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Giffords and other Swan Lines

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January 10

It could be said all over the American country at this time that Democrats and other liberals, such as the Pharisees, murdered God long ago and took His seat of power in Israel and in the rest of the world. If anyone is guilty of violence-inducing rhetoric, it's the American Democrats. Jesus said to the Pharisees that because they claimed to see, they were guilty of not understanding the obvious. That's the definition of a liberal. Onward with the "political" fight, if it's in reality a message for God's principles and a warning of what is about to come. Don't let the Democrats stifle us at this time in which they accuse us all with a broad Loughner brush. We of course don't fight with guns,

The Pharisees saw Jesus heal on a Sabbath, but rather than acknowledge that it must have been God who was with him, they acted like true liberals, seeing only what they wanted to see, only what suited their personal interests. And like Democrats they accused, accusing before all the Jews of Jerusalem, and incited the masses against Jesus as far as possible, to have him arrested and killed, that their powers to rule the nation could stay intact. What could better describe American Democrats?

There is a high proportion of "Jews" in the Democratic party. Even Giffords herself is a "Jew." (When I put that word in quotation marks, I'm not meaning to say that the subject is definitely not a Jew by blood; I'm instead questioning the claim because I believe that there are pagan or satanic Hebrews of non-Jewish blood, or even of some Jewish blood.) My learning is from Jesus, who incited hatred for the Pharisees because it was necessary to keep the Elect from being deceived by their words.

Jesus was definitely at war with liberals, but his weapon was not the body-killing instrument. Instead, he shot out God's words, and God made converts with them, a significant portion of the population. He hand-cuffed the Pharisees so they could not act against him as they wished and hoped, for fear of the people who believed in him.

Democrats today find themselves bound by the same problem. They have even taken on Christian colors due to losing many voters, enough to lose elections, when they rant against Christians.

I view Illuminatists responsible for the "left wing" versus "right wing" rhetoric." For one, it's a way to pit the peoples against one another. Who decides the "center"? In God's view, His Church is the center, and radicals at all ends of the spectrum are the unbelievers. But the Illuminati places itself at the center, and that's the position implied to be normal, reasonable, or level-headed. But how can the center be acceptable when defined as half Christian, half satanic? Was Bill Clinton a better, safer leader because he came to the center? No, he only became a false Christian, more dangerous than if he were openly an enemy of God.

The tea party is clearly responsible for beating up on Obama to the point of taking his power away, but not only his power but of the Democrat party. Calls for less partyline rhetoric at this time are shams, for Democrats are fully intent on blackballing the tea party as their method of regaining full political powers. Liberals and Illuminatists are the masters and founders of deception and of blackball politics, make no mistake about it. Yes, they can, and yes they will. Power is all that matters to them, as well as the agenda to control the masses for building their self-interested world.

My point is that the battle against Christianity in America has intensified now that Democrats tasted full powers again, only to lose power quickly with a reckless party run O-muck. Rather than acknowledge that they themselves were at fault for losing power, they will lay the blame on "right wingers," their phrase for Christians (I'm not implying that all tea-partiers are Christians). There is danger that the Christian fight against liberals will ultimately incite the murderers among them to act against us. These murderers are not on the fringes of the liberal beast, but in fact run the nation. They are among the officers of the land. But the officers and their bosses have been restricted by the number of Christians in the land. Pharisees had to act against Jesus by night, when the population was asleep. It looks like the same situation building to a climax today.

It looks like Democrats will place their own feet into their own trap by attempting to use Loughner as the excuse to blackball tea partiers:

A classmate of the man accused of shooting Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords this morning describes him as "left wing" and a "pot head" in a series of posts on Twitter this afternoon.

...She describes him as "quite liberal" and as a "political radical."

...'As I knew him he was left wing, quite liberal. & oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy.'

At another article on Loughner, where a classmate all but predicts his violent outburst: "It is clear from the behavior of leftists that modern liberalism is a mental disorder. A disorder built primarily upon the conditioned mechanism of denial." The idea that liberalism is a "mental disorder" has been promoted by "Jewish" radio talk-show host, Michael Savage (not his real surname; his real surname is Weiner). Michael hides himself from political enemies, incites the country to act against Democrats, and openly denies that Jesus is the true messiah even though he quotes Scripture from time to time.

It's interesting that "Lough" brings up the Guiscard Coat (although the surname is shown properly as "Wishart," it is in very fact a branch of the Norman Guiscard clan). The Lough page includes variations: Locher, Lahore, Lochore, Laugher, and Lokuhor.

What's interesting is that the Locher/Lough Crest uses foxes (Robert Guiscard has been called, "The Fox")! The write-up:

First found in Fife, where they have held a family seat from the 12th century, probably about 1135. About this time Earl David of Huntingdon [= David I], son of King Malcolm of Scotland, came north to claim the throne of Scotland. He brought with him many Norman nobles to whom he gave estates. Although the first on record was Constantin of Lochore about 1150, there is no trace of the line from which Constantin was descended in Normandy. Constantin was the first Lord of Lochore. The ancient Gaelic family seated on Lochore (Inchgall) Island in the Parish of Ballingry was superceded by these new Lords from Normandy. He was succeeded by another Constantinus, either a son or grandson in 1235. Andreas, brother of Constantin, and Phillip and David, brothers of Constantinus, also started other lines of the family. David, became Sheriff of Fife in 1265. David was close to Royal Court circles and was one of the dignitaries on a charter by King Alexander III at Roxborough in 1279."

Hmm, Alexander was of the bloodline of David I (son of Malcolm above); the latter's brother was another AlexANDER. My theory is that David was named after no Scot, but after Hungarian elements of king Andrew=ANDERS to which his mother (queen Margaret) had been associated. The problem is, I haven't yet gleaned where Margaret got the name, David, or why she chose it.

I would suggest that Constantin of Lochore was of the Constance surname (the English branch appears to use the Ferte eagle). The pine tree in the French Constance Coat is used by German Dallens first found in Austria. But I found the same tree in southern Germany not far from lake Constance.

I repeatedly forget the name of the location and surname that uses the same pine, but I do recall that the location uses six black roundels the Savage-surname configuration in Savage-lion colors. This gets interesting because I think the SAVIDdge variation links to the David surname. As the latter surname was first in Chesire, the Ferte eagle used by English Constances can certainly link to Cheshire (Ferts were ancestral to Mascys/Masseys of Cheshire). Savages were themselves first found in Cheshire.

In the 6th update of October an online quote was shared: "The Sava is created by two headwaters, Sava Dolinka (left) and Sava Bohinjka (right) which join between the Slovenian towns of Lesce and Radovljica." I thought that the Dolinka could link to Dol of Brittany. It's known from the Saier write-up that Sava-river clans ended up in Austria (i.e. where Dolinka-like Dallens were first found), and by now you know that I interpret the Irish Dallen surname as "D'Allen" i.e. the Allens of Dol/Brittany.

As per the trace in the last update page of the David surname to Switzerland and Sava-like Savoy, it's interesting that lake Constance is on the Swiss-German-Austria border. Then, in the Constance-surname write-up: "There was a noble family of feudal lords bearing the [Constance] name in Poitou in the thirteenth century, and later, in the fifteenth century, there was another prominent family of that name among the nobility who held large fiefs in Brittany."

In the 2nd update of October, the above Constance quote is found, and it went on to mention the Cust/Constantia/Cuss surname (clearly related to the Casts/Cass' mentioned yesterday). I was thinking that the Cust/Cuss clan was linked to the Swedish Gust/Gaut surname that I link to the lattice-using Cotts/Cottins i.e. the Cottians of the Cottian Alps that link to Guiscards. And I remarked that both the Cott and Constance surnames were first found in Languedoc (essentially beside the Cottian Alps), the place to which I trace the Rhodes surname...of Lincolnshire, where the Cust/Constanti surname was first found. One gleans that Languedoc clans of these names moved into neighboring Poitou.

The Cost/Caust/Cotel surname was likewise first found in Languedoc, and it uses a bell in the shape and colors of the Bellamy-related Bells.

I recall tracing (7th update of last October) certain Beaumont>Bellamy elements from the Sava to Poitou. I linked the Bone/Bohen surname to the Bone/Bonne clan (the latter using eagles in the colors of Fertes...and Constances), and to the BOHINjka source of the Sava. In the 6th update of October:

For further investigation, read the Butler write-up and then see the Bottles/Bootles of Liverpool (apparently the Beatles too) and Bolts, both from Lancashire, but descended from POITou, where the Melusines of Lusignan were located. More precisely, Lusignan is in Poitou-Charentes, smacking of "Carinthia" in Austria! The Arms of Carinthia uses red hearts as symbols, the symbol also of the French Sauvages (i.e. from the Sava river).

The Bottles/Bootles use Savage and Bottens colors, and as was pointed out in the last update page, the latter use six black roundels in Savage colors. The Bottens were pointed out due to a location by that name in the Morges and Fey region of Switzerland, the region of Vaud that I was linking to the pelican-using and David-like Devaud surname.

That Vaud is also home to Echallen, an important topic of the last update page culminating yesterday in a trace to the Achelous river at Sipylus. It struck me after closing yesterday that the Achelous should be named after the Galli, whom I'm assuming were the Gillies and Gilvrays (a major topic of the last update page). I say this because I traced the Achelous river to the Akell/Ascelin surname, which brought to mind the Askil surname using a bell-pattern Shield in the black and white colors of the Bell bells. And, the Bell write up mentions a Gils term that led me to more pelicans and grails in the Giles Coat (keep in mind that both Waynes and Arthurs use pelicans and that "Gawain" is a holy-grail Arthurian line):

In this brief conquest, Bel forfeited the clan territories of the Bells and the clan moved to Middlebie in Dumfrieshire. Later when Edward of England was defeated by the Scottish they returned to their Annandale territories in the Scottish West Marches and acquired some territories on the southern side of the border at Gilsland just south of Hadrian's Wall.

