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November 13- 19, 2012

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Obama's Broadwell-branch Hungarian Lines
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Squawk: Fiscal Cliff Codework, Herods of the Fisk Kind from Brights, Wrights, and Broads
Killery Clinton's Cleavage to Fisks and Cliffs: Economical Scam Afoot
The Hirpini Wolves of Pre-Tribulationism at the Bark of Henry Drummond
Ixion's Sirens Screaming at Saylors in Campania

Here's Russia's growing foothold in Iraq:

The Kremlin is reviving its fading influence in the Middle East, and it's doing it the traditional way: by drawing up oil and military contracts. Currently Iraq is Russia's most promising partner. At their most recent meeting in Moscow earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki negotiated a $4.2 billion weapons deal signed by the two states. They also discussed the possibilities of enlarging the energy contracts for Russian oil companies.

Then Russia's state-owned Gazprom started to work with Iraqi Kurds in ways not approved by Iraq. The rift has been soured to the point that Iraqi military have started sniping at Kurd soldiers. The oil deal is perhaps on a time when Putin badly wants into Kurdistan:

BAGHDAD: Iraq has warned Russia's Gazprom Neft to quit oil deals with the country's autonomous Kurdistan or pull out of its contract for the Badra oilfield, a spokesman for Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Hussain Shahristani said on [November 9].

Gazprom Neft, the oil arm of Russian gas export monopoly Gazprom, in August acquired interests in two blocks with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) following moves by rivals like Exxon and Total which angered the central Iraqi government in Baghdad.

"Iraq sent a letter to Gazprom at the end of October asking the company for an official reply, that it should cancel deals signed with KRG or pull out completely from Badra oilfield," Faisal Abdullah said.

Exxon is already "illegal" in making deals with Kurds, but apparently, president Putin is growing as big as Exxon:

Exxon Mobil is no longer the world's number-one oil producer. As of yesterday, that title belongs to...Rosneft, Russia's state-controlled oil company.

...And who is in charge of Rosneft? None other than Vladimir Putin, Russia's resource-full president.

...If it all comes to pass, Rosneft's daily production will jump to some 4.5 million barrels per day -- enough to put the Russian firm neck and neck with Exxon in the race to be the world's top oil producer...

...As if those developments weren't enough, yesterday Gazprom offered the highest bid to obtain a stake in the massive Leviathan gas field off Israel's coast.

Gazprom in control of Europe's gas, Rosneft in control of its oil. A red hand stretching out from Russia to strangle the supremacy of the West and pave the way for a new world order -- one with Russia at the helm.

...Or imagine this: Russia could join OPEC. Suddenly...With that kind of clout, the nations of OPEC could essentially name their price for oil -- and the rest of the world would simply have to pay.

The other oil producers would only be too happy to cart the higher prices. So, if you like staying at home in your spare time because you can't afford to drive, thumbs up to Putin's new world order. Hopefully, the end of the world will arrive before we go stir-crazy. How might the gas-guzzler, China, feel about the fabrication of increased oil prices by oil producers?

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is reportedly thinking of throwing out U.S. oil giant Exxon Mobil from the giant West Qurna-1 oilfield [southern Iraq] for signing an "illegal" production deal with semiautonomous Kurdistan and bringing in Russian companies instead.

Just found:

Iraq is reconsidering plans to buy more than $4 billion in arms from Russia, officials said [November 10], throwing the proposed purchase into question just weeks after it was announced.

The turnaround follows the ouster of Russia's defence minister earlier this week, and allegations by Iraqi lawmakers and local media that the pending deal is tainted by graft.

...The deal would have strengthened Russia's ties to oil-rich Iraq at a time when the ruling regime of longtime Mideast ally Syria risks falling in the country's civil war.

It now appears unlikely the sale will go through as previously planned.

...Lawmaker Hakim al-Zamili, who sits on parliament's security and defense committee and is affiliated with anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's political bloc, said al-Maliki expects to negotiate a new deal with Russia that would seek additional equipment and new prices.

...Iraq's acting defence minister, Saadoun al-Dulaimi, echoed the suggestion that the government plans to renegotiate the deal, seeking better terms.

I don't know whether it's prophecy-important, but wanted to give you a hint of developments. It's Putin wanting badly into Iraq to undercut American interests there. With a weak Obama threatening to cripple financial America by sheer negligence and backroom exploitation, Putin sees his chance. Another article: "...but security analysts said the Russian [arms] deal had appeared to open a way for Maliki to resist U.S. political pressure by diversifying his arms suppliers. The Russian deal was agreed just as Washington warned the Iraqi Shi'ite leader to curb Iranian flights ferrying weapons through Iraqi airspace to aid Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his fight against a revolt there."

There is talk of a new military leadership in Russia, and the question is why. In an article dated November 10: "Russian President Vladimir Putin recently reshuffled several top generals amid an investigation into alleged fraud at the Defense Ministry, after replacing Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov." Is Putin seeking new puppets who will dangle properly for his global agenda? Is he preparing for war, not just in Syria, but in Iraq? With whom does he side in the Israel-Hamas conflict? Will he cease to treat Israel like a lover if he doesn't get a stake in Leviathan?

An article from Tim reveals the hedonist Obama. We should have known. The single-most greatest reason that Obama wanted to win the election was for the pleasures that the Office brings his family. But how will his young daughters take this:

A prominent member of Chicago's homosexual community claims Barack Obama's participation in the "gay" bar and bathhouse scene was so well known...

...DuJan, founder and editor of the Hillary Clinton-supporting website, told WND he has first-hand information from two different sources that "Obama was personally involved in the gay bar scene."

...Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, who worked with the National Security Agency from 1984 to 1988 as a Navy intelligence analyst, confirmed DuJan's claims.

"It is common knowledge in the Chicago gay community that Obama actively visited the gay bars and bathhouses in Chicago while he was an Illinois state senator," Madsen told WND.

WND also spoke with a member of the East Bank Club in Chicago, who confirmed Obama was a member there and was known to be a homosexual...

...particularly after the murder in December 2007 of Donald Young, the openly gay choir director at Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ, who was known to be a close friend of Obama.

..."Then, when we saw how Larry Sinclair was demonized, anybody who would expose Obama worried they would be silenced if they dared to speak the truth about Obama's gay life," DuJan said.

Obama would have people killed if they expose him? I believe it, I really do. That's the dictatorial theme now hanging over the head of Petraeus, isn't it?

There is nearly a new war at the Gaza-Israel border, just as Obama is set to start his second term. I'm thinking that the timing is not coincidental. I'm speculating on whether Obama promised Hamas, if only with a wink, his secret support for war for after the election. Hamas has been right on it, wasting no time, shooting hundreds of missiles into Israel's sensitive areas with new-found confidence, not at all showing fear. Where has this new-found confidence come from? Who is backing Hamas to spare it the sort of painful defeat it suffered in the recent war? Will Egypt enter the war if Israel sends tanks into Gaza? What will Obama do then?

One thing we can ask is how deeply Obama is involved with Hamas. Or, does the Benghazi scandal have to do with Obama's plots against Israel? Were Libyan weapons being passed into Gaza via Muslim Brotherhood agents in Egypt? It's a clear path from eastern Libya into Gaza now that Egypt's on board. Did Obama's ambassador in Libya think he was smuggling weapons into Syria when in fact Obama had them secretly directed to Gaza? Did Sean Smith and/or the ambassador discover this so that they needed to be eliminated?

Hmm, perhaps Obama has directed Hamas to shoot the missiles immediately into Israel before anyone discovers that they came from Libya. I don't think its always possible to identify previous owners of missiles after they are exploded. Fox news reports that Israel bombed one of two Iranian missile-manufacturing plans in Sudan two weeks ago, and that the long-range missiles now coming from Gaza are these very Iranian missiles from Sudan. From Sudan, it's a clear path through Egypt to Gaza.

I never trust what Obama says in the open. I'd rather trust what it looks like. Who's idea is it this week that the pro-Obama U.S. Senate is calling for a no-fly zone in Syria? Isn't such no fly zone a means to bring in Western aircraft into Syrian skies, since it's inevitable that Assad isn't going to comply with such an order? No sooner is the election won that Obama is bucking to escalate the Syrian civil war. Isn't that right?

Obama is for a re-vamping of north-Africa and the Middle-east, out of the hands of the Western capitalists and into what must be the hands of his socialist associates. Terrorists and Sharia Muslims can be used as tools for this purpose. It's not necessarily true that Obama is a Muslim at heart just because he supports Palestinians and Muslim Brotherhood, but the Muslim facade that he carries on the back of his fake father certainly helps him to win the support of certain Muslims. As it's practically known that weapons/missiles from Libya were going to al-Qaeda operatives who in turn had the task of getting them to anti-Assad warriors in Syria, how easy would it be for Obama to transfer a few of the missiles into the hands of Hamas?

Late this past week on Sunday, Obama, after pretending to side with Israel on the Hamas missile crisis, warned that Israel should not enter Gaza in it's effort to dismantle Hamas' missile systems. Such a hypocrite, for he wouldn't fight his own wars with such a limited / lame strategy. I've been wondering whether Obama sought to warm up to Netanyahu this past week in order to better assure that Israeli officials do not openly reveal that missiles from Libya were in the hands of Hamas, in case the Israeli's discover some.

Add to this picture the reports of late that Susan Rice is anti-Israel as well as positioned to be the next secretary of state. Ask why Obama has her as UN ambassador while the bulk of the UN is likewise anti-Israel? She certainly has the ability in that role to make plots with anti-Israeli nations to minimize Israel's respect around the world. Obama is the US betrayal of Israel that we could have expected from prophecy. Unfortunately, it may be necessary to see Obama soar high before he falls and goes away.

We read: "In conversation with Egypt's Morsi, American president condemns rocket fire from [Gaza] Strip, defends Israel's right to self-defense; Egyptian FM to Clinton: Stop Israeli aggression." But I don't trust how Obama portrays himself in the media.

In his first election, we heard a story where Obama, while opposing the trade deal between Canada and the United States, slipped the Canadian leadership a message not to be concerned because he was only faking opposition to the trade deal for election purposes. I believed that story to be true because it was announced by a major Canadian news media, CTV. It's too hard to believe that CTV was making such a bold claim up, or that it misread its sources for the story. CTV backed down, however, no doubt due to threats from somewhere.

Did you notice that he gave his first press conference since March on the day BEFORE the Benghazi hearing? Everything he does is calculated to avoid his downfall. His presidency is managed around his secret agenda, and he lies constantly to his own aids and pawns so that they do not pick up on what he's really doing. He fabricates in their minds false images of what he's doing when making decisions. That's how I view him. If anyone begins to discover his true plots, they require elimination, one way or another. Obama has his Rhodian and Rockefeller people to conduct some of his dirty work.

I'm writing this piece on the morning (Thursday) of that hearing. Yesterday, it came out that Petraeus will appear at a hearing willingly (without subpoena) on Friday. It is hoped that he, in return for his fall from grace, will finally bring to light the Benghazi truth by betraying Obama with the natural excuse of being under oath. But there can be serious illegal repercussions for betraying this president.

In the Obama news conference, we learned almost nothing new about Benghazi, except Obama's claim that he directed the CIA to do everything possible to save the lives of his ambassador. It's what we would expect a liar to say, and we know that he's lying because there was no motion to do everything possible to save the men. Nor did we see anger / resentment / disappointment, not even sadness or discomfort, between Obama and those supposedly placed in charge to do everything possible. In fact, on the day after the killings, Obama flew to Vegas to campaign as usual, though he may have been doing more than that...with some fellow scum of that sinful place.

There is the suspicion (entertained by me too) being advanced by some, that Petraeus gave the world the O-line -- that the Benghazi attack was from a mere street mob rather than a planned military attack -- because Obama was holding the Broadwell affair above his head blackmail style. Here's the O-fficial story from O himself: Petraeus is the one who fed he and Susan Rice (Obama's UN ambassador) the mob story. It's all the fault of Petraeus, and yet Obama has not yet come out to admit that he told a false story to the world. His news-show pawns are now saying that the attack was a spontaneous one by terrorists due to the video, a compromise crafted to shut Republicans up or sway voters to the O-side of the controversy.

Clearly, Obama is acting the scum, attempting in his news conference claim to clear himself of guilt by pointing the finger at Petraeus. He wants the world to believe that Petraeus is the one who failed the consulate, and for that purpose, Petraeus has been thrown into a sex scandal. That's the Republican line at this time.

Susan Rice was telling the world after September 14 exactly what Petraeus was telling the world on September 14, and Petraeus knew he was feeding the world a lie. Petraeus is not innocent here, for he, willingly or not, entered the bathhouse with Obama. But if the question is who the responsible party was for concocting the cover up, whether Petraeus feeding it to Obama, or Obama feeding and demanding it of Petraeus, the answer is easy to arrive to. For, Obama was telling that same lie long after September 14, by which time he would have learned by other means that Petraeus was lying if indeed Petraeus concocted the story. Therefore, as Obama and his gal, Rice, were tossing that lie out for world consumption weeks after the attack, you know that he concocted the lie in the first place.

The question this morning is whether Obama has control over what Petraeus is going to say when questioned in official hearings. Chances are, Obama and/or his invisibles have retained means by which to damage Petraeus further.

By the way, didn't the blackmail issue apply to Bill Clinton when he, as president, was committing adultery? Is it any less dangerous for the country when a president stands the chance of blackmail manipulation by an enemy versus a CIA director under blackmail? In this present case, the irony is that the enemy of the United States using black mail against the CIA chief is the U.S. president himself. Let me say it again: the most dangerous enemy of the United States is this present president. He invited his downfall at the news conference when has said that anyone apposed to Rice should not go after her, but "should come after me." Macho man, they are coming after you when they are going after Rice. You have been the target all along.

According to Paula Broadwell, the cheat who can't be trusted but who could be telling the truth anyway, the CIA arrested/detained a couple of Libyan police officers from the Annex at about the same time that Sean Smith alerted his American authorities of certain Libyan policemen. Some of these policemen, who were appointed by Libya to protect the consulate, were taking photo's suspiciously of the consulate, according to Smith. He was signaling evidence toward Obama of an impending attack on the consulate, and yet the president did not, would not, give the consulate the guards it needed, the guards that the ambassador repeatedly asked for. Hillary would never have made the decision to refuse guards without Obama's permission. Obama wanted them dead. Right? Yes, but the question is whether it was first degree murder, or more like manslaughter.

Hillary has been away on a world tour lately. It might be asked whether this is deliberate to serve her nerves while they are tangled in a guilty-ridden knot. Aside from a first-degree murder plot by Obama and/or Hillary, another explanation as to why he didn't want to reveal that an elaborate attack took place is due to his partnership of some kind with the leader(s) of the attackers. In such a case, he wanted to protect the leader(s) from FBI scrutiny, and indeed, the FBI did nothing normal or expected of it in the forthcoming investigation on the attack. Obama and Hillary hoped that the world would just overlook the attackers if it could be convinced of a street gang amongst the general populace, practically impossible to nail down by the FBI, and practically inconsequential to punish.

The question I entertain is whether: 1) the attackers carried out Obama's will to execute his ambassador and/or Smith, or, 2) the two were killed in an attack that Obama was oblivious to. In my opinion, focusing on the mob-story lie is secondary; the primary objective should be the failure of Obama to provide guards for the consulate, for that non-action feeds into option 1).

