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September 3 - 9, 2013

New-to-me Images of the Boston Marathon

New Images of Boston Marathon (new to me)

The Boston Marathon is a very helpful situation for exposing the deceitful condition of the American government at this time, and how it is willing to frame groups as part of its terrorist romp. For those who read the last update's investigation into the Steve Silva video on Monday, I apologize that a few links to images were not working on that day. They were corrected by Tuesday morning. Here's the Silva video if you need it to follow along or to investigate yourself:,AAAAAA6piHY~,DqRT40XOAr-TnXMtiTj9PVhpaUVs3LGp&bctid=2303076923001

In the image below, which is at a very early time in the marathon explosion, we see a man in red coat with his back to the camera. His collar is up .

Late last week, I found a better image (below) of the scene I've been calling the "overhead image" (1:44). The new one shows a wider area. It shows that the sidewalk down the street from Lenscrafters was fully enclosed, inaccessible, and therefore safe / appropriate for conducting a faked event with many actors, directors and overseers. The man in red can be seen inside the enclosed area, surrounded by officers whose job it was to keep non-insiders away.

In the image below (after the three-minute point), one can see that police are at the intersection blocking the public from walking up the sidewalk to the Lenscrafters injury zone. The area between the injury zone and the intersection is completely empty.

Near the end of the Silva video (below), the man in red is in the same location and position, some two and a half minutes after the explosion. One can make out at that time that this man is an insider, and even a director, for he is clearly upset with something at the exposure scene of the ground-zero site. Things did not seem to go as he wanted, and he is therefore suspect as a leader of this fake job. The video from the webpage below should be taken offline, as expected, when it is found to serve as hard evidence of the marathon fake job. is too close to Steve Silva, an expected insider, for comfort.,AAAAAA6piHY~,DqRT40XOAr-TnXMtiTj9PVhpaUVs3LGp&bctid=2303076923001

There are three men in red coats in this video; it might per chance be that all three were leaders, and that their red color made them easy for the actors to spot.

In the overhead scene, one cannot readily see that the signal / order had been given to use force / muscle to remove the fencing that was, until then, blocking the ground-zero location. It was determined in the last update that the overhead scene was at the 1:44 point of the Silva video. At 1:43 in the video, two men in red coats can be seen. At that very second, a U.S. soldier runs by the foreground; he can be seen coming from behind the lamp post in the overhead scene. The overhead scene shows that a man in yellow vest is about to rip away some blue fabric from the scaffolding. This is the start of a very vigorous effort to reveal ground zero. There is no way that this event would have been permitted until the leaders gave the green light. Even the policemen, who usually do little but stand around and walk about, start to yank the scaffolding away, but the cowboy does nothing of the sort because he's waiting for his cue to wheel Jeff down the street.

Look at the man in red coat (black hair) who is calm at the patio area from 1:36 to 1:43. However, at that point, he starts to walk quickly to the right (see him between 1:47-49), and at 1:50-51 is circling fast around the crowd. In the timeclock image (2:03 of the Silva video), he's seen running away from the scene, up the street. I wonder why. At 1:52, a third man (bald) in red fills the center of the screen, and he contributes to the removal of the scaffolding.

The bald man in red is in front of two more bald men seen in the timeclock image; one of the two is Steven Silva taping his scene at 2:03. The bald fireman is hot on his radio at 2:07. There was a convincing report in the last update concerning a bald man pasted into the scene in the timeclock image. Unless shaved heads were highly in fashion in Boston this year, it suggests skinhead elements behind this fake job. However, bald heads may be a sign of some men choosing to disguise themselves.

A fourth man in red is visible in the timeclock scene (below), at the very bottom, amid the flags. He has both arms up as if reaching for the flags, but as that makes no sense, he should be signalling to someone. There is a police officer (above the word, "blast") looking his way and using a Masonic / satanic hand signal, correct me if I'm wrong. [There will be two more men in red who get close to the Jeff spot later in the update.]

At 2:09 and into 2:10, the man in red wearing the collar up can be seen yelling something to the bald firemen, who himself is wearing his collar up. This man in red has an irritated look on his face; he's not happy. The fireman just got an earful, in my opinion, because the same man in red, at 2:32, looks disgusted with arms hanging limp. He's working up a rebuke at this time, which comes at 2:35, when his arms do an angry fling job while his mouth yells at the bald fireman again. The bald firemen is walking carefully toward him at this time. The only thing missing is the Hitler-style mustache on the man with red coat; if he had armed men, the fireman would have been shot on the spot.

So, one man in red is upset at how things are developing, and another man in red, who witnessed the start of the scaffold-removing event, ran immediately up the street, suggesting that he felt alarm. Did he feel compelled to inform someone as soon as possible that something was wrong, not going to script? [Later in the update, I diagnose another video with camera pointed toward ground zero; it starts at an undetermined time after the 3:07 point. The the point here is, I have seen no video of the ground-zero revelation scene between the time that the man in red is upset (2:29 minutes into the explosion) to some point after 3:07. What went wrong?

Ground-zero becomes fully exposed at 2:32. Do we find the crowd attending to hundreds of injury victims that were plastered on the news? No, but we see a man in white sleeves with his arm up in the air. The man in red is disgusted as he looks on. Why? There is a police officer beside the man in red; that officer is about to walk toward another police officer, and the two will nearly come to hold hands in happiness. At that time, they turn and face the man with white arm up in the air who must be the center of this staged scene. He's celebrating, judging by the look on his face. His left index finger is pointed up. During 2:32, he looks ecstatic, like when the Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup. How can we explain this while Jeff is supposedly writhing on the cold, hard concrete right beside him? The cowboy comes to be fastened to him as he speaks.

During 2:32, the pointed finger has come down a bit, but during 2:35, it flies all the way up, like when a person tries to put a hole in the clouds, indicating his speaking on a victorious point / message. It's just at that time that the arms of the man in red are in an outburst of protest. Perhaps the man with finger was celebrating the success of the con job, but the man in red wanted nothing of this sort at this time because this was supposed to be the grand fake scene.

It is not credible that Silva's video ends here, but it does get cut off here. It means that and/or the others decided not to show the rest of this ground-zero scene. We can only wonder what happened to the fireman. Shortly after the marathon, we heard of a disgraceful firing of a Boston fire chief: "The final straw was a letter of no confidence that the deputies -- all of whom came up through the ranks and are members of the union -- sent to Menino [Boston mayor] on April 26 (11 days after the marathon], which complained that Abraira [the fire chief] ceded control of the investigation of the marathon bombings to federal authorities. 'At a time when the City of Boston needed every first responder to take decisive action, Chief Abraira failed to get involved in operational decision-making or show any leadership,' the letter said." When I got wind of this controversy in April, I concluded that the insiders pushed him out of his job, and that he quit due to fear of the insiders...but I did not see the Silva video until last week, with what looks like an insider angry with the fireman in charge of the scene.