Assuming that Edomites named Dumfies, and assuming that the red and white of the bell-using Bell Coat are Ananndale colors, we could venture to link Gilsland to Edomites of the sort that became Pharisee stock. As I trace Hagarites to agi=goat terms, note the unexpected Giles write-up: "The name Giles reached England in the great wave of migration following the Norman Conquest of 1066. It is based on the medieval given name Giles. This name is derived from the Greek aigidion, which means kid, or young goat."

The Giles were first found in Lincolnshire, where Lindos elements from mythical Helios ended up. Helios was given three entities on Rhodes, and "Helios" itself depicted one of them more than the others: the city of Ialysos. Years ago (long before coming to the trace at hand), I had traced that city to the Galli on the Halyes river. And when Hercules invaded the far-west empire of Geryon, he sailed in a cup-shaped ship of Helios. The cups in the Giles Coat come forcefully to mind. The Dutch Gils Coat uses red roses, a Rhodes symbol.

The Giles Shield is in the gold and red colors of the French Gilles Coat, and that surname too was first found in Languedoc. The Shield is the red-on-gold bar used as the Arms of Baden, and the same bar (without symbols) is used by the Cottel Coat (French Costs/Cotels are the ones using the bell and first found in Languedoc). The northern shores of lake Constance are in Baden-Wurttemberg.

The idea that the Gils were from Edom appears to be evidence in the "Domin" motto term of the English Gilles Coat. The write-up links to the Bells of Gilsland: "Henry Gille moved the family name to Cumberland in 1200 and the family gave its name to the village of Gilsland."

WOW. I was thinking that the green and gold colors of the Gilles Coat link to the Herods/Haralds, a sept of McLeods. As per that very theme, I noted the green in the Scottish Askil/Gaskill/Kaskill Coat, and that the latter surname was first found in Skye and Lewis, where McLeods were first found. The list of McLeod septs was then checked for an Askil-like clan, and LOOK at what's listed: Asgell, Asgill, Asguill, Askal, Askale, Aske...Askil, Askile, Askill, Askle, Askul, Askyle, Asskal, Asskale... WOW. I didn't know that yesterday when I arrived to the Akell/Ascelin surname.

The McLeod septs of Casgal, Casgale...Gasgal, Gasgale, Gasgel, etc., should apply. They smack of "Kos/Kaas," the owl cult of Edom, and that could link to the owl-using Gastons. I recall that I traced the owl cult of Edom to mythical Asclepios and therefore to Ascalon/Ashkelon (Philistine territory of Israeli shore). I had also traced Ascalon to the escallop/scallop symbol.

In fact, yesterday after closing, it dawned on me that the Achelous river may have been the root of the scallop symbol i.e. the root of mythical Scylla. I realize that the two terms are not quite like one another, and I also realize that tracing "Achelous" to "Galli" appears to contradict an Achelous trace to "Scylla," but I maintain that mythical Glaucus, who loved Scylla, depicted the Gileki/Gels peoples (south Caspian theater) as they evolved into Helios=Galli. I had found that Glaucus and Asclepios were closely related and likely depicted the same serpent wrapped in a helix around the caduceus staff.

If you didn't read yesterday, mythical Achelous/loos was sometimes made a father of the Seir-like Sirens, and while Sirens were Muses, I trace the latter to Mysia, the theater in which one Achelous river is found. As the river has a source at Sipylus, I started looking for more Siplyus-like surnames and, as per the Seabalds (using a hawk's lure, speaking of the McLeod sept of Lures and Herods), I entered "Sibbalt" to arrive to the "Jewish" Sieble/Siebald Coat using "balls" on horns. Achelous was a horned god; his symbol was the horn.

The Bell-like Ball Coat was checked to find a lion in Savage colors holding a black ball on fire. The Balls, like the Savages, were first found in Cheshire. And remember, two other instances of black balls/roundels have already been mentioned today and linked to Savages.

Mythical Pelops of Sipylus comes to mind, for I identify him as the Baal>Bel line. The Ball motto includes "Fulcrum dignitatis," perhaps code for Fulks...and mythical Dagan, god of Ascalon. The Balls are also Balders, smacking of the Scandinavian god by that name that likely named the Baltic, or vice versa. French Balls (in the same colors) were first found in Brittany.

The description of the English Ball Crest is, "A hand and arm in mail, grasping a fireball.". The Mail surname (first in Cheshire!) is therefore highly suspect. It uses Ball colors too, and immediately evoked the Putin/Padyn Coat with black ball-like crescents on fire; the latter surname was first found in DUMfriesshire!

The Siebles/Siebalds were first found in Bavaria and Hesse, and I trace "Hesse" to "Chester" and "Cheshire." One theory is that Hesse was named after "Esau" elements, but the Catti of Hesse are linked solidly to the Cadusii Armenians linked to the Gileki. Siebles use a split Shield, suggesting possible links to Fulks, and the "Fulcrum" term in the Ball motto may do likewise, though the green-Shielded Crums and Crombies also comes to mind.

Mails are properly Meles (honey?), and there is an English Mele Coat using a "fret" (I/m thinking Ferte roots of Masseys) in Massey colors. I view the center of the fret as a mascle, code for scallop-using and Samson-related Meschins. When we read in myth that Sirens were birthed when Hercules broke the horn of Achelous off, we need to view Hercules as the Samson cult in Greece. And it was only yesterday that I realized, without a doubt, that Masseys were from the Achelous cult of Muses, and therefore from Mysians of the Achelous theater. The bloodline of Hercules was said to rule Mysia for over 500 years before it was taken over by the Dascylus>Gugu line of Lydians (Sipylus was in Lydia).

The "discs" found yesterday (white-on-black "balls") were suggested as possible code for Dascylus, for the discs are found in the Coat of the Sipylus-like Spill Coat. I should re-mention that Sipylus was also "Spil."

The Spellman variation of the Spills caused a look at the Spell/Spellman Coat (Baden-Wurttemberg), and it uses Dascylus-like "dice." As I was viewing the latter Coat, I recalled that Dascylus, like other Lydians elements, trace to Etruscans, but more in particular to Tusculus on the Tuscany-Latin border. That evoked "Tuscon" (Arizona), where the murders just took place involving the Loughner character. Just saying. The Tusk surname comes to mind.

Not likely by coincidence, the Spell/Spellman Shield is split in the gold-and-blue colors of the split Shield used by the Siebles/Siebalts. If that links Siebalts to Sipylus, then why not also the Herod-colored Seabalds/Seabornes that use a hawk's lure just like the Herods? Again, the king Herods were Edomites, and if the Harald/Herod clan were Horite Edomites of king-Herod stock, then a trace of "Esau" to the Hesse>Cheshire line is at stake by the hawk's lure in both the Cheshire Coat and Crest.

My best shot at tracing the Lure/Lire/Leer septs of McLeods at this time is the lyre-like location to the immediate south of Rome in the country of the Lydians>Latins. That is, the Liri river. The Roman side of the Arthurian cult was traced to the region, a cult that included Constant-like myth terms attributed to the Merlin/Myrddin cult. I had thought that this river was the lyre symbol of Apollo because it flows not far from the Apollo-founded region of Avellino/ABELLinum.

Apollo/Abello must have been the Baal cult depicted also by "Pel(ops)," you see, and Pelops' father was from the Sipylus entity. I identify Apollo's mother, Leto/Latona, with the Lydian>Latin line. As I trace Pharisee stock to Cappadocia of the Cilicia theater, note this: "The Liri's source is in the Monte Camiciola (1,701 m) in the Monti Simbruini of central Apennines (Abruzzo, comune of Cappadocia): in the nearby is the Lake Fucino..."

Again for those who missed it. The Buto cult of the Nile Danaans was thought anciently to evolve into the Roman Latona cult. Buto was a goddess at Sais along with the Horus Horites. I trace "Sais" and "Buto" to Sestus and neighboring Abydos in Mysia, off the DarDANIA coast. In Revelation 9, Apollo is given the Hebrew equivalent of Abydos-like "Abaddon." The Buto Danaans were also Chemmites, smacking of the CAMiciulo location that is the source of the Liri. In fact, I trace the Buto-cult Chemmites to Camb- and Cambri-like terms, wherefore note not only Campania, the region around Avellino, but Monti Simbruini, also at the source of the Liri.

I've already traced Chemmites (of the Egyptian city of Kemmis) to the English Kemmis surname using a bell pattern.

Seeking Loughner variations, one naturally gravitates to the Luffs and Louvains, but its seems highly "coincidental" that I got to that search just after writing the above on the Liri, for entering "Leuven" brings up the German Laufen/Leuven surname with LEIRven variation. Other variations, Lorfing, Laurfing, and Lauerfingen, evoke the Laurie (Dumfriesshire) and Lorraine holy-grail bloodline (emphasized in recent updates). The Laufen/Leuven write-up: First found in Wurttemberg, and later in Switzerland, where the Laufer spelling was most common." That could suggest the lake Constance theater!!!!!!

That's got six exclamation marks because of what I wrote above after quoting the Loughner/Lochore write-up: "I would suggest that Constantin of Lochore was of the Constance surname...The pine tree in the French Constance Coat is used by German Dallens first found in Austria."

You get it. It's the Magdalene bloodline/cult (not really from Mary Magdalene), explaining the Laurie-like terms in the Loughner-like Laufen/Leuven/Laufer clan.

The Constance Coat uses an eagle in colors reversed to the same eagles in the Lorraine Coat (surname first in NorthUMBERland), and recalling that the red-on-gold Baden bar cropped up earlier today, so the Lorraine eagles are on such a bar. That's extra evidence for quite a few things, including a trace of the Constance surname to Baden-Wurttemberg's lake Constance, and a link of the Loughners to the Laufens.

