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July 17 - 23, 2012

Petrafied proto-Caesars in Siracuse
They Should be Scared in their Butes of Italy
The Scylla Monster, She-Wolf of the Trypillians

The following explains the mystery of: 1) how Obama could have a Hawaiian birth certificate while not being born in Hawaii or the United States; 2) how Hawaiian officials can claim confidently, as they have, that they possess a birth certificate on Obama. The new evidence indicates that Obama's father was not African. Whaa?

Arpaio's investigation was initiated last October when 250 Maricopa County citizens approached him for help because they believed the electronic document presented by the White House to the American public was a forgery. Arpaio said he went ahead with the probe with the intent of being able to clear the president and put the matter to rest. But he explained the investigation found too many inconsistencies on the birth certificate.

"We also looked into the president's selective service registration card and found that it, too, appeared to be fraudulent," Arpaio said.

...Addressing the coding issue, Zullo explained that the Hawaii Department of Health, which categorized vital information issued at the time of the president's birth, used specific number codes that were written in pencil to transfer information from a paper birth certificate to a database file.

...The codes seen on the document [shown in a photo at the article] issued by the White House are not consistent with the information entered into the various fields, indicating the document has been altered or amended.

In the coding system, the number 9 indicates the information is not stated, meaning there should not be any information in the box in which the number is written.

However, the number 9 can be seen written in pencil next to the fields for "Usual Occupation," "Kind of Business or Industry" and "Race of Father" on Obama's document. Each of those fields are filled with information.

"This proves the document has been tampered with and information has been placed on it," Zullo said.

Sheriff's investigators tracked down the registrar who allegedly signed the White House's birth document, U.K. Lee, who is now 95. She provided information that posed further inconsistencies with the story of Obama's birth at the Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital in 1961....

There's a mystery. Why was Obama's father's race not entered into the original birth certificate?

Apparently, the people who forged the certificate on behalf of Obama didn't know that the penciled-in number 9 was the certificate office's code for "nothing in this box by design." Had they have known, they would have removed the 9 too.

Assuming that the father was an American citizen of Black race, such info may have been left out as trivial, but if Obama's father was Obama Senior, a Black non-American citizen, such info as the race of the father should not under any circumstances be left out. But besides all this, the quotes below suggest that the birth-certificate office in Hawaii has been infiltrated by an international organization seeking methods to Americanize foreign spies and other malicious worms. And that's what Obama looks like, along with many other high-level "bastards" without true mothers and fathers indicated on their official documentation.

What we should expect when we have a criminal Illumi-mafia overseeing Planet Earth, are government agencies creating loop-holes or outright suspicious laws that even children recognize to be wrong, yet the judges of the land protect the loop-holes, and even lubricate the holes when needed, because they are in fear / respect of the Illumi-mafia that demands them. Every child of ten years and up knows that it's wrong to enable Swiss banks not required to report to anyone in the country whether money they handle is illegal or legal.

What other explanation can there be that not one judge in America's highest courts will take on Obama's birth-certificate issue while many citizens / groups have filed officially for seeking a hearing / trial on that issue? What could possibly be wrong with hearing the evidence in court about Obama faking his birth certificate with many government agencies acting as winking parts of the illegal plot? This is not a frivolous issue. Who gives the courts the ability to decide whether a case has merit so that judges can ignore certain illegalities in the land, if for example the Bilderberg Brain deems it frivolous or malicious to proceed with a certain court case? Who created such a loop-hole if not the masters of illegalities? Here's more of the article above:

The investigators...interviewed in person the Hawaii assistant attorney general [no small powder-puff in Hawaiian legal circles]t o verify that the document presented by the White House was the same document on file with the Department of Health...

Investigators said they were troubled to find key information missing on the verification document, including the president's date of birth.

They said they were equally troubled that the deputy attorney general would not confirm on record that the White House document matched what was on file with the health department [the Hawaiian attorney general's office WILLFULLY WOULD NOT say, even with a simple, "yes, of course," that Obama's official birth certificate was identical to the copy of the certificate provided to the public by the Obama people??? Doesn't a ten-year old know that this proves Obama's copy to be altered?]

The national security concerns raised by the investigation are based on Hawaii Revised Statute 338.17.8. which states:

338-17.8 Certificates for children born out of state.

Upon application of an adult or the legal parents of a minor child, the director of health shall issue a birth certificate for such adult or minor, provided that proof has been submitted to the director of health that the legal parents of such individual while living without [outside] the Territory or State of Hawaii had declared the Territory or State of Hawaii as their legal residence for at least one year immediately preceding the birth or adoption of such child [meaning, a Nazi German of any age born in anywhere can get an American citizenship for the purposes of the parent(s) or fake parent(s) or "legal guardian" in advancing his/her internal spy ring].

Arpaio and his investigators said they have deep concerns that the Hawaii Revised Statute is a loophole that makes it possible for foreign born children to illegally establish U.S. citizenship.

..."It appears that in the case of Hawaii law, any person can obtain a birth certificate if any adult or their parents can prove that they resided in Hawaii for one year and paid taxes," he said. "There is no requirement to show that the child itself was actually born in Hawaii or on U.S. soil."

Now we understand. Obama may have a Hawaiian birth certificate, but we have for years been misled to believe that such a thing proves his birth in Hawaii. It might not be important that Obama may have minor technicalities surrounding his birthplace that disallow his right to be the president, but if the issue is altogether one of Illuminati spies seeking to undermine the country, with judges in high places protecting the schemers (some may have received threats), you know that the Illumi-Mafia rules Planet Dearth.

YS just sent in, days after the above was written, to inform me of a new film by Joel Gilbert, Dream from My Real Father:

...I [Joel Gilbert] decided to investigate Frank Marshall Davis. His close physical resemblance to Obama was shocking, while Obama little resembled the Kenyan Obama. How could this be? Next, I unearthed two film archives of Frank Marshall Davis, one from 1973, the other from 1987, as well as Davis' photo collection. I then acquired 500 copies of the Honolulu Record, the Communist run newspaper where Davis wrote a weekly political column for eight years. I also obtained seven indecent photos of Ann Dunham, Obama's mother, taken at Frank Marshall Davis' house, suggesting an intimate connection between Dunham and Davis. I concluded that to understand Obama's plans for America, the question was "Who is the real father?"

...My "Dreams" provides the first cohesive understanding of Obama's deep rooted life journey in socialism. It includes Obama's indoctrination in Marxism by Frank Marshall Davis, his college years, his job as "organizer," his involvement with Project Vote and the subprime mortgage crisis, the Ayers family, Alinsky and Reverend Wright, all the way to his campaigns and Presidency. Dreams from My Real Father is an alternate theory to Barack Obama's autobiography...

First, I make the case that Barack Obama's real father was Communist Frank Marshall Davis. Next, the relationship between Davis and Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, is illustrated with seven indecent photographs of Dunham, some including other women, taken at Frank Marshall Davis' house in Honolulu...

...Another new issue is Obama's likely membership in the May 19th Communist Organization during his time at Columbia University in the early 1980's.

Tim sent in on the recent five earthquakes in Sicily, saying that the location was at and around PETRAcca of Siracuse, an area that's suspect for Seir and Petra elements from Edom. And Tim pointed out some areas around Pertacca that were affected by the quakes: CARPINTeri, BUTERi, CESARo, AUGUSTa, MAZZARino, Mazzarone, Mazzaro, Messina, and SERRA. It was in the current update, written AFTER Tim sent this, that a trace was discussed of mythical Charops, and his identity as Carpathian peoples, to CHARYBdis in the toe of Italy directly across Scylla/Messina. Here we now find Carpinteri (in Siracuse). We might even wonder whether "SiraCUSa" is named in-part after Kos, where Edomites are suspect.

The locations listed above smack of the Butteri who were first found, as Botters, in the same place (Lucca) as the MASSAR and Nero surnames. These locations of Siracuse are all new to me, and they are finding where the BUTTERi lived, whom I had ventured to trace to "BOZRah," the Esau-ite capital of Edom. Moreover, I felt that "Butteri" and "PATRician" were similar enough to be related (actually, I equated the terms and traced both to KilPatricks, first found in Edom-suspect DUMfries), and so I traced the Butteri to the Roman Patricians. Here Tim now find a Pertacca location at the Buteri theater of Seir-suspect Siracuse, where certain areas were also named after Caesar(s). I can't recall when the earthquakes occurred exactly, but they were very near to the day when Carpenters (the surname) became a topic again late in the June 19-25 update (On request from me, Tim wrote back to say that he read about the quakes within a day or two of his email above dated June 27). Reminder: I traced the Carpathian peoples, named after Carpi/Arpi, to Arpad in SYRia, and let's not forget mythical Butes who started swimming from the Argos ship toward the musical Sirens (family of mythical Muses) of Italy / Sicily.