The following square brackets were added to the last update:

As the man in red goes out of camera view to the right at 2:02, Silva must be the cameraman standing about four feet to the back of the man in red. [At first, I thought it was definitely Steven Silva of's Dirt Dogs. Both are bald with similar looks and size. However, he's wearing shorts in the timeclock scene, whereas the 2:41 point of the Betsy McGee video ( shows him, on the day of the marathon, I believe, with long beige pants (and a black shirt). Plus, the more I saw Silva in the Betsy video, the greater the doubts that he was the cameraman with shorts. I am absolutely sure that the one in shorts is taking the Silva-video scene at 2:03 because the other cameramen (in the timeclock scene) would either not show the man in red at all, or would show him to the LEFT of center. Only the man in shorts, unless there is another cameraman out of the picture toward the bleachers, could have the man in red to the RIGHT of center.]

I'll just view the man in shorts as the one taking the Silva video. In the wider shot of the overhead scene, the man in shorts is taking the Silva video of the pink rectangular object through the downed part of the blue fabric. There is no one else behind him who could be taking that scene.

I've just found this photo of a bald/shaved fireman, James Plourde, shared at a CBS article on Abraira's loss of job, with the headline: "Boston fire chief Steve Abraira under fire for his marathon bombing response". There is a photo is under this headline, and it reads: "Boston Firefighter James Plourde carries an injured girl away from the scene after a bombing near the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon. / Ken McGagh/MetroWest Daily News/AP"

If the image above disappears, see it in my files:

I do not think Plourde appears in Silva's video, and I have no idea where the blonde girl in his arms came from, as she does not appear in any image I've seen [found her three weeks later in this other scene, but I'm skeptical]. There is what appears to be a blonde girl in the Jeff-all-alone image, but she's wearing different clothes. In my opinion, Plourde is an insider just because he carries an injury victim.

The outdoor patio at the explosion site scene is directly behind Plourde as he holds her. The blue police vehicle beside Plourde can be seen in the timeclock image as well as the image below where the timeclock shows about three minutes into the explosion. I'll call the image below the 4:12 timeclock image (not the same as the timeclock image shown until now):

The man in blue, and the fireman he's talking to, as well as the man on the phone, all in the Plourde photo, can be seen in the same positions in the 412 timeclock photo. It means that Plourde carried the girl about three minutes after the blast. Why did neither this girl nor Plourde show up in earlier scenes? I may have missed something, but so far as I can recall, neither of them had been seen.

The cameraman in shorts, who is filming the Silva video, can be seen in the lower right of the 4:12 scene; he is still filming (at what would have been the 3:07 point of the Silva video), and yet his taping was cut off 2:40. Why was it cut off at that time?

The SS Medic

The bald fireman can be seen running to the scene at :45 seconds, 39 seconds before the blast, but by that time, I see men in yellow vests and orange stripes (who I assume to be firemen) already inside the injury area (see fireman with orange stripes at the image below (timed after the 2:03 point). Plourde wears the same orange stripes. At :53, two firemen can be seen inside the injury zone, and yet they are doing nothing but standing:

But wait. They are standing near the orange bag (important in the last update). The questions now are, not only why firemen would be on-the-ready at a marathon (did they expect running shoes to catch fire?), and not only why firemen seem to be guarding a bag, but why is that bag inside the injury zone to begin with??? Who put it there? The medic in short sleeves, who is standing on the other side of the scaffolding from the bag at :53, is the one who goes for the bag starting at 1:22, and then drops it beside the red-haired woman (see bag at that link) at 1:33. Why should he call out for a bag that he did not carry to the site???

At :44, his entire backside shows as he enters the area of the bag, but he carries NO BAG! How could the bag on the other side of the scaffolding belong to him? Seemingly impossible. But then the bag must have been some important part of the fake job.

As the medic arrives at :41, he is a few steps behind the man in blue jacket and green cap, who seemed suspicious in the last update. The latter man can be seen standing at the finish line (to the left of the street stripe) at :31. He wears a marathon jacket but is unusual in that other people wearing marathon jackets do not carry a backpack. We see a clear shot of his face starting at :35, and yet for a few frames the video has a black box directly over his face, not likely by chance. One frame during :35 has one black box on his face, and a subsequent frame puts two boxes on his face. His entire head is covered in a black box in at least one frame during :36, where his face is closest (largest) to the camera. As these seconds of the video play, it is impossible to see this man's face. Yet my video version has no black boxes, and I can see him well.

The medic first becomes apparent at :35 under a timeclock (upper left) at the finish line. He appears to be speaking with another person in a yellow vest, and yet the medic will come down the street alone. At :36 he has become larger, indicating that he's on his way. At :37, there is a frame available that shows both men in yellow jackets facing toward the camera, one slightly behind the other. It suggests that both are coming down the street, and yet, after the medic passes the camera alone (:42), it's clear the other one isn't following along. I'll call this subject the short-sleeved medic or "SS medic."

At :46, he's headed directly for the man in green cap (beige pants). The latter is beside the scaffolding (to the immediate left of the medic), and is about to enter into the scaffolding, but then leaves and goes back the way he came from. Why was he there for 20 seconds only? He left (at 1:07) just seconds before the wood fence was separated (according to plan, obviously) to allow entry into the injury zone directly in front of the outdoor patio. Yet, at about 1:50, he can be seen inside the injury area in front of the patio. See him in the right-side image below that can be judged to be at about 1:50. The man in red can be seen about to run up the street, wherefore should we suspect a make-shirt insider headquarters up there that of course wants to know certain developments?

As I say that the man in green cap knew that the wood fence would shortly be separated (it was prepared separated beforehand, for one needs wire cutters to separate it), the question again is: why did he leave? Was he carrying something away from under the scaffolding, or bringing something there?

In one frame during :47, I can see the beige pants of the man in green cap inside the scaffolding between the SS medic and the tree trunk. He's beside the orange bag. Apparently, the role of the medic had to do with placing an orange bag at a certain place, making it appear that the bag got there as per officials at the scene. Why couldn't they have decided to have the medic simply walk into the scene with a bag? Why all the fuss to show him taking a pre-planted bag inside the injury zone? What important thing was in the bag that was needed in the injury site that could not have been planted there from the start?

At :48, the man in green cap is still standing with pants to the left of the trunk. We shouldn't mistaken the orange bag with what looks like a dark bag to his right at :52. Instead, the orange bag can be seen between :52 and :54 behind the tree trunk (it becomes visible much better at 1:11). During :49, he has moved about one step toward the trunk, with his head and cap visible to the right of the trunk. At :50, he is looking toward the camera from the right of the trunk.

During :50 and :51, he's lost behind the tree. At :52, the SS medic is right there at the same scaffold, now turning around toward the direction from where he came, and holding his hand up making signals to someone up the street (it looks like he has two or three fingers up). If this was according to plan, it seems to be for indicating to viewers, us the public, that the orange bag was on its way. However, even as the SS medic signals with his fingers, there is the orange bag (doesn't yet show with orange color), between the base of the tree and the legs, but ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SCAFFOLDING.

