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February 12 - 18, 2013

Continued from the Last Update

I apologize for not changing the dates in the last update all week long, so that you may have been led to think that the last update had not been loaded all week long. You need to read that update if you haven't yet. The last section, "Could Senussi be Obama's grandfather?", and the section before that, "Obama's Ancestors in Modern Royal Libya?", are useful before reading here.

[Big Insert -- Due to the importance of the new direction at this time, the topic that was left off two inserts ago will need to wait until after this one.

What was learned in the last update is that Louis(or Ludwig) Alexander von Battenberg (ancestor of Mountbattens, a close friend of the Senussi royals, was himself a line from Battus of Cyrene. The theory is that Louis' castle of Heiligenberg in JUGenheim related to "Jaghbub," a small nowhere-land location in the Sahara where the Senussi's had formed who are now, thanks much to Obama, in a position to rule Libya, should the Libyans want it. Right now, two Senussi contenders for the Libyan throne are waiting the reaction.

This topic is jutting into the Agrigento migrations to Cuneo and Setta as they relate to proto-Caiaphas lines from Seleucid-Maccabee elements in the Carthaginian theater. This new direction in Cyrene is exactly what was needed to explain the Seleucid-Maccabee merger I was seeking. And it seems to involve Obama himself. There is much to say already.

First, it's going to involve Stewarts, as proto-Stewarts are simply expected from Cyrene's raven line, as are Drummonds who were found at Agrigento's George entity that led to York elements. Consider DARMstadt (Germany), where Louis Battenberg had an Alexander Palace, for "Darm" was traced suggestively to German "DRUMmonds" years ago, in the colors of the Stevens and Stave's/Stevensons (Moray-colored stars). As Stephantsminda (goes by other spellings) was a proto-Khazar area in Caucasia, so Drummonds are from the Marot-named Khazars proper on the Mures river, as they led to Moray's rulers, where the Stave's/Stevensons were engaged.

The Stave's/Stevensons entered the Battenberg/Mountbatten picture at the latter's marriage with stave-using Hauke's, but it's not just the Hauks/Hawks who use pilgrim's stave's, for the Pilgrims/Pegrams use them too. I don't know what similar surname to identify Pilgrims/Pegrams/Peregrins, but they were first found in the same place as Dunhams, and share a scimitar in Crest with Kennedys, Mathie's, and Readys [Mathie's were in an insert in the last update for tracing to a Mahon location of Carthaginians, but in this update they will trace to Morocco, which is much of the new direction, discovering that Templars originated by and large from a proto-Senussi line in Morocco].

We saw staves earlier in the Halbert BATTle-axes that are called "halberts" in honor of count Albert Guido of Bologna and his kin. This Albert name became suspect with count Albert of nearby Panico, near the Setta valley. The Battus line Cyrenians have traced to this theater.

Adlai Stevenson, a vice-president of the United States under Grover Cleveland when king Idris Senussi was a child, named his son, Lewis, the name also of Louis Alexander Battenberg. I knew off by heart that the Lewis surname uses a white-on-black lion. As I'm been "imprisoned" by God to do this work, I realize that when an idea comes to mind, it often proves correct due to Direction from above. I don't always know my own personal ideas versus His, however, and so on this idea that the proto-Luo tribe had a branch in Templar Europe, caution is the word.

As you can understand, I was not inclined up to this point to mention this thought occurring in the last update: that Lewis Stevenson traced even by his first name to the Senussi family based on the color of the Lewis lion in Senussi-crescent colors. There was simply no evidence for this thought until I reached Louis Alexander Battenberg, who definitely traces to ancient Cyrenians. Then, when loading the Lewis/Louis Coat upon finding Louis, I re-learned what was forgotten, that Lewis' were first found in Glamorgan, where Alexanders were first found who use the Senussi-colored crescent! Just like that, Lewis'/Louis' are expected to be a Senussi line. But why? The reason doesn't matter at the moment; what matters is that Louis Battenberg can trace to Cyrene's Senussi. Let's investigate that, for Batten-like terms are Arthurian-important, and even Darths/Arth's/Deaths use crescents in the colors of the Senussi crescent. And, like Lewis'/Louis', Darths/Arth's use a dragon.

If you know my work, the Darths/Deaths link to another Arthur-based surname using the same-colored crescents; I'll come to that surname shortly. You can understand why the Senussi topic needs emphasis.

Keep in mind that "Morgan" looks like "Moray," the area indicated by the Stevenson star colors. The online theory that Obama was a grandson of Lewis Stevenson is interesting where Scottish Randolphs (= Obama's mother's ancestry) were the first earls of Moray, and then the Randolph cross will trace exactly to MountBatten suspects, suggesting yet another trace of Obama lines to Cyrene. It is so very interesting where a Stevens surname was chosen by Obama to be the Libyan ambassador.

O know what this Mountbatten story involves: a Battus-of-Cyrene trace to Bute = Avalon as per mythical Morgan le Fay (partly from Glamorgan/Morgannwg), chief of the nine witch's of Avalon. The number nine was chosen because these witch's were from the Apollo Muse's, but I made that claim years ago, before discovering now that the Arms of Senussi use nine white-on-red stars, an appropriate number for the Muses that were Cyrene's Meshwesh/Amazons.

Now, as Obama's circle of globalists are suspect in a trace to Stevenson elements in Cyrene, by what coincidence does the Lew/Lewis/Louis surname smack of the Luo tribe to which Obama Senior belonged? It's suggesting that Battus-line Cyrenians were merged with the proto-Luo tribe that I traced back in time to Luwians = Lydians living amongst/beside the Mysians. It was these who formed the Cyrenian Amazons from the Leto > Apollo > Cyrene line.

Recall mythical Idmon, who looked to me like the verging to proto-Maccabee's. Idmon (from mythical Coronis, same raven line as Cyrene) was made a brother to COERANus, and then the Welsh Morgan surname was first found in CAERNarvonshire. Hmm, what about that? While Glamorgan is smack beside MONmouthshire (what a wild coincidence), Caernarvonshire (in Morgan-lion colors) is smack beside Mona (what another coincidence), and then there was "IdMON" acting in his circle of mythical codes as only one clue to HasMONean" origins. Much of Arthurian lore (all codework that toys with us) even came out of a fellow of Monmouthshire.

Therefore, it seems very likely that the Seleucid-Maccabee elements of Cyrene were heavily in Wales as the Merlin / Arthur cults, and the Ordovices of the Caernarvon area may have gotten their hammer symbol from "batti/botto" as it developed from a Battus line. Batten down your hatches, and lets move on into the unknown.

On the Arms of Caernarvonshire: "The gold and red quarters bearing lions were the arms of Llewelyn the Last..." Is that a Luo > Luwian > Lewis line? The Lowells were first found in Somerset, where the MountBattens trace, because the Battens/Badens were first found in Somerset. "Llywelyn [the last] was the second of the four sons of Gruffydd, the eldest son of Llywelyn the Great, and Senena ferch Rhodri. " SENena? Might the Senussi have been named in-part after whatever named Senena? After all, to this point, I'm tracing the "nussi" part of "Senussi" to the Luo god (Nyasaye) from DioNYSUS.

Once in a while, I've got to entertain a long shot. It was said late in the last update that Obama Senior lived in Kenya's Siaya District, a term smacking of the Say surname...using a quartered Shield in the colors of the same in the Arms of Caernarvon. Just saying.

"Rhodri" is important for multiple reasons if he links to Reeds now tracing to Agrigento's Caiaphas line. In fact, Reeds ("Pax copia" motto) and English Stevensons share the gold garb of the Joseph Crest. English Stevensons use a bend in the colors of the Welsh Davids and Davis, interesting because Welsh Davids (Cheshire, where the Joseph garbs trace) use "Pax et copia." Cheshire is beside Wales. There was no chance for the red dragon of Wales to be kept outside of Cheshire, for snakes like to swallow mouse's, and Cheshire was ruled by mouse's who gave birth to many rats, including Obama.

Before going on, see the Senussi family tree, for a Reda was brother to Obama-like king Idris of Libya. Obama's faces / expressions are not a perfect match with Idris, and yet I see Idris looking like he could have been a father of Obama. Perhaps you see it, perhaps you don't, but I do. This is the main reason that Senussi's became a focal point here.

Reeds and Stevensons -- as well as Roddens/Rodhams using the Stevenson / David bend -- were first found in the same place (Northumberland). This is what helped to clinch the theory that Star Trek, created by Gene RODDENbury, was code for the Star surname (lozenges in the colors of the Stevenson leopards) as well as for the Terek river in Alania, where there is a STEPHANTsminda. The Terek river (topic spread through the last half of 2012) was found to be in proto-Khazar regions of Alania (Caucasia, what is now Ossetia). While the Stevens share a pelican with Stewarts, the Stave's/Stevensons use the Moray-colored stars. Reminder: the raven vikings were in Sutherland, and while the Sutherland write-up traces the Sutherland stars to the Moray stars, Scottish Reeds use stars in Sutherland-star colors.

[Later in this update, I identify Templars from a Fes location in Morocco, but I did not realize until proof reading above that the so-called "leopard FACEs" of heraldry, used for example by the Stevensons, trace to "Fes." It just so happens that the Face surname uses the same cross (same colors too) as Scottish Randolphs of Moray as well as the cross of Macclesfield, where there is yet another "copia" motto term. See Arms of Macclesfield. Julie should be thrilled to see Boofima tracing to Fes, for she expected Boofima in western Africa when I had not yet a clue as to how.]

Recall the Kirks in the last update as they traced to Agrigento, for Star Trek was commanded by Captain Kirk. Like Roddenbury-related Reeds, Spocks/Specks use a red eagle. There is Masonic code pervading all of television and cinema, even on your cereal boxes. The money-grubbers of end-time Babylon leave their marks everywhere that they find success.

It therefore looks like, that whenever we see the Reeds in these discussions, they should be traced with Roddens/Rodhams to Rhodri and Senena. My impression is that Rhodians got to Cyrene, no surprise. But these Rhodians are at the forefront of modern Fake-Utopia built on the Industrial Revolution that knows no ceasing, no bounds, not even after it has built skyscrapers in other galaxies.

It's important here that the entering "Ruth / Rother" gets a Rodham-like Coat in a Randolph clan of Moray, the latter being a surname that linked to the ancestry of Ann Dunham (Obama's mother), as well as to Butlers suspect from Battus and Butnan, as well as to the Bath's of Somerset where the BATTENs/Badens were first found. [I hadn't mentioned here yet, where I'm linking the Bath/Atha cross to the Randolph cross, that the Baths/Atha's use the Face / Macclesfield cross as to trace to Fes.]

To press the case that the lines under discussion trace to Battus I, English Steins use a bend (with Boofima / Dionysus-suspect leopards) in colors reversed to the Stevenson/Stein bend. Then, recall the eight-pointed stars of the Batti/Botto Coat, for Dutch Steins use eight-pointed stars while Stevensons are also "STEINson." Then, low and behold, German Steins (Stevenson/Steinson colors) use the goat design of Italian Cabrera's, first found at Agrigento. These Cabrera's will be exposed later in CHIAROmonte to the east of Montechiaro.

Yes, the Cabrera elements in Sicily trace to Spain's Aragon, which uses the Roussillon red and gold bars, explaining why the Russells use the Cabrera goat design too. And the colors of the Russell scallops (Meschin-scallop colors) are highly suspect with the Senussi crescent. The Sans surname that was featured (late in the last update) as tracing to "Senussi" was a Spanish one. It was found to use the Dunn eagle exactly. The Sans were first found near Aragon, at Castile, and they use an eagle in colors reversed to the goat of Italian Cabrera's.

Moments after writing here, seeking a Rhodri-honoring surname, I came across a white-on-red version of the Sans / Dunn eagle in the German Roder/Roed Coat (surname like "Rother" and in the colors of Rothers/Randolphs). It's compelling because Rhodri's daughter was a SENena so that Sans-like surname could link to whatever named her. A white-on-green version of the same eagle, which could link to the gold-on-green eagles of Caernarvon, are used by Sparks, first found in Cheshire, important because the Spark Crest is a swan.

It appears that Roders/ROEDs were Roets because Roets and Reeds together use a book in Crest! And the Roder eagle design is colors reversed in the Reed eagle. Just like that, Rhodri and Senena are tracing to Boofima in Cyrene. That is, Battens/Badens of Somerset are now tracing to "BUTNan," the area around Jaghbub, where Senussi formed their cult, and so it could be expected that Boofima-based Roets, likewise first found in Somerset, can trace to Cyrene. The RoWATT variation of Roets was traced to the all-seeing-eye Watts and Vatts/Watters (the latter are Singletary branch), and then there is an eyeball in the Batten/Baden Crest. Quite apparently, these eyeballs trace to the Graeae Amazons of north Africa.

Ask not only whether the Boofima-based Books/Boggs (use the Reed stag design) are using the Alexander chevron, but whether their black-on-white stars are colors reversed from the Senussi star that appears with the Senussi crescent (together, they are often considered the symbol of witchcraft).

The Spanish Cabrera goat design is in the Bokke/Boch/Bauch Coat. As the design belongs also to Walsers (Bavaria, where the Baphomet goat traces) from Wallis/Valais canton at Sion, note that the nine stars in the Arms of Senussi (officially Arms of Libyan Royal Family) are in the colors of half the stars in the Arms of Wallis/Valais. The Arms are in the two colors of the Shield and single star in the Arms of Agrigento.

