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January 24 - 30, 2012

Seattle up the Haughty Horses, we're Hoff to Portland
What were Hitler's Spies Duyn in Montana?
Is the Kilpatrick lion -- the harlot on a dragon -- really the Levi lion?
A Tonn of Masci Wing in the Balance; Grave-itating Heavily to Dunne-town Breslau
I don't wanTabor you to your Grave in Grief
I'll A-Tonne for it by A-Mussyng You

Obama couldn't get away with such action unless he had some devoted powers behind him:

President Barack Obama was accused by prosecution lawyers of being in contempt of court after failing to show up for a ‘birther’ hearing in Georgia that seeks to establish whether he is eligible to appear on the state ballot in November.

...Earlier this week, Obama's lawyer, Michael Jablonski, requested that Secretary of State Brian Kemp suspend the hearing, claiming it was not a legitimate issue and insisting he and his client would boycott the hearing. However, Kemp fired back, warning that the hearing was necessary under Georgia law and that Obama and Jablonski’s failure to participate would be “at your own peril.”

In case you missed it in the last update:

After writing the above [on the Payens], while investigating Vienne [Burgundy], a "Mussy and Tonnerre" phrase was spotted. Checking, the two locations turned out to be in Burgundy. It was realized immediately that there's an entire story to be had on the Mussy location, as per the Mus house of Khyan (that I trace fundamentally to Payens/Pagans), and so I decided to tell the story, not here, but first thing in the next update.

Leaving the Mussy page, I went back to the Roundel Coat, asking what its "Tenax" motto term could be code for. I was thinking Danish elements of the Dein/etc. kind (I do trace Redones to Dananns of Devon), but in any case the first term entered was "Tenas." Not only does the Tenas Coat use three gold-on-blue chevrons, the colors of the Payen/Pagan chevrons, and not only was it first found in Burgundy, where Tonnerre and Mussy are located, but the surname shows properly as Tenarre(s)!!!

The Coat us in the colors of the French Messeys/Messiers [first found in Burgundy], wherefore the latter should link to Mussy...

That's very important for tracing Arthurianism because Roundels were found to be part of the Arthurian and Rhodian "round table" secret societies. We should like to know why Tonnerre was important to Roundels. But before going on, I'd like to mention what happened yesterday, for it links directly to the Mussy surname.

An emailer with Dvorak bloodline sent in the Rainy Coat and implied that I should dissect it. The weight scales were called a "a pair of balances," and when I got to The Balance surname, I noted that it used a white eagle, the color of the two white wings in the Rainy Chief.

Later in the day, I was looking through a slew of heraldry pages provided by Tim, and commented on one Rangel Coat using a white-on-blue cross, the color of the Rangabe cross. I suggested linkage to the Raines and Wrens, saying that Wrens are said to be of Raines and of Rennes, Brittany. The Rainy surname and it's link to Balances was also mentioned because it was fresh on my mind, but I lamented that I didn't know the significance of the Balance surname.

I then emailed the emailer with Dvorak surname, suggesting that the term is from "Deborah." Curiously, entering "Debor" got the Vere Coat (Massey Shield). I wondered why. Entering "Devor," the Stewart stag and a sword of the same design as the one held by the white Masci wing in the Chaine/Cheney Coat.

While amused that Dvoraks (Polish?) were related to my Masci bloodline, the Tavor term was followed up by a look at the Tabor surname, and clicking to the German Tabor Coat, surprise! It was the same wing design as in the Rainy Chief. Commenting that I didn't ever recall seeing that wing design (= Fulk wings attached at the base), here in the same day I'd seen two surnames using it. Had I not gone through that exercise due to her Dvorak surname, I would never have realized that the white Balance eagle was the one from which the white Masci wing was taken! It was all too neat, like Direction from Above. But why?

I saw immediately that the Balance eagle is the same spread eagle as the Ferte eagle, and knowing that Bellamys had been in Ferte-Mace, it was likely that the Balance surname was a Bell / Bellamy variation. But after closing the computer down, and contemplating further, I figured that the Rainy surname applies to some Masci branch in the Rennes area of Brittany. I even remembered that a Mus-like surname had been first found in Brittany, but I could not recall the spelling. The next morning, which is now, as I write, I went to the Mussy topic, and there the Mussy Coat uses a spread eagle too, and was first found in Brittany!!! I GET IT! I understand why there seemed to be Direction from Above.

Look! English Tabors use a chevron in the colors of the three chevrons of the Tennarres/TenARTes, meaning that they were definitely linked somehow to Mussy and Tonnerre.

German Tabers were first found in Silesia (Poland), and the balances of the Rainys out to link to the weights scales in the Arms of Vilnius. Remember, Stewarts/STIGweards trace to the Astikas of Vilnius, and the Rainy Crest is the Stewart stag. Besides, proto-Stewarts were in Brittany too. Veres were Stewarts, and Veres trace to Mieszko's of Poland, though Veres trace themselves also to a Melusine-related "Rainfrou" character (like "Renfrew") that can be deciphered as Rennes elements, and the Raines. Renfrewshire elements such as Pollocks and Speers trace to Poland, but as Glasgow is in Renfrewshire, note the Fulk wings in the "Jewish" Glass Coat, for they are (new discovery here) in the white-on-red colors of the Fulk wings in the Rainy Chief! That assures that Rainys were of Renfrew elements. Unfortunately, the Renfrew/Rainfrew surname shows no Coat.

It's probably Dien-important here that the spear in the DUNham Crest matches the spear in the Wren Crest. Wrens were first found in Durham, a location that had previously been called, DUNholme. Wrens use ravens in the colors of the Balance eagle, and are said to be from the BELvoirs! The Voir surname (Mackesy / Mackie/Mackey lion) was first found in Brittany, and has already been deciphered as an Esau line of the Eliphas > Oliphant kind. Mackies use ravens with an arrow, and German Tabors (with Balance wings) show an arrow in their Coat too.

German Tabors use a "possint" motto term, and the Rollo Coat uses "passe par tout" as a phrase. It just so happens that while the Rollo Crest is a black boar indicating Esau, the Oliphant Coat uses, "Tout pour voir." That's how I know that the Voirs of Brittany are from Eliphas. It's conspicuous that the two mottos above use "par" and "pour" while Rainys use a "pair of balances." Entering "Par" gets a woman "dressed in blue," the symbol of the German Taber (not "Tabor") Coat!

The Par/Parr woman is said to be shown with "head and shoulders," and then the Shultz Coat is in Par colors, and uses stars in the colors of the Pury stars. Entering "Pair" gets a Pauer/Pauwer surname using blue Indian peacocks, code for the Peacock surname (Durham), a sept of Pollocks. Rollos were first found in PERthshire, and then the Pert Coat uses mascles in the colors of the Peacock mascles.

The birth surname of George Soros was Shultz, by the way.

I'm asking myself why there might be Direction from Above to the Balance surname, finding it to be a Masci clan of the Mussys of Brittany. It reminds me that I had traced the Scottish Stewart Coat to the Coat of the Italian Massis/Mattis', and indeed just as the Balance eagle was just traced to Fulk wings, so the Italian Fulk Coat is nearly identical with the Massi/Mattis Coat. Moreover, French Fers use a version of their Shield, and Peacocks use a "fear" motto term for that bloodline.

It just so happens that general Mattis, leader of Central Command as of the Obama administration, has Lt. Gen. John Allen as deputy CENTCOM commander. Why an Allen with Mattis??? Doesn't it square with a Massi/Mattis trace to Alans/Allens of Brittany? As general Mattis is suspect as one who should join the anti-Christ in Iraq, and as I've been claiming for years that the anti-Christ and/or False Prophet will be a mouse entity of the Massey / Meschin kind, what of the Mousy, Mousie, Moussy variations of the Brittany Mussys?

Didn't the Direction of Above on the Balance surname come exactly at the time that Mussys were being emphasized? By what coincidence do both surnames use the spread Adler eagle? Why do Mussys use their eagle in gold-on-black, colors reversed from the Massi/Mattis and Fulk eagles? Even the German Fulk wings are in the same colors.

Entering "Balan" gets a Ballam/Baalham surname with estoiles in the colors of the Balance eagle. Ballans/Baalhams use "pellets" = black roundels too. In the Crest , a red rooster, likely symbol of the Roos / Rose / Ross bloodline of Rus. You see, with Mussys and Tabors / Tabers, we are once again on Meshech and Tubal bloodlines, with Rosh too. We only await Gog, the man.

The Tonnerre location is in Yonne, where also we find Avallon. Didn't I trace mythical Muses to Avalon of Scotland years ago? Yet, I didn't know of Mussy and Tonnerre until now. What comes to mind is the work by Nicholas de Vere, "From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells." It just so happens that while I view Nicholas de Vere involved in (perhaps even in charge of) the Biblical dragon cult that I see as mythical Ladon, the Tunbridge Coat looks like a version of the Ladon/Ladd and Leader/Leeder Coats. They all look like a colors-reversed version of the Meschin and Mitchell Shields. Why was George Mitchell sent by the O-dministration into Jerusalem to assure that the Palestinian state would come to pass? What rats are these?

More spread eagle, and the Drake wyvern, in the Leeds/Leads Coat and Crest.

To what can we link "Tunbridge/Tonbridge"? Ranulph le Meschin's father, Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, comes to mind. What is an M-shaped "sleeve" in the Irish Tonn/TONER/Toney Coat? It just so happens that the Tunbridge surname was first found in Kent, not only where the Massins/Masons were first found whom I've traced to Massino and Massi elements, but where Roundels were first found...whose "Tenax" motto term was the thing that led to Tenas/Tenerre surname and therefore to TONNERre elements. The Roundels use a red-on-gold fesse, just like the Alans of Brittany.

Unfortunately, my eyes, even with magnifying glass, cannot tell whether the Roundel-Crest sword is that of the Stewart-related Devors/Davorens. The colors are the same, and there is a ball-shaped end to both sword handles.

There you go, world, the False Prophet will likely be a stooge of the Round Table Illuminati, a Masci-winged idiot seeking to force the world into satanism by smooth lamb-like talk. And when that fails, the demons will force the world to comply. Reminder: Roundels use the 6-6-6-suspect Casey leaves. Alans use oak leaves, and then there's an oak tree under the Rainy/Rennie wings; the tree is in the colors of the leaves in the French Rundle/Redonet/Rondelot Coat. The latter surname was from Calvados, where Meschins / Briquessarts were from.

Hmm, terms like "Rain" can modify to/from "Grain," and Grains/Grayns too use a spread the gold color of the Mussy eagle.

As per "TunBRIDGE," the Bricks use Massey-colored fleur and were first found in Munster...which includes the MUSkerry theater. Bridges use crabs and then the Crab Coat (more white fleur) looks Macey-ish. Bridges are said to be from "Bruges," Belgium, but so do Massins/Masons and related Louvains trace to Belgium's blue lion (i.e. belonging to Louvains) that was used by the Bruges > Bruce line. However, "Briquessarts smack of mythical Brigit, related to mythical bel = Baal, and while Brigit was also "Bright," note that the Bright surname was first found in Macey- / Massey-infested Cheshire, and that is uses stars (pierced) in the colors of French Alans. This relationship surely involved Alencon, a Normandy location at Ferte-Mace.

In the last update, the Portland/Pertland surname, and Portland, Oregon, were traced solidly to the Mieszko line of the Seager/Sugar kind. When links of that line were made to Washington state, I failed to repeat that I've tentatively traced "Seattle" (Washington) to the Chees/Cheatles of Cheshire. As Masci-winged Diens were part of the Portland discussion, compare the Sattle Coat to the Dein/Dean Coat.

[Insert -- Amazing. Later in the update, the Settle location north of Cheshire pops up, and related investigations links it solidly to Chees/Cheatles. At the time of writing of that topic, I learned that Canada decided that the Keystone pipeline (from Alberta into Montana) will NOT go through Dene-Nation lands in Alberta. These Denes (Northern Athabascans) are the same as the Dines stressed in recent updates. Obama, a Dunham, has rejected the Keystone project (temporarily anyway), citing concerns of proposed pipeline route through Nebraska (this is after the pipeline passes through Baker, Montana). Might he be attempting to curb the pipeline path from Dines in the United States?

