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January 28 - February 3, 2020

The Armageddon Lightning Strike and the Grim Purple Throne
I Had Another Dream With Mrs. Kilpatrick
Expanding the Crocodile Shoes of Zlochevsky
Joshua of Servus Christi

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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John Bolton made the news early this week just like pre-planned news juice to provide the Democrat impeachment story some life while on life-support. This Bolton story might become more powerful than one would predict, as I write, on Monday evening, when it seems that it has no hope at all for invigorating the impeachment push. Bolton's story can be expected to be from the Bushites, yet Bongino told of Breitbart's report: the brother of Mr. Vindman (anti-Trumper in Ukraine) was a part of the National Security team who was tasked with reading Bolton's book-manuscript to see if anything should not be permitted for book release. And so that story tends to be claiming that Vindman's brother leaked the "explosive" Bolton claim to the New York Times (that Trump did in fact deny military aid to the Ukraine for a return favor).

I'm not keen on viewing Mr. Bolton as per a lightning BOLT that struck my chimney at age 11, unless he becomes the single factor that foments the impeachment to new levels. I think I can prove that God gave that lightning bolt partly for heraldic pointers. I was waking from a dreamy state, though I remember no dream. I heard myself saying, "No I don't believe in you, God, I don't believe in you"...wham, a lightning bolt struck while saying it the second time. It was extremely bright out the bedroom window, even though it was light out already, and I heard noises at the ceiling. Not long afterward, a neighbor knocked on our door to inform that chimney bricks had been sent down the roof. My father and I went up to the roof, and I saw the damage.

I had toyed with this event to see whether there's heraldic evidence that God provided it for a reason. I had noted that Boltons share the arrow with German Bolts, and that the Boltons were first found near the first-known Chimneys while sharing their chevron. If not for the Bolton lions, both Shields would be essentially identical (nothing but a chevron), and both surnames have brown Crests (use Bolton tab to load other Coats, or you can't follow this as well). There is no evidence that it's pointing to Mr. Bolton, though something like a lightning bolt reminds us of Armageddon symbolism, and Bolton is an avid war hawk whose circle of like-minded ones has a propensity to bring on an Armageddon-like situation. So, it's interesting.

The video above tells that Bolton brought anti-Trumpers into National Security, and caused many anti-Trumpers to stay there. This is the same NSC (under White-House authority) that came round to bite Trump in the impeachment arse with Mr. Ciaramella. Trump is the sort of dope who appoints his enemies, either because he's the secret enemy of his voters, or because he allows deep-state advisors to win the day for themselves.

There are some other interesting heraldic things. For example, note how CHIMneys can be a reduction from the Schim variation of Schiens/Shands, for we will be pointed to them, I think, once we bounce from the Chimney motto to the Chives' of Tarves (Aberdeenshire, same as Schims/Schiens and Skins/Skene's), for both the Chives' and Boltons share "vi" and "virtute" motto terms while "Virtute" is used also by Schims/Schiens/Shands. This gets more impressive because the bricks rolled down the ROOF, while Roofs/Rolphs are expected to be a branch of Rolphs/Ralphs who in turn have a motto, "Cresco CreSCENDeo." It just so happens that Schends are listed with Schims/Schiens/Shands. I don't find a Schimney / Skimney / Skinney surname, however, to show that Chimneys were Schim liners.

To make this heraldic effort more complete, I think I can use the Brick and Schim surname to discover that the Bolton lion is that of Gernons. I can then prove it with the Skinners. I see Gernons from Ranulph de Gernon, grandson of Brick-liner Ranulph de BRIQUESsart. The double lions in pale of Gernons are in colors reversed in the Duce Coat while "duce" is a motto term of Schims/Schends. If we ask why there seems to be verification that God wants the Schims/Schiens as part of this lightning-bolt event, there are two reasons coming to mind; 1) I trace the killers of Jesus to BOEOTia's SCHIMatari; 2) Schims/Schends share the boar head of Mole's, the latter first found in ROXburghshire with the Googe's who have boars in the colors of the boar heads above, and even throw in a rose for the ROXolani line to Rose's, first found in Nairnshire with Rolphs/Ralphs, who in turn share water bougets with Rose's. The Geddes', first found in Nairnshire, have fish heads in the colors of the Butt/Bute/BOET fish, and the latter surname has roses.

I happen to see Googe-like Gog as the anti-Christ i.e. at Armageddon. In Ezekiel 38, Gog is paired with Meshech and Rosh, and I do see Rosh forming the Roxolani > Rose's. Plus, the son of Briquessart, and the father of de Gernon above, was Ranulph le Meschin, a Meshech liner. How about that. God gave me a terrifying lightning bolt, and destined me to write a post-tribulation-rapture book, I must assume, filled with prophecy teachings and warnings.

The Meshech named the Masci surname of my mother's mother, and her house got the lightning bolt. Masci's were a Massey branch while Bricks share the Massey fleur-de-lys, you see. The Mole's can be gleaned with the Moray stars, and Moray was beside or amid the Rose clan. The Skinners can be of the Skin variation of Skene's, and the Skinners teach us a lot on surname links. They have a "vulNERA" motto term that is almost the "vulnere" of Brocks/BROKE's (share Masci fleur), and the latter are said to be from Broc of Anjou, for Fulk III Nerra was a count who's in the write-up of Fulke's/Volks. Brocks/Broke's can now be realized as being behind Lucy of BolingBROKE, wife of le Meschin and mother of de Gernon. It explains why Skinners are in the colors and near-format of Meschins. I don't recall finding le Meschin so close to Schimatari elements before; I'm not familiar with Skinners.

It just so happens that black-boar Bole's, first found in Lincolnshire with Lucy Bolingbroke, have boar heads in their cups in the colors of the Schim/Schend boar head. It tends to nail Skinners as a Schim / Skin branch. Very good, big-mouth heraldry. Cups/cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Schims and Skins. Why do we suppose that the Bole Crest share a boar shot through with an arrow with the Pollock Crest. That was the symbol of Meleager and Atalantis.

The Skinner write-up: "...Sir Robert Skynner, a Norman knight received from Duke William the lands of Bolinbroke..." note that "Duke William" is the Conqueror, grandson of "the tanner," who was falsely given a tanning occupation i.e. working with animal SKINs. In reality, in my opinion, his name refers to origins at the Tanaro river (Piedmont, same as CHIVASso), and he was possibly a Masci there, but the Conqueror probably didn't want to advertise his Italian descent, and historians may have contributed to the cover-up happily.

I checked for a BOLTONbroke surname, but no luck. However, the Skinner griffin is colors reversed from the Bolt griffin, and Bolts were first found in Lancashire with Bolings, possibly revealing Boltons from Lucy of Bolingbroke (a Mercian). Bolings have the Coat, essentially, of Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks. That's pretty amazing where I see Sadducee's (they had a house of BOETHus) developing from Schimatari's Boeotians. It's helping to identify skinners as a Skin/Skene branch. The latter's wolf heads are linkable to Hugh Lupus via Cheshire's Welfs/Lupus', and this Hugh was the uncle of le Meschin.

Skinners have a "SANGuis" motto term while Sangers share the BROOK garbs, excellent corroboration that Bolinbroke was of the Brooks (Essex, same as Brocks/Broke's). Brooks share the Stick / STICH Coat while Shaws/Seths were from a SITHECH entity. "SanGUIS" must be code for the GUIS'/Guido's whose hourglass-like Shield is shared by Skits/Skeets'/Skeochs and their Skate/Sheet branch, the latter first found in Norfolk with the Chads sharing the potent cross with Brock-branch Brocuffs. Brocks have a "VireSCIT" motto term that should apply to Skits. Once we arrive to Chads, we note that the Lancashire-based Chaddocks and Chadwicks (compare with Arms of ROCHdale) have a red version of the Saddock/Sedgwick / Boling Coat. Sadducee-like Soducena was smack near GOGarene/Gugar.

I think the lightning event makes for an impressive little story on a Gog connection to Schimatari, where I expect proto-Sadducees. There's actually more to glean from this heraldry, which again suggests that God arranged the heraldry to tell of it. The "Post" motto term is shared by Mole's and Dons, and it just so happens that the Don river is at lake Maeotis while the Sadducee-like Sittaceni were a Maeotis tribe. It strikes me here that Maia, a chief daughter of Atlas, can be a code for a MAEotis line.

The Atlas/Atley surname was a new and major topic just in the last update, and it happens to share the giant lion of Posts, in white-on-blue (Don colors), what I consider to be Gog colors, for "gog" is said to mean, "sky." Dutch Posts, with the Chief-Shield colors of SCHIMs/Schends, even use a hunting horn, highly suspect for the line of Orion the Hunter, whose father is said to have been at Tanagra, at SCHIMatari. For all I know, the Orion constellation is related to the so-called Pleiades stars, Maia being one of them. The Bible has a phrase, "Pleiades and Orion", not at all meaning that God names constellations as the Greeks named them. The Pleiades were all females i.e. code for Amazons = Meshech.

Amazingly, the Atlas topic was coupled with hockey with Kepke, and Kepke was traced confidently to Kepoi, on lake Maeotis not far south of the mouth of the Don river. Kepoi happens to be a couple of miles from Pan-like Phanagoria, and the mythical Pleiades were born from Hermes, father of Pan! Zikers. The lightning struck one street over from Kepke's house; he was on Henry Corson Place, and Corsons/Carsons (Brick lozenges in colors reversed) happen to use a scimitar!!! Wow. It's suggesting the Kepoi elements went through Schimatari / Tanagra. I still expect that God will reveal how Joseph Caiaphas, Sadducee and killer of Jesus, was related to the Kepke surname.

Note that TANKERville's (like "Tanagra") are a branch of Tancreds (Yorkshire, same as Chimneys) sharing the Chimney / Bolton chevron. The "HosTIS" motto term of Shirts/Shards can even be for Tiss', who show nothing but a chevron in the colors of nothing-but-a-chevron Chimneys! It could be that Bolings were of Bullis'/Bulliards sharing red roundels with Shirts/Shards, and Bullis, the location in Epirus, is suspect with the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas, interesting because the prophet Daniel has the end-time anti-Christ associated in some way to ancient Seleucids. Red roundels play right into the Maeotis tribes.

In seeking the origin of Bolings / Boltons, we probably should include Scottish Bolins, because they have a BROKEn spear that can speak to Bolingbroke's. Spears share crossed spears with Pasi's/Pace's (BOLogna, same as Guis'/Guido's), and German Bolins (could be Groce/Gregg kin) happen to have comPASSes. I see Pasi's/Pace's and purple-Shielded Pace's (Cheshire) from purple-flag Rieti, home of the dragon-line Flavian emperors (did they descend from Seleucids?). Why do Seleucid-like Sellicks have a Coat much like that of Sabine's? The imperial Flavians were at Sabina, and the father of emperor VesPASian was even named, Sabinus (husband of Miss POLLA). What are the chances that the Sabine surname shares the Tancred (and PULLY) scallop???

Could we theorize that Bolins were from "Bologna"? The Sabina-like Savena river through Bologna could be from the lake of Gog, called Sevan, location of Soducena and Gogarene. Bologna is the location of the Setta valley of Panico's, which can be suspect from "SITTAceni." Panico's use a "green tree," and the Hamiltons, linkable to the Bolin motto, use a tree.

While "virtus" is shared by Schims, Boltons and Chives', "VirtuTIS" is a motto term of Schim-branch Skins/Skene's, tending to reinforce Schims with Chimneys and tracing them to Laevi on the Ticino, where I trace Tiss'. Skins/Skene's are said to have held the earldom of Mar, and so the Scottish Mar lion could just be the Roof/Rolph lion closely, for the latter were Rose kin while the Rose clan (at Moray) was near the earls of Mar. French Mars/More's (expected as Mackay elements at Moray) are in the colors and format of the Marone's who in turn share the Schim/Schien/Schend boar head! Bingo.

Tiss' were first found in Hampshire with Don-beloved Posts. The Don river was anciently the TANais, which can explain, "Tanagra." I'm realizing here that TanAGRa" may have been named after the ending on "MeleAGER," husband of Atalantis = Atlas line. This allows MELEager to be from Melia of Boeotia, who may have been a code for a peoples from Miletus! Bingo, for Kepoi is said to have been founded by Miletus elements. Millets share the Tankerville cinquefoil! French Millets share the eight-pointed star of German Teegers while Irish Teague's/Teegers have a version of the Touque/Tuck/Took Coat (Skinner griffin head) with Miletus-like motto term! Perfect logic.

The Millet cinquefoil is that also of Hamiltons, and the latter's motto, "Through," appears to be in the "Press through" motto of Scottish Bolins. The Press Coat could be construed as a version of the Sabine Coat because Press' were first found in Hertfordshire with Titus' while the Sabinus > Vespasian line birthed emperor Titus (Vespasian's son).

God showed me through Lorraine (person) that Babe's (beside Bullis'/Bulliards) are to be linked to Blonds (almost the same bars), and the Babe bars are those also of Blond-like Bolins while Blonds were first found in Suffolk with BABons (share boar with Bolins), where Bullis'/Bulliards were said to have been first found for years, until this year. plus, excellent, German Bullis'/BULINGs/Bole's (plow, I think) share gold wings with the bull-head Hosts/Osts expected in the motto of Shirts/Shards in turn sharing red roundels with Bullis/Bulliards. Hosts/Osts were first found in Somerset (beside Babe's) with the Bulls/Bule's who likely share their bull, and with the Savena-like Savone's/Savens, tending to prove that Bulls/Bule's were Bologna liners. Sabine's (bull) list "Savona."

Bullis'/Bulliards are now said to have been first found in Wiltshire with Bologna-like Blocks/Blogs, who happen to share the roses of the Paisleys/Pasleys that I trace to Bologna's Pasi's/Pace's. Excellent turn of events. The Block/Blog chevron-with-roses is a reflection of the Whitey chevron-with-stars, and Whitey Bulger's nephew is suspect with crocodile-shoe ZLOCHesvsky and/or Igor Kolomoisky while SLOCKs have the Whitey stars in colors reversed. I'm still using English Pasleys as a pointer to the Ukraine's Kolomoisky.

The trick is to prove that Slocks have the Rodham bend, and Scottish Watsons can be helpful here for sharing the brown tree stump with Rodhams. Watsons married Pollocks of Rothes castle (before it went to Leslie's by a Leslie-Pollock marriage), and while Rodhams were Rutland / Rutherford kin, English Watsons (share black martlet with Rutherfords), sharing the chevron of Pollock-like Blocks/Blogs, were first found in Rutland. If Watsons had the stars of Savone's/Savens (suspect from the Savena river through Bologna), they would have the Whitey chevron-with-stars, which could indicate that Watsons and their Watt / Vatt branches were White liners, or that Whiteys (Berwickshire, beside Rutherfords) had been Watt (Water?) liners. Rothes castle is at Moray while the Whitey stars are shared by Morays. Rothers/Ruths/Randolphs were first found at Moray.

Compare the Tancred Coat to that of Keppochs (Yorkshire again), noting that Keppochs use Gareb-like garbs, for I trace mount GAREB at Jerusalem to "JEREVan," smack at Soducena, suggesting that Caiaphas (a Sadducee, probably of the house of BOETHus) descended from Soducena elements in BOEOTia.

Kepke lived on Henry Corson PLACE, and Corsons/Carsons (scimitar), first found in Dumfries with Bullys and "PLACit"-using Rims/Rums/Rome's, use an "Ne m'ouBLIEZ" motto (similar to the Bley-suspect motto of Rus-line Varns and Grahams) while Blaze's were at Blay near Le MOLay. The scimitar is suspect for Schimatari elements, and they include the Mole's from the mole hills of Shake's as well as the Schims sharing the Mole boar head. It was Schim-like Skinners of BOLINGbroke that took us to Guis'/Guido's of Bologna, just before Bolins got suspect as Bologna liners. The Corson/Carson Coat is a good reflection of the Belgian Bole/Bollen/Boleyn Coat (compare with Bolingbroke's). Why do we find more bulls with BOLOGna-like Bullocks/Bollocks (ROXburghshire) while Pollocks almost-certainly connected to the Pasi's of Bologna?

I've not realized, over the past few weeks when seeing the Bolingbroke Crest, that it has a chapeau cap (with feathers). I don't know whether the Bolingbroke's call it a chapeau, but it's owned by Capelli's, first found near Bologna. The Boet-related Buttons/Bidens use it too, as do the Holms with fessewise bars (Chaplain colors) in the colors of the Bole/Bollen fesse.

Ahh, while Bolings are Bowlings too, Italians call their lawn bowling, bocci ball, and Bocci's/BROCato's (recalls the Brock / Brooks link to Bolingbroke) happen to share ears of wheat with the Bole/Bollen/Boller Chief!!! I would say no one but God set up that heraldic link. Brocato's were traced by an God-directed bocci-ball event in my life (age 11) to Brogitarus, high priest of Capelli-like Cybele! This high priest operated at the Sangarius river, which might just be in code with the "SANGuis" motto term of Skinners.

Repeat: "Skinners have a "SANGuis" motto term while Sangers share the BROOK garbs" The Sangarius was also the SAKARius/Sakaria, and Bocci's/Brocato's were first found in Genoa with the Segni's/SEGURana's. The latter share the Este eagle while Este was political with Ferrara, where Capelli's were first found...tending to assure that the Bolingbroke cap is the Capelli chapeau. It recalls that Don Frey (my friend I hadn't seen in two decades) recently left his baseball cap here while Pharisee-like Phreeze's/Freys', who happen to share the courant horse (same colors) with Sangers, can be Ferrara liners. Bollocks/Bollocks share the Vince/Finch motto while Sangars use "vincit" in their motto. As could be expected, Phreeze's/Freys' were first found in Essex with Brooks and Brocks. The Freys/Frys were first found in Wiltshire with Bullis/Bulliards. The line of Alexander Balas could certainly have been at the line of BrogiTARus...whose suffix may have been on "SchimaTARi."

The horizontally-split Shield of German Bolins is colors reversed from the same of Fries'/Freie's. The latter with Freys were probably from the PHRYGians, who lived at the Sangarya. Recall the French fries of the last update, for Phrygians could have named the Franks, and therefore may have been the root of Varangians.

The map below has a DORYlaion location beside Pessinus (downtown Phrygia), and Brogitarus was at Pessinus, which can suggest that ArtemiDOROS, Brogitarus' grandson, may have been named partly after Dorylaion. Amazons of the THEMIScyra (like "ArTEMIS") area can be gleaned at Amisos and Amaseia (like "Maezaei"), and so while the French-fry event was at Sam's restaurant with me, a Maezaei liner, it's notable that Amisos became Samsun. The French-fry event was in a parking lot while I see Parkings/Perkins with the line of Plancia Magna at Perga, where her family attended the Artemis cult in Perga. "ARTEMis" (Amazon goddess) looks like she named ARTEMidoros, and Plancia's father was from Galatia, where Artemidoros ruled. The latter birthed Julia Tyche, suggesting the Ticks/Tucks/Touque's sharing the Skinner griffin head.

I've said over a dozen times: Kepke and I played ping-pong in his basement at Henry Corson place, and Rims/Rums/Rome's have a "PUNGit" motto term for Pings/Pongs/Pungs/Paganells, whose Chief is linkable to that of Pinc-like Panico's, of the Setta valley (Reno tributary) in Bologna. As BENJamites were at the RIMna river, note how they could have named, Pincum, where I trace Pinks/Pincs (Reno lozenges) and Panico's.

It gets important that while Shirts/SHARDs, suspect with the Brick-liner BriquesSART, are in Tancred colors and format, but using red roundels, called the "TORTEAU," while the TOREATAE were a Maeotian tribe too. Shirts/Shards were first found in Cheshire with Post-loving Dons. Compare "Post" to "POSEIDon," or to Poseidon-named locations such as Positano (Campania, Italy), near Neptune-like NAPoliTANo. Shard-like Sardis was on the Hermon-like Hermus river. I think we're back to the Phanagoria topic and Kepoi here.

Gorgons probably named Georgia, and I think Kepoi rated as Georgian territory. "In Greek mythology, Orion was a gigantic, supernaturally strong hunter, born to Euryale, a Gorgon, and Poseidon..." Tyrian Poseidon was related to the Hermes cult at mount Hermon, location of Panias, a Pan worship center. Poseidon was code for Pisidians, and Atlas was code for Attaleia of the Pisidians, which is why Plato made Atlas a son of Poseidon. But others made Orion's father, Hyrieus of Tanagra, in Boeotia, where the Cadmus Tyrians landed. The Greeks called Jerusalem, HIEROsolyma, much like "Hyrieus." I trace "JERusalem" (also called, ZEDEK) to "Jerevan," right at SITTACeni-like Soducena, a perfect term for naming Sadducees. It does appear that God's angry lightning bolt is pointing to this situation.

