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September 16 - 22, 2014

Mouse Review and Cat-in-the-Hat History
Keep Your Head for this One
The Scimitar Code of Pagan Levites Lost in the Sanders of Time
Believe it or Not, Heraldry from Og's Bashan
Newest Gleanings on Childeric Ancestry

Late in the update, Javier Solana's heraldry will become a topic for a new understanding on where it traces. Also, more insights on Gog lines to heraldry will become a topic. This will be important because there is a possibility that the anti-Christ will be a Westerner, especially as the West is creeping back to the Mosul area right now. If there is to be a global 666, I can't conceive of such a thing except from Western sources.

The last update identified the line of ancient witchcraft that the late Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg outlined several years ago online. The line seemed to parallel the ones that I've identified independently as 666-desirous, or at least those that have the potential to force us to receive numbers for financial-gain purposes. It makes sense that the 666 lovers would be of an ancient-witchcraft society, but Nicholas may be a reason to expect the 666 from Drakenberg elements.

It turned out that Nicholas' Vere line through the Mitanni, then through certain Scythians of Europe whom he didn't identify, to the Picts, was, in a nutshell, through mythical Myrtilus. At first, I thought this term was a Myrt-Elis term, which worked well because Myrtilus was in the Pisa/Elis area as a charioteer for mythical Oenomaus, an entity suspect as Jonathan-Maus. Just think of the logic in having the Jonathan Levites, in cahoots with Massin-based Freemasons, at the root of the 666 system. Javier Solana's heraldry will trace exactly to Aurelia Cotta, suspect as an ancestor, of not more than three or four generations, of Caiaphas. I have yet to prove that Joseph Caiaphas was a great-grandson of Aurelia, but that's where I'm at now. Solana was a NATO chief, as is a RasMUSSEN surname now, and it's NATO that should have some charge over the current creeping into Iraq.

There is a German MAUS surname said to be from "mouse," and it was my claim some years ago that the false Prophet / Anti-Christ would be a mouse bloodliner. Actually, it wasn't my claim so much, because I would never make such a claim at the risk of losing the readers' confidence. The Maus' are listed with Misl-like Meusels, and Misl's/Meissels/Maysels, with lions in Hagel-lion colors and position, actually show a mouse. Obama's man in Defence right now is a Chuck Hagel. What a mouseincidence. Hagel is going to have some charge over the creep into Iraq, and he'll be scheming with Rasmussen, won't he?

There was no design of mine in the last update to include Pict-liner discussions with the Myrtilus line. I fell upon Myrtilus when re-loading the Oenomaus article. Myrtilus had never before been of interest to me, but a year or two ago I caught wind of the Mire/Mireux surname of Anjou that was easily identified with the Melusine line to the Vere line amongst the royal Picts. It just so happens that I was at the Wikipedia article on Thule at about the time I was reading on Myrtilus, and the Tile version of "Thule" caused me to look at the Tile surname using the Drake wyvern. That's when I was able to glean that the Tile surname was behind the MyrTILUS entity, which is another way of saying that some Vere line of the Melusine king was at Thule. It makes the proto-Varangians suspect, and I think that the Sinclairs, out of Norway, where Rasmussen lives, were Varangians.

I'm not suggesting necessarily that the anti-Christ will arrive in Iraq under Rasmussen's leadership of NATO, but that the bloodline elements expected from a mouse entity are already in high places, and so we could expect more of the same into the future. Obama himself can be proven to be a mouse entity.

I was able to trace Myrtilus easily to mythical Merops of Ethiopia, the proto-Merovingians, and Nichols de Vere claimed that his line went through Merovingians. From a Merops>Phaethon line, it went to Phaethusa, mother of Myrtilus, your see, but myth is mere nutshell history. There was much more to it.

[The Tarragona area of Spain will become a topic later, though it has nothing to do with, and arises BEFORE, the introduction of the Arms of Javier Solana. It just so happens that Solana's/Sols were first found in Catalonia, location also of TarraGONA, an entity now suspect with "JONAthan." Moreover, I will learn that Tarragona went by a Kos-like term, important because there was a mythical Merops of Kos. Plus, Kos is beside Rhodes, where Sols are expected to trace, for in some myths, Phaethon was the son of "Sol" rather than the son of Helios. The mythical idea where Helios mates with the wife of Merops' of Ethiopia to produce Phaethon means simply that Merops was a Rhodian entity, or at least closely related to it. It's the same as saying that some proto-Merovingian entity on Kos was related to some Rhodian elements, and we can easily suspect the Danaans of Rhodes, for that's where Jonathan the Levite must trace, to Danaans out of Laish.

You will see that the Tarragona topic is fallen upon quite by chance of digging into Rephaite lines, not made a topic on account of the GONA ending, though this becomes important suddenly. Rephaites were traced (by me) to "Arrapha," but this trace is not based on the fact that Arrapha today in Kirkuk, the very city that NATO wants to befriend and abuse.]

Other myth genealogy allows us to trace Merops to Merops of Kos, father of Pandareus of Ephesus, father in-turn of Aedon of Thebes, and that for me indicates that this Vere-Drakenberg line out of Africa went through AkhenATEN and his horse trainer, the Mitanni man, Yuya. It can be gleaned that the Yuya horse-specialist line got to Myrtilus, the charioteer of chariot-depicted OenoMAUS. [Later, we will see a heraldic horses in the Yuya line, but I'd like to mention here that a unicorn alone is in the Rasmussen Coat.]

And just as I claimed that my dream from God, to help me make this revelation quicker, had a proto-Massey line out of Tanis, so I found (only in the last update, many months after the dream), that Phaethusa was a daughter of Danaus, the Tanis line into Israel. My dream reveals that Masci liners from Tanis hooked up with the 600 Danites at Laish, and went to mythical Laius at Thebes, and to his mate, Chrysippus at Elis. The latter was the step-son of Oenomaus' daughter. Quite the coincidence, isn't it? In fact, years ago, I traced "Pel(ops)", when Chrysippus wasn't yet a topic, to "Belus/Belas," father of Danaus.

The Amarna Letters are ancient, with communications between the king of Jerusalem and pharaoh Akhenaten. It can be assumed that this pharaoh, although ruling from central Egypt, had charge over Tanis. In fact, his sun god, "Atun/Aten," smacks of "Tanis." The ruler of Jerusalem at the time was Abdi-Heba, who had nothing to do with my identification of HERA with the naming of JERusalem, or with my tracing of Hera as an Ares-liner Hros peoples from Jerevan to Gareb (beside Jerusalem). This peoples is expected later at the naming of Rhodes. But where myth writers over in Greece made Hercules a son of HEBE, daughter of Hera, it came to indicate that the Shamesh / Sames sun god represented by mythical "Samson" (the Tanis proto-Danaans, in my view) was merged with Hera elements at Jerusalem...that were the reason for the naming of Abdi-HEBA.

Pelops was the father of Chrysippus, making the latter suspect as some Belus entity of an ippus = horse kind. Therefore, Chrysippus becomes a Yuya suspect in and out of Tanis, which was a city in Belus-like PELUSium. No coincidence. Chrysippus is the one who conspired with Myrtilus to dethrone Oenomaus in a coup, which is another way of saying that Danaan-related peoples from Tanis superseded the Meshwesh from Tanis that had been ruling in Pisa. The Pisidians had been Poseidon, quite apparently, and he was made a grandson of a Danaus entity. His name, PosEIDON indicates that he was the Atun cult of Yuya, but I traced the "Pos" part to "ABZU" of Sumeria for reasons having nothing to do with ABDI-Heba. If that king's name (probably a throne name) suggests that Jerusalem, under the Jebusites / Amorites likely, was ruled by a Poseidon-Hera mix, it explains why myth writers had Hera and Poseidon contend over the rulership over Argos...where Danaans would come to rule after settling Rhodes.

"Pelops" is just the myth writer's fancy explanation as to how that part of Greece was named Peloponnese. It looks like it was truly named, not after the non-existent Pelops, but after a Pel-Poeni combo indicating a mix of Pelusium with Phoenicians. Therefore, PANdareus of Ephesus looks involved in the line to the founding of Peloponnesia, which is to say that the Merops > Aedon line, same peoples as the CadMUS Phoenicians through Thebes, named Peloponnesia. Pelops was a line from the Pisidians of Antalya to the Hermus river, but Merops mythology may indicate that these very Phoenicians took route from Antalya to Kos to Ephesus before reaching Thebes.

The bull that Cadmus followed to Thebes was likely the goddess of Argos, Io, suspect in naming the Jonathan-suspect Ionians. Cadmus' daughter, Ino, likely named Inachus, founder of Argos, and Ino is like the Una/Oeneus river to which I've traced Jonathan Levites, because the Una river is where the 600 Benjamites must trace. The Una river (= mythical Juno) was founded in all likeliness by the mythical Oeneus > Methoni line, thus tracing Yuya's Mitanni to the Una. Whatever the Meshwesh of Tanis were called when they were there with Yuya liners, they became the Maezaei on the south side of the Una.

But as Merovingians, from a Merops to Merovee line, claimed to have ancestry in a Quinotaur sea bull, it makes Merovingians suspect as Jonathan > Ionian liners. Reminder: Yonne is beside Nevers and Autun ["Tarragona" may be a Taurus-Yonne mix). Io was clearly an aspect of the Zeus bull, and that traces Hera to Argos, as expected, though Wikipedia claims that she was strongly on Samos, an island off the Ephesian theater, and suspect with the Samson > Hercules line.

Safe to say, the namers of Pelusium also named Pylos, beside Methoni, the latter suspect as the Yuya-family Mitanni. Does that not work super, like a piece of cheese in a mousetrap?

Apparently, dragon-liner Lydians (on the Hermus) to the Ladon river (beside Oenomaus' Pisa domain) took over rulership of Peloponnesia from a Jonathan-Meshwesh family mythicized as "Oenomaus." It's not a hard reality to grasp. Then, just as my dream revealed that the 600 Benjamites hiding out in Rimmon named the Romans, so we find that Rome sits in Latinus/Lazio, home of Latins. And this is the Revelation-13 dragon line that will set up an end-time 666.

Myth writers made it plain through mythical EVERES, the "shepherd seer", that he was code for the "Shepherd kings" (the Hyksos) in AVARIS, the Hyksos capital in the Nile delta, and therefore near Tanis. The chariot wheel was symbol of IXION, a line to mount SION, where proto-Hermes named mount Hermon, location of Laish. What is there not to understand? Hermes was made born in Arcadia, near the sources of the Ladon river. And proto-Hermes was even in the Hermus river of downtown Lydia. That's why Hermes was made the helper of Pelops in the toppling of Oenomaus. It should prove true that Myrtilus and Hermes were near-identical entities, and indeed Myrtilus was made a son of Hermes. I reasoned (perhaps hastily) that "Myr" was code for the MER(ops) line.

"Ops" is a Greek suffix, perhaps a version of the suffix, "ippus" = horse, wherefore it can make MerOPS of EthiOPIA suspect with Ixion liners, for Ixion was made father of Centaurs. Perhaps I've been wrong in pegging Ixion as code for Hyksos, for he could instead be for the Yuya horse symbol. Yet, after the Hyksos were routed, some Hyksos elements may have remained in Tanis when the Yuya line came through roughly a century later. Or, AKHENaten may have been named in the first place after the Hyksos pharaoh, Khyan, whose son, Yanassi, smacks of "Jonathan." As I've been tracing Moses' name to the Meshwesh household Khyan for years, it's notable that Jonathan was a grandson of Moses.

Hermes at Sion was made father of the related Satyrs, and so, basically, Hermes fathered both Satyrs and Centaurs. Myrtilus was of that half-human ilk, perhaps a bestiality code. The Hermes goat line (of his son, Pan) was at Panias, a couple of miles from Laish, and "Pan" can trace to "Van," location of Mus. Yawn, but this is being repeated for a reason.

If you read the last two updates, you'll see why the PHOENIX line out of PANIAS went to the Akheloos river in Aetolia. The latter was mythicized into the father of neighboring Calydon, which was in-turn a line merging with mythical Pictus (hard to find online), Molosse and PergaMON. The latter three terms (mythical brothers for a reason) were a topic of the last update, and I've had the sense for some years that "Pergamon" traces to the Berk / Berg / Burg bloodline, important where the MAUS surname uses a co-called "COUNTERchanged" symbol, likely code for the Counters/Conte's that made up the Contevilles, born from John de BURGo of Conteville. The Counters/Conte's and related Cone's trace to the pine cones of Maschi's, first found in Rimmon-based Rimini, but the Pine's and Pinders were traced in the last update to the Pindus mountains stretching from Calydon and beyond Epirus, the latter being the home of Molossians, thus making Pergamon and Pictus elements suspect in / beside Epirus.

I don't know what the proto-Masseys out of Tanis were called at the time that they formed the 600 "Danites" at Laish, but mythical OenoMAUS helps us to verify that my tentative term used, "Mus," is fairly close. It just so happens that, in Judges, Jonathan the Levite joins the 600 Danites as their special priest. It would now be bone-headed of me not to see that OENOmaus was the JONathan and Tanis-Mus combo out of Israel, and so we need to ask who the priest was that inserted Samson mythology, followed by the Benjamin / Laish / Jonathan stories, into the back of the book of Judges. Why did that priest, or scribe of the priests, use 600 Danites and 600 Benjamites? Whose special number was the 6? In the last update, near the end, 666-suspect liners were touched upon, and it lead to surnames using the rare scarlet color.

[Later in the update, as Yuya-related BURGundians are a topic, it dawns on me that this color is not necessarily scarlet, but burgundy, as code for Burgundians. It's a new twist to explore.]

Oenomaus is an extension of CadMUS. Myth bears this out where Cadmus kills a dragon in Thebes and rules the area as a result. Laius, a descendent of Cadmus in Thebes, is, apparently, the Laish-Jonathan line to Oenomaus. But there is another way to glean that Oenomaus was a Cadmus liner where Cadmus is made the father of Semele, father of the OEN = wine god, Dionysus. It's not all that tricky, and is, in fact, an easy riddle to solve. "Semele" sounds like code for the SMOLikas mountain in the Pindus range. From the last update: " Smolls/Smalls (Traby-suspect Derbyshire) could be using the Sinclair / Conan cross (are Conans Jonathan liners of the Gonne/Kohn kind?" Were not Conans a branch of Cone's / Conte's and therefore merged with the Burgos' surname?

If the Smolls were from the Smolikas mountain, then we would link Oenomaus to that mountain as per a Semele > Dionysus > Oenomaus line, and that too suggests Jonathan-line involvement. If we ask how logical it is for Jonathan to link up with to the Cadmus > Dionysus line, we just cite Laish at mount HERMON, home of the CADusii ARMENIAns of HERMes, whom Cadmus married in mythical HARMONIA, explaining why the myth writers gave him the name, CADmus.

This is my message in nutshell, that the Jonathan line of Levi became paganized, even becoming the Ladon dragon cult to Annas and Caiaphas, killers of Jesus, whose descendants formed the Illuminati cult that would come to rule much of the Western the point that it could force most to wear a 666 "tattoo" in honor of its ancient witchcraft. When satan realizes that the time is short, he will pounce on God's people and make a quick 666-dash to his brutal end. How will satan know that the time is short? Ask Biblical signs of the end.

On the map below, find the Pict-suspect Picensii, and then look to their near-north to a Talia location on the Danube. This recalls (last update, I think) that tattoo-suspect Picts were related to Scandinavian Thule, and that Thule was traced to mythical Thalia, a Muse at the Pindus range. Talia is not far downriver from Cuppae, and moreover, a few miles downriver from Talia there is an Una location that can be a Jonathan-suspect area. It just so happens that, while not knowing about Talia and Una in the past, Levites were traced to Cuppae. The Pek river near Cuppae is suspect with "PICENsii, as are the Pike's/Pickens.

One can now glean that the Muses at Talia (in Moesia) were in the Maezaei off the Una river of Illyricum. The GERulatae location between Talia and Una may even have been proto-Veres or proto-Avars honored in the wyvern of the Tile/Tilley Coat. This Talia location is one to which the Thalls/Tall and Talbots may trace. In fact, it's near the Pannonia theater, home of bee-suspect Boii, while Thalls use bees and Talbots were early called, TailleBOIS.

[Much later in the update, proto-Merovingian Salians will trace logically to the Saldensii shown to the immediate east of the Picensii. Therefore, note the Clovis-like Clevoru location (I think that's the correct spelling) a little downstream from Una. This can explain any Merovingian links to Jonathan Levites. Also, keep in mind that Salian Franks (300-400 AD) were of the first-known Franks, along with the Ubii Franks, who smack of "Varangi," who in-turn trace to wyVERN-like Varni, suspect as the makings of European Avars, all possibly from "AVARis." The old Avaricum is now Bourges, perhaps indicating the Pictus-Pergamon duo, and while the Ubii Franks are suspect in the bee symbol of the first Merovingian king (Clovis' father), note how the Ubii together with PergamMON could together have been MaccaBAEUS / HasMONean elements. My current explanation for the bloodline-legitimacy of the Maccabee priest-kings is their trace to Jonathan Levites.

As the first Merovingians ruled at Rheims, suspect with Rimmon's proto-Romans, note the Romulus location beside the Saldensii. I suppose that Taillebois' can be suspect with the Ubii Franks, and that the Ubii (see similar term in the Newman motto) named the MacAbee's. As I link the latter to Newmans, it's notable that the Newtons (crossed bones suspect with Bononia, founded / conquered by Boii) will trace not-bad to the Arms of Burgos, On the Danube between the Picensii and Saldensii, there is another Bononia location (shown). The Arms of Burgos will trace to the Capetian Franks, and all Chappes liners are suspect from Cuppae.]

There is a Nova location between Cuppae and Talia now suspect with Novara, home of the Laevi Gauls [it just so happens that I've been linking Laevi with the Salyes Ligures for years, but only recently traced the Salyes to the Salto river of the Marsi, which is why I trace proto-Merovingians to the Salto-like Saldensii].

Like I said, the Ixion line out of mount Sion was of the "shepherd seer," of Avaris, a false-prophet cult that easily traces to the Apollo Oracle in Delphi, which was called Python, same entity as Phaethon out of Meropian Ethiopia, and the same as Phaethusa, mother of Myrtilus. The reason that it's an easy trace is that Daphne was, not only made the granddaughter of the shepherd seer, but she was a part of the Apollo Oracle, and Delphi is where she got her dolphin symbol that is apparent in the dolphin heads on both sides of the upper fleur-de-lys in the Maus/Meusel Coat. Then, long before this update in which the Maus surname has been stressed, I traced the white-on-red bend, having the mouse, of Misls to the white-on-red bend of the David Coat. If I recall correctly, that trace was made before I entered "Daffy" to learn that it was listed with Davids.

If you've read the past few updates, you'll know how the Daphne dolphin could have become fish-tailed MeluSINE (Sion element) at the Mire/Mireux surname using the myrtle tree in honor of mythical Myrtilus. It's the same as saying that Python witchcraft was at Drakenberg-Vere Anjou, after it went to royal Picts, and to the neo-Muses of Avalon (a creation of Arthurian nutcracker myth writers).

Arthurian myth had a red dragon for the Arthurian Britons from the Pyratus/Prut river of the Trypillians (Moldova), and a white dragon symbol for Saxons. There are white wyverns in heraldry, but the Drake's use a red one, suggesting that Arthur elements on Avalon were Varni, even as Saxon formation can be suspect with Varni. To say that Arthurians were Varni is the same as saying that they were Varangi = Franks, even the Merovingians. To understand why the Drake's use a red dragon, it might help to discover the reason for same-colored lion of the Dreux/Drew surname, from Dreux, near Paris, where Clovis had his capital. The Child Shield is red, but Childs are related to red-rose Hebrons, from Rhodes, where all Rus trace.

Note how the lower part of the Maus fleur, the black portion, looks like a mouse head with mustache-like whiskers (must be my imagination playing tricks). There is an heraldic mustache symbol that I've seen on Polish heraldry, important because the Misls are identified with mythical SiemoMYSL at the Mouse Tower of Goplo, Poland. Here in a Traby-like surname, in the Polish Arms of Odrowaz, is an heraldic mustache (it's said to be a mustache). From the 5th update of July, 2009: "The Arms of prince Taktakishveli appear to have five white feathers [Traby symbol] at the base of the crown. The three fingered cross in this Arms is fashioned on a crescent (a common symbol among all the Arms shown) in such a way as to resemble the "mustache" of the Odrowaz Arms (I've traced "Odrowaz," tentatively, to "Trabzon")."

I can't prove that the TakTakishvili crescent is a mustache code, but I'd like to draw attention to the tower in the Coat, suspect with the Mouse Tower. I'd then like to say that a Mus-suspect surname that I can't re-find at this time claims to be named after the mustache. Then, note how the TAK or TAKishvili surnames can produce a MusTACHe code.

If you check out the circular areas of the Taktakishveli cross, they could have morphed to the rounded ends of the Rich/RICHESS cross, important as per RICHEZa, wife of Mieszko II.

The Taktakishvili crown is the typical one I call a red, covered crown, used for example by DOUGlas'. I can make out what looks like a five-ostrich-feather symbol at the base of the Douglas crown. In fact, as Douglas' honor the James' in their motto, note that one James Crest (dolphin in Coat) is a white ostrich! Thus, it looks like "DOUGlas" trace to the Polish Taks / Takish's, and to the Traby-of-Lithuania family.

The red covered crown is used also by Alpins, the line suspect from the Myrtilus Mitanni. The same crown was showing in the Martel and Capet Coats until I pointed them out. Note the Douglas and James motto term, JaMAIS", fashioned as though part-code for the Mais(y) surname, important here because Misl's use MAISel/Maysel variations, and so look again at the tower used in the Mais/Mai/May Coat. I even traced the white-on-blue Moray stars, used in the Douglas Chief, to sons of Mouse-Tower Mieszko I.

The double bars in the Mousquette/Musket Coat are in the colors of the same of Washingtons and Wassa's, a Mitanni line. The last update touched on why double heraldic bars could have created the double-thin lines that stand for 6, and that are used as the 666, on UPC bar codes. It's a good reason to expect the 666 commercial system at any hour. The Mousquette's even show SIX lion heads, as well as the Wheelwright antelope design, important where Mr. AnonyMOUS (supposedly of Poland but who knows for sure) made clear that the Mouse Tower was ruled by Piast Kolodziej "the Wheelwright," ancestor of Siemomysl. The Wheelwright Coat even has SIX sections using the wheel...that must trace to the Myrtilus charioteer and his mate, OenoMAUS. That's a great reason for tracing "Piast' to "Pisa." That's a great reason fro tracing Jonathan lines to Mieszko's. But why? How did they get to the Mouse Tower? I traced Mieszko's to Pepinid Merovingians for more reasons that Popiel of the Mouse Tower.

Remember, the Tile's share the Drake wyvern, and the dukes of Masovia (where Mieszko I ruled as duke) used red-on-white wyverns, the colors of the Drake wyvern. We are left with few holes to fill for this riddle; the bulk of the myth-code puzzle has been assembled. The red wyvern traces to Varangian Rus of Kiev, and that's where Mieszko's must trace too, quite apparently; just as the Varangian-of-Kiev ancestry of Casimir, son of Richeza and Mieszko II. The white-on-red Piast eagle should not necessarily be viewed as a Saxon-dragon entity, for heraldry consists of color reversals for kin, and so the Piast eagle is likely a take from a red(-on-white) eagle, possibly the Ferte / MacDonald eagle.

