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December 16 - 22, 2014

Tusk Investigation Goes Italian
Another Look at Obama's Family Tree and the Tings that Matter
A Nice Find of Proto-Maccabees at Ancient Gus
Oil-Price Manipulation By Speculation Mafia


My name is Chad Davidson and I am from Good Fight Ministries. Our ministry, as well as yours, is featured on the directory. We wanted to use this directory to help get the word out about our newest video concerning the doctrine of pre-tribulationism. Below is the video trailer for the DVD and we hope to get you as excited as we are. God bless!

I'm unable to view videos, so I can't comment on it. Thanks Chad.

This morning, on December 17, I am going to discuss whether Donald Tusk is the anti-Christ. I have no reason to make that claim aside from what I'll tell you below, and what was said in the last update. Those who've been reading regularly, your cross to bear is to put up with my repetition. A few weeks or months from now, the only readers of this page will be those who happen upon it by various means, apart from having read other updates. I'm am not going to make short the things needing said here. As consolation for regular readers, my phone has been without a dial tone for a few days, and this is actually good to keep this story shorter, as I usually make things three times longer when able to access the surname website. For this discussion, first see the 12th squirrel and "Donald Tusk" in the last update if you haven't already.

This page was going to start with a treatment on oil prices, and Exxon's suspected involvement. But after having no more to say on it, while waking up this morning, I was asking the Lord what to do next. The realization at that time convinced me to push the oil topic further down, and to begin here with something else of potential urgency. I felt strongly, while communing with the Spirit this morning, that the squirrel story (over the past several weeks) is indeed a Sign for the prophetic realities in the world at this time.

The first thoughts to cross my mind this morning were not on Donald Tusk. I was wanting to know the level of seriousness that I should place upon the squirrel events. My basic question was whether they meant that the anti-Christ had arrived for to identify. My thoughts started to focus on the 11th animal, a bat, the only bat. All other animals before it were squirrels. I decided to name this section:

The Bat in My Chimney Was a Mouse

I felt that the Lord revealed to readers, throughout the past few years, that the anti-Christ / False Prophet (I don't know which) would be a mouse liner that included the line from Jonathan Singletary, an ancestor of Obama's mother (Ann Dunham) who changed his name to "Dunham." (I'll be looking anew at Obama's genealogy later below.) I was given a sign that Obama belonged to the mouse line, and, in the future from that sign, it proved to be true in several (no exaggeration) ways. Eventually, this mouse-anti-Christ concept led to the revelation that the anti-Christ or False Prophet would be a line from the Mouse Tower in Poland. Donald Tusk was the Polish prime minister, and is now, as of this month, president and leader of much of the EU. The Singletary surname, it was discovered at that time (at least two years ago), uses the antelope design of the Wheelwright surname, which is in code in mythical Piast the Wheelwright of the Mouse Tower.

This morning, it dawned on me that the bat in my chimney, suspect as a sign that ought to include the Bat and Chimney surnames, is a sign indicating mythical Siemowit, son of Piast the Wheelwright, and grandfather of mythical SiemoMYSL, code for the Misl surname, the only one I know of using a mouse symbol. The CHIMNey surname, sharing an antelope in Crest with the Wheelwright and Singletary Crests (the latter two even use the same antelope design), looks like it can be a branch of SIEMENs, you see, so that Chimneys are expected from the Siemomysl mouse liners.

It is online for all to see that the Dunhams of the Singletary line had married Randolphs. I do not know whether the Randolph and Dunham surnames share the same Coat due to a marital merger before or after Jonathan Singletary. They may have merged in the distant past, then come back together again closer toward Obama. Scottish Randolphs use the bat design of Bats, as well as the white-on-red cross (same design) of Baths/Atha's. It seems undeniable that God has been providing mouse signs for my readers.

Here is how the oil-price discussion ended last night after knocking off for the day:

It [the announcement by the US that a huge oil find was discovered in the Dakotas and Montana] was 2008, the year Putin took northern Georgia under his wings, the year that oil dropped like lead to everyone's surprise. As Georgia passed from the news, oil went up again. And Nabucco died, but as compensation, the West took the Ukraine to cut the South Stream project to its demise. How important is it to keep oil prices low at this time to kill the Blue Stream? Will oil prices be kept low indefinitely?

I had made the point that oil dropped these past weeks as a second instance after the drop in 2008, both apparently for the deliberate weakening of Putin's resolve by shaving away his oil profits. The first mouse sign I received was during the 2008 seizure of Georgia by Putin. It was about 4 am while dreaming, when I sensed a mouse running down my leg, but after swatting at it, there was no mouse found. I got up at that time, and checked all the floors in a small trailer (18 foot) that I was living in temporarily. I was in it all morning, writing to readers, but heard not one sound that could be this mouse. Therefore, there was no mouse, but subsequent events with mice convinced me that the anti-Christ / False prophet would be a mouse liner. I'll tell you below how that first mouse helped to show that God would use mice signs shortly thereafter to lead me to the Mouse-Tower line; otherwise, I may never have emphasized that Polish entity.

Plus, for some years before 2008, an emailer with Pollock surname had convinced me that Pollocks had much to do with my hunt for the dragon bloodline to the anti-Christ / False Prophet.

The dream I was having when the non-existent mouse woke me was of a bear walking in the midst of people. As it brushed up beside me, I was afraid of it. Then, although calm and not making any vicious threats, the bear suddenly lunged for two stags, and brought one down by sinking its jaws around its neck. That very August morning, in an article fresh that day, there turned out to be a headline, "Russian Bear Goes for the Jugular." Forgive me, those who have read this from me before; it's about the fifth time that I've told it.

[Two days after writing here on the 17th, when I was able to get back online, there was an December 18 article at Pravda: "Putin: Whoever wants to kill the Russian bear will fail". The article is not much about the headline, however, but underscores Putin's disappointment with the West.]

This dream and jugular headline is what convinces me that the signs I claim have been real, and that they involve what is now taking place between the West and Russia. It was that mouse-bear combination, followed by mice signs, then other signs involving other animals, that were important for convincing me that God would use squirrels one day for this important revelation.

The bat in the chimney flange came with a trapped-and-freedom theme, the same theme found in 2 Thessalonians 2 concerning the revelation and arrival of the anti-Christ. I made that point a few updates ago. I did not at that time know that Donald Tusk had become the EU-Council president. I did not have any idea in mind as per who on earth the bat's freedom theme could relate to. I wasn't even of the opinion that the anti-Christ could be free from God's restraining power at this time. I simply reported what took place, and how it may relate to prophecy. I have no evidence that my setting the bat free relates to Thessalonians 2. It was just a theory. It seems like a small or off-the-wall point, but as the flange could relate to the so-called flaunches in the Wolfley Coat, the bat seems to have all-the-more to do with Obama. But if the 12th squirrel has to do with Tusk, then I suppose the two of them could be planning something together. Putin, in the article above, laments that the new Berlin wall has been built by the West via the missiles in Poland.

Now, before going on, I'd like to address a potential disaster in my readership. The squirrel-and-bat story was compelling as a reflection of Daniel 7 and Revelation 17, wherefore some readers may have thought that I was inventing the story for to make them believe something in particular that was my personal theory. After about the ninth squirrel, I was worried that, if there turned out to be exactly 11 squirrels in all, readers would think I made the story up to reflect Daniel 7. I was also worried that, if there were more than 11, it might become impossible to determine whether the first eight, or the first eleven, were for a Sign at all. After the 11 were captured, I did not suggest any personal theory of mine that I wanted the readers to believe.

The capture of the 12th was introduced in the last update. Since then, some five days ago, the climate has been warm enough for squirrels to be out and about, and yet there has not been another squirrel in the attic. If a 13th still hasn't come along after a few more days [nothing yet as of the 19th during the proof read], I would likely reject it as pertaining to the first 12. I think the Sign has run its course, in other words, though other animals may start a new sign altogether.

What has been my theory on the 12th? Donald Tusk. Does any reader believe that I made the squirrel-and-bat story up just to promote Donald Tusk as the anti-Christ??? Ahh, this is my out, for no one could believe such a thing. There is no evidence anywhere in the world, that I know of, to argue in favor of Mr. Tusk being the anti-Christ. He has done nothing I know of to warrant that role. Therefore, you can now know that I am not making this squirrel story up. Everything I reported happened. But I caution: there is yet a chance that the squirrel-and-bat story is one grand coincidence, having NOT to do with prophecy. There is always that chance.

Yet, as I awoke this morning, I felt certain that this is a Sign of something relevant. I pondered the fact that Tusk, as with the previous EU-Council president, has a 2.5-year term, and that he'll likely get to rule for a second term unless he blows the first one. I was therefore considering the possibility that Armageddon could arrive within the next five years, and that we are even now within the last seven. Or, Tusk could get as many as seven to eight years in the rulership of the EU.

[I've just been online to read that Tusk has made statements toward Putin, calling for unity. Tusk seems to have a strong, hands-on approach.

] Obama's genealogy has an Overall surname. Here's from the last update upon taking to task the "seashore" term in the write-up of the Over surname:

Why "seashore" instead of just "shore." Code for the Sea's/Seighs, apparently, who use the same wavy bars as Seamans...[suspect with the Drummond Coat]

...For example, Sailers/Saylors, with a horizontal bar in colors reversed from the Seaman bars, use the black wolf. The Sailer fesse is decorated with engrailed COTISed bars. The Sailer wolf heads are said to be erased as code for the Eras/ASSMAN surname, possibly a branch of SEAMANs/SEMANs/SEAMONS'.

It's making Simons suspect as Hasmonean liners. French Simons even use a "mon" motto term. Italian Simons were first found in TRAPani, and then German Drummonds were first found in the same place as Trips! It's telling of the good possibility that Italian Simons were Seaman and Sea/Seigh liners. German Siemens/Siemsens even share a gold crescent with Seamans, suggesting that Siemowit and Siemomysl of Piast-the-Wheelwright Poland were Hasmonean codes; it can explain why English Simons share the six-sectioned Shield of Wheelwrights. The Simons even use TREFoils as likely code for the Treff variation of Trips. It looks like definite Traby-liner links to the Mouse Tower.

The Shore's in the "seashore" code are Scarf kin and therefore link at some point to scarf-using Trabys/Sadowski's.

Trabys are prime 666 suspects, and for the discussion to follow, let's add that Tokers (Drummond bars potentially), using both a SEA horse and bars in the colors of the Seaman bars, use purple DROPs as likely code for the Drop/Trope bloodline. This tends to reveal that others having a sea horse -- e.g. Irish Cohens and Welsh Meriks -- can be Sea / Seaman kin. If Seamans are Asmans, then they can be Assmans/Rasmussens, taking note that the last NATO chief was a Rasmussen surname. If Seamans are Siemens, then Seamans are also of the Chimney bloodline out of the Mouse Tower. Meriks (could be from Maurice Drummond, whom I had traced to the same Khazars as I do the Cohen family) were first found in Mona, what the Welsh call, Mon, underscoring the importance if Assmans were from HasMONean-suspect Has.

The Toker sea horse should go back to the Trojan horse, which is to say to Toker-like Teucer, father of BATia, mythical mother of the Trojans. In this way, Batia can trace very well to the Baths/Atha's and Badens/Battins, both first found in the same place (Somerset) as the Carian-based Roets. The latter share the gold-on-blue crescent with Siemens and Seamans, and that crescent represents the moon goddess of Latmos (beside Clarus) that mythical Endymion loved. Endymion was reckoned to be the Greek mouse line.

The Smintheus mouse cult of Greek myth was traced to an Egyptian king from the Meshwesh peoples, whose name, Smendys, is nearly "Smintheus." I assume that the Meshwesh were partly the namers of both PatMOS and LatMOS. It appears that "Poland" traces to "Apollo," the ruler of Muses, the owner of the Smintheus mouse cult, and the essence of the Mopsus false-prophet cult at ancient Clarus. For new readers, you will find in my recent updates that Mopsus is being considered a line from ancient MOSul (anciently Mepsila). This Mopsus entity, which has led to various Obama lines, can be linked to the Baths and Bats now tracing back to Batia elements at the Latmus theater. Togarmites are expected as the namers of the Tigris that flows through Mosul. Thus, Baathist-of-Mosul Arabs today trace to mouse-ancestry at the Latmus / Clarus area, and some of their branches went to Europe as proto-Templars of the Claro / Sinclair kind. In fact, the latter could even be the line forward to Baathist-proper founders, which is my suspicion if not my claim. That would trace Freemasons / Templars / Rosicrucians to Baathists.

To put it another way, Baathists were Trojans, and they settled in Mysia, a region suspect from the namers of Mosul. I've already traced Teucer's father, Scamander, to the Smendys mouse line at Clarus, and to PATmos. Yes, Patmos, the island whereupon the Revelation was written, had the proto-Trojans passing through that would later name the Baathists. It's hard to say whether "Scamander" and "Smendy" are pure variations of one another, or whether they differ only slightly as play on words where a myth writers saw them representing roughly the same entity. I entertain "SMendys" as a Samos-Endymion entity that can trace excellently to mythical Siemomysl.

ScaMANDER has been deemed (by me) to be part code for the Maeander river flowing through Caria i.e. near Clarus and Latmos. The island of Samos and, some 35 miles away, Patmos, are two islands off the coast from the mouth of the Maeander. There is a modern Soke location on-shore from Samos that, anciently, may have named the first syllable of "SCAmander." It looks like it can apply to Saka Scythians, which ultimately were the line to Gog. I now trace Royal Scythians back in time to the Scolati peoples that had named Eschol in Hebron, smack beside the Samson theater of Beth Shamesh and Timnah. You can bet a good bet that the namers of Shamesh were at Samos.

Samos was named by a line of Samson as it evolved into mythical Hercules, and so the Hercules entity was fundamentally at Samos. But Hercules was all over the map in the Greek myths. One myth writer had him mate with a woman that was a snake below the waist, and the two thus birthed Scythes. We get it, meaning that the snake symbol was also one to depict the Scythians. This is repeated here because I think the snake of the Visconti's applies to Euskals to which I think Donald Tusk may trace. It was pointed out in the last update that "Euskal" can be a Scolati variation. Patmos has the city of Skala where the Scolati are suspect, but, long before stressing that the Scolati is what Royal Scythians called themselves, I found good reason to claim that Skala was represented by mythical ASCLepios, the god of medicine represented by a snake (= witchcraft). Scythincidence?

[Insert --If Tusks trace to Eschyna de Molle, let's repeat that her family was involved with the Lundys / Londons of Fife, who had been suspect with the Capes' of London. The Shale's/Scheyle's use scallops in the colors of the Capes scallops, and, safe to say, all scallops trace fundamentally to the Shale's/Scheyle' Bath colors and first found in the same place as Baths. As the Happs/Abbs Coat uses scallops in the same colors again, along with lozenges (Lazi-suspect) in the colors of the Schole/SCAYLE lozengy, we get it. Happs/Abbs were first found in the same place (Middlesex) as Besants and Pheasants that I trace to Phasis = Poti, home of the Lazi and the Bats.

We should also consider whether mythical DASCYLus was a Scolati liner to his son, Gugu, for "Tusk" can trace to "Dascylus," code for the real location of Dascylium/Dascylaeum.

The False Prophet, it dawns on me here, can trace to Trojans by way of "Tros" being in "ATREUS." I identified the latter term with ODRYSians that can certain apply to "Tros." Atreus was made a son of a Lydian king (Pelops) that married horse-depicted Amazons (Hippodama) that had been in Mysia, and so one wonders where any Trojan elements can be in the Pelops > Atreus > Menelaus line through Hippodama's Pisa. The Trojan elements could be right before my blind eyes in "Atreus." Both he and Menelaus were given a lamb symbol, and I read that Menelaus, in an obscure myth, had a two-lamb symbol, which, perhaps, is in code in Revelation 13, where the False Prophet is given two horns like a lamb. There is a question, however, whether that Revelation lamb symbol solely pertains to a false-Christ(ian) character. If Pelops was a Lydian entity in Clarus, then the Revelation False Prophet can trace smack to the false-prophet cult of Mopsus so that even he becomes part of the Atreus lamb-line.

The point is, while "Dascylus" traces well to "Tusculus" in the land of Lydians>Latins and ETRUScans, "Atreus" looks like "Etrus(can) while the land of Etruscans is properly, TUSCany. The lamb of Atreus was golden, and therefore a symbol of the golden fleece so that Etruscans are suspect with Colchians, explaining why mythical Circe was placed in the Tyrrhenian sea. Atreus' grandfather on his mother's side was OenoMAUS, king of Grecian Pisa so that he can trace as an Amazon line to Pisa of Tuscany. Oenomaus likely furnished Oeneus in Messene, mythical father of the city, Modon/METHONi, suspect with the golden fleece line of Keturah > Medan through Medon, son of Kodros. Pisa elements may have named the Piasts at the Mouse Tower, and that's how Tusks can trace to the namers of Tuscany suspect in the Dascylus-branch Lydo-Mysians. That in a nutshell makes Mr. Tusk very suspect with Gog.

In the genealogy below, there is a way to see that TANTALus is code for ANTALya/Attaleia of the PISidians so that his grandson, Atreus, is from Antalya = Atlantis. You can even see Atlas in the genealogy as the grandfather of the older Dascylus; the latter is made a son of Tantalus so that Pelops and Dascylus were made brothers. This is new to me. Then note how Dascylus married ANTHmoisia, serving to prove that there was a Moesia merger with ANTalya elements in the family of Pelops. Trace those Moesians to Oenomaus, of course. This genealogy has Dascylus as a son of Gyges, which is backward, though I assume that some ancients had it that way.

In Wikipedia's article, the earlier Dascylus (king of Mariandyne of Mysia) was made a father of Atreus-like Otreus. "Otreus was killed while travelling to Troy to sue for the hand of King Laomedon's daughter Hesione in marriage." Is she a Hes or a Sion (or both) entity? There is a real Otrea location (Other / Otter surname?) that we can now trace Atreus Trojans to, at lake Ascania (opposite end of Marmara from Parion, and very suspect with various elements of Hebron, especially Amorites). That lake smacks of Eschyna de Molle, suspect with the Usk/Osk surname.

I'll get to Eschyna later, but right now I'd like to take you back to the genealogy above, where you can see Tmolus, father of Tantalus. Keep in mind that these were proto-Italians, named after "Attaleia," the very city that Tantalus (and ATLas) represented. Italians and Latins are known for fronting terms with a 'D" that can become a 'T', and so we first see that "Antalya" seems to have a 'T' in "Tantalus." Therefore, "Tmolus" could have been a Molus entity, you see, leading all the way to Eschyna de Molle. Moreover, "Tusk" may now link better to an Usk entity. The Chimneys, recall, use an ANTelope. It's a code suspect in part with Antalya elements, and a lopo = wolf entity. To Greeks, Lycians were lycos = wolf liners, and so note that Lycus' are all over the Dascylus line. This can trace back from Lycians to Lachish (Hebron), very suspect with "Laish" in MeneLAUS, Atreus' father. Laish became conquered by proto-Danaans at Argos, where Atreus ruled thanks to the powers of the golden lamb in his flock.

Jonathan the Levite (book of Judges), who became the pagan priest of the proto-Danaans in Laish, traced to Oenomaus and Oeneus. Pharisees traced to Paris elements at Parion, which had a relationship with Laish-based LYSimachia across Marmara. Annas, Caiaphas' father in law, traced to elements of Aeneas, suspect from Anak of Hebron, and Aeneas was given a son, Ascanius, the name also of a brother of Paris. I traced Pharisees to the Parisii of France, without doubt from Parion, and I trace Pharisee liners also to Percivals and Pierce's, both first found in the same place as Burse's (Saddock Shield?). Lake Ascania is in modern Bursa. I just wanted to mention that, for lake Ascania is not something I emphasize.

This was the line of Keturah and Abraham, and so while Burse's are said to be from Vire (Normandy), the Vires' are Vere liners (always suspect as Pharisee liners) using a fish, and first found in the same place -- in Paris -- as Levi's and Chappes'!!. Keturah's line to Kodros expects that Keturah lines should use fish. The Vires/Vair fish is in the colors of the Gooch/Googe boars, and then Kodros had a fish and a boar symbol. Midway through the last sentence, I recalled that Molle's use a boar head in the colors of the Gooch/Googe boars!!! ZOOOWWWWiE! And the Vere's use a blue boar that can be a colors-reversed version! Scottish Molle's were first found in the same place (ROXburghshire) as swan-using Gogue's.

The Haskels, like "Dascylus," are in Usk/Osk colors and use a Shield filled with VAIR fur, and it's in the colors of the lozengy filling the Schole/Scayle Shield.

Much of what you are reading is during a proof read while I'm able to get online, written after the Eschyna-de-Molle (Scotland) topic later. This is all very good. Note that the Burse's share gold-and-black bars with Italian Garins while English Garins/Guerins can be using a version of the Vires/Vair Coat.

Aha! Dutch Molle's share a mole hill with SHAKERleys while I just saw a SAKARya location in the Bursa article!!! Seagars are in Molle colors and share a moline with Molle-related Moline's!!! Therefore, Seagars and all their similar kin can trace to Sakarya elements. This is now another major find very critical to the entire dragonline story.

Eschyna de Molle married Croc(e), to be mentioned below in relation to mythical Creusa, wife of Aeneas and mother, I assume, of Ascanius. Therefore, note modern Karasu in Sakarya province. Aha! As Aphrodite was the mother of Aeneas, and as I identified her name with "Euphrates," note that there is a modern Karasu river (anciently the Teleboas) as the alternative name of the Western Euphrates. It's in ERZurum province, a term like Ares, whom I trace to "Aras," a river not far from the Karasu. In fact, "Aras" can easily become "KARASu." That tends to identify Creusa as just another term for Ares. ESCHyna will become suspect with the ERSkin/ESKin surname (erect sword in Crest, ancient symbol of Ares worshiped by Bistones). See the location starting with "Esk" along the Sakarya, and note that it's near a Porcia-like river that can explain the Molle boar head:

Remember, Keturah traces to the Bat / Lazi Caucasians in Hecate, and the latter went to Hector, brother of Paris and Ascanius. The Burse's were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Battins and Baths/Atha's, which expects Batia elements at whatever Bursa (boar-like term) was anciently. It's known that the Scamander > Teucer > Batia line was related to Tantalus' Tmolus elements somehow.

Like I said, when I can get online during the proof read, I often enlarge the story greatly. I now have several things to say on Croce's before going back to the original flow of the discussion. Scottish Crocs use the white martlets of Chadwicks, Chadocks and Saddocks, but also of Seagar-related Sawyers. This has the potential to trace Sadducees to the Bursa theater, very important because that's where Gog is tracing that was at Gogarene, (Aras-river area), near Soducena. The original point was that the Crocs/Croce's are using a colors-reversed version of one of the two English Bird/Burd Coats ("cruce" motto term), and the latter are using a colors-reversed version of the Bouillon cross while Bouillons were first found in Auvergne, beside Creuse. It makes the Birds/Burds suspect with "Bursa," and indeed the Borders were first found in the same place as Burse's!!!

Irish Crocs share the gold fleur with Birds/Burds, but it's in the two colors of the AshMOLE fleur. The Irish Crocls also use a sleeve or maunch, known code for Manche, location of the Vere's, the Vire river, and of the Masseys expected from the Marmara Mysians. English Cruce's use the Vere / Massey quarters along with a double-armed potent cross used by Chadock-suspect Chads. Italian Cruce's/Crosara's (lion in Gogue colors) were first found in the same place (Vicenza) as Valentins, and use the same cross design as Chadocks/SHADs and swan-using Gogue's, important because the Gogue swan traces to lake Sevan, location of SODUCena where "Chadock" ought to trace.

The Atlas/Atley, Pisa, and Jones lions can all apply, as per the discussion above, to the same lion of Croce's/Crosara's (Jones' are suspect with the line of Jonathan the Levite priest). The Bordeaux lion (in Border colors) should apply because the Bordeaux crosses are in the colors of the Gogue crosses. It just so happens that while the white Bordeaux and white Croc lions are on different background colors, both background colors are used for the identical white lions of Eschyna-like Haskins/Hoskins...whom come up as "Husk." End Insert]

Visconti's were traced to the Mouse-Tower Poles, but as their snake was called a Biscone, it appeared that Visconti's could have been Euskals, what the Basques called themselves. Basques were at Biscay, you see. And so, for the first time ever, I think I can view Basques as from Royal Scythians = Gog. It seemed compelling in the last update that the Tusks were the Usks/Osks using bat wings, but it was shortly before the last update when I started to reflect on the billets of the Wing surname, as they should be a version of the Schole/Scayle lozengy. [It just dawned on me while proof-reading this paragraph that the Bangs/Bings/Bengs should be checked for Wing links, and there in the Bing Crest was an antelope, the Chimney-Crest symbol too.]

On account of the bat wings, it seemed that the 12th squirrel should be lumped in without hesitation with the 11 squirrels, but, moreover, the bat wings were found in a search for Tusk kin. There is no Tusk or Dusk surname coming up at But on a third try in seeking Tusk kin, the Usk surname was checked to find the bat wings, what an incredible coincidence, so great that I was convinced that Tusks should be Usk liners and therefore part of the bat-and-chimney sign.

I don't know for sure whether Usks trace to Euskals, but it's safe to say that they can trace to a merger with the Bats that trace to Patmos' Batia line, and thus they could be expected at the namers of Skala. If we enlarge on this idea, the Tusks become "D'Skala / Tuskala," so to speak, much like Tusculus, a city near Rome that I traced years ago to mythical Dascylus, father of Gugu (about 700 BC), part of the Old-Testament Gog in all likeliness. Am I saying that Donald Tusk is the end-time Gog? I don't know. I'd hate to make a mistake of this magnitude.