I've been tracing the heraldic ANTELope to ANTALya, the alternative name of Attaleia, representation of Atlas. It just so happens that Chimneys use the antelope. I also trace the antelope to Les ANDELys (Touques-river area), suggesting that Antalya's Pisidians were there. Again, the Touque/Tuck/Took surname has a motto term that I trace to Miletus, and Wikipedia says that Kepoi (near the Don river) was founded as a Miletian colony. The Scotts have mythology tracing themselves to Miletus elements, and there is a Keppoch branch of MacDONalds, what a Donincidence. Keeps (MacDonald colors) share the "galley" (ship) with MacDonalds. With Millets tracing hard now to Miletus, let's add that the Milay variation of French Millets looks like, Molay.

The Scott surname, looking linkable to Hockeys, even shares the Bolt griffin, which, if this was arranged by God, could mean that MacDonalds were Gogi elements. The Alans from the Don-river area formed the RoxoLANI (Ros-Alans). The Scottish Scott crest shares the brown stag with Boltons. The Scottish Scotts (Roxburghshire, same as Mole's and Googe's) share a Coat with the Terras' in the MacDonald motto, and this could explain, SchimaTARi. German Terras' use Roxolani-line rooks.

Tancreds (share the Bolton chevron) were at Wortley while Wortleys have an "Avito" motto term. Julius Avitus married the daughter of a nephew of Julius AGRIPPa, the line suspect to Griffins. Tancreds have the colors and format of Shirts/Shards while the latter has an "inVIDia" motto term suspect with the Vito's/Vido's/Vio's, and the latter variation could be the reason for the "vi" motto terms of Boltons and Caiaphas-like Chives'.

The idea that Kepoi liners went through Boeotia is new, I think, in this update. It recalls the Cephissus river in Boeotia (another one at neighboring Athens), which I think named mythical Cepheus, like "Caiaphas." Cepheus was the husband of CassiOPEIA, code for Ioppa/Joppa (Israel). Joplins were first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons/HEPburns.

Although I took you to Schims/Schends from the Rolph/Ralph motto, I've yet to comment on the Roofs/Rolphs. The bricks rolled down the roof. Kepke kept a pet rat wile Rats (Rolph/Ralph / Bug colors) were fist found in Nairnshire with Rolphs/Ralphs. English Bugs share the water bouget with Rolphs/Ralphs, and German Bugs share the raven with Roofs/Rolphs and Ralphs. I see raven liners from Gareb-related Rephaites of Jerusalem, and so let's repeat that Keppochs use GARBs. Jerusalem had Amorites, suspect to such things as Mars/More's, they being in the colors and format of Marone's; the latter share the Mole / Googe / Schim/Schend boar.

The lightning struck of Senator Reesors drive, and so I think that, because Reesors'/Reasons (share wolf head in crest with Rush's/Rish's) can be gleaned as a Reesor/Rhys' branch, with the latter, and Rice's, sharing ravens with Roofs/Rolphs, I've got to think that Rize, around the Black-sea corner from Caucasia, in the Thermodon land of Amazons, was a Rosh element. Reesors/Reasons are also RAYsons while Rays/Ree's share the three, white courant animals with Rush's/Rish's (branch of Rosco's/Rusco's/Risco's). Rays/Ree's have another brown Crest, this time a stag that could be of the brown Bolton stag head (in Crest).

The Reesors/Reason wolf head is brown, and the lightning bolt struck beside the home of Bruno, a fellow real-estate agent with my father (same company). The Bruno's were first found in Florence, the line to Ferrands (Yorkshire, same as brown-Crested Chimneys) who in-turn share the vaired patee cross of Reesors/Reasons. The Arms of Reesors/Rhys' and Rice's suddenly look linkable to Touque's/Tucks/Tooks, and the latter's Teague/Teeger branch has another brown wolf head. The "hardi" motto term of Rice's can go to Ardahan elements at Rize. Touque's/Tucks/Tooks, by the way, share the black griffin with Bolts.

The Rees variation of Reesors/Rhys' is listed also with French Rays. It's very hard to know who the Rays originate with, but the Rize > Reesor line good theory. Rayburns use a ROEbuck while Roe's/Rowe's and Rowe's (both first found in Norfolk) look like a branch of the Rove variation of Roofs (Norfolk)! I had forgotten that Rove's are listed with Roofs!!! The bricks rolled down our roof! Suddenly I can see a pointer of God to a John Bolton partnership with Carl Rove. Rove's/Roofs share the raven with Rice's and REESORs/Rhys'! Perfect, for the lightning bolt struck on Senator Reesors drive. I've watched Carl Rove on Fox at times to see if I can spot him feigning Trump support. I can't.

I've seen heraldry all over television productions. The makers of Robin Hood look like they had a friar Tuck because Tucks have a "mea" motto term while Mea's (ravens!) were first found in Nottingham. I kid you not, for as I've said many times, there is a "Sherwood forest" on Senator Reesors drive, the name of Robin Hood's forest in Nottinghamshire. Online: "...57 Senator Reesors Dr, Markham $1699000 ... Unique, Modern Home Backing Onto Sherwood Forest Park."

It's taken me this long to realize that I've been using "bricks ROLLED down the roof" as though Inspired by God, for Rollo the Dane viking was also Rolph! His uncle, Malahule, had the Toeni's of Les ANDELys descended from him, where there were elements to the line to the Chimney anteLOPE (can indicate a wolf line in merger with Andelys elements). Malahule was also the ancestor of the Bessin's rulers, which included Ranulph de BRIQUESsart! Zinger. Plus, the Malls (Cheshire, where Briquessart's son, Meschin, ruled), who have quadrants in colors reversed from the Masseys (Cheshire) in the Brick chief, share the quadrants of LIGHTONs/Leightons (Shropshire, same as Meschins!), whom I had looked up earlier in this discussion as per "LIGHTNing bolt." When I awoke repeating, "No I don't believe in you God," and when the bolt struck, I had "dread shame," which is the motto of Lightons/Leightons! Wow. I've never deciphered that event as well as in this effort, roughly my 5th attempt.

We're not done, for Sherwoods share the Coat of Branch's, and the latter have been suspect with "Avranches." Hugh Lupus (wolf-head symbol!) D'Avranches was a ruler in Cheshire, uncle of Ranulph le Meschin, son of Briquessart! Zikers, God even named the forest on our street for this revelation. The entire, new development was, "Sherwood Estates." I remember the large real-estate sign. The Lupus/Welf/Wolf surname (Cheshire) happens to share the Skin/Skene wolf heads, and that's the Schim/Schien/Schend branch.

There's more. The last update found the crocodile shoes of Zlochevsky, president of Burisma. The heraldic crocodile actually worked into that theme with Cofer Black of Burisma. The only crocodile I know of is that of Irish Deans, a branch of the English Deans who share the giant Dile/Dill lion. Hence, "crocoDILE." The Crocs, with the fesse of Rush's/Rish's and Rosco's/Risco's (= Reesor/Rhys suspects), share the crescent of two Dean surnames, you see. But here I can add that Reesors/Reasons share the giant Dean / Dile/Dill lion too, and the latter surname was first found in Warwickshire with Spoons (!). The latter were looked up as per my friend of the same age (11), Michael Witherspoon, whose home (on Dexter) backed up on Sherwood forest, and it just so happens that Spoons share the giant boar head of Schims/Schends and Mole's/Molle's!!! Eschyna de Molle (way back, roughly in the time of le Meschin) ) married Robert Croc!!!

Irish Deans, the crocodile surname, were first found in Galway with the Teague's/Teegers (friar-Tuck branch, right) sharing the brown wolf head with Reesors/Reasons, and the Galways share the bridge with Roofs/Rove's, what a hoot. Here's from the last update:

Deins/Diane's share the giant lion of DILE's/Dills, explaining "crocoDILE." Lookie: Irish Deans were first found in Galway while Galways share the bridge with the Slock Crest!!! The latter surname is suspect with the Shoe star, and Zloch sells crocodile-skin shoes!

Slock-like Zloch is short for Mr. Zlochevsky, Burisma's president. John Bolton is, right now as I speak, seeking criminally to assist and protect the Bidens et-al from their Burisma woes. One Bridge Coat (crabs) is in Sherwood / Branch colors and format. The other Bridge's have a "gardeRAY" motto term while Irish Gards have a brown wolf, and share the hawk's lure with Cheshire's. The Kent Gards share black griffins with Touque's/TUCKs/Tooks (Kent).

I'm extremely impressed. The last update showed the "praTIS" motto term of the Arms of Rieti, and it's part-purple flag (no symbols, just split in two colors). Prats look like kin of Meschins, and Prat-like Prets (Moray motto), in Cheshire colors and format, share the gold lion paws of Cheshire's while the latter have a purple hawk's lure in Crest. The Meschins married purple-lion Skiptons. The Hawks have purple "pilgrims staves." Masons/Massins share the Moray mermaid.

Hawks have a motto, "Strike," which could be pointed to by the lightning strike. I'd be more keen on that idea if Strike's / Stricks (Meschin scallops) showed linkage to Bolts / Boltons. The interesting thing about the purple pilGRIM staves of Hawks is that Zlochevsky is supposedly a friend of the purple-throne Grimaldi's. The when lightning struck our house, it struck the home of my Masci-line mother with a Grimaldi maiden name, begging why the Revelation dragon woman is dressed in purple. I've always asked, what possibly could Grimaldi's have to do with the anti-Christ. Maybe we should ask some corrupt Ukrainians who love precious stones and jewels. Hawk-beloved Strike's share the giant lion shown for Ranulph le Meschin at his Wikipedia article.

Two years after the lightning strike, we moved to Gormley while Gormleys are Grimes' too. English Grimms/Grime's were first found in Cheshire, no escape, and German Grimms share the quadrants of Otone's/Oltons (Cheshire, no escape).

The Pilgrim surname (scimitar) uses three pilgrim staves in the colors of the three PROCtor nails, a surname possibly from Charax Proculus, the proto-Craig line from a son of Quadratilla Bassus, she being the line to the Bessin (origin of Meschins) though Julia Maesa Bassianus, wife of Julius Avitus. It's notable here that Doors/Dorrs share bees with Bessins/Beastons (Cheshire), for Doriones is a location off of the Utus river (center of dark map at Utun), now the Avitus-suspect Vit. The Nails/Nagle's were at Oneglia, beside the Grimaldi princes of Monaco, where Arduinici married Door-like Doria's. We are Gigen once we are between the Iskar (OSCius) and the Vit, and Oscars have the Gegg/Gigg/Gang cinquefoils in colors reversed.

The Arduinici-Doria marriage is traceable to ArtemiDOROS, ancestor of Quadratilla Bassus. As she proved to have an ending to her first name in connection with Tillers and Tails/Tailers, note that the latter share the pale bar of ESKins/Erskins while ASKins/HESKins (Monaco lion?) have a version of the Hoskin/HASKin Coat! Zinger, that is important, for Eschyna de Molle married crocodile-liner Robert Croc! We have just made another Burisma trace, this time of its president, to the Gigen area of Bulgaria! If you didn't catch it, Hoskins and Askins/Heskins (in the colors of the Oscar chevron) are expected with Eskins to be Iskar-river liners.

By some coincidence or not, Irish Doors/Dorleys were first found in Galway with crocodile Deans. Meschins and Masci's descended from king GALA, probably the line to the Galway-like Gale's in the Nagle nightinGALE. To help prove that Oscars are from the Iskar, the bee-using Dorrs/Dorrs have the split Shield of Hoskins/Haskins in colors reversed. Hoskins look linkable to the Otone's/OLTons (and Odins) expected from the Olt river across the Danube from the Iskar / Vit rivers. The Odin-branch Oddie's have the Nail/Nagle saltire in colors reversed. As there is a Bononia (light map) up the Danube from the Iskar, it probably explains why the Bono's have a Coat like that of Hoskins / Askins / Otone's/Oltons (Cheshire). Compare Hoskins / Askins to Meschin-related Bolingbroke's (Lincolnshire, same as Askins/Heskins).

Bulgers have an "otio" motto term that should be code for an Otto-like surname, especially as Otto's/Otoe's/Auto's share a bull head with Bulgers. Therefore, even Bulgers can trace to the Olt river. It's interesting that the giant bulls heads of Otto's/Auto's and Norwegian Lars' are in the colors of the split Shield of Larrys/Laurie's/Lowrys, in case Lure's are one of its branch's, for Lure's are a sept of Olt-liner and Hold-loving McLeods/Lutts. Holdens share the escutcheon of Allers.

The Lure of the Crocodile Shoes

Rieti was home to the imperial Flavians, and so see them, apparently, in the Cheshire write-up: "At the time of the Roman invasion, the [Cheshire] county formed part of the territory occupied by the Cornovii; in the first division of Britain by the Romans it was included in Britannia Superior, and in their subsequent subdivision became part of FLAVia Caeariensis." The Cornovii were from the Ceraunii Illyrians / Celts, beside the Maezaei. I'm not familiar with the quote above, because I rarely load Cheshire's. It's very important. Lure's (McLeod sept) use the McLeod flag, essentially, and there is a Rieti line to a Flagi/Flavian location of the Pratt-related Fly surname.

God caused me to meet Miss Peare while she sold clothes at REITmans; you can see her traces to Rieti in the last update. I was selling shoes at the time, which will ultimately point to Zloch's crocodile shoes, I can feel it in my boots. "The Zlocci shop [Dnieper river] features collections of flashy men's shoes made from crocodile and caiman skins arranged on two polished marble tables. In 2015, investigative reporters traced the ownership of the business to Zlochevsky."

It's very interesting that French Masseys, now with the Dean/Diane Chief in colors reversed, once showed the same three boots as German Trips, though the latter now show shoes. We see crocodile shoes and crocodile boots in that quote, and one of the Irish Deans/Dene's are the ones with a crocodile while the other Irish Deans/Dene's share the gold wing with Masci's. The lone Lure star is colors reversed from the lone star of Shoe's/Schuchs. The latter have a Knight, and so it best be added that the triple pale bars of Knights are shared by one Role/Roll Coat.

It's a little interesting that his shoes are displayed on marble tables because Marbles and Table's were first found in Cheshire. Table's use "hurts" (blue roundels) while Hurts/Horts (Marble colors) were first found in Oxfordshire with Pasleys having nothing but three fesses in the colors of the three Knight pale bars. In colors reversed, the Pasley Coat is that of Moise's, suspect as a pointer to Igor Kolomoisky, whom some say is the real owner of Burisma. The Table's can be gleaned with king Arthur's round-table symbol, which had knights, and Irish Arthurs use hurts too. Arthurs are of Artois, where the capital is Arras, and the arrow in the Hurt/Hort stag is a symbol of Arrows/Arras'. That's how Arthurian myth and heraldic symbols work, just code for surnames, by the stupids.

My miracle marble shot (2nd update of this month) was at Skye court, and Lure-related McLeods were first found in Skye island. Lure's have one star on the same-colored chevron as the three-star chevron of Whiteys, and the lone Lure star is colors reversed from the lone Shoe star. It makes Lure's look like a natural addition to this Zloch investigation, for things Burisma trace to the Alutus theater. BURRidava on the Alutus could have been the proto-Burry/Buris > Burisma surname. One Burry/Buris Coat shares the three fleur-on-bend of Masci's.

As Lure's are also Clure's while Clore's are with Clare's, it's notable that the latter have three chevrons in the colors of the two of Larins/LAURins/CLARens. The latter are from the Hebrides (location of Skye) along with Laur-like Lure's, and both were first found near to one another. It's a good stab at seeking what Lure's were branched from. Lore's/Laurs/LORETs (Picardy, beside Artois) use a giant black boar. Keep on the look-out for a Loret like name below.

So here's how I see God's plan for this update. He first gets me to emphasize a trace of McLeods/Lutts to the Alutus/Olt river, along with a slew of traces to neighboring rivers, as was done over the past couple of weeks. He then gets me to predict that things-Burisma will point to a Gigen / VIT area on the Bulgarian side of the Danube, just before I share a quote on Whitey Burger (Vit-like first name), at which time the Zlochevsky croc shoes and boots are found too. It seems that God provided bridges with Slocks and with Galways as per the crocodile Deans of Galway, and the Lynch's, first found in Galway, have the Coat of boot-like Bothwells, a surname out of Bute. It could speak of LORetta Lynch (Obama's attorney general), you see, for Loretts/Laretts were first found in Suffolk with Clare's. She replaced the government mobster, Eric HOLDer, you see, an Olt-river liner.

Bothwells use a "boy PULLING down a pine tree," and "RePULLulat" is a motto term of Laurie's/Larrys/Lowrys. Italian Boys are also Boets, i.e. connectable to Bute's/Butts/Boets. Boths/Booths (Yorkshire, same as Pullings/Pullens/Pullys) share the black boar with Lore's/Laurs/LOREts. So, you seem, Loretta Lynch fits this picture so well, we could resolve that God is immersing her to our picture like one tossing a nasty shark into a kidney-shaped pool. Pulls are listed with Pools (same fleur as Burrys/Buris'), and there is no doubt whatsoever that the Pulling/Pullen motto traces to the Colapis/KUPA river, explaining why a giant cup is used by Laurie's/Larrys/Lowrys ("RePULLulat"), for Cups/Cope's/Colps were at COLP. The KIDneys/GEDneys are a branch of Geds on the Nith Dumfries, where Laurie's/Larrys/Lowrys were first found. Kids share a tree with Bothwells.

This update focused on a roof event at Senator Reesors drive that tends to see Rhys liners as Rays. The latter have the ESCARbuncle that was traced well, just two updates ago, to the ISKAR river (Bulgaria) having a mouth on the Danube less than 10 miles from Gigen. It's all right across the Danube from the Olt. I have this new insight now that the Sharks share the Wray Chief-Shield colors. It makes so much sense, especially as Gormleys/Grimms' share the Wray martlets while I'm half-expecting a prophecy-related relationship (like a theory on the back burner) between Zlochevsky and Grimaldi's.

Note that Margys/Mackeys ("Labore"), expected with Margesons/Mackesys, have ravens HANGing on an arrow, for Hangers/Angers and Angers share the escarbuncle with Rays. The Pollets in the Pulling/Pullen motto have a "loyaulte" motto term. The Loyola surname is listed with Lolita's, the name of Epstein's plane. If the Loyola's/Lolita's share the pot or cauldron of Lara's, note the green snakes in the Lara pot, for this Mackesy Coat has the green snake while Mackesys/Margesons have a "Loyalite" motto term. A pot is used by LaBORE-possible Bors'/Bore's. Someone said that mythical Bors is the most-important Arthurian character.

Hangers/Angers were first in Hampshire with BOTTONy-cross Potters, Rich's, Joe's, and Bottons/BIDENs, all beside Poole. Why were Wrays, with an ostRICH, at a Botton location? Is God connecting Christopher Wray to Joe Biden? The Labore's (Yorkshire, same as Richmonds) in the Margy/Mackey motto share the double fesses of RICHmonds, and "labore" is a motto term of Courts/Coverts, first found in Sussex with Mackesys/Margesons.

Margys/Mackeys have the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's. The black and upright wolf is shared between Lara's (I've heard they use a "pot"), Shark-branch Saracens, and Salfords having a version of the Bush Coat, probably because Busca is beside SAluzzo, the line I expect to Sale's (Cheshire, beside Salfords), and thus to "Salford." Saluzzo liners may have been from the royal Seleucids expected to the anti-Christ. There is a Salford in Lancashire (beside Cheshire), and Wrays were first found in Lancashire. Isn't it logical that Christopher Wray is snubbing his nose at Trump's supporters due to being a loyal Bushite? Shouldn't we expect the Margy/Mackey raven to be from the Roofs/Rolphs/ROVE's? Carl Rove was a centerpiece Bushite.

There is no doubt in my mind that God was pointing to Mr. Wray when I moved from Senator Reesors drive to Gormley. Gormley-branch Grimms (both related to Wrays) share the green martlet with English Gards, and the latter share the Chief-Shield colors of Wrays and Sharks. From there we go to the "gardeRAY" motto term of Bridge's that caught my eye, especially because Roofs/Rove's use another bridge. I'll show why a bridge can point to drug dealing later.

As the entire discussion in this update has focused on Cheshire's Meschin liners, from Mr. AVITus to boot, it got me to load Cheshire's to note that they with Gards have the lure, code for the Lure's whom I've seen many times on a list of McLeod septs...along with the Hurls/Haralds/Herods, first found in Argyllshire with Laurins/Clarens. The Herl/Hurls (ducks) share the fesse of Herod-like Hurts/Horts. The mouth of the Alutus is about 20 miles from Gigen, and so if the Lure star is close to the Shoe star, I'd like to know whether the blue one of Shoe's/Schochs is close to the blue Slock star. The per-chance nearness of the latter two can tend to prove that God is using Slocks to point to Zlochevsky.

I had read the description of the Shoe Coat when the Swyrich website was available to me. That old links leads to this webpage, which doesn't allow me to use it. Perhaps only my computer has been blocked from using it, though the page does load for me. The Shoe Coat has a tree on a "WALL," and while Tree's/True's share the white Shoe knight, German Walls have nothing but a pale bar in the colors of nothing-but-a-pale-bar Eskins/Erskins. It seemed that the latter were tracing to the Iskar river, and that's the Gigen area of Bulgaria, where Burisma elements were predicted to be found, and so the Shoe's seem certainly to be a pointer to Zlochevsky's shoes. It's as though God has pointed to this fraud of a man, this fugitive from justice, using heraldic arrangements centuries ago. Why?