The records kept by Hillary Clinton's team are of prime importance for discovery of details on the failure to provide security. But, the problem is, we already know that Hillary is prone to shredding papers to protect her evil plots. One good thing, emails cannot be shredded completely. And there might be some witnesses willing to blow the whistle on her. My hope is not so much that Republicans keep the heat on until the truth is realized, but that God Himself exposes Obama before soars too high in his pride to the point of making Christians sick to their souls, or worse. One of Obama's agendas is to fight Christians in all of the issues that concern them. The more he learns to abuse the ropes of the presidency, the more he'll use them.

There was evidence in Afghanistan that Obama hates the CIA, wherefore we should expect that he will seek to re-vamp it. Petraeus is ultimately a Bush player, you see. Obama took him out of his Afghan theater, but apparently felt that in so doing he had to give him another important post. Yet James Clapper got the higher Intelligence position. The surname that has replaced Petraeus in O-fghanistan is an interesting one, as we will see below.

The Broadwell and Kelley section directly below this paragraph was written prior to this Thursday morning, before it appeared on Fox for the first time that Jill Kelley has Lebanese parents. What an amazing coincidence if she happens to be from Palestinian sympathizers, as is Obama himself, for as you will see, I accused Jill below of being a spy for Obama, in cahoots with him to ruin Petraeus. The day after learning of her Lebanese parents, it came out that Jill had visited the White House a couple of months ago, and that the O-dministration made her the honorary consul (ambassador-like) to South Korea. What nonsense is this? I don't yet have a theory, but it proves that Kelley and Obama are in cahoots. Does she and/or her family have the purpose of ruining the United States from within?

If Broadwell's claim is true concerning the arrest of the policemen (the CIA denies her claim), then the attackers who killed Smith and the ambassador were possibly sent by the Libyan police force to free their arrested men; it can explain why Libyan police did not appear at the consulate when under attack. Or, the attackers could be from the group that had infiltrated the police team assigned to the consulate. Or both of the above. In either case, Obama's wide agenda for north-Africa took priority over letting his ambassador live. The CIA, in opposition to her claims, said that it has no legal powers to detain men, but then Leon Panetta could be asked whether the Libyan policemen were detained by the military arm in Libya.

There is a question as to whether Broadwell herself works for a spy ring sent in to spy on Petraeus. The Broadwell Crest uses the Roque rock while Obama's mother (a Dunham) worked for Rockefellers. Another consideration is that Obama's Dunham bloodline should go back to the DUNkeld dynasty, suspect as the Dun line that gave the Democrat party its donkey symbol, for while Dunkelds were from king Duncan, the Duncan surname is also "Donkey." In other words, Dunhams look to be part of the very bloodline that Democrats honored most when they formed as a party.

It just so happens that while I trace the Broad and Broadwell surnames to George, a son of Andrew I of Hungary, I traced George and other Hungarians (years ago) to immediate ancestors of Malcolm III...whom is known to have had Hungarians in his court. George was the grandfather of Drummonds proper who use three horizontal bars in the colors of the two horizontal Broadwell bars. The Dunns/Downs/Douns even use a stag (in Broadwell colors), a Hungarian symbol. That stag is in the colors of the Plate/Platt Coat, important because Broadwells use white roundels called, plates.

German Plate's/Blate's look like they are named after the Dane king, Blatand Bluetooth, important because Dunns are expected to be from Danes. Blatand was related to Cnut, and then Cnuts use trefoils (Rockefeller symbol) in the colors of the Davis trefoils. The Davis' are Davids suspect from David I, son of Malcolm III. For those reading who don't know, Frank Marshall Davis is suspect by some, including me, as Obama's true father.

As crazy as it sounds, my new theory, borrowed from an online article, is that Frank Marshall Davis was himself an illegitimate son on Lewis Stevenson (son of Adlai Stevenson), tending to explain why Obama chose a Stevens surname for his Libyan ambassador. The point here is, one Stevenson Coat uses the same-colored bend as both the Davis and Davids, as well as the leopard "faces" seen in the Plate Coat. Moreover, the Stevenson bend, in the colors of the Face/Fessey cross, is obviously that of Rodhams, for both Rodhams and Stevensons were first found in Northumberland. Scottish Stevensons use the ring in the Ross Crest, and the Ross clan traces itself to an Andrew while Andrew I was half Varangian RUS.

If that's not enough, the Face/Fessey cross is practically identical with that of Scottish Randolphs while Obama's Dunham bloodline includes a Randolph family (English Randolphs use the Dunham Coat).

There you have reasons to suspect that bloodline lusters are in the O-camp, and that Broadwells appear definitely to apply. I'll be back on this heraldic situation later in this update.

[Big Fiscal Cliff Revelation Insert -- After writing here and later below on Obama's Hungarian connections, it struck me that parts of his name may have been Masonic code(s). I know by now how Masons of the Illuminati kind choose names that honor their favorite bloodlines. I don't know who named him at birth, but I do think that "Hussein" was not his middle name at birth. Frank Davis would not have given him such a name, but rather it was concocted as part of the plot to make Obama Sr. look like the true father. The point is, Hungarians had a group of so-called HUSSIANs, smacking of "Hussein."

Upon further reflection, it struck me that "Barack" smacks of "rock" and therefore of Rockefellers. Moreover, Hussians were typified by their expertise on military arrows, which is the very symbol of the On-Ogur ancestry of Hungarians. I have pegged Rothschilds as Kabar-branch Hungarians due to the arrows uses by Rothschilds, and so note that the Ender surname used, until recently, three white arrows on blue, the colors of Andrew's Cross, a saltire used in colors reversed by the Malcolm surname. Enders and Malcolms both use the same colors stars, the stars used also by proto-Rothschild Bauers. Hiedlers/Hitlers use the same-colored stars, but they also use the same sun as the Huss/Hess/Esse Coat.

At this point, I've got to inject here that a donkey is used by Chamberlains, for their motto phrase, "Proesse quam," is like the "esse quam" used by others to which I trace the Essenes of Qumran. I'm assuming here that the Chamberlain donkey traced to Dunkelds / Duncans. Calling all rat catchers, get our your best mouse Poisson, for Chamberlains use scallops in the colors of the Pousson/Poisson scallops. Later in this update, Chamberlains have already come up, linking to Holders who themselves use a dancette in Dunham- and Randolph-dancette colors.

Reminder: "Kabardino," home of Kabars in the Caucasus theater, smacks of "Aberdeen," where Leslie-branch Hungarians came to rest who married the sister of Malcolm III. Leslie's use half the Malcolm saltire.

After suspecting Obama's middle name as code for Hussians, and after entering "Huss," "Hassan" was entered to see what might pop up. It was a Shield-on-Shield in the colors of Andrew's Cross, and with three lozenges that I didn't know what to do with for the moment. Then, just seconds later, it was considered what surname "Barack" might be code for, at which split-second the Bricks came to mind whom I know off by heart to use lozenges in the colors of the Hassan lozenges!!!

The reason that I know it by heart is that Bricks were from Ranulf Briquessart, father of Ranulph le Meschin...the family that I trace to the founding of Moray's Randolphs! YES, the ones to whom I trace Obama's Dunham bloodline.

Again, I trace Dunhams to the location of Dunham Masci of Cheshire, and Cheshire is where Le Meschin ruled. Obama is nothing but this sort of mouse who doesn't know when his nose is in the mouse trap of God. If he wants to come after someone, let him come after me, for I am an expert mouse catcher by now, and God willing I pray, I will help to catch his White-House rats too. Calling all rat catchers, why was the Ches-like Cheese/Cheser surname first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Dunhams, and why does it use a lion in Dunham / Randolph colors?

[INSERT -- During the spell check at the last moment before this update was published, "Bark" was checked after I used the term in one of the sub-titles at the top of the page. I was going to use "at the Howl of Henry Drummond," but decided to use "at the Bark of Henry Drummond" instead because it smacked of the Barack topic. That was when the Bark surname was loaded to find it first found in...Norfolk!!! Barks even use three birds (larks) alone in the colors of the three Howl owls alone.

Larks were likewise first found in Norfolk, and as they smack of "L'Ark, I'm noting that Ark's/Archie's were first found in BERKshire, important because Barks also show as "Berk." End Insert]

Why is the Cheese/Cheser surname in Huss/Hess/Hesser colors while showing a CHUSE variation? Doesn't the "Jewish" Hesser Coat show the sword of the Chaine/Cheney/CHESnay Coat?

As per checking the Chee/Cheatle surname that I trace to "Cheshire / Chester," the fact has been found that the stag design of Malcolms and Celts/Colts is in the Kettle Coat. This is clearly the Keith bloodline of so-called "Catti." The Kettle motto, "Bono vince MALum," must be code in-part for MALcolms, suggesting that he was linked to Malahule of More, the Rus ancestry of the Meschins. We can now ask why Frank Davis was given a Marshall surname, for Keiths are said to have been the Marshalls too.

Hungarians were traced to the Nimo/NewMARSH surname in the last update. Plus, one Marshall Coat uses a string of five lozenges, as does the Brick Coat. Is it more coincidence that while Bricks were just linked solidly to "Barack," Obama was the son of Frank Marshall Davis? The Scottish Marshalls are now showing a saltire in the colors of the Malcolm saltire, thus clinching the Malcolm link to Kettle's and Keiths.

After making these realizations (tentative, if you feel more comfortable with that), it came to mind that "Barack" should also link to Bars using the same white-on-blue colors, which are Macey colors by the way. Bars ruled at Bar-le-Duc of the Moselle theater, and I tend to trace Moselle elements to the Misl's, the only surname using a mouse. That mouse is on a bend in the colors of the Rodham / Davis / Stevenson bend.

Marshalls are also "Merchal," smacking of the surname of the current chancellor of Germany. By the time I got to that thought, and therefore before entering "Mercier" just now to see what might pop up, the Meuse Coat was already viewed (because the Moselle river is the "Little Meuse"). It just so happens that the Meuse and Mercier Chiefs use the same-shaped patee crosses in colors reversed from one another. I already had a story on the Meuse crosses because Claptons use a patee cross in the same colors. It was important because the other Claptons (Cheshire) show the colors of the Mussels while Keiths lived in Haddington, location of Musselburgh.

One can ask whether the Clotten variation of Claptons links to "Clinton," for Merciers were first found in the same place as Rodhams. Moreover, Merciers use besants in the colors of the Rhodes besants. The Hillary Coat uses a version of the Clinton Coat, and their black crosslets are used by Davenports of Cheshire. As entering "Killery" gets the same black crosslet in Crest, Hillarys look like a branch of same-colored Kills/Keele's that trace to "Quillan." Hillarys were first found in the same place as Dunhams.

The Killery surname is properly shown with variations such as IlRATH, and then one Rath Coat uses a bend in the colors of the Rodham bend, revealing that Rod-like surnames are linkable to Rat-like surnames. The Rathel variation of Raths suggests to me the ancient Rutili at Ardea, where I've trace Rodhams over the years due to tracing them to Rutland. The Ruth/Rother/Randolphs of Moray must surely apply who concisely expose the close relationship between Randolphs and Rodhams. One can even ask whether "Randolph" is ultimately from "Rutili."

ZOWIE. After writing that, the Ruttle Coat was re-checked for potential links to the Rutili, but all I could say at the moment, which I decided not to bother telling you, was that the Ruttle Crest has the look of the Wolfley Crest. But then "Randle" was entered to find the blue Wolfley wolf exactly! (For those who don't know, it's known that Obama's personal Dunham ancestry included both Randolphs and Wolfins who changed their spelling to "Wolfley.")

Wolfleys are shown properly as "Wooley," and Woolworths use garbs in the colors of Clint garbs.

There are multiple heraldic reasons as to why Merkers should trace to the blue apples of the Pousson/Poisson bloodline at Rennes-le-Chateau, where I trace "Raines" and therefore the Randals/Randle's. Here we find what looks like a version of the Pousson/Poisson Coat in the Clint Coat. As the Pousson/Poisson scallops are in the colors of the three Chamberlain scallops, by what coincidence do Chamberlains use a donkey while Duncans use a chevron in the colors of the Pousson / Chamberlain chevron???

It's important here that mythical apples belonged to Aphrodite, who was first found in Italy at Ardea, the Rutili capital. It just struck me that a corruption of "APHRODite" gets an ARDea-like term, and indeed I traced Aphrodite to the Hebros river, location of Arda. Moreover, Aphrodite was the lover of Ares whom is trace-able to the Aras river, the source of which is in the Ardahan / Artvin theater. Mythical apples also belonged to Hera, a likely branch of Ares. It's then conspicuous as to why a donkey was named after an arse. Was Ares the ass of mythology?

While I trace Claptons, Clappers, Clavers/Cleavers, Cliffs/Cleaves and similar others to "Glaphyra," the Clints are said to derive in "cliff." That's got to be code that traces Clintons and Hillarys to Glaphyra and Herod. NOW, my favorite Herod hunters, compare "Hillary" to a G-less "Glaphyra" fronted with an 'H' instead. Now we have the tail pinned squarely on the arse, haven't we?

Didn't Glaphyra marry the king of Mauritania? Yes, and that line traced to the Moreno/Moratin tower used by Hills, who are in Hillary colors. Compare the McElvrick and McKilwrath variations of Killerys/Ilraths to "Glaphyra" where the "ph" is rendered into a 'v / w'. Or, just change "Glaphyra" to "Glavyra" and assume that "McElvrick" was from a Kelver term, very similar to "Claver." .

Here's what comes up with "Kelver," a Calvert surname (with "masghii" motto term) known to be related to BaltiMORE's. Didn't I trace Glaphyra's Moor's to Meshwesh that are expected to use a Masci-like masghii motto term? Meschins even lived in CALVados. And what's that black Moor head doing in the Calver Crest?

The Cliff/Cleave Coat uses black wolves in the colors and design of the Clapton wolf. Later in this update, I have already discovered that Sailers/Saylors trace without doubt to Campania's Salerno location, and besides, CHAMBlains will trace to "CAMPania" too. But here it needs to be pointed out that Cliffs/Cleve's use two designs of black wolves, the two designs of the black Sailer/Saylor wolves.

The Duncans and Donkeys both use a "pati" motto term that should therefore apply to the patee cross of Claptons / Merciers / Meuse's. This insight discovers that the Cliff/Cleave Coat is a version of the Patt Coat. Both Coats use three gold symbols on a black-on-white fesse surrounded by black-on-white symbols, and the three symbols of the Patts are besants, the symbols in the fesse of Merciers. Cliffs/Cleve's use "cruce," and Mercier's use "Crux," in their respective mottoes. It's not likely coincidental that the Crux/Crycks Coat uses more patee crosses, suggesting that Merciers were not trying very hard to hide their kin in the Crux/Crycks bloodline.

Entering "Cruce" gets a fat cross in the colors of the fat saltire of Messiers, suggesting again that Messiers and Merciers are one bloodline. Reminder: Merciers became a topic at all due to the Mercher variation of Keith-related Marshals, who live in/beside Messier-like Musselburgh. What's that black wolf doing in the Mussel/Muscel Crest?

If we ask whether "Obama" is itself related to the dragon bloodline of old that developed into the Rhodians / Rockefellers, I'm reminded that Obama Sr. was from a Luo tribe in Kenya that seemed to worship a form of Dionysus. It's known that Dionysus was in ancient Ethiopia, and his mother, Semele, smacks of the Somali living beside Ethiopians to this day. For this reason, I traced "Luo" to the Luwians, otherwise known as Lydians, for Dionysus had his place on the Maeander river to the south-west side of Lydia.

