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December 13 - 19, 2016

According to Iraq, about 80 percent of eastern Mosul has already been liberated. Why did the Iraqi's take so long if it was this "easy"? Ask the pro-ISIS agenda of the procrastinating Americans.

Also this week, Assad announced that Aleppo was fully re-taken. Reuters is publishing typical murderous accusations against Assad, supposedly from claims made by his enemies inside Aleppo, saying that Assad's forces are shooting women and children as they flee. Will I ever trust Reuters again? When news people get into the business of global politics, I stop respecting.

Hillary pulled off a faceless attempt to steal the election in the past two or three weeks, only to bury herself, along with her staunchest supporters, in further shame. The new way to win elections now, for the liberals, is to scrap the voting traditional process, and beg / twist the arms of the so-called electoral college to make it vote in opposition to the winner.

Liberals are bragging about Hillary winning the popular vote by far, in the range of 2.5 million more than Trump, but when one considers that Democrats have their largest support in most of the largest cities in the country, the popular vote is expected to be far higher for Hillary. She should be winning the popular vote by 20 million even if the voting by overall counties and states is a tight race. Besides, "Hillary Clinton and her supporters spent a record $1.2 billion for her losing presidential campaign -- twice as much as the winner, Donald Trump, according to the latest records" (New York Post). That makes it sound a lot hollow that she won the popular vote by a mere few percentage points.

And she's blaming everyone but herself: "Hillary Clinton claimed on Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered hacking attacks against her campaign and the Democratic National Committee 'because he has a personal beef against me', The New York Times reported, citing comments Clinton made to a group of donors in Manhattan." She had accused Putin of rigging his own election, which was part of the Western smear campaign against him at that time, when the West thought it could destroy Putin as it had Mubarak Qaddafi, and Assad. That's the real reality. The more Hillary blames Putin, the more he can take subtle credit at home for toppling the American presidency. The best thing Hillary could have done starting in 2000 was to stay home and bake cookies. Now look at her, what a mess, tearing her hair out and plotting Plan B with what little life she has left.

Palestinians are breathing death-to-Israel threats against Trump's promise / resolution to move the American embassy to Western Jerusalem. Talk about intolerance. Do Palestinians own / desire Western Jerusalem too? And then this: "President-elect [Trump] to nominate attorney David Friedman as U.S. ambassador to Israel. Friedman: I look forward to serving from Jerusalem...Friedman, who had also been a longtime Arutz Sheva op-ed contributor, spoke out in favor of Israel numerous times during the campaign and highlighted Trump's pro-Israel stance."

The article goes on to make even the EU livid:

In May, Friedman told Arutz Sheva in an exclusive interview that Trump believes "that Israel should continue to build Judea and Samaria communities. This is land that Israel has held for almost 50 years. The population of Judea and Samaria is 400,000 people. You add in East Jerusalem you have almost a million people. These people aren't going anywhere and Israel's not going to make the same mistake that it made in connection with the evacuation of Gaza."

Translation: no Palestinian state in East Jerusalem and the West Bank (of the Jordan river). This sets up an Armageddon scenario in which the EU and the next American president (if he's like Obama) could turn their backs fully on Israel while the anti-Christ's forces invade Jerusalem. Not long ago, prior to the second Bush president, one could not fathom an attack on Jerusalem due to American intervention, but this particular problem -- the two-state "solution" -- has made the anti-Christ mission very realistically possible. The West would say, "we told you so," when the anti-Christ's invaders pour through the West Bank to Jerusalem.

Revelation says that he will have one foot on the land, and one in the sea, suggesting a naval operation when he attacks Egypt. When Daniel 11:25-29 says that ships of Kittim oppose him at his second invasion of Egypt, it very-much suggests a naval outfit that he either controls, or is in support of his southern invasion. I doubt that the opposition from Kittim (thought to be Kition on Cyprus) amounts merely to a letter or phone call of opposition, but rather a show of Western (probably British) naval power. This part of the Daniel prophecy suggests that the anti-Christ will have ships along the coast between Syria and Egypt, and while neither Hamas in Gaza or Hezbollah in Lebanon has ships, the Iranians, Syrians and Russians do.