I'm now reading: "The Dine (Navajo) and Inde (Apache) people, have names similar to the Dene." I'm thinking the "In deo" motto terms that I see now and again, and perhaps "Indian" itself is a take from "Inde." Amazingly, the Scottish Coldwell/Caldwell surname (pike fish) uses "In deo," and then, in the Settle topic way below, you will see a Calder river on the south side of settle! If that's not enough, the Coldwell Coat above shows nearly the Chee/Cheatle dancette, and dancettes are, in my view, a common Indian symbol (this insert comes days before the mention of the Dunham dancette shortly below). These Coldwells (treated in the 1st and 2nd updates of last November) were traced to the Arms of Vilnius. Do you know that the Dionysus cult had orgiastic rites where military men would dance hectically and bang their weapons together in noise, sort of like the wild Indian dances? The Backus/Baccus Coat/ uses "In deo" too, and that surname smacks of "Apache." I trace the surname and Dionysus = Bacchus to "Apachnas," and then the Backus/Baccus saltire is in the colors of the Irish Kilpatrick/Patchy saltire!!! It sure makes one think. The Backus/Baccus surname was early in Durham, otherwise known as...DUNholme.

One Backus/Baccus variation, BAKEhouse, smacks of Baker in MONtana. Man, how do you scream, "ow-wow-wow-wow-wow"? I mean, that was only a meandering after-thought, but then it was found that the Baker Coat is a black-on-white saltire, symbol of English Kilpatricks! Crazier yet, Bakers too were first found in Durham!!! What is going on with that Keystone pipeline in the way of a family affair? German Bakers/Bakkers (said to be from "Beck") use the Doris/Orris Coat!!!

Did I link the latter clan to Orrs and Orrels some months ago? From the last update: "the Montana motto, "Ora y plata," suggests the Orr and/or Orrel surnames..."

Didn't Mormons claim that natives were from Hebrews? (Hyksos were Hebrews.) Isn't Glenn Beck a Mormon? Becks use stars in Bacon-star colors, and "Bacon" is easily forms from "Apachnas."

Aside from the similarity between "DIONysus" and "Dine / Dene," or the fact that the Dennis surname traces to "Dionysus," I traced Dionysus' Maenads to Manoah, Samson's father (on whether there was a real Manoah, I haven't formed a conclusion), the point being that Samson was said to be a "Daniy" peoples. I traced them from Tanis to Tunis (Tunisia), and so see this statement: "Descendants of Dennis Van Duyn and Alice Tunison Chicago, IL." A Duyn married to a Tunis, fancy that.

I swear to you, I'm not lying, that this insert comes days after what's to come shortly below on the Tonn/Tunnock Coat. I did not write the paragraph above as per that surname in mind. I didn't enter "Tunis," to find the Tonn/Tunnock Coat, until after writing the above. If this causes us to understand that Tonnerre was from Tunis elements, it not only helps to identify the human sacrifice cult of Esus (in the Tonnerre theater) as Carthaginians of Tunis, but reveals the Mussy location as one of the Meshwesh/Mazyes, the very peoples that I traced from Tanis to Tunis. Carthaginians were early sea faring peoples that could have founded the New World.

I need to repeat here that I traced the Mitanni Hurrians to Dionysus Horites, for as I trace the Washington surname to the Mitanni capital, so the Tonn/Tunis/Tunnoch Coat uses a Zionist star in the colors of the Wassa Coat.

What's astounding me, if you pardon my cluttering things on you, is that, only moments ago, I found the Spanish Maia/Mayas surname, and then entered Maio thanks to an emailer of the surname, to find a Maitani variation. "First found in the ancient city of Orvieto, with Lorenzo Maitani, born in 1275." I then noticed that the Maia/Mayas Shield is identical with the Deas Shield!!! The Deas clan is the Desmond clan, from MUSkerry's MacCarthys (i.e. suspect from "Carthage").

I'm so taken aback that I can't recall why the Maia term was entered in the first place. I was thinking that mythical Maia was the daughter of Atlas, and that Atlas was symbol for Attaleia/Antalya beside Caria. Oh yes, I remember now: I had learned of a Masa-branch Sea Peoples in Caria / Rhodes (see 5th update of July, 2000), and identified them as Mitanni peoples. The Maeander river flows through Caria. Thus, the Maio/Maitani surname should link to those Atlantean elements, suggesting that the Masa peoples were of the line to MUSkerry. It's known that Meshwesh/Mazyes were part of the Sea-People group, wherefore the Masa are suspect as a Meshwesh branch. All the more reason to trace "Caria" to "Carthage."

Some of the Sea Peoples included Danaans, who were on Rhodes. The Lukka Sea Peoples must have been Lycians, for they were of the Antalya / Caria theater. The Hermus river flowed through Sardis, a term like the Sherdana Sea Peoples.

The Seal of Antalya, I've just noticed, is a reddish-on-white roundel! It should be code for Helios of neighboring Rhodes, but then in the last update, I traced the red-on-white sun in the flag of Japan to Rhodian elements of the Illuminati kind.

By the way, Maia was mother to Hermes, suggesting that elements from Antalya removed to the Hermus river (Lydia), same theme as Tantalus, father of Pelops, kings of Lydia. In the webpage below on Arzawa (starting in pre-Israeli times), we find the Masa location and "Mash"-like kings, and Arzawa itself to the west side of Kizzuwatna (smacks to me of the Khyan's Hyksos and his Mus / Meshwesh household living side by side). This ARZawa (probably the Hermes > ARES cult from Mount Hermon, related to the Poseidon > Phoenix line of Tyrians to Pisidians in western Arzawa) is known to have been Luwia by another name, which is known to have evolved into Lydians (i.e. same theme as Tantalus > Pelops, and Atlas > Hermus), and the article even has some historical identification of mythical Tarhun as Tarhuntassa, later to be a chief Lydian entity (heavily suspect now as from "Turan," the alternative name of Mus province at ancient Lake Van).

The Luwian state of Lukka is also mentioned, and so note that while Tarhun evolved into a major branch of Etruscans, Lucca is a location in Tuscany where the Massar/Massai surname was first found. Remember as I enlarge on the Kilpatrick links to the Biblical harlot below that the surname was from the Butteri of Lucca, though you'll see some new specifics on why Kilpatricks included the Masci bloodline too, all prophetically important.

You haven't forgotten: Lydians were the Biblical tramp, but what you can glean above is that Lydians were not only from the Hatti line of mythical Attis > Lydus, but from the Arzawa > Luwian line. At one point, the Hatti (from the Cadusii Armenians) conquered, but became allied to, Arzawa. In my current opinion, Arzawa was the Ares > Rus line into Rhodes, and to king Arthur, while the Hatti were his Excalibur sword. This Hatti-Arzawa partnership was, I believe, the Cadusii alliance with Gileki, the two serpents coiled around the one caduceus rod, moving west to the founding of Rome via Latins, Etruscans, and Sabines (Maia named a Maiello region in Abruzzo, and her station in Attaleia/Antalya named "Italy"). Helios of Rhodes was Gileki, I think, on the "Halys." End Insert]

I believe that God has shown me, through an emailer whom has been married to both the following surnames, that the Maness surname links to Deins of the Washington theater [remember, this was written before the Insert above showed why Maness-like entities should link to Dine natives]. I'm starting to believe that God wants me to know that He will conduct vengeance on the Illuminatists who jailed Fritz Springmeier for eight years on false charges (see last update for details on Fritz, writer --albeit with a Hebrew-ish surname -- in opposition to Illuminati families).

[Insert -- In the insert above, did you spot my codes: man, mean, and meander? That's for Dionysus' Maenads, symbols of Maeonians on the Maeander river. The point is: Maness? Point two: why a Blue INDIAN peacock in the Maness/Manner Coat? It's described as a A peacock in its pride proper," but, I assure you, it's a Blue Indian species. Isn't it amazing that these last two inserts come as they do, right in the middle of a Dien discussion? End Insert]

I had linked the Maness bloodline to the Mens/Menzies/Mengzies Coat (in the colors of the Mengel Coat). Aside from being a Shield-and-Chief combination matching the Rainy Shield-and-Chief, the Mens/Menzies surname uses the same old man in Crest as the English Sages. In other words, the Sages link to the Seagers that use the Portland cross, and therefore the Mens > Maness bloodline (along with the Mussy elements of the Rainy surname) also trace to Portland elements in Oregon. Fritz was arrested in Portland, where he had lived and written on the 13 Illuminati families.

Let's also ask why the English Tonn/Tunnock Coat uses Zionist stars in the colors of the same of the proto-Washington Wassa Coat? This helps to trace Mussy and Tonnerre elements to Oregon and Washington, and that suggests Duyn / Dien and Dein links to "Tonn" elements, not forgetting that Obama's Dunham mother was in a Seattle university about the time he was born.

As Dunhams use the Randolph dancette, and as Scottish Randolphs use the colors of the Mens/Menzies/Mengzies and Mengels, by what coincidence do both Mengels and Scottish Randolphs use horseshoes? As Mengels were first found in Bavaria, where the capital was Nazi-infested Munich (general Mattis can be traced to Munich / Monk elements), what about the Nazi with Mengele surname??? "[Josef Mengele] survived the war, and after a period living incognito in Germany he fled to South America, where he evaded capture for the rest of his life despite being hunted as a Nazi war criminal."

As the Nazi, Skorzeny, claimed in his deathbed confession that Hitler was hiding in Montana, might Mengele and his people/family have been in the same general area? Mengele was born in Gunzburg (Huns?), Bavaria, to a mother with Hupfauer maiden name, and it just so happens that entering "Hup" or "Haper" gets the Harper surname with "suavis" motto term!!! Those exclamatons are for the Sauvie Island at Portland (Oregon) mentioned in the last update as evidence of Seager and Sawyer / Sauer traces to Portland (all three surnames trace to the Sava river). Sauers are said to have been named after the Sau/Sava but were first found in Austria, where we also expect Nazi elements of the Bavarian-Illuminati kind.

Moreover, the Maness motto uses "Pour y parvenir," while Harpers are also "HarPUR." If you don't think there's anything in this, let me repeat from above:

German Tabors use a "possint" motto term, and the Rollo Coat uses "passe par tout" as a phrase. It just so happens that while the Rollo Crest is a black boar indicating Esau, the Oliphant Coat uses, "Tout pour voir."...It's conspicuous that the two mottos above use "par" and "pour" while Rainys use a "pair of balances." Entering "Par" gets a woman "dressed in blue," the symbol of the German Taber (not "Tabor") Coat!

The Par/Parr woman is said to be shown with "head and shoulders," and then the Shultz Coat is in Par colors, and uses stars in the colors of the Pury stars. Entering "Pair" gets a Pauer/Pauwer surname using blue Indian peacocks, code for the Peacock surname (Durham), a sept of Pollocks...

What's my point? There's a "Per" term in the Mann Coat, wherefore Harpers/Harpurs seem to trace to everything in the above quote, all from Silesia / Poland, and to Maness / Mengele elements (I trust my intuition by now). As per "Haper" bringing up the Harpers, Cupers/Copers are suspect as Hupfauers, and they (Cupers) use a pelican of the Pullen-pelican style, and even a Shield-and-Chief combination of Pullens (Romneys use the Pullen Coat). See Kuppers below, and shake in thy boots if old-school Nazi "Americans" are behind Mitt Romney.

The Mann Coat uses black roundels (pellets), the symbol of Balance-suspect Balan/Ballam/Baalham surname. The Maness Crest is a peacock (!), thereby indicating that its "pour" term is code for the Pairs/Pauers and similar others belonging to the Esau lines above. How much sense does it make to trace Esau to anti-Israeli Nazis? And why is there a Harper surname on the Canadian throne at this time? Note Preston Manning at Harper's article, a past leader of Canada's right-wing conservatives. Harper succeeded Manning in Calgary (Alberta)...due north of Montana! I didn't know this when introducing either man.