We now go back to ESCHYNa de Molle, for Molle's share the Spoon boar head. Repeat from above: "...Reesors/Reasons share the giant Dean / Dile/Dill lion too, and the latter surname was first found in Warwickshire with Spoons (!)." Tree's/True's were first found in Warwickshire too, and Warwicks share the three lions of Eskin-like Hoskins/Haskins and Askins/Heskins (both in the colors of the Pense's/Pincons in the Eskin/Erskin motto). It tends to link or trace crocodile Deans to Bulgaria's Iskar elements, along with my old Reesors street on Sherwood forest. Spoons came to topic from the Witherspoon family backing up on Sherwood forest from Dexter Place. Sherwoods share the stars of Molle-related Schims/Schiens, both sharing the Spoon boar.

As Spoons use a swan, they could be p-version lake-Sevan > Savona / Sabina liners, for the boar heads here trace with Googe's (Roxburghshire, same as Molle's and Walsh's/Walchs) to Gog at lake Sevan. Roxburghs use a single pale bar too, making Walls suspect, with swan-liner Walsh's/Walchs, from Wallachia. The "quam" motto term of Roxburghs and Cambridge's is for a family on the Cam river through Cambridge, and while Cambridge's have swans too, Cams (Warwickshire with Spoons) use pale bars in the colors of the Roxburgh pale bar.

KIM Walsh, Kepke's fiancee at one point, lived on Wooten Way, in a house that backed up on a house on Dexter Place, where Witherspoons lived. That's pretty amazing. Wootens not only share the saltire of the ROXburghshire Walsh's/Walchs, but look connectable by their saltire to Rus-like Rusts/Roosts (Kent, same as Wootens) and the Sinclair Rus. If Spoons are a Spence branch, it's notable that Spence's share "ut" with Rosco-branch Rush's, and the double fesses of crocodile Deans.

Kepke the Ukrainian sold shoes when I did. The Roxolani were on the Dnieper river, where Zlochevsky's shoes are/were displayed. Kepke is suspect with Kiev's namers, and the Dnieper is at Kiev. Trypillians are said by one to have lived at Trypillia, south of Kiev, and Trips use shoes. Is this making sense as a Kepke pointer to Zlochevsky in the midst of mentioning Roxburghs? On the Dnieper by Wikipedia: "Its former name in the Tatar language is Uze..." Uts, Nahor's son, is translated as Uz in English Bible's. Nahorites are expected as the Neuri on the Bug. Same article; "Upstream from Kiev, the Dnieper receives the water of the Pripyat River. This navigable river connects to the Dnieper-Bug canal, the link with the Bug River." Could we expect Roxolani of the Dnieper removed to the Utus/Vit river?

The Dnieper was the Selepitanoi-like Slavuta to the Varangians of Kiev. Keeps are in Alan colors while Alans were in Salop, where Sleeps were first found. Alans share a red fesse with Keppocks. Alan-line Stewarts / Stuarts might possibly share the "galley" ship with Keeps. One Stuart motto has "NOBlis," while Kepke and I (and Miss Ray / Wray) worked at KNOB Hill Farms with Neuri-suspect Mr. Denardo immediately before we both sold shoes. Nobis'/Nobbes' share the Shoe knight, I presume. That's very tidy.

If the Rothchild bend-with-roses is in the Nobis/Nobbes Coat -- Allison BAUER of Knob Hill Farms suggests it is true, as do the Knob arrows -- let's add that Isaiah 10 has the end-time anti-Christ shaking his FIST at Jerusalem once he arrives as far south to NOB. There is a FIST with Poindexters sharing the lone Shoe star. What maketh thee of thateth? It don't look goodeth for Rothchilain monsters and mobsters who guzzle down our collective monies until the dirt poor start lifting cries against them to The Killer in the Sky. He warned the earth from the beginning, but this generation's rich have not ceased building towers into the sky. Trump did not understand because he was blinded by wicked spirits.

To help assure that Lure's (share Galli star) should be in the crocodile-shoe picture, they were first found in Ayrshire and neighboring Galloway. The latter location is said to be related to the naming of Ireland's Galway. Note that crocodile Deans love the Nihill variation of Neils, for German Neils are the Nagle's (share the saltire gale's and Roxburghs) while Irish Nagle's love the Galway-like Gale's. I think it's very interesting here, as a possible pointer to the killers of princess, lady Diana (SPENCer surname), that the motto of crocodile Deans is shared by Deans/Diane's (they share the crescents of Placentia's Deans/Diani's/Degans), who share the Gallus/Gallotti lion. Galli's share the Gay rooster, and Gays were first found in Savoy with the Masseys/Masse's having the Dean/Diane Chief in colors reversed.

Luckily, from the motto of Augers, which is the Lure motto too, I was able to realize that the "agendo" motto term was for elements at EUGANeo (near the Adige river past lake GARDa), which was proven when Lure's were found to share the EUGENE chevron while both surnames have flags. But the potentially great thing about Eugene's is that they have a Dexter-suspect "AuDACITer" motto, for Dexters have double chevrons in the colors of the Lure / Eugene chevrons, and PoinDEXTERs have the lone Shoe star, itself suspect in the Lure chevron. It seems important enough for pointing to John B. Poindexter, suspect as a willing accomplice with the murder of judge Scalia. The "esquire" helmet of Poindexters can be for a branch of Squire's/Squirrels sharing red squirrel with Dexter-like Decks/Deckers/Daggers.

To help prove that Dexters are to be pointed to, they share the fist of FAUSTs/Fists while Lure-related McLeods have a motto, "Hold FAST." Fasts and their Falstaff branch were first found in Norfolk with Roofs/Rove's (share raven with Rave's). What could it mean if God arranged the Poindexters to have the split Shield of GROCE's in colors reversed, while the Crocs were also CROCE's??? Robert Croc was also Mr. Croce, and his family named a Croce-like entity at Renfrewshire, where Pollocks (and ESKINs/ErSKINs) were first found who have an "Audacter" motto term. It's tending to verify that the "Audaciter" of Eugene's is for Dexters liners. As Dexters use so-called "weights" in their Crest, it explains why the Dexter chevron is also the Whitey chevron, for Weights are listed with White / Wight liners! Bingo. Whitey Burger!

The thing is, Dexters use weight SCALES, and they were probably called such initially by Weight liners, until a Dexter family just dropped the "scale" part for being too distant from the Scale liner that Weights had married. While German Trips use both shoes and boots, English Trips use the SCALING ladder probably because they loved, or were closely related to, ladder-using Scalia's/Scalise's (Tuscany, same as Massa-Carrara). The "AUDaciter" motto of Eugene's (expected as Lure kin) should be for Aude's (Roxburgh kin) with variations like the Oddie's who in turn share the saltire in the flag of Eugene's. Aude's were first found in Savoy with the Masseys/Masse's once showing the very same three boots as German Trips. Masseys/MASSE's now show a tree, the Shoe symbol too, and I sold shoes.

In the midst of this Zlochevsky investigation, there's a question right here on whether Igor KoloMOISKy is a Mosca liner, for Mosca's can be connected to shoe-liner Masse's. They are saying that Kolomoisky is in cahoots with Zlochevsky. Mosca's were first found at Pisa, beside MASSa-Carrara. Massai's were first found nearby at Lucca. Massa-Carrara was owned by MalaSPINA's while Spine's were first found in Warwickshire with Spoons. Michael WitherSPOON, lived on AuDACITER-suspect Dexter PLACE. Did God arrange the ending of that crescent? Place's/Plaise's (could be the Dean/Diane / Dile/Dill lion) are suspect with "Placentia," where Deans/Diani's (crocodile-Dean branch) were first found whose crescents are colors reversed from those of Masseys/Masse's. Placentia has a Le Mose area, and Mose's have a Mr. Mosce in their write-up. Moses' (with the final 's') are Moesens while Moise's are also Moisens (Burgundy, same as Messeys/Messier's). .

I am reminded that the anti-Christ is predicted to be a mouse liner, and that the only heraldic mouse I know of is from Misls/Meisels, with perhaps the bend of Slocks closely. Misls/Meisels share quadrants with Moise's/Moisens, and the same two quadrants of each have white-on-red items. Someone created a Maisy Mouse cartoon character, and Misls/Meisels are also MAISels.

Moise's/Moisens have triple fesses, those of English Pasleys in colors reversed. Pasleys are expected with Paisleys from the Pasi's/Pace's of Italian Bononia, and it just so happens that the Cheshire Pace's have a Shield in the purple color of the Grimaldi throne. Paisleys were from Renfrewshire with the Eskins/Erskins in turn sharing the German Wall Coat while Shoe's use a wall. Incredible: Pasleys were first found in Berkshire with boot-using Boots! That is actually a stunning surprise.

Skin-branch Schims/Schends share the Molle boar head, suggesting that "ErSKIN" is possibly play on Skins. SHIN-bone Newtons can have the saltire of two Frank / Pollock surnames while German Franks were first found in Bohemia, named after Boii of Italy's BONonia. Eskin-suspect Eschyna de Molle married Robert Croc, and her daughter married Robert Pollock, the second Pollock. Recall that Iskar-river suspects, Hoskins/Haskins and Askins/Heskins, had a Coat like the Bono Coat, suspect with Bononia not far up the Danube from the Iskar and the Vit. The Newton shin BONEs can apply. The Whitey-like Whitteys were first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohums.

I almost missed it: the lightning struck the chimney and sent bricks down the SHINGLE's, and then Single's/Singletarys share the antelope in Crest with Chimneys (one chevron colors reversed from the three of Single's/Singletary. What could it mean if God arranged the latter's Coat to reflect a Croc Coat? Jonathan Singletary, in Obama's ancestry, changed his surname to Dunham, the line to the Dunham surname of Obama's mother. Her grandmother was Miss Armour while Armours have the same chevron as Lure's / Eugene's, only the Armours apply three stars on the chevron so that it's exactly the Whitey chevron-with stars. It seems that the lawless Obama, who acts like a lamb, is being included in the lightning-strike pointers. DUNhams could have been DANube liners.

This is a good time to recall that Derbys have the antelope design of Chimneys, for the Derby motto uses "UTcunque" while the Vit river is the old UTus. FIELDs have the three Derby garbs in colors reversed, and Singletarys were at FYLDE. It should be added that Fylde's share the Shake chevron while Shake's use MOLE hills, which is why it became more certain that Schims/Schiens (share Mole boar head) were Shake-like Shechemites from Schimatari.

The Singletary Coat is a reflection of one Bridge Coat. The latter shares "Je" with Eskins/Erskins (and Mose's), and a white tower in Crest with Lure's. Bridge-using Slocks have a bend in the colors of the same of Je-like Jays, and Jays use Roxolani-line roses. Jays were of De Gai, which can be of the Galli-related Gays because they are from king Gaia/Gala. Gays were first found in Savoy with the related, shoe-liner and Masseys/Masse's!!! That's the first compelling indication that Slocks can be a pointer to Zloch's shoes. OH WOW, Slocks/Slacks can now be identified as Sellicks because they were first found in Herefordshire with Jays.

English Guys can play here because they can be gleaned with a version of the Kemmis/Kenys Coat while both were first found in Gloucestershire. The Kemmis/Kenys have three fesses in red, as do the Pasleys now acting as a pointer to Zloch along with Boots. The two were first found near the first-known English Gays (Oxfordshire), whose Coat is a not-bad reflection of the Jopps/Jupps/Jobs while Joplins/Joblins have the same star as Shoe's. It's quite impressive because Joplins/Joblins are expected with the Jeffersons/Jepsons, first found in Herefordshire with Jays. As the Gaia/Gala line goes to Messeys/Messier's (Burgundy, same as Moise's/Moisens), the Jefferson saltire can be that of Messeys/Messier's (in colors reversed). English Gays (Messey/Messier colors) are said to have named Gaye in Manche, where Masseys/Maceys were from.

One can see how the white Shield of Jopps/Jupps/Jobs could contribute to make the English Gay Coat a colors-reversed version of the Mars' (Burgundy, same as Messeys/Messier's), expected to the Mercians, for the latter's flag is the Messey/Messier Coat. Mercians were, therefore, from the Gaia Numidians. But this Gay Coat is exactly in the colors and format of the Rollo Coat while one Role/Rolleau/Rolle Coat shares the three pale bars of Shoe-beloved Knights.

Deans were first found in Sussex with Dans and could be Danube-river liners to the Rollo Danes. The bricks ROLLed down the roof, and Rollo was also called by the Rolph variation of Roofs. Here's what was just inserted into the last update: "I can't think of any other surname with a blue eagle [found one in the Crest of Bristols the following week, and Bristols were loaded as per the Irish Dean write-up: "According to Hardiman, the name came from England when William Den of Bristol arrived in Galway." Irish Deans are big shortly below]" Blue eagle heads were found with Jopps/Jupps/Jobs (share Armour / Whitey / Lure chevron), and Joplins/Joblins are the ones with the three Shoe stars in Chief in the colors of the three Bulgar trefoils in Chief. TREFoils are part-code for the Treff variation of shoe-using Trips. Bristols are interesting for sharing the crescents of hoods in a CRAIG-like Coat. God pointed my JEEP's hood to Groce's/GREGGs/GRAGGS, you see, and Craigie's share these gold-on-black crescents too.

There's a very good chance that BRIStols were a branch of Brick-branch Brests/Brix's/BRISons, which recalls that Brest is little more than five miles from Gigen. Just a reminder: Bag-related Geggs/Giggs/Gangs have cinquefoils in the colors of the Bulger trefoils. The Brest/Brix lozenges are in the colors of the DanBRIDGE and ADley mascles (hollow lozenges), and Danube-possible Danbridge's have an "ADversis" motto term. I crossed the Adleys, Hadleys and Hatleys while on Atlas'/Atleys in the last update. You might say, "aha, John, you were wrong in deciphering the "ad" motto term with Ada of Warenne." But, no, Bristols were first found in Surrey with her father.

Danbridge's beg whether Bridge's were from proto-Brigantians on the Danube, which makes absolute sense in that the Argonautica myth traced the Argo ship, with Aeetes-branch Colchians, up the Danube. Colchians under Aeetes were of Attis, the Phrygian sun god, and Phrygians were also called, Briges'/Brigians! Look at how excellently the people group reflects "Brix"!!! The brix rolled down my roof. Plus, I have traced "lozenge" to Lazona of the Lazi Colchians. They lived on the old Glaucus river that the Argo ship had to sail up in order to seize Aeetes' golden fleece, at Kutaisi, a term related to the HATTusa location of the Attis-representing Hatti (evokes Hatleys, etc.) The Hatti were probably in Derbe, the proto Derbyshire, and we just saw the GARBs of Derbys while mount GAREB is suspect with Rephaites to the ravens of Roofs and Rice's / Reesors/Rhys'. Bridge's use CRABs.

It just can't be a coincidence that bridge-using Galways have a cat as well as the motto of the Keith Catti of HADDington! The SETANtii Brigantians are thus doubly expected to be of the Seatons/Sittens, first found in East Lothian with Keiths. The Seaton/Sitton dragon should be in the Jopp/Jupp Crest.

Amazingly, the crescents of Danbridge-like Tunbridge's (and Saracens) are colors reversed from the BRIStol crescents. Danbridge's were first found in Cheshire while Cheshire's Meschins married Clare's of Tunbridge. Bridge-like Bride's and Brights are kin of Cheshire's Maceys. Danbridge's share the lozenges of Spinks, and Spinks have eagles in the colors of the eagle wings of the Galway Deins, which, in colors reversed, is the eagle of Bristols. Thus Danbridge's and Tunbridge's may have been Dean / Dan / Dien branches, and here we can repeat that Diens (white Masci wing) are also Dives; while Chester, the old Cheshire capital, was also, Diva. Masci's also show a gold wing, the color of the Danbridge wing, and of course the Danbridge mascles are for Meschin liners.

So, I can only think of two blue eagles off hand, those of Bristols and Jopps/Jupps, but it just so happens that I trace Brix / Brison liners to Brescia, and further east to the Breuci of the JAPodes theater. Can't argue with that. The Breuci rolled down my roof. Jopps/Jupps are in Bruce-lion colors. Jopps/Jupps (Leslie colors) share the buckle with Leslie's, from Lesce, right beside the Breuci and the LATOvici that I traced to Leightons/LATONs...who came up as LIGHTONs (dragon in Crest) as per the lightning strike. That strike was looking like God's symbol for his Gogi / Meshech enemies at Armageddon. There was a seven-headed LATON dragon in Syria that was likely the theme of the seven-headed revelation dragon, the dragon of Armageddon.

Ask: will the anti-Christ rise up out of Ukraine's Democrat supporters, from the Soros circle and company? This could happen even after the death of Soros, for the program will continue, as it's supported by NATO and the Atlantic Council, and no doubt the Council of Foreign Relations too.

Seatons/Sittens (green dragon to match the green Leslie griffin) were at Say, and the Says (Shropshire, same as Leightons/Latons) share the Leighton/Laton quadrants. Leslie's have a Coat reflecting the one of Burrys/BURIS'. The "shame" motto term of Leightons/Latons could be for the Same variation of Sams, first found in Essex with a Leyton location. Samsons were first found in Gloucestershire with LATE's. That works. "Dread shame" could be for Drydens having variations like those of Dragons/DRAYners (= Pendragon elements).

The "AdVERSis" motto term of Danbridge's is going to link to such things as Vers'/Vairs sharing the Dan checks, and to the Vire river of Vere's, and therefore to the "VIREscit" motto term of Breuci-like Brocks, a branch of SPHINX-using Procops/Brocuffs, tending to clinch the sphinx with Spinks because Danbridge's share the SPINK lozenges. The Hips', sharing the gold sphinx with Brocuffs, are suspect from the Hypsas river at ACRAGas, where I trace the Craigs having a white-crescent version of the Bristol fesse.

I know the Croce's/Cross' to have a stork in Crest, and it's the same white bird in the Crest of the Adleys who in turn share the Danbridge mascles. An Irish branch of CROCodile Deans are said to be from Bristol, and I do trace CROCE's to mythical Creusa (mother of Romans) at Acragas (Agrigento). Bristols use a version of the Craig Coat. As the crocodile Deans have proven to be a pointer to Zlochevsky's crocodile shoes, note how Shoe's have Skeoch-like variations, for Croce's share the potent cross with Brocuffs and the Skits/SKEOCHs suspect in "vireSCIT" motto term of Brocks. That motto term can be read also as VIREScit," and Vires'/Verone's happen to have the Coat of Lynch's, first found in Galway with crocodile Deans.

Crocodile Dundee just came to mind, and, WOW, as Kids were first found in Dundee while having the Slock stars in colors reversed, might the kids jumping on the yellow mattress, in a fake (money-laundering) store, be a pointer to Zlochevsky? The kids belonged to a Michael who's a pointer to the Procop variation of Brocuffs, namely to Procopia, wife of emperor Michael Rangabe. The latter's granddaughter (Melissena) touches upon Anjou in some way, where Broc of the Brocks is located.

I'd like to remind that Slocks have a bridge while Bridge's have a Coat in the colors and format of Sherwoods. The Sherwood forest on Senator Reesors drive was originally mentioned because the home of a friend (13 years of age) backed onto it. He was Mr. Powell. About my age of 20, I heard that he had been thrown off a bridge on a drug deal gone bad. Zlochevsky and Hunter Biden in the drug trade?

Roof-connectable German Rave's use ravens while I trace the raven-banner Vikings, of the STOUT family, to STUTTgart on the Neckar river (Germany), explaining why German Neckers have one pale bar only in the colors of the one-pale-bar-only formed by the three swords of English Rave's/Rawle's/Ralls (Roll / Role / Rowell branch?). Perfect. It links the Stout vikings to Sword liner, Siward of Northumberland. The three swords are in the colors of the three Rallings/Rawlings swords. I trace Swords to Serdica, beside the Dunax mountain on the light map (upper Hebros). This should explain why "disce pati" is a motto phrase both of Dunax-liner Duncans, and the Rallings/Rawlings. It should also explain why Siward of Northumberland defeated king MacBeth while the latter had killed king Duncan.

I now recall that I was given a kitten by a woman whose RAILING I was re-finishing. I named the kitten, Sassy, though God arranged this name because Sassys/Saucers share the Saracen head with cat-using Cetins/Cattans, from the Cetina/Tilurius river, the line also to TAILS/Tailers and Tillers (they share the same lion, which should be the Roof/Rolph lion too). It explains why God caused Sassy to SUCK her TAIL routinely as an adult cat. The point here is that the railing can now be gleaned as pointing to the Rallings / Rave/Rawles' line...probably for the reason of connecting them to Tilurius-river liners.

As Rallings/Rawlings were at Furness, it explains why their swords are shared by Barrows of neighboring Barrow, and why the latter have a "PARum" motto term for the Furness-related Parrs. I can glean that the saltire formed by Barrows is related closely to Haldens (East Lothian), from Oda of Haldensleben, wife of Mieszko I. I can also glean that the Barrow swords in saltire are those of Feschs (suspect as Fix/Fick kin) as per the "sufFICit" motto term of Barrows (Haldens use "SUFFer). The Rallings/Rawling motto is linkable to the Chester motto, explaining why Barrows have Chester Abbey in their write-up. As the Meschin earls of Chester married Skiptons, in Craven along with Banks, it explains why Banks, said to be of Craven, share the fleur-de-lys of Barrows. As the Meschin-married Skiptons were RUMillys, it can explain the "PaRUM" motto term of Barrows. MalBANKs were first found in Northumberland. The Malbancs are in the write-up of Malls who share the LIGHTON/Leighton quadrants.

