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Oct 23 - 29, 2012

The Blotched Benghazi Murder Plot
Putin Makes Big Deal with Iraq
The Caves were Definitely the Shaws / Chevals from Goaden at Covenarum
Bush-related Gaudens, Galts, Glads Reveal the Pontius Pilate Line in Septimania
My Two-Second Romney Dream

Some of what I consider the best material yet on understanding the makings of the Magdalene cult is in this update, and yet there is a longish piece first on the Benghazi affair that may sidetrack you. Just to let you know, the hunt for Da Vinci truth is later in the update.

Compliments from YS, an article (from Canada Free Press) below makes the claim that the Turkish ambassador was in Benghazi, the day of the American ambassador's murder, to warn him (Christopher Stevens) that his gun-running operation into Syria through Turkey had been discovered by the Russians. World Net Daily is advancing a similar story, and claims to have broken it. In this picture, Obama and Hillary were shipping the guns confiscated from the old-school Libyan forces, the purpose of which was to hide American involvement in arming Syrian rebels. It would have been Hillary's greatest desire to hide these shipments from the Russians. The writer of the article suggests that Iranians performed the Benghazi attack on Putin's behalf, but I'm not able to accept that part of the story without some evidence.

The overwhelming picture in my mind is that Obama had his ambassador and/or the ambassador's assistant (Sean Smith) murdered. More revelations came out late last week to certify this. During the attack inside the Benghazi "consulate" (it wasn't officially a consulate or embassy), requests for military assistance were denied by CIA and/or military officials. Tyrone Woods reportedly disobeyed orders, and went out to help Stevens and company. Wood's father has said on Fox news that Obama had his son effectively murdered by refusing to send in more help.

The CIA has responded to the charge above by Jennifer Griffin by saying that the CIA never once denied help when it was requested. But at that statement, the CIA had opportunity to tell what it did do to help Stevens, wherefore, since nothing was said to that effect, it must be understood that the CIA is the lying party, not Griffin. Besides, the CIA did not need requests to know that military people were needed, and yet the needed people to thwart the attack did not appear at the consulate/compound, until it was too late.

What was the military directed to do? Obama's not telling. The fact is, the CIA cannot order military units apart from the president's permission. Therefore, it's not so much that the buck stops with the president; it's that the president is guilty of murder.

But the CIA (and Hillary) may never have requested it from Obama because Panetta and Obama (and Hillary) appear to have been involved in a pre-planned murder plot with a game plan to let them die. Chances are, the CIA knew the general timing of this attack, and merely needed to reduce security around Stevens to allow it to begin. I'm taking the view that Hillary discovered a plot by Sean Smith and/or Stevens to say and/or do something opposing the O-purposes in Libya/Syria, and then approached Obama with this news, at which time Obama and Panetta devised a plot to have them killed lest the O-secret operation be exposed.

When the unit disobeying CIA orders to stand down made it to the safe house: "At that [midnight] point, [Tyrone Woods and at least two others] called again for military support and help because they were taking fire at the CIA safe house, or annex. The request was denied." It's amazing that even the CIA people were allowed to be fired in on, and it's even more amazing that only two soldiers there died with one explosive, and that one of the two was the one (Woods) who disobeyed orders. Isn't that suspicious? How, really, did he die? Who, really, had him killed? The Tripoli back-up didn't arrive until about 3 am. Woods and Doherty were killed by one explosive at about 4 am. Who really had them killed?

I have read mixed reports: 1) Woods and Doherty were both from Tripoli; this was the initial report; 2) Woods and Doherty were both from the CIA safe house; 3) Woods was from the safe house, and Doherty was from Tripoli. It was not the initial murder plot to have Woods and Doherty killed because they were not supposed to have engaged the embassy. Their ghosts are now the fuel keeping this story on fire, shaming the liberal media who refuse to cover this story as it deserves...because the liberal media wants this poor excuse for a human being, Barf Obama, to be re-elected.

Wood's father appeared gracious on Judge Jeanine to say that Hillary lied to him. That is a heavy-duty word for TV news that even Fox commentators / workers are refusing to use.

Leon Panetta has argued haplessly that reinforcements could not be sent in because they didn't know what sort of threat they were up against. What?! He didn't know the exact number of intruders, or what they were carrying, wherefore he decided it was best not to send out the best powers available to him??? Is he stupid? No. He's he's not stupid. And nothing here is illogical, because Panetta is a murderer. He was doing the natural thing in a murder plot. The State Department has admitted that the people at the Annex serve "as a rapid reaction force, a quick reaction security team -- a quick reaction security team".

Panetta speaks as though the military had to thwart a massive and complicated invasion of tanks and aircraft rather than a small band of gun-wielding thugs. What's there to know beyond the known fact that gunfire and smoke was at the embassy? CIA people were right there a mile away to report to him that there were no enemy planes, no enemy tanks, nothing at all to assess. One could ask Panetta: "How did you know it wasn't just one, two, or three men when you were made aware of the first gunshots?" Fox is too kind if it paints Panetta merely as incompetent.

Liberals who accuse Republicans of playing politics with this neglect to add that it should be a political topic. It's a very big political deal, and should be a part of the choice of voters on election day, wherefore it should be part of the pre-election debate. There is one thing nearly as disgusting as liberals in their immoral-desperation tactics: Republicans afraid to speak out what's right against liberals for fear of being labeled "political." Omission helps to hand the nation into the lap of liberals.

The liberal who ignores the report of Jennifer Griffin, even though it's always possible that she's lying, is without excuse. Until her report is proven to be false, liberals should be outraged against their president. But then most liberals, about 47 per-cent of the American population, is socio-pathetic, devoid of soul, shame and self-inspection. Ask the Romney that used to be, but don't ask the new Romney, who won't dare ask a question anymore on Obama's behavior on Libya. Liberals are excellent inspectors of Republican guilt, so much so that they find it even when it's not there.

There's no dirt on Jennifer Griffin at her Wikipedia article...yet, anyway. She married an Amorite- / Palmyra-suspect Myre surname, right down the Romney / Bush alley. I base my view on a murder plot based on facts aside from Griffin's report, but her story is very credible in light of the embassy event going without military back-up, coupled with the lame excuses of Panetta and others.

Military aircraft were available for support, but the current O-excuse is that jets firing in on the compound was too dangerous to Americans there. But don't we think that jets should have been circling overhead to give the intruders something to worry about, or to wait for opportunities to pick a few intruders off, maybe send them into retreat...or to at least monitor the situation? Yet no jets were sent in. That's how you know that someones are guilty of murder, in the first degree. The better Obama lies on this issue, the better the devil that he plays, and the more you know that his ability to lie well has been nurtured and practiced for years.

This was not murder by neglect or stupidity; it was planned. The O-people wanted him/them dead because he/they had become a terrible threat in some way. My take on watching Hillary's facial expressions after the event is that she wanted him/them dead. Obama seems very relaxed, like Hillary's supporter in her trial, when he speaks on the topic. Panetta, when he appeared on TV giving the hapless excuse above, was barely able to contain his guilt, but Hillary, in one appearance with Obama, appeared spiteful, glad in revenge, and proud for doing the "right thing" in letting them die.

The CIA spokeswoman (Youngblood by surname), reportedly "under the direction of CIA director and retired General David Petraeus," quickly claimed that the CIA did not refuse requests for military support. It suggests the possibility of being technically true, but then the finger is toward others. In another account, CIA requests for back-up were refused by the military. If no one is to blame for denying requests, how do we explain that help was not provided when needed? The order to stand down indicates a temporary wait period. Waiting for what? The murder of Smith to be finalized? Should we wait for the official report from the official investigation, likely to be a quasi-concocted story after the election that Obama is happy with? Was it all due to mere incompetence? No way.

One cannot argue well that the O-team fingered the Mohammad video and mob violence in an effort to appear less incompetent, for the less dangerous the intruders, the more incompetent the O-team looks. Isn't a spontaneous mob of poorly armed street gangs less of a threat than a pre-planned plot of well-armed terrorists? The O-excuse not to send in military support gets fully crippled where Libyan street gangs in an uproar are concerned.

Embassy security is Hillary's role. She's the boss in that regard, and long before the attack, she had already denied security where Stevens himself requested it. But she could not have made that decision apart from Obama's permission, and so the O-team must have been working on the murder plot for some weeks or months. Stevens had not been the Libyan ambassador but for a few months before he was urinated on by the O-team, and left to die of smoke poisoning. They assigned their own men a state of Hell, and into a fiery, smoky Hell they will go when it's their turn to die. They have not gotten away with this.

Ed Klein on the webpage below implies that Hillary is more innocent than Obama. Ed claims that there is evidence that Hillary ordered beefed-up security at some point (I'd like to know when, why, who, what and how, but I-don't-know is too busy taking the lead role) but that her orders were not followed. Such a picture fingers Obama, doesn't it? Look at this picture painted by the accumulation of reports from the State Department:

An agent in full combat gear comes from the TOC, throwing a smoke grenade to hide his movements. He goes to Building B and retrieves the two agents still there. The three men get into an armored vehicle parked there and drive to the main residence [where Ubben, Stevens and Smith were located]. They take turns crawling into the [burning] building on their hands and knees, trying to find Stevens and Smith. They find Sean Smith, dead, and they pull him out of the building. If there was a seventh man in the TOC he isn't mentioned again.

Where did this caped Batman (so to speak) come from, painted like a hero entering the stage in pow-bang-crash fashion (I'm not making fun of him, just making the point more vivid)? Batman entered the scene as per a radio SOS call from his fellow security agent, Ubben, after the latter made it to a roof top next to the building where Batman was holed up until then. Batman arrived to rescue Ubben from the Riddler of bullets. Batman also went into the building through the open window that Ubben had climbed out of, because Ubben said that Smith and Stevens did not climb out with him. Do you see potential here for an inside-murder story? Ubben, Stevens and Smith in the same room, and only Ubben surfaces to freedom.

But if it was a murder plot, wouldn't the O-people have supplied Batman and Ubben with a get-away vehicle? Where was it?

What we are seeking here, those of us who see murder in the first degree, is an O-someone on the inside with the task of murdering Smith and/or Stevens, then using his device to signal to his O-partner that the dirty deed was done. In the meantime, the O-people watching the event in their situation room were tasked with not sending armed Americans / Libyans to affect the murder plot until Ubben signals that it was accomplished.

We could then expect that Batman to the rescue was tasked with removing Smith's body from the building so as to hide how he was murdered, and that's exactly what Batman did, taking Ubben with him in an armored car, and escaping thereby from the invaders. Yes, an armored car that was able to withstand bullets from two feet away. Where had it been parked, I wonder, and who drove it last to park it there, and why?

Ubben claimed that he was shot at when he first climbed out of a window. He claimed that he went in and out of the same window several times seeking Smith and Stevens, which seems an impossibility if he was being shot at. Did the shooter(s) who first shot at Ubben just go away? If the goal of the intruders was to kill the men inside, and if they see one man climbing out a window, don't they stay fastened on that window as a priority.

Here's the earlier event as fed to some individuals by Hillary's people:

Back in the residence where Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith are, the Security Agent believed to be David Ubben, comes to Stevens bedroom and takes him and Sean Smith to the "Safe Haven," a room within the main residence building [I'm viewing this as part of the pre-planned plot to kill one or both of the men]. In the video, you see Palkot walking through the area, and into the Safe Haven. He says it is little more than a big, dark windowless closet with a locked iron gate.

Ubben radioes other in the Compound and says they "are fine." [Fine??? Really? Just fine? Not alarmed whatsoever???]

...At this point there are seven Americans at three different locations: Stevens, Smith and Ubben at the main residence, two Special Agents at the second residence and cafeteria, known as Building B, and two more at the TOC [where Batman was staying]. Attackers are all around [and they don't go away when they see a man climbing out of a window, unless they are ordered not to kill him, or unless they never did see him climb out].

...Inside the main residence where Stevens, Smith and Ubben are hiding, attackers get in an[d] ramsack the place...On the other side, Agent Ubben has a gun trained [murder weapon for Smith???} on them.

...Attackers poured diesel fuel throughout the residence...Everything went up in flames and heavy diesel smoke filled the building.

...The Safe Haven is black with thick smoke and fumes. Ubben, Stevens and Smith move to a bathroom within the "safe" area which has a window. The window is barred, and it won't open. They drop to the floor tying to find breathable air, but there was none. They decide to leave the Safe Haven and take their chances [we don't know what happens here, but I see Smith's murder at this point while Stevens is not shot].

They find another barred window [in the bedroom] which Ubben was able to open. He crawls out of it, but Stevens and Smith do not follow Ubben goes back in to the hell hole -- in and out several times [he claims to have received enemy gunfire and to have sustained injuries at this scene], but cannot find the Ambassador or Sean Smith. He is overcome with smoke and struggles up a small ladder to a rooftop, collapses and radioes the other agents [a lucky ladder next to the window, and of the 175 intruders who entered the compound, no one shoots him off as he makes his lucky way up the ladder??]

An agent in full combat gear comes from the TOC, throwing a smoke grenade to hide his movements...[his team pulls Smith out but not Stevens]...

Not credible. Even if the two men did not know that the steel bars on this window were, by design, open-able from the inside so that men could exit through it, all three air-lacking men are expected to have made their way as a priority toward the window. And, really, all three men would have been informed as part of their moving-in details that the bars of this window could open to the outside.

How do you lose someone in a bedroom? We don't read that Ubben called out for Smith and Stevens, who could not have been far off from the open window. Wouldn't Ubben be expected to call out to them, with urgent voice, to inform of the open window to fresh air? If the two were having a hard time breathing to the point of collapsing, Ubben would have heard the coughing in order to find his way to at least one man. My understanding is that a person can't fall motionless due to smoke-filled lungs without coughing out their guts first. Ubben's report leaves us to believe that the two men just disappeared silently into the thick smoke.

But wait. They are predicted to be a vigorous three men in the bathroom just seconds before entering the bedroom. None of the three would permit one of the others to get to a critical point before seeking a window. As Stevens survived in the building for over an hour afterward, how possibly could he have fallen silent between the bathroom and the bedroom, mere seconds apart?

At roughly the time that Ubben is on the roof, the Libyan forces at the Annex head out with a few Americans. Suddenly, this small-force back-up arrives, too late, as expected in a murder plot. Was Batman supposed to find Stevens too and bring him along? Or was Stevens purposely left to die in the building? I have divided opinions.

Batman and Ubben left the consulate in the screeching Batmobile, jumping curbs all the way to the Annex Batcave...with a dead Smith...who may not have been felled with a bullet from Ubben. Perhaps an injection / ingestion of chemical delivered by Ubben made Smith and Stevens fall haplessly in the smoke. It's a nasty accusation if Ubben is innocent, so keep in mind that this is theory, but theory based on the "facts" out thus far.

I tend to think that Ubben was lying when he said he was injured at the window, because it's not credible that he was being fired at while going in and out of the window, and even up a ladder in full view. The thugs are expected to have approached near to the open window to assure no such event could take place. If Ubben was injured as claimed, it was afterward at the other building:

Around 4 a.m.: The Annex compound is hit by another wave of attacks, described as "planned and precise." A round of mortar fire set well behind the Annex gate turns out to be deadly. Killed in that attack are former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods. Agent David Ubben is badly injured again.

Not "again," but for the first time is more like it. Wikipedia's article on Tyrone Woods: "Ubben suffered shrapnel injuries and several broken bones." Who killed Woods and Doherty? Was it an inside job too, because they showed signs of disloyalty, thus becoming a threat to the plot? Is it true at all that the invaders killed them?

I heard Jennifer Griffin on Fox the night before this update was due on Monday. She said that her source said that Woods asked his superiors in the Annex, as soon as the first shots were heard, if he could go support the ambassador. He was told to "stand down." Some 30-40 minutes later at about 10:30, he again requested to go help the ambassador, and was again told the stand down. I don't think that Batman and Ubben had yet assured that Smith was dead at 10:30 according to the time of the State Department people. Jennifer then said that Woods had to walk to the consulate buildings, which can explain why he arrived at about the same time that the quick-reaction force was called in, after Wood's body was found dead.

The "facts" thus far in this update come ultimately from an official State Department release of information available at the webpage below, and of course the story can change, even falsely, if need be to protect the reputations of Hillary and others. You may note that questions from major media were not answered satisfactorily by "SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL NUMBER TWO". This official seems crass after NUMBER ONE seemed gracious. But gracious is not necessarily truthful. Here's from Number One:

...So they make a decision that they're going to have to leave the safe haven. They decide that they're going to go out through an adjacent bedroom which has one of the window grills that will open. The agent [Ubben] leads [Stevens and Smith] into a hallway in that bedroom. He opens the grill. He's going first because that is standard procedure...

Okay....[Ubben] is suffering severely from smoke inhalation at this point. He can barely breathe. He can barely see [seeks to make us believe that Smith and Stevens were suffering likewise so that we'll conclude they fell down in the smoke]. He's got the grill open and he flops out of the window onto a little patio that's been enclosed by sandbags. He determines that he's under fire, but he also looks back and sees he doesn't have his two companions. He goes back in to get them. He can't find them. He goes in and out several times before smoke overcomes him completely, and he has to stagger up a small ladder to the roof of the building and collapse. He collapses.

The agent in the TOC...they decide that the safest way for them to move is to go into an armored vehicle, which is parked right there [lucky again]. They get into the armored vehicle and they drive to Building C.

You see, the armored vehicle was "right there," just where he needed it, at the moment of need. It brings to mind an invention. In every embassy there needs to be a secret Batcave with armored Batvehicles so that the workers inside can escape danger rather than taking refuge in a safe room and being smoked to death. There would be a secret tunnel for the vehicles under the embassy wall, surfacing at the back side of a large, roadside advertising sign, manned by a police cruiser with speeding radar. Better yet, don't hire anyone that goes by the name, Hillary Clinton, claiming to be good political material. Although a high official at the State Department admitted that he/she did not, from the get-go, view the intruders as a spontaneous mob, Hillary went out and tried to pass that picture to the American people.

How far could the bathroom be from the bedroom where Ubben climbs out of the window? How could Ubben lose Smith and Stevens between the bathroom and the bedroom? This story cannot be true. The two men would not have scurried off into another room without notifying their security man. Something else happened in that room. And we really don't know whether Ubben was in there at all.

If the only thing burning in the building was furniture and some limited fuel, but no walls or ceilings, and as the safe house (concrete walls assumed) had no windows, I'm assuming that smoke could enter only by small means (under doors, air vents) that could have been quickly blocked with clothing / towels / blankets from the adjacent bedroom. The media needs to question whether there was a need at all for the men to leave the safe room, as Ubben (or his representative(s)) has reported.

There was apparently a second door from the safe room (aside from the barred front gate) into the bedroom area; this is the door the men reportedly left from, according to Ubben and/or his representative(s). Bret Baier showed a portion of this bedroom, at the open-window area, in his television special, but he did not show signs of smoke in the room, nor did he show shots of the center of the room in order that the viewer might question or understand how Smith and Stevens were lost in that room. It's very strangely suspicious of the Bret Baier program, especially as they are anti-Obama for election purposes, to omit that key part of their investigation. Perhaps the people overseeing the compound (State Department, probably) would not allow the Baier team to emphasize the bedroom, or tell where exactly Smith's body was found. I'd also like to know where exactly Stevens' body was found.