As I told Tim, this doesn't mean that my writings are so important as to require earthquakes to act as signs, but rather God arranged for my Carpenter-Charops-Scylla topic at the time of the quakes, and it led Tim to get us the revelation above, which comes very near the time of introducing the Scylla trace to "Scala" in Patmos. It's tending to verify that Patmos was a Petra location, and that Roman Patricians were from Edom. But Petra is/was in southern Edom, way down in the face of the Exodus. I just sense a connection of the Roman Caesars -- the Biblical dragon -- to the Exodus event. As I said, the house of the Exodus pharaoh was of the house of Mus, which named Moses/Musa/Mousa, and that's the house that I trace to the naming of "PatMOS." This house can then be traced from Messina at Scylla, back to Messene of the Spartans, near Pylos where I trace the Pilate surname.

I had traced the Butteri to ancient "Boscath" in the Hebron / Lachish area of pre-Israel, but only recently found a Bosca location (very suspect with the Bush / Bosch bloodline) next to Saluzzo in Cuneo, where a Messina line had evolved (without doubt) into the Masci surname. But the Lucca location of the Massar surname now suggests that this place was from "Lachish." The cat used in the Lucca Coat is conspicuous with "Boscath" and "CADmus." The line forming the green ground in the Lucca Coat was, until recently, identical in shape to the one in the Massar Coat.

The Sauer/Saier lion is not only standing on green ground too, but it's the lion exactly (at this time anyway), colors included, of the Spanish Serra/Serrano lion. It's suggesting that the Sauers/Saiers, said to be from the Sava river, trace to Serra in the Siracuse area, and it just so happens that there is a Ragusa location there that was the alternative name of a Laus location on the Illyrian coast, home of the SARAcas whose white-on-blue fish I trace to the Cadmus-Harmonia Boiotians out of Butua/Budva, not far north from a Bar location on the same Illyrian coast. The Lucca surname was first found in BARleta (Italy), and then Bars of Bar-le-Duc (in the MOSelle theater of France) use white-on-blue fish that I say became the white-on-blue fleur-de-lys of the Bush and Bosch Coats.

Looking between the paws of the two lions (facing one another) in the Massar Coat, you see a white area looking like a pine / Christmas tree, a symbol, essentially, of the Maschis of Rimini (who use pine cones). Pines trace to mythical Atti(s), sun god of the Galli priesthood, and then Tim pointed out Gallina and Galerno locations affected by the quakes, which could apply to the Galli priesthood, a very interesting idea where Julians trace back to the Galli, and forward to Guillestre beside Aosta, where I trace the house of Este that bars belonged to.

The Galli were metal makers, and then Tim also mentions FARO Superiore in his list of quake areas, which may not only lead to the Ferrari bloodline, from the Ferrara area ruled by the House of Este, but to the establishment of the Pharisees...whom I've traced in the past by various means to the Hyksos / Exodus PHARaoh. As I trace the household of that pharaoh to the Halybes -- to make this short -- "pharaoh" and "fer(rari)" could be related iron terms. One can link the Ferrara area of northern Italy to Messina in Sicily be various methods, one being Modena near Ferrara, which traces to "Methoni" in Messene of the Greeks.

Thus, the Cadmus Tyrians (later the Rhea - Zeus cult) can be gleaned in the Ragusa / Siracuse / Messina area of Sicily, though Cadmus was originally a Gileki - Cadusii alliance from the Mus area of Lake Van. The Nairi Nahorites and Buzites included. And these Armenians named the Germans, out of which came the Gileki-honoring Nazis, runners up, in all probability, to the future anti-Christ. In the second chapter of my Ladon book, when nothing about Hitler was on my mind:

Behold that [mythical] Gor [brother of Nor of Norway] had two sons, Heiti and Beiti, and these reflect Nahor's first two sons, Uwts and Buwz, (i.e. Uz and Buz). The Hebrew-Bible form of "Uz" is "Uwts," pronounced "oots." The Hebrew-Bible form of "Buz" is "Buwz" (Strong's dictionary #938), pronounced "booz."

Heiti and Beiti therefore give the impression that the first-born of Nahor led to the Hiedler/Hitler bloodline, especially if Hitlers trace to the Budini. I've shown many reason to link Hitlers to Stewart Alans and Pollocks, and the Boyd-branch Alans trace well to the Budini. The Uts bloodline can also be suspect in the Oettingens because they are Bavarians, home of many Nazi factions. Besides, I tentatively trace Thule-Society Nazis to Talbots, and the Oettingens use a talbot in Crest. But Oettingens also use what looks like the Arthur Coat "rest", and for me Arthurs are DEFINITELY, as of the last update, indication of the Herod bloodline.

If you did not read late into the last update, on the discovery of the bloodlines from Herod Antipas the Tetrarch, it is recommended that your go there. Just use your Find feature for "MacHerod."

Herod Antipas' sons were found in the Campbells, who use the gyronny symbol of Gironde, the area in Aquitaine to which Herod Antipas was banished from Israel. It just so happens that the Campbell gyronny is in the colors of the Ottingers, first found in Bavaria. It shouldn't be surprising to find that Gor and Nor of Norway linked to Odin of Sweden, and of course the latter is suspect in the Oettingen line of Nahorites. The last update touched on a KEMPten location of Bavaria. The following was part of the last update, written before I had even started or conceived the Herod Antipas section:

Moving on now to the Allgau topic again, let's not forget that "ALLgau" is suspect as an Alan Hun entity and could thereby explain Pollock bloodliners at Allgau...which elements have just been revealed as Oettingens. The next piece has been sitting waiting for publication for some weeks now: "Allgau (Kempten is the capital) is on the Lech river. Kemps are in Campbell colors." While Campbells/Cammells trace to the Pepin camel, it just so happens that Odins/Hoddys use the Pepin horse, and besides, Pepins were traced big-time to the Swabia theater back when Swabia was the topic. The point is, the Odin/Hoddy horse is tracing Oettingens to Allgau's capital city, KEMpten, which is expected where Oettingens are defined as Uat-cult CHEMites, for I trace them to Camulodunum.

I was apparently all over the Herods of Bavaria without realizing it. Or, at least, I was on the Campbell bloodline that merged at some point with the Antipas line, a merger not expected in the modern era, but even before the Meschins of the Bessin. The gyronny symbol, and therefore the Garonne / Gironde area, was traced to Ranulf-Meschin de Gernon, and the Gernons are the ones who use a "CyFOETH" motto term as code for Foetes/Fussen on the Lech...where Allgau / Kempton are located.

For those who didn't read the last update, Campbells are said to derive in MacArthurs, who are plainly the line of Herod Antipas. These Herods can now trace easily to German Harts (Bavaria), for the mythical hart is a red stag used by the MacCarthys/MacARTHYs.

While pondering what other surnames the above may have morphed into, "MacAr" came to mind, and looking up "Maker," what do you know but that the Macks/Makes in Arthur colors, and first found in the same place (Berwickshire) as Arthurs, came up. It apparently uses the Masci / Messina bend (all three bends go up from left to right). The Macks/Makes bend shows stars in the colors of the Hiedler/Hitler / Bauer / Alan stars, important because we are in the midst of tracing Hiedlers/Hitlers to Herods of the Oettingen flock.

It's fine to ask where the Nahorites of the Ukraine may have met up with Herods from the Garonne area, but the answer came out in the last update when Herods traced north to Normandy, with Brittany on the way. It's known here at the Tribwatch Discovery Channel that Nahorites were in Dol of Brittany...possibly as far back as the Attila invasion into France. That would have given the Herods of the Garonne area 400 years to migrate north to Brittany, where also the proto-Pollocks had found there way.

If I didn't quite make the Herod link to Pollocks in the last update, the Scottish hart Coat alone, using the same colored saltire as Pollocks, can do the trick in one feller swoop. In fact, the Hart saltire has a central treFOIL that I trace to the Feller > Fuller line of proto-Pollocks. There must have been a reason that, of all the clans to honor in Scotland's Argyll area, the Herods chose to use the Pollock saltire (in the colors of the Herods/Hurls of Argyllshire). Or, perhaps it was the other way around, that Pollocks uses the colors of the Herods/Hurls for honoring them.

It was in the last update that the Roman line to Pontius Pilate was broken wide open thanks to Pollocks leading the way. You can understand here that Herods of Israel may have been in cahoots with the Pilate line. On his last earthly day, Jesus was interviewed by Pontius Pilate as well as by Herod Antipas.

