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January 17 - 23, 2012

Piercing the Inner Circle of Prescott Bush
Aren't You Just Dien to Know?
Gingrich was born Newton Leroy MacPherson, a Grail Line Cat
Why are Mascals Listed as a Sept of MacPhersons?
King Arthur's Hurt is a Round Table; the Herod-Bloodline Illuminati
Japan's Flag is a Red Roundel for a Trilateral Reason

With the Muslim Brotherhood sweeping up in the Egyptian elections, Obama had this to say to make plain on who's side he's on:

President Obama called the leader of Egypt's ruling military council [January 20] to express U.S. concern about the Cairo government's intensifying crackdown on democracy-building groups, a growing source of friction between the two longtime allies.,0,7472318.story

I'm not suggesting that the Egyptian military is angelic, but that Obama is demonic. He loves the anti-Israeli Brotherhood. Never mind Obama's shows of respectability, which is his art, because actions and silence speak louder than his camera-ready speeches. The O-dministration has not expressed regrets in what has happened to Egypt over the last year. It portrays the idea that the Muslim Brotherhood victory is one for democracy. Only the O-babboon would trust the Brotherhood to form a democracy; no other American president would.

The article goes on to mention a Dunham-like Obama ally: "'The situation is only getting worse,' said Charles DUNNE, head of Middle East programs for Freedom House, a Washington-based democracy-building and human rights group that was operating in Egypt along with the National Democratic Institute and the International Republican Institute." Fancy that. It comes in this update where Dunn-like surnames will be greatly emphasized.

There's nothing that remotely looks to me like the anti-Christ in the Middle east, aside from groups who will support him.

Why is there Mormon power all of a sudden in the Republican party? Jon Huntsman quit his presidential run on January 16, and endorsed the Mormon, Mitt Romney. It's not a wonder:

[Jon] Huntsman was born March 26, 1960 in Redwood City, California. His mother is Karen Haight Huntsman, daughter of LDS Church [= Mormons] apostle David B. Haight. His father is billionaire businessman and philanthropist Jon Huntsman, Sr. of the Huntsman Corporation. Through his father, Huntsman, Jr. is the great-great-great-grandson of early LDS Church leader Parley P. Pratt.,_Jr.

Is that the Rockefeller (and Roque) rock I see in the Haight Crest? Yes, it is indeed. The surname is shown properly as Haig/Hague/Hait/Haight/Hate/Haga. It's in the colors of the Hagar(d) Zionist star, and in the colors of the Hagan Coat. The Ulman-lion design in the Hagar Coat suggests the Almos-like Magyars/Hungarians, and indeed I trace the Scottish flag, called "Andrew's Cross," to king Andrew I of Hungary, and it just so happens that Andrew's Cross is used by the Haight Coat.

Were Rockefellers traced to Trabys in the last update? The Huntsman Coat (in Traby/Sadowski colors) uses bugles in Traby-bugle colors. Before I knew of Jon Huntsman in the presidential race, and therefore before I knew to look up the Huntsman Coat, I had traced the Traby bugles or "hunting horns" to Huntingdon, the city ruled by the son of queen Margaret, who had been in exile with king Andrew. I can now report that the Huntingdon Coat uses three white hunting horns on a red Shield (Huntsman-Shield colors), very similar to the Huntsman Coat.

ZIKERS! Very recently, the 666-suspect Traby clan was traced to clans that I thought would take on surnames reflecting "chi-xi-stigma," the three Greek letters that add up to 666. Keeping in mind that it's the Traby bugle strings that appear to advertise a 666, we might expect Huntsman to show signs of 666 too. I did not know the following when I stressed potential chi-x-stigma clans (including the Astikas that Trabys merged with): "[Jon] Huntsman later obtained a G.E.D. and enrolled at the University of Utah [= Mormon-infested state], where he became, like his father, a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity." Chi-incidence??? Nay, for "sigma" is the modern way to say "stigma," the Greek letter 's'.

Suddenly, we might even suspect that Mitt Romney will become the 666-enforcing False Prophet. Waiting to see. But even if not, why are we seeing so many Republican presidential wanna-bees at this time that trace to Trabys (= Polish surname). Even the Romney Coat is that of Pullens who surely trace to Poles.

It often works out that politicians who are close to one another are related so far as heraldry can expose. For example, Huntsman's chief advisor was/is John Weaver, and then both Weavers and Hunstmans use an "Esto" motto term, which term I would trace to Estes, of course, but also to 666- and stigma-suspect Astikas.

Huntsman has won Sigma Chi's Significant Sig award along with such surnames as Cowley and Ade, both of which use Huntsman / Traby colors and A Leopard's face jellopped. Just like that, we find Significant Sig guilty of bloodline favoritism. But then what devils can be expected to act honorably?

Hmm, later in this update, written after what you're reading, the Haight-like Haughts are emphasized, from SIGred the Haughty.

With the Cowley surname, I am reminded that Aleister Crowley (mainline satanist stupid) wanted to be the Biblical man of 666. Cowleys are also "Cully" and similar others, and then the trefoils in the Cullen Coat trace, in my strong opinion, to the Rockefeller branch of Traby-related Trips/Treffs, first found in Hamburg, where Drummonds were first found who were directly descended from king Andrew I. It just so happens that the Callam/Malcolm Coat uses a saltire that is colors reversed from the Andrew's Cross used by Haights. Crowleys, remember, trace to Darbys/Dermotts whom I think are related to Trips and Drummonds.

The Swedish Anders Coat uses a central blue-on-white crescent, symbol in the Haight Coat, and then another winner of the Sig award was Roy Chapman ANDREWS, advancing further the trace of Huntsman's Mormon relatives (i.e. the Haights) to king Andrew. The Andrew Coat is a green-and-gold saltire, the colors of the Hunter bugles.

The Osborn surname that won the Significant Sig award was that of Chase Osborn, a governor of Michigan. His Wikipedia page shows that he had a Ross surname serving under him, and so let me remind that the Ross clan was founded by an Andrew that I've long traced to king Andrew I. Chase Osborn was born in Poulan, Georgia, very conspicuous because ROMulus in Wayne County, Michigan, was co-founded by Pulcipher/Pulsiphers and Pullens, while Pullens using the ROMney Shield. Amazingly, "Osborn was born in a log house in Huntington County, Indiana...who named him Chase Salmon after abolitionist Salmon Chase..."

Huntingdon, hmm? And what's with that Salmon entity since we find the following in the Poulan-surname write-up: "First found in Brittany where they were formerly seated in the honor of the seigneurie of VilleSALMON." I wasn't going to mention the Salmon surname until now, even though it came to mind already when viewing the Cowley Coat, just because it's in the colors of the Salemon Coat. The Salmons use salmon in the same colors again. Compare also with Webbers (looks like the Drummond waves), for both Weaver and Cowley surname won the Significant Sig award.

If you use the Shift key on your keyboard and tap the '6', you will get the accent mark (^) that I think was intentionally added over the 6 because a 'v' is suspect as code for a 6. That is, according to Aleister Crowley, 777 = 666, and the way to explain this is to cite the 'v' in the Hebrew alphabet, which looks like the number, 7. In other words, vvv = 666, or ^^^ = 666, but because the Hebrew 'v' also acts as a 'w', the World Wide Web (www) also appears to be code for 666.

That's very interesting, because it was a day or two ago, before coming to the Weavers/Webbers just now, that I was asking myself why they decided to call the Internet a "web." Surely, they had to use a word beginning with a 'W', but surely they also wanted a word with links to 666 bloodlines.

In the 4th update of December, featuring the suspect chi-xi-stigma bloodlines, the idea was presented that Cheese-like surnames ought to apply because "xi" is said to be pronounced, "zi." That is, "chi-xi" sounds like "Keys." I now find -- NO GUFF -- a key in the mouth of the griffin of the Chase/Chacey Crest! BUT THAT's NOT ALL, for, -- no guff, this is an eye-opener -- there is also a key in the mouth of the bird in the Crest of the Arms of Sigma Chi brotherhood.

The Keyes surname uses a key in the mouth of a griffin! And in the chi-xi-stigma update, the Caseys were included as a 666-suspect bloodline, now looking as though they may have been a branch of the Chase/Chacey surname.

The Chase write-up even gives clue to the Huntsman surname: "The Chase family name dates back to the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture of Britain. The name comes from when an early member worked as a person who dominated as an exceptional huntsman which was derived from the Old English word chase which means to hunt." While it may be true (though not necessarily) that "Chase" is a variation deriving from the chase of the hunter, I strongly reject the idea that the surname/bloodline as a whole, and its branches, derive from such an idea.

The Chase griffin is the green Leslie griffin, and Leslies trace to Hungarians. I traced Caseys to Cassel in Germany, but as Hesse elements are suspect partners with Cassels, what about the Hungarian Hussians? Moreover, I have for years traced "Huntingdon" to Huns inferred by "Hungary."

I had also traced "Yonge" and "related Jungs to "Hungary," and so see the "jungit" motto term of the Case surname, and the gold buckles too...used by Leslies. The Case Shield appears to use the Key(es) (and/or Ince Shield), and it's the Crest of this Key(es) clan that uses a key in mouth of the Leslie-style griffin head.

BUT THAT's NOT ALL -- no guff, I almost missed this -- for while I did not realize the significance of the German Webber motto term, "segne" (I was at first thinking "Seqenenre" of the previous update), I just now witnessed the "Signo" term in the motto of the Arms of Signa Chi! (Hmm, as I linked Seqenenre elements from the Sequani to "Saxon" in the last update, what about the fact that German Webbers were first found in Saxony?)

The entire motto of Signa-Chi: "In hoc signo vinces," a phrase attributed to emperor Constantine as he conquered Rome. This was discovered after the paragraph below was entirely written.

The 666 bloodline was identified with the Astikas who ruled in the Lithuanian city of Vilnius, and I've made a big deal out of the "spes" motto term in the Arms of Vilnius. Not only do Taffeys use "spes," but they also use "signo." The Taffey lattice had been linked solidly to the Polish bloodline of Mieszko. The Vassey/Feasy Coat is nearly the Taffey Coat, and then both Vasseys/Feasys and Taffeys use "hoc signo" for motto phrases.

[The Vassey motto: "Sub hoc signo vinces." Taffeys use: "In hoc signo spes mea." Apachnas-suspect Bachs (with golden calf) use "In cruce spes mea." I've been meaning to link Huntingdon to David I of Scotland, son of queen Margaret from Hungary, because I found recently that he could link to the Welsh David and Davis Coats after all, one of which comes up when entering "Daffy." Therefore, Taffeys look like those Davids, but as I trace those Davids also to "Daphne," and therefore to DAVENports, note that Davenports (from the Macclesfield area) are honored by the Arms of Macclesfield, or that the Vassey and Taffey crosses are the same as in the Macclesfield Coat.

One co-founder of Sigma Chi was a Jordan surname, which happens to be listed with all others using the Traby bugles (see Traby link way above). It just so happens that the Jordan Crest too shows the Roque / Rockefeller rock. The "perCUSSA" motto term of Jordans was already traced to the Cuss/Kiss/Kese / Cass/Cast/Custes / Custis elements of Vilnius.

Amazingly, we are told that Sigma Chi was formed when 12 men disagreed on whom to chose as "Poet," and at the final vote, it was even at six each. That is, a 6-6 vote. Might this story be fabricated as harmonizing symbolism for the formation of Sigma Chi club under a 666 theme? The club had a "parent chapter at Yale University," which traces thereby to Skull and Bones (organized at Yale) and therefore to the Eschol valley in Hebron. By what coincidence does the Romney Coat reflect the Bone Coat? Why do both the Bone and Skull coats use SIX lions?

I'm still unsure of whether the Caleb-branch Israelis -- of fundamental Hebron elements -- trace to "Chalybes," but in any case I see (C)Halybes on the Halys river, the same river as Cappadocia. Moreover, I see the Halybes -- inventors of iron leading to Hephaestus -- connected to the copper-mining industry of Cyprus -- depicted by Aphrodite, wife of Hephaestus. Therefore, how coincidental can it be that a Cooper surname was one of the six founders of Sigma Chi???

In fact, I have already traced Coopers to "Cappadocia," and years before that suggested that Skull-and-Bones fraternities using "Kappa" should trace to Cappadocia. The Sigma Chi fraternity was formed when split from Delta Kappa Epsilon. As you can see that those three letters spell, DKE, is it coincidental that they reflect CappaDOCIA?

Did we see leopard faces "jellopped" in the Cowley and Ade surnames, both of Significant-Sig importance? The same leopard faces are used by Coopers? You get it; these fraternities form and operate on a bloodline basis. Asking why the surnames use leopard FACES rather than heads, it was just found that entering "Face" gets the Vassey/Feasy surname, not likely coincidental.

Another if the six founders of Sigma Chi was a Caldwell surname...which was already traced to Vilnius! The "spes" motto term of one Caldwell Coat (uses pike fish, code for Pike-related Geddes bloodline to Geddes-like Lithuanians) was the first clue, and the "Fac et spero" motto (used by Mathies too) of the other Caldwell Coat tended to clinch it because the Arms of Vilnius uses a FAGOT of sticks / rods as code for "Astikas" and/or a Rod bloodline. It's the stick / Astikas aspect that should link to "stigma."

The latter Caldwell Coat uses what looks like the Yonge piles, and waves as with the Arms of Vilnius.

By the way, a couple of weeks ago, in doing a google search for "key stick," an X-keys brand key stick was found. It was found at the time when I suspected that phrases like "chi-xi-stigma" might be used by 666-lovers.

Does the Arms of Vilnius use an anchor? So does the Cale/Cahill Crest (it's no doubt the Kyle and Coles anchor), a surname that should link to the Calewell variation of Caldwells. Italian Cales (in Traby/Sadowski colors) use a greyhound, a symbol of a Traby-related John Yonge Crest (he was related to Trevor Tudor / Trevor Coat). The Italian Cale Crest uses the bent-necked eagle featured in the last update as part of the Gog-suspect bloodline out of Russia.

There's little doubt that with Caldwells and kin, we're dealing with the Galli priesthood of Hephaestus' Kabeiri cult, and with the Khaldi metal makers to which Hephaestus traced. As Khaldi are often equated with (C)Halybes, what about EXcalibur, the sword of Arthurian myth that is part-code for Chalybes? Is it coincidental that the Greek letters, sigma and chi, look like "EX" in our alphabet?

It should be said that the Caldwell motto is translated, "In God we trust." That may have been the motto before the phrase was added to the American dollar bill, but in any case I have no illusions that "In Deo spes" is about the Biblical God.

The "jellopped" leopards may be code for the Gallop/Gollop surname, which entered my discussions while investigating the Goplo family of Poles, the ones that were mythicized into codes by a Gallus Anonymous. The Gallups/Gollups were traced to the Golpeani peoples that named Goplo, what turned out to be the hub of Freemasonry leading even to the George-Washington bloodline. The Gallus Coats are both in the colors of the Gallop/Gollop Coat, and moreover German Gallus' use the black-on-gold rooster of Koppels that I'm sure trace to "Goplo."

It wasn't until this update that it dawned on me that Republicans may have been dubbed, GOP ("Government of the People"), as code for Goplo. It can certainly explain why nearly every Republican candidate wanna-be over the past few years seemed to trace to Polish bloodlines.

I had traced the French Gobels with Masci wing to the mythical Goplo bloodline leading to "Mieszko" (an historical ruler of Poland), and then realized that Chaines/Cheneys, also with Masci wing, should trace to Goplo. The latter family is heavily "CHESne," smacking of the Chase surname that had a "huntsman" code in it's write-up. By what coincidences are they that one founder of Sigma Chi was a Chase surname while in the Sigma Chi article, we read: "Philanthropy: Children's Miracle Network and Huntsman Cancer Institute." That's the Huntsman institute in Utah, belonging to the family of Jon Huntsman, Republican candidate until today.

Do you recall how Sigma Chi became a topic at all in this update? "[Jon] Huntsman later obtained a G.E.D. and enrolled at the University of Utah [= Mormon-infested state], where he became, like his father, a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity."

The Children's Miracle Network, likewise located in Utah, was founded by Marie Osmond, and her Mormon family. I had traced Mormons (including it's visible founder with Smith surname) solidly to Lemnos and the Hephaestus cult there. What is going on here? I traced Fox News to Moray elements that should be strongly related to MORmon elements, and Fox (owned by a MURdoch surname) even gave the Mormon, Glenn Beck, a fighting chance to have his own one hour show daily. The most-watched news man today is Shepherd Smith of Fox. Has America and/or the Republican party been Mormon all along? Did you notice that the Arms of Sigma Chi is white-on-blue, the color of the Moray star that I've traced backward to the Mieszko bloodline, and forward to the stars on the American flag?

It has been discovered that Mitt Romney has piles of money for his presidential bid from JP MORgan, especially its employees. What's going on here?

The letters, sigma chi, spell a word like "Sach/Sack," and then the Sachs/Sax surname uses a white rose. On the Sigma Chi article, we find its flower symbol to be...a white rose. What is going on here? Aren't JP Morgan and Goldman-Sachs both money-bags institutions?

The Sachs/Sax Crest is a winged "woman," not an angel, and that constitutes a saint. I claim that "Latter Day Saints" is code for three bloodline entities, including the Santones from Lemnos' Sintians that led to the Sinclairs/Saints. Note the Koppel-style rooster in the latter's Crest, and ask why Rick Santorum is trying to beat Romney at this time.

I have not whatsoever ruled out a Sigma Chi trace to pharaoh SEQENenre, suspect as the line to white-dragon Saxons.

I don't lie. Earlier, when suggesting that "EX" may have been rudimentary to the choosing of sigma and chi (because they look like our "EX"), I did not know about the "Ex" motto term of the Thorns. It just so happens that the Sachs write-up goes out of its way (not typical of others who use roses) to mention that its white rose has "thorns," an indication that the Thorn surname should be at play. It just so happens that king Arthur, of EXcalibur importance, was a white-dragon Saxon at some point, though later he developed into a red-dragon Brit.

I note that the Thor/Tour surname was first found in Devon, the location of EXeter, the place to which I've traced "EX(calibur)." The Thorns (said to be Saxons) were first found in neighboring Somerset. ZOWIE, the Thorn Coat is in the red-on-white (often indicates a red-rose merger with white-rose) colors of the Saxon Exeter Coat. In place of the Thorn lions, we now find "church bells," but why does the Exeter description go out of its way to mention CHURCH bells? Probably due to the Saxon Church surname (greyhounds), likewise first found in Somerset. French (La)Bells use a greyhound too!