It's also suspicious that the intruders -- supposedly terrorists with a pre-planned strategy -- set fire immediately to merely furniture, forcing their own evacuation from the building before accomplishing their task of murdering the ambassador. There could be no guarantee that burning furniture could kill even one person. In a pre-planned terrorist attack, shouldn't we expect a large bomb as in typical Al-Qaeda attacks? It's a bad strategy to try to smoke the people out of a concrete building, as that takes precious time. Under normal circumstances, with an order for immediate military counter-action, the intruders would have been surrounded by Americans...and trounced while trapped within the compound walls when waiting for the smoke to give up their victims.

The intruders knew the compound was fort-like with a surrounding wall nearly ten feet high, and with barbed wire yet on top of that. Would nearly 200 men really agree to go in there are hang around for hours when the enemy is the United States? It's more credible to believe that Obama assured their safety?

Who put the sandbags around the patio and bedroom window, and when? They were not visible when Bret Baire's show had a view out the window. Is it standard procedure to ruin a patio and a bedroom view in that way? Were all other windows surrounded by sandbags? Doubtfully. Were the bags placed around this particular window for this special occasion, to give Ubben means by which to claim repeated entries and exits from the as to make his story sound plausible? Without the sandbags, Ubbens story would be sheer impossibility...because Ubben would have been a sitting duck while going in and out.

But even with the sandbags, the intruders -- if their leader wasn't working in the first place for Obama's task of Brotherhood-ing north Africa -- could have thrown grenades over the bags to make the spot less inviting for hiding out. Surely, if Ubben's claim is true that he was taking fire at the window, the intruders would have thrown grenades over the bags too, or removed the bags by heavier explosives if necessary. His story is simply not credible.

At what time was the Annex team called in? Actually, the State Department did not say that they were called in, only that they arrived. Smith was found dead by then. It's possible that the Libyans came after Tyrone Woods set the example to disobey orders:

...They find Sean. They pull him out of the building. He is deceased. They are unable to find the Ambassador.

At this point, the special security team, the quick reaction security team from the other compound, arrive on this compound...With them -- there are six of them -- with them are about 16 members of the Libyan February 17th Brigade...

Oh yeah? The QUICK-REACTION team is a mile away, and yet it takes over an hour to arrive??? Did Benghazi have no other armed men besides the 16 at the Annex? According to the State Department, reinforcements from Tripoli were called as soon as the attack started, but obviously the O-team knew that they'd arrive too late to help Smith. Yet the quick-reaction team was not called in immediately when Tripoli was called? Isn't there a contradiction here? That's how you can know that a murder took place.

The following suggests that Woods arrived about the same time as the Libyans, and it's being said by some that Woods and Doherty arrived together:

Their heroism is incredible when you consider what they were facing. Doherty and Woods reached the main compound of the Consulate and evacuated approximately 20 employees [I've not read about these other employees in other pieces]. Unfortunately, Ambassador Steven's aide Sean Smith was already dead when they arrived. Woods and Doherty fought through the firefight, and took the consulate employees back to the annex building where again they came under another wave of attacks.

By the way, I can't paint Stevens / Smith as angel nor devil. I have no idea what they were doing in Libya, nor how they operated the free will that God allowed them until their fateful day. If they worked for Obama, there is reason already to question their morals. But their deaths sadden me just the same. Its a condition of the human tragedy when men seek to control the world.

Putin in Iraq

Before giving you the Canada Free Press article with the claim that Stevens was involved in smuggling guns into Syria, a key message passed on by Lee on Putin's foot into Iraq is interesting. This Aljezeera story, perhaps little-heard in the West, could be the beginning of what I and others have been waiting years to see. It's dated October 10, and entitled, "What is behind Iraq's arms deal with Russia? :

Russia has taken ties with Iraq to a new level as it hosts Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister, for the first time in almost four years.

It has just concluded a huge arms deal with Iraq that is potentially worth as much as $5bn [almost 40 percent of Russia's total weapons sales annually], making Russia Iraq's biggest supplier of weapons after the US.

...During his three-day visit, al-Maliki is also expected to discuss the worsening crisis in Syria.

Some see both Baghdad and Moscow as helping prop up Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, by strongly opposing outside intervention in the crisis.

Iraq has echoed Russia's call for a political solution to the conflict, and both countries reject any move aimed at regime change in Syria.

...Iraq has now become the second-largest importer of Russian arms, after India....

...So what is behind Iraq's arms deal with Russia? Are the motives behind the deal purely financial; and how will it impact the delicate balance of power in the region?

If Maliki is indeed supporting Putin's desire to see Assad continue, doesn't it signal that Maliki is in the throes of becoming effectively anti-US? Could this signal that the United States will attack Maliki using the Sunni now seeking to undo Assad? Is Gog to be part of the Western plot against Syria and Iraq, Russia and Iran? This is such a difficulty for me. Where Daniel 11:21-24 tells that the Iraqi forces become broken before the face of Gog (same as the anti-Christ), is Gog to be viewed as a part of the overflowing force that breaks Iraq? Years ago, I assumed to the contrary, that he would be opposed to the overflowing force coming against Iraq, but the text does not really say so, so far as I can tell from English translations. It seems logical that Gog would oppose the incoming force, then rise up to support the defeated Iraqi's and Insurgents.

But when general Petraeus made a deal years ago with the very Sunni whom the overflowing Bush invasion had defeated, there was cause to re-think my view on Daniel, especially with the absence of Russian involvement in Iraq. And at this time, the same Sunni Baathists are in agreement with the O-West to remove Assad, wherefore one can envision a strengthening of ties between the two once-enemies, and one can also imagine the two coming diplomatically against Maliki, the king of Babylon that in Daniel 11:21-24 is called, "the kingdom" and "them." There is little doubt in my mind that Romney, as president, will tend to resurrect the Bush agenda in Iraq where Obama may have suffocated it to a degree. But even if Obama is the next president, I can see him opposing Maliki should he take sides with Putin in Syria.

One clue from Daniel 11:21 is that Gog will be a rejected one in Iraq. He's rejected by the Iraqi populace because he has no special right in their view to become the leader of their country. It suggests that the Iraqi condition at the time will be weak/chaotic, far worse than it has become today, so much so that an outsider is able to become its official "king," the term used by Daniel. It suggests something as when Bush implanted his own appointees to run Iraq. But since then, Iraq has been stabilizing, yet remains very fragile even while it flirts with a self-induced image of strength.

If the Gog that I see from Daniel 11:21 is from Russia, then I don't expect Russia to make the Daniel 11:23 deal with Maliki, the Iraqi government, but with the Insurgents of Iraq who oppose Maliki. If anything, Maliki could be the king of Daniel 11:20 (at verse 20 or 21, the prophecy shifts without indication (until later verses indicate it) from the ancient Seleucids to the neo-Seleucids under Gog). Yet, any Russian foot inside Russia, for whatever reason, is to be watched. And the Aljezeera piece suggests a giant foot. However, there is yet nothing at all here of a Russian Gog becoming the king of Babylon.

Since losing hope of Gog entering Iraq as per the Bush-invasion aftermath, developments in Syria have become prophecy-interesting, especially as Isaiah foretells an "Assyrian" king coming to Israel after taking Carchemish, which is on the Syria-Turkey border. For the past few weeks, there have been some skirmishes on the Turkey-Syria border with Turkey retaliating against the Syrian government, an unexpected about-face for Turkey.

It is very difficult to wrap one's head around an anti-Christ that will be an Assyrian, neo-Seleucid king of Iraq, and a Gog from the "far north" while at least partaking in the rule of end-time Rome. An American doesn't seem to fit all these parts, nor does a Russian, but with an American False Prophet, one can imagine a non-American Gog of the Assyrian / Mosul / Kirkuk domain acting on Western behalfs. But if we choose to view a common Arab as the anti-Christ, how does he become the king of Rome? We must be a good number of years from the fulfillment of Daniel 11, but the Bush invasion of Iraq had me very intrigued, and I began watching it with a close eye to interpret prophetic relations to it. It may not be in vain in the end.

If I'm wrong about Gog being a Russian, and if he turns out to be a Western agent, for example the Western Rus > Rhodians > Rothschilds > Rockefellers > Arthurians, then it's possible that the Western supporters of the Syrian rebels may be the shadow of the veiled anti-Christ. With this in mind, here's the Canada Free Press article:

...Based on information provided by my source and corroborated elsewhere, the official account by administration officials is a mosaic of lies that were necessary to cover the unpalatable truth of covert actions taking place in Libya, Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. The primary objective of our covert actions was to secretly arm anti-Assad "rebels" in Syria by funneling arms from Libya to Syria via Turkey, with other destinations that included Jordan and Lebanon...

Two Tunisians entering Turkey illegally were arrested October 3 for involvement in the murder of Christopher Stevens. Why were they seeking entry into that country?

You might be interested in this too: "Last month, WND broke the story that Stevens played a central role in recruiting jihadists to fight Assad's regime in Syria, according to Egyptian security officials...The jihadists were sent to Syria via Turkey to attack Assad's forces, said the security officials." Hmm, that means that the O-people are in cahoots with jihadists.

It Just so Happens that Moscovites / Russians Trace to Kiev

The following is an email I started to write Julie, but it went on and on and turned into much of the update. She was asking whether the Cave surname could be part of the founders of Kiev.

Caves and Caens share the same colored fretty (lattice) Shield, and I identify Caens (leopard) with Boofima elements out of Cuneo, near Imperia, because they also use a PERImus motto term. The fretty is in my opinion code for MontFerrat elements to the Fers/Ferrats, who use a Shield filled with checks in the colors of the Caen and Cave fretty. The Caen / Cave fretty is in the colors of the Save Shield, suggesting the possibility of a Save = Cave kinship. As to whether Cave's link to "Kiev," it's not an easy one for me because I am still forming a picture as to who named Kiev. I have mentioned it several times but have trouble retaining what I said. One of the surnames coming to mind in the tentative trace of Keeps to "Kiev" is Cheevers/Chivers, and they use goats, another Boofima-potential symbol. The "foy" motto term of Cheevers is important for linking to raven-depicted Varangians of Rothesay, and that should explain the lie that Irish Foys/Feys are derived in "fiach = raven." They are not derived in "fiach," but rather are part of the Morgan-Fay bloodline that Arthurian myth located at Avalon = Rothesay.

Therefore, Cheevers link to the raven-depicted vikings at Rothesay, and for that reason should be part of the bloodline that named Kiev. It was very recent when the Dieu motto term, used also by Cheevers, was traced to the Deas surname, first found in the Fife area, where the Vivians/Veys trace who use a version of the Fife Coat. Dutch Veys even use a boot as code for Bute, the name of Rothesay in later times. The Morgans use the Irish Duffy lion, and then Scottish Duffs too were in the Fife area, and besides, "Duffie" is a variation of the Irish Fee's/Feys.

Irish Foys are from Cave-like CAVAn, and they use what looks like the Chapman crescent, while "Chap/Kap" can be a Cave variation too. The Cavan/KEAVeney Coat uses crescents in Foy-crescent colors, which, among other things, tends to link Cavans/Keaveneys to Cheevers/Chivers. As you may know by now, I trace Feys = Five's/Fifys to L'viv near Kiev.

Scottish Kevens should apply as they were first found in Argyllshire, the Bute theater of the Feys / Fays and Cheevers. The Cavans/Keaveneys use the MacDonald ship (a viking symbol, we may assume), and Argyllshire was/is the MacDonald theater. Scottish Kevens even use a white-on-blue lion, colors reversed to the Bute lion as used by Rorys honoring Rory MacDonald of Bute. Here in this paragraph, we have the Budini merger with the Varangians of Kiev.

The fact that the MacDonald ship is red in the Cavan/Keaveney Coat speaks to me of the red color of the Budini; they were said by Herodotus to have red / blonde hair, and I found the Budini using red wolves / foxes (can't recall the surnames) in honor of their link to the Neuri, in the L'viv theater, whom worshiped the wolf according to Herodotus. The Fife's and Veys/Vivians use a red Chief, you may note, and Boyds, said to be named after blonde, use red checks. The red fox found on the red-Shielded Coat of French Fays looks to apply.

The Fait variation of Fays opens up a wide avenue of exploration in seeking more L'viv / Neuri clans. The red fesse of the Fate's for example, shared by Cravens. Or the "ConFIDO" motto of Boyds. Or the fact that Fido's/Fidde's (branch of Foots) were first found in Aberdeen, where Five's/Fifys were first found.

Fate's and Cravens were both first found in Yorkshire, and both use a red-on-white fesse. Cravens trace to "Krvati = Croatian", and the Save/Sava river is in Croatia. You could get the impression that the Sava was named by the same peoples who named Kiev, and the Sheave's/Chiava's/Chiapponi's of Abruzzo make a lot of sense because I traced "Sava" to "Sabine/Safini," from Abruzzo. Moreover, the Rory lion of Bute is the Bruce lion, and Bruce's trace to the namers of "Abruzzo." I say that Veres were named after Abruzzo elements of the Abreu > Evreux kind, for Evreux is beside the Vexin that I think named "viking," and Veres are trace-able to Varangian vikings. In short, Varangian vikings are largely from the Eburovices of Evreux, who co-founded Yorkshire with the Parisii, albeit York may have been called Eboracum/Eburacum after Eburovices due to royal-blood engagement rather than from military invasion.

French Foys, from the same place as Chappes', use the same bend as Cave-suspect Save's. Foys and Chappes' are from Paris (and therefore expected in Yorkshire), and I traced the Imperi peoples to mythical Paris Trojans who are sure to have named Paris, near Troyes (remember, Irish Foys of Cavan use what looks like the CHAPman crescent). Although it is near-impossible to recognize on the surface, years of practice on these topics allows me now to trace the namers of Kiev to "Haifa," where the Halfs were just traced who use an hourglass shape (in Cave / Save colors) linking to the goddess of Trypillians who lived in the L'viv theater. It was therefore established that the Trypillian goddess morphed into the Neuri-related goddess, Nerthus, in the Varni theater of the Trips, where I trace proto-Varangians...who later conquered as the raven vikings into Bute / Rothesay amongst the Cheever / Keven lines who must have named Kiev.

The German Troy surname uses the unicorn of the Feuer/Fewer/Feirer surname (red Shield) smacking of "Feyer." Then, entering "Feyer," we get a white bend (color of the Save bend) in the two colors of the Feuers/Fewers/Feirers. Irish Fayers (moline in Feyer colors) use a motto with "Safe" in the translation, tending to verify that Save/Sava elements were Fay elements too.

Plus, the Feyer term gets the Veirs/Fiers smacking of "Feirer," and the list of variations even shows Vair, Vers and Fers. It appears here that Feys were the Vere-Varangians, explaining why Nicholas de Vere, a likely agent of Baphomet cult, traced his surname to witchy Avalon.

The Feyer term also gets Scottish Fairs/Fayers/PHARES' using yet another red shield. FairBURNs (Yorkshire) even use red boar heads and a red chevron, important because a chevron in colors reversed is used by Hebrons/HEPburns with a "Keep" motto term. The Keep surname uses a "WEAVer's shuttle," and then the Irish Fays use what looks to be a version of the Aude sword, used with red Shield by Shute's/Shutts. Entering "Heaver/Evers" gets the Hephers with red garbs and red Shield parts, and Heavers/Hephers and Keeps (red bend) were both first found in Sussex, where red-Shielded Coverts were first found.

I've been tracing the Covert fesse to the Craven fesse for upwards to a year, but here I find that the Craven fesse is used by Fates/Fadmoors while the latter use gold-on-red FOOTless martins, the colors of the Covert footless martins. The Fido's/Fiddes'/Fothes' (whom are honored by the Boyd motto) use the Foot Shield, and these terms have linked suggestively to the Fait variation of the Fays. Thus, Coverts and Fays were generally one cult of the Arthurians, lines from both Kiev and L'viv, Nahorites and Buzites, all suspect from Haifa lines to Chappes' of Isle de France. For this matter, one can ask whether Ile/Isle de France (at PARIs) was named after the Isle river from PERIgord to Gironde, especially as there is a Footes location in Gironde-like Guernsey, while the red-Shielded Gernon surname (from the same place as the Foot surname with RED griffin) uses a CyFOETH motto term.

Having said all that, it just so happens that the Cave's (black greyhound) use a "videt" motto term of which I cannot find the intended surname, though the term smacks of "Fide," allowing for caves to link to Kiev where Fido's are from Fey / Vey lines to L'viv. The "Cave Deus" motto phrase of Caves may even trace to the Deas surname in the Fife theater. Caves were first found in the same place (Lancashire, downstream from Yorkshire) as Cede's/Seeds, whom are mentioned here due to the "cede" motto term of Fairburns, a motto term seen in the last update but left unrecorded. Cede's/Seeds with Seades variation might just be another Sadducee line, but in any case, they use besants, as do Fairburns.

Cede's/Seeds use A blue demi cock, wings expanded. The "expanded" term (of the Roet Crest) was deciphered in the last update as a PENDragon merger with Exeters, and the cock topic of the last update led to Chaucers / Chalkers that had married the Varangian-suspect Roets. At one point in the last update, I wrongly spelled "Roet" as "Foet." Hmm. Note that Chaucers use a bend like the Feyer/Veirs/Feirs bend.

The Fairburns, who must be related to the Feyers/Fayers/Fairs because the Fayer description is " for (de la Faire) red with a silver bend," use a scroll in Crest that they call a lever-screw. Odd enough, but entering "Scroll" gets, oddly enough, a Scro(o)pe" surname, first found in Yorkshire (Cave's were first found in Lancashire AND YORKSHIRE), and using the same symbol-less bend as used by Jacques de Molay. Scrolls/Scoope's use five white ostrich feathers in their crest, a symbol of the Caen Crest, important because Caens use the Cave Shield! That tends to prove that Caves link to the Fairburn scroll and therefore to the Cede/Seed demi-cock.

It just so happens that a Moray Coat no longer shown at houseofnames had, if I recall correctly, a scroll, important for the Molay = Moray equation that I've gleaned.

I've been wanting to speak on the demi code for about two updates, because the Demy surname seems El-Gabal important, but there is no better place than right here to speak on it. The Demy Coat is just a symbol-less chevron in colors reversed to the symbol-less Scroll/Scroope bend, and then the Cede's/Seeds who use the demi-cock also show besants on blue, the colors of the Dumas besants, important because the Demy surname is also "Dumais."! In fact, it's also "Lemais", smacking of the Lamas surname (lambs) that traced to the Le Mas location (mouth of the Rhode) in the Dumas write-up (Grasse, near Le Mas, uses the Lamas lambs). Therefore, the demi term is code for the line of Julia Maesa Bassianus, protectorates of El-Gabal (sun god of Syria).

Just as Cede's/Seeds are looking like Cave kin, the CHAWcer variation of Chaucers, which may apply to Shaws/SHEAVES, behooves a look at the Shock surname, and lo and behold that one Shock surname is registered with Shake's/Shakerleys using MOLEhills! It tends to verify that Scrolls/Scroope's use the de-Molay bend. AND, Shocks/Shakerleys were first found in the same place as Cede's/Seeds and Cave's, the latter smacking of the Chiava / Chaves variation of the Italian Sheaves.

