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January 10 - 16, 2012

Putin's Weaponry Has Gone Rogozin
RODents of the Bavarian Illuminati on Russia's NATO-Seduction Team
Looks like Pharaoh Seqenenre Merged with the House that Named Moses
Sequani Sionism on the Saone
Dead Giveaway: Macon was also MATISco
Adam and Qeve

Tensions in the Middle East have been escalating. The Syrian president made a public appearance last week and, rather than calm nerves, defiantly said he would pull the trigger more liberally (my words) against demonstrators UNLESS...By week's end, he released many political prisoners.

Iran is burning mad about yet another of its nuclear scientist's assassination, and Russia, after delivering cruise missiles to Syria in violation of the West's will, has continued to play the game of risk boldly to the present time:

A Russian ship, allegedly carrying tons of weapons, made a dash for Syria after Cypriot officials allowed it to leave their waters, Turkish officials said [January 12]

...Cypriot officials — told by the ship's owners that it was heading for Syria and Turkey — only allowed the ship to leave Wednesday after the owners said they had changed its destination for Turkey only.

But Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Selcuk Unal — citing information from the Turkish navy — said the ship had docked Thursday at the Syrian port of Tartus, which Russian warships use as a resupply stop.

The St. Vincent and Grenadines-flagged ship, the Chariot, had apparently turned off its tracking device and the information could not be independently verified.

...They could not open and inspect four containers in the hold because of "the confined space" they were stored in, the Cypriot Foreign Ministry said Wednesday, but officials nevertheless determined they were holding "dangerous cargo."

Cyprus state radio said the vessel was carrying "tens of tons of munitions," while RIA-Novosti quoted a Westberg spokesman as saying the Chariot was ferrying cargo owned by Russia's state arms trader Rosoboronexport.

Russia is excusing itself by delivering the ship's bullets to its own naval base at Tartus; it can deny that the bullets are going to Syria. Russia's attitude is for more than securing its trade / pipeline deals in the Syria theater, because Putin can't bear to see another Russia-friendly nation go to Western influence. Although the Russian bear continues to act friendly with the West, he should suddenly seize control of the globe-trodder situation as it reaches intoleration point. There is no sign of let-up in the West's thirst for taking the Middle East, but what was unknown until recently is that the West even has eyes to replace Russia's current governing bodies. That's why intoleration point has arrived already:

Russia presented a hard line to the West over the twin Middle East crises on Jan. 13 by slamming a proposed oil embargo on Iran and rebuffing any stronger action against Syria.

...Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said the proposed oil embargo on Iran over its nuclear programme “will unquestionably be perceived by the international community as an attempt at changing the regime in Iran.” His comments came as European governments moved closer to an agreement that would give energy companies six months to phase out their contracts with Iran...

In Egypt, they're saying that despite the huge surge of the Muslim Brotherhood and similar political bodies, the old-school military will yet have power to thwart or even over-rule the agenda desired by religious Muslims:

It's a triumph that's been 84 years in the making and, despite a concerted effort by all involved to stay humble and on-message during their movement's finest hour, few members of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood can hide their exhilaration.

...It's a breakneck – some would say slapdash – pace of change, leaving critics concerned that a new political system that leaves the power of the military and other elites essentially untouched will quickly become entrenched, thwarting any deeper, long-term struggles for economic and social justice.

..." is not yet clear what exactly the Brotherhood has won."

My point is that it may yet be necessary for the anti-Christ, if he is to appear within the next few years, to invade Egypt in order to fully liberate its anti-Israeli activists. The Brotherhood et-al are fearing a pinch at this time should they decide to come out too vigorously opposed to Israel. They are concerned with loosing their unexpected great gains by alienating the modernists. I'm sure that Obama is very happy about the outcome so far, but I'm also sure that some people in his government are wondering how to curb Obama's anti-Israeli will for Egypt. This would be the time to replace his pro-Israeli people with anti.

El Baradei quit his bid for the Egyptian presidency this past week, probably because he doesn't feel he can win. The other candidates (webpage below) include three others thus far (election before July), all anti-Israeli and/or pro-Brotherhood. "The army stated on 17 February 2011 it would not field a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections." By "army" I assume is meant the entire Supreme Council of the Armed Forces," the governing body at this time that has promised to keep the Israeli peace treaty. Although the Brotherhood promised not to field candidates, it is legal for any member to quit and run for the pharaoh's throne.

Daniel 11 tells that those who eat with the "king of the south" (= Egyptian leader) will aid in destroying him when the anti-Christ arrives. I'm assuming for the time being that the ships of Kittim, which will oppose the anti-Christ's arrogance in Egypt, will belong to the British navy in Cyprus, suggesting an anti-Westerner or independent radical for anti-Christ. "Ships of Kittim" also suggests that the anti-Christ will belong to some entity in Syria or Turkey, though I'm leaning toward the Russian naval base in Syria.

The figurehead of the UN is right-now clamoring to require Hezbollah's disarming, such a surprising statement suddenly that it perhaps hints of his having inside knowledge of some dangerous situation (i.e. a war about to spark) that the rest of us are not privy to. Although the UN is largely anti-Israeli, some of its members do not want to see another war in Israel. That's the impression I get when the "ships of Kittim" oppose the anti-Christ. Cyprus is a UN member.

Last week, Russia feigned opposition to some of Iran's nuclear activity, but on January 13, Russia came out in opposition to the Trilateral Commission's will for Iran, even threatening a world war should the West start military action in Iran. It explains why Iran has been bold lately in its threats to cut off oil supply through the Persian gulf. It's my assessment that Putin has become fearful enough of Western intrusions as to seriously consider directing Iran and Syria to strike militarily with the promise of backing them. This looming possibility can explain why the UN's Ki-moon has asked the Lebanese government to disarm Hezbollah, for both Syria and Iran have promised to attack Israel if the West pushes their beset buttons too far:

US, EU and Japan [= Trilateral-Commission bodies] are drawing up sanctions on Iran

Jan 13 (Reuters) - Russia would regard any military intervention linked to Iran's nuclear programme as a threat to its own security, Moscow's departing ambassador to NATO warned on Friday.

"Iran is our neighbour," Dmitry Rogozin told reporters in Brussels. "And if Iran is involved in any military action, it's a direct threat to our security."

Rogozin was speaking two days after the killing of a nuclear scientist in Tehran by a hitman on a motorcycle.

...Rogozin, often described as an anti-Western hawk, was appointed deputy prime minister in December, and will oversee Russia's defence sector when he returns to Moscow.

...(Reporting By Sebastian Moffett; Editing by Sophie Hares)

Note the Moffett and Hares surnames that wrote the article. Aside from reflecting "Maffia," which brings up the Massi/Mattis surname, there is a Moffat/Maffat Coat using the Kilpatrick saltire. We can know that it's the Kilpatrick saltire because Moffats/Maffets were first found in Dumfries and Annandale. If you read where I had traced Kilpatricks to Glasgow, see the Moffat/Maffat write-up as corroboration: "First found in Dumfriesshire, at Annandale where the first on record was Nicholas de Mufet who began his life as a simple cleric and was first recorded as witness to a charter by Walter, bishop of Glasgow...eventually, in 1268, [Mufet] was made Bishop of Glasgow."

The Putin surname was first found in Dumfries too!

The Moffet/Maffet write-up: "Hence, the surname Moffat means, from the long field." However, both the Fields and Longs use white on black, the colors of the Moffats/Maffets. I also see that both the Italian Maffis/Maffetis and Massis/Mattis use a white bend, reflecting the white Moffet / Kilpatrick saltire.

As per my trace of Kilpatricks to Italian Botters, first found in Tuscany, not only was the Maffi/Maffeti surname first found in Tuscany, but Botters use a white bend too. Then, as I have recently traced the Mattiaci peoples (Moselle theater) to the Massi/Mattis surname, note the Maffi/Maffeti write-up: "The de' Medici family are the notables [in Tuscany]."

It's interesting that the Massar surname was first found in Lucca, the same Etruscan city that Botters were first found in. It's interesting because I originally found Massars (said to be from an early "Mazzei" surname) while seeking origins of "Makarov," the Russian general that I thought might become the anti-Christ under Putin's future orders. What might happen if general Mattis of the United States clashed in Iraq with general Makarov, while Joe Biden of the Botter bloodline is in charge of Iraq, as he is even now???

REMEMBER, Joe Biden claimed that he was the one to originate the "reset button" with button- and Biden-like Putin. "Button" is even an early variation of the Biden surname. Later in this update, an important ally of the Mus > Massey house of pharaoh Khyan is going to be traced in a new way to Burgundy, where the French Button surname was first found.

Also later in this update, the Costigan surname (shows the Irish Kilpatrick symbols) is found to trace to a location of the same basic name in Asti province of Piedmont, wherefore note that the Maffi/Maffeti bend is colors reversed to the Aster Coat. This is important where I've claimed that Ishtar = Ashtarte is the Mystery-Babylon woman of Revelation 17, for it was only in the last update where it dawned on me that both Costigans and Kilpatricks use the Revelation 17 picture (i.e. woman riding on a dragon) in their Crests. The Costigans use the Stewart-style lion in place of the Revelation woman, and some Sturs of Hampshire are also "Stower" suggesting Stewarts.

Not only are Astors from Manche, where Masseys were first found, but Astors (and other Sturs) lived in Hampshire where Bidens/Buttons and Botters/Budins were first found. God has a blood-Baath prepared for these bloodlines, called the winepress of His wrath, and it's via the bold anti-Christ by which He will get the West's globe-trodders to the site of the winepress (in the valley of Jezreel).

Although one of the current candidates for pharaoh has a Moussa surname, I don't suspect that he's the anti-Christ, even though he was a West-involved and papal-friendly Secretary General of the League of Arab States. It may not have been by chance that such a surname got that top spot in that organization. We may wonder whether the surname goes back to the proto-Massey house of Khyan. There is even a Shura-named council in Egypt that participates in legislation. It may be that Illuminatists will get Moussa elected in Egypt.

It had slipped by my knowledge that George Mitchell resigned his post in the Obama administration back in March of 2011. He had been placed in charge of the formation of the Palestinian state by Mrs. Clinton. It's easy to see by Coat comparisons that Mitchells are branches of Meschins, but until now I didn't know that a Muskie surname preceded George Mitchell as a senator from Maine. In fact, this Edmond Muskie was a Secretary of Sate for the anti-Israeli Jimmy Carter.

I've known for years that entering "Mitch" gets a Muschat surname, no doubt related to the Muskets/Mousquettes that use the same Crest, essentially, as Singletarys. The latter use a triple chevron in colors reversed to the Mitch/Muschet triple chevron. Not only is it known that Obama's mother's Dunham surname is from a man with Singletary surname who changed it to "Dunham," but the Dunham Crest uses the same spear as the Singletary Crest. You just know from this alone that there is a family affair taking place in the O-ministration of the Illuminati kind.

Again for new readers, the Dunham Coat is identical to the English Randolph Coat (there are Randolph's in Obama's bloodline), and then the Scottish Randolph Crest uses a bat as symbol for the Bath/Atha surname in Somerset, the location of Bath and Wells that was ruled to some degree by religious Bidens/Buttons. See also the all-seeing-eye of Baden/Battons, likewise of Somerset. Also, see the Randolph bat in the Baat/Bat Coat with Wolfley wolf in Crest (Obama's bloodline was from Wolfleys too), and ask if the Baat/Bat saltire is that of Scottish Kilpatricks?

In the video below, there are two Osama bin Ladens. We can't be sure whether either are the true one, but you can begin to see that the man in the fuzzy video is not the same man in the clearer videos; the latter Osama is now being pegged by some as president Obama in disguise (see the top of the last update in December for videos on that topic). I have yet to make a final decision on whether Obama was posing as Osama, but I'm leaning toward it.

The videos making this claim are failing to suggest that viewers make a distinction between the Obama-bin-Laden photos and the real Osama. The videos are getting viewers to ponder whether Obama may have been the real bin Laden. That cannot be true if the real bin Laden was born a Saudi with that surname, if he has a history in the Middle East during the period that Obama had a history in Chicago.

One alternative theory is that bin Laden was created by the CIA; some are suggesting that he was a CIA operative, Tim Osman. When making this discovery, I checked the Osman surname to find, not only a dancette in the Coat, but that the family name was first found in Norfolk, where the surname of Obama's mother was first found. The Dunham Coat likewise uses a dancette.

Photos are still in circulation online of Obama's mother posing nude (back in the 50s and 60's, it was a big immoral deal to pose nude). It is believed that the pornographer wanna-be, Frank Marshall DAVIS, took the photos, which implies that the two had sexual relations, giving birth to the dictator wanna-be now sitting on the American throne. Davis worked for the FBI, and it's known that Obama's mother worked for a Rockefeller company. In that shady world, it is alleged by some that Obama obtained his Obama surname when his mother agreed to feign marriage with Obama Sr.

I'm repeating this because the OSborn surname (in Dunham colors) uses a "Pax in bello" motto, while the Welsh David Coat (same as the Welsh Davis Coat) uses "Pax et Copia." My impression from this is that both Davis' and Osborns (tiger in Crest) were part of the Bach bloodline...itself from Apachnas. I can now add that the David and Davis Coats are white-on-red bends, same as the Maffi/Maffeti Coat that was linked above to Astors. Astors are said by some to be the chief Illuminati family.

Again, the Irish Davis Coat uses the same treFOILS (= Rockefeller code) as the Rodes Coat, that being the surname of the Rodes clan that had merged with ancient Roquefeuils = proto-Rockefellers. Obama has many Rhodes Illuminatists in his administration.

The Osborn write-up suggests derivation in "As," reminding me of the Hayasa-Azzi line to Messina, or the weight scales in the Assi Coat (discussed later in this update) that I would trace to the Astika-Traby line. One of Obama's chief foreign advisors has been (and may still be) a Brzezinski surname, which itself uses the Traby Arms. You see, if Obama is part of the globe-trodding con-job in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Arab world, we would expect Brzezinski to be an original invisible leader of that job, for he was an instrumental player in creating an alliance with Osama bin Laden when Russians were seeking to conquer Afghanistan in the 1980s.

It was in the 1980s when suspicious construction was taking place in the World Trade buildings, and it just so happens that the construction was taking place on the steel beams constituting the main frames of buildings; find "bolt" in the last update of December for details, and for the suggestion that diabolical plans were in place at that time to take the buildings down (and murder peoples inside) for to blame Arabs/Muslims falsely.

By what coincidence was the Moffett surname introduced here as per a Reuters article telling of Russia's Rogozin, who's now in charge of some of Russia's military machine...along with general Makarov. "On 23 December 2011 Dmitry Rogozin was appointed deputy premier of Russian Government in charge of defense industry."

