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December 8 - 14, 2015

The So-Called Cambridge Apostles, Round-Table Communists
Templar-Harlot Seemingly Behind the Pierleoni Jews of Rome, and Betty Rubble
The Pierleoni Secret ez all Arund RichEZA's Kabeiri Ancestry
At the Caelian Hill of Rome, its Alba-Longa Alania Hosts were Tools

For a reader hopping into an update for the first time, there is not much I can say in an introductory paragraph to explain everything needed before proceeding. The only readers able to follow are those taking the time needed to get a solid idea of the entire scope. It is probably impossible to follow unless the heraldic Coats are loaded and viewed. It would be helpful to have a photographic memory, or to at least spend some time to get to know Coats, and to understand what I'm saying about them. I did the work over years to be able to present to you the relevant Coats, and you need only decide whether I am correctly interpreting the evidence and the codes. It is far best that you load Coats on a separate browser(s) rather than clicking back and forth from the update page. It might take longer for one to read an update than the week it takes me to write it, but that's what it'll take for a solid understanding of what I'm doing. I know that few have the time to follow this in that way. My hope is...actually, I should have no such hopes as I should just allow God to do what He wants with this. One of my goals at this time is to discover the parent(s) of Josephs Caiaphas, and in the meantime to prove that heraldic masters and leading Templar families knew that all of heraldry had, at its foundations, Caiaphas and his circle of Christ killers. These updates are jot-down format (sub-titles don't usually reflect the roaming topics well) making it hard / impossible to have a pre-plotted storyline. I'm no longer doing final proof-reads, please excuse the imperfections / mistakes. Ever since I decided to use apostrophes only after surnames ending in vowels, I started to catch myself using apostrophes before the 's' of pluralized words, making it appear that I need to return to primary grammar school.

If ever you'd want to check a description in the Coat of Arms, type the surname at this page:

The following is starting to make sense:
According to a new report from Wikileaks, Turkish President Erdogan personally ordered to shoot down the Russian Su-24 warplane.

...According to Fuat Avni, Erdogan wanted to profit from putting Turkey and Russia on the brink of war. Erdogan was certain that he would receive support from NATO and G20. Avon also believes that Recep Tayyip Erdogan will suffer a defeat at next elections in Turkey.

What makes the most sense is that Turkey was offered a super deal from the West if it would only oppose Putin. Money talks. It is not coincidental that oil is still bouncing around below $50. This is greatly hampering Putin's confidence for a Middle-Eastern agenda. However, for the foreseeable future, when the aim is to mere find footing while testing the waters, it won't be expensive. The biggest question I have is whether Iraq will come to embrace or reject Putin. The harder Iraq tilts toward Iran, the more it should embrace Putin. The "evil axis" is apparently receiving Russia on account of the West abandoning potential ties with him. The Russians have the option at this time of escalating a war with Turkey. What for? Well, it's an excuse to get war equipment to the Syria theater. An Iraqi media gave word that a Russian submarine has entered the sea near Syria. It also allows Russia to check the Turkish support of ISIS. What could infuriate Obama more?

The day after making the assessment above, what do your know? We learn that the United States has decided to do what, until now, it would not:

U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee approved legislation Wednesday that would authorize, but not require, the Obama administration to provide heavy weapons directly to Kurdish Peshmerga forces in Iraq, bypassing the central government in Baghdad.

The bipartisan measure was approved by voice vote, after both Democrats and Republicans spoke in favor of the bill, Washington Examiner reported. committee authorizes heavy weapons for Iraqi Kurds without Baghdad’s approval

Never mind the reasons given officially for this vote; it's a rush job to keep the Russians out of Kurdistan. Can you imagine how damaging the Russians could be to U.S. oil interests if they got a foothold in Kurdistan? Can Russia spend more on the Kurds than Washington so that Kurdish favor goes to the highest bidder? The legislation is good for only three years, about the time that Putin has left in his current, and perhaps his last, term. But the legislation doesn't necessarily mean that Obama can arm to Kurds directly, if Iraq can make that option painful enough. One only needs to listen to the Kurds in the near future to see whether they are happy with what Obama sends them directly. Rusian is at the table discussing it options.

No sooner do we hear the report of the submarine that Russia sends global word that, not to worry, it's being used against ISIS: "Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on [December 8] that Russia had for the first time struck Islamic State targets in Syria with missiles fired from a submarine in the Mediterranean." That's from Reuters. It goes on:

Shoigu said Russia had informed Israel and the United States in advance of its plan to launch missiles from a submarine.

He said that, over the previous three days, Russia's air force had flown more than 300 sorties over Syria and struck more than 600 targets of various types.

Russian bombers flying over Syria were being accompanied by fighter jets, as Putin had ordered, he added.

The United States must have felt a little sick at the submarine initiative. If Obama follows suit now, it will look badly. This ISIS is Putin's ticket to the Middle East, when it was supposed to be the West's ticket back there, as needed. If there is shortly another suspicious terror act in the West, from Muslims, it will be read by me as the West's need to get back to Iraq...before Russia gets too warm there. Too late, Putin sees his task, and the price of oil can't get any lower than about $30, if they try to punish him with lower oil. The more they punish, the more Putin will be on a survival-bent, where risks must be taken in order to survive. It's obvious he didn't decide to walk away. Instead, he decided to fight. What next?

I don't think that Putin is a yahoo. I don't think he's over-confident. I do think that he's more rational than Donald Trump. I see Donald as rash, hasty, a train waiting for an accident, maybe even pig-headed. Maybe he'll surprise me and not be these things. But, please, not another Bush in 2016, please. Obama has one year more to make a difference if he's going to get anything done.

The official Iraqi Kurds have told Russia not to fly in their air space, reportedly because it adversely affects Kurdistan's commercial flights toward Turkey. I wonder, though, whether this has been part of a Western plot, to get both Turkey and Kurdistan to deny Russian advances on ISIS. I can't see how the provision of a specific flight path, at a specific altitude, could possibly upset the regular commercial flight paths. It looks like Kurdistan is turning its back on Russia. Russia's air force is working out of "Hmeymim airbase, outside Latakia", at the Syrian coast.

I'm also reading that the Iranians are visiting the Kurds (Irbil), perhaps to argue on behalf of Russian desires for Kurd airspace. It turns out that Baghdad seems responsible for making the Kurds turn against Russia, but, then, whose forcing Iraq's hand?

The Director General of Erbil International Airport (EIA) Talar Fayiq has criticized Iraqi aviation authorities for closing Kurdistan Region's airports once again without prior notification.

...She believes that political motives might have been behind the decision as "the Kurdistan Region's airports alone have been affected."

Baghdad should investigate the Russian aerial campaign using Iraq's airspace, Fayiq continues...

For the second time in two weeks, Iraqi aviation authorities ordered Erbil and Sulaimaniya airports to halt every flight as Russian aerial operations may pose threat to passenger planes.

My argument remains the same, that Iraq, if it wanted to, can provide a specific flight path(s) for the Russians that does not affect commercial flights. The Kurds' hands are being forced by the Iraqi's, meaning that, suddenly, Putin's dream of becoming involved in Iraq are vaporizing. If Russia is moreover forbidden, by Iraq, to shoot missiles against ISIS camps in Iraq, it's the unexpected because Baghdad is supposed to be mortally opposed to ISIS. Under normal circumstances, Baghdad would hail the assistance of the Russians, unless the West had something to do with turning Iraq against Putin. This tentative assessment (I'm making) seems the only logical choice. If Russians can't fly planes in Iraq, neither should anyone else.

Putin is not yet bowing out just because the West is engaging a war of words against him. Putin is moreover announcing that the world should expect sea-based equipment in its war against the Syrian rebels. This is not the nice-guy, wait-and-see Putin since 2012. This is the upset and provoked Putin. I've never thought that Putin was the anti-Christ. Much of the world thought so concerning Obama. His duplicity is satan's primary characteristic. He was lying when he said he wanted a re-set button with Putin, wasn't he? What he really wanted was a Putin subservient to Western globalism.

It's not all over for the potential Kurd-Russia alliance. The Russians are echoing the Kurds: "The USA and its allies have been bombing the positions of ISIS terrorists for more than a year, although no results have been achieved. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has repeatedly pointed out that the US-NATO actions in the struggle against the Islamic State look suspicious because the allies do not achieve any progress in the struggle." The Russians are talking like they're the true solution to ISIS, and so the peoples are willing to give them a chance to prove it.

Hunt for Italian Snake Continues

This week, an email was opened from Gunter, a new emailer seeking some historical answers to some controversial mysteries. The timing was perfect, immediately after the Aubrey-de-Vere topic late in the last update.

I am not an english speaker, so please excuse errors...

...You might not been aware but the english vocabulary is greatly influenced by slavic words, its unnoticed and not a topic at all, especially as the slavic migration stopped at the German border, says the discourse. But the vocabulary exposes it as a lie, several conclusions are too possible, the slavic speaker were dominant, even basic words like "Brother", "Bruder" is based on slavic "Brat", similar "Sister, Schwester" from slavic "Sistra". I found an old comparative slavic dictionary, showing the strong influence of the slavic language.

While reading here, I was recalling that I traced king Arthur to both Slav Rus and French-Ruthene Rus. And I also recalled that I had traced Slavs to the naming of Salop, otherwise called, Shropshire. It did not yet dawn on me, however, that "Schwester" is like "Oswestry," the Shropshire location where the Alans of Dol had settled. These Alans were later (or earlier?) merged with Windsors suspect with the Slavic or quasi-Slavic Wends. The Alans of Dol were in Brat- / Bruder-like Brittany, and this recalls my certainty that the namers of Brittany trace to ancient versions of the Prut river on the Moldova-Ukrainian border area. There were Hebrew-Rus in that area that became the Hebrew-Rose, or the Rosicrucians.

Gunter's email continues, showing good reason for linking Avars to Varangians, and going to some statements that reflect my link of Brians to the Oxford Vere's (e.g. in the last update) even though Gunter doesn't seem to have read my updates (he's been in my Ladon-Gog book):

Now, years later much has been solved. The english vocabulary is invisibly praising or worshipping them...(German spelling for Avars, Awaren, old German spelling Varag, Varang)...

...Officially the Avars...are gone like dust, annihilated, subjugatted or driven away by Charles the Great and their sons, which them fatheres with the raped slavic women. Its important to understand here, that the Slavs called the Avars in their own tongue "Obre, Obri" (giants). The dreadful Obre disappeared, who exploited and raped them for centuries and suddenly history made a turn to the better for the Slavs, the noble Varangian appeared, following THEIR REQUEST to be governed by them, to sort their feuds and arguments out.

It was such a surprise to find the OBRE term for the Avars, like the AUBREY de Vere's of Oxford, and Gunter even points out that it was the Slavs of the Ukraine (some call them Ukrainian Rus) who formed an alliance with the Kiev Varangians. It tends to verify that Vere's were Varangians, and while most trace the Kiev Varangians to Sweden, where also the proto-Windsor Lombards lived, yet there was Netherlands Wieringen that should apply much harder than Sweden for Varangian roots. I am not at all denying that Varangians were also in Sweden.

Gunter's interpretations of "Obre," albeit he views / shares the term as meaning "giant" (may be something he read from some historian), goes like so:

Tracking of "Obry", brough it as rootword for english "Overlord", appearing in Germany as "Obers"(Colonel), root for "Obey". Further tracking identified it as "OBrian", posing to be Irish, "Burns, Brenner, Brandt (Bern), Capital of Swiss, letter change (Bren!), "Brenner" pass, Alps", basically "the one who burns down"; in different western European tongues, leading to the "Brennus" warlords, Celts who plundered Rome and Delphi.

Further work, with help from friends who by chance worked from their side of a threat [thread?] decoded "Obrey" as a vocal change and a dropped guttural sounds, which the Slavs could not reproduce from "Ibry", that way the patriarchs from Israel were called. We call them now "Hebrew", Hebräer.

In my opinion, I would identify AUBREY as a Hebrew peoples from Abruzzo. The idea here is that Brians were Hebrews, and to support a further trace to Brenners/Bremners, note that BRAMtons share lions in pale (vertical direction) with Irish Brians, and in colors reversed. Then, Irish Brians use a hand from a cloud holding a sword, as do German Bremmers...but see also the clouds of Hebrew-suspect Aarons, suspect with the Arundels of Clun, in Salop. After coming south through the Brenner-Pass mountains, one embarks upon Brescia/Brixia, named by Abruzzi, in my opinion, of the Bruce kind.

For those who missed the inserts into the last update, here's one important one right after the discovery that the Avezzano surname shares the "potent" pattern in the Arms of Ardennes:

After this update was released, I looked up the Bure's as per the ArchiBURE variation of Irish Arthurs. First, while English Arthur's were first found in the same place as Ade's, Bure's/Bowers use an "Ad" motto term. The second Bure surname (French) to be loaded, I kid you not, showed the potent feature in a chevron! I kid thee not. This is a rare heraldic feature. The description: "A blue shield with a chevron potenty counter potenty voided silver between three gold CUPS." The trace of the Avezzano rose has gone tentatively to Rozala of Ivrea, home of the proto-Arthur Arduinici, right? And they were named after Ardennes=like Arduin. The Bute potent pattern is in the illegal (gold-on-silver) colors of the Templar flag of Jerusalem. In the design at the link above, the flag uses a so-called "crusader cross," but in other depictions, it's a potent cross. The CUPS/Cope's happen to use the red rose too.

There was another insert after Gunns/Guines' were entertained as Hunns, and traced to the Isere river:

The Isere flows to Valence, and then while the Valence surname is listed with German Falens, the Irish Falens/Fallons share an upright, white-on-red (Ark colors) greyhound with German Huns. It may indicate Gunn liners on the Ark-Isere waterway. Compare English Huns (same chevron as ARCHibure's/Arthurs) to Arks and Derks/Derricks, the latter perhaps a branch of Darks of Arques.

I came across a Dirk character, father of Arnulf of Holland, father in-turn of Adelina of Boulogne i.e. of Artois, and very linkable to Rozala's husband, Arnulf of Flanders. There are no Arnulf surnames coming up, but the cognate Arnolds show what I would peg as the chevrons of Arthurs/Archibure's and Wayne's (latter part of Arthur's Veneti wife, same as Veyne's/Fane's/Vans). The Arnold motto term, "vivas," may be for a bloodline named after the Vivarais mountains directly across the Rhone river from the mouth of the Isere. As the Vivarais mountains are on the southeast of Mont Pilat, it's not likely coincidental that the Arnolds above share three pheons with Pilate's. There is a Rozala link to Pontius Pilate feasible here. The Arnold pheons are in the colors of the same-positioned Archibure rests / clarions.

Pellets and Pilotte's share cups with French Bure's, and, this morning, I came across the Pouls/Poulieauk's/POULETiers, sharing a blue Shield with Pilate's, Pellets and Pilotte's (same place as English Messier's), first found in the same place (Burgundy) as Pilate's and Messeys/Messier's. I have it recorded that Pouls/Pouletiers once showed the previously-showing Masci wing design (both still show the same wind design after the changes). While Dutch Veys share the boot with the French Masseys (latter's boot no longer showing), the Veys/VIVians can apply to Vivarais elements too. The Isere starts in Savoy, where French Masseys were first found, and while the latter have substituted a "tree without leaves" for their boots, the Tree's/True's (greyhounds), honored in the motto of Gunn-suspect Hume's (same place as English Arthurs), use the feathered helmet, symbol on a coin of Herod ARCHelaus (lived at Vienne, beside Lyon, and suspect with the Veynes'/Vans). Hume's share the Lyon and Lannoy lion while Lannoys use another feathered helmet, and then Lyon is likewise near the mouth of the Isere, and moreover nearer to Mont Pilat.

The implications in these links are undeniable, and, to boot, Vivians/Veys trace excellently to Vevey on the north shore of lake Geneva, location also of Morges and Pully, the latter traceable to the Pouls. The Geneva surname is the one with the fist between the wings that are identical in design to the wings of Bure/Bower-suspect Bauers, both sharing a green Shield with Pollocks. The fact that boot-using Veys are Dutch can indicate contact with Arnulf of Holland, but as he was the son of Dirk, note that Darks/D'Arques use a purple strongarm (suspect with the Bauer fist and arm), the color of the Vey/Vivian lion. German Bure's are listed with Bewere's while Drago de Bewere is in the write-up of Pilate-suspect Blade's/Blate's (share whit pheons with Pilate's). Bure's/Beware's use more red roses, and, because French Bure's use the potent pattern, are expected to be the Avezzano rose.

Italian Bure's/Bura's (Verona)use the bear, but it's on a Shield split vertically in colors reversed from the same of potent-cross Chads. Bure's/Bura's were first found in the same place as the Bellino's/Bellene's with a bear paw. The Bellino write-up says that Verona was home to the CENOmani, and while the Ceno-river topic in the last couple of updates has been identified with the Hyksos king, Khyan, note that Hyksos ruled in AVARis, possible makings of "Verona." The hedgehog of Berone's/Byrams (possible Bure liners) was traced with "Hedge" to the Adige river, which flows through Verona. Berone liners are considered as part of the heraldic barry, used by Berrys / Barrys, and so note that Berry, a France location, was anciently AVARICum. It looks like Hyksos can trace to Bar liners, and then Bars (Este eagle) had hooked up with Este's (from Este, near the Adige), and with Bruno- and Barone-suspect Brunswick.

Bruno's and Barone's were both first found in the same place (Florence) as Tosini-suspect Taddei's/Tadini's, and the Tosini's (first found at the mouth of the Arnold-like Arno) were discovered as Tous' as-per that term appearing in the Berone motto. The Taddei-like Dade's were found as "Datt" as per the "Dat" motto term of hedgehog-suspect Hoggs (boar heads in the colors of the Berone hedgehogs). And that's why I'm still writing on heraldry after ten years, because most surnames (at houseofnames, anyway) are filled with codes for other surnames, and, as an explored science, can reveal an enormous amount of factual history, and especially the ding-dong families to which Templarism, Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism traced themselves. Ding-dongs came to rule the world, but not before killing mother, father, brother and/or uncle. Generally, worldly historians eat ding-dong history like delicacies, but I try to expose the puke for what it was. Google doesn't like me in spite of the new science that I'm giving freely to anyone. I seem to be completely alone in this science. There is not one person I've bumped into who makes any ado concerning heraldic code work. I might have ignored it too, except that I had a mission to get at the roots of Rosicrucians, and was able to spot that heraldry is all about it. Google doesn't like my emphasis on Biblical matters and the anti-Christ.

