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March 10 - 16, 2015

I Can't Remember the Last Short Update

For a reader hopping into an update for the first time, there is not much I can say in an introductory paragraph to explain everything needed before proceeding. The only readers able to follow are those taking the time needed to get a solid idea of the entire scope. It is probably impossible to follow unless the heraldic Coats are loaded and viewed. It would be helpful to have a photographic memory, or to at least spend some time to get to know Coats, and to understand what I'm saying about them. I did the work over years to be able to present to you the relevant Coats, and you need only decide whether I am correctly interpreting the evidence and the codes. It is far best that you load Coats on a separate browser(s) rather than clicking back and forth from the update page. It might take longer for one to read an update than the week it takes me to write it, but that's what it'll take for a solid understanding of what I'm doing. I know that few have the time to follow this in that way. My hope is...actually, I should have no such hopes as I should just allow God to do what He wants with this. One of my goals at this time is to discover the parent(s) of Josephs Caiaphas, and in the meantime to prove that heraldic masters and leading Templar families knew that all of heraldry had, at its foundations, Caiaphas and his circle of Christ killers. These updates are jot-down format (sub-titles don't usually reflect the roaming topics well) making it hard / impossible to have a pre-plotted storyline. I'm no longer doing final proof-reads, please excuse the imperfections / mistakes.

In her term as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton used an email server out of her own house, which, as I'm reading it, violates government requirements. Personally, I wish every private citizen could have their own home-based server so that the government snoops would be less capable of getting to them, but Hillary provided her own server while conducting official business for the government, sending emails that the public has a right to see. I imagine that there are two basic benefits for having her own server: 1) keeping the U.S. spy agency from accessing her mail; 2) having the ability to completely erase any damning email at any time. Let's face it, Hillary didn't pay mega-dollars to have her own server because she had nothing to hide.

On the question of whether Putin had been kidnapped or whether he was in poor health or even dead, look not only at the timing but at the following Pentagon report that was fashioned to make him appear as a sick political animal. The real animal, let me be clear, is the Pentagon:

A 2008 Pentagon study assessed that Putin likely was suffering from Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism.

The study was conducted by a group of medical researchers from the Pentagon's Office of Net Assessment, which specializes in long-term military strategy.

"The Russian president carries a neurological abnormality, a profound behavioral challenge identified by leader neuroscientists as Asperger's Syndrome, an autistic disorder which affects all of his decisions," the report said. "His primary form of compensation is extreme control and this is isomorphically reflected in his decision style and how he governs."

If you believe this "specialization" unit, then you're the Pentagon's dummy. They want you just that dumb. The Pentagon's Office of Net assessment (laughable) conducted a medical report on Putin without Putin there in the room (laughable). But it's a free world, you can believe the report if you wish, and in the meantime you can empower a Pentagon that has based its future world programs largely on mass deception.

From the liberals still willing to support Hillary, the new motto in Washington is, "It doesn't matter that she broke the law willingly, secretly, to hide the agenda, so long as she's a good president." The liberals want you just that dumb. It doesn't escape us that Obama was a part of the email cover-up. Of course he knew about it. And he's praising her these days to better assure that she won't pass the blame on him. In all likelihood, Obama plotted with Hillary to form private email to hide the dirty facts from people. Doers anyone really believe that Hillary would allow other people to read through all her emails, including private ones, in order to discard them (laughable)?

Hillary Clinton's camp late Sunday issued a significant clarification about the steps they say were taken to review thousands of personal emails before they were deleted, claiming her team individually read "every email" before discarding those deemed private.

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill made the clarification in a written statement to Fox News. This comes after the former secretary of state's office revealed last week that while more than 30,000 "work-related" emails were turned over to the State Department, nearly 32,000 were deemed "private" and deleted.

..."We simply took for granted that reading every single email came across as the most important, fundamental and exhaustive step that was performed. The fact sheet should have been clearer in stating that every email was read," Merrill said.

There are several problems with this plot. She's taking the people for fools. Roughly 35 percent of Americans will claim to believe her people. The world is able to watch again the buffoonery of the Clintons, and of the people who support them regardless of what corruption they're mired in. The time for punishment of these people is long overdue. If they are permitted to continue, then the worst is yet to come.

