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August 6 - 12, 2013

From the time of the Boston marathon, some who viewed it as an insider job have been expecting further faked terror events, but due to the machete terrorists in London, it was supposed that this scare tactic would be global. And here we are, being told that al-Qaeda is planning a string of events that could affect unknown locations over a wide area of American interests. There was even this headline at Drudge this past Monday: "'Beeping' Alarm Clock Shuts Down Airport for Several Hours..." Paranoia. And be on the alert for pressure cookers too.

By the end of the week in which this update covers, rumors were being spread in Egypt that John Kerry's new pick for Egyptian ambassador, Robert Ford, was employing death squads of the jihadist kind in George Bush's Iraq as well as in Obama's Syria. The source of the story is from Global Research, which, as I read it, has no evidence at all to make it's case, though this in itself doesn't make it untrue. One claim is that American officials are yet working with al-Qaeda to kill Syrian citizens in efforts to make it appear that Assad is killing them, thus justifying an America-supported backlash on Assad.

Global Research pointed out that the Syrian rebels started to act two months after Ford became the Syrian ambassador. Global Research is like Canada's Alex Jones, only Alex Jones isn't as brave these days. I suppose I need to admit that I've been tinkering with the same sort of views as Global Research, though I haven't been specific in what schemes they have acted with. I claim is that it SOMETIMES appears that Americans can be working with SOME al-Qaeda groups to effect success of their globe trodding, but then why should death squads be out of the question when it's the "needed" option?

I would suggest that it's impossible for the Pentagon to be working with all jihadists without some of them leaking the fact. However, this doesn't mean that the Pentagon can't be working with some key Arabs acting the part of jihadist leaders in order to secure a genuine following to do the Pentagon's bidding. Then, all the while in which suicide bombings are rife, there's no reason that the Pentagon can't use invisible drones up high to bomb a site, and meanwhile "own" a media source that makes it appear to be, or takes credit for, a suicide bombing. There are ways to use jihadists to further their cause, and I think most people would agree that this is a sensible accusation to be laid against a desperate war machine like the Pentagon, which has clearly bitten off more than it can chew. Ask the coming anti-Christ.

Back at the time of the first Egyptian coup against Mubarak, we had this from Global Research:

Since his arrival in Damascus in late January 2011, Ambassador Robert S. Ford played a central role in laying the groundwork for the development of an armed insurgency directed against as the government of Bashar al Assad [no evidence presented].

US Ambassador Robert Ford arrived in Damascus in late January 2011 at the height of the protest movement in Egypt.

...As "Number Two" at the US embassy in Baghdad (2004-2005) under the helm of Ambassador John D. Negroponte, [Ford] played a key role in implementing the Pentagon's "Iraq Salvador Option" [no evidence presented]. The latter consisted in supporting Iraqi death squadrons and paramilitary forces modelled on the experience of Central America [no evidence presented].

Global Research paints an American conspiracy against Assad, and this, in my mind, is fact. But its charges against Ford and the Pentagon in general need to be substantiated. No matter, Egyptians siding with al-Sisi (and conspiracy believers, and even Fox news) are spreading the group's rumors to keep Robert Ford out of Egypt. That in itself may be a bad break for Obama.

John Kerry has made another blunder, though I think it's Obama's ultimately, by advancing Robert Ford as the next ambassador to Egypt. Egyptians despise him, at best, but this is definitely Obama's man. I'm not quoting the entire article below, but only some to show the chaos (or divide and conquer) that Ford has been accused of:

...A little over two years ago, on July 8 2011, a convoy carrying the then US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford made its way through army checkpoints to the besieged city of Hama, then the centre of protests against the rule of the Assad regime.

The surprise visit was seen as the first concrete sign of US support for the Syrian opposition. It sparked a furious response from the government but won the ambassador hero status in the eyes of the opposition and, as he arrived in Hama, protesters were seen greeting Ford with flowers and olive branches.

But these days, the veteran US diplomat is being showered with invective and diatribe -- on Twitter.

...In this milieu of mutual suspicions and rising tempers, Ford's extensive diplomatic experience in the region has turned into a disadvantage instead of an asset.

A fluent Arabic speaker, Ford has also served in Bahrain and Algeria, leading some critics to draw parallels between the US diplomat and civil unrest in the countries he has been posted.

"When Robert Ford enters a country, he brings the shayatin (devils) in," tweeted one user in Arabic, while another called the US envoy "the architect of fitna" -- or upheaval.

Ford has been billed to take over the ambassadorship in Egypt after Patterson was nominated for a senior State Department post last week.

Patterson was appointed ambassador to Egypt in 2011, the year Ford was appointed top US envoy in Damascus. He was withdrawn from Syria in February 2012, after the security situation seriously deteriorated in the war-torn country [after Ford successfully accomplished project Chaos?].

So, you see, Obama wants Ford, his man in Syria, to oversee (or play referee in) the Egyptian civil war. Obama is moving in his best man to the Egypt front because Obama cares for that front like a mother her baby. An emailer (I've recently decided not to mention even the initials of emailers) sent in an article in which the writer does not trust the current al-Qaeda scare, and while I don't tend to agree with his idea that Putin was the cause of the Benghazi attack, the following on Syria seems acceptable and even revelatory (some of you may know that I've covered the Dumas surname extensively in the past year):

Concurrent with the machinations of the UK [in Libya], former French minister for Foreign Affairs Roland Dumas shed additional light on plans relating to Libya and Syria in an interview with the French TV station LCP:
"I'm going to tell you something. I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business. I met with top British officials, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria. This was in Britain not in America. Britain was organizing an invasion of rebels into Syria. They even asked me, although I was no longer minister for foreign affairs, if I would like to participate. Naturally, I refused, I said I'm French, that doesn't interest me."

Dumas added: "The only thing I know [about French Leaders] is that they have gone crazy. President Sarkozy hosted Gaddafi a few months ago at the Élysée Palace, with a red carpet and all the grandiose honors. Two months later, Sarkozy is leading a crusader war, at the head of NATO, which has become a pawn serving international politics. This has been going on for a long time." He further stated that "I regret to see my country, to which I belong with spirit, blood, and life, leading an instrument such as NATO to come and destroy an entire people and attack its leaders."

It sounds a lot like the accusations of Global Research.

Why has Britain decided not to continue support of the Syrian rebels if Britain instigated the attack on Assad? Actually, I don't think they have decided to end the cause. The words of Dumas do not categorically suggest that Obama wasn't in on the Syria effort from the start. Rather, it was, as with Libya, a Brito-American effort, same as the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq by the Bush-Blair duo. Who do we think is at the top of the British pyramid in these Middle-East crusades? The biggest fool of all is one, correct answer. They view Arabs as dispensable, and are like men looking upon a woman with violent rape in mind. They view Muslims as military push-overs, which is true, and they intend to linger long where they inject their...chaos. Yes, that's the right word for it, chaos.

If you don't believe that Obama sides with the Brotherhood, even after Kerry suggested last week that Obama sides with the coup leaders, see what the coup leaders are saying:

Egyptian army chief in interview says Defense Secretary Hagel calls him almost every day, but Obama has not called.

US President Barack Obama appears to have angered supporters [by what Hagel has been saying?] of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, as well as supporters of the army coup that toppled him on July 3.

Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood...claim the US supported the coup. Those opposed to the Brotherhood claim Washington has been and still is supporting the Islamists.

...The United States, [the coup leader] said, did not give adequate weight to the millions who turned out to call for Morsi's overthrow.

"We really wonder: Where is the role of the United States and the European Union and all of the other international forces that are interested in the security, safety and well-being of Egypt?" Sisi asked...Have you seen the scores of millions of Egyptians calling for change in Tahrir [Square]? What is your response to that?"

Ah, I got some golf today, call back tomorrow.

That may be considered diatribe from Sisi, or just plain political posturing, but it underscores that he and Obama are NOT IN PARTNERSHIP in turning the tide against the Brotherhood. It just looks that way to the Brotherhood because Obama has, for some unspoken reason, appeared to betray it with a hands-off policy. Obama is clearly afraid of Sisi. What, America afraid of a military push-over? No, that's not what I mean. Instead, al-Sisi has some blackmail power over Obama, that's what I suspect, and, if true, al-Sisi and those who know the dirt on Obama must die, just as Obama allowed, or caused, his Libyan ambassador to die.

Can we please know what Chuck Hagel has been saying to Sisi that are a reflection of Obama's thinking? Has the media inquired of Hagel? Not that I know of. We heard from John Kerry, who last week put Obama squarely in the Sisi camp. Yikes, he was burned for doing that, and maybe Obama won't send him outside to play anymore.

Then Sisi spilled the beans before all the world: "Sisi went on to note that the US administration "has a lot of leverage and influence with the Muslim Brotherhood," and that he would like Washington to use this leverage to end the current standoff with Morsi supporters." It's a possible sign that Sisi is sending the message that he knows what O-arms inside Egypt are covertly supporting the Brotherhood. It's a possible accusation that Obama is covertly causing the Brotherhood to stand up against him. Sisi's position is that, until such time that Obama calls off the Brotherhood offensive, Sisi will strike it down like "just watch me."

Sisi is using the same public-relations trick that the Brotherhood used in coming to power: he's saying that the coup situation is a free and democratic nation versus a dictatorial culprit. It makes it hard for Obama to retaliate, first of all, because Obama himself used that trick when quickly applauding the fall of Mubarak. Do you recall how quickly Obama appeared slick on TV to announce Mubarak's fall, as though Obama wanted credit for it? It was as though he had paved a magnificent road to Utopia for Egypt. It seemed to me that Obama allies had an Internet machine inside Egypt by which to spur the Brotherhood revolution. That's what Sisi must be alluding to when he says the US administration "has a lot of leverage and influence with the Muslim Brotherhood." It's more than a jab in Obama's eye. It's a threat because Sisi is now in a position to expose that internal machine; just ask the Brotherhood leadership that he's arrested for questioning.

We can understand why Obama would want the Brotherhood prisoners released as his first priority, before the Sisi people make them talk.

Obama is not openly retaliating against Sisi (so far, anyway), and it's hoped that Sisi will resist the kissing up of Obama's state-department operators. It's about time that an American dictator fell too. Did you notice that the article above is not in the New York Times or from CNN? It's from the Jerusalem Post, where Obama-lust is not necessarily an inexplicable obsession. The same J-Post writer has a Reuters story on an assassination attempt against Sisi:

The Egyptian El-Watan newspaper, which tends to support the military and oppose the Muslim Brotherhood, reported on [August 5] that an assassination plot against General Fattah al-Sisi was uncovered. The report could not be confirmed.

The paper quoted sources that said that armed Islamists in the Sinai were part of a plan that was also targeting interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim and vice president Mohamed ElBaradei.

The attack was to be carried out in Cairo on the first day of Eid al-Fitr -- the holiday marking the end of Ramadan - by jihadists, some of whom belong to the Palestinian Hamas movement. The attack was to be carried out using grenades obtained from Libyan arms smugglers.

I am firmly of the position that Obama wants Sisi dead, if possible, and for this purpose it would be best if he shows no open animosity toward him. It would also be of benefit if he could send snakes into Sisi's midst to spy on his operations, and of course Ford would be a snake of choice.

Could this assassination be part of the global scare leaked by American security? That scare claimed that al-Qaeda was overheard talking about an attack (no details given on the nature of the attack), and al-Qaeda is now in the Sinai fighting the Egyptian military, where it in attempted assassinations already, according to the Egyptians that spoke about it.

It sounded from American leaks as though the mysterious al-Qaeda attack was imminent, in August, and then the first day of Eid al-Fitr is August 9. Perhaps the O-people leaked the scare to make it appear that al-Qaeda is planning to assassinate Sisi, when in fact it is the Americans who want that done. It's bringing the views of Global Research to mind, that Obama, Ford, and al-Qaeda are in cahoots to effect their lethal goals. Yes, it's possible that some al-Qaeda groups in the Sinai are the result of American-paid operatives, and there are ways to feed them American money while disguising that it's American money, by having the jihadists on the ground paid by Arab organizations secretly working for the Americans, and who disguise themselves as jihadist groups. Full-blown deception all around is employed at all times in the world of undercover police and CIA operations. It's to be expected.

The news brings a story similar to the assassination one in the J-Post, but dated August 3, two days before the J-Post story. August 3 was just when the leak / scare was being promoted profusely:

Elite forces are securing General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi after indications of several different plots to assassin him have been detected by both The Egyptian State Security Investigations Service (SSI) and by foreign intelligence service of another Arab country that has friendly relations with the Egyptian military intelligence...All local security service had been paying close attention to Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya members all through the years as the organization posed a consistent threat to former regime...[Aha. Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya is suspect as Obama's tool for supporting the Brotherhood, and may even be a "death squad".]

The Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya consists of main organization with a large number of peripheral local terrorist cells that are connected somewhat to the main [Brotherhood] leadership but has their own agenda and ability to execute terror acts without involving the main organization [ah, a freelance jihadist group with the liberty to act solo]. This structure, very similar to the global Jihad model of Al-Qaeda is making it hard for intelligence services to intercept terror acts before being carried out...

It is now confirmed the Mohammed Badie, the main leader of the Islamic brotherhood, was arrested today by the Egyptian army. It is also reported that the army is making "preemptive arrests" all over Egypt, arresting many leaders in the Gama'a al-Islamiyya. Badie second in command , Khairat el-Shater, was arrested too. Badie predecessor arrested as well and so is his son.

Therefore, I am going to add Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya as a possible arm of the O-dministration and/or the CIA, especially as this group has acted with Sudan:

From 1992-1998 Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya [an internal, Egyptian group] fought an insurgency against the Egyptian government...During the fighting Al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya was given support by the governments of Iran and Sudan, as well as from al-Qaeda [al-Qaeda of that time may yet have been firmly in the hands of the Brzezinski circle]. The Egyptian government received support during that time from the United States [naturally, expected].

The group(s) is said to have constituted "the Islamist movement's only genuine mass organizations" in Egypt.

...Following the Egyptian Revolution of 2011, the movement [which years earlier renounced violence] formed a political party, the Building and Development Party, which gained 13 seats... the late 1980s it became more organized and "even adopted an official logo: an UPRIGHT SWORD standing on an open Qur'an..." ...In June 1995, working together with Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the group staged a carefully planned attempt on the life of president Mubarak...

There you go, a jihadist group that wormed its way as a political animal into internal power structures, perfect for use by Obama's anti-Mubarak machine. "Renouncing violence" was the rave in those years; ask Yasser Arafat. This tactic worked for the empowerment of the Brotherhood, which was itself violent previously. The current ironic situation is stretching the Islamics to renounce their peaceful ways and to fling madly back to violent methods.

Over the scare week-end, the scare reports were at issue in the Sunday talk shows. It should be understood that the appearance of a GROWING terrorist threat in the West plays into the hands of pro-snoopers, wherefore this latest scare, coming as the NSA is under fire, plays greatly into NSA's and Obama's hands, and into the hands of all high-level operations that stand to control everything, if possible:

...detractors said there was no evidence linking the the vague warnings of a possible terrorist attack.

An official who'd been briefed on the matter in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, told McClatchy that the embassy closings and travel advisory were the result of an intercepted communication between Nasir al-Wuhayshi, the head of the Yemen-based Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, and al Qaida leader Ayman al Zawahiri [who refuses to renounce violence] in which Zawahiri gave "clear orders" to al-Wuhaysi, who was recently named al Qaida's general manager, to carry out an attack.

As Zawahiri is an Egyptian, and as he co-founded al-Qaeda, I can think of nothing more pressing for him at this time than an assassination attempt on al-Sisi from Sinai's al-Qaeda operation. Be it a small band of thugs at this time, it yet has associations and common causes with the Egypt-wide Brotherhood.

Obama's problem now, if he should decide to support the Brotherhood faction openly, is that he's sent the message that he won't take sides. He doesn't need to look like a flip-flopper yet again now that the world views him as weak / indecisive. His plan not to take sides must be made to appear as the well-thought-out initiative of a genius. The only way, therefore, that he can help the Brotherhood is secretly, but the Sisi faction will be there to expose any part that Obama operatives play. To underscore how quickly and brazenly the Sisi faction will accuse America: "Jihadists in Egypt's lawless Sinai Peninsula are using U.S. weapons to carry out attacks against the temporary government in the wake of the military's ouster of President Mohammed Morsi, according to the embattled nation's Interior Ministry." That was out late on August 5, at the whispers of the assassination attempt. If this report is true, it tends to support my point: that there is a jihadist group(s) in the Sinai having a secret partnership with Obama.

The Fox article above continues: "The government office posted an official statement on its Facebook page..." Coming from Fox news, which overall tends to support American military in the Middle East, this is indeed a surprise. The fact is, the Egyptians didn't need to report this U.S. missile, but reporting it can conjure up a picture in which Obama is himself supporting al-Qaeda / Hamas operatives in Sinai. Global Research is then right on the spot to add rocket fuel to the fire. "While attacks in the Sinai, which borders Gaza and is a haven for terrorist activity, have become commonplace, the prospect that militants have U.S. weapons [i.e. Hellfire missiles] typically fired from helicopters at their disposal is especially alarming."

The Republican Duo: Mr. Brazen and Mr. Cocky

Monday evening sees the arrival of Lindsey Graham and John McCain to Cairo. I don't like Lindsey Graham anymore, and never appreciated McCain for president. The latter, running without a Christian platform aside from a last-minute effort in Sarah Palin, handed America to Obama, and abandoned all love for Christians as they jeered him. When America needed Christianity more than ever, McCain was the second-worst thing for America.

But, for Obama, McCain's better in Egypt than John Kerry. In the end, it turned out that the two Republicans went to Egypt for nothing, because they both call the Sisi government a coup. Why would anyone in Sisi's Cairo want to hear from these men? No matter, the duo went to put the American foot down, but in the meantime they are legitimizing the Brotherhood government. What could they be up to? While in Cairo, they insisted that the Sisi people free the Morsi people arrested days earlier...probably as suspects in a Sisi-assassination plot.

I say that McCain and Graham should be thinking instead to remove Obama from power using a military coup, and to kick the bum in jail. Instead, they appear to be in Egypt with Obama's blessing. Neither the two Republicans nor Obama's state department agents would have been welcomed in Egypt had Obama withdrawn the money given to Egypt annually, I hope you understand. Obama is dangling that money before Sisi in order to force him to be the audience of high-level Americans coming in to force changes as they see fit.

McCain met with the Brotherhood. What? A Republican meeting with the sworn enemies of Israel???

About the time that McCain met with it, Egyptian media laid word that Obama wants to meet the Brotherhood too, but this story was not in the West. Keep in mind that, if Obama was in any way involved in Sisi's assassination attempt, the attempt that likely jailed some of Morsi's high-level supporters, Obama would feel responsible in sending people promptly to Egypt to get them freed, but, where all else failed, he would feel compelled to go himself. But look, he's getting the Morsi people to fly to Washington to see him (so that he doesn't appear overly zealous for their cause?), and it even looks like the Morsi people made the initiative...perhaps after being slipped an invitation by one of Obama's messengers:

U.S. President Barack Obama has agreed to meet with Muslim Brotherhood representatives at the White House, sources told Egypt Independent.

Obama would reportedly meet with Brotherhood officials to "hear their opinion" on developments in Egypt, in the presence of Turkish diplomats.

Egypt Independent heard from sources inside the Muslim Brotherhood that Islamist-linked billionaire Hassen Malek requested a meeting through Obama's office manager [has Malek been an Obama operative for a while now?].

The meeting with Turkish officials is expected to take place this month.

I can't be sure why Obama would want to wear a Turkey on his head for this meeting. Perhaps it's to give his forthcoming scheme, yet to be unveiled, some support from the Syria theater. Turkey is anti-Assad and can therefore energize some Syrian rebels. In fact, with Obama wishing to remain aloof from the rebels, he's likely put Turkey in charge of some U.S. efforts in Syria. We heard such a thing from the Benghazi scandal.

Yes, Obama's man in Cairo has failed, says Reuters: "A senior U.S. diplomat [William Burns] involved in trying to mediate an end to Egypt's political crisis left the country on Wednesday [July 7], Cairo airport officials said, after the Egyptian government declared that diplomatic efforts had failed. In a related article the day before:

The chances for a negotiated end to Egypt's political crisis looked to have hit the rocks on Tuesday with the army-installed government reportedly ready to declare that foreign mediation efforts had failed.

State-run Al-Ahram newspaper, citing official sources, said the government would make an announcement to that effect soon.

It would also declare that Muslim Brotherhood protests against the army's overthrow of President Mohamed Mursi were non-peaceful - a signal that the government intends to end them by force .

The report appeared hours [that soon?] after two senior U.S. senators on a mediation mission said they considered Mursi's removal to have been a military coup - causing an uproar in the Egyptian media and drawing a strong riposte from the acting president [I'm so surprised, what was the duo thinking?].

...State television cited acting President Adly Mansour as calling McCain's comments "an unacceptable interference in internal policies" [that's a warning for Obama too].

Many Egyptian private TV stations' talk shows also reacted furiously. Lamis al-Hadid of CBC TV called them a "big insult to Egypt and its people" [Uh-O, they're playing Obama's game of Democracy].

...The newspaper said the interim government would announce "the failure of all U.S., European, Qatari and UAE delegations in convincing the Brotherhood of a peaceful solution to the current crisis" [ah, I now see what they mean by "failure"; the onus was on the envoys to make the Brotherhood accept Sisi's interim government].