It was interesting in the last update when the Valentinian line of Romans was found at Vinkovci (near the Sava). It was that very line to which Pollocks traced hard. It just so happens that the Arms of Vinkovci use storks, the symbol given to the Oettingens. I don't yet know why the stork symbol was given to that line, though I do know it leads to the Odins/Hoddys of Storkhouse, and I do know that the "Audacter" motto term of Pollocks (or are they Herods?) is for the fret-using Hoods and Audleys, who smack of the Oettingen > Odin/Hoddy line now under the magnifying glass for a check of traces of Uts blood.

The Odin/Hoddy lion is in the colors of the "Jewish" Pollock (or are they Herods?) bend, and it's getting interesting that Odins/Hoddys were first found in Yorkshire. We might imagine that the most "sacred" Herod line of all was that of the "Jewish" Harts, who, aside from their Zionist star, use a central besant on a blue Shield, the color of the besant in the York Coat. The Yorks use "Nec" twice as code for the Neckar river (Swabia) that flows by HEIDELberg. Biblically, "Nahor" was "Nachor." Neckar-incidence? Possibly. But then why is there a Hebrew-suspect Eberbach just upriver from Heidelberg? Or, why is the Neckar in Baden, smacking of the Budini?

Mythical Heiti and Beiti, suspect as the Uts-and-Buz-line Nahorites. Even if vikings had more space in their heads than brains, they were able to make words rhyme, but don't ask them to recite poetry. These terms didn't come out of empty space; they belonged to something. I don't yet know why Gor was paired with Nor; perhaps the vikings didn't know anything but to make words rhyme because they couldn't remember what the five vowels were. I have asked whether Gor was a Gar term that links to such lines as Hares/Garrys. In any case, entering "Heidt" gets the Heidler Coat, and there is also a Heidt/Heidi/Hagelsheimer surname first found in Bavaria. Then, if we are already suspecting Esau elements in this picture, see the black boar on a red Shield in the Bait/Beith Coat.

Moreover, the Bait/Beith Crest and motto shows a green dragon and "fortuna," while the Gaines/Keaveney Crest and motto show the Hiedler/Hitler griffin (identical design) in green and "fortis." Why should the Hitlers use the enfield griffin of the Gaines/Keaveneys? Perhaps we should ask the Kellys, for they use the Gaine/Keaveney Coat, Crest and motto. If the Kellys aren't telling, we could ask the green dragon of the Crichtons, for as they use the same green dragon head as Baits/Beiths, while Crichtons use the blue-on-white lion of Bute that was owned by Rorys of Bute, we are tracing the Beiths to Bute, where the Boyds = Budini lived, and where we should expect some heavy-duty Herod blood of the Hiedler/Hitler = Uts kind.

Does this mean that Gor and Nor were reciting poetry on Bute? It's a little suspicious that the Gores/Cores use the same crosslets, in the same colors, as the English Gaines/Engains. Who and what were these Gaines/Engains, using the colors of the Enfields and Baits/Beiths?

In the last update, O'Rourks were brought to bear as the Varangian line of Rurik and Harald, at which time it was suspect that Harolds had been named after Herods, as for example the Herods/Hurls of Argyllshire are properly, "Harold." "Rourk" and "Rory" are identical names, and moreover Rurik founded Kiev. I have been mentioning recently the "namers of Kiev" without knowing who they were. I now trace the Gaines/KEAVeneys to the Rory lion, while French Gaines/Gagneys use the gyronny symbol of the Herods!!!

That gyronny is in the colors of the English Gaines/Engains and the Enfields, and then the latter were first found in the same place (Berkshire) as Windsor castle, while English Gaines/Engains use crosslets in the same style and colors of the Windsor crosslets. And the Windsor saltire is in the colors of the Oettingen saltire, which is not coincidental because the Other/Oder write-up tells that Windsors derived from them: "First found in Huntingdon where they held a family seat from very ancient times, and are believed to be descended from the celebrated Castellan of Windsor, William FitzOther, son of Otherus, the Duke of Lombardy, the great Norman land owner at the time of the Conquest, who was also scion of the Fitzgeralds, the Gerards and the Windsors. The Clan proliferated in east Yorkshire, Nottingham, Lincoln and Derby." English Gaines/Engains were likewise first found in Huntingdon.

The Windsors have been identified with the UTHER Pendragon cult that gave birth to king Arthur, the point being that this cult was the Herod Antipas line. I could bring up a long set of evidences to prove that Windsors were the Arthurian cult, but I'll spare myself the work here. Note that the Other bend is the Arms of Baden, for Others/Oders, like the Oettingens, are suspect as a line from Uts while Baden is suspect from the Budini named after Buz. Fields, who I'm assuming were part with the Enfields, use an engrailed chevron in the colors of the Pendragon chevron, and were first found in Yorkshire, the home of the Oettingen > Odin line to Storkhouse.

Odins are said to have been in Gisburn too, and then Gisburns (Yorkshire) use a garb, as do the Arms of Yorkshire, the Arms of Gascony, and the Fields. I've traced the Oettingen saltire and the Gisburns to Gascony for years, but learned only in the last update that Herods had merged with the Euskals, the namers of Gascony. Reminder: the Oettingen vair fur = kettle hats belongs fundamentally to Euskal-suspect Haskels. Interesting here is that Gisburns use their garb in the colors of the Herods/Hurls and Pollocks (or were they Herods?).

We now have cause to scrutinize every surname that uses the vair fur, and may even suppose that Vairs / Veres were Herod bloodliners. But truly, if all the truth be known, Herod bloodliners are all over my writings still unbeknown to you and I. How they must have disguised themselves throughout the Christian centuries. Harold who? Oh, you mean just Harold

The Oettingen saltire is on a Shield filled with "vair fur," which in Bavaria is called "kettle hats." At least, the Pappenheims of Bavaria use the kettle hats, and Pappenheims must have been Pepins who use the Nahorite camel (and the Odin/Hoddy horse) that links to the Cammell variation of Herod-liner Campbells. In the last update, the Herods of the Campbell theater were linked to the Askil-and-similar septs of McLeods, at which time the vair fur of the Haskels was shown. The Haskel write-up discloses that the surname is also AsKETILL/AnKETILL. We get it, right? The Oettingen Herod line links to the Haskel Herod line, speaking of the Euskals = Basques that lived in Aquitaine.

The idea that Esau-ites and Ishmaelite Hebrews in the form of Nazis would oppose the state of Israel and its Zionism is a no-brainer. But leaving that horror behind us, let's focus on what the future holds for both Israel and "fundamentalist" 666-rejecting Christians. The Rockefellers appear at this time to be some of our worst global-scope enemies.

The Beatys were first found in ROXburghshire, and I traced that place to "Roxolani" Alans, and in the meantime realized that Neuri- and Budini-branch Nahorites had been fundamentally merged with Alans of the Roxolani theater...not far from where the city of Kiev would develop. Alans > Stewarts had by that time been traced (by me) in multiple ways to the Nahorite wolf line. Why do Beths use "DebonNAIRE" as their motto?

Wikipedia's Roxolani article: "The Roxolani...were a Sarmatian people, who are believed{by whom?} to be an off-shoot of the Alans. Their first recorded homeland lay between the Don [= Tanais] and Dnieper rivers; they migrated in the 1st century BC toward the Danube, to what is now the Baragan steppes in Romania." One click later, and we can read: The "The Baragan bounded on the south and east by the Danube, and in the North by the Buzau..." One click on the latter term, and we find: "Buzau is a river in eastern Romania, tributary of the Siret River." Isn't it true that Seir and the Biblical Ladon dragon are one, and out of Bozrah?

Why is Sarajevo in the Bosnia theater? Isn't that Seir and Buz together? Why were Alans SAURomatians? Why does the Sau river flow through Bosnia? Why is the Sauer/Saier surname, said to be from the Sau river, a red-on-white lion, the color of the Russell lion? What Rus were these? The Roxolani were named after "Ros," apparently (but not to be identified with the Redone > Varangian Rus unless they were a distant branch).

I traced the Redone Rus back to Syria's Arpad/Arados, but I also gleaned that Arad in Romania was from that latter place. Then, smack at the Black-sea shore near Buzau, there were the Arpii/Carpi, though they had also moved to the Danube river very near BUDA(pest). Chances are, the Redone Rus of France came to the Kiev theater near Buzau to be with their ancient Rus cousins from Arpad/Arados.

Why do Keeps use the Arms of Baden? Because Zahringers (Seir suspects) and Veringens of Baden were Varangian-Rus (i.e. the Redone Ris) elements, the ones who moved to Kiev before co-founding Moscow. It's the Varangians who are fundamental dragon-line hoars. It is they who make alliances with every dark cesspool. It's they who pillage the earth by every piracy method attainable. It's they whom the Lord must restrain, until the Day that He comes with his Iron Rod to correct the planet from centuries of suffering mental and spiritual disease. Did you happen to see the mace in the Arms of Buzau?