Let's face it; no one read her private emails. She wouldn't allow it. Besides, she would have conducted government business on email accounts different from the one(s) having private emails. Nor would she willingly have anyone go through the private emails when the clear alternative is simply not to delete them. If anyone should decide what private emails to delete, shouldn't it have been she alone? Another thing: if she sent 32,000 private emails over four years, where did she find the time to do any work for the government? Eight thousand private emails annually, on average, amounts to more than 22 per day, day after day after day after day. Did she have private lovers?

Really, 22 daily on average? If there was any day where she had only one private email, she would need to have another day, on average, with 43 private emails. But if they are reporting 32,000 missing, even me can figure that they deleted much more than that number. Don't we know they would try to minimize the scandal by drastically reducing the number of claimed deletions? The lawmakers knew it even before the spokesman finished the sentence.

The Boston-Marathon trial is a sham. I don't believe that young kid had anything to do with setting off the bombs or being in a car heist as reported. One thing I know: those boys were framed by the FBI. Confession or no confession, there were no bombs in the back packs that we were shown on the news. It's easy to see that nothing of any great weight was in those bags. The injuries at the two explosion sites were hyped greatly in number, and faked. The American military is a Demon tasked with producing a faked good reputation with the people so that it might rob the people sufficient to change the world according to the conspiracies of fellow demons. But God always has the last say, and I await their demise at His hands. How many hands does He have, do you think?

There is a battle for Mosul about to begin, perhaps as soon as weeks. Iran has sway in northern Iraq with Iraq's blessing:

London based al-Arabi al-Jadeed newspaper reported on Sunday that Iran ordered Hezbollah to send fighters to Iraq in order to help it liberate the city of Mosul from the Islamic State and the Hezbollah chief agreed to send 800 fighters<>P> "Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah agreed to send about 800 men from elite units to participate in the anticipated battle." Al-Arabi al-Jadeed sources were quoted as saying

...The fighters, according to the report, will enter Iraq equipped with light arms. Once there, Iran will equip the men with heavy weapons.

...The current war against ISIS is being led by General Qassem Suleimani the head of the Qods Force, which is the foreign arm of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps. According to observers Suleimani has been organizing Iraqi forces and has become the de facto leader of Iraqi Shiite militias that are the backbone of the fight [is this an exaggeration???]. He is listed by the United States as a terrorist, which forbids U.S. citizens from doing business with him. According to al-Jadeed report, Iran's interest in advocating for the integration of Hezbollah in Iraq's fight against ISIS lies in its desire to prevent US forces from engaging in ground activity for the liberation of Mosul.

On whether Obama will have anything significant done in the Middle East by 2017: I don't know. It may depend on whether his people succeed in ruining Putin.

That's it for the news as might relate to anything prophetic. I have no idea whether the next U.S. administration will see the End. I couldn't even venture a prediction. Things could linger in the Middle East as they are now for many years. With the likes of Obama, the Arabs had a chance to succeed against Israel, but 2017 predicts an American president who will be less capable than Obama in giving Israel the cold shoulder. I don't see any way for Arabs to succeed against Israel, as prophecy fulfllment anyway, so long as the United States supports Israel. Obama's task may secretly be to arm enemies of Israel using excuses that the allies might buy.

For many updates, the royal Cottians, as well as Aurelia Cotta (mother of Julius Caesar), and even Julius Caesar himself have been largely side-stepped and marginalized. The concentration has been on letting the chips fall where they may in regards to understanding the Brogitarus > Bassus line as it merged with the Seleucid-Maccabee line through Tigranes VI. On my scratch paper with the family tree of the two lines, the theory had been -- though I didn't want to force that topic into any discussions -- that Brogitarus' grandson, Artemidoros, had married the family of one of the Junia Caepio's...her surname being technically, Caepionis, but descended from Quintus Caepio. Julius Caesar had a long-standing affair with the mother (Servilia) of three (or more?) Junia Caepionis', and I've been keeping eyes open as to how Joseph Caiaphas may have been born from one of the sisters. Artemidoros' birth coincides roughly with a daughter of one of the Junia's.

After throwing myself on the Junia >Caiaphas theory for well over a year, it was recently found that Publius Pulcher became a strong supporter of Brogitarus, elevating him by some political strings to the chief-priesthood of the Great Mother goddess, which cult is now under suspicion as the Revelation-17 harlot. Both the Brogitarus and Tigranes lines were pro-Roman, and thus one can say that the harlot, if she be from the Brogitarus cult, sat upon the seven hills of Rome. If Brogitarus' line married the line of Caesar, that would create a better fulfillment yet of that concept. If the harlot included Caiaphas, it would be sheer logic. It just so happens that the best shot of ancient historians to identify the mother of Publius Pulcher, according to his Wikipedia article, is the daughter of Quintus Caepio the Elder, herself named, Servilia (the aunt of Caesar's mistress).