The considered Mursi's overthrow a fait accompli and would proceed with its own "road map" for elections in nine months, al-Ahram said.

...The latest developments made for a remarkable end to Graham and McCain's mission, undertaken at U.S. President Barack Obama's request [ah, that confirms it] to help resolve the crisis...

After meeting army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, interim Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei and interim Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi, Graham told a news conference: "The people who are in charge were not elected. The people who were elected are in jail. The status quo is not acceptable" [a brazen insult to the Sisi circle, no doubt about it, and it's as curious to me that Graham is supporting the Brotherhood as Graham is supporting the massive data recording by the NSA].

...A spokesman for the interim government, Sherief Shawki, told Reuters...He also rejected the call to release jailed Brotherhood members...

The Republican duo should have stayed home, saved themselves the needless expense of sending their shirts to the dry cleaners. The O's state department was not amused after these "failure" comments. It sent out a message: "'We believe that any solution will require both sides to make compromises,' Psaki told a briefing. 'These decisions can only be made by Egyptians for Egyptians [she's pretending that America isn't getting involved, har-har]. We certainly hope they will make them soon,' she added [or else, har-har]." Psaki is consistently speaking in flaky, shallow terms on this issue, like one Obama who pretends to want nothing more than a peaceful resolution, with the Brotherhood getting back its rightful piece of the political pie. The real Obama scheme is: why did he want the Brotherhood to have the cake and eat it too? Wasn't it for lethal plots against Netanyahu?

Yemen Who?

I awoke on Tuesday to find that, in the past ten days, there have been four (some say five) U.S. drone strikes inside Yemen, according to Yemen. I never heard about it even while there was a terrorist scare in the makings. On this morning, however, we hear of the drone strikes through a leak in the American ranks. Why this leak? It comes through CNN, the Canned News station otherwise understood as O-leak Outlet. The fourth strike was immediately after the scare was said to emanate from Yemen. As per my thoughts in the last update on an Obama alliance with president Bashir of Sudan, it is notable that Yemen is almost directly across the Red sea from southern Sudan.

I stress that there was a leak this morning. The drone attack didn't need to be leaked. It was leaked to let the world know of a threat from Yemen...following other leaks to let the world know of a threat from Yemen. The leak is obviously for public-consumption purposes, to give us an impression. The liberal media operates to shape our minds using the news as a mere tool for that sort of social engineering, but the government-sponsored leakers in the military arena seek to shape our minds for the purposes of their wars. We realize how these strikes, disrespecting sovereignty, make the Americans appear as goons, wherefore the leakers are in need of justifying their attack, but of course the week-end scare was the justification already.

However, I'm not saying that the scare was leaked merely to justify the drone attacks. No. I'll assume that the scare was for the purpose of setting up an Obama-sponsored assassination of al-Sisi in such a way as to make it appear that the Zawahiri-Yemen circle engineered it. Zawahiri announced publicly, during the scare, his disappointment with Obama, thus creating distance between he and the O-dministration; such distance would be considered desirable by the American military if it was working in cahoots with Zawahiri to assassinate Sisi. For this task, it isn't necessarily required that the U.S. have direct talks with Zawahiri; it's sufficient that the U.S. use a middleman in such talks.

But things could be far worse than Zawahiri merely allowing himself to be used as an American tool when their agenda's find common ground. As with the public announcements of a phony bin-Laden (he appeared only on video camera) over several years under Bush, the same can be true of Zawahiri's public messages: they all come from the CIA for the purposes of America's footprint in the Middle East. I have no evidence for such a scenario, but under the circumstances of his still-beating heart, one could ask: why isn't he dead yet if he truly is an enemy of the CIA and of Mossad? We hear that he is the leader of al-Qaeda since bin-Laden disappeared, and yet he walks on.

When I investigated whether or not the video images of bin-Laden was Obama acting with high-grade make-up (to the point of changing the shape of some facial features), as some websites were claiming, I found an old photo of the real bin-Laden, but his facial features did not at all look like the bin-Laden in the videos presented to the world. Even by that time, I was already of the opinion that the bin-Laden in the videos was a pro-American fake for the purposes of advancing the American footprint. However, I have not yet started to form an opinion on whether the same is true of Zawahiri.

If I had the software to do it, I would superimpose a transparent photo of Zawahiri's face over a photo of both Obama and the fake bin-Laden, checking to see if the eye positions, etc., were a match. One can change the shape of a nose, but one can't change the eyes (unless they doctor the photo's before releasing them). I was convinced to a fair degree that Obama posed for the fake bin-Laden photos because the eye positions were a match, but there were other similarities or outright matches, including the lines on both men's fingers, and skin color. Moreover, one photo of the phony bin-Laden had him with sticky-out ears, as Obama has, while another photo of the same man no longer had the sticky-out ears, a sign of doctoring the photos.

The idea that Obama posed as bin-Laden was intriguing. The ultimate problem with this online claim was that too many adherents began to ask whether Obama was the real Osama, an idea that is easily debunked. My theory was merely that Obama posed as the phony Osama, not that the real Osama had been Obama.

My point, before this aspect of the discussion, was: the Americans leaked the drone attack in Yemen the day after the Sisi-assassination story broke in the Jerusalem Post. Why the day after? Did Israeli Intelligence know what the O-mericans were up to? Did Israeli Intelligence want to send the engineers of the scare a message, that it had knowledge of the crux of the scare? Coming immediately after the J-Post story, the drone-attack leak may have had the purpose of turning attention from the assassination story, with attention instead on Yemen.

To put it another way, the American military and/or the CIA wouldn't want anyone thinking that the week-end scare was for the purpose of blaming the assassination on someone other than the real perpetrators, the Americans, wherefore a drone strike on Yemen would make it appear that the scare involved Yemen. [On Wednesday, another leak came out that definitely pointed to Yemen; see Daily-Beast story further below.]

CNN reported the leak concerning Yemen, but as of Tuesday morning, I've heard nothing in the Western press on the assassination attempt on Sisi [by week's end, no Western press was seen sharing the story]. The Jerusalem Post would not, I do not think, report that attempt if there was no merit to the story. It's now been 19 hours since the J-Post put out its article, and these days, news outlets are on top of one anothers published stories within an hour (i.e. they definitely saw the J-Post article).

None of this is to say that Obama hasn't wanted to get involved in Yemen. He has, for years. Yemen is at the start of the Red sea as it leads up past Sudan to Suez and to the Sinai, a body of water through which weapons from Iran (or North Korea) can be shipped covertly to the Israeli frontier. An Obama in cahoots with Bashir in Sudan could use Yemen in its box of tricks. For example, a Yemen accused of harboring the next-generation al-Qaeda leadership -- a thing that CNN highlights in its article above -- warrants American ships, money and CIA operatives off the Yemen coast, and these can be used, not to thwart weapons shipments, but to secure them. The trick would be to make Saudi Arabia, which surrounds Yemen, believe that covert American operations, with focus on Yemen, is justified.

I realize how Lindsey Graham and John McCain would shoot snot at me for suggesting that the American security people can be used in the Red sea to get Iranian weapons to Hamas. The thought wouldn't have entered my head if not for my negative view of one twisted Obama. Whether or not he's capable of using the U.S. military that way, only his nerve knows. There are ways to use a thing without anyone knowing what for; ask Graham and McCain in Egypt on O-fficial business.

At first, I thought George Bush was a born-again Christian, according to his own claims. Not many years later, I spoke of Bush about as well as a worker of the devil seeking to take Jerusalem from the Jews. One good argument for theorizing that Obama posed (on behalf of Bush's efforts) as the phony Osama is where Obama has continued the Bush agenda as far as he can swing it in the face of Democrats opposed (Obama even tried to stay in Iraq while making it appear, for his political groupies, he wanted to get out). Another facet of this picture is where the family of Osama bin-Laden (the real one) had dealt in the oil business with the family of George Bush. That appears as an undisputed fact in many online articles. Republican loyalists never did find that suspicious, but perhaps the time has come to re-consider, now that Bush fever is in the remote past.

And then there was that one-year excursion of Obama into Pakistan (he doesn't admit to that span of time) in 1981, about the time that Brzezinski was creating a pro-American al-Qaeda to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. The long Russian war against Afghanistan started in 1979. Says Wikipedia: "The [Afghan / Mujaheddin] insurgents received military training from the CIA in neighboring Pakistan...", which is why some accuse Obama of working for the CIA-Mujaheddin alliance while he spent a year in Pakistan. The article includes:

National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, known for his hardline policies on the Soviet Union, initiated in 1979 a campaign supporting mujaheddin in Pakistan and Afghanistan, which was run by Pakistani security services with financial support from the Central Intelligence Agency and Britain's MI6.

... Pakistan's military ruler General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq started accepting financial aid from the Western powers to aid the mujahideen. In 1981 [when Obama was in Pakistan], following the election of US President Ronald Reagan [the worshiped one who put the Bush's on the political map], aid for the mujahideen through Zia's Pakistan significantly increased, mostly due to the efforts of Texas [why Texas, living in the area of George Bush?] Congressman Charlie Wilson [pro-choice, and his sister was the Chair of Planned Parenthood] and CIA officer Gust Avrakotos [born in Pennsylvania, father from Lemnos].

The early foundations of al-Qaeda were allegedly built in part on relationships and weaponry that came from the billions of dollars in U.S. support for the Afghan mujahideen...[others dispute this picture]

The first place that George Bush invaded to get bin-Laden was Afghanistan, namely in the field of the same insurgents that Reagan had funded. One could interpret this as an attempt to finish the unfinished business of Charlie Wilson working in conjunction with Avrakotos, the latter being the leader of the CIA led not long before by George Bush Sr. The war agenda of George Bush Jr. became convoluted, but it justifies a theory in which Bush and some of the Mujaheddin worked together to create an illusion. The billions spent in Afghanistan by Wilson dwarfed what Bush would spend, but to this day the American people don't know what their money has accomplished aside from a lingering recession, high gas prices, and a lunatic Obama bucking for obscene stimulus money. Using Bush's recession and bank-bailout scheme, Obama pilfered well over a trillion dollars in additional con-jobs, and that was in in his first year alone as president.

The al-Qaeda demon in Afghanistan and Pakistan has now largely moved away, to Yemen, you see, and, under Obama, the Yemen branch is using airplanes to conduct terror plots, which picture conjures up the 9-11 monster that Americans will never forget. In this way, Obama can keep his promise to his Democrat base that he's moving out of Iraq and Afghanistan, but he can then arise in Yemen...if he makes the case sufficient for it. Last I heard, his Democrat base was too easy to deceive.

On Wednesday, a story came out concerning another leak from a U.S. official, this time to the Daily Beast. We must always ask: what do the leakers want the people to believe when they leak things? How much concerted effort (or "conspiracy") goes into the nature of urinating upon the people? Why is it that there are "good" leakers like this one, and "bad" leakers like Snowden? The leak to the Daily Beast is wanting us to believe that Yemen is indeed becoming the "capital city" of al-Qaeda. Why? Is it true, or is it an illusion for us to swallow?

Here's the beginning of the newest leak: "It wasn't just any terrorist message that triggered U.S. terror alerts and embassy closures -- but a conference call of more than 20 far-flung al Qaeda operatives..." This comes as the national discussion is asking whether the O-government is over the top with too much scare in the scare, and so, as you can see, the leak has the effect of justifying the scare. Suddenly, we are being made to swallow a global conspiracy of al-Qaeda...which has the effect of opening the door to setting up faked terror events in the future. Should we predict a faked al-Qaeda attack on a U.S. ship off the coast of Yemen?

Further details were leaked, including the nature of the conference call, and this is the urination attempting to create the image of an al-Qaeda bowel movement into Yemen, as well as creating a zoomed-in picture of a well-organized al-Qaeda outhouse:

Several news outlets reported Monday on an intercepted communication last week between Zawahiri and Nasser al-Wuhayshi, the leader of al Qaeda's affiliate based in Yemen. But the Daily Beast has learned that the discussion between the two al Qaeda leaders happened in a conference call that included the leaders or representatives of the top leadership of al Qaeda and its affiliates calling in from different locations, according to three U.S. officials [zowie, three of them leaked it] familiar with the intelligence. All told, said one U.S. intelligence official, more than 20 al Qaeda operatives were on the call [sca-a-ary].

..."This was like a meeting of the Legion of Doom," one U.S. intelligence officer told The Daily Beast...The official said Zawahiri announced to the broader organization during the meeting that Wuhayshi had been promoted to ..."general manager." The promotion effectively gave the leader of al Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen operational control of al Qaeda's many affiliates throughout the Muslim world, the official said, a key factor that led the State Department to close embassies, missions, and consulates throughout the region.

That last part forthrightly urges us to connect the week-end scare to Yemen. The leaker who urges us goes unidentified, a phantom of the O-pera. John McCain is mentioned in the article as talking to the Daily Beast on Tuesday, and therefore sounds like one of the leakers.

Pause. We should ask by what coincidence McCain came to bat for the Republicans after the Bush presidency had expired. Was he a globalist Opera-tive? Was he singing the same repulsive tune? After all, McCain is a hawk bent on continuing the fight against al-Qaeda. To his credit, he tends to oppose the formation of a Palestinian state, which could be some extra evidence that he was not part of the Bush circle, which could then explain why he lost the presidential election. "On February 28, 2000, during his presidential primary campaign, McCain sharply criticized leaders of the religious right as 'agents of intolerance' allied to his rival, Governor George W. Bush, and denounced what he said were the tactics of 'division and slander.'" He may or may not have been lumping Christians into that lashing, but he alienated Christians sufficient to give Americans a dramatic eight-year soap O-pera. And talk about division, there's no one like Obama who knows that sin so personally. Fast-forward five years, and McCain is in Egypt on Obama's behalf. It doesn't make sense, but then there may be an Obama-McCain partnership in the Yemen effort that can explain it.

When Obama claimed that he had al-Qaeda in the Afghan theater on the run, he wasn't trying to minimize the al-Qaeda threat as much as trying to justify the cost of his war in a time when American voters were frowning badly upon it. The globalist scheme is always to justify an American footprint in certain Middle East countries, and Yemen is fast becoming the next stage for As The World Turns. No sooner did the leak above come out that we find: Yemen's government announced it spoiled a major al-Qaeda operation inside its country. Just look at the unbelievable power with which this operation is being portrayed:

Authorities foiled plots by al-Qaida to take over key cities in southern Yemen and attack strategic ports and gas facilities, a government spokesman said...

Al-Qaida planned to target the cities of Mukalla and Bawzeer, then send militants disguised as Yemeni troops to attack two strategic oil ports...

Al-Qaeda in Yemen can be no more than bands of rats holed up on the wrong side of the tracks, and we are to believe that they were about to TAKE OVER the city of Mukulla, with a population of over 320,000??? I can easily agree with the article's statement later, "The group overran entire towns and villages in 2011," but that's not quite the same as taking over a city of 320,000 (by the way, this city is in a wider area named anciently after one of Joktan's sons). The article says that this story was reported on some days ago by the BBC, and then the BBC (a globalist tool, in my opinion) has an additional headline, "Why al-Qaeda in Yemen SCARES the West" (link below). Perhaps it's the BBC that wants the West to be scared. Yet, the BBC admits that al-Qaeda in Yemen is not very big and powerful, and that it's Obama who wants us to think it is:

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular (AQAP), al-Qaeda's branch in Yemen, is not the biggest offshoot of the late Osama Bin Laden's organisation, nor is it necessarily the most active - there are other, noisier jihadist cells sprawled across Syria and Iraq, engaged in almost daily conflict with fellow Muslims.

But Washington considers AQAP to be by far the most dangerous to the West because it has both technical skills and global reach.

Well, I think I'm going to disagree that it has special technical skills or special global reach. That sounds more like the illusion that Obama wishes to create. I accused Obama of having involvement in the Underwear Bomber from Yemen, which is when I first caught wind of his specializing in Yemen for as-yet a reason unknown to me. The BBC article above goes on in an attempt to portray Yemen's al-Qaeda as a distinguished group having a cutting-edge method of suicide bombing: with explosives hidden in their underwear. But the BBC mentions only three such bombers (we would expect several dozens from a real monster), only one of which was reportedly killed. I'm now doubting that he was killed at all because the other two (includes the Underwear Bomber) escaped death, exactly what we can expect from insider plots meant to effect merely the illusion of a dangerous al-Qaeda monster.

The BBC: "AQAP has form [what does that mean, and why did the writer say it?]. In August 2009, its master bomb-maker [sounds so professional] Ibrahim al-Asiri, a Saudi national, built an explosive device [no he didn't] so hard to detect [sounds like a genius] it was either packed flat next to the wearer's groin [not exactly genius] or perhaps even concealed inside his body. He then sent his brother Abdullah, a willing volunteer [demonically heroic, demands respect from fellow demons], as a human bomb to blow up the Saudi prince in charge of counter-terrorism. He very nearly succeeded. From Wikipedia's article on the same bomber, the target of his assassination is speaking:

"I did not want him to be searched, but he surprised me by blowing himself up," said Mohammed, who appeared on state television with a bandage around two of his fingers on his left hand [comical?]." However, this will only increase my determination" to fight terrorism in the kingdom.

According to early and the most recent reports, Asiri's older brother had hidden one pound (0.5 kg) of PETN plastic explosives [there is no "building" of such a bomb required] in his rectum and anal canal [why was the BBC above unable to lay this out as a fact?], which security experts described as a novel technique. Asiri had passed through a metal detector and remained in the security of the Prince's bodyguards for over 24 hours before gaining the audience [with the prince].

Echem. If you know your own bowel movements, you can understand why the BBC was not anxious to mention, as a fact, that the bomb was inside his rectum. Most people have bowel movements every 24 hours or so, wherefore, as the bomber was in security for 24 hours, that bomb was in the path of any imminent bowel movement for a significant time longer than 24 hours. My own bowel movements come every 24 hours, after I eat in the morning. Food in the stomach triggers a bowel movement that's set to go. It would have been very suspicious if the bomber did not eat anything while in the security of those bodyguards, if he sought to keep a bowel movement from spoiling his plot. Or, if he did eat regularly and have the unwanted bowel movement, he would have looked very suspicious trying to hold it in. What's that look on your face, Asiri, the bodyguard would ask. And he would be treated as a laughing stock if, in the end, the toilet was blown up instead of the prince. It all puts new meaning on dropping a bomb.

By what coincidence did the prince appear on television with merely his fingers bandaged, giving what could be construed as low-cost attempt to create an illusion? What are the chances that a bomb going off beside the prince would harm only his fingers? Did the bomber really die that day, or was this a Saudi hoax? Did Western insiders invent the idea of plastic explosives in the rectum or in underwear in order to explain how their terrorist agents get past airport security? Why did the bomb from a MASTER bomb maker fail to go off in the case of the Underwear Bomber? Is it credible that the bomb maker would send his own brother to die when there is supposedly no shortage of Arabs seeking the lovely hands of 70 shapely virgins?

The bomber's brother is called the chief bomb maker. According to who? How great is the evidence that he's been rigging the plastic explosives (simply a putty with explosive material mixed in)? When investigating the Boston Marathon, it seemed quite obvious to me that one guard rail at the second-explosion site was blown up with explosives planted directly on or in the guard rail, that being evidence of an inside job. The guard rail was shown (after the explosion) bent around a mailbox with a 90-degree bend. A bomb in a backpack on the ground could not accomplish that bend. I was wondering at the time whether the Americans have a "plastic explosive" that can be painted on rather than stuck on as a putty. The latter would be too obvious to anyone coming along. At Wikipedia's article on plastic explosives, there is a photo wherein a large anchor chain is being cut in half by planting the explosive directly on the chain. Such power could easily bend the smaller guard rail to a 90-degree angle.

Now that Yemen has claimed to foil its internal al-Qaeda threat, perhaps the West will use this (in the future) to explain why the al-Qaeda scare did not develop into anything. If the scare was to set up the Sisi assassination, it would make sense that the assassins, upon failing, would want to de-fuse the scare, make it go away using some excuse. If we hear nothing more on that scare in coming weeks, perhaps Yemen's claim of foiling al-Qaeda is just that, a means to explain why there was no al-Qaeda attack after all. Or, there will be further attempts on al-Sisi until one succeeds.

Days after writing the paragraph above, the article below came out (in an Israeli media) to show that the scare has already passed: Eighteen of the nineteen American embassies in the Middle East that were closed last week are to be reopened [August 11 and 12], a State Department spokesperson said. The only one to remain closed with be the U.S. Embassy in Saana, Yemen...A State Department spokesperson, announcing the reopenings, did not say what circumstances had changed to allow the reopening." This is not credible, that all those embassies were reportedly closed due to an al-Qaeda threat merely from within Yemen, and now, after the Yemen government supposedly dealt with the problem along with a few American drone strikes, suddenly the other nations are relieved of embassy threats???

The same article shows the hypOcrite once again: "Speaking last week, U.S. President Barack H. Obama said that it was possible that the heightened U.S. awareness of the plot, including the closing of the embassies, had caused Al Qaeda to back down from the attack." Ha! Obama's admission -- leak the plot and squelch it -- should be applicable to any bomb plot, yet when the Associate Press journalist quoted a leaker exposing part of an al-Qaeda plot reportedly out of Yemen, Obama's administration reacted so heavily in vengeance that it started a scandal, raising the heads of all journalists. Obama claimed at that time that the leaker and journalists threatened the CIA operation by making part of it known in the news. Yet, now, when Obama is for the leak in the news, suddenly the leakers are superangels.

