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September 23 - 30, 2014

Merovingian Roots on the Agarus
Re-Visiting Javier's Solana's Arms

The following section has been moved from the last update to this one. If you read it, just find "Og-Yuya" below to continue with new material.

To what lines should we trace Bela, husband of both Richeza Jr. and Helena? The Belli's were suspect. Scottish Belli's/Bely's (white tower suspect as Mouse Tower) were first found in Moray, where Mieszko liners must trace. They use an eight-pointed star in the colors of the Moray stars, but also in the colors of the Hagard() / Goth star. Italian Belli's share six vertical bars with Athols and Coats. German Belli's could be using the split Shield of Lane's. The beacon of German Belli's traces with Bacons/Beacons to Bacau, very near Angusta.

The Ulmans are using horizontal bars in the colors of the Belli bars, important because another of the four sons of Helena and Bela was Olmos. One English Ulman/Olman Shield looks like a version of Spanish Bella/Bellon Shield. The latter use "pilgrim's staffs," though Hawks and Pilgrims call them "staves" while Stave's are listed with Stephensons (Moray stars again), suspect with Hungarian king Stephen, a relative of Bela. However, another of the sons of Bela with Helena was Stephen.

English Bella's/Belows (Yorkshire, where Bellows trace) have a "chalice" in Crest that may be a symbol of the Arpad blood oaths (shared blood drank from a cup), which, if correct, tends to traces the surname to Bela. But why is the Bella/Below Shield filled with fretty lattice? Or, perhaps, the chalice is in honor of Chalk(er)s with horizontal bars in the white-on-red colors of the same of Ulmans...both linking to the Carpenter / Belli bars. Is this indication that even Bellamys are from Bela? I would suggest the reverse. Bellamys must always be viewed with their fretty kin at Ferte-Mace.

There is a Chalice surname said to be from Eschailles from Pas-de-Calais, the theater of Roets married by a Chalker-related Mr. Chaucer. That's quite the coincidence that a Chalice and Chalker surname should seemingly be linking, and for me it's tracing Chalice's to Caucoensii. Of further interest is that Pas-de-Calais was Artois, which traced to Ardahan while the Chalker swan traces to neighboring Sevan, both in the CAUSasus,

The Chalice surname even shares double-white bars with Ulmans, but with a green Shield looking very much like it belongs to the Orleans surname, in which case Ulmans can trace to Cottians, significant not just due to the fretty shared by Cotts and Bella's/Belows, but because the double Ulman bars are colors reversed from the same of Washingtons. The Bella surname is taking us to Gace, always to be linked to Ferte-Mace.

Plus, it needs to be repeated that a "bellow" symbol is used by Skipton-related Skiptons. It means that special kin of Meschin-Skiptons of Egremont are suspect at king Bela. This becomes important for tracing the Meschin kin, Ladds/Ladons and Leaders, to "Ladislav," brother of Vazul/Basil, both men said (by opposing schools) to have been Bela's father. This is very interesting because a Ladon line is going to a Gog line, and it's all rooted in the Aurelia-Cotta line suspect in giving birth to Caiaphas.

My hunch has been that the "holy grail" of Arthurians, as well as the cup of Revelation 17, is one in portrayal of the Caiaphas-line scythians. I trace this chalice back to mythical Cilix of Cilicia, and therefore to the Gileki-Cadusii merger that I now think named Soducena at Sevan, as well as the Cotesii. I have also noted the similarity between "Gileki" and "Colchis," the latter another name for Caucasia. Scythians would drink out of cups made of human skulls of enemy combatants, and the GORGON Medusa (root of Bellamys and Ferte-Mace) may have been symbol for this practice, important because Colchis became GEORGia. When Jesus instituted the drinking of wine from a shared cup at the "last supper," it may have been as mockery (for lack of a better, concise term) of the scythians practice. But if that's correct, who were the scythians that He mocked if not the chief priests? If the Levite blood in the chief priests was from the Laevi Gauls, then one needs to take them back in time to BELLOvesus, leader of a Gaul invasion into Italy that produced the presence of the Laevi there. Gauls can trace to the Gileki/Gels, right? It traces also to the Galli (priests of the Kabeiri) that were depicted with their chief priest, Dionysus, the line from Samson. But the Samson line evolved into Hercules, who rode in a ship shaped like a cup of Gileki-suspect Helios.

Having said that, after the suggestion that Ladds/Ladons are involved at "Ladislav," it needs to be repeated that the Lazi were at a Ladon-like Lazona location in Caucasia. The Lazi are expected at LESbos, location of the Yuya>Gog line. Why was Ladon depicted with many HEADS? Why was Scylla depicted with many HEADS? Because, apparently, multiple heads was a Gorgon code, and it just so happens that the scallops used by Ladds/Ladons and Leaders trace to "Scylla." They are apparently using the Meschin scallops because the Moschian mountains were at or beside Lazona. Gorgon-suspect Geryon (whom Hercules defeated after riding his cup-shaped ship, whose far-west garden was protected by Ladon, was given three bodies, a multiple-head theme. The Colchian witch, Medea, worshiped Hecate, who was given three bodies as well as wolf heads, the symbol of Scylla. I think we get it, and Hecate traces through mythical Hector to the sun-using Hectors as well as to the horizontal-barred Haughts/Hoctors, the latter being the Mieszko family (from the Moschians) that married Bela, brother of Ladislav. As I expect some Bat-Caucasian blood in this picture, perhaps "Vazul/Basil" was a Bat liner.

ZOWIE, just as I decided not to mention the Schole's/SCAYLE's in relation to "Eschailles," the "Chall" term was checked to find the Chill/Child surname, first found in the same place (Hertfordshire) as the Chalice's! Challs/Chills/Childs are very relevant (to Schole's/Scayle's) because they are using the chevron (in colors reversed) of Hebrons/Hepburns, first found in CHILLingham, and that tends to trace Chalice's to Eschol of Hebron. There were some giant skulls in Hebron, but then there is a so-called Merovingian "holy grail" being tossed around by modern writers. It's got to be the same as the Arthurian holy grail...which traces smack to Bellamys of Perche via Percivals! "Child" can trace to the first Merovingian king, "CHILDEric."

It just so happens that I trace HEPburns and their Keep kin to "Kiev," and therefore to Varangian lines in Kiev. This recalls the Gainey/KEAVeney surname that uses the Coat of Chill-like Kellys/Killia's! It looks like Kelly/Killia liners named Childeric! We can not neglect the use of the CHIVES quarters by Keele's/KILLs while Chives' were from Kiev-like Ceva, the Caiaphas line. Why are Merovingians FRANKs linking to VARANGi? It must be true that Merovingians, the first Franks, trace back a couple of centuries to the Varni, and therefore to the lines of Israel's priests amongst the Varni. It appears that the Chalice surname, and its Eschailles location, is in the Ceallaigh term of Kelly ancestry.

Chalice's even use besants, code at times for the line of Basina, Childeric's wife. As I say that the fish symbol of the Keturah line (out of Hebron) became the fleur-de-lys used early by Childeric's family, it not only trace's Merovingians as an African line through Hebron , but trace's them in my opinion to Caracalla, just a couple of centuries (or less) before mythical Merovee was devised to explain Childeric's ancestry. Caracalla's ancestry went back to Geta liners in north-west Africa, in the land of Moors, a term like "Meroe/Merowe." The Tuareg Moors are good candidates for the Merovingian sea bull, if they named Tournai, where Merovingians ruled prior to moving it over to Paris. The fact that Childeric's wife was from THURINGia makes the sea-bull suspect with the TURIN bull, not contradictory to identifying the sea-bull with the Chiaro/Claro bull because there is a Chieri location at Turin. If I were making all of this up, it could be flushed away as mere fancy, but if it's all working like the perfect bowel movement, you know what sort of material we are dealing with.

Just found the Kevens, using the white-on-blue (i.e. Gog colors) Gainey/Keaveney lion, listed with Gowen-like Ewans/Kewans. The red-on-white Hebron lion should be in the Coat of Irish Kevens/CAVenaugh's/Cavena's. There is a question now as to whether Ganeys are Gonne versus Ceva / Cavii liners. Sometimes a surname will develop variations in honor of another surname altogether so that "Ganey" may indicate a Gonne merger with Ceva liners. There is a Ewen surname listed with Eugene's that can link to the Ewan variation of Kewans. As the Auger surname uses an "agendo" motto term. I trace Ugors = Ugrians>Magyars to Euganeo, beside Este (Gog colors), and so it seems that Ceva elements are sharing a Ewan surname from Euganeo elements.

The Ulman bars are in the colors of the single SCHOLEfield bar, and the latter (in Chill/Child colors) were first found in the same place (red-rose Lancashire, suspect with the red Hebron rose) as Washingtons. Scholefields are likely using the red bull of Chiaro's/Claro's, but then Dreux's/Drews share the lion of the Kevens above as well as bulls. Dreux is a location in the "Hebrew"-suspect Eure region of France, beside Paris, where Childeric's son ruled France.

Merovingians trace back to PADOVA, location of Este and Euganeo, because I know that Merovingians are from a BATAVI merger with Salian Franks. It traces Merovingians to Padasus in the Troad, perfect because that's where Paris and neighboring Troyes trace. One can therefore ask whether Padasus (home of Caucones) was the line from Caucasian Bats to Batia, mythical mother of Trojans. As she was made a daughter of the Scamander>Teucer entity, consider the wavy blue-and-white bars of Tokers, for the Formans use these wavy bars while Formans trace to Ferrara, where Chiaro's/Claro's were first found. Then, the Sinclairs are using an engrailed cross in the colors of the engrailed cross of Bats.

The Caucones-suspect Chaucers and Chalkers were first found in Kent, suspect with an Ixion>Centaur line, important here because I identified "Ixion" with Caucones-suspect Kikons. The latter term traces to the swan king, CYCNus (modified to "Cygnus"), explaining the Chalker-Crest swan. But this swan entity was made the son of Percival, the grail king. As Ixion's mate, Nephele, is suspect with Nefertiti, consider further that Yuya's line to GOG could have been in "CYCnus." In that picture, Yuya (proto-Trojans, right?) traces to Kikon, mythical brother of Hebros.

By what coincidence was the Greek term for swan, "cygnus," while Gogarene/Gugar was at lake Sevan? It appears that Gog and swans were linked from way back, tending to prove that Aryan speakers in Gorgon-like Greece developed "swan" in honor of lake Sevan.

With Merovingians tracing well to the Scamander > Batia line, it should be added that Merovingian lore traced their ancestry to a sea bull, for Tokers use sea horses. Are not these sea horses code for the horse symbol of Yuya? And with Merovingians tracing to Kelly / Chill elements, let's not forget that at least one myth writer gave Scamander as the grandfather of the Cilla location on the Troad. To put it another way, Merovingians trace to Mysia (location of the Troad), explaining why Merovingians should trace ahead in time to the Mouse Tower. Merovingian-mystery buffs have concentrated of the lost line of Merovingians from Dagobert, and then Mieszko I was also named, Dagome.

Merops of Kos went to Pandareus of Ephesus, and that's the general location of Clarus, the proto-Chiaro/Claro surname first found at Ferrara, beside Padova. As this is making the Merovingian sea bull suspect with the Chiaro/Claro bull, let's not neglect the Mosca marriage to MonteCHIARO, for the Mosca leopard is in the Coat of Keele-related Chives'. It's not a mystery as to why the Mosca leopard is used by Clan Chattan, for that clan includes Togarmite elements...from Teucer, right?

This trace of Gog elements to Merovingians / Hungarians / Mieszko's and Varangians of Kiev complicates the task of determining whether the anti-Christ will be a Moscow Russian, or a European Gog, for Kiev Varangians founded Moscow. Might there be an alliance between the two? Is Putin a Batia liner?

The Kelly / Gainey / Keven lion is also the Jones lion with blood drops like the Sam/Sammes lion, and the latter's, in the colors of the Rourke lions, is also the Welsh Matt/Mathews lion tracing to Cavii on the Mathis river. It appears that the Murroughs (in the Keven write-up) are using this white lion on red, the same as the Wallis/Wallace lion, and then the Chills/Childs are using the Taran/Tarent Coat in colors reversed, important because Trents use the Arms of Wallis canton / Sion in colors reversed. The Kelly > Childeric line this looks like one to/from Sion, and so we should take note that the Bello-honoring Bouillons, suspect in a Priory of Sion (not to be assumed as a hoax, as some would have you believe) use a flory cross (flory was a Childeric-line symbol) in the colors under discussion in this paragraph. The parents of Godfrey de Bouillon were in Boulogne, of the Pas-de-Calais area of France, you see.

I now see, safe to say, that swan-liner Bouillons were connected to the Childeric-related Chalice's in Pas-de-Calais.

Wikipedia says that Boulogne was also "Bononia," not likely coincidental of Bologna/Bononia of Italy. But on this map, there is another Bononia location on the Danube smack beside ULMum, where I traced Ulmans!!! The Ulman bars are in Bouillon colors, and as both the Bella's/Belows and bellows had connected to Ulmans, the "bello" motto term of Bouillons must apply, and suddenly the Bouillons are tracing to Hungarians of the Bela kind. If Bouillons are not Bell liners themselves, but rather Boii out of Bologna, this paragraph indicates a Boii merger with Hungarian liners. The trouble with trying to differentiate between Bellamys and Boii is that, for example, Beaumonts are also Bellmonts.

Bononia is on the south side between the SALDensii and the Picensii. I know what this is, the namers of Picenzo locations in Abruzzo, the area where the SALTo river flowed, and so it evokes my trace of Childeric ancestry to the Salyes Ligures (whom I trace to the Salto). Therefore, a new idea here is that a Ligurian aspect in Merovingian ancestry was from the Saldensii. For me, it indicates that Salian Franks, and therefore possibly the neighboring Batavi, were at the Saldensii theater prior to settling at Padova. This is evoking my trace to Pek-river elements to the Setta valley at Bologna (the latter location is near Ferrara and therefore beside Padova). The Copparo location beside Ferrara can trace to Cuppae, not far upstream on the Danube from the Saldensii.

The Sion organization of de-Bouillon was "ELDERs of the Priory of Sion," but as most-everything Masons devised was in double-code, note how "Elder" looks like "CHILDER." It just so happens that while Chalice's are using the white double bars of Ulmans in green, white-on-green are the colors used for the Shield-on-Shield of Elders. The Merovingian sea-bull line, the QuinoTAUR, could suggest bull-like Boulogne-sur-Mer (the location in Pas-de-Calais), though that doesn't answer to "Quino." But Quinns use a pegasus in white on green.

There is a swan (known symbol of Godfrey de Bouillon) and torteaux in the Arms of Boulogne-sur-Mer. There are torteaux (red roundels) in the Orleans Coat amongst horizontal bars in colors reversed to the Chalice bars. Therefore, the Calais-Childeric line is tracing to the Aurelia / Orell liners that named Orleans. As swan-using Chalk(er)s were suspect above with "Chalice," it's not likely coincidental that related Chaucers use a TORToise.

Recall that the Gagne's / Gagons (both first found in Burgundy) had traced to the Cogaeonus river at the theater of the CAUCoensii. It means that Childeric is tracing to these Gogi-suspect elements. Just take a look at how the Gagon Coat seems to be a version of the central Shield in the Arms of Calais. Compare also with the Aurelia and Sens Coats. A Sens location is in Yonne while Ganey-like variations of Gagne's are suspect was Gonne liners.

In case the Gagon Coat changes designs, it's got two symbols on pale, a white-on-blue crescent at the lower symbol, the same as the Arms of Calais that itself has two symbols in pale, the top symbol in the gold color of the top Gagon symbol. It's now important that the Ganey Coat uses the pierced Payen/Pagan Zionist stars, not only because the Pierce's are kin of grail-liner Percivals, but because Payne Roet was from the Montreuil / Etaples location smack beside Boulogne-sur-Mer. A trace of Hugh de Payens to this Payne Roet can explain why Godfrey was the first ruler of Templar Jerusalem while Hugh de Payens was the first chief of the Templars. This is the first time that I've traced Hugh de Payens closely to Payne Roet.