The above was introductory to a discussion growing out of the Barb and Seed surnames, which were looked up as per the glossary page below having this official description on the Hopkin surname: "Sable, on a chevron erminois between three pistols or, as many roses gules barbed and seeded proper--HOPKINS, 1773." That doesn't mean that the Arms was invented in 1773, but was applied for under that particular form at that time. Here is the Hopkin Coat so described.

There are plenty of roses in heraldry, but few uses the description, "barbed and seeded proper." There seem to be three codes in that phrase alone. The Seeds happen to use three red-on-white roses in their Chief, as does the Caesar Chief, and then red roses are on the Hopkin chevron too. You can view these things as coincidences, or you can take them as clues that Hopkins and Sadducee-suspect Seeds were Caesar liners. As Cope's and Copps use red roses too, while have them on their chevron, as do Hopkins, it could appear that HOPkins are a branch of Cope's and Copps.

There are several reasons as to why the Hopkins are important to my hunt for Caiaphas' parents. Hopkins: 1) use the colors and format of Caepionis-like Capone's; 2) were first found in the same place as Capone's and Julians; 3) their pistols suggest Pistols/Pesters, first found in the same place as Quints, and sharing the chevron in Quint-chevron colors; 4) they have a castle in flames while Julians have a salamander in flames; 5) their "Inter" motto term is suspect with arrow-using Inders/Enders sharing three arrows on blue (it's all they use) with Lurchs/Larchers (it's all they use) and Archers (it's all they use); 6) their "primos" motto term can be code for Junia Prima and the Prime's and/or Primo's.

I was fairly convinced that Lurch's could be from Lurco, father-in-law of Appius Pulcher, the latter adopted by the uncle of Caesar's mistress.

Going back to the barbed roses of Hopkins, it's unfortunate that the Barb Coat is nothing more than a lion and a gold fesse (it's hard to make solid links of lions alone). But Barbs are suspect with the Barbana location to the near-south of Bar (see "Barbana" last update), which brings one close to the Cupionich theater to which mythical Melusine is being traced. However, while I'm tracing the ancestry (in BC times) of Quintus Caepio to Cupionich, mythical Melusine starts off around 800 AD. The theory is that the Melusine line had been from Quintus somehow.

For this discussion, I've got to go back to investigations, months ago, on the Primo/Primeau surname. The theory was that the mirror in the Primo Coat was that of Melusine, and that Junia Primo Caepionis, and perhaps her sisters too, traced to the mirror of Melusine, the latter code for the Mire/Mireux surname, first found in Anjou. At the time of the investigations, I did not know whose green-on-white roses the Primo's used, but have been keeping eyes peeled ever since. Two surnames were matched in the last update that use cinquefoils in those colors; the Gone's/Gowans, suspect with the Cohen Khazars, and the Loches', suspect with Mrs. Loches, wife of Fulk I of Anjou. Loches' were first found in the same place (Burgundy) as Primo's, what a coincidence (sarcasm).

The paragraph above, when mediated upon, is a powerful one for revealing a Primo link to the Khazar line of Melissena Rangabe and Inger, and it just so happens that Ingers are listed with Inders/Enders suspect from Appius Pulcher. To repeat, so that you get the full force of this non-coincidence, the Drakenberg Vere's traced their beloved Melusine (which they did not disclose as code for the line of Melissena Rangabe) to her son, a fictitious or unknown MILO de Vere, first count of Anjou...about three generations before Fulk I (born around 870), count of Anjou. It's not coincidental that MILE's share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Gone's/Gowans, which are green and white, the colors of the roses / cinquefoils under discussion. They are also the colors of the Prime Coat. Nor is it coincidental that the Primo cinquefoils are called, "green plants," for while the celebrated Geoffrey Plantagenet was a Fulk of Anjou, Plantagenets are listed with Plants.

The last update found a new surname from Anjou, the Seville's. It suggested that "Barber of Seville" had been code for Berbers (i.e. Barber surname) to the father of Guerin of Provence (died around 850), and the latter lived concurrent with Inger...and Milo de Vere, had he been a real person. The Guerin Chief happens to use the same red-on-gold lion as Barbs, in the colors of the Barber and Gellone fleur-de-lys.