The Apollo Oracle at Delphi, the epitome of the Greek false-prophet cult, used laurel leaves/branches as part of the cult's activities, a symbol found inside the grail of the Laurie Coat (another split Shield). The Lorraine Crest uses laurel too.

Again, this topic has cropped up unexpectedly after it entered my mind that the McLeod-based Lures/Leers/Lires should trace to the Liri river. I've already mentioned that the Lorraine Shield is in Harald/Herod colors.

Part of the Loughner write-up again: "The ancient Gaelic family seated on Lochore (Inchgall) Island in the Parish of Ballingry..." The Ball surname cropped up by no intention of mine after I quoted that the first time. The Balling surname (in swan colors) is listed under Boulogne elements, where Godfrey de Bouillon came forth from Ida of Boulogne. You may have read recently where Ida was part of the swan-line Lohengrin entity . The latter was linked easily to the Logen/Lokin ("Locher" is also registered under that clan) and Loch swans, but the point now is the LOCHore root of the Loughner surname. The Laurie Crest uses the Rodham tree stump.

For an up-to-date article on the Jerusalem "two-state solution," see Hillary doesn't like Israelites building apartments in Jerusalem. What a sham this blind bat is. She is clearly supporting the satanic agenda against God's Purposes and using "peace" as her vehicle. The reality is, she and Obama are seeking to demolish the Israeli nation. They are inciting the Palestinians, violent or otherwise, against Israelites. They keep alive the hopes of violent Arabs, which at an opportune time will lash out.

Democrats have no justification in accusing political enemies of inciting bad behavior, for Democrats wrote the book of bad behavior. It's not time to draw back from the political fight as Democrats might ask of their enemies while claiming that the political fight is not really a mortal war. IT IS A MORTAL WAR, and the devil himself is behind the liberals. Don't ever forget this when Democrats speak smooth and buttery words intended to put out some Christian fire. Do not ever embrace liberals as "fellow Americans" or fellow anything. They slither down the tree like a friend to destroy the soul.

I just recalled the Constance-area pine tree of the Fichtens. You see? It's the Dallen pines. As the holy-grail cult is now tracing to the Apollo cult in the Liri valley (of the Latins), which then traces back to Lydia, the pine appears to come from the pine tree symbol of mythical Attis, father of Lydus=Lydia.

The pine tree of Fichtenberg is not quite the same but we get its links to the Fichten-surname pine. As you can see, the Arms of Fichtenberg uses six black balls under the pine, in Savage-lion formation. Fichtenberg is in the Stuttgart region and therefore close to the Neckar. The Neckar was a 666-and-Illuminati topic in the 6th update of December.

Let's not forget the cup in the German Leir/Layer Crest. In case you wonder whether the French/Brittany Leirs use the Meschin scallops, see the Lay/Ley-of-Cheshire lion, the lion of Ranulf le Meschin.

January 11

Further investigation of the Lougher/Laughner/Locher surname is due for the fact that is uses the Guiscard "piles" and what must be the Guiscard fox. Today, the investigation leads to Hun terms and the color red, and even touches on the Washington surname, fully expected where "Guis" and "Wassa/Gaze/Gasson" are related clans.

Before getting to that, I want to say that surnames take some drastic turns. For example, the Loughers were early the Lochores. We might assume that they were the swan-depicted Lochers/Lochens, therefore, but in any case, the Lough(er) variation apparently modified to "Luff/Love" (Lougher red and white) and finally to "Leuven." The point is, who could have guessed that Leuvens were Lochs? This is of obvious importance for tracking the mythical Percival>Lohengrin holy-grail line from the Ligurian swan entity.

There is always the question of which surname variations came earlier/first. Can we trace the Loughners to the Laevi Gauls on the Po? We see that the Italian Leuvens, who likewise use red and white, were first in Padua of the Veneti i.e. at the mouth of the Po. Moreover, the Po was also the Bodencus river, while the trace of Loughers to lake Constance yesterday squares nicely in that this lake was also the Bodensee.

These Boden terms are traced by me to "Odin/Woten," which is important where the Laughner investigation may lead to the German Oettingens and their Odin branch in England/Yorkshire.

Moreover, the Italian Leuvens use Leivelli and Leifelly, smacking of the Leif/Leaf surname (dove in crest, often seen with an olive branch). THEN, when we get to the Scottish Olivers, said to be from "oleifer," we find two red chevrons on white, smacking of the three chevrons on white of the Italian Leuvens/Leifellys. For me, that looks like a match.

Two points on the Leifs should be jotted down here. They use bees. In the Laughner investigation (to come below), it leads to the Maxton bee, though not of the Maxton Crest. That's conspicuous where the Olivers were first found in Roxburghshire, where the Maxtons lived (at Maxton). On top of that, the Laughner investigation leads to the "copia" motto term, used also in the Arms of Macclesfield (Cheshire), which place was early "Makeslesfield," while the town of Maxton was also "Makeston." The investigation moreover leads to garbs (Cheshire symbol) used by a Hun-like location the Arms of which appear to use an 'M'.

It is only now that I got to the Macclesfield article, after making a Laughner trace to Hun terms. It is only now that I see that Macclesfield "Situated in the ancient Domesday Hundred of HAMESstan..." (caps mine). I recall tracing the Hames and Amos/Hames surnames (the two Coats have similarities) to "Hamon," as in Hamon de Mascy of Cheshire. This gives cause for tracing the coming Hun terms, not necessarily to Huns. I traced the surnames above to Amisos=Samsun (Black sea/Pontus).

The second Leif point is that its colors, white on blue, will be seen (in the Laughner investigation) in what I consider Zionist Ishmaelites/Hagarites. It's important to understand that Templar Zionism isn't celebrated for its Israelite roots, but rather roots in other types of Hebrews at Jerusalem. I doubt very much that the Laevi Gauls were Levites, even though there is reason to believe that some Israelite blood in Biblical Caleb could have led to Halybes.

Long before I was convinced that "Caleb" was the root of "(C)Halybe," I remarked that the CALEDonian boar was the symbol of the Halybe-related KHALDI while the Halybes were depicted by a wolf. That idea had nothing to do with "caleb" being the Hebrew for "dog."

Amisos/Samsun was near the mouth of the Halys river, where we assume the Halybes lived, and moreover there is a pagan Levite cult in the Samson account (book of Judges). There is a question as to whether Jonathan was a Levite at all, for the Samson account has obvious myth speak of the diabolical kind. I'm suggesting the possibility that a false Levite cult arose leading to the Galli of the Halybes, and then to the Laevi Gauls. It's therefore very important to identify the correct bloodline of Laevi Gauls in multiple ways.

Another interesting point in the Laughner trace to Hun terms is that the Hinkle/Hinkley surname cropped up. In no way did it crop up due to John Hinkley, the man who shot Ronald Reagan. It makes one wonder whether assassins aren't paid off and egged on by lunatic Illuminati groups. Last night I learned that Loughner, who looked very demonic as per his court photo, had a shrine at his home using a white human skull, evoking the Skull and Bones cult.

If you're convinced above that Loughners trace to Scottish Olivers, then know the reason for that trace. It had NOTHING to do with what I learned upon making it, that the Oliver motto term, "foedera," is like the Gifford motto term, "foedari." Loughner started his shooting spree by shooting a politician with a Giffords surname. As the Loughers appear somewhat related to Giffords, therefore, assassinations could be, sometimes, Illuminati-bloodline disputes.

The Laughner investigation starts now, as per the family seat on Lochore Island, also called Inchgall. The assumption is that the island had the Inch clan of Cheshire. The Inch write-up tells that Inches "lived in the region of Ince beside Chester." I hadn't realized the importance of this yet, having to do with a "Ches(ter)" trace to "Hesse." Both Inches and Loughners/Lochers use red on white, the colors of the Cheshire Chees/Cheatles (whom I link to the Keith/Keath Catti).

But Inches also use two black stripes on white, while Ingalls use two black chevrons on white. Ingalls enter the picture as per "Inchgall."

The Ingall chevrons are like the Oliver chevrons, and in fact the Ingall Chevrons are in the black color of the three Levi chevrons. The Levi clan was first in the Paris region, and while the Parisii Gauls had co-founded York, so the Scottish Ingalls are said to have been first in Yorkshire. I traced Parisii Gauls to Gorgons of Parion, in Mysia (the home of the Muses that I linked to Trojan king, Paris).

Muses became Masseys, and so I should add that the Ingall lion is the Mackesy/Margeson and Margy/Mackey lion. It's very interesting that I had seen a complicated trace of these two surnames to queen Margaret of Scotland, for the Loughner investigation to Hun terms leads to her son, David I. The Margy/Mackey white-on-blue lion and its ravens are signs for linking to Maceys and Mackays (also white on blue), while the former is in French Levi colors.

The Ingalls were first found in HUNtingdon, ruled by the bloodline of David I. The Loughner/Locher write-up traces to a David, and it appears to be HUNgarian all over:

First found in Fife, where they have held a family seat from the 12th century, probably about 1135. About this time Earl David of Huntingdon, son of King Malcolm of Scotland, came north to claim the throne of Scotland. He brought with him many Norman nobles to whom he gave estates. Although the first on record was Constantin of Lochore about 1150, there is no trace of the line from which Constantin was descended in Normandy. Constantin was the first Lord of Lochore. The ancient Gaelic family seated on Lochore (Inchgall) Island in the Parish of Ballingry was superceded by these new Lords from Normandy...Andreas, brother of Constantin, and Phillip and David, brothers of Constantinus, also started other lines of the family. David, became Sheriff of Fife in 1265. David was close to Royal Court circles and was one of the dignitaries on a charter by King Alexander III at Roxborough in 1279.

