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November 6 - 12, 2012

The Exodus Pharaoh All Over Heraldry
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Obama's Hope and Change: The Anaki of Hebron

I've read that Iraq has canceled its huge arms deal with Russia. But time may re-instate it.

Thanks to an article from YS, I've learned that "On October 10, 2012, General Dunford was nominated by President Obama to lead U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan." First, the Dunford surname smacks of Dunhams, and then Dunford has been moved to a leadership position in the Afghan war.,_Jr.

Here's the first part of the article:

The information I heard today was that General {Carter} Ham as head of Africom received the same e-mails the White House received requesting help/support as the attack was taking place. General Ham immediately had a rapid response unit ready and communicated to the Pentagon that he had a unit ready.

General Ham then received the order to stand down. His response was to screw it, he was going to help anyhow. Within 30 seconds to a minute after making the move to respond, his second in command apprehended General Ham and told him that he was now relieved of his command.

The story continues that now General Rodiguez would take General Ham’s place as the head of Africom.

Sure enough Obama nominated Gen. David Rodriguez to replace Gen. Carter Ham as commander of U.S. Africa Command.

In Ham's article: "Carter F. Ham...serves as the second and current Commander, U.S. Africa Command. In that position, he has been in command of the initial 2011 military intervention in Libya...The United States Senate, in November 2010, confirmed General Ham's nomination" i.e. during Obama's term. Note that Ham could be a Hamite. As I take heraldic green to be from Libya / Cyrene, why that green Roque rock in the German Ham Crest? Why the white fish on green Shield (color of the Roquefeuil Shield) in the other English Ham Shield? Why doe the German Ham Coat us a big-O like the Spanish Burgos/Burgues Coat (Castile)? Are we right back to the Burgo/Borgia bloodline? Why does it appear that Rockefeller lines are in charge of the African war theater?

Here's the Spanish Rodrigues surname (Castile), with Moreno/Moratin tower in the colors of the same of Narbonne's and Chatans? It looks like Obama has chosen a Borgia liner to man his Libyan plots, someone I assume he can trust because he is in cahoots with the Rockefellers that Obama works for. Right? His Dunham mother worked for Rockefellers.

As I say that Stewarts are both at the root of the Da-Vinci cult and at the head of the American military, ask why French Rodrigues (a so-called "knight" in the colors of German Roders); were first found in Brittany. As a variation is "RODERigue," isn't this the Rodez Redones to which the Illuminati Rhodes' belong, and to which the Roquefeuils were married (see Henri IV of Roders)? Isn't the ROEDer variation evidence of Catherine Roet, explaining why the Scott Shield-on-Shield with her Catherine wheels is like the Knight Shield-on-Shield the Roets? Hams even use the three white fish used by Cathers/Caters. Hams were first found in the same place (Sussex) as same-colored Hammers.

General Dunford has been, or is in the throes of being, replaced by a Paxton surname, important because the surname of Obama's father, Davis, uses the same Coat essentially as the David Coat, important again because Obama's Dunham line goes back to Randolphs at Moray as well as to king David I of Scotland. The points are: the David Coat uses "Pax" in the motto while the Davis Crest has a lion head half in the white color of the same lion head design of Dunfords.

It could be added that the Paxton/Paxon surname uses one of it's chevrons in the colors of the Cope / Copp chevron while the David motto is, "Pax et copia." Moreover, I trace Ranulf le Meschin both to the Moray Randolphs and to Copeland, but I also traced Dunhams to Dunham Masci of le-Meschin's Cheshire.

Hmm, Marine Lt. Gen. John Paxton was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, while Ranulf le Meschin ruled in Chester (of Cheshire). Chester is between Philadelphia and Bucks county, and then I've been tracing "Apachnas" both to Pax and Buck terms. Amazingly, this topic comes after dedicated this update to an investigation of Huets, who lead to Hugh D'Avranches of Chester, uncle of Ranulf le Meschin. It has already been decided that, in the Huet investigation, the Gos surname of Hugh D'Avrances includes the Swedish Gust and German Gass surnames (suspect with the mutual garbs of Gascony and Cheshire), and here in the Chester-of-Pennsylvania article I now find: "The first European settlers in the area were Swedes. They called the settlement that became Chester first Finlandia, then Upland.",_Pennsylvania

Dandy, for Malahule of More, the Sinclair ancestor of the Cheshire Meschins, ruled Oppland, which I traced to Hopland ruled by Hamo(n) de Masci of Dunham Masci. Moreover, I gleaned that "Hopland" and "Copeland" were related terms. If that's not enough, the Sinclairs of More ruled at a Hamar location (raven)! Hamar is near ROMERike, a Romney-suspect location. MORE, for the Arms of a Ringerike location of the same area uses a big-O ring (called an "annulet" by the Borgos'), strongly suggesting that Hams (who use the O-ring too) are from Hamar. In fact, Ringerike is in BUSKERud county, and Buskers are in Ham / Hammer / Oppland colors! Oppland, in Buskerud, uses the white-on-green colors again. Oslo itself is in Buskerud, and so the Big-O may be for "Oslo" rather than "Oppland." Hoppers, by the way, use the Moreno/Moratin tower in white.

Buskers were first found in the same place (Rhineland) as Bush's and Roders/Roeders. It's tracing Buskerud to Busca in Cuneo. I've been claiming for a couple of years that George Bush was in Iraq to support Rothschild interests, and while we find bunched arrows (Rothschild symbol) in the Arms of Oslo, so we find a bow and arrow in the Busker Coat, almost in the colors of the green Shielded Scottish Bowers/Beauers (it's known that Rothschilds are from green-Shielded German Bauers.) It is becoming clear here that the raven-depicted vikings of Hamar are the ones who conquered in to Rothesay, and who gave the country to Bowers that became the Bavarian Bauers > Rothschilds.

Oppland is in Hedmark/Heidmork (white on green once again), and then Heids (Bavaria) use the arrow, the Rothschild/Rothstein symbol. One of the Arms above even used a bear, a Bavarian symbol. The Heads/Heeds, suspect at the Haddington location of Chatan-related Keiths, use roughly the white unicorn head as Hams, and then raven-depicted vikings were on Shetland, the Arms of which uses a white unicorn. I traced that unicorn to the one in the Arms of Macclesfield, a location ruled by Hugh D'Avrances, and then one Arms of Macclesfield (Cheshire) in my possession uses a "copia" motto term for what must be the Oppland > Copeland bloodline. It was the Cheshire Davids that use "Pax et copia," and I tend to trace the David-like DAVENports of Macclesfield elements to the Cheshire Davids.

What do we suppose SHETland was named after? The Keith-suspect Seatons (both from Lothian, where I expect Bozrah and Lotan elements from Edom) are coming to mind. Why do English Buskers/Busce's (the Ali of Messina griffin in colors reversed), first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as Bozrah- and Boscath-suspect Bush's, show a "sed" motto term?

Watch. The Sadds are "Saddington," like "Haddington," and moreover Sadds are in the white-on-green colors of Buskerud, etc. The Sadd/Saddington chevron is in the colors of the Star chevron, and the Star lozenges have been linked already to the SETTle lozenges!!! Excellent, the Sadducee line.

To prove once and for all that Bush's and Rothschilds are in cahoots, Buskers use both the oak tree and the MacCarthy/Arty stag, symbols of the Irish Rothes'! The latter were identified in the last update as Roets...who use the oak tree too. Thus, where Rothschilds are pegged as the all-seeing-eye Illuminati of modern times, they link via this oak to the oak of Roet/RoWATT-related Watts who use the does the Star Coat above!!! Who are these "Jews" who want to control us big-brother style? The ones who killed Christ, right?

Let's back up to the codework in the Star write-up: "The surname Star comes from the Old English words sterre, or starre...This word was also used to refer to a white PATCH of hair on the forehead of a horse, an so, it may have been transferred to refer to someone with a streak of white hair." The caps are mine to indicate the Patch(es) surname -- with oak leaves -- for while Kilpatricks are also "Patchie," the "make" motto term of Kilpatricks is for Maxwells/Makeswells...who use the same laid-down stag design as the Irish Rothes Crest. The Lothian-Coat talbot is obviously the one in the Lot Crest, and so see the black double-headed eagle (suspect with Roman Patricians) of the Lot Coat, in the colors of the same of Maxwells. This is your 666-loving Patrician bloodline unabashed, but note too the crosslet in the Patch Crest, belonging to DAVENports and used in an arms of Makeswell-suspect Macclesfield.

The black bugle of the Patch's (DEVON) should be the 666-suspect Traby bugle (see Wikipedia article on Trabys) used by Waits/Weights and the Lothian surname. As a pair of glasses hangs off the Watt and Vatt/Watters oak tree, so the Wait/Weight bugle hangs off the Lothian-surname tree. In this Arms of Macclesfield, the one using the Shetland unicorn and the "copia" motto term, see what should be a version of the Wait/Weight Coat.

The Weight surname is honored by the "Two weights hanging from a tree" in the Dexter/Dystar Crest. Kilpatricks use a dexter paw of the black Levi lion on the head of a dragon as their code for the Levi bloodline acting as the Revelation harlot. The Dexter Coat uses two chevrons in the colors of the two Huck chevrons. It's very likely that the Paxton/Paxon chevron applies here, not just because it's in the same colors, but because Paxtons/Paxons likewise use two chevrons, and because Hucks and Paxtons are both suspect from the Exodus his descendants founded the Romans, thus making these Hyksos suspect with Roman patricians.

Like German Rothes, Rove's (white lion) use ravens. I'm lumping Karl Rove (a Romney supporter) into this Rothschild camp, you see. But the Rove's are shown properly as Rolphs, and then Scottish Rolphs use WATer bougets that trace to Waters while Vatts/Watts are also "Watters." The Rove's/Rolphs were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Rowe's (trefoils) suspect with the Rowatt variation of Roets, thus explaining why Rothschilds too are from the Roet/Round Table Illuminati along with Cecil Rhodes. The Rowe chevron should prove to be the Cope / Copp / Paxton/Paxon chevron. The Rolph Crest lion head is the one used by Davis' and Dunfords, and then Dunhams were first found in Norfolk too, which is where the Sakar/Seager part of the Romanov bloodline lived. This Watt-infested paragraph may put a whole new meaning on Roe v. Wade, for "Roe" gets the other Rowe surname.

As that other Roe surname uses lambs, a Lamas symbol, while the other Norfolk Rowe's use besants in Dumas colors, we are clearly on the El-Gabal cult of the Bassianus family from Julie Maesa. The Lamas/LamMESSE/Lammers surname was even first found in Norfolk. This should explain why Wade's use the Messey/Messiere saltire. The Spanish Lamas Coat uses the same colors as Norfolk Lamas' as well as yet another oak tree.

So, the Huets are suspect with Hugh D'Avrances, ruler of Macclesfield, whose wolf design must trace to the Roman wolf. I'll get to the evidence of a Huet trace to Hugh as I go along, but it leads also to Watt-suspect Wyatts. As Hugh was from the Burgo > Conteville line, it should be noted that the lion now being shown in the Italian Conte Coat, no longer in the design of the Ville lion, is the upright Levi lion in the colors of Settle-related Sitlers and Vincents, two Sadducee suspects passing through Rennes-le-Chateau. The Arms of Meissen use the upright lion in those colors as well as a red tower in the colors of the Moreno/Moratin tower. The Meissen/Misner Coat uses three trefoils half in the colors of the Rowe trefoils, and Rowe's are part of the water-bouget line to MontMorency, where the Chappes and Levi's were first found who are themselves Sadducee suspects. It's the Messina-Payen line to the Messey- and Mountain-related blue apples of Rennes-le-Chateau, isn't it? It's the Mus household of the Exodus pharaoh, isn't it? It's the apple-depicted Aphrodite Heneti, ugly guts of the Illuminati, roots of Ananias. Ask the Hand Coat with the MUSkerry stag and yet another blue-on-white chevron belonging to the Hyksos.

This would be a good place to remind that Obama's campaign chief has a Messina surname.

I had seen that the white Huet chevron is colors reversed to the Gust chevron, suggesting that Hugh D'Avranches' Gos / Gois ancestry included Swedish Gusts. The duck of German Gass', used also by German Lamberts, traces Hugh and his Meschin nephew to Mieszko's of the Lambert kind (thus helping to clinch the "Meschin" link to "Mieszko"). It so happens that, by the time I got to YS's email telling of Paxton's replacement of general Dunford, I mentioned to Tim that Huets trace to Hucks because French Lamberts use two chevrons of the type, and in colors reversed, to the Huck chevrons. I now find that the one Paxton/Paxon chevron is in the style and blue-on-white colors of the HUCK chevrons (Cope's and Copps use the chevron in the same colors too). Aren't Hucks and Paxons together the HYKsos pharaoh, Apachnas??? Didn't I trace that same pharaoh to the naming of Bucks country, and to Cheney elements expected in Bucks county? (I say Apachnas is ther Exodus pharaoh, though no one else agrees with me that I know of.)

The owl design of Hucks is even identical to the owl in the Huet Coat, you see, suggesting that the Apachnas bloodline traces to Hugh D'Avrances. It may be indicating that "AVRanches" is from "Avaris" somehow, and therefore link-able to "Avaricum," later Bourges. It was just in the last update that Paxon-like Packens were found to be Payens/Pagans of the Magdalene holy-grail cult, but I hadn't opened YS' email to find Paxtons until after the update was published (yesterday). And here I now find that Huets and Packens both use a white-on-red do Nolls/Knowels who will link below to the Huet motto.

It is excellent that Italian Conte's use an upright black-on-gold lion, the colors of the upright lion of French Gass' who come up as "Gras(s)/Grace." Not only does this help to trace "Gass' to "Gos," but it assures that Conte's were the makings of the Contevilles who married Richard Gos to produce Hugh. Then, as Conteville's were from John de Burgo, it's tracing John to "Bourges" = Avaricum! Suddenly, "Avrances" is indeed tracing to Avaricum, yet I did not yet have this excellent argument in mind when first suggesting it in the paragraph above.