God made clear to me by a series of mouse incidents in my presence, all recorded in my updates at the risk of loosing the readers' confidence, that the false Prophet / anti-Christ would be of a mouse bloodline. This was before I discovered the Mouse Tower, and at a time when only coming initially to mind initially that Massey liners were being implied by the mouse theme. Then, He made plain that Obama belongs to the mouse line, an idea that jibed with my previous trace of his mother's Dunham surname to Dunham-Massey. It can be found online that his Dunham surname was created by one JONATHAN Singletary, who changed his surname to "Dunham," and this Jonathan was a great-grandfather of Obama to so-many generations, I forget how many. What a coincidence that his name should be Jonathan. As the antelope design of the Singletary's is that of Wheelwrights and MOUSquette's, such a coincidence, it traces Obama to Oenomaus. The latter's Oeneus entity is suspect as a wine-play on Aeneas = Aenus, and I view that location as a Heneti entity while supposing that ANTlers are code for mythical Antenor, a Heneti-Trojan entity.

The mouse incidents must have been to tribwatch readers like a sign that the mouse bloodline in is charge of the final prophetic events. The Singletary's (share the gold Dunham spears) even use three white-on-red chevrons, colors reversed from the same of Muschats that come up as "Mitch," important because a George Mitchell was stationed in Jerusalem in Obama's first four-year term, as the man in charge of Israeli affairs for Obama's state department. Since then, John Kerry, who was born with the Jewish Kohn surname -- suspect with Jonathan lines of the Gonne kind -- has become the chief of Obama's state department. What a hilarious bunch of bumbling rats working by darkness to undermine God's Plan. The Mitch/Muschat chevrons are in the red color of the single chevron of Quints, first found in the same place as Mitch's/Muschats, and so Singletarys are suspect with the Caepio > Caiaphas line, explaining why Obama would be involved with Illuminati circles. The first chief of his state department was the wife of a Rhodian Scholar, and that was the president who revealed the moral decline of a majority of Americans for all the world to see. These Americans are on a slippery slope from which they will never return.

The Singletary chevrons are THIN bars in colors reversed from the thin Wassa double bars, and Singletarys were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Washingtons. The thin double Wassa bars are likely code for Benjamite lines of the Bend/Ben kind, who are honored in heraldic bends and bendlets (diagonal bars), and so note the two thin bendlets of the Gonne's/Kohns, in the colors of the Wassa bars. But see these red bendlets also in the Orrel Coat, dragon-line kin of Saxons/SEXTons using the bendlets in black (see the latter two surnames in the last update if you don't yet know what I'm talking about). The Bend surname was first found in Cheshire and Lancashire. We really do need to ask why George Washington was chosen as the leader of American forces. Yuya and me both know the answer.

The Bend/Ben surname not only shows the Caepio-line lion in Crest, but shares red roundels with Orells. Otherwise, the Bends use SIX gold roundels, nine in all likely for the nine Muses that were fundamental Benjamite kin. The "temere" motto code of Bends/Bens is for the DeMere's and related Mere's/MYERs (both use black ships as their only symbols showing), both first found in the same place as Bends/Bens. It can be gleaned now that Mere liners were Myrtilus liners (brother of Pan the goat) that included the goat-using Mortons/MYRtons, one branch first found in the same place as Mere's. Note that French Mere's/MERETs use triple BENDS. Therefore, it looks like MRYTilus elements can be represented both in Myr and Mort terms upon Myr terms evolved to Myrtons. See the 666-suspect Murtons (triple bend) in the last update.

Welcome to the Scythian Head Ache

One of my updates dealing with the mouse themes was in the 2nd of August, 2010:

Well squeak me out! Just found a Misel variation by entering "Meisel," and as I was about to forgo comment because the Coat symbols didn't tell me much, I decided to check what sort of animal was used in the diagonal bar, as it didn't look like a lion. It turned out to be a mouse!! I don't think I have ever seen a mouse in heraldry, and having linked the mouse to the Meschin family by other means, perhaps all my house-mouse signs pertain to the Meisel/Misel family.

I decided to find where in my files I first found a write-up on a Massey-like surname said to mean "mouse catcher." It was on June 25, 2009. I saw that the German Mouser surname was mentioned, and clicking to it, I found this in the write-up:

"The name's literal meaning is 'mouse catcher,' or in some variations 'small mouse,' and stems from the Latin form 'Musculus.' Chronicles first mention Ulrich Mueselin of Bamberg [origin of Babbenburgs] in 1147..."

Bamm-Bamm!! That Muesel(in) variation, shown in the Mouser list, has got to be a variation of the Meisel/Misel surname with mouse symbol. Moreover, both Coats use gold on black, and both surnames were first found in Austria...where Babenbergs originated.

The Mouser surname is listed with the Maus surname shown earlier. The Mussels/Muscels use the gold and black of Meschins, colors of the Misl lion, wherefore the Mouse-Tower bloodline traces easily to Musselburgh of HADDington. The latter was tentatively established as the HEAD entity of Perseus (= Heneti] at Joppa, where Jonathan Levites are expected along with the Laish Danites symbolized by Perseus himself. The Bends/Bens, Meschins, Mussels/MUSCELs and Bellamys all use a gold fesse, and Fessys use a fat cross in colors reversed from the same of Haddingtons, and in the colors of MACCLEsfields. What's there not to understand? Kettle's can be suspect with Cattle's/Cattels using the FRET, indicating Macey-Bellamy liners, important because kettle hats are a BELL pattern.

That doesn't mean there's nothing left to learn. The Perseus head entity, if it's in the Haddington / Head surnames, must refer to some Catti entity that the Keiths of Haddington are said to be named after. The Mays/Mais' are the ones using the Chatan tower in the same colors, and while Chatans (like "Hadding") trace to Lucca's, Massars/Massai's were first found in Lucca, so close to Pisa that one expects Piast-Mieszko elements in/from the Massars. It's making Kettle's and Cattels suspect with Chatans. The Masseys use the Pegasus born from the head that Perseus chopped off the Medusa.

An interesting discussion follows with Hatts/Hats (in Haddington colors), first found in the same place as Myrtilus-suspect Tile's, the latter tracing to "Thule/Tile" liners from mythical Thalia, the latter responsible for the talbot Labrador dog (i.e. symbol of Thule elements thought by some to have lived at Labrador, Canada). It just so happens that I was at the GUNzenhausen article yesterday (while on the Singer-of-Noerdingen topic), where I re-read that the Arms of Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen (Bavaria) use the "kettle hats" of Pappenheims. There is no Pappen(heim) surname coming up, but Papenburgs/Pape's use talbot dogs. As Myrtilus was at least allied to the Oenomaus Levites, was GUNsen a Jonathan term of the Gonne/Gowan / Gonne/Kohn kind? Ask to Cohen-related Hohens of Bavaria, or the Jewish Weishaupt Illuminati.

The kettle hats are the same as the blue "vair fur" used by Quints and Boyers, and a host of others. The fur is a neat way to trace Vere liners, and so it should be repeated that the only other heraldic fur is the ermine, but because that's suspect with the line of Hermes, father of Myrtilus, heraldic fur must include some Myrtilus>Vere liners too, and there we have one at the Pappenheims. The Hatts/Hats use that black bend discussed a few times in the last update, a bend that I traced years ago to PAPHlagonians (Parthenius river to which I trace Perseus); for example, Popleys use that bend. That bend is used by some (including the Eure's/Ivors) upon the same Shield as the Vere Shield. From the last update: "...the Thall/Tall Coat uses quarters in colors reversed from the Second/Segur quarters," which is to say here that Thalls/Talls use quarters in the colors of the Hatt/Hat quarters, and moreover the Zionist / hexagram stars in the Thall Coat are used by Weis' expected at "Weissenburg." We just saw that Hatts/Hats can link, by way of their expected link to Tile's, to the Thalls/Talls.

One can glean that the Keith-Catti elements are from the Hermes and Myrtilus Cadusii, the Hatti of Hattusa beside the Parthenius river. It really looks like the Perseus head entity ("ceph" in Greek) morphed to entities like the Anglo word, "head." How could that be? Were proto-Angles in the Hatti theater? Ask the Persian background of Perseus.

We of course want to see the Kettle's, who smack of Chettle's (dancette in Haddington colors) and likely a branch of Keiths i.e. Kettle's (share the stag with Keiths) are Keiths and therefore the Hats/Hatts are tracing excellently to Haddingtons. Lets add that the Kettle's use the same lion as the Boyer-suspect Voirs/Voyers, important because Boyers use the kettle hats. But the Voir lion is also the Maschi lion, not to mention the North lion, thus making Norths suspect with the naming of Neordingen, in Donou-Ries, location also of Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen.

The Kettle motto, "Bono vince MALum," can trace to the Pygmalion / Amalekite elements discussed in the last update, which traced to stag-using Picts in Perthshire, where Kettle's were first found. Should we now start viewing Perthshire as a Perseus entity? Ask the antlers / stags that I view as code for Heneti on the Parthenius river. The stag-using Celts/Colts of Perthshire trace to Khaldi, kin of Halybes from the Halys river of the Hatti.

Now, to make the Pappenheim link solid to Haddington elements, the Maus/Mouser write-up traces the surname to one "Ulrich Mueselin of Bamberg", and then Poppo I of Bamberg was the founder of Pappenheim- and Papenburg-suspect Babenburgs. Why UlRICH? In the last update, the GingRICH and RICH / RICK surnames were traced to Richeza, wife of Mouse-Tower Mieszko. Does this mean that mythical Popiel of the Mouse Tower was a Pape/Papenburg / Pope liner?

The Caepio treasure, found by Quintus in Toulouse, was traced to Meschins and to the Cimmerians of Wales, the latter suspect with the Cimmerians under king Boiorix, he himself suspect with Voirs/Voyers and Boyers. It means that the Caepio gold should have found its way to Haddington / Musselburg elements, which can explain why Haddington is beside Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, and also beside the extravagant, over-expensive (like Sinclairs had money to burn or gold bars to hide) Rosslyn Chapel. These places are all in Lothian, where DOUBLE-tressure Flemings of Flanders came to roost, suspects behind Scottish Rite Masonry. The Maus/Mouser fleur-de-lys, which traces to the Lys river entering the Flanders theater (southern Belgium) from Artois, is in the colors of the Arms of Flanders, itself using a lion in colors reversed to the Misl Coat lion. Then, MAAStricht (Dutch-Flanders theater) is on the Mass/Meuse river of Flanders, and so lets see the SIX pale bars of the Mass/Meuse Coat. The patee crosses in the Chief allows one to trace the surname to Patti in MESSina. You're dizzy at all this because you've just never seen so many rats before. They turn up everywhere with cats.

It looks repeatedly as though the double bars of heraldry connect to Benjamite / Mus lines going through the Yuya Mitanni to Messene and Messina, not excluding the Jonathan-Levite line through mythical Oeneus of Methoni (Messene). The triple Levi chevrons (in Flanders colors) are even very traceable to the Arms of the counts / county of Hainaut, that being another Flanders entity. At this point, it can be repeated that there is chevron above the number '6' on your keyboard, so that a triple chevron could be a 666 code from way back.

The early John de Mahus (1196) in the Mass/Meuse write-up suggests the Mays/Mais surname suspect with the Mouse Tower. It's the same as saying that the Chatan cats were rats in the Mouse Tower that somehow got to the Meuse river. I am no longer worried about readers looking sideways at my house-mouse claims. The Mouse-Tower now rules the Western World. Ask mythical Popiel as he goes to the Popleys, first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Mass'/Meuse's. Popleys are said to have been "Lords of the Manor," a phase that looks like code for the Merovingian Pepins. Or, ask the Illuminati checks that fill the Pepoli Shield. You can bet that the black eagle of king Charlemagne (a Pepin liner) was that also of the Popleys, who come up as "Poppy," suspect with Poppa I. As Muscels are a part of this discussion, see the mascles (hollow diamonds) in the Spink Coat, for that's what Popeye's spinach represented. To learn how Levites of the Perche kind were in the Mouse Tower, as OLIVE Oyle, and then trace the string of lozenges (solid mascles) of Keith-related Marshalls to the same of MUSSolini's and Perche-related Percy's, first found in the same place as Popleys and Mass'/Meuse's. The Parisii, from Paris, where Chappes' and Levi's were first found, co-founded York.

Spanish Majors likewise use a Shield filled with Illuminati checks, and, safe to say, the Paphlagonians were at Antalya/Attaleia, the origin of "Atlas." The city is where Tantalus and his son Pelops trace (in my opinion) who ruled at an Eneti location (of Lydia) likely of the Heneti Paphlagonians. There's the explanation as to why many writers trace the Illuminati, by other means, to the Veneti, and why Majors and Pepoli's should share the Illuminati checks (black-and-white checks were a witchcraft symbol).

In the last update, it was realized that the Major surnames were from Maia, daughter of Atlas; she smacks of the May/Mais/Mai surname so that the Mouse Tower was a seed of Atlas, which can explain why the Atlas lion is also the Pisa lion. To put it another way, Atlantean Pisidians were at Pisa, on the shore of from Sardinia, where Wikipedia's Dagome article traces Mieszko ancestry. The line from Tantalus=Antalya to Pelops=Lydia can then go from SARDis (Lydian capital) to SARDinia and the Pisa Pisidians. To find how the cats were with the tower rats, just look to the father of Lydus, but to find why Mieszko's should trace to king Cottius, just look to Cotys, the grandfather of Lydus. An easy way to link Mieszko's to king Cottius is to first trace Merovingians to Cottius.

I've been saying the following for years, but I'll say it again. The Hanna-Barbera creators of the Flintstones cartoon had Flemings/Vlaams of FLANDers in mind with WILMa FLINTstone, who was given red and white colors, Fleming colors. Barney Rubble was part-code for the Ribble river at the FLINTshire theater (beside Cheshire), and his son, Bamm-Bamm, was code for Poppo I at BAMberg, and/or the Pepins from queen Bebba of Bebbanburg BERNicians, at BAMburg castle. It is very likely that Barney's brown clothes are for BRUNswick, like the BRYNeich location of BERNicians, and that Barney traces to PARNassus, home of the Muses that trace to the Meuse river of the Flanders theater. The Bebba Pepins came out of Landon of Belgium, to the near-west of Maastricht, and the Pepin-related Carolingian royals came out of the area of Liege, to the near-south of Maastricht, and likewise on the Meuse river. The only thing missing is a mouse in the Flintstones cartoon, but Speedy GONZales and Maisy Mouse make up for the oversight.

It is interesting that Apollo, the leader of Muses, had a mouse symbol (called Smintheus). Pebbles Flintstone can go to Peeble's (immediate south of Lothian), what I regard as a Pepin-based area from Pavia/Papia. As funny and innocent as the Flintstones may have appeared, yet they were devised on behalf of Illuminati agents. You never heard one word about God in the Flintstones, and then Fred and Barney were Water-Buffalo Masons, weren't they? These Masons (in the cartoon) wore hats with buffalo horns, a symbol of German Wessels.

So which is it? Were May/Mai surnames of Massey liners or of Atlas>Maia liners, or both? Let's start with Mayfields using the engrailed Macclesfield Cross in the same colors, suggesting that Mayfields are a corruption from "Macclesfield." But are they? While Mays/Mai's (gold billets, suspect with the CAEPIO treasure at the Macclesfield motto) use a red leopard HEAD -- important because Maccle's are suspect with Haddington's Musselburgh -- Mayfields use a red lion's head. This head entity will now be able to explain the Atlas>Maia line from the Magi tribe of Persians represented by Perseus. The Mays/Mai's even share a gold fesse with Mussels/Muscels in order to prove that these particular Mays/Mai's are Macclesfield liners of the Mayfield kind.

The Mayfield head is said to be "couped," expected because an Arms of Macclesfield uses a "copia" motto term, suspect with the Caepio line because the Arms uses the blue-on-white Caepio-line lion, in colors reversed from the same upright lion of Atlas'/Atleys, first found in the same place as Mayfields and Massins/Masons, the latter likewise using the upright blue lion. As this place was Kent, stacked with Numidian lines, it's very interesting that HANNA-Barbera smacks of Hannibal, brother of MAGO. What's going on here? Are we seeing Mago lines at the Mays/Mai's, or are Mays a corruption of "Maccles"?

Why should Magi Medes link to Massey liners? The so-called Royal Scythians spent 28 years in Media seeking to rule it. Had these Scythians, earlier at the proto-Moldova theater, been a Meshech peoples from Moesia? Did they come out of Media with Magi Medes on their belt? I don't recall the details, if any were given, on where in Anatolia the Royal Scythians conquered after coming of out Media in about 700 BC, the very time of Gugu of Lydia. The Cimmerians of Lake Van, who had earlier been beside the Royal Scythians of proto-Moldova, had conquered as far as, and perhaps into, Lydia, at about 700 BC or not much later; it is these Cimmerians that I see in Wales beside the Meschins, and beside Flint. The Water Buffalo's in the Flintstones wore Russian-style hats, and some Rus elements are expected from the Rusa kings at Van. To trace the fire-suspect Flemings in the Flintstone term to these Scythians, just trace to the Royal Scythians of proto-Moldova, where Trypillians lived at a very-early time, who liked playing with matches.

Was Mago named after Atlas>Maia elements, logical in that Carthaginians were of the Tyrian Atlanteans. Poseidon, chief of Atlanteans, was from Tyre, and Atlas was his chief son in Plato's myth, all ten sons made into twins (total five sets of twins). Does this play to a double theme of myth that carried over to heraldry?

As Meshwesh of Africa were Amazons, otherwise called Berbers, the Barbera surname likely refers to Berbers. In fact, Spanish Barbera's use the red Murena/MORATin tower (still suspect with the Mouse Tower because Mieszko's trace to king-Massena Meshwesh), important because it speaks of MAURITANia, the Berber theater. Therefore, Hanna's are suspect with "Hannibal," who was an ally of king Massena's family for a time. Italian Barbera's use three fish in the colors of the three Geddes fish HEADS that trace to the Geta surname of a north-African family that was ancestral to the father of emperor Caracalla, brother of co-emperor, Geta.

Where should copia liners trace? What about Cyprus, home of the Tyrian, Pygmalion, who traced to Malahule, ancestor of le Meschin (his father from Malahule married a Conteville liner). It's the English Joseph's who use a "mago" motto term, and it's these Joseph's who share the Comyns garbs that refers to the Comyns location of Conteville's. Another Arms of Macclesfield uses the black Davenport fitchee, shared by Hanna's, what a coincidence! It's linking Mago elements to Mayfields.

Hanna's and the Arms of Macclesfield share the stag, and the Hanna stag is in the colors of the Macclesfield lion. I traced "MALAhule (years ago) to "Mali," a country in the Mauritanian theater, because the More area that he ruled seemed applicable to Moors / Mauritania, especially as Templar elements used black Moor-head symbols. Malahule of More (Norway, but also one in Shropshire, where Meschins were first found) was also a ruler of OPland, like "Copeland," and then Hoppers use the Moratin tower too. If I recall correctly, there is a Hopland forest in Cheshire that was controlled by Hamon de Massey, where he went hunting with the Conqueror's family. See the blue Macclesfield lion in the Arms of Copeland.

The Davids/Daffy's, suspect as kin of the mouse-using Misl's, also use "copia," and, as per "couped," we find that Coops (share a flower on a stem with Mayfields) are also the Cope's, explicable where Meschins of Skipton were given Copeland to rule. The Skiptons trace to general Scipio of the Romans, whom king Massena joined after betraying his alliance with Hannibal's family. The line of Joseph CAIAPHAS is still suspect with "SYPHAX" Carthaginians, and with the "copia" motto term.

[Of some interest is the "hule" in "Malahule," suspect with Hulls using talbot heads. I've not understood before now that Talbots can trace to Talia not far down-river from Cuppae. Hulls were first found in the same place as Popleys, suspect with talbot-using Pape's/Papenburgs. The Bononia location near Talia can trace to Bononia of Italy, where Pepoli's were first found. ]

It will seem that this May / Macclesfield topic really is the head entity that myth writers gave to Perseus. It tends to assure that an English-speaking cult arranged the head entity of Perseus (Caiaphas-like "CEPH" to the Greeks) to go to a Head surname, which created "HADDington." That's what it looks like. For the Haddington cross is identical to, but colors reversed from, the Mayfield / Macclesfield cross. Davenports (of the Macclesfield area) even use "A man's HEAD with a gold rope around the neck." This picture is indicative of the heraldic Moor head with a band around his forehead, as used by a portrait of one HASdrubal (a Carthaginian) on his coins. What a coinincidence that there is a white Moor head in the HESlington Crest, as well as in the Crest of More's/Mure's, the latter suspect with Malahule of More.

I hate to break it to you Sinclair lovers, but their powers and wealth were from the remnants of Carthaginian pillaging. I can't think of a more detestable peoples than Carthaginians, aside from ancient Scythians...who formed African Gorgons and drank from human skulls = heads. The Coop description includes: "blue chevron between three red roses slipped proper." The "slipped" code must have to do with the "hazel slips" of Hazels, a branch of HESLlingtons. Why are Caiaphas-suspect Coops tracing to Hasdrubal? Or, why is Hasdrubal tracing to Cuppae? It recalls my trace of Cuppae's Pek river-elements to a Puke location on the Drilon river of the Cavii; Puke is/was smack beside a Has location.

After trying for a Mavey surname (without luck) while seeking other surnames that may have been corrupted from "Macclesfield to Mayfield to May/Mai," I found the Mavers, first found in Shropshire, and using the Hamon(d) Coat, though Mavers use their chevron "engrailed," like the engrailed cross of Sinclairs (in Maver-chevron colors), which is the white engrailed cross of Macclesfields and Mayfields, right? Looks like. Hamons (Hasmoneans?) were first found in the same place as Mayfields and Atlas'. The Maver / Hamon Coats are versions of the DAVenport Coat, and all three look like versions of the Maisy/Maysey Coat for the obvious reason. The DEWeys use the Maisy format in colors-reversed, which happen to be the colors Dutch Coops. If you like logic problems to the point of headache, go for it and figure all of this out.

Dutch Coops not only use the format of Hamons / Davenports / Mavers in colors reversed, but they use ducks in place of the doves in the same-colored, similar Dove/Dow Coat, and the latter is using a fesse in place of the chevrons, as do the Maisy and Dewey Coat (fesse is likely code for Fessys sharing the Macclesfield / Mayfield cross). It's made clear here that the surnames under discussion were in cahoots with "the city of doves," CUPPae!

Without doubt, the Coops / Cope's / Copps all trace with the "copia" motto term to Cuppae (Moesia). The "Patiens" motto of Dove's is for the entity represented in the patee crosses of Peks/Pecks, and the Page's (pheons), who trace to the Pek river at Cuppae, use doves around a chevron in the colors of Mayfields / Macclesfields. The Page chevron is colors reversed from the Pek chevron, and the Pek patees are in the colors of the same of Massena's/Messina's/Mussena's, and then the patee cross is now tracing to a Patti location in Messina. It's where Kilpatricks/Patchie's trace who were on the Nith river with the proto-Geddes Geds from a Geta line in Numidia / Carthage. Page's were first found in the same place as Mays/Mai's.

There must have been a Moesian reason that Pek-liners joined Massena liners, but the reality may be Moesians evolved into Massina. In this May / Macclesfield picture, French Page's/Pagenels, first found in the same place as Payens/Pagans, could be using the Atlas/Atley lion. As Hugh de Payen married Elizabeth Chappes, it stands to reason that the Caepio-line lion (to Macclesfield) is the Page/Pagenel lion in colors reversed. You can take your pick, but Payens/Pagans can trace either to Picensii (at the Pek theater) or to Paeoni/Paioni. I think the one peoples became the other when Paeoni started to take on Pajoni-like terms.

