $60 or more. It gives the impression that American oil cannot be sold for profit if the price is below $50, but this must be a falsification. The truth must be that there is a lot of money to be made at $50, even $40, but that they owners of the American oil are reserving it until the price shoots way up, for obvious reason. And, they are saying, the way to best work American oil out of the ground is to first make the Arabs shoot the price back up to at least $60. There is excitement in the lands of the economy beast now that oil prices are on their way back up. Does Trump have anything to do with this? Have his people contacted OPEC to fashion a threat unless oil goes up?

First of all, I reject the common claim that low oil is due to OPEC creating an oil glut in world-oil availability. It makes no sense for Arab nations to slash oil prices when Arab nations make a terrific bundle of money on oil. It makes more sense that globalists are in charge of OPEC in some way, and are forcing the organization, and others, to keep oil low so that Putin doesn't grow over-confident just when America is down in an economic straight-jacket with Obama as the "doctor." The belief must be that an over-confident Putin can rob Western dreams for Middle-East oil. Besides, the agenda over the last two years, at least, has been to dethrone Putin by making him unpopular at home, and one chief way to accomplish this has been to plunge Russia into a financial collapse, with cheap oil / natural gas facilitating that plot.

Trump chose Reince Priebus for his Chief-of-Staff position, the chairman of the Republican National Committee up to this time. If the RNC has been controlled by Bush-circle people, this move may indicate that Trump is forming a political alliance with the Bush circle, a thing I always watch for, in case it becomes obvious. While the presidential Bush bloodline married Walkers, "[Priebus] is credited with helping to bring nationally known figures such as Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, and Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, into power on the state level and prominence on the national stage."

The presidential Bush bloodline goes back to a marriage with a Smith family at, or about the time, that the Bush family was in Rochester, home also of Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormons. We saw the president Bush's supporting Mitt Romney when he ran against Obama, and Trump has just replaced Priebus, at the RNC chair, with Mitt Romney's niece. Go figure. Priebus was at the helm of the RNC when Romney lost to Obama. The Romney team wasn't even able to beat a whacked-out Obama. The Bush's should never have attached their name to the Romney campaign. If Romney was chosen because he was meat for evangelicals, that's why the Republicans are in dire trouble. They beat Hillary only because Hillary ran, not because Trump is better than Romney, or anything to be proud of. Trump is unreliable. He makes the people think that America is the land of great opportunity when, in reality, life was never given for seeking opportunity to become rich. Ask Jesus about that.

The Republicans have white-supremacists in their camp that often border on Nazism. Otto Skorzeny, a full-blown Nazi close to Adolf Hitler, reportedly admitted, on his deathbed, that George Bush Sr. was the son of a Nazi, George Herbert Scherff, and that Adolf did not commit suicide but rather escaped to Montana. I believe that report. This past week, an Israeli media source had a story on the mother of a neo-Nazi in Whitefish, Montana. Below the article, there is a headline to another story, Swastikas drawn at community college in Long Island, New York. Long Island is where William Hitler, Adolf's nephew, went to live with the blessings of the American government.

Searching for Schutz's Amongst Salian Rulers

What follows is an email sent to Mr. Skeetz, and it begins the story of this update, the new discoveries of which impressed me much:

After the last time that we corresponded, a man with Tailer bloodline got me to study that surname's roots, and it seemed that it was connectable to Talbots, who had some authority in Eu. Just see the Talbots at houseofnames to see what appears to be a claim that the Talbots were also surnamed, "D'Eu." While I see both Talbot Coats as versions of both Scott Coats, I resolved as a near-fact that one Talbot Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Grey Coat, but as this means that one Scott Coat is linkable to Greys, that's probably the reason for the Schutz greyhound...which may have been a black talbot dog at one time, your theory, looking pretty good at this point.

Your mention of Babenbergs had brought me to the Scottish Pape's (said to be from Vikings) because, when I was at the Siege-of-Jerusalem article, I saw the Arms shown for Tancred of Hauteville, a bend with checks (in Hohen- check colors), while one Pape surname likewise uses a bend with checks. German Pape's/PAPENBURGs then use talbot dogs in black. How interesting, especially as the Pape checks are in the colors of the Nassau billets. This looks like the Babenberg-Hohen connection you speak of, but let's not neglect the Salebury location in the Talbot write-up that can be from the Salians.

Next, load the Eu article and see the Pons-Fitzwilliams Shield with what appears to be the Ward / Warren checks, in the colors of the Pape checks. Pons Fitzwilliam was the son of William, count of Eu and Beatrice of Eu. Safe to say, the Pape's should be part of your clues.

Note that Beatrice of Eu was sister to Thurston of Goz (said to be a Dane), father of Richard Goz D'Avranches, father in-turn of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches. I'm going to set up the theory right here that the Nassau lion is a colors reversed version of the Massin / Louvain lion. Note that the Arms at the page for Thurston Goz is a version of the Gernon Coat, for Ranulph de Gernon [descended from Richard Goz] was an earl of Chester three generations after Hugh Lupus was.

As Ranulph de Gernon was son of a Meschin, it's another reason to see the Nassau lion with the MASSIN lion. This is being flung at you because, in last week's update, I emphasized king Massena's more-popular name, MASSINysus, because of its ending, "Massinissa." And I saw good reason as to why his name named the Nice / Ness surname, because Harcourts, who share double fesse bars with Ness' / Nice's and Hannabals/Annabels, were tracing very hard to Massena's family, and in the meantime explaining why viking lines use the Moor head. The Visconti's use the Moor in a snake, and they lived at Massino-Visconti.

It just so happens that William of Eu not only married Beatrice, but Lesceline de Harcourt de Turqueville.

In short, the Nassau's can be a branch of Ness' and therefore a line from Massinissa. Let's not neglect that le Meschin (a Goz in his grandfather) married Lucy Taillebois, a Talbot in my opinion.

If you were reading recently, you would have seen some strides I took in linking the Sicilian Hohens to Mosca's. It was very enlightening, but here it can be added that the Mosca leopard is much the lion of Saleburys. This is leading your topic right down my alley of expertise, and as much as I don't think you want to go in this direction, the Salebury lion leads to the Abreu/Abruzzo lion and therefore to Evreux, and to Eu-like Eure.

Tancred of Hauteville was from Sicilian elements of the GUIScards, and so note that Thurston Goz is also "Gois." It again brings to mind that Guido's come up as "Guis" while using the same lion as Talbots / Greys. I'm sure you want to get away from Italian lines, to German ones instead [e.g. Hohens], yet the Hohens, from emperor Frederick, a Salian liner, were in Sicily, and one Talbot Coat is probably using the Masci fleur-de-lys, suggesting the Hohen link to Sicily's Mosca's.

It recently became apparent that Gaunt/Ghent, beloved of the Macey gauntlet, was from Gaia, the father of Massinissa. I'm including this because the Salian surname (probably the Sale/Sallett bend) share the eagles of Ghents, the latter first found in the same place as Mosca-loving Drake's. The latter share the red-on-white wyvern with dukes of Masovia i.e. the Mieszko bloodline, and Mieszko II married Richeza of Lotheringia [Mr. Skeetz was adding Lotheringia to his search]. Did we ever find evidence that "Laurenburg" was related to "Lorraine"?

On your Conradine topic, I do recall that Conrad was the father of Salian Germanics to Roman emperors, but I had the impression that "Conrad" was a form of Cohen-Red = the red Hohen checks. The enlightening part of the Mosca link to Sicilian Hohens was where it connected to Coverts/Cofferts, an area that really tweaks my interest as per some mysterious kaiser Coffert of Germany that I have not been able to discover. If ever you come across him, I would like to know what his alternative name was. Thanks to your email here, I loaded the Conrad Coat to find that it uses the three crowns of Grands/Grants that I've been mentioning recently as per the "GRANDescunt" motto term of Courts/COVERTs (Hohen eagle?). The latter's spread eagle is colors reversed from the Ghent / Salian eagle.

If you check out the French Courts, you'll find the Orange hunting horn in colors reversed. The Orange's [Nassau kin] were first found in the same place as Cheneys that in-turn use a version of the Salian Coat. French Grands may be using the Guerra bends while French Laurens were first found where Guerin of Provence ruled, which was beside Orange. The Orange surname has become suspect with Melissena Rangabe, a Khazar married to a viking. To my surprise here, Scottish Grands/Grants are said to be from counts of Eu! The hunting horn in this picture can be that of Jaggers, suspect from JUGURtha, Massinissa' grandson.

So, it appears that you can draw a line from a Conradine family to Grands of Eu. Note that the three Conrad stars are in the colors of the three Galli stars while the Galli rooster is that of Gays, for Gaia, father of Massinissa, was also "Gala." Some Galli variations may have put out the Guelders.

It's now important that Italian Galli's (another rooster) were first found in the same place as Sforza's who share the Nassau lion. Sforza's adopted the Visconti snake so that the Nassau lion can trace, if indeed it was close to the Sforza lion, to Massino-Visconti. The Visconti's of Sardinia used the rooster, according to their Wikipedia article.

It's now important that there is a rock in the Grand/Grant Crest, for here is the Poitvin description: "Blue shield with a silver JAY PERCHED on a silver rock in base, and three gold mullets on a red chief." Poitvins use a colors-reversed version of the Galli Coat while the jay is code for the Gai/Jay surname that looks linkable enough to the Gays that share the Galli rooster. But the perched jay is a fantastic part of this major new clue, because the English Botters, who use an eagle "perched" on an item, use an eagle that I had traced to the Ardon (with an 'o') eagle, and, I kid you not, Poitvins came to mind as I wrote above only because they appear to be using a version of the Arden (with an 'e') Coat! The red Ardon-Crest eagle (and the red Botter eagle) can now be suspect with the red Hohenstaufen / Hohenzollern eagle (it was received from Zahringers).

And Ardens were checked in the first place due only to your mention of Walram of Nassau, whose mother is said to have been possibly a daughter of the count of Limburg, while the Limburg dukes (Talbot lion?) evolved into the House of Ardennes.

The first Limburg-Ardennes ruler was Waleran, the name also of the father of all Leavells/Lovells. That is, Waleran was a son of a daughter of Mr. Beaumont of Meulan, and you can find a Waleran along with Meulan in the write-up of Walerans. This gets very interesting where I traced the rooster- using Bibo/Bible surname to Vibia, mother of Lupus LAEVILLus, the character to whom I trace Leavells. Note that dukes of Limburg-Ardennes evolved into the house of Louvain, a good reason to link the Louvain lion to the Nassau lion. Wikipedia says that the Percys used the Louvain lion while Percys are probably a branch of the Percivals in the Leavell write-up. The Waleran-of- Beaumont above had a father from the Perceval bloodline. Likely, "PerciVAL" is of the Vallibus variation of the Vaux's that use the Arms-of-Meulan checks, but as I claim that Wells and WELLERs were of the Vallibus clans, note "WALRam."

Percys married the line of Alice of Saluzzo, and while Saluzzo is suspect with Salians, note that Busca is beside Saluzzo while Bush's/Buschs (same place as Percys) have a German branch (first found in Rhineland, location of Nassau castle) who use the same Coat as Dutch Gelders. This is said because the woman above, thought to be Walram's mother, was a daughter of Jutta of Guelders. See also the Boschs, noting the Bosco's in the Rose write-up, for Rose's were first found near the first Grands/Grants. [Later, you will see why Knee's link to McGee's, and here I find that McGee's use a version of the JUTT Coat, suggesting that Jutts include Jutta of Guelders, for Gelders use the same bend as Knees! Jutts are from the Armour / Meu part of Brittany, where I trace Mea's. Gelders were first found in Hamburg, same place as Shoe-using Trips (Diss colors), important because Shoe's/Schuchs use "knee" in their description. Knights, also in the Shoe Coat, were first found in the same place as Diss.]

As the house of Nassau has origins in DUDo, note that the Louvain / Massin lion is used by Dudleys. The latter are said to be from Dudo, a Saxon prince, but this recalls a Dudo-like character that we discussed at Eu. As the counts of Eu used the Nassau lion with even its billets, it seems a no- brainer that Dudo of Nassau was a Dudley liner. Guelders is in the Netherlands off and on the mouth of the Rhine, [ancient] home of the Salian Franks. Why do Dutch Bush's/Bos'/Boschs use billets as well as what should be the Arms-of-Limburg lion? The Bush/Bos lion is even the Salebury lion in colors reversed. Note that Talbots, suspect with the Limburg lion, and from a Salebury location, were first found beside the first Sale's, and in the same place as Bellamys from PERCHE (recalls the perched code of Botters and Poitvins). Bellamys are suspect with Bellows that happen to share the Coat of Billets. Perche is beside Maine, where French Billets were first found. Perche's share the double-red chevrons of Maine's, first found in Devon, where Chives' were first found whom I trace to Luisa of Ceva, mother of Alice of Saluzzo. The same double chevrons can be in play with Scottish Laurens.

Actually, it was about a week ago when discovering that Chives' are no longer said to have been first found in Devon, but rather in Tarves, and it just so happens that the Tarves surname shares a vertically-split Shield in blue and gold with the Arms of Guelders. What could the Tarves link to Guelders be? The red Tarves- Crest lion now becomes linkable to the same of Limburg, but then the latter's lion is in both colors of the same of Stewarts, likewise first found in Devon. [Gilders/Golds can be using a form of the Guido lion but in Nassau-lion colors.]

I trace the Batavians, who likewise lived at the mouth of the Rhine, to "Padova," where the Abreu/Abrussi surname was first found that is highly suspect with the Salebury lion, and with the Bruce/Brusi surname that is probably using the Percy-Louvain lion.

As your chief concern is to find the Schutz/Shutz bloodline of Rhineland, as it links to your Skeetz bloodline of roughly the same area, I'll now bring you back to SALways, for they share the Schutz saltire. Salways are said to have owned Stanford in Worcestershire, and Dudley is a location in Worcestershire. I think you can bank on a Schutz link to Salways. But as the Sheets/Skeet surname shares the red-white potent cross with Chads (same place as Sheets'/Skeets), note that St. Chad (owner of the potent cross, they say) was of Staffordshire, where Salways were originally.

I failed to add that the swan design of Licks is that also of SELLers and Lindseys. The latter are expected to be from Danaan elements on Lindos, Rhodes, but for what I'm about to say, the Rhodope mountains in Thrace also apply. Keep in mind that while the same swan design was shown once for French Josephs, the English Josephs were first found in the same place as Thrace-suspect Drake's and the old ATREbates that I trace to ODRYSians at the junction of the Arda river with the Hebros, in downtown Thrace. You are about to see why the Ardennes area of northern France was not, as claimed, named after "forest," but rather was a branch of the neighboring Artois area, from the namers of Thrace's Arda river. The Ardon surname even lists the Artois surname, and it shares the red eagle with Tarents/Terrents, from Terentia, wife of Cilnius Maecenas of Arettium, now Arezzo, like "Arras," the Artois capital.

The Tarents/Terrents use the Ardon/Artois eagle simply because Artois and Ardennes were named after Arettium elements, and as the CILnius surname was in Arettium since at least 400 BC, 800 years before king CHILderic, his name probably indicates that he was a Cilnius liner, for Chills/Childs use the Tarent/Terrent Coat in colors reversed, and it's in the colors and format of the Seller Coat. It needs to be repeated here that a Selletae peoples were to the near east of the Odrysians. The Atrebates of Hampshire are known to have named Atrecht, the alternative name of Arras in Artois. You can therefore be very sure that I have this interpretation of Artois' history very correct. Childeric traces by his Salian-Frank side to the Salto river through Rieti, and Salian Franks are therefore expected from the Selletae.

I'd like to draw your attention to the page below showing the family tree of Massinissa' family. Look to LAKUmazis, father of Caiaphas-like Cafuza, for Licks are listed with Laku-like Locks that share the swan that Caiaphas- suspect Josephs once showed. I will come to the Lacke's/Lake's soon, when it's appropriate, when I reach the Killen surname, but, for now, note that Chives' use a form of the Keele/Kill Coat.

It dawned on me, as I awoke fresh this morning, that the Diss location at the Suffolk border was from mythical Odysseus, and it just so happens that I traced his myth-code name to Odessus not far north of the Selletae upon the map below. Suffolk is where Gilders were first found, and as I traced Knee liners, linkable to Shoe's/SCHUCHS, let me remind that one Gelder surname uses the same bend as Knee's.

The Diss'/Dice's were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Ardons/Artois'. When asking myself this morning why Odysseus was alternatively, ULYSSes, it dawned on me that HercULES may have been in play, and I can already glean that "ULYSS" was code for a branch from Laish, which was renamed Dan by the Samson "Danites" (Hercules was given a mighty symbol as evidence that he represented the historical extension of the Samson Danites -- not necessarily from the Israeli tribe of Dan). This indicates that peoples of Laish were at nearby Dor (northern Israel).

Yes, for it just so happens that while I identify Odrysians as Dorians, Hercules was a Danaan peoples (yes, from Lindos) that became Dorians: "In Greek tradition, the Dorians were thought to have gained their name from Doris, a small district in central Greece. According to this tradition, the sons of Heracles, the Heraclidae, were driven from their homeland in the Peloponnese by Eurystheus of Mycenae. The Heraclidae took refuge with Aegimius, the king of Doris." Yes, this is mere mythology, but the writers knew something, that Danaans were close to Dorians. It just so happens that, in the last few weeks, I wrote on a new discovery, that the Daver surname, first found in the same place as Diss'/Dice's, and using a version of their Coat, were from the Daversi version of the Daorsi (real) peoples at the Neretva river, clearly from mythical Doris, mother of Neret-like Nereids. This is excellent evidence to show that Ardons/Artois' were from Arda, and that Odrysians from Arda were allied with Thracians in Odessa, and together they became the Davers in Suffolk. In fact, see the Samaei on the same map, right beside the Selletae. On the shore from the Samaei, see SALmyDESSUS, suspect with "Salem" = the old Jerusalem. That is, the Selletae may have been pagans from Salem. Hercules was given Hebe for a wife code, a possible Hebros- river liner, and while Hebe was the daughter of HERA (explains the HERAcles version), the Greeks called Salem, HIEROsolyma.

Having said all of that, by what coincidence is the Diss/Dice Coat a gold version of the Chill/Child Coat? It very much traces Salian Franks and Salian Germans (both ruled the "holy" Roman empire along with the Vatican) to Salmydessus and/or the Selletae. Moreover, one can see that the Chill/Child Coat is a version of the Hepburn/HEBRon Coat, especially as Hebrons were from CHILLingham, thus making the Hebrons traceable to something at the Hebros river (Hebron was near Jerusalem). But there is more, for the Daver and Diss/Dice Coats are versions of the ARTHur Coat, indicating that Arda liners trace to Arthurs too.

Chills/Childs (Wayne colors) are said to be from Wanstead (Essex, same as Wayne's), and there is a German Wanstead/WEYNstead/Weiner surname in WAYNE colors, important because I have been claiming the Weyne/Wayne Coat to be a version of the Irish Arthur Coat. The Wanstead fleur-de-lys are now easily linkable to the same of Masseys/Maceys because Wayne's share gauntlet gloves with Maceys. But the same fleur (same colors, that is) is used by the Ulysses-suspect Lys/LISSE surname (Diss colors). I'm very sure that Wayne liners were Veneti, the people represented by king Arthur's "wife," and the Padova location I spoke of is from the land of the Veneti. A thing I don't understand: the Vannes surname is listed with Ness', and Vannes/Gwenea is the location of the Celtic Veneti, Arthur's wife (Guinevere). I don't have the sense that Ness' derive in "Vannes," and as much as it may appear to be the case, I think I would rather view a Veneti merger with Ness liners.

Note how Lys'/Lisse's were first found in the same place as French Chappes', for I expect the first-known Capes' (Child / Wanstead colors) to have been in the neighborhood of Wanstead. Moreover, as Capes' share the scallops of Apps' while the latter throw in black-on-white lozenges, those are the colors of lozenges in the Coat of Schole's, suspect from "Eshcol" of ancient Hebron. Hebron was home to the Anaki that trace to lozenge-using Anchors/Annackers, and the latter throw in a red bull head in Crest, symbol in the Crest of SCHOLfields (has the look of the Child Coat). This bull is suspect as code for the Zeus TAURUS, which I trace to "TYRUS," itself suspect from the namers of nearby Dor, for "Taurus" compares with mythical Dorus, the co-founder of Greece in a myth where Zeus was not mentioned. In other myths, Zeus is the chief Greek god. This traces Zeus to something in relation with the Biblical man, Anak. Online quote: "...the brook of Eshcol near Hebron, where reside SHESHai, Ahiman, and Talmai, the sons of Anak." Merovingians traced themselves to a QuinoTAUR. Merovingians were Amorites from Hebron, weren't they?

It has just dawned on me that AHIMAN may have been named after the same that named AGAMEMnon, and the latter was found recently to be code for AKHMIM (= Chemmis in ancient Egypt). Agamemnon was the mythical brother of MeneLAUS, code for Sparta's Las/Laas location of the Mani peninsula, highly suspect with Laish liners. Both brothers were sons of the Atreus mentioned above that traced from Arda to Artois. Mythical Orestes was a son of Agamemnon, and he was code for Orestia smack at the Arda river on this light map:

That's why the Arthurs use the so-called RESTs, as code for Orestia elements to which they were bonded. It is now opportunistic to be able to trace Yuya at Akhmim to Agamemnon via elements to which Anak was related. Simply put, Anak's Hebrons elements likely named the Hebros river. Note the ERGines tributary of the Hebros, for the HERCules version (of Heracles) may have been named after it. Note LISSae at the sources of the Hebros. I've generally not viewed Hercules, over the years, as a Hebros-river entity, but the things passing through my mind as I awoke this morning have apparently nailed him as a fundamental Hebros element. More importantly, I wanted to focus on, or expand upon, or prove definitely, a Childeric trace to the Cilnius' of Arettium. It reminds me of my claim, years before knowing of Arettium or of Cilnius Maecenas, that king Arthur represented a Merovingian peoples in England / Wales.