Wikipedia tells that Hugh was known as "Le Gros," and defines this term as "the fat." I don't think so, for his father was styled, Richard le Gros D'Avrances. As he was also "Gos," it can explain why "Gass" gets the Gras surname. But rather than defining "Gros" as fat, it must have been for the trace of this D'Avrances bloodline to Grasse at the Le Mas area, and to the line of Julia Maesa that is now evident in the Lambert lambs, for the Arms of Grasse use the Lamas lambs. This must be a correct trace because French Lamberts share the star and chevron colors of the German Gos Coat. Therefore, the Hucks to which this Lambert Coat traces must have been in Avaricum.

We will even come across an "AVE" term in a Coat brought up as the Huet investigation continues. One website spells "Avrances" as "Auverance," suggesting the naming of Auvergne. Both the Auvergne/Daverne and Lambert surnames were first found in Dauphine, and then mythical Daphne was made a grand-daughter of Avaris-like Everes. Dauphine is also where Apachnas-suspect Payens/Pagans were first found, and then the Chapmans use the Gass / Lambert crescent, apparently, though it's in the colors of the French Massey crescents too, fully expected where Le Mas and the Lamas' trace from Julia Maesa to the Masseys.

The white Auvergne/Davern tower could be a version of the white Abreu tower where "Auver" is a version of "Evreux," in which case the Eburovices (Hebrews) of Evreux look like Hyksos...said anciently by Manto-like Manetho to be Hebrews of pre-Israeli Jerusalem. This is Amorite-of-Jerusalem important because the Over bend is also the Scott bend while the Scott motto, "Amo," is code for the Scott-related Amore's. But there was a HAMO de Masci of Cheshire that can apply.

Entering "Gros" (Burgundy) gets the lion design shown until recently by the Italian Conte's, and still shown by Ville's. As Italian Conte's now show the same lion as Sadducee-suspect Sitlers, it's important that French Gass' show the Levi lion in gold. The line of Israel chief priests are linking here to the Avaricum / Auvergne Hyksos, but it may not be due to a merger of the two in France, for I suspect that Sadducees proper in Israel were already from the Exodus pharaoh. (I think that God chose to persecute the Exodus pharaoh because He knew his line to be in the end-time rulers of the world, and then I think that God chose to send his Son into the world when the line of the Exodus pharaoh was ruling Israel.)

The Gros write-up speaks of William le Gros, earl of York, suggesting that the Conte lion turned from a black-on-gold lion to the blue-on-gold lion of the Gros' when the line merged with blue-lion Bruces of York...who trace to the Ananes and therefore to Ananias. The Gass' who use the Levi lion in gold, and the Hicks, were first found in Yorkshire. The Scottish Hykes/Hake's/Hacke's use a chevron in the colors of the Gust chevron, and Hixons/Hicksons were first found in the same place (Staffordshire) as English Gos'. The Stafford surname uses their red chevron (color of the Gust / Hykes chevron) in the colors of the Hick fesse.

By what coincidence are the mottoes identical between the Hixons/Hicksons and the Bucks???

Where Catherine Roet's ancestry in a Croy entity is discussed below, it should be said here that the stags used by such surnames as Hands, Hannibals/Annabels of Yorkshire, Hicks -- and antler-using Conte's especially -- should trace to the Hungarians said to be at the root of the Croys. I'm mentioning this here because "Croy" gets the Grey surname that should link to the greyhound of the French Gros Coat, especially as Gros' have a Grau variation. That is, Croys/Greys and Gros' look like one.

By now, due to the centrality of the Bassianus bloodline in this Huet discussion, we may have suspected that the Gust / Hykes / Stafford chevrons belong to the Childeric line of the Chill/Child and Chiltern/Chilton kind. Chilterns were first found in the same place (Northumberland) as Stivers/STURTifants and Roet-suspect Roddens/Rodhams (in Chill/Child colors), and then Stivers/Sturtifants use the upright white-on-red lion, symbol not only of the Beaufort entity of Roets, but of the Croy/Grey Coat. Now you know.

The Huet Crest uses an owl perched on a tree stump, and then Roddens/Rodhams (in Huet colors), likewise first found in Northumberland, use a tree stump in Crest too. There you can witness that the Huet chevron is in the colors of the Chill/Child and Hebron chevrons. The "extra" motto term of Huets tips us off to the Exter/Exeter surname, likewise (i.e. as with Chilterns/Chiltons) using a chevron in colors reversed from the Huet chevron. As Huets are expected by the Gos/Gros father of Hugh D'Avrances to trace to Gass term, note that yet another chevron in the colors of the Chiltern chevron is used by Gascons. I've witnessed several Exeter-related chevrons (eg. Walsh's, Moretons) using three black symbols around them, but both Gascons and Hykes/Hakes use three red symbols around them.

As Exeter is in Devon, by what coincidences does the Devon surname use the white duck of the Gass'/Gassons/Gasts along with a split Shield that is practically the English Buck Shield(the only differences between Shields is the wavy borders between their split colors, but both are wavy)??? Chilterns became a topic at all (in the last update) due to a location of that name in Bucks county.

Devons were first found in the same place (Sussex) as the Kypros > Herod line and the Gastons with the Huet owl design.

Cheneys are in the colors of the English Beauforts. The upright lion above (of Beauforts) happens to be in colors reversed from the upright German Buck lion. English Bucks use antlers in the colors of the Conte antlers. Another upright red lion is then found in the Bucking(ham) Coat under besants in the colors of the Dumas besants. The English Grasse/Grace surname, first found in Buckingham, uses an upright lion in colors reversed from the Bucking(ham) lion, and the French Gass/Gras surname (the one with Conte lion) was first found in Provence, the Grasse / Le Mas theater.

I've witnessed many times that the blue-on-gold bend of Bucking(ham)s, including the three besants on that bend, are used by Nottings. For example, in the 3rd update of December, 2011, I wrote: "As both Buckinghams and Nottings use besants on blue (Bennett and Bens/Bents use besants too), I'd say that the Staffordshire / Stoke knot is code for Nottingham elements, which then does tend to trace to Cnut/Canute. I don't think it's coincidental that the Danish Cnut Crest is described with three red BANNERs." The Conte lion as used by Villes waves a banner, and we can be confident at this point that the Banner and Bend surnames traces to Faucaud of Banterlu.

The point was, a new idea shaping in my mind: the similarity between "Conte" and "Cnut," the latter being the one credited with naming Nottingham. ma. King Cnut was also "Canute," and one Cheynue surname (BURGundy) even shows a Chanuts variation. It's suggesting that the Exodus pharaoh traces to Cnut, and he has already traced to the Avaris elements of the Conte's (i.e. in Avaricum/Bourges). Cnut, some say, was a son of Mieszko's daughter, explaining why we are seeing Huck-suspect Lamberts involved in the Burgo > Conte bloodline to Huets.

To help prove that the Exodus pharaoh was in Israel during the life of Jesus, the Notting Coat uses something very interesting, no longer showing the Bucking(ham) besants-on-bend that gave away the Cnut link to Apachnas. That Notting / Bucking bend is in the color of the Over bend, suggesting that the AUVERance variation of "Avrances' links to Overs. That is, the Overs are ultimately named after Avaricum, if Auvergne was so named. The Auverance term was found in this online quote: "Richard Gos d Auverance."

The Notting Coat now uses the three pheons of the Pilate Coat, very important because the Roman governor of Judea immediately prior to Pontius Pilate was Valerius Gratus, and then the Gros surname (with Conte / Ville style lion) is also "Graut." Very super-suspicious, the writing's on the wall. Gros'/Grauts (in Over colors) and Cheynue's/Chanuts' were both first found in Burgundy, very meaningful where Bourgues and Burgundy were named after the same entity that had linked to Hyksos at Avaricum.

Both Grasse Coats are in Pilate colors, and it's the French Grasse Coat that easily traces to Grasse in Provence. It's verifying that the Notting / Bucking besants trace to the Le Mas location (beside Grasse) found in the write-up of besant-using Dumas' (Languedoc). The Grasse Coat above even uses three chevrons in the colors of the two Lambert chevrons (which once again suggests that Mieszko II Lambert traces to Grasse / Le Mas / Lamas').

Recalling that Borgia's are now identified solidly with John de Burgo-Conteville, note that the English Grasse Coat used the same bend as Chatans / Chattans. Reminder: the Savard besants should trace to Spain's Safor, where mistress Cattanei/Candida lived. As the latter's Candida surname was first found in Naples and involved with the Avellino line to Aude, one might start to suspect Avallon in Burgundy as the place to which the Grass' and Cheynue's/Chanuts' trace, for the besant line in Le Mas must trace to the besants of the Bends...because Bends were of the Banterlu line of Faucaud (a Morency liner), who ruled Avallon. Bends use a "temere" motto term for the Mere's/Meyers / DeMere's now identified with the Morency / Damory line to the code, "Mary Magdalene."

It was the discovery of the Banterlu line in Winters and Venters/Fentors that ultimately traced them to the Vento/Benvenuto surname in honor of Benevento of Campania, where Avellino is located. The Vento/Benvenuto sword is in the same colors as the sword in the Chaine/Chenay Coat, but then Aude's use the same-colored sword. The black wolf of English Savards/Salfords is in the design of the Quillan wolf, and Quillan is in Aude.

Can anyone see that the re-occurrence of the Cheney line in this Khyan-Apachnas topic identifies Conte's and king Cnut with Cheneys of Buckingham? Aside from background color, the lion of the Cheney-suspect Beauforts is identical to the one used by Bucking(ham)s, and Beaufort-related Roets trace to Redones who named Roussillon, a territory that partly covers Aude. Both Aude's and Beauforts were first found in Savoy, yet another home of Candida's. It's the same re-occurring Borgia / Burgo > Conteville bloodline to Avranches-suspect Huets...the point being that the Exodus pharaoh's son(s) and/or daughter(s) led to Hugh D'Avrances, and that Avranches was ultimately named after Avaris (Hyksos capital). In fact, as I claim that the household of Apachnas was a Mus one (that named Moses), by what coincidence is Avrances in the same place (Manche) as Masseys were from?

Again, the Buck and Hixon/Hickson mottoes are identical, but then the mottoes of the Buckle-related Bulkelys/Buckleys and Bends are identical, and then the Buckley and Bulkely/Buckley chevrons are colors reversed from the Book/Bogg/Bouk chevron, important because same-colored Bucks are also "Buke." Thus, to no surprise, the Conte antlers, used by Bucks/Bukes, trace the Bourgues > Conte line of Hyksos to the Cheshire Buckles / Bulkelys/Buckleys, as expected where the Conteville line led to Hugh D'Avrances, ruler of Cheshire.

It can ascertained that white bull head in the Bulkely/Buckley Crest is the white bull head of the Haught Crest, thus tracing again to the Mieszko's of the Sigrid Haughty kind i.e. who birthed Khyan-suspect Cnut. Shouldn't this bull be the Borgia / Savone bull, therefore? Later below, in an investigation into the Huet motto, it leads to a surname using a saber, and then the Saber surname (figure on a Savard/Sabard branch tracing to Safor) is the Savona surname.

The description of the Irish Haught/Haughy Crest is Grasse-interesting: "Two arms in armor grasping a sword." But as "grasPING" seems like part code for the Grasse line, it may also be code for the Ping surname that gets the Apachnas suspects, Pagans/Pagnells!

As I trace the Payne's to "D'Espaines," the name of a descendent of Malahule of More and ancestor of the Cheshire Meschins, let's go to the Amore motto, "Tu ne cede MALis," and then compare the shape of the Amore bars to the shape of the border in the Buck Coat, for they are identical in shape. It's important because Hyksos had merged with Amorites of Jerusalem. The last this was mentioned was where the "Amo" motto term of Over-related Scotts was suggested for Hamo de Masci...whom I would trace to the Mus household of Apachnas.

The shape of the Buck design is then identical and even in the colors of the same shape of Italian Marina's, first found in Pharisee-suspect Perusia but specifically in PERUSia's ORVIEto location, a term like the Orbieu area of Aude that I've already traced to Garebites of Amorite Jerusalem. Spanish Marina's (Castile, as with Spanish Amors) use the Drummond / Basset / Damory waves, which allows us to trace Marina's with MARINO variation to the Morency-suspect Moreno's/Moratins...thus identifying Montmorency -- in Ile-de-France = PARIS where the Levi and Chappes surnames were first found -- as Amorites-Hyksos of Jerusalem. Very super-suspicious, the Sion is on the wall.

While Amore's thus appear to use "Malis" as code for Malahule lines, what about the "MALgre" term of Buck-related English Haughts? Is that part code for the Greys/Croys? As the Haughts use the Arms of Trebizond in colors reversed, what about that hourglass in the Book/Bouk Crest? Isn't that a symbol for the Trypillian goddess? Don't Trypillians trace to Thermodon too, where "Drummond" ought to trace? Not just the Trips, but Drummonds and Lambert-related Gass'/Gassons/Gasts were first found in Hamburg. Isn't the latter the Gos / Gros line to Hugh D'Avrances? Don't the garbs of Cheshire trace to the garbs and Garebites of GAScony?

It just so happens that Irish Haughts/Haughs use a Shield filled with checks half in the colors of the check-filled Shield of Gastons who in-turn use the owl design of Huets.

To help prove that the "MalGRE" term of Haughts is for the Grey/Groy surname, the latter uses "Anchor" twice in its motto while both Haughts and Anchors use bull heads in Crest. The Anchor bull head is red, the color of the Borgia/Bourg bull.

Back now to the Chester location of Pennsylvania, not far from Bucks county. It could be mentioned up-front that the Chester surname uses a "Vincit" motto term, wherefore we should keep eyes peeled for the Vincents, right? The Huet motto phrase, "Ne te," gives us the Nolls/Knowles (for reasons to be explained) who will trace to Borgia's, and to the 666 bloodline of the black-lion-paw kind. Chester of Pennsylvania is in Delaware county, and the state of Delaware is said to be named after a Warr surname, as in the idea of Del'Warr or D'LaWarr. It just so happens that Warrs/Ware's use a Shield-on-Shield in the two colors of the Vincents, and of the Arms of Rennes-le-Chateau!!! Just like that, Warrs and Veres are exposed (again) with the Magdalene cult at Rennes-le-Chateau.