The Reuters article was not only written by a Moffett surname, but by a Hares surname, and it just so happens that the German Hares Coat is nearly identical with Roges/Rogerson/RODgerson Coat (both use the Bellamy / Bell Shields). By what coincidence is it that Rogozin was the leader of Russia's RODina party?

Why does the Arms of Russia (shown at Rodina link above) use a bent-necked eagle used also by the Massi-Mattis Coat? Why does Russia's eagle hold what looks like a Mace? At the same time that Obama assumed Office, Rogozin was appointed to be an ambassador to NATO, in charge of handling the missile controversy between Russia and the United States. "During his work in Brussels [Rogozin] has managed to establish effective cooperation between NATO and Russia. Currently NATO considers Russia as one of its main priorities and the most important partner." Doesn't that speak to the fake alliance revealed to us as the harlot rides the Revelation dragon? When Rogozin ran against Putin (he was scoring big political points at the time), was he an agent of the West somehow?

Compare English Hare Coat to English Randolph Coat, but also to a Levin Coat as per the Livingston topic below, keeping in mind that Kilpatrick-branch Butteri use the Levi lion as code for the Revelation harlot. It just so happens that Kilpatricks use a Makarov-like motto term. Irish Kilpatricks were first found in Ossory, smack beside Offaly.

The Roges/Rodgerson surname was first found in Aberdeen, the general area of the Bitar and Aflack surnames suspect at the root of the co-founders of Baathists. In the 4th update of December, the Offaly surname was treated, but I can now suggest its linkage to the Af(f)lack surname and Coat (both use white-on-black crosses).

There is an apparent relationship between Ossory and Offaly. The Arms of Offaly (link above) uses a black-on-gold chevron, as does the OSley Coat ("holly LEAVES"), and the latter surname was first found in Salop, which place has an OSwestry location...where English Alans = Stewarts were first found. The Oswestry article says that Stewarts received some lands in Oswestry belonging to HESdins and Bellamys.

In Oswestry, there is an "Offa's dyke," said to be named after an Offa, king of Mercia of the 8th century. We read: "The Battle of MASERfield is thought to have been fought [in Oswestry] in 642, between the Anglo-Saxon kings PENda [of Mercia] and Oswald...The battle was also known as Cogwy to the Welsh, with their countrymen from PENgwern participating..." It was this Oswald that supposedly named Oswestry.

No guff, I don't lie: I had no idea I'd be coming to MASERfield when I started on general MAKARov and the Masser surname. The Masseys come up with "Maser," and besides, I had traced the Alans of Brittany to the Massi/Mattis Coat for more than the latter's similarity with the Scottish Stewart Coat.

Just as in the Stubbing write-up, there are insinuations of tree and axe symbols in Oswald-of-Oswestry myth, which I'm suspecting already to be code for the Esus cult...that I had traced to the Gripps (a bend in colors reversed to the Cog bend)...and to the Gripel and PENhoet locations in Brittany, home of the Voirs that are honored in the Oliphant motto (both Oliphants and Esus are traced by me to Esau and his son, Eliphas). There are just too many "Pen"s in this discussion, two of them smack in the Arthurian period, to be coincidental. The point is that the Cogs, suspect as per the battle of Maserfield / Cogwy, use a bend in the colors of Stubbs, and once again, there are LEAVES in the Cog Coat (even Alans of Brittany use leaves).

It can't be coincidental that both Stubbs and Coys use white-on-black pheons, suggesting that Coys and Cogs were one. The Coy write-up: "...the region of Quy a chapelry in the parish of STOW" (caps mine). Both Stouts/Stows and Coys were first found in the same place (Cambridgeshire). It's clear to me here, especially as Voirs use the Mackey / Mackesy lion that Coys are MacKays, the raven-depicted Norsemen that trace to Stout-surnamed vikings.

In the Rogozin article: "...Rogozin became joint leader with Sergey Glazyev of what became the Rodina party..." The Glaze surname (heart) also use white pheons (in the colors of the Pilate pheons)? What is going on here? I had traced Mackays to the LEVINs of Brittany, who use a grape vine as do German Blates/PLATE whom I trace to Alan-of-Brittany ancestry in Harald BLATand (Bluetooth), the Stout-related Danish viking. Dutch Stouts not only use bells in Mackay colors, but a white roundel called a "plate." We get it.

There are more white pheons in the English Blate/Blade Coat.

The Offaly Crest uses the French Casey/Casile laurel LEAVES, and it was shown (in the 4th update of December) that Caseys were linked to Cassels of Hesse-Cassel. I had traced the Bavarian Illuminati to founders of the Toronto Maple LEAFS (especially the LIVINgstone surname, with LEVINson variation), a hockey organization not only using a leaf in the colors of the Arms of Bavarian (not to mention the Leaf surname), but using a leaf from a maple tree that was named after "May pole," a witchcraft symbol for the May-1 holiday in honor of Bel, a god suspect at the root of Bellamys / Hares. The English Hare Shield is identical (aside from colors) with the English Levin Coat.

The Bavarian Illuminati was founded on May 1 by the devious stupids of the world. Do satanists love to defile flesh? Then in world that God is rewarding them with, where they will have what they have begged and longed for -- a world without God -- they will have beds on one anothers rotting flesh, and on their worms that Isaiah 66 speaks of.

[This is a good place to add that Sarah Palin's book, "Going Rogue," may have been code for the Roges / Rogozin bloodline. I'm adding this here because the Palin Shield is nearly the same as the English Levin Coat, though there are other reasons to link the two clans. Palins were first found in Dorset, where RUSSELLs were first found. Remember here that Roques of the Roquefeuil kind had merged with a Rodes' clan in Languedoc, where ROUSSILLon is located too...that belonged to Redones smacking of Rogozin's Rodina party.]

The current leading scorer in the National Hockey League is a Maple Leaf player with Kessel surname, first found in Bavaria.

It's suspect by many that the Bavarian Illuminati had some Rothschild-related ties to Hesse-Cassel, and while one Rothschild symbol includes a strongarm, George Armstrong was once a Maple Leaf captain. I think it was Dave Keon who became the next captain, and Keons are in Toronto Maple Leaf colors too, and suspect as Khyan elements. There is a strongarm used in the Bitar Crest. Baathincidence?

I traced Botters to Butteri, and then a Saturnia location (south of Rome) of the Butteri theater was traced to mythical Satyrion, co-founder of Taranto (southern Italy) that uses a naked rider on a dolphin in the colors of the Toronto Maple Leafs. In the 4th update of December, "Offaly" traced easily to the Coffey and related surnames, and it just so happens that the Coffey Crest is likewise a naked rider on a dolphin. Both Coffeys and Irish Caseys were first found in Cork.

Therefore, with Offalys now tracing well, for the first time that I can think of, to Aflacks, by what coincidences do Aflacks and Bitars use the same cross in the same colors, while Baathists of Syria were co-founded by Bitar and Aflaq surnames??? Shouldn't we suspect Rothschilds and/or Bavarian-Illuminati elements behind the formation of the Baath party?

It's probably not coincidental that the Italian Botter bend is used by Scottish Caseys, or that crows are used around the Casey bend while ravens (a form of crows) show around the Offaly cross. Ravens are sometimes called "choughs," as is the case with the Offaly ravens.

Did we read in the Oswestry article that Alans of Dol received the lands of a Hesdin family of Crusaders? Hesdins/Hestons look like CROWleys. One Crowley stupid of the Bavarian-Illuminati kind wanted to be the anti-Christ, desiring some temporary fame in return for a bed on rotting flesh. (If you've forgotten, Crowleys became a branch of Irish Darbys/Dermotts that are suspect as the 666-Traby line).

AHA! The Hesdin/Heston write-up traced to "William de Hewstone," and then the Houston/Cuiston Coat (hour glass, Glasgow) is a version of the Stewart Coat! As there was a lady of Dol who married a cousin of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches of Macey (Normandy), I would suggest that Houstons/Cuistons were just from Hugh Lupus. From this perspective, the Lupus Shield looks like a colors-reversed version of the Alan Shield.

[Insert -- It just so happens that the Bavarian Illuminati also brought forth the founder of Marxism, the writer of the Communist Manifesto. It can be gleaned that London Rothschilds of the socialist kind formed Russian Communism. When reading on the Glasgow elements above, don't forget that the Glaze surname (also "Glasier") was mentioned above as per Rogozin's partner (Sergey Glazyev) in co-founding Rodina (a Rhodes-like term that could reveal the party's founders as Rhodian Illuminatists), for it just so happens that Sergey Glazyev was a socialist politician.

The Glass and Gleason surnames both use red-on-white stars, but the Gleason bend reminds of the Italian Botter bend, important for the Makarov-like Massars first found in the same place as Botters. Did we see that the Massi/Mattis eagle is bent-necked like the one in the Arms of Russia? We then find that Melusine, the symbol in the Massin/Mason Crest, is used in the Glass/Glassy Crest. The Glass fleur is colors-reversed to the Massey fleur, and the Glass' were first found in BUTEshire.

By now we know that Masseys were Veres. As the latter were also "Fair," is it coincidental that "[Rogozin] was a leader of the Rodina (Motherland) party until it merged with other similar Russian parties to form the Fair Russia party"? The official colors of the Fair Russia party: "Official colours Red, Yellow", the colors of the Vere Shield. The party is also called "Just Russia, and in Russia it's, "Spravedlivaya Rossiya." SPRAV??? In the Weir/Vere write-up, the clan is traced to SPROWEStun in Roxburghshire, and was probably also in Sprowston of Norfolk.

INTERESTING WOW! I've just checked the Miron surname because: "At the party's founding convention, chairman Sergey Mironov expressed support for the direction given to the country by President Vladimir Putin, claiming that 'we will not allow anyone to veer from it after Putin leaves his post in 2008.'" The Miron surname was first found in Anjou, where the Fulks of Norfolk had been from, which is why I confidently trace Sprowston (and Sparre) of Norfolk to Veres...and to related Speers of the Anjou theater. I identified those Speers with Melusine of the Veres (Veres trace her to Vere counts of Anjou), and she typically holds a "mirror" when seen in heraldic Crests, perhaps code for the Miron bloodline because it shows a Mireur variation!!! Last I traced her mirror, however, it went to the Glass surname!!!

The so-called Miron "shrub" seems like holly leaves to me, and then the Irish Cullen surname -- with Melusine and mirror in Crest, and trefoils -- comes up when entering "Holly."

MORE! Maxwells use a "holly bush proper," and were first found in Roxburghshire, where Sprowestun is located.

Already I'm becoming convinced that modern players in Russia are from Weir-branch Illuminatists, and it just so happens that a Weir-named corporation in Scotland had been charged not long ago with doing unlawful business with Saddam Hussein, the man that was supported by Russians such as Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

The Fair Coat bend is colors reversed to the bend in the Aster Coat , but what's amazing is that these few paragraphs on the Rogozin topic are an insert days after the paragraph below the insert was already written.

Asters were first found in Manche, where Masseys and Veres were first found. I have for years traced Vere-related Varangians to the co-founding of Masci-like Moscow. Couldn't this Rogozin-suspect picture, as it aligns with Asters, be Ishtar riding on the dragonic back of the Russian anti-Christ?

By what coincidence is it that we find a Ladd-like term in the Glass write-up: " may also be a shortened Anglicized form of the surname MacGille Glais, which means son of the gray lad." Aside from the Grey/Groy Coat looking like a colors-reversed version of the Glass Shield, or the anchor (think "Anaki") theme of the Greys linking well to anchor-using Fairs, the Ladd surname comes up when entering "Ladon," and Ladon was the old seven-headed Laton dragon that I've traced to the Revelation-17 dragon.

It can be shown that the Botters linked to Dallas', while the latter use the same bend as the German Gloss/Glasau Coat, in colors reversed to the Close/Clovse Coat. Kilpatricks ("laidir" motto term as likely code for Ladon elements) were first found in CLOSEburn (Dumfries), while the "Klaus" (Bavaria) and similar surnames strike me as both Close- and Glass-like. End Insert]

I would suggest that the blue Hesdin/Heston boar links to the black boar of similar-sounding Ashtons, who use a "Quid" motto term that brings up the Mackay-related Quaids/Quades with wolf heads. I've typically traced Astons / Ashtons to "Hesse" and/or "Cassel," noting that a black boar was the historical symbol of Esau, who smacks of "Hesse." The Quade wolves are connected by a chain, a symbol (in my opinion) of the Chaines/Cheneys/CHESneys (Masci wing) that trace to pharaoh "Khyan."

While the Casey/Casile leaves are called "laurel branches," the Offaly leaves, which appear identical to the Casey leaves (so far as my eyes can make out), are called "olive leaves" as code for Olive- / Oliver-branch Laevi and/or Levi. The Caseys/Casiles were first found in Ile-de-France, you see, where French Levis were first found. The 18 leaves of the Caseys/Casiles are suspect by me as deliberate code for 6-6-6.

There's a good chance that the Caseys who use the Botter bend trace to the Levi lion of the Kilpatricks, and to the similar lion of Costigans, for Caseys/Casiles are also "Cazot" and similar variations. In these bloodlines, I think we are definitely on the end-time Harlot...whose historical murders will definitely get her a bed on rotting flesh and worms.

The last update once again stressed pharaoh Khyan / Apachnas. The purpose was to, once again, make the claim that his household was the proto-Massey surname. At one point, it was said:

WOW!!! Guess who else uses "spes"? The German Pach/Bach surname using a golden lamb that should trace to the Exodus golden lamb, and therefore to "Apachnas". Amazing coincidence! Welsh Bachs were first found in DENbigh, and entering "Den" gets the Deins.

Just before the quote, the Diens/Dines were a topic as per their Masci wing. The "spes" motto term was being used to trace Apachnas bloodliners to the Traby fold out of Vilnius. The Trabys are suspect by me as a 666 bloodline, and I've been claiming that Masci bloodliners (example the Gobels) out of Goplo's Mouse-Tower dynasty will furnish the False Prophet and/or anti-Christ. This is being repeated because I've found something not included in the last update.

In the last update, I had come across the Macon location (Burgundy / Auton) while on the Sequani Gauls...that were traced rather well (in my mind) to pharaoh SEQENenre, father of AhMOSE and KaMOSE. By the time of that idea, Seqenenre was already being claimed as a marital partner with the proto-Massey household (that named Moses/Mousa) of Apachnas, a marital partnership that I envisioned theoretically (based on logical ideas) while Apachnas was suffering a bad defeat from the God of Israel as per the 10 Plagues.