If you look at the Child- / Arthur-related Wansteads, their variations look like the makings of Windsors from Wends (branch of Veneti), and it just so happens that the OTHERs are said to be proto-Windsors while some myth writer gave king Arthur's father as UTHER. Note how these terms are like "ODRysian / ATReus / Utrecht." I'll show much later why Clubs are from the name of Childeric's son, but here one can see the club of the Vandal/Wandal surname. By some coincidence or not, Hercules had a club symbol.

One of the things emphasized by Mr. Skeetz was Franconia, home of German Salians. I don't come across many surnames first found in Franconia, but one I always remember are the Thor-beloved Trunks...who happen to share the white-on-red bull head with SCHOLfields. As German Thors/THORNs (the ones using the trunk) trace well to the Turano river, beside the Salto, I expect "TRUNK" to be a version of "DURANCE," the river of the Salyes Ligures, and therefore a branch of Durants.

I don't always bother to check for evidence on whether certain Catholic saints were real versus mythically fictitious as code for some entity. The Killins, suspect with "CILNius," are said to be from saint Kilian/Cilian of Franconia. Cilnius' were entertained from mount Cyllene, birthplace of mythical Hermes, though proto-Hermes was from Banias/Panias at mount Hermon, smack beside Laish. It creates another theory, that "HERCules" was of the namers of ARCadia, where Cyllene is located, not far from the Peneus and Ladon rivers which together trace to Panias and Laish. Arcadia was between Agamemnon's Spartans and the Ladon river. The Benni peoples marked on the Arda river might just have been a transition between Banias (also "Banias") and the Peneus.

Killins use the bend of Sale's/Sallets in colors reversed as evidence of their trace to the Salto-Turano theater. Killins throw in a tower, a symbol I trace to Tuareg Berbers / Amazons. Terentia was of a Murena family while a tower is used also by Murena's, not to mention English Thors/Tours. It seems certain that both Killens and Thor-related Franconia elements trace to Maecenas' marriage to Terentia. From this we go to KELNers/KILNers who share a white spread eagle with Chills/Childs, and Kilners put red legs upon it probably to honor the red spread eagles of Tarents. German Kelners/Kellers were first found near Franconia.

Just compare the Killen Coat to that of Lake's/Lacke's, in Chives colors, and then Cafuza was a son of Lakumazis. It appears certain that Cafuza is behind the Chives surname, especially in light of the Keele/Kill Coat as it compares with the Chives Coat. But note too that the Chives' were first found at Devon and Tarves while Tarves' share six black fitchees with Clintons, the latter first found in Oxfordshire along with Lake's/Lacke's who themselves use six fitchees in colors reversed from those of Clintons. And the Lacks/Leetch's were first found in Cheshire, along with Hazels suspect from IZALcas, father of LACUmaces, brother of Caiaphas-like Capuca (same page as above). As Lacks/Leetch's use a version of the Lady/Laudyman Coat, mythical Lady of the Lake comes to mind (Arthurian myth).

The Hazel-related ISLips/Haslips use a LODGED stag that is code for the Lodge's from Loges, what looks like a branch of Licks/Lucks / Licks/Locks / Lacks. Lodge's/Loge's were first found in the same place as Ardons, and French Loges'/Lauchs/Lauge's are using the Coat of Messeys in colors reversed, both first found in the same place as Chives-related Mathis', making the latter suspect with "mazis". It recalls that Chives' trace to the Cavii at the Mathis river, and then the crown design of Conrads and Grands is shared by Mathie's/MANNs, a potential branch of Mens' = Manners. The Mathis river has a source at lake LYCHnidus, shown near Heraclea. Note the ERIGON river near Heraclea, for HERCules is suspect with the ERGINes river in Thrace. See Odessa-like Edessa at Emathia to the east of Heraclea. It's now important that the Glen / Glenny kin of Mens' share black footless martlets with the French Josephs that once showed the Lick/Lock swan design.

Instead of the Lady annulets or the Anchor lozenges, the Lack/Leetch Chief has crowns in the colors of the Conrad / Grand crowns. The Lack/Leetch Crest has a green snake, a Mackesy symbol, and the original color of the Visconti snake. It's very important that the Mens have an "I zal" motto phrase in honor of IZALcas, and that the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Mens' is that of Lacks/Leetch's, for while the Mens' are in the motto of Pepins, Pepin of Landen married a gal from Metz while Lakumazis' father is shown as METZul. It's taken me this long ( a decade) to make these important traces. While I've thought that Hazels are using a version of the Sheriff Coat, the latter were first found in the same place as Ardens that have the look of the Lacks/Leetch's. It has been established that Pendragon was from the same river as the Chives', at the sources of the Mathis, and while Pendragon was king Arthur's father, his mother was the wife of GorLOIS, part-code for Luisa of Chives-suspect Ceva, mother of Alice of Saluzzo. That's what Freemasonry will always trace to, and Caiaphas was part of this ancient picture.

Unbelievably, the German Ullmans use the double bars of Hannibals/Annabels and Ness' in colors reversed. Ullmans were looked up as per ULzasen, son of Lakumazis and brother of Cafuza. It just so happens that English Ullmans use a giant cinquefoil in the colors of the Arden cinquefoils, and were first found in the same place as Dudley. This is very good evidence that Dudo of Nassau was a Numidian liner. "ULZasen" brought Olsons to mind, one branch of which uses a LOG, no guff. The same Olsons share the heart with Dougga-suspect Douglas'. Swedish Olsens use the same fleur as Masseys, and perhaps the Mackesy sword.

Ilsons are listed with Hiltons/Iltons that share the head design of Hazeltons as well as the double fesse bars of Parrs whom are honored by the Maness'/Manners. Oltons and Eltons (Polesdon stars?) were first found in the same place as Hazels. The Elton / Polesdon stars are in Elis-crescent colors, and the Elton bars are in the colors of the Ullman bars. While Hazeltons call it as "Scot's head," Hiltons call it "Moses' head in profile," reminding me of the trace of the Elis "woman" to VIMINacium at MOESia. As Eltons use "artiBUS," while the Arden / Ullman cinquefoil is nearly the Bus cinquefoil, I suggest that Elis' are using the Arras cross (i.e. surname from Artois).

Moses'/Moesons (same place as Meschins), with one pale bar in the colors of the Elton pale bars, are probably using the red Maso / Mazzo roses, and the Moses-Crest dove suggests Cuppae, "city of doves," in Moesia. The Masci-line Copes' / Copps both share the red rose. Moses' are traced to Denbigh, where Bachs were first found, and then while German Bachs once showed a calf, calves are used by File's/Vile's (Elton bend?) likely in code with "Moses head in proFILE." This recalls the trace of Eltons, Holdens, and similar others to the Olt (Alutus on the old map) tributary of the Danube, with a mouth in the lower-Moesia theater. It should be added that while I've linked Siward of Northumberland (of Heslington House) to Hazeltons, his name is the Swords who use a "hilt." The mouth of the Alutus is shown near the Serdi of SERDica, what I trace Swords to. I'll expound later on why Caepio's can link to Cuppae i.e. due to a fundamental Caepio link to Maso's and Copes'.

Mens' use the head of a savage, but then Heads / Hede's might be Haddington liners, for Mens' were Keith kin. Hede's look linkable to French Conte's / Falconte's while Ilsons/Hiltons were first found in the same place as English Conte's. Hilts must be using the Ullman / Faucet lion, and share the Mathie motto suspect partly with Faucets of Musselburgh (same area as Keiths/Masculs). The Mathie gyronny pattern has been traced to the Garonne river through Gironde, for the Arms of Gironde use gyronny, which now signals that Grands are Gironde liners, for the Mathie Crest has the Grand crown design. And you may have read (from me) that crowns in conjunction with Massey liners are code for the Coronis crow, which the ancients called a Lapith line. Therefore, let's add that Lapps share the mermaid with Prestwicks while Prestwick (Jewish Glass colors) is a location in Ayrshire, where Mackie's/Mackeys were first found that use the raven (closely related to the mythical crow). Compare the Prestwick's write-up to that of Kerricks, for Carricks were first found in Ayrshire. Ayrshire faces Bute while Glass', who use the mermaid too, were first found in Bute = Rothesay, and Rothes/Rothchilds use the raven too. I'm not instantly convinced that Ulzasen's name was behind all/most of these surnames, but it may prove to have some merit.

Next, we go to Rake's because Franconia uses a Franconian Rake for a symbol. The Rake's were first found in Lincolnshire, originally Lindsey, from Lindos on Rhodes. The Telchines of Rhodes were traced to the Tolkien variation of Tooks/Touque's that happen to use a version of the Rake Coat. The STUMPS use another version of the Rake / Took Coat, and the Rake motto includes "HoneSTUM Praeferre." Rake's share so-called pean (gold on black ERMINEs) with, and the colors and format of, Hamonds. I can glean that everything in this paragraph links to the Touques-river Talbots as they developed into the Lincolnshire Taillebois'.

Stumps were first found in the same place as Diss' and Ardons/Artois'. From this, I feel compelled to mention the TIGER-using Ditts/Dyots, a possible Diss branch, for Teague's/TEEGERS use a version of the Stump / Took Coat. In fact, Teague's use the motto code, "diem," and there is a Diem surname that brings up the DITTmayers (Teeger colors), first found in the same place as German Teegers. Wayne's use an "acciDIT" motto term.

I didn't re-check the Tiger surname until this point, and it too was first found in the same place as Diss'. It appears that Tigranes Maccabee and Opgalli (Jewish woman of Caiaphas' time) had children tracing to the Diss bloodline, which tends to make that couple suspect from a line of Cilnius'. I had noted the Op-Gelder variation if Dutch Gelders, big hmmmm. Gelders are not only in the colors of Scottish Colters, but the Dutch Gelders are apparently using the giant fleur of German Colters/Geltzers. Was Opgalli a line to Buschs?

Aha! Killens are using the Plunket Coat, a surname from Plancia Magna, a granddaughter of Tigranes and Opgalli!!! That is no small-potatoes revelation, thanks to the big mouth of heraldry. It verifies that Plunkets are from Plancia while linking her to Cilnius liners.

I can glean that the Rake motto is code for Tilurius-and-Brattia liners to Tile's / Tillers / Tailers, Pratts and Prude's (and therefore to the motto in the Arms of Rieti). As Brattia was also Brac, note that while German Bracks use a version of the Prude and Tiller Coats, English Bracks are with hunting horns linkable to the Orange's / Grands (they proved above to be Nassau-related liners and therefore very linkable to Franconia). There is a question on whether English Bracks are with a version of the Daver / Diss Coat. There is an antelope in the Brack Crest, and I identified the heraldic ANTELope as code for ANTALya before knowing of Plancia Magna and her home at Perga, smack beside Antalya. The latter location was also, Attaleia, origin of "Atlas," and his daughters produced Hermes at Cyllene. Specifically, Hermes' mother was Atlas' daughter, Maia, and, believe it or not, Killens were first found in Mayo. How else will an historian be able to know that Mayo was named after Altas liners / Pisidians? Grecian Pisa (from Pisidians) was at Elis, and, perchance, this Elis line, perhaps named after Laish, went to "ULZasen." The Hazel-related Hulse's (same place as Hazels) are coming to mind, said to be from Bigot de Loges! It recalls that the Hazel-related Islips/Haslips use a lodged stag as code for Lodge's/Loge's, but we are wanting to know whether Loge liners trace to Ulzasen's family's Laku term.

Mayo's were just loaded to find the Conrad / Grand crowns!

While English Franks share a gold saltire with Schutz's, and while Mr. Skeetz expects the Schutz's / Sheetz' from Franconia, Scottish Franks use a two-tailed lion with an orange hue. As Bohemia uses a two-tailed lion, note that both German Franks were first found in Bohemia. Moreover, the Bohemia lion is the Montfort lion as well as the Marano/Mauritano lion, and Murena's show a Moratin variation. While Glaphyra Archelaus was the grandmother of Tigranes above, she was married to Juba of Mauritania (not reportedly the grandfather of Tigranes, but was Opgalli from him?). Mr. Skeetz said specifically that Franconia elements were with the Conradines, and it was Conrads that use the Grand crowns while Conrads were likewise first found in Bohemia. It makes at least some of the Frank surnames (one Jewish) traceable to Franconia. Conrads are in Arthur colors and share the MacArthur crown (five points, matching the five theme of Arthurs).

The MacArthur moline connects to Segni's/Segurana's and therefore can be a Sieger / Siegen liner in connection to Nassau's. Recalling the trace of Jutta of Guelders to the Meu river, home of Mea's that share the Jutt / McGee boar heads, note that Mea's share the cross of Fessy' who in-turn use a "segni" motto term that's very likely for the Segni variation of Segurana's. It just so happens that Jutts come up as JUGGS. Juba was a descendant of the family of JUGURtha, and Orange's with Grands share the hunting horn with Jaggers. While Jugurtha was a grandson of Massena and great-grandson of Gay-liner Gaia, Giegers/GEYgers, first found in Rhineland (same as Schutz's), share a sinister bend with Massena's, Rasmussens and Masci's, and put the Massey fleur upon it (as does the Assman branch of Rasmussens). There are Dutch Jaggers and Danish Rasmussens, and Rasmussens share the upright horse with Dutch Mackays/Machlens (Massey Shield) who happen to use crowns in the colors of the Grand / Conrad crowns. The Assmans (same place as Moratin-like Mortons) share the black talbot with Pape's/Papenburgs. This paragraph has reminded me of the Assi's of SHETland. Were Assi's a branch of the Assman branch of Rasmussens? I've never considered that before.

As per Mr. Skeetz framing Lotheringia/Lorraine into his hunt, it's now notable that the Assman bend with fleur is in the three colors of the Lorraine bend with Piast eagles, in the colors of the Chill/Child eagles, good reasons to trace the Mieszko Piasts (and Mackays/MACHLENs) to Cilnius Maecenas. The Mieszko Piasts had a branch in the MECKLENburg / Pomerania area. The Piast eagles on the Lorraine bend are for Richeza of Lotheringia, wife of Mieszko II. She traces to the Richess/Rich (same place as Mieszko- related Drake's) and Rick surnames suspect with Rake's/Raike's. Franconia may even have included Lorraine. The Rake griffins are now easily decipherable as code for the Griffin surname of Pomerania, kin of the Pomeranian Mieszko's. I don't see many orange symbols, as it's not an official heraldic color, but there is an orange griffin in the Rick Crest. The "utile" motto term of Rake's suggests the Tile's with a wyvern dragon in the colors of the Rake griffin, but then Rich's (familiar colors and format) use a wyvern dragon too (as do Drake's, and as did the dukes of Masovia). German Tile's/Tillers were first found in the same place as Mieske's.

As the Rye's/Rise (Saddock kin) came to mind with the Rixon variation of Ricks, it recalls that Rye's can be sharing the bend of Jewish Pollocks, important here because English Franks share the Pollock saltire in both colors while Pollocks are said by some to descend from Clovis, son and heir of Childeric. It's easy to see here how the Salian Germanics of Franconia trace back to the Salian Franks known to be at least half the blood in Childeric's parent(s). It just so happens that I looked up a Risen surname right here and now to find a version of the Frank / Pollock Coat...very linkable to the Arms of Pula in Istria. And German Risings appear to be using a version of the Mackay/Machlen Coat, relevant because I've traced Maxwells both to the namers of Mecklenburg and to the double- headed eagle in the Arms of Rijeka/Reka/Rika, a location at northern Istria! As I trace Cravens to the CRVati version of Croatians while Rijeka is in Croatia, it's very notable that the Craven Coat (same place as English Maxwells) is a version of the Rick Coat. Therefore, I can feel sure the Franconian Rake (in the colors of the Arms of Croatia) was created as code for Rijeka liners.

While Sheets/Skeets' share the Coat of Skits, there is a MAUCHLine in the latter's write-up that looks linkable to Machlens. The Skeoch variation of Skits has been traced to Shoe's/Schuchs that use a knight while Knights were first found in the same place as Ardons / Diss'. Here's the SKETCH's/Skeggs (HUNTingdon) for the record with perhaps the Mackay chevron and the Maschi lion in colors reversed.

While I saw from Mr. Skeetz that Hohenstaufens / Hohenzollerns were from the Conradines of Franconia, it just so happens that the Arms of Croatia share red-and-white checks with Hohens. The Rye's/Rise's, whom I don't think have ever struck me as Rijeka liners, can be using the bend of Rodhams, first found in the same place as Chill-related and same-colored Hebrons. It's feasible that ConRADs were a Cohen merger with Rads (Cohen colors), but then Rads share the white Zionist star with Jewish Rotens, like the Rodden variation of Rodhams.

Risens (probably the Massey Shield and the Ranulph-Meschin lion) are traced to Reissen of Thorn-suspect Thuringia, home of Basina, wife of Childeric. Recall the Salebury location in the Talbot write-up, for Talls/Thalls were not only first found in Thuringia, but they use bees as code for Basina liners (Childeric's tomb had gold bees, so see the bees of Bessins/Beastons and Bistons). Then, the Salebury lion is in colors reversed from, and shares a gold crown with, the lion of German Risens! It's a great way to prove that Saleburys/Salisburys were Salian Germans but from Salian Franks / Franconians. Saleburys were first found in the same place as Assmans (talbot, Massey fleur). One Mr. Risen is said to be from Kolion, like the Killion/Killian variation of Killens.

Back to the Mayo's sharing the Grand / Conrad crowns, for the Mayo Crest is "A falcon DEVOURing a snake." The Snake/Snook surname (Nassau lion?) brings us to what can be a version of the Tarent/Terrent Coat, but in the colors and format of the Macey Coat, perfectly expected where one thinks to trace "Macey" to "Maecenas." Saleburys (said to be from EVREUX and devour-like Devereux elements) can be gleaned with a Crest having the ABREU/Abruzzo lions, and while mount MAIello is in Abruzzo, it had a goddess, Maja, probably the same as Maia, daughter of Atlas, symbol of Attaleia, likely namer of Italia. In Abruzzo, the Marsi had a snake goddess, Angitia, traceable to mythical Mari, wife of a snake god, Sugaar. Snake's are in the colors of Seagars/Sugars (probably the Hermes snakes in Crest), and Segur-related MacArthurs have the same crown as Mayo's. The Levi-beloved Seconds/Segurs may thus be using the Abreu lion. The Mars/Maurs/More's (Merovingians?), first found in the same place as Messeys, use the colors and format of Mackays/Maceys.

The Risen Coat is reflective of the Segur Coat, a surname that lists the Seconds suspect in the Levi motto.

The Snake's/Snooks are said to be named after "seven oaks" at a Knole location, but this may have been a bit of creative legend. In any case, the Knole's/Knowells happen to use a version of the Hebron Coat, making the Snake/Snook Coat even more traceable to Terentia Murena, whose family included the Varro surname suspect with Abruzzo-suspect Vere's (share the Massey Shield). Terentia was the sister of Aulus Terentius Varro Murena. Knole's were first found in Yorkshire, where I trace Abruzzo > Ebroicum liners from Evreux, and where English Maxwells were first found, and then here is the Arms of Maxwell-Ros, sharing M-shaped "water bougets" with Scottish Rose's, the latter expected in the red roses of Knolls / Hebrons. Scottish Mars were beside the Rose's and Ross', the latter's lion possibly a colors-reversed version of the Hebron lions.

To help prove that the Hebrons were kin of Rye's/Rise's, the Knolls share a white elephant in Crest with Mascals (same place as Saddocks), and the latter are using the ESCUTcheon of Saddocks (same place as Rye's/Rise's) who in-turn use "ears of RYE." Mascals and Masculs/Keiths, along with Mussels/Muscels and Meschins/Masculine's, are, as of the second update of this month, being traced to the Mascula location of Numidia (in or beside Aures). The red Hebron lion is therefore likely the Aures lion, but also that of Ranulph le Meschin. While Hebrons use a "tryst" motto term, Rantons use "trust," but Rantons are in the write-up of Knoll-suspect Noels. I have been tracing Rodhams (same place as Hebrons and sharing the Rye/Rise bend) to Rutland at Leicester, and that's where one Noel branch is said to have been. Another branch of Noels married Harcourts that are now tracing hard with Hands / Hannibals/Annabels to king Massena/Massinissa, and so the blue Ranton lion may be the Massin lion. The Ranton Crest: "Two HANDs holding a sword."

This is the place to repeat that Keiths trace to the Cetina river, an alternative name of the Tilurius. The Seatons, first found in the same place as Keiths (around MUSSELburgh), share crescents in the colors of the same of Tillers. From this picture, one might expect Sheetz liners from the Tilurius theater, if they were a branch of Seatons. Is "Sheet / Shedden / Seaton" a version of "CETINa"? Not many updates ago, Keiths were linked to the Mens' (Midlothian) now tracing to Numidians without doubt.

Seats use more red roses, and have besants (suspect highly with Bassianus liners) on blue in vertical positioning, as do the Touques' (with an 's'). Therefore, trace the talbots in the Coat of Mussel-related Bracks to the Talbot family on the Touques, and ask whether Sheetz liners were in that picture because Talbots and Nassau's were both at Eu. As Chads share the red-on-white cross with Chad-like Haddingtons, by what coincidence were Keiths first found in Haddington while Chads (Chettle colors), sharing the potent and patee crosses of Scheds/Sheds, were first found in the same place as Sheets/Skeets'? Keith- branch Kettle's (Shed colors) share red-on-white cinquefoils in Chief with Sheds/Sheddens, first found in the same place as Skits/Skeochs. This is a very potent paragraph, and the Arms of Templar Jerusalem was given the potent cross in gold on silver, the most-illustrious (or wealth- symbolizing) heraldic colors.

The Shed/Shedden motto suggests the Mea's that may therefore be using the Sched/Shed / Sheets/Skeets cross. Take all the red out of the Sheets / Sched Coats, are we're left with the Coat of Saddocks, and then ancient Jerusalem was also, Zedek. Kettle's (Kite / Kitt colors) were first found in the same place as Sithech-Shaws. It may not be apparent at first sight, but it appears that Keiths were a branch of Sheets', not merely a merger by marriage. It's all tracing to the Bassus family at Cetis, a term that I pronounce, Setis. I think the Sheetz mystery is thereby solved to the point of tracking it to Cetis. This recalls that while Orba/Olba is at Cetis, Orba is in code in the motto of Kidds (Douglas Chief?), along with an "impLEAT" motto term that should be partly for Leats ("Trustie" motto term) who share the same crescents as Tillers / Seatons. Leats are a branch of Letters/Lauders (near the Keiths / Seatons) because TOOTHs (check out the Toot crescent color) share the Letter/Lauder griffin while Leats use a motto, "Trustie TO THE end."