If I were a medic and my partner held up two fingers, what would I think? I would think, two what? I dunno. The last time that the two in yellow vests were seen near enough to one another to be speaking was at :35, some 29 seconds after the explosion. What could they have been talking about at that time? Under normal, non-fake conditions, they would have spent the first several seconds gathering their thoughts as to what may have been taking place. But under fake-event conditions, the finger signal was for the viewer, to explain why the SS medic calls for a bag 20 seconds later. It causes the viewer to think that the bag came from the person to which the signal was given.

If this were not a fake job, the firemen standing near the bag(s) would not be standing there...because everyone would have to assume that there could be a bomb in the bag, as the bag is completely unattended. The end of :53 sees the SS medic just watching a man climb the scaffolding, and then the man in green cap becomes undeniably visible at :54, wholly concerned with the man climbing over to the injury site.

It seems obvious that the two firemen inside the site are guarding the bag, and yet it's not because they may think there's a bomb inside, for we're about to witness that the bag(s) is not at all their concern. In other words, none of the people on the camera side of the scaffolding are warning the firemen that there could be a bomb in the bag because they themselves prove to be unconcerned about the bag.

The firemen are seen walking casually toward the bag. One is behind the other, and then, when the first one stops walking forward (at :54) as the bag is a little to his front and left, the other one (a Negro) stops abruptly behind him, as if to a script. When the first one stops walking forward, he curiously takes some steps sideways, away from the bag, as if directed to do so by someone on the other side of the fence. This fireman then turns and looks toward the fence just as he's planting his feet in a position expected of a guard. No sooner has he planted his feet, that he starts to walk forward again, but he didn't go far because, the two can still be seen standing at 1:02.

Once the man in yellow (not the SS medic) has climbed over the scaffolding and landed, he does not go for the bag. Fortunately, Silva doesn't remove the camera until we can catch the man in yellow move toward the building. It means that no one is concerned for the bag, indicating that this could not be a natural event, for in a natural event, that bag all alone would have been a bomb-threat priority. As the man in yellow is not interested in the bag, it means that it was to be left alone until the SS medic called out for it.

When the camera returns to the scene, the man in green cap is still to the right of the trunk, and the SS medic is jumping the scaffolding (1:00-01) at the section holding the blue and gold flag, which is just one scaffold section away from the red and gold flag where the orange bag can be seen at 1:11-12. It's not clear what he does after jumping, but at 1:06 he is shown waking beyond the red and orange flag, meaning he left the bag on the ground as he walked by. The bag's visibility at 1:08 is a good shot for determining the distance that it sat to the left of the tree: less than two scaffold sections over. See the tree at this skyview page:

The video is severely blacked out during 1:02, and the front firemen is included within the blacked-out areas. But in my video version, he's not blocked at all. He is standing during 1:02 and 1:03, at which time a police officer blocks the view. However, when we again see the fireman at 1:05, he is already walking forward (i.e. probably started before 1:05). In other words, he started to walk forward, in the same direction as the SS medic, after the latter jumped the fence at 1:01. He is still walking forward at 1:14, and finally he stoops down to a person on the ground at the corner of the patio, which for me indicates that his job was done in regards to the bag. But his partner, the Negro fireman, remains standing near the orange bag. I suppose the producers of this "movie," who had employees on the "set," decided that it looked too conspicuous to have both firemen standing near one another, doing nothing.

From 1:01-02, the man in green hat (left of the tree) is still looking more toward the camera than toward the injury site. How strange, under normal circumstances, that he should not be concerned about the injured victims. At 1:03, his cap can be seen on the left of the tree trunk because he has started his walk out of the scaffolding.

From this point, two police officers walk in front of the camera to block the man in green cap. One of the officers comes toward the camera as if to walk past, but instead turns around and places the huge flat of his back to the camera, a very rude thing to do, unless it was planned. The other officer likewise had walked up to the camera while Silva was taping up the street (just before 1:00). That officer can be seen smack at the camera for a split-second at :57, and again as Silva turns around at 1:00. Why did he walk up to the camera, then turn around and walk the other way? The other officer (above) did exactly the same from 1:02 to 1:05. What were we not supposed to see in the area of the man with green cap?

At 1:04, a third police officer gets into the way so that, after the first two are out of the way at 1:05, the third one is fully blocking the man in green cap, whose blue jacket can be seen slightly behind the officer. The man in green cap then walks away as if on a mission, but is found inside the injury zone by at least 1:50. He could have knocked down the wood-slat fence with his foot, or could have had someone else do it, but that would have covered the orange bag with the fence. No good. The fence is shown broken through at 1:28, though it appears to have been breached seconds earlier. It's not broken down at the bag, however.

While the man was being blocked, he walked past a man in white (not the one in yellow vest) who remains beside the bag thereafter, as well as past a camerawoman (topic of the last update) who immediately takes some steps away from where they brushed paths.

From 1:08, the bag seems to be under the oversight of the two men in white, one of them being the one above. The Negro fireman can still be seen (at 1:08) in the vicinity of the bag. He doesn't move (much anyway) for the next several seconds. At 1:18, we see the SS medic supposedly helping injury victims. He's been there some 15 seconds. He is about to go for the orange bag that we now know was not his. How did he know he had to go for that bag? How did he think there were injury-helpful things in that bag? No one touched the bag from the start. No one has acknowledged ownership of the bag, but, suddenly, at 1:22, we see the SS medic turning for the bag. At 1:24, he yells over toward the men in white. We assume that he's calling out for the bag, for someone has put it into his hand at 1:28. How suspicious. His face is that of a dirty scum as he faces the camera at 1:28 with the bag in his hand. I cannot make out who hands him the bag, as the scene is conveniently blocked by people who have moved in.

As the men in white are on the camera side of the wood fence at 1:12, it can suggest that the fireman handed the bag to the SS medic, but while this idea is logical, it's not possible to prove from the images that I know.

At 1:13, the Negro firemen can be seen facing toward the bag, and I think he is coming closer to it. At 1:18, his body is seen down to the feet, with the orange bag beside him some six-to-eight feet away; he's looking at the SS medic in this scene. He remains in the same basic position until Silva's camera goes off the scene at 1:21. Just as the camera returns immediately, the fireman's face is slightly toward the camera, which is also slightly toward the bag. In one frame during 1:22, the fireman's vest can be seen under the chin of a man in red. This is the man in red who will end up at the patio in about 20 seconds, then run up the street. One can make out, from what's seen under the chin, that the fireman's vest is in such a position that he's now facing the camera. This is verified (still in 1:22) as soon as the man in red has walked past. Why should the fireman be facing the bag at this time? At this very second, the SS medic can be seen on his way to the bag, though he hasn't called out for it yet. Why should the fireman be facing the bag when he doesn't yet know that the officer wants it? Because he does in fact know, as part of the plan.