The point is, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, Macon in France was also called, MATISco, something that I have never before emphasized. I don't even recall mentioning it. In all my page links in the Iraq-Updates index, only three links are highlighted in blue, the color indicating that the update could have revelation of the anti-Christ empire. The topic in those blue links was general Mattis, head of America's Central Command. I had traced him to at least two surnames, one being the Italian Massi/Mattis family, and the other the Scottish Mathie clan.

THE POINT IS (I'm not there yet), entering "Macon" gets the Massin/Mason surname said to derive in "masson" = stone masons. But entering "Masson" gets the Mathie Coat. Both the Massins/Masons and Mathies use "spero" in their mottos (tracing to Lusatia, Poland). A third family coming up as "Masson" is the French (Provence) Masson/Mason/Masen surname. The latter family's write-up traces to "the Old French word machun, which meant 'stone cutter.'"

THE POINT IS (I'm still not there) is that entering "Machon" gets a Welsh clan using the same Shield as Welsh Bachs!!! THAT"S THE MAIN POINT.

It once again suggests that Apachnas was of a proto-Massey bloodline. Note the pelican design in the Machon Coat, for the three necks are shaped like 6's, a design called "heads erased vulning." Could "vulning" be code for "Vilnius"??? Could "erase" be code for Radziwills out of Vilnius?

This would be a good place to mention that the Chimera dragon was defeated in myth by Bellerophon and his Pegasus. The Massey Crest shows a Pegasus, a term somewhat like "Apachnas." Remember, Polish Packs were first found in Polesie, where the Radziwills were abiding who became Trabys out of the Astikas family in Vilnius, and Vilnius-suspect German Bachs come up as "Pach" too. Once again, see the anchors (Vilnius symbol) in the English Pack Chief, and recall that the Mouse Tower was shown (in the last update) to be in a KRUSZwica region, smacking of the "cruce spes" motto phrase of the Bachs/Pachs. By what further Ahmose-incidence is it that the Mouse Tower was the origin of the Mieszko dynasty...that ruled Masovia???

While I was suggesting that general Mattis might become allied to the anti-Christ when the latter arises in Iraq, I was also claiming that the anti-Christ empire should be a mouse entity, an idea that I claimed to be conveyed to me by God. I knew nothing of the Mouse Tower at that time (not until weeks ago), though I had already pegged the mouse entity as the Massey / Meschin and, therefore, the Mieszko, bloodline.

As Seqenenre traced to Burgundy, we expect Apachnas elements there, and it just so happens that a French Mathis/Mathieu surname (moline cross) was first found in Burgundy (none of these surnames started off necessarily from a particular "Matthew").

Also of note is the Welsh Matthis (two 't's) surname. The German Matthis surname was first found in Prussia (where Mieskes were first found) using a Shield in colors reversed to that of Massis/Mattis'. There is an unexpected Thiessen variation shown which brings to mind the Tysson/Tesson/Tewson surname featured in the last update (by the way, the Athabaskan Navajo featured in the last update were largely in Arizona, where Tucson is located, pronounced much like "Tewson.") Here's what was said:

Entering "Tysson" got Tesson / Tewson / Tison variations with a suspicious write-up: "The Norman name Tysson was originally used for a person who was a feisty or hot-tempered person. The name is a metaphor derived from the Old French word tison meaning fire-brand." I happened to know that the German Brand surname uses a fagot of sticks on fire (the other German Brand Coat uses the Bellamy Shield, trace-able to Bellovesus). The Brand write-up: "The surname Brand also evolved as a nickname type of surname for a person who was hot tempered."

Prussia and BRANDberg overlapped at the Polish / Lusatia border area, and Mathies use a "fac et" motto phrase that I tend to identify with fagots of sticks, uses also in the Arms of Vilnius. "Vilnius" was traced (by me) to the Ville surname, first found in Languedoc, and that's the theater where French Massons/Masons were first found, but also French Packs.

It was the Redone theater trace-able to Rhodes, the home of the Chimera dragon. On Rhodes was the city of Kamiros (smacks of Gamira = Cimmerians), you see, and so recall the names of the three monkeys above: "Roku, Hex, and Chimero." The first name smacks of Rus / Roges elements, and "Hex" smacks of Hyksos...who I did trace to Danaans of Lindos, Rhodes. I identified the CHIMera dragon years ago with Chemmites (they were Danaans), at the very time when I found the Kemmis Coat. THEREFORE, if you would like to be enlightened, compare the Kemmis Coat to the Welsh Bach and Machon Coats!!! (All three use red Shields, appropriate for Rus / Rhodes elements.)

You now know that Apachnas-branch Hyksos went through Rhodes as Chemmites and Danaans, and entered the Rhodanus river as Redones. It just so happens that Rocques and therefore the Roquefeuils (= proto-Rockefellers) were first found in Languedoc, where the theater of Rodez, capital of the Redones, was found.

There are likely secret programs far worse than the benign article below suggests. In fact, the article calls a mixing of different embryos as a "big" positive thing:

US researchers said [January 5] they have created the world's first mixed-embryo monkeys by merging cells from up to six different embryos, in what could be a big advance for medical research.

Until now, rodents have been the primary creatures used to make chimeras, a lab animal produced by combining two or more fertilized eggs or early embryos together.

The article does not mention mixing of embryos from different animals, but as you can see that "chimera" is used, it just so happens that a mythical chimera dragon was a lion's body with snake's tail, and goat head growing out of the shoulders i.e. like a genetic mutation. It's not just the mice that they labeled, chimeras, but the article goes on the say that three monkeys were named, "Roku, Hex and Chimero." Can we imagine what sort of monsters have been "created" that have not been reported to the public? Can we image the human monsters that they or others are creating in the name of scientific research? How many human "monsters" have been murdered to keep their science from being discovered?

Could we suspect, therefore, that Rockefellers (or Rockefeller agents) are responsible for naming Roku, Hex, and Chimero??? What other monsters are the Rockefeller monsters creating illegally, without our knowing?

Shouldn't it be true that these entities were from the Biblical Rosh and Gomerians = Cimmerians? Isn't it known widely that the Welsh, who use a red dragon, trace themselves to Cimmerians?By what further coincidence is it that the so-called "vair" pattern used by Welsh Bachs and Machons is otherwise called "bell" pattern, while Chimera was engaged by Bellerophon and the Massey-related Pegasus?

Moreover, Maceys / Masseys (= Meshech) were from Bellamys who use the Bell Shield. If that's not enough, Bellamys developed as Masseys in Ferte-Mace, while the French Vair surname is also "Fers" while the French Fer surname is also "Ferrat," while the English Vair surname uses the Massey/Macy Shield.

If you had not been notified by a Masci bloodliner (i.e. like myself) that Masseys had been Mascis / Mascys, you may never have guessed that they were Meshech, or Mieszkos, or Mascals. Entering "Maskall" get what looks like a rock on a Shield in colors reversed from the Rock/Rocque rocks. The Maskall description call is: swepe with a gold stone, perhaps code for the gold-Shielded Stoners of Oxfordshire with Shield like that of Wheelwrights. The latter surname gets us right back to Mieszko's ancestry at the Mouse Tower.

Admittedly, Maskalls are shown properly as "Magull" or "Maghill," but then even Magees (daggers, as with Mackays) are said to be rooted in the same as MacKays (though I don't agree with a root in "Hugh", which by the way evokes Gug-branch Cimmerians).

I can now trace Rockefellers to Trabys. First, let's look at the Welsh Matthis motto: "Y fyn Duw a fydd," suggesting the Welsh Daffys/Davids, of Cheshire, but also the Welsh Vanes/Feins/Fanes, a Mackay / Macey sept. ALSO VERY INTERESTING, and not part of the original Rockefeller trace to Trabys intended here, is that French Fins/Feins use the Arms of Trebizond empire, a definite Traby entity. To my surprise, Fins/Feins were first found in Burgundy! REMEMBER, the proto-Massey elements in the house of Apachnas were traced further back in time to Mus at Lake Van, and I link Vanes/Fanes/Fiens to Lake Van.

The French Messey surname was first found in Burgundy!!!

The Welsh-Matthis motto seems a very clever one in that it has code also in the English translation: "What God wills, will be." A check of the Scottish Will surname shows a red Shield with suns (Helios was made founder of Kamiros and Lindos on Rhodes), and the motto: "As God wills." The Will Coat even uses a beast that is only half lion i.e. same theme as the Chimera.

Amazingly, it was just realized, but only due to featuring the Jefferson surname in the last update, that the English Will Coat (wyvern dragons) above is a version of the Welsh Jefferson Coat (another half lion = griffin) because English Wills and English Jeffersons share the same griffin design in their Crests.

In the last update, evidence was found for a Jefferson trace to the Mouse Tower Poles, especially in the "cruce" motto term of Welsh Jeffersons. I can now add that these Jeffersons use the same saltire as the Burgundy Messeys.

Also interesting is that Welsh Machons were first found in Monmouthshire, and then there was the over-reaching Arthurian myth writer, Geoffrey of Monmouth (Wales)...who may be named as per the Jefferson surname.

My original Rockefeller point was the trefoils of the English Rod(e) Coat, but I now find that Rod(e)s were first found in the same place (Herefordshire) as Jeffersons (the latter were not a part of my intentions). As it's known that Roquefeuils married the Rodes surname of Rodez, we can glean that treFOILs were made part-code for RoqueFEUILs, meaning that the Rod(e) clan above is from the Redones of that marital alliance. See the trefoil also in the Rok/Rock/Rooker Coat. The idea is that RADziwills, who evolved into Trabys, were likewise Redones, because Trips/Treffs (red Shield), who use the French Massey boot and smack of Trabys, should also use the TREFoil as code.

The Rads show Red-using variations, but then just compare the Rad Coat with the German Machon/Machule Coat. Both use three white-on-blue Zionists stars. These Machons/Machules (Silesia) show a sleeping moon too, perhaps link able to the same of the Siemens.

If the above doesn't quite convince you that Rockefellers were part of the Trips/Treffs (first found in Hamburg), note that English Trips use a version of the Hamburg Coat (more red Shields), while Hamburgs were first found in the same place (Worcestershire) as Roks/Rocks using a trefoil.

Actually, Hamburgs were "first found in Oxfordshire and Worcestershire", and then while a Drake motto term looks like code for the Abruzzo capital of Aquila, the Hamburgs use the Abruzzo/Abreu tower (another red Shield there).

The Abruzzo capital was once Aprutium, now Teramo, a term to which I've traced "Drummond." While I trace Trips and Trabys to "Trabzon," I trace "Drummond" to "Thermodon," beside Trabzon and possibly an m-version of "Trabzon". Both German Drummonds (a Coat like that of the Arms of Trebizond empire) and Trips/Treffs were first found in Hamburg, which is excellent evidence for a Drummond trace to "Teramo."

Back to the Matisco/Macon location and it's links to Welsh Machons and Bachs. I've yet to show what "Matis" gets us, and it happens to be two black crossed axes, a symbol seen in Wales too, as for example the John Crest. It just so happens that while Machons and Bachs are being traced to "Apachnas," who was also "Khyan, it is said by others that "Khyan" means "John." Whether or not that was true in ancient times may be irrelevant. If it was merely believed to be so, then Welsh Johns could have developed from Khyan's Apachnas elements in Wales.

English Johns, who use the same symbols, were first found in Lincolnshire, which place I maintain was named "Lindsay" after Lindos on Rhodes. ZOWIE JUST NOTICED: the Drake Crest axe is nearly identical to the Matis Crest axe! Add to that the fact that Italian Massis/Mattis' were first found in...Abruzzo (!), and that the Drake motto does not use "Aquila" only, but "muscas" too, and suddenly the Drakes are tracing strongly (again) to the Mus household of Apachnas. The Matis surname is shown properly as "Madison."

Welsh Jones' (said to be from "John") were first found in the same place (Denbighshire) as Bachs. Expected, no surprise now. One suggested derivation of the Jones is in one Cynfyn surname, smacking of "Khyan-fin." As Hyksos were Hebrews, not the Heb terms in the Jones motto.

The Matis motto is "Vac timido," perhaps code for a v-version Bach clan. Entering "Vach" gets a Veach/Vitch surname using black bull heads and said to be related to Grahams. The latter use scallops in the colors of the Mieske bull head, or Traby bugles. In fact, the white outlines in the bull of the Vach Crest looks like those of the Mieske bull. As I trace Mieszko Poles to bear-using Mackays at Moray and Ross-shire, there is much evidence to link Vachs to that line.

First, the "timido" term can link to Timm/Times that I had traced to Moray's "Deum Time" motto (ask whether it links to the "In time" of the Houstons). Timms/Times were first found in Kent, where Dum-using Massins/Masons were first found who use the Moray-Crest Melusine. Also, the Vach motto, "Famam extendiMUS factis," uses at least three codes: 1) "Famam" carries the same idea as "fame," a term that brings up the Vane/Fane/Fien surname with another bull head in Crest, and Macey gauntlets; Maceys use bears like Mackays, and Vachs were first found in bear-depicted Berwickshire; 2) the buried "mus" in the Vach motto is now a dead give-away for the Apachnas bloodline to Mieszko; 3) "factis" smacks of the "fac et spero" motto term of Mathies that I link to the "Dum spiro spero" of Massins/Masons.

You didn't forget that Vachs were accessed in the first place by a "Vac" motto term of the Matis clan, if that helps to trace "factis" to Mathies. I had traced Mathies, who are also Mathesons and Manns, to the Irish Maghan/Mathuna/Mann surname said to derive in an Irish word for "bear." In Italian, "vacca" means "cow," and I think that term created mythical Bacchus (a bull cult at times), an excellent candidate for "Apachnas" elements because he was otherwise Dionysus, son of the CadMUS line.

While Vach-related Grahams use "Ne oublie" for a motto, Vanes/Fanes/Fiens use "Ne Vile." It sounds like the Nibelungs. As I said that Grahams use Traby-bugle colors, you may recall my suggestive trace of Traby hunting horns to Huntingdon. The Graham write-up: "First found in Midlothian, where they settled after accompanying Earl David of Huntingdon into Scotland during the 12th century. In 1128, King David I granted the lands of Abercorn and Dalkeith to William de Graham..." Like the Keiths (MUSSELburgh) and DalKeiths, Grahams were first found in Lothian. Dalkeiths use a bend like that of Macks/Makes, and the latter, as with Vachs, were first found in Berwickshire.

This is where the Mackay-related Magees come in, for they were first found in DUMfries (as with "make"-using Kilpatricks), and the "fries" part of that term should link to Friesland, where Nibelungs had an important seat with Varangian Rus. DalKeiths were first found in Edinburgh, a place using a "Nisi DOMunus" in the motto.