The Roets were first found in the same place (Thuringia) as home to Childeric's wife. English Roets were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Pierce's and Percivals. The giant Roet crescent is in the colors of the same of the Sens. The latter are said to be from "milkers of cows," but this is so ridiculous that it must be code for the Cows/Cuff surname using the Sale bend-and-fleur." Cows/Cuffs were first found in the same place (Leinster) as Kevens/Cavena's and Ganeys/Gaynors, and then the Leinster surname is listed with swan-using Leicesters (they use fleur in the colors used by Childeric's family). The Sens trace to the Sensii, on the map above near the mouth of the Siret, and smack beside the Cotesii to which Aurelia Cotta traces. The Cotta-related Caves'/Cavie's (Gog colors again) are said to be from "Chaff / chauf."

The Burgundy location of Ganeys/Gagne's and Gagons/GagNONs (in Non/Nevin colors) is interesting as per a trace of Nons/Nevins (Gog colors again) to the Nefertiti line at Nevers (Burgundy). It's where Gugu-suspect Yuya traced. Gagincidence? It's possible for PERCivals and PERCHe's to be BURGundy elements.

Pas-de-Calais is the location of the Lys river, and Lille is just outside Pas-de-Calais. Clearly, as the Merovingian fleur-de-lys was named after these elements, Childeric does trace to the Chall/Child-suspect namers of Calais. Both the Arms of Lille and the Lys/Lise surname use white-on-red fleur-de-lys, the colors of the same on the Gieger/Geyger bend, a bend (rare left-to-right ascent) in colors reversed from the Challs/Childs. Geigers were first found on the Rhine, where Merovingians proper had origin as per their Salian-Frank / Batavi ancestors. The naming of the Rhine traces to the Reno flowing through Bologna, suggesting that proto-Bouillon elements from Bologna were in the Salian / Batavi theater. TO PUT IT ANOTHER WAY, THE SALDENSII SETTLED FIRST IN BOLOGNA, AND LATER BECAME THE SALIANS. The Geiger fleur is in the while color of the Sale/Salette fleur, making, as expected, the Salyes Ligures suspect as the namers of the Salian Franks. Sale's were first found beside SALop, making that place suspect with Salian-Frank liners.

Sens are said to have been first found in northern Switzerland, location of Surrey-related Zurich (in Gog colors again), and the Salian/SALEman surname was first found in Surrey. The Salians are using the Sale bend but with the same gold eagles as Gonne-related Ghents. The red bend of Gaunts, used also by Gonne's/Guenets, might just be in use in the Geiger Coat. After all, Sale's and Geigers both use white fleur on a bend. The Bends have been concluded as Benjamin liners, but it's notable that, while besants and torteaux came up above in Childeric lines of the Chalice kind. Bends use roundels of both colors in one Coat...a total of nine roundels, the number of the first Templars.

The "videt" motto term of Caves'/Cavie's can now be discussed, for it looks like a line of Vita's/Vio's that trace to the Viu river, a tributary of the Riparia, the latter where the Susa capital of Aurelia Cotta sat (explains why Caves' and Cotts share fretty lattice). But the SCHOLEfields, whom have traced to Childs / Merovingians, are now suspect with the annulet of the Vito/Vio Coat, for Schole's use the ANNUlet (in Benjamin-annulet colors), and it just so happens that Anaki were in Hebron, whom some have come to call, ANNUnaki. The Vita's/Vio's were first found in Treviso/ the land of the Veneti, where Merovingians trace themselves. The Child chevron is also the Tudor chevron while Trabys, suspect at Tarvisium, trace to Tudor Trevor. What sort of Trypillians were at Tarvisium? Ask Angusta.

Jewish Felds are showing the black-on-white moline, symbol of Chives', important because Cottians traced to Ceva by various methods. It's making ScholeFIELDs suspect with Fields/Felds. The Jewish Felds are using the German Kaplin Coat, same split Shield as Gardners that use a giant scallop in the colors of the Capes' scallops (makes Kaplins suspect as Capes liners). I think we can agree that Cavii liners of the Caiaphas kind are in view in this Aurelia-Cotta picture. The Kaplins were first found somewhere in Switzerland, and they use a Shield split vertically in half the colors of the same of the Arms of Sion.

My first attempt at tracing Salian Franks was to Silesians, and later, before knowing of the Salian surname, I thought that Sellicks/Seliocks (in Salian/Saleman colors) were from Silesians; it was noted at the time that Sellicks were first found in the same place (Herefordshire) as Trevors, but as yet I hadn't made the Child trace to the Tudor Coat. I now find that Merovingians can trace to both Trevors and Treviso, suggesting that proto-Merovingians had a strong connection to Treviso. As was said, the Salian/Saleman eagles are used by Ghents, but Ghents are using the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Sellicks.

It's interesting that Ghents were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Tile's, suspect from Thule/Tile elements, for Talbots were traced to Thule elements while Sellicks are using the Talbot Shield, apparently. Talbots are in both Scott Coats while Scutz's trace to Sitlers (lion in colors reversed from the Trevor lion), from Silesia. Note the TREFoil in the Sitler Coat, what could be code for TREVor lines. The Sitler trefoil is in the colors of the Gieger fleur, prompting a look at trefoil-like Travels (in Trip/TREFF colors), first found in the same place (Salop) as Talbots, and using the gold eagles of Ghents.

A fundamental Merovingian-roots link to proto-Talbots is important where Childeric had an abundance of gold bees placed in his tomb while bees are used by Talls/Thalls. This traces Merovingians to Thalia, the Muse at Parnassus, the latter location from "Parion," the Trojo-Mysian home Gorgon Muses, and exactly where the Trojan ancestry of Merovingians traces by other means. Merovingians were Gorgons of the Perseus kind at Joppa, right? Proto-Merovingians were Perseus' Ethiopian wife, right?

The Thall bees were, for years, in the design of the Bessin bees, until I mentioned it. Basina traces to the namers of the Bessin, doesn't she? I'll even bet that the Bessin was named after Basina liners.

The "lir" term buried in the Talbot motto can trace Talbot kin to Euganeo, near Treviso, for Lire's/Lure's use an "agendo" motto term (same as Auger motto term) that I've traced to "Euganeo." The Eugene's/Ewens are using what I think is the Scottish flag traceable to Andrew I of Hungary, brother of Bela, important because Bouillons and Merovingians are right-now tracing to Bela. You can bet your beehive this picture has to do with the Boii in nearby Bologna, for the Boii were from Pannonia, where the first Hungarians settled to form their country. The Sicambrian-Frank side of Merovingians had been from the Hungarian capital, Sicambria = Budapest, a few centuries before the formation of Hungarians...from Ugrians. The Auger motto, "SPECtaMUR agendo," may be indicating Speccots and/or Specks, i.e. Syphax Carthaginians.

The Liers (share the gold star of Lire's/Lure's, probably the Chives star too) were first found in ULM! That could be Hungarian ancestry in Almos, but then Helena of Angusta had a son, Olmos. Liers use a grail in Crest for to link heavily to the Almos>Arpad line, as well as the two wavy bars of VRM-related FORMans/FORAMS!!! It looks like Almos traces exactly to Olmos, and so let's add that the Saldensii were near an Almum location for to explain why Merovingians should be Hungarian kin, or even proto-Hungarians. Trace to mythical king Lier and his codework for further gleanings, but plug your nose lest you get a whiff of Hell's rotting bones.

The Liers (with Leir variation) is how I traced Alans of Dol to Ulm, for the Leirs/Liers/Dayres' were first found in Dol...and zikers, it just so happens that, before writing here, the Travis' were looked up as per Treviso, only to find that Leirs are using near-all the Travis Coat!

Lire's/Lure's (honored in the "hawk's lure" of Herods/Hurls) are a sept of Lutts/McLeods (white Scholefield bull head?), traced to the Aluta river opposite the Carpathians from Angusta. English Lutts had been suspect with the Name/Neame Coat and thus traceable to Neamt, on the Siret river, location also of Angusta. Ludds/Ladds/Ladons also use a wavy bar, a symbol of Formans tracing to Angusta, but this makes the Lutts/McLeods suspect as a line to the naming of Ladislav. Lutts/McLeods and Lire's/Lure's both use a flag atop a white tower/castle. It's perfectly expected for everything in this paragraph to trace with Cotesii elements to the Cottians at the Riparia river.

Sitlers (in Seaton/Sitten colors) can trace to the Sitna river across the Siret from Neamt, but this makes Silesians suspect from that Trypillian theater, and in fact the snake goddess (Angitia) of the Marsi (i.e. on the Salto river) should go to "Angusta." That's like saying that the Ladon dragon in Angusta, which was mythical Latona, idol of caesar Augustus, evolved into the Angitia cult of Mars, the daughter of whom married Romulus to form the first Romans (800ish BC).

The Riparia was traced to Rephaites on the south-west corner of Jerusalem, on the way toward Hebron. The KaveNACH/CavaNAGH variations of Kevens (in Vito/Vio / Daton colors) looks like they can be for Anaki lines to the Caves'. I don't think it's coincidental that the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Letts is that of the Anaki-like Annas'.

The Bellows are the ones using a "vita" motto term, and that recalls the fretty lattice of Bella's/Belows, suspect above with the Bela-Helena line from Angusta. This is additional reason for tracing Ladislav to Lutts / Ludds/Ladons. The "bello" motto term of Bouillons makes them suspect with the Angusta counts, but of course that would amount to the Bela marriage to Helena, which predated Godfrey de Bouillon, meaning that his ancestry was in Helena. You can take that Sionist line to the toilet bowl, where it belongs. But if Bouillons trace to Angusta, likely also the "holy" Merovingians.

If I recall correctly, Gophers show a Godfrey or Godfrey-like variation, and then the Gopher saltire is also Andrew's Cross. The Gopher cross is in the white color of the Bouillon cross, but in both colors of the Bouillon-related Rangabe cross. Feasibly, "RANGabi" could trace to "ANGusta." I'm starting to think that Melissena Rangabe and INGer traces to Angusta, the reason for the naming of Angers / Anjou, where mythical Melusine ruled. But she was in LUSatia, suspect with the Lazi from Lazona, another reason for tracing the Ladon dragon through Angusta. And Melusine was also of Lusatia, which overlaps Silesia. Besides, in colors reversed, the stars in the Chief of Latona-suspect Letts are those of the Sellick-Chief stars, and then while Sit(ler) elements had been traced to the naming of SHETland, it's beside Orkney, where I trace the "ORGAN pipes" in the Lett Crest.

The seven heads of the Revelation dragon are easily identified as seven emperors from the line of caesar Augustus (the seventh head was Nerva in 96 AD). Shouldn't Merovingians trace to Nerva en route to the eighth head, and are these heads God's code for Gorgons??

The "byggar" motto term in the Arms of Shetland traces to the proto-Hungarian Khazars at Bihar, and Biggars are in Lire/Lure / Lier colors. The naming of Orkney was traced to Orchomenos Boiotians, but they may have been the particular Boiotians in the Boii. Queen Aedon of Boiotia was the Akhenaten cult to Autun, and then Datons, said to be from "D'Autun," are using the lion (same everything) of Kevens. Does this mean that Varangians of Kiev link to Autun liners? It should, for Merovingians trace both to Varangians and to Akhenaten. Carolingians had their start in Aachen, but I trace Carolingians to Carlisle while Carlisle's share the flory cross with Bouillons. It's like saying that Akhenaten elements in Nevers moved further west to the French-Belgium border. You can even ask the Nibelungs of Frisia for more clues on the Akhenaten trace to Wieringen, home of Rurik.

The Trevor lion is half in the colors of the Kyburg lion, and then the Salian/Saleman surname was first found in Zurich-suspect Surrey (important because Kyburg is at Zurich). Travis' happen to be using the colors and format of FIELD/Felds, the latter in Schole colors, suggesting links to ScholeFIELDs, thus tending to support a Merovingian trace to Trevors / Travis' / Tudors. In colors reversed, the Ghent eagle can become the black eagle of Charlemagne, and then Carrols use the same lion as Kyburg. One way to explain a Salian trace to Zurich is by way of the so-called Salian Germans that put a Henry's on the Roman throne. These Salians had been suspect as Cohens and therefore Hohens of Swabia, a family that traces to the Khazars of Bihar. "Swabia" itself traces to Sabines, expected on the Salto river. The Sabine- / Suebi-suspect Sviones were neighbors of Sitones, suspect in Sitlers of Silesia. Therefore, the Sitler trefoil might just trace to the same of Pike's suspect from the Picensii, beside the Saldensii.

Travis' are using a version of the Shield of BulKELLY's/Bucklys, for both surnames use the same motto, the motto also of Bends. But as the Fields/Felds are using the same colors and format, see that Bulkellys use the white bull head of ScholeFIELDs, clinching a Field and Feld relationship with Scholefields, and tracing the latter hard to Caiaphas. "BulKELLY" can indeed link to Kellys/Killia's by way of Feld-related Chives' sharing the quartered Coat of Keele's/Kills. See the Bullocks too, who share the motto of Vince's/Vinch's, first found in the same place as Chalice's / Childs, important because Bullock-suspect Pollocks are traced by others to king Clovis, son of Childeric. But with Vinch's linked to the Chalice's, isn't that the real meaning of the Da-Vinci-Code holy grail? Holy, like cow patties.

Why are Bulkellys, Travis', Leirs, and Fields all tracing to Angusta? Ask the same-colored Cabbage's/Cubells with "angustis" motto term. The Cabbage's are said to be from "COBbold," and then Cobbs just happen to use the chevron colors and format of Childs. The Cobb Coat is clearly a version of the CLOVis-suspect Club/CLOBBE Coat, sharing not only the chevron and fish (same colors and positioning), but the black-on-white martlets (suspect as the Joseph martlet). Clubs were first found in the same place (Cambridgeshire) as same-colored Chapmans. It really looks like Merovingians had links to Vrm of Angusta, and the question is why. Was Angusta Merovingian ancestry, or vice versa? My impression at the moment is that Merovingians were of the Latona-Augusta line, and, possibly, Augustus was named after the proto-Augers.

Often, Da-Vinci-Code lore is entwined with Merovingian mysteries fueled my modern writers manipulating code-studded, nutbar concepts. It looks to me that the Vince/Vinch griffin is the one (different positions) in the Bold/Bolt Coat. The latter were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Caves' so that "COBbold" could be a Bold-Caves merger. To help trace Cabbage's/Cubbolds to Bolds, Lancashire is where Travis' (Cabbage colors) were first found who share a white lion with Cabbage's, thus indicating what was suspect anyway, that Trypillians (Trabzon-Amazons to Sarmatian-Alan elements, I'm sure) were in Angusta. We saw Felds/Fields using a version of the Travis Coat, and then Scottish Falts are using the same leaf design as House's who call theirs a "cabbage leaf." German Felds even use "a golden tree stump bearing six LEAFED branches perbend" (in the colors of the Travel bend). As Jewish Felds are clearly Caiaphas liners, we should not be naive when seeing any leaf / leave symbols.

The Stumps/Stomps are using Travis-et-al colors and format, looking very linkable to Tooks/Touque's and Teague's. Tree-stump lines are insinuated in the write-up of Treeby-suspect Stubbings (share a white lion with Cabbages / Travis'), and then the Stubbs were first found in the same place (Staffordshire) as English Falts/Faulds (Travel colors) while the Stirlings/STERlings can be linked to Stubbs / Stubbings while Chappes/Chaips were first found in Stirling. English Cobans (in Travel colors), in seeking Cabbage/Cobbold kin, were first found in Kent, where other Flanders lines were first found. German Cobans are using a giant Moor head (African-Gorgon suspects) expected with the same of Chappes', and these Cobans (like "Cowen") have variations smacking of Goppingen, ground zero for Hohenstaufens / Hohenzollerns (I can't recall which). Therefore, the black-on-gold lion (Flanders symbol) of English Cobans can link to the same-colored lions of Hohenstaufens / Hohenzollerns (I can't recall which), the same family that share the black-and-white Chives quarters.

Cobans are said to have had a STERborough location suspect with Sterlings because Steers happen to use lions in Cabbage-lion colors upon the split Shield of KAPlins / Gardners / Felds. Lawrence Gardner was one of those nutbar writers of Da-Vinci-Code lore. Their aim was to reduce Jesus to mere manhood.