Harpur and Manning both disguised themselves as Christians to net the Christian vote, exactly what American conservatives tend to do. This is important, for I have been getting the distinct impression that the Nazi-related spies in the Montana-to-Washington stretch use church activity as their fronts. Fritz Springmaier noted this too.

In the last update, Wisconsin was linked to Montana, and then both Canada and the Crest of the Seal of Wisconsin use a beaver, symbol, in my opinion, of the Bavarian Illuminati. Zikers, in the last update, I had been wondering about the PEARS in the Seal of Wisconsin!!

I had traced the Toronto Maple Leafs solidly to the Bavarian Illuminati for more reasons than for a trace to the Coffey Crest, which is the same rider and dolphin as per the Arms of Taranto (in the last update, Masci elements in Portland were traced to Hoffs, Coffeys, and similar others from Mieszko's Seager-based daughter). It just so happens that "HUPfauer" can link to "Coffey" (and "Coffert/Covert") because Coffeys use CUPs, and are said to derive in a Cop-like surname ("Cobhthaigh"). Interestingly, Sheila Copps was once Canada's prime minister on behalf of Conservatives.

[ELECTRIFYING INSERT -- Days after writing the above, and on the Cappeo lion below, I was proof-reading this section, when I though to enter surnames that might link to "Cabht" as per "Cobhthaigh" above. I finally found a Coat with "Cobbet," and it's a blue-on-white lion, the colors of the Cappeo lion. It tends to link Coffeys directly to Hitlers. I might add that senator Prescott Bush was succeeded by a RibiCOFF surname in Connecticut. End Insert]

There is a Dutch Kupfer Coat (comes up also as "Kupper") with no write-up or variations shown. Compare it with the Hiedler/Hitler Coat, which could explain why Josef Mengele married a Hupfauer. The Kupfer Coat is colors reversed to the Cooper/Copper Coat, which may now reveal why God gave emailer Patterson a vision (see "Cappeo" lion in previous updates) that led to the Cooper surname (saltire in colors reversed to Messey/Messier saltire). The "jellopped" Cooper leopards had traced to Goplo, the Mouse-Tower Mieszko bloodline.

Compare the Kupfer Coat also with the Weis/Wise surname of Bavaria (a near match), not neglecting that the Bavarian Illuminati was founded visibly by a WeisHAUPt surname. "HupFAUER" might be related to the Germo-Austrian Feuers/Feuerers/Fueres. Hmm, as it was agreed by emailer Patterson and I that "cappeo" had to do with "first/chief/cap," it strikes me that "haupt" means "head" in German. There is a Haupt/Hupais/Houpert Coat, first found in Provence, (where Salyes lived), using the black Sullivan boar.

AHA! The Haupt/Houpert Coat is a saltire in the colors of the saltire of Dutch Coopers/Kupfers/Cyperts!

Ask whether the Weis/Wise bloodline had to do with "WISconsin."

[BIG SLAM-DUNK INSERT -- The day after writing the above, I checked what the symbol was in the English Wise/Wyse Crest. It's a mace, reflecting the hammer in the Seal of Wisconsin! End POW WOW Insert]

If it were you who was doing the Vilnius / chi-xi-stigma investigation some updates ago (3rd of December, for one), you'd be astounded at this point to learn that the weight scales in the Arms of Vilnius represented, not only your own mother's bloodline, but that which named the Biblical Moses. As the Astikas of Vilnius were traced to Stewarts, it's now clear that the weight scales of Vilnius are the "balances" of the Mussy/Mousy bloodline of Brittany because Mussys were merged with the proto-Stewarts of Dol. Thus, when I suggested that the Moses in the Arms of Vilnius was code, not in respect of Moses, but for the Mus household of pharaoh Khyan, by what coincidence do I now find the Vilnius weight scales tracing exactly to a Mus- and even Moses-like surname??? To the Greeks, Moses is "Mouses," and to Arabs he is "Musa."

Do you see how important it is, therefore, that emailer Dvorak sent in the Rainy surname days ago, which served to uncover the Balance surname and it's identification with Mussys and the white Masci wing? I urge you to believe such a "stroke of luck" to have been Direction from Above? Can you understand why God would want this revealed? He wants His Church (or at least my post-trib readers) to recognize that the anti-Christ and/or False Prophet has to do with Stewarts, Trabys and Masci bloodliners out of Poland.

Why didn't God chose a Stewart bloodliner to reveal the anti-Christ's end-time families. Why not a Vere? Why not a Traby? Why a Masci bloodliner? How throttling to discover that "Masonry" itself is code for the Hyksos house that named Moses. The Massi/Mattis bloodline may now rule Central Command, but what about the second-in-command with an Allen surname? Later, we'll cross Alencon in Ferte-Mace.

As my Masci bloodline was from Abruzzo on the eastern coast of Italy, it should link to the Maskaly/MASCHI surname (Rimini) with pine cones. Another pine cone is found in the Tan(ner) Coat, suggesting the Tonnere > Tunbridge bloodline. And so it seems that William the Conqueror married the daughter of the "tanner of Falaise" because the tanner (he probably wasn't a tanner at all) was a Masci bloodliner out of Rimini (harken thee, for miles and miles of writing ago, I traced Mascis to Meshwesh in TANIS of Egypt). Can evidence be found for linking Sinclairs to Burgundy, besides Mussy and Tonnerre being located in Burgundy? Yes.

First of all, the Conqueror's mother married secondly a Herluin de Conteville, who was a Burgo by surname (son of John de Burgo), and I trace Burgs to "Burgundy." This Herluin led to Ranulf le Meschin, and Meschins, like the Maschis of Rimini, have Mascal-like variations. Moreover, the Sinclair ancestors of William the Conqueror ruled at Romerike (Norway), and the Romer surname uses mascles in the colors and fashion of the Rouen/Rohan surname (William's ancestors ruled Normandy at Rouen). It can't be a further coincidence that Rouens were first found in Dol: "First found in Brittany...The family were well established in the region of Dol..."

That tends to prove that Rimini was named after elements of mythical Remus (i.e. as I suspected for other reasons), a branch of Romans.

The Romer and Rouen mascles are in the colors of the Peacock and Perts mascles, and then Rollo, the conqueror of Normandy, and the one who made Rouen his capital, was likely at the root of the Rollo surname, first found in Pert-like Perthshire. That finally tends to prove that the Perts/Petts were named after Perthshire, or vice-versa. The fact that the Pert/Pett scallops are colors reversed to the PATTerson scallops tends to link PATTersons to Perthshire's PETT elements, therefore, of the Rollo kind.

It explains why Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire, beside the Moray that I say was of the More location ruled by Rollo's family. YES, INDEED, for while the French Mar/More/Mere surname (Payen Shield) uses scallops in Patterson-scallop colors, Scottish Mars use white-on-red lions, the colors of the Ross lions. Moreover, French Mars/Mores/Meres were first found in Burgundy, where the Rollo-line discussion began as per Mussy and Tonnerre. There was/is even a More location in Shropshire, where Dol's Alans resided.

If the French Mare/More/Mere Shield is that of Payens, not only does it shake out a Payen link to Sinclairs (important where Hugh de Payen supposedly had relations with Catherine Sinclair of ROSlin), but it links Payens to English Tabors, for the latter use the same Shield as Payens / Mars, as well as nearly the same leopard design as per the English Mar Crest. These particular Tabors are the ones who use a "posse"-like motto term, that being the term in the Rollo Coat. The Rollo Shield is a chevron in colors reversed to Payens, furthermore.

Are you Payen attention? Aren't "hicks" defined as country folk? Same with pagans. But these wandering scythians from Tanis and Avaris built, and now rule, the major cities because Reckoning Time is approaching.

Tabors above are shown also as "Tabert," evoking the same-colored French Talbots. In fact, the English Talbot Crest shows the Mar lion in colors reversed, and the Talbot Coat shows what must be the English-Stewart lion because Talbots and English Stewarts were both first found in Shropshire.

German Tabors use the wing design just discovered to be from the eagle of the Mussy-related Balance surname. As the Mussy bloodline was thus involved with Tabors, the second point is that Stewarts must have been Tabors...if Tabors were Talbots.

I've seen the Adler eagle (used by Mussys and Balances) many times, but did not realize until now that the Masci wing was from the Adler eagle. One can spot this while comparing the Adlers wing's outer edge with that of the Masci and Balance wings, especially the notch in the wing below the fifth feather.

Where we see the Taber wings being the Fulk wing technically, though gleaned as the Mussy > Masci wing, it suggests that Mascis and Fulks were one bloodline (recalls the Massi/Mattis Coat's similarity with the Italian Fulk Coat), suggesting that the Masci bloodline sat on the Jerusalem throne as per Fulk V of Anjou, king of Templar Jerusalem. That is, the Hyksos house of Khyan sat on the Jerusalem throne. This is no balderdash if the first Templar king of Jerusalem, Baldwin, can be found out as a Balance bloodliner. Hmm, is the bald eagle of America code for the Balance eagle?

Do Tabers use a woman dressed in blue? The Pass'/Pascals use a man dressed in blue, and a "pas" motto term is used by Balders? I say that the Pass'/Pascal were Payens because entering "Pay" gets the Pascels/Pacenti. The French (Normandy) Blanchets/Blanks, checked as per "Balance" (the latter uses a white=blank eagle), use the Payen Shield, but then the other French Blanchet Coat uses the Pesce fish (!!!) in colors reversed. I traced "Pesce" to "Pascal."

I had traced the Pays/Pacenti to Picenzo, a location in Abruzzo where my mother was born. I was in that town as a child, and we would go to the ocean beach in Pescara every two or three weekends. I'll bet my salt that the Balance / Blanchet bloodline was in Pescara, not far down the coast from Rimini. Pascels/Pacenti were first in Bologna, near Rimini. The first ruler of Templar Jerusalem (just before king Baldwin), Godfrey de Bouillon, was of Boulogne rulers. The Bouillon cross is identical to the cross in the Taddei Chief. My father's Italian side is a Taddei. If I hadn't been chosen to do this dragon hunt -- if it had been a Stewart or a Vere from England -- how would this become known? God wants us to know that Templars were imposters, the destiny of satan's rule over end-time globalism.

Is there more evidence for identifying Templar kings of Jerusalem as Balances? Emailer Pollock says that Pollocks were in Shropshire as Stewart kin before the both of them removed to the Renfrew theater. Pollocks are a sept of Maxwells, and then Baldwins use the same saltire as Maxwells. But Maxwells use a black eagle with their saltire, colors reversed to the Balance eagle. Baldwins were first found in...Shropshire. The Maxwell eagle is double-headed, the Roman eagle, the dread throne of satan until his end time.

A Lusignan surname also sat on the Jerusalem throne, and the Lusignan location (near Anjou), I discovered, was ruled by the Speer bloodline...which I traced to Sparre and Sprowston in Norfolk, where Anjou's Fulkes/Folks (Shakespeare spear in Crest) were first found in England. Therefore, see another Adler eagle in the Sparr/Sporan Coat ("Per mare" motto phrase); it's in MacDonald- / Ferte-eagle colors. AND, not only were Sparks/Sparrs first found in Cheshire (where the Masci bloodline was infested), but the Spark Adler eagle is white, the color of the Balance eagle (and of the Masci Adler-wing).

English Adlers/Adelards were first found in...Norfolk. Both "Jewish" and German Adels use what could be the Cappeo lion (i.e. blue on white). After all, the Cappeo lion belongs to Bruces and Hallams/Hallands of Yorkshire, and the Alis surname (white-on-blue Macey bear), said to be from an "Adal" term, was first found in "northeastern England," where York is located. If Balances were Blanks and therefore Whites, we might expect them to be behind the white rose of York. Yes, I do trace Balances to "Baal," and therefore to Bel (the god), but "bel" can mean "white / fair."

The above could be scarlet-dragon important, for as I trace the Alis surname to Alis Skiptons, daughters of Yorkshire's Meschins, why do Skiptons use purple lions instead of blue? As was commented on a few times, the Scottish Bruce Crest shows a blue-purplish lion. Where did this purple come from? Byzantium's sacred Purple Room? Probably. See the Melissena RANGabe topic below, and keep in mind that Rainys use "balances."