While Guerin's father was William of Gellone, count of Toulouse, the Seville's had traced well to Suells/Sewels who in-turn may have been Tuells/Tewels (same place as Barbers!), a term that suddenly evokes Toulouse. The Welsh Tuell/Tewel Chief is in the colors of the Gellone's and the Guerin Chief, etc., and the Tuell Crest shares the pierced Zionist star (different color) with the Guerin Coat. Is "Gellone" a version of something like "Sellon"?

It's not likely coincidental that the German Tuell Crest uses a blue duck, while the Welsh Tuell Crest uses blue wings, while the Duck Crest has a blue falcon, while the stars in the Ducks Chief are colors reversed from the same of the Tuell/Tewel Chief, while the Duck Coat shows the Guerin / Barb lion (see stars of the Ticino-suspect Tease's/Tighs). I've never known this further evidence of a Barber link to Gellone's, and with the other evidence, it's linking Gellone's to Toulouse-like terms, very compelling for tracing the Caepio's Toulouse gold / silver bars to the Bessin.

This seems very important for verifying what was claimed, that the Quintus-Caepio treasure went partly to Meschins (or the Norman Sinclairs generally), and here it seems that the namers of Toulouse were of the stock that named the Seulles river in the land of the Normandy Meschins (the Suell/Sewel Coat shares the Bessin bees). Quintus Caepio, while working for the Roman government, discovered, and then stole, the vast Toulouse treasure. Some of it was expected to have gotten out of his hands into the hands of Maschi / Voyer liners, the latter surname suspect with king "Boiorix."

Irish Ducks listed with Logans (in Tuell / Gellone colors) should bring the topic back to Mrs. Loches of the Fulks. The Loches' are also "DeLOGES" while Lodge's are "Loges" too. Then, while the lodged stag is used by Islips/Haslips, the related Dussels and Hazels are relevant. For example, Dussel(dorfs)s were just checked to see if they would come up as "DUSSER," and they did. That surname was entered under the expectation that it's of the DUCKER variation of German Ducks, first found in Westphalia, where Dusseldorf is located. This gives reason to trace Ducks to the Has area of Albania, the area where Caepio's are being traced. One can take this further as per the squirrel in the Hazel Crest, suggesting the squirrel-using Decks/Daggers apply to Ducks and Dussels/Dussers/Dussens.

German's Hesse(n) location was traced to the namers of Has, and then Tuells were first found in Hesse. However it may be explained, it looks like the namers of Has and Toulouse were one and the same. Starting with the namers of HASmoneans, the evolution of terms may have gone something like this: Has > Hassel > D'Hassel > Dussel/Dussen with a branch that named the Tessen/Ticino and then merged with the proto-Suelles / Toulouse terms. As the namers of Hasmoneans are suspect with the Assmans/Rasmussens, by what coincidence were the latter likewise first found in Hesse?

Hazels and Dussels/Dussers then use a fesse in colors reversed to the same of Sheriffs, first found in the same place as Tuells/Tewels and Gellone's. Sheriffs use roses in the colors of the Hopkin roses, but then so do many others. In the last update, Spells/Spellmans were suspect with the old, Spal/Hispalis version of Spain's Seville location, and so let's mention the Dyke-suspect dice of the Spell Coat. Like Decks/Daggers, Dyke's share the red squirrel, and then Squirrels/Square's/Squire's are suspect with Sheriff liners. It the Hesse Tuells that use the DUCK.

It should be mentioned that while the Hesse Tuells use the same elephant-trunk design as Thors/Thorns (suspect with Basina of Thuringia), the English Thors/Tours share the red tower with Spanish Barbera's suspect at the Barber of Seville (south-western Spain). I know little of the Barber-of-Seville storyline, but do recall reading at Wikipedia that the barber was partly a surgeon, the theme thrown in (but not expected) to the write-up of Barbers. The latter share the bull head with Trunks.

French Bourbons (like "Barbana" at the Bar / Scodra theater) had a castle at Allier, and then Alliers were first found in Westphalia, location of Dusseldorf and the Tuells. The heraldic allier is used by Holdens/HOWLins, and then Welsh Tuells/Tewels are traced in their write-up to a HOWELL castle. This may even explain the Seville OWL, very linkable to the Taggert/Toggert owl, by the way (Taggerts are the ones sharing "non vi" with Chives'). Howels use only towers, in colors reversed to the Barbera / Thor/Thorn towers.