Putin seems to be on track for a major disappointment with Trump. If the latter goes forward with allowing West-Bank settlements of Jews, and if he also fails to come to terms with Russia as per the Ukraine and Syria, I would suggest that the Armageddon scenario will start to look hotter than it has been under Obama. We await the first verbal bomb from either Trump or Putin to the other that starts the animosity. Trump is expected to be more assertive, but maybe he'll hold his tongue until the Russians express their disdain for his decisions. "In his position as President of Bet El Institutions, Mr. Friedman has been a pioneer philanthropist and builder of Jewish institutions and housing projects in Judea and Samaria (AKA the 'West Bank') and throughout the country." Uh-oh. Trump has already shown his post-election colors on the Palestinian-state issue. It's bad, very badly out-of-step with the EU and the liberals worldwide.

Is it a coincidence that the West has lost ISIS in both Iraq and Syria just as Trump takes the horns of power? There is no way for the West to take Syria now aside from a new design altogether from Trump, if his CIA / military people convince him to put it into effect. The Russians will not be blind; they will know that a new strategy from the U.S. is underfoot to reengage the war against Assad. Bad, very bad. It could happen that way.

"Erekat warned of the potential outcome of moving the embassy...'I look David Friedman and Trump in the eye and tell them - if you were to take these steps of moving the embassy and annexing settlements in the West Bank, you are sending this region down the path of something that I call 'chaos, lawlessness and extremism', he said."

Hmm, Trump wants Monica Crowley to be the director of the National Security Council. She's a member of the Council On Foreign Relations. How many other CFR members has Trump appointed?

After a stretch over weeks of my stressing Tillers / Tailors from the Tilurius/Cetina river, this happens: "Jerusalem did not applaud the appointment earlier in the week of ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as the next secretary of state. Not because of anything against Tillerson, nothing is known of his positions on Israel, but rather because so much was known -- and liked -- about the other candidates mentioned: Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and John Bolton." The article is more on Friedman. Note that both Friedman surnames use a lamb alone in the colors of the Lamas and Arms-of-Grasse lambs, for I trace the latter lambs to Bassianus circles expected at the Tilurius river.

What does it potentially tell us when Trump appoints a Exxon man to the second-highest post in the country? And why is the foreign-policy chief the second-highest post in the country? That doesn't sound right. Who made it that way? The Council On Foreign Relations? Probably had something to do with it. It appears that Trump's game in the Middle East will be oil. From the Wall Street Journal: "Rex Tillerson rose to the top of Exxon Mobil Corp. partly by negotiating a deal with Russia's Vladimir Putin to kick-start an oil project on the Pacific Ocean..." I'm wondering whether Trump and Tillerman together will hand Russia its dream of being more involved in Iraq.

Tillerson joined Exxon in 1975 and by 1989 had become general manager of the Exxon USA central production division. He became President of Exxon Yemen Inc...

...Tillerson has close ties with President Vladimir Putin of Russia. They have been associates since Tillerson represented Exxon's interests in Russia during President Boris Yeltsin's premiership. John Hamre, the President and CEO of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, of which Tillerson is a board member, states that Tillerson "has had more interactive time with Vladimir Putin than probably any other American, with the exception of Dr. Henry Kissinger."

Tillerson is a friend of Igor Sechin, the leader of the Kremlin's Siloviki (security/military) faction, who is "widely believed to be Russia's second-most powerful person" after President Putin.

Did Trump have this man in mind all along, and is he the reason that Trump was so favorable toward Putin? Will there be an unofficial oil partnership (U.S. and Russia) in the Middle East starting anytime soon? Or will this turn ugly? "In 2011, on behalf of ExxonMobil, Tillerson signed an agreement with Russia for drilling in the Arctic that could be valued up to $300 billion. The company began drilling in the Kara Sea in the Summer of 2014, and a round of sanctions against Russia introduced in September that year due to the Ukrainian crisis was to have brought the project to a halt in mid-September. Nevertheless, the company was granted a reprieve that stretched the window to work until October 10, which enabled it to discover a major field with about 750 million barrels of new oil for Russia." Putin must have been dancing silly when he heard Trump's Tillerman choice. But the higher Putin's exuberance went, the longer might be the fall into disappointment when, as often happens, partners can't agree.