The Jubbs/Jupps (Juba liners?) may be using version of the Kite / Kitt Coats, but see also the Cassel-suspect Caseys (same Coat as Jupps/Jubbs, different colors) that can link to Cassel- Kennedys = Kennati liners from Cetis! Why do French Caseys/Cazelles'/Cazets use Laevillus-suspect leaves? Remember, Glaphyra, from the same line that birthed Herod Agrippa, married Juba II.

The Letters/Lauders use a version of the Lodge/Loge Coat (Grey lion?), and Lodge's were mentioned with Lacks/LEETch's. Below, you will see why Tooths link to the Lite's too.

The Tooth GRIFFin can be used to prove that Bernice's are from Berenice AGRIPPa, for Bernice's and Tooths share a motto term that I trace tentatively to Severus Bassus. Letters/Lauders are from Lauder in the land of the BERNICians, and use the motto, "PerSEVERantia vinCIT," with a term shared by both Keiths and Shaws. Lothians (same place as Kettle's / Shaws / Wings/Winks) share the tree with an item dangled from it with Kidds, and the Lothian motto includes "custoDIT," a term that should prove to be for the Teague-related Ditts (tigers) so as to trace to Tigranes, whose granddaughter married the grandson of Severus Bassus. Ditts are said to be from Lichfield, where St. Chad supposedly was the bishop. It says that Lichfield was in OFFlow, a term that I can see forming from whatever named Tigranes' wife, Opgalli. If "GOPlo" has a suffix like the common "low" suffix, it stands to be an Opgalli line. As Galli's use the rooster, note that Goplo-liner Kopple's use the rooster.

This new idea that Off liners may have been from Opgalli had me looking up the Offers/Overs, having a version of the Scott / Kelner/Keller / Talbot Coat. It then reminded that Hoffs and Coughs share the Sale/Sallett bend while Sale's and Offers were both first found in Cheshire. I then tried the Hoffmans (Jewish) to find a version of the Tigh Coat! And Tighs (Tigranes suspects, right?) were merged with Annas! Annas' father (Seth) was from Syria, near Cetis, and Annas was a Sadducee, wherefore one may expect that Seth was too. The Seth surname is listed with Sithech- Shaws. German Hoffmans (sinister bends) bring us back to the red-on-white fleur shared by Wansteads, expected to be also in the Gellone Coat. The same fleur are used by Snake's/Snooks, who became a topic from the Mayo snake, and Mayo's have now traced excellently to mythical Maia out of Antalya, beside Perga, home of Plancia Magna, granddaughter of Tigranes and Opgalli! Kidds share the tree of Maio's apparently.

Beating Around the Covert Bloodline

Let's not forget the Coverts/COFFerts, for Courts/Coverts are kin of Grands (Covert colors) that share the Mayo crowns. Pendragons trace to the Oscans from the Uscana capital of the Penestae peoples, and Oscans were Italics that probably spread to Abruzzo, land of mythical Maja, and where the Shaw kin of Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's were first found. Sabina is not far from the Abruzzo border. Sabina is the location of the Turano and Salto rivers, as well as the location of potent-liner Avezzano's. The point is, the ancient Sabines had an OPS bee cult, and while Italians called the bee an apis, Greeks called it an opis, wherefore note that Apps'/Abbs' share a white-on-red fesse with Coverts/Cofferts, asking whether the Ops cult was at the Apsus river (near the Penestae). Another tiger is in the Crest of Habs'/Hobs (probably in the Arthur motto), and while Caiaphas has long been suspect (by me lonely) as a direct relative of Opgalli, I think that the Apsus river named the Caiaphas-like Cavii (on the same river as the Penestae). Sheaves'/Chiava's share the key with Kelners/Kellers and Glaphyra-suspect Clavers (probably share the Plunket and Killen tower), and Glaphyra was the ancestor of Tigranes. Again, Glaphyra married Juba, and the Jubbs/Jupps can be using the Coat of Cetis-suspect Kitts / Kite's. As the Caseys are suspect with the Jupp/Jubb Coat, note that the Caseys use the eagles, colors and format of Tarents.

The Jupp/Jubb Crest: " A griffin passant proper holding a buckle." It's a green griffin, the color of the griffin head of buckle-using Leslie's, a Hungarian line to Guy of Spoleto (see Meschin-line Spoltons).

This reminds me that when Mrs. Covert was befriending me more than any other reader, a Miss Maio befriended me even more, outright asking to come live on my post-trib retreat (about 3,000 miles from her) even before she knew me much. She sent a picture of herself, an attractive blonde about my age (but was it really her?). Later, when I investigated Mrs. Covert because she looked like she was at least married to a skinhead / neo-Nazi / supremacist, it turned out that there was a record online showing their marriage in Riverside, California, which happened to be the home of Miss Maio. I could not trust either woman after that. I was wondering whether they had been contracted / commissioned to find me.

Some weeks ago, a woman emailed me for the first time as part of her cc list (it was probably a mistake to include me on her list) that was a friend of a Michael (calls himself one of 12 apostles, and hates all pastors) who has been writing me regularly for a few years, and while Mrs. Covert's son with her Riverside husband was Michael (he was listed in Warsaw, Indiana, home of WARS supremacists), this women friend of Michael had a first and last name that I found listed in the same town in Idaho as where Mrs. Covert had lived with her husband (yes, Michael's father). My Michael's friend had an Abbott surname, the surname of that husband. I put this all in a police report. I have not heard from Michael again since asking his friend whether she was Miss Abbot from Idaho. She responded by saying that she lived in Africa. I didn't respond.

This week, Yahoo forced me and many others to change passwords. A fully- bald Mr. Lord from Yahoo emailed everyone, claiming that some unknown and not-yet-caught hacker infiltrated 1 billion email accounts, an unbelievable story that the major media have covered. Lord could be a supremacist with orders from Trump's team to get everyone's passwords, and one way to do it is to force everyone to change their passwords in a system that automatically passes them on to NSA or some other spy group that Trump has easy access to.

Within 24 hours of writing the above (and much of the below), I could not load this page anymore (not yet online), because the HTML program, for the first time ever, refused to load. I thought it was very-much evidence that someone is able to read what I say before it's published online. It took me a day to get this page again, and have since taken precautions against the same problem taking place.

The Seven Oaks = Snake's/Snooks (same place as Massins and Touque's) are in Seneca/Senescal colors, but as the latter's mascles compare with the mascles of Spinks, note that Spinks (another black talbot, same as Bracks) and Snake's/Snooks both share the gold-on-blue spread eagle along with Siegers/Seagars that I trace to the Siegerland / Siegen area of Nassau roots. Keep in mind that while Nassau's share the Sforza lion, the latter's holds a quince while Spinks share mascles (hollow lozenges) with, and were first found in the same place as, Quince's. As Franconia has now traced to Pula, also called Pietas-Julia, it's notable that Siegers are using the Petty quadrants, and that Pettys merged with Rothschilds who were themselves descended from Pollocks in the territory of the Rose's (at Rothes castle, that is). The Arms of Siegen may be using the wolf of Hugh Lupus, which recalls how the Goz ancestry of this Hugh was from the brother of Beatrice of Eu. Plus, Hugh's Goz father married Emma de CONTEville, suspect with the "grandesCUNT" motto term of Courts/Coverts. While Maio's come up as "Maios," the DeMAIS' use nothing but a chevron, in the colors of nothing- but-a-chevron of Beatrice-possible Beaters. By some coincidence or not, the Emma surname (purple lion) was first found in the same place, Conteville- suspect BERKshire, as Beaters. I've never thought to check for an Emma surname from Emma de Conteville (she was a Burgo by surname). Emma variations suggest the Mandys/Mondays (purple lozenges).

The red-on-white fleur of Snake's/Snooks, in the colors of the Tarent eagles, may be as compensation (from the Snooks) for changing the colors of the Tarent eagles. It just so happens that a fleur-de-lys in the same colors is used by Wansteds. Lest you've forgotten, Tarents use a version of the Coat of Chills/Childs, the latter with a branch at Wanstead. Wayne's were kin round-about of Pullys/Pullens, and while Wayne's are a branch of the Veynes variation of Fane's, a Fano location faces out to sea toward Pula and Croatia. Near Sion, there's a Pully location on the north shore of lake Geneva.

Seneca's even use a "MACULA SINE" motto phrase suspect with Mascula. Spanish Sans' use the same eagle and Sens'/Senns were first found in Switzerland, location of Sion, while the SINE/Sion/Swan surname (white talbot, color of the Mascal elephant) once showed the Macey-related gauntlet gloves (shared by Fane's and Wayne's). It looks like the so-called Seven-Oaks bloodline was in reality a Sion line. Seneca's are said to be from CREVEcoeur (Lisieux, Touques river, home of Talbots), probably from the Krvati = Croatians, for Seneca's are said to be related to Dents (lozenges), the latter first found in the same place as Cravens... and Sheets-related Scheds/Sheds with another red-on-white rose. On one of the maps, there is a Crevenia location not far up-river from Lissus, begging whether Lisieux and Crevecouer trace to that area of the Drilon river. I say, absolutely. Croatia is the location of Losinj, suspect with lozenges, and with a Losinga location in Normandy.

Saer de Quincy was ruler of Winchester, and so note: Herbert de Losinga "was born in Exmes, near Argentan, Normandy, the son of Robert de Losinga (who later became Abbot of New Minster, Winchester)." We now see what the hollow lozenges of Quince's, Winchesters and Spinks refer to. But why are mascles hollow lozenges? Recall the Croatian line of Ricks with the orange half griffin, for that same griffin is in black in the Hollow/Hallow Crest, and Hallows may be a branch of Halfs/Helps and/or Haafs. It's almost the same black griffin of Schutz-suspect Scotts, first found in the same place as the Axton location of Craven-beloved Actons (Cravens share a version of the Rick Coat) and Snake's/Snooks...and Rake- related Touque's. This is where the black Vince/VINCH griffin makes the surname look like a version of WINCHester. The Sheet branch of Kettle's (passive Nassau lion?) use "vince" and were first found in the same place as billet-using Wings/Winks. That purple lion we saw from Emma's/Emmons/Emonts is shared by Skiptons of Craven, and English Maxwells were first found in the Craven area. Maxwell-suspect Macclesfields may be in the cross of purple-lozeng Mandys/Mondays..

The Scottish Scotts use a bend with symbols in the three colors of the same of German Kelners/Kellers (and Talbots), and were first found in ROXburghshire, along with REKA-liner Maxwells and bee-using Maxtons. Reka is close to the bee-suspect ColAPIS, and Maxtons use the bee. As Kelners (same line as Kelso near Maxton?) are from Cilnius', they must also have merged with Childeric lines = the bee line, and it just so happens that Kelners/Kilners use an eagle in colors reversed from the Maxwell eagle. Just add Maxwells/Maccuswells to the list of Maecenas liners, and don't forget the ancient Maezaei living in proto-Croatia.

There is a Salviae location roughly between the Maezaei and the Tilurius. It's suspect with Sullivans back to the Saluvii Ligurians thought by some to be the same as the Salyes / Salassi. While there might be a slight difference between them in that not all are expected through the Salto river, here's something Clinton-interesting, for the Clintons share the Shield of Cluns and Saluzzo's. While thinking about the Salviae, I had spotted Solentia beside Brattia, bringing Clents/Clints and therefore Clintons to mind as a feasible hard-C version of "Solent." I then tried for a Slint/Slane surname and found one, first living in Shropshire, location of Clun and where Saltire's/Salters were first found, beside the first Sale's/Salletts. Clun was home to the FitzAlans of ARUNDEL, and while Rundels/Roundels use the Alan fesse, and while Alans of Dol lived in Shropshire (also called, SALop), Saltire's/Salters use roundels, we get it. The Slane variation may be able to reveal that Solana's/Solers were from Solentia.

I've only now found the Solans (Mayo, same as Killens) sharing Sullivan symbols! Can one trace "Killen" to "Clint." Were Clintons Cilnius liners? Compare the Solan Chief to this Mackesy Coat, and note the colors of the spread eagles. As I trace the heraldic coronet to mythical Coronis, she being part representation of the Ceraunii on the south of the Maezaei, note the Solan Crest: "On a ducal coronet gold a robin [Sullivan symbol too] red breast holding in the beak a sprig of laurel all proper." The two Solan lions are said to be "respecting each other," as are the two snakes of Meschin-suspect Biss'. Solans also use "stag trippant gold, on SINISTER BASE perpale" (stag-using Trumps are suspect with Trip liners). It's not much for making the link, but the Solan lions (colors reversed from the Base lions) are in the colors of the Solana/Soler sun, and the sun traces to Bassianus liners (include the Base surname) at the Tilurius / Brattia area.

Aha! Solars/Sollas' use lions in the same colors as the Solan lions, and were first found in Herefordshire, which is the area of a Clent location! It is close to the Dudley location.

Slings excited me because they use a bend in the colors of the fesse of Bracks, Tillers and Prude's/Prats (i.e. Brattia liners) while Solentia is right beside Brattia. We now have cause to trace Schutz liners, because Schutz's use a saltire, to the Solentia / Salviae theater. The Schutz saltire is in Sling colors, and colors reversed from the saltire of Salviae- like Salways/Solways. On shore from Solentia one can see Salonae, and then Salons (same place as Mascals and their Shutz-suspect Saddock kin) bring up the Salians/Salemans. Slints are said to be Flemish, and while Flemings use a "deed shaw" motto phrase, Clents/Clints use the Deed/Dade Coat. Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe, and the Blythe's (Seaton crescents?) share the Clent / Deed garbs in both colors. Blythe is said to have been in Lauderdale (near the first Flemish Seatons), and then Letters/Lauders use the double-tressure border of Flemings. The Fleming motto, "LET the deed shaw," thus suggests part-code for Letter liners.

We read that an early Fleming of Lanarkshire had a grant from the abbot of Kelso (roughly the location of Scottish Leavells), and while gold garbs are shared between Deeds, Clents, Blythe's and Kelso's, the write-up of the latter says that the abbey of Kelso was identical with the abbey of SELkirk. I would link the Kelso Coat to the Sticks and therefore to the Sithech ancestry of Shaws. As Flemings are said to be from the Biggar area, note the "Byggar" motto term in the Arms of SHETland, for while "shaw" is a motto term in the Arms of Ayrshire (near Lanarkshire), SHEETs/Skeets' share the Coat of Skits, first found in Ayrshire. Selkirks (SALamander) are using a version of the Douglas Coat, and one can see a Douglas location in the Fleming write-up, and Sheets / Skits share the heart with Selkirks and Douglas'.

Mauchline in Ayrshire was home to Skits, and is suspect with the Machlen variation of Dutch Mackays, and here one can add that Mackie's/Mackeys (Clinton / Saluzzo Shield?) were first found in Ayrshire while sharing the raven with the Arms of Shetland. BIGots use Shield-and-Chief color combination of Saluzzo's too, and while Pigots were first in Cheshire, Piggs use another purple lion while sharing the black boar with Busca-liner Bush's.

There is no doubt about it; Mr. Skeetz from Holland is distantly / Closely related to the namers of Shetland. Saltire's were first found in the same place as Meschins/Masculine's. Note that the Clinton Chief can have the Macey star, and that Saluzzo is in the area of the first-known Masci's/Mascelli's. What's that arrow doing in the Macie/Mackey Coat? It's got to be for the Arrow/Arras surname, yes from Arras in Artois, excellent indication that Mackeys are from Cilnius Maecenas of Arettium. It signals that Maecenas liners tied things up with the Sheetz bloodline. The masters must have known this trace because the Arrow/Artois Crest is a red tower, the color of the Murena tower, no guff. I suggest that the Mackie/Mackey Chief is the Maschi chief in gold.

For some strange reason, Mackie's/Mackeys come up as "Margy," suggesting Marjory Carrick. And then Margesons come up as "Mackesy." There is a good chance that the Mackesy snake is held by the gauntlet in the Bigot Crest. The "loyaLITE" motto term of Margeson's/Mackesys must be partly for the Lite's that are in the "Lighter than air" motto of Ayers (Ayrshire). Recalling how Tooths had linked to Letter / Lack/Leetch liners, just compare Tooths with Lite's/Lights. The latter look like a swan version of the Chill/Child Coat for yet another trace to Cilnius Maecenas. I glean that Lite's and Tooths are Toot and Tatton liners. Tooths and Lights both use feathers while Feathers (Covert / Cove colors), first found in the same place as Margesons/Mackesys, Mascals, Coverts and Saddocks, use the same colors and format again. Coverts are suspect with the Fade/Fatmore martlets and fesse, and Feathers are Fetters too.

As Cheneys use a motto term in honor of Fade's/Fatmore's (both use gold martlets), let's add that while the red Feather antelope head is used by Derbys while Ayers/Eyers, suspect in the "EARS of rye" of Saddocks, were first found in Derbyshire along with Here's/Heyers (trace to blue wings in Bavaria, where wing-using Fetters/Fetts were first found), the Chimneys (Fade/Fatmore colors) happen to use the same antelope-head design, suggesting that Chimneys are Cheneys, and then another white wing is used by Mackay-related Chaine's/Chenays. It seems clear here from the FOOTless martlets that Fett liners were branches of Foots / Fothes'. [Later in this update, Fatmore's become entertained from Fatima, an Arab of the Aures area whose Hare-suspect descendant (he killed queen Kahina) ruled the area shortly before Idris, husband of Kenza of Aures, she being a potential Cheney line. This character (who killed Kahina after she had defeated him), was Hasan, and Hasans are listed with hare-using Haas'/Hase's, reminding me of the rabbit-using Conys / Conns (same place as Turins), both using the colors and format of Meschins. They were suspect with "Cuneo" (in Piedmont, near Turin), the location of Saluzzo.]

German Fetters give the impression of using the Masci wings with the Bassianus sun. The ancestral seat of German Fetters is said to have been in Cilley, and Cilleys/Sillys use three red chevrons in the colors of the Chimney, Arms-of-Carrick, Kennedy and Cassel chevron. So, if we are convinced that Cheneys were a line from the Kennati priests at Cetis through to Carrick-related Kennedys, it appears from this that we can expect Cilleys to be Cilnius liners to Ayrshire, for the Cilley chevrons are even in the colors of the Tarent chevron. Add the fact that German Cassels use three red chevrons too (colors reversed from the same of Mathie's/Matthews), while Scottish Cassels use the Kennedy Coat, and we are now talking about the Chatti Germanics at Hesse and Cassel, wherefore let's add that the Hesse Coat is exactly the giant Fetter sun. Plus, Chatti have been proven to be the Keith Catti, and Keiths trace to "Cetis." I don't ever recall identifying Sillys as Cilnius liners, but that now seems obvious, thanks only to the Cilley location of Fetters. While Foots and Fothes' are suspect with one Levi chevron, I think that English Aschs/Ash's (same place as Cilleys and Chives') use two Levi chevrons, and because German Asch's/Ash's use three chevrons in colors reversed from the Cilley chevrons, let's repeat that English Ash's/Aschs [Haas/Hase liners?] are from a Mr. D'Esse COURT, a potential Court/Covert liner from the Hesse area, where one might expect kaiser Koffert, whoever he was.

Recall the Wanstead location of Chills/Childs, for Cilleys are said to be from John Silly of St. Wenn. As Wansteads proved to be Wayne's, note that the Cilley Coat is linkable to the Wayne Coat. Wanstead is said to be on the road from London to Cambridge, not far from Luton, wherefore its notable that Lutons use a spread eagle in the colors of the same of Wenns/Wynns/Gwinns (share a green Shield with Quinns). I've just spotted EPPing on the edge of London, and smack on the road to Cambridge, suggesting that the Capes' (first found in London) and the related Apps'/EPPs (Covert fesse?) were Epping liners, and this recalls that Eppsteins use three red-on-white chevrons!!! Eppsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau! Zikers. Hesse-Nassau is said to be Weisbaden now, where I would trace Adam Weishaupt's Jewish surname, he being the visible founder of the Bavarian Illuminati [Hasans/Haas' were first found in Bavaria, and ASSmans/Rasmussens were first found in Hesse, which may reveal a Mussen merger with Hasan's Arab line. Mussens/Mustens use the colors and format of Tarents!]. Eppsteins have a Jewish branch using the same Coat, but, as usual, Jewish surnames come covert, invisible, without details.

Apps/Epps are in Prestwick-mermaid colors, and both surnames use the same motto, traceable partly to mythical Melusine elements on the Spree river of Lusatia. While Vere's love Melusine, lets add that Vere's are now tracing heavily to Fier country, on the APSus river. These same Vere's trace themselves to the Anaki in the Eshcol area of Hebron, and the Apps/Epp lozenges are in the colors of the Schole lozenges. Moreover, it's the DRAKENberg Vere's in particular that love Melusine and trace to Anaki, and so let's repeat that Anchors/Annackers trace to the Arms of Agrigento (Carrick ancestry too) while the DRAGO river through Agrigento is also the Hypsas river, a great reason to trace proto-Vere's from the Apsus river to Agrigento. And I've just loaded Fiers (said to be a branch of Vere's) to see them first found in Middlesex, same as Apps'/Epps'!!! What family historian can argue with that? [Later, Melusine gets suspect with queen Kahina for two very good reasons.]

Having said that, let's repeat that Terentia was the sister of Aulus Terentius Varro Murena, hinting that he had some ancestry on the Apsus / Hypsas river. He was a Roman general in the time of the first Herod, son of Antipater, suspect from Antipatria/Antipater on the Apsus river! I've never made that likely connection before. Epping is near Oxfordshire, where Vere's ruled the London area for centuries. There is an Apis river shown near Viminacium, and near Cuppae, two locations that came up above while seeking surnames from Ulzasen, Cafusa's brother. Elis' use a woman as code for that place, but I have an Elis Coat with a red Melusine in Crest. As Maso's became part of that paragraph, let's repeat: Drake's use the red-on- white wyvern from dukes of MASOvia. Prestwicks not only use Melusine, but link to the Prest line of Cheshire seen in the Kerrick write-up, and while Kerricks were first found in the same place as Diss', Elis' use a woman with "hair DISheveled." Diss' were kin of Sichs (and Scarborough's?), from Yorkshire, where Elis' were first found.

