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December 22 - 28, 2015

The Fretty Lattice of Cuffie Liners in Thrace
Super Sparks from Sub Radice

For a reader hopping into an update for the first time, there is not much I can say in an introductory paragraph to explain everything needed before proceeding. The only readers able to follow are those taking the time needed to get a solid idea of the entire scope. It is probably impossible to follow unless the heraldic Coats are loaded and viewed. It would be helpful to have a photographic memory, or to at least spend some time to get to know Coats, and to understand what I'm saying about them. I did the work over years to be able to present to you the relevant Coats, and you need only decide whether I am correctly interpreting the evidence and the codes. It is far best that you load Coats on a separate browser(s) rather than clicking back and forth from the update page. It might take longer for one to read an update than the week it takes me to write it, but that's what it'll take for a solid understanding of what I'm doing. I know that few have the time to follow this in that way. My hope is...actually, I should have no such hopes as I should just allow God to do what He wants with this. One of my goals at this time is to discover the parent(s) of Josephs Caiaphas, and in the meantime to prove that heraldic masters and leading Templar families knew that all of heraldry had, at its foundations, Caiaphas and his circle of Christ killers. These updates are jot-down format (sub-titles don't usually reflect the roaming topics well) making it hard / impossible to have a pre-plotted storyline. I'm no longer doing final proof-reads, please excuse the imperfections / mistakes. Ever since I decided to use apostrophes only after surnames ending in vowels, I started to catch myself using apostrophes before the 's' of pluralized words, making it appear that I need to return to primary grammar school.

If ever you'd want to check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

See this week's news at another page along with last week's (wait a few seconds to be taken to the spot at mid-page, if you have slow Internet). I've directed readers from my trib book to this news update for a glimpse on how I view the Iraqi situation for the end of this year.

One of my "favorite" finds of the last update was the identification of Perkens with Perkunas, a god of Lithuania, and with the Lithuanian-Polish marriage between Astikas' of Vilnius and Trabys. It was evident that the Lithuanians were linkable to the Lite's/Lights and Feathers, too, and the fact that the Perkens (Traby/Sadowski colors) share white ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby suggests that the symbol is part-code for the Feather surname...indicating some English element with them, which, I have reasoned, was the Alans of Vilaine (Brittany). As the Traby horns are suspect with the lovers of 666, I'd like to start this update by expounding on the surnames involved, and see where it leads.

Another key find was that the RATs/Raids traced with the WOMAN of Elis' to LedeRATA and neighboring VIMINacium. In the past, I've had the impression that Polish SOBeks were somehow connected to Trabys, and with what I'm viewing as the clinching of the Rats/Raids to the Radziwill ancestors / kin of Astikas', it can be suggested that SUBradice / SUB RADice applies to Sobeks and Radziwill liners together. Sub Radice is right in the Haemus part of Thrace, where the Levite line to Sadducees passed through, according to finds in the last update. The SUBRadice term could be the makings of Sopers/Supers because they use a saltire version of the engrailed Sinclair cross while Rats/Raids use the Sinclair cross on gold. The leaves-only of Sobers/Subbe's (Traby/Sadowski colors) suggest the Laevi.

The squirrel Sign that I have claimed for last winter was re-mentioned in the last update, but what I didn't mention is my claim that the RAT TRAP had also become part of that story, because I needed to use a rat trap to get the squirrels (16 total) before they devastated my partially-finished upper floor (now serving as the attic), or caused a fire. As you can understand, I viewed the rat trap as a symbol of the Traby-Radziwill line, and, in fact, the Rat surname became a topic, in the first place, due to that symbol. The Squirrels/Squire's had traced unquestioningly to Vilnius-related Sire's/Sirons, and, perhaps with less confidence, to the Ticino/Tessin river of the Laevi, a river that is now being traced to Tichos elements of Thrace (see last update for reasons), around its ASTICA region.

In the Traby Arms, note that the strings on the hunting horns are shaped as three 6's. In all three, the loops of the strings are not centered. If the loops were centered, I wouldn't be seeing a 666. The loops could have been centered, but note that the lops are always nearer to one hunting horn than the other, thus forming a 6-shape. Why didn't the artist center them between the two eyes on each horn?