There seems to be something blackening out the face of the fireman just after the man in red has walked past him. As soon as Silva sees the Negro man (due to the passing of the man in red), the camera goes quickly off of him. Apparently, the insiders were trying to hide the face of the fireman in a dead-on view. Just as the SS medic reaches the turf of the fireman, Silva takes the camera away, and we don't get to see whether the fireman handed him the bag. I think I can spot the Negro behind the officer as the latter points for the bag.

His pointing hand is visible, in part of 1:27, above the wood fence. He is not looking toward the bag on the ground beside the wood fence because it's not there immediately in front of him. For, at 1:19, we can see the bag at the very front of the scaffold section holding the red and gold flag; this flag appears at 1:27 right where the SS medic is pointing. At the start of 1:28, which suddenly turns the scene blurry (why?), an orange object can be seen at the left shoulder of the woman in yellow. The orange object is right beside the red-and-gold flag, though the object is high off the ground. I cannot get this orange object in more than one frame. It could be the fireman's vest or helmet, or even the bag (my guess is that it's an orange fireman helmet, seen in other images). It's as high as the woman's head. Was someone throwing the bag to the SS medic? It doesn't look like he caught a bag when we first see it in his hand at the start of 1:29. The camera goes off the scene just as this bag is coming across to him.

So, the bag was transferred to him while at chest level. He did not stoop to the ground to get it, meaning that someone had picked it off the ground since last it was seen at 1:20 (in contact with white coat), when no person within the injury site could be seen beside it. As he's not pointing to the ground at 1:27, the bag must already be off the ground at that time. An insider picked it up, right?

When the bag is clearly visible in the Jeff-all-alone scene (after the four-minute point), it doesn't look like the bag was intruded very deeply. What could be the purpose of this thing in this hoax?

The bag was dropped (by the SS medic) between the lamp post and the building, very near to the lamp post. In the scene above, the bag is upon a piece of wood slat from the fence. That slat is perhaps the same one as in this overhead scene taken when the Silva video was at 1:44, just 11 seconds after the SS medic dropped the bag). Some orange color can be seen to the right of the SS medic's knee. The bag is thus positioned, apparently, within reach of the other man stooping (white shirt) to the same place as the SS medic. If it is the bag (highly likely) that's to the right of the knee, then it's supposedly sitting in the blood stain seen in the Jeff-all-alone image.

Here is a close-up shot of the man in white shirt along with the man in green cap, along with a Negro medic in short sleeves that looks like he's the partner of the SS medic. The Negro is the one picking up the stretcher that the Negro woman was on:

Now look at the blood stain in the Jeff-invisible image, which was determined to be at Silva's 1:16 point. I have since changed my mind. I am trying to determine the exact time, but now know it wasn't at 1:16. I can now re-conclude that it was some seconds before 1:16, and will report back on this in the next update along with two new images of the blonde woman. The point here is that, while the Jeff-invisible image is before the Jeff-all-alone image, the latter's round blood spatter between the slat and where the Negro woman laid does not appear in the Jeff-invisible image. Who put that stain there? It could give the impression that the SS medic (and/or the other stooped man) was, not helping injury victims, but spreading faked blood on the sidewalk. Indeed, the round spatter (looks thicker than blood) in the Jeff-all-alone image does not appear as liquid should appear if it has run downhill toward the street.

I've compared the blood stain under the Negro woman in the Jeff-invisible image with the stain in the Jeff-all-alone image; they appear to be a perfect match. Note that the plastic cup beside the Negro woman is red, the color of choice if it possessed fake blood to begin with. In other words, the original stain under the Negro may have been painted on the sidewalk from liquid in that cup. In the meantime, she could have painted some on her forehead.

There's yet another patch of blood that was added. Between the butt of the Negro woman and her feet, there is no blood at the Jeff-invisible scene. In other words, there is a sizeable gap of clean sidewalk between she and the red-haired woman. However, after the SS medic arrives with the bag, we see that blood is continuous between the two women. If you compare, there is a large area of blood, in the Jeff-all-alone image, immediately in front of the red-haired woman's face, that is not in the Jeff-invisible image. In the same way as the other added stain, the blood here does not appear as it should when flowing downhill toward the street.

I can't say whether that blood was definitely added by the SS medic and/or the other stooped man, as the red-haired woman, if she was there, may have produced the extra stains. However, I don't think she was there. Nor can I say whether the bag's purpose was for creating this extra blood. I doubt that the bag had this as it's main purpose, anyway. It's seemingly too much trouble to go through just to add in some extra blood. The bag may have carried something important to the scene, or away from it. Perhaps the instruments for creating the blood patches originally were all slipped into the bag, but there is an argument below that suggests nothing of importance carried AWAY from the scene, by which I mean to say that the bag carried something of importance TO the scene.

The other man stooping man can be seen with a white shirt, a belt, and some greying hair, at 1:31, just as the bag is being dropped. He's already starting to stoop just as the bag is being dropped (no time to lose???).

For ten seconds after the bag is dropped, the Silva camera goes up to the upper windows, as though the cameraman knows what's to take place at the bag during that time. When the camera comes back down, it's on a different scene. The camera does go back to the stooped men at 1:44 (at which time the man in white shirt is still stooped). There is no red-haired woman visible from this angle, no sign of her red/burgundy shirt sleeves. She is supposedly standing up between the cowboy and the stooped man in white, according to the overhead scene, but she does not appear between the cowboy and that man in the Silva video.

The stooped man and the SS medic continue to be stooped until they are blocked out at 1:46; they are blocked out by a fireman (!) with black cap and black bag. At 1:48, we can make out that the two are still stooped, and this fireman looks on as if he knows what's going on with the orange bag. Between 1:54 and 1:56, they are still stooped together, lower than before. There is a small hint of red behind the cowboy at 1:54, but a second earlier, it can be determined to be part of a red cap, not the sleeve of the red-haired woman. When the camera comes back down at 1:59, the two are still stooped low; the white shirt is barely visible in front of the cowboy and making contact with him. No sign once again of the red-haired woman who is shown there LATER (in the Jeff-all-alone scene).

As the white shirt is still visible in front of the cowboy until 2:01, it can be deemed that the man must be in the timeclock scene of 2:03. At first I didn't see him in the timeclock scene, but with a close up, he's there between the woman and the SS medic (with the pasted bald man bending to his right).

So, all that time, over 30 seconds of stooping into a blood patch to supposedly get the Negro woman into a stretcher (and meanwhile they totally ignored Jeff)...but how many footprints do you count in the Jeff-all-alone image, where the Negro woman is gone? Do you see smear marks as they handled the Negro woman? No, but the blood stain where she lay is exactly the same as on in the Jeff-invisible image taken before the two stooping men arrived. It suggests either that the red liquid dried quickly (or absorbed quickly into the concrete), or was pasted in.

