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The facts surrounding the murder of the Libyan ambassador, Christopher Stevens, shows the marks of an inside job. Obama, Hillary, and Susan Rice (Obama's UN ambassador) were reporting, for several days, a story now known to be false, that the attack on the embassy was sudden, not planned, by a mob angry at the anti-Mohammed video released on September 11 in Cairo. By what coincidence were Stevens and at least three others killed that evening? Doesn't it appear as though the Obama circle had the video released on that day so as to provide a bogus reason for the embassy deaths?

Obama must have many Arab agents across north-Africa by now with whom he is working secretly, possibly to de-stabilize American interests there. Remember, Obama sent a couple of thousand dangerous guns to Mexican gangs for the sheer purpose of foiling American interests in the border war, simultaneous with his seeking to undo the American economy. All these things are in keeping with a communist hatred for capitalist America.

By framing the embassy murders on a mob, Obama may be better able to keep the CIA and FBI from seeking the real intruders, which hunt could lead investigators right back to his O-circle. To this day, it seems that Obama has not engaged a serious or real hunt for the perpetrators, an omission he would be less capable of getting away with had he admitted from the start that a terrorist group was responsible. Moreover, what terrorist group can he begin to blame for the attack when he knows his own involvement in allowing the terrorists to murder his embassy staff? It is very risky to himself if investigators were to discover what group or individuals took part in the attack, especially if they were in cahoots with Obama people.

The worst the Republicans are accusing on television (i.e. to the public) is that Obama wants to deflect a bad decision -- not to increase security at the Libyan embassy -- for political reasons at this election time. The Republicans, and Fox, will not show that they entertain the idea that Obama had Stevens and/or Smith killed, and for all I know, the O-circle purpose may have been specifically to kill Sean Smith, the Foreign Service Information Management Officer. What information did he have that may have become dangerous to Obama?

When Smith's mother appeared on Judge Jeanine of Fox, saying that her son was killed because "he knew too much," Jeanine did not whatsoever zero in on that comment. It was ignored because Fox is a for-profit business afraid to play the loner in engaging a "conspiracy theory." Fox has never once, so far as I've been watching, commented on the claim made by Smith's mother, that she has never seen her son's body.

How could it benefit Obama's political aims to blame it on sudden mob violence versus a pre-planned terrorist attack? Surely he would have known beforehand that damage to his political aspirations would, in either scenario, be from the lack of security at the embassy. Yet Fox is barely emphasizing the reasons for failed security before the event, choosing instead to focus on Obama's attitude after the event. The Republicans (and non-Republicans) are saying that Obama has chosen to blame the video and mob violence to deflect from his incompetence on the fight against terror, but this doesn't answer to the coincidence of the Mohammed video coming out on the day of the embassy attack. Nor does it speak to Hillary's pulling the security forces from Libya on the day of the murders.

Yes, there is the possibility that the purpose was not to kill Stevens, for he survived to a hospital visit. Smith's mother reported that although she begged Obama and Leon Panetta (and others) in person to state the reason for, and particulars of, her son's death, they denied her and merely promised to get back to her. But they never did get back. Unlike the body of Stevens, Smith's body was taken away by Americans at the embassy, but then they didn't reveal how he when a defence lawyer tells his client to say nothing publicly lest risking incrimination in the trial coming later.

You can be sure that when an ambassador and part of his team are murdered, the first thing on Obama's agenda as soon as possible, the next day at the latest, would be a meeting with representatives of the CIA, the State Department, the embassy people, and/or the military. At such a meeting, discovery of details on the dead bodies would be a natural issue. Discovery of the true identity of the terrorist attackers would have been Obama's on that day, yet he, to this day in the middle of October, pretends to know virtually nothing on the details of the attack and attackers.

I write here on the day of the second debate between Obama and Romney, where this issue is predicted to come up, though some may predict that it will not come up because it promises to be too much of a prick in Obama's side. Obama has a way of managing the media to his own favor.

Obama gave Joe Biden the message to speak in Biden's televised debate with Paul Ryan. Biden said in the debate that he and Obama did not know of any compromised security at the embassy -- strongly implying that they did not know it to be compromised by Hillary Clinton -- all the time that the O-people were blaming it on a mob outside the embassy, a mob that is now known with absolute certainty not to have existed.

In fact, Biden said that "we" (i.e. implies Obama too) knew nothing of the security requests made by the Stevens people. And because Hillary was one of the key people along with Obama to blame the event on mob violence, it's clear that she decided to play an O-puppet even though she herself was officially responsible for security at the embassy. That is, she agreed from the start to take the fall for this tragedy, suggesting something for her to gain or avoid by the murders. And even when the O-team is forced to blame their attitude on Intelligence, the Intelligence community stands up as an O-puppet too, trying as much as possible to ape the O-line.

The fact that the Obama people will not report to Smith's mother so much as where Smith's body might be is damning. It seems in a Wikipedia quote that Smith's body was driven away by U.S. staff, and yet that is not certain in the quote: "According to U.S. officials, the security officer escaped and the staff found Smith dead. However, the staff were unable to locate Ambassador Stevens before being driven from the building under small arms fire." However, at the end of last week, Bret Baier of Fox, in an one-hour show on the topic, showed Smith's dead body whisked away by car with American drivers, to a near-by safe-house. And in that same show, Smith's body was reportedly flown to America along with the body of Stevens. Yet Smith's mother claims she has not yet seen it to date.

In this event, the O-plotters couldn't argue that they had to bury the body immediately at sea. But, to date, they seem to need a story concocted, just the same, to explain the absence of the body, if only some major media would start asking questions about it. The silence of Fox on this matter is screeching.

It seems the body was to be taken as a matter of the O-plot to hide the evidence of how it was killed, yet we are left to assume that Smith died of smoke inhalation. Wikipedia's article on Sean Smith does not mention what happened to his body.

In my current opinion, the Obama people either: 1) made a deal with the invaders to have Smith / Stevens killed, or; 2) to the contrary, had no deal made but knew that the attack was coming on the 11th, wherefore the O-people arranged the Mohammed video to reach Cairo on the 11th too, and some O-people may even have been behind the resulting Cairo violence. Wikipedia's article:

According to the Daily Mail News Online, Ambassador Stevens had sent out a diplomatic cable expressing concerns, on the day he was killed, that security at Benghazi was compromised. Stevens stated that two Libyan security groups were threatening to withdraw over a disagreement on U.S. Policy whether centrist politician Mahmoud Jibril [the man of the West's choice] would become Libya's prime minister. The U.S. head of security-operations in Libya had requested more reinforcements at the American Embassy in Benghazi, after the U.S. State Department withdrew dozens of [security] people out of Libya a month earlier before the attack on Stevens.

News shows have reported that a dozen requests by the Stevens people for more security were ignored by Hillary's State Department, which can again suggest that a plot was underfoot from Obama to have Stevens / Smith killed. When security evaporates on a September 11th, of all dates, after repeated threats against that embassy, you know that Hillary is involved in the killing. If you can't arrive to this conclusion, it's because you place too much confidence in the Democrat beast. This beast is what is predicted to throw truth to the ground in the anti-Christ period, but if lying for political advantage is the worst it will do, it wouldn't justify Armageddon upon them.

As of October 15, Hillary finally admitted to taking full responsibility for the deaths, and we would like to hear more on this confession. But the most she will admit, if only implied between the lines of her words, is that the O-dministration did not want to alienate the Libyans who were calling for less U.S. presence in their country. It's a lame excuse, but it's the only one they've got, so far as I can see at this time. To blame the Republicans for not granting enough money to provide the security requested by Stevens is more lame yet, but Democrat leaders have floated that idea too for their trusting naive-ites.

In the last update, I mentioned wrongly that Sean Smith had been a Navy SEAL; it was the other two men killed that were Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone WOODS. Ambassador Stevens even had a partner in Libya, Lt. Col. Andrew WOODS, featured in Bret Baier's show speaking out against Obama's / Hillary's lack of security. Andrew Woods was in charge of the State Department's 16-member security team (SST) in Libya.

It's interesting that the Woodsman/Waldenman surname was linked to Obama's Wolfley / Waldwyn bloodline just in the last update, though I failed to mention the WOULD variation of the two Wood surnames, a term seemingly linka-able to "Walden."

The DOUGHerty/Doherty's are also "MacDevitt" and use the same Coat as Davids/Devitts, like the David / Davis surname. Obama's birth father, Frank Davis, is now suspect as the son of a Lewis Stevenson, who was himself a Davis on the female side.

The Doherty surname (also "DocHARTY") uses a red stag (called a "HART" at times) in a design like the Fleming wolf used in white by Quillans. It just so happens that the Obama bloodlines, especially the Wolfleys > Woodmans / Quills/Woods (the latter use a "woodsman" in Crest) were traced in the last update to Quillan (at Rennes-le-Chateau). Quillan was never a topic before, as I had not known about it until tracing the dragon vehemently to Rennes-le-Chateau.

Is this coincidental: 1) I announced at the top of the last update that my emphasis on the Stevens bloodline from about the end of August (just before Stevens murder) and into late September urges me to investigate/discuss the Stevens murder in the name of God's will; 2) the Wood(s) surname was laced to Obama's bloodlines in multiple ways without doubt.

I kid you not that I didn't know the name of Tyrone Woods in the last update. I kid you not that, on the last day (yesterday) of the last update, I was wondering why the motto of English Woods/Woulds use "UNDis" while Scottish Woods/Woulds use "DefEND," and I looked at the End surname at that time, but came away with nothing to say...though the motto, "True to the end" came to mind. I couldn't even recall what surname had "True to the end," even though I quoted it in the last update like so: "The Humes use the motto, 'True to the end,' and then the Lathe's, accessed from the Dreger/Dreyer write-up, use, 'Trustie to the end.'"

Humes use a lion in the colors of the Doherty stars, and in the Crest the Hume lion head belongs also to the Davis Crest. This should mean that "DEFend" is double code (as expected), in-part for the Daffy variation of Davids. In fact there is a DOUGHerty variation of Dohertys (which might just be indication of Duffs in the Doherty family).

Does this mean that I'm wrong to trace "Daffy" to "Daphne" when it simply traces to a variation of "David"? No, for Daffys/Davids were first found in Cheshire, where DAVENports and Diva belonged, and Davenports use the same-type crosslet as the Woods/Woulds who use "defend." Plus, we saw that Wolfleys of Cheshire use the "flaunches" of the Malis/Mellish Coat, who likely link to the Malls/Mallibones/MARLYbones and Marleys, both first found in Cheshire. And Marleys use the dolphin, ancient symbol of Daphne.

I say Daphne named Devon (where Malis'/Mellish's were first found), but also Diva, an old name for CHESter, the CHEShire capital, and all of this suggests that the "FlanCHES" is double code, one for CHESter / CHEShire, and one for the Flan/Flint surname. I'm very happy to report that the Flans/Flints were linked (tentatively) in the last update (i.e. before coming to this Doherty / David investigation), for while Welsh Davids were first found in Cheshire, Welsh Davis' were first found in neighboring FLINTshire! Therefore, flaunches (not to be singularized, apparently, as "flaunch") are code for Cheshire-Flint elements. And Flints/Flans just happen to use symbols (arrow heads, chevron) in the colors of the Doherty/Devitt and Devitt/David/Dade stars! We get yet more swans when entering the "Sine" motto term of Flints/Flans.

In the last update, the Flint/Flan Coat was linked to the Shake/Shakerley surname ("MOLEhills"), and now I see that they use "ANTiquam" as a motto term, suggesting the End bloodline yet again but also the Qumran Essenes. I happen to trace "HUME" to "QUMran," and it's the Humes/Homes who use the "end" motto term. Plus, I trace "Home" to the idea of "L'Hom, and therefore to LOMBrards, and the Arms of Lombardy are white-on-green, the colors, not only of the Humes/Homes, but of Dohertys/Devitts and Devitts/Davids/Dade's.

Italian Lombards use stars in the colors of the End(er) stars, but then many surnames use stars in those colors. The End(er) Coat looks like a version of the COMERford Coat, and I did trace Gomerians to the naming of QUMRan. The Comerford motto looks like code for both Shows/Schaws and Deans, the latter first found in Ananias-suspect Placentia, wherefore keep in mind that the Stevens Coat shows signs of linkage to Haifa-related Halfs/Helps and Chappes'.

The initial reason for quoting the Hume motto above is for what was found this morning at the Christopher Stevens article:

Stevens was born in 1960, in Grass Valley, California, the eldest of three siblings born to Jan S. Stevens, a Yolo County Superior Court judge, DAVIS city councilman and California Assistant Attorney General, and his wife Mary (née Floris) J. Stevens, a Chinook Indian and cousin of Chinook elder Catherine Troeh.

Troeh??? Isn't that a variation of the True/Trow surname (helmet with plume of feathers) honored in the Hume motto along with the Ends (or branch thereof) who are themselves honored by the Wood mottoes? The Scottish Wood/Would write-up traces to the Bush branch of Bosco: "First found in Leicestershire, England. However, during ascension of William to the English throne, the family were stripped of their land holdings in Leicestershire by the king, and moved north to Dumfriesshire, Scotland. The first of the family in this region are said to descend from a Norman knight by the name of Ernald de Bosco (Bosco is a Latinized form of wood,) who accompanied William the Conqueror."

It's easy to trace the Bosco's > Woods/Woulds to Ligurians at Leicester, especially as the Trough's/TROEtons, accessed from the True write-up, use swans. The Troeton variation smacks of the Hume motto, "TRUE TO the end."

The paragraph above suggests that Woods trace to Busca in Cheney-suspect Cuneo of interior Liguria. Did Obama have Bush-Cheney elements killed in this election season??? After all, the Smiths were in the Bush bloodline. Troughs/Troetons were even first found in the same place (Buckinghamshire) as Cheneys...who use the Sale / Saleman bend belonging to Salyes Ligurians, whom I have long identified with the Ligurian swan cult. It just so happens that Busca is beside Saluzzo. The English Bush Coat now showing uses eagles in the colors of the Saleman eagle.

Both the Hillary and Clinton surnames use six crosslets of the same design, colors and positions, and the Clinton Shield-and-Chief combination is in the colors of the same of Saluzzo's. The Clinton stars are in the colors of the End stars, but then many surnames use stars in these colors. It was the Italian Lombards above who use stars in these colors, BUT ZOWIE, the Clinton and Lombard Coats are a near match!

I've linked the Saluzzo Coat to the Cutters, and then the Bosco-rooted Woods are said to be from a "woodCUTTER." Clever rats. Salyes lived in the Cottian mountains. The Hillary and Clinton crosslets were mentioned not far above because they are used, in the same colors again, by Devitt-suspect Davenports, and the latter even show a Doherty-like Donarty variation. But then the Woods/Woulds with "defend" motto term in honor of the Daffys/Davids / Devitts use the same crosslets, albeit in different colors. You can see here that all three names in "Hillary Rodham Clinton" link to the surnames of the two men, Doherty and Woods, killed in the embassy attack. Bill Clinton has been suspect in the past of murdering his political enemies.

Davenports were first found in Astbury, in the area of Cheshire that holds MACCLESfield, and then the "Sine MACULa" motto of Flints/Flans can apply. Both the Cheshire Davids and the Arms of Macclesfield use "copia" in their mottoes. The Astbury surname uses what looks like a version of the Covert Coat.

Swans in the design of the Trough/Troeton swans were found in the last update in the Hedge Coat (porcupine QUILLs in Crest) because Harris' use hedgehogs, but also because Harris' were looked up in the first place as per the Harris location of the Scottish QUILLs, a branch, we may assume, of the Quills/Woods.

Heraldry has therefore just linked the Troeh surname of Christopher Stevens mother to the Woods and therefore to Obama's mother's Wolflin > Wolfley bloodline(s), wherefore by what coincidence did Stevens die along with a Tyrone Woods? And, by what coincidence did a Doherty die along with them while Dohertys appear to use a version of the Quillan wolf? Who arranged for Woods and Doherty to appear at the Benghazi embassy under attack? Did they also arrange for their murders?

If that's not enough, both Rodhams and Italian Bosco's use the tree stump, and the same Bosco Coat uses stars in the colors of the End stars. I've been tracing the Rodham cinquefoil for years to Leicester's cinquefoil (white on red), and the Leicester cinquefoil, known to be the Hamilton cinquefoil, belongs also to the Bus/Busse surname. Didn't we just read in the Wood/Would write-up that they, as Bosco's, were from Leicestershire??? By what coincidence does the Rodham motto use "DEFicit," perhaps code for the same surname implied by the "DEFend" motto term of the Woods/Quills?

Plus, as the End-related True's/Trow's show a "Trog" in their write-up along with "Trough," you know, if you understood the Trojan topics of the last update, that we are on Trojans in both the True/Trow and Trusty surnames, and in the "Trustie to the end" motto. Here's from the last update:

It's the Lathe's/Lethe's who use a "Trustie" motto term in honor of Dreger-related Trace-and-Trusty liners. The motto, "Trustie to the end," should link to the Hume motto, "True to the end," and for that matter we find that the End(er) surname uses the Troy (and Feuerer) unicorn.

It seems that "TRUSty" traces to the Tros version of the city of Troy that may have named Thrace.

The Doherty branch of Devitts/Davids are also shown as "Dade, and it just so happens that Ade's use the same bend as Rodhams and Davids / Davis'. Ade's even use black leopards on their bend while Davids / Davis' use black lions. The leopard in the Ade Crest is called jessant-de-lis, and is used in the Copper Chief. As Coppers are from the Kypros > Herod line, it explains why: 1) Dohertys are also DocHARTY; 2) Dohertys and Devitts/Davids/Dades use the red hart, and; 3) Ade's were first found in the same place (Berwickshire) as Arthurs.