Why is it that while the right hand is the object of the 666 in Revelation 13, and while "dexter means "right-hand side," Dexters/DECKsters (suspect with the squirrel-using Decks/Daggers) use so-called "weights" while the Weight surname shares black hunting horns, with gold striping, with the Arms of Traby? Scales of justice are found in the Arms of Vilnius and related entities such as the Sire's/Sirons (no coincidence), and the "weights" in the Dexter/Deckster Crest show as identical weight scales. It bears repeating here, for new readers that might be shocked at all this, that mythical Sirens lived on the Akheloos river, where my atlas shows a modern ASTAKOS location. There can be no mistake, I was forced to use a rat trap in my attic last winter because God wants the believers to know that there is something to a Traby / Revelation link to the Laevi of the Ticino. And the last update ventured into evidence for a trace of the Laish Levites to mythical Oeneus through the Haemus mountains / foothills.

The HAEMUS range may is highly suspect, for various reasons, with the Exmes / HEIMES area in the ORNE part of Normandy, for Orne's (Traby/Sadowski colors) share three tall herons with HORNS. It is again indicating that some English speakers devised the Traby horn to be code for the Orne/Horn surname. It just so happens that Traps use a tall stork in the colors of the Orne/Horn herons. As per rat-trap suspect LEDerata, note that a tall bird (crane) in the same colors is used in the Leto Coat. The Leto crane is said to be drinking from a POND, and then ViPONTS -- from a Vipont/Vesponti area of Normandy's Touques river, suspect with the Tichos elements suspect at the Ticino -- use SIX annuLETs. This makes the configuration of the annulets, and others using that configuration, suspect with 666 lovers. It bears repeating that the ORGAN pipes of Letts can be traced to "Orne."

The Letts share the same saltire as Rat-possible Reeds, and the latter's "Pax copia" motto has been traced to the Cuppae location near the source of the Pek river, the river with a mouth directly across the Danube from Lederata. Reeds share the gold-on-red garb with Orne's/Horns and thus fit well into the Radziwill line.

The Cecils, first found in the same place as Viponts, Chives' and Sopers), use the same configuration, and the Cecil motto term, "via," is probably code for the annulet-using Vio's/Vito's/Biti's, was linkable to that "vi" motto term of Caiaphas-suspect Chives', and "vi" can be code for Vipont liners, indicating that the Vipont location was a Vito line. It becomes important below, as I touch upon potential PERKen branches, that Spanish BURGOS' share a giant annulet with Vio's/Vito's. The Biti and similar variations of the latter now causes a repeat from the last update: "Thyni [on the Thracian coat from Astica] was suspect with Tinia, chief Etruscan God along with Una-like Ina. But what about the Tine's / Dine's? As Tine's/Tyne's share the upright stag of Juno-based Jungs/June's, recall that Tine's became a topic from the "ObTINEbit" motto term, for its "bit" ending may be code for something in BIThynia, a place thought by some to be related to "Thyni.". Compare "Bithynia" with the Bitini variation of Vio's/Vito's. The Thyni area was found to be where Amorites and others from Salem = Jerusalem settled. The motto term above is like the "optem" of Touques-suspect Teague's, and so see the map below (lower-right side) to find AulaeiTICHUS, also called, Aulaei Tichis, beside Thyni.

The map below shows Astica at the same general area:

The Cecils happen to use an "una" motto term as code for the Una/Oeneus river. And I was able to glean that Perkins (not "Perken") are using the June fleur in red because the Perkin-Crest lion is black, the colors of the Yonge Crest. There is an additional reason that I'll get to, but it should also be noted that while Yonge's are Hungarian suspects, Arpads trace to the Harpassus (Arda) river of Thrace. Yonge's (more annulets) use piles that were traced to Pylos, beside Methoni, and the latter location (real place) was made the mythical daughter of Oeneus, no coincidence.