I'm going to come back to the pants of Lorraine below, and so note that while those pants link hard to BAR-le-Duc, we just saw Barrows. Her pants pointed to Panters, who have so-called "spur ROWELLs," and we just saw Barrows as kin of RAWLings. Lorraine's use the Piast eagle because the wife of Mieszko II (Piast dynasty) was of Lorraine. Dobys can be of Dobers (Halden griffin head) I link to DOBRawa, another wife of Mieszko I, and the helmet of Dobys ("MAGNO") is colors reversed from the ROWELL/Roswell/Rothwell helmets. Plancia MAGNA is a line to Pollocks (Renfrewshire, same as Dobys) through Vespasia Polla. The line of the latter's son (4th, 5th and 6th heads) is expected in the end-time anti-Christ, according to seven heads of Revelation 17.

I recall linking Haldens to Holders (the two share gold griffins while Griffins of Pomerania were Mieszko kin), explaining the Hold- / Aude/Ode-like Oda name of Mieszko's wife. Holdens (Piast eagles in colors reversed) have an escutcheon colors reversed from the three of Doby- / Dober-like Dube's/Dubbers. Dobermans were first found in Pomerania. I'm going to guess that the Doberman griffin is close to the same-colored one of Lauders/Letters, for I think they are from Lotharingia, (Lorraine), home of Richeza, wife of Mieszko II.

Trump Betrays Israel This Week

There you go. In return for a capital at Jerusalem, and some help against Iran, Trump is now demanding a Palestinian state in Bibi's presence. Note that the camera is not on Bibi as Trump speaks these things. Trump is saying "my vision" as though he owns Israel and the PLO. Trump's vision includes a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem, where Old Jerusalem sits with its Temple Mount (two miles from Nob). Trump didn't ask Jesus for permission to implement this "vision", did he? He has been planning this with the same liberals / Bushites who tried to force it down Israel's throat for the last two decades.

Bibi comes into camera view at 20 minutes. For the past 20 years, many of them under Bibi, the Israelis have tried to work disaster on the "peace plan" while acting as though they are for it. What will Trump do to Israel if it doesn't obey him? Will the CIA now work to topple Bibi? is that why he's been in court for a while now? has he been framed for a crime he didn't commit? How long has Trump been discussing this with the CIA? Is this why he chose Haspel to lead the CIA? The United States has just become a stench in God's nostrils. It's a good prediction that the United States will abandon Israel to her Muslim enemies at the appointed time.

Bibi comes on at 26 minutes. I've been wondering whether Trump sprung this two-state "solution" on Bibi only during his side of the speaking, and not before tonight? I'm wondering if Bibi is trying to formulate his words of response as he gives niceties to the audience, not really knowing what to say. If he hasn't known about this before tonight, he's going to act like he likes the idea. If he knew of it before tonight, he's going to act like he likes the idea. But Bibi cares not for a Palestinian state, and views it as Israel's looming threat in due time.

Bibi knows the plan can never work because the Palestinians won't go for it. Nothing has changed, it's the same old the same old under Trump. Bibi is acting, he's acting, he's acting. What he really wants to say is, Trump go home. It shouldn't take long for Pompeo and Trump's family to realize, if hey haven't already, that Netanyahu is not on board.

See this article of a few months ago:

Benjamin Netanyahu is learning the hard way that Donald Trump is a fair-weather friend...But after Bibi appeared to suffer a stinging loss in the Israeli elections this week, Trump did what he always does when his buds fall on tough times and can no longer benefit him personally: He distanced himself from his embattled friend, appearing to downplay a relationship that Netanyahu made central to his reelection pitch to voters.

“Our relations are with Israel,” Trump told reporters Wednesday, deemphasizing Netanyahu’s significance to the alliance after the prime minister failed to establish a conservative majority. “So we’ll see what happens.”

If that's framed correctly, it makes me wonder whether the CIA and its social engineers attempted to topple Netanyahu in favor of a new leader who would be more genuine toward a Palestinian state. This event tonight may have taken this long to perform because Netanyahu's fate had been in the balance since the article above. Theory: the Pompeo team was waiting, with Trump in approval, hoping to see Bibi lose and go away. I noted that Trump looked dismal as Netanyahu spoke. As in all Trump rallies, be wise, never hear what the face-value words say; expect the truth to be the opposite of what's being said at least half of the times. Politics is the science and art of deception, Trump included.

The Republican party learned the hard way how it lost to Obama by abandoning Christians, but Trump knows it. So, he appeals to Christians deceptively. He tells them what they want to hear. But this Palestinian peace plan is not what Christians want to hear. Why would Trump jeopardize the election like this? The better question: why would Christians allow themselves to be deceived like this, to be used? It's filthy. Trump waits to hear what Christians care about the most, and he'll promise them exactly that, and then deliver a tenth of what he promises. The Republicans now know that can't promise only to deliver nothing, so they will promise and deliver 10 or 20 percent, then feign like they just couldn't get the rest done for this reason or that, but maybe next election they'll get it done i.e. another carrot on a stick. You can't treat God's people like this and go unscathed; both parties can be under a curse as in they reap what they sow.

It wasn't until late December that Netanyahu was assured the retention of power until a new election this March, and I think he's got the numbers to win it.

Perhaps Trump's plan was to grant Israel a few key gifts, then move in and practically demand, "okay, now it's your turn to do what I want for a Palestinian state." I'm not yet sure what this deal is. Bibi said that the Israel border will be the Jordan river, meaning that the entire West Bank (Palestinian territory) stays under Israeli sovereignty. But I don't know if this is only for the next few years until the Palestinian state is formed, or whether it's a permanent part of the plan. If it's part of the plan, then Trump's Palestinian state is a mere province within Israel.

If I hear the Palestinians correctly, they want all of Jerusalem, both east and west, as their capital. Thus, fulfillment of prophecy, wherein the anti-Christ invades Jerusalem specifically, in still in the framework of current events. How did the prophets know that it would turn out this way?

I Slept in a Tent with Mamie

Back to Mamie, whom I met on my last night with Lorraine, for a new find to see where it leads this time, knowing now that her breast symbol, verified by the Mamesfelde location of Mansfields, can point to Brest near Gigen and/or Brest of the Bug river (Ukraine) of Nahorite-line Neuri. I'll show you why it points to the Brest on Bug.

As was said, my last moment with Lorraine was when I caught her returning home with a married man with a grass stain on her pants, about an hour after I left Mamie's party, where I danced with the latter, that being our first-ever meeting together. For this discussion, it's important that Lorraine had a bus symbol while pointing hard to Pepin of Landen in multiple ways. Her pants pointed to Pansys/Pantzers because Bar-le-DUC, in Lorraine, had a pansy in its Arms while Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with DUCK, indicating that Bars had merged with Ducks to form, Bar-le-Duc. Lorraine is between the Moselle and Maas/Meuse rivers, and flows through Metz, home of Itta, wife of Pepin of Landen.

I asked Lorraine out on my 24th BIRTHday, at her BUS STOP, and Stops/Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire with their Pipe kin, a branch of Pepins who both use CAMELs as code for the line of Kemuel, third-listed son of Nahor, brother of the Biblical Abraham. Nahor's second son, Buz, is thus expected with Bus', and pointed to by the bus stop, suggesting the possibility that Buz-line Nahorites were at Stobi and/or AstiBUS, two Paionian cities next to MOESIA, the land that looks like it named the Meuse and Little Meuse (Moselle) rivers. It's all very logical.

I had never conversed with Lorraine prior to my 24th BIRTHday; the latter is expected as a pointer to Berthe, wife of Mummolin, who ruled out of Chalons-sur-Marne not far west of the Lorraine part of the Meuse. The new find here today is the Mosel Coat, almost like that of English BUSH's, and sharing the black boar head with Babons, the latter first found in Suffolk with Mosels. Perfect, for while MAMIE seems like a pointer to MUMmolin too, one of his sons was Babon. What we are seeing here is that God provided Lorraine and Mamie as back-to-back ladyfriends for pointing to common things, even the line of Abraham and his brother.

The Meuse surname shares six pale BARs with a slew of surnames from Pepin of Landen, including the Landens/Landers and Langleys. We could fathom that a line of Pepinids also morphed to six fessewise BARs, such as are used by Babon-like Babe's. Lorraine was given a Babe symbol. Pepin of Landen was a chief of the Merovingians, and Mummolin was a Merovingian ruler such as to have been very connectable to Pepins. The Meuse enters Belgium, location of Landen, where it's called the Maas.

Okay, so you now have a lot of the background information, so let's go again to the Mosel surname, looking a lot like the Bus-like Bush/BUSCH Coat, and then the Bosco's have "tufts of grass" on their pillars while Lorraine had the GRASS stain on her pants as a part-pointer to Pansys/Pantzers and likely also the Panters sharing "spur rowells" with Payens/PAIONs, suggesting the Paeoni/PAIONi people group who lived at AstiBUS and Stobi. Again, Stubbs are Stops too, and I asked Lorraine out at her BUS STOP. That event not only pointed to Berthe and Mummolin, but to Pepin of Landen, for Landens are also LANDERs, like "LAUNDRoMAT." You can see that the latter term is God's pointer both to METZ and Pepin of Landen; it's brilliant.

I was riding my bicycle one day, when I spotted blonde-beauty Lorraine at her bus stop. I had seen her there a few times before, and being very attractive, I decided on this day, on the spur of the seconds-long opportunity, to ride up to her to say hello for the first time. I wanted to ask her out, but wasn't prepared. I had no plan, and so when she agreed (my heart my heart), the only thing that came to mind for a meeting place was the laundromat, for I had planned to do laundry later that day. And so she met me at the laundromat that evening. It's brilliant. The laundromat was at the corner of Yonge and LEVENdale, and Levens happen to use elephant heads, a code, I feel sure, from the Edomite line of Eliphas, son of Esau.

Do you see how brilliant that set-up was on God's part? Esau ruled Edom at BOZrah, looking like Buz could have named it, for Esau was a grandson of Abraham, and therefore a removed cousin of Buz. It gets better, for while the Eliphas-like Elaphiti islands are beside the Ragusa of the Saraca's, that's to whom I trace the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/Buschs/BUSHERs and Boschs. Plus, incredibly, lest we think that Israelites are involved in this Set-up, Wikipedia tells that Saraca's (it uses "Saraka") of Ragusa were first at KOTOR, a location I can trace to "KETURA," the other wife of Abraham that did not provide Israelites. It just so happens that while Lorraine pointed to Bus' and the tufts of grass of Bosco's, English Bushers, a term like "BOZRah," were first found in Dorset with Babe's. It appears that there was an Edomite tribe named after Bozrah that eventually named the Bush's and Bus', and we could assume tentatively that they named the Buzau river of the Cotesii, noting that Coats'/Cotes' have the six pale bars expected of Pepin-of-Landen liners.

So, Babon, son of Berthe(day), to so speak, was to the Babe's, and Babons (same place as Mosels) share the black boar both with Bush's/Buschs and the Mosels suspect from Lorraine's Moselle river. The book of Enoch, one I do not respect as Inspired text, nevertheless tells that the black boar was anciently a symbol of Edom. Somehow, this theme wormed its way to Bush (and Both/Booth) heraldry probably because the surname was from Bozrah. If the Masseys/Mass' were Maas-river liners, we could add that Eliphas-line Edomites could have been on that river because BOTHwell-related OLIPHANTs share their crescents. As I suspect the line of Abraham and Keturah to be to the BRAMtons, their double lions in pale are going to become a topic right now, and so we can start with the double lions in pale of the Voirs in the Oliphant motto. It just so happens that the Voir lion is also that of Nahor-suspect Norths and Massey-branch Maschi's. The Scottish Mars, expected with the earl of Mar beside the first-known Oliphants, come up as "Maas," I wonder why. The Mars/Maas happen to have double lions in pale. The double lions in pale of Bramtons are in the colors of the Bos/Bosch/Bush lion, and the latter happen to share blue billets with Mose's/Moss', and the latter share a patee cross (different color) with the Metz Chief. The Metz patees are shared (same colors) with Ceraunii-line Crauns/Crane's while Massey liners were from the Maezaei peoples, right beside the Ceraunii.

Crauns/Crane's, of the same line as crane-using Sharks, were first found in Suffolk with Mosels. The Shark TREFoils are partly for Treffs/Trips, from south of Kiev, home of the Budini, and Budva is smack at Kotor, home of Shark-line Saraca's. Good one, probably the best-ever trace of Budini to Budva (ancient Butua), a likely line to Butts. The Shark treFOILS are also for RoqueFEUIL liners (without doubt, evidence is ample), and while Roxolani did live amid Trypillians, they are expected from Rosh in the area of Rize, the line likely, with evidence, to Rhizon, smack at Butua! Good one, and Reesors/Reasons use a patee cross on red too. If "Roquefeuil" was a Roque/Rock merger with Fullers (share Hros-suspect horse with Roxburghs), note that the latter have the triple fesses colors reversed from the same of Meuse-like Moise's. The Fuller Coat is also that of English Pasleys, first found Berkshire with Boots.

Meuse's have the Craun patees, and the Meuse region has Metz while the Metz Coat has a so-called ORB while Ceraunii were on the URBanus river.

The sleeping bag traces with Sleeps to the SELEPITANoi, who may have named the CLAPTAN variation of Claptons, and one Clapton Coat no longer showing (last time I checked) as the Craun / Metz patee. Clapton shave a wolf head half blue, which can be connectable to the blue wolf in the Arms of Placentia, for Le MOSE is in Placentia, and Mose's/Moss' have a patee cross too. Pepin, with his wife from Metz, I'm assuming, gave birth to Bag-like Begga. Begs (capital 'A' likely for Arnulf of Metz) might just be with the Mass'/Masseys (once showed boots) crescents in colors reversed. Messeys/Messier's have the flag of Mercia while Mercys/Maisys have a dragon head in the two colors of the Claptan wolf head. The dragon head indicates that the Mercy/Maisey Coat (Potter Coat in colors reversed) is related to the Dragon/Drayner Coat.

Lorraine and I MET at a laundroMAT at Levendale and Yonge, while Yonge's were from the Una/Oeneus river of the Maezaei. Elephant-head Levens can be expected with Jewish Levi's/Levine's, who likewise have double lions in pale. The Mass/Massey Coat uses both the Oliphant crescents and "a tree without LEAVES," code for the Laevi on the Ticino. Lorraine's Babe symbol traced exactly to the Leavells and the Ticino Laevi. That's one reason to help convince me that Pepins named Papia/Pavia, co-founded by Laevi and the Mercian-suspect Marici. French Mars were first found in Burgundy with the Messeys/Messier's who use the flag of Mercia. There's a Levite-line pattern here.

About an hour before Lorraine came to her home with a grass stain in my presence, I had danced with Mamie in her living room, and Livings are listed with Leven-like Levins. The Dance's were of the royal Cottians for a trace back to the Buzau.

[Insert -- If she was ROLLing in the grass with that married man (his wife was at place with me), note that one Role/Rolle Chief is a cross version of the Living/Levin Chief, while the other Role's/Rolls have a dancette. From this we can glean the spur ROWELLS (!!!) of PANTers!!! That's new right here, and it just makes absolute sense for a stain on her white PANTs. She had the couple for dinner, and is not expected to have put white pants on with a long green streak at the rear of her butt-thigh area. OH WOW, the Rowells have three besants on black chevrons, like the three besants on the black dancette of Role's/Rolls!!!

When I arrived to her place, the wife was there to let me in, though we waited on the BALCONy (mid July). This is new right here: Balcons have a good reflection of the Italian Botter Coat (once shown with a normal, straight bend), and they are suspect from the BUTTeri cowboys while Lorraine came home with a stain on her BUTT. The wife told me that Lorraine and her husband were out on a WALK. It was probably after 10 pm. English Walkers use a "magna" motto term while Rollings use "magnus." It really looks like they were rolling in the grass. Walks share the fleur-de-lys of Parkings/Perkins, whom I always link to Plancia MAGNA. Botters are Cato/Chattan kin, and Porcius Cato is suspect to black-boar Porcia's. That works.

Butts are listed with a branch of Buttons/Bidens, the latter first found in Hampshire with English Botters/Budins.

OH WOW, hold on to your backsides. Later in this update, BOSOMs/BOSHAMs brought Bushams/Byrams to topic with hedgeHOGs in Bush colors, and in near-Bush/Busch format. There a lot in this, such a surprise. First, ROLLo's share the black boar with Bushams/Byrams, Hogs and Bush's/Buschs! Therefore, let's repeat that Bosco's have "tufts of grass," since she had a grass stain at her butt (Tufts can be linked to SHERwoods via Wears to the Wear river at Durham). Then, if they were rolling in the grass, it could have been behind a bush or a hedge! HEDGEhogs!!! Plus, as I've said many times, I POINTed to her butt the second I saw this grass stain (ended the relationship), and "points" is a motto term of Busham/Byrams!!! It can't get any better than that...unless it's true that bosoms can be both the female breasts or the butt. God brilliantly conformed the heraldic connections to harmonize with, or describe, that event.

There is a GRASShopper in the Crest of Grisham/GRESSams, in Busham/Byram colors in format. Just to say.

MORE JOY. Bushams/Byrams were at Brotherton (Yorkshire, same as Walkers and Bush's), and Brothertons share the three lions in pale of English Plantagenets (same Coats exactly). French Plantagenets are also PLANQUE's while the "magna" motto term of Walkers is expected with PLANCIA Magna, the line to those Plaque's without doubt. Walkers share the annulets of Irish Barone's while Bushams/Byrams are also Berone's, and the Barone's not only share "fortuna" with Rollo's, but their blue boar. Incredible. She went for a walk, then rolled in the grass with a married man.

The Plantagenet/Planque patee is colors reversed from the same of Meuse's. Walkers are from Wallachia, and the Cabbage's in the cabbages of the Plantagenet/Planque Chief love Angusta, which, I think (see two updates ago), is the modern BUDEStu in/near Wallachia, a possible Butt line. Irish Barone's share annulets on a saltire with Walsh's/Walchs, but in the colors of the Walker annulets.

Bushams may have been Bush's married to Brian liners who came to call themselves Byrams/Byroms, for Irish Brians share the three lions in pale above. Moreover, as the BRUNSwicks have two lions in pale of the same colors, note that while Barone's were first found in Florence with Bruno's, Byrams, in the colors and format of English Barone's, come up as "Berone." Byruns/Byrans (with an 'n') almost share the Coat of Italian Barone's...suggesting that Byrums/Byrams were Bruno / Brunswick liners. Two Grass surnames have lions split in gold and white, as do Byran-like Brians, making it appear compelling that Briancon elements apply here. Compare "Byram" to BRAMtons, for the latter have the double Brunswick lions in colors reversed. It seems that God set these events up to disclose that Byrams and their branches were Abraham-Keturah liners to Kotor and Butua/Budva.

God also used Mamie's butt, on my lap, and so perhaps it should be added that Laps share the mermaid with the Bryan/Byran Crest. The day after she sat on my lap, she got her thigh symbol at her garden. Gardens/Jardens share the black boar of Babons, but the black boar of Bushams/Byrams is now excellent because the latter's HEDGEhogs are expected at the ADIGE river past lake Garda! Her garden. Perfect. Black-boar Babons were first found in Suffolk with the Mosel(l)s having black boars and the colors and format of English Barone's and Bushams/Byrams/Berone's. The Moselle river, location of Metz, is in Lorraine. Bar-le-Duc (west of the Meuse) is about 50 miles from Mummolin's Chalons-sur-Marne.

There's evidence that "Brunswick" is related to the old Bryneich version of Bernicia, and that place had a queen Bebba about the time of Pepin of Landen. I had claimed that Bebba and Pepin and/or his Metz wife were related, which can explain why the latter named a daughter, Begga.

God gave Lorraine, the pointer to Pepin of Landen, a babe symbol for the Babe's who have a finger pointing at the Brady sun. Therefore, I do declare: God set this babe up with stain on her butt for me to point to for this revelation. Bushams/Byrams of Brotherton have the "points" motto term while Points have fingers pointing, and then Brothers are also Broders, like a Brude variation of Brights expected from the Brigantium version of "Briancon". Bradys (finger pointing to the sun) are from PodeBrady, also called, PodeBRODY, you see, in Bohemia, home of prince George (father of Drummonds), the line to George's, first found in Dorset with Babe's. Brothers and Brode's/Broads have lozenges looking linkable to the same of Dents of West Yorkshire, for Bushams/Byrams were first found in West Yorkshire. End insert]

As Mosels are the center of this repeated, Lorraine-Mamie story (I've told it some 20 times or more), we can now go the 1979 dream that God gave me, that had a scene which pointed both to the Sleep-line Selepitanoi Illyrians and to the nearby area of Rhizon, smack beside Kotor. This connects to the night that Mamie and I saw each other for the second time, when we happened to SLEEP in the same TENT, and in her sleeping BAG. By the way, God probably arranged that there should be no sexual intercourse between me and Lorraine or Mamie (I was a Christian by then). Just to be honest however, Mamie and I went too far for a few seconds on our last night together.