Same article: "In 2011, Tillerson, on behalf of ExxonMobil, signed a deal to develop oil fields in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. The agreement was in defiance of Iraqi law, which forbids companies from dealing directly with Iraqi Kurdistan." I remember this. It seemed to me to be a move toward prophetic fulfillment. I had been under the impression that Exxon was opposed to Russian oil ventures in Kurdistan, and probably that was correct in spite of Tillerson's Russia ties. Now what? Tillerson now works for Trump, not Exxon, but might he be very disposed to finding Exxon the best deals possible in Iraq, and in the meantime, perhaps, stepping on Russia's toes there?

Speaking in March 2007 at a Council on Foreign Relations event, Tillerson said[:]
Should the United States seek so-called energy independence in an elusive [why illusive?] effort to insulate this country from the impact of world events on the economy, or should Americans pursue the path of international engagement, seeking ways to better compete within the global market for energy? Like the Council's founders, I believe we must choose the course of greater international engagement ...

That's a strange thing for a Christian of the last days to say. Besides, what is so illusive about America providing its own oil / gas? Why really does Tillerson want a globalist oil policy? From this perspective, Trump may become more Middle-East intrusive than Bush, which can spoil Putin's love for this administration fast. "Rex Tillerson was first recommended to Trump for the Secretary of State role by Condoleezza Rice [Bush appointee for secretary of state), during her meeting with Trump in late November...His nomination was reportedly being advocated by Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner."

Here's a NY Times article telling how Rockefellers are behind Exxon:

If Exxon was willing to break a contract with the Iraqi government, and move illegally inside Iraqi borders, what else is it prepared to do? After BP's Russian venture collapsed, Tillerson's Exxon moved in to fill the void, which involved a partnership with Russia's Rosneft.

The deal was considered to be a profitable result of the what has now become known as the "Russian reset" or the detente between Russia and the United States led by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. However, on March 18, 2014, Russia annexed what is now known as the Autonomous Republic of Crimea from Ukraine following a referendum.

As a result, the United States imposed sanctions on Russia, primarily targeting the political leadership and leaders within the oil and natural gas industry. The sanctions directly impacted the deal between Rosneft and Exxon Mobil, requiring them to suspend their billion-dollar operation in the Kara Sea with immediate effect. On September 14, 2014, when the sanctions required Exxon to leave Russia, the first offshore well, known as University-1, struck oil.

...[With that situation holding to this day] The nomination of Tillerson as U.S. Secretary of State remains, as it should be, highly controversial [or suspicious]. In addition to serving as CEO, Tillerson is the chairman of the Board of Directors, retaining significant personal investment in the performance of Exxon Mobil. It is impossible to know the amount of ownership Tillerson has in Exxon Mobil without a financial disclosure, which, ideally would be requested by the Senate during a confirmation hearing.

However, what is known is Tillerson's position on sanctions: he remains in strident opposition to the imposition of sanctions on the Russian Federation. As Secretary of State, he would be in a position to lift these sanctions. While an improvement of the relationship with the Russian Federation and the United States would be beneficial, it must be pursued without the Secretary of State obtaining a significant personal financial benefit.

Already, we are seeing Donald Trump using his new-found powers for money-making ventures. There can now be no doubt about what's behind his easy stance on Putin. What will Exxon give Trump in return for this cash cow in Siberia? Will there be more goodies discussed for Kurdistan? Trump has created a puke situation, and, frankly, has puked on himself, with this appointee to this particular post. Trump is a rich idiot.

If Tillerson wants to assist Exxon in Siberia, he'll need to overthrow peer pressure from Western leaders still wanting to persecute Putin with sanctions. Put this together with an anti-Russia Mattis in charge of defense, and what do you get? Another four-year waste of American tax dollars across the U.S. border, all on behalf of chosen, large corporations. What else can American globalism be for? Why is there so much emphasis on trade with other countries? Revelation 18: trade is stifled.