Humes, using a lion in the colors of the Doherty / Devitt/David/Dade stars, as well as using the Davis lion head, were likewise first found in Berwickshire. And it's Humes who use the "end" motto term that for the time is thought to be honored by the Woods mottoes. We have Davis', Woods, and Dohertys' in this one paragraph, all suspect from Obama lines.

The last time on the jessant term, it had linked on the one hand to Arthurians, and on the other to Roquefeuil-related Jests/Guests; the latter happen to use swans in both Coat and Crest, and they are the swans of the Hedge Coat and Crest. As Ade's are also "Eddie," they may be a branch of Hedge's. I'm assuming that the Trough swans are to be linked, and so see that the Trough Crest uses the same white lion head (essentially) as in the Davis / Hume Crest. Troughs were accessed from the "True to the end" motto of Humes. The Guest motto term of Jests gets more swans in the English Guest Coat and Crest, and in this case the swans in the Coat are half in the colors of the Trough swans.

The same white lion head is in the Crest of the Flowers...who use a cinquefoil in colors reversed to the Rodham cinquefoil, both cinquefoils having an ermined background. Bill Clinton had an affair with Jennifer Flowers. From the last update: "To prove [Turner] links to Dregers/Dreyers even better, the Rind motto includes: "DiuTURNitate." Plus, while Dregers/Dreyers use a "bouquet of flowers, the Rind Crest is A flower pot containing gillie flowers....both Potters and Flowers use a white-on-black cinquefoil. " White-on-black cinquefoils are used also in the Lamb Coat, and it just so happens that Hillary's accomplice in the fabrication concerning the Stevens murder is Charlene Lamb, deputy assistant secretary state for international programs. Lambs and Rodhams were even first found in the same place (Northumberland).

The Rinds entered the discussion as per the Turner Coat symbol like the "millrind" of other Coats, and it just so happens that the Rand/Rynd surname, suspect with the Obama line of Randolph, uses the triple chevron of the Singletarys, the surname that in Obama's line changed to "Dunham." Randolphs and Dunhams use the same Coat.

The Rind motto is, "Diuturnitate fragrantior." It seems to be code in-part for a RANTior-like surname, and then entering "Render," a Coat in Rind colors comes up using a "Trust" motto term suggesting the Trusty surname with "end" motto term. In this picture, the End surname, shown properly as "Ender," could be a family merged with Renders = Rinds / Rand/Rynds / Randolphs. The Henters/Enders, whose three arrows I've traced to the three Khazar tribes of the original Hungarians, seem to apply as they easily morph to "Ender."

I identify the white-on-blue of Henters/ENDERs (= Rangabe colors), because they come up with "Inger," with the Rangabe-Khazar line of Melissena, wife of Inger, one of the first Varangians proper. It's off-topic because the Davids / Davis can trace well to David I of Scotland, son of Margaret who spent time with king ANDERS/Andrew of Hungary and with Yaroslav, Varangian king of Kiev. In this picture, the Ends are looking like lines from king Andrew, or at least part of the Yaroslav-Andrew-Scotland axis. It works excellently where the Keeps, suspect a "Kiev" elements, use a "Tryst" motto term of their own! This is the first time that I've been able to identify Trust-like surnames with the Varangian-Hungary-Scotland axis, but then I do trace Varangian RUS to Drakes who trace well to "Thrace" and its proto-Rus god of war, Ares.

The Doherty/Devitt and Devitt/David/Dade Coats even use the mythical symbol (stag) of Hungarians. And it's known that Obama's Randolph line traces back to Moray (where I expect the Mures-river Khazars that were also in the line to royal Hungarians), and to king David I of Scotland.

The proto-Hungarian Magyars had moved along the north shores of the Black sea in reaching Hungary, and may therefore have settled the Kiev theater before the Varangians arrived. In fact, Varangians arrived during the life of Arpad, founder of Hungarians. The Budini were living in the Kiev theater, and the L'viv area of the Ukraine was home at one point for the Budini-related Nahorites (i.e. Neuri) who trace to the proto-Varangian Varni. The L'viv term was identified with Vey/Vivians and related Fifes and Fives/Fifys with some solid evidence. Shortly after making the discovery that L'viv traced to the Arthurian elements of the Fifes, which included the Daffy-suspect Duffs and Cuffie's, some heraldic cranes were found to trace to "Ukraine." The Smiths use a heron design that I've seen officially as cranes, you see, and Dohertys and Woods are already tracing to the Varangian-Hungary-Scotland axis. The Smiths who use the heron/crane even use "Semper paratus" as a motto, like the "Semper fidelis" in the Arms of L'viv.

I cannot make out the difference in the birds used by the Crane surname versus the Heron surnames. It's suggesting that Smiths call their bird a heron for linkage to Herons, who by the way show a "desperANDum" motto term. Irish Herons/HEFFRons/HAVERans smack of the Havers who were traced in the last update to Rennes-le-Chateau. Here's from the last update: "...Those exclamation marks are for the Vincent write-up: "They were originally from ST. Vincent-de-Cramenil in Le HAVRE in Normandy." (Did you note that another black wolf is in the Mussel Crest, and that it should connect with the Quoid / Mackay wolf?)"

Kiev was anciently the domain of Cimmerians, thought to be Gomerians. Not far above, COMERfords were shown as a probable branch of End(er)s, jibing now with the idea that king Andrew's Hungarian elements had been in the Kiev theater. Immediately after mention of Comerfords, it was pointed out that the "Stevens Coat shows signs of linkage to Haifa-related Halfs/Helps and Chappes'" (i.e. home of proto-Essenes). That was said just after linking the Comerford motto ("So ho ho dea en") to the Shows/Schaws and Italian Deans, both of which use the same crescents, apparently, and moreover these colors are those of the Chapman crescent. Not only do I trace Shaws to Caiaphas, but the Deans were first found in Ananias-suspect Placentia. English Deans, using the same crescents as Italian Deans, were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Coverts and Diens/Dives (these are at the root of the "Ich Dien" motto of the Prince of Wales).

Therefore, Deans are highly suspect with the Dien/Dive surname (Masci wing) from Diva of Cheshire, and therefore suspect with Devitts / Davids. And the Devitt / Doharty stars have already traced to the Humes suspect as Gomerians from Qumran (and/or Homs of Syria). One Irish Dean Coat uses three of the Glass wings shown by Portuguese Alfreds, and then both Alfreds and Halfs/Helps use the hourglass that traces to Trypillians in the Ukraine's L'viv area. But Trypillians also lived in Moldavia, in the CARPAThian mountains that named ARPAD, father of Hungarians.

I had even traced the Gomerians at Qumran to "CHEMMites" of Kemmis in Egypt, and then both Halfs/Helps and Kemmis' were first found in Gloucestershire. The Cams/Games (Camerons?) of Gloucestershire may even use a blue version of the Carpenter Coat, important if Carpenters trace to "Carpathian" elements. Camerons use bunched arrows that I feel traces to the arrow symbol of Hungarian tribes. While the Hungarian capital of Buda was named, in my opinion, by Budini of the Kiev theater, the other name for that city, SiCAMBRia, was named by Chemmite-related Cimmerians.

The Norrys', who I trace to the wolf-worshiping Neuri without question, show both a black wolf in Crest and the fesse used also by Caiaphas-suspect Coverts/Cofferts, whom I see as a branch of Havers, Hephers...and Hofs of the Fife theater who created the Feys/Duffs/Cuffie's. The Caiaphas line therefore merged to its eternal loss with marked Nahorites of global rule. And it just so happens that I traced the Heron/HAVERan surname (ardua" motto term for their Herod side) to Ananias by gleaning that he was born from Eleazar AVARAN Maccabee. Coverts and Havers have both traced exactly to Rennes-le-Chateau, beside Roquefeuil that was founded by Neuri-related Roxolani.

Herons/Haverans use roughly the Stewart pelican-on-nest, and their herons are in the colors of the stars of Duff-suspect Dohertys/DOUGHertys.

To make a longer story short, Stewarts were Nahorites and Budini, and for that reason Nahorites and Budini rule the U.S. military today. Therefore, Nahorites and Budini can be found in high-level operations such as the one in Libya under discussion. These updates lose some/most Republican readers for portraying the U.S. military as integral to the end-time dragon, but God willing, Christians who admire the Republican party will start to see that Republican leaders too often lamb-like dragons.

According to Libya at the highest level, the attackers were Libyans: "Five days after the attack Libyan President Mohamed Yousef el-Magariaf said in an interview that foreigners infiltrated Libya over the past few months, planned the attack, and used Libyans to carry it out." This makes Obama suspect in discussing with certain Libyans to have Smith and/or the ambassador murdered. The article continues: "...Ansar al-Sharia, an Islamist militia alleged to have played a role in the attack."

Duh, I think by now it's obvious to the world that Obama is an anti-Israeli seeking Israel's downfall by empowering Sharia-law advocates in north Africa. The change of regime in Egypt came as Obama and Netanyahu were feuding before the world stage, and Obama was losing badly, feeling disgraced upon his glass pedestal. Then, it's known that Obama was involved with Chicago individuals / groups sympathizing with Israeli Palestinians. I presented a position in September updates wherein Obama's own grandfather was a Stevenson surname from Chicago, and at the beginning of that topic, I did not know that the new Libyan Ambassador, who I assume Obama chose personally, was a Stevens surname.

The Smith surname is one I now link to the presidential Bush family, and to Mormons (founded by Joseph Smith). The presidential Bush family has ancestry in the 1800s in Rochester, where Joseph Smith lived too who founded the Mormons in 1830. The ancestry of the Bush family at the Rochester theater even included a Smith surname. I had written" "In other words, it looks like Joseph's Smith's father had a Fay-Duffy bloodline in his mother's Duty[Duthie] surname. Again, James Smith Bush married a Fay surname. This is the first time ever that I've linked Bush ancestry to the Smith line of Mormon progenitors." The Duffs and Dutys/Duthie's use the same lion in the same colors, and Duffys use the Morgan lion belonging to mythical Morgan-le-Fay. The Duff and Duty lions are also the Dutch Bush lion.

Didn't Smiths already trace above to the Ukraine, and to L'viv in particular, where Fife lines of the Fay kind had traced??? And don't I insist that Bush's, from Busca, were of the same Buzites as the Budini at Bute? The James Smith Bush above (of Yale) was the great-grandfather of the first Bush president: James Smith Bush was born in Rochester, New York to Obadiah Newcomb Bush and Harriet Smith (1800-1867). Hariet Smith was roughly the age of Joseph Smith.

The presidential Bush's endorsed Romney before he won his Republican nomination. I have mentioned twice in updates that the Ryan surname (that Romney chose as the next vice-president) is also "Mulryan," like the Mulrooney surname with Moroney variation. In other words, the Mormons, said to be named after a mythical Moroni, were founded largely by Mulrooneys (which surname made it to the Canadian "throne" not very long ago in the Conservative camp). The Ryan motto even shows "mori."

Previous to Stevens, the Libyan ambassador was Gene Cretz, nominated by Bush: "Cretz was born in Albany, New York and attended Albany High School, where he taught from 1977 to 1979. He received a bachelor's degree from the University of Rochester " Obama removed Cretz to replace him with an Obama bloodliner, Stevens.

The point is, Sean Smith may have been planning to undo Obama in order to get Romney elected, when the O-circle discovered Smith's plot and had him killed.

The article above continues: "After the fatal September 11 attack, CNN reported that a Benghazi security official and a battalion commander had met with U.S. diplomats three days before the attack and had warned the Americans about deteriorating security in the area. The official told CNN that the diplomats had been advised that '[t]he situation is frightening, it scares us.'" I cannot believe Hillary's implication that she did not inform Obama (or his high-level staff, same thing) on this lack of security, but by her decision on October 15 to take full responsibility for the deaths, she is sending the message that Obama's re-election (i.e. keeping Republicans out of the White House) is more important to her than creating a tarnished reputation for herself as a high-level politician. But her loyalty to Obama, and her statements, could change as developments continue.

In any case, there was no reason for Hillary to inform Obama on the lack of security. If she makes that claim, she would be telling the truth...because Obama already knew of the lack of security. It is simply non-credible that Hillary chose to minimize security, at that fragile and threatening period, aside from the nod or order coming from Obama himself.

Charlene Lamb, who works for Hillary's State Department, was the one who said that the O-purpose was to make security at the Libyan embassy "artificially low." What does that phrase mean? It sounds murderous. Does "artificially" mean "fabricated, man-made, deliberate, not natural"?

It's not the day after the Romney-Obama debate. People at Fox News have been mentioning that live-feed video, of the embassy attack, was being watched and/or listened to by the State Department, and I think they are telling that it was Lamb who was watching. If correct, how possibly could she and/or others watching not have conveyed such a thing to Hillary immediately? It would mean that Hillary lied and avoided the truth when denying the terrorist attack in all the time that her O-team, including Lamb herself, was denying it, and so lets not forget that Rodhams use cinquefoils in colors reversed to Lambs, and that both surnames were first found in the same place. Kissin' cousins, right? Bloodline-lusters for engineering of the "global village." Spit!

The CIA has been apparently silent on their role, or on the controversy. It suggests that, until now, the CIA is playing a good Obama puppet. James Clapper, the chief of National Intelligence, even went along with the line that the attack was spontaneous, until his moral and/or political-savvy side could no longer do so, when he admitted against the O-tide that it was a terrorist attack. It was later revealed that Clapper, as with Hillary, knew the truth from the start. It must be true that Clapper wasn't going along at first based on orders or suggestions from Hillary, because he's under the direction of Obama, not Hillary.

In the debate, Obama claimed that he used the "terrorist" word on the day after the attack. True, but he took it out of context at the debate. He did not say, the day after the attack, that it was a terrorist attack, and yet in the debate he was claiming that very thing. Romney apparently won over many more Independents and Democrats due to Obama coming across non-believable.

By the remarks made in both the Obama and Hillary camps, the fault for not telling the truth is being laid at the feet of bad Intelligence. But no, wait, for late last week there was some word from Intelligence that, after all, it was a spontaneous attack by terrorists. This compromise-picture is about all that can be spun at this time to make the entire team seem justified in their error. But Fox news is making the issue seem centered on whether Obama lied to the people, when the stress should be on why military security was scarce to begin with at, and then pulled out from, the embassy on the same day of the attack. Hillary has no choice but to respond to the people as to why security was compromised, and so a high-level Republican effort has just sent an official letter to the O-dministration to ask that very question, expecting an official response this week.


Since recently finding that the Catherine wheel refers to Cathars of the Cazeres / Comminges theater, the Scott surname has been traced to that theater. It was not long after when the Arms of Jacques de Molay were traced to the blue-on-gold bend of Scottish Scots, first found in Roxburghshire. Then, this morning, an email was opened from emailer Pollock regarding the Scott-Douglas family of Buccleuch. One can see the Scott bend placed centrally in the Arms of the Duke of Buccleuch. In the Arms third quarter, the Douglas Coat appears with a bend in colors reversed to the Scott bend, which are the colors of the bend in the Arms of Jacques de Molay.

As the list of Douglas' septs includes Cuffie's and similar others, note that a bend in the colors of the de-Molay bend the are in the Caffie/MacHaffy/MaHALFy Coat. It had become suspect in the last update that Jacques de Molay was linked to Havers of the Roquefeuil theater. Havers use rooks in the colors of Shakespeare's ("Sans" motto term), and Shakes/Shakers use MOLEhills. Compare those molehills to the objects in the 4th quarter in the Arms of the Duke of Buccleuch. In the last update it was said: "The Sans eagle is in the colors of the Molay bend, and then the Offers/Overs, who smack of "Haver," use a bend in colors reversed...Reminder: the Offer/Over bend linked solidly in this update to the same of the Scottish Scotts, first found in the same place (Roxburghshire) as Moles..."

Moles/Mowe's use stars in the colors of the Douglas and Moray stars. It had been argued, for more reason than the MOREbattle location of Moles/Mowe's, that "Mole" was a variation of "More." As Douglas' were identified in the last update with Duffs, note that Irish More's/Moors use the Irish Duffy lion. Then, Scottish More's/Moors use a fesse in the colors of the Scott bend, while both surnames use a gold star upon their respective blue. We even saw in the last up[date that the "Amo" motto of the Scotts is a version of the "Amore" motto of the Turris surname...because Turris' use the Scott Coat. Here's more from the last update:

...Kellys [suspect at Quillan] use a "Turris" motto term, and then the Turris/Tarsas surname (the Offer/Over bend?), first found in MORay, shows the motto, "Amore." It just so happens that Spanish Amors (hearts) were first found in the same place (Castile) as Moratins/Moreno's and Marina's, while English Amore's use a symbol much like that of Italian Marina's. As these elements trace to Rennes-le-Chateau (because Chateau's are also "Castile"), by what coincidence does the Turris Coat use the bend in colors reversed from the same of Jacques de Molay?

The Turris' were traced to Tuareg Amazons suspect with the Moor / Mauritanian elements in the Templars. The Chappes Moor head is not only used by German Moors, but French Moors were first found in the same place (Paris) as the Chappes', whom Hugh de Payen married. As the Bouillons use the same Moor head, the original Templars do indeed appear to be linked with whatever the Scott surnames were from i.e. suspect with Jacques de Molay...himself suspect as "Jacques de Moray."