As you can see, the Vincent lion is also the Conte lion.

I'm not at all convinced that "Delaware" is for the idea of D'LaWarr," as a Del entity makes sense here, i.e. the Dallen/Delaney / Lane bloodline of the MagDALENE cult. It just so happens that I opened an email from Julie about the time of writing to Tim and YS where she reminds that Borgia's are from a "Jewish" Lanos entity. I'll get into that too later below. Lano's were first found in blue-lion Brescia (where blue-lion Bruce's trace), and Warrs, whom I trace as Vere's to proto-Bruce Abruzzo and therefore to Evreux beside Avrances, use blue lions. In fact, the lion design of Warrs is that also of the blue-purplish lion in the Scottish Bruce Crest.

The Warrs are in the colors of the checks used by Wards/Words and Warrene's, but the latter use yet another blue lion as well as a "Comme" motto term likely for the Comt/Comites variation of the Conte's.

Nolls/Knowles become part of the Huet motto investigation due to the Noels, and the latter are suspect with blue-lion Nobels (besants) and therefore as Nibelung Burgundians. First, the Nobel Crest uses the blue Bruce / Warr lion design. Second, the Nobel motto is identical to that of Bucks and Hixons/Hicksons, which is, to no surprise, tracing the Hyksos-Amorites to Rennes-le-Chateau. It's helping, moreover, to link Delaware of Pennsylvania to Hugh's Chester of Cheshire, wherefore I'll repeat that the heraldic "flaunCHES," used by Nobels and others (including Wolfleys of Cheshire) are traced by me to "CHESter/CHEShire."

I trace Nibelungs to Nephele, the mythical cloud, and then very suspiciously there is a cloud in the Dell Crest. Can this identify Dells with the Del term of Delaware's? Dells even use the same upright Levi lion, in black too, as the black Vincent lion. German Dells (ravens) use a bend in colors reversed to the Over / Scott bend, and in the colors of the bend used by Jacques de Molay?

The same Huet motto phrase will lead to Savages of Cheshire, and then Savages (one of the black-lion-paw lines) use the Hugh lion, the lion exactly now shown in the Dell Coat. As pope Borgia -- whose line definitely traces to Hugh D'Avrances -- had a mistress from the Candida bloodline, note the small red saltire on the Dell lion, for the Candy/Gandy Coat uses a small white saltire on red that is expected to morph into a red-on-white saltire. This explains why the Huet motto also shows a Safor-like code (Gandia is in a Safor region).

Did you catch the possibility that Borgia's are from Nibelung Burgundians in particular? I've been tracing Nibelungs to the Apachnas Hyksos for a long while, ever since identifying mythical Ixion, Nephele's husband, as the line of pharaoh Khyan = Apachnas. As These Hyksos must trace to the Hicks surname, by what coincidence are Burgundians said to be from Bornholm while German Borne's use what looks exactly like the wavy / dancetty Hick fesse in colors reversed? Here's the Hick Crest description: "A gold BUCK's head COUPed gorged with a green CHAPlet." That is one filth-studded sentence that somebody was proud of.

English Borns with a "Haec" motto term (can't be mistaken as to intent) even use a PEGasus that I see named after "Apachnas" elements. The Mus household of the Exodus pharaoh led to Masseys, who likewise use the pegasus. One Quinn Coat uses the Born pegasus, but the other Quinn/Cuinns Coat uses the white sword design of Chaine's/Chenays. While the Chaine/Chenay sword was held by the white Masci wing until recently, note that the Quinns with Chaine/Chenay sword also show crescents in the colors of the same of French Messeys/Messiere's. Therefore, Quinns/Cuinns are, as with Cheneys, named after "Kyhan" elements, right? Isn't the "transCUNT" motto term of Borns for the Conte line to Huets?

I'll come back to Huets later to show how their motto leads to Noels / Nobels and Borgia's, but let's change gears for a while first. Julie emailed to say that John of Gaunt was married, not only to the Roets, but to Constance of Castile. Remember here that the Conte-related Constance surname uses the Dallen pine trees, and that I trace pine themes both to the pine cones of Mus-suspect Maschi's, and to the Penders/Pinders/PYNders suspect with Apachnas-line Payens / Pagans. Irish Penders are the ones using the Keith motto with "Vincit" motto term so that a Pender trace to pope Borgia and Cattanei is certain...meaning that Penders trace to the Burgo > Conteville line. So, maybe we're not changing gears at all.

Constance of Castile (1354 - 24 March 1394) was claimant of the Castilian throne after the death of her father Peter the Cruel...She married, at Roquefort, near Bordeaux, Guienne, on 21 September 1371, John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, third son of Edward III of England and Philippa of Hainault, as his second wife.,_Duchess_of_Lancaster

It just so happens that the Hugh lion is used also by Welsh Edwards, not surprising because Hugh D'Avrances had the task of securing Wales. English Edwards, like Penders/Pynders, use what should be the Macey Shield, and then English Constances use the Ferte eagle, important because Maceys were from Ferte-Mace. Thus, you can bet the wheels of your hot rod that Hyksos trace to Constances, and to Constance of Castile. John's other wife, Catherine Roet, daughter of Payne Roet of Guienne elements, is your Rodez entity using the Catherine wheel symbol.

I didn't realize until Julie sent this Constance article in that the Guinne entity of the Roets, which I had linked to Gunns and to Quinns, was the Guienne entity wherein John Gaunt was married. And the latter's Guienne entity is revealed (by clicking the article's link) to be GUYenne. Therefore, expect the Exodus pharaoh's ghost in Guyenne and in the surnames that loved it.

The above recalls the trace I made of Guy I of Montlhery to Foix-Candale, for Candale is a location beside Bordeaux...where John Gaunt married Constance. There was a Catherine de Foix shortly after Constance of Castile that should trace to Catherine Roet. But I kid you not that all emphasis above on the Gast / Gass terms linking to Hugh D'Avrances had not to do with Gaston IV, count of Foix, and father of Catherine of Foix-Candale:

Catherine married Gaston II de Foix, Count of Candale and Benauges. They had four children:
Gaston de Foix, 3rd Count of Candale.
Jean de Foix, Archbishop of Bordeaux.
Pierre de Foix, died without issue.
Anne de Foix, married King Ladislaus II of Bohemia and Hungary.,_Countess_of_Candale

That marriage to Hungary brings to mind the Hungarian root of Croys that developed into Roets. I'll get to that, but for now, shouldn't we ask why Catherine Roet's father was called, Paen/Paon/Payne/Paganus? What do we think Hyksos had to do with Rodez elements? The Danaans of Rhodes, right? And the Redones evolved into Dane Rus and into Varangian Rus, right? And "Varangi" smacks of "Avrances" so that Varangians are now tracing to "Avaricum," right? Yes, Varangians came out of the Hyksos capital at Avaris, what God foreknew when He stuck it to pharaoh Apachnas. And God made Apachnas miserable, and took away his kingdom in great pain and shame, and for zeal of what He would accomplish by greater miracles in the end times, God made an example of Apachnas, burying his chariot wheels in a sting operation just as the chariot riders were about to swallow Moses alive.

Here's the Catherine Roet article:

Katherine Swynford, Duchess of Lancaster (also spelled Synford), nee (de) Roet (also spelled (de) Rouet...1350 - 10 May 1403), was the daughter of Sir Payne (or Paen/Pain/Paon) (de) Roet (also spelled...Roelt), originally a Flemish herald from County of Hainaut, later knighted.

Katherine became the third wife of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and their descendants were the Beaufort family, which played a major role in the Wars of the Roses. Henry VII, who became King of England in 1485, derived his claim to the throne from his mother Lady Margaret Beaufort, who was a great-granddaughter of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford.

The Arms of Hainaut is where we find the three chevrons of the French Levi's. And John of Gaunt was a son of Philippa of Hainaut. We now find that Payne Roet was from Hainaut too, once again making that link between Apachnas' ghost and the ghosts of Ananias and Caiaphas. Ananias was also "Hanan," which surely links to "HAINaut." Right? Isn't this what these dirty lying Templers were all about? That upright black-on-gold Levi lion that is used by Vincents, Conte's, and Sadducee-suspect Sitlers, is probably in the Hainaut Coat. English Haine's were first found in Lincolnshire, where Rhodes' were first found, but then German Haines' were first found in Silesia, where Sitlers were first found, And the Silesia Haines' use the lion both of Beauforts and Bucks. Reminder: Roets use a book in Crest that links to Buck-related Books/Boggs, and "Beaufort" can evolve into/from Boff-Bough > Bogg terms.

So, it looks even more as though Roets were from the Exodus Hyksos. Does this mean that the Roet Table (so to speak) was a round one in honor of the chariot wheel symbol of Ixion = Hyksos? It is highly likely that roundels of all colors, and their official names, link to various branches of Hyksos. We already know that Hyksos-rooted Arthurs use hurt roundels, as do Table's/Tapleys.

Ixion's Centaurs can be traced to Candida because the Candida eagle is in the colors of the Buckin eagle. That is, if Buckins are from Apachnas, these two eagles tend to prove that "Ixion" is from "Kyhan." Thus, the Cantii who named Kent, where the Roet-related Chaucers and Chalkers were first found, appear to be the same peoples who named Candida. The Candida eagle looks to be used also by Hopps/Hobbs, first found in the same place (Somerset) as Roets. The English-alternative Hopp/Hobb Coat uses what looks like a colors-reversed version of the Scottish Hykes/Hake Coat. Hyxincidence?

The Hykes/Hakes/Hacke's are in the colors of the Hobb-suspect Happs/Abbs/Epps, who use a fesse in the colors of the same of Actons (in Chaucer colors) having an Axton location in Kent, making Axton a Hyksos-suspect location of the Kake/Hacke kind.

[Insert -- Later in the update, Croys will be revealed with Croatians, wherefore it should be said here that the Croatian Cravens use a motto term honoring Actons. The Greys/Croy motto term, "Anchor," can now be linked to the anchor of Hopp-suspect German Hope's/Hoods, but then see what looks like the Coat of Safor- and Saber/Savona-suspect Savards/Sabards in the English Hope Coat, tending to identify the red bull in the Anchor Coat with the red Borgia / Saber/Savona bull. Thus, Borgia's were related to Greys/Croys.

As Croys stem from Hungarians, it needs to be added that so-called Sicambrian Franks, related to Burgundians, were from proto-Hungary. That is, Borgia's are suspect as Sicambrian-related Burgundians. Sicambrian Franks merged with Salian Franks to produce the Merovingian royalty begun by Childeric, and the Childeric-suspect Chill/Child chevron is in the colors of the Hopp/Hobb chevron while we just saw Borgia's related to Hope's. That's very Hebron-suspicious because I link Chills/Childs to the Chillingham location of Hebrons...meaning that "Hope / Hopp" looks to be part of the HEPburn variation of Hebrons.

By what coincidence do we read in the Bible of Anaki in Israel's Hebron area while the Anchors are also "Annacker." As it's the Anchors who use the red bull of Borgia's and Sabers/Savona's, while the latter trace to Safor-suspect Sforza's using a QUINce, by what coincidence are Borgia's of Safor now tracing to the early Franks while: 1) Merovingians traced themselves to a QUINOtaur bull line, and, 2) the Safers use FIVE eagles while "Quinotaur" is thought to mean "five bulls."

At this time, the Quienne entity of Roets is being identified with Guyenne, a very Frank location. Why do Guinne's/Gunns use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Anchors/Annackers? The Quince mascles are in the colors of the Anchor/Annacker lozenges, and the Quince's use seven mascles in the format, and on a red Shield, like that of English Guys who in-turn use a swan that should trace to "Savona." French Guys were first found where Catherine Roet was born, and then the French Guy Coat uses Apachnas-suspect buckles while Buckle's show more bulls. At this time, Quince, Quinns, and Guinne's/Gunns are tracing to "Khyan," and therefore to the Ixion-cult CenTAURS who trace to Khyan-suspect KENT.

I traced the Centaurs to the "Heneti" who probably named ancient Genetes in the Gargarian theater. The English Gent surname uses the Candida eagle, important because "Gandia" smacks of both "Gent" and "Candia." But by what coincidence does the French Gent/Geon Coat use the Sforza lion when Sforza's are being traced to Safor at Gandia? Therefore, I would stress that John of Gaunt was a Hyksos line of the Centaur kind.

On Khyan: "Ryholt notes that the name, Khyan, generally has been 'interpreted as Amorite Hayanu (reading h-ya-a-n) which the Egyptian form represents perfectly, and this is in all likelihood the correct interpretation.' It should be stressed that Khyan's name was not original and had been in use for centuries prior to the fifteenth Hyksos Dynasty...Khyan's name is transcribed as Staan in Africanus' version of Manetho's Epitome." It is thought by some that Manetho's "Staan" or " lannas" was Khyan, wherefore the Stan(d) and Stanley surnames are suspect, but as the French Gents are also "Jean," it's important to keep in mind that "Khyan" is thought to have been an old version of "John / Johannes," and while I don't agree, I do think we can expect Khyan lines in John-like (sur)names along the course of history. Note the axe's in the John Crests.

As for the Amorite "HUYANu," doesn't it sound like "Guyenne." Entering "Guyan" gets the Guine's/Gunns with "pax" motto term. The surname's "bellum" motto term suggests Bellerophon, the rider on the Pegasus that's used by Quinns...and by Khyan-suspect Masseys from the Bellamys. Did you notice the bell in the French Gent/Jean Coat? What are those red scallops doing, the Saber/Savona symbol, in the Jean/Janes' Coat? Isn't that the Massey Shield in the Spanish Jean/Jaen/Jan Coat?

As Gents and Hopps/Hobbs both use the same Candida eagle, note that both Hopps/Hobbs and English Jeans/Jans use a blue lion...which I will trace to Massins/Masons of Kent, where Gaunts/Gants and other Belgian elements (Louvains, Brabants) were first found. The Croys had two major houses, one in Belgium and one in Burgundy. Belgians were named after a Bellovaci peoples.