English Hairs are clearly a branch of HARcourts (share same double bars), and a merger with Maness' (Harcourt peacock), two surnames that have just proven to trace to Numidians. Double bars are often called, gemel, suspect with the Pepin and Gobel camel, and I can glean from this that Gobels, and therefore Goplo, were Camel / Gemel liners, or whatever the camel represents. Popiel was the first mythical character at the Goplo mouse tower, and I see him as a Pepin. The camel-using Pattersons were from Antipatria. [Later, Hasan, the killer of Kahina, trace's tentatively to the Cassane kin of Pattersons.]

Murena's adopted brother (Lucius Licinius Varro Murena) tried to usurp the Roman throne with Fannius Caepio, and Caepio's are tracing hard to Numidian names at this point. Two updates ago, it was shown that general Scipio elevated Massena to the Numidian throne, but did not decide simultaneously to crush Carthage so that Massena would become king of Carthage too [Hasan above conquered Carthage much later around 700 AD]. We can easily imagine that Massena disliked Scipio's decision to make a peace treaty. A Gnaeus Servilius Caepio was seemingly incensed at this decision, and tried to rouse a war party from Sicily to war against Carthage. This Caepio character "was elected Pontiff in 213 BC, replacing C. Pupilius MASO..." It appears that the kin of Massena, which included the Caepio's, tried to come to his aid, but it failed. [There is a Melusine mermaid in MASOvia, and she's decked out like a war goddess, the image of Kahina.]

There is a Mazzo/Mazza surname using a version of the Pembroke Coat, and while Pembroke was ruled by Clare's, English Clare's use the triple chevrons of Cassels now tracing to Epping / Cillin elements. The Caepio surname became "Caepionis" with the marriage of Servilia Caepio to Mr. Junius, and then June's and Capone's were first found in Cambridge, wherefore let's repeat that Epping, suspect with Capes', is on the road from London to Cambridge. Moreover, as I claim that the lines of Massena and Scipio merged blood at some point to explain why the brother of le- Meschin married SKIPtons, this same Meschin family married Clare's of Tonbridge / Tunbridge Wells. Clare's are from Caria's Clarus area, and there was a Masa Sea Peoples in Caria that can be linked naturally to the Sherdan = Sardinian Sea Peoples, suspect from Sardis, the Lydian capital not far from Clarus. Note that the Sheridans (Moore / Morgan lion?) are shown with the stag-head design of Clare's!

Clarus was Leto > Apollo country with an essenes bee cult at neighboring Ephesus, and then there was an Abaeus cult much like the Apollo Oracle. Abaeus may have named "MaccABAEUS," the Maccabees proper, from a Masa-Abaeus merger. A Mysian Apollo cult was, Cilla. Cilnius Maecenas figures into that picture pretty well. Abaeus was from an Abae location, perhaps the line to Abbeville and the MacAbee's/MacAbbe's. Abae was in Phocis, a land perhaps named after Phocaea off the Hermus river i.e. down-river from Sardis (ruled by mythical, Apollo-suspect Pelops, the line to the Ladon river). Phocaeans are known founders of Ligurians at Lacydon.

While Daphne at the Ladon river was amongst the Lydians that named that river, Sheridans are from Ireland's Teffia, like the Taphian pirates that "Daphne" represented. This was part of the Laish line, remember, and I had traced early Meshwesh to Laish. The "LACESsitus" motto term of Sheridans can be partly for Laces'/Lacys, who share the purple lion of Skiptons (!), and which reflects the Mason/Massin lion. See mythical Placia, feasibly the namer of Placentia, in the Cilla article, and then compare the Place Coat with the Vandal Coat, tracing Vandals with the Veneti to (H)Eneti, where Pelops ruled. Placentia was built by proto-Skiptons, and includes a Le Mose area that can trace to Apollo's Muse's = Mysians. Taffys (from Louth) use the Fessy/Face Coat, and the Mea cross with perhaps the Caen fretty within it.

Note that Lacys can be from the Numidian, Lakumazis, father of Cafuza, or Lacumaces, brother of Capuca. Irish Lacys are said to descend from "Leis." I now have cause to trace Laish elements from Lissus to the naming of the Numidians above, and as the Cavii lived at Lissus, it speaks for itself for tracing Cavii to "Cafuza," yet another reason to trace Chives' to this family. Note that the pellets of English Lacys (same place as Skiptons) are in the formation of the same-colored fitchees (code for potential Fothes/Fittes liners) of Tarves', an excellent indication that Lacys are from Lakumazes and Chives liners in Tarves? Later, you will see why Tarves' are at-least partly Trebia-river liners, and the Trebia is at Placentia. Moreover, Tarves is in Aberdeenshire, home of LESlie's, and where Fothes' were first found that use a colors-reversed reflection of the Capone Coat (probably the lion of June-related Yonge's in Crest). The footLESS martlet must be part-code for Less' that use the Beard/Bard boar in colors reversed.

The Lacy motto term. "Meritas," can be a Moratin liner. Compare Merits with Murtons/Mertons, and link to the three bends of Hectors, but let's add that mythical Cilla was from the family of king Hector. Hectors were first found in Angus, and Angus' look like kin of Annas', and the latter are likely from the Ananes Gauls between the Trebia and Taro rivers. English Morits/Merits were first found in the same place as the WERE river, making Varro Murena suspect with Were's. Murena's family was involved in a conspiracy with FANnius Caepio, and Skipton-suspect Shiptons/Sheptons, first found where Vere's were stacked, use FANS that they call "bellows," and this can indicate the proto-Veneti line of Pelops to Fanano of Modena, smack in the midst of Modena's Marano's/Mauritano's. Belows (one 'l') share fretty with Modena-suspect Modens/Modeys.

Marano is on the PANARo river (Modena) to which the gonFANON BANNER of Mauritano-related Montforts traces. I've just thought to try for a Fanner surname that can connect with Banners, and Fanners/Vanners (same place as Vere's and Quints) look to be using a version of the Covert/Coffert Coat. [Later, Hasan NUMAN, killer of Kahina, can trace to Casano's, first found in Modena, and then while Numans are listed with Newmans, Banners (illegal Mose colors) use a "sine Numine" motto phrase that can connect to Morton-related Walsh's from the Wallis = Sion area, where Aulus Terentius Varro Murena was ruling, likely, after he defeated the Salassi of Aosta, location of the Lys river that traces to the giant fleur-de-lys of the Banner surnames. Scottish banners use "Pro PATRia," and Cassane's are listed with PATTERsons, from AntiPATRIA, on the same river as proto-Vere Fier county.

While Tafts/Tufts (in the "tuft of grass" of Bosco's) use the red crosslets of Were's, Louths use the wolf in the colors of the Varro wolves, and the Tafts just happen to use the Tarent eagle in Crest! Bingo. Were's were from Varro Murena. And Tafts are thereby highly suspect from Taffys of Louth. Tafts look like a merger with Branch's / Sherwoods / Bridge's, and Sherwoods remind of the Bush/Schere-Scherf-Shere connection. It also reminds me that Mrs. Covert married Mr. Surbrook, whose brother was perfectly bald i.e. like a skinhead.]

I have proof-read only up to this point, please excuse any confusing blunders from this point on.

Yours Truly, Industrious Golf- Ball Collector

Let me re-mention the dream wherein I became sure that God was tracing the Kepke surname to "Syphax." The dream included a sickly stag, symbol of Hungarians, and Leslie's were form Hungarians. A bearded man on crutches followed Mr. Kepke and the stag (end of dream, very short), and it just so happens that the Beard/Bard surname shares the green griffin of Leslie's!!! Amazing. That dream was meant to be disclosed today. It suggests that "Kepke" is from "Capuca," second cousin of Massena. Ever since the dream, and even before, I felt that Mr. Kepke was placed into my life to reveal that his surname would connect trace to Massena (fellow Numidian with Syphax, but the two were enemies). I kid you not, that as I awoke this very morning, I recalled a dream (of last night) where I was collecting golf balls all over the ground (they just kept appearing everywhere half buried in the ground). I was collecting so many that I felt tired when I awoke and thought back on it. I had not yet come to write what I am writing now, but let me say, as I shared in at least two previous updates, that Kepke and I became friends at about 12 years of age when we would walk through streams of golf courses, early in the morning, to collect golf balls! AMAZING! We would then sell them to golfers on the course. God is amazing, historians. Send Him a spiritual apple, and learn from Him.

Can "Syphax" be a version of whatever named Capuca? I suppose. When we were young men, Kepke stole a girl from me, Miss. Peare, and I wrote extensively on how her surname can apply to whatever God wanted to reveal through it at this time in my life, for I was chosen for this task (be glad it wasn't you, it's not all fun). Peare's/Pearls were first found in Oxfordshire (same as same- colored HarCOURTs), and can be linked to Thames' and pear-using Abbotts. Thames' and Peare's (both beside the first Less') share stars in the colors of the Fothes/Fittes stars, and Thames' (FOOTLESS martlets!) with Peare's together look very connectable to Coverts/Cofferts (Cafuza liners?) and Foot-suspect Fade's/Fatmore's, wherefore let's repeat that Cheneys use footless martlets in the colors-reversed from the French-Joseph martlet while English Josephs have a "mago" motto term, the name of Hannibal's brother. Syphax was in a quasi-alliance with Hannibal at one time. Compare Peare's to FITCH's (Suffolk), the fitchee bloodline, we may assume. Fothes'/Fittes' use a cornuCOPia, and Copes' (Masci fleur?) use a Numidia-suspect "animo" motto term as well as a Coat somewhat like that of Maso's/Masoni's/Masselli's.

Maso's/Masoni's (Macey chevron, likely) are said to descent from a line of counts that included Oddone, and then Italian Ottone's/Oddone's use a chevron in the same colors, suggesting linkage to Massino-Visconti, a Piedmont location. Let's repeat that Ottone-related Chappes" use the Moor head. While English Otone's/Oltens were first found in Cheshire (Massey / Masci home), English Oddone's (all three Meschin colors) use the same chevron as Capone's (!), and share the red rose with Copes', Copps, Maso's/Masini's and Mazzo's. It recalls Mr. Caepio, Roman pontiff (read as stupid) immediately after Mr. Maso. Oddone's were first found in the same place as Prestwicks that share the Melusine mermaid with Massins. As Prestwicks named Prestwick in Ayrshire, where Carricks were rulers, the "domine" motto term of Prestwicks must be for Julia Domna Bassianus, mother of emperor CARACalla, the line to "Carrick."

Mr. Kepke was engaged to Miss. Peare, and dumped her for Miss Walsh. After the wedding was planned, he dumped Miss Walsh and went back to Miss Peare, and once he left Peare for good, she called me up and wanted to get together, but I decided not. I had commented (earlier updates) on the possible sign that I had kissed both women outside of a Paloma pub. The Palomba name, that comes up in the next update when I get to Miss Florida's email on Aragon, is listed with Paloma's (use a dove). The Walsh's happen to share a swan pierced with a red arrow with Gemels, and while Elis' trace to Viminacium, near Cuppae (city of doves), they look to be using a version of the Benjamin cross, but then the latter's is clearly a version of the Walsh saltire. Biblical Benjamites were from Rimmon, and they trace to Rimna (Moldova), which, I think, was part of Wallachia, where I trace Walsh's/Walchs. Rimini, where Maschi's were first found, likely applies. Compare Benjamins to camel-using Pepins / Pipe's, and while annuLETs (Benjamin / Walsh symbol) were suspect with Letts, the latter use "organ PIPES." As the Pepin bend is half the Schutz/Shutz saltire, while the Benjamin saltire is the Schutz saltire in colors reversed, let's go to the Gaulonite of GAMALA, spoken of by Josephus, for the Gaulonite had a Pharisee friend / ally named, Sadduc, like "Shutz." It's interesting though not conclusive.

Gemels (whose hearts?) and Walsh's even share the same chevron, and as Gemels were first found in Ayrshire, it must be the Kennedy / Carrick / Cassel chevron. That traces Gemels to Cetis' priesthood. The Flemish Douglas' (in a Walsh write-up) use a heart, and share flames with Benjamins, and flames got suspect with Trypillians of Moldova (they burned their houses down ritually). Mr. Kepke's father (same surname) was from the Ukraine, next door to Moldova. One of the reasons that I viewed the two ladies as part of my bloodline work is that while "Kepke" was suspect as a version of "Syphax," Scottish Walsh'suse the motto, "ReSPICE numine," apparently code for Syphax the Numidian [it can suggest a Syphax-line merger with Hasan Numan]. The Spice's (Murena tower?) even show the colors and format of Capone's, and use a "FIRE ball." Fire's are suspect with Rasmussens and Akmonia.

The morning that I had the dream, the bearded man reminded me of Paul Smith, a good Christian friend. It was interesting that Scottish Smiths use a motto that I think is identical to the one in the Arms of L'viv, a large center in the Ukraine. English Smiths (same place as Slints) then share "numine" with Walsh's, but, on that first morning, I had not yet realized that Miss Walsh would become part of the Message. The Smith term is "BENIGno NUMINE," and that suggests the Benjamins and/or Bengs/Bings, the latter with a good reflection of the Coat of Chives now tracing to Cafuza. French House's use the same leaves as Hazels but call them cabbage leaves, and Cabbage's (Levi lion in colors reversed) use the same lions as Newmans (Smith colors again). Lions often trace to Pierleoni Jews, and Pierleoni lived on the Tiber, while Benjamites founded Romans (named after Rimmon elements) while Bings/Bengs use the motto, "Teubor," a Tiber-like term. The Bing/Beng lion is in the colors of the Cabbage / Newman lion! Amazing coincidences.

It strikes me that, a couple of years ago, I purchased a vehicle of the same brand and color owned by Paul Smith some 35 years ago. Both were JEEPS, which, hmm, compare's with "KEPke." Compare the latter with "Cabbage." The Jove's/JEEVE's (Smith colors, Oxfordshire) were being looked at earlier in this update for linkage to Juba of Mauritania, but I had nothing to say. The Jeeps were not yet to topic. I expect Keeps to be of the namers of Kiev, and Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle" (as do Shuttleworths) while Weavers show to be merged with Hazels, how about that. I didn't know until this week that Hazels trace almost-certainly to Izalcas. German Weavers/Webbers look like they use the Masci wings and the Macey Shield. Paul had purchased my NISSAN truck, and, as a surname to that effect, it may be what named Massinissa! The Keppock/Kippax surname (same place as Skiptons and Lacys) mentions Ilbert de LACY, and while Skipton is in Craven, the Keppock/Kippax Coat is a reflection of the Craven Coat. While Numidians are tracing heavily to the Drilon-river Chives, that's where Crevenia was.

Amazingly, Smiths share red-on-white fleur-de-lys with Perkins, and because the latter use a "Simplex" motto term while Plancia Magna (of Perga) was related to a Mr. Simplex, I trace Perkins to "Perga," right beside ANTALya, where I trace ANTELope's...such as we find in the Weaver Crest. Therefore, Paul Smith's Jeep just started a conversation leading to this valid point. The same fleur had been in the Coat of Tarent-suspect Snake's/Snooks and Wansteads. Perkens (with an 'e') bring us back to Tooths (Chill/Child and Wayne / Wanstead suspects) and Feathers/Fedders (Sussex, same as same-colored Coverts/Cofferts), the Feathers/Fedders using an antelope too. This recalls that Plancia Magna's family was suspect in nearby Derbe (Lycaonia), for Derbys share the red Feather antelope head. Lycaonia (see mythical Lycaon) was given a wolf symbol anciently, explaining the clever code, "anteLOPE." Tooths (London, white feathers) look very linkable to German Wingers (said to be from WENgert), first found in the same place as white-wing Fetters.

When was the last time that historians were able to find cause for tracing Derbys of Derbyshire to Derbe over in Turkey? I make far-and-wide and respectable links like this every month, yet Google hides my work, and historians that happen upon it seem as silent as a dumb mute. Just turn your minds off while you're at it, you won't get me begging for your help. They think that anyone who hears from God is nuts, but God is right here, all around me, ever watching. Why should this be surprising? It's the most natural thing in existence, for He is existence, ever-present in all places. But most historians are ignorant of this, darkened, resigned to human help alone. But you, dear reader, keep your senses peeled for the work of God in your life, providing that you put some effort toward honoring Him. He does not despise the small / weak effort, if that's all you have. Let the power of God be in your life as your security, and don't expect Santa Claus or a personal genie. Just watch how Walsh liners trace to Plancia Magna.

As Walsh's use "an eagle perching," it recalls that the perch code was for Ardon/Artois liners, and so it's notable that the Arrow/Arras Coat (Murena tower in Crest with great certainty) look like the Walsh Coat, explaining why the other Walsh's use an arrow. But as the swan is pierced with the arrow, Walsh's were kin to Pierce's/Piers, a possible Peare branch, and likely a line from Lupus Laevillus. From the motto of Irish Walsh's, it can be seen that they are using the colors and format of Mortons, a sure sign, now, that Walsh's had linked to Murena's/Moratins! And that makes the Morton / Walsh / Gemel chevron that of Cilleys, first found beside the Trans'/Trents and where Chives were previously said to be first found.

The fleur-de-lys of Arrows are in the Fix/Fick Coat while Walsh's use a "TransFIXus" code. You can bet your Achilles Heel that "Trans" is for a Trent / Tarent liner, but let's add that Trents use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed to the same in the Arms of Wallis canton and Sion. Then, let me add a theory I once had, that Wallis canton, and the Walsh's, were named after general AULUS Terentius Varro Murena, for he had quelled the Salassi of Aosta, smack beside the Wallis canton. A reader from that area informed me that Melusine-using Walsers were named after Wallis canton, but lived in the Lys river of Aosta. Wallis/Wallace's use the same lion as Marano's/Mauritano's, not guff at all.

Let me make some fixes to the theory. I can't derive "Walsh" in both "Wallachia" and "Wallis canton." But one can then suggest that Aulus was from Wallachia and named after it. The Trent motto can be for Auge's that likely use the Chappes / Titus Moor head and the June fleur-de-lys.

Before I was sidetracked, it was all looking like the Mascula Numidians led to a merger with the Flemings of Scotland / Lanarkshire. Note that Jewish Glass', suspect with Glasgow at the Lanarkshire area, share wings in both colors of the Masci wings, and that Scottish Glass' share the mermaid in Crest with Massins. While "Glass" got suspect with "Valais/Wallis," location of Sion, thanks to the Walser mermaid, the Macey-related Sions/Swans (heart again) were first found in Lanarkshire. It tends to reveal what the Walsh / Gemel swan is code for. This is a good example of how Massena Numidians must be included in the Templar circles of Flemings, and moreover it's a way to track Templarism forward to FreeMASONry. The Masci-related Hamon(d)s use pean, and Peans are listed with Payens while the first grand master of the Templars was a Mr. Payens. Shaws were first found in the same place as Wings. Wingers look linkable to Slints by their common martlets, especially as Slints use a "comite" motto term while Conte's/Comitissa's were first found in the same place as Wingers.

While Wings share billets with Nassau's, why does it seem that the Slint griffin head (same as Beards and Leslie's) has orange wings? It suggests that the Sling bend could be half the Schutz saltire. Recalling that Shutz's just got traced not-bad to Sadduc, friend of a Gamala resident, by what coincidence do Slints share the bend of camel-using Pepins / Pipe's? And, remember, the bearded man in the dream was code for Leslie liners from Numidia, and so the Slint Crest should trace to Numidians.

It just dawned on me that Pettys were named after the same that named PIEDmont. Pettys share green parrots with PEEBLE's, who I traced to Pavia/Papia (potential origin of Pepins / Papenburgs) in Piedmont. But as I'm sure that Pettys were Pietas-Julia liners, I need to trace Istria / Pula liners to Piedmont too, and that can explain why Asti is in Piedmont. Asti was suspect with the Paionian city of Astibus, and Payens/Paions are probably from Paionians. Was Istria a Paionian settlement?

Compare the bend-with bendlets of Wingers (share gold martlets with Coverts) with Peirs/Peers. As the latter were first found in the same place (Warwickshire, Masovia liner) as Sheriffs, it dawned on me that Peirs/Peers are using the bendlets and bend of Cove's, the latter in Covert colors. Mrs. Covert's husband had a sister married to Mr. Scheriff of West Islip, Long Island, beside Adolf Hitler's nephew in Patchogue. This Scheriff family is suspect from Nazi's, or at least with kin of the Nazi, George Herbert Scherff = George Herbert WALKer Bush, a likely Walsh liner because his son, George W. Bush Jr., married Laura Walsh, I kid you not. You just saw how Miss Peare and Miss Walsh together have led to the president Bush's through an old emailer, Mrs. Covert. But there is more, because her two sons, were found listed in Warsaw, Indiana, where wars supremacists operated, and Warwickshire was traced to Warsaw (Masovia) before I began to investigate Coverts and Scheriffs. The Arms of Warsaw (Masovia) use the mermaid yet again. I dare say that neo-Nazi's and Nazi's were Massena-Numidian liners, not exactly the prime Aryans that they think they are. Numidians in Europe probably hated Europeans for centuries.

Walkers, who use a "magna" motto term, were first found in the same place as Bush's, Scarfs, and the Wagers (hearts) using a version of the Gemel Coat. The Gemel / Walsh chevron is the Walker chevron too. Gamala-suspect Slints use "industria," part-code for Dusters, kin of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'), and the Duster bend is half the Cove bend while Slints share gold footLESS martlets with Coverts. It's making kaiser Coffert traceable to some Rothschild family, perhaps one that God wants to destroy in due time. I can imagine that He brought Mrs. Covert into my email life. As Slints use a "duce" motto term, Duce's/Dousys may be a Duster branch.