I had mentioned, a couple of times, that the Sleep fesses, in colors reversed, would be red, the colors of the double fesses of Babons. This Babon-Sleep link was afterward neglected because the two sets of fesses are not colors reversed, and for lack of good evidence of a link. But, now, with the Mosels being very-likely related to Babons, I can add that the Mosel Coat is in the colors and format of the Babons and the Mansfields of MAMESfelde. It just can't be a coincidence that "Mens" is in the Pepin motto while Mens' come up as the Mame surname, and so it seems that MANSfields were a Mens branch. Poppins (share the Mens/Mame Chief-Shield colors) have both a "Mens" and a "MANSit" motto term while Mens-related Manners/MANESS' share "pour" with Oliphants.

Oliphants share a motto term with Rollo's, and both surnames were first found in Perthshire with the Lyons and Mens'/Mame's of GlenLyon. The Lyons are important here, and share the green lion with Lorraine's. Repeat from above: "But this Gay Coat is exactly in the colors and format of the Rollo Coat while one Roll Coat shares the three pale bars of Shoe-beloved Knights." As the Mansfield write-up derives "MAMESfelde" in breasts, while Mamie had extra-large breasts, appropriate for the need here, it's suddenly interesting that the crocodile-shoe topic is expected to bump into the Bag-related Gigen theater, for Brest is a few miles only from Gigen while Mamie and I slept in a sleeping BAG. It's perfect with the Gays above because Bags (Norfolk) were at Gaywood, in Norfolk with the Geggs/GIGGs/Gangs who have the Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed. Again, Brest and Gigen are modern locations beside the Iskar while Oscars have the Bag cinquefoils in the colors and format of Gaywoods!!! That's new right here.

The Oscar Crest shares a unicorn head with the Crest of Oliphants, first found in Perthshire with the Drummonds that have a "Gang" motto term for the Gang variation of Geggs/Giggs. Were Eliphas-line Edomites in Bulgaria (the ancient Thracian-Dacia)? The OLDens, possibly of the Olt river, share three crescents in the same colors as the three of Oliphants. As Oldens/Aldens (could be Alton/Dalton / Alda branch) share the border of Greys, in turn the kin of Joplins, not that Jeepma's/Jappa's were at OLDENburg. Good one. Greys and Joplins were first found in Northumberland, beside the Westmorland of Oldens.

UniCORNs have been resolved as part-code for Una-river liners and part-code for the Ceraunii line to the Cornovii namers of Cornwall, and while Ceraunii lived beside the Una, they also named the Ceraunii mountains beside Bullis. It just so happens that Bullis'/Bulliards were first found in Suffolk with Mosels (probably from the Maezaei of the Una) and Babons. Cornwall is the location of TINTagel, from the ATINTanes at Bullis, which should explain why Bulls/Bule's were first found in Somerset with Tints while Tintons, first found in Cornwall, have "royal tents" in the colors and format of the Mosels and Mansfields; this is why I really wanted to lay out this Mosel-related heraldry, for it perfectly aligns with God's set-up with Mamie and I sleeping in a sleeping bag in a tent.

I think I can glean why God wants to point us to Mamesfelde, for it's in Nottinghamshire, where BUGS were first found. I didn't start mentioning the Brest location on the Bug until this month of January, and so there we have it. Her breasts seem to point to both Brest locations, important for tracking Nahorites I assume, but it also gives me the notion that Nahorites were at the Great-Mother cult, which would have had a breast symbol we can assume. It's been a long time since loading Nottinghams, and they show the Benjamin / Walsh/Walch annulets.

As I've said many time, the only thing I remember at the camp site that day, before she sat on my lap, was she and BARRY in the back of a pick-up truck. I think I resolved that with Barr liners, but the point here is that Barry owned a blue VOLKswagen BUG. He had no idea that God chose that vehicle for him to make this point. The Fulke's/Volks were first found in Norfolk with Bags, Geggs/Gangs and Gaywoods, you see, and as she sat on my lap, it points to the mermaid in the Lap Coat, a mermaid that traces, as mythical Melusine, to Anjou, where Fulks ruled. Perfect. The Drakenberg Vere's not only placed her in Anjou, but on Avalon, which is the line from the Duck-liner Velins and Velens, first found in Westphalia with Ducks and Pansy's/Pantzers i.e. the line to Bar-le-Duc! Bingo.

Pipers have a white unicorn head to indicate that they are a Pipe / Pepin branch, and Pipers (oak leaves) share the saltire of Westphalia's Nagle's/Nails. Ducks/Logans use a heart pierced with three NAILs looking like the three Proctor nails.

I recall that she came to sit on my knees, uninvited by me, as the GANG (my old drinking buddies, not hers) sat around the campfire. She and I had not spoken since we danced in her living room a few weeks earlier. I don't remember speaking with her before or after the dance on the night we danced. She was apparently moved to just plop herself on my lap, with an inner full confidence that I would accept her there, and I did. The only event I recall after she sat on my lap, after I put my arm around her WAIST, was us getting into the sleeping bag, where I went to sleep with my arm draped around her waist as she looked away from me. I see the WAISTells from Vestalis, grandson of king Donnus of the Cottians, whom I trace to the Italian Dance's/Donnas', you see.

The Cottians were likely from the Cotesii on the bosom-like Buzau (this is new here); she with the large bosom parked her buttocks on my knees. There is a Bosom/Bossam/BOSHam surname (new to me), and ZOWIE, there is even a Busham variation with the Byrams (hedgehogs) that are in the colors and format of Mosels and Tintons, and in the colors and near-format of Bush's/Buschs (!!!), the latter first found in Yorkshire with Bushams/Byrams. I like surprises on-the-go like this.

We can ask why the Busham/Byram write-up connects feasibly to Burys/BURIS'. Was George Bush, an oil man, involved with Burisma? Things-Burisma were pointed to by the Gigen theater, and the HEDGEhog can be for Hedge's (Gog white-and-blue swans) having a Gegg-like Hegge variation.

The Busham hedgehogs must be partly for Hogs, because they share the black boar with Mosels and Bush's. Byroms come up as "Berone," important because Italian BARone's can be gleaned with Bruno's. The latter had a branch at Asti (Piedmont, same as Dance's/Donnas' and Busca), suspect with the Paeonian location of AstiBUS. Bruno's are expected at BRUNswicks, where Barone-like Barrs ruled who share the Este eagle (Hedge colors) because Barrs were Este liners. Este is along the Hedge-like Adige river, possibly indicating that Geggs/Giggs/Gangs were on the Adige.

If the "Arme" motto term of Bushams/Byroms/Berome's is for Armours (arms), note that Gards share the Armour chevron while the Adige flows past lake Garda and its Garda location. The Armors are the ones with the stars-upon-a-chevron of Vit-like Whiteys, a pointer to Whitey Bulger, and Brest is right beside the Vit river.

Mamie with the extra-large breasts sat on my knees, and KNEZA is smack on the other side of the Iskar river from Gigen and Brest. The Iskar-suspect Eskins/Erskins share a "pense" motto term with Bushams/Byroms/Berone's.

I Remembered Another Dream

I don't remember my dreams unless they are just as I awake. It's been a "long" time since having a dream-scene from God for heraldic purposes. I had a dream or two this past month that I could remember slightly, but I didn't entertain them as scenes from God. Usually, they are more clear / vivid if from Him, and they grasp me, or are pumped at me. In the case on about Thursday morning (now Saturday), there was just one scene I could remember. Miss Hicks was inspecting my bad tooth with an instrument. She had the point of the instrument right inside the cavity formed where the filling had fallen out (this is a real tooth with filling no longer there). Oh-no, I didn't like it, and I then awoke.

So I checked in my mind (without loading Coats) to see whether Hicks could link to Tooths or the cavity-like Cavetts. Nope, I could see no shared symbolism. In order for the dream to be from God, there needs to be heraldry shares commonalities with her, for she was a main subject of this scene. And I did find commonalities with her surname by marriage, Kilpatrick, for Kilpatrick castle is at CLOSEburn, on the Knight-line Nith river, and Knights share the spur with Close's and Liddle's. The latter are a branch of Little's (both of Roxburghshire), suspect as a pointer to Little Saint James island, the island owned by Jeffrey Epstein. I claim that she was on Little Saint James in a 1979 dream.

The way that Little's entered this topic is by way of their having a version of the Nurse Coat. She was probably a nurse in Texas when her doctor husband held a job at a local nursing home. So, that works. Plus, Liddle's have a Saint-like "sanitas" motto term, as well as a "Hink" motto term while Hinks share the Chief-Shield of Annandale's (as used by Bruce's of Annandale) while Annandale is in Dumfries with the Nith river. One Latin surname shares both Kilpatrick saltires while the other Latins (stirrups) share the Hink saltire. The Nurse's and Little's, you see, have the saltire of Irish Kilpatricks, who in-turn share the fleur-de-lys of Burrys/BURISma, and then the English Latins essentially have the Coat of Hunters for an apparent pointer to Hunter Biden of BURISma. The only difference between the Hunter and Latin Coats is that the Latin saltire is engrailed, as is the cross in the same colors of Sinclairs/SAINTs. I get the impression that Hunter Biden was involved with Epstein's illegal deeds.

So, the Nurse surname was the key to breaking these commonalities out for us, and she was dressed in white in this dream, though I remember no details of her clothes. She was all white, top and bottom.

Watch this. The Liddle's share the bend of Rodhams/RODDENs, and Rottens share the hexagram of Molers while she was inspecting my ROTTEN MOLER, perfect. Yes, in real life, I have a molar I refuse to deal with at the dentist, that has an ongoing infection, because I badly want God to heal it. The only action a dentist will take, I've been told, is to pull it. But I don't want to lose a tooth, so I cut 90 percent of my sugar intake to help heal this molar. The Sinclair/Saint cross is in the colors of the moline of MOLLARS/Milwoods/Milwards, you see, and it's the moline also of Chives', who were at Tarves while the Tarves' share the six fitchee crosses of both Clintons and Hillarys. All of this, from a Kirkpatrick nurse.

Now watch this. The cavity-like Cavitts/Cavetts/CHEVE's/Chavo's were (I assume) from the Cevetta river of Chives-like CEVA, and Luis of Ceva was mother to Alice of Saluzzo while the Chief-Shield of Clintons was resolved with the same of Saluzzo's. The Clints/Clents named the Clent Hills at/beside Knighton, and Knightons almost have the Cavett Coat exactly. Who arranged this heraldry to do this for us, and why would God arrange it? Knightons (share green dragon in Crest with Irish Kilpatricks) can even be expected with the Nith-suspect Knights, in the Shoe Coat along with the Knees' to which Mrs. Kilpatrick has pointed. She got her knee symbol in the same village (Camp Wood) where the nursing home is located.

The moline-using Mollars are shown properly as MILwards/MILwoods, suggesting a branch of moline-using Mile's. This recalls my event with police-officer Norman Miles that pointed to something not-good for the deep state as per John Durham's investigations, and the Durhams, in Mile colors, share the red crescent with Little's ("magnum"), Mollars/Milwards, and the Deans/Diane's sharing the motto of crocodile-using Deans. It just so happens that Scottish Deans, first found in Sussex with Deans/Diane's, share the blue moline with Mile's. That's pretty amazing material, suggesting the crocodile shoes of Mr. Zlochevsky, the Burisma president.

On top of this, some are saying that the real boss of Burisma is KoloMOISky, whom I'm pointing to with the Moise surname, and I don't know any other surnames off hand having a blue PATEE cross aside from Mose's/Moss' and Scottish Deans. The Patty/Patie surname was first found in WORCestershire with the Clents Hills and Knighton, and WORKs/Werks, in the Sinclair/Saint motto, are apparently sharing the Patty/Patie lion head. Kilpatricks are shown also as Patchie's, and one can see that Pattys/Patie's are related to NITTs/Naughts (tends to look like a Knighton branch), first found in Dumfries with the NITH river. The "committo" motto term of Nitts/Naughts is almost the "Commit" of Sinclairs/Saints, and this code is for the Conte's/Comitissa's, first found in Durham.

It just so happens that Le Mose is in Placentia, where the motto of the Dumfries Rims/Rums/Rome's traces. And Mose's/Moss share a gold tower in Crest with the Kilpatrick-colored Patiens'/Patience's/Patents/PATIENTs!! Nurse's and dentists have patients.

While the Mose billets can be for the Billets/Billiards, English Billiards are Hillary-like Hillards too (Hills were first found in Worcestershire); they were first found in Yorkshire with the Dents/Dentes' who happen to share the "industria" motto term with Mile's, which recalls that Rodhams/Roddens share the cinquefoils of DENTons!!! I'm pretty sure that Mrs. Kilpatrick doubled as a dentist when she was poking at my rotting tooth (it's not as bad as that sounds). DENtons even share the double fesses of crocodile Deans/DENE's! Wow, it's as though God arranged the crocodile shoes to point to the Rodham cinquefoils.

Dentons, Rodhams/Roddens and Stevensons were all first found in Northumberland with Mile-like Milbanks, and the latter three share the same bend with the Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild") who in-turn have a Coat like that of Dusters expected in "inDUSTRia." Dusters share armored arms with the Armours who look connectable to the Hillard/Billiard Coat. The Armors are the ones sharing the Whitey chevrons-with stars. The same stars are in the Hillard/Billiard Coat with a chevron colors reversed from the Armour / Whitey chevron. The billiard hall of Obama (as per my dream) is coming to mind because Obama's mother was a granddaughter of the Armours (Berwickshire, same as Whiteys and Clint-related and Billet-like Blythe's).

The Duster bend with green trefoils is linkable to the same bend with green items of Stevensons, for which reason it could seem as though God provided the other Northumberland Stevensons to share the stars and chevron of Hillards/Billiards, for the green Stevenson items look linkable to the Rodham-like Aid/Ade Coat. The Obama- / Hillary-murdered Chris Stevens of Libya comes to mind.

Stevensons use a garland while German Stevens share the Garland Coat itself sharing the red pale bars with Knights/Nights. I sense that I should mention Miss NAUGHTen, whom I drove home when I drove taxi. It could have been close to the day that police officer, Norman Miles (school friend at age 13) knocked on the taxi-window to wake me up from sleep. Miss Naughten lived on the Gamble sideroad, and Gamble's have the giant fleur-de-lys of German Rench's, whom I think God used for pointing to Ranch road in camp Wood, where Miss Hicks got her knee symbol, though she had one in the 1979 dream exactly when I woke her up from sleep (the instant I touched her knee). She then popped into my arms in an emBRACE that I pointed to Brace's/Bras', having more armored arms (probably because "Brace" is like a Latin word for 'arm").

Sleeps have double fesses colors reversed from the same of crocodile Deans while Scottish Deans share a blue moline with Mile's. It looks like there's a connection between my being woke by Mr. Miles and my waking Miss Hicks. The latter pointed to the Steele dossier as handled by the Ohrs, and Mr. Miles pointed to John Durham through Durham Region, Ontario, where I drove CNR (railroad) employees with my taxi. Unfortunately, I can't recall whether I drove them to a train terminal in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby or Oshawa, though my recollection is that it was not as far as Oshawa. The interesting thing here is that Durham of England is beside Yorkshire, where Whitby and Hillards/Billiards were first found; the latter look linkable to Whiteys.

As I've said many times, I got the job as a taxi driver when moving to HUNT street, where BILL lived who was a taxi dispatcher for a taxi company in Richmond Hill (where Hunt and the Gamble sideroad are located). Hunts/HUNTERs, you see, were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, and we saw the Hunters with the Coat of Kilpatrick-connectable Latins when we were first reading about the Mrs.-Kilpatrick dream a couple of days ago. The Gamble / Rench fleur-de-lys is shared by Hicks and Leakeys (both in Yorkshire), and the Ranch road was called the Leakey road by locals.

As the key to this latest dental dream is the Nurse's, which pointed me immediately to Little's (share Dean crescent), it's interesting that my first teenage sweetie was JACKie LITTLEford of Richmond Hill. Hills were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent Hills, and Jacks (Yorkshire again) are suspect with a version of the Blythe Coat which in-turn shares the Clint/Clent garbs. I think that jacks were named from mythical Ajax of Cetis, and Ajax is another town in Durham Region. It could be that I drove the CNR employees to Ajax, right beside Whitby, both in Durham Region, both having CNR tracks and stations. When officer Miles knocked on my window, I was asleep in Concord, which is where I would often go to be the nearest to the CNR employees, at their Concord station (the taxi driver closest to the taxi need gets to have the fare; that's how we made our money). Isn't it amazing that Dents/Dentes' have a motto, "CONCORDia et Industria," two motto terms in this Arms of Rothschild??

Isn't it amazing that Dent-like Denets, with a "proviDENTiam" motto term, were first found in Sussex with Deans/Diane's!!! It reveals that crocodile Deans/Dene's were a Dent branch, and so this dental-nurse dream can be pointing to the crocodile shoes, especially as Shoe's have a "knight ISSuing from the Knees," while Knee's (County Down) share the stag head of Issa-suspect Vise's/Vice's, first found in Sussex with Downs, Deans/Diane's and the Scottish Deans sharing a blue moline with Mile's! Zinger, it's all connecting like an explosion on the head of the deep-state snake. There's nothing he can do about it when God strikes. Wait for it, should it come in our lifetimes.

Sussex is also where Cord-like Courts/Coverts were first found while Miss Covert married Mr. Dein of the Sussex Deans. "ConCORDia."

The many links being made gets complicated for me. What exactly is to be stressed, and what is to be predicted? But the gist may be clearly understood as aiming at the dirty feet of the Clinton crime rings. OH WOW, had I not loaded Cords just now, I would have missed that they have the Whitby pheons in colors reversed! Is that incredible or what? The Cord Coat is even linkable to the Coat and Crest of Rothschild-related Nations/Nathans while Natts/Nathans are linkable to Nitts/Naughts. There are many things going on here.

I now recall that Denet-like DENNIS Quinn had a job in Concord, operating an extrusion machine for making plastic door jambs. I ended up working at the opposite end of this machine for a short while; the best part of the day (it was a factory, cold, boring) was when the COFFEE truck would come by, two or three times a day. We were the only two working this machine. The Quinn snake is in the design of the Whitby snake, and both are even in the same colors, amazing. The Quinn horse is in the colors of the Caffer/Caffertys horse-with-rider, all on Coffer/Coffee colors to boot. On top of that, the Quinns with the snakes have the Dean/Dein crescents in colors reversed, which makes them the crescents of Shoe- and Boot-related Masseys/Masse's (the Dean/Dein Chief in colors reversed).

It appears that the stress is on Whitbys, especially as I used the Valiant car of the Quinns for my date with Miss Hanson while Danish and Norwegian Hansons share a Coat of Fuggers/Fugitts suspect in the "fugere" motto term of Whitbys. Quinn's parents were from Bracebridge, where the Russian medallion would appear on my hood some 40 years later.

If I recall correctly, officer Miles pointed to John Durham first by my recalling that I drove CNR employees to the Pickering area, and then finding that Pickerings (North Yorkshire = Durham-border region) share the blue lion paw in Crest with Windows (Yorkshire again). He had KNOCKed on the taxi's window, you see, to wake me up. Wake's are kin of Orrs/Ore's, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with KNOCKs/Knox's. I had fallen asleep for a short doze while on Keele street, and while Keele's are also Kills, Pickerings were at Killington. Knocks use a "proficiOR" motto term.

It just looked like Intelligent Design, and from there it was an easy jump to Whitbys. I think that the job with Mr. Quinn proves that God wants Whitbys in this picture, and John Durham is, we hope, looking into Whitey Burger's crimes with Hunter Biden and/or Chris Heinz.

Pickerings and LIBBys were both first found in Yorkshire while both sharing the giant Bruce lion. Keele's/kills have quadrants colors reversed from the same of Bengs, and BENGhazi is in LIBya, hmm. When I moved to the corner of Libby and Rumble (Richmond Hill), the landlady was a friend of Miss Quinn, Dennis' sister, for I saw her there visiting the landlady. Killins (Keele/Kill colors) look related to Brace's/Bras' while the parents of the Quinns were from BRACEbridge. It looks like Intelligent Design. Keele-branch Cheile's are in the motto of Camerons, begging whether prime-minister David Cameron (ruled 2010 -16) was in on the plot to murder Chris Stevens and three others in Benghazi.

Oh wow. David Cameron was pointed to at the 2002 memorial for 9-11, on the night I sat beside Miss Hicks, and on the night she got her knee symbol, when she wore sandals. I had set up her video camera while Camera's are listed with Camerons (share the five bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschilds). There was proof in "CAMERArius Scocie," in the write-up of Sandals (Yorkshire), that God was pointing to Mr. Cameron that night of September 11, 2002, and Stevens got murdered on September 11, 2012, exactly 10 years later! Zinger, that looks right. I've never made this link to Benghazi before. It looks right.