Hmm, new realization. The "fuiMUS" motto of the Bruces could be part code for the Bruce-colored Few surname, using a heart on fire. The Shield is identical to that of Italian Fabers (Modena), and colors-reversed from the German Faber Shield. Fabers evolved into Wrights, first found in Berwickshire, where I trace the Alis and Macey / Mackay bears. Wrights (white eagle heads) use the

Why do Sparks/Sparrs use a green Shield with their eagle? Whose green Shield could it be? The Pollocks come to mind, first found in Renfrewshire, where Speers were first found. Compare spear-using "Fulks/Folks" to the Polk variation of Pollocks, and something of a Fulk trace to the Spree river seems inevitable.

German Sparrs/Sperls had/have a branch in Silesia, where Balance-related Tabors were first found. As Silesia overlaps with Lusatia/Luzica, I don't forget the trace (I make) of mythical Melusine from "Luzica" to "Lusig(nan)," or the identification I make of Melusine with Speers / Sprees from Lusatia's Spree river. Long before seeing the antler in the German Tabor Coat, I traced the Zahringer and Veringen antler (one of the two uses the antler in red) to the red antler in the Arms of Spree-Neisse. Tabors should therefore trace to Lusatians / Silesians.

German Sparrs use what looks like the Bottereagle standing on a perch (code for Bellamys of Perche, later of Ferte-Mace). Suddenly, we are tracing Mascis to Italian Botters, first found in Lucca, where Massars/Massais were first found who use a white and green Shield, the colors of the Sparks/Sparr Shield. Let's not forget that Massins/Masons (Melusine in Crest) honor Speers in their motto.

But are we not tracing Pollocks to Lucca when tracing Sparks/Sparres there? Is that viable? Yes, for Pollocks trace to Mieszko Poles, who were Piasts that I trace to "Pisa," smack beside Lucca. The Sherdana = Sardinian Sea Peoples were right off the Lucca coast, and Wikipedia's Dagome article traces Mieszko's ancestry to Sardinia.

At this point, it's important to note the Vere-Drake under-currents, for while Melusine is used in the Arms of Warsaw, and while Warsaw is the capital of Poland's Masovia, the Masci-winged Balance surname was first found in WARwickshire, a spot in England that I traced solidly to "Warsaw" elements. Plus, English Botters were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Drakes, while the Drake wyvern was used (in the same colors) by the dukes of Masovia.

After what were Fulks named? I say they were named after the Velch area (where ruled mythical Turan, trace-able to Tarhun) north of Rome, where Butteri lived. Lucca is between Massa-Carrara and Velch, all three locations of Tuscany. Italian Fulks were first found in Florence, the Tuscany capital. I had found solid evidence for linking Massis/Mattis' to "Massa(-Carrara)." Ahh, didn't we see a Masa-branch Sea Peoples in Caria???

Now we get it. The Templars had been the "mysterious" Sea Peoples. The Masons write about their history at all points as "mysterious, never giving us all the details that they keep to themselves. But the Overturner in the Sky is coming with his excavating machine, on the Day of Discovery, when He lays a New Foundation on the ruins of Zionist Templars.

I theorized that TheoPHYLACtus Rangabe was named after a FULK, for he was directly related to Melissena Rangabe (= Byzantine noble married to a Varangian Rus), and this is now more important than ever for linking Byzantine rulers to Anjou because "Rangabe" is link-able to "Raines" (said to be from "Ragin")...and therefore to the Rainy surname with Fulk wing design (Tabers (with an 'e') also use the Fulk wing, in white). As the Rainy wing design links to the Masci / Balance bloodline, it certainly explains why Massins/Masons use Melusine in Crest. Years ago, I traced the white-on-blue Rangabe cross to the white-and-blue checks of French Fers, Italian Fulks, and German Cohens, but since then the same checks had been found in the Massi/Mattis Coat.

As an Anglo 'y' modifies from a 'g,' "Rainy" can modify to "Raing." In fact, as I traced "Rangabe" to "Angevin," the peoples of ANJou, by what coincidence were Rainys were found in ANGus??? Nicholas de Vere claimed that a Milo de Vere, son of mythical Melusine of Avalon, was a count of Anjou / Angers even before Fulks were counts of Anjou, and, again, the same Nicholas de Vere (and/or his people) speaks on a Rainfrou" character.

It just so happens that I traced the mythical Morgan-Fay witch of Avalon to Duffs of Fife and Angus theater! In fact, both the Fife and Rainy surnames use a red Chief. As further evidence that Rainys and Tabors were linked, the Tabor chevron is colors reversed from the Five/Fify chevron. The latter surname uses the Fife lion, and the Vey/VIVian chevron. The gold Shield and red Chief combination of Veys/Vivians is used by Fifes (which is one reason for tracing Morgan le Fay to Fife). BOTH Veys/Vivians and Wrens (trace to Rennes elements!) use purple lions.

It wasn't known until now that Raines and English Tabors were both first found in the same place (Essex). It's quite "coincidental" because Tabors entered the discussion in this update as per a Dvorak emailer's bloodline...who sent in the Rainy surname for my analysis. Look at all that it has wrought. It's even more "coincidental" because Tabors were in the last update even before the Rainy email was opened that led to the Tabor surname (I rarely mention it) in this update.

It just so happens that Dutch Veys use a boot and spur, which for me is code for the Massey boot, the Butteri cowboys, and their location at Bute = Avallon. That's the reason that Veys can be identified with Morgan-le-Fay, which, surely, was the Melusine dragon woman of the Veres.

For a long time I have wanted to use the Inger Coat to understand what Inger, Melissena Rangabe's husband, linked to. I now see that both the Inger and German Tabors use arrows. Ingers use their arrows on a blue Shield, the color of the English Taber Shield, and the color of the woman in the Taber Coat. The Inger write-up: "First found in Cornwall where they held a family seat as Lords of the Castle of Bottreaux..." Botters of Lucca also use a blue Shield! In fact, both Botters and Ingers are white-on-blue, Rangabe colors even. AND WOW HOW PERFECT that Veys were discussed immediately above, for Dutch Veys are likewise in white-on-blue while both English Veys and Ingers were first found in Cornwall! Just like that, Rangabes of the Inger marriage can be traced to Melusine / Fay of Avallon. (The mystery is that Inger is registered with a surname shown properly as Hender, Henter, and Ender.)

The obvious question coming to mind: is there any evidence that Tabors were Varangian Rus? Yes, for Tabers use a grape bunch (with the woman dressed in blue), a symbol of the German Blates/Plates that I link to Danish king BLATand BLUEtooth. Moreover, English Tabors use what looks like the Danish Bauer leopard...which happens to appear with a BLUE roundel. Can we trace Raines to Rus? Of course, and probably the Raines, from "Ragin," trace to "Ragnvald." Weren't Rothschilds Rus? Yes, but they are also said to be Khazars, and it just so happens that Melissena Rangabe was from Khazar royals on her mother's side.

Aha! The Rainy Crest "balances" are held by what looks like a strongarm, symbol of Rothschilds. AND, Ingers (and Tabors) use arrows, another Rothschild symbol. That's more evidence yet that Rainys were Rangabes.

The Five/Fify surname was first found in Aberdeenshire (beside Fife and Angus), a place that I trace to "Kabardino," home of Kabars in Caucasia, smack beside Khazaria. Leslies of Hungary's Magyars (= Khazar allies at one point), especially from king Andrew I of Hungary, lived in Aberdeen, and that should explain why "Inger" is registered with "Ander"-like Henders/Enders. Inger was likely a Varangian of Kiev, not far from Magyars.

Now, as I trace the Phyfe and Phyffe variations of Fifes to "Pavia," let me repeat that I traced proto-Arpad Hungarians to the Laevi on the Ticino river at Pavia. In neighboring Alessandria, Tortona is located...that I identify with the red roundel (= torteaux). The question is whether the Inger/Ender surname comes from "AlessANDRia," and it just so happens that while I traced that location to the Alis surname (Macey muzzled bear), it too uses white-on-blue, the Inger/Ender and Rangabe colors.

Amazingly, because the Tabor antler (with arrow) was just traced to Zahringers, and because Zahringers founded the Berne bear that I trace to the Macey (and Landon) bear, the sword in the Alis Coat must be the Devor sword! It looks like it, anyway. (Landons were ancestral to Pepins that I trace to the Papia version of "Pavia").

The reason for making the Fife trace to Pavia in the first place was for wanting to know whether Tabors and/or Rainys (of Angus) traced to Pavia, but the paragraph above had not been realized yet when on the Pavia paragraph above it. As the Devor sword has been identified with the sword held by the white Masci wing in the Chaine/Chenay Coat, let me remind that the white Rainy wings link to the white Mussy-related Balance eagle, for Mussys were in Brittany while Rainys/Rennys are expected at Rennes. Pavia and Alessandria are in Piedmont, where Mascis were first found, and so the conclusion is that Devor-branch Tabors / Tabers were in Piedmont.

It may therefore be that the idea of "DeBer/DeBeer" and other bear surnames link to "Taber," though that tends to obliterate a Taber trace to "Tiber / Tiberians" and related "Tubal"...unless Bers / Beers and similar others formed later, from a Taber /Tiber like term. Bayers/Byers use the Macey Shield (potentially link-able to the Alis'), and so let me repeat that Tubal and Meshech are paired in Biblical prophecy.

German Beers, using a bear, were first found in Silesia, as with German Tabors. Tabincidence?

The Bible, in Daniel 2, depicts the end-time Roman empire with two legs, which some view as the Byzantine and Rome elements of the Roman empire together, or the double-headed eagle. Maxwells use a double-headed eagle, and a stag in Crest that should be the Devor stag because DeBers use a black saltire, the Maxwell symbol. As you can see that the Maxwell eagle is bent-necked to allow for the two heads, so the Massi/Mattis eagle is bent-necked and black like the Maxwell eagle.

As the Alis bears are called "muzzled" as evidence of a Macey-bloodline relationship, it tends to support that the Alis sword is the one held by the Masci wing in Chaine/Cheney Coat. The Alis sword leans on a "fir" tree that looks identical in design to the so-called "pine tree" of the Tans/TANNERs. Recall Mussy and TONNERre, therefore, but also the Maskaly/Maschi pine cones, for Tan(ner)s use pine CONES too. Then, the Cone/Cowan surname uses THREE antlers, the Zahringer and Veringen symbol, tending to verify that Alis' use the Zahringer bear. As Zahringers founded Berne (Switzerland), note the motto of the Berne-surname (human legs), "Sapere aude incipe," much like the "Sapere aude" motto of the English Wise Coat. The latter surname use a mace in Crest, and moreover were linked to the hammer in the Seal of WISconsin. Gawk: WisCONson. Cone-incidence?

The English Wise coat (triple chevron) just happens to be in the colors of the Cone antlers! (They are colors reversed to the THREE Conte/Comitissa antlers) Moreover, the Wise Crest is a hand holding an arrow pointed in the same direction as the arrow in the Tabor Coat...the same Tabor Coat where the arrow forms a saltire with an antler!

Hmm, the Wes Coat is the Balance eagle in colors reversed. The Balance eagle is in the colors of the Cone antlers and the Wise triple chevron.

Remember, the Wisconsin capital, MADISon." The Seal of Wisconsin shows pears, perhaps link-able to "saPERE." The man holding a rope is dressed in the blue and white colors of the Rope pheons (Ropers use the Botter eagle). I have reason to believe that the pick in the Seal is code for Gettys and Pikes.

I think Maxwells/Makeswells link to "Macclesfield. The engrailed Macclesfield cross is used also by the Vassey/Fessy surname, and that brings us to the Mussy-la-Fosse location (beside Mussy-sur-Seine) because the Dutch Fosse/Voss Coat uses the same colors. The same colors are used as per a red-on-white fox in the English Fosse/Voss Coat. Fosse = fox? It uses the same fox as the "Jewish" Fox surname. The Mussy-la-Fosse location is in Burgundy, and the Dutch Fosse/Voss Coat uses the same (different colors) diagonal bars as the Arms of Burgundy.