To summarize, Vachs were Macks because vac-using Matis' were Maceys / Meschins of the Mackay kind, and because Bacchus was from a CadMUS bloodline from Apachnas. As Nibelung vikings are all over this, ruling from the Vexin (Normandy), I would suggest that Vachs were related to Vicks/Vesks and Wicks and similar others. Vicks/Vesks were already traced to Sinclairs at Manche and in St-Clair-L'Eveque Leve, though, like Grahams and Keiths, Scottish Sinclairs were of Lothian. Keiths were Catti traced to Cadmus' Cadusii elements.

It was the Graham motto that was suspect as a Nibelung code, and Grahams were suspect as Trabys of some sort. The write-up: "The name comes from the place Grantham in Lincolnshire, recorded in Domesday Book as Graham." It just so happens that Grants, who use almost the three crowns of Massey-Shielded Dutch Mackays/Macks, use a "stand fast" motto reflecting the "Grip fast" that Leslies say was coined for themselves in honor of the first Drummond. Again, Drummonds were a Traby branch, and then Grants were supposed to be from "Grand Court in St. Michel du TREPort..." You might say that "Treport" should not be viewed as a Traby variation, but what of the Fast Coat using the same crosslets as Trips? Don't Trips/Treffs also use the French Massey boot?

As French Masseys come up with "Messier," note that English Messiers/Masars/Meshers (no Coat shown) were first found in Lincolnshire too. There's much to reap here starting with the Messier write-up: "The name Messier is for a person employed in reaping or harvesting." Never mind; it's code for the Reap/Rape/Rafe surname using the same bend, essentially as the DalKeiths, themselves related to Grahams with a GreuMACH variation. Remember, the Mack bend was compared earlier to the Graham bend, and Dutch Macks/Mackays use nearly the Grant crowns.

Didn't we trace the Messey/Messier saltire to the Jefferson saltire? Yes, and here we now find that, while Messiers/Masars are already tracing to Reaps, the Reap Coat is like the Welsh Jefferson and Will Coats (the latter two share the same griffin design). The Wills entered the discussion at the translation of the Welsh Matthis motto.

The Masar variation of Messiers is important as per Italian Massars, first found in Lucca smack beside Massa-Carrara (on the Tuscany-Liguria border). Although I cannot recall the details, this Massa region was linked very solidly to the Italian Massi/Mattis surname. Have you seen the flying Pegasus, in Massey colors, in the Arms of Tuscany? The Etruscans even had a Chimera dragon of their own, shown at the link above!

The mace in the Arms of Massa show a star with eight points and a solar disc or all-seeing-eye (as I see it) in the center, just like this ancient Ishtar star.

Now look. The Reaps were accessed from a "reaping" theme in the Messier/MASAR write-up, and the Massar surname was first found in the same place (Lucca) as the Botter surname, which uses a white-on-blue bend with a lone star in the center, while Reaps use a bend in colors reversed with a single star likewise in its center.

I can't imagine a people group to which Reaps/Rapes might link. The book in their Crest suggests the Books, who are also the Boggs found linked (in the last update) to TolistoBOGII (proto-Galatians) and to Irish Doles/Doyle. It's not likely coincidental that the Wills and Books/Boggs were both first found in the same place (Berwickshire), for English Wills are the ones who use nearly the Reap Coat (both use Shield-on-Shield and besants around the border. The Reaps might just be a branch of Boii, therefore, whom trace to the Bessin that might be represented by besants.

As Reaps seem to link to Botters of Lucca, compare the Ripley/Ripper Coat to the Massar Coat.

AHA! After writing all that, and almost giving up, "Roper" came to mind, and there was the English-Botter bird!!! "The name was derived fro the Old English word 'rap' which was an occupational name for a 'roper' or 'rope-maker.'" I'm convinced that Reaps/Rapes were a branch of Ropers (DERBYshire), and perhaps they were cowboy ropers of the Butteri-cowboy kind. That could explain why I can't think of a Reap/Rape-like people group.

As Sturs/Styrs (in Latoni colors) were first found in the same place (Hampshire) as Botters, by what coincidence do Reaps/Rapes lead to STIRrips/Styrrups (in Botter colors)? Clever, is it not, that the Stur / Ester/Easter surname was developed into another horse theme? But are we not on the Ishtar cult here rather than on horses? Yes, for stirrups are used in the Italian Latoni surname (Tuscany). One cannot get much more Ishtar than Latins. In Revelation 17, Ishtar rides the Ladon dragon of Rome. I don't recall identifying the Latoni stirrups previously as code for Ishtar.

The above was all discovered as per the small stirrup-like clue in the Reap/Rape write-up, tracing to a "STRIP of land." Suddenly, Reaps/Rapes and Ropers can be gleaned as Rovers and/or Roves/Rolphs, the latter being a version of the Rowe/Roe surname using the Templar pascal lambs as code for Esters/Easters. YES, its true, for Esters/Easters were first found in Manche, where Sinclairs were from, as per their St. Clai[r]-sur-Elle location...beside their St-Clair-L'Eveque location in Calvados. The Templar pascal / Easter lamb is used also by Leveques/Levesks, you see. Sinclairs had merged with Sturs / Esters of the Ishtar kind.

The Reap/Rape surname is also "Rafe," suggesting the Roves/Rolphs/Ruffs and Ravens as kin. It had been suggested in the last update that Hyksos carried Ishtar to Egypt , and so see that the Rowe/Roe motto uses "timid," the same term as the Matis Coat. Before explaining, let me quote from the last update:

The Sure/Shore Coat uses a "A stork holding a stone," and then we read (from link above) that "Khyan's name is transcribed as STAAN [caps mine] in Africanus' version of Manetho's Epitome." The Stan/Stain surname write-up traces to "stones," and you may have read recently (4th update December) that the Ishtar cult linked to Stone / Stein / Stainer surnames of the Rothschild kind (compare English Esters with English Steins).

Reminder: the Kilpatrick Crest is a picture of the Ishtar harlot riding the dragon beast of Revelation, and that harlot is shown as the Levi surname.

This is a new theory for me, that Khyan may link to Stan- and Stone-like surnames. It just so happens that Khyan's name (as "Hayanu") is traced in the article to the bloodline of Shamsi-Adad, the Amorite king of Babylon and Assyria...who brought the Ishtar cult of Babylon to Assyria. Shamshi-Adad lived on the Habur river, the Euphrates tributary where Mitanni lived. "The name Hayanu is recorded in the Assyrian king lists -- see 'Khorsabad List I, 17 and the SDAS List, I, 16'--'for a remote ancestor of Shamshi-Adad I (c.1800 BC).'"

In this picture, it seems that Amorite kin of Shamshi-Adad brought Ishtar to Egypt and converted her to Set(h). The latter was of the all-seeing-eye cult of Horus, and so see the all-seeing-eye in the Star Coat. As I traced Hyksos to the Samson cult, and he to Sames (sun god) of Armenia, what about the origin of "Shamsi"? Seqenenre's father had the additional name of "Siamun." CONSPICUOUSLY, the Siemen surname uses an eight pointed star (in the colors of the same of Dutch Steins), the number of points in an Ishtar star!

Just found: one of the Hyksos rulers is thought by some to have been a Mayebre SHESHI. Another has the name of Sekhaenre, whom was neglected in the last update. It's excellent that I had neglected him (totally forgot about him as I hadn't memorized all the Hyksos kings) because I was understanding that Seqenenre was co-ruler of the Hyksos domain along with Khyan. Therefore, I DO DECLARE, Hyksos king Sekhaenre was Seqenenre of the 17th dynasty in Thebes, though of course he was not truly a Hyksos. Another Hyksos-king suspect is often given as Samuqenu.

The article below has the Hyksos kings ruling in this order: "Khian, Mayebre Sheshi, Sekhaenre, Apopis and Khamudy." It could suggest that Seqenenre ruled after Khyan's death, but was then ousted (very quickly) by Apophis, explaining why Seqenenre's sons invaded Apophis.

I knew nothing in the last update of all the things in this update on the Macon / Matisco location. Seqenenre was traced to that location via suggested linkage to Sequani Gauls, and then, earlier in this update: "These Machons/Machules (Silesia) show a sleeping moon too, perhaps linkable to the same of the Siemens." Could Seqenenre's father, Siamun, somehow apply to mythical Siemowit / Siemomysl Poles?

We now have a pascal-lamb-using Rowe/Roe surname linking to the Matis/Madison surname that itself linked earlier to Khyan-suspect Johns and Jones of Wales...who were traced years ago to the Samson cult's pagan priesthood (Jonathan) and to the Sam/Sammes surname. Both Jones' and Sams/Sammes' use blood drops on their lions, but I can now add that while Jones and Bachs were first found in the same place, the Sam/Sammes lion is used, in the same colors, by the Welsh Matthis Coat.

There's more thanks to the great blabbing masters of heraldry: "This [Bach] name started out as a nickname for a small or short man, derived from the Welsh word 'bach,' which means 'little.'" The German Small surname smacks of "Samson" elements, first off, and traces to an early "Smale" variation. The Small Coat is the Messey/Messier saltire in colors reversed, fully expected where the Samson cult was the carrier, through Israel, of the Khyan bloodline, and of the proto-Massey household to CadMUS. Reminder: Messeys/Messiers were first found in Burgundy, the Macon/Matisco theater.

Secondly, the German Small write-up traces to "small belly," har-har, and the Smalls are in Bell / Bellamy colors. We not only find the same colors in the Belly Coat, but it uses the same sort of Coat as the French Masson/Mason Coat! Both Coats, along with their gold-on-blue chevron, use two white roses and one white star.

Moreover, the Belly Coat uses the same Moor head as the German Rovers, and by now we know that Rovers were Norman Sinclairs of sorts at Moray, where the Belly surname was first found. The same Moor head is used also by the Bouillon Crest, and while Bellys use a "Belli" motto term, Bouillons use "bello."

The Belly surname would not have been a topic if not for the small term in the Roe/Rowe write-up, and we would not have been led to Massons/Masons otherwise. As both the Roes/Rowes and Matis' use the "timid" code, not only were Timms/Times (of Moray elements) first found in the same place as Massins/Masons, but the latter are the only surname that comes up when entering "Macon." Of all these similar Mat-using forms, the Matis surname is most-expected to be of the Macon/Matisco location. Therefore, even though the only Matis surname to come up is Madison, it surely traced to Macon.

"The first bishop historically [of Macon] known is St. Placidus (538-55)." By what coincidence does the Place/Plaiz Coat use the Kent lion (Massins/Masons and Timms/Times were first found in Kent), and an arm holding yet another axe that has been seen multiple times in this discussion? It's similar enough to the Matis Crest axe! But it's not only the Kent lion in the Place/Plaiz Coat; the Sturmys/Esturmy use it too.

Wikipedia avoids naming the earliest counts of Macon: "For many centuries the bishops seem to have been the only rulers of Macon; the city had no counts until after 850. From 926 the countship became hereditary." Earlier we read that the city was under the control of Clovis, and then, as there is a Close/Clovse surname using another horse symbol (spur) in Botter colors, what about the Place/Plaiz write-up's close-like term: "...Their name, however, is a reference to Plaise, Normandy...This name can be traced to the Old French word plais, which meant an enclosure or coppice surrounded by a fence of living wood." If you're not convinced that "enclosure" is code for the Close/Clovse surname, see the arm and axe, the Place/Plaiz symbol, in the Close/Clovse Crest.

You can see that the Close/Clovse axe is held by a green lion, and then the Lyon Coat is a green lion. Both Lyons and Place's/Plaiz' were first found in Norfolk. We read in the Macon article above: "Hugh, Archbishop of Lyon, in the eleventh century, would call Macon 'the eldest daughter of the Church of Lyon'."

That tends to prove that the Lyon surname traces to the Lyon that was also, Lugdunum, though the Lyon write-up would have us trace to the Lyons-la-Foret location, Normandy. It could be that both Lyons apply.

From the Matis/Mad(d)ison surname, we can trace Macon elements also to Irish Maddens (colors reversed from Mallards), who use a falcon on a mallard duck. It just so happens that Mallards use a black-on-white moline cross, the symbol of French Mathis/Mathieu surname, first found in Burgundy!!! That was a good one. By now we realize that "Matthew" had nothing to do with origins of Mathies / Mattis' / Mathis'.

Mallards are properly Milward/Milwood/Milner. The Moline/Moulines surname itself uses a black moline cross. The surname was from the brother of one of the Conqueror's parents. The Mills/Meiles also use a moline cross. They, along with Miles', were first found in Hampshire, and I'm quite sure that they had linked up there with Veres of the Drake kind, an idea that arises in my mind for more reason that the duck theme of the Drake write-up, or the fact that Molines were first found in Devon while the Devon Coat uses ducks.

The "Ex" motto term of moline-using Mills suggests Exeter at Devon, and then we see a long sword (suspect as EXcalibur) in both the Dutch Milner and Irish Myles Coats. The MELusine of the Veres had a Milo for a son (not sure if he was fully mythical), and then some of the mill rinds used by Mill bloodlines should link to Randall that I see as a branch of Vere-related Raines' (first found where Veres were first found). As we see a blue wolf in the Randal Crest ("extra" motto term smacks of "Exeter"), so we see blue wolves in the English Miller Coat.

The "spes est" motto phrase of the latter seems to be especially for Astikas of Vilnius, noting that Lithuanian elements are traced (by Lithuanians) to wolves. As Astikas were traced (by me) to Stewarts, I see that the ermined Miller Coat is nearly the Alan Coat (Stewarts had a dog symbol in early times).

It was in the last update when Wooleys/Wolfleys were traced to Vilnius elements of the Volhynia/Wolyn kind (in the Ukraine), and then Wooleys/Wolfleys also use blue-on-white wolves, of the same design in the Randal Crest. This is interesting for my trace of Thomas and Ralph de Vere to the Randolphs of Moray. Nicholas de Vere only traced the two man (father and son) to Blackwood (Lanarkshire), but I traced them from Cheshire, where Wooleys/Wolfleys were first found, to Thomas Randolph of Moray. None of the Randal / Wolfley information here was used in that trace, but as Morays and Randals use colors reversed, it begins to make sense.

Moreover, I had traced Ralph and Thomas de Vere to a relative of Cheshire's Hugh Lupus D'Avrances (I think the relative was named Ralph, can't recall other details), and it just so happens that Hugh used a white-on-blue wolf (shown at his Wikipedia article). You can do "the math" if you're interested further, but Randolphs and Randals seem to be the same here.

