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August 27 - September 2, 2013

Steven Silva's Video of the Marathon's Injury Site

Assessing Steve Silva's Boston Marathon Coverage

After an emailer notified me of Betsy McGee's accusation that a Steve Silva of is the Steve Silva of California who survived the 9-11 disaster and became a guest speaker on the topic, I started to investigate (3rd update of August). Boston's Silva happened to be the one who caught the marathon bombing on video, which is why Betsy was suspicious. Not having easy video capability at my home, I didn't download her video, which presents both Silva's. I had read one comment saying that the voices of the two Silva's didn't match, while others said they were a good match. I found a piece telling the age of the Steve Silva in California, which is not the same age of Boston's Silva. I was undecided on the issue, though noted that both men were on the hefty side, and that they didn't look identical.

But the emailer wrote back to insist that the two voices were the same, and so I took my computer to a place where I could download the Betsy video, but had forgotten that my computer's sound system is broken. What I did instead was to download Silva's video of the Boston marathon's injury site, which I had not seen when investigating the marathon in April's / May's updates. The Silva video answered some questions that I was unable to resolve back in April.

I've noted that Betsy's message is not getting around, and that her video is not available any longer where several webpages say it's available, at Youtube has the tendency to terminate controversial videos like this one. I had also noted that not one webpage was found where, or Silva himself, objected to the Betsy accusation. A guilty person may decide not to add fuel to the fire by speaking up. Even if Boston's Silva is not California's Silva, Boston's Silva, if guilty of defrauding the American people because he's a marathon insider, may decide not to bring the issue up for fear of the story becoming viral.

For what it may be worth, here is a video of Boston's Silva speaking:

Fortunately, I was able to find Betsy's video at this address: As soon as I find a computer that will allow me to hear the sound, I'll comment on it.

From a non-conspiracy webpage honoring the fakes, there's the headline: "Carlos Arredondo Hailed As Hero For Bombing Response," where we read "He's also seen in Boston Globe sports producer Steve Silva's video from the scene, fighting his way through the barriers alongside the marathon route to reach a gravely injured man [= Jeff Bauman]..." But that's a lie. Arredondo does not fight his way through anything, but remains useless toward any injury victim, as you will see. Plus, the Silva video is cut off before we see Arredondo at Jeff's side, let alone picking Jeff up and placing him in a wheelchair.

As of now, the Silva video is also available at:,AAAAAA6piHY~,DqRT40XOAr-TnXMtiTj9PVhpaUVs3LGp&bctid=2303076923001

For the following exercise, if you're up to a serious investigation, I would suggest loading the Silva video on two separate browsers besides the one that I'm on. You can compare one Silva image to another that way. Also, load all images that I provide below on separate browsers so that you can refer to any one of them at a click. For Firefox users, click the + sign in the menu bar (though not the + sign that zoom in) to get more browsers to open instantly. Internet Explorer must have a similar method.

Here is an overhead scene from about two minutes into the explosion. I had been wondering (back in April) whether Arredondo, in the cowboy hat, had been pasted into this image, but Silva's video suggests otherwise, that "the cowboy" (as I'll call him) was in fact present at the injury site. This is obviously important. Silva's video will help to prove which of the people in the overhead image are pasted in versus those who were at the actual scene. This investigation may be a real eye-opener, but don't rush through this. Take your time.

[The overhead image below shows a greater area, in case you'd like to use it:

Silva will concentrate most of his two and a half minutes on the spot with the outdoor patio seen in the overhead scene. When he happens to tape the neighboring area (in front of the Lenscrafters store) where Jeff and others were supposedly injured, he tends to take the camera quickly away from that scene. Why? The scene in front of the Lenscrafters store is visible in the overhead image above, but we are unable to see Jeff on the sidewalk where other images locate him, to the immediate right of the cowboy.

The one-shoe woman (center), on her back in this image, is in Silva's video. She has always seemed to me to be an actor. Note the police officer (if indeed he is one) just standing there, looking at her with his arms crossed, as though having no heart for being helpful, which doesn't strike me as reality. Rather, he's suspect as an insider allowing her to play out her role. See the image below; although her legs and clothes are nasty, her hair looks straight out of a salon, not through a bomb explosion. In this image, her hand is one patio slab closer to the building than in the overhead scene, and her butt is over the blood patch that her foot is in the overhead scene. The blood patch is identical in both images even though her butt has moved that much. She should be showing pain while in that condition with shrapnel in her legs. She should be moving to ease, and deal with, the pain, not remaining in the same basic position with no expression of pain. As you can see, she's not wearing shorts but has had her pants supposedly blown off. At first it seemed that this image was before the similar overhead image, but after hours of study I think it's the other way around.

Above the cowboy's head is a fireman (shaved bald) standing on the street with easy access into the injury site yet does not come in to help. He is seen later on a phone / radio while a man in red coat (shaved bald) looks like he's been directed to remove the scaffolding for a video shot of the bomb location. I'll get to that later, but the point here is that he appears to be overseeing the operation, and Silva is filming from just behind him. He is seen running into the area at the :45 second mark of the Silva video, which was just 38 seconds after the explosion. Why was a fireman at-the-ready at the bomb explosion?

Sill in the overhead scene, see the marathon employee (white coat, red cap) standing smack in a wet blood stain. He was the first person to assist me in pinpointing the timing of the overhead image, at 1:38 seconds after the explosion. I'm not as yet sure what the full benefits are for pinpointing this scene, but, for one, it begs the question as to why the "heroic" cowboy is still not attending to Jeff more then a minute and a half into the drama.

Here is the Jeff-invisible image showing the spot where Jeff is supposed to be, beside the Negro woman in the center. The one-shoe woman has her foot in a blood patch that looks far-too fake in shape for her leg injury to have caused it. In the overhead scene, we see that it's perfectly white under her sock, suggesting that someone (before the bomb blast, in my opinion) used something other than her foot to create a faked blood stain with a central area not splashed by the "blood." We are to believe that she kept her foot in the same spot for a long while, though we would expect a woman in pain to move her leg while attending to it. Her arm, in the same position as in the Jeff-invisible scene, is first seen at the 1:11 mark of the Silva video, and it's still there at the 1:28 - 1:31 point. At 1:11, the arm is beside the hip of the camera man at the center-right.

As she is usually blocked by persons in the Silva video, she must have been posing for another camera. Who took the Jeff-invisible image where she appears in plain view? Thanks to the Silva video, we see, at 1:08, two cameramen beside one another filming / snapping the scene where she sits. If you study the 1:11 point, you can make out that the cameraman in yellow vest is the one taking the image of the blonde presented above...meaning the blonde was snapped at, or just before, the 1:11 point (the camerman arrived to the spot at 1:07). As you can see, that image reads, "Boston Globe via Getty Image" (the founder of Getty Images is a son of Paul Getty). The Boston Globe owns, the provider of the Silva video. [I'll get into detail on three similar blonde images in the second update of September.]