[Insert -- I did not get to the nine Gose/Jose stars, colors reversed from the nine Senussi stars, until the day after this section was written. By what coincidence does "Gos" smack "Gaze"? I'm telling you no lie: the paragraph below this insert was already written just as you see it before this realization occurred. All claims below of the Senussi stars to the Wassa star were made before I saw this Gose/Jose Coat. Is it telling us that the Joseph (Caiaphas) surname was the Wassa > Washington line? Was this the destiny of the human race, to have Caiaphas' sons firmly in power over it, even had God not decided to Sacrifice His Son at the direction of Caiaphas?

I already traced the Joseph motto to Montechiaro near Agrigento (more details later), but here we see what looks like a Joseph branch going to the very star in the Arms of Agrigento.

To help prove that the number nine applies to the Senussi line, see the nine mascles in the Seneca/SENESchal Coat. The Hamo in the write-up should trace to Hamo de Masci, at Dunham Masci, as per the nine mascles appearing in the colors of the Masci's. Like I said, it's the nine-Muses theme to the Masci / Massey bloodline. End insert]

Have you considered yet whose stars the Arms of Senussi trace to? It's to the Washington / Wassa/Gaze stars, right? Yes, Agrigento uses a single stars in Senussi-star colors, but where "Gaze" traces to "BenGHAZI," isn't it made obvious that Senussi's use the same star as the Wassa's/Gaze's because Benghazi is the capital of Cyrene out of which Senussi's ruled? And don't the stars on the American flag trace to the Moray / Stevenson stars? Reminder: after finding Jaghbub in the Jaggers and Jaggs/Jacks, the Jugens were found as per the Battenberg location of Jugenheim, and the Jugen Coat was then found to be a version of the Washington Coat! What a super find. Masons of Washington DC's founding trace with all of Masonry and Templarism to Cyrenians of Greco / Seleucid ancestry.

I neglected a thing previously that has just been discovered. It's from the Cabrera write-up: "First found in the Sicilian city of Aragona. In 1040, Ponzo Cabrera was Viscount of Cabrera, Girona, and Anger." The Anger term recalled the trace of the Angle's/Angels to Agrigento, and so see the Anger Coat using the Angle/Anger lozenges in Chief (they are also the lozenges of the Nagle's/D'Angulo's). ["Girona" may link to Meschin-based Gernons that have long been traced to Foots and Fido's/Fothes that I'm now thinking to trace to Biblical "Put/Phut," a part of eastern Libya that Ezekiel 38 lumps in with end-time Gog.]

SURPRISE! I've just entered Ponzo" to find a Benzi/Penzo/Benzizni//Benzan surname (Ferrara) using the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Agrigento!!! I'll bet that this Ponzo/Benzi surname traces to the Pinks / Punch's at the Setta valley. Reminder: Punch's use red and gold bars, the colors of the Aragon bars! Therefore. it appears that Punch's and Ponzo's were in Aragon.

[AMAZING POINT, for later in this page, it is learned that Obama's grandfather to the 11th generation is a Punch surname out of Cameroon (west Africa), named after Camerons that likewise use red and gold horizontal bars! PLUS, the Angers use lozenges in the colors of the Seneca/Seneschal mascles (defined as hollow lozenges), wherefore, Angers and kin trace to the Senussi!]

Thus, the Cabrera's were involved with the proto-Angle / proto-Varni line to the raven depicted vikings of SHETland / SUTHERland. These are Sadducee-suspect lines from the Shetach term of queen Alexandra Maccabee, and it just so happens that the Angers were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Clare's who trace with Josephs (fesse in Morgan / Caernarvon colors) to the Charo/Claro/Chiaro surname at Montechiaro! Recall that the "Senes" term got the Sinclair/Sun/Singular Coat [I didn't know about the Seneca/SENESchal surname until proof reading here!]

As Nagle's come up as "Neal," note that Neals look like Keons, tracing now perhaps to the Chaonians expected in Cyrene with Apama-branch Seleucids. Moreover, if Chaonians were in Cyrene, might they have named Kenya?

I need to record this, that upon the Arms of Llewelyn the Last, the Arms of Caernarvonshire use "a green fess or horizontal band, on which were three gold eagles..." I cannot recall where an engrailed green fesse on gold was recently seen, but will probably come across it again soon [turned out to be the Geddys who trace with Geddes to Guido's at the Placentia theater]. Herods/Hurls ("hawk's lure" should link to the Hauke's) and Forets/Foraie's/Forests use a fesse in colors reversed.

Let's make Louis Battenberg a suspect from a Luo-tribe line in Germany from the Senussi Cyrenians. We are seeking the raven Stewarts from the Senussi, with one clue being in the Washington-Crest raven that traced to Jugenheim. The castle of Louis Battenberg was Heiligenberg of JUGENheim, a place related to Washingtons. But the Heil term smacks of the Hellens (Este / Pepin horse) from Helion (Brittany - Armorica), and of the Helms that come up as "Helion." These entities traced to Alans of Dol, in my opinion. The Sale-like look of the Helion/Helm Coat assures that we are on the right Seleucid-of-Cyrene track, the Seleucids from Obama-like Apama II. See? The proto-Luo branch that named Louis was at HEILigenberg and Jugenheim, wasn't it?

Look. The proto-Luo tribe may trace to Chaonians, if the latter formed Kenyans. The proto-Luo tribe that may trace to Chaonians could be expected as part of the Seleucids because Chaonians were a Thesprotian tribe, and proto-Seleucids trace to Thesprotians. Therefore, when we see an Apama name as the entry point of Seleucids at Cyrene, couldn't we see the proto-Luo tribe entering with Chaonians following along?

I wrote the above before seeing any articles on Heiligenberg, and for that reason of writing it I went straight to Wikipedia's article on Heiligenberg. More than one such location were found, but the first one loaded happened to use the same-colored bend as Helions/Helms (they and Sale's use white-on-black, Senussi colors). This Heiligenberg "is a municipality and a village in the Bodensee district in Baden-Wurttemberg, about seven kilometres north of Salem, in Germany." BODENsee??? BADEN??? Are they not terms that traced to Battens/Badens, and to Battus lines out of Butnan, where Jaghbub is located??? Amazing coincidences. This Heiligenberg is even in a TUBingen region, smacking of TOBruk, capital of Butnan. And there's a Ravensburg in Tubingen.

After finding that, the Seeheim-Jugenheim link from the Heiligenberg castle article was clicked, and there in the Arms of Seeheim-Jugenheim was a single six-pointed star in the colors of the same of the Wassa/Gaze Coat! ASTOUNDING WASHINCIDENCE. The only thing missing is a DC.

The Frankfurt article was then loaded because it's a Darmstadt location, and there in the Arms of Frankfurt was a white-on-red eagle (Wassa/Gaze colors), the colors of the Roder/Roed eagle that had traced well to the Senussi's As the first ROTHschild (Mayer, a term now tracing to Magas of Cyrene) was from Frankfurt, and as the Frankfurt Shield is red while "Rothschild" is said to derive in "red shield," I think we have the first inklings of a Rothschild trace to the Senussi's.

Frankfurt is in the state of Hesse with a capital at WEISbaden, and the Arms of Weisbaden use fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Zionist stars of the Weis Coat (Bavaria). Firstly, fleur in these colors traced heavily to the Shepherd lines out of Agrigento, and then both Hesse and Frankfurt use Agrigento red and white...not forgetting that the single star of Wassa's/Gaze's and Seeheim-Jugenheim are tracing to the single star in the Chief of the Arms of Agrigento. (As centaurs were traced to Agrigento, it's interesting that there is a See surname (using a fish) first found in Kent.)

The Bavarian Illuminati was founded by a "Jew" with WEIShaupt surname (black sinister goat), first found in Baden now tracing to MountBattens / Butnan / Battus. I even suggested many times that the Weis bloodline was the Wassa bloodline.

I've been meaning to point out that the crown in the Arms of Senussi (officially Arms of Libyan Royal Family) is striped black and gold so that these colors should be kept track of. For example, Austrian Jaggers use a Shield split in black and gold, the colors of the split Shield that is the entirety of the flag of Baden-Wurttemberg. Another incredible coincidence that tends to clinch the Jagger trace to Jaghbub. Reminder, Washingtons use a raven, and then the capital of Baden-Wurttemberg is STUTTgart, like the Stout-surnamed vikings who used a raven on their warpath flags into Shetland and ROTHESay = Bute = Avalon, where the nine Muses (so to speak) out of Cyrene are tracing.

The European dragon is thus up to its neck in embarrassment for being Cyrenian rather than European. It's no wonder it rapes Europeans to the bone.

Again, these raven vikings conquered into Rothesay, which was later Bute and the mythical Avalon of Morgan le Fay [I didn't yet know here that Fays would trace to Fes in Morocco]. It was also the place where Arthur died, though not really; his death was merely code for the Motts/Morte's (eight-pointed estoile) using crescents in the colors of the same in the Arms of Senussi! What a sham the Arthurians were, out of Africa and into the power seats of Europe, slithering snakes in the night on a malignant path.

After tracing the Senussi's above to Morgan le Fay -- and to GlaMorgan where the Luo-suspect Lewis were first found -- I found myself for the first time at the Senussi family tree (below). It was then (not many minutes ago as I write) that I discovered how Senussi ancestors were root to Morgan le Fay. But first, here is an insert that was added (moments ago) to the last update where Plantagenets were tracing to Obama lines, and where it was found that Plantagenets use the same three lions as Irish Mahons/Manns. Reminder: the Barca bloodline suspect from Barqah Cyrenaica founded a Mahon location in Spain. Mahon (out to sea between Spain and Sardinia) was founded by Mago Barca, Hannibal's brother:

As the Mahons are said to be from "Mathuna," see the Muthanna surname in the Senussi family tree. This Muthanna was grandfather to the Moroccan dynasty started by Idris I (he was from Syria initially), the name adopted by his descendent, king Idris I of Libya, the one who looks like Obama. Don't Mathuna-suspect Plantagenets trace to Obama's lines? It turns out that Idris of Morocco is the line to Morgan le Fay, and Jacques de Molay. See next update.

That's all I said, and it's here that this will be explained. The first thing I had focused on at the article of Idris was: "Idris I conquered large parts of northern Morocco, and founded the city of Fes, which his son Idris II would make capital city of the Idrisid dynasty." Asking myself whether "Fes" could relate to "Fay" I decided to ignore it, but "Faucets" (of Musselburgh) came to mind because Mathie's/Manns/Maghans (whom I've long linked to Maghans/Mahons/Manns/Mathuna's) use a "Fac et" motto phrase. Still, I didn't give the Fes term any importance, opting instead to read on until I got to this: "His son, Idris II, was brought up by the Awraba, and left Walila for Fes in 808. Idris is buried in Moulay Idriss."

I had to inspect whether Jacques de Molay could apply to "Moulay," especially as Jacques' traced (last update) with Jaggs/Jacks to Jaghbub. When I applied one of the browsers with houseofnames open, there was the Weis Coat with a bend in the colors of the same of Jacques de Molay; note that he's painted with a black-on-white MOLine cross on his breast, for the moline cross of the Moline's/Moullins is black too, though black on gold. The Moline/Moullins Chief has black goats that are now being shown (they were not shown last time I checked) in the WEIShaupt Coat. What an incredible revelation this is. It's tracing the Bavarian Illuminati (founded 1776) back to Jacques de Molay, grand master of Payen-founded Templars.

It means that the Templars who went underground, at the killing of de-Molay, re-surfaced as the Bavarian Illuminati, a group that was engaged by sociopaths bent on swallowing the wealth of European without qualms.

As I traced the patee crosses of de-Molay to those in the Messina Coat, note that Messina's and Weis' both use Zionist stars in the same colors (Payens use them too), and keep in mind that while "patee" is now tracing to Battus / Butnan liners, the Weis' are suspect as the Washingtons tracing with Jugens to Jaghbub. The Messina patee is in the colors of the Wassa Zionists star. "Patee" can then link well to the Batti/Botto surname using eight-pointed stars in colors reversed to the Wassa star.

The first surname entered when seeking whether Moulay Idriss related to Jacques de Molay was the Mole Coat. Drats, I had loaded a Coat just like it hours before, but could not recall which, as I did not mention/record it, but the Googe's/Gooch's use a similar Coat, and were first found in the same place (Roxburghshire) as Mole's. This recalls that Scotts, first found in Roxburghshire, using a bend in colors reversed to the de-Molay bend.

This apparent Molay link to Googe's seemed important as per the bottom of the Seeheim-Jugenheim page wherein there is a link to see "GUGGENheim" link leading to the Swiss-Jew Guggenheims. In other words, Jaghbub may have been a proto-Guggenheim station of the Googe/Gooch kind. The Arms of Seeheim-Jugenheim use a sickle and a horseshoe in Googe/Gooch / Mole colors. The sickle later became a symbol of Communist Russia, and the Bavarian Illuminati, socialist like Obama, was engaged by Karl Marx, the writer of the Communist Manifesto. Like I said, demons seeking to swallow the wealth of the people by any trick possible. And they slithered into power structures by any trick possible, like Obama did, making their own rules and laws so that they could swallow everything legally.

The next thing done was to seek my files for a surname using "post funera," the motto phrase of the Mole's. But before getting to that, it needs to be said that the red eagle in the Mole Crest is of a style, nearly, of the red eagle in the Reed Crest. The other Reeds use an eagle rising, the phoenix theme. It's speaking to me of Muhammed ar-Reda in the line from king Idris of Moulay Idriss, meaning that Reeds, Roets, Rhodes', and Roders (all four related according to heraldry clues) may be the roots of "Reda." I can understand why Cecil-Rhodes' elements, also a socialist group, would form a Libyan king.