Aha! The Faux/Fauks surname (just one giant mascle) was first found in the same place (Essex) as the Fulk-related Tabers. The Faux Crest is, not surprisingly, a "falcon" code word.

The Mussy locations are in the Cote-d'Or department, which begs the question of whether the Vienne-related Orrs and Orells apply. The Orr Crest is a cornucopia, a symbol in the Seal of Wisconsin. The Orr piles should link to the Pilate surname, first found in Burgundy. Keep in mind here that Massi/Mattis bloodliners trace to Romans, the Biblical dragon, and that Pontius Pilate was the one, probably for a dragon-line reason, who had God sentenced to death. The Orrs were first found in Renfrewshire, that location tracing to the Rennes location that the Mussy surname is suspect in.

Remember, the Mussy eagle is colors reversed to the Massi/Mattis eagle, and as the Macclesfield-related Maxwells use an eagle that applies, it's not likely a coincidence that one Arms of Macclesfield uses a "copia" motto term, probably code for the same as "cornuCOPIA." Let me repeat from above on a Hitler-related surname of Hupfauer:

The Kupfer Coat is colors reversed to the Cooper/Copper Coat, which may now reveal why God gave emailer Patterson a vision (see "Cappeo" in previous updates) that led to the Cooper surname...[I had immediately identified the Cappeo lion with Macclesfield's copia motto term because the Arms of Macclesfield use a blue lion, the color of the Cappeo lion]

Compare the Kupfer Coat also with the Weis/Wise surname of Bavaria (a near match), not neglecting that the Bavarian Illuminati was founded visibly by a WeisHAUPt surname. "HupFAUER" might be related to the Germo-Austrian Feuers/Feuerers/Fueres. Ask whether the Weis/Wise bloodline had to do with "WISconsin."

Isn't it amazing that a cornucopia should also be a Wisconsin symbol? Couldn't we expect Coopers/Coppers and Hupfauers of the Nazi kind in the Wisconsin area? It just so happens that the Wisconsin river was also called, "Meskousing." HA-HAA! I had traced Meschins/MESKins long ago to Bavaria (house of Nazis), before seeing the beaver in the Seal of Wisconsin. The Meschins traced to Fussen/Foetes of Bavaria, using three human legs just like the Berne Coat with motto phrase of the English Wise Coat!!! REMINDER: Meschin "scallops" trace to the "Sicel" namers of Sicily, and Sicily also uses three human legs (with Gorgon head at center).

Reminder: the Mann Coat smacks of the Balan/Ballam/Baalham surname, and the Isle of Mann also uses three human legs. The same-colored Balance surname, with white on black eagle that makes for the Masci wing, should therefore be the reason for the white-on-black Meschin scallops.

Josef Mengel was at Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. The Arms of Auschwitz show one, or two, bent-necked eagles in Mussy-eagle gold. Auschwitz is on the east side of Silesia. The latter location includes Bielsko-Biala: "Both town names refer to the Biala River, stemming from biel or biala, which means 'white' in Polish." Might the white colors of Mascis and Meschins be from that place? Could the Bellamys and/or Balances (white eagle) be from that place, since after all the Balances trace to the Vilnius weight scales? It just so happens that the Arms of Bielsko-Biala include white on red fleur de lys, the symbol of Masseys. REMINDER: German Tabers -- related to Balances to some degree -- were first found in Silesia. In this picture, the white Balance eagle may be a version of the white Piast eagle, and if so, the Piast eagle traces in particular to the "white" of Biala.

WOWIE! After writing that and the paragraph below, it was found: "There are large communities originally from Bielsko-Biala now living in towns such as Slough and Southampton." Southampton is in Hampshire (where Drakes of Masovia were first found), beside Suffolk, where Muskets/Mousquettes were first found!

There is a Biel Coat, the write-up tracing to "hatchet." The Hatch Coat uses the Oxford lions (expected because Veres were Masseys and likewise trace to Poland). The Hatch Crest is the Musket/Mousquette lion, though admittedly the latter lion is used by others too. However, the Musket/Mousquette write-up traces them to Haughleigh (in Suffolk!), and then the Haughs/Hawes were first found in Oxfordshire! MOREOVER, Haughs smack of Mieszko-related Hoffs and Haughts/Houghtons. AND, compare the Haugh Coat to the English Taber Coat!

ZOWIE YES. By what coincidence does the Haugh Crest use the Keith/Mascal stag? I had almost neglected to make that point, until realizing that Haughs, who are also "Hause," are in the colors of the Hesse/Huss Coat (the Catti of Hesse should trace to the Keith Catti). In this picture, Haughs and Hessians appear to be one and the same so that Mieszko's daughter, Sigrid the Haughty, may have been a Hessian in some way.

Hmm, as Sigrid traces to Seagers and Sages/Sacks, what about the white-on-black (i.e. Balance colors) rose of the Sachs, first found in Poland's Breslau? Hmm, the Bres/Bresler Coat shows pellets in colors reversed to Sachs, and Bres' were first found in Silesia. As an alternative to identifying Pressina, Melusine's mother, as code for "Prussia," what about Breslau, the Silesian capital?

[Insert -- WHAT LUCK!!! It wasn't until the day after writing the above that the Breslau surname was checked for, and it happens to have been first found in SAXony. The Breslau Chief (black on-gold eagle) is identical to the Italian Fulk Chief. End insert]

Now is the time to say that both Bres' and Ballan/Baalhams use colors reversed to the Balance eagle! That tends to clinch a trace of Balances (and perhaps Rainys with a "pair of balances" in Crest) to the Biala river in Silesia. See the Taber-related Pars below who should be encoded in "pair of balances," and let me remind that Silesian Tabors use the rare connected wings of Rainys.

When I first saw the hatchet in the Haugh Coat, it reminded me of the type of axe used for executions. At the time that this came to mind, Breslau was not yet a topic. It just so happens that, while I trace "pellet" to Pellets / Pilates of the Pontius-Pilate bloodline, the Arms of Breslau use the head alone (eyes closed, dead) of John the Baptist on what looks like a PLATE/Platter. Pellets are black roundels that modify regularly to "plates" = white roundels.

Such a John-the-Baptist code has got to stand for anti-Christians, but I now think that murders of Christ were concentrated in Breslau, and in Silesia where I trace "Seleucus," the entity that Daniel 8 and 11 says is a runner-up to the anti-Christ. Amazingly, Revelation 20 tells that the anti-Christ will slice off heads. Moreover, the 666-Traby clan should be in and around Breslau.

Quite apparently, the pellet roundels in the Arms-of-Breslau (that's the only symbol used) look like code for the murderers of John the Baptist, who happened to be Herods. The Roundel and Rundle/Redonin surnames had just been linked to Herod-suspect Redones and Arthurians, and moreover the Roundels were found to have a motto code (Tenax") for the Tenas/Tennarre surname of Burgundy, and therefore code for Tonnerre and Mussy of Burgundy. Pilates were first found in Burgundy!

And Pellets/Pilettes were first found in Lincolnshire, home of Redone elements that created the Rhodes Illuminati with the DeBeers. Remember that Tabors are suspect as Debors and DeBeers. The Pellet/Pilotte write-up: "The name was firstly noble house of Pilotte of Chantrans in Bourgoyne." The Scottish Chand surname definitely applies to "Chantrans" because it uses a "comite" motto term as code for Contes/Comites of the Conteville line. The Chande motto, "Virtute duce comite fortuna," easily links to the Duches variation of Chaines/Chenays who come up as "Chand" too.

To indicate how Tabers / Tabors link to the Pilate line, you may have read several updates ago that the Rollo surname links directly to Valerius Gratus (and the Valois/Valour and Vallery surnames), the Roman governor of Judea immediately before Pontius Pilate. The Chand motto not only reflects the Rollo motto phrase, "fortuna posse par," but Chands use the boar-head design of Rollos. The English Tabor/Tabers motto show "possint" while Silesian Tabors use an antler, symbol of English Contes.

If you've forgotten, the stag head half-way down the Rollo-Coat page is used by Celts/Cults that also use the Pilate pheon in colors reversed, and while the mother of Pontius Pilate is said to have been a Pict of Perthshire, both Celts/Cults and Rollos were first found in Perthshire. The "par" motto term of Rollos, therefore, is suspect as Pert / Perthshire elements, but then see below how Pars connect to Tabers.

In the Baptist link above, where the Arms of Breslau are described, we find that the "head and shoulders of St. John the Evangelist" are included in the Arms. It's as though "John" is sacred to Breslau's history. It reminds me of the Polish Janina clan that formed the Shield-on-Shield design. I've been on the Arms of Breslau before, indicating that its red-and-gold quartered Shield is also the Vere and Massey Shield, but now see the same-colored quarters in the Shield-on-Shield of Spanish Jans! Ask why English Jans/Janes use the Cappeo-lion colors.

Those who read me lots know that I hardly ever come across "shoulder" in heraldry, and yet there are two instances in this update. Here's what was written above:

The Par/Parr woman is said to be shown with "head and shoulders," and then the Shultz Coat is in Par colors, and uses stars in the colors of the Pury stars. Entering "Pair" gets a Pauer/Pauwer surname using blue Indian peacocks, code for the Peacock surname (Durham), a sept of Pollocks...

Peacocks were a symbol tracing to Radziwills, a root of Trabys and kin to Astikas. But let me say that the blonde Par/Parr woman is dressed in blue, like the blonde Taber/Tabert woman! If that's not enough, the Taber/Tabert woman holds the grape bunch of the German PLATES/Blatts, now indicating that Tabors of Silesia were from the Breslau plate symbol.

While Tabors were first found in Silesia, head-and-shoulders Tabers (with an 'e') were first found in Griefswald of dragon-infested Pomerania (northern Germany). The Griefs/Greefs were first found in Traby-suspect Derbyshire, and they use a "spes" motto term that I've routinely traced to the same in the Arms of Vilnius. This is a good time to remind that I traced "Vilnius" to the Ville surname, first found in Languedoc along with the Conte surname...a merger that I identify as the "Contevilles." One Conte Coat uses antlers, you see, a Tabor-Coat symbol. THUS, that's more evidence that Astikas > Traby elements ought to include Tabors / Tabers.

As Griefs/Greefs are shown properly as "Grieves/Greaves," it's not likely coincidental that the Par(r) Coat is a good reflection of the French Graves/Grieve Coat. The latter clan were first found in...Languedoc! To prove that the Conteville line was of this Grave/Grieve line, Dutch Graves use the Irish Burgh Shield (Contevilles were from John de Burgo).

Hmm, German Burghs use the Moray stars that I trace back to the Moravian-Bohemian bloodline of Mieszko's son, Boleslaw I. I had traced the Moray star to Bezprym (also related to Mieszko) partly because the French Bez Coat uses it. This Bez surname is not only in German Burgh colors, but was first found in Languedoc!

German Burghs use a bend in colors reversed from the French Talbots (and German Talls/Thales). As the Tabert variation of Tabers is suspect for "Talbot" (tentative idea), note that the Shield-on-Shield of English Talbots is much like that of Par(r)s. The Sellicks/Selliocks -- who I traced to "Silesia / Seleucus" -- use the same type Shield in the colors of both Talbots and Par(r)s. By now you may realize that Pars were the Pharisee line, which should explain the "Prest" motto term of Talbots. It suggests that Tabers were also Pharisaic.

It's working out just as was suspected, that the murderers of Jesus Christ were concentrated in bloodline in Breslau / Silesia. Wasn't it suspect that John the Baptist appears in the Arms of Breslau because the line of his Herod murderers were in Breslau. By what coincidence were English Sellicks first found in HEREfordshire?

Again, as English Talbots were first found in Shropshire, it seems that English Stewarts (lived in Shropshire) use the red-on-white Talbot lion, meaning that Dol Alans had crossed paths with Talbots (if they hadn't already done so elsewhere). And as Dol Alans had merged with Macey elements (Maccabee bloodliners) of the Mussy kind, it should explain why le Meschin married a Talbot. The point is, the Astikas of Vilnius were traced back to Stewarts, and therefore these 666-Stewarts merged with Trabys (because the Astikas did), but as Talbots/Talberts are suspect as Tabers/Taberts, consider that Tabers/Taberts were of Griefswald while Griefs/Grieves were first found in Traby-suspect DERBYshire.