It has been rumored, and I believe it to a great extent, that Bill Clinton had a hit squad to murder political opponents, chiefly the opponents that were touching upon his own team, those who would go astray and threaten his reputation. Unfortunately, Donald Trump is just as much a womanizer, liar and political fraud as both Clintons. I think I have an explanation as to why Trump became instantly at peace with the Clintons the day after he won the election. Here's Bill Clinton speaking:

On the question of Russian cyberattacks damaging the candidacy of his wife...the former president said "you would need to have a single-digit IQ not to recognize what was going on." But he blamed FBI Director James Comey for her loss...

...The former president confirmed that he had, in fact, received a phone call from Trump on the day after the election and that the Manhattan billionaire was strangely cordial, “like it was 15 years ago” when he was friendly with the Clintons and would socialize with them. Clinton said Trump told him that Hillary Clinton “was tougher than I thought she’d be.”

Clinton goes on the brag that he is the one who got the real landslide victory, but he doesn't mention how his popularity went downhill until it was in disgrace. And he is obviously a major reason for the loss of his wife, for at least some of the potential Democrat votes went to Trump because of Bill's lousy reputation. And that's why his landslide victory proves that he was a political fraud, saying all the right things to get elected but being an agent of his demons and therefore a failure. Hillary had little choice but to ride his failure curve, wasn't able to get high enough to clear the chasm below her, and fell into it all broken up. Hillary, in the election season, even tried to distance herself from her husband, but it wasn't enough. Bill doesn't want the blame for her loss, so he's blaming Putin and the FBI. You can be sure that the Clintons will front their own candidate for president in 2020, and so their agenda at this time is to deflect all criticisms from themselves, blaming the cat or the dog.

I think that Trump is afraid of being murdered by Clinton's hit squad. I don't blame Trump for being afraid, but he should put his life on the line to expose both Hillary and Bill. America deserves to know the whole truth, and, one day, it will. You can't get away from God, and he is glorious in the methods he uses for exposing the bad guys. The Clintons have been exposed for years, and had potential to regain the White House only because 25 percent of Americans are terribly demon infested, and because Catholics are daft enough to vote liberal along with hopeless Blacks. What do Blacks stand to gain by achieving political empowerment under the powers of demon-infested Democrats the likes of the Clintons or Obama? Have Blacks lost their minds? Lately, they have been looking very cranky to the point of "mad," as in rabid.

The funny thing, Obama doesn't look very upset at Hillary's loss. I think he wanted it, and I think he's saying everything in order to deflect that truth away. To this day, Obama is taking the message to the people that Putin was responsible for her loss. This set-up looks like a brilliant move of God to disgrace the duo that together wanted the world to believe that they were good enough to get a reset-set button with Putin. Look at how dismal that agenda turned out. Why? Because, Obama and Clinton are fakes, and Putin doesn't have time on his watch to entertain them. Over in Russia, people are shedding their old Soviet fur, but at least they are not infected with the rabies gripping American Democrats from the top down. It's much better to die of true rabies than to die of demonic infestation. There's no one to blame for the latter but yourself. We have the choice of resisting demonic impulses, but leading Democrats crave them. There are youtube videos on the murders allegedly conducted by Bill Clinton.

Obama became the president largely due to running against Hillary to begin with, an easy pushover because she was swinging on Bill's coat tail whether she wanted to look like it or not. Bill was therefore responsible for her loss to Obama, and we remember the bitter feud between Obama and Bill for how things turned out. Hillary took a different tack that got her hired as Obama's foreign-policy chief, but she was not in it for him, of course, and she couldn't stand another four years of it. While she was out of the daily news in the first three years, she plotted with all at her side to win the White House. It was an arduous piece of work, but, thankfully, she lost badly. I am ever so happy that she lost bitterly, as she deserves, because it gives me hope that Justice might still be working quietly under our noses.