If the Arab Spring (perhaps "Arab Leap Frog" would do better, one after the other) is a movement commissioned by Obama, then consider this:

In early 2011, following the Tunisian revolution that resulted in the overthrow of the long-time Tunisian president, opposition parties attempted to the do the same in Yemen. Opposition started leading protesters and demanding [president] Saleh to end his three-decade-long rule because of his perceived lack of democratic reform, widespread corruption and the claimed human rights abuses carried out by him and his allies.

On 2 February 2011 [demonstrations against Mubarak in Egypt started one week earlier], facing a major national uprising, Saleh announced that he would not seek re-election in 2013, but would serve out the remainder of his term. [Wikipedia's article on Mubarak: "In a state televised broadcast on 1 February 2011, Mubarak announced that he would not seek re-election in September but would like to finish his current term." Did you compare the dates?]

...On 18 March, at least 52 people were killed and over 200 injured by government forces [really?] when unarmed demonstrators were fired upon in the university square in Sana'a. The president claimed that his security forces weren't at the location, and blamed local residents for the massacre [is this an example of American death squads to fuel the rebellion?].

...On 7 April 2011, a U.S. state department cable [i.e. Hillary knew about it] obtained by WikiLeaks reported plans of Hamid al-Ahmar, Islah Party leader, prominent businessman, and de facto leader of Yemen's largest tribal confederation, claimed that he would organize popular demonstrations throughout Yemen aimed at removing President Saleh from power [did Obama try to intervene at that time, or did he just allow the rebellion to take place?]

That June, there was an assassination attempt on the president, killing many of those in his presence but leaving him alive. The world was asking, at the time, how it could be coincidental that one Arab nation after the other, virtually concurrent with one another, could be under-going identical violence from grass-roots organizations, something that could be described as "community organizing." There is even a Marxist element in southern Yemen that Obama could have appealed to.

No sooner did Saleh step down that Yemen's Salafists, previously his pets, started the Rashad Union, their own political party (fist one ever in Yemen), in contradiction to the anti-politics, anti-democracy positions of Salafist religion. Assuming Obama toppled Saleh, could it be argued that he wanted Salafists in power? Reuters has this story with a sub-headline: "[Yemen's] Salafists seen inspired by success of Egypt's al-Nour party"

The Arab Hop, Skip and Jump had its Spring out of Tunisia, which empowered the Salafists there:

Following the Tunisian revolution, many Islamist political prisoners held by the regime of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali were released, including Abu Ayadh al-Tunisi, who...founded Ansar al-Sharia in late April 2011.

For your verification, the article shows that Ansar al-Sharia is of a "Salafist-jihadist" persuasion.

The following person was a topic in the last update, but now there's a story on him:

In his first interview since his supervised release from prison, the filmmaker behind "Innocence of Muslims" [an anti-Mohammed film] told The Daily Caller that he "has no regrets" and promises more films and books about Islam.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is the only person who has been imprisoned in the aftermath of the organized Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi...He was wholly unconnected to the attack and was imprisoned on technical probation violations.

...Nakoula is upset that his film has been blamed for causing the Benghazi terrorist attack. His book is dedicated to both the victims of Benghazi and of terrorism around the world.

...Nakoula, who had prior felony convictions on drug and bank fraud charges, was on probation when he made the trailer. Following the Benghazi debacle, the Obama administration claimed the film had incited the attack, and Nakoula was arrested and returned to prison for violating probation terms that prohibited him from using an alias (he had gone by "Sam Bacile" in making the film) or using the Internet without prior approval.

Nakoula may be a criminal type, yet Obama used him to hide his own Benghazi sins / crimes. I learned only in the last update that Nakoula was in close association with Egypt's Salafists mentioned in the Yemen article above. Here's how that was learned:

At this point, let's introduce the YouTube channel of Sam Bacile. It is later learned that Bacile is actually Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the man behind the Innocence of Muslims video. At one time, two videos appeared on the Feed tab of Bacile's channel...

About one week earlier, Bacile identified the other video that appeared on his channel as one of his favorites; it is a video of Nader Bakkar, the official spokesman of the Salafist Nour Party [in Egypt]. Bakkar and Waris joined forces in the effort expressed by Waris on September 7th...[four days before the Benghazi attack]

...You see, our own Walid Shoebat is the first cousin of Nakoulas longtime partner in crime...

Before finding that quote, I had reasoned (see last update of July) that Obama was in cahoots with that very Salafist Nour Party. Now read the following as per the assassination attempt on al-Sisi:

The officials said that as soon as the [assassination] plot was exposed the suspects fled to the mountainous areas in Sinai. The suspects, who in the past have operated individually when they attacked sensitive facilities and army and police outposts, have now joined forces with the goal of assassinating those who were behind the overthrow of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

Alrai [the Kuwaiti newspaper that reported the assassination plot] further reported that a Palestinian conspirer who was arrested in Sinai revealed that 12 of the suspects who fled belong to the Palestinian Hamas movement, while the rest are Salafists.,7340,L-4414312,00.html

There's no number on "the rest." It could be 2 or 200, and we are left to guess which Salafist group they belonged to, but, the possibility is, they are in cahoots with one twisted Obama pretzel.

There was another assassination attempt on the new Egyptian regime a month ago; note the Salafists in this article:

The growing confidence of Islamist militants operating in the volatile Sinai region of Egypt was displayed on July 10, when gunmen made an audacious attempt to assassinate General Ahmad Wasfy, the commander of Egypt's Second Field Army (responsible for the Sinai)...the Egyptian Army's latest takeover of the country and arrest of Muslim Brotherhood political leader Muhammad al-Mursi has provided new opportunities for Salafist-Jihadist groups in the Sinai to exploit Egypt's internal political crises in their own interests.

...Already well-populated with various jihadist groups incorporating both Gazan militants and Egyptian Islamists, Sinai has been targeted by two Salafi-Jihadist groups since the Mursi overthrow.

On July 5, a group using the name Ansar al-Shari'a in the Land of Kinaanah (i.e. Egypt) issued a founding statement promising to respond to the war against Islam in Egypt...

A day later, a statement issued by al-Salafiya al-Jihadiyah fi'l-Sinai condemned the military for allegedly opening fire on demonstrators in al-Arish on July 5, warning that a return to the practices of the former regime was unacceptable. The statement went on to call...Egyptians to abandon the concept of democracy [this stance is an "trademark" of Salafists]...

If Obama is behind the Salafists, the difficulty is that he can't appear to be involved in their countries' politics because Salafists themselves oppose foreign interference as a religious rule. This stance may not be universal, but thus far this is what I'm reading. I'm educating myself on jihadist movements, so that if the anti-Christ crunch comes, I'll be able to better inform you as to who exactly the crunchers are.

We can see where the Salafist effort in the Sinai has been going, to the destruction of Israel, which is another reason that Obama does not wish to appear pro-Brotherhood at this time. But if God wants the desolation of Israel, why did He allow the Brotherhood to be stopped dead in its early tracks? Perhaps this "accident" will call the anti-Christ to Egypt. Perhaps those Arabs who hold the destruction of Israel as a first priority over sectarian disputes are seeing the Brotherhood government in Egypt as the cornerstone of success, and perhaps now that the cornerstone has been pushed away, they will go crazier still by kissing up to the anti-Christ, whoever he is.

On the same day where we read that the maker of the anti-Mohammed video was the only one jailed in regards to Benghazi:

The Justice Department has filed criminal charges against several suspects in the Benghazi terror attack, a U.S. official tells Fox News.

The U.S. official confirmed that sealed charges [drats, we don't get to know who or what it's about] were filed against suspects in connection with the Sept. 11, 2012, attack. It's unclear whether they are the same individuals whose images the FBI released to the public in May.

One of the individuals charged is Libyan militia leader Ahmed Khattalah [hmm, why was his name released but not the others?].

...The administration was staying mum on the charges [in keeping with Obama's typical level of transparency]. Asked about the reports, a Justice Department official said only that their investigation is "ongoing."

OK, so why are the charges sealed, and yet the name of the one Libyan was released? We would like an Ansar. In an article entitled, "Ahmed Abu Khattalah -- who is he?", we find (assuming the writer has it right) that he denies being a militia member, denies being involved at Benghazi, and is yet the leader of Ansar al-Sharia's militia. Ansar al-Sharia in Libya is no doubt the main trunk of Ansar al-Shari'a in the Land of Kinaanah (the latter being the group that has just formed in the Sinai). The writer ends with: "This same Ansar al-Sharia is what Obama, McCain, Lindsey Graham and other war mongers want to 'arm' for their fight in Syria." It'll be a while before we hear them confess to that, but the gist of his statement is more correct than not under the desperate scenario now languishing in Syria. If it takes the jihadists to get Assad and Putin out, so be it, they'll risk it. That's my prediction too.!+Exposing+Liberal+bias+cause+the+MSM+doesn%27t+have+to.%29

According to another article, it looks like CNN broke / leaked the story: "CNN reported Tuesday that the Justice Department and FBI had charged Khattalah, although few details have emerged beyond that. The case remains sealed." But this story does not jibe with another story, that Morsi of Egypt was behind the Benghazi attack. However, we could assume that Morsi would be working in league with some Libyan elements. Ansar's bands generally reside in Cyrenaica (eastern Libya, on Egyptian border).

REMEMBER: Obama tried to deflect the claim on September 11, the night of the Benghazi attack, that Ansar al-Sharia was involved in the attack. On that night, his state department notified the Situation Room of the White House that Ansar al-Sharia was responsible. Where was Obama that night? Was he polishing his golf shoes? Heck no. He has servants for that. But then what was he doing? Why won't he just tell us? He's had more than enough time to concoct a lie if he's ashamed to tell the truth. Is he unable to lie because too many of his friends know what he was doing?

Why did he try to deflect attention away from Ansar for several days afterward??? Because, in my opinion, he was closely involved with some aspect of that group. I only faintly recall investigating this several weeks ago, when I discovered a Libyan militia group that, along with bucking against certain policies of the Libyan government, also worked for it as its police, or something to that effect. Such a group, with knowledge of Libyan-army details, would have excellent ability to carry out the attack unfettered by Libyan authorities, but then the Libyans may themselves have been co-sponsors of the attack. Focus on these matters by international media and analysts has severely weakened Obama's foreign plots, to be sure, but it hasn't stopped him from building the Yemeni Illusion.

But Zawahiri is an integral part of the Yemeni Illusion. I'm reading online that Yemen's al-Qaeda is somewhat distant from Iraqi and Syrian al-Qaeda, but very much fused with Zawahiri. And that can only mean that the Yemeni Illusion is for the purpose of employing American fingers to bring the Islamists back to power in Egypt while getting Islamists in power in Yemen as per their next election in 2014. However, when the Islamists ousted president Saleh, he gave the country to his vice-president, who is still in power today, the point being that, when the vice-president (claims to be very anti-jihadist) sanctioned an election, no one contested so that he ran alone. If the same is expected in 2014, then I would guess that Obama will have him removed to make way for an Islamic rule. On the other hand, there's a lot of people with a magnifying glass directly over Obama, watching his every move, and even the people in his own circle could betray his unAmerican tendencies. Obama is learning that being the attention of the world is going to bite him in the donkey.

What's His Donkey Worried About?

On Wednesday, Egypt attacked the Sinai with a level perfectly expected after an assassination attempt on the general of Egypt's military: "Egypt's army spokesman said on Wednesday that sixty people have been killed while tens were injured and 103 arrested...Army forces have also demolished 102 tunnels and 40 wells which were being used to smuggle fuel to Gaza." Netanyahu must be smiling ear-to-ear, but Catherine Ashton must be frowning shoulder-to-shoulder, for she loves Gaza.

Remember here that Arab news people had claimed several days ago that Obama made a deal with the Brotherhood to give / sell a chunk of the Sinai to Hamas / Gaza. The Egyptians could be acting on that revelation. I would relish it if Sisi would pull the drapes on that conspiracy, showing the world what Obama is really all about. But then it may be that Sisi doesn't yet have all the evidence toward that plot, and is about to interrogate the Morsi leadership right now in order to discover it, something he could not do until he first allowed them to be visited by Ashton, Obama's people, and several others wanting an audience. If Sisi cuts off all visitors to these "prisoners," we might assume that some form of arm-twisting bordering on blackmail has begun. And this could explain why Obama wants a visit LATER, to assure that they are not mistreated until then.

Below is from the Daily Beast on McCain and Graham in Egypt. The first sentence gives Egyptians the sense that American money to Egypt is on the verge of being canceled, which is in essence a dangling of the O-money before Sisi in order to make him comply with the O-wish to free the Brotherhood leaders NOW:

In Cairo, the senator [McCain] urged Egypt's embattled Muslim Brotherhood to talk with the new government. Plus, why he believes the U.S. may cut off aid to the country.

During their whirlwind tour of Cairo Tuesday, two top GOP senators held the most extensive meeting to date between U.S. officials and senior officials in the embattled Muslim Brotherhood...

"We met some Muslim Brotherhood representatives. They were senior level people," McCain told The Daily Beast Tuesday in an exclusive interview from Cairo, adding that the officials requested to remain anonymous...

Really? The Brotherhood leaders were the ones who wanted to remain anonymous??? Why, everything McCain said they said was in the open before they were arrested, and so why would they need to be anonymous? There stood McCain taking the shape of a political animal so soon after the meeting, like one acting with un-confidentiality, and he was claiming that the individuals wanted to see Morsi released. Nothing new. But I would say that McCain was picking-and-choosing words out of their mouths as they ran parallel with his own intended message to the Sisi government, and for this reason he didn't name names so that he could take all the blame for his anti-Sisi message.

It is scandalous already for Republicans to be meeting with the Brotherhood, and claiming it to be the legitimate government of Egypt. The fact is, the Brotherhood, when poised to control the Egyptian parliament a couple of years back, promised not to run a Brotherhood member for the Egyptian presidency...because the other Egyptians were worried about a Brotherhood dictatorship. The Brotherhood, in the style of Obama, broke that election promise, voting Morsi into power, who, soon after his election, openly claimed that he wanted to act dictatorially in order to fix Egypt. It was like he was expecting the Egyptian people to let him be like Obama over in America. But Morsi failed in that attempt, and, after removing the old guard from the Egyptian military and installing his own man, al-Sisi, he was soon-after jailed by a disillusioned al-Sisi who accused him of running a dictatorship. Those are the facts, Mr. McCain.

What have the two Republicans received from Obama to act in this shameful way on his behalf? There is no explanation for the Republican duo taking this pro-Brotherhood position (which they would deny) except that they've temporarily adopted, like men under hallucinatory drugs, the O-genda. It is indeed a pro-Brotherhood position when assessing all the statements being made as a whole, but then there has been a tolerate-Sisi-momentarily noise in the O-office, and a willingness to see someone other than Morsi come to power...which as a whole looks like Obama's desire to have new elections because he thinks that Brotherhood voters can get back into power if he can help it. The Americans badly need a foot in the political door of Egypt, but both the Republican duo and Burns have darkened such a hope, though Kerry succeeded at first in appearing pro-Sisi for that insidious task.

So, Obama's position is, sure, let's see new elections, and, sure, let the Sisi interim government roll on until then, but, damit, get Morsi out of jail before he talks. The Sisi people have Morsi's trial scheduled for later in August, which is more than reasonable timing, but Obama can't sleep nights thinking about all the juice that could come pouring out at that time.

With the interim government assaulting the two Republican senators, the club may be developing for a political assault upon al-Sisi from the entire U.S. Senate, which could then have the stuff of creating an alliance between the U.S. Senate and the anti-Christ in regards to an invasion of Egypt. I've read that something like 80 percent of Egypt is for the Sisi plan, and opposed to Morsi, which, if true, promises to leave the Brotherhood very weak after the next elections. This is a mighty set-back for those who were just gearing up for a massive build-up of Arms on the Gaza front. It may turn the attention of jihadists to Israel's northern border, which looks very promising if only Assad (tolerated Israel) can be removed. They can deal with Egypt later, they might decide.

Repeat: "With the interim government assaulting the two Republican senators, the club may be developing for a political assault upon al-Sisi from the entire U.S. Senate, which could then have the stuff of creating an alliance between the U.S. Senate and the anti-Christ in regards to an invasion of Egypt." If such a thing as a Western drive to oust Sisi by warfare were to develop under Obama, that in itself could make for the False Prophet alliance with the anti-Christ, though the war effort may spill over into the next American presidency, after 2016. Joe Biden as False Prophet? Not out of the question at all.

Although my tendency is to claim that the anti-Christ has not yet arrived to Iraq, which makes me suppose that the final seven years have not yet begun, the possibility could be that the anti-Christ has been in Iraq and Syria all along for some years, but without being revealed. I've doubted it until now, but it's possible. Later in this update, I will show, for the first time ever, some new things that equate ancient Gog with Arabs proper out of ancient Assyria. This has the potential to make for an Arab anti-Christ, meaning that he may be in Iraq and/or Syria right now. I want to say here that what I discover later in this update looks like a God-directed revelation. It involves finding the peoples of Arrapha (Assyria) in a region at Jerusalem named after a Repha entity, and so the Rafah location in Gaza is coming to mind.

In that past (5th and 6th updates of January, 2009), I predicted, "Rafah, Rafah, Rafah, I want to go to Rafah." Those were words I had comically put into the mouth of Bark Obama during Israel's invasion of Gaza. Wikipedia: "Over the ages [Rafah] has been known as..."Rafihu" by the Assyrians, "Rhaphia" by the Greeks, "Raphia" by Romans..." You will learn later that the Philistines, i.e. who lived at ancient Gaza, assembled their Goliath in the Rephaim valley at Jerusalem.

The Republican duo carried this message: the Brotherhood leaders should meet with the Sisi people to pave a new way forward in democracy. However, I'm watching for Obama to manipulate that particular new way forward, and I think it involves the placing into power of certain Salafist / Senussi entities. In the meantime, he's freaking over the arrest of Morsi.

Reading the quote below, it becomes evident that the Republican duo has admitted to being after a deal from Sisi BEFORE the Brotherhood is given a green light to negotiate with him. Yes, the phrase is such that it places the Republican duo in charge of the Brotherhood, meaning that Obama has laid down the conditions of the deal: "Nevertheless, McCain and Graham told the Muslim Brotherhood leaders that they should be open to negotiations with the new government if [key word "if"] and when the government makes some concessions that international actors are pushing for, such as letting up on the arrests and prosecutions of the leadership of the deposed group." First Sisi must release Morsi and the others, and only then may the Brotherhood negotiate a political settlement. Am I reading that right?

It sounds reasonable, of course, because the Brotherhood is not apt to negotiate with those who jail their leaders, but I do not think that Obama would be this immediately and forcefully engaged if the crux of the matter was merely the political strife. In fact, even his state department has claimed that Egypt's political disagreements are not important enough to warrant American interference. And yet the statement above clearly shows such interference...because, I think, Obama's wants the Morsi people out of jail before they spill some juicy beans.

McCain seems to be a straight-shooting, even honest, man. I can't imagine that he's in Egypt knowingly involved in a cover-up for Obama's sins against America's traditional foreign policy. I think I understand McCain's general view of foreign policy, which is very American-typical, but what I don't like is any talk of supporting the spy programs started by George Bush. This is where I begin to see Republicans as enemies of the country. I simply do not accept the argument that the peoples private communications should be open to government review on behalf of terror threats. For one, there is far less threat to the peoples from terrorists than government / police abuse of private communications. It's the dream of political activists and dictators together to possess the private writings and conversations of their enemies inside the country. It's a stupendous advantage for securing both political power and the agendas that come with it. It's a means to the destruction of people having merely a different political stripe. Only God must be permitted to have such access to our lives. Men cannot be trusted with it.

If McCain and Graham ignore this, they can't be for the people. Instead, they must be for the global cause, a world they imagine thriving with democracy, what can only be a pipe dream more dangerous than a pipe bomb, because the devil will rule every democracy. Just ask America's morals? Besides, Jesus said that killing the body is less dangerous than killing the soul. America is a soul-killing machine; Muslims know it, and therefore do not want American democracy. If the Grahams of the world are for democracy, then let the Muslims choose not to have American democracy.

In my own perfect world, the constitution would start with God Exists Until Proven Otherwise. The American constitution makes that claim, essentially, but in my perfect world, the constitution would go further: No Freedom to Slander God or Violate His Laws Until He is Proven Not to Exist. A democracy that allows the devil to have voice is a lost cause. Israeli society in ancient times, although it had a Theocratic constitution, was a lost cause anyway due to Israelis inviting the devil onto its streets. The same applies to Muslim nations. If the peoples will not accept my tenets above, they will certainly not accept Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart. And this is the problem in American democracy: souls who lead souls away from God, with more than complete freedom.

In other words, Mr. McCain, why bother to export a democracy that's worth as much as the stuff that comes out your anus? Eat it yourself, Mr. McCain. Don't force others to have it. The old-school Muslims don't want Madonna. Is that too hard to grasp? Or, why don't you get out of the Middle East, and stay home? Isn't American pie big enough for you? That's what the Arabs are telling you: Get out! But, no, you say you know better with the democracy that made America rich. Yet Jesus says that the rich are stricken with poverty in naked shame. Do you understand that concept, Mr. America? Having much money yet being naked? Do you understand being clothed from Above?