I didn't intend that Mill aside to the Place/Plaiz topic, but it turns out that the latter clan was first found in the same place (Essex) as same-colored Veres, not forgetting that the Place/Plaiz Crest is a hand holding an axe, as with the Drake Crest. I'm sticking to my tentative belief that the Place/Plaiz surname is from Philistines of the Hyksos. I can add here that: 1) the Spanish Baez/Pilaiz surname was traced to Pollocks of Renfrewshire; 2) "Renfrew" is like the Vere-related character, "Rainfrou" that I trace to Raines of Rennes; 3) the Wren write-up traces to "Rennes"; 4) Renfrew should trace to "Rennes".

Phillips were first found in Kent, and Places/Plaiz' use the Kent lion. It's not necessarily true that Philips' trace to a person by that name. The "amor" motto term of the Philips' suggests Amorites. The Felix surname, which I tend to trace to "Philistine" elements, uses mill rinds. Coincidence? There's even a chance that Fulks and Folks trace to "Philistine." Recall the "falcon" on the mallard duck of the Maddens, for falcons are code for Fulks.

The MacAvaddy variation of Maddens is peculiar, but it smacks of Avith, Biblical capital of Avvites who lived in Philistine lands before Philistines arrived (from Crete). The Madden Coat is in the colors of the German Folk Coat, which is itself a version of the Dutch Sprows Coat, a surname that I know traces to Sprowston in Norfolk, where English Folks/Fulkes were first found.

While Fulks are the first-known counts of Anjou, Nichols de Vere claims that Milo de Vere (not known to history records, aside from one document shown online by Veres that may not be credible) was the first count of Anjou / Angers. There is a very good chanced that "Angers" traces to the Ankara river at Ankara (ancient Turkey), for Nichols de Vere traces his surname to Anaki peoples. They lived also in Hebron, where Amorites lived when Avvites were on the pre-Philistine coast. Recall the "amor" term of the Philistine-suspect Philips', and then ask why the Blackwood Coat reflects the French Philips Coat so well.

AND, the latter Philips write-up: "First found in Normandy where they held a family seat as an aristocratic family at Marigny." Amorites ruled Babylon at Mari. I trace the Anjou rulers of the Vere / Fulk kind to Byzantium's Melissena RANGabe, and she was somehow closely related to Byzantium's Amorian dynasty from Amorium, and Amorite location, surely, at the Ankara theater. This was discussed in the last update.

It just so happens that the Ankara river flows into the Sakarya river, which may have furnished the Seager/Sugar surname using yet another moline cross, in the style of the Miller moline. It just so happens that the Seagar/Sugar moline is in the same colors as the Rangabe cross!!! This is as new to me as it is to you. AND, Seagars/Sugars were first found in Norfolk, as with Fulkes...that I traced tentatively to "(Theo)PHYLACTus" Rangabe, father of Melissena.

I had traced Seagars/Sugars, for obvious reasons, to the snake god, Sugaar, but the point in repeating this now is that Veres-et-al have just traced well to Amorites of the Marigny kind, while Sugaar's wife was Mari, chief Basque goddess!!! I had traced Basques, who call themselves Euskals, to "Ascalon" / "Ashkelon," in the ancient land of Philistines!!! WOW, I'm beside myself even, because the Marigny location is that of Philistine-suspect Philips'.

Unfortunately, armed with this new realization that Seagars/Sugars were Rangabes, I can't find any Seagar-like clan having a Coat showing signs of the Raines / Randal Coats. But Saires, Seers and Sages use white-on-red chevrons, not only the colors of the Randolph cross, but the colors of the Hebron chevron. The latter are also "HEPburn," and use a "Keep" motto term, and for other reasons they were linked to "Kiev," the home of Varangians that engaged Byzantium. Melissena's husband, Inger, was a "Varangian guard" in Byzantium!

Chances are that the "Qui sera sera" motto of the Folks/Fulkes links to Saracens of the Saire and Seer kind. The only way that I can make sense of such terms in ancient Hebron (Israel) is by way of Edom's Seir-ians.

Aha! The Sire Coat uses weight scales and another "spes" motto term, two features of in the Arms of Vilnius. I tend to trace "scale" to the same place as "scallop": the Scylla region of Sicily, but also back to Ascalon. Did we see snakes surrounding the rod in the Seagar/Sugar Crest? It was symbol of ASCLEPIOS, who was at Scylla with Glaucus. If I'm not mistaken, I see a coiled green snake, the color of the Seagar/Sugar snake, in the Sire Coat.

Aha! German Randalls/Reinls use ears of wheat, the symbol of Dagon (Amorite god!) and his wife, Shala, she being symbol for Ascalon! The theory now is that Randals are Rangabes while Rangabes are Seagars, you see, so that it could be expected of Randalls to trace to Ascalon (in the way that Seagars are tracing there).

Hmm, another axe-in-arm in the Dagan/Dakin Crest, and then a cross in colors reversed from the same cross type of the Scottish Randolph Coat. The way that it just fell upon us, it's a very compelling reason for a Dagan/Dakin trace to mythical Dagon. The Dagan write-up traces to "kin of David," however, which seems to check out, though the write-up may not be perfectly true. The Dagans/Dakins are said to be first in Rutland, which is where I trace the Rodham surname that uses the same bend as and related Davis'. The Rodham Coat is, moreover, like the Ruth/Randolph Coat, of a surname first found in Moray, as with the Scottish Randolph surname, itself in the same white-on-red colors. The question is, however, whether the David surnames had their origin in a David, or in something else. I suggest "Daphne," the goddess of Syria that I traced fundamentally to Hyksos out of Avaris.

Daphne's father, Tiresias, owned the caduceus of Hermes, defined as a rod with two coiled snakes. Just like that, she could trace the David and Dagan/Dakins surnames back to Dagon on the Philistine coast. It was to the Philistine coast that Hyksos escaped when Ahmose booted them out. We can follow the Hyksos (called "Shepherd kings" by at least one writer) route via the mythical "shepherd seer," Everes, father of Tiresias. In my mind, this is code for Avaris elements removing themselves beyond Philistine regions into Tyrus, and there touching upon the Cadmus - Europa cult that myth writers traced on the one hand to mythical Danaus of Egypt, the Tanis location near Avaris, and on the other hand to Phoenix = Pan and Hermes Armenians, the caduceus-depicted Cadusii.

Those who have heard me on this topic before, bear with me as I try to make sense of it again. Danaus was given a father, Belas, which was code for the Pelusiac river and its Pelusium district, where Tanis was located. Some myth writers made Danaus a brother of Agenor, himself the Phoenix line to Phoenicians. I identify Phoenix with Panias at mount Hermon (= Hermes Armenians), but Panias was a known Pan center, explaining why Greeks made Pan a son of Hermes.

North came the Avaris Hyksos during the 40 years that Israelites were in the wilderness. I don't know how long it took for Avaris Hyksos to evolve into Tiresias at Tyrus/Tyre. Mount Hermon is due east of Tyre. Mythical Daphne depicted a city by the same name in Syria, and she was given another father aside from Tiresias, who was Ladon, out Biblical dragon. As it just so happens that there is a Litani river at mount Hermon, it explains why Tiresias got the caduceus symbol of Hermes. That is, the Avaris Hyksos had moved also into the Litani valley, merging there with the Hermes Armenians, and the Panias / Phoenix cult that were partly Danaans from Pelusium.

In this picture, the Litani river was named by the Lotan line out of Edom: "Two rivers originate in the [Beqaa/Bekaa] valley: the Orontes (Asi), which flows north into Syria and Turkey, and the Litani, which flows south and then west to the Mediterranean Sea." The Orontes was named by Greeks after the Armenian dynasty of Yervand, and so the river can be viewed as settled by the carriers/owners of Hermes and Pan, but also of Cadmus that was himself a Cadusii-Mus partnership. Lots of Armenians, though I think the "Mus" part is from the household of Khyan that had named Moses.

The Beqaa/Bekaa valley may even have been named after "Apachnas," evolving over time into "Bacchus" of Greece. In this picture, Khyan's Hyksos were solid with the Lotan dragon in the Litani valley.

We can imagine that the Avaris > Tyre > Litani line of Hyksos went up the Orontes to Syria, where Daphne sat as the city of Harbiye (though I don't know when Harbiye became the name of the place). Not far from Daphne was Kizzuwatna, and because the Hyksos of Egypt were "Heka Khasewet," it seems a no-brainer that they named Kizzuwatna. Nearby was mount Saphon, ruled by Baal but named after "Daphne" elements, in my opinion.

At this point, I've got to back up to Samannud/Sebannytos near Tanis and Avaris (all of these places were in the Nile Delta, the Hyksos empire's heart). It seems that Hyksos out of "Seban" named Saphon, and that a D-version named Daphne. But there was also a Sophene location in Greater Armenia, near Syria, and beside Sophene was Samosata. The god Sames, ruled both Sophene and Samosata. In this theory, I see "Biblical" Samson as the Samannud = Sebannytos Hyksos, but because Daphne was the Everes line out of Avaris, her elements had to be merged (moving north as a group) with what became the Samson cult of Daniy. I find no contradiction in this picture, where Tanis and Avaris elements had moved together with Samannud's

In fact, Samson was given a donkey symbol, and it just so happens that Avvites had a donkey god (Tartak). Joshua tells us that the Israeli invasion led by Joshua left the Avvites alone in the five cities that are thereafter Philistine cities, and then we find Samson killing 1,000 Philistines with the jawbone of a donkey, which can only be myth code, not reality, for an alliance of Samannud Hyksos with Avvites. And as Avvites "Avviy" in Hebrew) look like "Avaris," it may be that Avvites had named Avaris in the first place, explaining why Hyksos retreated from Ahmose to the Philistine coasts, i.e. to be with their Avvite allies (I don't know whether Philistines had yet arrived to that coast at that time).

Samson therefore was the Samannud - Tanis - Avaris alliance of Hyksos developing into Daphne by way of the Litani river, where Seir-ians lived from Lotan. It's no wonder, therefore, that the land of Aram was renamed, Syria, as the Litani peoples moved down the Orontes into Aram. This was the Ladon dragon with many heads (i.e. a large alliance of tribes) in Greece. The Bible speaks of "many peoples" in anti-Christ prophecy, and mythical Pelops was given the symbol of many peoples. In Greek myth, peoples depicted with "Hekaton" were made into giants / monsters, and that term, smacking of "Heka Khasewet," meant 100, the number of heads that Ladon was given too.

The proto-Zeus Taurus was in Tyrus, but also in the Cappadocian mountains called, Taurus. Baal at Saphon was a bull cult, and so we realize that Zeus in Greece had been Baal. We can trace Baal to Belas of Pelusium, but that doesn't answer how Zeus got that name. Apparently, "deus" developed either into or from it, and to make this story shorted, I trace Zeus, who was also "Dion" in Greece, to Zion, a hill in southern Jerusalem, land of Amorites at the time. His only official wife, Hera, is traced (by me) to "Jeru(salem)" and to "Jere(van)," now the Armenian capital, and therefore to Jerev-like Gareb, a hill less than two miles west of mount Zion. The point is, I trace "Gareb" to "Harbiye" because nearby and related mount Saphon is today "Aqra," smacking of mount Acra at Jerusalem.

In other words, Jerusalem's Amorites, as proto-Zeus and Hera, also figure into the northern migrations into Syria, and as they became the Baal cult at Saphon, it stands to reason that these Amorites merged with Pelusium's Hyksos that named Baal in the first place. Making these pictures is a job required logic based on known information. As the proto-Zeus bull symbol was in Tyre, it tends to reveal that the merger with proto-Baal of Pelusium happened there, and of course the mythical picture of the Zeus bull taking Europa away on his back is suspect as the Pelusium-Hyksos alliance with the Zeus Amorites. I assume that it was this alliance that gave Baal his bull horns.

It may explain why ancient Manetho, who featured Hyksos in his writings, had them in Jerusalem. It's likely that Manetho was named after the same Hyksos elements that named Manto, Tiresias' daughter and therefore Daphne's sister.

It should also be said that writings had been discovered that equated Zeus and Cronus with Dagon, which for my purposes here is to say that proto-Zeus moved through Philistines regions before reaching Tyre. As added evidence that Zeus was an Amorite peoples, it's known that Dagon was an Amorite god. I traced both proto-Zeus and Dagon, independently, to the Tigris river, called at one time the InDIGNE. I identified Zeus's Taurus symbol at the Tigris with the peoples called, Turruku/Turrukku/Turrukaens (many spellings).

East of the Tigris lived the Anaki giants, but Anaki were also in Hebron, land of Amorites. We can glean that Zeus was an Anaki-Amorite alliance, therefore, and it just so happens that Baal at Saphon was given a mate, Anat, from Antu, wife of Anu, symbols for the Anaki out of Sumeria.

Myth tells of a war between Baal at Saphon and the seven-headed Lotan dragon. Baal won. It perhaps made Zeus the chief god of Greece. But as often happens in war, the losers merged "peacefully" (without choice) with the winners. The point is, there was contact between Baal elements and Lotan's Edomites / Seir-ians. The Biblical anti-Christ is traced by Revelation symbolism both to the Zeus bull carrying Europa on his back (I think "Europa/Evropa" was understood as EBRopa, same as Hebe) and to seven-headed Lotan. In this picture, Europa, or Hera's daughter, Hebe, becomes the Revelation harlot, a perfect deduction because she is clearly defined as the seven hills of Rome (last verse of Revelation 17 clinches it), and therefore of end-time Europe.

Again, because Samson was code for Samannud=Sebannytos Hyksos, "he" was at mount Saphon. To support that claim, Samson's Daniy obviously evolved into Hercules Danaans, and Dananns were from Tanis in Pelusium, the place that named Baal, king of Saphon. The Danaans named Adana beside Kizzuwatna, and beside Tarsus that was named by the Taurus cult. The Bible makes Tyre a "daughter" of Tarshish = Tarsus. As both Samson and Zeus were at Saphon, we are not surprised to find that Hercules was, not only a son of Zeus, but a husband of Hera's daughter, Hebe. Thus we can trace Samson's Hyksos to Tyre's Europa, which supports my claim, based on other information, that Manoah, the term that was given as Samson's father, evolved into the Minoans...whom other myth writers traced back to Zeus and Europa, princess of Tyre.

The trick in following the house of Khyan through these migration is facilitated by pegging him as the Exodus pharaoh that named Moses. I trust that claim, and trust that Khyan elements led to CadMUS. The Cadusii were in the Beqaa valley, suspect as the valley of Apachnas. You can imagine what a Christian best-seller one can write with this information as the hub of the story. I wish I knew what the Beqaa valley was called in ancient times, and gathered details such as those could prove beyond doubt that the story line you are reading here is true.