The English Day surname was likewise first found in Somerset! The Calder and Yonge piles are colors reversed to the piles in the Latter Coat, and even the Fox-news logo shows what looks like two piles.

I accidentally entered "Exter" to get the Exeter Coat, and then realized that it's an Ester-like term, to find further that the Exeters and Asters/Esters/Isters are both red on white. Moreover, the Aster Coat shows a so-called "label" that I see as code for French (La)Bells, or Bells in general, which jibes with the Exeter church bells. By the way, one of the first founders of Sigma Chi included a Bell surname.

IN FACT, as he was Thomas Cowan Bell, see that the Cowan Coat not only uses the same red on white, but the Annan(dale) saltire and Chief combination, along with a "Sic" motto term! It is made more certain that it's the Annandale Shield because Cowans were first found in Ayrshire while the Arms of Ayrshire are known to use a red-on-gold version of the Annandale saltire. I'm assuming that "Cowan" was Thomas' mother's maiden name.

[Thomas Cowan Bell] was born May 14, 1832 in Bellbrook, Ohio, near Dayton. As a student at Miami, Bell lived in the Oxford home of his Aunt Lizzie. Because all of the other members of the Fraternity at one time or another lived in Aunt Lizzie's place or took meals there, the house became known as "the first Chapter house of Sigma Chi."

Immediately before introducing Thomas, I was about to suggest how suspicious it is that the Signa Chi club was come across (by me) right after emphasizing SEQENenre for the first time ever in the last update. It's not just the sigma and chi letters together that may indicate Sack-like entities suspect with roots in "Seqen(enre)," but "SIGma itself too. To herein find a "Sic" term in the Cowan motto, and then find further that Thomas Cowan Bell was from a Dayton location, is more suspicious yet because the Dayton surname write-up traces to "Auton," the very place in France (not far from the Sequani) that I traced (for years) to the dynasty of Seqenenre's sons.

It just so happens that the Bell surname that uses black-on-white bells (colors of Exeter bells) was first found in Dumfries, smack beside Annandale. Was Skull and Bones at Yale university? Then ask why the Yale surname uses the same saltire as Annandales. The Bell write-up: "Later when Edward of England was defeated by the Scottish [the Bells] returned to their Annandale territories in the Scottish West Marches and acquired some territories on the southern side of the border at Gilsland just south of Hadrian's Wall."

When 666 bloodlines were emphasized recently, it was realized that it should naturally include the Ishtar line to the Revelation harlot. As a point of interest, the Aster/Ister bend is colors reversed to the Skull bend, and Dutch Bones use what looks like a chevroned version of the Skull Coat, as do English Bones who use a Romney-like Coat. Dutch Bones use the same chevron as the Hebron Coat...which is one good reason to trace "Skull" to "Eschol" in Hebron.

As per the founder of Sigma Chi with Ade surname, how is it that the Ade Coat is a white-on-red bend, the colors of the Skull bend? Isn't it likely true, therefore, that Mitt Romney is an agent of Skull and Bones elements, explaining why he's the front-runner at this time? The question is, for how long has the "Christianized" Republican party been part of Skull and Bones? The world knows that the first president George Bush was a Skull and Bones member, but I know him to be born to a secret Nazi agent with Scherf(f) surname (see 4th update in last April for shocking details, or search George Bush and Scherf together online).

As George Bush came to rule the CIA, it's evident that it was itself a Nazi organization. The CIA has its headquarters at the George Bush Center for Intelligence (in Virginia). The CIA's first victim: the Russians, dread enemies of Hitler. In the CIA article: "Lockheed U-2 'Dragon Lady', the first generation of near-space reconnaissance aircraft." Why dragon lady? Isn't that Ishtar, anciently called, "great-mother dragon of heaven" or "great mother of the heavenly dragon" (depending on various translations)? The dragons are about to destroy themselves.

There is a Lockheed Coat.

I've just noted that both the Arms of the CIA and Arms of Sigma CHI use the same basic eagle head, wherefore we may ask whether "CIA" and "Chi" are related terms deliberately. The CIA was created shortly after Hitler's demise at the request of a Donovan surname. By now, I know that Massey elements were pro-Nazi, and so see that the green snake in the Donovan Coat is very reflective of the one in this Mackesy Coat. I'm not forgetting that Diens/Denes (i.e. DONovan suspect) use the Masci wing. Let's not forget MUSSOlini, Hitler's ally.

[Insert -- A day or two after writing that, the Scottish Denny/Deanney Coat was found with "messes" motto term, suggesting the Mascis > Masseys of Dien/Dene affiliations. MOREOVER, the Irish Dennys were "First found in Cork, and Kerry." Not only does this suggest Lake Van's elements at MUSkerry, but both Denny Coats use a saltire in colors reversed to the Desmond saltire. It was certain Deas-like peoples (Deylamites, I reasoned) at/near Lake Van that named the Deas clan at Muskerry, also called, Desmonds. Therefore, we now know that Diens/Denes and Dennys were part of that line from Lake Van's Mus region, which in turn suggests the Meschins from Dano-Norman vikings. The Denny/Deanney Crest description: "An arm and hand holding five wheat ears." End Insert]

Did you notice that the DonoVAN Crest is a rising eagle, what I see as the phoenix, what I trace to Lake VAN? Out of Lake Van (Armenia) came the house of Mus to mythical CadMUS, and he represented the CADusii Armenians. It just so happens that Cadusii were represented in myth as the caduceus staff of Hermes...snakes coiled around a rod / staff, just as we see in the Donovan and Mackesy Coats. Remember, Meschins use (e)scallops, and they were symbol for Asclepios elements at Scylla of Messina (Asclepios had a coiled snake symbol too).

I had traced the second caduceus snake to the Gileki peoples...before finding in Wikipedia's swastika article that a jewel piece of ancient times, using a swastika, was found in the land (= Gilan) of the Gileki. Hmm, the Bell write-up traces to Gilsland.

As we now are on the stigma bloodline, what about "swaSTIKA." In the swastika article, there is also a swastika-like symbol on the reverse side of a coin showing a flying horse, the symbol of the Massey Crest. As the coin was from ancient Corinth, it's clearly of the mythical BELLerophon and Pegasus alliance, for Bellerophon was from Corinth. HOWEVER, I was able to discern that Bellerophon elements linked to mythical Sisyphus, code for SICyon, beside Corinth. I had therefore traced "Sicyon" to "SEGOvesus, brother of Bellovesus. The coin is said to be from the 6th century BC, which is when Bellovesus ruled.

It was my impression that the Gileki, or Gels, evolved into Gauls before I knew about Bellovesus. It came to my attention from online writings that the ancient Galli used snakes coiled around staffs, but before knowing that, I viewed the Galli as being on the Halys river, the location of Hattusa that I had traced to "Cadusii."

If we are convinced that the Laevi Gauls on the Ticino river linked to the Ananes Gauls because the chief priest (assumed to be a Levite) of Israel in Jesus' days was Annas/Ananias, then see this:

Bellovesus led allegedly a group of six surplus tribes forward over the Alps: Bituriges, Arverni, Senones, Aedui, Ambarri, Carnutes, and Aulerci [the latter included EBUROvices]....Only after Bellovesus received support from the Greeks, who in the area of the Salyes had landed and established the port-city of Massilia (Marseille) in c. 600 BCE, did Bellovesus follow a divine sign and succeed in the crossing of the Alps through a pass in the area of Taurini [Turin, I'm assuming]. Having arrived in Italy, the Gauls defeated the Etruscans at the Ticino River and settled in an area which was later called Insubria. Here Bellovesus founded the city of Mediolanum, the modern Milan.

What came out of the Salyes alliance with Bellovesus? I'm sure that it was the Sales-of-Masci, from the Pegasus-using Masseys, who were themselves a branch of Maces/Maceys from Ferte-Mace, where the Bell-related Bellamy family came to reside.

As Meschins were from Scylla in Messina, it's not likely coincidental that the Italian Milan surname (tree stump) was first found in Messina while the Bellovesus Gauls founded Milan. The tree stump had been symbol of Esus in the land of the Trevari smack beside MEDIOmatrici on the MOSelle river (named after the Mosa). It is a very good bet, therefore, that MEDIOlanum = Milan traced to the Mediomatrici of Esus elements. If you look to the right of Mediomatrici, you will see the Sequani, a term much like "Sicyon." I had traced "Sicyon" suggestively to the "Sican(ian)s", a major people group of Sicily...along with the Sicels that named Scylla.

Therefore, I am tracing pharaoh Seqenenre to Sicily's Sicanians, and to Sicyon too. And then we have the "Sic" motto term of Cowans while a Thomas Cowan Bell founded SIGma Chi in Auton-related Dayton. The peoples who lived in Autun were called "Aedui, and you see them in the list of SIX groups of Gauls that constituted the Bellovesus alliance. Why six??? Wikipedia suggests that Bellovesus was "legendary," meaning that he may have been myth code. If true, then we could expect other myth codes in his history.

How do you spell "six" in French? Sis. Just like "SISYphus," symbol of Sicyon. Coinsisdence?

The Arms of Piedmont, as with the Asti-suspect Aster surname, uses a "label." In Wikipedia's article on swastikas, we find this one using what look like heraldic labels. Wikipedia says that the design is called, "Hands of God, a symbol of Polish neo-pagans."

The "Hands of God" show a black-on-white swastika, the color of the Nazi swastika. The Nazi swastika looks like two letter S's forming a cross, and then we have two S's in "SwaStika" as well as in "SS," the alternative name for Nazis. I've mentioned that before, but now, what about SiSyphus elements?

Not much further down the Wikipedia page, we see an image of "Swastika in Kruszwica, Poland" (see it here), and it just so happens that the Mouse Tower of Goplo is in Kruszwica! Just like that, we can verify that Masseys / Mieszkos were part of the Nazi line to Hitler, especially as its known that a company called Siemens was a pro-Hitler entity during WW2. Mieszko's father, you see was mythical Siemomysl.

Seqenenre's father was...Siamun! But as I trace Masseys to Maccabees, founded by Simon and Mattathias Maccabee, hmm.

The Bellovesus Gauls were heavily in Piedmont, which is where the Ticino river runs. We can glean that a major aspect of the dragon bloodline through Rome passed also through Piedmont (especially Asti) as the Bellovesus Gauls. At the map of Piedmont in the article above, we see Novara, the home of the Laevi Gauls. The place smacks of Nevers, beside Autun, and traced by me to the "Nefer" entity (see last update) of the royal bloodline of Seqenenre > KhaMOSE > AhMOSE > AkhenATEN (the latter was also "Neferkepherure-Waenre". To the left of Novara we see the Biella province of Piedmont that should link to Bellovesus.

Also at Wikipedia's swastika article, we find this:

The aviator Matilde Moisant (1878-1964) wearing a swastika medallion in 1912; the symbol was popular as a good luck charm with early aviators

Entering the Moisant term, there comes up a surname, first found in Burgundy (location of Aedui, Nevers, Sequani, Messiers/Messeys, etc.), using what could be a version of the Massey Shield, and smacking much of the Mosa river that I think traces to the Mose terms in Seqenenre's bloodline (18th Egyptian dynasty).

The Moisant/Moise Coat is in the colors of the Moys/Moses Coat, and the latter were first found, as with Meschins and Bellamys, in Shropshire. The Moys/Moses crest is a dove with a laurel branch in beak, and then three "laurel branches" -- each with six leaves for a total of 6-6-6 -- are used by French Caseys/Casiles now suspect as Chaines/CHESneys who use the Masci wing in white-on-blue.

I wasn't going to mention the six white-on-blue wings that surround this swastika (from Wikipedia's article) until I write the above paragraph. I wasn't going to suggest linkage of the six white wings to the Masci wing because the six wings are from Finland's Training Air Wing.

Note that the Arms of the Training Air Wing use a pole (along with the white wings and swastika), possible code for a Polish bloodline. In fact, under the Arms we read, "Decorations: Cross of Liberty, 1st Class (awarded 1988)." Clicking to the Liberty Cross article, there we see a "Puolesta" motto term. The "maan" term buried in the motto should be for the Mannerheim family of Finland. There is a swastika in the Liberty Cross too. It just so happens that the German Manner Coat uses white Levi lions on the Massey Shield.

The cross used in the Order of the Cross of Liberty (website above) appears to be a cut-out from a white shell / scallop, symbol of Meschins/MASCULines (and Rothschilds). On the Liberty-Cross webpage, you can see a MASCLE design (mascles are hollow diamonds) in the so-called "Mourning Cross." Above the Mourning Cross, there is a gold-on-red lion standing in the Presidential Standard of Finland, colors reversed to the standing Meschin lion as shown at his Wikipedia article. Meschins and SAMsons both use white scallops, and Finland is home to the Sami peoples. There are nine white roses in the Presidential Standard of Finland, the number of mythical Muses.

I've traced to Sami, also called Lapps, to the ancient Lapiths of Ixion, the latter mythical term being the Khyan bloodline, in my opinion, to the Chaines/Chesneys. The Ixion-Nephele cult is also traced (by me) to Nevers, in Burgundy where the MESSIER/Messeys were first found. English Manners are said to derive in "MESNIERes," a term perhaps rooted in "Macon," a city in Burgundy to which I've just traced the Seqenenre-Khyan merger.

The Hands of God swastika, which is a black-on-white cross, should now be linked to the black-on-white cross of the Hykes/Hacks, for they use white scallops around the cross!!! Those exCLAMatons are for the Hyksos that Khyan belonged to.

Back to the CIA, and the theory that Nazi elements had acquired its control either beginning with George Bush Sr., or by men previous to him. As per my trace of the Samson metal-smith cult of Hephaestus to the Samson-like Smith surname and Mormons, and not forgetting that Siemo elements of the Polish Illuminati were pro-Hitler, what about the Director of Central Intelligence, "Walter Bedell Smith, who enjoyed a special degree of Presidential trust, having been Dwight D. Eisenhower's primary Chief of Staff during World War II..."

"Eisenhower" is not only a German surname, but appears to be rooted in "Aes/Ais," the word for metal/iron after which HephAEStus himself was named after. The Eisenhower write-up: "...Eisenstein, which means iron stone." It was after writing on the Liberty Cross that I came to president Eisenhower and the Eisenhower Coat, showing crosses (called "patee") like the Liberty Crosses, but more similar to the Sigma Chi cross design. The Eisenhower Coat also uses two crossed swords, a symbol in the Arms of the Order of the Cross of Liberty.

AHA! The Dutch Smith Coat shows three gold horseshoes on a blue Shield, just about the same idea as per the Eisen Coat!! We can therefore argue that president Eisenhower was a bloodliner-kin of the Director of Central Intelligence during the period of the CIA's founding.

Is that the Botter bend in the Eisen Coat? Didn't I trace the Botter bend to the Dallas/Dulles bend??? Then see the continuation of the CIA article: "Allen Dulles, who had been a key OSS operations officer in Switzerland during World War II, took over from [Walter Bedell] Smith, at a time where US policy was dominated by intense anticommunism."

The OSS (Office of Strategic Services) was the proto-CIA. Why was there an "SS" in "OSS"?

Aha! As Mr. Smith is apparently a Bedell on his mother's side, it turns out that the Bedell stag is the same one as in the Irish Dole Coat, suggesting a Dole link to "Dulles." This is excellent for the trace of "Douglas" to the Douglas-like root of Doles/Doyles because the Dulles/Doles Coat is the Biggar Coat while Biggars and Douglas' (both Flemings) were close. I should add that the Bedell Coat looks very Skull-and-Bones related because it shows Skull-like scallops, and the same chevron as used by Hebrons and Dutch Bones.

I'm wondering why Allen Dulles named his son, Allen MACY Dulles, but do recall that "Robert d' Avranches [Hugh's cousin], who held the fief of Macey, south of Avranches (Loyd, 'Origins', pp. 11-12); who married, firstly, a daughter of Gelduin de Dol..." Thanks to GD for passing the article along.

It can't be coincidental that the Dulles motto is "Semper paratus," while the motto of Scottish Smiths is "Semper fidelis." Other symbols in various Smith Coats convinced me that Smiths were related to Maccabees of the MacCabe/MacAbee kind (for details, see "Numenor" in the 4th update of last November, and then the English Smith motto).

Allen Dulles also worked as Director of Intelligence under JF Kennedy, who was murdered in Dallas. Hmm. On the page below: "Skorzeny's claim that Reinhard Gehlen, Josef Mengele, and George HW Bush directly participated in JFK's assassination..."

As per the suggestion of the CIA link to Sigma Chi, by what coincidence is it that the successor of Allen Dulles was a McCone surname...that gets the Cowans with "Sic" motto term!!! That was only just now discovered, well after the featuring of the Cowans. "McCone was born in San Francisco, California. His father ran iron foundries across California..."

As per the Exeter topic and the "Ex" that the sigma and chi letters together appear to spell: "[McCone] was a key figure in the Executive Committee of the National Security Council (EXCOMM) during the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis." Why EXCOMM? It appears that "EXCOMM" is also code for anti-Communist. Note the Bundy surname at EXCOMM.

McCone was a Republican, not forgetting that George Bush had been a CIA leader before working as top dog under the Republican presidency of Ronald Reagan. We then read: "[McCone] was a member of the Knights of Malta. In 1987, McCone was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Ronald Reagan."

McCone is said to have resigned because president Johnson would not read his reports, "including on the need for full-fledged inspections of Israeli nuclear facilities." Isn't that something that Nazi agents would have been interested in?

Next in line as Director of Central Intelligence was William Raborn, who made it also to Director of the CIA (the two groups merged). The Raborn Crest is also the English Stewart Crest, and this is where readers should be reminded that Stewarts have been traced to Nazi elements of the tree-stub kind on several occasions. Stewarts were traced recently to Astikas > Trabys, and are highly suspect at the root of the Biblical 666, but not just because of their STIGweard variation.

Squinting, I was delighted to find that the symbol in the canton at the corner of the Raborn Shield is a helmet, for a Richard Helms succeeded Raborn (Helms had previously been Raborn's deputy). I've long traced to "Alan" of Dol to the Helion variation of the Helms surname. The Raborn stag reminds of the Lenin/Lennan stag. The Raborn helmet is the same as per the Pendragon Crest.

Richard Helms had a Cushman surname as one deputy. I've traced similar surnames to the Astikas clan, and the latter was founded, according to my investigations, by Stewarts/Stigweards. Astikas merged with Polish Trabys, and then Helms' successor at Central Intelligence was a James Schlesinger, with a surname in honor of Poland's Silesia. Didn't we expect this? Didn't we expect a trace to Poles? But these were very satanic Poles, masquerading as sons of Light, and I even trace the Seleucids (ancient runners-up to the 666 anti-Christ) to "Silesia."