After all the talk of would he, wouldn't he, Obama decided to do it: "...President Barack Obama called off an upcoming Moscow summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on [August 7], sending a stern message of disapproval over Russia's harboring of National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden...A spokesman for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., one of Putin's staunchest critics...[blah, blah]" Get out, Mr. McCain. Leave the Russians alone. They don't want Madonna either. Nor do they care for Obama's stench, but you apparently don't mind his company these days. Obama is for every filthy example of democratic America. His suit, and his white shirt, are no cover for his true nature. His mouth reveals his true nature, and out from that comes the stench of Hell, yet you just went to the wall for him, all the way to Egypt, carrying the stuff that comes out his anus. You need a large wagon, Mr. McCain, for the scope of what you're into. You can use Obama's pitchfork to load it.

The Batty Bedouin Factor

There is yet another theory I am open to in regards to the identity of Gog, the anti-Christ. In this theory, Gog is a European entity of a Varangian-Rus kind in alliance with Meshech of the Massey or Mason bloodline. In short, Freemasons and the Rothschilds will supply the anti-Christ as well as the False Prophet. This theory is "attractive" to me in that it resolves the problem of how a Gog can also be a European president, the requirement of Daniel 7 if not also Revelation 13. It also tends to peg the anti-Christ as part of the Western globe-trodders in the Middle East. If Russia / Moscow (that Meshech-suspect city was co-founded by Varangian Rus) were in no way involved in the Middle East at this time, I would be more likely to go with this theory. Alas, I haven't the intelligence to figure out which Rus entity will provide the anti-Christ. Perhaps you do.

It is notable for prophecy followers that while Togarmah is an ally of end-time Gog, the Meshech-suspect Masseys in Ferte-Mace (Normandy) were near the Touques river, and then the Took/Touque surname was first found in the same place (Kent) as the Mason surname. Moreover, I am absolutely convinced that "Freemason" is part-code for the Freie / Free / Frey bloodline, as the Freie's have for years shown the lion used my the Mason surname, and then the Norse god, Frey, was the god of Frisians, a peoples living smack in / beside Wieringen, the origin of "Varangian." A Varangian-Rus leader was in Wieringen (mid-9th century) by the name of Rurik, at the same time as the Rurik (a Varangian leader) who founded the Rus of Kiev, who went on to co-found Meshech-suspect Moscow with certain locals of Kiev. These are historical facts, not my theories.

I could go on to show that Thracians / Trojans, suspect as TOGERmites in the ancient mythical name, TEUCER, developed both into the TOKER and Trager/Trogen surnames, for both use the same tooth-like design (officially called, "embattled"). The Toker axe is that likely of the Trager-suspect Drake's, a term that likely goes back to "Thraco/Thrace." It's not hard to trace Drakes to Thrace when one knows that they honor the Abreu/Abruzzo bloodline as the extension of Aphrodite.

One could argue that "Turk(ey)" is a term from "Thrace," though I trace it to an ancient Turruku peoples in the neighborhood of Kirkuk / Mosul, exactly where the anti-Christ is to build a military base before he invades Egypt. I have not yet been convinced that the anti-Christ could be a modern Turk, and I tend to shun this idea, or, at best, I'm mildly open to it.

Rockefellers were traced by me to ancient Roxolani living in the area where the Varangians settled proto-Russia, and then the Italian Rocco Coat uses the embattled bar of Tragers/Trogens. It could give the impression that we should be looking to Rockefeller involvement with globalist Europeans for the makings of the anti-Christ. However, this is so typically "conspiracy theory" that I've treated it as merely a theory...until such time that it starts to prove more true than not. When what appears concretely to be prophetic events fulfilled, while there is no Russian anti-Christ involved, the European-Gog / Freemason identity of the anti-Christ could begin to look more true than not.

I kid you not, that the above was written just days after opening an email sharing with me the Bedouin factor amongst the Senussi Libyans. The email informed that king Idris Senussi was married shortly to a Bedouin, and it led me to notice that Wikipedia's article on the Senussi's has them in a strong alliance with Bedouins in Cyrenaica: "The Bedouin tribes...were attracted in great numbers to the Senussis. The relative austerity of the Senussi message was particularly suited to the character of the Cyrenaica Bedouins..." In response to this email, I wrote to the emailer to point out how it seemed convincing that Bedouins had been ancient cousins of certain entities in Europe that form Bat-like surnames, but while writing it, it did not come to mind that mythical Teucer (a co-founder of Trojans) was father to a Batia.

My email below is unusually long because I intended from the start to copy it in this update. I realized from the start that Obama could relate to the Bedouins. But when I came to this page with the email copied for insertion, I found that the last thing written was the above on Togarmah, Teucer and the Varangians. I kid you not. What does this all mean as regards Obama, whom I do trace to the Masseys out of the Mysia of Troy? Note below how his ancestry uses a bat.

Thanks for all this. I was looking at the whole article several days ago, and still have it loaded on a browser. The quote you share below [the last paragraph in the article above mentioning the Sanusiya sect] makes it sound as though the Bedouins originated in the Senussi's, but I would think that shouldn't be true [because Bedouins pre-date Senussi's]...

So, it appears that Bedouins merged with Senussi's, explaining Idris' [Bedouin] wife [Alia Abdel Lamboum]. I'm not sure all that this could mean in regards to the prophetic topics I cover, but it's good to have this point in mind, because I glossed over it previously. It may even be that, back in the sands of history, or maybe not that long ago, the Senussi were themselves a Bedouin peoples.

If you don't mind my going on, because I might add this to an update, imagine if "Bedouin" is from an ancient city in Sudan called Bedewe, as Wikipedia calls it, though this [city] had the alternative name of Merowe/Meroe. As such, I traced mythical Merovee to that Sudanese city, and realized that the Batavi, who lived on the Rhine exactly where the Merovingian Franks had origins, were named after "Bedewe." From these considerations, it is suspect that the Batavi were cousins of the Bedouins.

Obama is about to figure into this Batavi-Merovingian family momentarily, and so this evokes my message in the update out this week, that Obama is in cahoots with the Sudanese president. It's completely interesting that I traced Amorites/Amurru to the naming of Merowe, and then Obama is the one who essentially gave power to Morsi, whom we could suspect to be from the Amorites simply because God has a cause, we may presume, against end-time Amorites.

Now Obama's Randolph side, the surname that merged with Dunhams, goes back to Randolphs of Moray, also called Moravia (i.e. much like "Merowe"), a place in Scotland to which I trace Amorites yet again [it implies that elements from Bedewe/Merowe should be at Moray]. But the point here is that the Scottish Randolphs use a black bat (the mammal), and it's the bat design of the Bat/Baat surname which can easily trace to "Batavi" even as Moray is expected to trace to Merovingians. Isn't that wild that while I suspected Obama to be from the Senussi's, his bat line may trace to Bedouins? I should add that the Randolphs use the same cross, in the same colors, as the Welsh Bath surname, which itself was first found in the same place (Somerset) as the Baden/Battin surname, wherefore these surnames too are suspect from the Batavi-branch Bedouins. And the Biden/Button surname claims to be from Bath and Wells in Somerset so that even Joseph Biden appears to be from the Bedouin nation. The fact that Obama picked him to be his vice president may reveal that Obama knows his [own] Batavi roots.

You may know that I traced the Senussi's to the Sinclairs, and that I have pegged Sinclairs [of More] as rulers of Moray for many years. Lately [2nd update in June], I dredged up the evidence to prove that Sinclairs were at Moray. Is that not wild, that a Senussi-related Norse people should be at Moray, exactly where the Bedouins are now suspect as per the bat on the Randolph Crest? And then Moray was ruled by MacBETH not long before the Randolphs got there. [Pause, not part of this email, let me quote the evidence in the 2nd update of June: The Scottish clan histories of MacEth [or "MacHeth"] and MacBeth indicate Fulbert Tanner's widow (Doda) returned to Scotland from Normandy following her husband's death and that Doada subsequently married the Mormaer of Moray. This would indicate that Tonnerre's daughter Arlette (a noble name) was likely the half sister of Macbeth... In Doda's article, Herleva (otherwise known as Arlette), the Conqueror's mother, is said to be a daughter of Doda. That could easily explain the Sinclair line's ownership of Moray." End of quote from June.] It dawned on me only recently that the upright sword of the Baits/Beaths is the upright-sword symbol of the ancient Bistones living in Cyrene, where the Senussi's came to settle with their Bedouin allies. The Sinclair cross is used by Buttars, which now suggests the obvious, not forgetting that Sinclairs must always trace to Moors [i.e. in north Africa] of some sort. Buttars and Baits/Beaths were first found in the same place [Fife], not far from Moray. A version of the Sinclair cross is also used by Bats/Baats, though I would lump the Kilpatrick cross in with the Bat/Baat cross.

I can tell that all of these coincidences cannot be such, and that there is truth in it all. It means that the Botters and many similar terms, including the Baathists, are all various branches of Bedouins. The Botters are mentioned because heraldry suggested that they were linked to KilPatricks, and then while Pattersons (out of Ross-shire, beside Moray) are said to be from "Patrick," it just so happens that Obama chose a Patterson surname to be his ambassador to Egypt. I do not recall the details of why I traced Botters to north Africa, but they are now tracing to Bedouins by other means. In fact, English Botters are also "Bodin," and were first found in the same place [Hampshire, home of Drake-line Thracians] as Bidens/Buttons.

Safe to say, the Nordic Rus / Freemasons who trace to Bedouins are the ones who make the Senussi's important in Obama's rape of north-Africa.

The Varangian Rus that settled at Kiev settled in the ancient land of the Budini, meaning that the Bedouins somehow relate to the Budini, whom I've suspected at the naming of Woden = Odin, the chief Nordic god. I know what this Budini entity was, the Thracian / Trojan namers of the Po river, which was called Bodencus as well as the Padus, the river flowing past Padua, also called Padova, a term that I trace to "Bedewe." Yes, the proto-Batavi were, I think, in Padova, in the area of the Veneti who trace to Heneti Paphlagonians of the Phrygian theater, where the name of Odin's wife, Frigg, traces, as well as does Frey of the Frisians, who lived beside the first Varangian Rus proper [the redundancy is to stress the "coincidences"]. The Padus river must trace to Padasus in the Troad, home of Trojans and Mysians/Amazons, the latter being the founders of Cyrene's Meshwesh.

The Tabors and Tabers were traceable to the Moravian church, but I was convinced at one point not many months ago that the Taborite branch of Moravians traced to the naming of Tobruk, a city in Libya's Cyrenaica.

I neglected to add that the Dunham Coat (identical to the English Randolph Coat) is used by BUTlers, now suspect as part of the Bedouin line in the president's ancestry. The Beetle's/Bedwells (Rockefeller rock in Crest) of BEDfordshire had traced to Agrigento, location of the Drago river = proto-Drakes, where the Caiaphas line was found merged with the Charo/Claro bloodline, important because the Capes scallops are used by Beads. In that picture, Bedouins were at Agrigento. [I'm inserting this here as per the Bethlehem-area topic that follows this section: I was convinced months ago that Beetle's trace to "BETHLehem." Both Baits/Beiths and Bedfords use "fortuna" in their mottoes. These surnames were traced (2nd update last February) to Battus of Cyrene. By the 4th update in February: "Therefore, I am confident that Beatle's/Bedwells and Bedolete were from "Bethlehem" terms, and of the Anaki."]

Now, while I was re-reading that email, and adding in the square brackets, the question came to mind as to whether Ethi(opia)-like surnames were at Moray. The question was the result of Bedewe/Merowe being located in what was then ancient Ethiopia. Right away I knew there was something to it, for there was a MacHETH surname at Moray, and even the Welsh Bath surname (using the Randolph-of-Moray cross) is said to be from "Atha," though I think that Atha and Bath can both apply separately as per "Bedewe" elements on the one hand, and "Ethiopia" elements on the other ("opia" is always a suffix, meaning that Ethiopia was named after an Eth entity. Esau's Edomites trace well to Kos as per Kos, a chief god of Edom). There is even a Heth surname using the gold Sinclair rooster.

It all reminds me of the trace I make from mythical Merops of Kos (near Rhodes) to his granddaughter, Aedon (in BOEOTia), whom I traced to "Autun" in France (where an Aedui peoples lived). This Aedon-to-Autun trace is fact, not mere theory, and there was even a mythical Merops of ancient Ethiopia that was an obvious code for "Merowe." When on these topics in the past, it caused me to reflect on whether "Aedon" was a term rooted in "Esau / Edom / Ethiopia." I had concluded that mythical Aedon was identical to mythical Aeson, father of Iason/Jason of the Argo ship, who was traceable easily to the upper Nile river at Minya.

Another major point is that the Mason surname uses the same mermaid, which has been officially called a "Siren," as the Moray surname, so that "Siren" can be traced to the Seir area of Edom, which I think named Syria. The ancient Amurru (= Amorites) had an empire in what was later Syria, and that empire (which can be viewed as mythical Merops of Ethiopia developing into Merops of Kos) involved Tubal, the cousins of the Meshech who will likewise join Gog in the end times.

Now, when I have Obama tracing via his mother's Dunham surname to Britain's Bedouin elements of the Bath/Atha kind, it behooves me to keep eyes open for any alliance he may make with Middle-East Baathists...who definitely trace to the Bitar/Buttar surname because it shares the black cross of the Aflacks (the same type cross is used in white by the Baths/Atha's). The Baathists were co-founded in Syria (mere decades ago) by a Bitar and an Aflaq surname, you see. I am expecting that the anti-Christ arise with Baathists, therefore.

My task of searching for the fulfillment of Daniel 11 is a complicated one in light of events now in Syria. Suppose that I was wrong to peg the "king of the north" as a ruler of Iraq. This king is, according to the Daniel text, a ruler of an end-time Seleucid empire, but then the Seleucids also conquered Syria after starting out in Iraq. Suppose, therefore, that Daniel 11:21-24 refers, not to Iraq's previous losses to George Bush, but to a future loss of Syria to American forces as they enter the war. It's a possibility as things now stand; we await the no-fly zone that the West wants in Syria in order to defeat Assad.

However, just as Seleucids started in Iraq and then won Syria, we may see the same again from the Sunni of Iraq as they merge with the Sunni of Syria (al-Qaeda in both Iraq and Syria is Sunni). As Baathists of Iraq are themselves Sunni, we could expect the involvement of Iraq's Baathists in the creation of the future neo-Seleucid kingdom. As "Sunni" looks like it should stem from a term giving birth to "Senussi," but what coincidence does the Sinclair surname come up as "Sun / Senes" while the Bitar/Buttar and Aflack Coats both use the black-on-white Sinclair cross???

If that's not enough, the "work" motto term of Sinclairs is much expected to be code for the Work/Werk surname because the "Commit" motto term of Sinclairs is code for the Conte/Comite surname known to have married (as Herluin de Conteville) the mother of the Conqueror Sinclair. The point here is that the Work/Werk Coat (in Sinclair colors) is an excellent reflection of the Fleck/Flack Coat, the surname of which must be a branch of Aflacks/Aflecks. The Palmers use a version of the same Coat, and they trace to Palmyra, part of the ancient Amurru empire in Syria.

I'm not suggesting that Sinclairs derive their name in both "Claro" and a Sun-like term, but that the Claro line merged with a Sun-like entity (that named Sens in France, for example). It can suggest that the Moor elements in Sinclair ancestry were from Sunnah," the term that named the Sunni Muslims. Hence, the Claro > Saint Clair > Sinclair bloodline adopted a Sun surname, but, furthermore, Sinclairs even show a SINGULar variation, much like "SINGLetary," the surname that Obama's mother is known to be from (a Jonathan Singletary in Obama's bloodline changed his surname to Dunham). Dunhams were first found in the same place as Flecks/Flacks.

I had found that a Swiss Sens surname (in Dunn colors) uses the colors of the Seneca/Senecot surname showing a Senegal variation that should link to Singletarys / Singulars. Dunhams must trace to Dunham Masci, and then so-called mascles (hollow diamonds) are used by the Seneca's/Senegals (in Masci colors). Dunham Masci was ruled by Hamon de Masci, and then we see a Hamon name in the Seneca/Senegal write-up. The same write-up even mentions a Val-es-Dunes location.

Irish Dunns/Dunes' are easily linked by their "holly bush" (Maxwell symbol too) and their eagle design (as shown by Scottish Dunns/Dunes') to the Maxwells. Not only were Scottish Dunns/Dunes' first found beside the Baits/Beaths, but both use erect swords for a trace to the Bistones (and to Biston / Bessin surnames). The Baits/Beaths even use a black boar, the symbol of the Bush and Booth surnames, verifying that the holly bush is part code for the Bush clan. Fancy that for explaining why Obama should be involved in the same global plots as George Bush.

The Bistones (who must trace to the Bessin, home of Masci-related Meschins, the latter a known branch of Sinclairs) were traced to Bistue, a location in the proto-Croatian theater of the Maezaei who I claimed as the proto-Maxwells as well as the proto-Mieszko they led to the Mackays (suspect with MacHeths) of Moray. The Dunns/Dunes' even use a key that may be in honor of MacKays, and to boot it needs to be repeated in this Maxwell topic that the Maezaei appear named after the "Mazyes" version Cyrene's Meshwesh, though the Meshwesh were also called, Maxyes. Herein is a solid trace of Masci-related Dunns to Cyrenaica, wherefore the Dunns can be suspect as a branch of Dunhams, the whole of which traces Obama to Cyrenaica.

The Freemasons ultimately trace to king Massena of Numidia, whose family ruled into Tunisia and beyond, i.e. where the Arab Spring started. It gives the impression that the O-circle of globalists are attempting to recover, or by God's will happen to be recovering, their ancient heritage in north Africa.

Let's consider "BeDOUIN," for Dunns are also "Doun." If this idea is correct, then I must have been wrong to suggest that Dunns trace to "Dane." However, English Douns were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Deins, Diens, Dans, Dannes' and Daniels. I am absolutely sure that the "timeo" motto term of Daniels is code for the Time/Timm surname, first found in Kent and tracing to the "Deum Time" motto of a Moray surname no longer shown at houseofnames. That Moray Coat used "fetterlocks," and then the Dunns too use locks (as part code, no doubt, for the Lock surname). There were compelling reasons for tracing the Time's/Timms to "Timna," the Seir woman in Edom married to Esau's son. The Mason surname (first found in the same place as Time's/Timms), which most-definitely traces to king Massena, uses the Siren mermaid as code for Seir elements, but even uses "Dum" for a motto term looking much like code for Edomites in Britain. The "spiro spero" motto phrase of Masons is reflective of the "sperno" motto term of Daniels. (Somewhere along the mud of history, "Edom" may have developed an Edon-like version that may have named mythical Aedon.)

I'll repeat for new readers here that the black boar was said in the Book of Enoch (not Inspired in my opinion) to represent Edom or even Esau, an idea that didn't likely pop up without just cause. If God in the end times has a plot of vengeance against Amorites of ancient Jerusalem, now the Freemasons, we can bet that he also has hard plots devised against end-time Edomites of the Masonic kind.

Anne Patterson, a Bush appointee for the ambassadorship to Pakistan, was Obama's choice for the ambassadorship to Egypt. She is some clear evidence that Obama was passionate for the Brotherhood government: "During the protests that ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi from power on July 3, 2013 Patterson was singled out specially by the protesters for being too close to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood." No details given at this article.

The Pagan Allah and Keturah

I know nothing about the Qur'an because I could never stomach reading a false book of God, yet there are some obvious indicators to let us know that the Muslim religion is false without ever reading its "bible." A person asking some basic questions about the founding of Muslims learns that Mohammed hijacked the Israelite Bible, and founded a religion based on the same God (though they changed his eternal plan, favoring Arabs rather than Jews). In fact, if I'm reading Wikipedia correctly, the Qur'an (written by Mohammed) claims that Mohammed had in his possession the so-called "Scrolls of Abraham," but, says Wikipedia, no pieces of this book have survived. One could get the impression that Allah did not assure the survival of the Scrolls of Abraham because he doesn't exist.

One can gather that the Scrolls of Abraham were written by Mohammed (or one of his followers) to hijack God's plan through Isaac, and instead turn it into a plan through Abraham's first-born son, Ishmael. Muslims have claimed that they descend from Ishmael, but I do not think this is altogether true, and even by the time of Mohammed such a thing should have been impossible to prove by genuine genealogical records. I say that "Arab" comes from the term "Arabkha," which Wikipedia quotes in it's article on Arrapha, otherwise known as the city of Arrapachitis. This city is now Kirkuk in Iraq, beside Mosul, and so look at the similarity between "MUSLim" and "Mosul."

It seems very evident that Arrapachitis was in honor of someone named, Arphaxad. There was an Arphaxad in the ancestry of Abraham (Genesis 11), and he was shortly ancestral to Eber, namer of the Hebrews. From this, it would seem that Hebrews and Arabs had the same ancestry in Arphaxad, but Ishmael (several generations later, and not likely living in the area of Arrapachitis) may or may not have figured in Arab ancestry.

Arrapachitis was a very ancient city in what would later become Assyria. The city was beside Armenia (location of mount Ararat), a nation that in ancient times was led by it's chief god, Aramazd, a creator-god, father of Ar. As a creator god, one may glean that he was meant to be the true Creator as passed down by Noah's son(s)...not at all meaning that the Creator was intimately involved with, or respected, the Armenians who named Him, Aramazd. One can imagine that many false cults developed at that time, through false prophets that God did not call, around Noah's Creator.