Ignoring the choice of word in a video entitled, "Boston 100% proof of Staging" (part four), the video is nothing but one still scene, the timing of which can be determined to be shortly after 2:35. The man in white shirt has not come to a near-standing position, and the orange bag is not visible. The bending bald man is directly behind, and walking up to, the man in red who did a tirade with his arms at 2:35. The man in white with index finger pointed to the sky still has one arm (the right one) lifted high, and we can see his positioning clearly, directly behind the SS medic. There is an excellent view of the spot where the red-haired woman was lying, but, as always, she is not visible at all. Nor is the Negro woman. By the way, here is an image of the tirade on a wider scene than the Silva video allows:

The man laying down with grey sleeves and white chest is NOT Jeff, as I once thought. It's the man in grey hood (with his hood off).

In the image below, the orange bag, if it's the same one (it looks identical), can be seen on the street not far from the FBI truck (or so that truck was identified by others). If it's the same bag, then, being by itself, unattended, I gather that it had served it's purpose, and may not have been for secretly carrying anything important away. If it's the same bag, then the scene with the FBI truck is later than the scene with the bag in the Jeff-all-alone scene. This scene below is definitely after 3 minutes into the explosion, and evidence will be presented below that the Jeff-all-alone scene is more than four minutes after the explosion.

New-to-me Video Footage -- Woman Pushed Away from Marathon Place

In a video entitled, "Graphic video First moments after Boston Marathon blasts," the orange bag appears visible roughly where the SS medic had laid it down. This is only the second, full-motion video scene that I have seen of the injury site. Although has not, apparently, released the Silva video after about 2:40 minutes, here we have the same injury scene from another angle, taken at some point after three minutes into the explosion. My guess is that it's being taken by a Boston Globe worker, possibly the cameraman with yellow vest who can be seen at the far end of the patio in the 411 timeclock scene. This video is taken from that far end of the patio, a patio belonging to Marathon Place.

There is something very revealing in this video. Let's call it the action-scene video, where everyone had a part to play to make it look like an injury scene. It is quite well done, actually. If one merely watches on, not looking for anything suspicious, it looks like a real event.

At :03, a heavy-set woman in brown can be seen between two men in blue; she is in many images, and was at the wood-slat fence beside the explosion (i.e. at the time of the explosion). In the 411 timeclock scene, and images taken still earlier, she's at the end of the patio nearest Lenscrafters. In this action-scene video, she's walking toward the other end of the patio, and just as she's going for the door of the Marathon Place, another woman spots her and runs to get her, then escorts her out. Why? What was in that store that was not supposed to be seen? This heavy set woman is never seen stooping to anyone. I cannot begin to discover her purpose there. Was she not an insider?

At :05-06, both woman can be seen between the two men in blue. At :10, the one woman runs behind the heavy-set woman as the latter walks toward the camera. The latter crosses in front of the camera between :20 and :22. At the end of :22, the chest of the other woman appears over the shoulder of a red jacket, and she's virtually standing still at the time (not running yet). At the start of :23, she can be seen spotting the heavy-set woman, and taking off after her at the start of :24. It's important that she has a take-off moment, like one alarmed at what she's seeing. After cutting across the camera herself, she's seen pushing the heavy-set woman away from the store. Very suspicious.

The Silva video at 1:18 shows the door going into the Marathon Place. It's understandable that this place served as part of the hoax along with Lenscrafters.

The heavy-set woman can be seen pointing to something inside the Marathon Place in this image from Wikipedia that was near the explosion. It's as though she has an Aha! moment. Perhaps she saw something suspicious, and kept it to herself for a minute, until she went to investigate. I've not seen the woman before who pushes her out of the doorway. Below is a new-to-me image of people looking into the door where the heavy-set woman wanted into, and she herself is in the image. What do you think she's thinking? Did she ask those men to look into that store because she saw something suspicious / amiss in there???

The man in red -- the one who went on a tirade -- is in the Wikipedia image, at his typical / favorite location, notable because this scene is very near to the explosion. He reminds me of the director of this "movie." The woman in grey inside the patio is still in that position at the 411 timeclock image (2:03), but is standing up in the action-scene video, which is only one reason for setting the time of this video after 2:03 of the Silva video. Yet, it's at least a minute afterward, and no doubt more than two minutes afterward.

At :01 second, one can, for a split second, make out the blue-and-white police car parked in front of the black Escalade (SUV). The satellite dish on the roof of the Escalade is further frontward than the driver's seat of the police car, and yet in the 412 timeclock image (3:07 minutes into the explosion), the satellite dish is parked further back than the driver's seat in the police car. Therefore, the action-scene video starts after the 3:07 point.

The orange bag can be seen in the lower-left corner at :03, and again at :23. The SS medic to its right doesn't become visible until :26 (see him above the head of man in black shirt), but for a clear view of this man, he's at :38-39 with the orange bag visible again (between the legs of two people) beside him. As the Negro woman is not yet seen on her stretcher, he must still be attending to the Negro woman. This allows us to clinch the Jeff-all-alone scene at a time after 3:46 (3:07 plus :39) into the explosion, which is completely ridiculous. The Negro woman, with little injury, appears on the stretcher before Jeff, after the four-minute mark (i.e. while he's been bleeding that long), that's what's ridiculous. The video is some 48 seconds long; add it up and it means that the Negro woman, and consequently Jeff Bauman (or whoever he is), were still on the sidewalk at 3:07 + 48 = 3:55 minutes after the explosion.

[Insert -- A couple of weeks after this update, the timeclock image below was found, timed with certainty at 3:11 minutes after the explosion, four seconds after the 412 timeclock scene presented above. The Negro is on her stretcher in this image, positioned at times right in the view of the action-scene camera, and yet neither she nor her stretcher can be seen at this point due to the people in the way. Supposedly, anyway. I decided previously that the stretcher was not yet at this location due to its invisibility. Let's call this image below the 4:12:54 image, or just "the image" verses "the video"; Flicker won't allow me to share the image, so I'm hoping it doesn't disappear from here: In the image, judging by the positions of the people at the far end of the patio, the positioning is about one or two seconds before the action-scene video begins (meaning that it begins at about 3:10 after the blast). The stretcher is seen beyond the lamp post, meaning that, in the video, the stretcher must be between the lamp post and the camera. At :03 of the video, just before the camera turns away to the right, there is a blonde medic seen, whose back appears in the 4:12:54 image. It was proven that she spent some 30 seconds with "Krystle Campbell" just before she walked to where we see her in the image. Krystle, the media reported, died of her leg wounds, some reporting that she died at the sidewalk...where this medic attended her. The point here is, Krystle was a faked death simply because this medic walked away from her, but there is greater evidence than this that she was a faked death. For the story, see

This blonde medic does not like to be on camera (with her face), which is why she may be turning around at the :03 second point. She is a partner with the Negro medic who is at this very second at his stretcher with the Negro woman. I had found an image [to be presented in this update] of this blonde pushing this very stretcher to the injury scene from the finishing line. She therefore knows that this is a faked event, and had apparently requested of the insider camera team not be seen on camera. The only time I've seen part of her face in a way that threatens her identity is when she attended Krystle Campbell. At :05, she can be seen with back to the camera, walking back the other way. Why did she take this little walk, therefore, first away from Krystle, then turning back? Someone who doesn't like conspiracy theorists could say that she was in shock, couldn't take it anymore, and needed a breather. But I won't buy that. As a medic, it was her responsibility to attend to Krystle. The writer of the article above says that she walked away because her only purpose was a media-intended photo shoot with Krystle. I buy that.