The Jeff-invisible scene is taken from above the scaffolding, perhaps from a building or the bleachers across the street, or perhaps from one of the cameramen holding the camera above their heads. The cameraman (she's a woman) on the right (the one not with yellow vest) is only just arriving to the spot, but suddenly Silva's video goes crazy (goes to another scene, suspicious) just as the camerawoman is about to take a picture; we don't get to see her taking the picture, but she appears to be at the perfect angle (not including the perfect height) and position for the Jeff-invisible image. The man in white t-shirt in the Jeff-invisible image is nearly in the same position as he's seen at the 1:08 point.

This camerawoman first appears in the lower-left corner at 1:01. She's to the left of man with blue cap (not to be mistaken for man in blue cap with black coat). At 1:02 she is partly blocked out by what's made to appear as blackened video malfunction, but I have a copy that has no black-out parts, meaning that the blackened areas are likely deliberate, for a reason. At 1:02, just as three - count them, THREE -- policemen walk into camera view, the camerawoman snaps a picture. Silva's video blacks her out partially as she's snapping the picture, but I can see her plainly, standing in snap position with camera to the eye. When the first two police officers are out of the way, a third one is still blocking her at 1:05. (Later, she is plainly seen with a camera in her hand, but it's difficult for the viewer to know that it's the same person.)

The particular copy I have downloaded onto my iLivid system allows me to see more frames than the video version from,AAAAAA6piHY~,DqRT40XOAr-TnXMtiTj9PVhpaUVs3LGp&bctid=2303076923001. Note that this video comes from, the company that owns Silva's Boston Dirt Dog show. It is near impossible from this video to make out that she's taking pictures, but the copy I have makes that plainly evident. What's amazing is that my copy was from this same video. After downloading it using iLivid, all the blackened areas were gone, and I could see many more frames (when double-clicking the video's pause button). It's possible that she took a shot from above her head while a police officer blocked her from Silva's camera.

At 1:01 and 1:02, one can see a man inside the scaffolding (under the red flags) exactly where the camerawoman is headed. He's wearing a blue jacket typical of the marathon people. I can't make out whether he has a camera, but he could easily be in a position to take the Jeff-invisible scene. I'm assuming he was there to indicate some necessary, directive details to the camerawoman. At 1:02, there is a blackening out smack in front of this head and chest, where he might have a camera. But just before that black spot appears, there is a frame that appears to show a dark shape like a camera with long lens. After being blocked by two policemen, the man (shows white pants) appears between them for three frames at 1:04. He is right beside the camerawoman in the second and third frames, and he's looking directly at Silva's camera. Perhaps he had a camera, or something else, and handed it off to the camerawoman when two police officers were blocking the view. Was this act rehearsed? From 1:05 to 1:06, the man (in blue jacket) can be seen with a black strap over the shoulder, possibly suggesting a camera bag. There is a good shot of the profile of his face at 1:07 (he's wearing a green cap and sunglasses). What was he doing in the scaffolding, and why is he walking away so soon after the blast? People in the injury site needed his help, didn't they?

Just as the man walks out of view (1:07), one can make out a black pack on his back. During 1:08, I am able to capture a frame in both video versions of clear access INTO the scaffolding, directly in front of the camerawoman. In the next frame, her foot can be seen walking into the scaffolding. Her foot is beyond the line of the scaffolding posts. But just then, the video goes crazy and ceases to tape her going in.

In the frame where her foot has crossed into the scaffolding, note what looks like an orange bag to the right of the knee of the police officer who speaks with two men in white (both of them are standing either inside the scaffolding, or on the other side of it, where the man in blue jacket came out of). The orange bag will find it's way to the feet of the Negro woman (this will be explained later).

In the frame where her foot has crossed into the scaffolding, see that her camera is beside (and almost below) the blue tip of a flag, and that there are two flags with red tips to her left. The Jeff-Invisible scene shows both of the red tips. Her camera at the 1:08 frame above appears to be at the right angle for that Jeff-invisible scene, and yet isn't quite high enough, in my opinion. The Jeff-invisible scene has a man in yellow jacket and white pants in the lower left, and he is seen walking to that spot at the 1:08 frame under discussion. He is just two steps behind the camerawoman. In both images, this man in yellow and white has black color on the back of his other-wise yellow cap. He is visible at 1:12 beside the bald fireman. She is still taking pictures (or video) at 1:12; the camera can be seen at her face for multiple frames during 1:12.

[Anyone of these pictures could be responsible for the image at a video by Teaparty-ers called, "Boston Bombing Hoax Proof through photos." It's a scene I've not seen before until September.]

The orange bag is clearly visible now at 1:12.

She looks like a woman at 1:13 when her face becomes she appears to be saying something to the other cameraman when he walks by her. The camera in her hand is plainly in view at 1:13, with an even better view in 1:14. It appears that the Silva people were not seeking to hide her camera, though it did appear that she was to be hidden during the event as she met up with the man in blue jacket.

At 1:12, we clearly see that some tie bars (in diagonal direction) prohibit people from walking freely into the scaffolding. The man in yellow and white is outside the scaffolding at 1:12, yet in the Jeff-invisible image, he is clearly inside the scaffolding, suggesting that the image was taken after 1:12. The white plastic bag in the Jeff-invisible scene can be seen in two frames during 1:12. It's directly above the elbow of the cameraman in yellow vest.

Keep a good idea of the dark-yellow color of the vest worn by the one cameraman, for we will see Steve Silva wearing a vest in the same shade of yellow. There is yet a third person wearing a vest of that shade and type; he wears a blue cap and carries a camera. he can be seen under the red and gold flag at :50 seconds. At :53, he raises his camera over his head to get a better shot over the scaffolding. He is not at the right place for the Jeff-invisible image, and the man in yellow and white is not to his left. He is the one mentioned earlier in the blue cap.

At about 1:16, the man in yellow and white appears to have crossed into the scaffolding, and by 1:24 he is out of the scaffolding on the other side, meaning that the Jeff-invisible image was snapped between 1:16 and 1:24. But there is a major problem suggesting tampering. Between 1:16 and 1:18, there is a man, in dark clothes and what appear to be shorts (I can see bare legs), approaches the man in white t-shirt that is central in the Jeff-invisible image. As the latter image does not show the man in dark clothes, we are led to believe that the image must have been snapped after 1:18.

We are therefore looking for the right arm of the man in white t-shirt to draw back behind his hip after 1:18. We can see it take place during 1:19, at which time the man in dark clothes has moved out of view toward the building. At the start of 1:20, it appears that both arms are in the very position seen in the Jeff-invisible image. It looks perfect. However, big problem: the man in burgundy coat is behind the white t-shirt at 1:20, the very opposite situation in the Jeff-invisible image. One solution is to look for the Jeff-invisible scene after 1:20, but it doesn't work. The white t-shirt is never again to the right side of the burgundy coat by the 1:24 deadline. The man in yellow and white (in the scaffolding) in the Jeff-invisible image is already past the scaffolding at 1:24.