Why were Caiaphas-suspect Coops tracing to Hasdrubal? As the Perseus head entity goes to African Gorgons, might the Anglo Gorgons cult have converted "HAS(drubal)" to the Head, Hatt and Haddington surname? It just so happens that Scottish Hatts are using the colors and format of Davenports, Hamons and Mavers. Why are Scottish Hatts also "HatMALIN and HAtMAKER? The latter is very clever, but Macclesfield was also MAKESlesfield" in ancient times, nothing to do with hat makers. The Hatts use ANNulets, possibly part-code for "HANNibal." One can expect the Atlas Tyrians in Carthage, and the Page / Pagan Paeoni liners may have been Tyrians = Poeni.

And that brings me to the Atlas write-up, where the surname is said to be from a Lee location, and where the Atley variation is said to be from the idea of "at Lee." I have my doubts on that explanation. I can tell you this, that the Lee surname is also "Ligh," like the Lycians around Antalya, origin of Atlas. The Pegasus GorgoPHONES were in Lycia with BelleroPHON, and Masseys trace to the Pegasus probably by way of Massars of the Pisa area. The HatMACCAR variation of Scottish Hats could indicate the Massars using two gold lions (round-tailed, like the gold Gate lions), which can link to the two brown (a form of gold, I suppose) lion heads in the Atlas/Atley Crest (the Brunswick lion is gold, and so Brunswick-suspect brown can be specifically for Brunswick gold). Massars were first found in Lucca, where Pisidians of Antalya are expected.

Lucca is smack beside Liguria, where Lee's/Lighs trace. The Atlas/Atley lion is in the colors of the Pisa-surname lion, wherefore I would suggest that Atlas' were not named after "at Lee," but were rather merged with the Lee's of Kent's Lee location. I trace Lee's/Lighs/Leghs to the Legros Leicester, where Hazel-honoring Coops ("a red dragon's HEAD") were first found. Where do red dragons trace? Rhodes, off-shore of Lycia, and Kamiros on Rhodes is where the Chimera dragon traces that was in Lycia with the Pegasus. Therefore, the Atlas surname traces excellently to mythical Atlas.

The Coop dragon begs the question of why the 666 skincode will be applied to the HEAD at all. Although the leopard heads in the Cooper Chief are usually called "faces" for the Fessy/Face surname, the Coopers/Coppers call them, heads. The Cooper link to Macclesfield's motto pretty-much assures that Coopers are using the Messey/Messiers saltire, the Maschi Chief, and the Mosca / Clan-Chattan (or even the May/Mai) leopard in Crest.

I spent considerable time, in the last few weeks, showing that Numidians in league with the Hannibal Carthaginian traced to Massa-Carrara, beside Lucca, and here I find a Hatt surname (suspect for the first time with HASdrubal) linked to Massars of a MACCAR kind, smacking of the makings of MACCAbees, who were HASmoneans. What a giant coincidence.

English Hatts use "wreaths" (barely visible, same shape as annulets) that could be for the Washington-suspect Wreaths/Crae's/Rays. The Rays happen to use an "escarBUNCLE," and Buncle's (same place as Dove's) happen to use buckles (look like annulets) in the colors of the Benjamin annulets, and meanwhile Scottish Hatts use annulets, meaning that the 600 Benjamites trace to Massey-liners of the Massar kind, as expected. The BUNKhill variation suggests a root in "Bunk," like "BENJamin". Now we understand. The Rays/Crae's can even go back to Ray/Rhagae, mother-city of Zeus, for the Jabesh allies of the Benjamites are regarded as Jupiter = Zeus. This is some indication that Jabesh was a Zeus-taurus line, and my trace of Zeus to Jerusalem with Hera would suggest that Jebusites were of the Zeus / Baal / Moloch cult at Zion's Hinnom valley.

The above recalls the Bengs/Bings using the same quarter colors as the Chives/Shives quarters, as well as a white symbol in the black quarter, same as Chives'/Shives'. This now becomes Atlas-important, first of all due to the white lion (suspect as the Atlas lion) of Bengs/Bings. The Chives'/Shives trace to Ceva on the Cavetta river, explaining why Cavetts are also "Chavo/Shavo," but the Cavetts/Chavo's use FOUR horizontal bars, the design also behind the Page lion, which is the Atlas/Atley lion. English Page's (in Chaddock / Chadwick colors) were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Heslingtons, "head"-using Coopers, and the Sadducee-suspect Saddocks/Sedwicks (in Chives / Beng / Kill colors). At the webpage below, you can verify that Coopers use heads, where you can also verify all Coat descriptions that I provide:

Then, the Beng/Bing lion is not in both of the black quarters, but only in the first black quarter, same as the Kill/Keele crescent on a Shield quartered in colors reversed from Beng/Bing Shield. The Kill crescent is colors-reversed from the same of Motts, suspect at the Hasmonean town of MODi'in, but the point here is that I traced Kills/Keel's to CILNius MAECenas, and not only identified his surname as the makings of "Maccabee," but claimed from other evidence that proto-Maccabees were of the Kill/Keele line. I now find Kills/Keele's tracing via Bengs/Bings to Atlas elements at the Maccar-suspect Massars! Therefore, the Hatts/HattMACCARS are not only Benjamin liners, but of the proto-Maccabees. To put it another way, a line from Hatt-related Hasdrubal named the Hasmoneans!

Another theory has surfaced in all this, that "Maccabaeus" was a term tracing to the French idea of "beau = beautiful, and then it's known that Beaumonts (rulers in Leicester) are also BELLmonts, suggesting that the bell pattern in the vair fur is ultimately code for Maccabee lines. That idea works well where the "kettle hats" version of vair fur likewise traces to Maccabees.

The Keele-suspect Kellys share double lions with the Atlas/Atley Crest, and both surnames use white-on-blue erect lions. The Kellys are suspect in using the Chatan tower, important because Chatans are using the bend of Botters, first found in Lucca with Massars, and because the Lucca surname uses a cat in honor of Chatans and Chattans/Cato's. The Chads (Chaddock / Chadwick colors) were first found in the same place as Benjamins (!), and are using the Massena / Pek patees, but because they use the potent cross suspect with Sadducee liners at the Setta valley, Chads are now suspect with Chatan /Cato liners out of Lucca, and so this traces Chadwicks, Chaddocks and Saddocks to these Lucca elements, as expected where Maccabees were of/from the Massars of Lucca.

As Mays/Mai's traced to the Pek river (location in Pincum), the Italian Maio's/Majo's/MAITANI's are probably using the Panico oak tree. The Maioli variation looks like it should trace to lake Maiella in Abruzzo, where there was a Maja goddess highly suspect with Atlas' daughter. It can be gleaned that continental Atlanteans were on the Pek.

Compare the Chad Shield with the Arms of Sion/Sitten and you will have the first clue as to why the line to Haddington (where Seatons/Sittens and Keiths/Keaths lived) should be of a Lucca-Sion connection. Or, just ask the Trents (share the eagle with Murena's/Moratins) using the same split Shield as Chads, who trace to Terentia, wife of Cilnius Maecenas! You can bet that, because Terentia was of the Murena entity, the Kelly tower is a version of the Murena/Moratin tower.

The Chadwicks (in Lilly / Deck / Tess/Teck colors) use a "DECus" motto term that we can trace experimentally to the Ticino/Tessen river. The Chadwick Crest is a lily, and then Lillys/Lille's (in Lys/Lise colors) trace to Lille near the Lys valley, and by this logic one can trace Lilly's and Chadwicks to Lisieux on the Ticino-like Touques river, location also of Gace. As Cuppae-based Copelands share the Washington double bars, it speaks to a Cuppae trace to the Touques river with Laevi of the Ticino.

Can You Feely your Head Ache Yet?

There's nothing like a headache when you get hit by a Scythian axe for to make you a bowl. The Scythian bonehead thinks that you serve no better purpose in life but to act as his personal drinking vessel. And so God has prepared seven Bowls of Wrath to be poured out on the heads of Scythians along with Seven Thunders too chilling to put on paper.

Immediately after going to the Mavers yesterday, I recalled the Moverleys, who are also MODburleys because the surname derives, or else named, a MOTburLEGH East Cheshire, same as Macclesfield. That makes the fitchee in the so-called canton of the Moverley Coat, though white, suspect with the Davenport / Hanna fitchee. "Motburlegh" was found in the Domesday book (1186), where "Makeslesfield" was also found. Moverleys seem linkable to the same-colored single bar of the Chee/Cheatle/Chettle surname (Cheshire) that traced (by its dancette) to Gace-related Cottians, and Moverleys likewise use the Washington / Copeland double bars (in the same colors). This is actually a way to ask whether KETTLE-hatters trace to Gace elements, and so let's recall that Kemmis' use vair fur = kettle hats. It brings to mind the trace of Mitanni to the Cottians. Consider that while Cottius' father was DONNUS, kettle hats are used in the Arms of Weissenburg-Gunzenhausen is a Donau area.

My trace of the Cottians to the Gace / Touques region started with clues in the two Wessel surnames (from "Vestalis," son of Cottius), one of which uses blue swans, the colors of the Hanna stags. That's important where Hanna's are suspect with Hannibal elements that I think joined the Cottians en route to the Trebia. But the blue swans (in Gog colors) trace Cottius to Lake Sevan, location of Gogarene, important because Yuya (i.e. Mitanni line) is tentatively tracing to Scythia's Cogaeonus river, the Cotesii theater roughly. Remember, the swan is used by Chalkers, and the Cogaeonus us beside the Caucoensii peoples (top-right of map), suggesting a migration of Gog between Lake Sevan and Scythia, though I don't at the moment know which of the two areas was settled first. It was after writing the paragraph above that the Mauers/Moyers were looked at, as per a 'u' version of "Mavers," and lo: the Mauers Coat should explain the horse upon a red-and-black Chief in the Wessel/Gastel Coat. To this, add that Yuya liners are expected to use the horse.

It's no small thing to trace Yuya to Cottius because he's early in history as compared to Scandinavians. It provides a marker along the Scythian migration to Scandinavia and NATO. Scandinavia may have been named by the Sequani whom I see as a backdrop to Cottians. Therefore, Odin (the Eotens?) and Loki (wolf liner), as well as mythical Asgard, are expected to trace to the Cottians, especially as they provided Julius Caesar. Scandinavian myth that includes Asgard is old enough that the Gard surname (wolf) could be in play. Eotens are now tracing to Etna in Sicily, home both of Sequani-like Sicanians and of wolf-depicted Sicils. And there is a Scandinavian Assi surname using a weight scale in Gog colors. A wind storm knocked out my modem so that I can't get online to check whether the Assi surname calls it a "scale," important as per a trace to the mythical wolf monster, Scylla.

The Moverley/Modburley Crest is not described, but looks like a woman holding both a sword and a weight scale. She reminds me of the Melusine mermaid in the Arms of Warsaw, that likewise holds a sword. That's the same as saying that Moverleys trace to Masovia, the area around Warsaw. It makes Mauer's suspect with the Murena/Moratin tower now being viewed as the Mouse Tower (where dukes of Masovia originated).

As Mauro's (means "brown") recently traced well to Bruno's and Browns, perhaps Mauer's and Mavers were Bruno liners, for Bruno's had traced well to Cottius. Bruno's were first found in Florence, not far from Arezzo/Arettium, home of Cilnius Maecenas i.e. that married Terentia of a Murena family. "Cilnius" traced to an Apollo = wolf entity in the Troad, where Caucones lived who smack of the Caucoensii. Here's from the 1st update of last December, where investigations into Cilnius background began:

I found a Cilla term just now that may have been the Cilnia entity at Arettium:
One of the two female characters associated with Troy: Cilla, sister of Hecuba. She was married to Thymoetes, brother of Priam {son of LaoMEDON}. On the same day that Hecuba bore Paris, Cilla bore Munippus, to Priam...

[Another] Cilla, daughter of LaoMEDON. Her mother was either Strymo {Strymon river}, daughter of Scamander, or Placia [proto-Placentia?], daughter of Otreus, or Leucippe.

Cilla, a city sacred to Apollo.

Just look at "ThyMOETes" and "MUNippus" to glean why Cilnius Maecenas should have been part of proto HasMONeans of MODi'in. We now have reason for a trace of "StryMON" to Mon elements. Proto-Hasmoneans on the Strymon, river of the real Satrae and other Thracians. I traces Satrae to the Stura DeMONte river (Cuneo), and so it's feasible that some Mont-like terms (Muntenia in Wallachia?) are from the old-Greek Mon entity, itself possible a corruption of "Medon."

The "ippus" can trace to Yuya Mitanni, for Mitanni of Methoni must trace to Modi'in. In the first case of Cilla above, two brothers were made married to two sisters, and the son of Priam was Pharisee-like Paris, born on the same day as Hasmonean-suspect Munippus. By what coincidence did Pharisees crop up out of Maccabees? And so a trace of Cilnius Maecenas to Aurelia Cotta adds to the weight of an argument for the birth of Caiaphas in her line just a few generations after her.

Cilla can trace by her alternative grandmother, Otreus, to Artois, for Otreus looks like the Atreus-line Odrysians at Arettium-like Arda, and I trace Odrysians to Atrebates known to have named Atrecht, in Artois, though Atrecht was also named, Arras, just like the Arezzo variation of Arettium. As the Lys river is in Artois, note that the Lys/Lise surname was first found in the same place (PARIS!) as the Brown-suspect Verona/Vair surname. It looks like Cilnius Maecenas can link to Bruno's.

The Verona's/Vairs share a white-on-blue fish with Bar-le-Duc and the Pesci's, the latter suspect from Piscinas, the line to the "fountain" symbol of the Cass' and Kiss; but then one of the latter two uses a weight scale in Crest, and "Cass" smacks of scale-using "Assi's." This fish can be traced to Cilla's family at Troy. For example, in the quote above from the December update, "LaoMEDON" is capitalized for to suggest a link to Medon, son of mythical Kodros, who had a fish symbol. This fish symbol goes to Kotor, near Bar, the latter in the Cavii theater. In Laomedon's line, there was a Capys character suspect with the stock that named Caiaphas, and then a Candy/Candie family was in Savoy that some would trace to the namers of Scandinavia, and in the meantime the namers of Savoy (Savan elements?) look like the namers of the Svi=Swedes. The Candy's trace to Candida's, first found in the same place as Capua's/Capone's, very traceable to mythical Capys (said to have founded Capua). The Saka that look to be in code in SCAmander are thereby suspect with the stock that named Scandinavia.

So, with Cilla (granddaughter of Scamander) tracing to the stock that named Scandinavia, let's ask whether Hitler's Thule Society thought that Thule was in Scandinavia, for Hiedlers/Hitlers share the enfield griffin with Kellys/KILLIA's.

Bruno's were identified as Barone's and Bars, and therefore traced to Verona's/Vairs. Apparently, Mauer's / Moverleys are Bar liners to a BURlegh entity, especially as Burleys are also BAURleys. Therefore, Moverleys and Mavers appear to be Este liners of the Bar kind through Brunswick/Luneburg. If I recall correctly, the Gard wolf is BROWN, and so this recalls that the Cottians traced, not only to Brunswick-Luneburg, but to the formation of Jutes/Eotens, suspect with Odin of AsGard. It should also be mentioned that the Brunswick-Luneburg lines traced to the wolf-using Fiddle's at Normandy's Vis-de-Loop, suspect with the Wolf/Welf surname (Cheshire again), important because Welfs were a branch of Este's.

The Demere's / Mere's/Meyers/Mayers of Cheshire could be a branch of Mauers/Moyers, but this creates a difficulty as to whether Mauers trace to "Maia" or to Mauritanians. The Kellys/Killia's are using the same lion as Atlas'/Atleys from a Lee location. The fact that Macclesfield (Enfield liners?) is likewise in Cheshire argues for a third scenario: "Mauer" is a Mayfield element of the Mayer kind. As Browns are using the same fleur as Masci's, one could argue for an evolution of terms like so: Maia > May > Mayer > Mauer > Mauro > Bruno > Brunswick / Bryneich. The problem there is that it doesn't derive Bruno's in the Bar location, though it could be wrong to derive Bruno's in that way.

German Wessels/Wassails (in Gace/Wassa colors) are split vertically in the same colors of the same split Shield as Trents, if that helps to trace Cottius to Cilnius Maecenas. As he us tracing (at least tentatively) to the Trojan bunch, consider a trace of "MOTburlegh" to ThyMOETes, husband of Cilla. What could that THY term represent? It's from queen Tiye, isn't it, who was either the mother or daughter (I can't recall) of Yuya. If that's correct, "Moetes" represented a Mitanni entity. Then, remember, the Oenomaus Mitanni traced back to Pisidians with a capital at Atlas-depicted Attaleia, meaning that "MotburLEGH" may have been a Bar-Legh entity that included the LEE/Legh surname so as to trace the Atlas/Atley family in Lee to Maia-suspect Moverleys. The importance here is where the Cheshire elements of Moverleys were beside Denbighshire, where Oenomaus-suspect Jones' were first found that share the Atlas / Kelly lion.

Well, which is it? Were Moverleys named after Maia elements of the Mayer / Mauer/Moyer kind, or after Modi'in elements of the Moetes > Mott kind? I would suggest that while they were foundational to Modburlegh, they were also Maia liners so as to explain their Mover variation. But others would argue that "Mover" is simply a corruption from "Modbur."

But then consider the tiger of Medleys and Maybe's, for the TOGARmite-related Esson surname is suspect in creating Tony the TIGER, while Odin was of the other Scandinavian sect, the mythical Aesir (suspect with mythical Aeson and the Assi surname). The point is, "Tony" can be code for the Antonys (red leopard), who should trace to mythical Antenor, code for the Heneti that I see at Attaleia = ANTalya. To put it another way, Atlas elements trace to Maia-suspect MAYbe's, and to MODburlegh-like MEDleys. And then the son of Scamander was TOGERmite suspect Teucer. The latter was made the brother of Cilla's mother.

Attaleia was in the LYCian theater, which myth gave the lycos = wolf symbol that carried to Loki of Scandinavia. Note too that yet another mother of Cilla was made, LEUCippe. The Wessel swan is expected to connect to the LEICester swan because Cottians lived amongst Ligurians. This swan traces to SeVAN, said to be named after Lake Van, and then Loki was part of a so-called Vanir sect of Scandinavians.

The Mauer horse gives the impression of being on the Murena/Moratin tower in the colors both of the red Murena/Moratin tower and the white one of the Coop/Cope-suspect Hoppers. That could trace Mauers to the Yuya horse symbol, quite apparently the Trojan-horse symbol. As Priam and Paris represented Parium=Parion, at MARmara, this now provides yet another derivation for "Mauer," but I'm not strong on this one. Of interest here is that the proposed Maia > May > Mayer > Mauer > Mauro > Bruno > Brunswick line can also go to Bryneich's Bernicians, beside the Mars-suspect Mercians.

There is another Moyer surname (black Moor HEADS, expected from Mauritanians) using a "MEDiocRITER" motto, important because the Ritters/Rutters (Cheshire again) were involved in the recent Pinocchio codes that started with Wood-related Rita's likewise using the Atlas lion. We saw earlier why the Maio/Majo oak tree should trace to the Panico oak, and then the Woods use the Panico oak too because wooden "Pinocchio" was code for Panico's. Ritters/Rutters are in French Bacon colors, and English Bacons use "Mediocria" in their motto, a term that goes to the MEDusa Gorgon, the head entity of Perseus / AndroMEDA under discussion. But ANDromeda refers to the Perseus Heneti, same as ANTenor's line to Tony the Tiger, so to speak, and so tiger-using MEDleys should apply to the Moyer motto term, thus making Moyers suspect with Medley-suspect Moverleys. As tiger-using Maybe's look to be using the Gate Shield, it can trace this bunch to Neamt, north of Bacau on the Siret, and south of the Cogaeonus.

The Rita's were traced (in the Pinocchio discussion) to the Rye's/Ryse's and therefore to Rize, and so let's re-mention the proposed trace of king Donnus to Donau-Ries of Bavaria. Donnus' Cottian background traces to the Cotesii suspect in a relationship with Caucoensii elements at Yuya-suspect Cogaeonus, in the land of Trypillians that trace to Trabzon, beside Rize. The BistRITA river (beside the Moldova river) was near the Cogaeonus, and the latter may be the Moldava today. Then, on the map below, to the near-west of the Cogaeonus river, see the RHATacensii to which the Ritters/Rutters may trace. This is only to say that Atlanteans, Caucones, Trojans and mythical Cilla together -- of the Yuya-Mitanni kind -- are tracing to the Siret river.

It's therefore Leucippe-important that the Cilla-suspect Kellys/Killia's share the Rita / Atlas lion in Gog colors, and that the Bacon cinquefoils are in the colors of a giant one used by the Bus surname, suspect with the Buzau river of the Cotesii. It helps to trace the Wessel swan to the Leicester swan because the Bus cinquefoil is in the Arms of Leicester. "Leucippe" can mean "white horse," the color of the lion under discussion, but if I recall correctly (can't get online to check), the Wessel Chief uses a white horse. From the 1st update of September (Pinocchio codes are there), the Ritters were mentioned briefly to say: "The Ritters/Rutters (in Rodham / Rother colors), perhaps linkable to Rita's, use a "Melitae" motto term." German Ritters are also "Rider," which might be in the rider-on-horse code, and so see such a one in the Mittel-like Motel surname, named after a Mottola location." One can get the impression that the rider on a horse, suspect with Ares, father of Rut / Rus entities and therefore of Rosicrucianism, was from Yuya but also in the Templar symbol, two men on horseback.

All the time that I was tracing several surnames to the BUZAU river, I had forgotten about my many mentions of many years ago on the BUSAE MEDES. The Busae were a fellow tribe with the Magi Medes! That could trace Maia elements to the Buzau theater, and of course to proto-Cottians. The Pisidians were even suspect in having ancestry in Buz, wherefore a trace of the Maia Pisidians to the Buzau is a natural expectation. The proto-Bacons suspect at Bacau were not far north of the Buzau, if that helps to assure that Bus-related Bacons were indeed from Bacau. But the presence of Medes in this area of Scythia explains the Bacon / Moyer motto terms and makes the Medes suspect in Mott liners to Modi'in. That is, it makes the Medes suspect as descendants of the Mitanni, which is like saying that mythical Medea (Colchian witch cult) and the Medusa Gorgon were Mitanni liners along with Perseus' wife. But these were not just any Mitanni, but from Yuya. Mythical Cepheus (Andromeda's father) of Ethiopia should speak to the line of Ethiopian Poseidon (proto-Pisidians) as it migrated north to (or inter-married with) Yuya's household.

It was reasoned that the Rita lion was the same-colored one in the Arms of Suceava. But this is now tracing Atlas' (double-lion theme) to Suceava, especially as Suceava uses two white-on-blue lions. That is, the Magi Medes suspect as Atlas' daughter are tracing to the Bistrita / Suceava theater. Why shouldn't other daughters of Atlas trace to proto-Moldova, home of the Royal Scythians?

As soon as the Mavers came up yesterday (as I write), it evoked the Shield of the Felds/Fields. This was so soon after looking at the MayFIELDS that it appeared the Macclesfields and Mayfields were a merger with Felds/Fields, who had previously been lumped into RockeFELLer traces to FALTiceni, on the Bistrita, important because Bacon-honoring Fullers (beacon) were identified as Roquefeuil liners. Just like that, a new theory: Macclesfields are Rockefeller liners.

