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July 23 - 29, 2013

Morsi supporters have the moment they have been waiting for. I doubt very much that they are concerned about the death toll of their fellow protesters, but will use this havoc to re-gain power to the best of their ability. The following article may be exagerrated, but, the things said seem to clinch what the new Egypt is denying, that the military fired on the crowds wounding thousands and killing many. Reuters claims to be a witness of the murders, apparently from sharp-shooting snipers i.e. not from armed thugs on the streets, though this is debatable. Morsi supporters have admitted that thugs on the street were shooting at them, the makings of a civil war:

The West can now weigh in and oppose the new Egyptian regime. Reuters is also covering Egypt's growing assault in the Sinai:

Egypt's military forces have started a massive operation against armed extremists in northern Sinai Peninsula, reports in the Egyptian media say.

The operation dubbed "Desert Storm" was launched by the Egyptian army in North Sinai Governorate on [July 27] and will last for 48 hours, Al Ahram newspaper said citing security sources.

The military action aims to block extremists' desert and mountain bases and end terrorist activity in the region, primarily in the northern and central Sinai.

Two of Egypt's field armies, as well as the country's Air Force and Navy are reportedly taking part in this large-scale operation.

The military are said to be blocking all the roads, bridges and tunnels leading from Northern Sinai to other provinces of Egypt.

The security forces maintain there are about 500 armed extremists in the area that may use the local civilians as human shield.

It looks like the Egyptians are blocking any chance of militants coming out to aid the Morsi-Brotherhood cause at this sensitive time. Five hundred, which number may be exagerrated, is not a large one, and cannot represent the invasion of Egypt wherein Egypt loses in spite of mustering a great and potent army (Daniel 11:25). Egypt has warned Hamas to stay out of the Morsi controversy, but since when does Hamas listen to anyone? Discussions are taking place everywhere amongst the violent ones for to thwart the new Egypt, especially as " Ya'alon [= Israel's defense minister] stressed that Egypt has inserted additional military forces -- including assault helicopters -- into Sinai after receiving permission from Israel, in line with the peace treaty between the two countries." The religious Muslims must be having a fit over the resurgence of the Camp David agreement just when it looked like the Egyptians had overcome it with the Muslim-Brotherhood government.

So, when the anti-Christ comes to Egypt, what route will he take? Will he trudge through the Israeli coast down until he finds himself in the protection of Gaza / Sinai, or will he sail to Sinai and/or Gaza? Years ago, I didn't think that the latter option (sailing) was open, and so I guessed that he would be in Israel's face, intruding into the nation from the north, and marching right across the capital area. That would require a massive force, but Daniel 11:25 speaks of his great army for the purpose of invading Egypt. I figured also that this invasion through Israel was part of the Gog prophecy, coming like a cloud into the northern parts of Israel. However, as always, I'm open to being wrong on many of my interpretations.

How far are we from a massive invasion through Israel to Egypt? The better question: how could anyone not notice such a thing, and in the meantime identify it as the Daniel 11:25 prophecy? That's why I've stressed this invasion into Egypt ahead of time, so that when it happens, you will know that Daniel foretold of it. Pre-tribulationists, who far outnumber the prophecy writers in the Christian-book market, are of absolutely no help in this matter because they view Daniel 11:21-35 as ancient events already fulfilled. How many Christian writers have you read who mention this invasion of the anti-Christ into Egypt? Your help would be appreciated in this regard when it starts to take place. That invasion is the signal that the last seven years has started, or is on the verge of starting.

It is impossible for me to view the king of Daniel 11:21 as someone other than the king of 11:31, and it is inconceivable to me that 11:31 is anything but a future event 3.5 years before the return of Christ. On these things I will never change my mind. It means that most or all of 21-31 represents events in the first half of the final seven years. For those who do not know, prophecy is adamant concerning an "abomination of desolation" in Jerusalem -- Jesus spoke of it too -- at the midway point of the last seven years. Jesus warns the Israelites to flee the Jerusalem theater (Matthew 24) when they see this abomination of desolation (code for the anti-Christ's invasion) pressing around Judea.

"'I will set Egyptians against Egyptians; Everyone will fight against his brother, And Everyone against his neighbor, City against city, kingdom against kingdom. And the Egyptians I will give Into the hand of a cruel master, And a fierce king will rule over them,' Says the Lord, the LORD of hosts." (Isaiah 19:2, 4, nkjv)." This prophecy is found in the midst of many end-time prophecies and is therefore considered by many prophecy writers as another end-time event.

Below, in an article by Joel Richardson (a post-tribulationist like me), we yet have the typical pre-trib position in which the cruel master's invasion of Egypt is moved ahead to Daniel 11:42, wholly ignoring verses 21-31:

In my new book, "Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist," I examine this often-forgotten prophecy in careful detail and discuss how it sheds profound light on events to soon come in the Middle East.

Next, Daniel's prophecy informs us that Egypt will first engage the Antichrist's northern coalition, resulting in a fierce reprisal and the complete subjugation of Egypt:

At the time of the end the king of the South will engage him in battle, and the king of the North will storm out against him with chariots and cavalry and a great fleet of ships. ...He will extend his power over many countries; Egypt will not escape. (Daniel 11:40, 42)

We are also told that both Libya and North Sudan will willingly submit to the Turkish-led Antichrist's forces:

He will gain control of the treasures of gold and silver and all the riches of Egypt, with the Libyans and Nubians in submission. (Daniel 11:43)

Finally, in the midst of many ongoing regional skirmishes and wars, the Antichrist will establish the headquarters of his regional authority, or "caliphate," in Jerusalem:

Thus, for pre-tribbers and post-tribbers like Joel Richardson, the middle of the seven year period is not at verse 31, but, as per verse 41: "He shall also go into the glorious land, and many shall be stumbled." In this picture, the first half of the tribulation is completely glossed over, but the possible good news is: pre-tribbers teach that Christians will no longer be on earth when the cruel master invades Egypt, wherefore their pre-tribulation-rapture theory will be proven wrong, before all to see, when he has initially won a war against Egypt. But wait, will it really be proven wrong? The prediction is that pre-tribbers will deny that the winner against Egypt at that time is the anti-Christ. And they would also make an erroneous case in suggesting that the anti-Christ cannot yet arrive to the scene until Gog invades Israel first. Joel Richardson is one (like me) who equates Gog with the anti-Christ, but mainline pre-tribulationists do not. The latter expect Gog to invade Israel first, followed by the anti-Christ's invasion of Israel.

How do you think God will like it when professorial-type prophecy writers, whom are highly respected and followed by too many Christians, insist that the anti-Christ has not yet arrived when in fact he has? What sort of dire damage can this do to the Church? Pre-tribbers alter all their prophecy views, where necessary, so that certain scriptures can maintain a pre-tribulation rapture, and they argue vehemently for their positions as though they were absolutely correct, without question, even (in some cases) as though they are the end-time prophets of God.

Pre-tribbers will say that Jesus, in Matthew 24, was referring to the "abomination of desolation" of Daniel's chapter 12, and yet they wholly ignore that this area of Daniel is reflecting back on the "abomination of desolation" of 11:31. There is only one reason that they chose to see the two as different historical events: having the middle of the tribulation at 11:31 makes it look like Christians are in the tribulation as per verses 32-35. They never admit this for this reason, but it's there for all to see.

It may prove to be that current strife in Egypt is the beginning of a long period of civil conflict wherein the anti-Christ does not appear for many years afterward. But for those of us who have had enough of societal weeds, who want the end to arrive sooner rather than later, this is encouraging. Prophecy does not warn the Church to despise the fulfillment of horrible prophetic events, but rather says that we should lift up our heads, as those in depression, or in spiritual sleep, seeing the light of hope. The fact that Christians and their values have been sidelined for decades by the West does not allow them to sympathize with the end of the West at the hands of an angry Jesus. If Jesus is angry with the West, we must be too, if we are his brothers. Woe to those who laugh and celebrate along with the West, who say that the world has never been better for humanity than it is now.

It is very easy in these days to fall into the idea that the anti-Christ will be a Muslim or Arab, but let's not be hasty. Joel Richardson argues that Gog is a Turkey-theater individual and therefore a Muslim. But Turks, as with others in the end-time armies of Gog, are Caucasians, not Arabs, meaning that it's not at all certain that a Muslim is indicated by the Gog prophecy. Iranians, who are included in Gog's armies, are likewise not Arabs, but Caucasians, and yet Muslim. Trying to decide the nationality / ethnicity of the anti-Christ from these arguments leads to a conclusion that is anything but a conclusion. Joel Richardson has confidence in his position due to the rise of al-Qaeda, and in his favor, we have already seen al-Qaeda conducting beheadings.

I've been watching Turkey, especially its recent alliance with Iran. But suddenly, that alliance has vanished with the Turkish opposition to Assad. It puts Turkey closer to the EU than to Iran, but Turkey is not yet an EU member so that it would be very difficult to argue, right now anyway, that a Turk could become the head of the EU (in order to fulfill prophecy). The stumbling EU does not need any more weakest links at this time. The EU would be more interested in signing Russia up as an EU member, but in such an alliance, I think the empire would need to go by another name, dropping the EU logo altogether, and dropping even the name of the Euro.