About two nights ago as I write, while opening email (sorry, I had let that go for a long time), an old one was opened that shared on an ancient Tegarama location smack of Togarmah: "The city was sacked by Isuwa during the early reign of Tudhaliya III. During his victorious campaign against Mitanni, Hittite king Suppiluliuma I halted in Tegarama and inspected his forces before attacking and capturing Karkemish."

That tends to locate Togarmah near Carchemish on the Syria-Turkey border along the Euphrates. That's not too far south of where the Hayasa-Azzi were located at one point in time who are suspect from the Assi associates of Tocharians.

I'm wondering whether to bother finishing the siding on the house, if all we have is less than five, or less than eight, years to go. That's how serious I'm taking this. The squirrel signs started coming after I was asking God repeatedly to inform my readers of the nearness of Armageddon, because I feel lousy that some have moved to the country for fear that the time has arrived, and yet, events in the Middle East are always flirting on prophetic fulfillment but never quite materializing well enough. I said something to the effect of: "what could it hurt for us to know the time since no one would believe us if we told them?" Now I'm not saying that I know the date, but, perhaps, we've been given the clue signalling just how imminent it all is. But let me tell you something, I hate being in a position to cause anyone to flee the city on a false alarm. Please don't let it be my fault if you decide to go at the wrong time. And please don't let it be my fault if you fail to go when you should have. I don't know the timing. Nor do I know the breadth or scope of the 666 system for which we may or may not need a country place to dwell.

I like the peace of having a country place for this matter, but for others, moving away too soon can yield some big losses and disappointments. I really need to hear from God on this, and I thought I was hearing it this morning. But I have often heard wrong. When I was looking at a 2009-16 calendar, and sharing it as my personal opinion, not as a hard, dogmatic claim as if from God, I did not ever hear from God saying, "don't say that, it's wrong." In the same way, any of us predicting the date are likely not to hear, "don't say that."

I can't imagine Donald Tusk beheading people. Can Donald Tusk be the False Prophet that brings on the skincode from his high position in the EU? I don't know. I don't know how religious he is. I know virtually nothing about him. I'll keep eyes peeled for articles concerning him, and see what it all implies. I'm just giving a head-up that we should all watch him, just in case.

After viewing the Tegarama article, the Taggerts (Chives colors) were re-loaded to find them using a motto phrase, of the Chives'. In the last update, the horseshoes of bat-using Randolphs were traced to the horseshoes of the Ferrers, and because the latter were from a Gastonois location, they were linked to Gastons, who share the owl with Humble's...and Taggerts. Humble's had become suspect with Humbers, Gomer suspects named after the capital area of Mercians, and that works for more reason than the fact that Togarmah was Gomer's son. Mercians trace to the Marsi off the Salto river, and then Taggerts use the same bend colors as the bend used by Sale's/Sallete's. The latter had finally been identified to my satisfaction (see some November updates) as a Salyes line from the Selletae peoples between Scythia Minor and the Trypillians.

"Selletae" was suspect from "Scolati." If correct, the Salyes Ligures are suspect as a branch of Euskals. The Sale/Sallete Coat is in Schole/Scayle colors, and while I traced Julians/Gillians to Guillestre on the Durance river, the river of the Salyes, it's notable that Schole's/Scayles' share the black cross of Julians/Gillians. The latter's "SALAmander" looks like part-code for Salyes. I had even traced Julians/Gillians to the Gileki that were linked (years ago) to mythical Asclepios at Skala and Scylla, but it didn't dawn on me that "Salyes" could be from "Skala / Scylla," unless it was very recent.

The Schole / Julian cross is used in the same colors by Teucer-suspect Teague's...which can trace Togarmites to Skala i.e. on Patmos, where the Scamander > Teucer > Batia line has already traced. The Julian / Schole crosslets are used in different colors by Gore's/Core's to Chora, another major center of Patmos. The Julian salaMANDER likely goes back to the same Maeander-river peoples depicted by Scamander. This is perhaps the best I've done to trace Julius Caesar to Patmos, important because I think his Patrician heritage was named after the namers of Patmos. Note that the Baathist liners, Bitars/Buttars, Aflacks and Sinclairs all use the same cross, in the colors of the Patrick / Kilpatrick and Wing saltires. Can't this trace the bat wings of Usks/Osks to Skala?

Obama's Genealogy

I just went fishing into my files to find what could be on Hoskins, to see if they could link to Usks/Osks. While I haven't yet found reason for a connection, and am leaving room for Hoskins to be Kos liners rather than Schole liners, the search brought up the Obama's genealogy stored in my files:

One can find the Hoskins on that page, but what I'd like to focus on is the Curry line that comes right up to Leona McCurry (line 15), who married Obama's mother's grandfather (Rolla Payne). In this genealogy, you can find the parent of any person by doubling the number in the box. For example, Leona's parent is in box 30, and her grandparent in box 60, etc. In one of my files (1st update October, 2012) with the Hoskin surname (rooster) mentioned, I've just found this:

As Gorms are being traced to same-colored Worms [share the same green dragon], it should be added that both Worms and Scottish Corrys use green dragons in Crest, the Crichton symbol, which may now suggest that "Crich" too traces to Kirkuk's Kurds. But as I trace Crichtons to Curetes that named Crete, it could just be that Curetes were named after ancient Kurds.

Irish Corrys/Currys use trefoils as well as an "audaux" motto term [similar to Pollock motto] assuring their trace to Aude, location of Roquefeuil. The Corry/Curry saltire is in the colors of the "Jewish" Pollock bend. The Corry/Curry Crest is even a "A rooster with an ear of wheat in its mouth." Rhea raised Zeus on Crete with the help of Curetes, but then evolved in the Kybele cult, a term like Kobyla, founder of the Romanov and a Zakarian line.

Kybele was of Phrygia, and therefore likely on the Sakarya. When that was written, I had yet to discover the Roman location not far north from ancient Angusta, the latter being where the Worms and Gorms have been traced. The Romanovs can thus trace to Roman. The Kobyla branch of Romanovs are suspect in that update with Goplo loners, and the Hoskins were traced suggestively to "Koshka / Koshkin," the so-called nickname Feodor, one of Kobyla's sons. The Kobyla's (latter changed their name to "Zakharin") were ancestral to Romanovs. Earlier in that October update, I had found that the Romanovs had been literal Kurds: "In the Romanov article, we read that Feodor, son of Andrei Kobyla, had a descendant taking the surname, Zakharin, "looks much like the Armenian family Zakarian (who were actually Kurds and went by several different names).'"" The quote in color was not my own.

I went on to say:

German Schere's use the green snake "entwined around a stick," as do Sakars/Seagars/SUGARs, meaning quite obviously that "Schere" and "Sakar / Zakarian" are branches. It suggesting that mythical Sugaar, the snake god, was a Kurdish bloodline. In fact, I am sure of it already. The question then is, what other bloodlines are fundamental Kurds??? I have never stressed Kurdish lines before, didn't even have a clue as to who they might be...

Currys look like Kurds of Kirkuk, and while "Curete" looks like "Kurd," "CRICH(ton)" looks like "KIRKuk" (ancient Kurkura). The Creighton variation of Crichtons looks like "Kurd." It looks like Obama's mother was a Kurd liner. Is that important to Obama's mission with the Kurds at this time?

Sugaar was a Basque snake god. Can that relate to Usks/Osks? The Seagars had linked to the Valentin-squirrel line, that being the Squirrels/Squire's/Square's > Schere's. The bat WINGS of Usks/Osks are traceable to the birthplace of Valentinian. Jewish Pollocks use the Valentin bend that has the squirrels. The Schere's trace to the Shera variation of Kilpatricks (Patmos liners), and I think one can also trace the namers of Chora (Patmos) to Currys / Kurds / Curetes. It's all looking relative to the ancient-Mosul (origin of "Muslim"?) trace to elements at Clarus that were also on Patmos. The idea that the Arabs, in a line to modern Baathists, were at the Clarus theater is underscored where Kurkura had earlier been called, Arabkha/Arrapha.

To prove that Romanovs trace to Schere's, Romans / Romanovs, if I recall correctly, use the white wolf along with Schere-related Scarfs (and Gore's/Core's). See last update for Scarf discussion.

The Curry saltire, white-on-red, is in the colors of the Randolph / Batha/Atha cross, and for me, that's indication that Currys are to be expected from the Baathist bloodline, which anticipates that Currys are indeed Kurd liners. I was a student in a class where Mr. Curry of Chicago showed up to talk on the pre-tribulation rapture. But someone in the class objected, and he never did talk about it after that. It was me. I wonder if Mr. Curry is from Obama's Curry line? While living in Chicago, Obama attended the church of a pastor Wright, and so see the Wright line in Obama's ancestry (expected from Wheelwrights) going right up to a wife of Thomas CREEKmore McCurry. That's "Creek," as in "Crichton," right???

[It's amazing that the above was written days before being able to get online just now, and here we find the CreekMORE's/KARTschners! They are in Curry colors, and share the six-sectioned Shield with Wheelwrights. Creeks may be using the Erskin/Eskin pale. It was then found that the Kurd/Caird surname shares a blue-on-white upright lion with Crichtons (Lothian, same place as Currys), reminding me that Certs/Cards, suspect from Certa, use the same lion. The red Curry rooster is linkable to the same of Curry-colored Cocks. Crickets (in the colors of Jiminy's shirt and jacket), who came to mind with Jiminy Cricket while evoking the Chimney surname, were first found in Oxford and use the rare lion design once showing for the Oxford surname. This is the lion design in the Titus Coat.]

The rooster-using Hoskins/HASKINs became suspect in my past work with rooster-using ATKINs/Aikens, and the latter share the black rooster with Goplo-based Kopple's. It had been found that Ackers use "husks" while the Husk surname is listed with Hoskins. I have it in my files that the Ackerman rooster was showing identical, colors included, with the Kopple rooster. That has great potential to trace Hoskins to the Mouse Tower. This topic recalls that Singletarys share the triple Ash/Asch chevrons.

It's a toss-up, but it's looking like Hoskins/Haskins are Essenes liners from the north of Acre in Israel, the line that goes to Has, but then Essenes were also at Gomer-suspect Qumran. Qumran was not far from the mouth of the Kurd-like Jordan.

The location of Angusta has been thought to house the priestly-Annas line to Ananes Gauls and therefore to Annandale (first found in the same place as Rome's/Rooms). The Ananes had traced to the namers of Neamt on the Siret river, smack where Roman is located. The Hoskins (same place, HEREfordshire, as Fullers that trace to the south-Neamt area) use a split Shield like that of the Gate's that were traced to Neamt. Here's from the last update, keeping in mind that Annandale's use a saltire in colors reversed to the Curry saltire:

English Ashers/Aschers/Hashers are using the Annandale saltire as used in the Arms of Ayrshire, and as they were first found in Staffordshire, let's add that the saltire is in the colors of the Staff chevron, itself in the colors of the Quint chevron. Quintus Caepio traces to Haifa, where Asher elements (from the Israeli tribe of Asher] may have engaged...

[The section above was written before the Tusk / Usk section where we met the Ferrers, from Tutbury castle in Staffordshire. It could appear that Aschers were a branch of Euskal-suspect Usks/Osks (Schole colors), in which case the mysterious ancestry of the Basques may have been as Has liners, an idea that can identify Has from the line of Eschol > Ascalon > Scala > Scylla.]

There is too much conjecture here in an effort to find Usk/Osk / Tusk liners. I wish I could get online to check whether Usks/Osks were first found in Westphalia, for I faintly recall that it was so. The reason for checking is from the 1st update in February, 2011:

The Voessing and Voeske variations of the fox-using Voss' caused a look at the Ossen surname (Westphalia), found to use an Oessen variation. Though I nearly ended that line of investigation immediately, I recalled the Hose surname...and found it to use three human legs, highly reflective of the Arms of Isle of Mann and of Fussen!!

The Simons use a fox too for a reason, and thus far, Donald Tusk, and the Usks/Osks, are suspect with the Siemens. This could identify Usks/Osks with "Voeske." That complicates a Tusk trace to Tusculus, and, quite frankly, I've never hated a piece of work more than this effort to discover what Tusks were. Blech! Stomp! I went on to write: "The Ossen/Oessen lion [white on blue] is used in the same colors by the Hoskins, and Osgoods/HOSgoods use garbs, a Gascony symbol."

The problem is that I don't know whether Usks were Hoskins. The latter's rooster is in the color of the Heth rooster, and that for me indicates that Hoskins/Haskens were Heth liners that I find traceable from MacHeths of Moray / Ross-shire to Baths/Atha's. There's a real possibility in this that bat-using Esks/Osks were Heth liners and Bath kin. But if Usks were Hoskins liners, they may not have been Euskals. This is one grand headache formed by the inability of similar terms to betray their sure origins.

Here's from the 2nd update of February of this year, when Hoskins were being linked not bad to "Eschyna" de Molle, whose Moline-suspect family married Fuller-suspect Pollocks, first found in the same place as Erskins:

Hesdins even use boar heads (blue) in colors reversed to the Molle boar heads (Mollys use the boar too). The Has/Haase/Heslin surname is suspect here, using only a hare, and then Haskins/Hoskins were first found in HEREfordshire...while, zowie, just found: Herefords use three white-on-red eagles, the Lomley/Limb symbol (see Childs too, for they are a merger with Hebrons). The Hereford eagles can be linked for obvious reasons to the same of the Pense's/Pinsons (London-kin suspects), who are honored in the "pense" motto term of Eskins/Erskins.

ESKins/Erskins, hum? The Esk river is coming to mind as one possible home of the Usks/Osks.

I was looking at the Obama genealogy in the 2nd update of June, 2009:

There are about a half-dozen generations of McCurrys and Paynes in the Obama genealogy before they are no longer listed. I have found where the Paynes got/gave their heraldry symbol, for about the time that the Payne surname is no longer included, we find the Hoskins surname, which uses white lions on a red and blue shield. The Payne Coat uses white lions on a red shield, but the French Payne Coat uses a red and blue shield. The similarities are obvious, but a further point of interest is the gold rooster in the Hoskins Crest, a symbol, not on the Payne Coats, but in the McCurry Crests.

The Payne's are expected to be from Paeonia, to the east of Has. In the last update, the Dours of Dover traced to Dober at KOPLik = Cupionich, to the north of Has. I got excited in the 3rd update of February of this year, months before discovering Dober and Koplik:

English Doors/Dory's use bees, by the way, on the Haskin/Hoskin Shield! That exclamation mark is for the proposed "Eschyna = Haskin" equation, and because both Doors and Haskins were first found in Herefordshire. Ms. Pollock was mentioning some link of Eschyna de Molle to the Durwards, who come up as the Scottish Doors [note the Pollock link to Doris'/Orris']. Reminder: Lumleys were first found in Durham. Durwards are said to be named after door attendees, but this may be more plop invented way back.

Well, unfortunately, after taking another stab, it was not possible to find whether Usks were Tusks. Even if Usks were Hoskins / Eskins / Asch's, or other lines that link to closely to Obama's lines, it doesn't prove that Donald Tusk was involved with them. If Mr. Tusk has anything to do with prophecy, we should expect the EU to get heavily involved in the Middle-East conflicts at his instigations. Otherwise, I'm completely wrong for thinking that Tusk is part of the bat-in-chimney sign.

As Eschyna de Molle was involved with Durwards, and as she or her household (I can't recall which) married one of the first Pollocks (same place as Dobys), if I recall correctly, while Pollocks were linked to Dobrawa > Dober elements, it seems certain that Dours/Doors and Dowers/Doors (the ones above with bees) apply. From the 3rd update of last February:

Pierced stars are often called, mullets, and then the three pierced Zionists stars of Payens are found in the Mullet/Mollet Coat, a surname that can be suspect with Molle's. Mullets were first found in Auvergne/Aveyron, beside Creuse, an area that had traced with the Croze's and Crozier's, both first found in Auvergne, to mythical Creusa. But as Croce's are expected to trace to Creusa too, by what coincidence did Eschyna de Molle marry a Mr. Croce? Therefore, Mullets/Mollets are suspect with Molle's, and with Jacques de Molay, which answers to why Mullets use the Payen stars.

So, while Hoskins look like Payne liners while possibly putting forth Eschyna de Molle, her Molle line looks like it linked to Payens, all apparently relative to lines of the Israeli priesthoods as they developed in the Has theater. But did you notice how "Croce" (also "Croc") looks like the Crichtons / Creeks? This suddenly gives the impression that Creusa was softened Kurk(ura) term, and it's even possible to find proof if I've been correct that "Creusa" was a Hros liner through Rhodes, for that island was married by Helios and KERKaphos! The latter entity was the same as mythical Circe, for she was made a close kin of Helios. I now have reason to trace Kurds to Colchians / Circasians, i.e. where I trace Helios and Circe. If I recall correctly, the Caucasian Bats were Circasians!

It just so happens that the Argonautica traced Circe, as a witch, to the western side of Italy, where Tusculus (Latin border) is located. I'm keeping that in mind. But the new piece of knowledge arising here, potentially, is that the Hros were from a corruption of "Kurk(ura)." In short, the Biblical Rosh appears to be tracing to ancient Kirkuk = Arrapha. This is where I traced "HERCules/HERACles," by the way, so that one may trace the Samson > Hercules line to Samos merger with Kerkaphos of Rhodes.

I've just got to get into a discussion here on the Gileki Iranians, for the Kurds were Iranians. I not only trace the Gileki/Gels to the naming of Colchis, but to the Gell founders of Agrigento, where Creusa is known to have lived with Aeneas. That now tends to reveal that the Kurkura>Creusa line was moving west with the Geliki snake liners, which I identified with "Glaucus," lover of Scylla. Glaucus traces back to the Glaucus river in downtown Colchis, location of the golden fleece. That fleece is suspect with the Colchian princess, Medea (Iran-ish, right?), the witch that clearly links to Circe. Medea's goddess, Hecate, traced to Hector, Trojan brother of Persian-suspect Paris (Persians were Iranians too). And the Trojans are where we find the Teucer > Batia entity from Togarmah, wherefore, in this short story alone, we have the Rosh, the Persians, and the Togarmites, three of Gog's allies listed in Ezekiel 38. And the Gomerians trace to Qumran, near the mouth of the Kurd-like Jordan, the river where we find Gilead, the Gileki-suspect area that was home to Arrapha-suspect Rephaites.

This is a new view for me that the Romans from Aeneas were likely Kurds of ancient Kirkuk and/or other Iranians of that old city. But, moreover, Gilead is the location of Jabesh to which I traced the chief Roman god, Jupiter. And as I think that Joppa applies to Jabesh / Jupiter, let's go to Perseus and AndroMEDA of Joppa, for that tends to trace Kirkuk liners to the basic Greeks called, Danaans, where Hercules traces too (he was a Danaan). Perseus and Andromeda were GORGons, who likely renamed Colchis as Georgia, but note that Georgia was also "KARTveli / KARTli," a Kurd-like term.

The Mysians, who controlled Troy, were ruled by a Hercules line in what would become the proto-Latin Lydia, according to the ancients, until Dascylus>Gugu took that Myso-Lydian realm over. Lydians were said to have furnished Etruscans, and the third-highest Etruscan god was, Hercle.

In other words, while emphasizing the Bats as per the squirrel-and-bat signs that have to do with Obama's ancestry, and tracing them to Baathists at Mosul, I have now arrived to Kirkuk / Kurd elements upon getting to the Currys in the wife of Obama's great-grandfather. That grandfather's father, Charles Thomas Payne (box 28), married a Wolfley, a surname that has a Wooley variation, and then a Mr. Woolley was an archeologist in Carchemish in 1913. Carchemish is to be conquered by the anti-Christ (Isaiah 10), and is near Singletary-like Shingal. See "Shingal" in the first update of November. Saddam Hussein (Has / Huss liner?) and many of his Baathists were from Tikrit, a Tigris / Tegarama-like term. Here' the latest on Shingal:

Of interest in Obama's ancestry, there is a Robert Childers, husband of Sarah A Landrum (box 215) reflecting my trace of Childs to king Childeric, a Merovingian that would merge with Pepins who led to Pepin of Landrum-like Landen. In the same generation that we find Robert Childers, there is a John P Childress, grandfather of Nancy Ann Childress who married the Armour surname that would be a grandmother of Obama's mother. The first Landrum on the page, way down in box 860, married purple-lion Wrens, suspect with the namers of Renfrew i.e. where Pollocks were first found. It is said that Pollocks trace to Clovis, son of Childeric.

Merovingians were from Merops of Kos, an island near Patmos / Samos / Rhodes to which "HOSkin" may trace. The Kos deity of Edom is said to have been an owl cult, and so let's re-mention that Taggerts use an owl. I don't want to get into it here, but I can tell your that Exxon-like surnames trace exactly to Togarmah and to Has elements. Exxon took over the Standard and Humble oil companies, and then Humble's use an owl too. Exxon-Moble may link to the Maybe/Mabee surname using a TIGER. I had linked the Maybe's to the Mopps/Maberley surname some years ago, long before emphasis on the Mopsus line from Mosul. If I recall correctly, the Maybe's are in Hoskins/Hasken colors.

After it seemed to me that Merovingians furnished the Mieszko's, it dawned on me that the first-known mythical ruler of the Mouse Tower, Popiel, was a Pepin liner. To this, because Obama traces to the Mieszko family in more than one way, the "wool PACK" of Wolfleys included, let's also mention that William Armour (box 104), father of Nancy Childress' husband, married Sarah Poland. There are not only nearly 20 Anns/Anna's on the page, but ten Sarah's.

If I was correct to trace the mouse-using Misl Coat to the David and Davis Coats, let's also mention that Obama's true father is thought by some, including me, to have been Frank Marshall Davis. There is even a Davis family in Obama's ancestry. The David and Davis Coats substitute black lions in place of the black mouse of Misls, all three surnames using their symbols on a white-on-red bend, the color of the Jewish-Pollock bend.

I had traced Hitler's Nazi's to the Gileki Iranians, and Pollocks to the Polzl surname of Adolf's mother. I thought that I discovered that Adolf was given escape from death by being hidden, by the American government, in Clark House, a mansion in the Aryan Nations part of Idaho. I still hold to that theory, but previous to it, Obama lines were tracing in various inklings to Nazi's. It was hard to put my finger on anything at the time, when also the Rodhams were tracing by various inlkings to Nazi's. It just so happens that Rodhams use the Misl / Davis bend too, and that the Rodham bend links closely to the same bend of Stevensons (both first found in Northumberland) while Frank Marshall Davis (Chicago and Hawaii) is thought by some, including me, to have been an illicit son of Lewis Stevenson (Chicago), husband of a Miss Davis.

There is only one Davis surname in the particular genealogy being shown here, and it's Elizabeth Davis. Then, while some have it online that Frank Marshall Davis was a son of Lewis Stevenson, Lewis' daughter was named, Elizabeth Davis Stevenson. Big hmmm. Elizabeth Davis (in Obama's genealogy) was wife to Thomas Clark. Then, near the bottom of the genealogy page, there is a quote from Obama's book saying that Thomas Clark's son (Christopher Columbus Clark at box 54) "had been a decorated Union soldier, his wife's mother was rumored to have been a second cousin of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy." Bigger hmmmmm. That means that Christopher Clark was the son a Davis on his mother's side, and then apparently / possibly married a Davis. Why did Obama mention this part? When he titled the book, "Dreams of My Father," who really was his father?

Clarks are likely Clairs/Clerks and therefore trace to Clarus. Christopher would marry the Overall surname which, two generations earlier, had married a Browning surname, evoking my view that the Over bend is a version of the Bruno bend. But as I think the Scotts are using the same bend, let's mention that Thomas Clark's daughter married the Armours, suspect with the "Amo" motto of the Scotts. For the Armers (with an 'e') are properly, "Amore," and the Spanish Amors are also "Amo." Spanish Amors/Amores' share red hearts on white with Douglas' (first found in Moray) who share the Moray stars with Armours. Obama's mother's father was RUTH Armour, and then the Ruth surname (Moray) is listed with Randolphs. Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray, used a stag in his Crest, the Dunn/Down symbol.

If you recall, the Santa Claus bloodline (from the Clausula river near Dober / Koplik) traced to Glass' and therefore to Glasgow, and the REINdeer symbol was suspect with the Reins listed with Rhine's/Reno's...that were traced -- long before coming to the Santa Claus codes -- to the namers of Renfrew, where Glasgow is located. But I can now add that the Arms of Thomas Randolph share red lozenges with the Rein/Rhine/Reno Coat. The stag in the Arms of Thomas Randolph could very well be the reason for Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Reminder: the nose theme was linked to Pinocchio, who was code for the Panico bloodline that was on a Setta tributary of the Reno river, and I linked the Pinks to "Panico" (long before coming to the Santa Claus codes), at which time I saw that Pinks use the Rein/Reno lozenges.

Here's from two updates ago, where I failed to notice the Thomas-Randolph stag:

There is only one Rudolph/Rodluff surname (Saxony), in the colors of the Rodhams, the latter first found in the same place (Northumberland) as Reds/Reeds [and Stevensons]...

The Rudolphs share a white-on-red bend with Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs, and this finally explains why "Ruth" and "Rother" bring up a Coat showing no such variations, showing only the Randolphs. As Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found at Moray, the Scottish Randolphs, first found at Moray, and from the earls of Moray (started by Thomas Randolph), apply to Santa's favorite reindeer.

As Armours use the Moray stars, "Armour" and "Amor" are likely a take from "Moray." It looks like the line to Obama's mother was concentrating on keeping the blood in the family. Clarks were Borderlands peoples sharing Scott-surname symbols, but I've been tracing Claros' > Sinclairs controversially to Moray (don't know if anyone believes me) for as long as I can remember. English Amors use a white talbot, important because both Scott Coats use two Talbot Shields. We will see the white talbot again just as soon as we see a Rudolf term.

Brownings enter the genealogy at James Browning (box 442), husband of a Hickman surname suspect, along with Pepins and Massey's, from the Hyksos as they evolved into the Hecate > Hector occult. The Hectors, suspect with the Hoctor variation of the Mieszko-based Haughts, use two symbols shared by the Hitler/Hiedler Coat. In WW2, a Siemens company was a Nazi supporter.