While Howells were first found in MONmouthshire, Tuells/Tewels were first found in Cardiganshire (ancient Ceredigion), in the Ordovices theater. The Ordovices are said to be named after "hammer," but this could be play on their being a Maccabee line. Ordovices could easily have linked with the namers of Mona to their near-north, especially as Ceredig (mythical?) was made the son of dragon-liner, Cunneda, like "Gwynedd" at the Mona theater. "Tewel" rhymes with the Hewell variation of Howells. "CEREDIG" smacks of CARATACus; from the 1st update of last month: "'Caratacus [king of Camulodunum] fled the storming of the town, taking refuge with the Ordovices and Silures tribes in Wales and becoming a Welsh folk hero for his resistance to Rome.'" Suddenly, it looks like Silures were Tuell liners, tending to trace Silures to the namers of the Suelles river.

Alliers share the red escutcheon with allier-using Holdens/Howlins...and, what a stroke of coincidence, the Holdens/Howlins are said to be from HASLington, first found in Lancashire, same as Chaddocks and Chadwicks with the escutcheon in colors reversed. The allier is a beakless eagle for a reason. Beaks are now suspect with Peks/Pecks, Becks, Baghs and similar others from the Pek river and/or the namers of modern Puke, ancient Picaria, beside modern Has.

Although I don't know how it worked migrationally, I'm tracing: 1) Hasmoneans to the namers of Has; 2) Mattathias, the first-know Hasmonean, to the namers of the Mathis river, location of Has; 3) "Caiaphas" to the Cavii of the Puke / Has area. That's why it's important that the Picaria-like Pickers/Peckers/Packers share the Moor-head design in the Chappes Coat. The last time that the Pickers/Packers were shown, I did not know that the head band on the Moor head was called "torTILLY," how about that!

Tortilly, (fr. tortillant): a term applied to Ordinaries...The French apply the term tortil to the wreath or turban with which heads, and especially those of Moors, are adorned in heraldry.

It can indicate that Picaria liners were at Tilly / Tilley of Calvados, where I expect Cavii, but moreover very near the Suelles river. If "Suelles" was named by the same that named Toulouse, why not Tilly too? One of the theories on the origin of "Toulouse" was with the namers of Dol, suspect with Attila's house of Dulo, and then, altogether separately, Tillys were traced suggestively to "Attila."

The Puke article tells of a highway through it to neighboring KOSovo, location of Decani, wherefore note that the Picker/Packer Coat is a little like the Deacon and Decan Coats; the latter two share the axe in Crest with the Crests of Tillys / Drake's. It's interesting that the Hesse Tuells share bendy in the colors of the KOS and Mavesyn bendy while Mavesyns were from Ile-de-France. An alternative trace of Tuell liners is to a Thule entity suspect from Taulantii that I see in the Mavesyn talbot. Mavesyn and Kos together were figured as part of the Merops of Kos line to Childeric, and then Childs/Chills use the colors and format of Sellers / Tudors / Hubble's/ etc. The Salian Franks had been on the same part of the Rhine as Dusseldorf.

"Hubble" was just entered as per a Howell hunch, to find a leopard jessant, a symbol of Levi-honored Aide's. Hubble's were first found in the same place as English Josephs and Tilly-related Drake's. There are "feathers" in the Hubble Crest in Howell colors. In the Howell Coat, there's more feathers (called "plumes") in the colors of the same of Feathers/Fetters, suspect as a branch of Tudors. That is, while the Welsh Tudors used ostrich feathers, here we have feathers in a Feathers Coat using the colors and format of the Tudor Coat. I had argued that the Tudor Coat was a version of the Seller Coat (grails) as per Silures in southern Wales...where Howells were first found. The Seller Crest is a swan in the design once used by French Josephs. Silures had dark skin, working well with a trace to Berbers in Seville.

The Feathers/Fetter (red antelope of Derbys) have a motto that traces to imperial Valens and Valentinian I (brothers), the line to Aide-related Valentins. As Huneric married a daughter of Valentinian III, it looks important that Huners/Hunns are in the same colors. It could be expected that the Huneric-Valentinian line got merged over and over again with the line from">Anicius Probinus (see 2nd of February for that topic), who was traced to the Probins/Robins (ostrich) and Pollocks. While Pollocks are traced by other to Childeric's son, Clovis, Probinus did not pre-date Clovis by many generations. I think one can depend on this to trace the Valentinian family to some of the key surnames at hand. Valentinian I was a son of Gratian the Elder, a resident of Seville-like Cibalae.