The Ritters/Rutters, who are a branch or Rothers, Rutherfords, and Rodhams -- clearly suspect with Rockefeller-based Roxolani on the Buzau -- share white scallops with Felds/Fields. Aha-ha-ha, Irish Fields use just an oak tree, just like Maio's/Majo's! It convinces me that Macclesfields / Mayfields were from Falticeni elements along with Atlas elements there (explaining why the Macclesfield lion is colors reversed from the Atlas lion).

One can trace the Macclesfield lion to the same-colored one on Bruce's, which traces to the same-colored one in the Arms of Brescia (Bruce-like), which was a city of Eburovices that trace to Abreu's/Abruzzo's, from the land of Maja's mount Maiella. That is one good way to link the Bruce and Macclesfield lion to Atlas liners. It predicts that Atlanteans in Suceava were at Cuppae.

The write-up for Irish Fields looks like it has some hocus-pocus. Irish versions of Anglo surnames are so deviant that I can never glean how the great differences come about. The Field surname, properly shown as "Feely," is illogically traced to "FITCHcheallaigh," and so how is anyone to prove or disprove that? (The sentence goes on to say that the Irish version refers to a chess player). That's got to be hocus-pocus code, tracing to the Macclesfield fitchee cross, for one. Kellys are traced to "Ceallaigh," which should apply to Feeleys/Fields for that reason alone, but, as with the Arms of Suceava, the two Kelly lions (in Suceava-lion colors and positions) are facing one another! Just like that, we have assurance that the Cilla-Trojan line was at Suceava.

The Susans use a giant lily, and Cilla elements had traced shortly above to the Lys river, location roughly of related Lille. There is an argument to be made here that Susa of the Cottians was of ancient Susa on the Persian border, or that Medes at Suceava were from Susa. The Kassites of Susa were suspect with Cassiopeia (mother of Andromeda), wherefore the Medes of concern can certainly trace to Susa. The Kassite tribe of Habira may have had much to do much to do with Hebraic Hyksos, for Kassites trace with Perseus to the Parthenius river, home of the Heneti, while Paphlagonian Heneti are traced (by me) to Apophis/Apepi, the Hyksos pharaoh after Khyan. The Habira were also "Abiru/Apiru," suggesting that Persians were actually Hebrews, and that Perseus was himself an Apiru entity.

The emailer that got me onto the Shutz investigation has just emailed again to emphasize that DNA haplogroups for Scythians, that appear mainly in Scandinavia and Saxony, overlap / link to haplogroups from Semites / Hebrews. It reflects my finding that Scythians and certain Hebrews were one, though other Semite lines can be expected in the mix. The Japheth line from Noah (Scythians, assumed) goes logically to the Jabesh location that merged with Benjamites, and it just so happens that the Shutz saltire is colors reversed from the Benjamin saltire.

It appears that the Habira tribe traces to the Eburovices, namers of Abruzzo, in which case the Habira got linked up with the Euphrates-river cult that became "Aphrodite," and thus named the Habur river (Euphrates tributary). From "Aphrodite," the Habira can go to "Nefertiti," thus linking the household of Yuya to Cassiopeia, queen of Ethiopia. From down south, these Hebraic Kassites got to Jabesh-suspect Joppa, the proto-Jupiter, and as such the Kassites are suspect in the Caesar / Cass / Assi surnames. Kassites are also suspect in "Heka KHASewet" = Hyksos, and in the Hayasa-Azzi at the Ardahan theater. This was proto-Asgard, wasn't it?

Why are Feelys tracing to Falticeni along with proto-Maccabee Kellys? I had shown an old map of Moldava (I think it was this one) when on the topic a month or two ago, whereupon, on the northern areas of the Prut river, I spotted some Trojan suspect with the Cilla bunch to the Kelly > Hasmonean line. The real Cilla location in the Troad ended up tracing through ACHILLes elements to mount Cyllene, birthplace of Hermes...son of Maia!!! I don't recall whether Maia even entered that discussion at the time, but in this update, she's front and center!

Therefore, this Atlas line through to mount CYLLENe is expected in the Kelly = CILNius bloodline to Maccabees. If Atlas was just another depiction of Hercules, then Hasmoneans are suspect as old Samson elements. Consider a Has = Cass equation. There is a good chance that Kassites (may have been from the more-ancient Guti) named Gath, home of Gittites, and that these led to the Getae Thracians in proto-Moldova, kin of wolf-depicted Dacians, not forgetting the Cilla was an Apollo entity. (The Cilnius - Cyllene topic is in the last updates of last January, and the first updates of February.)

It's feasible that "Kelly" morphed into "Feeley," in which case Cyllene elements can be expected at Falticeni. I don't know how the Greeks treated their H's versus their F's of Ph's. There is mythical evidence that Pamphylians were P-less at one time, like "Amphylia." If "Paphlagon(ia)" goes P-less, it looks just like "Apollyon," the version of Apollo in Revelation. Assuming that a Philia entity existed, which one can see in "PamPHYLIA," remove the 'P' to make it "Hilia," which easily become "Cilla / Killia," or keep the 'P' and make it "Filia." That's how Cilla can become Field/Feld-like terms so as to trace Cilla to Falticeni. I realize what a volatile argument this is.

Heely's/Haly's, who smack of Achilles' heel, use boars in Kelly colors. AND ZOWIE, Heelys/Halys use a brown lion in Crest, the color of the double Atlas-Crest lions! The Heely lion wears a collar, and then Collar(d)s share black Moor heads with Moyers, suspect with Mavers/Moyers. The Collars may have been of king Colla of Crioch, the one to which Kellys are traced, and the MedioCRIA motto term of Bacons seemingly applies here, for it just so happens that Moor-using Moyers are the ones with the motto, Mediocriter. We have a story.

Assume that the Kelly tower is for the same MAURitanian / Moratin elements as the Collar / Moyer Moor heads, and therefore trace the Atlas > Maia line from proto-Moldova to Massena Numidians / Hasdrubal Carthaginians (this picture must include the Geta surname of Africa) to king Colla, born about 300 AD, just in time to provide the Geds on the Nith river, where Kilpatrick-related Pattersons trace. Irish Pattersons (said to be from Irish Sodhans) have scallops in the colors of the Heely boars, and then the Sodans/SOWdens (can easily use a boar symbol as play-on-words) use scallops in colors reversed. Sodans look like they are using the wavy Toll/Dol fesse, and then the whale in the latter's Coat was surmised as code for WHEELers/WHALers, who virtually rhyme with "Heely." And it just so happens that while Wheelers/Whalers are using the Geddy/Gideon fesse in colors reversed, the latter were first found virtually in the same place as Sodans.

It's not out of the question that Sodans should trace to Soducena, for the Patterson blood drops could be those on the Leicester swan that traces to lake Sevan (where Soducena is located). I trace Soducena to a Sittacene location near Susa, but that was years before realizing that "Cotesii" could have been a Soducena variation. Sittacene and Soducena were identified as Zeus and Hera respectively, and "Zeus" was traced to "Susa," and this entire picture was traced to Amorites at Jerusalem, where Hyksos may have roosted even before they ruled Egypt. With the Cass and Caesar surnames now tracing to Kassites, by what coincidence do Pattersons smack of "Patrician," an elite-Roman line in Julius Caesar's background, while Pattersons are said to be of the Cassane's? In that way, the Sodhans can trace to Soducena.

Add to this picture that the Geddes/Geddys use a "majora" motto term for the Maia-suspect Majors/Mayers (greyhound for the Medusa-related Graeae), and then figure in the Hungarian Magyars as Magi liners from Mago, Hannibal's brother. I even claimed, not merely as a theory, that Scottish Pattersons were hooked to Hungarians in the formation of Ross-shire.

The Hannibal army took a long route through France when attacking the Romans on the Trebia. It was therefore suspect that they either took a huge stash of gold with them, but more likely (if they had the gold at all) they found the gold bars (later found by Caepio) during warfare with all enemies that got in their way eastward, en route to the Cottian mountains. Caepio found the gold bars at Toll-like Toulouse, and then the Tool lion is used by Ritters who are honored by Moyers, suspect with "Mago." Moyers were first found in Aberdeenshire, where Hungarians of the Leslie kind settled.

I would suggest that when Neamt elements from the Siret founded Numidians, the proto-Ritters at the Rhatacensii theater followed to north Africa. As Carthaginians, the proto-Ritters/Rutters then led to ORLE-using Rutlands and Rutherfords, providing us with another reason to trace Carthaginians to AURELia Cotta. But now, it's Rhatacensii in particular that are tracing to Aurelia. To put it another way, the Geppetto-suspect Rita bloodline is tracing to Aurelia (Geppetto was related to Pinocchio as Jabesh liners to Jupiter were related to Benjamites in the Pincum > Panico line).

The above predicts that Jewish Mayers are using their large fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Hanna stag and Macclesfield lion. German Mayers/Myers use the Maio / Panico oak, likely, as well as what could be the Lee/Ligh lion to whom the Atlas' must link. Remember, MYRtilus was Hermes' son so that there was an Atlas > Maia > Hermes > Myrtilus line, explaining a mix of Mayer and Myr terms. I can now glean, from the Mayoud/MAYAUD variations of French Majors/Mayers that their back-to-back red lion heads (highly suspect with the Atlas Crest), and their black-on-white chevron, are the reasons for the red lion on the black-on-white double bars of the MAUDs/Molds!!! It means that Mauds/Molds were Major/Mayer liners in quite the disguise. It gives greater reason for suspecting a DOUBLE code for a certain secret reason.

In case Hamons are a corruption of "Hasmon" so as not to give away the secret, consider that Hamons share a black-on-white chevron with French Majors/Mayers (Provence). The crescent of French Majors/Mayers could be the Mott crescent but in the colors of the Jewish-Mayer fleur. If Jewish Mayers knew that they were Hasmonean liners, why did they choose to use only the fleur-de-lys? I think we need to ask the Cavii at the Lissus location.

As Stewarts, Mauds and Monmouths were all showing the rare Ulman-style lion until recently, afterwhich even the Ulman lion design was changed, I can tell you what I had discovered: the Ulmans were traced to Ulm, Germany, where a branch of Stewarts had traced, and Ulm was (I think) of mythical Almos, father of the Magyar, Arpad, founder of the Hungarians. And here we are discovering that Magyar-like Majors/Mayers / Majors/Magers are a branch of Mauds! As Ulmans were first found in Worcestershire, their black-on-white lion is suspect as that of the Works, especially as Works share double fesse bars with German Ulmans. Works were first found in the same place (Essex) as Collars (suspect with Moyers), and the latter use another black lion in Crest.

We could also appeal to the Watts, first found in the same place as Ulmans, and using the oak now suspect with the Maia/Majo oak. Isn't this fun? I trace Watts to "Uat," also called, "Buto," which I traced to Buda(pest), Hungarian capital.

Let's go back to king Colla of Ireland, ancestry supposedly of Kelly-liner Atlanteans, not forgetting that Atlanteans had been in Ireland several centuries BC with the wave of Hercules Danaans, very suspect with Atlas-liner Atlanteans. The Kelly-and-Atlas-suspect Wheelers/Whalers were first found in the same place as Ulmans, and we just saw why Ulmans should trace to Collars, now suspect as a Cilla > Colla line, interesting where Cole's trace without doubt to Servitium near the moth of the COLapis river, the river of the Japodes! We now have the Cilla entity linking from mount Cyllene in Arcadia to nearby Methoni, the latter being the Oeneus line to the Oeneus river, beside the Colapis. And as the Cole's and Coles' are a branch of KYLE's, compare with "CYLLene." It therefore seems that Cilla elements named the Colapis, which was also the Kupa river, a term that traced very well to Cuppae on the river leading to Pincum! And that's why the fiction / myth writer named Pinocchio's creator, Geppetto.

I can feely that I'm right about all this.

Wheelers are suspect in using the Gideon/Geddy Shield, and the Ged article that I read traced a wildcat Ged fellow, no more than a generation after king Colla, to Ireland, though it wasn't said to where Ged traced. I need to show how Geta (about 200 AD), brother to Caracalla, could trace from Yorkshire (where their Roman army was stationed in fighting the Caledonians) to king Colla (300 AD), and then to the Geds on the Nith about 400 AD.

This was just made possible by the Olman variation of Ulmans, in conjunction with the Ulman trace to Collars, which produced the idea that Ulmans = Collars so that I looked up Colemans. And while Irish Colemans (in Ulman-lion colors) use the greyhound HEAD of Majors/Magors, both donning COLLARS, English Colemans use a so-called "caltrop" (in Crest), a symbol in the description of KERRICKs to whom I had traced "CARACalla." Therefore, it looks true that Geds were from a Geta line through king Colla, and the black Moor heads of the Collars are thus expected to be from the Numidian Geta surname; that is, from the Getuli Numidians (Kettle-Hat liners?). The Kelly tower is expected to be from the Getuli, or Geta-related Mauritanians.

The Maures/Marrs (not to be confused with Mauers) happen to use scallops in the colors of the same of Pattersons, a branch of Kilpatricks on the Nith river. Again, the Patterson scallops are those of the Sodans, beside the Geddys/Gideons (the latter two could be named after the same stock), and the Geddys/Geddes share three white fish with Barbera's (although the Geddes fish now show gold, they were probably white at some point, as are the three fish of Geddes-related Luce's). Another amazing piece of my email life with emailer Patterson is that she introduced me to Tuareg Berbers, whom I ended up tracing to the Moratin tower (of the Tours and Towers), called a "turris" in heraldry. She propelled me on several occasions to trace Tuaregs to Amalekites, but I was not ready for such a giant leap. I needed some proof. And here I am now ready. The Amalekites recently traced to the Picts, who lived on the Nith, and besides, the Tuaregs got as far west as Mali, suspect with AMALek.

I've traced the Patterson lion to about four surnames by now, and that's okay, because my traces are loose and not necessarily of direct marital contact between the two entities of a trace. The Patterson lion can now go to the Ulman lion too, and that makes sense where I link Scottish Pattersons ("GREGE" motto term goes to Caracalla lines) to Hungarians.

I've just realized that the difficult "CALTRop" motto term could be for Calters and OPland elements such as Hoppers (Moratin tower). No Calter/Caltor surname comes up, but Calts (bull = taurus, appropriate for Tuaregs) are the Cole's in Carrick colors (because Carricks lived in the same place (Ayrshire) as the Kyle location to which Cole's trace, beside Prestwick where Kerricks likely trace.) Hoppers use "regis" and "regni" in their motto, Calts/Cole's use "regem," and Pattersons use "rege." However/besides, as Pattersons use blood DROPS, the Trope variation of Drops can be in "calTROP."

Colla Uais, son of Eochaid Doimlwn, son of Cairbre Lifechair, was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition [treat as myth code], a High King of Ireland. His given name was Cairell. He and his two brothers, Muiredach (Colla Fo Chrí) and Aed (Colla Menn), were known was the Three Collas.

I did not go to this article, nor did I know anything about this Colla fellow, until after writing all the above, which traced Colla to Mauritanians. And here I find that his myth-code brother was MUIREdach. The third brother, Aed, suggests the mythical MYRtilus line from mythical AETHlius, root of Aethelings/Athelings. Aethelings in the Bernician fold must have been of the Pepin bloodline in queen Bebba, and then I trace Pepins to Pavia, on the Ticino river, where I trace Decks/Daggers, and so I would suggest that "MuireDACH is part-code for Marici liners on the Ticino. It may sound simpleton to make such a trace off the cuff, but I'm pretty good at this guesswork by now, and it has become more than guesswork at times. The PAVer surname is interesting here, not just because it shares checks with Marici-suspect Marks, but because they were first found in Yorkshire. We need to find Yorkshire elements in this Geta>Colla discussion.

The Paver lozenges are longer than typical lozenges, and called "fusils." The Fusil surname (Dauphine, part of Burgundy) uses fusils/lozenges in the colors of the chevron of Maure's/Marrs (and Payens, Dauphine), first found in Burgundy. As these items are also in the colors of the saltire of Messeys/Messier's, the Fusils)/Fuzie's might just be Fessys = Macclesfield / Mayfield kin. It suddenly strikes me that Pavers can be Bauers, for Scottish Bowers were first found in PEEBLES-shire, where I trace Pavia elements. IN FACT, "Pauer" gets the same Coat (Danish) as "Bauer"! This is starting to evoke the Powis area of Wales, where I traced mythical Poias of OETa. The Powis surname (bear claw, appropriate for Bernicians) even uses a "TUERI" motto term for the TUARegs! The Powis description traces easily to Gamble's (in Powis colors): "A red bear's gamb erased and erect, holding a gold scepter in bend sinister headed with a fleur-de-lis." I ventured to trace Tuaregs to Turin, not far upstream on the Po from Pavia.

The Gamble's were first found in Yorkshire, and I think the fish symbol of the Caracalla / Geta line was evolved into the fleur-de-lys, the only symbol of Gamble's. As Pattersons are figuring into this Colla line, the Patterson CAMEL can be for GAMELL elements, noting too that Hoppers share gyronny with Campbells/CAMMELLs.

It is not likely true that Geddes were named after "gedd = pike," but rather the Pike merger with Geddes liners may have been the beginning of calling the pike fish a gedd.

The other two Pauer Coats use peacocks, symbol of Mens-related Manners/Maness', which can explain the "Aed (Colla Menn)" phrase in the quote above (Pepins use a "Mens" motto term). It means that Poias at Oeta traces well to Pauers. I think we have king-Colla myth figured out to a ripper-roaring start.

Colla is said to have conquered UIster, named 'Emain Macha" at the time. Mains (could be a Mens branch) use the Perche double chevrons, and Perche's are MACey kin. It looks like we just stripped mythical Colla to the bones. He is said to have used an army from Connaught, where Pattersons/Cassane's were first found, and while the latter traced to "Caesar," Colla has traced to the Jupiters. Plus, Mains were first found in the same place (Devon) as Sodans. ZOWIE!!! After saying that, the German Main Coat loaded and there were the double white-on-red bars of Ulmans!!! Until then, I was a little skeptical / hesitant in dragging "Ulman" to "Ulster." Pattersons had been suspect in using the Ulman lion. It's the Pattersons who can explain how Almos Hungarians could have been in Ulster. As the ancient Irish FOMORians look like they can trace to POMERania, it's notable that Mains were first found in Pomerania.

Here's Wikipedia on mythical Emain Macha: "The name Eamhain Mhacha is thought to mean 'the pair of Macha' or 'the twins of Macha'." This is probably clever code, one for the double feature of heraldry, which we just saw in the double Main bars. Plus, I once read a description of ancient Atlantis, a system of circular canals / moats, one circling the other, progressively larger outward from the center. It's the impression received while reading the particulars of Emain Macha. Therefore, as Plato gave Atlantean Poseidon ten sons, all twins, it appears that Colla mythology is tracing itself to Plato's Atlantis.

If Feelys were Cilla liners, then I would expect RockFELLERs to be such too. In fact, long before discovering just now that Cilla traces to the river of the Japodes, I traced Rockefellers to Rijeka/Reka, in the northern sector of the Japodes theater. I can't get online at the moment to check whether the eagle in the Arms of Rijeka is pouring water from a jug, but if it is, it's suspect as the jug symbol of mythical AmyMONE, same Mon line as Cilla. Amy's had traced to eagle-using Hagels, and its an eagle (on a ROCK), in the Rijeka Arms, that pours water from a vessel of some sort.

As Rockefellers must trace to Roxolani (Ros-Alans) while Cilla must trace to Cyllene in Arcadia, can that make sense historically? Yes, for Hermes of Arcadia was roughly Harmonia, daughter or proto-Rus Ares. Besides, the Hagel eagle and surname was traced to Achilles-like Akheloos! It means that Cilla was likely an Achilles line to Cyllene, which is the same as saying that Hermes proper in Greece was made born of Achilles elements from Cilla on the Troad, not far north of the Hermus river. Is a trace of Hermes to Atlantean Aetolia (location of the Akheloos) warranted? Ask his mother, Maia. It looks like Feeleys really can trace to Falticeni.

Somewhere in myth, the seven daughters of Atlas should be represented by seven symbols. The seven mascles of Quinns is interesting because the Quinn pegasus traces to Lycia. The seven roundels of the Orleans. However, as all seven daughters were made into stars / constellations, we should be looking for seven stars.

My Latest Direction

The subtitle could be misleading. I'm not referring to a new direction in the common sense, but rather the latest Direction from God, perhaps, as this case seems to be. It feels good to know that He's concerned with what I'm doing, and I hope He is. It's what keeps me going.

Let's go back to Mott-suspect Moverleys/MotBURLEYs named after MOTburlegh. The weight scale in their Crest could be a balance got for the Balance's, using an eagle in the colors of Motts, and therefore of a line from Jonathan Maccabee as he merged with king Alexander Balus. The balance eagle is identical to the one of Cheshire's Egg eagle (includes Meschins of Skipton in Egremont) and therefore suspect with the white wing of Maccabee-suspect Masci's. So far, perfect. The Balans/Balams (in Balance colors) even share a white estoile (in Mott-crescent colors) with Motts, as well as sharing a rooster in Crest with Jonathans/Jonas' (not same design or colors). Balans/Balams look to be using the Dewey / Maisy fesse. One could get the impression that Balance's are Bellamys (of the Bellows-Shipton kind) due to the close relationship of Bellamys with Ferte-Mace, especially as Ferte's use a spread eagle too, but the white estoile is used even by the Balus-like Balas surname, an incredible coincidence with the rest of the paragraph. It means that sometimes, the weight scale is code for Alexander-Balus / Jonathan-Maccabee lines.

Balas' (antelope design of Wheelwrights and Singletary's) were first found beside (Glamorgan) MONmouth, and while "MonMOUTH" is said to be named in part after the mouth of a river, it sure smacks of Motts, or of HasMONeans from MODi'in.

I awoke this morning before writing the two paragraphs above as the first thing written. I have no explanation as to why I awoke with a short string of ideas on certain surname links that included a link of the Annan surname to the Newmans and Newtons as per the "SperABO" motto of Annans linking to the Newman motto. As I link Newmans to the MacAbee's of Arran, it's first of all connective to the Alexander-Jonathan topic above via the Alexander surname (beside Arran) using the Mott crescent.

The idea, as I awoke, was to find a way to link the odd InYANEY/InYONEY variations of Annans to Jonathan liners in YONNE, such a logical link. It was then realized, due to a trace of Jonathan Levites to the Gonne surnames,that the Gonne/Gowan boars were the Spear boars. Until then, I couldn't be sure that the Annan motto term was in honor of Spears. If we ask why Spears should be related to Annans, the rough proximity of the Ananes Gauls to Bononia can explain it, for that where Spears trace.

The Gonne's/Kohns even use half the Annan saltire in the same colors. It's of obvious importance to link Jonathan Levites to those who named Annas, high priest of Israel. My immediate reaction to an Annas-Yonne connection was consideration of the green-and-white Shield-and-Chief combination of the Gonne's/Gowens, wondering whether it's the same of Mile's or Romanovs, but that's when the white-on-green Newtons and MacAbee's popped to mind. It was noted that Spears and related Pace's/Pascels (Bononia) use crossed spears, like the crossed bones of Newtons, and that the Bone surname likely traces to Bononia, and I think that MaccBAEUS originated in the Boii of Bononia. The Bone-related Skulls even use a bend in colors reversed from the Gonne/Kohn bend.