There have not been many good days for Bill ever since he became the president. And he now has another four years to gnaw away at his cancerous soul. There is no peace for the wicked. The Spirit of God does not come to comfort lovers of demonic theology. The demons have no desire to comfort him, because they betray even those who use them, and so Bill and Hillary are now like broken reeds hanging on to some healthier reeds beside them by which to stay above the water line. But who will these healthier reeds be? Who would want to take another chance in trying to get the Clinton circle into the White House in 2020? Wouldn't that circle just love to punch the lights out of Trump at that time? This game may not be over yet, and the worst crusher for the Clintons may yet be straight ahead. But first, they have a lot of changes to make in their political machine. So long as they blame Putin, they will never fix the machine. The healthier reeds -- dopes -- don't realize that the real problem is the Clintons, hee-hee. It looks like Trump may have it made for a second term, if the Clintons win the better half of the Democrat machine.

What do the Russians and Chinese think of the American Democrats for making same-sex marriage one of their major platforms and agendas? Of all things to run on heavily, why this puke? That's why even Europe has moved away from liberalism since Obama took the White Seat. Obama had the Europeans waving American flags, so to speak. They all believed that Obama was the best thing ever after eight years of Bush. But even before Obama's eight years were up, right-wing governments were winning the votes in Europe. And even Russia started to come down on American liberalism. The Chinese are aghast. America's best liberal friends abroad are starting to jitter at the knees, wondering whether to re-assess their global ideology. The hypocrites were so outspoken against Bush's invasion of Iraq but clamored nothing at all about Obama's destruction of Syria. With the Americans near civil war, it's high time for the Russians to step up to the Middle-East plate, and Trump will be their go-easy pitcher to start the first inning.

Puke has origin in Liberal anger. The more the people beat up on the Democrats, the more they seek sickening social engineering. Call it retribution from spoiled brats and good-for-nothings. Actually, they are good at some things, like image-making, spying, controlling, and destroying an opponent's reputation with fabrications. One method they are now seeking to use is to get all conservative opinions rated as so-called fake news. Fakebook is amongst one of the big organizations expected to fight viewpoints under the guise of eradicating fake news. Certainly, my website is a prime candidate for being lumped with fake news. Anything that opposes the liberal media is under threat. But liberals are hopeless; they couldn't get such an agenda to do anything but backfire upon themselves. The people now know their games too well to let them work. The fake news sites (which I haven't visited as far as I know), in conjunction with online conservative activism, are probably responsible for turning at least three percent of middle America toward Trump. That's a big deal, and that's why the liberals are now combating this enemy.

The headline: "Snopes, Which Will Be Fact-Checking For Facebook, Employs Leftists Almost Exclusively". Clearly, there is abuse of the Internet, liberals checking up an everything the political enemy says, and countering it one way or another with a respectable facade. The inevitable result is the enemy firing back on the leftists, but, chances are, the right will win the day because the right has some real respect...simply because it takes the more-respectable positions. This is where liberalism has lost all power to win government, as soon as the Internet came out, allowing the enemy to have a media platform. It's just so sad for the liberals that the Internet allows some fairness in the political war.

The article reads: "Facebook announced Thursday that mythbusting website Snopes will be one of a few fact-checking organizations allowed to label stories as 'fake news.'" It's a great reason to call if Fakebook from now on. What gullible young people don't realize is that Fakebook is a spy tool. Political establishments are monitoring what people share on Fakebook; it's all part of the civil war called "democracy." Political party pitted against political party, it's the best system in the world, according to Democrats and Republicans alike. But I believe in a Jesus-Dictatorship. I believe that Christians need to dictate authority along the lines of God's will. I do not view "dictator" as a bad term outright. I am not making Jesus look bad with the term, "Jesus-Dictatorship." There is no attempt here to make Jesus look like an iron-fisted Stalin. However, one prophecy says that Jesus will rule with an iron rod. What does that mean?

It means that liberals are out of their minds to oppose Him, and that they are out of luck for creating their brand of Utopia. Probably, the iron term was used for Jesus' government because steel is hard and unbending. American democracy bends too much for the liberal citizen. In return, liberals have come to use their powers to destroy the foundation of the nation. There should never have been one inch given to liberals in bending their way. Jesus will not bend that one inch their way. And destruction of the souls who seek liberalism in his Millennium will be a fiery punishment. That's what an iron rod means. It's the same as the call of the prophets to make the curved land straight, to make the winding roads straight. The curves, in that picture, are the wayward paths to sin and rebellion against God. "Straight" was made a bad word in the 1960s and 70s by liberal engineers. It was synonymous with "square," the idea that a person fits the mould too perfectly, unwilling to venture out into liberal "progress" to...puke. Now we have the puke of same-sex marriage, and the world is starting to ask whether liberalism is a good thing. With this threat confronting liberals, are they abandoning their same-sex drive, or are they staying fast to it, come Hell or high water? Prophecy tells that they will choose Screeching Hell to their dying day.