As Jewish Felds likely use the Annas / Angus star, it's another reason for tracing this lot to Angusta. The German Welders/Welters (Thuringia) were looked up as per the Felder variation of German Felds, and it just so happens that Welders share a "globe" with Carpenters ("belli" motto term now suspect with the Bela-Angusta line). Carpenters traced by the Belli / Fuller beacon symbol to Bacau, beside Angusta. Recalling that Falts had traced to Falticeni, near Suceava, and that Atlas elements were traced to Suceava (Atlas/Atley lion, I suspect) it's conspicuous that the Welder Crest is "A man dressed in blue supporting a globe." Isn't that code for mythical Atlas?

An Og-Yuya Possibility

There is importance here where Flemings = Flanders elements were suspect as Trypillians, and the Angusta-based Bouillons were Flemings. The Trypillians, says Wikipedia, would occasionally burn their houses down purposely, apparently as ritual cleansing, the same, vain concept as human-sacrifice cults. If correct to trace flame-suspect Flemings to Trypillians, then I would suggest that fate brought Trypillians to Templar Jerusalem, and that Trypillians were in the Rothschild Zionism that put modern Israel on the map. I would suggest a trace of Trypillians to ancestry at the Moloch cult in the Hinnom valley, the south-west corner of Zion (Jerusalem), where I trace king Og's Rephaites, namers I think of the Riparia. But if one traces "Og" to the Cogaeonus river of the Trypillians, the problem arises of having two origins for Gog, one in Og and one in Yuya.

Yuya was traced to the 600 Danites, suspect in league with the 600 Benjamites, and the latter had the Benjamite city of NEBALlat, suspect as the origin of mythical Nephele, and thus with Nefertiti. Yuya liners can therefore be traced to Naballat (mentioned by Nehemiah). The NEPHtoah location (Joshua 15 and 18) can be located a mile or two west of Jerusalem, at a hill immediately beside Gareb. That could locate Yuya liners in the very proximity of Og's Rephaites. A Yuya link to the Og term can be explained where Yuya's Mitanni household was from Arphaxadites in the first place.

The Sensii, not very far from the Cogaeonus, traces as Sion liners to pagan "Zion," smack at the south end of Jerusalem. and the Ares cult that I link to Gareb traces to the Roxolani Alans, between the Sensii and Cogaeonus. This can trace Og and/or Yuya liners to Zion, right?

I did an intensive investigation on the Ezekiel Temple's exact location using Google maps, at which time Gareb was found (west of Jerusalem, not north, as many assume) as the hill upon which the Israeli parliament (Knesset) now sits, or the hill to its east. Compare "Knesset" to the Kenys variation of the Kemmis surname.

Falticeni, on my modern atlas, is where the Carpathians take a north-west line, which, on the ancient map below, is exactly the location of the Cogaeonus. The Welders even use Zionist stars. This is a good reason to trace Biblical Hagarites (Hebron) to the Agarus river. The Welder man is said to be in "blue," and the Blue surname has a shown GORM variation linkable to Worms / Vrm of Angusta. As the man is said to be DRESSED in blue, what are the chances that Dressers were first found in Thuringia?

As Mrs. Basina de Childeric from Thuringia traces to the Bessin, where one finds a Ryes location, it's first of all interesting that one Ryes Coat is in Child colors. A bend in these colors is in the Arms of Hillion, that being the location of the Hel(l)en surname now tracing to Helena of Angusta. Hillion is near Dol (to its east), and in the same area as Jugon, wherefore it's interesting that Juggs/Judds (same place as Chalice's Childs!) and are in Ryes / Hillion colors and using a ragulee design, same as English Stewarts.

But the Danish Ryes' are using three Zionists stars alone in the colors of the three Zionists stars alone of the Welders. We saw some indication that Merovingians could have had some branches in Silesia, where German Walters (Welder/Welter colors) were first found who use three gold Zionists stars too as well as what should be the lions of the Voirs/Voyers, first found in the Vannes / Morbihan areas of Brittany, where Merovingians can be traced. The Sion-related Walsers (name of the peoples that lived in Wallis canton) are said to be Walter liners. Can this trace Cogaeonus lines to Walter Alan, father of the royal Stewarts? Dutch Walters use hooks, and hooks are, according to my findings, the very definition of "Gog" in some circles. Ezekiel 38 even uses hooks in the jaws of Gog's mouth.

Dressers are using the vertically-split Shield in the Arms of Sion, as well as what should be the Wallis/Wallace lion. As Wallace's can therefore trace to Falticeni with Welders/Welters, its notable that Wallace's use the lion in the colors of the Strange lion. I seek which Trypillians in particular the Strange's go to. The bent arm is shared by both the Crests of Wallace's and ArmSTANGs. It used also by Armors that may trace to Cotes-d'Armor, where Hillion and Jugon are located. It's clear here that Childeric liners were in Brittany, and that they were represented both by king-Arthur's wife = Gwenea/Vannes of Brittany. Mythical MORDred/MODred looks like code for the Motts/Morte's, first found in Cotes-d'Armor (an alternative name for Cotes-du-Nord).

The WOLTer variation of Dutch Walters can suggest Bolters, and that brings us back to Cabbage-suspect Bolds. Bolters (doves) use an arrow called a "bird bolt," suggesting the Birds that use the Bouillon cross in colors reversed. Can that trace Birds to Angusta? On two counts, yes. Boltons could be using the Forman lion. The other Birds are apparently using the red Alan fesse and the Alan martlets. I traced Birds/Burds to the Burridava location to the near-north-east of the Saldensii. Burridava is on the Aluta river, where Lutts/McLeods trace, and the latter happen to be using the castle, in the same colors, of the Martins, suspect with the Marsi on the Salto river. The Burd/Burd MARTLets are code for Martins and related Martels, wherefore we now know that a Saldensii trace to Abruzzo's Salto is a fact. Hmm, "Burrid" looks a little like "Abruzzi."

I can tell you what is amazing from the paragraph above, for Porcius Cato lived in Abruzzo, though Wikipedia doesn't tell where. The Catto/Chattan Coat (Martin colors) uses a castle on blue, same as Martins!!! The Chatans use a tower in both colors of the Martin castle. Chattans are therefore tracing to Porcius Cato in Abruzzo!!! That is a huge key, suspect earlier but clinched now.

Botters are using the Chattan / Chattan bend (because Lucca's use a cat), but Botters had traced to the Close/Clovse bend, and Clovse's are now suspect from the Clevoru location to the north-west side of the Saldensii.

One way to trace Walters to the Cogaeonus (Agarus tributary) is by way of the "wlad" motto term of Joseph's, which suggests the Vlads sharing the white-on-blue Zionist star of Hagars.

The hooks in the Dutch Walter Coat are not likely deliberate code for Gog, but it works just the same, and can trace to Og's Garebite allies too. That's because the Hook Coat looks linkable to the Garvey-related Harveys. Garveys are using the Perche chevrons, and Perche is beside Alencon. And so why are Alans of Brittany constantly linking to Gog lines? We could ask the U.S. military that I say is controlled by Stewarts. Or we could ask the RoxoLANI Alans at the Cogaeonus theater, or we could ask the Goffs/Gaffs/Guffs (three talbot heads only), first found in Dol and linkable to the Goffs/Gochs sharing white-on-blue boars with Googe's. The Goffs/Gaffs share the three talbot heads of Pape's/PAPENBURGS, kin, apparently of Babenbergs, founded by Poppo I of GRABfeld. Garebincidence?

The Goffin variation of the Dol Goffs suggests a look at Coffins/Chafens (besants), first found in the same place as English Stewarts.

By what coincidence was king Og from Basina-like Bashan? One article takes a stab at defining "Og": "First, the only etymology of 'Og' which makes sense of his association with the warriors of the Rephaim is, as Chaim Rabin suggested, something similar to the South Semitic gwg, meaning 'man' or 'man of valour'." Never mind the stab at the definition, but do note the Gog-like term.

The way to explain why Masci's use fleur in the colors used by Merovingians is in Julia Maesa Bassianus, who predated Basina by two centuries. It begs the question of whether Bashan elements went to the Bassianus surname of Julia's father, Julius. Of interest here is that Julius' brother was Julius Agrippa, while the Gripps/Grabbers (suspect from Gripel, Vannes area) use a bend in the colors of English Walters, first found in the same place as Julians/Gillians. Grabbers are suspect from Gareb, and might be have carried Og / Bashan elements. The Masci-related Meschins had ruled the Bessin, and they trace to the Yuya liners in and out of Tanis. This is working, especially as I've been claiming for years that Amorites of Jerusalem had merged solidly with Garebites (Og was an Amorite) across the Greek theater.

One way to trace Og to Lydians, necessary to identify him with mythical Ogyges (Athens, Boiotia), and king Gugu/Gyges, is by way of viewing his line with Keturah to Kodros of Athens, who had a son that founded Ephesus (not really, but it's myth-code digest-reality) in Lydia. Ogyges was the Ares / Ladon dragon, important where Ares (from JEREVan) was traced to Gareb, on the west side of Jerusalem. I can't recall the river's name that traced Rephaites to the south-west side of Jerusalem, but Og's domain included Gilead, location of Jabesh, likely the namers of Jebusites at Zion.

Og's domain stretched as far as mount Hermon = Sion (king SIHON of the Gilead area was another Amorite king). "[Og] ruled over Mount Hermon, Salekah, all of Bashan to the border of the people of Geshur and Maakah, and half of Gilead to the border of Sihon king of Heshbon" (Joshua 12:5). This allows the descendants of Og to join the 600 Benjamites of Gilead alliances, and the 600 Danites at Hermon, and then migrate together to the Sensii / Roxolani of Rosicrucian history. The Rimmon location of the 600 Benjamites was traced to Rimna off the Siret river, location of the Roxolani.

Compare "Gilead" to "Child/Chill." Then consider my trace to Kellys/Kills to MAECenas, and put that beside the "Maakah" area of Bashan. Of further interest is how "Heshbon" could become "Hasmon(ean)." Might "Salekah" have named Saluzzo and the Salyes Ligures? What about Salekah elements to king Seleucus of Greece, the proto-anti-Christ??? Seleucus' royal line gave the throne to one Alexander Balus that merged with Maccabees in more than a military alliance.

There is a Bashan surname first found in the same place as Benjamins. Bashans use vertical bars in the colors of the horizontal bars of Italian Bassans. The Ares-worshipping Bistones are coming to mind.

I don't want to underestimate the importance of proto-Masseys in the Yuya line, as they got to the Bessin. It's Gog-important simply because they were the Meshech of Ezekiel's day. English Bassans (same colors as Bashans and Italian Bassans) are even using the Massey Shield. It looks like the Og liners were a fundamental part of a massive Hebrew migration (included Amorite, Hyksos and Edomite Hebrews) out of Israel, into Phoenicia, then through Anatolia and its islands to Thrace, Greece and all of Europe. I can't see the animal of English Bassans well enough to check whether it's the Mosca / Chives leopard. The latter two surnames take us to Gela elements of Agrigento, and the trick is to find whether Gela traces to the namers of Gilead.

"Guilt" was entered after it dawned on me that that Childeric may have been named after Gilead liners. Variations of the Guilts suggested the Jewels (in Bisset / Pisa colors), who happen to use "GILLYflowers" (symbol also of the Rind Crest). Gilly's are using the Clan-Chattan motto (honors Togarmites), a clan that shares the Mosca / Chives leopard. The Gilly's (in Guilt) may also be using the erect sword of Ares (used by Bistones as a worship tool).

The new consideration is whether Bashan named a Bistones line to the Pisidians, Pelops, Pisa, etc. I don't know. But it does look like Bashan traces well to Bessins and Bassans, to Basina and Bassianus. In short, it looks like Bashan carried to Bistones, but further evidence is needed to equate Bistones with Pisidians. Bistones proper were in Cyrene, land of the Meshwesh Amazons. That should explain why Basins/Bazinets share pine cones with Maschi's of Rimini. So, yes, it looks like Og elements joined the 600 Benjamites at Rimmon. It could be that the 400 wives from Jabesh Gilead were largely Og / Bashan liners.

Ogyges was a ruler in Acte (Athens-Boiotia theater) while Actons are honored by Cravens, while Craven (Garebite suspects in Child colors) was ruled by Meschins. It looks like everything-Gogi is pure Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism. The God of Israel has a date with Gog.

Bistons (use the Bessin Coat) should trace by their bees to Basina and Childeric. They were first found in the same place (Worcestershire) as Ulmans, the latter suspect as Mitanni liners of the Washington kind. Pistons/Pastons/Paistons (same place as Benjamins and Bashans) are using the Child Coat exactly (almost), tending to verify that Childs were at least merged with Bashan elements. The only difference between Coats is the engrailed border around the Child chevron, same as the chevron of Pistols/Pestors.

As French Pastors are using the Dutch Bush/Bos Coat, do I have it wrong to trace Bush's to "BOZrah? Should they trace to "Bashan" instead? I don't know, but Bush's trace to Edomites by their black boar. There were a few centuries between Esau at Bozrah and Og at Bashan. Might the two locations have been related? Put it this way, that Esau produced the seven-headed Lotan dragon when his son married Lotan's sister, but Og goes to the Ogyges dragon suspect as the Ladon dragon. It looks like the two lines merged.

Rosicrucians had a phrase, "cutting of the elm," supposedly for the schism between Templars and Rosicrucians. But as all they do is in double code, perhaps it was nothing by nutbar code for Keturah lines of the Cutter kind that traces to Saluzzo, beside Busca, as well as for the Elm surname (in Salian/Saleman and Benjamin colors), first found in the same place (Lancashire) as OGdens! Right there we have some compelling evidence that Saluzzo traces to Og's Salekah location, and that Keturah's descendants were there during the long period of Israel's slavery in Egypt. What about Jokshan, son of Keturah and Abraham? Why did he get named like Joktan?

Elms use double fesse bars in colors reversed to the single fesse of Ogdens, and both use oak leaves. The Elm-like Ulmans also use double fesse bars, though Elms use them in the colors of the Palmers and Flecks. Palmers trace to the Palmyra location in Syria suspect with the Amurru = Amorite empire. That works for a trace to Og. Mazaca and Tabal would form on the north side of Syria.

The family of the presidents Bush's was from the Palmyra area of New York...named after Palmyra of Syria, according to Wikipedia.

Bashan (northern Israel, roughly due east of Acre/AKKo) was known for its oak trees, and perhaps the Aryans (i.e. proto-English) of that area named Ogden-like Joktan after them. Who says that Joktan's mother, wife of Eber, couldn't have been an Aryan/Scythian? The Ogdens even use a "jacto" motto term. The same motto suggests that Ostens (Saxony, an Anglo entity), and perhaps Austins, are Ogden branches. Whose to say that Eber didn't marry a line to Og?

The Elm surname can now trace with Ulmans to the Almus (modern Lom) location on the Danube, a giant's spittle from Bononia, the latter suspect with Skulls (Child colors) and Bones (Bush-family joy) tracing to Hebron's Eschol. That works. The Anglo-Saxon Ackers (dove, traces to Cuppae, shown on map upstream from Bononia, are using the Ogden acorns on the Salian/Saleman bend (I didn't know this yet when writing above!!), were likewise first found in Lancashire, but as I trace the "Acca" term in the Acker write-up to Acre/Akko, on the Israeli shore, it appears that Og liners were there. But there was also an Acra hill at Jerusalem for to trace Og elements to that city. There is no doubt that Og's Amorites would have wanted a relationship, one way or the other, with Amorites of Jerusalem. Acre liners could have named Ugarit in Syria, and this latter entity is traced very well to Gog-suspect Ugrians / Ugors / Ogurs. If you glossed over it due to the weight of so many points, it looks to be tracing Og to the Hungarians and other Ugrian lines, the Finns, for example.

I trace the Almos>Arpad Magyars (Magog elements?) to Arpad/Arados of Syria, and think that Arpad was named by Arphaxadites from Arrapha, the namers of Og's Rephaites. That works because Arphaxad was a great-grandfather of Joktan. It suggests that a branch of Hebrews or quasi-Hebrews went to Og.