James Rodney Schlesinger was born in New York City, the son of Jewish parents, Julius and Rhea Lillian Schlesinger. His mother was a Lithuanian emigrant from what was then part of the Russian Empire.

Schlesinger served under president Nixon, and then both surnames use leopard heads. We saw the jellopped leopard faces as they were used by two founders of Sigma Chi, and we saw that "jellopped" traced to Gallops/Gollops suspect at Poland's Goplo. I had written on the Gallup polls (3rd update last October), suggested that they are designs of the Illuminati to help elect to power the men desired by the Polish Illuminati:

The Gallup poll was founded by George Gallup (born Iowa). I then loaded the Gallup surname to find the Mackesy / Mackie lion, a good piece of evidence already for a trace to Mieszko elements at Goplo

Keep in mind the "wyse" motto term of Gallups as we get to the WISconsin topic below, but also as per Guiscards/Wisharts that had linked to the Siemowit lattice symbol.

If Schlesinger was a neo-Nazi operative, then note that he was also made Nixon's secretary of defence. When leaving that post as per Jimmy Carter's election, Schlesinger ended up in a major banking institution, Lehman Brothers, Kuhn, Loeb Inc. This particular Lehman family traced back to Henry Lehman of Bavaria, and soon after settling in the United States, his family started up on cotton, the very thing that the first Rothschild (banker) was into in Germany.

In fact, I gleaned that this Rothschild sold cotton to Britain for to make the army's uniforms in the war against American Independence. At that time, I gleaned that Drummond bankers of London, and Rothschilds, were together on this task. Drummond bankers had been placed in charge of certain aspects having to do with British military in Canada, you see.

Compare the three dolphins in the Lehman/Lemon Coat to the same in the Reagan Coat, and ask whether Lehmans were from "Lemnos" elements.

The Bush era is now upon us:

On June 11, 2002 [Schlesinger] was appointed by U.S. President George W. Bush to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. He also serves as a consultant to the United States Department of Defense, and is a member of the Defense Policy Board. On January 5, 2006, he participated in a meeting at the White House of former Secretaries of Defense and State to discuss United States foreign policy with Bush administration officials.

Schlesinger was succeeded as Secretary of Defence by Donald Rumsfeld, and it just so happens that the Rumsfeld/Ramsey surname was first found in Huntingdon, a Traby-suspect location. A few years after Schlesinger's short term (mere months in 1973) at Central Intelligence, and while yet under presidents Nixon and Ford, enter George Bush Sr. as head of Central Intelligence (1976). He was son of a Walker on his mother's side, and was, in my current opinion, adopted by a pro-Nazi Bush family, that of Prescott Bush, "a Wall Street executive banker and a United States Senator, representing Connecticut..."

This is a good place to share what I heard on Fox news last night (Monday), when Bill O'Reilly asked a guest details on what the Federal Reserve does to print money for the country. The answer was that half the dept of the United States had been purchased by the Federal Reserve bank, only that it's illegal for the Federal Reserve to purchase the U.S. loan so that "intermediates" did so on behalf of the Reserve. When O'Reilly inquired as to who the intermediates might be, the answer was too short after the mention Wall Street bankers and the like. Which bankers exactly, we would like to know.

You understand that these "intermediates" are making a lot of money on the $15 trillion debt so that the last thing they want to see is the debt paid back...until they want their cash back. How do they plan on getting their cash back? Only the devil and they know.

Did none of the above prove that the CIA during Walter Smith or Allen Dulles was Nazi-inclined? Or did it begin to sound interesting? It's not just German Smiths who use the hammer, but the same-colored Seal of Wisconsin too. The 13 pyramids in that Seal indicates masons are at play, and as we see that the hammer is held by a strongarm, it suggests the Rothschilds. The beaver in the Seal's Crest suggests the Bavarian Illuminati. The only reason that I'm bringing up the Wisconsin Seal is as per Scott Walker, the present governor of that state. The first president George Bush was a Walker on one side, and then the German Walker Coat even looks like a version of the Scherf/Shere Coat. Both the Siemen and the walker Coats use a sleeping moon.

Is it coincidental that Wisconsin has a major Walker-like city in MilWAUKee, located in WAUKesha county? The Seal of Waukesha shows what looks like a garb, and the strongarm-with hammer. The Walk/WAUGh/Wach Coat not only uses a grab, but stars in Bauer-star colors. The Walk motto includes, "Industria," a term seen in this Arms of Rothschilds that itself shows the strongarm. Cowaukincidences?

The American senator for Connecticut immediately prior to Prescott Bush was a Purtell surname, and so it can't be coincidental that both the Purtell and English Bush Coats use black boars. It's just another sign of bloodliner-kin looking after one another in positions of power, all moving along together...until they start to bite and bicker with one another, as dragons are apt to do. Variations of the Purtell surname are: Purcell, Percell, Porcell, Pirsell, Porcill, and Purtill. The Pierces come to mind, whom George Bush Sr. married. That's no coincidence. It suggests that Barbara Pierce was of a Nazi-spy household.

Hokey Dineh!!! The Pierce/Purse surname (unicorn, German-Troy and Teucer-suspect Toker symbol) was first found in Somerset, as with the Percival surname that I've traced to the Parisii Gorgons and therefore to mythical Paris Trojans at the Gorgon city of Parion/Parium (Mysia). I say this because I now find a "perium" motto term in the Purtell/Purcel motto!!! (Plus, one Paris Coat also uses unicorns.)

The Parisii co-founded York, and then black-boar Booths were first found in Yorkshire.

LG once suggested I investigate a Prescott surname link to Prescott Bush, but I didn't bother because it's not likely for first names to link to surnames, though it did happen, especially in ancient times. I now find that the Prescott Coat (white boar in Crest) uses a black-on-white chevron, colors reversed to the Pierce/Purse chevron. Plus, the Prescott surname was first found in Devon, where the Hut(t)/Hood surname was first found that I've already traced to the HITLER/Hiedler (said to be from "Hutter") and Heidler surnames!!!

You don't yet know the full reasons for those three exclamatons. Prior to writing the paragraph above, I had entered "Hut" as per the write-up codes in the Booth write-up: "The surname Booth is derived from the Old English word bothe, which in turn comes from the Old Danish word both, which means cow-house or herdsman's hut."

So, the Bushes were related to Booths, and together their black boars linked to the same of the Purtells/Purcells of the Purse/Pierce bloodline near Devon's Hutts/Hoods whose white anchor traces to Heidlers, a branch of Bauer-related Hiedlers/Hitlers/Hutters. The Heids (a Bauer/Bower arrow, I'm sure) were first found in Bavaria, as were German Herds/Harts, wherefore the "herdsman's hut" is code for the Heid trace to Herds/Harts and Hutts/Hoods. German Hoods, who use an anchor as do Devon's Hutts/Hoods, were likewise first found in Bavaria, and then the Bavarian capital, Munich, is where the Hitler-ites were from. The German Hood anchor is precisely the anchor, in colors reversed, to the Phares/Fair anchor, suggesting the Percival > Parisii line once again.

There is no way that anyone can live as a spy in a powerful position without becoming spiritually destroyed. The very idea of spying is a low-grade human characteristic to begin with, but the further aberration of living a fake life forbids spies from growing into noble human beings. Living two lives is a disaster waiting to happen, and cannot produce the full fruits or heights that God intended for life. Spies know that they are given to depression.

I've maintained for months (like a crazy man) that Percival-related and Paris-like surnames, especially the Vere-related Ferraris and Phares/Fairs, were of the Pharisee priesthood. I now find that the Prescott family linked to the Percival line. The Prescott write-up: "The Prescott name comes from having lived near a priest's cottage..." Take the Priest part as accurate but reject the cottage part. Instead, think Cottians and/or Cott-like surnames.

Both "Cott" and "Cautes" (see Cautes significance below) gets the same Coat using lattice, but "Cut" gets so-called "plates" on a black bend that I suggest belongs to the Sales bloodline. I can now add that entering "Cow," as I did when reading the "cow house" idea in the Booth write-up, gets a Cuff Coat using what I've previously identified as a version of the Sale Coat.

Footless martins are used by Coverts/Cofferts, who smack of "Cows/Cuffs," and then Coverts also use a gold leopard head in Crest, symbol of the Prescott Chief. Plates also use leopards, significant because Cuts use plates. Why are Cuts part of the discussion?

It just so happens that the Dodd Coat uses a motto, "In copia CAUTUS," while Thomas Dodd preceded William Purtell as senator for ConnectiCUT. If that's not enough, the Dodd Shield is, as with the PresCOTT Shield, a black-on-white chevron. Dodds use black footless martins, the symbol in the Prest/Press Crest.

When writing on the Sales above, I did not know that Thomas Dodd's mother was a Sullivan...whom I traced to Salyes Ligurians without doubt, and therefore to the Sales.

It's very clear that the "copia" motto term, and the Dodd garb, is from the Macclesfield and Cheshire entities, for Dodds were first found in Cheshire. Did you catch the idea coming to mind that "DOD" (Department of Defense) is code for Dodds?

I now recall that the "Pour y" motto phrase of the Manners/Maness Coat should be code for the Pury surname...using black footless martins. The Pury (and therefore the Manner/Maness) surname started coming to mind as soon as I saw the "perium" motto term of Purtells/Purcells, but at the time I had no idea how the Manner/Maness surname might apply. There is even a "Per" motto term in the Mans Coat.

In the past, I linked the Pury footless martins to those of the Tiens/Thames' because both surnames were first found in Oxfordshire, but I then linked "Tien" to "Diens/Denes" using the Masci wing, which jibes with the mascles in the Tien/Thames Coat. Oxford was a Vere-Massey bastion, and then Deins/Denes (to be differentiated from Diens/Denes) use a "nihil" motto term, same as the Veres.

We now come to the Schere or Scher/Scherf bloodline in the Sures and similar surnames. But before getting to that, let me repeat a super find in the last update, when what looked like a holly shrub was found in a Miron/Mireux Coat. It seemed perfect at the time to identify the mirror held by Melusine with this surname, thus tracing Veres of Melusine lore (= Anjou elements) to Mirons/Mireux', first found in Anjou.

The Miron description does not tell that the shrub is holly, but I now come to the Sure/Shore Coat, using the very same shrub design and calling it "three green holly leaves." The Sure/Shore motto term, "Perimus," smacks of the Purtell motto term, "perium," and then the Sure/Shore Shield is a black-on-white chevron, same as the Purtell and Dodd chevrons; the latter two surnames ruled the Senate seat for ConnectiCUT back-to-back. What was going on there?

Here's the Holly Coat. There's a good chance that it links to the Hole/Hall surname. Gauls, not Germanics proper.

You can not only be sure that the Sures/Shores link to the Scherfs that disguised themselves as Bush's in the family of Prescott Bush, but you can enlarge links also to the "make sure" motto phrase of Kilpatricks, because Maxwells/Makeswells use a holly bush in Crest. The Dodds of Cheshire were just traced to Macclesfield (it used a "copia" motto term too), named MAKESlesfield in early times.

After writing all the above -- I don't lie -- I found myself reading the following in the Dodd article:

Nuremberg Trials

Both Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson, chief prosecutor for the U.S., and [Thomas] Dodd insisted upon a fair and legal trial to prosecute the Nazi war criminals. Dodd accepted Jackson's offer to join him in Germany...Dodd suggested Heidelberg as the location for the International Military Tribunal...but Nuremberg was eventually chosen. In October 1945, Jackson named Dodd to his senior Trial Board for the Nuremberg Trials, and later in 1946, named him Executive Trial Counsel, putting him in the number-two position at the trials...[there's more to this if you care to read it]

There I was suspecting Dodd and others to be Nazi spies, and then found that he was one of the top two men at the Nuremberg trials. What did you just read? That Dodd asked for fair trials. He was in a position to minimize the sentences, you see. He was in a position to reduce the evidence presented against the Nazi convicts. He of course could not reject all the evidence because he had a team to work with that would insist on presenting it. He couldn't tip anyone off that he was on the Nazi side. Of course, I'm speaking as though Dodd was a Nazi agent.

If true. we could then suspect the Robert Jackson who elevated him at Nuremberg. You may have heard that certain men who make it too fast and too big in the world are helped by "friends." In the Robert Jackson article: "...Jackson did not attend college. At age 18 [1911-12], he went to work as an apprentice in a two-lawyer Jamestown law office [which office? Who? It doesn't say]...During the summer of 1912, Jackson returned to Jamestown. He apprenticed again for the next year. He passed the New York bar examination in 1913 and joined a law practice in Jamestown, New York."

What are the chances that the Jackson Shield would use a black-on-white chevron, like the Dodd Shield? What are the chances that Jacks would use "green holly leaves," as with the Scherf-related Sures/Shores?

Later in the Dodd article: "Dodd was elected as a Democrat to the House of Representatives in 1952, and served two terms. He lost a Senate election in 1956 to Prescott S. Bush, but was elected in 1958 to Connecticut's other Senate seat and then re-elected in 1964." Is that not amazing, that Bush -- one I truly believe to be a Nazi agent in America -- took Dodds seat?

The Prescott Shield-and-Chief combination is colors reversed to the Prest/Press Shield-and-Chief combination. Prestons use more unicorns, symbol of the Parisii Gorgo-Trojans, and then Presleys/Priestlys were first found in Yorkshire, co-founded by Parisii and Ebroicum/Eburovices.

The Prescott motto term, "Lux," could be code for the Lux/Luch surname using a black-on-gold bull, same as the Mieske and Pohl/Pohland Coats. French Pohls/Pauls use the Ferrari lion.

A comment now on presidential hopeful, Ron Paul. He does not seem to me to be a globalist puppet. It would be nice to see a president that does not tow the globe-trodder line.

The Communist wall in Berlin fell while Bush Sr. was vice-president, and while there was a Polish pope. It was Poland that was very grateful for that unexpected event. Since 1980, Reagan's first year, the U.S. has fallen quickly to the current financial disaster. It's as though both Communism and Capitalism have fallen since George Bush became vice-president. Coincidences?

There are people claiming that George Bush Sr. is shown in a family photo (below) of some of Hitlers agents. The photo is said to be from the shoebox of photos of Otto Skorzeny (Nazi). The Scherffs are shown in the photo, with a young George "Bush" being supposedly in it too. Even if this photo is false, or if the reported information about it is not all correct, the heraldic evidence I uncovered in the 4th update of last April convinced me that Skorzeny was telling the truth in his deathbed confession about George Bush being born a Scherff. The new heraldic evidence in this update is excellent corroboration.

There is not much one can do about mentally-deranged Scythians and Huns in modern suits and military uniforms, who care nothing for the value of human life, who kill humans as though it were a sport. There is not much that can be done but to wait for their Judgment, and to stay out of their way in the meantime. The problem is, these people look like friends as they socialize with us. They gain our trust with friendship, but their eyes are raping us already, preparing any evil thing for their own gluttonous advancements. The Hitler-ites were big on biological experiments; why shouldn't we expect them to continue long after the war?

There are likely secret programs far worse than the benign article below suggests. In fact, the article calls a mixing of different embryos a "big" positive thing:

US researchers said [January 5] they have created the world's first mixed-embryo monkeys by merging cells from up to six different embryos, in what could be a big advance for medical research.

Until now, rodents have been the primary creatures used to make chimeras, a lab animal produced by combining two or more fertilized eggs or early embryos together.

The article does not mention mixing of embryos from different animals, but as you can see that "chimera" is used, it just so happens that a mythical chimera dragon was a lion's body with snake's tail, and goat head growing out of the shoulders i.e. like a genetic mutation. It's not just the mice that they labeled, chimeras, but the article goes on the say that three monkeys were named, "Roku, Hex and Chimero." Can we imagine what sort of monsters have been "created" that have not been reported to the public? Can we image the human monsters that they or others are creating in the name of scientific research? How many human "monsters" have been murdered to keep this science from being discovered?

I didn't do much above on Wisconsin's Scott Walker. But after writing all the above, it was time to get to a couple of emails, when I found one from GD commenting on the Dole/Doyle surname. This one, said to be from "Dubhghail," is important to her because she has spent much time seeking Douglas data and roots. But look at what she said:

Doyles, huh?as in Arthur Conan?......whose mother said they were related to the Conans of Euro(pe) and Conan was also the name of some relative of his on his mother's side. You don't know how amusing that connection is to me. I have his book of personal ltrs [letters] on a shelf in the hall.

I recalled that I had seen a Doyle surname earlier that day, and coming back to yesterday's topic this morning, there was Jim Doyle, the governor of Wisconsin immediately before Scott Walker. Jim's mother was a BACHuber surname.

The point is, we saw the Cowan surname ("Sic" motto term) of the Sigma Chi's founding. and then the McCone version of that surname, followed now by GD's emphasis on the Conan surname. It just so happens that the Conan Coat uses the Sinclair cross, engrailed and all.

Irish Conans use a Kunane variation smacking to Kuns = Huns, which brings me to the GD's email immediately after the one above. Both emails still had the subject line, "Dine," from her previous email on the Dine(h) natives otherwise known as Navajo. I was writing on the possibility that the Dine (also "Dene") linked to the Dien/Dene and/or Dien surnames...that just happened to crop up in yesterday's discussions. Here's what she wrote, insinuating, I think, that mythical Ixion was of a Tocharian peoples in the north-China theater called XIONgnu, who perhaps made their way to North America over the Alaska route:

go one more link to: and note this: "It appears from Chinese sources that a Yeniseian group might have been among the peoples that made up the tribal confederation known as the Xiongnu, who have traditionally been considered the ancestors of the Huns, but these suggestions are difficult to substantiate"...Like the Apache-they are a HORSE people....

I haven't discussed this email with her, and assume that Apaches were mentioned as per the Apachnas link I make to Khyan > Ixion. What she failed to send in the email is that the article she shares speaks of "Modu Chanyu." who was also "Xiongnu Chanyy." This had me very interested for obvious reason, and suggests the possibility that the horse-loving Hyksos of the Khyan kind had been in north China...smack beside the Tocharians on this map! In the Trojan theater, Khyan;'s Hyksos had been traced to mythical Teucer (Tocharian suspects).

As you can see, Tocharians (on the map) are otherwise called, Yue-Chi, though at this time I'll take it as coincidental to the Chi-xi-stigma topic. It just so happens that while I traced the Dine natives to far-western Europe, historians insist that they came from the Alaska route, and so what we may have is "both of the above" situation, where the same Hyksos took different routes around the world and met in the new world north of Texas.