As this insert happens to be coming to an end at the mention of Khyan-like HAINaut, note that Scottish Hains likewise use red scallops, but along with mascles in the colors of the Quince mascles. There is a good chance that the German Hain lion is the Beaufort lion because these Hains were first found in Silesia, where Roet-related Kerns were first found who share the Roet/Roedl crescent on a Coat that. English Hains and Hannitys were first found where we can expect Redones. It just so happens that Hannitys use the leopard in the colors of the Massin / Louvain blue lion, as well as a black greyhound that can trace to Greys/Croys.

A black greyhound is used along with partridges by the Char(d)s. As mythical Perdix was a partridge, while I trace his name to "Berry," France, where Cher is located, by what coincidence was that place also Bourges and Avaricum? Char(d)s and Roets were first found in the same place. Perdix-suspect Perts/Petts (Kent) once again use mascles in the colors of the Quince mascles. End Insert]

Catherine Swynford's article above says that her Roet surname is from Le Roeulx (in Hainaut), ruled by the Croys or counts of Croy-Roeulx. That explains the Catherine wheel in the Arms of Le Roeulx. But why are those Arms in Roquefeuil colors? Could it be for the marriage of Roquefeuils to Henri Rodes?

I traced, without hard evidence, the Grey/Croy surname to the heraldic greyhound, and here we have cause already to view the Hound/Houn surname as a Hainaut / Ananias branch. In fact, I can now trace the ermined lozenges in the Hound/Houn Coat to the ermined lozenges in colors reversed of the Shaws...whom I've traced to the Ananias Sadducees for years.

[If "Hain(aut)" can trace to "Khyan" as well as to "Ananias," it's not necessarily a contradiction.]

It wasn't many days ago that I traced Shaws of Rennes-le-Chateau to Collen and Caulan terms suspect with the SAULNiere variation of Sauniers. And just as I was sensing that the Roeulx / Croy crew should trace to Picardy, I read in the Hound/Houn write-up that they were from "Herei de Houn from CALAIS..." Picardy, where Catherine Roet was born and where Roets trace (in particular to Montreuil of Picardy), is in the Pas-de-CALAIS theater. There are red roundels in the colors of the German Rode's surrounding the Godfrey-de-Bouillon swan in the Arms of Boulogne (Pas-de-Calais).

The Scottish Hain Coat (mascles, expected with Hyksos) uses the same-colored fesse as Hicks', as well as scallops in the colors of the Saber/Savona scallops. That surname gets us right back to the Borgia bloodline out of Bourges/Avaricum. What an unexpected surprise to find that Burgs were a merger with Hyksos. Along with the mascles of Hains, the Hanans use the Massey Shield, wherefore let's not forget that Avrances and Masseys were of Manche. Yes, the Egyptians who named Moses were in Manche. Heraldry has shown many ways over several months in which Hyksos suspects link with Massey liners. Even the Apepi-suspect Pepins use the Massey horse/pegasus design.

The lion in the Bordeaux Coat is the Beaufort lion, likely, indicating that Catherine Roet had marital links, in the least, with Bordeaux, and of course we now known that her husband had been married in Bordeaux. As Roets were strong in Somerset, where they were first found, note that the Border surname (shows no Coat) was first found in Somerset. One Burd Coat shows the Bouillon cross in colors reversed, which could indicate Roet links from Picardy to Bouillons of Boulogne. It just so happens that Bouillons were first found in Auvergne so that Bouillons are now suspect in a merger with Hyksos of Avaricum.

If we're wondering why Boulogne uses a swan, see this: "The historical province of Picardy stretched from north of Noyon to Calais, via the whole of the Somme department..." Entering "Some" gets the Swan/Sion Coat with gauntlet gloves for Catherine Roet's husband.
At the article, one may see the upright red-on-white lion in the Arms of Picardy, colors reversed to the Beaufort lion. The red roundels (suspect with Redones of the Round Table) in the Arms of Pas-du-Calais may then be for Roet elements.

Did you note the footless martins in the Burd Coats, of the style used by Apple's / Applebys? One of the Appleby Coats shows footless martins in the style used by Bords. The blue-apple riddle included the Pousson term that gets a dolphin, symbol of Dauphine where we can expect Hyksos.

The Incurable Boyles of Nimrod

I was about to shift to an email of GD at this very point in the update, where she asked about the Boyles. First, it was by coincidence that Bouillons were arrived to just now who have a Bouyll variation. Second, I had wondered above how Hyksos could trace to the Naples / Avellino area (where the blue apples are tracing), and the only thing coming to mind was the Apollo cult that named Avellino and probably had cause for the Hirpini of that place. It was while on that thought, with nothing said to you about it, that I decided to move on to the Boyle topic. After loading the Boyle Coat to see it's oak tree, it was recalled that entering "Apollo" gets on oak tree too, but it was amazing to find that both Coats now show the same oak design exactly, the one with eight acorns (one down the trunk).

It's suggesting that Boyle's and Bouillons trace to the Abello variation of Apollo, or the Abellinum variation of Avellino. The seven acorns in the tree and the one down the trunk can, in this picture, be code for the Roman line of both Sept and Oct, for Apollo is tracing to Septimania (location of Rennes-le-Chateau) while caesar Augustus, who I say was named for the eighth month as per his ancestry in Octavian elements, was an avid worshiper of Apollo. "Octavia" is much like "Joktan" and "Occitania," wherefore Octavians may have been represented by the oak tree.

"Octavia / Joktan" brings to mind surnames like "Hacket" (the Roman eagle in Crest) that can simultaneously seem like "Hyksos." Hackets even use the same fish as Khyan-suspect Keons. As Hyksos trace to Lindos on Rhodes (though they are expected elsewhere on Rhodes), and therefore to Redones, note that the Hacket Chief uses trefoils in the colors of the Rod trefoils, for Boulogne, now trace-able to the Boyle bloodline (especially as Bologna in Italy was ruled by Boii), uses roundels in the colors used by Rode's, which are colors reversed to the Rhodes roundels.

Hackets and Bouillon-related Birds both use "spes mea".

GD's asking about Boyle's at this time is amazing in that the surname shows a BOGhill variation jibing with the Books/Boggs/Bouks honored in the book of the Roet Crest. In the Coat of that Roet surname (Redones, right?) there is another oak tree, you see. Therefore, Boyle's do link exactly to the Buck line from "Apachnas." Although Roets show no acorns, the Vatts/Watters who link to the RoWATT variation of Roets use the eight-acorn tree too. The glasses hanging of the Vatt and Watt trees should trace to the "Guillestre" (opposite Cuneo), where Gunns, and therefore Quinns (i.e. two Khyan suspects of the Guienne kind), have traced.

It's interesting that Vatts/Watters were first found in the same place (Argyllshire) as Herods/Hurls, for Boyle's use a heart in Crest that should be for Herods / MacArthurs of the Argyllshire / Lanarkshire area. Black-boar Hardys/Horts -- suspect with the black boar of Sullivans who are in turn from the Durance river, where Guillestre is located -- were first found in Lanarkshire. Herods/Hurls of Argyll had traced to two entities, one being Herod Archelaus, and the other being the Burgo line of Herluin de Conteville, the line to Hugh D'Avrances now identified with Hyksos out of Bourges. How amazing that Huets had linked to Gass terms using dicks, for Herls/Herral use ducks too. It all tends to clinch the Herl/Herral trace to Herluin de Conteville.

Ask why English Horts/Hurts were first found in OX-fordshire, and why they use a gold fesse, the color of the fesse's used by both Herls and Herods/Hurls. The Oxenford variation of Oxfords suggests Oakens/Aikens, who were first found in the same place (Lanarkshire) as Hardys/Horts. By what coincidence do Joktan-suspect Oakens/Aikens use the EXter/EXeter Shield format as well as the eight-acorn tree??

I tend to see Hortons as part of the Hort bloodline. But just now, I found the Ortons by way of assuming a D'Orten idea for the red roundel, called a "torteaux." I had traced that symbol to TORTONa (Piedmont), you see. Whether Tortona links to Ortons or not, yet the Orton lion is colors reversed to the Lannoy / Lyon lion, and therefore reveals Ortons as Herods of the Archelaus kind. It's interesting that Haughts are also Horton-like "Haughton," for Haughts/Haughtons use "tort" in their motto.

If "Herluin" does trace to "Herault," note that the latter location (smacking of the Harald variation of Herods/Hurls) is beside Aude, for the sword in the Boyle Crest is the Aude sword design. In this picture, "HerAULT" appears to be a Her-Aude entity. I can't recall entering "Herault" to see what it gets, but indeed it does get the Herod/Hurl Coat. I therefore doubt very much that the Harald variation of Herods/Hurls traces originally to any Harald/Harold character...though Haralds may have been named after Herault.

It's interesting that I traced "Ault" to Sigrid the Haughty, and to the Haught surname with HOCTor variation suggesting the Octavia / Joktan line of Hyksos. You understand that a trace of Hyksos to Redones jibes with a trace of Hyksos to Occitania, for the latter location spread from Herault and Aude to the west coast of Aquitaine, covering Gascony (otherwise called Guyenne/Guienne) that links to the Gass terms. That's yet another reason for linking the duck-using Herls to the Herault > Gascony stretch.

There was some good evidence presented above that the "MalGRE" term of Haughts is for the Grey/Groy surname, and here we have just seen Haughts tracing to Roet elements said to be from Groys. But as Groys were from Hungarians, according to Wikipedia's article on the house of Groy, the Malgre term seems to be a clever code for "Magyar" too.

In fact, Haughts (Cheshire) can link easily to Mere's / DeMere's of Cheshire by way of the Buckle's / Bulkelys/Buckleys (there's one way to link Haughts to Book-related Roets), and then Mere's are also "Meyer," suggesting links to same-colored Majors/Mayerdomo's of Spain. I'm saying this because English Majors/Mayers are also "Magor," and because they use a GREYhound in Crest! If correct to trace Greys/Groys to the greyhound, then it appears that "hound" can be code for Huns too.

It can't be a coincidence that Greys/Groys (Beaufort lion) use an anchor in Crest as well as two "anchor" motto term while Majors/Magors also show an anchor. It's telling us that the Grey/Groy and Major/Magor surnames are from the Magyar side of Hungarians. French Majors (Provence) even use the same-colored chevron as Books, and the latter use a stag, symbol of Magyar ancestry in Magyar mythology.

I've just entered "Magg" to find Roet-related Moke's/Moggs. They were first found in the same place as Roets, and use Book / Major colors. They use ermines while Hounds/Hauns show ermined lozenges. The "cura" motto term of Maggs/Moggs/Moke's is like the "Quaerere" term of Roets that traced definitely to Carians (on-shore of Rhodes).

You may be saying, "Aha, John is wrong for tracing Hounds/Houns to 'Ananias' when it should trace to Huns instead." But wait, for the Hungarian stag was traced by Hungarian myth to Biblical Nimrod, and they probably didn't know of that trace aside from linking to a NimROD-like entity. Was the Nimrod line in Rhodes and in Caria?

The Nimo Coat uses the Annandale saltire (as used by Bruce's / Ayrshire), and for me that traces to Ananias elements of the Ananes. Reminder: the "show" motto term of Nimo's traces to Caiaphas/Ananias-suspect Shaws, and Hounds/Houns use ermined lozenges in colors reversed to the ermined Shaw lozenges. Now, for a new revelation, note the red crescents in the Nimo Coat, for they are found also in the Magg/Mogg/Moke Coat and Crest! Just like that, Hungarian myth coupled with heraldic symbols has allowed us to trace Nimo's to the Nimrod entity of Hungarians.

The "cura" motto term of Maggs/Moggs/Moke's strongly suggests the Cure/Eure/Iver surname using the same Shield as Hanans! It recalls the link made earlier in this update between Hounds/Houns and Hanans of the Hainaut king. Some spell the latter term, "HainAULT." You might like to resist a trace of Hanans to the chief priest (Ananias/Hanan) and trace instead to Huns, but for me, it's looking like Ananias traces to Huns.

In this picture, the "NUMquam" motto term of Cure's/Eure's may link to the Nimrod entity, suggesting the Numenor code of JJ Tolkien that traces to Newmans and Raines' in Arran, where MacAbee-honoring Newmans there were related to Maccabee suspects, the MacCabes/MacAbee's. The Ananias priesthood is trace-able easily to the Maccabee priesthood of Israel. Where was my head that, when linking the Newman lions to the Raines lions, I failed to see that "Raines" should be related to "Arran." (JJ Tolkien used "Numenor" as code for the island of Arran, beside his mythical Avallone location at Eressea, code for Rothesay.)

I had traced Ananias/Hanan specifically to Eleazar AVARAN Maccabee, and then "Arran" and "Avaran" are similar enough. One Heron surname shows a Haveran variation that should apply. It's all suggesting that Arran was a Masonic-Maccabee infestation, and that Newmans apply to this entity. I have the gumption here to trace "Newman" to the Nimo's.

AHA! After saying that, the Marsh and March Coats were entered as per the NewMarsh/NewMarch variations of Nimo's, and what came up with the Nimo-colors March's but: 1: red crescents, the Magg/Mogg/Moke and Nimo symbol, and, 2) the white-on-black lions of Newmans and Raines'!!! All three surnames are at this time showing the same lion design exactly, what I call the upright Levi lion. The Marsh's even look like Roets (!), thus tending to identify Rods and the island of Rhodes with "Nimrod."

Did you note the gold boar head in the Cure/Eure/Iver Crest, for it's a symbol in the Roet Chief. It may even be that the Nimrod of Hungarian myth has nothing to do with Biblical Nimrod, but more with code for the Nimo and Rod / Roet bloodlines. On the other hand, Julie informed me/us that Nimrod is said by certain people to have been a leopard, the symbol of Dionysus on the Maeander river flowing past Miletus in Caria, and toward Rhodes. Moreover, the Roet moon is the sleeping moon of Kerns who trace easily to the sleeping moon god of Carians at Latmus, beside Miletus. One should then note that MAEander term as it could link to the Maier variations of Majors/Mayers.