By what coincidence does "Bush" evoke Buz while Bush's use the black Esau boar? Didn't the Carpi name the Carpathian mountains in Romania? By what coincidence did Otto Skorzeny admit on his deathbed that George H.W. Bush was George H. Scherff while the Carp surname (shows no Coat, drats) is also "Carpff"?

When we saw the Hitlers (enfield griffin) trace to the tower of the Kiev-suspect Gaines/Keaveneys (enfield griffin), we also saw that their tower linked to the Moratin tower, which is used by many clans, including the Scharfs and Towers (enfield griffin). In fact, the Scharf tower is in the colors of the Tower tower. The Harp(er) motto uses "fortis," the Gaine/Keaveney motto term, but then the Harp(er) motto also uses "Suavis," smacking of the Sau/Sava river and/or it's elements.

The Hitlers therefore trace strongly to the same Rus that put forth Arpad Hungarians. Again, on-shore of Arpad/Arados (a small island) in Syria there is an Arpad-founded Tartus location where the Russians have their only foreign naval base. Obama and friends are threatening to take it away from Russia by toppling Assad. There is coming a time when the Restrainer will no longer restrain the Rus dragon, when the god of war will prevail and pillage all of God's enemies, when the battle lines will be drawn in the sands of the Middle East, until Hell bursts forth from the rocks to signal the New Time of Correction, at the Time of Disclosure and Exposure.

Romania is TranSYLVANia, and then the French Silvan surname shows Sauv-using variation. English Silvans then use a green dragon in Crest, suggesting linkage to the green Gaine/Keaveney enfield. The head of the Silvan dragon looks like the one in the Bait/Beith Crest, and then recalling how Gagne-related Gaines had been traced fortuitously to Gogi of the Kikon > Cycnus kind, see that the Silvan list of variations shows: Cuckney, Cucknay, and Cukney.

While Drakes use a red wyvern, the Draco/Drago/Dragoni Coat uses a green wyvern (the green wyvern is used by Scherf-related WILKins who smack of Scherf-related WALKers and Walch's). Perhaps the Droege surname of the Harper-circle neo-Nazi applies. The Draco/Drago surname was first in Genoa (not far from Draguignan in Var).

This would be a good place to record the "ungue" motto term of Genes/Ganays, for Yonges use "jeune" while Gants/Gens (Languedoc) are also shown as "Jean/Gean." It could be tracing mythical Juno from the Oeneus tributary of the Sava through to Genoa, Geneva, Ghent...and other Veneti entities.

Julie Just Tripped Over Something

Julie wrote in on the Trypillians of the Ukraine, who smack to me of the Trabys there, and of the Traby trace I make from Poland to Polabia, where German Trips/Treffs lived...whom I've identified with Roquefeuils of the Rodez area of France, where Ruthenians lived that also lived in the western part of the Ukraine, exactly where Trabys/Sadowskis were first found. Hmm.

Julie asked in that very email where the Roxolani lived in the Ukraine theater. Shouldn't the Roquefeuils have been named in-part after Roxolani, and in-part after the same Fell entity that named the Treff variation of Trips? Ask the heraldic trefoil that Roquefeuil lines use.

In short, the Trips appear to be named after Trypillia, and Trip relations are suspect from that area too, the whole of which is now suspect as the 666 bloodline from Amazons of the Thermodon area. I can see hints at Wikipedia that Trypillians were the Trabzon/Thermodon Amazons that Herodotus spoke of, who became the Alan-related Sarmatians, wherefore the Alan-related RoxoLANI are to be expected in that migration to the north side of the Black sea.

In the article on the religion of Trypillians, there is a definite goddess theme, which can be expected of Amazons, for they were given a female theme to the extreme. Herodotus said that Amazons of Thermodon did not keep husbands, but instead mated with neighboring Gargarians for the purpose of childbirth, and then did not keep the husbands with them. I don't know how literal we can take Herodotus in this, or, if correct, how extensive or wide-spread the practice was. You can read in the Trypillian article that only woman were buried under the floors of Trypillian houses, not men. In fact, the remains of the Trypillian men are said to be mysterious, not to be found in local graveyards. If I recall correctly, some Amazon women were likened by Herodotus unto black widow spiders, killing their husbands after mating with them.

In the article, we read that Trypillian women were painted on vases with a "double-triangle" design otherwise called, "hourglass." Two triangles making contact at two points easily morph into the HEXagram, later to become the Zionist star that easily traces to Rockefellers and other Rus lines such as Rothes. As Julie knows, the Ukraine's Ruthene were a Rus peoples. I'm emphasizing HEXagram here not just for its representation of the number 6, but because the Romanians call the Trypillian area by another name, "CUCETeni." It smacks of mythical HECate/KEKET, the frog goddess that was in Colchis (where Gargarians lived) that I trace to "HECTor" and his mother, HECuba/HECabe. This trace of the Cuceteni-Trypillian culture to Trojans jibes with my trace of Thermodon / Mazaca Amazons to the formation of Mysians and the Mysian-rooted Hector Trojans...whom in myth were linked to Helen, Spartan wife of Agamemnon's Spartan "brother." We read in the article that the figurines of Trypillians had black-painted heads (not likely a symbol of Negroids), evoking Spartan artwork using black-painted people. Moreover, in Trojan-war myth, there is blatant sign that both Trojans and the Agamemnon Spartans practiced parent-willing, daughter sacrifices, yet another female emphasis. The child-sacrificing SEPHARvites are coming to mind as part of the Trypillian religion.

The daughter sacrifices of the Spartans / Trojans were portrayed in myth with the burning of ships, along with the daughters, for ceremonial reasons. The Trypillian article not only suggests cremation for ceremonial reasons, but suggests that these peoples had the odd practice of burning their entire towns every human lifetime or so. Fire would have been their religious symbol. As Artemis, an Amazon goddess likely named after THEMIScya on the Thermodon, was definitely worshiped on the north side of the Black sea, one guess is that Trypillians worshiped Artemis or a form thereof. The Artemis-worshipping Hyperboreans are also coming to mind.

I happened to trace Trabys / Trips of Polabia from Lusatia / Silesia, where the Spree river runs. It just so happens that the Spree Coat uses what could be construed as a double-triangle. Moreover, Sprees (in Glass colors) use the same-colored crescents as Speers, who were first found in Renfrew, where GLASgow sits. Then, there is an hourglass shape between the wings of the "Jewish" Glass Coat (Fulk wings in the colors of "Jewish" Pollocks). The Trypillian figurines were painted red where they were not painted black, and red is the overwhelming color of the surnames in this paragraph, as well as the color of the English Trip and German Trip/Treff Shield. The latter Coat uses a BOOT (once shown as the French Massey boot), and then the Scottish Glass surname was first found in BUTEshire. Reminder: English Masseys use the Gorgon symbol of Pegasus, and are traced by me to Mazaca's Amazons, who married GARGarians.

I'm not saying that the Glass bloodline was named after the hourglass symbol of Trypillians, but that only the Glass variation of the bloodline may have been so named. In other words, perhaps the Glass bloodline created the Glass variation just as per the "hourglass" term that came to be used with the double triangle. To clinch the hourglass as a Glasgow / Glass symbol, it is in the Crest of the Houstons, first found in Renfrew. Even the figurine shown at the article is of a 36-24-36 shapely female i.e. as much into the shape of the hourglass as possible. And the Glass Crest has a female goddess, which I call Melusine (though I've yet to find another source calling her such).

Houstons are, remember, a Stewart bloodline, and Stewarts trace to Trabys, as does the Pollock bugle. Pollocks and Stewarts also trace to Hungarians, of the Rus-Andrew kind in the Ruthenian part of the Ukraine, where Trabys/Sadowskis were first found. That area of the Ukraine included MOLDavia, and it just so happens that an upright red-on-white lion, the symbol also of English Stewarts, is used by the Mold surname. It's not likely correct that the Mold surname was a variation of "Monte Alto," as the Mold write-up suggests, though I'm not disputing that the surname was from lords of Monte Alto. I'm feel sure that the Molds (also "Maud") -- of Cheshire -- were the line of Robert D'Avrances of Macey as it merged with Dol Alans. You need to see the GEL term in the quote below before I explain the Glass bloodline to the Trypillians:

Robert d' Avranches [Hugh D'Avrances cousin], who held the fief of Macey, south of Avranches (Loyd, 'Origins', pp. 11-12); who married, firstly, a daughter of Gelduin de Dol, and, secondly, MAUD de Monville [could be a Monte Alto settlement] , daughter of William d'Arques and Beatrix Malet, daughter of William Malet and Hesilia Crispin.