I can add that I once dealt with the possibility that Nephele, Ixion's wife/mate, named the north-India area of Nepal (white-on-red sunburst, perhaps linked to Japan's sun flag).

Note that the Xiongnu empire is labeled, "Xiongnu KHANate," and is thus traced to Kuns = Huns. What are the chances that the Huns proper who invaded into western Europe with Atilla (house of Dulo) -- whom are suspect at Dol, and therefore amongst the Dole/Doyle bloodline -- were the oriental house of dread-dragon and mentally-deranged Khyan??? REMEMBER, the Hyksos may have been the Hayasa-Azzi, while Assi were a Tocharian-related peoples. It's known that there were some "white Avars" or Hebrew Huns in the Tocharian / India theater, and so if we find it viable to identify Huns them with "Khyan/Khian," then we might just identify the Hebrews who led the Khazar kagans as the same Hyksos.

Hmm, who named BACtria on the west side of the Nepal theater.

Didn't we just see a Jim Doyle with a BACHuber-surnamed mother? Are all these things signs provided by God to us here, right now, of what's really going on in the world of satanic "illumination"? Why the coincidences between my topics with GD's emails?

[Insert -- Aside from the Hubers of Bavaria, "Huber" gets the Hubbard surname. The Bavarian Hubers (the surname is properly shown as such) used the leg of an eagle that looks like the same of the Hixons. Hyksos-incidence?

Hixons are now said to have been first found in Staffordshire, but for years I've been saying they were first found in Cheshire, meaning that the write-up has probably changed. Hubers/Hubbards were first in Cheshire, and there is another Hubbard Coat (much like the Huber/Hubbard Coat), and they too were "First found in Cheshire..."

Ron Hubbard was the founder of Scientology, a CIA-associated Christian cult. Is that not important as the BachUBER surname was just dredged up as per Wisconsin, the state using Illuminati symbols? By the way, Fox news featured a woman (previously of CNN) at 10 pm who is a Scientologist. Ron Hubbard married a Whipp surname, and it uses crescents in colors reversed from the Huber/Hubbard crescents.

The Hubbard Coat uses "triquetra," what some say is code for 666 because it is made of three 6s.

The "colenta" motto term of Hubers/Hubbards suggests the Colen surname, one of which uses black footless martins, which were identified with Rockefellers in the Manchester / Lancashire theater when I had done my first investigation on Rockefeller clans. End Insert]

If you look way over to the far-right of the map, there is "Shoshen culture?" It has a question mark because it's suspected that the Shoshen natives of America, with Dines among them, had been there. The only thing of interest for the Illuminatists, I assume, is that the Shoshens were Hebrews. But please, not Israelites, as Mormons maintain. Is it coincidental that "BachUBER" smacks of "Hebrew."

As the McCone/Cowan surname uses the Anann(dale) Coat, the idea coming to mind is that there may have been some development of a Cannan-like surname. There is a Cannan/Canon Coat using a single "pellet" on a white bend, colors reversed to the plates of the Cuts. It stands to reason that a "plate" (white roundel) and "pellet" (black roundel) are similar because: 1) they are both code for the same bloodline, suspect as the Pontius Pilate bloodline, and, 2) it doesn't complicate / undermine heraldic codework when a related family's white-on-black roundels are wanted in colors reversed.

In other words, the Cuts may be related to Cannans/Canons, and the Cannans/Canons are related to grail-using Pellets (the same grails are used by Caiaphas-suspect Shaws/Sheaves). The Cannan/Canon pellet is also called a "cannonball," suggesting, perhaps, that black roundels started out as cannonballs, and became pellets only when the Pilate bloodline had morphed to "Pellet." The Pillet/PILOTTE Coat is virtually identical to the Pellet Coat.

The Cannan/Canon bend may be construed as half the Annan(dale) / McCone/Cowan saltire in colors reversed (you musn't forget here that the MUSkerry-related Desmonds use the same saltire). "Cannan" may have been the more original term, followed later by "Anane" (i.e. the Gauls in Italy) and "Annan(dale)." That is, Cannans > Ananes may have been from "Khyan." If true, I would suggest again that Annas/Ananias, high priest of Israel in the days of Jesus, and major conniver with other priests in the unlawful murder of Jesus, was a Khyan bloodliner. What could make more sense should we be seeking to make sense of God's history? Why else might God have chosen to make a big deal, of Khyan, with the Ten Plagues?

Did the high priests of Israel (in the Maccabee period) know that they descended in-part from Khyan's Hebrews, just as Maccabees who brought them to power may have known that they were of his Mus or proto-Massey household? But what coincidences are they that MacCabes/MacAbees were first found in Arran, an island directly offshore of Ayrshire, where both Mackies/Mackeys and McCones/Cowans were first found???

Can we begin to see the importance this morning with GD's email on Conans? As they use the Sinclair cross, by what coincidence was it that a Henry Sinclair had been making voyages to America? Could we view his voyages as those of Khyan-based Hyksos (literally, the Rosicrucians / Masons) ultimately meeting with the Khyan-based natives from the Alaska route?

When considering the red Chinese dragon, the red Welsh dragon may apply in that the Welsh trace themselves to Cimmerians that many suspect to be Gomerians. Gomer was the father of Togarmah, you see, and so we may expect Cimmerians with the oriental group of Tocharians. Have you considered the similarity between "China" and "Khian"?

From the Xiongnu article: "244BC: First mention of Xiongnu. 221 BC: Qin dynasty founded. 215 BC: Qinshihuang builds the Great Wall..." Clicking to the Qin dynasty article, some very suspicious things are immediately encountered:

The Qin Dynasty (Chinese: pinyin: Qn Cho; Wade–Giles: Ch'in Ch'ao;...was the first imperial dynasty of China, lasting from 221 to 207 BC. The Qin state derived its name from its heartland of Qin, in modern-day Shaanxi.

"Shaanki" is a potential Khyan version, as for example the Shannon / Sheehan/Shiane surnames. The most-suspicious thing above is the phrase, "Wade-Giles," and fortunately one can click it to discover that Westerners with the Wade and Giles surnames are behind it. By what coincidences are they that: 1) the Shannon surname is said to derive from SEANaCHAINE, suggesting a merger of Khyan elements with Khyan-suspect Chaines with (Shiane-like) Chenay variation...evoking the Cheyenne natives of America; 2) the "Duce" motto term of Shannons smacks of the Duches variation of the Chaines; 3) Wades/Waides smack of Quaids/Quoids (using chains!), a Mackay-branch surname; 4) the "Qin Chao" phrase in the above quote smacks of "Kay"; 5) the Wade Coat uses a Shield like that of Messiers/Messeys (Burgundy, where the Khyan-Seqenenre line is expected), with scallops (Meschin symbol) and fleur in Masci-fleur colors to boot.

I usually show the Chaine/Chenay Coat rather than the Cheyney Coat, but there is also a Chain (no 'e') Coat using the same fat cross as Conans / Sinclairs. Chains were first found in County Kerry, a region related to MUSkerry. Chain variations include: s McShane, McShaen, MacCheyne, MacCheine, and McShanie.

Both English Messiers and Giles were first found in Lincolnshire, home also of the Meschin-related Talbots, and then Shannons use a talbot dog in Crest. The Giles' Coat (pelicans) uses four "cups" and a cross in the colors of the Shannan saltire. The Giles motto term, "pensez," quickly recalls the pansy topic in the last update when a major discovery was made:

When the paragraph above was written, I had not yet re-viewed this map showing the Sequani (on the Saone / Sona river) smack beside a TIGURinus area....One tributary of the Saone, the Apance, might be derived in "Apachnas" elements (entering "Pans" gets the Payens/Pagans). ZOWIE, recalling that some surname uses a pansy, it was re-found it in the Cony Crest! The description: "A Coney holding a pansy." The Cony Coat is like the Meschin Coat, expected in a Khyan line from proto-Massey household.

I went on to learn that a Coney river was likewise a tributary of the Saone. But did you note, not only the Tocharian-like Tigurinus area, but the similarity between the "Cony" (Conns are related) and Conan clans?

It's interesting that while Apachnas elements are suspect amongst the Ananes and Laevi, doves are used by all three: Sheehans/Shianes, Panses/Panzers, and Shauns/Shawnds/Shands. Two of the above use olive branches too (i.e. suspect as the Levi-surname bloodline). Does anyone recall the murdered Chandra Levi? She was suspected murdered by a CONdit surname, and it just so happens that the Condit Chief in white-on-green, the colors of the Panse doves.

The Condit surname shows Con(e)-like variations suggesting Kennedys and/or Candies / Candidas, the latter being a Sinclair bloodline to some degree and therefore suspect as a Conan branch: Condy, Conedy, Caundie, Caundy, Cundie [smack of Kun = Hun], Coneday, Connedie, and Cunnedie. The Country surname (pile) popped into my head, and it looks like a possible Messier/Messey branch.

As per the Tien and Dien surnames that may have linked to the Dine "Indians," a certain "Meng Tian (died 210 BCE) was a general of the Qin Dynasty who distinguished himself in campaigns against the Xiongnu and in the construction of the Great Wall of China." I don't like taking similarity of terms apart from anything that one might sink some teeth into, but what I can add is that the Tien Coat is in the colors of the Shannon Coat, a Cheyenne-suspect clan.

Moreover, the Dines were related to Apaches, and I think by now I'm prepared to entertain an Apachnas trace also to Xiongnu and Qins. Consider "AlgonQUIN," for the Cheyenne natives belonged to the Algonquin family.

"Tian" evokes Taiwan somewhat, an island just offshore of the Qin empire. Near Taiwan is Japan and it's TOKyo. Assuming that Tokyo was named by Togarmites, brothers of Meshech, it can explain why Tokyo is what was Musashi province, itself in the Kanto region. Hmm, as "Japan" to the Japanese is "Nippon," why a 'tache" motto term in the Scottish Nipp/Nap(p)er surname? Hmm, as Nipps/Napers use an engrailed saltire, so do German Neils/Nails. (The Nipp/Naper Crest is like the Huber/Hubbard Crest.)

Hmm, as the Seal of Tokyo is a six-pointed object, and as Japanese also call their country, "Nihon," why are there six-pointed estoiles in the Irish Neil/Nihill Coat. The Tokyo "sun" (we are told) looks like an all-seeing-eye, and the green object beside it on the page looks like a peacock tail. In my opinion, the peacock tail, because it has "eyes," is used in Western heraldry as code for the all-seeing-eye cults. We know that Japan is a third spoke of the Rockefeller-infested Trilateral Commission.

"Nippon" may even derive from "Nephele" elements, and so we may investigate Nibelung-suspect bloodlines...such as Nobels. While Japan uses on red-on-white roundel, said to be the sun, Nobels (Oxford-surname lion) use gold-on-red roundels that are pegged easily as colors reversed from the red-on-gold roundels of Rockefeller-related Rodes'/Rhodes.'

Is it coincidence that Dutch Nobles use a giant rose alone in colors reversed to the roundel/sun that is, in like manner the only symbol on, the flag of Japan? Hmm, according to Isaiah 10, the Assyrian end-time anti-Christ will have a temporary headquarters at what was ancient Nob, two or three miles north of Old Jerusalem, just before his fighters trample it for 3.5 years. I do trace Nobels to the Rus.

It was the English Rods/Rodes who use the RoqueFEUILs/Rockefeller treFOILs (note that "TREfoil" carried the same idea as "TRI-Iateral"), and so see more trefoils in the English Pike Coat. The trefoils there are in the colors of the Japanese flag. Why in the world would Pikes be related to Japan's flag? Because Scottish Pikes use the same thin saltire design as Scottish Nipps/Napers. AND, aren't Pikes, because they are also "Picken," suspect as Apachnas elements???

The Neaper variations smacks of Nevers, the French city to which I trace Nibelings and/or Nobels.

The latter Pikes/Pickens are in the colors of the Taches/Tashes (evokes the Togarmah-suspect MacinTOSH's/MacinTOGGs), and then the Nipps/Napers are the ones who use the "tache" motto term suspect as Tokyo-related Tocharian / Togarmite elements. As the Nipp/Naper motto in full is, "Sans tache," it, along with its engrailed saltire, indicates Sinclairs/Saints who come up when entering "Sun." That should explain why both Japan and Tokyo are said to use suns. The Tache Shield is reflective of the Tien/Thames Shield.

If that's not enough, the Dein/Dene Coat uses "nihil," almost the Nihill surname of Nihon-suspect Neils. I don't understand at all how Irish Neils could be related to the name of Japan, but as Oxford (Vere-infested) elements, including the Tiens/Thames', are tracing well to Japan elements, let it be repeated that "nihil" is also in the Vere motto. Veres like to call themselves, "noble," and as Nicholas de Vere loves Stewarts, who seem to be everywhere, what about white-on-red roundels as a colors-reversed clue to who gave Japan its red roundel?

This Alen Coat uses white-on-red roundels, but this Allen Coat uses the reverse, the colors of the Japan roundel! And, Allens are registered as a sept of Mackays at Wikipedia's MacKay article (no other Allen-like surnames are listed, curiously enough).

The crescents in the Dein/Dene Chief are in the colors of the sun in the Arms of Japan. The round-tailed Dein/Dene lion was traced to Danes of the Sinclair and/or Halland kind. The Dane surname (in the colors of the Deins/Denes) was first found in the same place (Sussex) as Deins/Denes. The only explanation I have at this time is that Danes and Deins/Denes et-al were part of the Westerners (i.e. of Trilateral-Commission species) who may have chosen Japan's symbols.

I spy that "Commission" is much like the "Committ" motto term of Sinclairs, and the Conte/Comites surname (think Contevilles) to which I trace Sinclairs. The Contes/Comites' were first found in Languedoc, where the Rodes merger with Roquefeuils took place. According to my files, Roquefeuils were first mentioned in the first and second updates of August, 2009; you'll find there that "'Henri II, Count de Rodes...AKA: Henri II, Seigneur de Roquefeuil...Born: before 1245 in Guyenne, France, son of Hughes IV, Count de Rodes and Ysabeau, Dame de Roquefeuil...' Ysabeau had for a father, 'Raimond II, Seigneur de Roquefeuil...AKA: Raimond d'Anduse' (line 10). The Anduse surname comes from Raimond's grandfather, 'Bertrand, Sire d'Anduze...Bertrand married and then adopted the name Roquefeuil from his wife...' (line 40)."

WOW! I took lunch after writing the above, and coming back to the topic, there was a browser still open with the Nixon surname. It looked too much like "Nihon" to ignore, and looking at the Coat, it too was reflective of the Tien/Thames Coat, and even uses suns!

Hmm, Nikon is a global company headquartered in Tokyo. "...this growing company became a manufacturer of optical lenses (including those for the first Canon cameras)..." The Cannan/Canon surname uses a single roundel (black) on white background, just like the Japanese flag.

WOWWWIE! I can barely believe this. Recall a statement from above: "I now recall that the "Pour y" motto phrase of the Manners/Maness Coat should be code for the Pury surname...using black footless martins. The Pury (and therefore the Manner/Maness) surname started coming to mind as soon as I saw the "perium" motto term of Purtells/Purcells..." The latter linked to the Nazis of the Prescott and Bush kind. The one point is, there is as peacock in the Manners/Maness Crest, the symbol suspect as one of Tokyo's symbols. In fact, the Tokyo symbol is green, the color of the peacock feathers above.

The other WOWWWIE point is that there is corroboration that the Manners/Maness surname should link to Japan's symbols because the Cannan/Canon write-up traces to "wolf cub," but then the Cobb Coat (elephant) is not only in Cannan/Canon colors, but uses the same black martins as the Pury Coat!!! Purys were first found in...Oxfordshire. Moreover, it appears that the Cobb martins should link to the Covert/Coffert martins due to similarity of surnames. (The Coffey/Caffey surname traces to a "Cob-like surname.)

Aha! "Cobbert" was just checked as per the realization that Coverts/Cofferts were Cobbs, and there was another elephant in Crest (and the Roth-colored raven) in the Corbett/Corban Crest.

Let me tell you what I'm thinking here, that there are Nazi elements in the United States who wish to repay the United States with disaster, and knowing that Japan also wants to repay the United States for the two atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, might the Trilateral Commission be that Nazi plot in disguise?

[INSERT! GD has not read this update. She just sent a tip telling that the author (whom' I've borrowed from) on the 13 Illuminati families thinks that the Duyns could have been one. (The author happens to believe that Billy Graham is a Freemason fraud, something that I find hard to believe but not out of the question):

The Van Duyn family (also spelled Van Dien, Van Duyne, et. al.) was one of the Dutch families to come over to the Dutch colony of New Netherlands [name of New York at the time]...The Van Duyn last name has ended up with many spellings. For instance, in Bergen Co., NJ. the name is spelled Van Dyne, Van Duyn, VanDuyne, Van Dine, VanDine, & Van Dien. An informer states that Van Duyn is one of the top 13 Illuminati families. If that is so, then it certainly is the least known family of the thirteen. This article will show clues and evidence that have kept me from rejecting the possibility that the family is indeed one of the top thirteen.

...One Van Duyn was reported by an NSA informant to have been the liaison officer between MI6, the CIA, Mossad, and the Vietnamese government during the 1960s...

...Colonel. Edward S. Van Duyn attended the Unitarian Church during his life--a church which has long been associated with Wicca. He also associated with the liberal Presbyterians. In 1933, he founded the Planned Parenthood Center of Syracuse...

Van Duyn Candies has its kitchen and administration at 739 N.E. Broadway, Portland, OR. [i.e. awfully close to Montana and Washington state]...

Note that Duyn variations include the Dien spelling, though the Dein spelling is not listed. It means that Duyns were the MASCI-winged Diens. Why? Shouldn't it have to do with Masci-related Illuminati? I can add that the Portland surname uses the same moline design, in the same colors, as Seagers/Sugars (Scottish Millers also use the design). I've traced (tentatively) Seagers to the Sugaar witchcraft cult, but also to a daughter (Sigrid the Haughty) of Mieszko. Amazing is that the MULTNomah natives smack of Moulins at the root of the Moline surname, and that Seagers are easily identified as English Sauers/Sawyers. Germo-Austrian Sauers are said to be named after the Sau/Sava river, and then: "The Multnomah were a tribe of Chinookan people who lived in the area of Portland, Oregon, more specifically Sauvie Island..."