During 1:16, both the man in white t-shirt and the man in yellow and white are in perfect position to fulfill the Jeff-invisible scene. [At first, I was convinced by this that the Jeff-invisible scene was at 1:16, but, two updates later, I saw that the man in burgundy was not facing the white t-shirt as he is in the Jeff-invisible image. It turned out that the Jeff-invisible image was at 1:07; see details in the second update of September[.

From 1:28 to 1:31, the one-shoe woman's red arm sleeve can be seen, in the same position as in the Jeff-invisible image. Seconds later, Silva stops taping this area and reveals yet another problematic curiosity.

In the Jeff-invisible image, something seems to be beside the Negro woman where Jeff is supposed to be lying, yet there is absolutely no evidence of a human at that spot. For those who think Jeff was truly there, why is no one attending to him, who is by far the worst injury victim in all of the injury images? We have now pin-pointed this image to 1:16 [oops, make it 1:07] of Silva's "movie," which was 1:09 [make it 1:01] minute after the explosion, and still there is no one attending to, or even looking at, the spot where Jeff is supposed to be.

Timing the Overhead Scene

In the overhead scene, the medic (in yellow) is, instead of attending to Jeff with a life-threatening injury, attending at the feet of the Negro woman (her white top and dark head are visible to the right of the man's red cap). Furthermore, why is he stooping there when it's the head of that woman that was injured?

Between 1:10 and 1:32, the marathon worker with red cap is trying to get into the injury site. It means that when he's in the blood stain, as shown in the overhead scene, the time is after 1:32 mark of Silva's video. His cap becomes visible again at 1:44 (I see the cap appearing from behind the cowboy hat at 2:03). At 1:45, the fireman standing on the street, the cowboy, and the marathon worker under discussion are in a straight line, which is the case in the overhead scene too. At about 1:46, the fireman starts to walk away, meaning that the overhead scene is definitely at or before the 1:45 mark of the Silva video, or about 1:37 after the explosion (six- to seven-second difference as per this video version). Jeff has supposedly been on the ground all that time. So, why is the cowboy rolling up the wood fence at this point rather than helping Jeff or another injury victim(s)??? Who cares about the wood fence?

The way to pinpoint the overhead view is to note its tall man in black clothes and white hair at center bottom. He is about ten feet from the bald man in what looks like a grey hoodie. We find that tall man in white hair at that location at the 1:44 point of the video.

The cowboy is shown with an American flag still in his hand at 1:55-56? What sort of an idiot holds on to a flag all that time with people dying all around him? You can't possibly believe that, after rolling up the wood fence, he still wants his American flag??? Why did he take his hat off, then place the flag on top of it??? That makes no sense, unless some artist was rushed to create this image. I would guess that Arredondo wanted to have that flag portrayed in his hand to appear more heroic for the savior role he knew he had. Where he's shown at 2:33, he seems to have lost the flag, if ever he had it at all. He is shown with the red flag where he's with his faked hat (in the Jeff-invisible scene). Notice how he stands there, at [1:07], with flag and faked hat, smack where the fence will be broken though in a few seconds, yet he is not seen in the video when that location is shown at 1:13. He is shown working at 1:19 (no flag evident in his hand) further to the left. [In the second update of September, a new image (new to me) is introduced that shows clear contradiction, with the cowboy stomping the fence on the ground at 1:06, BEFORE the Silva video shows the fence on the ground!]

Where do you suppose cowboy is situated in relation to Jeff at 1:19? Right beside him, but I suppose cowboy's looking for his flag at this time, because he's not helping anyone. The same medic (short-sleeved shirt) mentioned above is right beside him. But he's absent (when he shouldn't be) from this location in the Jeff-invisible scene.

Silva has concentrated almost exclusively on the outdoor patio and almost not at all in front of Lenscrafters. At 1:19, the cowboy is in front of Lenscrafters. He and the medic are almost standing upon ground zero of the explosion. When Silva's camera veers away from the patio area to the cowboy and the medic, the camera stays there for a walloping one second. Silva seems sensitive to taping this area...because it has not yet been prepared fully for public viewing. After the whooping one second, Silva takes us to a view of the windows, and to the street, before coming back. When he re-arrives at 1:30 - 1:32 (cowboy isn't there anymore), he stays on the scene another walloping second, after which he returns to showing the windows for nearly ten seconds. What doesn't he want us to see?

At 1:19, just as cowboy shows up in the first walloping second, the area smack between the cowboy and the medic is blacked out. However, in my version, I can see straight through the area between the cowboy and the medic; there are NO bodies visible there. You can trust me or not, but I see NO BODIES at that spot where there should be a pile-up of bodies, including the Negro woman...and Jeff. Look to see, in the Jeff-invisible image, how close the pile of people are to the wood fence. That's how we know that this pile should be visible, at 1:19, smack between the cowboy and the medic.

The cowboy, in the Jeff-invisible scene, stands within two feet of the feet of the ruddy-haired woman. The cowboy stands at a distance of just one scaffold, or one and a half at most, from the man in yellow and white. In the video, the cowboy is located more than two scaffolds away from that same man, wherefore the ruddy-haired woman should be behind the cowboy, yet she is not there in the video version I have. That explains why, in the version with black-outs, there is a large black area smack behind the cowboy's legs, exactly where the careful investigator locates the ruddy-haired woman (in April, I called her the young woman or girl).

This is important if we want the truth. The ruddy-haired woman cannot be more than two scaffolds away from the man in yellow and gold because she lies on the dark/red patio stones. She can be judged to lie no more than about five feet from the visible edge of the patio stones, and then the cowboy's shoes are themselves on the red patio stones, meaning that the ruddy-haired woman must be between one and two scaffold sections away from the man in yellow and white. That must be why directed the artist to black out the area behind the cowboy's legs. But even if not, the ruddy-haired woman is not there, anywhere, suggesting that she was pasted into scenes, or was removed from the Silva video.

The medic beside the cowboy walks by the one-shoe woman at 1:24 and picks up an orange bag (at 1:30) at the street, then walks back past her to the area where Jeff is supposed to be. We can see that bag in this faked Jeff-all-alone image, where no one is attending to Jeff (the ruddy-haired woman is beside the bag). As the Negro woman is now gone, we might assume that the medic helped her away. There are no shoe prints from that large blood stain where the Negro woman lay just seconds before.