The Medea witch (took her dragon chariot to Athens, where Keturah traced with her son, Medan) turned out to be a line of Keturah from Hebron, and the Chills/Childs are using a version of the Coat of Hebrons/Hepburns, first found in CHILLingham. It's hard to say whether "HeCATE" is a Hyksos-KETurah combo, but this recalls arguments made months ago for tracing Hyksos (Hebrews) back to a line from Abraham and Keturah. This is the same Biblical Abraham that married SARAH alternatively, whose "Abram" version looks to be in mythical Priam, father of Hector and husband of Hecuba.

Having said that, let's go to box 1539, at Mary SCULLiard, suspect from Hebron's Eschol valley, where Abraham had some Amorite friends. But let's also mention that Jewish Pollocks use the same bend colors as the Skull/Scull bend. We see that Mary's husband is John Rolph, suspect with Rollo Claro's that trace to Clarus, where the Mouse-Tower line traces, right? Then, below the Obama genealogy, where we find other genealogies of some members in the Obama genealogy, we find John Rolfe (different spelling), husband of Mary Sculliard.

The Pollocks were of the Alans of Dol in some way, both of whom were involved in Adolf Hitler's family along with the Glassl's of a Geliki-suspect Glass line that named Glasgow in Renfrewshire (Hitler's father married a Glassl surname along with a Polzl surname). This would be a good place to mention SARAH Wren. As Alans were close kin of Wallace's, it's first of all notable that the white-on-red lion of Wallace's is used by Price's that were married by John Rolfe's granddaughter. If you read all of the last update, you might know why Price's (Pollock-bend colors) should link to Rodhams that share the Pollock / VALentin bend, and so we naturally ask whether "Wallace/Wallis" is from "Valentinian." That keeps this discussion on the squirrel-and-bat saga, right?

John Rolfe's daughter, Rebecca (same name as the wife of Abraham's son, Isaac), married the Cutter surname that is not only suspect as a Keturah line, but has been traced to the Saluzzo's, from Saluzzo, beside Busca, where the Bush's of Rochester trace who adopted the Nazi, George Herbert Scherff Jr. (= the first Bush president's birth name). As Mr. Bush president was partly from a Walker bloodline, note Susannah Walker in box 455, for we'll see her family trace to the president Bush below. Susannah's daughter was born in Goochland (suspect with Gooch's/Googe's) along with her husband, David Bowles, suspect from Boleslaw, son of Mieszko I. David's son married Pollock-suspect Blacks sharing stars in the colors of the Glass stars.

Rebecca's great-great-granddaughter (Rebecca Hill) married a Cutter surname too, and it's suspect with the Hutter variation found in the Hitler/Hiedler write-up. Even the Sewers/Suters/Shuters (if I recall correctly, they are in Hutt/Hudd, Hiedler/Hitler, Cutter and Saluzzo colors) can apply to Cutters / Hutters, and can trace to the sling SHOT (see the Shots/Shute's using the sword of Swords = Seward line) in the Arms of Dachau, that location serving in WW2 as concentration-camp headquarters of the Munich theater.

This picture, along with the Hiedler/Hitler Coat, traces to the Arms of Zurich, and as that's beside Kyburg, I'll trace the gold-on-black lions in the Misl Coat to the same in the Arms of Kyburg, and so we recall that one Hagel Coat uses both the lion- and bend-colors in the Arms of Kyburg. From here, we trace back from "Hagel" to the Akheloos river, location of Astakos, suspect in the lion of Stocks / Stake's, themselves suspect with the Montfort lion that is also the Price / Wallace lion. The purpose here is to trace to Taphians and Sirens on the Akheloos, for Rebecca Cutter (daughter of Rebecca Rolfe) is shown with a daughter that married a Tuft. The Tufts/Tafts/Toste's trace to a Tosti character of the Danes that was traceable to a daughter (Sigrid the haughty) of Mieszko I. The first Tufts shown married the Perry surname (suspect with Peters from Peter Pollock, the first Pollock), followed by Wheelers (suspect with Wheelwrights) followed by Spears (same place as Pollocks). I am be-laboring this to show how Obama's mother traces again and again to the Mouse Tower.

Later, we find the Tufts marrying Dicksons, and so let me repeat from the last update: "Then, the daughter of Mieszko I, Sigrid the Haughty, whose name can link to Seagars/Sugars and to the Sugaar snake suspect around the Sire[Siron] mirror, was related to a king Tosti of the Danes (perhaps by her marriage to Forkbeard), wherefore note that the Toste surname is listed with the Cheshire Tafts/Tuff's using the Cobble crosslets. That's no Goplicidence. And look at the "dick / dyke" endings on some Cobble variations." The Dyke's and Decks share a red squirrel.

The earliest Singletary on the page is the father of Jonathan Singletary, the latter being the one shown as changing his surname to, Dunham. The generation with the first, shown Singletary (box 3072), we find Susannah Hinckley with a surname rhyming with "Single." Hmm. She is married by a Smith surname in 1643. I realize that there are many Smith families, but I still want to mention that in the ancestry of the president Bush's, James Smith Bush was born in Rochester, New York to Obadiah Newcomb Bush and Harriet Smith (1800-1867).

Then, in a genealogy below Obama's, we find president Bush stemming from a Hinckley surname that, I would say, married Benjamites:

Mary Hinckley m. Samuel Bangs
[skip two generations]
| .Elijah Keeler Bangs m. Esther Stackhouse [Astakos liner?]
| .Mary Ann Bangs m. Joseph Ambrose Beaky [Beaks are Haught/Hoctor kin]

| .Martha Adela Beaky m. David Davis Walker
| .George Herbert Walker m. Lucretia Wear
| .Dorothy Walker m. Prescott Sheldon Bush
| .GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH (b. 1924), US President, m. Barbara Pierce

It seems a certainty that George Herbert Walker was related to George Herbert Scherff, Nazi. A son of president Bush is then shown marrying the Smiths again, and this situation was linked to Joseph Smith, visible founder of the Mormons, in my Bush-Nazi chapter...even though I had not seen the genealogy above until now. It has the line of Mary Hinckley (above) leading in eight generations to "GORDON BITNER HINCKLEY (1910-2008), president of the Mormon church." My Bush-Nazi chapter, which of course involves the Scherf topic, is at

I can't get inline to check the Bitners, if they should be a branch of Bitars/Buttars / Bidens/Buttons. Didn't a Hinckley surname try to assassinate president Reagan? Was Hinckley paid by the Bush's to make George Bush (Reagan's vice-president) the instant president? That suddenly sounds right. But then Bill Clinton, with a surname using the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Saluzzo's, took the presidency away from Bush-Scherf. Later, the president Bush's would support Mitt Romney, a Mormon, for the Republican nominee toward the presidency. Romneys share the Pullen Coat and the Botter bend.

In another genealogy taken from box 6170 & 6171:

Joseph Holley m. Rose Allen
[skip seven generations]
.Amy Gridley Butler m. George Manney Ayer
.Adele Augusta Ayer m. Levi Addison Gardner
.Dorothy Ayer Gardner m. Leslie Lynch King
.Leslie Lynch King Jr, later GERALD RUDOLPH FORD Jr (1913-2006), US President

Why Rudolph? I'll come back to this and show a Lynch surname in Libya. President Ford was born with a name that does not at all reflect any part of the name used as president. What's that?

The Butlers use a version of the Dunham / Randolph Coat, and Obama was involved in a nasty, rebellious group led by Bill Ayers. Ford was involved in a commission to discover / explain the Kennedy assassination, and Kennedys share the dolphin with Reagans. It seems like all-in-the-family in these last days. Was Kennedy assassinated by Ford's people? Perhaps the better question should be: was he assassinated by Ford's bloodline / ancestry? Did Bill Ayers' Weather Underground group have anything to do with it? The Holly surname, sharing the Glass mermaid/Siren, uses a dolphin too, and even shares the white talbot with Ford-like Fortuna's. Fortune's and Gardners (Capes / Kaplan kin) are both traceable to Caiaphas liners in various ways, as well as to the Vespasian-Titus line that I now think was merged with the very family of (perhaps a son of) the Biblical Joseph Caiaphas. I can even trace Eschyna de Molle and related Londons to this very line. In the last update, while working toward a Rennes-le-Chateau discussion that yet need to be started, I was going to start with the Force and Forse surnames.

I have it recorded in my files: "It's of Pollock interest that the Block/Bloch surname of Germany was first in Pomerania [home of Griffin bloodliners of the Mieszko kind]. The Blake surname of England uses the same gold birds [martlets] used by the Ford Coat, but also a green griffin head on its Crest...Note the dog in the Ford Coat...The Irish Ford write-up...suggests that Irish Fords were also 'Foran,' and indeed when entering that term more martlets come up, this time the horizontal/swift type as in the Singletary Coat. (The same martlets are used by Formons on what could be a Forney Shield.) " I can't get online to check whether it's a talbot dog, but I've recorded that the Ford Coat may be using a version of the Sellick Shield, which is a version of the Talbot Shield. The purpose of the Rennes-le-Chateau topic was to trace to the Cavii theater, and the Talbots do just that, as do Pollocks.

Sellicks are suspect with the Seleucid line to the anti-Christ (see last update for some of that), and so are various Obama lines. The following quote (3rd update in October, 2012) is not intended to lose your head, but I'll quote it at the risk anyway. It involves the Crampons/Cramptons, apparently, that were recently discovered in code in the crampon symbol (see two updates ago) of the Tyrol surname, and, if I recall correctly, the Tyrol-related Trunks use quarter colors in the same of one Fort Coat, the one using the Manchester bee. Then, it was found that Krume's show a KRUMMPEN variation, and trace with Croms/Crums to a Krume location at Has (Cavii theater). That's one way that I know for tracing Cavii liners to Rennes-le-Chateau (in Aude), though I was seeing more following clues starting with the Force and Forse surnames:

[Insert -- When reporting below on a Shaw location beside Rochdale, I didn't have reason to specify that the area is called, Shaw and CROMPton, part of Greater Manchester. The Arms of Shaw and Crompton uses "Sapere aude" for a motto, and shows what should be the Ashton star (because Ashtons were first found in Lancashire, the area around Manchester). Unbelievable; the owl in the Arms urged a seeking of the surname somewhere in this update that used an owl, and finding it in the Ford Coat, it turned out to be the same owl exactly as in the Oldham/Olten Coat!..

Thus, the line of James Scott [a Talbot-related surname tracing to Scodra to the north of the Cavii], via his HaverFORDwest mother [Haifa liner?] from the Roche line that traced solidly above to Rochdale, is tracing by way of Fords to Oldham, location of Shaw and Crompton suspect at Rennes-le-Chateau. And while Oltons (with an 'o') and Eltons were first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Ashton-related Astons (Cheshire/Lancashire), the Eltons use a star in colors reversed to the Ashton star, and in the colors of the stars of Pilsons/Polesdons of Cheshire [where Obama traces]. The Oltons (come up also as "Otone") look like they use the RockFort lion on the Fort Shield, important because the Fort Chief uses stars in the colors of the Ashton star. Besides, the Fort Chief uses the Maxton bee seen in the Arms of Manchester, while Oldham is in Greater Manchester (design matters!).

I can't get online to check, but I think the Oldhams/Oltons/Otone's share the Fort / Trunk quarter colors. Shaw liners are important because they were Ayer kin, and so finding the Fords in a discussion that involves a Shaw location recalls the Ayers in the ancestry of Gerald Ford. The Shaws are, for new readers, from the Cavii Albanians in a line through the Chives'/Shives'.

"Kennedy" might be from "Kanza," a woman of the Shawia domain in Numidia that married Idris of Morocco [line shortly from Mohammad, founder of Muslims]. Kanza was of the Aures/Awraba tribe that I traced to the Ayers. Kennedys were first found in AYRshire, you see, while I trace the Tipperary location of Irish Kennedys to Tipaza, a Numidian capital (see also the dolphins of Tippers). Moreover, I found that the line of Idris of Morocco (very likely the Tipaza Numidians included at some point) went into Scotland as quasi-mythical KENNETH MacAlpin through Guerin of Provence, that latter being a location beside Dauphine, where dolphins are a common symbol. As Guerin's line was found to be merged with Renier/Rainier of Montferrat, the dolphin-using Reagans trace likely to "Rainier." Guerins share the stars of Payens, first found in Dauphine.

One could conjecture here that Baathists proper of Syria (co-founded by a Bitar surname) were from Idris' Muslims as they got to Scotland via Provence / Dauphine. The Bitars/Buttars (Sinclair cross) were first found in Scotland. Idris of Morocco, you may find online, was from Syria. He fled war and married the Aures tribe. Thus, in this picture, Bill Ayers looks like a Baathist-liner cousin.

It could also be mentioned that "Weather Underground" was found to be code for surnames, while the Grounds share the grey elephant with the Arms of OxFORD, where Vere's ruled whom had earlier supplied Guerin of Provence.

I'm still trying to find whose red-on-white chevron the Chimneys use. As Samsons honor Baathist elements of the Aflaq / Aflack / Flack kind, while Chimneys are suspect with Siem elements in Poland, the red chevron of Kennedys can apply to the Chimney chevron. The red bars of the Kemmis'/Kenys may apply.

Back to Mr. Lynch = Gerald Rudolph Ford. Here's from the 2nd update in March, 2013, after I suspected that Obama's true grandfather was Lewis Stevenson, and that Obama's grandmother on his father's side was a royal Senussi of Libya (with whom Lewis had an affair), which for me explained why Obama's Libyan ambassador was a Stevens surname:

Just found the photo [below] of Fatima Senussi with the wife of a Libyan ambassador with Tappin surname that uses the same chevron colors as Stevensons {keep in mind that while Hillary Rodham was closely involved in the murder of Obama's Libyan ambassador with Stevens surname, the English Stevensons and Roddens/Rodhams share the same-colored bend}. Note how TAPPIN and STEPHEN are similar. The Tappin ambassador was in the 1950s...

In another article: "In 1949 The UN General Assembly had passed a resolution stating that Libya should become independent before January 1, 1952 (Resolution 289). On December 24, 1951, Libya declared its independence under King Idris [Senussi]."

So, Tappin gets the job from 1954-58...If you recall, Adlai Stevenson's ancestry included the Fells, and here we find that the very first man appointed to Libya in 1951 (on December 24) was a Lynch surname using a version of the Fallis and Feller/Felmen/Felltrager Coats (in Stevenson / Tappin colors)...

Next up in Libya after Lynch was a VILLARd surname, a term like "FELLER...

In an article on Elizabeth Davis Stevenson, I quoted a part concerning Stevenson political business in Turkey, for the royal Senussi's had fled Gaddafi first of all to Turkey. A half-century earlier, Mr. Woolley at Carchemish was perhaps a spy for WW1 purposes, for that's when the British took some prizes from the Turks. See here the husband of Elizabeth Stevenson, asking if they were in Turkey visiting the spy ring that Woolley had been part of:

In 1926, after a brief career as a professional actress, Elizabeth accompanied her mother and brother on a tour of Europe. Here she met Ernest Linwood Ives (1887-1972), who at the time was serving as First Secretary of the American Embassy in Constantinople, Turkey. After a brief courtship, they were married in Naples, Italy, on February 5, 1927. On April 9, 1928, they returned to Chicago, where their son, Timothy Read Ives, was born. In the following years...Ernest served as Consul General in several of these [European] cities. In Algiers and Stockholm, the Ives' participated in archaeological excavations.

Mr. Woolley had been (supposedly) an archaeologist in Carchemish. The point is, the Linwood surname (Mr. Ives' middle name) is also "LYNGwood." Much later, a president Obama would make Turkey his first foreign visit, followed by a visit to Cairo, where the royal Senussi's had gone to live after leaving Turkey. What sort of imposter is Obama? Since when do spy organizations have the right to put one of their own in Office and then lie to the people through him? What is Obama doing on behalf of the American spies that the money of the people should know about? Is American being served well by the Obama circle, or is he doing his own thing along with their thing that can not benefit the country at all? Are they together risking the country's reputation seeking the fulfillment of their dreams? Is Obama seeking to fulfill the dreams of his father? What did they have in mind in Turkey, or at Carchemish, the area now controlled, generally, by ISIS.

I've read that Obama's mother had been an employee of Rockefellers, and while the marriage between Henry IV of Rodez to RoqueFEUILs produced the Rods using treFOILs (Feller symbol too), the Davis' use the trefoil in Rod-trefoil colors. Two updates ago, I came across a lynx while discussing Tappin-like surnames, and so let me show you how this (below) can apply to Tappins:

As Pendragons...honor the Tippers in their motto, it just dawned that the "et opera" motto phrase of MacArthurs should be for Tipper-related Toppers/Toppfers (Thuringia), and they happen to be in MacArthur-crown colors, and even share the Penny greyhound. The Penny-Crest "lynx" (code for Lyncestis south-east of Penestae) is in the MacArthur crown. German Toppers/Topfers, with fish in the colors of the MacArthur moline, look like Dobers/Taupfers/Daubers/DAWbers / Dobermans, but can also be a branch of Dobys because Tippers link to Kennedy's that once showed the same "squire's helmet" as Dobys.

It just so happens that Tappins and Stevensons share white bends with Dobers/Taupfers and Dobermans, and the latter use it in both colors of the Tappin / Stevenson bend! The interesting thing here is that the Senussi's were traced to the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas, and while I didn't ever re-visit that idea on any serious level, the line of Alexander Balas was traced in the last update to the Dober the Santa Claus area within the Circle of Doom. Note that king Idris was declared king on December 24, the night that Claus comes down the chimney.

Of further interest, my thoughts on Benghazi had been that Obama and Mr. Stevens had been relaying weapons to the Sunni in Syria. But it wouldn't be until ISIS took Mosul overnight that it was to be speculated that those Libyan weapons had gone to the Sunni Baathists making an assault on Baghdad immediately upon taking Mosul.

I've Been Avoiding Donald Tusk Because...

I just don't know. I don't mind being wrong on some theories, like those on Obama's true father and grandfather. But I do not want to be wrong about making Donald Tusk a serious anti-Christ issue. However, I'm willing to look at it any-which-way that seems reasonable. There is a way to link Mr. Tusk to the 666-suspect Trabys, but only if Tusks were of the Usks/Osks. The bat wings of the Usks is highly likely in honor of Wings that share the red and upside-DOWN perchevron of Hagels. They call it a pile, but it's not a typical pile, but more of a perchevron, defined as a solid chevron in honor of the Perche's. The Perche's happen to use two chevrons in the colors of the one Chimney chevron. I'll leave it to you to decide whether this applies to the bat in the chimney. I think it does. But you should not believe me at my word.

The Hagels traced to the Astakos theater (ancient Calydon), and the Trabys, along with Astikas' of Lithuania, were identified as 666 lovers. The surname of Zbigniew Brzezinski uses the Traby Arms, according to Wikipedia's Traby article. That's where you will see three hunting horns with three strings that look like 666. That was only the start, the first clue, that Trabys were 666 liners long before the modern age. Eventually, Trips were found traceable to Patmos with the Gore's/Core's, and Astikas' had been suspect with "stigma," one of the Greek letters used to spell, 666.

"Stigma" looks like "stick," what one does with a needle. The over-riding suspicions toward the 666 bloodline was their sharp objects, such as needle's for tattooing, and needle's for making blood-brother pacts using grails / cups. The Arpad Hungarians gave me this idea, for I read that all leaders of the seven Magyar tribes assembled for to drip some of their blood into a cup, and they all passed the cup around for drinking, just like Jesus at the "Last Supper." But while the Arpads did it as a pact for war and empirehood, Jesus may have done it as a sign that he would one day destroy the Scythians who practice that grail pact.

It dawned on me that the ermine and the pheon, two sharp objects in heraldry, were symbols of tattooing. The Payens/Paionts/Paions, suspect with the paint-like Paeoni/Paioni that may be in the pheon symbol, use pierced stars, and then the Pierce's were Percivals (part-Valentinian liners?), for both were first found in the same place (Somerset). Arthurian myth made Percival the Grail King. And the Pierces and Percivals were Perche liners, you see, and while the bat in my chimney may now link to Perche's, the bat traces to Baths/Atha's and Battins, both first found in the same place as Pierce's and Percivals. Therefore, Donald Tusk, if he was an Usk liner, can trace by way of the Usk / Hagel perchevron to this 666 line. And the Hagel perchevron is in the colors of the double Perche chevrons.

As the Hagel symbol is called a pile, note that Pilate's use pheons while Pellets share grails with English Pilotte's/Pillette's. I trace this picture to Pylos, ruled by mythical Nestor that traces to the Nests/Ness' that use two red-on-white bars, the colors of the two Perche chevrons. The Nestor (and neighboring Oeneus>Methoni) line was that of wild Dionysus, whose symbol was a staff (thyrsus) tipped with a pine cone, symbol of disgusting Attis, the sun god that gave Christmas the pine tree, though in reality it was a breed of disgusting occultists that injected Christmas with such symbols. Another surname using double red-on-white bars are the Mousquette's/Muskets, which may be from Messene, the Greek area around Pylos. For a possible or expected example of Messene liners, Pilate's were first found in the same place (Burgundy) as Messeys/Messier's (Maschi, Masci and Messina colors) and Mochs/Moucets.

The Tanners (quite-possibly from Danaans of Mycenae = Argos) that use the pine cone are the German branch of "the tanner" of Falaise, the very family that the Moline's/Moulins are known to be from. The Moline's share the black moline cross with the Chives' that are from the Cavii living beside the Paeoni. In fact, while Hugh de Payens married a Cavii > Chappes line, the Chappes' share the Moor head with Wings, and Wings share billets with the Naso's/Nassau's while the Billets (Maine) are a branch of Bellows from Bellamys at Perche. And the Chives' were first found in Devon, smack beside the Perche line at Somerset. See the Perche chevrons in the Maine Coat, and trace logically to the Manders from the Maeander, to the wild Maenads of Dionysus that carried thyrsus rods, who were a branch of Rhodes', first found in Lincolnshire, where English Messier's were first found, and where Danaans from Lindos are expected.

The Talbots of Lincolnshire, which married Meschin, are suspect from Telchines of Rhodes (see Talls/Thals using the Massena / Masci bend) which I now think went on to become the Taulantii on the south side of the Mathis river. To Latins, "matto" means "crazy," and the Maenads were given a crazy symbol, suggesting that the Mathis was named after something in the realm of the Maeander, later naming Methoni. Molle's may be from Miletus, off the Maeander, and/or from Mytilene (Lesbos) beside Methimna of Lesbos.

Eschyna de Molle, if she was an Usk liner, traces to the Moline's/Moulins without doubt, but let's add that Jacques de Molay, because he was a grand master of Templars like Hugh de Payens before him, may prove that Molle liners ought to be 666ers too. And that's where Mullets come in, for pierced stars are often called, mullets, and the Mullet stars happen to be the Payen stars. From here, we just go to the same stars used by Guerins (= the elf / Elvin line), and that gets one to the reindeer line.

"Jingle BELLS" may be part-code for the Bellamys, whom I've traced for good Massey-pegasus reason to Bellerophon in Lycia, suspect there from Belas/Belus, father of Danaus. Bellerophon and Pegasus together killed the CHIMera dragon (probably code for Kamiros on Rhodes, a settlement of Cimmerians ultimately from Tanais), a creature that I traced to "Kemmis," and therefore suspect now with the Chimneys. I had traced Methoni to the Mitanni royals in Kemmis. As Chimneys were suspect with Perche's even before writing here, by what coincidence are Chimneys tracing here to Bellamys at Perche?

The Jingle Bells tune has a sleigh, and then the Sleighs (owls) were first found in the same place, Traby-suspect Derbyshire, as the Slate's suspect with the Sleds/Slade's. Again, the Chimney antelope is in the design of the Derby antelope.

It dawned on me while writing above that the "TaulANTii" term may have been a Telchine merger with mythical Anat, the likely namer of Anatolia, though I trace her to the namers of ANTalya/Attaleia of Pisidia, smack at the Lycian theater. This Anat, to which I traced the heraldic antler and antelope (may have worked cleverly into the reindeer entity), is suspect with ENDymion, who was from the family of Elis at Pisidia-based Pisa, and also from Aetolia, which I trace to "Attaleia." In other words, the Taulantii can be tentatively suspect from a Telchine merger with Endymion Carians / Lydians. That works well because Endymion was in love with Telchine-like Selene (sister of Rhodian Helios).

If correct to identify Endymion with the line forward in time to Smendys, the first Meshwesh ruler of the 21st Egyptian dynasty, then there was a Telchine merger with the Smintheus mouse line, and that explains why Ranulph le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois of Lincolnshire. In other words, trace the Samos-suspect Smendys line to Meschins, noting that Meschins and Samsons share the same-colored scallops while the Samson Crest shares a blue lion with Massins/Masons. It's suggesting that Endymion was a real entity on Samos, very logical even from a geographical point of view.

Elis' are in Meschin colors for the reason that Endymion was an Elis entity while Meshwesh were in the Oenomaus > Hippodama line at Pisa. The Meschins of Skipton were where Elis' were first found, and these Skiptons (trace to eel-using Skiptons with "bellows") liked the Alis/Alice name. As the Chimney antelope is tracing to Endymion, we now have a third trace of Chimneys to the Bellamys, for the latter merged with Ferte-Mace (an origin in of Masseys/Maceys), which is how we know that the Massey pegasus traces to Bellerophon.

