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August 13 - 19, 2013

Egypt is on the rocks:
Egypt's Interior Ministry said in a statement that a total of 1,004 Brotherhood members were detained in raids across the country and that weapons, bombs and ammunition were confiscated with the detainees.

Among the dead Friday was Ammar Badie, a son of Brotherhood spiritual leader Mohammed Badie, the group's political arm said in a statement [Mohammed was arrested some days later].

Also Saturday, authorities arrested the brother of al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahri, a security official said Saturday. Mohammed al-Zawahri, leader of the ultraconservative Jihadi Salafist group, was detained at a checkpoint in Giza, the city across the Nile from Cairo, the official said.

The article starts off with the news that the Sisi-supported government is looking into the legalities of outlawing the Muslim Brotherhood. That would be blasphemy against Obama. Is it just a scare, or is it going to happen?

The last update had a quote from a Doug Hagmann article. "I'm going to tell you something. I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business. I met with top British officials, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria. This was in Britain not in America. Britain was organizing an invasion of rebels into Syria. They even asked me, although I was no longer [France's] minister for foreign affairs, if I would like to participate. Naturally, I refused, I said I'm French, that doesn't interest me." Hagmann goes on to mention "globalists," and cries out against the recent embassy scare, but the point is that an emailer had sent me this article (on August 3, before the last update was due, but I didn't get to the email until now). It said that Hagmann "was arrested by fbi and let go a couple weeks ago...he seems to have gotten the attention of someone up there anyway."

Checking it out, a headline was found in an article dated June 15, 2013 date: "Doug Hagmann claims he was almost killed by Feds this morning." Here is the letter by Hagmann:

For the safety and security of my family and others involved, I cannot not go into specific detail of the "back story" that played a role in what transpired this morning. Suffice it to say that a person (or persons) have been trying to convince police officials that I posed a "terrorist threat," which is patently false, although it was the pretext used to have me removed from a particularly sensitive situation. That situation culminated today as I was driving on a city street early this morning, when I suddenly found myself surrounded by police SUV vehicles and a cadre of police officers treating me as if I was a terrorist threat. In short, I was set-up, with police believing that I was armed and dangerous. I must say that it's alarming, even to me who has been around some tense situations in my capacity as an investigator, to be the target of such a show of force. Those who believe they will act in a certain manner when facing a number of armed officers might want to reconsider their keyboard bravado.

Anyway, it took a lot of explaining, calmness and I truly believe Divine intervention as a result of prayers from you and others that allowed me to be extricated from that situation without being incarcerated under patently false charges -- or perhaps a worse fate. Just when I believed that situation was over, a second situation developed and I again faced a host of potential charges based on false information. Again, I believe it was direct Divine intervention that diffused the situation as there is no other rational explanation. The police ultimately told me I was free to go -- that the situation was "resolved." It was surreal.

From leaving my home as a normal and free man without expectation of such drama, to the unexpected treatment as a potential suspect (of false claims) by a contingent of police, to complete freedom from arrest (or worse) in a matter of a few hours can only be explained by a blanket of Divine protection. Personally and professionally, I have never seen - and most assuredly never experienced - anything like this before, and have no earthly explanation for the turn of events that have allowed me to be sitting here typing this.

I would like to thank you and everyone involved in praying for my safety and the safety of my family. It is my belief that it was prayer and the hand of God that diffused a situation that could have turned out much, much worse. I am glad to be back in the safety of my own home, and cannot begin to express just how much of a role prayer and Godliness will play in the things we are about to experience on a larger scale.

May God bless you and everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

-Doug Hagmann

I suppose that I should repeat, for new readers who may venture here, that I was arrested on false charges by Homeland Security, and, released the very next day when the judge saw through the charges. In my case, I was arrested for assault of the Homeland Security officers, though nothing of the sort took place. They left me in a prison cell (cuffed behind my back in dire pain) for several hours while going through my computer, and finally trumped up charges, with three or four officers writing false claims in affidavits. The only reason for "justifying" this horrible act was that my post-trib and Ladon books were in the computer.

Upon being informed of the arrest, my ankles were chained, and my hands cuffed behind my back. I was put into a small unmarked car. Why was it unmarked, and why wasn't it a typical unmarked car? Instead, it looked like a private, small car. I was being driven to a jail used for over-night stays awaiting court the next day, but this small car did not jibe with such official business. On the way, the driver stopped on a bridge with deep water below it, and, upon my asking why, said that he had to wait for another officer. It made no sense, because, I'm sure, he knew the way to the jail. I could think of no reason why he had to wait for another officer, who never did arrive. So I sat there for about 20 minutes in the back seat, with a second officer in the passenger side. I was on the side closest to the railing of the bridge, and I thought they were waiting for the right time to throw me over, which reminded me of what I had known, that Masons do this very thing to political enemies. The time came when the driver started up and drove me to the jail. I thank God to this day that I was released the next day when the judge apparently saw no merit in the charges, even though officers swore my guilt in the affidavits.

Things are not angelic in America's law-enforcement agencies, and, as with the warning of Hagmann, I stress: do not show bravado, or mouth-off, if ever you are arrested for merely being a Christian who refuses the skincode. There is going to be, quite apparently, a backlash against those who continue to blow the trumpet against satanic globalism. As with Hagmann, it was surreal to be faced with trumped charges, staring several years in prison directly in the face. But I tell you, the wrath of God against these types will be merciless and furious, at the appointed time.

I have received the following email from Post Trib Network:

All the years we have been on the internet we find post tribbers around the world seeking fellowship. This is why we are trying to link 5000 post tribbers together on Facebook. All you have to do is go to and LIKE the page. We offer fellowship, keep you up to date about prophecy and endtimes in the news and much more.

God bless,
Post Tribber

Mike & Ren Baer

I had informed the leader of Post Trib Network of the dangers in getting post-tribbers to give their private information for the purpose of "advertising" it on the Post Trib Network, but now we have this idea of getting thousands of post-tribbers on the spy tool, Facebook. Is that not foolish, or what? NSA can now access all the data at the Facebook pages of all the post-tribbers. I have opposed starting an online post-trib group, in order to protect the privacy of all post-tribbers.

How easy would it be for the enemy to set up a faked post-trib website, or something just like the above, in order to gather information just before the persecution begins to take shape?

From another emailer, the following MOST-EXCELLENT story was sent:

by Betsy McGee (Mom Reporter)...

In April, after the Boston false flag, I watched a video that was taken from the finish line that is now touted as the "gripping, definitive video" of the bombings.

I realized that the videographer was filming everything BUT the area where the action was, and I wanted to know why...

A quick investigation revealed that the videographer was the sports producer, a man named Steve Silva. This, I thought, stunk to high heaven, as a "sports producer" would be someone used to taking video of fast-paced, exciting events...I knew I was looking at a deliberately jumbled and choppy video, done exactly that way on purpose so that the false flag fakery could be put into place...I even made a video about it.

A few days ago I found a video of two witnesses claiming that they just happened to see the first plane hit the first tower on 9/11...and one of the witness's names was STEVE SILVA. Imagine my surprise!...I supposed that the cabal felt that Steve did such a great job lying on 9/11, that they would use him as a star witness again, on their next big fake attack.

The article seems excellent, but wait. First, I'd like to say that I can't easily download long videos where I live, meaning that I haven't seen Betsy's. I'll just do my own research and give you the details. Steve Silva should explain the "coincidence" soon enough, if there is anything to explain. Here's Steve's own account of his being a witness to the bombings:

"I was there at the finish, shooting finish line scenes, and then bang, it just went off, and then less than 15 to 20 seconds after there was a second explosion, closer to Fairfield street," Silva said.

There was only one video of the plane that hit the first tower. I claimed (upon a vast investigation of the disaster) that it was a faked video, with the plane added into the scene. The cameraman was not filming the top of the towers when, supposedly, an airplane was heard overhead. The camera was filming a fireman on the street before any plane hit, and the fireman was seen (through the camera) to look up at the sound of a plane. I am not sure that there was a plane at all, in which case (if there wasn't one), the fireman was part of the faked plot along with the cameraman. Just as the fireman looked up to the sky, the camera panned quickly and came to a stop smack on the tower (fat chance) that was hit, showing the plane entering the building. It makes more sense that the cameraman rehearsed that move so as to get it just right, afterwhich the plane was added to the video, and finally released to the public as a real event.

My claim was that the massive holes in the towers, in the shapes of planes, were produced by explosives laid upon, or wrapped around, the steel beams of the building. I developed this claim because: 1) I could not bring myself to believe that the videos of the plane entering the second building were authentic, and; 2) I do not think a plane can enter a building as smooth as a hot knife into butter, as the videos suggested. It seems to me that the force of a plane crash into a tower's vertical beams (about 40 inches apart) should have caused the beams that are the wings (about 70 feet long if I recall correctly) to bend back while entering the building, or to snap off while entering, or to fail entering the building fully. My updates on the subject are in two main areas, which you can find by googling tribwatch and key words.

I cannot readily find many articles on Silva's connection to 9-11 due to the number of webpages featuring Betsy's story. There are few journalistic comments even on that story. The following youtube page shows Silva lighting candles at a 9-11 memorial event (how sick). In case the page or video is canceled, the title of the page is: "WTC survivor Steve Silva lights candle to 9/11 victims at ceremony" He was obviously a special "survivor."

A related article dated September 2011:

Also at the museum [in Los Angeles] was Steve Silva. On 9/11, the Southern California native, 27 at the time, had been in New York City [in the second tower] for training at a financial services firm. After seeing debris flying through the air from the north tower, he and co-workers in the south tower started down from the 61st floor [there were possibly many insiders in that building at this time for to play various roles with a pre-determined deadline to be out at a certain time. They knew that they had to go down and out. They were likely paid handsomely for their risk]...

Then a reverberating blow knocked many around him off their feet. The impact zone of the second plane, which had struck the south tower, was near where Silva had been working [as a worker there, he had access to the building for some time before the explosive day. He probably knew the plot intimately.].

He continued down as rescue workers passed, going up. Silva paused a couple of times to snap pictures with his point-and-shoot camera. There's one of a smoky stairwell, and another of Silva's co-worker framed against a burning tower above him.

After escaping the tower, Silva had to run from the surging rubble of the collapsing buildings [drama, makes him more "special" so that he can make the news / talk shows]. When he arrived later at his hotel, he discovered that his roommate had been going through his belongings, looking for a phone number to notify Silva's family that he'd been killed [more drama].

On Sunday, Silva's photos were framed and displayed along a wall of the museum.

"Not a single day passes without me thinking about this event," said Silva, who lives in La Puente.

No one else in that article got as much attention as Silva. Googling "'Steve Silva' 9-11" minus Boston gets rid of his marathon-related stories, but doesn't offer many of his activities:

Here's what SteveN Silva was doing in 2004 (three years after 9-11): [of the Boston Globe] has acquired Boston Dirt Dogs (, a popular Red Sox fan Web site, and will incorporate its content into's award-winning sports section in June...

As part of the deal, Steven Silva, founder of Boston Dirt Dogs, will join starting June 7 as a sports producer. Later in June, Boston Dirt Dogs will relaunch as a feature within the sports section.

...Boston Dirt Dogs ( launched in July 2001...

Clicking the Dirt-Dogs link above shows that Dirt Dogs was practically nothing in 2001, the year of the New York disaster. If you recall, one of the planes that "disappeared" took off from Boston. Boston Globe was purchased by the New Times in 1995, and, therefore, the two media may have been in cahoots on behalf of passing the disaster off as an al-Qaeda-led war. The infamous Mohamed Atta supposedly flew out of Boston. For how long was Silva in Boston before that day, and why did he move there? Is there any truth in the statement above: "On 9/11, the Southern California native, 27 at the time, had been in New York City for training at a financial services firm"? That is, was he really an employee of a financial-services firm?

I've found a 2012 article on 9-11 published by New York Lens, written by a Steve Silva:

I've found Portuguese Silva's and then also a Filipino named Steven Silva. Looking at a picture of Steven Silva as presented by the Betsy story, I cannot tell what nationality his parentage might have been. Wikipedia has an article on a Steven Silva (professional soccer player), born in southern California, with a Filipino-Chinese mother. On September 10, 2001, I knew a man, a Filipino, flew to the Philippines. I was wondering at the time whether he was part of the plot. I was thinking that, all or certain plotters were directed to fly away just in case the plot got blotched, with the conspirators becoming discovered. This man lived just 200 miles from Boston at the time, and has since died, a thing that could be expected (as a murder) as the 9-11 conspiracy theorists were gaining better traction.

If the article above is correct in saying that Silva was 27 on 9-11, then he's got to be 39 now. However, there is a Steven D. Silva. otherwise shown as Steven David Silva, at the webpage below (shows all 89 Steven Silva's in Massachusetts), said to be of the Dirt Dogs, but shown with an age of 50. Either someone doesn't have the facts right, or there are two Steven Silva's, one in relation to 9-11, and another in relation to the marathon.