The Germo-Swiss Shock(en)s use a "The man issuing from the torse" in Crest, and while they are in Chaucer/CHAWcer colors, the latter use a "TORtois" in Crest that may apply to the Shock(en) TORso. The three roses on STEMs held by the Shock(en) man can link to the Schere/Scherf rose on stem because the Schock(en) write-up traces suggestively to "three score old," suggesting the Schore's (Hamburg). English Score's look like they can apply to Foots / Fido's/Fiddes'/Fothes'. The Oldens -- suspect in "three score old" because they show a Shield-on-Shield in colors reversed to the Shock(en)s -- use ermined white on red, as do Stacks, important because the Shock(en) write-up traces suggestively also to a "hay stack."

It wasn't too long ago that the Hebron chevron was traced to Chevals, who are listed also as Chavo's/Chavots and come up with "Cavett." They happen to be in Cave colors. Here's from the second update of this month: "...the "chevalier" wearing the feathered helmet in the Lannoy Coat is code for the Chevals, first found in the same place (Picardy) as French Lannoys." This is tracing Cave's to Herods of the Archelaus kind, and Archelaus' ruled a cult along with the family of Glaphyra in Cappadocia. You may wish to trace Chappes' to "Cappadocia," rather than to "Caiaphas," but we shouldn't ignore the Herods in this picture...from which we can expect Caiaphas lines, especially as Herod II, the brother of Herod Archelaus, married a Boetus-Sadducee line. (For those who don't know, Lannoys trace themselves to Herod Archelaus for more than one good reason, including the fact that he used coins with feathers coming from a helmet.)

One paragraph after finding the Chevals above, the Cheevers were mentioned, and in the paragraph after that: "If you're wondering whether the Cheever/Chever goat traces to Boofima, recall that Boeufs, Chartres', and other Boofima elements were found (two updates ago) to use a white-on-blue fesse, as does the German Hepp/Hepper Coat. English Hepps/Hepples (they look to use the Scott Shield-on-Shield) use Cheever colors, and then Cheevers and Chartres' were both first found in the same place (Devon)." Since writing that, the Halfs/HELPs were found, suggesting that they link to Hepps and Hebrons/Hepburns. If I'm not mistaken, the de-Molay bend started tracing to the Scott and Over/Ofer bend immediately after the quote above.

It was just above when ermined white on red became a topic, and here it's found again in the English Hepps/Hepples, which is very important where they use the Scott Shield that uses Catherine wheels, not just because Catherine Roet was born in Picardy, where Lannoys and Chevals/Chavo's were first found, but because the Scott bend was linked in the last update to the de-Molay bend while the ermined white-on-red above linked in two ways to the Shock(en)s while English Shocks/Shakerleys use MOLEhills. The Scotts with Catherine wheel were first found in the same place (Kent) as Shock-suspect Chaucers/CHAWcers. AND THEN ZOWIE YES, the Thicks/Thecks, who use ermined lozenges in colors reversed to the ermined lozenges of the SiTHECHs/SHAWs use white-on-red ermine too...just like the two surnames above linking to CHAWCer-suspect Shocks! Therefore, the Shaws, who already traced to Rennes-le-Chateau, trace to Jacques de Molay.

Plus, Catherine Roet's Catherine wheel traces to Cathars at Cazeres, exactly where Jacques de Molay had traced. One of the ermined white-on-red surnames, the Oldens, use a Shield-on-Shield in colors reversed to the Scott Shield-on-Shield, yet more evidence that Shocks and Chaucers trace to de-Molay...albeit the Chaucers are tracing there purely on account of marrying the sister of Catherine Roet.

We can assume that Olsens, using hearts, are Herods liners related to Oldens. Thors also use hearts, as well as a solid blue-on-white chevron, the colors of the solid chevron of Chappes', and the colors of the two solid blue chevrons (by term) of Halfs/Helps. If you've forgotten already in the confusion, it's the Help-suspect Hepps/Hepples who use the Scott Shield-on-Shield.

The Hepples smack of "apple," and Rennes-le-Chateau has a mysterious riddle concerning "blue apples" and a treasure. The Apple's/Appels and Appleby's use a blue Shield with what must be the Covert / Fate footless martins, for the Happs/Apps/Abbs use the Covert fesse, as well as the Cape scallops. Applebys were first found in the same place (Westmorland) as Oldens (near COPEland), and then Holdens use a small red Shield on a white Shield -- the colors of the Olden and Shock(en) Shield-on-Shield -- symbol of the Hays too, important because the clever write-up of the Shock(en) traces to "hay stack" as well as to "three score old." The "Serva" motto term of Hays traces to Servitium, in Croatia and on the Sava, where Coverts trace.

If we're wondering whether "three" is code too, entering Tree gets a helmet with feathers! It's the True/Trow surname (with black greyhounds).

Amazingly, Julie's question regarding whether Cave's trace to Kiev, which has spurred the topic up to this point with new important insights, jibes with her introduction in the last update of Catherine Roet, first found in the same place as Chevals/CHAVO's/Cavetts...who are in the colors of the Caves! Caves were first found in the same place as Holdens so as to warrant consideration of Cave links to Chaucers. That consideration is warranted again where Chaucer-suspect Shocks/Shakerleys were first found in the same place as Cave's. Just like that, Cave's can trace to Roets! Amazing.

If correct to trace the heraldic "chevron" to "Hebron" because Hebrons/Hepburns use a chevron, it appears here that Caves, Shaws, Chaucers and the namers of Kiev were all from Hebron, or at least related to Hebrons/Hepburns. "Caver" was just entered because it's like "chevron," and there I re-found their white-on-red bend (colors of the Hebron chevron) that I usually link to the same-colors Covert fesse, which, if accurate, traces Coverts to the creators of the Hebron chevron. But this time, it's becoming understood that the Caver bend is the Chaucer bend. If these lines are from Hebron in Israel, I'd expect them to be Amorites, and so see that the Chalkers use their three wavy bars in colors reversed to the three wavy bars of Damorys/Amori's...who were identified some years ago as MontMORencys. At that time, I didn't know that Montmorencys lined to the water bouget and therefore to the Water surname...using three chevrons (in colors reversed to the Hebron chevron) in the colors of the three Damory waves!

I don't recall knowing anything of Bouchard II of Montmorency, but I've learned today that he married the widow of a Basset surname (from Chateau-Basse), explaining why Damorys and Bassets use the same wavy bars (in different colors).

Whose blue bend is that in the Damory/Amori Coat? It's the Scott bend, isn't it, because the Scott motto, "Amo," was discovered in the last update to be from the Turris surname (Moray) using the Scott bend exactly, but with an "Amore" motto rather than "Amo."

I've just re-loaded the English Amore Coat to find that it's the one I couldn't recall from the last update which uses a "cede" motto term, and moreover the Amore Crest is a talbot dog, symbol of the Damory/Amori Crest. The complicated world of surnames is shrinking by threescore. The Cede/Seed Coat uses besants (traced above to El-Gabal's Dumas / Le Mas line) in the colors of the stars and crescent in the Turris / Scott bend.

Here's from the last update to show that Scotts and Amore's trace to Rennes-le-Chateau: "The Vincent quatrefoils are even in the colors of the Cramp/Crame chevron. The Moratin tower design, in the same colors again, of CARMens (Cumberland, where I expect Cimmerians), can suggest linkage to CRAM terms [Vincents were from Vincent-de-Cramenil]. The Carmen motto, "Fide et amore," is like the "AMORE ET FIDE" shown inside the Spanish Amor Coat (Castile)."

My understanding is that "Chaucer" and "Chalker" are not to be viewed purely as Cavers / Caves, and moreover Cavers and Caves are not to be viewed purely as variations of "chevron / Hebron." The Chalker swan suggests Lake Sevan in CAUCasia / Colchis, and Cavers should link to "Covert" and therefore to Coopers and/or Caiaphas.

A little employment of logic (starting below) has just discovered that Cede's/Seeds link to Chaucer lines in yet another way. As Chaucers are tracing to Lake Sevan, it's conspicuous that SODUCena was located at Lake Sevan next to Gogarene. It's not only conspicuous as per the similarity of "Soducena" with "Seed," but the Chawcer variation of linked to Shaws said to be from a Soduc-like term. In no way do I discount a trace of these terms to Sadducees where they may trace also to Soducena.

"Kocker" was just entered to find three red-on-white lozenges, the symbol of Montague's who use a Shield-on-Shield in the colors of Saddocks/Sedgewicks. This can easily make a link of the latter to cock-using Cede's/Seeds, especially as the Crest of the Cocks/Koke's, who come up as "Koker," is called "A Cock" (the same in the Coat are called "roosters" probably for Rostock reasons). It's important that Montague's use a motto phrase, "Equitas actionum," suggesting the Axton location of Actons in horse-rooted Kent. The Acton fesse is almost in the colors of the Cock/Koker fesse except that the latter use a Shield filled with red-and-white lozengy...the colors of the Montegue / Kocher lozenges, you see.

Thus, Montague's, a fundamental part of the Scott-Douglas entity at Buccleuch, are linking to the Chaucer bloodline that Scotts and Cede's/Seeds had themselves linked to. And James Scott of Buccleuch was also James Croft while Crofts were identified with Cravens who use "actione" in their motto as code for Actons. Cravens (fesse in colors reversed to the Acton fesse) are in the colors of the Fairburns and Crofts, and all three surnames were first found in Yorkshire, where Pharisee's and Sadducees and Levi from Paris / Ile-de-France are expected. It's the Pharisee-suspect Fairburns who use the other "cede" motto term.

To prove that Fairburns were from the Varni who named the river at Rostock, Fairburns use a "lever screw" in Crest while Levers, smacking of Levi expected in this Pharisee-Sadducee topic, use the Sinclair rooster in Crest, which is a gold version of the red Cock/Koker rooster. If this is tracing Sinclair Rus to Caucasians, we shouldn't be surprised, but I think it far worse, from Gog. A "demi-cock" is used by Cede's/Seeds, first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Levers. The latter use one of their bendlets "engrailed," and both bendlets are in the colors of the engrailed cross of Sinclairs who use the Lever rooster. It has been already established that Herod lines from southern France were in cahoots with Sinclair vikings out of Rostock. So why not lines from the Israeli priests too?

Again, the "lever screw" looks like a scroll, and entering "Scroll" gets the screw-like Scoope's (Yorkshire again) using five white ostrich feathers, which happens to be a symbol also in the Irish Clair Crest. But these white ostrich feathers are in the Caen Crest while the Caen Coat is the Cave Coat, and so where Sinclairs were a branch of Varangians, "Cave" can trace again to the namers of Kiev. Cave's, suspect as a Caiaphas line, were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Levers and Cede's/Seeds.

The Lever rooster traces easily to the Arthur motto term "obSTANTia," which has been traced to the Stant/Stand/Stain surname (Yorkshire again) using two engrailed bars in the colors of the engrailed Lever bendlet. Then, cleverly and secretly, lying to the world in effect, the Lever Crest description is: "A rooster STANDing on a trumpet, all proper." With a little effort, one may find online that the Arthurs used so-called "clarion" trumpets at one honor of the Clares, obviously, to whom the Levers easily link. Note the "proper" term, for Propers/Robins use an ostrich.

Scroll/Scroope-related Trabys (i.e. they too use five white ostrich feathers) were traced to the Rostock theater too, albeit a little west at a Trave area that on this map is at Lubeck, in the Wagrian theater. Wagers (hearts in Scroll/Scroope colors)) and Walkers were also first found in Yorkshire, but as Cede/Seed-related Fairburns (Yorkshire, "arduis" motto term)) were just traced to the Varni, note how the English Walker Coat compares to the Fairburn Coat! That was badly needed because there was room for doubt in my trace of Walkers to Wagrians.

If the Fairburn lever screw is indeed code for the Scrolls/Scoope's, it should be repeated that the latter use the same symbol-less bend as Jacques de-Molay. But the paragraph above was started without thought for what was discovered on the Wagers and Walkers. It was started because I wanted to trace the Lever trumpet to the Rostock theater, for the trump surname was first found in Mechlenburg, which on my atlas is stamped at the source of the Warnow river...flowing later through Rostock. That settles it: the Lever and Sinclair rooster is code for Rostock.

As French Fairs use a bend in the colors of the Chaucer bend, but also due to the roosters in the Cock/Koker Coat and Crest, one could get the impression that Gog-suspect Chaucers trace to the Rostock theater in a merger with proto-Varangian Varni. As I traced Varangians to wheel-depicted Redones several years ago, it was a recent guess-timate that the Varni merged with Redones of the Reudigni kind who, like the neighboring Varni, worshiped Nerthus. And so while a Chaucer married a sister of Catherine Roet, might the Redones to which Roets were just traced have been part of the Reudigni?

The Damory bend was traced solidly above to the Amorite-suspect Scotts, whose bend is highly suspect with that of Moray-suspect Jacques de Molay, and as we see above that the Fairburns can link via their lever screw to de-Molay, what about the bend of the Irish Fairs...that looks a lot like the Damory bend? It recalls the scroll used by one Moray Crest no longer shown, the Coat with a "Deum Time" motto that traces to Time's/Timms, first found in the same place (Kent) as Chaucers and Chalkers. Damorys were first found in Oxford, the land of Fair-suspect Veres with a Weir branch using the Moray stars. But note that Irish Weirs use a Shield-filling lozengy pattern in the red-and-white colors of the lozengy filling the Cock/Koker Coat.

And while the beaver in the Arms of Oxford must trace to Bavaria, see that the Kochers of Bavaria use a blue fesse, the color of the Weir fesse. Then, the Koechle variation of Kochers suggests surnames like Cockles, whom I did not see until after writing all the above, whom were first found in Oxfordshire and even use more roosters! The Cockle Crest is even a tiger wearing the five-pointed MacArthur crown, in this case called an "oriental crown." The Cockle's even use "flaunches" (in Arthur colors).

The first flaunches discussed recently were those of the Malis/Mellish Coat, accessed from the motto of the Amore's that use "cede" as well. It's therefore interesting that "Mellish" smacks of "MELUSine," symbol of the other Moray Crest. Note that the swans in the Malis/Mellish Coat are in the colors of the lambs in the Lamas Coat and in the Arms of Grasse, for the Oldenburg surname uses a "demi-lion," while Demys are a branch quite obviously of the Dumas > Lamas entity.

Oldenburgs are being brought up because there is an Oldenburg location smack in the land of Wagrians (see map below), but moreover Oldenburgs (in Old colors) use a wavy bar in "pale," while Cockle's use "two roosters in pale proper." Checking the Pale surname, we find them first found in same place as Wagrian-suspect Wagers and Walkers, and Pale's even use the same-colored bend as Scotts, Amore's, Damorys/Amori's and Fairburns.

Recall the "hay stack" code in the Shock(en) write-up, for the same write-up gave "three score old" that can now be deciphered as code for: 1) the Oldenburg location of Wagrians, and; 2) the Schere's/Scherfs from Schwerin. By what coincidence do you see a stack-like Stecknitz location on this map of Polabia between Schwerin and Trave? Don't Trabys use the five ostrich feathers of Fairburn-related Scrolls/Scroope's and Clairs who trace to this very area? I've been toying with a Schere = SCRoope equation since before this paragraph. trace, and that Shocks were entered into the discussion on the expectation of kinship with Chaucers/Chawcers. a traces to "hay stack" as well as to "three score old."

You have no clue yet that we are on a drumstick theme, so to speak, the Drummonds (Hamburg, related to Damorys/Amori's) and Steck lines, in other words, leading us to Chickens. Kochers are also "Kochen/Cochen" so as to jibe with Shocken variation of German Shocks. The latter, found to use a reversed version of the Olden Coat, already traced by its roses-on-stems to the Schere's/Scherfs and Walkers. On this map, see Oldenburg to the near-west of Rostock, but note that Oldenburg is smack in the land of Wagrians.

If we ever get the impression that Amorites are in Oldenburg, the WestMORland location of the Oldenburg surname may be helpful. The Oldenburgs are shown properly as "Ault," which may trace to Aude, where Amorites of the Garebite kind have been already found.

In recent updates, especially the last, the Trave area of Polabia was traced to Drave's using a quartered Coat in white and black, the colors of the Old Coat that itself may be viewed with black quarters. In the border of the Old Coat are blue roundels that Arthur's call "hurts." Wagers use hearts, you see, so that I think we have just found the Herod vikings at Oldenburg. Now compare the white footless martlets in the black areas of the Old Coat to the same in the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat, not forgetting that Fairburns use "cede" as code for what could be a Saddock/Sedgewick branch. It could also be noted that Olds use a cross in colors reversed to the Sinclair cross, indicating some Sinclair activity at Oldenburg.

Prepare for a Spock shock, and a Star-Trek chicken. It starts with a look at the Chicken surname assuming links to Shockens, and lo and behold the Chicken Coat uses a chevron in the green-on-white colors of the Shock/Shakerley chevron, the one surrounded by molehills! The Chicken chickens are in the colors of the Cock rooster, and the latter had been linked to the Coat of Crom-related Stars. I now find that Spocks/Speaks/Specks were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Shocks/Shakerleys. The double-headed red eagle of the Spocks/Speaks was traced (in the Star-Terek investigation) to the red eagles of HOLDENs, likewise first found in Lancashire, and smacking of "OLDENburg." It just so happens that it's the Holdens who use the small red-on-white Shields of Hays that are suspect in "hay stack" code of Chicken-related Shock(en)s.

Thus, Shocks/Shakerleys and Shock(en)s are tracing to the Rostock roosters along with Alania's Star-Terek crew, important for the trace I make of Roxolani ALANs to Rostock. Alania is in CAUCasia. The Chickens of the Caucasia-suspect Chickens are called cockaTRICEs, and the capitalized term in that word is suspect with Terek elements. The Terek is a river through Alania and crossing Chicken-like Chechnya (in Caucasia)...which was traced to Chekov of Star-Trek. Shocking, isn't it.

Holdens, by the way, use "alerion" eagles (no beak) in Crest as code for the Aller surname (gyronny) that may be from Alania elements. Why don't alerions use beaks? The Beak surname (white ostrich in Crest) is the one using the Drummond / Damory bars in the colors of the Arms of Trebizond empire, where Drummonds trace. Trabzon/Trebizond is in southern CAUCasia.

Entering "Trice" gets the Triss/Tryst surname honored by Hebron/Hepburn motto, and in the motto we find Trebizond-like "trepidum," code likely for the Trips and Drummonds together, both first found in Hamburg...beside Stecknitz. The German Steck surname uses a white-on-red fesse that may link to the near-same of the Cocks/Kokers and/or Actons honored in the Koker- and Kocher-related Montegue's. Reminder: Kochers are also Chicken-like in some of their variations. The cockatrice is therefore tracing well to the Stecknitz / Trave area, expected where Terek elements are expected there. The English Stecks are also "Stock," and the latter use a version of the lion used by Shock(en)-suspect Stacks.

If you Google-search for "Arms of Trebizond," you get many of my pages as well as the Wikipedia article...that no longer shows the Arms. What good reason would the article's protectors have in removing the Arms from that article? Did someone reading me request that omission? Is there anything to hide besides ugly drumsticks under the filthy Scottish kilt? "The Empire of Trebizond was founded in early April 1204, when Alexios Komnenos and his brother David Komnenos..." That's the line that I trace to Walkers, and to Comminges, and to the founding of Cathars at Cazeres beside Comminges. The Roet Catherine wheel should therefore link to these Komneno's in Comminges, suspect as the Comys/Commings.

Fortunately, I saved the Arms of Trebizond Empire.