I traced the Gileki/Gels of ancient times to the Glass bloodline. Wikipedia has a swastika article showing a jewel with a swastika found from the ancient land of the Gileki, which for me explains what Hitler's mother was a Glassl surname. The point now is from the Trypillian article: "Stefan Cucos, who discovered the artifact, included other symbols discovered at Ghelaisti, including snake-like depictions, the cross-shape of altars, and swastika designs..." Why an archeologist with a Cucos surname digging up the Cuceteni area??? And did you catch the name of the site where the swastika designs were found: at GHELAISti...which is surely the GLASS bloodline.

I did trace the Gileki to the Glaucus snake that I say was one of the two snakes on the Hermes caduceus, and here we find snake designs along with the swastikas. Can we imagine how much more the Masons have known about these Trypillians that they aren't disclosing to us in an open way? The article then mentions, "Hungarian archaeologist Janos Makkay..." You see, I think the Masons are funding, often with our hard-earned money, the archeological digs that concerns their own bloodline history.

As we are tracing to the Hermes snakes here, let me share what Julie said in her email:

...Do not forget the ancient Trypilians. Today's Ukrainian and Romanian nationalists keep lauding the folks they call Trypilians...I even saw one tome that had Jesus being a Trypilian.

As far as I can make out, there were three distinct Ukraines. of L'vov or L'viv...had large and prosperous Armenian community .... and it looks as though some of my ancestors were of this Armenian community.

The third Ukraine is sometimes called 'Ruthenia.' I've read where men and women of this area did not like to be called 'Ukrainians' but preferred being known as 'Ruthenians.' This group lived on slopes of Carpathian mountains...

Here's the Trypillian article, by the way:

Ghelaisti is near of Piatra Neamt in Romania, where we find a location by the name of, Roman, at the mouth of the Moldava river. The Ukrainian Roman/Romanov surname comes to mind. The city is sometimes just Piatra, meaning "rock," in which case we may have found the Roxolani line to Roquefeuils, or perhaps even the 666 line back to Patmos. After all, Scala is on Patmos, and the English Trips use a ladder = scala. Moreover, recall the trace of Stewarts and Pollocks to "Wallace " and "Walch," for the Walch's had recently linked to 666-suspect Crows who traced to Chora on Patmos. It just so happens that the Moldavia area around Piatra of Neamt province is paired with neighboring Wallachia, also known as Vlach, Blach, Bloc, evoking the Pollocks/Polks. Suddenly, thanks to Julie's email so timely, the trace of "Pollock" to "Wallace" and "Glass" in the last update is showing correct in this way.

It's fully expected for the Stewart line to trace to the crow symbol, and so see that the flag of Wallachia uses a raven! I'll record here that the raven is on a juniper tree (for reasons I don't know) as per an original symbol of Michael the Brave. From that page one can click to a report on the flag of Moldavia, where we see one design using an ox head surrounded by crosslets, all in the colors of the Trip Coats, one of which likewise uses crosslets in Moldavia-crosslet colors.

So what do we have here in Ghelaisti and rocky Piatra, if not the Geloni partners with the Roxolani, where we would expect the Budini that trace to the Boyd-Stewarts of Bute, where the Scottish Glass surname was first found? Some variations of Piatra, such as Piatra lui Craciun / Karacson-Ko, smack of the Carricks on Bute's mainland, who use symbols in the colors of the goat in the Arms of Piatra Neamt. "Carrick" in Britain often means, "rock." The Carrick Crest is even an ostrich, in white, the colors of the Traby ostrich feathers. The Kerricks use a so-called "calTROP" (finally, that term finds some identification) and a "paratus" motto term, very evocative of "Piatra" and the Trypillians thereof. The Drops'/Tropes (Shield filled with drops) could apply to whom the heraldic drop symbol seems to trace.

I even trace the Kerrick caltrop to a similar symbol used by Priestlys/Presleys, who in turn use two symbols of the Abreus (had a capital at TERAMO), who were proto-Bruces that we find in the Carrick write-up. One Abreu / Priestly symbol is a white tower on red, the color of the "Stephen's tower" in the Arms of Piatra Neamt. The Portuguese Abreus use the Fulk wings (in the colors of the Trips et-al), symbol also of "Jewish" Glass'. The significance here must be the common trace of Carricks (part of line with Bruce's to Randolphs of Moray), Glass' and Abreus' to Aphrodite on the Mures river of Romania. Moreover, I trace proto-Romans of the Silva kind to "TranSYLVania" (later Romania), and Romans of the Mars-Aphrodite kind to Sabines and Marsi in the land of Abruzzo.

There was a mythical Dryops who was linked to a Teramo- / Thermodon-like location:

A son of the river-god Spercheius, by the Danaid Polydora (Anton. Lib. 32), or, according to others, a son of Lycaon (probably a mistake for Apollo) by Dia, the daughter of Lycaon [= mythical wolf], who concealed her new-born infant in a hollow oak tree (drus; Schol. ad Apollon. Rhod. i. 1283; Tzetz. ad Lycoph. 480). The Asinaeans in Messenia [same as Messene] worshipped him as their ancestral hero, and as a son of Apollo, and celebrated a festival in honour of him every other year. His heroum there was adorned with a very archaic statue of the hero. (Paus. iv. 34. 6.) He had been king of the Dryopes, who derived their name from him, and were believed to have occupied the country from the valley of the Spercheius and THERMOpylae, as far as Mount Parnassus. (Anton. Lib. 4; Hom. Hymn. vi. 34.)

2. There are two other mythical personages of this name. (Hom. Il. xx. 454; Dict. Cret. iv. 7; Virg. Aen. x. 345.)

Artemis (Apollo's twin sister) of the north-sea coast had a throne made of wolf fur. It could begin to appear that Trypillians were Dryopians, symbolized by the oak that could trace to JOKtan, ancestor of Sepharvites. Did you notice Dryop's mother, "PolyDORA," likely the Doris (with an 'i') of the Nereids as it led to Poly-suspect Pollux, brother of Alan-suspect Helen. After all, mythical Dorus (with a 'u') was son to Hellen and brother to Aeolus, husband of Enarete who smacks of "Nerthus" (earth-mother goddess easily trace-able to female theme of Trypillians), whom I identify with "Nereid." Nerthus appeared in the first century in the Germo-Danish area of the Trips.

On the Dryopians: "According to Herodotus, they had once lived in a place called Dryopis , later known as Doris. They were driven out by the Malians (and supposedly Heracles), some of the refugees making their way to Ermioni. Some also ended up at Styria in Euboea, Kythnos, and Asine in Messenia." The batch at Messene seem very dragon relevant in a trace to the Mieszko-Traby fold.

Piatra Neamt was apparently a Dacian location: "Excavations just outside the city revealed the ruins of a large Dacian city, Petrodava, mentioned by Greek geographer Ptolemy in the 2nd century." Perhaps we'll get more on this location later as to how it may trace to Patmos, even Petra, elements, but for now I'm stuck on Peter Pollock, an early Pollock patriarch whom we will see either later in this update, or the next, as per some new revelations (concerns the Valentinian line) on his house in Moray / Rothes. The Rothes house must link to Rothesay, the early name of Bute. One of the Rothe(s) surnames uses a raven/crow that I'm tracing to Wallachia and other raven-using places of that area. The Shropshire Rothes use the lion design of the Musts/Muschats. Musat-incidence? My whiskers are telling me, no, it's not a fat chance. There's quite a few Peters (and a couple of Romans) in the Bogdan-Musat family tree. Who are the Musats? Read on.

Irish Rothes use the MacCarthy stag, as well as the Maxwell (of ROXburghshire) stag in laying-down position, and then MacCarthys lived in MUSkerry. As Muskerry traces to Nairi=Nahorite Armenia, what about those Nahorites, Budini, and Roxolani of the Trypillian theater under discussion, who must trace, not just to Stewart-beloved Bute, but to the Nahor- and Budini-suspect Alans of Shropshire, where the Rothes were first found?

I recently touched upon the Bug rivers (one south of L'viv, the other north of L'viv) that Herodotus labeled as home of the Neuri. The discussion led to the water bougets of the Bugs surname, and here we now find that Stephen "the Great," symbol of Piatra Neamt, of the Musat dynasty, was also of the BOGdan dynasty? Therefore, if the Musats trace to the Rothes of Shropshire, while Musats were rulers of MOLDavia, isn't the Mold lion the Stewart lion in colors reversed?