On the other hand, the two could be related, both part of the two faked events. Here is a video picture of the Steve Silva in California; he perhaps looks older than 38. He, like the Steve Silva in the photo above this paragraph, is on the heavy side, but I cannot be sure that the two men are the same. My first guess is that they are not the same; correct me if you think otherwise. The video picture reads: "9/11 survivor Steve Silva lights a candle at the Museum of Tolerance [founded by a rabbi] alongside Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and representatives from the museum and Los Angeles Police Department. (Photo by Emma Steiner)" If the video disappears, here is the same picture from my own files:

In case Silva's listing disappears by request, he's got the addresses listed in the following locations: Fall River, MA; Brighton, MA; Waltham, MA; West Newton, MA; Allston, MA; Bostondirtdogs Com Bostondirt, MA. He also has an alternative name listed as John Dumas (perhaps an alias he's been using). The following relatives are listed: David Silva; Antonio Silva; Andre Silva; Marcel Silva. A couple of these names could indicate French background, tentatively important because the camera that supposedly caught the plane crashing into the first tower was a French company, over in America from France.

The listing also gives the following: "University of Massachusetts Amherst University of Massachusetts at Amherst Isenberg School of Management" under "Has studied at:". Other possible kin, all with Silva surnames, are shown (by mousing "View All") as Barbara, Nancy, Constance, Lincoln and Melanie. There is another Steven Silva listed, age 37, with a Constance Silva listed as a relative. There is yet another Steven Silva, age 43, with an Antone and Barbara Silva shown as relatives. Both Stevens are shown with Massachusetts addresses only.

In searching 100 men (Intelius won't give more) by the name of Steven Silva in California, there was none at the age of 39, suggesting possibly that the article above was wrong in saying that he was 27 in September of 2001. Or, perhaps he's not in the Intelius data bank, or at least not with a California home. However, there is a Steve Silva, age 31, of a San Diego address and two other addresses, one in Melrose, Massachusetts, and one in Boston, Massachusetts. A listed relative is Ismael Silva, what could indicate Arabs.

However, backing up to the Steven Silva above, age 43, we find a Sandra Bataycan listed in his family, probably Steven's wife. Checking to see what nationality the Bataycans could be, this was found: "Lorelie Ann Bataycan - Philippines | LinkedIn". Searching Intelius for "Sandra Bataycan," we find her (age 53) with a relative listed as "Steven Silvia" (could be a spelling mistake)' She is shown as Sandra M. Silvia as well as Sandra A Bataylan (yes, with an 'l' instead of a 'c').

However, there is a Steven Silvia listed, age 72 (old enough to be her father) with her as a relative. This could mean that a female Silvia by birth was of the Silvi family but married to a male Bataycan family from the Philippines. The 72-year old has worked for National Quality Review in Boston.

The Boston Dirt Dogs website has a page in memory of the people (listed) on the two planes flying out of Boston on 9-11. This was six years after (in 2007), BEFORE Steve Silva of the Dirt Dogs filmed the marathon bombing:

The New York towers were owned by a Silverstein surname (Jewish) at the time of the disaster, and then the article below suggests that "Silva" is the name of Spanish "Jews." I do not think that this surname derives in "forest," as claimed. I trace the upright, red lion of the Lee/Legh/Ligh surname to Ligurians, and then the Spanish Silva's use an upright red lion too, suggesting derivation of "Silva" in the Salyes Ligurians. The original Ligurians lived at LACYdon, and then the Lacy surname uses an upright purple lion, the symbol of the Portuguese Silva surname. Irish Lee's are in Sale colors, important because Sale's were of Cheshire, where Lee's/Leghs/Lighs were first found.

Then, the Lacy motto includes an "AUGentur" motto term, which is close to "argent," meaning SILVER. Coincidence? It may indicate that an Argent-like entity became a Hogen-like surname. It recalls that Argento elements traced to Cuneo, location of Mason-rooted Saluzzo. I highlight the AUG part of that motto because a mythical Auge entity was in the last update as the mother of the throne of satan, so to speak. [There are more clues later in this update on the Auge line to Pergamum, and it strikes me there that caesar "Augustus" may have been named after Auge elements, for her son is made the father of mythical Roma. Plus, I have identified the purple-lion Skiptons, known kin of the Lacys, with a line from the Roman general, Scipio].

The AUGENtur term speaks to me of the Hogans / Hogens, for they are a branch of Yonge's/Youngs, first found in Yorkshire, where Skiptons and Lacys were first found. The Auge surname then uses the fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the Sale (and Durant) fleur-de-lys. How about that! French Auge's were first found in Provence, where the Durance river of the Salyes Ligurians flows. Provence is the location of Draguignan, which place I've traced to the Drago river at AGRigento (Ugrian / Oeagrus term?). Scipio had protected some Ligurians when Hannibal passed through their lands to attack them.

Plus, as Steven Silva of the Dirt Dogs has an alias listed, John Dumas, I'll repeat that the write-up of the Dumas surname traces the family to Le Mas in the French area of Grasse, the Salyes theater. It is also important to say that Drake's were first found in Hampshire, where the Atrebates lived who trace to mythical "Atreus," depicted in myth with a lamb, symbol in the Arms of Grasse and in the Lamas Coat. I even found two lambs in a myth concerning Atreus' father, Menelaus (code for a Laas/Las location on Sparta's Mani peninsula), whose brother was AGAmemnon. I have never known a good stab for why the myth writer would use "Ag" in his name, but suddenly "Auge" is a possibility. Suddenly, this has suggested something new for me, that Spartans were in Provence, but then I did trace the human-sacrifice cult of Agamemnon (portrayed by his daughter, whom he sacrificed) to the founding myth of Ligurians at Lacydon, and moreover I traced the Spartan city of Laas/Las, or the Spartan peoples called LACEdeamonians, to "Lacy(don)."

Plus, I traced "Sephardics" of Spain to Sepharvites that I think named Spartans, and then the Silva surname is shown at a webpage above as belonging to Sephardic "Jews." In my strong opinion, Sephardics were largely Joktanites (Joktan was son of EBER) who named Occitania in north-eastern Spain (location of the EBRO river) and southern France, but "JOK" is now suspect, along with Hogens / Hogans, at king "Og." Reminder: it's the Lacys who use "augentur."

Myth-like Nature of Revelation's Symbolism

The book of Revelation. Only a crazy Christian would write something like that. Or God. The first chapter has the style of the epistles of John, one of Jesus' right-hand men, but it's hard to think of John as crazy. Neither his epistles nor his Gospel indicate a man with an abnormal mentality. In his letters, he's concerned for three things, that: 1) the churches practice love; 2) the churches do not follow the ways of the world; 3) the churches would not be deceived by those claiming that God did not come in the flesh.

However, if any leader in the camp of the Apostles wanted to ruin the churches, all he had to do was write something like Revelation, and send it to seven churches spread across the Anatolian world. Why would John do something like that?

Suddenly, Jesus has seven eyes and seven horns, which are the seven spirits of God. How strange to New-Testament thought. Here is the very Object of the faith of the saints, who are directed by John to practice wholesome behavior because their Leader is a very sober individual with excellent morals, and so why would John even think to change the Picture...with their Savior having seven eyes? Did John go a little loony in his old age? We never hear this sort of language from other Christian leaders. There are even paganish creatures in the throne room of God, who say nothing but, "holy, holy, holy" day and night. Forever? Why would a chief apostle want to make eternal life seem like the service of an automaton? Why would God want to be worshiped continuously by automatons being part lion, ox, and eagle, having eyes on both front and back? What is this non-sense? It smacks of Greek myth.

By sending this Revelation to seven churches in major cities, the book would have gotten easily around to most of the churches in other places. When the churches all heard what John was saying, it must have come as a shock. There are 24 "elders" surrounding the throne who bow down every time that the inexplicable creatures say, "holy, holy, holy." The elders all have harps, meaning that only musicians were qualified to be one of the elders. They all have bowls filled with incense, which are the prayers of the saints? What could that mean? That our prayers might possibly stink up the throne-room of God? Is John suggesting that our prayers go to the hash pipe of God? All the Bible tells us that God hears our prayers, and here we find that God is getting "stoned" on our prayers. It's no wonder we rarely get answered. Our prayers are just going up in smoke.

What I mean to say is that the Christian hope in eternal life does not expect this picture in Revelation. The nature of eternal life is not clearly described anywhere, but, Jesus did speak on Christians ruling cities, on great rewards, glory and joy. But Revelation is all too weird and foreign to the thinking of those who have, for thousands of years, respected the Old-Testament Creator. If Revelation was written by one of the chief apostles, he was taking great risk with the stability of the Greek churches, and one would think that he should have gotten permission from the other apostles before sending this alien thing to all the churches. One may speculate that, perhaps, Revelation was written by a Gnostic Christian, or one of those false brothers warned about in the New-Testament letters, but, the problem is, the seven letters in Revelation convey proper Christianity, everything that Jesus taught, everything taught by the Apostles, everything we expect.

Fortunately, the symbolism in Revelation is so unreal that one realizes soon enough that it was not meant to be real. Symbols are being used to express realities, but the pictures are not to be taken literally. In the first chapter, Jesus is given a new image. Under his white robe, his body glows like bronze in a furnace, and his face shines like the sun. Fine. But then there is an issue with the sword that comes out his mouth. Why would any sane apostle want to throw that image at the seven churches spread across the Greek world? It's like rocking the boat after decades of solid and laborious preaching in hopes of building churches with stable members. It's like inviting strange mystics into the churches. What if everyone started to write about Jesus in this way?

John says that Jesus holds seven stars in his hands, which are said to be the seven churches. It's like God counts only seven churches. I'm sure they made a mistake, because Jerusalem is not included. I mean, this is all Greek to me. I don't understand it. "Salvation is of the Jews," Jesus said, and yet now Jesus only holds seven Greek churches in his hand. Was John some sort of a traitor?

Apparently, John sent the Revelation after the other "12 apostles" had died, but I do not think that he was sending it as his own, personal work. I think it's a work from God, and that John therefore didn't need the permission of anyone to send it. God would take care of any fall-out issues. God is able to give discernment through the Spirit of the things He's writing about. We get tipped off right away by the sword in Jesus' mouth that the book is akin to the parables of Jesus. The sword is symbolic for the slashing that Jesus will do to the devil's imps through God's words. No problem, we can understand it. But some of the symbols are quite difficult.

So, in reality, Jesus' face may not shine like the sun, and his feet may not be glow at all. I suggest that his seven eyes represent all-seeing, all-understanding. The four automatons do not really exist, but are symbolic for the centrality and Highness of God by which He taunts satan. The 24 elders don't really play harps, and the bowls of incense are symbolic of God's enjoyment in good prayers, not unlike a man delighting in the smell of a good cigar. The seven stars are for the churches spread throughout the roots of satan's kingdom, and, yes, Greek myth had seven stars too. God is responding to satan in like kind, taunting him. As a Christian who has delved deeply into mythical topics, I have claimed that certain symbols in Revelation speak specifically to the satanic bloodline that produced the myths. Revelation speaks directly to satan himself, and to his demons, taunting them.

In the last update, I dealt on some mythology at Pergamum, one of the seven churches in Revelation. I mentioned mythical Hiera because she was at Pergamum, the wife of the founder of Pergamum. I identified her with "HIEROsolyma," the Greek version of "Jerusalem." In that picture, Jerusalem is likened to the woman married by the founder of Pergamum, which city Revelation calls, "the throne of satan." Think about that, the connection of an ancient Jerusalem with the very throne of the devil.

I do not view mythical gods stemming from real people having the name, Zeus, Hermes, or Apollo, and I have long come to trace the major Greek gods to pre-Israeli, pagan Jerusalem. That's the only reason that I can confidently link Pergamum to Jerusalemites.

It was said in the last update that, Telephus, Hiera's husband, was made the father of mythical Roma, the personification of Rome, the global seat of satan according to Daniel 7, and, I think, according to Revelation 12 and 13 itself. In such a picture, Hiera can be likened to the Roman harlot of Revelation 17 as she evolved into Rome. But she was not the Jerusalem of Israel, but rather of the inhabitants prior to David taking Jerusalem as part of God's taunt against satan. The Lord is going to thoroughly enjoy the destruction of this devil because he has caused Him great sorrows in the horrible acts committed...while God has temporarily placed the world under his authority.

I've always had trouble trying to identify what "Tel" may have alluded to in mythology, but just now, mythical "Delphus" came to mind as the meaning of "Telephus." Delphus was the personification of Delphi, a real city of the non-real Apollo, and then we even find Apollo in Revelation 9. There was even a mythical "Delphos," son of Apollo, but I didn't know until loading the page at the link above that: "Isle of Delphos, a former name for the island of Delos, mythological birthplace of Apollo"

So, Apollo's worshipers are suspect as the representation of Telephus at Pergamum. Apollo was made the sun god of the Greeks, though Helios is better known as such. But Helios was the god of Rhodes, where satanic TELchines lived, who are known to have origins at Sicyon, only a couple of miles from Corinth. In the last update, Corinth came up as part of a discussion on "Korah's rebellion" against Moses; it was suggested, with some evidence, that "Korah" was a term that lived on though some of his followers to the point of naming Chora on Patmos, where Revelation was written (nothing under discussion here was yet conceived at that time). John had been arrested on false charges and sent to exile on Patmos. Did God arrange for Patmos for any special reason? Was this another taunt against satan? Did satan count Patmos sacred to himself in a most-special way? Was the 666 bloodline there i.e. a cult that viewed the 6 digit as sacred?