It needs to be repeated that Taddei's share the flory cross of Bouillons, for here I've just found that German Arnolds (Vipont / Weis wings) use the flory cross in colors reversed, and nothing but. The Birds/Burds using the Arnulf flory have become traceable to the Bardi location on the Ceno. The Arno river flows out from Florence, and Italian Arnolds/Arno's (Varn colors) use a wyvern highly suspect with the Guerra wyvern. If correct to trace "wyVERN" to Verone/Varenne / Varn liners, one needs to ask what "WYvern / WYVern" may be code for. The Wye's/Wighs or Vivians? I don't yet know, but Wye's are my first choice.

At this point, the ARUNdels were re-loaded to see whether they could trace to "Arno." For the first time, it was realized that the "HirunDINE" motto term of Arundels was part-code for Dine's/Deins/Dives, first found in the same place (Sussex) as Arundels. It just so happens that French Dine's (Bourbonais) use a moline cross (similar to a flory) which, in colors reversed, would be red, the color of the Arno flory. In fact, the Dine moline is also the Fear/Fere moline, shared in white by Irish Fairs ("VirTUTE TUTis" motto), and these surnames were just lumped in with the Florence-suspect Ferrens' (suspect with the Firenze version of "Florence") suspect with the two flory crosses in the Taddei Chief. The white flory cross in the Arnold Crest can apply to the white ones of Taddei's.

I now understand why there were multiple "fortiTUDINE" motto terms two updates ago, when investigating Todini-suspect Tosini's, for it can also be read, "fortituDINE." I get it. It looks like Dine-loving Arundels (and Rundels) just traced to the namers of the Arno! In the meantime, they trace to Tute liners because "fortitudine" is a dead give-away now that Dine's and Tute's were fundamentally merged. The Tute crescent was traced to the Luna's of Luni, a location not far from the mouth of the Arno. Deins were first found in the same place as Dine's/Diens (using previously-shown Masci wing), and are suspect with the Tute / Massey/Maser crescent. Near the mouth of the Arno, there is a MASSARosa location (near Lucca) suspect with Massars (Lucca) having a Massai variation like the Massaie/Masse/Massa variations of the Masseys/Masers. Therefore, Diens and Dine's may have had elements on the Arno. To put it another way, the Dives variation of Dine's/Diens expects Arno-river elements at the Dives river of Normandy. Dives is near Ceno-based Caen.

If the Dives' (same place as Capone's and Chapmans (Tute / Massey crescent?), beside the Capes') are using the Capes scallops, Caiaphas liners may have been on the Arno / Ceno river, to be fully expected by now.

The "HIRUNdine" motto term can also be for Hirams/HIRONs (same place as Tute's and Thwaits), listed with Irons/KENirons, said to be from Arun-like Airaines (Picardy). Hirams traced excellently to Arran in Scotland, but, at the site (last update) of the Arran-like variations of Aragona (Drago river, Sicily), I had wondered whether that place could trace to the namers of Arran. There is a distinct possibility here to trace from Aragon of Spain to Aragona, then to proto-Arundels on the Arno, and through Arnolds/Arno's, to Arun in Sussex, where Dine's were first found, and the location of Arundel, but in the meantime to trace the same entity to Airaines and Arran. Hirams/Kenirons use a cross in colors reversed from the Fear/Fere / Dine moline, and in the Hiram Crest there is a WHITE moline, the color of the Arnold-Crest flory. That latter similarity acts to link Arno-river liners to Airaines and Arran, but also to purple-lion Wrens and the Raines' (Arundel colors). The latter's motto was resolved for a trace to Ceno-liner Caens, and to Taro-river liners such as Alexanders (Raines chevron?), first found in KinTYRE, beside Arran. Suddenly, Kintyre becomes suspect from the namers of the Taro (into which the Ceno flows), begging the question of whether KINtyre was named partly after the Ceno...and/or the Kinns (suspect with the Kay/Key motto), using two chevrons in the colors of the Alexander chevron. Kenirons thus become suspect with Kinns.

The Presley grappling iron must be code for Irons/Hirams (honored in the Arundel motto). The Presley motto "FINEm") and their chevron goes to the Wayne's and Feins/Veynes' and related Fine's/Finis', who were just traced to Arno-suspect Arnulphs. The "Fortem" motto term of Fine's/Finis' has got to be for the Italian Forti's, first found in Ferrara, for Ferrari's share the Fine/Finis lion, and moreover the Fort's use the Alan fesse, expected of FitzAlans-of-Arundel liners. "FORTItudine" should apply here.

The Diens/Dine's were first found in the same place (Sussex) as several Dan-like surnames, and then a Danson surname (Lancashire), claiming to be from Ivo Taillebois and ancestral to the Lancaster, KENdal, and BARDi's, to name just three of the six listed. That looks like Ceno and Bardi liners. Kendals are known to be Candale's, ruled early by John of Gaunt, patriarch of the Lancastrian red rose. As Italian Dance's/Danais' were first found in Piedmont, this paragraph is a good argument for tracing Lancashire and Lancaster to the Lancia family and/or Langhe of Piedmont. Dansons share the three gold garbs of Dade's/Datts, but in the colors of the three Stick garbs. Sticks got suspect with the Sithech ancestry of Shaws, and as I trace the latter to the Shawia of AURes, and therefore to the "shaw"-using Arms of AYRshire, it's very notable that Kyle's, of Ayrshire, are using CANDLESTICKS, code for both Kendals/Candale's and Sticks. This paragraph just became a good argument for identifying Sithech liners with Sticks. Candels and English Dance's/Danse's, who share the red-on-white Aur/Aures lion head, were both first found in Yorkshire, upstream of Lancashire. I ignore many derivations in write-up when I find better derivations; in this case, the "aue = meadow" derivation of Aures' seems wrong. The Orells, kin of Ore's, were first found in Lancashire along with their kin suspects, the Saxons/Septons. The both share bendlets with Shawia-suspect Kays/Keys (Shawia have as Key-like version of their name).

The Ivo/Iver surname (from the l'Oise river), expected with Ivers/Eure's and Ivrea's Arduinici, uses red roses suspect with Rozala of Ivrea. Note that German Ivo's share helmets with Arduinici-related Pendragons.

H.A.L Fisher's Balfour Connections

Next, I'd like to go to an email from one knowing a person descended from the wife of H.A.L. (Herbert Albert Laurens), Fisher. The email claims that Fisher was a Round-Table operative. I've not known this Fisher character, and so he was looked up, finding him involved at the university of Oxford. "He served as President of the Board of Education in David Lloyd George's 1916 to 1922 coalition government," in the years when Arthur Balfour was climbing politics, and when the Balfour Declaration came out as an act of Rothschild Zionism. Charles Taze RUSSELL (pyramid-shaped tombstone) was in support of this Zionism, and so watch what happens.

Fisher' wife was Lettice Ilbert. Looking up the Ilberts (red roses), they were found with a "spinis" motto term, while English Fishers use "ResSPICE," which goes to the MalaSPINA topic that was suspect with Spice's (i.e. spike-like surname). The red roses of Ilberts have become suspect with Rozala, but she also became suspect in the Dero/Ros/Rosal, Russell, and Dere/RES surnames suspect now with "RESpice." It just so happens that, while DARwins can fit into these Dere liners, Fisher's sister (FLORENCE HENRIetta Fisher) "married...Francis Darwin," son of the infamous and very-stupid Charles Darwin. Russells were first found in the same place (DORset) as Ilberts.

"Stupid" is always the word for Round-Table adherents, for multiple reasons. One that I like to point out is their belief that they can harness the world under their powers by wheeling and dealing with all groups, and thus forming a one-ness global entity. History well tells that father and son, aligned together in a great kingdom, and for several years, can become mortal enemies due to their differences and their shared greed. No matter that the stupids achieve perfect global one-ness for as long as a decade, their many decades / centuries of efforts will go to waste as soon as competition for the power structures digs in. History teaches that worldly one-ness is a figment of a stupid's imagination. Only the power and wisdom of God can achieve one-ness globally, but the stupids wiped the true God from their minds and replaced him with some demonic form serving their own interests. You can't get more stupid than that, for even while it's impossible to achieve one-ness on the purely-human level, making the only God your mortal enemy is like nailing your own coffin shut before the task even begins.

Dare's happen to share a red lion in both Coat and Crest with Aures', and even use the same crescents as Deins. As Diens/Dine's just linked to the Tute's / Todini's, it should explain why Darwins share the gold-on-red scallops of Dade's/Datts. Darwins (green bendlets) were first found in Lancaster, where bendlet Saxons/Septons and Orrels were first found. "SEPton" actually becomes suspect with the Saxon/Septon CHAPlets, and while Spice's use the colors and format of Capone's (same place as Chapmans/Chepmans), and while the Chapmans use the same crescent as Deins / Dare's, ditto for the Dansons.

As English Josephs are now known to be kin of Kaplans (Roet-like Shield) and Chaplains, note that while I trace the double-gold chevrons of Josephs (green solid chevron too) to the double-gold chevrons of Chaplains, and to the double-green chevrons of English Burghs (same place as Josephs), the Ilberts likewise use double-green chevrons. It's known that the English Josephs descend from this: "Joseph family history is first recorded in one Henry Joseph, who lived in Hampshire in 1191." Burghs are suspect with pope Borgia, who was married to a Candida bloodline likely of the Candels. Pope Borgia was involved in a Safor area of Spain suspect with Severus-based Saffers. Rose-using Ilberts use a "rosa sine spinis" motto phrase, and probably the Sinclair rooster in white, making Ilberts traceable to Malahule Sinclair, suspect with Malaspina's.

But "spinis" can also be considered with Spinks, themselves suspect in the sphinx of Openheims (= Pendragons), Brocuffs (potent cross, Skit kin), and Hips'/Hipkins, the latter sharing red martlets with Henrys and suspect with the Hopkins (same place as Capone's) that should, once again, be using the Capone colors and format.

So, Mr. Fisher married Miss Ilbert, and the two had a daughter with a HENRIetta middle name. As her first name was Florence, by what coincidence have Arundels / Rundels/Roundels (same fesse as Lance's, Alans and ROME's) just traced to the Arno river out of Florence??? And the Rundel liners are ROUND-Table stupids, right? That's what I thought. While the Rounds were traced to both the Pendragon and Vaughn chevrons, here I find that Fisher's other sister (Adeline Maria Fisher) "was the first wife of the composer Ralph Vaughan Williams." And Williams (traceable to Rozala's mother) share gyronny with Round-suspect Rowens/Roens/ROME's. While the William talbot dog traces to Ivo Taillebois (= Danson ancestry), the red fesse of Rundels and Lance's can be that also of Dance's/Danse's.

Vaughns (Shropshire, same place as Arundel liners) are said to descend from a Howell Dda, looking like he can trace to Dade / Dutton / Dudley liners. Dudleys share the Revere lion while Vaughns use a "REVERtar" motto term (read also as, reverTAR). Duttons share the Coat of BERKshire's and the latter can be expected with the OTHER > Windsor line depicted by UTHER Pendragon.

"Henrietta" is entirely expected in Round-Table members because Henry's trace with Cecil Rhodes to Henry IV of Rodez, husband of Miss Roquefeuil out of Russell-suspect Roussillon, an area that had a SEPTimania region. This latter term is suspect with Septimius Severus (married Bassianus), whom I am tracing to Severus Bassus at AKMONia. The latter location, suspect with "HASMONean," was traced to ASMANs and Assmans. The latter show "Erasmus" as a variation, now traceable to the naming of Erasmus Darwin (Charles' close kin).

The Bassianus line is very traceable to the heraldic besant, which is used large by English BENNETs (Lancashire again). HAL Fisher and his wife with a Henrietta middle name had only one child, according to Wikipedia, and that daughter married John Sloman BENNET. It just so happens that Bennets, suspect directly with/from the Jewish Pierleoni, share the gold-on-red lions of English Fishers. It's just as though the Fisher daughter married "in the family." And the Slomans/Slemans (lion in Bennett-lion colors) are using what looks like a Coat version of the lance-using Rankins. Both Slomans and Rankins share the white-on-red boar heads of Mea's/Meighs, who not only trace to the Meu river with Henrys, but use the cross of Fisher-suspect Face's/Fesse's. It's clear that English Benedicts are using the Fisher lions.

The potential trace of Bennets to the Benedict names of the Pierleoni makes the Round-Table stupids suddenly suspect with those Jews.

Lano's/Lanis'/Lancca's share a besant (their only shown symbol) with Bennets. The Lanaro variation thus becomes suspect with LEOnards, i.e. with the PierLEONi, partly named after pope Leo. The PIERES variation of the Peirs (same place as Sheriffs, Benedicts and Fishers) has just made Pierleoni suspect with PRESleys. That means that Pierleoni could have been Abruzzo liners, whom I trace to Eburovices in Brescia, where Lano's were first found. Presleys not only use the entire motto ("Respice Finem") of Fishers, but the Presley towers are in the colors of the Bennett lions while the Presley towers have lions within them in the colors of the Bennett lion! As we saw, the Presley irons are very linkable to the motto of Arundels, and the Hirams/Hirons/Irons were from the Somme-river theater, from Airaines, very linkable to Arran, home of the MacAbee's (from Abbeville on the Somme) that use Pieres/Peir colors.

The Italian Leo Chief uses the same lion as German Brenners, linkable to the lion in the Arms of Brescia. German Leo's (lions in the colors of the Bennett lions) are also PRYZewski's, a definite sign of ancestry in Pierleoni. The latter Leo's (Hamburg) are using a sinister bend linkable to the Urbans and Massena's.

This trace of Round-Table fiends (who lord the decisions of the world over us all) to papal elements can explain the many writers linking Rothschild globalism to Jesuit schemers. The founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, in the days of the first Rothschild, had previously been a Jesuit operative. The first Rothschilds was a Bauer surname, comparable, I've just noticed, with "Aures." And the Bavarian Illuminati has been traced to Boofima, a cult in Africa, same as the location of Aures, or the Numidian tribe by that name.

The Dutch Bennets, who come up as "Benedict" too, and sharing a lion in the colors of the English Bennets, look like they use a book, symbol of the Boofima-rooted Roets. It was only a short time ago that the Beauforts/Baufors, known Roets, were gleaned with the Balfour surname. Arthur Balfour, who must have known HAL Fisher closely, was a known satanist. The Beauforts are in the colors of the Massey crescents, and both were first found in Savoy while Masseys are fully expected in the Boofima cult from Numidia. English Beauforts/Belfoys/Belfou's (from Beau Fai in Normandy) use the same chevron as Balfours. French Fays, with a fox linkable to Foys/Foix's, are also Fais'/Faies'/Fes'/Fez', the ones suspect with the Fez location (Morocco) of Idris of Morocco, the one who married Kanza, of the Aures tribe. It is no coincidence that this discussion should come to this.

It's not hard to see that Arthur Balfour was a Rhodes liner of the Roet kind, explaining why he's always lumped in with the Round Table group of Cecil Rhodes. And while the Fox surname is listed with SIONnachs, it should link to the "sine" motto term of Ilberts, for Sine's are listed with the Sion surname. Then, while Sion was also called, Sitten, the Balfour motto is "FORward," a term shared by Seatons/Sittens.

Roets together with Reeds, share the heraldic book, which might be in the paws of the Dutch-Bennett lion. Beauforts (suspect with Bough-like versions of Books/Boggs) share the upright white-on-red lion of the besant-using Bennets. The latter are said to be from the Benedictine abbey of FURness, a term traceable to Firenze liners such as Furs/Fire's.

The Benedict-related Pierleoni got suspect with the Piers/Pierce's, Piersons, Perys, etc. Perys/Peremans/Puryhams (LEOpard faces) are interesting for possibly using the solid green chevron of Josephs up-side down (called a pile). A solid chevron is called a PERCHevron as code for Pierce'-related Percivals, and Percivals are now known to be from Waleran, the ancestor of the Leavells (same place as Pierce's and Percivals) who themselves use pile's, and were first found in Somerset, beside the Josephs and Dorset.

By some coincidence, Fisher's daughter, Mary Letitia SOMERVILLE Bennett, attended SOMERVILLE college in OXFORD, and Oxford is where Purys / Pears/Pearls and pear-using Abbots were first found, while I had found a pear symbol in some Pierleoni-kin suspects. The Pery/Puryham leopard faces remind me of the Maness' with a motto ("Pour y PARvenir") traced to the Purys. The leopard faces remind me of the Maness surname due to a long-time emailer whose names caused me to make some interesting discoveries. She went by Cathian Covert (Coverts use the leopard face), but also as Cathian Maness. She had married a Mr. Dein, who was himself the son of a Miss Abbott. She claimed to be a Christian, which may be true, but said that she was witch, and, to make a long story short, there were reasons to suspect that she was working with Drakenberg Vere's and/or American neo-Nazi's. She fell away from contacting me just after Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg emailed me, after which I centered him out to all readers (i.e. Cathian may have been offended by this).

At the same generation wherein Nancy Perry married George Wolfley, both ancestor's of Obama, there was Jonathan Abbott.

I was led to find, in roughly the same time frame that the presidential Bush's were identified with the Nazi Scherf(f)s, that one of Miss Abbotts daughters married Scheriffs. Fishers were first found in the same place (WARwickshire) as Sheriffs. It's online that Miss. Abbott had moved from the part of Long Island (West Islip) where roughly Adolf Hitler's nephew (William Stuart-Houston) lived (in Patchogue), to the part of Idaho (Post Falls) that was headquarters for the Aryan Nations stupids. Cathian herself was from Post Falls, and her Dein husband was listed in Long Island, and in Warsaw, Idaho, home of the WARS Aryan group. There are such things as coincidences, but these things and more had me worried. Cathian was one of my most-trusted and closest readers. The irony is that readers coming closest to me could be stroking me in efforts to discover where I live. I never know who my friends versus my enemies are so far as emailers are concerned. Her last message to me was that someone was trying to hack into my computer using her Internet system, but I took it as a malicious message after she failed to return all my emails after that, though, finally, when she did send a message to blast me for implying a link of her circles to neo-Nazi's, she claimed to be in Alaska at the time, where she had no access to email. And after Mr. Dein emailed to blast me too, there was evidence that assorted emailers were seeking to find where I live. And so, out of character, I lied online concerning the distance I am to the closest town. But I won't do that again. I don't need to lie to protect my work, because it's not my work alone. If Nicholas was nearly upon me at that time, it may explain why he died shortly afterward. I have a couple of theories, one of which is that his big mouth got him murdered.

The Perys/Puryhams not only use a pile identical to the perchevron of Josephs, but they put a gold chevron on the pile, the colors of the double Joseph chevrons. I have it recorded that French Chaplains once showed a single gold chevron, but, later (within the last year), when I saw that they changed it to two gold chevrons, the Chaplains were easily pegged as Joseph / Kaplan kin.

