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February 4 - 10, 2020

The "Tiny" Universe Theory is Probably the Fact
The 9-11 Accomplice is Now Comfy on the White-House Throne

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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Katie Pavlich joined Fox's The Five show over the past year. This is the show with Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld, to which by belly event with Christine Peare pointed. I found myself using the phrase, "it felt do good," to describe the belly event, when God gave me a dream with her waist that felt just like the belly event did. I know it's hard to believe that God might give a dream like that, but it was very innocent; I was simply pulling Miss Peare toward me by her waist, and it reminded me of pressing Miss Peare's belly toward me when we were teens.

At first, I thought that God may have been pointing to at least two characters on The Five for deep-state purposes, but he also points to the Laevi on the Ticino river with all sorts of event and dreams. Miss PEARE was resolved as God's pointer to the PIERleoni Jews seeking to rule the vatican, and this is interesting if those Jews became the Rothschild Zionists. There is evidence that they did. There is evidence that the Pierleoni were the Levite / Sadducee basis for the first crusade against Jerusalem, which succeeded in taking the city, at which time Godfrey de Bouillon was made its leader. His grandfather (Godfrey III) had gone to the rescue of the Pierleoni against some Vatican people in opposition to them. And Christine Peare was pointed by God, without a doubt, to this GODfrey line, by "it FELT so GOOD," as well as by the "BELLO CHRISTi" motto phrase of Bouillons (use this tab to load other Coats of Arms to follow much better, one paragraph at a time, this heraldry-laden discussion requires your time and participation).

The last update did an investigation on the BOLINGbroke surname, with some Boling-like surnames not much different than "Bouillon," and while Bolingbroke's were linkable to Brooks, German Goods happen to share the Brook Coat. That investigation was for the purpose of seeking whether Boltons / Bolts had been Boling/Bowling liners.

German Goods are also Guts, you see, and a gut is a belly. Greg GUTfeld is pointed to because FELTs use the giant Bouillon flory cross in colors reversed, and his first name, as a surname, happens to have two of the three Levi chevrons while Pero's/PERINO's can be traced to Pavia with Pierro's/Pero's, said to have been first found in Pavia, which was co-founded by the Laevi Gauls. So, that's why it seems that God is using two people on The Five to teach us some things about the line of Laevi to Dana PERINO and GREG GutFELD. These things were shared with readers before Katie PAVlich joined the Five, and it was only last night when I realized that her surname is like "Pavia," is that not impressive?

Gregs were first found in FIFE while Five's/Fifys share the lion of Fife's. The latter even have an "oPERA" motto term, it just can't be coincidental. You see, it's as though God has set things up in heraldry to fit this show, and may even have named the show for this revelation, to show that the killers of Jesus were from the Laevi Gauls. I expect them to go to the Galatians, as per the latter being from Gauls, and the last update's Bolingbroke discussion touched upon Brogitarus, a Galatian ruler who descendants married LAEVIllus. It doesn't look like a coincidence. Joseph Caiaphas and or his father-in-law must have been of that Galatian line. The discussion touched up Brogitarus as per Italian lawn BOWLING, you see. It was amazing because it involved a bocci-ball event when I was 11 years old, less than a year before God struck our chimney with a lightning BOLT, which was the reason for the Bolton / Bolt discussion.

As per Katie Pavlich, there is no Katie surname, but Kate's happen to share the Zionist star (or hexagram), as I call it, of Pavlich's. It's also the Zionist star of Goths/GOTHELs, while Gothelo was the father of Godfrey III, the one who assisted the Pierleoni. We can't claim that this, too, is a coincidence. Plus, the Pavlich's have two hexagrams on blue on either side of a white-on-blue ARROW in pale (vertical) while Pero's/Perino's have a similar thing: two gold-on-blue hexagrams on either wide of a gold-on-blue pale bar. The arrow is very good for linking Pero's to Arras, the Artois capital, because Arrows are listed with Arras', and it just so happens that the father of Godfrey de Bouillon was in Artois' Boulogne. The Arms of Rothschild use arrows.

The Pavlich surname happens to be Ukrainian, how about that. Pavlich's have quadrants in the colors of the split Shield of Italian Pavia's (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's). Katie Pavlich needs to be thankful she has the job at The Five by God's arrangement. I've seen her plaster Juan Williams to the wall more than once; she can be feisty. The Pavlich write-up wishes for us to think that the name is from "Pavel / Paul," but this is clearly wrong. It's from "Pavia," and may have been a Pavia-line merger (marriage) with Lichs / Licks.

Pavlich's happen to have a dove in the colors of the same of Italian Paloma's, and a few weeks before the belly event, Miss Peare and I kissed for the first time on the PAVEment of a parking lot at a La Paloma bar. I had noted that Spanish Paloma's have two pale bars in the colors of the one of Pero's/Perino's, but here it seems that the latter were indeed related to Paloma's, suggesting that God was in my events even at a bar, a few years before becoming a Christian (Peare and I never engaged in sex).

At the time of our first kiss, I was working as a SHOE salesman, and it just so happens that Pavlich's have a horseSHOE. The problem is, horseshoes are not necessarily code for Shoe's, but are at times used by Ferrara liners where the latter are thought to be named after iron workers. I think I can show that the Pavlich horseshoe is code for a Horse marriage to Shoe's, and this gets extremely important where the crocodile shoes of Mr. Zlochevsky, boss of Burisma, have been a topic of the last two updates. The Shoe surname, you see, has a Schuch variation while German Shocks/SHOCHENs/SCHOCHs smack of Viktor SHOKIN, the Ukrainian prosecutor going after Zlochevsky when Joe Biden got Shokin fired on a criminal and impeachable offense.

I'm not saying that Shokin is of the Shocken surname, but that God is using it, along with my shoe-sales job, to point to Shokin. I am wondering why God didn't arrange Shocks/Schochs to be listed with Shoe's, however. But then Shake's, who come up as Shocks too, are important to God, and this can reveal that Shoe's are from Shechemites. I see Shechemites are at least kin of the Laevi line to the Boethus house of Sadducees, and Buttons/Bidens are a branch of Butts/BOETs, perfect. Just go ahead and compare Butts/Boets to Pierro's/Pero's.

It's as though God arranged a Biden-Shokin controversy that simultaneously involves modern lines from Israel's Sadducees. The Schuch-like Scougals come up as "Scoots" while the scoot-over event with Miss Hicks was part of her sandal symbol, and Sandals are in Shock/Shake and Horse-gyronny colors.

The centerpiece of The Five is Jesse Watters. One Jesse/Jesche surname has Shechemite-representing scimitars. Waters use nothing but three of the nothing-but-two-chevrons of Perche's, and Pierro's/Pero's are also Perichs.

The Horse's, in the colors of the Cottian-line Susans and the Cottian-suspect Tume's/Tombs, were loaded with the Pavlich horseshoes, and when seeing the Horse horse heads with reins, it caused me to recall that Reine's/Reines' have a "comet" used as "flaming STARs" of Pero's/Perino's. Stars (Horse-gyronny colors) have the Shock/Shake chevron in colors reversed. The horse head comes with a mane, and Christine's were first found on the Isle of Man. I rode Christine's horse once, an event pointed to by her waist symbol four decades later. It pointed to horse-using Waistells, from Vestalis of the royal Cottians, and as the latter are expected to the Cotta's/Cottons/CAUTES', it's notable that Cetins/CATTANs/Cattons use a "Cautes" motto term while Kate's are also KATTENdyke's (Cotton/Cottan colors). Recall that the Pavlich quadrants are in the colors of the horizontally-split Shield of Italian Pavia's (Piedmont, same as royal Cottians), for the latter is a version of the Cetin/Cattan Coat.

My white cat, Sassy, sucked her tail as an adult, while Tails/Tailers and their Tiller branch are from the Tilurius river, also called the Cetina, while Cetins/Cattans (cat) share a Saracen's head with Sassys/Saucers. The latter have variations like the suck-like Such/Zouch surname...meaning that God provided Sassy for me for heraldic purposes. The Cattes'/Cats almost have the Coat of French Sarasins, first found in Brittany with the Picots who share the Cattes/Cat Coat. I was looking at "Picot de Saio" and upon wondering, for just one second, whether that place was named by Says, and "they say" was sung over my speakers at that second. The Cheshire Picots were at Perrott, a term linkable to Pierro's/Pero's (share Alan fesse).

I had to give Sassy away when going down to Texas for six months, and no sooner had we arrived that we obtained a pup (black Lab). My kids named her, Katie. She always chased cats, with feverish fury, and was run over by a car chasing a cat, and died. Just saying. Kate's/KattenDYKE's share the Chief-chief colors of Sharks, and we saw Saracen-liners above with the Sassy paragraph. Dyke's with Decks/Daggers are suspect with the Ticino river, but I haven't been able to prove it.

The write-up of Pierro's/Pero's/PERICHs: "The surname Pierro was first found in the city of Pavia, where records are found in 1040 with Manfredi and Arizzone Pietra, feudal Lords of the territories of Pietra, Bissone, and Costa" Bissone is traceable to the Biss' having snakes or serpents "resPECTing each other," looking like-part-code for Picot elements. Costa's/COTeau's, first found in Languedoc with Cotta's/Cautes', have a giant Bell while Bells share the fesse of Bellamys (and Horse's) who lived at PERCHe. It appears that Perche was the home of Pero's liners on the Ticino. Seatons were at Say (Normandy, same as Saio), and it just so happens that they share the Bellamy crescents.

Oh wow. The Kate/Kattandyke Coat is a version of the French Bell/Label Coat, and while the latter substitute the Kate hexagrams for crescents, these crescents are in the colors of the Pavlich crescent!!! Katie Pavlich! It tends to assure that Perche was home to Pavia's Pero's and probably other Pavia elements. The Scottish Lise's sharing double-red chevrons with Perche's happen to come up as "Lich," which was checked earlier as per "PavLICH." French Lise's are listed with Lys', first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's. Lise's/Lys' are from Lissus of the Cavii (named Chivasso in Piedmont).

Bells/Labels are also Baile's, and Bailys happen to have stars in the colors of the Pavlich stars. It appears that we are on Miss Peare's belly symbol, excellent. I am not very familiar with this trace of Bells / Bellamys to Pero's, but there you are. You see, I wasn't crazy to claim that God provided the belly event. Bellys were first found in Moray, and Bailys (probably the Pollock boar) share the Moray stars. Bailys even have a "patria" motto term while Patria's/Petrie's (like Pierro variations) are also PEARtree's, what are the chances? The latter share the Trump stag head, in case this matters.

[Insert -- This was placed in the next update:
Peartree's were a topic of the last update off of the "patria" motto term of Belly-like Bailys, and Miss Peare, my ladyfriend for a few weeks, was given a Belly symbol by God (see last update for that). I neglected to give all of the details in how she got her belly symbol. It was on the night that two lady friends decided / needed to stay the night at my apartment, and we all decided to sleep in the same bed. There was no sex because neither lady was my girlfriend at the time. The second lady was LOUISe Phillips, and, wow, I now get it, for Phillips (probably the LOUIS lion) use an "aMOR patriae' motto phrase!!! It links to the Belly-like Bailys! Zinger. It sure makes the Phillip / Louis lion look like the Levi lion, and the Louis branch of Lewis even looks like a potential Levi liner.