The orange bag is laid down at 1:33. As we can thus determine just 12 seconds between the overhead view (at 1:44) and the time that the bag was dropped, it suggests strongly that the medic in the overhead scene, who is stooping a little toward the place where the Negro woman lay, must be the same man. The orange bag looks barely visible to the front of the medic's knee. Thus, the Jeff-alone image must be timed considerably after the 1:44 point of the Silva video, or well into two minutes after the blast.

Thanks to the Silva video, we can time these images and ask some serious questions. Does it seem like reality to you that Jeff would be left unattended for over two minutes with no legs below the knees? Why is the ruddy-haired woman still lying there, more than two minutes after the blast, when she seems to have no injuries???

In the Jeff-Alone image, the woman in grey boots is stooped over the man with grey hood with minor injuries rather than stooped over Jeff. She appears in the same general spot in the overhead view. We are to believe that the medic and the others around are tending to the Negro woman and the man in hood rather than attending to Jeff. Thus, if Jeff was pasted into the scene, then the entire marathon is exposed as a fake.

Here is a stretcher image where the blood looks real with less-bright color and a wet look. The Negro woman is now on a stretcher, and someone has thrown a bloody towel on her to make her look far more injured than she was. The shoe of the hooded man is at the extreme lower-left, not a credible scene because he's still lying down even though he's not injured at all; his facial expression and position in the No-Jeff scene indicated a lack of serious injury. Yet, some three minutes or more later, he's still on the ground. Judging from all the images in which I have seen the Negro, the only evidence of injury is to her forehead, what looks to be some scratching, not what we might expect from a bomb explosion some four feet away from her (the bomb was reportedly right beside Jeff).

In this street image, the cowboy, and a medic (long sleeves) not seen anywhere in any of the images, rolls Jeff away in a wheelchair, I saw this scene (in a very suspicions video) from the opposite direction as it came out of the injury site, but I deemed it a faked video. The cameraman discussed earlier appears in the image above near the vehicle of the suspicious security people; his face is at the white electric cart that was itself deemed suspicious (back in April/May). This scene is after the time clock was removed from a cord strapped across the street. The timeclock was removed when it showed 4:14:26, which was five minutes after the explosion (why were they in a hurry to remove evidence of the time from photographs / videos?)

Here's the street scene with the timeclock showing 4:11:40, 1:57 minutes after the blast. The cowboy (center bottom, top of his hat visible) is at the roadside (i.e. not helping Jeff) doing absolutely nothing but "playing" with the debris on the ground. He's awaiting his role as Jeff's savior. Steve Silva is one of the four cameramen seen standing on the street [I'm not so sure about this anymore; see reason below.] As the explosion took place when the clock read, 4:09.43, or 1:57 minute after the explosion, the image above should equate to the 2:03 / 2:04 point in the Silva video (there's always a six- or seven-second difference between the explosion and the time in the Silva video). It works because the man in red pulling a scaffold section away in the timeclock image looks to be in a position identical to (looking to the right, for example) of the same man at the 2:02 mark of the video.

Closer inspection shows that a perfect match with the timeclock image is within Silva's 2:03 point, where the man in yellow (seen at 2:02) is not in the timeclock image because he's hidden behind the flags. As you can see, the man in yellow runs between the man in red cap and the two men in military camouflage, all three visible in the timeclock image. Do not mistaken the white-and-blue flag in the timeclock image with the white-and-blue flag at the 2:04 point; the latter is behind the British flag.

The man in yellow cap, about six feet from the corner of the patio, can be seen that distance also in the latter half of Silva's 2:03, which for me clinches the timeclock image at that point.

As the man in red goes out of camera view to the right at 2:02, Silva must be the cameraman standing about four feet to the back of the man in red. [At first, I thought it was definitely Steven Silva of's Dirt Dogs. Both are bald with similar looks and size. However, he's wearing shorts in the timeclock scene, whereas the 2:41 point of the Betsy McGee video ( shows him, on the day of the marathon, I believe, with long beige pants (and a black shirt). Plus, the more I saw Silva in the Betsy video, the greater the doubts that he was the cameraman with shorts. I am absolutely sure that the one in shorts is taking the Silva-video scene at 2:03 because the other cameramen (in the timeclock scene) would either not show the man in red at all, or would show him to the LEFT of center. Only the man in shorts, unless there is another cameraman out of the picture toward the bleachers, could have the man in red to the RIGHT of center.]

You will not see Silva try to get a good shot of the inside of the injury area. You will be hard-pressed to see any injury victims. At 1:32, Silva starts to walk down the street rather than going to the edge of the wood fence for some close-ups. He's a sports reporter, remember, on Boston's Dirt Dogs show (honors the Boston Bruins), which he owns. He definitely knows that close-ups are of importance for media purposes, and yet, he fails his fans, and the nation. Deliberately, right? As he walks, the view is again of the windows, but, finally, his camera comes down to the main injury scene, directly toward the glass at the Lenscrafters store. Great. However, the people that are supposed to be piled up around the foreground can be deemed, by the careless observer, to be blocked by the blue fabric on the scaffolding. However, for a short second at 1:43, there seems to be a good view through the wood slat fence (I have my video enlarged to the max), yet I can make no people out at that spot.

Perhaps unbeknown to Silva, one can see the sidewalk through the blue fabric to the left of the pink (1:43 mark). There seems to be no people through the fabric, just plain sidewalk. There are supposed to be people there on the sidewalk. I do see two men (police officers, I think) in yellow looking down as though there were people on the sidewalk, wherefore these two appear pasted in to give us a false impression (I'll show evidence for that paste possibility shortly). The pink objects can be seen also in the center-top of the overhead image; there's quite a few people on the ground around the pink in that scene...but NONE are visible (aside from men in yellow) in the short second in which Silva shows the area. Here is what that the fakers wished for us to see at the bomb spot:

How many injured victims do you see at the bomb-spot image above? None, except Jeff. Look at the small hole in the fence that the "bomb" made. In that image, all the people around the lower-right corner are supposed to be in Silva's image at 1:43. Admittedly, the image is immediately after the explosion, but those people are supposed to have remained piled up until at least 1:44, as you can see in the overhead scene (i.e. that has been pin-pointed just one second later, at the 1:44 point.

I can now make out several people, all in the same position, in both Silva's image at 1:44 and the overhead scene, proving that the overhead scene is at 1:44. I'll get back to the bald man in hoodie later for ultimate proof of tampering (no way to deny it, world), but for now, see if you can spot any men in yellow in the overhead scene, because if you can't, as I don't, then all those yellow jackets in the Silva shot at 1:43 must have been pasted in!!

In the video, there are two more yellow jackets (four in all) beyond the pink objects. Instead of seeing even one man in yellow, I see regular people standing up around the pink objects in the overhead scene, and yet these regular people are not in the Silva video, suggesting that both the regular people and the heap of injury victims were all pasted in!!! Thank you, Steven Silva.