Anat was commonly made a wife of Baal i.e. suspect in Bellerophon. The latter character had been from Corinthian liners, specifically from SISYphus of Corinth, though he was code for neighboring SICYon, where mythical Telchis originated that became the Telchines of Rhodes. It appears that Telchis elements migrated with Bellerophon / Medea elements to the Lycia - Rhodes theater. Corinth was home to Medea and her chariot of 12 dragons that I now understand to be in code in Santa's reindeer, but as Milan was originally named after a Medio entity, while Scottish Milans look Moulins-like, I'm starting to see that Molle's were from this Medea line...from Keturah. As the Pegasus was born from the head of MEDusa, I would now venture to see the Keturah > Medan line as a Corinthian one migrated to Miletus and/or Mytilene, especially as "MEDea" may have named Methimna. I've been on this before, suggesting that the Mitanni were from Keturah's son(s).

From Corinthians at Lesbos and/or Miletus, one can trace to Chora on Patmos, where the Colchian Bats are expected in "Patmos." It makes perfect sense because Medea was a Colchian entity in the neighborhood of the Bats. The latter were at the MOSchian mountains so that we can see their namers in "PatMOS." Having said all that, re-consider whether "ESCHyna" de Molle was an Usk/Osk liner simply because the latter use Bat wings/ The Wing billets were traced to the Schole/Scayle lozenges, and Patmos has a Skala location that can apply, from Eschol, where Keturah likely lived. The Biblical fleece miracle of Jacob, grandson of Keturah's husband, was an event that likely reached western Anatolia with the Keturah line, and this the birth of the golden fleece that is apparently all about the Keturah > Medan line. Remember here too that while Moses married the Midianites, from Midian, another son of Keturah, Moses was named by the household of the Exodus pharaoh, whom I think was the Hyksos ruler, Apachnas, the reason for "PEGasus." I've read that Apachnas was also "Khyan," a term that can lead to the Kenys variation of Kemmis' (Chaine's/Chenays use the white Masci WING!), and thus the Chimney surname may even be from the Exodus pharaoh!

In fact, I trace Hyksos to the Hayasa Azzi in the ballpark of the Caucasian Bats and the Moschian mountains.

Let me repeat that the Masci wing design (no longer shown) was on the rare side in comparison to most wings used by I saw with my own eyes, for years, that the Chaine/Chenay wing was the Masci wing before the design of both were changed for no apparent reason but to hide what I was saying about the surnames. Yes, the two wing designs are still a match at this time, but as this wing design is common, one can no longer use it to make a close Masci link to Chaine's/Chenays, which is important for pointing out the Mos household of pharaoh Khyan.

I have never emphasized the Masci wing as code for Wings (billets in Meschin / Dien/Dives colors) and/or Wingers, but should have. I now see that the Masci wing (still shown in the Dien/Dives Coat) links fundamentally to the Chimney bat wings. The Vince, Vincent, and Winkler surnames likely apply to the Wings/Winks, and the Ince's / Inch's / Innis' / Innus' / Ananes are suspect from the Insubres that gave Milan its Mediolanum name.

The Italian Milans use a tree stump, now important for a new thought that occurred last night (December 18, a day after starting this discussion, a week from Santamas): one could imagine that Tusks would be given an elephant tusk symbol. The tree stump can be called a trunk, you see. Therefore, it Tusks were Usks, and part of the naming of Eschyna de Molle from Milan liners, we could have a Donald-Tusk trace to Milan, where Visconti's ruled who originally used a green serpent, a Biscone, suspect with the EUSKals = Basques. The Innis' use a green snake as evidence of their trace to Insubres of Milan. As InSUBREs' were suspect with the Supers/Sopers, by what coincidence do the latter share white-on-black billets with Wings!!! We have just traced "Wing/Wink" effectively to "INSubres," and so while the Masci wing is now suspect with Insubres, let's mention that Viscontis lived in Massino-Visconti!

We are rolling, and all of these things are coming your way because God chose a Massey liner to make this revelation. If not for my being a Massey liner (my mother is one), I would not have emphasized all the various Massey liners in my work when God started to give us the mouse signs. As Sopers/Sobers use the same saltire colors as the Patrick / Kilpatrick saltires, one can trace Insubres to a merger with Patmos elements, and thus we have a Bat-Wing merger in that picture.

It was not likely coincidental that a reader following my writings for a few years had informed me that she (lives not far from Milan) was married to the Polish Sobieski/Sobek surname using a purple buckle. I traced Buckle's and similar others to "Apachnas," but the purple color suggests the Meschin-Skiptons. I am now seeing why her involvement was important, for "Sobie(ski) looks like "Soper," and that can, once again, trace the Polish Tusk surname to the Insubres, thus serving as evidence that the bat-wing Usks were Tusk liners, as was the suspicion in the 12th squirrel discussed in the last update. The squirrel is even used by Decks/Daggers whom I traced to the Ticino/Tessen river (flows near Milan), home of some Insubres liners, we may well assume. I read that Insubres were disgusting, but I can't recall the reasons given, if they were given. Just look at the child in the Visconti serpent to see disgusting. Thank God for Jesus, who makes us much better by His word dwelling in us. I hope he is able to take the Insubres out of me.

[Insert -- I didn't know until writing the above that Donald Tusk was born in Gdansk, the Pomeranian capital. The Arms of Gdansk has the motto, "Nec Temere, nec timide," the motto of the Buckleys. One Bouk variation of the Buckleys looks like it should be a branch of the Roet-honored Books/Bouks/Bogue's, and it has likely the Derby Chevron, for the red stag in the Book/Bouk Coat (seer also the Reed stag and Reed book) match's the red Derby antelope because the Derbyshire location uses stags. Plus, Catherine Roet's Catherine wheel is used by antelope-using Wheelwrights. The Book/Bouk/Bogue Coat (hourglass in Crest can trace to Trypillian hourglass goddess) looks like its a version of the Hamon(d) Coat, which, for the first time that I can recall, links Roets directly to Masseys of Dunham Massey, ruled by Hamon de Massey/Masci/Mascy.

It seems clear here that white Buckley bull head is that of the Haught/Hoctor Crest, and that Buckleys are a branch of ostrich-using Beaks (same three bars as Arms of TREBizond empire) using the Haught/Hoctor bars in colors reversed. The black null head of Mieske's easily applies, which is used as a buffalo by German Pohls/Pohlands (shares ostrich feathers with Trabys). French Pohls were first found in Picardy, where Catherine's father was from. Gdansk is said to be near the mouth of the Vistula, a term like Vestalis, son of Cottius whom I linked to Wessels, and then German Wessels use a "buffalo horn" (it's the horn of an ordinary buffalo). The German Wessel Coat looks like it could be using a version of the Coat of Sitlers/Schitners, first Silesia, where Pohls were first found who use their buffalo in the colors of the Sitler lion.

The antler in the Wessel Coat is in the colors of the Arms of Gdansk, and, down the Gdansk page, an old Arms of the 13th century is shown with a rider on a horse and having a shield at his breast with what looks like a single antler. This is reflecting my trace of Donnus, Vestalis' grandfather, to the heraldic dancette, and to the Donnus/Dance surname. It now appears that dancettes are code for Gdansk (also called Danzc), at least in part. English Wessels use a horse too. It looks like the royal Cottians, the ancestry of Caiaphas in my current opinion, was in Gdansk. It's near Rostock in the Varni theater, a good reason for tracing to antler-using Veringens. In fact, the buffalo's in this picture assure a trace to Veringens.

But as Veringens and their antler-using kin, Zahringens, were both from Baden, note that English Badens/Battins were first found in the same place as Roets. Suddenly, Bat liners can trace to the birthplace of Donald Tusk, and, too boot, the Baths/Atha's use a cross in the colors of the two crosses in the Arms of Gdansk!!!

Aha! I almost didn't load the Hamon Coat; I had forgotten that they use white antlers in Crest!!! As Obama's mother traces here, by what chimnincdence are we tracing Obama exactly to elements from Tusk's birthplace???

Like I said, when I can get online, the updates grow. But this insert was well worth the space. It's not likely the end of the matter. End insert]

[Insert -- It's the day after the insert above, and the Hamon Crest just helped to clinch a trace of Sadducee suspects to Gdansk. I'll walk you though this discovery. It started when mentioning Chads earlier in this update, when it struck me that "Geddes" (somewhat like "Gdansk") is just a variation of "Chad(ock) / Saddock" because Geddes' use the Chadock / Chadwick Shield. After that thought, "Shad" was tried, which got the Chadocks. It was recalled that the proto-Geddes Geds were on the Nith river, and that Nitts/Naughts, using a version of the Saddock/Sedgwick Shield, were first found in the same place as the Nith, and as the Annans.

I had noted that Chads use crosses in the colors of the crosses in the Arms of Gdansk. But that's a far cry from being able to trace Chads (said to be from Saxons) to Gdansk. When the English Sheds/Scheds (same potent cross, essentially, as Chads) were loaded, I saw that they too used crosses in the colors of the Gdansk cross, but didn't make much of it...until seeing that the brown bird in the Shed Crest was identical to the brown bird (falcon) in the Hamon Crest! If not for loading the Hamon Coat recently, I wouldn't have known this. But even if I had loaded the two surnames near to one another in time, knowing that they share the same bird would not have been able to trace Sheds/Scheds to Gdansk. It was the white antlers of Hamons that clinched it!!!

And this is important, for when I claimed that the priests (or their family) from Israel escaped early to the Varni theater to become vikings, it involved the Skits/Skeochs and Sheds/Scheds in particular. I even ventured to suggest that the Cottians migrated quickly to the Varni theater as the likely carriers of the line of Caiaphas to the Varni theater. And here, just a day or two before this trace of Sheds to Gdansk, the Cottians themselves had traced there. We now have Gdansk as another hub of the Levite-dragon line, giving us more to discover.

It dawns on me here that the "blue apple" riddle at Rennes le Chateau may be code for "pommes," the French word for "apple" that may be code for Pomerania. For Apple's and Applebys share white footless martlets with Chadocks and Saddocks.

Dennis' were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Chadocks and Chadwicks, downstream on the Ribble river (suspect with the Riparia, home of Donnus and Vestalis) from English Dance's (and Chimneys). French Dennis/Denys'/Denizots (Champagne) share a red fesse with Dance's (Chimney colors). Denisons (Yorkshire too), who share a red fitchee with Sheds/Sheddens (Macey chevron?), and a sun with Hamons, even use a "repello" motto term. To help trace Dennis' to Donnus (father of Cottius), the Denison bend is "cotised," as is the bend of French Champagne's. Capone-suspect Camps were likewise first found in Yorkshire.

The Champagne location had kin and/or political associates of Hugh de Payens, and then the "pean" chevron of Hamons (mullets) gets the Payen surname. The Scottish Champagne's use the same Coat as Haskels now suspect with the Usks/Osks. As Eschyna de Molle married Croce, see that the Croce/Cross potent cross design (rare) is that also of Chads, suggesting that Creusa liners should trace to Gdansk / Pomerania. But wait, if the namer of Eschyna traces to Gdansk, we could expect Usks/Osks there too that later gave birth to Donald Tusk.

To trace Eschyna to Gdansk another way, trace Champagne's and Haskels there. In fact, both surname use "vair FUR", while "fur" was suspect with the Fir Bolgs that included Fomorians who may have named Pomerania.

This gets complicated because I was sure that "Ged" was from "Geta," the name of Caracalla's brother in about 200 AD. How did "Sadducee" become "Geta"? Actually, "Geta" was traced via Geta's father to a Geta surname in north Africa, highly suspect with the Getuli Numidians that likely pre-dated "Sadducee." The Getuli had become suspect in a merger or some fundamental relationship with Seatons. To complicate matters, I traced the royal Cottians to the Cotesii and suggested that the term was a version of "Soducena." It's hard to trace "Sadducee" to "Cotesii" and "Geta" too. I now find that Scottish Sheds/Sheddens (Macey chevron? probably) were first found in the same place as Carricks, whom I trace to the same stock as named "Caracalla," which can at least argue for a Geta-line merger with Saddock liners.

Caracalla's mother was a sister of Julia Maesa, and that can now trace Hamon de Massey to that Julia. Moreover, Margys/Mackeys, suspect with Masseys/Maceys, were first found in the same place as Sheds/Sheddens. Margys trace to the Margus river, likely, in Moesia, nearly the home of Getae-related Dacians. The Margus is near the Pek, where Geddes ought to trace as per their pike fish.

Geta's and Gate's were suspect with the Getae Thracians in the Cotesii theater off the Siret. There was always a question as to whether "Getae" was a corruption from "Sittaceni." Unfortunately, I have no way (that I can recall) to prove that Getae lines were Sittaceni. If the Geddes' ("Capta" motto term may suggest Capetians) were a branch of Chads and Shads, then it's hard to figure how Geddes' could be from "Geta" in the ballpark of 200 AD. "Gadd" (pale bars in the color of the Erskin/Eskin pale bar) was just looked up to find a GADDESden variation and stars in the colors of the Hamon stars so that it appears to trace Geddes' to Gdansk with the Sheds and Chads. The thing that concerns me in this, the evolution of terms that provided "Sadducee," is very confusing for me.

"Cotesii" was traced to "Kutaisi," the golden-fleece city, on a Glaucus river that had a mouth at Phasis/Poti, and that;s where the Potent cross is expected to go. The Putents/Pottocks (same place as Saddocks) even use stars in Hamon- and Gadd/Gaddesen star colors! End Insert]

. There are what look like prairie-buffalo horns that came to be called, elephant trunks. You can see them in a Crest of a Thor surname. The Thors of Tyrol may perhaps trace to the same that named the THYRSus, and that line may have been from the mythical TYRRhenus Lydians as they formed the Etruscans (also called Tyrrhenians), a picture that allows Tusks to be from Tusculus.

Tyrol became suspect in the last update with the Tyras river through what is now Moldova. But Tyrol became a topic as per the Rhaetian mountains that extend from Tyrol down toward the Insubres theater, and it was determined that the Rhaetians were named after Rieti/Reate, where the Vespasian dragon line came out of that's now the line expected to suffer a temporary "resurrection" (as per Revelation 13) as the 8th head of the beast (Revelation 17), a ruler of end-time Rome, according to the 11th horn of Daniel 7. The Tyras is one major over from the modern Prut, anciently the Pyretus and similar terms, suspect with a Pratt-like motto term in the Arms of Rieti. Rieti is on the Salto river, and then the Sales'/Sallete's use half the Super/Soper saltire (same colors), and moreover the Sale's (suspect with the bend of BUCKingham Cheneys) have been expected on the Ticino river in a merger with the Marici there.

I trace the Marici to the Marsi at lake Fucino, at the sources of the Salto. In myths I've read, even the disgusting Zeus (chief queer-box and human-sacrifice cult, totally sold out to insanity) thought that Ares, the proto-Marsi, was disgusting. That is, myth writers viewed Ares as disgusting, and this theme (included Eros / Erotes = boy sex) carried over to the Marici that likely merged with Insubres. There's no way to leave Aphrodite, mother of Eros and Erotes, sons of Ares, out of this, and so note that the Abreu's/Abruzzo's likewise use wings! Zowie, for the Marsi at Fucino are in Abruzzo. Therefore, the Eburovices in Brescia are suspect in a merger with Insubres. It is a great tool to know now that heraldic wings trace to Insubres, why didn't I understand this earlier? I had even suggested that "InsuBRES" was linkable to "BREScia." The wing-Insubres connection is thus clinched. I once read that Eburovices were in Brescia, but someone took that offline, and I was unable to find that claim again, but just compare "Brescia" with "Abruzzo."

I trace "Fucino" to modern Foca, the home of Phocaeans at the mouth of the Hermus river = downtown Lydia, the proto-Latins. Hermes at the Hermus evolved into the Roman MERCury, a Marici line, apparently. Mercury had wings on his heels. Hermes was from Hermon, the Tyre region, so that the Hermes rod, the caduceus, can become suspect with the Maenad thyrsus. The Cadusii Armenians suspect with the caduceus were from the Mannae theater (Armenia) so that Maeander-river lunatics are suspect in the Mannae entity. The "matto" symbol of the Maenads can therefore be from the Mitanni..who lived in or beside Mannae. This was the Manes > Attis > Lydus line of myth that easily traces Maenads to Lydia. After that, they migrate to Tusculus on the Latin-Etruscan border region as the Dascylus > Gugu Lydo-Mysians. "Gugu" was suspect with "Yuya," the Mitanni horse trainer, in Kemmis, of pharaoh Akhenaten. This is now suspect at the Chimney surname.

It dawns on me here that the ANGitia snake cult of the Marsi transfers to the INS term of Insubres, and that the Visconti biscone is from Angitia. It recalls the Armenian god, Angl-Thork, which itself begs a link to the Thor-Tyrol line (two Thor surnames use elephant trunks traceable to Milan) as it took off from Insubres. The Insubres of this picture, because they trace to the ANGus-related Innus', are suspect with the proto-English. Let's now re-visit my claim that the proto-Vere Pharisees were named by whatever named the Varni, and let's re-mention that the Varni (mentioned by Tacitus about the time that John was on Patmos dictating the Revelation) worshiped the same goddess as the Angles, likewise mentioned by Tacitus. Then, as Pharisees were Levites that I trace to ancestry in the Laevi, by what coincidence were Laevi (at Novara of the Ticino) partners with the Marici in founding Ticinum???

Compare "Pharisee" to "BREScia/ Abruzzo." See the Breuci peoples near INCERum on this map, a term that could have named Angers at Anjou, and INGER the Varangian (a disgusting peoples suspect from "Varni"), the husband of the historical Melissena Rangabe, herself suspect as the mythical Melusine/Milouziana entity of the Drakenberg Vere's, which they located at Angers / Anjou in one quasi-fabulous Milo de Vere, potential code for the moline-using Mile's / Miles' traceable to Milan. Milan tree stump is in Miles colors.

The Drakenberg Vere's even traced themselves to Mitanni, and that could indicate the Keturah>Medan or Keturah>Midian line at Mediolanum. It's suggesting that the Keturah liners should be found at Incerum. If I recall correctly, the Miles' moline is colors reversed from the "patonce" cross used by the Wessex Anglo-Saxons, and the Miles' moline is blue, perhaps colors reversed from the white-on-blue flory cross (Cutter colors) of Rangabe's. The Wessex patonce is a flory cross too. See the 3rd update in November for Wessex elaboration.

With the Chimneys tracing as Colchian suspects to Insubres, and therefore further back to the Hebron elements of Keturah as they evolved into the Medea occult (the Magi Medes, we may expect), one can identify the Chimney chevron as the one used by Varangian-suspect Hebrons/Hepburns. I recall looking into various tribes of Medes and finding the tribes with names something like "Busae" and "Budae." These can not only trace to Butua, beside Kotor, but to the Bat Colchians...if this helps to trace Keturah to the Colchians. The golden fleece Colchians were traced by myth writers to ancestry in Hermes elements in Corinth, and we saw that the Bellerophon elements from Corinth traced to Bellamys, at Perche, where we find double chevrons in the colors of the Hebron / Chimney / Child chevron. From this picture, trace to the Chills/Childs and the Childer / Childress surnames in Obama's ancestry, for he is from Bat liners.

Melissena was a Byzantine suspect from the Busae tribe. "RANGabe" may become suspect from the ERENIK tributary of the White Drin (major topic of the last update). "Erenik" was traced to Rands and therefore to bat-using Randolphs.

"Perche" was suspect (long ago, not now for convenience in linking to Keturah) with Percival from the Parisii, Gorgon co-founders of York along with Eburovices, from Parion, the Mysian city that was also PARIUM, suspect with PRIAM (myth-code father of Paris and Hector), himself suspect with the Keturah-ABRAM line. It just so happens that Parium was a city of the Gorgons and that Medusa was a Gorgon. Thus, Keturah's son(s) trace to the Gorgons of Parium.

The Erenik was also the RIBNik, which was traced to the ribbon used by Dempsters. It was also traced to Rebels/Robels using the white Masci WING! The Bat liners entered that ribbon discussion, but I failed to mention that the Dempsey and Dempster swords are used in the same colors and design by Borders, who were first found in the same place as Percivals, Baths / Battins. Borders are suspect with Birds/Burds that use the flory cross of Bouillons in colors reversed, and the Bouillon flory is white, as is the Rangabe flory. Borders were traced to Bordeaux and Candale, where John of Gaunt was living who married Catherine Roet, which explains why Borders were first found in the same place as Roets.

The all-seeing eye in the Battin/Baden surname is now easily deciphered with the Gorgon eye (see the mythical Graeae hags, kin or sisters of Medusa), though this eye is traceable to a Uat-Buto cult of Egypt as it traces forward to Siemowit (and likely to Butua, where Ares' daughter, Armenia-portraying Harmonia, was located by myth writers). The Buto goddess was also in Sebannytos/Samannud, a location tracing well to Sabines and Samnites smack beside the Marsi of Abruzzo (i.e. where Keturah traces).

The symbol of Catherine Roet was a CATHERine wheel, suspect with a Keturah line to the Wheelwrights using the Catherine wheel, used also by the Piast-based Colters/Coulters. The following is from two updates ago that was written upon the introduction of the Derby write-up tracing to "doe": The Doe's/Dows use "coulters"..." Again, the Derby Crest shares the Chimney antelope, and Wheelwrights us the antelope too, while Derbys/Darbys are suspect with Trabys. It's making a Chimney link quite well to Trabys so that Donald Tusk may link to Trabys.

There is perhaps no one in the world more interested in Eurasian issues -- the hot ones involving the Westernization of Russia's backyard -- than Zbigniew BRZezinski. Is that a Brescia liner? If so, it's amazing how this discussion is unfolding. Could Brzezinski have Tusk's phone number? I don't know what "zinski" means to the Poles, but it's a common suffix on surnames.

One day, when I looked at a picture of Brzezinski, I could see the burning, crafty devil in his eyes. I was so impressed that I wondered whether his son, Mike, might somehow become the anti-Christ under Obama (I've not emphasized that at all), for it is said that Zbigniew, a founder of the Council of Foreign Relations, and also the one who put al-Qaeda on the map in Afghanistan, was one of Obama's foreign-policy advisors. The aging Zbigniew seems to have gone into retirement, but that doesn't mean he (or his circle / family) is no longer talking with Obama. I even thought it was possible that the faked images of Osama bin Laden, as they were presented by the CIA in the news, could have been Obama after a make-up artist swelled his cheeks a little, and put a beard on him. The skin tones, the eyes and the ears are all about right between the two. Obama had been in Pakistan for about one year, though he does not admit to being there anywhere near that long. Was he on CIA business? Wouldn't George Bush have known that Obama was posing as Osama? Imagine the ramifications of American politics if this is correct. Are the two big parties merely faking animosity?

Can Trabys trace to the Insubres now that Brzezinski is suspect from them? Yes, Trabys can trace exactly to Insubres if the I-versions of the Annans (share the Bruce saltire) are from Insubres elements. The Annans of Annandale is where blue-lion Bruce's lived (from Yorkshire, co-founded by Eburovices and Parisii) that trace to the blue-on-white lion in the Arms of BREScia. This blue lion is used by Massins/Masons from Massino-Visconti, and the Massin/Mason motto includes "Dum" for Dumfries elements, I am sure, for Annandale is in Dumfries. The point is, the Annans trace excellently by their Brescia connection to Placentia, home of the Ananes Gauls, and that latter location is at the Trebia river so that Trabys can be expected in a merger with Ananes.

I had traced the Ananes to the Name/Neame surname that happens to use the lion in Massin-lion colors. The Neame surname was traced well to Neamt (thought to be proto-Numidians leading to king Massena) in the ancient land of Trypillians, on the Siret river, and then the Siret/Sire/Siron surname uses a green snake too (suspect as the Insubres / Marici snake), coiled around an Asclepius rod. The Siron surname can and should trace to mythical Sirens, known to have lived on the Akheloos river, location of Astakos suspect with the Traby merger with Astikas. That's my squirrel story, and I'm STICKen to it.

The 666-suspect Traby Arms (shown at their Wikipedia article) use ostrich feathers, a symbol in the Arms of Rothschild that comes with elephant trunks that could just indicate Tusk liners. There may be elephant tusk symbols in heraldry that I've overlooked in the past. If not, then, perhaps, "Tusk" may be a rather late variation not expected to have heraldic codes in the ballpark of 1100-1200 AD, the period that much at houseofnames hearkens back to. Flatly, it could be wrong to link elephant trunks to Tusks even though a trace of the Thor trunks traced very well to Milan.

I had a hard time finding what the elephant trunks were initially. They look like horns on viking helmets. When I learned that Zahringers of Baden (antler-using cousins of vikings-suspect Veringers) used buffalo horns as well as elephant trunks, I looked at pictures of real buffaloes, but the elephant-trunk horns did not look like buffalo horns. Then, one day, while at the page below:

See the Arms of Barry Lereng Wilmont. At the website where these are found, we read:

"Crest -- Two buffalo horns chequy Argent and Vert each set with two peacock feathers Argent

...The buffalo horns, or 'buffelhorns' are a very distinctive and ancient European heraldic symbol. The horns are a reference to the prairie bison...Choosing the horns in this form is also a way of celebrating Mr. Wilmont's long connection with Denmark and his contributions to cultural life there."

I had found an old Arms of Denmark using the same horns. If the page disappears, here's the Wilmont Arms from my files:

The prairie-buffalo horns come with peacock feathers, and while Peacocks are a sept of Pollocks, the latter share the "hunting horn" with Trabys. Plus, a so-called "buffalo" head is in use in a Pohl Coat, suspect with the Mieske/Mesech bull head. he Traby page at Wikipedia implies wrongly that "Traby" means "horn." That is, proto-Trabys were not derived in the Polish word for "horn," but may have developed a horn-like variation once in Poland. The parts of peacock feathers showing are the tips with the "eyes," you see, traceable to the makers of the Arms of Witkowo.

I had also traced Papia to "Peebles," and that's where the Bowers were first found that share a green Shield with the WING-using Bauers!!! Like I said, the heraldic wing, now that it's known to be code for Insubres liners, is an excellent tool. The trunk-using, antChrist-suspect Rothschilds have just been traced to Insubres!