It's suggesting that we should trace Idris of Morocco back to Lake Van because I view the red Reed eagle as a phoenix that traces with the pheon to Lake Van (I view "pheon" as code for the Vane/Fein/Phone bloodline (sept of Maceys and Mackays), first found in MONmouthshire, beside GlaMorgan, where the Fay-Morgan bloodline came out of that is now in the midst of tracing to Fes/Fez. We need to ask why a Senussi of more than 1,000 years after Idris of Morocco named himself Idris I. If the Rhodes' bloodline (I and other say that Obama serves modern Rhodian Illuminatists) traces to Idris of Fes (and I think it definitely does), one can then speculate that Rhodians of modern times named Idris of Libya, brother of al-Reda. We should perhaps seek a Rhodes-related wife in the family of al-Reda's Senussi father. What you are reading in this paragraph was realized by me only after tracing Idris of Morocco to Morgan le Fay by other means.

In a search of my files for the Mole motto phrase, I got first to this (2nd update July, 2012):

There was a surname...with a funera-like motto term as well as an additional term smacking of "pheon." I can't recall the surname. No wait. I just recalled the spelling of the term, "foenus," and in my files it comes up as the motto term of Moles!!! Yes. Plus, here's the entire Mole motto: "POST funera foenus," while Robins [French branch uses pheons] use "VIVet POST funera virtus"...

JUST FAUND!!! The white-on-blue star is used even by the Fauns/Vauns/Phones!

The white Moray-colored star was important there because Mole's use it too, and "Molay" even became suspect with "Moray." Did you note how the pheon worked into it? Now see the Mole-Crest description: "A phoenix rising out of flames." It's the Lake-Van line to Vains, isn't it, in the Glamorgan theater. After all, the Mus location at Lake Van was a proto-Muse area, wasn't it? But the main point is that Robins (chevron in colors reversed to Vey/Vivian chevron), in the colors of the de-Molay bend, use a "Vive" term tracing to Veys/Vivians...a branch of Feys / Fays, right? It's tracing Molays to Morgan le Fay, isn't it, so that the Idris locations of Moulay and Fes/Fes ought to trace to the same. In fact, one may even ask whether "Morocco" is behind "Morgan," or vice-versa.

Finally, upon coming to this realization, "Fes" was entered, to find the French Fay surname!

The Fes/Fay surname not only uses a gold fesse, the Molay-fesse color, but it shows a fox, which is the theme to which the Faucet surname traces itself. I traced Faucets without doubt to Foix, beside Rennes-le-Chateau, and beside ROQUEfeuil too, important because Jacques-de-Molay was traced to Cathars of this theater, and moreover because Mole's were first found (with Scotts) in ROXburghshire. The Roxolani were, in my opinion, a branch of Neuri that I traced to more-ancient Nairi at Lake Van.

We now know that the Templars (who traced themselves to Moors) go to the Senussi bloodline. This is wholly new to me, and it brings the unholy Seleucids into their roots. (It may be important that the Fes/Fay fox is blue, the color of the Placentia wolf.)

No Molay surname comes up, but the Moulay location arms us with some ammunition. There is a Moulay surname (Lancashire) using "jessant" leopard heads with fleur-de-lys, a symbol of the Coopers/Coppers. The fleur are white-on-black, the Senussi colors. The surname is properly Moorley/Mawley/Maughley/Morleigh, which supports the idea that "Molay" was a "Moray" term too. [I didn't yet know that leopard "faces", as the heads are called, trace to "Fes"].

[Insert -- In the next update, this was added:

The last update said that the Moulay Coat uses three leopards jessant. It did, I saw it with my own eyes more than once. I even trasferred the Moulay link -- -- from the last insert. However, that Moulay link now gets a different Coat, and it happens to be a version of the Washington Coat (!!!) in a surname shown properly as Mule/Mules. For the record in case the Moulay/Mule Coat disappears or changes, it's got two red-on-white horizontal bars, nothing more, and then the Chief has three same-colored torteaux, the colors of the three stars in the Washington Chief. There is no Crest symbol showing.

The jessant leopards can now be accessed at both the Maulay and Mauley Coats. Note that the Mawley/Morley variations are indeed in what now comes up only when entering "Maulay." It means that all three surname variations, Moulay, Maulay, and Mauley, trace if Moulay Idriss. This change is suspicious, occurring just as I went from one update to the other. Have readers been finding that my descriptions of Coats are not what the Coats are showing at times? The Molly/Mallay Crest is a ship, and in the Coat there is a pirate disguised as a red boar. I think maybe he works for the heraldry companies. End Insert]

Harry Mason Reid is the Senate Majority Leader, and has been such throughout Obama's presidency. Reid serves with a Dean Heller (Bellamy Shield), a surname that gets the German / Jewish Hellens using the Masci wing in blue. The English Hellers look to use the Macey Shield, and their "semper" term is used in Exeter...of Devon, where Hellers were first found. This is obviously a Bellamy > Macey line. Dean Heller was succeeded in 2011 as U.S. Representative in Nevada by an Omodei surname, first found in Lucca, where Massai's and Botters were first found, two surnames that trace very well to the Cyrenians. As a member of the Nevada Senate, Omodei was succeeded by a Settelmayer surname. The Monmouth Coat is a reflection of the Maud Coat with an OMODei-like look.

[I didn't yet know that the Seneca/SENESchal mascles traced to the Senussi; and here, while proof reading, "Mode" was entered to find gold-on-blue lattice in the colors of the hollow mascles of Seneca's/Seneschals!!! It can now be understood that the lattice was devised as a form of the hollow lozenges. In the past, I suggested that this Mode/Moden/Modby surname was from "Modiin," the Hasmonean location in Israel, and here the surname is now linking to a mascle-like surname, perfect where I've identified Masci / Macey liners as Maccabee elements.]

As the Roet-related Reeds and similar others are now suspect from whatever named al-Reda Senussi, see the Redders using a leopard face on a fesse in Boeuf-fesse colors [face = fesse = Fes?]. The crescents in the Redder Coat are in the colors of the Sens/Senn crescent, which itself shows another patee cross. The Sens'/Senns are said to be from Switzerland, which is where the Guggenheims were (along with many Illuminati-suspect banks making rules to swallow Europeans whole) now tracing to the home town of Senussi in Cyrene.

Look at what has just been found after writing the last part of the paragraph above. "Heil" was entered to find the Wassa/Gaze star centralized!!! The surname is properly Highland/Heyland/Heland, yet it is highly suspect with Heiligenberg (because Wassa-based Washingtons and Jugens share the same Coat).

[Aha! Later it was discovered that the Hey/Heyer Crest is the rising eagle of the Reeds! It's suggesting a trace of Hay/Hayers to Heylands, BUT ZOWIE, the Hey/Heyer motto even used "JUGum"!!!]

Hails/Hale (in Dunham colors and first found where Dunham Masci is located) use a chevron and a patee cross in the colors respectively of the de-Molay bend and the de-Molay patee. Note the sleeved/cuffed arm in the Hail/Hale Crest, typical of the Pink /Punch/Poynte bloodline, for the Hail description uses "points downward," perhaps part code for the Downs/Douns / Downhams/Dounhams/Dunhams.

I don't recall what caused me (just now) to seek the root of the "Sen" part of "Senussi" immediately after writing the Hail paragraph, but as soon as I hit the search button for "Saine," just before the Hail Coat disappeared to load the Saine Coat, I saw that the Hail Coat was much like the Coat of Sions/Sine's who are properly "Swan/Swayne." It too is a Macey-version Coat. The Saine Coat turned out to have a Shield split into the two colors of the Hail Shield, not surprising after all in that both Hails and Maceys were of Cheshire.

The Saine's are shown as "Senior / Sinyeard / Singard / Sayner," reminding us of the Says but perhaps also the Singletarys. The Seeheim-Jugenheim location itself had evoked the Says (who use the quartered-Shield colors of Caernarvon, home of Rhodri and SENena). The Saine/Senior/Saynor Coat appears to be a colors-reversed version of the Redder Coat in that both surnames were first found in Norfolk, and both use leopards. Redders use crescents in the colors of the same of Swisso-Sens'/Senns!!! The Hails (share a patee cross with Sens) mentioned an early Alexander Hale of Norfolk. Dunhams were first found in Norfolk, and then it seems that Dunhams were in code in the Hail description. Doesn't it all smack of Heiligenberg and Juggenheim?

Here's the Saine/Senior/Saynor motto: "Medio tutissimus ibis." The leopard is crowned, you should note, a symbol of royalty tracing to Boofima members. A "MEDio" term is always to be suspect with Medusa-Gorgon elements when Boofima is in view. Then, while the Bavarian Illuminati (founded by Adam Weishaupt) definitely traces to Boofima, the Weishaupt Crest (i.e. Wassa suspects that trace to Jugenheim) is an ibex, while we see an "ibis" motto term in the motto above. Note the "tutisSIMUS" term that can be possibly for "SENUSSI," especially as the Wassa/Gaze and Toots/Touts/Tuts share a red canton square with a white symbol.

The Armours use a "Cassis tutissima virtus," and then Obama's mother's grandmother (on her father's side) was an Armour surname. It shares a blue-on-white chevron, and Moray-colored stars, with the Stevenson Coat. How about that, so suspicious for tracing Obama to Lewis Stevenson.

Did you note earlier that both Moray-related Stevensons and Randolph-suspect Face's/Fesseys use a hand holding a green garland (a Ross symbol too, of Ross beside Moray)? It's due to German Stevens (first found in the same place as Jaggers and Mieske's) and Garlands sharing three red-on-gold vertical bars (Walkers use exactly this too). The point is, Stevens are tracing to Fes, right?

The Armour helmet (for Helms/Helions?) is used by Kennedys, from Tipperary, and Scottish Kennedys use a Coat version of Cassels who are in turn Caseys, who are apparently honored in the Armour motto. Tippers/Tippets were lumped in (last update) with surnames tracing to "Tobruk," capital of Butnan of Cyrene. Tippers, like Armours and Stevensons, use a blue-on-white chevron, and the chevrons of all three surnames are surrounded by three blue symbols. There you have a Steven trace to Cyrene, as expected.

[Insert -- Below, I find the Wassa surname merged with Mauls and Maulers, wherefore note in advance that the green Maul dragon is used by Seatons of SAYtown and Say. It just so happens that the Maul Shield is split vertically in the colors of the split Shield of the Arms of Wallis/Valais canton and the Arms of Sion. Come to think of it, Cheshire's Malls/Mallibones (from Mali, down by Morocco way?) use the Say Shield. The Mall/Mallibone write-up includes: "The family held a family seat at Mottram." Shouldn't that be from the Motts/Morte's using the Senussi crescent???

The Sions/Sine's/Swans/Swayne's are now tracing well to "SENussi," especially as Sions/Sine's are a Macey branch who themselves trace to Meshwesh in Cyrene [I didn't yet know about the nine Seneca mascles]. Now look at the bull design in the Vain/Fein/Phone Crest, for it's the Say Crest bull design (Say Shield is colors reversed to Massey Shield). Until very recently, the Sion/Sine/Swan Coat showed the Macey gauntlet gloves shown in the Vain/Fein/Phone Coat.

Do you see what this means? You need to see it below when I show the Mauler/Moler Coat. It means that the Senussi were, as with the Wassa Zionist star in the colors of Wallis/Valais, based in SION of Switzerland. This has got to be the reason that Guggenheims are "Jews" from Switzerland. It also means that Jacques de Molay was a Sion element, as expected. Reminder: the Jacques / Jagg/Jack / Jagger surnames traced to Jaghbub in the last update; later below, it'll be shown why Jaggers and Jaggs/Jacks are a branch of Mieszko's / Maxwells / Maezaei from the 600 Benjamites at Jabesh. Yes, it's tending to identify "Jaghbub" with "Jabesh."

The other name of Sion is Sitten, a term that gets the Seatons/Satans. Reminder: as Fes elements trace to Faucets, traces to Seatons is important because they and Faucets were both in Lothian, where the Sinclairs/Suns were living who are suspect with the very Senussi term.

Recall Siaya in Kenya, where Obama Sr. lived. Who named, it, we wonder? Might the See entity that named Seeheim have had something to do with it? Recall that Obama's white lines traced to Fishers, for the See Coat not only uses a fish, but it shows so-called "flaunches" on both sides of the Coat, as with the Coat of Wolfleys (Obama's great-great-grandfather was a Wolfley). The blue wolf of Wolfleys may now trace to the blue fox of Fes'/Fays...which traces Obama to Idris of Morocco. If I'm going to seek Obama's true father from Idris of Libya, I'll take all the Obama traces to any two of the Idris', though there is a third Idris, with Senussi surname, now bucking for the Senussi throne as I write.

The Seigh variation of See's suggests the Seagers/Sugars (I traced them to "Sigrid," daughter of Mieszko), first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Dunhams, and using a moline Cross that traces to de-Molay (himself tracing to the Moulay Idriss location of the same Moroccan king).

The Fes/Fez/Fay surname shows a "Fait," evocative of the Fatima name used by the Senussi (Idris of Libya married a Fatima). The Fes/Fay surname was first found in the same place (Auvergne) as Bouillons, who almost use a moline cross. The Bouillon cross is in the colors of the Fessey cross (see Fesseys below).