It just so happens that there is a black Moor head in the Bam Coat, albeit the surname is shown properly as "Binn." The Ban/Binn Crest uses a "mortar as code for a Moor bloodline. The Morte's/Morters are suspect, whom I trace to the myth, "le Morte D'Arthur." Arthurs were first found in Bernicia, and this place traces to the rulers of a BAMburgh castle. I traced Bamberg of Germany (years ago, not now for advancing what follows) to Paphlagonian-related PAMphylians, and I think Paphlagonians may have been from "Apophis." Paphlagonians lived at the sources of the Maeander, and the people of that place are represented in the Mander Coat which uses a version of the Rhodes Coat. Believe it or not.

The Bernan/Bernham Coat uses a version of the Arthur Shield, quite apparently, and the surname smacks of Ben Bernanke (chairman of America's central bank). One of Ben Bernanke's deputies is Janet Yellen, whose surname uses a "compass" in both Coat and Crest. Entering "Compass" gets the Campeau's/Compeau's/Champels using an engrailed cross in the colors of the same-type engrailed Sinclair and Conan crosses, and then another deputy of Ben Bernanke is a Kohn surname.

It's Round-Table important here that the Arthur motto traces definitely to the Stant/Stand surname using engrailed fesse's in the colors of the three crosses above. It's also important that the Rocco's (Naples), who trace easily to Fellers/Felltragers by way of Tragers, use a bend in the colors of the Varn and Gell/Gill/Jell bend. It's not likely a coincidence that the Gell/Gill/Jell Coat is in the colors of the Yelley/Yellow Coat while Yellens are also "Jellin." The Yells/Yule's of Yell in Shetland seem to share the Yellow fesse, but Yells/Yule's use their fesse in the two colors of the Hill fesse.

The Gells/Gills/Jells were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Gills/Jills. Reminder: someone named her Jill Kelley, and "Yelley" smacks of "Kelley." Keep in mind that this insert is being written late in the week, after the above and below on Jill Kelley's role in the Petraeus scandal. Suddenly, the surname of Jill Kelley's husband is tracing to big-bank controllers.

It just so happens that the Rocco bend is said to be "embattled" while the code work in the write-up of the Yellin-honored Compass/Campeau/Champel surname says: "Metaphorically the name means 'liberty', although literally 'Campus' or 'Battlefield."" The Battle surname is implied, which used Arthur colors and was first found in Berwickshire. Thus, Yellins and Bernanke's both trace to Arthurian Bernicians from Bamberg elements, and these people (or worse) exist at the financial apex of the world just as Bamberg-suspect Obama is the new Rockefeller puppet.

To help prove that the compass symbol of Yellins/Jellins do honor the COMPASS/Campeau surname, German Jellins/Jellinicks use a "comet" while the Comet surname is properly shown as "Combe/COMBES."

Entering "Bamm" gets a Bamberg-suspect Bemelberg surname using a quartered Shield in the colors of the HOHENzollerns and Kills/Keele's. How conspiratorial that the latter surname smacks of Yellins/Jellins, Gells/Jells/Jills, and Kelleys. Whoever named Jill Kelley is suspect as an Illuminati operative of the Yellen bloodline, and though the surname belongs to her husband (Scott Kelley), we do need to ask how "Jill" came about because her reportedly Marionite-Christian parents are Lebanese, and I don't think Lebanese use "Jill." Her maiden name is Khawam. Wikipedia: "Jill Kelley was born Gilberte Khawam in Beirut, Lebanon..." Reminder: Lebanon was ancient Phoenicia, where Panetta's are trace-able.

As I happen to trace "Gileki" to the naming of "Cilicia," and therefore to the pagan grail line of Cilix, brother of Cadmus and Europa in Tyre, "Khawam" could be from the Shaw / Kay bloodline that I've traced to Quwe in Cilicia.

Jill's twin sister is reportedly Natalie. The family moved from Lebanon to Philadelphia. Hmm, "Natalie Khawan worked as a Researcher at the Office of Clerks of the Court at the U.S Supreme Court from 2003 to 2004 then from 2004 until 2006 she was a Consultant and Founder and author of the Federal Update with Medicaid Health Plans of America, at the same time she was a Legal Counsel at the Office of the General Counsel, U.S Department of Health and human Services...." She was quite high up the U.S. ladder at the Supreme Court, where one might like to plant spies. And her work with Medicaid may have produced data for Obama's bid to push ahead "Obama-care."

The article below on the Kelleys reads like a quasi-Mafia article:

Today, the White House disclosed that [Jill] Kelley and [Natalie] Khawam visited the White House three times in recent months Sept. 28, Oct. 24 and Nov. 4. The three visits occurred after the FBI had begun investigating allegedly threatening and jealous emails Kelley said she received over her friendship with then-CIA Director Petraeus. The White House told CBS News' Nancy Cordes that on the three visits, the twins had breakfast with a male staffer in the Executive Mess..."

...[Jill] also talks about associations with the current commander of U.S. Central Command Gen. James Mattis whom she said offered her a ride home from an event, and Centcom's Deputy Commander Vice Admiral Robert Harward [a branch of Wards/Words that trace to the El-Gabal cult in Syria]...

...Central to some of the other political associations is the man who was the vice chair of finance for John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign: Democratic fundraiser and lobbyist Gerald Harrington [fret, as with Hoods / Audleys]...

...But it was through Harrington, a fundraiser for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), that [Natalie] Khawam enjoyed access to exclusive events hosted by other well known figures...

The Harrington fret is no minor clue, for it traces to Aude, where Quillan is located to which both Kellys and Scotts traced. Jill's husband, Scott Kelley.

It's known that Bamberg belonged to Babenbergs whom I think were related to Cohens...who come up as "Kohn." Yes, Cohens are at the highest level of America's Federal Reserve bank.

The Jill surname coupled with Kills/Keele's evoked the Chills/Childs, and then "Gallen" was entered to find a chevron in the colors of the Chill/Child chevron. Then, I kid you not, the German Gallen Coat was found just now as a result, and this surname was not only first found in the same place (Hamburg) as German Drummonds, but uses two blue-on-white fesse's, colors reversed to the two fesse's of Broadwells! I didn't expect to find Kelley suspects so closely linked to Broadwells. In this picture, Kelley's are tracing to Childeric.

Quillan traced quite hard to Avellino / Campania. Did you happen to notice that Yelleys/Yellows and Gells/Jells use colors reversed to Camps/Comps, Chamblis', and Campbells? It's important because Yellins use a compass in honor of Compass' with a Champel variation. I still trace "CampBELL" to Abellinum and Campania together. Is that the red bend of Campania in the French Chambers Coat? Chamberlains, with "COMPici" motto term, are coming to mind who use the same-colored scallops as Payen-suspect Poussons.

Hmm, here's a new idea. The Chamberlains use the same-colored chevron as Arthurs / Bernans/Bernhams (Bernanke suspects) and Amps/Impys. What do you see? A similarity between "Amp", "Camp," and CHAMB(erlain)." Amazingly, though I don't understand the reason, Pamphylians were depicted in myth by AMPhiaraus and his brother, AMPhilocus. I don't understand why the capital 'P' doesn't appear on "Amphilocus." In any case, it appears solid here that Campania traces to mythical characters representing Pamphylians, which can explain why Chambers and similar others tracing to Campania are being found in this Bamberg discussion.

Why are Panetta-suspect Pantons in the colors of Amp-suspect Dampers, both first found in the same place (Lincolnshire) as Rhodes'? Chambers and similar others who just traced to Pamphylians are suspect with Cimmerians...whom I trace to Kamiros on Rhodes (I trace Lindos on Rhodes to the naming of Lincolnshire's earlier name, Lindsey). It's tending to identify Pamphylians with Cimmerians suddenly, something that I did not at all have in mind to do here, but it's something of a great revelation, for I was going to say, and then decided not to, that I had traced Hercules to Pamphylians. I decided not to say it because it could contradict my trace of Hercules (in many of my old chapters) to Cimmerians! More amazing, I was going to add, but decided not to until now, that the club symbol of Hercules had been traced in some of my chapters to Bamm-Bamm's club.

Reminder: the Club Coat uses what looks like the Hykes/Hake Coat, and both use fish. With this fish theme in mind, see the "fiscal cliff" below, for it may be a scam planned by the Illuminati to pillage more resources from the peoples. "The first use of the term in its current context was in a report dated October 21, 2011, titled "The Super Committee and the Fiscal Cliff" written by Goldman Sachs economist Alec Phillips." I suppose it's possible that the Phillips surname was born from the "phylian" part of "Pamphylian." The French Philip Coat appears to be a version of the Swan/Sion Coat, but with the Mackay chevron rather than the Macey chevron. The crescent in the Philip Coat surprised me because I was already thinking, before I saw it, that the "Committee" term above was code for the Conte/Comites surname...that uses both the crescent and a chevron in the colors of the same of Philips'. Shocking.

By the way, the defence minister in Canada is a Mackay surname at this time.

If you are doubting that "Super Committee" is code for bloodlines, by what further coincidence can it be that Sions/Swans can be identified as a branch of SINclairs with "Commit" motto term, while Supers/Sopers use an engrailed fat saltire in the colors of the engrailed fat cross of Sinclairs. Now you know it. Spread the word: the pirates are coming for your business. But God will reduce them to a smoking heap of skull and bones, and their treasures will be discovered and given to the meek on Rumble Day, when mountains crumble for their guilt. [As per the paragraph below, Sinclairs and Rhodes' both use the same engrailed cross design.]

Aha! The IALYsos location on Rhodes (Hyksos trace there as a certainty) is now suspect with the Yellins/Jellins and similar others! INDEED, I had traced Ialysos to the Halybes / Galli, and while the Galli used coiled snakes from there ancestry in the Gels/Gileki, so the Jelly surname was entered just after writing the first sentence in this paragraph to find "A wheat-sheaf entwined by two snakes."

Now you may known that Hillarys / Killerys trace to the Gileki, who had a swastika symbol long before the Hitlerite Aryans resurrected it. But does this mean that "Glaphyra" also traces to Gels/Gileki? As per the discussion below, let me say here that the Chafe's trace themselves to "chauve" while the Chauve/Chovet/Chauvron surname uses the Clapton wolf design in Chafe colors.

I've consistently traced the wheat sheaf to Caiaphas / Sadducee lines. Here in this paragraph is yet another way to do it. The "sheaf" may be code for Chafe's and/or Keefe's. The Keefe's use a lion approximately in the colors of the Gill/Jill lion, and I've been tracing the Caiaphas priesthood to the Galli priesthood of Dionysus for a long time. Chafe's and Keefe's not only smack of "Caiaphas," but I traced Caiaphas lines of the Coffert / Hof(fer) kind to "Duff," and it just so happens that Duffys use the same lion as Keefe's. Leopards, a Dionysus symbol, are shared by Rhodes', Hoffs/Hoffers (MacArthur crown), Cofferts, and Gallens.

The Gallen leopard is in the gold color of the Coffert leopard, and then while I traced Cofferts to Kyburg at Surrey-related Zurich, Scottish Gallens were first found in Surrey. By some strange coincidence, the Coffert surname came to my attention by an emailer with the Covert variation of Cofferts for her surname, and she then appeared with a Maness surname (by marriage, I presume), and then I now find that the Maness Crest is the same peacock as in the Chafe Crest. The Maness surname is also "Manner," and this traces obviously with Rhodes-related Manders to the Maeander river of Dionysus (which flows toward Rhodes).

It's now completely amazing that while I never had a clue as to where the two blue fesse's of the Maness/Manner Coat traced to, it just so happens that German Gallens use two blue fesse's. The fesse's of the latter are the ones that were identified above with the Broadwell fesse's. As per the mention of Hohenzollerns shortly below, let me add here that the emailer with Covert surname told me that her father was descended from a "Kaiser Koffert" of Hohenzollern associations. YS pointed out that "kaiser" in this case may simply be a first name rather than a Kaiser title in Germany.

It's a little interesting that Belgian Kohns/Gone's/Gowns use a red bend without symbols in the colors of the bend that is the symbol-less Arms of Campania. Baden uses a red bend too without symbols. There is another Baden in Switzerland not far from Zurich / Kyburg, where Covert-related Gallens are now tracing who are suspect with the same Gileki people as Kills/Keele's, etc.

Again, the Bamm / Kill/Keele quartered Shield is used by Zollerns / Hohenzollerns of Swabia, which is partly in Baden where Bamms/Bemelbergs were first found. See the Kellers of Swabia, for they use the three eagle-head design of Yellins in the colors of Gells/Jells. The Khazar-suspect Caseys use the same three eagle-head design, important because Hohens and Cohens came from Khazars.

Having thus traced Bamms to Kills/Keele's and Kellers, note that Scottish Kellers (plates, the Broadwell symbol) were first found in the same place (Angus) as Payen- and Pendragon-suspect Panters/Panthers using Zionists stars in the colors of the Bamburg Zionists stars. Why should Hyksos of the Payen kind be tracing to Bamberg? Were the Pamphylians a Hyksos peoples? The Apophis-suspect Paphlagonians might say, yes.

Why are the Zionist stars of Bamburgs pierced like the Zionist stars of Payens/Pagans? The BEMELbergs, I'm betting, relate to "Panel" that gets the Pagan/Pagnell surname. Indeed, after writing that, "Benel" was entered seeking links to Bemelburgs, and what popped up but the BAUMgartner fleur-de-lys. The Benel surname is properly shown as "Baner / Banner / Bayner." Bohemians are coming to mind, important because Broadwells and Kellers share white roundels = plates while Broadwells trace to Bohemia's Podebrady.

I kid you not that it was by no design, of my own anyway, to be on the Banner surname just two paragraphs after the Kohn/Gone surname, for the so-called "gonfanon" banner seems applicable. The gonfanon is a known symbol owned by Montforts who use the two-tailed lion in the Arms of Bohemia. The Roet-related Beauforts/Bofors use a lion in the same colors, suggesting the possibility that they were Bohemians of the Montfort kind. One Roet Coat is a version of the Coat of Kerns (both surnames trace to Latmus near the Maeander as it reaches Roet-like Rhodes), first found in Silesia...on the Bohemian border region.

Hmm, the world just saw Republican Speaker of the House shaking hands with Obama on the "fiscal cliff" agenda, and the Speaker's surname, "Boehner," is pronounced, "Bayner," and meanwhile Boehners, who come up as "Bomme," were first found in Bohemia. Does this trace "Bohemia" to the same place -- Pamphylians -- as Bommes ought to trace?

Hmm, upon suspecting that "fiscal cliff" was a phrase chosen to highlight Illuminati-beloved surnames, the Fisch/Fisher surname came to mind. However, the Fisch/Fisher Coat did not match any of the Cliff/Cleave Coat, and besides, I had nothing to say about it. But then "Fish" was entered to find fleur-de-lys in the colors of the BAUMgartner fleur. What a fishy coincidence, especially as I did not have "fiscal cliff" in mind whatsoever when first showing the Baumgartner Coat shortly above. In fact, at that time, the fiscal cliff paragraph wasn't yet conceived/written. Nor was the "Super Committee" portion above written at that time. It was while writing "fiscal cliff" in the paragraph above that the seed entered my mind to investigate whether it was code for surnames, but I didn't get right on it.