That was pretty much the full extent of the ideas that I awoke with, and yet I didn't start the morning on that topic, but instead decided to go back to the Moverleys. After writing the above, it was realized that Mile's because they are represented my Melusine, whom Nicholas de Vere called, MILOuziana, mother of Milo de Vere. As I identified her as the Speers (use the Spree crescents) from Lusatia's Spree river, is it not a great "coincidence" that Mile's were part of the new idea just mentioned? It means that the Gonne's are using the Mile Shield and were therefore connected to Lusatia's / Lusignan's Melusine elements. As Melusine is part of the Mitanni line to Vere's, it's notable that I tend to trace these elements to a Spree-NEISSE area (Lusatia), which shares an antler with Gace-related Wessels = Mitanni liners. Then, "Neisse" smacks of the Ness/Nest surname sharing the Washington bars, and moreover traces to mythical Nestor at Pylos, beside Methoni. Mitanni were in Spree-Neisse, weren't they?

Here's Nicholas online:

"From the age of seven onwards my father told me about our ancestry, an ancestry steeped in royal blood and most significantly of all, in what is termed Royal Witchcraft, which is a major, ancient, draconian, druidic facet continuing within the later history of the Dragon tradition and within the Vere family...

"I trace my lineage back in an unbroken bloodline to the imperial prince Milo de Vere, Count of Anjou in 740 A.D., son of Princess Milouziana of the Scythians. She was recorded throughout France as being the Elven, Dragon Princess of the Scottish Picts, and her Grandson, Milo II, derived his Merovingian descent through his father's marital alliance with the imperial house of Charlene...

"In brief, the recorded Dragon lineage starts with the Anunnaki [children of Anu, supreme god of Sumeria] and descends through the proto-Scythians, the Sumerians in one branch and the early Egyptians in another; the Phoenicians, the Mittani, back to the Scythians again through marital alliance, along to the "Tuatha de Danann" and the Fir Bolg; down through their Arch-Druidic, Priest-Princely families, to the Royal Picts of Scotland and the high kings of the Horse Lords of Dal Riada; through to the Elven dynasty of Pendragon and Avallon del Acqs, and down to a few pure bred families today...

"Anciently Dragon blood, the blood of the gods, is the true source of divine right kingship. To say that Dragons are the rightful rulers of the world's governments today might raise some contention. Perhaps it would be more realistic to suggest that they may well be the rightful rulers of the world's governments in the future."

There you have a nutty concept, but it's quite possible that he was just one amongst many nutcases of actual world rulers. He couldn't have made all the claims in the quote above without knowing many historical details, but he leaves them out because their secrets. And no online of any historical merit knows anything of Milo de Vere of Anjou. Melusine is code for the Mile's and the Mire's/Mireux's, likely the same line from Miletus as the Irish-Scots claim for themselves. Miletus was founded mythically by SARPedon of Crete (who was a Minoan i.e. from Tyre = Phoenicia), whom I traced to SORB, the peoples of Lusatia. And that's a part of the Vere-witchcraft secrets.

The first question I had on Moverleys was whether they were of the Burleys, and, as it turned out, Burleys/Burleighs use boars (Gonne and Spear symbols) in white on green, colors of the Gonne/Gowan Shield, or in the colors of Newtons / MacAbee's, all right down MOTburlegh alley. It can be gleaned further that the Gonne/Gowan Shield is also that of Miles' because the Moverley Crest is a woman with a sword, same as the Melusine mermaid in the Arms of Warsaw. The Drake wyvern was used by dukes of Masovia, where Warsaw is the capital (the Masovia wyvern is shown online in a Wikipedia article on dukes of Masovia). Irish Miles' can be construed as using a bend in the red color of the Gonn/Kohn bend, important because Fers/Ferrets use the Cowan Shield, and because Gonne's/Kohns are in Hohen colors.

It has taken me ten years, since the chapter was written where the Nicholas quote above was obtained, to learn that the Mitanni line he speaks of was a Yuya line to Jonathan Levites, migrating together to the Yonne and neighboring Nevers / Autun area. It would have taken longer without key ideas planted into my head as I awoke, which has occurred several times. Whenever I awake with a string of ideas, it always seems like Direction from Above as it proves, not only correct, but insightful. I ended the thoughts on this morning with a question of how Shins could play into it, because Newtons use "shin bones."

It turns out that while Newtons had linked (by way of Mott-colored Newmans) to the "SperABO" motto of Annans, the Irish Shins/ShANNONs/Shanahans were first found in the same place as Burleys! That's amazing because I started the day on Moverleys of a Burley entity rather than starting on the ideas that I awoke with. Shins/ShanaHANs (looks like a Shin merger with Annans) even show an unexpected GilsHENAN variation as evidence of a Newton link to Annans.

English Shims show the three red bars exactly, all on blue-vair fur, of the Kemmis'! Just like that, it's revealed that Newtons were honoring Yuya liners (he lived in Kemmis, Egypt) with their shin bones. As these red bars can be in red on white (where the blue part of the fur is ignored), the colors of the Gonne/Kohn bend, check out the similarity between SHANNon, GONNE/KOHN and InYANEY/InYONEY. It appears that Nicholas traced his line through Egypt as per a Kemmis line. But he traced Anu of Sumeria to Egypt, which I glean to be the Biblical Anaki of Hebron tracing to the Ananes Gauls. The last thing his cult would wish to reveal openly is that this Anaki line led to Annas of Israel.

It is simply not coincidental that Welsh Bachs look like they're using a version of the Kemmis Shield, for Bachs were first found in the same place (Denbighshire) as Jonathan-suspect Jones'. Kemmis' were first found (Gloucestershire) on the other side of Monmouth, important because Hasmoneans trace, with the Mitanni line from Kemmis, through to Modi'in elements (at most, about 1,200 years separated Yuya from the Maccabees proper). The Kemmis surname, by the way, is traced in its write-up to a Wickwar location (smacks of Warwick, what I trace to "Warsaw"), with an alternative name, PICKwick, held by Humphrey the Chamberlain (code for the Chamberlain surname?). Balance's were first found in Warwickshire.

There are three anti-Christ pictures in this discussion. First, Ezekiel makes plain (if only we don't oversee the clue, which I did for 15 years) that Gog is the anti-Christ (because both are destroyed at Armageddon, but prophecy writers like Schofield and Lindsey, and a great army of other pre-tribulationists, would deny us that picture), and Gog is now suspect as a line from Yuya, as wacko as that may sound. It's got good logic behind it. Secondly, Balance's are tracing to a Seleucid-Maccabee, and Daniel 8 and 11 reveal an anti-Christ from Seleucids. Thirdly, the inclusion of Balance Maccabees, where Masci's are apparently using the balance eagle wings, speaks to me of a mouse = anti-Christ entity. It is very notable that the Republican party showed signs of being stacked with Mieszko liners (Pauls, Palins, Pawlentys, Romneys, and more) in contention for the President's seat when Obama, likewise a Mieszko liner, defeated them all.

The Flanders/FLINDres surname, first found in Warwickshire, use a fesse in the colors of the Gonne bend (and the Fleming chevron). Anything that looks like FLINT is suspect as a HANNA-Barbera line. The Brabants, from Flanders, likewise use a fesse in red-on-white, and they were first found in the same place (Kent) as Gonne-suspect Gaunts (Belgian Gonne's/Kohns use a Guenet variation). To put it another way, the Annans were merged with Gaunt of Belgium, explaining why Annans are using Gonne-related surnames. Just trace to HAINaut, location of MONs. The "humette" fesse of English Brabants is likely code for HUMe's (Newton / Mile / Gonne/Gowan colors), whom I trace with Chamberlains to GOMERians/Cimmerians at QUMRan (Israel, home of Essenes), though Chamberlains trace also to Chambre, on the same river as Modane. Therefore, "HUMphrey" the Chamberlain looks like a Hume liner, and it's not illogical to trace his Kemmis line to Qumran, for it was an area (north-west Dead sea) that could have been controlled by Jerusalem's Amorites / Jabeshites. Jabesh is suspect from "Japheth," Biblical ancestor of Gomer. Are we making sense?

Of some interest. "Jabesh" was traced to mythical "Abas," while "Brabant" was viewed as a Bra-bant entity tracing tentatively to Bra of Cuneo. However, it strikes me now, as per the sentence above, that "bant" is from the Abantians of Euboea, the very peoples founded by mythical Abas. Moreover, I've read that mythical Ban, father of Lancelot, was also "Bant." That could be the same as saying Ban = Benjamites while Bant = Jabeshites. One can expect the Ben-Jabeshites at Brabant, no? Yes. The Brabants were first found in the same place as Chaucers and Chalkers, and then there is a Chalcis location on Euboea! That idea was not in mind when starting this paragraph. It's tending to trace the Caucoensii / Caucones / Kikons to Euboea.

Just realized: as EuBOEA is beside BOEOtia, they seem like related entities, but then the Cadmus cult of Boiotia is known to have settled Butua, near Bra-like Bar! That brings us smack to the Burley topic, does it not? Then, mythical KODRos of Athens, beside Boeotia, traces to Kotor smack beside Butua, and he had a boar symbol!!!

The white boar heads of Burleys could easily be the white boar heads of Heelys if correct to identify "Heely" with "Kelly," the line to Maccabee formation. The green Shield of Burleys, and the BOURley variation suggests the green-Shielded Bowers and Bauers. It's tracing the Bauer>Rothschild line to Mot-line Maccabees, and, besides, Rothschilds traced with little doubt to Rothesay, smack beside Arran! Therefore, some heraldic boars can be code for the Bauer and Bourley bloodline....from Bar elements, I assume. Consider Bors of Arthurian myth.

The inclusion of Rothschilds in the Moverley topic that was started on this morning is timely, at a time when a Russian Gog does not appear to be capable of forming in northern Iraq, and just as I think Rothschild elements are moving in with weaponry to secure Kirkuk oil. One could say that Rothschild elements are poised to seize the richest places of Iraq's provinces, followed by a seizure of Syria. But how can we expect Rothschilds to seize Israel as the anti-Christ factor? Rothschilds founded modern Israel. However, there are Rothschilds, and then there are Rothschilds. Not all are equal, and the satanism that will envelop the soul of the anti-Christ will not produce logical events. I'm open to a Rothschild anti-Christ, in league with the Solana's and Rasmussens of Europe. I have encountered many evidences of close Vere links to Rothschild liners.

There are several crown designs used by, but the Crest crown of Kellys (in Heely colors) is that also of the Irish Miles'. The "sola" motto term of Irish Miles' can be for the Sola/Solney surname (In Gonne/Kohn colors) sharing the white salmon, apparently (same design), of the MacAbee's, though Solneys call it a sole fish. Note that the Solneys insisted on white salmons, even on a white Shield. Place bets on whether Solneys are a Solana branch, for if correct, Javier Solana must be a Melusine liner.

The Solneys were traced to the Saulnier variation of Saunier's, and as a fairly-recent Catholic priest by the surname of Sauniere was behind some mysterious, unwarranted money at Rennes-le-Chateau, it's notable that while the Irish Miles' use the Aude sword design, while MacAbee's use two instances of an "Aut" motto term. Rennes-le-Chateau is in the Aude part of France. As the mysteries behind Sauniere and/or Holy-Blood / Da-Vinci themes supported by Nicholas de Vere were, according to Wikipedia, connected to Spanish elements of the Castile area, couldn't the ancestry of Javier Solana apply?

The "vincere" motto term of MacAbee's is for the Vincents using a Shield-on-Shield in colors reversed to the same in the Arms of Rennes-le-Chateau. Plus, the Rennes entity traces well to the Raines' sharing the white lions (Kelly-lion color) of MacAbee-honoring Newmans. But, remember, the Annan(dale) motto is now likewise suspect in honoring the MacAbee's, and the Raines' / Newman lions trace to the same of the Patty Coat while Patty's were of the Kilpatricks on the Nith, near Annandale. The Geds on the Nith are apparent in the vertical position of the white Solney fish, for the Geddes-related Luce's use three white, vertical PIKE fish, Recall the PICKwick location of early Kemmis' that use the Coat of Shims honored by the Newton / Newman line.

Now, as the Saunier surname was first found in PeriGORD, it's conspicuous that the Gords and particular Gonne's with the Mile Shield share gold boar heads. It's suggesting that the Bauer>Rothschild line was involved with Saunier's, and so while most conspiracy writers on the Rothschild topic tend to link the family to Rockefellers, it's notable that Roquefeuil (beside Rennes-le-Chateau) uses gold billets as code for the Caepio gold bars. This must be the wealth behind Rothschild fortunes now seeking to rule the solar system, as desired by Nicholas de Vere as his bloodline's rightful place. The Arms of Roquefeuil are in the colors of the Gonne/Gowan Chief, meaning that "SAUN" could be a Gonne variation, or like the SHANons listed with Shins. It looks like the Newton shin bones are tracing to this theme.

The MacAbee's are said to be related to Ireland's O'Rourkes, the Rory line to the blue lion of Bute = Rothesay. That's the Caepio-line lion, right? Yes, and as I traced Caepio's to the Cavii, by what coincidence are the Rourke's and Reilly's of County CAVAN??? The Reilly's (another green Shield, same as MacAbee's) even use the double lion design of Kelly's, but in the colors of the Wheeler/Whalers lions, important if correct that Wheelers were a branch of Kellys / Heelys. The MacAbee fesse is wavy, just like the Toll/Dol fesse, and it's the whale of the TOLLs/Dols that represents the Wheelers/Whalers, suspect from "TOULouse," near Rennes-le-Chateau, and near Perigord too.

The Moverleys of Motburlegh (suspect as proto-Rothschilds) must trace with Motts to kinship with Alans of Dol at Cotes-du-Nord (beside Dol). It speaks to me of my theory that the first Rothschild (Mayer first name, linked to Moverley liners earlier) sent his son, Nathan, to England, to befriend the Stewarts. Or at least, on account of Nathan becoming the bankster of England, he ended up befriending Stewarts in elite circles.

The Caepio treasure from Toulouse is tracing to the Rourke's and Reilly's, right? Yes, but only due to their links to Maccabee liners. The Cavan/Keavan Coat happens to be the single Tool lion in colors reversed! That is a great indicator that we are on lines that had some Caepio treasure, now suspect in Cavan too. Previously, it was traced to John of Gaunt at Candale, a Gonne/Kohn liner.

Another green-on-gold lion (Wheeler / Rourke symbol) is used by GANEYs/Gaynors (could be using the Spanish Capet Shield), looked up as per "InYANEY." As French Gaineys were first found in Burgundy (Yonne / Nevers theater), they are likely using the pierced Zionist stars of Guerins/Garins and Payens. It should be repeated that Guerin of Provence was the founder of the MacAlpin bloodline (where de-Vere traces Melusine) so that it's important to find the Gonne's/Gowans sharing the thistle with Alpins. By the way, the father of William Gellone was also called, Makhir.

The Belgian Gonne's use Gainy-like variations, and the Guenet variation allows the white, wavy fesse of MacAbee's to be that of Dutch Ghents (from Gaunt/Ghent, Belgium), in colors reversed from the Toll/Dol wavy fesse. In that case, the Gaunts are using the red bend of Belgian Gonne's/Kohns/Guenets. English Ghents were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as the Mile's that share the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Gonne's/Gowans.

Addition comments are being made during the proof read. For one, a Mile trace to Gonne's speaks to Melusine liners in mythical Avalon, for the real Avallon location is in Yonne. Also in Yonne, a Tonneres location that may trace to TONbridge, what Nicholas de Vere stresses in one of his online books. The Bridge surname can link to Kemmis liners, for example, where Cams/Game's are Kemmis liners, and where we have CAMBRIDGE. It was reasoned that Ixion, father of Centaurs, was the Yuya-horse entity, and as Yuya's royal household traces to Autun (Avallon theater), note that Tunbridge is in Cantii-founded Kent, where Gaunts were first found so that CANDale can apply to Centaur lines too. Kent was co-founded by JUTEs, and that there is that Jugon location in Cotes-du-Nord suspect with the Jugg/JUDD surname (shares "ragulee" with English Stewarts).

(By the way, ever since I started using apostophe's at the end of pluralized surname's ending with vowel's, I have found myself wrongly placing apostrophe's at the end of many pluralized word's. If you see any, chalk it up to my brain under hard strain of too much time at the keyboard. Instead of becoming a better typist, I'm becoming worse. The tip's of my finger's actually feel pain at time's, and I rub away letter's from keyboard's within month's. I don't use apostrophes at the end of pluralized surnames not ending with vowels; I don't care if grammatarian rex's don't like it.)

But when we enter "Gainey" (with an 'e'), we get the Cavan-suspect Kevanys/Keavaneys on the one hand, who use the Kelly Coat exactly (same tower design, same double-lion design, same colors), and a green enfield griffin in Crest (to prove that the Kelly Crest does use a enfield griffin even though it's now showing a green greyhound). The English Gaineys (in Enfield colors) are even "ENgain," like "ENfield," and the latter are using a version of the Sadducee-suspect Saddock / Chaddock / Chadwick Coat. Coincidence after coincidence, the same priestly lines from Israel inter-married and inter-married and inter-married so as to produce countless heraldic links. The Enfields even show the black French-Joseph martlet. The EnGAME variation could be in honor of Cams/Game's, a branch of Kemmis'. If that traces Yonne elements to Julians/Gillians, first found in CAMbridge, then note how Caesars were first found in the same place (Kent) as Tunbridge. I can't get online during the proof read to check for a Tonneres-like surname, but Gaunts or Ghents are using the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Tanners.

I don't know why the "En" prefixes are on the terms above, but it seems that "Inyoney/Inyaney" uses it too, as does MacINtosh. Perhaps it's short for "kin," as in "Kintyre" or "Erskin." Or, consider the Kenys variation of Kemmis.

The Enfields are suspect from the Fields/Felds, in-turn discovered as Macclesfield elements tracing to Cuppae. Therefore, see the dove (Cuppae code) in the Gagon/Gagnon surname, which was looked up only as per the Gagne variation of Ganeys. I consider white-on-blue, the color of the Gagne crescent too, as Gogi colors because I've read that "Gog" means "sky / blue." If correct to trace Fields/Felds to Falticeni (upper Siret, shown as the Agarus on the map below), it's important that the area had an ancient Cogaeonus river (very close to "Gagon"), as can be seen at the Caucoensii upon the map below, and so let's repeat that Chaucers and Chalkers were likewise first found in Kent, making many Kent elements suspect from Centaur lines to Yonne and Nevers.

Why are Cogaeonus elements tracing to Yonne? We need to ask Yuya, don't we? The Gagon dove has an olive branch, and for me that's the Olive- / Oliver-branch Levites. It's all very clever, looking like a Christian symbol yet referring to pagan Levites of the dragon cult.

Below, I enter a new-concept discussion on Hagar(d)s (Gogi colors) linking to Agatha, mother of queen Margaret, but born from Helena of Angusta. Not only is the Agarus river where I traced "Hagar," but Angusta was off the Agarus, as you can see on the map. As Yuya traces to fretty-using Cotts, see the fretty of CABLE's (in the green-and-white of Gonne's, if I recall correctly) for to the near-west of Tonneres there is a CHABLIS location, and then between Chablis and Avallon there is a VERMenTON location smacking of Vrn of Angusta! That must be the Worm / Forman line, in Yonne, same as the Robertian > Capetian line. The Gonne bend can now be gleaned in August colors in particular for an Angusta-to-Yonne reason.

As Yuya traces to Julius Caesar as Yuya traces to Cottians, it's interesting that Roman Patricians had an equestrian bloodline. Copperchief might like to know about that.

The Rourke's (in Levi-chevron colors) are using double lions too, and so keep the Emain MACHA entity in mind here as it had a double theme and likely applies to Maccabee liners of the MacAbee kind, and recall that the Emain Macha / Colla discussion had in itself, independent of the discussion here, linked both to the Nith-river Geds and to Kellys (the latter are the ones said to be from king Colla). The black double Rourke lions are almost the black double Levi lions; the two designs are nearly identical aside from a small shift of one leg. The Rourke lions are in the design of the double Strange lions, the latter in the colors and design of the single TOOL lion. What a tollincidence, and we even bumped into Levi liners by following this morning's teaching, that Annans are using a motto partly in honor of MacAbee's.

Years ago, I traced the lions of a king O'Rourke to the same-colored Hohenzollern / Hohenstaufen lions, but the latter's lions were thought to be the Flanders lion, and then it was years afterward before discovering that the counts of Hainaut used the three Levi chevrons, or that the Hainaut capital was Mons. Now just take that "Aut" term in the motto of ANNAN-related MacAbee's and check out "HAIN-AUT"! We clearly have Annas/Hanan/Ananias of Israel, father of law of Joseph Caiaphas, at the root of Hainaut. And the EU capital today is in Belgium, what a gonnincidence. It's even in Bruce-like Brussels while Bruce's use the Jones' lion in colors reversed.

The Gonne's/Kohns, lest you've forgotten, were first found in Belgium, location of Hainaut, more reason to link the Gonne bend to the Annan saltire, and to Hohen colors. The Hainaut surname uses the Flanders lion, but it could be that Hainauts were the original between the two. Jewish Cohens/Kagans share the sun with Hectors, and the latter are the ones using three bends in the colors of the Gonne/Kohn bend. But the Cohen/Kagan sun traces very well to the red sun that, I've read, was symbol of Vladimir the Great, Varangian ruler of Kiev. The Sole's/Solana's happen to use a red sun, very traceable to Helios on Rhodes. The Kiev Varangians, you see, were once in some cahoots with Khazar kagans, and it must be true that the Kiev Varangians put out Inger, husband of Melissena Rangabe (Rangabe's are in Cohen white-on-blue). She is one suspect in the Melusine code, thus expected in the Mile(s) surname. Note than while Melissena is expected from Miletus elements, the Inger surname is listed with ENDers, smacking of mythical ENDymion at Miletus / Latmus. Lest we miss the significance here, Milners and Millers (and Moline's) are all suspect with Melissena Rangabe.

Bill O'Reilly on Fox likes to have "Miller Time," featuring a Miller surname regularly. Fox News was traced to Moray elements, and Jewish Cohens/Kagans use the Moray stars. The Moray stars are used by the logo of Sean HANNity, also on Fox.

With Cohens/Kagans tracing to Khazars, one can understand why Hohens use the Rourke lion...if Rourke's were named after Rurik, founder of Kiev Varangians. Ask the Gaineys/Keavans whether Cohens apply to Kiev, or ask the Zollern quarters, in the colors of the Chives quarters, of Ceva, whether HohenZollerns apply to Kiev. I read that Khazar kings would give the Varangians the nod to enter the Caspian sea for to pillage Muslims. Gang violence from Varangian vagabonds, with winks from Israeli-priest liners.

Melissena was a BYZantine, from the BOSphorus (founded by Io), and I traced the namers of Byzantium, several years ago, to Busae Medes, though this was before knowing the Atlas represented the Attaleia location of POSeidon's Pisidians. In other words, the Magi Medes to Maia Pisidians were in cahoots with Busae Medes to Byzantium / Bosphorus, and these are the very Medes that trace to Perseus, which is to include the Kassites, the ones suspect as proto-Khazars. If that traces Kassites to the naming of "Caesar," I'm of no contention.

The Levi lion is crowned, as is the Capua/Capone lion in the same colors. Compare "Cavan" to "Capone" or "Caepionis." The English Capone's use a chevron in colors reversed to the Levi chevrons. What's there not to understand? The gold-on-black star of English Capone's is on the Chives' / Mathis moline, and the Cavii lived at the Mathis river (Illyrium).