I see the Biblical book of Judges as an historical, and not necessarily Inspired, record of events, but I also glean that the Samson story was added to the book by dragon-line Israelites that wrote in typical myth codes. I can therefore assume that everything written after the Samson account was also added in by dragon-cult Israelites, and that's where we find a pagan Levite priest with the name, Jonathan. If his names was code, shouldn't he have depicted Khyan, said to be named after "John"? Khyan's son, Yanassi, even smacks of "Jonathan," which to Hebrews would have been more like "Yonathan."

[Insert -- Although we read from one writer that Yanassi was first-born son of Apachnas who didn't make it to the Hyksos throne, there was an Ianna/Iaanas/Iannas (Manetho's term), which the article above makes a fourth king ruling immediately after Apachnas. However, others suggest that "Ianna" was the same as the third king, "Khyan."

In the article below, Ianna (it says he has a griffin symbol) locates the new Hyksos capital at Tanis, jibing with the Meshwesh Egyptian dynasty that likewise ruled at Tanis. That is, it seems that the Mus household of Khyan was largely at Tanis long before the Meshwesh came to rule Egypt. It suggests that Mus moved along with Danaans to Argos, where there was the Mycenae suburb. From Mycenae, one can draw a Mus line to Messene. [End Insert]

The theory is that Khyan's household merged with Levites in Israel to form a polluted priesthood of anti-Israeli dragons. After the Samson account, we find a brutal invasion by Daniy and/or Danites into Laish, beside Panias at Mount Hermon. Laish was thereafter named, Dan. As this city gets us into the Litani / Beqaa valley, it jibes with a trace to Khyan elements to "Beqaa" if the invaders of Laish included the Jonathan cult. I had traced "Jonathan" independently to "Oeneus," the wine cult of Greece. But as Dionysus was not only the wine god of Greece, but Bacchus, doesn't it in itself suggest that Apachnas and Jonathan elements were one???

[Doesn't this tend to trace pharaoh "Iannas" to "Oeneus"? Couldn't we also trace Khyan, thereby, to Juno and Uni, the latter being the chief Etruscan goddess? By what coincidence is it that Uni's husband, Tinia, smacks of "Tanis"? In other words, it appears that Khyan was a Danaan peoples to the Etruscans as well as to Romans, but as I identified Juno with the Yonge surname, might we not peg that surname as a version of "Ianna / John?" The Yonge roses ought to trace to Rhodes, where Danaans from Tanis lived before founding Mycenae. In the article below, the Etruscan Bacchus is, "Pacha." You'll find that Hercules and Perseus Danaans were of prime important to Etruscans]

Recently, I discovered that mythical Juno, who smacks of "Jonathan," was code for the Oeneus / Una river in Illyrium, where Maezaei lived that I must trace back to the namers of Moses. But also beside the Oeneus were Japodes that can be traced to "Joppa," home at one time of Perseus-branch Danaans. Israel had a tribe of Dan in the south, though later we find that there was also a land of Dan in northern Israel, and it just so happens that the latter Dan was home to Joppa. I conclude that Joppa was in the particular land of Dan named after the conquering of Laish. This must have been the dragon-cult Israelites, therefore, leading to Jupiter, and yet, please, understand that non-Israelites were part of the mix, especially Hyksos Hebrews.

Joppa/Ioppa was represented by mythical CassIOPEIA, the Ethiopian bloodline that merged with Perseus. She can be traced to Kassites in Joppa, for Kassites (with a Habira tribe) had come from east of the Tigris, where also DioNYSUS originated (at Nuzi), home of Gorgons and related Parthians. You get it, that Perseus and Cassiopeia were Gorgons and Parthians of the Kassite kind in the land of northern Dan. It's important to add this Kassite element into the Samson cult, for it surely named Kizzuwatna, also called, Khassi. It can be gleaned that Heka-Khasewets = Hyksos were from Kassites, therefore. I had traced proto-Zeus to Kassites, wherefore his wife, Hebe = Europa, was the Habira tribe of Kassites, not the Israelites. The Habira are suspect as part of the ancient Apiru/Abiru.

In the article below, Apachnas (also "Pachnan") was said to have been the builder of the first pyramid at Giza (near the Nile delta) by forcing the "natives" into slave labor. Might these natives have included the Israelites? An ancient writer(s) (Pliny, for one) claimed info that could suggest the other two being built by succeeding Hyksos. Therefore, in my view (don't think anyone shares it unless they've read me), the pyramids were built in-part by Israeli slaves of the Exodus kind under the Hyksos kings. As we read, we find that "Assis" is thought by some to have been an alternative name for pharaoh Apophis, and then "Giza" itself is not a bad reflection of "Azzi" or "Kassi."

The Ethiopian nature of Cassiopeia must have to do with Semele, mother of Dionysus, for she surely represented Somalians, because one myth writer had Dionysus' mount Nysa in Ethiopia (today, Somalia is beside Ethiopia). Therefore, when we find that Cadmus was made the father of Semele (in Thebes, Greece), it can be gleaned that the Mus house of Khyan had moved with the proto-Dionysus Kassites out of Joppa (which again explains the Maezaei beside the Japodes).

How Kassites came to rule in what is now Sudan is not inexplicable, but as I don't think it's acceptable to identify Kassites with the Seqenenre line of southern Egyptians (of Thebes), I would identify Seqenenre with the Ares dragon (= pedophile cult) in Thebes that Cadmus met and slew, and then partnered with in forming Spartans. The Nefer entity of Seqenenre leading to "queen" Nefertiti (Aphrodite-like term) then becomes the Aphrodite line (= transvestites) that, in Greece, had alliance (a known alliance) with Ares. Cadmus then seems like a third entity at Thebes: Cadusii relatives, perhaps, of Kassites (Cadusii may have formed from Kassites).

In a picture where the Seqenenre line represented the proto-Ares / Horus cult, I feel compelled to trace him to "Hera" at Jerusalem, and might even identify Hebe with his "THEBEes," though it makes it difficult to view Hebe as a Hebrew entity unless Hebrews named Thebes. There were some Sheba-named men who may have applied, and Abraham himself had a grandson by that name. If we imagine Seqenenre's line at Jerusalem as proto-Hera, then we can also imagine his "marriage" (i.e. merger with) the proto-Zeus Amorites of Jerusalem, whom I have always (i.e. for years) identified as Hebrews/Semites (same as proto-Aphrodite) from the Khabur and Euphrates rivers. It's very likely that Abraham's Amorite friends in Hebron were branches of Jerusalem's Amorites.

If we would like to identify Zeus strictly as Kassites, then we could view Amorites strictly as Aphrodite. It's no surprise that Dionysus was made a son of Zeus where Kassites are both identified with proto-Zeus and proto-Dionysus. We find the Zeus Taurus in the Taurus mountains north of Cilicia, where also Mazaca was located that was the Cappadocian capital. In this, one can see that the proto-Massey house of Khyan, the non-Israelite Hebrew house that named Moses and was antagonistic toward fledgling Israel, became the Amazons (= transvestite Meshech branch) out of Mazaca. Where Kassites were the same as the Azzi of "Hayasa-Azzi," it seems that Hyksos developed into the proto-Zeus cult married to Seqenenre's proto-Hera cult.

That is a conclusion with gravity because Seqenenre was traced to an alliance with Khyan already by other methods. Moreover, aside from any considerations here, I identified "Khyan" (years ago) as "Ixion," mate of Nephele = the Nefer line of Seqenenre. If that's not enough, I thought (years ago) that "Ixion" was a clever term to indicate Khyan's elements in "Zion / Sion," and it seemed to me that Ixion was an alternative view of Zeus because, in the Nephele myth, it was Hera who was turned into Nephele.

But if the Seqenenre line was proto-Hera, then it was also Horus of Egypt in some way, even the Hros from Caucasia, but also the Horites of Edom, in my opinion, from Haran's Hurrians that I see as the development of "Uranus," Zeus' grandfather. This is a very good fit because we saw that Seqenenre's royal line to Akhenaten had merged with the line of Mitanni-suspect Tiye > Yuya, and Mitanni lived at Haran...and at the junction of the Habur and Euphrates rivers, the same place to which the Nefer cult of Seqenenre was just traced above! In this Hros = Rosh picture, it's possible that "Yuya" was a "Gug" variation.

By the way, when suggesting in the last update that Tetisheri (Seqenenre's mother) may have linked to the Shera variation and/or "sure" motto term of KilPatricks, I didn't know that, on page 174 of this work, the prenomen for pharaoh Apachnas is said to be, "Shura." It's a term like "Surru/Tsurru," the ancient name of Tyre, and may have been related to "Taurus > Tarsus." It is the Kilpatrick (and Costigan) Crest that is a picture of Revelation 17, and of Europa on the back of the Zeus bull.

If you haven't missed it, proto-Zeus was the Khyan line, the one despised by God the most, the one that I say was foreseen by God as the end-time dragon cult to be stomped on and burnt the hardest. Woe, woe, woe, Drakenberg. Your pride, hard heart, and ruthlessness was revealed 3500 years ago as the cause of your coming woes, and all the earth must bear the destruction of Armageddon because of you.

The Hercules branch of Zeus liked to fight wars with Amazons...and to steal the girdle of Amazon queen, Myrina, a depiction of Zeus' Amorites (or Aphrodite's) that landed in Myrina of Lemnos before evolving into the mythical Myrina Amazons / Amazighen of north-Africa's Meshwesh/Mazyes, otherwise called "Mazices." To show once again that these Massey-like elements were from Khyan's household, we saw above that everything Hyksos / Khyan / Apachnas was in the Dionysus bloodline, and then we find that Dionysus too was in Lemnos, home of the Kabeiri that were no doubt named after the Habira elements of Dionysus out of Nuzi (in Assyria, east of the Tigris).

Aphrodite was in Lemnos too because she was made the official wife of Hephaestus. To help identify the latter, myth had Hera hating him (her own son), suggesting that he wasn't properly the Seqenenre line of Rus (that I now trace to Aphrodite's extra-marital lover, Ares). As both Dionysus and Hephaestus were given limps / lameness from birth, it seems that HephAEStus was definitely a Kassite entity on Lemnos, same as Khyan's AZZI elements, same as the Aeson > Jason line from Iasion/Iasius (= Ixion-like term) of Samothrace's Kabeiri cult. It's notable here that Hephaestus was depicted as "ugly / rejected," suggesting ugly Gorgons / Gargarians. In the past, I've identified "HEPHaestus" as part Hebe and part Halybe / Khaldi metal makers, and suggested that "Hebe" is representation for JEBUSites of Jerusalem.

I would rather identify "Hebe" with Jebusites (probably Amorite branch) than with "Thebes," but in any case note that Hephaestus' Kabeiri / Galli cult was in Thebes of Greece more than in any other mainland Greek location. Whatever it was that named Thebes, and it may have been "Tubal" (beside / overlapping Iberia), we would expect Hephaestus to have been close to Thebes elements out of Egypt. To support his trace to Gargarians (= proto-Georgians) in particular, the ones who were merged with Trabzon's Amazons, Tubal = T'bilis is today the capital of Georgia. A trace of Tubal to "Thebes" in Egypt is logical where Seqenenre has just been identified as the proto-Ares cult, for I trace "Ares" to the Aras river passing through Georgia.

Dionysus on Lemnos was married to Ariadne, which we may assume was a branch of Ares = Seqenenre elements. In other words, Dionysus was the Khyan - Seqenenre alliance, meaning that the same alliance developed into Cadmus (grandfather of Dionysus) at Tyre. My old identification of Dionysus (of Naxos) as both Anaki and Horites (assumes Nuzi's Horites) jibes with the Dionysus link above with Seqenenre's Ares > Horus fundamentals. If one wants to split hairs, it's Ariadne that should be viewed as Dionysus' Seqenenre elements, while Dionysus can be viewed more properly as an Anaki people in Edom (though most immediately from Hebron).

Recalling that Sequani Gauls lived on a Sion-like river, it seems that "Seqen" may be a term from "Sion," or even "Sihon," the latter being the Biblical name of an Amorite region / king east of the Jordan river and north of the Dead sea. That's exactly where Jabesh Gilead was located to which I've traced both Jebusites and Hephaestus.

Dionysus elements were planted on the Maeander river, and in Lydia, and his transvestite Maenads were given the symbol of insanity, for obvious reason. It's likely that Manto (= female with male name) named the Maeander and its all-female Maenads, especially as Manto's sister (Daphne) was the Lotan / Ladon line to "Lydia." Nuzi was in the Zagros-mountain theater, and DioNYSUS was given an alternative name, Zagreus. We get it.

In the Maeander land of Dionysus we find Phrygia, home to the Zagros-like Sakarya river, itself next to the Anaki-suspect Ankara river. The Sakarya topic was emphasized only recently, above, long after I identified the Anaki peoples with "Nachor," the Biblical Nahor, the non-Israeli Hebrew brother of Abraham, "father" of Israel. I would suggest that the bloodline to Israel was largely Anaki, in other words, and that Nachor was named after Anaki...who lived in Hebron, where Abraham had settled. I've identified Dionysus as the Nuzi Horites merged with Nahorites in Haran (the probably origin of Horites), but removed to become Horites in Edom.

One can begin to glean that the proto-Zeus alliance of Amorites and Anaki included Nahor's bloodline. It's clearly something that the God of Israel wanted to keep secret throughout history, not informing His prophets so far as we know. But through a Masci bloodline God is starting to make this known...just before Armageddon finalizes this present history. It's an amazing story that we've barely scratched the surface of, a story of satanic Hebrews now posing as sons of light. But the Purpose, I'm sure, is not only to reveal the dragon's tracks from Khyan and his proto-Massey household, but to finger the anti-Christ in such a solid and beforehand way that it gives Christians time to prepare for his persecutions.

How much sense does it make, when the historical war between God and satan is in mind, that the anti-Christ would stem from the household of Khyan or even just the Hyksos in general? God found it necessary to reveal, by special revelation (ho-hum, who hasn't heard that claim made before, though sometimes it's true), to a frustrated me that the anti-Christ would be Gog of Ezekiel 38. But that was many years (about 1994) before realizing that the anti-Christ would be from the Hayasa-Azzi, or the Azzi that were partners with Tocharians, the latter being the far-northerners in Ezekiel 38. Herodotus revealed that Amazons of Trabzon, together with neighboring Gargarians, evolved into the Tanais Sauromatians at AZov.