The Somerville surname uses a "Fear" motto term. The Somahan variation can suggest links to the Somme river (Picardy), where Kaplan-suspect Roets originate who were first found in SOMERset. The Somerville Crest, "A green dragon spouting fire, on a WHEEL," is linkable to the Seaton dragon, but then the Roets descend from Catherine Roet, known owner of the Catherine WHEEL. We thus have yet another reason to trace H.A.L. Fisher's wife to Boofima / Baphomet elements.

German Benedicts use so-called "Boilers," but fashioned a little like the letter 'T.'. It dawns on me here that these might be a version of the tops of crutches i.e. the so-called potent feature, which, if correct, can indicate that POtent liners were BOii, as we might expect of Boils / Boullier's. There is a surprising thing here where rooks are shared by Boullier's and Hunds/Hunacre's. Benedicts can be pegged as Pierleoni because Pieres'/Peirs are said to be from an old-English word, hle-apere, meaning both "dancer" and "runner," and while that double meaning doesn't sound logical, the truth can be that the writer arranged for two codes, one for Dance/Danse / Danson liners, and one for Runners/Ranacre's, the latter rhyming with "Hunacre". Plus, Runners/Runacre's (Lancashire) share a single red rose with.German Benedicts, the rose in this case being connectable to John of Gaunt, husband of Catherine Roet. The red rose is shared by Cups/Cope's, and Runners/Runacre's happen to use cups.

There are several Runner variations (e.g. Runagle/RunNECKLE) suggesting a Run entity merged with Nagle's, and that can suggest Roens / Rounds Rundels. Boofima's Imperi people were traced to Imperia, also called, Oneglia. Coincidences? Nagle's were fundamental with Vere's while Nickels/Nichols (giant pheon) may be the reason for "Nicholas" de Vere. German Nickle's (in Nagle/Nail/Neil colors) use pellets (= ROUNDELs) while Pellets (cups) and Pilotte's (cups) are expected with Pilate's sharing the white pheon with English Nickels. The latter use the same chevron as Cups/Cope's, which can trace the Pierleoni Jews to the Arthurian "holy grail," or even to the Revelation harlot's cup if God intended it to be code for end-time liners cherishing their grail line. The Grail surname is listed with Neil liners, suspect from Oneglia, home of proto-Arthur Arduinici. The Colts/Cults, using the Pilate pheon in colors reversed, can be a branch of Colters (same chevron as Cups/Cope's) with the Catherine wheel. Coulter liners might just be in code where "hle-apere" is given a third definition, "courier." Under these circumstances, the Nickel bend is suspect with the Pullens/Pulleys, whose motto suggests the Colp/Culp variation of Cups/Cope's, which all trace to the COLAPis = KUPA river. Moreover, the Pullen/Pulley motto is shared exactly by the potent-suspect Patents.

Couriers (bars gemel) are listed with CURRYers, which recalls that the Curry/Corry saltire was linked to the same of Brisons, suspect from Montbrison smack at the Mont-Pilat area! As one of two peaks of Mont Pilat is called, PERDrix, the Courier Crest may be using the white BRAD/Bratt lion head (Pilate colors). The latter's is in both colors of the lion in the Courier Chief, itself identical to the Leo-Chief lion! While the Leo fesse is suspect with the same-colored one of Paine's/Payne's, Mont-Pilate elements trace to Payens/Pagans as per the look of the Billet Coat. Pungs/Paganels, expected in the Rome/Room motto, were first found in the same place as Couriers and Pullens. German Leo's use their own Zionist stars (expected of Pierleoni) upon a bend in Nickel-bend colors.

As the Leo bend rises in the sinister direction (viewer's right is the Shield's left), the Brad / Leo lion can be suspect as a version of the gold Maschi / Voir/VOYER lion, which is mentioned here because the RIMINI location of Maschi's, and Maschi's themselves, had traced to the 600 Benjamites if RIMMON, whose 400 wives from JABESH Gilead had traced to "Japodes," whose home was on the Colapis river. The BENjamites thus become suspect with "BENedict" and the Pierleoni. The Benjamite-Jabesh merger was traced to the Pisa Amazons (of the proto-Massey liners) depicted mythically as king OenoMAUS, a line that named the Oeneus river, beside the Colapis. The Oeneus was also the Una, and this named Juno, wife of Japodes-suspect Jupiter, two chief gods of the Rimmon-suspect Romans. The Pierleoni lived smack at the north side of Rome, and can become suspect with the Hebrew aspect of the Revelation dragon / harlot.

It's clear to me that the Juno entity (named the Junius surname of Romans) named the three Junia-Caepionis daughters, for June's were first found in the same place as Capone's, meaning that Quintus Caepio was a Jabesh liner. "Jabesh" sounds like it named ancient Jebusites at Jerusalem, and one of the hills of ancient Jerusalem was, Arca, like "Acre." The English Acre's happen to use black-on-white fleur-de-lys, the colors of the June fleur, making for a very-compelling trace. This means that the "Merite" motto term of the Couriers (Moray colors) goes to the Amorites of Jerusalem, and the city's mount Moriah. These Amorites became suspect with Moravians...who lived beside the Boii of Bohemia. The Couriers share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of boiler-using Benedicts (these may be using the white wings of Weis' and Pontius-suspect ViPONTS).

It just so happens that while Mont Pilat is beside the Forez mountains, that's where French Acre's were first found (looked up as per RunACRE's / HunACRE's), who are not only using a bend in Pilate colors, but it's white, the colors of the Pieres/Peir bend. [Later, Runacre's become traceable to Irons of Alania, home of Alan HUNs]. The Bassets/Besancons, likewise first found at Forez, use billets in the same colors, which colors are used by the Zionist stars of Billets/BILLIARDs, likely the stars of Hagars, first found in Perdrix-related PERTHshire (where Colts/Cults were first found). Billets/Billiards are now suspect with Boullier's/BOULIARDs, and the latter's Boulin variation can trace to Boii-suspect Bouillons, traceable with Bald(win) liners to the Bautica/Baltea river, other home of Arduinici. As the write-up of the Pieres'/Peirs traces to both runners and couriers, let's trace the Oenomaus Amazons (wheel symbol) at Grecian Pisa to Italian Pisa, at the end of the Rundel-suspect Arno river, for Runners/RUNacre's can thus be suspect as a line, from Jebusites / Amorites from mount Acra, to RUNdels. Mount Acra was traced to mount Cassius / Saphon of Baal, which later became called, Aqra, and the Bible verifies a Baal cult at Jerusalem, and it went to the naming of PELops, who married Oenomaus' daughter. Oenomaus was linked closely by myth writers to Hermes, from mount Hermon at Sion, and the Baal cult of Jerusalem was at the bottom of mount Zion. Hermes' caduceus staff, and mythical CadMUS (of proto-Boiotians), were code for the Cadusii Armenians in cahoots with the MUS Armenians at Lake Van, in Hermes-like Armenia. Cadmus married Armenia-like Harmonia, daughter of Rusa-like Ares, and king Rusa was at Lake Van. This was proto-RosiCRUCianism, right? Yes, and it went through Ares-suspect CREUSA too, wife of Oeneus-like Aeneas, the mythical founder of Rimmon-based Romans. But didn't "Ares" also go to the Eras/RasMUSsen surname??? Now we know the true story, which should be fascinating to worldly powers of the Round Table kind, yet they are not picking up these logical claims and sharing them. Isn't it because they don't want to be discovered from Jerusalem's pagan Amorites, and similar others? Isn't it true that they want us to believe that they are from the blessed line of King David and Solomon?

The Courier's: "A silver lion's head erased wearing a black collar with gold studs". "Erased" got suspect with an Eras surname listed with Erasmus'/Rasmussens (who recently ruled NATO), but let's also mention that the latter's sinister BEND can be part-code for BENEDict liners. The Wearings (Warren / Ward checks), suspect in the Courier description, are said to be from a Miles, sire of a Guerin at the battle of Hastings (two centuries after Guerin of Provence), thus making Wearings suspect with mythical Milo de Vere at Anjou, himself a Cohen / Hohen suspect from Melissena. But Cohens trace to Moray liners, making Cohens suspect with Amorite liners.

The Curryer variation of Couriers, and the trace of Core's/Gore's to the Una / Colapis theater, is a dead give-away for a trace to mythical Coronis at Chora, of PatMOS. This Coronis was a crow to the Greek myth writers, from the Garebites of Jerusalem, and it just so happens that the Bavarian Rothes use the crow, often called a RAVEN that is now suspect with REPHAites. The latter not only shared the west side of Jerusalem with mount GAREB (suspect from JEREVan at Armenia's Ares-suspect Aras river), living at Jerusalem's Rephaite valley, but there were other Rephaites, according to the Bible, around Jabesh Gilead. It just so happens that the raven-depicted vikings, who conquered ROTHESay (they may have named it) were from Sigurd the STOUT, like the "stud" term in the Courier/Curryer description. Here are the Studs/Stots, said to be from vikings. Expect the Amorites with the Aphrodite-related Marsi, at the ends of the Salto, and note that Studds/Stots share red roundels with Saltire's (share blue roundels with Table's).

The "collar" of the Couriers can be for Collar(d)s, probably Cole / Colapis liners, but as the Caepio's have been traced to the Kupa version of the Colapis, and while the Caepio-line lion has been disclosed as blue on white, colors reversed from the Courier-Chief lion, what about the Stouts/Stows (share three gold bars with Studds/Stots), first found in the same place as English Capone's, and June's? Again, Caepio's have traced to Jabesh Gilead's Benjamite partners, but isn't "Jabesh" a Caiaphas-like term? Or, spot how "JABESH" can morph through the centuries to mythical CAPYS (Trojans = proto-Romans of the Aeneas kind), said by ancients to be the namer of Capua. It just so happens that Capua's list a Capone surname.

As an example of the Caepio-line lion link to the Courier lion, the Brads/Bratts, who were just made suspect with the Courier lion, were first found in the same place (Midlothian) as blue-on-white lion Crichtons, whose green dragon with flames is undeniably that of Sion-related Seatons/Sittens (East Lothian). But Midlothian was the home of Rozala-line Claro's = Sinclairs, whom were also at East Lothian's Haddington with Hamilton liners: "The footnote says that Hambletons became the Hamiltons of BALLINcreif and Luffness, and later the earls of Haddington, the lands previously ruled by Alan St. Clair" (see 4th update of last month). And Hamiltons are suspect as Kemuel liners at Camulodunum, and the Cammell variation of Campbells. This is where the bars GEMEL of Couriers can come in. Campbells and Camps have been traced to Campania, location not only of Capua, but of the ancient Sidicini suspect with Seatons/Sittens. Can you feel in your bones a logical trace of the Capys > Caepio line to Sion/Sitten along with Sidicini?

Camps (in Studd/Stot colors), first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Studds/Stots and a host of other Hebrew lines from Aphrodite's Abruzzo elements (now including the Pieres'/Peirs), use the colors and format of English Capone's. Moreover, as STUTTgart is in Baden, here's from the 4th update of last month: "Stettons/Statens (goat, Baphomet?) were first found in Baden, home of red-antler Veringers. I'm stumped on thinking up a related people group to which Statielli might descend from. The term is somewhat like "Sthenelus," mythical Ligurian king and father of Cycnus. If we added a second 't' to "Sthenelus," it would be "Sthenelus, like the Stand/Stant/Stain surname (hand and cloud!) to which I trace the Arthur motto." Regardless of whether there is merit in that argument, STHENelus was resolved with the naming of Swiss Sitten, and thus ought to have been a line of Sidicini, especially as Swans are listed with Sions while Sthenelus was made father to the swan king.

There is no mistake here. The Ligurian swan must have been the namer of Savona, traceable to Sabines/Safini, whose Samnite tribe lived beside / amongst the Sidicini. The Sabines lives at the Salto river, where I had traced Pendragons long before learning of the Pendragon trace to the Penestae Illyrians. It took a relatively long time to learn that the Penestae had the capital, USCANa, which was then traced to the Italian Oscans. The Sidicini are said to have been Oscans. The Italian article on the Sidicini, at the link immediately above, links them to the Sanniti / Sabelli of Campania's Sannio location. The Sanniti are said to have lived partly in Abruzzo and Molise. I don't mention Molise much, but it should be kept in mind as per Molle / Molay / Moline liners. The Italian article on Sannio says that the Sanniti were in the vicinity of the Carrick-like Carricini tribe, and the Pentri, a PENDRagon-like term if ever we saw one. On the map, the Sanniti are beside the MESSALI while there is a MUSSELburgh at Haddington (!), home of Seatons/Sittens!

The Abruzzo-suspect Presleys (now linked to the Benedict Coat) were once showing the symbol of Carrick-suspect Kerricks (share same-type pile as Perys/Puryhams). The Arun location of Arundels (Sussex), in the same place as Sidicini-suspect Saddocks/Sedgewicks, can now become suspect with the AURUNci neighbors of the Sidicini. One cannot get more Italian than this. (A)Rundel liners can be expected with the roundels of Mussels, a great way to trace Arundels to the Aurunci and Messali together, but then Eschyna de Molle married an Alan of Dol, the same line as the fitzAlans of Arundel! Herein we have a new and viable trace to parts of southeastern Italy that I've rarely emphasized. [As Arundels become suspect with Irons of Alania, note that I traced the Alans of Aulon/AVLONA to Avellino i.e. in the Sidicini theater.]

The Aurunci are often lumped in with Ausones, and while that latter's capital was Cales, the Irish Cales'/Cahils (compare motto with Alan-related Boyds) not only share the anchor of Kyle's, but a whale with Dols!!! Kyle's, Colapis liners without a doubt, are even from the same place as where Carricks were first found, and where Presley- and Kerrick-suspect Prestwick is located. That place is AURES-suspect Ayrshire, and so the Ausones become suspect as a tribe of Aures/Awraba. Irish Cales', using the Hun / Fortuna Coat, apparently, were first found in Sicily, where the Cales / Kyle anchor traces, namely to Anchors/Annackers using a version of the Arms of Agrigento/ACRAGas, that place being where Carricks / Craigs have been traced. Therefore, the Carricini are probably from the namers of Acragas, home of Creusa and Aeneas prior to settling Rome. The Anchors are beloved by the motto ("Anchor fast anchor") of Greys, the latter highly suspect with the Fortuna / Hun Coats prior to finding them with Cales. But the Greys also use the JOPlin Coat, a surname suspect with Japodes / Jupiter at the Colapis.

This trace of Dols and Alans to Molise and Abruzzo does not contradict their trace to Doly in the Ukraine's Trypillian theater. The ancient Abruzzo capital, APRUTium, can trace to old names of the modern Prut river of Moldova (home of Trypillians), and so the namers of MOLdova have just become suspect with MOLise, probably from Molossians of Aprut-based Epirus, smack where we find Aulon/Avlona, which was recently realized as both Alan-of-Dol ancestry, and of Avellino at Campania. As Irish Cales' share "confido" with the motto of blonde Boyds, so the blonde Budini lived smack beside, or even in, Trypillia (south of Kiev). The "Domino" motto term of Irish Cales' can be suspect with empress Julia Domna, whose son gave himself a Caracalla nickname (probably didn't give the true reason for it). The sea in the Cales/Cahill Coat starts to remind of the Gunns/Guines now suspect with Hun liners.

This discussion is not so much on the Romans as it is on the Benjamite basis of the Romans, and the Pierleoni Benedicts of Rome. The Bends/Bents (blue lion) use lots of roundels, and so the heraldic bend thus becomes suspect with the Benjamites of Rosicrucian importance. The bend is half a saltire, and Saltires likewise use lots of roundels. The besants of Bends can go to the Bassianus' (i.e. the surname of Julia Domna). The Bends look linkable to Alan-related Bellamys, yet the latter share the Seaton crescents so that Bellamys are thus tracing to Sidicini circles. The "nec" motto term of Bends/Bens are traced to the Neckar river, location of Stuttgart, suspect with the Statielli Ligures around Savona and Genoa. The latter traces to the namers of Geneva, location of the Arve river.

Bellamys (share the Harvey fesse) were with Garebites of the HARVEY / Garvey kind on the Arve river i.e. not far from Sion. The latter may even become suspect with the Sanniti of Sannio, for as Sion of Mount Hermon was at Laish, a SIDONian city, so the Sidicini have become suspect as Sidonians. Laish was at/beside Panias and Daphne, suspect with another Daphne location (Syria) that was also "HARBIYE," and this picture then traces to the Panias-like Peneus river, beside the Ladon river of mythical Daphne (the Ladon dragon was made her father), smack at the Pisa theater of the Benjamite-Jabesh entity. The Ladds/Ladons (can be a modification from "Laish") are using a version of the Mussel Coat so that Ladon-Daphne-Panias elements can indeed trace to the MESSALI, especially as the Marshalls (Marsi?) of East Lothian share a string of lozenges with MUSSOLIni's. But PANIAS elements can thus be suspect with the Pentri, themselves suspect with the Panias-like PENEStae. The Banias version of "Panias" got suspect with "Benjamin," but that was a tentative idea, though not devoid of logic. Alternatively, "Panias" can trace to the ancient Biaini of Lake Van.

It's interesting that while the Seleucids are said by a Wikipedia article to be from some unknown associations with the ThesPROTian tribe of Epirus (Coronis-suspect Cerauni mountains), Harbiye became the capital of Seleucus I, the runner-up to the end-time anti-Christ. The suspicion was that Daphne was the namer of mount Saphon, because the latter was sacred to Baal when he defeated the seven-headed Lotan dragon. And "Saphon" looks like the makings of "Savone," wherefore Saphon looks to be named after lake Sevan, near Gareb- / Harbiye-suspect JEREVan. I have an old map (not true to geography) showing a Sidicini-like Soducena entity smack at Jerevan.

The Caracalla line was traced to fish-using Saraca's, and afterward, the heraldic rook was resolved as a fish tail along with the moline cross. The rooks of Benedict-suspect Boullier's are likely Rockefeller liners that had merged with Saraca liners, therefore, and Saraca's (suspect as Saracens from Sicily's Ragusa). Rockefellers have been traced as Roque liners to Roxolani of the Ukraine, which was the land at one time of Saracen-suspect Sarmatians, whom were named partly after lake Maeotis, where there lived a Sittaceni peoples. But there is then a question on whether Benedict-related Fishers are from the white-on-blue Saraca fish, for German Fishers use a white fish partly on blue. Saraca's of Illyrian Ragusa lived in the HERZOGovina theater, and then Here's and Eyers/AYER (both of Derbyshire), clearly a branch of HERZOGs, are probably a branch of Hare's (AYRshire) that happen to share, with Fishers, a dancetty border between the Chief of the lower part of the Shield. While the Scottish Hare's are suspect with the Stout bars, traceable to Bar, near the Kotor location of Saraca's, the English Hare's are using the same dancetty feature, but in the colors of the Fishers.