Peter Pollock was commissioned (by William the Lion) to build a castle at Moray, albeit I'm reading that his barony of Rothes was in Aberdeenshire. The Rothes castle went to a daughter of Peter with a Maros-like name, and then one of the wives of Stephen the Great was Marusca. Couldn't that have been the Mures-river Khazar connection that gave the Scottish Stewarts their Cohen-colored checks?

Suddenly, the Staufers, Stivers, Stephensons, and Staffords, all of which I trace to Stewarts, can trace to Stephen the Great of Moldavia, whereas I recently found good reason for a trace to king Stephen of Hungary. It's a toss-up, but then some may trace to the one Stephen while others go to the other.

I had traced Bugs some years back to Bogens of Bavaria, and considered them the root of Bowers / Bauer. The Pollock Shield is thought by me to be the Bower and Bauer Shield leading to ROTHSchilds (as Pollocks are now tracing to CHILDeric, "RothsCHILD" may not be a red-shield term as we are commonly told, but a Rothes-Childeric one; Childs use a red shield). I now find that Bogdans (Huntingdon) use a Shield split in green and white, suggesting links to both Bogens and Scottish Bowers/Beauers. The Bug Crest is a bat, symbol of the Moray Randolphs whom will later be proven to be a branch of Rothes (or, if you want some of the proof now, see the Ruths/Rothers/Randolps of Moray), explaining why Obama's mother, from the Randolph line, was a Rockefeller employee (not my idea).

The Bugs were first found in the same place (Nottingham) as, and are in the colors of, ShakeSPEARes, and I'll bet the spear in the Bogdan Crest applies. The Bogdan description: A lion's paw holding a spear. The Paws, both of them, use peacocks, and Peacocks (also using the peacock) are a Pollock sept. While the Dutch Paw peacock is in the colors of the Pollock saltire, the German paws are also "Pauker," much like the Polk/Poke/Poock variations of Pollocks. The German Paw chevron is, in my estimation at this time, the Walch / Moreton chevron. German Paws were first found in Baden, where I've traced the bat in the Randolph Crest.

German Bugs/Buggens were first found in the same place (Hamburg) as Trips, which is further support that Bugs trace to the Bug river in the vicinity of Trypillia. I don't know exactly where the Trypillians lived centrally, but their Piatra-Neamt location is about 100 miles from the Southern Bug, where Herodotus had the Neuri.

Back to the idea that "RothsCHILD" is in honor of Childeric, or at least of the Child surname. The Child/Chill chevron is colors reversed to the Paw chevron, and we just saw cause to link Paws to the Bauer > Rothschild line. The Child/Chill chevron is link-able directly (or nearly so) to the Hebron chevron because the latter lived at CHILLingham. The Hebron motto shows "Keep Tryst," part of which I trace to the namers of Kiev, and part of which I've traced to the Tyrst/Trist surname using a "TREPidum" motto term.

I've just noted at Wikipedia's Pollock article that the motto uses "Audaciter," while houseofnames shows "Audacter." As corroboration that Pollocks were Wallaces: "The [Pollock] clan can trace its origin to Fulbert "the Saxon", a vassal knight of Walter fitz Alan from Oswestry, Shropshire, England. One of Walter fitz Alan's followers was a Richard Wallace of Oswestry, of whom Fulbert would've likely been aware...The family name is retained in placenames such as Pollok, Pollokshields and Pollokshaws, all situated to the south side of the River Clyde, between Glasgow city centre and Paisley." "Clyde" evokes "Chlodio," the Salian king who passed Frank royalty to Childeric, the first Merovingian. The Clyde surname, which may link to the Cloud variation of McLeods, was first found in Ayrshire, next to Renfrew and where Carricks were first found who are now tracing not-bad to Piatra Neamt.

Interesting here is that Chlodio was from Thuringia, where Childeric got his bee-suspect wife, Basina. The Salians lived at the mouth of the Rhine, where the BATAVI(ans) lived who trace solidly in my mind to MEROWE/Meroe, also called, BEDEWE, in what is now Sudan. I trace them from mythical MEROPS of Ethiopia to mythical Merops of Kos, a bee entity, meaning that mythical Merovee, a father of Childeric and successor to Chlodio, traces to the same Kos elements as do Salians to which Chlodio belonged. It suggests, amongst other things, that Chlodio was related to Basina. Chlodio's wife is even listed as a Basina of Thuringia. The interesting part is where "Thuringia" traces to "Thurii" (in the arch of Italy), where Herodotus came to live after being born and raised near Kos.

It's interesting also because we are in the midst of tracing the Amazon > Sarmatian line that was Herodotus' personal subject of research. The last time Herodotus of Thurii was emphasized (June, I think), his line was traced both the Hart-related Herods of Germany, and to Caesar lines.

Julie reminded me not to forget the plausible trace of "Chlodio" to "Claudius," the Julian emperor immediately before Nero. In this picture, the Merovingians trace via Clovis to the Flavians that started a new dynasty immediately after Nero (= last Julian emperor of his time), as well as, via Chlodio, to the Julian line of Nero. That is, the Pollock trace to the Childeric > Clovis line, which was made even before this update made the same trace, must be considered along with the Julian line suspect in Chlodio of the Salians. It's important because it explains why Pollock elements seem to trace also to Julian lines. How much sense does it make, or better yet, how profound is it, to see a Julian line merging with the Flavian line at Childeric's rule over France, and then the Roman-Vatican empire was engaged by Childeric's sons in an alliance to rule the entire world if possible?

In an email I'll share here that was to emailer Pollock, we will see Pollock elements in Devon, the same place where English Stewarts were first found, and to where the Walch / Morton chevron leads (i.e. to the Exeter chevron). The Darts, in the colors of the "Jewish" Pollocks, were first found in Devon. There has to be a reason for this: "Robert de Polloc, the son of Fulbert, used his seal about 1208. It shows a boar pierced by a DART [caps mine] and it is in the British Museum." The change of the dart to the an arrow can therefore be gleaned as a symbol of the Arrow/Arras surname (of Artois) if the Darts prove to be the D'Arts. Similar to the Pollock boar, the Walch Crest has a dove shot through by an arrow.

The Dart Crest shows flames, and Julians show a salamander in flames. I traced the "sala' part to the Sales, which gets important when we start to realize that the Rothes bend is that of the Sales, whose symbols I've traced to Pendragons, who use the Valentine chevron that itself shows lion heads expected to be a version of the lion heads in the Rothes bend. It's not my idea that the Valentinian emperors, who lived in the time of the Salian merger with Childeric, are traced to the Flavian dynasty.

Although the gold crown in the Valentine Crest is not identical with the gold crown in the Rothes Crest, the Valentine Crest comes with the Massey pegasus, and Sales have been recorded in historical works as "of Masci/Mascy."

GD sent a page on the Vaughn surname without mention of the Vaughn surname at houseofnames, which uses what looks like the Valentine / Pendragon chevron. Whether or not the email was sent in relation to my trace of mythical Faunus (and the Fawn / Faun surnames) to the ancestry of Valentinian in Gratian Funarius, I don't know. Probably not coincidental, Vaughns were first found in the same place as Rothes. The evidence here, and more, clinches the Pollock trace to Valentinian. Fauns/Phones (eagles in Este / Rangabe eagle colors) were first found in the same place (Devon) as Darts, Stewarts, etc., and then Fawns were first found in the same place as Arthurs, and use the 666 bugle. More on this later. Fawns use three crescents in colors reversed to the same of Darths/Deaths/D'Aths.

The Darts of Devon are shown as "Darth." As I identified king Arthur with Merovingians in Britain, and as the proto-Carolingian Franks, it suggests that Darth/Deaths/D'Athas were Arthurians because the first Carolingians ruled at Aachen while the Aachen surname uses the Darth/Death crescents. This explains the myth(s) where king Arthur became the conqueror and ruler of most of Europe, but the myth writers weren't disclosing what they knew they were talking about. It was a description of the "Holy" Roman empire, the proto-Antichrist. Don't think to yourself that belief in a proto-Antichrist is nonsense or silly. It's known that Carolingians were from Pepinid Merovingians, and Pepins use the same horse/pegasus as Valentines. French Pepins use crescents in the colors of the German Julian crescents. It means that the pagan-Roman bloodline from the first-century seven heads of the Biblical dragon had morphed into the Vaticanized Roman empire.

Arthur was killed by "MORdred," whom I see as a Merovingian of the Morton kind. Both Aikens and Mortons use roosters, and Aikens even use the Morton / Walch / Exeter chevron (all the chevrons in this sentence come with three black symbols surrounding). This was clearly the Sinclair rooster, and then the Arthur symbols have been called, "CLARions."