Others using the wing are the tree-trunk-using Here's/Heyers (DERBYshire!), as well as the Ayer-suspect and Here's / Hertzogs!!! Bill Ayers was a leader of Weather Underground, and while Grounds use the elephant, Weathers/Withers use a HARE in Crest that is in the blue color of the Here / Hertzog wings!!! The disgusting Insubres trace to the first, disgusting Rothschild, and to the disgusting terror group, Weather Underground. The Unders (if there is such a surname) might be the Enders/Ingers (arrows, Rothschild symbol), for "Inger" was just traced above to INCERum, suspect with proto-Insubres! We are on a roll.

The Inger-Anger discussion of the Drakenberg Vere's was called (by them) the ELVIN line, which I thought ought to trace to Alba elements as they named Alpins, but note too that Portuguese Alfreds (said to be named after "elf" in the case of king Alfred of the Saxons) use the Portuguese-Abreu wings. The Oxford Vere's (see the Weir/Vere write-up) started out with an Alfred-like name, and the Drake's (honor the Mosca surname) trace to Abruzzo as well as to the Mieszko dukes in Masovia. Mieszko Piasts were traced to the Maezaei (map above) and the Bistue locations beside them, not far from Incerum.

So, now we know where much of Masonry and Rosicrucianism traces, to the disgusting Visconti's that had merged with the line of disgusting Caiaphas, the one that would shun God while staring him in the face, and have Him killed in return for political power in a disgusting Jerusalem filled with disgusting Jews having darkened hearts of stone. That's how God looks at it. Pay Day is almost here.

Pay Day starts at Megiddo and ends at Edom, where the elephant line traces. Poor Eliphas, son of Esau, whom God hated. His land will be turned to burning pitch throughout all remaining generations. The crude desired by the Rothschilds of the world, who would kill Jesus all over again, will explode. The "blood" of Noah's Flood will speak from its deep grave upon this evil generation. And the anti-Christ, with the False Prophet, will be tossed into the burning pitch of Edom, when, says Isaiah 66, the survivors will go look out upon the maggots, upon their bodies.

The Humble Oil company is suspect with Mercians at the Humber. And if you're convinced that Mercians were from the Marici as they joined Trebia-river elements, see the Humble/Hummel Coat with "...a gold buck TRIPpant and a gold fesse indented." Recall that hare's are suspect with the wing-line Insubres, for the size and number of indentations in the Hare Coat look identical to those of the Humble/Hummel Coat. The tiger in the Dent Crest is suspect with Exxon's Tony the Tiger. The tiger-like Taggerts/Toggerts share the owl with Humble's, potentially from the Edom owl cult, and use a "ratione" motto term smacking of Rhetia/Raetia, thus linkable to Insubres.

What follows is a way to link Trabys to Insubres from the 4th update in June, 2012. Let's not forget that Pepins are tracing to the Insubres theater:

I can add now that the Dutch Winkler Shield-and-Chief combination is that of the Drops/Tropes and the "Vil"-using Mens/Mengzes who are related to the "Mens"-using Pepins who, like Pattersons [drops] and Crows, use a camel head in Crest. The Pepins use "quisque" in their motto while Winkler-like Wingers use "cuique."

...Wingers and English Winklers/Windlers (looks like they use the House cross in colors reversed) both use the same type footless martlets that trace in-part to Charles Martel, a Pepin bloodliner and founder of the Carolingian dynasty.

Hinkleys [found in Obama's genealogy along with Holleys] use a 16-pointed sun, and if I'm not mistake, the Arms of Holstein use a 16-pointed star / sunburst in the red and white colors of the split Hinkley Shield. If correct, it traces Hinkleys to Holstein, which is the Polabia theater and home of the Holle/Holla witch cult that should trace to the holly of Maxwells and Islips/Haslips, who are related to Houses suspect at the English Winkler/Windlar Coat (Cheshire, as with Hazels). It was just the last update where Hazels (Islip branch) were found at Dusseldorf, and then Willich is at Dusseldorf. Entering "Willich" gets the Wilcox/Wallock surname (Dussel / Hazel colors), first found in the same place (Leicestershire) as Hinkleys, and using what could be the German Winkler lion.

The Wings/Winks et-al can be suspect as the INGals, or the Inglis line to Angus, August, Auger, Angar / Anjou lines. The Ingals use two black-on-white chevrons, the colors of the two chevrons of the Ashes (red wyvern) of D'Esse, who in the last update were traced confidently to the Essen location in Dusseldorf! It was realized then that Hazels and related Houses were from Essen.

I'll leave it up to you to decide whether these terms go back to "Esau" as well as Essenes, but did you see how the Hinckleys in Obama's ancestry could be Winklers suspect with Insubres liners? Inch was a Cheshire location linkable to the Cheshire Winklers. The Windlar variation can trace very well to the Windsors, because the latter are in the Other write-up, and traced to Ottone suspects in Lombardy, in the Insubres theater. The Milan tree stump is in the colors of the Arms of Lombardy. It should be added that Wingers/Windgate's/Wingate's use a cotised bend, though it's hard to say whether they are Wing/Wink liners, for they can be Windsor liners instead.

When finding evidence that Pepin of Landen traced to queen Bebba (this is where the Abreu-Alfred wings can come in), I also found good evidence that he traced to Babcocks/BATcocks sharing red roosters with Cocks. The rooster-using Aikens and Kopple's trace to Popiel at the Mouse Tower, right? The Mercians in the queen-Bebba picture were likely from the Marici on the Ticino.

The Mar clan (Kildrummy castle) was in the Tarves theater, and that suggests the Marsi and their Angitia snake cult. The snake-using Innis' were at Moray, north of the Mar clan. The latter was closely related to Erskins/ESKins (same place as Pollocks), feasibly from Usk liners that were tracing above to Insubres! I may not have it all fully correct, but it looks like there's a bulk of things to ponder here in getting Donald Tusk to Caiaphas. If we're looking for the Colchian Bats in that part of Scotland, the gold fleece in the Dingwall Coat may suggest that they were at Dingwall, an old Ross-shire capital. Might Dingwall have been named after D'Ings or other tings from Insubres? Aberdeen has the Buchan location to which the Leslie buckle may trace, but the Soper-suspect Sobeks use the buckle too, and so the Insubres can trace to Buchan. Taggerts were first found in Ross-shire, and Taggerts share the owl with Humble's that use a BUCK TRIPpant.

Aha! I had forgotten what I have just found by looking for the recent treatments on the Buchan surname. Look at this (2nd update in November):

I claim that Schutz'/Shutz' were Sadducee liners, and here's some further evidence. For example, the Tarves area is near Buchan, and historically related to it. Buchans use lion heads in the colors of the Capua/Capone lion head, and in the colors of the Levi lions, and in the color of the lion of Belgian SCHUTS' (with an 's'). Then, the Buchan motto uses "SECUTUS." One can imagine lake-Scodra elements coming to northern Aberdeenshire with the Cavii settling at Tarves, right?

Tarves is near an Inach location, smacking of Inch's having an Ince location in Cheshire, where the Dons/Doune's were first found who thus trace well to the Don river flowing near/by Tarves.

AMAZING! Lookie at the 4th update in November:

Sobek Investigation

It was obvious that the Moline moline is that also of the Chives' and Mathis', thus tracing proto-Milans to the Puke / Mathis theater, and giving us another reason to view Puke with the Pek. Scottish Milans/Millens can apply to Italian Milans because they are said to be, according to some, from BUCHanans. And Buchan is a location near Tarves, the home of the Chives'. Plus, "Tarves" traced to Esus-related Tarvos Trigaranos (see 2nd update of this month), the god depicted with the bull, symbol of Bulkellys/Bucklys. Their three bull heads are colors reversed from the three Buchan lion heads...The Buchanans share the black lion with Buchans, and it's identical with the Milan/Millen lion (both in Levi colors, and besides, Jewish Levi's share a black lion), but Buchanans throw in the double tressure border that was common around Roslin (see the Faucet lion too).

There you have it, Insubres from Milan, what I had forgotten, in the Buchan theater. From the 5th of March, 2012, we might learn that Usks/Osks were also the Wizard of Oz: "German Oswalds [same place as Bauers] use a tree trunk in Crest between two elephant trunks, and then the Trunk surname uses Zionist stars too. By some cosmic coincidence, the bull heads of the Trunk Coat are those of the Dutch Oz surname from Oss in North Brabant. If that's not enough, the Oz Shield, like the Bauer and Bower Shields, is green." Bull heads are used by Buckleys/Bulkellys and Buckle's. As Bauers and Bowers are Ticino / Insubres liners from now on, let's just imagine for endertainment sake that the Rothschilds chose Donald Tusk at this time for to conduct some heavy-duty operations in the Middle East.

The Oswald surname murdered JF Kennedy, or so we were led to believe in the news. Recall from earlier that Gerald Ford was a Lynch surname. Could that be another ting from the Insubres, only, instead of "D'Ing," it's more like "L'Ing." Gerald's father was a King surname too, possibly a Hink(ley) liner. It rhymes with "SINGletary," and "Shingal."

Proto-Sadducee Hunt in Mysia

[Insert -- Kings were first found in the same place (Devon) as Sings while the latter use a "VINCet" motto term. The Sings happen to use the Stick garbs, for Kings use the German Hagel lion while Hagels trace to Stick-suspect Astakos. That tends to prove that Sticks are Astikas liners. The WINGs, remember, share the red pile or upside-down perchevron of the other Hagels. There are a lot of rhyming tings to ponder here. The Sings share the white Wessel horse and the gold Wessel garbs.

I had no idea that there is a Ting(le) surname while using "ting" for fun (I can get back online here during the proof read). EXCELLENT! Ting(le)s share black garbs with Derbys/Darbys (share antelope with Tingle-suspect SINGLEtarys), and the wing-using Heyers/Here's, as well as Ayers/Eyers, were first found in Derbyshire while we saw Gerald Ford's grandmother with an Ayer surname! This has all got to go to the Vinkovci / Cibalae. Tings even share the footless martlet with Singletarys. I have some material for the next update prepared that includes a trace of Cibalae to "Sipylus," for Eschyna de Molle traces to neighboring Tmolus very well in that Seagars use a moline cross. The Shakerley kin of Molle liners already traced to the Sakarya.

It looks like we are on a Ding-bat bloodline when speaking on Obama's past. It figures.

On the lower-right of map below, see the Astica region at the Black-sea coast of "Thynias." The Sakarya flows through Bithynia, near Nicaea.

There is a Thing/Thynne/BOTville surname that can trace to Poti. Recall the Bursa area of the Sakarya theater, for the Burse Coat shares gold-and-black horizontal bars with Things/Thynne's. Note that MARleys are using what should certainly be the Sink dolphins, for the Sakarya theater is at MARmara.

On the map below, Thyni is also further south at Byzantium, where there is a nearby Astacus location. The Sakarya goes though Nicaea smack beside Astakos!!! You are reading an insert here that was not part of the original discussion, and if not for the section to be out next week, I would not have discovered this Hagel-Sing link to the Astacus location here, not to be confused with Astakos on the Akheloos river. It's the Sings that use the Stick garbs, and so the Sings, suspect with Ting(le)e's and Things/Tynns, are apparently tracing Singletarys/Singletons to Thyni. The Sakarya was also "SANGarius." The dolphins of the Sings can trace to Taphians, known to have lived on the Akheloos. The Singletary MARtlet can now trace Charles Martel to the sea of Marmara, marked the Propontis on this map: As Charles Martel is suspect in code for the Maccabee hammer, note the MACEStus river flowing into Marmara. Beside the Macestus is the Rind-like Rhyndacus, and then the Rinds are the ones using "a pot of gillie flowers" as code for Bat / Poti Caucasians tracing to the Baathists-liner-suspect Aflacks. We're in Mysia here, from Meshech of the Moschian mountains in large part. Recall the Erenik river of the last update, for Rhinds are in Eren colors, and both share scallops. This potential match can trace Has elements near the Erenik to has elements around the Macestus.

More yet. Creusa and Aeneas (with an 'a') trace to the Nicaea theater, but as Aeneus (with a 'u') is said to be the representation of Aenus at the mouth of the Hebros, it means that Aeneas should trace between Nicaea and Aenus, wherefore note that Sings are using the Sale/Sallete bend with white symbols, for there is a Sale location smack beside Aenus.

The material prepared for the next update discovers Quintus Caepio at Colchester, and features items in the Arms of Colchester, including the supposed nails of Christ's cross...that end up tracing without doubt to Neals/Nails. The creators of the Colchester Arms had no shame, and it too will trace exactly to the Sakarya area. The point here is that the Ting(le)s are said to be from a nail theme.

I'm not quite sure how many tings should trace to "Thyni," if any. The ting-options are Things / Tings / Sings / Sinks / Single's / King(ston)s / Dings / Wings / Pinks / Pings / Bings. They can't all go to "Thyni." There may be only two bloodlines in all those tings, the Thyni liners and the Benjamite's (Kings go to the S / T versions, and Wings to the B / P versions). Singers/Sangers are interesting for sharing the bear with French Benjamins, though I'm not sure whether French Benjamins are from Benjamite's. Thyni was suspect with the chief Etruscan god (Tinia), but Benjamites traced to the chief Roman god, how about that. It looks like Obama's Dunham line may trace to Tinia.

Singers/Sangers can be suspect as Seagars simply because both are tracing to different names of the same river. Singers/Sangers are using the Hagan quarters in colors reversed as well as sharing Zionist stars with Hagars (which recalls from shortly above how Hagels trace to the Sakarya). The Zionist stars of Hagars are in both colors of the same of Monaco's, no doubt from Monaco of Liguria i.e. near Nice of Liguria. The idea here is to show how Nicaea trace's to Nice by pointing out the Seagar-related Segni's/Segurana's (share the Seagar moline), first found in Liguria's Genoa, a place ruled by the same Grimaldi bloodline as ruled Monaco.

Next, we look at the flames in the Monaco Coat, and link to the salamander-in-flames of Sagans/Segans, thus tending to clinch that Sagans are Segni/Segurana liners. Next, as Monaco's use the same lion as Dougals, we ask whether Douglas' (salamander-in-flames) should trace to Monaco's / Seagars. Should Monaco's be traced to proto-Hasmoneans in the Sakarya theater? Would these Hasmoneans have been on or near the Macestus? The Rhyndacus happens to be a Macestus tributary, and then the "gillie flowers" of Rinds should be for Julian/Gillian liners, and the latter likewise use the salamander-in-flames. Isn't that SALAmander linkable to the Salyes > Sale line of Ligurians, but also to the Scamander > Batia line? I've never been quite sure whether Dougals were Douglas', but this tends to suggest that they were, especially as Douglas' use stars in Monaco-star colors. However, the only evidence of a Dougal trace to Monaco's is the white-on-blue lion that they share. It could be coincidental.

Grimaldi's share a red-and-white lozengy Shield with Cock(er)s, and the latter share the same red rooster with Erens. That could trace Grimaldi / Monaco elements to the expected Has liners around the Rhyndacus / Macestus. Might they have been at that Gus location?

I have always sought Grimaldi kin in Grim-like terms, but have just realized that they may have been Gray-Mallets, so to speak. The Graeae Amazons are expected from Mysia. The Grays are in Grimaldi colors. After having those thoughts, Mallets were looked up to find them using only scallops in the colors of the Rhind scallops!!!! It is simply AMMMAAAAZZZZING to find this while expecting Grimaldi's to trace to the Rhyndacus. I don't usually use four exclamation marks in one spot. The mace, a hammer of sorts, may have been a word developing from "Macestus." As "martel" means "hammer," note that Grime's/Grimms use martlets. Though not likely ancestral to Grimaldi's, Grime's may have been descended from them.

Consider "CreMONA" as a Grimaldi-Monaco combo. ZOWIE, I just loaded the Crims to see their GRUMEbridge variation, and recalled that Has is beside Krume!!! It means that Has liners way over in Albania do trace to the Rhyndacus theater / Macestus theater! Amazing. Has liners were part of the Grimaldi's, in other words, as they locked horns with Mon elements. Although it's not showing, the Crim/Grumebridge garb is said to have a crow perched on it, and then Crows (Gray colors) are using the Eren / Cock rooster in colors reversed. Crows (Norfolk) can be suspect with the Cree and/or Grey/Croy surnames. "GRImaldi" could be a Cree liner. I've never understood Grimaldi's satisfactorily until now. I now have a clue. Trace to House-suspect Crombys too.

WOOOOWWWW! I kid you not, that it was only now that I looked up the Gus surname (Baden). I wasn't too hopeful that the namers of Gus also named Has. It was just in the 5th update in November when Dawsons (they are D'Has, so to speak) were traced to the namers of Has without any doubt at all, and here I find that the Gus surname uses the same Coat complete of Irish Dawsons!!!! English Dawson use the same Coat but with martlets. I should add here that while Carolingians, named after Charles Martel, are suspect with the Carol surname, it uses the same lion as Kings and Kingstons that may trace to Sink liners i.e. to the Sakarya, near Gus.

I know what Gus' are, for they show a Gessel variation while Wessels were first found in the same place (Westmorland) was Dawsons! That tends to identify the Wessel bend with the Rhind bend (in my other works, Rhinds are always "Rind").

In the 5th of November, the Dawson Coat shown above was found in a Roy Coat. Roys / McRoys could actually be Croys/Grays. The Other Roys may therefore be using the red roundels of Orrels and the white-on-blue Monaco lion. Roets are said to be from Croy liners. The Grays/Croys/Groys have an anchor theme that can trace to Ancore/Angora (= Nicaea). Gus is downriver from Ancore. The latter location is on lake Ascanius.

Does this mean that the Cottians are partly from Gus, or merged with Gus elements? Grimaldi's use a Shield filled with lozengy in the colors of the Cotta Shield filled with fretty. Aha! Upon asking and staring at the Grey Coat, it was recalled that Wessel-suspect Whistle's/Wissels (Somerset) use white-on-red lions, the color of the Grey lion! See also the GUIS/Guido lion!!

Ahhh, I had forgotten until loading the Whistles that they use lozenges, and they are colors reversed from the Grimaldi lozenges! It all clinches a Cottian merger with Grimaldi lines. The Crims even use a "perched" code for Bellamys of Perche that merged with Ferte-MACE, where the Cotta fretty traces. It's like the slot machine's money door just opened wide and locked open with no way to close it.

The Wessel garbs (very suspect with Caiaphas) upon a bend are in the three colors of the Rhind bend-with-scallops! Excellent. It means that Wessels can be of the Mallets too, and in fact the Cottians ruled just over the Alpine peaks from Modane, where Maccabee liners lived. As per my trace of Wessels/Washtells/Gastells to Gace/Wassa/GASson = Washington liners, let me repeat that Ness'/Nice's use the Washington bars so that they can both trace to Nicaea liners. Then, the Ness' are also "Nest," tracing to Nestor at Pylos, beside Modon/Methoni (both in Messene), the proto-Modane, apparently. Therefore, the proto-Maccabees of the Macestus / Rhyndacus theater were Messene elements, totally expected from Mysia.

The GUIScards/Wisharts use PILEs. They likely use the Ore pile, but Ore's use the Orrel torteaux so that Guiscards (same place as Chappes/Chaips) trace to Aurelia Cotta and thereby to the Gus location. Some Josephs may have been named after the Gus location. The Rutherfords and Rutlands use "orle's" for borders, and that should explain the Rutherford GOOSE.

Everything that ruled Israel at the arrival of Jesus will be found between Parium and Astacus, I can guarantee right here and now. With the Cotesii now tracing to that area, I expect the formation of "Sadducee" from them. Note that Whistle's use the same lion as Tools (same place as Gus-like Eustace's) who can trace to keepers of Quintus Caepio's treasure from Toulouse. The Alans of Dol became the Stewarts, first found in the same place as Sodans/Sowtons and Chives'. Let's discuss this.

What were the Sodans/Sowtons? Were they Sows or Sods? They use blue scallops in the two colors of the Erens, and even share a blue-on-white fesse with the two Eren fesse's. On their fesse, Sodans/Sowtons use stars in the colors of the French Alan and Julian stars. Alans are always suspect from the priestly line(s) of Israel. The Sodan/Sowton scallops are colors reversed from the same of Irish Pattersons/CASSane's said to include Kissane's/GUISSane's. The Cush's come up as "Kiss." The Irish Pattersons are said to be from "Sodhams," and that's who the Sodans/Sowtons must be of. Could they possibly have been Soducena elements at the Rhyndacus theater? Was "ceni" in "Soducena / Sittaceni / Sittacene" a suffix so that these entities were Sods / Sits? The Chives' are a line of Shaws said to be from "SITHech."

Irish Pattersons/Cassane's/Kissane's are tracing as Caesar-Patrician suspects to Gus. Kissane's share the red stag with Dole's, and the latter use the Colt stag that shows the Pilate pheon in colors reversed. The Crest of Gus-suspect Eustace's has a feature like the Colt feature. For the discussion below, let's add that a red stag is used by Plantagenet-branch Fulks.

The Dols (why Mecklenburg?) use a WAVY fesse in colors reversed from the WAVY Sodan/Sowton fesse, and thus the Dols (WHALE) can trace to Gus and the Rhyndacus river (with the Tools suspect in the Whistle/Wissel Coat). The Wallace's/WALLIS' are suspect with the Whistle / Tool lion, and then Seatons/Sittens, who use a "HAZard" motto term suspect now with the Gus > Has line, were the namers of Sitten in WALLIS canton. Then, the WALLERs share a black-on-white dancette (suspect with the Pomeranian capital, beside Mecklenburg) with Vestalis-related Wests (griffin, traces to Pomerania's Griffins)...meaning that Wests were a branch of Whistle's. Wests were first found in Devon i.e. same place as Sodhans/Sowtons, Chives' and Stewarts. Chives' use "vi" and Wests use "vie" in their mottoes, suspect with the Viu valley near the Cottian capital (Susa).

I capitalized the Wallers because I did not yet have them in mind when starting on the Sodan discussion. They were a very-helpful surprise in tracing Sodhans and Dols to Gus, so very fortunate. I loaded them for a reason, as it was in mind from the very start of the "let's discuss it" to go to the "blue WAVY chief" used by Valerys (blue chevron, white crescents suspect with Falcons), whom I had traced tentatively to Valerius Gratus, the Roman governor of Judea that had Caiaphas installed as the chief priest. Below the wave in the Chief, Valerys have a "horizontal blue line" linkable to the Sodhan/Sowton fesse. WI was thinking that the wavy fesse of Sodans/Sowtons should relate to Valeria's. The heraldic Chief (top third of the Shield) is suspect as code for "Caiaphas." I discovered only moments ago that Valerys come up as "Valeria," and yesterday, "Valer" was entered to find the Valerio's using the Caepio-line lion, in both colors of the Sodhans/Sowtons and Erens. As Massins/Masons use the blue lion too, note that the writers of the English-Waller page took opportunity to trace to "stone masons" that build walls, clever but still a falsification deserving shame. Their walNUT tree is partial code for their NOTTingham home.

Here is the English Waller motto: "Hic fructus virtutis...Translation: This is the fruit of valour. " Entering "Valour" gets the Valois/Valais surname with a chevron in colors reversed to the Valery/Valeria chevron, and moreover Wallis canton was also "Valais." One could take a guess that the Julian-related Vale's/Vails/Velis' apply who were first found in the same place (Northumberland) as Erens. Valours share red-on-white roses with Wahlers/Wahlens, and the latter's croziers are from Creusa elements now tracing to Nicaea. But by what coincidence are the three Valour/Valais/Valois roses in a Chief, and in the colors of the three roses in the Caesar Chief? Didn't you just spot a reason for tracing Valerius Gratus close to Julius Caesar's line in and from the ancestry of Cottians?

We now have reason to trace "Gratus" to the Crete- and Crath-like variations of Grimaldi-suspect Cree's. Here's the GRATE/Crath/Cree Coat, similar to the Washington Coat. But note how the Grate (and Washington) Chief substitute's the three Caesar / Valour roses for three stars in the same colors. This is undeniable evidence that Valerius Gratus was a Caesar liner somehow. And the Grate's were first found in the land of the Picts, off the NESS river of InverNESS, explaining why Grate's share the Nice/Ness / Nest/Ness fesse. It recalls the theory that Julius Caesar's blood with a Caepio was in Pictland.

The Grate/Cree write-up tracing to "Rath" suggests that the Wraths/Roth(am)s can be in this line, and they happen to use the same colors and format as the Sings. But the Wraths/Rothes' substitute the white Sing dolphins (shared by the Caesar Crest) with white lions. Does this reveal that "Roth" is a term from "Gratus." I would tend to reject that idea in favor of seeing a Valerius-Gratus merger with the raven-depicted, Stout-surnamed vikings (German Rothes and Rolphs/Ralphs use the raven), who were in northern Scotland as Sinclair suspects. In fact, Rollo/Rolph is said to have married Poppa of VALOIS. Rollo's (in Stout/Stow colors) even use the same chevron as wavy Valerys/Valeria's (colors reversed from the Valois chevron), and were first found in Perthshire, where Pontius Pilate has ancestry, apparently, and then Pilate followed Valerius Gratus as the Judean governor.

The Stouts use horizontal bars in the colors of the "horizontal blue line" of Valerys. Is "horizontal" a code? As Valerys use a wavy Chief, is "HORIZontal" code for the Orris/Doris surname using a wavy bend in the colors of the wavy Pollock bend? Why are these Pollocks Jewish? Are not the Wraths/Rothes (Shropshire) a line from Peter Pollock? Yes, they are, for he built Rothes the Rose / Moray theater, where the Caesar and Valois roses can trace. One Orris surname, using a cornuCOPIA (and a version of the GUIScard piles), is listed with Orrel-related Orrs (same place as Pollocks). Aha! Doris'/Orris' were first found in the same place (Dauphine) as Valerys/Valeria's!