Myth gave Apollo many mates in acting for symbolism of people movements / migrations and alliances. One mate, Coronis, smacks of "Corinth," but she also reflects "Cronus," the father of Zeus, begging the question of whether the Cronus and/or Chora entity had been in Jerusalem. In the past, I traced "Cronus" and his father, "Uranus," to Horites as they stemmed from "Haran," a Mesopotamian city through which Abraham must have passed en route to Israel. It made great sense because Esau, Abraham's grandson, went to live amongst Horites of Edom. However, the theory now is, not that "Cronus" is a version of "Haran / Uranus," as I once speculated, but that "Korah"-ites named Cronus, meaning that this dark god's name developed from a Koran-like term.

That is extremely interesting in that Korah was supported by Levites. We can imagine some of them setting Korah up as a martyr, and later as a god, due to his being felled by an act of God. If I am correct to peg "Keturah" as the makings of "Satyr," then know this: many writers equate Saturn (the god) with Cronus, suggesting a Keturah alliance with the cult of Korah. There is even reason to speculate that Keturah's grandson, Dedan, living not very long before Korah, named "Titan," the group of mythical characters (in Greece) who were heavily involved with Cronus.

It is also extremely interesting that a Koran-like term conjures up the Muslim bible. Imagine if the Muslims to this day are from Korah's rebellion. Korah was sunk into the depths of the earth when the land opened up on he and his Levite followers, a small picture of Armageddon wherein the mountains and islands disappear due to a quaking and massive shifting of land. I am now keeping eyes peeled for any Koran-like term at Amorite Jerusalem, Bethlehem, or Hebron.

Myth made Corinth (ruled by the house of Hermes) controlled by the Attis > Lydus cult (this was touched upon in the last update too) as it evolved into Hermes out of Lydia. Pergamum is in what was then Lydia. I was amazed to discover, in the last update, that the Biblical king Og, a Rephaite out of the south-east side of Jerusalem, traced to peoples in proto-Attica. It's a region said by some to be named after "Attis" (a sun god). Proto-Attica was the home of a mythical Ogyges dragon, and then Lydia had a quasi-mythical Gyges king in the time of Ezekiel's Gog, and moreover I showed how king Og at Bethlehem could certainly be named in honor of Gogarene/Gugar, the general area of Armenia (i.e. on the Aras river) where I had traced Hera (Zeus' only wife), Hermes, and Ares (the latter was the owner of the Ogyges dragon).

I'm assuming that Hera and Hiera (the latter was an Amazon) were identical entities so that Telephus was, in effect, identical with whatever Uranus>Cronus>Zeus represented. A Hiera-Hera equation would trace Hera to an alliance with Muses at Parnassus, opposite the waters from Corinth. Muses were Mysians = Amazons i.e. just like Hiera. To this it can be added that Ephesus and Smyrna, two other churches amongst the seven of Revelation, are known to have been founded by Amazons, who, as Trojan allies could be expected at Parion. I am making the Hera connection to Parnassus due to this: "In Greek mythology, Delphus or Delphos was the person from whom the town of Delphi was believed to have derived its name...In other accounts [Delphus] was a son of Apollo by Celaeno, the daughter of HyaMUS and granddaughter of Lycorus [a wolf entity]..." The latter two were from mount Parnassus...which term I trace to "Parion," home of the Gorgonic (i.e. ugly) Muses in Mysia to which Hephaestus must trace because he was given an ugly symbol by Hera.

In the last update, Parion (home of Hector) traced to Ogyges by way of Hector, symbol of the (H)Ectenes, the peoples of proto-Attica to which Ogyges belonged. The Ectenes were shown to lead to the Acton surname honored by the Croatia-based Cravens, important here because Croatians trace to Gareb, smack beside the valley of Rephaim, named by the people to which Ogyges-suspect Og belonged. Gog is found in Revelation 20 as the entity that rules the globe in a final assault on God, on behalf of satan the miserable.

[The paragraph above was written before I wrote the piece earlier on the Auge surname. I then found that the Auge write-up traces to a CREVecoeur location: "First found in Auge, as De Augo from Crevecoeur, Calvados, in Normandy." Isn't that wild? It's suggesting that mythical Auge was indeed of the Ogyges bloodline to the Acton-Craven family!! There is a Crevecoeur Coat using the bend of the Sale's. Aha! Crevecoeur's were first found in Kent, location of Axton! As per the Cregor variation, see the Sale colors used by Craigs, whom in the Carrick write-up are said to be Carrick ancestors.

If you recall, the Auge surname linked hard to the Skiptons, who lived in Craven of Yorkshire!!! That discussion started while seeking Masonic links to the Silva surname...that may have been from an ancient Argent-like term developing from an Auge-like term. If this was true, Argentera in Cuneo's Stura region is suspect from king Og, important because, while Keturah is suspect by other arguments in alliance with Og's elements, her lines have traced to Cuneo (especially to the Stura valley) by other methods. She traced as the Cutter surname to Saluzzo, where Silva's traced when they connected well to Sale's. Sullivans were definitely a line from the Salyes, wherefore the black boar of Sullivans is suspect from the boar symbol of Kodros (= proto-Cutters) in Athens. I can't get online from where I'm now writing, but if I recall correctly, Sullivan's use an upright red lion, a Silva symbol. If I recall correctly, the Sullivan lion is red on gold, the color of the Dutch Bush/Bosch lion, important, not only because Busca is beside Saluzzo, but because English Bush's likewise use the black boar.]

Hephaestus, who I think represented "Ephesus," was made a son of Hera, but to show how he related strongly to her, he was at times made her son without a male partner at all. His island of Lemnos (beside Samothrace) is off the Mysian coast. By the fact that Hera's main stomping grounds were Samos and Argos, she is easily identify-able as the SAMSon-rooted Danaans, and as such she is a part of the Hercules or HERAcles cult (because Samson evolved into Hercules). Myth writers made Hercules a descendant of the Danaans of Argos, but also made his descendants the rulers of Mysia for over 500 years until the very time that the father of king Gyges (Lydia) took over the Mysians. It's not coincidental that Hephaestus had a Kabeiri cult on Samothrace, named after Samos, the latter directly off the coast from Ephesus.

Quite apparently, the Jerusalemite carriers of Hera and Hephaestus, while allied to Samson elements, landed in Samos before starting a Kabeiri cult in Samothrace and Lemnos. The founders of the Kabeiri cult in Samothrace were pegged by the ancients as the same family (of DarDANUS) that founded the Trojans i.e. who eventually landed as Ectene elements in Parion, and who led Trojans in the Trojan war, led by AGamemnon on the Greek side. One may now speculate that the Trojan war (the real one, not the mythical one) was Ectenes verses Og>Auge elements. When Paris stole Helen from Agamemnon's brother to start the war, it may have represented the city of Parion in an unwanted alliance with Spartan people from the Elah valley, which extended south from the Valley of Rephaim.

Then, "Samos is a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea, south of Chios, north of Patmos..." Lets for the moment imagine that Korah elements were at Chora of Patmos, a windy-Sunday sail from Samos so that the inhabitants of both found friendship. Or, they were friends even before reaching either island. As I'm sure that Chora was represented by Coronis, it puts the Korah cult in the camp of the Lapiths (as per the ancestry of Coronis). It also suggests that the Korah-ites (my term) were dark skinned, as per the crow symbol of Coronis, and, moreover, tends to trace them to the raven-depicted vikings...fundamental with Templarism.

Myth writers made Apollo, a Lydio-Lycian wolf line, a mate with Amazons of the Celaeno entity, and if true that this Delphus line went to Telephus at Pergamum, then it was a chief line of the satanic throne. It underscores a need to find what Celaeno represented. There is a star by that name beside the star, Electra, and the latter was named after the Electryon bloodline that birthed Hercules. This was the Atlas line, for Celaeno and Electra were made daughters of Atlas. How many daughters? SEVEN. As in seven stars, for all daughters made it to the Pleiades constellation. Therefore, is God taunting this Atlas line when he depicted Jesus with seven stars representing seven Greek churches with a throne at the feet of Telephus? The Telchines of Rhodes were beside Antalya/ATTALeia, where I trace "ATLas."

In the following, note the star that represents Taygeti in Sparta, a mountain system that on it's southern end was the Mani peninsula, home of Menelaus and his wife, Helen above:

"The Pleiades whose stars are these:--Lovely Teygata, and DARK-FACED [caps mine] Elektra, and Alkyone [Hercules' mother was Alcmene], and bright Asterope, and Kelaino (Celaeno), and Maia, and Merope, whom glorious Atlas begot."

Why is the Hercules bloodline pegged as the dark-skinned one? Does it relate to the Coronis crow at Patmos? I would say, yes. The writer of the article makes an excellent case for identifying Celaeno with mythical Klonie at Thebes, yet another Kabeiri center. Klonie was made a granddaughter of Asopus, and then there was an Asopus river at Sicyon / Corinth, where Telchines had origin as per mythical Telchis.

Where the Apollo entity figures in at Pergamum, it shouldn't be a coincidence that Apollo's symbol was the harp, i.e. that's why the 24 elders are holding harps, apparently, to taunt this Apollo cult. Assuming that Telephus corresponds to Delphus, and therefore to the sun god, Apollo, it's not a wonder that Revelation opens up with Jesus having the face of the sun. And the Telchines on Rhodes must have been a cult of Helios there. In a myth wherein Helios' son crashes a solar chariot into Eridanus, the son is named Phaethon. It just so happens that, when Apollo conquered Delphi, it had the alternative name, Pythos. This explains why, in some accounts, Phaethon is viewed as the son of Apollo rather than Helios.

Phaethon's mother was made the wife of king Merops of Ethiopia, who traces to Merops of Kos, an island between Rhodes and Samos. This Merops line goes on to Aedon of Thebes, home also of Celaeno, part-founder (with Apollo) of Delphi. The dark skin of Electra, therefore, seems to be from Merops of Ethiopia, an idea supported where Electra's sister was Merope. Atlas (first-born of Poseidon), unbeknown to others but known to me, was a Pisidian peoples...depicted by Poseidon, which not only traces Poseidon to Ethiopia, as the ancients did, but explains why a couple of the seven Pleiades stars mated with Poseidon.

I have claimed that Apollo's mother (Leto) is code for a Lydian line to the Ladon dragon (= proto-Latins), but I have not understood until now that Leto should have been heavily at Pergamum (part of Mysia initially, but taken over by Lydia in times after king Gyges/Gugu). It easily explains why the first Roman caesars (especially Augustus) honored Latona, the Roman version of Leto. There is a real possibility here that "Augustus" is from "Auge," mother of Telephus. In Revelation 17, the seven heads of the dragon are revealed as Roman caesars, the sixth one being the one ruling when Revelation was written. The first three can thereby be identified as Caligula, Claudius and Nero, all from the Augustus bloodline (via Caligula's mother, Agrippina, granddaughter of Augustus).

Leto had her twins, Apollo and Artemis, on Delos, but I didn't know until now that the island was "Delphos" initially. Wikipedia's article on Leto's mother (Phoebe) traces her to LatMUS, location of Elis elements (of Endymion) as well as the location of Selene (moon goddess), who smacks of "Celaeno." The term "Selene," is said to be from "selini," an old Greek word for moon, and, if true, "Selene" is not quite a term for a people group, but is mere word play for a real people group (or place name) that sounds like "selini." That's why she may have been the Celaeno Pisidians before that wordplay was applied.

I explained (last update) how Keturah (Abraham's second wife) migrated with the Og-branch Rephaites to proto-Athens in becoming the Ogyges dragon, but I did not then repeat a theory from a few years back, that Leto traces back to Letushites, who in Genesis 25 are a tribe from the sons of Keturah with Abraham. Another tribe from Keturah and Abraham, the Leummites, were traced tentatively to the naming of Lemnos, the island of H(i)era's son (Hephaestus) at Ephesus, the home of Pandareus, mythical son of Merops of Kos. Then, while Leto's father was Koios: "The island of Kos is claimed as [Leto's] birthplace." I must have glossed over that part, or, perhaps I didn't understand the significance at the time if ever I had read it before, but, as Hephaestus was in an obvious merger with Kos elements, Leto's birth in Kos now convinces me that Letushites and Leummites do trace to Leto and Lemnos respectively.

Another theory that I developed, but did not focus on again, was that mythical "Titan" was from "Dedan." As Leto's parents were both Titan's, it's interesting indeed that both the Letushites and Leummites are said (Genesis 25) to be from Dedan, grandson of Abraham and Keturah.

As Abraham is at the root of any Keturah line, it speaks to another of my claims, that God took Abraham as a twig from the satanic / dragon bloodline (Babylon) because He determined to use the Israeli tree to wipe out satan. The fact that the Roman harlot of Revelation is named Babylon should speak to Abraham's pagan ancestors, when they, as Europeans much later, ride upon the back of satan in the end times. Europeans proper should trace to mythical Europa, who rode the back of a bull in mythology. Ezekiel 28 must be referring to Europa's Tyrian household when the prophet identifies satan as a king of Tyre. Her brother, CadMUS (founder of Thebes), a Cadusii peoples from Pan-rooted Panias, traces well to the Kos line that ended up in Thebes as PANdareus' daughter.

Kos was the name of an Edomite owl cult, but then there was an ancient name ("aSCALAphus") for "owl" that was very much like "Asclepios," son of Coronis. In other words, the Skala and Chora locations on Patmos related to the island of Kos, some 50 miles south of Patmos. "[Ascalaphus] betrayed the fact that Persephone had eaten a pomegranate in the underworld, something that she was forbidden to do. Ascalaphus was punished by being turned into an owl (Ovid V, 534)"

Ascalaphus was made a son of Acheron, a Koren- or Coronis-like term. Another writer made Ascalaphus a grandson of Actor. As this particular Actor (there were many myth characters with that name) was from Boiotia, zowie, that's where Ogyges (the ECTene) was originally from.