As I've said many times, I woke up in the middle of the night PRESSing Peare's belly with my HAND, and here I note that the three estoiles in the Press Chief are in the colors of the three scallops in the Patria/Peartree Chief, and moreover the same estoiles are in the Neil Chief while Neils share the red HAND with Unions/Annians!!!

Unions/Annians enter the this update shortly below. Miss Peare lived in UNIONville when the belly event took place! When I moved out of the apartment with the belly event, I moved into another apartment, at Ellesmere road, with these two ladies being my tenants. It just so happens that the castle of Ellesmere's (share Neil lion) was "given in marriage with the natural daughter of that monarch to Llewelyn, Prince of North Wales." "Llewelyn" is in the write-up of Louis-branch Lewis'. End insert]

The last update had the Skinners of Bolingbroke, and here it can be added that Skinners, probably from Schimatari's Shechemites, have the colors and format of Baily-branch Balliols. Schimatari is at TANAGRa, the line to TANKERville's, I feel sure, a branch of Tancreds who share the scallops of Patria's/Peartree's. The Bailys and Balliols (SWORDS) were first found in Northumberland with SIWARD of Northumberland, the line to Swords, and Patria's/Peartree's share the fitchees of SEWERs/Suters (beside Fife).

Bellys look like a branch of French Bale's, and, ahh, the latter were first found in Provence with Guerin of Provence while Guerins (Templar stooges) use a version of the Kate/Kattandyke / Bell/Label Coat but with the Payen and Pero/Perino hexagrams! The Payens are Pierleoni-important because: 1) Hugh de Payens was the first grand master of the Templars when the brother of Godfrey-de-Bouillon was king of Jerusalem, and; 2) Pierleoni-line Leo's (Pavlich colors!) share the bend of French Payne's/Paine's. There we have it: God was using the belly event to point Pierleoni Jews to the guts behind the first Crusade. And he also used characters on Fox's The Five while the Five/Fify and Fife lions are in the Guerin Chief.

Compare the Guerin Coat with that of MARKhams (TUXford), because Laevi founded Pavia with MARICI. Miss Peare lived in UNIONville, in Markham township, and the Armageddon-depicting lightning bolt of the last update was in Markham too. Unions/Annians (Sussex, same as Felix's) share the gold mill rind with Felix's, and may have been from "ANANus." I think that end-time Gog = Anti-Christ will be a Sadducee liner from Caiaphas and/or Annas/Ananus through the Pierleoni Jews. I see the Tease's/Tess'/Tecks (ANNANdale saltire colors reversed) and Tax's/Dachs/DAX's as Ticino/Tessin (= two names of the same river) liners merged with Laevi, and so the Tiss'/Teece's should apply who are probably in the "MiTIS" motto term of Markhams. Markhams share "AuDAX" with Forts ("ForTIS") who in turn have the Pavlich quadrants in colors reversed, excellent. The Pavlich quadrants are shared by Felix's (Sussex) who in turn share the potent cross with the Arms of Templar Jerusalem. Both Coats share a gold-on-red cross, though Pavlich's use a patee. Ahh, the FeLICKs might help to explain "PavLICH/PavLICK."

The Markham write-up; "At one time, the family held lands and estates in MAPLEbeck, Nottinghamshire." Tease's/Tyes' were first found in Nottinghamshire with their Annas kin. Tiss'/Teece's and Chimneys show nothing but the same chevron. The Armageddon lightning bolt hit my chimney. Jesus was condemned in a kangaroo court at the home of the Sadducee, Annas. The Maple's/Marples', linkable to Caiaphas-like Chives' and Tarves', could have been Markham liners. Compare the Tarves and Maple/Marples Shields with that of German MARKs (spear, linkable to the Spear boar heads in the Maple/Marples Coat). German Marks have a "FORTitudine" motto term.

The Tarves fitchees are shared by Shere's/Sheers/Shire's. We lived in SHERwood estates, near the Sherwood forest, when living in Markham, and the Sherwoods might be with the stars of Fortibus' (Annas / Wiggins stars in colors reversed), a branch of Forts. Robin Hood of Nottinghamshire is in the Sherwood write-up, and Markhams were first found in Nottinghamshire. I don't know whether Shere liners are from Saracens, but Markhams share the Chief-Shield colors of Sharks and Wray while the latter's three martlets are colors reversed from the same of the Somerset Pavia's. Darlene Ray / Wray lived in Unionville (i.e. Markham township) when I was with her, making me wonder what things about her are pointers to Ticino elements. I'll come back to this.

Italian Pavia's, because they share the Mar scallops, tend to confirm that Marici was from Marsi. French mars were first found in Burgundy with the Messeys having the flag of Mercia, and the first Meschin married Lucy Bolingbroke of Mercia. It tends to assure that Marici named Mercians, begging where the Laevi were in Mercia.

Liberal-infested Wikipedia is likely out to lunch to say that "Mercia" is rooted in "border people," which it claims, as it almost always does on other derivations, without evidence, merely repeating some historian's best guess as fact so that the world might think more highly of its liberal educators, as though they are reliable. Yes, the liberals disguise themselves as the best-possible educators in order to control society, never forget that. Assume guilty until proven innocent.

Mercian-liner Meschins went north into Scotland with the Alans of Shropshire, and the Scottish flag ("Andrew's Cross"), likely from king Andrew of Hungary, is almost the Messey / Mercia flag. King Andrew gave birth to George, who was in Scotland in 1055. George birthed the first Scottish Drummond, MAURICE (Mercia-like name) Drummond, and earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy. Mark-like Maurice's share the lion of English Marks.

Drummonds, sharing the brown eagle in Crest with Guiscards, were in Stirling's Drymen, which can explain why Drummonds share the three fesses (almost) of Sturs, for Stirlings are also STURlings. Stirlingshire is where Saracen-involved Guiscards were first found who have a "Mercy" motto term, and it's also where Nimo's/Nemo's were first with NewMARCH/NewMarsh variations. Markens/Marshams have a "patriae" motto term expected for Patria's/PEARtree's, good for revealing them as Marici liners.

Somerset's Pavia's could have been on the Stur river (Somerset) because Pierro's/Pero's have one fesse in the colors of the three of Sturs. Poole is near the mouth of the Stur while I link Poole's to Rome's Rita's who are in turn suspect as a line of Rome's Pierleoni. Scottish Marshalls have the Scottish flag in colors reversed, and even throw in leaves for the Laevi. English Marshalls have a string of lozenges looking linkable to the same of Somerset's Whistle's/Wissels, and while French Paine's/Payne's share the Leo fesse, Somerset's Paine's/Payne's share the double lions of Whistle's/Wissels and of the Scottish Mars.

Repeat: "Markhams share the Chief-Shield colors of Sharks and Wray while the latter's three martlets are colors reversed from the same of the Somerset Pavia's. Darlene Ray / Wray lived in Unionville (i.e. Markham township) when I was with her, making me wonder what things about her are pointers to Ticino elements. I'll come back to this." She was one of the two ice-cream girls, while the other one (Miss Hanson) had a surname suggesting the Sadducee, Annas/ANANus. The Cremers/Cramers pointed to Crema, near Cremona, and the latter is smack beside Placentia, home at least roughly of the ANANES Gauls. It's logical to assume that the Ananes were in merger with the Levi Gauls to form the Levite blood in the Sadducees.

The great thing about this is that the Cremer/Cramer Crest looks like a version of the Bibo rooster on cushion, which argues well for a trace of "Bibo" to "Vibia," mother of Lupus LAEVIllus. Perfect, and the "CUSTodit" motto term of the same Cremers/Cramers verifies that Bibo's are in their Crest because Custs use a version of the Kiss/CUSH Coat (red rooster in Crest) that speaks to the red rooster on a cushion. The Chief-Shield colors of Cremers/Cramers are colors reversed from those of Markhams / Wrays. Instead of a green cushion, the Cremer/Cramer rooster is on a green mound while Mounds are also Mons', and Mons happens to be in Ananes-like Hainaut, where the counts of that place used the three Levi chevrons (see it at Wikipedia's count(y) of Hainaut article), which are in the colors of the Hainaut-surname lion and the Cremer/Cramer ram head.

The Mons/Mound lion (on a green mound) happens to be that also of Fife's and Five's/Fifys, speaking now to Fox's The Five, excellent work by the Only Genius. The great thing seems to be that God arranged Vibia-like Vivians (share red Chief and lion of Fife's) to share the chevron and lion of Five's. We might also take these things as God's warning not to be comfortable with Fox news. The "aboo" motto term of Fox's (another red lion) might just be for the Boe variation of Italian Boets. Booe's/Boe's are listed with Bullocks/Bollocks, who happen to be in the colors and format of Serio-suspect Sere's/Serres'. Crema is on the Serio river, which may be the origin of Shere'/Shere / Schere liners.

It just so happens that Fife's share the stars of Salome's while the Sadducee's birthed Salome BOETHus.

The stars of Sere's/Serres' and Bullock-like Bullis'/Bulliards happen to be in the colors of the giant Annas star, which can explain why God pointed to Annas via Cremers i.e. so that He could point to Serio-river liners to discover the Ananes Gauls of that area who furnished the name of a murderer of Jesus. When we see the CHAPeau of Boet-branch Buttons/Bidens, doesn't it suggest Joseph Caiaphas (married Annas' daughter to replace him as high priest of Israel)?

Bulliard-like Billiards/Billets were first found in Maine with the Josephs once showing a swan in the colors of the CHAPlet swans, a good reason to trace Josephs to Joseph Caiaphas, especially as English Josephs share the double-gold chevrons of Chaplains. and as chaplets are used by Saxons, it's probably correct to trace Sere's/Serres' to Sierre, less than ten miles up the Rhone from Sion, and about 20 miles up the Rhone from a Saxon location. I saw with my own eyes that the Joseph martlet was shown as a swan in the same colors, you see, and Sions/Swans happen to show swans too. Moreover, Sion is called, Sitten, too, while Seatons/Sittons are expected to be a branch of Sedans (share Dyke cinquefoils), who were once said to be from Yorkshire, location of SEDbergh expected in the "sed" motto term of Sedans and Cars ("Sero sed serio"). This is where Darlene Ray's CAR acciDENT comes in.

She was in a mild car accident in the short time that we were together as a couple. The DENTs were at Sedbergh, you see, and Cars are important for linking both to Sedans ("sino" motto term for the Sine variation of Sions/Swans) and Serio elements.