As per my theory that queen Margaret named one of her sons, AlexANDER, due to her relationship with Andrew/Anders I of Hungary, so we see an Andreas in the write-up. It would appear that Huntingdon was named after Hungarian elements, and that Hungarian royals had something to do with the lake Constance region on the German-Swiss border.

I'm thinking the Hungarian king, Stephen, and his associations with Franconia and Bavaria. The flag of king Stephen, which I've linked to the Franconian Rake (see it on Arms of Bavaria), is much like the rake-like Pile Coat, which is mentioned due to the so-called "" of the Guiscard and Lough/Laughner Coats. The Yungs use the Pile symbol too, a term that should trace to "Jung and "Hungary." The Lougher piles look much like the flag of king Stephen.

The Yungs/Yonges/Youngs are in Inch colors, and moreover "Inch" is not far from "Yung." The Angles came to mind at this point, especially as per "Ingall," and while Italian Angels nearly the Inch bars, the English Angles use the Massey Pegasus (indicating a Gorgon line from Mysia). Moreover, the latter Angels were first in Lancashire, where in the English Inches were first found.

I should also add that the Loughers/Laughners were first in Fife, beside Angus, the latter term being related to the Innes/Inice clan. Again, the latter uses the Zionist star in the colors of the Zionist star of the Hagar(t)s of Perthsire, and Scottish Inches were first in Perthshire. I don't forget my trace of Fife elements to the Pforzheim location (Stuttgart theater, Germany), so that the Inch clan appears to be from the Enz river on which Pforzheim is located.

The Ingall Crest uses a cloud, out of which comes a hand holding a "curvy sword blade." I could find no Curvy-like surnames, and ended up at the Garvey Coat (red on white, like the Inches and Loughers), a surname said to be from "garbh." In this picture, the Garvey motto term, "Invictus," looks like code for the Ingalls/Inches.

The Garvey Coat once again uses two red chevrons on white, smacking of the Oliver and Italian Leuven/Leifelly Coats. We must therefore be on the right curvy track with the Garveys.

The Garveys were long ago traced to mount Gareb (at Jerusalem), but the Nephele (meaning "cloud")>Nibelung link to mount Gareb was made for reasons aside from the cloud in the Garvey Crest. The Garvey Crest is the Nobel lion, if that helps to link Nobels to Nibelungs. (The Garvey cross is used in the same colors by the Plantes/Plantagenets.)

After seeing the Garvey Coat, the Hinkle surname was viewed as per the Hinch variation of the Inches. And the Hinkley variation is what brought the would-be-assassin to mind. The Hinkley Coat is likewise red and white. Hinkleys were first found in Leicestershire, a place that uses the same 'M' as the earls of Huntingdon. AND, the use garbs, a symbol that may be in honor of the Garveys, though I ultimately trace them to mount Gareb elements.

The Huntingdonshire Arms are in the colors of the Crums/Crombys (Margeson/Mackesy lion!), possibly explained in that Oliver Cromwell was born in Huntingdonshire. It's possible, as per a b-to-m swicth, that "Crum" was from "Garb," especially as Crums are also CromBy."

At that point, I entered "Hunting" to find another red and white Coat, though this time white on red. Surname variations include "Huntingdon. The next term entered was Hun (greyhound, that I trace to north-African Gorgons/Amazons), and it too is white on red. Then "Huns" (chevron with what I personally call a "knob") found another red-on-white Coat with more dogs, this time talbots (I trace the Meschin side of the Talbot surname to Hannibals of north Africa). Then "Hann" was entered to find the red-on-white Hands/Hants of Cheshire...that I traced to Hannibals.

The problem is, it seems contradictory to trace the Hun-like terms to both Huns/Hungarians and to Hannibals. And it makes perfect sense to trace Huntingdon to Hungarians of Margaret's associates.

Next, as per "Hand," the "Hund" (rooks) term was entered, bringing up another red-on-white term. Another problem is, one could suggest the red color for both north-Africans and Huns (thought to be from Asians). A variation of the Hunds includes "Hound," complicating the matter further as per the dogs found above.

Next, "Hunnes" (Zionist star) was entered to find yet another red-on-white Coat, not remotely different than the Inch Coat. I say this because the Hunnes use Inch/Hinch-like Huneken and Huhnchen variations.

Next, "Honey" was entered to find the Maxton bee. The blue-on-white colors are the second color scheme of the Hand/Hants Coat, the colors also of the Hanna Coat. The Honey motto included two imbedded "reder" terms, and so it was entered to find a blue-on-white Reeder/Reader Coat.

That's when I entered "Red" to find the Reeds/Reads using a "Pax copia" motto smacking of the "Pax et copia" motto of the Cheshire Davids (white on red). This evoked the HolyRood House that David I build for queen Margaret.

The Reed garbs are in the colors of the garbs in the Arms of Gascony, and it's to Gascony that I trace "Wassa/Gaze/Gasson. Entering "Rood" brought up green-on-white clovers/trefoils, which I recognized as those of the Irish Davis/David Coat! This all tends to suggest that the Welsh/Cheshire Davids trace to king David of Scotland, and yet I suggested recently that it should trace to the Sava-river clans and perhaps even to the Swiss Devauds. This may be a problem solver in that it's a mystery where Margaret's mother (Agatha) was from, though I suggested that HolyRood was built in honor of Margeret's mother.

I don't think it's coincidental that Scottish Stewarts, raised up by the bloodline of David I, use pelicans, the Devaud symbol, for French Davids (lyre), in DeVaud colors, were first found in Brittany (i.e. where Stewarts had come from).

As per the recent finding that the Vaud region of Switzerland could connect to the Vaux clan (French Vaux use DeVaud colors too!), even as Devauds are "Devaux," it comes to mind that the Vaux peoples were Goths, or so I had read, even the Goths that conquered Rome and then given a piece of southern France as their homeland. I say this because I've known that the Goth Coat is the Hagar(t) Zionist star, and because both "Hagart" and "Goth" smack of "Agatha." Hagatt Coat, and got green clovers/trefoils, the very same ones as the Rood clovers that I implied above (for the first time ever) should be linked to Agatha!! The surname is properly, Hackett. It is said to come from "Hack or Hake," explaining why the Hackett Coat uses the Hykes/Hack fish.

I'm not suggesting that Agatha was herself from Hack(et) elements directly, but that her name was. It could suggest that Agatha links to Hack(et) blood of some sort. The Hack Coat is red on white, after all, the color of HolyRood. The Hacks were first in Norfolk, where the Reeder/Readers were first found, and Reeders became a topic as per the Maxton-related Honey clan...that could trace to Hungary. However, Maxtons are traced by me to Poles, yet Hungarians and Poles did merge royally.

That ends the Hun side of the Loughner investigation (I haven't time this morning to contemplate on what it could all mean). After that part, I entered "Nice" as per seeking Inch>Innes clans, and got red on white again, this time the Washington bars. The surname is properly, Ness. It was first in Fife, beside the Inch and Hagar clans of Perthshire, which is rather perfect because the Loughers were at Lochore=INCHgall in Fife. I'm already convinced that Inches were also the Ness'. Loch Ness comes to mind.

Dutch/German Ness' use the same Coat as Scottish Ness'. The English Ness/Nessi Coat (white on red) uses doves, though they hardly look like doves. They look more like storks, which could be very important for my Washington-surname trace to the stork symbol of the Bavarian Oettingens, and to the Odins (in Oettingen colors) of Storkhouse. The dove could be a symbol of the Olivers=Laevi, and the Oettingen Coat, a white-on-red saltire, is colors reversed to the Annan(dale) saltire that I trace to the Ananes Gauls...where also lived the Laevi Gauls.

A white saltire is used also by the Yorkshire Oddies, only this time it's on a blue background, smacking of Scotland's so-called Andrew's Cross. Some proof that Andrew's Cross traces to Andrew I of Hungary is that the Malcolm Coat uses Andrew's Cross in colors reversed. Malcolm III was queen Margaret's husband. The Malcolm Coat uses stags, a symbol of Hungary's ancestry in a Hun bloodline. The surname is linked to "Colomba," a term that named Washington DC, and meaning "dove." Conceivably, the dove that symbolized the Olivers>Laevis put forth a Colom clan that gave birth to Malcolm III.

Proof that the Odins link to the Inchgall location of the Loughers is that the Odin-Crest horse is the Ingall (and Massey) Pegasus. The Odin shepherd's staff could link that horse to the Shepherd Kings = Hyksos. The Galli-like Gillies (red/rood Shield) use a shepherd staff too. The Gillie write-up: "First found in Lothian, where a member of the family was a witness to the charter, by King David I, to the Abbey of Holyrood." It's not often that I find Holyrood in heraldry write-ups, but there's the first one in months or even years on the very day that I'm stressing the thing.

Compare the Gilles Coat to the Gisburn Coat, and note that both were first in Yorkshire. The Gilles write-up is where you'll find the raven-depicted, Stout-surnamed vikings in Shetland and Orkney. We see two Stewart-like terms in "Stirgud the Stout" (the Stout surname is also "Stow").

The Odin write-up includes a Gisburn location along with Storkhouse; I've tended to lump the "Gis" part with the Wassa/Gaze trace to of "Gascony," though now I sense "Guiscard" as per the Guiscard Coat used by Loughers (on Inchgall). The Gisburn Coat uses a garb in the colors of the Huntingdonshire garbs, if that helps (Loughers were of Huntingdon elements descended from Malcolm III). The Gisburn write-up traces the clan to a Poitevin surname in France, which jibes with a trace to the Gascony/Poitou theater. (Poitevins use a rock in the colors of the Roque/Rockefeller rock, and both clans were first found in Languedoc.)