As the Anaki-suspect house of Khyan (or "Ianna/Iannas") was just traced to Dionysus on the MAEANDer, by what coincidence is it that the Sagan surname, smacking of Khyan-allied SEQENenre, uses a "salaMANDER in flames" for a symbol??? It had only been a shot in the dark in the last update that "Seqenenre" traced to "Sakarya," but now we have some teeth for that theory.

One could imagine other symbols for transvestites, besides lunacy / insanity, but wouldn't we expect that Khyan himself went mad after the Ten Plagues, especially after his great empire fell shortly afterward?

I had traced the salamander symbol to ScaMANDER, father of Teucer, and "Teucer" smacks of "Sakar(ya). Years ago, I traced the "Laus Deo" atop of the Washington Monument to "Lyaios," another name for Dionysus, and to the Lasonii-branch Lydians from Laish, but recently it was found that "Laus Deo" is used in the Mander motto. Perhaps not coincidentally, the Mander and Sagan Coats share the same three colors.

Hmm, as basket bloodliners and Athabascan Navaho = Dineh peoples were featured in the last update, what about the unexpected Mander write-up tracing to "basket" makers??? In the last update, the Masci-winged Diens/Dines were featured, but also the Dennis surname said to be rooted in "Dionysus." This god was symbol for an anti-society lot, like the "sex, drugs, and rock'n-rollers" of modern times, like the wild "savages" or wilderness wanders that were the American natives. Even Dionysus-related Satyrs were portrayed as wilderness peoples.

The idea now that Khyan-branch Hyksos are tracing to mythical Teucer even better than before recalls that "Teucer" has been traced (by me) to Tocharians. As Hyksos in Egypt were called "Asiatics" in ancient times, and as "Azzi" were likely the namers of "Asia," I think it's clear that Hyksos linked fundamentally to the Hayasa Azzi (Armenia / Gargarian theater in post-Exodus times). Recall the quote made above that traced "Apachnas" only suggestively to "Beqaa": "Two rivers originate in the [Beqaa/Bekaa] valley: the Orontes (Asi)..." Brackets not mine.

The Seqenenre trace to the Dionysus=Anaki theater of the Maeander jibes with the Seqenenre trace to the Sequani Gauls where the latter lived at the Jura mountains, for the Dionysus Anaki were also the Zeus Anaki out of the Jerusalem theater. In fact, it's been my reluctant theory that "JeruSALEM" ("HieroSOLYMA" to Greeks) was named after the Solymi peoples (fellow tribe with Lasonii) living in the south-Phrygia theater...where the Maeander flows. The river cuts the Lycians from the Lydians, and Solymi were in-part Lycians...who had a Lada goddess, same as the Leto wolf line of Lydians, and then Zeus turned a mythical Lycaon into a wolf. There was a god called, Zeus-Solymi.

[Insert -- When the paragraph above was written, I had not yet re-viewed this map showing the Sequani (on the Saone / Sona river) smack beside a TIGURinus area. The city of Sion/Sitten on this map is where the Seduni are stamped. It's not necessarily true that "Sion" and "Sitten" are linguistically-related terms. Near the Saone is the Yonne, smacking of Ianna, a suspected variation of "Khyan." One tributary of the Saone, the Apance, might be derived in "Apachnas" elements (entering "Pans" gets the Payens/Pagans). ZOWIE, recalling that some surname uses a pansy, it was re-found it in the Cony Crest! The description: "A Coney holding a pansy." The Cony Coat is like the Meschin Coat, expected in a Khyan line from proto-Massey household.

As per the Tigerinus entity, the Irish Tucker/Togher surname (Tipperary, Offaly) may apply, using the same sea-horse design as same-colored Irish Cohens/Coynes, on a Macey Shield. I am compelled to make a few points: 1) president Putin received a tiger as a gift from a person whom he won't reveal publicly, a tiger that I think is code for a tiger-depicted bloodline; 2) Medvedev-like Medleys, first found in the same place as Puttens/Puttochs, use a tiger in Crest, and stars in the colors of the Puttins/Puttochs; 3) Gleasons, first found in Tipperary, had been tentatively linked earlier to Sergey GLAZyev, and Gleasons use a bend in colors reversed to Putins/Paddons; 4) I had linked the tooth-like border in the Dutch Putten Coat to the tooth-like chevron of Tokars/Tuckers who use sea horses in Tucker/Togher sea-horse colors but also in reversed colors from the Tipper dolphins.

Conys and related Conns/Caunes were traced to "Cuneo," in Piedmont where Mascis were first found. I had traced Sthnelaus-branch Ligurians (who lived in the Piedmont theater) to the Seduni namers of Sion before learning that Walsers on the Lys river of Aosta were of the peoples who named Wallis canton where Sion sits. By that time, I knew that Ranulf le Meschin was integral with Lys-river Ligurians of the Ley/Ligh kind.

NO GUFF, I swear to you on my pansy-covered grave, that after writing all the above, I looked again at the list of Saone tributaries, to see that I had earlier failed to notice/acknowledge the Coney river listed directly below the Pance river!!

Either I'm wrong to trace the Cony surname to "Cuneo," or Cuneo elements were namers of the Coney river. I note: "The Canal de l'Est (French: 'canal of the east')...consists of two parts: a northern branch linking the Meuse River and the Moselle, and a southern branch linking the Moselle to the Saone." This canal is in the same valley as the Coney river, but rather than being named after "east," as suggested in the article, what about "Aosta"...or "Asti" beside Cuneo?

ZOWIE, recalling my trace of Asti to Bute/Butt elements because the latter shares the horse design of the Ests/Estes/Easts, I now see that on the Asti map at the link above, there is, not only a Buttigliera location, but a COSTIGlione location smacking of the Costigans that use the Irish Kilpatrick Coat and Crest. I had identified Kilpatricks as Butteri!! Costigans were first found in Lys-like Leix / Laois, a place tracing to Lug-branch Ligures. This trace may indicate that "Cost" and the Cass/CAST surname (using "fountains" as with the Arms of Leix) were from "ASTi." End Insert]

Was Dionysus in Lemnos? Then why is Jura smack beside lake Lemanus?? What are the LATObrigi doing beside the Sequani? Why are Leuci on the Moselle river to the west side of the Latobrigi??? If we're going to trace Sakarya river to Sagans, Seagars/Sugars and Sages, note the Sugambri to the north of the Leuci. They happen to be smack beside the Catti that are suspect from CadMUS, on the east side of the Meuse river shown as "Mosa." As Hyksos were Hebrews, why are the Eburones on the Mosa river? Across the Rhine from the Sugambri are the CUGERni on this map of Germania.

The mouth of the Moselle, named after the Meuse, is the theater of the Mattiaci line of Masseys. These are not coincidences, for Hyksos evolved into Galli-Kabeiri, and Galli into Gauls.

Lugdunum = Lyon is on the map where the Segusiavi are stamped. Earlier in this update, the Macon/Matisco location was shown to be part-and-parcel with Lyons. Then the Seager/Sugar surname was linked to Mill-using surnames. It just so happens that, the Solymi near/in Sakarya were from a Mil-like peoples:

Strabo. Geographica, 12.8.5. "...Cretans, who founded, among other places, Miletus, having taken Sarpedon [= Zeus-based Minoans] from the Cretan Miletus as founder; and they settled the Termilae in the country which is now called Lycia; and they say that these settlers were brought from Crete by Sarpedon, a brother of Minos and Rhadamanthus, and that he gave the name Termilae to the people who were formerly called Milyae, as Herodotus says, and were in still earlier times called Solymi, but that when Lycus the son of Pandion went over there he named the people Lycians after himself. Now this account represents the Solymi and the Lycians as the same people, but the poet makes a distinction between them."

Apparently, Minoan peoples of Miletus were Milyae, which jibes with my trace of "Minyae" to Minoans. Minyae have, as per Argonautica mythology, already been traced up the Rhodanus, and into the Valleys of the Haedui, whom I identify with mythical Aedon of Thebes, of the Boiotian theater where the Minyae were from. The Argo ship was sailed, by Argonautica myth, into lake Lemanus (now lake Geneva), and it just so happens that I expect Khyan elements at Lugdunum, at the Rhodanus as it turns toward Lemanus. Lugdunum was named after Lug, you see, and Lug was given a father, Cian.

The evidence is overwhelming, that Hyksos did not die out after the 10 Plagues, but went on as free-radical wandering crashers and murderers, a deplorable Gog-related peoples furnishing in the modern world the lunatic gay circles now ruling much in our societies, manipulating and defiling our societies by any devious or brute means possible, and hoping to persecute both Israels -- bloodline and Spiritual -- at any imminent time as they find the Ordained opportunity. We await the full removal of the hedge of God that keeps the "power of lawlessness" significantly confined and in check.

Again, the 18th dynasty of Egypt started with Seqenenre's son, Ahmose, and included Akhenaten, husband of Nefertiti, explaining why Nevers and Auton (= Haedui on the map) are beside the Sequani. It is thought by some that Nefertiti was a man dressed as a woman, which could indicate that the 18th dynasty was filled with transvestites, generation after generation.

See Avaricum near the Haedui. If we are going to link the Bituriges at Avaricum with the Hyksos that named Avaris after their ancient capital, we would be on some solid footing. For Butteri Latins have already been discovered to be primary in the Revelation dragon-and-harlot bloodline. It's necessary to trace the Revelation beast to Avaris, you see, as was shown earlier above. There is another Bituriges peoples shown south of the Santones, on a Duranius river that must have been named by the namers of the Durance river, shown on the map as "Druentia," at the Salluvi/Salyes Ligures. You can bet that Massilia at the latter's location was from the proto-Massey bloodline again that named Moses.

If you're wondering where the Masseys are in the Avaricum theater, see the nearby Turones, for Mascis proper were from the Turin theater, and they must have developed into the namers of Massalia because there were a Sales-of-Masci peoples in England / Wales. Mascis are shown also as "Mascelli," a Massalia-like term. Turons smack of Taran, the alternative name of Mus at Lake Van. As you can see, downstream of Turones are the Veneti namers of Vannes.

The Turones are smack at Anjou. The neighboring Bituriges can therefore trace well to the Butteri at Velch (Tuscany), home of the witchcraft cult of Turan. "Velch" was traced to "Fulks"who ruled at Anjou. That works too well not to be true (meaning that Butteri led to Bituriges).

If we are convinced that Seqenenre's household was merged with Khyan's Moses/Musa household (or whatever we might call it), and that the merger developed into the Teucer-branch Trojans at Sakarya, but also into Seqen-like entities in Gaul, then check out the Sequana to the far west of the Sequani. First, the Sequana (on the Sion-like Seine river) are in relation to Paris on the map of Gaul above (Avaricum link), and then to their south are the Eburovices, suspect as Hyksos Hebrews because they were fellow tribe with CENOmani, a Khyan-like term.

The trouble with a trace of Hebrews to Seqenenre's bloodline is that it makes both Lower and Upper Egyptians dynasties into Hebrews. Wherein are the Hamites expected of Egyptians, in other words? But there is no real difficulty imagining that Amorite money and wealth (pre-dating Seqenenre) caused Hamites to be ruled by Hebrews/Semites out of Babylon / Akkadia. In the Sudan and very important to the mythical-Aedon line at Thebes, Greece, there was a Merowe/Meroe location that was almost-certainly an Amurru = Amorite city. Merowe was mythicized as king Merops of Ethiopia, (step)father of Aedon-like Phaethon of the Eridanus = Rhodanus river, France.

Later, Amorites had become so Ham-ized that they were regarded as Hamites / Canaanites in Genesis 10.

Let's now entertain (for my first time) a Seqenenre trace to "Saxon," and then re-consider the Kwisa / Queis river in Lusatia that I say named the Gewisse area of the Wessex-branch Saxons in England. I had traced Kwisa elements to "Qeve/Keveh" in Cilicia, smack beside the Kizzuwatna Hyksos.

My records show that the "quies" motto term of the German Adam surname was mentioned in the 3rd update of February, 2011. At that time, I had no idea where Pharisee lines traced aside from the Levis / Laevis, Annandales, and Shaw and/or Key bloodlines (I had trace Shaws/Sheaves, Sheaves/Chiavas, and Kays/Keys to Qeve, and lumped "Caiaphas" and his father, Annas/Ananias, into those bloodlines). Let's look at all Adam surnames because a quick look just now already shows clues to the chief Israeli priesthood that I didn't know in February. Three Adam surnames are said to have been first found in Annandale (DUMfries). Here is what was said in February:

The German Adam surname (no 's') uses a sun on blue Shield again, and a "quies" motto term. The Italian Adam surname was first found near Ferrara, and uses what could therefore be the Ferte eagle. Not only is the latter Adam Coat a split Shield evoking the Fulks ("Qui" motto term), but German Adams use the eagle of, as well as colors-reversed from, the Italian Fulk Coat...who by the way use the same checks as the French Fer who I trace to Ferrara elements.

First, the Italian Adams use an "ear of wheat," which has, since February, been traced to various lines specifically of the chief priests of Israel. I can add that the eagle in the Italian Adam Coat is used by Viennes (and Strongs), first found in Burgundy where we expect Seqenenre bloodline. Secondly, German Adams with "quies" motto term were first found in SAXONY!

The Viennes are in the colors of the Sagan salamander, and their bien motto term could trace to the Bain sept of Mackays. In any case, German Biens use a dagger (Macey / Mackay symbol too), the Bruce-Crest lion that I've recently pegged (not conveniently) as a version of the Levi lion, and hearts on Shield like that of Maceys / Mackays Shield. Why hearts?

By what coincidence do Irish Adams show a MacCAW variation, a surname used also by Mackays? The Irish Adam Coat uses a heart centrally, and a heart in Crest. Moreover, Italian Adams were first found in FERmo (Italy), while the Dutch Fermo/Vermo Coat uses...hearts! Such surnames (especially the anchor-using Firmins/Virmans) were recently suspect as Fir-Bolg mariners, and so see, not only the anchor of the Ferme surname, but the Phar-using variations. Fermes use the Hope anchor exactly, and they with English Hopes were mentioned in the last update as being a mariner peoples to the Americas.

The Fermo location uses "Firmum" and "Firma" motto terms, and a Shield like that of Veres = Masseys. Note the colors of the Fermo eagles, and see them below in the Fulk Coat. The Province of Fermo (beside Abruzzo, where Drake-branch Veres trace) uses an anchor and what looks like an ear of wheat, the symbol of the Adams of Fermo (no surprise, but it does support my trace of "ears" to Israel's chief-priest bloodline, and so let's not forget the anchor symbol of Kyles of AYERshire). Anchors may be symbols, not only of mariners, but of Ankara > Angers / Anjou elements.

If I'm not mistaken, there is a housefly in the Arms of Fermo Province (link above), and the Drake motto actually uses "muscas," translated as "fly."