Hecate Must be the Statue of Liberty

It just so happens that while Keturah's sons were traced to Ectenes, the latter were identified (see last update) with mythical Hecate, the goddess of the Aeetes branch of Attis out of Corinth. It just so happens that Leto was given a third child, "Asteria, a star-goddess who bore an only daughter Hecate." In this picture, Hecate was viewed fundamentally with Apollo and Artemis. Then, the city of Lagina, at the Ephesus theater, had a temple to Hecate. She was clearly associated closely with Titans in her mythology.

The Lycorus character above (grandfather of Delphus) was himself made a son of Apollo, but look at the woman appointed for this code work, as she might apply to "Chora" on Patmos: "In Greek mythology, LyCORus or Lycoreus was a son of Apollo and the nymph CORYCia. After him a city was named Lycoreia (later Delphi..." It just so happens that, "By Phorcos, [Hecate] became the mother of Scylla," a place tracing to "Skala" on Patmos. What's incredible here is, not just that Ectenes are tracing to both cities on Patmos, but that the Hebrew for "Korah" is "KORAKH," too much like "Corycia" to be ignored.

Reminder: Charybdis, the fellow monster of Scylla, traces to Charops > Oeagrus > Orpheus. From the last update: Orpheus is said to have established the worship of Hecate in AEGina." There is just no doubt in my mind: Hecate is from Og the Rephaite, especially as Aegina is in Attica.

When suggesting that mythical Hecuba/Hecabe (mother of king Hector) was a Hecate cult, I did not know the following: "The [black-dog symbol of Hecate] was originally the Trojan Queen Hekabe..." That easily connects Hecate elements in Parion to Parnassus.

In the Parnassus article: "According to Greek mythology, [Parnassus] was sacred to Apollo and the Corycian nymphs, and the home of the Muses...While Orpheus was living with his mother and his eight beautiful aunts [i.e. the nine Muses] on Parnassus, he met Apollo who was courting the laughing muse Thalia. Apollo became fond of Orpheus and gave him a little golden lyre, and taught him to play it. "

The above now suggests that Apollo was a Keturah-based cult out of Kos that came to merge with Selene at Latmus (beside Ephesus), and together they mated, as Apollo and Celaeno, to birth Delphus, meaning they migrated both to Delos and to Delphi. Latmus became the theater of mythical Sarpedon of Crete, whom I peg as a Garebite entity, meaning that Sarpedon traces back to the valley of Rephaim, which valley connects with the Elah valley that I traced (last update) tentatively to "Elis." Is it a coincidence that Endymion, first king of Elis, was in love with Selene?

Hecate was identified above as a Rephaite entity at Lagina, near Latmus. As dogs were sacrificed to her, it reminds of when I joked, "Rafah, Rafah, Rafah, I want to go to Rafah." I was putting a bark into the mouth of "Bark" Obama at a time when portraying him as a dog. I have just read that Hecate was associated with a Gale cult using a polecat as symbol, otherwise described as a marten, and then the only heraldic marten I know of is used by Dunhams, though this may be code for the Martin surname. In any case, Rafah is near Gaza and Gath, and then Goliath, who was in the Elah valley fighting David, was a Gittite, the name of Gath's inhabitants. As Garebites are expected in the Elah theater, that's now a good reason to trace "Rafah" to "Arrapha," the city that was also "ARABkha," a Gareb-like term. Look at how the marten traces to Hercules i.e. who I traced to Arrapha:

"The inhabitants of Thebes, although Greeks, worship a marten {Galanthis}, so I hear, and allege that it was the nurse of Herakles..."

"I have heard that the land-marten (or polecat) was once a human being [i.e. code for a mythical Galinthias, friend of Hercules' mother]. It has also reached my hearing that Gale [code for Galli transvestites?] was her name then; that she was a dealer in spells and a sorceress (Pharmakis); that she was extremely incontinent, and that she was afflicted with abnormal sexual desires. Nor has it escaped my notice that the anger of the goddess Hekate transformed it into this evil creature."

This marten became the pet of Hecate, and so there we have two entities (Hecate and Hercules) that had traced to Arrapha.

In my opinion, Apollo was mythical Pelops, who conquered the Elis area when a son of Endymion (Epeios) was ruling it. In the last update, it appeared that Hiera at Pergamum was identical with Hippodamia, Pelops' wife. I get it. The Baal cult at the valley of Hinnom, beside the valley of Rephaim, evolved into Apollo and Pelops while the Garebites of that Jerusalem area became Hiera and Hippodamia (both Amazons = Muses).

As Selene was made the moon goddess for being a sister of Helios on Rhodes, it reminds me of my trace of proto-Apollo to Rhodes (I didn't know that Apollo was out of neighboring Kos until this update), from Arpad in Syria (I reasoned that Rhodes was named after the "Arados" spelling of Arpad). I traced Apollo's harp to ARPad elements, though this may have been hasty, but in light of the new information here, which is not as confusing to me as it may be to you, it seems that "SARPEDon" is code for "Arpad" elements. Just view "Arpad" as a Charpad > Harpad term that can be softened with an 'S'. I have traced mythical Charops to the Carpi / Arpii who named the Carpathians (the Carpi are shown in proto-Hungary in the map below). But here I now find that while Delphus was made a son of harp-toting Apollo with Celaeno, there was "another" mythical Celaeno, "one of the Harpies, whom Aeneas [founder of the Romans] encountered at Strophades."

To help prove that Endymion (Anat / Antalya suspect) associates with Hiera, Endymion's grandson, Augeas (king of Elis), smacks of Auge, mother of Telephus (husband of Hiera). Auge's father, Aleus (king in Arcadia, beside Elis), smacks of "Elis." Augeas was a cattle rancher, code no doubt for the Baal bull. Most often, Augeos was made the son of Helios, but also of an Eleios (appears to trace Helios to an Elei entity), a term that can perhaps be from the Elah valley. It's feasible that "Auge" is an alternative "OAEGrus," in which case Auge traces to the Charops line of Garebites, which I know to be from Arpad.

In this picture, the Greek aiga / aix / aega / aex term for "goat" can be from Og terms, stressing why Keturah is to be viewed in alliance with Og. You can read online that "The goat was always associated with the cult of Hera," which for me traces Satyrs to Horites at Seir, suggesting simply that Keturah was allied with Horites...which does not necessarily contradict a Mede ancestry for her because Horites were in the Iran theater too.

Reminder: the Elah valley was a valley of oaks, and for all we may know, "oak" was named by Og, or vice versa. The Greeks called oaks by dryas-like terms, and there was a mythical Dryas whom I traced to proto-Druids between the Hebros and the Carpathians, smack where Oeagrus is predicted to have been. But, more specifically, I traced Dryas to "Odrysians" (a real peoples) on the Hebros. Dryas was made the son or father of an Edonian king, and while Edonians (and the Satrae) lived on the Strymon, see below that Hecate (and therefore) Hecuba were traced by ancients to principal peoples on the Strymon (term evokes Hecate's mother, Asteria), but take special note (in the quote below) of an Apachnas-like term, for I traced Hecuba and Hector specifically to pharaoh Apachnas. If that's not enough, I traced Apachnas by his other name to the Caeni peoples off the Hebros river, and that term smacks of the Latin term for dog / canine (i.e. this may imply that Hecate got her dog symbol for being at least a part of the Caeni).

The Caeni were not far north of Parion, the latter being where the Hecate family definitely lived. Agamemnon married the Lysimachia location between Parion and the Caeni. I may be the only writer that traces Hector and Paris to Parion, and moreover I identified Paris with Perseus, the same entity, no doubt, as Hecate's father. Understand that this Perseus line at Joppa was identified by me loosely as the 600 Benjamites as they were developing into the proto-Roman Japodes, important because Romans traced themselves to a she-wolf while Hecuba and Hecate were specifically she-dogs. See that the three-body Hecate cult was essentially made a daughter of Perseus here:

"The maiden daughter of Perseus, Brimo Trimorphos (Three-formed), shall make thee {Queen Hekabe of Troy} her attendant {after her transformed into a dog}, terrifying with thy baying in the night all mortals who worship not with torches the images of Zerynthia {Hekate} queen of Strymon {in Thrake}, appeasing the goddess of Pherai with sacrifice. And the island spur of Pakhynos {in Sikelia, Sicily} shall hold thine {Hekabe's} awful cenotaph..." (Hecate article above)

I have no idea at this moment why Hecate was given the alternative names, Brimo Trimorphos and Zerynthia. I'm now thinking that a Brimo entity may have been what God was taunting in the four-faced creatures of Ezekiel. "Brimo is the 'furious' aspect of the Furies. In the solemn moment when Medea picks the dire underworld root for Jason, she calls SEVEN [caps mine] times upon Brimo..." Wasn't seven the special number in Revelation's eyes and horns? For whatever you may be able to parse out of this: "The Thessalian or Thracian word Brimo was foreign in Attica. Brimo-Hecate was worshipped at Pherae in Thessaly and has connections with Orphic religion, in which Persephone was prominent. The Alexandra of Lycophron makes clear that when Hecuba is to be transformed into one of the hounds of the triple Hecate, Brimo is an epithet of the Thessalian goddess of the Underworld." Thessaly, the location of mount Olympus, and the home of Ixion. The Hyksos, right?

Brimo means "fury." It's the picture of Armageddon. Assuming that Revelation 4 uses a Brimo theme to speak to it, to taunt it, let's trace the sword in the mouth of Jesus in Revelation 1 to where that sword-in-mouth is the weapon of Armageddon in Revelation 19. Then, assuming that the Bremmer surname traces to Brimo elements, note that the Bremmer Coat is an erect sword, a known symbol of Ares used by Bistones of ancient Cyrene, home of Coronis-related Apollo worshipers (i.e. Bistones can trace to the Hecate cult by way of her being a niece of Apollo). Ares, the war god, would be the fury symbol of the Thracians, naturally. Note that the Bremmer sword is white on black, the colors of Libya and many groups thereof. The same colors are used by Brome's/Brooms who had traced easily to the "sprig of broom" code used by Plantagenets. German Brome's (use the Bram/Brem lion) have another erect sword, but see it yet again in the Biston Crest.

The Bistones may trace to the Bessi Thracians, the priests of the Satrae. In that the Boofima cult of Africa was a goat-sacrifice cult as it transformed into Baphomet in Europe, a Bistones trace back to Satrae = Satyrs speaks well to the Bessi>Bistones as founders of Boofima. I did trace Keturah's sons fundamentally to Boofima, partly due to my suspicions that Satrae-like terms evolved from her name. The Keturah-point here is that "Brimo" may have root in the evolution of "Abram/Abraham," but then it strikes me this very second to note "Brimo" similarity with "Priam." Wow, I had even traced Boofima's Imperi peoples to Paris and Priam at Parion! I would therefore suggest that Brimo-Hecate was a description of Priam, husband of Hecuba!! Of course. Remember, Ares traces to the Armenians in merger with Arrapha, the root of Rephaim.

Of great interest now is that Brims use fish (in a vertical = erect direction), a symbol carried by Keturah elements from fish-depicted Kodros of Athens to Kotor, the latter location near Bar!!! It suggests that B(a)rim elements were at Bar, but those exclamatons are for my (old) trace of this Bar location to Bar-le-Duc (France), which uses curved fish in its Arms (!), the symbol of the Brims! And Bar-le-Duc is in the Moselle theater, otherwise known as the Little Meuse river, what can certainly trace to the Muses at Parion because Troyes and Paris (the cities) are not far from the river. As Muses of Parion trace to PARNassus, see the fish, in the colors of the Bar-le-Duc fish, in the French BARNey Coat.

Fish are used also by the Keons and Kane's, and then, as I said, the Caeni were not far north of Parion. Click this map to enlarge and navigate, and see the Caeni at the lower-right corner. As I traced the Imperi peoples also to mount Bermium (shown in southern Macedonia) because the Boofima goat had traced to king Midas elements at Bermium, note similarity of "BERMium" with "Brimo," for Bermium is in the Thessaly theater...while Brimo was said to be a term from Thessaly.

If you are catching my drift, Bar looks like it may have evolved through an evolution of "Abram," though "Parium" and "Bermium," because Bar is near Kotor, named after Keturah elements.

On the left side of the map, north on the Illyrian coast from Butua (shown), Kotor and Bar, there is an island, Pharia/Pharos, that was founded by the people on Paros, and the latter are said to be the founders also of Parion/Parium: "[Paros" sent out colonies to Thasos and Parium on the Hellespont." On the coast from Pharia, see the Naro river and Narensus as a whole, for it is a fact (that only I seem to know as far as online articles go) that this place represented mythical Nereus and his wife, Doris, depicted in myth as fish. The Saraca's/Saraka's (see their Wikipedia article), who were originally in Kotor (not shown beside Butua), but later in Ragusa not far south of the mouth of the Naro, use a fish in their Arms. (As this was later Croatia, the Crevacoeurs could trace to Saraca's if the Craigs / Carricks do).