The immediate aftermath of Armageddon will need the Iron Rod to straighten out the planet, and Judgment begins with the House of God because he saves "the best" until last. He has waited a long time to judge the wicked Earth, and he wouldn't pass it up for anything. This will be an Event. All the squares and straights will be lining up to get front-row seating. The destruction of the unwilling will be as important as the gift of eternal life to the Willing. The destruction will be a milestone, and a sign of His Story that forever reads, Do Not Go That Way Again.

I don't know whether the following signals that the Republicans into 2020 will be led by the Bush circle, but it's possible:

Priebus failed to convince Trump that one of his most vocal critics during the campaign, 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney, should head the State Department.

But Priebus successfully lobbied Trump to name Romney's niece, Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, to succeed Priebus as head of the RNC [Republican National Committee]. Some inside Trump Tower had pushed for an outsider -- in the mold of Trump -- to lead the massive organization.

Trump, an "outsider"? I'm not so sure. But the implication of the statement is that Romney's niece is an insider. With all my talk on the Spice bloodline in the past few weeks, let's add more from the article above: "If RNC chief strategist and spokesman Sean Spicer wins the job of White House press secretary, that would also be viewed as a victory for Priebus. Spicer is just one of a handful of top RNC staffers Priebus is hoping to bring to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. next month." Liberals do not have a clue as to how much damage the Trump organization can do to their political machine in the next four years, for Trump is no honest man, and will resort to dirty play to destroy them. Trump knows that the Democrat machine will be against him all-four years long, the main threat to president Trump for 2020-24, but, unlike Bush, Trump will use all at the disposal of a dictator to throw nasty grit into the liberal gear box. This is worth watching for. Instead of guarding against the liberal machine, Bush was tied up in Iraq, and while his war machines rolled over Saddam, the liberal tanks rolled over the Republican party. Trump would do well to destroy the Liberal machine to a crisp once and for all.

Obama's dictatorial ways against Republican lawmakers are now Trump's excuse to use the same upon Democrats, and Trump is starting out in exactly the same power-position as Obama started, with the Senate and Congress controlled by the same party owning the White House. If Trump can keep the Senate beyond two years while simultaneously pressing the grape juice out of the liberal vat, he can also get happily drunk for his last two of four years in anticipation of winning the 2020 election too. The next two years are important to that end. What I would like to see is Putin's political machine injecting itself into U.S. politics to ruin the Democrats all-the-more, for Obama sought to inject his political will into Russia to bring Putin down. The grapes sown by liberals have grown the vineyard now controlled by Trump, and this is what has Hillary and her supporters foaming at the mouth. Hail, drunk Trump, trudge the vineyard and trample on. It's probably what you do best.

As of noon today (Monday, a half hour from my writing here), before the Electoral College has voted, we can already say, Hillary, your fired!


Ed Klein: Here's what I know, not my opinion. About 6:30 this morning she called an old friend. She was crying inconsolably. She couldn't stop crying. And her friend, her female friend from way, way back said it was even hard to understand what she was saying she was crying so hard. This is Hillary we're talking about. Eventually her friend said she could make out that she was blaming James Comey, the Director of the FBI, for her loss, and, I don't understand exactly, the president of the United States for not doing enough.

Hillary could not speak to supporters last night and sent pal John Podesta out to face the audience.

You see, from day one of her loss, it was the FBI and Obama; they both wished for her to lose the election for fear of Republican backlashes that could unveil the illegalities that the FBI and Obama together engaged. Hillary knew this plot against her instinctively. The hope is that the Clinton circle will come to unveil Obama by some arm of the group that doesn't reveal what it's attached to.


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