One can glean here that, since Pollocks had been Alan associates in Shropshire (both surnames moved to Renfrew together), the Walter name used by the Alans was a Valerius line. Trust me. The Alans had climbed the Scottish throne with Walter Stewart...when marrying the royal Bruces who use the same lion as Valers(io)s!! I get it. And the Bruce's were "Brusi," like the Prusa location beside Gus, and then Prusa's/Prokoffs are listed with BROCoffs, and so just see that the Stewarts use the Brock motto. The Alans of Dol are thus tracing to lines from the ancestry of Israeli-priestly lines. Were Alan Huns / scythians in Mysia? One can now trace the red-on-white upright Stewart lion to the same of Rands tracing to the Rhyndacus river beside Prusa (suspect with Aphrodite Hebrews to the Eburovices at Brescia and Evreux).

I have just found valuable corroboration that Peter Pollock traces, as claimed some weeks ago, to Mr. Petro, grandfather of Vespasian. At that time, "VesPASIan" was traced to the Pasi/Pace surname using the crossed (saltire shape) spears of the Speers, the latter first found in the same place as Peter Pollock's family. The Pasi spears are white, the color of the crossed Line/Lind spears (Dorris / Orris colors), and this surname was looked up as per "horizontal line." As the horizontal term led to Pollocks, why not the line term too?

German Line's (Prussia, where Prusa is being traced tentatively), sharing a white horse in a red Chief with the partly-red Wessel Chief, show the walnut-tree design of Wallers! German Lines (trace well to the Mens and related Manders / Rhodes') are properly "Lind," and should be from Lindos of Rhodes, home of Helios, explaining the "solius dei" motto phrase of Line's/Linds.

The "Sempere" motto term of Scottish Line's/Linds (the ones with the spears) traced in the last update as Peter-related Sempere's to Vespasian. Gugans were found with a "Semper" and "serVIRE" motto term, and here the Line's/Linds use "Sempere VIREscit." The Brocks use the "VireSCIT" motto term!!! Excellent. I'll get to the Skits a little below to show how they too trace to the Gus theater.

Brocks were first found in Colchester, but are said to be from Broc of Anjou, suggesting the Anaki-suspect namers of Ancore/Angora at the Gus theater. The ancestry of the Seth > Annas line is somewhere in this picture.

The leopard FACEs of English Lindens suggest that the Line/Lind spears are crossed in the colors of the Face/Fessy cross. The Fessy motto is the one using the supposed utterance of Constantine I, a Valerius liner. Fessys share the Randolph Coat, and Peter Pollock likely links to Randolphs of Moray. It was already established that the line of Constantine traces to Valentinian I, where the wavy Pollock bend also traced.

By the way, the Valery crescents, because they are in the colors of the Falcon and Conte crescents, makes the FalCONTE variation suspect as a Valerius-Constantine combo. That in turn can reveal that Conteville's were Constantine liners. Trace the white Conte / Cone antlers as Constantine liners to Gdansk, right?

The "SPRIGs of laurel" in the Line/Lind Crest suggest Speer/Speyer liners, but also Plantagenet's "sprig of broom." Plantagenet was a Templarite noble of Anjou. Brocincidence? Let's not forget the BROKEN spear of Singletarys, for the latter use chevrons in the colors of the Line/Lind spears. As the Singletary antelope is suspect with the Chimney antelope, I am going to guess a good guess that the English Line's/Lynd are using the Chimney Coat; both surnames use a black Crest. The Line's/Lynns are even said to have had many members in Yorkshire, where Chimneys were first found. Then, as per the suspicion that Chimneys were Kemmis/Kenys, the Line/Lynn write-up mentions a William Lyne, son of John Kyne. Irish Kyne's/Cohens use the white-on-blue Pilate pheons!!! Expected, but still worth shouting-from-the-housetops. English Kyne's/Cyne's (in Kay colors, see Kay motto) were first found in Lincolnshire (!), earlier called Lindsey, or something like that!

One of the Kyne surnames uses thick, black chevrons, which were used for the French Levi's at one time. Why were they changed to thin chevrons? Spriggs use "olive branches" suspect with Livius / Leaf/Leve liners of the Olive / Oliver kind. Quintus Caepio's family married the Livius surname, and Olivers (Perche / Maine chevrons, I gather) share the red chevron with Quints. Spriggs were first found in the same place (Gloucestershire) as Kemmis/Kenys'. The red-on-white Caesar / Valois/Valour roses could be in the English Line/Lyne Coat, and then the Spriggs use "rose leaves" and Pilate-suspect "palets" in Valery colors. It looks like Fulks were Valerius liners.

It recalls Ernest Linwood Ives, husband of Elizabeth Stevenson, suspect with Obama's ancestry on his father's side. As Stephens are Chappes liners, might "Ives" (Lincolnshire!) be a version of "Chives'? The Ives torteaux, as they trace obviously to Orells/Orrels, suggest the distinct possibility. Ivers/Eure's, as they use a version of the Hanan Coat, can be suspect with "Chives' too, and, in fact, there's a Chivers/Cheevers surname first found in the same place as Chives'. The white Chivers/Cheevers goats link well to the white goat in the Crest of the Capes-related Shale/Scheyle surname (beside Devon).

One can trace this Valerius-suspect picture to the Mouse Tower with Wheelers/Whellers said to be from "wheelwright," and using the griffin head of Dobers / Dobermans that trace to Dober some two miles from Koplik = Cupionich, the place where Quintus Caepio's surname is now tracing. Is that not too coincidental to be coincidental? Didn't Valerius Gratus put a Caepio in charge of Jerusalem's Temple thievery and corruption? As Koplik is near Has, as well as near the Erenik river, note that Wheelers/Whellers are said to be from "Martin HUSSingtree." It's recalling the Dober-suspect Taberites from John Huss.

Erens even share the same red rooster of Cocks (and Currys) now tracing to the Rhyndacus, and it's the rooster design of Aikens who use it in black, as do Koplik- and Goplo-suspect Kopple's. The "Avito" motto term of Wheelers/Whellers, suspect with Vito's/Vio's/Vitone's (share the annulet with Ottone's), can be for WITkowo elements to Watts, first found in the same place as Wheelers/Whellers.

Currys (Annan saltire in reverse?) had become suspect with the Kurd peoples to the naming of Crete's Curetes, which may indicate that "Gratus" was a term honoring the Curetes. Note that while I trace Curetes to the Irish-Scot Cruithne, the Creightons/Crichtons, who had linked to Currys when on Obama's genealogy earlier in this update, use the same lion as Valer(io)'s. This trace's Valerius lines to Bute = Rothesay, for the Crichton lion is known to be the blue lion of Bute, as once owned (in both colors of the Valer(io) lion) by Rorys (that included Rory MacDonald of Bute). I had traced the nine Apollo Muses to Bute's witch cult (nine mythical sisters) upon realizing that Avalon was Bute. Trace the nine witches of Avalon to Apollonian at the Rhyndacus / Prusa theater, therefore. Tolkiens supreme Valar beings can apply, for Vere's traced their Melusine Elvin princess to Avalon.

The Wheeler/Wheller lion colors are suspect with the same of Rippers/Ripleys, likely from the Riparia river having the Viu tributary. As the Cottian capital is on the Riparia, it seems that the Cottians were well established with the Valerius bloodline. If you didn't read it, Valerius was a surname used by Constantine I.

It's notable that the Rind motto has a "fragRANTiOR" term that looks like triple code, one for Rands/Rynds, one for the Orrs, and one for whatever the "FRUCtus" term of Wallers refers to.

With Singletarys tracing to the Sakarya, note that the Rands/Rynds are likely using the triple Singletary chevrons. It can mean that "Randolph / Ranulph / Rudolph" traces to the namers of the Rhyndacus. Rodolphs can be using the Macey / Goz/Gos chevron.

The Prusa/BroCUFF surname shares a red potent cross with Skits and Scheds that were traced to the Guis/Guido family. Prusa's/Brocoffs use an "ORIente" motto term and what could be a version of the English Randolph Coat. As Randolphs use the bat, we note the "flag" in the Prusa/Brocoff Crest, possible code for the Baathist liners of Flags/Flecks. "Prusa" reminds me of Pressina and similar terms given for mythical Melusine's mother, and as Vere's trace Melusine to Anjou and Angers, it evokes neighboring Ancore/Angora as the root of Angers at Anjou.

The Skits and Scheds had been traced, probably unconvincingly in the readers' minds, to the Guido surname that comes up as Guis, and here we have Skit liners tracing to a Prusa location smack beside Gus. The Shed variation of Scheds had traced to the namers of Shetland, location of the raven vikings, and we just saw that "virescit" is in use by Rhodian suspect Line's/Linds, explaining why "Rothes" applies to the raven vikings.

kits and Scheds were traced at that time from / to priestly lines of Israel, and so wait till you see (next update) why Quintus Caepio links to Colchester. I'm suddenly seeing the Brock Coat as a version of the Folk/Fulke Coat due to the "vulNERA" motto term of Brocks (and Stewarts). Anjou's symbol is the fleur-de-lys in Brock-fleur colors.

Like the Whistle's, Bricks (Massey fleur), said to be from "Broc," use a string of lozenges. Bricks share the Whelan Coat that has the right colors for linking to the Valery discussion. Then, Ranulph de Briquessart married Mrs. Goz. I'm seeing multiple reasons as to why Prusa should have named Prussians. I'm seeing the Mieske/Mesech surname, first found in Prussia. Obama's Dunn line traced along with his Singletary line to the Spinks, and then the sphinx of the Prusa/Brocoff Coat tells me that this is the Popeye-spinach line to mascle-using Spinks (same place as Quince's), and to mythical Popiel in the Mouse Tower (it was named after Mysians). The Apollonian location beside Prusa can suggest the Goplani peoples (i.e. an Apollo term fronted with a 'G') that lived in Goplo, location of the Mouse Tower. Apollo liners (ruled the Muses) are suspect in naming the Poles. As the Apollo-Smintheus mouse traces to SmENDYs and therefore perhaps to ENDYmion, note the "oriENTE" motto term of Prusa's/Brocoffs.

Although this insert was off-topic from the Donald-Tusk exploration, it did trace Obama's primary bloodline to the Thyni theater that can go to Tinia of the Tusk-suspect Etruscans. His secondary line, the Randolphs, the most-suspect with the Bat elements of the Tusks, are tracing potentially to the Rhyndacus, and then the Grimaldi-related Whistle's (Bath colors) were first found in the same place as Baths. Tinia's wife, Uni, is suspect with the Una/Oeneus river, quite likely the same as Aeneas at the Nicaea theater.

I traced the Cass'/Cash's and Cush's to Astikas', and so note the Guss variation of Gus', for Gus is near Astacus. As Ina is surely the same as Juno by an alternative spelling, note that Things/Thynne's share an upright stag (not the same design) of German Jungs/June's/Youngs as well as sharing a red lion with Yonge's/Youngs. That tends to clinch a Yonge trace to Juno and a Thing trace to Tinia. Caseys use a "casus" motto term while Things use "cause," but as another Casey Coat is a crow (Crim/Grumebridge symbol), they link to the Crow / Cree liners now suspect at "GRImaldi," explaining why a third Casey Coat shares the Cree leaves. The Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Cree's is therefore suspect with that of Anchors/Annackers, which may not only trace to Ancore/Angora, but to Ankara off the Sakarya. The Cass / Cush weight scale traced to the same of JUStus' ("causa" motto term), who can now trace to "Gus." Therefore, the namers of Hasmoneans trace, loosely anyway, to Justus and Justine of Picenum. Many months ago, perhaps as many as three years, it was found that these Picenum rulers traced to the Arms of Vilnius, where Astikas lived.

Can we see why the family of Vestalis had merged with Gus liners? It's where "Caesar" traces, isn't it? Aurelia Cotta, possibly a direct ancestor of Vestalis, married the Caesar surname. The Caesar surname shares the white dolphin with Sings and Marleys. The Sings use what looks like the Sale bend, recalling the trace of Julians and Guille's (use the German Julian bars) to Guillestre on the Durance river of the Salyes, which was either in or beside Dauphine.

To know that Justus' do trace to the Picenum rulers, note that Justine married Valentinian at what would be VINKovci, for VINCents use a colors-reversed version of the Justus Shield. End Insert]

Last I read, the Obama missile program in Poland is set for 2018:

U.S. Patriot missiles are expected to be deployed in Poland this year (2010). That was a Polish condition for a 2008 deal -- backed by both Kaczynski and Tusk -- to host long-range missile defense interceptors.

The deal, which was struck by the Bush administration, angered Russia and was later reconfigured under President Barack Obama's administration.

Under the Obama plan, Poland would host a different type of missile defense interceptors as part of a more mobile system and at a later date, probably not until 2018.

That's going to be under the Tusk-EU presidency. On the day of that article (April 10), the Polish president, Kaczinski above, died. The article continues:

"Polish President Lech Kaczynski and some of the country's highest military and civilian leaders died [today] along with dozens of others when the presidential plane crashed as it came in for a landing in thick fog in western Russia.

...The Army chief of staff, Gen. Franciszek Gagor, National Bank President Slawomir Skrzypek and Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Kremer were also on board, the Polish foreign ministry said.

...'The Polish presidential plane did not make it to the runway while landing. Tentative findings indicate that it hit the treetops and fell apart,' Sergei Anufriev said on Rossiya-24."

The Wickedness of Oil Pricing

Who sets the world-price for oil? Does the man on the street really know? There are a vast number of oil producers each having the legal right to sell oil at whatever price they themselves set. Who can force them to sell at any other price? There is no explanation other than price fixing to explain high prices, for even if OPEC set a high price, the Western oil companies are not obligated to follow suit unless there is a pact to do so.

Let's assume that Exxon buys some crude from OPEC because Exxon doesn't yet have enough billions in profit from it's own wells. Does Exxon pay the world-price to the Arabs, or does Exxon buy cheaper from Arabs than it can produce on average for itself, and then contribute to setting the world-price itself? Does OPEC wink and sell the oil to Exxon so that OPEC can then sell to others at that world-price? By themselves, Exxon and other Western oil producers don't have the oil volume to dictate a world-price, but if OPEC were involved with them, they could find a way. But how exactly do they do it?

The news at this time is that oil has dropped in short time from over $100 to the $60's because OPEC has "refused" (not every news org is putting it that way but the story amounts to the same) to lower the volume of crude allowed on the market. Can such an accusation stand if it were not true? Wouldn't OPEC fight back with a statement if it were not true. I assume that it's true, therefore, that OPEC (supplies about 40 percent of world oil, they say) has not reduced oil output at this time. The question is why, and I think I know the answer.

The news is that OPEC is creating a glut wherein about a million barrels are being supplied daily more than the world is consuming. Where would this extra oil go? How long could OPEC continue to do this before all available oil containers (in the world) are filled to capacity? Why would OPEC do such a thing at its own loss? Why wouldn't it just leave the crude in the ground and sell as needed? Is OPEC in need of some fast cash for the moment, willing to lose income in the long run? Or is the report false? Is it deliberately false for a pre-determined reason?

I've just googled, "Who sets oil prices?":

The answer generally comes: oil price is set by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, a permanent intergovernmental oil organisation, created in 1960 by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

But the fact is that it is not OPEC that sets the global oil price. One of the most common misconceptions about OPEC is that the organisation is responsible for setting crude oil prices.

That view, where OPEC is not setting the world-price, would have been my opinion even before googling that sentence. But who is responsible for the misconception? If OPEC was selling for $100 successfully not many days ago, why would it see a drop to what some are saying will soon be $50? Is it being kind to the rest of us? Has some element in the world convinced it to slacken its grip on oil-money demands?

The current news implies that those who purchase huge lots of crude from OPEC, and then re-sell smaller packages to refineries, are lowering their prices because there's too much oil up for sale. But if that's true (it not logical), then OPEC is not selling for less, but rather the distributors are selling for less. Either way, OPEC is responsible for the drop in prices, and we are supposed to believe this as the reality.

But wait. The largest distributors of oil, those that normally sell to refineries (if the refineries aren't large enough to buy direct from large oil producers), are NOT predicted to buy too much oil at over $100, only to create a glut for themselves and sell cheap? That amounts to a loss in profits, right? Therefore, the distributors are not causing the glut, that's for sure. The only party responsible for an oil glut where prices are headed down drastically is the "farmer" of oil.

Let's use carrots as an example of supply and demand. A true statement we can all agree on: the only way for the price of carrots to go down is when too many farmers produce too many carrots in the same season. The glut has them all scrambling to get rid of their carrots before other farmers get the sale. We are to believe that OPEC has grown too much oil for this winter season. But bringing up oil from the rocks is not like planting carrot seedlings. Once planted, there's no turning back, the carrots will grow. But bringing up oil is a choice. The taps can be turned on or off at OPEC's choice. There is no such thing as too much oil unless the farmer wants to lose money. If OPEC sells for considerably less than normal, then distributors will be urged to snap it up, causing a glut.

Why would the news feed us a false story? The oil drop took place just as Putin announced an oil deal with Turkey that requires a new Blue Stream pipeline not yet built by Russia. Plunging oil can make the building of that pipe less feasible. It can thereby seem that the liars are the Western producers and distributors, the ones who set the world-price, and they are shifting the blame on OPEC, with the news echoing their accusations.

The article above does not give the details on how oil prices are set:

Although OPEC did in fact set crude oil prices from the early 1970s to the mid-1980s, this is no longer the case....

...In today's complex global markets, the price of crude oil is set by movements on the three major international petroleum exchanges, all of which have their own Web sites featuring information about oil prices.

They are the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX,, the International Petroleum Exchange in London (IPE, and the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX,

The writer left out the exchange run by OPEC, with a head office in Vienna, where one of the five sons of the first Rothschild had one of the five Rothschild banks. Could there be an OPEC relationship with Rothschilds?

The quotes above do not reveal why oil is $150 versus $50. Apparently, the writer doesn't know the answer. At this time, I have no idea how an "oil exchanger" operates. It sounds like an oil buyer and re-seller, which can make it a price setter. But how could it have the ability to set astronomical prices when OPEC can easily undercut its prices?

If exchangers are brokers on behalf of oil producers and distributors, then the exchangers could be paid by them to get the highest price possible. If the exchanger is nothing but a distributor on behalf of the oil people, then exchangers are in bed with oil people. But the exchanger obviously needs to protect itself against the image of working on behalf of high prices for the oil producers. But how does it hide this? And what is responsible for the high prices? Two options: 1) the oil people talk and fix prices; 2) the exchanger has methods for increasing the prices in order to reap greater rewards (which wouldn't come from the buyers, that's for sure). Both options can be true simultaneously, and we would like to know how the exchanger gets paid.

If the buyers don't pay anything to the exchanger, then the sellers do. In that case, the exchanger is the butcher and meat market that gets a commission from the raisers of livestock. Not very complicated.

Here's another article:

The concept of supply and demand is fairly straightforward. As demand increases (or supply decreases) the price should go up. As demand decreases (or supply increases) the price should go down. Sound simple?

The price of oil as we know it is actually set in the oil futures market. An oil futures contract is a binding agreement that gives one the right to purchase oil by the barrel at a predefined price on a predefined date in the future. Under a futures contract, both the buyer and the seller are obligated to fulfill their side of the transaction on the specified date.

The writer does give a second reason for fluctuating prices, and we should have the wisdom to realize that supply-and-demand has virtually nothing to do with astronomical prices. Supply-and-demand has always been a factor, yet astronomical pricing has not often been a standard ingredient of the oil market. For an easy reason to realize, supply-and-demand does not alter prices much, and the fact that it's being blamed for the drastic fluctuations over the past decade tells us that the real reason is being disguised.

An oil-future's market is not complicated. It's just a transaction. A seller sells to a buyer, nothing more. Theoretically, the buyer should be a refinery, or the big-time buyer that sells to a refinery. My understanding thus far is that the exchangers engage in futures contracts. If refineries are paying the world-price at the exchangers, then they are being given no choice. But in normal markets, the one that buys biggest gets the best price. I see no reason as to why a company owing a well cannot sell directly to a refinery, and so why would the exchange in New York be required at all? This is what confuses anyone when they hear that the high prices are due to the exchanger process. Why isn't oil a typical deal only between manufacturers and distributors all in competition? Does the exchanger do away with competition? Is the exchanger a price fixer? If it sets the pricing, yes. Does it? I don't know yet.

It's a no brainer that Exxon and other large companies will set up refinery operations large enough to purchase direct from the oil wells, and, of course, Exxon and the other big dogs even have their own oil wells so that there is simply no excuse for high oil prices. In theory, Exxon does not need to sell oil at a futures market because it can take its own oil to its own refineries, with zero crude middlemen in-between. If Exxon (or any other producer) is selling through the exchangers, there should only be one explanation: it needs the exchanger to help distribute its product. That is, it has too much crude, more than it's own refineries can handle. Is this the truth, or do the Exxons of the world have other reasons for selling through exchangers? Are you not starting to see red?

If Exxon produces a barrel of crude for $25 or less, ditto for other large oil producers. How, then, can oil be sold to refineries for $150 through exchangers? But, anyway, we can be sure that Exxon is not buying oil at $150 through the exchangers if it can produce for $25 or less. Plus, I see no justification for typical well oil costing as much as $25. It doesn't take $25 of electricity to pump a barrel of oil up from a well, and to ship it to a refinery. Besides, the world-price of oil does not include shipping to the refinery. There is no need in the world as over-priced as oil, the very thing that can make for a good or bad economy, depending on its price, and yet governments have allowed the high prices without complaint. How can we explain this co-operation in pure theft?

Whose oil is being sold at the futures markets? I'm looking for the answer, but do not see it in what I'm reading. If articles on the oil-exchange process don't mention the need for the exchange process, are the articles written by those who support the exchangers? If they don't mention the origin of the oil sold, are the articles written by those who understand the need to cover up this "game"? Or is it that writers simply don't know whose oil it is due to the cover-up at the exchanger level? It is my understanding that Google searches are engineered by Google to favor some websites while keeping many pages, articles and opinionating from being read at all. I can discover this by doing searches on my own webpages, which are largely censored by Google and other big search engines, all using the same system, I can assure you. This page will likely be buried in Google searches on the millionth page, once their page monitors (real people with Spiritual problems) discover its contents.

The selling price of gasoline is not the issue here. We're trying to figure out why the futures market sells crude at $100 versus $50, and we also want to know what OPEC sells its oil for, and why these figures are not mentioned in articles like the ones above. How can an article on the reasons for high prices not mention the selling price of OPEC or Exxon or similar others? Are these prices not known?

I'm reading that OPEC supplies almost half the world's demand, and other producers, by and large, can't supply it as cheaply as from the shallow wells in the Arab world. That's like saying that, in a normal business field, the OPEC selling price SHOULD determine the world-price of crude, and it should not be very high. It was on the very-low side not many years ago. Greedy games have since been played by the re-sellers at the futures market, and that's why we would like to know the prices that OPEC sets as compared to the world-price at the futures markets. Or, we would like to know why OPEC is on board with the future's market people.

Anyone needing to buy from the futures markets cannot buy direct from the oil wells, obviously, but the ones selling at the futures markets can buy direct from the oil wells, obviously. Only the big dogs (not to give dogs a bad image) are expected at the future-markets selling side of things. Companies like Exxon, though they produce their own oil, can also purchase oil from others. Do we think they purchase their extra oil from the exchangers? It seems doubtful, but then I have no idea what's going on. Can anyone online enlighten us? I'm not finding anyone giving the details that you and I, mere car owners, would like to know. Are articles being buried by Google at the request of the thieves?

Isn't it more likely that Exxon is SELLING at the exchangers rather than buying there? If this is correct, the situation could be easily described as organized theft, underscoring why the situation needs to be hidden as a top priority. Exxon and the others would not have entered the cosmic-oil-price game without taking precautions to minimize the knowledge of their participation. The articles on who sets prices try to give the impression that there are "market forces" that drive prices to very-unexpected levels. What could those forces be? I am blank for an answer, and the articles don't nearly satisfy the question.

The Speculation Prophets

The sudden down-trend in crude prices at this time has got to be from a decision amongst the futures-market mafia. I don't see any other way. If you can explain to me the justified logic in the below, you are either a genius, or a nut. I would say that you're a nut because there is no justification. It's all smoke and mirrors from the oil mafia, and, the big question is: why don't governments do something to jail this mafia:

The following are two types of futures traders: hedgers [and] speculators. An example of a hedger would be an airline buying oil futures to guard against potential rising prices [logical, expected, no problem]. An example of a speculator would be someone who is just guessing the price direction and has no intention of actually buying the product. According to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), the majority of futures trading is done by speculators as less than 3% of transactions actually result in the purchaser of a futures contract taking possession of the commodity being traded. The other key factor in determining oil prices is sentiment. The mere belief that oil demand will increase dramatically at some point in the future can result in a dramatic increase in oil prices in the present as speculators and hedgers alike snap up oil futures contracts. Of course, the opposite is also true. The mere belief that oil demand will decrease at some point in the future can result in a dramatic decrease in prices in the present as oil futures contracts are sold (possibly sold short as well).

The "mere-belief" theory is based on news, but the news can be manufactured for the purpose of creating the belief on whether prices are about to go up or down. Yes, that amounts to conspiracy, but so what? Anyone rejecting conspiracy is thinking in fantasy. If news gets the price of oil to go up or down, be assured that those who want it to go up or down will seek to create the news accordingly. Can they? Do they have the power? Ask their trillions of dollars. More than one billionaire can get together on various schemes, did you know? The only place that billionaires don't get together to form mutual schemes is in fantasy land. Conspiracies are needed to form monopolies, and monopolies have been court-challenged issues for a long time. The oil industry has been denied certain monopolies by the courts, but that only fueled them to creating monopolies in ways that don't look like it on paper, by having silent partnerships. Look up "silent partner."