[Insert in the Insert -- I suppose it's possible for "Chinook" to be a Khyan term of the Chaine kind, though I wouldn't have mentioned it had it not been for the following evidence of Macey bloodliners in the area. The Portland article: "In 1843, William Overton saw great commercial potential for this land..." Both Overs/Offers (fret symbol) and Overtons were first found in Macey-laden Cheshire, and the Overton Shield is also the Macey Shield (colors of the Seagars and Portlands, and meanwhile Porters use bells, likely symbol for Bells / Bellamys of Fert-MACE). It just so happens that both Hoffs/HOFFER and Haughts/Houghtons (i.e. "Hoffer" smacks of "Over/Offer") use what look like the Mieske/Mesech bull head, tending to strongly identify Haughts/Houghtons and Hoffs with Sigrid the HAUGHTy

I'm assuming that "Houghton" is pronounced "Hof-ton." Their motto uses "tort," which should be code for the torteaux that I'm seeing in the Japan flag, which is amazing because this section was inserted after the Japanese topic was conceived. Recall the Roque / Rockefeller rock in the Haight Crest (Macey-colored Shield), for that surname cropped up as per the surname of Jon Huntsman's wife.

Did we trace the Sures/Shores to the Nazi-suspect Schere/Scherf Illuminati? By what coincidences are they that the Over/Offer write-up traces to "seaSHORE," while both Overs/Offers and Sures/Shores were first/early found in Derbyshire? As I trace Derbys/Darbys to "Trabzon/Trebizond," by what further coincidence does the Haught/Houghton Coat smack of the Arms of Trebizond Empire? Compare the Trebizond rising bird to the "rising bird" in the Over/Offer Crest.

What about Mafia-related Jimmy Hoffa of the Teamsters union? Why does "Teamster" smack of Thames and Themiscyra at the Trabzon theater? What about the "providentia" motto term of Hoffa-like Coffeys:

Thus Hoffa was convicted of fund fraud, jury tampering and conspiracy, along with teamster Tony "pro" Provenzano, whom Hoffa blamed for drawing federal interest in the first place to his illegal activities.

Hoffa only served 4 years of his 13 year sentence, because President Nixon commuted his sentence...

......Tony "pro" Provenzano, the same fellow Teamster that had been in prison with Hoffa stood him up at the luncheon meeting at Machus Red Fox restaurant in Michigan...

This is being written after the below on Duyns = Diens, where the writer links that surname to Mafia elements as well as to Michigan. I once or twice suggested that "Michigan" was named after "Mieszko" elements (the Mieske Coat uses a sword, and "miecz" means "sword"), not forgetting that Romulus in Wayne County traces to the Pullen=Romney and Macey families. The Machus term above gets the Houstons said to be named after Hugh, and then there are Hoo and Heugh locations in the Hoff write-up. [two updates from now, there will be a William Patrick Hitler, nephew of Adolph, who changed his surname to "Stuart-Houston" for bloodline reasons linking to Renfrew, where Stewarts, Houstons, Pollocks were first found in Scotland].

As per "PROVENzano," I see that there is a Proven Coat using the Welsh Bach bell-pattern symbol, which is also the symbol of the Kenys/Kemmis surname, a Khyan/Apachnas-suspect line. By what coincidence does the Hoff write-up trace to a Hose location, while the Hose surname uses bent human legs, as does the Proven-like Prophet/ProFET surname (links to Foetes (Bavaria), which also uses the same human legs). Clearly, the Husabie variation of Hose's smacks of Huckabees and Hucks = Hyksos.

A further point is that while Maceys use a mace = hammer, there is a hammer in the Seal of Portland. This is all pretty amazing where the Massey bloodline was already traced (suggestively, anyway) to Dine natives of the Navaho kind...which included the Apachnas-suspect Apaches. WOW, a winged horse (= Pegasus, possible symbol for "Apachnas") -- the Massey-Crest symbol -- is found also on the Nave/Navy Crest. I didn't mention this (didn't realize it) when previously linking Masseys to Dine / NAVAjo natives. In this picture, because Diens and Chaines both use the Masci wing, Chinooks may have been named after Chaines. I realize how radical these ideas are.

ZOWIE, this is hard to believe. I just realized that "Navy/Nave" could modify to/from a Naph-like term, much like the Nippons = Japanese. The Nipps/NAP(P)ers were first found in PERTHshire, while the Portland surname is also PERTland! Nevins/Navins are in Seager / Macey colors.

Aha! Entering "Neff" gets the DUTCH Ness/Nass/Nest surname with Washington Shield, and Washington state is beside Oregon. (The below was written before this section on Chinooks / Mascis in Portland.) End Insert to the Insert]

I kid you not, that everything on the Japan topic was written a day or two before opening GD's email and reading the Duyn article above, and so I was floored when, reading further, I got to this:

...the entire 13 top families are related in various ways and their heritages go back to the ancient nobility of Europe, to the tribe of Dan, and to the Khazars. Many of these top families feel they are descendants of the House of David. One researcher has even told me that the royal house of JAPAN is blood relation to the thirteenth top Illuminati family. (Truth is often stranger than fiction, but this sounds truly incredible.)... (round brackets not mine)

I can't find a Duyn Coat. Entering "Dewn" gets the Dunns. Dugans/Dougans could apply, using nine of what look like Ishtar stars (called "ESToiles of eight points"). The Dugan/Dougan crescent is in Dougal / Dowell lion colors, and the Dugal/Dougal Crest shows the same lion as one Irish Dean Crest.

Let me tell you how creepy this is, for when first suspecting Nazi elements in Washington state's Dein/Dean-related families, it became conspicuous that Obama's mother (a DUNham) was involved with a Washington-state university about the time she gave birth to him. She was probably sexually involved with a Davis surname in that period, while one Davis Coat uses the trefoil = Rockefeller symbol. I still trace "Dunham" to the location of Dunham-Mascy in Cheshire. Were Seagars traced rather solidly to Portlands and Portland? Both Seagars and Dunhams were first found in Norfolk, and related Downs/Dounes are in Seagar/Portland colors. What's more, Downs/Dounes (look related to Donns/Doanes of Cheshire) were first found in Sussex, where Diens, Deins, Danes and similar others were first found.

Again, this insert was a product of today, after the parts on Nazi-suspect Pierces in this update were already written. Obama's mother did in fact work for a Rockefeller company. Could one suspect that Hawaii (i.e. Obama's reported birthplace) is a "border state" too, with Illuminati fingers working the Asia-US connection from that group of islands?

You see, he also says that he's found what sounds like above-average numbers of Duyns in Michigan, but also in Minnesota, giving me the impression that Nazi-suspect groups are all across the US-Canada border states, which may then reveal that their groups are working the political strings of both countries, perhaps involved even in smuggling operations. The below was written days before this insert. End Insert]

Let me tell you that when I was on the Dein surname earlier in this update, before coming to GD's emails, I was given the shivers again, as per Skorzeny's deathbed confession that Hitler survived and was protected by Nazis in Montana (beside Idaho). When I first found that a Scheriff surname in New York (Islip, at a Babylon location in Long Island) was related directly to a Surbrook clan (evokes the Schers/Scherfs and Sures/Shores) in Washington state (beside Idaho), I began to get the message from the Spirit of God that such surnames were related directly to Nazis hiding or caring for Hitler (and his family?) in the Montana theater. It turned out at that time that some Deins, who were related by marriage to the very Surbrooks above, were also in Washington state and Idaho.

I'm not suggesting necessarily that the clans above are filled with Nazi operatives, but that Nazi operatives may have been in their ancestry or even amongst their kin and "friends." Not everyone in a family is dunce enough to be a loyal Hitler-ite, but I do know a person who belonged to those very Surbrooks who claimed to be into witchcraft before becoming a Christian. That person had married a Covert surname, which was first found, as with Diens and Deins, in Sussex. That person had also married a Dein. I don't know what to make of it. I'm taking it as a Sign that something is going on with Deins and company that God has His all-seeing-eye on.

Islip / Babylon is in Long Island's Suffolk country, and it just so happens that Dagans/Dakins/Deakins were first found in Suffolk, England. They use a cross like that of Irish Burghs, and Burghs were in Holland too. English Burghs were first found in Hampshire, where Atrebates Celts lived, though Atrebates also had Utrecht and Atrecht in Holland. The Dagans/Dakins motto phrase, "utrumque utroque," smacks of code for Utrecht / Atrecht. Then, on the Dean surname: "This Old English word has also given rise to other local names such as West Dean in Sussex, Deane in Hampshire and Dean in Essex."

What seems at this moment to have some bearing on the above comments is that: "The Northern Cheyenne [natives], known in Cheyenne either as Notameohmesehese meaning 'Northern Eaters' or simply as OhMESEHESE [caps mine] meaning 'Eaters', live in southeast Montana on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation." Under the theory that Cheyennes had carried the name of Khyan or one of its variations, coupled with my identification of Khyan's household with what would later become Meshwesh Amazons, by what coincidence could it be that "Ohmesehese" smacks of "Meshwesh." I have very little problem tracing Amazons to American natives.

In other words, never mind "northern eaters." The term means nothing of the sort. As the Tien/T(h)ame surname (Oxfordshire) is properly shown as "Thames/Temes," which in my opinion traces the Thames river of Oxfordshire to the "THEMIScyra" Amazons = Meshech, by what coincidence were Cheyenne natives called, NoTAMEohmesehese? It's all bewildering. My guess is that Deins had been in Montana before the United States was a nation, and that they named the Dine natives. I know this, that Swedes are big in Minnesota and across into the Canada from Minnesota, and so why not Danes along that border too?

When it occurred to me just now that the Tames/Thames may have been a branch of English Timms/Times, it suggested that Themiscyra may have been named after Timna, the Biblical Seir-ian who married the son of Esau. That is, ArTEMIS, the Amazon goddess, may have been code for the Timna-Esau line (at Themiscyra), and to support that idea, the Thames river is also called the Isis (!), which in turn suggests that mythical Isis of ancient Egypt was code for an Esau bloodline. In fact, I trace Isis-related Horus to Horites, and Timnah was a Horite of Seir.

Themiscyra was in Thermodon, and so note the Tharm and Tharme variations of the Tien/Thames surname. I don't think that "Tien" is a term related to "Thames," but would rather speculate that Diens had merged with Thames', logical where Veres of Oxford were also Masseys / Mascis.

It's nice how things click along at times. Immediately after writing the above, it was decided to go back to the Wisconsin article, where I noted Madison, that state's capital city. It happens to be in Dane county, named after Nathan Dane. It turned out that the Madison surname uses the motto, "Vae timido," which seems to be code for Timm/Time elements. What is God doing through me? These coincidences never stop. It's a huge work He's doing, and surely it will have huge fruit.

The Seal of Dane county uses a four-pointed star of the type seen in compasses...and in the symbol of the CIA! IN FACT, the CIA star, which looks like a sun too, is red on white, the colors of the Japanese flag. One can even spy a red roundel at the center of the Dane seal. There are 16 striations in the CIA "sun," and 16 striations in this alternative flag of Japan!

Although Japan is said to have had a sun symbol for centuries, though not necessarily a national symbol, it also says that the current flag's origin is unknown. Another webpage claims that the flag was adopted January 26, 1870, but it doesn't say what the colors of the original sun were, nor when the striations were added, nor what sun design was used.

I hadn't thought that Wisconsin could be related to Montana, but I now see that the Seals of both states use a spade/shovel-and-pick in saltire (perhaps part code for Pikes, who were linked shortly above to Nipp/Naper elements of the Japanese flag). And ZOWIE, the Montana motto, "Ora y plata," suggests the Orr and/or Orrel surnames, both with red roundels called "torteaux'! It is astounding that I went to the Montana page immediately after finishing the paragraphs above, when I didn't have any more to say on Japan's flag. It was bucking in my mind all along that the heraldic torteaux could be the real symbol on the Japanese flag.

AND LOOK. The Orr crest is a gold cornucopia, a symbol also in the Seal of Wisconsin (see Wisconsin link above). AND ZIKERS YES, a grand slam right before our eyes, because the Ore Coat uses a pile, the symbol of the WIShard/WISheart/Guiscard Coat!!! It means that WISconsin, no matter what anyone tells you, was named in-part after Wishards.

It's the Orrel Coat that uses the red roundel on white, and therefore the people who created the flag of Japan as we know it today should trace to that surname/bloodline. It just so happens that I linked the Orrels to the Doris/Orris surname, and linked it in turn to the bloodline of the wife (Doris) of Herod the Great. As I think that Herod bloodliners became Harts, Hards, and the like, what about WisHARDs/WisHEARTs? (See also the Orsons.)

MORE CORROBORATION! I had traced the Doris Coat to the "Jewish" Pollock Coat, and had mentioned that related Ores were first found in Renfrewshire, where Scottish PPollocks were first found. BUT NOW, after seeing the white-on-red heart of the Irish Hart/Heart Coat, while thinking it to be a colors-reversed version of the Japanese torteaux, the Scottish Heart Coat was loaded too, to find the Pollock saltire!!!

Did we find earlier that modern Japan elements should link to Rockefellers and their trefoil symbol? The latter Hearts/Harts use a trefoil, centrally.

The Doris/Orris and "Jewish" Pollock Coats have wavy white-on-red bends in common, the colors of the Hart/Heart heart. If a red-on-white heart should pop up in the same general bloodline, I would be apt to link it to the red Japanese torteaux. The problem is, there are several red-on-white hearts, and everyone can be suspect as a Herod bloodliner just because Herod was an Edomite while Edom's color was red.

HOW AMAZING that GD has been our Providential guide for the last several weeks (I don't make such statements lightly), who has been seeking roots of the Douglas surname...the one with crowned red-on-white heart! Didn't she just write in on the Dole/Doyle surname, the one that is rooted in a Douglas-like term??? BY WHAT GRAND COINCIDENCE is it that Jim Doyle was a governor of...Wisconsin?????? Even the Duyns are looking like Dugans/Dougans, and it was she who got me to the Dine topic earlier this month. Do I get the distinct feeling that God has in mind to do something terrible to somebodys out there in spy-land?

Asking what the "consin" part of "Wisconsin" might derive in, let me repeat what was said not long above:

I spy that [Trilateral] "Commission" is much like the "Committ" motto term of Sinclairs[/Suns], and the Conte/Comites surname (think Contevilles) to which I trace Sinclairs. The Contes/Comites' were first found in Languedoc, where the Rodes merger with Roquefeuils took place.

It just so happens that the Cone/Cown surname uses three antlers in colors reversed to the English Conte/Comtissa Coat. I trace three antlers to those of Baden's rulers, Zahringers and Veringens, and so I should mention that the Arms of Baden (simply a red-on-gold bend) is used in the French Nobel Coat, which is a bloodline that seemingly connected to Japanese elements of the Rockefeller type. As it's no surprise to you in this update that I've long linked Nobels to the Nephele branch of Khyan Hyksos, recall the trace above of "Khyan" to "Shannan," for the Shannan Coat is nothing but a bend is colors reversed to the Noble bend.

Repeat from above: "...the "Duce" motto term of Shannons smacks of the Duches variation of the Chaines." BUT NOW, see the red-on-white torteaux in the German Duch Coat, and wonder whether the surname links to g- or c-versions of "Duyn" such as "Dugan." "Doken" gets DUNcans (their cinquefoils were traced to TANcreds = TANkervilles = Guiscards). Italian Deans, clearly linked by their red crescents to English Deins/Deans, use multiple Degan-using variations.

Back to the Seal of Montana, keeping your mind on the question of why Hitler and/or his people should have been hidden there of all places. The Montana motto, "Ora y plata," suggests the German Plate/Platt surname, and it uses nearly the same grape vine as the German Dole Coat (green ostrich feathers). If you trust my logic that the red-on-white torteaux of the Orr bloodline links to the Japanese flag but especially to a red-on-white heart, then with the emphasis on the Dole bloodline at this time, as it appears to link to the Orr elements of Montana code, the Doles/Doyles suspect as Douglas' in some way has the effect of concluding that the Douglas heart is special to Rockefeller globalists.

My theory (first attempt) is that the red heart for "Herod" became a red roundel when linked to a Round-like surname. See the Roundel surname further below, with logical links to king Arthur's "round table." Amazingly, when you get there, you will see that English Roundels were Rundles while French Rundles were also "Redonin," and I did trace "Herod" to "Rodes/Rhodes." As has been stated before, Rockefellers who married Rodes' in the Redone theater had married Herods.

The further idea is that "Doris" became "Orris," then "Orell" and "Orr" because Herods of the Roundel kind were at Tortona, thus giving the red roundel a Tortona-depicting term. With the Dole/Doyle trace to Dol's Alans, by what coincidence do Roundels use the Alan Shield???

Here's what I've been thinking, that "MonTANa" was named (secretly) in-part after some Dan elements of the Dein kind, congregated in Sussex (I always suspect that the official reasons given us for the naming of places are lies when the Masons are involved). The "plata" motto term in the Seal of Montana suggests the Plates/Blates, whom I've traced to Blatand Bluetooth, a DANE king. The Plates/Blates are the ones using a grape vine much like German Dol(e)s.

Remember Allen Macy Dulles, suspect as per an ancient Robert of Macey with a wife of Dol. It just so happens that the Dulles/Doles Crest is a crescent in-part the red color of the Dein crescents. I'm apt to conclude that the Dutch Duyns, with Dein variation, were Danes in Holland, and yet I'm keeping eyes out for a trace of "Duyn" to the Douglas / Dougal family of surnames that could have been responsible for Doles/Doyles. I had almost missed it, but Douglas' use a green salamander, and if not mistaken, that's the symbol of this Irish Dean/Denes Crest! Above it was said that the Dugal/Dougal Crest shows the same lion as one Irish Dean Crest.

The Dugan/Dougal write-up traced to Irish lines that I've come to view as Pharisee and Herod lines: "First found in County Clare...The family line is directly traceable to Fergus Mor(Fergus the Great). In turn his ancestry is associated with King Ir, brother of the equally famous Heremon." The eight-pointed estoiles of Dugens/Dougans can now be traced to the eight-pointed star (in the same colors) of the Fergus Coat.

That easily explains why the Heremon Coat is the gold Fergus / Ferrari lion. The other/red Fergus lion should be the Duff lion, but then entering "Duy" gets the Duff/Dowey lion (same as the Morgan lion that links to Morgan le Fay of Avalon). In this picture (sorry to confuse you), Duyns could be related to "Duy." It's a very good argument because Duffs trace to Irish Fies/Feys with Duff and Maffie / Maffey variations.