So, after seeing the three surname back-to-back first found in Lancashire, might the Roets from John of Gaunt apply? The three surnames were Spock, Shock and Holden. It just so happens that the Holden alerion eagles trace to the Allers with certainty because Allers use a small red shield, the Holden symbol. This is excellent because the Aller gyronny is half in the colors of the Picard/Packard gyronny, and Catherine Roet was born in Picardy. The red-and-white lozengy of the other Packards can apply.

The Aller motto term, "Gloria," suggests the Glory/Lowry/Lavery surname using the grail cup with laurel. The Laurie's/Lowrie's use the same coat, essentially, whom I've linked to laurel-using Lorraine's using lions in the green-on-gold colors of the Tracks. That tends to verify that Allers were from Alania, and then the lions above are in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil, which place I trace to Roxolani Alans. In this picture, "Aller" looks like it's part of the LOR terms rather than Alan terms, but then again, Lor terms may have developed from Alan terms that got 'er' endings. The Lorraine bend is even in the colors of the Alan fesse, and the Lorraine eagles are in colors reversed to the eagles of Holdens (with alerion in Crest).

The Lorraine write-up says that the knight of Lorraine married Strothers, suspect with the ostrich (because "struthios" is Greek for ostrich), use the fretty of the Cave's and ostrich-feathered Caens!!! It tends to prove that the ostrich at least led to Strothers (though not necessarily rooted in them). MORE AHA: the Strothers motto uses "gloriam," thus proving that the "Glory" term of Aller's is for Lorraine's! This is all new to me. The Strothers description, "On a hill in front of an oak tree, a falcon, belled," must link to the belled falcon of Irish Arthurs. I even traced the Lorraine bend to the Arms of Baden when finding that Arthurian elements in Somerset (where Roets were first found) traced to Baden. [This paragraph comes before the findings shortly below, that Roets were fundamental to "Round Table".]

From the 3rd update of June, 2010: "The Struthers Crest is: "On a hill in front of an oak tree, a falcon, belled." In the motto, it uses "gloriam," showing that the creators of All in the Family had heraldry on the brain, for Sally Struthers played Gloria Stivic!!" I had also said that ARCHIE Bunker was code loosely for the Archibure variation of the Arthur surname. As per the Stivic code, Stive's/Stevens were first found in the same place (Northumberland) as Strothers and Lorraine's (and Rodden Star-Terekers). I can now add that Stivers/Sturtivants use the Beaufort lion (important because Roet's were fundamental with Beaufort), though previously the Stiver/STURTivant lion was pegged as a colors-reversed version of the English Stewart lion. The Bunker description honors the Arthur-related Stands as well as the "holy-grail" Lorraine line: "A silver eagle with wings endorsed STANDing on a green laurel branch. Is that also code for Enders?

The Orells/Oriels (related to Orrs) were also first found in Lancashire, and they may be in play in the "oriental crown" of Cockles. The tiger wearing the oriental crown can be for the Tiger surname, first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Chickens/CHICKERins, Checks/Chicks, and rooster-related English Clares. Suffolk is beside Kent, where Chaucers and Chalkers were first found, and the Sinclair Normans first found success on the road to the English throne at the Suffolk-Kent border.

The Clares, with red triple chevron, may trace to Oriel-suspect ORbieu where the Orby/Orrebey Coat is a red triple chevron while Corbys use what looks to be a version of the engrailed Sinclair cross. The cross of Sinclairs is used by Conans, first found in KinCardine, and then the Cardine's use "Fide et Amore," clearly linking to Amorite-suspect lines at Orbieu and neighboring Corbieres. An ORB is found in the Montreuil Coat and then a Montreuil location in Picardy became highly suspect with Catherine Roet.

Cave's were also first found in Lancashire, and they too became suspect with Catherine Roet. I can now prove that further where cave's are said to be from "chauf = bald." The Chafers were likewise first found in Lancashire (wherefore ignore the bald definition unless it's for a Bald-like surname), and see that they use gold crescents on royal blue, the colors of the Roet crescents! What a lovely surprise, happening by chance right after the mention of Montreuils...who use a white crescent on royal blue.

The Arthurian Roet Table

Julie's point that "Roet" should link to "round" may be the theme in the MontROND variation of Montreuils. I am very interested in finding Roet links to Rounds as per the Arthurian / Rhodian Round Table. I've just loaded the Rond term to find "laurel leaves," which may be fortuitous coming just after the mention of the laurel in relation to Allers. I regret not recording the surname above that uses "Esse quam videri," for it's the motto of the Rounds (probably a version of the Pendragon chevron). Blue roundels are used by the Table's/Taplows/Tarpleys, and the last time these "hurts" were found was in the Old Coat tracing to Oldenburg.

The Table/Taplow fesse is said to be "cotised," and then entering Cotis gets the Curtis surname (Kurd suspects) with crowns that are in the design, and in the gold-on-blue colors used previously (if I recall correctly) by Grands/Grants (Roque rock). The latter now use the five-pointed crown of MacArthurs on a red Shield (i.e. in Arthur colors). Curtis' use "A farmer holding over his shoulder a plowshare," and then Farmers (use the Rollo / Colt stag in red = HART) were first found in the same place (Essex) as Rounds. Therein we have a link between Table's and Rounds.

The Farmer use of the red Celt/Colt stag tends to link Table's/Taplows to Colters using a Catherine wheel. But even after writing this, I refused to share with you my strong sense that the Table lion is a version of the one used by Colter-like Holders. I refused to bring up the Holders even though they can link to the Olds using the same hart-like hurts as Table. I refused because the Table / Holder lions are not in the same colors, not in the same positions, wherefore I could not be convinced that they are related lions. But then the Plow surname was loaded due to the "plowshare" of Farmers, and there was the Holder dancette in the same colors!

When writing the above, I had forgotten who else used the red stag of the Colts/Celts. It's the Books, important because Roets use a book in Crest! Books were first found in the same place as Arthurs. We are well on the way to identifying the Round Table with Roets, but we cannot leave the Rollo surname out of this band of mythical knights because it was clearly linked to the Colts. The latter are traced to Piast KOLODziej, and then Books are in Beak colors, important because Beaks (honored by Colter-like Holders) use three bars in colors reversed from the Haught/Haughton bars, the latter surname from Mieszko's daughter (who married Danes and Swedes).

The table-suspect Tipps'/Tippins even use a bull, the Haught/Haughton and Mieske symbol, but Tipps also use pheons, suspect with the Colt pheon that traces to Pontius Pilate and/or his mother at Perthshire. The Books are clearly a branch of Kelts (both use the same-colored chevron and stars), first found in Perthshire, where Colts/Celts and Rollo's were first found. Just like that, Roets are linking both to Rollo's and to Arthurs.

Plows even use a table-like "tibi" motto term!!! And as Rounds appear to use the Pendragon chevron, let's also mention the "TIPsum" motto term of Pendragons. The latter motto term has been identified with Tippers, first found in the same place (Cornwall) as Pendragons, it could be that the "sum" in "tipsum" is code for a surname from "Somme," the birthplace of Catherine Roet. Of interest here happens to be the sleeping Roet crescent, used by Kerns who traced to the sleeping mood god of Caria, for we find a "sleeping lion" in the Table/Taplow Crest. Therefore, Tippers are looking like the Round-Table bloodline.

Aha! The Soams/Soans use the Arthur chevron and "A falcon standing on a lure" (important because Irish Arthurs use a falcon). The Soam/Sone write-up traces to "Saegham," suggesting Somme links to Seagers. I traced Mieszko's daughter, SIGRid the Haughty, to Seagars. The Soams/Soans can be traced to Poles by other methods, but they give the impression of tracing to Fulbert, "the tanner" of Falaise. Allow me to be sidetracked for the moment to make points in this regard.

The Soam/Soan write-up implies an evolution of terms like so: Sakar > Saxon > Soan > Soam. It suggests the Saka scythians from the Sakarya/Sangarius river of Phrygia. If this is correct, it can trace the Somme location of Picardy to the Sakarya, important because Arthur's Excalibur sword traced to Halybes / Khaldi of the Phrygia theater. The Colt/Celt surname, that can apply to Khaldi metal makers, is traced to the Mieszko Poles. And then the Soam/Soam write-up adds this apparent code: "The same census also listed a R. Sone or Sonne in 1198. The name literally means 'homestead by the pool' when translated from the Old English sae + ham." First, there is a Sea/Seigh surname -- in the colors of the Pools/Pole's and Sakars/Seagars -- that applies very well to the Saegham term in the Soam/Soan write-up. The Sakars/Seagars use a moline cross, as do Moline's whose write-up traces to the line of "the tanner" of Falaise.

I had come to the conclusion that Fulbert "the tanner" was the mysterious Fulbert "the Saxon," father of the Pollocks proper. Pollocks are said to be from Maxwells, who are in-turn traced to a "pool." Therefore, I'm entertaining at the moment that Fulbert the Saxon was from these Soams/Soans that are apparently rooted in a Saxon entity...or even in the Saxon/Septon surname that can trace, as Pollocks do, to Septimania. It's important at this point that Phare's/Fair's/Fayers use a belled falcon (symbol of Irish Arthur's) that's link-able to the Soam/Soan falcon. But Phare's/Fairs/Fayers -- suspect with the Arthurian Five - Fay line -- also use a moline cross in the white color of Sakars/Seagars, as well as a bend in the color of the Over/Ofer bend. It just so happens that the Sea/Seigh surname came up in the last update as per the trace of Overs/Ofers to "seashore."

The Shore's use Maxwell colors, and like the Maxwell Crest, the Shore Coat uses holly. The Share's use the motto of the Caens...which can begin to trace Shore's to Cave's and therefore to Roets, fully expected if Soams/Soans named Somme in Picardy. The Shore chevron is in the colors of the Book and Kelt chevrons, and while Books are honored in the Roet Crest, Kelts are a branch of Colts/Celts who trace to Mieszko Poles. Yet, the Colts are suspect with Colters using the Catherine wheel now known to be owned by Roets.

The Shore Crest is almost the same white stork as in the German Jess/Jeske Coat, important for two reasons: 1) the Arthurs use a "jessed' falcon, and; 2) I traced the "Audacter" motto term of Pollocks in-part to the Oettingens that are said somewhere online to be from a stork theme. Remember, Shore's are suspect with Maxwells, the mother trunk of Pollocks, and Maxwells trace to Mieszko lines, as do Beaks and Colt-related Books/Boggs. Reminder: Renfrews were first found in the same place as Books/Boggs, and the latter use an hourglass for the Glasgow-of-Renfrew bloodline that includes Pollocks.

The Jess/Jeske Coat uses a "red sleeve holding a saber" sword -- sometimes called a Saxon sword -- along with the stork, and then the Saber/Sabine surname uses: 1) the Shield-and-Chief colors of Tanners; 2) a bull in Crest; 3) stars in colors reversed to the Book / Beak stars. Sabers/Sabines and Sakars/Seagers were first found in the same place (Norfolk). The red Saber/Sabine bull is in the Arms of Somerset. The Saber/Sabine bull is identical to the Spanish Borgia bull, and Borgia's/Burgs are suspect with the Burgos that formed the Contevilles who married "the tanner's" line.

As Sabers look like Sabines/Safini who come up as "Savona," consider the Safins/Savone's for various reasons linking to Roet lines. Safins/Savone's use crescents in the colors of Falcons...and of the Conte's who married the tanner's line. Safins/Savone's, first found in the same place (SOMerset) as Roets, use their crescents on royal blue, the color of the German Roet Shield. Safins/Savone's use their crescent in the colors of the Montreuil crescent, and Montreuils have already traced both to Aude's Orbieu area, and to Roets of Somme. Orbieu traced to Orrs of Renfrew, but also to Orells/Oriels (Lancaster, where Roets of the Gaunt kind are expected) who look like a branch of Saxons/Septons (Lancaster!). The Septon variation of Saxons can evolve from "Savone," especially from the Sab terms of Sabers/Sabine's.

One could get the impression from the above that Septimania was named by this Soam / Saxon / Savone line...that I trace to Sava elements, what I've long traced Seagers and related Sawyers to, whom I've seen as branches of Sauer said to be from the Sava river. But as I identify the Ligurian swan with Liguria's Savona, recall that Catherine Roet married Swynford. Here's from the last update:

Although I don't think it's coincidental, I'm not quite sure how to explain it, that: Catherine Roet was born in Somme, Picardy, and then entering "Some" gets the Sion/Swan/Sweyne surname using the Macey "GAUNTlets." I see the Queen/Swan/Sweyne/Sween/Cunn surname ("Cunn" evokes the Gunns/Guine's) as a branch of the above, and it uses the same Glaphyra-related wolf heads in the colors used for them by Sea's/Seighs..."

Just like that, even the Some's/Swans link to the Seighs suspect in the Saegham term in the Soam/Soan write-up. With swans in mind, see the Jest swans, first found in the same place (Worcestershire) as Watts that have traced to the Roets/RoWATTs, not forgetting that Watt-related Vatts/Watters trace to Weatherburns of the same place (Edenburk) as Renfrews. I had even gleaned a trace of the "gladio" motto term of Jests to the Glass bloodline. The Somers/Sommers were first found in Worcestershire too! [Later in the update, the Glad surnames will trace to Aude, where Glass-related Douglas' had traced.]

The Jests, suspect with the "jelled" falcon of Arthurs, use the format of Fellers/Felltragers, suspect with Fullers whom I've traced to Fulbert "the Saxon." It just so happens that while Jests are also "Guest", Wests use the same dancette exactly (different colors) as Sommers, and were first found in Devon, beside the Sommers of Somerset...where the Arthurian cult was strong. The West chevron is in the colors of the Tanners, likewise first found in Devon...where I trace the Excalibur entity now suspect from the Sakarya river. I hadn't yet seen the Vick/Fick/Fedde Crest, a Phrygian cap, apparently, when writing the last sentence. Vicks were looked up as per the "vic" motto term of Wests! Vicks and Wests both use a blue Crest.

I now recall that I traced the Dumnonii founders of Devon and Somerset to Sabines and their SAMnite tribe whom are suspect in the naming of SomerSET/SomerSAETE. Those capitals are for the thought of SITlers, who use the Sam/Sammes lion! It's suggesting that Somerset was named in-part by a Set / Sit entity linking to Sittlers.

Just realized: the Sitlers, with SCHITTler variation, use a trefoil in the colors of the SKIT/Skeoch hourglass Shield, and in the colors of the Skit "potent" cross. The Scute's, suspect perhaps with the SKEWch variation of Skits, were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Sitler-like colors reversed to Sommers. Excellent. for this comes after the trace of the Sommer white-on-green to the Star white-on-green, finding now that the Settels use lozenges in the colors of the Star lozenges!

Checking the Setter surname (Lancashire again) because it could be mutual to "Star" and "Sitler," the Saber/Sabine (and Tanner) Shield-and-Chief colors came up! Sabers/Sabines are the ones using the Somerset bull!! Sabers/Sabine's are the ones suspect with the Samnite line to the naming of Somerset. "Sabine" and "Samnite" trace logically to the all-seeing-eye cult of Horus and Uat/Buto at "Sebannytos/Samannud," and I gleaned that the Sais location of Sebannytos traced to the bull-using Say surname (in Sitler colors) as well as to the Seatons of SAYtown! Seatons easily link to surnames such as setters and Sitlers.

And Stars use the all-seeing eye, as do Badens/Battins (Somerset!) that I view with the embattled code below, quite apparently from Buto elements. Sitlers are traced in their write-up to Silesia, where the German Kerns/Karens were first found who use the crescent of Somerset's Roets! If that's not enough, I've just found -- AFTER writing the above -- that Irish Kerns/Keirans use the same colored chevron as Stars!!! POW-WOW! Interesting here is that the eye-of-Horus (from "Hros" ' Ares) must trace to Rus, and Roets are definitely Rhodian Rus.

Aha! As Sitlers can trace to Saddlers, note that the latter were first found in the same place as Yorks, for the Sach Coat uses the white rose, symbol of York, and besides, Sachs are now suspect with the Saxons/Septons that I see in the Soams/Soans. I wouldn't be mentioning this had Sachs not been first found in Breslau/Wroclaw, the Silesia capital. It's telling us that Silesia's Sitlers were Sach-related and in Breslau, especially as Setters (Lancashire) use the three white roses of Sachs!! That is very important for the trace of Sitlers to the naming of Somerset. As Setters were first found in Lancashire,

It just so happens that the dancette of Jest-suspect Wests (same shape exactly as the Sommer dancette) is a fesse in the colors of the Jess fesse (surrounded by red roosters). The latter's black fesse is said to be "embattled," as is the black Rocco bend that I trace to Rockefeller-suspect Fellers/Felltragers, for German Tragers/Trogers also use an embattled bend. But English Tragers use a fesse in Jess-fesse colors! Tragers/Tragers use a bend in the colors of the Arms of Baden. Battle's, by the way, in Arthur colors, were first found in the same place as Arthurs.

AHA! Battles use the griffin design like the English Will (and Scott) griffin, and while Scottish Wills (Cornwall) use Enfield griffins in the colors of the Battle griffin, Wills were first found in the same place as Battles. English Wills use the Shield-and-Chief combination of Saddocks/Sedgewicks, making the latter suspect now with the Setter-et-al namers of "SomerSET." Moreover, Scottish Wills use suns in the colors of the German Sommer sun, and to boot the Crest of German Sommers is a fox, what the head of the Enfield griffin is made of. As Wills traced to Aude (Quillan to be exact) and Foix, see the Soam/Soan trace to Aude below. Amazingly, in order to support the trace of "tipsSUM" to the Soams/Soans and/or Some's/Swans, the English Will motto is, "SurSUM."

The Soams/Soans (in Battle / Will colors) use "pool" in their write-up, and Pools/Pole's use the same lion as Dougals that together traced to Foix and neighboring Roquefort, but especially to Margaret de-Pole, who married Foix-Candale. Soams/Soans use "mallets," which can trace to Martells, first found in Gascony, where the Jess/Gesson surname may trace, and where I trace Oettingens. But Oettingens are to be viewed as part of the Pollock line to Aude elements, and so note that motto term of Mallet, "HAUT." Hmm, it's suggesting both Sigrid the HAUGHty, and Aude. Mallets and Soams/Soams were first found in the same place (Suffolk).

It is reminding me of a few months back when I traced Sigrid the Haughty to "Ault" entities. I was just on the Ault surname when loading the Oldenburg surname, and so I'm taking important note that the Oldenburg/Ault Coat uses a wavy vertical bar (pale) in the colors of the bars of the Haughts/Haughtons, which I see as a version of the wavy bars used by Trebizond (and the Beaks). It's telling us that Mieszko's daughter, and/or her family members, were at Oldenburg (Wagrian theater). The Olds are in Oldenburg/Ault colors but use the martins of the Saddocks/Sedgewicks.

See also the Olden/Aldens and the same-colored Aultons and Aults/Aulds (Will / Battle griffin design). Aultons are especially important for this point because Canute/Cnut was a son of Sigrid the Haughty, while Aultons were first found in Nottinghamshire, named by Cnut. Robin Hood in the Aulten Crest traces to the Hood / Audley bloodline, and he is wearing what looks like the same pointed / Phrygian cap as was shown above in the Crest of West-honored Vicks/Ficks/Fedde's Crest. The Vick/Feck man with pointed cap carries a club, and then the Club surname (more martins) is in the colors of the' Aults/Aulds, Aultons and Oldens/Altens. It's telling me that Covert-related Clubs share the Aulten fesse.