"In the 10th century the city [of Fes] was contested by the Caliphate of Cordoba and the Fatimids of Tunisia. The later took the city in 927 and expelled the Idrissids..." That would mean that the Idris line in Fes needed another place to stay, just in time for the first nine Templars. If "Morocco" traces to "Morgan," as it seems to, definitely, it's interesting that there is a Morges location near Sion/Sitten to which Morgans may trace well. They say that Godfrey de Bouillon was the founder of a Sion order. FE, who I think still reads along at times, had found Morges for us, as well as a Fey or Fey-like location near it. She also found a Vivian like location near Morges (north shores of lake Geneva).

Obama's Wolfley line was a Wolfin surname in Baden-Wurttemberg (in Orsingen to be exact), where German Seagers were first found. German Seagers are not only in Dunham colors, but show a gold-on-blue eagle, the Dunn / Sans symbol! The German Seager cross is identical, in colors reversed, to the Fessey cross.

The Seager eagle appears to be double-headed because the one head that can be seen (the other isn't visible) faces the opposite way that single-headed eagles face. Later, the Mieszko's will be traced to the two-headed eagle of Maxwells in an enlightening short exercise that reveals Mieszko's from Jaghbub. That exercise will trace Bistones to Mieszko's and to Besants/Bessens, and then the besant in the center of the Seager Coat is now known (by me) to be a symbol of Bistones. "Seager" and terms like "Sawyer / Sauer / Saier" can be related. The Sarah/Saier Crest is a leopard, wherefore the surname may trace to "Sahara."

As I traced Maxwells/Makeswells to "Makeslesfield/Macclesfield," by what coincidence does the Fessey surname use the Macclesfield cross? That is, did the Idris founders of Fes become the Fessey surname merged with Macclesfield? There are some white-on-black stars in Cheshire, the colors of the Senussi stars. The Pulciphers/Polesdons, for example.

All the things that were recently said about the Foys can now apply from the wave of Idris liners to the Templars. One Foy/Foyer surname (Moray-colored stars, white again), as with the Fes/Fay surname, was likewise first found in Auvergne. It's clear as glass, isn't it?

Here's a Fos/Voss surname using a fox, and later I'll get to the SIONNACH term said to mean, "fox." The Fos/Voss Shield is split in the two colors of one Jagger Shield. As with the trace of Battenbergs to Somerset, so we find the Fos/Voss surname first found in Somerset. "The name is first documented as early as 978, recorded as Fos." Repeat: "In the 10th century the city [of Fes] was contested by the Caliphate of Cordoba and the Fatimids of Tunisia. The later took the city in 927 and expelled the Idrissids..." It looks like they were in Somerset within 50 years. Compare the Fos/Voss Coat to the Boss Coat!

The Foy/Foix (of Candale) Coat were found to use the Alexander Shield. These Foys/Foix' were first found in the same place as Levi's and Chappes', and the first grand master of the first nine Templars married a Chappes. The so-called "plates" (black roundels) that two Foy Coats use should be code for a Plate surname, one of which uses the swan (Godfrey-de-Bouillon symbol) design of one Joseph Coat.

The Singletary antelope is said to be "black demi antelope platee...". Shouldn't Singletarys be expected from Fes if Sinclairs were? [It turns out later that Singletarys look like Shings who are a Fox-surname line of the Sionnach kind].

Thus, the Moroccan Moors who merged with Templars also merged with Caiaphas lines, though this late event can not speak to Caiaphas ancestry. However, the Seleucid roots of Cyrenians do, in my position thus far, speak exactly of Caiaphas ancestry.

There must be an Idris-honoring surname, and the first one coming to mind was the Atter/Tear/Tire surname that already linked hard to Alexander Balas. This surname uses an erect sword in Crest, as well as the red Reed eagle design. It also shows the black Davenport crosslet used in the Arms of Macclesfield. Recall that Mathie's/Maghans/Manns traced to Faucets, for both this alternative Arms of Macclesfield and Mathie's use the five-pointed MacArthur crown. MacArthurs were of the MacDonald theater whom the Alexander motto honors, and Alexanders have a crescent suspect as the Senussi crescent.

Senussi's proper were many centuries after the Fes line to Somerset, but as the line of Idris of Morocco evolved into Idris of Senussi, we can discover by these clues who the proto-Senussi were in the Templar fold, and what surnames the proto-Senussi tended to merge with. It seems very likely now that the heraldic crescent is in particular for the Senussi Muslims. Note that the Bath / Randolph / Macclesfield cross is used by Savoy and Switzerland, for proto-Senussi are tracing to Sion. The white crescents of French Masseys. first found in Savoy, can apply to the white Senussi crescent, for these Masseys showed a boot until recently, a symbol of Dutch Veys. End insert]

The Arms of Seeheim-Jugenheim show a curved chevron that I see rarely. The only one I can recall is used by Swedish Gusts, said to be from "Gaut" but traced to Goths. If you recall, the white Zionist star on blue was found to be that of the Joseph / Caiaphas bloodline, and then short-form "Josephs" were traced to terms like Gos / Gois / Guis, important here because these terms are reflective of some Wassa variations, and Wassa's use a white Zionists star themselves. Don't forget that Jugens use the Washington Coat, and then see the white-on-blue Zionists star of the German Raeds/Redders/Raders (Bavaria). The same star is used by the Goth surname (Thuringia) that may link to the Gusts, you see. The patee cross of the Sens is in these colors too.

[After writing this section, a solid curved chevron was found in the Gump/Gummer/Gomere Coat, though I can't recall why "Gump" was loaded. It should be said here that while lattice is now tracing to the Seneca/Seneschal surname, "Gaut" gets the Cottian-suspect Gauts/Cotts/Cottins using the same lattice. Sion is not far off from the Cottian Alps. The Gummer/Gomere chevron is in the colors of the curved Leopold chevron. ]

Checking my files, another curved chevron was found, in colors reversed from the Gust chevron, in the SWISS Leopold Coat! Then, I ask you: did the Obama bloodlines trace to Washington liners at Benghazi? Did the Obama surname trace Luo elements in the Lewis/Louis' at Glamorgan? Don't these other Welsh Lewis' use the same green dragon design as Italian Leopolds?

Seatons/Sittens use a green dragon, as do the Forhams/Formans suspect from Forum Allieni at proto-Ferrara, and then Forhams/Formans were first found in the same place, Lothian, as Seatons/Sittens. The proto-Alan-Stewarts at Forum Allieni pre-date Idris of Morocco by centuries, and the point is, the Allieni are suspect with Pharisees and Sadducees fresh out of Israel at 70 AD. The Forham/Forman Coat is in the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Agrigento.

Isn't Obama's partner in crime Eric Holder? By what coincidence does the winged lion design in the Holder Crest show identical with the one in this Lewis Crest? The Holder Coat is even a rough comparison with the Dunham / Randolph / Butler Coat. Holders were first found in Gloucestershire, beside Monmouth, itself beside Glamorgan. The same green dragon, I think, is in the Maul Crest, a term that was entered as per "Moulay." The Maul Coat is a split-Shield with a familiar look. It has Wassa colors.

CLINCHED!!! I've just entered "Mauler." Before the Coat had loaded (I have slow Internet service), I was reading that the surname was first found in Gascony, where I had traced "Wassa/Gace/Gaze/Gasson." A second later, the Mauler Coat loaded, and there was a single Zionist star in the colors of the Wassa Zionist star!!!! The surname shows as Moliere, Mauliere, and Molere. The surname comes up as "Moler" too. It means that Idris of Morocco traces to the naming of Washington DC.

Plus, I've mentioned many times over the years that a pope Clement gave Gascony a flag with a white-on-red saltire, which I traced to the Wassa/Gaze surname. It just so happens that Mauls use a "Clementia" motto term! Wow. I traced the Gascony saltire (years ago, not now for convenience) to the same of Oettingens of Bavaria, and they were traced to Odins of Yorkshire, where Mauls were first found. There are online article tracing Washingtons to the god, Odin, though I traced him exactly to Sitones (Sweden) that named Sitten at Sion. [I traced Sitones (years ago) to the Sithone tribe of Odin-like Edones, and Edones were anciently made the brother of the Odomanti (mythical Idmon?) and the Bistones. The Bistones will be discovered huge below.]

Aha! If I'm not mistaken, the Reeds traced already, or will trace after this insert, to Agrigento. Then, English Clements use both the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Arms of Agrigento, and the Reed rising-eagle design! How super to find the Reeds right here in the Idris-of-Morocco line (way back in the 8th century), for al-Reda (20th century) was the brother of Idris of Libya, the one who looks like Obama. (I've long traced Clements to Amore's and Marina's, Amazons of north Africa).

The Reed rising eagle is used also by Hayers with a "JUGum" motto term.

Aha! The Moltons/Molsons/Moultons use stars in the same colors as book-using Reeds (and Sutherlands). The Clement besants are in the same colors, but suddenly, as besants were traced to Bessins/Beastons, they should trace also to the Bistones of Cyrene (if correct to trace besants to the Bessin). One Besant Coat uses the Massey / Vere Shield, and German Besants/Bessens use the arm-and-sword of Bessins/Beastons, though I now see that Besants/Bessins use an erect sword in Crest, all by itself (not held by a hand), the ancient symbol of Bistones!!!

Having clinched the trace of Reeds to the Senussi bloodline, one can also argue that the Macclesfield cross, in the colors of the Welsh Bath/Atha cross that is identical with the one of Obama-descended Scottish Randolphs (Moray), applies to the Reed bloodline in that both Reeds and Macclesfield use "copia." The Baths/Atha's were first found in the same place as Reed-related Roets and Battens/Badens tracing hard to the Battus Cyrenians.

Why were war-defeated Fes elements of the Fos/Voss kind in Somerset by 975 AD? Was it to find refuge with the proto-Battens there who had come from Battus-of-Cyrene lines? Which of the two was in Somerset first?

I did not yet recall while writing here that Macclesfields use the [Face]/Fessey cross so as to trace to Morocco's Fes (today Fes has over a million people). Since then, I've loaded the Macclesfield page below to find many details on the origins of the Arms. For example: "The stags are each standing on a black hunting horn. These occurred in the Sherd and Sutton family arms, who held land in the forest." Suttons use the flying Holder and Lewis lion, as well as using the Morgan lion in colors reversed. I'm sure it's the Morgan lion because Fes already traced to Morgan le Fay. The Morgan lion is used also by Irish Moore's/Moirs, if that helps to trace Morgans to Moroccans / Moors.

The Sutton lion is blue, the color of the blue Cappeo lion of Macclesfield, suggesting strongly that Suttons were a Sadducee line in Cheshire, where the Joseph garbs trace. In fact, the blue Macclesfield lion holds the Joseph garb. The Sutton write-up: "First found in Nottinghamshire where they were descended from Dreu de Montaigu who came into England at the Norman Conquest in 1066 A.D. in the train of the Count of Mortain [Moors probably]. His first seat was at Sutton Montague in Somerset..." The two Montegu Coats together look like the Pungs/Pagans and Pinks / Reno's together, thus tracing to Panico's at Setta tributary of the Reno (major revelation in the last update if you missed it)! It thus looks as though the Setta valley named Suttons. The Montegu Coat shown above is even the Shield-on-Shield color combination of the Saddocks/Sedwicks.

Now you know for certain that the latter along with Suttons were, as expected in the Macclesfield domain, Caiaphas liners. Yet, they link also to Fes liners, which were shown earlier to be the very first ugly guts of the Templars. Do not touch, do not handle. What were Caiaphas liners doing way down in Fes? We need to ask the Seleucids from whom Caiaphas was born.

Suttons use the motto of the Maness/Manner Coat, and the Crest of the latter is a peacock used as a version of the Sherd Crest, which takes us back to the Arms-of-Macclesfield quote above: "The stags are each standing on a black hunting horn. These occurred in the Sherd and Sutton family arms, who held land in the forest." While Manders look like a branch of Rhodes', Sherds look like a branch of Rhode's. Sherds can possibly link to Sadducee lines as per their Sherard variation smacking of Gerards, who were Geralds using the Annandale saltire. Gerards use the Shield-on-Shield color combination of Pinks and Suters/Shuters in colors reversed. End insert]

Obama, the fake who's proud of getting away with being a fake (not much to rejoice about on a deathbed), was traced by many to the Cecil-Rhodes Illuminati...that like's to get around in globalist circles, especially Africa (they named Rhodesia). If al-Reda Senussi was named by a Rhodian bloodliner, it certainly could explain much. It's interesting that the father of Reda and Idris was Muhammed al-MAHDI while the Maud Coat shows like the Monmouth Coat. The Senussi are tracing hard to the Monmouth theater by other means. However, "Mahdi" is a messianic term for Muslims that goes way back, and does not likely link to "Modiin."

The Itter lion is a version of the Monmouth lion, and the Itter description even uses "perFESSE (yes, the fesse symbol is now suspect as code for Idris lines from Fes). Therefore, Itters and Atters are both looking like surnames in honor of "Idris." As Alexanders are the ones honoring the Atters/Tears/Tire's, and as this surname is for the MacIntyre's, it seems that Kintyre, an island smack beside Arran, and not far from Bute = Avalon, was populated by the Idris / Fes Moors.

I've argued that Mauds were from "Modiin," home in Israel of Hasmoneans, while MONmouth was a HasMONean location. The Balas surname was first found in neighboring Glamorgan with the Luo-suspect Lewis/Louis surname, and then the Balas Crest is the proto-Dunham Singletary antelope design. How about that? One could therefore suggest that the entity out of Cyrene, that later developed into Kenya's Luo tribe, had merged in Wales with the Sinclair > Singletary > Dunham line prior to the birth of Obama's mother. For, Jonathan Singletary was a gr8-grandfather of Obama (on his mother's side).