Moreover, I had traced Trabys to Derbyshire -- from Polabia -- beside Pomerania where Griefswald is located. THEREFORE, compare "Traby" to "Tabor." I realize that if the two terms are variants of one another, it obliterates a trace of Tabors to "Tiberi" or Tubal." Yet, as Trabys trace to Trabzon, by what coincidence was Trabzon the Tubal theater to?

When emphasizing the stigma-chi-xi bloodlines from Stewarts/STIGweards to Astikas, the Stokes/Stocks and Stacks/Stakes were included, both of which use upright white lions, though the latter's lion design (in Mussy-eagle colors) is that also of English suspect as a branch of Talbots = Tabers/Taberts. The point is that while both Tabors and Tabers/Taberts are tracing well to Breslau, the Stokes/Stocks use a lion in the white-on-red of the upright Breslau lion.

The Breslau lion happens to be two-tailed like the Stoke/Stock lion. It's clearly the two-tailed Bohemian lion, and Talbots -- as "TailleBOIS" -- were, in my opinion, a Boii peoples (see the Bessen-surname bees in the German Thall/Tall Coat, on a bend in the colors of French Talbots). As simpleton as it may sound here, I've trace Boii to "MaccaBEE" to my satisfaction. Le Meschin (Maccabee suspect), who married a Lucy Taillebois, was from the Bessin, you see, thought to founded by Boii.

Recalling that the Biel Coat write-up traces to "hatchet" as probable code for Haught-related Hatches with Musket/Mousquette lion in Crest, let me repeat that I had reason to state several times over the past two years that the mouse-entity anti-Christ and/or False Prophet would be related closely to the latter surname in particular. I've already mentioned that the antelope and spear in the Musket/Mousquette Crest belong to Singletarys and related Dunhams (both use martins) of the Obama bloodline, indicating that Spree-river clans ought to apply. As the Tabor antler looks like the Spree/Neisse antler, and as Tabors have just linked to Trabys, harken ye all who hope to evade these fiends in the Great Tribulation, for Obama is already showing himself to be a giant deceiver (and proud of it).

Why do the Taber-related Pars happen to use two "barry" bars reflecting the two bars of the Washingtons...and Ness'.

Taking a coffee break after writing the above, Newt Gingrich's daughter, married to a Cushman surname, was on Fox news. The Cush/Kiss surname uses the same "fountains" (traced to Fond de Villes of Languedoc = Vilnius elements) as the Cash/Cass surname that itself uses the Vilnius weight scales. HOWEVER ZIKERS, as those weight scales are now being traced to the Balances, see the red rooster in the Cush/Kiss Crest!!! Here's what was said earlier in this update:

Entering "Balan" gets a Ballam/Baalham surname with estoiles in the colors of the Balance eagle. Ballans/Baalhams use "pellets" = black roundels too. In the Crest, a red rooster, likely symbol of the Roos / Rose / Ross bloodline of Rus. You see, with Mussys and Tabors / Tabers, we are once again on Meshech and Tubal bloodlines, with Rosh too. We only await Gog, the man.

The Cush/Kiss Crest is officially, "A pair of scales." Therefore, let me remind that Gingrich was born a Par-like MacPHERson with "Pharson" variation. The write-up traces to a "parson," and the Parson surname: "...a person who worked as the parson or clergyman." Pharisee clergy, right? As Hatch's entered this discussion as per the hatchet theme of the Biel surname, note that Parson's use an axe dripping blood, while Pars were Tabers, themselves elements of Silesia where the Biala river flows.

This is the first time ever that I've been led to the Biala river and the Silesian region, Bielsko-Biala, named after it. How amazing to find the Massey-colored fleur in the Arms of Bielsko-Biala, for fleur in those colors are used by the Lys surname of Ile-de-France, where the Levi surname was first found, as well as the Chappe surname that I link to "Caiaphas." Note the roses in the Arms.

It just so happens that Tim sent in a query on the Irminones/Herminones Germanics simultaneous with the Dvorak investigation and Rainy topic leading to the Tabors and Balances et-al. I'm noting some distinct correlations. In the one painting at the Irminsul article, we see Franks with axes in hand chopping away at the Irminsul tree (otherwise known as the Tree of Odin / ASgard). Yes, Irminones have got to be of the Esus cult, as Tim suggested. Later on the page, we see a god, standing on an irminsul pillar, holding a pair of scales / balances in one hand, and a white rose (I'm assuming it's white) in the other hand. As you can see that Saxons are stressed to be behind the Irminsul, what about the white rose of the Sachs...first found in Breslau?!?

In the hand holding the scales, a compass (of the Masonic kind) seems to be included, and what could be a mace. As the Irminsul tree was modified to a pillar, we might expect the Pillar surname to be related. It just so happens that Pillars are also "Pillet," and per chance they use the Palin/Pawlies/Paulyes lion. The Palins, starting with Sarah Palin's husband, have just endorsed Newt MacPherson for president.

I accidentally misspelled "Pherson" as "Pehrson" to find a giant white rose. Accident? It's a Swedish surname, but has no write-up. The Odin tree was Swedish! It was a mockery of the Tree of Eden, with the serpent bloodline in charge of the world. There's a white rose only in the Swedish Person Coat.

We would expect the Irminsul cult and Herminones Germanics to develop into the Ermine/Armine surname that links to ermine symbols of Brittany. The German Armins not only use roses, but a tree. The tree is said to be "surmounted by plants," and then the Plant surname also uses red roses, not to mention the MacCarthy stag, important because English Armines use the Annan saltire borrowed also by MacCarthy-related Desmonds.

Kissanes of Kerry and Cork, who show the MacCarthy stag, and who ought to be related to Cush's/Kiss', to the Cussane branch of Pattersons, and to the "cushion" symbol of Kilpatricks, use a lizard in Crest. It just so happens that the Desmond motto is "Crom aboo," linked already to the "abu" of lizard-using Sullivans, and to the "a boo" of lizard-using Kilpatricks. Actually, the Kilpatrick Crest is the Levi lion on the back of a green "dragon," highly suspect as code for the Revelation-19 harlot on a dragon. The point is, there is another lizard in the Dunne Crest, and an "a-bu" motto term to boot.

Why Dunnes too? Why do they appear to link to the harlot line of killers? Were Dunnes the Dunhams of Obama's line, known to issue from the Singletary surname that cropped up above as per Hatches and Mousquettes? Didn't John the Baptist prophecy that the axe is already at the root of the tree. Why did he use that terminology? He knew nothing of the Esus cult, or the hatchet of the Balans/Baalhams, or the Irminsul tree? But then the Holy Spirit did know, and so wasn't He prophesying against the Silesians of Biesko-Biala, and the Silesians who use John's sliced head on a plate?

Yes, the Arms of Breslau use his head on a white roundel, called a "plate" in heraldry. You might even figure that all heraldic plates trace to this line in Breslau...that the Lumberjack in the Sky has marked out for a violent act from his Chaine saw.

The greater point was that, while the anti-Christ is being seen at this time in Silesia's Bielsko-Biala, it just so happens that the Arms of Bielsko-Biala include a gold-on-blue spread eagle, the colors of the Dunne spread eagle!

One way to trace Dunnes to Bielsko-Biala is by way of the Sullivan Crest, "A robin on a lizard proper." It suggests the Proper/Robin surname (ostrich and key)...already traced to Polish elements. You may have read where the Robin surnames were traced to the Pilates and to the line of Valerius Gratus.

We might want to investigate the Manus surnames due to the Proper/Robin motto term, "Manus." As the robin on a lizard suggests the Revelation harlot on the anti-Christ, why should the Proper/Robin surname have been linked to the harlot in that way? Why a purple Oxford lion in the Scottish Manus/Magnus/Weynish Coat? Hatches use the Oxford lion too, but they are also "Hacch," suggesting Hyksos elements amongst them of the Hack / Hack kind.

Hatchers/Hachers (Macey Shield) use white scallops, as do Hachs/Hykes. Hackings/Hockings ("Hoc" motto term) use the Oxford lion once again, and the Roque / Rockefeller rock. JUST DISCOVERED. The Hacking/Hocking Coat uses a "musket! No surprise really, but it does verify that the Hatch/Hacch Crest is the Musket/Mousquette lion in particular. And it does exemplify once again that heraldic symbols are code for favored kin.

UNREAL!!! After viewing the Hokestaple Coat, "Hooker" came to mind, which of course evoked the Revelation harlot = hooker. Even as I've been insinuating that Hatch's/Hacces and Hackings/Hockings (who use the same Oxford lion in the same colors) are part of that harlot, so the Hooker Coat uses...Oxford lions!

The idea coming to mind is that Hyksos elements are on the dragon' back in Revelation 19, and that's interesting for my theory in which I identify the both the harlot and the dragon with Gog. That is, I view the harlot as part of the False Prophet cult, but trace the latter to Gogi elements of core Masons.

As per the Manners variation of Irish Manus', what about the "Pour y parvenir" motto of English Manners/Maness'? Isn't that code for Pharisee lines to the Laevi / Levi? Didn't we see the Levi lion on the Kilpatrick dragon? That should explain why German Manners (Masonic apron) use the Levi lion (on a Massey / Vere Shield).

If you compare the tail design of the Levi lion to the white upright lion in the Manner Crest, you'll realize that upright lion is a Levi lion too. Many surnames use that upright lion, but in white it belongs to Dougals/Dowells.

True, what I call the "Levi lion" also belongs to many surnames and was not necessarily the property of Levis to begin with. Therefore, the lion on the dragon in the Kilpatrick Crest is not necessarily the Levi clan on the dragon, and yet both surnames use the lion in the same colors, suggesting close linkage. But even that is not necessarily true because in the one case it's a "Jewish" surname/lion rather than a British one. In heraldic rules, different countries may use the same symbols without regard to kinship, and yet we may predict that heraldry masters in various counties (the ones who approve or reject official Arms) tended to protect symbols of "important" families across borders. The fact should be that, if the design of a lion is identical between parties, then the parties/surnames should be related, though not necessarily closely.

There is some proof that the Kilpatrick lion is the Levi lion in particular, especially as both use it in black. The Costigans were directly related to Kilpatricks because both use the same symbols, but the Costigans use a black lion design which is also that of Ulmans...and colors reversed to the Stoke/Stock lion. The "qui insons" motto phrase of Stokes/Stocks, and their Stock location in Caen, suggest the Key/Kay bloodline that I link to "qui" using Shaws/Shays...that I link solidly to the bloodline of Israel's chief priests. It's not only that which has potential to link to the Levi clan, but the Stoke/Stock Crest has a dove with "olive branch," suggesting the Olive(r)s, Leifrs (dove with olive leaf), and/or Levi.

The Irish Kilpatrick and Costigan lions are both said to be SURmounted on their green dragons. Surely, that's code for the same entity as the English Kilpatrick motto, "I make sure." We can be confident that the motto term is code for the Shera/Sheera variation of Irish Kilpatricks. But we can be confident that it's also code for the Sure/Shore surname because it uses the same motto, "Perimus liciti," as the Caen surname.

The motto has got to be code in-part for 1) the Inces that use the Key/Kay bendlets; 2) the proto-Parisii at PARium/Parion (Mysia), depicted by mythical Paris and Priam; 3) the Mysian line to the Mus bloodline. By what coincidence does "Parisii" reflect "Pharisee"? By what coincidence is it that the French Levi surname was first found in Ile-de-France, Paris? By what coincidence was mythical Hector (Trojan king) the brother of Paris while mythical Kay had an Ector for his father, a term bringing up the Hector surname?

I'm repeating all this because it's obvious that Kilpatricks / Costigans and Sures WANTED TO BE THE BIBLICAL DRAGON AND HARLOT.

[Insert -- Julius Caesar was enthroned by a Roman cult of "PATRICians." Hmm, checking for a Julius surname just now, it uses black Fulk wings in Crest nearly like the black Fulk wings of German Tabors. As per the "downy bearded" definition of given for "Julius," note the Oxford Lions in the Downy/Dunny Coat, and that they are identical to the Irish Brian lions. ZOWIE, just re-realized now while loading the Brian page: both Irish Brians and Kilpatricks use a "laidir" motto term! How's that for Dun-right proof of a Kilpatrick trace to the Julian Patricians????