As Hungarians (stag symbol) were from Ugrians, note that the white Jung/Yonge stag is used by Scottish Austins (look like Quint kin). Portuguese Austins are Amymone-interesting for using jug-like vases. Amymone (jug symbol), mother of Acrisius (a Jabesh line to Abas), was identified with the Creusa line, and then Scottish Austins use a "Crux" motto term. The jugs could have been turned into vases when the Austins married Vase's listed with the engrailed Fessys/Vessys, who trace as Macclesfield kin to Cuppae (an apt term for coppa = cup).

It's interesting if Cuppae traces to copper terms out of Cyprus, off-shore from chalice-suspect Cilix = Cilicia. Chalice's, using engrailed double fesse bars in the color of the same of Ulmans, can thereby trace to Og elements, as was expected by other means. The Eschailles location of Chalice's was suspect with Eschol, and then Benjamins use the Schole/Scayle annulet while being in Ogden colors.

Wikipedia makes a point of mentioning ARGob, one of the regions from the splitting up of Bashan. As Bashan may have included Laish/Dan, that looks conspicuous with Danaans of "Argos." Also, the gold-and-red bars of Bashans and Bassans are used in the Arms of ARAGon, and then the Ebro river into that area of Spain was named by Hebrew liners (not necessarily Hebrew speakers by then) carrying the name of Eber, for Eber's son, Joktan, named OCCITANia, a region from the Ebro river up into southern France, where Roussillon sits that uses the same-colored bars. The Tarrs likewise use red-and-gold bars, and they were looked up as per the scimiTAR of Oakleys. The "caveo" motto term of Oakleys can trace to Rephaite suspects at the Riparia river.

The so-called SEPHARdic Jews of Spain spoke Hebrew, I assume, but they may have been true Jews merged with Joktanite Hebrews not of Israel. The genes of the two (or more) Hebrew groups may have found one another out. I've seen evidence in several emailers / readers that like genes seem to attract for marital purposes, but why not also for friendship purposes in general. SEPHARvites (no one that I know of links Sepharvites to Sephardics, but I do) were largely of Joktan's son, Hadoram, whose lines may have named Drummonds who likewise use red-and-gold bars. As has been said a few times, Idrimi, like "Adram," the Sepharvite god, was a Mitanni liner of about the 15th century BC that had merged with some Hebrews in Syria.

If historians have Idrimi dated correctly (probably not, because they date the Hyksos of that same period wrongly), he pre-dated Yuya. If historians are wrong in their dating of Idrimi by the same amount that they wrongly date Hyksos, Idrimi could have been a Yuya liner. Pharaoh Khyan should be dated at the Exodus (1446 BC).

Oakleys look like they're using the Tout crescents, important where king Tut was a son of Yuya-related Akhenaten. This creates a problem because "Akhen" is an Oaken- / Akko-like term too.

As per the SCIMitar, I don't know why Schims are listed with Shands, but there is a giant boar head in the Coat, in the colors of the Googe / Goch boars! It's an amazing coincidence that a symbol of Oakleys should get us to the boar of Gog-like surnames. It's as though Oakleys should trace to a Gog term.

The Schim/Shand Crest is even the Acker dove, but with an olive branch, suggesting that Gog-Levi alliance that I find all over the dragon tracks. The Schim/Shand boar is in the colors of the Leaf/Leve Coat (bees), and the latter likewise use the dove in crest. What another great gogincidence. Now you know that Oakleys and Ackers are the same stock. Consider ACRIsius, the Argos line to Danaans, or that Hercules, a Danaan, was linked in ancient times with Shand-like Sandon.

If Schims/Shands were Yuya-Mitanni liners, it can explain the stars in the Chief as the Washington-Chief stars. That's works. In fact, it downright clinches the trace of Oakleys to Yuya. The Tarrs, suspect with the same scimitar, might have been the Dar entity that named DarDANUS of Samothrace, and/or PanDAReus of Ephesus. Pandareus was the Yuya line too, for he was father to Aedon. What a string of coincidences if I'm all wrong about these traces to Yuya.

The "fortuna" motto term of Schims/Shands can even be for Fortune's (another stag) sharing gyronny in half the colors of the same of Ogdens (first found in the same place as Washingtons). The Fortune stag is now suspect with the same of Keiths and in the Arms of Macclesfield because Fortune's were first found in East Lothian, location of Keiths and Musselburgh. Didn't I say that Yuya lines from Upper Egypt connected with Mus lines at Tanis? It must be another coincidence that Mus was also called, TARun.

I'll never forget Steve Tarr. As a hockey team, mine was floundering, until Steve Tarr was traded to our team. He would score an average of four goals per game for the last remaining games of the season. In a semi-final series, I passed the puck to Steve on a two-on-one break. He shot and hit the goalie, with the puck sliding back behind him but coming to rest on the goal line. And there I found myself looking at this puck, with the score 2-2 late in the game, and the goalie sprawled way out of the net. My knees gave way for pure joy as I slid in, poking the puck across the goal line. My team-mates jumped off the bench and piled on top of me like we won the Stanley Cup. We went to the finals and won a trophy that year. I was 12 years old. But it was Steve Tarr that won it for us.

The Keiths even use vertical bars in Chief in the colors of the same of Tarrs / Aragon / Roussillon, and while the latter is "Rosellon" to the Spanish, Roslin is in Lothian, suspect with Lotan liners. The Austins were first found in Bedfordshire, where Luton is located. We seem to be seeing an Og link to the Esau-Lotan line from Bozrah, perfectly expected. I recall that the previous Bush Coat was showing like the Oakley Coat, with two fleur-de-lys on a fesse in the same colors as (or colors reversed from) the three used by Oakleys. See also the Ogden-suspect Oaks.

Red-and-gold vertical bars are used also by Macks! The Macks use the left-to-right bend of Massena's / Masci's. This is becoming incredible for the newness of these findings. Let's read from Joshua again: "[Og] ruled over Mount Hermon, Salekah, all of Bashan to the border of the people of Geshur and MAAKAH, and half of Gilead to the border of Sihon king of Heshbon." My oft-repeated idea that Maceys of Ferte-Mace were in cahoots with GACE is now looking like it should trace to GESHur and Maakah together. Ferte-Mace is near the Bessin, moreover, and so let's repeat that the Mack bars are in the colors of the Bashan and Bassan bars. It looks like Maakah should link to the Yuya Mitanni, which can explain why Dutch Macks/Mackays/Mache's (Massey/Macey Shield) are using a horse, symbol of Yuya. In this picture, the Yuya liners (about a century after Og) were from Og elements to begin with.

It's a fact that Amorites had lived in the land of the Mitanni. Joktanites are said in Genesis to be from MESHa, which, if this was what became Mosul, is very near to Arrapha (modern Kirkuk). Can we expect the anti-Christ in Mosul to be a Massey liner?

The Amarna letters, wherein king Akhenaten is involved in communications with a non-Israeli king of Jerusalem, speaks of one Hebrew, Labaya, seeking to conquer Megiddo, which is in northern Israel near the Acre location, and thus the land that Og may have ruled. I traced "Amarna" (Nile region of Akhenaten's sun god) to "Myrina" on Lemnos. There was good reason for that trace, including my trace of "HEPHAEStus" to "Ephesus," location of the Akhenaten line.

German Gessers/Gassers/Gasters are perhaps using the lion of Ranulf le Meschin. His son, de Gernon, is probably in the gyronny background used by Ogdens. That could trace Gessers to Geshur.

Perhaps the explanation of the Shands are the Sands (same place as Ogdens / Washingtons), in Austin colors. I trace Sands to the Santones, from Sintians of Lemnos, and still hold out that the Leummites (Genesis 25), from Keturah's son, Jokshan, named Lemnos. The ragulee fesse of Sands happens to be used by Juggs/Judds (same place as Chalice's) sharing the white boar head with Schims/Shands. Irish Sanders are the ones using elephants suspect with Eliphas (Esau's son that married Lotan's sister).

I once read someone's translation of a tombstone phrase on Lemnos, where the main word was "Saka." With the Hebrew plural, 'im," that term becomes, Sakim (i.e. like "Schim"). It just so happens that Saxons/Sextons were first found in the same place as Ogdens, Ackers and Washingtons. The scimitar was sometimes a "Saxon sword." Let's not forget the Saxon horse, used by Kent as well as by Saxony.

German Sanders share the white bull head of Scholefields, and, carefully, it should be added that Biblical prophecy has a phrase, "bulls of Bashan," the enemies of Christ who surrounded him at his Crucifixion. I don't know whether any heraldic bulls are code for bulls of Bashan, but the bull-depicted Merovingians are tracing to Bashan. Just think of Basina in Turin-like Thuringia (Saxony theater). The bull in the Sander Crest is the red bull of Joseph-related Charo's/Claro's (same rare design), from Clarus at Ephesus, but tracing to Chieri at Turin. What a triple coincidence. It means that Joseph Caiaphas may have been one of the bulls of Bashan. The Scholefields had already traced to Caiaphas.

Recalling how the Navy/Nevay horse and rider (looks like Ares with erect sword) had traced logically to Yuya liners, let me repeat: "It just so happens that the Neve fish is in the colors of the Geddes fish so that Geddes' can become suspect as Gace-Mitanni liners, from the Mitanni capital (Wassukanni)". Italian Barbera's use the Neve fish in the same colors, and Spanish Barbera's are said to be from Barbarius in TARRAgona. What a tarrincidence.

With the Schims suspect with Tarrs, it's now important that Yuya / Akhenaten liners in Amarna trace to Myrina, the Lemnos capital, for there was a mythical queen Myrina, an Amazon goddess, in north-Africa, and Amazighen there are also called, Berbers. Amazons were originally at the Trabzon region, which should explain the hourglass Shield of Spanish Barbera's (symbol of the Trypillian hourglass goddess). It can easily be gleaned that APHRODITE, wife of Lemnian god, Hephaestus, was a NEFERTITI element to the Navys/NeVAYS/NEPHews, keeping in mind that the Veys/Vivians trace to Fife's, beside Angus, where Navys and Nevers were first found.

There was a mythical Butes of Athens, same place where Ogyges ruled. As Butes was a priest of POSeidon, it looks like Butes was a Buz / Bozrah liner, especially as Butes jumped out of the Argo shop and began swimming for the Sirens. But then Morgan le Fey, of the Veys, was a chief entity on Bute.

The Medusa Gorgon's Pegasus line is in the Navy/Nevay Crest, and Gorgons had an ugly symbol, as did Hephaestus. Therefore, while Lemnos is known to have been the home of Amazons, we need to trace Gorgons there too, then trace to Berbers of far-West Africa, where the Atlas mountains are found, and from there one can trace to the Lemovices and neighboring Santones. Limousin (named by Lemovices) is beside Creuse, and the latter traces with mythical Creusa to Aenus, a real place at the mouth of the Hebros, where I trace both Aphrodite and Hephaestus, for Lemnos is off-shore from Aenus. There was a Sale location to the immediate east of Aenus, important because Bashan elements are apparently tracing to Aenus while Sale elements are now suspect from Salekah, beside or overlapping Bashan.

Now that Yuya / Nefertiti liners are linking hard to Rephaites, lets ask again whether the Susan surname is in honor of Susa on the Riparia, for Susans use nothing but a giant lily, symbol in the Neve/Nevau Crest. Just look at those Neve fleur, in the colors of the Sale fleur. It's all-around evidence that Childeric was from Susa / Rephaite elements. Moreover, Susans were first found in BURGundy-suspect BERKshire, which is to suggest that Nibelung Burgundians may have named Berkshire. The Berkshire Coat uses so-called frets, linking to the Cotta / Caves so-called fretty. It just so happens that the quarters in the Berkshire Coat are colors reversed from the quarters of Sequani-suspect Seconds/Segurs, first found in Limousin! It makes the Seconds/Segurs / Sequani suspect with Saka elements in Lemnos.

The Sack surname is listed with Sage's, using a chevron in Child-chevron colors. The Sack/Sage description includes "three old men's heads wearing black close caps." It just so happens that while king Clovis was Childeric's son, the Close surname (Lancashire again, same place as Saxons/Sextons) includes a CLOVSe variation. The old three men are indicative of the three Graeae hags, sisters of the Medusa Gorgons. In place of women, old men may be in use for the Mens / Pepin bloodline at the power base of Merovingians.

It has just crossed my mind that the scarlet color of the Saxon/Sexton annulets may actually be burgundy, code for Burgundians. It is hard to make out whether the bows on the Close/Clovse hunting horns are burgundy or red. These horns are in the colors of the Traby horns, and then I trace the small Geddes white Shield to the white square in the Arms of Placentia, at the mouth of the Trebia river. That is, the Neve/Nevay fish should trace to Placentia / Trebia, where Ananes Gauls lived that trace to Kilpatricks/Patchie's on the same river (Nith) as the proto-Geddes' Geds. The Nitts/Naughts even use a small white Shield themselves, and Patch's share black hunting horns, but a further consideration is how "Naught" smacks of the KeaveNAGH variation of the Kevens that share the Daton lion, which could be in play with the red lion of Placentia-suspect Place's/Plaise's. Whew.

The Ananes are of concern in "Hanna-Barbera," a phrase that can trace Ananes elements with Barbera's to Barberious in TarraGONA. It was in this update that I learned, by what seemed a revelation of God, that the Inyaneys/Inyoney variations of Annan(dale)s was for GONNE liners! What a coincidence.

Tarrs come up as "Terre," and as such one can glean that Tarr colors are those of MacDonalds / Ferte's, for MacDonalds use a motto honoring the Terre's. Recalling that MacDonalds were named after Irish Domnann, and that Dumnonii founded Somerset, it's not likely coincidental that Tarrs/Terre's were first found in Somerset (where Treasure's/Tresure's were first found who may be using the burgundy color). Were TResure's TARR liners?

I would suggest Tarragona links to the Atters (MacDonald symbols, maybe the Davenport fitchee) listed with MacInTIRE's (there's that "In" prefix again), noting that Tarragona is thought by some to be of the Tyrians. The Atee variation of Atters can link to the Atley variation of Atlas', not forgetting that Gonne's and Yonne are suspect with the Jones' using the Atlas/Atley lion, and that Jonathan Maccabee made an alliance with Alexander Balus while Alexanders (shares "terras" motto term with MacDonalds) were first found in KinTYRE. That seems to prove that the "In" prefix is to be viewed as "Kin."

Some would have us believe that "Kin" refers to "kin," but the Kenys surname is a Mitanni liner. Of some interest, the mythical alternative of Hector (Arthurian myth) was "Cyner," but that entity is of the Kinner surname, like "Kinneret," the alternative name of the sea of Galilee (due east of Acre). One could assume that "Galilee" was after nearby Gilead.

The Berks and Burgs/Bergs are predominantly using the red-and-gold colors of the Bashans / Bassans / Tarrs / Macks. The Arms of Tarragona are in these colors, and Tarragona is in the Occitania theater (also called Catalonia) near the mouth of the Ebro river. Berks are in Tarragona colors and use a "CAT" in crest. They seem to be using the cross of Borgia's/Burgs (Languedoc = Occitania), and then a pope Borgia, married roughly with a CATTENai-surnamed woman (from Centaur-suspect Candida's), was involved at Gandia to the south of the Ebro. It just so happens that Gands were first found in Burgundy!

We seem to be on the Nevers / Autun / Nibelung bloodline here in north-eastern Iberia. Belgian Gands (suspect with Ghent/Gaunt) share a moline with Borgia's/Burgs, but in the colors of the Susan lily, important because Lille is a location near the Belgian border while the Lys river enters Belgium and flows to Ghent/Gaunt. "CATTALonia" is therefore suspect with fret-using Cattle's/Cattels (it was the Berkshire's who likewise use a fret).

"[Tarragona] was seated on the river Sulcis or Tulcis (modern Francolí), on a bay of the Mare Internum (Mediterranean), between the Pyrenees and the river Iberus (modern Ebro)." This recalls my trace of the Cass and Kiss fountain symbols to Piscinas, beside a Sulcis location on Sardinia, for the article also says, "The city may have begun as an Iberic town called Kesse or Kosse, named for the Iberic tribe of the region, the Cossetans, though the identification of Tarragona with Kesse is not certain." These could have been Kos elements, where the Merops > Aedon lines starts out.