The black Club martins can trace to the Saddock / ROCHdale martins because black martins are used in ROXburghshire, as for example the RUTHERfords (Roque rock in Crest) use the Club martin. There are multiple interesting points here: Roets traced to Ruths/ROTHERs/Randolphs, and the latter use the ermined white-on red of Oldens/Altens...and of Roddens/Rodhams who were first found in the same place (Northumberland) as Maness'/Manners using a red Chief like that of the Mens/Mengzies. The latter suggest the Mangs and Manco's/Mangusi's who had traced to the Gunn/Guine sector of Roets in far-north Scotland / Shetland / Orkney. The Mens/Mengzies (branch of Pepins that link easily to Clovis-suspect Clubs) use the Shield-and-Chief combination colors of Aults/Aulds, and then by a fortuitous strike, the Mens/Mengzies use "Vil God" in their motto while Wills use "God wills" in their motto, while Aults/Aulds use the griffin design of Wills.

It's now necessary to bring in the all-seeing-eye of SiemoWIT (code for WITkovo with all-seeing-eye in its Arms), mythical ancestor of Piast Kolodziej and Mieszko. As Mieszko's daughter is tracing to Oldenburg along with Roets, where Wagrians lived, it must be Roet-important that a crescent in the colors of the Roet crescent is used by Wackers. I've not known (much, anyway) the Wackers (crane) until now, when checking the Walker Coats for links to the paragraph above. I have typically viewed the "watchful" term as code for the all-seeing-eye cult, wherefore here's the Wacker write-up: "Wacker is a name for a person who was watchful."

Wackers even use the Dutch Bush lion in the same colors, as well as an eagle (same style as used by Wit-suspect White's) in colors reversed to the eagle now showing in the English Bush Coat. Bush's (I see them from Nahor's second-born, Buz) trace to the Bus and Hamelton Nahorites while I view "Uat" from Uts, the first-born of Nahor. Hameltons should be from Nahor's third-born, Kemuel, and Pepins, whom I suspect in mythical Popiel at Goplo, predecessor of Siemowit, use the Kemuel-like camel, no doubt link-able to Camulodunum/COLchester, where Coles trace who use the Mieske bull, and moreover "Cole" should trace to "KOLOD(ziej)." Pepins use "Mens" in their motto to honor the Men's above that just linked to Mieszko's daughter.

Having said all that, I'm thankful that I haven't forgotten the point. Ahh, what was it? It was there a few seconds ago. Oh yes, Kolodziej, called "the Wheelwright." Shouldn't he be the root of Catherine Roet's Catherine wheel? Check out the Catherine wheels in the Wheelwright Coat. Wheelwrights (in the colors of Aults/Aults, Altens, etc) were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Bush's, Walkers and Wagers. Thus, Roets in Oldenburg appear merged with Mieszko lines of the Haughty kind, but the inclusion of Nahorites into the picture suggests again that Roets belong to the Nerthus-worshiping Reudigni.

Wheelwrights use the Singletary antelope design, and the latter surname was first found in Lancashire, where we expect Roet lines from John Gaunt. Singletarys were a branch of Randolphs, evoking the Roet identification with Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs of Moray, location of the Moray stars that I trace to Mieszko's. The Roet Table is going around to everyone. But what king of "holy" blood did these scythians drink at their supper table?

The Wrights (Moray colors), first found in the same place (Berwickshire) as Arthurs, use leopard FACEs (and the Stewart / Houston checks). It is difficult to know whether Wrights link to Wheelwrights, but there is a ray of light in the "face" term that gets the Face/Fessy surname using a cross just like the same of the Moray Randolphs.

It's important that the Randolph's and Face's are once again in the WHITE-ON-RED colors of the Haughty-related Aults/Aulds, Aultens, Oldens/Altens, and Wheelwrights. Vere's (white on red star) of the Drake kind trace to Masovia's dukes, and Vere's if the Melusine kind trace to the MERmaid in the Arms of Warsaw (Masovia capital), and as Vere's even use the Massey Shield, they must be from Miesko's. That repetition (sorry) allows this point: the Wit surname uses the same beast (half unicorn, half goat), as the WHITE-ON-RED one shown by Vere-suspect Feuers/Feirers/...who had previously linked to two Phare/Feyer surnames.

In this Drake-of-Masovia picture, the Wright leopards are suspect with Boofima, as is the goat part of the Wit / Feuer beast. Its telling us that Boofima traces to the SiemoWIT cult, and therefore to the Arthurian Roet Table...where they serve dragon blood. If we ask whether the white-on-red fesse in the Phare/Fayer Coat above is that of Roet-related Chaucers, see another white-on-red bend, with mouse, in the Misl Coat, important because mythical Siemowit was grandfather to SiemoMYSL. Mythical Popiel at his Mouse Tower in Goplo was eaten by mice, says the mythology surrounding him.

Thanks to Tim, the Pepoli surname (Bononia) was found using a Shield filled with black and white checks. There is a goods chance that these checks trace to Spanish Majors whom are suspect in the floor of the church in Rennes-le-Chateau. If "Pepoli" is not quite "Popiel," then what about the Popoli surname (Naples)? Chaucers had traced to Rennes-le-Chateau

It was wondering earlier whether "Walker" and "Chalker" are an identical stock of peoples; I don't yet know the answer. I'm very much stuck on a Walker trace to Kamenets (Ukraine), that being a Komnenos location, my opinion weeks before coming to this discussion. I'm not cooking this up as I write, in other words, but as Komneno's ruled the Trebizond Empire, the Arms of which traces to Haughts/Haughtons, how is it that Haughty of Mieszko is now tracing to Oldenburg, where I trace Walkers?!

And the Trebizond waves are used by Book-suspect Beaks while Books are honored in the Crest of Chaucer-related Roets. Books are also "Bogg," suspect from "Boofima" along with the namers of Bavaria, Boughs/Bows and similar others. Baughs are the Welsh Bachs tracing to Uat/Buto and using WHITE-ON-RED yet again! AND ZOWIE, the Boughs/Bows use the Roet motto!

It is important to repeat that Bavaria is suspect in the Bogens, for Bogens (in Bug colors) passed the Bavarian lozenges to the WITtelsBACHs (!), who then gave them to Bavaria. Bogens use the bow, as does the Bough Coat! Roets were fundamental with Beauforts/Boforts!!! I get it. Human-sacrifice blood in the holy grail of the Roet Table.

The Bavarian Bogens even use Robin Hood with pointed hat, as we saw in the Altens of Cnut-founded Nottingham. It's tracing Bogans to Sigrid the Haughty. English Bogans use the wyVERN dragon, and the Varn Coat is in the colors of Bavarian Bogens. The Oxford beaver can even trace to Beauforts/BEUFORE's (WHITE-ON-RED). Others using the Wyvern are Walker-suspect Wilkins, who use the Shield of Schere's/Scherfs in the colors of the Varns / Bogens. Here's the Beavers/Beybbers of Bavaria, using what should be the Arms of Zurich and the Hiedler/Hitler Shield. There's a good chance that English Beavers use the Boeuf fesse round-about, and I'm just getting around to noticing that the Boeufs are also "Beoufart." The Sangleboeuf variation could trace with the pointed hat to the Sangarius river of Phrygia.

It's just been found that Wackers, Kochers, and Weis', all of Bavaria, share gold-on-blue Zionists stars (Walkers almost use the Wacher / Roet crescent). Isn't the Weis surname the founder of the twisted Bavarian Illuminati? The Weis bend is in the colors of the bend used by Jacques de Molay.

Do you not see the Rothschild-birthing Bauers / Bowers behind all this??? You can find online that certain high-level Rothschilds were involved with the Rhodian Round table. The ROETschilds, right? Yes, for while the is clearly identifiable as a Roet branch due to the oak tree in crest (belonging to all-seeing-eye Watts that now trace solidly to Wittelsbachs and Siemowit), the Roots use blue lozenges, one of the colors of the Bavarian lozengy.

Back to the Roet-suspect Rond surname, for it's also "REDONet/REDONin." It's putting new meaning into an old trace of the Arthurian cult to Redone-Rus. I had no idea then that the Round Table would apply. The Rond surname has a few roundel-like variations so that roundels (used by Table's/Taplows) may ultimately be from this Redone-suspect line. The Roet Table Illuminati, right? Here's the Rond write-up: "The family were well established in the region of Calvados [where Sinclairs lived]...William Rundel of Oxfordshire after Hastings had several domains held to 1150 and also held in Normandy." Oxford brings the Vere's to mind, who, like the Rounds, were first found in Essex. I'm still wanting to find why the Oxford beaver is green.

Bush Wackers in the Filthy Cup

Hmm, entering Grundel (Bavaria) as per "Rundel" gets a bend in the colors of the Chaucer / Phare/Fayer bend. "Grundel" just came to mind because the Arms of Oxford use an elephant in the color of the Ground/Craney/Grane elephant. There's more white-on-red in the Oliphant Coat, wherefore the white unicorn in the Oliphant Crest suggests the Feuers/Feirers and Wits.

This is a good place to remind that the Chateau/Castile Coat uses the same engrailed red cross as the Roet-suspect Rhodes', which is a cross suspect with the same-colored one of Burghs (CAT in Crest) and with the same-colored moline cross of Borgia's/Burgs. As Roet's had their business in Somerset, how amazing that I've only just discovered that the red bull in the Arms of Somerset is used also by Spanish Borgia's. Reminder: there is a cat in the Crom Crest while the Crom Coat traced to the Vincents of Da-Vinci / Cathar prospects at Rennes-le-Chateau. "Crom" for the time-being is suspect, not only with the Cramnil location of Vincents, but with crane lines...i.e. a crane is in the Ground/Craney Coat above.

In the meantime, Oliphants are suspect as Esau-ite's predicted to use red, the color of Esau. When Tim first implored me to seek Edomites lines when I was resisting, he was himself keeping track of red in heraldry, at which time I objected that red was for Rus lines. Later, and even as I write, Esau lines and Rus lines were found to be basically one and the same. One can explain this in two prompt ways: 1) Esau's son married Horites of Edom, who trace to Rus of the Horus (depicted in old times as a falcon / hawk) kind, and therefore to the all-seeing-eye cult suspect in the Rus-based Round Table Illuminati; 2) Edom's Kos-owl cult should trace to the island of Kos beside Rhodes. The proto-Merovingians of Kos trace to Autun, whose Audui peoples may have named Aude, and, if correct, Esau-ites and Horites are expected at Rennes-le-Chateau.

All three Phare Coats have a red Shield, and Scottish Phare's/Fair's/Fayers use a moline (symbol of important Sinclairs that I view simultaneously as Roquefeuils) in the colors of the Irish Arthur's, important because both surnames use the belled falcon in Crest. The moline-using Borgia's/Burgs above should trace exactly to the Conteville's. Then, white-crescent Falcons (Languedoc) were kin to white-crescent Conte's (Languedoc) who, as Conteville's, married the Tanner-of-Falaise line that had previously married the Conqueror. In the Moline write-up: "...William of Moulins, Sire de Falaise," The Tanner Shield-and-Chief color combination is used by Tipps'/Tippins that could apply to the Tippers.

I've got to spell this out because it's too complicated for you to see the full realities otherwise. The white-on-blue crescents of Falcons and Conte's is used also by Savone's (with an 'e;') of Somerset, which is why the Borgia bull must trace to the bull in the Arms of Somerset, for the Borgia bull is identical even in colors with the Savona bull.

Plus, English Falcons were first found in the same place (Cumberland) as Phare's/Fairs/Fayers. Then, Spanish Falcons/Falco's (Catalonia) use black and white checks that may apply (not necessarily directly) to the floor of Rennes-le-Chateau. With Veres and Falco's together, the Anjou counts are likely in play. "CATALonia" can easily trace to Cattels because they use the fret, symbol of Audleys and Hoods. Besides, Catalonia is the part of Spain adjacent to Aude.

In the picture above, one might even see a Falcon = Falaise equation, especially as the Fallis Coat is in the colors of the Falcon crescents, and with the rocks of Languedoc's Roque's. The Fallis Coat uses the Feller trefoils and the Rockfort lion. You get it, Falaise was a Rockefeller spit.

By what coincidences is Roquefort beside Rennes-le-Chateau while the GARDNers (BAVARIA!) use the large scallop of Savona's in colors reversed while the Crom Crest is "A black cat salient GUARDANt"> And, the author of "Bloodline of the Holy Grail," regarding the Da-Vinci Code theme, is Lawrence Gardner!!!

Now the world can know the truth. The Da-Vinci cult is from the witchcraft-lovers of the all-seeing-eye bunch. Spit!

As I trace the Cattels from Cattolica (Rimini) to Cottians, it's first of all interesting that English Cutters use the griffin colors of the Cutter griffins whose Shield-and-Chief combinations both suggest the Saluzzo Shield, and therefore the Salyes of Saluzzo on the east side of the Cottians. It's extremely important for multiple reasons that spells this all out in vivid ways. First, the Crom cat is "salient guardant," and "Salian" gets the Saleman Coat with Sale/Salette bend that traces to Salies-du-Salat at Comminges, smack beside Cazeres that seems evident in the quatre(foil) symbol of Croms. Secondly, "QUATR" smacks of Cutters, which for me verifies that Gardners trace to Cazeres, especially as the Salians/Saleman eagles are in the colors of the griffins of English Gardners.

Reminder: Aude's (in Falcon-et-al and Saluzzo- colors) were first found in Audeville, in the Cottian theater of Savoy, but zowie "Savoy" was "SapAUDia" to Latins, and SAPAUDia may even have named SEPTimania. That's in my opinion the best theory so far for identifying the namers of Septimania, but I'm not forgetting the Soam/Soan=Saxon/SEPTon idea, for "Some" gets the Sion/Swan Coat (in Aude colors) that can trace to Sion/Sitten beside Savoy. In fact, while the Some/Sion/Swan Coat uses the same chevron as Maceys, the Aude sword showed until recently in the Chaine/Chenay Coat was held by the white Masci wing. And Cheneys trace exactly to the Salian/Saleman Coat. Plus, Maceys / Masci's trace easily to Maschi's/Maskallys of Rimini / Cattolica, and if that's not enough, the Mascals use the Ground/Craney/Grane elephant. And elephant in the same color and position is used by Corbetts/Corbins who should trace to Corbieres in Aude! n

It's important here that Kaplans/Chaplins use the Cutter / Gardner griffins too, for German Kaplins use a Shield split vertically in colors reversed to the vertically-split Gardner Shield! It's verifying that the Gardner griffins are indeed the Cutter griffins.

English Gardners were first found in Oxfordshire, where we find the green beaver tracing to Bavaria, where German Gardners were first found. But Oxford also uses an elephant suspect with the Crom-suspect Grounds/Craneys/Grane's. It was the crane-using Cranmer/Crammer Coat that tipped me off (months ago) that Crane lines were also Crom-like, and here I can report that the Cranmer/Crammer chevron is also the Clark chevron, important because English Clarks and Cutters (in the same colors) share dragon designs. Irish Clarks use the griffin design of Gardners / Kaplins, and beside Clarks are very-much expected in the Comminges / Aude theater because Irish Clarks use besants in the colors of the same (shown until recently) of French Clerks/Clairs Coat.

It just so happens that this French Clerk/Clair now shows an upright lion in the colors of the Roet-related Beaufort lion! I'm beside myself, partly because the same besants are used by the Roet-suspect Rhodes', in colors reversed to the roundels of German Rode's. But I'm beside myself because Clarks and Cutters together are an important pair for finding Nazi elements that I say will put out the 666 commercial system, and here I now discover that Scottish Clarks (Bellamy Shield?) use the Roet crescent colors on a Shield in the colors of the crane-using Wackers (Bavaria) whom themselves use the same crescent.

Wackers (use the Bush lion) are part of the Walker-branch Nazi's that gave the world at least two American presidents. And the Esau-suspect Bush Coat now showing uses eagles in the colors of the Salian/Saleman eagles.

The Wacker crane is some useful evidence that Walkers trace to Kamenets of the Ukraine, but as I insist that Kamenets was home to Komnenos that trace to "Comminges," by what coincidence are Clarks now tracing to the Cranmers/Crammers that themselves trace via the Croms to Cazeres and Rennes-le-Chateau??? As I've maintained that George Bush was into Iraq to do favors for Rothschilds, here's the Scottish Clark write-up: "The Clarks were not a full-fledged clan; rather they were probably a sept of the ecclesiastic Clan MacPherson, although the Camerons also show a tie with the Clarks and Clarksons." Camerons use the Rothschild symbol, five bunched arrows, and what could be construed as the red and gold bars of Aragon and Roussillon.

ZOWIE, after writing all the above, the Clarkson Coat was loaded to find a green saltire, the color of the saltire in the Arms of Salies-du-Salat! Note while you're at the latter's page that the location is in Gardner-like Gaudens. Is that the "holy grail" in the Gauden/Godin Coat??? "Gauden" can be easily rooted in "Aude." Clarksons were first found in the same place (Cumberland) as Corbys who should trace to Aude. Corbys use the raven that Rooks and Rookbys call "a rook."

For those who suspect that the Magdalene holy-grail cult traces to Herods, here is an interesting find. Gaudens were first found in Foret, and then the Herod/Hurl Coat is essentially the Foret Coat, both Coats in colors reversed to the Arms of Salies-du-Salat (uses rooks), and therefore in Roquefeuil colors. The Lyon surname, using a green lion in the two colors of the Lannoy lions, is said to be from Lyons-la-Foret, but a trace also to Lyon/Lugdunum makes good sense because it is beside Vienne-Isere, where Herod Archelaus was banished who used a coin with the symbol seen in the Crest of English Lannoys (in Gauden colors). In this picture, Lannoys and Lyons were together Herod liners, but then ditto for the Forets, thus making the Gaudet grail symbol suspect with the Herod line.

There are many Good- and God-like surnames that can apply to Gaudens/Godins, and Goodbolts/Godbolts come up also as "Gobel," interesting because French Gobels showed (until recently) the Masci wing, as did Chaine's/Chenays that use the Aude sword in the same colors. And while Aude's are now tracing via Savoys/Sapaude's to Septimania (in Aude), Masci's were first found in the Savoy theater. Lannoys use fleur in the colors of the Masci fleur. Both the Gobel and Chaine/Chenay wings have been changed recently, but to the same wing again. We just saw that the Macey chevron is used by Some's/Sions/Swans (i.e. from the Savoy theater), and then French Gobels use the same chevron.

Interesting here is that the Jests/Guests use the Feller format with swans while the Goods/Goade's/Gudds use what could be the French Blank Coat (itself a Feller format) but with a red Shield. Blanks trace to Comminges and to the Castile-Novara bloodline of Catherine of Foix, wherefore it's of note that German Goods (Switzerland) use gold grabs, symbol of the Comyns/Commings. As Catherine of Foix is suspect as kin to Catherine Roet, one point is that Goodbolts/Godbolts use bows, a symbol of the Beaufort / Bough line out of Bavaria.

It just so happens that while I'm on the Sapaude trace to Septimania and to Gauden of Comminges, the Good/Goade/Gudd chevron happens to be in the colors of the Soam/Soan chevron. It's the Arthur chevron too. The Soam/Soam falcon is on a hawk's lure, symbol also of Herods/Hurls, and Hurls trace to Falcon-related Herluin de Conteville.