The Kellys with Turris motto term use an Enfield griffin, as do the Wills who show the griffin design of the English Scotts with Catherine wheel. English Wills, showing the same griffin design, even use the same sort of Shield-on-Shield as English Scotts. Wills, like Kellys, are suspect from "Quillan." The Shield-on_shield of the Wills is used essentially by Montague's, and in the Arms of Buccleuch, the three white-on-red diamonds are those of Montague.

MontaGUE's appear to use the wings in the German Julian Crest. As some Pollock-related Blacks merged with Montague's, note that the Gue/Gout/GOUGH surname (Moor head) uses the same-colored stars as Blacks, which are the glass stars too, important because the Montague / Julian wing design is used by "Jewish" Glass'. The Blacks use the Maxwell saltire, in my opinion, and that's the saltire also of Julians/Gillians.

The Gue/Gouts/Goughs could be a branch of Goughs/Goffs (in Gopher/Govere/Gofair colors) using the same (almost) white-on-blue boars as the Gooch's/Googhs first found in the same place (Roxburghshire) as Scotts and Maxwells. As some Gopher variation smack of Coverts, note that Coverts and Actons both use white-on-red fesse's while Montague's (and Cravens) use an Acton-like motto.

The two Scott Coats are easily identified with the two talbot Coats, and the Talls/Thalls, using what should be the Talbot / Scott bend, are suspect with the Nazi-beloved Thule Society, important because Hiedlers/Hitlers use the Enfield griffin and are now tracing to "Aude," while Quillan is on the Aude river. It's Ironic that Nazi's trace to the dark skin of Mauritanians by other methods too. As the Enfield as the head of a fox, the Foix area beside Aude is suspect. The Talls/Thalls use a six-pointed star, and one can see a six-pointed star in the Scott Coat appearing in the Arms of Buccleuch.

The William surname (gyronny pattern) uses an "ENsiuvant" motto term that, in this picture, evokes the English ENgaine/Gaine surname (look like Gores/Cores) because the Irish Gaines are the ones using the Kelly ENfield and Kelly Coat. This may be suggesting that Quillan was named after "Guilliam/William." The talbot in the William Crest is alerting to a William trace to the Scott / Molay line.

Williamsons (in the colors of the William gyronny) are listed as a Mackay sept along with Pole's and Pilson/Polesdon-like terms (note the MORgan sept too). Recall from two updates ago that Jean of Foix married Margaret de-Pole. I trace both Pollocks and Mackays to Mieszko Poles, and Pollocks use a motto term in honor of Aude, suggesting that the Williamson surname traced to Quillan. Here are the trefoils of the Williamson Coat, in colors reversed to the Cliff/Cleve cinquefoil, important because the Viana line in Castile, suspect with Caiaphas elements of the Covert / Haver kind, married Cleve. That marriage is suspect as one indication of Caiaphas elements merging with those of Herod Archelaus' lines from Glaphyra-related Mauritanians.

The Williamson trefoils are in Campbell / Camp colors, and then due to the William gyronny half in the colors of the Campbell gyronny, it should be noted that the Campbell gyronny is in the second quarter of the Arms of Buccleuch. It is of little doubt that "gyronny" traces to the Garonne river flowing through Comminges and into Gironde, but the point here is that the Scott-Douglas line to which the Dukes of Buccleuch traced is from Cazeres at Comminges on the one hand, and from Foix in the case of the Douglas'. And Hitler's father married, not only a Polzl, but a Glassl, suspect with the Douglas/DuGLASS line. The Nazi's were traced years ago to the Gileki Iranians whom I see at the root of the Glass bloodline. The Halfs use the hourglass symbol, and Halfs are now suspect with the Caffie/MacHaffy/MaHALFy surname using a bend in the colors of the de-Molay bend, as well as gold boar heads, the symbol of the Campbell Crest.

The Caffie/MacHaffy/Mahalfy surname was early, "Clan MacKilhaffy," smacking in-part of Mackays. It was first found in Wigton, itself in Galloway, and GD has written in to say that Douglas' had a significant presence in Galloway (western Scotland). The Galloway area can trace easily to the Gileki, who are also called Gels, smacking of the Gillian variation of Julians who use the Douglas salamander in flames. Is it possible, therefore, to trace "William/Guilliam" to "Julian?" By what coincidence does one Williamson surname use a black-on-white saltire, the Julian/Gillian symbol? I even see the latter's saltire as the makings of the swastika, and a swastika in an ancient jewel from the land of the Gileki can be seen in the Wikipedia article on swastika's. Are we now tracing Julians to Quillan? Should "Quillan" link to "Quillestre," therefore?

Entering "Willis" gets one black chevron, the Williamson symbol too, but the Willis Coat uses stars in the colors of the Glass stars. The other Willis surname is the Will surname above with Enfield griffin. But ZOWIE, it's officially called a HALF griffin"!!

I recall a Willis-surname website showing for the Willis Arms the Germanic elephant trunks, with peacock feathers on the trunks. These elephant trunks are the kind shown in the Turner (and Thor) Crest. In that Turner Coat are a Catherine wheel, the Moratin tower that suggests Tuaregs for both Turner and Thor roots, and a gold-on-black lion that could just be the gold William lion on black-and-white gyronny.

The Scottish Williamson and Julian saltires look to link to the Baldwin saltire in the same colors, especially as the Baldwins of Flanders were FLEMISH, as is the Julian salamander in FLAMES. Plus, the Scottish Bald surname, using stars in the colors of the Glass stars, was first found in the same place (Peebles) as the Scottish Williamsons. As Balders use the Sinclair cross in the colors of the Williamson saltire, chances are that Williamsons were from William the Conqueror, explaining why Varangian-suspect Sinclair-viking elements were discovered by many means in the Comminges / Quillan theater.

It's now important for the Wolfley > Obama trace to Quillan that the Baldin/BALDWYNN Crest is a green wyvern, as with the Crest of the Wolfins/WALDWYNS...whose "Wallen" variation is itself suspect with "Quillan." The Baldwin wyvern is officially a "cockatrice" as though code for a Trice-like entity, and entering that term gets the Trist/Triss surname, first found in the same place (Cornwall) as Cocks/Koke's with Sinclair-style rooster tracing to Rostock. The motto of the Trist/Triss surname suggests the Trips/Trefs and that Rostock area.

German Balds use the hourglass Shield (!) in the colors reversed from the Bouillon-suspect Guido's of Bologna/Bononia, which is important where the black-on-white saltires above are to be understood as the skull-and-bones pirate flag. Reminder: that flag came to use a skull that some said was Mary Magdalene's, but in reality the reason behind such a claim has likely to do with Vincents, who use the Shield of Rennes-le-Chateau as well as the muzzled bears of the Forbes' (in Vincent colors) who use "Guide" in their motto.

Reminder: the Turner elephant trunks had traced to the same of the Varangian-suspect lords of Baden-WURTtemburg, and the Balds using the hourglass were first found in Baden while WARTs use an hourglass in the colors of the Half hourglass. The Turner-related Warners (both use the same split Shield in Wart colors) look like Varni > Varangians, and then English Warners use the same bend as the Arms of Baden.

While the Swedish Thors showing the elephant trunks show hearts, a Douglas symbol, German Thors show a solid blue-on-white chevron, the colors of the Half/Help "chevrons" or hourglass. Thus, Tuaregs lines to Templars merged with the line from Haifa to the Halfs...and likely of Douglas-related Caffie's/MaHALFys.

Did you notice that Talls/Thalls were first found in THURINGia, for Turrners had traced there. As the bees in the Tall/Thall Coat suggest the Merovingian bees because Clovis married Basina of Thuringia, note the besants used by Austrian Turners, for the Tall/Thall bee design is used by the Besant surname too.

Hitler's mother was a Polzl, wherefore we seem to be tracing Hitler's Aude bloodline, in the least, to de-Pole of Foix elements, explaining the Hitler use of a fox-headed griffin. And the Hitler-of-Aude bloodline is also tracing to Aude's Quillan, where the Obama line traced. Moreover, the Obama line of Randolphs traced to Moray, where the Mackays ruled at one point, which is mentioned because Peter Pollock, the first Pollock, was at Moray, and then two Peter surnames ("Sans" motto term, traced to Rennes le Chateau), both of which I trace confidently to Peter Pollock, use a bend in the colors of the bend of Jacques de Molay, which is the bend that I see used by Talbot-related Scotts and Talls/Thalls. As the latter are suspect from Clovis, by what coincidence are Pollocks traced by other to Clovis himself? Isn't this Pollock link to Talls/Thalls telling us that Pollocks should link to Scotts? Yes, and Scotts were first found in the same place (Roxburgh) as the Maxwell trunk of Pollocks.

Once again, de-Molay is tracing in the paragraph above to Moray so as to suggest a Molay=Moray equation, but what's new to me is that de-Molay should be tracing to Peter Pollock, whom I see as a grandson of Fulbert "the tanner." Like the Moor surnames that were found above to be fundamental to the Molay-suspect Scott surnames, the Tanner Coat uses Moor heads, wherefore if Peters were Tanners, a Peter link to Scotts should be the Peter bends tend to verify. As Fulbert the Tanner was the Conqueror's grandfather, it could be expected that the black-on-gold lion of English peters is a colors-reversed version specifically of the Williams lion.

The black boar of the Williamsons can now link to the black Bush boar because the colors of the Scott crescents and star are those of the crescent and star in the Bosco Coat. The Bosco's, according to the Wood/Would write-up, became the Woods/Woulds (club), who are suspect with the Wolfley/Waldins...and the Woodsmans/Waldenmans honored in the motto of club-using Quills/Woods. This club should trace to "Clovis" elements of the Glaphyra kind that merged with, or arrived to France as, Clovis' Bassianus elements. Yes, the Glaphyra Moors.

There is a question as to whether "Thall" was formed in honor of talbot-using Halls. In the last update, Turners were discovered with Dregers/DRAGERs/Dreyers, and here I now find that Turner-suspect Thalls look merged with Halls because the Swedish Hall Coat uses nearly the German TRAGER Coat!

The Swedish Hall Shield is split vertically in half in colors reversed to the vertically-split Place/Plais Shield, and then another club is used by the Wendels/Vandals upon the same split Shield as those of the Place's/Plais'. Confident that the latter surname traces to Placentia and therefore also to Clapton elements from Plsen/Pilsen to Placentia, let me repeat that Mackay septs include Williamsons as well as Poles, Polards, Polesons, etc. Note that the Bosco Coat shows a split Shield in the colors of the Hall / Place Shield. As Plsen is in Bohemia, note the Boist variation of the Scottish Bosco's...said to live in HALLton.

Although the Boist/Bosco "pillars" are not called "columns," they may have been columns originally because the term can trace to Hall-related Malcolms/MalCALLAMs, important because Malcolm III was joined to Leslie Hungarians while the Drummond Hungarians were from George, son of king Andrew, who reportedly married a woman from Podebrady/PodeBRODY in Bohemia. As Bohemia is beside Moravia, note that Brodys (three arrows, suggests the three Khazar tribes in Hungarian ancestry) were first found in Moray, also called "Moravia," and that Brodys use the Moray stars in colors reversed. Moreover, name of George's son, Maurice/Marot, traces to the Marots that ruled Khazars on the Mures river.

Pillars, who show the upright Levi lion in the colors of the same of Palins, are shown as Pillards, like the Polard-like variations of Mackay septs. Reminder; Mieszko lines that brought the Moray stars came as Bohemians in the line of Boleslaw I of Bohemia, himself tracing to Moravians. If you recall, Plsen became a topic at all due to tracing Glaphyra-rooted Claptons/Cloptons there who smack of Clubs. Therefore, expect that the Pollock line from Clovis's Glaphyra elements should trace to Pillars / Palins, likely explaining why the latter two use a lion in the same color as the Peter lion.

The Peter lion is used by Buchanans, who might just be of the Buccleuch entity. In the Buccleuch article: "The current Duke of Buccleuch, Richard Scott, the 10th Duke, is the largest private landowner in the United Kingdom and chairman of the Buccleuch Group...The family seats are Bowhill House, three miles outside Selkirk, representing the Scott line;... ZOWIE, not only do Selkirks use Douglas symbols, but they use the Douglas stars in the colors of the Bowhill stars, which are the colors of the Pilson/Polesdon/Pulsipher stars too, perhaps important because both of the latter surnames show stags in Crest. Although Bowhills are shown properly as BONEvilles and other Bon-using terms, note that the Boughtons have a "bonum" motto term to verify that Bowhill of the Buccleuchs does apply to Bonevilles, for the Buccleuch article then says that they have "Boughton House in Northamptonshire, England, representing the Montagu line."

Why to Scottish Boists/Bosca's use "tufts of grass"? Is it code for Grasse in Provence, where Le Mas is located, not far from Busca in Cuneo? After all, the Boist/Bosco "pillars" are in the colors of the Lamas lambs, themselves taken from the Arms of Grasse. The Tuft/Taft/Toft surname shows the same format and colors as English Willis', and while the latter use the Glass stars, "Grasse" may be a variation of a Glass entity. One Grass Coat uses a lion in both colors of the Peter lion, and as the Peter lion was just identified as a colors-reversed version of the William lion, by what coincidence is the Irish Grass ("affie" motto term) lion split in half in the colors of the William talbot?

The white-on-black talbots of the Halls (and Hulls) are in William / Williamson / Will colors, and the William talbot is itself half white. It's suggesting that Talbot-rooted Scotts trace to Quillan along with Williams. As the Scotts are tracing to the bend of Jacques de Molay suspect in the Arms of the Dukes of Buccleuch, here's from the William write-up:

First found in Breconshire and Monmouthshire on the English/ Welsh border, where they are traditionally believed to be descended from Brychan Brecheiniog who was Lord of Brecknock at the time of King Arthur of the Round Table.

Monmouth??? It was surprising to find myself at that write-up because this section started on the Buccleuchs, and the same page showing the Buccleuch Arms shows the Arms of the 1st Duke of Monmouth and Buccleuch. The Buccleuch article starts off: "The title Duke of Buccleuch, formerly also spelt Duke of Buccleugh, was created in the Peerage of Scotland on 20 April 1663 for the Duke of Monmouth, who was the eldest illegitimate son of Charles II of Scotland, England, and Ireland and who had married Anne Scott, 4th Countess of Buccleuch."

We might naturally want to check the Duke of Monmouth, and he's James Scott, "the eldest illegitimate son of Charles II and his mistress, Lucy Walter." But then where did he get his Scott surname??? And why was he: "Originally called James Crofts or James Fitzroy..." Didn't the Roys trace to Douglas' in such a way as to prove helpful in tracing Dougals and Douglas' to Foix in the first place. That was no minor discovery, and here we find that Scotts are tracing to the same theater, even to Jacques de Molay.,_1st_Duke_of_Monmouth

Here's the Fitzroy Coat. It compares well with the Guy Coat, and the latter were first found in the same place (Gloucestershire) as the Kemmis' using nearly the Fitzroy Coat. This appear to disclose that MontaGUE's were Guy / Gouy elements, for Gouy in Picardy is near MontREUIL while the latter can trace to Roy-suspect Royals/Riale's. I now find that Reals/Reale's use the MacArthur crown alone, important because of the Roquefeuil-related Gouy locations in Artois (beside Picardy). The Montreuil Coat uses "orbs" tracing to Aude's Orbieu river, the source of which is near Quillan. Reminder: it was shown from online article that Gowers are from Gouy, and the Gowers/Gores use a white wolf, the color of the wolf in the Quillan Coat.

Spanish Real's/Reys (Castile) appear to use the Douglas crown and the Fort castle/towers, important because Rockforts use the Roy lion, and because Forts use "audax" as code for Aude elements. The Real/Rey crown is that in the Arms of Castile.

The article above shows the family tree, with no Scotts on the side of Lucy Walter, though in this case she does suggest Lucy Taillebois, of the Talbot line. And ZOWIE, just found: Lucy's father was of HAVERfordwest! His father (Roland Walter) in turn of ROCHE Castle!!! Just like that, we have a potential trace to the Roquefeuil / Aude theater (Foix is beside Roquefeuil).

Aha. Havers (rooks) are in the colors, not only of Shakespeare's, but of English Walters using the same bend as Shakespeare's. Hmm, as Havers were included in the trace to the south-France theater along with Haucks, see Hawksbrook on Lucy Walter's mother's side. Compare German Walters to the Scott-suspect bend of German Talls/Thalls, and then to make this trace have strong merit, see that both Crofts ("Esse quam") and Talls/Thalls use a quartered Shield in white and red! It means that James Scott = James Croft traces the Scott bend to the Tall/Thall bend.

Crofts are in Craven colors, and both were first found in Yorkshire. It's interesting where Crafts, first found in the same place as white-wolf Gores/Cores, use what looks like a version of the Gower/Core Coat. And Gowers/Gores were likewise first found in Yorkshire. Actually, it's impressive that the family tree of James Scott / Croft is tracing twice so quickly to the Gowers, tending to reveal that Scotts-et-al must trace to Quillan's wolf.

Therefore, the message from emailer Pollock on Buccleuch is proving to be very useful, perhaps even God-driven. Didn't we see the Roche castle on Lucy Walter's female side? Here's the Roche Coat, the Gower/Gore cross in the same black color. And Pollocks trace exactly to Roche elements in Aude, but she didn't know that Buccleuch would trace to that place. Irish Roche's even use "Mon," code apparently for MONmouth elements. Monmouths were first found in Herefordshire, a place that traced very well to Herzegovina, the same Croatian theater as Cravens trace to.

"James Crofts, later Scott, created Duke of Monmouth (1663) in England and Duke of Buccleuch (1663) in Scotland. Ancestor of Sarah, Duchess of York." It sounds as though the Scott surname arose at this man, but note the modern York element to which he led.