Let's try to wrap our heads around the speculators, who supposedly buy oil but never possess it. Are these like those who buy and flip houses, never living in them? But didn't we read above that a futures contract obligates the buyer to complete the transaction by a certain date, and therefore to take possession of the oil? Are we now to believe that the futures markets are selling 97 percent of their oil to those that never take possession??? Both scenarios cannot together be true. There must be a loop-hole allowing the speculator to get out of possessing the physical oil. Perhaps, if a speculator sells his futures-purchased oil on another futures basis, the date of possession is pushed ahead, again and again for as long as futures contracts are stung together. If that's not correct, then I don't know at this time what the loop-hole could be.

There is clearly provided for the speculators a means by which they don't need to take possession, and that is a deliberate means = conspiracy. It can't be anything but a conspiracy because, in this case, it is evil to sell to someone not intending to take ownership. There must be an evil basis for creating this type of "sale." Is it the root cause of high oil prices? If so, it becomes that much more evil.

What do they do with the oil they buy but never own? Predictably, oil speculation would attract the very-rich fat cats, assuring that large volumes of oil are manipulated for profit before it ever gets to our gas tanks. By nature, speculation requires fluctuating prices. That's why the speculators of the billion-dollar-bracket kind are expected to learn the ropes of making prices go up and down as per their own profit needs. That's called conspiracy when two or more get together to alter prices. They don't need court permission to do it. They do it. The only place they don't do it is in fantasy land.

To whom do the speculators resell? To speculators. Imagine. This is serious "business." I see suicide for many losers. Who are the losers? Not generally the conspirators.

Let's take a house purchased cheap at $300,000. The buyer does nothing to upgrade the house, but sits on it for a short time and resells for $340,000. Easy money, and his $20,000 gain (after real-estate fees) is the loss of the buyer who will actually live in the house. That's why people who flip houses are disgusting. Let the homeowners have the $20,000 benefit, you creeps. Are oil speculators any better? The oil will rarely go to the refinery at the low end of the price spectrum, but rather at the high end. That's the target of the speculator, of course. He never wants to sell cheap.

In order to make this speculation trick work, conspirators need to create high demand, to make the small refineries beg on their knees for oil, if possible. This trick will never work without small refineries. The Exxon refineries are shielded from this game because Exxon fetches its own oil. Exxon has the ability to sell oil to speculators, of course. Would Exxon do such a thing? Would it fall under "conspiracy"?

People who flip houses do not ordinarily have the ability to make a house rise from $300,000 to $400,000, or from $300,00 to $250,000. But flippers owing trillions together might get together to discuss how both can be accomplished on massive scales. How do speculators cause the deep fluctuation in oil prices? By lying to novice speculators, for one. The long-time fats cats would seek to convince the novices to buy or sell at certain times of the fat-cat's choosing, If the conspirators know that prices will go up, scare the novices into thinking that prices are about to drop on a long term. A long-term drop prediction is in the news right now. The "beauty" of the futures market is that speculators have a short time in which to sell; how convenient, as though this was by design to force sales quickly. With housing, no one flipping a house needs to do so in a short time. But with oil, the futures contract is on a short-term. People are sucked into the futures casino on a whim as to whether prices will rise or fall in the coming weeks.

The writer of the article above: Unlike most products, oil prices are not determined entirely by supply, demand and market sentiment toward the physical product. Rather, supply, demand and sentiment toward oil futures contracts, which are traded heavily by speculators, play a dominant role in price determination. The only difference between the two scenarios is the futures contract. There must be something of an internal disease involved in this mutated form of doing business. Only the people on the inside know the disease for sure.

When the flipper above bought the house at $300,000, the house was worth $340,000, but, the flipper knew or guessed that the house was under priced at that particular time. HOWEVER, he/she did not cause the rise or fall in house prices. How then, does a speculator flipping oil cause oil prices to rise or fall? By the sheer magnitude of speculators, for one. If 97 percent of all home sales were by flippers, home prices would constantly be on the high side. But, even so, all the flippers together could not get a $300,000 home to increase to $450,000 unless another factor, besides normal market forces, were operating. That factor would be price fixing.

Fixing the price of houses on the high side is not feasible because, for a large part of the population over large periods of time, people are not forced to sell and move, but, for the large part, people are forced to use oil. It's like a win-win situation for disgusting trolls who control the high bridge fees for people needing to get across from death to life. Oil is a life-and-death situation, and the oil troll can get virtually anything it wishes, short of causing an economic failure that, so to speak, causes the bridge to crumble and fall upon it.

In the best light, the speculator is not defined as the one who causes prices to increase, but as one that takes advantage of increasing prices. You will hear this said by those who support speculation. The flip side will tell you of the abuses in speculation. But there must be more involved in $145 per barrel than what goes on in the life of the speculator. The article's quote above is not satisfactory in blaming the futures market alone while based on the activities of the speculator. I do not think that speculation is the worst cause of high oil prices. We therefore still do not have the answer for the article's title: "What Determines Oil Prices?"

Let's abandon the article above for another one by, titled, "What Sets Oil Prices". O goodie goodie, we are finally going to get the answer from something that hears and knows from the horse's mouth (not to give horses a bad image). We just can't wait to get into this article so that we can tell all out friends what the real hay is. But then we find another straw man. We should have known better than to get our hopes up.

Buyers of oil for physical delivery rarely pay the price listed on the WTI index or the Brent crude index. In this article, we take a look at how crude oil prices are calculated and why gasoline prices are not always linked to the price of crude oil.

...The price of gasoline rises because of shortages, but the price of crude oil will fall because of gluts [same old same old unsatisfactory explanation].

Transport costs [blah blah, this has little to do with fluctuations]...

The USA consumes much more oil than it produces, so if some major oil producing countries unexpectedly withdraw their oil from the market as happened during the 1973 oil crisis, the economies of the USA and the developed world can suffer long-term damage. For this reason, the Federal government created a vast oil storage facility called the Strategic Petroleum Reserve...

That last paragraph makes the point that there is no such thing as shortage of oil in the Unites States. Any country can likewise protect itself from OPEC denial of sufficient oil. Any country could have two reserves, one for emergencies, and one merely for high-demand times to reduce fuel costs in those periods. The reason that the latter type of reserve will remain a fantasy is that high-demand is itself a fantasy, an excuse to raise oil prices, a scheme that governments are clearly supporting. Is it coincidental that the world changed abruptly after 2000, just as globalism EU-style was formed? What better explanation for high oil than to gather the money for to maintain a global government? It can be an invisible government for a long, initial period. The countries at the highest levels will be notified that a certain group is the de facto governor of global trends. Global ideals will be respected, or else. The ideals don't need to be called "global," for softer terms like "mutual" and "oneness" amount to the same. The global set will "all be in this together."

The article points out: "To limit consumption, state and Federal governments can increase the price of gas by imposing taxes and levies on oil companies, refineries and gas stations." This limit of consumption speaks to the global-warming schemers, who would have you ride bicycles to work, and of course its very convenient for governments to lower gas consumption by one percent when jacking prices via taxes and fees a lot more than one percent. I have read that oil consumption due to the spiking oil prices reduces world consumption by one percent. That's largely due to little of the oil consumption being optional.

I used to love my regular drives in the country on weekends, when the ice cream tasted so nice, but, says the new world, we can't have that bliss anymore. Stay home, be a good globalist. I don't like this global trend, do you? Will our own countries allow us to rebel? We can rebel all we want, but, the fact is, your Western government is likely forking over much of your money whether you hit the table with your fist or not. The invisible group setting global trends can be found at the highest levels of the global-warming ferrets. They are not going away; we await their follow-up schemes by night, and their next embarrassments in the morning. They will not be destroyed by God without suffering burning irony in their heart beforehand. I did not give my country the permission to use my money for forming a global shadow over me.

It's true that governments can increase taxes at the pumps by other methods aside from the truest gasoline taxes, by charging refiners and other oil peoples fees that are passed on to the consumers. But this has nothing to do with crude prices. Let's quote from the same article, to show what looks like a contradiction. Remember how it's said above, "Buyers of oil for physical delivery rarely pay the price listed on the WTI index or the Brent crude index."

Anyone can strike a [crude] deal and there is no law dictating the price. However, whenever you buy something, you want to know what the going rate for that item is, and the oil industry is no different. There are a number of published indices around the world that the oil industry uses. The first of these is the West Texas Intermediate price set at the New York Mercantile Exchange. The second is the Brent Crude Index, which is set at the Intercontinental Exchange in London and the third is the OPEC Basket, which is an average of the prices achieved in all OPEC countries and is managed from OPEC's headquarters in Vienna [the other article didn't mention OPEC as the third].

Each index rises and falls depending on how many people want to buy oil on that particular day. Many of the people who invest in oil at these exchanges never actually intend to take delivery. These people just want to buy a contract at a low price and then sell it on at a higher price. When speculation enters a market then many new factors enter the pricing structure. Political uncertainty in some part of the world could disrupt supply and so the price goes up. Trade figures of a major manufacturing nation, like China [blah blah]...

The writer is blaming higher prices on the entire gamut of speculation, but that should not be the whole truth. If I understand the writer correctly, the next day's oil price will be higher if oil purchases the day before were higher. But it would be a wicked thing if oil prices were determined by this method, during which time no one is taking physical command of oil.

What is the purpose of having the world-price of oil if "buyers of oil for physical delivery rarely pay the price listed on the WTI index"? It can be gleaned that the price actually paid by those using the oil will edge / worm progressively closer (over long spans of time) to the index figures (they are not truly prices, apparently), the latter made higher artificially by bogus oil sales to mere gamblers. Don't you find that a tad unethical? The greater the number of gamblers, the higher the price of oil, all somehow justified as typical free enterprise. It sounds like a collision course with reality.

We are being led to believe that phantom or exaggerated circumstances in speculation, coupled with the specific number of oil contracts, is the cause of index-price fluctuation. But I say that fluctuation is caused, not by the speculation itself, but by the need for speculation. Without price swings, there shall be no such thing as speculation. The price swings must be carved out first, and then speculation is born. Unless the price swings are of large size, the numbers of speculators will not grow. The high price of oil is therefore being carved out by the great size of price swings.

Should the government outlaw speculation in oil deals? It is against the law to spit on the sidewalk lest someone's shoe gets spit on it, yet speculators are allowed to be the sepulcher of a dead economic engine. Which do you think hurts society more? No matter what argument one makes in support of speculation, we are faced with the reality that Exxon has the legal right to be a speculator too, while Exxon has the freedom to sell oil at 33 percent above its cost of oil production, which in most cases will not reach anywhere near $100 per barrel. In other words, Exxon has the ability to lower oil prices by commanding the trend in speculation pricing.

Speculators, whom are being portrayed as moms and pops and their aunts and uncles looking for a good bargain, are powerless to sell at spiked prices if Exxon doesn't. If Exxon sells a barrel for $20, how can the speculator get $120? Only one way: Exxon winks at the Exchange Casino. Exxon must be hoping to feign that it has no choice but to sell according to the index-price figures.

Any manufacturer selling at 33 percent above cost is doing typical / standard business, but crude needs no manufacturing, no fabrication costs, not heating costs, no assembly-line workers. The crude facilities take oil from the ground and pump it into ships. That's all. That's really all they do after drilling the wells.

Speculators love spiked prices, but price drops are a speculator's second-best friend. "Speculators, and the information providers that support them, over-react to world news to try to force dips and peaks so they can buy and sell. Thus, there are many non-oil related factors that can influence the price of oil set on the three main indices." What? Speculators are liars in efforts to make money? I never would have guessed. And they manipulate oil prices, yet the government finds it all acceptable??? The writer even makes them conspirators working together with "information providers that support them." That doesn't sound like a cute pussy cat to me.

You might say that speculators are innocent fun because, while they increase prices, they also lower them. It all evens out for the man at the pumps, right? Well, first of all, the price never goes down at all, never, but only goes up. Yes, for the price originally spiked, if you remember, and if it goes all the way back down from where it had spiked, it's just back to normal again, never down from normal. No matter how much oil goes down from the peak, it's always up from normal. The people in charge of this mafia operation have arranged to make prices fluctuate above the normal playing field. They hope that we will sigh in relief when it goes down to $60, when in fact it's four times higher than it should be. Look at all the happy news stories on $60 gasoline. Aren't we just tickled?

Exxon can bring many barrels up in the time it takes a dairy farmer to get a gallon of milk. Do a price comparison between a gallon of milk and crude under those circumstances. A pipe six inches in diameter will contain a gallon in little more than a foot of pipe. Ahh, you might say, but the oil company needs to drill a deep hole while the dairy farmer doesn't. But if a well has 50 billion gallons and is 10,000 feet deep, the well hole needs to be drilled the distance of .0000024 inches for each gallon brought up. If 100 holes need to be drilled to find oil, then the cost of drilling per gallon of extracted crude is still only .000025 inches, some 50 times less than the width of a hair. Which would you rather do, sit on a machine and turn its drill bit into rock a distance of .000025 inches in less than 1/50th a second, plus pump out 1.3 feet of pipe in less than a second, all for $2.50 (at least $3,600 per hour), or manipulate the tits of a cow for as long as it takes to get a gallon of milk? Both the oil and the milk need to be refined, and both end up about the same price at the retail level. What's wrong with this picture?

Plus, when crude was high at $60 several years ago, the cost at the pumps was much lower than it is now (with crude about the same price).

The writer above is missing some bolts if he thinks speculators are the main cause for fluctuations. The events in the Middle East do not cause the price of oil to increase as much as the manipulators use such events as their excuse for increasing prices. We read earlier that oil buyers do not buy at the index prices: "The relative movements of the indices do affect the price oil companies charge for oil, but the actual price is a matter of individual contracts accounting for many different factors rather than a global standard price." So who needs to know the index figures, and why are they in the news every blooming daily as though everyone watching was an oil dealer? Why pain us with a daily reminder of the high prices? The news is even trying to make you believe that higher oil prices are better for the world, and we should all be good citizens by being worldly-minded rather than snarling at the pumps when the attendant is looking.

Why do they use "inDICE" except that they are the same mafia that gives the world roulette gambling? C'mon, we know it. Didn't you ever notice how the numbers at the pumps look like a slot machine? But it never gives money back, even if you put in $77.77. Everytime you pull away from the pumps, you have a sick feeling like you just got out of a casino in time before your life savings were gone. There's probably no law yet saying that you can't spit on a pump, if it makes you feel better.

The neighborhood of the index price is only for the small guys, right? The question should not be how much lower than the index price Exxon gets to pay, for Exxon may own the index people. That would be ideal, anyway, so that $3,600 per hour doesn't too-often slip below $3,000. Horrors if it should go down to $2,000. The oil gods need the money, right, to do more "exploration" on our behalf, right?

The article didn't tell us who's behind the indice triangle involving Texas, London and OPEC. It says: "Each index rises and falls depending on how many people want to buy oil on that particular day." That's like the price of Cheerios going like a yoyo each and every day according to the number of people who want to buy Cheerios that day. Is this a logical way to do business, or is there a magician's trick behind it? Is it to create the illusion that peaks and dips are natural and logical? Certainly, it gives the false impression that the price of oil depends on supply and demand. There is no supply problem in North America. Gas stations don't close down for shortage of gasoline?

If 97 percent of oil sales in the futures market are to speculators, doesn't it mean that speculators are buying mainly from speculators? Doesn't it mean that each of the purchasers in the three percent bracket are buying it after it has passed through the ownership of ten speculators? Does that not sound like madness to you when oil is supposed to be the end or continuation of the world? Would you buy a box of Cheerios after it has passed through the ownership of Al Capone and his fellow gangsters? You wouldn't think they bought the Cheerios to make the price better for you. There is something completely wrong with this picture.

Someone might argue that the refineries are never the losers with high prices from speculation because refineries have the option not to buy when the price of a speculator is high. Think again. Refineries can't wait long for lower prices, and with almost everyone being a speculator, it must be like buying the leg of a lamb from a pack of wolves.

Mr. OPEC has a few ships of oil to sell today. Mr. Spacktacular comes along and says, "how much this time"?

"For you, Spack, I have a reduced deal, like always. This time, let's make it the index price minus nine points and a night out with your daughter."


"Who you going to sell this ship to this time, Spack? Will it be old Miss Spoke again?"

"No, this time it's going to be even easier, with Spook Out. This new kid's jelly in my hands, and I need the money.

"But I just bought Spook's last ship; says he's been flipped like a burnt pancake and is out-a-here. Try Spick-and-Scam instead, as they're getting together with Spyken-Z-Deutch for the purchase of a bakers dozen."

"Wow, 13 ships, really? Those guys can really make dough. If only I had 13 daughters. By the way, do you know anyone that actually wants to use the oil?"

"I do, but they can't get through on the phones because Spike-u-Later Conglomerate is tying them up, wanting 99 ships in time for Thanksgiving weekend. 'God bless America,' they keep telling me."

What would ail anyone that they would buy speculation oil at $100 per barrel when it can fall to $50 at any rooster's crow? The same, tried-and-tested false promises that makes similar Gorgon-skulls buy an ounce of gold for $1,000. He spends all his free time reading futures-market hyper-brain-destabilizer as if it were candy. He believes everything he reads, and banks on it. One persons gain is another's loss so that the chances of losing are a whopping 50%. Or, there are only two ways the price can go from purchase time, up or down, and that again spells 50% chance of losing. But that's okay, says his addiction, because if I lose once, chances are I'll win the second time. It will all pan out in the end, and maybe I'll end up on the winning side. Yeah, after 40 years of fussing with hyper-brain-destabilizer, he might just eke out a profit. The material he's been reading has convinced him that he'll eventually get real-good at prophesying the direction of the swings.

Probably, it's not what you know, but who you know, that allows high winnings. The insiders know what's needed to be known, because they are able to set the direction, up or down. But the Gorgon on the street knows none of the details. Keep your head, stay pretty, and don't become a gamble-dope. The guys at the top need you because they can't win unless you lose. They need a large army of uneducated, out-of-the-loop traders, meaning that they won't educate you. They will set things up so that the guys on the lower end lose. They will gobble up your contracts when you need the money bad enough to sell at the low points. The poorer you are to begin with, the easier they will feed on you. They can make a low time last until you break, when your wife is threatening to walk out on you for sure this time.

I haven't read whether the Exchange people are merely brokers for oil companies, or whether the Exchange people purchase the oil before re-selling, or whether they are the oil companies, more or less. In any case, see this: "Commodity futures have a surprising effect on crude oil prices -- speculators who buy large amounts of futures can swing the price one way or another. Here's an example: A speculator who buys oil futures at higher than the current market price can cause oil producers to horde their oil supply so they can sell it later at the new, higher "future" price. This cuts the current supply of oil on the market and drives up both present and future prices" Dogs who buy high in bulk order to get the prices still higher??? Doesn't that eat up refinery profits and make my gas more expensive? And did anyone say that this is fair ball?

What honest speculators not owning yachts would sign on for futures contracts at a price higher than the going rate? But if the speculators are evil, and giant enough to buy so much oil, and sit on it for long enough to create a supply problem, and if that speculator knows as a certainty that prices will go up sufficient to cover the higher-priced purchase that was made, then this admits a conspiracy. The article goes on to suggest that this is normal practice in the free marketplace, but I doubt that most would agree. The article goes on to say that the U.S. government fully knows about artificial spiking, of that nature, by oil speculators.

It would do no good to sit on a vast oil supply waiting for increase prices if there isn't a mechanism in place to increase prices, and if the oil producers were not part of the plot. Simultaneous with such a scheme, oil producers would need to keep oil-production levels at a normal pace i.e. not increase output to make up for what's being sat upon by the schemers. The scheme can be accomplished using gold or any other commodity, and we can assume they know all the tricks in doing so where monopolization is a central requirement. In this picture, supply-and-demand could be argued as the true cause for increased prices, but the deeper cause is instead the scheme that provides the supply problem. In real fact, the supply is not a problem except that "owners" of oil have produced it.

Supply is not as easy as bringing crude up from the ground. Refineries need time to refine it, and it's likely true that short-term supply can be insufficient at times to meet demand. But the world of oil (not including speculators) is wealthy enough to be meticulous. It's not as though winter comes as a surprise, or as though the summer air-conditioning needs are likewise a surprise. What justification is there, really, to argue that demand could suddenly spike to surprising levels? Isn't the industry geared to preparing more refined product than needed, just in case? Countries can, and probably do, have a little surplus in stock for such times, what's the problem? And so we can see why day-to-day index prices are fed to us on news screens, so that we come to believe that oil-price swings, explosions and implosions, are normal. Is there a shortage of oil for an entire, whopping week? Up go the prices using that as an excuse. It's ridiculous, and shame goes to governments for allowing the monsters to get away with this (not to give monsters a bad an image).

Here's a statement from a Canadian-government website: "When there is more demand (in summer when everyone drives more), there is more pressure to ensure that there is sufficient supply to meet demand, so the price goes up. When there is less demand, such as during the winter months, supply and demand are better balanced and prices are generally lower."

This fine-sounding argument has no backbone, and moreover may be incorrect, especially as it's a Canadian statement, for Canada is a cold county. I doubt very much that extra summer driving over a couple of months uses as much oil as heating buildings for eight months from September to May. Besides, there can't be a supply-and-demand issue because it's well known that summer driving will require more gas, and so the refineries will prepare for it. There is no short-supply problem because Canada has more crude than it needs for itself, but also because OPEC is willing to sell Canada crude at the drop of a hat. What's the problem? Why is the Canadian government lying to the people as in the statement above?

As you can see, the argument above is not based on short supply at all, but merely on volumes consumed. The people are being deceived to believe that, the higher the volume consumed at any given time, the higher the price ought to be as a natural consequence of normal business practices. That is incorrect. The price of delicious watermelons does not depend on how many we eat, but on how many are available. If there is a watermelon glut, we will eat more because they are cheaper, but that doesn't make watermelons higher priced. The Canadian government has it wrong even while it knows better. The Canadian government can assure that, when July comes, more watermelons can be prepared for summer driving. The Canadian government can prepare so many watermelons for summer driving that the cost actually goes down, but the government has chosen to steal the money of the people, for it and the provinces make a whopping amount of gasoline money. Europeans governments are much worse for the several dollars per gallon they are now raking in. I don't know how Europeans take it without a revolution.

The article goes on: "Over the longer term, demand has been growing each year as drivers choose bigger and bigger vehicles and drive greater distances. This puts pressure on the supply and can also lead to higher prices." But it's a figment of the imagination that summer driving, or bigger cars, causes a supply problem. It's a shameful sham, it really is. Besides, it's not necessarily true or logical that drivers are choosing "bigger and bigger vehicles" with high gas prices.

There are two ways to interpret four gas stations at an intersection all having the same price: 1) they are having a price war where the lowest-possible price is being shared by all to the point that all four make little money; 2) they have decided together to fix prices at a certain profit-margin where all will make money. The article above gives scenario 1) but not 2). Why do you think that is? It's because 2) involves a conspiracy, while federal governments, which operate on conspiracies, don't want to give the impression that conspiracies exist.

We all may have read that gasoline stations make little money, or, more-accurately, that only a small percentage of the gas price goes to the gas-station owner. But oil companies are in the habit of purchasing and building gas stations, not because there's little money in it. While the gas-station owner will make a living, and sometimes barely, the Exxons of the world thrive on gasoline profits because they supply their own oil and refineries. Governments should be reporting things like that in their articles with a title like, "How Petroleum Product Prices are Determined." That's the title in the article above. It says not a well-deserved, cross word against the oil companies. Shame, great shame. Canada even has it's own petro company.

What is the average cost per barrel to Exxon? Once we know that, the government can then walk us though a discussion on how the price of gas is attained from the average-barrel cost. We just want to know how much we are being gouged, but the article above doesn't even hint that we are being gouged. It wants us to be calm paying Exxon $3,600 per hour for bringing us crude, and that's not including the money they make on refining the oil. That's how you can know that there's a cover-up, with the government under the bedsheets with the oil companies. Shame, great shame. The article almost enlightens us on whom the index people are:

There are two types of buyers and sellers in the futures market: those that are actual producers or users of crude oil and those who buy futures contracts as an investment, without any intention of ever taking possession of the actual crude oil...

In the spot market [i.e. not the futures market], oil is bought and sold for cash and delivered immediately. The current spot price for oil is influenced by the futures market price because the futures price represents the market's collective view, at a given point in time, of where prices may be headed.

Now we know that oil prices everywhere are set by the futures-market mafia. The article wishes to give the impression that the index figures are variously set to "protect" the "actual producers or users of crude" from "price volatility," but for me this is a smoke screen, the falsification for public-consumption invented by the Exchange people. Where the article includes "users of crude" with the oil producers, it's telling us that companies storing their own oil because they use a lot of fuel (in everyday business) are likewise selling it due to the lucre to be made.

Drilling a well into solid rock costs a house owner about $20-30 dollars per liner foot, but will cost the well driller a lot less. Let's assume that a well 10,000 feet deep will cost an oil company about $10,000 in gas. The operation merely involves a gas-operated machine that turns a drill bit, and the oil company gets the gas for rock-bottom, dirt cheap, right? On top of that, there are likely two men working the drilling operation that need to be paid. Assuming a few hundred feet of rock drilled per day, the labor costs could run another $10,000. But let's raise that $20,000 figure to $100,000 because deeper sections of rock will need more power, and because other costs will be involved, and because I want to make a point. If it takes 100 such wells to strike a decent supply of oil, the total cost, I'm guessing, will not be more than $10 million. Sold at $110 per barrel, where the cost of getting it to a ship is $10 per barrel, it will take one million barrels (can fit into one ship) to cover the drilling costs. If the well can bring up just 10,000 barrels a day (a small amount by modern standards), only 100 days are needed to pay for the drilling costs. After that, the company makes 10,000 x 100 = $1 million profit daily. Do you think that's fair? Or does it look like the devil in your pocket? Do you think governments should be mentioning math like this, or will that cause riots? How does the transportation industry allow itself to be abused like this?

The Real Owners of the Oil Casino

Next article:

I used to be an oil trader a while ago (trading mainly in oil ETFs/funds). It is one of the most stressful experiences, as oil prices change throughout the day. I used to wake up in the middle of the night to see how Singapore and Tokyo are closing and how London is opening. There are way too many factors.