The Cass / Kiss/Kish surname can also trace to Trypillians at the Moldava capital, Kisin'ov/Kishenev, but the greater concern here is that Sulcis of Sardinia was also, Sant'Antioco," tracing without doubt to "Antioch" (Syria), capital of Sulcis-like Seleucids. Therefore, it seems rather certain that Seleucids were at the Sulcis/Tulcis location of Tarragona, and it just so happens that Alexander Balus was a Seleucid king. As Cass' / Kiss' and the Arms of Vilnius use weight scale's, sometimes called, balances, the Balance and Balan surnames are coming to mind as Balus liners, and we may even find that Bela of Hungary applies, for his brother was "Anders," like "AlexANDER." The Laevi were at Novara, like Navarre in Spain, on the upper Ebro. Further inland from Navarre is a Burgos location.

By the way, the Tulcis variation smacks of Telchines of Rhodes, though mythical Telchis was of Sicyon, a place that I trace to Sicanians of Sicily, who smack of the Sequani of the Cottian theater. Moreover, I traced Sicani to the proto-Hungarian Szekelys, but it dawns on me only now that "Sicani" is like "Ticino," two entities having Hungarians in common.

Between Gandia and Tarragona, still on the sea coast, there is a SEGUNTo location, with a VALENCia area inland from Segunda, which recalls my trace to emperor Valentinian to Seagars, a branch of Segni's/Segurana's (both use the moline, a Gand and Borgia/Borg symbol too), and therefore suspect with Seconds/Segurs! That works. It's tracing Sequani-suspect Seconds to Segunto, but as Berks/Burghs use the Second/Segur quarters in colors reversed, they are suspect at Burgos, near the sources of the Ebro. There is a Valence location on the Rhone (used to be the RHODanus) that traced very well to Valentinian liners.

Valentinian I was born in Cibalae (see the Sibal moline), now called VINKovci, honored in the "sibi" motto term of VINCe's/Vinch's, important because Da-Vinci-Code lore at Rennes-le-Chateau (Roussillon) goes also to Castile, south-west of Burgos. Solana's/Sole's, suspect from Sol = Helios of Rhodes, were first found in Catalonia. Place your bets on whether Javier Solana traces to Rephaites, for the personal Arms of Javier Solana are using bars in the green-and-gold colors of the Rippers/Ripleys. Are those the Traby ostrich feathers in the Arms-of-Solana Crest? The Rippers could be using the green Lyon / Lannoy lion, from Lyon, beside Valence upon the Rhone.

Let's back up. The Cass / Kiss surnames had traced to the Arms of Vilnius on two counts, where Trabys lived, but here we find ostrich feathers in a surname first found in the same area as the Cossetans, and that surname happens to use a sun, symbol of Rhodes, smack beside Kos. The Tarrs had already traced to Akhenaten elements, and here we find Tarragona tracing to Kos, where the Akhenaten line passed through.

Recall the fish of Sola's/Solneys, or that they were from NEWTON Solney, for an Arms of La Coruna (north-west Spain) shares crossed bones with Newtons, and the Newton bones are in the colors of the castle in the Arms of Burgos. The Burgos Arms is a green Shield, one of the two colors in the split-Shield of Spanish Capets, important because the Arms of Burgos uses a "Caput" motto term. This makes Burgos suspect with Vrn of Angusta as his line traces from Worms to Capetian royals. Note the two blue-on-white wavy bars at the bottom of the Arms of Javier Solana, for the Worm-related Formans use them too. This Solana Arms was passed on to us by YS this past week, who is still with us through these long updates. I had not yet arrived to this Tarragona topic when YS' email was opened. I had been wondering about the timing, whether it was Special for a topic to be opened soon. And here we are.

The "Camera" motto term of the Burgos Arms suggest the Kamiros location on Rhodes, probably infested with Telchines. But with Second/Segur elements in this area, note the "Prime" motto term of the same Arms, for this looks like lines from Junia Prima and Junia Secunda, suggesting that Burgos liners had some Caepio gold bars. Note also the "Caput CASTellae" motto phrase, possibly for the Cast variation of Cass'.

The red border around the Burgos Arms could be the so-called "orle" of Rutherfords and Rutlands (= Rhodians), a code suspect with "Aurelia," which may mean that the castle in the Burgos Arms is in Susan colors in particular. By what coincidence do I trace Vito's/Vio's to the Viu river at the Susa theater while the Spanish Burgos surname (Castile) shares a giant annulet (white-on-black) with Vita's/Vio's??? Clearly, this is the Ottone-Chappes line but including the Annas line specified in the annulet.

Spanish Valencia's (Castile) use another hourglass Shield. What a berbincidence. Dutch Valencia's/Valentinus' show only roses in Arms-of-Burgos colors. What a susincidence. The roses (Rhodian symbol) are colors reversed to the lions of Rhodian Lyons / Lannoys. It would be expected that the Nefertiti / Autun lines to Burgundy passed though Lyon.

Javier Solana's mother wrote a 666-page book of the Rosicrucian leader, Francis Bacon, and the Bacau location of Moldava has linked to Angusta/Augusta, itself tracing to caesar Augustus, the favorite of Julius Caesar. Javier was related to a Salvador Madariaga (cousin of Javier's grandfather) who partook in creating the EU flag, which happens to use stars in the colors of the Spanish Madariaga Coat, the colors of the Julian stars (may suggest a re-vamping of Europe along dictatorial Caesarhood). Along with these stars, the Madariaga Coat uses roundels half in red = torteaux, the symbol of Orrs and Orrells. The white-on-blue stars in the Javier-Solana Arms may now go to the same-colored ones in the Aurelia Coat. How about that!

The gold bars in the Javier-Solana Arms may be a version of the gold-and-blue bars of Mathers/MADORS, who in-turn use stars in colors reversed to the MADARiaga stars. The Mather motto could be honoring the Caiaphas-suspect Sellers as well as Ritters/Rutters. There is a Madara/Maderos surname (Aragon) with three blue-on-white bars, with six roses amongst the bars that compares well to the seven torteaux amongst the three green-on-white bars of the Orleans surname. It looks like the green-and-gold Javier bars can link rather well to the Orleans and Madera bars.

It looks like Javier Solana, the boss of Europe for some years, and a NATO leader before that (replaced by a ROMpuy surname), is from satanic Telchines and anti-Christ-based Seleucids. Rothschilds, from green-shielded Bowers and Bauers, must also be Rhodian liners. But for the first time that I can recall, the Bauers were traced in this update to green-shielded Burleys/BOURleys, who use the white Googe / Goch boars on green, and thus these are the colors of the Arms of Burgos / Newtons / Susans / Valencia's, take your pick, they all seem related. It just so happens that the MADARiaga / Madara / Mathers/Mador surnames smack of "Mother," while the Burleys became a topic due only to Moverleys, from ModBURLEY, who show a MOTHERwell variation. As Moverleys/Motherwells are using the Washington bars, Mother-like liners look like variations from "Mitanni."

Compare the Madariaga Shield to that of Mittens/Moutons. The latter use a split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Maybe's/Mabbe's, who in-turn share a tiger with Medleys, both of which look like they can link to Moverley/Moberley/Modburley variations. There's a Maberley surname (Mott and Bassen colors) said to be from Mapperley in BASford, and then Basfords are also BASHfords/BASHfields, conspicuous where the Yuya Mitanni (and the entire Tarragona topic) are tracing to BASHAN. Maberleys use the Julian/Gillian cross in colors reversed, as well as the Sale bend in colors reversed.

As Teague's use the Julian crosses in the same colors, the Maybe / Medley tiger may apply to Teague liners. The Caige variation of Teague's is suspect with Cage's (Gace suspects, link easily to the Moverley bars), who use the split Shield in the colors of the same of Maybe's/Mabbe's, and were first found in the same place as Julians. See also the Gate Shield.

As Javier Solana's bars linked well to the green-on-white bars of the Orleans', what about the white-on-green double bars of Chalice's, first found in the same place (Hertfordshire) as double-bar Barleys/Borelys? The ModBURLEYs use double fesse bars too. The Barely write-up tells of a Barley Lancashire, where double-bar Washingtons were first found. The Barely bars are wavy, just like the two bars in the Javier-Solana Arms. It looks like Javier liners were of a Yuya line to Gogi-Ares elements in Rhodes that became the Burley / Barley/Borely bloodline to Bauers>Rothschilds.

Salvador Madariaga was the president of Liberal International, and was succeeded by Roger MOTZ. What a modincidence. Variations of the German Motz surname are, Mischler/Muschler/Mishler. It's three white-on-blue spears looks linkable to the two in the same colors of Pace's/Pascels. The Piscinas location can mean either "fountain" to Latins or may denote the fish in the Pesci Coat (Venice, where proto-Merovingians could be expected), in the white color of the Barbera fish, important because it was Spanish Barbera's that were first found in Tarragona.

To the near-north of Tarragona, the BARCelona location smacks of the Barca family to which HANNibal belonged. The BARKLeys happen to be in Pace / Motz colors while using a "spera" motto term. They use a papal mitre in Crest that should be code for Mitre's/MITERands, like MADARiaga!

We would like to know what the "bal" part of "Hannibal" refers to, for I read that Hannibal made alliances with the Seleucids. Was Hannibal, therefore, allied to the Balus Seleucids, and did these particular Seleucids name Sulcis at Tarragona? The Newtons ("non" motto term) are suspect with Newmans as Numidians, as are the Nons/Nevins and others tracing as Nefertiti liners to central France.

News on Iraq for this month

Does all this mean that we should be expecting a Seleucid-liner anti-Christ Gog from high places in the EU rather than from the Russians? Putin has seemed uninterested in the latest Western entry to the Mosul area. So long as the West doesn't go after Assad, Putin seems happy to see ISIS controlled. The conditions, therefore, for a Russian entry into Mosul seems like a closed door, unless the West takes Assad down and installs a Western agent as the next Syrian leadership. Mr. RasMUSSEN of NATO could become highly involved in Mosul. I don't know what Putin could do about it. The Russians are complaining at this time about Western attacks inside Syria without Assad's blessings.

The way things are shaping up, the West is cozy with the Kurds and reportedly attacking IS's oil-sales potential. It gives the West the excuse to make rounder decisions on all oil activity of the region. And Putin has an open door to cozy-up with the Iraq government. I will be watching things closely, of course. The new Iraqi president is a Massoud surname.

I don't think there will be exports from Kirkuk to the Ceyhan pipeline any time soon. It has been sabotaged continuously and to get it all back would take at least a year or more," he added.

...Damage to the pipeline is a further blow to the beleaguered authorities in Baghdad, but will not affect the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), which began exporting oil in May via its own pipeline, which links to the federal Iraqi pipeline at Turkey's border, and has not been sabotaged. output in Iraq’s Kirkuk slumps 90 percent

Now that sounds like a joke. Are we to think the Sunni sabotaged the Ceyhan line but left the Kurd line alone? Or, has someone in high places arranged to damage the pipeline, while blaming IS, in order to drive all Kirkuk oil sales out of the Kurd pipe, with some reward going into that someone's pocket? I'll bet the West is in Iraq to secure and bolster this pipeline, and cosy up nice and warm to the Kurds while they're at it.
"An Australian military plane has completed the airlift of a third shipment of weapons to Kurdish fighters in northern Iraq. Australian Defense Ministry says the Globemaster aircraft delivered without incident 50 tones of small arms and ammunition to Erbil on Sunday." The widespread rush to help Kurds against IS seems like there's more to it than controlling IS. There is some agenda being played out for Kirkuk. End-time Rephaites, where art thou? Come out come out wherever you are.

The Brits have gotten parliament approval for what they wish to see: their jet fighters in Iraq. Earlier, prime-minister Cameron had wanted to use air power to attack Assad, but the plot had failed. Here now is what looks like some wiggle room to get back at that agenda.

Here is a statement that's made for cozy-up-ness:

According to a statement issued by Maliki's office, Putin's message he said, "You have achieved a lot in your presiding period over the Government of Iraq which was a very difficult period to solve the pressing issues of the post-conflict reconstruction and development of the country socially and economically."

Putin said, according to the message, "We highly assess your efforts to establish fruitful cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Iraq in various fields."

Putin noted that "the step you have taken [in stepping down] is responsible for national reconciliation and worthy of respect, I am confident that you will continue your work in order to strengthen the state in Iraq and expand the ties of friendship between our two countries."

Putin seems to be desirous of further inroads to the Iraqi government, and is leaning on Maliki to keep the trade potential open, because the Massoud government might just decide to close it. That would upset Putin, and he'd blame it on Western intrusion into Iraq. The last I read, Maliki had been nominated to be the vice-president, meaning he could have clout in the decision making. But this situation seems a long way off from the idea of a bad-mouthed Russian anti-Christ in Iraq. I'm losing confidence in that expectation for the foreseeable future.

You can bet that the West has another agenda aside from tapping into Kirkuk oil: to make Iraq as pro-West and anti-Russia as possible. This is where there is potential for an angry bear to lash out and overcome Western intrusions. Iran, due to Western opposition to it, might be happy to join Russia in fighting IS. That much one can predict, but can we really imagine Russia lashing out militarily against Western air power? It's easier to imagine the new Iraqi government booting the West out, especially where Putin and Iran succeed in convincing the Massoud government that the West is in Iraq for personal ambition rather than the welfare of Iraq. Massoud won't be so naive as to suppose the same isn't true of Russia and Iran, but, regardless, his government will have a decision to make on whether the West will always be welcome in the country. Why should the Massoud decision be any different than Maliki's? It was the Shi'ites in general that caused Maliki to turn on the American presence; why should it be much different under Massoud? Daniel 11:21 says that we should be looking for a rejected one to arise in Iraq, rejected by the Iraqi's, we may assume.

But verse 22 speaks on an impressive military "flood" (quick and overwhelming) that weakens some Iraqi's whom the anti-Christ will come to support. How does that work under the current circumstances? Can we imagine Putin coming to the aid of IS after the Western coalition weakens IS? Not right now, I can't, unless Putin supports IS secretly, with money and Intelligence. Can we imagine the flooding army of Daniel going against some other Iraqi entity aside from IS? Now right now, I can't. Perhaps Daniel is referring to an American flood against Assad, one that breaks Assad, with a Russian anti-Christ coming to his aid. Perhaps this flooding army will be in Syria, not Iraq. Right now, that makes more sense. However, Nahum 1:11 seems to be saying that the anti-Christ will be stationed at Mosul. How does that fit a Russian anti-Christ at the present time? That's why I'm losing confidence on a prophetic fulfillment at this time, unless the anti-Christ will be a western agent in Mosul.

Another scenario is that IS provides the flooding army, and breaks both the Iraqi army and the Kurds, the latter one being a "ruler of a covenant" of Daniel 11:22. Then, after the Kurds and Iraqi's join the Western anti-Christ, he comes to their aid and worms into the riches of the regions. That makes for my very expectation at this time, and one can even view a Western anti-Christ in Iraq as being a rejected one. Isaiah 10 then predicts that the anti-Christ will overcome Damascus, which is what we expect of the West now in Iraq.

HOWEVER, Daniel's verse 24 says: "And he will do what his fathers nor his father's fathers have not done. He shall plunder and spoil, and scatter goods among them." That sound like a scattering of war spoils to the two entities that were weakened by the flooding army. Can we really imagine the West sharing war loot with the Iraqi government? It sounds more like a sharing of war loot with anti-government rebels rather than a legitimate / wholesale government.

On the other hand, that idea can work in Syria, with the Western coalition scattering war spoil from IS camps to the Western-backed anti-Assad forces. I can definitely see Obama doing that. Can the EU set up some special office to sit Obama as its chief, so that he can continue as the anti-Christ after 2016? I wouldn't predict it. Nor can Obama fulfill the anti-Christ prophecy between now and the end of 2016. For fulfilled prophecy, especially the one on Israel's trampling for a span of 1290 days, we need to look to a time under another American president. As much as Obama's Muslim mystique, and his underlying animosity toward Netanyahu, looked like he could begin to fulfill that prophecy, it now appears that time has run out for him to do so.