Oh wow, the triple Cameron fesses are colors reversed from the triple pale bars of German Stevens, and English Stevens' share the bird design, in the same gold color, of Knocks! The falcons in this Steven Shield now suggest that Knocks (what Rutlands call an orle border) use the falcon, not an eagle. Mr. Miles KNOCKed on my window, which just linked to the wake-up call and knee of Miss Hicks in the 1979 dream, and that knee linked to her knee symbol on September 11, 2002. That's very impressive. Knocks use a "proficiOR" motto term, and Wake's are Ore/Orr kin. The Knock Crest has the falcon design of the Cumberland Falcons, and the latter use a "vis" motto term while Knees are linkable by the Shoe description to Vise's/Vice's. Perfect (the island if Issa is also Vis).

Oh wow, Sandals share the fleur-de-lys of Wake-like Walks/Wachs (Dumfries), and Parkings/Perkins. Walks/Wachs share "industria" with Dents/Dentes' and Mile's!!! I can scarcely believe it. The wake-up call to me from Mr. Miles DOES link to the wake-up call on Mrs. Kilpatrick. Why was he a police officer? It's what makes me think that God has a police investigation on whatever this is pointing to.

Trey GOWdy was investigating the Benghazi murder, and she got her knee symbol at the Get'n GO gas bar in Camp WOOD!!!!!!!! I had linked to that place to Gows/McGoo's, yet Gowdys can rate because they have trefoils in the colors of the Gow/McGoo cinquefoils. The Benghazi crime included the killing of Tyrone Woods, which is why I have so many exclamation marks above. He was a navy SEAL, and Seals were suspect with the "Zealous" motto term of Hoods. Miss Hicks was at the hood of a car just before I woke her, and Hoods were at RATTERY while Ratterys share the fitchees of Woods!

Ratcliffs (have Whalleys in their write-up) worked into the 1979 dream with some Beauty/BoWOOD (!) kin (= Walleys/Wallets and Walerans), and John RATcliffe was looking into Benghazi crimes. Ratterys love the Spurr-branch Supers (Kilpatrick saltire), bringing us back to the Close / Liddle / Knight spurs to which this week's dream pointed. The flaming heart of Dumfries' Bullys appears to be on fire in the Rattery Crest.

God must be pointing to this with the 1979 dream. Wasn't 1979 the year that Iran's cold / terrorist war with the United States started, into which Obama injected himself...on Iran's side? Yes, he used Libyan weapons moved into Syria to support ISIS, gave Egypt over to the Muslim brotherhood, sold uranium mines to Russians with Hillary's support, and then gave $150B (if I recall correctly) in mobster-style cash to Iran. The Iran hostage crisis under president Carter took place in 1979.

The Mile surname, as opposed to Miles', is a good one for this latest dream to point to (via Mollars/MilWOODs!) because it shares the Shoe / PoinDEXTER star. Kilpatricks love Dexters (Leicestershire, same as Woods!!!) in their "dexter paw" upon a dragon head, and Dexters -- WOW -- share the Coat of Tyrone's!!! Tyrone Woods!!! We can't now argue with the facts.

In the dream, the instant I saw Miss Hicks in a CLOSE-up, after seeing her distantly at the hood, I said, "She's Beautiful," which is why Beautys/BoWOODs applied. They share the black bull of Whalley-related Walerans, which is why John Ratcliffe appears to apply. Dexters use "weights" while Weights (probably a Quade/Wade/Wait branch) share the hunting horns of Close's (Yorkshire again). Walerans of Leavell (from the same QUADratilla-Laevillus line as Quade's/Wade's) are in the colors and format of the Quade/Wade wolf heads, in the colors of the Salford (and Lolita) wolves, and God, in the 1979 dream, said to me, "What are you WAITing for, GO wake her up." Is that part-code for GOWdy? Ratcliffs were first found in Bury of Salford, and Burys/BURIS' share the fleur-de-lys of dexter-paw Kilpatricks.

The Kilpatricks moved away from my area of Texas to the Dallas area, with a home roughly ten miles from that of John Ratcliffe. What could this mean? The Benghazi investigators didn't catch the criminals sufficient to punish them. Why is God pointing to Ratcliffe?

I drove train conductors in my taxi, and Trains/TREYne's were first found in Northumberland and DURHAM. Is this a pointer to TREY Gowdy too? "STAINTON with STREATlam in Durham was an ancient family seat [of Traynes']." The Vito's suspect on the Whitby motto share the Stainton annulet. Trainincidence? Streats have similar wheels in colors reversed. The Stain/Stan Coat looks very linkable to the Ratcliff Coat, and the Stain Crest has the Stevenson Crest. Stevensons seem to love Lums/Lombs, a branch of Lams/Lambs potentially responsible for "StreatLAM." Lams/Lambs (Northumberland, same as Denton-related Rodhams/Roddens and Stevensons) were "Lords" in West Denton. Dentons and Rodhams share black-on-white cinquefoils with TREYs/Treis', how about that. Trey Gowdy was supposed to nail Hillary Rodham's Benghazi crimes, but never did. Treys/Treis' have three of the four Cavetts/Cavitt fesses.

The similarity between the Rodham and Aid/Ade Coats begin to indicate Rodham connection to Ada of Warenne, wife of Henry Huntingdon, which can explain why Huntingdons are in the colors and format of Lums/Lombs and Lams/Lambs. French Lamberts have a two-chevron version of the Hillard/Billiard Coat, and the double chevrons are shared with the Braswells (Yorkshire, same as Hillards/Billiards), the ancestry of Donna Brazile...which recalls, i kid you not, that God pointed me to Donna Brazile on a night in bed, in the wee hours of the morning, that a train passed by blowing its whistle. Braswells were first found in West Yorkshire, same as Dents.

I get a train around here very rarely. As I recall this event, I was, for the first time, drawing Donna Brazile into my work while lying in bed (I don't get time off) , when I heard a bird screech loudly out the bedroom window, up in the trees, as though some predator took it for dinner suddenly as it slept. And that's when a train passed by blowing its whistle. Don't ask me why, but, while yet in bed, I interpreted the screech as something bad for the Clintons, though this was, at the time, just a faint notion. Soon after, Donna Brazile may have "killed" Hillary's 2020 chances by blowing the whistle on her, though she retracted it to some degree. I can't remember what she said about Hillary, but it was totally unexpected. The next morning, I loaded the Dons ("dona"), finding double chevrons in the colors of the double Braswell chevrons (Dexter chevrons in colors reversed).

Oh wow, Birds were in BROXTON, and Braswells in BROGDEN. The BIRD screeched, tending to verify that I correctly interpreted that bird screech as something to do with Brazile.

Mile's were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens while the crocodile shoes point to the president of Burisma while the Bidens were acting corruptly with Burisma...explaining the importance of Mile's sharing the Shoe / PoinDEXTER star.

I'm very happy that God has used my bad tooth again, because it hasn't been healing. More or less, it remains in the same condition, not painful at all, but infected. It's been this way for two years or more, and I'm hoping that God will cure it when He's through with it. It's been important to Him, and we may not yet know all of the reasons.

In 2015, after a dentist in 2009 sabotaged the tooth by leaving bacteria under the filling, I went back to the dental office to deal with the great pain. This second dentist, though at the same office, purposely / deliberately didn't fix the tooth on two visits, wasting my time, for he desired it to become his root-canal job ($$$$). A month or so later, the tooth developed a FISTula bump at the gum, which the body creates to carry away bacteria in PUSS. The Poindexters share the fist of Fists/Fausts. And Bumps, sharing the giant Tooth griffin, are also BumPUSS', which taught me that God arranged for this bad tooth from corrupt dentists. At least God's not asking me to walk around naked, so be thankful.

Bumps/Bumpuss' were first found in Gloucestershire with the Stevens whom have just pointed to the murder of Christ Stevens and TYRONE Woods in Benghazi. Tyrone's share the Dexter Coat, and Sharks were first found in Tyrone. The shark in the 1979 dream pointed to KoloMOISky's shark tank, and while I suspect that Moise's point to him, they share the triple fesses of Puss-like Pussys. This rodden molar looks very important, doesn't it? Molers share the Roten hexagram.

When Miss Hicks moved away from my area of Texas, she moved to FORney, which looks like a branch of the Fore surname, assumed, anyway. The Dexter-beloved Weights share the chevron of BalFOURs, in colors reversed from the Forney chevron, and Balfours even have a "Forward" motto while Mollars are also MilWARDs. It could be added that Fore's/Forez' are in the colors of the cocks of Whats/Wadds who in-turn look like a Wade / Weight/Wait branch. Repeat, "WHAT are you WAITing FOR, go wake her up." And that's when I touched her knee (while Knee-branch Needhams are in the Halper write-up). That was in 1979, decades before she moved to FORney, which we might read as ForNEY / ForNEE (Nee's are listed with Knee's; Neys/Nie's, in Forney colors, are not).

To help prove that God wants to point to Forneys and Balfours together, the latter use an otter's head while Otters/Others share gold crescents on a bend with Neys/Nie's. If this is an attempt to point to Knee's/Nee's, why didn't God just put the Neys listed with Knee's? Perhaps because He wants to use the Neys Shield to connect with roughly the same Shields of Jewish Rothchilds and DUSTers. Recall my smelling her DUSTY HAIR (wig), as a pointer to Joe Biden, for Hers/Herrs (probably the Bauer wings) can apply to Hair liners. "...go wake HER up." Nellys are expected as kin of Wake's, and Nelly Ohr was involved in calling corruption from some group(s) in Ukraine.

However, the Rothchild and Duster Shields are split in colors reversed from the same-type split of Neys (all three place a white bend between the split colors). Couldn't God get it more right than that? Ahh, but then He may have wanted to point more to Heidlers, who do have the split-Shield of Neys, white bend included, for Heidlers share the white anchor with Heid-like Hoods, and thus it connects back to the dream with Mrs. Kilpatrick at the hood. Should that hood scene point to things at Forney???

It's notable that Ratcliffs are also RADcliffs while a hood is at a rad(iator), for Forney is very near the home of Mr. Ratcliffe. Moreover, I watched her walk around the FENDER on the driver's side when getting to the front of the car, and Fenders (Huntingdonshire, same as Otters/Others) share the otter with Balfours. There's something to this, isn't there? Hoods are Hoots while Hotts are from D'Oust while English Dousts are also Dusts, that's right. As was said, Smells use an "inDUSTRia" motto (hee-hee) term strongly suspect as code for Dusters. God has his cannon pointed to Rothschilds, doesn't He, for taking away the trillions they have amassed for selves, FOOLS.

For earthly pleasures in the midst of the poor they create, they sell their souls to eternal destruction. You can't get more stupid than this...unless you do it for no money, and millions do because the "educating" of the masses from anti-Christs has convinced them to be that stupid. And so the educators will be responsible for sending millions to hell. The weight of that heavy thing will be stones of torment upon their shoulders, no doubt about it; in the horrible place with screeching demons will they be locked up for the criminals that they are.

Mr. Foster flew to Texas with judge Scalia on the weekend that the latter was murdered, and Foster accompanied him to the hunter's ranch of John B. PoinDEXTER. Fosters/Forrests, who can be linked to Fore's/Forez's/Forests, share the hunting horns of Dexter-beloved Weights, you see. I lived in Texas near Miss Hicks, and attended the same church as she. I think I can see what her move to Forney was for: to point to Scalia's killers, for one. English Fosters share the Gowdy chevron, interesting because the people who were conducting the Libya-Syria schemes were also seeking to alter the political landscape within the United States, exactly what we could expect in the murder of Scalia. As it turned out, Trump ruined the plans of Obamaites, but didn't get them arrested, meaning that they will ruin the country just as soon as they get power back, for Trump thinks and plans only for his own re-election, and the glory he imagines therein.

Mr. and Mrs. Holmes and a Hairy Situation

The title caused me to look up SHERlocks, and, what do you know, the giant Bush fleur-de-lys. It recalls that the shopping cart-dream revealed to me that Shops/SHERlands/Shorlands/Shirlands/Shawlands look like a branch of Schere's and Schere's/Scherfs (share roses on stems with SHERwoods, and roughly the Sheer/Shere/Shire fitchee) as evidence that God is verifying the theory that president George Herbert Walker Bush was born George Herbert Scherff Jr., son of a Nazi. There seems to have been a close Bush-Shere relationship long before the presidential Bush's.

As I've said, president Bush Sr. never released childhood photos of himself with his supposed father, Prescott Bush, to prove that he was the actual son.

As was said earlier in this update, Robert POWELL, a friend at my age 13, had a house backed up on Sherwood forest in Markham. I can remember being in his home only once, when I asked him to re-play the song, SILVER Bird (this was out in the 1970s). It's about a passenger jet, the thing used to feign the downing of the Trade towers. It reminds me of Colin Powell, Bush's right-hand man for the invasion of Iraq. Compare the Silvers to Bush's and Sherlocks, for the trade towers were purchased by Larry SILVERstein mere months before the towers were brought down by a controlled demolition. They arranged for him to collect a huge insurance package, and, we can be sure, he was required by a pre-deal to share it with those who secured the package, and of course with those in charge of the demolition. I still suspect that Giuliani was in-the-know about, and winking at, that crime. The English Bush's have used their black fesse in red (see BUStards), which looks connectable to one Bird Coat.

No jets crashed into the Trade Center. The deep state prepared "witnesses" to testify that they saw a plane ram the second building. The deep state released phony videos, to news organizations, of a plane ramming it. The holes in the sides of both towers were too wide to express the reality of a plane crashing into the steel columns, for the columns would bend the wings back, if they didn't disconnect them immediately, so that a hole would be very small into the buildings. Wings ramming nearly perpendicular with the columns will NOT slice through them, wake up. The situation in America is not what it seemed to be before 9-11. It taught us that the government is under tight controls by mobsters, and still has control over Fox news. They are preparing a massive deception no-doubt in-the-works as we speak. Taxes for a global government is the goal, and while the Democrat party would partner with the EU in a global government, I think that the Republican war hawks want America to be its undisputed leader. This can be the slippery the idea of "America first."

I had looked up the Trade surname to see whether God left a clue as per the Trade towers, and there was the German Bush fleur-de-lys, which is also the Sherlock fleur-de-lys.

Dan Bongino had a show Wednesday night telling that John Kerry's state department emailed Mrs. Holmes of National Security long before the Ukraine-collusion scam to ruin Trump was known, before Hunter-Biden crimes were in the news. National Security has since been revealed as Obama's shadow government of sorts, where his moles, and war-hawk moles for the republican side, keep tabs on Trump's affairs, and alter them where they can, ruin him if they can. Bongino tells, perhaps for the first time, that Mrs. Holmes is wife to the David Holmes, of the Ukraine body of the American fake-news factory. He appeared in the closed-door testimonies against Trump's famous phone call, then appeared later with Anita Hill in the open impeachment push in the House, and he brought his fake-news product to that assembly.

Bongino is asking why Mrs. Holmes should have been receiving messages from the state department, and the Republicans should be revealing what those messages were. Trump could get hold of those messages with a mere call to Pompeo, but Trump turned out to be a fraud long ago; he's not playing on our team. He's just watching the game from the sidelines, like the fake or coward (take your choice) that he is. As soon as the deep state caught him in the phone call to Ukraine, he canceled his mission to get Biden dirt. How can we win the war with a leader like that?

Bongino's second part above shows that a George-Soros group spearheaded the attack on Giuliani after keeping spy tabs on his associates, and then nabbing them for illegalities because they could not criminally nab Giuliani. Giuliani thrashed his sickle through the Ukraine weeds, and he cleared paths to the highest Ukraine offices. He got gifts from various Ukrainians that helps Trump tremendously, but Trump is too afraid to give Giuliani a public thumbs-up for the things he's exposing. Even after the world learned of the insurance policy from the FBI, the deep state has continued to manufacture fake-news explosives, more insurance policies, because Trump has been a do-nothing no-good. What good is making the country's coffers richer if the deep state will arise to power again to pillage it, to squander it, and to defile / confuse / abuse / use / misinform the people worse than they already have? Trump thus far has been an all-mouth general.

Okay, so the first heraldic point of the Holmes' is that the one Holms surname shares the chapeau (cap) of Buttons/Bidens. But this will comes around to COFER Black while also touching upon the Miss Covert as wife of Mr. Maness for reasons I don't understand in this context. "...Burisma added Cofer Black, a former CIA official and foreign policy adviser to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, to the board."

The eight fessewise bars of Holms are in the colors of the double Hair fesses, and Hairs appear to be God's aim here because the chapeau is owned by Capelli's, a term meaning "hair" in Italian. And Joe Biden likes to smell female hair; he has earned that symbol for himself. So, it looks like God has connected the Bidens to the Holms'.

The other Hairs share the double fesses of their HARcourt branch, and this is amazing first because Shirts (share the Harcourt peacock) are from Harcourt-like Harborough while the Tous' have a MAN with shirt and buttons. Zikers, that man must be code for the Manner/Maness bloodline because the latter surname not only shares the double fesses of Hairs, but adds the Harcourt / Shirt peacock too.

As I go on, I'm struck by "HarCOURT's looking like Hair-line kin of Courts/Coverts -- Sussex, same as Coverts/COFFerts -- who have six pale bars in the colors of the Holms bars / Hair fesses, and in the colors of the four pale bars of COFFells. The latter is quite the thing because I'm not familiar with them, but looked them up only now due to Miss KAVALec being Kerry's state-department person mentioned above who emailed Mrs. Holmes. So I looked up the CAVALLo surnames to find one having the giant knight-with-rider of Caffers/Caffertys, who are in turn in Cof(f)ers/Coffee colors, you see, so that the natural thing to do was to look up a Coffer-like surname with the double-l ending of "Cavallo," and hence, Coffells. It works perfectly to get four of the six Court/Covert pale bars. Coffells are also Coffields and Cockfields because they named Cockfield (Suffolk).

One of the Hair Coats happens to have double fesses in the colors of the same of the Labore's in the Court/Covert motto. Labore's use an eye while there is an Eye location about 25 miles from Cockfield to explain the link. It just so happens that the Eyes surname is listed with Hair-like HEYERs/Ayers, first found in Derbyshire with the Heyers/Here's (share tree stump with Coffells), and sharing blue wings with German Here's/Herrs (gold border, scythes) and Herzogs. Plus, Scottish Ayers are from AYRshire, where Scottish Hairs were first found, the ones with the double Manner/Maness fesses.

Miss Covert (long-time emailer to me) and Mr. Maness are not being connected here to Ukraine corruption, but rather I see them as pointers to rotten things. Mr. Maness was using his Coffer-like heliCOPTER in the relief program for the Haiti earthquake, when the Clintons were accused of abducting many Haitian children for sex trafficking. Rodhams use the tree stump too, and Stumps (Coffell Crest) were first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts and Coverts/Cofferts. On the morning I got a COFFEE and newspaper in VICTORIA, I drove past an address listed for Mr. Maness, at BAY City, and Bays happen to share the double Maness / Hair fesses. Was Joe Biden involved in siphoning Haitian-relief money to himself?

It just so happens that the bird upon the Coffell TREE stump is in the design of the giant bird in the KNOCK/Knox Coat while KNIGHTs were first found in Suffolk with Coffells. Knights not only share pale bars (different colors) with Coffells and Courts/Coverts, but are with a TREE in the Shoe Coat. Shoe's always point to Zlochevsky now along with the crocodile Deans! As was said, prior to being with Mr. Maness, Miss Covert was married to Mr. Dean!!! Amazing. She's now pointing to Zlochevsky by way of the Coffells sharing the brown tree stump with Rodhams.

I was mugged, and in the morning I passed Bay City and was moved by God, without my knowing, to stop for coffee in Victoria. I later learned that Coffers/Coffee's use a "victoria" motto term. Victors/Victoria's, with stars in Eyes/Eyer/Ayer colors, can be suspect in the latter's "inVICTa" motto term. Eyes'/Eyers were at least near the first-known Coffells, if they named Eye, and they (Eyes'/Eyers) share the spur with Knights (Suffolk, same as Eye) while their Ayer branch (at Cumnock) were near the first-known Knocks/Knox's whom have some sort of falcon, which is in the colors of the Diss/Dice eagles while Eye is right beside a Diss location.

It could seem that Knocks/Knox's are a Knight branch, which recalls that Knocks became a topic about a month ago as per my knocking on the bedroom window of Ukrainian Diane MUSKATov while I was up her TV antenna. MUSCHATs/MontFIQUETs (could be in the Knock motto) look like a merger of Muscats with a family in MontFiquet, itself a term like the Fichter variation of Victoria's. On the night before the newspaper and coffee in Victoria, the mugger, for his fake weapon, used half the plastic case for a television's remote-control unit (I had this thing in my hand and saw it), and we could expect that any Western intrusion into the new Ukraine would want control of television stations such as the NEWS. The TV antenna could suggest the same.