Here's a quote from Wikipedia's article on Lawrence Gardner:

Laurence Gardner's first book Bloodline of the Holy Grail was published in 1996...He used his books to propose several theories, including a belief that Jesus and Mary Magdalene had married and had children, whose descendants included King Arthur and the House Of Stuart.

Gardner...also claimed to be Jacobite Historiographer Royal of the Royal House of Stewart. He was a supporter of Michael Lafosse, in particular his claims to be descended from the House of Stuart, which Gardner claimed was descended from Jesus Christ.

...Michel Lafosse's claims have been dismissed."

The Fosse/Voss Coat uses foxes and therefore traces to Faucets (Musselburgh) who themselves trace to Foix. But the Fosse surname was first found in the same place (SOMerset) as Roets, and we may assume that Somerset is the place where the Arthurian Round Table was spinning its web of deceit.

The Dutch Fosse/Voss/Vosch Coat (Boschs?) uses three red-on-white bends, which GD discovered to be a symbol of mythical Ector de Maris. "Maris" easily traces to the "Mary" code, and in fact my first attempts to decipher "Mary Magdalene" led, long before I knew of Ector of Maris, to the Merit/Merey/MERAIS Coat use three bends of its own. Now you know the reality of Ector de Maris, one of the mythical knights at the Round Table...along with Sit LIONel. Entering "Lionel" gets the Lannoy-related Lyons.

The motto of the Wrights is simply, "MERITez." It was first found in the same place (Berwickshire) as the Arthurs. The DaVinci-rooted Vincents use a bear in Crest that I trace to Bernicians of bear-depicted Berwickshire. The Vincent quatrefoils (in Wright-leopard colors) are in the colors of the Este's and of the fish of Este-based Baars of Bar-le-Duc. Baars ruled Este titles in BRUNSWICK, which place I've traced (years ago) to BRYNEICH, the location of Bernicians. [Shortly below, the MUSSELburgh area will be traced to a very important part of holy-grail Spain (Gandia) involving Bush's and Masci's, wherefore let me say here that Bar-le-Duc is in the MOSELLE theater. I identified the German-Bush fleur-de-lys with the Bar fish.]

The English Voss/Faux/Fawkes/Fauks Coat (falcon) is a giant ermined mascle. It was first found in the same place as Vere's, suggesting the Anjou crew of deceivers once again. German Voss' (Fleming wolf in the colors of the Voss fox) were first found in the Varni theater of Mechlenburg, where the Herods who didn't want to work ordinary lives succumbed to piracy. We may assume that the skull-and-crossbones symbol of those pirates was from the Magdalene cult in Sinclair-infested Aude. The treasure(s) of Rennes-le-Chateau was likely stolen goods by pirates, and there is a good chance that Hitler's Aude elements found that treasure to fund World War II. It's coming to mind, anyway. Some say that Adolph Hitler was seeking the "spear of destiny," the one that was thrust into Jesus.

The Dutch Bush/Bos lion is in the same colors as the Voss fox and Voss wolf, and as we saw a Dutch Vosch variation, it seems that Voss' were from Busca beside Saluzzo, and yet from the Wagrians of the Wacker kind that use the Bush lion. That explains why the German Voss' -- the ones above using the wolf -- were first found in the Wagrian theater. It's telling me that Voss' were Bos' / Bus' and therefore Bush's...from the Buzite Nahorites that I had found years ago using a red fox / wolf. In fact, it may have been found then in this very Voss Coat under discussion. Nahorites were in the Wagrian / Varni theater, right?

Therefore, Faucets and the Foix location are Bush elements tracing to Busca. No problem, Busca elements are highly-expected in Salat, for one, where the Nazi-suspect Clarks have traced via the Clarkson saltire. The Dutch Bush/Bos Coat even uses billets, a symbol in the Arms of Roquefeuil.

Let's go back now to the Salians/Salemans using the Bush eagle and the Cheney bend, for Salians/Salemans were first found in Surrey. The first point is that the Surrich variation of Surreys traces to "Zurich," and though were are not told where in Switzerland the German Kaplans are from, we may assume Zurich because Kaplans/Chaplins use the griffins of Cutter-related Clarks, not forgetting that the Cutter Shield traces to Saluzzo. It just so happens that the gold garbs if the Aude-suspect Goods/Guters, first found in Switzerland, are in the colors of the Bush and Cheney symbols. The Goods/Guters are said to have had early representatives in Basil and Sulz, both near Zurich. Why SULZ??? Doesn't it suggest that Salians/Salemans of Surrey had representation in Sulz, in the Budini-suspect Baden area of Switzerland, between Bos-suspect Basil and Zurich?

Why does the Bas/Bassin greyhound wear a chain (suggesting Chaine's/Cheneys), and why was it first found in Haddington, location of Faucets that just traced to the Bush's of the Foss/Voss fox kind...from the Budini Nahorites? The German Bas/Bez coat is an eagle in colors reversed to the Salian/Saleman eagle, and in the colors of the eagle of the Wacker Coat.

But the original point was Surrey, because I see traces of that place to Spain's Saragoza area, where Borgia's were first found. Let me repeat from the 2nd update of this month:

Cesare Borgia...was the son of Pope Alexander VI and his long-term mistress Vannozza dei Cattanei. He was the brother of Lucrezia Borgia; Giovanni Borgia (Juan), Duke of Gandia [see the Gand surnames, one using the moline, a Borgia symbol]...

Haddington was a location of the Catti of the Keith clan, and there we see an important Borgia in marriage to a Cattenei. Note that her name evokes the Vans/Vains that I traced to the gonfanon banner of heraldry, for I also traced "gonfanon" to Gand-like terms, and then the Arms of Gandia use a white-on-blue castle, the colors of the same of McLeods who use a banner! Borgia's are definitely in the line of HERLuin de Conteville (son of John de Burgo), and I insist that the Hurls are from this man, and then the list of McLeod septs (why "septs"?) shows many Hurl-like septs! Thus, Borgia's were as much Herods as the Herod/Hurl/Herl surname.

This is an amazing aside to the original Surrey point (which i haven't yet got to) because I just saw what looks like a gonfanon in the Arms of Sulz! It's known that the gonfanon is a Montfort symbol specifically, and then Monforte and Montferrat are both in the same Cheney-suspect place (Cuneo) as Busca and Saluzzo!!! Good one, John, the dragon has egg on its face.

Here's the Gan Coat using Montferrat-suspect fretty along with the Cotts/Cottins/COTTARds (Languedoc) that come up with "Gaut," suggesting that Cottians are at the root of the Gauden location around Salies-du-Salat...and CATTENei."

We can now trace the Moratin tower of Chatans (in Dutch Gant colors) to Vannozza dei Cattanei, for the Chatan tower is in the colors of the McLeod / Gandia castle. Let's go back to this quote:

"The Clarks were not a full-fledged clan; rather they were probably a sept of the ecclesiastic Clan MacPherson [Clan Chattan], although the Camerons also show a tie with the Clarks and Clarksons." Camerons use the Rothschild symbol, five bunched arrows, and what could be construed as the red and gold bars of Aragon and Roussillon.

Having traced clan Chattan to Gandia, we note that Aragon is not far off, but then the Sulz location of Switzerland is in Aargau. Amazing coincidence of terms.

It just so happens that Borgia had sexual relations with the house of Candy with a branch in Savoy:
"Vannozza dei Cattanei (Giovanna de Candia, contessa dei Cattanei; 13 July 1442 - 24 November 1518) was an Italian noblewoman from the House of Candia, who was one of the many mistresses of Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, future Pope Alexander VI "

So, the Keith Catti are tracing to the house of Candia, but then the Keith Chief uses vertical red and gold bars, the symbol of Aragon! Haddington elements of the Faucet kind had traced to Foix, near the Aragon border. I get it. And "HADDING(ton)" smacks of "Cattenei." Now, as Gandia is surrounded by Safor, but what coincidence does the Haddin Coat use the motto, "Suffer"? We have been lied to by the people who specialize in surnames, and moreover they have omitted the history of surnames as they related to royal and noble themes. Heraldry is not so much a tracking system for families, but of royal blood.

This SAFOR location in Spain has never been known by me. I've talked much about Savards and Saf(f)ers, linking them to SFORza's. The glory-like motto term of Saffers (and Cave-related Strothers) suggests the Glory/Lowry surname using the grail design of Gaudens. Note that "Cavetts", in Cave / Strother colors, smack of "Gaud" where the 'u' is made a 'v'. Then see that the nine blue-and-white horizontal bars of Cavetts/Chevals are in colors reversed to the nine horizontal bars of Spoke's/Spocks, important as per the "SPOKEsman" code in the Glory/Lowry write-up. The Cavetts/Chevals are also "Chavo," revealing that they are a branch of Sheaves/Chaves/Chiapponi's and therefore of Shaws using the Gauden grail symbol!

ZOWIE! That traces Caves to Gauden, where COVENarum was situated. And it's suggesting that "Gauden" is a variation, ultimately, of "Covenarum" where the latter became Cavett-like. Or, "Gauden" is a Cottian variation, suggesting the possibility that Covenarum was ultimately named after Cottians. This paragraph is suggesting again that "Gaut" is a Gauden entity because Gauts are the Cotts/Cottins using the Cave / Strother fretty lattice design!!! Herods of the Antipas kind are therefore expected in these Gaut / Cave / Gauden lines. If you've forgotten, Gauden is the area around Salies-du-Salat at Comminges = Covenarum.

I have record (1st update of last July) of a SALford surname coming up as "Savard," and even misspelled "Safer", in a search of my files moments ago, as "Safor," otherwise I wouldn't have been at the July update just now to bring you the following additions. In that update, I failed to mention that the Salford/Savard Coat uses the English Bush bend (with gold boars) that has been showing for a few months only!!! Just like that, Salfords are identified as a branch of Saluzzo elements, and meanwhile Bush's (= Hebrews) are found on the east coast of Spain, not surprising because Savards are suspect as Joktan-related Sepharvites. These are likely the Sephardic "Jews" who likely named the nearby Ebro river after Joktan's father.

The Bush goat might even be for GOADen elements. After writing this, "Gouden" was entered to find lions in the colors of the Dutch Bush lions, and first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Bush's!!! WOW. It means that Bush's trace to the "holy grail" of Septimania, explaining why the presidential Bush's were involved with Skull and Bones, a symbol that some say (falsely) is for the bones of Mary Magdalene. The Gouden surname is also Godwin/Goodwin, and even uses a red-on-gold fesse, the colors of the fesse that I recall the English Bush's showing before it was changed this year to the black-on-white. Once again, the changes have been extremely helpful. Reminder: Yorkshire, when it was "Eboracum, " was named after the Eburovices/EBROIcum Hebrews, smacking of the Ebro river...of CATALonia!

[As you read the below non the Le Mas entity, keep in mind that CATTOLlica is where Maschi's were first found, but you may also like to visit the 1st update in July where the Rymanov location of the Ukraine is linked to Sforza's, and where you will find lots of talk on the , suspect with the Sangarius/Sakarya river, Sakars/Seagars, etc.. The Sanok topic was before I got to the Romanov-surname investigation that itself led to the Sakars/Seagars (at the time, I had forgotten about the Rymanov discussion)! The Arms of Sanok uses the Visconti and Sforza snake swallowing an infant.]

In the 1st update of July, I didn't mention that "Septimania" may have been named after Sepharvites. I even showed the SEVEN/Severn/Sefferin surname (besants) using the colors of Salfords/Savards, which, because Savards use besants like the Dumas besants, revealed the involvement of the Bassianus cult. How much sense does it make to trace "Bush / Bos" to the namers of "Bassianus"?

[It was hours after writing here that I got back to the Safor article to find a Daimus location on the coast of Safor. It can't be coincidental because the Dumas Coat uses the Savard besants in the same format.]

In the same update, it was asked whether Septimania was named after the Roman family named after seven: "The August surname was first found in Languedoc, where Septimania was located, suggesting that Septimania was a Roman entity of the Roman number system in surnames. French Julians were also first found in Languedoc..." And I naturally mentioned the Roman emperor, Lucius Septimus SEVERus? He died in Eboracum! And he's the one who married Julia DOMna Bassianus; she and her sister, Julia Maesa, are the ones whom I traced to the Le-Mas related Dumas surname! Can we glean their cult in the holy grail of Septimania? He was born in KHOMS of Libya, smacking of HOMS in Syria where the Bassianus priesthood oversaw El-Gabal. As Homs was "Emesa" at the time, the Meshwesh of Libya are suspect in all this.

Now, look at the Dumas write-up: "First found in Languedoc where this distinguished family held a family seat in the seigneurie of Le Mas in the arrondissement of d'Auriol where they were located several centuries before their official registry in 1487." Then back at the article on Lucius Septimus Severus: "As a young man [Lucius Septimus Severus] advanced through the customary succession of offices under the reigns of Marcus AURELius and Commodus." There is even a chance that the Conte's/COMITes/COMPTs of Languedoc are from "COMMODus." Is that the Feller format used by Conte's? Or, do Fellers use the Conte format?

Is the Gauden (not "Gouden") grail symbol for the holy blood of Mary Magdalene? Isn't rather the holy crap of Bassianus-related Romans leading to Romanovs and Bush-backed Romneys? Romneys even use the same bend as Chatans / Chattans. But as Romneys were first found in the same place (Kent) as Roet-related Chaucers / Chalkers, note the red scallops on the Romney bend (color of the star on the same bend used by Botters), symbol of the Roet-related Savona's who use the Borgia lion from Conte-related Borgia's who were in Gandia mucking around with a Chatan-related mistress, and then "Gandia" smacks of John of Gaunt, husband of Catherine Roet, the sister of the Roet married by a Chaucer. Is all this holy? As the Sangarius river.

The Savona's are the one's coming up as "Saber," and then the Savards are also "Sabard." It means that Savona's, and the saber-using Jess'/Jeske's, are to be expected in Gandia / Safor.

It just so happens that the Orells/Oriels -- in the color of the Aur (Bavaria) lion that is the red lion of Goudens and Bush's -- were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as the Salfords that come up as "Savard." It's supporting the idea above that Lucius Septimus Severus was related in some close way to emperor Aurelius, or that Roman lines from Septimus Severus had merged with Aurelius lines.

In the July of 2010 update, it's recorded that Salfords/Savards used the black Yonge wolf, for which reason the Bassianus / Severus bloodline was linked to Yonge's and Hogens / Hogers and therefore to the Roman augur priests. It had been discovered that "Scottish Yonges use 'praestat' while Sevens/Severns[Sefferins] use 'praestantior,' code, apparently, for a priestly / Priestly entity. " But by what coincidence can it be that Sevens/Severns use "praestantior AURa"???

The Salford/Savard Coat is now showing the black wolf in the design of the Fleming wolf, and I traced Flemings to the Roman flamen priesthood. Holy line of Jesus, or holy crap of Romans? Ask Juno. The last time we saw the Fleming wolf, it belonged to the Bush-suspect Voss surname (Mechlenburg) tracing to Foix, and therefore to Faucets of Haddington, where elements of Gandia traced.

Reminder: "Suffer" is the motto of Haddin(g)s, and Gandia is in Safor. These are the Sforza's, I'm sure, who have their snake symbol in Poland's Sanok, a snake symbol that traces to Sakars/Seagars/Sugars, who use the snake too, and belonging to the snake god, Sugaar, husband of Mari. Holy blood of Jesus, or twisting garbage of a satanic cult bent on being the dope of the universe?

It prompted a look at the Snake surname (KENT), and lo and behold it's the SOME/Swan/Sion/Sweyne chevron! That exclamation mark is not only for the GAUNTlets gloves in the latter's Coat, but for the suspicion that Soams/Soans are related to Saxons/SEPTons. Here's the Snake write-up: "The name Snake is most likely derived from the Old English word 'snoc,' which is a projecting piece of land [garbage, ignore]. There is also a popular tale that the surname came from the place name SEVENoaks [caps mine], in Kent, which was often pronounced "Se noaks." The town's name is derived from the Saxon word "Seouenaca", the name given to a small chapel near seven oak trees in Knole Park around 800 AD." The SEOUNaca term is what signalled a branch of Somes/Sions/Swans, but as you can see, the Soan variation of Soams can also apply, and we just happen to have a SEVEN term in the same write-up.

As the Snake and Some/Sion Coats use the Macey Shield (the latter use the gauntlet too), here's what I found when I now looked up "projeci" in my files due as per the "projecting piece of land" garbage in the Snake write-up: "Compare the Manes/Maine (Devon) pheons to the Manson / Hudder/Hader arrow heads, and know that the Manes/Maine Coat is a version of the Devon Coat, for Holme's use a red lion, the color of the lion in the Arms of Devon. The Manes'/Maine's with "Projeci" motto look like Perche's, and as such should link to the Pierce's and Percivals of neighboring Somerset [home of Roets], where Heifers/Heffers with "mon" motto term were first found."

Sorry for such a long quote, but the original point is that the "Projeci" motto is linked to Perche's, while Bellamys of Perche merged with Maceys of Ferte-Mace. But for the additional point to me great surprise is how the Hudders/HADERs are also found in that quote (from the last update), for they must be expected Hitler elements of Gauden-suspect Aude...but now tracing to Gandia with the Haddings. Reminder: I traced Hitlers to Maschi's at Cattolica, and therefore to Cattels and Cottians and neighboring Masci's, and then Meschin-related Mussels were in Haddington!

The Goth similarity with "Gauden / Gouden" recalls some of my initial Nazi investigations where Nazi Aryanism was found to be GOTHic and/or related to the Goth/Goeth/Gotha surname using the Zionist star of Hoger-like Hagars, a star that I see in the modern Israeli flag. The Bassianus cult traced to Basina of Thuringia, where the Goth surname was first found. I eventually realized that Coverts were Hitlers, but before that had traced Coverts to Saxe, Gotha and Coburg.

The GodWINE variation of Goudens prompted a look at the Wine surname and it turned out to be Gwinns in Quinn/Cuinns colors, who smack of the Quince's/Quincys honored in the "quince" used by snake-using Sforza' suspect from/in the Safor area of Gandia. It just so happens that Quince's use SEVEN mascles, and to help prove Sforza links to Goudens/GodWINE's, the other Irish Quinns/Cuinns likewise use snakes. The Snake/Snook Coat (above) then shows the same lion that is the Sforza Coat, and as we saw Snakes'/Snooks using the Macey Shield, let's add that Visconti's were of Massino-Visconti in Novara.

The Quinns were in-topic (with the Guienne entity of Roets) in the last update when traced to Guine's/Gunns, but it's only now that I see the white-on-red stars in the Arms of Novara linking to the same-colored stars in the Guine/Gunn Chief. The latter surname uses the Durant(e) ship tracing to the river of the Salyes, where I insisted the Laevi Gauls of Novara were living.

What bush-whackers were really responsible for the World Wars? Entering "Goat" gets the Gothams with Varn bend, and the Goats/Gothams were even first found in the same place (Essex) as Vere's. Varni were related to Walkers / Wackers and goat-using Bush's. Varni must trace to goat-depicted Boofima, which I traced to Apulia's mythical Satyrion, co-founder with Sepharvite-suspect Spartans of Taranto. A version of the Arms of Taranto are used by the Coffeys/Coffers in the colors of the Saxe Coat, and then the Saxe's use partridges that trace from mythical Perdix (anciently a partridge symbol) of Crete's Daedalus bull cult, through Bari of Apulia to Berry/Bourges/Avaricum, France. Can we see the Borgia bull here through Berry/Bourges, but not forgetting that a BERGERac location is at Boofima-infested Perigord??? Like the Gordons and Campbells that trace to Perigord / Gironde, Salfords/Savards, using a version of the English Bush Coat, use gold boar heads.