As Kills/Keele's are now suspect with Hillarys and Killerys, let's not lose sight of the evidence for a close relationship between Obama's two lines and Rodhams. It's the start of the evidence that "Obama" (the term) traces to "BAMberg" (in Bavaria), and therefore to queen Bebbe's Bernicians, and Bebbanburgs, of Bamburgh castle in Bernicia. I've already shown the evidence for tracing Baums to Bamberg, but now see the black "bombs" in the Dutch Bomme Coat , for Bamms/Bemelburgs are also "Bommelberg." It just so happens that English Balls (Cheshire) use the black bomb too while French Balls/Balards (Brittany) use the large ermine, as does the French Baum Coat.

The "pas" motto term of French Baums must be for the Italian Pace/Pasi/Picenti surname because it uses crossed spears in the colors of the crossed spears of the German and Jewish Baum Coats. Besides, I identify the Pace/Pasi/Picenti/Pascel surname -- that comes up as "Pay" -- with Payens, first found in the same place (Dauphine) as French Baums. It just so happens that French Baums use a dancette in the colors of the Dunham / Randolph dancette.

Were the Pamphylians a Hyksos peoples of the Apachnas kind? Were the mythical AMP terms that represented Pamphylians a version of "AP(achnas)"?

The Bamburg surname uses a fat cross in the colors of the same of Pass'/Pascals, which tends to trace the "pas" motto term of French Baums to Pascals as well as to Pace's/Pasi's/Pascels. We can ask whether Revelation 13 depicts the False Prophet with horns of a lamb to signify the Templar lamb in the Pascal Coat.

It's a little amazing that while the Obama surname was tracing well to begin with to Bamberg elements, the Dunham-related Randolphs use a fat cross in colors reversed to the fat Pass/Pascal and Bamburg cross.

Obama's Wolfley line easily traces to Gards, and then Baums have a BaumGARTner variation that should trace to Lawrence Gardner, an author who helped popularize the Da-Vinci-code scam. English Gardners look like a branch of Claptons.

I traced the cartoon character of Bamm-Bamm Rubble to Bamberg elements because other FLINTstone characters, as well as its creators, Hanna-Barbera, traced well to certain entities. "Rubble" can be traced to the Ribble river flowing from Yorkshire into Lancashire not far from FLINTshire (and Cheshire). Yorkshire is a general area ruled by Bernicians, and then they even ruled Mercia, smacking of Merchers, Merkers, and Merciers. These latter terms can easily link to the Mark / Marx surnames to which the Fabian / Rhodian socialists trace along with the American communism of Frank Marshall Davis, which Obama clearly picked up, fool that he is.

Bamm-Bamm was given a club symbol, and I say that Clubs/Clobbe's are the same Glaphyra bloodline as Claptons/Cloptons. As I expect Obama to be a Hyksos yahoo, it should be repeated that the Club/Clobbe Coat looks like a version of the Hykes/Hake Coat. Reminder: Yorkshire is the source of the Ribble river where we should expect Bamm-Bamm Rubble. There are a few surnames under discussion first found in Yorkshire -- the Bams, Kelvers, and Cliff-related Sailers -- and so let's throw in the Kelver-suspect Hillers too, who look to use the Coat of Huck-related Lamberts. It just so happens that Mieszko II Lambert traces to the Mouse Tower at Goplo, where the Koppel/Coppel surname traces that uses a black rooster, the color of the rooster in the Hiller Crest.

It was already established that Lamberts, first found in the same place as Lamberts, were a Hyksos line to the Mouse Tower, where Apophis-rooted Pepinids ruled. It just so happens that German Hillers use the same horse design as Masseys and Pepins. Isn't this the lamb-related False Prophet bloodline...which God revealed to me by special revelations to be a mouse-depicted bloodline??? Reminder: mythical SiemoMYSL from Goplo must link to the mouse in the Misl Coat. Siemomysl was made the father of Mieszko I, from a mythical Piast the Wheelwright whom easily traces to Pepins of the Cole kind in Camulodunum.

AHA! Having said that, the Wheel surname was checked to find it using an ermined fesse in colors revered to the fesse of Hills upon an ermined Shield. That is excellent timing coming after the trace of Hillers to Lamberts. This paragraph suggests that "Hill" and "Wheel" are variations. It then tends to trace Hillarys / Killerys -- now suspect from Glaphyra -- to the Mouse Tower.

The Barneys use the Keon fish as evidence of a trace to pharaoh Khyan. Betty Rubble (black and blue colors) traces easily to Barney-related BETtys/Beatys (mascles, expected of Hyksos) who use a black-on-white "pale." The Pale surname (camel, Pepin symbol), like the Bam surname and the Hill-suspect Hillers and Kelvers, was first found in Yorkshire. Then, the Betty pale (a vertical BAR) is in the colors of the Hill fesse (a horizontal BAR), thus having the potential to trace Bettys and BARneys to the Mouse Tower, where Barack-suspect Bricks trace easily due to Ranulph Briquessart-Meschin. It can therefore be asked whether "Barack" is also link-able to Barneys, no doubt a line of Bamberg's Bernicians suspect with the fish of Bar-le-Duc.

Plus, with Obama lines tracing strongly to Hungarians of the Broadwell / Drummond kind, why do Broads likewise use a black-on-white pale, in the colors of the Hill Moratin tower? Isn't this tracing the Glaphyra Mauritanians to PodeBrady? Could it be that "Betty/Beaty" is the makings of "(Pode)BRADY." [Later in this update, Podebrady elements link hard to black pales, symbol in the Arms of Betty-suspect Bedford].

I kid you not, that it was after writing the above when the Fisk/Fisc Coat was checked to find a black pale on a checkered Shield. It floored me to realize that the Cliffs use a black-on-white fesse too (as do Hills) with gold stars upon it, the colors of the stars on the Fisk/Fisc pale!!! It means that the fiscal cliff is code for Fisks in particular.

For those seeking the meaning of the mythical Fisher King of Arthurian-grail lore, see that the Fish Coat above (with Baumgartner fleur) uses the rare wavy chevron, in the same colors, as the Percival-related Pierce surname. That explains why English Fishers use the same dancetty design between their Shield and Chief as do Percivals. The Randolph and Dunham Coats use the same dancetty between their Shields and Chiefs, all the more reason to trace Obama's circle of cultists to Baums / Baumgartners. All four surnames using that dancetty show 10 points upward, nine points downward.

Are you getting the impression that the Fish / Fisher bloodline should trace to Glaphyra along with Cliffs/Cleaves? That could explain the patee crosses, a Clapton symbol, in the Percival Chief. It just so happens that two Coats of the Hare's use the same dancetty between Shield and Chief, suggesting that Hare's are Herod liners of the Archelaus kind. One Hare Coat uses its dancetty in the colors of Dunhams / Randolphs, while the other Hare dancetty is in the colors of the Fisher dancetty.

As Hare's are also "Heher" while first found in AYRshire, I'd suggest that Hayers/Eyers (branch of Ayers) belong to that bloodline, important because Ayrshire is beside Archelaus-like Argyllshire, where Herods/Hurls/HARalds were first found.

It's very interesting that Scottish Hares/Hehers (at the link above) use two bars / fesse's in colors reversed to the same of the Maness'/Manners (first found in the same place as Rhodes-suspect Rodhams), for the Maness/Manner bars are suspect with the Broadwell bloodline. But as Manners and Manders trace to the Maeander flowing toward Rhodes, this picture can support a trace of "Herod" to a variation of "Rhod(es)."

As the man who brought out the fiscal-cliff phrase along with a super-committee phrase was an employee of Goldman Sachs, its interesting that Obama has been pegged by many to be a Goldman-Sachs advocate in conflict-of-interest / corruption schemes. But who are the Goldmans? One Goldman Coat uses the red stag called a "hart." Herods, right, as they connected to Hungarians, right? But the red stag is used also by Celts/Colts who smack of Goltman variation of Goldmans.

In this picture, Scottish Goldmans (marigolds with green stalks and leaves"), who use what looks like a version of the Arthur Coat, were first found in Fife because Hungarians lived in that area.

The Sachs (white rose) are easy to link to Yorks and Malcolms (the latter two both use Andrew's Cross in colors reversed), suggesting Hungarians again. Maurice Drummond (father of Drummonds) was "Marot de Yorvik," I once read. The Malcolms, who use stags too, share the same-colored saltire with Zacharys/Sacheverals, indicating that Sachs and Malcolms were related. And it just so happens that while Foys/Feys trace to Fife's, Zacharys/Sacheverals use a "foy" motto term. It's then excellent that the Zachary/Sacheveral saltire shows water bougets which were traced to Morencys, for Morencys put forth Faucaud Banterlu whom I trace to the Foix location and therefore to the Foix/Foy surname (Chapman = Caiaphas crescent), first found where the lines of Israel's chief priests were first found.

This financial cliff is therefore heavily discovered as a corrupt plot of pirate-related Herods of the Archelaus kind. It's the Skull-and-Bones pirates, not only because the Zachary/Sacheveral motto is "En BON foy," but because the Bones share the same bend colors as the other French Foy surname. The Bone bend, with bendlets (suspect with the BANTerlu bloodline), is quite obviously the Arms of Champagne (with bendlets). Here's the same-colored bend, with bee hives, used by Banders, suggesting strongly that "Bone" was a Banterlu element with Maccabee relationship out of Bononia. The Bohun/Bohon variations of the Bones above suggest the Boii of Bononia. The Zacharys/SachEVERALs are indicating Eleazar AVARAN Maccabee.

With Hillarys tracing to Glaphyra (albeit that idea is not quite clinched), by what coincidence does the Brode/Bright Coat use pierced stars in the colors of the pierced stars of the Clinton Chief? One can even glean here that Bricks trace to "Bright" and therefore to Podebrady.

It's then very interesting that the Brode/Bright Crest is the griffin design of Hill-like Wills, for I've been able to trace both Wills and Kill-using surnames, not to mention Obama lines too, to Quillan. Scottish Wills were first found in the Bernician city of Berwickshire. But the original point of this paragraph is that the Brode/Bright griffin is exactly the English Scott griffin (colors included) while Scottish Scotts use a bend in the colors of the Pale bend. Thus, Scotts should trace to the same place as the Hill fesse and Betty pales, wherefore note that a version of the Brick Coat and Crest is used by WHELans/Failins.

Isn't that the Wheel - Hill bloodline from the Mouse Tower? English Scotts even use the Catherine WHEEL, symbol of the Wheelwright surname. And I've been saying for years (so that you know I'm not mistaken in case the designs change) that the Wheelwright Crest is the same antelope design as the Singletary Crest while it's a known fact that a Jonathan Singletary in Obama's bloodline changed his surname to Dunham...meaning that Dunhams trace exactly to Piast the WheelWRIGHT. Obama's pastor at his twisted Chicago church was even a WRIGHT surname.

Before fixing it, I spelled "Dunham" wrongly in the paragraph above as "Dungham." Was it a Sign, since after all the Dingells use a gold fleece, the mythical symbol to which I trace the False-Prophet lamb? Dingells are from Dingwell, a capital of Ross-shire at one time, the place to which the Drummonds trace. It just so happens that the Drummond patriarch married Podebrady.

Didn't I trace the Yonge's/Youngs to Hungarians? Here's the Dingell write-up: "First found in Ross-shire, where John Yonger of Dyngvale witnessed a charter by William, Earl of Ross in 1342..." It could appear that "Ding" is from the idea of D'Yong."

Aha! The German Dingels/DINKels/DINKLers smack of "Inger" that brings up the Ender Coat. This is the surname suspect from Inger the Varangian (born about 805) as he had ties to Kiev's Varangians when king Anders/Andrew I (born about the same time) was hanging out while waiting for the Hungarian throne. I had not checked the Wright Coat again immediately after mentioning the Chicago pastor with Wright surname. When I got round to doing it the next day, there were "two blue bars") in colors reversed to the "two silver bars of Broadwells, strongly indicating that Paula Broadwell may be an Obama operative as Wright may have been at one time. It's telling us that "Wrights" were "Brights/Brodes," meaning that mythical Piast the Wheelwright is tracing to PodeBrady / PodeBrody, important because the direct family of Mieszko I had marital links to Bohemians. Obama must always trace to the Mieszko-mouse bloodline.

It wasn't too far above when the Broadwell bars were being linked to the Maness Coat, and above that the Maness surname was linked to a few Dionysus-suspect surnames using leopards, which happen to be a major symbol of Wrights too. The Maness/Manner Coat officially uses two blue bars, you see, thus clinching the Wright trace to the lunatic Dionysus Maenads.

Scottish Wrights (Berwickshire), clearly a branch of Stewarts using the Cohen / Fer checks, show the eagle-head design of Khazar-suspect Caseys, as well as the two Nazi-Aryan suspects: Kellers and Yellins. End of the Fiscal Cliff Insert]

In order to remove Petraeus, someone had to start the wheels rolling for an FBI investigation into his emails. But, surely, there must at least be an unwritten rule that the FBI doesn't have the liberty to snoop into the email box of a CIA director without knowledge / permission from the president's desk. That's why we're hearing that the FBI was firstly into Broadwell's emails rather than into Petraeus' emails. But I'm also hearing that the FBI was into Petraeus' emails as a result of reading Broadwell's emails. Obama claims that he was oblivious of this until days ago, but if you're not jaded by O-lust, you know it cannot be correct.

If Paula Broadwell was an active player with Obama's purposes, then I don't think she would have agreed to let the FBI snoop liberally into her emails. Instead, Obama must have brought the FBI into the plot (suggesting that he has a conniving relationship with someone important there), asking Broadwell to give up certain parts of her emails, at her own discretion, sufficient to ruin Petraeus. I can't recall what role Frank Marshall Davis played with the FBI, but the decades-old connection may still be active in some form to this day between a facet of the FBI and Obama.

It's known that Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder, whom is already suspect for corrupt activities with Obama, was notified months ago by the FBI of the snooping into Broadwell's emails. [This was written before the Insert above discovered the trace of Broadwells to Piast KOLODziej the Wheelwright, whose name I trace to Holder-like Colters with Catherine wheels]. If we're not clouded by love for Obama, we realize that the FBI is not going to merely report their snooping to Holder, but it's going to report what they found when snooping. Holder can't deny this now, yet he wants us to believe that what little the FBI informed him on this matter was not dangerous enough for the country to pass the FBI message on to Obama...thus leaving Obama off the hook. It means that Holder is lying too, to protect Obama.

The Holder Coat compares very well to the Dunham Coat; both use dancettes in blue and gold ("dancette" could be an heraldic term in honor of Danes).

It just so happens that "Holder" sounds like "Colter," and that wheel-using Colters use a chevron in the colors of the Stevenson chevron, which are the colors of the Broadwell bars. As Broadwells trace to George-related Hungarians out of PodeBRODY, it's likely that Stevensons trace to king Stephen of Hungary. But the main point here is that Hungarian-related DunKELDS are expected to be the reason for the Celt/Colt surname suspect with Colters and Holders. To help prove that Celts/Colts link to "Dunkeld," they use a stag, the Hungarian symbol. The Rollo surname uses the same stag design, and then Rollo Sinclair is predicted to be an ancestor of the Henry Sinclair who came to Scotland with Maurice Drummond (son of George above) and other Hungarians who got involved in the court of Malcolm III.

Another Obama pawn that fed the mob lie to the world was Susan Rice. It just so happens that while Podebrady is in Bohemia, the German Rice surname was first found in Bohemia. The German Rice Coat uses "pilgrim's staves," what should be part-code for the Pilgrim/Pegram surname, first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Dunhams, and part-code for the Steven(son) bloodline. Entering "Stave" gets a Stevenson Coat.