THEN ZOWIE JUST REALIZED, the Mander saltire is an excellent comparison with the Nimo saltire!!! And the Mander Coat is an obvious variation of the Rhodes Coat (leopard in Crest!). I hope Julie is paying special attention. Mythical Manto may have been named after Maeander elements, in which case the Maeonians who named the river were Daphne-related Hyksos out of Avaris.

The Mai / May surnames appear to apply here with Majors-et-al, and the Italian Mai/Maiolo/Majone surname uses the oak tree in the colors of the Boyle oak tree, but without the acorns.

GD was asking whether Boyle's link to "Balliol," and indeed the Balliol Coat uses the same sword as Boyle's and Aude's. Balliol's were first found in the same place (NorthUMBERland) as Herons/Haverans. I capitalized "Northumbria" because the Italian Mai/Mailo/Majone surname was first found in Orvieto, in Perusia, itself in UMBRIA. Here's what was writhen earlier above: "The shape of the Buck design is then identical and even in the colors of the same shape of Italian Marina's, first found in Pharisee-suspect Perusia but specifically in PERUSia's ORVIEto location, a term like the Orbieu area of Aude that I've already traced to Garebites of Amorite Jerusalem. "

Did you notice the "aut" motto term of the Raines'? Doesn't that trace the Maccabees of Arran to Aude? Shouldn't RENNES-le-Chateau in Aude be a Raines entity? Doesn't this explain why Avaran-suspect Herons/Haverans were first found in Umbria? The Arms of Perusia use a griffin in colors reversed to the English Busker griffin, and Buskers likewise use the eight-acorn tree.

Isn't it true that "Pharisee" is from "Perusia"? Doesn't that location come from the leopard-depicted Boofima cult run by an ImPERI peoples? Aren't the Books/Boggs and Boyles/Boghill from a Boof term that morphed into "Bough"? Can you see here that Roets and Rhodes had much to do with the production of the satanic BaphoMET cult? As Bough terms trace to Bauers / Bowers, what's that "METam" motto term of Scottish Bowers/BOUGHERs? Why is the Bower/Bougher Coat almost the bow-using German Busker Coat just after tracing English Buskers to Perusia's Arms? Why is Perusia now called, Perugia? Might it link to Bourges = Avaricum?

Why were English Boughers first found in BUCKinghamshire, and why do they show a Bowyer variation smacking of Roet-related Boyle's? Why does entering BOUGHEL get the Boyle's/Boghills? The Bois/Boyce surname that comes up with "Boast" was likewise first found in Buckinghamshire, and it's the Newman-related Nimo's/Newmarch's who use the "boast" motto term.

I'm guessing that Boughers/Bowyers use the Arms of Champagne in colors reversed, thus tracing to Apollo at Avellino / Campania, where Boyle's traced earlier. This makes perfect sense where Avellino -- and Avallon near Champagne -- trace to Bower-suspect Rothesay=Avalon beside Nimo-infested Arran. It was determined very recently by other means that Avellino elements traced to Aude's Quillan location, and here I'm learning for the first time that Arran was named by the same Raines entity that named Rennes-le-Chateau...smack beside Quillan!

The black upright lion (used by Vincents) has traced in many ways to Rennes-le-Chateau, and the white upright lion on black background, used by Raines, easily flips to a black lion in a family married by the Raines' and/or Newmans. As Skull and Bones is said by some to link to the Magdalene cult, ask whether the Newtons, who use "crossed shin bones," trace to Newmans now tracing harder than ever to Rennes-le-Chateau.

The Newman Crest is "an eastern Prince," and then the Prince surname uses a saltire in colors reversed to the Nimo saltire, and pineAPPLEs in Crest. Pineapples are used by Murkers/Murchisons along with the black lion on gold that traces, as for example the Vincent lion and the lion of Sadducee-suspect Sitlers, to Rennes-le-Chateau! Thus, even these pineapples are code for the Avellino-suspect blue-apple bloodline of Rennes-le-Chateau.

But the Payens had just traced exceptionally hard from the Naples / Avellino theater to the Pousson blue-apple line, and then Pynes/Pines use pineapples too! Remember here that the Pousson surname is properly POISson, suggesting the Boii possibly, who appear to be in the Boyle / Bouillon bloodline, and then while both Bologna and Boulogne were called, Bononia, Newtons use shin bones."

All in all, traces of these surnames, found since the question of whether Hounds/Hauns trace to Ananias or to Huns, have gone to the Israeli chief priests but also to Nimrod elements suspect in Hungarian ancestry. Right up until the Shin surname, we can be on Roet elements because Shins and Roets were both first found in Somerset. And while Roets have proven to be Hyksos already, Shins are also "Chinn / Chine," smacking of Khyan elements. As Newtons have proved to be Nimo's, let it be reminded that Cheneys and Nimo-related Boasts/Bois' use the same Coat, essentially, and that Cheneys link to Busca at Cuneo, beside Saluzzo...while Roets use the Saluzzo Shield-and-Chief combination. Plus, we just saw Buskers enter the picture while the president Bush's were Skull-and-Bones fiends.

The Pousson/Poisson surname uses scallops in the colors of the scallops in the Arms of the present pope Benedict with Ratzinger surname. German Benedicts/Benditts use three T-like objects (see the Tipps) called, "boilers," and then the Boil/Boyle/BOGhill surname uses the Roet oak tree while "RATzinger" can be a Roet line. Newtons not only use a "Huic" motto term to indicate their links to Roet-branch Hyksos, but a "tibi" term suspect with Tipps and Tippers the Roet Table. Reminder: Tippers and Poussons/Poissons both use dolphins, a Hyksos-suspect symbol for Daphne elements. surname.

Then, the Balliol surname with the Boyle/Boghill sword design was first found in Picardy, where Catherine Roet was born. Her Roet surname is said to be from Le Roeulx / Rodio in Hainaut, and then the Balliol chevron is a colors-reversed one the three chevrons in the Arms of Hainaut, in the colors of the three chevrons of French Levi's.

I've always traced the Laevi Gauls (predated Caiaphas and Ananias) to the pagan Levite priest, Jonathan, found in the Biblical book of Judges. But I trace the Jonathan line to the Sam/Sammes surname using the same upright Levi lion as the Vincents / Sitlers. The Hyksos-suspect Samson entity through Samos and Samothrace was the Kabeiri cult of the metal smiths under Hephaestus, and his island of Lemnos (inhabited by Sintians) traces to Limousin and the neighboring Santones of Saintes. The French Clare's were first found in Limousin, but Sinclairs come up as "Saint," and then the Magyar-suspect Maggs/Moggs/Moke's use a "sunt" motto term as well as the gold Sinclair rooster. The Magyars are therefore expected to trace to Hyksos in some way, and personally I think Huns were Hyksos. However it was that Huns linked to Hyksos, Huns can descend from the line of Israeli chief priests in Jesus' day.

The "copia" motto term in the Arms of Macclesfield has traced with the blue Macclesfield lion to Brescia, named after an Abreu bloodline that was Aphrodite, a Kabeiri queen from the copper-mining island of Cyprus, where a Cyrene location sat. I also traced the blue Macclesfield lion on other considerations to the chief priests of Israel and/or to the Herods of Israel. The Arms of Macclesfield use "copia deSUNT," thus tracing the namers of Macclesfield to the Kabeiri. You can figure in this that the Egyptian namers of Moses (a Levite) were on Cyprus and from there landed in Cyrene.

The greyhound of Majors/Magors is predicted to trace to the Meshwesh "Libyans," though Meshwesh lived in Cyrene (eastern Libya), what myth identified with the Apollo-cult raven. We need to find how the Avellino cult of Apollo arrived in southern Italy, and his Cyrene branch makes sense because raven-depicted vikings were at Rothesay = Avalon as nine mythical witches that can be traced to the nine mythical Muses of Apollo. The Egyptians who named Moses were at Rothesay as Nordics.

I've been tracing the greyhound to the Graeae Amazons and therefore to the Meshwesh Amazons for a long time but not due to the Major/Magor greyhound. Doesn't this trace the Hungarian Grey/Croy bloodline to mythical Graeae Amazons (north-Africa)? If so, it's tracing Roets, said to be from Croy elements, to those Amazons. And Roets are suspect with "Rothesay," aren't they? Didn't various Roet symbols trace to Carians? I say that Cyrene and even Carthage was named by the same peoples who named Caria. Can't "Croy" be from "Caria"? The Apollo wolf cult was in Lydia and Lycia, two places with Caria sandwiched between them, and then a Clarus location was near Latmus / Miletus / Ephesus, where Roets trace.

The Meshwesh were also "MAXyes" so that they can trace to the naming of Macclesfield. It can be shown that Meshwesh came into Europe with Hannibals suspect at the root of "Hun," and then Masci's were first found in Piedmont while, contrary to the traditional view, I traced proto-Magyars, not only from the Khazar-Hun realm in southern Russia, but from Piedmont's Laevi Gauls. I stick to that finding unabashed, and then the Hannibal invasion into northern Italy (predated Caiaphas and Ananias) went all the way to the Boii locality of Bologna/Bononia, where I traced Maccabee roots...which idea now conjures up the shin bones of Nimo- and Magyar-related Newtons now tracing hard to Maccabees.

The Khyan-suspect Shin/Chin surname looks to be part of the Shane/Cheyne/Chein surname using what should be the Sinclair / Conan cross, and first found in Kerry, thus linking easily to MUSkerry.

The sunt-using Maggs/Moggs with Moke variation can now link to the Make/Mack surname suspect at the naming of Makeslesfield, an old version of "Macclesfield." The Makes/Macks even use the Apple / Appleby martin in the same colors.

It means that Makes/Macks and proto-Magyars trace to Meshwesh/Maxyes in the Avellino theater, right? We are starting to learn that Magyars were Meshwesh. right, the Egyptians that named Moses, right? Meshwesh even ruled Egypt from Tanis starting in the 21st dynasty. The flag of Hungary uses a three-colored flag, green and red with white in the middle, as does the flag of Italy. Hmm, didn't I trace the Massar/Massai Coat to the MacAbee Coat, and weren't Massars, who smack of "Magyar," in northern Italy too?

As I begin to write below, it's Saturday morning, the day after news came out that the CIA director, Petraeus, resigned. There was no intention in what's written below to dovetail with the Petraeus topic. You decide whether it's coincidental. I started this morning by the Craon Coat. Before disclosing the significance of that surname, let me say that Craons/Crane's use a fesse in the colors of the Hick fesse, and that both Coats use gold symbols around the fesse. Moreover, the Hick Crest is a stag while the deer in the Craon/Crane Crest is "A gold demi hind ducally gorged in blue." Thus far, I have Demys/Dumais' as the Dumas bloodline related to the Lamas' surname in the colors of the Hinds, first found in Buckinghamshire...where the Dumas besants are found in the Apachnas-suspect Bucking surname. Thus, we have three reasons in this paragraph alone for tracing Craon's to Hyksos. Now see this:

The Croy family rose to prominence under the Dukes of Burgundy...Jean I de Croy was responsible for the ascendancy of his family to a position of supreme power in medieval Burgundy...In 1384 he married a wealthy heiress, Marie de Craon, successfully suing her first husband's family upon her death. In 1397, Jean acquired the lordship of Chimay, which was to become a core dominion of the Croy family. "

As Magyars have traced already to Nimo's and are therefore suspect with the Nimrod leopard line to human-sacrifice Boofima, the Hind symbols are doubly important, first because they use the same bend as the Beoufs, and secondly because they use lozenges in the colors of the lozengy used by Boofima-suspect Bavaria, lozenges that are known to be from Bough-suspect Bogens, relatives likely of the Roet-honored Books/Boggs. Linkage to Roets is then a fourth reason for tracing Craons/Crane's to Hyksos, but there was the fifth reason where Croys were of Avaricum-suspect Burgundy.

One can begin to guess here Craons/Crane's trace to Carians of the Croy kind, and also of the Cronus / Coronis kind, the human sacrifice cult of Zeus. But by the time that I got to this sentence, I had already seen the Morell Coat, due to one reason mainly: Petraeus is suspected to have quit the CIA because he was scheduled to appear and testify next week on the Benghazi scandal. He says he will not appear, but instead his deputy, with Morell surname, will appear on his behalf. That surname came to mind when seeing the "MURAL crown" of the Crone's. That's when the Morell surname came to mind, at which time the Cronus / Coronis theme in is paragraph was not yet conceived.

It just so happens that I traced mythical Coronis, the raven line of Apollo that was also in Cyrene, to the island of Patmos, an 666-suspect island that for various reasons traced to Petra in Edom, as well as to Hyksos. Coronis was symbol of the Patmos city of Chora, and the mother of Asclepios whose coiled snake symbol is used by HUCKabee's along with what look like the Huck chevrons.

There are many points yet to be made, one of which is the coincidence that, while writing above on the Hind lozenges, the Losinj location of Croy-like CROAtia came to mind because the Craon / Hick fesse with surrounding symbol colors are also in the Gore/Core Coat. I had traced Gores/Cores solidly to Gorski: "Losinj (German: Lotzing;...Italian: Lussino; Venetian: Lusin) is a Croatian island in the northern Adriatic Sea...It is almost due south of the city of Rijeka and part of the Primorje-GORSKI Kotar county."

Rijeka uses the two-headed eagle of Maxwells whom have already traced to Hyksos on several grounds, as well as to Roets. Crone's were first found in Herefordshire, and I had traced Hereford to "Herzegovina," in the south-Croatia theater. By the time that I got down to this paragraph, the Steer Coat had been re-loaded for reasons below, and so see that the blue wing in the German Here Crest and ion the Herzog Crest is the same as in the Steer Crest. The Steers are suspect with the steer of German Bachs, themselves suspect with Apachnas.

The Bachs had been loaded because Jean I de Croy "acquired the lordship of Chimay," evoking the Chimera dragon of the Carian / Lycian theater, which I trace from the Kemmis location (Egypt) of Chemmites to the Kemmis/Kimmis surname using the same sort of BELL-pattern symbolism as the Welsh Bachs/Baughe's. The Chimera dragon was defeated by BELLerophone and his Pegasus born of the Medusa Gorgon.