Having repeated all that as the back-drop for new readers, let's go forward to new discovery. I was looking at the map because I had just considered the Tonso variation of Tous', asking whether it could trace to the Tonzus river with a source at the Haemus range. And recalling that the Tous surname was found as per a "tous" motto term of Berone's/Byroms, the Beroea location near the Tonzus caught my eye. Loading "Beroea" at Google, I found Wikipedia with an article on a Beroia/Berrhoea, a location in Greece also called, Veria, like the "veri" motto term of Tous'/Tonsa's. It gave the impression of finding the ancestry of Vere's/Vairs in this city, for Berone's are suspect with Verona's (same-colored chevron as Tous') and Verone's/Vairs. The Berone/Byrom motto happens to use "tous POINTS," looking like it should link to Vipont liners.

As per Sub RADICE in the tributaries of the upper parts of the Tonsus, there is a Radice/Radi/Radix surname (Venetia), sharing a Shield filled with checks with Verona's/Vairs.

The Tous/Tonso Coat uses a man with a shirt and buttons. The description (accessed from page below) actually uses "buttons," while the Button surname is also "Biden," roughly the Bitini variation of Vipont-suspect Vio's/Vito's. That looks like a match, an indicator that Tous' can trace to the Tonzus river. The dark map even has a coastal Tonzus location on the north side of Thynii. The hunch now is that Thracian Beroea was related to Veria/Beroia at Greece's Thessaly theater. As Vere's were traced to Pharisee-suspect Pharia, an island beside Issa/VIS suspect with "VISponti," see the Veria article: "The city is reputed to have been named by its mythical creator Beres (also spelled Pheres) or from the daughter of the king of Berroia who was thought to be the son of Macedon."

German Marks, suspect with the Marici on the Ticino, share the same eagle as Corrals, and the latter were looked up as per the Corrali on the Tonzus. The Corrali are beside a "Tyle"? location while Tile's/Tills are using the Drake wyvern (different colors but it's the same beast). The other Tile's (Austria) use more annulets, and are not likely coincidentally in Traby/Sadowski colors, for Tile's are suspect with "QUADraTILLA," wife of Laevi-suspect Laevillus, while the Traby/Sadowski scarf (Q-shape) is code for QUADE-related Scarfs, first found in the same place as Berkins (Dol fesse in colors reversed?).

The Quade and Scarf wolf heads are used by FIDDLE's of VIS-de-loop, and the German Marks happen to use the motto, "FortiTUDINE at FIDELiTATE," suspect in-part with the Irish Tute's that trace to Todini's / Tosni's. The latter are, surely a branch of Tous'/Tosini's/Tonso's. It therefore appears that Tile's do trace to Tyle while Tous' / Tosni's were at least merged with Tonzus liners. It was very recent when it appeared that the Drakenberg Vere's traced to Taddei's, but it should be repeated that while the wyVERN dragon is suspect with the ancient Varni, they worshipped a goddess (Nerthus) that I trace to "Enarete," mythical wife of Aeolus now being traced (for good Salmoneus reason) to AULaei Tichos. The Varn surname shares the Shakespeare bend while German Marks use the double-tipped Shakespeare spear. By what coincidence were Shakespeare's realized (recently) as a line of Sicyon while SISYphus, Salmoneus' brother and Aeolus' son too, was code for SICYon?

That is, Shakespeare's (Vere kin) were convincingly realized as the Szekely Transylvanians, but I have been tracing them for years to Sicyon elements in Sicily's Sicanians. The namers of Sicily were from Skala of Patmos, home of CORonis, a line to Gore's/CORE's, mentioned here as per the CORRals that share the eagle of Shakespeare-related Marks. Gore's were kin of Yonge's, and the latter's trace to Hungarians is linkable to Szekelys who claimed to be proto-Hungarians. But as wild a theory as it may seem, I found proto-Hungarians on the Ticino i.e. location of the proto-Marks in my opinion. Drakenberg Vere's trace themselves to something in Transylvania. Nichols de Vere von Drakenberg wrote a book, "From Transylvania to TUNbridge Wells." Is Tunbridge a Tonzus liner, therefore?