It just so happens that while I bought an ice-cream CONE from Darlene on my first meeting with her, Sedans are now said to have been first found in Durham with Cone-branch Conte's, both of whom share the antler with the Arms of ZAHRinger. Sere's/Serres' can be a branch of Zerrs/ZEHRers/Sehrers, and the latter use AXES that go with ACCident, for the Axe river flows to Seaton (Devon), and moreover the Axe river was home to Wears/Were's while Durham is on the Wear river. French Conte's were first found in Languedoc with Sere's/Serres' and Falcons. See a pattern? French Conte's share the crescent of Falcons while "falconer's gloves" are used by Sions/Swans.

There is a falcon with lure in the Soon/Sone/Soam Crest while Sions/Swans come up as "Some." Soons probably named the Soonhope in the Car write-up.

When we go to the Sears, we find the Car stars, in colors reversed from the Sere/Serres stars, and then the Sear Chief looks like a version of the Patria/PEARtree Chief for a logical Serio-river connection to Pavia's Pero elements. Patria's/Peartree's not only share the sun in Crest with Cars, but use another "sed" motto term. While Ananes-like Unions/Annians share the Car and Star chevrons, Miss Peare lived in UNIONville, same as Darlene, and I was with Miss Peare for the first time (La Paloma) about six months after being with Darlene. I showed that Paloma's share the dove of PAVlich's. The "lich/lick" on the latter surname could be from lake Lychnis, now called, Sevan, where I trace swans. Licks/Locks use swans.

I think I can show that God arranged for Darlene to live in Unionville. That's where I hugged her on the first occasion of seeing her after her car accident, which recalls that Hugs (Languedoc) have the triple fesses of Fountains (as well as the Fountain lion), in the colors of the one fesse of Pierleoni-line Leo's. The Kiss'/Cush's, expected from the Vibia > Laevillus line from Laevi on the Ticino, share so-called "fountains" (!) with the Custs expected in the motto of ice-cream-liner Cremers/Cramers. Perfect. The Vibia-suspect Bibo's, having the Kiss/Cush / Cremer/Cramer rooster, are said to be of rooster-liner Hahns (like "Hanson," the other ice-cream girl), and they are a branch of German Hanns/Haens (another red rooster in Crest) while English Hanns are listed with the Hands expected in the hand of the Union/Annian Crest! Bingo. You see, even UNIONville relates to the ice-cream line pointed to by Darlene Ray / Wray. The giant rooster of German Hanns/Haens is in the colors of the giant ram of German Cremers/Cramers and the giant martlet/swan of French Josephs. There is even another red rooster (giant) with Dutch Haens.

Ice's were first found in ROSTock, but I haven't been able to prove that roosters were used as a symbol for that place. It's in Mecklenburg, where Hahns' were first found. look at the name Germans give it: "Rostock, officially the HANSeatic City of Rostock (German: HANSestadt Rostock), is the largest city in the German federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania..." Here's another derivation at Wikipedia presented without evidence: "Hanse, later spelled as Hansa, was the Old High German word for a convoy, and this word was applied to bands of merchants traveling between the Hanseatic cities..." (Rostock article). If the heraldry masters knew of the Hann / Hahn / Hanson trace to Annas of Israel, they would surely have created a phony derivation for those surnames.

[Oh wow. The Kate's with a KATTERbeck variation, first found in Mecklenburg, smack of KATRina Hanson!!!!! She's the other ice-cream girl!!! I get it. God named her to fit this Kate family of surnames so as to go together with the Ice's and Hahns of Mecklenburg i.e. to prove that God set-up the ice-cream girls. This paragraph will be repeated in the next update with additional comments that are looking deep-state important already.]

The Arms of Rostock shares the griffin with Pomerania, and it's gold, as is the griffin in the Annan Crest. Annans named Dumfries, where Scottish Hains and their Bully kin were first found who share mascles in colors reversed from the similar lozenges of Irish Hands/Lavins. Scottish Hains share the gold border with two Hanson surnames.

English Hansons have a lion version of the Levin/Living Chief. The Hand/Lavin write-up looks completely out to lunch, and we could rather suspect that Lavins were Laevi liners. English Lavans (Kent, same as ROOSts/Rusts) are listed with Louvaine's/Louvier's (named Louvain/Leuven in Belgium), and La Louviere is right beside Mons in HAINaut (Belgium, that's right). The Louvain/Louvier lion is probably connectable to the same of Bruce's (Yorkshire, same as Hansons), who were in Annandale. Bullys (share mascles with English Hansons) have a HEART suspect with "HEROD" because GRIFFins are suspect from Herod AGRIPPa.

The hand in the Union/ANNIAN Crest holds a SPEAR, and the ANNAN motto is "SPERabo." Does it not thus appear that Unions/Annians are from Ananes Gauls at Placentia, beside Bruce-line Brescia/Brixia? "SpeRABO" is suspect with Rabys because they were of Nevile of Raby while the Griffin/Griffith surname (giant griffin), from Wales, as with Unions/Annians, has a "NE VILE" motto phrase. It appears that Annans were related to Griffins of Pomerania, and thus the Hann-related Hahns of that area can be from Ananes Gauls, not "convoy." Nevile's not only have the Annan saltire in colors reversed, but it's the saltire of Ticino-liner Tease's/Tess'/Tecks. The latter use leaves for Laevi, right?

Agrippa-like Gripps/Grape's/Grabbens share the bend of both VARNs and ShakeSPEARE's while Varni Germanics were on the WARNow river to Rostock. Rabys have crosses in the colors of the Hamburg/HANburg crosses, and the latter named Hamburg, in the Mecklenburg theater. Don't assume that Hamburg was named first, followed by Hanburgs.

Placentia is beside CreMONA, perhaps named by Mons / Emona liners. Leslie's, very traceable to Lesce, at Emona (Sava river), use a "GRIP fast" motto. Sears have an "Honor" motto term while Honors/Honans (gold stags) look feasibly from the Honn variation of German Hanns. Mills, first found in HAMpshire, where there is a Hants location, have another "Honor" motto term, and share the mill rind with Unions/Annians who in turn share the red hand with Hanns/Hands/HANTs. It could appear that Hampshire was an m-version line from Ananes Gauls. Irish Hamps are also Hansons. English Hamps/Amptons are also Hantone's. Rinds share the scallops of Handons/Hendons.

Hamburgs use "HONEStum," and there is an Hones/Hone surname sharing the double-blue fesses of Honeys. Unions/Annians/HONION have mill rinds in the colors and format of the gold stag heads of Anne's/Hanne's, and the latter were at TICKhill while Ticks/Touque's (griffin head in the colors of the Griffin/Griffith griffin) can be expected from the Touques river, where Nevile's had a Neuville location. Hanns/Hands share the brown stag with Annabells/Hannibals. Are they all named after "convoy"?

The Hones'/Hone's have double wavy fesses like the double-wavy pale bars of English Hains (Lincolnshire, same as Hannitys). The "TouJOURS" motto term of Hannitys can be for the Jore variation of French Gore's because the two surnames share greyhounds, and then the English Gore's/Core's (Essex, same as "Toujours" Yonge's/Youngs) share the crosslets of Hamburgs/Hanburgs.

Oh wow, there is a Swansea surname I'm not familiar with, sharing the fesse of Rosco's/Rusco's and Rush's/Rish's. Swansea's were looked up as per the Union/Annian write-up: "Port Eynon (also spelt Port Einon) still survives today as a village and community in the city and county of Swansea." The Rush's share the so-called courant horse with Swansea's. While the Union/Annian Coat is in the colors and format of Irish Arthurs, the latter have "rests" while Restons, said to be of Riston and Ryston locations, share a white fesse with Rush's/Rish's and Rosco's/Rusco's. Interestingly, Ristons are listed with Rhizon-suspect Risings.

Rishtons/Rushtons (share "have" with Sutys/Sideys) share the trefoil of Irish Shaws/SETHs while Seth was the father of the chief priest of Israel, Annas/Ananus. Shaws/Seths use a version of the Pendragon motto while mythical Pendragon was made the father of king Arthur. As the Rishton/Rushton lion is that also of Seth-like Side's, it can speak for itself, for Side's are a branch of Sutys/Sideys ("hazARD") who are in-turn a branch of Seth-like Seatons/Sittens ("hazARD"). Pendragon was given the first name, Uther, code for the Others/Otters having the Seaton/Sitten crescents in colors reversed. Swansea's can be suspect with Sea's (Kent), because they share the triple, wavy fesses of Drummonds, first found in Hamburg. Sutys/Sideys (Perthshire, same as Drummonds) can be gleaned with the wavy Drummond fesses but in the colors of the HAZel fesse (explains "HAZard").

Unions/Annians were first found in Sussex with Hammers and Hams, perhaps both named after the Hanner variation of German Hanns. Hones'/Hone's use two of those three wavy fesses (both colors). Sea's lived at a Seal location held by Mr. Rots, explaining why Rothes' are now said to have been first found in Kent. Masters (Kent, same as Roosts/Rusts) have griffin heads in both colors of the griffin in the Arms of Rostock. "...the family Coat of Arms [of Sea's / Seals) shows salmon swimming." Hams have the fish of McCabe's, the latter's called a salmon.

The kidney-shaped pool with shark is coming to mind here because the Sea salmon is in the colors of the crossed fish of Kidneys/Gedneys while Pools are a branch of Pollocks at Rothes castle. The inference is that these fish are of the one, in Ged-fish colors, in the Arms of Saraca, and thus Saraca-line Sharks can be expected to the Geddes', first found with Rose's near Rothes castle. Jewish Rots'/Rothchilds have roses. There was a BULLdog that jumped/fell into the pool, and Bullys (Dumfries, same as Geds on the Nith) happen to have three mascles in colors reversed from the similar lozenges of in the Arms of Thomas Randolph (a Bruce), first earl of Moray. Rothes castle is at Moray.

The Bully / Hain lozenges are in the colors of the Hand/Lavin lozenges. As Hanns/Hands were first found in Cheshire, it's likely that these mascles are code for the Meschins/MASCULine's, especially as the first Meschin (Ranulph) was at times called, Randolph. English Hains were first found in Lincolnshire with le-Meschin's wife, of Bully-like Bolingbroke. The Perts/Petts who share the Bully lozenges have BULrushes in Crest.

Repeat: "Rinds share the scallops of Handons/Hendons" Rinds probably have the Rands/Rynds in their motto, and the latter can be gleaned with Randolphs, which tends to reveal that Handons/Hendons share the Maschi lion. Mill-rind Unions/Annians have this: "One of the most celebrated bearers of this forename was Einion (or Enyon), a 11th century Welsh warrior-prince and the son of Collwyn." Wales is beside Cheshire, which should explain why French Calvins share the Meschin scallops, for Collwins/Callvins (Fessy kin) are a Calvin branch who share the moline cross with Mile's/Mills. One can glean here that Mile's/Mills share the blue moline of Segni's/Segurana's in the Collwin / Calvin motto, as well as the blue moline of Sibals (Fife, beside Rinds) who in turn share the red moline with Collwins/Callvins.