The Cassius surname, sharing the blue fesse, in my opinion, in the Arms of Saraca/Saraka, may trace to mount Cassius, the alternative name of Saphon. As the Statielli were around Savona, lets talk about the Arms of Stuttgart, using the horse of Italian Forts, and used also by the Ferrari-car logo, wherefore Fishers can trace to this picture where they use a "FINEm" motto term as well as sharing the gold and upright lions of Fine's/Finis' ("FORTem" motto code), same as the Ferrari lion. The Finis' were identified with the UnFINISHed pyramid in the Great Seal of the United States, and the Great Seal had also linked to the "una"- and "unum"-using Cecils, suspect in the naming of Cecil Rhodes, an architect for Round-Table globalism. The UNfinished pyramid applies, you see, to the Una-river Benjamites, right? It can't be coincidental that while conspiracy writers trace the all-seeing eye to Rothschilds, there is an all-seeing-eye above the unfinished pyramid. And it just so happens that Fisher-like Fisks use a pyramid in their Crest, no guff.

For some reason, Wikipedia's article on H.A.L. Fisher has further-suggested reading on Henry James SUMNER Maine, even though he's not mentioned in the article. When we get to 's article, the only apparent link between the two men is their involvement in India's British colonialism. One can find online, unless Google has obliterated all/most of the articles, that Round-Table elements were involved with illegal vice in the East India Company. The Sumner name reminds of the Somerville name in Fisher's wife, but, lo-and-behold, Sumners are using the Garvey / Perche / MAINE chevrons. Clearly, Henry James Sumner Maine had become involved with "family." Suddenly, the Round-Table fanatics are tracing to Harbiye = Antioch, a Seleucid entity.

MOREOVER, the "ibis" motto term of Sumners is obviously linkable to the ibis goat (Boofima goat, right?) of the Weishaupts, no doubt from the Jew, Adam Weishaupt, visible founder of the Bavarian Illuminati. I had read and verified that Rothschilds were of certain Rosicrucians, and so it needs to be repeated here that the ibis-suspect Biss surname shares the scallops of Russells. A writer whose works are online, and who claimed that Russells were one of the 13 Illuminati families, claimed that he was jailed for years by the Masonic stupids, and so be careful on how you protect yourself against them if you decide to expose their filth. I can tell them this, that whoever had the writer wrongfully jailed will have a terrible time when the wrath of God catches up to them. By now, it has already started.

Sumner elements are suspect with the Somme / Somerset elements of Boofima-based Roets and Books/Boggs even before we begin. I am not familiar with the Sumner surname, and here I find it's "medio" motto term, like the "metam" motto term of Bowers (share the Arms-of-Rothschild bunched arrows). This type of term was traced to BaphoMET, suspect from mythical Medusa's African elements. This theory jibed with the trace that can be made between the Bavarian Illuminati and Boofima of Africa, of which the BAVarians and BOWers themselves are suspect, for Bows are also Boughs. The white lion head in the Sumner Crest was seen in the Courier Crest, and "courier" was found in the write-up of Pieres'/Peirs, now traceable to the ImPERI owners of Boofima! That's where the Pierleoni trace. The white lion is also in the Crest of the Fisher-related Hare's, traceable to the Urbanus river at the Herzegovina theater.

While the heraldic crown is likely reserved for royal lines, there is a second type of crown that was discovered specifically for Coronis liners, when the crown is "gorged" around the NECK of an animal, as for example in the Craun Crest. It seems ti be code for Coronis-crow and George liners to the NECKAR river. That discovery found that the Ceraunii on the Urbanus river (one major river south of the Una) traced both to Coronis and the Crauns. The Sumner Crest: " A silver lion's head, a crown around its throat."

"Throat" is not usually used for this feature, and may be code for the Toreatae scythians that lived at Maeotis, suspect with the Medes who named mythical Medea and AndroMEDA, mother of Gorgophone and the Spartan Sthenelus. The latter was definitely part of the Ligurian Sthenelus because Spartans had a swan symbol, but as that swan traced to lake Sevan, location of Soducena, let's repeat that the Toreatae were a fellow tribe with Sittaceni. On the opposite side of Sevan from Soducena was Gugar/Gogarene, the origin of the Gorgon Medusa, right? Yes, but they named the later Georgians and should therefore trace to at least one George surname suspect in "gorged," as well as to the Georgians that assisted the Templars in their first invasion of Jerusalem.

While the "tutissiMUS" motto term can be for Tute liners, it can also be for PatMOS liners. Patmos was off the Carian coast, making Coronis suspect as a Carian entity, especially the Maso Sea Peoples of Caria. But Coronis was traceable to the namers of Corinth, where mythical MEDia (trace to the Sumner motto) had her chariot of 12 dragons. She was resolved to be code for a line of Keturah's son to mythical king Kodros, father of Medon, in Athens, where Media flew her chariot when leaving Corinth. The Gorgon Medusa is in the center of the Arms of Sicily, and Sicily was co-founded by Sicanians whom I traced to Sicyon, right beside Corinth.

Sumner's were first found in the same place (Oxfordshire) as Pury's and Pears, suggesting that Sumner's and Maine's were likewise linked to Pierleoni. This is a logical link to what is known as a Jewish Illuminati. Sumner's were first found in Oxfordshire long before Mr. Maine and Mr. Fisher. Oxford had become suspect with an Oxonae peoples in relation to the Varni; see 3rd update of October, 2011, where it was said: "Apparently, if one researches the Oxonae, a Hellusi term/tribe comes up, smacking of Aeolus, husband of Enarete, the latter smacking of Nerthus, the goddess worshiped by Varni and Oxonae." Those Aeolus elements are not only suspect with the Alans, but they were at Grecian Elis. Aeolus' brother, Xuthus, was suspect with Cutha(h), a Mesopotamian city of the god NERgal, a term like "Nagle, and then the third brother, Dorus, may trace to the Doria's who married Arduinici of Oneglia. As Nergal's spouse was Laz, this entity became suspect with Laish, and we saw how that traced to Elis. But as it involved the Rephaites, let's remention that the giant, Og, in the Bible as a Rephaite king, got suspect with the naming of OXford. "Xuthus" is also like "Cotys," a Thracian goddess of the sorceress kind, and sometimes made the son of Maine-like Manes. I see Nahorites, Roxolani and Geloni all over this. If I recall correctly, Cutha was an unknown location at least near to Sumner-like Sumeria, where the Drakenberg Vere's trace themselves. It's known that Nahor's family originated at least from Ur in Babylon's Mitanni theater, but there was also an Ur / Uruk in Sumeria.

In my studies on Cecil-Rhodes Illuminatism, or whatever you might like to call it, I came across an Apostle's Club, a secret society, but here I find that Henry Sumner Maine was a "Cambridge Apostle." I don't recall finding any information on the Apostle's Club, but I went on to believe that Rothschilds were directly responsible for forming Communist Russia because their secret societies were socialistic = communist. I then learned that Karl Marx had been a member, loosely, of the Bavarian Illuminati. And so see below what was just found on the Cambridge Apostle, and ask why they gave it such a name, for it has nothing to do with advancing the Kingdom of Jesus. Know also that H.A.L. Fisher's wife, more than a century after the formation of the Cambridge Apostles, "went into the Colonial Office with responsibility at various times for Gibraltar, Malta and Cyprus."

The Cambridge Apostles, also known as the Cambridge Conversazione Society, is an intellectual secret society at the University of Cambridge founded in 1820 by George Tomlinson, a Cambridge student who went on to become the first Bishop of Gibraltar.

...Becoming an Apostle involves taking an oath of secrecy and listening to the reading of a curse, originally written by Apostle Fenton John Anthony Hort, the theologian, in or around 1851 [this is the same Hort accused by some of being part of a Ghost Society, and the one, along with Brooke Westcott, that ventured a translation of the New Testament].

Former members have spoken of the lifelong bond they feel toward one another. Henry Sidgwick [finding a Sadducee-suspect surname here immediately after a Herod- / Arthur-suspect Hort surname. Horts/Hurts, first found in Oxfordshire, are using the Eustace stag and the Herod/Harald fesse, and are suspect with the "hurts" (blue ROUNDels) of Table's. As Rounds/Rownds are suspect with Rowans/Roens/ROME's, note that WestCOTTs (cups) share the Rome/Room and Table fesse, and that Westcotts and Table's were first found in the same (Devon, beside Somerset) place as Maine's. It was the Rundel-suspect Runners who share cups with Westcotts, and so let's repeat that the "runner" and "dancer" terms in the write-up of Pierleoni-suspect Pieres'/Peirs could be code for Danse's/Dance's (same place as Cope-loving Pullens that use the ROMney Coat) having the same fesse as Westcotts, as well as fish-using Boets/Butts suspect with the Beot(h)us house of Sadducees. Italian Dance's/Dannas' (same place as the Cottian capital) had been traced to the Dannas-like name of the father of WestCOTT-suspect king Cottius, himself suspect with Aurelia COTTA, mother of Julius Caesar, now seemingly relevant to the Cambridge apostles because Julians were first found in Cambridge. The Cups/Cope's/Culps, keep in mind, trace to Caepio liners, multiple of them first found in Cambridge. Sidgewicks (share "ears" with Chappes'/Chaips) are from Westmorland, location roughly of COPEland, yet Sidgewicks were first found in the same place as Deins/Deans, Dans, Danners, and Diens/Dives' while the Capes-suspect Dives' were likewise first found in Cambridge]..."

...The Apostles came to public attention again following the exposure of the Cambridge spy ring in 1951. Three Cambridge graduates with access to the top levels of government in Britain, one of them a former Apostle, were eventually found to have passed information to the KGB. The three known agents were Apostle Guy Burgess, an MI6 officer and secretary to the deputy foreign minister; Donald MacLean, foreign office secretary; and Kim Philby, MI6 officer and journalist.

In 1963, American writer Michael Straight, also an Apostle, and later publisher of The New Republic magazine, admitted to a covert relationship with the Soviets, and he named Anthony Blunt, MI5 officer, director of the Courtauld Institute, and art adviser to the Queen as his recruiter and a Soviet spy. Confronted with Straight's confession, Blunt acknowledged his own treason and revealed that he had also drawn into espionage his fellow Apostle Leonard "Leo" Long. Straight also told investigators that the Apostle John Peter Astbury had been recruited for Soviet intelligence by either Blunt or Burgess. Leo Long confessed to delivering classified information to the Soviets from 1940 until 1952 [staggering paragraph].

...In the 1930s [only 17 years after the formation of Communist Russia] when Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt were elected the membership was mainly Marxist. Documents from the Soviet archives included in the book The Crown Jewels (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1999), by Nigel West and Oleg Tsarev, indicate that it was Burgess who seduced and led Blunt into the Soviet underground. As the Queen's art adviser, Blunt was knighted in 1956, but was stripped of his knighthood in 1979 after Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher publicly named him as a spy -- his confession having been kept secret before then.

It's hard to believe that organized worms such as this operate at the highest levels. Surely, there was a big, fat worm behind them, who "purchased" them. They weren't taking such chances for free, were they? The big, fat worm is behind everything, because he wants to remain unseen and protected. He has worms on the worms to assure that worms are killed if they betray their contracts. That's how secret societies in the "big time" work. Blunts ("via mea") share a "via" motto term with Cecils (no guff), and may be using the nebuly bars of Leavells in black, and so note that the Blunt nebuly bars are in the colors of the three Levi chevrons. This is important, for I feel confident that Lupus Laevillus was from the Livius family of the Junia Caepio's, for Scottish Leavells are using the piles of Junius-suspect Yonge's. The "Lux" motto term of Blunts is shared by Blacks.

Tomlinsons, the surname that founded the Cambridge Apostles, use greyhounds in the position that's sometimes called "courant," as for example are found in the Swale surname suspect with the Arundel swallows. It was recently resolved that Correns/Courrans, from the "Cor unum" motto phrase of Cecils, are using the black-on-white escutcheons of Cecils (= Una = Juno liners), and while the Cecil lions were traced to the lions of Savage's (same place as Diva, where Dives' lived), the Tomlinson Crest is a savage (and spear). The Cecil lions and bars had been traced to the Chives' (Devon) and Cavetts respectively, and while there is a Cevetta river at Ceva, this speaks of a TOMlinson trace to Thomas of Saluzzo, husband of Luisa of Ceva, the line to mythical Gorlois, father of king Arthur. GORlois was definitely part-code for Gore's/CORE's that should trace to Coronis along with Correns/Courrens. Other members of the Cambridge Apostle's, as listed in the Wikipedia article, include Desmond MacCARTHy (surname has an Arthy variation) and Vincent Henry Stanton, feasibly of a branch of Stants/Stands suspect in the Arthur motto term, "obstantia").

The white lion in the Cecil Crest can link to the white lions of the Courier/Curryer and Sumner Crests, making Couriers suspect as a Corren/Courren branch.

While Kennedys (Tipperary) are easily traceable to Pendragons, and to the Tippers suspect in the Pendragon motto, we read: "A twelfth member Benjamin Hall Kennedy is buried in the Mill Road Cemetery, Cambridge." Benjamin??? He was involved at Shropshire -- location of the ARUNdels of Clun, definitely a line from Thomas of Saluzzo -- and his father and brother had the Rann name. The Tipps/Tippens have a gorged crown around an antelope's neck, and are thus linkable to Coronis-liner Crauns/CRANNs, who share the Lys / Massey fleur with Shove's/Shovels, mentioned due to another-listed Cambridge Apostle, Gerald Shove. "[Gerald shove] married in 1915 Fredegond Maitland, daughter of historian Frederic William Maitland and his wife the playwright Florence Henrietta Fisher." No guff, that's H.A.L. Fisher's sister, who married Darwin. Their mother was Louise Jackson, and then another-listed member of the "Apostle's" was Henry Jackson.

The Pendragon (and Shaw) motto term, "tiepSUM" might just be part-code for Sumner liners. Compare "Tipper" to "Tiber," for the Pierleoni lived on the Tiber.

The Ranns can become suspect with Runcimans (thistles), a surname lifted off of Wikipedia's short list for current members of the Cambridge Apostles. The Runcimans can be shown as a branch of Rand-suspect Rinds (cat-a-mountain) because the latter use "gillie flowers" while Gillie's use both a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Runcimans, and share a "lymphad" (ship) with Runcimans. As Rinds use a "fragRANTior" motto term, that's why I say they are Rand/Rant/Rynd suspects. The Rands are easily pegged as Randolphs because Rands share a triple chevron in the colors of the same of Singletarys. It's known that Jonathan Singletary changed his name to Dunham (use the Randolph Coat) in the line to Obama's mother (Ann Dunham), a line that is known to include Randolphs. Therefore, Arundels / Rundels are suspect with Randolphs. Of interest is that Obama's mother was a Payne on her mother's side while Payne's share the Leo fesse.

Obama took on several Rhodes Scholars (or those associated with Rhodians) for his administration. It's as though I'm realizing in many ways that everything Round-Table goes to the Pierleoni. There is now a way to link Singletarys to the colors-reversed triple chevron of Babenbergs, for Randolphs and Babingtons (lots of ROUNDELs) share the bat! Babingtons come up later as part of the Apostles.

There is a very good chance that end-time Gog will be a Russian after elements of this-and-related secret societies. A powerful, socialist secret society of the Round-Table fanatics was called "Fabian," and so note that Fabians are sharing the Grimaldi / Cock Coat now discovered with the Irish Weirs. It just so happens that the Fabian lozengy (fills the Shield) is used in black and white by Patents and Schole's/Scayles' (Julian crosslet?), which are the colors of the vair fur filling the Stanton Coat. Patents, and therefore potent liners, are traceable by the Scayle's to Skala, a major city along with Chora, on PATmos. That's where God decided to write the Revelation concerning an end-time group of murderous, greedy and asinine stupids all seeking, no guff, world control. Another surname using a lozengy-filled Shield are the Coronis-suspect Crone's/Crons (fish). English Fabians use the Craun / Massey / Crome/Croom fleur in colors reversed. Gerald Shove was born at Favorsham, perhaps named by a Fabian liner, for French Favors are also "Fabre."

Only a complete idiot could think that world control is achievable, and Julius Caesar was one of them. Instead of world control, Caesar begot endless wars i.e. chaos. My message (laughable) to the globalists is: put an axe to your Round Table and get out of the Middle East, before you are responsible for Armageddon. They would rather laugh. The big, fat worm is not going to listen to me, though some of the worms will. My prediction is that God will reach some of their numbers through these writings, and weaken the snake just in time for its war with the Faithful, the true intelligent ones. Be proud, Faithful, for your exceeding intelligence and ability to comprehend. Do not join or participate with a secret, closed society, for stinging darkness resides in that appealing "black light."

Grimaldi's were involved with the Fieschi of Genoa, suspect with the Fisher surname. The Fishers even made it to Arthurian lore with the "Fisher King." Another surname sharing a Shield filled with lozengy are the Irish Burgess'. Repeat: "In the 1930s when Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt were elected the membership was mainly Marxist." The Burgess lozengy is in the colors of the same of Crone's. A way to connect the Burgess' lozengy to the Weir lozengy is by way of the red-and-white checks filling the Shield of English Burgess' (bottony crosses) , for these are not only in the colors of the Weir lozengy, but of checks filling the Vair Shield.

Another member at Wikipedia's list is Victor Rothschild (another atheist):

At Trinity, Rothschild joined the Cambridge Apostles, a secret society, which at that time was predominantly Marxist, though he "was mildly left-wing but never a Marxist". There he became friends with the future Soviet spies Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt, who were also members, and Kim Philby -- not a member -- who became the most important Soviet spy in Britain. Rothschild gave Blunt £100 to purchase "Eliezer and Rebecca" by Nicolas Poussin...His flat in London was shared with Burgess and Blunt. This later aroused suspicion that he was the so-called Fifth Man in the Cambridge Spy Ring. Rothschild inherited his title at the age of 26 following the death of his uncle Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild on 27 August 1937, and sat as a Labour Party peer in the House of Lords.