The writer of the Duyn=Dien article above adds: "I found out that this [Dutch Duyn] bloodline keeps much of their money in Europe, and that they are linked to some Italians -- (the Mafia?)." The Massi/Mattis family comes up when entering "Maffia," and Diens use the Masci wing. What is going on here? There is much Massey blood expected in Holland as per Maastricht and its Meuse/Mass river.

As per the Chaines/Chesneys with Masci wing, see the following quote from the same article that may reveal why Obama rejected the Keystone pipeline this past week, which therefore killed the prospect of 700,000 barrels daily from Canada that would have nearly replaced the 800,000 barrels daily coming into the U.S. from Venezuela:

And how far does the Rockefeller wealth go? We know that through the CHASE [caps mine] Investment Corporation they have such far off holdings as a steel mill in Turkey, and a cotton textile mill in Nigeria. Creole Petroleum of Venezuela is owned by Nelson [Rockefeller]. A number of families threw their selves in with the Rockefellers and owe their family wealth to the fact that they served the Rockefellers. These include John D. Archbold, the Harknesses, the Bedfords, the CHESEbroughs [comparable to the Dewn/Dunn Coat], the Cutlers, the Flaglers [same a Flags/Flecks/Flacks], the Folgers, the Paynes, the Pierces, and the Rogerses [they are "RODger" too]."

The writer of the Duyn article above says that he suspects Duyns as part of Israel's Mossad spy network, and so what about Meir Dagan, who led Mossad until recently. And look, Dagan was "...replaced by TAMir Pardo on January 1, 2011" (caps mine to highlight a Thames/Tames-like name). Why "MOSSad"?

By what coincidence did I trace the NINE mythical Muses to the NINE witches of Avalon = Bute? Ask again why Duyn-suspect Dugens/Dougans use NINE the colors of the Bute/Butt estoiles. Remember too, as per "Meir Dagan," that Mirons/Mires (of the Meir/Meier bloodline) were identified solidly as Melusine-of-Vere elements in Anjou, though witch-master, Nicholas de Vere, traces that very Melusine line from Avalon. It can be ascertained that Melusine's fish tail derived from Daphne's dolphin symbol, and then Duyn-suspect Duffs were almost-certainly from "Daphne" elements. Or, one can suppose that the fish tail was from mythical Dagon. As per my trace of Douglas bloodliners to Lithuanians, what about Dagome, otherwise known as Mieszko I of Poland? Veres = Masseys trace to Mieszko too, in Masovia.

Just check out the Maffy-like variations in the list of Douglas septs, which tends to trace them (for obvious reasons) to Caffeys/Coffeys (of Cork) with dolphin in Crest.

The chief bloodline of witchcraft on Avalon (= Duffs / Feys / Muses from MacARTHYs-of-MUSkerry) was of course linked to mythical king Arthur, suspect as a Herod line from "Redone." The white-on-red heart of Irish Harts/Arts is accompanied by the lion design used by Nobels and Oxfords (but is in the colors of the Arthur Coat). Again, as the Dutch Nobels use nothing but a single, round rose in the colors of the Hart/Art heart, which are both in colors reversed to the torteaux in the flag of Japan, and because Nobels are similar in sound with Nipps/Napers (i.e. reflecting what Japanese call themselves), it seems that the Western creators of the Japanese flag (I realize how crazy that sounds) were also of the Hart/Art bloodline. Remember here that the Arthur surname itself used roundels, blue ones called, "hurts."

I had traced the Arthurian cult's patriarch, UTHER Pendragon, to the Other / Otter surname(s), and it just so happens that entering "Herd" gets an otter symbol along hearts!!! The surname is also "Hurd." German Herds/Harts use the MacCarthy/ARTHY stag. We are now tracing easily to the Round Table Illuminati.

I don't think it's coincidental that the Table/Tapley Coat use hurts. It means that the myth writers who gave Arthur a round table had the Table/Tapley surname (Devon, near the Badens) in mind. The Round surname could apply as it uses white symbols on a chevron in colors reversed to the Pendragon chevron, and the "Esse" motto term of Rounds easily links to the Esse/Ash surname ("nobis" motto term) using two of the Round chevrons.

[Insert -- Why, of all possible symbols, are hurts a part of the "roundel" species of symbols, a term reflecting "round table"? By what coincidence is it that Arthurs use Art-like hurts? After asking the question, I entered "Roundel" for the first time ever (so far as I can recall), to find a Shield like the Alan shield, though instead of oak leaves, the 6-6-6-suspect leaves of the French Caseys/Casiles showed up, which is very good for the trace of "Esse" to "Hesse-Cassel," for I trace Caseys to "Cassel" and to the Catti that Wikipedia claims as founders of Hesse.

The fact that both Alans and Roundels (come up as "Rundle" too) use leaves, along with the laurel leaves of the Rond/Rundle/Rondelet Coat, suggests strong links to the Laevi and/or Levi clan. It just so happens that French Levis use three black chevrons, one more than the Esse/Ash Coat. Remember this, that the Arthurian cult is linked to Levi elements, suspect as the bloodline of the chief-priest dirt of Israel, when you get down (not far below) to the hurts used by the Eggs.

Years ago, I claimed that king Arthur was a Rus peoples, from Redones. I didn't have the sort of evidence that readers would have liked, but I maintained that claim to the present. I can now add that the Rond/Rundle/Rondelet surname shows Redonet and Redonin variations. The round table knights of Arthur, therefore, is a symbol of Redones, and in fact, you will find online that the Round Table Illuminati has to do precisely with Cecil Rhodes!

The question is, where exactly in the land of Redones did "king Arthur's" mud come from? If hurts are symbols for Herod bloodliners, might we expect that mud from Vienne? "Dauphine (pronounced: {dofine} or Dauphine Viennois is a former province in southeastern France..." That is, the Vienne location on the Rhone was smack beside Dauphine, and part of it at times, and of course the laurel leaves of the Ronds/Rundles suggests Dauphine elements (Dauphine was on the Rhodanus river)!!!

As king Arthur has been identified (by me) also with Veneti of Brittany (there were Redones beside the Veneti), consider again the Dauphine-suspect dolphins of the Heneti-like Kennedys, for Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary, while Tippers use dolphins and were first found in Cornwall, where Pendragons were first found who use a motto term that I trace to Tippers (and Tipps'). Besides, "Vienne" smacks of Vannes/Gwened in Brittany, founded by Veneti and represented by Arthur's mythical wife.

Thank you, Rond/Rundle surname for that easy revelation. I only wonder where my head was, not realizing this logic years ago: that hurts = roundels, code for Arthur roots in Ronds/Rundles. Anyway, it was only recently that I learned of a Herod of Israel being banished to a Vienne in France (both Vienne locations in France seem to apply at this point). I have Rundles coming up in my files only in the 2nd update of March, 2000, and nothing there was realized of the sort presented above.

But, if you trust me further, I had traced Pendragons to Penders/Pynders, and eventually to Pines/Pynes and Payens/Pagans. It just so happens that Payens/Pagans were first found in....Dauphine!!! Sound the clarions, world, for we have just discovered the dirt of the Mother Earth -- the false-prophet cult of Daphne and Apollo, from Delphi -- on the Illumiati's Round Table. There you see golden cups lined with beautiful diamonds, and inside, nothing but the murdered blood of Jesus. And sitting around the Table, nothing but men proud of it.

You are not going to believe what just happened as I tell it. After writing the above, while investigating Vienne, a "Mussy and Tonnerre" phrase was spotted. Checking, the two locations turned out to be in Burgundy. It was realized immediately that there's an entire story to be had on the Mussy location, as per the Mus house of Khyan (that I trace fundamentally to Payens/Pagans), and so I decided to tell the story, not here, but first thing in the next update.

Leaving the Mussy page, I went back to the Roundel Coat, asking what its "Tenax" motto term could be code for. I was thinking Danish elements of the Dein/etc. kind (I do trace Redones to Dananns of Devon), but in any case the first term entered was "Tenas." Not only does the Tenas Coat use three gold-on-blue chevrons, the colors of the Payen/Pagan chevrons, and not only was it first found in Burgundy, where Tonnerre and Mussy are located, but the surname shows properly as Tenarre/Tenarres!!!

The Coat us in the colors of the French Messeys/Messiers, wherefore the latter should link to Mussy, but then English Messiers were first found in Lincolnshire, home of the Lindos-related Rhodes clan (of Danaan blood)! What a great find. But again, this smells like a heap so large that I'll keep it for the next update, as there is much written below already. End Insert]

The Other/Otter Coat, by the way, uses the bend used also by the Arms of Baden, and for multiple reasons I traced the Arthurian cult's foundations to Butteri Latins, and was able to make sense of an "Art/Hurt" trace to Baden-WURTtemberg. [The Other clan was kin to Windsors, the latter suspect as Wends = Vandals = Veneti.]

AHA-HA-HA-HAA! This is good. It came after writing all the above [though it came after writing the long insert on Vienne]. As per Montana's "Ora y" phrase, it was thought to check out the Roy Coat. Just like the Orrs and Orells, there were red roundels! AND, they are red-on-white, like the Japanese flag!!! [Orrs and Orells were traced to the other Vienne, near Anjou!]

Roys were first found in Lanarkshire, which place uses a heart symbol!!! See it in the Lanark Coat. In the Arms of Lanark write-up: "The heart is taken from the arms of another important family, the Clan Douglas..." There we have the heart and torteaux combination all at once in the Roy clan.

If we're prepared at any time to trace the Japanese flag to Tortona, the entity to which I trace the torteaux, then the Ticino river and its Laevi peoples come to mind.

How do Japanese say "Roy". Loy? Hmm. Unbelievably enough, there are two Loy Coats, and the French Loys/Louis' were first found in Lorraine, very coincidental because Lanark was named after Lornes. However, though willing to be free-flying when it comes to these topics, I'm disciplined enough not to link Roys to Loys based on the slip of a Japanese tongue.

The fact that Hitler declared war (1941) on the United States three days after the latter declared war on Japan, as per Pearl Harbor, suggests that Japan and Hitler-ites were working together. Why wouldn't they have kept ties after the war, seeking vengeance ever since? The Illuminati has a track record of infiltrating organizations and nations as friends, making it easy to spy, easy to subvert. Trolls, undermining enemies like mice in the night, they could seem like the best of citizens because it's their job to act the part.

However, I lean toward making a distinction between the Nazi-infested Illuminati and pro-Israel Illuminati. I think that pro-Nazi Illuminatists are likely to be in the Republican's racist camps, and of course aligned with the agents of government implanted by the Bush presidents, and perhaps even by the "great" Ronald Reagan. Even Nixon (removed as president for conducting a spy ring) becomes a suspect. WOW. It was only after writing that, that I loaded Wikipedia's Watergate page to find the list of his fellow conspirators. The very first one in the list is John Dean, that surname being a variation of the Deins/Denes!

The next surname in the list, Ehrlichman (he was a Stanford product, very Rhodes-Illuminati suspect), sounds German enough (He's "Jewish"). AND, not only was Ehrlichman's mother a DANielson surname, but he was born in Washington state. Shivers again. Interestingly, the Watergate surname shows no Coat but was first found in Sussex, where the Diens, Deins/Deans, Danielsons, and Danes were first found.

There are two reasons to link the Danielson motto, "Nec timeo nec SPERno," to the Timms/Times and Massins/Mason ("spero" motto term) of Kent, the second reason being that Massin/Masons and Timm-related Morays use Melusine-of-SPEER elements. It was the Tien/THAMES surname that was traced to the same Timna elements (Edom) to which I trace Timms/Times, you see, and as Tiens/Thames were first found in Oxford, see the Oxford lion below. Keep in mind that THEMIScyra should link to 666-suspect Trabys from Trabzon. The Danielson Crest is a unicorn, used also by Prescott-related Pierces/Purses (George Bush Sr., a spy with links to the Prescott-Bush household, married a Pierce).

Frightening enough, much computer software worldwide is made by Bill GATES and company, and so we might ask whether Gates' are related to WaterGATES. Should Bill Gates have decided to implant secret means to allow some groups to spy on our computers, we might not be surprised. AFTER WRITING THAT, a gold round-tailed lion was found in the Gates Crest, the only symbol in the Dein/Dean Coat! Shudders. Are we all being set up for a global ambush??? (with eyes out for a link of "Gates" to "Geddes," so far nothing.)
Another surname in the Watergate list, Liddy, shows no Coat but was first found in Cavan. The Cavan surname then uses the same colored crescents as the Deins/Deans. The Keevan variation suggests Kiev elements that I had linked to Hebrons, and as Hebrons link to Bones, it should be added that the Cavan lion is nearly the lion of the English Bones Crest. AND, like the Deins/Deans, Bones were first found in Sussex (I've therefore noted multiple reasons for linking Deins/Deans to the Bush circle of Nazi elements). It was the "Keep" motto term of Hebrons that alerted to Kiev elements, and the Keep surname (with "weaver's shuttle) was likewise first found in Sussex.

Remember, Weavers are Webbers, and the masters of the Internet decided to call it a "web."

Peace, my fellow beetles stuck to the world-wide web, for there is an Ambush prepared for the spiders. The fattest spiders will be squashed; only get out of the way. All Christians seeking the American throne do great dis-service to the Squasher in the Sky, for they soon stop emphasizing the values of God, and begin to talk money matters as though God cares about the economy first and foremost. Hasn't the economy fattened up the spiders enough? And the Christians fighting for a Christian on the throne even support the globe-trotting military, or big corporations, and will even tolerate adulterers and Mormons to further the battle against Obama. The worst thing that could happen to Obama is a victory in the 2012 election. Ask Bill Clinton's second four-year term. God will not be mocked; the disasters occurring to Obama in his first term were not coincidental. God will not worry if a Republican does not defeat Obama in 2012.

Uh-oh. I found it amazing that no judge thus far has forced Obama to court on his birth scandal. But as the O-aura fades with the Republican onslaught against his record, judges are beginning to show courage:

A judge has ordered President Barack Obama to appear in court in Atlanta for a hearing on a complaint that says Obama isn't a natural-born citizen and can't be president.

It's one of many such lawsuits that have been filed across the country, so far without success. A Georgia resident made the complaint, which is intended to keep Obama's name off the state's ballot in the March presidential primary.

...The hearing is set for Thursday [January 26]...Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi on Friday denied a motion by the president's lawyer to quash a subpoena that requires Obama to show up.

The weaver's shuttle led to the Shuttleword surname, treated 2nd and 3rd updates December...where I linked the "dulce" motto term to the Dulles'. In case you'd forgotten, Allen Dulles was Director of Central Intelligence under JF Kennedy, not long before Nixon's presidency.

Following Nixon's victory, Ehrlichman became the White House Counsel (later replaced by John Dean). He held this post for about a year before he became the Chief Domestic Advisor for Nixon...He and a close friend, H. R. Haldeman, whom he met at UCLA, were referred to jointly as "The Berlin Wall" by White House staffers because of their German family names and their penchant for isolating Nixon from other advisors and anyone seeking an audience with him...

...Shortly before his death, Ehrlichman teamed with best-selling novelist Tom Clancy to write, produce, and co-host a three-hour Watergate documentary...

The Clancy Coat use the Oxford / Nobel lions! (The Clancy Crest is a sword through a boar's head, seen in a Crest earlier in this update in an important surname that I can't recall.)

What came to mind with "Clancy" is the Ku Klux KLAN. Every cult's name is suspect as code for some family, and I had suggested that the group views its name secretly as Kuk Lux Clan, wherefore going back to see what surname above used a Lux motto term, it turned out to be the Prescotts. Remember, there was an ancient swastika bracelet found in the land of GILAN. There's a Roque / Rockefeller rock in the Klan/McLane/Ghille Coat.

Insert -- AFTER WRITING THAT, I checked the Gilan surnames, followed by a check for a Glan surname, and zowie there was another sword through a boar's head in the Glan/Glynn Crest! This time, it's a black boar head. Check-using Scottish Gilans (grail in Crest) were first found in Lothian, and then the "lad" term found in the write-up of Irish Gilans suggests the Ladds/Ladons because the two surnames use black-on-gold colors...which are the colors of the Arms of Flanders, perhaps important because the Glans are said to derive in "Flann." In fact, the Flander surname (looks like the boar-using Bacons) uses black stars, as do Irish Gilans. If not mistaken, the latter use an "aniMOSUS" motto term, suggesting linkage to Muskerry.

Yes, for I traced Muskerry (Cork) to Deylamites at Lake Van, who lived in the land of Gilans.

It was ascertained above that Prescott Bush was give his first name in honor of the Bush-related Prescott surname. Prescotts had been linked also to Pierces...whom are suspect for using pierced stars, such as we see in the Gilan Coat. There is logic there where Gilans are themselves suspect as Nazi elements. There's yet a third sword through a black boar (the Glan/Glynn symbol) in the Bait/Beeth Coat, and then Bush's and Booths also use black boars, suggesting that Booth, Beeth, and Bush are related terms. You can see that Glans use two red lions in the same positions as the two Clancy red lions...and so who was Mr. Clancy working for when he did the Watergate documentary about the same time the son of Prescott Bush was working high-level in the CIA???

The German Bush codes had already been deciphered where the write-up says: "...the Old German word busc, which means thicket or brush." Both Thick and Brush surnames are in the same colors, the colors used also by grail-using Gilans...and Golans. Thicks/Theckers (use the ermined lozenges of Shaws/Sheaves) are easily traced to the grail-using Shaws/Sheaves (said to be from (SiTHECH"), and so how can it be coincidental that, while Shaws/Sheaves and related Sheaves/CHIAVAS had been traced independently to the CAIAPHAS bloodline, the Brush surname (version of Bruces) shows the Annan(dale) saltire-and-chief combination???

It is staggering that the Bush presidents trace to Ananias and his son, Caiaphas, therefore. It is staggering that the bloodline which murdered Christ also led to Nazis. Can one think of a greater satanic bloodline in the modern era?

Thicks/Thecks use the Casey red eagles, and Caseys (of Cork) were traced solidly to Muskerry's Desmonds, who likewise use the Annandale saltire. Come along, trust these "coincidences," and get smart on what's been happened in our history.

Again, the Roundels use the Casey leaves. The upright swords through boar heads should link to the upright sword alone in the Roundel Crest, and as Roundels have been linked solidly to king Arthur's roots, we glean that this is the Excalibur sword. Remember, the "Tenax" motto term of Roundels just traced to Mussy for the first time! Astounding evidence that MacCarthys/Arthys were of "Arthurs," and then see that the Gilan Shield has the same symbol as the Campbell Shield, who are said to be a branch of MacArthurs. Yikers, it's the Gilans who use an "AniMOSUS" motto term!!!