Colls (Lincolnshire, same as Tailbois') look like they have a Vito version of the Tailbois/TailBOYS' Coat. The latter's Chief (Meschin scallops on red) is a red version of a Calvin Chief. Ranulph le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois (formerly married to Mr. Taillebois). While Pullings/Pullens share the martlets of Collwin-like Collins (and Josephs), Bute-liner Bothwells have a "boy" PULLING down a pine tree. Maschi's have pine cones while Cone-branch Conans share the fleur-de-lys of Hantons/Hintons. Is this why God chose me, with a Masci and GRIMaldi mother, to be paired with Miss Hanson of Gormley? Are not Masci's cousins of Maccabees, the Sadducee ancestry of Annas of Israel? Don't ice-cream-line Cremers/Cramers share the Masci fleur? Italian Boys are also Boets, you see, Sadducee-line suspects, and God used Miss Hanson to point to Annas-line Sadducees. Gormleys/Grimms' and Grimms can be gleaned with the Pavia (and Wray) martlets, and while Miss Hanson lived on Warden avenue, Wardens use PEARs for Peare / Pero liners.

The near-sharing of mottoes between Fessys/Vesci's (hand in Crest) and Collwins and Calvins can go to the FASCES symbol of Assi's/ISE's, a potential branch of Ice's. Fesse-line Fieschi were kin of Genoa's Grimaldi's. Collwins came to topic with UNIONs/Annians, and the latter came to topic with the other ice-cream girl, of UNIONville. Makes sense. She was in a car ACCident, and Assi's/Ise's are also Ace's/Aces'. As was said, Collwins are related to Sibals, and the latter love Justine of Picenum, the line to Assi's/Ise's.

Our "Small" Universe

I would say that there is at least a 50-percent chance that: 1) rock-dating methods are a farce developed by desperate anti-Christs seeking to murder God 2) red-shift in starlight is at least partially explained by some star-local effect rather than being purely a measuring instrument for telling the star's distance from earth; 3) the systems claimed as galaxies are in fact exploded, single stars. In other words, there's at least a 50-percent chance that the universe is NOT billions of years old, because the evidence for it is easily non-factual.

If there is no way to tell the distance to distant stars, then it's not possible to prove that a galaxy is a system of stars as opposed to being a single star with exploded material surrounding it. No, I'm not nuts to even mention the possibility that galaxies do not exist. I am absolutely on it. I'm presenting to you an idea nobody else is, not even from amongst Creationists. The latter pierce themselves by not taking to task the erroneous size of the universe claimed by modern science. It's all-too possible that they do not have a measuring stick to measure stars more than a few light years away. If I'm correct, they are the boneheads, and I'm the "genius." Things can flip just like that. There are many scientists who are warning that red-shift may not be what the evolutionists claim it to be. You see, we are almost there, making boneheads of evolutionists with real scientific evidence.

The distance claimed between earth and galaxies is too far to measure by the triangulation method. The latter is a reliable measuring stick...provided that the distance between earth and the sun is correct. Triangulation is not a reliable method with stars millions of light years away, and so the only other way to possibly measure star distances is by the red-shift method, yet that method is as unreliable as the question of what causes the red shift. Evolutionists are biased, claiming that the shift indicates the star's speed in moving away from earth. Once he has that theoretical thing measured, he adds to it his assumptions on the timing of the big bang, and from these very-shaky concoctions he establishes as a fact or near-fact the distances to the various stars and galaxies.

Talk about lunatics claiming theories for facts. Why would you trust these anti-Christs seeing how dishonest they are in the Democrat-party leadership? They are all of the same cloth, deceivers and liars. The evolutionist is out of his mind when claiming he knows the timing of the big bang. In order to establish a fact, you need another fact to go with it; otherwise you are stuck with circular reasoning. If they don't know how far stars are, or how fast they are now moving, they have no hope of establishing when the big bang took place. But if they then use the birthdate of the big bang to establish the speed and distances of stars, they are guilty of circular reasoning.

These matters are beyond his ability to know, even if the big bang did occur. It is precisely due to his inability to know that he claims to know EXACTLY when the big bang took place, for his first challenge is to convince his audience that he really knows what he's talking about. This is his entire smoke-screen; the rest is just concoction and hoopla. He's a charismatic lunatic, and he's banking on his audience to be his dopes.

Triangulation is as reliable/unreliable as the correct/incorrect measurement of the angle difference between one telescopic shot of a star and a second angle measurement six months apart, when the earth is on the opposite side of the sun. If the star is too far, the angle on both sides of the sun will be identical. At least, the difference between the two angles will be so slight as to be rendered humanly impossible to verify. You can look up triangulation/parallax to see for yourself what it constitutes. I'll assume you already know.

We should absolutely question whether they are able to reliably measure the angle differences even for the nearest star, for as they are liars, and as they promote only their own kind to high positions in science establishments (they trounce or kick out Creationists), they could easily submit to the world a false system of any kind. When I became a Christian and started to realize these likelihood, I questioned everything. I devised my own method of calculating the distance to the sun using solar- and lunar-eclipse lines.

I was almost able to discover the truer distance to the sun, except that NASA was reporting false information. Instead of reporting the reality for the width of the earth's shadow where the moon passes through it (during a lunar eclipse), NASA was reporting a width as calculated by the prior assumption that the sun is 93 million miles away. In this way, NASA hopes that no one will discover its sin of reporting a false earth-shadow diameter.

First requirement: one cannot find the true solar distance unless one knows: 1) the distance between the earth and moon during a lunar eclipse; 2) the width of the earth shadow at that distance from earth. Once we have those two things, we have the angle of a line from the edge of the earth to the edge of the sun. For example, if the moon is 240,000 miles away during a full lunar eclipse, and the earth shadow is 6,000 miles wide, the angle of the straight line from the edge of the shadow to the edge of the earth (8,000 miles wide) to the edge of the sun will be: 1,000 miles outward for every 240,000 miles toward the sun. An angle of a line is defined by how much the line spreads out for every unit of distance forward. (1,000 is obtained by the earth radius, 4,000, minus the shadow radius, 3,000. The edge of one side of the shadow is 1,000 miles less wide than the edge of the earth, if you can see what I mean.)

Second requirement: we need to find the angle of a straight solar-eclipse line -- from the edge of a solar shadow on earth, to the edge of the moon, and finally to the edge of the sun -- during a solar eclipse. I was able to find this angle, based on NASA data of a full solar eclipse available online. If the width of the solar shadow is given along with the distance to the moon at the time of the solar eclipse, one can find the angle. For example, if the solar shadow is 50 miles wide when the earth, moon and sun are in a straight line, and because the lunar diameter is said to be 2,160 miles, the angle of the line uses 2160/2 - 50/2 = 1,055 miles for its calculation. So, if the moon is 220,000 miles away at the time of the solar eclipse, the angle of the solar-eclipse line is a spreading outward of 1055 miles per every 220,000 miles toward the sun. If you draw the three solar bodies on paper, and add in the solar lines past the moon to earth, you'll figure out what I'm talking about.

We now have two eclipse lines, one for a lunar eclipse, and one for a solar eclipse. The lines are roughly one earth radius apart when they begin to venture toward the sun. That is, the lunar-eclipse line starts at the outer edge of the earth, and the solar-eclipse line starts very near to the center of the earth, about 4,000 miles apart. The two lines will move closer to one another with distance toward the sun. The two lines are both going to meet at the sun's edge. So, all we need to do is to calculate how far from the earth the lines will be when they make contact; that's how far the sun is. Easy as pie, so long as NASA gives us the factual details for a full lunar, and a full solar, eclipse. But NASA will not do this, or the evolutionist's hoax will be exposed: that the sun is not nearly 93 million miles away. They enlarged the solar system to make stars appear further away so that they could better feed their evolutionary theory down our throats.

Yes, if the sun is only, say, five million miles away -- which is still an enormous distance -- then triangulation will measure the nearest star to a far lower distance than they get with a sun 93 million miles away.

We can doubt their claim that they can measure stars as far as 300 light years using triangulation. I highly suspect a con-job here. They claim that they can accurately deduce angles of 0.01 arcsec (1/36000 of 1 degree) when telescopes are pointed to stars. I smell rats who adjust their numbers as climate-changers do. They are all of the same cloth, we have got to get this through our heads. Evolutionists are liars who lie to one another happily. You can take that to the bank. The establishment cares more for killing God than it does for teaching truth. It's an established fact, no longer a mere theory. They have been caught repeatedly rigging things for their "science." They are riggers, not scientists. They learn science only to have the greater capability of rigging things, that they might argue (spin) with scientific knowledge against those who recognize their craft.

Even if they could accurately measure as far as 300 light years, it is woefully short of the billions of light years away they imagine stars to be. And they have zero proof of those greater distances if red-shift is not an indication of star speed alone. But if it is an indication solely of star speed (not combined with any other factor to cloud the science), it in no way proves the distance to the star. If all they have is the speed, they are quacks to leap to the knowing of star distance. They are willing to risk looking like lunatics because each one can point to one another and say: everyone in the scientific establishment agrees with me on the big bang; we all agree with one another, it must therefore be true. Yes, but of course they agree, since they rigged those who are welcome into the establishment. Everything is a well-controlled establishment as far as they can swing it.

Star speed is no indicator of star distance. In order to hammer down star distance, they first need to agree at how old the big bang is. And that's why they agree, because if they did not, they could not tell us how far they think the stars are, and they would then appear unreliable to us. But their game is to appear as though they know things that they do not. Once they come to terms on the age of the big bang, they then need to come to agreement on how powerful the bang was, or at what speeds it sent material flying. LUNATICS, they claim to know exactly this, for if they did not, they could not know how far stars are today from the big-bang spot. FOOLS LIARS DEMENTED CLOWNS. There are so many unknowns, including whether there was a big bang, yet they nonetheless claim as fact to know how far most of the stars are! You cannot imagine anything less scientific than this. It's a con-job. I wouldn't use these terms if they admitted their limitations, but they DO NOT. They are therefore not scientists but con men engaged in a wicked conspiracy.

I'll assume that they have "correctly" measured the distance of a star at 200 light years away, though I will reduce this by 20, to 10 light years, assuming that the sun is about 1/20th as far away as they claim it to be. We are now into a sane zone, with the universe explicable by a creative act from God. It's of course possible that God created all stars near a central region, then ordered them all to fly off away from one another big-bang style. As they cannot measure the more-distant stars, we could postulate that they are all less than 200 light years away. Over a period of 6,000 years since the Creation of the universe, we could then assume that God flung the stars outward at a maximum speed of 200/6000 = .033 light year (200 billion miles) per year. That's about 200 billion miles per year, or 23 million miles per hour. I really have my doubts that God would fling them at such speeds. Something seems wrong. I'll bet that their math is wrong when claiming that they can measure as far as 300 light years.