Then again, it's not necessary that the entire nation of Turkey or Russia join the EU in order to fulfill prophecy where the anti-Christ is portrayed as an end-time Roman ruler. It's a long shot, but a future president of the EU could be a Muslim or a Russian citizen of the EU, who utilizes the EU military in the Middle East. But this idea counters the "little horn" of Daniel 7 and Daniel 8, meaning that the anti-Christ's armies begin small before growing large due to victorious invasion after invasion. Like Pacman gobbling everything up.

My impression is that the anti-Christ is a free radical (i.e. not the president of any nation) who starts his own empire in the Middle East, and somehow comes to rule the EU out of special respect to his sudden and foreboding successes. This is a very difficult outlook at this time, and yet it's the requirement of my interpretation of prophecy as a whole. I tend to go with a Russian anti-Christ for that reason, but also due to the end of Daniel 7 where end-time Rome is burned to death by the little horn. Russia can do that; Turkey cannot at this time.

Putin right now is doing a balance act. He pretends not to hate the West as regards Syria, because he hopes to form some alliance with the EU. He is forthright in telling the world that he does not want Western intrusion into Syria, but he does not tell the world he opposes such intrusion because he hates the West. He portrays Russia as supporting Assad out of ethico-political values rather than due to his hatred of Western globe-trotting. The sensitivity of the situation is such that Putin would be best served by sending a free military radical into the Syria field while keeping distance from him, as though Putin and the radical were not connected, as though there is nothing Putin can do about the gobble-gobble beast. All the while, Putin gives aid to pacman, and of course the West knows it. Alarmed, the West decides to form a partnership with the pacman to keep him from shaking a global quake, but the salvation of Israel is not part of the deal. Some "false prophet" will be assigned to cater the deal with the beast, but he too will oppose Israel.

Now that the West has decided to go ahead in arming the rebels, Putin's next move is the thing to watch. As the West escalates the war, Putin's reactions are to be watched. Who in Syria will come to command the Russian presence there??? Does he have a big mouth like pacman? Does he like precious stones as per Daniel 11:38? Will he be an atheist as per Daniel 11:37? A jihadist Muslim does not generally fit the role of atheist, by the way, while old-school, Communist Russians do. The article below entertains the entry of Russian soldiers into Syria:

As an alternative [to giving Assad the S-300 missile system to shoot at Israeli war planes], Russia could send its own operators, an option that Israel would find far less threatening. "By the way," Shapir says, "it would be seen by the Russians as a counterbalance to six [NATO] Patriot batteries now in Turkey, on the Syrian border. Operated by the Americans, Germans and Dutch. And of course if Russia sends in Russian units with Russian soldiers, Israel would not attack."

Or would it? Imagine, Israeli war planes striking Putin's S-300 missile systems. The Israeli defense minister, I think it was, threatened openly to do just that, just weeks ago. How would that change Putin's treatment of Israel? The Syria situation is ripe for destroying the superficial partnership that Putin has with Israel. To boot, the West wants a no-fly zone in Syria...which requires Western planes to make it happen. As the article claims, the S-300 system takes six months to prepare, with even more time to train Syrians how to use it, meaning that, in the face of a no-fly zone this year, Russians may opt to the alternative: sending in Russian soldiers as a stern protest.

Netanyahu right now is speaking of giving most of Judea to the Palestinian state, but Judea was home to the tribe of Judah, the tribe from which Jesus' human side was descended. Netanyahu seems to be under pressure to do the Western will, but I think he bluffs that role to a large degree. John Kerry is on his new horse trying to make the peace deal work so that he can find glory. But look at how Netanyahu is snubbing his nose at the EU:

Several European aid staff have been barred from entering Gaza as part of Israeli measures in the wake of new EU guidelines barring cooperation with settlements, a western diplomat said [July 26].

The diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the humanitarian aid staff had failed to receive permits to enter the Gaza Strip.

On [July 25], Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon ordered defense officials to halt cooperation on the ground with EU representatives. This includes any assistance to EU infrastructure projects in Area C, which is under full Israeli civilian and military control. Ya'alon also reportedly planned to make it more difficult for EU officials to pass through the Erez Crossing, to the Gaza Strip or back to Israel.

In Brussels, Maja Kocijancic, spokeswoman for EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, said on Friday: "The EU is concerned by reports in the Israeli media that the Israeli Minister of Defense has announced a number of restrictions affecting EU activities supporting the Palestinian people.

"We have not received any official communication from the Israeli authorities. Our delegations on the spot are seeking urgent clarifications," Kocijancic added.

In his decision, Ya'alon adopted a list of recommendations he received from the coordinator of government activities in the territories, Maj. Gen. Eitan Dangot. Israel's security establishment would adopt a cold shoulder policy toward EU activities in the territories, Haaretz learned from security sources Friday morning.

...It seems that Ya'alon's moves are being made in coordination with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Following the EU announcement of the new guidelines, Israeli political and defense officials warned that Israel would retaliate to the new policy.

The European Commission published the guidelines barring EU agencies from funding entities connected to settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and residential areas in the Golan Heights on July 19.

The stage is set for an EU backlash against Israel, a cold shoulder even. It's fairly predictable that this will be the situation when the anti-Christ trudges through Israel; otherwise, Europeans would help Israel at that time. I say the EU should form a Palestinian state at the east side of Brussels as an example of the good will it expects Israel to act with.

It should be mentioned that, recently, the truth came out that John Kerry is using "Kerry" as an alias surname, that his grandparents were in reality of a Kohn surname from Moravia, that being a variation of the Cohen/Kagan surname, from Khazars (their Hebrew ruler, king Joseph, claimed that Khazars were Togarmites). Israel is in danger of a Kohn-job.

I've just noticed for the first time that the Jewish Cohen/Kagan Coat has been changed; for years it showed three stars in the colors of the Moray stars, important because Moray was also called, Moravia. The Cohen/Kagan Coat now shows palm trees and an upright black-on-gold lion, the colors of the royal Hohen lions. The Cohen/Kagan description from Swyrich still has the previous symbols: "A blue shield with a silver fesse between three silver [on blue] stars in base and a sun in chief." The palm trees can be important as per my trace of the Palm surname to "Palmyra," an old location in Syria of the Amorites/Amurru, who are the ones that I see as the namers of Moravia.

A Muslim anti-Christ makes sense, though I've never been convinced from prophecy that the anti-Christ will be an Arab. I'm open to that idea of a Turkish anti-Christ these days, because brutal Muslims are cropping up in vast numbers as compared to brutal Russians. I've always imagined the anti-Christ to be a loud-mouthed, boastful, cruel warrior on a crusade against God and Israel, and, certainly, typical violent Muslims today fit that description. I have rejected the papal anti-Christ because popes don't fit that description.

I have objected to the suave anti-Christ in a Western suit and tie, what some view as a European dictator. The prediction (several years before Obama) of such an anti-Christ by western Christian writers was such that Obama somewhat fit the part in his first year. The writers were expecting a smooth operator whom the world would greatly admire and support (putting him on a high pedestal), though he would oppose Israel and Christians with the backing of the entire world. Pre-tribulationists insist that this suave man would be a peace lover, a typical "good" man for some 3.5 years, only to turn and become a bully against Israel in his final 3.5 years. I have never adopted that view, one that Hal Lindsey popularized. But if Obama, who now has 3.5 years left in his second term, suddenly turns on Israel and Egypt with a cruel attitude to boot, I suppose I would have to eat my words.

An Obama type can satisfy the Daniel-7 prophecy wherein the anti-Christ is a ruler of end-time Rome. I view the United States as a branch of ancient Rome because Daniel 2's view of Rome includes post-Roman Europe (divided nations). However, I do not tend to think that an American president fits the part of a Roman ruler because the end-time Europe that I think Daniel speaks of is the EU. Is it possible that an EU president will become the anti-Christ? Will the EU take a Middle-East initiative with a vengeance?

For years, the EU has favored and insisted upon the formation of a Palestinian state with a capital city at East Jerusalem. Prophecy strongly suggests that the anti-Christ will form a Middle-Eastern empire; could the EU suddenly rise up militarily against Middle Eastern nations? That idea is what has kept me from accepting an EU president as the anti-Christ. But things can change fast in today's world. This week, the EU is once again applying itself in the Middle East. Watching.

Obama is in a position to instigate an invasion against Egypt for his love of the Muslim Brotherhood. This week, Obama's government refused to send Egypt some fighter planes that were promised in a previous deal. However, that message to Egypt's military establishment is a long ways off from an America-incited invasion of Egypt. But then we don't know what Obama's people are discussing with the Morsi supporters and/or Hamas.