The Duce Coat is identical to the Semper Coat, and Scottish Smith's use "Semper FIDELis." While Fothes'/Fittes' come up as "Fido," Fidelows/Fiddle's were from Vis-de-lou, and, for what's it's worth, I've just found Dutch Vissle's/Vessers/Fisers using only "fish," a Smith-Crest symbol. Smiths are said to be from Neil Cromb, son of Mr. MurDOCK (Duce liner?), chief of Clan Chattan. Both Murdocks ("secundo") and Mackie's/Mackeys, both first found in Ayrshire, use "two black ravens hanging from an arrow." Murdocks (Stewart kin) thus linked with Cilnius-Maecenas liners. Docks/Dogs/Doags use the colors and format of Chills/Childs, and as Docks/Dogs were first found in Perthshire (same as Shaws), while Ayrshire was a Shawia-Numidian home, they can be Dougga Numidians. The Docks/Dogs compare with Lanarks, and the Lanark heart is probably the Douglas heart. We then compare Docks/Dogs with Duncans (Siward of Northumberland kin) and Donkeys too, and as they are said to be from Robertsons (same place as Docks/Dogs), we note that Robertsons use nothing but wolf heads, the Fidelow/Fiddle symbol in colors reversed.

Rothschilds, God's message to you is to cease from making money, give 90 percent of it back to the people, or face eternal Hell. The choice is simple, but you can't make it. It is harder for you to enter Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a NEEDLE. Needle's are suspect as Rothschild liners of the Nathan kind, and Nathans are suspect with the Saddock Coat. The first son of the first Rothschild, Mayer Bauer, was Nathan Rothschild, British banker. Nathan removed from Germany to Manchester, and Prestwicks (red Shield) were in Manchester. This Arms of Rothschild use the quadrants of Pettys, and Pettys use a "needle." The Arms uses the phrase, "INTEgritis INDustria," and Prestwicks use "IN TE domine speravi." INDers come up as "Inger," and Inger married Melissena Rangabe, suspect with Melusine in the Prestwick Coat! Inders/Ingers use arrows, the symbol in the Arms of Rothschilds. It expects Rothschilds from the royal-Khazar side of Melissena (real person). Inger (Winger liner?) was almost-certainly a Varangian of Kiev.

The Inger arrows are red, as are the Walsh / Gemel arrows. Recalling the Walsh-arrow trace to Artois, it recalls the link of perched-eagle Botters to Ardons/Artois', and here we find Ingers/Inders said to be of BOTTReaux castle (Cornwall). As per the "ravens HANGing from an arrow," we link the ravens to Rothes'/Rothchilds, and then look up the Hangs (Massar/Massai colors) to find them listed with Ings, and using what looks like a version of the Fitch Coat, suggesting that Fitch's are a Fiddle branch. Botters were first found in the same place as Potters and Hangers (and mago-loving Josephs), while Danish Cnuts use "POT hangers." It looks like Inger's line of vikings was related to Potters and Botters, but recalling that Fidel-loving Smiths were from Murdock, chief of Clan Chattan (said to be intermarried with Potts), that clan use "bot" in their motto as certain code for Italian Botters, first found in LUCCA, so close to Massa / Massar (first in Lucca) liners that I'm compelled to bring up LUKAmazis and LUCAmaces again. This is what Paul Smith (in the dream) has led to once again. Remember, he was on crutches and may be deemed footless for that reason. The Crutch surname uses "formee fitchee" crosses.

Lacys already traced to one of those two Numidian men, and then English Lacy's use a "fretKNOT" as code for Cnut liners. Lacys were kin to Skiptons, from general Scipio, who built CREMona, where I think cat-using Croms and Crombys trace (Lucca's use a cat, as do Chives' from Cafuza, so of Lakumazis). Crombys are said to use a BOTONy cross, code for Buttons/Bidens, first found in the same place as their Botter / Potter branches. This recalls that Smiths are said to be from Neil CROMB, son of Murdock of Chattan. Perfect.

Go to French Chatans and compare with Maso's, asking why Chatans/Cato's share the tower with Syphax-suspect Spice's, while the latter use them in gold, the color of the Chattan castle? Chattans and Murdocks share similar motto terms perhaps as code for Omans/Osmunds (black footless martlets, same as Romney-related Pullys that bring Mormons to mind), recalling that the Osmund singers were Mormons while Mormons were founded by Joseph Smith. Porcius Cato was born about 20 years before Servilius Caepio showed up in Sicily to help Massena, wherefore, Mr. Maso, the Pontiff before Caepio, must have been presiding over Jupiter, or whatever nutbar religion it was, while Cato was growing into a man in Abruzzo (Wikipedia once said that his childhood was in Abruzzo; my mother may be from him). Cato had land in Sabina, says Wikipedia, and his line should trace from the Chatan / Chattan / Botter bend to the same of Champagne's, the latter using a potent pattern (upper-crutch shapes) in the bend, a symbol that reportedly comes from the crutch symbol. Avezzano is in Sabina, and Avezzano's, beloved by Kennedys and Chatti-related Cassels, use a bend with a potent pattern too, not to mention another red rose (Chatan / Maso symbol), and Kennedy ancestors were presiding as priests over their own nutbar religion. Cato married SALONia, who may have been from Salonae, at the Tilurius/Cetina theater, where I trace Julius Bassianus, high priest of the El-Gabal nutcase cult highly suspect with the Hesse sun. There seems to be a trend here, and I feel sure that, before the dream with the bearded man in crutch, God indicated in a special sign that Joseph Caiaphas, high priest of Israel, killer of Jesus, would link to Avisons (in the Cassel / Kennedy motto) and Avezzano. Cassels (Cilnius-liner kin) share the castle with Cato's/Chattans, but in the colors of the Chatan tower. See also the Casey bend and chevron colors, and note the Caesar roses.

Needle's (same place as Saltire's from Saluzzo) share the sun with Dusters and Fetters / Hesse's...and Solania-like Solana's. Amazing, I've never put that together before because I've never stressed Cato's wife, but she is tracing excellently now to Javier Solana. But how did an Italian Cato line become the Germanic Chatti at the Hesse theater? The first Rothschild made his fortune, they say, from a prince William of Hesse-Cassel.

Dusters are suspect with the Heidler and Hiedler/Hitler Coat. Red-Shield Dustins: "A man's head in proFILE." This recalls that Cofferts were suspect as Huff / Hoff / Cough liners, and then there was Dustin Hoffman. File's/Vile's (Calf, can be for Calfs/Caufe's) have a Coat reflective of the Salon/Salian Coat, and while its seems that Porcius Cato and Salonia trace well to Avise's/Avisons, they are in the Kennedy motto along with Lafins/La Fonts (same place as Irish Kennedys) that share the lion of Italian Conte's, which is why I link the French Conte's to Ville's/Font de Ville's (same place as Conte's) in forming the Conteville's of Comyn, for Comyns use the Avise/Avison Coat exactly. The point is, the Vile variation of File's can betray their being a Font-de-Ville branch. Avisons were at Avesnes, on the Helpe river, and that gets us to the Calf-like Half variation of Helps. Avezzano at the Salto theater traces to Sale-related Coughs / Cuffs, kin of Halfs/Helps, very apparently. Comines is not far from two Avesnes locations.

Hoffs share the same bend as Sale's, File's/Vile's, Huffs and Rothes', the latter first found in the same place as Needle's. Hoffmans share the sinister bend with Jewish Rothchilds, and may be a sinister version of the three Kos bends, for the island of Kos is near Rhodes. Bill CLINTon, a Saluzzo- based surname suspect with the Slint bloodline, married a RODham (red Shield).

If I recall correctly, Dustin Hoffman starred in a movie (The Graduate, I think) with a Mrs. Robinson character. Robinsons (Sitler/SCHITner lion?) may be using the bars of Camerons, and the Cameron Crest shares five bunched arrows with Bowers (PEEBLES-shire, same as Robins) and the Arms of Rothschild. Robinsons appear to use a boar pierced with a spear, and while proto-Rothschild Pollocks use a boar pierced with an arrow, Pollocks were first found in the same place as Speers, kin of Sprees, from the Spree river of Lusatia/LUZICA (or Silesia, where Sitlers were first found), where mythical Melusine traces from her traditional home in LUSIGnan. Compare the Robinson Crest with Fitch's using "ESPERance" as the full motto, and perhaps with the Covert/Coffert Crest. The Fitch Coat is a reflection of the English Robinson Coat, and then the Rance's, suspect with "EspeRANCE," share a boar head in Crest with Irish Robinsons. Amazing. The trail of Dustin HOFFman just led to apparent kin (FITCH's) of Coverts/Cofferts, not forgetting that the latter use FOOTless martlets that speak to the Fothes/FITTES', an obvious branch of Foots, and using "Industria" as their full motto. Give back the money to the world, Rhodians, or you will be in torment. God did not make the planet for industry in wild abandonment of morality.

Sullivans, who may trace to Saltire's, and expected from the Salviae near Salonae, use a ROBIN. UNBELIEVABLY, Sullivans share the black boar with Porcia's!!! I've never made this connection before because I've never stressed the name of Porcius Cato's wife. Cato's son by Salonia (Marcus Porcius Cato Salonianus the Younger) married Livia Drusa, mother of Quintus Servilius Caepio, grandson of general Quintus Caepio (the Elder). This is where Julius Caesar comes in and has an affair with Servilia Caepionis...probably in an attempt to discover the massive Caepio gold stash.

The Robinson lion may be the Ullman lion as per both surnames using red bars, and English Robinsons (Power stag?) suggest that its the lion of Power-related Palins. Propers/Robins were first found in the same place as Masseys and HAZELs, and have a "Manus" motto term that can trace with Islip-suspect Mens', Manners and Maness/Manners to IZALcas, son of Massena's grandfather. Mrs. Covert (birth surname) had married a Mr. Maness (not the husband from her Riverside marriage). By what coincidence do Walsh's use "TRANSfixus" for Wallis-related Trans'/Trents while Propers/Robins (Walsh colors) use "tyrannus." French Robins share the upward-pointing pheon with Proper- colored Walsh's. English Robins were first found in Middlesex, same as Fiers and Apps//Epps'. As these Robins share the thistle with Paisleys, the moline of Fiers can link to Eschyna de Molle in Paisley, whose daughter married Robert Pollock while she married Robert Croc(e). Propers/Robins are Roberts too, and share the Robert lion.

Asti-like Aosta, not far north of Piedmont, was founded by the Salassi, and is the location of a Lys river to which the Massey/Macey fleur must trace. Reminder: Aulus Terentia Varro Murena, whose sister married a proto-Macey / Macie, resettled the Salassi territory with Romans, but then perhaps the Massena- / Maecenas-line Romans (Massena-Scipio marriage?) went along as rulers of those neighborhoods, and they may later have attracted Maccabee- proper liners to Modane, beside Aosta. . Varro-suspect Vere's share the Massey Shield. There was a surname, Sale-of-Mascy. The Walsers were in the Lys valley, and, I am very sure, God put the Swiss reader into my email life, over years of reading, to pass this main thing to me. Look at how important it has become. Macie's/Mackeys share the raven and the arrow with Rothes/Rothchilds / Rothschilds, and Meschins were first found in the same place as Rothes' / Saltire's.

But there is a second Lys river flowing to Macey-related Ghent/Gaunt, smack in the land of the Flanders Flemings. Meschins and Masci's / Masseys lived in Cheshire, beside Flander-like FLINTshire. The Flander/Flinder Chief is possibly the Selkirk Chief, and probably using the stars of Polesdons in colors reversed, for Polesdons/Pulesdons were first found in Cheshire and may be from Istria's Pula (also called Pola) = Pietas-Julia. Petts (same place as Massins) not only use mascles, but a motto, "Ardens." Rulers of Ardennes popped up earlier only as per WALRam of Nassau, a potential Weller, for Wellers share the pelican with Pullys/Pullens. Wellers use the DeVAUX pelican design, and Vaux's use the Arms of Meulan, while I had read that Wells, a branch of the Vallibus variation of Vaux's (according to a Wells webpage), were involved with rulers of Meulan. Meulan was foundational, on the mother's Beaumont side, to Percival-Leavells.

Here's information passed on to me from an old heraldry book: "LUCE, the Old English name for a pike, but also for a lily (the fleur de luce)...Actually, the Lucy family bore as arms three pikes naiant ; but as Lily and Lilley it exists as a surname, taken from the sign for the Annunciation. page 94". Now that Lucys may trace to Lakumazes, their trace to the Lys bloodline is fully expected. They don't really derive in an old word for pike, do they?

Queen Kahina Formed Surnames

Pike fish are used by Geddes', who had been suspect with the Getuli Numidians to which Syphax belonged. You are about to see an amazing thing that should stun historians on account of the story that heraldry is able to reveal. It will take multiple paragraphs to tell all that has occurred to me this morning. LACYdon was the birthplace of Ligurians, at MASSALia, and we can thus be more sure that Lacys / Lucys trace to Numidians due to the Mascula location of Numidia tracing to Macsals that use a version of the Lacy pellets. Moreover, Massalia/Massilia was suspect in the past with the MASSYLii peoples to which Massena belonged. It explained why Massey liners were close to Salyes Ligures in the Sale's.

It has been resolved that Numidians were in Agrigento with the Anchors, and a version of the Anchor / Arms-of-Agrigento Chief is shared my Majors/Magors (anchor) suspect with "Mago," and moreover Ladys/Laudymans use a version of the Major / Anchor Chief. Geddes use the motto, "CAPTa MAJORa," you see, potentially in honor of the CAPUZa bloodline (see Capote variation of Capua / Capone liners), but, in any case, CABOTs happen to use fish in some verification that Geddes honor some aspect of the Cabot bloodline. I don't think it's a coincidence that Majors use the Capote Chief exactly, both with red roses now tracing heavily to Maso liners. The Geddes write-up even speaks to the Rose clan with which Geddes' merged, and moreover the Rose write-up speaks to merger with Bosco's that Geddes likewise merged with. Busca is beside the Saluzzo location of the Salyes Ligures. The "water BOGuet" of Rose's is shared by BUGs, first found in CNUT-founded NOTTinghamshire, a line that goes to the fret-KNOT of Lacys.

Recalling that the Galli's are using a version of the Poitvin Coat, and that the blue jay of the latter is a line from king Gaia/GALA, father of Massena, just compare the Capote's to Poitvin's. The latter probably use the Sutherland stars because Mackays, who were in the area of the Rose clan, were first found in Sutherland. It thus appears that Capote's were from "Capuza," Gaia's close kin. The Mackays share the so- called MUZZLEd bears of Alis'. Italian Capote's use the mule, and Mule's (another familiar Chief)happen to use the double bars of Annabels/Hannibals! See Annaba on the map upon this page below. The Shawia were alternatively the Chaoui.

Why does the Mule Coat compare with the Washington / Copeland / CANTon Coat? Alis'/Alice's use a version of the Alpin/CAPPIN Coat, and mythical KENNETH MacAlpin traced definitely to Kenza of Aures, home of the Shawia and part of the Mascula / Annaba domain. The Numidian queen, KAHINa, was buried in CHENchela, otherwise called, MASCULa. In search a Kahina liners, I have just found loaded Keens/CAHANs (!) with a fish in the colors of the Ged fish!!! This is a Keon branch, but I had no idea that Keens and Keons could trace so well to Numidians. Ladys/Laudymans were first found in the same place as Cabbage's and MASCLE liners such as Spinks and Quince's.

The three lizards, and the horse, of Keens/Cahans, are in the sinister direction. As I link Keon / Keen fish to the Saraca fish, I suggest a trace of them all to Saracena and neighboring Laus, which is amazing, suddenly, because Laus (Laish liner, in my opinion), according to Wikipedia, was founded by peoples of neighboring Sybaris, and the latter is said to be from the Boura/Bura area of Greece (Ladon-river theater, Laish-land, so to speak) while the Numidia map shows a Bouira location at Kabyle.

The Keen Crest is said to be a "cat-a-mountain," same as the Chives Crest! This is the Mosca leopard, yes. Keens show variations such as McCluskey, which, when read as MACLUskey, look like a MACULA term. Their fish should trace to the SALMON of MacAbee's whom are honored in the Newman motto, in my strong opinion, and the Newman lions are in the colors of the Chives cats. Keens share the Cain / Kane fish, in the colors of the MacAbee salmon. Note that the other Kane's are using the Luce / Luciano fish. Doesn't this suggest queen-Kahina lines to Lacydon's Ligures and Franks / Redones?

Until very recently, Chives' were said to have been first found in Devon, where Mules were first found! That's excellent for linking Capote / Capone liners to Joseph Caiaphas, especially if Joseph-related Bidens/Buttons (definitely a Cabyle liner) are from Batna in Chaouia. The Nutts are suspect as a branch of Nitts/Naughts (same place as the Nith river) that I trace hard to the Nith river, location of the proto-Geddes Geds (I have an article in my files telling that Geddes had been Geds on the Nith from at least 400 AD). The Nitts/Naughts link to the Patty's that use the same lion as Newmans / Cabbage's. Pattys were from Kilpatricks/Patchie's, first found in the same place as Patents, and known to have had a castle at the Nith river. Patents can be expected as Potent liners, wherefore note how close Potentia is, on the Lucania map (Sybaris link above), to BANTIA, possibly from the namers of Bantu in Chaouia.

Here are the Geds with a "Durat" motto suspect with the Durants from the Durance-river Salyes. Geds are said to be from a Geddes location in Yorkshire, and Yorkshire is where GETA and his brother, Caracalla, were stationed when they became the emperors (their emperor-father died in Yorkshire while fighting the Picts, later to become Kenneth MacAlpin). The escutcheon at the center of the Keen/Cahan Coat has the Moses symbol. As Moses' trace to Cuppae in Moesia, let's repeat that Copes' / Copps share the Masci fleur, and red roses that even the Moses' use, and from that standpoint, we can go back to Copelands that use a version of the Mule Coat, which itself has roundels as code for the Arundel line that married Alice of Saluzzo, the Ceva / Cavett line suspect with Chives branches. Cavetts were first found in the same place (Picardy) as the Abbeville location that definitely traces to MacAbee's/Abbe's.

I was about to mention the SLEEVE, because it dawned on me this morning, just as I was seeking more evidence to trace Numidians to the founding of Ligures, that it's code for the SALUVii Ligurians. In the paragraph above, I loaded Anne's/Hanne's because they share the stag with Annabels/Hannibals (same bars as Copelands and Mule's), and because Anne's were likewise first found in Yorkshire, to be reminded that they are said to be from Tickhill. That prompted the loading of Tickel's/Tickhills to find a giant sleeve! Bingo. Compare the stag-using Hands with Copes' / Copps. Tickhills are in Annas / TIGH colors (both first found in NOTTINGHAMshire), and Tickhill is said to be 4 miles from a BLYTHE location in Nottinghamshire (see Annas below if you don't know this topic). As Blythe's are very-likely a Billet / Bellow branch, there is a chance that they linked to Alice of Skipton (Yorkshire), highly suspect from the Massey-related line of Geta or Caracalla (the latter's mother was sister to Julia Maesa Bassianus, and the latter term is in the Notting besants). Tickhills trace excellently to Levi- and Annandale- suspect Tease's/Tecks at the Ticino river, home of the Laevi Ligures. ;

The sleeve came to mind with the arm-in-sleeve in the Crests of Irish Coughs/Cuffs and English Cuffs. As the latter even puts a cuff on the sleeve, it's made apparent that other sleeve's with cuffs are Cuff kin. As the Coughs and Cuffs use a version of the Sale/Sallett fleur, and moreover as the Coughs / Cuffs use a dancetty bend while Durance's/Durants use the Sale / Cuff fleur along with a dancette, it's very clear that sleeve liners trace to the Salyes on the Durance river. An historian should hug me for passing on this information. I've been saying for years that the Laevi Ligures had a fundamental tie to Salyes Ligures, and the Cuffs have been suspect with a line to Joseph Caiaphas (son-in-law of Annas, both the chief murderers of Jesus) for that reason, as I think that the Laevi came around to become the Sadducees when a Massena line was sent to Israel to become the Maccabees.

A sleeve of the type used by Tickhills is in the Arms of Leicester, and that city is on a Ligure-suspect Legro river. The Leicester sleeve is known to have been owned by Tonys, suspect from the TONZus river of the ancient Selletae (Thrace), themselves beside Cabyle, the latter just like "Kabyle" that you see on the Numidia map. Therefore, one can trace the Selletae to the Sale's/Salletts via Kabyle elements of Numidia. A shirt with BUTTONs is used by the Tous/Tosini/TONSO surname, no guff. If you don't know, Bidens/Buttons (same place as CAPLans) share the chapeau of Cabyle-like Capelli's.

The type of sleeve used by Leicester is at times called a maunch, and then Manche (home of French Masseys) is at the French coast from Guernsey, where Majors were first found. I read that the English channel, location of Guernsey, was called, The Sleeve, but as I am now convinced that "sleeve" was first used as code for the Saluvii, I suggest that Massey / Manche liners dubbed the English Channel "the sleeve" in honor of their heraldic sleeve. The Saluvii-line Sullivans share a motto term with Brians who are from Briancon, on the Durance river. That's how we can be sure to connect the Saluvii Ligures to the Salyes. Of the many Ligurian tribes, I have emphasized the Salyes and Laevi alone in all this past decade of heraldic work .

I suggest that the Cuffs (KilKENNY) are putting the Murton bendy on their sleeve. The Kilkennys happen to use a version of the Kelly Coat, and while I see Kellys from Cilnius Maecenas, he married Murena while Murena's are Murton-like Moratins too. Moreover, as per the Chills/Childs that are said to be from a location between London and Cambridge, note the Ged / Keen fish, apparently, in the Chillin/Chillman Coat! I looked "Chillen" up as per CHILLINGham of the Hebrons, but then the Killens trace to CILNius as a near- certainty. Chillins were first found in Cambridgeshire, and use a version of the Mackay Coat. The Ged article I have (below, or online elsewhere) says that Geds gave their swords to the Mackays, no guff. It's a fable / false legend that "Geddes" derives in a term for pike fish. This paragraph indicates that KILkennys and KILpatricks were CILnius liners through Childeric.