As Silva is pointing his camera though the downed part of the blue fabric seen in the overhead scene, I think I'm looking at his shadow (no body visible) on the pavement (top center-left) directly above the fireman's head. I do not think those are his legs and white shows in the top center-left, as he was in blue shoes that day. In any case, Silva has the perfect opportunity, with no one standing in the way, to approach the blue fabric down nearly to the ground, and to thereby take a view of the injury site, yet he doesn't. Naturally, because he's an insider, I am now sure.

The pink objects appear to be rectangular, like the pink object in the arm of the man at the bottom-left of the timeclock image (I ignore where the image shows "bomb blast"). Look at all those people on the sidewalk where the pink object was showing just 15-20 seconds earlier. Where did they come from? As you can see, Jeff doesn't show in that throng. One of the two pink objects is on the sidewalk behind the man in red coat, at the expected location as per their appearance in the video, meaning that Silva was, for a short second only, very dangerously taping this very heap of people, and yet they could not be seen. Hmm, how can this be resolved.

For what it may be worth, the pink object can be seen on the sidewalk in plain view between 2:05 and 2:10. At 1:58, the men start to clear the scaffolding smack at the pink object, and by 1:59, there is a clear view through the wood fence of the people piled up in that area. Suddenly, just 16 seconds after the 1:43 mark, there's a crowd there.

Aside from people in yellow jackets and others who poured in to create the impression of a pile-up injury scene, I can't see evidence of injured people. Silva had every opportunity to prove to the world that the injured were in there, yet fails us. I see colors behind the wood fence while it's still up, but I can't make out movement. So what if there is color in there? From 2"32 to 2"35, Silva has a great shot without scaffolding, and yet he fails both to zoom in or to walk up. In fact, he takes the camera away to the street at 2:36. What sort of a nut is this? An insider nut, that's what. He keeps to the street until 2:40, when the video goes black i.e. it ends. We can be sure he taped more, but he's not revealing what else he has, apparently.

If we removed all yellow and blue jackets, as well as all people who are identifiable as non-injury persons, I don't think there would be more than eight or ten people left in the 2:32 view. The same applies to the timeclock image. What's your number?

In the timeclock image, the man in burgundy is just off the red patio, where he was tending to a woman on the ground 20 seconds earlier in the overhead image. The man in blue who was tending the shoe-less woman is still there in his spot, and she can be made out slightly. The woman in black with some red under her knee was shown in other images a few feet from Jeff, meaning that Jeff, in this timeclock image, is supposed to be where we see the man in white shirt and yellow vest. He has only just arrived while stooped/kneeled down, for he can be seen walking in between 2:01 and 2:03. This means there was no one at the Jeff location before 2:03.

The man in grey hood, and the Negro woman, are yet supposed to be in the timeclock image (her stretcher hasn't yet arrived), but none of these three individuals are seen, nor is the ruddy-haired woman next to the Negro woman. The medic with short-sleeve shirt who was attending to her foot area is still there, but none of her body is evident, though there seems to be a poor job, in two black objects, at trying to make her boots appear (the two black objects connect with the beige cap).

The Bald-Man Paste Job

Here now is evidence of a paste job in the timeclock image. First, see the man mentioned earlier in dark clothes, with long dark sleeves and black shorts; he's visible here in a frontal view, with facial features fairly discernible. Above his head you can see another man's shoulder, and his oversize head; he is bending over. Compare the size of that head and shoulders to the man in dark clothes, for example. His head is larger than anyone else's around him, yet in both the overhead and the Jeff-invisible scenes you can see this bald man with a head that is on the small side.

There are various ways to prove that his image is pasted in wrong. If you're game, the idea would be to pin-point the position of his feet in both the Silva video and the timeclock scene, checking for inconsistencies, with help from this sky-view picture:

If his feet, in the Silva video at 2:03, are not where they are predicted to be in the timeclock image (also at 2:03), that in itself would prove a paste job. Or, if the position of his feet in the timeclock image can be ascertained, then one can make a judgment on whether he is too large or too tall in relation to others beside him. One can determine that, from the position of his hip, his feet extend down to the red patio stones, and as such he should be positioned where the orange bag is situated in this Jeff-all-alone image. But he cannot be there according to his appearance in the Silva video.

There are some questions as to how he appears ghostly in the Silva video at the time that he was bending over at 2:03. But why? As it doesn't appear he's pasted in to hide anything, I'd say they have him pasted in looking at something on the sidewalk to give the impression that someone is there. In the Silva video, at precisely 2:03, his head is significantly lower than at 2:04, meaning that the 2:03 scene jibes with his bending over in the timeclock image. The question is, was he pasted into the Silva video in such a way as to make it appear that he was indeed bending over at the time of the timeclock scene? Possibly, yes, because he appears very ghost-like at that time. We can't even make out his facial features. His head is just a smudge.

They also created (pasted) smoke that wasn't there, apparently, for going up right where they pasted the path of this bald man to his suspicious bent-over moment, which was for only a second or two with no further stooping to the ground for helping anyone there. The smoke gave the insiders the opportunity to make him appear and disappear, and to show him in mere smudges. Let me explain his movements in detail.

At 1:29, the man in dark clothes (look for the black cap) is walking, from the patio corner, across the front of Lenscrafters. The bald man (below) is visible beside him between 1:31 and 1:33. At this time, the bald man is in the middle of the injury area at ground zero of the explosion, and yet he walks away to the patio area, where he stands momentarily at 1:44 speaking with a police officer (see overhead scene for that); both are just standing there of no help, with no concern for injury victims. In a faked situation where some people are overseers, this is understandable, but in reality, this is not expected.

At 1:30, a man in yellow cap is in the midst of the injury scene. Although he is near the wood fence (i.e. near the street) at this time, he will be found closer to the building, just looking on, in a few seconds. Why would any sane man draw back and look on rather than contribute to the assisting of ladies on the ground where he's located at 1:30? According to other images of ground zero, there were many woman.

The version of the video blacks the bald man out at times starting at 1:43. To find him if your video blacks him out, first identify the two whitish walls on both sides of the building having the outdoor patio. He appears at the end of 1:43 at the whitish wall on the right side (he's not actually standing in front of that wall, but does appear in line with it). If you see black boxes inserted there, he's behind them. He is blacked out also at the start of 1:44. When his head looks to or veers to the right (toward the police officer), the blackened parts disappear, and his profile can be clearly seen. He is looking in that direction in the overhead scene (which has been pin-pointed to 1:44).

During 1:45, his face has a black box over it in at least two frames, but then appears visible on a front view without blackened boxes during the same second. I don't know why he would be blacked out only at certain frames. When he does appear at 1:45, you can clearly see a white 'v' shape at his chest, which appears and disappears as time progresses. If at times you can't spot his head/face, his v-neck may become visible to indicate his movements.