However, there is still time for the anti-Christ to start the 1290 days against Israel under Obama's last two years, and Obama can be predicted to allow that rampage to begin without interfering militarily. Then again, I don't see a possibility for the 1290 days to begin until after Damascus has been taken by the anti-Christ, and until after the anti-Christ wars against, and subdues, the Egyptian government. That's a tall but not impossible order for Obama's final 2.25 years. I do think that both are on his agenda.

That's not to say that I expect the 70th "Week" in the next American presidency, for I have no way of knowing when those last seven years will begin. However, as a watcher upon the wall, one needs to report the movements of the in-coming army to predict the day of attack.

The CIA had the Libyan ambassador murdered:

A U.S. security team in Benghazi was held back from immediately responding to the attack on the American diplomatic mission on orders of the top CIA officer there, three of those involved told Fox News' Bret Baier.

Their account gives a dramatic new turn to what the Obama administration and its allies would like to dismiss as an "old story" -- the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attacks that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

Speaking out publicly for the first time, the three were security operators at the secret CIA annex in Benghazi – in effect, the first-responders to any attack on the diplomatic compound. Their first-hand account will be told in a Fox News special...

Based on the new book "13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi" by Mitchell Zuckoff with the Annex Security Team, the special sets aside the political spin...

The security contractors -- Kris (“Tanto”) Paronto, Mark (“Oz”) Geist, and John (“Tig”) Tiegen -- spoke exclusively, and at length, to Fox News...

? Word of the attack on the diplomatic compound reached the CIA annex just after 9:30 p.m. Within five minutes, the security team at the annex was geared up for battle, and ready to move to the compound, a mile away.

"Five minutes, we're ready," said Paronto, a former Army Ranger. "It was thumbs up, thumbs up, we're ready to go."

But the team was held back. According to the security operators, they were delayed from responding to the attack by the top CIA officer in Benghazi, whom they refer to only as "Bob."

"It had probably been 15 minutes I think, and...I just said, 'Hey, you know, we gotta-- we need to get over there, we're losing the initiative,'" said Tiegen. "And Bob just looks straight at me and said, 'Stand down, you need to wait.'" "We're starting to get calls from the State Department guys saying, 'Hey, we're taking fire, we need you guys here, we need help,'" said Paronto.

After a delay of nearly 30 minutes, the security team headed to the besieged consulate without orders. They asked their CIA superiors to call for armed air support, which never came.

Now, looking back, the security team said they believed that if they had not been delayed for nearly half an hour, or if the air support had come, things might have turned out differently.

"Ambassador Stevens and Sean [Smith], yeah, they would still be alive, my gut is yes," Paronto said. Tiegen concurred.

...In a statement to Fox News, a senior intelligence official insisted that, "There were no orders to anybody to stand down in providing support."

..."No, it happened," said Tiegen.

"It happened on the ground-- all I can talk about is what happened on that ground that night," added Paronto. "To us. To myself, twice, and to -- to Tig, once. It happened that night. We were told to wait, stand-- and stand down. We were delayed three times."


Below is a clip from Henry Kissinger's book, "World Order," compliments of YS. Kissinger believes in the quest for a one-world order, where no "spheres" of political blocs or nations exist in competition to one another's values. Kissinger must be a whaco to think that such a thing can be achieved, and he laments the progress on this issue. For example, he admits that the many meetings / summits of one-world buffs result in aligned visions, but the motivation behind the goals has no "matter of common conviction." That's another way of saying that the owner of the beautiful car neglects / refuses to give it gasoline, or that globalist leaders see the reality of their aspirations as mere fantasy, unachievable, but Kissinger doesn't get it, and thinks that globalist leaders should try harder, with conviction. More than that, he wants them to try harder with COMMON conviction, as though Kissinger is completely ignorant of mortal battles than even the best partnerships produce AS A RULE. It's human nature.

In the quest for global order, where many spheres now exist that need to be subdued and altered to fit the jig of the leading democratic engine, the United States, the individual and the family are abandoned way at the backside of importance, and the only thing to concentrate on, the only thing that matters, is convincing nation-state governments to common agreement on the way forward. It all revolves around governments, for it's governments who will implement the "order" (as opposed to chaos or the threat of conflicts). But "order" refers to the particular law and order and enforcement principles of the particular people seeking to implement it. Hitler wanted order too, as did Julius Caesar. The individual and the family become merely the chess pieces on the global chessboard, to be moved as the players deem it for the sake of keeping the holy cow, ORDER.

Everything in the universe of men must cater to that holy cow, otherwise it will be punished. Kissinger might not speak in his book on established punishments meted to those that opt out of global order, but that would be expected because he seeks to have it implemented as an ideal, the road to Utopia. We are now seeing nation states toppled with the aim of implementing Americanized democracy, but if this is the way forward, I think I will opt out, pass on it, spit on it. Punish me if you must, but I think my values are much better than yours. Globalists are nut bars and cannot therefore have a monopoly on ethics. To the contrary, dictator wanna-bees are wicked below the face line. They themselves cannot admit it because they have come to think of themselves as the angels, the saviors of a world in conflict.

I'm all for order versus chaos and conflict. But whose order? Kissinger sees order operating on free markets, happy workers and business people, and the resulting enrichment of societies. That's the same as putting a worm on a hook in hopes that we, the suckers, will go for the global agenda. However, the fact of free markets is to pit boss against worker, the evidence being in unions. How happy is that? Yes, there can be order in the workplace, unhappy as it can be, and unhappiness is akin to turmoil on the verge, order on the brink of chaos if only the workers didn't need their jobs so much. And that is one example of a globalist-control tool, to keep families on the edge of poverty so that they need to work most everyday of the work week so as to enrich businesses to the max. And such animosities that exist between a union and the bosses will develop amid the happy spheres of political influence that Kissinger imagines possible in permanence.

Once global order is the goal, universal control of the society is already in the works. And control of society has the chief concern of how much money people will have left over after their slavery in the work week. It's not by chance, but our cost of living is designed by those who love us so much. They care for us so much because we are the fashioned tools of their happy world order. Without us, there would be no world turning. Someone has to do the dirty work, and of course that's us, not them...which is to say that suckers, happy at first, will come to realize that their jaws are around the hook of someone controlling them, at which time the happy spheres of influence will begin to implode from within, regardless of the political aspects of the spheres are happily bonded on common ground. That's like fixing the flat tire of a car only to drive the car over nails.

Yes, it's possible to get political spheres of influence -- the Russian and Chinese spheres -- into cahoots with the Western sphere, and it might take the expenditures of another lifetime to do it, but bonding governments alone is not the final solution. What about bonding all the zillions of people? There will be only one thing to do: create a global ideal that everyone must conform to at the pain of punishment if violated. Globalism thus becomes a cult.

It's the Fabian conquest. It's the government ruling the people, not what it claims to be. Kissinger wants all nations to willingly agree to representative government, like that of the United States, where government represents and serves the people, not vice-versa. What illusion ails this Kissinger fellow? A cult is not equal to a representative government. Satan knows all about cults, that there must be an esteemed leader for the rest of the gang to gang around. The leader must have bait of attraction for the purpose, and for most people, money talks. Ahh, prosperity and Utopia, the bait. The cult leader must demonize the good and make zombies of the gang. If the gang aspires the good, it will see that the leader is rotten. Good senses must be thrown down so that the gang clings blindly to the rotten leader.


The years from perhaps 1948 to the turn of the century marked a brief moment in human history when one could speak of an incipient global world order composed of an amalgam of American idealism and traditional European concepts of statehood and balance of power. But vast regions of the world have never shared and only acquiesced in the Western concept of order. These reservations are now becoming explicit...

That's the same as saying, "It's not working. It's going the wrong way after two generations of attempts. The Russians, Muslims, South Americans, and Chinese hate us." But Mr. Kissinger still seeks to make this machinery work, to his death bed, apparently. How much more money and energy will be spent to make his contraption fly? I say, throw it off a cliff and let the people spend their own money. To make the globalist failure more attractive, Kissinger calls it a "turning point: "The order established and proclaimed by the West stands at a turning point. First, the nature of the state itself -- the basic formal unit of international life -- has been subjected to a multitude of pressures." The basic, formal unit of globalist life is, not the people, but the nation state??? Does Kissinger thus reveal his demonism by that one phrase alone? Has he taken the chance, by revealing this shocking tenant of globalism, in a last-ditch effort to have the masses adhere to it? Is his entire book wrapped like a band-aid to a wound around the hope that the masses will see the light of world life, dependant on political commonality, and thus come to a healing? Is there no international life unless the world agrees on oneness?

His choice of "international life" rather than "international unit" is his bait to make globalism appear as a holy thing for the peoples to worship and abide by. Has the world been dead all this time prior to globalism? Have the peoples been in desperate poverty of life due to separation / peculiarity of nation states? Is all dim until globalist fantasies have become real?

He says: "Europe has set out to transcend the state and craft a foreign policy based primarily on the principles of soft power. But it is doubtful that claims to legitimacy separated from a concept of strategy can sustain a world order." I think it's true that Europe has used soft power, but that's as expected as a new coach more concerned with winning the admiration of team members before manipulating them toward victory with some rigorous methods. The Europe beast is still in the fledgling stage, not the time to overwork it with too many demands. First make it strong, and only then snap at the members if they don't behave.

Kissinger himself uses soft power in his use of "concept of strategy." Is there some disguised snapping involved here? "Hey you guys, have you never heard of the concept of strategy?" What he's saying is that globalists have agreed to the legitimacy of their globalist quest, and yet have not successfully applied the methods to win the game. They have not schemed successfully, bo-hoo, let's all cry for this. The masses are winning this game hands down, and the schemers are being chastised by one unhappy coach, who says, make my day now, make it the "turning point." I'll bet that Kissinger's book is laced with concepts of schemes for the new generation of globalists to pick up.

There is an argument to be made that globalism is not at all legitimate. It's legitimate only amongst the globalists involved with it, but not so much as attractive to others. It's legitimate only subjectively, an opinion. By "legitimate," he means that it's attractive, integrally compelling, and much needed for an ailing world. He could have used another word, like, "value," but he chose "legitimate," as though the gods or natural law have blessed it. It would be so much easier to urge individual nations toward treating one another as friends, all operating on Godly principles -- honesty, hospitality, kindness -- no need for political oneness whatsoever. The only one that wants political oneness is the cult leader, providing that everything is under his supervision and control. There is no need to call it global order, for "order" carries the idea of a controller / governor. Each nation has it's own police force and governors so that having a global governor's office is redundant and frankly stupid if only for the extra costs and conflicts that it naturally creates. Global government breeds conflict with national government, stupid. That's why the globalist strategy must be to install globalists in every national government, which is a worming into countries to force their peoples to serve the global government. Why would anyone wish to serve a worm installed into the government by craft and money bags of fatter snakes?

That's why it's important for the snakes to keep their worms secret. No one is to know who the globalists are that are installed in nations. But even then, the worms themselves can rebel or disobey at any time so that order here results in chaos there, like patching up one side of the balloon to find a prick on the other side.

Globalists are not about to talk about a global-government office that we, the people of the world, can walk in to. The world is not exactly ready to receive such a thing. "Hello, is this the global-government office? My government told me to call you for all my needs." As it stands now, global "order" is all that can be tossed about. It's a pretty nice word because it's better than chaos. But it insinuates a global governor, who must remain invisible because the world does not want to see a global-government office. Who is the global governor? He must be there, somewhere, at the top of the chain of globalist strategists. Every gang has an understood gang leader. And he's not very happy with the strategists. They are failing badly. They can't even get the global-warming hoax to fly, and European globalism has fallen to its knees.

Here's the Kissinger article if you're interested in knowing some of his world views:

Here's from the 5th update in August while on what seemed like a Rockefeller line: I kid you not that I had the impression of Rothschilds when getting to the Felds/Fields from the attitude and look of WC Fields, and then got to the scallops of the Fillers/Villers, in the colors of the same in the Shell logo. Rothschilds, they say, own Dutch Shell. Jewish Fillers are listed with Fellers." It's fairly common knowledge that Rockefellers got their financial empire in oil monopolizing, and so one can expect that current U.S. fingers in Iraq are for the purpose of Rockefeller and Rothschild oil. I suppose that's an accusation without evidence, but I'll entertain it anyway until proven wrong. It's guilty in this case until proven innocent.

The Quinns were mentioned earlier in this update in a paragraph where the Elders of Sion came up. Adolf Hitler became angry with this group, and sought to cripple it's machinery. One can imagine Hitler knowing that British Rothschilds kept spy organizations inside Germany through any number of common Jews. The Quinns (green Shield, same as other Rothschild liners) were mentioned because they are in the colors of the Elder surname, but matching colors alone wouldn't have caused me to mention the Quinns at that point. Quinns share a pegasus with Masseys, and the latter were linked closely to Rothschild liners. Rothschilds are expected from horse liners, and in fact, if I recall correctly, the Jewish Rothchild surname (no 's') uses a horse. I can't get online at the moment, and so went to my files seeking the Rothchild symbols, when coming across the following statement supposedly from the Rothchild/Rufus write-up: "King William Rufus shot an arrow to determine how much land to grant Hamon de Massey." I had forgotten about that when suggesting a close Massey-Rothschild relationship. Fillers/Villers ended up being suspect with a Bocage-Villers location near Ferte-Mace.

If I recall correctly, Rufus liners of the Ralph / Rolph kind share the raven with German Rothes and one Peter surname belonging to Peter Pollock. The Pollock (green Shield) hunting horns are suspect with the Traby hunting horns, but then the Arms of Rothschild share ostrich feathers with the Arms of Traby, as does the Arms of Javier Solana, all of which, I think, underscores the 666-like look of the Traby Arms. I can't recall whether the green Shield of Quinns is with a gold Chief, but if it is, it has the Quinn Shield in the colors of the bars in the Arms of Javier Solana.

The significance of Quinns could be whether the Traby surname is shown at houseofnames with what looks like a 'Q', which I traced better to Quince's (Mascles) than to Quinns, though both can apply to "Quintus" Caepio. It can be added that while the Montfort lion has been pegged as the one used by Stocks / Stake's / Stacks, suspect with the Astikas-Traby merger, the Traby Q is in the white-on-red colors of the Montfort lion. This is actually relevant to the Quince's because the Sforza lion holds a "quince" while the Sforza lion is also the Ferrari lion while Ferrari's trace (in my opinion) to Montferrat, beside Monforte. The Ferrari / Sforza lion can be construed in the colors (or colors reversed, I can't recall) of the Nassau lion, important because Quintus Caepio had a war at Orange, the entity that became Orange-Nassau.

A 666 commercial system adapted from 666-loving families running oil giants compels me to repeat that "Europia" can add up to 666 using the Greek letter-numeral system of old times, while a European conglomerate of oil companies is called, EUROPIA (= European Petroleum Industry). For this term to add up to 666, the 'o' called, omicron, needs to be used instead of the 'o' called, omega.

I've found the Rothchild/Rufus description in my files, which tends to support the claim of conspiracy writers that the "star of David" is a Rothschild symbol: "But a "Jewish" Rothchild surname (no 's') shows a hexagram in Vick- and Stern-hexagram colors (albeit it with "royal blue"), and then this Rothchild Coat uses the same horse design as per the Odin Crest, suggesting that Oettingers of Bavaria were Bauers / Vicks in some way." If I recall correctly, the Oddie's, Odin kin, share royal blue (dark blue). If I recall correctly, Oddie's use a white-on-blue saltire, the colors of the Gopher saltire. Oettingens and Odins use a white-on-red saltire, in the colors of the Traby Q.

The previous Arms of Javier Solana were showing serpent heads. That was a Sforza / Visconti symbol, and it just so happens that one can trace Quintus Caepio to the Chappes' that had merged with the line of Ottone Visconti. I've recently traced the Visconti's and Ottone's/OTTO's (i.e. suspect with Odin liners) to the Vitone variation of Vita's/Vio's, and the latter use just one giant annulet, like a giant 'O', much like the giant Traby 'Q', in colors reversed to the Traby Q. The Ottone's likewise use annulets.

The other Quinn Coat uses the same snake design as one Shell surname, suspect with the Shell surname that named the oil company. I have been tracing heraldic shells / ESCALOPs to the snake god, ASCLEPios. This line goes back to Scala in Patmos, where John received the 666 revelation passed on to us.