The Anchor/Annacker surname uses the same bull design as the Say Crest, and I traced Says to "Sais" in the Sebannytos district of the Hyksos. It just so happens that I traced "SEBANnytos" to Abruzzo!! It was a no-brainer when discovering that Sebannytos was also "Samannud," smacking of the Samnite tribe of Sabines.

It could be a very clever coincidence that "ears of wheat" trace both to Ayers / Hayers, suspect as Hayasa-Azzi, and to Dagon and Shala of Ascalon. The Norse Assi surname (reminds me of Aeson > Jason Argo-ship elements of Orchomenians to Orkneys) uses weight scales, you see, a symbol suspect as code for Ascalon elements to the Scylla monster at Messina. The Arms of Vilnius use both weight scales and an anchor, as well as Moses. Why Moses? Didn't Trabys who merged with Vilnius' Astikas trace to "Trabzon," where MOSSYnoiks lived too? Does this tend to trace Ahmose-and-Kamose bloodlines to Vilnius???

Did this discussion begin with a Seqenenre-element trace to the Kwisa river in Lusatia? It should explain why the Anchor Crest uses a red bull, the color of the bull in the Arms of Lower Lusatia. It just so happens that one theory on the table as of this update is a "Seqen(enre)" trace to the Sakarya / Ankara entity. At Wikipedia's list of Hyksos rulers of the 15th dynasty, we find one Sakir-Har ruling immediately before Khyan.

It can't be coincidental that the Irish Adam write-up traces to a Fermo-like term: "The earliest recorded instance of the name seems to be of James, son of Thomas McAdam, who was among those a list that Lord Fermoy submitted to the Earl of Essex..." The Stubbing Coat uses a "QUIEScam" motto, and Stubbings, first found in Essex, were traced to Esus-branch Esau-ites.

The latter Hopes use a "spes" motto term, as do Bachs/Pachs (golden calf). In fact, Bachs/Pachs use "In cruce spes," while Irish Adams use, "In cruce salus," the Jefferson motto exactly. German Adams (who use a sun as code perhaps of the same bloodline represented by "salus"), use a "Crux" motto term, which are now being traced to the KRUSZwica region that holds the Mouse Tower. That supports the idea now under discussion that we're dealing with Kwisa-river proto-Saxons in Poland. We haven't forgotten that we're also examining SEQENenre elements for the Kwisa line to SAXONs.

Hearts are in my opinion a symbol of the Herod bloodline, and one Herod of Israel was banished to a Vienne location in France. It's known that Herods formed a marital alliance with some Sadducees. Herods were Edomites, and the Vienne motto includes "tout," a term that I've already traced to Edomites of the Esau > Eliphas kind (because, Oliphants for example, use it). The Touts/Tuts are at the heart of the tout term, and it just so happens that Seqenenre's mother was TETIsheri, and that king Tut was of the Seqenenre bloodline.

One Vienne location of France is not far south of Lyons, and therefore not far from Macon...where I strongly expect Seqenenre's proto-Massey house (that named Ahmose and Kamose). Again, the Vienne eagle is colors reversed to the Ferte eagle, and Fertes were of Ferte-Mace location, suspect as a Maccabee bloodline.

Behold! The German Adam Shield is the Shield-and-Chief combination of the German Mathis Shield-and-Chief, and Macon was also "MATISco." It was the Mathis Shield-and-Chief above that was found earlier to be colors reversed to the Massi/Mattis Shield-and-Chief. Plus, Massins/Masons/Macons use a "Dum spiro spero" motto term, and a Melusine, both copes of which trace to suspected Edomites on the Spree river, Lusatia. French Mathis' were first found in...Burgundy, the capital of which was once Vienne! I traced Melusine's mother, Pressina, to "Prussia," where German Mathis' were first found.

Is that's not enough, both Melusine and Spree elements were traced to a marital alliance with Fulks of Anjou, and then the German Adam eagle is exactly the Italian Fulk eagle, and apparent version for obvious reasons with the Massi/Mattis eagle.

The Scottish Adam write-up: "First found in Annandale, where they held a family seat at Kynemund and at Waterhead in the Stewartry of Kirkudbright." KYNEmund??? Compare the Kynn/Cynn Coat with the Levi Coat, but also see that "Kyne" gets Irish Cohens while "Jewish" Cohens are said to mean, "priest," and for that reason are traced (wrongly) to holy-line Levites of Israel.

I would suggest that the Kay/Key motto uses codes for the Kynns/Cynns especially, which now jibes well with the suggested trace of "Kay," along with the Shay variation of Shaws, to Laevi Ligures.

The white pheons of the Kyne/Cohen surname (with COYne variation) should trace to the same of the Coy Coat, and as that smacks of Mackays/MacCoys, it could explain the white-on-blue colors of Kynes/Cohens. I'm insinuation a Khyan-Macey bloodline in this. Did I trace Khyan's Mus household to MUSkerry elements in Cork? It should explain why Irish MacCoys were first found in Cork.

BEHOLD! The English Damm Coat has stark similarity with the Cork Coat. As the latter uses "lion's tails" (of the forked-lion type), I had traced Corks to the Tail/Tailer/Taylor Coat using Levi lions in Tail-tail colors!!! The Tail/Tailer Crest looks like the DANish Bauer leopard, which is amazing because this paragraph is an insert here AFTER the below was already written right where it sits now!

The white arrow on green Shield of Scottish Adams smacks of Scottish Bowers, who use an "AD metum" motto as apparent code for "Adam."

BUT NOW, lest you were seeing Adam, father of Cain, in all this, the English Adam Coat appears well-linked to the Dam Coat (with M-shaped chevron). The Damann / Dammann variations smack of the same colored MacDonalds (!!!) that I trace to Damnanns = Dumnonii, whom I trace in-turn to Samnites. This tends to identify Adams, NOT from any Adam character, but as a branch of MacDonalds...which should explain why one Adam Coat uses an eagle in colors reversed from the MacDonald eagle, as well as explaining why Adams appeared to be sea-farers. I identify the MacDonald ship with the Argo ship because, for one reason, MacDonalds were of the Argyll theater.

See white arrows (Scottish Adam symbol) in the Don/Doane Coat (Cheshire), and let me repeat that the MacDonald eagle is the Ferte eagle that leads to Ferte-Maceys of Cheshire, for the MacDonald "mare" term is code for Cheshire's Meres/Mairs/Meyers and DeMeres/DeMeers.

The latter's write-up: "Hence, conjecturally, the surname is descended from the tenant of the lands of Mere, and Norman noble named Mera, who held from Gilbert de Venables, originally of Venables near Evreux in Normandy, who was recorded in the Domesday Book census of 1086. Gilbert's main barony in Cheshire was at Kinderton, which he held from Hugh Lupus (The Wolf,) Earl of Chester." KINDERton??? It smacks of Cyner, father of mythical Kay, and of the Kay-related Kinners.

There is a Kinder/Kyender Coat (ravens called "Cornish chough," and columns).I note that Colums/Malcolms were first found in ARGYLLshire.

The Kender variation reflects the Kender-like Centaur (named "Folos") in the Kendron/Kentro area of Greece, at the Ladon / Peneus theater. I had traced the Folos Centaur to the Centaurs of the Volos location (Thessaly) that was sacred to the Argo ship, and in fact the Arms of Volos uses a black-on-white ship, the colors of the Mere and DeMere ships!!! This is new to me, and tends to trace Khyan elements of the Kay kind to the Argo ship, and to the Peneus-Ladon region (fathership of Daphne), exactly where expected. Horses are an expected Hyksos symbol.

By the way, the Minyae buried horse heads with the human dead. We read: "Antroni is built on the plateau of Foloi (which was named the centaur Folos)." It seems clear that "Centaur" was a version of "ANTRoni" and nearby "Kentro." Is a young horse called by a Folos-like term?

To other topics now:

Last Sunday, it happened again. After three weeks of inactivity, TebowMania struck again... The Denver Broncos quarterback "pulled the trigger" as his boss John Elway said he should, throwing for exactly 316 passing yards -- for more than his typical average.

The number 316 is more than just his passing total...Presenting an eerie allusion to the Bible’s John 3: 16 passage — whose number Tebow famously wore in the black under his eyes when he led the Florida Gators to victory in the 2009 collegiate national championship game.

What’s more, that event took place exactly three years ago on the same day as his latest miracle comeback. And that wasn’t it for the coincidences: Tebow set an NFL playoff record with, you guessed it, 31.6 yards per completion and the TV rating on CBS peaked between 8.00-8.15pm ET with a rating of, say it ain’t so, 31.6.

In an ABC article, we find that "John 3:16" was the number one Google search on January 9. When Jesus said that "the truth will set you free," it means that a person grounded in his and the apostles' words will suddenly find glad freedom of attitude, glad freedom of being, glad freedom of action. The enemies of Christ would rob you of this by being thorns in your midst. Pay no attention to them, and consider them stupids. No, really, they are stupid, as is plainly visible in their blogs when they openly attack Faith.

My explanation for Tebow's "coincidence's is that God is forced to reward people in particular ways that He decides, based on pure justice. God has a law that must reward all people for their actions. Tebow maintained his football ritual, kneeling before the crowds, even though many mocked him, and God saw fit to reward him. No, I don't think that God has any particular interest in answering the prayers of sports fans as they pray for their teams' victories, but I do think that God chose to use the game of football in Tebow's case to honor him openly before his enemies. There was much toxicity spewed in blogs by his enemies, to no surprise, and it was aimed at God, not Tebow alone.

In the video below, there are some convincing arguments that the two Osamas are not identical.

In the video below on Tora Bora, about midway through it, there appears to be a photo of Osama in a newspaper that must be dated November 2001, just weeks after 9-11. It's the same man that can be seen in videos above, the one who looks like president Obama. It suggests that Obama was being used for the photos prior to 911. Where was Obama shortly before 911? In a make-up artist's shop?

At the start of the video below, there is an Osama that has a thin lower nose, who strikes me as the real Osama. In this Wikipedia photo of Osama (smile strikes me as from an imposter), we have a much wider lower nose, about as wide as Obama's nose in this photo. To be sure, there are facial differences between the imposter-Osama and Obama, but make-up artists for such a purpose would be sure to use some extra "skin" in places, or injected substances. Note that the thin-nosed Osama does not have swollen lips as the wide-nosed Osama who appears shortly afterward in the same video. If you freeze the video at about the 36:46 point (place mouse on the red line to see time numbers), you might be able to spy some skin added to his lower nose, giving him a longer nose than most others.

Here's Osama discussing his attack on 911, meaning that this must be a fake Osama.

Here's Osama in an 1998 interview with ABC, looking like the one who's suspect as Obama. Keep in mind that Obama may have posed for all videos at the same general time, though not released to the public but over years of time. Note again starting at about the :30 and 1:20 points that the skin around his lower nose is whiter than the rest, as though the make-up artist couldn't quite match it. It's not always reflection of light that makes it look whiter. It certainly doesn't sound like Obama, but voice can be added.

I admit, I'm not at all fully convinced that Obama posed for Osama. In a CNN video of the same Osama in 1997, whiter skin is again obvious all around the perimeter of his lower nose for about a quarter inch in height.

In the video below, at about 3:45, there is seen a white joint line across the nose right where the lighter skin is expected. It's as though the make-up artist wasn't able to hide the joint where the fake nasal skin met the real skin.

Now shut the music off and concentrate, as Osama's facial features are compared with Obama's in side-by-side and superimposed. Obama's nose looks shorter right away. When the see-through shot of Osama is superimposed on Obama's face, the ear positions (and sizes) of both men appear to match perfectly when both pair of eyes are perfectly aligned. That's what had me convinced that both men are the same. The only "problem" that I can spot at this superimposed point is that Osama's nose is...longer. Later in the video, the eyebrows are not positioned or shaped similarly, but hair can be removed or added, permanently or temporarily. As the Osama nose begins to be erased, one can see that while Obama's is slightly higher, yet the shape of the lower-nose part nearest the face (see the small circle at the 3:23 mark, when it's Osama's nose shown) is identical aside from the extra skin that Osama was given. At 3:25, it's all Obama's nose. The upper lips of both men seem to match perfectly in height. When the beard is erased, the shape of Obama's jaw bones nearer to the ears appears, seemingly matching that of Osama's (the chin positions are to be expected different due to Obama's smile lowering his chin).

Here's an object on Obama's forehead that seems like a technological implant, though it may have been added by an enemy.

Is this a pig with a human head, and if so, is it evidence of genetic engineering by human monsters without sense?

Here's another pig with human-like face?

The most guilty parties of false imagery include NASA. Here you will see a human, likely, on the earth that NASA wants us to believe is the surface of Mars. We live in a world of imagery, polluting the world's brain. Have you seen the shot of the face on Mars that looks too much like the product of intelligent beings, though in other shots it's hardly so? Where did the images come from that make the area appear designed by living beings? From NASA, which has been deceiving us along with reports of cosmologists regarding planets in other solar systems. It's expected, don't you realize?

Little is what you think it is. The world is ruled by true goons who know how to act "proper" when in public, but inside of their cups, they have enmity with God, and are slaves to wayward and even demonic thoughts. "Wayward" or "wild" is not the same as "freedom." One can wander, and go to and fro, but not be free.

The media, armed with imagery, knows how to act "proper" too, and we, the salt of the earth, can hold their feet to the fire so that they carry out what is proper and acceptable. But the media people are working hard at changing what is acceptable. That's their main job along with making money.

If you don't mind paying to know the truth about the lunar landing, see

Some of the most convincing images that the lunar landings were faked is when astronauts fall to the ground and need wires tied to their backs/necks to lift them up. The most amazing thing about these images is that NASA permitted their dissemination to the public. One such image can be found in the video below. There are additional related videos at the side of the webpage with written explanations below videos. The most condemning arguments are typically not addressed by NASA-agents out to discredit hoax claims because the mere viewing of such claims is damning enough with or without someone in a video denying them.

In the video below, there is clearly seen more than one stage hand appearing on the moon. If any pro-Nasa agent were to try to discredit this video, there's only one way to do it, claiming it to be a trick by the insertion of stage hands.

Let's not get all wired up over end-times fakery. Expect it, wait for it to pass, and reveal it as you can for the sake of truth. Know that the fakes are not as powerful as they would have us believe, and even the Illuminati would be a powerless without court/legal agents (especially judges and police officers) on their side. The only reason that NASA's fakes did not spend time in jail is because there is a real Illuminati, call it what you will, that is a master of deception. A globalism based on such a foundation cannot last long so long as the people have means to share their ideas in exposing them.


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