That video camera, and the person holding it, should be visible in the 4:12:54 image, for it shows a clear shot of this area where the camera should be. Due to the angles that it captures, that camera cannot be far back from the patio railing. I therefore think that the man above the red cap has a camera in his hands, and will turn to start the video in about one second, two at the most, for the video starts with the red cap walking by the man in blue shirt. He does not strike me as an insider (but then what does an insider look like?), and so this video may not be part of the insider program.

The man in red coat seen at :29 was in the 4:12:54 image, to the far left. He will soon spend considerable time at the Jeff-spot.

There is very brief but fair shot of the sidewalk at :03, where the base of the lamp post sits, but there is NO STRETCHER there. There is a clear shot of the base of the lamp post at :21, WITHOUT the stretcher visible that should be visible. It was either rolled away over the past 21 seconds, or it had been pasted into the 4:12:54 image to begin with. I wouldn't say that without a reason. Since finishing this update, the image below was found with the stretcher at the same place but without the Negro woman in it. This image can be timed with the help of the Silva video to about 2:35 minutes after the explosion, about six seconds after the blonde medic first arrives to Krystle's side. The blonde therefore had every opportunity to say to her partners, "No, wait, not the Negro, but take Krystle first."

We either believe that the Negro woman was picked and strapped into the stretcher between 2:35 and 3:11 after the explosion, or that the stretcher was pasted in. It gets worse for the insiders, for the new-to-me image below has her strapped into the stretcher even before the 3:11 point. At the 3:11 point (i.e. the 4:12:54 image), the man in bright green shirt with long white sleeves is on the street, but in the image below, he's at the patio, where he is seen also in the image directly above. It means that the image below is between 2:35 and 3:11.

The Negro woman in the following image is likewise in her stretcher before the 4:12:54 image. In the one below, there are two people (man in beige pants with flap on his pocket, and man in jeans, black jacket, and blue shirt) seen a few steps further (to the tune of about four or five seconds) than they are in the 4:12:54 image. That reduces the available time span to between 2:35 and 3:06. In the stretcher image (above, timed at 2:23) where she's not yet in it, there isn't anyone beside her yet that looks prepared to pick her up. The man in beige pants in the image below is seen at the same spot as in the image directly above, but as it's too early for the blonde medic to be walking off camera to the right, she must still be stooping down to Krystle (the two women are non-visible to the front of the short-sleeved medic). Or, possibly, the hair of the blonde medic may be visible above the 'B' on the black coat.

The image below, where the blonde medic can be seen arriving to Krystle's position, shows the timeclock at 2:23 after the explosion; the Negro is not yet in the stretcher:

Therefore, all the time that someone was supposedly loading the Negro onto the stretcher, the blonde medic, with her partner, the SS medic, were fully aware of Krystle's condition. They saw her leg snapped and bent broken under her body, and yet they took the Negro away who shows nothing of the sort. Hello?

At the webpage provided above, which is here, there are two images of the blonde testing Krystle's jugular for a blood pulse. In both images, Krystle is feigning death, and yet the people who wheel her away moments later do some CPR on her, suggesting that she was alive. I am not sure what the original script was, but if she was supposed to feign instant death from the start, perhaps she got an itch and had to rub it, or a bee came along and she had to swat it, ruining the plot. She then had to act alive and find another time to die. See one of the images with blonde checking Krystle's pulse below, in case the page above disappears; this image, according to the positions of the people, can be as little as one second after the 2:36 point of the Silva video, but not many seconds after. Silva's camera operator takes the camera away from the scene just as someone is slated to take the picture of this image, and then the video goes dark:

It can be reasoned that the pulse-taking photo was originally intended to explain why they took the Negro rather than Krystle, but that argument doesn't fly because checkered-shirt Bauman is missing his left leg below the knee in both pulse-taking images. I simply have no idea just how useless the monkeys were who put these images together. It gets worse and worse for them with every new image leaked out. Safe to say, distorted people don't think right, and the insiders are obviously distorted people.

The short-sleeved medic, a partner of the blonde and Negro medic (all from Boston EMS) is stooping down exactly at the spot of Krystle Campbell at the 2:30 point of the Silva video, which is the very second in which the blonde medic arrives. She is blocked by the head of the cowboy as she arrives, and the short-sleeved medic is crouched in front of the cowboy. The heavy-set woman is in the corner of the bricks between Lenscrafters and Marathon Place, and she is seen there in the other/second image where the blonde takes Krystle's pulse (the medic's face is somewhat visible in one), thus verifying the timing of the pulse-taking moment. This is very bad for the SS medic, for he too oversaw the taking away of the Negro rather than other injury victims. The more that the insiders claim severe injuries at this site, the more they appear guilty for taking the Negro away first. What will they do about it if this issue becomes a national discussion? (I don't have television, and so, for all I know, it has been discussed on news-opinion shows).

These medics could be blamed for Krystle's death, unless of course the parents are insiders, and, of course, they must be.

The Negro medic that you see will also push (later) the stretcher that carries Krystle away. She will be still be alive or revive-able while on the stretcher, but the story got out to the media that she had already died by that point. Who told the media such a thing, and why? This video captured the problem: they neglected the woman who was dying for the Negro woman. It looks bad, very bad, and so the only excuse for this blonde medic was for her (and all the insiders) to claim that there was simply no use, Krystle was already dead. In fact, the cowboy is reported to have said at this very scene that she was "gone." However, the cowboy made up stories as needed, after the marathon, to protect the insiders.

In what I've come to call the BAA Physician image, in which the orange bag has moved closer to the lamp post so that it's timed after the action-scene video, the blonde medic is standing at the Krystle spot with the Negro medic, meaning that sufficient time has elapsed for him to take the Negro woman away, and then return to do the faked operation on Krystle. It appears that they didn't want to call in another stretcher because this Negro man was in charge of Krystle's faked stunt. This entire Boston EMS team is badly implicated in this hoax. They need to be in prison. They need to confess to the country what they have done, and who their bosses are.