At this point it needs to be said that while Meshwesh were Amazons = Meshech, and I've been viewing Meshech as the chief branch of Ezekiel's Gog for many years, from before I learned from Herodotus that Amazons married Gargarians. Since then, I learned that mythical Myrina of Lemnos, Amazon goddess, evolved into mythical Myrina of north-Africa, clearly the Amorites of north Africa, right? But "MAGYar" stands to be an evolution from "MAGOG," you see, and Ezekiel says that Gog is from Magog. If only theoretically so, Maccabees, Maxwells, and the like are looking like an evolution from Magogs even as I view Masseys from "Meshech." The Welsh Bachs/Baughe's, by the way, use stars in the colors of the Vere star and the fleur of related Masseys.

It just so happens that while Hicks use fleur in Massey colors, both Masseys and Hick-suspect Crone's/Crane's use white-on-red fleur. And as Crone's are tracing to Croatians, the Maezaei Romano-Celts of Croatia are easily pegged as their root. The Maezaei were near Servitium of the Gorski theater, where the Gore/Core motto traces.

The mural crown of Crone's/Crane's is now suspect with Morells, especially as "Mural" does not get a surname to come up. It just so happens that Morells, in Crone / Massey / Hick colors, use the Gore/Core crosslet in colors reversed. The Morells, suspect as north-African Amorites (jibing with my identification of Croatians and Serbs as Garebites), even use an "animo" motto term that i tend to identify with Nimo's. The full Morell motto is "Bono animo esto," and then the House of Este ruled the Rijeka theater. To this it needs to be added that the red and gold colors all over this topic are used by Welfs, important because Este's were Welfs, and because Hugh D'Avrances Lupus is evident in the Welf/Wolf surname, first found in Cheshire.

The Welf wolf design is that if Claptons, and the latter trace to Glaphyra, whom married Amorite-suspect Mauritanians to which we can trace, probably very safely, the Morells. I've lost count, but there's yet another reason to trace Craons/Crane's and Croys to Hyksos...of Croatia. But then the Welf Coat is clearly link-able to the Arthur Coat, as per a marriage of Arthurs to Hicks in a Clapton location of Somerset, thus tending to prove that Craons/Cranes and Hicks share Coat's. And Craons/Crane's use the patee cross in the colors of the Clapton patee cross.

No Patee surname comes up, but the Pate/Patt Coat uses three 'R's in colors reversed to the Raines', and then the Paty/Paddy Coat uses what could be a version of the Raines' lions. Hmm. The Raines were just identified with Newmans, and Newmans with Nimo's.

There is no Petraeus surname coming up, meaning we'll need to guess-timate who they belonged to. The Spanish Petro/Perez/Petrez surname, first found in Castile, use the flory cross of Borgia's in colors reversed, and in Hicks colors. Then, both Hicks and Petro's/Petrez' use gold-on-red fleur-de-lys, while a flory cross is defined with fleur-de-lys ends. It's bringing to mind the Hyksos trace to Patmos. Reminder: the flory cross is used by Bouillons, first found in Avaris-suspect Auvergne.

Moreover, the three Peter surnames traced very well to Peter Pollock, and Pollocks together with Peters traced to Rennes-le-Chateau. Pollocks were of Rennes-suspect Renfrewshire, and Peters even use a "rien" motto term. If that's not enough, I identified the Raines' with Rangabe Byzantines, and the Arms of Rangabe likewise use a flory cross. Two Peter surnames use the same-colored bend as Jacques de Molay, and the other Peter surname ("major" motto term) uses the same lion as Vincents and Sitlers.

Bouillons were of Boulogne/Bononia, and they use a Moor head in Crest. Morells use "Bono" and Hicks use "bon heure," possibly part-code for Here and/or Ananias-suspect Eure elements. It should be said that Montlhery, kin of Montmorencys, were in Eure-et-Loir, and perhaps "Loir" evolved from the idea of L'Heure, so to speak. The point is, Morells and Morencys, your MARY MAGdalene cult. Yes, I had been wondering for a day or so whether "Mag" was also code.

The pseudo-Magdalene cult is now tracing on two counts to Amorites of north-Africa, in cahoots with the Meshwesh Amazons from the Egyptians who named Moses, and who sparred with Moses in a pre-Armageddon warm-up. What the Exodus pharaoh experienced then was mere sparring compared to what God has planned for his sons in the near future. Really, do ask why this Magyar topic spilled over from Friday to Saturday at the very time that Petraeus and Morell were in the news? Why is the CIA ruled by Hyksos of the Apachnas kind? Does Obama trace in his black ancestry to Egyptians?

Unbelievable. After writing the above, I decided to load the Coats of MagDALENE-suspect Lane's to see what they might bring up in addition to this discussion. And the Irish Lane/LANEY Coat was found to use a bend in the colors of the Morell bend, as well as fleur-de-lys in Hick-fleur and Petrez-fleur colors! The first-ever trace I made of the Magdalene code was to Irish Dallens/DeLANEYs.

Zowie, after writing that, the Nimo Coat was re-loaded. Again, Morells use an "animo" motto term suspect with Nimo's who use the Annandale saltire-and-Chief!!! No word of a lie: I did not re-load the Nimo Coat to be reminded of it's Anandale Coat until after writing the paragraph below in it's entirety.

Mike Morell was appointed by Obama to be the deputy director of the CIA. Morells were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Dunhams.

Michael J. Morell (born 1958) is the current Acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, his second time in that role, having served as Acting Director the year before, in 2011. In May 2010, Morell was sworn in as the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, succeeding Stephen Kappes. Why a Kappes surname? Do the Templars of a Caiaphas kind rule the CIA? Isn't the Morell bend half the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's, who in-turn use the Cappeo lion from Brescia, where Italian Lane's were first found?

Astounding. The CIA is ruled by Hyksos in combination with lines from the Israeli chief priests, exactly what the Christian Church can expect of end-times persecution. The war that ther anti-Christ will wage on us is nearly here. Right? Yes, and do not trust the Left nor the Right. The Right is now poised to move Republicans, and it's Christian suckers, toward the liberal Left.

The Morell article continues: "Morell is a native of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio." On election night, when Fox news called out that Obama would win the all-important state of Ohio when Romney had caught up to him (i.e. when the vote count was even at that late time in the count), it was Cuyahoga county, a liberal bastion, that was predicted to put the Obama vote well past Romney, and that is exactly what happened. There were questions of fraud in my mind because no Republican has ever won the presidency without also winning Ohio. It begs the question of vote rigging by Illuminati powers. Ohio itself is suspect as an Illuminati bastion from the state's inception.

The Clem Coat is now showing the same black-on-white wave design as Italian Marina's/Morina's. The Clems are mentioned due to finding the Morl surname with "Clementia" motto term. It's strong indication that Morells are from the Myrina Amazons of African Atlantis. Morls are shown properly as Maul's, suggesting Mali, a country in the Mauritania theater whose name I had traced to the Malahule > Meschin line. The Tuareg Amazons / Berbers are still in Mali today.

The Morls/Mauls are in Paine/Payne colors, and the latter use a "Malo mori" motto phrase for Malahule of More.

Morls/Maul's use a Shield split vertically in white and red, and then the Claptons with the patee cross of Craons/Crane's, the same Claptons who I insist are from Glaphyra-related Mauritanians, use a Shield split vertically in gold and red. Very interesting. The red scallops of Morls/Maul's are used by Romneys and Sabers/Savona's, the latter being a branch of Borgia's.

Reminder: the chief of another American Intelligence organization is a Clapper surname. Bloodline lust in the CIA is therefore obvious, and tracing to Mauritanian Aryans of the Templar-founding kind.

The English Clement Coat (Oxford, beware), using the same besants in Chief as the Clems above, and therefore tracing to the Basina-Glaphyra bloodline of king Clovis, show a "Patriis" motto term? CIAincidence? Didn't we just see the Morells of the Morl kind with Clementia motto term?

ZOWIE, entering "Clime" as per the Climer variation of Clements gets the Macleans/MacLANE's!!! But why are Clements tracing to Magdalene? What were the Clements?

In the last update, Macleans entered the discussion because of "Maclean of Duart and Morven, the Arms of which show a white fish likely that of Keons / Kane's... and therefore tracing to the identical Barney fish. The slogan at the Arms above: "Bas no Beatha." The [Maclean of Duart and Morven] Crest is a Moratin tower in white." Barneys were identified at that time with the Barbera surname (the red Moratin tower), and with the Berber Amazons, and then the Keon fish traces to the Bars using the eagle of the House of Este. The Morells use an "est" motto term, you see, and while I traced the proto-Este's to Merovingians, so we see here that Magdalene-suspect Macleans were of "Morven." It is not easy to trace Meshwesh and Tuaregs to the children of Jesus, especially as He never had children.

Aha, I failed to enter "Berber" in the last update. They use Morell colors with fleur in the colors of the Hicks / Petrez fleur! I even traced Tuaregs to "Thuringia," home of Basina, wife of Childeric, and then Thurins are not only in the colors of Berbers, but use the same bend as Morells!!! The Turners, who use the Moratin tower in white, and the Catherine wheel, were traced to Thurins!

AHA! The split Shield of German Warners was found to be colors reversed to the split Shield of Austrian Turners when checking the reason for the merger of Time-Warner with Turner Broadcasting, and here I now find the Morell bend used by English Warners!!! Excellent, for the latter Warners use a MURAL crown as evidence that it's code for Morells. English Warners and Berbers were first found in the same place (Leicestershire). Beware. Be Warned.

Thurins use "Audentes" in their motto while Warners use "nati" in theirs. I recall that "nati" was a term used by Franks...who use the saltire of Pollocks who in-turn use "Audacter" in their motto. This is excellent because I haven't yet gotten to the "Ne te" motto phrase of Huets, a motto phrase that I've traced to Noels and therefore to Nobels. It's important because both Franks and Warners use "nobis" along with "nati"!!! Thus, Franks, Pollocks and Warners are tracing to Hugh D'Avrances, the Hyksos line to the Varangi. Did you note that the Morell / Warner bend is also the Arms of Baden, where Veringens ruled who used three antlers, the symbol of Conte's that were part of the Borgia > Conteville line to the mother of Hugh D'Avrances?

I traced Nibelungs to Nevers beside a small Morven location, and then identified the ancestry of Merovingians with the ancestry of Merovingians. The ancestry of the latter was from Merowe of what is now Sudan, and much later these proto-Merovingians ended up as Boiotians in Autun, smack beside Nevers. These two entities go back to queen NEFERtiti (who may have been a transvestite), wife of pharaoh AkhenATEN, lord of Atun, the sun god.

It just dawned on me that "Audacter," the Pollock motto, could be code for Aude and Hackets, for Hackets use the Keon fish in the colors of the Aude swords. ZOWIE, that prompted a look at the Irish Costello surname, using the same bird, almost as the Buddy/Botter bird, but it was the "Ne te" motto phrase of Costello's that floored me! Uat's on second, right? For youngsters, Buddy Hacket played in Abbott and Costello. Compare the Costello lozenges to the Hyde lozenges, and then note the "novis haec" motto phrase of Aude-suspect Hyde's.

Entering "Novis" gets the Italian Novells.

[Insert -- I kid you not, not many minutes after writing here, I shared these findings with a friend, who then looked up Michael Morell and Stephen Kappes below to find that Stephen was in cahoots with a Jeff Castelli, a CIA operative in Italy. There is a Castelli/Chateau surname using the same cross and colors as Borgia's/Burghs / Morencys...wherefore a trace to the Castile nobles who belonged to Rennes-le-Chateau seems applicable.

After writing further below this point, it It dawned on me that the trace of the Pollock term, "Audacter," to Actons and/or Hectors was not necessarily wrong even though the Hackets look like the best trace at this point. Actons use the same fesse as Happs who will be linked below to Cape's/Cappe's. Caiaphas-suspect Coverts use the same fesse. End Insert]

The scallops of the Morls/Mauls are half in the colors of the Cape/Cappe scallops, mentioned because "In May 2010, Morell was sworn in as the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, succeeding Stephen Kappes." Entering "Kappes" gets the Aude / Boyle/Boghill sword, and the covered crown of Douglas' that I witnessed until recently in the Spanish CAPet Coat, and in the French Martel Coat. The curiosity, however, is that "Kappes" gets a surname shown properly as Alpin.

The Douglas' are important here due to their heart used under the Kappes crown, for the Boyle/Boghill Crest shows a heart along with the Kappes sword. The same covered crown is in the Welf Crest, and the Welf write-up traces to Hugh Lupus D'Avrances.

Rather than being a pine, the Kappes/Alpin tree is a fir...symbol of the Alis/Alice Coat. The Alis/Alice fir has a version of the Aude sword cutting across it, as does the fir tree of Kappes'/Alpins. It's recalling the trace of Caiaphas lines to Rennes-le-Chateau. As Morells have linked to Paines/Paynes, it now seems very evident that the Alpins have a Kappes surname registered in their data bank because it was the Pict line of king Alpin to Hugh de Payen who married a Chappes surname. As the CIA was directed by a Panetta surname before the job went to Petraeus, and as a Kappes surname almost made it to the head position of that spy organization, by what coincidence does "Panetta" look like the Paiont variation of Payens???

Entering "Happ" to get the Apps/Abbs/Epps gets the same fesse colors as used by Paine's/Paynes. And "Happ" is like "Cappe" while Happs use the Cape/Cappe (and Morl/Maul) scallops too, thus giving us extra reason to trace the Morls/Mauls to Malahule, ancestor of D'EsPAINEs.

The Morl/Maul Crest is what looks like the green dragon of Seatons, who, along with Douglas', were Flemings. My trace of "Fleming" to "Bellamy" is still something I putt around until I get the ball into the hole, and here it can be said that the two Perche chevrons look to be in the Coat of Morell-related Berbers. Bellamys were from Perche, and the Percivals, who use what looks like the patee cross of Jacques de Molay, show a muzzled bear, symbol of the Alis/Alice Coat. The Percival crosses are in the colors of the small Candy saltires, thus identifying Jacques de Molay with the Candida-Borgia family that traces to SEATon-suspect Keiths/KEATHs. Percivals use "candida", while Alis/Alice's use "Vincit," in their mottoes.