Scoundrels, yet they survived and thrived rather than being executed. Their fortunes / power saved their skins. They are thus above the law, unafraid of the local police chief, and they never respond in print to people that write against them. They are the invisible slime on the interiors of walls of the world, plotting sinister ambitions of their own choosing, but hardly succeeding...because there is an Invisible Enemy laughing at them, and tripping them up. Even Blunt got away without the due and expected punishment. But, it's out there for all to see, that Rothschilds were involved in Communist Russia. The first Communist president had a Lenin surname while LEOnards/Lenins, suspect somewhat with the Pierleoni, are listed with Lennons/Lennans. The latter's Coat is suspect with that of Islips, and the latter got suspect with the " I zal" motto phrase of the Pepin-beloved Mens/Menzies', and so see this:

Perry writes: "According to ... Modin [retired Russian colonel], [Victor] Rothschild was the key to most of the Cambridge ring's penetration of British intelligence. 'He had the contacts,' Modin noted. 'He was able to introduce Burgess, Blunt and others to important figures in Intelligence such as Stewart MENZIES, Dick White and Robert Vansittart in the Foreign Office...who controlled Mi-6."(Rothschild article above)

Was Perry fantasizing with these charges? Why does he have a Pierleoni-suspect surname? Perrys ("pear tree sprig" in Crest) use the Vere Shield, and were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Drake's and Fabians, and moreover use a "Recte" motto term that can be linked to the motto of Blackwoods, "PER vias rectas." The Drakenberg Vere's themselves claim to be from Vere's of Blackwood (major topic of the last update). Mens/Menzies are likely Maine liners, and read like a branch of Maynards sharing the stag with Mens-loving Poppins. Victor Rothschild married a Hutchinson surname using a blue COCKatrice = wyvern dragon. I really think that there is a lot of Vere-Drakenberg in Rothschild globalism, otherwise the globalist Rothschilds would be wise. Fabians, who share red fleur-de-lys with Gellone's, in the colors of the Drake wyvern, are said to be from Fabianus of Cam, that being the name of the river that named Cambridge. Fabians are also in the colors of the triple Babenberg chevrons, and Bamburgs/Banburys were first found in Oxford along with Pear-related TIENs/Thames' who might just be in the TEN Babington roundels (same colors again). Tiens/Thames' share red mascles with Burgess'.

A current member of the Cambridge Apostles is the Indian, Amatys Sen, atheist and husband of Emma, a daughter of Victor Rothschild. I wonder why she married him. What are these apostles up to? She is on the board of the UN Foundation, created by Ted Turner. Are not Turners from Turin? Aren't Darwins from Turin elements? It might explain why Darwins and Turins share red bends. Isn't the ancestry of Karl Marx from the Marsi at the source of the Turano river?

At Henry Jackson's article, we find that Bertrand RUSSELL was likewise a member, but he was an atheist from before the age of 20. Since when do Apostles include atheists? At Russells' article: "In his autobiography, he writes: ' spent all my spare time reading [Percy Bysshe Shelley], and learning him by heart...'" Percys, who were part of the line from Thomas of Saluzzo through the Arundels, should be suspect with Pierleoni, and moreover Bertrand Russell marred Alys PEARSall Smith. The Bysshe's/Bish's (roses and possibly the Quint chevron) may be part of the bloodline depicted by the Weishaupt ibis, for the Russells scallops are used by Biss'. The Bish's can be using the Rose roses, and may therefore have been Bosco's, from Busca, beside Saluzzo.

Although there is no description for the Crest of English Fabians, it shows flags. Flags/Flecks use the same scallops as Russells / Biss / Samsons' ("FLAGitium" motto tern), and Flags/Flecks are kin to the Palmers/Parmers that became suspect with Palmyra, home of Joseph Smith (visible founder of Mormons), and roughly the home of the ancestry of the president-related Bush's...whom married a Smith. It looks like the ibis is code for a line of Bush's, from Busca, and that place is near the goat- / Satyr-suspect Stura valley. The "letho" motto term of Samsons can go to the Leto / Lettice bloodline suspect with Lettice Ilbert, H.A.L. Fisher's wife.

Smiths (fish) use a motto suspect with the motto in the Arms of L'viv, and as that's in the UKRAINE, the Smith heron may have been a crane at one time, for Herons / Horns/Orne's use herons in the colors of the Leto/Alitto crane...and the Ali/Aliotti griffin. The latter's griffin got suspect with a colors-reversed one in the Arms of ALESsandria (Piedmont, same as Busca), which can have everything to do with ALYS Pearsall Smith, especially as Alis' were traceable to Alice of Saluzzo, Thomas' daughter with Ceva, the whole of which is still under investigation for fundamental links to the line of Caiaphas and/or Annas. Letts were first found in the same place as Annas'. The Bush family of the Palmyra theater had become suspect with Plumstead in Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, where Alys Smith was born, but that's the area also of the Moravians.

When Henry Jackson met with Bertrand Russell in a certain meeting of the Apostles, there were a "full dozen" present, including Austin Edward Smyth. Smiths can be somewhat suspect with Fabers / Favors because the latter are said to be from metal fabricators, though I'm not so sure that this is correct. Feasibly, some Smith surnames may have developed from Fabers, and yet I also think they derived from "Samos," the line of Biblical Samson to Samos and Samothrace, the latter the known origin of the Kabeiri ruled by Hephaestus, the mythical metal smith. Another Apostles member, Henry Babington Smith, has a middle name that could be derived in "Fabian."

This is very interesting, for the Mormon church was founded by Smith in the same year, 1830, as Henry Drummond's Irvingite church, the Catholic Apostolic Church, and the wealthy Drummond had 12 apostles all across Europe in a European-Israelism scheme that must surely have been cognate with the British-Israelism of the Round Table. There were likewise 12 apostles in the Cambridge Apostles, founded ten years earlier. Pre-tribulationism was a product, ultimately, of Henry Drummond's church, and by now you realize that these "Christians" had no problems uniting with all manner of stripes in what can only be classified as an apostate system of snakes. If it seems that the use of "Catholic" makes links to some Vatican vein, it's notable that Westcott and Hort mainly appealed to the Vatican version of the New-Testament manuscripts. It might be expected where the secret societies trace to the Pierleoni antipope. Henry Babington Smith was director of the Bank of England, while Henry Drummond of the Catholic Apostolic cult (now the New Apostolic Church) was a London banker, and suspect with Rothschild bankers.

Babingtons (ten torteaux = roundels) share "est" in their motto with Pepins, and the latter are suspect in naming Poppa I, founder of Babenbergs. Therefore, if correct to trace Babenbergs and Pepins to Paphlagonian Heneti, those were the peoples of Aphrodite (born in Paphos), the official wife of Hephaestus i.e. Heneti are expected with metal-smith liners. Pepins and related Pipes (beloved of the Lett Crest) have crowns around their camel necks, and while Darwins (and Burgess') share the camel head in their Crest, they use the same scallops at Dade's//Datts while Babingtons use an "est tout" motto phrase. The Darwin scallops are used also by Chamberlains while "In January 1900, [James Parker] Smith was appointed assistant private secretary (unpaid) to Joseph Chamberlain, Secretary of State for the Colonies." James Parker Smith was another Cambridge Apostle. The Kenny-Crest "PARCHment" can be suspect with Parker liners, and it's a scroll, actually, a symbol of the Babingtons: "A bat carrying a scroll". The green-on-white greyhound in the Kenny Chief is identical to the ones in the Tomlinson Coat. Babingtons use their bat upon their scroll. The "parchMENT" has just been decipherable as part code for Ments/Mants (Amyntes liners?) because they use three bends in the colors of the scroll bend.

Don't ignore the "carrying" term, for mythical Leto was at Clarus at the Caria-Lydia border. Houseofnames has several spear designs, but I've noted that design matters to them when making links. The Singletarys, who linked circumstantially to Babingtons shortly above, use the same spear design as the Carry Crest, and the Dunham Crest. While Singletarys use martlets, Dunhams use a martin. Compare the Dunham / Randolph Coats to that of Fishers.

I'm pretty sure what the Scrolls are, for they are shown properly as "Scrope" while sharing five, white ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby. As Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf, while Scarfs were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Ments/Mants and Scrolls/Scrope's, the latter must be a Scarf branch. They may have taken on a Scroll variation in honor of the Babington-Crest parchment scroll.

Years ago, I traced Paphlagonians to the BILIS river of PAMphylia because I thought that Pepins were Pamphylians while I also thought that Pamphylians (south of Paphlagonians) named BAMberg, home of Poppa I Babenberg. I can now showing evidence for that trace, and moreover it shows that Ments/Manns were conscious of it, for they use a "staBILIS" motto term. More recently, the span of a few months, Pamphylian liners of Masonic importance were found in Perga, Pamphylian home of Plancia Magna (Maccabee liner), and there was evidence that her family had merged with the Galatian line of Amyntes, suspect with such surnames as Mynetts and Mandys/Mondays. And here we find a Ment surname (goats) tracing to Pamphylia that is even in the colors of the Plancia-suspect Plunketts.

The Plunketts (Brittany) had linked rather hard to the Aubins/Albins of BarnSTAPLE, and so "STABILis" is a double code that now traces to Barnstaple of Devon, and to Staple's. On top of that, I have known for years that the Flintstones cartoon characters were codes likely produced by Hanna-Barbera. Here we have the BARNstaple's identifiable with Barney Rubble, for he was the father of BAMM-BAMM. No coincidence. His club may have been secret code for Hercules of the Pamphylian theater. Hercules' mother, AlcMENE, was suspect with Maeonians, as are the Ments/Manns, for Maeonians are suspect on the Maeander river passing not far from Perga. The latter location may have named Burgess' (share camel with Pepins = Paphlagonians). Burgess' also share a Shield filled with checks with Bilis-suspect Bils', and the latter use them in half the colors of the Pepoli's.

There is an English Stable/Stabils surname looking like it could be using the Annas star in chief because it uses the Annandale Coat, but, what's more (I'm screaming) the German Stable's/Stabels/Stapers/Staders (Austria, same as Bils' and Babenbergs) share the colors and format of the Plunketts!!!

Rubble's were suspect as Ribble-river liners because it flows near Flintshire (Flints use "flint stones"). The Ribble's look to be using the Randolph / Dunham Coat in colors reversed, with the Leo Chief to boot. I didn't know this when tracing Obama's mother to the Leo-related Pierleoni. The trace was made based on her immediate Payne ancestry while Leo's use the Payne fesse.

I've claiming, for various reasons, including the Wolfleys of Cheshire, that Obama's mother traces to Dunham Massey, Cheshire home of Hamon de Massey. And the Hamon(d)s were first found in the same place (Kent) as Hamond-like Mynetts, which is why Hamon de Massey was traced to Amyntes. The Hamon motto has a "rimini" term buried within it, verifying that it is a Maschi line. But I don't recall looking up the Aments, which I've just spotted in Obama's genealogy (lines 213, 426, and 852), a surname listed with Hamons. Amyntes' great-grandfather, Severus Bassus, is suspect to Julia Bassianus Maesa, making here suspect with the Masseys / Masci's / Maschi's more than ever.

In fact, as Bassianus' were traced 300 years later to Basina, wife of CHILDeric, by what coincidence did Catherine Ament (line 213) marry John Childress?!?! In the same generation, two other Obama ancestors are shown as Robert Childers and Sarah Landrum. The Landrum gyronny is used by Cammels (same colors), while Pepins, probably from Pepin of LANDen, use a camel. We are still locked on to Paphlagonian liners, right? Yes, for they lived smack where the Amyntes Galatians lived. What this means is, or, rather, what the election of Obama means is, that the globalist monkeys, who assure their picks for "leader of the free world," are choosing lines from the Bassus marriage to the Herod-Maccabee line from Glaphyra Archelaus and Alexander Maccabee (married couple), which is exactly what was revealed by the codes in the Great Seal of the United States.

Plancia Magna, a contemporary with Quadratus Bassus, was a descendent of Glaphyra and Alexander. Plancia's uncle (Gaius Julius Alexander) was the father of a daughter that married Quadratus Bassus (grandson of Severus Bassus), and so she barely missed being of the Amyntes>Bassus line by that route. However, as she linked to Amyntes' family by proof of heraldry, and as per the logic of the Pamphylian situation near the Galatians, she may have been a mother / grandmother of a Bassianus family. There are ways to link Plancia to Masseys. "Magna" had become suspect with Maghens/Mathie's/Manns (MacArthur crown, share gyronny with Landrums!) but this was before knowing the Ments/Mants, and before knowing that Aments were listed with Hamons of Massey / Maschi (Dunham Massey was also "Dunham Masci"). I argued that Plancia had been caught up with Bassus elements at Derbe, and/or nearby lake Tatta, for Wikipedia says that Amyntes conquered Derbe, but you can read for yourself that Tattons had merged with Massys.

English Mathie's nearly use the triple Singletary chevrons. Maghans/Mathie's, Landrums and Williams all use an upright lion over gyronny, and the Williams share a white dog in Crest with the Tatton dog. It's clear: Obama is a Herod-Maccabee liner. This is what has come to rule the world in the festering globalism afoot since Cecil Rhodes.

The Walkers, who made it to the American globalist throne, sort-of, by George Herbert Walker Bush, use a "magna" motto term. But I agree with the online claim that has been disseminated by an online nut (can't recall his name, theory did not originate with him), because heraldry verifies it, that George Herbert Walker Bush was not a Bush at all, but was born George Herbert Scherff Jr., son of a Nazi, and then "adopted" secretly by the Bush family because it was a Nazi "sleeper cell". But we just saw why Scherf-like Scarfs can link to Scrolls/Scrope's, kin of Ments/Mants, and honored in the scroll of Singletary-suspect Babingtons. The Kenny Crest: "A CUBIT ARM in armor hand grasping a roll of parchment." The Cubits: "Two hands issuing from clouds, battling with scimitars." The Childress/Childers Crest: "A CUBIT ARM in chain armor holding a red buckle in the gauntlet." Lest you've forgotten, the Aments married Childress', and they birthed John Childress (line 106), who married Nancy Childers. They were clearly both from a line from Childeric and Basina, and they birthed Nancy Ann Childress, wife of George Armour,

It's notable that Cubits are also Cupids/Cobbets while Hobbits share the flaunche with Wolfleys. Hobbits, with a bull split in the two colors of the Maghan/Mathie gyronny, happen to use a "facit" motto term linkable to the "Fac et" of Maghans/Mathie's, and just like that, Hobbits and Cupids are suspect with the Op entity that named Opgalli, grandmother of Plancia Magna. Opgalli had been suspect with Caiaphas, as either his sister or daughter, but this was aside from anything to do with Cubits, who use a blue-on-white lion which traces, as per what I think is a word from God, to Caiaphas and/or Herod. My readers received Special word that the blue-on-white lion of Macclesfield, which use a "copia" motto term, should be the Caiaphas-line lion. The Arms of Copeland is likewise a blue lion. Cobhams/Copons use a chevron in colors reversed to the same of Caepio-suspect Quints. The Copeland Coat is suspect with the Mopps/Modburley Coat, and Mocks/Moke's/Moggs' (same place as Leavells) use a "diis sunt" motto phrase, like the "desunt" in the Arms of Macclesfield, These surnames are from mythical MOPSus/MUKSus, a known Pamphylian entity that I discovered at Mocissus, to the near-north of lake Tatta. This is an undeniable trace to Plancia Magna's family.

The Plunketts and related Stable's are even in the colors of the BABcock pale bar, indicating the possibility that Babcocks were Babington / Babenberg Pamphylians. It just so happens that the red Babcock rooster can link to the one of Aachen-suspect Aikens, relevant because Aachen is near Landen, home of the Pepin that had traced to Scottish Bebbanburgs (Bamburgh castle), and important because Aikens (Akman colors) share the oak tree with Akmonia-like Akmans. Akmonia was home to Severus Bassus. As the bat was found upon the Babington scroll, it's not likely coincidental that Babcocks are also BATcocks (they use the red Cock rooster).

The "Sub" motto term of Akmans may even be a soft version of "Cub(it) / Cob," for Sobeks/Sobieski's share the buckle with Cubit-loving Childress'/Childers. The purple buckle of Sobeks can link to the purple of Mandys/Mondays (Macclesfield cross?), for we just saw Aments marrying Childress'. And here we find the two colors of the Maghen/Mathie gyronny again, in the split-Shield of Mandys/Mondays, and these are the split colors also of Caiaphas-suspect Kaplans. The Mandy/Monday Crest is even a black wolf head, symbol of Quadratus-suspect Quade's. The heraldry people had this all worked out to a secret 'T'. God's world is ruled by aliens, horrible people who know how to disguise themselves as angels of light. They are outcasts from the Creation, mere parasites upon it for a short time, until their painful deaths catch up with them. But first, they will all suffer the irony that God besets them with while they yet tread the earth. Shame on their pride, and on their playing God. They sold their souls for temporary honor, but, as goes the Law of the Universe, the first will be the last.

Recall how Barney Rubble linked with little doubt to Barnstaple, for Stable's were discovered as a Plancia line. We then go to Dino's (Lieber, Akman colors), the name of Fred Flintstone's pet dinosaur, who apparently share the oak theme of Akmans, Ackers, and Levi-suspect Liebers. It's not a coincidence, therefore, that Dino's use a "LIBERTAS" term across their Chief, while Ackers use a "liberte" motto term. The Dino's were even first found in the same place as Tatta-suspect Taddei's. However, the Dino tree is not given a species in the description, though it's the same one used generally for oak trees. There is a way to trace this Sub picture to the InSUBRes' of Milan by comparing Leibers (not "Lieber"), Milans, Tree's and Ince's, and including the rose LEAVES of Sobers, but I don't want to go there now.

If you can glean that Levi liners are in the picture above, it can explain why Levi's use an "aide" motto term while Addin(g)tons use a "libertas sub" motto phrase. Why do Akmans and Addin liners share "sub" with Percivals? This surname can be suspect, not only with Aids/Ade's, but with AITONs/Artems and ADENs/Ardens. When we get to English Adens/Audens, we find lions in the colors of the Barney lions, and the Aden lions are upon a red cross, the one used also by Aitons/Artems and Perga-suspect Burghs. Compare the BAMburg/Bambury Coat to that of Aitons/Artems, for Bamm-Bamm is expected to link to Barneys, right? As the Bamburg write-up traces Banbury castle to Alexander, bishop of Lincoln, note that Addingtons are using a Coat like that of Alexanders. From Julius Alexander, brother of Berenicianus??? Looks like.

When we look at the three Barney surnames, we find lions in the colors of the Fisher / Bennett lions in English and German Barneys, and a fish in French Barneys. But the latter is in Toothill colors while English Barneys were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Tute's and related Thwaits, apparently relevant where Plancia's husband, a TERTULLus liner, can trace to TURTLE's/Tuttle's/Toothills. Take special note of the colors of the Barney bend, red on white, like the Akman bend, for this traces a Pamphylian suspect to Akmonia. If we assume that the heraldic Pamphylian liners are all from the Tertullus-Magna marriage, and expect them with Taddei liners (Florence, Tuscany), then lets recall the checks shown on the throne of TEDaldus, for the Bils' use a Shield full of checks while variations of the Bilis river could have named his wife, Willa. Wilma Flintstone can apply to this Willa as well as to Willa of Tuscany. Willa's throne was decorated in QUATRefoils, suspect with QUADRatus.

Not only do Barneys and Florence's (Dere/Res stars?) share the sword, but the Florence sword is central, vertical and pointed up, as is the sword of Bettys. If you know the Flintstones, you'll know that Betty was Barney's wife. She was given a blue dress, and black hair, the colors of the Betty sword. Bettys use keys in colors reversed from the Barney key, and Keys can trace to "Qewe," in Cilicia, where Quadratus' / Quadratilla's family ruled. You are learning advanced history, class.