The Brian surname was traced to Briancon/Brigantium on the Durance river, home of Salyes Ligurians. Amazingly, this insert was placed here before the Downy > Brian topic was arrived to, and the topic jibes with the paragraph below on Cuneo, in interior Liguria smack beside the Durance river. Irish Brians use the same motto term ("Lamh" as Sullivans (that I trace to Salyes Ligures and Kilpatricks). Hmm, note the Roman look of the Hule/Hull Crest (Coat in Julius colors), suggesting potential links to "Julius." Hmm, the English Holly Coat is in the same colors and uses the same white talbot dog. It also uses torteaux that I trace to Piedmont, but the point is, it was the Talbot-suspect Tabors that got us down the Downy path to Brians, and as Tabors are being traced to Trabys, note the ">Traby-colored bugle in the English Brian Crest. End Insert]

How important was it to realize recently that Costigans were from COSTIGlione in Cuneo, for I trace the latter to "Caen" (entering "Conn" gets the Caens)? Couldn't the "lione" portion be the reason for the lion in the Costigan Crest? Does it mean that Ulmans and/or Levi were in Cuneo? Both Cuneo and Laevi Ligurians were in Piedmont, after all.

Caen is in Calvados, home to some Mus bloodliners. The Caen fretty symbol should be code for Ferte-Mace, and then both Fertes and Mussys use the same eagle design. If you took interest in my treatment on Shuttleworths and those who use a weaver's shuttle, see the "shuttle" in the Arms of Ferte-Mace. The Arms also uses a bee-hive, no doubt code for the bees in the Bessin Coat (the Bessin is in Calvados), which bees are identical in design to those in the Lief(r) Coat. The bees are also identical to those in the Tall/Thall Coat (Thule suspect) so that the latter may be represented by the "Utile" motto term of Shuttleworths.

[Insert -- Aha! The Worth Coat is a double-headed eagle of the Ferte, Mussy and Balance kind, and in colors reversed to the Balance eagle. The Worth write-up has been mentioned before where it was concluded that its "settlement" code was for the Shuttle-like Settle/Settel surname, first found in the same place (Lancashire) as Shuttles. The Settles are said to have been on the Ribble river (touches upon the Cheshire theater), and then on this map of Ribblesdale, there is a Settle location (in Craven) shown. Masci wings in both black and white are used in the Rebel/Robel Coat.

As French Roberts/Robers show the Mackie/Mackie lion, and were first found in Burgundy, the Masci wing of Rebels/Robels ought to trace to Mussys and Messeys in Burgundy, by which I mean to assure that the tree stump in the Rebel/Robel Coat is that of the human-sacrifice cult of Esus. You can assume that the end-times anti-Christ system will be from pagans of the human-sacrificer kind.

It can be discovered that Rebels/Robels were Robins too, for both Robins and Words use thistles. The Shuttleworths are also "ShuttleWORD." (Reminder: Weavers / Webbers are suspect as a 666-loving bloodline.)

On the Ribblesdale map above, a Nappa location is shown not far downriver from Settle (see also the Douglas river if it interests you). An Italian Nappa Chief uses three fleur in Masci fleur colors, but then the Irish Kilpatrick Chief is identical to the Nappa Chief. Doesn't this draw the Mascis into the harlot-suspect Kilpatricks?

Hmm, the Ribble runs through Lancashire, where Nipps/Knipes were first found. As the Trilateral Commission (linked in the last update to Nipp-like elements) is a Rockefeller org, what about my trace of Rockefellers to Rochdale in Lancashire and the Manchester theater. Perhaps not coincidentally. Manchester has the nickname, "Rainy City" (the Rainy surname uses "balances" and the Tabor wings).

It's been a long time since I've treated the Rockefeller trace to Rochdale. It had to do with Rookesbys and Rooks of Yorkshire, where the Ribble begins. This Arms of Rochdale shows, not only a fleece in Crest, but a woolpack that looks identical to the "cushion" in the English Kilpatrick Chief. A woolpack is used by the Wolfleys/Wolleys of neighboring Cheshire. (There's a good chance that "ManChester" was named after Mann elements in Chester of Cheshire.)

It's a little-known fact that the first Rothschild sent his son (Nathan) to England to further a cotton industry (for making clothes, related to the wool industry) that he himself was involved in, in Germany. Nathan settled Manchester first of all, you see. This is online: "Arriving in Britain in 1798, Nathan Mayer Rothschild first went to Manchester and traded in cotton..." Another page:

With the help of sons, Salomon and Amschel, the [Mayer Rothschild] family became a major wholesaler [in Germany] of wool, cotton cloth and flour.

...In the mid-1790s, Rothschild became a major importer of cotton cloth from England.

It's now obvious why Hortons and Calders/Cadders use the same stag head design, for a Horton location can be seen (Ribblesdale map) on the north side of Settle, while a Calder river is on Settle's south side. Mayer Rothschild was heavily involved in his banking business with a prince of Hesse-Cassel, where a Catti peoples lived. Recalling the Rebel/Robel tree stump, I should remind that "Esus" and "Hesse" are possibly related terms.

You may have read (4th update December) where the Stains (Yorkshire), Stainers (stork, as with Sures/Shores), Steiners, Steins, Steiglers, and Staggers were treated as potential 666-surnames of the stig- and Ishtar kind. She's the beginning of the Biblical harlot, and so by what coincidence do I find myself detoured into the Ribble topic here while investigating the Kilpatrick harlot? I had identified the list of surnames in this paragraph specifically with Rothschilds, but had identified Rothschilds as a Sadducee line of the Set(h) or Settle-like kind. I now find a STAINforth location (shown on map) smack between Horton and Settle. It's known that Herods of Israel had merged with Sadducees!!! Set/Sutekh of Egypt was related to Horite-suspect Horus!!!!!! Hortons are suspect as Horus-branch Rus / Hros, therefore, and "Horite" can trace easily to "Herod."

We naturally want to see the Stainforth Coat. It uses the Musket/Mousquette lion, which lion is found crowned in the English Roth/Rotham Coat. Roth-incidence? Hmm, Rodams/Rodhams use a tree stump too, as with Rebels/Robels, very conspicuous where Stainforth is in Ribblesdale. Doesn't that tend to prove that Rebels/Robels were linked to the Ribble river, in case we had doubts?

[Insert in the Insert -- Downstream in Ribblesdale from Nappa, a Preston location is shown. Along with "Manchester," it evokes Preston Manning, a political leader in Canada that was mentioned earlier in respect to Nazi suspects in Montana. The Manning Coat shows the same "cross" as used by Eatons and Samsons, and Mannings were first found in Cheshire, as with Eatons. I kid you not that I did not know this when saying above, "there's a good chance that "ManChester" was named after Mann elements in Chester of Cheshire."

The Manning motto uses "Esse quam videri." As further proof that "quam" is code for Chemmites suspect (by me) as Camber/Cambria elements, the "quam" term is used also by CHAMBERlains, and in fact they are in Manning-Coat colors. By what coincidence do I trace the Samson surname to Chemmites and to the heraldic donkey symbol while both Chamberlain Crests use a donkey? That tends to clinch the Manning link to Chamberlains, and WOWIE, Samson's father was MANoah!!! That should explain why the Samson and Manning "crosses" are identical.

AHA!! The Stainforth Coat uses the same bell/vair pattern as the Chemmis Coat!!! Both Kemmis' and Samsons were first found in Gloucestershire, while Chamberlains were first found in neighboring Dorset. I trace Dorset to Dorians, and I think that Hercules, the Greek extension of Samson's Manoah cult, was a Dorian peoples...from Dor, smack beside Megiddo that named Armageddon! What a story this is, PRAISE GOD for it all! He has allowed his enemies to become huge for to expose in a huge way their huge sins and unworthiness to rule the universe.

Now is the time to show the Camber Coat using the same dancette as the Chees/Cheatles/CHETTLES of Cheshire, for this tends to link them to the SETTLE location smack beside Stainworth.

It's floors me repeatedly how often I find myself inserting paragraphs into the updates in such a way that their topics blend with topics already written below them. As yet another example, the Chemmite topic was inserted above after the below was written, and just as I was coming to the end of the Chemmite topic, the Camber Coat was addressed, using three estoiles, symbol of the Balans/BAALhams. Can you figure what this means if this is an act of God through my writings? Don't the Kemmis' use bell pattern? Isn't that code for Bellamys and related Bells? Didn't Baal evolve into the Celtic god, Bel, the god of May Day (May 1, highest holiday for witches)? I KID THEE NOT, that after writing that, I checked the May Coat (in Mayer/Major/Magor colors) to find the same leopard design as per the Camber Crest!!! The latter's leopard is called a "lynx head pellettee" (!!!!!!) however, code for mythical Lynceus of the Aigyptus line. I KID THEE NOT AGAIN that this paragraph was conceived AFTER the pellet topic below. INCREDIBLE DIRECTION FROM ABOVE (I can't deny Him the praise), for Balans/Baalhams use pellets! REMINDER: it was May 1 in America when Obama claimed that Osama bin Laden was killed. I view that event as a "May fool's joke."

As English Kilpatricks became (or vice versa) a branch of Maxwells, it's not likely coincidental that both Maxwells and Worths use a black-on-white double-headed eagle. Downstream in Ribblesdale from Nappa, there is a PenWORTH location shown [smack beside Preston]. As English Kilpatricks were first in DUMfries, the "Dum" motto term of Penners is suspect. The Penner Coat shows three plates in the same fashion as the three Balan/Baalham pellets.

Bres'/Breslaus use pellets too, and as they were first found in Silesia, now is the time to remind that I traced Pendragons / Arthurians to Silesia / Lusatia. But pellets are used also by Lacys, first found in Yorkshire, where Craven (i.e. and Ribblesdale) is located. This tends to certify that the purple lion of the Irish Lacys is that of Skiptons, for Skipton is in Craven. I suggest that Cravers/Grabbers are a variation of the Gabrains that the Arthur surname is said to derive in. The Meschins had merged with Skiptons, and are mentioned in the Meschin write-up.

Reminder: "Gripp" brings up the Craver/Grabber bend, and PENhoet is a location of Brittany near Gripel. The Gripp/Craver write-up traces to "digger of graves," but that's code for the Grave surnames that, as was shown above, link to Griefs/Grieves highly suspect from Griefswald, where Tabers were first found.

It should be said that the Dutch Bres Coat uses the Bogen bow design, and that Bogens (Bavaria) gave their lozenges to the Arms of Bavaria (fact can be found online). It's known that Illuminatists of the "Jewish" and Rosicrucian kind infested Holland, and that these were highly involved in the founding of America.

By what coincidence do we come across a purple lion, the color of the Revelation harlot, here in an investigation on the Kilpatrick lion deemed to be code for that harlot? As you can see, the PenDragon cult has just been dragged into the Revelation picture.

As further proof that these bloodlines trace to Breslau / Silesia (i.e. where Tabors lived), the Skipton stag is a version of the Devor stag. Let me remind that the Devor sword looks like, not only the Excalibur, but the sword held by the Masci wing in the Chaine/Chenay Coat.

In this other Arms of Rochdale: "The shield is green with a white wave running down the middle on which is a canting roach, also representing the Roch Valley" Rothschilds used green Shields (see Bauers and Bowers), and Mayer (a Bauer who changes his name to Rothschild) lived in a Frankfurt house called, Green Shield).

Here's all three Roch Coats. Note that the moline cross used by one Roch Coat has the same tops as the rooks of the Rook/Roch Coat. Compare the latter's Coat with the Rodes Coat (HEREfordshire), which highlight's the merger of Roquefeuils with the Rodes'' of Languedoc. It's the dread Horites, from Redone-ville to Rochdale...the same Herod line, I'm fairly sure, that applauded the murder of Christ. The Rock of Ages has a Meeting scheduled with the Rockefellers, in the Day of Wroth when all rocks will be over-turned and exposed.