Daniel 11:25-30 speaks of an Egyptian invasion BEFORE the final 3.5 years. Unless Obama stays in power beyond the end of 2016 by a martial-law strategy, he's only got 3.5 years left at this time. Moreover, Obama is not loved much anymore the world over, but those who predict a suave anti-Christ from the West insist that he will be loved the world over for 3.5 years of glorious rule, even while he blasphemes the God of Israel and tramples the Middle-East. Therefore, I would not predict that Obama is the anti-Christ, or that America will spearhead an invasion into Egypt. I think Obama will be gone from power when the anti-Christ arrives, which may underscore the prophetic importance of the next president.

The above brings us back to the Muslim-antiChrist theory, because Muslims are very willing to blaspheme the God of Israel, and to worship any man who can topple Israel. Fox has an article out this week on a Muslim writer who takes stabs at Jesus in his book, "Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth." It's a message that may be a fore-runner to the coming message of the anti-Christ.

However, a Muslim acting as a ruler of the EU has been unthinkable. On the other hand, the unthinkable is happening, with Obama facilitating it: Muslims are arising politically in the West. The West is catering to Muslim citizens for fear of their arising violently in our midst. But this is a long ways off from seeing a Muslim radical on an EU "throne." I cannot fathom a toxic anti-Israeli, Muslim blasphemer on the high seat of the EU. God willing, it can happen, but I don't sense that to be the end-time reality.

Therefore, I cannot ignore the possibility of a Russian anti-Christ, especially where Putin is passionately involved in Syria in what promises to become a new cold war between he and the United States. It is now feasible that a Russian could become the head of the EU where Europe and Russia merge in a vast Eurasian power alliance, but such a thing seems distant in the future, no less than 20 years, anyway. The direction of Europe and Russia is headed in that direction, however. Europe is described in Revelation 17 as a harlot sleeping with many nations, including the empire of the anti-Christ.

One might rather see Revelation 17 as the anti-Christ making an alliance with Europe rather than sitting on the high seat of the EU. However, the implication of Revelation 17 is that the anti-Christ is in charge, with Europe following. The downward / dismal trend of the EU at this time, and the upward / spirited trend of Putin's Russia at this time (he is legally able to be the Russian president until 2024) helps to make it predictable that Russia will lead a Europe-Russia alliance.

I've argued that prophecy is deliberately ambiguous in order that the anti-Christ himself doesn't know that he's the one, in order that the liberal / atheistic world doesn't know that it's supporting the anti-Christ. Even though we may not be able to confirm the nationality of the anti-Christ, we can predict that he will be supported by a vast number of Muslims, Arab or otherwise. Muslims are the type to throw off anything the New Testament says, or anything that Christians interpret prophetically from the Old Testament. Toxic, anti-Israeli Muslims are therefore going to serve the anti-Christ without realizing it. Below is an article on Palestinian leaders praising a deadly Muslim goon. The context is one that the EU, Britain, and the Obama's of the world need to consider:

Just as hopes emerge for new Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, the official Facebook page of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah political party is lauding a convicted terrorist for killing 61 "Zionists" in a series of attacks.

...Arrested in 2003, Barghouti is serving 67 life terms in solitary confinement in an Israeli prison. But to the party that rules the West Bank, Barghouti is a hero.

"The brave prisoner, Abdallah Barghouti, who has the longest [prison] sentence in the history of the Palestinian cause," reads the Facebook page, first reported on by Palestinian Media Watch.

...The bombings were "self-sacrificing activity" and "martyrdom-seeking operations," according to the Facebook page.

James Phillips, a Middle East analyst at the Heritage Foundation..."This just underscores the questionable commitment to genuine peace by Palestinian organizations that some say are ready for peace."

..."It's another example of Palestinian leaders saying one thing in English that they know Westerners want to hear and another thing in Arabic to their own followers to continue terrorism against Israel," he continued.

Fatah elements would lead a new Palestinian state, but this is not the atmosphere in which to create a new nation at Jerusalem. Hence, war is predictable, just as soon as the time arrives for the Restrainer to step out of the way, and to allow the revelation of the anti-Christ. Lawlessness, chaos, desolation, abomination.

American Civil War: Liberals versus Christ

The war between the snoopers and anti-snoopers continues:

Today on “This Week,” Glenn Greenwald – the reporter who broke the story about the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs – claimed that those NSA programs allowed even low-level analysts to search the private emails and phone calls of Americans.

“The NSA has trillions of telephone calls and emails in their databases that they’ve collected over the last several years,” Greenwald told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. “And what these programs are, are very simple screens, like the ones that supermarket clerks or shipping and receiving clerks use, where all an analyst has to do is enter an email address or an IP address, and it does two things. It searches that database and lets them listen to the calls or read the emails of everything that the NSA has stored, or look at the browsing histories or Google search terms that you’ve entered, and it also alerts them to any further activity that people connected to that email address or that IP address do in the future.”

Greenwald explained that while there are “legal constraints” on surveillance that require approval by the FISA court, these programs still allow analysts to search through data with little court approval or supervision.

“There are legal constraints for how you can spy on Americans,” Greenwald said. “You can’t target them without going to the FISA court. But these systems allow analysts to listen to whatever emails they want, whatever telephone calls, browsing histories, Microsoft Word documents.”

“And it’s all done with no need to go to a court, with no need to even get supervisor approval on the part of the analyst,” he added.

But the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee told Stephanopoulos he would be shocked if such programs existed.

“It wouldn’t just surprise me, it would shock me,” Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Georgia, said on “This Week” Sunday.

Chambliss said he recently spent time with NSA officials and was assured that the programs Greenwald describes have been exaggerated.

“I was back out at NSA just last week, spent a couple hours out there with high and low level NSA officials,” Chambliss said. “And what I have been assured of is that there is no capability at NSA for anyone without a court order to listen to any telephone conversation or to monitor any e-mail.”

...Greenwald is set to testify before a Congressional committee on Wednesday [July 31], along with NSA officials. He said the existence of these analyst search programs are in line with the claims of Edward Snowden, who first leaked details of the NSA's surveillance programs to Greenwald.

“It’s an incredibly powerful and invasive tool, exactly of the type that Mr. Snowden described,” Greenwald said.

...“NSA officials are going to be testifying before the Senate on Wednesday, and I defy them to deny that these programs work exactly as I just said,” Greenwald said.

Greenwald sounds very confident, like one who's telling the truth. It would be dangerous to be telling lies in this situation, though, yes, it's also dangerous to tell the truth.

Democrats must have machines for snooping, and they use them:

Delaware state officials have told Congress that they likely destroyed the computer records that would show when and how often they accessed Christine O'Donnell's personal tax records and acknowledged that a newspaper article was used as the sole justification for snooping into the former GOP Senate candidate's tax history.

...The access was believed to have occurred in March 2010, the same month Ms. O'Donnell formally launched her Senate campaign that shocked the Delaware establishment by defeating Republican favorite Michael Castle in the primary election.

I get it: whenever a Republican does well in politics, the Democrats spy. They must have spied on O'Donnell beyond her tax records, but didn't get caught in other ways. I've yet to hear what the Republicans are doing against Lois Lerner for taking the 5th and not speaking what she knows of the Tea-party scandal:

This [Tea Party] scandal goes far beyond sitting on paperwork. As Ben Wolfgang and Dave Boyer reported in The Washington Times, Christine O'Donnell, the 2010 Republican Senate candidate in Delaware, has identified herself as one of four political figures whose tax files were improperly accessed. This became a big issue during her campaign.

On the same day Miss O'Donnell announced her candidacy in 2010, the IRS put an $11,000 lien on a property that was said to be hers, and the news spread quickly. The lien was eventually withdrawn because it was a "mistake," but the damage was done. Miss O'Donnell spent weeks trying to explain her "tax problems" instead of advancing her positive campaign message.

The IRS is liberal grime, pure and simple. It framed O'Donnell for something she was not guilty of. That has been the open Democrat strategy for years, to tell falsehoods regularly about Republicans, openly, during campaigns against them. That is where the Democrats lost the confidence of half of America, and yet nearly half of America enjoys them, loves them, wants them. Why? Because half of America is corrupt. This half will be the anti-Christ generation, like the Jews of Jerusalem who couldn't see, couldn't hear or understand, Jesus, because they chose to live in darkness. The dark side of America has gone global for more than a generation (mine) to make the rest of the world just like itself. Jerusalem was ruled by Herods, and Herod Antipas was banished to Roussillon (where Russells came out of) that would later have an area called, Comminges, named after the Cummings bloodline. Here's what the article above continues to say:

Having run out of plausible defenses, committee Democrats turned their fire on J. Russell George, the Treasury Department's inspector general for tax administration whose job it is to look into what happened and report to Congress.

Mr. Russell is the opposite of a partisan. His inquiry has been painfully slow, precise and meticulous. That's why it's a sign of total desperation that the committee's ranking member, Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, has been trying to paint the inspector general as a political operative. Mr. Russell was appointed by President Bush (horrors!), but in his youth he was a page at the Democratic National Convention and as a student he founded a club for Democrats at Howard University...