I've traced Welsh Rice's (ravens) to Rockefellers of the Rook / Rookby kind, and the Rooks (raven), like the Lure's, use a blue-on-white chevron, the Colter / Stevenson chevron too. The "hawk's lure" of the Herods/Hurls suggests the Lure surname...and the Hawks who likewise use pilgrim's staves. Welsh Rice's use a "hardi" motto term that should therefore trace to Herods/Hurls. But the Harts are suspect because Celts/Colts use a red stag called, a hart. In case you missed it, "Rice" and "Rook" and "Roque > Roquefeuil > Rockefeller" look to be the same terms. The "Secret" motto term of Welsh Rice's can be for the German True/Secrest surname, for while the Rice motto is already suspect with Herods of the Hart / Hardy kind, English True's use the helmet-and-plumes that trace to Herod Archelaus. It's not coincidental that Hardys (and Rookbys) use a chevron in the colors of the chevron of Welsh Rice's.

You see, Obama has appointed a swarm of Rockefeller agents to rule his admalicetration. They are the end-time Amalekites doing malice, and the rock they try to roll onto the peoples will be rolled back by God on them. Holder is between a rock and a hard place already in deciding what to do. He either keeps cover for Obama and thereby makes himself appear guilty of not notifying Obama of what Obama should have been notified of, or he betrays his boss by admitting that he passed the FBI message on to Obama. [On Thursday, Obama repeated the line issued by Holder, that the FBI report at his desk on the Broadwell emails was not capable of compromising U.S. security enough to warrant passing the report to Obama.]

One would think that Petraeus wouldn't have sent Broadwell emails condemning his "great record" if he knew the FBI could easily view his email account without official permission. If anyone knows the bounds of what the FBI can do in this regard, it should be the CIA director. But if Obama gives the FBI the nod to read his emails, Petraeus is reduced to a dirty fox with breasts from someone's else's chicken farm in his hands. He definitely deserves his new image, especially if it's true that he compromised himself with Kelley too, but the malice now in operation from Obama far outweighs the "purgatory" that Petraeus has to bear, and Obama has no chance of achieving purgatory because he has no inclination for repentance.

The FBI director (Robert Swan Mueller) must have known that he can't read the emails of the CIA director without the president's knowledge. How would Obama take it if he did and then surprised him with the fact? The FBI director knows that the president can fire him, and being fired for snooping into the emails of a CIA director is not a peachy way to end a career. My theory assumes that the FBI and others, including Obama, knew of the Broadwell affair before they decided to use it to remove Petraeus. That theory is qualified because it was "an open secret" in Afghanistan that Petraeus and Broadwell were committing adultery. It's something that Obama could have used at any time to force Petraeus' hand.

On Monday night, a story came out that the FBI agent, supposedly the first one to discover the Petraeus affair, was himself having an adulterous relationship with the woman that Broadwell supposedly emailed. The Broadwell email to this other woman is the start of the wheel rolling. We learned first that the other woman, with Kelley surname, supposedly reported (complained) the threatening Broadwell email to her "friend," which turned out to be this FBI agent above. So, Broadwell writes Kelley; Kelley complains to FBI; FBI discovers Broadwell and Petraeus in bed. Wheels into motion. This story provides the FBI the means by which to claim no prior knowledge of the Petraeus affair, as if the FBI stumbled upon it from Jill Kelley's complaint.

Jennifer Griffin said on Fox that Kelley may be suspect as a spy for a "foreign" agency, but I think she's a spy for Obama's circle of people. I think Obama and Kelley put the wheels into motion to alert the FBI, but by that time, Obama and the FBI already had the plot designed. If the question is whether Broadwell is a part of the Obama-Kelley circle of people, I'd say yes at this time.

We've heard that the FBI agent to whom Kelley complained sent a bare-chested photo of himself to Kelley, expected where her specialty as a spy is to play sexually loose for access to secret information. If it can't be shown that he and Kelley were having an affair or friendship much earlier than Kelleys email to him about Broadwell, then it looks like he was used by Kelley to effect the ruin of Petraeus. The trick would have been to make the agent process her complaint to achieve Obama's desire: an FBI snooping campaign into Petraeus' emails. Obama could then have all sorts of sensitive email information to be passed on to his socialist circle of people.

Below is what one news agency says, seemingly absent in most mainstream American media reports on the matter; it's supposedly a piece from an email to Kelley reportedly sent by an anonymous email account that the FBI claims to have traced to Broadwell. For all we know at this time, the email may have been sent by the FBI on Broadwell's behalf:

A government official told the New York Post that the emails contained such language as: 'I know what you did,' 'back off' and 'stay away from my guy.'

The official added: '[Broadwell] clearly thought something was going on' and thought she was in a 'lovers triangle.'

This report from "a government official" could be concocted. Would Broadwell risk her reputation and more by sending such an email about such a man as David Petraeus...unless she too is involved in his fo-ruin-ication?

Here's the Catherine wheel in the Mueller Coat. Roet-incidence? Doesn't it make Robert Mueller suspect in the Round Table Illuminati of the anti-American Rhodian socialists? The Mueller wheel is in colors reversed to the Catherine wheel of German Turners, and then English Turners use what is nearly a mill rind used at times by Mill/Miller/Milner-like surnames. The Muellers are also "Miller / Milner," and it's known that a Milner family was part with Cecil Rhodes' Illuminati.

The oak tree, a Roet symbol, is in the German Rice Coat. If Rice's are Roque's (Languedoc), then let it be repeated that Roquefeuils married Henri IV of Rodes (Languedoc). By the way, the Richards/Ricards (in Roque colors), who use yet another blue-on-white chevron so as to be suspect as a branch of Rooks / Stevensons, use a "Honore et amore" as apparent code for Scotts of ROXburghshire (they show the Catherine wheel too, and then "honori" is a motto term of the Roques.

Kell(e)ys use an Enfield griffin, as do Hiedlers/Hitlers, and then the CIA has long been infiltrated by Amero-Nazi elements of the Bush kind. Jill Kelley is a long-time friend of the Petraeus family, but then we really don't know whether it was for good or evil purposes. It's second nature of spies to be extra-friendly in order to worm in. Spies are not necessarily opposed to those they spy on; they can be used to check-up on an individual's loyalty or performance.

In another article: "Gen. John R. Allen, the top American and NATO commander in Afghanistan, is under investigation for what a senior defense official said early Tuesday was 'inappropriate communication' with Jill Kelley, the woman in Tampa, Fla.,..." Kelley and Broadwell are two shapely-attractive women, excellent spy material for targeting the highest levels. Allen is denying an affair with Kelley, but the article continues:

Mr. Panetta turned the [Allen] matter over to the Pentagon's inspector general to conduct an investigation into what the defense official said were 20,000 to 30,000 pages of documents, many of them e-mails between General Allen and Ms. Kelley, who is married and has children.

There were reportedly "thousands" of emails between Petraeus and Broadwell. The high number of emails in both cases were not likely on a sexual / personal theme fully. The article goes on to say the FBI gave the emails to those having power over the generals, in this case to Leon Panetta, who was himself a CIA director for Obama...until Obama apparently needed him in charge of Defence. The worst sort of fornication seems to be taking place where Obama and Panetta are in political bed together. Panetta, looking guilty while trying to appear concerned, tries not to look at the camera when he speaks on these matters on television, but Obama knows no such shame. That's because he's a sociopath who has little feelings for others, which is exactly why he pretends to have genuine empathy.

Let's not neglect that there are Payne's -- i.e. suspect as a branch of Panetta's -- in the recent ancestry of Obama's Dunham side. What's that oak tree doing in the Italian Panetta Coat, in the colors of the French Payne Coat?

Here's a Penetta/Pennes Coat, suspect with the German Roets and related Pendragons. The Pennys use the crown design of Kellys, which allows us to ponder deeper on whether Jill Kelley is part of the Panetta-Obama agenda. Here's a Penswick/Paynewick surname (no Coat shown), important due to the Panetta write-up: "Earliest records are found with the famous and powerful Panico family, with Count Alberto in 1068." The Penatta's/Pennes' are also "Pennacci."

Some of you may have read the Pink / Punch discussion that led to the blood oaths taken by the Hungarian Arpad bloodline. The Pinks, in the colors of the Panters/Panthers, who smack of Panetta lines, use pierced Zionists stars, as do Payens.

Dunfords...and Pannonia on the Danube River

Obama seems to be guilty of more bloodline lust (with Dunfords, that is) as the article above continues:

The official would not describe the content of the e-mails between General Allen and Ms. Kelley or say specifically why F.B.I. officials decided to pass them on to the Defense Department...

...Gen. Joseph A. Dunford, the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps who was nominated last month by Mr. Obama to succeed General Allen in Afghanistan, will proceed as planned with his confirmation hearing. In his statement, Mr. Panetta urged the Senate to act promptly on his nomination.

Hmm, Allen was perhaps made to engage in fo-ruin-ication just when a Dunham-like Dunford was slated to replace him. Which came first, Allen's affair with Kelley, or the plot to remove him in favor of Dunford? It could appear that Obama's snooping industry is using emails against certain leaders in the military / CIA in order to replace them with "family."

The Dunford/DOWNford/DOUNford surname uses the same white lion lead as the Davis Crest, but also of the Brade/Brad Coat. By what coincidence is there yet another a white lion, in the colors of the Brade/Brad lion, in the Kelly Coat???

It seems apparent that Broadwells/BRADEwells and Brade's/Brads are one and the same bloodline...from PodeBRODY / PodeBRADY (Czechoslovakia's Bohemia half), according to the last update. Panetta's were first found in Bologna, where Boii conquered, and the Boii who became Bohemians lived in Pannonia. Penetta/Pennes variations include: Pennino, Pennini, Pennone, and Pennoni. Panetta's show similar ones. By what coincidence was Pannonia proto-Hungary? The Attila vagabonds lived in Pannonia.

The white and blue colors of the lions above are Roque/Rock / Rockfort colors, and used by other Rockefeller lines. Another white lion (the Rockfort symbol too) is situated above blue-and-white portions -- the colors of so-called "Andrew's Cross" -- of the German Ander Shield. Scottish Andrews look like a branch of Salat- and Pollock-related Rockefellers. Kelleys use a "fortes" motto term suggesting the Pollock-related Fortes (both use a motto term for Aude) whom I've linked to Rockforts ("Candor" motto term) that use the same white-on-blue lion as Kelleys, and then Salat is smack beside Roquefort. Why are Hungarians of the Drummond > Kelley kind tracing to Roque's? We could ask Spanish Majors and Marina's, but it's the Amorites from ancient Hebron that really know best.

Why are both Kellys and Broadwells tracing to Drummonds? Is Obama's Illuminati circle Drummondish as well as Rhodian? Are the same banker Drummonds who brought the world pre-tribulationism going to bring the world the 666 commercial system via's Obama's last four-year term? Heads up. If not from Obama, it can't be too long away. German Drummonds use the same white-on-blue colors as emphasized above, and there's more to the Drummond-Broad connection than the Broadwell Coat using two white-on-blue horizontal bars in the colors of the three horizontal Drummond bars. The Grant Crest is the Broadwell Crest rock design, and Grants (MacArthur crown, Arthur colors, "Stand" motto term like the Arthur motto term) are easily identified as a branch of Arthurs / MacArthurs. But the Grant motto, "Stand fast," is a version of the Leslie motto, "Grip fast," which was coined by Leslie's (i.e. Hungarians) in honor of Maurice Drummond.

Then, while Hungarians trace their Hun ancestry to stags, there is a stag in the same white-on-blue colors again in the DOWN/DOUN Coat. Hmm, Obama the Drummond? But of course, for Drummonds trace to Trabzon / Thermodon, beside Rize and Ardahan, where Rice's and Arthurs trace, and it just so happens that while Rice's are looking like Roque's in this update, Roxolani Alans (or Sarmatians) were traced by Herodotus to the Thermodon Amazons. And it just so happens that the Celts/Colts who are looking like DUNkelds in this update trace to the "Khaldi" living around Trabzon and Rize!!!

A version of the Arthur Coat seems to be in the Rich Coat, suggesting Rize and Ardahan together. The "Garde la foy" motto of the Rich's includes Obama's Wolfley line. The so-called "buttonee" cross of the Rich's suggests Bidens/Buttons. O-incidence? Both Rich's and Bidens/Buttons were first found in Hampshire, wherefore the Rich wyvern is a version of the Drake wyvern. As the Drake wyvern is from the dukes of Masovia, note that Rize is in an area once inhabited by Ezekiel's Meshech, founders of Apollo's Muses.

German Rice's/Risse's are the ones with the pilgrims staves, a symbol of Hawks honored in the hawk's lure...that is used also by Rich-related Gards. One French Foy Coat uses the same bend as Italian Botters -- a branch of Bidens/Buttons -- and Botters lived in the Ardea area of Italy. The Arms of Ardea has a crown with five points, as does the MacArthur crown, and Foys are Feys who belong to the Fives/Fife's. The Ardea crown even uses round shapes at the ends of the five points that in the Rich Coat are called, buttonee.

There must have been plenty of wolf lines in the Ardea area (south of Rome) as the Hirpini developed into the Romulus wolf. The Volscians south of Ardea had a Liris river to which Lures, Leirs, and similar others can be traced. The Liris river is suspect with the lyre symbol of the Apollo wolf line. At the Volscia map in the link above, note ARPInum along the Liris, for it indicates the ancestry of Hungarian Arpads, and then the Gards tend to suggest Hungarian ancestry in "Carthage." The mythical lyre came from the proto-Arpad line of mythical (suspect with the Ugors), son of Charops (code for Carpathians) on the Hebros river, where Arda was situated that clearly traces to "Ardea."

Oeagrus and a Muse gave birth to Orpheus, whose head and lyre floated down the Hebros to Lesbos, home of the Lapiths (of which Ixion was one). It's difficult to find when researching Lapiths, but it's online that they named Lesbos. But Lapiths also trace to Lapithos at north-central Cyprus, exactly where a Cyrene entity was that traces to Libyan Cyrene, home of the Meshwesh, they being part of Apollo's Muse's. The city of Cyrene in Libya is beside Apollonia. Benghazi is in the Cyrene theater of Libya, by the way. The son of mythical Cyrene, Aristaios, smacks of an Orestea location at Arda on the Hebros.

I cannot recall the Cyrene-like term, nor whether it was purely mythical, in north-central Cyprus, but I wrote on it two or three times. In Acts 11:20, there is a phrase, "men of Cyprus and Cyrene." Here's on mythical Cyrene: "...Cyrene (or Kyrene)...was the daughter of Hypseus, King of the Lapiths...Apollo, who was present, immediately fell in love with her and kidnapped her. He took her to North Africa and founded the city of Cyrene in her name" Hypseus, smacking of Kypris on Cyprus, was of the Ladon-river area belonging to Daphne, she being a prime Hyksos line along with Ixion. Clearly, the Ixion Hyksos were on the Hebros, but then the Ladon river of Daphne evolved into Latins living all around the Liris river and at Ardea.

It's evident, therefore, that the same basic peoples who named the Hungarian Arpads were in the stretch between the Liris river and Ardea. The Pan satyr who must have named Pannonia looks to have been at Satricum too, a location shown near Ardea on the Volscian map above. But as I traced (years ago) proto-Pan from "Panias/Banias" (mount Hermon in Phoenicia) to the "Peneus" river, by what coincidence was mythical Hypseus specifically on the Peneus river (the one beside the Ladon)? Probably, because the Greek "hippo" means "horse," Hypseus was the same horse line as mythical Hippodamia at Pisa, wife of Pelops. Ixion was the father of the Satyr-related horse-line Centaurs.