There is a Bero surname (more annulets) listed with English Burghs, and though it may seem like an unmentionable point, it's in Radice colors. I'm fairly sure that the Beroea locations were of the Avaris / Khyan Hyksos. Let me explain. On the north side (light map) of the Khyan-suspect Caeni, there is a BERGulae location, itself beside RADZiwill-related Astica. To the south of the Caeni is RHAEDestus, and then Caens share five, white ostrich feathers with Trabys. Then, in France, an AVARICum location (Avara river) became called, Berry, and also Bourges. Scottish Barrys use another motto code for Fiddle's, and even use the red Fiddle wolf head in Crest. As Leavells are said to derive in "wolf," which is incorrect yet likely code for wolf liners, note that Barrys and Leavells share six barry, both using red bars.

The Heims/Heimes'/Haims share red wolves, and they are now suspect from the Haemus theater.

A couple of nights ago, in the middle of the night, the rat trap went off. And I heard it being dragged on the floor above my bed. Oh no, it was the very day when I told readers that, all year long, there has not been a squirrel in the attic. So I went up to save the squirrel if it was salvageable, but it turned out to be a mouse caught only by the leg. I removed it from the trap, but it died, perhaps due to shock. This mouse was apparently the last one of a family that had gotten in when I left the basement door open all night a few weeks ago, for no mouse traps had their peanut butter eaten last night. The night before, a mouse was able to eat the peanut butter off two mouse traps (in the same location) without setting them off, and so I figure this was the mouse that triggered the rat trap, also loaded with peanut butter. The point is, I am ready to view this last mouse as a Sign for a leg entity, which I might not have mentioned had Scottish Barrys not been using a "legi" motto term while Perkins were first found in Leicestershire, at the Legro river, and where the Toeni's = Tosni's had some authority. In a nutshell, this picture can trace to the Tonzus and therefore to Beroea.

To put it another way, the mouse caught by the leg in a rat trap is encouraging me to realize a trace of Barrys / Perkins to Sub Radice's Rat liners, but Sub Radice is beside Beroea. Coincidences? Should Mus and Legh liners trace to that area too? Struggling to find some extra heraldic evidence for a trace to this area, it was realized that the Cable's, like the Cabyle location on the Tonzus, use fretty lattice filling the Shield, in the green-and-white colors of the checks that fill the Radice/Radi Shield! It's amazing what a little mouse can do to shake up the world, once it learns of the dark, underlying meanings behind these things. Compare Cable's with the Caen Coat, a reason for tracing Beroea to the namers of Avaricum. Let's repeat that Berone-related Tous'/Tonso's are suspect with the Taddei's/Tadino's, first found in the same place (Firenze/Florence) as Barone's and Bruno's. The Taddei Chief is a look-alike with that of Firenze-suspect Ferrens' and Percivals, and the latter use a "Sub" motto term. Compare "Perci(val)" with "AVARIC(um). Frame's became a new topic (due to email with Mr. Skeetz) about a week ago, and while they seem to be using a version of the Ferrens' Coat, the upright Frame lion is colors reversed from the same of Leghs. Frane's (beside Leghs) use the Legh lion exactly.

Although the heraldic fretty design is not called lattice, it may have been originally, for the Italian lattice is "RETIColo." Radice-incidence? It looks like fretty should always trace to Radice/Radi liners, the origin of the fretty under another name. As Sobers/Subbe's/Zobischs share a red Shield with Sobeks, the latter's buckle can now become suspect with Apachnas elements expected in the Hyksos to the Caeni. But as Caens use the Cable lattice (in blue), it's a not-bad reason to trace Sobeks to the namers of Sub Radice.

Note how Sobers can become "Sower" so as to possibly be a branch of Sauers/Sours (named after the Sava river) sharing an upright red lion with Leghs. Tute's were first found in the same place as Sawyers. Suddenly, Severs/Savers (more annulets) are coming to mind for a potential trace to Severus Bassus. The Sever/Savers annulets are in the colors of the Vito annulet while Vito's are suspect with a Mr. Avitus, husband of Julia Bassianus. Somehow, the namers of Sub Radice may have named the Sava, and so while the most Templar-important line on the Sava was that of Valentinian, note that green and white are the colors of Valentin squirrels.