Let's not forget the Mackey's/Margys on the mainland shore from Rothesay / Arran that use the arrow suspect with the Bower / Rothschild arrows. The raven in the Mackey/Margy Coat therefore links to the same of German Rothes. It traces both surnames, Macey suspects and Rothschilds, to Motburlegh, and therefore to the Motts at Cotes-de-Nord, where the Dol Alans found a merger. The raven is a symbol of the ancestry of the Dol Alans, and it's the Stout vikings that conquered Rothesay. It is a cosmic stretch to suggest that lines from Israel's priestly lines became pirates and thieves on the high seas, but then a handing of these lines to satan explains it. Actually, they were already petty thieves in Israel. Ask the money changers. Ask the Petty parrot, shared by Peeble's, important here because green-Shielded Bowers were first found in Peebles-shire.

Therefore, the Rothschilds do have links to the green Shield of MacAbee's, and so let's mention that the first Rothschild, Mayer Bauer, lived in a house called, Green Shield. See the green Shield of Franks (in Newton colors) with a "nati" motto term possibly for "Nathan," Mayer's first son. See the Natts too. It's important to trace Rothschilds to the Frank surname, for the other Frank surname with a green Shield is using the Pollock saltire while Rothschilds trace to Peter Pollock at Rothes castle, Morayshire. Isn't Moray where the Cohens/Kagans trace?

The Cavans/Keevans (in Dermot colors, look like a version of the Gainey/Keavaney Coat) are from DERMOT MacMorough (Moray/Murray element), and this can trace to the Polish Taktakishvili Arms, with a cross in the colors of the Reilly's, and a tower suspect with that of Kellys / Gaineys/Keavaneys. I'm saying this due to the "probaTAQUE" motto term of Dermots (boar heads in colors reversed from the same of Heelys). The "proba" part of the motto term can go to Propers/Probins, using an ostrich suspect with Trabys, whom I say had a branch in DERBYshire, important here because Dermots come up as "Darby." Besides, green-Shielded Pollocks trace to Poland, and the TACKs use yet another green Shield.

But lo and behold that Propers/Robins (another red-on-white fesse linkable to the Gonne/Kohn bend) are said to have held estates at Cheshire's NEWTON location, and Newtons were first found in Cheshire!!! This was not on my mind when waking this morning, but the Newtons can now be linked, as those early thoughts suggested, to the Gonne's, for the Propers/Probins are said to be a branch of Robins, and the latter share the thistle with Gonne's/Gowans! As I awoke, I was thinking that the white-and-green Coat of the latter linked to the Newton Coat, and here we are proving it true. Compare the "Huic / haec" motto terms of the Newtons and Propers (beside Derbyshire).

Compare "Derby/Darby" with "ODROWAZ," for the Arms of Taktakishveli were shown earlier with the Arms of Odrowaz. The Tacks/Thackerys just happen to use more white estoiles that cropped up early in this section. The Tack/Thackery arrow is in the colors of the Burley Coat (white boar heads) because Burleys/Bourleys are now identified as Bowers / Rothschilds. How many green Shields are there that easily identify Rothschild liners, and whose was the original green Shield? The other house of Mayer Bauer, said to have been on the same street, was called, Red Shield, or so the conspiracy writers claim. The Spanish Capets use a half green, half red, Shield, and Capets are suspect as Capetians, from Robertians, important here because Propers/Robins area branch of Roberts. It's tracing Rothschilds to Vermenton in Yonne, and it I recall correctly, the Cable's use white lattice on a green Shield, important because Chablis is beside Vermenton. Worms and Formans use a green dragon.

Beside Yonne is Orleans, where there is a Pithiviers location using a thistle in its Arms, a symbol too of green-Chiefed Gonne's. Pithiviers is at an AUDEville location tracing to the Pollock motto, important because Pollocks were at PAISley, using another thistle. Paisley is suspect with the line of Speers (first found in the same place as Pollocks) to Pace's/Pascels. But the green-Shielded MacAbee's use "Aut" in their motto, making them suspect with Audeville liners, important if the green-Shielded Mile's are using the Aude sword (Aude's are said to be from an Audeville location). If I recall correctly, the Arms of Roquefeuil, in Aude, has another green Shield. Audeville is near enough to Autun to have been named by Autun's Aedui peoples.

Recalling that Rothschilds traced to the Sola's/Solneys (DERBYshire!), note the "sol" motto term of Tacks/Thackerys. Recalling that the crossed Newton bones were expected to link to the crossed spears of Spears and Pace's/Pascels, it's likely not coincidental that English Pace's share gold on purple with the Tack/Thackery Chief ("cherub's head" in the Chief). The "NobiliTAS" motto term of Tacks is easily linked to the Tess/Teck/Tease Coat, using the Annan saltire in colors reversed. Check out the Annas star in the Tease/Tigh Coat. The Nobels could be a Nephele liner to Nibelungs. Are we making sense? More than that; we are making streets of gold for the meek of the earth from whom the Rothschilds have become rich. But as Rothschilds refuse to give the green money back, using it instead to devise other industries by which to pillage the poor all the more, we are announcing that the Rothschilds will be soon attacked by a Thief in the Night.


Why are Robin liners linking to Yuya's Mitanni line? We need to ask the Roberts surname. But first, I want to say that white boar heads (version of blue-on-white boars heads of Dermots) are a Googe symbol while Yuya is suspect in naming mythical Gugu/Gyges of Lydia, suspect with the Biblical Gog. You can glean from the Tigh variation of Tease's that Togarmites of the Teague kind are in play, and we saw the Gomerians link to the Kemmis surname already. Therefore, this Yuya line to the Googe/Gooch boars are linking squarely to the Burley boars and therefore to Rothschilds. If a Russian anti-Christ does not show up in Iraq, as it now seems he cannot as a result of the latest Western intervention in Iraq, we should keep mind open for a Rothschild Gog to pop up in the news.

The Goffs (in Gopher colors), coming up as "Goch," use the Googe boars too. The "ServiENDo Guberno" motto of Levite-liner Rourke's looks like it's honoring the "End" motto term of Gomerian-suspect Hume's, and then "GUBERno" could be for a Gomer branch, though it's also like "Gopher." I just showed that Rangabe's can trace to ENDymion (by way of arrow-using Ingers/Enders), and so let's add that Rangabe's use these Gogi colors too. I can't get online to check, but if I recall correctly, the Gernon-suspect Grenons use the same style flory cross as Rangabe's, but in green-on-gold, the colors of the Taktakishvili cross......Actually, I'm partly wrong. I had to go to my files to find an instance of the Grenon surname, and here's what was found that can link Grenons to Taktakishvili liners of the Teck/Tease kind just the same:

Back to the Taise/Tise Coat, the symbol of which is called "gyronny." In this case, it could suggest the Grenon surname because it uses a three-fingered Templar the white-on-green colors of the three-fingered Crombie cross. (The Taise/Tise/Taws surname is significant in this paragraph, possibly, as per the "Tace" motto of the AberCrombies.)

The Crombie cross is called "bottony," which could be code for the Biden/Button surname.

It just so happens that the ends of the Taktakishvili cross have round, button-like objects that can account for heraldic bottony. I was wrong in guessing that the Grenon cross is in the colors of the Taktakishvili cross, and yet, the Grenons use yet another green Shield. I cannot recall which surname has the write-up tracing to "mustache," but my faint memory has it as part of a Gernon-of-Montfiquet entity, important here because "musTACHE" is suspect as code for the Taktakishvili bloodline.

"Mustache" is another way of saying the Yuya-Mus alliance on the Ticino river, a river that I traced to "Taxsony" of Hungary. He was a great-grandfather to Bela, husband/mate of Helena of Angusta, and, if correct, then let me repeat that I trace Levente, Bela's brother, to the Laevi on the Ticino. Let's also add that the flag-of-Scotland saltire is a symbol of Andrew I, Bela's other brother, and that this saltire is in use in the Gopher surname. Can Hungarians trace to Gog? Ask the Magog-like Magyars. I even trace the Bauer arrows to Hungarian Hussians and the Mures-river Khazars that co-founded Hungary with Magyars. If I recall correctly, the Huss' are listed with the Hess / Hesse surname sharing a sun with Cohens/Kagans. Mayer Rothschild is said to have acquired his wealth by stealing the money of a prince William IX of Hesse-Cassel.

I've come across a "no" motto term before that linked well to Nons/Nevins (Googe / Goff / Gopher colors) that were traced hard to SOPHonisba (Carthaginian daughter of the Hasdrubal mentioned earlier). See the "Sophia neveu" code of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code). As the "SperanDUM" motto term of Nons/Nevins is similar to the "Sperabo" motto of Annans, with a "dum" thrown in for the DUMfries location of Annandale, it seems clear that HANNIbal Carthaginians either named the Ananes Gauls (at the source of the Trebia river) when he won the war of Trebia, or Hannibal was descended from the Ananes to begin with...explaining why he ventured to war against the Romans for to win that area of Italy.

French Roberts (same lion as Propers/Robins) were first found in the same place (Burgundy) as Gainys/GAGne's, and the latter are suspect with the dragonic line of Guerin of Provence. French Roberts even share the blue vair of Kemmis', and Roberts (from Vrm) allows one to trace the Vairs to VERMenton near Autun / Nevers (Burgundy). "BURGundy" is suspect with a Burg line back to PERGamum, on the Lydian coast facing Lesbos, the location of Mitanni-related Methyma and Mytilene. Therefore, doesn't Yuya's line to Gugu of Lydia trace to Burgundy's GAGne's? Repeat: "As French Gaineys [i.e. Gagne liners] were first found in Burgundy..., they are likely using the pierced Zionist stars of Guerins/Garins..." Guerra's share the Drake wyvern (different colors), indicating that the Yuya Mitanni trace to Guerins and Gagne's of the witchy Drakenberg kind. I have this trace correct, I am sure now, even though it seems nuts at first to trace "Yuya" to anything, let alone to the biblical Gog. It tends to prove that Burgundians had been Pergamum Lydians.

Burgundians included the Nibelungs, smacking of Nephele (mother of Centaurs), mate of Ixion, a Lapith, and then Lapiths were on Lesbos. "NEPHele" also smacks of NEFertiti, wife of Akhenaten, who traces to Nevin-suspect Nevers. I've felt confident in proving that Nons/Nevins / Neve's / Nevers'/Nevays/Neave's (lily) were of the Nefertiti > Nevers line. The Nevers/Nevays even use a "proba" motto term, like the "probataque" term of Dermots (Googe / Goff/Goch boars in colors reversed) that brought Propers/Robins into this discussion in the first place. Just like that, the Roberts are linking again to the Googe boars and to the Nefertiti / Yuya liners.

The Tacks/Thackers were introduced from that motto term of Dermots, and Tacks were found to use a "sol" motto term well-linkable to the "sola" motto term found a little earlier, and here we find another "sola" motto term in the Nevers/Nevays...who look to be using the Elis cross with five fleur-de-lys. The other "sola" term was of the Mile's, the Anjou line of the Mitanni. The Sola's/Solneys, remember, were first found in Dermot-related Derbyshire.

The Nevers/Nevays/Neive's were first found in the same place (Angus) as horse-using Navys/Navays (Pegasus in Crest traces to Medusa Gorgons). The English Neve's/NEPHews (just a fish in Barbera-fish colors) were first found in Centaur-suspect Kent. It looks again like some heraldic horses are code for Yuya's Centaur liners, especially the Pegasus horse. It just so happens that the Neve fish is in the colors of the Geddes fish so that Geddes' can become suspect as Gace-Mitanni liners, from the Mitanni capital (Wassukanni).

Millets just came to mind as per "Miletus," which I am tentatively viewing as a consonant-reversal of "Mytilene." Millets can be linked to the Ishtar (eight-pointed) star of Rothschilds/Rothsteins, important because the Revelation harlot was ultimately Ishtar. The Millets are using the eight-pointed star of Coburgs, quite apparently, and lo and behold that Millets were first found in Burgundy!!! (This trace of Yuya liners from Lesbos to Burgundy is new to me.) The Gober-using variations of Coburgs suggest the Gophers, or more in particular, the entity honored by the "GUBERno" motto term of Rothschild-related Rourke's. The Rory branch of Rourke's, that owned the blue lion of Bute = Rothesay, should be the blue Dermot-Crest lion.

Why "DerMOT? As Dermots are listed with Darbys, I assume that Dermots were Traby-Mott elements. Prior to pre-tribulationism being peddled by a Scofield surname (same as Scholefields), it was popularized by one John Darby, and before that by London banker, Henry DRUMmond, with a surname that has Trabys as ancient cousins, and much like "DERMot." I traced Drummonds to the ship in the Arms of Shetland, important where the Arms of Shetland uses a "SCAL" term in its motto, like the Scayle variation of Scholefields. Moreover, I traced the patriarch of Drummonds, one George, son of Andrew I, to the Mures-river Khazars, i.e. the proto-Hungarians, and these Khazars lived and ruled at Biharia, linkable to the "Byggar" motto term in the Arms of Shetland. I claimed that Drummonds of Shetland were of the raven-depicted proto-Alans of Dol, but at the time, I hadn't yet been familiar with the Tolls/Dols, who use a wavy fesse in reversed colors from the same of German Drummonds. Henry Drummond had a mansion with 63 chimneys, which can be the result of some Caepio gold bars that his family had for "burning."

In my post-tribulation book, there are some reasons as to why Henry Drummond, as an agent of the British government, was in business with Nathan Rothschild, banker, another reason for tracing Rothschilds to the raven-depicted vikings of Shetland (the Arms of Shetland use a raven on a ship). I did not trace Drummonds to Shetland due to the trace of proto-Rothschilds there. They trace to Shetland independent of one another, and so it may be that Scottish Bauers (suspect with the green Pollock Shield) had been strongly merged with Drummonds. As Maurice Drummond, grandson of king Andrew I (Hungary) steered the ship that brought queen-to-be Margaret to Scotland, Drummonds could have gotten involved with the line of her mother, Agatha, now tracing to Vrm of Angusta. That can explain why Formans use two wavy fesse bars in colors reversed from the three wavy fesse bars of German Drummonds.

Agatha had become suspect as a son of king Andrew's brother, Bela, who mated with Helena (Vrm's daughter) to produce Agatha, but because Angusta was in the theater of Roxolani Alans, "Helena" tends to reveal that he, or his wife, was Roxolani, same peoples as the Alans of Dol that likewise trace to Shetland, but whom had traced to Forum Allieni about 1,000 years earlier. That can now explain my claim that the proto-Alans of Shetland were nearly indistinguishable from Drummonds there: because both were from Vrm. I've not traced Drummonds to Vrm until just now. I can't recall which, Andrew's wife, Anastasia, was a granddaughter of Vladimir "the great" of Kiev (the reason for the Andrew=Ross clan of Scotland, named after "Rus"), but this means that Andrew's mother, or other mate, is now suspect with Vrm's line.

"Agatha" became suspect in the Goth surname, using a Zionist star in the colors of the Drummond bars, all very interesting if this hexagram (white-on-blue) became the blue-on-white one on the flag of Rothschild-founded Israel. Drummonds lived in Perthshire, where the Hagar(d)s were first found that use the Goth hexagram. Another surname using the same star are the Vlads, possibly (even likely) in honor of Vladimir of Kiev, whose line got involved with Andrew I. This star is in the colors of "Andrew's Cross" (= Scottish flag). The stag (Hungarian symbol) that is the badge of the Rollo's, first found in Perthshire, is a good reason to trace the Sinclair/Claro vikings to Varangians of Kiev that had become involved with Hungarians. A Henry Sinclair was even on board the ship piloted by Maurice Drummond.

Then, while Angusta has been traced to Annas of Israel, the English Joseph's use a "charo" motto term for the Charo/Claro surname, as well as a "wlad" motto term that can be for the Vladimir / Vlad line. If that's not enough, Scottish Chappes', suspect from Joseph Caiaphas, were first found in Stirling, the Drummond theater beside Perthshire.

So, if Andrew's mother, or his alternative mate (he had at least two wives) was of Vrm's line, then George Drummond (Maurice's father) could have been a son of that couple. Consider further that while I trace ANGUSta to Angus, the latter is where the Hectors were first found who use a sun, a symbol, possibly, of Vladimir. The Merits that share three bends with Hectors might just have been named after "Maurice" (see the Drummond bars of Damory's). Then, let's go back to ZOLtan, the father of Taxsony, for this could be the line to the sun-using Solana's. Put it this way, that when the Aetheling king of Saxon England had to get out of England due to the Norman invasion, he found refuge first with some Scandinavian entity that I cannot recall, but then went to be in Kiev, where king-to-be, Andrew I was also hiding out from his royal enemy in Hungary. To explain why Varangians would hold Andrew in safety, one could theorize that Zoltan (son of Arpad) was Varangian kin to Vladimir.

To trace Zoltan to Sols/Solana's, consider that George Drummond married PodeBRADY (Bohemia) while Brady's use a sun. Here is from an online article that doesn't give the mother of George:

"...(illegitimate) Gyorgy [George], who, according to Europaeische Stammtafeln, went to Scotland in 1055 and became ancestor of the Drummond family. E.S. cites a 1959 work published in Warsaw as the source for this. I know that it has long been asserted that the Drummond family was founded by a Hungarian [Maurice] who returned to Britain with Edward Atheling, so this may be true"

If the page disappears, see it from my files at page below. It tells that George married "Agatha, dau. Gundolph Podiebradius, Grandduke of Bohemia."

Another Agatha. Or was she the same one? Did George marry his cousin?

The Carpenters, Fullers and Belli's all share triple-red bars, in the colors of the triple HECTOR bends. But triple bars are a Drummond symbol. And then triple bars are using by Haughts/HOCTORs, suspect with Sigrid the Haughty of Poland! She was a daughter of Mieszko, uncle of Casimir, from the Kiev Varangians.

I "use "Belli" as the surname variation because it's the Carpenter and Belli motto term. It can be gleaned that CARPenters are of the ARPad bloodline, and that Belli's were from Bela and his wife, Helena, and so the fact that Belli's share triple bars with Drummonds argues for Helena being the mother of George Drummond, which makes George the cousin of Agatha, mother of Margaret, explaining why George's son drove Agatha's daughter to Britain.

The Fullers were Rockefellers tracing with Alans of Dol to the Roxolani, but one can now realize that Fullers trace to Helena. Pollocks, who were in cahoots with Dol Alans, and whom I identify as Fullers, are using a saltire that matches the Coat of Scottish Andrews. This picture implies a link of king Andrew to Helena. Possibly, Andrew had relations with Helena to produce the Drummonds. Moreover, with Pollocks linking to Andrew, Peter Pollock, a son of FULbert to whom I trace FULLers, may have been named after king Peter, who was on the Hungarian throne (944-946) immediately before Andrew (that's not a good explanation as to why Fulbert was supposedly a Saxon). This Peter Pollock was the proto-Rothschilds so that the Rothschild arrows are explained in Hungarians, said to be named from "On-Ogur," said to mean "ten arrows" (I don't agree with that definition, but it was received by some, including Rothschilds, apparently).

I had traced the Pollock hunting horns to the same of Trabys, and as the OstRICH (Traby symbol) is now being entertained as part-code for the Richeza, Casimir's mother (and wife of Mieszko II), the "ost" portion of the term could be for the Este's because the Hellens are using the black horse head that Este's showed until about 2012. It just so happens that while the Bars namers (from Brunswick) of Bar-le-Duc were Este kin, Richeza, Casimir's mother, was from Lotheringia, otherwise known as Lorraine (used the Piast eagle), location of Bar-le-Duc! And so heraldry's big mouth has coughed up the secrets that Stewarts like to keep to themselves, ditto for Freemasons / Rosicrucians altogether. No one hides ancestry unless the truth is harmful.

The Bar(r)s even use HUNting horns (code for Hunter elements suspect with HUNgarians), as well as the Este the white color of the Lorraine eagle. Margaret's son (David I) had elements in HUNTingdon. The white eagle is used also my Masci's / Balance's, and so this can now explain why the David surname, suspect from Margaret's son after all, has a Coat that I link to the mouse-using Misl's from Poland's Mouse Tower. It can also explain the Margy variation of arrow-using Mackeys. But why are the Haughty bars tracing to Helena? How was Mieszko related to Helena? Perhaps it was Mieszko's descendants, not his ancestors. The Traby-suspect Trips were first found in the same place as German Drummonds, and Trips use the boots (code for Bute = Rothesay) shown by French Massey's until recently. This is the anti-Christ's mouse bloodline, isn't it?

Another consideration is that the Joseph's whom trace to this picture by their motto are using the same garbs as Comyns while Trabys can trace to Trabzon while Haughts/Hoctors use the bars of Trebizond empire in colors reversed while Comyn-like Komnino's (Byzantines) founded Trebizond empire while Comites'/Conte's = Conteville's of Comyns are honored in the Sinclair motto. When Edward Atheling was hiding out with Scandinavians, I'll bet it was with the Claro-family vikings, and I'll also bet that it was one of the two Scandinavian husbands of Sigrid the Haughty, one of whom was a Swede. Kiev Varangians were from Sweden.

The last time Byzantines were mentioned was in relation to Busae and Magi Medes, suspect in "Magyar." The last time Byzantines were mentioned was in relation to Melissena, wife of Inger the Varangian guard of Byzantium. Rangabe's are in the colors of the Este eagle, and while I have no details, Byzantine's had attacked the Este area of Italy a few centuries before Hungarian formation.

Let's go back to Millets prior to the diversion into the Helena topic. English Millets are interesting for using the Hamilton / Bus cinquefoil, apparently. This brings us back, possibly, to Atlas>Maia. If I recall correctly, Plato gave "Eumelos" as the twin brother of Atlas, which seems linkable for certain considerations to "Kemuel," third son of Nahor after Buz, his second. His first, "Uts," might be the term in "ATlas." In any case, Millets are using the Bus cinquefoil, and it was not many days ago when LesBOS became a major topic, where it was traced to BOZrah. It was also traced to the Less/Lusk surname (= Leslie Hungarians) using the boar, which can explain why Yuya liners are now being found with boars. This paragraph tends to clinch, already, a Millet trace to Mytilene.

Some boars, anyway, are now suspect with the Burley/Bourley line to Bauers. But Bauers / Bowers traced to arrow-depicted Bogens, in the colors of both Bugs surnames, and thus trace to the Bug river (Ukraine, near Kiev), home of the Nahor-suspect Neuri. The Buz-suspect Budini were still closer to Kiev, if not inside Kiev, and Budini trace to the Bute's/Butts (fish, ESToile) that once showed the same black horse head of Este's, which is why one could trace the Budini to Butua/Budva, near Bar (Illyrian coast).

It begs the question of whether Helena's ancestry likewise traces to Bar / Butua. One thing I think to be fact: Helena's ancestry provided Worms and its Robertians from elements of Ferrara (BODENcus river), where Charo's/Claro's were first found, though Claro's trace further back to Clarus at Miletus. Thus, Millets use the Bus cinquefoil likely because they were Miletus elements that had merged with Budini elements on the Bodencus = Po river. The Bodencus was also the Padus river, suspect with Padasus in the Troad, which ancients linked to Caucones of the Troad, whom I trace to the Caucoensii in the Ukraine, not far from the Bug. This area is where I thought mythical Boreus should trace, suggesting that Bauer-boar liners are ultimately from Boreus / Hyperborean elements.