My claim is that "Hermes" developed in Greece as a term from "Aramazd." By the time that this god reached Arcadia (looks like an Ar- Cadusii mix) in Greece, where the Greeks appointed his birth place, he had been corrupted into a sinful cult. In being incorporated into the Greek pantheon of gods, it means that certain Armenians in western migration carried Aramazd > Hermes to Greece. I have proven as a virtual fact that the Hermes cult at mount Hermon (Phoenicia) was in fact a cult of Cadusii Armenians. For one, Hermes had a so-called caduceus rod as obvious code for the Cadusii peoples. Two, CADmus (i.e. partially named after the Cadusii peoples) was a god local to mount Hermon. Furthermore, Cadmus was given a wife, Harmonia, with a name reflecting "Armenia." If that's not enough, Harmonia was a daughter of the Greek Ares, whom we can presume to be the historical extension of Ar (i.e. who had been part of the Aramazd cult). In that picture, the most-violent god of Greece was carried by Armenians, which underscores why the true Creator did not invest himself in the Aramazd cult.

From this information, one can theorize that mythical Arabus, a son of Hermes (as named by Greeks) and therefore part of the Aramazd cult, migrated from the Ararat theater, not toward Greece, but into the Arabian peninsula. And there the Arabs took on a pagan nature, serving many gods rather than the one true God. This was the situation until Mohammed popped into the historical scene:

"But history establishes beyond the shadow of doubt that even the pagan Arabs, before Muhammad's time, knew their chief god by the name of Allah and even, in a sense, proclaimed his unity...Among the pagan Arabs this term denoted the chief god of their pantheon, the Kaaba, with its three hundred and sixty idols." (The Moslem Doctrine of God, Samuel M. Zwemer 1905, p 24-25)

And that's why one does not need to read the Qur'an to know that Mohammed was a deluded false prophet. He came far too late in history to be a credible appointee of the true Creator. One would need to believe that the Creator had a hands-off approach on humanity until Mohammed of the 7th century AD, but that's a difficulty even if one ignores that Israelites pronounced the Creator's plan through Abraham thousands of years earlier. This plan was pronounced by a Bible that God protected, unlike the Scrolls of Abraham that are nowhere to be seen.

Mohammed's religion incorporated ideas from Christ too, and yet it drastically diminished the importance of God's Son. At first, Mohammed's followers picked a safe and subtle disagreement with the people of the Old Testament, seeing that they were creating their own religion from it, but lovers of Mohammed plotted the murders of "infidels," and the end of this matter is murderous toxicity breathed toward the Jews of Jerusalem. By what coincidence did the Israelite prophets predict Jerusalem to be the bomb of Armageddon, so to speak, and here we are looking it straight in the face today? How could Jerusalem, the place chosen as the capital city of the Old Testament God's eternal empire, become, just as was predicted by His prophets, the central subject of an Armageddon scenario? The answer: there is a true God who spoke to humanity, and He is the God of the Israeli prophets.

Jesus claimed that the "Law and the Prophets" are Inspired words from the Father, and said that the prophets spoke about him (Jesus). Is that true?

This morning, I was seeking prophecies made by Mohammed, and came across an article where some people ridiculed the idea, but also ridiculed the claims of Christians wherein they point out Old Testament prophecies predicting Jesus and his deeds. This is very problematic, for just as one can recognize Mohammed's prophecies as concocted, one is apt to define Old Testament prophets in the same false way even before becoming acquainted with their predictions. Some think that, in the same deceptive way that Mohammed started his religion to secure the following of the naive, ditto for the apostles of Jesus. It's a natural argument.

If I were to argue that Jesus is a true prophet of God because millions have believed in him throughout the centuries, the Muslim religion, which can boast the same, can be easily used to discredit that argument. This is very problematic, but only on the surface. Christians continue to believe after scratching far deeper than the surface, and that's where prophecy students go. I myself know the prophecies well, both concerning Armageddon and those concerning Jesus. I still believe.

It would be tricky but not impossible for certain Israelis to pick any leader, any mere man whatsoever, and claim him to be the fulfillment of various messianic prophecies in the Old Testament. But it would be far from easy for such a band of brazen liars to succeed in convincing many others in their own generation of such a position. It would be monumental to convince millions down through the ages of such a false claim. In fact, aside from Jesus, there has not been any messiah claimed by any Israelites who succeeded in convincing many of the Israelites themselves, let alone Gentiles from many nations and into many centuries afterward. And that's the rub against Muslims, that Christianity has convinced members of ALL nations, whereas Muslims cannot achieve the same. An Arab will argue that there are a few Muslims in non-Arab nations, but that's not the same as the spread of Christianity, end of discussion. If the apostles of Jesus were fakes, they achieved an astounding goal.

One may argue that Muslims have millions of "converts," but the fact is, it's a family thing, an Arab-insider thing, passed on from parents to children as a ritualistic thing, and passed on forcefully by peer pressure and the many methods of "forced conversions." It's state-sponsored brainwashing.

Let's assume for entertainment's sake that Jesus was not born in Bethlehem, but that his apostles -- the self-proclaimed leaders of a false Israelite movement -- made the claim for the purpose of making it appear that Jesus fulfilled Micah 5:2, where it says that the Messiah would come out of Bethlehem. Micah does say that the messiah would be born in Bethlehem, but, just the same, the apostles used the prophecy to suggest that Jesus was the messiah because he was born in Bethlehem. And because people knew that Jesus grew up in Nazareth, the apostles created a tale for getting Jesus born in Bethlehem. Such a scam would be relatively easy to pass off because the tale had Jesus in Bethlehem only as an infant, a generation earlier so that the first human targets of their tale could not easily prove otherwise.

First of all, just because the situation above could be fabricated does not necessarily mean that it was. The story could be as true as it was claimed to be. God had his reasons for having Jesus born in Bethlehem, which may even go back to His Amorite / Anaki enemies in Bethlehem. Or, as another example, He wanted Joseph and Mary to escape Herod to Egypt, and Bethlehem was half way there already from Nazareth. Or, as another example, God wanted Jesus born at Jerusalem to signal to the Jews that their Messiah had arrived (Bethlehem is just four miles from Jerusalem). The importance of Bethlehem in Micah 5:2 is simply to point out that this city will play a part in the arrival of the Messiah. It's not difficult or unbelievable, or a reason to claim that the apostles made the story up. But some will insist that the story appears fabricated to make Jesus appear to be the Jewish messiah.

Now, let's go to Isaiah 53, where the messiah is predicted to be killed for the forgiveness of the sins of Israel, and is then shown alive afterward (i.e. implies his resurrection) as the king of the entire planet. It wouldn't be very easy at all for the apostle fakes to make their Jesus look like he fulfilled that prophecy. The best they could do was falsely claim that Jesus was raised from the dead, and that he would come back to become king of kings some day at an unknown time.

Again, it doesn't necessarily follow that the Isaiah prophecy was mimicked by the apostles as a trick on the Israeli nation; the story of the Resurrection could have been true as stated, and the apostles could have been men of truth telling Israel the truth. In fact, the resurrection of Lazarus was probably an event that God in His wisdom caused, in order to help prove that Jesus was himself resurrected. Lazarus was resurrected shortly before Jesus was crucified, and so the apostles would not have been able to claim the resurrection of Lazarus as a hoax if they claimed it in the same generation in which it took place. Everyone would have known that they were lying, if indeed they were lying. The apostles would not have risked fabricating the Lazarus resurrection because being caught in the lie would throw their entire hoax into disrepute.

The Gospels say that the chief priests were alarmed that news of Lazarus' resurrection was spreading in their very own Jerusalem. If there had not been such a resurrection, no one in Jerusalem would have heard about it. How could the apostles later claim, as a lie, that Lazarus had been raised from his grave if no one had heard about it previously? The Jews would have known from that claim alone that the apostles were liars.

In order for our atheist "friends" to justify their side of this controversy, they need to prove that the Lazarus account was initially created / announced many years after it reportedly took place. Perhaps the possibility is there, but the children of Lazarus and his other relatives, or the close relatives of his close friends, would have been in Israel to 70 AD, in which case it would not have been the right time for the apostles to spread such a hoax. It seems very evident within the Gospels themselves that the Jerusalem temple had not yet been destroyed (in 70 AD) when any of the Gospels were written.

In the final analysis, those "scholars" who "play" with the Gospels to create doubts in your mind have no power over you if you're convinced, simply, that the Gospel writers would never lie about such matters. "Feeling" the truth in their writings is important for your salvation, and one can see that, aside from some minor disagreements, all writings in the New Testament keep to the same teachings, and all writers keep to the words of Jesus strictly / carefully / thoughtfully; we never see evidence of their straying from the Teachings into some "liberal" chasm, which we would greatly expect if they were a band of conspiratorial liars. The wholesome goodness in their passionate words speaks for men of truth.

When reading the New Testament with doubt in your mind, keep in mind the many difficulties required for the apostles to pass off a massive hoax, if indeed it was one. The Isaiah-53 prophecy is unusual. It forthrightly depicts a human "lamb" of God sacrificed for the sins of Israel. This was unheard of in previous prophecies, though Psalm 22 alludes to the Crucifixion. Prophets after Isaiah did not emphasize this great and unusual sacrifice...because they knew nothing about it. Isaiah mentioned it as a "leak" from God, but it ended there. It was apparently leaked so that the apostles -- including Christians after them -- would know that their Jesus was indeed the Messiah.

Try to imagine the success rate predicted by the task of taking an ordinary religious man, and trying to convince the Greek worlds that he was raised from the dead by the one true God who will later bring him back from the sky to rule the planet at merely Jerusalem. I mean, the apostles were not only working this "hoax" on Israelites, but they went to the Greek world where there were scores of hostile gods who had never heard of Jerusalem. Wouldn't you agree that the apostles were biting off a little more than they could chew? Yet, they succeeded wildly in Anatolia and Greece, even into the most hostile city of all, Rome. The success continued with compounding numbers after the apostles passed away, and the hoax was led by more and more and more hoaxers, to this day. Doesn't that strike you as more of a fantasy than simply believing that the apostles were telling the truth?

In keeping with their message as told in the New Testament -- written in years shortly after the Crucifixion -- salvation in Jesus went out to Gentiles the world over even while Israel would reject the Message...until such unknown time that God re-dealt with Israel at Armageddon. And that's exactly what happened, and is about to happen. Can't you just feel that it's about to happen, at Jerusalem? Jerusalem who? Yes, that Jerusalem. The humble city fit for a humble God determined to be unlike the arrogants who rule the cities of the gentiles. No, not a God like Obama who enjoys being the "leader of the free world," but a God who serves the masses and takes delight in so doing.

That was the message of Jesus, that he would be a father to the human race. Ask the day when he wept for Jerusalem, lamenting that he so-wanted to take the Jews under his wings, as a hen takes her chicks. And weep with him, Jerusalemites, you tramps and blasphemers. You will indeed weep over him, you former tramps and blasphemers, when you see the One whom you had pierced.

This is nonsense, the atheists will tell us. Expecting a Jesus to return from the sky is nonsense, a fantasy of the stupids. The very idea proves that the apostles were fakes, that Jesus died and never rose. But wait, if the apostles told the truth about his Resurrection, then we have no choice but to believe that Jesus will also come from the sky. If the apostles were truly the men of the one true God, then they could not have been lying when saying that angels informed them about the return of Jesus from the sky.

From the New Testament accounts, it may be impossible to prove one way or the other whether Jesus was resurrected, but one thing is absolutely assured: if he was not resurrected, the apostles were lying about it. That is, they did not imagine the resurrection in some way, and then announce it as men sincerely deceived. Instead, they lied about it, put words into Jesus' mouth, put words into the mouth of Mary Magdalene, put words into the mouth of Thomas, and deliberately concocted a non-real account of the angelic appearances after the Crucifixion. When the apostle John in his epistle wrote that he touched and saw and witnessed Jesus (implies that this was as per the resurrected Jesus), he was merely lying.

The atheist would have you believe that these were common lies so that you would be more prone to believing the atheist. Rather, those lies would have been for a massive hoax, not at all like a schoolgirl who lies to her parents about coming home a hour after her curfew. That would be a defensive lie, but the apostles would have been lying in quite a different manner, not to protect themselves from harm, but to promote a ghastly con-job with a very low chance at success and very high chance of being killed for it. And they apparently went to their deaths for the hoax. No, but it makes much more sense that they accepted the threat of death, and death itself, because they knew to be preaching the truth. James, the brother of John above, was run through by a sword and killed early, yet John continued to an old age, into exile in Greece even, if indeed it was he who wrote down the Revelation. The apostles were not involved in war that they should take easily to be killed.

The atheist thinks he has the better argument because we are dealing with such an impossible thing as a Resurrection, or the coming of a God-man from the sky. Granted, these are unusual events, on par with wonderland stories, but then the earth hanging in space without a string is a wonderland story. An earth flying through space in a continuous circle was sheer fantasy; no one would believe it...until it was proven. The finger of God is indeed like fantasy, because it creates like something you'd see in a wonderland story, or in cartoons, but God's finger exists, doesn't it? Of course it does. And this is where we "kill" the atheist and his argument, because it's obvious that a Creator exists, the One whom atheism calls a fantasy. The existence of God cannot be proven, they say, failing to look right under their noses, at their own body, a sheer product of wonderland. Yes, the human body is an incredible "machine" that must exist only in wonderland, for the body is far more complicated than a resurrection, far more complicated than a God-man coming in the sky, and yet, there it is, really existing under the nose of the atheist.

The apostles sent atheists a message, that the Creation is obvious to all. And they were correct. And they spoke on a Creator who raised Jesus from the dead, and we Christians do not think that this was a hard task, let alone impossible. The greater task was Jesus laying his life down willingly. But causing a dead body to come alive again two to three days later is not a major task for the one who created the body. The Resurrection was EASY. Putting up with Israel's chief priests, and atheists, conspiring to kill Jesus, is the difficult part.

Is resurrecting a body after being dead for thousands of years easy??? If that question assumes that the same materials in the original body are to be brought back to the resurrected body, I would have to disagree. If scientists can take some DNA material from a bone and recreate the entire body, a claim that we are hearing these days, then God must be able to do the same. But there are physics we don't know about that can be used to resurrect Abraham, but even if not, the First Resurrection may apply only to the soul, which, for all we know, has a "body" of its own. If Jesus could walk through walls with his body that yet had the crucifixion wounds, then the soul can leave (move through) a dead body.

Creating a new version of the Creator is easy, and has been done countless times, but convincing the world to adopt a new image of the Creator isn't easy. In pagan Egypt, one pharaoh created a one-only Creator-God by the name of Atun/Aten (he was definitely the cult that led to mythical Aedon and the Merovingians), but he didn't survive in Egypt as a desirable cult past that pharaoh's lifetime. It is predictable that Atun/Aten must have survived in some pagan form into Thebes in Greece (where mythical Aedon was queen), and it just so happens that Athens (i.e. a term like "Aten") is smack beside Thebes, wherefore the carriers of Atun must have transferred some of their cultic wares to the goddess, Athena. It should be added here that mythical Cadmus, i.e. the carrier of the Hermes cult of Armenians, settled Thebes in Greece prior to queen Aedon of Thebes.

That is, Atun named Athens, the Greek capital. However, Athena was located by Greek myth writers in Libya, the location of the Bedouins...who were traced earlier in this update to mythical Merops > Aedon. Coincidence??? What I'm now seeing is that the monotheistic God of Mohammed was somehow connected to the monotheistic god, Atun, and this can be taken to "Tunisia," where Tyrians (the people of Cadmus) founded an infamous satanic center of human sacrifice that can be deemed the reciprocal of God's Sacrifice of the Son of Man. In fact, God may have decided from the foundation of the world to sacrifice his own son in direct confrontation with the religion of the Tyrians.

It just so happens that a mythical king of Athens, Kodros, had a son by roughly the same name (Medon versus Medan) as a son of the Biblical Keturah, Abraham's second wife (Genesis 25). l was for that reason and others confident that "Keturah" became a term migrating to Greece as "Kodros" (it must have gone through several versions of the same term). Plus, as Greek myth writers penned, another son of this Kodros become the founder of Ephesus, where Aedon's father (Pandareus) was ruler. It cannot all be coincidental, especially as there is a Kotor location (i.e. like "KODRos") smack beside Budva, a modern city on the Illyrian coast called Butua in ancient times, where Cadmus and Harmonia came to rest when having their Illyrian children, and where the snake symbols of that couple were modified into fish, the symbol that Greek writers had given to Kodros. This is no small discovery as it involves Abraham's wife.

In this picture, Mohammed was, possibly, from Abraham and Keturah, and the "Scrolls of Abraham" in Mohammed's possession may originally have been all about that (which could explain why those scrolls didn't survive, as Muslims preferred to trace themselves instead to Ishmael, son of Abraham's first wife).

Allah (allah, al-ilah, the god) was the principal, though not the only, deity of Makkah. The name is an ancient one. It occurs in two South Arabic inscriptions...but abounds in the form HLH in the Lihyanite inscriptions of the fifth century- B.C. Lihyan, which evidently got the god from Syria, was the first Centre of the worship of this deity in Arabia. The name occurs as Hallah in the Safa inscriptions five centuries before Islam and also in a pre-Islamic Christian Arabic inscription found in umm-al-Jimal, Syria, and ascribed to the sixth century . The name of Muhammad's father was 'Abd-Allah ('Abdullah, the slave or worshipper of Allah). The esteem in which Allah was held by the pre-Islamic Makkans...

Apparently, Allah was the god of Mohammed's fathers dating back an unknown time. In the process of the pagan Allah's evolution to a one-only God, Mohammed's father(s) must have adopted the concept of an ancestry linking back to Abraham. In those days, it may have been known that Keturah's sons traced to Allah. What follows is a search for evidence of that theory.

The article above claims that "Allah" was, in pre-Muslim centuries, a god also in southern Syria...where Emesa (now Homs) was located that had an El-Gabal cult, protector of the so-called black stone. The Muslims also have a sacred black stone (mentioned in the article above), now on display in Mecca. I traced the cult at Emesa (included Julia Maesa) to the Massey bloodline, which is not only to say that this was the Meshwesh bloodline out of Libya that later merged with Muslim Bedouins, but it's to say that the Massey bloodline at the time of the Emesa cult was not far-removed from the Maccabees proper, who smack of "Mecca" and the "the pre-Islamic Makkans" in the quote above.

Not far below, Arab bedrock will trace very naturally (not forced by me) to Joktanites at Mesha, a term like "Mecca," but then compare "Mesha" with "Emesa," knowing also that Muslims front their terms with a vowel (for example, "sharia" can become "ashiria)." Emesa was smack beside a Massyas area of Lebanon in the MACCAbee period. That Massyas area was found (by me) to hold the Iturean ancestry of Idris of Morocco (8th century AD, if I recall correctly), a man who is in the ancestry of Idris Senussi of Cyrenaica. Idris of Morocco traced himself to Mohammed, and it may be true after all as the two men were not historically distant.

Moreover, the proto-Maxwells were found to pass through Rijeka, which uses for its Arms an eagle upon a rock, a symbol akin to that in the Zinzan/Sinson Coat, which is the primary reason for my trace of Taborites (of the Moravian Church) to "Tobruk" on the shore of Cyrenaica (i.e. home of the Meshwesh). The leader of the Moravian Church, you see, had a Zinzendorf surname that should connect to the Zinzan surname. It therefore dawned on me that "Zinzen/SINSon" was named after the same entity that named "Senussi."

The estoile in the Zinzan/Sinson Coat is a symbol used by the Bute/Butt surname that once showed the horse design of the Este's, wherefore the estoile is understood to be a symbol of Este, a location in PADOVA (i.e. where the Bedouin root, "Bedewe," was traced) and near Rijeka. It was at that time, when linking the Bute's/Butts to the Este's, that I clinched a trace of the Bute/Butt surname to "Butua," but only later realized that the Keturah bloodline was at neighboring Kotor (all details won't be given here, suffice to remind that the Este eagle was traced to a Bar location, near Butua). Thus, a Bedouin link to Keturah elements seems evident, and it may prove fundamental that the Keturah line was heavily Bedouin to begin with, or that Keturah is the fundamental constituent of the Moor aspect of Freemasonry.

Incidentally, the fish symbol of German Bute's/Butts was a mystery to me for years...until I learned recently that mythical Kodros of Athens had a fish symbol, a thing that traces the German Bute's/Butts to Butua very hard. Long before I introduced the Keturah investigation, I traced Bush's to Bar, only to discover later that the Bush fleur-de-lys was in the color of the Este eagle, and that the Bush / Booth boar should therefore link to the boar symbol of Kodros (he had two symbols, a fish and boar both). In a nutshell, the Bush's and Booths trace to Keturah, which is part of the evidence already that she was a Bedouin entity.

Reminder: The Maxwell Crest uses a stag in a "holly bush."

When dealing with the Muslim black stone, it led to the Iamblichus priesthood in Emesa, a family from Bedouins.