Tea-party Republicans are dangerous to Democrats because they have the potential to take the Senate majority from Democrats. It should be easy because Democrats are nearly wholly corrupt, and yet, the problem is, nearly half the country likes corruption, and calls it by another name, "progress." When progress is the goal, how it's accomplished and maintained is secondary, or not to speak of. So long as Bill Clinton is good for progress, the moral deficiency of his adultery is deemed unimportant. And that's the shame and failure of half of America which has been tripping round the world to an evil generation. The weeds have overgrown the wheat, and they are pricks who will treat you badly when you don't deserve it. This requires patient endurance on the part of the wheat, until the Match Stick in the Sky arrives. Christian politicians will serve to make the enemies of God more angry with retribution, but the Hand of Retribution to watch out for is on the other end of the match stick from the flame. When the weeds are nice and dry in the heat of the Son, up they will go in smoke.

The blacks in America have lost their good senses, but, with time, it is hoped that they will slap themselves in the face, realizing how poverty-stricken they are to support Obama just because they share his skin color. Blacks in America, with Obama and Holder now at their charge, are showing off their racism. It is racist to support a failed politician just because he's black. The blacks can no longer support Obama on his merit, for he has sunk so low that any merit he may have is drowned below the water line.

Much of New York, the bastion of liberalism, is quite willing to tolerate Anthony Wiener, a politician that was sent below the NY water line on a previous sex scandal:

Mr. Weiner, appearing solemn and a bit worn as he faced more than 100 journalists at a hastily arranged news conference, acknowledged that his habit of sending sexual images and text messages to female fans had continued for more than a year after he left Congress...

...The revelation collides with the narrative Mr. Weiner has offered throughout the campaign, in which he has repeatedly suggested that he has spent his time since leaving Congress rehabilitating himself and repairing his family relationships. After a late entry into the Democratic primary, he had rapidly risen in the [New York] polls, and performed strongly in fund-raising, as his relentless focus on ideas [i.e. progress] and his omnipresence helped ease the concerns of many voters.

On Tuesday, seeming to recognize the fragility of his public standing, he pleaded with New Yorkers to trust his assertions that he is now a changed man, despite the news that his online adventures -- some conducted under the pseudonym of Carlos Danger -- had persisted through last summer, after the birth of his child.

For half of New Yorkers, what sins he commits in his private life, to the harm of his own wife, is immaterial; it's how he steers his progress ship that matters to them. Shame. Are their not any New York politicians who have good ideas that are also faithful to their wives? I guess not. Even Weiner's wife may, like Hillary Clinton, be corrupt: "Ms. Abedin, a longtime close aide to Hillary Rodham Clinton [former New York senator], spoke haltingly about the ups and downs of her marriage, making it clear that reconciling with Mr. Weiner after the scandal was a long and difficult process. 'It took a lot of work, and a whole lot of therapy, to get to a place where I could forgive Anthony,' she said, reading from a prepared text that she slowly unfolded at the lectern." Yes, but Hillary "forgave" Bill only for politics, and she was rewarded by CNN and a host of other dark-half Americans. Perhaps Weiner's wife is "forgiving" for the same set of reasons, and perhaps the Hillary camp is the instrument that's urging her in order to get Weiner into another position of New-York power. In this picture, even the water, into which liberals are sinking, is polluted.

I don't see the difference between Weiner and his wife versus Bill Clinton and his wife, yet New Yorker and other Democrats are thumbs-down on Weiner after they embraced Bill and his wife for the very same adulterous theme:

Bill and Hillary Clinton are angry with efforts by mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner and his campaign to compare his Internet sexcapades -- and his wife Huma Abedin's incredible forgiveness -- to the Clintons' notorious White House saga, The Post has learned.

Weiner and his campaign aides have explicitly referred to the Clintons as they privately seek to convince skeptical Democrats that voters can back Weiner despite his online sexual antics -- just as they supported then-President Bill Clinton in the face of repeated allegations of marital betrayals.

Laughable and sickening all at once. The Clintons are concerned about the re-hash of their humiliation appearing ghostly in the light of the 2016 election. But they have no argument to make in that Weiner's situation is any different, accept by the methods used by either man to secure women. This is how sick the Democrats were when they elected Bill twice, and the fact that some are rejecting Weiner is somewhat hopeful for their case. Yet they loved Bill even after the worst of his scandals came out. A people without ethics enough to reject Bill Clinton are a people unworthy to carry and rule the nation, and yet there are polls indicating that Hillary is a front runner for 2016. We shall have to wait and see what God has in store for Hillary and her supporters. God can have a lot of fun with her, to her deep regrets. Bring it on, Hillary.

What sort of society do liberals want if cheating on a spouse is acceptable for a higher calling? What is that higher calling? I can tell you what it is: the war on Christians. Democrats have the strong desire to punch the lights out on Christian politicians. This is the drive that steers their ships; this is the ultimate goal of "progress." It's not only abortion that dark-side America wants, because it wants abortion to protect its liberal sex...which Weiner reflects perfectly. Porn is the product of liberal America, and it's not coincidental that disgusting porn is now amply available to the children. The family, what family? Satan has dark ideas for the meaning of "family." It's all very disgusting, and badly needs the Match Stick in the Sky.

It's the queers who are at the head of satan's charge against the family:

The National Organization for Women [representing only half the women of America] in New York City also called on Mr. Weiner to drop out, calling him "clearly and compellingly unfit for public office."

Mr. Weiner was undeterred, saying simply, "I'm sure many of my opponents would like me to drop out of the race." He went straight from the news conference to a forum on H.I.V. and AIDS issues, arriving late, as usual, and smiling as he was greeted with a warm round of applause...

If the liberal women have come to plug their noses at Weiner's stench, not wanting to get dirt on themselves because of him, the faggots will accept him with seemingly loving arms. What more disgusting thing can there be than a New York queer? Yet, so long as they are "good" for "progress," they are "valued." But in satan's camp, those valued are never loved. They are valued as friends only if they continue the war, if they show the marks of liberalism; otherwise, like me who abandoned that camp, they are regarded suddenly as foes.

The article ends by showing that Weiner's wife was yet by his side during this latest upheaval:

Mr. Weiner rarely shrinks from question-and-answer sessions, relishing his time jousting with reporters. But on Tuesday, he seemed wary of a prolonged interrogation. After a few minutes, he turned to his wife, thanked the press and began to turn away. Just then, a reporter lobbed a final inquiry about the latest revelations. "Why should we trust your judgment?"

Mr. Weiner kept walking, leaving the question unanswered.

Congressional Republicans have put on their special diving suits to plunge into the cesspool into which liberals are now sinking. When Bill Clinton was undergoing his humiliation, there was word that he was killing his political enemies, or even his "friends" (e.g. Ron Brown's death in an airplane crash) that needed to be hushed. I think Obama does the very same:

Congress has launched an investigation of the helicopter crash that killed 30 Americans in Afghanistan, including members of the Navy's elite SEAL Team 6 unit, The Hill has learned. [WATCH VIDEO]

The victims' families say the Pentagon hasn't provided answers to their many questions about the deadly attack, which took place on Aug. 6, 2011, three months after Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by Team 6 forces.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on National Security, told The Hill, "We're going to dive into this."

...Charlie Strange [of the Chaffetz bloodline, in my opinion, back to Caiaphas], whose son Michael was among those killed, said he asked President Obama two years ago at Dover Air Force Base to fully investigate. The death toll in the crash was the largest of any single incident for the U.S. military during the Afghanistan war.

Obama praised Michael's service to Strange, who responded, "I don't need to know about my son. I need to know what happened to my son."

The president promised he would investigate, Strange said, but he never heard back from the White House. The Pentagon, meanwhile, has provided him and others with incomplete and contradictory information, he said.

Administration leaks that emerged after the bin Laden raid prompted members of Team 6 to worry about their safety.

Apparently, the leaks were intended to frighten any SEAL who would talk and reveal what really happened. But it wasn't good enough, and so the O-order was given to kill some of them in the crash. This does not speak of the U.S. military helicopter that crashed during the raid on the compound that supposedly held bin Laden. Hopefully, we will all learn of the O-truths that underlie these stories. Apparently, the Pentagon blamed some Afghan soldiers for the downing of the helicopter in the story above, and yet the Pentagon lied as if to invent these Afghans: "In the transcript related to the Pentagon's probe, a Defense official confirmed that all seven names of the Afghan soldiers were incorrect." Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that tantamount to creating a false villain for the purpose of protecting the true villain??? Therefore, who really downed the helicopter?

"Their bodies were later recovered, but the helicopter's black box was not. Pentagon officials have said that it could not be recovered, citing a flash flood that happened soon after the assault." A likely story (sarcasm). "All the bodies were cremated. The Pentagon has defended the cremation to the soldiers' families, saying the bodies were badly burned." A likely story.

All-Pervading Evolution Trash

The war to destroy God was evident in the theory of evolution, ultimately traced to an Erasmus Darwin of a group of inventor-wannabees called, Lunar Society. It took some time after the popularization of Charles Darwin, but people have been persuaded that evolution is fact, and yet, to the chagrin of evolutionists, people to this day are reluctant to eradicate some form of God from their universe:

A YouGov survey shows that 62 percent of Americans believe God helped create humans. Thirty-seven percent of those believe God created human beings in their present form within the last 10,000 years while 25 percent believe human beings evolved from lesser life forms over millions of years but God guided the process.