My calculations tell me that an angle of .01 arcsec puts a star at 80 light years if the sun were 93 million miles. If the sun were only 1/20th of that distance, the 80 million becomes only 4 light years for roughly the furthest star they can measure accurately. We could then postulate that the furthest star is just 15 light years, and that there are zero galaxies. That is, there is only one galaxy, our own, identical with all the created universe. The calculation now becomes that a star has traveled 15/6000 = .0025 light year (15 billion miles) per year since the Creation 6000 years ago. That's 1.7 million miles per hour, a lot better, but still incredibly fast. It assumes that God created all stars at the same speck of space (before flinging them away), which picture I've used to simplify calculations. It's of course possible that He created them a certain distance apart to begin with, which would reduce the speed at which they moved apart to where they are now located. It's doable without boggling the mind with impossible scenarios i.e. as evolutionists require.

Everything you see from astronomy or NASA, in the way of cosmic photos, is to be rejected until proven true. We should expect them to alter real photos with computers, or to fabricate photos in their entirety, rather than trust them to show us real pictures. They are in the business of killing God, and working overtime because they thought they would have killed belief in God decades ago. They failed, and are now threatened with full exposure to the point of frantic. Expect doctored cosmic pictures to win you over to their side.

There are probably zero galaxies. Spread the word that there's no reliable evidence to measure stellar distances as far as they claim galaxies to exist. And reject their photos showing unimaginable clusters of galaxies in the remotest parts of space. Treat them guilty until proven innocent, for they show their guilt all over the place in evolutionary science. If you only knew the full truth, you would stone them to death. It's exactly what God aims to do with "brimstone." It won't be pretty. How dare they deceive even your children and seek to make them Hell-bound.

Are You an Accomplice to 9-11 Crimes?

Well, the people at Fox news, and even the champions of exposing the deep state, such as Dan Bongino, and many, many others, are lying to you like those incapable of bringing themselves to becoming honest people for your sake. They will continue to carry the 9-11 hoax even though they have seen building 7 fall with their own eyes, even though it's an established fact that building 7 fell by controlled demolition. It's an indication that American society is sick for money, for there can be no other reason for people to carry the hoax, to this day, if it were not for money and the things, such as prestige / reputation, acting as facilitators to money making.

In Bongino's case, he would lose his job with Fox if he were to mention building 7 and what it means. Plus, he may lose his associates who help him with his show(s), which is a money-making show. He never misses an ad for his shows; he's there to make money too. But he's woefully dishonest about 9-11, and this problem makes him into a fink of a high order, not to be trusted, one who will suffer the punishment for his neglect. The man exposing the deep state is also covering for it. Trump is one of them, a fink, a liar, a deceiver. The 9-11 crime is such that it exposes for us the fakes. But if anyone knows the 9-11 truth yet keeps a high opinion of Trump, what a sick and contradictory thing.

Do you understand at all what it means to see with your own eyes that 9-11 was a controlled demolition, yet refuse to admit it on the news or in a conversation with someone? Do you really understand this? Do you understand what a pathetic hope there is in a person like that? It's the murder of thousands of people in a single event, by military elements in league with a trusted, fake-faced president, and people are afraid of piping up about it because they might lose a job with Fox or CNN??? Are they absolutely nuts? No, but they are spiritually sick in love with money and "going places" with their lives. They don't want to be counted amongst the "crazy" conspiracy theorists. Fox has obviously made it against its rules for its people to openly be such. They are to keep it to themselves but not to air it.

Anyone who's ever seen building 7 go down -- it's available on the Internet -- is hit in the face with the certainty that the twin towers were taken down by controlled demolition. If you still don't know what building 7 is, it's part of the Trade Center complex, and was demolished in a few seconds flat at about dinner time on the same day that the adjacent twin towers fell. There was no time to fix building 7 with explosives on that day, which is why the sight of its falling is a sure indication that government operatives had prepared it for a fall prior to the "attack." Giuliani knows this better than anyone, but has failed to come clean with the people. Are you able to grasp the longevity of this? Can you see how far this goes to describing American society as sick? For the love of money...

Below is a youtube video from the government with a very-professional piece of deception that could fool you if you didn't know that no steel skyscraper, or even short apartment building, has ever collapsed due to fire. Plus, fire never burns evenly on a floor, but has hot spots as it moves along. In other words, if fire were even capable of causing steel to fail, it would cause only a section of the building to fail, one section at a time over a long period, not a full-scale, sudden collapse (of the ENTIRE building in a few seconds) as we see building 7 go down. Therefore, we must view this video below as part of a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice, to keep the criminals out of jail, and to keep the country from knowing how demonic their leaders have become. But God wants us to know, and to stay away from those responsible. It's part of why I call the American military a demon, for it was definitely behind 9-11.

When I searched " building 7 9-11 " at youtube, the video above was the first one offered, because youtube is a criminal part of the cover-up. Clicking to the page where the video is shown, youtube does not have a building-7 video on the flip-side opinion until more than 60 videos down the suggestion column. It's no accident; it's a criminal cover-up by youtube. The video above was presented in 2009, and already the common people rejected the video's premise. Already, in 2009, the comments on that page are mocking the producers of the video, because the common people are no longer fooled. But Trump, Fox, Bongino and Giuliani are fooled? How can that be? It isn't. They know the truth, but have chosen to save their reputations by carrying the criminal storyline. They are accomplices with the crime and will therefore be punished for their parts. Save yourself from becoming like them. Do not cling to them unless you wish to be mud like them.

The video above is a fine example of professional deception, and we can learn of this to understand how diabolic the government has become, and how weak the people in-the-know are for failing to come out and not play their part in the deception. Money is the root of this evil; people will deceive their fellow countrymen to save a job. It's SICK to the bone. America shall never be great in this generation, never. Trump is a deluded fomenter of delusion, and is carrying the nation downward, as has been the trend for decades. The country is going down. Make plans for yourselves because the masters are not to be trusted.

Back in roughly 2003, most of the comments to a video like this would have been mocking truthers. By 2009, in the comments of the video above, there is not one person mocking the truthers as far down as the roughly the 50 posts I've read/skimmed. I think that about ALL of the comments mock or denounce the video producer. The people have seen the truth; they now wait for their leaders to come clean. Trump is a moron (imagine a hot iron to his conscience) who cares for self-preservation of his glorious reputation more than he does being straight with the common people. Trump is a flat soul without dimension. He's a card. He's the beautiful front-facade on a cheap building. He's a toy; he plays with his voters, and his voters play back; for the sake of fun and hoopla, they forget what he truly is. He's a moron with strong ties to the military demon. Anything dire can happen under this EGO between 2020 and 2024. Do not trust this string-along toy.

I asked youtube for videos on " building 7 9-11 " and got the video above as the first-presented one. I scrolled down the page to find one that gave the contrary opinion, but did not find one until the 44th-presented video. This cover-up has gone mad since last I checked for building-7 videos; they were readily available near the top of searches. The deep state must be in a panic because the Internet has exposed its 9-11 crime. The 44th-presented video (your search will probably get a different result) is by David Icke (interview only), which figures because youtube knows he's not generally a respected character.

I asked google for " "building 7" 9-11 ", but google did not provide videos at the top of the page, as it normally does in news searches. Google and youtube are bringing us back to the days when the public had no outlet for truth, but had to depend solely on leftist media...which we now know to be a deep-state tool, as was predicted decades ago with most of the world not believing that accusation. In this article that Google is now presenting for the search above, there's no video presentation to show the tower falling. The deep state does not want the world to see the fall of that tower, does it? Giuliani, where art thou, fink? Tell the world what really happened?

Google has decided to show the collapse in a video from its second-results page, in the blog-spot below which itself offers this youtube video at this time (could be gone tomorrow).

There is no speaking in the video above. All of the convincing videos have been scrubbed or buried, you see. America is swamped in a police state already, you see, and Trump has his head up the military mule. That is your dangerous reality at this time.

Google has permitted us to see the video below, which shows mainline news organizations warning of the impending collapse of building seven, because the deep state planned on brainwashing the public with the idea that fire took it down. BBC had a female reporter telling the world that building 7 had fallen about a half hour before it fell. How does that happen? It's ironic that building 7 can be seen standing over the shoulder of the female reporter claiming that the building had already fallen. Why isn't that video at the top of google's / youtube's searches? Oh look, here's a couple of videos:

The videos above both show the BBC suddenly removing the female reporter from the air, probably as someone called in to inform the anchor that the building had not yet fallen. Someone commenting on the second video, dated September 2018: "j M 4 months ago Thanks for posting this footage. It keeps on getting deleted and blocked from other sites." The next comment: " merlinsdog 3 weeks ago It took me ages to find this video. All the other ones have mysteriously disappeared?" Still later: "You can't find this vid, ANYWHERE! NOW DAYS! THANK YOU!" There's no one arguing in the comments section on behalf of the deep state. Truthers eventually won this war hands down, but people like Trump are the living-dead in their graves.

Truth is there for anyone who has eyes to see. It's not incredible that 9-11 was an inside job, unless you trust America's leaders and its military. I'm way-way beyond that, and you should start going in that direction as soon as possible if you haven't already. It will take time to let it all sink in; it does get frightening, and it does make you feel sick.

Neither the male anchor of that BBC show, nor anyone else at BBC, exposed the BBC bosses for their complicity in covering-up this horrendous crime. It was mass murder with Bush's wink and Giuliani's complicity and/or involvement. Trump chose Mueller's friend as the top law man, and he then picked Giuliani for perhaps his top lawyer. Whatever the president's motives for these choices, I'm hoping that it all backfires on Mueller and Giuliani together, as they get exposed for their parts in 9-11.

9-11 makes me want havoc on these criminals, but Barr at this time is going to cover for them, my prediction. Barr is the friend of Mueller whom was in turn chosen by president Bush to become the new FBI director six lousy days before 9-11. Surely, Mueller wasn't Bush's choice alone, but of the leaders of the crime i.e. who knew that Mueller was committed to keeping it covered-up. Barr has no desire to expose Mueller, does he? May God trip these imposters until they become fully exposed.

You need to understand: there has been an overwhelming cry against these imposters, but Google has removed their messages with the exception of a few give feeble appearances that a desperate google is being fair. By cutting out the most-convincing pages, google is guilty of making the people of truth, now the majority, appear like the fringes. Trump is acting like the watch-me-surf-amongst-the-sharks distraction to bring the world a few more years past 9-11 until all danger for the 9-11 criminals has passed. Trump is the playing of a don't-you-dare-call-my-military-a-demon card. Trump: demon's partner. Not to be trusted.

In just a little while longer, after God has permitted the cards to expose themselves fully for what they truly are, we could see Armageddon fall upon them. I think that this latest act of history -- in exposing the American government without putting out its lights -- is important to God's justification for Armageddon. I think the 9-11 crime is important to show that the crime goes beyond the mere but dangerous wreckage of skyscrapers to justify an invasion of the Middle East. Never mind that wrecking tall buildings without informing people outdoors from them is a hideous act all its own, but they actually killed thousands of people within the buildings after and during their regular morning coffee. Just like that. What would you do to people like that if you were God?