Hmm, a new idea born just now: the possibility is that the Holly surname is from "Allah." Surely, if Muslim elements entered European Freemasonry, we should find terms in honor of Allah. I have expected and claimed that certain Muslim lines to Musselburgh were joined to Meschins (Mussels use a Meschin-like Coat), and then while Ranulph le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois, of the Talbot bloodline, a so-called "talbot" dog is used in one Holly Coat. I wouldn't be saying this had not the Holly Crest used a sword-like design reflecting a curved Arab sword, but perhaps I'm seeing things. Moreover, I have stressed that Meschins of Yorkshire liked the name "Alis/Alice for their daughters, and then the Ellis surname was first found in Yorkshire. Then, while I traced Morleys to Marleys, and Morleys to WestMORland (i.e. home of Moroccan Moor lines), I recognize the white Holly dolphin as that of the Marleys. Marleys use Meschin colors all around.

Aha! This now recalls how the Heths had traced (earlier in this update) to Ethiopian lines of the Merowe > Aedon kind, because Heths (also "Heath") look like Keiths/Keaths, first found in Haddington, location of Musselburgh! I can also add that while I traced the raven elements of Mackays (i.e. MacHeth-kin suspects) at Moray years ago to Polabia, the location generally of Hamburg (Germany), there is a Holstein region on the north side of Hamburg in which a Holle goddess is known to be identified, and the Holly surname was traced (by me) to Holle indeed. The Trips, first found in Hamburg, use the Massey boot exactly (no longer shown in the French Massey Coat, however).

The Trips also go by "Treff," a surname in code in the TREFoil, which we find used in Irish Holly/Cullen Coat. The Crest of the latter shows the blonde mermaid used by Morays and Massins/Masons. I had found this mermaid with red tail in an Ellis Crest, but the Ellis Crest showing at is a blonde woman said to have "disheveled hair," the very definition of Holle, meaning that "Ellis" traces to "Holle / Holstein." Moreover, the mirror in the hand of the mermaid is code for the Mire/MIREUX surname using holly. German Mire's use yet another blonde woman. (It should be clear to your here that heraldry is a systematic tracking system.)

The Arms of Holstein is a star burst in the colors of the Holly/Cullen chevron, but then flipping back to English Hollys using colors reversed, we find their roundels to be in the colors of the Kyle stars, suggesting that "Cullen," and therefore Hollys, look like a branch of Kyles / Coles...who trace exactly to the Maezaei. In fact, Kyles were first found in the same place (Ayrshire) as raven-using Mackeys/Mackie's. The thing to be suspected here is "Mecca" and an "Allah" trace to the Maezaei / Colapis / Sava theater, but as this is going to the Kyle's, I need to remind that Kyle's have historically used a scimitar, defined as the curved Muslim sword.

Yet another corroborative point is that German Tabers use a blonde woman in a blue dress, the Mire symbol. As Tabors trace to Tobruk in Cyrenaica, it's a little remarkable that English Tabers were first found in the same place (Essex) as Gore's, who trace to the Maezaei theater along with Cole's / Kyle's. Gore's use "Sola salus" in their motto, and Tabers use "soles" (perhaps code for a soft-C Coles family).

Note that Meschin colors are used by Ellis', which is why I trace Ellis' to the Italian Ali/Aliotto surname (in Holly/Cullen colors), first found in Messina (where the Meschin scallops trace). We are now in Sicily, a haunt of Muslim Saracens, and so see that the Ellis crescents are reflective of the Saracen crescents. French Sarasins use the same cross, in the same colors, as the Randolphs of Moray, a cross used also by the Baths/Atha's whom I suspect to be of the Heths but tracing to the Bedouin nation.

Meschins are from Malahule of More, and were therefore a Sinclair branch. As Sinclairs are being traced to Senussi's, it's notable that while white-on-black is used by Senussi's and other Islamic groups out of Libya, these are the colors of the Meschin scallops.

I'm not yet convinced that the Ellis' and Kyle's trace to "Allah," as in the past I've been sure that the Ali surname traces to "Elis" of Greece along with the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Messina. But this doesn't dissuade me from now seeing north-African Arabs (pre-Muslim times, I think) in the line to Kyle's, to the Colapis river, and to Holstein. Of further note is that the stretch from Hermes' Arcadia to Elis is the place where the Ladon river flows that later formed the Ladd/Ladon and Leader surnames using versions of the Meschin Coat. This Ladon river was named by the Pelops-related Lydians of the Leto kind, that latter name being the mother of Apollo, whose raven line involved the Meshwesh of Cyrene (now Cyrenaica). I say this because Allah, the pagan god adopted by Mohammed, was given three mythical daughters, one being Lat. Not only is it a fact that Lydians evolved into Latins, but as Latins were a major part of the first Romans, it can't be coincidental that while proto-Romans were the Japodes on the Colapis river, we find a LATOvici peoples right there too.

Elis of Greece is at Pisa, which was ruled by the Amazon wife of Pelops, which easily identifies the Ladon river with Lydians ruled by Pelops. But in downtown Lydia there was a Hermus river where the Hermes cult was taken by Armenians, which explains why Hermes was a special ally of Pelops in the latter's seizure of a massive area of Greece (the Peloponnesus). One photo online of Aramazd shows him with a pointed hat, a hat (called a Phrygian cap) used also by Phrygians. To boot, I've read historians who trace Armenians to Phrygia. It can be gleaned that Pelops represented a Phrygian peoples too, from the Heneti Paphlagonians. His father (Tantalus) represented the Pisidians at Antalya, the ones who obviously named Pisa.

If Allah's daughter (Lat) traces to the Ladon river, then "Allah" may trace to "Elis / Aeolus," you see. My inclination has been to identify Elis at Pisa with the proto-Alans who I think founded Greece as mythical Hellen, father of Aeolus. However, I traced "Hellen" to the Gelan/Gileki area beside Cadusia (Alans proper were in that general area), and this makes good sense where Hermes was a cult carried by the Cadusii. The Hermes caduceus rod had two snakes, and mythical Ladon was a serpent / dragon that should apply. One emailer insisted that Alans were named after "snake," but this was years after I identified the two caduceus snakes as the Cadusii in alliance with the Gileki.

The point is not to re-hash these many traces that confuse the typical reader, but to seek the origin of "Allah." Yes, there is a good chance that it's rooted ultimately in "El," an ancient Semite term for "god," and even the God of Israel was called El (take "IsraEL" as an example), but I'd like to be more specific.

Thus far, I'm tracing "Allah" confidently but loosely to Arabus, son of Hermes, and therefore through the Ladon dragon (may involve the bin-Laden Arabs), but what's interesting if it goes to a Gel/Gileki line as it formed Hellen-like terms, is the Hellespont (near Troy), a term that makes for "Elis." Hellespont was home to Apollo's Muses (i.e. Mysians) that ended up naming Messina, where the NINE (number of the Muses) Aeolian islands are located. I was convinced that the Gela location on southern Sicily applied to the Gels/Gileki. Gela became important when I learned from Wikipedia that its people founded Agrigento, a hub of the Drake bloodline in cahoots with a Mosca family.

It seems evident that the anti-Christ will be destroyed in Edom (according to Ezekiel 39) because God wants to destroy his enemies in the land of their historical birth, and so when we see Islamic Arabs tracing to Arabkha and to neighboring Mosul, where the anti-Christ will launch out of, it speaks of the anti-Christ alliance with Arabs of that area, and their utter destruction there. Prophecy says that the land of Babylon will be given perpetually to owls / desert creatures (no humans / Arabs), but the same is said exactly of Edom in Isaiah. The pagan family of Abraham came from Babylon, and part of his family, that of his grandson, Esau, settled Edom. It may even be that the namers of Sarah (Abraham's first wife) were the namers of Seir. One can't get much earlier in relevant history than this, though the naming of Arabkha may have been earlier. There is a very good chance that peoples of Arabkha came to Edom, and from that the Arabs proper were born in the neighboring Arabian peninsula.

Of more interest is the connection that God makes between Seleucus and the end-time anti-Christ in the land of Arabkha (not forgetting that Arabkha became Assyria while Isaiah 14 calls the anti-Christ both a king of Babylon and an Assyrian). I've just noted the similarity between "Gel/Gilek(i)" and "Seleuc(us)." Hmm.

I traced "Gileki" to "Cilicia" because the brother of Cadmus was Cilix, the known representation of Cilicia. It means that Gileki were in Tyre (because Cilix was made by Greeks a Tyrian entity). The Tyrians identified their human-sacrifice cult with HERCules, who I traced to KURKURA," the ancient name of Kirkuk, formerly Arabkha. Therefore, one can trace peoples (i.e. proto-Arabs) of Arabkha also to Tyre, especially as mount Hermon was due east of Tyre. That could easily explain mythical Arabus, son of Hermes i.e. Arabs proper came out of the Hermon theater.

Google at one time would bring up whatever I asked for, but the new Google is less effective. It now insists on giving me "Erebus" articles when I ask for "Arabus Hermes." This is a means for Google to hide certain information from us all, by burying it in the search results. Believe it. Below is the family tree of Arabus. Note that Hermes' grandmother, Rhea, represented the Iranian city of Rey/Ray/Rhagae, important because the Gileki were nearby Iranians. From the Iranians came the wicked stupids (or boneheads if you wish) otherwise called Scythians, even Gog, explaining why Ezekiel 38 lumps Persia = Iran in with Gog and other Scythian groups.

One can trace the Hermes migration from Tyre to Arcadia (place of his birth) through Pisidia (south-western Anatolia) because his mother, Maia, was a daughter of Atlas, who himself represented Attaleia, otherwise called, Antalya. "Attaleia" is easily traced to "Aetolia" in Greece, a region known (by the ancients) to be related by blood to Elis in Pisa.

Mythically, Scythians were born of Hercules and a woman that was a snake from the waist down. One can entertain this woman as mythical Melusine, a European goddess that had a snake's tail but also a fish tail, and for this reason this wife of Hercules can be traced to the blonde (or Aryan / Iranian) heraldic mermaid, or Holle, our pagan-Allah suspects suspect from the Ellis bloodline. Recalling that Allah traces to Keturah as Kodros in Athens, who had a fish symbol, one can start to get the impression that this mermaid entity was a woman for the sake of her being knowingly from Keturah (moderns may have lost these secrets that ancients knew much better), and while this may be jumping to conclusions too soon, yet it needs to be said in efforts to explain how Mohammed's family may have known their roots in Keturah.

If we ask what other evidence there is to prove that Hercules' snake woman was from Arabkha, there is the trace of "Hercules" to "Kurkura," earlier called Arabkha. In other words, it really looks like the Islamic Arabs trace to Holle, which makes "Allah" suspect as a term from whatever it was that named Holle.

In Wikipedia's article on the Scythians called Gelonians/Helonians (probably from the Gels/Gileki), we have mention of Hercules and his family by the snake woman. Gelonians lived amongst the Budini, who can certainly trace to Butua/Budva smack beside Kotor. "The [Scythian capital, Gelonus] according to Herodotus...derives from their eponymous mythical founder, Gelonus brother of Scythes, sons of Heracles..." That in a nutshell traces Hercules to the Gels/Gileki in Kurkura, and thus has the effect of corroborating the speculation here: that Arabkha elements identifies with Hercules' snake wife.

To put it another way, Hercules was of the Gileki-Iranian snake come to live with the snake-woman as the proto-Arab Semites in Arabkha. The snake woman is sometimes called Echidna, a term like Akkadia(n), and it just so happens that Akkadia was, like Arabkha, in Iraq. It can be concluded easily that she was Aphrodite, the mistress of Ares named after "Euphrates." Echidna was made (by the Greeks) the mother of Ladon. How about that.

Hercules' mother was ALCmena, and then there was an ELEK term in her ancestry, and, besides, Greek myth had other Alc terms...that may have been silent (non-G) versions of "Gilek."

This Arabkha-suspect snake can be traced to Athens i.e. the home of the Keturah bloodline, because the first mythical kings of Athens, from a mythical Cecrops, were portrayed as snakes below the waist. It is easy to trace this entity back to "Eden," that being of the cult in Mesopotamia that worshiped the serpent of Eden. Yes, satan. From "Eden," one can gather "Aedon" and similar terms, especially the Edones living off the mouth of the Hebros river, home of Aphrodite elements from the (K)Habur tributary of the Euphrates i.e. in Akkadia. Aphrodite's Kabeiri cult lived on islands (Samothrace and Lemnos) off the mouth of the Hebros river, and her official husband (Hephaestus of Lemnos) was in Athens mating with Athena when giving birth to Erechtheus, a term that I trace to the Biblical Erech, otherwise known as Uruk, smack in the land of Eden (Sumeria). Besides having cults on the islands mentioned above, the island-loving Kabeiri just happened to have one mainland Thebes, home of Aedon.

To underscore that the Gels/Gileki were involved here, the Kabeiri had so-called Galli priests, and they used as symbol two coiled snakes around a rod, which was the Hermes caduceus. Therefore, Aphrodite carried the snake-women cult to Venus, a representation of the Veneti, and, in fact, Aphrodite was honored in the Abruzzo surname, first found in PADOVA, the place named by the Bedouin-suspect Bedewe location that traces from Merops of Ethiopia to Aedon at Thebes. Remember here in tracing "Bedewe" that Thebes was in a wider area of Boeotia, whose people likely named Butua/Budva because both locations were settlements of Cadmus.

The importance of the Aedon line, lest you've forgotten, is the monotheistic god that she had been from. It stands to reason that while Atun had become paganized, someone in the future was bound to attempt a reverting to its old monotheism. The close connection between Keturah and the Atun bloodline, that we are in the midst of seeing, is speaking rather loudly for such an attempt by Mohammed.

It just so happens that, according to Genesis, the family of Abraham was from "Ur of the Chaldeans," what should have been a sister city or Uruk, and in fact there was an Ur location smack beside Uruk. To trace Abraham's second wife to ERECHtheus therefore seems palatable. Erechtheus is said not to be from Cecrops by blood, though he came to rule the Athenian throne of Cecrops. Thus, one should expect that Mohammed's line back to Abraham was by satanic cults through Athens / Aedon.

To link Aedon to Hermes, just look at her father, PANdareus, for Pan was made a son of Hermes. Pandareus can be linked to "Hephaestus" if I'm correct in pegging him as a code for Ephesus, the place ruled by Pandareus. When tracing the Erech/Uruk cult from Ephesus to Athens, look to the grandson of Hephaestus, PANdion, who was not only the father (or sometimes son) of Erechtheus, but the father of Butes of Athens who easily traces with Kodros elements to "Butua." Ephesus is in Anatolia, obviously named after mythical Anat, who I trace to "Antu," wife of Anu, a chief god of Sumeria i.e. where Erech was located.

I've suggested that "CECRops" traces to "Gugar/Gogarene in Armenia, which then traces the snake woman of Hercules to Gog. Is this telling us that Arabkha was a Gogi center? You should note that while satan is bound up in Gog according to Ezekiel 38, Ezekiel 28 has satan as the king of Tyre i.e. where Hercules of Arabkha was a human-sacrifice cult. We just saw Keturah trace to Tyre through her connection with Pan, son of Hermes, father of Arabus. Hello? Have we just traced proto-Arabs to Keturah?

The trace above of the snake-woman to Gog doesn't necessarily contradict a trace of the snake woman to Arabkha, for end-time Gog is said (in Nahum 1:11) to set up headquarters at Nineveh, now Mosul. To put it another way, Gogarene was off the Aras river (of proto-Ares) near Jerevan (current Armenian capital), and then I traced (many details won't be added here) "Jerevan" to "Gareb," but now have good cause to identify mount Gareb at Jerusalem with "Arabkha / Arrapha." In other words, one can meditate upon a Gog merger with Arabkha, and check for verifications.

The ITUReans, who may be in "IDRis," are considered to be a branch of Arabs, and then "KETUR" may apply. In other words, Keturah's descendants may have named the Itureans ultimately after her name. Shouldn't some Arabs have known their ancestry in Keturah, therefore? Wouldn't this knowledge have been preserved through Christian centuries just because Keturah was Abraham's wife? If so, we can expect that Muslims, shortly after Mohammed, obliterated this knowledge from the books. They wanted to be from Sarah instead in order to rob Israel of its God, in order to make the God of Israel the god of Arabs instead. Isn't that what happened???

I traced Garebites to the crow symbol and therefore to the crow / raven symbol of Apollo, known to trace to dark-skinned people in Cyrene (Apollo mated with a mythical Cyrene and a mythical Coronis). But the crow of Apollo was made Coronis, a term that traces to the city of "Chora" on Patmos because the other city in Patmos, Skala, is what ASCLEPios was named after, who was a son of Coronis. Asclepios is the god depicted in myth with one serpent coiled around a rod, and is thus of the caduceus entity, either from the Cadusii Armenians or from the Gileki Scythians. Asclepios had a cult / temple in western Sicily, and is therefore easily identified as mythical Scylla, a monster.

Where myth claims that Glaucus loved Scylla, it's obvious that Glaucus was a Gileki entity, you see, so that Scylla, in the Messina area of Sicily, traces easily to the crow line in Patmos. Thus, this supports the previous claim, earlier in this update, wherein the Ali surname of Messina, or the Gela location in Sicily, was trace-able to the Gileki. But if I was correct to trace the Greek crow to Garebites, then, possibly, Arabkha elements from Jerusalem (suspect as the chief enemies of God for the end-times showdown) are to be expected at Scylla.

And for the first time ever (that I can recall), this exercise has just led to an explosive new insight, for Scylla was always mentioned in myth alongside a related monster called CHARYBdis, which is an Arab- or Gareb-like term. Therefore, because I was absolutely sure that Charybdis was from mythical Charops up the Hebros river, I can now trace Arabkha to the Carpae / Arpi peoples that named that Carpathians (north of the Hebros), and who founded the Arpad dynasty of Hungarians. But wait, I think I had gone over this in the past, for I know that I've traced "Arpad" to "Arphaxad." However, at that time, I did not have the evidence I do now for an Arabkha / Arphaxad trace to Charybdis.

Hungarians are from an Ugrian peoples because the Hungarian language is said to be Finno-Ugrian. When first investigating "UGRian" many years ago, I traced them to "GUGAR/Gogarene. How about that, for I think I've just discovered a merger of that place with Arabkha by other means. I know that mythical Charops was in the Carpathians because his son was Oeagrus, an obvious symbol of the Ugrians. The son of Oeagrus floated dead down the Hebros river with a HARP to LESbos, the name of which may be from nearby "HELLES(pont)."

So, now I know that Gog and the proto-Arabs were one in Armenia / Assyria. How about that. And just as Arabkha elements traced (with Hermes) to Lydia, so it was thought by some that the Biblical Gog of Ezekiel's time was as per king Gugu of Lydia (about 700 BC), though he was quasi-mythical.

When I learned that Sulcis on Sardinia was alternatively named Sant-Antioco, it became apparent that Seleucids (with a capital at Antioch) had named Sulcis after themselves. Sulcis therefore became suspect as a hub leading to the anti-Christ, and it just so happens that "Sardinia" reflects "Sardis," the Lydian capital. Therefore, if "Seleucus" is a softened form of "Gileki," it can be gleaned that Gileki elements of the anti-Christ kind passed through Lydia. It just so happens that Antioch had earlier been, Harbiye, a term I traced to "Gareb." A Daphne location was in Harbiye, and then while Arabkha elements have already traced to Ladon, mythical Daphne was made a daughter of Ladon. To boot, Daphne was given an alternative father in Tiresias, and he was given the caduceus of Hermes.

There can be no doubt about it that Muslims, because they hijacked the Scripture of the God of Israel, are to be viewed as antiChrist. But in all my writings I have not emphasized that Arabs and Gog were virtually one, or became one. I am not very familiar with evidence for this case, but here it is recorded in this update. Probably, the best way to look at it is to view Arabs proper of Arabia as carrying strong Gogi genes.

God's Solution in Moloch's Face

One of my sons took seriously to Jesus about a year ago, to my great delight. He had the amazing experience of being baptized in the Jordan river, after which he took an interest in missions. This past week, he was asking about the timing of Armageddon, and its nature. I wrote him the following email immediately after writing the section above. As it turned out, the email fit nicely into this part of the update, but what I discovered after quoting the email here was amazing, as you will see:

I'd say that if you want to be an evangelist, go for it and do for God what you have in your heart to do. If anyone comes closer to God, it's not only that they stand in the face of salvation, but they have some very good Direction to go by in life that re-creates one into a decent person who can be appreciated.

Armageddon means "mountain of Megiddo," an area in northern Israel. There must have been a reason that Revelation calls the final battle, after the seven years, by that term. I traced "Megiddo" to the Mygdone tribe of Edonians in Greece, living not only beside MacEDONIANs, but the Dorians, important because Dor is smack beside Megiddo.

However, Isaiah 34 has what looks like the lake of fire in Edom, to the south of Israel, and Ezekiel 39 likewise has the destruction of Gog, the anti-Christ, in Edom. This jibes with Revelation's Lake of Fire, and then both Revelation and Ezekiel 39 portray Armageddon as a feast for the birds on the bodies of the dead fighters of those who attack Israel.

At the end of Daniel 11, the anti-Christ (king of the north) becomes afraid due to reports he hears, while in Israel, from the north and east, and then Revelation has certain "kings of the east" numbering 200 million, and they come from the Euphrates river, which can be to the north of Israel at the Syria-Iraq border. Also, in another part of Scripture, Jesus comes to Armageddon from the east. It suggests that the kings of the east come against the anti-Christ, and entering Israel from the north, commence the battle at Megiddo, which is not only a mountain, but a large valley otherwise known as Jezreel.