I've just noticed a Le Bugue location (suspect with Boof- and Bough-like surnames) to the east of Bergerac. Boughs use the Roet motto and the red lion seen in this discussion. Then, I've just brought up the Berger Coats with a whack of points to be made, suffer thee for this. English Bergers/Berchars/Borgers (in Chatan colors) use the fesse in colors reversed to the fesse of Boeufs/Tournebulles/TOUCHeboeufs, first found in Perigord and suspect in a merger with Clan Chattan ("Touch not the cat" motto phrase used by several of its branches). Julie may never have known until now that her Borgia topic links to her Boofima topic, all linking to one of her special topics, the Mary-Magdalene cult, now found to trace to Julia Domna and Julia Maesa...and Julius Caesar.

The Berger fesse and Coat is used without symbols by the Gaud Coat (Languedoc), and then the Boeuf Coat shows its fesse and Coat without symbols. But the Gaud term gets surnames shown properly with "Galt." Entering "Galt/Gaulds" gets -- SURPRISE -- a MUZZLEd bear and a "vincit" motto term evoking the Vincents using a muzzled bear in Crest and the Coat of Rennes-le-Chateau. The muzzled bear is used by Alis'/Alice's (see Forbes' too) who likewise use a "vincit" motto term.

German Galts/Gelts (Hamburg) use a bend and Coat without symbols in the colors of the Gaud/Galt and Berger fesses. This is clearly the Boofima cult, not from Jesus. It may be suggesting that the holy grail in the Gauden Coat traces to PeriGORD and Gord(en)s inasmuch as "Gauden" and "Gorden" are similar enough.

Aha! As Scottish Galts/Gaulds were first found in Perthshire, their German-branch Galts/GELTS must be of the Perthshire CELTs/Cults/Colts. The latter use the Pilate pheon in Galt/Gelt colors.

Aha some more. The "Patentia vincit" motto of the Perthshire Galts (in Vince/Vinch colors) gets the Patents/Pattens in the same colors, and using ermined lozengy in the colors of the ermined lozenges of English Shaws, important because Scottish Shaws were first found in Perthshire and MOREOVER ZOWIE the latter Shaws use the holy grail of Gaudens!!!! They are at this time identical in design and in colors!!!! It's proving that Septimania-suspect Gaudens are from Gauds/Galts and other Galts / Celts. And besides, Shaws traced all by their lonesome to Rennes-le-Chateau's Saunier surname!

SHAWke and Awe!!! That's the second time on two separate occasions that Gaudens traces to Shaws. On the first occasion, "Gauden" traced to "Coven(arum)," though not directly. Note that Irish Shaws (trefoils) use eagles in colors reversed to the Bush eagles. Or, note that the Irish Shaw chevron is in the colors of the Bush and Salford/Savard fesse, and the Cheney bend. And, besides, as Celts/Colts trace to Pontius Pilate (born to Perthshire), note that Shaws trace to Sadducees / Caiaphas...but don't miss the holy grails in the Pillette Coat!!!!

At this point, I don't have an opinion as to whether Galts and Gauds were distinct entities who merged, or whether they were one entity with developing spelling variations. But my senses are such that they all trace to the namers of PeriGORD. The latter term is much like "BERGERac" so that English Bergers, who use the same-colored fesse as Bouefs, and an eagle in the colors of the Gord(on) boars, may hereby be discovered with origins at Perigord.

Irish Shaws use the Pendragon motto, and Pendragons do not trace to the children of Jesus, but rather they were Merovingians tracing to Bassianus Syrians. Syria was the home of the father (Seth) of the chief priest (Ananias) who had Jesus executed, and then Shaws are said to be from Seth-like "Sithech." A wolf in sheep's clothing, that was Pendragon. His myth writers pretended to trace him to holy things.

I've been tracing George Bush to Eschol of Hebron ever since finding that Skull and Bones (i.e. both surnames) traces there. I happened upon the Schole's years ago when investigating the Skulls (in Bone, Hebron and Child/Chill colors), but here it's found that the Schole Shield, filled with lozengy -- in the black-and-white colors of the checkered floor at the Magdalene church in Rennes-le-Chateau -- is used by Patents/Pattens honored in the vincit-using motto of Shaw-related Galts of Perthshire. Perts (Kent), whom I expect to trace from "Perdix" to "Perth(shire)," are also "Pett" so that Patents/Pattens look like the namers of Perthshire. Perts use mascles in the colors of the Quince mascles, and scallops that trace to the PATTerson scallops via the Sodans.

[On the evening after writing this section, a fresh email from Julie directed to a Zinzendorf webpage with this quote: "Black and white 'checkerboard' motifs are discerned in paintings by John Valentine Haidt..." The Hitler bloodline in/around Aude??? Here's the Hate/Haight/Haga Coat, with Roque rock in Crest, that should apply to the Haidt/Hagelsheimer surname. Hyde's use lozenges in colors reversed to the Root/Rouet/ROOTES lozenges.]

The motto of Patents/Pattens is used by Pullens (Yorkshire) who use the Romney Coat, Chief and symbols, including the red scallops now tracing to the Savona's/Sabers.

There are plenty of gold-on-blue eagles in surname land, but in this case, the ones used by Bergers/Berchers above can trace well/directly to the same of the Snake's/Snook's firstly because the latter were first found in the same place (Kent) as Chaucer-suspect Kochens who use lozenges in the colors of the Dutch-alternative Berger lozenges. Suffer thee for this Berger topic, for French Bergers use the Sforza lion, proving that "SFORza" traces to Borgia-related "Safor." Again, the Sforza lion is also in the Snake/Snook Coat.

The Snake/Snook white chevron with red fleur must be the same of the English Smiths...whose crane coupled with the "Semper" term of Scottish Smiths traces Smiths to L'viv in the Ukraine, smack beside the Sanok area of Poland. English and Scottish Smiths (latter in Sank colors) use fish, symbol of the Sanks (Lancashire).

Kochens (using the Weis / Wacher Zionist stars) were first found in the same place (Boofima-related Bavaria) as Aur's who use the red lion, along with Goudens/GodWINE's, of the Foet-related Boughs. I'm capitalizing "WINE" because it had traced to Quinns and therefore to Sforza-related Quinces with SEVEN mascles...while Septimania and Severus elements are suspect with the Roman seven clans. The Aur's remember, trace to emperor Aurelius in cahoots with Lucius Septimus Severus...meaning that his seed, not the seed of Jesus, led to Sforza's and to Safor.

It just so happens that Saffers (BURGundy, where Burgs/Bergers are expected to surface) use white-on-red eagles, the symbol of the Arms of Novara...below its white-on-red stars that just traced to Guine's/Gunns. Novara is the location of Massino-Visconti, and the Sforza's took the Visconti snake symbol when Visconti title's passed to them. Now you know that Gunns trace to Novara elements, and these should trace with little doubt from Burgundy's Nevers/Nievres area to Navarre.

To help prove that Bergers were from Burgundians, Wikipedia says that Burgundians were from Bornholm (or is it "Borneholm"?). Entering Borne gets the red Moratin tower used by Burgers/Borgers/Borgens. Moreover, what a lucky strike, for the Borne Crest shows the white Quinn pegasus exactly! Likely, Quinns and Quince's trace to Cuneo (especially Saluzzo) with all the other holy-grail elements in southern France, but "Cuneo" traces to pharaoh Khyan, whose Apachnas alternative was traced (by me) to "Pegasus" (that flying horse is used also by the Mus household of Khyan, i.e. the Masseys). "Khyan" was traced to Keons, who use the Bar fish that developed into the fleur-de-lys of Bush's and Boschs'/Bos' out of Busca in Cuneo.

The Goat/Gotham Coat is in the colors of the two Bug surnames, and one (of Nottingham) uses water bougets that can trace now to Le Bugue, especially as Dutch Burgs/Bergers (in Dutch Bush colors) showed, briefly and until recently, the Clare triple the red color of the triple chevrons of Waters. The Clare triple chevrons are suspect from John de Burgo, father of Herluin de Conteville. The Bugs above are in the same colors of Shakespeare's, who were likewise first found in Nottinghamshire, and to prove that Bugs trace to Varni, Shakespeare's use the Varn bend. We are taking here of masters and lovers of deception, social engineers who wish the universe and the minds of mankind to go to satan rather than to the Creator.

The Bat in the Bug Crest is very Batman evocative here because of the Goat/GOTHAM/Gotha surname. Scottish Randolphs use a bat and the cross of Baths/Atha's (Somerset), and then Butlers use the English Randolph Coat, important because Batman and Robin had a butler. Therefore, the Bug's are trace-able to Baths/Atha's and related Badens/Battins...blah blah blah. Badens/Battins were likewise first found in Somerset, where English Coffers/CofFARE's were first found. It goes back to Butteri at Saturnium (near Rome), from the goat line of Satyrion, but note how the SETTERs/Satherwaites use the Sach roses, very conspicuous to begin with alongside the Goat/Gotham/Gotha surname, but then the Saxe surname uses the colors of the Coffers from the Satyrion-related Taranto area. Therefore, bank on Setters/Sathers tracing to "Satyrion" and the mythical Satyrs represented by the Satrae Thracians.

In this logical picture, it can't be coincidental that Setters/Sathers (in Saddock/Sedgewick colors) were first found in the same place as Bush-related Goudens/Godwine's (Dutch Bush lion) as well as Salfords/Savards using a version of the Bush Coat.

It just so happens that while Bush's trace to the Baars, both are in the colors of the Arms of Taranto and the eagle that is the Arms of Este. Partridges are used by Char(d)s whom I trace to the Cher area around Barry/Bourges/Avaricum. Baars and Barrs (Este eagle) trace to Bar opposite the Adriatic sea from Bari in Apulia.

You might be saying, "Aha, John is wrong to trace Setters and Saddocks to "Sadducee" when they trace instead to "Satyr." But the inclusion of Coffers in this picture suggests Caiaphas, a Sadducee. It's suggesting that Sadducees were named after Satyr lines, or more-likely that Satyrs were named after Soducena Caucasians through Thrace. The priesthood of the Satrae were the Bush-like Bessi. German Bergers use what looks like the Basset Coat, in Dutch Bush colors, if that helps to trace Bush's to Bergerac's Boofima cult. Reminder: the water bouget traced to Bouchard II of Montmorency, who married the widow of a Basset surname. Bissets just happen to use the Botter / Chatan / Chattan / Romney / Save bend now tracing to Borgia's of Gandia / Cattanei elements.

The GodWine variation of Goudens is reflected by the English GladWINE/Gladwyn surname using the Aude sword in the colors of the Shots/Shute's and Dempseys / DempSTERs (in Stur colors). It just so happens that the Gladwine sword is on the same Shield-and-Chief combination as Saluzzo's, once again. MOREOVER, it seems very obvious that the Dempsters, who use a Pollock motto term ("strenue") even while the Pollock motto traces to Aude, use a variation of the Gouden/Godwine Coat. Both use the same red lions, as well as fesse's in colors reversed from one another. It appears here that "Glad" is a consonant-reversal of "Galt."

The red fesse of the Goudens/Godwine's is in the two colors of the Alan fesse, important because French Glads/Glets/Glotons were first found in Brittany, and then the latter likewise use a red the two colors of the Gladwine bend with Dempsey / Dempster sword. It just so happens that Dempsters were first found in the same place (Perthshire) as Celts/Colts now suspect with "Galt/Gelt."

Dempers, with "patria" motto term and in Peter colors, look like they use the SITLER Coat!!! How possibly could Sitlers come to topic so soon after Setters unless the two are related? And the two are in-topic along with the Shot/Shute sword. Setters were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Scute's/Scutts (same colors as several Coats under discussion) who had become suspect with Shots/Shute's/Shutts just before Scute's became suspect with the SCHITler variation of Sitlers.

It just so happens that Scute's use the small gold Shield, a symbol in the middle of the WYNchester/WINchester Coat, while Winchesters were first found in HAMPshire, exactly where I trace Demp terms (that I view as D'Amp." Moreover, the WINchester mascles are used in colors reversed, for a relative reason, from the seven QUINce/Quincy mascles, and the latter surname was first found in NorthAMPton.

In fact, Saer de Quincy of Winchester, related to Faucets who trace to Foix, was of the manor of BUCKby, while Stur-suspect Sterlings/Sturlings use what looks like the Cheney / Salian/Saleman bend but with BUCKles. Sturs were not only first found in Hampshire too, but they can be linked to Stars using the green lozenges of Sitler-suspect and Demper-related Settels. Sterlings are of importance in the Perthshire-Pilate topic in that Stirling is in the Perth vicinity.

The black-on-gold lion (Flander lion?) of Dempers and Sitlers is used by Pollock-based Peters with "major" motto term tracing to the black-and-white checks of Spanish Majors/Mayerdomo's, and then the Demper motto phrase, DOMinus petra," must be for the Peters as they link to MayerDOMo's. Peters have recently traced on multiple grounds to Rennes-le-Chateau. We just saw the black-and-white checks of Peter-like Patents/Pattens, and indeed this has got to be Peter = Patten match...meaning that Patents/Pattens do indeed trace to the floor of Rennes-le-Chateau.

The Patrick Chief even uses white-on-black roses, the Setter/Sather symbol. Compare the Kilpatrick-related bugle of the Patch's to the Traby-suspect bugle of Waite's, for Setters are also SatherWAITE."

If you've forgotten, the "Patent vincit" motto was used by Galts (Perthshire), suggesting again that Galts = Glad (the Jests/Guests use "gladio" in their motto). It was only while writing above that the "Gang forward" motto of Sterlings (use the Leslie buckles), an obvious code for Leslie elements, is partially for the Forbes surname, first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as the home of Leslie's. The Forbes use the muzzled bear of the Vincents, but then the vincit-using Galts above use a muzzled bear too. This is DaVinci central, with all the fog removed, but the point is the "guide" motto term of Forbes'...suggesting the hourglass design of Guido's in colors reversed to the same design used by Schitler-suspect Skits.

[ZOWIE INSERT -- About an hour after writing here, I was back to the news on the Libya scandal, and when reading a quote from Ed Klein in protection of Hillary's role, the Klein Coat was checked. It not only uses the black Galt bear, but the Klein bear holds a white-on-red trefoil, the colors of the Schitler/Sitler trefoil. What a coincidence.

The Klein write-up defines the surname as "small," but it can't be coincidental that the Scottish Small surname (Renfrew, where Dempers trace) uses the Dempsey and Dempster sword! Bloodline lusters, liars, but why not power-hungry killers too?

"Clean" gets the McLains, and then one Lane Coat looks to use the Dempster lion and colors. End Insert]

Remember here that Schitlers/Sitlers have already linked solidly to Peters with a "major" motto term, for the Guido's are in Geddes' colors while the latter use "majora." And we have already seen that the small Geddes shield is in colors reversed from the same of the Holdens while Colt-suspect Holders use the griffin design of Vince's/Vinch's. Do we really think that the Vince drago-griffin represents the children of Jesus? Did you spot the possibility that "Geddes" is a Goud / Good term that ought to link to the Goaden grail line to Septimania?

Here's the Forbes write-up leading to the Dempster lions: "First found in Aberdeenshire, at Pitscottie from 1168, which was later named 'the Braes of Forbes.'...Later, John de Fernboys..." Entering "Fern" gets Dempster colors and their lion. Entering "Boys" gets a Boost/Boze surname (Bush bloodline, definitely) first found in BUCKingham and using the bend of Cheneys but more importantly the bend of Stirlings with BUCKles. "The Braes of Forbes" must be code for the Brae surname, first found in the same place (NorthAMPTon) as mascle-using Quincys. Surely, mascles are code for the same Masci-of-Piedmont bloodline as the "muzzle" term used by the Forbes bear. There is even a Bra location in Cuneo of Piedmont, where Cheneys trace. R

The Demper Chief uses a "label," a symbol in the Arms of Piedmont, and then "major" is a term used by Cheneys using the bend of Piedmont elements, the Salyes. It tends to verify that the Gladwine Coat uses the Saluzzo Shield and Chief. But just look at the following clue, for while Dempsters use a DeeMESTER variation, Roet-related Mesters/Masters were first found in the same place (Kent) as Roet-branch Roots/Roetes' while the latter have this write-up as code for the Glad bloodline: "The surname Root was originally derived from the Old English word rot, which meant glad or pleased." Again, Glads/Gladwine's use the same sword as Dempseys and Dempsters/Deemesters. The winged Holder lion looks like the design in the Glad/Gladwin Crest.

Does this mean that I was in error to trace "Demp" to D'Amp, where it should instead trace to D'Mester? I don't think so, for the Quince's and Winchesters, evident in the GladWIN variation, are from Ampton and Hampshire respectively. And besides, the Quinns had already linked to the Guienne element of Payne de Roet (apparently the first Roet known).

The Romney Message

As Burgo's gave birth to "Conteville," it's interesting that the same Burgo's also ruled Comyn so as to birth the surname that named Comminges. It's interesting where the BerCHAR variation of English Bergers suggests the Char(d) surname, not only with a chevron in colors reversed from Berger / Boeuf fesse, but with a garb in the colors of the Comyn garbs. The white eagle in the Char(d) Crest is the same as the white eagle in the Saffer/Safr Coat. Reminder; the Saffer motto term had traced round-about, by way of the Glory/Lowry grail symbol, to Comminges / Gauden.

THEN ZOWIE, JUST FOUND after writing the above: the dagger in the Comyn Crest suggests a look at the Dagger/Dacker surname that uses the Borgia bull in the same red color!!! While Daggers use three gold scallops in the format of the three gold Comyn garbs, the Borgia Coat above shows garbs in the colors of the Dagger scallops. Now we know that the line of John de Burgo was at Perigord too.

I woke up this morning with a "dream" message where Romneys were married to Candia. The only thing that came to mind after I awoke was 1) Romneys must link to the Candale location at the Gironde theater but also to Foix-Candale because Romneys and French Foix' use the same-colored bend, and; 2) the Romney Coat is the bend of the Chat(t)ans. I struggled to understand more, but decided to just wait for my work this morning to discover why I had this dream. I started this morning right here where I said, "As Burgo's gave birth to 'Conteville'", and already the Romney scallops are figuring into the topic along with Candia, for the Borgia / Dagger bull is also that of Savona's who use a large scallop in the colors of the Romney scallops...and meanwhile "Candia" is just like "Gandia," where the Borgia's lived with their Chattan-suspect Cattanei bloodline! Is that not amazing? Plus, the Romney / Chattan bend is in the colors of the Dutch Gant fesse.

I am convinced that God gave this dream-message to us, but why? Is Romney going to win the election? Or does it have to do with Romanovs?

While Romanovs were traced solidly to the Sakar/Seagar surname, the Gand Coat uses the same white moline that the Sakars/Seagars showed until recently. As the Snakes/Snooks traced above to the Sanok location that itself traced to the Sangarius/SAKARya river of Phrygia, it must be true that the Gordias > Midas elements in Phrygia, which trace to Perigord's Boofima cult, were from that river. But I now see that the Snake/Snook bend is in the colors of the Romney bend, and moreover the eagles of the Snake/Snook Coat are in the colors of the English Berger surname that has just traced solidly to Perigord / Bergerac.