They are not mere deceivers, but killers of their own people for the things they hoped to profit from in the Middle East. By securing hundreds of billions of military dollars for the war, they could devise ways to skim some of it to themselves. Then came Obama to reinforce world hatred of Israel, and to urge Muslim fighters to produce a do-able plan against Israel. Who would have thought that such a thing would come from an American president? He had the anti-Christ Democrat party to support his decisions, and to this day many Democrats view him as a demi-god of sorts. The rabid disgust with Trump from the Democrats could be much about the war plans they had against Israel.

Possible scenario, just in case: Trump invades Israel in four years. Don't get excited or alarmed by this scenario. It's a thing that came to mind when Trump gave the "peace deal" four years to work itself out. Suppose that Trump has proposed this four-year period as a trial of sorts, and suppose he views it as a hard-fast deadline that cannot be extended because he badly wants the glory of securing the Palestinian state before he vacates the White House in five years. Do you see? He gave the Israeli's only up to his last year in Office to make a peace deal with Palestine. You might say that, no, John, you have it wrong, because Trump gave the Palestinians fours years to come to terms with Israel, not the other way around. Achem, yes, but Trump can't be trusted. He could turn on a dime and blame Israel for making the Palestinians withdraw from the negotiating table.

Scenario: in the next year or two, Trump starts to show disdain toward Netanyahu for not doing enough to lull Palestinians back to the table. After repeated warnings, in roughly four years, Trump supports the invasion of Israel by Muslims, or at best sits idly by during the invasion because he wants to see Netanyahu broken. Doesn't Trump seem to you like the blowhard type to call himself, god? He really is in love with himself, and he probably loves precious stones too. But thus far, I've stayed away from labeling him the anti-Christ or False Prophet. There are several things I've got to see first before going that far, and thus far he does not seem to fit the crucial parts for either character.

If we think that God is unjust to allow the perpetrators of the 9-11 crime to live two decades or more in their rich lifestyles while justice is not paid, think again. How much time remains for their lives? Twenty years at most? Think again. You need to take a good look at their real faces (this is not make-believe) as their souls burn in the fires of Hell without mercy for their pains. How long will they burn there? Who cares. Let them burn. God's attitude: who cares, let them burn, let them scream, who cares? That's a just God. He will deliver them. God has prepared a huge delivery service just for them into the deepest caverns of the Trash Heap.

Hell is the Trash Heap of Humanity. Nobody thinks about trash. We send it away and forget about it. They will know that no one is thinking about them, no one is loving them anymore, no one will be visiting to ask how they are doing. That's called, darkness. So, go on, Mr. Trump, and cover for these fiends, because this is what whitewashed tombs, with maggots on the inside, do in this life. You've proven to me already, only in your third year, that you are a whitewashed tomb. I've watched Trump closely DAILY for three years to see what he would do to the deep state, and additionally to see what he's made of, and this is my report thus far: FAKE.

Do you know what God is likely to do with those who claim with their lips and pips to be opposed to crime but who serve high offices to cover for it? He's likely to make them complicit with criminals so that they will suffer the same fate with them. He lets demons infiltrate their minds until they become Judas Iscariot. They throw off all right-ness, and in a moment of time they join the wicked for 30 pieces of silver, or even a bowl of stew. Trump, Barr and Wray -- The Three Stooges -- are all susceptible to such fates. Smug now, but screaming in the lake of fire later. That's how it goes for the wicked. Have nothing to do with Trump. Don't give him thumbs-up merely for the world-class decisions he makes, for the people of Jesus are not to be of the world, and especially not of a nation that tolerates the mobsters of 9-11.

This crime is your measuring stick to measure human souls; if any soul covers-up for 9-11 with what's knowable about it online, their souls won't fit on the narrow path to eternal life. They are too fat, bloated with maggots on the inside, the walking dead. Trump has failed his own people by covering for the 9-11 criminals, never let that reality slip from your mind as you watch his glorification on Fox news and the BCP show. His face in the news is becoming as despised by me as I despised seeing Hillary Clinton's face. They are apples and oranges on the same boat. This happy river boat carries both Democrats and Republicans to the edge of Hell Cliff. Down with the waterfall they go. If you are a Christian, you have no other point of view.

Christians cannot justify a president who lets 9-11 criminals go free while they are less than 20 years from their crimes. This Trump is a deep-state stooge even while he pipes against it. It's a mystery because his mind works in ways nobody seems to understand. By all appearances, he's a gruff demon who knows how to act the angel toward fulfilling his aspirations. I didn't fear for the United States under Obama as I now fear for it under Trump. Can you grasp that the Trump-team objective is to feign what the voters want to hear while the true agenda is that of the police state all along, being conducted quietly as the Trump rallies roar?? Can you not grasp such a program as a real possibility?

If Trump were doing the things I expect of an angel, I wouldn't suggest that he's a demon incarnate. He was demonic as a youth, and he was demonic in mid-life, and so what makes any Christian think that he's cut loose his demons as an old man? We saw his demons while he was running for the presidency, have we forgotten so soon? He said that he loves to screw married women. He'll take your wife. What don't you understand about pure English? Mr. Bongino, forgive my graphics, I realize I'm being rough on you, but it's got to be said: Trump would screw your wife at a late-night party. MR. BCP, ditto, Trump would screw your wife in his Oval Office. Will you love him so long as he screws someone else's wife? What kind of a Christian exactly are you to let Trump play this way? He's Bill Clinton Act II. Are we all going to be fine with an adulterer-president so long as he's not salivating on our turf?

I totally understand it that Bongino and BCP would lose a lot of youtube money if they opposed Trump. I totally get it that Fox would go down if it called Trump out for his hypocrisies, for Fox needs to cover its own complicity in the 9-11 crimes. Fox supported the criminals beautifully throughout all of the truther threats in exposing it. Fox and Trump have a lot in common. Hannity even has Epstein's lawyer on his show, every week, as we speak. The signs of deception are everywhere. Will we give our souls to the crock-pot of end-time history? For what? What will we get in return from this melting pot of imposterism? You will get nothing. The most you will get is happiness when Trump beats the Democrats again, but this is no sufficient reason for you to offend your Saviour by supporting imposters. We are being Called to a higher bar than this.

In the video below, Trump says he saw the second plane hit the tower from his apartment window:

There are a sufficient number of experts who claimed online that passenger planes cannot penetrate the towers as the planes did in the videos offered to us by news organizations. A bullet is a solid piece of metal as compared to the thin aluminum skin of a plane. If a bullet, which flies faster than a plane, cannot pierce the tower's thick column, how do we expect that the flimsy aluminum did? In the videos, the entire aluminum bodies penetrated into the buildings...just as we would expect if someone were fabricating a scene with the pasting in of a cut-out plane.

It would have taken the deep-state artist 20 times as much work to feign an aluminum body crumpling and simultaneously turning to pieces which fell to the streets. Besides, nobody claimed to see, or pick up, plane pieces at the ground beside the towers. That's because no planes hit the towers; Trump is lying. He's covering for that deep state, clearly. He's just another on the ever-growing list of false witnesses claiming to see the second plane.

Trump has always known the truth. To send the deep state the message to put its guns down (aimed at him), he publicly claimed on their behalf that 9-11 was a terrorist act. That's how he attempted to protect himself from the criminal ring, though that ring probably didn't trust him even then, for Trump had publicly opposed the war in Iraq. Now that he's committed to his false testimony, he's not likely to betray it. Before the election, Trump railed against Bush's reactions to 9-11, but Trump may have known that Bush wasn't one of the leaders of the crime. Likely, that crime was in the works since the days shortly after the parking-lot assault on a Trade tower, which itself could have been an inside job blamed on an enemy. I has read a convincing, technical piece that the city of New York had called for the dismantling of the towers (piece-by-piece, not cheap), and so I suggest strongly that the New York mayor winked (not for no profit) at taking the buildings down in a less expensive way using a demolition process combined with a false-flag event.

It's hard for me to conceive of such a thing without the New-York mayor being in-the-know. In that situation, in waltzed Larry Silverstein, a Jew, to sign a 99-year lease on the Trade Center, shortly before it was destroyed by the "terrorists." He won a massive insurance claim, but he had to give most of the money to others responsible for the crime. That's how participating in a conspiracy to rob works. They all share in the loot, otherwise they won't participate. They are all guilty, the hoped-for safeguard against any one of them ratting-out on the other.

The video above is a CNN video on Trump, with more dislikes than likes, yet the comments are mostly from truthers. One comment: "TheResurrectionOfMars 3 weeks ago Funny how you can’t find one conspiracy video on youtube anymore. Not only on this, the moon landings." Then, the shocking truth come out from a later comment: "This [Trump] Is one reason you don't see anymore no one wants to hear the truth." Trump supporters don't want to tackle 9-11 criminals because it upsets Trump's position. My hope is that the Democrat side will decide to expose Trump's part in 9-11, seeing that Democrats need a new strategy for taking him down. That would be fine with me. There's bound to be five more years of exposing Trump for somethings.

It's not my job to judge Trump or anyone else; there is One Judge who has foretold that he will Judge all souls. By "judge," I mean that it's not our job to condemn anyone to Hell, or to claim that someone in particular is going to Hell. I will gladly give Trump credit where credit is due. When I say that he's definitely lying about 9-11, I mean it as a matter of fact to rate his presidency. It's a terrible blotch on his record. Every voter judges a candidate's words (how much more a president's words) in the sense of deciding what sort of leader he/she will be. People give opinions on what they think a president is made of, and presidents accept this back-and-forth as routine politics. My judging Trump badly on his gross 9-11 sin is due to my job of assessing the direction of the United States toward anything that can touch upon Armageddon. That's what I've been doing ever since I first started to cover Trump and the deep state. I'm sharing my feelings to boot. I am unhappy with Trump for the purposes of making straight the threatening and looming global order on earth as pushed by the CIA. My job is partially to monitor this global effort. Trump has been predominantly a fake on correcting the extreme demonism in high-level American government. He has not tackled the corruption in the CIA even though he experienced it first hand. A man cannot get guiltier for a sin of omission than that.

Nevertheless, we are instructed by God to hope and pray for the best of a sinful leader, which is why I will give Trump credit where credit is due, and will be happy to see him doing the right things. I will celebrate his doing the right things. I am not being nasty against him for a personal animosity I have. He's falling short of what he himself promised, which he knew was the right thing to do when he made the promise. But he has never repented of his position on 9-11, and for this, in my opinion, he's in dire danger of the Inferno. If he were not the president, he would yet be guilty of covering for the deep state, but doing so as a "king" in God's eyes, that is most-terrible. The king deceives his own people, and sides with the nation's demonics. Whatever pomp you think you have, Mr. Blowhard, you had best shed it.

If we think that God is slow to judge the culprits of 9-11, we should perhaps consider that He's using this time of doing nothing against them to judge everyone else who did not participate in the crimes. Once it becomes roundly known, by the overwhelming force of evidence, that it was an inside mass-murder, those who continue to cling to the official storyline can be judged by God as participants in the crime. Google's and youtube's bosses and elves, for example. Everyone who participates in the cover-up can be judged by God as a willing participant in the crime. Scary thought, Mr. Bongino, scary thought, to wake up after your death to be sentenced for your role in the mass-murder on 9-11.