As Cable's use the Caves' Shield (fretty in the colors of the Caen fretty), behold from an Italian webpage: "Il reticolo, chiamato anche 'cuffia'... " That's Italian for, "Lattice, called also "cuffia'...'! That is simply amazing. Lattice must have been the symbol of the Cuffie / Caves bloodline, and Coffeys/Coffers happen to use green and white too! Here is the Perken Crest: "A cubit arm erect vested erminois, with silver CUFF, holding a red ostrich feather." It even appears clinched that Caves' trace to the namers of Cabyle! Here are the Cuffs/Cuffie's using a version of the Sale/Sallett bend, but reflective also of the English Terras' (rooks), important if Terras' were a branch of Tarves'. The Sale's/Salletts can trace to the Selletae...who are smack on the same piece of ground as the Cabyle environs!!! This paragraph would never have taken shape had I not realized that "Radice" is like the Italian word for lattice. The hunch that fretty could trace to Sub Radice proved, not only correct, but Caiaphas-related, in my opinion. The Sadowski's are even suspect with a line of Sadducees.

The NALECz family to which some Sobek liners are said to have merged, in combination with the Buckle's (Sobeks use the buckle), can indicate a line of ALEXanders (Scott-surname kin). Buckle's and Alexanders share motto terms that should be for the Terras surname (version of the Scott Coat), first found in Moray along with the Innes', the latter suspect with InSUBRES', and Moray is near Terras-like Tarves while the Traby-like Tarves surname (Terras colors) uses the six-configuration mentioned above, suspect along with Trabys as the 666-loving bloodline (only as touches upon the consciously-satanic members of the bloodline, of course). The Nalecz family is known to own the Traby/Sadowski scarf. The Chives', said to have a branch in Tarves, were first found in the same place as Sopers/Supers. The latter's Coat even compares well with the Cuff(ie) and Sale Coats. The Innes-like Ince's / Inch's use bendlets in the colors of the bend of English Terras'. It just so happens that the Alexander motto is used by MacDonalds, and the latter share the eagle of fretty-suspect Ferte's. The latter have been traced for years to mouse-liner Maceys and Masseys of Ferte-Mace.

Comparing with the light map, the Selletae (dark map) are stretched from Cabyle through a SADame location, and then through Tarves-like Tarpodizus (the Traps?). In this picture, the Sadowski's look to be from Sadome liners. Caves' are in Cavett colors, and us a "VIdet" motto term suspect with the "vi" of Cavett-related Chives'.

Cubbys were just found, in the colors of both Coffer surnames. The Cubby fesse is in the colors of the same of Herods/Hurls, and as these are Pollock colors too, let's add the fact at Wikipedia's Clan-Pollock article that the family uses a dart in a boar, and the Cubby Crest is a hand holding a dart, reflective of the hands holding objects (baton and battle axe) in the Crests of both Cuff surnames. Cobys are in the same colors again. The Coby Crest is a lion "standing on a wheat sheaf fessways," and then Chappes'/Chaips use "ears of wheat"...probably because Wheats/Wete's are in the same colors (gold on green) yet again. Compare French Chappes' and OpenHEIMS with Kaips/Kaipffs, and trace all to the Haemus area at Cabyle, right? Openheims are kin of the Amyntes Galatians. But why?

The only surname I know that shares gold-and-green checks with Radice's/Radi's are the Sparks. By what coincidence are the consonants of "SPaRk" like "SuPeR/SoBeR" and "SuBRadice"? For me, that's a clincher: the Radice's were from Sub Radice.

In this Arms of Sparks, the leopard in the Crest must be the Chives-Crest leopard! Excellent. To make a better comparison, see the Chives leopard from head to toe in the Mosca Coat, then compare with the Spark leopard. Mosca's were even first found in the same place (Pisa) as Tous'/Tonso's, no guff, and the line of Veria/Berea may be in the "Celer et verus" motto in the Arms of Spark.