In the last update, for the first time ever, thanks to my eyes being opened to the meaning of the Rephaim valley at Jerusalem, I was able to take a stab at the meaning of "Orpheus," a term I have never understood, or realized the representation of. The term is rooted in "Orph," which brings nothing to mind that can apply well. But, after tracing his father, Oeagrus, to Og (the Rephaite), because Oeagrus' father, Charops, had long-before been traced to mount Gareb, beside the Rephaim valley, I spotted that an O-less "Orph" was a potential Reph term. There must have been an Oreph-like term that lost the 'e'. The myth-gleaned picture wherein the Og / Rephaite bloodline meets up with Delphus elements looks to be identical to the Hierosolyma marriage to Telephus, does it not?

In keeping with a trace of Keturah elements here that would correspond to the heart of the dragon bloodline at Pergamum, let it be repeated that "Keturah" may have named "Satyr." "The most famous story in which Orpheus figures is that of his wife Eurydice [I have no solid idea what her syllables refer to]...While walking among her people, the Cicones [or Kikons], in tall grass at her wedding, Eurydice was set upon by a satyr. In her efforts to escape the satyr, Eurydice fell into a nest of vipers and suffered a fatal bite on her heel." That's codeword for the dragon cult that she belonged to, and the Satyr was not added to her story on a whim. She, of the Kikon-branch Thracians (or Dracos), was related to Satyrs = the Satrae Thracians. Therefore, Garebites (i.e. Orpheus) had fused with the Satrae-related Kikons (same stuff as the Og-Keturah alliance back at Jerusalem), whom I view portrayed as Ixion, a ruler of Lapiths...who were on Lesbos, smack off the coast of Pergamum. There was a common 'l' to 'r' switch (or vice-versa) in ancient terms so that "Perg" may have been from "Peleg" (Joktan's brother), for one Lapith ruler was Phlegyas (father of Coronis).

In Wikipedia's article on Hecate, not only is she said to have the torch symbol, but one of her statue's, called Hecate Chiaramonti, is shown with six long spikes (like horns) extending from her head, in the very shape of the spikes extending from the head of the Statue of Liberty; the latter likewise holds a torch. And while Hecate's spikes look like horns, note that the Statue of Liberty as SEVEN of them: "The seven rays form a halo or aureole. They evoke the sun, the seven seas, and the seven continents, and represent another means, besides the torch, whereby Liberty enlightens the world." That's just so much rubbish, though I will agree that the sun-god is possibly part of its meaning.

The question is, did Hecate ever have SEVEN such horns? Her statue above is missing one in the forehead, and could certainly have had one there. Is Revelation, therefore, taunting the Hecate cult while America honors it? Perhaps I'm way off base to be suggesting these things. I don't wish to muddy or blaspheme the Revelation symbols; that's not my intent. Note that the Hecate statue has three heads, two of them looking backward, and thus there are eyes all around, front and back, a picture similar to the creatures of God's throne room with eyes front, back, and everywhere. Hecate's mother, Asteria, refers to the stars, and then while Jesus holds seven stars and stands in the midst of seven lampstands, the latter symbols could be taken as torches. Hecate was given only two torches, but that's the number of the lampstands in the book of Zechariah, which are the two lampstands in Revelation 11. Zechariah is given a vision of a disgusting woman in a pot, what appears to be a witchcraft symbol, and this pot is associated with Babylon, home of ISHTAR, who is likely implied in "Asteria."

As Hecate had a temple at Lagina, which was the theater of Selene, the latter may have been a word-play term for the Hecate cult, in which case Hecate was the sister of Helios i.e. a cult out of nearby Rhodes. It's said online that "Selene / selini" meant "moon" in ancient Greece, but I haven't been able to verify that.

Revelation has particular parts that reflect back on Ezekiel texts, and the four Revelation creatures (in God's throne room) is one of them. "Ezekiel describes the 'living beings' as having the shape of a man, with four faces, that of man, lion, ox and eagle, and four wings..." Revelation's four creatures each have four heads, one of a man, lion, ox and eagle. Then, "Historical depictions and descriptions show [Hecate's three bodies] facing in three different directions...the later Greek Magical Papyri sometimes refer to her as also having the heads of animals..." Likely, this concept in Hecate was adopted from an earlier Brimo entity, but in no way am I saying that Ezekiel's vision honors it or Hecate, for she is a witchcraft cult, and as such is despised by the God of Israel. It may be that his vision was a taunt against the Brimo cult of Ares-related Trojans, and that the taunt has a bone to pick with the all-seeing-eye of the Ares dragon bloodline, from Horus.

Actually, I don't know whether Ares stemmed from Horus, or whether they were two branched of the same proto-Rus peoples. The Redones of southern France were also called Russi so that Rhodes seems to be the origin of the Rus. Either by coincidence or not, Cimmerians, who are pegged as naming the Rhodes city of Kamiros, had a puppet king in Urartu (= proto-Armenia, location of the Aras river) by the name of Rusa. I've read about a Caucasian people on the north shores of the Black sea named "Hros," which seems to be the origin of the Horus term. It's known that the very Cimmerians who conquered Urartu (8th century BC) had previously lived on the north shores of the Black sea, which was the "far north" in Ezekiel's time.

By the way, the Ares dragon was also Ladon, which the myth writers gave 100 heads, though a Lotan dragon in Syria was given seven heads, which is likely in view with the seven-headed dragon of Revelation. Ares is thought to have been the Thracian Horseman, and then "hross" came to mean "horse" to certain Nordics.

Aha, that reminds me, that mythical creatures with 100 hands and 50 heads were called HEKATonchires, a term that easily makes for "Hecate/Hekate."

According to Hesiod, the Hekatonkheires were children of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (sky). They were thus part of the very beginning of things...Their names were Briareus the Vigorous, also called Aigaion, Latinised as Aegaeon, the "sea goat", Cottus the Striker or the FURIOUS, and Gyges or Gyes the Big-Limbed.

The capitals are mine to remind us of the Brimo fury, but of special note is that Gyges is the one who gets the long-limb features of a giant, evoking my trace of the giant Og (the Bible gives him a bed some 13 feet long) to "Ogyges"...the Ares dragon according to ancients! There are three Hekatonchires so as to explain Hecate's three bodies, but then there is a fourth name as though, perhaps, the three became four, the number of Ezekiel's / Revelation creatures. One myth concerning the Hekatonchires evokes Apollo of Revelation 9, where he is the leader of locusts having faces like humans, hair like women, and scorpion stings:

Soon after they were born their father Uranus threw them into the depths of Tartarus because he saw them as hideous monsters. In some versions Uranus saw how ugly the Hekatonkheires were at their birth [Hephaestus was given an ugly symbol at his birth) and pushed them back into Gaia's womb...

The Hekatonkheires remained there, guarded by the dragon Campe, until Zeus rescued them...During the War of the Titans the Hekatonkheires threw rocks as big as mountains, one hundred at a time, at the Titans.

Then, in the Campe article: "Campe was a dragon with a woman's head and torso and a scorpion-like tail...More rare depictions describe her as holding a scythe [like a sickle, symbol of Uranus], being serpentine from the waist down [reminds of Hercules' snake woman, mother of Scythes] with a scorpion's tail with snake hair [Gorgon symbol] and three animal heads around the waist with wings on her shoulders."

Hmm, okay, she had a human face and three animals, and Ezekiel saw a similar vision about a century (I don't know the exact date off-hand) after the Cimmerians and Royal Scythians (I say they were Ezekiel's Gog) came down from the far north. We soon-after find king Gyges in Lydia (where also the Cimmerians conquered into) taking over the Hercules line on the Mysian throne.

A griffin species of dragon had, from ancient times, an eagle's head and lion's body, two of the three animals in Ezekiel and Revelation. The English Camp surname uses griffins, but for now I'll put this down as coincidence. On the other hand, that was written before seeing the eagle's head of Dutch Camps. Kaplans, first found in the same place (HAMPshire) as Caiaphas-suspect Josephs and Drakes, use the same style griffins as Camps, and the reversed Shield-and-Chief color combination of the Keturah-rooted Cutters, who themselves use griffins in the colors of the Kaplan griffins. Busca is beside Saluzzo, and then Camps were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Bush's.

Briareos (one of the Hekatonchires) smacks of Briancon, on the Durance river of the Salyes...who named Saluzzo. Smack between the Durance river and Saluzzo are the Cottian mountains!!! The hekclamation marks are for Cottus the Furious, the name of another Hecatonchire who smacks of Cutters!!!! I didn't realize that second sentence until after this paragraph was started. It looks like the Furious = Brimo entity of Hecate, the entity now suspect in Revelation, is indeed from Abraham and Keturah.

Briareos was made married to a Kymopoliea, the root of which looks like "Kymo," a term evoking Kemmis/Chemmis on the upper Nile, home of Yuya, a term that I was able to trace to "Gugu" not bad at all (remember, Keturah looked like she went to Athens with Og in the last update, and thus her lines belonged to the Ectenes that were given the "hecaton" code). Yuya was in the immediate ancestry of the Atun/Aten sun god that I traced to Keturah many months ago, but Aten traces to "Athens". This paragraph was born when thinking that the Camps may trace to "Campania," the name also of Champagne in France. I then recalled that one Champagne Coat uses the vair / bell design shared by the Kemmis surname. I had traced Chemmites to the Chimera dragon in Lycia, and to the Kamiros location on Rhodes (off the Lycian coast).

Here's something very important now. The Kemmis Coat is red horizontal bars on blue, the color of the horizontal bar of French Paine's, and then English Paynes (not to mention the Pagan variation of Payens) traces to "Champagne." To boot, English Paine's use a "quam" motto term that I have already traced to Chemmites. Next, the Kemmis bell pattern and the colors are used by Welsh Bachs while German Bachs trace to Hyksos pharaoh, "APACHNas," the name to which I trace the PAGAN variation of Payens. If one removes the bell pattern from the Welsh Bachs, the Shield is identical with the Paine/Payne Shield (a white fesse on a red Shield). Both surnames use white symbols beside their fesses. The Bach Crest is a black dog, the symbol of Hecate (I had never seen this connection before), and that works excellently because I've traced her "Hec" to "HYKsos."

"HEKAtonchire" ("hecaton" in Greek means "hundred") was simpleton word-play on Hyksos, who were called "HEKA Khasewet" in Egypt, according to Wikipedia. And from that word play, we must assume, the Hyksos got the hundred-hand symbol, and later evolved into Hecate. She now stands at New York as the Statue of Masonic Slavery. Isn't that right? Her torch is the thing that guided the souls of the damned through Tartarus.

Like I concluded months ago, the Hyksos found Keturah's children and migrated to Greece with them to become the dragon bloodline. I don't think I had realized at that time that king Og evolved into the Ogyges dragon, a main focus in the last update, if you are interested further.

The Endymion article (below) shows that he was father to a Paion/Paeon, symbol of Paeonians, who seem to be in the Paion variation of Payens/Pagans (they use stars). In this picture, Hyksos off of Rhodes and into the Latmus theater migrated to the land of Paeonia, beside the Satrae i.e. where I tend to trace Keturah. The Chimera dragon was given a goat head, suggesting Satrae Thracians involved at Kamiros.

The Danaans were said by the ancients to have founded Lindos on Rhodes, and then as Danaus, mythical personification for the Danaans, had 50 daughters, it seems very apparently a code for the Hyksos who had by then received a 50-head symbol. But then look at the importance of the following, especially if I'm correct to peg Selene as Hecate (both were goddesses of the night): "The Moon, they say, fell in love with this Endymion and bore him fifty daughters. Others with greater probability say that Endymion took a wife Asterodia..." I did not yet know this when suggesting that Selene was Hecate, but as Hecate's mother is almost exactly "Asterodia," I now know (for the first time) that the Leto > Asteria > Hecate line (wolves and the moon go together) was indeed Selene.

To all this it needs to be added that the Neuri worshiped the wolf, and they were kin of the Budini who had a Gelonus entity in their midst. Then, a brother of mythical Scythes was "Gelonus." The Neuri trace to the Nairi at Lake Van, the very location of the Rusa kings controlled by the Cimmerians. As with the latter, the Neuri lived to the north of the Black sea. It stands to reason that the Hros of that area became the ROXolani, and as such the latter, who I trace to Rockefellers, were part of the far-north Gog empire. As far-north Hyperboreans worshiped Apollo, it appears that they should connect to the Neuri.

If it's difficult to view these far-northerners as Hyksos, keep in mind what Herodotus added, that Amazons of Thermodon were merged with Gargarians (no doubt the Gorgons of neighboring proto-Georgia), and ended up as the Sarmatians (on the north-east of the Black sea). As such, they are predicted to have become the Roxolani branch of Alans. In this picture, the far-north Hyksos seem to be the peoples who worshiped Artemis on the north of the Black sea, where she had a throne made of wolf's fur. The vair symbol of heraldry, that I view as code for the Vere bloodline, is called a "fur," and then Vere's trace to the Varni at Rostock, whose goddess (Nerthus) I trace to the Neuri, who I claim were allies of the Roxolani that named Rostock.

The Hyksos are said to have introduced the chariot into Africa / Egypt, and then both Helios and Selene were depicted with horses, or as gods pulled along by chariots with horses. Medea, worshiper of Hecate, drove a chariot pulled by dragons out of Corinth. But then the vision of Ezekiel concerning a heavenly creature with wheels is coming to mind. More and more, these strange visions given by God are looking like, not the Heavenly realities, but taunting messages that He sends to the devil. Ezekiel even spoke to satan himself, in chapter 28 and 38, concerning his destruction.