Jesus lived in that Megiddo theater, at Nazareth, which Isaiah called a "land of [spiritual] darkness." I was able to find the initial formation of the Zeus bull cult in this area, which was otherwise known as Moloch, a human-sacrifice cult that spread into Tyre (note similarity of "Taurus" and ancient "Tyrus", for Zeus was portrayed as a bull carrying on his back, and then raping, a Tyrian princess, Europa. This picture is very much like the anti-Christ beast of Revelation 17 with a woman on his back, a woman that he rapes. The Tyrians, especially at their Mediterranean port of Carthage, offered children to Moloch / Melkart, which was a furnace in the shape of a taurus bull where children / infants would be burned to the god (hopefully, the children were not still alive at the time). It was a disgusting form of religion that God condemned in the OT, and Israelites engaged the Moloch cult in the Hinnom valley on the south-west side of Jerusalem, at what is called Zion, where I traced "Dion," what the Greeks called Zeus at times. Also, the Greeks, who enjoyed word-play when creating myths, had a son of Zeus, DIONysus. Although he was named after a mount Nysus entity, and moreover traces excellently to a Nuzi location in Iran, yet there is the possibility that Nazareth was rooted in "Naza," not "Nazar."

Parents were compelled to give the children freely to Moloch. It seems that God has been out to destroy this cult from the start, which is very interesting in that Jesus grew up at Nazareth. God decided to destroy the cult by the sacrifice of His own Son, you see. It seems that God took Zion for Himself because it was a chief settlement of the proto-Zeus cult, when the city was controlled by Amorites and Garebites. It wasn't until David, the fore-runner of Jesus, that God took Zion. Solomon built the temple smack at the Hinnom valley, and at Zion, and upon mount Moriah, a term that was no doubt after the Hebrew term for "Amorite."

It is apparent that God called Israel to another type of worship at the temple in stark contrast to the Moloch cult that had been there. But some Israelites chose to offer to Moloch anyway. The end of Solomon's life, when he became foolish, saw some of this. This was the war that God wanted to win using Jesus, you see. And in Isaiah 34, the war ends with a "sacrifice" in Bozrah, the capital city of Esau. That is, the destruction of Gog in Edom is likened to religious sacrifices.

In 1 Kings 11, Solomon gives Jerusalem's Jews over to the gods of Moab and Ammon, including Moloch. God tolerated the animal sacrifices of pagans, and incorporated them into his own religion for Israelites, but, as we learn later in NT writings, they were used only as spiritual preparation for the future revelation of the Lamb-of-God sacrifice. Otherwise, as even the OT says, God did not want the animal sacrifices. When Jesus died, the curtain in the temple was ripped miraculously, by God, to show that the temple sacrifices were no longer necessary, but also to show that the dividing wall between God and the Priest of the people was no longer in effect. And where free fellowship between God and the Jesus-Priest was the new thing, there was also free fellowship between God and the people whom the Priest welcomed.

If the temple as per Ezekiel 40 was Inspired Scripture, then I can only assume that there will be animal sacrifices after Armageddon, with Jesus visibly as priest. I would then assume further that the animal sacrifices at that time (as Ezekiel describes) will be for celebrational barbecues rather than for the literal forgiveness of sins.

I know how much Christians enjoy barbecues.

While writing that email, I had loaded Wikipedia's Moloch and Hinnon articles, and noted a Rephaim term in the latter article. This was interesting because, while writing the day before on Arabkha, I was looking for a Rabka- or Rabok-like term in the vicinity of Gareb / Jerusalem...that could indicate an Arabkha entity as the root of Garebites. But the Rephaim term -- rooted in "Rapha" -- was especially excellent because Arabkha, according to Wikipedia, was also "Arrapha."

Is that not amazing? The timing of my son's email led to the discovery that Arabkha's peoples named Rephaim smack beside the Hinnon valley! The discovery came immediately after I finished the Arabkha topic yesterday. Here is from the Hinnom article:

In the New American Standard Bible, Joshua 15:8 (see below) notes, "Then the border [of the Judah allotment] went up the valley of Ben-hinnom to the slope of the Jebusite on the south (that is, Jerusalem); and the border went up to the top of the mountain which is before the valley of Hinnom to the west, which is at the end of the valley of Rephaim toward the north."

Upon seeing the Rephaim term in the Hinnon article, the Wikipedia article on Rephaites was loaded, to find yet another amazing "coincidence":

Rephaite (Heb. plural Rephaim) is a Northwest Semitic term that occurs in the Hebrew Bible as well as other, non-Jewish ancient texts from the region. It can refer either to a race of giants, or to dead ancestors who are residents of the Netherworld [also, there is an Erebus character -- i.e. like "Arabus" -- in myth that is of the Underworld].

In the Hebrew Bible, "Rephaim" can describe an ancient race of giants in Iron Age Israel, or the places where these individuals were thought to have lived...See the passages listed above in the book of Joshua, and also Deut. 3:11, which implies that Og, the King of Bashan, was one of the last survivors of the Rephaim, and that his bed was 9 cubits long in ordinary cubits.

It was only yesterday that I found the people of Arabkha merged with Gog and the Ugrians, and here we find an Og character at mount Gareb. As per the trace of Keturah's sons to Athens, it is now notable that there was a mythical OGyges in Attica, the wider area around Athens, in days before Athens was named. Ogyges was identified by ancients with the dragon of Ares, which Cadmus "killed" upon arriving to Thebes for the first time. It should be reminded here that Aedon came to Thebes later, and that she was of the Edonian-suspect entity that, likely, named Athens.

There is therefore a very good chance that mythical Ogyges was from the Og entity / deity at mount Gareb and/or Rephaim. One may also entertain an "Ogyges" trace to king Gyges of Lydia, the alternative name of Gugu. In this picture, Keturah's descendants migrated with Og elements to Attica, which is why we should seek a Repha-like term in Attica / Boeotia. Nothing comes to mind at the moment. But "Orpheus" (a term that has remained a mystery to me to this day) could be a Reph term fronted with an 'O' because his father was OEAGrus. How about that. Orpheus was the one whose head floated down the Hebros, with his harp, to Lesbos. Amazing, for this just traced Og excellently to the Hungarian family of peoples in the Carpathians.

Ogyges, Ogygus or Ogygos is a primeval mythological ruler in ancient Greece, generally of Boeotia, but an alternative tradition makes him the first king of Attica.

[I ignore Wikipedia's poor attempt to define "Ogyges"]

...Africanus says, "But after Ogyges, on account of the great destruction caused by the [mythical Greek] flood, what is now called Attica remained without a king one hundred and eighty-nine years until the time of Cecrops. For Philochorus asserts that that Actaeon who comes after Ogyges, and the fictitious names, never even existed."

Now this is amazing, for I had traced Garebites to "Serb" and to "KRVati," the latter term referring to Croatians. I then traced, without flinching, the Craven surname to "Krvati," and have known for years that the "actione" motto term of Cravens is in honor of the Actons, but not until now do I learn that Actons and Cravens must trace to the mythical Actaeon term in the Ogyges quote above!

My understanding as of now is that the Og bloodline from the Gareb theater traces to Croatia's SERVitium, the city honored by the Cole and Gore mottoes. These are very good clues for uncovering further the migrational details of the dragon cult. Note the ACTon-like term below:

Ogyges is also known as king of the ECTENes or Hectenes who according to Pausanias were the first inhabitants of Boeotia, where the city of Thebes would later be founded. As such, he became the first ruler of Thebes, which was, in that early time, named Ogygia.

Apparently, Og's descendants / cousins were in Attica before the arrival of the Cadmus Tyrians, meaning, in my mind, that Garebites were in Athens before the Tyrians. The Tyrians defeated these Garebites when Cadmus defeated the Ares dragon (thus identifying that dragon with Garebites / Rephaites), but they came to life again, according to ancient myth, as the "Sparti." In other words, a merger of the Tyrians with the Garebites founded the Spartans (on the south side of Arcadia).

BEHOLD! I had traced "Spartan" years ago to "Sephar," a location (see Genesis 11) on one edge of the land of Joktan's sons, and it was evident from Joktan's son, HADORAM, that the SEPHARvite god, ADRAMmolech (2 Kings 17:31), was named after that son (or perhaps vice-versa). The excellent point here is that I identified Sephar as an alternative term for SUBARTU (a Sparta-like term), which was proto-Assyria i.e. where Arabkha itself was located!!! I know good stuff when I fall upon it, but in this case you are reading FACT, trust me.

Here's another new discovery, starting with the golden-fleece myth that located this same Ares dragon in the city of Kutaisi, a term that I had traced to "Cadusia" but also to "Hattusa," the latter city (of the Hatti peoples) being represented of mythical Atti(s), the reported namer of Attica. One can see here that the Ares / Cadmus entity -- Ogyges -- at Thebes / Attica was related directly with the Colchians at Kutaisi. The Ares dragon was protecting the golden fleece in the possession of Aeetes (obvious version of "Attis"), king of Colchis (not far from the upper Aras river.) The point now is that the daughter of Aeetes, Medea, worshiped the witch goddess, Hecate, whose name is now easily linked to the Ectenes/Hectenes. And there you have a good reason for tracing Garebites / Arphaxadites to Kutaisi, and to Attis (sun god of Phrygia).

THEN ZOWIE: "Orpheus is said to have established the worship of Hecate in Aegina." That is, if the Oeagrus > Orpheus line depicting Og of Rephaim worshiped Hecate, it traces as a certainty to Ogyges of the Ectenes! ("AEGina" may itself be an Og-related term.)

Keeping in mind that Mohammad's family lived at the so-called Ka-ba in Mecca, note that Ka-ba reflects "Kybele/Cybele" (where I trace the Kabala / Cabala), wife and mother of Attis, for while Allah was given a daughter, Lat, the Lazi Colchians took over the realm of mythical Aeetes, and moreover "Mecca" looks like "Mesha, the other end, according to Genesis 11, of the land of Joktanites. I mean, if "Muslim" is from "Mosul," and "Arab" is from "Arabkha," it makes great sense that proto-Arabs of nearby Mesha named Mecca, and, in fact, Mesha may have become Mosul. (I strongly disagree with those who see Sephar and Mesha, and all Joktanites, down in Yemen, though I do agree that some of Joktan's sons migrated from Subartu to Yemen / Aden).

It just so happens that Attis was made the father of Lydus = Lydia, meaning that the Lazi of Colchis were a Lydian peoples, explaining why the golden fleece was made the possession of Hermes i.e. at the Hermus river of Lydia.

To boot, Arabkha was in the realm of two Zab rivers, the location also of Nuzi, where Dionysus originated without doubt, for he was alternatively called, Zagreus, while Nuzi is on the frontier of the Zagros mountains...where the Turruku lived that I see as the origin of the Zeus Taurus. Yes, apparently the Tyrians were Turrukkeans.

The Ogyges article goes on to say that the (H)Ectenes lived in a region of Acte (i.e. proto-Attica), and that "The historian Josephus mentions Ogyges as the name of the oak by which the Hebrew patriarch Abram dwelt while he lived near Hebron." Zeus had an oak symbol, and, I've read, he was a snake below the waist in his earliest depictions. Didn't I trace the snake woman to Arabkha only yesterday? And wasn't that snake / dragon woman traced to Cecrops, the Athenian entity that followed Ogyges, himself a dragon? If I make these traces easily, it's not because I'm being whimsical and unprofessional, but because I've been at this full time, more than full time, for several years. To the scoffers I say: by now I should know a little something.

I traced Acte-suspect "JOKtan" to two symbols of Zeus, the OX and the OAK. I reasoned that Zeus was therefore a Joktanite peoples in some way, and this was then Zeus' Hebrew side (Joktan was a son of Eber), which can explain how the Zeus cult was in Jerusalem, for the Amorites (capital at Mari) were themselves from the Habur / Euphrates area of Chaldea. Where Joktan's Sepharvites trace to Spartans, note how "Peleg," Joktan's brother, should trace to "Pollux," the Spartan son of Zeus. Pollux was born of a swan egg, and so that traces him to lake Sevan, location of Gogarene, the likely origin of Og at Rephaim. As Pollux was brother to Helen, keep an eye out below for the Elah valley at Rephaim.

It's known that Zeus was for the Trojans in the mythical Trojan war, and then I always trace the dragon cult through Hector (son of Hecuba), the Trojan leader of that war, whose name should connect with Hecate and therefore with the Hectenes. The fact that Hector had a brother, Paris, and a father Priam, allows us to trace the Ectenes to Parion/Parium, a Mysian city (near Troy) at Hellespont belonging to the Muses and Gorgons. Thus, Garebites in alliance with the Ectenes were at Hellespont, depicted in myth as Helle, sister of Phryixes, the latter being the one who rode the flying ram to Colchis that became the golden fleece. It's easy to spot here that Helen of Troy, sister of Pollux, was a symbol of the Hellespont (because she was the mate of Paris).

As I identified Hector and Hecuba with the Hyksos pharaohs, it should be added that, wholly independent of that identification, I traced the Hyksos out of Egypt to an alliance with Amorites and Garebites at Jerusalem. The Hyksos pharaoh, Khyan, whom I've pegged as the Exodus pharaoh, was later found as the Caeni peoples (east side of the Hebros river) north of Parion/Parium. The Hyksos were barbaric Hebrews, not Israelites, who named the Hebros river, quite apparently.

If correct to peg Khyan as the Exodus pharaoh, then it was his daughter who named the Biblical Moses, otherwise called Mousa or Musa, the makings of the mythical Muses / Mysians living all around Parion/Parium. This is not at all to suggest that descendants of Moses named the Mysians, but that the household of Khyan was from Mus in Armenia, the term that named CadMUS. Moses was merely named in honor of that Mus entity, but of course he was not from Mus.

Khyan also traces to the Pegasus because his alternative name was, Apachnas. Hyksos are known to have been a horse-and-chariot peoples, and then the Trojan-war myth had a Trojan horse (it was fashioned by a Hiera entity that will later be traced to Jerusalem). Troy was in Mysia, and then the Massey surname uses a Pegasus in Crest. Myth gave birth to Pegasus from the head of the Medusa Gorgon, you see, who traces easily to the Gorgons at Parion/Parium because she was killed by Perseus (married AndroMEDA), founder of Mycenae, and obvious relative of Medea (code for the Medes), worshipper of Hecate. Are you understanding me? The Exodus pharaoh went through the Hectenes and Trojans to the Freemasons now poised to receive the Battering Ram of Heaven upon its front door.

Another article of Rephaim states: "The Rephaim are known from biblical, Ugaritic, and Phoenician sources." UGARitic??? It refers to Ugarit in Syria, near Arpad in Syria, where I traced the Hungarian / Ugrian Arpads when I claimed that Arpad was named after Arabkha's people (there is an Arad location in the Carpathian theater, very near the Hungarian border, that traces to "Arados," the Greek name for the Arpad location above).

Therefore, Ugarit was the home of proto-Ugrians, and as such we can trace king Og of the Rephaim to that place; I didn't know this logic until now, as I have never stressed the Rephaites. In fact, I can not find one instance of "Rephaim" in all my updates, and can find "Rephaite" only once in all my updates, and here's what I said: "The Bible says that the Anaki were from the Nephilim, and yet it says that the man, Anak, the founder of the Anaki, was of the Rephaite-branch giants. The latter term may have been from "Arrapha," the Assyrian city otherwise called, Arrapachitis..." I did not mention the Rephaim anymore in that update (4th of July, 2011). This topic has been sleeping since that time (almost two years ago to the day), coming out vividly now as though by the hand of God through my son. Why now?

The article goes on: "In its second use Rephaim...serves as a poetic synonym for metim. It thus refers to the inhabitants of the netherworld (Prov. 9:18)." Arpad in Syria was a sister-community with a Tartus location directly beside it, which, I think, named the mythical Tartarus of the Greeks (the Underworld), a term used by Jesus to denote eternal Hell. In this picture, mythical Erebus can certainly be an Arabus entity i.e. the son of Hermes. A connection of Arabus, thereby, to Zion / Jerusalem is made as per "Sion," the name of the summit of mount Hermon.

The article above goes on to show that the Rephaim were fundamental to Phoenicia, and especially to Sidon, interesting where the Bible makes Laish a Sidonian city. Laish was smack at Panias, on the foot of Hermon, and Panias was known to be Pan, the so-called son of Hermes. It's suggesting a basic link of Pan with Arabus elements at Hermon, and I now do recall that the summit of Hermon was also called, Ardos (i.e. almost the Greek name of Arpad) by a false-scripture writer who pegged the mountain as belonging to Nephilim giants:

The following from the extra-Biblical (and phony) Book of Enoch says that 'the wicked angels descended on the summit of the mountain and named it Hermon:
'And the angels, the children of heaven, saw them {handsome and beautiful daughters} and desired them...And they were altogether two hundred; and they descended into Ardos, which is the summit of Hermon. And they called the mount Armon, for they swore and bound one another by a curse.' 251:15 [I Enoch VI.6, vs.1-5]"

I had traced Garebites to Greece's mythical "Harpies," depicted as winged females humans, which is interesting where a Google search for "Rephaim" gets some photo's showing men in wings. Hermes evolved into the winged messenger, and, safe to say, I'd say the crow symbol of Garebites grew from this concept. It took me some years to realize that "Panias" was the representation of mythical "Phoenix," the symbol of Phoenicians, and there you have yet another winged creature that must have given Hermes his wings. Hermes' special symbol, the ram, was given wings as per the golden-fleece ram, and, in fact, myth says that Aeetes of Colchis, owner of the fleece, left his Corinthian kingdom in the hands of the house of Hermes when he, Aeetes, went to rule Colchis. Jason, upon stealing the fleece and Aeetes' daughter together, married her and settled Corinth...a city smacking of Coronis, the mythical crow.

If that traces Garebites to Corinth, but also through Chora on Patmos, and also to Cyrene in Libya, so be it. The Jerevan Armenians were called, Yervand, though the Greeks called this "Orontes," the name of a river leading from the Hermon area into Syria. Ancient Kadish was on the Orontes, a term that I use to prove that the Cadusii Armenians were on that river. The point here is that "Corinth" appears to conform rather well to "Orontes."

I've insisted that the Germanic tribe of Herminones, worshipers of Zio (or was it "Sio"), are clearly from Hermon and Sion, and this plays well into the idea that "Germania" is from "Armenia." I now find this:

Emek Refaim is the main street of the German Colony, a neighborhood in Jerusalem, Israel. It takes its name from the biblical Valley of Rephaim which began its descent from Jerusalem here.

The first residents of Emek Refaim were German Templars, who settled there in the 19th century...As enemy aliens, the Templers were interned and later deported by the British during World War II. They built one- and two-storey houses similar in appearance to the homes they left in Wurttemberg.

...A former Arab resident of the Bauerle House, located at 10 Emek Refaim (originally built by the Templers), wrote about a painful visit to her home after 1967.

The Bauerle House sounds like it was built by the Bauer bloodline, and then one German Bauer family changed it's surname to "Rothschild," and soon-after this very family put Israel on the map shortly after WW2. In this picture, the founders of modern Israel are tracing to the Rephaites. Without going over the details, I traced the Vernigen and Zahringer rulers of Wurttemberg to mythical Melusine in Lusatia, home of the Sorbs, the proto-Serbs. Coincidence?

I had traced Serbs back to mythical Sarpedon, brother on Minos on Crete (sons of Zeus and Europa), part of the Zeus-Europa bloodline out of Tyre. In short, Garebites at Tyre went over to Crete to live with Minoans there. It can perhaps be surmised that "Zio" was a Zeus branch in Germany, or that Sion and Zeus in Phoenicia were one and the same.

Hmm, as the Holly surname traces to mythical Melusine, the red roundels, called "torteaux," of the Holly Coat may suggest "Tortosa," the alternative name of Tartus, the Syrian city said to be named after "Arados" (i.e. "Arados" with a capital 'T'.) I'm not sure but I would think that the Templars controlled Tartus at one time. In that Arados traces to Garebites, let's recall the theory that the Holly surname links to "Allah," for the Valley of Rephaim is at the Elah valley. How about that:

Valley of Rephaim. A valley descending southwest from Jerusalem to the Valley of Elah below, it is an ancient route from the coastal plain to the Judean Hills, probably named after the legendary race of giants.

I mean, this was found only as per my son's email, and yet, the day before, I was tracing Allah to peoples out of Arabkha, where the Rephaites were from, I am absolutely sure. And here I find the people of Arabkha in an Elah valley. Elah is where David slew Goliath, a picture of the end-time defeat of the load-mouthed anti-Christ by Jesus.

The following may indicate that Bethlehem is in the Rephaim valley: "...the Philistines took up their position in the valley of Rephaim, on the west and south-west of Jerusalem. Thus all communication between Bethlehem and Jerusalem was intercepted." If David was born in Bethlehem, it may be yet another reason that Jesus, as a fetus, was sent by God to Bethlehem. The same sort of Armageddon significance for having Jesus grow up in Nazareth may be in play when he was born in Bethlehem.

Recalling the oak symbol of Ogyges that Abraham was supposedly involved with in Hebron, see here:

The Valley of Elah, Ella Valley, 'the valley of the oak or terebinth'...

Granted, there must be thousands of geographical places that spell like "Allah," but in the case of Elah, the argument is compelling.

While Wikipedia's definition for the term may be wrong, yet the oak symbol of Elah may have stuck, following Zeus to Greece. His sacred mountain of OLympus may be rooted in "Ol" because "ym" may be identical to "im," the Semite plural, and moreover Greeks had a suffix, "ops" that was sometimes "pus."