The article at the Arms: "The Sparks name was originally Sparrowhawk. The story goes that when people began taking surnames from their occupations, there was a man who was the chief falconer for Richard the LionHearted. Richard's favorite falcon was the Sparrowhawk being the swiftest and most true. This man's name became Sparrowhawk. As time passed, some of his descendants shortened it to Sparks." I don't automatically believe everything I read when it comes to people explaining the origin of their symbols. Sparrow(hawk)s (Norfolk), Sparhams (Norfolk) and Sparrs were traced years ago to Sparham of Norfolk, where Mosco's and Tous' were first found, as well as the Falcon-suspect Fulke's, who share the double-tipped Shakespeare spear with Marks, and then Italian Fulks (Capet Shield?), first found in Florence, use the same spread eagle as Marks. That looks like the true explanation for the Sparrow(hawk) link to the falcon symbol. Other Marks share checks with Italian Fulks.

Instead of the giant black-on-gold eagle of Marks, Scottish Sparrs use a giant red-on-gold eagle (Sparham colors) while sharing the MacDonald / Alexander motto (Per mare per terras"). It's the red MacDonald eagle. Therefore, these Sparrs are to be lumped in with the Spark trace to Sub Radice liners, especially as the MacDonald / Sparr eagle is that also of fretty-like Ferte's. English Sparrs/Sparks ("swan deVOURing a fish") use another giant eagle, this time white on green, the colors of the Radice / Spark checks...amounting to a revelation that Sub Radice liners came to name Sparrs and Sparham of Norfolk...where Touts and related Thwaits were first found that are linkable to Tous'/Tosini's/TONSO's.

There is also a Sproweston in Norfolk that is linkable, I have read, to Sprowestun in Roxburghshire, where Weirs/Vere's are said to be from. Nicholas de Vere verified the Vere's of Sprowestun (rooted in the SPRows/Spruce surname).

Why don't the Fulke's come up as "Fulk," which is what an ordinary person would use to search for Fulks. In the same way, "Hitler" is listed with Hiedlers, but houseofnames assured that one could not find the Coat by entering "Hitler." Hiding things does go on in heraldry. Why would houseofnames want to hide the Hitler Coat? Too controversial? So what whether one sees Hitler heraldry? Adolf didn't design the Coat. But what I noted was that Hiedlers/Hitlers look linkable to Bauers and Rothchilds (no 's').

German Sparrs (Mecklenburg, same place as the Varni) use "A blue shield displaying three sparrow-hawks." This Sparr Coat is on blue, the colors of the Falcon Shield, and moreover, the Sparr Crest is a swallow, symbol of the Arundels from Dol-based FiztAlans. It just so happens that Dols (blue Shield) were likewise first found in Mecklenburg, and that I have claimed Pharisees out of Ferrara to have been with the proto-Alans. Note the configuration of the six Arundel swallows. The Arundel motto traces to Hirams of Airaines, and then to the MacAbee's of Arran (beside Alexanders), in the colors of the Sparr/Spark eagle and Arms-of-Spark checks.

There have not been mice in my house for about a year, until this last batch got in to get us what looks like a sign for part of the topic at hand. It looks like the leg sign is leading me to Perkin / Perga elements in Leicester, and while it's the Barrys who use "legi," it just so happens that Leicester was ruled by the Beaumonts from MEULAN, and then Berry/BOURGES is a MOULIN river. Very interesting indeed. As the French Moulin surname (DROPs) is much like variations of the Moline's, by what coincidence are BOURGES' sharing a moline cross with Moline's? The latter even share a black moline with Chives'. The Bourges' are definitely from John de Burgo (Conteville), whose family traced with certainty to Irish Burghs using a cross in the colors of the Bourges moline. And the Stacys/Eustace's and Eustace's, using the same cross, are being entertained with Astica elements. As Astica was beside the mouth of the Arda while Arthurs use hurts, it's notable that Belgian Moulins use the same fesse as Hurts. It looks like we have found the big fat Thracian holy cow of Freemasonic / Illuminati roots.

Sparhams are traced to lords with Gernon surname, and then Eustace II is said to be named after gernon = moustache, but I say it's covert bunk. Rather, Eustace was a Gernon liner, and so let's add that Eustace's and Stacy's share the stag with Fothes' (suspect in the Gernon motto) and Sparhams. And Grenons are in the colors of the Spark checks. The spread Sparr/Spark eagle could therefore be in use in the gold spread eagle of GRAINs/Gransons, identical to the Coat of Grave's/Grieves (Derbyshire). Both Shields are split in the colors of the split Fulke Shield and CRAIN/Ground Chief. See also the Luton eagle. English Grounds/Grundys (compares with Decans / Deacons) appear to be using the demi (only half showing) Chives leopard, suspect with the Arms-of-Spark leopard. The red Ground/Grundy lion is in the Crest of Cuffie-related Cobys who traced with the cuffia = lattice to Sub Radice.