There is no reliable evidence indicating that the earth and other planets are so much as one million years old. The only way that scientists can date the earth in billions of years is, not from human records that go back a mere few thousands years, but by the rocks. If methods for dating rocks are erroneous, science has no way to date the planet. We are fully aware that dark-side people are in scientific camps, and we of course fully expect dark-side scientists to lie when they speak on the virtues of dating rocks. The problem is, the man on the street is not capable of repeating the experiments on the dating of rocks, and this plays into the hand of dark-siders. We the people are simply to trust that the scientists have got rock dating right. But I'm not that naive. Ever since I noted that there is a societal war with a dark side versus Christianity, I realized that scientists have been lying to us all concerning their basis for evolution. Scientists had portrayed themselves as unbiased and reliable, yet they were making up fantasies for the purpose of murdering the Creator. It was definitely a conspiracy, and the source would appear to be the Lunar Society.

There is no evidence for the existence of galaxies because telescopic photos of one galaxy can be nothing more than a single star with its interior exploded into fragments. Evolutionists want you to believe that galaxies are proof of a universe billions of years old. That is, the distances to galaxies are so far, we are told, that it would take billions of years for their light to arrive to us.

But wait. Cosmic distances are not knowable beyond the nearby stars. To find the distance to any cosmic thing beyond the nearby stars, one first needs to know its size, but science has no way to know the size of any star. To know the size of any star, one first needs to know its distance. Problem.

Distances to nearby stars are worked out by triangulation (see website below), where a triangle is drawn that allows one to know the distance from the base of the triangle to its apex. However, this method does not admittedly work for stars further than the nearby ones. Why not? If triangulation is good for the nearby stars, why not for stars further away? The answer is that it's impossible to accurately measure the angle of the sides of the triangle for stars further away, but then this alerts us to the problem in correctly measuring the angles of a triangle to a nearby star. Can we trust the dark-side scientists with these measurements? Not me, thank you. I expect them to exaggerate stellar distances wildly on behalf of the evolutionary model of the universe.

The so-called redshift method of measuring stellar distances is a hoax. It's the sort of hoax that science needs to make the universe large enough to fit galaxies. "Entire galaxies appear to be receding from the earth, as measured by their redshift. The faster they are traveling, the farther away they seem to be. There is considerable guesswork in determining actual distance from the redshift, and there are also other possible explanations besides motion" (article above). There you have the problem: it's not knowable whether the particular hue/color of the stellar "shift" spectrum is a marker of distance or velocity, and the term "shift" was itself created to make us believe that it is a marker.

One who does not believe in the existence of galaxies is not to be viewed as one who still views a flat earth. The evidence for a spherical earth is undeniable, but the evidence for the existence of even one galaxy is very questionable. What appears to be a myriad of stars may be nothing more than a single stars with fragments of stellar material circling round its nucleus. It took astronomers quite some time to prove that they discovered single stars in what are now called galaxies, but, of course, astronomers were expected to "find" such stars on behalf of their evolutionary project.

Here is an evolutionist speaking as he attempts to debunk Creationists: "Astronomers think that many objects are millions or even billions of light years away. To many people, the fact that we can see objects at such distances is strong evidence that the universe is indeed billions of years old. Recent creationists have called this "the light travel time problem." That is, galaxies pose a serious problem for the idea of Creation a few thousand years ago, and we are all poorer for it if Creationists don't begin to question the existence of galaxies.

I have a theory on light that needs consideration in this regard because, after a decade of serious investigation, I think I have the fact on the nature of light that evolutionists do not. I came across a wholly new theory on the nature of heat and light by sheer genius (otherwise regarded as a lucky strike in a lucky moment) as I drove though a Kansas heat wave one year in the early 90s. It dawned on me then that heat was made of anti-gravity particles: electrons that are repelled by gravity. Suffice it to say that this concept blew the walls off of the going theory of heat and light, and led to realizations on a score of matters I now consider facts. It led to a new model of the atom, and wildly proved modern science wrong in many basic areas.

There is ample proof that electrons are repelled by gravity; for one, the stellar winds, known to consist of electrons, they move away from stars, but do not fall back to stars. Duh, that means that electrons are repelled by stellar gravity, but science took on another explanation that isn't as good. They see electrons propelled from the sun by sheer explosive forces, but then anything exploding away from the sun is expected to fall back down to it. Take the highly-powerful solar flares witnessed by telescopes. The material always goes back down. How could single electrons streaming from the solar "surface" be moving out from the sun faster than highly-explosive, solar-flare material? It's impossible if the electrons are moving under explosive force.

Scientists speak on so-called escape velocity, in which they speak on particles / objects from a field of gravity that will not fall back if moving faster than the escape velocity. It is known that the solar wind takes a couple of days to reach the Earth, and so the velocity of the solar-wind electrons can be known...IF the distance to the sun is known. Modern science does not know the distance to the sun. Let me explain. The point here is that, if scientists can make the sun far enough, they can also make it appear that the solar wind is moving fast enough to achieve escape velocity.

I phoned Sylvania to ask which of their light bulbs has a vacuum within. I then purchased that bulb and covered it with wax. I positioned the bulb sideways, and turned it on. The heat within quickly melted the wax directly above the filament, but did not melt the wax on the other parts of the bulb. According to the scientific theory on heat (called "kinetic theory of heat"), the heat within the bulb is moving equally (i.e. bouncing around) in all directions, meaning that the wax should have melted equally all around. According to my theory on heat, the electrons, being heat particles, are repelled by gravity and should therefore move straight up, away from the earth...wherefore this light-bulb experiment proved my theory correct, and proved that the kinetic theory is fantasy. In fact, as per the kinetic theory of heat, it is admitted by scientists that heat is unable to move in a vacuum (because they define heat as the motion of atoms).

In my view of light, a light wave moves through an electron medium issued by stellar winds. This electron medium fills the universe, therefore, and enters into planetary atmospheres, exposing itself as temperature in any thermometer. The more dense the electron medium (i.e. the closer together its electrons), the hotter the environment. The more dense the electron medium, the faster the light wave = the faster the light speed. Within our atmosphere, where light-speed experiments have been conducted, the electron medium is very dense as compared to outer space, meaning that light in outer space will travel much slower. Therefore, the light-year yardstick used by astronomers is faulty. Where they think that light in outer space is traveling 186,000 mps, it is moving at only a small fraction of that.

The fact is, the distance to the sun has been measured by the faulty light-year yardstick. I discovered another way to measure the distance to the sun using the triangulation in the lines of solar and lunar eclipses combined, but while I was unable to finish that work due to lack of intricate NASA data online, I found the approximate solar distance to be much less than 93 million miles. The sides of a triangle in the lines of a lunar eclipse point to the two outer edges of the sun, as do the sides of the triangle in the lines of a solar eclipse. From these two triangles, one can determine the distance to the sun, and yet science has refused to cough up its results using this method, so far as I could find, suggesting that this method's conclusions do not agree with the light-year method that nets a too-vast 93 million miles.

To put it another way, one can take the lines of the two triangles above as they go away from the earth, and where the two sets of lines meet is where the sun is located. The lines of the lunar eclipse are going away from the earth at x angle, and the lines of the solar eclipse are going away at y angle, but the fact remains that, where the two sets of lines meet, that's where the sun is located. It is completely possible to know how distant the lines of one eclipse move away from earth before they meet the lines of the other eclipse. It's as easy as that to find the solar distance, but modern science, though it must know of this method, has not mentioned it so far as I know, so far as I found when I was investigating it myself over a period of weeks / months.

To know the angle of the lunar-eclipse lines, one first needs to know the diameter of the moon, but their figure on the lunar diameter is wrong according to my findings. In fact, the diameter of the moon must be reported to us erroneously in order to keep us from discovering the true distance to the sun. I proved by lunar-eclipse data that science has wrongly reported to us the diameter of the moon. This is the sort of thing that science "adjusts" in order to maintain its other errors on behalf of evolution.

I realized that the true diameter of the moon can be found by certain lunar-orbit data not available to me online. Science has measured the diameter of the moon using the faulty light-year yardstick, by first determining the distance to the moon using beams of light bounced back to earth (and measuring the time that it takes). But where their light-speed yardstick is faulty, so is their report on the distance to, and diameter of, the moon. Trust good reasoning. It works.

It is all very simple to do; just draw on paper any near-total lunar eclipse of recent times, and gather from online data the distance to the moon during that particular eclipse. Then, find any near-total solar eclipse data where you can also find the distance to the moon at that time, and superimpose that drawing on your first drawing so that both the lunar and solar eclipse lines appear on a single drawing. Also, find how large in diameter the lunar shadow on the ground is during that solar eclipse, because you won't be able to find the angle of the solar-eclipse lines without this information. Looking at that drawing, it will swiftly come to the mind of any geometry lover how to use the lines to find the distance to the sun.