The "propositi" motto term of Roundels traces, likely, to the Proper/Robin surname (red fesse, as with Roundels) that was traced to Mus = Tarun as per its "tyrannus" motto term, by its Mackesy /MacKEY lion, and by being first found in Cheshire. Sullivans, strongly of Muskerry elements, use the Kay bird but call it a "robin." Sullivans also use the coiled green snake use by Mackesys. Propers/Robins use a KEY in the mouth of an ostrich.

As Roundels were found to be Redones, by what coincidence is it that I traced Gilans (also called "Gels") to the Galli, and the Galli (who use coiled snakes in helix shape) on the Halys to "Helios," god of Rhodes, and likely symbol there for the city of Ialysos? Wouldn't "Ialysos" translate to a Jalysos/Galysos-like term? By what coincidence do Golans/Jollans use the MacCarthy stag? Why do Scottish Jalls/Gills use another black boar, which happens to be holding a red crescent, symbol of the Golans/Jolans? Why are English Jalls/Gells first found in the same place (Yorkshire) as black-boar and Gilan-related Bush's?

The latter Jalls/Gells look like they use the Gripp/Grabber/Craver Shield, important where Cravens were of Yorkshire too. I traced Gripps recently to mythical Esus of the Trevari peoples in downtown Gaul, and we can suspect strongly that the black boar links to Esus-branch Esau-ites. The Gripps had been linked to Gripel in Brittany, home of the Voirs (Mackesy lion) that had been accessed in the "voir" motto of Oliphants, suspect as from "Eliphas," son of Esau. Come along now, and accept the evidence from these "coincidences." Know thine enemy.

Voirs were also in a location (Penhoet) that I traced to Pendragons, and there therefore seemed a possible trace of Gripps/Grabbers to the stated "Gabrain" ancestry of the Arthur surname.

Entering "Push" gets the German Bush Coat, and entering "Pash" (or "Pass") gets the Pascals (more red eagles) with Levi lion in Levi-lion colors. It makes for the likelihood that Bush's derived in the Payens/Pagans, which bears out where the Irish Shaw motto, "Te Ipsum nosce" is clearly code for the same Tippers (Dauphine dolphins) that the Pendragons motto ("Nosce teipsum") stands for (I trace "Pen(dragon)" to "Payens", first found in Dauphine).

The Internet world now has enough information to blow this secret to hell, if anyone cares to. Literally, God will blow this secret to Hell, and no one will feel sorry for the globalists, as they rot continually, when He uncovers all that resides inside of their bloody cup. God has even described their end as cups / vials poured out. Seven of them, in fact, the sacred number of Rosicrucians.

There is more evidence that Gilans and related Bush's trace to Apachnas = Khyan. The Irish Glans/Glynns were first found in Athlone: "At the heart of Athlone, both geographically and historically, is the castle. The ford of Athlone was strategically important, as south of Athlone the Shannon is impassable..." In other words, Athlone was on the Shannon river. We might as whether "heart" was used above deliberately, for there is a red heart in the Glenn Crest.

The Glenns (black martins as were seen earlier) are said to be from "glean," and then we find that their martins are in the colors of the Gleans/Glynns, using "black salmon spears, points downward", evoking the black pheons downward of the Salmon- / Saleman-related Sales. Knowing by now that Salyes Ligurians had been linked to Laevi Ligurians -- who had also been Gauls that I trace to Gilan's Galli elements -- it should explain why the Glean/Glynn Crest emphasized the EARS of a dog: An ermine demi-talbot with gold ears. I've been finding in recent weeks that ears are code for the Shaw/Sheaves line of Caiaphas.

Hmm, EHRlichman. Then there's an EHRler surname: "The name comes from the Germanic words 'agil,' meaning 'the edge or point of a weapon' and 'hard' meaning 'hardy or strong.'" Bull-only! Rothschilds use a STRONGarm (as do Armstrongs), and then the Ehrler Coat is a strongarm (from a cloud) holding five arrows, the chief Rothschild symbol. Can we imagine Rothschilds tracing to the murderers of Jesus Christ?

What's that "aGIL" doing in the Ehrler write-up, and why was this surname found while in an Insert coming in the midst of the Ehrlichman discussion? Why does the Lich Coat use a white-on-red upright lion, as with the German Hard/Hart Coat while "hard" is also found in the Ehler write-up? AND LOOK! The Lichs are shown as "MacGillies/MacGillis!!

Lichs/Gillies were first found in Perthshire, and Pontius Pilate's mother (said by some to have been a Pict of Perthshire) was traced (by me) to Calls/Coles/Auls and related Celts/Colts/Cults (strongarm in Crest!) of Perthshire. The latter two surnames, that is, jibes with "Gilles."

Moreover, the Lich variations of "Leish" and "Lise" suggest the Lys/Lise clan, first found in Ile-de-France as with the Levi surname, wherefore let it be added that Lichs use the same double-chevron as Levi-suspect Olivers. The latter even use a heart and leaves (as code for Herods and Laevi / Levi). Italian Olivers (fleur-de-lys in Masci-fleur colors) use a "label" (symbol of Masci-related BELLamys, in my estimation), and then the Perches use the Oliver double-chevron (Bellamys were first found in Perche). Both the French LaBel and Lys/Lise Coats use greyhounds,

AFTER WRITING THE ABOVE, suggesting that Lys were Lichs, it was found that Licks (mascles) use greyhounds too!! These Licks are also "Lux," mentioned earlier as per the "lux" motto term of Prescotts (Lux/Lick-like Shield). Remember, Prescotts are traced in their write-up to "priest." Prescotts use a white boar, possibly derived from a colors-reversed version of someone's black boar. Come along now, accept the reality...

[Insert in the Insert, AFTER writing the above -- Recently, I discovered that Newt Gingrich was adopted by a Gingrich. Newt's birth surname was MacPherson. In the list of MacPherson septs, we find the Lises, Leeys, Lees, Leish's and Ellis,' suggesting the possibility that "Lise" and "Elis" were related terms. But MacPherson septs also include "Gilles." If that's not enough, the list shows Mascal, Mascall, Mascil, Maskel, and similar others! Remember, I routinely link the Lees/Leys to Meschins/MASCULines.

Just before the Mascal septs above, we find Marshall-like septs listed, which gets us to Keiths because they are credited in their write-up for forming Marshalls. It explains why entering "Mascal" gets the Keiths. As roundels are about to be discovered shortly below as integral to the Illuminati, what about the white roundels of the Meschin-Coat-like Mussel Coat, for Keiths were of Musselburgh? This tends to prove that Keiths, said to be "Catti," are part of clan Chattan, for MacPhersons are of clan Chattan. I say that Catti are the pagan grail bloodline.

Creepy, suddenly, because it was only last night, as I write, that Newt Gingrich trounced Romney in the South Carolina election in a dramatic come-from-behind victory, propelling him to what looks like the Republican nomination. I am keeping an eye out for a Massey-relate False Prophet, you see, on the throne of America. Newt got the win because Christian voters are over-looking / tolerating his adulterous affairs (the wife he's with now committed adultery on Newt's wife who had committed adultery on his first wife). Yes, I believe in forgiveness from God, but I also believe that Newt should step aside and let a better man sit in the highest Office. The problem is, I don't think Romney is a better man. Newt's adultery has made him a man with one leg, but a Mormon is out of his mind to blend the book of Mormon in with God's Word.

INTERESTINGLY, MacPherson septs include Pearsons and Piersons, though these are plainly variations of "Pherson." Other septs include: PHARson and similar others. This tends to trace MacPhersons to mythical Parzival, the grail king, father of the Ligurian swan knight. I do in fact trace Lees/Leys/Lighs to Ligurians, and I do think that "Perche" traces to Parzival/Percival elements too. Suddenly, Newt is a Bellamy > Massey bloodliner. CAUTION.

Newt's mother was a Daugherty, a surname first found in DONegal and showing Dock-using variations that could be of the Duyn / Dugan / Dagan family of terms. IN FACT, the English Dock Coat uses the same lion as the Dudleys (and Massins/Masons), and Douglas' are, surely, Dudleys, not only because both use salamanders in flames, but because "Douglas" is said to be rooted in "DUDHGLas."

Are Masseys Meshech and Gogi? As salamanders were traced to mythical Teucer = Togarmites, by what coincidence does "Docker(ty) reflect "Togar(mah" or "Tochar(ian)"?

Didn't I suggest Tocharians for the naming of Tokyo even before the forthcoming investigation on Japan that discovered its flag linked to the Douglas heart?

Why are there Pearson-like pears in this Arms of Dudley (salamanders are shown here)? The Pear/Perle Coat seems likely to be a version of the Tien/Thames Coat (both first found in Oxfordshire).

The story of Newt's adoption by a Gingrich, according to his Wikipedia article, is that things went IMMEDIATELY bad with his mother's marriage to a MacPherson. Might that have been a cover-up to get Newt a surname other than MacPherson in order to protect a Nazi-related MacPherson individual? Didn't the same sort of thing take place at Obama's birth? In any case, I've already suggested a link of "GingRICH" to the Rich surname in the 1st update this month:

It's possible that GingRICH's link to the Rich surname (In Vere colors) with Drake wyvern in Crest because the Drummond motto, "Gang warily," appears to be part code for Veres (who I link to Drakes that use the wyvern in Crest too). Both Rich's and Drakes [= Oxford elements] were first found in Hampshire.

I can now add that the Rich chevron is in the colors of the Tien and Perle chevrons!

Wasn't it suggested above that Dutch Duyns were related to Dutch and Irish Burghs? Irish Burghs, like, the Rich motto, use "foy," and then the Burgh Crest is a cat, the symbol of the MacPherson Crest! It's the clan Chattan cat. By what coincidence did I already trace the "Touch not the cat" motto phrase of Chattan clans to Macintoshes/MacinTOCHS (red heart) and therefore to Togermites / Tocharians???

Why is Newt MacPherson linking to bloodlines suspect as that of Herods, Pharisees, Gogi, Togarmites, Masseys = Meshech, and Gomers? WARNING. Not all is as might seem to be. I say Herods were Redones, and Redones became Roundels, and Roundels named the Round Table, and then the Table/Tapeley surname (using hurts) smacks of "Tubal / Tabal." As I've mentioned many times, Danaans were on Rhodes, and then a hurt is used also by DANish Bauers. Bauers became ROTHschilds, suspect, along with Rhodians, as the Biblical Rosh. FLASHING RED LIGHTS ARE, ON.

Canada has a 24-hour Sun news organization that looks to be a Conservative-based copy-cat of Fox news (the Sun newspaper is Conservative, anyway), with one show called, "Roundtable." For its anchor people, it uses a round table, with a large red "roundel," so to speak, in the table's center, and a white rim all around...the colors of the Japanese flag. In the red-roundel area, the word, "SUN," appears, as though honoring Helios of Rhodes. Sean Hannity of Fox news married a Rhodes surname, and Hannitys (and Haines) were themselves first found in Lincolnshire, as with the Rhodes.' The Haines show white-on-red crescents (nearly roundels), possibly linked to those who inspired the Japanese flag.

Tapes/Tupes (grails) were first found, as with the Rhodes surname, in Lincolnshire. Tabers use what look like the Danish-Bauer leopards, as well as a motto suspect as code for Helios/Sol of Rhodes: "Soles occidere et redire possint." Three suns are used by the Posse Coat! The Rollo Coat (black boar) uses a "posse" motto term.

The list of Macintosh septs includes Gomer-like septs as evidence of a Macintosh trace to Togarmites. But the list also shows Dallas, Delyas, Doles, Dolles, Doulas, Dulles, and similar others suspect as Duyn/Dien and Douglas liners. Amazingly, immediately after this insert (i.e. written before this insert), the Egg surname is touched upon, and it just so happens that Eggies and Eggos are Macintosh septs. This paragraph is itself an insert after the below was written on Richard Perle's oil interests in Kurdistan, and so let me remind that I traced the Esso-like septs (including "Esson") of MacIntoshes to Exxon, a company that recently jeopardized its southern-Iraq oil fields to get a front-row seat in Kurdistan's oil fields.

The Foy/Fee/Fey Coat uses a crescent in the colors of the Dein and Dean/Degan crescents. It might be applicable that Leroys (Aster Coat) use a crescent in colors reversed because Newt was born Newton Leroy MacPherson. It just so happens that Roys use, not just red-on-white roundels, but a lion in Dowell- and Dougal-lion colors (it's more evidence that Duyns / Diens were of the Douglas bloodline). The Dougal lion is colors reversed to the Rory-of-Bute lion, and Rory was himself a MacDonald.

AFTER writing that, I spotted that the ship in the Roy Crest is the same ship in the MacPherson Coat! It's the MacDonald ship, and Dougals / Dowells were straight from Somerled MacDonald. Roy's entered this discussion as per Montana's "Ora y" motto phrase, and it just so happened that Roys used red roundels along with Orrs. Therefore, as it's shaping up, Newt appears to be of the bloodlines that include Bush-related Nazis in the north-US border region. Just a cautionary note.

Hmm, the Newton surname uses crossed bones in the colors of the Dougherty Chief (lest you've forgotten, Newt had a mother with Dougherty surname). As they are said to be "shin bones," see that the two Shin surnames are Irish Shannons (from "SeanaCHAIN") and English Chynnes/Chines (this is the Khyan bloodline). See the lie in the Shin/Chynne write-up: "The name Shin comes from when the family lived near a crevice, chasm, or canyon. Further research revealed that the name is derived from the Old English word chine, that comes from the Old English word "cinu," meaning fissure, or chasm." CHASM??? Isn't the Chaine/Chenay surname also CHESney? The Shins/Kynnes are obviously related to the Kenys variation of the Kemmis surname.

I had traced Chemmites of Egypt to Cimmerians and therefore to Cambria-like terms before discovering the CHAMBERlains in the Kemmis write-up. Later, having only partly to do with the Chamberlain motto, it was suggested that "quam" was a motto code for Chemmite lines. The Chamberlain Coat uses "quam" too, but also a donkey in Crest. The Donkey/DUNcan surname is virtually the Duncan clan mentioned above as "Doken", and the latter (in Cameron colors) uses the Chamberlain Shield. Camms/GAMERS were first found in Gloucestershire, beside the Chamberlains of Dorset.

New: the Gomer Coat is very near the Donkey/Duncan Coat. Reminder: Chemmites were proto-Danaans. The Donkey/Duncan Crest (Hebron-Coat suspect) is nearly the same ship as the MacPherson (and MacDONald) ship.

Entering "Layn" as per "Chamberlayn" gets the same ship as per the MacLanes/Klans. BEHOLD! Entering "Lain" gets a "Garde le Roy" motto, nearly the same as the "Garde la foy" motto of the Rich Coat!!! GingRICH! Newt LeROY MacPherson! (English Foys look like a branch of English Lacys, and French Fees/Fays use a fox that jibes with the donkey.)

Richard Perle, "Jewish" and a happy globe-trodder, might be a player of Bush's Skull-and-Bones agents unknowingly. Gingrich has been indicating pro-war colors, and he'll want Christians to support the faked war on terror. Beware. Watch Gingrich closely, not on his fervor or passion, but on his tactics. He'll definitely toss out some Christian bait. Whether it's sincere or not, I cannot know at this time, but a politician in high places must build a power base to be successful, which always requires saying what's needed to in order to acquire passionate support (Bush, with Christians, was able to launch the Mid-East wars amid clamors from Democrats). How embarrassing to God when the Illuminati succeeds in war efforts using His people...though I don't know whether Gingrich is working for dark powers. Just watching.

I watched Bush, after supporting him at first. In the end, I realized that he conducted the Iraq war for Rothschild-business interests, wherefore watch to see whether elements of Richard Perle's circles become part of Newt MacPHERson's team. Perle's wife has a Barr maiden name, and Bush's were Buschs and Boschs...of Barr relations. Barrs use the House-of-Este eagle in Bush and Bosch fleur-colors:

...Perle has expressed support for a theoretical first strike on North Korean and Iranian nuclear facilities...

In July 2001 [just before 911], George W. Bush appointed Perle chairman of the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee, which advises the Department of Defense...

...In July 2008, The Wall Street Journal reported that Perle had made plans to invest in oil interests in Iraq, in collaboration with Iraqi Kurdish leaders in northern Iraq.

We might like to know more details on Perle's Kurd investment(s):

...Mr. Perle, one of a group of security experts who began pushing the case for toppling Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein about a decade ago, has been discussing a possible [oil] deal with officials of northern Iraq's Kurdistan regional government...

...AK's chief executive is Aydan Kodaloglu, who, like Mr. Perle, has been involved with the American Turkish Council, an advocacy group in Washington. She didn't respond to requests for comment. Phyllis KAMinsky [caps mine], who identified herself as the U.S. contact for Ms. Kodaloglu, said she herself was aware of the drilling plan but referred questions about it to Mr. Perle.

End Insert of the Insert]

Back to the "EDGE or point of a weapon" in the Ehler write-up, for that's easily deciphered as code for Eggs/Edges (uses Adler eagle) and Augers/Eagers/ETCHes (and possibly Eggs/Eggers/Eggeners with plate and hurts). Remember, as Eggs/Edges trace to Euganeo, smack beside Este, the white Egg/Edge eagle is also the white eagle that is the Arms of Este. Edgers/Edgars were first found in the same place (Berwickshire) as Licks, and Licks are suspect as EhrLICHmans. Lichs could be Alex' / Alexanders because the latter also use the Adler eagle, and a chevron like the Eaglesons. I trace the muzzled bear of the Alis surname to Bernicians of Berwickshire.

Aha, the Adler eagle is used my Mussys, and as Mussys had just traced to Roundels, the English Adler fesse should be a version of the Roundel fesse. AND, as the Roundel fesse is the Alan fesse, it explains why Mussys were first found in Brittany.

The Roundel fesse is in colors reversed to the Lech chevron...not forgetting that both the Lech pelicans and the Roundel "proposito" motto term trace to Poles = Lechs. Hmm, ancient peoples of Gilan are called, GiLEKi, a term that easily modifies to "Alec/Alex."

As you may know, I traced Salyes to Sullivans, who, like the Glans/Glynns and related Bush's, use a black boar. Sullivans also show the Muskerry / MacCarthy/Arthy stag, which should be the stag of the German Harts. As Irish Harts use the Oxford-surname lion, the Hurt stag must be a version of the MacCarthy stag because Hurts were first found in Oxfordshire.