I recall tracing Gascony to Durham, though I can't recall why, before Durham elements brought the Gascony garb to Cheshire. I also recall suggesting that the Arms of Shetland (raven) appear to use a red crescent in disguise (or tactfully included) as a symbol of the Durham-surname red crescent. I didn't know until now that Gillies link to Gisburns, and so as further proof that Gisburns were Gascony-borns, so to speak, I see a small red crescent in the Gillies Crest.

Both Durhams and the Arms of Shetland use two dolphins (also the Reagan dolphins). Durhams were first found in Dumfriesshire, but I see Moray-evidence in the Durham Coat of links to RAGNvald of More. The Rollo-Rus line.

I don't forget the theory that the "unicorn," used by Shetland, code be code for Inch or Inch-like clans.

I was just at Wikipedia's Durham-region page and saw why I linked it to Gascony, as it uses a white-on-blue lion, used also in the flag of Gascony. (Somewhere in my mountains of files I have evidence that Gascony was once granted, by a pope, a white saltire on red for its flag, the same symbol as the Oettingers).

Laevis were at Novara (Po river), what I trace to Nibelungs of Nevers. While the Italian Angel Coat could be an Inch-Coat variation, the Angel Crest is the Nobel lion once again.

If "Reed" is from "Rufus=red," then the Ruff/Rough/Ralph surname should be related, especially as it uses a raven. "Rollo" is sometimes said to be a Ralph variation. You'll even see Rollo mentioned in the Gilles write-up after the Stout vikings are mentioned. Entering "Rufus" brings up the Bavarian Roth raven. German Engles also use a raven, with ring in beak.

The Scottish Reed Crest shows another cloud, suggesting the Nibelung-related Varangians of the Friesland/Wieringen theater. The Reed write-up appears to trace to Ingall elements:

First found in Aberdeenshire [where Hungarian-related Leslies lived, and next to Loughers in Fife]...Ancient charters show the name as Rufus (Latinized,) records include an Ada Rufus who witnessed resignation of the lands of INGILbristoun [caps mine]in 1204; and a William Rufus, who was a juror on an inquest on the lands of Padevinan in 1259. For the purposes of Clan identification, the family name Reed is officially a sept of the Clan Robertson and as such is entitled to the Clan Badge and Crest of the Robertsons.

Padevinan smacks of Padova at the mouth of the Po river (i.e. the river where the Laevi lived at Novara).

Robertsons (white-on-red wolves) were from the Dunkeld dynasty that brought forth Malcolm III. I've traced DunKeld to the Khaldi line, through Calydon, to Caledonians of Scotland. Shown Robertson variations include Inroy and Lagan, perhaps of Inchgall...and Laughner>Leuven elements (i.e. that I now trace to the Laevis).

Why did a Loughner surname attempt to kill a Giffords surname? Why was Ronald Reagan called "the Gipper," and why was he wanted dead by an Inch/Hinch-like Hinkley surname? The Gifford surname uses "'mori" in the motto, and a gold rooster in the Crest, the symbol of the Sinclairs (who were from the More line of RAGNvald>Rollo).

I see that the Gibbs (axes, linked recently to Axelrod axes) are in Gifford colors, and were first in InverNess-shire, a location named after the Ness river. I didn't know this until now, hours after linking the Ness surname to the Inches and therefore to Inchgall of the Loughners. The attempted murder of Giffords comes just as Robert Gibbs was removed from his lofty position as Obama's media shield. "Inver" could possibly be related to "Inch."

The Gibbs write-up helps us to understand why the Gilles and Gisburns use a similar Coat, and why they were both apparently related in Yorkshire: "...Gibb, which is a pet form of the personal name Gilbert. This name is derived from the Old English forenames Gislberht and Gislbeorht, which mean bright hostage." There we have a Gil and a Gis term both from the same clan. Giffords were found first in Lancashire, to the immediate west of Yorkshire.

Inverness is beside Ross-shire, the location that I trace to Hungarians under Andrew I.

The Gifford write-up suggests linkage to "giffel," which evoked "Sibbel." Then entering the latter, I found them first in Fife, where Loughners and Inchgall (in the parish of Ballingry) were first found. And just like the Davids in the Lough(n)er write-up (you won't get the Coat if you include the 'n'), we find the same in the Sibbel/Sibald write-up: "First found in Balgonie, Fife, where they held a family seat from ancient times. One of the earliest on record was Walter filius (son of) Sibaldi...A David Sibald witnessed two charters by Duncan, Earl of Carrick in around 1250. Some historians suggest that there were Sibbalds settled in Northampton, prior to the Norman invasion, and that they moved from there to Scotland."

Remember, Seabalds/Seybornes use a hawk's lure and the colors of the Haralds/Herods. These are also the colors of the Crums/Crombys, and that could suggest Cromarty/Cromba, a part of Inverness that has been coupled with Ross-shire elements. The Seabalds Shield is a little like the English Gibbs/Gibbon Coat. Recalling the Lougher trace yesterday to Baden-Wurttemberg, it's interesting that the Gibbs/Gibbons use a Shield like the Arms of Baden.

As per yesterday's trace to Sipylus, the Sibbel Coat comes up when entering "Sippel." If you read, you saw the suggestion that the Achelous river at Sipylus was traced to the Galli and therefore to the Gillies. Today I find further evidence along those lines where the "Justitia" motto of the Sippels is concerned. In the last update page, I found a "just" and a "juste" motto term, one being that of the Wray surname ("vray" motto term) that was at the time being traced to Gilvrays...that I see as GilVrays. I had shown that Gilvrays were Gillies.

As I've just traced Gils to Gis' and the latter to Gascony elements at Durham, I should add that it thereby makes sense for Wrays to be first found in Durham. Also, as the Vrays were traced to Bra of Cuneo, near the Swiss border, note the Just surname, first found in Switzerland.

Gilvray variations include Givery and Givray, smacking of the Givard/Givord/Giverd variations of the Giffords. Remember, Giffords look like RAGNvald>Rollo Sinclairs while Gillies were first in Lothian...where Sinclairs were first found. I therefore suspect that "Gif(ford)" is a variation of "Sipylus" and that they were related to the Galli>Gillies from the river at Sipylus. As Galli were transvestites, it's probably of no wonder that there is a sexually-transmitted disease like "Sipylus."

There seems to be nothing progressing in the world of prophetic fulfillment.

January 12

I neglected to say yesterday, when on the Ginns/Gibbon surname, that Irish Gibbons use the saltire used also by Anann(dale)s.

I also neglected to say, that the Hun terms, as they might apply to Cheshire, could link to Hunsruck beside Hesse.

The problem encountered yesterday, where Hun terms could trace to both Hungarians and Huns, has been crossed before. The only quick way I knew to deal to deal with the problem was to find the ancestry of the Hannibals, to see if they linked to Hungarian stock. One theory is that both Hannibals and Hungarians were from Huns. Then I found that the Carthaginian, Hamilcar Barca, father of Hannibal, also named a son, Mago, smacking of the Magyar ancestry of Hungarians.

By that time, I had traced "Sicel" (namers of Sicily) to the proto-Hungarians of Transylvania (on the Mures), the Szekely. As Carthaginians of Hamilcar's family had taken parts of Sicily, one can assume that some Hannibal blood ended up in Transylvania. Hungarian myth traced Magyars to Huns by using a stag for a symbol, and we find stags in the Hanna/Hannethe, the Annabell/Hannibal (Yorkshire) and Anne/Hanne (Yorkshire) Coats. Again, I see stags used for their "antlers," which I think could be code for the Anat cult to the Heneti.

I keep in mind that Anat was sometimes made married to Baal, and that Carthaginians were essentially the Zeus=Baal cult. Therefore, when we find the term, "Hannibal," I see it as an Anat-Baal combination. This idea is supported where I traced mythical Aeneas, whose elements were co-founders of Carthage, to the Anat cult. For example, there was a mythical Aeneus (with a 'u') who was made married to Aenette.

The Heneti-like Hannity surname is very interesting for this discussion. It uses both a greyhound, that I trace to north-African Aryans (Carthaginians were Aryans), and a leopard, which Nicholas de Vere traced to Transylvania. Although the Hannitys lived ay Hainton, the variations shown are Hungary-like and were early "Heneage."

The Hanna write-up says: "Most likely, however, given the family's Gaelic Origins is that it was an anglicized version of the Gaelic 'O hAnnaigh', meaning 'descendant of Annach'..." Nicholas de Vere traces Veres to the Anaki Aryans, and by that he means mythical Anu of Sumeria, husband of Antu>Anat. We therefore appear to have a Hannity match with the Hanna surname, especially as the latter traces to a Gilbert de Hannethe.

Before coming to the Hannity "Heneage" and the Hanna "hAnnaige," I had entered "Hang" and "Honk." The latter shows variations such as Hungarian, Hongrie, Hungaren, and Huininga.

The Hang Coat uses leopard heads once again, though it should be said that the surname is shown properly as "Ing(e)." This reminds me of when I had entered (months/years ago) "Inger" to find no Inger-like terms, but rather the HENDer/HENTer surname. I linked the latter to king Andrew of Hungary. Coincidence? And why does "ANDrew" look like "Hannity" et-al?

The various Anders Coats show symbols of north-Africa. Scottish Anders, whom I most-definitely trace to king Andrew, uses a black Moor head (could actually be a symbol of Aryan elements in north-Africa), not to mention a Sapientia motto term that should link to the Polish Sapieha clan...and the Taffeys>Davids (see last update page for that discussion). Swedish Anders use a crescent (which I trace to Saracens from north Africa) and scallops, which I see as code for Sicels=Szekelys. It works.

The scallops are in the white-on-blue colors of the Patterson scallops, and Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire. That works well too. The Casain entity to which Pattersons were linked may have been from "Caith(ness)," therefore, where the Scottish Anders were first found.