Lets go back to the 666 cult in Trypillian Moldovia, where we saw the Ghelaiesti location linking to the Glass bloodline that I insisted was the Julian/Gillian line. We saw that Ghelaiesti had some swastika symbols, but that was in this update, a few updates after it was realized that the Nazi swastika derived from the English Julian saltire. Ask again why clan Maxwell uses both the same-colored saltire, and the two-headed Roman eagle. "The name Maxwell is the name of a Scottish family, members of which have held titles as member of the council of Regency (1536) of the Kingdom of Scotland Regent of Arran, Earl of MORTON, Earl of Nithsdale, Lord Maxwell, and Lord Herries." The stars of the Herries/Harries Coat, because Herries were first found in Shropshire, should be the French Alan stars, for which reason they should be the French Julian stars.

I trace Pollocks, Trabys, and Arthurian elements to Silesia and Lusatia, wherefore the area where Silesia and Lusatia overlap, in the Saxony theater of Germany, should show some geography that can help make the traces, and reveal part of the dragon's migration to such places as Norfolk and Renfrew. This discussion here is new, though some old ideas need presentation in the meantime.

Norfolk is where I trace the Spree > Speer / Sparrow bloodline; I practically equate the Spree line with mythical Melusine's mother, Pressina, which I identify as Prussians in Lusatia. Just as the Salyes traced to the parts of the Sava river where I see proto-Mieszkos, so the look here at Germo-Silesian elements on the Spree will trace to the Salyes theater, as could be expected, especially as I see a fundamental commonality between Mieszko's ancestry in Sulcis, and the namers of Silesia, which namers could have been part of the Salyes family.

I see a fundamental link of the Melusine-Spree line with Fulks of Anjou. It should explain why German Fulks were first found in Brandenburg, and area into which the Spree river flows. The "Jewish" Glass Coat uses the German Fulk wing design, while Scottish Glass' use Melusine. It's suggesting that Glass' should trace to the Spree too, a river that starts in Moravia, the place where I see Moray's ancestry. The Moray Crest uses Melusine.

I therefore don't think it's coincidental that the Coat of the Norfolk's Fulkes/Folks is a Shield split vertically in green and red, colors reversed from the vertically-split Shield in the Arms of Leknica, a Lusatian location on the Neisse river (this river is the German-Polish border, running parallel with the neighboring Spree). In fact, Leknica is in Zary county, smacking of the "Qui sera sera" motto of the Norfolk Fulkes. As I trace the red antler of Veringens to the red antler in the Arms of Spree-Neisse, note that while the red antler appears also in the Arms of Zary, the ZAHRingers, who smack of "Zary," use a blue-antler version of the Veringer antler.

We can even ask whether Nithsdale of the Maxwells applies here, for as we've seen that Maxwells and Rox entities go hand-in-hand, so there is a rock in the Arms of Leknica. There is a possibility here that the rock entity in Leknica traces to the rock used in the Arms of Rika/Rijeka (where the Maxwell eagle traces), which can help support the recent trace I made of Budini / Roxolani / Geloni from the Ukraine, through the Lusatia / Silesia parts of Poland, then to Rijeka's area (let's not neglect that Zahringers and Veringens were in Budini-like Baden). The Bautzen area of Silesia can apply to the Budini, wherefore a Roxolani trace to the rock of Leknica seems feasible. At this point it's necessary to repeat that the Veres who use the Moray stars are said to be from Spree-suspect Sprowestun (root of the term is "Sprowes") in ROXburghshire, while a Sprowston location is in NORfolk. It's get still harder than this to refute a Fulk link to the Spree-river theater.

Silesia has a Legnica location that should apply to Leknica, and then the center of Silesia was at WROClaw. "As a German city [Wroclaw] was a the regional capital of the Preussian province Silesia." As the peoples of Lusignan are called Melusines, Pressina, the mother of Melusine, could trace especially to Leknica / LEGNica...if those terms morpoed into LUSIGNan. Wroclaw goes by the alternative name of, BRESlau.

Fulks (using the Shakespeare spear) are said to have held titles in Wittenburg, and then entering "Wittenburg" gets Wartonbergs/Wortenbergs (in German Fulk colors) smacking of "Wurttemberg, where Zahringers and Veringens ruled. The Wartonberg Coat is in the colors of Shakespeares, Walters/Watters, and Gripps/Grabbers, all of whom use the same bend, all of whom are relevant here. German Walters, for example, were first found in Silesia, and soon we will see a HOYER location on the Spree that traces to Gripel of Brittany, where the VOYERS/Voirs lived that use the same lions as Silesian Walters. Besides, the first I ever caught wind of Gripps/Grabbers, I traced them to the Varni. But I also traced "Grab" to Gareb, and then Sorbs, whom I see as Garebites, were fundamental to Silesia.

LEKnica smacks not only of the Poles called Lechs, but of Ligurians and Lucca, the latter being the place that Botter and Fulk-suspect Neros were first found, both surnames suspect with the Neuri and Budini Nahorites. "VERINgen" is not only like "Varangi," but like "Varni," the worshipers of Nerthus that I trace to Nahorites. Forgive the repetition here but the Neriti variation of the Neros needs to be brought back to topic, especially as the Norfolk Fulkes were from the ones called, Fulk Nerra.

Leknica is beside Muskau. The red antler is in the Arms of Muskau (green Shield), only this time a savage wearing a green lioncloth is holding it. The Savage surname was first found in the same place as Sales and the English line of Mascis. It's telling me that Mascis were in Bad Muskau, to be expected, anyway, in the Mieszko theater. The Muschats/Musts use the same lion design as Rothes, and Rothes use what looks like the Sale bend. I'm now noting that the Rothes use white lions on their black bend, the color of the Montfort lion. I've identified the Montfort gonfanon "banner" as secretly a loincloth, and moreover the gonfanon term had traced to various Macey-related surnames. Italian Mascis lived in the theater of Monforte (Cuneo), where Montforts are traced by me.

First, the white-on-red Montfort lion is two-tailed, as is the Bohemian lion in the same colors, and then the Spree river has a source at Bohemia's border region. Moreover, Silesia developed as a Bohemian entity, and the Mieszko bloodline went forward as Bohemian blood. The two-tailed Bohemian lion is seen in the Arms of Spremberg, of a location on the Spree and apparently named after Spree elements. Spremberg is in Brandenburg, where Fulks were first found, but it's also in Spree-Neisse.

The Pollock-suspect Wallaces use a white-on-red lion too, and the "Jewish" Glass and Pollock surnames both use the same colors. Then, Wallaces trace to Walsers who use a two-tailed Melusine, and Walsers were in the Lys valley, explaining why the fleur of Scottish Glass' is colors reversed to the Lys / Massey fleur. In other words, Wallaces are tracing to the Bohemian lion in the Spree-river theater. Fulks use a fleur partly in the colors of the Lys fleur. We can probably make a link of Wallaces, said to be Stewarts of Dol -- who liked to use "Walter" -- to the Silesian Walters. The arm-and-sword of the Wallace Crest is that, likely, of the Mieskes, and then the Mieske Shield is split vertically in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of Wittenburgs/Wotenbergs (same-colored Fulks had holdings in Wittenburg). If this is tracing Wallaces to Fulks, then repeat: "Jewish" Glass' use the Fulk wings...with hourGLASS shape between the wings.

This would be a good place to mention that the Kraus surname, first found in Bohemia, uses an "urn," smacking of the "jugs" used by Kroes'/Kreugers. This discovery was made yesterday as I write, when YS sent in a funny note on SAUERkrout. If I recall correctly, YS was suggesting a link of Krauts to the Kroes/Kreuger surname, which prompted a look for a Kraut surname, which brought up the Kraus surname above. To this one can add that English Walters were of CROWhurst.

The Kraut/Kraus urn is held by a lion in the colors of the Sforza lion. The Sforza lion also holds something. The Sforzas had the Visconti titles passed to them, and I say Viscontis were Guiscards/Wisharts. I traced a lattice symbol used by Guiscards to the lattice symbol seen on the stockings of mythical SiemoWIT, ancestor of Mieszko ( trace "SiemoWIT" to the all-seeing-eye in the Arms of WITkowo). The lattice appearing on the robes of Sicilian Guiscards came in a painting of the Guiscard brothers, with a mechanical pulley at their feet (totally uncalled for in the painting) indicating Poles of some sort. The Cotts/COTTINs also use lattice, and then the Spree river runs by Cottbus. "Spremberg is situated about 20km south of Cottbus and 15km north of HOYERswerda, on an island and on both banks of the river Spree." As soon as I read "Hoyerswerda" on this occasion, the Coverts came to mind whom I lump into my emphasis on Cutters and Aryan Nation at HAYden Lake, KOOTENai county of Idaho.