So, I think the above is just additional evidence that Cilnius Maecenas and Terentia Murena had a line to Childeric Franks, but as Murena was a Varro line too, let's repeat that Vere's are from Vere in Manche, and share the Massey Shield but put the same star as Annas' upon it. The Geds appeared on the Nith before Childeric was king in Tournai. They say that Childeric derived in a mythical MEROVee, wherefore see the Mervins -- first found in the same place as Mortons!!! -- using a squirrel. While Pollocks are said to be from king Clovis (Childeric's son), emailer Pollock, who communicated with me for a decade, told me that she was a Murton bloodline on one side. How about that. The Mervin Crest: A squirrel with a collar, CRACKing a NUT. It's the same squirrel as CARRICK-related Gilberts, and as Caracalla was in Yorkshire, that's why Cracks and Crags are Carrick liners from Yorkshire.

It's a given that Childeric / CLOVis liners were on the Nith because Kilpatricks, who share the Brian motto term, "laidir," were at CLOSEburn while Close's are also "CLOVse's. Moreover, Brians ("UachTAR" motto term) use the three, split-color lions in pale of Mervins. It had been proven that these Brains are of the scimiTAR line to the Taro river, and so KilKENNYs can trace to the Ceno tributary of the Taro, where Kennedys have traced who share the Arms of Carrick along with Gilberts. While I trace Merovingians to the Redones, Mervins are said to be from king Rhodri. Lacydon / Massilia was on the RHODANus river, into which the Durance flows. Mervins are traced to Llywelyn (Leavell suspect), son of Merfyn (Wales), about the time of king Maccus = proto-Mackays. Marvins (with an 'a') use a lion common to Welsh families, and may be using the Jeffrey lion (compare with Palins) as per the mention of Jeffersons below.

Scottish Leavells were first found in the same place as Maxwells/MACCUSwells (mother trunks of Pollocks) and bee-using Maxtons. Mervins may be using the Patty lion. Note that other Brians share the black hunting horn with Patch's and Burn-like Scottish Durance's. It seems clear that the line of Geta and/or Caracalla led to the first Merovingians, and heavily included Salyes Ligures that we can expect Brians to have been. Briancon was also BRIGantium, and Brights (Cheshire) use a version of the Macey and Close/Clovse Coat, the latter using the striped hunting horn of Brians. Family historians should be writing about this in one form or another, and writing in to thank me for these clues, and scouting out all of my pages, sharing them with one another, but so far not a peep from one of them. Are they mental cases? Are they afraid to go against the surname derivations of their superiors? Do they realize that there has been a long-time scheme in place to hide these traces that I'm making? The global masters, from Numidians? Numidians who? Numidians to the Danes, that's who. The Dark Danes, from Italy. But Danish historians don't want to report Italians in their ancestry. So, instead, they tell the lie and the half-truth. They are mental cases, aren't they? They prefer to descend from NeanderTHALLs. Who named that term, and did the whacko evolutionist-historians know that Basina (Childeric's wife) was related to the bee-using Thalls/Talls...both from THURINgia, suspect from the TURANo (yep, Italy), beside the Salto (yip, origin of Sallett liners) , and like "DURANce."

Chillins/CHILLMANs suggested a peak to see if Killmans existed, and they happen to use a version of the Crag Coat! Beautiful. They both share the black talbot with Carricks. They are said to have named Kelman in Aberdeenshire (land of Picts). They share a white bend with Killins, and as the latter use the Plunkett Coat for a sure trace to Plancia MAGna, ask if she was a Mago-of-Hannibal liner too (Hannibal had retreated to western Anatolia, and was then in reach of Plancia's ancestry). Near to where Mervins were first found, there is a Magor location near CHEPstow, and Cheps were linked (by me) to Pembroke's before I knew that Pembroke-related Mazzo's traced to Numidians. Cheps (same double-headed eagle as Maxwells) have variations suggesting merger with neighboring Jeffersons.

Want to see more talbots? The Alisons/Allisters, suspect in the "All is in" motto phrase of Clovis'/Clovells (nails). Alisons look like they should link to the Alexanders (MacAbee kin), and to the Alexander of the Scott write-up (Talbot-related Scotts share the black griffin with Alisons). As Clovis' use nails, it's notable that German Nails/Nagle's/Neils share the same saltire as French Brians. I trace Nagle's to Oneglia = Imperia in Liguria...near Grasse to which I trace family members of Caracalla's mother. So many "coincidence's". Bosco's: "tuft of grass."

Recently, and "in te DOMINE speravi" motto was traced to "Domna," Caracalla's mother, and that motto is used by Vails/Velis' while Clovis' use the motto, "Truth preVAILs." There has always been a question on whether Julians trace to Julius Bassianus, father of Domna, or Julius Caesar, or both. The Vails/Velis' use the same crosslets as English Julians (same place as Ged-suspect Chillins/Chillmans), and Truths/Trotts can therefore be using the six bars (different colors) of German Julians. French Julians link well to the Bright stars because I expect Julians from Guillestre, beside Brigantium/Briancon (likewise on the Durance), near Modane that traces well to Modens/Modeys, first found in the same place as Truths/Trotts. The Arms of Guillestre shares the black eagle with Vails/Velis'. The other Velis'/Wills use griffins suspect with Agrippa's who included Julius Agrippa, uncle of Julius Bassianus.

At the top of the Ged page presented earlier: Septs of Clan MacPHAIL: Cameron and Mackay. Phails/Falls (InverNESS at the Ness river) use an obvious version of the Vail/Velis Coat, and throw in the black Alison griffin head likewise in the Crest, clinching the "preVAIL" motto term of Alisons as code for Vails. As Alis'/Alice's use the Keith motto in reverse, and as Keiths (stag head) were Catti, note from the Ged page: CLAN PHAIL (MacPhail). Name taken from the Chief, GillieCHATTAN Mor, 'Great Servant of St. Catan. Lands in Glenlui, Loch Arkaig, Gellovie, Lochaber and Badenoch. One of the Chattan line, Ewan Ban, became the ancestor of Clan MacPherson. It looks like Clan Chattan were Keith liners, and meanwhile Alisons and Alis' are looking like branches. It recalls that Terras', from the Alexander motto, are using the Scott Coat...meaning that Alis' look like an Alexander branch too. As Keiths have traced to the Cetina river, it's notable that Cetina liners such as Tillers, Bracks, Mussels, and Meschins use a fesse in colors reversed to that of Phails/Falls and Cetina-liner Prude's/Prats. Scottish Prude's/Pride's use only fish, and were first found in the same place (Lanarkshire) as Alisons, and the latter can be using a version of the Brack Coat (the island of Brac was also Brattia, suspect with Prat liners).

By the way, Pride's/PYRDs just reminded of the BIRDs/Birds (Bouillon flory in colors reversed), one branch of which shares a "spes mea" motto phrase with Prude's/Pratts, first found in the same place (Auvergne) as Bouillons! I have not known before that Birds are a Prude / Pryd branch. This reminds that the Creuse area beside Auvergne traces to mythical Creusa at Agrigento along with the Hips' that share the red-on-white martlets of Birds/Burds. The latter were first found in the same place as Creuse's (and Masseys), a branch of CRUTCH's/Crooch's (and Croce's) that use a version of the Coat of Agrigento's Crack/Crick liners that we met with the Mervin squirrel cracking a nut. In this way, I'm seeing Massey liners from Cetina merged with Agrigento liners that were proto-Romans. And there we have the crutches of Paul Smith entering the picture...BUT I didn't realize earlier, when showing the Smith Coat (fish), that they share a formee-fitchee cross, in colors reversed even, with Crutch's and Cracks/Cricks!!!!! AMAZING. God did, He really did, put Paul Smith on crutches in that dream.

I am so impressed by this. I didn't see it coming. Crutch-related Smith's use "Benigno Numine," now all-the-more suspect with proto-Roman Benjamites, which we can assume were at Agrigento with proto-Carrick and/or Creusa circles. December 24, an amazing day, today. Crutch's were first found in the same place as BORDers.

I don't recall finding, as yet, why the stag that Paul was following was sickly / skinny. The stag seemed more connected to Kepke, however.

I had forgotten, when writing above on Chattan, that Scottish Smiths are traced to Clan Chattan. In fact, Smiths came up as a topic (just now) out of the blue, only because I had a faint recollection that they used the Crutch crosslets. Smiths were not planned to be at topic right after the Chattan line of Phails. And the link of Phails to Agrigento liners was itself unsuspected, popping to mind at such a perfect place; otherwise, you would not have seen the Smith link to Crutches. Amazing, thank you my Father, my Brother, my Friend.

The Neil Cromb in the Smith write-up is a Chattan member, explaining the cat in the Crest of Crombs/Croms. This recalls the "Crom aboo" motto of Desmonds, a branch of Deas'. Perhaps for some instinctive reasons only, I have been linking the DEAS' (bee on a daisy) to the MacAbee's for years, waiting for the hard evidence. Recall that Keens are using the Kane fish that are in the colors of the MacAbee salmon, and as Salmons are Sale-liner Salyes, we are already at the Briancon area with this discussion, where Brights trace who are likely using a version of the Day Coat. Having said that, recall that Kane's use the Luce fish for a decent trace to Lacydon's Ligurians. Then, here's why I looked up Days/DEA's: The Kahina's name is given variously as DAHIYah, Dahia, or Dhabba... That's queen Kahina, the Keen / Kane line, and while Croms share a cat in Crest with Keens, and while Brian-related Sullivans (Salyes kin, right) use "abu" (i.e. linkable to the Desmond motto), Sullivans share the green snake with the other Days.

The Salemans/Salians use a Coat like the Acker Coat while Sullivans use "foistenACH," and Brians using "AUCHtar." As Kahina liners should trace to the Ceno tributary of the Taro, note both "AuchTAR" and the fact that Tarrs were first found in the same place as Days/Dea's.

Dreams From My Father

I want to tell you a story. After I started the heraldic work (my first couple of years), I was rudely detained by a branch of Homeland Security for nothing worthy of it. I had told one of the officers, "...and that's all you'll ever be," when I was angry with him (I'm not telling the entire story to protect my identity). This officer got a chance for revenge two days later, and had me wrestled, with six officers, to the floor at an office in his building just because I was grabbing my coat to leave. I didn't know when I had rebuked him that he was a big cheese. They wrestled me to the floor without my resisting with violence of any kind, but I did resist being brought to the floor because this was brutality, and I was sticking up for my self-respect. When they had finally gotten me flat on the floor, head down with a boot on my neck, and an arm twisted behind my back, I said, "Oh Lord, forgive them because they really don't know what they are doing." I later learned that one officer had his gun pointed at me when those words came out. They pushed me rudely into a jail cell, at which time they went through my computer, I assume. I was a Christian, perfectly clean (no crimes evident on the computer), and from the jail cell I was rebuking them for the way I was being treated, knowing that they had a camera on me. I was warning them that "you could lose your job(s) for this." And they kept me there for seven hours with hands cuffed behind my back (very painful), and would not come to put the cuffs to my front though I asked through the steel door several times. When they finally came, they read me my rights and said that I was being arrested for assaulting the officers. This was a false charge, and they even had a false report for court the next morning, saying that I tried to grab one of the officers' guns (absolutely false), and that I swung a fist at one of them (absolutely false). They had set me up on a false charge, to my complete horror. Now I was scared. They had three officers sign false affidavits reporting my "assault" that did not happen.

They put chains on my feet, and with hands still cuffed (to my front this time), drove me away in a small, unmarked car, with no one in the back seat with me, and two men in the front seats, neither having uniforms so far as I can recall. Why wasn't it a police car, since they were supposed to be driving me to jail? They had plenty of time to call for a police car? They stopped on the crest of a bridge. It was dark, about 8 pm. When I enquired why they were stopping, they said they had to wait for someone else to arrive. This was fishy. I was sitting on the side of the car nearest the curb, and therefore nearest the rail where they were going to plunge me into the river below. They would have needed to remove the cuffs and chains so that, when I was found drowned, no one would know that the authorities done it, but they wanted at least one more man to assure that I wouldn't fight for my life when cuffs and chain were being removed (I was quite strong / capable at the time ). The others never did arrive after 20 minutes, and, perhaps worried that their car was seen by too many cars passing by, the men with me proceeded to the jail house, and left me there. I was out in a flash the next afternoon, because the judge fully believed my side of the story, full of zeal for my innocence and condemnation for the officers. The officers responsible were amazed and baffled by this escape on my part. They were seeking to have me put away, at the least, for a year.

I have no proof that they were going to toss me over, but I'll tell you why I think they were planning it if they thought they could get away with it. No one at the jail would have known because the jail had not yet received papers. No one would have known anywhere that the police had tossed me over. The very first week that I became a Christian, I had a dream, followed by a second dream a week later that has half come true, the other half still in my future, I assume. The first dream started with me tumbling deeper and deeper in the waters of a dark body of water. Next, I saw a passenger plane swooping down near to the surface of the water, and suddenly, I was out of the water, into the plane, but it was empty, not even a pilot. I then saw its nose raised and flying over three brown-brick buildings, one higher than the other, and while flying over the tallest, I was released onto the roof, falling down through the air like a stunt man. Next, I climbed down the outer walls like Spiderman, and jumped from a height to the ground, landing on all fours, unhurt. It was dark as the plane swooped down. The city before my eyes, if I recall correctly, was just beyond a bridge. , I could tell that the city was busy, like some point before 11 pm, or not much different than rush hour. This was a long dream as compared to most I've had. Finally, I saw a man in black leather jacket, and hair of color and style much like mine, standing alone, and I walked over to him to ask, "Did you see that?" And we watched the plane disappear in the distance, and I/we knew that it was God driving the plane. Some 25 years later, I purchased a black leather jacket, having nothing to do with the dream, of course, because I hadn't yet realized that the man was me later in life. I was not yet 22 when the dream took place.

The way that my life turned out immediately after the false arrest is easy to explain in a nutshell. I have been like a prisoner of my home, writing, writing and more writing, almost exclusively on heraldry. I have not had a regular job since, but instead sold both of my homes and retreated to a large and empty tract of land. While building the one house I now live in, building slowly, very slowly, as I write, write and write some more, money has been sufficient at all times, and while I was $65,000 in debt last year, I now have 40,000 in my bank, with $55,000 of the loan repaid. No, the money didn't grow on trees, and I'm not selling drugs (I sold two items for a total of $110,000 this past year). Whether or not there was a bridge between me and the city lights, I cannot say for certain. I recall the dream with a bridge in it, faintly. The city scene was filled with lights, hard to recall exactly what it looked like. The point is, I was drowning, and God saved me. When I was like Spiderman, it reminds me of how easily I got free in court the next day, and perhaps the three brick buildings (in the dream) represented the county jail, or the court house the next day, or the fist building I was in, or all three. This past week, this interpretation of the dream has struck me, suggesting that God really did save me from a horrible dearth, and that he has since owned me because of it. That is, He has a right to make me write, write write like his prisoner. Do you like my story? I'll like it better when the second dream finally comes to pass. For now, we have a job to do, and this is to destroy something in this world.

As French Brians (more red roses) are said to be from Alans of Brittany, the SLAPton location of English Brians looks related to SALOP, where the Dol Alans ended up along with the Arundels of Clun. French Brians are said to descend from Alan le Roux, and there is aRoux surname that I'm entertaining with Trumps. I had an inkling that "Trump" could be a branch of Trupps/Troops (Banffshire, near / amongst the early Rose clan), and here the Roux's share drops (in Dol Trump colors) with Drops/Trope's. The Drop/Trope/Troops lion might even be the white half of the Brian lion. Dols were first found in the same Nordic area as Trumps. Roux's are said to be of a castle near Bernai, and that recalls the Burn Coat shared, I gather, by Scottish Durance's.

The Nissan truck that I had sold to Paul Smith was the scene of another miracle in my life, way back in 1994. That year, I had driven the truck nearly to the Mexican border, and this was the very time that my future wife, the one who I think will fulfill the second dream, moved to a certain place in Texas. She had married a Kilpatrick many years before. I had taken the truck only as far as a town where, I later learned, she was attending church, but I wouldn't see / meet her for another half year. I was looking to cross into Mexico to find some land there for building a winter retreat, but I had been mugged the night before, and became afraid to cross into Mexico. I learned, that last day south, that land in remote Texas was very affordable, and deciding to return with money in six months, I headed back home, 2,000 miles away. I returned with my wife and kids six months later, and we purchased property, I later learned, ten minutes from this other woman who had married Mr. Kilpatrick, and, I later learned, the couple had freshly moved to their place only months before I first arrived south.

When first arriving south, while crossing the Mississippi river, I decided to visit Galveston on the way to Mexico, to check out the ocean. Entering Texas from Louisiana, I had an omen. I saw the sun in a perfectly blue sky, but fully behind a tiny cloud, so odd, and I sensed inside myself that this was like a prophecy of something bad about to take place. I've told this story before and won't go into all details. The omen that I saw was exactly like the Jeffrey Crest.

That night, I was mugged, and the thief was in a position to drive away with the Nissan, all my belongings inside of it, including the wallet. But when he got into the door, the truck refused to start. How do i know? I was coming after him at the time, climbing a fence, and he was gone by the time I arrived. The driver door was wide open. He had taken the keys and may have been watching me from the darkness (it was after 1 am). I took a spare key that I had (luckily?) put under the mat, and turned it, but the truck just clicked for the first two times, no power at all to the engine to turn it over. The truck had never before done that. On the third try, it started. It never again, to the day that it was sold to Paul, clicked again. Yes, God saved me from this event too. And it caused me to go live at a place ten minutes away from a woman that reminded me of the woman in my second dream. The second dream finally gave up its interpretation, that I would be remarried to her.

Let's go again to about a half year after the mugging. We appeared at church for the first time on a beautiful, sunny and hot Christmas day (it's December 24 as I write, amazingly enough). We walked in a side door few minutes late, and took some seats, with the whole congregation watching us, and there was this attractive woman that I had paid no attention to, because I was married. She paid me a greeting a couple of weeks later, because she was sitting directly in front of me. My wife was not in the room at the time, perhaps looking after the infants, or perhaps she had stayed home that day. This other woman gave me a too-friendly smile, and I think I frowned in return, because I was married. She was "sexy," model- like. Long story short, things happened when we returned home from Texas, and, with my wife not wanting to return to Texas for reasons never explained, things got so bad that I decided to move out of the house temporarily. But she acted so unsightly at that time, sicking a lawyer on me and showing that she was prepared to raise the children alone (yes a custody battle included) that I just never went back. And it was at this time exactly that I realized how the first half of the second dream was working out, which was the divorce. This would leave me to live alone, at which time I started the post-trib book, to be followed by the heraldry / myth work.

In the dream, my wife was a shark so that I would never have guessed that the dream represented a RE-marriage to the woman in the dream. But the dream came with a British bulldog that jumped into the pool, where the nasty shark was, and, to my amazement, a year or less before I moved out, I had purchased a three dimensional, fiberglass British bulldog for our business. It had the same type of dark, kidney-shaped spots as the bulldog in the dream. I did not link this plastic dog (about six feet square, towed around on a trailer) to the dream, because I had forgotten about the dream. But this link to the dream occurred to me like a bolt from the ceiling, into my mind, just as I was in the throes of the separation. Long story short, the other woman proved to be married to a man much older than herself, and I had to struggle, while attending the same church as they, with the possibility of needing to wait for her husband to pass away. The dream showed me the woman, and there was no one else in my life that matched her as did Mrs. Kilpatrick. As much as I was hoping, at times, that she would not be the one, at other times, I thought that she would be.

The very year that I moved away from Texas, she moved from her home too. That was when I sold that property and the other to move to the large tract I now live in as a prisoner of God. For years while here, I have been toying with the theory that, first, before getting together with her, I am to finish the heraldry story. Some five years ago, when I thought that her husband had passed away (her phone number had her listing alone, not with her husband's name) , I contacted her first by letter, and then followed up by phone only to find that he answered the phone. I decided that this was a dead-end, something to shrug off and forget. I was writing on this some months ago, telling readers more details than I am now, at which time I decided to check for his obituary, and there it was. He passed away last December. No, I was not jumping for joy. Nor did I contact her.

On the day that I found his obituary, I also found that her city newspaper had done a story on the family back in the late 1980s. They had won a cook- out contest, and Mr. Kilpatrick was standing with their sons in one picture, with a person at the back of the shot wearing the huge head of a dog, I kid you not. It was not a bulldog, but it was a dog mascot or symbol, and this for me tended to clinch that she would become my wife. But I did not write her or try to contact her. I'm not sure why. Part of me doesn't want her. She had turned me off with some things, and I'm perfectly happy without a mate...for 90 percent of my time. I have learned to live alone. If God wants her for me, there will be a time for it. I have not heard the call to contact her, and I've had some indication that she's lagging far behind, in importance, as compared to this writing task that I have been given.

Here is the Nissan surname, which I did not look up earlier when speaking on the Kepke dream with Paul Smith. There was a sickly stag between them, and here I find an escutcheon with a stag head, as well as sinister bends that can indicate Massinissa. The Nissans share double fesse bars with Ness' / Nice's, but in the colors used for them by Parrs. The Nissans were first found in Hamburg, same as Trupp-like Trips, and near the first Trumps so that the Trump stag may be in the Nissan Coat. One of the things I realized, and reported on, long before Trump ran for the presidency, is that Wikipedia's article on Syphax has his coin-picture that instantly reminded me of Mr. Kepke as a young man, when I knew him closely. No one was closer to him, except for his family and fiance's, than myself. He had a type of blonde hair that is so much like that of Trump that I began to put things together as best I could as to what this all might mean. The first question: why would God want to stress Trump to me? Is this the final seven years? Or, is it only coincidental that both Kepke's personality, lifestyle and hair was like that of Trump's? Remember the golf balls, and the dream this past week of my collecting golf balls. What is God trying to do through me?

It wasn't until writing all the above that I recalled how the Galveston term was treated many months ago with Gavestons. It is JUST UNBELIEVABLE to me that Gavestons have variations like the Jove's/JEEVE's/Geeve's that came up as per Paul Smith and I owned the same-colored JEEPs (15 years apart). Gavestons list Geevers/Jeevers!!! Wow. Paul Smith bought my Nissan that was almost stolen in Galveston on the only night I ever spent on that island!