At 1:46, he starts to walk away toward the left, becoming lost behind the head of a fireman. He becomes visible again at 1:49 at the corner area of the patio; he's clearly visible above the white writing of the fireman's cap. Notice the smoke coming in from the left of the fireman's cap, for this will be used to justify his ghost-like appearance from 1:49 onwards.

Before going on, let me speak on the smoke. It was likely from a canister having a valve or knob that allows the user to decide how much smoke ought to come. This canister was likely in someone's bag. See how little smoke there is in the overhead scene, and then note that no smoke is visible directly over the smoke source at 1:30. The smoke source can be determined, in the overhead scene, to be at the end of a strip of black tar that has a T-shape in the upper-right corner. That tar section can be seen, in the skyview, directly down the middle of the Lenscrafters store, and Silva's camera is shooting the middle of the store at 1:30. Yet, in a few seconds, a large amount of smoke appears.

At 1:30, there seems to be much smoke coming from the left side, off-camera, and then, in the air between 1:30 and 1:43, there appears to be much smoke again where we can clearly see the center of the smoke, and yet, if one draws a line from the center of that smoke to the ground, it appears that the source of the smoke, as can be verified at 1:43, is way over completely off of, and to the LEFT of, the Lenscrafters store front. Yes, for 1:43 shows the entire Lenscrafters store to the right of the smoke source, yet the overhead view shows the smoke source in front of Lenscrafters. In fact, everyone agrees that the explosion occurred in front of Lenscrafters. But do note how little smoke is coming from the sidewalk in the 1:43 scene, for in just a few seconds, a large puff of smoke appears to the RIGHT (!!) of this scene. Someone either turned the canister valve to a more-open position, or the puff of smoke was pasted in.

Ask why a bomb should cause smoke, on solid concrete, more than a minute and a half after the explosion. Wasn't it for effect? If some bag was burning, shouldn't the police or someone else have stamped it out? Yet, look at the police officers directly in front of the smoke source at 1:43-44, yet doing nothing about it, as would be expected if they were insiders (or pasted into the scene).

Now, go to the 1:31 point of the video, and see how clear the view is of the patio area. Yet, this area is filled with smoke from 1:49 onwards as the bald man's ghostly appearance begins. Allow the video to play from 1:31 but pause it at 1:37 as it takes another view of the patio area. Everyone in that area is clearly visible, virtually no smoke problem at all. Let the video play again until the pink object appears at 1:42, and note that, according to the overhead scene, the source of the smoke is to the right of the pink object. No one appears ghost-like in this image where the smoke is thickest directly above the source.

Suddenly, a large puff of smoke develops for a fraction of a second in the extreme bottom-left of the screen at 1:48. Note how the smoke moves toward the bald man at 1:49. At 1:50, the smoke is not yet heavy, but they have him disappearing just the same. I challenge you to find him in the latter half of 1:50. He virtually disappears as he passes behind the flag post (with the red-and-white flag). In at least two frames during the first half of 1:50, his head can be found behind the yellow cap, but he does not re-appear visibly until 1:51 and 1:52.

I can tell you, thanks to my iLivid system that allows excellent double-clicking ability (I can double-click six times per second easily, to get six different frames per second), that the man walked behind the yellow cap. The man wearing that cap is in the overhead view, standing near the corner of the patio, with feet OFF the red patio stones. The yellow cap can be seen looking toward the left between 1:44 and 1:49, suggesting that the man wearing it has not walked ON the red stones, but has possibly walked a couple of steps further away from it. This means that the bald man, when he circles the yellow cap starting at 1:49, ends up still further away from the red patio stones at 1:51. He appears to be at least two feet to the left of the yellow cap at 1:51. He was then well in front of Lenscrafters; you might like to see this skyview image to get your bearings.

So, he was in front of Lenscrafters at 1:31, then walked to the patio area to speak for a second or two with the man in burgundy coat (judging by their being so close in the overhead scene) and, due to the way his left hand is positioned, the bald man is definitely speaking with the police officer. Immediately after speaking with the officer, he returns to the Lenscrafters area. At 1:51, he is further to the left than Jeff, because Jeff is on the edge of the red patio stones, as can be witnessed in the Jeff-all-alone image.

At the start of 1:52, he appears to have come to a stop directly beside the man in yellow cap, possibly speaking with him. But during the rest of 1:52, he becomes extremely blurred. My system shows him remaining beside the man in yellow cap until Silva's camera goes momentarily to the upper windows again at 1:53. When the camera is back down to the two men, later in 1:53, the two bodies are superimposed, but with the bald man on the front, meaning either that the bald man has walked toward the street, or that the man in yellow cap has walked toward the building. I choose the latter option because, in the timeclock photo, the man in yellow cap is a few feet closer to the building than in the overhead scene.

At 1:53, the smoke is not all that heavy, and yet the bald man is blurred out like a ghost. This is suspicious, especially as the smoke is centered on him in particular.

During 1:53 and 1:54, Silva moves down the street a few steps, which causes the bald man to be positioned directly in front of the man with cap. Between 1:54 and 1:56, I can see the bald man bending down; he is fully bent, with head about down to his belt level, at 1:54. His head, visible at 1:56 with blue jacket behind the head, is toward the left of his body, and yet, according to the overhead scene, there is no one on the sidewalk where I deem him to be bending at that time. At 1:56, I locate him between the man in yellow cap and the woman in pinkish top in the overhead view. There is no one on the sidewalk there. If my positioning is wrong, then who could he be bending over to? The answer to that question would help locate him at this particular second.

As he bends, a person in blue jacket walks between he and the man in yellow cap, at which time there looks to be as many as several feet between them at this time, locating the bald man midway between building and street. Why did he remain bent over for just a second, and then walk away like one not concerned for the injured ones. Was he speaking some message to an actor(s)?

When the camera returns to the scene at 1:58, there is at least one frame where the top of the bald man's head covers the chin of the man in yellow cap (his v-neck visible too). Thus, the two are superimposed again, as they were at 1:54. However, while the relative positioning remains the same, I can clearly make out that the yellow cap has moved a few feet to the right. At first, I thought that both men walked to the right in order to remain superimposed, but then realized that only the yellow cap walked right while the bald man stepped toward the street.

It's of obvious importance to see how far the bald man is from the medic with short-sleeved shirt in the 1:58 scene The medic's yellow vest is seen bending over in the lower-right corner at 1:58-59 (I think I can see him walking away to the right after that), and I can definitely make out his short sleeve in at least one frame after the flag drops out of view. Therefore, the bald man cannot be beside that medic as shown in the timeclock image; THIS ALONE PROVES A PASTE JOB OF THE BALD MAN. The bald man is clearly several feet closer to the building than the medic, but there is no one on the sidewalk at that location just seconds earlier as per the overhead scene.