By now we know that the black boar stands for Edomites, and so the heart in the Glean/Glynn Coat can be gleaned as a Herod-Edomite symbol (Desmonds and Sullivans use nearly the same motto term). The Sullivan lion, I now realize, is the Dutch-Bush lion...AND THEN ZOWIE, the Golan/Jolin Coat uses lions in the same colors and positions as well as the MacCarthys / Sullivan stag in Crest. I should be screaming. The Sullivan write-up: "First found in the territory of Cahir in County Tipperary...predominantly found in the counties of Cork and Kerry..." As I tend to trace both CLAPtons and Salyes to "Salop," and as Glynns-et al are now tracing to Salyes, by what coincidence is it that the Clapton cross is used by German Glans/Glens/Glands? The Muse/Mowse/Mouse surname uses the same cross, and the Muse/Mouse write-up even traces to "gull." Fancy that, the liars who knew exactly what Mouses traced to. I've always traced the latter to the Meuse/Mass rivers, but until this update have not known the Mussys of Mussy in the Meuse- / Moselle-river theaters. In the next update, by-gully, we shall engage them.

Weren't Douglas' linked to Muse-of-Avalon elements and identified as Duyns/Diens / Deans who in-turn seemed to link to Meuse/Mass elements in Holland? See the many Glen-using septs of Douglas'. It easily explains why the Glen Crest is the Douglas red heart.

As the Douglas sept of Glendons/Glendennings (of Dumfries) are easily linked to Kilpatricks (of Dumfries) because Kilpatricks are also listed as a Douglas sept, by what coincidence is it that Kilpatricks became one of the largest topics in these updates as per one Kilpatrick man I knew with a wife having a Hicks maiden name? The Glendon/Glendenning Coat (maunch in Crest) is a colors-reversed version of the rare Hykes/Hack cross. Don't I link ancient Hyksos fundamentally to the Mus bloodline? End Insert]

The "Jewish" Ehrlich(man) Coat uses a "knight" on horseback (as do Naves/Navys), and this may have been the reason that Templars (= knights) came to use two men/knights on horseback. There is also a German Ehren surname using three fish (of the kind used by Pike- and Geddes-suspect Lawers). The Salmon Coat uses the same fish, implying that they are salmon. The EhrenKREUZ variation suggest the "kreuz" term that Rosicrucians use for their roots in Germany. (The Irish Roch/Roach Coat uses three fish, in like manner and colors of the Ehren Coat.)

There's a sleeping moon in the Kreuz/Kruetz Coat, symbol also of Siemens. In fact, the "elephant trunks" in the Kreuz Crest are used in the Siemen Crest. Therefore, the Kreuz' (i.e. and likely the Ehrlichs, already traced to Poles) must trace to mythical Siemowit at Goplo's Mouse Tower, in the Kruszwica area. Clearly, Rosicrucians stem from the Mieszko Poles.

AHA! As the Sales-of-Masci clan in Cheshire links to Salmons because the Sales Coat uses the same-colored bend as the Saleman Coat, itself like that of the Sales, see yet another Masci wing in the German Kruze Coat. It jibes with the Crewe/Creuse surname, first found in Cheshire, but I should also re-show the Huber/Hubbard Coat because it uses, as with Sales, black-on-white bend with white symbols on the bend. The Hubbards, first found in Cheshire as with Hubers/Hubbards, use the same black bend but with triquetra in gold, the color of the eagles on the same-colored bend of Salemans.

As I would tend to trace the elephant trunks used by Kreuz' to Eliphas, son of Esau, but what coincidence is it that Austrian Ebers (i.e. like "Huber") use a black boar, the symbol of Esau according to the Book of Enoch? Moreover, the symbol of Esus was a tree trunk. It's been a while since I've mentioned that Siemens use a "slab," possible code for namers of "Salop," where Sales and Meschins were first found, and possibly a symbol also for Polish Slaboda surname (salamander in flames).

The Ehren description here tells that the surname uses, instead of the three silver fish, "three silver hand mirrors in a row," suggesting the Mirons/Mireux' and perhaps also the Roe / Row bloodline. This is excellent corroboration that the Times/Timms link to Melusine with the mirror in the Moray Crest (another Moray Coat uses "Deum time" for a motto), for when we go to the English Row Coat, there's a "timidus" motto term.

AHA! While Italian Mirons/Moronis were first found in Verona, the Verona/Vair/Ver Coat (Ile-de-France) uses trefoils, as with another Row Coat. French Mirons, first found in Anjou, are highly suspect as the Vere-of-Melusine cult at Anjou, and then the Verona variations smack of Veres. It suggests that Verona was a Vere entity, and indeed, Verona is in the Venetia theater, where the Ferrari surname was first found.

The Verona article at Wikipedia suggests linkage to the Euganei peoples, namers of Euganeo beside Este (the location of the House of Este). Thanks to emailer Patterson, I traced the "agendo" motto term of the Auger/Augur surname (suspect from pagan augur priests of Rome/Romans) to "Euganeo," and mentioned that the Auger lion is also the Ferrari lion, while reminding that the Pharisee priesthood should also trace to "Ferrari" and therefore to the augur priesthood (which predated Pharisees proper in Israel). I can now report that the Ferrari lion is seen also in the German Mire/Meier Coat, important because the Mirons are also "Mire."

I had traced Euganeo elements to proto-Hungarian Arpads = MAGYARs, and I know that readers were scratching their heads at the time. I didn't know at the time (not until now) that Mires/Meiers were related to Euganeo elements, and so note that Mires are said to derive in "mayor," though you can figure much better on such surnames as Majors/Maiors/MAGORs. You get it, my giddy illuminated ones. Time to rejoice now that we know how the heraldry fiends operated when playing their games with our minds. No one likes a people who play mind games, and people who play them will destroy one another if they don't separate from one another first. How many Illuminati circles are there due to internal friction? The answer is in the mud.

I can also report that I now know what the "SpecteMUR" motto term of Augers/Augurs stands for...which tends to prove that Augers do trace to Euganeo case you were doubting your grand puba here at tribwatch when I first laid that theory on the round table. The Muirs/Mores should apply to the Mires, but then there is also French Mur/Muron/Mureux surname smacking of French Mirons/Mireux/Mires. It uses a shield full of checks in the colors of the checks used throughout the Warrene Shield. The latter are said to be from Verona-like "Varrenne."

You might want to trust me also on the Euganeo trace to the Egg surnames, for while one uses a white eagle (the symbol of the House of Este), the other uses a plate and two hurts (on a blue Shield, the color of the House-of-Este Shield), symbols that I trace to the bloodlines of Herods and Pontius Pilate.

Yes, it is mesmerizing to find the bloodlines of the killers of Jesus Christ in Venetia. It's seems so wrong. But some day, your tribwatch saint would like to understand it sooner rather than latter. I'll bet that Mormons are involved. Glen Beck (a Mormon) was on O'Reilly last night endorsing the Romney camp. Are end-time Pharisees about to rule from the American throne? You know that Mormons trace themselves to Israelites, don't you?

As I traced the white-on-blue house of Este to the white-on-blue fish of the Este-related Bars / Baars on the Moselle river (at Bar-le-Duc), it should explain why there is a white-on-blue fish in the Verona Coat.

AS FURTHER CORROBERATION that the center part of the white-on-blue fleur-de-lys (of the Boschs and Bush's/Buschs) was originally a white fish from the Saracas (from Laus = Ragusa, up the Adriatic coast from Bar), the fleur-de-lys traces, surely, to the Lys family, first found, as with Veronas, in Ile-de-France!!! Just like that, we can trace the Verona fish to the makings of the fleur-de-lys symbol. But I know that readers are hesitant to follow these leads.

As Mormons claim that a mythical Moroni was the son of Mormon, the Mirons/Moronis of Verona, and therefore the Mirons/Mireux/Mires of Anjou, are suspect as a chief Mormon line. By what coincidence is it that, while I've just mentioned the white-on-blue fleur that links to the fish bloodlines, 'Jewish" Meyers/Meirs use nothing but a blue-on-white fleur de lys?

I wouldn't quite identify Melusine of the Veres as the Mirons/Mireux, but would instead view her as linked to Mirons/Mireux, thus explaining her mirror symbol. I have identified her with Melissena Rangabe, and have shown many times that the Rangabe Coat is a white-on-blue cross with fleur-de-lys ends! That fits this discussion excellently. It suggests that Melissena Rangabe (easily traced to the blue and white Fer checks because she was, in my opinion, matriarch of Cohens/Cones) had merged with the fish line under discussion. Is it a coincidence that her husband, Inger, smacks of "Angers," near Anjou? (I've mentioned several times that Irish Cohens use a sea horse, symbol in the Arms of Budva/Butua.)

It's important to remember that Melusine was a known dragon-woman character for lys-suspect LUSignan, near Anjou. Although we can gather that the Mirons/Mireux were linked to her, it's not necessarily true that she married that clan. What we can glean is that Melusine was also the witchcraft cult of Holle/Holla, for the Mirons/Mireux Coat uses nothing but holly. That idea seems clinched where the Irish Holly/Culen Coat uses Melusine with mirror in Crest. But how did Melissena Rangabe (an historical person) merge with the Holle cult of Mirons? Some day, I would like the details.

Mythical Moroni was a NEPHite, a fictional peoples that must of course be code for some pagan entity. It's more than a good bet that Miron/MORoni elements link to Melusine-using MORay, using stars in the colors of the Verona white fish. It's the white fish used by Keons, and it was the Keon fish that was the first fish to be traced (by me) to the Saraca fish. I don't think it's coincidental that while German Mires/Meiers (Ferrari lion) use "Semper PARATUS," the Moray Coat uses "Tout PRET." "Semper paratus" is used also by the Dulles surname (first found in Moray!), suspected way above as a relation of the Scottish Smiths who use "Semper fidelis." By what coincidence were Mormons founded (visibly, anyway) by a Joseph Smith, who claimed to find the golden PLATES buried in Wayne County, New York, by mythical Moroni???

EXCELLENT! After writing all that, the Verne Coat was found, showing the same oak-tree design (in Verona-fish colors) as the Miron/Moronis, suggesting strongly that Vernes were linked to "Verona." AND then the Verne Chief is the three Moray stars! Good one grand puba. What else? The Scottish Weirs/Veres use the same stars, and Scottish Bernes (i.e. like "Verne") were first found in Elginshire, at Moray. "Jewish" Cohens/Kagans also use the Moray stars.

Saracas lived in Dalmatia, the HERZEgovina theater, and I traced the Hare surname to "Herzegovina" even though I don't recall ever using the Saraca Shield as evidence, which I now see to be a fesse in colors reversed to the German Hare Coat. Note that English and Scottish Hares use a Shield like the Fisher Shield. The Verona and Keon fish, in blue, can be seen in the German Fisher Coat.

One point here is that while I traced Keons to "Khyan" independent of tracing Khyan elements to the Saraca theater, the Verona Shield is also that of the Apachnas-suspect Payens/Pagans. GD told that Payens were also "Dupuy," leading me to trace also to the Pays/Paces/PASCels...who use white on blue too. AND LOOK, I assumed their Pascel variation to link to Pesces -- white-on-blue fish like the Keons and Veronas -- likewise first found in the Veneti theater. Again, Pascals use the Levi lion, and Levis were first found, as with Veronas, in Ile-de-France (Paris).

Now, as I would trace the house of Este to "Ishtar," the Revelation harlot, and as I would also trace the harlot's grail (symbol for the murder of Christ's saints) to the cup of the Pharisees that Jesus talked about and despised, it's interesting that Pharisee elements of the Ferrari and Verona kind are being found in the Este theater. We know that French Vairs use red and white checks throughout their Shield, but so do Pesce-suspect Fisks. We also know that the Fisher king of Arthurian cult is a grail cult, and we can therefore trace the fish-suspect Fisks to the fish of the Verona Coat, especially as Veronas show Vair and Ver variations. The Fisk Crest is even an ESToile, used by Butes/Butts that use the Este-Coat horse head.

By a lucky strike, I found a shared an article (mere months ago) telling that the Illyrian city of Cadmus, Butua (now Budva), changed the symbol of Cadmus to a fish. All fish must therefore trace to Butua, and then we even find a fish in the German Bute/Butt Coat, a fish that I've known about for about a decade, never thinking that it would prove to be so important as it has. BUT just look at the English Bute/Butt Coat with estoiles, for the Shield is the same as the Verona Shield.

The Fisk motto: "Macte Virtute Sic Itur Ad Astra." We see the typical "virtute" term in honor of the Veres. We also see an Este-like term that reflects Ishtar. But there is also a "Sic Itur" phrase that was seen earlier in this very update. It's used by Cowans...who use the Annan(dale) saltire-and-Chief combination!!! You get it, the bloodline of Ananias. As the Cowans were first found in Ayrshire, they must link to Maccabee-suspect Mackies/Mackeys, and so the "Macte" motto term of Fisks could apply. There is a Dutch Verone/Varenne Coat (not "Verona") using the Kay birds.

WOW-OW-OW! AFTER saying that, no guff, I entered "Macte" to find nothing, but on a second try entered "Macket" to find three fish!!! Ha-ha ha. The surname is properly Kitson, Kidson, Kydson, MacKett, and MacCeit. Admittedly, it doesn't at all sound like Mackies/Mackeys. The fish are said to be, "silver fish haurient." That could be code for Herzegovina > Herzog > Hare / Here elements.

Both Kits and Ketts/Kytes use the same Shield, the Verona shield. So phar, so good. Kettles (suspect as Keiths) use the same colors and could apply. The eagle heads in the Kett Coat are in the same position to the three in the Casey Coat, and Caseys are said to be from Kett-suspect "cathasach." AND ZOWIE YES, French Caseys (in the colors of the Lys fleur) were first found, as with Veronas, in Ile-de-France!

Therefore, the "Macte" motto term of Fisks must be code for the 666-suspect Casey bloodline. Hmm, could "triQUETra" be code for Casey-related Ketts???

The flowers in the Kit Coat are tulips, and then there is a Tulip surname (Zionist star) in the same colors as Kits and Ketts. Their Zionist star is in the colors of the Payen/Pagan Zionists stars, and the latter also use the Verona chevron/Shield. The Tewlop variation suggests the Tewells and Tools, a major topic in the 1st update of January that was traced suggestively to the Nazi's Thule Society.

AHA! To prove that the "Macte" term of Fisks is for a bloodline of the Veronas, the Kidd Coat uses, not only the same oak-tree design as the Vernes, and as Mirons/Moronis of Verona, but also the same Moray stars as Vernes. The "impleat" motto term of Kidds suggest the Pleats/Platts/Plates (Macey Shield, probably) in Kidd colors. REMEMBER, the Book of Mormon was found as the golden PLATES buried by Moroni.

Caseys are suspect as a 666 bloodline for more reason than their three sets of six leaves. They were traced to the Cass/Cast/Custes / Kush/Kuss / Custis bloodline of Astikas elements, the stigma-suspect clan that married Trabys with a 666-suspect bugle design. I've mentioned that the Traby-like Trebeks use three fish in like manner to the Traby bugles, but can now add that Casey-related Kidds use a gold bugle with black stripes (hanging from their oak tree), which is colors reversed to the Traby bugle.

As the Lothian surname uses a bugle hanging from its pine tree that is in Traby-bugle colors, Kidds look like Keiths, first found in Lothian. AND ZOWIE BANG ON, for the Lothian Coat shows a "CUSTodit" motto term!

The Kett write-up even leads to the Wild surname: "The name Keit is of Anglo-Saxon origin. It was name for a person who had acquired the nickname of the kite, which was originally derived from the Old English word cyta, which means wild and insatiable." One Wild(er) Coat uses the same oak tree again, and the other Wilds show stags, a Keith symbol. In fact, the latter Wilds use "Veritas," a motto term also used by Keiths. The Fisk motto uses "virtute," important because Ketts became a topic in the first place as per the Fisk motto term, "Macte."

Fisks can be linked also to Angles, for the Fisk estoile comes with a "triangle," and then the Angle surname uses a "Stare" motto term like the "Astra" term of Fisks. The Angles can be linked to Angers, France, because English Angers use lozenges in colors reversed to the Angle lozenges. If you haven't forgotten, Fisks were from the Miron discussion, and Mirons' were first found in Anjou, beside, and related to, Angers.

Mormon myth had a Captain Moroni as well as the Moroni angel. Look at the sly writings: "Years later, Moroni was having some problems with a group of men called king-men, who were so called because they wanted to destroy the liberty of the people...Moroni...led an insurrection of the people to...battle against these king-men, killing their king, Pachus..." Isn't it true that Apachnas, as the Exodus pharaoh, took the liberty from Israelites?

After finishing this update, I was floored to find that the writer of the Duyn article was charged with armed robbery in the midst of writing on these topics:

Fritz Artz Springmeier is an American conspiracy theorist and religious right wing author, formerly a resident of Corbett, Oregon, who has written a number of books claiming that satanic forces are behind a move toward world domination by various families and organizations. He has described his goal as "exposing the New World Order agenda."

On January 31, 2002, Springmeier was indicted in the United States District Court in Portland, Oregon in connection with an armed robbery. On February 12, 2003, he was found guilty of one count of armed bank robbery...In November 2003, he was sentenced to 51 months in prison on the armed robbery charge and 60 months on the aiding and abetting charge...He was imprisoned as federal inmate # 65941-065, and was released from federal prison on March 25, 2011.

That is very hard to believe. Was he framed by the Masons? Or is the Wikipedia article a fake altogether (anyone can write a Wikipedia article). I can tell you this, that after authorities went though my computer, they charged me with assaulting them, which never did happen; it was a complete fabrication of wicked officers no-doubt of the Masonic kind. The article continues: "Springmeier has written and self-published a number of books based on the ideology of what's been described as an 'ultra-right-wing group' called the Christian Patriot Association; this group was shut down in 2002 after convictions for tax fraud and tax evasion." Shut down? Doesn't it figure? Of course.

Here's a view of Fritz Springmeier in a Prophecy Club video. Aha. At that page, we read:

Fritz Springmeier, who has been imprisoned for "planning to rob banks", is one of the number one illuminati researchers in the world. He is in the class of Alan Watt, who got much of his information from Fritz. The fact that he was framed and put in prison is proof that he is as genuine as they come.

I was "lucky," escaping jail time and even getting the charges dropped. There may be a next time.

I want to say I know nothing about Fritz, and very little on what all he believes / teaches. You understand that, after 8 years in prison, he's had much mental anguish.

Consider yourself lucky that I wasn't able to proof-read, or this would be a short version of the update. If anyone actually reads all of all the updates, phenomenal. But I don't expect anyone to read even half of them ovber short periods, and then with much skimming. I make them long for recording what may be needed later.


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