"Robert" is said to derive in "HROD(bert), a Rhodes term if ever we saw one. Rhodes is roughly off-shore from Miletus. It can't be coincidental that, with mythical ENDymion being at Miletus / Latmus, the Rourke's use the motto, "ServiENDO Guberno." Rhodes and Lycia were even the location of Kamiros-branch Cimmerians. It's now suggesting that Coburgs/Goberts were Cimmerians liners, suggesting the same for Kyburg, for Coburgs appear to be using a version of the Shield (Gog-colored) that is the Arms of Zurich. Near Zurich is a Basil location that can become suspect with Basil, otherwise known as Vazul, father of Andrew I and Bela. The Miletus-based Melusine mermaid is in the Coat of Gog-suspect Hugo's, first found in Basil. Aren't Hungarians suspect as Magog liners?

Vazul's father, Michael, can be suspect as per Michael I Rangabe of Byzantium (early 9th century), who pre-dated the Hungarians but not by much. Multiple Byzantine kings were named, Basil, for obvious reason, making Michael all the more suspect from Byzantines. If the two Michaels were related, it makes Michael's father, Taxsony, or the mother, suspect as a Rangabe liner. If I recall correctly, Michael Rangabe was the grandfather of Melissena Rangabe, and in this way, mythical Melusine can be code for this historical Melissena. In recent months, Melusine was traced to Lapiths (see her in the Lapp/Leap Coat) before stressing the Lapiths of Lesbos, and it was after that when the Yuya liners were traced to Lesbos, suggesting rather starkly that Hugo's were named after "Yuya" elements.

Michaels are using a Coat linkable to Meschins, Ladds/Ladons and Leaders, suggesting Lydians and Mysians in the ancestry of Michael Rangabe and/or Michael of Hungary, important because Yuya was suspect in naming mythical Gugu of Lydia. Lydia is the location of Miletus so that the historical Michaels>Melissena line can now trace to Miletus elements, just as mythical Melusine was traced there. Take the Michael>Melissena line further back to Melitene of the Mitanni theater, and it can explain why Melissena is now linking to Yuya elements. That's another way of saying that Yuya's Mitanni family put forth descendants with mythical POSeidon that came to rule BUZite-suspect Byzantium.

The Amazons all around the Miletus region were Meshech, and if I recall correctly (can't get online to check), Amorium was in Lydia or nearby, important because Michael II and Michael III of Byzantium were so-called Amorians, from Amorium. As the Scot peoples trace themselves to Miletus, by what coincidence do the Scott surnames (one uses the motto, "Amo") link to the Amore's? In some cases, as for example the Marina surname, the Amore bars are called "wavy," suggesting Myrina Atlanteans = Amazons out of Mazaca and Trabzon, where wavy-using Drummonds trace. To this it should be added that Scutz's (from Scodra, at Bar!) use the Bassen greyhounds (part code for Graeae Amazons of the Atlas mountains), making Bassens and related Bessins/Beaston / Bistons suspect with BYZANtines. It looks like the Bar elements to Este got hooked up with Byzantines that conquered the Este area, the very elements that merged later with the Vladimir > Casimir line.

By the time of Casimir, the Varangians of Kiev had conquered the Khazars and sent many of them scurrying into Hungary. The proto-Rothschilds have been suspect in this Khazar dispersion. The point here is that Casimir may have been of a Khazar line that found favor with the victorious Rus, thus indicating a Khazar-Varangian merger. Note how "CasiMIR" could be partly for the Melusine-related Mire's/Mireux's of Anjou, for the people of Anjou were Angevins, like "Rangabe." The first Rothschild, Mayer, may have been from the Mir entity that named Casimir. It's tracing Rothschilds from the Rus to the Mieszko Poles, and meanwhile the Bogan > Bauer line goes independently to the Bug river, where one can expect the Kiev Varangians.

There was some Boreus = Hyperborean = Bauer evidence above that Rothschilds trace to Thule, and so let's repeat that the myrtle tree of Mire's traces to mythical MyrTILUS (Elis, easily goes to Endymion of Miletus), suspect with the Tile variation of "Thule." There is evidence beyond the sharing of the same stars that Bauers were a branch of Thule-loving Hiedlers/Hitlers; the latter likewise use the sun as well as the bends of Hectors (Hitler thus traces to the Mieszko-suspect Haughts/Hoctors, important because Hitler's mother was a Polzl suspect with Pollocks).

An Arms of Rothschild uses ostrich feathers (Drummond colors) now tracing to Richeza, Casimir's mother. This is the best that I've ever traced Rothschilds to the Khazar theater. It looks bang-on. The Rothschild trace to Hungarians may be secondary to this primary trace to the Varangian Rus. The Hungarian line of Rothschilds has become suspect with Rus-merging king he produced a line from Vrm. As the Vrm>Worm line produced the Capetians, note that the white scallop at the center of the Rothschild Arms is on red, the colors of the Capes scallops. That means the central Rothschild symbol is for Joseph Caiaphas.

Whose gold hexagram is in the Rothschild Arms? Why is that hexagram with the "elephant trunks" in the colors of the 666-suspect Traby hunting HORNs? Probably, it has to do with the Horn surname, for the elephant trunks, I learned, were also prairie-buffalo horns (they became elephant trunks only secondarily, we can assume, to honor the line of Eliphas). The Pohls, suspect with Mrs. Polzl, use a "buffalo," though it's the so-called "bull" of Mieske's. It's tracing Rothschilds again both the Hitler and the Mieszko's, and then the Nazi's were supported in their global war by a Siemens company traceable to SiemoMYSL of the Mouse Tower. Can that identify the Rothschild Gog with mouse liners? The Misl surname is the one using the Kyburg lion, and the Hiedler/Hitler Coat is suspect with the Arms of Zurich. It now looks like the Meshwesh-Yuya line to Gog and Meshech at the Hugo's of northern Switzerland.

Ask the Welf-related HUGh D'Avrances if he applies to Yuya. "Avrances" looks linkable to "Varangi," and to Veringens of Baden-WURTemburg, and then the Zahringers, Veringer kin, used buffalo horns. yes, it's true. And the Wessels use both buffalo horns and the antler, the symbol of both Zahringers (Khazars?) and Veringens. Wurttemberg has been a tough term for me to trace, but I think it can go to the Rhatacensii, to the immediate west of the Cogaeonus river, for the following Wart / Rat reason: "The first verifiable use of the griffin as the dynasty's heraldic emblem occurred in a seal of Casimir II, Duke of Pomerania...The first known members of the Griffins were the brothers Wartislaw I and Ratibor I" (4th update last month). Consider also the RADZivils in the ancestry of Astika's married by Trabys.

In the last update: "But now, it's Rhatacensii in particular that are tracing to Aurelia [Cotta]," highly suspect with Vistalis, son of Cottius. I've traced the Wessels to "VisTALIS," a potential Thule term. Therefore, the Rothschild buffalo horns are tracing to Julius Caesar, suspect as Adolf Hitler's icon. Julian dictatorship seems to be the game of modern globalists who believe they have a divine right to rule and make the world happy under their fat. Such an idea can derive in their riches, allowing themselves to believe that their wealth was a gift of the gods for to rule mightily. The Pharisees / Sadducees had that mentality, where godliness was richedness.

With Wurttemberg tracing to Rhatacensii liners, I suppose that "Baden" can trace to Budini, or to the Buttons/Bidens (Capelli kin) using horns in their Crest. Battins/Badens use the human eye. We're still waiting to see whether Joseph Biden becomes the next U.S. president for Mosul purposes. Everything is screaming a Vrm-Rus line to the anti-Christ. If I recall correctly, the mother of Andrew I is unknown, making her possibly of the Vrm line. Some think that Andrew's father was not Basil, but Basil's brother, Ladislav, who's wife was PREMislavna, daughter of Vladimir "the great." Was she a line from Junia Caepio PRIMA? Why does the Second/Segur Coat use lions in the colors of the Forman / Robert lions? Isn't Angusta of Annas, father-in-law of Caepio-suspect Joseph Caiaphas?

Yes, Roberts use the Forman (and Brunswick) lion, making it more certain that Vrm traces to Worms. We just saw Bars of Brunswick tracing to Richeza, mother of Rothschild-suspect Casimir. Gog white-on-blue is even used by English Roberts, suspect in using the Shield of Meshech-based Maceys. The white eagle in the English-Robert Crest is likely that of the Piasts and Macsi's, but more directly of the Egremonts/Eggs'/Egg, and then the related Eggs/Eggers happen to use the diagonally-split Shield in the Arms of Zurich in colors reversed! How much of the world's rotten money is passed through Swiss banks, only the Rothschilds know for sure.

With Roberts tracing to Mytilene, it can now become suspect that the black-on-white lion of Middle's/Mittels is that of the Welsh Roberts. The latter were first found in the same place (Denbigh) as Kemmis-related Bachs (!!) and Atlas/Atley-suspect Jones'. That's extra evidence that the Yuya Mitanni passed through Mytilene and meanwhile to the Vrm line.

A Walk Down Rothschild Lane

I was having difficulty with the "Ewch" motto term of Welsh Roberts until seeing the ECger variation of German Eggs'/Eggers, who use the Egg/Egger Coat in red (but do not come up as "Egg"). You can bet your Ishtar bunny that the Eggs are from Edgar Atheling, whose son, Edward, mated with Agatha of Angusta.

There was some evidence recently that Alans of Dol were Alan scythians who named Lindos on Rhodes, and so it's now very interesting that the Welsh-Robert motto, "Ewch ymLAEN" can be code for Lane's, two in Alan colors, one of which shares the Robert = Proper/Robin = Brunswick lion!!! I get it. The Lindos Rhodians were at Langhe. The red Lane bend is thus suspect with the red Gonne/Kohn bend i.e. this traces Jonathan Levites to Lindos, expected because the Danaans were there before they went to Argos (that's a fact of myth writers), and Jonathan joined the "Danites / Daniy" at Laish.

The Lane fleur are likely those of Gellone's, and then William Gellone was (some say) the father of Guerin de Provence, and the latter was of the Yuya Mitanni line, wherefore it's tracing through Lindos too (as well as Lesbos). The Robert motto is most-directly links to MacLeans/LAENs, said to be from a Eachen / Hector character from the lordship of a certain John of LochBUIE, what looks like it could be from "MaccaBEAUS" and/or the MacAbee's. This Eachen character, who may be myth code, was shortly after Colla of the Emain-Macha code work, you see, and so this John character is suspect from Jonathan elements on Rhodes, same as the Hercules Atlanteans into very-early Ireland, before the Maccabees proper of Israel. But the Hector variation is suggesting that it's all wrapped up in the Rothschild line to Haughts/Hoctors, kin of Hectors in ANGUS.

This John Lochbuie could be the reason that the Macie's (Ferte / MacDonald eagle) are said to be from "John." I don't think Macie's are from "John" at all, but do think that Jonathan-Levite liners merged with Macey liners over and over again. The Scottish Mackeys/Margys are in Macey / Robert / Egg colors. The three red bends of Hectors are in Gonne-bend colors, and so this tends to trace Jonathan liners to Eachan / Hector. The white tower in the MacLean Crest must be that of German Mays, for the latter's sits on the same rock design as in the MacLean Coat. We do seem to be on the topic of Atlas > Maia liners to early Ireland, therefore.

There is a white-on-white fish in the MacLean Coat, the odd colors also of the Sola/Solney fish, and as Lane's are tracing to Lindos, a real place that was mythicized as Helios' grandson, the Solneys could be from mythical Sol. Hectors (another blue lion in Crest) use a sun and were first found in the same place (Angus) as "sola"-using Nevers/NeVAYs. The Vey - Fey line was traced to Fife's, beside Angus.

The "mine" motto term of MacLeans, which gets the Mine/Menn/Mean/Ming surname, should therefore be of the Emain-Macha code.

The Jonathan Levites traced to Elis and therefore to related Aetolia, land of Atlanteans. The Akheloos river of Aetolia has got to be the naming of Achilles, and this can be proven to some extent by the following, starting with Achilles' mother, daughter or Nereus and Doris, the fish-people = Atlanteans. The WAVY bend of Doris'/D'Oris' can then be viewed as code for water = Atlanteans, and so the wavy fesse of Tol/s/Dols (not to mention their whale) suggests rather well that "Toll" was named after Atlanteans of AETOLia. The Alans of Dol can trace well to Doris because mythical Dorus was a brother of Hellen. Although this may speak to Helena of Angusta, the point is that the Doris bend is colors-reversed from the Gonne/Kohn bend while the Ghents use a wavy fesse in colors-reversed to the Toll/Dol fesse, and so, due to the Guenet variation of the Gonne's/Kohns, it traces Jonathan elements of the Gonne kind to Aetolian Atlanteans.

There had to be a specific reason that Greek-ism was called, Hellenism. Alexander "the great" traced himself to Achilles, an entity related to mythical Helenus, but then Alexander Balus was a Seleucid toting Hellenism to Israel, and Jonathan Maccabee bought into the Balus kingdom on behalf of royal Israel. What was that? Blessed or cursed of God? The Jews didn't seem to mind. Were they blessed or cursed of God in that regard? The Seleucids were mortal enemies until the Jews joined them, and then Daniel predicted before the merger took place that the end-time anti-Christ (destroyer of Israel) would be a Seleucid product in some way, from Alexander "the great" killer, esteemed by modern historians too out-to-lunch to know better.

Daniel's prophecy is the Cilla > Maccabee mouse bloodline, isn't it, and end-time Israel is the cheese to be eaten at a certain Snap-Time.

As Taphians lived on the Akheloos, it's not likely coincidental that the Doris bend is in the colors of the same of Davids/DAFFYs, whom I trace to Daphne-suspect "Devon," a region founded by the Dumnonii that trace to Irish Domnann who, according to the MacDonald write-up, named the MacDonalds...who use an heraldic ship for their Atlantean symbol. So, the Taphian pirates lead to the MacDonald pirates as well as to the Varni > Varangian pirates that honor a goddess named after Dorus' aunt (Enarete). The black lion in the David/Daffy bend is in the position of the black Rourke lion, and then the first-known Varangian pirate was Rurik, that being good evidence that Welsh Davids and Davis' were named after Taphians out of Devon. How can this Taphian picture be reconciled with a trace of Davids to David I? Perhaps we could ask his great-grandmother, Helena of Angusta, for Taphians can be suspect with Achilles-Helenus products on the Akheloos.

Seriously, I'm suggesting that Vrm was a Taphian line connected to Rourke-line Varangians that named David I, brother of Alexander. There seems to be no Davids or Alexanders in the circle of Margaret's Scotland so that these two names, of her final two sons, should come from Angusta elements. It must have been the Ladon dragon line of Taphians, explaining the dragon in both the Worm and Forman Crests. As the Bogen > Bauer line has traced to Vrm, what about the wyvern dragon of Bogans? As the Rothschilds have just traced to CasiMIR, what about the wyvern of Myrtilus-based Tile's? As Rothschilds just traced to Radzivils>Astika's, what about the Astakos location along the Akheloos? Didn't Rothschilds just trace to the same place as Margaret's mother (Agatha), and didn't Rothschilds propose for the modern Israeli flag the Zionist star of Agatha? Was the founding of Israel by Rothschilds blessed or cursed of God? What a nightmare this will be for poor, naive Israeli's.

Reminder: the Hagel lion is the Misl lion while Misl's are suspect in using the David/Daffy bend, yet another reason for tracing Davids to Taphians. There are multiple reasons for linking Misls to Davids, but the point here is that the Misl lion is colors reversed to the Rourke lions. If the two lions are connected closely, then the Misl lion becomes the Levi lion, expected in this Jonathan picture.

Rory of Rothesay was himself a MacDonald from the Somerled branch, a name like "Somerset," home of the Dumnonii. As I trace the Taphians of Devon to "Diva," the white Masci eagle wing in the Diens/Dives Coat traces to the eagle symbols in honor of the Akheloos river. The white fish of MacDonald-related MacLeans is shown with two red eagle heads, suggesting that this fish is code for the Nereid fish (children of Nereus and Doris). The MacDonald ship may be in Varn colors for this Nereid reason.

It's interesting that the Margy surname is listed with Mackey's while the Margesons list the Mackesy's. The Macie's, we saw above, are using the MacDonald ship, and Ferte's share their eagle with MacDonalds, a clear indication of a Macey / Massey / Masci link to MacDonald pirates. Davids were first found in Cheshire, location of Diva and of Masseys. This jibes with my claim that Jonathan Levites had been a fundamental part of proto-Masseys from the Israeli theater itself.

To make a MacDonald link to the Sinclair pirates, follow the MacLean motto to Honors, listed with Honans that smack of Conans with the Sinclair cross. Trace Sinclairs back though Claros to Clarus at Latmos, then further back through Endymion to Elis-Aetolian elements. The "ServiENDo" motto term of Rourke's can be for Endymion elements as well as the Cole's with a bull in the colors of the Rourke lions, for Cole's use a "serva" motto term. Their Kyle kin (anchor) were in Ayrshire, where Mackeys/Margys were first found, on-shore from Bute. The "copia" motto term of Davids goes to the same of Macclesfield, and the blue Bute lion of Rory is then pegged as the blue lion in the Arms of Macclesfield. Pirates, they think they have a right to everyone's belongings, which is why they sleep tight after a day of ravaging.

We are walking down Rothschild Lane to the golden arches of MacDonalds. As most-everything in Masonic circles is playful code, perhaps the MacDonald arches are for Masci liners on the Arc river, the river of Modane. Joan of Arc ruled Blois, suspect with the Blue/Gorm surname first found in Arran, the MacDonald theater, and where MacAbee's were first found. I have been careful not to suggest that MacAbee's were named originally after "Maccabee," but it seems that they took a MacAbee variation due to their known trace to Maccabees. They may have been named after "Cabe" originally, for they are in Cable colors. But Cable's use fretty lattice to be linked to the Ferte eagle used by MacDonalds. The Cable's are now tracing to Chablis in Yonne, a term that could have been the real "John" behind the MacDonald-related Mackie's. Blue's/GORMs even share the Jonathan/Jonas rooster design, and Chablis is beside VERMenton.

The Cole lion is the Mieske/Mesech bull, and as further evidence that Cole's were named after the same that named mythical Kolodziej of the Mouse Tower, the "regim" motto term of Cole's is tentatively tracing to Rich / Rick liners suspect with Richeza. As the Lane's were suspect with the Mouse Tower, note that Irish Lane's use a bend in the red-on-gold colors of the Lorraine bend, for Richeza was from Lorraine. The laurel used by Lorraine's was a special Daphne symbol. Lorraine is near enough to Dauphine, where French Lamberts were first found, important because Richeza was a wife of Mieszko II Lambert. The white-on-red eagles in the Lorraine bend are the so-called "Piast eagle."

Moreover, English Lane's use nearly the motto of Rich's (colors reversed from Lane's / Lorraine's). Both mottoes include "Garde" in honor of the Garde's, and so the white tower between the LAUREL branches of the English Garde Crest should be the Mouse Tower. The griffins in the Garde Chief must be for the Mieszko-related Griffins of Pomerania, suspect from the Fomorians pirates of Ireland. One might conclude that the proto-MacDonalds were Fomorians that settled Pomerania, thus forming fundamental parts of the Varni and Angles. In colors reversed, the Gard griffin becomes gold, the color of the Rick griffin, and then Ricks (in Lambert colors) were first found in Somerset, where proto-MacDonalds originate. It was Mieszko II, in league with Bela I, who subdued the Pomeranians in battle.

Ricks are using the Craven Coat, suggesting links to Meschins, lords of Craven and Skipton (i.e. it's another reason to trace Ricks to Mieszko liners, or, to put it another way, the Mieszko-Lambert line with Richeza married the Cravens itself married previously to the Meschins). The white Rick fitchee could be construed as colors reversed from the red MacDonald fitchee. It's a strange concept to MacDonalds members, I'm sire, to trace them to Poles.

This MacDonald page (white fish) has what should be the Mieske/Mesech arm-and-sword coming from a white castle with towers. The Donny variation of these MacDonalds can be the reason for the Donarty variation of Daphne-suspect Davenports (fitchee). The same arm is in the Doner/Donehue Crest, but with the green snake, likely, of Mackesys and/or Visconti's.

The Doners (white wolf) look to be using a cross between the Italian and Ukrainian Roman Coats, and then the Italian Romans have a Shield split horizontally in the colors of the same of English Lane's. It was the motto of the Welsh Roberts who brought us to the Lane's, and as I trace the royal Robertians to count Vrm of Angusta, it's very notable that there is a Roman location on Moldova's Siret river very near to where Angusta (or "Augusta") was situated.

Vrm is a topic only due to finding an online article (see 1st update in August) telling that Vrm was the father of the wife (Helena) of Bela I, king of Hungary, though Wikipedia says that Bela I was married to Richeza, daughter of the Richeza under discussion. There could be some room for options on Bela's real wife, or he could have been married to both. Lane's now linking solidly to Mieszko liners, but Helena is suspect with Richeza in some way, mother of Casimir I and thus traceable to Casimir II of Pomerania. But MacDonalds were already formed by that time.

What was the relationship of Mieszko's to Vrm / Angusta? Can Vrm trace to Mieszko-related MacDonalds through the Doners? It just so happens that the daughter of Mieszko I married the Danish line of mythical Gorm. How did Angusta elements get to Denmark??? Could the Worms and Formans (wavy bars like a sea symbol) have been of the Fomorians, also called FORMorians? If that's correct, then the migration may have gone the other way, from Denmark (beside Pomerania) to Angusta. That shets a whole new light in a byggar picture.

English Garde's are in Bar-le-Duc colors for the reason of their being part of the Bars/Baars of the Este branch Brunswick. The "fidele" motto term of Garde's is code for Fiddle's of Vis-de-Loop' I trace the proto-Alans of Forum Allieni to both Brunswick and Vis-de-Loop. The BROWN wolf of Irish Garde's is in conjunction with the red wolf heads of Fiddle's. It's the Este-related Welfs, and Helens are Este liners, which is why Helena was traced to Richeza, suspect with Bar-le-Duc. Ask the wolf in the Mussel/Muscel Crest, for Bar-le-Duc is on the Moselle river. Reminder: the griffins in the Garde Chief must be for the Mieszko-related Griffins of Pomerania, kin of Casimir II.

As Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine, the "barrels" used by Dutch Laens must apply to the Bars, especially as Bar-le-Duc uses white fish in its Arms, the color of the MacLaen/Laen fish. Then, recall that the Lane's using this bend have the Brunswick lion upon it, thus identifying Lane's as Langhe liners (or with German Langs, first found in Luneburg). That's just another way of saying that a Bar-of-Brunswick line in Bar-le-Duc merged with Lane's of Lorraine kinship. But as the Brunswick lion is also in the Forman Chief while Laens are honored in the Robert surname, it links Laens to Vrm, thus tending to verify that his name was a line from Forum Allieni. I don't know what the "Duc" derives in, but one could entertain the white-on-blue colors of Duke's, Dougals and Douglas'.

I'd like to go back to the mention of "Bra-bant" earlier in the update, as that mention tended to reveal that Bourleys and Bauers are from Illyrian Bar. It was after that when Rothschilds started to link to Richeza of the Bar-le-Duc theater. This recalls links expected between Butua and Rijeka/Rika because the latter was suspect with the Roxolani while Butua was suspect as the stock of Budini whom I linked to Roxolani. The latter link was made for a reason aside from the Alan-related Boyds that trace, I am sure, to Budini. But I now find Richeza linking to Vrm's line, itself suspect with Roxolani. Therefore, I think that Richeza needs to be viewed as a Roxolani line herself, from Rika. Again, Helena was married to Bela, but he had another wife, Richeza of Poland, daughter of Richeza of Lorraine.