German Anders were first in Silesia, suggesting that Anders may have been from Hannibals that named and/or founded Sulcis (Sardinia). The Hannity Coat uses the same border as the Sellick/Seliock Coat (I trace the latter surname to Sulcis>Silesia, or in any case to a Seleucid bloodline). PLUS, as per my hunch that "Seleucus" was named after "Telchus" elements that became the Telchines of Rhodes, the Hannity surname was first found in Lincolnshire (where I trace Rhodian elements). I've often mentioned the leopard of the Rhodes Crest, and that the Rhodes surname was first in Lincolnshire.

As further proof that Hannitys were related to Sellicks, the Sellick stars have already been linked to the Wigton stars, while the Hanna/Hannethe surname was first found in Wigtonshire. Moreover, Wigtons were first found in Yorkshire (as with the Annes/Hannes/Hanneys and Annabels/Hannibals). As per the discussion below, I repeat that the Gilles were first in Yorkshire. This evokes the Gyula Khazars/Transylvanians (on the Mures) who married the Hungarian Arpads early.

The Hannity leopards are in the blue color of the Hanna and Hand/Hants symbols (and the latter surname has yet another stag in Crest). If we compare the Hannity Coat to the Gillie and Gilvray Coats (more stags!), we find similar colors on red Shields. This could be important as per GILbert de Hannethe (Hanna page).

Although the Gillies and Gilvarys use a red Shield under a blue and/or gold Shield, Scottish Anders use a red Shield under green and gold. I might not have suggested the connection on that skimpy basis alone if not for the Yorkshire Gilles (the ones suspected as Gyula elements) using only green and gold, the colors of the Scottish-Anders saltire (this is a saltire-on-saltire). THEN, as per my suggestion (recently) that the "Domine" motto term of the Gilles was for Edomite elements, we find that the Scottish Anders moved ("from about the year 1100") from CaithNESS (i.e. where they were associated with the Rosses) to DUMfries. In DUMfries, therefore, we should expect septs of the Hungarian Anders.

Caithness is important for other reasons besides the Innes/Ness topic of yesterday. The Sapientia motto term of the Scottish Anders suggests links to Savoy as per the recent trace (last update page) of the Sapieha clan/term to the house of Savoy/Sapaudia. The clans called Chattan and/or Cattan were linked fundamentally to the Sapie>Taffey-related Cottians, and to Guiscard (I read this as Gus/Gis-Carthage) the Fox. (Hmm, Sean Hannity works for Fox TV). The Gilvrays (and therefore Gillies) are listed as one of the Chattan clans.

The Gibbs clan (surname said to be equivalent to "GILbert") was first found in InverNESS, where Caithness is found. The "positi" ending of Gibbs' motto term, "propositi," reminded me of the "Fors" term that brings up the French Posse/Posset surname. I don't know why "Fors" is shown as a variation of that clan, but when getting to the English Fors/Foss Coat, we find more leopard heads, and a fox.

The Fors/Foss' were first in Durham, and I trace the red crescent of the Gilles Crest to the same in the Durham surname, noting also that the Gilles were first in Yorkshire, on the Durham border. The Fors/Foss' should link to Faucets/Fauxsides, said to be "derived from an ancient word meaning 'fox on a hillside.'" We also read that Faucets link back to some association with Saer de Quincy, evoking the so-called "quince" held by the lion in the Italian Sforza Coat." In fact, the Sforza lion design is also the Faucet lion design, seemingly clinching a Faucet link to Sforzas, and therefore a FORS/Foss link to "SFORZa." The Fors/Foss' also show a Forz variation, in fact.

I did suggest a trace of the Sapie>Taffey entity to Saffers/Savarys and therefore to the Sfroza clan (entering "Savey" brings up the Saffer/Savary Coat). I would therefore suggest that the Scottish Anders, and therefore some Hungarian elements, link to Sforzas. The latter took over the Visconti holdings, and I did trace "Vis(conti)" to "Guis(card)/Wis(Card)...wherefore the Fors/Foss fox does appear to link to Guiscard. But if it's correct to trace the Fors to Guiscard, what of the Gibbs' who got me to the Fors in the first place? Hmm, "Gibbs" is said to be from "Gilbert," but the latter is then said to be from Guis-like "Gisilbert."

The Gibbs axes belong also to the Axelrods/Hauxwells because an early Gibbs ancestor in England was "Gibbe de Huckenhale." The Hauxwells had a town called, Hackinsall, smacking of "Huckenhale."

WOW, this little exercise is now amazing because I don't think I've yet seen the Gibbs link to Faucets. If not for going the English Gibbs page just after writing the above, I might not have realized that it uses the same lion, in the same colors, as the Faucet Coat! This is proof enough that the Gibbs motto term is for the Fors bloodline.

It's all the more interesting, as per a potential Gibbs trace to "Gifford," that the politician shot by Loughner is the "Jew," Gabby Giffords. Her mother was of a Kay surname. As per the INCHgall location of the early Loughers/Laughners, and as per my trace yesterday to the Inch surname, I'm reminded that the Kay Coat is likely a variation of the Inch Coat.

Compare the Kay and Inch Shields to the Waller Shield with walnut tree. I'm assuming that the Waller leaves are walnut leaves, but in any case they are the same leaves as on the Leif Coat. The Kays and Inches might in this way trace to the Laevi Gauls.

This is the second time, at least, that Loughners and Giffords appear to be related way down the pipes of history. I'm not claiming that the attempted murder was an Illuminati plot necessarily, based on a family (or Illuminati-circle) dispute, but am saying that this is what comes to mind. I can imagine "Jewish" globalists having a manual, "Assassinations for Dummies."

Again, the Inch surname is also "Hinch" and evokes the John-Hinkley assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. Inches/Hinches were first found in Perthshire, where I trace Ishmaelites (= non-Israelite Hebrews)...whom I suspect will be at the head of anti-Israeli (i.e. anti-Christ) affairs in the last days.

John Hinkley claimed to be in love with the lesbian "Jodie" Foster. He claimed that the motive behind the attempt on Reagan was to impress Foster. Whatever the true story is behind that claim (it's more likely a smokescreen to hide the reality), how "coincidental" is it that I came to the Gibbs-related Fors/Foss surname without any thought of "FOSter," a surname that is listed under the FORESter page??? The Coat uses "Hunter" for a motto code, and shows bugles in the colors of the Traby 666-bugles. This is striking, for I had not seen the Foster/Forrester Coat, nor had the surname been in my mind at all, when I wrote the above: "whom I suspect will be at the head of anti-Israeli (i.e. anti-Christ) affairs in the last days."

Giffords and Reagan share the commonality of betraying their political parties (Giffords was a Republican).

As for Lee Harvey Oswald (murderer of J.F. Kennedy), we find Zionist stars on the Oswald Coat. The stars are in the white-on-red colors of the Wassa Zionist star, while "Os" and "Wassa" could be variations (ultimately), especially as Oswalds were first in Bavaria, where the (Zionist-star-using) Weis clan was first found. In fact, the Scottish Oswald Coat uses a Zionist star in the colors of the Weis star. Oswalds were first in Caithness, where the Anders were first found. (For the record, Osbornes, who are in the same colors, use a tiger.)

As per the Weis surname, we're talking the Bavarian Illuminati; Karl Marx was a follower of it's founder, Adam Weishaupt. Is it a coincidence, therefore, that Lee Harvey Oswald was "A former U.S. Marine who had briefly defected to the Soviet Union..."? The article goes on to say: "Oswald was initially arrested for the shooting murder of police officer J. D. Tippit, on a Dallas street approximately 40 minutes after Kennedy was shot..."

BEHOLD the Tippit dolphins, which are not only the Reagan dolphins, but the Kennedy dolphins! Does that not appear like a "family dispute"?

I recall the Tipps/Tippin surname that I had linked to the Pendragon motto (and to the Liptons). The Tipps Crest use a black horned animal (antelope), as does the Tipps Coat (a bull), wherefore compare with the black horned animal (an ibis=goat) in the Weishaupt Coat. It's as though the devil's horns are the intended symbol. (The Tipps bull is said to be a buffalo in the Pohl Coat.)

German Oswalds apparently trace themselves to the elephant symbol, for the Crest has An oak TRUNK with acorns, between two red probosces. Could that be code for Eliphas, son of Esau? Zahringer elephant trunks are also called the horns of prairie buffaloes.

OsWALDS may have been Wallers (with Leif leaves) because German Wallers (in Oswald white on red) are traced to "Hugo Waller of Waldshut, Bavaria". YES, for the Wald Crest uses the dove and olive branch while the Leif Crest uses A dove rising with the dexter claw on a staff tree leaf. The straw leaf, whatever that could mean, is the Waller leaf again.

Kenndeys/Kendalls also use the Kennedy dolphins. German Kenndeys use "scythes," what could be the Communist sickle. Although the latter "Kenndey" is found listed in the Hausen/Hauser/Haus surname, I think it can be proven that Hausers were Kennedys.

First, the Scottish Kenndey Shield should link to the same in the Lipton Shield because both surnames were first found in WestMOREland. The German Kenndey/Hauser surname is in the white-on-blue of the German Hoss/Hauser/Howser Coat, while the Howe(s) Coat uses the black Lipton wolf head.

The green and white House/Howes surname was first in Berkshire, where the other Howe(s) surname was first found. The green and white French House/Hauss surname was from Calvados.

Back not to the Hannity Coat's similarity with the Sellick Coat, for as Hannitys were first in Hainton, the Hain surname is suspect. The English Hains use crescents, as expected where Hannitys were from south-Africa, German Hains were first found in SILESIA!!!! That has got to be the best proof ever that Sellicks were from Silesia elements and therefore Sulcis elements. BUT LOOK, the Scottish Hain Coat (scallops and mascles) uses the same type border as Sellicks and Hannitys. The latter clan was first in DUMfriesshire.