God has promised to be a righteous, fair judge, and so His job is to monitor hearts; how else can He judge fairly if He doesn't watch hearts. Can he be a reliable judge on hearsay testimony? No, instead, He will be the first-hand witness of all sins, and judge accordingly. He's big enough to do this. He fills the universe. He doesn't really sit on a throne as we might imagine it.

What good is it, Mr. Hannity, or Mr. Murdoch, to do half good and half evil? Does God respect a hypocrite who pounces on Democrat deep-staters but celebrates the Republican demon? How will anything ever get straightened out if one party puts a demon on the American throne while the other party puts another demon on the throne? If Trump is not a demon, what good is he if he does the bidding of the Republican demon? What good does it do to daily report on the movements of the Democrat demon in efforts to elect the Republican demon? I know. It makes Fox money to create controversy, and what better way to create controversy than to show what Democrats are daily doing and saying only to slay them to pieces with the sword that comes out of Fox's mouthpieces. CNN reciprocates. It's making my job of following the news miserable. I have the bonanza, however, of leaving the fiends in the dust of their hypocrisy, and moving forward in my life with a very clean conscience in this regard.

The evidence of an inside job is OVERWHELMING. See below building 6 gutted out as by a partial controlled demolition suggesting that the perpetrators wanted the outer walls left standing. There is no possible explanation for the ruined shape of this building according to the terrorist storyline:

In my view, the insiders would not have wanted building 6 to show as it does. That is, they didn't want aerial photos of its condition distributed, but they failed to keep these photos from the world. This gigantic crater within a building makes no sense from terrorists attacking by planes, and of course we never heard that they had detonated building 6 my some miraculous achievement. We didn't hear of it because the insiders decided not to bring attention to this building. It's way too late, now, for them to claim that the terrorists did it.

If you see these photos/videos and still refuse to admit an inside job, I fear for your eternal life. I fear that you are deceiving yourself for improper motives to take the side of some of the worst offenders in history. You can't do that and go unscathed. You are not a moral person if you see these photos and yet refuse to admit what is before your eyes. It is a fact that no major news network has drawn attention to these pictures, so that they all are guilty of betraying the people on behalf of covering for some of the most fiendish people ever to possess the gift of life. The gift that God gave can be justifiably taken away, don't you know? It doesn't matter how small I am; it matters only how right I am. You need not fear what I'm saying unless I'm right as God calls it. If you are protecting the villains of this crime, you are out of your mind in utter stupidity. Trump: FOOL.

Is it not obvious that the perpetrators wanted the entire Trade Center demolished, to build a new one on other peoples' money? If all they wanted was an excuse to invade the Middle East, it would have been sufficient to attack just one of the Towers, but, lo, they ruined the entire complex. Did God give us minds to be utterly blind? They spent good money to put that crater into that building. They spent good money to take down building 7. The spent much more to take down the towers, and they secured for themselves good insurance money to make a huge profit. Word is that they also stole gold in vaults at the complex. Look at how many businesses and lives they disrupted, maimed and killed. Have you ever heard of a band of armed thieves like this?

It was armed robbery with the help of the military. Just ask the plane-less hole at the Pentagon? Or the plane-less hole in the field at a metal-scrap yard in Pennsylvania. That's right: the crash of Flight 93 was faked right beside a metal-scarp yard, and it obviously planted the metal scrap around the hole to give shabby appearances of a plane crash. Mueller's FBI came in to take control of the hole in the ground, and it announced it had found the plane buried in the ground. You make yourself a complete idiot if you think a plane hit the ground and sliced deep into the soil, vanishing completely from sight. You twist your own sense of reality. You give yourself over to lalaland. It's time to come to terms with your real country, America, and with your real, fake-president.

Below is the female BBC reporter (Jane Standley) mentioned above, standing at the same window she was at on 9-11. Some goons wish for us to believe that she was not standing at a window, but rather at a TV screen. It is clearly a window in both videos. In the video below, someone at the BBC cuts off communication between she in New York and the BBC anchorman, just as the latter mentions the Salomon building = building 7:

George Bush screwed up on the morning of 9-11. he told the world that he saw the first plane hit a tower on a television set in the school classroom. Problem: the news didn't yet have a picture of this plane hitting the tower. So, Bush was complicit with the crime, and a partaker thereof, a son of Hell. He had me deceived, when he first won an election, into thinking that he might straighten out much of what was wrong with America thanks to its ruin by liberalism. Instead, he turned out to be the unabashed, biggest fool of all presidents.

The more the fiends try to fix the exposing elements (videos, pictures, arguments, testimonies), the more they look desperate to deceive. If Trump had been a good man, the fiends would all have been exposed by now, and in jail without bail awaiting trial. Alas, Trump: Hell-bound fool. He's winking with the most-wicked gangsters of our time. Don't worry, he winks, I won't report you, just leave me alone to win one more election.

And the 1-minute mark of the video below, note the "halo" effect around the knee and leg of the so-called "falling man." The photographer of this photo is known, or at least the person taking credit for it. As some relief to our senses, the halo effect suggests that the man was a paste job, not a true jumper from the tower. One can see the halo effect on the other leg and around the boot. If this is a fake, the person claiming ownership was complicit with the crime in other ways, probably, aside from taking credit for this photo:

Why did no one catch a jumper with a video camera? Why are they all still photos??? Big question, easy answer: easier to doctor still photos.

Here's a new story for me (nearing 4-million views), of witness-fakery, to be expected on a large scale (the military has LOTS of money for securing false witnesses, and America is rich in common louses who would testify for a buck). I apologize for the woman who badly takes Jesus' name in vain. The story starts on Tania Head, then veers away from her, but comes back to her late in the 5th minute. Note that as the group of victims became large, who met together to talk, we would expect insider infiltrators amongst them to spy out what they were saying and revealing:

I got the impression that Tania became a chief / committed organizer for the meetings, suggesting that the deep state was using her to discover any would-be "dangerous" witnesses of the 9-11 crime who needed to be "dealt" with. Being a false witness, I yet noted (8th minute) that "she gave a lot of money out of her own pocket" for organizing the meetings. It wasn't her money, was it? Her job was to gain the confidence of the entire group (why?), though it created complications for her. Imagine trying to keep your stories straight when you're nothing but a mobster's hireling to do some wicked deed on his behalf.

Did you note that Tania arranged a gathering of the group at "the pit," where the towers had fallen? Why would the mobsters want to do such a thing? Well, for one, it's a way to get them all to open up on whether they thought the attack was from Muslims or from government insiders, or even if they were suspicious about some physical inconsistency with the fall of the towers, or how the fallen debris was handled. The mobsters would want to mark out anyone developing too-much suspicion, then monitor their communications via the CIA, etc. The people at the Trade Center on the day of the crime would naturally have been their main targets to monitor. Did they kill any of them?

The time would arrive when the on-site people (at 9-11) would realize that to openly counter the official storyline would make them into marked people. Therefore, this could tend to keep them quiet so that their inner feelings needed to be coaxed out. That would have been the job of the moles amongst the survivors.

In the 24th minute, we learn that the NY Times CLAIMED to interviewed ALL of the tower survivors by the spring of 2002. The NY-Times spy machine in action, right? Mark out the dangerous survivors, report it to da invisible, invincible boss. But, the video says, the NY Times did not mention the star of them all, Tania Head. Hmm, we wonder why not? Was it because a department at the Times had all the names of all the employees at all the businesses in both towers, but that Tania was not on any of the lists? That's what it sounds like in the 35th minute.

But wait. If the Times was a spy tool for the CIA, why would the Times expose this woman if she too was helping the CIA? Am I wrong about her being a deep-state mole? Maybe not. Perhaps the New York Times started to investigate her without informing Intelligence (sounds reasonable), and then, one day, with a rich-rich story on its hands, the Times let it fly not realizing (or maybe not caring) that she might be an insider mole. Or, as some say, the NY times releases stories on behalf of the deep state when it knows some other news organization's about to release it too, thus allowing the deep-state to put its spin on the story (to get ahead of the story, as Bongino, I think, puts it). In this case, it was necessary to portray Tania as a nut job.

It turns out that "Tania" (not her real first name) was Spanish, not even an American citizen, and that her father and brother were mobsters of sorts, or even real mobsters. It appears that American Intelligence secured a foreigner so that, in case anything went wrong mid-plot, she could fly off away from the United States, and be as safe from the law as the CIA would be with her gone missing.

The character at the end of the 41st minute looks like a potential fraudster on the deep-state's behalf, providing a fake motive (she wanted to be loved so badly, and, besides, she was a crazy fraud in prior years) for Tania's program with the 9-11 survivors. She made it all the way to an official appearance within Rudy Giuliani's shadow at did that really happen? Don't we think that some of those survivors pegged her as a tool of the insiders?

Tania had a real burn scar on her arm, we are told by one of the men in the video above. What are the chances of that if she was just some crazy nut looking for attention? Rather, the CIA would have all sorts of details on their operatives for helping it to chose who to use for various operations, and for this job, it would be especially beneficial if the mole had a sizable burn on his/her body. The burn she claims on her back may have been faked since she knew she didn't need to show anyone her back.

At the 2nd minute of the video below, we find Tania being carried by a firefighter on 9-11. Wait, what? She wasn't there? Ahh, so, the insiders even produced a fake photo for her sake. Now we're on it. Look at the blood on her body to realize that the same sort of pictures you see at the Boston-Marathon bombing, for example, are deep-state fakes. They have an entire art department, probably, for making news-intended fakes. They put smoke in the picture, and even a fire truck, awwe. She still has her glasses on straight after being carried down some 90 floors (I forget the number).

In the above video, at the 7th minute, we learn that the survivors had been fighting with the government for permission to go the "the pit," but had failed...until Tania came along and secured such an event in only 2004/5. Sounds like she had the proper connections, right? This was when Tania got to within Giuliani's shadow, right beside him. In the 8th minute (8:25), we see Giuliani holding her one hand between both of his, hmm. On the news, Giuliani said he doesn't remember her. Maybe just a convenient safety measure on his part, if in fact he knew her.

In the video below, we find a man (Steve Rannazzisi) confessing that he fabricated a story of being in a tower while working for Merrill Lynch, the same company that Tania claimed to work for. Big hmmm. The speakers in this video (not worth watching past the first minute) seem not to realize that people like this are best describable as false witnesses for the deep state, but you're not going to get that idea from a major youtube news site. Perhaps this man learned that he was about to be exposed by a news organization, and so he was advised to confess before the story got out, to give his version of why he did it, or who he was. He said that he didn't know why he did it.

At the start of the video below on Tania, it's important, probably, that the production starts with a false-witness account performed by actors (very realistic, but not hard to do), yet the video does not present them as fakes. The performance is obviously to provide fake "testimony" that a plane hit the tower. Therefore, let's be careful when listening to its Tania account, because the purpose here may be to make her seem like anything but a deep-state operative.