Although the three cities on Rhodes in the next quote were given anciently as grandsons of Helios, "Another account of the travels of Danaus gave him three daughters, Ialysos, Kamiros and Lindos..." Danaans are by far known from Argos, and then at the genealogy in the page below, Io, the Taurus-rooted goddess of Argos, is shown with a son, Epaphus, smacking of Apophis/Apepi, the real Hyksos king ruling in place of Apachnas. As I claim that Apachnas was the Exodus pharaoh, note his chariots drowned in the sea as told my the Moses account. Belus, father of Danaus, was likely code for "Pelusium," an area at/around Tanis on the Nile delta. It's feasible that Belus was the Baal cult as it evolved into "Apollo / Pelops."

Let it be re-quoted: "And the island spur of Pakhynos [south-east tip of Sicily] shall hold thine {Hekabe's} awful [tomb]..." There is the possibility here that Hecate was with the Apachnas cult at Pakhynos, what's called Pachino today. Of interest here is that Pachino is in the province of Syracuse ("Sarausa" to Sicilians), and while I've traced Carricks (in Saracen colors) to "Sarac(en)," Carricks use a black dog, symbol of Hekabe. Wikipedia suggests that there is a consensus tracing the naming of Pachino to "Bacchus" (an alternative name of Dionysus), but at least one of the writers of that article went out of his/her way to expose evolutionary stupidity when dealing on the history of Pachino, and then adds nothing of historical value for "Pakhynos." So, don't always trust the "experts."

It's black-dog interesting that Al Picino starred in a movie, "Dog Day Afternoon."

The Pacino/Pacenti/Pace surname shares an oak tree with the Panico/Panetta Coat, what I don't recall knowing when claiming that Panico's were a branch of Payens/Pagans. Their oak tree can now trace with Hecate to king Og. The Pacino surname was first found in the same place (Bologna) as the Pace's/Pacenti's/Pascels, and Bologna was beside the Setta valley of the Panico's...who were identified (by me), along with Hugh de Payen, with the priestly killers of Christ. But I traced Scythians -- later they were the Skit, Scute, and Sched/Shed surnames -- to the Setta theater. I now see that Scottish Sheds use the Shield-and-Chief color combination of Cutters but with the griffin design of Camps and Kaplans. The Scute crane seems to be code for the Ukraine, location of the Trypillians (and Neuri) that I traced to Sadducees at the Ferrara theater.

Packens/Pagans/Pagnells share in their Chief a so-called "label" with the Panico Chief, and both labels are red with four points. It's a definite match. Irish Packens/Fagans (in Ali colors), said to derive in "paganus" (but that's too simpleton), use the white griffin (same design) of Italian Ali's, first found on Sicily due north of Pachino, and then the oak is being traced tentatively to the Elah valley's oaks, important because the Ali surname worked it's way into the "Allah" discussion in the last update. Saracens of the pre-Templar period were Muslims. It suggests that proto-Saracens of Syracuse/Sarousa, who were there in pre-Christian centuries, had eventually been swayed by Mohammed elements.

Ali's are said in their write-up to be from a Terme location of Messina, and then I trace that term to "Thermodon," home of the Artemis Amazons (she was code for THEMIScyra at Thermodon) that later named Messina. Artemis, remember, was made the sister of Hecate's mother. The Packen/Fagan chevron is in the colors of the Dog/Doak chevron.

Wikipedia doesn't mention Saracens in its Syracuse article, as though a Saracen link to ancient "Sarousa" is something to be disguised. The article shows ancient coins of Syracuse with horses and chariot (i.e. a Hyksos symbol; Ixion, father of horse-loving peoples, was tied in Tartarus to a wheel). Keeping that Gale marten in mind that became Hecate's pet:

The descendants of the first [Syracuse] colonist, called Gamoroi, held power until they were expelled by the Killichiroi [related to the HekatonCHIRE?], the lower class of the city. The former, however, returned to power in 485 BC, thanks to the help of Gelo, ruler of [nearby] Gela. Gelo himself became the despot of the city, and moved many inhabitants of Gela, Kamarina and Megera to Syracuse...

Gelon [I assume the Gelo above] was succeeded by his brother Hiero...,_Sicily

Why Hiero? He was "Hieron I of Syracuse:

Hieron's reign was marked by the creation of the first secret police in Greek history [is this what Revelation's eyes-all-around taunt?]...He was an active participant in panhellenic athletic contests, winning several victories in the single horse race and also in the chariot race. He won the chariot race at Delphi in 470

Delphi? Wasn't mythical Hiera married to Telephus? Of some interest is that Hiero saved Campania from the Etruscans (a real war), which may speak to the female dragon, Campe, partners with the Hekatonchires. But what's very suspicious is that Hiero was an inhabitant from Gela, the peoples of which also founded Agrigento, near the MonteCHIARO location that I say was involved heavily in a Caiaphas line, even as I say that Hugh de Payen (whose bloodline I had traced to the Picenti/Picentini mountains in the Campania theater) married a Caiaphas line. But the MonteCHIARo family is now suspect from the entity that named the "HekatonCHIRE," and then, smack between Gela and Syracuse, and therefore near Pachino, is a Chiaramonte area while the Roman statue of Hecate is called, Hecate Chiaramonti.

As the Charo/Chiaro surname is also "Claro," by what coincidence did Hecate have a temple in Lagina, in the theater of Leto's children which included a Clarus location? "Claros was an ancient Greek sanctuary on the coast of Ionia. It contained a temple and oracle of Apollo, honored here as Apollo Clarius." Hugh de Payen was associated closely with the Claro > Sinclair family.

It's well known that Delphi was the location of the "Oracle of Apollo," where prophecies were made by the power of demonic control. But God had decided to give his own Revelation prophecies, highlighting the destruction of the Apollo cult in the last days.

Athena's Roots in Keturah

A libation is a ritual pouring of a liquid as an offering to a god...

...Libation was a central and vital aspect of ancient Greek religion...

A libation is poured any time wine is to be drunk, a practice that is recorded as early as the Homeric epics. The etiquette of the symposium required that when the first bowl (krater) of wine was served, a libation was made to Zeus and the Olympian gods. Heroes received a libation from the second krater served, and "Zeus the Finisher" (Zeus Teleios) from the third, which was supposed to be the last...

We have three bowls fundamental to the Greek gods, but then Revelation has seven bowls of wrath poured out, the first one on those who received the 666. You can read in the article above that libations were often poured onto the earth, but then Revelation 16:1 says: "Go, pour out the seven bowls of God's wrath onto the earth." From this connection, there is an opportunity to delve into Athena because she was the inventor of the trumpet. Are the Revelation trumpets a taunt against Athena? If so, what aspect of Athena do they represent?

Athena is suspect from Keturah already merely from the latter's trace to Kodros and his son, Medon. Another son of Kodros founded Ephesus and therefore related to Hephaestus, the only man that Athena mated with (though in keeping with her virgin symbol the myth doesn't include penetration). Keep in mind that the trumpets of Revelation may be a taunt or condemnation of the Athena cult, and that while the trumpet of Athena (goddess of war) represents war, as in Revelation, Hephaestus was the inventor of weapons of war. One article says that Athena invented the trumpet and chariot. But what / who was she while in the Jerusalem / Bethlehem theater?

Keturah had Medan and Midian as sons with Abraham, and then the mother of Athena was Metis, a term that could have evolved from "Medan." You will read the popular myth wherein Athena has no mother, because she came out of the head of Zeus, but Wikipedia shares a little-reported fact that Metis was her mother anyway. In the myth , Zeus swallows his mate, Metis, to hide her from Hera's wrath. Swallowing was a common theme in the myths concerning the Titans, and it's quite obviously a symbol of cannibalism, which was the symbol given to Pelops when his father cut him into pieces, offering the pieces to the gods to eat. This story, I have concluded, traces to the woman from Bethlehem whom the Levite priest cut into pieces. It was reasoned earlier that the Levite priests in Judges traced to Korah's rebellion, and then, while I don't know what weight to give it, yet the following is interesting: "The Christian apologist of the 2nd century Justin Martyr takes issue with those pagans who erect at springs images of Kore, whom he interprets as Athena..." Kore was another name of Persephone (the sort-of mother of Hecate), for which reason we can now lump Athena, tentatively, into the line from Korah's rebellion.

In that picture, it needs to be emphasized that the concept of female war goddess was that of the Amazons, whom I identify as Mysians=Muses from the house of the Hyksos. It was this house who named Moses (a Levite), in my long-standing opinion, and then Korah was himself a great-grandson of Levi. "Korah or Korach (Hebrew: Korakh ...) is a name associated with at least two men in the Bible. Some older English translations, as well as the Douay Bible, spell the name CORE [caps mine], and many Eastern European translations have Korak." 'Korach" is bringing to mind the CORYCians of Apollo. "According to Greek mythology, [Parnassus] was sacred to Apollo and the Corycian nymphs, and the home of the Muses... Is it a coincidence that the Corycians were also Muses???

Having said that, let's see how Athena related to Hecate:

Another possible meaning [of "Tritonia", an alternative name for Athena] may be triple-born or third-born, which may refer to a triad or to her status as the third daughter of Zeus or the fact she was born from Metis, Zeus, and herself; various legends list her as being the first child after Artemis and Apollo, though other legends{citation needed} identify her as Zeus' first child.

I think the Wikipedia writer missed the triple concept owned by Hecate where it attempts to define "Tritonia." Hecate was, essentially, Leto's third child after Apollo and Artemis. The trumpet was a symbol of mythical Triton (symbol, three-pronged trident), a region in Libya, explaining why the ancients traced Athena to Libya.

Can we identify the Amazons who carried Athena's cult as the Meshwesh of Libya (the latter were definitely Amazons)? One way is to ask why Herodotus equated Athena with Neith (worshipped in Sais), a major goddess of war in Upper Egypt in a very early time. To this it needs to be added that I traced proto-PosEIDON to Aden way down in Yemen, and then over the waters to Ethiopia (myth located him in Ethiopia), and then all the way up the Nile to the delta, where Sais and Tanis are located. Triton, you see, was a facet of the Libyan Poseidon, and one of Poseidon's wives was mythical Libya, with whom he gave birth to the proto-Danaans at Tanis, this line later becoming the 600 Danites of Judges who took a pagan Levite for a priest. Compare "Aden" to "Aten" and "Athena," but then it was my opinion too that "Tanis" and "Tunis" apply to Athena elements.

I'll bet that pagan priest was of the Korah cult leading to Persephone = Kore, for I traced the Jabesh wives of the 600 Benjamites to "Joppa," location of Perseus. I'll bet, therefore, that the sons of Korah's Levites were in Joppa as proto-Persephone (I tend to see "phone" as code for Phoenician elements). Remember here that Perseus married an Ethiopian family in Joppa, which is suspect as the PosEIDON line from Aden, the proto-Athena cult. I used to trace "AndroMEDA" (Perseus' Ethiopian wife at Joppa) to Medes because "Perseus" speaks of it, but now, perhaps Medan was in code there. Or, perhaps Keturah had sons by Mede-like names because she was a Mede.

In fact, compare "Hekate" (worshiped by Medea) to "Ket," and suddenly it's possible that Aeetes and Medea in Colchis were linked to Keturah. How so? From CORinth, where Aeetes came from before ruling Colchis. Zowie. There's a lot of logic here that's developing.

Remember too that the accounts in Judges after Samson (I think that Samson and everything after it was inserted by the dragon cult which wormed onto Israel's priesthood) speak on Levite elements out of Bethlehem, which was the Rephaim / Elah area ruled by Og, who is now tracing to Ogyges of pre-Athens. "Og" may even have been named after the same that named JOKshan, the son of Keturah whose son (Dedan) in turn birthed a peoples leading to Leto herself, in the case of Letushites, and to Hephaestus in the case of the Leummites.

If Athena was anything in the Bethlehem theater, it must have been very-closely related to Og, or the proto-Ectenes of Ogyges, the Hyksos that gave birth to Hecate...and to Keket, the frog goddess of Egypt that was obviously related to Khnum, the frog god, but then Neith was sometimes made the spouse of Khnum because he was the god of the Nile while she was a goddess of the Nile. Perhaps, no one gets to be the goddess of the Nile unless they have elements strewn up and down that river. The Atun/Aten cult came later, after king Og, but for this part of the discussion, Athena of Libya looks to have "married" Pos-Aden (so to speak) coming up from Yemen, and as Joktan's sons are known to have been in Yemen, Keturah's son, Jokshan, may have been named after those who carried the Joktan name into the Jerusalem / Hebron theater.

Thus, the line from Aden to Athens saw that term carried up through Jerusalem / Bethlehem, and to this picture we must include mythical king Cepheus of Ethiopia (father-in-law of Perseus at Joppa), for there is a Cephissus river at Athens, and while "ceph" means "head" (explains why Perseus cut the head off of Medusa), so Athena was given the head symbol when she was born from the head of Zeus. This now traces the Aden>Athena line to Perseus in Joppa, the city to which I trace the "Jabesh," and moreover I think that "Jabesh" named the Jebusites of Jerusalem, whom I identified tentatively with Hephaestus years ago (i.e. long before tracing Athena to Jerusalem, which I'm doing now for the first time). In this picture, especially as I identify the 600 Benjamites with the Meshwesh founders of Amazons, a "Jabesh" term named the Amazon city of "Ephes(us)."