Haverfordwest (location of his wife's father) is in south Wales directly west from Monmouth, and the curiosity is that "Haverfordwest is twinned with German town of OBERkirch." It just so happens that while her father was of Roche castle, one Ober surname uses the Rockfort lion, suggesting a Haver trace to Roquefort (at Covenarum / Cazeres), the area to which the Catherine wheels of Scotts trace. Apparently, because the Over Coat has a bend in Scott-bend colors, Overs are related to Obers. We might even ask whether distant cities twinned based on secret Masonic kinship of families.

The other Ober surname shows the Fort = Maxwell bee, and these Forts were first found in Lancashire, where Manchester is located, explaining why the Crest of the Arms of Manchester use the same bee design. Design matters.

The Over / Scott bend is suspect with that of the Peters. In the last update, there was good reason to trace the Sans motto term of Shakespeare's to the Sauniere surname that built the Magdalene church at Rennes le Chateau. One of the English Peter surnames uses "Sans" too, and the other English Peters (the ones using the Michael mascles as code for Meschins) are in Shakespeare and Haver colors (Havers use the same fesse as Meschins).

PLUS, one Peter surname uses "Invidia major" as a motto term, and then the Spanish Majors (Navarre) show a Shield filled with black-and-white checks, the same that is at the Magdalene church. Thus, it does appear that the "sans" term is for Sauniere's. The checkered floor was mentioned in the last update when the Saxe partridges suggested the PARTridge Coat using a Shield filled with black-and-white checks. "Part" can be a Peter variation, as for example the Pett/Pert surname...using two symbols (mascles and scallops) used also by the Peters.

Haverfordwest is said to be named after haefer=heifer, and it just so happens that Heifers/Heffers use a "mon" and "Dieu" motto term while Roche's use "Mon dieu" as a phrase. Clearly, the Hiefers/Heffers were named after the same that named Haverfordwest.

It just so happens that the motto of the Peters using the Scott and Over bend in colors reversed is "Sans Dieu RIEN," apparently part-code for whatever named "Rennes(-le-Chateau)." The Ford surname was first found in the same place (Devon) as the Peters in the sentence above, and uses what should be a version of the English Scott Shield-on-Shield (with Catherine wheels). I looked the Fords up to check for links to HaverFORDwest, especially as Fords are suspect with Forts. The Fords happen to use the black-on-white greyhound design used also by Jacobs, and for me this links Fords to the Douglas line of the James', important where Roche-suspect Rockforts use the Dougal lion.

Heifer/Heffers (Somerset, beside the Peters and Fords of Devon) use three Levi-design lions in the colors and format of the three Irish Brian lions, and I expect the Laevi of Novara at Navarre, where Spanish Majors were first found. It's important, therefore, that the Heifer/Heffer Crest shows the same crown as used in the Arms of Navarre, and by Douglas' upon their heart.

I also expect the Laevi with the Salyes who lived on the river where Briancon is situated to which Brians definitely trace. Brians are from the same Salyes peoples as Cheneys who likewise use "major." Until recently, the three Levi-design lions of the Brians were used in the design of the OxFORD-surname lion design, and as the Arms of Oxford use a red ox, I suppose that it can be viewed as a red heifer...i.e. it appears that Fords and Oxfords do trace to HaverFORDwest. The Oxford lion design appears on the Heifer/Heffer crown.

The Ford Shield-on-Shield is in the colors of the same of the Wills now tracing to Quillan at Rennes-le-Chateau. The Kills/Keele's (in Will colors) are the ones using black and white quarters suspect with the Magdalene church floor. The Will Shield-on-Shield was linked suggestively to the same of the Montague Coat, but at the time I hadn't yet realized that the black wing in the Montague Crest is used also in a Peter Crest. As we are definitely on the Caiaphas line here, see the same Shield-on-Shield colors of Sadducee-suspect Saddocks/Sedgewicks, for Caiaphas was a Sadducee, but then count the eight white-on-black martins/martlets on the border of the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat, for the Arms of Rochdale (beside Manchester) uses the same. The Arms of Rochdale even uses the Saddock/Sedgewick Shield-on-Shield.

It's important that Saddocks/Sedgewicks were first found in the same place (Sussex) as Coverts/Cofferts, applicable to Hiefers/Heffers where Coverts are trace-able to Croft-suspect Cravens. The Hephers/Hevers/Evers were first found in Sussex, you see.

Montague's (look like a Hat branch) were a fundamental part of the Buccleuchs house rooted in James Scott/Croft, whose wife was from Haverfordwest and Roche elements. Therefore, see the "roche" fish in the other Arms of Rochdale at the Rochdale page above. That other Arms also shows a "millrind" and a "woolpack," two terms that traced earlier in this update to the Obama/Dunham line at Quillan. The millrind is used officially by English Mills, but the Scottish Mill Crest happens to use a white footless martin, the symbol of Saddocks/Sedgewicks linking to Rochdale that likewise uses the millrind. Both French Roche's and English Mills use the moline cross.

As Roche's use the Dieu term, note now that the Rochdale roche fish is on a wavy white-on-green pale, for I trace the Desmond-related Deas surname (bee in Crest), using a green-on-white pale, to the wavy white-on-green fesse, surrounded by salmon, of the MacCabes/MacAbees. But the salmon are identical in design to the Roche fish! And as Roche's use "Mon dieu" while MacAbees look like Maccabees = HasMONeans, the "mon" term looks to be for whatever named Hasmoneans. They lived in Modiin of Israel, but I see them to/from Modane (Savoy) of the Cottian Alps (Saluzzo is at the Cottians).

Note that while English Salmons use the same fish in the colors of the "major"-using Cheneys and related Salemans, "Jewish" Salmons (no doubt morphing into "Solomon" too) use the Shield-and-Chief colors of the Saluzzo's, who are from the same place (Cuneo) as Cheneys. As the Spanish Majors (also "Mayer") are tracing suddenly to the floor of the Magdalene church, let me remind that the Salat location (in Comminges) beside Roquefort uses the Pollock saltire / Roquefeuil colors. Italian Salmons, as with Spanish Majors/Mayers, use a Shield filled with checks in the colors of the Hohens...and Vairs/Veres suspect from MontFerrat in Cuneo.

Let's ask why the Turner millrind-like symbol is called a "fer de moline." It looks much like the millrind in the Arms of Rochdale, and as we just saw Rochdale link to the Roche fish, while rulers at Roche castle birthed the father-in-law of James Scott in HaverFORDshire, let's also ask why the Turners above were first found in OxFORDshire, the place with the red ox suspect now with the Haverford-related Heifers/Heffers?

Didn't we just see the Haverfordwest location twinned with OBERkirch? The Austrian Turner Coat uses a Shield split vertically in half in the same white-and-blue colors as the vertically-split Ober Coat! Reminder: Warners. suspect with Veres of Oxford, use the same split Shield. Therefore, Turner Broadcasting, CNN, and Time-Warner are all organizations suspect from Rockefeller globalism.

The Obers above are the ones using the Manchester bee design, wherefore Obers can link easily to neighboring Rochdale. But Rochdale is beside Hyde and HUDDERsfield, term suspect with the Hoods and Audleys tracing now to Hiedler/Hitler/HUTTER suspects in Aude. Compare the sun-using Hiedler/Hitler Coat's colors to the sun-using Coat of Obers, asking if this sun traces to the Sans / Sauniere elements at Rennes-le-Chateau. Here are the Hudder Coats, two of which use the Manson arrow head / ermine.

When reading that the Huddersfield location is at the Holme river, a few things came to mind, including the gamut of discussion on the Hitler links to Homes/Humes and House's. That discussion included Hitler-related Coverts of Idaho who lived at or beside the Heutter part of Post Falls, very near the Aryan-Nations organization at Hayden Lake. Cathian Covert Maness lived at/beside Heutter, and she was/is married to / involved with a Maness surname...using blue-and-gold horizontal bars, as with the Holme Coat (Lancashire, location of the Holme river). The Oxford surname likewise uses horizontal bars in these colors.

Compare the Manes/Maine (Devon) pheons to the Manson / Hudder/Hader arrow heads, and know that the Manes/Maine Coat is a version of the Devon Coat, for Holme's use a red lion, the color of the lion in the Arms of Devon. The Manes'/Maine's with "Projeci" motto look like Perche's, and as such should link to the Pierce's and Percivals of neighboring Somerset, where Heifers/Heffers with "mon" motto term were first found.

I'm fairly sure that Manson-like terms trace to the Manes > Attis line, while the latter mythical character was representation for the Hudder/Hader-like Hatti. But I trace Manes to Menelaus Spartans, who were made a son of golden-fleece-line Atreus whom I trace to Atrebates at Hampshire, where Drakes were first found who use the axe, the symbol in the Hudder/Hooder Coat ("ferris" motto term).

The Oxford-suspect Fords (and Peters) were first found in Devon too, and Fords use the Shield-on-Shield in the colors of the same of Wills, Saddocks/Sedgewicks and related Rochdale. That's important because Rochdale is beside both Huttersfield and MANchester. The Holme river metes the COLNE river at Huttersfield, and then the COLIN Crest is the griffin design of Scotts and Wills. The Colin Coat uses yet more footless martins (a Covert and Saddock/Sedgewick symbol).

In fact, while one Arms of Rochdale uses the wave belonging also to MacCabes/MacAbees, suspect from HasMONeans of Manchester, the same griffin design yet again is in the MacCabe/MacAbee Crest.

MacCabes/MacAbees, who are suspect with the Maxton / Manchester bee symbol for obvious Maccabee / HasMONean reasons, use the motto, "Aut vincere aut mori," traced on three counts to Aude, location of Rennes-le-Chateau, where Vincents had traced too. Vincents are the ones from Le Havre, you see. The Newmans use bee-like motto terms ("Ubi amor ibi fides") in honor of the MacAbees; I know this because JJ Tolkien identified his mythical Numenor with the island of Arran, where MacAbee's were first found. It just so happens that I traced the Newman Coat to a version of the Raines Coat, while tracing the Raines to "Rennes" long before finding the MacAbee trace here to Rennes-le-Chateau!

It was also long before I knew that the "aut" motto terms of MacAbee's traced to Aude, and here I now see vividly the Raines motto: "Judicium parium AUT leges terrae." I had identified the Raines with "Rennes" on two counts, one being Judicael of Rennes evident in the Raines motto. See also the Wrens with ravens in Raines-lion colors, and what should be the crosslets of the Gore/Cores who have traced to the wolf of Quillan (beside Rennes-le-Chateau).

The Rainers/Raynors use the Saluzzo Shield-and-Chief combination colors, and as they were first found in Herefordshire, it should be added that the Haverfordwest location is said to have been both "Hereford" and "Hertford." Rainers/Raynors (the Martin castle/towers) are in the colors of the Reyes'/Real's, first found in Navarre and using the crown of the Arms of Navarre, which is the crown design that the Martin-related French Martels and Spanish Capets used until recently. We just saw the Navarre / Reyes crown in the Heifer/Heffer Crest! English Martels and Raines' (and Gores/Cores) were first found in the same place (Essex).

If the Rainers/Reynors use a version of the Saluzzo Coat, the "leges" term of the Raines' must trace to Laevi-related Salyes Ligurians, important where the Haverfordwest elements of James Scott are tracing to the Salyes of the Brian kind. Didn't "Sans" trace to the builders of the Magdalene church? And didn't Laevi- and Navarre-related Solana's trace to those builders too? Lookie: French Brians use "Sans detour" (!), and the Irish Brians using the Levi-design lions of the Heifers/Heffers use "Lamh laidir" while Salyes-rooted Sullivans use "Lamb" too, and then Kilpatricks with the Levi lion in Levi-lion black use "laidir" while Kilpatricks trace to the Ananias bloodline at Placentia. We are expecting the Caiaphas line in the Havers and Heifers/Heffers, right?

Irish Brians were first found in County Clare, named after Clare Strongbow of Pembroke, where Haverfordwest is located! Irish Heffers were first found in County Clare! And these latter Heffers use crescents in the colors of the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's, first found in the same place (Somerset) as English Heifers/Heffers...that use a version of the Irish-Brian lions.

As the MacCabes/MacAbees trace to the Desmond-related Deas', here's a reminder: Desmonds use "aboo" as well as what I am sure is the Annandale saltire tracing to Ananes of Placentia. I'm sure because Kilpatricks, first found near Annandale, use an aboo-like motto term. The "MONkey" in the Desmond Crest can now be suspect with the mon terms of this discussion. The Monks may use use what could be a red version of the Raines Coat.

The Crom Cather-foils

Desmonds ("Crom" motto term) link solidly to Monks because the latter use the chevron and format of the the Crom/Cromb Coat that itself uses white-on-red quatrefoils...what I have been keeping eyes open for in that this may be a root of the Arms of Comminges, important because Herods at Comminges are expected at Raines-suspect Rennes-le-Chateau, where Vincents, who use white quatrefoils, trace.

As the Peters now tracing strongly to Rennes-le-Chateau should link to the Raines also tracing there, see that the colors of the Raines chevron are used by the English Michaels with gold scallops, the color of the peter scallops. The Peter mascles are in the Coat of Scottish Michaels...who use a fesse in colors reversed to the Haver fesse, important because the Peter bend traces to Scotts while James Scott was a son of the Haver bloodline.

I still don't know what "Buccleuch" applies to for certain, but I think it's Buckingham, where the Bois/Boost surname was first found that uses a version of the bend of Cheneys, first found in Buckinghamshire. The Montague write-up: "The Montague family lived in Wiltshire. The name, however, derives from the family's place of residence prior to the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. Montaigu-Les-Bois in Coutance, Normandy." The Coutance/Constance Coat (shares a white-on-blue crescent with Irish Dallens) is the one with MagDALENE-suspect Dallen pine tree, and as it was found not far above that Montague's look like Hats because both surnames use a similar Crest and similar colors, it's interesting that mythical Atti(s) had a pine symbol. Cottians, whom I suspect in "Coutance / Cott/Cottin" should definitely trace to Hatti / Catti elements that named Attica (Greece), where mythical KODRos lived. See Cutters below.

The Hat Coat uses three gold "wreaths" on a black bend in the colors of the Cheney / Saleman / Bois bends that likewise have three gold symbols. In this picture where the Bois'/BOOSts should trace to Busca of Cuneo, and where Bois/Boosts use the Sale / Saleman bend, the Coutance/Constance Chief could be that of the Saluzzo's...who are in colors reversed to Cutters (in Cotten colors) smacking of the Cottarel/Cottard variation of Cotts/Cottins. Cutters were first found in Dorset, beside the Wiltshire location of the first Montague's. The Coutance/Constance and Dallen crescent traces to the same-colored crescent of Conte's and related Falcons, and then the Cottens use a "falcon" and a "bell on a LEG."

I wasn't planning to mention the Cottens, but I now see that they use a "buckle," exactly what I was looking for in regards to "BUCCLEuch." Yes, the term may be understood as Bucc-Leuch -- or even Bucc-Ligure, so to speak -- but that doesn't mean that the Buckle surname can't apply. The "leg" term in the Cotten description may even be for whatever "Leuch" stands for. The Buckle's and Cottens both use a white chevron, but the Buckles use "wreaths" almost in the colors of the Hat wreaths. Therefore, Montague elements are seemingly linking to Buccleuch elements, explaining why the house of Buccleuch included Montague's. The Buccleuch Montague's were at BOUGHton, a term smacking of "Buck."

It's a little interesting that the Hat description uses "QUARTERLy" twice, for Cotts/Cottins ate also "Cotterel." Or, if that doesn't apply, the Quarter surname turns out to be the Wartre surname in the colors of the Montague Crest. The "laudamus" motto term of Quarters/Wartre's can be for the Lauds/Lords using cinquefoils in the colors of the (H)Ampton cinquefoils, and the latter were essentially of Hampshire elements, where the Manes > Attis line must trace. In fact, as it traces to Atrebates of Hampshire, who were also the founders of Atrecht in Artois, by what coincidence is there a "utraque" motto term in the Cotten motto?!? Surprise, surprise.

Several years ago, a man with Ampton surname emailed to say that "Laus Deo" is written at the top of the Washington Monument. It can be verified online. I was tracing "Laus" to "MeneLAUS" at the time, whom I had by then traced with his father to Atrebates. But it wasn't until years later when someone (Tim, I think) emailed to say that "Laus Deo" is in the MANder motto. Later still, I found that the Amptons and Manders (like the Rhodes') share gold-on-red roundels.

The Lauds/Lords (honored in the Glasgow motto) use a "cuff" but also a maunch, and then Coutance-des-Bois is in Manche. As Masseys/Maceys were from Manche, it's telling me that "Coutance" should trace to "Cattolica," beside Rimini where pine-cone-using Maschi's were first found. As the arm holding the Laud/Lord cuff is blue , the Lauds/Lords are honoring the Cuffs with a blue arm of their own in Crest. The Cuff Coat is a version of the Sale bend, though the Cuff bend is in dancette form, wherefore I suggest (as with all dancettes) a trace to the dance theme of the Maenads of Dionysus. To the Maeander river, that is, with a source in the land of the Hatti. Dionysus, like Attis, had a pine symbol (see his thyrsus rod). I trace the Maeonians who named the Maeander to "Meon" in Hampshire.

I trace Cattolica rather confidently to the Cattles/Cattels using a fret for Cuneo elements of the Massey / Fer / Vere kind. This Cattle fret, with a mascle centrally, is in the colors of the Luck/Luch mascles, important if Lucks/Luchs are at the "BuccLEUCH term.