At 1:59, just as the flag has passed by the scene, the bald head is a smudge looking to the ground. Just look for the tip of the scaffold section, to find his head below it in one frame, and behind it in a subsequent frame at 2:00. His head can be seen rising between 2:01 and 2:02; he's not being very helpful, is he? Looking at people doesn't help them. As he was bending toward the left at 1:56, and lifting his head from that bend in 1:57, and standing straight up facing the camera at 1:58, he could not have walked far by 1:59. After many views and familiarity with this scene, it became very clear that he's bending over, at 1:59, over the Jeff spot (keeping in mind that Jeff wasn't there).

His head looks down again between 2:02 and 2:03, and he does appear bent sufficient to match the timeclock scene (= 2:03), yet we need to ask why blacked areas inserted into the video includes some directly over his face in at least three frames during 2:03. As his face moves up to a standing position, the blacked part moves along with it. It seems deliberate.

At 2;03, the man in dark clothes can be seen above the man with yellow in the foreground. Does it seem to you that the bald man is closer to the street than the man in dark clothes, as the timeclock image requires? I don't think so.

If you are having trouble finding his head, its to the left of, as well as below, the word "boston" on the glass, at 2:02. On my iLivid video, it's not as clear, more like a smudge. You may have a smudge too, of a fleshly color. Here's some access to ILivid (download at your own risk):

Immediately after 2:04, this man can be seen turning toward the building. In at least two frames at the end of 2:04, I can see the back of his head as he returns to the building. Why did he come toward the street at all, for merely a one-to-two-second look at something on the ground??? At 2:05, his head is a flesh-colored smudge beside the 'b' of "boston".

His head can be spotted at the top of the wood fence at 2:06, and it can be tracked until 2:11 walking leftward across Lenscrafters.

TO ABSOLUTELY PROVE that he was pasted into the timeclock scene, there is a yellow-vested medic to his backside, with short-sleeved shirt, who is not visible in the video's 2:03 point. There is a yellow-vested medic who walks behind the bald man at 2:01, but he is the long-sleeved medic seen in the timeclock scene. Big problem there that can land these insiders in jail, if only anyone in the right position takes them to task. Who produced the timeclock image? That person(s) is involved with the insiders.

We can press the case harder for a fake job. We need to determine which side of the red patio stones the bald man walked down in getting into the position he's shown with, in the timeclock image, very near the street. Looking at the overhead view, he clearly could not have walked down the red patio stones, as it's jammed with injury victims. But on either side of the red stones, there is a clear path toward the street. As we can see him beside the stooping medic with no shirt sleeves, it's necessary that he walked down the side of the red bricks wherein that same medic is stooping in the overhead scene. I don't think any judge or jury will argue with that. He could only have walked down the concrete, at the side of the red stones furthest from the Lenscrafters store, which I'll call the RIGHT side.

However, at 1:58, where he's superimposed in front of the man with yellow cap, he is very obviously to the left of the yellow cap, closer toward Lenscrafters than the yellow cap. That cap looks to be almost exactly in the position that we see it at 1:44, which is the time of the overhead scene where the man with yellow cap is on the concrete to the LEFT side of the red stones. Big problem. The only way that the insiders can save themselves from this is to show that the yellow cap at 1:58 is not on the patio side closest to Lenscrafters. Yet, the onus is not on the insiders to prove it, but the onus is on us to prove that the bald man could not be on the RIGHT side.

In the overhead scene, note that the man in yellow cap is standing on a black-tar stripe. That stripe can be seen in the skyview image, and in fact this man was standing smack where the large white rectangle shows (in the skyview), at the LEFT side of the red patio stones. In order for the bald man to have walked down the RIGHT side of the red patio stones, the man in yellow cap would need to be standing in the middle of the patio railing, with the bald man to his left, in the 1:58 scene. Is there evidence that the man in yellow cap walked several feet from the tar-stripe to the middle of the patio railing between 1:44 and 1:58??? That's the big question, and insiders should be getting the jitters at this.

We are thankful that a baseball cap shows direction. In order for the man wearing it to walk to the right, the yellow cap's front must point to the right. However, it does not point to the right until 1:56, but points to the left on multiple occasions, meaning that the man has two seconds (by 1:58) to arrive from the left side of the patio to roughly the middle part of the patio railing, a distance that I estimate to be about 16 feet according to the skyview image and other factors. By merely viewing 1:56 to 1:58 until the two men are superimposed, it's fairly plain that the yellow cap has moved to the right but three or four feet at best, which locates him, at best, at the corner of the railing so that the bald man, at best, is on the left half of the red patio.

To prove that the man in cap was at the corner of the patio, his cap has moved to the left about six feet (or more) between 1:58 and 2:03, and then, in the timeclock image (= 2:03), his feet can be seen about six feet (or more) from the corner post of the patio railing. In fact, he is shown walking past the red patio stones.

Ask whether the bald man, at 2:03, is in a line perpendicular to the building, straight down from where we see the yellow cap at 2:03. Is the smudge at 2:03, which is the bald man's head, really down the RIGHT side of the patio. I don't think so, for the bald man appears very perpendicular to the building where the yellow cap appears, and we know for a fact that the cap is at that time on the LEFT edge of the red patio.

It doesn't matter where we find the inconsistency, any inconsistency that cannot be resolved is evidence of tampering. When starting on the left half of the red patio, the bald man would have had to circle between the hooded man on the sidewalk and the man in burgundy coat in order to get to his bent-over timeclock position, which would have required that the bald man walk to the right before turning streetward. Is there any indication of such circling from 1:58 to 2:03? I see none...because there is none. The bald man walks practically nowhere between 1:58 and 2:03, but looks down and bends over all that time, and he is definitely not near the street as shown in the timeclock image.

According to his timeclock position, he would have had to circle in around even the medic (in yellow, short sleeves), but then turn his back to the medic, which motion we do not see. Immediately after that large circling, we are to believe he turned back toward the building.

If you just check the overhead scene again, you will see no bodies on the sidewalk between the medic and the street, and yet that's where the bald man is pasted in his timeclock scene.

Another inconsistency is that the cowboy, in the overhead scene, is standing where the red-haired woman is supposed to be lying, but she doesn't seem to be there, though a red something was probably pasted in on the other side of the medic to make it appear that she was there. The cowboy, we are to believe, just kicked her out of the way so that he could continue to roll up the fence. And why was rolling the fence so important? Because, the fireman and others are waiting to give the signal/order for everyone in their company to draw back the scaffolding for the filming of the ground-zero bomb site. That vigorous act starts as soon as you see the soldier running by at 1:44, the very time of the overhead scene.

During 1:59 to 2:05, we see directly in front of the cowboy, but no red-haired woman is standing up. I don't think she was ever there. Where we see her vividly, in the Jeff-all-alone scene, she's been lying there way too long to be real. She's always been suspect as a paste job along with Jeff. She has a blue-and-white stork logo on her chest, and then Jeff is shown online posing (webpage below) with two young woman having the same logo. The idea seems to be to paste this woman in to reinforce the belief that Jeff was at this spot.