Muschats/Montfiquets share the triple chevrons of Epsteins, you see, and the NEWSpaper in Victoria pointed to Epstein's neck noose by way of the Nuce variation of News' (newspaper), but here I can also add that the border within the Knock Shield (not around the Shield's perimeter) is called an "orle" by both the Rutland and Rutherfords, and Rutherfords happen to share a Neck-suspect "nec" term with Rodhams, perhaps indicating that the Clintonites had Epstein killed since, after all, Bill Clinton was recorded as being on his plane 26 times. Haitian child abductions and Jeffrey Epstein go together, don't they?

When I was MUGGed, the would-be thief had both hands around my neck. The "cups" in the Cofer/Coffee Coat look like MUGs. The Mugg surname was first found in Surrey with Rutlands and the Michael-related James' who point to Little Saint James, Epstein's island. Rutlands were at Mitcham (Surrey), and Mitchams are listed with Michaels (Surrey). Mitch's are listed with Muschats/Montfitchets! The would-be-thief was a Negro, and the Negro surname have "EARS of wheat" suspect partly with Eyers. Wheats/Whate's, probably having an ear of wheat in the stag's mouth, are in Coffer/Coffare colors. The Whate variation could be related to the "weights" in the Dexter Crest.

The Rutland orle border has got to be code for the Orells who share red roundels with Ore's/Orrs. This recalls the 1979 dream as God said to me, as per the sleeping woman, "WHAT are you WAITing for, go WAKE HER up." I think I can glean that Whate variation of Wheats there, as well as Here liners, and Wake's are obvious kin of Ore's/Orrs, whom I pointed to NELLY Ohr because Nellys share red roundels too. Wake's ("ora") share the red roundels in Chief with the Ore/Orr Chief. The Her surname is listed with Here's/Herrs sharing a gold border with Rutlands. Their Rutherford kin has an orle border in colors reversed from the same of Knocks/Knox's, first found in Renfrewshire with Ore's/Orrs. Why might that be?

An omen took place on a Texas highway about two hours before reaching Baytown, where the woman in the dream may yet have owned her home. She moved around that time, from Baytown to the NUECES river, which is why I know that the newspaper purchase the next day was set-up by God, for I purchased it to find Texas property of my own, and ended up moving to a property directly on the Nueces, ten minutes from the woman in the dream. The News' are also you see the Lord your God in these things? She was born Miss Hicks, and Hicks share chaplets with News'/Nuces. Hello? About nine hours after the omen (I had bad feeling of dread), I was mugged by the Negro.

I'm already impressed with the way the pertinent surnames are connecting, but Rutlands share a "Post" motto term with the Jeffreys who have the cloud-on-sun omen that I had a before being mugged! Incredible. It must be a pointer to Jeffrey Epstein, for I got the newspaper the next morning (not repeating all the details here, see "omen" late in the last update). While News' are also Nuce's/Nuces', the Nuse's/Nuce's/Newse's have two pale bars in the colors of the one of German Neckers, and in the colors of the six of Jeffreys!!! The noose around the neck of Jeffrey Epstein. In colors reversed, the single Necker pale bar is black, the color of the single Victoria pale bar, and this pale bar can be linked to the wall in the Shoe Coat for an additional pointer to a proposed Epstein/Zlochevsky partnership.

But why did that omen-mugging event take place on the Texas sea coast of the Houston theater? Why did it need to point to Victoria Nuland while seemingly including the Covert-Maness couple? Miss Covert lived in POST Falls when I was emailing with her, and the Falls/Fallis Coat shares the Post lion. Is this, too, pointing to Epstein, since the pertinent Jeffreys love the Posts? Mr. Dein, Covert's husband, is Jeffrey, how about that. What's going on?

Note that Dutch, Fall-like Walls have a ROCK, as do German Holms', and that German Walls have a pale bar connectable to the Necker / Nuse/Nuce pale bars. Falls/Fallis', with the Rockefeller-line trefoil (shared by Fellers and Rocks), were first found in Midlothian with the Manner-branch Mens', and the latter are in the Crystal motto. It just so happens that, on the evening of the stop in Victoria, I stayed the night in a motel of CRYSTAL City, and God showed me with black smoke out my tail pipe that the cockROACHes behind the WALLpaper, all night long in that motel, were a pointer to Rock-branch Roach's and Smoke's/Rauch's (share Jewish-Rothchild bend). Smoke's/Rauch's show nothing but a bend in colors reversed from nothing-but-a-bend Dutch Falls. Papers/PapWALLs use carNATIONs while I say that Nations/Nathans were Rothschild kin.

Last night, as I was coming to the Jeep with a load of groceries in the shopping cart, I was greeted by my tenant the second I got to the back of the Jeep. He had just stepped out of his car when parking behind the Jeep and just one parking spot over. We both remarked how great the timing was, and so I always entertain such things as God's doings. The tenant's surname, Lara, has a pot filled with snakes, very appropriate for the discussion at hand. The event took place at the same grocery store where the Russian medallion was found on the Jeep's hood. Wow, the latter event pointed to Groce's/Graggs who happen to share the horizontally-split Shield of Hair-branch Herzogs/Hertzogs, and I know a Miss Hertzog who has worked for years helping sex-trafficking victims! That is amazing, coming just as I'm on Hair liners, kin of Maness', the pointer to Haitian relief...that was likely abused by the Clinton and Bush deep states.

Epstein-pointing Nuse's were first found in HERTfordshire while her surname is spelled, "HERTzog." Hertfordshire is where Childs were first found, said to be at Wanstead, and Wansteads are listed with Weiners suspect in a pointer to pedophile, Anthony Weiner, of the Clintonites. Wanstead is in Essex, where both Waters and MUSCHATs were first found who both share the Epstein Coat. The ANTENna I climbed to knock on MUSKATov's window might be a pointer to ANTHONY Weiner's Ukraine connections, namely Tony (ANTHONY) Podesta (John's brother), for Weiner's wife was John Podesta's deputy in charge of Hillarys election campaign against Trump, and the Hillary attack on Trump came from Ukraine. That works amazingly well. John Podesta is said to be a pedophile of a sadistic / mind-twisted sort, perfectly expected as per the demons that would infiltrate his thoughts if left unprotected by the Holy Spirit.

We have seen all of the Hair-line wings for Wings/Winks, and then Wink-like Vince's/Finch's were first found in Hertfordshire too. Two or three weeks (or maybe even less) after I pointed to Lorraine's grass STAIN, I was getting off of a bus at FINCH subway station when Lorraine was the first in line to get on the same bus (Toronto's a big city, what are the chances?), and we eyed each other as I walked by her. It seemed too remote a chance-meeting (10 miles from our homes), and so I reasoned that God had set it up for some heraldic purpose.

I was on that bus with Joe and DIANE Oullette at the time, and so this can get us back to Deans/Deins/Diane's, the crocodile line. And then there was Diane Muskatov, my ladyfriend two years before Lorraine, whom I first saw while with Joe about the time he first met Diane his wife, whom he met in a Mr. Donut COFFEE shop. As I said, Joe was ordering coffee one day from Diane, for she worked at Mr. Donut, and I told him that he had some fuzzy thing (some cotton fiber / thread or something similar about a quarter-inch in diameter) in his HAIR, as did Diane that day!!! I was sitting at the counter, and noticed it in Diane's hair, and later I was beside Joe as he was getting his coffee, and noticed virtually the same thing in his hair. I either thought to myself, or told him in jest, that maybe they will get married. And they got married even though they did not know each other on that day (at least, they were not yet together). Apparently, God was pointing to the Hairs in that COFFEE / donut shop, and Coffer-like Courts/Coverts are suspect as HarCOURts.

Lookie: Hair-branch Harcourts were DANES, and there is a Donut/Dannet surname (!) with a version of the Dent-related Denet Coat (Sussex, same as Courts/Coverts and Cofferts/Coverts). Although I don't know what it could mean, aside from the probability that God is using it to prove his handiwork here, Stations/State's have the same-greyhound design (different color) in Crest as the Donut/Dennet Crest, and while Lorraine lived on Church street at the time, Church's have the same greyhound heads as well as being in the colors and format of the Vince's/FINCH's!!! It's just incredible.

Donuts/Dannets are said to have named, D'Anet, and, as was said recently, Diane's sister is Annette! I don't think that such abrupt connections can be coincidental. I was with Annette, totally unexpectedly, in a swimming pool just after splitting with Lorraine, and I was on the bus with the Oullette's very, very close to the day I was with Annette in the pool. In the 1979 dream, there was a shark in a swimming pool (Pools and Posts look related), with nasty teeth, and the Dents can play to that tooth symbol, for Deans/Deins/Diane's love the Nihill variation of Shark-related Neils...both first found in Tyrone. Tyrone's/Tirells share the Coat of Dexters, and the latter were first found in Leicestershire with Donuts/Dannets. The Harcourt Danes, through Humphrey de Vieilles (Wall line?), provided the Beaumont rulers of Leicester.

I'd like to add here that Annette was a Biblical Christian yet was remaining in the catholic church. I'm starting to think that the Vatican is behind the infiltration of evangelical bodies with imposters, and I also think that Trump, whether he realizes or not, is being played by Vatican forces for global causes he knows nothing about. This situation is something to watch, especially as the current pope is for a Palestinian state.

I saw with my own eyes that Jeffrey Dean had an address in WARSaw, Indiana, home of a white-supremacist group, WARS. Jeffrey with his Covert wife lived in Post Falls, probably less than 10 miles from Hayden Lake, headquarters for Aryan Nations. The Deans/Deins/Diane's share the lion of DILE's/Dills, first found in WARwickshire, explaining the crocoDILE of Irish Deans/Dene's. Warwickshire is where Tree's were first found, beloved of the tree upon a wall in the Shoe Coat, is that not a spectacular piece of work? The crocodile shoes at our service. Are we to think that Zlochevsky is with rottenized white supremacists?

Reminder: the Dean/Dein/Diane Chief is a colors-reversed version of the Massey/Masse Chief while the latter, having a tree, once showed the same three boots (same colors even) as the Trips/Treffs now showing SHOEs. There's no mistake here.

Back to the Muschats/Montfiquets, said to have been in Stain-suspect StanSTED Montfitchet while Stations are listed with sted-like State's (Cheshire, same as Muschat liners such as Masci's > Masseys). This could involve a main purpose of God's use of Stations/State's, for making a pointer to Epstein. Recall WanSTEADs/Weiners. Steads/Steeds (Stan/Stain colors) were first found in Yorkshire with Stans/Stains and BUSH's, how about that. The latter even have two fesses in the colors of the one of Vince's/Finch's. The Finch BUS Station!!!

Lookie: the BUStards (WINGs for Finch branch), with a version of the Bush Coat when it was showing with a red fesse, were at "BuSTEED"! Zinger, God had pointed to Bush's and Bus' with Lorraine in other ways, including her grass STAIN, for Bush-branch Bosco's use "tufts of grass" on their pillars, and here we can add that Pillars/PILOTs share the Powell lion! Zinger again. The Trade towers have been called pillars, and the Bush government used fake Muslim pilots to take them down. Tufts (and Stations/State's) were first found in Cheshire with the Birds having a quasi-version of the Bush / Bustard Coats. I think it's pretty clear that God set me up with Lorraine as a pointer to 9-11 criminals. It's also becoming clear that a slew of rackets and crimes have been from the same racketeers, mere fools who lose their souls for the game of robbing the U.S. treasury. (Trapps/Trappers use the bustard.)

If HERTfordshire is related to HERTzogs, note that German Stains/Stane's share a black bend with Hertzogs (Bavaria, same as Stains/Stane's). Suddenly, the grass stain on Lorraine's butt can be a pointer to sex trafficking thanks to Miss Hertzog's occupation.

I was on the bus with Joe and DIANE Oullette at the time, and Diane Muskatov became my girlfriend about the very time that Joe met his Diane (remember the donut shop). Lorraine was giving a dinner to her friends on the night of the grass stain, and Dinners look linkable to Donuts/Danetts. Dinners are interesting first for sharing the quadrants of Bedins (black boars again), which pointed to Huma ABEDIN, wife of Anthony Weiner. The latter is suspect with my climbing Muskatov's TV antenna. I already showed how Dinner-branch Diamonds/Dinans can be related to pedophilia as per my home-plate event with Mamie, and so note how both Diamond surnames can be related to the Station/State lozenges.

Secondly, Dine's/Diens were first found in Sussex with the Deins/Deans/DIANE's, a branch of crocodile Deans (Irish) who happen to share the double fesses of Muscats (not "Muschat")!!! AMAZING, as though God wanted to connect both Diane's as a pointer to Dean elements for obvious reason now. The other Irish Deans even use WINGS to go with the Finch subway station, which, in colors reversed, would be as blue as all the other wings in this Here / Hertzog discussion. There was fluff in the hair of both Joe and Diane in the Mr. Donut coffee shop...which was at the corner of Yonge street and Levendale, where also I had my first date with Lorraine on the day I asked her out at her BUS stop. Joe and Diane moved into the apartment building on TRAYborn drive, which is the northern boundary of the Richmond Heights plaza that housed Mr. Donut. Richmonds have double fesses in the colors of the double Hair / Harcourt fesses.

Rutland is at Leicester, where roughly Donuts/Dannets were first found with Harcourt liners. The Rutlands (share "Post" with Jeffreys) are suspect in their "pRAELia" motto term with the Rael variation of Role's, and we saw how well other Rolls and Role's / Rollo's pointed to Lorraine's grass stain. Raels/ROLE's share the chevron of Rutts and the lion of Posts. That works. English Posts were first found in Hampshire with Joe's/Josephs, Bottons/Bidens, and BOTTONy-cross Rich's/Richess' (potential basis of Richmonds) said to be from Lorraine (probably from Richeza of Lorraine).

Herzogs (share blue wings with Heyers/Here's and Here's/Herrs) were first found in Bavaria with Neckers, though there is a Dutch Neck/Necker surname and a Dutch Victoria surname. The gold Victoria stars can be the gold Herzog stars because both surnames have a black bar, and because the Nuce-pointing newspaper was purchased in Victoria. Besides, a Victoria branch is expected in the Eyes/Eyer motto. The Herzog stars are in the colors of the same of Fesch-like Fisks/Fiscs, and the latter share a black pale bar with Victoria's/FICHters while Feschs are also Fechters. The newspaper had pointed to Victoria NUland because there is a NEWland surname (wolf) with a "loyaute" motto term that can be for a branch of the Loyola surname (wolves) listed with Lolita's, the name of Epstein's plane.

This recalls the trash can at my grocery store, out of which I pulled newspapers to burn in my wood stove (to get the kindling going each morning). The idea there seemed to be for a link to the trash-can scene in the shopping-cart dream, which was also the DOOR-HANDLE dream. The Fisks use an "ad" motto term while an Ade-like surname I can no longer re-find shares the Fisk Shield. The newspapers pulled out of the trash can were purely the grocery store's ads, that's right. Oh wow, I've just looked up the KINDLINgs for the first time on this newspaper event, to find them sharing the full motto ("Amo") of Scotts, kin of trash-like Tarres' (full motto, "Amore"). Trashers were first found in Somerset with Tarrs'/Terres'.

What you are about to read is likewise new. As I said, I saw something inside the trash can, but do not recall what it was. I then dropped the can on its lid, and it started on fire around its lid, a thing I didn't like (I tried to smother the fire). When I crossed the U.S. Treasury above, I recalled that Trashers are also Treasure's, making me wonder whether there was money in the trash can as code for Treasury money being burned, so to speak, by government mobsters.

Moneys were loaded to find the Fisk/FISC Shield, a symbol of the mobsters behind FISC applications. These English Moneys were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels, working beautifully with the dream, for I was holding the trash can immediately after the door-handle scene in which the door handle was missing a barrel-shaped part (I heard "barrel" shaped part in the dream). The Crest of these English Moneys share red roses on stems with Schere's/Scherfs, and I claim that the first scene of the dream, the shopping-cart scene, was a pointer to the Scherff-Bush Nazi mobsters. As the missing barrel-shaped part was suspect with the phony attorney general, Bill Barr (out to lunch, missing in action), by what coincidence was Barr the attorney general for president George Herbert Scherff???

Barrels emphasize the ear of a dog, and Schere's use "ears of wheat." In all likeliness, Bill Barr's father (school principal) hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach at a Dalton school, and the deep state had Epstein arrested and jailed, and maybe killed, as a possible warning shot across Bill Barr's boat, threatening to spill some beans about he and his father's role with Epstein. It can explain why Bill Barr went along with the faked Epstein suicide. This faked suicide was pointed to by the newspaper in Victoria, and we just saw newspapers in a trash can at my grocery store. The shopping cart in the dream was a grocery-store shopping cart. Moneys were first found in Herefordshire with omen-using Jeffreys.

It just so happens that English Moneys were from "Monnay in the department of ORNE, Normandy." The on-fire container in the dream was deciphered as a trash can when finding that Trasher-like Tracys/Trasse's/Tresse's were from near Caen (ORNE river), for Caens are also Cans. Hang on to your money bags, because Tracys are said to be near Vire, likely related to the neighboring Ver location of Vere's/Vairs while French Vairs/Fers'/FEIRs', like "Fire," share the Money / Fisk Shields.

French Moneys/MONETs, first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's, have a version of the English MOUNTain Coat while French Mountains have the saltire of Messeys/Messier's (Burgundy, same as Vairs/Feirs') in colors reversed. The Massey-related Trypillians, said Wikipedia, burned their houses down ritualistically (perhaps when they were moving to new territory), and this became suspect with the Flemings / Flamings. The Trashers/TRESURE's are of the so-called double-tressure border of Flemings. I saw flames at the RIM of the trash can while Rims/Rums/Rooms are expected from the Rimna river, land of Trypillians, and the Rimna, and it's neighboring Rimnicu area, are at/beside the Muntenia area of Romania that has been resolved to the Mountain surname, and thus to Moneys/Monets. So, it looks like I saw money in that trash can, which doubled as a drum (barrel type) of the Drummonds, first found in Hamburg with Massey-related Trips.

As explained in the last update, the cloud-over-sun omen had pointed to Donna Brazile, whose family name was "Braswell" some generations ago. Braswells have the double Dexter chevrons in colors reversed, and Heyers/Here's have two "dexter wings" in Herzog-wing colors. Podesta-like Puddesters (split-Herzog Shield in colors reversed) are listed with the PoinDEXTERs having the lone Shoe star, and we can easily imagine a Tony-Podesta link to Zlochevsky the crocodile-shoe man. Wings/Winks are kin of gold-border liners such as Justine's, Greets/Greats, Rutlands and Here's/Herrs, and the Greets/Greats were first found in HEREfordshire with cloud-over-sun Jeffreys.

Recall how the Rodham-suspect Rutlands, which pointed to Epstein and other things, blended in with Miss Hicks, and how Hicks' share the News/Nuces chaplets while Nuse / Nuce liners point to Epstein's neck and noose. We saw the "PRAElia" motto term of Rutlands, but they also have a "PRAEmia" motto term, which recalls the day in church when Miss Hicks prayed with me. On that occasion, I smelled her HAIR, and so if you didn't read about it from the last update, as it pointed to Joe Biden smelling hair, see "Smell / smell" in the last update. CHAPLets look related to CAPELLi's you see, which means, "hair." And Bidens share the Capelli chapeau. But we can also go to the Caplan-branch Chaplains, for they have double chevrons in the colors of the double fesses of the AYRshire Hairs, and in the colors of the fessewise bars of Holms' who likewise use the chapeau.

Rutlands (Surrey) were at Mitcham, and the English Mitchams (Surrey) have an "Animi" motto term, like the "nemo" of Poindexters/Puddesters. The "Post" motto term of Rutlands gets the lion of James', first found in Surrey too, and pointing to Epstein's island. The blue-on-gold dancette of Mitchams was showing for years with Dutch Burgs/Burgers who now show triple-red chevrons, the Epstein symbol too. It all looks Podesta-Epstein sinister, and German Burgers have the same star as Shoe's and Poindexters/Puddesters. Nemo's/Nimo's have a Shoe-like "show" motto term, and there is a Show surname. Shoe's have a tree on a wall while German Walls have the Nuse-linkable Necker Coat in colors reversed. Jeffrey Epstein was reportedly killed with a noose around his neck, and so perhaps the Zlochevsky shoe man was involved with that thing by demanding from his American partners-in-crime that Epstein be killed (or freed from prison if that's what they did).

Here is another article pounding on Barr's lack of justice. The article, however, doesn't go far enough because it fails to call Barr a criminal,. I tell you no lie, Bill Barr is a criminal, and has already abused this round of his attorney-generalship (what was he guilty of when attorney general for George Bush?):

When Loretta Lynch pleaded the 5th during a congressional hearing, Bill Barr saw it. When some pleads the 5th, it means he/she is guilty of something. Trump's DoJ has yet to place her under an investigation. What in tarnation is the FBI for, if not for corruption from high government offices??? Those are the biggest criminals of all because Treasury deals in 10s of billions upon 100s of billions upon trillions of dollars. Corrupt government officials are after some of that money, but how often have we seen high-level government people charged and jailed for stealing Treasury money? Are most of them doing it, each protecting the other? Sounds likely.