I traced "Manche" to the Manx peoples of the Isle of Man(n), wherefore the first consideration is the Mann/MANGus Coat, in Buckle and Pendragon colors, and using what should in particular be a colors-reversed version of the fesse-and-roundels used by Penns/Penners, first found in Buckinghamshire. Pendragons and Buckles share the same-colored chevron. Pennys were first found in NorthAMPTONshire, and use the MacArthur crown as evidence that they are Pendragon elements. Manns/Mangus' even use an "ardua" motto term. I had no intension of returning to the Amptons, but here we are on Pennys in Northampton immediately after the mention of Amptons.

The Lucks/Luchs (showing FIVE mascles) were first found in the same place (Berwickshire) as Five-related Arthurs, and both Lucks/Luchs and Arthurs use the pelican in Crest, which I identify with Pulsiphers/PULCiphers/Pilsons who are now tracing to Clapton elements from Plsen, in the land of the Bois-like Boii. Arthurs merged with Hicks in Clapton, Somerset. The pelican, along with a "Christus pelicano" motto linked to Jesus Christ, is used by Lechs/Lachmere's/Letchmere's (in Arthur colors). I trace proto-Arthurs to MacArts of Muskerry, and that's the house from which Desmonds are from, who use the Annandale saltire tracing to Ananes of Placentia, this being some extra evidence that "Plsen/Pilsen" was named by the same that named Placentia.

It's easy to trace these lines to Arda on the Hebros, where the Orestes sector of the Menelaus line had been, and therefore to the Trojo-Hyksos elements of mythical Ixion. Pennys use what should be the black Jacob greyhound, and Jacobs are tracing to "Hecuba," a Hyksos-suspect mother of the Trojans. But ZOWIE, the Lucks/Luchs also use the black greyhound!

It's probably Pontius Pilate important that while the Ampton-suspect Lauds/Lords use pheons in the colors of the Pilate pheons, the Penns use roundels called, pellets. The Mann/Mangus roundels are called, plates. In this picture, by the way, the "Laud" term may trace to Las on the Mani peninsula (Sparta), where I trace "Menelaus," yet on the other hand, it may be understood as L'Aude.

As the Mann/Mangus Coat uses goats, Penns -- with white lion in Crest, as with German Manns -- should trace to entities named by mythical Pan, a good theory because I trace Pan (and the pheon) to Lake Van while I also trace Arthur's wife to the Veneti...from the Heneti of the Phrygian theater of Attis. I trace "pheon" tentatively to the Fien variation of the Welsh Vans/Vains, first found in MONmouthshire. English Fien's/Fienne's use a "posce" motto term smacking of "Busca," and then entering "Posch" gets the German Bush's/Buschs.

On the mother's side of James Scott-Buccleuch (see family tree), there is a Vaughan surname that uses what I think is a variation of the Pendragon Coat.

One can come right back to the Jacob / Penny greyhound by following the wolf in the Van/Vain Crest; it's the Irish Gard wolf. English Gards use the footless-martin design of both Ford surnames, and English Fords show the Jacob greyhound as well as the Shield-on-Shield type of Scotts, you see, while English Gards show the black griffin of Scott Crest. Besides, Gards and Scotts (and Fiens/Fienne's) were first found in the same place (Kent, where Ixion's Centaur line settled). We are right back to James Scott's Buccleuch entity, and even Fords had traced earlier in this update to James' wife at HaverFORDwest.

Do you recall the trace of the Wolfleys to Quillan? That's where the Wills traced who use the Scott / Gard griffin, and the Gard wolf is in the design of the blue wolf of Wolfleys. It just so happens that Irish Fords use the Wolfley Shield design, including what the Malis/Mellish description calls, flaunches. As that term was discovered to be partly for CHEShire / CHESter, it can be added that Irish Gards use the same symbol (hawk's lure) in Crest as the Cheshire Crest and Coat.

The Scott / Gard griffin is used by Griffins/Griffiths, important because a Griffith surname is in the ancestry of James Scott (see bottom of page). Francis Griffith married Rowland Walter of Roche castle, and then German Walters until recently showed the same lion design as these Welsh Griffiths. The Voirs of GRIPel use the lions that Walters showed until recently. Moreover, the Griffin/Griffith griffin is colors reversed to the Gripp/Grabber bend, used by English Walters. Thus may indicate lines from Herod Agrippa. I've just noticed that the Voirs changed their motto. Whereas it used to show "tout" as code for Oliphants from Esau lines, it now shows "vincit."

The write-up of Irish Gards/Uniacks (in Desmond/Gerald colors) seems like mythical nonsense; if anything, Gards came first (from "Carthy") and named "Uniack." FitzGeralds are in the Gard write-up, and Desmonds are from Cork, where Gards/Uniacks were first found. Cork is exactly where I trace Lake Van elements of the Mus kind...from the Mus household of pharaoh Khyan/Apachnas. I see the Muskerrys at the root of the Van-related Arthur surname. As Arthurs are identified as Herods, recall that Monks and Croms (quatrefoils), both honored by Desmond codes, are now suspect in the quatrefoil-like symbol in the Arms of Comminges. We might even ask whether "Crom" is a version or creation from of "Comm(inges)."

As Gards use the Wolfley wolf design while linking to Desmonds/Geralds, it becomes apparent that the white-on-green moline cross of Crombys/Cromys is in the colors specifically of Wolfleys, first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Mus-related Masseys/Maceys (Jacobs use the moline too). The Cromby Crest as a red eagle = phoenix, what I trace specifically to proto-Pan (= Phoenician) elements at Lake Van. In this picture, Gard-like "Gerald" ultimately derived in "Carthage" if Gards were named after MacCarthys of Muskerry. The Gard-like Carts, for example, use the Desmond saltire. Plus, as Gards trace to Scotts, it is Scott/Buccleuch-important that Carts, in Montague colors, were first found in the same place (Wiltshire) as Montague's.

The question of whether the Crom/Crummy quatrefoils have to do with the Arms of Comminges is not a bad one. The Rosh-suspect Rusa kings of Lake Van were successfully invaded (just before Ezekiel) by Cimmerians, whom I trace to the Comyns/Commings that named Comminges, and the Cromby/Cromy eagle traces tentatively to Lake Van, . The Cramps/Crame's use a red lion, a Rus(sell) symbol, in Crest, symbol of the Cromby/Cromy Chief. Zowie, it pays to know dragon-line history, for I wrote the above before checking the Russ Coat to find the Cromby/Cromy eagle exactly!

Whom do we suppose the Crombys / Crame's come from? I've just found out this minute. Here's the Vincent write-up again: "They were originally from ST. Vincent-de-Cramenil in Le HAVRE in Normandy." CRAMEnil??? YES, for Croms/Crumbs and Vincents both use white quatrefoils. Therefore, in the least, the Crombys / Crame's trace to Rennes-le-Chateau. The "amore" motto term of Cramps/Crame's suggests the Amorites of Orbieu / Corbieres, in Aude, location of Rennes-le-Chateau.

The Vincent quatrefoils are even in the colors of the Cramp/Crame chevron. The Moratin tower design, in the same colors again, of CARMens (Cumberland, where I expect Cimmerians), can suggest linkage to CRAM terms. The Carmen motto, "Fide et amore," is like the "AMORE ET FIDE" shown inside the Spanish Amor Coat (Castile).

It's important that the Croms/Crumbs were first found in Berkshire, location of Windsor castle, because it's known that Windsors use the Desmond/Gerard saltire in colors reversed. And as you can see the "Dieu" motto term in the Windsor motto, you can know with more certainty that it's code for the Deas > Desmond line. The "Je me" phrase of Windsors can be assumed for the time being as code for the James'. But the "WINCEr variation of Windsors starts to reveal that Vinces/Vinch's and Vincents are Windsor elements. You bet a half gallon of your holy blood that Windsors are at the root of modern Da-Vinci-code slurs against the Son of God. Note that the Windsor motto includes "fie en Dieu," now-obvious code for the Fiens/Vans / Fiennes...that trace to Muskerry, where Desmonds/Geralds were involved.

You can read in the Other/Otho write-up that Windsors were from the Otho line below:

Gerald de Windsor (1070 -1136), also known as Gerald FitzWalter, Constable of Pembroke Castle from 1102, was the nobleman in charge of the Norman forces in Wales [along with Meschins] in the late 11th century. Notably, he was the progenitor of the FitzGerald and de Barry dynasties of Ireland...

Gerald was the son of Walter FitzOtho by his wife Beatrice. FitzOtho became Constable of Windsor Castle immediately upon its completion by William I of England...

As mythical Pendragon was styled, "Uther," you now know why the MacCarthys/MacArtys were the proto-Arthur, or Pendragon, entity, albeit the Desmond/Geralds must not be left out of the mythical-Pendragon entity. To prove that the mythical characters were nothing true but merely surnames, lookie at the write-up of the Wolfins/Waldwyns/WALLENs ("Gward" motto term links to Gards using the Wolfley wolf design): "First found in Pembrokeshire, where the family claim descent from Gualgnain or Gwalwynne, who was King Arthur's sister's son..." Then, back at the Gerald-de-Windsor article above, we find that one of his children was "William FitzGerald de Carew (died 1173), father of Raymond FitzGerald and of Isabella Le Gros m William De Haya WALLENisis." Haya?

Here's the Carew/Carrott surname to boot, first found in the same place (CornWALL) as the Pendragon surname. The Carew/Carrott lion is in the colors of the lion of the French Care/Quarre Chief in what looks like a version of the Massi/Mattis Coat, important because I traced proto-Arthurs first of all (i.e. before tracing to MacCarthys of MUSkerry) to Irish Maghans/Manns/MATHuna's, whom I saw as a branch of Scottish Maghans/Manns/MATHie's before realizing that the Man/Mathie Crest was the MacArthur crown). I had found (can't recall details) that Massi's/Mattis' traced without doubt to Massa-Carrara (Tuscany-Liguria border), extremely important here as per the Care/Quarre Coat sharing the Massi-Mattis Shield. It means that MusKERRY was founded by the Massi/Mattis family of Massa-Carrara, and that Kerrys trace to "Carrara." It's fairly obvious that the English Care's use the Sale bend that traces to the Masci / Massi/Mattis theater of Piedmont.

"Carrara" was just checked to find a Shield split in the same way and colors as the Austrian Turner and Warner Shields, important because the Carrara Coat even uses part of the gold Catherine wheel found in the German Turner Coat! MOREOVER, the Carot/Carow Coat uses besants on blue, the Austrian Turner symbol!! The Carraretto variation of Carrara's is even like the Carrott variation of Carews (!!!), thus sealing the trace of proto-Arthur Pendragons to Massa-Carrara...not surprising after the initial blast, because the Otho's/Others were from northern Italy (i.e. Lombardy) too. It may even be that MacCARTHy is the reason for the Carot-like variations that might not otherwise have formed from "Carrara."

I kid you not, was even earlier this week whether Ted Turner's CNN was code for the Caens ("PeriMUS" motto term), and here I now find lattice/fretty, a Caen symbol, in the Carot/Carow Chief. I view that motto term, along with the leopard faces in the Coat, as code for the Boofima cult of the ImPERI people. The Arthurian-related Parts/Perrots, using pears, could now apply.

And the Arms of Lombardy uses what could be a version of a white quatrefoil.

The Arthurian mythtery is no longer a mystery. Yes, do look at the Myster/Master motto: ""Non minor est virtus quam QUARERE parta tueri." Tuaregs are in there too, apparently. Mysters/Masters, from the Hyksos house of Mus > Meshwesh, were first found in the same place (Kent) as the Hyksos Centaurs and the English Care's (leopard faces).

Earlier in this update, Caiaphas-like surnames were tracing solidly to Piedmont and the Saluzzo entity, for which reason I was asking who or what location in that theater the Caiaphas line was. I now find (once again) that the Myster/Master griffins are those of the Kaplans/Chaplins on the Saluzzo Shield-and-Chief combination. However, that doesn't answer what, if any, location this Chap bloodline named. We can suspect the Ticino river of Piedmont, where Laevi lived. I recall that both Mysters/Masters and Paine's use "quam" while Paine's (related to Caiaphas-suspect Coverts) were of the line to Hugh de Payen, first grand MASTER of Templarism, married to a Chappes.

[Insert: AMAZING. On the same day that I found the above on Carots, an email from Julie was opened concerning a Catherine Roet, given the Catherine-wheel symbol. I have yet to investigate this, and will likely do so first thing in the next update, unless it's done later below. The point here is that the Scottish Roet Chief uses the Kaplan/Chaplin Coat and griffins (!) and a "Quaerere" motto term to boot!! Therefore, Roets are already tracing to Mysters/Masters and Kaplans. The RoWATT variation suggests merger with Watts and Vatts because both use the oak tree, a Roet/Rowatt symbol too. End Insert]

The Lombs use the same fesse as Coverts and Paine's, and while I traced "quam" to QUMran's Essenes, I independently traced "Lombard / L'Om" to "Qum(ran)," albeit "L[']OMBAR" may even be from "QUMR(an)." Think "Umbria" in Italy, or the Welsh Cumbers. The Lomb Crest is a "scepter," and then Saxons/SEPTons (Septimanians?) and Lombs were first found in the same place (Lancashire).

The "parta" motto term of Mysters/Masters must be for the Part/Perrot surname because it was first found in Pembrokeshire. Let's read from two quotes to make sense of this, first on the Part/Perrot surname: "First found in Pembrokeshire where they were granted the lands of Ystington, Haroldston, and CAREW Castle in that shire by King William for their assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D. Sir Stephen Perrott married Helen, the daughter of Marchion Ap RICE, Prince of South Wales at the beginning of the 12th century." Then, from the article on Gerald de Windsor, father of William de CAREW: "Gerald married Nest ferch RHYS, Princess of Deheubarth, who was the daughter of Prince Rhys ap Tewdwr and Gwladys ferch RhiWALLON ap Cynfyn, around 1095."

The Ober Coat is the other one like that of Turners / Warners / Carrara's. As Turner Broadcasting merged with Time-Warner for obvious blood-worship, the trace above of Mysters/Masters and Care's to Kent is important where Time's (solid blue chevron, indication of the Half / Haifa / Kerry bloodline) were first found in Kent. I am guessing that Time's use the fleur of the Cimmerian MontGomerys who link to the "quam" terms above.

[Insert -- When reporting below on a Shaw location beside Rochdale, I didn't have reason to specify that the area is called, Shaw and CROMPton, part of Greater Manchester. The Arms of Shaw and Crompton uses "Sapere aude" for a motto, and shows what should be the Ashton star (because Ashtons were first found in Lancashire, the area around Manchester). Unbelievable; the owl in the Arms urged a seeking of the surname somewhere in this update that used an owl, and finding it in the Ford Coat, it turned out to be the same owl exactly as in the Oldham/Olten Coat! Don't let the heraldry people deceive you if they say design doesn't matter. The white owl in the Oldham Crest versus Oldham Coat is different for a reason.

Thus, the line of James Scott, via his HaverFORDwest mother from the Roche line that traced solidly above to Rochdale, is tracing by way of Fords to Oldham. location of Shaw and Crompton suspect at Rennes-le-Chateau. And while Oltons (with an 'o') and Eltons were first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Ashton-related Astons (Cheshire/Lancashire), the Eltons use a star in colors reversed to the Ashton star, and in the colors of the stars of Pilsons/Polesdons of Cheshire. The Oltons (come up also as "Otone") look like they use the RockFort lion on the Fort Shield, important because the Fort Chief uses stars in the colors of the Ashton star. Besides, the Fort Chief uses the Maxton bee seen in the Arms of Manchester, while Oldham is in Greater Manchester (design matters!).

To verify that Ashton elements honored in the Arms of Shaw and Crompton traces to Rennes-le-Chateau (in Septimania) with the Shaws, English Shaws ("vincit" motto term) use what must be the Aston lozenges. Plus, Croms/Crumbs -- the ones using the white-on-red quatrefoils linking definitely to Rennes-le-Chateau -- were first found in the same place (Berkshire) as English Shaws! It even tends to support that the white quatrefoil-like symbol of Lombardy traces via the Otho/Other link to Windsors, first found in Berkshire...ESPECIALLY as RENfrews Lombards use more black lozenges!!! End Insert]

As Rochdale links to Sadducee suspects, note that there is a Shaw location beside Rochdale. Rochdale is also beside ROYton and Heywood; the latter, as a surname, uses what looks like the Saleman / Cheney / Hat / Bois bend. The Heydon bend is in the colors of the triple bend used by French Hays/Lahaye's with Haise variation. The Hay/Lahaye write-up: "First found in Normandy where this distinguished family held a family seat in the castle and barony of Lahaie-du-Puits in the arrondissement of Coutance from about the year 890...Sire Eudo de Lahaie... became a great Baron and possessed vast estates in Sussex, Essex and Suffolk..." Surprise surprise, we're right back to Montaigu-Les-Bois, and the Bois' of Buckingham. And the Hays/Lahaye's were even first found in the same place (Sussex) as those Sadducee suspects using a version of the Arms of Rochdale.

In colors reversed to the Heywoods and Hays/Lahaye's are the Hayes'/Hayse's/Hase's, first found in Sussex too. They use what should be the Covert and Cooper leopard head, as well as chevron colors of the Buckle chevron. The Buckle write-up is even similar to that of Hays/Lahaye's: "First found in Suffolk and Sussex where they held a family seat, some say, well before the Norman Conquest in 1066 A.D" In this picture, "Buckle" may trace either to "Busca" or to "APACHnas" whose line I see in Cuneo (because pharaoh Apachnas was also, Khyan, whom I trace to "Cheney" and "Cuneo"). The other two Hase surnames use a "coney."