The Gevart variation of Gavestons suggests that GEPharts (Kepke liners?) may have been a branch. Gavestons (Dutch) share the German Busch / Bosch and Dutch Bosch/Bos fleur-de-lys. There are Dutch Ness' too. Gephards use two stags (recalls the sickly stag), one in white, the Trump-stag color. Gephards are traced to Mr. Lahngua, a Conradine of the 9th-10th century, a son of a duke of Lotheringia. .

That reminds me. I had looked at the Trapps/Trappens (Rat kin) after mentioning Trupps, and the Trapps happen to use a giant stork, symbol of Storys suspect with Esturmy's = Sturs that I trace to the Stura river of Cuneo, very near Busca.

I've just learned that Gephards list Kephards, reminding of She(e)pherds...who happen to use another version of the Anchor Coat / Arms of Agrigento. Shepherds have a black fitchee in Crest, the color of the Crutch formee-fitchee, and then see the Hanna Crest too for another black fitchee, for Hanna's use stag heads in colors reversed from the Trump stag head. Just like that, the dream with Paul Smith, a stag, and Mr. Kepke is linking to Trumps.

The Shepherd Chief has shown me that Keiths use the same colors and format, all possibly on the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Mens. Jeffersons, a branch of Jeffreys, have a variation suggesting Joplins (merged with Anchor-loving Greys), first found in the same place as Keep-loving Hebrons/HEPburns (and Mens-related Maness'/Manners). Scottish Shepherds were first found in the same place (Peebles-shire) as Jeffreys, the ones with small cloud over the sun; this looks like "Jeffer" is a branch of GEPHARds/Kephards, terms that compare with "SHEPERd" (Axe- river liner, Somerset). Cheevers use goats in the colors of the Gephard/Kephard stag. Cheevers/CHEVES'/Chivers were first found where CHIVes' were said to have been first found for years, making all of the Jeffer- / Geever- like surnames above look like they should trace to Cafuzo (the Numidian). And this must be why I was led to Galveston for the omen event. I sure didn't plan all this.

There is a Jeever/Geever/Gepher surname with bee hives on a green Shield, the colors of the Shield of Peebles-shire Bowers. The BEE hives can be clever code for the Ives' that appear to be from Ivo TailleBOIS (see the Taillboy Coat), for Boys/Bie's use bees (they link to the Tall/Thall bees). Bois'/Boys'' probably use the TALbot/Talbert lion (its the Grey Coat in colors reversed). Ivo named his daughter, Lucy, and the first Meschin married her. Ivo lived in Lincolnshire, where Tailbois- related Rhodes' were first found (i.e. from the Rhodanus river, location of Lacydon Ligurians, right?). The same Meschins/MASCULine's (Massalia liners, right?) married Lacy-related Skiptons, and gave Alice for their daughter(s).The CAPRa term in the Cheever write-up suggests the Cappers, first found in the same place as Ivo Taillebois and bee-hive suspect Ives'. Ivers (Weir boar) use the Vere = Massey Shield. The "foy" motto term of Cheevers gets the Foys, one branch suspect with the Chapman crescent and the Shipton eel, and another branch first found in the same place as Chappes', and yet another branch first found in Auvergne. English Foys use the six Lacy pellets, no guff, that should be linkable deliberately to the six black fitchees of Tarves' (see Tarves in the Chives write-up). Just feast your eyes on the Ged-colored fish of Tarbeys (Yorkshire, same place as Geta and Caracalla).

I suggest that TARves' / Tarbeys/Turbots were Taro-river liners merged with nearby Trebia-river liners. The ANANes Gauls lived between the Taro and Trebia, and then the Nith river, home of Geds, is in the same place (Dumfries) as ANNAN(dale) while Tailebois' share Shield-and-Chief color combination of Annans. This recalls that I trace Traby to the black hunting horn of Kilpatrick-related Patch's. The Ivo-suspect Ivers even use a version of the HANAN Coat, which throws in PATEE crosses in the colors of the lions of Tailers. It's interesting that Talbots comer up as Talberts while Tarberts come up as Tarbeys. It can appear that Geta-Caracalla liners were merged early with the Ananes Gauls and the nearby Geds, explaining why Carricks and Crags (version of Knee Coat?) use the talbot dog. Knee-suspect McGee's were first found in Dumfries, and God gave me an event at 12 years old that made the Tarrs a topic in the first place, with the event telling that Knee's and McGee's would figure in.

The way I recall the hockey event, I scored a goal on a breakaway while Kepke was the goalie scored on, and that put us into the semi-finals. Steve Tarr took a slap shot, in the semi-finals, and with the puck coming to a stop on the goal line with the goalie sprawled way out of the net, there I was skating in all alone, and so overjoyed because it was tied at 2-2 with a couple of minutes remaining in the game, that I fell on my knees, and slid in, poking the puck across the goal line. It put us into the finals. The very next goal was with Steve Tarr passing it from the corner to me in front of the net, all alone, in front of Jim McGee, the goalie, whom I knew as a friend, as I had known Kepke. I lifted the puck over McGee's knee pad as he kicked it out to block the shot,. and we went on to win, with Tarr getting four goals that game. Knee's (stag head) got suspect with Knights (share the spur with Close's/Clovse's), potential Nith / Closeburn liners. Recall the Cavett-likely Knightons. Knee's share the red TARent/TARAN eagle in Crest, and have black stags heads, as do Nissans. The latter's double fesse bars are in the colors of the Knee bend. Moreover, the Nissan bend is colors reversed from the TARN/Turin/Thurin bend. As Turins/Thurins are expected from Basina, see the Terrys / Thierrys below as they trace exactly to her family. Tarns/Turins share boar heads with McGee's, and the latter share swords that crop up again in the Terry discussion.

Unbelievably, while Galveston became suspect with Gavestons/Jeevers and therefore with JOVE's/Jeeve's, the Tarns/Turins use a "JUVat" motto term. Gavestons can trace by their giant fleur with the same of Buschs to Busca, near Turin, and while CHIVASSO is near Turin, Tarns/Turins were first found in the same place as Chives'. It can start to appear that Turin was named after the same thing (Tuareg Berbers?) as the Taro river. But the big point here is that we just saw how Gavestons can link to Nissan kin (yes the Turins) while my Nissan was nearly robbed in Galveston by what I fathom was an act of God for the purposes at hand.

Immediately after writing that, I looked up the Galves surname to find a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Trents! Luce's are said to be of Dice elements, and Dice's happen to be the ones with a gold version of the Tarent Coat. Luce's are said to be from a Truro entity. The first Luce is said to be Mr. CHARLEcote, and then English Charles' were first found in the same place as Diss'/Dice's while French Charles' use the colors and format of Diss'/Dice's. That explains it. Luce's look like Carolingian Franks.

My mind is blank on the rest of the final game. All I recall is my goal, so vividly, in something like the first minute or two of the game. I cannot recall any of Steve's goals. It's completely strange. Nor can I recall any other thing in the game before that, nor anything in the game when Kepke was the goalie. The only things I recall are the things that seem to matter for putting this story together to discover the roots of my mother's bloodlines. She was from Ligurians on her maiden name. The impression I have is that God wants the world, or some people, anyway, to know that the killers of Jesus are from Massey liners, and that the end of the world will be controlled by a massive program of schemers going back to the same bloodline cult.

The day after Galveston, I ended the trip in CRYSTal City, and Crystals/Krists are potential Creuse liners. There is a Crystal surname sharing the Moses / Keen symbol centrally, and having a "Mens" motto term. Crystals share the fir tree with Alis' and Alpins/Cappins, and the thistle with Alpins/Cappins. Chris'/Christs use a version of the Hips Coat for a trace to Creusa's Agrigento location. It recalls that Mr. Kepke stole CHRIS Peare from me (convinced the 17-year- old I was only after sex after I did everything to convince her I wasn't). The central Moses / Keen / Crystal symbol is called "Calvary," suggesting Calvers/Carvers. Bouillons use a "CHRISTo" motto term, and share a Moor head with Carvers/Calvers.

Terry Carver just came to mind. I can recall no other Carvers. Terry was a fellow Christian, and I did some work at his home. Terrys happen to use what looks like a version of the Bird/Burd Coat, while McGee's seemingly use the BORDer swords in saltire, and Borders were first found in the same place as Tarrs! The Terry cross is in the style used for the Calvary symbols, how about that. Irish Terrys use "cruce," part of the Crutch / Croce / Creuse / Crozier bloodline. As these surnames represent the potent-cross symbol, note that while Chads and Croce's use the potent cross, Chadocks use this same-style cross. Moreover, while Placentia is at the bottom of the Trebia, Le Mose is in Placentia while Moses' use the Calvary symbol (probably nothing to do with love for Jesus). Flip over to French Terrys to see the same footless martlets as Chadocks, Saddocks and Chadwicks, and then, while Mascals (same place as Saddocks) use the Saddock escutcheon in colors reversed, they also use six fleur in the formation of the Lacy pellets, and in the colors of the one Carver/Calver fleur! Zing. Terry Carver was placed into my life, wasn't he? Might "CALVer be a GALVes(ton) variation?

The eSCUTcheon is part code for Scute liners, who share a gold escutCHEON with Irish Terrys, no kidding at all. I don't recall how I knew that Scute's trace to Placentia, and we should add that the white escutcheon shared by Chaddocks, Saddocks/Sedgewicks, and Chadwicks, not to mention KEON-related Keens, is shared by Chad-like Geddes'. The Arms of Placentia uses an white square that might be an escutcheon (fancy, code-studded name for an heraldic shield).

English Terrys {Kent) are said to be from a Thierry character, which reminded me of a Merovingian ruler. However, the Thierry surname is listed with another page using a version of the Close/CLOVse Coat! Excellent proof that the latter were from Clovis. To explain the Terry MARTLets, Thierry IV or Theoderic IV (c. 720 – c. 782) was a Frankish noble. Count of Autun and Toulouse; he was thought to be a son of Sigebert V [Sich liner?], and grandson of Sigebert IV of Raze. It is now well documented that his supposed Davidic blood [of Israel] was a hoax (see Priory of Sion). Thierry married Auda, daughter of Charles Martel, sister of Pepin III. I believe in the Priory of Sion, that it was ruled to some extent by Godfrey de Bouillon. As William of Gellone was a count of Toulouse too, the red fleur-de-lys held by the brown lion, in the English Terry Crest, must be the Gellone fleur. As Numidians were fundamental with the latter, and now that Kahina is looking very much like the Keens/Cahans and Keons, and because Ceno suspect Kennedys use black fitchees too, or because Clintons are a Saluzzo line while using the six black fitchees of Tarves', in the formation of the six Lacy pellets, doesn't it strike us that Kahina liners named the Ceno tributary of the Taro? Was the naming of Kenza of Aures a Kahina variation? Why do Kenneths share a giant stag head with Trumps? Can't Trumps (first found near Trips) be a branch of Trips = Trypillians? I've read that Trypillia was south of Kiev (not easy to find), and that's in the Ukraine, where Kepke's father had ancestry.

I've just learned that, when a person searches "houseofnames" at Google, and clicks the houseofnames link, a page comes up, saying, This link is not authorized by Yahoo. If you would like to continue to this link's intended destination at your own risk, click here. This seems like a tactic in the works to keep people from exploring my work using houseofnames.

The Thierrys were first found in the same place as Cavetts, and use the same colors, which can indicate that the Thierry leopard face is the Chives / Mosca leopard. As Coverts/Cofferts share the gold leopard face with Thierrys, note that the French Terrys are likely using a version of the Covert/Coffert Coat. The latter surname was first found in the same place as Masculs that share the Carver/Calver fleur. As some have claimed that William Gellone was father to Guerin of Provence, it's not coincidental that the Irish Terry/Therry Chief is identical to the Guerin Chief, and both Shields look like versions of one another. As Provence is on the Durance river, where Sullivans trace, note that the red-on-gold Guerin / Terry lion is probably in the Sullivan Chief. Then trace the "Lamh" motto term of Brian and Sullivans to the lambs in the Arms of Grasse, and to the same lambs of the Lamas' suspect from Le Mas, near Grasse, the latter just outside the Provence border.

As Irish Terrys share the gold Scute escutcheon, it's very notable that Shute's can be sharing the white swords of Aude's, and that Aude's can thus be from Auda, daughter of Charles Martel. As the BORDers use these swords in the two colors of the Scute swords, by what coincidence do BURDs/Birds use the terry martlets??? With a Terry link to Borders, in the same place as Tarrs, I think the Terry-Tarr connection has been made, and this traces Thierry to Taro-river liners. Eschyna de Molle was traced to Taro liners, and her daughter married the second-known Pollock, while Pollocks use an AUDacter motto term, and then others claim that Pollocks descended from Clovis. The Keens/Cahans, suspect with the Mosca leopard / Chives cat in their Crest, use a "DEMULcta" motto term, and are in Molle colors.

Don't German Terras'/Terra's look like Sale's / Coughs / Cuffs? Were the latter a branch of Cofferts? English Hoffs use the Cough / Cuff bend, and German Hoffs have leopard faces wearing the gold crown of Grands that are in the motto of Courts/COVERTs. In the write-up, "Hof" is said to mean "court," but this looks like code for the Court / Coffert bloodline. French Grands happen to use bends in the colors of the Guerra bends, possibly a gold version of the Murton/Mertons bends. The latter's bends are in the colors of the Cavett bars, and then while Murtons are suspect from Murena's/Moratins (i.e. where Clovis' father traces), Murena's were first found in the same place as early Chives', and beside the Murena-related Trents and TARRs, making Tarrs and Terrys / Thierrys suspect with TARents/Tarans/Terrents, and of course with Aulus Terentius Varro Murena.

Repeat from above: "Tarns/Turins [from Basina in THURINGIA, right?] share boar heads with McGee's, and the latter share swords that crop up again in the Terry discussion." The Tarns/Turins use an AUDentes" motto term. Aude's/Ode's are in Ottone colors, and Ottone's use a version of the Puck Coat, the latter having been suspect as part of the Steve-Tarr slapshot that hit the goalie, and bounced to the goal line.

Reminder: Walsh's honor Mortons while tracing with their beloved Trans'/Trents to Terentia Murena. Above, we saw the Galves surname using the Trent Shield in colors reversed, and while Galves' (shown properly as Galego's) are Spanish, they use a castle in colors reversed from the tower of Spanish Murena's/Moratins. The latter use eagles to boot, the Trent and Tarent symbols. Italian Calvi's (same place as Ottone Visconti) share a Shield filled with black-and-white checks with Spanish Majors/MAYORdomo's (Navarre). As Halfs/Helps can be Calf / Calvi liners, it's very notable that Halfs/Helps share the hourglass shape with Guido's, first found in Bologna, where Pepoli's were first found that likewise use a Shield filled with black-and-white checks. Guido's (suspect with Guido Guerra III), Halfs/helps and Galves'/Gallego's all use a red and upright lion, the Guerin symbol too. Just like that, they have all linked to Thierry IV, who brother was Pepin III. Pepinids in Merovingian rulership positions were called, MAYORs of the Palace.

Recalling my trace to proto-Magyars to the Ticino river, that's the location of Novara, town of the Laevi, and Majors/Majordomo's at Navarre suggest Magyars from Novara. As Pepins were Mayors of the Palace, let's bring up Papia/Pavia, a city on the Ticino once called, Ticinum, known to be founded by the Laevi and the Marici. Marks share checks with Mayerdomo's!

I had read that Charlemagne (Martels' grandson) used a black eagle personally, the color of the POPLey/POPILLY eagle, that being a surname suspect with mythical Popiel at the mouse tower of Poland, origin of Poland's Piast rulers. It just so happens that the spread Piast eagle is colors reversed from the same of Tarents, and in the colors of the Chill/Child eagles. As Guerin of Provence was also "Garin," note that Italian use a black eagle, and were first found in the same place as Guido's. As the ancestry of Gellone and Guerin were traced to the Aures Numidians, especially to Kenza along with Kenneths, and as Keens are definitely from queen Kahina, let's go to the sinister lizards of Keens, for Lizarts/Lazards were first found in Provence, and Garin-like Garrys use the lizard. The Garry motto honors the Fear/FIER branch of Vere's, Apsus-river liners to the Bird-related Hips'.

The Half/HELP motto looks like code for Killins or other Cilnius liners, and the Half/Help Crest happens to share the eagle with Trents and Tarents, making Halfs suspect with a Childeric line. In fact, Childeric ruled at the France-Belgian border (at TOURNai), and that is the location of the HELPE river. The Halfs were suspect with the Helveti Gauls, or whatever they were. Between the Helpe river and Tournai is Hainaut. Killens were first found in Mayo while Mayo's are the ones sharing the Grand Coat, and then there is a Grandrieu location on my atlas, less than ten miles north of the Helpe. As Saint Quentin is not very far from the Helpe, the Half/Help Coat likely uses the gold Quint fitchee. It's also interesting that the fitchees in the Half crest come to a point, for the three Aude swords come down to a point too, and both descriptions use "meeting." Borders are part of the code, "double-tressure border," which belongs to Flemings i.e. whom are from the Hainaut area. Borders were first found in the same place as Tresure's that use the Fleming chevron. Borders are Burds, and Burds use the Terry martlets for a trace to Thierry IV, husband of Martels' daughter, Auda. The Shute's that share the Border swords use a "guerre" motto term, and Thiery IV was count of Toulouse along with Gellone, reported son of Guerin. The Scute's (share an item from the Guerin-related Terrys) use a tower in colors reversed from the Murena tower. Heraldry has very strong traces of the Murena-Cilnius marriage to Merovingians and the Pepinid side of Carolingians. There is a Dutch Killian surname, by the way, perhaps using the Wassa star and canton.

As Merovingians (Germanics) traced themselves to Veneti, I reasoned that they had been from Lake-Van Armenians, which is where I generally trace all Germanics (because I see them all from Armenians). Lake Van had a Tarun region that should now be applied to Tarent/Taran and Tarr liners.

My parents moved out of a house in the spring (before May) of my 13th year. Therefore, my friend with Powell surname and I were lobbing rocks at each other, on the street near our homes, when I was 12, for it was too warm out that night for it to be May. This event showed that we really didn't like one another much. My parents moved into this home in the summer of my 11th year, four years after God asked me, "Will you live for me," when I told Him, "no, I want to have fun." As soon as we moved to the new place at 11, I awoke repeating, "No I don't believe in you God, I don't believe..." when a lightning bolt hit the chimney of the house that very second (not two seconds later, not even one, but while speaking the words), sending pieces of bricks over the shingles. I was up there with my father and saw the chimney with my own eyes. I didn't tell my parents why that bolt struck.

Powell was from the wrong side of the tracks, and I started to hang out with all of these characters, first of all with the circle of Jim McGee, the one I scored on a few months before Powell and I were tossing rocks at one another, like in a game of chicken. It was probably two months after the Powell incident that Kepke and I became good friends, for we collected golf balls (from three golf courses) many times, all that summer long. Later in my life, I don't recall my age, I heard through the grape vine that Powell had been tossed off a bridge to his death in a drug deal gone bad. I'm wondering whether God had been so upset with me that he destined both I and Powell to be tossed over bridges. But, for me, perhaps Jesus intervened and saved me from that fate. In any case, were the rocks code for the Rocks / Roque's = proto-Rockefellers? Wouldn't we expect Homeland Security to be run by Rockefeller globalists?

The German Terras' use rooks, symbol of the rooks and Rookbys, definite branches of Rocks (in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil). It can be gleaned that Rocks are a merger with Rods (beside the first Rocks), and that this was from Henry IV of RODez marrying the daughter of Roquefeuil (location in the same place as the first Roque's). Bill Clinton is a Rhodian Scholar, and Rods were first found in the area of a Clent location. Fellers share the trefoil with Rocks and Rods, and use a reflection of the Chillin/Chillman Coat. It's not hard to imagine that Henry of Rodez was a Merovingian liner. Next, we recall that Brights are likely with a version of the Close/Clovse Coat, but as Brigantium and Brights were likely named in honor of mythical Brigit, what about the Bright-like Bridge surname? It happens to use the colors and format of the Chill/Child Coat, with three griffin heads in perfect reflection of the Ryan/Mulryan Coat (same place as Brian-related Sullivans and Kahina-suspect Kennedys). The Marone's/Mulrooneys (scimiTAR liner) gets us back to the colors and format of Fellers / Chillmans. Recalling that Brights use nearly the Day Coat while Days are at topic for a version of Kahina's name, it's notable that Days were first found in the same place as Bridge's (and Tarrs). Ryans/Mulryans use the same motto as Paine's/Payne's while Guerins use the Payen Coat while the line from Payne de Roet (Rodez suspect) was first found in the same place as Bridge's .

It's now interesting that while Scottish Kennedys love the Avisons (from the Salto- / Turano-river Avezzano's, right), Italian Marone's share the black anchor with Avisons, and use a Zionist star in colors reversed from that same of Dutch Killians. The Marone's/Mulrooneys share the de-Molle boar head, and recalls the "DEMOLcta" motto term of Keens/Cahans. I accidentally misspelled the latter term as "Caghan," realizing that Jewish Cohens/Kagans can be Kahina liners. If we accept that Ryans link to Keens, we can take the Kane fish to the MacAbee's, first found in Ryan-like Arran, from the Airaines location near ABBEville, in Picardy and therefore near the realms of Payne Roet. Roets use boar heads on blue too. Luce's/Lucys, who share three fish in pale with Kane's in the same colors, use the colors of the three Ryan griffins. Lucy Taillebois was in the area of the first Rhodes, and the two share one another's crosses, I gather.

Why do Rhodes' (probably the Talbot / Boys lion) use "Deus"? For the Day-suspect Deas'? Recently, "Deus" motto terms became suspect with the Deuster variation of Dusters, and they happen to share green trefoils with Rocks and Rods! These trefoils link to Albino's of Modane-like Modena, and to Roet- related Barnstaple's, kin of Albins/Aubins. There is an Aubin location smack beside Rodez.