One can see here that the Caepio treasure that made Rockefellers and Rothschilds wealthy is now a program to control the globe by political animals duped into the cause by slippery snakes well above the law. Make no mistake about it, these are dangerous snakes if they catch you and wish to punish you. But they do not have the last say in your fate. There is another Invisible All-Seeing-Eye who laughs at their schemes, while pulling up a footstool to watch on. He's taking score, adding up the punishments to be meted according to their selfish works as they tread upon the masses.

The Kurds haven't told the world how much they are selling their oil for, but the United States under Obama decided to permit the sale of Kurd oil in the US. The story got into the press in a REUTers story, a non-US news company suspect with the "Roth" bunch of surnames. The story had the effect of crediting the American courts for the decision while absolving Obama's administration. However, Obama has easy control over American courts in some cases because he and Eric Holder (Black) are suspect in some mutual sinister plots against America due to lingering mentalities from their youth days, when they were rebels and probably, to some extent, holding White grudge.

The Elder surname (Carter colors) first came up in my writings when learning that Jimmy Carter is/was part of a group named, Elders. By some coincidence or not, the Carters were first found in Winchester, where the Quince's ruled. I recall tracing the green Carter cartwheel to some aspect in Winchester. But as Catherine Roet owned the Catherine wheel, see the Rads write-up, for the Astikas had been Radziwills: "Rads is an occupational name...a name for a wheelmaker or wheelwright." Rads use three white Zionists stars on blue, like the Goths and Hagars. Moreover, as Roets share the sleeping Kern crescent, see that a Radvilla webpage speaks on their origin at a KERNave location, in the Sirvintos area of Lithuania, a term like SERVilia Caepio. Hayers, first found in the same place as Hagars, use a "serva" motto term. One could get the impression that 666 lovers trace to the Vrm > Agatha line.

If I recall correctly, Irish Kerns use white-and-green, Quinn colors. If that's correct, it's a fantastic method of tracing Quinns to the Traby Q. Trabys are listed with Sadowski's, Sadducee-liner suspects. Moreover, Trabys have a Treby branch first found in the same place (Devon) as Stewarts (Montfort / Stock lion in colors reversed) and Kern-like Cornwalls. "Corn" can be a horn term while Trabys claim to be named after a horn. I didn't record the web address of the Radvilla/Radziwill family where this information is being obtained (2nd update December, 2010). See Wikipedia's Traby article for a link to the Radziwills.

Irish Kernans/KERNONs uses two red lions in the positioning of the Strange / Brunswick / Levi / GERNON lions. The latter uses a Caiaphas-like motto term linking to the Foots / Fothes' using a chevron in Levi-chevron colors. As Kerns were traced with Roets to Carians of the Endymion kind at the Clarus theater, it can be established that Kern-like Gernons trace to Carians too, especially as Ranulf de Gernon was a son of Ranulph le Meschin, of the Sinclairs that trace to Clarus, the location generally of Endymion. Irish Kerns could be using the colors of the "end"-using Hume's (green Shield, Elder colors), whose "True" motto term can be for a Traby branch. Hume's had traced with Rockefeller suspects to the Humorului area of the Siret-river i.e. linkable to Angusta.

Jimmy Carter has been so sympathetic to the Gaza cause that one needs to wonder whether other "Elders" feel the same way. Jimmy gives the impression that Israel is to blame for failed relations between Hamas and Israel. If this sentiment exists in a Rothschild circle, one could see Israel attacked by Rothschilds influenced by that particular Rothschild circle. Perhaps it was that Rothschild circle, deeply ingrained in Massey liners, that put Obama (Wheelwright liner) on the political map. Both Winchesters and Quincys of Winchester use mascles, and Carian-suspect Carters should be using the Piast-Wheelwright wheel, thus tracing Carters to the Mouse Tower, not to mention to Massa-Carrara and Pisa. Of interest is that Ottone's are in the colors of the Pisa's while "VISconti" can ultimately be from "Pisa." The original Visconti snake was green on white, Carter colors, if I recall correctly. While this snake can trace to Scala of Patmos, Carians and Cornwalls, as well as Horn liners, can be from Chora of Patmos.

If I recall correctly, the Horn herons are in the colors of the Traby Q, while the Heron herons are on a green Shield in both colors of Elders. The latter surname is suspect with Eltons, Alders, and many others, including Holders, from the ALUTa / OLT river through Dacia to Moesia, the entity that may have named, PatMOS.

Reader's Digest

I think for the most part, this story is finished. A reader suggested lately that I do a digest of my findings due to the overwhelming size of the story. That would be a good idea, and yet it would need to be with little evidence for the dragon tracks, for the evidence is what takes up space. First, one needs to define the dragon, then its ancestry, and finally its routes and connections along the way. As it involves mythical codes, there is no way to tell the story without a protracted explanation. The in-thing now is to write short articles, which seems very shallow to me. I find short articles disappointing if not insulting. Why waste my time with a short article that feeds a salad without a meal?

I think that something (not much) can be done in a full book, taking the pieces of the dragon that show the best evidence for explaining it. One problem is, the Maccabee-Sadducee aspects of the story are an entire book in itself, if a good job is to be done. What good would it do to claim that Nahorites are part of the dragon without explaining the reasons? How many chapters would be needed to explain the many heads of the dragon? Another problem is the vast chasm between the way I see this part of history and the way the average person sees it, knowing little or next to nothing. I could easily go over their heads unless everything is explained on a very basic level. That takes space, lots of it, as well as certain expertise, which I may not have. Every mind is different; how can I know when I'm keeping or losing the reader by the extent and nature of the explanation? It might cause over-explaining. In order to shorten the book, I would need to write to historians needing little explanation on particular people groups and their geographies. But it's vain to write to historians in evolutionary camps. They won't tolerate Nahorites and Joktanites, and few would be interested in what I perceive as myth codes both in Greece and in Arthurianism. How much space would be needed to convince the reader that Arthurian lore is code for surnames? Can I just state it as fact and expect readers to believe me? No. Another problem is, I have forgotten half or more of all I've written in evidence for various things, and my files are too long to peruse them all in reminding myself.

My hope is that some readers will take various aspects of my findings and elaborate in their own ways so as to create a basic understanding of what has truly gone on in the history of Europe. But if that doesn't happen, then I assume that God's purpose is to give Christians the understanding that the Biblical dragon is the ghost of Caiaphas and Gogi elements together, coming our way soon. It's Pay-Back Time, and God wishes to pay the sons of the dragon their dues while they are at a pinnacle in an upward swing, while gloating like never before, while thinking that they have achieved eternal life for their causes. The pain that satan has caused God and the universe will come back to it all at once, and linger intolerably.

I should not end investigations because I have the many keys to discover still more. What's left to discover is increasingly better or larger evidence of things already established. That's not a waste of time, unless no one reads it or unless it creates no benefits. I'm assuming that our understanding of what history has truly been about, which evolutionists and other "enlightened ones" disguise, is something God wants His people to know. If I have any good character at all, I need to correct where I had gone wrong.

One think needing clarification in my mind is the difference between the line of Akhenaten / Yuya and that of the earlier Hyksos. They both traced to Trojans however, so that a merger between Israel and Troy can be expected. Yuya has seemingly traced to Batia>Teucer, and perhaps PATmos was named by Batia elements. As Caucasian Bats are in my mind a merger with Caucasian Lazi, one can trace the dragon in Patmos to LESbos. That leaves us to ponder whether Hyksos were a line to Dardanus. Recalling that the scimitar can trace as Tarr elements to "DARdanus" and PanDAReus, consider that Scamander (Teucer's father) might have been a Scam-ander code rather than a Sca-Mander one, therefore revealing a Scam entity, i.e. like "SCIMitar."

If the Trojan horse was code for Yuya liners, then it ceases to be, perhaps, code for the Hyksos, a claim I had made for years. It was assumed (by me) that the chariot was a symbol of Hyksos because they are credited with its introduction into Egypt, in which case the horse is assumed to be a Hyksos symbol. Corroboration that the chariots was a Hyksos symbol is where Ixion, having the look of "Hyk," was pasted to a wheel in Tartarus. That tends to trace Hyksos to Tartus, at Arados, the latter an island smacking of Rhodes, the place of chariot-depicted Helios. We can't then neglect Media of Colchis who rode out Corinth in a chariot pulled by dragons, which is only one reason for identifying Helios as a Colchian entity, very linkable to Attis at Hattusa. And this is the way I work, logically, and, hopefully, convincing. You can play this same game too to dredge up historical realities. You can see above that witchcraft and dragons were linked from ancient times.

The ability to make further links systematically is compounded with every certain link made. As Media worshiped Hecate, one can trace Media's Colchian peoples to Hecuba / Hector of Troy, and elaborate using other evidence for it. It tends to reveal that Hecate was a Hyksos > Ixion line, explaining Media's chariot. You then have cause for tracing some aspect of Ixion to Colchis, and on and on the ability goes for make links. The problem is, familiarity with the myths is needed, and that's not a good thing at all. I don't recommend it for Spiritual benefits, anyway. Myth involves the cesspool of humanity but given a coat of grandeur by the warlocks who wrote the myths. You need to understand the cesspool nature of the peoples behind the codes lest you get deceived into admiring them.

As Hyksos traced to Corinth with Jason, Media's husband, one simply makes a link between Jason's Thessalians at Iolcis to Corinth, while gleaning that "Iolcis" looks like "Colchis." Along the way, theories crop up as you study terms and ask their origins. For example, an idea just occurred now, that "ThesSALY" a was part Saly entity, and then the Sale location near the mouth of the Hebros comes to mind because I expect Ixion's evolution into Kikon (code for a real Kikon peoples), brother of Hebros at Rhodope, a term like Arados / Rhodes, where Ixion had traced otherwise. One can then trace Kikons to Caucones in the Troad, location of Troy, perfectly expected of Ixion lines. And a Caucones link to Ixion suggests that he was a peoples from Caucasian/Circasia, as was Circe, sister of Helios of Rhodes, and so one has the open door for tracing Kikon to "CYCNus" the swan, from Caucasia's lake Sevan. That's half way across Europe already, and as Cycnus was a Ligurian king, zowie that's linkable to Salyes Ligures and the Sale surname.

Moreover, myth writers revealed that Ligurians were founded at Lacydon by a Protis code, which was traceable to THESprotians of Epirus, and there we have that Thes-Saly entity, quite apparently, which is a new and compelling idea as I speak. One key leads to another, but you need to ignore the off-the-wall derivations of historians (for people groups such as Thessalians) when doing this work, and to glean when historians are using off-the-wall derivations as opposed to sound / correct derivations.

I always had trouble tracing Salyes to any entity on a firm basis, but did suggest their being a Sol-Helios entity, which works not bad here, though I now think it can be given as fact that they trace to Thessalians and Kikons at Sale. Ixion lived in Thessaly, you see, and "Ixion" smacks of "Aeson" and "Iason/Jason," likewise from Thessaly. We can go further to IASION/Iasius, brother of Dardanus, which traces Ixion again to Trojans, only, this time, it traces Hyksos to Dardanus, which is some corroboration that Hyksos liners married the Yuya line of Teucer in forming Trojans. One might be able to see "Sion" in "IaSION," important because Iasion was made the founder of the Hebrew-suspect Kabeiri. You have a whack of sound links to work with already in this alone. If Google would respect my right to share information, Google searches would bring you ALL my pages when, for example, you search " tribwatch Ixion ". But someone at Google has punished me so that you will get only a few pages where Ixion is mentioned. And Google treats others in this way, but gives the dragon rulers of this world all the Internet might for to pave their golden roads to globalist Hell.

Once you have established a Hyksos trace to the Kabeiri, you ask whom in Lemnos the Hyksos were. There were Amazons in Lemnos...the Mus / Meshwesh house of the Hyksos, right? And there were Sintians in Lemnos that gets us back to the Schim/Shand surname that was thought to trace to in-part to a Sintian > Santones line. But the Schims may trace to "Scamander," which may have been a Saka-Maeander code, important if Saka scythians were indeed in Lemnos. We know that Dionysus had Maenads as his symbol, code for Maeander elements (a river flowing to Rhodes), and then myth did locate Dionysus (and Ariadne) on Lemnos. That's a good reason for expecting Scamander = Yuya liners on Lemnos, which is where the Yuya link to Iasion traces Yuya liners. That works, and so one can be confident of having it right.

Kabeiri, who liked islands, had yet established a cult in Thebes of Boiotia, and so one might like to understand whom in Boiotia the Hyksos were, now that Hyksos have been nailed down as a line to Kabeiri. And just as ancients pegged Hyksos as Hebrews, one can nail Kabeiri as a Hebrew peoples. Lacydon had traced excellently to LESbos because it's off-shore of Phocaea, and Ligurians at Lacydon were co-founded by Phocaeans. Plus, Yuya had traced very well to Lesbos so that it appears, once again, that a Yuya-Hyksos merger took place, all the way from at least Troy to Liguria. One could even argue that "Hyk / Cyc" is a term like "Gugu / Yuya."

For related logic on the identification of Hermes of Sion, who was a Lydian peoples on the Hermus river to Phocaea, see "Myth Codes 101" at the end of this update.

I had traced Zeus to Zion before finding mythical "IaSION." There was even reason for that trace beyond the "Dion" version of Zeus. There had to be some reason why this Iasion character was made a brother of Dardanus, or why he rather than Dardanus was made the founder of the Kabeiri. It just so happens that the Hyksos historian, Manetho, claimed that Hyksos were in Jerusalem, a very good reason for viewing "Ixion" as part code for Zion and/or Sion, and part code for Hyksos. Then, just as one can see here that Zeus and Ixion were one Zion / ion entity, so a myth writer alluded that Hera, Zeus' mate, was Ixion's mate. And the myth writer called her, Nephele. Plus, Ixion's wife proper was Dia, like "Dion." Therefore, Zeus was the founder of the Kabeiri queers. Note how Iasion's alternative name, IaSIUS, smacks of "Zeus."

How do we imagine migrations of a people from A to B? Did someone go door to door to fellow Hyksos liners in Kizzuwatna seeking those who wanted to pack up and find greener pastures in Hattusa? Or was it merely royal households moving from place to place in political alliances, who grew to city / nation size in those places? Or was there some religious cult involved, such as the wicked secret society, the Kabeiri, always moving about due to rejection from others, or seeking new metal-mining industries / markets? Were they the fly-by-night, proto-Gypsies in wagon trains filled with youth tonic and other rotten gimmicks? They say that Hermes was the merchant god, Mercury. "MerCURY" looks like "CORYbantian," proto-Trojans.

It must be a little frightening for the devoted Christian to think of Zeus as Zion, for it could give the impression that one branch of peoples represented by Zeus became the Israelites and their God, which is to say that Israel's God could look as false and man-created as Zeus. First of all, there are no innate personality comparisons between YHWH and Zeus, nor did Zeus worshipers ever produce a product like that of the Old Testament, taken seriously by members of every nation from the days of the Apostles to this day. Secondly, YHWH never mentions Zion until king David takes it from the Jebusites more than 400 years after the Exodus. YHWH did not even win Jerusalem for the Israelites under the Joshua invasion, nor under anyone else until David, the BRANCH, the one who was a shadow of Christ.

In other words, there seems to have been no connection between YHWH and Zion, and then came the time that God's choice for king would defeat the Jebusites of Jerusalem, and take Zion as his home, whereafter YHWH begins to pronounce an eternal Zion for His own Kingdom, which, of course, was only a symbol of His kingdom, like a symbol representing a Kingdom built of the defeat of the Zeus cult. It wasn't merely David defeating Jebusites that was in view, but Christ at Armageddon defeating the end-time Zeus cult. That can explain the thunderbolt imagery in Revelation, for the thunderbolt was overwhelmingly a Zeus symbol.