At this point, it needs to be repeated that Seville-suspect Barbers and Olivers share the double-red chevrons, for Probinus' father (Petronius Maximus) was related to emperor OLYBRius, an OLIVER-like term. For more owls, we go to Spanish Olive(r)s. You may have missed this late insert in the last update: "Spanish Olive's are suggested (in their write-up) at an Olivares location in the province of Seville!" It explains why Seville's likewise use the owl, but the Seville's use three owls like the three pheons of Sale's/Sallete's. Scottish Olive's/Oliphs share the grayhound with Huners/Hunns. It therefore appears that Merovingians elements were at Seville, and with proto-Pollocks in the picture, my hunch is that the Alan Huns in central Spain, in league with a line of Attila / Dula Huns, had everything to do with the Merovingian line to that place. The timing of Levi-suspect Olybrius was not very long after the death of Caiaphas. Between them, the Bassianus' are to be expected, and they may have named Bassania at the Mathis river rather than vice-versa.

German Sellers/Sellmans (Jewish?), in Jerusalem-Templar colors long illegal due to being reserved for special-Templar liners, were, once again, first found in Westphalia, making them suspect with "Suell(es)," but as Westphalian elements are now leading to the Salian Franks of Dusseldorf connections, it may speak for itself on a trace of the Suelles river to the Salians, and thus makes the river trace to the namers of the Salto river after all. Without going into it deeply, the Marsi at the sources of the Salto lived at FUCINO, which I trace to FUSSEN, which was also FOETes, like the Fetters/Feathers. I wonder who else lived at the Fucino area.

Actually, I don't know who had the ostrich feathers first, Trabys / Trevors or Tudors. I suppose it's possible that this symbol between the two originated as code for Feathers/Fetters while the ostrich would have been a separate code. IN FACT, this recalls my trace of Tudors to Taddei's (both in Tatton colors), and then Taddei's ought to trace to lake Tatta because it's almost the location of ancient Derbe while it's the Feathers that use the red Derby antelope!

It wasn't realized until loading the Derby surname that its motto includes "PLACuerit, suggesting, perhaps, Placidia, Huneric's wife and Valentinian's daughter. On further thought, it's perfect, for the Feather motto honors the family of Valens and Valentinian. Just like that, we can wonder why Valentinian's line goes to the namers of Derbyshire. The Feathers tend to prove that Derbys/Darbys were Traby elements, but by other means it was proven satisfactorily that Valentinian traced to Astikas (Traby kin). For example, Astikas-suspect Sticks share garbs with Derbys.

Trevors and Tudors were both first found in Herefordshire, beside Monmouth, and then the Pennants are the ones honored by Cowes'/Ku's and using the Trevor Coat. And by the way, to prove that Cowes' trace to the Cowes location on the Isle of Wight, off the Dorset shore from Poole, the Polworths (Berwickshire) are sharing a version of the Cowes/Ku Coat.

On the question of whether Sibal(d)s were Seville / Suelles liners, it could depend on whether Cibalae was, for I feel the case was made for tracing Sibals (beside Perthshire) to that place. It can be added that Spanish Barbera's use cauldrons while Caulders look definitely like a version of Colts/Celts, first found in Perthshire (from Perta on the shore of lake Tatta), where Justine's/Justins were first found who are honored in the Sibal motto, "Justitia." The Cootes' (same place as Travers), known to be a branch of Colts/Cults, use a "Vincit" motto term for Vinkovci, the modern name of Cibalae. Here's a Coats Coat showing the Cootes ducks along with a version of the Colt/Celt and Caulder stag head. Or, see this Coutts Coat. At houseofnames, the Coats are shown with "A rooster PROPER combed and wattled red."

It just occurred to me that the "Vincit veritas" motto of Cootes, used by several others (see Keiths and Alis'), because it's translated as "Truth CONQUERS," looks like clever part-code for Adam KilCONQUHAR," of Fife, where Sibals were first found. It just so happens that Truths are listed with Trot(t)s using the six pale bars exactly of the Coats', and then the Justine-of-Picenum line to Sibals was traced to Sire's/Sirons/Sirets that traced both to the Astakos in the Greek land of mythical Sirens, and to the Trotus tributary of the Siret!! Excellent, especially as Astakos was at the CALYDon theater, where I trace the Scottish Caledonians (Picts) suspect in "Celt/Colt."