German Hase's/Haasens/Heslins, who use the Cuneo too, were first found in Bavaria, which uses lozengy in the colors of the Irish Hassans/Hessen lozenges. It just so happens that the Hasans/Hessens use a Shield-on-Shield like the Montague's, both using an upper white Shield with three lozenges. Three lozenges are used by Hyde's, and as Hyde of the Heywood theater is beside Royton, I see that the Roy Shield-on-Shield is colors reversed to the Hassen/Hessen Shield-on-Shield. The Roys above use the Dougal lion, and then Scott-Buccleuch was laced with Douglas' as well as Montague's.

This is as far as I got before writing the Insert above, and at this time I'd like to investigate whether the Renfrew location traces hard to Rennes-le-Chateau, especially as Pollocks of Renfrew trace both to Adolf Hitler's mother, and to Rennes-le-Chateau via the Peter surname(s). It was amazing to find just now that the Renfrew surname traces to the same place (Berkshire) as Otho-Lombard line to Berkshire's Windsors, and it explains why the Lombard surname was first found in Renfrewshire even while Lombards use the lozenges of Shaws and Astons who independently traced to Rennes-le-Chateau.

Here's the Renfrew write-up on a page not showing a Coat: "The name was first recorded in Scotland in 1296 when Adam DeReynfru of the county of Edenburk rendered homage to King Edward 1st of England in 1296 during the latter's brief conquest of Scotland." Seeking the specific location of Edenburk, Edinburgh kept cropping up instead in a Google search, but then I found the following on the WetherBURN surname (Burns use the Glasgow chevron), perhaps important to the Bernys location in Renfrewshire: "Recorded over the centuries in some twenty spellings including Wedderburn, Weatherburn, Wetherburn, Wadirburn, Vadderburn, and many others, this is a Scottish surname. It originates from the barony of Wedderburn in the county of Berwickshire, the first recording being that of 'Wautier de Wederburne of the county of Edenburk'... Renfrews therefore trace to the same place as where the Arthur surname was first found that was born of the Lombards.

Weatherburns use the Drake motto, and they have a Coat that's a version of the one used by Weathers/Withers Coat, first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Drakes. The Weathers/Withers were linked solidly to the Weathermen Underground organization in which Obama and Bill Ayers were affiliated. Both the Weatherburns/WEDDERburns and Weathers/Withers use a chevron in the colors of the three WATER chevrons.

As Pollocks use the Scottish Andrew saltire and for other reasons trace to Hungarians, note the end of the Weatherburn article above: "In addition a family settled in Hungary where they are believed still to survive as Wetterborn." This jibes with a trace of "Weather UNDERground" to the HUNter surname (AYRshire) and Ender surname, the latter smacking of king Anders/Andrew I of Hungary. Moreover, as Hungarian Leslie's arrived to Scotland in the time of king Andrew I, see the buckles (Leslie symbol) in the Wetter/Wettin Coat, and then ask why "Wettin" smacks of Wends / Windsors. I've even read that Windsors trace to Wettins.

It just so happens that while the Guy Coat uses buckles too, the triple Waters chevrons were traced recently to the Arms of Eure-et-Loir, where Montlhery is located that was ruled by Guy, whose uncle, Bouchard II, was discovered (4th update of September) to be at the root of the heraldic "water bouget" (because Buckets/Bockets are also "Buchard"). Guys were first found in Gloucestershire, which prompts "Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester...wife and then widow of Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester...The daughter of [John Montagu Douglas Scott] the 7th Duke of Buccleuch..." She's from the Tech parts of the house of Windsor. Swiss Techs, traced to the Ticino/Tessen area, use the Windsor saltire. You can figure on a Laevi-Ananes merger to the Techs.,_Duchess_of_Gloucester

But does any of this link Renfrews to Weathers? It just so happens that the Frew surname (stars in Glass star colors) uses a chevron in colors reversed to the Weathers and Weatherburns. As Renfrew's are also "Renfrye," I see that Fry's use a green Shield, the color of the Pollock Shield. The Rens/Wrens are said to be from "Rennes" of Normandy, and the Ren/Wren Chief can be linked to the crosslets of Gores/Cores -- used also by Windsors -- because the Guy-of-Montlhery topic above traced well to Gouy, a location of the Gower/Gore bloodline. Emailer Pollock reminds me time and again that porphyria traces strongly to Hungary, and here we have purple lions in the Ren/Wren Coat, to color of porphyria.

It looks like porphyria was in Rennes-le-Chateau, and as that disease makes some people literally insane (ask Nicholas de Vere, proud of his leading role in a royal-witchcraft cult), I'd chalk up the Jesus-had-children-in-Septimania fantasy to lunatics.

Did you spot the Dunham spears in the Ren/Wren Crest, important because Singletarys use roughly the same spear as well as a triple chevron in colors reversed to the Waters! This might not only explain why Obama seems to be a closet sociopath, but why Obama was part with the Water-related Weathermen Underground. And, the Ayers use quatrefoils...a symbol now tracing hard as flint to Rennes-le-Chateau!

The search for Edenburk got the following too. Before reading, note that the motto of Weatherburns of Edenburk (and Drakes) uses "muscas," translated as "fly", but don't assume that the stated derivation of "Mus" in "fly" or "mouse" is accurate:


This unusual and interesting surname has three [possible] origins; firstly, it may be of Norman origin, a locational name from the barony of Muschamp in the North of England, deriving from the Old French 'mus', flies, plus 'champ', field, hence 'dweller in, or near, the field of flies'. Secondly, it may be of Anglo-Saxon origin, from Muskham North and South in Nottinghamshire, deriving from the Olde English pre 7th Century 'mus-camp' meaning mouse-infested field. The placename is recorded as 'Muscham' in the Domesday Book of 1086. Finally, it may be of early medieval English origin, a diminutive of the name MUTCH, a nickname for a large person, from the Middle English 'moche, muche' meaning big....Early recordings include Robert de Muschance, of the County of EDEMBURK in Scotland, who rendered homage in 1296. The spelling of the surname ranges from MUSTin, Mustian, and Mustane to Mustchin and Mutchin.

It just so happens that entering "Must" gets the Mousquettes/Muskats using the antelope in the Singletary Crest, while entering "Mitch / Mutch" gets the Muschats/MontFIQUETs/MontFICHETTs with triple Water chevrons (colors reversed to the triple Singletary chevrons)! Waters and Mitch's/Mutch's were first found in the same place, Essex, location of Gores/Cores. Essex is where Rounds ("Esse quam") were first found who use a version of the Pendragon chevron...because Rounds must trace to the Arthurian "Round Table," part code for the Table surname too using an Arthur symbol.

The Fiquets/Feyots/Fiaux' clearly use the Hyde Coat because Hyde's show a "fecit" motto term. The Fiaux variation of Fiquets is suggesting the Faucet-of-Musselburgh trace to Foix (west side of Rennes-le-Chateau). Hyde was found above as a location beside the Rochdale locations tracing to Rennes-le-Chateau, and here we find the Fiquets / Fichetts who smack of Fichtens using the pine tree of MagDALENE-suspect Dallens. Fichettes were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Muschats/Mitch's/Mutch's. The latter are said to have settled HAUGHleigh, suggesting the Mieszko > Haughty bloodline. but let's not forget the "Fac et" motto phrase of Manns/Mathie's who traced above to Massa-Carrara elements at Muskerry.

It is very frightening, as per my prediction of a couple of years back, made on what I claimed to be Godly direction by signs, that the False Prophet and/or anti-Christ will be a Meschin of the mouse kind, especially from the Must / Mousquette bloodline. The frightening part is where Hyde's are involved above with this mouse bloodline, while Hitlers traced to the pine-cone-using Maschi's/Maskallys of Rimini. Remember, the Misl surname uses a mouse on a bend in Rodham, Rother/Randolph, and Davis bend colors. Does this suggest that Obama will win the election, or worse, in early November to become the False Prophet? General Mattis awaits his globe-trodder orders at the throne of U.S. Central Command.

Then again, "Romney" smacks of "Rimini," and Romneys use the Pullen Coat. He at this time looks poised to win the election...if Obama doesn't create an "emergency" to cancel the election if he thinks it's needed (I think he's lunatic enough to do it). After the second Obama-Romney debate, he knew he needed it. Did you note that a man was caught in the nick of time almost blowing up a New York location (near the World-Trade Center) the day after the second debate?

To make the case again that the Scott-Buccleuch entity had a mother from the Over/Ofer bloodline as per her Haverfordwest entity, Hyde's were first found in the same place (BedFORDshire) as Dovers. The latter are said to be from "DOFRE," and so they may be a branch of Overs/Ofers. Dovers use the same green "cockatrice" on a castle as do Baldwins, and the cockatrice was traced above to the Trice/Triss/Trist surname using a "trepidum" motto term that looks to be in honor of Trips, important now because the Dover description is: "A TRIPle-towered castle on which there is a cockatrice."

We are right back now to the trace of Varni and Traby elements in Polabia to the Rennes-le-Chateau / Roquefeuil theater. That trace was made anew in the last update where the Trave area (near the Traby-suspect Trips) and Drave surname entered the picture. Drave's (Hampshire, same place as wyvern-using Drakes) use a quartered Shield in the colors of the Kills/Keele's, which are the colors of the floor at the Magdalene church, and Kills were traced to "Quillan"...smack beside Rennes-le-Chateau. In this update, the Wolfley > Obama trace to Quillan involved the Baldwins because, for one, Wolfins/WALDWYN/Wallins use a green wyvern, the Baldwin symbol essentially. It's important to know, therefore, that the Baldwin wyvern is possibly called a cockaTRICE as code also for the Tricks/Triggs using the Dunham spear in the colors of Roquefeuil.

I now find, right in the middle of a section that started on the Dovers, that Drave's are in Dover colors while showing a DROVER variation. Does this mean that Overs/Ofers -- and therefore the related Scotts and de-Molays -- trace to Traby elements at Trave? Consider the Over/Ofer-like Coverts/Cofferts whom I link to Hitlers very closely, for Cathian Covert said that her father was from a "kaiser Koffert" of HohenZOLLERN association, and then the Drave / Kill Shields are quartered in the black-and-white colors of the quartered Zollerns and Hohenzollerns. And Zollerns appear named after Sol = sun while the builder of Rennes-le-Chateau was surnamed, SAUNiere. Therefore, as the Hitler bloodline is now independently tracing to the Aude theater, the Hitler sun may apply to Sauniere lines...that in my findings included the Sadducee-suspect Shaws who had presence at Shaw and Crompton, beside Hyde and Sadducee-suspect Rochdale.

The Baldwin cockatrice is said to be "wattled," and then entering "Wattle" gets three hollow lozenges in the colors of the three lozenges of the Hyde's. As I often find Obama lines linking to Nazi elements, the sun in the Trick/Trigg Crest may be the Hiedler/Hitler sun.

I can now make some very important points in going back to the Crom/Crumb surname with quatrefoils tracing without doubt to the Da-Vinci (i.e. Vincent) cult at Rennes-le-Chateau. First, as "Covert" is suspect in "COVENarum,' the previous name of Comminges, see that Hyde's and Wattles are in the colors of the Wards and Comyns/Cummings, important because Wards use a "Comme" motto term, while the Wattles above are properly shown as "WARDlaw." This doesn't mean that Wardlaws don't apply to the "wattled" term of Baldwins, for it just so happens that the Baldwin cockatrice is "COMBed wattled and beaked," the comb code very applicable to the Comyn line. Now see the Beak Coat, which is an obvious Drummond-related version of the Arms of Trebizond empire, and in the Beak Crest there is even a white ostrich, matching the white ostrich feathers in the Arms of Traby. Note the gold leopard face in the Beak Coat, a Covert Crest symbol.

As Comyns are suspect with Cimmerians/Gomerians from Qumran, it should be added that Wards smack of Warts using the same hourglass Shield as Halfs who trace very well to Haifa. But Wards smack of Gards who were just emphasized above in relation to Obama lines, and so let's mention the Crom/Crumb description: "A black cat salient guardant." It was just this morning when I was asking myself what the "quatrefoil" could be code for. The cinquefoil could be code for Roquefeuil elements in conjunction with the Cinqueport cities (Dover using a single large cinquefoil was one of the Cinqueport cities), and/or with the Five/Fify bloodline of Arthurianism. The trefoil is code, I think, for Trips/Treffs to which we just saw Coverts link. But QUATRefoils can easily be code for Cutters, Kottars, and the like. I'm taking it that the "black cat" in the Crom/Crumb Crest applies to whatever the quatrefoil stands for, and the Cathars at the Comminges / Cazeres theater are highly suspect.

Reminder: Obama's re-election team is headed by a Cutter surname.

The German Kotters/KATHERs use the Feuer(er) and Troy unicorn, important because Tricks/Triggs and Triss / Truss / Dreger / Trager / Feller/Felltrager elements were just traced solidly to Trojans. This Kotter unicorn was seen in the last update in the End(er) Coat (star in Hitler-star colors), which Coat's quarters compares very well with the Kotter/KATHERs Coat.

I've identified the Hitler stars with the Bauer stars, but see the obvious arm-and-fist between the new Bauer wings (new this year). As you can see, the shape of the fist is not the same on both right and left sides, as would be expected if there were no design intended. The arm-and-fist likely became a Communist symbol when the Bauer > Rothschild line founded the Soviet Union, for Rothschild Arms often include a strongarm, as can be seen in the Armstrong Crest. Why do Armstrongs use an "inVICTus" term...that I link to Magdalene-suspect Fichtens / Victors/Fichters?

The same inconsistency in shape found between the Bauer wings is found between the wings in the Kotter Crest, and the shape there is likewise an arm-and-fist, quite apparently. This tends to prove that the End(er) star is the Bauer star, and that "Feuer" could be a variation of "Bauer." Scottish Bowers even show a "Beauer." One reason for identifying the Hitler star with the Bauer star is that Danish Bauers use red-and-white diagonal bars, as does the Hiedler/Hitler Coat.

There are multiple reasons for linking the green Shields of Bauers and Bowers to the Pollock Shield, one reason being that Peter Pollock, the first Pollock roughly, was of a Rothes entity (centuries before Maier Bauer changed his name to Rothschild). The Peters had traced to the Scott / Over bend, and precisely to Rennes-le-Chateau, while I say that Hitler's mother was a Pollock liner...which could possibly link Hitlers of the Aude theater to Margaret Kerdeston de-Pole of Foix.

So, while investigating briefly the idea that the Crom/Crumb cat and quatrefoils can link to Cathars and therefore to Kottars/Kathers, it just so happens that Croms/Crumbs are in Covert colors while Kotters/Kathers were first found in Swabia, where Covert lines of the Over-suspect Hof kind were from, and where Hohenzollerns were from who are tracing to the floor of the Magdalene church. But this is not the first time that Coverts were linked to Cathar-like terms, for Caiaphas-suspect Coverts were linked to Cutters...using the Kaplin/Chaplin griffins.

Although the three bends of the Kotter/Kather Coat are said to be gold, note their orange tinge (that I see at times in other Coats), suspect for Orange-Nassau. Coverts were traced to the joining of the Durance river to the Rhone, and that's where we can expect Cutter-related Saluzzo elements of the Salyes kind. It just so happens that the Nassau surname (in Wattle/Wardlaw and Hyde colors), smacking of Nazi's, uses a Shield like the Ward Shield while we just saw the Baldwin "wattle" term link to the Wattles/Wardlaws. The Hohens used black-on-gold lions, a symbol of Flanders too, and it just so happens that this Flanders lion goes back as far as the earliest Baldwins of Flanders. The Flander Chief uses three black stars as does the English Wattle/Whatley/Wheatley Chief, but the latter shows the stars in the colors of the Flanders lion.

Let's now go back to the Armstrong surname, for it's motto is "Invictus manco," suspect in-part with the Fichten bloodline, and in-part with the Italian Manco surname. It just so happens that three gold-on-black bends -- the colors of the Kotter/Kather bends -- are used by Foix-suspect Fiquets/Fiauts who show the Hyde Coat.

The MANCo Coat uses salmon and a view of the sea. Before getting to the Monk point, I'd like to say that salmon had come up shortly before in the Sea/Seigh surname (lords of Seal in Kent) when investigating the "seashore" term in quotation marks in the Over/Ofer write-up." In the Sea's/Seighs, it is only the second case of my recently finding official "flaunches": "...a salmon swimming between two blue flaunches...." Reminder: "flaunches" was found to be code for Flint-and-Cheshire elements that included Wolfleys especially, but Overs/Ofers were likewise first found in Cheshire. I tend to link "Flint" to the Flinder variation of the Flanders, wherefore the "FLAUNches" term can be also for Flanders elements in the Cheshire theater...beside the MANChester / Rochdale / Hyde areas.

I realize how shallow it may seem to link the seashore term in the Over/Ofer write-up to the Sea/Seigh surname, wherefore as the latter were rulers of Seal, see the Seal(ey) Coat in the colors of the Over/Ofer bend. Seals use the wolf head in the design and black color of colors of the Cliffs/Cleve's, and I think I made the case (last update) of tracing the Covert fesse to the fesse of Belgian Viana's, the latter term being a house in Castile that married Agnus of Cleve.