...2.The different types of crude oils are traded in a special type of market called the Futures Exchange. In the U.S., this primarily happens in New York (NYMEX). Here, the producers and purchasers would come with their orders for delivery at a future date. For instance, Exxon could be selling a big chunk of their recent oil finding that could be bought by a major refiner (such as Indian Oil).

3.The end buyers and sellers both have a price in mind and, depending on their urgency and needs, will be willing to take a particular price. Depending on the supply-and-demand situations of that time, the price would vary...

There is no supply problem, but "urgency and needs" spells out the supply problem created when speculators withhold their oil sales until the ones needing it pay their high prices. It's not difficult to get high prices in this way, but only if the ones needing the oil and gas can't buy direct from the Exxons of the world.

Having just learned above what the Canadian government didn't tell us in its article, that Exxon sells through the Exchange people, we can glean that Exxon refuses to sell direct to the people that buy it through the Exchange casinos. If even Indian Oil is forced to buy through a casino, so is most everyone else that doesn't own the casino. The real owners are the Exxons of the world, plain and simple. They are the ones that provide the high prices, naturally.

The seller will argue that prices are up now because ISIS just got closer to a pipeline, or because Canadian drivers are luxuriating in bigger and bigger cars, or try any excuse that will pressure the buyer and take him for an idiot. The buyer will argue that prices should be lower because, well, frankly he doesn't believe a word the seller is saying. But Exxon's players on the casino field learn to exaggerate the problems with practice, and there is so much money involved in the profits that there is easily sufficient available to advertise / promote the negatives that send prices higher. When people in general ask why prices are so high, Exxon's executives have got there stories ready on how it's all so complex and risky. Government papers will then echo the phantom complexities and fantasies that consumers have proven to swallow.

Here's one scenario offered by the article above: "If it's announced that the U.S. started tapping huge reserves of oil, this would send waves through the market. Immediately, the traders will start running around to reduce their oil inventories. Price would then fall substantially, until some buyers on the fence (airlines, for example) come out and find their bargains." Who but the oil companies are in a better position to announce the tapping of new and huge oil fields? Isn't that what has just happened in the Unites States concurrent with the fall in oil prices recently? Yes, it is, and so it's really not OPEC's doing. Rather, Russia has just threatened the Exxon scheme in Iraq by announcing a Russian pipe through Turkey. That is a good time to drastically reduce oil prices by announcing a sudden glut in American oil.

In the meantime, as oil prices plunge, there is a way for the fat cats to profit by buying the oil owned by the millions of moms and pops who need to sell to put food on the table. The index prices can't go down unless there is a major sell-off, but if there exists one when prices are going down, it's because the speculators need the money badly enough that they can't risk waiting for the next significant rise in index prices. This is the trap that the Exxons of the world are sure to provide using the Exchange casino. A casino is by nature a place to get burned. There is a lot of burning pain in a casino, and that pain follows the losers home for months and years. There are untold nightmares produced daily in casinos.

Here's the same writer: "Changes in consumer habits. For instance, if the news comes that Americans are driving a lot this year, then the ripple would be felt across the market [such a laugh]. The U.S. consumes 20 percent of world's oil and almost half of the oil consumption goes to gasoline. A small change in driving habits could cause either a scarcity or a surplus." If nearly half goes to gasoline, then nearly half also goes to heating. Therefore, the little extra gas used for summer vacationing is not a match for volumes used in winter heating, by which I mean to call the Canadian government a liar. But if even the governments are lying on this gasoline issue, then they are feeding the oil casinos. It is thus a true bonanza for the Exxons of the world. The situation is identical to the behavior of fascist government. The writing is on the wall for the people.

So, if the people ask why prices are higher this month, its because Americans are driving more this month, and lookie here's the specialists' reports to prove it. The ripple-effect-felt-across-the-market rules. But when the governments assist in making the ripples, you have government exploitation of the peoples, a crime deserving jail time. The Jailer is Coming.

It's very convenient for the futures markets to sell oil for pick-up at a future date, giving the information specialists time to provide the reasons (i.e. fantasies) for price swings, and giving speculators time to dump their purchases. Selling for ownership at a future time jibes very well with the idea of scheming to swing prices low, then high, repeatedly. The seasoned speculator is banking on the artificial up-swing in prices, and some sure-fire methods of getting prices up are needed. I'm even reading that most futures contracts are set up to terminate in the third week of the month. This seems like part of the manipulation methods.

Next argument on the article's list: "If there is any war, terrorism, or any act involving an oil producer, buyers would panic. That would mean more demand and prices would rocket." How would prices "rocket" justifiably merely because a facility in Nigeria drops world supply by less than one percent? I suppose it's as good as any excuse. But wait, the Exxons of the world are not required to charge more money when a facility in Nigeria is struck by war. What kind of creep would charge more money under such circumstances, anyway? That's why the Exchange casino takes the blame for high prices rather than the Exxons that are behind it. Exxon has a good reputation to manufacture and maintain, but the Exchange casino does not provide a product that belongs to itself, and therefore has no reputation to maintain.

Exchangers pass themselves off as middlemen between buyers and sellers, but is that truly the case? Yes, but only when it comes to pure speculation, where both the buyer and seller are speculators. But, when it comes to selling the initial block of oil, whom do you think the casino will favor, the seller or buyer? It will depend on who pays the casino.

It's not the specific world-price of oil that makes money in price-swing gambling; rather, it's the size of the swing. The higher the price-ceiling, the larger the room for price swings. If the Exxons of the world decide that prices are to go down, there's little anyone else can do about it, for if Exxon sells at $80, OPEC has little choice but to compete. During the down-swing, Exxon will lose on the sale of its own oil, but can buy OPEC oil cheap for re-sale later to make up for it. Better yet, it can get into an Iraq oil field.

The following article is too long to quote from. It is informative on how "crazy" it was for some world-class thinkers to believe that index mafia were responsible for high oil prices. That is, the article has a Bill O'Reilly piece where he could not believe his guest as he claimed that the New York Mercantile Exchange was effecting the high prices. The article is written by a Wall Street journalist who calls the Exchange a casino, but, in the end, doesn't explain satisfactorily to me how the Exchange could set oil prices. The missing ingredient is that the Exxons of the world are in bed with the Exchange mafia. There cannot be a non-governmental bunch of fat cats setting oil prices apart from the consent and participation of the oil producers.

The article ends: "Individuals who, like the anonymous Wall Street professionals about to unleash a crippling financial crisis on the world, took the subway and ferry to work, earned unheard-of riches, gave to charity, and thought nothing of bringing the global economy to its knees." The individuals he's referring to are the ones running the NY Exchange. How could this journalist not get it, that the oil producers need to be involved? The fact that the oil producers sell on a future basis, apart from giving any oil over, reveals that they are involved with the speculators. The Exxons of the world feed the speculators, pure and simple.

The next article takes the position that OPEC has been responsible for the high prices. The article is done in a professorial manner, and the writer, a global-warmer freak, tends to believe everything he reads as stated. For example, Exxon once stated that oil production for non-OPEC producers (i.e., itself) will decline due to lack of oil in the ground (this makes the author giddy because he's hoping to force you to use solar panels by tomorrow if possible), and the writer swallows this line whole, oblivious to the trick that could be afoot, that the prospect of dwindling oil supplies allows Exxon an ace up the sleeve for maintaining higher prices.

The point I'd like to borrow from the writer: "OPEC always maintains what is termed 'spare capacity,' which is the ability to add additional supply to markets on short notice in case of unforeseen developments...Although never mentioned in discussions of oil prices today, the existence of spare capacity and control of marginal, or swing production gives OPEC control of the market price, or more properly speaking, the market price band. This is set far above the cost of extraction, which for OPEC oil is a few dollars per barrel."

Later, he says that Arab oil is "under $5" to bring up, which tells you why the Exxons of the world badly want into Iraqi oil fields. There is no one happier about high gas prices, aside from the oil companies and governments, than the global-warmer scammers and paranoidals.

The writer feels that, due to the Bush invasion of Iraq, OPEC gave the West a backlash with severe increases in oil. But one could argue that the invasion was for the purpose of seizing Iraqi oil for Western producers that already had a price-spike scheme worked out, which they started utilizing in anticipation of getting Iraqi oil rights a lot sooner than was the reality. The oil companies see the writing on the wall, that, within 20 years, and sooner if the Al Gores get their way, people will be veering toward alternative energy as a norm. The oil producers have decided that they've got to get their oil fortunes now, before that day sends them into poverty. The global-warming scam, an attempt to seize tax dollars from all Western nations, and from penguins in Antarctica too, if possible, has resulted in the oil spike, one may argue, as oil producers kick back.

Obama is publicly on the global-warming side, while the military is likely on the oil side, which may explain why Obama seems disconnected at times from military wishes and aims in the Middle East. But, I think, Obama also needs to cater to Rockefeller oil people while disguising it the best he can.

What we have today is the opposite scenario from the greedy-OPEC in the article above. We now have claims that OPEC refuses to lower production so that it is willing to see dropping oil prices to what looks like the $50 range before it's all over. If this were the truth, with OPEC acting alone, there would need to be a special motive for such a sacrificial move. I don't see it. It is predictable that OPEC has not reduced output, but it's because there really is no world reduction in oil use. It is more logical that the claim of dropping world demand at this time is a fabrication, perhaps by the "information specialists" whose job it is to invent a reason for the downturn in prices.

The article implies that the West accused OPEC in 2008 for the drastic oil-price decline: "Finally, oil prices dropped significantly following the financial panic in 2008, not because OPEC was unable to decrease production sufficiently to support higher prices but perhaps because OPEC did not want to be seen as contributing to the strain on Western economies." Well, first he argues that OPEC rocketed prices up to 2008 as an economic backlash on the West, and here he argues that OPEC doesn't want to be found out as the one who rocketed prices. If OPEC rocketed prices, the Western governments would know it, no use trying to hide it.

I recall reading a report that the purpose of the sudden drop in 2008 was to affect / punish Putin upon his surge into Ossetia (August 2008). Yes, that's two drastic reductions in oil prices exactly timed for two of Putins wars, one then, and one right now as we speak.

To underscore the gouging that has taken place, the article shares the average OPEC price for 2002, when wages were roughly what they are today, thanks to the stagnated economy since then, due to increased prices starting with the Bush invasion of Iraq in 2003. The average OPEC selling price in 2002: $24.36 per barrel! Hard to believe, isn't it? But even that was too much, for it costs only a couple of dollars to bring Arab oil to the surface, and millions of gallons can be brought up daily. $24.36 was therefore a complete rip-off. By normal business standards, easy Arab crude should have been sold for $5 at most (but even that is sinfully millions of dollars profit daily). I wonder what the Arab nations charge their people for gasoline. How much more do they make on that score?

There's no way for oil producers to sell oil at over $100 unless OPEC follows suit. The article above has one statement suggesting evidence that OPEC was selling for that much. In other words, the big dogs got together and decided to continue competition, but also to fix selling prices according to discussions in meetings where representatives of all the participating producers attended.

The following math reveals that the United States does NOT pay the index price for oil. A barrel of oil has 42 US gallons, so that, at $100 per barrel, a gallon of crude costs $2.50. I'm reading that it takes more than two gallons of crude to produce one gallon of gasoline. The refineries, because they can sell some of the cruder crude left over in the production of gasoline, would reckon that the purchase of crude that becomes a gallon of gasoline costs them about $3.50, let's say, or even more. Then, to the $3.50, add refining, shipping, middleman, retail profit, and tax costs, so that gasoline in America should be well over $3.50 per gallon (if the paying price of the refinery were $100 per barrel). How then, has America been able to sell gasoline at the pumps for about $3.60 per gallon with oil at about $100? That's the gasoline figure according to charts. It means that America was not paying anywhere near $100 dollars (average) when the index prices were that high. How do we explain this? The same goes for Canadian gas prices, roughly the same as in the US once built-in taxes are ignored.

According to a chart studied yesterday, $100 was roughly the average index price of crude for all of 2014, before the price crash. In the three full years of 2011-13, the average price was roughly $95, but filled with significant price swings. If the price of gasoline at the pumps didn't change much during the swings of the past three years, it's because America was not paying the index prices. Who was selling America and Canada the "cheap" oil? I'm reading that the selling prices of all oil deals are not open for public knowledge; we don't know what's really going on until someone leaks the truth.

You can find articles online to help you become a speculator, how to buy oil low and how to sell high, and you never need to store the oil anywhere. This is the condition of the world even as Armageddon clouds are coming into view upon the horizon. They have it rigged so that anyone can do this, not just the top one percent. They say that turning over a future's contract over a period of a month is on the long side:

Example: Long Crude Oil Futures Trade

You decide to go long one near-month NYMEX Brent Crude Oil Futures contract at the price of USD 44.20 per barrel. Since each NYMEX Brent Crude Oil Futures contract represents 1000 barrels of crude oil, the value of the futures contract is USD 44,200. However, instead of paying the full value of the contract, you will only be required to deposit an initial margin of USD 12,825 to open the long futures position.

Assuming that a week later, the price of crude oil rises and correspondingly, the price of crude oil futures jumps to USD 48.62 per barrel. Each contract is now worth USD 48,620. So by selling your futures contract now, you can exit your long position in crude oil futures with a profit of USD 4,420.

Now you know what billionaires are doing in their spare time. It turns out that fees to the buyers are pennies per contract so that hundreds of contracts per person are encouraged and recommended. Instead of purchases, the events are called "contracts." Here's a starter on how the Exchange works:
"The fact that transactions between buyers and sellers in futures markets are not carried out directly but through brokers means that the obligations of buyers and sellers are formally conveyed to brokers, providing at the same time the guarantee by the broker that the actual buyer and the actual seller will fulfill their contractual obligations...In the process of transformation of the buyer-seller relationship and transmitting obligations and guaranteeing their fulfillment, the clearing house itself becomes the buyer relative to all sellers and the seller relative to all buyers. In this way, it guarantees that obligations regarding all transactions in futures market will be fulfilled."

The clearing house is thus portrayed as the middleman, with brokers between it and both the buyer and seller. The Exchange is thus on nobody's side, we are to believe, acting on the behalf of both the buyer and seller. Easy to understand. But is it true? As the buyers are paying very small fees, do the producers pay large fees to the clearing house?

I've been googling to discover who the sellers are, but this seems to be a well-kept secret, or so well-known it goes without saying. Which oil producers get to use the New York exchange? Is it open to all producers, or only to an elite few?

Why don't the producers do normal business by getting refineries to call them direct by phone? Why sell to speculators who then sell to speculators before selling to refineries? Doesn't that increase prices at the pump due to unnecessary middlemen taking profits? How do oil producers benefit by selling through the Exchange versus direct to refineries? Ahh, they charge more money because speculators buy small as compared to refineries. But Isn't that immoral? If the iron mine sells ore to me first so that the metal mine can sell higher, and if I can sell and make a profit before selling the ore to the steel-beam-making factory, isn't that immoral or breaking the unwritten rules of selling practices?

I know nothing more on this topic than what I'm telling you here hour by hour as I read up on it. But, already, I think I can guess correctly that there can be only one way for the Exchange to attract oil producers to it, by selling their oil at a higher price than would be the case if sold directly to the refinery. For this purpose, the Exchange needs small buyers, the smaller the better. I get it. It needs the small-time gamblers, otherwise the Exchange ceases to exist. That's why you, factory worker, and you, saleslady, after you've saved your pennies for a few years, can go online to buy, for virtually no fee, in lots of 1000 barrels. Just think of how much fun you can have losing years of savings in one contract.

My mind begins to spin when realizing that buyers can also be sellers at the same clearing house. You can become an "oil producer" yourself without getting a drop of oil on your hands. If you think it stands to reason that, after the futures-contract date arrives, transfer of physical oil needs to take place, nope, not at all. For then there would no longer be any small-sucker yoyos seeking to make fast cash. The buyer gets merely a piece of paper, and, the way I imaging this to be the case, the oil is never physically taken by any buyer unless they bring the paper to the company, indicated on the paper, that holds the oil. There is a vast amount of undelivered, but paid-for, oil floating around at any given time.

If you were a refinery or an airline needing crude, would you prefer to buy from speculators, or direct from the real McCoy? Shouldn't you like to call Exxon's distribution center and ask, "What can you do for me; I need x amount of crude today?" How straight-forward would that be as compared to having a broker poke around the playing field of an Exchange casino seeking the best deal amongst thousands? If you think it's good to have many options in speculators because it can get a better deal than dealing straight with Exxon, think again. If Exxon could get more by dealing direct with you, it wouldn't use the Exchange.

Middlemen-gamblers are going to charge more if they can get more, and they will charge as high as they can get at any time, whether the markets are up or down. In this way, the oil companies think that they are absolved of guilt for high prices...because it's the fault of speculators. But the oil companies are not to be absolved if they actually sell their oil at the Exchange in the first place.

But wait. Is it unethical for me to walk into a diamond store to make a good-deal purchase, then to sell it for profit to someone else? No, that is not unethical, because the store was willing to give me a good deal, and the re-selling price I got for it was the going market price. But Exchange speculation is not the same, for it takes place before the product gets to the retail store, and is designed (not happen-chance) by a conspiracy to make unconventional profits. It's the obligation of a manufacturer to assure that its product gets to the retail store without designer middlemen created by the manufacturer for the manufacturer's greater profit margins. The conventional approach is manufactured products relayed to distributors, and streamlined distributor re-selling to retailers. Typically, a manufacturer relies on the distributor to get it to the retailer as cheaply as possible so that the manufacturer gets more repeat business by the lowest-possible retail sales prices. But speculators are not common distributors. They have no concern for getting product to refineries at the lowest-possible price.

One might argue that, so long as the refinery is willing to buy speculated oil, what's unethical about it? It's unethical because the refinery has no option but to buy at the going rate. Buying oil is not optional like buying a diamond. The refinery's life depends on crude purchases as soon as its supplies dwindle to a certain point. The refinery is not being protected for the best-possible price, but rather the pricing that it ultimately gets is being tossed first to the vultures by the very manufacturers that are supposed to protect the refineries' interests.

How convenient is it for the Exxons of the world to raise the price of oil to smaller refineries through speculation so that Exxon's huge refinery business has the greater advantage? Constant price swings make it difficult to come to terms with whether small refineries are getting a good or bad shake at any time. The confusion is helpful toward the conspirators. They can explain it away as dandy and ethical, as if no one is being dented or gouged.

Here's from a liberal website blasting Obama for ineffectiveness against the oil people:

Amazingly, amid much fanfare, the Obama administration announced the 'Oil and Price Fraud Working Group.' That was over two years ago and since then we have heard not a single peep from that august body. One can well imagine that the many tentacled oil lobby, the oil trading desks of Wall Street's bank holding companies, and the Good Ole Boys from this Chicago cronied administration -- exemplified by the clout of the Chicago-based behemoth the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CME Group), the world's leading derivatives marketplace with trading in energy futures contracts that have regularly exceeded three million contracts a day (each contract represents 1,000 barrels) -- will work day and night to neuter this initiative.

Three million contracts in Chicago alone, daily. Is that not insane? If small refineries buy here, what a nightmare it can be.

Here's a blogger's opinion: "First of all, the gas you buy in your car comes from oil sold in the commodities market. There's not a hose labeled 'Exxon Oil' that you can trace back to the wellhead, it's all dumped into the same massive tank farms." It sounds like the Exchanger might be buying the oil so that no one taking out a contract from the Exchanger gets to know which oil producers supplied the oil. The Exchanger may be using a company name set up for the purpose of handing over all oil lots as per the contract purchases.

The first I noticed the sign of terrible gasoline prices was in early 1999, mere months before Exxon formed. I don't recall the pump prices in the next couple of years, as the exchanges of concern were being created:

The International Petroleum Exchange, now ICE Futures (since 2005-04-7), based in London, was one of the world's largest energy futures and options exchanges. Its flagship commodity, Brent Crude was a world benchmark for oil prices, but the exchange also handled futures contracts and options on fuel oil, natural gas, electricity (baseload and peakload), coal contracts...

The IPE was acquired by the IntercontinentalExchange in 2001.

The latter was itself formed only in 2000. Gobble-gobble:

Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE) is an American network of exchanges and clearing houses...

In May 2000, ICE was founded by Sprecher and backed by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, BP, Total, Shell, Deutsche Bank and Societe Generale who represent some of the world's largest energy traders.

...While the company's original focus was energy products (crude and refined oil, natural gas, power, and emissions)...

So, big banks got together with big oil, but Exxon was not a part of it, apparently. We could imagine that Exxon is doing the same in New York and/or Chicago, and we could be asking whether the London and American exchanges are coordinating efforts toward price fixing.

With only 37 refining facilities in the world, Exxon is the refinery leader. It does not own much of the world crude supply. It can't call the shots alone on the price of crude. But if several oil producers joined lots (see EUROPIA), it could form a quasi-cartel. Exxon has reported staggering profits throughout the oil-price crisis, and is said to be the 5th richest company in the universe, or a distant 6th if we include Heaven.

Here's an article telling of Exxon's mutual need for Putin; it's notable that all of Rosneft's deals with Exxon, as indicated in the article, are far-removed from Kurdistan. Is that by design to keep Rosneft occupied elsewhere:

Exxon has huge reserves, and apparently much of it inside the United States. There can never be a demand problem inside the United States unless Exxon creates it by refusing to build more refineries, which, I have read, has been exactly its game. However, suddenly, Exxon is taking a position at odds with former claims:

..."We are not dealing with an era of scarcity, we are dealing with a situation of abundance," Ken Cohen, Exxon's vice president of public and government affairs, said in an interview. "We need to rethink the regulatory scheme and the statutory scheme on the books" [He and Exxon wish to export oil out of the United States, what is now illegal].

By 2015, energy companies will tap more oil in North America from dense layers of rock alone than the current output of members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries except Saudi Arabia, Exxon projects.

World-wide, companies will pump greater amounts of oil through 2040 and still leave nearly two-thirds of the earth's crude deposits untouched, Exxon says.

The story changes like a chameleon depending on the argument needed. If America can afford to export oil, as Exxon claims, where is the need to buy from OPEC? Likely, something akin to a gigantic dinosaur with a very strong bite, breeding inside the United States, grows from guzzling down OPEC oil, and the government wishes to keep it that way, government after government.

Finally, the article says, "Booming production has overwhelmed U.S. demand, pushing domestic prices lower and eroding profit margins for energy producers." Why is Exxon powerless to deny it? Better yet, why is it confessing it? Is Exxon seeking to reduce the price of oil? Who's it trying to destroy? Here's the new war taking place: "The International Energy Agency has called for a 50% reduction in oil consumption by 2050, a view Exxon executives dismiss as unrealistic."

It is predictable that the Exxon strategy for this war has been an increase of prices through the roof up to the present, while mass-scale solar panels and wind turbines are yet unrealistic. Then, the vast monies stolen in these early years of battle can be stored until needed for eking out existence during the fiercest fighting sometime soon, when the prediction is that the Exxons of the world will need to go as oil-cheap as possible to repeatedly cut the feathers off of the green birds before they manage flight.

It is of course your wish and mine that we could replace fossil fuels with wind and sun energy, but perhaps not if there are solar panels on every house, at every street corner, in every farmer's field. I read yesterday that scientists have achieved a whopping 40-percent efficiency in solar panels, but details on marketability were not given, probably because the system isn't viable at this time. Or, perhaps it was an exaggerated story to give green worshipers some heart in the midst of this crushing oil drop. I love the idea of solar and wind energy, or better yet, a little box about the size of my hand that can shoot free laser light into Al Gore's eye whenever he gloats and lies in the same breath, but for now, "hooray for falling oil prices!!!" Bring it on! I want to drive again and enjoy the breeze in my face without suffering a bout of depression whenever I pass a gas-station sign.

What can explain America's refusal to use its own oil? For one thing, it may have decided to keep its own oil in the ground for later, as insurance. But this strategy becomes wasteful if the native oil is finally untapped when green energy comes of age. It is predictable that the native oil should be used up to a large degree just before green energy replaces oil. Exxon, which will suffer from the release of this native oil, seeks to send it out of the country to keep the American playing field from changing. In the meantime, Exxon wishes to make money on the oil when sending it out of the country.

The Wall Street Journal: Since the 1970s, Nigeria has sent a steady stream of high-quality crude oil to North American refineries. As recently as 2010, tankers delivered a million barrels a day. Then came the U.S. energy boom. By July of this year, oil imports from Nigeria had fallen to zero." Nigeria took an anti-queer position, and, for all we know, is being punished by the pro-queer Obama people. In any case, the boom word in describing American oil is a twist that no one is accustomed to. It's not an energy boom in the US at all as much as it's a surprising new choice, a new direction, to use the native oil that everyone knew was there all along. Why now? I will assume that it's being used to cripple Russia's Blue Stream,.

And, hopefully, the gasoline experiment over the last decade is over. Perhaps the government allowed it to proceed to see how the economy could handle it, but as it's proven to be a failure, perhaps things will go back to normal now. Bloggers in 2008:

They just found an estimated 6 billion barrels of oil [boom!] in a range around the Dakotas and Montana....if that's tapped gas prices will go down to below what they were 5 years ago the Department of Energy says.

[Next blogger]: There's also a very large field mapped out in northern Michigan, that's a Shell Oil secret (oops!!). There are many such discoveries already made and in waiting.

The strategic plan is to use everybody else's oil first ad then start sucking up our reserves. That is from lessons learned from the long supply lines of WWII.

It was 2008, the year Putin took northern Georgia under his wings, the year that oil dropped like lead to everyone's surprise. As Georgia passed from the news, oil went up again. And Nabucco died, but as compensation, the West took the Ukraine to cut the South Stream project to its demise. How important is it to keep oil prices low at this time to kill the Blue Stream? Will oil prices be kept low indefinitely?


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