It's suddenly interesting that, when my parents moved in my 13th year, they went to live next to a village that begins with "Gorm." The Blue's/Gorms were likewise first found in Arran, and they use the rooster design of Jonathans, suspect with Jonathan Maccabee, whose line may have named Abbeville. Recall that Gays, in the same place as Maccabee-suspect Modane, use the Galli rooster while Galli's use a version of the JAY-using Poitvin Coat. The Poitvin Jay is on a rock in both colors of the Roque rocks. My parents lived on Jay street when I was asked to live for God. I was running from Jay street toward the house when His voice came out of nowhere, with no one around me. A few years ago, about 50 feet behind my present house, the feathers of a blue jay were spread at a spot where the bird was obviously eaten by something. How many times have you seen such a thing? For me, only once. I didn't yet know, at the time, that Jays, Gays and Galli's were from Massena's father. Hmm, Gormlys may be using the Terry martlets.

When I gave a quote earlier on the possible Kahina link to days, I had not yet the article to the point of this: The Encyclopedia Judaica (v. 10, p. 686) says that the term is derived from the Arabic 'Kahin' ('soothsayer') and dismisses as error the idea that 'Kahina' was derived from the Jewish term 'Cohen'. But as Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') were Duster kin, note that the Rothchilds share a sinister-facing, white and upright horse with Keens/Cahans. The Bridge griffin heads are said to be ERASed, code, I think, for the Eras'/Rasmussens that share sinister bends with Keens and Rothchilds, and use another white and upright horse (as a unicorn) in both colors of the same of Rothchilds. When I was in custody, most of my heraldic writings were against Rothschild liners, and, possibly, there were people watching me write that were somehow contacted by Homeland Security on that day, with a decision to finish me off, if possible. I see griffins as Herod liners, and you can't get more nasty than Herods.

Having said all that, the Bridge's that use the Ryan griffins have a motto term, "Je." Just like that, Roquefeuil-liner Jays can link to Bridge's. I sense that my war, and God's war, is against Rockefeller globalism, a very nasty and intrusive demonic cult in the upper levels of human control. Bridge's use "hawk's wings emerging," and Herods/Heraults, traceable to the Gellone monastery at/beside Herault, use a hawk's lure. But Cheshire's use a hawk's lure in purple, suggesting linkage with purple Lacys, and Brights were first found in Cheshire. The Hawks use purple pilgrim's staves, and PilGRIMs are suspect with Grime's, who appear to be a merger with Gormlys/Grimes'. Let's go to the MONKey of Desmond-related Deas', for Monks, suspect from Monaco, home of GRIMaldi's, use a reflection of the Bridge Coat, and were first found beside the first Bridge's. French Charles' use martlets in the colors of the same of Grime's/Grimms (east Cheshire), and Irish Charles' use the pilgrim's stave/staff. Grime's/Grimms share the green martlet with one Gard Coat while the other Gards ("cubit arm") use another hawk's lure.

The latter Gards (probably the Yonge wolf) have a write-up suggesting linkage to Desmonds/Geralds, wherefore note that Herods/Heraults list Gerald-like Heralds. The Gard write-up tells me that they merged with Una-river liners, and as the Una (or Oeneus) is beside the Kupa/Colapis, note that Lure's use a version of the Copes/Colp and Copp Coats. I've got you covered, reader; no family historian will ever fool you so long as you doubt him as a rule, before he opens his mouth. I had a snap vision a night or two ago of a bloody hand, and recalled the Lewis Coat, and here, perhaps, that vision applies, for Herods, Heraults, Hurls and Lure's are all listed as septs of McLeods, from Skye and Lewis. I suggest that the other Lewis' are using the Powell lion. It's possibly the Levi lion where Lewis are a Levi branch. Note how Lewis' can be of Leavells, for one Leavell Coat shares the three Yonge piles.

Yonge's are extremely important for understanding the basic elements that made up Hungarians. When I found proto-Hungarians on the Ticino along with the Laevi Ligurians, I had not yet realized that mythical Oeneus was from Jonathan, pagan Levite in Laish. I was merely considering the trace of Jonathan's Levites to the Laevi. At this time of finding proto-Hungarians on the Ticino, I realized that Yonge's/Youngs were June liners to mythical Juno on the Oeneus/Una river, and it was this, along with the stag of German Youngs/Jungs, that made me realize that Hungarians were Juno liners. I did not yet know Leavells at that time, nor of Lupus Laevillus, suspect from the Laevi. Nor did I know of any Caepio, including Servilia Caepio that married Mr. Junius and was moreover a Livius liner. I realized that her name was likely from Servitium, near the mouths of the Una and Colapis/Kupa rivers. If one goes east a little ways from there, Hungary will be entered.

The Hungarians not only traced themselves to a mythical stag, but to a Turul HAWK, and we just saw a hawk theme in Yonge-related Gards. The latter use the same chevron as Leve's/Leafs, and it happens to be colors reversed from the Copes/COLP, Copp and Lure chevrons. While Cole's use a bull because "ColAPIS" can be of the Apis bull cult, "apis" to the Italians was "bee," and so the bees in the Leve/Leaf Coat, in conjunction with the dove suggesting a Cuppae trace to "Kupa," the alternative name of the Colapis, is suggesting that some heraldic bees come from "ColAPIS. Repeat from above: "There is an Apis river shown near Viminacium, and near Cuppae..." Is that not amazing? I have never realized that the Leve/Leaf Coat was a Kupa-river liner, in this way, before. It could be a version of the Macey Coat.

As the Ops cult of Italy was a bee cult, might Opgalli trace to the Cuppae liners at the Colapis? Why do Mieske's, from the Op-suspect Goplo mouse entity, and said to be from mythical KOLODziej Piast, share the black-on- gold bull of COLE's? It looks like the Mieszko Piasts trace to the Colapis, and Mieszko's were from rooster-line Galli's and Gays, right? I would suggest that Opgalli traces to the Maezaei, to whom I trace the Piasts (at the Bistue locations beside the Maezaei).

I think that the proto-Hungarian stag was from Anne's/Hanne's, Hanna's, Hands and Annabels/Hannibals, though I do not think they had the stag symbol until after the time of Eustace II of Boulogne, from whom I think the stag symbol derives. Staceys and Eustace's share the stag with Masci- liner Hamons, and while Meschins are expected to be named after Hamon de Masci, they descended from Emma de Conteville while Eustace's share the Berk/Burgh cross, probably because Eustace's domain was near Comines (Artois), which Conteville's ruled. As per Richard Goz, Emma's husband, the Goz's use another white-on-blue chevron (i.e. same as the Leve's), and it's a white- star form of the Macey Coat, apparently.

So here is how I view Hungarians history. They derive from the Carthaginians / Numidians that named Annaba, and they settled the Trebia river with Hannibal's invasion, and were thus the proto-Huns. Someone made the blue wolf a symbol of Mongolian Huns, but Placentia (i.e. at the Trebia) uses a blue wolf in its Arms, and it's colors reversed from the wolf of Hugh Lupus, son of Emma Conteville and Richard Goz. I'm not sure whether the Arms of Siegen use a wolf, but if it is one, it's in the colors of the Hugh-Lupus wolf. All of this makes Hugh Lupus suspect from Lupus Laevillus, from the Ticino river, home of proto-Magyars from whom the Hungarians descended. Hungarians were so-called UGRians, and Hogans happen to use a colors-reversed version of the Yonge Chief. Hegens use a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the Placentia-suspect Place Coat. The Hegen man with pointed cap is in the Vandal/Wandal Coat, and it too has the split Shield of Hegens.

The Hogers/Hogens use arrows suspect with the three Kabar/Khazar tribes that made up the Hungarians, along with seven Magyar tribes. The Hungarian archers were called Hussians, recalling Hasan Numan from MAGHReb, a Magyar-like term. While I see "MAGYar as a Magog-ar term, it is not out of the question that Magog elements were in north Africa, for Ezekiel 38 pits Magog along with Meshech, and the latter were Amazons that were all over north Africa. Ezekiel even has Put in alliance with Gog of Magog, and they say that Put was an aspect of Libya, part of the Maghreb. Hogers/Hogans share three red arrows with Inders/Ingers suspect with Varangian Rus of Kiev, which was the area that Magyar proper were living prior to forming the Hungarians. But Inger's wife is now suspect with Byzantines and proto-Cohen Khazars from queen Kahina (Cohens/Kagans use the same stars as Goz's).

The other side of Childeric, they say, were the Sicambrian Franks, and, they say, Sicambria was the name of Hungary's Budapest when Attila was stationed in Hungary. Attila and Childeric overlap in time period. The SICKly stag can now be interpreted, perhaps, with SICambria. Watch for the Sich surname below, and while it uses the Cass / Kiss Coat, that surname can trace it to the capital of Moldova, smack beside the Ukraine, ancient land of Trump-possible Trypillians that I think named the Trebia. The Sichs share "fountains" with Cass' / Kiss;, and while Kennedys honor the Lafins/La Fonts in their motto, they were both first found in the same place as Hogans, a neat-little way to trace Kennedy-branch Kahina liners to Hungarians, explaining, in the meantime, why Kenneths use a giant stag head. As you will see below, Hasan Numan could have married Kahina liners in a political alliance, for the two leaders were involved with one another.

The white escutcheon of Keens/Kahans can be the white square in the Arms of Placentia because Keens put the Calvary symbol within it, the symbol also of Moses' while Le Mose is a part of Placenta. The other surname with a central and white escutcheon, that likewise puts a black item in the escutcheon, is the Nissans, first found in the same place as Trips. While Knee's share the black Nissan stag head (which is in the Nissan escutcheon), the Trips (once showed boots) now show a shoe while the Shoe's/Schuchs show a Knight issuing from the Knees. "Knee" is an actual part of the Shoe description; see for yourself:

Sichs are said to be from Diss'/Dice elements, and I've traced Knights (same place as Diss) to Diss elements. I am impressed.

Kahina Numidians were in Placentia, apparently, perhaps in-time to become the Hungarians. The "assiDUUS" motto term of Sichs can be for the Duce's that may be using the Place lion. I trace La Fonts to Font- de=Ville's who come up as "Ville," and Smiths, by the way, use an anVIL. Hmm. Paul Smith, who purchased my Nissan, was following the sickly stag. The Coat with the anvils has a chevron in the colors of the Sich chevron. The other Smiths (Numan/Newman colors), with the Crutch fitchees, use a "Numine" motto term that can trace to Hasan NUMAN. These Smiths were first found in the same place as antler-using Conte's, who had a French branch in the same place as Font-de-Ville's that I say formed "Conteville." The mysteries of the dream are apparently all solved, and I think Donald Trump is Intended to be a part of that message. But why? Why would God expend Himself like this to have me bring this message...if indeed Trump is to be mixed up with it?

Repeat from earlier in this update: "The Keppock/Kippax surname (same place as Skiptons and Lacys) mentions Ilbert de LACY, and while Skipton is in Craven, the Keppock/Kippax Coat is a reflection of the Craven Coat. While Numidians are tracing heavily to the Drilon-river Chives, that's where Crevenia was." The Sichs / Scarboroughs were likewise of the same place as Keppocks, and then recall the "reSPICE" motto term of Walsh's, for Spice's use a version of the Scarborough Coat. Walsh's share "numine" with Smith!s.

The Colapis (Sava tributary) is near Bled (upper Sava river), suspect with Bleda, Attila's brother, and of course Huns were in Hungary. I am convinced of what some say, that Attila's Huns formed Khazars, or an aspect of Khazars, at the Terek river of Alania / Caucasia. Dol has always been very traceable to Attila's House of Dulo, and then while Dols were first found in the area of same-colored Trumps, the latter use the giant stag head alone. This then connects Trump to Ukrainian elements of the Hungarian kind just as my dream expects him to be of Kepke / Kiev liners in the Ukraine.

Smiths share red fleur with Gellone's i.e. from the Herault area. Herods/Heraults list Hurls, and Herls are also Hurls while sharing a version of the Hurt/Hort Coat, in Horton colors. Hurts/Horts traced reliably, recently, to Gelo / Heiro liners in ORTygia (Sicily), and Hortons (share a purplish dolphin with Kennedys) are mentioned because Bridge's are said to be from Horton of Yorkshire, where Hortons are said to derive. Kennedys use the Arms of Carrick, a chevron in colors reversed from the Bridge chevron, and Carricks with Bridge's both honor the Gards (share a wolf-related motto term of Smiths) with their mottoes; Gards share griffins with Bridge's. The Horton manner was granted by Ilbert de Lacy, a potential Gilbert liner. Kennedys are expected to be from the Kennati priests of Cetis, and I have the sense that Kenza of Aures was named after them. As Kenza traces to Kenneths, note that the latter share a giant stag head with Hortons. This may now indicate that Keens were indeed Cohens/Kagans. While I insist that Cohens were from Khazars, and as Khazars were suspect from Caesars (KENT), it's notable that the Julian cross is in the colors of the Kennedy crosses (shared by Caracalla-liner Carricks). The Kennedy / Carrick crosses are fitchees, code for Fitch's that use one chevron in Herod/Herault/Hurl colors, and colors reversed from the two chevrons of Rose-related Ilberts, and rose-infested Caesars (Kennedy-like KENT) happen to share a dolphin in Crest with Kenneth-like Kennedys.

It's a hard call on whether Hort liners were Herods. As Ilberts are in Geddy colors, and as Geddys are expected with Getuli Numidians from the Geta family to Caracalla, Ilberts may be from Ilbert de Lacy (because Lucys are Geddes kin). The "spinis" motto term of Ilberts recalls that Spice's may be using a version of the Spine Coat, and that "spina" is like a "spike," which tended to reveal, along with other arguments, that Syphax, a Getuli Numidian, led to Spine liners, for example, the EsPAINE's/Spineto' Ilbert colors, and first found in the same place (Somerset) as the line from PAINE de Roet, and nor far from the same-colored Geddys. "The Encyclopedia Judaica notes that Arabic authors, notably the major 14th century historian Ibn-Khaldun, say that the Kahina and her tribe, the Jerawa of the Aures Mountains in eastern Algeria and Tunisia, were Jewish..'The history of Kahina remains controversial.' What is known is that soon after the Arab general Hassan ibn al NUMAN took Carthage from the Byzantines, the Kahina's forces defeated him." That dates Kahina at about 700 AD, very close to the date for Idris I of Morocco, husband of the Kenza of Aures. Kahina was killed afterward by the Arab king above. As Melissena Rangabe (mid 800s) was a Khazar on one side and a Byzantine on the other, perhaps she was somehow from the North- African Byzantines.

As Geddes' use a "MAJORa" motto term, it's very interesting that Aures was in the middle of a MAGHReb area of Africa. Idris was the grandson of Hasan, son of Ali, interesting where Ali's/Aliotta's share a griffin looking connectable to the Ryan / Bridge griffins. Hasan son of Ali was at home in al-Medinah, perhaps a take from Modi'in in Israel, home of Maccabees, thus explaining the Jewish legends around Kahina. It's very possible that she was from the Kennati priesthood. Hasan son of Ali was the son of FATIMa, and then FATMore's/Fade's are in the motto of Keen-possible Cheneys (version of the Saleman/Salian bend). Moreover, Feathers/Fedders, with the format and colors of Ryans / Bridge's, can be linked to Lite's and Letters/Lauders, the latter using the Ali/Aliotta griffin! Lite's use the Bridge colors and format yet again, and they were both first found in Somerset. "FatMORE" may be play on Moray liners., for Cohens/Kagans use the same stars as Morays.

I have only just realized that, while Powell's house had a back yard adjacent to a Sherwood forest, the Sherwoods use the colors and format of the other Bridge's (crabs). If you're thinking that God wouldn't have had Powell tossed off a bridge just to send us this message, consider that Powell probably deserved to die, one way or the other. Crabs (compare with Close's) were first found in the same place (CamBRIDGE) as Chillins/Chillmans, and must be using a version of their Coat, for the Crab Crest is "A lion's claw holding a dagger." Claws look like "CLOVis." CLUBS, in Claws colors, use more fish (symbol of Chillins/Chillhams), in the colors and format of Chills/Childs, and Clubs were likewise first found in Cambridgeshire.

I can't remember anything about being in Powell's house, except that he had a song playing, called, Silver Bird, and I was asking him to replay it. The silver bird is a passenger jet. My dream! I was drowning in water, and a passenger jet flew me away. Amazing coincidence.

I'm now entertaining a link between al-Medinah and Modena because Gassans/Cassans, looked up as per, Hasan ibn an-Nu`uman al- Ghasani, share a blue fesse with Casano's, first found in Modena. It's then interesting that the black lion of Pattersons/Cassane's can be a colors-reversed version of the Numan/Newman lion. Numans (MacAbee kin, remember) were first found in Dorset, beside the Patterson- and Casano-related Sodans (Devon). Palins, likewise first found in Dorset, use the same lion as Pattersons/Cassane's, and the Powell lion was highly suspect as the Palin lion, though the Powell lion is in two color schemes, one being that of Numans. Earlier, the Powell lion was mentioned with the Lewis lion, and Lewis' use a Patter/Peter-like motto term. Pattersons/Cassane's share three white scallops in Chief with Russells, the latter likewise first found in Dorset. Pullens share the pelican with Scottish Pattersons. Maccabees in Israel ruled Gamala, and the Patterson/Cassane camel might apply. I suggest that Hasan Numan Ghasani was partially named after Numidia, after he took it. This now enters Arab blood into Freemasonry, along with the Arab blood from Idris and Kenza.

As the Kissane branch of Cassane's shares the stag with Kenneths ("LUCeo: motto term), its notable that Kenneths were first found in the same place, Ross-shire, as Scottish Pattersons. Ross-shire may have been related to Russells, therefore. As Cassane's have linked in several ways to Cass', Cush's and Kiss's, note that all three share the fountains and black chevron of Sichs, suspect in the "Sic" motto term of Kenneths. The sickly stag of Kepke is coming to mind, especially as Kiss'/Kish's were considered for a trace to the Moldova capital at the Ukraine border. While Kenneths share an Idris-suspect "itur" term with Shaws, the same Shaws share "qui" with Sichs. It's plain to me that Sichs also honor the Assi's of Shetland, for they share the weight scale with Assi-like Cass'.

Hasans (same place as Here's / Herzogs) are listed with Haas/Hase's, who use nothing but a hare that can trace to Heiro liners at Syracuse. Russells use "QUE sara sara." Irish Hare's/Garrys, mentioned earlier, share the lizard with Kissane's! The latter's description: "A right arm in armor with a silver CUFF holding a lizard." Hasans may be Hesse / Cassel liners, even Hazels.

Aha! Lazards/Lizarts share three pale bars in the colors of a similar design with Cams/CAHAMs, potential Cahans from the Keens/Kahans (in Cam/Caham colors). These blue-and-white bars remind me of the English Babels, for German Babels use mythical Melusine, and she was a dragon woman from Lusignan, which city uses fesse bars in the same colors. Thus, Melusine is now figuring up as a Kahina liner. That makes a lot of sense. Note the Geta- suspect gate in the Babel Crest. Plus, Guy of Spoleto died at the Taro river, and he was ruler of Camerin-suspect Camerino while Tarrs share bars in the colors of the Cameron bars, thus making Kahina liners suspect also to Camerino, which is in the Marche province of Italy, perhaps in the Newmarch variation of Numidia-suspect Nimo's. Camerins are the ones with the "Aonaibh" motto term suspect with Annaba on the Numidia coast.

Annaba is beside a Kala location that had me looking up kale's, and while German Kale's were first found in Lusatia, what I regard as a sister of Lusignan, Irish Kale's (Mayo, same as KILLens!) use what could be a version of the Ender Coat that comes up with "Inger," the name of the husband of Melissena Rangabe. Camerons love the Cheile's. This is very interesting where I need to trace Kepke liners from Numidia to Kiev, and it's the Kiev Varangians that Inger was likely involved with, for they had relations with Byzantines when Inger married one. Kepke left Miss Peare for KIM Walsh, and Kims are in Cam (and Rangabe) colors. KEPhards use a stag in colors reversed from the Kissane stag, and Kissane's may have been of the namers of the Moldova capital (Kisin'ov / Kishinev), near Kiev. Kephards were first found in Silesia, which overlaps parts of Lusatia. Kephards/Gephards may be a possible branch of Giffards, who share the Paine / Ryan motto.

Repeat: "As Cassane's have linked in several ways to Cass', Cush's and Kiss's, note that all three share the fountains and black chevron of Sichs, suspect in the "Sic" motto term of Kenneths. The sickly stag of Kepke is coming to mind, especially as Kiss'/Kish's were considered for a trace to the Moldova capital at the Ukraine border." It just so happens that Annaba-like Annabels/Hannibals use another stag. Sichs were much of Yorkshire, where stag-head Anne's/Hanne's were first found. The Scarborough entity in the Sich wrote-up leads to the Scarborough/Scarburgh surname (Yorkshire) that uses what looks like a version of the Spice Coat but with towers in the colors of the Murena/Moratin tower. Moreover, I kid you not, that when I and Kepke met Miss Peare, she was working in the same mall as I and Kepke, where he and I both were SHOE salesmen at different shoe stores!!! Amazing. God is simply amazing me with how he set up my life for this revelation. The mall was in Scarburgh! We just saw the Shoe's above where Sichs were under discussion. As Sichs are said to be from Diss'/Dice elements, it's notable that Scarboroughs are in the format and colors-reversed from Diss'/Dice's.

Kallens (share martlets with Terrys) were looked up when Kale's looked like a Killen branch, and Kallens share the Nissan / Tarn/Turin bend, apparently. This recalls that Gephards came up in the first place with the Jeever/Geever variations of Gavestons, recalling my Nissan adventure in Galveston. Nissans share a white escutcheon centrally with Keens/Kahans, and while both put a black item upon it, Nissans use the stag head. While Kallens are in Camerons, Kallens share the red bend with Cheile's (same place as Kellys/Kills).

By the way, I don't celebrate Christmas in honor of Jesus, because Christmas is corrupted, but here's a gift for you anyway:

By the way, when I gave Magyn Kelly thumbs up for unveiling Roger Ailes and opposing Trump's so-called locker-room talk, I didn't know her personal life. I afterward learned that she went on Howard Stern, and said a thing concerning Bill O'Reilly that even her children should find shameful. She was, at that time, anyway, a classic liberal. I didn't know this.


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