In the 1979 dream, I started in the sea, and then came onto the land, a symbol of the anti-Christ in Revelation. I've predicted (not as a prophet) that the anti-Christ will be a mouse liner from my own Masci bloodline, and I've been thinking lately on whether KoloMOISKy's group of Ukrainians / Russians might turn out to invade Israel with an Obama-camp thrust once Trump is gone and replaced by a Democrat. The end of the 1979 dream had a rapture, and I was in it. Obama is himself a mouse liner.

Here's why Joe and Hunter Biden should be in trouble with Barr, but the last time we heard from the latter bozo, he said he's not interested in Ukraine. Credits to PBS for airing this Trump-side argument, which amounts to a nuclear-tipped, I-see-it-coming boomerang, with his own fingerprints upon it, to the temple of Schiff's head:

It's time for Schiff to fall on his own sword, but will he? Or will he make another buffoon of himself? Let the invisibles behind Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler come out to expose themselves.

Proper Doctrine, by Joshua

I thought that this Christian video below on the money-based Christian music industry, though it takes a little time to get going (Joshua is a bit long-winded for thoroughness), has valuable thoughts, insights and concerned directions. It appears as though there is a conspiracy to take the young and old away from being profitable servants of God, to instead make create in them a mushland-Christianity with one foot in the sea and one foot on the land, so to speak:

I always preach the right and the good, true religion, and that God cares about nothing else than the holding of all people to the vision of Jesus. That's all there will be, and therefore that's all there is, even now. It's not necessary to join a Christian movement to fulfill righteousness and doing good. If you think you are capable of doing good easily, wait until the person you're doing good to becomes difficult and antagonistic. Then see if your heart still has good will. It's not easy after all.

It's dangerous to join a Christian movement today due to the many false prophets who provide the product of God for cash as their only interest. No one should go around singing for God for money. For one thing, if you do anything for God for making a living, then you will have your reward in your making a living. But Heavenly reward -- the later-to-come life -- comes when you do things for no money in return. A person with a Christian book store that sells the Bible for a profit is a lousy servant of God, if one at all. Shame. It's not a sin to run a Christian book store to make a living, but you will be responsible for selling only doctrinal-correct material. You cannot sell everything that's out there in Christian bookland. You probably sin if you are the writer of a book for God while making profit. Shame.

You probably sin if you want to tour around making money by singing for God. You can't look at these things from a money-matters or capitalist perspective. You are required to look at everything as God would look at it, if you are involving God. If you really are singing for God, make no profit. If you want to make a profit by singing, don't tell the people or yourself that you are doing it for God. When you get before your audience, tell them that the reason you're there is to make a living. How will that go over? Instead, singers who tour for money deceive their audience by acting so in love with God.

I find it depressing when some Creationist visits a church and gives an interesting presentation, when, near the end of the service, the pastor takes an offering for the Creationist. Did he come to repeat the same presentation over and over and over as part of his making a living? Does he give some of the money back if the people gave more than his expenses cost him? These are important questions because they are what God looks at, what He judges a man by. Don't we get it? We can't do as the business world teaches ethics. We are not under capitalism with God. If you want to sell lawn mowers, don't over-charge. If you want to sell music worship or book teachings, don't make a profit at all. Let your publisher or your manager make a profit if he/she must, but you be wise and serve God for free. Don't even take a chance at charging for a profit. Are you nuts?

Don't make a profit and promise to give it to charity because that amounts to charging your "customers," and they are not such. They are people of God; you must not take their money to teach the word of God or lead a worship service. Church's demanding a 10-percent tithe are completely nuts. There are other ways to pay for church expenses than taking an offering during the service, but churches, knowing that it sends newcomers to the faith a terrible message to take a collection mid-service, do it anyway, because they know they get more money that way. This is sickening, it really is. Leave a box at the back of the church for donations as people are pleased to give them. There will be less money, but a greater blessing on that score from God. Let the pastor concentrate on the personalities and beliefs of the sheep, and to get to know individuals for those reasons, to improve personalities and beliefs. The pastor's job is not just to let the word of God fly into the ears of the sheep, but to tend them, to get to know them, to know their needs in order to feed them their needs.

I love spirited songs with good melodies, but I really dislike the style of music creeping into churches in my area over the past decade or more. There could be something more wrong with it than my simple displeasure with the tone of it. The music seems numbing. I have almost despised Christian-radio music for as long as it's been on, not for the concept, but for the music. It could be that I sense no spirituality in the singers, or it could be something else. I've decided time and time again to listen to no radio than to listen to Christian radio. I don't listen to worldly radio -- puke. I am not one of them.

I did find over 100 Christian songs on youtube that I liked enough to download. I admit, I go for the sound of a song. If a song has Biblical words but a sound that 'rubs me the wrong way" (catch-all phrase), I won't download it because I like to sing to songs. If the song can't inspire me to sing, it's not on my songlist. I am not up-to-speed on the backgrounds of the singers or managers of the songs I did download. I have rejected all songs from several Christian music "artists" (or would-be artists) altogether. I'm not embrace-all. No matter how much I like a song, I won't sing it if its sung by someone like Elton John, etc., etc., because I know God wouldn't approve. There is a lot of grey area in the worldly music industry (a huge educational / "spiritual" system), and maybe even more black. There is almost zero white.

The same youtube channel as the one above has a message on Christian politics, with views that mirror my own:

The speaker is Joshua at Servus Christi (sounds catholic but he's not). I like the way he thinks. I didn't know that Christianity Today had been infiltrated by leftists. How could that happen? How could those who subscribe to the magazine allow that to happen. One day, I was listening to a youtube preacher, when he gave thumbs-up to Hillary. Shock. It made me realize that youtube will feed preachers to us who are distorted one way or the other, and left-leaning, which can explain that roughly half the preachers it offers are Black.

I didn't know that Pentecostal extremist, Paula White, was Trump's Christian whatever, for that's all she is, just a woman who got the part with Trump because she's more attractive to him than a male. Trump still likes the ladies, doesn't he? Trump doesn't want Pentecostalism, does he? American Christendom is sick, very sick, from all of the money-grubbing fakes. When Jesus said that there would be many false Christian teachers, He implied a lot of followers too. Is Trump partnering with false Christianity? Is this what Trump amounts to for God's true (loyal) people? I view the False Prophet as the false-Christian movement in the United States, but I cannot even fathom how this group will be fine with his assisting in the anti-Christ's invasion of Jerusalem. I suppose that God has a plan to signal glaringly, to His own, that false teachers are indeed such in case we have any doubts. When they support the False Prophet, there will be no more doubt.

I totally understand how we might not want to be judgmental against those who profess Faith, but there is also importance for calling out wrong teaching and money-grubbing churches to protect the true sheep from them. The irony is that false sheep will call out false sheep. I'll bet that there are cultists watching Joshua who have always resisted Protestant denominations (from the 1800s), not for false teaching, but because they are not Jehovah's Witnesses (embrace none others) or Mormons (embrace none others) or masonic (embrace all). There is something to be said for attending a church to protect the sheep there if there is a power struggle between they and the goats, but if the pastors seem too far gone so that no sheep could be deceived, then maybe it's time to leave. The problem is, infiltrators have the express task of feigning true Christianity so that their wolf fur is not always glaringly obvious, yet true colors will come out eventually. The task of super-rich anti-Christian warriors / activists would naturally be to infiltrate entire denominations from the top. Infiltrators will now start to criticize false teachers in order to seem like true teachers; it's to be their expected game.

To what causes will they re-direct the financial intake? How many people have stopped going to church because they can't trust where their money goes? It would be better to give money directly to the poorest people in the churches than to give to the offerings, but if we don't contribute to offerings, the elders will respect us less or even pain us. I can't tolerate the thought that much or most of my offering is going to a false teacher. That hurts. I don't like the thought of going to a church to study whether the pastor is true or otherwise. It's all a very sick condition for us all. The game of some infiltrators is to act super-spiritual, but they always have the trick of convincing followers that God is active in their churches with all sorts of miracles and loving acts for the membership. It's all a mirage. That's why I resist Pentecostal churches, where I imagine that half of them or more are feigning God's hand in their churches. They feign revivalism when there is no revival.

Safe to say, the number of Christians over the past 40 years has not increased, or at least not my much, per Western country. There has been no revival, therefore, even though thousands upon thousands of churches have claimed that they were part of a revival. If we imagine that Christians make up on 1/50th of a national population, the entire nation would be Christian in 40 years if each Christian converted just one person per year. Therefore, you can see how few conversions there have been over the past 40 years...where the converted remained with Jesus to the end. Or, as many as are "converted" through the front door are leaving out the back door.

When Pentecostals realize that there's no revival, and that prayers for miracles aren't really being answered, and when they realize that the miracles are being faked, or when Jesus is not answering their prayers, out the door they go back to their old lifestyles. Pentecostalism, I believe, will disappoint them, because fakes run most of the churches. Or so it seems. If they are converted on the promise of becoming more financially prosperous, then of course their prayers won't be answered. They came to faith for the wrong reason. The pitfall will be the same if they are converted for some right reasons but then fall prey to the prosperity gospel.

Naturally, imposters out for the big money will stroke richer Christians by making them feel more than comfortable with their riches, for to make them feel that God's great pleasure upon them is the reason for their riches keeps the richer Christians coming out to church. And so by learning the science of luring and trapping the rich, the imposters make more money. Also, they use "missions" as part of their facade because their goal is to become as large as possible in numbers. Churches are now popularizing the idea of church-as-central, and all members are to work and contribute to "the church." But what exactly might that mean? It won't mean the same to an imposter as to a true shepherd. The latter stresses quality of personhood, not greater numbers.

We might therefore seek smaller, quieter churches, or even home churches. That's seems like the thing to do. Go back to home churches where there is no need to pay for a building or a pastor, and no cut of financial rake-in goes to a bank account of a far-removed denominational office whose officers we are totally unfamiliar with, perfect! Start a home church today, not minding the weekly work that comes with it to prepare the place and clean up afterward. It gives you a job for God, never despise such an opportunity.

Here's Joshua on his Southern-Baptist critique:

As you can see, we can identify the questionable wolves as definite wolves more reliably when they associate with the known wolves. It's an easy way to identify who they are and what they're doing, and Joshua is helpful in this area. His work is to keep tabs on what they do and say, and to expose it. If you don't have a job for God, consider one like that, but be careful not to be over-judgmental, or wrongly judgmental, and don't use a broad brush to condemn all pastors, as the cults are in the habit of doing.

Money grubbers set their own traps by going into the Christian-ministry industry to make a living on some aspect of serving God. When the money becomes the priority, they will justify it in the name of God, but, as often happens, they become grotesquely entrapped by the money. It's all-too possible that money was their sub-conscience aim from the start, though they weren't willing to admit it consciously. As money starts pouring in, it's likely due to their engineering their ministry for it. Yes, they adjust their ministries for financial rake-ins, and of course that entails making their ministries exciting...convincing potential donors that they have exciting things to offer. It's exactly the same as someone starting a youtube channel with the dream of creating a cash cow. If the channel features a person speaking, he/she works it to that end by being as slick as possible with a variety of possibly techniques. The aim is always a larger audience. Ditto for church leaders seeking money. So why do Christians go to big churches? Because they feel they are a part of God's exciting church. Trapped! They could be of the opinion that there's something terribly wrong with a small church (maybe there is, but maybe there isn't).

Imposters have known from way back (ask the Vatican) that Christian deception requires a carrying of the resurrection of Jesus; otherwise they can't attract Christians to church. Therefore, don't mindlessly give thumbs-up to a suspect fake just because they teach Resurrection, etc. But imposters have malice, expressed in countless ways by countless imposters. They each tack things to their Christian system that does damage while they rake in their money. It's not their will to teach proper Bible, and so they add damaging things they think they can get away with if they hammer them into the minds of Christians long enough.

Jesus was resurrected, but he's just an incarnation of the angel, Michael, the Jehovah's Witness hammer into the minds of their victims. Every JW who has come to my door believes that Jesus was Michael, like dopes (spiritually drugged) very willing to believe EVERYTHING, lockstep, what their church teaches because they have been deceived into believing that it's the only true church. They fear it as they fear losing salvation, such a terrible situation. It's not easy to make people believe such a thing, explaining why the Jehovah's Witnesses are few in number worldwide, but then we realize the commitment to fraud that the leaders stick to, knowing how damaging the teaching is for their growth in numbers. The Mormons are even more frightening for the nonsense they stick to at the cost of numbers. What's their game? Why are they sacrificing numbers to maintain soul-killing doctrines? Could it be for their love of killing souls? Makes sense. To increase their numbers, Mormons allowed multiple wives for their men, and then indoctrinated the children from the time they could understand. It still goes on.

Having said those things, there's a difference between weakened faith and imposterism. A pastor (or any person) may start to neglect the healthiest Biblical doctrines, and slip, due to weakening faith. The rule should always be, teach yourself the commands of Jesus, and don't rely on a pastor. It's been my way; I wouldn't have it any other way.

I studied the Bible solidly for about 15 years. After that, no matter where I read the New Testament, I knew what would be said in the rest of the passage before getting to it...because the Word was now in my heart. I had become that familiar with it, and I essentially understood the core teachings like I could never forget them. In the beginning, and for centuries afterward, Christians didn't even have Bibles. You can be a Christian without reading the Bible daily, you really can, if you simply know and understand and obey the Right Way. There is no use becoming familiar with every minor jot of teaching on top of the major strokes, with continued Bible reading, if we can't begin to obey the majors strokes very well. Don't be like the Pharisees who studied the Bible intently because they wanted salvation from it. PRACTICING the core teachings is what it's all about. Be free, be happy, by having the Word on your heart as you go about doing your daily things, and being ready to apply it. When God smiles on us, things go right. If you want evidence of God in your life, practice the teachings as circumstances require. If you have a bad habit you can't shake, it's not unusual amongst Christians. That's where Grace comes in.

Be content with eternal salvation; don't be Big Jerk by going after money here, to enjoy it the rest of this earthly life, immediately before receiving The Gift of Eternal Life. You probably won't get the latter of you mess with it like that.

We now have the advantage of having the stories of Jesus in print. We don't need a pastor to teach us, though there is great health in discussing the Bible with others, which is why Bible studies / home churches beat typical church services. INTERACTION with one another is MUCH BETTER than pew sitting, though the latter is not bad for us. The good news can be: church makes us of one mind. The bad news can be: church makes us of one mind. Straight-face pew sitting is morphing to Pentecostal hoopla, going the wrong way. The right way is toward warm and thoughtful home churches.

Here's Joshua on Mormonism and Ravi Zacharias:

I was shocked by the first piece on Zacharias. He claimed that Mormons are good for the world because the Christian aim is to make for a good, moral fabric in the world. Achem, the Purpose is to please God first and foremost, allowing God to make the world what He will as He works through us. We don't expect God to work through Mormonism.

Some global-engineering group with a conspiratorial bent must be sending ecumenicalists into the evangelical circles. I used to think that the end times would be evangelicals versus all others. Now it's more like, beware the leaders and their installed sub-leaders of evangelical circles. Ravi sounds as though his "commission" is to spread the word, in evangelical circles, that all the unacceptable Christian groups are to be embraced. The Oneness movement of our enemies.

Joshua was the one who alerted me to the folly of Francis Chan a few weeks after I discovered the latter. I thought Chan sounded good, but when he mentioned his new property, uh-oh, it looked a little on the luxurious side. Then I found my first (or second) Joshua video, on Mr. Chan's charismatic washiness. Before long, Chan might be a part of Christian-glitz television.

I'd like to say that one could decide to attend a church with a bad leadership if only to somehow put a little or big monkey wrench on its agenda. That doesn't automatically make one a partner with them, just because one attends there. It doesn't make one a contributor to its program, even if one give financial gifts into the offering plate; we could say that someone is willing to sacrifice a little money to help some of the would-be victims of that church. In other words, guilt by association isn't always justified. Having said that, no one who claims to be in the midst of a problematic leadership, or even visiting it just once, should praise it, especially on a made-for-public media. With Jesus present in a synagogue, He's not expected to praise its religious leaders or speak as though He is one with them (unless per chance there were some decent leaders).

There is also a difference between: 1) one who makes a big mistake by appearing with false teachers, acting cordially as though one in mind with them; 2) those who are active in similar, abusive and exploitive movements. There are a lot of Christians not up-to-speed on the things that Joshua is revealing. We had best be up-to-speed, and of one mind in opposition to the fakes. I could see Trump joining the fakes, but I prefer his becoming a true believer. Trump is no more an important person than anyone else in God's view, and that will be my view too. Trump is a bona fide blowhard at this time, unworthy of praise because he lavishes it on himself, especially when on a public media.

It's possible for good Christians to make mistakes in pursuit of making big money on a song or video or speaking tour (or business), but to repent of it afterward. Hopefully, they will be better Christians afterward. But most who those who think that making big money is an innocent endeavor will find that big money traps and ruins them once they have it. Did God make money come out of Jesus' ears as He toured the land? Was money falling out the pockets of the apostles as Jesus became famous? Isn't it correct that God made Jesus financially poor to send us that very message? Yes, it is ideal if we perform for Jesus while poor, not conducting God's work on the back of money. If ministries cost a lot of money, don't do them. Who are we to decide to spend big money on an endeavor that God did not command us to perform? It might only get costlier if we are pig-headed enough to continue, requiring more money from God's people. It makes us robbers.

Ken Ham, whom I once respected, is in Joshua's video below on his treatment of Pure Flix. Josh needs to repeat himself for the sake of anyone watching his video for the first time, so we must tolerate that. Ken Ham shocked me when he opened his Noah's Ark park with a life-sized ark built at no small cost. Where did all that money come from, and did it corrupt / defile Mr. Ham?

On Ray Comfort's street-evangelism youtube videos, I had noted the possibility that they are fakes, where the people being interviewed are Christian actors. The goal may have been to make himself popular by appearing like an amazing evangelist. I myself praised that evangelism, and shared at least one of his videos with readers. But I knew nothing about him aside from what I saw in the videos. I didn't know he supported prosperity-gospelites.

Joshua (don't know his surname) uses youtube, but in this "association," he doesn't praise youtube. Youtube stinks because it's anti-Christ, not just in philosophy, but because it acts, in activism, as an anti-Christ organization. Youtube stinks, and Joshua would probably agree, in that context.

I've been watching Joshua all Friday long. He's got an Internet photo of Rick Joyner in a Knights of Malta uniform, looking a lot like the uniforms for the International Order of Saint Hubertus to which John B. Poindexter belongs/belonged, the group suspect in murdering judge Scalia. It might reveal that the Vatican is behind the invasion into evangelical leadership positions with raping / corrupting characters. It wouldn't be surprising. The good news may be: they keep a lot of Christian-fake pew sitters out of small, local churches.

Conspiratorial imposters who learn from past failures would find it advantageous to convince their would-be followers that God has chosen them specially for the mission for which they ask followers to fund. They tried to pose as apostles, but that didn't work very well thanks to people like Joshua. So, they now use a more-humble approach. The papacy had the problem of looking the opposite of humble, which can explaining why the current pope has a humble attitude (= calculated tactic). The Vatican realized that the pomp of the pope was ruinous, in this generation. The thing I dislike today is that many churches are going by a what-works formula for church building. This is sick. Never mind church building; tend the flock instead. When was the last time your pastor, or his partner, called you to visit you at your home to get to know you closely?

Joshua might be a powerful tool of God; he might be strong enough to do his shows not for gaining more viewers, which would make his message more powerful still. God can use a person like that. God needs people in the next age to rule the universe with Him, and He would naturally pick from those who did not go for big numbers for their own glory. Those who are first here will be last later. Christians desiring to be honored now, especially as leaders of the churches, if they get into the next age by the fire of their pants, will be seated by God at the back of the class. We've been warned.

Joshua has a terrible video below, terrible due to the satanic content. I think this video is a GREAT example, at the cost of making the Christian sick, of how a fake-Christian rock band seeks to appear Christian when speaking to Christians, but blatantly exposing its satanic side when not speaking to Christians. In other words, the band, Skillet, is not merely mistaken in its attitude, but is deliberately an evil invasion into Christianity. I suggest watching this video at least to the 50th minute, and that will be enough to see that there is a satanic invasion. But there can be groups and individuals doing the same, in all happiness, who don't have Hollwood / heavy-metal satanism as their public face:

Joshua is a heavy-hearted speaker, and below you can see a light-hearted speaker with a major problem, because he claims to be doing what Joshua does, yet he's not only childish in his light-heartedness, and insulting, but he wrongly accuses Joshua, in the middle of the 12th minute, at which time I put my mouse pointer on his nose, paused the video forever, and pointed my finger at him in agreement with Joshua that he has one big problem. Open fighting that one can predict to take place with people seeking to call out bad attitudes is to be expected, but saying nothing to call them out is dangerous. In my view, God appreciates the heavy-minded, careful man who puts seasoned Christians in a sleepier / impatient mood due to a rigorous approach over a light-hearted clown who would have us laugh along. Joshua is speaking also to young believers who find his material fresh and new, though long-time Bible readers could do without the step-by-step / elongated dialogue:

I don't expect anyone to view all the Servus-Christi videos above at one sitting, but the links are there if you would like to see them over a few days. Here's another one, "Being A Conservative Does NOT Make You A Christian"; it's the message I agree with, and it goes without saying for most Christians, I hope:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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