The Haynau/Hayn/Hayner variations of the German Hains smack of the Irish Hannitys (Scottish Hain colors) who use Hegney/Hegeany/Heagney variations. The latter Shield is split red-gold, the same colors as the Hegen split Shield. BUT, my fellow anti-Ishmaelite friends, the Hegney-like Hegen term is listed under the Hager/Hagger surname!!

I think this is proof that Sean Hannity of Fox news is from an Ishmaelite line, which is conspicuous where we might trace a fox to red-colored Edomites. I'm not suggesting that Sean is an Illuminatist, or even an anti-Israelite. I suppose it's possible for some Ishmaelites not to know their Ishmaelite roots, and due to the Zionists stars all over "Jewish" heraldry, many Ishmaelites might think that they are truly Israelites.

As per the Waller and Wald surnames that worked into this topic, and because they likely trace to the Sion/Wallis stars (Waldners are definitely from Wallis, and the Wald Coat comes up when entering "Waldner"), which are both red on white and white on red, see roughly the same combinations in the Hegen/Hagar stars. The Hegen/Hagar stars are emphasized in white, however, the color of the Hagar(t) Zionist star. The Wallis stars are on a split Shield too.

The Hegen/Hagar Crest is a "man in red" wearing a cap like a Phrygian cap, and carrying a "log," which could be code for a tree trunk, the symbol of German OsWALDS.

This is a very good discovery, that Hannitys et-al, from Hannibals, are also Hegens/Hagens and Hagarites. It is expected as per the historical naming of Saracens by a Hagarene term. Look, Dutch Hagens (with an 'a') are in Hagar(t) colors. Irish Hagens/Hegans are in the same colors, and were first in Tyrone, where we might expect the Tyrian line to Carthage. Mythical AGEnor comes to mind, ruler of Tyre from the Phoenix cult...that I expect in the end-time 666 cult.

Entering "Egan" brings up variations smacking of "kagan," and that suggests Hagarite links to the Kagans/Cohens (and Khazars and/or other Turks).The Egans were first in Tipperary, and so I entered "Tipper" (it's the Tippet Coat with Kennedy dolphins) to find a "robere" motto term, the same term that I had seen a moment earlier when entering "Agin."

January 13

Whenever anything happens on the northern Israeli border like what happened least night, it's prophecy-considerable.

But before getting to that, I'd like to say that Gabbie Giffords opened her eye(s) yesterday for the first time when two political women happened to be in the room, one a Democrat senator from New York with Gillebrand surname (she has feminism in her ancestry; she's of a RUTnik maiden name, and took over Hillary RODham's seat), and the other a Democrat from Florida with Wasserman surname. If you didn't read yesterday's update, it was on Gille-like surnames as they link to Gibbs, and perhaps Gibb-related Giffords.

It was yesterday that the Wassa surname was once again linked to the Bavarian Weis surname, and so let's look at the Wasserman surname...first found in Silesia. One good lead is that there are Basser and Baser-using variations said to be the branch in...Bavaria! There is a "Jewish" Wasserman Coat too (remember, Giffords is also "Jewish"). Both Wasserman Coats use a green Shield, evoking the green Bauer Shield, and both use a person holding a dish in each hand. The German Coat uses a boy, however, which I recognize as the boy in the purple Swedish Thackary Chief.

The Thackary Coat uses gold garbs on green, and here's what was said earlier in this update:

The Odin write-up includes a Gisburn location along with Storkhouse; I've tended to lump the "Gis" part with the Wassa/Gaze trace to of "Gascony," though now I sense "Guiscard" as per the Guiscard Coat used by Loughers (on Inchgall). The Gisburn Coat uses a garb in the [gold-on-green] colors of the Huntingdonshire garbs, if that helps (Loughers were of Huntingdon elements..."

The German Wasserman write-up includes two people from Bohemia, wherefore the boy might be a symbol of the Boii. The water symbol is due to the Waterman variations (not shown, but entering the term brings up both Coats). There is then an English Waterman Coat using a stag that might be (I can't tell under a magnifying glass) the same design as in the Anne/Hanne Coat. I say this because the Annabels/Hannibals, who were first in Yorkshire with the Annes/Hannes (where also the GISburns were first found), use a Washington-like Shield.

The Waterman stag appears definitely to be the GILvray-Chief stag (!!), not forgetting that Gilvrays are easily concluded as Gillies.

Washingtons were first in Lancashire, where the Gillebrands were first found. The Jellybrand variation takes us to yet another gold garb (also called a wheat sheaf) in the Jelly Crest. Coincidence? The garb is entwined by green snakes. That evokes the Helios-helix line...that's fully expected in the Gilles clan, and in their ancestry in the Galli "priests" of the Attis sun-god cult.

The Gillebrand/Jellybrand Coat (breaks heraldry rules by having gold on silver) is in the colors of the English Brand/Brant Coat, which uses hands, a symbol that I see as code for the Hannibals. There are "Jewish" Brands, and one German branch was first in Bavaria.

The Jellys use a black chevron on white, the color of the Ayers chevron. I say this because Jellys were first in AYRshire. The alternative Ayers/Hayer Coat uses "sola" (I'm assuming Helios) for a motto term. Sola-like Coles are related to Kyles (black on white too) of Ayrshire...who use a snake entwined around an anchor. Apparently, therefore, Coles/Kyles are of Galli>Gil stock. The Coles (with an 's') were first in Yorkshire too, and they likewise use a snake coiled around an object.

The Cole (no 's') Coat uses "serva," the motto term of the Perthshire Hayers. Again, I link the black Cole bull to the black Mieske bull because I see "Cole" from "KOLODziej," the ancestry of king Mieszko. The latter is one who had a station in Silesia and Bohemia, just where the German Wassermans were first found. Moreover, the Cole clan was first in Cornwall, where the Wassa clan was first found.

Nothing comes up when entering "Basser" or "Baser," but "Base" brings up a Boii-like Bays/Baise surname. In fact, as the latter clan was first in Lincolnshire, they appear related to the English Boys/Bois clan, also first in Lincolnshire. Brands (from "WasserBrand, I'm assuming) were also first in Lincolnshire...which is where we expect Helios elements from Rhodes. The Scottish Boys/Bois Coat shows a little like the Ayers Coat.

The latter Boys/Bois clan has a Crest much like the Baterman/Batman Crest (the surname is assumed to be a variation of "Baserman"). Batemans were first in Derbyshire, where the Ayers/Hayers were first found.

Thus far, at least two decent reasons have cropped up for linking Giffords to Loughers/Laughners/Lochores. As might be expected that "Lochore" is of the Loch and Locher swan line, I should add that entering Gibbon-like "Givins" brought up more swans. The Givins surname (Dutch) even has a Givert variation (not to mention "Giffen"), smacking of the Giverd variation of the Giffords.

The English Givens/Giffens use lattice. Perhaps Kirsten Gillebrand (New York senator) was in Gabbie Giffords hospital room because Givens/Giffens were first found in Ayrshire, where the Jellys (from Gillebrands, I'm assuming) were first found. Recalling the Kennedy-assassination topic yesterday, the Kennedys were also first found in Ayrshire.

The lattice found in the Giffen clan may suggest that the Giffard variation of the Giffords is a modification from the Saffer/Savary/Savard surname (olive branch) that I linked to the lattice-using Taffeys. The Saffer Coat uses a UNICorn, a term/code that I trace to Enki elements. French Saffers (in Taffey/Taffe colors) use the bird rising used by Scottish Hayers. These terms could be from the "Jewish" Sephardics of Spain, and earlier still from Sepharivites...whom I do imagine in Carthage's child-sacrificing cults.

I recall that Carthage-like Cardiff (Welsh capital) is on (and supposedly named after) the Taff river, and that the Cardiff-surname Coat uses Moor heads (i.e. possible symbol of Carthaginian elements). I traced Taffeys to the Welsh Daffy/David surname, also white on red (i.e. like the Taffeys/Taffes).

By the way, I was tempted to equate the Hanna-like surname yesterday with the Inch surname, but then realized that I trace "Inch" to elements from mythical "Enki." The Hanna-like clans were traced to elements of mythical Anu, who was closely-related to Enki. The Inch-related Innes' use a coiled serpent too. English Inches/Inces were first in Lancashire, where Giffords were first found.

I watched the Obama speech last night at the Giffords-related memorial. There was much Biblical speak by he and others. Caution. When the Obamaniacs were riding high two and more years ago, they were the brutes pointing fingers at their political enemies with disdain, and they had no intention of stopping. Now that they've been beat up bad, Obama speaks like friend, even like a Biblical man, hoping to cancel the fight from the other side, to create a time-out, that is, so that Democrats can make a come-back i.e. to destroy their political enemies.

Although I don't put much stock on conservative politicians, the Democrats wish to progress the world to a techno-future that sinfully betrays the Garden of Eden. Whenever Democrats offer Bible speak, you know they're bucking for some Christian voters as a last resort to re-gaining power. I thought I saw a realization in Obama last night: that he thinks the way back to power is to do the Reagan thing, attract Christians. This could become a team effort i.e. expect it from all leading Democrats who are able to do Bible speak without puking. Some liberals can't bring themselves to it.

Fox reported that the Iraqi prime minister wants American soldiers out on time by the end of the year (it coincides with Bidens surprise visit to Iraq overnight). This Maliki statement is in cahoots with his political deal with Iranian elements, and will continue to be his direction forward lest his government be forced to the way that Hezbollah just forced the collapse of the Lebanese government by withdrawing from it.