If the overhead scene was from a video, they did not allow us to see images, so far as I know, beyond the point where the ground-zero site was ordered to be exposed. Only the cameras on the street were supposed to tape that exposure. I will discuss Silva's taping of this event in the next update.

To make this more damning, the bald man is bending over very near the street in the timeclock image. We can clearly see that he's close to the base of the lamp post, seen behind the cowboy. In the skyview, the lamp post is virtually at the street curb. Yet in the video, the bald man is hardly that far down (about 75%) to the street. My conclusion is that he is bending down to look at something roughly central between the street and building, but that the insiders didn't want this in the timeclock image, wherefore they pasted the scene closer to the street, and meanwhile pasted it in too large.

Where we have him starting out at the left side of the red patio at 1:58, and then going straight for the street to about half way, he would be have been bending over where Jeff was supposed to be. It is understandable that they would want to cut that part out so that no one contacts the bald man to see what he saw at that time. The question is, was the bald man giving the people at the Jeff spot a message when he bent over at that location?

One can spot the left line of the red patio in three basic places in the timeclock image, one of which (very small, about six inches) is beside the hip / shorts of the man with dark clothes. If one draws a line to the sidewalk from the expected location of the hip of the bald man, his feet can be discovered to be just about bang-on with this left side of the patio. Don't try to justify this, because he's pasted in; we can't expect perfect consistency because there is error in the paste job. If he were truly on the left side of the patio, he could not, for one thing, be beside the medic shown on the right side of the red patio.

Now for some geometry to make the case shut-tight. The angle between the bald man and the cowboy in the timeclock scene does not compare even closely with the angle between them in the video scene at 2:03. According to video from 1:32 to 1:55, the cowboy is three flags over from the lamp post, or about two and a half scaffold sections, which must be a minimum distance of 12 feet. Therefore, as the lamp is itself on the particular red patio stones under discussion, the cowboy is a few to several feet to the LEFT of the patio. If we allow that the bald man is on the right side of the patio, where the insiders would like for us to see him, then he is fairly-much between the lamp post and the building.

If you draw this on paper, it makes a strong case. Draw the street curb as a horizontal line on your page, and stick a dot for the lamp post two feet from the curb. Make the cowboy a dot 12 feet to the left of the lamp post, and four feet in from the curb (his feet on the sidewalk in relation to the curb is clear at 2:07). For argument's sake, make the bald man a dot three feet to the left of the lamp post (the more to the left, the worse this evidence gets), and eight feet from the curb. Finally, draw a straight line between the cowboy dot and the bald man dot. It should be a line at about 20-25 degrees where the street curb is zero degrees. This is the angle for the timeclock image.

Then, give the bald man another dot as far in from the curb or lamp post as you think he's standing in the Silva video's 2:03-04 point, at which time one can see the curb well. I estimate 45 feet from curb to building according to the skyview, though it doesn't look that far in the Silva video (this other image helps to measure by the number of bricks, or of patio stones expected to be 4" x 9" or 5" x 10"). Then check the angle of a line from that dot through the cowboy dot. Or just take a simple look at Silva's video at 2:02-03, as it's easy to see that the line between them is in the ballpark of 70-80 degrees (where the street curb is zero degrees), suggesting that he's over on the left side of the red patio stones. This is a major inconsistency, meaning that at least one bald-man position is false. Why would anyone falsify anything in the images if this event was a real terror attack?

If we deem the bald man to be on the left side of the red patio while only eight or ten or even twelve feet from the curb, then, the problem is, he's waked past / stepped over Jeff, as well as the others beside him seen in the Jeff-all-alone scene. Jeff's position there can be estimated by various means to be about 15 feet from the curb.

Recall the cameraman with yellow vest and long hair; he is seen on the far side of the patio in the timeclock image. Behind him appears to be the man in blue cap and similar/identical yellow vest that likewise had a camera on the street. They did, after all, work their way into the injury scene.

The man in blue jacket with green cap, who was beside these cameramen less than a minute earlier, is also on the far side of the patio in the timeclock scene. The black bag on his back is now visible as a packpack, not a camera bag. However, he is speaking to someone who appears to be holding a camera. These men must have taken plenty of images. Where are the pictures / videos? Haven't the media shared them with us? Why not?

The last I see of the cowboy is at 2:35, and he still hasn't gotten over to Jeff. There is no wheelchair yet arrived for Jeff at that time, as far as we can make out in the Silva video. The American people know that this was not America. Real Americans would have picked Jeff off that cold, hard concrete as a priority. They would not have let him languish in that condition for over three minutes. However, this scene was faked, and Jeff was never on that concrete.

The cowboy knew that, at a certain time soon, he would need to start the faked wheelchair ride. I concluded (in April/May) that this wheelchair ride started on the other side of the street, at the bleachers. I concluded that Jeff was hidden under the bleachers. Therefore, the cowboy would have walked across the street after we last see him at 2:35. Could this explain why the Silva video tapes the street after that time, and is at that time cut short? Everyone's attention was placed on the ground-zero scene due to all the vigorous action at that time, which would allow the insiders to wheel Jeff out from the bleachers with less risk of anyone looking that way.

In the timeclock image, it's hard to know whether the crowd was there from the explosion, or whether most of the people came into the scene later. If you erase all yellow jackets and the people stooping down to help, there are very few people left. The fakers did let out a set of photos that I call computerized paintings (below); these were supposedly of the few seconds after the blast, but one would be hard-pressed to find more than four or five of the people in these images at the timeclock image. Here they are:

If you are getting black-outs in the Steve Silva video from,AAAAAA6piHY~,DqRT40XOAr-TnXMtiTj9PVhpaUVs3LGp&bctid=2303076923001, download iLivid (it's free), then paste the URL above into the iLivid bar that says "Paste address here," and press the "Download" button. It's as easy as that.

When the two soldiers appear late in the Silva video to open up the bomb site, a man with a black t-shirt appears with them, or at least amongst them, and it reads: "Farah Rescue Afghanistan." Hmm.

There may be a small percentage only who are sure that the marathon was a staged government hoax, but they amount to millions of Americans, and even more around the world. Then, to boot, there are many others who aren't sure, and still others who could be convinced if they cared to entertain the evidence.

I don't mind being corrected where I've been wrong. Feel free. I'll continue coverage of the Silva video in the next update.


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Ladon Gog and the Hebrew Rose

On this page, you will find evidence enough that NASA did not put men on the moon.
Starting at this paragraph, there is a single piece of evidence -- the almost-invisible dot that no one on the outside was supposed to find -- that is enough in itself to prove the hoax.
End-times false signs and wonders may have to do with staged productions like the lunar landing.

The rest of the Gog-in-Iraq story is in PART 2 of the
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