The Morell motto term, "tecte," could be for Tecks/Tess', using a saltire in Morell colors. In fact, I recall reading that a pope Clement gave Gascony a white-on-red saltire for its flag, and here we find that saltire in the Teck Coat while Morls/Mauls use "Clementia" in their motto! Then, after making that conclusion, the split Shield of Decks was recalled, in the two colors of the split Morl/Maul Shield, important because these Decks, and one Dyke surname, uses a squirrel, the symbol of the Warners who use the Morell bend!! The Warner squirrel is even inside a MURAL crown. When things start to pour out of the cracks this good, the Illuminati dam is about to burst.

I now recall Clem Kadiddlehopper, played by the Freemason, Red Skelton. The Hoppers use a white Moreno/Moratin tower, expected of Clems / Clements now, and the Kadiddle term can now be deciphered tentatively with the Cadet surname (besants, the Clem / Clement symbol), or as part of the Audley- and Hood-related Cattle's/Cattels...very likely the Cattanei/Candida bloodline that belonged to Keiths. The Cattle's/Cattels were first found in the same place (Norfolk) as Morells. The Cattle/Cattel write-up suggests the Cheatles and the Kettles, whom I view as a branch of Keith Catti. Both Keiths and Kettle's use a Vincent-like motto term, but the Kettle motto, "Bono vince MALum," suggests the Morell/Maul bloodline once again, for Morells (and Hicks) use "bono" too. Skeltons, by the way, use a rooster in Sinclair-rooster colors, and Malahule was a Sinclair, an uncle of Rollo.

It's clear here that the Kettle's and Morells trace to the MalliBONEs who come up as "Mall." They use the same Shield with black bend as Hanans, and are therefore suspect with Ananias, the same theme as the Ananias trace to Bononia's proto-Maccabee Boii. The same Shield with black bend is used by Eure's/Cure's/Ivers, and then we saw earlier a "bon heure" motto phrase that, at the time, suggested the Eure bloodline; here we have the evidence. It was the Hicks who use "bon heure."

Mallibones are also "MARLYbone," evoking the Morl variation of Mauls. It's suggesting that the Tuareg Berbers / Mauritanians were linked to Bononia's Boii elements leading to Godfrey de Bouillon. Marleys use the white dolphin seen in the Pousson/Poisson Coat. Morleys/Moorlys use the leopard-on-fleur of the Herod-rooted Coopers/Coppers, evidence that Templar-related Moors, who are honored in the Moor head of Bouillons, were from the Glaphyra-Herod Mauritanians.

Here's the Morely write-up: "First found in Lancashire where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor and original from Ufton in Berkshire." The Uftons are also Uptons, smacking of Oppland, where Malahule ruled. Uftons/Uptons use a MOLine cross in the colors of the Morleys. I traced Uptons to same-colored Luptons/Liptons...who use scallops in the colors of the Pousson/Poisson scallops.

Hmm, both Uftons/Uptons and Thatchers use a white moline cross, Mauritanian-important because the Thatcher Chief uses "grasshoppers." It's interesting that the THACKER variation smacks of Shake's/SHAKERleys using "MOLEhills," and then Hoppers/Happers use the Moreno/Moratin tower in the colors of the same of Hills!!! When Templars weren't pillaging their neighbors, they were thinking up clever codes for their cherished bloodlines. The Thatcher/Thacker moline happens to be in the colors of the patee cross used by the Mole suspect, Jacques de Molay. It's never-ending revelation of bloodline lust, which only the spiritually demented engage.

Marleys use the black-on-gold bend of SHAKEspeare's, and then while Morls/Mauls had been found to be a branch of WARNers, the Shakespeare / Marley bend is in the colors of the Varn bend. The Varni Nahorites, right, who were related to the Oxonae that should trace to Oxford, where Vere's ruled for too long not to have become expert dictators.

Moline's are also MOULins, and use Shakespeare colors. Ashmole's/Ashmalls use a Shield quartered in Shakespeare colors. Ashmole's/Ashmalls also use a black greyhound that I would trace to Greys/Croys. Ashers and Ackers can be one and the same, but as Ackers use yet another black bend, in the two colors of the Tacker/Toggert bend, Shakers, Thatchers, Shakespeare's etc., can be from Akka/Acre in northern Israel. Isn't this the Teck bloodline of Morells? Tecks were an important part of the royal line to Elizabeth II.

Reminder: Dackers/Daggers use the Borgia bull and the Pousson/Poisson scallops, and thus link to Dagobert and related blue-apple line. Dackers/Daggers and Poussons use their scallops in the colors of the checks of the Texas/TAJERo surname, first found in Castile.

Aha! English Tackers/Takleys (Oxfordshire, beware) use a white-on-blue wolf head, symbol of Hugh Lupus d'Avrances at his Wikipedia article. Then, while Hugh-suspect Huets use the owl, ditto for Scottish Tackers/Toggarts! Another theory here, rather than a trace to Acre, is a trace to "Ugor/Ogur," the root of Magyars, for the latter were tracing to Majors while Spanish Majors use a Shield filled with checks, as do Texas'. French Majors use the same-colored chevron as Aggerts, who are like the Taggart variation of Tackers/Toggerts. Biblical Togarmah comes to mind because Magyars look like Magog and moreover traced to African Meshwesh/Amazons / Gorgons.

Hoppers/Happers are in the colors of the Hopps/Hobbs and Cappe-related Happs/Abbs/Epps (the latter are Habsburg suspects). Hopps/Hobbs (cranes) use what look like a version of the Hykes/Hake Coat. The latter along with Hopps/Happs and Huets use the same chevron, and as this is the Hebron chevron too, note the Schole-colored lozenges in the Happ/Abbs/Epp Coat, for I'm seeing the Eschol valley of Hebron...where I traced Hyksos! The Scholefields/Scofields are in the same colors. As Schole's are also "Scayle," the SKELtons are likely related, important where Red Skelton revealed his associations with Hoppers/Happers. These are Caiaphas lines, right?

Let's go back to the Kettle's suspect with "Kadiddle(hopper)." Kettle's were first found in Perthshire, and use the stag design of Celts/Colts and Rollo's/Rollocks, both first found in Perthshire too. This is important because I had the impression above that the Kappes'/Alpins, known to be from the Picts, were from the Pictish mother of Pontius Pilate. Celts/Colts are the ones using the Pilate pheon in colors reversed.

It wasn't until writing the above when it came to mind that I had identified Payens with Pine's/Pyne's and/or Penders/Pynders, jibing now with the Payen-Chappes trace to the Kappes/Alpin surname. And it just so happens that the French Pine/Lepine Coat uses a fesse in colors reversed to the Kettle fesse, and meanwhile both fesse's use cinquefoils. Isn't this the Pendragon bloodline? The Pine's/Lepine's use their cinquefoils in the colors of the Pilate pheons.

I trace Kettle's to "AnKETILE, the name of a ruler in the Malahule > D'EsPAINEs bloodline. See the Haskels, for example, using the ChamPAGNE bell pattern, but then there is an Anketill surname using the Pollock saltire in the colors of the Arms of Salat (Comminges). Salat is beside Cazeres, where Jacques de Molay traces along with Catherine Roet, daughter of Payne Roet. The Roets and Anketills share the oak tree.

Roets can be linked to Hopper elements where Hopps/Happs use a crane, for Roets were from the Croys (in Hopp/Happ colors) who married Craons/Crane's. Moreover, Hopps/Happs were first found in the same place (Somerset) as Roets. It can't be coincidental that while the Rowatt variation of Roets traced to the oak-using Watts and Vatts/watts/Watters, the Anketill motto uses "Vade." In this picture, Roets were indeed related to Sinclair Rus (i.e. of the MalaHULE kind).

The Hule/Hull Coat compares very well with the Hill Coat, and knowing now from shortly above that Hills are honored in the molehill of Shake's/Shakerleys, it's a no-brainer that Mole's were of the Malahule bloodline. Mole's look like a branch of Belgian Huets, wherefore let's not forget that the Croy elements of Roets were from Belgium.
Nede More Evidence?

The particular Huets using the white stars look like Lamberts, especially as one Lambert surname uses the same chevron and format as the Huets with owls. Then, note that Lamberts use two thin chevrons in colors reversed to the same of Hucks who use the owl. The same-colored chevron of Lamberts and Huets is used by French Billets who likewise use three white (Zionist) stars. I now know that Billets were Bellows (honored in the bellow symbol of Shiptons) because the latter use the English Billet Coat.

If Billets were Bellamys, then it makes sense that the chevrons above all belong to Maceys. Note that Maceys use PIERCED stars, as do Billets, for the Pierce surname was first found in the same place (Somerset) as the Percival surname that I trace to the Perche location of Bellamys...who moved to Ferte-Mace in becoming Maceys / Masseys. Percivals do not only use a muzzled bear, symbol of Maceys/Mackays, but the same Shield-and-Chief combination as Billets and Bellows! Instead of the three white cinquefoils in the red Chief of Bellows and Billets, the Percival Chief has three white patee crosses, the symbol of Jacques de Molay.

While Vaux's use a Shield filled with the Texas checks, French Vaux's are "BELLiveau." Then, zowie, thee Vaux/Belliveau Coat does not only use billets, but a bend in the colors of the one used by Jacques de Molay!! It moreover means that the Vaux/Belliveau billets can trace to the billets in the Arms of Roquefeuil. As we can expect Rockefellers and related Rhodians in the Round table Illuminati, it needs to be stressed here that Pierce's and Percivals were first found in the same place as Roets for a related reason, especially as the Catherine wheel and Cathars both trace to Jacques de Molay.

Billets / Bellows are suspect with "Bilderburg," which is why it's important that billets trace to Rockefellers. The Bilder surname uses the same saltire as Desmonds / Annandale's, and Desmonds use a "Crom" motto term for the Croms whose white quatrefoils trace to the same of Vincents (muzzled bear) at Rennes-le-Chateau, beside Roquefeuil.

Bilders are also "Bilderbeck," and then Becks use the moline cross having ends like the rooks used by Rockefeller lines such as Rooks and Rookbys. But the Beck moline is in the colors of the near-identical flory cross of "belli"-using Bouillons. Therefore, the Billets / Bellows are not tracing merely to Belgians / Bellovaci, but to Bologna, the entity that likely named Belgians. As the ancient Fir Bolgs are suspect, note that the Alis/Alis surname, a branch of Maceys, uses a fir tree with their muzzled bears. Let it be reminded that the Kappes/Alpin surname, suspect with the Caiaphas lines now ruling the CIA, use a version of the Alis/Alice fir tree with Aude sword cutting across it.

I trace Massey-related Veres and Varni to FIR Bolgs = Fomorians at Pomerania, and Veres produced that unqualified line of demonic peoples that will produce merely the anti-Christ empire, equivalent to a single spit of God into the fires of Hell. The Varni, evident in the "vero belli" phrase of Bouillons, were traced solidly to Roquefeuils. The latter are to be identified in the Pollocks who trace to Mieszko's and Nazi's, and "Nazi" is where the "Ne te" motto phrase of Huets may come in, for reason below.

The "extra" motto term of Huets is for the Exeter surname, using a chevron in colors reversed to the Huet chevron. There are several reason why Hugh D'Avrances should trace to Devon / Exeter, even as both entities are suspect with Hyksos. The Huet chevron is suspect with ther Chilton / Child chevron, but then note the Northumberland location of Chiltons, for Rodhams are from there who use a tree stump, symbol of Huets.

I faintly recall tracing an esox symbol of mythical Esus to the naming of Exeter. I don't recall the details, but here's one thing I have in my files: "As "Kraehenbuhl" has been traced to the Esus crane-and-bull, and as Esus' esox symbol...SUDDENLY, the fish that I have identified with the origins of the fleur-de-lys...looks like it could have had origin in the esox = pike fish that was of the Esus cult. Yes, for the Boschs also use the Gribble/Kraehenbuhl ostrich feathers, and then it was found in the last update that the Trevari worshipers of Esus were in the same Moselle theater as Bar-le-Duc..." Doesn't "KRAEHEN" smack of the Craon/Crane surname that merged with the Croy > Roet line in Belgium?

In that same update (3rd November, 2011): "Aha! French Pohls/Pauls/Poles/Pouls use the same colored lion as the Gribbles/Kraehenbuhls..." The POHLs/Poles above happen to use the Aude sword as evidence of a Pollock branch. In that update, the Gribble variation of KraehenBUHLs was linked to Gripps/Grabens using the Varn bend, and Varni were suspect with the Treveri worshipers of Esus. The Treveri are suspect with Trabys, and then Mieske-related German Pohls (a bull in Varn / Gripp colors that can link to KraehenBUHL) use ostrich feathers.

As Pollocks are from FULbert, identified with Rockefellers of the Belli-related Fuller kind, it's no coincidence that esox-suspect Pykes, first found in the same place as esox-suspect Exeter, use trefoils. And as I trace the EXcalibur sword to Halybes of EXeter, the Aude sword in the Pohl/Pole Coat must be the Excalibur sword. The De-Pole's of Foix (beside Aude) are evident in this Pohl/Pole surname, right?

Tim broke the "quaesiveris" motto term of Huets down as quae-siveris, highlighting "siveris." But the remaining "quae" term then smacks of Kays, perhaps a branch of MacKays...whom I trace exactly to Mieszko Poles. Morencys, who put out FAUCaud at Avallon now tracing to "Foix" (and perhaps to "Vaux"), are tracing hard to siveris-like Safor at Gandia. The Foix-related Pohls/Pole's above even use the same lion and colors as Sforza's. Lancelot was an integral part of the mythical Excalibur, and his father, Ban(t), was just traced hard to Faucaud's Banterlu ancestry.

Here's the two Siver Coats, by the way.