What really was the Hanna surname, anyway? Why do Italian Barbera's use only white fish, the color of the Barney fish? The Scottish Barbers sure look linkable to Bamburys and Aitons, and they were first found in the same place as Siward of Northumberland, the Sword line. Northumberland is roughly where Burns and Bernice's were first found. Were Barneys a branch of Bernice's? Barbers were first found in both Northumberland and Cumberland, the latter where Burns and Bernice's were first found.

The red mascles of the Bettys were just looked up, after writing the above, to see who else had been found with them earlier in this update, and it turned out to be the Perga-suspect Burgess', but that's not all, for the English Burgess' use a Shield filled with red-and-white checks, the colors, apparently, on the throne of Tedaldus!

There had been a question on whether the checks on Tedaldus' throne are red and gold, and these are the colors of the Burgess lozenges. Plus, as besants trace to the Bassus > Bassianus line, note that the red-mascle Burgess' use a Shield filled with red-and-gold besants. As the Bassianus' of heraldic importance were in empress Domna, note the "Domitum" term around the escutcheon of German Barneys/Berneys, the ones using a fish in the colors of the same in the Arms of Saraca, that being the name to which I trace "Caracalla," Domna's son. How could heraldry provide such a sentence as that by sheer coincidence? I had read that Caracalla, when he was the emperor, stationed Julius Bassianus (Domna's father) in Dalmatia, home of the Ragusa Saraca's.

The reason that the Bernice fesse is in both colors of the Saraca fesse has to do, probably, with Julius Bassianus' brother/uncle (I forget which), Julius Agrippa, for Bernice's, who are obviously a branch of Burns', can trace to Berenice Agrippa. And so Barney Rubble, as incredible as it may seem, was code for a line from Berenice Agrippa (yes, a Herod). This may explain why French Barneys, in Etienne / Pilate / BESANcon colors, were first found in Dauphine, location of Mont Pilat, and the territory expected of Herod Archelaus.

Now, as Herod Agrippa was brother to Herod of Chalchis, while the latter married Berenice Agrippa (daughter of Herod Agrippa), let's go to the Chalchis'-suspect Chaucers (same place as Chalchis-like Chalks), who use another bend in the colors of the Akman bend, and therefore in the colors of the Barney bend. These particular Barneys are said to have been first found in both Norfolk and Kent, the latter where Chaucers were first found. And a Chaucer had married a sister of Catherine Roet, her father (Payne) traceable to Dauphine (where Payens were first found), where French Barneys were first found. And Roets look like they could have been Herods. It just so happens that Roets traced well to Rieti, the origin of the ancestry of emperor Titus, whom had wanted to marry Berenice Agrippa (the Romans wouldn't allow it so he let her go). Note that the Barney lions are passant, and in the colors of the passant lions of Titus'! Although the two didn't get married, it was known that they were having relations (i.e. she could have birthed him a child(ren). The Titus gyronny is in Berenice colors.

It's just been found that Chalks come up as "Chalkes." As Roets are linkable to Kaplans and therefore to English Josephs, note that the Chalkes Crest shares the swan with French Josephs , first found in the same place (Lemans area) as Payen-suspect Billets. Then, the Besancons/Bassets use billets in Billet colors, and so the Billets can become suspect with the Bilis river of Bamm-Bamm Pamphylia. It just so happens that the Shield-and-Chief color combination of German Barneys is shared by English Billets (branch of Bellows), and that English Bassets (Bassus liners?), sharing three wavy fesse bars with Chalkes', use a "popolo" motto term that can be code for Poppo liners such as Popoli's / Pepoli's, the latter using a Shield of checks in half the colors of the Bils checks. It tends to corroborate the Barney-Agrippa link to Pamphylians. The gold bendlets on the white-on-blue bend of Toothills (Cambridgeshire) look linkable to the Arms of Champagne, and as such the Toothills (and Bissets) become suspect with the Champagne elements of Hugh de Payens, which in-turn makes the Shield of English Champagne's suspect with the Pepoli's.

It's notable that while the Bissets were first found in Ross-shire (beside the Rose's that trace well to the Willa > Rozala line), the Bish's/Bysshe's use roses as well as being in Basset colors. As Scottish Rose's are said to have merged with Bosco's, by what coincidence do Bissets and Italian Bosco's both use tree stumps? Therefore, if Bassets and Bissets were Bassus liners, I suppose that Severus Bassus can trace to the namers of Busca, and for me, if correct, would identify Bassus' with Bozrah of Edom, explaining well enough why Bassianus' kin (Julius Agrippa) is a Herod suspect.

Although the Chaucer Crest is said to be a tortOISE, it can possibly be code for the Turtle/Toothill surname. Of some preliminary interest, the Lett "ORGAN pipes," because they trace partly to Pepin liners, can trace also to HYRCANus, son of Herod of Chalchis and Berenice Agrippa. The Titus likewise use an escutCHEON, in the white color of the Keen/KEAN escutcheon, the latter surname sharing the KEON / Saraca / Barney fish...used also by Este-related Bars, whose Brunswick station can trace them to Bruno's and Barone's (both from Florence), and thus Bars may have been Berenice liners too. This begs the question on whether Taddei liners were of the namers of Titus. The Sabines had a mythical Tatius Titus character. The "PerSEVERantia" motto term of Bernice's is highly suspect with Severus Bassus because Base's share black hunting horns with Bernice's and Burns.

Scottish Rose's share the water bouget with Bugs, first found in the same place as Letts and Annas', significant if the organ pipes are partially for Hyrcanus, son of Berenice. Both Annas' father (Seth) and Berenice were in Syria. Hyrcanus' brother, and likewise son of Berenice, was Berenicianus, the name also of a brother to Julius Alexander, the latter being the uncle of Plancia Magna. But what was it that named the latter Berenicianus, whose parents were Tigranes and Opgalli? Was Opgalli, a Galatian said to have been possibly a Jew, related to Berenice? That's what it looks like? There is so much evidence that these characters trace to the naming of English Bernicians that it's clinched as fact in mind.

The Bish's (roses in the colors of the Rose roses) use the same chevron as Caiaphas-suspect Quints. The stag design in the Bish Crest is that also in the Crest of Staceys/Eustace's, while the latter's saltire (in the colors of the Annan(dale) saltire) is in the colors of the Bish chevron. Moreover, the Eustace's use a stag in their Crest too, as well as the same cross as Burghs, Perga suspects! Eustace's of Templar importance would be primarily Eustace II, father of Taddei-related Godfrey de Bouillon. As the Vise's/Vice's use the same cross between the antlers as the cross between the Eustace antlers, it seems clear enough that "Eus" is a Vise variation, and so the Chappes-suspect Visconti's enter the picture, who ruled Milan, relevant because Milans share the tree stump with Bosco's. And Ottone's share annulets with Viponts, from VISponti at the Gace theater, making the proto-Washington Gace's suspect with Eust-like Gusts/Gustavs that share a tall, curved chevron with Chappes- and Ottone-suspect Pucks. Just contemplate on what you're reading here as concerns the Masonic founders of America, for while the Thomson version of the Great Seal had triple chevrons in the colors of the triple Babenberg chevrons, so the Taddei's use three red chevrons while suspect with Babenbergs from the Pamphylia theater.

Compare German Barneys to the Capes, noting that the latter throw in some acorns and oak leaves with the sword of their Chief, the oak theme traceable in this case to Akmonia. If correct that the Barney lions are the gold-on-red Bennett lions, then the Capes lion can be the white-on-red Bennett lion. We then ask why Scottish Bennets (same place as Washingtons) use stars in the colors of the Annas star, in the colors of the Zionist Gace star, and colors reversed from the Washington-Chief stars.

As Cantons use the Washington Coat in colors reversed, note the canton in the COPEland Coat (shares black bend with Hanans), for Copelands ("BENigno" motto term) use the double fesse bars in the colors of the same of Washingtons. Copelands were first found in Northumberland, home of Siward, whose line is that of sword-using Swords. Siward was related to Bernicians, suggesting rather strongly that the Barney / Betty / Capes swords are of Siward's Bernician elements. But why should Capes' trace to that picture? We should ask the Levi-beloved Ade's (Bernicia), whose bend is in the colors of the Chaucer bend. Ade liners were addressed above in the paragraph ending with Bamburgs/Bamburys, and so let's add that the latter use the Zionist Wassa/Gace star in colors reversed.

The Titus Crest is the Chappes Moor head, and Hugh de Payens (suspect with Leo's, right?) married Elizabeth Chappes. The Pierleoni were in power just in time to support the Templars under de Payens. It's roundly known that the first Templars were able to grow into a significant power house by aid of the Vatican, and so the Pierleoni are suspect in their rise. You can read online that Templars became "international bankers," and so see this: "The [Pierleoni] family descended from the eleventh-century Jewish convert Leo de Benedicto, whose baptismal name comes from the fact that he was baptised by Pope Leo IX himself. They also were bankers and financially backed the reform papacy. While the Pierleoni during their greatness spuriously claimed to be descended from the ancient Roman noble family of the Anicii..." Might not the Anicii have named high-priest, Annas? The organ-pipe Letts had become suspect in a merger with the Annas surname.

It seems odd that the true names of these papal Jews are not known to history. Were their names covered up by the Vatican? What sort of Hebrews were they? If they had been from the priesthood of Jesus' days, why did they get to Rome? Were there other Hebrews there that welcomed them? In any case, here you have all you need to know of the Pierleoni link to the first rulers of Jerusalem: "In January 1058, as a partisan of the newly elected Pope Nicholas II, Leo had the gates of the Leonine City thrown open for Godfrey, former duke of Lower Lorraine, and his wife, Beatrice, marchioness of Tuscany. Godfrey immediately possessed the Tiber Island and attacked the Lateran, forcing Benedict X to flee on 24 January. Leo allied himself with the reformers..." That should explain why the Tuscany Taddei's use the Bouillon cross, for Godfrey III above was the grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon, and of Baldwin I, the first official king of potent-liner Jerusalem. It certainly wasn't the Jerusalem of God.

Surely, the Jerusalem invasion was spurred on by the Roman Jews. Surely, they were from the line of the Israeli priesthood. I'll bet that the gold Bennett / Benedict lions are that of Ferrari's, the Pharisee-suspect line. The Leo lion is on blue, as is the Ferrari lion. French Leons/Leonards use the Ferrari lion, as well as flames, an apt symbol for the Flemish circles of Godfrey de Bouillon. Leo opened the gates about three years after Siward of Northumbria defeated Macbeth. Was there a connection between the two lines? Why do Swords (Capes colors) use a "man." He looks Negroid i.e. may be linkable to the Chappes Moor head, which jibes with the Leo link to Payne's. Does the "Paratus" motto of Swords trace to the "pratis" motto term of the fish-using Arms of Rieti? Probably, because that was the home of Flavius Petro, great-grandfather of emperor Titus, while Titus' use the Chappes Moor head. And while I traced Titus' grandmother, VesPASIa Polla, to the PASI's, first found in Bologna, the family of Godfrey de Bouillon was at Boulogne. But what possibly may have been the connection of the English to the Jews of Rome? How intriguing. I'll guess that it has to do with the Varni (fellow tribe of the Angles in the first century AD), suspect with a stock of the namers of Pharisees. The Varni were to the northeast of Hamburg, and the latter is where German Leo's were first found.

Swords were first found partly in Kildare, where Eustace's were first found, and then Godfrey III above, the one at Rome's Pierleoni, had a daughter, Ida of Lorraine (same place as fish-using Bar-le-Duc), who married Eustace II. We are making sense. Swords now appear linked to the first kings of Templar Jerusalem, not at all meaning that the mystery is solved. There are questions.

I say we need to call up the Scott surnames, both of which use versions of the Talbot Coats. From there, we can compare the Talls/Thalls to the German Leo's (illegal metal-on-metal colors, the colors of the Templar flag of Jerusalem). It's not likely coincidental that the Tall/Thal bees were once showing in the design of the Bessin / Bistone bees, for Talls/Thalls were first found in the same place (Thuringia) as Basina. It seems certain, therefore, that Talls/Thalls trace with Talbots / TailleBOIS' to the Bassianus', explaining why the first Meschin married Taillebois, as this even recalls the Hamond-Maschi trace to the line of Severus Bassus. The "chevron peen" of Aments/Hamonds must be code for the Peen variation of Payens. We remain on Templar dead-center in this paragraph. Tailers had become suspect with the Chives cats, and while Dansons are said to be from the Taillebois', Danse's/Dance's (same place as the Cevetta river) may be using a form of the Cavett bars.

The PRYZewski variation of German Leo's, while one might like to trace it to some Peter / Peres, may derive in Peters from Flavius Petro. The Spanish Peres'/Petro's happen to use a flory cross in gold on red, nearly the white-on-red flory cross of Bouillons. The white tower in the Peres/Petro Crest can indicate the same of red-Shielded PRESleys/Priestlys. We are on it with the Spanish Peres'. Can we link this to something far earlier than the Pierleoni? Indeed. The Peres/Petro cross is linkable to the near-same, same-colored moline of Fears/Fere's, suspect with Firenze = Florence liners so that the Bouillon flory has just linked to the Taddei flory, round-about, in this paragraph. As the Taddei's are thus linked to the Vespasian > Titus line, it can indicate that Taddei's were a branch of Titus'. To help make the Peres/Petro link to Flavius Petro, the Pollock sept of Peacocks (besants) use a "fear" motto term while Pollocks begin with Peter Pollock and trace further back to Vespasia POLLA, wife of the son of Flavius Petro.

I would suggest that the expected link between the Pierleoni and Siward of Northumberland have to do with Siward's links to Swietoslawa of the Mieszko's. This would go to Mieszko ancestry in mythical Popiel, a Paphlagonian suspect that may be traced through the ancestry of the Pierleoni, however that ancestry looked. Popiel was overtaken by mythical Piast the Wheelwright Kolodziej, and because Mieske's/Mesechs (likely the meaning of the mice that ate Popiel while he was locked up in the mouse tower) share the black-on-gold bull of Cole's, the latter were discovered as a line from KOLodziej. One of the seven hills of Rome went by a name to which "Coel" can trace, which made the Cole's and Kyle's suspect from it. That idea may have been before realizing that Cole's were from the Colapis river of the chief Roman entity, the Benjamin-related Japodes. And so the Pierleoni can be suspect, not only with Benjamites, but with Kemuel, son of Nahor, whom I trace to Camulodunum, later renamed to COLchester. The "COELeste" motto term of Barney-related Bettys can apply here. One can go further by pointing out the "Nihilo" motto term of Bamburg-suspect Barbers, for as that term should be code for Nihills/Neils, expected kin of Neils/NAILS, note that the Arms of Colchester, a cross of the type, and in the colors of, the Bamburg cross. Bambergs were first found in the same place (Oxfordshire) as "nihil"-using Vere's. The fleur-de-lys of English Barbers are expected with the Gellone > Guerin line.

The Neils/Nails share a saltire in the colors of the Malcolm saltire, not only important because Siward of Northumberland had weakened Macbeth just before Malcolm III defeated him completely (in 1057, less than a year before Leo opened the gates to Godfrey), but because Stevenson, first found in Northumberland, and in Malcolm colors, use a "COELum" motto term while a branch of Malcolms/Callams come up as "Colum." I think we need to ignore the going claim of historians for the derivation of "Malcolm, and start thinking on whether the name (and even the person) should trace to the name of a hill at Rome.

The "non" motto term of Stevensons is shared by Nagle's while Nails/Neils are also "Nagle." The Alpin ancestry of Malcolm III was traced to Guerin of Provence before discovering that Stevensons look to be using a form of the Provence Coat. The latter use a chevron in the colors of the Steven chevron, but the latter's is solid, like that of the same-colored Chappes chevron. What's going on here? German Leo's/Pryzewski's share the red and upright lion of Payne-related Guerins. Again, Guerin's father was likely William Gellone while Gellone's share the fleur colors of the Barber fleur, and then another Barber Coat shares double chevrons in the colors of the same of Scottish Larins/Clarins while French Larins/Lorens, using the Capes scallops, were first found in Provence. The same as the Capes / Larin scallop is used centrally in this Arms of Rothschild.

This is what I think the dragon all boils down to, a Rothschild trace to the Jews of Rome. If you agreed with the trace of Peter Pollock to the Pierleoni n(this had been a topic of months ago), know that Rothschilds have been concluded with certainty as a line from Peter Pollock at Rothes castle (Moray, where the Stevenson / Provence stars should trace). This is the Revelation dragon from Vespasian, Titus and Domitian (4th, 5th and 6th heads), up to the Pollocks and Rothschilds but with the Jews of Rome in the middle. Nothing can make more sense, especially as the Jews of Rome are tracing very well to Caiaphas, with more evidence expected. This is what God has been concerned with in the Revelation, to wait, hide, and destroy the world agenda of the Caiaphas bloodline at the Appointed Time. If it was only about Rome, it wouldn't have the same significance. I once thought that the Revelation dragon was purely about Rome.

I had become convinced that the vast gold treasure of Quintus Caepio formed the international bankers, and that much of that wealth ended up in the Rothschild vaults. However, I wasn't thinking at all about the Pierleoni bankers, but this is an important factor because, as they seem obviously behind the first invasion of Jerusalem, it can be suspected that they knew of secret gold within the Temple grounds as per verbal messages passed on, generation after generation within the family. But they didn't have means to the temple to get it, until they became Vatican superiors, paving the way.

Note that Coles' (with the 's') share a white-on-red chevron with Sewards (same leopard design as Chives Crest), Sweets and Lamberts. This was the Siward connection to Swietoslawa, daughter of Mieszko I. The latter predated Leo de Benedict by about a century, and so Mieszko II Lambert gets us closer to Leo. Mieszko Lambert married Richeza of Lorraine (like the Larin/Loren surname), and Godfrey III was the son of Gothelo of Lorraine. Now that is making sense, but I would never have happened upon this picture had not heraldry informed me of the Siward link to the Pierleoni, and had not heraldry informed me earlier that Siward was a Mieszko liner. Godfrey received Lorraine from his brother, Godfrey II, who had received it in-turn from his father, Godfrey I of Lorraine and Verdun, the count also of Hainaut and Mons, important because the counts (county) of Hainaut used the triple Levi chevrons. He was also part of the house of Ardennes, explaining why the Arms of Ardennes uses the potent feature. The house of Godfrey also had connection to the Dutchy of Bar (fish).