I'm pegging with the "seashore" term of Overs/Ofers with Shore's using "Perimus licitis" (the Priam/Paris-suspect motto of Caens). Shore's were first found in DERBYshire, important where Overs/Ofers are being considered in a trace to the Trave theater. There is much that can be said on the Shore's, but suffice it to say that Schere's/Scherfs / Scherers had linked closely to Cutters while Caens trace to Cuneo, where Cutter-related Saluzzo is found amongst whom we can expect the salmon symbol. Reminder: I trace Caens to the same Khyan elements to which I trace Keons, and Keons and Kane's use the same fish design as the Sea's/Sieghs. The Shore's probably use the Derby/Darby chevron so as to be a Traby-related family, as can be witnessed again in the white ostrich of Shere- and Schere-related Carricks.

It's important in this Over / Dover / Drover investigation that Over-related Scotts are easily identified as Talbots. The Shere's and Carricks are not to only ones to use the black talbot dog, for the Zollern and Hohenzollern talbot is half black. It's conspicuous that Zollerns use the black-and-white colors of the Saluzzo-rooted Sale's/Sallete's, tending to trace Zollerns to Salies-du-Salat...smack beside Cazeres now suspect with Kotters/Kathers.

The Nazi-suspect Scherers use a fesse in the colors of the Flander fesse, which is colors reversed to the Viana / Covert fesse. I realize it's a long way from the Viana's of Belgium/Flanders to Charles of Viana in Castile, but it just so happens that Spanish Amor's, first found in Castile, us a "column," the same symbol as the German Schore's!! That's huge because English Amore's use the "malis" motto term for the Malis/Mellish surname using the "flaunches" roughly in the colors of the Sea/SEIGH flaunches! These are the colors of the Sakar/SEAGer cross, by the way.

Schore's (in Sakar/Seager colors) were even first found in HAMburg (where Trips/Trefs were first found) so as to once again suggest an Over-Ofer trace to the neighboring Trave area, and to the Drave/Drover surname (HAMpshire) using the quartered Shield of Hohenzollerns who trace to Flanders by their Flander-lion lion colors.

Moreover, Viana-of-Belgium elements may trace to Castile's Viana elements where Belgian elements of the Louvain and Brabant kind were first found in the same place (Kent) as the Sea's/Seighs. The couped fesse of the Brabant surname is even in the colors of the Flander / Scherer fesse. French Brabants use the bugle in the colors of the bugle in the Arms of Traby. (It was this moment when the colors of the Scherer stars recalled that the Vance/Vans/Vaux Coat uses the same stars, and it just so happens that my trace of Covert elements to Orange-Nassau had to do with this Vance/Vans/Vaux surname, first found in the same place (Lothian) as many Flemish/Flanders families.)

While the Shaw and Crompton location at Rochdale was linked solidly to the Crom/Crumb bloodline tracing solidly to Rennes-le-Chateau, let it be reminded that entering "Chateau" gets the Castile surname, and that the Castile nobles had traced excellently in the last update to Rennes-le-Chateau. Now, a black cat, the color of Hohenzollern / Flanders lion, is used in the Crom/Crumb crest, and Zollerns / Drave's traced to the floor of the Magdalene church.

I haven't shown the Crompton Coat until now for lack of anything to say. The Crompton motto, "Love and loyalty," would seem to be code for Love's/Luffs, whom I expect to be from Levi-suspect Louvain elements. Reminder, Caiaphas lines had been discovered to be central at Rennes-le-Chateau, and the Levi triple chevron is used by the Arms of Hainaut county (Belgium/Flanders, beside Brabant). The Cromptons use lions in colors reversed to the red-on-gold lions of Hainaut. By what coincidence do the Croms come from the "Crom" motto term of Desmonds whose Annandale saltire traces to Hain-like Ananes??? Caiaphas lines are suspect in blue lions, one of which is in the Louvain Coat.

It just occurs to me after writing the paragraph above that the wavy fesse of Cromptons is a version of the Dutch Gant fesse. English Gants were first found in the same place (Kent) as Louvains and Brabants! The Mysters/Masters were first found in Kent who use the Kaplan/Chaplin and Roet griffins. The lords of Seal in Kent are suspect as a Glaphyra-Herod line as per their use of the Cliff/Cleve wolf heads, but this now expects that Kent elements should trace to Castile's Viana-Cleve line, and indeed Kent's Cantii founders had traced well to Jean de Foix-Candale, and although I haven't yet checked, I'm assuming that he was related to Catherine of Foix-Candale...the bloodline suspect by others as the epitome of the mysteries surrounding Rennes-le-Chateau.

The Catherine Wheel of the Roets, and Why?

Roets are a new topic suspect with the Catherine wheel. Compliments of Julie, here's the Catherine wheels in the original Arms of Catherine Roet; the page says: "'roet' means 'wheel' in Flemish.". Excellent timing Julie!

It just so happens that while Paine's and Mysters/Masters use the same motto terms as well as linking hard to the "Grand MASTER," Hugh de Payen, husband of a Chaplin-suspect Chappes, the Roets are from a certain Sir Payne Roet Of Guienne. There is little known, as you can see on that family-tree page, concerning Payne Roet and his daughter, Catherine. They are said to be from the Gertridge family. Entering "Gert" gets the Gards, first found in Kent, very important because Catherine married John of Gaunt (founder of the Lancastrian red rose) while Gants/Gaunts were first found in Kent. Already, we have reason to trace Catherine Foet to Catherine of Foix-Candale.

The Roots/Rouets, first found in Kent, use roughly the same oak tree as Scottish Roets.

The Gerts/Gards use griffins, I've just realized, in the colors of the Flanders lion, and in colors reversed to the Griffin/Griffith griffin, important because the two surnames show the same griffin design. Griffiths were brought up at all because they married Roche castle in the line to James Scott-Buccleuch. The Gert/Gard griffins are in the colors of the stars in the Wattle/WHATley/Wheatley Chief, important because the RoWATT variation of Roets uses the oak found in the Watt and Vatt Coats. The Wattles/Whatleys were even first found in the same place (Somerset) as Roets/Rowatts. Therefore, the Roets must be related to the Baldwins using a wattled cockatrice.

Interesting here is that the page showing the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet tells that Thomas Chaucer used the Catherine wheel too because his father married Catherine Roet's sister. "Chaucer" may not only trace to Cock(er) terms, but Cock-colored Chaucers (turtle) were first found in Kent. Cockers/Cockets use what looks to be a remote version of the Sale Coat.

Aha! Chalks/Chalkers/Caulks are in Chaucer colors, and likewise first found in Kent, and the Chalk/Chalker Crest is a swan, important not only due to a swan trace to Salyes Ligures, but because Catherine Roet was also Catherine SWNYford by marriage. This swan evokes lake Sevan in COLCHis.

At the family tree of Catherine Roet below, her children are listed with John of Gaunt. If the question is whether the Catherine wheel can trace to Cazeres and the Cathars of that area, recall how Guy I of Montlhery traced to Catherine of Foix-Candale, for I traced Guys to the Guy surname, first found in the same place (Picardy) as the birthplace of Catherine Roet.

Moreover, the Over/Ofer-suspect Seals from the Sea's/Seighs of Kent use the black wolf head of Cliffs/Cleves in yet another color, white, the color of the same wolf head used by Milners, and then the German Milners use a Catherine wheel (in the colors of Flanders). Julie even suggested that "roet" should link to "round," which evokes the Milners who were part of the Cecil-Rhodes Round-Table Illuminati. "Roet" even smacks of "Rhodes," and in my chapter, "Who's the Wheel Dragon Line?", Redones of Rodez were traced to "roto = wheel".

German Roets/Reodls (Thuringia) and German Kerns both use a gold lunar crescent with human face, on dark/royal blue. I'm quite sure that Kerns trace themselves to Carians at Latmus, home of the sleeping moon cult (Endymion). The Roet symbol is called a "moon," and because I have seen few crescents called by that term, it's likely code for the Moon surname (crescents in Moyne/Monk colors), said to be from Moyne and Mohun in Manche (Normandy), and then entering "Moyne" gets the Monks that were just discussed above...who use a version of the Crom/Crumb Coat, and were accessed from the Desmond/Gerald monkey.

I didn't know this Monk link to Manche when I wrote above: "The MANCo Coat uses salmon and a view of the sea. Before getting to the Monk point... " And here I am on the Monks of Manche even before I get the Monk topic that was promised in that sentence. I wanted to say that the Manco/Mangusi surname suggests the Monk bloodline because the Desmond motto uses a monkey that is now easily deciphered as code for Monks using the same chevron, format, and colors as the Crom/Crumb Coat.

I wanted to say that the Crom/Crumb Crest is yet a third cockatrice. The other two were used by Baldwins and Dovers. We just saw the WATTled Baldwin cockatrice trace to the Roets/Rowatts, and then the Roets traced to the Moons > Monks with yet another cockatrice. Baldwins and Roets were first found in Somerset, beside Devon where Moyne's and Moons were first found.

As the cockatrice is now suspect with the Chaucer / Chalker bloodline that married Roet, the turtle, albeit it's officially a "Tortoise", in the Chaucer Crest can be identified with the single white-on-blue crescent of the Moons because Turtles/Tuttles use that crescent. But lo and behold that the Turtle/Tuttle Crest uses a version of the black cat used by Croms/Crumbs!!! Croms/Crombs are even in Chaucer and Chalker colors. Roets can thereby trace to Rennes-le-Chateau with this cat as well as the Crom/Crumb quatrefoils.

The Turtles/Tuttles have been traced solidly to the tout-using Rollo Coat, and it's of no surprise at all that Rus-suspect Roets should link to Rollo vikings. Keep in mind that we have yet to fully explain why the Rollo vikings and Flemings were together at the Templar charge, while the Roet link to Flanders should explain this.

[Yes, and later below the Roets link hard to ancient Bell elements, important where I hold out that "Fleming" is related to "Bellamy." Also below, the Wheel surname will be found related to the Cather surname, and Wheels happen to use a blue boar, the color of the Rollo boar. Just before discovering the Wheel and Cather surnames, Roets are found linked to Celts/Colts using the stag design of Rollo's, and first found in the same place (Perthshire) as Rollo's. It'll be Catherine important because COLTers use a Catherine wheel.]

Endymion of Latmus was traced by myth writers to Elis at Pisa, but I now trace Elis to proto-Essenes worshipers of Elisha, the Biblical prophet. It just so happens that Endymion at Elis had sons, Epeios and Paion, while the latter compares very well with "Paion' and similar variations of the Payens. This in itself may trace Payne Roet of Guienne to Carians at Latmus, but the Roet moon verifies it.

As the proto-Essenes trace from mythical Eileithyia/Eleuthia to an essenes cult in Ephesus, beside Latmus, compare "Ephas(us)" with "Epeios," or even compare with "Pisa," for Epeios was the winner of a race in the first Olympics held at Olympus of Pisa/Elis, while Pisidians had their own Olympus location. Moreover, Endymion was buried at the starting gate (not true of course) of the Olympus race track. Moreover, Pisa of Italy is beside Massa-Carrara, where I expect Carians for other reasons, and Roets use a Carrara-like motto term. It's quite clear that Roets were Rhodians, but you will find the chariot wheel as a symbol in mythology relating to Pelops when he he married the Amazon princess of Pisa.

I traced Pelop's father (Tantalus) to "Antalya/Attaleia," city of Pisidians near Olympus, and Tantalus is to be equated with Ixion whose punishment in Hell was a strapping to a fiery wheel. The Catherine wheel is said online to be an object of torture / capital punishment.

Now, as Wattles/Whatleys and Watts / Vatts use the oak tree, see the oak in the Irish Crow Coat, for English Crows use the chevron, colors, and format of the Moyne's/Monks and Croms/Crumbs. You're seeing plenty of white on red here, the colors of the Face/Fessy Coat, mentioned because the Kern Coat is described as a "crescent with a face." The motto of Face's/Fessys uses "vinces" while Mohuns/Moyne's/Munns (Kent) use "vincit."

I was hoping to see roundels as per the Basina line of Thuringia, which may involve the German Foets, and it just so happens that it's the German Foets who use a moon that gets us the Muhuns/Moyne's/Munns...using besants. The latter's write-up: "Although the main stem of this very noble Norman family retained the various spellings of Munn or Munns, junior lines adopted the name Munson or Munnings." There is a French Munson/MONCEY Coat using a moline cross in the colors of the Desmond cross, and it's Desmonds who use the MONKEY. Scottish Mansons use a cross in the same colors.

The first time that Mansons were mentioned in this update, noting that I rarely mention them, it was with the Huddersfield location beside Hyde and Rochdale. Rochdale elements included Sadducee suspects traced to Rennes-Le-Chateau, where Roquefeuil is located that merged with a Rodez ruler in forming the Roet-like Rod surname. Sadducee are suspect in the Desmond saltire, wherefore the Monks / Moons / Mohuns /etc. are tracing to Aude. As the heraldic maunch is code for Manche, let's add the Mangle surname to this lot, which uses the maunch.

But Rhodes-related Manders and similar Manes-liners came up earlier in this update as per the maunch used by Lauds/Lords who are apparently honored in the "laudaMUS" motto of Quarters/Wartre's of Ayrshire, and then the latter surname is in the colors of the Ayer quatrefoils now suspect with the Crom/Crumb quatrefoils. Apparently, the QUARTers/Wartre's are a branch of Desmond-related MacCARTHYs, explaining the use of "mus" in the Quarter/Wartre motto. That means that this Roet discussion traces to Massa-Carrara, and it just so happens that the Kern Carians were just found to be a branch of German Roets...suggesting that "Carrara" was named by Carians. That should explain why MILners entered the Roet picture, for the Roet and Kern sleeping moons trace to Latmus, beside MILetus...where the Maeander river flows toward Rhodes. "Rhodes'-related Manders' is a phrase that evokes the Roet link just made to the Rhodes Illuminati, and Roets themselves led to Mon/Man-using surnames.

You get it. Roets were Rhodians, but let's not forget that Roets use a Carrara-like motto term. And let's not forget that while Roets (fathered by Payne Roet) and Mysters/Masters use roughly the same motto term as code for Carrara, both surnames are link-able to Payens, the line highly suspect as a neo-Caiaphas priesthood that founded the Templars. Not just the Payne's/Paine's and Mysters/Master use the "quam" term, but also the Mannings (cinquefoils), whom were just looked up as per the Munning variation of the Roet- and Crum-related Moyne/Monk line. Mannings, because they were first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Claptons, must use the Clapton patee cross. Therefore, expect Herod liners in the Roets, important because I'm still seeking to discover where Rodez / Rod was named after the same that named Herod.

The Clapton wolf, in the design of the Seal wolf, is split in half in the two colors of the Seal fesse, and the colors of that fesse became suspect with the Over/Ofer bend (because the Over/Ofer write-up traced cleverly to "SEAshore"). Seals were first found in the same place (Northumberland) as Maness'/Manners, and then Mansons use a "manor" motto term. The "oriGINIS" motto term of Mansons may be for the Guienne entity of Payne Roet. Quinns and Guiness'/Genis' both use gold and green, but Quinns use a pegasus, symbol of a Gorgon peoples in the Caria / Lycia theater. I've maintained with little evidence that mythical Pegasus traces to the Pagan variation of Payens, wherefore a Pegasus trace to Payne Foet is interesting, and for this cause "Pegasus" seems to be tracing to the sons of Endymion.

It just so happens that the white-on-red crescents of the Roet-honored Moons are also used by the other Quinns while white-on-red stars are used by Gunns who come up as "Guine." It's important because Mansons were first found in CAITHness, in extreme northern Scotland facing Orkney, where Gunns/Guine's were first found. I now recall that I had found a location in the Caithness area with a Ros-like name like one of the original nine Templars. The Gunns/Guine's use "bellum," probably code for the line of mythical Bellerophon, the one who rode the Pegasus in the Lycia theater. I traced the Bellerophon line to Bellovesus, a real king of the Galli/Gauls (centuries BC) who was responsible, I think, for the move of the Laevi Gauls and Ananes Gauls into northern Italy.

Loading the Gunn/Guine Coat just now, it was noted that the black marks denoting the waves of the sea upon which their ship sails are identical to the black wave marks in the Italian Manco/MANGusi Coat. AND, there just happens to be a Mang surname, first found in Shetland (between Orkney and Caithness)...using a purple lion and purple cinquefoils. ZOWIE, a cinquefoil in the colors of the Gunn/Guine stars is used by Blanch's/Blanks, first found in Shetland, and this surname was traced in the last update to Blanche I of Navarre, grandmother of Catherine of Foix-Candale!!! This paragraph allows us to trace Catherine Roet to this Catherine of Foix. It moreover exposes, I think, that the Castile-Navarre line to Catherine of Foix was a viking line of the raven-viking kind in Shetland. That viking line went on to conquer Rothesay, and then German Rothes/Rotors use a raven, the Shetland symbol, while the "manco" term is found in the motto of Rothschild-suspect Armstrongs. It just so happens that Strongs, using the Vienne eagle exactly, were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Roets, where John Of Beaufort, son of Catherine Roet, was earl. Vienne's were first found in Burgundy, location of Vienne-Isere and of Nevers. See Nevers link to Roet elements below, and don't neglect the Viana entity in Nevers-suspect Navarre that married Cleve, for Glaphyra's husband, Herod Archelaus, was banished to Vienne-Isere. We just saw Claptons, who trace to Glaphyra along with Cliffs/Cleves, use the Manning patee.

Did you notice the white unicorn, an Arms-of-Shetland symbol along with a ship (the Gunn/Guine symbol), in the Myster/Master Crest? I traced the Shetland unicorn to the one in the Arms of Macclesfield, and then the "face" term used for the Kern crescent (that's practically identical with the Roet "moon") brought up the Face/Fessy Coat with the same engrailed cross as Macclesfields, in colors reversed to the same engrailed cross of Rhodes'. This is yet another argument for tracing the Roets of Guienne to Gunns/Guine's.