The Alexanders, suspect both with the Balas bloodline and for using the Senussi crescent, lived in KinTYRE (island) that is now tracing to the founding family of the Senussi (i.e. Idris of Morocco). To have Obama's line in this very picture is a good argument for tracing him to Idris I of Libya. As was shown in the last update, Obama Sr. married a Baker surname while TAHIR Bakeer, Governor of Tripolitania, was shown in a photo with a Al-REDA Senussi. In fact, Tahir Bakeer's daughter married Sayyid Muhammad Senussi, son of al-REDA Senussi. And just look at that name, "Tahir," so close to "Atter/Tear/Tyre." Again, the Idris-suspect Atter/Tear/Tire surname uses a straight-up sword as well as the red eagle of REEDs belonging also to MacDonalds honored by Senussi-suspect Alexanders living in an island named after Atters/Tyre's.

The Balas / Singletary / Wheelwright antelope can now be suggested as code for the Antel/Anctill/ Danctil surname using the leaf design of Dutch Bakers/Bekere. The leaf is called a "cabbage" leaf by the House/Hause surname, and then the Cabbage/Cobbold Chief uses nearly the same white-on-black (= Senussi colors) lion as English Baker Chief.

The Antel/Anctill Coat shows its three leaves in the colors and positions of the Cabbage/Cobbold holly, a symbol of Maxwells and Jaggs/Jacks, the Maxwells being Idris-important here due to his people's trace to Macclesfield, and to the black "fitchee" crosslet shared by Macclesfields and Atters/Tyre's. The Baker three leaves are in the colors and position of the same used by House-related Hazels, first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Macclesfield.

The Hazel fesse is like the Nagle fesse and Anger Chief, and then while Nagle's are said to be from "D'Angulo," the Cabbage/Cobbold motto term, "angustis," smacks of Angus as well as of "Anctill." The Angus/Anguish Coat uses the Levi lion design in red while the Cabbage/Cobbold Chief uses the Levi lion design in colors reversed to the Levi surname. Both Angus' and Cabbage's/Cobbolds use "fortis" in their motto, while Mackays use "forti" and show the dagger design in the Atter/Tyre Crest. The Deck/Dagger surname uses the squirrel too, as is in the Hazel Crest.

While the Angle's/Angels traced as a certainty to Agrigento, the Angus Coat happens to be in the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Arms of Agrigento while even using the same-colored star in Chief as the Agrigento Chief. Moreover, the Angus location is beside Fife, where the Angus surname was first found, and the Vivians/Veys, highly suspect with the Idris line from Fes, use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Fife surname. Remember here that these stars belong as a Zionist star to Wassa's and Idris-suspect Maulers/Molliere's/Molere's. That can't be coincidental, can it, since Idris' of Morocco founded both Fes and Moulay?

The Angle's/Angels use a "super" motto term that gets the Supers/Sopers (suspect as a Sinclair branch) using the same engrailed saltire as Bakers; both saltires show white symbols upon them, FIVE scallops for Bakers and NINE billets for Supers [excellent, for the nine mascles of Seneca's/SENESchals are also the Nagle / Anger lozenges.] Five is a code for Fife-related Five's/Fifys, and nine is a code for Muses and for the stars in the Arms of Senussi/Libya...which are in the colors of the Angus stars. The French Billets (first found in the same place (Maine) as swan-using Josephs) share a pierced Zionist star with the Maulars/Molere's, and such stars are often called, "MULLets." English Billets use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Agrigento and Angus', and then the Billet Chief even shows white symbols as do the latter two.

As MULLets are now suspect as code for elements out of Moulay Idriss, see the mullets in the Mullet Coat, and then discover that the bugle in the Mullet Coat is in the colors and design of the German Jagger bugle!!! Excellent. Plus, we saw clues above that traced Idris to Godfrey de Bouillon, and here the Mullets (in the colors of English Jaggers) were first found in the same place (Auvergne) as Bouillons...which is where the Fes/Fay surname was first found!!!!!!! ASTOUNDING BIG MOUTH OF HERALDRY DOES IT AGAIN. The Sionist Templars are tracing most definitely to Idris, and to his Senussi descendants in Jaghbub.

German Jaggers were first found in the same place as Mieske's. Jaggers were traced to Jaghbub in the last update, but I now have new revelations. It's a testimony to my feeling rushed that what's to follow was not caught in the last update. When getting to the Bistones and tracing them to Cyrene, they were suggested at the Bistue location on the Urbanus river (Croatia), where Maezaei lived. Bistue (see upper-left of map) is where I had been tracing Mieszko's for years. I had even traced the Salyes, the Sullivans, and Brians to the Lamatis and Salviae locations along the Urbanus, important now because the Apama Seleucids of Cyrene must have merged with the Bistones that were in Cyrene from centuries earlier. I traced Brians to the Urbanus because Salyes lived on the Durance, where Briancon is located, and so, NOW, see that Anglo-Welsh Brians use a bulge in the colors of the Traby bugle, and in the design of Dutch Jaggers.

The Brians above were first found in Denbighshire, which is beside Caernarvonshire, which was traced to mythical Coeranus, sister of Idmon who was himself made a grandson of the Coronus raven line. Denbigh is where Baker-suspect Bachs were first found.

Aha! The Atter/Tyre and Mackay dagger is in the Irish Brian Crest! This is important for clinching the Mackay trace to Mieszko's, and for tracing Mieszko's to the Meshwesh ravens of Cyrene.

AHA AGAIN! There is an erect sword (between two red lion's paws) in the other Irish Brian Crest!!! That was a symbol of Bistones!!! New heraldry codes are being clinched by the minute.

Here's a red claw idol of some sort, with what I think are six claws (leopards and bears have five, tigers four), in the Crest of the Templer surname (houseofnames shows a Templar variation but without a Coat). It could be a Boofima leopard glove. Note the "pollet" motto term in the Templer Arms, for the Pollets use three swords in the Dunn sword design! Above the Templer Arms is written the title, "Shute Church," interesting where Shots/Shute's use three swords too.

Why is there a purple hideous part near the groin of the blue griffin in the Templer Coat? It seems to be separate from the leg, as it's casting a shadow on the leg. Why is the stag showing what looks like an erection in the shape of a very sharp piercer?

The Pollets were first found in Hampshire and yet spread across southern England into Somerset and Devon with the Templers. This is the stretch of land for the Bidens/Button / Butters/Budins / Baths/Atha's / Battins/Badens, all from Cyrene I gather, and then the Pollet write-up traces to a Pawlett village at the SedgeMOOR area of Somerset. It just so happens that the Pollet swords are in the color of the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat. There is a reddish leopard head in the Paul Crest, first found on the north side of (outside of) Somerset. Then, while Pollets are traced in their write-up to Picardy, French Pauls (another sword) were first found in Picardy. Catherine Roet was born in Picardy, and Roets (definitely Boofima elements or merged with them) were first found in Somerset.

I have even known for years that the arm-and-sword (there's one in the Biston Crest with sword straight up) in the English Jagger Crest is that of the Mieske Coat too. But I did not catch (in the last update) that the Austrian Jaggers use a Shield split vertically in the colors of the same of Mieske's. It's very important because the 600 Benjamites = Meshwesh of Jabesh -- the proto Romans -- traced without doubt to the Maezaei (neighbor of Japodes). It may mean that the carriers of Jabesh to "Japodes" and "Jupiter" are the ones who named Jaghbub. The importance of tracing Jaggers to Jaghbub is thereby underscored. But Jaggers do trace to Jaghbub, do they not? Yes, if Mieszko's and kin can be traced there.

As the Maezaei were traced to Maxwells at Rijeka, let me show the Maxwell Coat, using the two-headed Roman eagle. The Maxwell Crest is a stag under a "holly bush." The Jaggs/Jacks use holly too, and Jaggs/Jacks were first found in the same place (Renfrewshire) as the Pollock sept of Maxwells.

It's doubly important now that the split Shield of Dutch Jaggers is used by Austrian Turners. One reason of importance is the besants in this Turner Coat now tracing to the Bistones-suspect Besants/Bessins. Secondly, we find this online: "[Adlai] Stevenson's parents, John Turner Stevenson and Eliza Ewing Stevenson, were Wesleyans of Scots-Irish descent. John Turner Stevenson's grandfather, William was born in Roxburgh..." I'm assuming that the Adlai's grandmother was a Turner.

The Turners are important for their being traced by their besants to the Bassianus bloodline that I see in Mauritania as per the marriage of Glaphyra to a king of Mauritania. This preceded the arrival of Idris of Morocco by several centuries. But I also traced Turners to Thuringia, where Basina lived who was the mother of king Clovis, whose name I trace to "Glaphyra." Turners are also important because I identified them with the Tuareg Amazons / Berbers of north Africa, and it just so happens that Berbers lived in Morocco. In fact, a Miknasa branch of Berbers took over at Fes when the Idris line was booted out. The Miknasa named the Moroccan capital, Meknes (smack beside Fes and Moulay Idriss). I'm wondering whether "MikNASA" had to do with "SeNUSSI." This recalls my trace of Meeks to Mieclaw, the cup bearer of Mieszko II Lambert.

The last sentence above was written before loading the Meek/Mekie Coat. There was the Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Agrigento / Billets / Angus, and moreover Meeks were first found in the same place (Fife) as Angus (!), exactly where the Fes-suspect Veys trace. The "MALLard" duck in the Meek Coat can now trace to Moulay elements!!! Entering "Mallard" gets the Milwoods with a black-on-white moline cross!!! That's the color of the moline cross painted on the breast of Jacques de Molay! Therefore, Mills are suspect from Moulay Idris, and so see the millrind (as some call it) in the English Turner Coat (it's in the colors of the Meek water bougets and the Mallard/Milwood moline). Note that the water bougets, a symbol tracing to Singletary-related Waters, look like an Arab letter! The Rhodian-allied Milners can now trace to Moulay Idriss.

The Meek Shield's border is in the design of the Dunham, Randolph / Butler / Fisher border. There are white crescents in the Meek Shield in place of the Agrigento / Angus stars, but white crescents are a Senussi symbol. The white-on-black Senussi colors may even be explained as a white people (Berbers and Amazons are Aryans) amongst a Negroid peoples. We should be on the lookout for white-on-black mullets.

[As per the below, it needs to be said that the Jung fleur are used by the Auge's along with a Moor head in Crest. This is very Senussi important as per the Seneca/SENESchal write-up: "First found in Normandy where this distinguished family held a family seat at Crevecoeur in the arrondissement of Lisieux where Hamon Le Senechal held a strong castle that still remains in the valley of Auge. He was directly descended from Hamon-Aux-Dents, Lord of Thorigny..." The Auge write-up: "First found in Auge, as De Augo from Crevecoeur, Calvados, in Normandy." Dents' look like a branch of Sale's but using the ermined lozenges of Reed-honoring Thicks/Thecks, the latter definitely being the Sadducee bloodline of the Shaws. As the "Sithech" term of Shaws is now tracing to "SHETach," note that dents were from SEDbergh.]

The "JUNGor" motto term of Meeks could, per chance, be code for a Jaghbub element. I traced Jungs / Yonge's to Juno, wife of Jupiter, and therefore they were part of the 600 Benjamite-Meshwesh. I had traced the Duffs of Fife to the Fie/Fey/Duffie/Cuffie surname (they use the Fey sword pointed down) and therefore to the Fey bloodline at Fife and Perthshire, and so I'll add here that I traced the "Juvat" motto term of Duffs to Jove = Jupiter. The Jungs show a "Jevene" variation. German Jungs (Bavaria) show "Jungbauer / Jungbluth / Jungblud" that could possibly relate to "Jaghbub." I was very confident that Duffs traced to the Fey cult when finding that Irish Duffs/Duffys use the same lion exactly (colors included) as the Morgan lion. Therefore, Duffs are tracing hard to the Idris "Moroccans" (or whatever they were).

Aha! After being named Berenice, what is now Benghazi was re-named "Hesperides," after the mythical Hesperides of the Atlas mountains. The Fey motto is simply, "Esperance." The Fey sword going through a boar head is the theme of the Bait/Beith Coat, and then the Senussi had no desire to live in Jaghbub, but were forced to move there when run out of Bayda, a large city smack beside Benghazi (albeit 100 miles approximately away) that is also called, Beida/Beda! Ancient Greeks called it, Balagrae, perhaps after the elements that named the Graeae Amazons.

[While proof reading at the fitchee cross of Macclesfields shortly above, the Fitch surname was looked up to find leopard faces and an "Esperance" motto term, thus tending to trace Boofima both to Fes and to Benghazi, or at least to merged bloodlines out of both places. The erect sword in the Fitch Crest has a Fey / Bait/Beith look to it.]

Aha! Like two Foy Coats, the Bede's/Bedels/Bedards (Brittany) use plates. Plus, the Bede/Bedel plates are on a white-on-blue chevron while the Foys/Foix' using their plates on a white-on-blue bend are those first found in the same place (Auvergne) as the Fes'!!! We have just found Bayda elements in the Bede's too. All sorts of possibilities are opening up, the Beatles and Beadles, or even to paw-using Bedfords. Aha! Both Baits/Beiths and Bedfords use "fortuna" in their mottoes. The Shield-on-Shield color combination of Bedfords is that of Montagu's and Saddocks.