It is now possible to trace the Stevenson and Provence stars to the Goz stars because Godfrey I was son of Gozlin of Lorraine (or Lotheringia, as it was then called). Gozlin was married to Metz (from the Pepins?). Godfrey's son, GOZelo, had a son, pope Stephen IX, brother of Godfrey III. I didn't know this (see family tree at page below), as I've never spent the time to become highly familiar with the family of Godfrey de Bouillon. Stephen died in 1058, the year that Godfrey III was let into the gates by Leo de Benedict. It may appear here that the Stevensons and Stevens/Stephens (at houseofnames) were from pope Stephen (died in Florence), making sense where heraldry is expected from Crusader elements. As pope Nicholas II replaced Stephen, note that German Nicholas' share the gold-on-red lion with Bennets / Benedicts, and fesse bars in the color of the Leo fesse bar. It's in the Nicholas Chief, and colors reversed from the lion in the Guerin Chief. German Nickels share a blue-on-white chevron with Stevensons! The other Nickels share the raven with English Nichols (and French Pepins). In the Crest of English Nicholas', a white tower, symbol of the Peres/Petro Crest, perhaps the mouse tower secretly. The raven is a link of the pope to the vikings, as expected.

So, as Stephens share the perchevron of Chappes', one expects that Caiaphas was of the line to pope Stephen and his Godfrey kin, and that Hugh de Payens married this Chappes line now highly suspect with the Larin/Loren scallops. Trace the Capes / Larin/Loren / Rothschild scallop to the Gardner scallop, and then go to Gards, and compare the Gard Coat to the Pullens with the Joseph martlets. Some days ago, I was at the article for Wigeric, founder of Ardennes, but didn't realize that he was the grandfather of Godfrey I. In the last update, Siegfried of Holland was mentioned as the count of Ardennes, and he was the son of this same Wigeric. I just didn't know these things, that Siegfried was of the Jerusalem fiends. It is very possible that Siegfried's brother, the aforementioned Gozlin, traces to Richard Goz, husband of Emma de Conteville, the latter being of the Caiaphas-suspect Comyns, and descended from the Irish Burghs (i.e. John de Burgo, father of Herluin de Conteville) using the same cross as Eustace's. Now I know the score, and I finally win, because we're not supposed to know these things. Obviously, these links have been kept hush by the historians, for had they not, the Wikipedia writers would have been prone to repeating them. It's also concerning that some Wikipedia writers are seemingly in a cover-up. For example, the article on Siegfried doesn't make light of his family ancestry for Godfrey de Bouillon. It doesn't share a list of his brothers so that readers would be very likely to discover the line to Bouillon by clicking on Siegfried's brother.

Back to the Coel entity suspect in the seven hills of Rome, where the Revelation harlot is said to sit. I am humbled by my past rejection of the teachings of those who claimed that the harlot was Israel rather than Rome. While they don't get it quite right, they are closer than I would have given them credit for. It looks like the harlot involves the Pierleoni Jews, or the end-time descendants thereof. I'm not making a final decision, just wondering whether it fits. Did they form the Jesuits, and the various illuminati groups? The hill of concern here is called, Caelius/Caelian/Celio, and the Cales' are apparently using a version of the Coles / Kyle Crest. Reminder, the Kyle candlesticks are in the Arms of Le Mans, at Maine, where French Josephs were first found. The candlesticks are part-code for Sticks sharing the gold garbs in both colors of the Danson garbs, and in the gold color of the English-Joseph garbs. The latter are in both colors of the Comyn / Avison/Avis garb, and the latter share the anchor with Kyle's and Cales'. The latter were first found in the same place (TIPPERary, suspect with the Tiber river!) as Kennedys while it's the Scottish Kennedys (same place as Kyle!) that honor the Avis' in their motto! We are on it. We have just found evidence that Cales' trace to the Tiber, location of the seven hills, and meanwhile it looks like one can trace Tiber-river liners also to Tippers/TiPETTs (anchor! Stevenson chevron, "non" motto term of Stevensons, Malcolm colors), suspect with the Pendragon motto, and so see the "ardua" motto term of Colums and Malcolms, and compare "PETit" to "TiPETT."

The Stevenson chevron is also the Kellog chevron. Kellys (Leo lion?) were first found around Tipperary, and are said to be from "Ceallach." The Kelly lions are traceable to those of Abreu's/Abruzzi's suspect in the Pryzewski / Presley surnames now linking to Peres'/Petro's.

The Colums ("In ardua tendit") listed with Malcolm liners, shown earlier, is on a different page that where one enters "Malcolm" ("In ardua petit"). Both are using what should be the red stag head of COLTs, a surname suspect with mythical KOLODziej. This may trace the hill of Rome to Colts/Celts too, kin of Pilate's. As per the Malcolm/Callam motto, the two Petit surnames both use lions, one using the same lion as Bennets, and the other as Leons' / Ferrari's. The latter Petits were first found in the same place as Pilate's, and the latter share the white pheon with the German Nickels that helped clinch (almost, anyway) a trace to pope Nicholas II at the time of Leo de Benedict (father of Pier Leoni). It therefore appears that Petits were of the Peter name of Pier Leoni, which verifies the gleanings of above, that Malcolm III should trace to the Pierleoni. The Colums are said to be a chief branch of McLeods, who share the black bull with Cole's and Mieske's.

Wikipedia's Caelian-hill article mentions the lavish baths of Caracalla, suggesting that he had a home / family on the hill. Can we trace the Caelian hill to Saraca's or Carricks? Weren't Carricks first found in the same place as Kyle's? Are Kerricks kin of Presleys? If I recall correctly, the cross of Colchester is in so-called RAGully. As Saraca's have been a part of this Flintstone discussion, let's repeat that Saraca's lived at RAGusa, and that it was right beside the ELAPHiti islands, where the elephant in the Arms of Oxford should trace. If you read the last update, you'll know that Vere's of Oxford trace to the Pepin-Metz line, The Bouillon-line merger with Metz isn't brought back far enough by Wikipedia to know whether it gets back to Pepin or Arnulf of Metz. French Pepins once showed a gull or dove, and then, as per the Celio version of "Caelius," the Cellia's were just looked up to find a so-called "bird" (looking like a dove) in the colors of the French Pepin bird.

French Celli's (Forez, near Montbrison) may be using a gold version of the Brison saltire, and are also "Celleri/Cellani," evoking the Sellers (share cups with Pilotte's), Kellers, Killers, and Kelners (share key with Bettys / Barneys). It's no small point if Caelian-hill liners went to cup-using Sellers (Aberdeenshire, same place as the Bernician Kellogs), for the cup in the hand of the Revelation harlot may have been used by God to identify with the "holy grail" of Arthurian stupids. As the Caelian hill is expected to be of a line of Joseph Caiaphas, by what coincidence did French Josephs once show the swan design in the Seller Crest? Sellers use the same chevron as Coles', amazing coincidence, as well as putting the same-colored items around the chevron. Coles' use LEOpard faces now suspect as part-code for Leo's, and part code for Pard-like liners such as Perts/Petts. The leopard code has never been identified with confidence in any other way. M

Coles' have a "marble pillar" in Crest while Pillars list "Pilot" while Pellets and Pilotte's both use cups! Hee hee. Pletts/Plate's/Blate's use the Seller swan in the same white color! See the Pilate pheons suspect in the other Blate/Blade Coat, and consider tracing with the Nickel pheon to pope Nicholas II. Revelation's Nicolaitans (in the letter to the Ephesians) are coming to mind, whom Jesus hated. Shouldn't Nickels be of the Nagle's/Nails, especially as the latter were kin of Arduinici, the proto-Arthurian cult? German Nichols/Nickels: pellets, no guff, and probably the Mieske arm holding a pellet.

As the Lohengrin "swan king" was made (by the Arthurian stupids) the son of the Percival "grail king," by what coincidence do Lohans/Logens use a heart PIERCEd (Percival-line code) by nails (Colchester possibility) while Caelius-like Koelers/Kohlers use a heart pierced with arrows??? Aren't Arrows listed with Arras', from the Artois capital of that name, and doesn't "Arras" trace to Arezzo, otherwise known as Arettium, home of the Kelner-suspect Cilnius Romans? The nail theme, was, surely, in honor of Caiaphas, for he had Jesus nailed to the cross, with the help of Pilate. The Percival bloodline was the Levi-suspect Leavell line, right?

Pepins use the camel likely for Camulodunum liners, and as the Pepin fleur-de-lys are black, as are the June fleur, Pepins can be part of the Juno entity at the seven hills of Rome. As the June-loving Yonge's share three black piles with Leavells, I would steer you to the fact that the same Leavells share a red-on-white fesse with Boets/Butts/Bute's, while the latter throw in a fish, making them linkable to the Barney side of Bettys. This then makes Bettys/Beatys suspect with the Boet(h)us house of Sadducees. Like the Boets/Butts, Saraca's use their fish upon a fesse, but then Saraca's were earlier at Kotor, smack beside Butua, modern Budva. That explains it. And Budva is near Bar, where Barbera's may trace. The other Bute's/Butts are clearly Este liners.

Yet, there's a question on a Betty trace to Petits, Pettys (Istria suspects) and Petts/Perts, for Bettys must be using the Siward sword symbol too, and as such are suspect with Siward's line at the Pierleoni. Purple-LEOPARD Sewards got suspect with the double-white chevrons of Sweets, and these are in the colors of the Coles / Seller chevron. We had see a bird on a white tower previously in the Nicholas Crest, suspect with the mouse tower, and then there's a bird (eagle) on a white tower also in the Crest of Sweets (same place as Leavells), you see. The Nicholas' use "A raven wings expanded on a tower," and Swords use "wings expanded," a great reason to trace Nicholas' to Nicholas II if Swords trace to Pierleoni, and a good reason to trace Swords to Pierleoni if Nicholas' trace to Nicholas II. The Sweet Chief has stars in the colors of the Annas star.

Bettys share mascles with the Flemish Peters (Flanders lion), Petts/Perts and Peacocks. For yet another anchor, see the Majors honored in the Peter motto, and keep MAYER Rothschild in mind. Compare the Pett bend with the Anchor Chief. If Bettys were Peters, it reminds of the Berneys location (Burn write-up) in Renfrewshire, home of Peter Pollock. There is a white tower in the Coat of Nickel-colored Plunketts, and then the latter are related definitely to Plocks/Pluknetts (another eagle in a white tower), who use the Joseph martlets (that have been substituted for the Joseph swan in the same colors). The Plock eagle is said to be "emerging from the embattleMENTs of a tower," and then English Ments are using bends in the colors of the Peter bends. Scottish Ments/Manns (pellets, no guff) are the ones with the motto, "PER ardua staBILIS," sharing "ardua" with Colums and Malcolms. Earlier in this update, Ments had traced to Pamphylians of the Babington kind in what looked like an Amyntes link to the Bilis-river Pamphylians.

By the way, while the stabilis term is linkable to Barnstaple, that's where the Albins were first found while the Nickels are said to have derived in Nicholas D'Albini. "The Caelian Hill is one of the famous Seven Hills of Rome. Under reign of Tullus Hostilius, the entire population of Alba Longa was forcibly resettled on the Caelian Hill." ALBA?

We now have excellent evidence to prove that the Presley lions, inside white towers, are indeed the Bennet / Benedict lions, and that Presleys are therefore of the Pryzewski variation of Leo's. But there's more, for example, the Presley grappling irons, traceable to Irons/Hirams said to be from Airaines, a line that went with certainty to the Raines', who share white-on-black lions with the tower-using Nicholas'. And the red cockTRICE of Presleys is partly for Trice's sharing same white stars with tower-using and Plunkett-related Plocks. Trice's trace to the motto of Hebrons (share white horse with Plunketts) who use the colors and chevron-symbol format of Sellers, Coles'...and Presleys themselves, you see. Trice's use the same star and rose colors as Sweets.

If the link has never been made before, it just dawned on me that the white-horse Pepins are using a gold version of the Plunkett Coat. It makes complete sense in my alleged Paphlagonian link to Pamphylians, and serves to verify that Pepins were named after PAPHlagonians, or whatever named them. Were they ancestral to BAPHomet?

The "Lumen" motto term of Bettys (keys) can be code for the Lemans', using dolphins (Tipper/Tipett symbol) traceable to Dauphine, where key-using Barneys were first found. It's part of Burgundy, where Tipett-suspect Petits were first found. Compare the Lemans/Limon Coat to that of Boets/Butts/Bute's, but also to the Bilis-suspect Blythe's (surname of the biological father of Bill Clinton, the latter a Rhodes Scholar). Blythe's (first found in Bernicia) use the same scallops as Dade's/Datts i.e. Tatta suspects.

Alternatively, "LuMEN coelESTE", a motto phrase of Bettys, can be the Pepin-Mens-Este-Bar relationship of Paphlagonians and Maeonians to Bernicia-suspect Brunswick. The two Peter surnames could be using the Bruno bend. The "Ardens" motto of Petts/Perts may now trace to the Adens/Ardens, suspect from Aydin on the Maeander river, and it just so happens that the Pett/Pert bend (half a saltire) is in the colors of the Mander saltire.

German Barneys use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Mens', said to be a branch of Manners (from the Maeander-river Maeonians). It again makes a Barney / Betty trace to Pamphylians. Italian Barbara's use double bends in the colors of the double fesses of Manners/Maness' (Northumberland).

On the modern Maeander river (that probably touched upon neighboring Pamphylians), there are the large centers of Aydin and Nazilli. These may have been ancient names tracing to the Adens/Ardens, Aitons/Artems, and the Aids. It may reveal that ARTEMidoros (Bassus ancestor) was in contact with Aydin elements. It's not likely coincidental that Manders share the red-on-white saltire of "Nihilo"-using Barbers. It seems clear enough that AMYNTes, father of Artemidoros, was a MAEANDer liner, right? Yes, and the Mander besants go to his Bassus descendants, or even to himself if he was a Bassus too.

The Nazilli location could easily have been from DioNYSUS, for his mythical Maenads were likely the symbol of the Maeander. To understand Dionysus, trace him back to Nuzi, home of ancient Horites that ended up at Edom. And that's probably why you're seeing a lot of red in this discussion. The "Nihilo"-using Barbers happen to use a "nisi" motto term. Dionysus was the wine line called, "oen," by Greeks, and so his Kabeiri elements should trace to the Oeneus = Una river. Not far to the south-east of Nazilli, there's a Dionysus-like Denizli location.

Ragusa was also called, Laus(a). Manderincidence? Mythical Oeneus was at Messene, which should explain Massey-related Aments. That's to say that Maeander-river elements from the wine symbol of Dionysus removed to Messene, which is the same as what the myth writers said when they moved Pelops of (H)Eneti (a Lydian location to be linked with the Paphlagonian Heneti) to Pisa's mythical OENoMAUS, not far to the north of Messene. So, you see, the myth writers gave the world terms by which to track the people groups. By trial and error, one can discover the truest / most-direct meanings behind the terms and their syllables. Oenomaus was the same line as Cadmus because Dionysus was made a grandson of Cadmus. It wasn't by chance that the two were made father and grandson. There was a reason.

Next, I'd like to show convincing evidence for a trace of Alba Longa (near Rome) elements to the Pierleoni. It starts with the nagging similarity of the giant Nickel pheon to the giant cinquefoil of Flowers. I wasn't going to mention this until I thought to check out the Long surnames for links to Albins and Alba Longa. One Long surname was found to have a giant cinquefoil, and, suddenly, it was realized that Langs apply too, for Scottish Langs (Northumberland) use cinquefoils in the colors of the Flower cinquefoil. And the Langhe area of Cuneo is smack beside Alba. Italian Alba's share a swan with Caelius-hill Sellers and Bletts/Blate's while the other Blate's share the white pheon with Nickels. I can immediately predict (not the same as a concluded fact) that the ancient inhabitants of Alba Longa was from the Latmus area of Caria, beside the proto-Latin Lydians, for Langs had been trace to Luni (beside Massa-Carrara), and Luni was traced to Carians at LatMUS, making the latter a prime proto-Latin entity.

Moreover, as swans must trace to lake Lychnidus in the theater of the Albanians, that too should apply to Alba liners, and this can trace the PELICAN of German Langs (LUNEburg) to PELAGONia, smack beside lake Lychnidus. It's also beside LYNCestes, suspect with LINKletters, whom are in-turn suspect with the letters on the fesse of Scottish Langs. In other words, Langs and Longs are suspect from LYNCestes, and that was probably of mythical Lynceus, brother of Danais.

There is a Longa surname, first found at Rome, and it uses only a black-on-white upright lion, symbol also of Pillars/Pilots suspect with the pillar of Caelian-suspect Coles'. That works because Alba-Longa residents were force-moved to the Caelian hill. However, that was mythology, but, in any case, only serves to verify that Alba-Longa residents did live on that hill, however they may have gotten to it. English Longs not only use the Piller / Longa lion in colors reversed, but it's also the lion of tower-using Nicholas' (same place as Tiber-suspect Tippers and LANGdens/Landons). The "cui" motto term of Nickels wasn't going to be mentioned until finding the "quoiQUE" motto term Longs, like the "cujusQUE" and "quisQUE" of Pepins.

Recall that Lamberts trace with Sweets and Sewards to the Pierleoni, for one lambert Coat is a virtual copy of a Luna Coat. As Swietoslawa was also Sigrid the HAUGHTy, she was traced confidently to Haughts, using a white bull head instead of the black Mieske / Cole bull. Haughts are in the colors of Nickels, and first found in the same place (Cheshire). But here I have just found a white bull head in the Host Coat, relevant because it was mythical Tullus HOSTilius that forced Alba Longa to Caelian hill. Believe it or not, there is a whitish bull head in the Crest of Albins! Bingo. There is your Alba Longa line. And Hosters/Hasters share the swan with Alba's while the Haster parrot can be for Peter liners of the Pierleoni. Parrots use pears and the same lion as Long-suspect Pillars.

The Tullus entity has just become suspect with Quadratus' naming of his daughter, QuadraTILLA. For the Langdens/Landons, suspect with Pepin of Landen, use three bear heads in the colors of the three Quade wolf heads, and the QUE terms above are suspect with Qewe, as are the Cowes'/Koo's to whom Quade's / Mackays/Quoids trace. As Percivals were Leavell liners while Quadratilla was married to Lupus Laevillus, the black bear heads are expected because one's in the Percival Crest too. The Percival Coat looks like it should trace to black-wolf-head Bellows ("puro" should link to Purys), and the latter brings up more white cinquefoils. It just so happens that Bellows are the ones honoring the Vita's/Vio's in their motto, and the latter are the ones with the annulet in colors reversed from the annulets of TILLs!!! I didn't know this paragraph would come to this when starting it.

English Tills are using a giant wyvern in the colors of the giant lion of Palins/Pawleys (Dorset, same place as Tills, same stars as Purys), and then the neighboring Longs (Wiltshire) use the Palin lion in colors reversed.