Using the measured time it takes the moon to enter and exit the earth's shadow during a lunar eclipse, one can discover that they have the lunar diameter wrong. The time interval between the start of the eclipse and the time when the moon is no longer visible within the earth's shadow is the time that the moon has moved exactly one lunar diameter. If the true diameter / width of the earth's shadow at the lunar orbit were known, one could, by the amount of time it takes the moon to go through the shadow, find the true distance of the lunar diameter, but, the problem is, they wrongly report the diameter of the earth's shadow because they do not have the correct distance to the moon. Yet, even using their figures, the lunar diameter that they report is clearly erroneous when compared to the time it takes the moon to go through the shadow.

When God created the stars, they must have been closer to earth than they are today if the stars are moving outward from one another. The evolutionists perceives this outward stellar motion as vital for their big bang theory. However, the true physics of the matter does not allow stars and galaxies to form from the big-bang explosion because atoms have the tendency to repel one another. Ask any gas atoms, and they will tell you that they repel one another in order to form gas pressure, but evolutionists opted to believe that all atoms attract one another by a mysterious graviton particle(s) within every atom, and thus they can explain how big-band material came together to form stars. Then, they say, stars attracted one another to form galaxies. Wrong.

Just like atoms, stars repel one another, predicting an expanding universe. All particles having the same charge will repel; that's what the correct physics informs us, and therefore all identical atoms will repel one another. Simple. In the same way, all stars, having the same charge, will repel one another. Too simple.

To explain gas pressure with all atoms attracting one another, evolutionists invented the kinetic theory, an erroneous idea held to this day. In their view, all the atoms in the tires of your car are attracting one another, and yet they are able to hold the car up under air pressure because the atoms are flying around at hundreds of miles per hour, all bouncing off the tire walls continuously, never letting up, forever bouncing and never ceasing, even though correct physics informs us that particles / objects slow down when they contact one another. With each point of contact, things always slow down because they give up some of their energy to whatever they strike. Simple. But in the mind of a modern scientist, a body of atoms never slows down in average velocity. Demented.

Evolutionists will be sour-faced, cracked-pots when better people come to control scientific establishments, just as soon as liberal judges are dealt with who will not allow Creation science in the schools. The folly of modern "wise men" befits their end in Armageddon's lake of burning weeds, at which time liberal judges (not only tolerated, but mandated by liberal politicians) will be a stink of the past. Armageddon is the grave lesson of history, that shunning the Creator must not be repeated.

In the article presented above where an evolutionist goes against Creationism, it deals with methods of finding the distance to the sun, and yet the lunar and solar eclipses are not mentioned as methods capable of determining that distance. In fact, the article only has one mention of "eclipse." Trying to appear so smart, he misses the obvious. Why? It's because of a black-out on the truth; the truth is not fashionable these days, because fashion has to do with the whims of man.

Back to the YouGove poll: "The poll also found that those who say God played no part in human evolution rose from 13 percent in 2004 to 21 percent in 2013, an 8 percent increase." Some of that 21 percent are Christians, but some are atheists, meaning, sadly, that less than 21 percent of Americans have faith in a God as perceived by mainstream evangelicals / fundamentalists. I find it completely insulting that God should form mankind from the apes. I find it insulting to God. I find it insulting to mankind that it should come to take such a view. What is wrong with everyone? How can they be so deceived? Is it not obvious from the many life forms and the nature of animals that God is an incredible mind with incredible powers? Why should evolution enter the picture at all? That idea was formed by off-the-track deceivers who wanted the world to believe that instant creation is impossible, that a God with powers to create instantly is nothing but fantasy or mythology. These deceivers are therefore limited in their thinking, yet they want you to think that they are the most intelligent / reliable ones.

How long does it take to evolve a fish into an amphibian? Couldn't God have created an amphibian instantly? Ask the frog, what weeks earlier was a fish. God created a living fish with an internal program for evolving into an amphibian in a matter of days. The Programmer in the Sky also made a worm evolve in a matter of days into a flying creature. Hello? The evolutionist is a complete freak to deny a Creator, and the world has come to be populated by complete freaks. This is why God has been in dismay. It's unbelievable how mankind has betrayed Him. The world is ripe for the anti-Christ, an agent of God to take the sons of stupidity to their well-deserved end. The world must suffer a time of utter stupidity so that it will be evident to all that Armageddon is justified.

When a car owner sells a car for $12,999, thinking that the buyer will be tricked into thinking it's not selling for as much as $13,000, God is dismayed. He created us to achieve glorious intelligence via glorious attitudes, but so long as mankind is deliberately dark in his thinking, God will not permit glorious intelligence. His object, says the Bible, is to confound the wise, to make them fools. How will He accomplish this? By the blind leading the blind so that all will become stupid. The evolutionist is the blind man leading the blind, and the big-city merchant who thinks only of his dollar sign is condemned in his darkness. Glorious intelligence is Reserved for the Next Age, where human pollutants do not fume.

In my school decades ago, students would not have responded with the following stupidity:

Several students at George Mason University (GMU) signed a petition on Wednesday demanding lawmakers legalize [killing of children already born].

The petition, which was circulated on GMU's flagship campus in Fairfax, VA., just outside Washington D.C., by Media Research Center reporter Dan Joseph said it was aimed at sending "a message to our lawmakers that women have the right to choose what to do with their bodies and babies" even "after their pregnancies."

Most student responses varied from "okay" to "cool."

One concerned student asked if the procedure would "cause harm to the child."

"Well the child wouldn't be there anymore," responded Joseph. It's abortion."

That student then signed the petition.

Joseph said that after one hour he was able to garner fourteen signatures.

"That is a lot for the summer because there aren't as many people on campus," he said in the video.

How's that for showing us how the adults of liberalism have conditioned the new generation to be murderously stupid? We always said that abortion with child in the womb was a murderous attitude that would pave the way for killing children outside the womb. Washington is about 85 percent liberal, beasts in human form who spread their ways nationally, globally. If it hurts Christians and others who believe in decency, they will do it. Young girls will kill even their own children in the name of a woman's "right," or in the name of the New World Trend, but there are adults behind this "concept" in leadership positions, whom have fomented all sorts of wicked personalities as fashionable. The world is crossing the Armageddon threshold, no doubt about it, to where the good people in the world will no longer feel sorry for the magnitude of Armageddon.

The Stupidity of Snooping Belongs to Murderers

If a car's computers can be hacked and altered to cause a deliberate crash without the driver knowing what's happening, ditto for an airplane. The CIA / military must want to know how to do these things because those organizations have become imperialistic lunatics. Ask the pride they take in their cruel weaponry, and the global purposes for which they have designed them. Revelation 13 seems to be speaking on these weapons. The second beast of Revelation 13 seems to be wielding them.

The following story is frightening because the U.S. military has mandated a research project that teaches it how to hack car computers. The stated reason for the project sounds people-friendly, but the government / CIA / FBI / Pentagon can also use this to kill its political / ideological enemies:

This fact, that a car is not a simple machine of glass and steel but a hackable network of computers, is what Miller and Valasek have spent the last year trying to demonstrate. Miller, a 40-year-old security engineer at Twitter, and Valasek, the 31-year-old director of security intelligence at the Seattle consultancy IOActive, received an $80,000-plus grant last fall from the mad-scientist research arm of the Pentagon known as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to root out security vulnerabilities in automobiles [sounds good, but the military gets to learn how it's done].

...As cars approach Google's dream of passenger-carrying robots, more of their capabilities also become potentially hackable. Miller and Valasek exploited Toyota's and Ford's self-parking functions, for instance, to hijack their vehicles' steering. A car like the 2014 Mercedes Benz S-Class, which can negotiate stop-and-go traffic or follow a leader without input, may offer a hacker even more points of attack, says Gartner Group analyst Thilo Koslowski. "The less the driver is involved, the more potential for failure when bad people are tampering with it," he says.

I do not think that computerization of life / society is in the direction of higher intelligence. Instead, it's part of the new world control. The pursuit of military advancement, since even the days of Hitler, has given computerization birth in society. The military brags on creating the Internet, but it had always eyed it as a spy system for itself. The military has its own spy system beyond that of the CIA and FBI. The following is from the control freaks who have plans to know everything about everybody. This is not the way you want your world:

He works at one of the three-letter intelligence agencies and oversees construction of a $1.2 billion surveillance data center in Utah that is 15 times the size of MetLife Stadium, home to the New York Giants and Jets. Long Island native Harvey Davis, a top National Security Agency official, needs that commanding presence. His role is to supervise infrastructure construction worldwide for NSA, which is part of the Defense Department. That involves tending to logistics, military installations, as well as power, space and cooling for all NSA data centers.

In May, crews broke ground on a $792 million computing center at the agency's headquarters near Baltimore that will complement the Utah site. Together the Utah center and Maryland's 28-acre computer farm span 228 acres -- more than seven times the size of the Pentagon.