"Huet" can become "Hatt," for the latter surname was first found in the same place as Huets, and is in the colors of Haddins (DERBYshire) that have a "Suffer" motto term as code for Haddington Lothians tracing to Safor. Remember, the Keith Catti of Haddington trace to the Cattanei surname at Gandia, but then the Faucaud-related Faucets lived in Haddington too. Haddins use the Shield-and-Chief colors of Billets / Bellows.

The Hatt Coat compares well with the Eure Coat, important for various reasons having to do with the Israeli chief priests, but also because Huets were from Eure while Montmorency is related to the founder of Montlhery in Eure-et-Loir. Plus, Haddins were first found in the same place as Heights (look like Wyatts), suspect with the bull-using Haught line of Mieszko's. There is potential for Haddington elements to trace to "Huet" as well as to Hutts, Hutters, and Hiedlers/Hitlers, and so keep that "Ne te" motto term of Huets in your Nazi category, especially as Nazi's should trace, along with the Huet owl and the Esus cult, to Esau-ite Edomites, who, with Biblical Lotan, are expected in Lothian, location of Haddington. Doesn't the Lothian surname use the Traby bugle?

Haddingtons use red roses, as do Lures. I've yet to find good evidence that Lures trace to "Loir," but thus far it's being entertained. The Lures use yet another blue-on-white chevron, recalling the Lambert / Huet / Billet / Macey discussion. The SpectoMUR" motto term of Lure's may be part code for Morency's Moor elements, but in any case the Speccots were first found in Devon, and use the Macey-suspect Fert, used also by Hoods/Hutts, Audleys, and Keith-suspect Cattles/Cattels. I've just noted that the Speccot bend is in the colors of the Thurin/Turin / Warner / Morell / Lorraine bend, thus tending to clinch the Lure trace to Moors of the Tuareg kind, as well as to Varni.

Here's what I wrote Tim on his Huet topic:: "I've been working on the "Ne te" motto phrase too, but so far it's a real toss-up as to what it might mean, and the evidence is not very hard in any direction." But with some stick-to-it-ness, some important things came out. Tim suggested the "Jewish" Neters with Roque rocks. I found the Naders Coat ("AVE" term could be for "Avranches elements], in Huet colors, by entering "Nede / Nedel." From here we can go to Needles, Nettles, Netters (savage heads), Naughtens, Canutes/Cnuts (trefoils), and Notts. The Needle's are also Nelder, and then Noltys/Nulls may be using a version of the red Neter lion. The trefoils of German Noltys may then link to the Roque rocks of Neters.

In other words, a Nede/Nader bloodline may link to vastly different terms from "Cnut" to Nolt." And as Nede's/Naders show a NOELder variation, the Noels can apply, from which we may suspect NATALi's, you see. The Natali Coat happens to use a skinny red bend, like the skinny red bend of Morells who likewise use a red lion.

Noels (in Natali colors) and English Cnuts look like they use versions of one another's chevrons, but from the Noel Coat, one can go easily to the Coat of Conte's -- who suddenly smack of "Cnut" -- because Conteville's became the mother of Hugh D'Avrances. I became convinced thereby that the motto phrase of Huets was for Nede's/Noelders and therefore the Noels.

Hugh was a Gos on one side and so note that the German Gos Coat looks like a variation of the Lambert Coat that linked in the last email to Huet Coat. Plus, the Gass duck is the Lambert duck design. The Gastons can easily play into this as they use an owl and the Gass checks. It's suggesting that the Swedish Gust chevron is the Huet chevron in colors reversed. Lamberts are important here due to their Lamas-like look, and for being in Lamas colors. It's suggesting the Dumas / Saber/Savard bloodline. The saber in the "Jewish" Neter Coat can apply quite obviously, and the arm-and-saber in the Neter Coat looks to be that of Mieske's = Mieszko's in this picture.

Now "Naughton" (Aude swords on green) and Nottens can apply here is only because Canute/Cnut was a reported son of Sigrid the Haughty of the Mieszko's. The "hope" motto term of Naughtens recalls the anchor of the Hopes/Hoods who can trace to "Aude," a Haught-like term. The Anchors/Annackers, you see, smack of the "pot-HANGERs" used by Cnuts!

The Anchors/Annackers, surely from the Anaki of Hebron, were honored in the Grey/Croy motto, and this surname was partly Hungarian, which country smacks of "hanger." I know that Hungarians married the Mieszko line. To help prove that greyhounds link to Greys/Croys, the German Hunger Coat uses a greyhound (with chain). The "Jewish" Hung(er) Coat shows no Coat or write-up, but there is a Hanger/Anger surname ("artes" motto term) suggesting the Nagles (from an Angulo surname) who use gold lozenges, symbol of Anchors/Annackers!

It recalls the greyhound in the personal Arms of a John Yonge (a Welshman using the Tudor-Trevor Coat), suggesting that Yonges / Jungs / Youngs had been Hungarians.

If "Nagle" can develop from or devolve from "Angulo," then "Annacker" can devolve to "Acker" or Necker," and it just so happens that Dutch Neckers use a stag, symbol of Hungarian roots. Does this mean that the Anaki named the Neckar river of Germany? I've been tracing "Nagle" to "Nickle/Nichole," and here we find a NECHLEr variation of German Neckers, and moreover both Nickle's/Nichole's (large white pheon) and Neckers use the same colors, even the colors of the pair of snakes in the Nettle Coat.

Contrary to past ideas of mine, it looks like Nagles trace to Hungarians, not Angles as once thought...because the Angel/Angle surname (pegasus) uses the Nagle lozenges in colors reversed. German Nagles/Nails/Neils use the saltire in colors reversed to the saltire called, Andrew's Cross. It can mean that the Anaki named Hungarians, the latter said to be from "On-Ogur" yet many details seem unresolved when reading on it. It's interesting that, as soon as asking just now what the Anunnaki variation of the Anaki might trace to, the Ananes came to mind. I then re-loaded the Annan(dale) Coat to find an upright gold griffin in Crest, the color of the upright Hanger/Anger Crest griffin. Hangers/Angers use an "HONorabit" motto term, perhaps indicating that other honor-using surnames are for Hungarian / Hun lines.

The Trevor / Yonge Coat can link to the Italian Angels because they all use gold lions and the same Coat colors, while Italian Angels were from TREViso (Venetia). I traced proto-Hungarians / Ugors to Euganeo of Venetia, to the Eugene surname, and to the "Spectomur AGENdo" motto of Augers. The Yonge rings are colors reversed to the HOGEN rings,

Reminder: Hungarian suspects, the Nimo's, use the Annandale saltire as used by Bruce's. I realize that a trace of Ananes Gauls to Hungarians seems to contradict the trace of Ananes to "Heneti," but Heneti trace to "Anat," a goddess thought to be Antu, wife of Anu, a Sumerian god highly suspect as that of the Anaki. There is a high likelihood that the Ananes, in the Veneti theater generally, were from Heneti. Doesn't "Anat" and GeNETES" smack of these Nete-like surnames under discussion?

I can barely believe what just happened. "Fast" was just entered as per the "Anchor fast anchor" of the Greys/Croys. I didn't know what to say about it. Then, moving on, "Hong" was entered to find the quarters of the Fasts! The latter are shown properly as Withipools, and Hongs (in Angel/Angle colors) show Hungarian and Hongrie variations. In this picture, the Fast/Withipool crosslets look to be those of Veneti-suspect Windsors. It can also be mentioned that Hannitys and Yonges use the same motto term, "toujours," while Fast-like Wests use "jour." There is even a Westpool surname using what could be the Perche chevrons. Then, "jour" appears to be code for Gores/Cores who use the Windsor crosslets and were first found in the same place (Essex) as Yonges. French Gores even use which the Greys/Croys should trace!

Reminder: Croy-related Craons/Crane's use the same fesse of Gores/Cores. Gowers/Gores use the black Yonge wolf exactly, though in white, and both Gowers/Gores and Yonges were first found in Yorkshire.

The Neils are specially suspect at the Noel line to which the Huet motto phrase ("Ne te") brings us. Noels use a stag in Crest. We have seen two surnames using trefoils that are suspect with that phrase, but even the Neat surname uses well as the red bull head seen so often now. It's the Anchor/Annacker bull head exactly, you see!

Nate's and Netherfields both use lions paws and chevrons in colors reversed to one another. It's suggesting the Savages (lion paw)...and the savage heads of English Netters/Natervills! The Hugh surname happens to use the Savage lion.

There is a in the Broad Crest, important because of the PodeBRADY / PodeBRODY location...of Bohemia, where the NATERvill-suspect Nede/Nader surname was first found! It just so happens that George, a son of king Andrew, married a woman in Podebrady, or so some say, explaining why Nagles/Nails use a version of Andrew's Cross.

Broads (Somerset) use a "pale" in colors reversed to the pale of Neckers/Nechlers. My guess is that the white lozenges in the Broad pale belong to Shaw-related Thicks/Thecks, though they can be linked more directly to the white lozenges of the Broaders/Brothers...who show yet another greyhound.

There is a Paula Broadwell making news now, the adulteress who made David Petraeus an adulterer. I suspect that Paula works for an Illuminati circle whose goal it was to compromise and ruin Petraeus. But when making that theory, I didn't know that the Broadwell/Bradewell crest uses the Roque rock (its the rock that Roques showed until recently). Broadwells appear related to Brads/Bratts. German Bratts use an anchor (in Brad / Broadwell and Vincent colors) on what could be the Shield of Rennes-le-Chateau.

The "jour" motto term of Hungarian lines above can also link to "George," the name of Andrew's son who married Podebrady. German George's are also "JURgen." Belgian George's/Jurgans use the Pousson/Poisson scallops, which might now verify that POISson" is for Bohemians. Suddenly, the Hungarian line of Belgian Croys is trace-able to George, son of king Andrew, father of the Drummonds.

Yonges use "touJOUR" and trace to Irish Hogens, but then German Hogens (see Hagens too) use three arrows, a symbol, in my opinion, of the three Kabar / Khazar tribes that made up Hungarians. Three arrows are also in the Brody Crest. That's no coincidence, especially as Brodys were first found in Moray/Moravia while the neighboring Ross clan is known to be from an Andrew. In other words, Brodys trace to the wife of George, son of Andrew.

There are only two arrows in the Knobel Coat, but as they and Hogens were first found in Bavaria, they trace easily to proto-Rothschild Bauers / Bogens. Bavarians are thought to have been Bohemians.

The Yonge / Gowen/Gore wolf design is used in blue by Wolfleys, who use flaunches (curved areas on both sides) with their wolves, a symbol of Nobels. Wolfleys were first found in the same place as Welfs/Wolfs who are traced in their write-up to Hugh D'Avrances. This is one reason why the "Ne te" motto phrase of Mieszko-related Huets can trace to the "nobis nati" motto phrase of two Frank surnames. Scottish Franks are in Wolfley and Nob/Nopp colors, but English Franks use the Pollock saltire, suggesting Nazi's. Both German Frank surnames were first found in Bohemia, and indeed the Mieszko's were early merged with Boleslaw I of Bohemia.

Note that the one German Frank Coat uses the same saltire as Annandale's, for it was mentioned above that Annandale's trace to Anu / Anaki. Now let me repeat from above: "...there is an Anketill surname using the Pollock saltire in the colors of the Arms of Salat (Comminges)." ANKetills look like Anaki, right? Yes, for neighboring Moravia must have been settled by Amorites of Hebron. Right?

The Knobel-like Knowles/Nolls even use what must be a version of the Hebron/HEPburns Coat ("Keep" motto term), begging the question of whether the Keeps / Hepps are a branch of Knobels, etc. Like the Halfs/Helps, who definitely trace to Haifa, German Nolls (Masci wings?) use an hourglass Shield.

It was the Huet- and Nobel-suspect Nede's/Naders/NOELders who were first found in Bohemia.

The "Non nobis nati" motto of Franks is then link-able to the Non/Nevin/Newing surname because it uses the same-colored fesse as Nasi's/Naseau's. The helmet and plumes of feathers, a Herod symbol I'm sure, are used by Navys/Nevays and Nobes'.

English Knapps use helmets in the Coat and "An arm holding a sword by the blade" in the Crest, while Blade's use a grape vine, the image on the back of the coin of Herod Archelaus. On the reverse of that same coin, a helmet with plumes of feathers. German Knapps use what could be the Hogen ' Hagen Shield.

It can be ascertained that "Nevin / Navy" is a Nob / Nobel line. I say that Isaiah 10 predicts the anti-Christ invasion into Old Jerusalem from ancient Nob, a couple of miles north of Jerusalem, now in Arab hands. No sooner did Obama win the election that the Palestinians are officially requesting from the UN the recognition of a Palestinian state in Israel. It was Obama who must have told Palestinians to wait until after the election before he could assist them in that quest. Obama Dunham line is known to trace to Wolflins > Wolfleys, and Nobs/Nopps were first found in the same place as Dunhams.

See the Wolfley / Yonge wolf design in the Irish Gard Coat, and the "toujours" motto term of Yonges in the English Gard motto, for Rodham- and Davis-suspect Wolfins/Waldens use "gward" in their motto.

As I say the David / Davis / Rodham / Wolfin bend is loosely the Misl bend with mouse, I can also suggest that Nobs/Nopps trace with Knobels and Gobels to "Goplo" where the Mouse Tower of SiemoMYSL is located from which Mieszko's originate. French Gobels showed the Masci wing until this year, and their Coat can be reckoned a version of the Lambert Coat / Huet Coat. Italian Gobels use a camel, symbol of Pepins who trace to Popiel at Goplo. Pepins should trace to Apophis/Apepi, the Hyksos pharaoh, and besides all this, something smells more than ever to high Heaven with mouse-suspect Obama.

The French Gobels could just be the same as the Napoli's, in the colors of the Knapp and Natali/Naleto crowns. Somewhere in this update, a many-pointed crown like that of Knapps was seen [re-found it later in the Dutch Neckers suspect as a branch of Celts/Colts]. It could therefore be that both Goplo's Pepinids and Nob's Amorites trace to the wolf lines of the Naples / Avellino area. One can then ask whether Knapps et-al are the apple bloodline.


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