Entering "Bayt" gets the Bats/Batts/BAATs who must be honored in the bat of the Scottish Randolphs, the ones who use the Bath/Atha and Fessey cross. It's definitely linking Randolphs both to Bayda and to Idris-of-Morocco, very important if king Idris of Libya is Obama's grandfather. The Bayt/Bat/Baat Coat (proto-Baathists?) is even the Baker / Super saltire, apparently, shared by Maxwells who trace with certainty to Jaghbub elements. Remember, a daughter of a Bakeer-surnamed governor married Sayyid Muhammad Senussi, son of al-Reda Senussi, brother of Idris of Libya.

The Bayt/Bat/Baat Crest is even the wolf that I traced to Obama's mother before discovering that his Wolfley line uses the same wolf design. Art that time, I had traced the Gard wolf, which is the Bayt/Bat/Baat wolf exactly, through Obama's mother. I now see that the Gard Shield-and-Chief color combination is once again that of Agrigento / Angus' / Meeks. Once again, as for example the Wolfley Crest, there is a sleeved/cuffed arm in the Gard Crest.

When seeing the Fey write-up, which came before the loading of the Bayda-like surnames, I was reading this: "The original Gaelic form of the name Fey is O Fathaigh..." Never mind what the off-the-wallers suggest as the derivation of that term, for we are smarter by tracing instead to people groups and geographies. The Fatima term of this Muslim bloodline came to mind (it was a named used by Mohammed, the "great" false prophet of Muslims, an uncle-in-law of the gr-gr-gr-grandfather of Idris of Morocco), wherefore "Fate" was entered as per the Fait variation of the Fes/Fay surname. The Fate Coat seemed to be a colors-reversed variation of the Covert/Coffert Coat, and as you can see, Coverts are expected to trace to the Boofima leopard cult in Cyrene. The Fate's show "more", expected of Moor lines.

I wasn't going to mention the Fate-Covert similarity, but then I got round to entering the Bead/Beadle Coat (a Capes = Caiaphas line in Covert colors) which I had linked to Cathian Covert. It just so happened that Beads/Beadle's and Fate's were both first found in Yorkshire. Note how the Bedell variation is like the Bedel variation of Bede's that use the Foy/Foix plate's, for Foix is beside Rennes-le-Chateau, where Caiaphas lines must trace. In the last update, Beadles linked to "I Conti di Panico e La Rocca delle Bedolete in Val di Setta.", counts of Panico merged with Bedolete in the Setta valley.

But, recalling that Coverts/COFFERts linked hard with Coffers the last time that Coffers were mentioned, when it was reasons that Coffers use the Joseph chevron, read this and spot the Coffer-like term in Cyrene:

...the orders of Muammar al-Gaddafi in 1984; at the same time, the graves and remains of the Senussi family were desecrated. After the death of Muhammad as-Sanussi his son Sayyid Muhammad al-Mahdi bin Sayyid Muhammad as-Senussi (1859 - 1902) became the new leader of the Senussi order, and moved it south from Jaghbub to Kufra. His grandson through Muhammad became King Idris...

I know what you're thinking, that Coverts and Coffers are not named after Caiaphas elements, but after Kufra elements. Not so hasty. We don't yet have the evidence that these surnames trace to Kufra (southern part of Cyrene). In the Kufra article: "In 1154 al-Idrisi described a place identified by Lewicki as the oasis of Kufra." When I see an Idris surname with a Lewicki surname, I think the Lou tribe that Obama's belonged to as they gave birth to king Idris of Libya from king Idris of Morocco. Remember, the Lewis/Louis surname was first found in GlaMORGAN/Morgannwg, what is now tracing hard to "Morocco."

Glamorgan is in southern Wales, where the mysterious Silures lived that are said to have been dark-skinned Moors. I found the Silures only recently, thanks to Julie's urgings, in the Seller and Tudor Coats, both of which use a chevron in the colors of the Beads/Beadle's. The Sellers (Aberdeenshire) just happen to use grails and the Joseph swan!

ASTOUNDING! I had seen the Seller grails in this recent discussion, but could not recall the surname. Fortunately, I recorded it and was able to find it, in the Argent Coat. The Argents were first found in BEDFORDshire, and Bedfords not only use the Shield-on-Shield of Sadducee-liner Saddocks/Sedwicks, but Bedfords easily link , as of now, to Beads/Beadle's!!! Is that not amazing corroboration that Coverts/Cofferts are indeed a Caiaphas line? And the trace of these elements to Bayda is fodder for a Covert / Coffer trace to Kufra in that the Senussi clan started out of Bayda. If that means that Kufra was named by Caiaphas elements, I'm alright with that idea.

I link "Seller" to "Keller" and therefore to the key-using Kelners/Kellers that should trace to key-using Sheaves > Shaws, and then Shaws have been claimed (by me) as a Caiaphas / Sadducee line for more reasons than their use of grails. BUT NOW, I see that English Kelners/Kilnors (in Kill/Keele colors) use the Dunn eagle! These Dunns were first found in Angus! The other Scottish Dunns use a key of their own! Aha, the "MULLach" motto term of Dunns can now trace to Moulay Idriss. What's that "MECum" term in the Dunn motto? And doesn't the upright Dunn sword trace to Mieszko-based Bistones? Don't Wheelwrights (= Mieszko ancestry) and Singletarys share the same antelope design.

NOW LOOK! Dunhams use a so-called dancette between their Shield and Chief, and then the Antel surname, suspect with the antelope, shows Danctill and similar variations.

The Hazels and Antels/Danctills share the same cabbage leaves, and then the Hazel crescents are in the colors of the same of Swisso Sens'/Senns (suspect with Guggenheims) while Dunns show the Sans eagle exactly. There is a fundamental link of Obama's mother's line to the Senussi and to the Idris Moroccans.

Again, Julie pressed me on the Silures until I found who they were represented by in surnames, and even the Chill/Child Coat worked into it (for more reason than similarity with the seller Coat) so as to trace Silures to "Childeric," husband of Basina of Thuringia, suspect with Turners from the Tuareg-branch Berbers. Chills/Childs were first found in the same place (Hertfordshire) as Bedfords, and Bedfords are in Kill/Keele colors. Bedfordshire is beside Hertfordshire. The latter use the Zollern quartered Shield so as to reveal that Zollerns were a branch of Silures, but LOOK AT THE KILL/KEELE crescent, colors reversed to the Senussi crescent! Therefore, the Silures, who included the Kills/Keele's and Dunn-related Kelners/Kilnors, were an important part of the Idris > Senussi line.

I was just going to say, but decided against it, that the Chill/Child eagle should be the Reed eagle in colors reversed, for I had traced Merovingians to the Redones as they had merged with Salyes Ligures. Then, the very next Coat entered was the Hertford Coat (in Reed colors) to find the same stag design as used by Reeds!

The Duns who use the "Mecum" motto term use locks in the colors of the Meeks who use the MALLard duck tracing to Moulay Idris. The Meeks use "Jungor" as code likely for Jungs, first found in Cambridgeshire, beside Hertfordshire. Remember, Meeks trace to Mieclaw, cup-bearer of Mieszko II Lambert. Obama has traced to Mieszko in many ways.

As the Dunns with Dunn eagle use a Shield-on-Shield in the colors of the Austrian Jaggers (= Mieszko kin), and moreover as the Dunn eagle has the white Masci wing in use (shared by Diens), was this not the line back to the 600 "Danite" Meshwesh, and the 600 "Benjamite" Meshwesh, of Jabesh alliances that might trace to "Jaghbub"? Let's not forget the location of Dunham Masci in Cheshire, where Diva was the capital that traces to the Dives variation of Diens, first found in the same place as Coverts/Cofferts, Danners/Daniels, Deins, and Dans/Dannes'.

Aha! The above was written before finding the split Shield of Dutch Jaggers in the German Danner Coat! Obama is a part of the so-called "British Invasion" that MICK Jagger partook in, to corrupt the new generation and teach it satanism.

But as there appears to have been a Turner surname in the grandmother of Adlai Stevenson, let me repeat that Austrian Turners use the Dutch Jagger split Shield too. Just like that, we are finding a Dunham-line link to Turners. The "Nec timeo" of the Sussex Danners suggests the Time's related to the Warner / Turner / Jagger split Shield.

The Meek-honored Jungs use fleur-de-lys (a Mick symbol too) in colors reversed from the Sale fleur, and then there is a Sale location on the Moroccan coast directly across from MEKNes. As Sale is now suspect with the Salyes (that I identified the Silures with), note that while Salyes are now clinched as Seleucids that had a branch from Sulcis of Sardinia to the Silesia of Mieszko, the Micks/MICKENs were first found in Silesia.

The Mickie Crest shows the erect dagger (almost) of the Atter/Tyre Crest!!! It tends to clinch that Atter trace to "Idris." PLUS, Mickie's were first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as Sellers! That tends to clinch a trace of Mickie's and similar others to "Meknes" elements, and of the Silures to Sale on the coast from Meknes.

I now wish to say that, online, the theory is that a certain McCloy surname helped to cover up the true father of president Obama. Here is the theory:

...Cass Canfield, Jr., a New York publisher, had connections in Kenya to arrange for a "cover"...Canfield had ties to Kenya as he had adopted the illegitimate son of an English royal who was born to wayward young woman, of the Vanderbilt family [Vanderbilts, in McCloy colors, use the Austrian Jagger split Shield!]. Both the royal and the woman were members of Kenya's Happy Valley set. Canfield learned of the infant [the child adopted by Canfield] as his family and the matron of the Vanderbilts had attended the same church in New York. Adlai Stevenson and Cass Canfield went on a secret mission to Kenya to arrange for a "cover" father for Barack Obama [son of Adlai's son, Lewis]. Though Obama was born in Hawaii, the fact that Obama Sr. was not his real father obligated McCloy to secure a social security number for him. He accomplished this in Connecticut where McCloy was a resident. McCloy lived in Cos Cob, a suburb of Stamford. He was next door neighbors with Frederick Warburg, the head of the Warburg family who shared ownership of a bank with the Rockefellers. Remember Chase Manhattan?

The point here is that while the McCloy Coat uses the same bend colors as the Varn bend, Warburgs are suspect from the Warnow river of the Varni, especially as Warburgs originated at Hamburg: "The Alsterufer Warburgs descended from Siegmund Warburg (1835 - 1889) and the Mittelweg Warburgs descended from his brother Moritz M. Warburg (1838 - 1910). They took their nicknames from the brothers' respective addresses in Hamburg." One of the Warburgs started a bank in Hamburg.

After writing the above, the Varn Coat was loaded for you, and checking the Crest description, it was found to be a A falcon killing a stork. No Killing surname came up, but the Killins (Moratin tower that I trace to Tuaregs) were interesting in being in the colors of the Kills/Keele's (Silures suspects), and moreover the Killin bend is colors reversed to the Sale bend. Just as I was sure enough about this Killin trace to Morocco to share it here, I saw "Wurzburg" in the Killin write-up: "First found in County Mayo, where they held territories was at Ballykilleen since early times...Saint Kilian's feast day is July 8th and St. Kilian's Abbey, at Wurzburg [Bavaria] is named after him." The Arms of Wurzburg use the a quartered Shield in the colors of the Vere / Massey quarters, on a black Shield, the color of the Killin Shield. The Veres / Masseys are important here because Warburgs originated in the Varni theater, in Hamburg, where Trips were first found who use the boot symbol, in the same colors, that French Masseys showed until last year.

Wikipedia says that "According to Irish sources, Kilian was born in Mullagh..." Isn't that yet another Moulay-suspect term? It was the Dunns who use a "Mullach a-bu" motto suspect in-part with the Salyes, but here I am, just before finding this Mullagh location, tracing Dunns to Meknes beside Moulay Idriss, not far from Sale. These Dunns were first found in Meath, a part of Ireland that historically included Cavan, where Mullagh is located. Therefore, the Killins, suspect as major Varn kin, are linking to the McCloys who lived beside Warburgs and who acted with Turner-related Vanderbilts to cover the real identity of president Obama's father.

However, the reason stated for the cover-up, that it was to hide the illegitimate son of a British royal, has yet to be proven, and for this theory I have seen nothing online. I rather believe that Lewis Stevenson gave birth to Obama's father in his own illegitimate relationship, and that Adlai was pointing the finger away from Lewis by blaming it on a British royal.

There is no Warburg Coat coming up, but Warners use a split Shield in colors reversed to the split Jagger / Turner Shield, important because globalist bloodline lust is evident where CNN is now owned by a merger of Time-Warner and Ted Turner Broadcasting. The Turners, if you recall, are suspect with the grandmother of Adlai Stevenson. The Turins/THURINs and English Warners (squirrel) share the same bend colors, which is why I link Turners to Turins/Thurins and Thuringia. The squirrel in the Warner Crest is brown like the one in the Hazel Crest, and Hazels use the cabbage leaves of Singletary-suspect Antels/Danctills. There is simply so much heraldic kinship showing up with Obama, in this discussion, that the Stevenson>Obama theory rings true.

The "fortuna" motto term of Turins/Thurins was seen with the Baits/Beiths and Bedfords. Mickie's and Sellers (both traced to Meknes and Sale-branch Silures) were first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as Turins/Thurins. In the saint Kilian article: "According to Maurus, Kilian was a native of Ireland, when with eleven companions he went to eastern Franconia and THURINGIA." It just so happens that while the BAMberg surname was first found in Franconia, the Bamm/Bemelberg Coat uses a version of the Kill/Keele Coat. Was this the Apama line of Seleucids? Ask the Zollern Coat, or the Senussi-suspect crescent in the Kill/Keele Coat.