The Coby lion is "STANDing on a wheat sheaf FESSEways," code, likely, for Fessys using a cross in colors reversed from the same one of Grounds/Grundys. As the motto of Arthurs (Thrace liners, right?) is suspect with the STAND/Stant surname, it is very notable that the Artems/Aitons (same place as Arthurs) use a version of the Ground/Grundy Coat. It also interesting that the Arthur motto term, "OBstantia," is part-code for Hobs/Habs (same place as Arthurs) using HAWKS, for the Hawks are linkable to Sparrowhawks.

It just so happens that Henrys use a giant spread eagle in colors reversed from the Sparr/Spark eagle, important here because Henrys are traced to the Meu river, where Mea's/Meighs (the Ground/Grundy cross in colors reversed) trace whom are in the "mea" motto term of Grains/Gransons. As Ranulph de Gernon was a son of Ranulph le Meschin, it's notable that Crone's/Crooms (location in the same place as Grains) use the Massey fleur. This looks like mythical Coronis to the Graeae Amazons. Grains use Gray- variations and are suspect with Grays who loved the Anchors found in the Coat of Majors who in-turn lived at Guernsey, a place (off the coast of the Manche Masseys) suspect with Gernons ("CyFOETH") because Guernsey has a Footes location. Majors are loved in the motto of Khyan-suspect Cheneys (FOOTless martlets) along with a "fato" term. The Moirae were also the Fates, they say.

The last update had an interesting statement that can identify the mythical Parcae with Perkunas liners: "The Cheneys (BUCKingham) have a "fato" motto term linkable to this: "...the Moirai or Moerae, often known in English as the Fates (Latin: FATAE), were the white-robed incarnations of destiny; their Roman equivalent was the PARCae..." The ParchMENT of Cheney-like Kennys is coming to mind..." Kennys have a Chief in the colors of the Sparrs/Sparks, all of which speaks of a Caeni-Astica link to Sub Radice, between which flowed the TARPodizus river, perhaps named by the Amorites in the TYROPeon valley. It's where the Rephaites of ox-like Og are expected, and it's Borgia's with the ox, though the red Borgia ox is also in the Arms of OXford along with an elephant shared by the Crains/Grounds.

The MOIRae became suspect with the Muirs/More's/Moors (now known to be a Weir branch) and the Mhaoirs in the write-up of Irish Weirs using a Shield filled with red-and-white lozengy. While Scottish Crone's use a Shield of lozengy in the red-and-gold colors of the Vaux checks, they are in the colors of the Anchor lozenges. This is your Drakenberg enemy. With the Moulin river at Avaris suspect with Meulan and the Beaumont Danes therein, let's repeat a motto term (from last update) with "vo," which became suspect with the Vaux's that use the same Shield-filling checks as the Arms / counts of Meulan. Here, in a discussion on Lett / Lite liners to Lithuania -- which had a Lada goddess, wife of Perkunas -- we find "VOLAT" in the motto of German Bergens, thus making Bergens suspect with the namers of Perkunas. French Vaux's/Bellivaux's even share billets with Sopers/Supers, and the latter's saltire is colors reversed from the Little saltire. Here's from the last update: "Sarpedon was traceable to ancient Clarus, on the north side of the Maeander, and that's where CLAIRvaux should trace. The "parVO"-using Little's then look like another Leto / Lite liner because Leto was at Clarus."