To help prove that Cepheus was related to Athena and Hephaestus, the latter two gave birth to Erechtheus, who married a granddaughter of the Cephissus river. It appears that "Hephaestus" can develop from "Kephissus," and so one may be compelled to trace the Jabesh wives to that river. This concept of an Athenian element in Ethiopia must incorporate king Merops of Ethiopia, who can be easily deemed the ancestry of Aedon (ruled near the Cephissus river), named after Aden in Yemen, quite apparently.

I realized that the Bethlehem woman who was cut into pieces, after she was raped, was a story carried forward to the "Rape of the Sabine Women," when the early Romans got their wives from the Sabines. But long before realizing that idea mere months ago, I traced Sabines, with their Samnite tribe, to a Samannud location otherwise known as Sebennytos. Sais was right there. But the Neith/Net cult of Sais must have been the proto-Poseidon from Ethiopia, and because I trace "Poseidon" to Pisidians, I need to repeat that the Pisidian city of ANTayla was what named ANATolia, after the Egyptian goddess, Anat, whose name now looks like an evolution from "Neith/Net."

As I identify "ANTAYLa" with "TANTALus," we are right back to the 600 Benjamites as they led to the Sabines, for Tantalus was the one who cut Pelops into pieces as food for the gods. And as this line from the 600 Benjamites from Rimmon was to the founding of the Romans, who were part Latin, note the Latin-like term involved with Neith: "Neith also was one of the three tutelary deities of the ancient Egyptian southern city of Ta-senet or Iunyt now known as Esna...Greek: (Latopolis), or (Polis Laton), or (Laton); Latin: Lato), which is located on the west bank of the River Nile, some 55 km south of Luxor, in the modern Qena Governorate." To this one may then cite the Attaleia version of "Antalya," as it smacks of "Italy. But as "Attaleia" most definitely traces well to "Aetolia," one can trace the 600 Benjamites through Aetolia too. And Aedon's son (mythical) was called, Itylus.

Now, even before realizing that Neith could trace thus to the founding of Romans, I already had in mind to trace her to "Annette," the wife of mythical Aeneus (with a 'u'), who must have been the same as Aeneas, founder of the Romans. I had traced both Annette and Aeneas to "Heneti," the people that I think were named after Anat (Pelops and Tantalus ruled at an Eneti location).

It's hard to find Annette online with Google's newer (lousy, disgraceful, conspiratorial) system that likes to decide for me what terms I want to search for, but she was once there in a Google search, the wife of Aeneus. The people at Google know this newer version stinks, but that's exactly how Google must want it. It makes research harder, and slows down the assault of the masses upon "acceptable" / traditional knowledge controlled largely, for centuries, by Masonic / Rosicrucian elements. However, Google still offers the option, if you go in and tweak it (quite the hassle because the option isn't permanent so long as I know; it needs to be repeated per every search), to search for the exact term of your choice, but it's not automatic anymore.

Neith is shown (her article above) with a weaver's shuttle on her head, and so let me repeat that the Keep surname (as well as Shuttleworths) use a "weaver's shuttle" as an heraldic symbol. It just so happens that the Keeps are honored by the motto of the Hepburn surname that comes up as "Hebron." That in itself has the potential to trace Keeps to Hebron, where I expect the Neith>Athena line. The ship in the Keep Coat is called a "galley," and then one Galley surname shares a white horse head with the Hebron Crest while the other Galley surname shares the red rose upon a chevron with the Hebrons.

Hmm, the Aten/Eaton surname uses a lion holding what looks like a bow, and then: "In art, Neith sometimes appears as a woman with a weavers' shuttle atop her head, holding a bow and arrows in her hands. At other times she is depicted as a woman with the head of a lioness, as a snake, or as a cow." The Aten/Eaton Coat uses a version of a Hykes/Hack Coat, but as they were first found in Cheshire, where garbs are the symbol, it can trace Atens/Eatons to "Gareb" (it overlooked Hebron). In fact, gold garbs are used by Edens, and they use a motto phrase, "Si sit," what looks like "Sestus, the location in Mysia where I traced "Sais."

Sestus is beside Abydos, the name of a city also up the ancient Nile. I've been wondering whether "Abaddon" in Revelation 9 (the Hebrew name of Apollo) went through Abydos. Sestus is also beside DARdanus, and then that term may be for the same entity as named PanDAReus, father of Aedon.

As further corroboration of the things above, Neith was made the mother of mythical Apep/Apoph (identifiable as the serpent of EDEN), who should be connect-able to the historical Apepi/Apophis (probably had a Meshwesh household), and likely to mythical Epaphus in north Africa, father of mythical Libya...origin of Athena. "As the personification of all that was evil, Apep was seen as a giant snake/serpent, or occasionally as a dragon in later years..." Remember, Neith was in the city of Laton, and then mythical Ladon of Greece was a dragon guarding a garden.

German Edens/Aedens were first found in the same place (Silesia) as SITlers, and then they are seemingly using the same Shield (split vertically) but in colors reversed to one another. This is included here because the Apep article claims that the evil god, SET, evolved the attributes of Apep. The Settle's use LOZENges, a term similar to the LOTAN dragon, and then that symbol ought to be in honor of Losinj, a location at the Japodes / Maezaei theater, right where the 600 Benjamites must trace.

If we are getting the impression that Revelation may have the Neith dragon cult as a target, perhaps the lampstands are to taunt that cult: "A great festival, called the Feast of Lamps, was held annually in Neith's] honor and, according to Herodotus, her devotees burned a multitude of lights in the open air all night during the celebration." It evokes the torches of Hecate. The article adds: "Proclus (412-485 AD) wrote that the adyton of the temple of Neith in Sais (of which nothing now remains) carried the following inscription: I am the things that are, that will be, and that have been." But in Revelation, God is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, what now looks like a taunt against Neith, or the Annette cult to the Romans.

The Atens/Eatons (Cheshire) and Samsons (use the scallops of the Cheshire Meschins) together once showed a cross that looked like it was made from two double-headed axes, a symbol of a Cretan cult (HephAEStus was given Aex/Aix terms as family members). This axe is called by a term much like the "Libertas" motto of the German Edens. "Eventually Zeus experienced an enormous headache; ...Hephaestus...cleaved Zeus's head with the double-headed Minoan axe, the labrys [starts with a small 'l', not a capital 'i']. Athena leaped from Zeus's head, fully grown and armed, with a shout -- 'and pealed to the broad sky her clarion cry of war.'

A clarion is a trumpet, but then the Arthur family that married a Hicks family (in Clapton) used clarions as heraldic symbols (the Hicks/Hix Coat looks much like the Eden/Edon Coat). We just saw that the Aten/Eaton Coat is a reflection of the Hykes/Hack Coat (uses scallops in Samson/Meschin colors, and other scallops in black, the color of the Eden/Edon scallops). If the Greeks called the clarion by a similar term, it may have been adopted by the carriers of Athena as she crossed through Clarus, which was the LATmus theater, but also where Ephesus was whom she mated with, and moreover was the area conquered by Minoans under the code, SARPedon," whom I would trace to the garbs used by Edens/EDONs and Cheshire. Did you notice "SarpEDON"?

The idea here is that Aden in Yemen was a major Eden-serpent cult that came up the Nile and joined the Hyksos before evolving into Trojans at Dardanus and Romans at Rome. It would be not a wonder if Revelation taunted this thing in several ways. There was even a sea serpent by the name of Yam (i.e. like "Yemen").

I traced Sarpedon to Sorbs, who lived in parts of Silesia, where German Edens were first found, but, as a reminder, Sorbs founded Serbs and likely the Croatians. Cravens, whom I trace to Croatians, use a motto term in honor of Actons, and they traced in the last update to mythical Actaeon of pre-Athens, ruler of the Ectenes to which the Ogyges dragon belonged. Ogyges was also in Boiotia, location of Thebes, home of Aedon, and Actaeon in Greek mythology, son of the priestly herdsman Aristaeus and Autonoe in Boeotia, was a famous Theban hero. Like Achilles in a later generation, he was trained by the centaur Chiron. As Ectenes named Hecate, "Chiron" must be an entity that named the HecatonCHIRE.

To help prove that Actaeon was a Hecate-related cult, he had dogs. "Actaeon, torn apart by dogs incited by Artemis, finds another Near Eastern parallel in the Ugaritic hero Aqht, torn apart by eagles incited by Anath [same as Anat] who wanted his hunting bow."

Aha! Neith had a bow-and-arrow symbol too, and then "Anat first appears in Egypt in the 16th dynasty (the Hyksos period) [brackets not mine] along with other northwest Semitic deities. She was especially worshiped in her aspect of a war goddess, often paired with the goddess `Ashtart [may have evolved into Asteria, mother of Hecate]."

The Samson fables in the book of Judges use 30, 300, and 3,000, wherefore the number three (Hecate's special number) seems sacred to the writer(s) of that account. But "HECate" and "HYKsos" speaks of hex = six, a number that can be traced to the 600 Danites and 600 Benjamites. The French for "six" is "sis," like "Sais," and six in Italian is "sei," though seven in Italian is "sette," perhaps from "Set" (reminder: the Sebennytos area beside Sais traced even to the naming of Italy as per Aedon's son and the Attaleia version of a city named after Anat). As the city sacred to Neith, mother of Apep, Sais would have had Set elements too.

Set had been the epitome of Horus, who was known as the "eye of Horus," what became the all-seeing-eye cult of Western satanists. And that begs the question of why Jesus in Revelation would have seven eyes. The seven horns also given to him as symbol was traced (theoretically, of course) to Hecate's head spikes...whatever they meant, whatever they were called, I do not yet know. "Statue of Liberty" may trace to the Libertas theme used by Edens/Aedens. Therefore, the seven lampstands may be for lamps of Neith, and the seven stars for the Ashtart cult which God spoke against. In other words, God in Revelation is calling to the dragon cults who set themselves up as Himself, and is saying, "Look, Jesus is the glory of what you have always portrayed yourself to have; He's the true everything you wanted to be in heavenly glory, and He's your destroyer too."

What Will Obama Do Now?

Obama wasted no time to condemn the Egyptian military as it reportedly fired on protesters. The military government, having now declared martial law for 30 days, claims that it did not initially fire live bullets on the crowds when the police were clearing them away. However, a couple of hundred were reportedly killed at that time, which prompted Obama to speak out. I am not convinced that the Americans don't have death squads (not necessarily American citizens) whose job is to kill or maim protesters in such a way as to make it appear that the government is responsible.

Morsi supporters aren't angels, Mr. Obama. They are starting to look more like the serpent of Eden:

In retaliation for the army's actions, Morsi supporters have launched attacks against Christians and Christian buildings across Egypt. Pro-Morsi elements had been steadily escalating violence against Copts for weeks. Today's attacks, however, crisscrossed Egypt:
Muslim Brotherhood supporters have torched churches in Egypt in response to a violent army crackdown on pro-Morsi camps that left dozens dead, AFP cited Egyptian media reports on Wednesday. According to the reports, protesters threw firebombs as the Mar Gergiss church in Sohag, a city with a strong Coptic Christians community.

Attackers today set fire to a Christian youth center in Fayoum. They also reportedly destroyed a 4th century church, one of the oldest in Egypt. Scores [one score = 20] of other churches and Copt homes were attacked.

A Copt activist told The Tower that over 21 churches were completely burned to the ground, and more were attacked.

What do the Christians / Catholics have to do with the police / military acting too harshly on the protesters? I'm afraid, Mr. Obama, that if you should condemn anyone, it should be the Brotherhood. The headline: "Egyptian schoolgirl, 10, gunned down as she walked home from a bible study class". I'm so sorry. I don't like to hear or report things like this, and usually pass on reporting Christian persecution, but I think this could be the start of an anti-Christian crusade in Egypt. The brotherhood is claiming that the Sisi movement is the fault of Christians. What? Obama personally gave a passing mention of this persecution, but the Copts are not happy with it:

Yesterday Dr. Naguib Gabriel, President of Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organization, said "82 churches, many of which were from the 5th century, were attacked by pro-Morsy supporters in just two days."

...The views of the Coptic church are also held by Copts in general, who are angry with the US and EU powers, "who almost daily issue statements threatening to take further actions against our interim government and army, portraying the Muslim Brotherhood as victims while not even mentioning the destruction of over 80 churches, as well monasteries, orphanages, businesses and Coptic schools by the Muslim Brotherhood," says Coptic activist Wagih Yacoub who believes that this western attitude emboldens them to carry out further violence. "To add insult to injury the Muslim Brotherhood this week hoisted the black Al-Qaida flag on top of St. George's church in Sohag. Three churches were turned into mosques in Minya and Friday prayers were held inside them."