Never mind what they tell you this "beast" will be used for. They are not going to tell us the truth. At least, not the whole truth. It is clear that the future is wholesale computerization, the horror we all feared, but sold to the new generation as something good for it. This aberration is NOT the world that God wants for mankind, which is exactly why the world is full-speed ahead with it. There are wicked men who are eyeing what they feel is the God-potential. They are seeing the "evolution" of man's learning entering a period soon where they are literally the gods of mythology. The worst of this is that mankind is evil. The leaders lie constantly. The entire human machine moves ahead with lies, nation lying to fellow nation, leaders lying to fellow citizens. Therefore, what sorts of "gods" will they be when they have their stars-wars weapons? What sorts of goddesses will they be who kill their own children because, after all, the infants don't know what happened to them? Armageddon will be God's good service to mankind, you see. It won't be the act of a cruel God who likes to see death and misery.

If even the leaders can't be trusted, the people lock their doors at night. If the people lock their doors, the world is NOT utopia. If the world has wonderful machines but the people lock their doors even during the day, is that the world you want? The military is bragging now on creating robot fighters. Wonderful. But the people still lock their doors. Why is there fear in the streets? Because even the leaders -- representatives of the people -- can't be trusted. They are out sleeping with someone else's wives. They're involved in bribes. They're stuffing government funds in their pockets. Therefore, decency is abandoned, and wicked people are bred in the streets. The young grow up selfishly, and even violently, with a world they dislike because they don't trust or like the leaders. The crime in the streets is due to a population that has abandoned God, the fault of evolutionists. If there is no God, the young girls kill their born babies, so "cool" (spit!) to be the master of your life to that degree. Lawlessness pervades.

Here are some lies from Microsoft, Google, and others:

The U.S. government has demanded that major Internet companies divulge users' stored passwords, according to two industry sources familiar with these orders, which represent an escalation in surveillance techniques that has not previously been disclosed.

..."I've certainly seen them ask for passwords," said one Internet industry source who spoke on condition of anonymity. "We push back."

A second person who has worked at a large Silicon Valley company confirmed that it received legal requests from the federal government for stored passwords. Companies "really heavily scrutinize" these requests, the person said. "There's a lot of 'over my dead body."

...A Microsoft spokesperson would not say [why not?] whether the company has received such requests from the government. But when asked whether Microsoft would divulge passwords, salts, or algorithms, the spokesperson replied: "No, we don't, and we can't see a circumstance in which we would provide it."

Google also declined [why?] to disclose whether it had received requests for those types of data. But a spokesperson said the company has "never" turned over a user's encrypted password, and that it has a legal team that frequently pushes back against requests that are fishing expeditions or are otherwise problematic. "We take the privacy and security of our users very seriously," the spokesperson said.

Yahoo spokeswoman would not say [why not?] whether the company had received such requests. The spokeswoman said: "If we receive a request from law enforcement for a user's password, we deny such requests on the grounds that they would allow overly broad access to our users' private information. If we are required to provide information, we do so only in the strictest interpretation of what is required by law" [we expect Yahoo to respond in this way to a media reporter, but what is the truth???]

Apple, Facebook, AOL, Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, and Comcast did not respond to queries about whether they have received requests for users' passwords and how they would respond to them.

What would be so bad about admitting that they received government requests for passwords? If they are truly for the people and against government intrusion into our emails, why are they refusing to answer the question? Because, obviously, they do not want to get on the government's bad side, and because they don't want to be discovered as liars. Yet more than half of Congress voted this past week to allow the NSA to continue forward without putting any roadblocks in front of it on behalf of the people. NSA is lying to us when it says they need to snoop to protect from terrorism.

Massive computers can be used to crack passwords, you see, and so we should ask whether the Utah beast is being used for such a thing. Of course, sooner or later, this will be attempted on a large scale so that asking Internet companies for passwords can be skirted.

But, the problem is, there is nothing in the email of most Christians that can be used to jail them or otherwise persecute them. Therefore, they will need to find other ways to persecute us. Already, we are hearing what the methods include, lumping us in with home-grown terrorists...a hard sell, to be sure, but they are determined. Can you see where this is going? We have the NSA convincing half the American population that they need to snoop on behalf of home-grown terrorism, and Christians are being happily portrayed by liberals broadly as militia types. Many Christians even supported gun rights in the latest liberal assault on guns. Christians, not liberals, are the cause of violence on the streets, we are to believe. In fact, liberals like to tell us that all wars are the result of religions (nowhere near true). Atheists and other humanists say that Christianity is a disease. The devil has many angel-of-light operatives whom at night show their real colors, though by day they put on religious / righteous masks. The Masonic situation in the United States is that of a massive betrayal of Christians on the brink.

Daniel 8 and Daniel 11 both reveal the anti-Christ from the Seleucids. Without this in mind, and before the NSA stories began to come out, I traced the Alexander surname to Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king who made a strong and devoted alliance with Maccabees in Israel (the latter then took on the Alexander name). It was only after this, and shortly after this, that I learned of Keith Alexander, current chief of NSA. Not very long before the trace of the Alexander surname, "Clapper" was traced with similar surnames to "Glaphyra," wife of Herod Archelaus who was banished by caesar up the Rhodanus river to Vienne (France). James Clapper is now the director of National Intelligence, and he's fighting hard for NSA all the way.

The players in this snooping machine are, apparently, from the bloodlines that provided the killers / opponents of Jesus Christ, and this is not, likely, coincidental. God has his sights in destroying this Masonic bloodline, and the others who have supported it. They are the infiltrators, the worms, the maggots. But God has his eye also on the fly.

Libertarianism is not the same as liberalism. Libertarians are those who want freedoms from government, while liberals are those who want a strong government with a Godless stranglehold on the people. Liberals are those who want progress to a Godless future, and these are coached by the Masonic types who provided "liberation" at the French Revolution, those who embraced "reason" and the "enlightenment" movement. Although it was good of them to throw off the Vatican at that time, yet they threw off Christianity as a whole. They have been fighting Christianity ever since. Evolution is one of their products. They lie constantly to win their war against us, and they project their own sins upon us.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is ripping libertarians - including Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). - for challenging government surveillance programs and failing to understand the dangers of terrorism.

"This strain of libertarianism that's going through parties right now and making big headlines I think is a very dangerous thought," the New Jersey governor said on Thursday at a Republican governors forum in Aspen, Colo. "You can name any number of people and (Paul is) one of them."

There are two ways to interpret Christie in this airing: 1) he's a naive, deceived individual who really believes that al-Qaeda terrorism is nesting and stalking in America; 2) he's one of them, a deceiver, who wants a stranglehold government to form the new world "order."

With such huge snooping potential in the United States, be assured that, if al-Qaeda were truly forming sleeper cells in America, there would be a constant stream of news reports telling of their capture. But we hear practically nothing of such sleeper cells, and when we do, we need to ask whether insiders Americans are fabricating the situations / reports to give us that impression falsely.

Apparently, Republicans who voted against modifying the American snooping laws did so for money. If true, then rather than pointing the finger only at them, shouldn't we also ask who paid them off:

The numbers tell the story -- in votes and dollars. On [July 24], the house voted 217 to 205 not to rein in the NSA's phone-spying dragnet. It turns out that those 217 "no" voters received twice as much campaign financing from the defense and intelligence industry as the 205 "yes" voters.

That's the upshot of a new analysis by MapLight, a Berkeley-based non-profit that performed the inquiry at WIRED's request...House members who voted to continue the massive phone-call-metadata spy program, on average, raked in 122 percent more money from defense contractors than those who voted Wednesday to dismantle it.

Overall, political action committees and employees from defense and intelligence firms such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, United Technologies, Honeywell International, and others ponied up $12.97 million in donations for a two-year period ending December 31, 2012, according to the analysis, which MapLight performed with financing data from OpenSecrets. Lawmakers who voted to continue the NSA dragnet-surveillance program averaged $41,635 from the pot, whereas House members who voted to repeal authority averaged $18,765.

Of the top 10 money getters, only one House member -- Rep. Jim Moran (D-Virginia) -- voted to end the program.

How long has this been going on, that lawmakers vote depending on how much bacon they can take home to their constituents? Isn't that bribery? Isn't bribery prevalent the world over? Yes, it is, just another sign that the leaders are wayward from Godliness even while they pretend to be ethical "ministers" of the people. And what does it say about the military when it offers money to "purchase" lawmakers for the long haul? How many times have we heard of pro-military lawmakers? Why, really, are they pro-military?

My Senussi Theory

I have been surprised to see Obama mainly reluctant to denounce the Egyptian coup. I've been looking to understand the reason. One article maintained that Obama could not speak publicly about it because the coup leaders knew of his project to have Hamas own a chunk of the Sinai. It would be in the best interests of the Muslim Brotherhood, which Hamas belongs to, to control the Sinai for to move weapons against Israel. Obama can't afford to be discovered in such an anti-Israeli light. The western press did not entertain that story (appeared in the Arab press).

Another theory is that Obama wants to keep a good side toward the coup leaders in case they end up ruling Egypt without question, at which time he'll be in a better position to make deals with them. When deal-making with a foreign government is proving difficult, America simply withholds promised funds / rewards, as Obama is now doing with the coup leaders.