It just came to mind that "Avellino," which may have named the Volscians, could trace to the Ville surname, especially as I've already traced the Ville's to "Vilnius" in the Lithuanian wolf land. I recalled that Ville's use a lion holding a banner, and then the timing of this realization brought to bear the similarity between the Banner surname and "Pan(nonia)." The Banner surnames were not yet loaded at that point, but when they were, there was Andrew's Cross in one Banner Coat, while German Banners use the same split Shield as the French Foy/Foix surname...that's traced in its write-up to Foix-Candale. "Foix" has only recently been discovered with "Faucaud," ruler of Avallon! And Faucaud's ancestry, they say, was in BANTERlu!

Moreover, the Candale entity is suspect with the Ixion line to the Cantii. It works, for Candida's/Candle'swere first found in Naples, near Avellino, and then the Cattanei/Candida line that owns both Candle Coats married Borgia's now understood (by me) to be from John de Burgo, father of Herluin de ConteVILLE, a surname that's definitely made of the Ville's and Conte's together. THEREFORE, the Ville's were Avellino elements, and Conteville's were Avellino elements merged with Centaur lines of the Candia kind. As Candia was a Hyksos line, by what coincidence was Hugh D'Avrances identified with Hyksos out of Avaricum only in the last update? It was then that Auvergne was identified with "Avaricum," and here we come to the Foys, first found in Auvergne.

I can now go back to the theory of two updates ago, that "Banterlu" traces to the Winters and Venters/Fentors. The latter, who smack of the Fond/Font term used by Ville's, show nearly the same sword as Vento's/Benvenuto's who trace obviously to Benevento (Campania) near Avellino. It's interesting that Benevento was also "Maleventum," for while Payens were recently traced better than ever to the Naple's / Benevento theater, I trace Payne's to Balso "D'Espaines," grandson of MALAhule.

As the bell pattern filling the Shield of Haskels traces them to "Abellinum" (old name of Avellino, in Champagne-related Campania) because the Champagne surname uses a Shield filled with the same-colored bell pattern, the Haskels tend to prove that Maleventum was where the Malahule > D'Espaines line traces. For Haskels are said to be from "Anketill," while Anschitil / Ancitil was the son of D'Espaines.

This leads to more discoveries of the Hyksos line. First, Anschitil (of the Bessin / Bayeux) was the father of Meschins, suspect from the Mus household of pharaoh Khyan/Apachnas. Anschetil's mother was Poppa of SulzBACH, and then I identify German Bachs/BACHERs with Khyan's alternative name (Apachnas). Welsh Bachs even use the bell pattern (albeit in different colors). But the new discovery is that Bake's/BAKERs were part of the bloodline that named "Bayeux." If that's correct, expect Bakers to trace to Poppa Sulzbach. But also ask where "Poppa" traces to the Pepoli Shield filled with checks in the colors of the Champagne / Haskell bell pattern. I already know that Apophis-suspect Pepins use the Massey horse design, but let me repeat here that Popoli's, using Massey Shield colors, were first found in Naples.

On her mother's side, my mother is a Massey liner from a village of Picenzo. In my mothers house there is a book written on that village, claiming that its from nobles of Naples. The Picentini area in Campania is clearly the root of that village. I'm proving to be a child of the worst kind of bloodline, the Gorgonic one from Hyksos that named the Pharisees. But so what?

First, Bakers use scallops in the colors of the Meschin scallops. Second, the black Baker saltire with white scallops is in the colors of the Sale/Sallete bend (half a saltire) with white fleur, and Sale's/Sallete's are expected in "SULZbach." In fact, Bakers were first found in Durham, a term that traces definitely to the Durance river of the Sulz-like Salyes Ligures. It can be said here that while Ligures trace to the naming of Leicester and it river, Champagne's were first found in Leicestershire, while that's the location of mythical king Leir. Third, Bakers and Champagne's are even in the same colors. The uses a version of the Sale/Sallete Coat, but with bees that are likely code for the Bajocasses/Baiocasses, the namers of the Bayeux / Bessin.

I didn't know until now that "Bacher" would get the Bricks. The Bricks/Bachers, who use likely the Massey fleur, smack of "Briquessart/Bricasard," the surname of Anschetil's son otherwise called Ranulf le Meschin. Thus, Bakers were Meschins and Masseys, once again showing Apachnas suspects linked to the Mus > Massey line. The evidence is growing here that the Apollo cult at Avellino was a Hyksos line. It's then undeniable that these Hyksos were the Apollo cult at Cyrene, home of the Meshwesh.

Question? Will a Meshwesh liner save Israel in the end times from the end-times Hyksos that cause Israel's desolation? After all, God chose Moses to save Israel from Apachnas, and Moses was named in honor of the Meshwesh household of that pharaoh. Right?

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that one of my sons would be baptized in the Jordan river. Yes. it's true. All but one of my children have been baptized, praise God. I'm wondering what He is calling them/us to. Not all Meshwesh liners are forsaken, but Jesus died to have rights for stealing Meshwesh liners from Apachnas. Too bad that Jim Bakker proved to be a thief of another kind, a wolf in sheep's clothing. I'm starting to think that God has called me for more than alerting His church against the tide of pre-tribulationism; I'm starting to think that my sons will play a role in fighting the devices of end-time Apachnas.

The church of Henry Drummond, where pre-tribulationism was born, was pastored by an Irving surname, which uses holly, a symbol that I've traced to Mysians at the Hellespont, where the proto-Parisii Gorgon lived, at Parion/Parium. That city was the representation of mythical Paris, lover of Helen, sister of the Spartan Apollo (i.e. of Pollux), and daughter of the Leto > Leda wolf line. By the time that Herodotus mentioned the Thermodon Amazons and their Gargarian mates, they no longer lived at Thermodon, where I trace "Drummond." Herodotus traced Amazons to the Tanais river, but besides this, they had re-settled Mysia as mythical Muses...all women, the symbol of Amazons. Muses were ruled by Apollo, twin of the chief Amazon goddess, both of whom were birthed by Leto / Latona the be otherwise identified as the Biblical dragon known to ancient Greeks as multi-headed Ladon.

"IRVINg" can be suspect with the wolf-line HIRPINi of Apollo-suspect Avellino, yet "Hirp" smacks of "Arpad," the name of the father of Hungarians who traces easily to the Carpae/Arpii around the Budapest area. Thus, Drummonds can trace to Hungarians as well as to the Avellino area's Hirpini, which begs the question of why a cult / church owned by a fabulously wealthy and spiritually-distorted Henry Drummond had an Irving as its pastor. The worst part about Drummond's European-Israelism cult is that it was an evangelical Christian one boasting of Holy Spirit gifts and Zionism. The successful charismatic movement stemmed from that church, and gave the world the likes of Jim Bakker, Oral Roberts, and pastors who took "God's money" for prostitutes at lunch time between television productions.

In the section shortly above the paragraph above, we saw that Avellino elements linked to Candida's/Candle's, and so by what coincidence do Irvings use a "Candide" motto term??? I've come a long way since the first chapter of my post-tribulation book, where I promised to find the Illuminati lines of Henry Drummond. At the time, I wasn't prepared to lump pre-tribulation leaders in with a satanic cult. Things have changed since then.

Obama doesn't belong to evangelicals, but just the same his trace to Drummonds could be prophecy important. It's Obama who has effected the game-changer in Gaza. Obama took an anti-Hamas Egypt and turned it into a pro-Hamas Gaza. Weapons can now flow freely into Gaza. The new Egyptian president with Amorite-suspect Morsi surname has revealed himself this very week to be pro-Hamas and rabidly anti-Israel even after he saw Hamas start this present battle by firing missiles into Israel. It's a good bet that Morsi, who visited with Hamas this week, will actively aid in the weaponry passed into Gaza. It's also a good bet that America under Obama will do precious little to help Israel against this new tide. But until we see what happens in this regard, I'm not making predictions.

There is a question as to whether the Gareb-suspect Harveys trace to "Arpad." One Harvey Coat uses what should be the martlets of Apple's / Applebys suspect from Avellino. The blue apples of Rennes-le-Chateau belong to Payen-suspect Poussons/POIssons. I suspected Payens as Poussons partly due to tracing "Payen" to the Pay variation of Italian Pace's/Pacenti's, first found in the same Boii city (Bologna) as Panetta's and Pepoli's (i.e. the two Hyksos lines, one from Apachnas, the other from his successor, Apophis). The Bessin, they say, was named by Boii called Baiocasses. It's a good bet that these terms are related to "Boofima."

While Payens had traced strongly to the Naple's / Avellino area (i.e. where a Picenti area exists), the Payen-suspect Panetta's are now tracing to proto-Hungary's Boii. In the last update, I traced "Pousson/Poisson" to "Paestum" (near Avellino), and so here's the Wikipedia article on a Picentini peoples of Illyria:

Between these years they moved large numbers of Picentes to Campania, giving them land at Paestum and on the river Silarus and assisted them to build a city, Picentia. They also placed a garrison at Salernum to monitor them. Strabo reports that in his time they had depopulated the city in favor of villages scattered about the Salerno region.

The Payne Coat is obviously in use by the Salerno surname. The other Harvey Coat uses what looks like a version of the Coat of Payens, first found in Dauphine. I've tended to trace Harveys to Garebites in "Harbiye," the Syrian city (of the proto-Antichrist Seleucids) otherwise called Daphne (partner with Apollo in dolphin-depicted Delphi), and then Poussons/Poissons use a dolphin.

But if I'm correct to trace Poussons/Poissons to Paestum in Campania, by what coincidence does the CHAMBerlain Coat use the three scallops (same colors) of the Pousson/Poisson Coat?

French Chamberlains use a small shield in colors reversed to the small Holden Shield, and then Holders and Cambers both use the same dancette (different colors). The Camber dancette is colors reversed to the Chamberlain chevron, suggesting rather strongly that Cambers trace to Campania elements too. Campens use a slightly different dancetty fesse. The donkey used by Chamberlains may be evidence of a link to Dunkelds / Duncans.

I've had to say a lot of things before coming back round to the Obama trace to Hungarians of the Drummond kind. But here we begin to see it: Harveys were first found in the same place as Dunhams, and use Dunham colors, and then Harbiye was beside Adana, where the Danaan branch of Hyksos trace. Although Khyan and Apophis ruled at Avaris, yet their Meshwesh line returned (after the Hyksos were removed from Egypt) to rule nearby Tanis. I don't know whether Adana was named after the Meshwesh out of Tanis (21st and 22nd dynasty), or by earlier Hyksos (15th - 17th dynasties).

Here's more from the Picentini article, connecting them to mythical Sirens of Surentum (also in Campania): "In Ptolemy's time (2nd century AD) a population named by him the Picentini were still at Salernum and Surentum." Then, in the Salernum article: "The most important temples of Surrentum were those of Athena and of the Sirens..." The heraldic mermaid with green mirror that I call "Melusine" is officially a "Siren" in some cases. It dawned on me recently that her mirror is for the Mire/Mireux surname (Anjou)...using nothing but holly, the Irving symbol too. It's telling us that this Melusine mermaid of Anjou was the Daphne cult from Harbiye/Daphne, and leading to Campania, which means that the HIRPini of that area were named after the Garebites who named HARBiye. I regret that I saw a mirror-like motto term moments ago but cannot find the surname at this time.

You can catch here a relationship between the Arpad Hungarians and the Harbiye line to the Hirpini, wherefore note that "Siren" is like "Syria" while there is an Arpad/Arvad location in Syria...that I traced Apollo to aside from Hirpini / Avellino considerations. Moreover, as one Harvey Coat is also the Bell / Bellamy Shield, the Bells appear to be tracing to "Abellinum".

As you may know, I identify Garebite lines to the West with Amorites of Jerusalem, and then Melusine the MERmaid is also an Amorite line to the Moray Crest. What's interesting here is that the Maxwells, who use a holly bush, trace to the "I make sure" motto of Kilpatricks, first found in the same place (Dumfries) as holly-using Irvings, suggesting that the "sure" term traces to "SURentum, also called "Sorrento." It was James Clapper, another Intelligence chief, who asked Petraeus to step down, and then Clappers were first found in Surrey, where Sheers were first found who trace to the Kilpatrick/Shera motto term.

The Baker-related Steers were first found in Surrey. And it just so happens that the Steer motto phrase, "Tu ne cede," was gleaned years ago, on a whim, as code for "Tunis," the city in old Libya that I say was named after the Tanis capital of the Meshwesh. I now find that Bakers were Meschins as well as Bachs/Bachers using the steer symbol. I also find that the Steer Coat uses lions in two color scheme's, one matching the Baker-lion design and color scheme, and the other matching the Paine-lion design color scheme!

The other surname using "Tu ne cede" is the Amore surname, found honored in the Paine motto phrase, "Malo mori." Thus, these Amorite-Hyksos lines trace to Maleventum = Benevento. It's important because the Vento/Benvenuto swords are in the colors of, and look much like, the Vender/Fentor sword, while the latter sword is identical to the one now showing in the Khyan-suspect Chaine/Chenay Coat. This is repeated here due to new discoveries.

Discovery 1) The Venders/Fentors use their sword through a fish head, and then the Venters/Venture's/Fentress' use a fish in the colors of the Vender/Fentor sword, and besides, the Venter fish is the Keon fish, thus clinching the Chaine/Chenay link to Keons and Kane's.

Discovery 2) While the Chaine's/Chenays used the white Masci wing until recently, they now use the same wing design as appears in the Venter/Venture Crest, wherefore the sword between the latter's wings is the Chaine/Chenay sword, thus clinching the Khyan link to Venters, Venders, and Benevento.

Discovery 3) The cross of the Chain/Cheyne/Sheyne surname (Kerry) is a cross just like the one in the Fenton Coat, wherefore this clinches the Fenton link to Venters/Fentress' / Venders/Fentors and Font de Ville's.

Discovery 4) Belgian Fentons/Wendens/Ventes' use a saltire in colors reversed to the Windsor saltire, and the latter's saltire is known to be a version of the Desmond/Gerald saltire, which is in the colors of the Fenton/Wenden/Ventes' saltire. As I know that this is the Annandale saltire now showing for the Annandale's, it's not coincidental that the Annandale saltire as used by Bruces is used by Hinks, first found with Windsors in BERKshire, where we can expect the Burgo line that merged with Font de Ville's.

Hinks were looked up only due to my suspicion that Sorrento traces to the Soar river of Leicester, where it has a source at Hinckley. Salernum is now tracing to Salyes Ligures in Saluzzo of Cheney-related Cuneo, you see, and I've been tracing Salyes Ligures to the Legro river at Leicester, which has the alternative name, Soar. I won't repeat the reasons why Hinks trace to the Latin sides of Kilpatricks, first found near Annandale, but will repeat that this is the Ladon-dragon line expected to advance the 666 skincode. It had been apparent that the Salyes at Leicester were in direct/close relationship with Meschins, as even the surname, Sale-of-Masci would indicate. Therefore, the Soar surname looks to use the Massey Shield.

Zowie, what timing. After writing the above, I was just going to say that, in this picture, surnames like Pennes should trace to the Peneus river. Then "Bennes" was entered to find a "Hinc" motto term. We can now understand why Pendragons and Lancelots were related entities, as per "Panias/Banias." The Italian Pennes' are also "Panetta / Pennone," suggesting that Leon Panetta -- and Hugh de Payen -- could be from mythical Peneus, an alternative father of Daphne. Certainly, the fact that Payens were first found in Dauphine helps that idea along.