Moreover, the Picts had been suspect with the namers of Picenum, and the Pictons even use a lion that I've thought should trace to the Trevors. This is all bringing us back to modern TROPoje near Decani, and therefore to Packenhams/Pagenam, first found in the same place as Deacons. The Pickers/Peckers/Packers were just traced to nearby Picaria = Puke, but lets add that the Picker/Packer lozenges trace to Losinj, in the Croatian islands directly off the coast from Picenum. It could appear that Puke was named after the same that named Picenum. As PAGENam looks like Payens/Pagan liners, they ought to trace to Paeoni, who lived at ancient Stobi, which I trace to Stubbs, Stubbings and Staffs in Staffordshire, where Coats' were first found. It could appear that Picenum and Puke were Paeoni liners of roughly a Paeon > Payen > Pagen > Picenum evolution of terms.

This picture can be traced to lake Fucino where "Picenum" is thought by some to mean, woodpecker, and while that wasn't the original derivation, Picenum was able, through similarity of sounds, to take on a woodpecker symbol, which is known to have been the symbol of mythical Mars = the Marsi at Fucino. The PAX copia" Reeds/RIETs, whom I link to Scottish Pike's/Pickens, were from RIETI, near the Marsi. It might be expected, therefore, that certain Picenum liners to Payens/Pagans / Pages / Paine's / Pagnells went through the Ticino river with the Marici, and in this way some Picenum elements could be expected in the line to the Sadducee Levites, from the Laevi. That is a good argument because Caiaphas is expected through the Cuppae location near the Pek. That latter river could be construed as a branch of Paeoni evolving to "Picaria" and "Picenum." I think this is a powerful paragraph for understand the backdrop to Hugh de Payens. The Reeds/Riets are using the Aves/Avison garbs, right?

All the clues are here for making a rough migratory line from places in BC times to the formation of Sadducees. It seems that Paeonians at Picaria got merged with Cavii and Albani in forming the Picts and the Alba term for proto-Scotland. In the meantime, this line went to the Ticino's Laevi, wherever they may have been at the time -- perhaps in Placentia, perhaps in Bologna -- after which the Romans sent some to the Israeli theater to assure that Israel became a Roman "client."

Perhaps the Pucks are the best example I can offer at this time for Picaria liners in the Ticino theater because they are showing a version of the Ottone Coat (both use annulets). Here's what I consider the Caepio-line lion in the Pickering/Puckering Coat, and it even shares a lion paw in Crest with Quints. Aha! Just found, the Pichers/Pitchers using a solid chevron in colors reversed from the same of Chappes' and Ottone's! Pichers/Pitchers use "two branches of oak in chief PROPER (evokes thesame of Lieb(er)s) and "a state barge floating in water in base PROPER." Barge's are also Berghs/Berge's and use the Welsh Bach/Bagh Coat. I'm not sure whether this indicates that Berghs were Bach liners or vice versa, or whether the two merged. Pichers/Pitchers were first found in BUCKinghamshire.

[The week after this update was out, a Barge location north of Cuneo was spotted. As I trace "Cheney" tentatively to "Cuneo," note that Cheneys were likewise first found in Buckinghamshire. Cuneo is interior Liguria. Barge is about 25 miles northwest of Fossano, and nearer still to Saluzzo. Barge is roughly due east of Monte Viso (Visconti?) in the Cottian Alps. The Viso-like Vito's/Vitone's, sharing a giant annulet with Burgos', were first found in TreVISO.]

The "state barge" of Pichers evokes the Statielli Ligures. Here's from the 4th update of January:

Then, in the list of Ligurian tribes, there's a Statielli/Statiellenses (part Alan?) peoples, and so I took a look at the State/Statham surname to find...FOUR lozenges [in colors reversed to the Picker/Packer lozenges].

...The Statielli are said to have lived on the Tanaro, which is where Wikipedia places a branch of the Marici...The Tanaro watershed is also the location of Fossano, what I trace to lake Fucino of the proto-Marici...

From the PITCHer variation of Pichers, it suggests the Pitch surname, where we find the write-up tracing confidently to "son of Pies." The Pies' (Herefordshire) not only use an upside-down, solid-blue chevron, but another blue lion.

That's all the time I had for this week.


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