I'll repeat that while the Arms of Sanok use the Visconti > Sforza snake swallowing an infant (a suitable symbol of a human-sacrifice cult that enjoys "lamb" rather than aged sheep in its cannibalism), the Snake/Snook Coat uses a lion in the colors of the Sforza lion. I'll also repeat that the white Snake/Sanok chevron with red fleur is used definitely by the Smiths who trace definitely to L'viv, beside the Sanok area of Poland...and before getting to the point, it has just come to mind that Foix-Candale had merged with de-Pole while Pullens use the Romney bend and the Romney scallops, in the colors of the Smith / Snake/Snook fleur!

MOREOVER ZOWIE! As the Romneys use the Savona scallop, the white-on-black stars in the Savona Chief must belong to the same of Polesdons...who were first found years ago as "Pulsipher," thanks always to Tim for that. The reason that Tim emailed in the Pulsipher Coat was because I was speaking on the Romulus location in Michigan, the state where Mitt Romney's father ruled as governor!!! It was at that time that the Pullens were discovered to use the Romney Coat, when reading that areas of Wayne county (the area surrounding Romulus) was co-founded by Pullens and Pulciphers. The latter term got no Coat, but Tim discovered that "Pulsipher" got the Polesdons.

Therefore, Polesdons/Pulciphers are tracing definitely to Pullens and to Sanok. It's important that the Pullen and Wyne PELICans smack of "PULCipher," for Masons of the Arthur, Patterson, and Stewart kind use pelicans too.

The point was that "Smith" traces to "SAMSon" at Samothrace, Lemnos, Thebes, and other Kabeiri-cult (= metal-smith) centers belonging to mythical Hephaestus, ruler of the Kabeiri. That is, the point is the trace of "Lemnos" to the Lemovices of Limousin, smack beside Perigord. On my map, I have just noted for the first time a Pierre-BUFFiere location at Limousin that smacks of the Bouefs, first found at Perigord. If we remove the hard capital from "Kabeiri," a Peri-like term remains.

Reminder: "Sforza" is now tracing to "Safor," the area around Gandia, meaning several things including a trace of Sanok's Poles to the Borgia-Cattanei line, and to the de-Pole line at Foix-Candale. Her name, Margaret KERDESton de-Pole, suggests the blue-on-white lion (from a dream-message of emailer Patterson) of the Kerdes Coat, the same-colored lion in the CARD Coat. Just so you know where Margaret's line traces.

As the Snake/Snook write-up includes a "Seven oaks" theme, it should explain why the Sforza-honored Quincys use seven mascles. I can now trace (for the first time) the "Nulla" motto term of Pullens to Knole Park, for here's the Snake/Snook write-up: "...Sevenoaks, in Kent, which was often pronounced 'Se noaks.' The town's name is derived from the Saxon word 'Seouenaca', the name given to a small chapel near seven oak trees in Knole Park around 800 AD." It can be a tricky-dicky Masonic "coincidence" that Snakes/Snooks can trace both to "seven oaks" and to "Sanok," otherwise the Sanok location was named by the Snake/Snook surname after it had derived from "seven oaks." The point is the Knole Park, for German Knole's use an hourglass Shield that I trace to Trypillians...smack at the Sanok / L'viv / Moldavia theater. The Knole hourglass is in the two colors most used by Polish heraldry, which are the colors of Gascony too.

But there is more that aligns with multiple Julie-topics all at once, for as it has been established that L'viv's Neuri were allied/merged with the Budini of the Kiev area, see that the English Knole's use the Hebron/HEPburn Coat, for the latter use a "Keep tryst" motto term that traces in-part to the namers of Kiev. The Tryst surname is the one using a motto term (trepidum) in honor of Trypillian elements as they merged with Traby-related Mieszko Poles. Therefore, Knole's are tracing to Trypillians, but then keep mind kind that Trips use the boot that French Masseys once showed until recently.

The white Masci wing is used in gold by French Gobels; the latter showed the Masci wing design until recently, but now show the Glass wing design...that traces Masseys to Trypillian elements, of no surprise. The point is, the hourglass Shield of German Knole's appears to be superimposed by the white Masci wing design. And the Mieske/Mesech and Knole surnames were both first found in Prussia.

"Mesech" traces to Mysians (at the Mouse Tower of Goplo) who had earlier been the underpinnings of the Trojans (of Tros) to which Trysts are traced (by me). The Trojans of my dragon-line concern were at Parion/Parium, in Mysia, location of the Imperi peoples of Boofima, in my opinion. Just so you know that we're coming from the white-horse line Trojans, for Masseys and Hebrons (= the Kabeiri-cult Mysians) both use the white horse.

English Knolls use the white Corbin/Corbett elephant exactly in their Crest, but a white elephant in the same position is used also by Mascals, whose Scottish branch, the Keith/Mascals, traced hard above to the Cattanei surname at Gandia. It just so happens that the new French Masseys use crescents in the colors of the Oliphant crescents (besides, Oliphants and English Masseys share the same white-horse design), important because Gandia just traced to the house of Candia, which had/has a branch in Savoy, where French Masseys were first found.

Gandia is not far south of the mouth of the Ebro where Aphrodite-Hephaestus Hebrews (= Hebron elements) should trace. For the latter were at Lemnos, at the mouth of the Hebros/Ebros river. The Hebros is also where historical Kikons originated whom I traced to mythical Ixion, father of the Centaurs tracing to Kent's Cantii founders...suspect with "Candia." The Hebros was also the MARITsa, trace-able to Amorites at Mari (on the Aphrodite-like Euphrates river), and to the "Mary Magdalene" code, and the MERIT/Merey surname. Here's the Marits/Mariot/Merrit surname, looking like a version of the Arms of Trebizond (and link-able to Carricks and Sheers).

But Gandia is also part of the OCCitania theater that I trace to JOKtanite Hebrews, whom I've been tracing to the OAK symbol since long before this Seven Oaks topic at Knoll Park. I have been tracing Joktanites, from ancient SEPHAR and Mesha regions according to end of Genesis 11, to the SEPHARDic Jews of Spain...who smack not only of Savards, Sforza's, Sabers/Savona's, and Safers, but of "SEVEN Oaks."

Interesting here is that the Oak surname was first found in the same place (Somerset) as Roets (and as Savone's using a version of the German Roet Shield), and both surnames use the oak tree. It's tracing Joktanites to Roet-based Redones, a logical assessment because Occitania reached from north-eastern Spain into Redone France. You understand that the popping into this discussion of Roets is Gandia-important as per her husband, John of Gaunt.

Roets traced also to the Reudigni, worshipers of Nerthus that was identified strongly with the Trypillian hourglass goddess. Plus, I already know that the Roet oak traces to the Watt / Vatt oak that wears glasses. Thus, we are right back to the Trypillians / Poles at the Sanok / L'viv theater, and it makes sense to trace Joktanite Hebrews to Nahorite Hebrews i.e. the Neuri who lived on the Bug river at/near L'viv.

Hmm, why do Polzl-like Pultz's/Peltens use oak seeds? Are they from "Peleg," Joktan's brother?

Having said that, I note that Oakleys use a "caveo" motto term, likely for the Cave bloodline suspect at the namers of Kiev. Oakleys use crescents in colors reversed to those of Oliphants, and the latter are traced (by me) to Eliphas, the Edomite Hebrews. Indeed, for Oakleys were first found in the same place (Shropshire) as Corbins/Corbetts who use the same elephant as Knolls. By the way, when I say "by me," I don't mean to exclude any of you, but rather to differentiate between my/our traces and those of others not part of this hunt.

Who or what are Glass-related Knole's named after? Like Caves (now tracing hard to "Covenarum" with the fretty lattice of Gauts/Cotts/Cottins/Cotards), the Nobel-suspect Noels use the fretty lattice. Knole's and Sanok Poles are tracing now to the Italian Natali's and the Natali's/Diane's, and therefore to the Diana/Dean surname using crescents in the colors of the Oakley crescents! I had no idea that this would happen here when asking where Knole's could trace.

Don't Neils show a Grail variation? What is that motto, "VINCERE vel Mori," for in the Grail/Neal Coat???

Nells/Nellens (Austria) use what appears to be the red roundels of German Rhode's, first found in the same place (Prussia) as German Knole's. As English Knole's are also "Knowles," fancy this: the Knowlen/Noland Crest uses the same footless martin design as the German Bug/Buggen surname (related to Watt-suspect Water's), suggesting that Knoll's trace with the "Nulla" motto term of Pullens to Neuri on the Bug river. To help support the trace of Trypillians of the Bug-river theater to Neuri-suspect Nerthus, she was in the area of Hamburg, where Trips and Bugs/Buggens (in Bogen colors) were first found.

Now that Knowle's are tracing to Neuri again, whom I say were merged with Roxolani, go back up and see the Roque rock in the Grail/Neil Crest.

Did you notice that the Hebron chevron, including its symbols, are all in the colors of the same of the Snakes/Snooks and Smiths (who trace together to Sanok / L'viv)? There is a very good chance that "Hebron" traces to "Kabeiri," to be interpreted as mythical Kypris of copper-mining Cyprus, otherwise known as Aphrodite, official wife of Hephaestus. It was this Kypris line that traced to Coppers/Coopers and therefore to the "Cappeo" lion in emailer Patterson's dream-vision that I feel strongly to be another message from God to this task at hand. That lion is now suspect in the Kerdes and Card Coats, the surnames of which are tracing hard to Margaret Kerdeston de-Pole. That was written without recalling first that the Pole/Pull/Pool Coat uses a lion in colors reversed to the Kerdes / Card lions. To no surprise now, the French Pole's use the same lion as Sanok-related Sforza's (as well as the Aude sword tracing to Pollocks).

Back to Julie's Question, and the Grand Clue

(Due to the insertion of topics in appropriate places of updates all week long, the below, written early in the week in relation to Julie's question -- were Cave's from Kiev? -- has ended up here at the end of the update. It is a continuation of way above where Feys / Fayes had become the topic.)

Entering "Fey" (which may rhyme with "Hey" for a reason) gets only one Coat, with a boar head used also by Gord(on)s who trace solidly to PeriGORD. That's where Beoufs were first found who use Save / Cave / Caen colors. The "Bydand" motto of Gordons could suggest the Budini (smacking of Bute) who lived near Kiev at one time, though Budini may even have been in Kiev. I logically traced Magyars of Caucasia to the Kiev area recently, and suggested that the Budini amongst them named Buda(Pest). The Gordon-Crest stag can apply to Magyars because Gordons received their lands from Malcolm III, whose sister married Bartholomew Leslie, a Hungarian.

I always trace the Leslie bend to the Save bend due to a trace of Leslie's to the Sava. Scottish Leslie's lived in the Fife theater, in Aberdeen to be more accurate, where Fives/Fifys were first found (who trace to "L'VIV"). As Magyars of Caucasia were allied strongly with Kabars from KABARDINo, note how that term smacks of "Aberdeen."

I see the three arrows of the End/Ender Coat (in Cave colors) as code for the three tribes of Kabars that joined Magyars in forming Hungary proper. And the Gord(on) motto, BydAND," is fashioned such that it appears to honor the End(er)s, who must be named after king ANDers I of Hungary. In other words, the Gord(on) motto term looks like code for the Budini-Andrew alliance that I now envision. As you must know, king Andrew was in the company of the king of Kiev when in exile awaiting the Hungarian throne.

With Gordons tracing so well to Hungarians and to Budini of the Kiev area, how can I yet trace them to Perigord? It's the gold boar of Gordons that traces them to Campbells, whose gyronny pattern traces to the blue-and-white gyronny in the Arms of Gironde, and Gironde is beside Perigord. Actually, the Isle river at Perigord flows to Gironde.

I haven't found Gironde-honoring surnames confidently, but entering "Gron" just now gets two interesting Coats, the German one using the same symbol-less bend shown by the Feyer/Fayer/Veirs/Feirs surname, first found in the same place (Burgundy) as French Grons/Grands. Scottish Grands/Grants/Graunts (Roque rock on fire), using a red Shield as with Grons/Grands, use the MacArthur crowns now. I've never noted that before when viewing the Grant Coat.

The Grand/Grant crowns are in the colors of the Arthur Coat, and then to help prove that the "obSTANTia" motto term of Arthurs is code for the Stant/Strand surname, Grands/Grants use "Stand fast" as their motto. The Sinclair-related Lever motto was traced above to the same Stant/Stand surname, but also to the clarion trumpets used by Arthurs, in a discussion that was tracing hard to Rostock, especially as Levers and Sinclairs use the rooster. The point here is that I traced Roquefeuils exactly to Roxolani at Rostock, important where Roxolani can be traced to the Ukraine.

As you can see in the Arthur Coat, the number five is an Arthur theme for linkage to the Five/Fify / Fay bloodline, important because this section on the Gordon trace to Gironde, that just got us to Grands/Grants, started with the Five/Fify bloodline. It means that "Grand/Grant" likely traces to "Gironde" elements.

As Five's/Fifys trace to L'viv in the Ukraine, where the heraldic crane in some cases traced as code for Ukraine, note now that the Granes/Craine's/Grounds use a crane (Smiths of L'viv elements use a crane). It could give the distinct impression that "Gironde" is from a variation of a surname that honored the Ukraine, and the Neuri Nahorites come to mind, albeit I linked the Neuri to the Roxolani Alans that I see in Roquefeuil lines. We just saw the Roque rock (the design that Roque's showed until recently) on fire in the Grand/Grant Crest as a testament to the Roquefeuil line in Gironde, but then as the fire/flames is code for Flemings, note that the wolf design of German Flemings is used in Roquefeuil colors in the Grane/Craine/Ground Coat. Thus, Roxolani were in Gironde.

It begs the question of whether the Garonne river through Gironde was named by Ukrainians of the Roxolani kind, and then just off the southern part of Lotet-Garonne there is another Roquefort location (shown on my Atlas). The Roquefort location in Aude is beside Foix, while Foix-Candale was partly from Candale at the Bordeaux area of Gironde.

The Alans of Dol had representation in Doly at the L'viv theater, and Gores are now known to use the Alan Coat in colors reversed, wherefore see what should be a version of the Gore Coat in the Crane Coat. It's to be expected that these Ukrainians came to southern France in conjunction with Kiev-Varangians, and this can also explain why Redones of southern France are also "Ruthene," the same term used for Slavic Rus in various parts of eastern Europe.

All of this is all-the-more amazing to me because Julie's ancestry is from the L'viv area of the Ukraine. Moreover, Julie has been a dragon hunter (loosely said) whom has traced to Alans at the ancient heart of Masonry. I get the distinct impression that she was prepared by God's direction years ago to fill in many of our blanks at this time. My dragon hunt's Hebrew elements started as Direction and a Promise from God that he would find Buzites.

Recall the ermined white-on-red earlier above, for entering "Ruth" and "Rother" gets more ermined white on red. Irish Ruths use the MacCarthy/Arty stag design (as well as the Maxwell-Crest stag design), which may be important for the Granes/Greaneys, first found in Cork, home of MacCarthys. As MacCarthys/Artys are suspect with MacCarthers, by what coincidence is the MacArthur crown used by Grane-like Grands/Grants??? Moreover, it's the MacArthurs who are said (in the Campbell write-up) to be at the root of Campbells, and it's the Campbell gyronny that traces to the same in the Arms of Gironde.

As we just saw Picardy elements link to this discussion, by what coincidence is the Picard Coat the white-and-blue gyronny that is also the Arms of Gironde??? And both Roets (from Picardy) and Irish Ruths (show no variations) use the oak tree, while Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found in the same place (Moray) as Picards, it appears that Ruths and Ruths/Rothers (merged with Randolphs of Moray) were the same as Roets. There is a small argument for tracing the Half/Help Coat to the Picard Coat in that Halfs/helps were first found in the same place as Holders, for the Picard Crest is the same beast used in the Holder Crest. And, in the Holder Coat are the beasts (different colors) used by the Da-Vinci-suspect Vince's/Vinch's.

Roets were traced solidly in the last update to Carians, who smack of "crane" and "Ukraine." As Nahorites of the Ukraine worshiped the wolf, consider the wolf-depicted Lycaons and neighboring Lycians, for to the Greeks, "lyco(s)" meant wolf. Lycians lived beside/amongst Carians, thus providing a reason for a Caria trace to the naming of the Ukraine. It also allows surnames using the crane to trace to Carians.

I took notice that the Gore-related Crane Coat uses a fesse in the colors of Cromptons, important where Roets linked in the last update to the Croms/Crumbs using the Vincent quatrefoils, and thereby traced smack to Rennes-le-Chateau. I've neglected to say until now that the Vatts, to which the Roet/RoWATT tree traces, are shown also as "MacWatters." Waters are now very important in lines to Rennes-le-Chateau, as per the discovery in the last update that Renfrews were from the same place (Edenburk) as Water-related Weatherburns. In the last update, the "water bouget" symbol had linked to the "book expanded" in the Roet Crest. The Vatts/Watters were even first found in the same place (Argyllshire) as MacArthurs / Campbells.

The pair of glasses hanging from the oaks of the Watts and Vatts/Watters can now be gleaned as code for Renfrew's Glasgow lines. It means that Weatherburns were the same as Vatts/Watters, and link-able to Roets / Ruths...and to Rodhams/Roddens, consequently, all Rhodians of the Roquefeuil-Rod kind in the neighborhood of Rennes-le-Chateau.

AHA! It's a good thing the Star-Terek topic (Alania related) was recent, for after writing on the Rodhams/Roddens above, I recalled from Gene Roddenbury (producer of Star Trek) that the Stars ("VIVE" motto term!) use the ell-seeing-eye, as do Watts and Vatts/Waters. And it's a good thing I took the time to re-load the Star Coat just now, the day after mentioning that the Crom/Crumb cat is in the design of Turtle/Tuttle cat, for the Star Crest was spotted using the same cat design, made more important because the Star Coat is in the colors of the Crombys/Cromys, first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as Five's/Fifys. It's telling us that the "Vive" motto term of Stars is for the Five / Fife bloodline to the Ukraine, for "Crom" is now identifiable with crane lines.

Cramps/Crame's, linked in the last update to Vincent-de-Cramenil in Le Havre (the location of Crom-related Vincents), were first found in the same place (Worcestershire) as Watts, and both use "Fide" in their mottoes.

Cramers, first found in Bavaria, use a ram in the colors of the Foots / Fido's/Fiddes'/Fothes' who trace to Foetes/Fussen of Bavaria. The Vetts/Fetts/Fetters (sun) were also first found in Bavaria, and one Moray Coat no longer shown used a "fetterlock." It's suggesting that the Vatt- and Watt-related Roets=Ruths/Rothers of Moray linked to Bavaria's Vetts/Fetters, which may explain why Irish Cramers (Cork, where Ruths were first found) use a Chief that may be a version of the Foet Chief.

Irish Cramers use the red rooster of the English Cocks/Koke's, important where Chacers were a branch of Cocks/Koke's, and then the rooster of Dutch Cocks is in Star / Cromby/Cromy colors.

To help show that "Crom" can trace to the crane line, the CRANmers are also "Crammer," and their Coat uses cranes, not to mention a chevron in colors reversed to Cramps/Crame's.


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