The McCloy surname shows also as "Lowes / Low," suggesting Luo-tribe elements again to Glamorgan. The McCloy/Low(e) surname was first found in the same place (Worcestershire) as the Biston surname, important because Bistons are Bessins/Beastons using the bend colors (black-on-white) of Sale's and colors reversed from the Killin bend. Even the Varns (use "killing" in the codes) and McCloys/Lows use a black bend. The Laws use mullets now tracing hard to Moulay Idriss, and the mullets are even on an engrailed bend that looks like the Warner bend. McCloys/Lows are in the colors of the German (Bavaria) Loys/Gloys/Eloys (leopard faces). French Loys are shown properly as "Louis / Lews / Luyie." The Luo tribe was related to the Luhya tribe; both had the same god, both called their rulers, "Abami."

[The Shield of the Loys/Gloys/Eloys looks like those of the Foots / Fido's/Fittes'/Fothes'/Futhes (stag in Senussi colors) that I'm now thinking to trace to "Put/Phut" in Cyrene. This idea occurred to me moments before finding the Fitch leopard heads, used also by Loys/Gloys/Eloys. I then recalled the Fittes variation of Fido's/Fothes, which is close enough to "fitchee" to apply. The fitchee cross has reminded me of the stakes plunged into sacrifice victims, and Boofima was a human-sacrifice cult. The write-up above on the Macclesfield Arms says that it's fitchee cross belongs to Davenports, and then the Fido's/Futhes/Fittes' use a "cornuCOPIA, like the "copia" motto term of Macclesfield. I trace the Foots to Bavaria's Foetes/FUSsen location that can now trace to "Fes" as well as to "Phut," and this Bavarian location was near BODENsee.]

In the 2nd update of September, 2012, where I introduced the McCloy - Stevenson theory, I happened upon the Trick/Trigg surname using the erect spear design of the Dunhams. The lion in the Coat was said to be in the colors of the Irish Moore lion, important now while Obama lines are tracing to Morocco. But look at the McCloy/Low write-up: "Any individual case may also be of nickname origin, deriving from loup, the Old French word for a wolf, or from one of the pet-names for Lawrence, such as Law or Low." "Lawrence" always reminds me of grail-using Laurie's/Lowrie's / Lowrys as they connect to Lorraine's, and so see that the Lorriane Coat uses both the bend colors of Turins/Thurins and Warners, with green-on-gold lions beside the bend that are in the colors of the Moore / Trick/Trigg lions. The Lowrys/GLOWrys (i.e. like "Cloy") use the Coat colors of Killins, which are Senussi colors. It could be revealing that Luo / Luhya elements trace also to the Lawrie's / Lowrys.

Reed-related Stevensons use green leopards on their bend. What a coincidence, and the garb in the Stevenson Crest belongs to Josephs, right? That's why the Stephen/Steven Coat is a solid chevron in the colors of the same of Chappes'. That's no cheap shot, for the Chappes'/Cheaps' use the Stevenson / Joseph garb in Crest too. Later we are going to learn that the sprigs of broom that have been code for the founding of Plantagenets are identical to the ears of wheat used in the Chappes/Cheap Coat, at which time the Spriggs'/Spraggs will be revealed, first found in the same place (Gloucestershire, beside Monmouth) as Stephens/Stevens. I've just noted that Spriggs'/Spraggs use yet another erect sword.

The Loys/Louis'/Luyie's were first found in Lorraine. I'm guessing that they use a blue version of the Star / Settle lozenges. Lorraine's and Laws (both use red bends) were both first found in Northumberland, where Roddens/Rodhams and Reeds were first found.

At this point, it's important to ask whether "Lawrence" appeared in the McCloy/Low write-up as deliberate code for the Lawrence surname, for it uses a "ready" motto term bringing up the Reed-suspect Ready/Reedy surname (Angus, where Idris lines traced already) using swans, a Joseph symbol. Reeds already traced in multiple ways to Caiaphas lines. The Laurie's/Lowrie's were even first found in Dumfries, where Ananias lines are traced (by me).

It's all Templar important that these Silure lines out of Morocco bring us to Childeric, and Basina, his wife from Thuringia. But Childeric pre-dated Idris of Morocco, implying that Childeric lines were down in Morocco, for example at the naming of Sale. It's making me pretty sure that Killins, Kills/Keele's and Kelners/Kilners were named after "Childeric." It just so happens that while I trace Cliffs/Cleve's, Clavers/Cleavers/Clovers, Clifftons, Cliffords, and similar others to "Clovis," Adlai Stevenson served as vice-president to president Grover Cleveland. "Grover" may even be a variation of "Clover."

The Cleveland Coat is in the colors of the Senussi, but shows a double chevron in the two colors of the Alexander chevron. We need to keep in mind here that I identify king Arthur with Merovingians in Britain, and then Arthur was revealed by at least one myth writer as the Mott/Morte surname using a crescent in the colors of the Alexander / Senussi crescent.

I was shocked to find that the spear design in the Cleveland Crest is the one now being shown in the Singletary Crest. The Cliff/Cleve Coat uses colors reversed, with wolf heads in the design of the McCLOY/Low wolf heads, important because the "glorior" motto term of Cliffs/Cleve's can now be discovered as code for the Lowrys/Glorys/GLOWrys. With Singletarys finding their way to this topic, doesn't it make it more compelling to identify these surnames from the Luo / Luhya elements.

Think about what you've just learned. A theory comes online that Obama is a grandson of Lewis Stevenson. The person delivering this theory did not likely know his heraldry. Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary, the only one in his family to change his surname to Dunham, and then the Singletary spear turns out to be the Cleveland spear while the father of Lewis Stevenson served Grover Cleveland's second term. In this first term (1885 - 89, when Idris of Libya was born), Cleveland was preceded by an Arthur surname, interesting because I equate the Clovis line with mythical king Arthur. You might want to compare Dutch Cleavers (clovers) with Jacques' (both use a sword erect under their chevrons) to ponder why Clovis elements might trace to ancient Jaghbub, or any place in earlier times named by the namers of Jaghbub.

On Jonathan Singletary: "Jonathan Singletary Dunham (January 17, 1640 - September 6, 1724) was a prominent early American settler of Woodbridge, New Jersey, who built the first gristmill in New Jersey." On Grover Cleveland: "Stephen Grover Cleveland was born on March 18, 1837, in Caldwell, New Jersey to Richard Falley Cleveland and Ann Neal Cleveland. Cleveland's father was a Presbyterian minister..."

It just can't be coincidental that while Adlai Stevenson had Fells in his ancestry, we see Grover Cleveland from a Falley name that gets the Falls (in Roque/Rock colors) using a version of the Feller/FellTRAGER Coat. Rockefellers, right? Obama's mother even worked for Rockefellers. "Trager" (Drake liners?) is highlighted because the Trager/Trogens Coat uses a version of the Rocco Coat that is itself a bend in the colors of the McCloy / Varni bend. The Trager bend is in the colors of the Turner and Warner bends.

Reminder: Tricks/Triggs use the Dunham spears. They smack of Tragers/Trogers. Possibly from the Terek river.

It all explains why Rhodes-related Reeds are a part on these discussions, for Henri II of Rodes (Rodez, France) had for a mother, Ysabeau de Roquefeuil, a proto-Rockefeller. As Roquefeuil is a location beside Foix and Rennes-le-Chateau, it underscore's the important of tracing Reeds to Joseph Caiaphas.

Now look. There is a Shing surname smacking of the root of Singletons/Singletarys. The Shing surname is traced to "sionnoch," said to mean "fox," but somehow it should also trace to Sion/Sitten prior to converting to a fox-like term for the Irish. Recall that Faucet trace to Foix (and to the Fay line back to Fes of Morocco), for Faucets lived in the same place (Lothian) as Seatons/SITTENs.

Entering "Fox" gets the Shing Coat showing McShanaghy, McShinagh, and McShinnock variations. German Fox' use a wolf in the same red-on-white colors, and it's the design of the Quillan wolf, and even in colors reversed to it! Quillan is a location smack beside Rennes-le-Chateau! It means that Singletarys ought to trace with the Fes elements of Fox's and Shings to Foix, to Rennes-le-Chateau, to Quillan (there is a Killin- / Keele-like term), and to Roquefeuil. That explains why Irish Davis' (looks Alexander-possible) use treFOILs in the colors of the Rods (I know for a fact that the Rod Coat was formed as per Rodez-Roquefeuil marriage) .

Here's from another Adlai Stevenson article:

[Adlai] Stevenson was born in Los Angeles...He was a member of a famous Illinois political family [Illinois, location of Chicago, Obama's political turf]. His grandfather Adlai E. Stevenson I was Vice President of the United States under President Grover Cleveland from 1893-1897. His father, Lewis G. Stevenson, never held an elected office, but was appointed Secretary of State of Illinois (1914-917) and was considered a strong contender for the Democratic vice-presidential nomination in 1928. A maternal great-grandfather, Jesse W. FELL [CAPS MINE!], had been a close friend and campaign manager for Abraham Lincoln; Stevenson often referred to Fell as his "favorite" ancestor. His mother was Helen DAVIS Stevenson. Stevenson's eldest son, Adlai E. Stevenson III, became a U.S. Senator from Illinois (1970-1981).

You can see Frank Marshall Davis, a son of Lewis who was married to a woman with Davis surname, might choose Davis as his surname rather than Stevenson, perhaps at the request of Lewis. Or, who knows? Frank may have been a son of Helen Davis.

The Fells use blue-on-white lozenges, the colors of the Loy/Louis/Luyie lozenges. What do you make of that? For how long have Rockefellers been merged with Luo elements? The Luy terms can suggest Lug terms, and so note that Lugers/Lewgars were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Dunhams. German Lugers use the black Cabrera goat, as do Walsers. Felsers? Probably, for I traced Rockefellers years ago to "Valais." The Fes Moroccans traced exactly to Sion/Sitten elements.

It's important that the Cabrera goat shows up here, for Cabrera's were at Agrigento, where the Wassa/Gaze / Washington stars trace from the Wallis/Valais / Sion stars. Reminder: WEIShaupts use the black Cabrera goat too.

As Jesse Fells was the friend of Abraham Lincoln, it's conspicuous that the Lincoln surname was first found in Lincolnshire, where the Rodez family settled as Rhodes. Therefore, the Fells are more-certainly a branch of Rockefellers. The Lincolns use the Lewis lion in colors reversed, and by now we could be getting the impression that whatever name the Luo Luhya, it was huge in European Templarism. I hope I'm correct about tracing Luo elements to these surname's however, as the idea has not been clinched.

Lincolnshire was named "Lindsey" in earlier times, and so it should be repeated here that the Joseph-Crest swan is in the Lindsey Crest while the Joseph-Crest garb is in the Reed Coat and in the Steven Crest.

Let me re-quote: "Stephen Grover Cleveland was born on March 18, 1837, in Caldwell, New Jersey to Richard Falley Cleveland and Ann Neal Cleveland. Cleveland's father was a Presbyterian minister..." By what coincidence did Cleveland marry a Neal surname that uses the black wolf head in Crest seen also in the Cliff/Cleve Crest???

The Neal Coat is once again split vertically in the colors of the same of Jaggers and Turners, and then lines from Clovis' father already traced to Idris of Morocco. The "factis" motto term of Neals suggests the same as the "Fac et" of Mathie's that traced to the Faucet-branch Fes elements. Are those the Lincoln lions in the Faucet Coat and Crest? Note the FALLcett variation, for Facets are in the colors of the Falls/Phails/Fauls.

Clavers/Cleavers/Clovers (another black Shield with white symbols, the Senussi / Alexander / Davis colors), first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Dunhams, use the white Moratin tower in the colors of the same of Turners. The father of Adlai Stevenson was: "[Adlai] Stevenson's parents, John TURNER Stevenson and Eliza Ewing Stevenson, were Wesleyans of Scots-Irish descent. John Turner Stevenson's grandfather, William was born in Roxburgh..."

The Ewings (a beloved name of the Adlai-Stevenson line) are the Eugene's from Euganeo (Padova), and they use a red sun, the symbol of Spanish Solana's that probably link in some way to the Kills/Keele's (Senussi crescent, likely) and related Zollerns. The Tricks/Triggs using the Dunham spears also show a sun. Note how the talbot dog in the Zollern Crest is quartered black and white, as is the lion in the Welsh Davis Crest. The Davis surname was that of Helen Davis, wife of Lewis Stevenson. It's online that Obama's mother posed nude in some porn created by Frank Marshall Davis, and where that's true, we can imagine sex between the two. The theory here is that Frank was a son of Lewis which Adlai tried to cover up by convincing Obama Sr. to pose as the father. And the first name that Lewis received from Adlai came down a long ways in history from the Luo tribe elements that Obama Sr. was from.

The Lewis surname was in Wales as with these Welsh Davis' (in Wassa-star colors) . The Davis motto appears to be code for the Dows/Dove's using yet another white-on-black Shield. The last part of the Davis write-up: "Directly descended from this line was John ap Davydd (John Davies of Gwasanau in the county of Flint)." GWASEN easily converts to/from "Wassa/Gasson."

As the Davids who use the Davis Coat trace to Cheshire, the Dow/Dove surname can link to the Chee's/Chettle's using the Dow/Dove dancette exactly (in different colors). I know what this means. The Dows/Dove's were a branch of Dives', the variation in the Dien Coat that shows the white Masci wing in the colors of the Dow/Dove Coat. Devi was the CHEshire capital that was later CHEster, wherefore the Chee/Cheatle surname is a reflection of "Chester" and uses the Dow/Dove dancette (Dunham symbol too) because the latter were named after Diva, meaning that Davis were named after Diva too, as were Welsh Davids. Obama traces to this lines too by way of Dunham Masci, ruled by Homo de Masci. Obama's mother (anthropologist) must have known that Dunhams and Davis' were from one stock.