The Rochs with the roach fish show a harlot-suspect Crest: "On a rock proper, a silver eagle rising..." on top of (i.e. on the back of) the roach fish. The "eagle rising" is code for the Roman empire's rise as the mythical phoenix. That's Rockefeller globalism all over, but's it also the theme of the Revelation harlot.

As this insert started out with the Settles / Shuttles, consider my Nazi-of-Seattle theories, for Breslau elements find their way to a Nazi investigation below. End Insert]

All in all, it is compelling to include the Maceys in with the Biblical harlot...if indeed the Kilpatricks and Sures, who wanted to be the harlot, will prove in future history to be fundamental to the harlot.

The eagle design mentioned above is used also by Balances that were just traced to the Breslau theater using the Baptist' head on a plate. Ferte-Mace is in the Orne department, and then we find plates in the Arms of Orne. This all tends to prove that Balances were of the Bellamys (of Perche) as they developed into Ferte-Maces when moving to Ferte-Mace. Again, both the Perche and Oliver surnames the same double chevron.

Didn't the Arms of Breslau use fleur in the colors of the Massey fleur? And are they not also the colors of the Lys fleur, of the clan first found in Ile-de-France? Isn't it obvious that Masseys and Pharisee-suspect Levi were close, therefore, so as to be together the entity on the green dragons of Kilpatricks and Costigans?

Didn't I just trace the GOLD-ON-BLUE Dunne eagle to the same in the Arms of Breslau? By what coincidences are they that: 1) Ferte-Mace is in Orne's Alancon community, while the Arms of Alencon show a double-headed GOLD-ON-BLUE eagle: 2) Scottish Dunnes use a double-headed eagle in the white-on-black colors of the Balance eagle; 3) I trace Obama's Dunham mother to Dunham Masci; 4) the "eagle wings" in the Masci Coat are in the colors of the Balance / Dunne eagle; 5) there's a key in the Crest of the other Scottish Dunne surname; 6) Scottish Dunnes were first found in Angus, where the balance-using Rainys were first found who use the white Masci wings in the form of the Fulk wings??????

It's becoming clear that the Kilpatrick / Costigan harlots on the dragon were on the throne of the United States since George Herbert Scherf aka Bush. The same bloodline includes the Clintons and Obama as well as Bush's. Here's how we can know? The Sures/Shores (who have been identified with the "surmounted" code of Kilpatricks / Costigans) show a "holly BUSH." The Dunnes show a "lizard in FRONT of a holly bush proper," though in fact the leaves appear to be on top of the lizard.

Surely, the Scherf surname that comes up as "Schere" relates to the Holly BUSH of the Sures/Shores. That's one reason for my belief in the online reports that George Herbert Walker Bush was born a Scherff. But as the German "Schere" is the Anglo "Shere," by what coincidences are they that Sheres (first found in SURrey) are also "Sheer" while the "sure" motto term of English Kilpatricks is code for the Sheera variation of Irish Kilpatricks??

Amazingly, the black crosslets of the Sheres/Sheers are used in the Clinton Coat.

How important is it to link Costigans to Casts ("a pair of scales") and therefore to the scales / balances in the Arms of Vilnius -- and therefore to 666-suspect Trabys -- while the Sures/Shores were first found in DERBYshire? The Derby Crest uses an antelope, the symbol of the Singletarys (a Jonathan Singletary, ancestor of Obama's mother, changed his surname to "Dunham"; that info is amply available online).

If you were convinced that Balances were Balans/Baalhams, and if you're convinced that the harlot was on the American throne starting with Bush, but also through Clinton and Obama, what about the Nixon Crest using the Balan/Ballhams rooster design? The latter surname, remember, uses the pellets of the Bres/Bresler surname (i.e. of Breslau elements).

The Nixon Coat use gold roundels, as does the Treby Coat. But the Treby Coat uses the upright "Levi lion" in colors reversed. The Treby lion is the one in the Manner Crest, but as Stokes/Stocks had been linked to Trabys, I'd conclude that the Treby lion is a version of the same-colored Stoke/Stock lion. INDEED, for as Stokes/Stocks were of the Stock location on Caen, note that the leopards in the Caen Coat are colors reversed to the leopards in the English Nixon Coat!

In the following video, which will hopefully gather a storm of supporting evidence if the claims are true, is about a family photo allegedly of some future Nazis including both George Scherffs, Josef Mengele, Martin Bormann, and Otto Skorzeny. The latter is the one who gave the death-bed confession of George Scherff, and so note similarity between "Schere/Scherf" and "Sure/Shore" with "SKORzeny."

The photo also claims to show Prescott Bush (photo here) as George Scherff Sr., something I didn't know previously. I had assumed that George Herbert Scherff Jr. had been set up illegally as an adoptive son of Prescott Bush. But now, loading the video twice side-by-side (on two browsers) in order to make facial comparisons, I see that a photo of Prescott Bush later in the video is remarkably like the photo of George Scherff. The photo with Prescott shows George Bush Sr. in his younger days, and he is not a bad comparison with George Scherff Jr. A comparison of the young Skorzeny in the family photo to his photo beside Hitler also bears out resemblance. The alleged Josef Mengele in the family photo does resemble the Wikipedia photo on Josef Mengele.

Martin Bormann married a Buch surname of Nazi elements. The Buch/Buck Coat uses the THREE-antler design of the Contes/Comites...who merged with the Villes of Vilnius elements. The Dutch Bormann Coat shows trefoils, and a black-on-white bent-necked eagle. German BorMANNs use the same white-on-red lion as English Stacks, but then a white-on-red lion (the Levi lion) is shown also in the German Mann/Manner Coat. It's the Scottish Manns who use more pellets. Bormann's mother was a MENNong by maiden name. Stacks were first found in Gloucestershire, where Mieszko's Siemowit > Samson elements were found.

"Borman" should link to "Berman," using bears, a Zahringer symbol along with THREE antlers. In fact, the Zahringers founded Berne. Switzerland, and the Berman bears, as with the Berne-surname bear, are black on gold. We read: "Also the January 2006 Greg Szymanski interview (the audio file link for this is the first one) with an American named Eric BERMAN (that Mr. Nicoloff says sparked his interest in the story), who claims to have met Hitler's bodyguard and master spy / assassin Otto Skorzeny in Florida."

Skorzeny and George Scherff were involved with famed Nikola Tesla, whose mother had a Mandic maiden name. So many Mann clans. The Scottish Bernes use three human legs, symbol of the Isle of Mann. Again, "Mengele" smacks of "Manx," the peoples of the Isle of Mann, and Fussen in Bavaria not only uses three human legs as its Arms, but is on a Lech river flowing near to (Manx-like) Munich.

ZOWIE, the Fisk Coat uses red and white checks as does the German Munich Coat, itself a good reflection of the "Jewish" Marx Coat. That's important because the Fisks were looked up in the first place when I saw the gold triangle between the legs in the Arms of Fussen (it recalled a gold triangle in the last update, and it turned out to be in the Fisk Crest). Seeing that, I noted that "Fisk" could possibly derive in "Fussen" elements. Fisks are in colors reversed from Foots that I trace rather solidly to "Foetes," an alternative name of Fussen.

I've traced "Foetes" to the Faith surnames, and the Austrian Faiths use the same-colored diagonal bars as the Arms of Burgundy. Fessy's are the ones said to be "a branch of the Burgh family," suggesting the Burgos that were also Contevilles. Herluin de Conteville de Burgos led to Ranulph le Meschin's birth, and Meschins use Foot colors; both Foots and Meschins were of Cheshire. Le Meschin's son, styled, "de Gernon," should be of the Gernon surname (traced to "MOUStache," har-har) using a "CyFOETH" motto term, therefore, and then there is a Footes location on (Gernon-like) Guernsey. The other Faith Coat uses a crane (= "geranos" in Greek) in Crest.

Fessys use the same cross as Macclesfield (a Cheshire location), but as Scottish/Moray Randolphs use the same cross, it not only suggests a trace of "Randolph" to "Ranolph" le Meschin, but begs the question of whether the Randolph horseshoe links to the Mengel horseshoe. The Mengel Coat owl could indicate that the surname (and all Mann elements) were from the Roman MINerva (she had the owl symbol for her demoness qualities).

There happens to be a Mine/Mingle surname (fesse) with Ming variation shown, first found in Bedford, the location of Luton that I traced to Ligurians. That surname comes up with "Menn," recalling the Menong surname of BorMANN's mother. Lutons use a spread eagle in the colors of the (Gernon-like) Grain/Grayne eagle. The eagle is gold, like the eagle in the (Minerva-suspect) Miner Crest. The Manners (Massey Shield) come to mind, and by the way, the Manners-Crest lion design -- the upright Levi lion -- is used in black (= Levi-lion color) by Gernons with the "CyFOETH" motto term.

The Faith arm-and-sword is essentially the Mieske arm-and-sword, and then the Masseys that I trace to Mieszko elements were from Manx-like Manche. The Scottish Mangel/Mansell/Mancell Coat, I found after writing the above, uses maunches!

Note that the Irish Munich Coat was first found in Cork, and used the MacCarthy-of-Cork stag the colors of Massars from Lech-like Lucca. Remember, Massa-Carrara is beside Lucca, on the Ligurian border.

As MacCarthys were of MUSkerry elements, by what coincidence did Hitler make a WW2 pact with MUSsolini? Or, why is the Italian Musolini Coat in the colors of Meschins and Foots? As Meschins were from the Boii-founded Bessin, what about the Mussolinis being first found in Boii-conquered Bologna/Bononia?

You must understand that the swan design that was a symbol of Godfrey de Bouillon, of Boulogne elements, was also the Ligurian swan, but then Foetes/Fussen had swan elements of its own. The point is, both the Nazis and Templars are hereby being traced to the swan cult. "The famous castles of NeuSCHWANstein and HohenSCHWANgau are located near the town," and moreover the Hohen checks are used by the Munich and Fisk Coats.

ZOWIE again, I was going to say that the "sic" term of Fisks could trace to "Sicily" because I've traced a "sic nos" motto phrase to Sicanian branch Sicilians, and then, loading the Fessy/Vassey Coat (because I trace the heraldic "fesse" to "Fussen") to check for similarities with Fisks, there was a "signo" motto term. Sicily also uses the three human legs, you see. That convinces me that Fisks were named after Fussen elements.

"Fussen has Saint Mang (Magnus of Fussen) as its Patron Saint." Magnus/Mungs' use a purple lion of the Oxford-lion design...and a lion's paw like the Miners. The Dutch Paw/Pauw Coat (relatives of Pauers) is one giant peacock with green wings, symbol in the Manner/Maness Crest!

Aha! The Palin/PAWlenty Shield is identical to the Irish Power Shield.

Irish Powers use the MacCarthy stag in the colors of Irish Munichs (shown properly as "Mannix/Managan)"! Doesn't Obama have a Powers in a key spot of his administration? "[Samantha] Power was an early and outspoken supporter of Barack Obama. When she joined the Obama campaign as a foreign policy advisor..." As Samantha is a Yale product, I was thinking of a "Yale" connection to Jells/Gells et-al. The Yale Coat (Biden/Button chapeau) is the Desmond / Annandale saltire (Desmonds were MacCarthys too), AND ZOWIE, I had been looking out for a gold-on-red crescent ever since I saw one in the Julius Coat. The Yales use one. It suggests that Yale's Skull-and-Bones cult was a destructive entity linked, or even associated, with the peoples to which Nazis belonged. It can certainly explain why the son of George Herbert Scherff attended Yale.

The German Mang Coat uses black and white vertical bars, as does the German (Saxony) Julius Coat. This connection of core Nazis to Julius Caesar / Patricians may not be far-fetched because some "gilly flowers" had been found in the Jule/Jewell Coat, and I trace Nazis to the Gileki/Gel Iranians=Aryans.

In that Julius investigation, I also ran into the Jell/Gell Coat, but as this was before the Nazi investigation now under discussion that led to Fisks, by what coincidence do both Fisks and Jells/Gells use gold-on-black stars (= colors of the Score cinquefoils)?


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