Let's now go back to Elis at Pisa, where I traced Mohammed's "Allah" deity tentatively, and consider a trace of that place back to Elah at Jerusalem. It works because there was another Olympus location in Pisidia. Just like that, we have the makings of an Elah trace to the chief mountain in Greece, and then Zeus lived at its summit. Sound familiar? Thirdly, the first Olympics were held at Elis!!! I've known that for years, but I do not recall rooting "OLympus" in "Ol" and thereby linking it to "Elis" (but then I do forget quite a few things).

Of some interest here is that the Olympic logo, five connected rings, evokes the five smooth stones used by David to kill event that took place in Elah.

Hercules was the hero of the first Olympics, and he was traced exactly to the Arabkha location, suggesting that he, as an entity, was also at Rephaim, an idea supported where he married a daughter of Hera.

Consider that while "El" means 'god,' the plural of El is, Elohim, like "Olym(pus)." Chances are, the valley of Elah was named after "El," though not necessarily after the God of Israel, for pagan gods used "El." In fact, El was a major pagan deity so as to possibly trace down to Mohammed's Allah. "In the Canaanite religion, or Levantine religion as a whole, El or Il was the supreme God, the Father of humankind and all creatures and the husband of the Goddess Asherah as recorded in the clay tablets of Ugarit." But when the true Creator came on the scene with Abraham, the Israelites called him, El. "The bull was symbolic to El and his son Ba'al Hadad..." Since when did YHWH, the God of Israel, claim to be a bull, or since when did YHWH claim to be a friend of Baal? I don't think so. Hello?

The article goes on to show how "OLYMpus" may have developed from El (round brackets not mine): "The Eternal One (Olam) has made a covenant oath with us, Asherah [another enemy of YHWH] has made (a pact) with us. And all the sons...[blah blah blah]" El was also "Olam"? Apparently, El developed into Zeus, no surprise. I say that Baal and proto-Zeus were one, and therefore Zeus got his lightning bolt symbol when he was viewed as the Creator. The Greeks had a lot of fun degrading the Creator into an adulterer, and Hera (Zeus' only wife) had a severe temper for enacting vengeance.

I thought that "Hera" should trace to "Hierosolyma," the Greek form of "Jerusalem," and I flatly identified her as the Jerevan line to Gareb. Where I trace Hercules/HERAcles to Arabkha, it's no wonder, if Hera is a line from Arabkha too. Heracles is often said to be named after Hera, and in fact his wife (Hebe) was Hera's daughter. To this it can be added that Hercules had a son (Telephus), a Mysian ruler, whose wife was Hiera. "Telephus was married to the Amazon Hiera. She brought a force of Amazons to the aid of Pergamum, but was herself killed in the battle. In the battle Achilles [a known symbol of child sacrifice] wounded Telephus..." In Revelation, Pergamum is said to be the "throne of satan," very interesting where a Roma character, the personification of Rome, was made a daughter of this same Telephus. Pergamum was founded by Telephus and Hiera, and then Biblical prophecy asserts that satan's throne is Rome. Pergamum (said to be founded from Arcadians) was in the Lydia theater (in keeping with a Rome trace to Lydians), on the Caicus river that was made a son of Hermes (suggests that "Caicus" was from "Haik," a chief god of Armenians).

If correct to trace Hiera to Jerusalem, the paragraph above underscores my claim, that God chose that city because it was a major seat of satan. The devil then moved with Jerusalemites, as Hiera, to Pergamum. Revelation helps to make this case. "[Hiera] had by two sons by Telephus, Tarchon and Tyrsenus." Those sons were made brothers of mythical Lydus = Lydia, and were an obvious depiction of the Etruscans (see also "Tyrrhenus").

Reminder: I identified proto-Romans with the 600 Benjamites at Rimmon, as they had formed an alliance with Meshwesh who then traced to the Amazon, Hippodamia (non-descript name tracing merely to Hyksos in general), but then it stands to reason that Hippodamia and the Amazon, Hiera, were quite the same entity. You can glean here that Romans actually trace to Amazons = Mysians of a Gorgonic type, while Latins trace to neighboring Lydians.

What are the chances that mythical Hiera's ancestry traces to Gareb elements? The chances are low if it's not true, and high if it's true. Therefore, see this: "Hiera was apparently an Amazon, and the Amazons united with the defenders of Pergamum to repel the attack [from the Greeks]. However, in the battle Hiera was killed by the Greek warrior Nireus." Why Nireus? "In Greek mythology, Nireus, son of King Charopus..." That's the Ugarit-Arpad bloodline to the Oeagrus-Charops bloodline, and perhaps Auge, the mother of Telephus, applies with the terms above to "Og" the Rephaite! In fact, Auge was a priestess of Athena (jibes with an Og trace to Ogyges of Athens). Auge's father, Aleus (king in Arcadia), might just trace back to the Elah valley, therefore, but in any case, when tracing Keturah lines from Og, go through Hiera at Pergamum.

Looking deeper, lookie here: Auge's sister was ALCidice, having the same root term as "ALCmene," Hercules' mother, a term I trace to giants. Alcidice "married Salmoneus [term like "Salem"], king of Elis and bore a daughter, Tyro." It's known that Tyro was code for Tyre, but herein we have yet another reason to trace "Elis" to the Elah valley.

I had traced the proto-Taurus cult to Haifa, between Tyre and Megiddo, though my reasons were not as per the similarities between "heifer" and "Haifa." I now find (in the Elah article): "At Khirbet Qeiyafa, southwest of Jerusalem in the Elah Valley..." Qeiyafa? With Zeus (and probably Hera) tracing exactly to Elah, is that another coincidence?

In the Qeiyafa article: "The ruins of the fortress were uncovered in 2007, near the Israeli city of Beit Shemesh, 20 miles (32 km) from Jerusalem." I traced "SAMSon" as a codeword to "Shemesh" because Beit Shemesh is smack beside Timnah, where Samson operated and got his "wife." It was obvious for certain, multiple reasons that the Samson cult evolved into Hercules, Dionysus' Maenads, and the Kabeiri cult at Samothrace, origin of mythical DarDANus, the Mysian father of the Trojans who married Batia.

I was convinced that Samson was not a true historical character, but a mythical product of the dragon cult in Israel that added his story into the end of the book of Judges (he's the last judge of Israel in that book). I then realized why Samson was such a flagrant sinner, even asking his parents to eat honey from a carcass. Samson is depicted in Judges both as a Danite and as a Nazarite. I identified him as the Hyksos peoples moving through Israel, from Tanis on the Nile, the origin, according to my writings, of the Greek Danaans (Hercules was a Danaan). As the Hyksos in Egypt were called "Heka KHASEWET," they traced easily to Kizzuwatna in Cilicia, smack beside Adana that is highly suspect by many as a Danaan settlement.

There was an Arad region in Hebron. King David and/or Solomon are being pegged by historians (incompetents?) as building a temple to YHWH in Arad. This place, because giants lived in Hebron, is now highly suspect for naming Ardos at mount Hermon.

Arad is named after the Biblical Canaanite town located at Tel Arad...The Bible (Judges 1:16) describes it as a Canaanite stronghold whose king kept the Israelites from moving from the Negev to the Judean Mountains, although Tel Arad was destroyed over 1,200 years before the arrival of the Israelites [not true, they have their dates wrong]...the name Arad was preserved by the Bedouins.,_Israel

Some inscription was found in the Arad temple with the name of the Israelite God, but this in itself doesn't necessarily mean that the temple was built with the blessing of God, or that it was initially built by Israelis at all. It is too hard to believe that an Israelite temple in Arad would go unmentioned in the Scripture or in the historical books of Israel (e.g. Judges, Chronicles, Kings).

Let's go back to Moloch at the Hinnom valley, and assume that he was worshiped also in the neighboring Valley of Rephaim, which should explain Acts 7:43 where it quotes Amos 5:26: "You have lifted up the shrine of Molech and the star of your god Rephan, the idols you made to worship." For the first time ever, I can use this to trace the valleys at Jerusalem to the Jerevan theater. How so? By tracing to Armenia's lake Sevan, the location generally of Soducena, Gogarene, and Jerevan.

The Amos text uses a term that can be translated either "king" or "Moloch," and the Septuagint [= Greek translation of the Old Testament] is shown above using "Moloch" (i.e. meaning that Acts was quoting the Septuagint). However, "Rephan" in the Hebrew text of Amos 5:26 is "Kiyyun." Why did the Septuagint change this term so drastically? I suppose it's because the two deities went by alternative names. Looking at Wikipedia's explanation, I am ruling its claim of a spelling error as itself an error. Instead, I see that "Kiyyun," which Wikipedia gives alternatively as "Kewan," is a hardened form of "Sevan."

I apologize for the complications here, but some Hebrew texts apparently use "Sakkuth" (can apparently mean "tent / tabernacle," as does "Succoth/Sukkot") in place of "asah" (Strongs # 6213) where "asah" is therefore mistranslated as "booth" or "shrine"...when "asah" actually means "works / fabrications." Wikipedia: "...the Septuagint's reading raiphan or rephan stands the Hebrew Chiun or Kewan [bad English there]. The Greek forms are probably simple mistakes for the Hebrew, k (qoppa) having been replaced by r (resh) and ph substituted for v (yod). Kewan is probably the Old Babylonian Kayawanu, the planet Saturn, another (the Akkadian) name for which is Sakkut, which appears as Siccuth in the earlier part of the [Amos] verse."

There is a consensus online that claims a Sakkut = Saturn equation, and yet they all could be repeating themselves in error. I can't quickly find any proof of this equation, but will not oppose it for the time being. My main point is Rephan versus Kewan, though many translations use "Chiun," quite reflective of "Khyan, the pharaoh. My main point is that Rephan may refer to Arabkha / Gareb elements at the Rephaim valley, an Assyrian peoples originally in cahoots with Jerevan at lake Sevan, beside Soducena. I traced the latter to a Sittacene location in southern Assyria, and the gods in the Amos text above are said to be Assyrian. Moreover, I recently traced Soducena and Sittacene to Scythians, but, many will tell us, Scythians had origins in a Saka peoples, a term evoking "Sakkut."

I don't know where Wikipedia got the "Kewan" spelling, but I'm basing my argument on it due to similarity with "Sevan." Neither "Kiyyun" nor "Chiun" would have brought that lake to mind. I traced "Sevan" to the KIKONs off the Hebros river, because I identified Kikons with the swan king, mythical CYCNus, as per my claim that "swan" traces to "Sevan." It's a strong argument because Cycnus was the mythical king of Liguria, where the capital is Savona. On top of this, while mythical Kikon was made the brother of the Hebros river, that river was home to Odrysians, whom I identified as mythical Dryas, the father/son of mythical Lycurgus, the term that likely named Ligurians. I'm keeping in mind that the Caeni lived off the Hebros river.

I traced "Ixion" first to "Sion," and later to "Khyan." That is, I gleaned that the myth writer was using a term as part-code for Sion elements, but, in later reflection, realized that the term applies also to Khyan's horse-loving Hyksos. Compare "Chiun" to "Ixion," and then note the Centaurs (code for horse-loving peoples) were given birth by Ixion with his wife, Nephele...apparent code for a cult in Greece claiming ties to the Nephilim giants.

I became sure of a Kikon trace to "Cycnus" of Liguria because the latter's father, STHENelus, spoke of the Sithone branch of Edonians that could have named Sitten, the alternative name of a Sion location in Switzerland. It just so happens that Lycurgus above was a king of the Edonians, you see. But to this it should be added that Centaurs trace to the Cantii, the namers of horse-depicted Kent, where there is an Axton location of the Actons, whom, for the first time ever in this update, have traced to the Hyksos of the Ogyges = Hectenes kind. As Ogyges was likely the makings of "Gyges = Gugu," CYCnus was alternatively, CYGnus.

The Rephan / Rephaim Garebites, otherwise called by a Kewan / Chiun / Kiyyun term, are tracing to Savona at Liguria, but Keturah is tracing there too (I previously traced her as the Cutter surname to Saluzzo in interior Liguria). As I claim that Garebites became the crow line, and therefore the raven-depicted vikings, it's Repha-interesting that Roffs/Ruffs/Rove's/Rolphs use ravens.

Having said all that, I was not aware of the context of Amos 5:26. Amazingly, verse 25 speaks of the Exodus, if I am not mistaken. Zowie, could this be true? Here is a translation word-for-word from my Hebrew Interlinear

25 Did you bring sacrifices and good offerings near to Me in the wilderness forty years, O house of Israel?

26 Yea, you bore the works of your king [or "works of Moloch", which works better in context because they didn't have a king in the Exodus] and Kiyyun, your images, the star of your gods which you made for yourselves.

It sure does sound like Khyan was the crux of this situation, and his Hyksos look like the founders of Moloch. In addition, we see that the star was a deity that Israeli's made for themselves, which doesn't speak to me of Saturn unless the Israelites founded Saturn. Was this deity from the Satyrs named as a soft-C version of "Ketur(ah)"?

I had found a gold calf used by the German Bach surname (now uses a full-grown "steer") that was obvious secret code for the golden calf made by the Israelites in the Exodus. It was obvious because "Bach" is easily rooted in terms from "APACHnas," Khyan's alternative name. I reasoned at the time that Khyan had a calf symbol because we read in the Exodus account that certain Egyptians, or pro-Egyptian Israeli's, coerced Aaron to make the golden-calf idol. It seemed logical that this symbol belonged to the pharaoh. I then learned that Hyksos worshipped Baal, a bull cult. "Yea, you bore the works of Moloch and Kiyyun..." Why didn't I see that before???

Not very long ago, the Hyksos were discovered in the 600 Benjamites in the book of Judges; they are found after the Samson account, and are therefore suspect as an addition to Judges by the dragon cult. Mythical Nephele may have been named after (or vice versa) the Benjamite city of Neballat (Nehemiah 11), meaning that Khyan's family / followers / supporters might have been in that place as the ones who fabricated the story of the 600 surviving Benjamites. The story starts (Judges 19) with what appears to be a take from a human sacrifice: a priest cutting up into pieces a woman who had first been gang raped. She, it is said, was from Bethlehem, a clue that Khyan's Moloch cult was in Bethlehem.

This recalls a trace of the Sumerian Anu cult to Bethlehem, which points to the Anaki of neighboring Hebron. Anu's wife, Antu, can be traced to Anat, a female deity out of Egypt carried by Hyksos, and this can explain how Anat became a wife of sorts of Baal. I am not the only one to say that Hyksos were in Jerusalem, but others that have made the claim (some very anciently) think that Hyksos and Israelites were one. Hardly, though some of the Israelites in the Exodus (and probably after the Exodus) seemed to ally themselves with supporters of Khyan. Korah's rebellion comes to mind, and, hmm, his name may have lived on to "Chora" in Patmos.

Korah's rebellion involved a turning of some Levites against Moses, and then the woman from Bethlehem was cut into pieces by a Levite. We also find a pagan Levite in the book of Judges, after the Samson account, involved with 600 Danites. It seemed to me that the number 600 was special to the dragon cult, therefore. For this and other reasons, I suggested that the 666 of Revelation 13 would be from the end-time Hyksos. After that, I reasoned that, because Revelation was written on Patmos, the 666 bloodline (as I call it) should have passed through that place, and here I am wondering whether Korah's rebellion led to the city of Chora. Hmm.

The account of Korah, as you can read in the article above, involved the budding of Aaron's staff. Years earlier, God used the staff of Moses to do a snake miracle before pharaoh Khyan, and apparently the Egyptian magicians were able to do that trick too. The point here is a rod and a snake, the symbol of Asclepios, the one I view as a son of Chora, so to speak, and representation of the Patmos city of Scala. In other words, if Korah's sons / followers named Chora, then Scala should trace to the Egyptian magicians above.

Plus, it just so happens that Coronis (mother of Asclepios) was a daughter of a Lapith ruler, while Ixion was himself a Lapith ruler (i.e. it traces Hyksos to Patmos). Coronis was even made the sister of Ixion. Therefore, Khyan's Hyksos trace to Lapiths (they were on Lesbos) before they end up on Patmos, and in this picture "Korah" may very well be the root of Coronis. At the page below, we see an alternative Coronis, "one of the sacrificial victims of Minotaur," that being the bull cult of Zeus on Crete.

The page also tells of: "Coronis was a Maenad who was RAPED [caps mine] by Butes of Thrace. Dionysus made the offender throw himself down a WELL." This is amazing, for I had a dream that I reported to readers a few months ago, wherein a person was being lowered down a well by a noose to the neck. Before seeing this, I saw execution papers with two names, Micah and Masci. When I awoke, I started to write my update on mythical Laius of the CadMUS bloodline, who I had traced years before to Laish, a city found in the book of Judges after the Samson account, a city taken over by 600 Danites who went to the house of a Micah character, who lived in the same area (Ephraim) as the man who had cut up the raped woman from Bethlehem. This Micah even got himself a Levite priest from Bethlehem, which the 600 Danites stole from him.

On that particular morning as I awoke, I was into an article on Chrysippus, a homosexual symbol and associate of the homosexual, Laius. Chrysippus was from Elis, a son of Pelops of neighboring Pisa, and having a mother, Danais (virtually the same term that was used mythically for the Greek Danaans), and so here we have our first clues that this was the evolution of the 600 "Danites" from Laish. After reading this I came to a part where it says that Chrysippus was killed by being thrown down a well, and I thought, hmm, I just had a dream about someone being killed in a well. The very next sentences read: "[The killers, two sons of Pelops and Hippodamia] had been sent by their mother, Hippodamia, who feared Chrysippus would inherit Pelops's throne instead of her sons. Atreus and Thyestes [the killers, who threw him down a well], together with their mother, were banished by Pelops and took refuge in Mycenae. There Hippodamia hung herself." Amazing. Then I knew that the 600 Danites, and wealthy Micah, traced to Chrysippus, son of Pelops, who was himself cut into pieces by his father! It's obvious that this code used of Pelops was from a story carried to Greece by the 600 Benjamites at Rimmon.

Here I am now on "Coronis was a Maenad who was RAPED by Butes of Thrace. Dionysus made the offender throw himself down a WELL." It's all code that myth writers used to send one another, and their insiders, messages. Or, it's all code to make links that insiders knew of. In this case, Coronis traces back to the Meshwesh out of Tanis as they developed into the 600 Danites and 600 Benjamites, but then this helps to corroborate the theory that the 666 will be from the Chora entity of Patmos. That is, Masons today that trace to Chora will be at the spearhead of the 666 commercial system.

The above also leads me to glean an alliance of the Korah Levites with the Tanis Egyptians, the latter being proto-Massey (or Masci) Hyksos who founded the Danaans at Mycenae, where the AMAZON, Hippodamia (= "horse woman"), hung herself, thus explaining why the execution papers in my dream had the name, Masci. In myth, the suicide of a character at a certain place can represent a fundamental link of that entity to that place.

I'm beginning to understand now that the Levites in Judges after the Samson account are from the Korah group of rebellious Levites. But to this I will add that I insisted the 666 to be a product from the two chief priests -- Levites -- that killed Jesus. I found the Caiaphas bloodline in the Charo/Claro surname (uses a bull, and traced to Khyan-suspect Cuneo), and that for me sparks a new theory: the Charo surname (that links easily to the Templar Claro's = Sinclairs) traces to the Korah > Chora terms.

I had found the Charo surname (with Chiaro variation) at MonteCHIARO (southern Sicily), where the family married a Mosca family. Montechiaro is beside Agrigento, the latter on a Drago river that traces without doubt to the Drake surname using a "muscus" motto term, and a dragon with a 666-like tail. The Drakes (known to be from rulers of Masovia) were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as the Joseph surname using a "charo" motto term. Caiaphas, the one who had Jesus killed, was Joseph Caiaphas.

Agrigento (a potential agri = goat term) entered my discussion when tipped off by an emailer, at the time when it linked hard to Agentera in Cuneo, at the Stura valley. At that time, some amazing links were made of Montechiaro to the Stura / Cuneo area, and it was then clinched that Stura was named by mythical Satyrs (a goat-depicted peoples), who in the real world were from the Satrae Thracians. The point is that "Saturn," the term that many link to "Kiyyun / Kewan," looks to have gone through the Stura. This paragraph is some support that "Kiyyun" traces to the naming of "Cuneo." The swan, expected in Cuneo, was found, not only in the French Joseph Coat, but in the Italian Alba Coat, and then Cuneo has an Alba location at the Tanaro river, root of the Tanner bloodline that married the Claro's/Sinclairs.

The Tanner bloodline was at Falaise, and then there is a La Falaise location at Ile-de-France (Paris), where the Levi and Chappes surnames were first found, two surnames tracing to Caiaphas-branch Levites. It's all obvious, isn't it? I'm not making this up, am I? Rollo, or Rolph, is the one who made the Sinclair treaty at Epte, near La Falaise. The Sinclairs after Rollo founded the Templars, a band of thieves who conquered Jerusalem and did some dirty work by digging down to the foundations of the temple. A line from the priests of Israel, from Caiaphas, spurred the Rollo vikings on, didn't they? Yes, for Hugh de Payen, one of the Templars, and chief of the Templars at Jerusalem, married a Chappes-surnamed woman, whom some say was a Sinclair by surname. Nobody on the outside realized that "Chappes" is from "Caiaphas." But Hugh must have known. They must have convinced him that they knew where the temple treasure had been hidden to keep the Romans of 70 AD from finding it.


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