Is it credible that an injured (Negro) woman, who is the first victim to be taken away on a stretcher, was lifted carefully from her spot, laid carefully down on a stretcher, and strapped in, all in about 20-30 seconds (that's all the time that the images give them to do it). In spite of the 4:12:54 image telling otherwise, I'm entertaining the position that the stretcher was not there yet when this action-scene video was taken, meaning that it was pasted in. This problem of the missing stretcher in the action-scene video, as well as the heavy-set woman being escorted out from Marathon Place, lends support to the idea that the video was not, after all, commissioned by the insiders. To her benefit, the blonde may be able to argue that the stretcher wasn't there yet as she walked into this video scene, but then that would get the people in trouble who pasted it in (if indeed they pasted it). At :22, the blonde medic can be seen standing exactly where the stretcher had been, or where it was pasted in. She is then seen walking beyond the lamp post, very near to the spot where Krystle Campbell was faking her death scene. Thus, she walked away after the pulse-taking images, then walked back after she saw the man (I'm assuming) taking the action-scene video directly toward her.

I am not going to change anything in the update below, on account of this insert. Now back to the action-scene video. End Insert]

I think I can spot the man in white shirt (the one stooping previously) at :45 in the top center-left of the picture. He is working the sidewalk, still stooped. That means he had been working the same general spot from 1:33 of the Silva video (1:27 into the explosion) until the after the four-minute mark. Remember, the action-scene video does not start at 3:07, but at some as-yet-unidentified time after 3:07.

The Negro fireman is in the video at :29; he's still doing nothing. The woman pushes the other woman out the door in front of him. Was his job to guard that door?

The cowboy is not to be seen in the action-scene video, unless that's his hat in the center at :03. He's probably still waving his little flag which he won't let go of. I can spot neither the wheelchair nor the medic that walked Jeff away in the wheelchair, nor is the woman with red cap who pushed the chair seen in this video. They are all in this wheeled-away scene, where also we can see the Negro medic / officer that has his hands on the stretcher that took the Negro woman away. He has the same vest as the SS medic. He's returning from the location that reportedly had all the ambulances, where they reportedly took Jeff. Therefore, the wheeled-away scene is after the Jeff-all-alone scene (Negro woman not in her spot anymore), and the latter image is now easily timed after the action-scene video ends. Just how long did it take to wheel Jeff away??? We're looking at several minutes here, six at minimum, for the timing of the wheeled-away scene.

The image below is a new image for me as of this week. It's an important image to help prove the fakery because the man in white shirt is bent over smack in the blood stain that Jeff supposedly caused. Yet, in the Jeff-all-alone image, none of his shoe prints are there, verifying that the "blood" was not wet. There's the orange bag, still where it was dropped back at 1:33 of the Silva video:

That's supposedly Jeff pasted in over the back of the white shirt. The problem is, the shirt does not match Jeff's shirt seen in other images, where he has a dark grey sleeve that continues to the neck line. The red cup in the Jeff-all-alone image was visible at the same spot in the Jeff-invisible image, but it's not in this image. Think about it. The red cup was in the middle of the blood stain while the Negro woman lay there, and then the SS medic and the man in white shirt both worked that location for some three minutes minimum, and when the Negro woman was no longer there, the red cup showed intact -- not stepped on, not kicked away -- in the same blood stain. Ridiculous.

The red-haired woman (with stork logo, and therefore a friend of Jeff's) is missing (again) in the image above.

I'm going to call this new image the Is-that-Jeff? scene. The man is lying exactly where Jeff has been shown in some images, for example the Jeff-all-alone (unattended) image. The woman in brown hair beside him is in both images. Not only is the man, who's facial features are like Jeff's, in the same scene with the cowboy (Carlos Arredondo), but an empty wheelchair even appears (though it's not being pushed by the same girl who pushed Jeff away). You need to understand that this image was found at an article speaking on Arredondo saving Jeff's life. It is therefore the best-possible image available for proving that Arredondo did what he claimed to do: pick Jeff up, and put him into the wheelchair. Why is this the best image??? There must have been many images taken, and, surely, someone got Arredondo actually picking him up. Where is it??? Or, someone must have gotten Arredondo speaking to Jeff, or in any way close to Jeff. Hello? Instead, if this is the best they have to prove their claims, spit!

Beside the man in white shirt there is a man in what looks like orange. The back of the orange shirt has the same black design as the shirt that looks red in the :23 point of the action-scene video. This man with red/orange shirt walks up to the stooped man in white shirt just before the latter is seen at :45. Therefore, the Is-that-Jeff? image must have been shortly after :45. At :33, someone from Boston EMS (i.e. same company as the SS medic) watches the man in red/orange shirt walk to the Jeff spot. In the Is-that-Jeff? scene, it looks like the man in white shirt is hearkening to the man in red/orange shirt, as if the latter has a message. I say this because the man in red/orange can be seen speaking to someone immediately before leaving for the Jeff spot.

Below is another new image for my eyes, with a clear shot of the SS medic's back, where we read, "Boston EMS" on his vest. This is another image from Boston Globe via Getty Images, taken from the same general area as the action-scene video. The SS medic is now at a different location, a few-to-several feet beyond the Jeff spot. Yes indeed, for the SS medic is on the part of the black-tar repair job in the shape of a 'T' (that location can be seen in the Jeff-invisible image and the overhead image,). Therefore, having worked with the Negro woman for some three minutes at least, smack right in front of where Jeff supposedly lay, it's not a wonder that he's not now helping Jeff...because Jeff was never there.

I can see only the pants and shirt of Arredondo at the extreme left of the image above. A man with military uniform bends over (head not visible), attending to someone to the right of Arredondo. Beside the military man is another man (head barely visible) in the same military pants but with a green top. They are both attending the same location/person at the 'T'. These same two can be seen in the Is-that=Jeff scene, and both are now seemingly attending to Jeff. The problem is, neither men are shown with heads. It's possible that they are bending so low as to have heads not visible, but then it's also possible that they were pasted in with intent not to show identity.

It was obvious to me that Jeff was left alone throughout the images so that the person speaking to him, or attending to him, would not be contacted with the risk of spoiling the hoax. But here we have military people attending to him who are not so easily contacted or identifiable, and, besides, they can easily be important / dedicated insiders better trusted to keep their mouths shut over the long haul.

As Arredondo's butt (in the Is-that-Jeff? image) is to the left of the military uniform, it locates him smack beside Jeff, looking at him, and yet it's all inconclusive. As Jeff is pasted in, we don't know whether Arredondo is pasted in too. Why won't they show us the entire video??? Why did they show Arredondo's butt rather than he in full view beside Jeff?

Reminder: they took the timeclocks (hanging over the street) down after five minutes, and the wheeled-away scene is after they took the clocks down. Why on earth would anyone order the timeclock to be taken down in the midst of a terrorist-attack injury scene? Who cares about the timeclock? Use the personnel for saving lives, not for taking the clock down. Am I right? Yes.

The Boston-Globe / Getty Images scene with Arredondo's butt has a shirtless man with brown belt who, at :39 of the action-scene video, is taking off his red shirt. This means that the Globe scene is after the action-scene image, but also suggests that the Globe scene (and the Is-that-Jeff? scene) is taken from the same video. If correct, there must have been a reason for not releasing more than some 50 seconds of the video. It may be out there, but I don't know about it.