The Cheatle/Chettle surname may trace to "AnCETILLE," a common name 1,000 years ago, used by the ancestry of Ranulph le Meschin of Chester, for example. The Singletary antelope should therefore be code for the Antels/Anctille/Anquetil/DANCTILL (looks like origin of "dancette", used by Cheatle's/Chettle's). Another branch of Ancetille's, the Haskels, were first found in Monmouthshire.

Reminder: Obama's mother's grandmother is an Armour surname sharing a blue-on-white chevron, and Moray-colored stars, with the Stevenson Coat. Then, Tippers use the same Coat style while tracing to Tipperary, where Kennedys were first found who use the Armour helmet, thus clinching the Armour trace to Tippers. And Tippers then trace to "TOBRuk," capital of Butnan, where the Senussi came out of. What does it mean?

First of all, so far as Wikipedia reveals, Ann Dunham's father, Stanley, was not of any power circles. Even though Ann's mother was a Payne by surname, I don't see any power circles there either. Yet, both Payne's and Singletarys (same colors) use "broken" spears, code, I think, for Broke's/Brocks (use the Stewart motto). Perhaps there was a Freemasonic vein in Stanley Dunham's line somewhere, that strove with bloodline lust, but perhaps no one's telling about it. "Stanley Dunham is related to former Vice-President Dick Cheney (an eighth cousin once removed)." I trace Cheneys to closely to Salyes, exactly where Obama lines have traced by other means, especially in this update thus far. On Stanley's Payne-surnamed wife: "Madelyn started working at the Bank of Hawaii in 1960, and was promoted as one of the first female bank vice presidents in 1970."

Ann Dunham is a different story, as she worked for Rockefellers. Plus, the colors of French Payne's are those of Bertrands, and in heraldry, there is a good chance that Bertrands are named after Bertrand Roquefeuil. He was the grandfather of Raimond d'Anduse, father of Ysabeau de Roquefeuil, wife of Henry II of Rodes. The Bertrand Crest is a black Masci wing, albeit Masci's are not the only owners of that wing. Still, I always trace Obama's mother to Masci's, and there is yet one more occasion. There is a Balso D'Espaines in the family tree from Malahule of More to Ranulf le Meschin, and in that line there are some Ancetille's too, which we saw honored, likely, by the Singletary antelope.

Note that the Bertrand Coat looks like a branch of ChamPAYNE's, and then see that English Champayne's use exactly the Haskel Shield while Haskels are said to be from "Anchetille." I didn't realize this when writing the paragraph above. I didn't realize that the Bertrand Coat was a red-bend copy of the Arms of Champagne until after writing it.

Didn't we see the Dunn eagle in the Sans Coat? Didn't we see Obama's Dunham lines tracing to the Senussi? Here I now find that his mother was called Stanley Dunham throughout high school, and thinking that this name must have been special to her father, and to the one who named him, I checked the Stanley surname to find a "Sans changer". The gold Stanley stag heads are in the design of the gold Ann stag heads, and moreover Downs/Douns use a stag. Here's the Changer Coat with three royal blue bars.

The above was written before I saw the following for the first time:

Wild Bill Hickok is [Ann Dunham's] sixth cousin, five times removed. announced on July 30, 2012, after using a combination of old documents and yDNA analysis, that Dunham's mother may have been descended from African John Punch, who was an indentured servant/slave in seventeenth-century colonial Virginia.

I have not known this in all the time that I've been identifying Payne's with Punch's/Poynte's. In fact, I've been tracing Payens to Hyksos for years now, and here we find even a Hickok in her article. There is a Hickok Coat (that I've never seen so far as I can recall), using a single gold garb in the colors of Coffers. But as there is a sun in the Crest, it should be added that the gold garb is in the colors of Trick/Treggs who use a sun too, and then the Trick/Tregg spears are in the design and erect positions of the Dunham spears.

The Hickok sun is in a coronet that should trace to Coronis in Cyrene. Coronis was the mother of Asclepios who had a cult center in eastern Sicily, at the Scylla monster whom Glaucus loved (Glaucus was on Crete). Hickoks were first found in the same place -- Gloucestershire -- as Spriggs'/Spraggs and Stephens/Stevens. The Spriggs'/Spraggs are honored in the "ears of wheat" of the Chappes/Cheaps Crest (the Brooms use a so-called "sprig of broom", and it's the same design as the ears of wheat of Chappes/Cheaps, meaning that Spriggs' (must have the 's') and Chappes were related). I have been claiming for perhaps two years that ears of wheat and ears of rye are codes for lines from the chief priests of Israel. A garb is otherwise called a wheat sheaf. It was only after making that claim a few times that I looked up the Wheat surname to find gold-on-green garbs, and here I now find one alone in the Hickok Coat. I've only started to emphasize the gold garb of Josephs in the past week or two as anything to speak of on the Caiaphas line, and suddenly the secret story of the Templars is breaking open. Wheats were first found in the same place as Dunhams, who, like the Wheats, use a dancette.

Way above I showed the Templer Coat of Arms that suggested Pollet kin using the sword design of Dunns. The Pollets identified with certainty with Pauls, and the whole of this looked like the Baphomet cult. The Pauls were first found in Gloucestershire too. The Spriggs' use "palets" that could apply to Pollets/Pawlets/Paulets. There are also Pallets (black boars), first found in Champagne, where I expect some Payen kin of Chappes. Punch's were themselves first found in Gloucestershire.

Wikipedia's article on John Punch claims that he was Obama's great grandfather to the 11th generation, three generations before Jonathan Singletary. It also says that John Punch was of the Bunch family, which turned out super for clinching the Punch link to Pinks in that Bunch's used red-on-white lozenges, the colors of the Pink lozenges.

In July 2012, issued a paper documenting the combination of historic research and Y-DNA analysis that supports the conclusion that Punch was an eleventh-generation maternal grandfather of President Barack Obama...Punch was an ancestor through the Bunch family...DNA testing of the male Bunch descendants has revealed that John Punch was likely from present-day Cameroon, in West Africa.

I couldn't believe my eyes when seeing the weights scales (666-suspect symbol) and the fasces symbol (axe head issuing from a bundle of tied rods) in the Arms of Cameroon, for the two symbols are used in the Arms of Vilnius. It probably means that the British Illuminati in Africa is making symbols for African nations as it seeks to control the continent. There is an erect black sword through the center of the weight balance.

Here's the Sire/Siron Coat and surname that traced to Vilnius, with what could be the Nagle lozenges now tracing to the nine Seneca/Seneschal mascles. The Sire's had linked to Serena's...that I now see with the Pollet and Dunn sword designs.

See the Dexter weight scale again. Then click to the Huck Coat and Huckabee Coat, noting that all three use multiple blue-on-white chevrons. Then note the coiled snakes in both the Sire (upper right) and Huckabee Coats, which is code for Asclepios, son of Coronis that traces to "Chora" on Patmos. Then read the Huckabee description: A falcon holding in the dexter claw a rod of AEsculapius all proper. What does all this mean to you? The 666 serpent has slithered to Vilnius. Why? Who brought it there? Is Obama involved?

The Trabys brought the 666 smake to Vilnius because the Trabys are in the weight scale symbol, for the Weights use the Traby bugle. Asclepios was named after whatever named Scala on Patmos. God gave John the 666 Revelation on Patmos.

JM just emailed to inquire on the HBO series, Dexter's Disciples, asking whether it is an Illuminati conditioner to make murders of the peoples. Who named it that? Why?

Is it coincidental that Punch's use red and gold horizontal bars like the Camerons who smack of Cameroon??? Are those not the Rothschild arrows in the Cameron Crest? These globe-trodders are never happy until they rule the universe.

The "chiele" motto term of Camerons gets the Cheile's/Cheels (branch of Kills/Keele's?) using what looks like the Trager and Rocco bends. The Tragers are part of the Fells/Felltragers, but note that English Tragers use the raven, a Rothe symbol too. I say Cheile's were a Kyle branch. The Cheile's look like they can be using a version of the Luo-possible Lowell/Lovell Coat (Somerset). See Love's/Luffs too.

Scottish Lowells (Roxburghshire) look like a merger with Yonge's/Young's, Punch-important because I trace Yonge's (Hogen / Hoger kin) to the Arpad Ugrians / Hungarians. I traced proto-Hungarians to Euganeo honored in the Auger motto. Repeat: "the Jung fleur are used by the Auge's" (the latter were a merger with Seneca's/SENESchals).

I had traced Pinks and Punch's to tattoo Scythians that included the Picts, and here we find the Bunch's said to be from Picts. However, I traced Pinks and Punch's to blood oaths made by proto-Hungarian Magyars, and Hungarians then landed in Aberdeenshire, beside Perthshire, where Bunch's were first found.

Now look. It's said online that Pontius Pilate had a mother amongst the Picts of Perthshire. I've only now discovered that entering "Pontius" gets the Point(er)s that I think are a branch of Punch's/Poynte's (Pointers use the crosslet design of Pinks, and the latter are now clinched as a Punch / Bunch branch). The idea came to me when I started seeking more Punch possibilities just now, starting with "Ponches." It brought "Pontius" to mind. Note that the Point(er) crosslets are on so-called "piles." What do you think? Is Obama the ghost of Pontius Pilate?

Didn't the Pinks and Punch's trace from Cuppae to the Copparo theater, namely in the Setta valley? As that valley was identified with Sadducee liners, shouldn't we expect Pilate liners there too? I think I am almost ready to take the position that Panico's were Pilate liners too.

I don't understand the following, but note the Davis surname involved: "According to [Ann] Dunham, she was named [Stanley, her first name] after her father because he wanted a son, though her relatives doubt this story and her maternal uncle recalled that her mother named Dunham after her favorite actress Bette Davis' character in the film In This Our Life because she thought it sounded sophisticated." Anne's mother wanted her named after Betty Davis???

It's hard to believe that all of these bloodline coincidences, leading back even to Hugh de Payen, happened by chance in a nobody-family that produced a U.S. president "out of nowhere." Somewhere in Obama-family secrecy, there is a filthy dragon. Obama was urged to give up his birth records by millions of his citizens, and yet he stalled and stalled, and in the end he coughed up carefully-crafted false documents. Isn't it proof enough of the filthy dragon nest that he keeps? The wonder is that the highest judges of the land have allowed him to get away with this charade. There must be some powerful strings protecting his sorry donkey.

On of Ann's great-grandmothers was a Wright (leopards, Stewarts, from Mieszko's), the same surname of her pastor in Chicago. One of Ann's great-grandfathers was a Wolfley. See family tree part-way down the page:

Okay, assuming that Frank Davis was the father of president Obama, how do we link Frank's birth to Idris of Libya? Idris (born 1889) married at least five times, as did his own father. "Idris fathered five sons and one daughter, none of whom survived childhood." It's no wonder, for he married his cousins, basically. One of his wive's, Fatima, was in Turkey when Gaddafi took power from Idris, and Turkey is the first foreign place Obama visited as president. Fatima spent the rest of her life in Cairo (where she died in 2009), and Egypt is the second foreign place that Obama visited (in 2009) as president. Do you think Obama sought to get Fatima's bloodline in power in Egypt when he helped to oust Mubarak?

Idris looks like a mature Obama without the American glitz or plastic modernism that has surrounded and defiled the president. I see Obama in Idris' eyes mainly, not much at the nose, and quite a bit in everything under the nose. Idris even has sticky-out ears that maybe Obama has gotten fixed to a degree. It's not a perfect match, but I see the possibility, and from this idea, this insert was created. It's hard to find an Obama close-up without an expression, and with faced turned a little for a good comparison. Here's one without smile, a face turned a little: Idris:

Was Fatima the grandmother of Obama, somehow? There are no children into adulthood registered with she and Idris, but might they have had one after all...who became Obama's true father? I'm looking hard at what may have been, but, admittedly, with Frank Marshall Davis as Obama's father, I'm having no success whatsoever making the Obama link to Senussi's.

One possibility is that Frank Marshall Davis was the son of Idris' sister. If Frank was indeed born in 1905, a daughter of Idris would have been merely 15 at conception. But a sister of Idris older than Idris makes more sense. Yet, Frank is a Negro, and the Senussi are not. Still, president Obama is a Negro, and Anne Dunham was a Whitie as Whitie's can be. In order for Frank Marshall Davis to be Obama's father with a Senussi, a Senussi woman had be a Negro on one side. If Frank's father was Lewis Stevenson, as some reports say that I found credible, I'm looking for a Senussi woman, from the same loins as king Idris, who had a Negro parent. It's a tall order, and frankly, I'm shrinking back. It doesn't look feasible. Something is wrong here.

Frank's mother would have been an extra-marital affair of Lewis Stevenson. Online reports say that Frank's mother was a nurse that Lewis had an affair with, but as yet I've not seen evidence, nor would it be easy to know such a thing. Could Lewis have had access to a sister of king Idris? Lewis was the secretary of state for Illinois, not exactly a position that warrants a trip to Libya on state matters. But Lewis' father, Adlai, was the U.S. vice president.

I've checked the Secretaries of State in the times of Adlai Stevenson / Grover Cleveland, and shortly before them, but there is no word in their Wikipedia articles on any Libyan affairs that they may have been involved with. But then the articles were rather short on foreign affairs. I'll need to sit on this one until a meteorite falls from Heaven and hits me on the head. [End Big Insert]

I'm going to add no more to this update all week long. See next Monday for continuation.


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