The Bennes' use a "football" in Crest, and then both Balls and Foots were first found in Cheshire. The "FULcrum" motto of Balls reveals that they a branch of Fuller-related Belli's, explaining why Foots use the RockeFELLER trefoil symbol. Important here is that Belli's and Fullers can be clinched in a relationship because both use "beacons," symbol, apparently, for Beacons/Bacons, yet another Apachnas-suspect line of the Backer / Baker kind. French Bacons and Bennes' share cinqueFOILs.

Discovery 5) Sorells use almost the same lions as Steers, and in the same colors. Therefore, it appears that Sorrels are from Sorrento just because Bakers (who use the Steer lions) trace to that area.

These finds have the potential to trace the Soar entity to Meshwesh in Sorrento, and to this it can be added that mythical Sirens of Sorrento were definitely related to mythical Muses. Sirens were made the daughters of the Akheloos river, where Taphians lived whom were represented my mythical Daphne in the Ladon river. Taphians, like the ancient Sea Peoples who I identify as Hyksos wanting their Egypt back, were mariners / pirates.

AMAZING: after writing that, the Sailer surname was checked for links to Salernum, and there in the Sailer write-up: "The surname Sailer is derived from the Old Norman French word 'sailleor,' which denotes a 'leaper' or 'dancer.'" Never mind that lie, for the Leap Coat uses the mermaid Siren!!! In this picture, Leaps, also "Lap," can be a Lapith line (out of Cyrene?). There is a Dancer/Danser using three black-on-white talbots identical to the Pape/Pope talbots. Excellent, for Pape's/Pope's should trace to Apophis-branch Hyksos. But Halls and Hulls use the Pape talbots in colors reversed, and they trace to Mysians at Hellespont.

HUGE AHA! The SAYlor variation of Sailers suggests the Say surname because it uses the same quartered Shield as Soars! With this evidence of a trace to Sorrento and Salernum, the black wolves in the Sailer/Saylor Coat must be for the same line that named the Hirpini. And the black talbots above could easily be a modified version of those black wolves.

The Sailer/Saylor wolves can link to the black Yonge wolf as well as to the white Gore/Core wolf because Sailers/Saylors use a "served" motto term that traces to Servitium (Sava river), as the similar motto term ("servire") of Gores/Cores traces them. It's suggesting that the Sauers/Sours, said to be named after the Sau/Sava river, were also from the Sore / Sorell bloodline. The Yonge's and Gores/Cores were both first found in Essex, the location of Colchester that traces, via the Cole motto term ("serva"), to Servitium. Coles are now showing the same steer design as Bachs/Bachers whereas for years they've been showing a different bull design. Is "Gore" to be viewed as a variation of "Sore" so as to trace Gores to Sorrento? Yes, I did trace Gores to Gorski at Servitium, but this may be indicating that Gorski was named by the same peoples who named Sorrento.

AHA! After writing that, the Most surname was checked as per the "most" motto term of Sailers/Saylors, and what popped up but the same Coat as used by Tudor Trevor and John Yonge!!!

The Sorrys/Sarrys/Sawrie's were first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Seeds/Cedes', important due to the Steer motto: "Tu ne cede me." The Sorry bend is in the colors of the bend that is the totality of the Arms of Campania. The "factique" motto term of Sorrys/Sarrys easily traces to Faucets...and therefore to Faucaud at Avallon! Faucets lived in Lothian, you see, with/around the Seatons/Saytons (in Say colors) of SAYtown. Thus, Faucaud Banterlu seems to trace all the way back to Avellino, as expected with the Banterlu trace to Vento's/Benvenuto's, wherefore the wolf in the Banes Coat seems pertinent (Banesters have already traced to the water bouget symbol of Morencys).

Chances are, therefore, that Seeds/Cedes' are SEATons and Keaths. Does that help to identify "Seed" with "Sadducee"? At that question, I recall tracing the chief priests of Israel, Caiaphas in particular, to a Sar entity of Turkey in/beside Caesarea (Cappadocia capital), earlier called, Mazaca. If I recall correctly, this Sar area is in Adana smack beside a Cati area of Cilicia where the Keith Catti ought to trace! I'm not sure if that Sar entity is directly related to Sar-Comana, but in any case there is a Sarus/Sihun river there: "According to ancient geographers, Comana was situated in Cappadocia (and later Cataonia)...Strabo and Julius Caesar visited it; the former enters into long details about its position in a deep valley on the Sarus (Seihoun) river." I had traced Caiaphas to mythical Capys, symbol of Cappadocians in my opinion.

Then, historians tend to trace Capys to Capua in Campania theater! The Arms of Capua appears to use snakes in a fashion like the flames seen in heraldry to depict Fleming lines, and Seatons are Flemings. Therefore, the wolf of German Flemings is tracing to Capua elements, or at least to Campania's Hirpini.

Comana is where Glaphyra Archelaus was from whose Mauritanian elements are expected to trace to the Morencys...who put out Faucaud! The Clapton wolf design is in the Sailer/Saylor Crest, verifying for me that Glaphyra's bloodline passed through Salernum. Besides, the Leap/Lap relatives of Sailers/Saylors, if they trace to Cyprus, is right in line with Julie's claim that Herods had some stock in Cyprus, as even the name (Kypros) of Herod "the great" would suggest. Glaphyra married a son of Herod "the great."

Is the above telling us that "Steer" is to be understood like "Seater"? Entering "Seder" gets the Seeds/Cedes'. Keatons were first found in Leicester, where Salerno / Sailers trace, and it just so happens that it was the Sailers/Saylors which gave us the Lapith-suspect Leap/Lap surname. It's important because "Keaton" smacks of "Kittim/Kition," a location on Cyprus, where Lapithos is located too.

Here's from the Kittim article:

The mediaeval rabbinic compilation Yosippon contains a detailed account of the Kittim. As the peoples spread out, it says, the Kittim camped in Campania and built a city called "Posomanga", while descendants of Tubal camped in neighboring Tuscany and built "Sabino", with the Tiber river as their frontier. However, they soon went to war following the rape of the Sabines by the Kittim..." It's know that the Kittim here are the proto-Romans. The point is, the Kittim trace to Campania, exactly where the Keith Catti are tracing via Seatons, and so with the trace of Keatons to Kittim of Campania, I think we have a new discovery with several new clues to go by.

One other mythical Lapith was Phlegyas, and then off the Campania coast in the Bay of Naples are the Flegrean of which, Vivara, might just connect with the Vey/Vivian and fey / Five bloodline to Arthurians. Just found: the MacArthur crown in the Vive/Vivash Coat (tiger in Crest). I'm guessing that Vive's/Vivash's use a version of the Edward Coat (both surnames first found in Wiltshire). I traced the royal Edwards to Salines in the area of Vienne-Isere, where Herod, husband of Glaphyra, was banished. The oak tree in the Vive/Vivash Crest suggests Joktan because "Phlegyas" strikes me as Peleg, Joktan's brother.

Finding the Siren mermaid of the Leaps/Laps evokes the Daphne dolphin line from Taphians who lived in Greece exactly where Sirens trace. I tended to identify Daphne with Tubal, and then certain ancients traced Tubal to Romans of the Kittim kind. Tubal had an empire all around Mazaca / Cappadocia / Syria. The Tiber river at Rome, thought to be named after the Iberians / Tiberians of Tubal, probably has affinity with Spanish Iberia, where I trace Joktan's Sepharvites. The Kittim article goes on to say that the Roman Kittim trace to a son of Eliphas, son of Esau, and while this is probably mere myth, some truth is likely in that Sirens should trace to a Seir > Syria line. Eliphas married a daughter of the Seir-ians. Compare "Lapith" to "Eliphas." The Hyksos merged with the Esau-ite Hebrews?

The Taafe/Taffee surname uses a "hoc" motto term as code, likely, for their Hyksos ancestry. The Taafe's/Taffie's are in Daffy/David colors, and while Daffys/Davids use a "copia" motto term like the Arms of Macclesfield, the Macclesfield surname (and the Arms) uses the same cross type, in the same colors, as the Taafe's/Taffie's. This is good evidence that Daffys/Davids trace to the Daphne cult, especially as they use "Pax et copia," part code, likely, for Apachnas elements. I fully expect "Maccles(field) to trace to Mazaca and Tubal.

Back to the Pink - Punch topic, which involved what I called the tattoo bloodline as it was predicted to bring about the 666 mark. I didn't know when that topic was introduced a few months ago that Panetta's would trace to Pannonia. I ventured to include the Paionts variation of Payens into that tattoo theme, and spoke on how needles are used by both those who PUNCture the skin in making blood oaths and those who tattoo. And the fist in the Punch Crest was pointed out as a symbol of those being punctured by a needle to draw blood. I'm seeing now that the Punch Coat uses eight horizontal bars in the colors of the eight horizontal Gower/Gore bars.

Camerons use seven of the same-colored horizontal bars, as well as bunched arrows that trace to Hungarians (and Rothschilds) because their bars are in the number and colors of the Scottish Drummond bars. The "cheile" motto term of Camerons can trace to the Kelly surname, said to be from "ceallach," but for the time being it's likely for the Cheile/Cheel surname using the wave type of Italian Marina's / Clements, important because Spanish Marina's use the wavy Drummond bars in colors reversed to German Drummonds.

Punch's and Cams were first found in Gloucestershire, where the Khyan-suspect Kemmis'/Kenys were first found who use a bell-pattern Shield as do Clappers now tracing to Glaphyra elements in Syria-suspect Sorrento/Surentum. Glaphyra was a Syrian line of religio-nutcrackers. The Khyan line moved across Europe with the Muse > Massey bloodline, and it just so happens that I traced mythical Pan to Lake Van, location of Mus. The Punch's, you see, are looking like Pan elements to Pannonia, the same as the Panetta's. Pannonia is where the leaders of the Arpad tribes made blood oaths by dripping their blood into a grail cup and drinking one after the other in the way that Jesus did with his Apostles. I don't think that Arpads were copying Jesus at all, but Jesus may have been copying the Arpads because they would in the future be his Body's end-time enemies.

The Arpads were just traced in the last update to the Grey/Croy surname as they themselves traced to the greyhound of the African Amazons = Meshwesh. The Pennys use greyhounds in the design of the Lys greyhounds, and the latter surname was first found in the same place as Payen-related Harveys, Payen-related Levi's, and Payen-related Chappes'. The Lys fleur-de-lys is in the colors of the Massey fleur for an Apachnas reason.

The same-colored fleur are used by Cheele's/Schells, as well as Dutch Bones who appear related to Skulls. As a Cheile link to Skulls / Schells seems evident here, I entered "Skillen" to find a greyhound identical to that of the Lys greyhound, but this find comes immediately after the paragraph above was written. "Skill" was then entered to find the Gill surname using the lozengy pattern of Schole's/Scayle's, and that brought to mind that Scholefields/Schofields (surname that avidly promoted and led pre-tribulationism's triumph) use the same bend as Cheels/Schells. This is Skull and Bones from Hebron's Amorites, devils.

Cheele's/Schells look like a branch of Quinns because both use the same colors and snake design, wherefore Cheele's/Schells should trace to quince-using and Hyksos-suspect Sforza's at Safor.

Remember here that African Amazons, called mythical Graeae, were ruled by mythical Myrina. Another surname using the Marina / Clement / Cheile "wavy" design is the English Siver surname, accessed from the motto of Huets. German Sivers/Sievers/Sifferts happen to use Zionists stars in the colors of the Payen Zionists stars. You'd probably be guessing correctly to identify Sivers with Sepharvites / Sephardics of Spain, especially in Safor. And as the "cheile" motto term belongs to Camerons use the horizontal bars in the colors of Aragon and Roussillon, it's likely that Cheile's/Cheel's trace to "Quillan" too.

Moreover, the Cheile/Cheel Crest shows an armored boot with a spur, as does the Crest of the Ayers/Eyers who use an "inVICta" motto term. Both Ayer Coats use the Cathar-suspect quatrefoil, as do Croms and Vincents who both trace to Rennes-le-Chateau, beside Quillan. The Kyle's of Ayrshire are thus identified as Cheil/Cheel kin, and then the Shaws honored in the Ayrshire motto have already traced to the chief-priest line in Rennes-le-Chateau.

If Gills can come up as "Skill," then Skillens can be grail-using Gillans...who became chief in Lothian of the Khyan-suspect Connans that use the cross of the Lothian Sinclairs, albeit the Roslin location of Sinclairs traces to Rosellon = Roussillon, where the Cameron bars should trace, and where the Cheile's must trace (because Quillan is in Roussillon).

Skillens use two chevrons in the colors of the Perche chevrons, and then Skillens are said to have descended from the Percy surname, thus clinching the Percy identification with Perche. The string of five gold lozenges of Percys looks to be a version of the same red string of Pinks because both families were first found in Yorkshire. By the time of writing this paragraph, it was established that Payens of the Harvey kind merged with Bellamys from Perche.

Another reason to identify Payens with Poussons/Poisson is that DuPUYs, whom were reportedly Payens, show a DePuis variation. The Dupuys use, "Vicit Leo e tribu Juda," smacking of Jews from Judah. But while I trace Payens to ruling Levites of Jerusalem, a city in Judah, Garebites were also in Judah and have been found in Aude's Corbieres / Orbieu area...not far from Rennes-le-Chateau and Quillan, where the "vicit" term of Dupuys is expected to trace. French Harveys, it just so happens, who use what looks like a version of the Payen Coat, were first found in the same place (Paris) as the Levi.

Moreover, while the other Harvey Coat uses what looks to be the Bellamy Shield, Bellamys were in Perche and thus trace to Pierce's / Percivals who are honored, I am now sure, in the pierced Zionist stars of Payens. Reminder: Vincents of Rennes-le-Chateau use muzzled bears, as do Maceys of the house of Bellamy, as do Percivals.

Thus, FreeMasons were much from the Apollo-Daphne-Muse cult that were together in Greece's Ladon river, the Biblical dragon bloodline from the Exodus pharaoh to Obama's mother with Payne ancestry.

As Kellys / Kills/Keele's trace in several ways to "Quillan," where Obama's and Apollo wolf lines traced in various ways in recent updates, by what coincidence does the Brode/Bright Crest use the Will Crest griffin design? It's perhaps more reason to suspect that Paula Broadwell and Jill Kelley are associated in the plot to destroy Petraeus.

Wills should likewise trace to "QUILLan" with Kellys because one Will Coat (above) uses the Enfield griffin. The design of the latter's griffin is exactly that of the Hiedler/Hitler griffin known to be an Enfield. The Enfield Coat is in the colors of Penfields (use the Arthur chevron), and then the Enfields were first found in Berkshire (location of Windsor castle), where UTHER Pendragon cult traces as per their identification with the OTHER/Oter surname (in Enfield colors) that was root to the Windsor surname. The presidential Bush lines, from Nazi's, are from Penfield, at Rochester, New York.

Others use the same bend as Morells while Morells use the same crosslet, in colors reversed, as the Windsors. A Morell surname, now in charge of the CIA as per Obama's will, is about to testify on behalf of Petraeus at the Benghazi hearing tomorrow (Thursday). Obama's spokesman said that Obama is happy to send Morell in place of Petraeus, meaning that Morell is suspect as an O-pawn. Windsors are also "WINCEr" and thus capable of forming the Vincent / Vince surnames.