The following is from an idea I've kept on the back burner, that Obama is pro-Senussi, that he worked to empower the Senussi's in Libya when he took out Qaddafi. The Senussi's were supported by Salafists, and, when their UN-sponsored kingdom in Libya (1950s) came to an end with Qaddafi's take-over, the Senussi king (Idris Senussi) and his family fled to Cairo. It can be gleaned that Cairo had some Senussi elements thereafter, that Obama would now support. Egypt is the first country Obama visited after becoming president. The Egyptian coup that brought the Brotherhood to power followed on the heels of the Libyan coup sponsored by Obama. Let me now quote from an Egyptian media:

One of the most memorable details of the Egyptian coup d'état was probably the backdrop of the live broadcast announcement of the coup by the army chief Sisi. The army had chosen to have a group of people sitting on both sides of General Sisi, amongst whom were the Sheik of Al-Azhar [a Mubarak product, but anti-Israeli], the Coptic Pope, a Salafi and a few bureaucrats from the [liberal] Mubarak regime...However, what is most interesting about the Egyptian coup is that both the Salafis and the liberals had no ideological or moral qualms about being in the same [photo] frame during the announcement.

Is this situation peculiar to Egypt? Is there something inherently common between Liberalism and Salafism? How can Salafis who find the Muslim Brotherhood "not Muslim enough" stand side by side with the secularist liberals? How can the secularist liberals, who perceive the Brotherhood to be a "religious threat," join hands with a movement based on the shallowest interpretation of religion, like the Salafis?...

Ignoring the philosophy behind this alliance of convenience, I'm asking whether the Salafists in the new regime include elements from Idris Senussi. That is, I'm asking whether Obama is catering his goodies in such a way as to bring the coup leaders around to empowering the Senussi element. Obama has even said, via some of his operatives, that he is fine with the coup (although he won't use that term) so long as it leads to a representative government, meaning that all groups in Egypt should share the power. But, is this his way of weaving the Senussi elements into the Egyptian throne room?

It took a long time for America to give the green light for funding the Morsi government, and the reason would seem to be that the Morsi government was resisting a key tenet of Obama's will. Was Obama asking Morsi to include the Senussi element, and did Morsi refuse? This question may be pure speculation, or it may be spot-on.

Egypt's Salafist Watan Party is not for the coup, nor for Sisi himself, and so my question is, what part of the Salafists was represented in the photo above? The other question is: who did the Senussi's mate with in Egypt, and did their children arise in Egyptian politics? Or, did they hide within the Brotherhood / Salafist camps? I don't know anyone whose covered this question, or of anyone who speaks on the Senussi element in Egypt, or even if it's still there. I assume that it was in Egypt until the end of Qaddafi, and that it should yet be in Egypt as of now.

Here's a statement just found that reflects Obama's tone in the new Egypt exactly:

The Salafist Nour Party proposed an initiative on [July 8] as an alternative to the army-imposed "roadmap" for Egypt's political transition...

The initiative, the party said, should involve all political currents, along with the armed forces. It should also include the formation of a committee tasked with fostering "national reconciliation."

...he Nour Party had been one of the signatories of the army-imposed "roadmap"for Egypt's political transition unveiled last week following Morsi's ouster.

Since then, the Salafist Nour Party has quit the coup movement, as the article states. Going to the Wikipedia article on the Nour party, the first thing noticed was how its logo looks like the Obama logo. Perhaps not a coincidence:

The al-Nour Party...("Party of The Light") is one of the political parties created in Egypt after the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. It has an ultra-conservative Islamist ideology, which believes in implementing strict Sharia law. It has been described as the political arm of the Salafi Call Society, and "by far the most prominent" of the several new Salafi parties in Egypt, which it has surpassed by virtue of its "long organizational and administrative experience" and "charismatic leaders".

In the 2011-12 Egypt parliamentary elections, the Islamist Bloc led by Al'Nour party received 7,534,266 votes out of a total 27,065,135 correct votes (27.8%). The Islamist Bloc, of which Al Nour was a member, gained 127 of the 498 parliamentary seats contested, second-place after the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party. Al'Nour party itself won 111 of the 127 seats.

From January 2013 the party gradually distanced itself from Mohammad Morsi's Brotherhood government, and came to join the opposition in the July 2013 coup which ousted Morsi. Al-Nour spokesman stated, "We call for full Sinai rights for Egypt [is this part of Obama's push for a new Sinai?] and for our brothers in Palestine and occupied lands, and we see this as directly related to the [Camp David] agreement."...

Apparently, rather than sharing the government with Morsi, the Nour Salafists decided to break with him, and this may have caused Obama to frown on Morsi if indeed the Senussi element was in the party. But that idea is wholly imaginary at this point, in my mind solely, until I can discover the evidence.

After Morsi took power, the IMF dangled billions of dollars in his face, but was slow in handing it over. What was the real reason behind that delay? The article above says that the Nour party was unnaturally in favor of the IMF loan: "Al-Nour Party had stated in September 2012 that it would not oppose a loan from the International Monetary Fund to the Egyptian government, although Islamic law bans the paying of interest." Then, as though the party took its orders from Al-Azhar: "the party had changed opinion in February 2013, saying the IMF loan agreement requires an approval from a body of senior scholars at Al-Azhar University." That sounds a little like passing the hot potato to the Muslim clerics of a "holier" order.

The bottom line is that the latest coup was amply successful to this point due to the Nour party being in favor. The distancing of the Nour party from the coup leaders, if it continues, will change the logistics of this battle. Al-Nour is adamant that Egyptian should not fight against Egyptian, but, no matter, the God of Israel predicted just that, and the very next important event could be the entry of the "cruel master."

The Syria situation requires that we allow this cruel master the possibility of being a Russian, especially now that Russia has the opportunity to court Hezbollah, thus making possible the invasion of Israel from the north, the direction from Israel that the anti-Christ is predicted to come from:

General Salim Idris, the head of the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) accused Russia of using its ships in the Mediterranean to transfer Hezbollah fighters from Beirut , Lebanon directly to the mostly Alawite province of Tartus in western Syria.

In an interview with the Turkish Anadolu News Agency he also accused Russia and Iran of supplying the Syrian army with 400 tons of ammunition every ten days.

General Idris said that he had completely lost hope in the arrival of Western military aid for the Syrian revolution.

"We cannot understand the attitude of the West. They first promised to lift the ban on arms sales to Syria, and then they gave up," Idris said...

...The well informed Kuwaiti Newspaper Al Seyasseh reported yesterday that the Hezbollah militant group has opened training camps in the barren mountains of the ancient city of Baalbek to receive hundreds of young Shiite volunteers from Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon for training them to fight alongside the Syrian regime forces against the mostly Sunni rebels.

...The daily added that this is all part of a program aimed at training 20 thousand fighters over the next few months who will be transferred to the fronts in Syria.

...The EU foreign ministers agreed on [July 22] to list the military wing of Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation...

Uh, er, I see. When Hezbollah wasn't rowing against the Western wind prior to helping Syria, it was not a terrorist organization, but no sooner does it support Assad that it's blacklisted. End-time Westerners, hypocrites. They expect of Israel things they wouldn't tolerate a minute for their own nations.

Russia has been holding the S-300 missiles up its sleeve like an ace, and here, no sooner does the EU condemn Hezbollah that the missiles are a topic yet again: "In an attempt to bolster Syria's war-battered economy, Russia is considering extending a loan to Damascus and is still committed to delivering S-300 missiles in defiance of the West, a top Syrian official said [July 22]." That's the same day that Hezbollah was blacklisted.

Not long ago, we heard that Obama had decided to enter the Syria war as per his false accusations that Assad had use chemical weapons. Obama was considering a no-fly zone in Syria, but as yet, nothing. However:

[U.S.] Lawmakers have been split on the proposal [to arm Syrian rebels], but on [July 22] House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers said a "consensus" had been reached among the panel's members to accept Obama's plan despite "very strong concerns about the strength of the administration's plans in Syria and its chances for success."

On Tuesday House Speaker John Boehner also weighed in in favor of the committee's approach, saying "their effort to help the right set of rebels in Syria is in our nation's best interest."

..."The White House has all the authority they need right now," [Senator Richard Burr] told AFP.

The prediction is that, when the weapons are sent to the Free Syria Army, al-Qaeda in Syria will confiscate them to whatever degree it can. Moreover, this move urges Putin to step up his support of Assad.

Whereas Morsi was part of the Arab Spring spreading from Libya, the Arab Hot-Sweltering Summer in Egypt is now spreading to Libya:

In Tripoli, protesters appeared to be inspired by events in neighboring Egypt, where millions took to the streets Friday to answer a call from the army chief...

"We don't want the Brotherhood, we want the army and the police," Libyan protesters chanted, repeating a slogan also used in Egypt. Libya's nascent security forces are struggling to control the country's [Muslim-radical] militias, most of whom have roots in the rebel groups that overthrew Gadhafi in 2011.

Al-Musmari, who used to publicly criticize the Brotherhood, was killed by unknown assailants in a drive-by shooting in Benghazi.

...On Saturday, a colonel was killed by unidentified assailants in Benghazi. Another three security members [i.e. of the Libyan government] were killed a day earlier when gunmen opened fire on them.


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