The long-haired cameraman (I'll prove in the next update that his image had "Boston Globe via Getty Images" stamped on it) who may have been taking the action-scene video is on the street (bottom center) in the 412 timeclock image. He was at the right place a minute earlier to take the action-scene video. Either he returned to the spot after the 412 timeclock scene, or someone else shot the video. He is again seen on the street when Jeff is being wheeled away. In both cases, he's to the front of the Escalade. He is at that location for a third image, but in none of the three is he shooting pictures.

Focus on the Start of the Explosion

In the following image, the camera taping the front of Lenscrafters captures the second explosion (13 seconds after the first). The man (in shorts) who I determined to be taping the Silva video (could be Steven Silva himself) can be seen taping on the left side of the street. As the Silva video has the first explosion at the end of the 6th second, the second explosion took place about the :20 second point of the Silva video. The Silva camera captured the top of the smoke of the second explosion at :23.

One can see that the Silva camera has walked past the lamp post in front of Lenscrafters at the :20 point, meaning that the man in shorts is in the right place in the both-bombs image above to match the location of the person taking the Silva video.

The man in green cap can be seen in the lower-left corner. The long-haired cameraman is taking pictures beside Silva, and wears a vest of the same yellow shade as Silva. We can now compare the vests; they look identical. Why would that be? It tends to prove that he's with the Boston Globe. He, as with the runner down on the road, is directly in front of the lamp post. When Silva walks by and tapes that post, his camera is high, too high to show what's going on in the injury zone. It figures.

Perhaps you can explain it to me, but the flags at the explosion seem strange. First of all, many flags are waving BEFORE the explosion takes place at :06 seconds. From other images, it is revealed that those particular waving flags are not far enough down the street to be at the intersection; see both images below for proof. How, therefore, can some flags blow in the wind while others do not, if none of the flags are lined up crossing the street at an intersection? This would be impossible by natural wind currents on a city street with tall buildings lined up at the street.

Secondly, since when will flags still be blowing strong, as they are at :31 seconds, 25 seconds after a bomb blast??? Since when does a bomb blast make for such a strong wind for so long?

At :31, Silva's camera goes off the flags, but when it returns, at :40, some of the flags seen blowing at :31 are all drooping without motion. Yet, other flags in front of, and down the street from, ground zero, are still waving at :50. Since when can a bomb blast, sending high energy out for a split second, cause a wind for over 40 seconds??? To me this is not possible.

When Silva returns to the flags at 1:02, all flags are completely still in front of ground zero, and yet flags further down the street, where they were blowing before the explosion, are yet moving somewhat. I suppose it's possible that tampering with the video could prolong the waving of the flags, but there are other possible explanations.

Silva's video informed me (at 1:25 and 1:34, for example) that windows were shattered above Lenscrafters on the third (and fourth?) floor. It's feasible that a wind-making machine, something that Hollywood would possess, was blowing out from that window. Or, where such a machine is impossible, canisters filled with air under pressure, placed along the flags, may be able to mimic wind-on-a-flag for Hollywood scenes or special government occasions.

It is possible that each flag is really two flags sewn together along the perimeter of all four sides, creating a balloon of sorts. Air under pressure (in canisters) could then be activated by remote control and released between the sewn flags. The canisters may be long and thin (an inch in diameter?) and fastened between the flags nearest the flag pole. It would be necessary for the air caught between two flags to find release holes so that the flag would wave rather than blow up like a balloon. If that's not invented yet, it should be.

I get the sense that there is a definite wind blowing across the flags and the street. It could be realized that a wind machine was necessary to blow the smoke as quickly as possible from the actors at the injury scene.

I do not think that a bomb of this size causes a lateral wind of the type we see. The heat flowing up draws air from below, but the flags are not being visibly affected by such a thing. Instead, they are all waving vigorously AWAY from the explosion site. The waving indicates no back-and-forth chaos of the air, but rather they were all made to fly AWAY from the explosion spot, a clear indication that the flag waving was falsified in what the public would consider logical. A bomb will causing air to explode outward in all directions, but then the air will come crashing back in to re-fill the lower volume of air at the bomb spot, with the result of chaotic movement (perhaps even a slight whirlwind) as air goes back to normal, but air doesn't keep blowing in the same direction due to such an effect.

There is definitely a blast wind initially (fraction of a second) that can be seen causing a lashing of some flag movement streetward. However, after the split-second blast, there is no more energy coming from the bomb. It's impossible to have wind from the bomb without energy from the bomb. The bomb was gone in the first second. It no longer existed. All of the air pressure inside the bomb was released instantly. I would be a fool to believe that the bomb could cause a wind outward from itself up to 40 seconds later. The insiders must have been idiots. Or, they must have had a "good" reason for this display of wind. There was no way they could do this stunt without much smoke to block the view initially, but the smoke needed to be removed quickly so that the actors could breathe. We could imagine them all holding their breathe for 30 seconds or more.

The flags nearest to Silva blew in the same direction for about 30 seconds (at :31 they were finally slowing their wave). That's impossible, especially from a bomb in a street tunnel. Where did all the air volume come from at ground zero to blow all that air outward for so long? Impossible, unless something was forcing air mechanically for that time span. There is no way that this blast, judging from its size, could disturb the air to such an extent that, several seconds after the blast, flags would be waving full throttle.

Some flags near Silva don't start waving until at least nine seconds after the blast. Huh??? How does that happen? Why such a long delay? Because men were making the wind, and they couldn't practice this on-site.

It is predictable that the blast's orange color was pasted to the video to give the impression of a larger bomb than was the reality. Remember, there was just a small hole though the wood-slat fence (see image below) caused by the bomb, whereas the blast we see on video looks like it should have created far more damage.

While we see some blue fabric (on the scaffolding) affected by the blast as it happens, yet one section of fabric -- directly in front of the blast -- survived like nothing happened, according to the overhead view. And the broken glass from Lenscrafters was on the sidewalk, not blown into the store. How does that happen? How can a bomb break through reinforced glass some 30 feet away and three and four stories up, and yet not blow into the sky a wood-slat fence just five feet (approximately) away? The fabric that was detached somewhat from the scaffolding didn't even fall to the street, nor did it get blown into the middle of the street. The video shows it merely bulging out of place (there's a good view of it at :14-15). The poster on the lamp post (see at :19), some 15 feet up from the blast site, was still in place.

Therefore, the glass was broken by other means other than the bomb, to allow the wind machine(s) to do its/their job. We might imagine a large fan, or just a large hose attached to a tank filled with compressed air. Or, the tank had smoky air.

There are a few pieces of things "falling from the sky" after the blast but, for all we know, debris may have been thrown or shot out the broken windows to give the impression of a bigger blast than was the reality.


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