The obvious is that Iran and Hezbollah are in much better positions now than a few years ago. Russia, too, has prospered much, and Obama has provided Israel with a cold hand of conditional protection from its mortal enemies. In another article: "Retired [Israeli] general Yaakov Amidror told Army Radio that the prevailing Israeli assessment is that Hezbollah has no interest at this point in a bruising war with Israel. "

Hezbollah has become a surprising political force:

It was no coincidence that the opposition Hezbollah party and its allies resigned from the cabinet yesterday, bringing down the Lebanese government, at the same moment that Prime Minister Saad Hariri met with U.S. President Obama in Washington.

...Hezbollah's collective resignation yesterday was intended to show Syria the limitations of its influence on the group and to tell Damascus that if it wanted to show Washington it can preserve stability in Lebanon, Hezbollah and Iran will have the last word.

...[Hezbollah's] Nasrallah, who is not pleased with the strengthening ties between Syria and Hariri and fears they will gnaw at his power, now wants to reshuffle the cabinet, have a new prime minister appointed and split up the coalition. This will increase Hezbollah's strength and could thwart Syria's ability to form a political bloc that would counterbalance the group.

Some prophecy writers (including myself) believe that Syria is to be opposed militarily by the anti-Christ; the development in that last paragraph fits that scenario. A Turkish media points out the severity of the issue:

The [Special Tribunal for Lebanon] is expected to issue indictments within a matter of weeks, and many experts anticipate that arrest warrants will be filed against Hezbullah members.

..."'If indictments are released and [the Hariri side] doesn't back down over the tribunal, we will see a playoff," she said. "You can imagine the scenario that will unfold if Hezbollah members are apprehended. {Hezbollah} will have to ensure that security forces are under its control." With [Hezbollah block's] 67 parliamentary seats, the coalition could win an outright governmental majority in the event that Druze leader Walid Jumblatt's Progressive Socialist Party comes on board. A majority government could appoint its own Prime Minister and seek to legally discount the STL, Hanna said.

"'Can they get a majority? Yes. We have to wait and see if Syria's approach...

We might want to entertain the rise of Hezbollah as God's doing to punish a Godless Israeli government. Obama and other pro-Palestinian agents then become God's instruments (contemplate-able, anyway) toward that same anti-Christ invasion.

January 14

Watching the Lebanese situation:

Hezbollah’s Al Manar TV reported that Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah Secretary General met today with Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt, and they discussed how to deal with the current political stage.

...Lebanon’s president asked Saad Hariri to stay on as caretaker prime minister [yesterday]...

...Lebanon’s government is dissolved when more than one third of its 30 cabinet members resign, and on Wednesday all 10 ministers belonging to the Iranian backed Hezbollah-led opposition announced their resignations. Hours later, they were joined by an eleventh minister representing Lebanese president Michel Suleiman...

..."The Lebanese president will begin consultations with lawmakers at 12:00 p.m. on Monday January 17 to designate a new prime minister," parliament speaker Nabih Berri said...

Former Lebanese premier and current Future Movement parliamentary bloc leader MP Fouad Siniora, told Al Arabiya TV on Wednesday evening : “Based on all available data there is no substitute for Saad Hariri to head the new government.”

Hezbollah according to reports has someone else in mind to lead the new government . Hezbollah MP Mohammed Raad unveiled on Thursday that the March 8 forces will name a personality with a history of national resistance to head the new government...

Hariri’s “March 14″ coalition won a majority in the 128-seat assembly in a 2009 election, but Jumblatt who was a central figure in the Cedar Revolution has since defected. He claimed initially that he will be a centrist , but during the past few months he has been leaning more towards the Hezbollah led opposition, but…. unlike Hezbollah and its allies his 3 ministers did not resign from the cabinet on Wednesday.

Just so you know: "The Progressive Socialist a political party in Lebanon. Its current leader is Walid Jumblatt. It is ideologically secular and officially non-sectarian, but in practice is led and supported mostly by followers of the Druze faith." Then, on the Druze:

The Druze are an esoteric monotheistic religious community found primarily in Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan, which emerged during the 11th century from Ismailism and incorporated several elements of Gnosticism, Neoplatonism and other philosophies. The Druze call themselves Ahl al-Tawhid "People of Unitarianism or Monotheism"...

Ismailism (Shi'ite branch) was named after a Muslim with that name. The religion is nonsense to a Christian, a vanity that leads Muslims, already in spiritual darkness, into endless disputes. The Jumblatt family "was the main leader of the anti-government forces in the Lebanese Civil War..." You get it; it explains why Jumblatt's party tends to side with Hezbollah.

The Russians have a way to make hypocrites out of NATO:

A key ingredient to improving relations with the West will be the creation of a common [emphasis is on that word] European missile shield with NATO, [Russian] Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said [yesterday], further raising the stakes in the reset of Russian-U.S. relations.

...Officials with the U.S.-led defense alliance and President Dmitry Medvedev agreed at a summit in Lisbon last November to develop a joint defense system to protect Europe from missile attacks from countries such as Iran.

Analysts have warned that negotiations about the shield will be difficult because of Moscow's insistence on equal participation in the shield's command and control systems. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned that if Moscow's proposals on the system are not met, Russia is ready to begin a new arms race. The next round of talks is slanted for Jan. 26 at the NATO-Russia Council in Brussels.

Simply put, Russians were able to worm their way into a partnership with the missile shield because American leaders (starting with Bush) claimed that it's not to protect against Russia, but against Iran. Obama had no choice but to allow some Russian involvement in order to protect his re-set button. The Russians are laughing and making a very big deal of what is now a joint program. Or is it? Shouldn't we expect the West to sabotage the joint-ness somehow? "German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised Medvedev last year to support his desire to form a joint security committee with the EU but said the Kremlin should prove its sincerity by tackling Transdnestr, where Moscow-backed separatists control a sliver of land between Moldova and Ukraine." The article goes on to say: "Lavrov also dampened hopes about new disarmament talks with the United States by saying the New START nuclear reduction treaty must first be fulfilled and any future negotiations must address issues like non-nuclear strategic weapons and a ban on developing weapons in space...Lavrov also reiterated Moscow's conditions for cuts in shorter-range, or tactical nuclear warheads, namely that the United States withdraw its weapons in Europe and that other nuclear powers are included." The only question now is: just how important does Obama want to be?

The question is central because the re-set button has much to do with Obama's portraying himself as world-important. He needs to succeed in foreign affairs somewhere in order to carry himself, and Russia seems to be his best gamble. The problem is, everyone knows it's a gamble. The Russians must be playing on Obama's self-importance. To this day, as per the tone of his "great" speech the other night, Obama speaks with a superior voice. I'm referring to the sound of it. It's not by accident; he tries to make up for his lack of skill/experience by sounding skillful. Part of his drive for the stimulus package may have been for the purpose of using money to "succeed" politically.

It is never the time to unite with Democrats, who will not renounce fornication. Who but liberals made fornicators of young girls in the past generation or two? What better expresses "liberal" than the so-called "sexual revolution"? Do we forget what matters to God?

Are Democrats down? Now is the time to finish them off. Now is not the time to believe that there is morality in the liberal camp. Their morality is merely a concocted image for comforting their guilty consciences. They know very well how they have been enemies of the Bible this past generation or two. Do they now take up Scripture to portray -- I repeat, portray -- a moral attitude? If we trust Revelation 17, the West will be raped and killed by the Russians. The West will be lulled into a relationship with Russia, and then be horrified as it deserves.

The question is, on who's side are you on, Christian? Do you favor the Unites States over Russia? Is that wise? Shouldn't we rather object to them both? Are we deceived by Republicans when they say, "Democrats and Republicans are all Americans."Doesn't that mean that moral issues are over-looked for the sake of unity in various causes?

It's a very good thing for Christians that Loughner was not a Christian, or we might now be the targets ourselves at liberal cross-hairs: "...Loughner did, however, express dislike of all religion, and stated on a YouTube video that he had refused to write a religious preference on an Army recruiting form, and proclaimed, 'No! I don't trust in God,' and repeatedly mocked Christianity and those who believe in it, the [Anti-Defamation League] published."

In the opinion of some, the Russians deliberately downed a plane filled with Polish diplomats/officials. There is a story (below) on the latest developments. The motive for downing the plane, if it be true, was Bush's missile shield proposed for in Poland.

Hillary and her team are once again pressing the Palestinian button, due for renewed talks. And here's a report that claims to be the truth leaked:

EU envoys in the Middle East are urging Brussels to treat East Jerusalem as the future capital of a Palestinian state.

The recommendation comes in a leaked report by the heads of 25 European missions in Jerusalem and Ramallah.

The report also calls for an EU presence at the demolitions of Palestinian homes, and intervention when peaceful protesters face arrest.

...EU officials have not publicly commented on the leaked report, which was drawn-up for the EU's main foreign policy-making body. It is unclear if or when the recommendations will be adopted or implemented.

...The document was leaked hours after Israeli bulldozers cleared the way for 20 new homes for Jewish settlers in Sheikh Jarrah - a predominantly Arab neighbourhood of East Jerusalem - by demolishing the derelict Shepherd Hotel on Sunday.

...The move was criticised by the EU and by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who called it a 'disturbing development [that] undermines peace efforts to achieve the two-state solution'.

If Hillary wants to see DISTURBED, she only need wait for God's response to her. Extremist Palestinians (on whose behalf the West is ultimately acting) should be permitted to live in the United States right beside Hillary's house, and she should not be allowed to own a gun to protect herself. Yes, ultimately, the West is for the Palestinian state because Arab extremists threaten violence, and because Arab terrorism conducts acts of violence continuously. The Palestinian State is nothing short of surrender to terrorism.

The only solution is that Palestinians be sent to live beside those who support the idea of a Palestinian state. There are more than enough countries in the world supporting the Palestinian state to take those few Palestinians who insist on the state. The disturbing truth is, the very extremist Palestinians whom Hillary supports would kill Hillary if they had the opportunity.


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