I had traced Coverts/Cofferts to "Hoff" elements, and therefore to the Haught/HOUGHton surname, from the daughter of Mieszko. And I traced Hoff elements to Heys/Hays / HAYERS, you see, so that HOYER seemed to apply, especially as I traced Coverts to Serbians, who were themselves from Sorbs living in the Spree theater. Herein appears to be the trace of Coverts to the Mieszko line, at Hoyerswerda. I had found, time and again, that Coverts were related to Veres, and here I now find the blue Vere boar in the Hoyer/Hoey/Kehoe Crest! The Hoyer/Hoey Coat uses a red-on-white crescent, colors not only of the Spree and Speer surnames, but of the Deins whom I linked Coverts to (both were first found in Sussex).

It also important that Diens (not "Dein"), also of Sussex, use the Masci wings as do the Here and Herzog Crests, surnames that I trace confidently to Serb / Croatian = Garebite elements of Herzegovina, for I had traced Coverts there too by other means (for example, the Craven Coat being the Covert fesse). I also trace Heres and Herzegovina to "Hereford," where the Tudor-Trevor line of Trabys, and the Silesia-suspect Sellicks, were first found. It's telling me that Trabys of Silesia / Lusatia were in Hereford along with Mieszko > Masci blood.

Here are some grand "coincidences." The Gripps/Grabbers are also "Craver," for which reason I assumed a link to the Croatian line of Cravens (Croatians call themselves KRVati). The first I ever heard of the Voirs/VOYERS had me tracing their location of Gripel to Gripps/Cravers, but then as the Voir/VOYER write-up has them also in a PenHOET location of Brittany, I traced at that time to the Hoe surname, which is now coming out as the HOYER/Hoey/KeHOE surname! It's suggesting that Voyers were from "Hoyers(werda)" (in Bautzen), what Sorbs call, WOJERrecy.

I traced the Hoff elements of Coverts to the Duffs when realizing that the latter were D'Hoffs. It just so happens that both Duffs and Hoyers/Hoeys use an upright red lion, the color also of the English Stewart lion. The Keogh variation of the Hoyers/Hoeys may have been pronounced, "key-off." The Hough/Hoff surname, using a black bend, the color of the Gripp / Sale bend, traces to a Heogh location in Durham. The Durhams use the same stars and fesse as the Weirs/Veres of Sprowestun, but also another red crescent that should link now to that of Hoyers/Hoeys using the Vere boar.

I had a dream a couple of mornings ago as I awoke. I don't recall the dream's particulars but it had to do with heraldry comparisons, as though I was being shown something. When I awoke, I immediately realized (the idea jumped into me head) that "dolphin" was code for "Dol" and a phin-like entity...for example the Fiens/Vains/Fanes from Vannes, Brittany. The purplish dolphins in the Durham Crest is what prompted my telling about the dream, otherwise I had no intentions of telling about it. The Cravens (now tracing to Gripel's Voyers) were linked to purple-lion Skiptons, and porphyria is highly suspect in the Stewart-Pollock "blue-blood" bloodline.

The Houghs/Hoffs (Cheshire) are said to have had possible locations in every relevant place: Norfolk (Fulks / Sparrows / Sparham / Sprowston), Sussex (Coverts / Deins / Diens), Devon (Stewarts), Leicestershire (Ligures), and Derbyshire (Trabys). English Hoyers/Eyres/Ayers/Hayers (in Hough/Hoff colors) were first found in Derbyshire, and show a spur on the foot of a leg in the Crest.

I realize how it may seem far-fetched at first glance to identify Coverts/Cofferts with the Caiaphas line, but additional points to that end can be made here. First, the Hoyers/Hayers/Ayers use the same Shield essentially as the Ayers of Ayrshire (where Wallace's were first found), and the Arms of Ayrshire use the Annandale saltire as well as a "shaw" motto code indicating Shaws/Sheaves of Perthshire (where Hoff-suspect Duffs were first found) that I trace to the Sheaves/Chiapponis = the Caiaphas line. It been a re-occurring theme that Coverts trace to Shaws. But then there is also the English Berlin/Burgelun Coat using another black bend, and it's partly on gold so as to match the colors of the Gripp / Walter / Shakespeare bend, all in the colors of the German Berlin bear. Zahringers used a bear as the symbol of Berne, suggesting that Berlin and Berne were named by the same Ber elements.

The Berlins/Bergeluns were first found in Norfolk, where Spree-river elements have already traced, and, you see, the Spree river continues from Hoyerswerda into the city of Berlin. This could be indication that Burgs(h) trace to "Berlin." The Berlin/Bergelun bend on a quartered Shield is like the Hanan Coat which in my mind links to "Annan(dale)s" as well as to Ananias/Hanan, the family into which Caiaphas married.

The Hanan quarters are the colors in the quarters of the Arms of Wroclaw, the Arms that uses the dead head of John the Baptist on a silver platter, as though Wroclaw sees that head as a trophy. It's suggesting that Herod lines that killed John were in Wroclaw along with Ananias elements. Have I ever traced Rockefellers to Herods? Yes, a soon-coming topic, where Fuller-based Pollocks trace to Herod Antipas.

The Burg-using variations of Berlins could suggest that the red bull of Borgias/Borges' traces to the red bull of Lower Lusatia. After all, Borgias were first found in ZARAgosa, smacking of Zary, the county wherein Leknica is located and to which the Fulk motto is now tracing. Along with "sera," the Fulk motto uses "Qui," a term used by English Shaws/Sheaves who trace to the keys of the Italian Sheaves/Chiapponi Coat. The Sarah/Saires Coat likewise uses a bend in the colors of the same of Gripps / Walters / ShakeSPEARes, as well as a motto, "Bear and forbear," obvious code now for the same-colored bear of German Berlins. The Sarah/Saires surname is also shown as SAYers, and the Say Coat (bull in Crest) is quartered exactly like the English Berlin Coat! Says (Borgia colors) were first found in Shropshire.

By the way, the male Stewart royal pretenders who lost the British throne to Mary and William of Orange married the Borgia family. See Mary Borgia (daughter of a Borgia pope, if i recall correctly) and her husband, I think one of the Charles-named Stewarts from James I. It seems that this was the Stewart effort to reinforce Vatican ties. To this day, the so-called Jacobite Succession would like to see their bloodline from James I back on the British throne.

That should explain why the day Crest bull is the "buffalo" used by the Pohls/Polans, first found in Silesia. Buffalo horns were the symbol of Zahringers who are now tracing to "Zary." The Pohl/Polan buffalo is in the colors of the Sarahs/Sayers, Walters, Gripps, etc. German Polls/Pohls use a "frying pan."

Says are in the colors of Seatons of Saytown and Say; Seatons use red crescents again, a symbol of the Spree > Speer line.

The Berlin > Berne topic evokes the Bernys location of Renfrew owned by the Burn surname using what I see as the Traby bugle. The Irish Berne/Birne Crest shows what looks identical to the Mieske arm-and-sword, and the Mieske bull is in the colors of the Pohl Buffalo. The French Poles look like they use the Kraut/Kraus lion holding a white object (the Pohl lion holds a white sword), and then the Kroes/Kreugers, now identified as a branch of Krauts/Kraus', use the Mieske / Pohl arm, apparently. It just so happens that the Kroes/Kruggers were first found in Saxony, the part of Germany that the Spree runs through.

The Arms of Silesia (peacock feather) use the buffalo horns that double as elephant trunks. The Voirs/Voyers can be accessed from the "voir" motto term of Oliphants (Perthshire).

It was a given the Bernys in Renfrew linked to the Pollock bugle because Berts (suspect from Fulbert) use a bugle in Burn-bugle colors. I now find that Scottish Bernes (crossbow) are in the colors of "Jewish" Pollocks, and were first found in Elginshire = Moray, where Peter Pollock, a son of Fulbert, was commissioned to build a castle. The Scottish Berne motto even uses "aude," like the Audacter/Audaciter" term of the Renfrew Pollocks. The Scottish Berne Coat uses three human legs, suggesting Leknica. Or, there's a Legnica location in Silesia. Moreover, the Berne / Covert fesse is the Arms of Austria, and the Habsburg surname uses the same lion as the Ley/Legh/Lech Coat.

The Pollock motto term links to Hiedler/Hitler lines such as Hoods and Audleys. This is important because Coverts became suspect as a chief Hitler line. I now find that the Scottish Berne fesse is in Covert-fesse colors, which is found just as Bernes are tracing to the Spree river flowing from Covert-suspect Hoyerswerda to Berlin.

A short update, this time; there was no time to expound on these topics. Perhaps in the next update, though I'm up to my neck in topics to share from emails.


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