French Tulls/Tulles' (butterflies) were first found in the same place (Dauphine) as Barneys, and the latter look like they use a Rex/Rix term in their Coat. Some Coats with letters / words in their Coats can be suspect with the Lang - Linkletter theme. Dauphine is where the Tipper dolphins should trace, suggesting a Tiber-river line to Dauphine. The bigger point is that Rix's/Rex's/Ricks (same place as Leavells) had become suspect with Richeza of Lorraine. The Rex/Rick crosslets are in the white color of the Long crosslets, and though the crosslets are not the same in style, the two surnames were first found beside one another. .

English Tulls/Tolle's (probably the Tool lion, in the colors of the Bennet lion) share the PYRamid with Fisks, and Fishers had traced to PIERleoni. That works where Pierleoni were suspect with Caelian hill along with Alba-Longa elements. In other words, the Caiaphas elements in the Pierleoni may have been merged with Benjamites / Jabesh-ites out of Alba Longa and into the Caelian hill. I would suggest that Alba Longa was named by Halybes, who lived in the Paphlagonian theater. I tend to trace the Galli priesthood of the Kabeiri to the Halybes (kin of Celt-suspect Khaldi), and while Galli are suspect in the formation of Gauls, kin of the Celts all around the ancient Albani, the Galli also trace to the Galatians, for the latter had been Gauls that re-settled their ancient Halys-river theater, where Halybes likely had lived in earlier times. The Caelius hill may therefore have been named by the Galli, and to this it can be added that French Pepins once showed a gull / dove; I had pegged it as, and claimed it to be, a GULL.

The GULLs/Gollys use the JULian crosslet, and these are colors reversed from the identical Long crosslets. It looks like Julius Caesar, rapist of the world, was probably from the Galli / Paphlagonians. English Gulls/Culls (same place as Caesars) are using a version of the German Julian bars. The Pepin bird was in the same colors as the German Gull/Goll gull. As Julians are using the stars of French Alans, and because Long elements looked like Langs, I'd say that Alba Longa was not named after "long," but after Alans. And so "Tullus" named Dol, didn't it, as well as the House of Dulo of Till-like Attila. Isn't that right? This is convincing enough to regard a blood link between Quadratilla Bassus and the Attila Huns, which can essentially trace the Huns to Bistones, whom I imagine were a nasty people in worshipping the nasty Ares. There is a great likelihood that Bistones named Bistue (Urbanus river) in the Maezaei theater, and the Coronis-based Ceraunii were on the Urbanus. Bistue, before I knew of Bistones, got suspect with "Piast," and they were traced to the Pisa Amazons.

Were there not some Albani peoples in the Caucasian area of Alania? Yes, and the Iberi of that area were suspect with the Kabeiri, and some say that Iberi were the Tiberian namers of the Tiber river. The Alanians became the Irons, and the Iron surname has traced by way of the Raines lion to the Long lion.

The Gullys/Gullys are using the Kennedy Coat, virtually, and the latter surname is suspect from the Heneti Paphlagonians. It's making the purple-hue dolphin in the Kennedy Crest suspect highly with the Tiber, for Irish Kennedys, whose helmet traces to Amyntes (Galatians) through the open helmets of Mynetts (same place as Gulls/Golls and Caesars), were at Tipperary. The Heneti lived on the Parthenius river, one major river west of the Halys. The Parthenius was traced to Perseus, a mythical entity at Jabesh- / Japodes-suspect Joppa. This was the same entity as Aphrodite > Venus (mother of all Romans), herself from Khaldi-suspect Chaldea at the meeting of the (K)Habur river with the Aphrodite-like Euphrates. The namers of the Parthenius can be spotted on the map below in the same land as the Celtic Albani:

The Paphos birth place of Aphrodite looks like it was after Apophis/Apepi, and probably went to mythical Epaphus, he being a line from Io of Argos, home of the Perseus Danaans. Joppa was also "IOppa," which may have developed a 'v' version before losing the ending altogether to become, simply, "Io." A 'v' version, "Iova," looks like it could have named "Jove," short for Jupiter. It's clear that when Perseus was married to the daughter of CassIOPEIA, the myth writers were intending some Cass element at Joppa. The Una/Oeneus river then looks like it developed from an IONian element, the mythical wine theme. "The trail of the Ionians begins in the Mycenaean Greek records of Crete. A fragmentary Linear B tablet from Knossos (tablet Xd 146) bears the name i-ja-wo-ne, interpreted by Ventris and Chadwick as possibly the dative or nominative plural case of Iawones, an ethnic name." The Ionians lived early in Attica (suspect from the Hatti on the Halys), and are expected there with the Ogyges dragon. Cadmus, father of Ino, killed it when following a bull = Io to its environs. And Cadmus was of the same lot of horrible pagans that founded lunatic Carthage.

Aeneas was probably the Ionians in a different wrapping. Io was paired with INAchus, mythical founder of Argos. If I recall correctly, Ina was the name of the chief Etruscan goddess, same as the Juno entity. "Inachus" looks like "Naxos,' sacred island of the wine god, Dionysus. The Anaki of Hebron are suspect in this, Amorites, probably from the Amorites of Chaldea, yes, Aphrodite, mother of Anak-like Aeneas. The Heneti-suspect Gullys/Gollys use a "cruce" motto term suspect with Creusa, Aeneas' wife. Aeneas was the Aphrodite-Ares relationship, the proto-Rosy Cross.

So, the question is whether PIER Leoni was a Perseus / Aphrodite element that formed a Peter surname after first starting as Peres-like. That's what it looks like. The Pieres/Peir Coat has a bend in the colors of the same of the Albins, both using green Shields, one of the three colors on the Italian flag, and the colors of the Bauers and Bowers. Green has always been suspect with Libya, where Io's children went. And Aeneas was involved with Carthage to the west of Libya, and so compare "Libya" with "Halybes." It looks like the Aphrodite Halybes -- though technically I identify Halybes (metal inventors) with her husband, Hephaestus -- was a Libyan - Carthage entity. Aphrodite's special lover, meaning her secondary partners / allies, Ares, was worshiped by Bistones of Cyrene = eastern Libya. And they are tracing to the Bassus surname of the Halybes-suspect Galatians. Metal-making and weapons-making goes hand-in-hand with a god of war. That's the underlying story of the Ares dragon, the one that was made a spectacle of in Revelation. The Ares dragon will be the pitiful loser even as its lovers are asking, Who can make war against the beast?

The Mieszko-suspect Haughts may have a branch in Irish Haughts (Shield filled with red-and-gold checks), using an "iterumQUE" motto term. There is an erect sword in the Crest, symbol of Bistones. The Haughts may be a branch of Coughs/Cuffs ("aniMUS") and Houghs/Huffs (suspect with the black wolf of Quade's), and therefore of green-Shield Coffers. The bend-with-symbols of Irish Haughts reflects that of Hosts (and Sale's), and therefore has me wondering whether "Salyes" is from "Caelius," or whether ancient Sale, at the mouth of the Hebros (Aphrodite Hebrews, right), beside Aeneas-related Aenus, named the Caelius hill. In other words, while Sale named Salyes / Saluzzo / Salassi on the one branch, another branch may have named Caelius.

The Gore's who trace to Servitium (near mouth in the Una) use a "Sola salus" motto phrase, and the Caelius-suspect Stevensons use "Coelum non solum" as well as a hand-from-cloud in Crest that can link to the Aeson-suspect ancestry of Richeza of Lorraine by the paragraph below. The "ITERum ITERumque" motto of Irish Haughs is suspect with IDRis of Morocco (I traced his name to ITUReans), home of Berbers, who were from the African Amazons that lived largely, as Meshwesh/Mazyes, in Cyrene. Idris' Moroccan empire may have touched upon the Sale location of Morocco. One expects Aphrodite at the Hebros to have contacted the Amazons of near-off Lemnos, and the Myrina location of Lemnos named the mythical Myrina Amazons of the Atlas Mountains, the north-African area where Idris got his Numidian wife. The Atlas mountains are very traceable to Pisidians that named Pisa, home of Amazons, for "Atlas" traces at Attaleia, a city of Pisidians, explaining why Plato made Poseidon the chief of far-west Atlantis. Poseidon's wife, as named by Plato, was suspect as code for the proto-Celts. Maxwells were traced with the name of Richeza to Rika/Reka/Rijeka (may have been in GORski), near the Maezaei of the Una/Oeneus river, they being traceable to Amazons of OenoMAUS back at Pisa. Therefore, Maxwells became suspect from the "Maxyes" version of "Mazyes." This entire picture traces to the Mieszko's, whose Piast eagle is on the bend in the Arms of Lorraine, and in the bend of the Lorraine surname.

Mieszko Lambert died before the entry of Godfrey into the Pierleoni realm, but somehow his line is expected with those Roman Jews. I haven't read up on it yet, but the guess is that the Pierleoni became papal leaders due to a pope in the family of Godfrey. The Godfrey surname is listed with green-Shielded Caffer(t)ys, suspect from Taranto along with Coffers and Motels. Taranto was founded at least partially by Spartans, which the myth writers identified as the Sparti dragon teeth, of the Ares dragon, as it merged with CadMUS Armenians. The Arms of Taranto has Taras on his dolphin, the son of Poseidon. I get it. Mieszko's wife was from the Ezzonens of Lorraine. "From her descended the eastern rulers of the Piast, Rurikid 'Kiev], and Arpad dynasties." That entire lot is suspect as proto-Rosicrucianism. "She was the eldest daughter of Ezzo (also called Ehrenfried), Count Palatine of Lotharingia by his wife, Matilda, daughter of Emperor Otto II..." Why EHREN(fried)? Was this a line to Aarons (hand-and-cloud) / Arundels / Airaines? The MacAbbe's of Arran use another green Shield, and a salmon suspect with the Sale's / Salemans / Salmons. There is an Ehren surname (Westphalia), using the fish-coat exactly of Italian Barbera's, suggesting their link to the fish of the Lorraine Bars, and moreover indicating that Barbers were a peoples, possibly Berbers, from Illyrian / Celtic Bar. Compare "swallow," the Arundel symbol, to "Swale / Sale." Why do English Barbers, the ones with the Gellone fleur, share a bull head in Crest with Haughts?

Now western Atlantis had another symbol, the Argo ship, that was captained by Iason, son of Aeson (from Thessaly), code, likely, for Ixion's Thessaly elements, and for Ixion-like Iasion, the founder of the Kabeiri on Samothrace, an island between Lemnos (likewise home of Kabeiri) and the mouth of the Hebros (i.e. location of Sale). Near the Sale area were the Ixion-suspect Kikons. But the Argo ship was filled with Boiotians, and Cadmus had settled Boiotia with his Sparti dragon, and as that picture was the Cadmus > Ino line to Io of Argos, that's why the myth was given an Argo code. And so queen Aedon of Thebes, the Boiotian city of Cadmus, was identified with "Aeson" now under investigation as having possible ancestry in "EZZONen." In fact, Ixion was given Nephele = CLOUD as wife, and so this fits the cloud-using Aarons in a link to the Ehren(fried) name of Ezzo. It truly appears that Richeza was a line from the Aeson entity of Thessaly, home of the Mieszko-suspect Muses at Barney-like Parnassus, probably from Parion/Parium (Mysia), known home of Gorgon Muses, and, in my opinion, the representation of mythical king Priam and his son, Paris, the Trojans that descended from Dardanus, brother of the Iasion above, founder of Kabeiri. And Dardanus is where Virgil traced his Aeneas character. One can trace this picture to Illyrian Dardania, and expect Illyrians to be named from the alternative name of Troy.

To be more blunt, Richeza was from the Hecate witch cult (part of the Keturah-Abraham line) that named Priam's wife (Hecuba) and Priam's son, Hector, and so note the Hoctor variation of the Mieske-related Haughts. So, it doesn't appear that Swietoslawa was named after "haughtiness," but secretly after the Hector Mysians. Put them together with neighboring PAPHLagonians, and trace them to mouse-liner POPIEL at the mythical mouse tower. And as Ehrens were first found in WestPHALIA, might the namers of PamPHYLIA have been there? Why do Spanish Barbera's use towers?

So, with Ezzo/Ehrenfried suspect with the Pierleoni's Lorraine elements, by what coincidence were Luciano's, using the three fish exactly of Ehrens, first found in Rome? These are clearly the Lucy fish said to be shared by the Geddes', suspect from the Geta name of north Africa, the name that named Geta, brother of Caracalla Bassianus. "Geta" became suspect with the Getuli Numidians, of which virtually nothing is known. And as Caracalla's father is said to be from north Africa, it can be realized as to why he married Bassianus, if they trace to Bistones. As the Ares god of Bistones traces to the formation of the Rus, who turned out to have a raven symbol connectable to Cyrene-suspect Coronis, the raven of the Gettel surname may apply to Getuli liners. Yet, Gettels are listed with Gartz / Garzen terms. Why would that be?

The Gettel description: " birds beaked and membered red, each wearing a gold crown and holding a gold annulet in their dexter paw." I view Beaks as kin of Haughts, and Ehrens, who list an assortment of suffixes, also use "EhrenBECH / EhrenBUCHL." There is a chance that Crusaders / Templars were largely north-African elements, insidious and hateful of Europeans, seeking to dominate by secret societies bent on acting destructively, by craft, upon the general populations.

The Ehren fish are in the colors of the Heron herons, though one Heron/Ahern/Haveran surname (Lang pelican?) uses the herons in white on green, the colors of the Kane fish, and the MacAbbe salmon. I've written on Eleazar AVARAN Maccabee, like the Haveran variation of Herons. Avaran-Maccabee liners became suspect with the Zacharys/SachEVERALs. I'm seeing the Khyan Hyksos in these fish liners, in cahoots with the Apophis Hyksos. The Herons (same place as Siward, in Sword colors) and related Horns/Orne's probably trace to Orne in Normandy, and so the bull head of Barbers can go to the same of Says, from Say in Orne. The Moreton-Say location is in Shropshire, the city where ARUNdels of Clun lived too. Aarons are in Clune colors, and Cluns use the Shield of Saluzzo's, suspect with the salmon of MacAbee's of ARRAN.

The Zachary goat, upright and in the colors of the upright BAUT ram (traces with Aubins/Albino's to the upright ram in the Arms of Finestre), is indication that the Zachary saltire is that of Nagle's/Nails, the Boofima-goat cult through Oneglia, where the Arduinici lived that had a branch on the BAUTica river. No coincidences. Herons use "Per ardua" in their motto, traceable to the motto of Malcolms / Colums that use the same saltire as Zacharys. No coincidence. As Nagle's are now suspect with Nickels / pope Nicholas II, let's repeat the Runner/RuNAGLE/RunNECKLE surname, and as Nicholas II was pope in the time of Leo de Benedict, let's repeat that "runner" is in the write-up of Pieres'/Peirs. As this picture has become suspect with the Revelation grail, of the harlot, note the grails in the Runner Coat.

The HIRUNdine motto term of Arundels was pegged for the Hiron variation of Hirams/Irons, and the latter are pegged from the Iron Caucasians from Alania, tending to prove that FitzALANs of Arundel were from Alania. now Ezzo-like Ossetia. There is a river in Alania by the name of Ardon, or something close to it.

As the Greys/Grays (same place as Siward) are still being traced to the mythical Graeae Amazons of north Africa, one can glean that the Bennets can trace to the same, for the Bennett lions are also the Grey lion. The Greys honor the Anchors, and the latter are in the anchors of the Tulls that share the Tool lion. The "scaling ladders" of the Bennets under discussion are traceable to Coronis > Cyrene elements in Patmos' Skala location, and I can therefore glean that the Bennett lions are, in particular, in Massey colors, while the central besant (between the Bennett lions) is a symbol of the Massey-related Bistones as they go to Julia Bassianus Maesa. Her grandson, emperor HELIOgabalus, was the willing priest / advocate of the El-Gabal sun god, and so the besant roundel was made gold, in order to be a sun too, apparently. That makes sense. And it's used by Irish Cohens while German Cohens share the checks of Tulls. Scalia's, now on the U.S. Supreme Court, were first found in Florence.

A Massey link to Bennets is expected where the Benjamite-Jabesh merger was gleaned fundamentally with proto-Massey liners in the Oenomaus Amazons. Of that link there was no doubt, and it traced back to the royal Meshwesh of Egypt, of the 21st dynasty to begin with, probably around the time that the Benjamite story was written (in Judges).

As the German Trip boots, once used exactly by French Masseys, are now showing as shoes, I can link Trips to Scalia's in more than one way. First, the other Trips (kin of Gore's/Core's from Chora on Patmos) use a scaling ladder. But then the Shoe/Schuch surname (tree in/on a white tower!) shows variations like the Scic/Schicch terms of Scalia's, and this goes, surely, to the Skeoch variation of potent-liner Skits, while "potent" has been traced well to PATmos as per the patents sharing the Coat of Schole's/Scayles'. One variation of Scalia's looks traceable to Sicils of Sicily = Scylla at Messina. That can trace the Bennett patee, as expected, not only to the patee of Massena's, but to the Patti location in Messina. Massins/Masons, from Numidians, were first found in the same place as scaling-ladder Trips. Was Patti the Pett / Petit / Petty line to Pierleoni? Why do Pettys (Rothschild Shield) was a parrot? I think we have this beast nailed down from a Patmos line through Patti. Expect the 666 from it.

It's very likely that the Trypillian goddess was Artemis, the Amazon goddess at Mysia. On the north shore of the Black sea, Artemis had a throne in wolf fur, and Scylla had multiple wolf heads. The Amazons (all-female symbol) of Mysia (the all-female Muses) are known to have founded Ephesus, and it's the Revelation letter to the Ephesus church wherein we find the Nicolaitans. The Artemis cult at Ephesus had a "ESSENes" bee cult (thanks to Julie for that), and while mythical queen Aedon (in bee-line Boiotia, see Melia) is suspect with "Aeson," Aedon's father (Pandareus) was located (by myth writers) in Ephesus. I get it, that Aeson / Ixion / Aedon was of the essenes bee cult to the EZZONENs of Lorraine, which was itself in the land of the two Meuse rivers. This picture now goes exactly to the Pierleoni alliance with the Godfrey line to potent-liner Templar Jerusalem, satan's attempt to steal Zion back to himself.

Nicholas' are the ones with a raven on a white tower, and then pope Nicholas II had been Gerard of Burgundy, and bishop of Florence, evoking Rozala of Ivrea's ancestral links to Burgundy yet having political power in Tuscany. But Florence is where Scalia's were first found that just traced to Shoe's (ostrich feathers) with a tree on a white tower. As Scalia's looked to be from Sicily, it's now possible that the Nicholas' use the same lions as Sicily-suspect Cecils. You can read that Nicholas II made a pact with the Sicilian Normans, the Chappes-suspect Guiscards:


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