I've read that the earliest Zeus was half man, with a snake tail below the waist, and a third, all-seeing eye, Cyclops style, on the forehead. This may explain the seven eyes of Christ, as well as the Revelation dragon. Again, the CYClopian eye was a Gorgon / Amazon symbol, and there was one mythical character, CECrops, founder of an Athenian dynasty, who was a snake below the waist. Athena was born from the HEAD of Zeus, another Gorgon symbol, though, in that this Athenian deity was made a female warrior, she fit the role of an Amazon. Another myth writer decided to portray this Gargarian-Amazon merger with a snake-woman mating with Hercules (son of Zeus) to produce mythical Scythes, no doubt meant to represent the Royal Scythians. It doesn't at all fit the description of Israelis.

The Cecrops line gave birth to PANDion, which can be part-code for PANDareus, son of Merops, the latter suspect as an Amorite line, wherefore PanDION can be code for Amorites of a Zion > Zeus line. Pandareus gave birth to a cult in Thebes, no doubt part of the Kabeiri there, explaining why PanDAReus has the look of "DARdanus." It very compelling to trace certain Athenians, especially the Kodros>Medon line, to Keturah and her son, Medan (can go to mythical Medea). It therefore suggests that sons of Medan, Abraham's grandson, were involved with Amorites of Zion as they evolved into the Zeus cult in Athens. In Pandion myth, there was even a female ZEUXippe, a very lousy attempt to disguise Zeus, if that was the aim.

But Keturah's sons were not the Israelites, and, likely, Keturah's sons either stayed behind in Canaan while Jacob (Abraham's grandson) went to live in Egypt, or became the Hyksos, a nation of Hebrews that were apparently in competition with Israelites...and satan knew it. It's as though fate would have the dragon cult through Abraham's line with Keturah so that YHWH choose Abraham to form a second nation in competition with it, and he gave Abraham a child in Sarah's old age to show that this wasn't part of fate (i.e. it wasn't going to happen) aside from His handiwork.

One may glean the possibility that God brought Abraham from Babylon to Hebron, land of Amorites, for to start the competition = battle with the satanic Zeus cult. It wasn't merely for milk and honey. It was for war against satan, and, to YHWH's embarrassment, Israel periodically chose satan / Baal / Ashtarte over Him. I don't capitalize "satan" because Isaiah says that he's small, while I say that he doesn't deserve special recognition. One needs to be an utter fool to seek recognition by damning himself sin streak after sin streak, and by forming cults that do the same. I'm not calling satan a fool; he's the one giving himself that label.

Athens is beside Thebes, and so one can glean that Hephaestus mating with Athena was a method of portraying a Kabeiri presence in early Athens. Keturah's grandson, Sheba, may have named Thebes, but Athens seems to be of the Yuya / AkhenATEN line. Therefore, chalk up Athens as another place where a Hyksos-Yuya merger was present, asking why these two peoples should have been a Gargarian-Amazon merger. In which of the latter two were the Amorites originally? Were Gargarians and Amazons the twins, Apollo and Artemis? Why was there an Apollo-like Pollux, twin of horse-depicted Castor?

Although "ArTEMIS" looks like code for THEMIScrya (cory-like ending) in the original land of Amazons (Thermodon river), these peoples lived in/beside ARDahan so that ARTemis may have represented an Ardahan peoples on the Thermodon. Ardahan, like the Gargarians, was east of the Thermodon. I had traced Ixion's wife, Dia, to Deylamite liners at Ardahan, but that's also where the Hayasa-Azzi lived. Deylamites are suspect with Dilmun/Telmon, the birth place of IshTAR, a Castor-like term. Especially if Ishtar was in Castor, it probably makes more sense to track Castor's horse symbol to Amazonian war horses than to Gargarians, though the latter became suspect as a "wheel-wheel" peoples in that "gar" was a term for "wheel," which is the reason that Gargarians became suspect with wagons (horse drawn), especially as proto-Georgians were called, Kartli/Kartvelians = cartwheelers. But horse-and-cart specialists can also manufacture chariots. Castor's father, Tyndareus, was code for a Tyndaris location in Colchis = land of Kartvelians. Perhaps Jimmy Carter traces to Georgians.

As the swan symbol of Pollux and Castor goes to Cycnus, it's evident that some Spartans of a Hyksos kind were involved in Ligurian make-up. To put it another way, Leda, the mother of Pollux and Castor, was a Spartan peoples evolved from Lydians, who were at home in Phocaea, co-founders of Ligurians. Once it's realized that the Ladon dragon evolved from the Lydians on the Hermus into Leda Spartans, it can also be understand why a myth writer had the dragon of Ares, in Thebes, evolve into "Sparti," to the immediate south of the birthplace of Hermes. That same Ares / Leda dragon was in the Tyndaris theater, at the neighboring golden-fleece city (where the Iasion = Aeson cult came do business). This means that the dragon of Thebes was a Lydian entity belonging to Ares, from the Aras river passing by Ardahan on its south side, and swan-suspect lake Sevan on its north side.

The golden fleece was from a ram that could fly, akin to flying-dragon symbolism, and the ram was an old symbol of Hermes, meaning that Hermus-river Lydians migrated to the Colchian area of TynDARis, a term like PANdareus, suspect with Hermes' son, Pan. Therefore, one can glean that PanDAREUS of Ephesus (Lydia) was essentially identical to TynDAREUS of Sparta, and while AEDON was made a daughter of Pandareus, TYNdareus must be understood as, Aedon-Dareus. Identifying these Dar terms with IshTAR serves to identify the dragon as an evolution of Ishtar, which works very well because proto-Ishtar was Inana of Sumeria, the so-called "great mother of the heavenly dragon / mother of the great heavenly dragon." It can be gleaned that Abraham's descendants were from this heavenly-dragon cult, from Uruk/Erech, wherefore note ERECHtheus, the son of Hephaestus=Ephesus with Athena.

Aedon-Dareus reveals that Tyndareus was a line between Ephesus and Athens, same as Kodros of Athens giving birth to a founder (can't recall his name) of Ephesus. That means that Keturah liners were a part of the evolution between Pandareus and Tyndareus, like so: Merops = Amorites on Kos > Pandareus = Hermes Lydians at Ephesus > Aedon of Thebes > Athens > Tyndareus of Sparta. The Cadmus Tyrians came along to subdue this dragon line (in-family conflict for supremacy), and then merged with it to produce the Spartans. It was a mythical simplification, but the idea had to originate in some piece of reality.

As the Bible reveals Amorites in an alliance with Abraham, and as those Amorites had an Anaki branch suspect with Anu of Sumeria -- which supreme god of Sumeria was of the Inana cult -- it stands to reason that Keturah liners had merged with the Inana liners within the circle of the Anaki.

"The ancestor named Anak had three children: Ahiman, Sheshai, Talmai (Numbers 13:22). They lived in Hebron and the hill country (Joshua 11:21) before being destroyed by Joshua. Their remnants then lived among the Philistines (Joshua 11:22)."

"Talmai" smacks of Telmun, Ishtar's birthplace, and "Ahiman" smacks of AHKmim, the city of Kemmis, home of Yuya, and smacking of AKHENaten, a line to Athena. This gives us reason to suspect that: 1) Ahiman was a line to Yuya associations / relations; 2) the monotheistic god, Atun, was from Hebrew-Amorites in Hebron, and thus a counterfeit YHWH; 3) that Keturah liners were involved in Yuya's family; 4) that Keturah got involved with the family of Ahiman.

Tiye, Yuya's mother / daughter (I can't recall which), smacks of "Dia," but we need to be careful not to become link-happy on similarity of terms alone. It needs to make sense from certain expectations, and have at least double corroboration. I see sufficient corroboration that Keturah was involved with Anu / Ishtar Sumerians, and that this was the proto-Zeus cult to Ixion, Dia, and Nephele.

Isaiah 53 predicted the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus centuries before it took place. Did the apostles put words into his mouth for to create the fiction that he was the subject of Isaiah 53? It's easier to believe that Jesus was the only-begotten son of God than to believe that a bunch of imposters created a fictional account of a no-body Jew, and took the story to Greece for financial enrichment, creating a religion in the meantime that lasted into the hearts of millions to this day.

We need to be careful that while Jesus to the Greeks was, Iesous, in Israel he was, Joshua, no special resemblance to "Iasius." In fact, his naming is effectively the Second Joshua, Warrior Leader into the Second Promise Land.

In Psalm 22, a picture of Jesus on the cross, surrounded by "bulls of Bashan" (verse 12). Psalm 136 rejoices in Joshua's victories over the Amorite kings, Og and Sihon, wherein the lands of these Amorites became Israel's inheritance. If Sihon was the namer ultimately of Zion, we don't see a YHWH connection to Zion as Joshua swept into Canaan. It doesn't appear that YHWH was anything of Zeus (who was probably Baal in those years). The two were enemies, not branches. YHWH didn't go about seeking adulterous affairs with all the beautiful women.

For those of us wise enough to believe in a Creator, whose prophets shall we look to for the Creator's message to mankind if not the prophets of YHWH? If they were not true prophets, then one would need to conclude that the Creator has sent us no message. Where are the prophetic books of Zeus?

There are many arguments to be made in "proving" that Jesus was a fake, which is not to say that they are compelling let alone conclusive arguments. I don't know of the "best" anti-Jesus argument. Either the Apostles were telling the truth, or they were deliberately lying. They couldn't have been duped into seeing Jesus alive after his death, wherefore they were deliberately lying if not telling the truth. And they went about, Joseph-Smith style, seeking to milk money out of suckers rather than working for a living. Modern money-preying evangelists have it easy by comparison, for Christians abound. But the apostles had to make their own converts before they could slip some of their cash into their own pockets. Is that how we should view the reality about Jesus? When you read the religious system built by the epistle writers, is that the impression you get?

Jesus arranged to make keeping the faith a task, requiring work. The work of God is to believe in Him. The Comforter does not speak to us as co-workers do. If He speaks to us, we can't always prove conclusively that it was Him speaking. How can you prove to anyone that a small inner voice took place inside you? You can come to doubt it yourself, thinking that your mind could be playing tricks. We simply do not have the luxury of having the full revelation that constantly clears away all doubts. We were put into the midst of a satanic spirit that makes it necessary to work at keeping the faith. Where do we read over and over again in the New Testament that the apostles had full-bodied conversations with the Holy Spirit?

God speaks of testing our faith. What test could there be if we regularly hear words from the Holy Spirit as we hear them from others? If we ask what necessity exists in testing our faith, I think I can answer this. First, the person that does not desire to serve God will tend to chose not to believe, but the person who respects the person of Jesus, as presented by the Apostles, will tend to cling to faith no matter how low-level evidence for Christ's deity may seem at the time. When God sees our faith slipping, slipping, almost gone, he looks to see whether we are happy or unhappy in that condition, and what we do about it. That's the sort of test requiring a slippage of faith to faintness. The person that doesn't care about the slippage of faith will go on to a worldly life, all content. The person who fears, or is saddened by, the prospect of losing faith is the one who wants it.

Good Morning

As king Tut was directed related to the family of Yuya and Akhenaten, he should trace to Helena of Angusta, as did the Bouillons. This is being repeated because the Bouillon cross is used in the same colors by Italian Taddei's. The latter surname would not be a topic had a Masci liner I know of not been a Taddei on one side, and married to a Ferrari. Years after mentioning Taddei's, I got to the so-called "Tattons of Massey / Tattons of Masci," with crescents in Taddei-cross colors. If the multiple chevrons of Taddei's were colors reversed, they would be blue. The only other surnames I can think of with multiple blue chevrons are Hucks and Huckaby's (Asclepios rods), important not just because Yuya is suspect with Hyksos liners, but because Masseys are too. The double Huck chevrons had become suspect with the same of 666-suspect Dexters.

There is yet the chance that Mike Huckaby will be the next American president, and he would indeed make for an appropriate False Prophet, if for some reason he is not a true Christian (I have no right to judge him on this matter).

It can now be entertained that the Annas and Angus stars are in the colors of the Taddei Chief (and Masci wing) because Tut liners went through Angusta/Augusta. We now know that the Mitanni in the line to Drakenberg Vere's went through Yuya, which explains why the Vere star is in the colors of the Annas / Angus star, and then the Massey fleur is a version of the Vere star. I still cannot get online to check whether the Hix's or Hixons/Hicksons are the ones sharing eagle talons with Augusts. A nephew of the Taddei>Massey liner mentioned above has the first name, Augusto, and his mother was JOSEPHine. She was born a Massey, and then Drake's (from Mieszko lineage) were related to Masseys as Vere's / Ferrari's were related to Masci's. But Drake's were first found in the same place as Joseph's, you see.

Again, just to make the Tut-Massey case, French Masseys and Tattons both show crescents in the colors of the Tout crescent, a single crescent in a so-called "canton" suspect as code for Yuya-related Centaur liners. The Spree's and Speers likewise use these crescents while the Speer spears trace to the same of Pace's of Bouillon, where Bouillons of Boulogne trace.

If I recall correctly, the Friends are using a chevron (in Taddei- / Bouillon-cross colors) of Masci-related Wayne's (from Fano, near Masci's of Rimini), a branch of Fane's/Veynes, a Mackay sept. Friends just popped to mind due to "Firenze," the alternative spelling of Florence, where Taddei's were first found. The Fire unicorn (traced to the Demonte's of Cuneo, the area where Masci's were first found) happens to be in the white-on-red colors under discussion, and so the RasMussens are likely using the Fire / Demonte unicorn. The Massey fleur likely traces to "Florence," as does the so-called "Flory" cross of Bouillons / Taddei's. Thus, Massey liners of the Hyksos kind are now in charge of NATO. Is that coincidental, or has NATO been a Hyksos-liner entity from the start? The unicorn is of course suspect with Centaur liners, and it just so happens that Cnuts -- from Cnut, grandson of Mieszko I -- use the unicorn.

During the night before starting this section, a mouse was first heard in the dark of night, like cavalry toward my bedroom. It was so unusually loud that "galloping like cavalry" came to mind as I was still in bed. Also, cavalry came to mind because this mouse, about five or ten times as loud as mice usually run across my floor, came rushing toward my room out of nowhere, like on a mission, and did one full circle immediately, nothing else, before disappearing into the darkness in virtual silence. It was another strange mouse event that I thought I should share. I wasn't going to, as I always hesitate on telling such stories as though some sign were in play, but as this morning's section led to the Mieszko's, I thought I would share this story. I have the suspicion that God gives these signs to suggest that the anti-Christ is near. I have not had what I consider a mouse sign for a couple of years.

Truly, I thought that this mouse was a squirrel, it was so loud. Mice have circled by bed many times in the past, but never like this. I had two traps set for it on this might, because it licked the peanut butter off of one trap three times over three consecutive nights without snapping the trap. I had the trap set highly sensitive to motion, and even put peanut butter on the hook part on the third night, to lubricate it so that the smallest of interruptions would release the hook and snap the trap. These same traps had worked flawlessly in the past, first time, and so by the third night I began wondering whether a sign was in play.

And that's when this unusual cavalry arrived like a bat out of hell. It was never as noisy on the three nights as it was on this fourth. After circling my bed, it was very quiet. I could only hear the rustling of plastic or some gnawing at cardboard, as would be the case with mice of the past (my house still doesn't have soffit in places where the odd mouse gets in). I finally fell asleep and was dreaming a bad dream (the kind where I'm working at my job) when the trap woke me. The mouse looked like it had the tip of it's nose caught, but with a yank released it as it saw my flashlight drawing near. But it's leg was still caught. I released the leg over a bucket and let the mouse fall in, where it sits now. As I did with the last mouse, I'll take it down the street as I go to town today to upload this update, and release it near someone else's house...who has soffits.

The cavalry and BUCKet aspects could be the key items involved in this sign, for all the above on surnames was written before deciding on telling this story (before "bucket" came to mind as a potential sign), and it just so happens that while Cnuts entered the topic with their unicorn, Knottings and BUCKinghams (the latter suspect from the Hyksos pharaoh, APACHnas) share blue-on-white the colors of the Huck / Huckaby chevrons. The Pace's, in colors reversed, seem to apply here, do they not? I'll leave it to you to reject or accept this event as a sign. It may be for me, not to give up now on the imminence of the anti-Christ's appearance.

Modems are still on backorder. If I haven't got a new one by Monday, the next update could be as late as Wednesday noon.

I went to give the mouse a piece of cheese before taking it away, to find it dead in the bucket.


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