It just so happens that the Arms of Rika are using a jug, symbol of mythical Amymone, mother of Acrisius, son of ABAS!!! Although this was Abas of Argos, he's expected to be the ABANTians of Abas of Euboea, and thus Abas can be part of "BraBANT." To put it another way, the Abantians merged with a Bar-suspect Bra entity in Flanders that had been in Rika, making Richeza suspect as a Jabesh > Abas liner from Amymone. That makes her suspect as a HasMONean liner, and it just so happens that MAXwells/MACCUSwells, of Roxolani-suspect Roxburghshire, trace by their black, two-headed eagle to the same in the Arms of Rika, the eagle that pours water from a jug! That not only tends to verify that Hasmonean liners were in both Rika and Roxburgh, and not only tends to verify that Maccuswells and Maxtons were from Maccabees, but it tends to verify that Richeza was a Hasmonean liner herself, explaining why she was married to Mieszko. I traced "Piast" to a Bistue location in the area of the Urbanus / Una river, not far from Rika; between the two locations was home to Japodes, a line from Jabesh and therefore suspect as Abas elements.

It just so happens that Abas was the grandson of Bela-like Belas. It tends to explain why Bela was married to two Roxolani women, at least one of which was from the Belas > Abas line (out of Egypt). As I view Roxolani as a Rus entity from "Hros," that's also where I trace "Horus" of Egypt. But as I trace Horus and OSIRis together to Horites of SEIR, it's tracing Roxolani to Horites of Seir, suspect in the naming of Herods, and moreover Seir merged with Buz-suspect Bozrah, important if the Budini were named after Buz.

Reminder: the Scotts, first found in Roxburghshire, trace to lake Scodra smack at Bar. The other Scott surname was first found in the same place (Kent) as Brabants, if that helps to trace Brabants to Bar, suggesting that the Jabesh Abantians were there, and that they may have been proto-Japodes ("ABANT" is suspect after "BENJamin.").

Then, just trace Lorraine's to Lorne's in the Argyllshire / Ayrshire region. Although Lorne's show no Coat page, they are suspect in the Lanark/LURNach surname (shares the Douglas heart). The Lanan variation might just be from the idea of, L'Annan, for Lorraine's are using half the Annandale saltire as used in the colors of the Arms of Ayrshire. But then the Lannoys, suspect as Lyons, can apply to "Lanan." I am very sure that Lannoys are Herod-Archelaus liners, and I expect the HEART symbol / surname to be a Herod code / line. In fact, the English Lannoys share the feathered helmet (symbol on a Herod-Archelaus coin) with True's, and the latter are honored by Hume's using an upright lion in colors reversed to the same of Lannoys and Lyons. Recall HUMphrey the Chamberlain, suspect either as code or basis for the Chamberlain surname that I trace to Chambre on the ARCHelaus-like Arc river to the east of Lyon.

NOW LOOK. English Hellens are using the same black lion as Welsh Roberts!!! It's these Roberts who honor the Lane's, but Helena was the daughter of Vrm!!!!!! That is stupendous corroboration that Vrm had everything to do with the Worms > Robertian line. German Hellens/Hellers even use the Robert / Lane / Brunswick lion (on blue background). For those who want to know what the Masci wing was showing like for years until this year, it's now in the Hellen Crest, meaning that the Brunswick lion as showing in the Hellen Coat must be the Maschi-Chief lion, though you'll find it in the Voirs/Voyers of Brittany too, if that helps to identify Helena with Alans of Dol! It means that Vrm must have been from Forum Allieni as a certainty, and that the Formans are indeed using the Toll/Dol fesse. Amazing: Helena was named after the Allieni. The German Hellens/Hellers can even be construed as showing the red Alan fesse overtop the white fesse. Heller lines were a topic in the last update, where it was said that "Hellers [same stars as French Alans] are in Toll/Dol / Jones colors".

I wanted to say that the Tool / Strange lions are in the white of the Atlas lion, itself in both colors of the Jones lion. Strange's are known to be Stewart kin, and they may have been named such as play on "Allieni," which sounds like "alien = foreigner = stranger." The ArmSTRANGs share a muscleman arm with the Darks/D'Arques, suspect with "Archelaus." I had traced the Alans at Forum Allieni to descendants of the Israeli priests in relation to 70 AD's dispersal, but here it's looking like the same Allieni got merged with descendants of Herod Archelaus, as well as with Jonathan Levites or a line from Jonathan Maccabee. It's all so redundant that it's true.

Hellers are using the Macey Shield, sharing a rooster with Jonathans/Jonas', and adding blood drops that can link to Drop/Trope-branch Trypillians, important as per Angusta and Roman being two locations smack in the Trypillian homeland. This may indicate that the red Alan fesse is that of Augusts and Rome's/Rooms, important where ceasar Augustus made Annas the chief priest of Israel. The "semper" motto term of Hellers is used by the Arms of L'viv (Ukrainian part of the Trypillian theater).

The Bray/Brae surname, suspect with BRAbant, shares eagle talons with Augusts who in turn use the red-on-white fesse of Rome's/Rooms, first found in the same place as Annan(dale). The Mackeys/Margys (in Ayrshire with Annandale saltire) are the ones using the Bower arrows that trace with Bauers to Bar. How many other Bar elements were in the Ayrshire theater? And if these trace to Bra at Montferrat, isn't that similar to a trace of Forum Allieni to Ferrari's and Ferrats? The Bray/Brae talons are code for the Talons/Tallents who likewise use talons, but they are suspect with Talbots, Bar-important because both Scott surnames use Talbot Shields. The Ferrari / Sforza lion is scarce in Scottish heraldry, so far as the surnames that I cover go, but Fergusons use it who are suspect with Forkers/Farquars of Ayrshire, whom are honored in the motto of Cuneo-suspect Cunninghams, likewise first found in Ayrshire.

I wanted to say that "Toll" may be related to the Atley/Atlas surname. That is, "Atley" may have been like "Tolly," or the Tooly variation of Tools. AHA!! There is a Tolly surname using the Forman Chief with lion but in the colors of the Tool lion, as well as sharing the anchor with Formans, as well as using checks in the blue-and-white colors of the Stewart checks, as well as using a gold chevron over the checks, indicative of the gold fesse of Stewarts over their blue checks! What a great find for proving an Alan-of-Dol trace to Forum Allieni! Tolleys were first found in the same place (Staffordshire) as Roman-suspect Lane's that likewise use the French-Alan stars. These Lane's show the red, covered crown now suspect as having the five, white ostrich feathers of Trabys / Caens. If Caens trace to "Cuneo" too, its extra evidence that Lane's were from Langhe (in Cuneo).

As Stewart-related Pettys traced to the Paeti peoples beside the Caeni, note that the bend of Pettys (compass needle, Atlantean symbol) is in the colors of the Worm bend. These Pettys show a bee hive, symbol of hourglass-Shielded Kerrys. Scottish Pettys use parrots, a pirate symbol. Pettys had traced solidly to Pieta Julia, another name for Pula/Pola in Istria, a location linking solidly to Maxwell liners (mother stock of Pollocks) at nearby Rika. But it's only now that Rika is being discovered with Richeza elements to Vrm's family.

Adels use a lion in colors reversed to Atleys/Atlas', revealing that Adels are likely Atley liners, but then Richeza of Poland was also called, ADELaide. As corroboration that Mackays (Sutherland) trace to Mieszko's, the Adelaide Coat is using the Sutherland stars (said to be a version of the Moray stars) as well as the black-on-white wolf heads (same design) of Irish Mackays, in Hellen-lion colors. I could never understand, nor agree with, the Scottish Mackay write-up as it traces to "Aodhe = Hugh," and the Irish Mackays above convolute things further by tracing the surname to "Aodhe = fire," the name of a god. But I can now understand the reality of this mystery in "AdelAIDE." It means that Mackays of the Moray area are suspect from Richeza and Mieszko II Lambert. It explains why French Lamberts use the Moray stars. As the Lambert chevrons are in Heller-chevron colors, it looks again as though Bela was married both to Helena and Richeza.

Hmm, as Irish Mackays use two white swords in the shape of a 'V', while Rye's use two white ostRICH feathers in a V-shape, not only does it again trace Mackays to Poland, but the ostrich feather now looks to be clinched as a symbol for Rich liners. If ostrich feathers and ostriches are code for surnames, then out the window must go my trace to ostrich eggs of Crete, or to the German version of "Austria." The 'V' in this case could be code for Traby's of Vilnius. Any swords in this picture can go to Mieszko-related Siward of Northumberland, an Aetheling liner of the Heslington / Hazel kind.

There is an Aide/Eddy surname (leopard faces in the colors of the Adelaide wolf heads) with variations looking like those of Eggs/Eggers, and as the latter can link to the Edgars/Egers (share a dagger with Mackays), the AETHelings are under suspicion in "Aodh" and the Aide's. The Aide Coat looks so much like the Welsh David Coat (traces to the Mouse Tower) that queen Margaret of Scotland, daughter of Edward Aetheling and sister of Edgar Aetheling, looks to be from Mouse-Tower lines, if the Welsh David Coat belongs to her royal son. To put it another way, Margaret's mysterious mother, Agatha (parents supposedly unknown), was a Mieszko liner of the Adelaide=Richeza kind. Previously, Agatha became suspect as a daughter of the Helena line.

Clearly, ADELaide was named after AETHELing/ATHELing...but this makes mythical Aethlius (of Elis) suspect as a mythical-Atlas liner. Then, a corruption of "Aethlius" to "Aeolus" seems likely, especially as Aeolus was a far-west entity. So, there you have it, a trace of queen Margaret to an Atlas > Aethlius line. Are we discovering that Aethelings were from the Mouse Tower? More than that: they were from the Vrm line, and what follows tends to prove it.

First, there was a certain Emma, mother of Goda, mother in-turn of Godfrey de Bouillon and the first kings of Templar Jerusalem. Emma was married to Aethelred II (father of Edmond Ironside), as well as to Canute, son of Swietoslawa, kin of Siward of Northumberland, and daughter of Mieszko I (Swietoslawa was Sigrid the Haughty). Already, we have Mieszko elements involved with Aethelings prior to Edward Aetheling. None of this was on my mind when tracing "Agatha" to the Goth surname, much like "Goda." Goda was either a contemporary of Agatha, or one generation older, how interesting. The Davids, I now realize, are in Bouillon colors. Big hmmmm.

Both Canute and Aethelred were married to woman (could be the same person) named, AELFgiva, suggesting the possibility that this was the Elven-princess line of mythical Melusine, important, not only because the Rangabe's and Bouillons share a white flory cross, but because it tends to trace the Yuya Mitanni to the Aetheling line. You have a very good reason in this paragraph to equate Melissena Rangabe with mythical Melusine. While this Byzantine married to Inger (daughter, EUDokia), there was one Ingerman of HESbaye whom I thought should prove to be father of Redburga, mother of Aethelwulf in Aachen (795) (beside Hesbaye, in Belgium). It just so happens that the Worms line to Robertians went through Ingerman. It may mean that the line to Vrm included this Ingerman > Aethelwulf line. AethelWULF was father to Aethelred. In this picture, "wulf" may be from "Aelf."

I can't get online this minute to check whether Aethelred was father to Goda, but as he married Goda's mother, that possibility exists. In this picture, Aethelred may have been a grandfather to Agatha, daughter of Goda, which can explain why Edward Aetheling married Agatha, i.e. his Aetheling kin. To boot, Canute was from the line of mythical Gorm. Edmond Ironside (father of Edward Aetheling, husband of Agatha) was reportedly the son of Aethelred with Aelfgiva, not Goda. How can it possibly be that, in all the articles I've read on Agatha's mysterious parents, Goda is not mentioned? Are these articles derived from deliberate disinformation?

"Goda" is reminding of the "Gaut" term in the Gust write-up that gets the Cotts. The Gastel variation of Wessels can be indication that Vestalis Cotta led to the Gusts, which is all to say that Godfrey de Bouillon can trace to Aurelia Cotta. Gusts are Swedish, and we could expect Swedish elements from Goda. Interesting here is that Wessels use the antler, symbol of Conte's while Conteville's provided an EMMA de Conteville, wife of Richard GOZ, like "Goda." It could appear that Conteville's were of the same line as Agatha, but as Contevilles were born from John de Burgo, what about "RedBURGA," mother of Aethelwulf? As the Emma marriage to Goz produced Hugh Lupus D'Avrances for a son, the latter's wolf symbol, which I trace to Welfs of Cheshire, looks to be of an Aelf/Wulf line that included the Welf house of Este. That's to say that Welfs could be Aetheling liners.

Some say that Redburga was the sister-in-law of Charlemagne, which can explain why the Ingerman > Robertian line ended up on the French throne after Charlemagne's dynasty came to an end. Ingerman was "probably" Redburga's father, according to a certain webpage below, and the webpage offers an explanation. Recall the statement of Nicholas de Vere: "...the Elven, Dragon Princess of the Scottish Picts, and her Grandson, Milo II, derived his Merovingian descent through his father's marital alliance with the imperial house of Charlene..." I think he means Charlemagne, but who was this Milo II??? As Vere's trace to the Worms line, I'll bet he's speaking in code for Ingerman / Redburga lines.

As both Roberts and Aethelings trace to Vrm of Angusta, the Edgar/Eger lion can be gleaned as the Welsh Robert lion in colors reversed. But its in the colors of the CABBAGE lion, important because Cabbage's use an "angustis" motto term. English Edwards use a "CABOSSed" buck's head in what looks like a version of the Heller Coat (links easily to Hellens/Hellers and therefore to Helena). Welsh Edwards (same place as Jones') use a lion colors reversed from the Edgar/Eger lion for obvious reason, and that makes the Edward and Edgar lions both of the Robert lion. Why are Edward and Edgar Aetheling tracing to Vrm>Helena??? Agatha must have been from the same line as Vrm.

I once wrote (years ago, not recently for this topic at hand) that "Aethelred's line goes Hadrian of Orleans, husband of Waldrada, sister of Dhuoda's mother. I didn't know of Aurelia Cotta then, let alone that she was an Orleans liner. There was one Aeda thought by some to have been a daughter of Carloman/Pepin, son of Charlemagne, but then this Pepin did have a daughter, Atala." Aeda was the mother of Oda Billung, suspect with "NiBILUNG," a viable idea where "Aeda" smacks of the Atun > Autun line. There is a good chance that the Audeville location in Orleans applies to Aeda's line, in which case Pollocks had merged at some early point with the Aeda line. I was wondering (years ago) whether Dhuoda was an Oda liner.

As Roberts trace to Vrm of Angusta, the Edgar/Eger lion can be gleaned as the Welsh Robert lion in colors reversed. But its in the colors of the CABBAGE lion, important because Cabbage's use an "angustis" motto term. English Edwards use a "CABOSSed" buck's head in what looks like a version of the Heller Coat (links easily to Hellens/Hellers and therefore to Helena). Welsh Edwards (same place as Jones') use a lion colors reversed from the Edgar/Eger lion for obvious reason, and that makes the Edward and Edgar lions both of the Robert lion. Why are Edward and Edgar Aetheling tracing to Vrm>Helena??? Agatha must have been from the Vrm line.

As the stag head in the Edward Crest is "couped," the Coop/Cope chevron must be a colors-reversed version of the Edward / Heller chevron, and these lines can trace easily to the "copia" motto term of Welsh Davids! The white Edward-Crest griffin (said to be a wyvern in the description but not showing as such) likely links to the white Rick-Crest wyvern, and to the white griffin head of Dobers / Dobermans, thus adding evidence on behalf of a Rick trace to Richeza.

So, if there is a bottom line in all this, it's the ADELaide version of Richeza of Poland. It's reminding me of the Pepins of Landon (near Hesbaye / Aachen) that traced to Popiel of the Mouse Tower, who predated the Aethelred family, and traced to ancestry in queen Bebba, important because she was involved with an Aethel liner. I suppose what this indicates is that Aethelings were at the root of the Mieszko's, explaining "Adelaide."

There is no Agatha surname popping up, but the Edward stag (used by Colts/Celts of Perthshire, where Hagars were first found), and the Edwards / Hellers in Hagar colors, made me suspicious that Hagars are from "Agatha" (if that's correct, then "Agatha" was in respect to the namers of the Agarus river). That's when the Athols of Perthshire were recalled! As Athols (in Elis colors) are in MacDonald colors, the white castle in the Athol Crest could be the white MacDonald-Crest castle. The COLTs/Celts, in that Colters share the Catherine wheel with Wheelwrights, are suspect from "KOLODziej." But if Colts/Celts were Caledonians, so was the Kolodziej line out of the Mouse Tower, and they all go back to mythical Calydon, son of Aetolus, suspect as a version of mythical Aethlius.

In considering why "Agatha" should morph to "Hagard," the version of the Hagar surname shown properly, it was realized that the Gards are in play in "Hagard." One Gard chevron is even in Edward-chevron colors (important because Agatha was married to Edward Aetheling). To that tentative idea, "Gade" was entered to see if some corruption of "Agatha" was created to hide her ancestry, and lo and behold, the Gade's are listed with Gotte's/Goths, important because the other Goths/Goethe's/Gotha's use the Hagar(d) hexagram!!! The Gade's/Goths use two crossed white swords, which were seen above in the Irish Mackays. Hagar(d)s are in Este colors and use a "ModESTE" motto term.

If the Goth surname was merely a branch of the Agatha Aethelings, then consider the Windsors from Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. It could appear that Edgar Aetheling, the last heir to the Saxon throne of England, had his descendants back on the English throne, and there to this day. The Gade/Goth bars look much like the Arms of Saxony used by proto-Windsor Wettins, suspect with Wessels. The four Gade/Goth bars have the look of the same of French Page's, and the latter use the Atlas/Atley and Adel lion, apparently. It can be relevant that the Gade/Goth bars are in the colors of one Gard Chief.

If Hagars are from Agatha, then it doesn't seem likely that they were named in honor of the Biblical Hagar, but it's still possible. To prove it, one would need top find Ishmaelite lines, and so one thing to be said here is that the Gade/Goth bars are in Ashmole colors. Ashmole's were first found in the same place as Vrm-based Tollys.

This is becoming interesting. The Gode variation of Gade's/Goths suggests a look at the Code's, who share a castle with Athols, and the latter use vertical bars in the colors of the horizontal Gade/Goth bars. It really does look like Gade's were named after "Agatha," and that she's of the Goda>Aethelred line. The castles can be viewed also as gates, suggesting the possibility that Gate's were Gade's. That would be similar to tracing Vrm of Angusta to the Getae Thracians that named the Goth peoples so that Agatha was named after those elements. Code's are using a chevron in the colors of the same of Gusts.

On the other hand, the Code's could be Cotesii liners, for the Cotesii were likewise in the Angusta theater. The Coats (same place Ashmole's and Tollys) are even sharing SIX bars half in the colors of the same of Athols. To that it needs to be added that Cottius>Wessel liners (of the Saxons/Septons/SEXTons), suspect in the past with Wettins due to their wheat garbs (symbol also of Saxe's), had traced to Gate-like Gace's. The latter even share the white hexagram with Goths and Hagars, but in the colors of the Gade/Goth swords. For all of this to be correct, the Yuya Mitanni needed to be in Angusta, and in Vrm. Is it possible for Gugu Lydians on 700 BC to trace to Forum Allieni in the first century AD? Of course, especially as Augustus worshiped Latona. Trypillians that I imagined at Forum Allieni can now be very, very suspect with Angusta.

I have it recorded that Rollo's mother was Nefia, and so note that "Aachen" smacks of Akhenaten, husband of NEFertiti. The Rollo's (same place as Colts/Celts / Coots) are the one's using a "tout" motto term suspect with king Tut, son of Akhenaten. Nefincidence? No way. The Sinclairs share the Aiken rooster design, but the Aiken roosters are in the colors of the same of Gog-suspect Cockers.

As per "Gade," Wade's were loaded to find them from a Saxon background, and sharing the rooster with Aetheling-based Heths (version of the Edmond-Ironside Coat), first found in the same place (Durham) as Wade's and Ironside's. I think it's clinched that Gade's and Wade's were Agatha liners along with Hagards and Gards, and it just so happens that Ironside's use a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of the Gate's/Gatts.

This topic came independent of the Annan/InYANEY revelation that led to Ganeys/Gagne's and Gagons. The latter has a dove with olive branch in mouth, and then Olive's happen to be using a version of the Edmond and Heth Coats. Note the GEYSa term below, what could have been a GAG term.

The Hellen Coat looks like a version of the HEAD Coat, important because that surname is easily linkable to "AETH / Heth." That traces Aethelings to Helena of Angusta, a contemporary with the father of Agatha. Was she a sister of Agatha? The Ironside's are now showing the same cross as Samsons, but the latter once showed the same cross as EATons once showed. Is this tracing Aethelings and Heads with Eatons (suspect with Eotens = Jutes) and Samsons to mount Etna (see last update for that trace)?

A Head link to Aethelings suggests that Haddington (beside EDINburgh, where Formans were first found) was an Aetheling entity, and then that's where Seatons were from who honor the gate-using Yate's (in Head colors) in their "yet" motto term. Yate's were first found in the same place as Samsons. The Heads are the one's using the horse design that the Este Crest showed for years, and we saw Hagar(d)s honor Este, apparently. The Helens are right now showing that same horse head.

We have yet another rooster in the Cade/Caddy surname, likewise suspect with Agatha, for one of Helena's sons was Geysa, smacking of the rooster-using Gays'. It can't be a further coincidence that Wade's share blue scallops with English Gays'. Belgian Gays'/Gayets even share eagle talons with Augusts. Unless I'm the victim of some error, it looks like Agatha was from the Vrm family. What's the big secret for to keep her parents unknown? The Cade's/Caddys (black piles) were first found in Yorkshire, where co-emperor Geta was stationed (several centuries before Helena).

As per the Gayl variation of Gays', the Gails were looked up to find them sharing a uniCORN with Heads, and first found in the same place (CORNwall) as Code's. Another unicorn is used by Spitz's, important for the Gaysspitz variation of talon-using Gays'.

My conclusion is that the Cotesii of Angusta were related to caesar Augustus just as the Cottians / Cotta's were married to Julius Caesar. This line then went to Caracalla and Geta, and later to Helena and Agatha. Some have said that Agatha was a Hungarian, which would be correct if she was a daughter of Helena and Bela (brother of Andrew I). That would make the Scotland of Malcolm III, and especially of David I, very Hungarian indeed. But just as the Scots concealed their Hungarian past, so they tried to hide Agatha's ancestry, very apparently. The Bela marriage to Helena and the production of Geysa can be read in this article

None of this is to say that Halls and Hulls trace to Helena. They might, but that hasn't been part of the investigation. If Holland (the country) wasn't named in Helena's day, she may be the reason for the name. Hollands share the round-tailed lion with Gate's, and Hallams/Hallands, suspect with Malcolms/Callams, share the Adel lion.

The Gards are already suspect with Hagards, but I'd like to add that Garts are interesting here. It recalls the Gettels (raven, Code symbol) with Gart-like variations, which had suggested the Getuli Numidians on the one hand. It now speaks of the Agatha-line Gards and Gate's together, two variations from the same woman's name. The blue color of the Gettel ravens are in both colors of the Wessel swans, and this Cottius>Wessel line was actually traced well to Numidians. The Gettels therefore look like Wettins, and the latter happen to share buckles with Leslie's = Hungarians.

English Gart(h)s (in Gardner colors) use double lions in the colors, positioning, and design of the Rourke lions. The first Varangian, Rurik, suspect with the raven-depicted vikings of later times, founded the Kiev Varangians that would shelter Edward Aetheling while he was in exile. The onus is on someone to prove that Gart / Gard liners were not from Agatha / Hagards liners. Varangian ancestry is suspect in the Roxolani on the Agarus river.


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