There is no surname coming up for "Var / Avara / Avar / Varr / Varis," but if Avaris liners named the Vere's, then I would need to entertain a trace of "Pharisee" to some variation of "Avaris," for I still hold out that Vere's were from Pharisee stock out of Ferrara. The Claro's/Charo's, first found in Ferrara, share the red bull with Spanish Borgia's while the only other Borgia's are listed with Bourges'. As the Saddocks/Sedgewicks, Chaddocks and Chadwicks all use a white escutcheon, by what coincidence do French Moulins use one too (Moulins are the ones spelled like the Moulin river at Avaris)? The Moulin ESCUTcheon is in the colors of the one used by SUTers/SHUTers (another leopard in Crest), who share a gold collar with Shutz's/Schutz's. It's just been noticed that Spanish Borgia's (flames) call their bull an ox.

The Moulin drops are suspect with Drops/TROPE's, whom, in the last update became suspect with the TYROPeon valley at Jerusalem, beside mount Moriah that was itself suspect with the mythical Moirae, three women, one of which was ATROPos. The Hyksos of Jerusalem, straight out of Avaris, were part of the last update too. "TyroPEON / TyroPOEON" was traced to Payens (comparable to the Tous/Tonso Coat), the Pagan variation of which was suspect with Hyksos PHARaoh, APACHNas, and as I see him as the Exodus pharaoh, I must trace him to the steer of Bachs (same design as the Borgia ox), because it was once showing as a gold calf, the symbol of the rebellious Israelites in the Exodus journey. The KENsington location of the Weirs/Vere's became suspect with "Khyan," whom, I have read, was the same as Apachnas.

The word, HYKsos, can produce a hex symbol, that being the Greek number 6. Payens/Pagans use the hexagram star. And the Caeni at Astica are well-linkable to 666-suspect Trabys with the latter's link to Astikas'. We can begin to glean that the last-days stand-off is Act II of the Ten Plagues, or that God chose to make a massive spectacle with this Hyksos king because He foresaw that his line / cult would rule the world at the brink of Armageddon.

As Scylla was a wolf monster (Leto wolf line, right?) in cahoots with the Charybdis monster in the Reggio part of Bruttium, note that two Barry surnames use "regi" in their mottoes. Coronis liners were identified with animals having crowns around their neck, but as the barry wolf head is coming out of a crown, that type of design may be an alternative Coronis symbol, with a distinct difference in meaning that, perhaps, only the heraldry masters know. Sometimes, such a head or other item is said to be ISSuing from a crown, making it suspect with Issa/Vis i.e. beside Pharia. Reminder: "The city [of Berea/Veria] is reputed to have been named by its mythical creator Beres (also spelled Pheres) or from the daughter of the king of Berroia who was thought to be the son of Macedon." This was in the Thessaly area, home of Ixion, Coronis' brother. And Ixion liners were rulers of Lapiths, like "Levite."

Arpad, father of Hungarians, had one mythical Olmos as his father, who is now being traced to mythical Almus/Olmus (see last update), though previously he was traced to ancient Almus (on the light map along the middle Danube), now called, Lom. And this is where the "vigiLUM" motto term can come in of Yonge-suspect Perkins (share black-on-white lion with English Ulmans). There are two Vigil surnames that might apply to that term. German ULMans, using a Coat reflective of the Scottish Barrys, and traceable to the Coat if Pylos-suspect Ness'/Nests, became suspect with Ulm and Almus. The latter is beside RATiaria and the TREBalli people (though, possibly, TreBALLI is rooted in "Ball").

I wonder whether Issa/Vis was named after Pisa liners. In any case, VISconti's were first found in Perusia, a good reason to trace Visconti's with Visponti's to Vis, beside PHARIA. But Perusia was also PERUGia. The Elis' are from Grecian Pisa, and they share the white-on-black crescents with German Bergens, first found in the same place (Austria) as German Ulmans. One of the two English Ulmans share the Nimo/NewMARCH cinquefoils while Bero's/Burghs use an "Animo" motto term. The Cuffs/Cuffie's use "AniMUS." Is that about the CYPsela location near Aenus?

I would recommend your reading the news piece from the link at the top of this page, as it has tentatively found that Sinclairs trace to the satanic elements warned about in the seven letters of Revelation. It also has heraldry as concerns the ancestry of Donald Trump. It also shows again why the heraldic stag should trace to Astica, but let's add that Perkunas-like Parkers use the stag and the antler separately. Parks likewise use the stag.


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