Hitler-suspect Penfields and Wince's were both first found in Bedfordshire, and both use the same colors. But the Wince's, I'm guessing a good guess, use the scallop of Sabers/Savona's. This trace of Hitlers to Penfields, on account of Penfields using Enfield colors, and the Penfield trace to Rennes-le-Chateau, is further evidence that Hitlers and their Heid / Hied / Hood/Hutt lines trace to "Aude." Reminder: Windsor-suspect Ventos/Benvenuto's use what looks like a version of the Aude swords, and the Aude swords are used by Shute's/Shutts suspect with Scute's/Scutts using the small gold shield of Enfields.

If you're looking to find reason for the Nazi-spy associations of Paula Broadwell, consider further that Hitlers and Brode's/Brights use three gold-on-blue stars. Then, Hitlers and Bradys both use a sun, as do Wills. Clappers likewise use the same sun, wherefore, just as I claim unabashed that Nazi's came to run the CIA community of the United States, here we have James Clapper today, placed in charge of National Intelligence by Obama. Clapper's deputy is a Sullivan surname from the MusKERRY area, and Obama is now considering John Kerry as his new Department of Defence chief.

Clapper married a Wheatly, and the latter surname looks like a Roet of the Beaufort kind. Clapper was born in Wayne county, Indiana, a state that has/had a Nazi group called, WAR (out of Warsaw, Indiana).

Brode's/Brights (Cheshire) likely trace from Brigantium/Briancon to Ranulf Briquessart, father of Ranulf le Meschin. We are still on the line of the Exodus pharaoh here, especially as Ranulf Briquessart had ancestry in D'EsPAINEs. Sullivans easily trace to the Brians of Briancon. (Britts/Bretts probably use the red Brade/Brad Crest lion.)

Knowing that Obama is both a Rhodian and Rockefeller stooge with non-transparent dreams, the Roque rock in the Grail/Neal/Nielle Crest should be addressed because its a Moray line, and Obama traces to Dunham-related Randolphs of Moray. I recall that one Moray Coat once showed the lock design shown in the Grail/Nielle Coat, and that the Morays called them, "fetterlocks." The Grail/Nielle motto, "Vincere vel mori." From the 1st update of January, 2011:

Baron Rothschild IV married into a Dunn banking family. It's possible, based on heraldry comparisons, to make some link of the Scottish Dunn family to the Dunham line to Obama....the Dunn locks could link to the Moray lock, the latter called a "fetterlock." Randolphs, who ruled Moray, are in Dunn colors, and meanwhile the English Randolphs and Dunhams share the same Coat.

The fetterlock prompts a look at the Fetter surname (a sun), first found in Bavaria. That can explain why an "Important" Rothschild married a Dunn. "Fetter" evokes the Bavarian city of Fussen/Foetes with play-on-words with "foot/feet." There's a Foot surname first in Cheshire. "Fetter" reminds me of the Russian Federov surname, and there is a Feder/FEYder surname (swan) first found in Bavaria.

If it was once a swan (now showing as a pelican on nest), it makes sense where the Lock and Loken Coats use swans, indicating that fetterlocks of Moray were for both the Feders and Locks. The Italian Milan tree stump has changed, from being similar to the Rodham / Brocken stump to the stump exactly showing now in the Feder/Feyder Coat. Like the Feders, Fetter/Vetters were first found in Bavaria, where Hiedlers/Hitlers were first found who use the same sun as Fetters/Vetters. As the Esus cult is suspect in tree trunks, note that the Hesse's use the same sun.

In the update above, where it's said that "the Dunn locks could link to the Moray lock," there is a link at "Moray" to the Moray Coat that no longer shows the fetterlock (i.e. it must have shown the fetterlock in January of 2011). Here's the Dunn Coat with locks showing what could be a version of the Aude sword, albeit in the colors of the Aude sword as used by Dempseys / Dempsters and Shots/Shute's/Shutts. The latter trace to the sling shot in the Arms of Munich, where Hiedlers/Hitlers were first found. Obama chose a Dempsey surname to head the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and a general Mattis now controls Central Command who is called the "Warrior Monk" as possible code for Munich elements (German Munichs are said to be from "Monk").

There are more white lions here, both on red Shields, in the Monk and Dempsey Coats [you may wish to recall the Dampers/Dempers as they seemed to trace to Pamphylians; in that topic the wheat sheaf of Jellys was found]. The Wheatlys whom James Clapper married use such a lion on a Shield-and-Chief combination in colors reversed to Scute's/Scutts. Again, lest you forget, Scute's/Scutts use the small gold shield seen with the Hitler-honored Enfield surname. Who are these fiends in America's Intelligence community, and how much have they raped the country prior to destroying it completely?

Dachau should trace to the namers of the Ticino river flowing right past Milan. A Mike Mullen was the previous head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (until late in 2011). The Mullen surname was first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Broadwells and Mosells.

Here's the small gold shield of the Enfield surname and of the Scute/Scutt surname suspect with Dachau's Shots/Shute's/Shutts. It's probably a given that Scute's are Scotts using the griffin design of Hitler-related Wills, as well as a Shield-on-Shield like the Wills (wyvern dragons in the colors of the Scott griffin). The black Scott griffin is that also of the Brode's/Brights, and for a discussion to follow, it needs to be reminded that Brigantium/Briancon was a city of the Salyes who trace to Saluzzo and Bush-based Busca. Scotts can be linked to KELso of Roxburghshire, and Kelso's, as well as related Selkirks, can be traced well (by their white-on-black colors) to the Sales...and Salyes namers of Saluzzo.

Irish Dunns use a "holly bush," symbol also of 666-suspect Maxwells. Walkers and related Schere's/Scherfs were traced to the Wagrians and the Varni, and Roxolani Alans, probably in Roxburghshire, where Scotts were first found, were traced to Rostock on the river of the Varni. These Roxolani are now in charge of the US military, right? The president Bush who was a CIA operative was born a Scherf and was then adopted by a Nazi Bush clan from Rockefeller-suspect Rochester.

I know that Obama traces to Masseys for many reasons; I believe that God revealed to us a couple of years ago that Obama is a mouse bloodliner from Mieszko's Mouse Tower. Dunns give away their links to Maxwells, who are in-turn both from the Varni theater of Mechlenburg, and from Rijeka. One Dunn Coat uses a two-headed eagle (in white), the Maxwell symbol too. An eagle in Dunn-eagle colors is used by Balance's, first found in the same place (Warwickshire) as Scherf-suspect Sheriffs. I have every inclination to trace these lines to Warsaw, Poland, capital of Masovia, especially as these white wings are link-able to the white Masci wing. As Masci's are from mythical Muses, as are Sirens, it should be added that the Melusine mermaid / Siren is in the Arms of Warsaw.

Ballans/Ballams, in Ballance colors, look like a Bellamy branch in this picture. I would link Ballans/Ballams to Penns while linking the Penn "plates" to the plates of Broadwells, first found in the same place as Ballans/Ballams.

In Dunns of Rostock, we are clearly on the Hyksos Danaan line as they developed into Danes at the Varni theater, and who merged there with Roxolani Alans from Tanais, where Danaans of the Nile originated in the first place. But then the Meshwesh ruled in Tanis, the Nile area founded by the Tanais proto-Danaans. Right? Or am I guilty of elaborate quackery? Blink. No. I've been careful to avoid unmerited traces precisely because it's easy to do if undisciplined. I do declare, Obama looks like an ancient Hyksos of the Khyan kind that ventured into Kenya. While I think that Obama's true father is Frank Marshall Davis, I don't know where in Africa his ancestry comes from. But it could very well be that Obama Sr. was chosen to act as Obama's father because Davis's mother was likewise from Kenya.

Consider that while the Nairi lived at ancient Lake Van, there is a NAIRobi in Khyan-like Kenya. But if not for Biblical Moses, named by the household of the Exodus pharaoh, I would never have been able to peg the Mus at Lake Van as the ancestry of Khyan.

The wyVERN dragon of Monk's is suspect with the Varni...whom I've traced to mythical Esus in the Moselle theater suspect with the Misl's who I think use the Davis bend with a mouse. We therefore need to ask whether the Moselle river links to the namers of Mosul in Iraq, where the anti-Christ will soon launch his end-time mission, if he hasn't already done so. I fully expect the Warrior Monk to have charge over that Iraqi - Syria theater. Both general Allen and general Petraeus have been called, "Warrior Monk," but the phrase, I think, belongs best to general James Mattis...who thus far has not fallen from grace due to an adulteress. "[Petraeus' ] authorship of an influential US counter-insurgency field manual earned him the nickname the "Warrior Monk", and as commander during the 2003 invasion of Iraq..."

At the Mattis link above: "In July, he was recommended by Defense Secretary Robert Gates for nomination to replace David Petraeus as commander of United States Central Command, and formally nominated by President Barack Obama on July 21." It could sound as though Obama disliked Petraeus even then.

Wikipedia's article on Central Command says that it was formerly, Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force. "Its area of responsibility includes countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, most notably Afghanistan and Iraq. CENTCOM has been the main American presence in many military operations..." But for Benhgazi, there was no Rapid Response anywhere in the vicinity, apparently, but if there was, it's being kept hush. Where was James Mattis on September 11, 2012? What's his opinion on what happened? Will he be required to testify in the Benghazi hearings? I've yet to hear his name for that cause. What did Obama say to Mattis in relation to the Benhgazi attack?

Irish Dunns use the motto, "Mullach a-bu," and then Ananias-suspect Desmonds use "Crom aboo" along with a MONKey. It's clear that Briancon-related Brians are Salyes-related Sullivans, and the latter use "abu" in their motto. It's telling you that Dunns trace to Saluzzo and Busca, even as the Dunn "holly bush" is telling you. Sullivans, who share the black bore and red-on-gold lion with Bush's, are clearly, as their MacCarthy stag indicates, from the Desmond family.

Mosells use black boars too, but as Mosul was anciently Nineveh, city of Nimrod, by what coincidence do Desmonds and Nimo's share the Annandale saltire? The Desmonds / MacCarthys of MUSkerry were traced to Mus at Lake Van, which SulliVAN seems to indicate, but couldn't that Mus location at Van have named Mosul? After all, Mosul is near Lake Van. The Moselle is otherwise called the Little Meuse, and then these rivers should trace to the nine mythical Muses of the destroyer, Apollo.

The "Mecum habito" motto of Dunns suggests the Mecks/Meeks because they use the same dancetty Shield as Dunhams, both of which show the same number of points, nine of them in the downward direction (10 upward). Mecks/Meeks were first found in Fife, beside the Dunns of Angus who use the Mecum term.

[Insert -- Earlier in this update, Wrights were identified with Broadwell-suspect Brights/Brode's in a key find that linked Mieszko's of the WheelWright kind with Podebrady, and here I find that Mieszko-suspect Mecks/Meeks (probably from "Mieclaw", cupbearer to Mieszko II Lambert) and Wrights were both first found in Berwickshire, home of an integral part of the Round Table bloodline/cult, and where I trace the bears of Mieszko-suspect Mackays.

As I trace the white Moray stars to Mieszko's, this link of Mieszko to Podebrady suggests a link to Maurice/Marot Drummond, whom I have tended to trace to the Marot-named Khazars/Kabars on the Mures/Maros river, whom I have in-turn identified with Moravians (lived beside Bohemia and Poland). The point is that the Scottish Moors/More's/Muirs use stars in the colors of the Brights/Brode's while Broads use the same "savage" as the Scottish Moor/More Crest, albeit Moors/More's call it a "Saracen's head." The Broad savage is said to hold three arrows (a symbol that I trace to the three Kabar tribes on the Mures that made up a part of Hungarians).

Moreover, the Broad savage is "HOLDing three arrows POINTing to a crown," and then the Point(er) Coat uses the same crosslet design, and in the same colors, as the Crack Coat. This find was very welcome because, moments before writing this insert, the Cracks were found below as per suspected linkage to "Clack." In fact, this find was made here in this insert just before the topic below on Clacks was already introduced. Amazing coincidence. End Insert]

But as we're tracing the Broadwell - Kelley discussion to Hungarians of the Drummond kind, note that Scott-suspect Kellogs, a branch of Kellys, were first found in the same place (Aberdeenshire) as Hungarians from the retinue of king Andrew. Aberdeen is in the Fife / Angus theater, where we find Clackmannshire too that uses the Annandale saltire in its Arms. The Clacks may be using the white Dunn eagle, but as they are in the colors of Clocks, compare with "Kellog." Clocks (Arthur Shield?) use scallops in the colors of the Daggers (and Poussons), and then the (mallard) duck of Mecks/Meeks may apply to Daggers, now known to be named in honor of Dagobert elements. The "Jungor" term of Mecks suggests Hungarians. It just so happens that German Jungs use a stag in the colors of the Down/Doun stag.

Somebody needs to clean Obama's clock before he pushes America off the fiscal cliff. Captain Herod Hook is coming to pillage the entire world.

Clocks were first found in HEREfordshire, and then the Hare's use a dancetty Shield like Dunhams (and Randolphs and Fishers). Clacks, Dunns and Here's all use a Shield-on-Shield, but the latter's is in the colors of the same of Rennes-le-Chateau. The white Jung stag has a look like the white Quillan wolf, and while the latter wolf was traced to the white Gore and Gower/Gore wolf, the Meck-suspect Mallard/Milward surname uses the Gower/Gore moline in black while Wolfleys, Yonge's and Gowers/Gores all share the same wolf design.

Someone needs to clean Al Gore's clock because he's a Herod pirate seeking to pillage the whole world too by crook and by hook.

The Arms of Clackmannshire shows a black pale [I didn't yet write anything on the fiscal cliff codework when this was written, at which time the black pale of Fisks/Fiscs was found], as well as gauntlet gloves linking easily now to John of Gaunt and Roets. It just so happens that a black pale is used by Broads, first found in the same place (Somerset) as Roets. The white lozenges of Broads trace ultimately to Losinj, in Gorski where Gowers/Gores trace. It appears here that Broadwells (with Roque rock) are a part of the Illuminati Roet Table.

Someone needs to clean the Rockefeller clock before it strikes midnight, and that Somebody will arrive at 11:59:59 to pay Rockefellers their Union Due.

This update was over at this point until I decided to check the Cracks for Clack links. It turned out that Cracks/Crichs use a black pale with three gold symbols, as do Fisks. The colors are shared by Fisks. Cracks were first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Pale's and Percival-related Fish's, said to be from "fisc." Fish's use a version of the Pierce Coat, and then Brights/Brode's use pierced stars.

As Cracks are Saracen suspects along with Carricks, while the latter are said to be from "Craig," by what coincidence does the Craig Coat look like a version of the Hill Coat? Both Coats use a black fesse on a white-ermined Shield, the symbol also of Cliffs, and in the colors of the Fisk / Crack pale.

Kerricks (in Fisk colors) were first found in the same place (Suffolk) as Fisks.

I now recall, from earlier in this update, the Mercier motto term, "Crux,"and the Crux/Crycks/Crucks Coat. And wouldn't you know it? Another black-on-white pale in the Crux/Crycks/Crucks Coat...with nearly the same crosses as in the black-on-white Crack/Crock pale.

The fiscal cliff is the seething crock pot of global cannibals, and you're the dinner. Expect the 666 commercial system from the inventors of the fiscal cliff, and prepare your own super committee to do battle against it. One day soon, our King will give us the opportunity to pay her back double for the grief that Mys. Babylon is planning for us. The rock that they roll will roll back on them. In the meantime, prepare your world against their tax-laden plots, and never mind lamenting the loss of your worldly wealth.


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