Just so you know that faking news is not limited to the West:

While Al Jazeera's pro-Islamist lies and propaganda have been exposed numerous times -- lies and propaganda being doctrinally permissible through taqiyya -- consider the following video recently aired live by the terrorist supporting TV network. A near hysterical woman is heard lambasting the Egyptian military for supposedly killing peaceful Brotherhood protesters, while the Al Jazeera crew videotapes a man who appears to be either unconscious or dead -- a supposed victim of the military. His hand rests on his torso; his shirt under his hand is covered with blood, implying there is a bullet wound in that spot. However, when the unsuspecting doctor treating him tries to lift the man's shirt, this supposedly unconscious or slain man -- with his eyes still shut and his facial expression unmoved -- subtly lifts his left leg both to push the doctor's hand away and block his unharmed and blood-free torso from being taped by Al Jazeera. Of course, the person videotaping instantly stopped -- but not before enough of this shameful episode was recorded, proving Al Jazeera's nonstop pro-Brotherhood propaganda campaign, one naively or intentionally followed by most of the Western media. [I haven't seen the video; hoping it's good evidence.]

It's ironic that religious Muslims are the ones who breathe death threats against Israelis and Christians. In another story, with a common theme, a Brotherhood street gang stoned a police officer, which may have been a random act i.e. that particular officer may not have hurt anyone. It's not sufficient to report simply that 500 pro-Brotherhood people were killed, leaving the reader to believe that the Sisi people were animals. The question is whether or not the authorities were given, in the beginning, the green light by Sisi to fire live bullets. If not, then the blame for the 500 deaths could be in the Brotherhood camp.

Take for example a police officer in an American court who shot a youth to death because he was pulling a pen from his pocket that the officer thought could be a gun. The officer normally escapes free, without a sentence. In other words, in a riot situation, one can understand police officers becoming a little jittery and firing live bullets to protect themselves. But why didn't Obama suggest that, perhaps, the Egyptian police were acting in self-defense? Or, for every act of potentially-murderous police brutality, there may have been 50 acts of provocation from the Brotherhood side.

What would Obama do if 500,000 militia-type Republicans camped outside the White House for a month, promising not to go home until Obama steps down? What if Republicans across the land gathered in many cities? Do you think Obama would go away, step down? Or would he direct his police to shoot to kill if they felt threatened? Why don't the Republicans try it an see what he would do?

I don't know its internal stuff, but I don't think the Sisi-led coup was justified in the technical sense. But neither do I think the Brotherhood presidency was justified...because the Brotherhood people clamored in the streets concerning Mubarak's dictatorial ways, only to form a dictatorial government themselves. Religious people don't have tolerance for the profane, and neither does God, but the problem in this case is that Muslims are not God's people, and He does not, therefore, likely favor them over secular Muslims. Thus, Egyptian will fight against Egyptian, just as God promised it would be through Isaiah 19. It wouldn't be right for us to take sides.

One can imagine that American envoys were sent to Egypt last week to send the Brotherhood side a heartening word that Obama is on their side, which is just the recipe needed to cause the Brotherhood to resist the military, thus assuring violence.

For John McCain and Lindsey Graham to jump on Obama's wagon in Egypt last week was humiliating, not showing humility in the moral sense. Obama's dung was in that wagon, and the two senators spoke before all the Egyptians with it on their shoes. There was something amiss as they spoke; they stunk even while they spoke. What does this herald for the future if Republicans should take the next presidency? Will they help bring the cruel master to Egypt?

I'm studying events in Egypt closely because anti-Christ prophecy is unmistakable in Egypt. While some parts in Daniel 11 may be interpreted in different ways, the anti-Christ invasion of Egypt (starting at verse 25) has no alternative interpretation: it will be a successful military campaign by the anti-Christ against an Egypt that comes against him with a large army. How can we miss that? Yet the McCains of America might just support that invasion, if last week was any indicator.

Here is a recent reading of the Iraqi circumstances:

Tens of thousands of Iraqis gathered in Sunni-majority parts the country on [August 2] in new rallies against Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a week after eight demonstrators were shot dead amid a dire political crisis.

...In Ramadi, capital of Anbar province which surrounds Fallujah, many protesters held up flags dating back to the rule of now-executed dictator Saddam Hussein.

...The latest rallies come a day after Al-Qaeda's front group in Iraq released an audio message calling for the country's Sunnis to take up arms against the Shiite-led government.

"You have two options," a voice in the audio message, purportedly that of Islamic State of Iraq spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, said. "You can kneel to them (the government), and this is impossible, or carry weapons and you will be the superior."

This comes about a week after a massive prison break in Iraq, said to be conducted by al-Qaeda right under the humiliated nose of Maliki.

Will Hillary be the next president? When even the New York Times reports the following story portraying the Clinton Foundation as a corrupt organization, it begs the question of whether the Times has decided not to favor Hillary for 2016. New York is important for Hillary's chances; it's where she got her political start-up.

If Hillary wins the Democrat nomination but loses the election, what do we suppose the Republicans will do in Syria? By the present talk, they would enter the war with American military, using a stronger hand than Obama is willing to use. But wait. Obama's weak hand in Syria at the moment is not yet understood. Everyone is being led to believe that he's afraid of inadvertently arming al-Qaeda should he provide American weapons to the "moderate" rebel groups, but that picture may not be correct. During Obama's weak / indecisive period, which has been for many months, al-Qaeda has become the leader of the Syrian rebel groups, which may not be accidental, but precisely because Obama has been allowing it, waiting for it. He can't of course inform most of the globalists of this scheme.

Obama has the opportunity to argue like this: "Lookit, the Free Syria Army is incapable of knocking out Assad, and so let's help Al-Qaeda in to do it, and afterward we'll 'take care' of al-Qaeda." The same scheme can be used to take out Maliki in Iraq. In this picture, we could be looking to an American agent as the anti-Christ, someone in charge of al-Qaeda but working with the Globamists. In this picture, it is best to allow the Free Syria Army to flounder, to let it die for lack of supplies, which is the very accusation that it's been levelling against Obama. Suddenly, they said, Obama just abandoned them.

Maliki took the side of Assad and Iran in the beginning, but has lately changed his mind just as the al-Qaeda surge in Syria took place. One could argue that weapons now going to Assad could end up soon (upon Assad's fall) in Iraq, aimed at Maliki: "The United States and Iraq agreed on [August 15] to boost cooperation to keep Iran from flying weapons over Iraq to Syria, and to curb the radicalization of young Iraqis and other spillover effects from the Syrian conflict." It is in Maliki's best interest to see Assad win the war, and for this purpose a friendship with Putin seems to be in the makings. Safe to say, loyalties in these conflicts depend on where the money is, and this is especially true of Gog, a money-driven general, according to Ezekiel.

The following may suggest that Iraq is undecided on which side to take: "However, the [unidentified senior US official] acknowledged that while the frequency of suspected Iranian overflights of Iraq was down, the Iraqis had not actually intercepted any weapons and much work still needed to be done [to twist Maliki's arm]." Kerry spoke the following without blushing, telling Maliki what he already knows, but wanting to emphasize it lest Maliki turn and support Iran even more than before:

The official quoted [i.e. leaked it] Kerry as telling the Iraqis that the leadership of al-Qaida in Iraq had moved to Syria and "they are flush with jihadi recruits that are coming into Syria and we think they are sending a number of them into Iraq."

Evidence that suggests an al-Qaida infiltration in Iraq includes a spike in suicide bomb attacks from 5-10 per month in 2011 and 2012 to almost 30 a month in the past 90 days, most suspected as coming from Syria, US officials said.

The worst of it is that Putin, no sooner had he the opportunity after the Americans were booted from Iraq (by Maliki), started to befriend Maliki. It's a very sensitive situation: a Syria-Iraq-Iran alliance that now includes Hezbollah on side with Syria.

One wonders how we were able to discover that "US President Barack Obama notified the Egyptian military by phone on Thursday that 'traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual' between the two nations so long as civilian demonstrators are being shot and killed in the streets of Egypt." I suppose that the Sisi people were not apt to leak it, and so I must assume that Obama wanted it leaked in order to give spirit to the Brotherhood cause, which of course only increases the violence. Obama could have sent Sisi the strong message while not making it public.

"'We deplore violence against civilians,' [Obama] said. 'We oppose the pursuit of martial law.'" But upon this leak, the Brotherhood has been on a rampage with plans to fight to the end. I ask you; do you think for one minute that Obama wouldn't impose martial law if a million Republican thugs were running loose in the streets of Washington, stoning officers, burning buildings, and seizing government buildings if possible? This is the HypOcrite speaking, giving fuel to the Brotherhood, a group that isn't shy of violent members. Whenever he opens his mouth for his own agenda, his true nature, hypocrisy, comes leaking out.

Whenever there is a controversy between political parties, Obama always blames Republicans, and if the issue is who-done-it-first, Obama always blames Republicans. Therefore, if there was a bloody confrontation outside "his" White House with a million conservatives, he'd blame them even if his police started firing first. But in Egypt, it's of course the faulty of the standing government having the police force.

You can read at the article above that it was a state department spokesperson, not Obama personally, who lashed out against Morsi's supporters that burned down churches. It adds: "Morsi protesters were digging in on Thursday, vowing to disobey the army so long as the former president remains in custody and out of power." That's exactly what Obama wants. And John Kerry was demanding an end to the martial law too, which is a powerful tool against the Brotherhood in that it can freely arrest (and ask questions later) key radicals who fuel the insurgency.

Things seem to be moving in the right direction for prophetic fulfillment.

Edward Snowden has released more documents for the purpose of accusing the NSA of illegalities. In truth, Snowden's arrest by the United States could backfire on it. It's interesting that, just after the Washington Post had helped Snowden (in the beginning) to carry his news, the Post announced that it would sell. One may imagine here that the O-people spied a few things for use as blackmail, and then made a deal with the Post, not to disclose publicly what it knew so long as the paper allowed someone to buy it out (the founder-owner of Amazon purchased the paper for pocket change).

News just came out that Obama was using prime minister Cameron to destroy the Snowden files in the possession of the Guardian, and so the idea that Obama is persecuting the Washington Post is a very real possibility. In the case of the Guardian story, Cameron's people threatened with all it's mustard, and yet the Guardian feels more compelled to get its story out in spite of it. Apparently, the Post is taking the same attitude, but with caution:

On [August 15], the Washington Post posted on its website a selection of documents it said had been provided by Mr Snowden...

The documents purport to show that the unauthorised interception of telephone calls and emails of Americans and foreign nationals on US soil resulted from errors and departures from standard agency processes, including through a data collection method that a secret US surveillance court later ruled unconstitutional.

The documents offer more detail into the agency practices than is typically shared with members of Congress, the US justice department, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

An internal audit dated May 2012 counted 2,776 incidents [not individuals] of unauthorised data collection over the previous 12 months.

Pause: that's eight per day. I had read earlier that the NSA admitted to mistakenly snooping on the wrong people, but it seemed then that it simply made it appear as though it had made mistakes. Now, Snowden reveals eight per day, on average, every day of the year. One cannot chalk that up to "errors."

As we would expect illegal snooping to take place in Washington DC, here is apparently how they did it: "In one instance in 2008, a 'large number' of calls placed from Washington DC were intercepted after an error in a computer program entered '202' - the telephone area code for Washington DC - into a data query instead of '20', the country code for Egypt." That would be easy to program, and then, if caught, they would just give the excuse above. If they snooped on a "20" call and the person was speaking perfect American, they would know right away they were not speaking to Egypt. If it happened a second and third time, they would know something was wrong, soon enough, anyway. But the point is, I would expect them to devise such an "error" for spying on political foes.

Fox has the story, saying: "The [Washington Post] document did not reveal much more, other than to state that no 'intentional or bad-faith violations [on NSA's part]" were found." Who forced the Post to make that statement? It sounds like a white-wash of everything it's been saying between the lines.

Another Fox article:

The Obama administration faced a backlash from congressional Democrats on Friday following revelations that the National Security Agency broke privacy rules and overstepped its authority thousands of times since 2008.

...House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi called the latest reports "extremely disturbing."

Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said: "Reports that the NSA repeatedly overstepped its legal boundaries, broke privacy regulations and attempted to shield required disclosure of violations are outrageous, inappropriate and must be addressed."

...Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said he planned to hold another hearing in the wake of the report.

"...I remain concerned that we are still not getting straightforward answers from the NSA," Leahy said in a statement...

There's a good chance that these Democrats are acting the part of angered, and that, in the end, they will do nothing but cause the people to tolerate the snooping without fears. That's the game that Obama is playing so that he can continue to spy on his enemies; that truth came out already in the beginning of the spy scandal. Spying on political enemies must be addictive because it makes "governing" much easier.

The article below tells how the NSA downplayed its snooping volume, but no matter what tiny percentage of the overall communications it views, the fact is that a tiny percentage is all that's needed to snoop on political foes, especially if the spying is done at "hot" times only. Besides, those incidents would not be recorded in NSA records, I would assume. Suppose that a Democrat lawmaker wanted to use an NSA agent to spy on John Boehner; would that event be recorded in an NSA document? If so, how would Boehner be able to discover the document? Not by simply asking for it. I'd say that the event would not be recorded in any file, and that the only way to discover it is by using a computer expert to find the person / computer that loaded Boehner emails from NSA's data-keeping "beast." Likely, Snowden doesn't have proof of anything like this simply because the records, if they exist at all, are not available to employees.

Suppose that Obama's people spied on Republicans during the heated fight over Obama's health care bill. That would be a huge advantage if only the Republican game plans were discovered through it. But then there is the possibility of blackmailing certain Republicans at voting time. For example, a Supreme-Court judge that would normally have voted Republican, decided in the end to vote the other way on the constitutionality of Obamacare, turning the entire vote to the Democrats in a 5-4 decision. Yet, naive as they must be, Republicans are supporting NSA spying.


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