Remember here that Rhodes' use a version of the Mander Coat while the latter use the red-on-white Annandale saltire, symbol also of Desmonds (first found in MUNSter) who use the monkey term for the Munson/Monson/MONCEY surname, who also use a red-on-white cross, the point being that all related Man terms here should be viewed with the proto-Ananias Gauls in mind. The Laevi lived at Novara, and then the Munsons/Monceys are traced in their write-up to Nevers: "William de Moncels, who held allegiance to the Bishop of Coutances, was himself a Lord of Maers and Monceaux, counts of Nevers."

There is more to be gleaned from Roets, for Catherine Roet gave birth to rulers of Beaufort, and then one Beaufort Coat uses patee crosses in what looks like a version of the Ayer Coat...along with Gunn-like Cunninghams (white unicorn) with two instances of an "over" motto term. French Beauforts use an upright lion in the colors of the upright Wallace lion, and Wallace's were first found in Ayrshire. Let's not forget that the Sadducee suspects in Rochdale were Saddocks/Sedgewicks, using the "ears of rye" that are code both for the Eyer/Ayer and Rye bloodlines. And let's not forget that Caiaphas lines popped up significantly at Rennes-le-Chateau.

But Sadducee lines also use "ears of wheat," as does the Crest of Wheats (in What/WhadCOCKs colors), for example, and then the WHATleys/WHEATleys, who link to the RoWATT variation of Roets, come up as "Wattle." It just so happens that it's the Baldwins who use the wattled COCKatrice, while Baldwins were traced to the Baltea river in Aosta, a river into which the Lys river flows whereupon the Walsers lived who can trace to Wallace's. Cunninghams (in Sale colors) were traced by multiple methods to "Cuneo" not far away, the location of Saluzzo while Aosta was founded by a Salassi peoples. Therefore, the Guienne entity of Roets is tracing to Redones in the Salyes theater, which should explain why Scottish Roets use the Saluzzo Shield-and-Chief combination. This Roet trace to Cuneo jibes with their motto's trace to Massa-Carrara.

The Roet Coat compares well with the Kaplan/Chaplin Coat, but as Roets use gold-on-blue boars in their chief, they look like a branch of Gordons for Boofima reasons below, for I traced Gords/Gordons to "PeriGORD" without doubt. This is amazing because it's a pattern repeated many times by what I consider God's leads. In this example, the same person (Julie) who gave us the Boofima topic has just given us the Roet topic not likely knowing that Roets could trace to Boofima at all, or at least like this. Both Massa-Carrara and Cuneo are near Imperia, where I trace Boofima's Imperi peoples out of Africa. This is said due to "BEAUFort" smacking of the Boeuf surname first found in PERIgord.

French Beauforts (using the Wallace lion) were first found beside Aosta in Savoy, i.e. where we can expect Walser lines. The Walser mermaid can link to Baphomet elements via Vere links to Melusine, and the Walsers use both a Drake symbol (axe) and a Boofima symbol (goat)...but the point here is that the Walser mermaid is used by the Glass Crest while Glass' trace to Roman-dragon blood at "Guillestre" (Durance river) in the Cottian mountains opposite Saluzzo, and it just so happens that while the Roet Crest uses "An book expanded proper, the Book/Bogg Crest shows an hourglass. Plus, "Bogg" can trace to "Bough" pronounced "Boff." Recall the Boughton location of the Montague's of the BUCCleuch kind.

Books/Boggs were first found in Berwickshire, where Edenburk is located out of which Renfrews came who were related to Glasgow. It just so happens that we had found the Water-related Weatherburns out of Edenburk, and then Waters can be suspect with the RoWatt / Watt elements of Roets if only due to the heraldic "water BOUGet" reflecting the Boge/Bogue variation of Books/Boggs. This is tracing Boofima elements to the water bouget, you see, especially as Books/Boggs were likewise first found in Berwickshire. As the dragon-blood-worshiping Drakenberg organization of the Vere's is highly suspect with modern Baphomet protectorates, let it be reminded that Drakes and Weatherburns share the same motto. Therefore, Boofima traces to the water-bouget bloodline of Bouchard II out of Montlhery at Paris, the founder of MontMORency that traces to north-African Moors/Mauritanians. It should be added that Books/Boggs use a Coat like the Sherwoods except that the latter use stars in Glass-star colors.

Bouchard II was closely related to Guy I of Montlhery who can easily trace to the French Guine surname("oak branch") with many GUYn-using variations that could easily be from the Quienne entity of Payne of Roet. Reminder" Guys and Payne of Roet both had Picardy in common. Scottish Guine's/Gunns, who trace to the Durance, location of Glass-related Guillestre, use stars in colors reversed to the Glass stars.

If we ask why the Roet "book" is said to be "expanded proper," it just so happens that Propers/Robins (ostrich with key) use a "Manus" motto term jibing with Roet links to all the Moon / Mann terms above. I don't know what "expanded" could link to, if anything, but on second thought the PENDragon cult out of EXeter comes to mind. Zowie, after using a magnifying glass to study the faint crown around the neck of the Proper/Robin ostrich, the Exeter Coat (bells, wherefore see Roet links to Bellmonts below) was loaded , and there in the Exeter Crest was the same crown (with a green center part and red parts at both ends). For whatever it may mean, I'll record that Gord(on) use the same crown in their Crest. I recall certain clans using the Exeter format, two of which include the Moretons (Mauritanians, right?) and the Wallace-suspect Welsh's/Walsh's ("mortuus" motto term).

If you've forgotten, the Wallace lion is likely the Beaufort lion so that Boofima is now tracing to Exeter, location of king-Arthur's EXcalibur sword, so to speak, which jibes with the Boofima trace above to Berwickshire, where Arthurs were first found. The Welsh/Walsh family is probably the Arthurian cult's Welsh elements, and the Moretons are likely the Morte bloodline in the code, "Morte D'Arthur." It just so happens that English Moretons use a goat as evidence that they trace to goat-depicted Boofima > Baphomet.

The great news is that English Moretons use the black-on-white buckles of the Guys of Picardy!!! Surprise. And English Guys use the same swan as seen in the Welsh/Walsh Crest!!! Double surprise [especially as Catherine Roet was married to a SWYNford surname that traces below to both Swan surnames]. The Walsh swan compares well with the Chalk/Chalker swan.

The Books/Boggs use the red stag of the Celts/Colts/Cults (Perthshire), very important because Colters use the Catherine wheel. This is another reason to trace the Catherine wheel specifically to the line of Catherine Roet. The "Transfixus" motto term of Walsh's compares with the "Transfigum" of Celts/Colts, and besides, both surnames use pheons suspect with the mother of Pontius Pilate in Perthshire.

Just found: the Wheel/Weal (blue boar) and Cather surnames both use ermined white on black! Cathers use "salmon haurient," and then the Manco's, who proved to trace to Mangs in cahoots with Gunns/Guine's, likewise use salmon. Both the Wheels/Weals (Shropshire) and the Cathers (Berkshire) are in the colors of the fleur-de-lys in the Sale bend, but then note the black pheon in the Sale Crest, for Walsh's use theirs in black too, as do Danish Mansons. It's clear to me here that Cathers trace to the Pendragons, but also to the Redone-Salyes merger.

Cathers were first found in the same place as Croms/Crumbs who just traced above to Roets.

Let's back-up to Savoy, where French Beauforts were first found, for Savoy is where Candale-suspect Candy-branch Sinclair vikings had interests. The Beauforts use the same lion as Wallace's, and essentially the same as that of Beaumonts/Bellmonts known to trace to a Well-like surname of the Harcourt Danes. The Beaumonts/Bellmonts even use crescents in the colors of the Moon crescents, suggesting that moon-using Roets trace also to Beaumonts/BELLmonts. This Beaumont / Beaufort lion is known to be the Montfort lion because Montforts carried on with Beaumont titles in Leicester. A lion in the same colors is used by Ruters/Rutters, who are in the colors of Roddens/Rodhams and Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs.

In this picture, Roet-related Beauforts look like they were named after whatever named Montforts, and so while there is a Monforte location in Cuneo, where MontFerrat is located, it jibes with a trace of the Roet Coat to Cuneo's interior Liguria.

Leicester (uses the maunch) traces to Ligurians, where Imperia is located, but I trace Ligurians to Lycians, where BELLerophon and his Gorgonic Pegasus were located at one point. The mythical pegasus came forth from the head of the Medusa Gorgon, and I ventured to trace "BaphoMET" to MEDusa elements in north Africa, though I also traced to mythical Metis, mother of Athena (she had a cult in Libya / Tunisia) and the first wife of the human-sacrifice cult of the Zeus-Moloch. You can read at the Metis article that Athena was born from Zeus' head: "Athena leaped from Zeus's head, fully grown, armed, and armored..." It's the same theme where pegasus was born from the MEDUSa's head. The article continues: "In Western cultures, Athena has been most commonly depicted as...a warrior with the image of Medusa inscribed on her shield."

While I now trace the Zeus Taurus-Moloch cult to Haifa, not far from Jupiter-suspect Joppa, where Perseus was made married to AndroMEDA, a branch of Medusa Gorgons, note that Dor is much closer to Haifa than Joppa, for Beaumonts/Bellmonts were first found in DORset. Moreover, John of Dorset and Beaufort was yet another son of Catherine Roet and John of Gaunt. The Roussillon-suspect Russells were first found in Dorset, yet another reason to trace Roets to Redones of Rodez...whom I see as proto-Varangian Rus. It's likely that "Perseus" elements named the Imperi peoples and/or Perigord.

Although I don't think it's coincidental, I'm not quite sure how to explain it, that: Catherine Roet was born in Somme, Picardy, and then entering "Some" gets the Sion/Swan/Sweyne surname using the Macey "GAUNTlets." I see the Queen/Swan/Sweyne/Sween/Cunn surname ("Cunn" evokes the Gunns/Guine's) as a branch of the above, and it uses the same Glaphyra-related wolf heads in the colors used for them by Sea's/Seighs and Cliffs/Cleves. It just so happens that Catherine Roet had also married Hugh SWYNford. My first-crack explanation is that Somerset elements of the Roet kind named Somme, and that surnames in honor of the Somme line merged with Swyn elements at, or in association with, the marriage of Catherine to Hugh, and that both Sweyne surnames above were developments from the Swyn line...yet taking on mergers with the Guienne elements of the Roets to explain the Queen and Cunn variations.

Sommers are in the white-on-green colors of the Quinn pegasus but also in the colors of the Whats/Waddcocks. I understand here that we are tracking the Uat cult across north Africa to green Libya, where the pegasus Gorgons are expected, and that Uat elements became a fundamental part of the Roets (Carthaginian-suspect Cartmells use a part-green Shield). The fact that Metis was changed by Zeus into a fly is "muscas = fly" suspicious. The Baphomet-suspect Drakes use "muscas" in their motto, and they translate it as 'fly," but we read above (in the article on the Mustchin surname of Edenburk) that "mus" can also mean "fly," and so let's not forget that Roets use a moon tracing excellently to Carians at LatMUS, or that I identify Zeus' father with Carians. Latmus must have been the Carian line through Massa-Carrara to the MacCarthy family at Muskerry in Maeander-suspect Munster.

Hmm, it took a while to realize the similarity between the "laudamus" motto term and "Latmus." That motto term is used by Quarters/Wartre's who do somewhat smack of Carians. It may mean that the Warts, using the hourglass Shield, are likewise Carians, especially as "Laud" gets the Lords honored in the Glasgow motto! Lauds/Lords and Glasgows use the Boeuff colors suspect with many Boofima elements. As Halfs/Helps use the Wart hourglass in colors reversed while Halfs definitely trace to the Arms of Haifa, can Haifa elements trace to Carians at Latmus? Indeed, the proto-Essenes of Carmel / Haifa had traced exactly to Ephesus, beside Latmus, even aside from the Haifa-like EPHEsus term.

I've just checked the Somerset surname, first found in Somerset) that I'm not familiar with. When seeing it's "Mutare" motto term, the Mathers came to mind whom I linked to "MADARiaga," the immediate ancestry of Javier Solana. And it was spotted right away that the Somerset Coat was colored in the way that I remembered the Madariaga Coat. But when getting to the latter, ZOWIE, it was seen to use a blue Shield on gold Shield, the colors of the Shield-on-Shield that are the Arms of Rennes-le-Chateau. It was recently gleaned that "SOLANa" should trace to the Sauniere surname that built the Magdalene church in Rennes-Le-Chateau because that surname shows variations such as SAULNier / SAULNye / SOLNiere. The German Sommer Coat (fox in Crest could be for Foix) even uses a sun in colors reversed to the Solana sun.

It's hard to say at the moment whether Mathers / Madariaga's trace to mythical Metis, but it's interesting that the heraldic orb, which traces to areas of Aude (where Rennes-le-Chateau is located), is the only symbol of the Mets/Metz Coat. The orb is found also in the Montreuil Coat, and above that orb are two crescents, both in the two color schemes of the Moon crescents. And then there is a Montreuil location in Picardy, where Roets were from. Moreover, the white-on-blue Montreuil crescent is on "royal blue," the colors of the Shields of the Roets and Kerns upon which they place the Latmus moon god. It's a good match, therefore, suggesting that Roets were from the Metis / Medusa line to Montreuil of Picardy, but also to Madariaga elements at Rennes-le-Chateau.

It's understandable that a moon god of Latmus was related by blood to the sun god of Rhodes so that Roets should trace to both, even as the moon goddess (Selene) at Latmus, mythical lover of Endymion, was made a sister of Helios, the sun god of Rhodes. Solana's use a sun so that Madariaga's should trace to Rhodes if there was bloodline-worship involved between the two surnames.

Madariaga's use half-besants on blue, the color of the Roet crescent, important because these Roets were first found in Thuringia, location of besant-related Basina, mother of Clovis. The Thurin/Turin surname uses an Aude-like motto term. Turners use besants on blue (i.e. like Madariaga's and many others who trace to Basina), a Catherine wheel, and the Moratin tower tracing to north-African Gorgons / Amazons of the Tuareg and/or Glaphyra kind.

I now recognize the chain-links in the border of the Madariaga Coat to be those of Navarre, though other regions in the Navarre area must use them too. The "Timere" motto term of Somersets looks like code for DeMere's and Mere's, both using ships. The Gunn/Guine ship design is used by Durants who trace without doubt to Salyes and to the naming of their Durance river. The Durant Coat with the ship is in the three colors of the Quinns. The three lions in the Somerset Coat were shown until recently by Irish Brians who trace without doubt to Briancon on the Durance. The DeMere's and Mere's of Cheshire can be expected to link to Salyes elements there, but as we just traced Somersets to Rennes-le-Chateau, it's more reason for identifying the "MARY Magdalene" code with the Mere's.

MacDonalds, who trace via Somerled and their Damnonn ancestry to Dumnonii of Somerset, use the motto, "Per mare per terras." Possibly, "Mere/Mare" morphed into a "mother" theme in France, as for example the Mathers come up as "Mother" or as "Matter." German Matters, in Welsh Matt(hew) colors, both in MacDonald-ship colors, smack of "MADARiaga," and use the Shield design of Ottones, first found in Perusia, where I trace Perseus (father of Gorgophone), the slayer of the Medusa Gorgon, and thereby the founder of Pegasus.

Mathers were first found in KinCARDine, and the Cardine surname uses the Sale Coat, quite apparently, and a "Fide et amore" motto tracing to the "Amore et Fide" on the Shield of Spanish Amors (Castile). Why are Madariaga's tracing to the Salyes? In Aosta, founded by Salassi, there is a MATTERhorn that can apply to Madariaga's. Let's not forget that the Sale bend is used by Basina-suspect Bessins, first found in the same place (Cheshire) as Sales and Cardine's? Carthaginian human-sacrificers, right?

Now as Roets have traced to human-sacrificing Boofima by multiple methods, let me remind that I traced Boofima lines to the blue-on-white fesse because it's used by Boeufs, for the Scottish Durante Coat uses a chevron in those colors, along with goat horns = bugles (in the colors of the Brabant / Traby bugles). Scottish Durants were "First found in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, and Salop, and it just so happens that while Sommers were first found in Worcestershire, which I trace to Wroclaw in Poland, Roet-related Watts were first found in Warwickshire, what I trace to Warsaw (Masovia, Poland) the Arms of which use the mermaid of Boofima-suspect Walsers. That Warsaw mermaid is portrayed with sword and shield in hand i.e. as a war goddess; the WarWICK surname uses an axe, the Walser and Drake symbols too. WICKs use axe's of their own, and the "Cari" and "carent" motto terms of Wicks suggest the Karens/Kerns using the Roet moon in the colors of the Caren/Carot/Carow besants.

It's the Massa-Carrara line, isn't it, which linked to the Massi/MATTis surname. Reminder, the Massi/Mattis Coat is used by the Care/Quarre Chief, and Roets of Somerset use "Quaerere" in their motto. One could say that the European Union was founded largely by the Massi/Mattis surname, the surname now in charge of U.S. Central Command. It's the Roman eagle that Massi/Mattis' use, isn't it? Note the Medusa-like variations (e.g. Matussi) of the Massi's/Mattis'.

The proto-Essenes of Carmel that I see joined to an Elisha-respecting cult used, in my guess-timate, the axe symbol of Elisha. But Masonic Essenes of the modern era traced themselves to John the Baptist, whose head is on a plate in the Arms of Wroclaw. The Lord has been waiting a long time to get revenge for John, and Daniel tells us that he's coming as a rock falling upon end-time Wrocs now in charge of the new Rome.


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