Did you notice that one of the female actors, at the start of the video, did the unexpected, and simply left the room. We hear the door slam. This unexpected thing, for a real situation, is for the purpose of reliving the actors of the need to continue acting frantic (it's a lousy thing to do when merely acting). So, on behalf of the fake-job, it is the expected thing to do, just leave the room and end the acting abruptly, give the actors their pay, and move on.

I'm writing this before seeing the video. As I listen to the narrator for only the first minute, he sounds like he's telling the insider storyline, it figures. I can't handle the background noise, and am not watching this any longer. Feel free to watch, but I'm out of here.


Bongino's show on Clintonite ties to Russia:

Nunes and others are still waiting for Trump to expose the deep state. By the looks of things, Trump has no such plans. Nunes and the others are still praising Trump, hoping he'll come around. I have no such confidence. The Republican senate seems, this week, to be playing a game with voters. It announced that it demanded and received, from the treasury department, docs on Hunter Biden. This looks like a farce, because I don't see why the treasury department should possess any transactions involving Hunter Biden. It seems that McConnell's senate is merely giving appearances of going after Biden after McConnell succeeded in not calling witnesses for the impeachment trial. The thing to demand from Treasury is: what happened to the $1.5 billion given to Ukraine's energy sector under Obama's command, while Joe Biden was overseeing the funds?

Instead of hearing Joe's name in this senate effort, we heard Hunter's name. Shouldn't the senate be asking Ukraine what the former Ukraine government did with that son-of-a-bitch $1.5B??? Of course. Giuliani will be only too-happy to go fetch that information for the senate. But the hypocritical, useless senate doesn't really want that information, does it? It's had months to ask for it, since the son-of-a-bitch story broke. It should have had the information months ago because, unlike Barr and Wray, the current leaders of Ukraine have been begging to share the information with America. It's Barr who refuses to see it, and the senate is monkey-see-monkey-do. Deplorable.

It is especially not wrong for a president to demand justice of his attorney general when the president has been the victim for many, back-to-back crimes. It is the president's duty to request jail time from his attorney general.

The treasury is under Trump's authority. Why doesn't he go fetch the information to help jail both Obama and Biden? Nunes is still waiting for this do-nothing president to do something substantial. This Trump whore actually took credit this week for the downfall of the Democrats. It was by the hard work of others, but he says that he's to be credited because he fired Comey. Trump: piece of trash who thinks he's king Midas.

Whatever happened to Giuliani's exposure of the Bidens last week? Heard nothing. Someone convince him not to do it? Why? If you know my story on the sea gull stepping along perfectly or in-tune with the BLINKers of a car in an abandoned PARKING lot, note this from John Solomon: "The memo by Biden campaign aides Kate Bedingfield and Tony BLINKen specifically warned reporters covering the impeachment trial they would be acting as 'enablers of misinformation'." I didn't know that Blinken, a John-Kerry man in the State Department in the past, was Bidens campaign aid. Looks like Biden's trying to shore up his corruption plots by becoming the president. He could become the president if the Democrats can concoct some plot that finally takes Trump down. So far, no luck at all, but things can change, because Trump has allowed his enemies to stand strong. I can never tell you enough at how foolish Trump has been to do NOTHING to expose his enemies. Firing them is not enough, because they can have jobs back with the next Democrat president.

Wray was before a congressional hearing this week, where, when he was asked about his lack of passion to cleanse house, acted like he's in charge only of operational holiness in the FBI. I was under the impression that an FBI director is in charge of making arrests of law breakers in order to cleanse the entire country of crime. I didn't know that he was just a white-washer spokesmen of the organization at a time that the highest-possible crimes were committed by the highest offices of the FBI. Is this the time to brag about a holy FBI? But that's exactly what he did, AGAIN, this week. That's his message to the nation: no need for further punishments, the FBI is now squeaky clean under me.

Christopher Wray this week says that he has committed some low-level operatives, in the crimes against Carter Page, to the Office of Professional Responsibility. Yes, but, the problem is, that Office doesn't publicize anything in its investigations. It is very convenient for the deep state to have an internal chastisement department while the public gets to know nothing. The criminals are going to be told, "Don't do that again."

Headline this week: "Wray says FBI conduct surrounding Carter Page FISA warrant 'unacceptable' and 'cannot be repeated'" "Don't do that again." Okay boss.

Here's Gohmert telling Wray off in a mild way, in a five-minute session that ends with Wray trying to act like he's been very concerned about FISA abuse under Comey, yet up until recently Wray never showed one iota of concern or anger. Everything he answered in the past was antagonistic against the Gohmerts of congress because Wray at that time thought that the Mueller-Rosenstein effort would succeed against Trump. This is why I see Barr as a shyster for keeping Wray on the job. The mystery is what Barr stands to gain from keeping Wray as the FBI chief.

For his part, John Ratcliffe caved to Wray, telling him that he trusts him to fix the FBI. Wow, what happened here? Is this the let's-move-on moment from the fighters because they have lost the battle against a Barr-Wray team? Because they don't want to be seen as fighters against Barr? Looks like. Whose going to rail against Barr, as he deserves to be railed against, to start that wheel rolling like an ever-growing snowball? Fox is woefully shy in blasting Barr at this important time when needed. Fox is giving Barr the green light to slap these mobsters on the wrist. Here's Tucker with his complaints, but saying nothing about Barr:

Here's Jordan backing Wray into a corner, in 2017, where the latter refuses to answer a question in his typical, cover-up fashion. Lest we forget. And Barr thinks there is nothing wrong with an FBI chief who covers the crimes of the FBI so that the public doesn't see them...because Barr is exactly that sort of animal. Barr thinks that even the details of a coup attempt needs to be kept from the public, and to do this best, my prediction: Barr will claim that there was FBI ERROR, but no deliberate, first-degree crime to commit an unjustified toppling of a president.

In another article: "Wray announced more than 40 reforms triggered by the findings of the inspector general report, but Republican lawmakers who questioned the FBI chief at a House Judiciary Committee hearing said they wanted to see more decisive actions, like firings of agents and other FBI employees involved in the shoddy Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act applications." There you go, even the Republicans are calling for mere firings, but Barr doesn't want. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bruce Ohr is still in his DoJ. Barr and Trump together make for a fine duet of slimes. The ones complaining about the deep state do NOTHING to punish it. Barr came out publicly with his moral platitudes, hoping to gain the praise of Trump's voters, and here he is exposed as a slime in the swamp. Trump's not going to take responsibility for Wray and Barr, because Trump doesn't admit mistakes...unless its more advantageous for him.

The liberal media and the FISA judges are portraying this as Wray would: a slight against merely Carter Page. Nobody in liberal media is calling this for what it was: the use of Carter Page to spy on everyone in the Trump sphere. Wray has been insulting Trump to his face for many, many months by refusing to admit the severity of the FBI crimes in this regard and others, but Trump keeps Wray in the FBI. Wray has insulted Trump, but Barr keeps Wray in charge of the FBI.

The King of Slime is on the American throne. He can't chose the right people because he is demonically inspired. The White House is infested with demons; it doesn't help to waltz in there denying Christ all of your too-rich life. The Man of the World is on the throne. He loves the world and everything in the world, wherefore God has given him over to demons. He will be punished by God ever-so-severely if he dares to use Christians for re-election, if he speaks kindly to them just to get their votes, if he applies false promises to further his "glory." Midweek, he gave a speech at a national-prayer breakfast, we can see what he's up to.

Ahh, youtube and google have been hiding Giuliani's podcasts. Someone in the comments of a video revealed the name of the podcasts, "Common Sense," and this found the videos at youtube:

When I chose the episode-one video above, youtube doesn't bring up episode two or three or four. Instead, it offers me anti-Giuliani video by Vox. Youtube STINKs. I suggest starting at the 2:30 point of episode two (January 29):

When you see Biden's "son-of-a-bitch" confession, he's speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations, a thing I didn't know of until recently. Biden's admitting a crime before the Council because he feels confident that the people in his hearing are corrupt enough to let it slide. And they were, because none reported him to the authorities, at least so far as we know.

When the United States toppled the pro-Russian Ukraine government, there were angels singing, weren't there? Uhh, well, no, because the pro-American leader was as corrupt as they come, and even the Americans with him were corrupt. You really need to acknowledge these things if you are a loyal American. Your country has become the New KGB, but with more power to unleash havoc. You can't fix this disaster by burying head in the sand, or slapping the mobsters on the wrist? Giuliani is laying things as bare as he can, and it's Barr who continues to hide, even as Sessions did. That's why Barr's not firing Wray, because Wray is desirous of obstructing justice. This is the kind of sick man that Barr is, that he would come onto the DoJ stage offering moralistic platitudes on behalf of his own character, and then act criminally in a string of criminal actions. He sets up a facade for himself for you to carry away, and then proceeds to cover crimes, thus committing crimes.

You really had best acknowledge this, America, and do something fast, because this thing will swallow you whole. It doesn't have a heart. It's sociopathic. You are a fool to rejoice over Trump's low unemployment numbers while ignoring this problem. These mobsters are the reason that you, American family, are tens of thousands of dollars in debt to your government while forking out the interest too. They spent your money without getting your permission. They just took it, because they are thieves. It's what they do.

It becomes apparent to me that Giuliani is not a faithful part of the Council on Foreign Relations.

In the 15th minute, we have a photos of crocodile-shoe Zlochevsky. Then, Giuliani disappoints by offering an ad to make money on this video. Puke. Talk about throwing your own respectability out a window. Giuliani: JERK. Making money on exposing corruption. I really feel sick. Good night.

Fox video with the title: "No president should endure what Trump has gone through: Rep. Banks". To the contrary, he deserves it all over again until he gets it right and hammers the deep state as his natural reaction. HYPOCRITE! He saw the corruption first hand, but did NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING with his own hand to stamp it out. Lousy, cursed son of Hell. So long as he gets re-elected, the deep state can stay strong. May his own CIA bring him down, as he deserves. Let both he and Barr go under the swamp waters to drown.

Here's evidence of a Christian movement trying to inject eastern mysticism:

They have the task of destroying Christian youth before they get grounded in Truth, but no one can steal even one person from Jesus whom the Father has chosen. It seems, sadly, that many converts are made whom were not Chosen, tending to mean that NOT everyone who BELIEVES in Jesus will be saved, but only those whose belief is of the God-driven / God-gifted kind. I think you know when you have a life-lasting faith. I feel that I have one. I imagine that those not having the Faith from God have a sense that their faith is fleeting, not grounded, airy, not solid, too thin to last. It melts away with the heat of life's trials, or is replaced by a chasing of things. They want Jesus for what they might get from Him, otherwise they wave good-bye. It is very sad, it really is.

On Monday morning from Washington Examiner: "President Trump is making good on his promises to 'drain the swamp' and cut Obama-era holdovers from his staffs, especially the critical and recently controversial National Security Council. Officials confirmed that Trump and national security adviser Robert O’Brien have cut 70 positions inherited from former President Barack Obama, who had fattened the staff to 200." Wait a minute. "Making good on his promises"??? He's three years into his presidency. He left the Obamaites in the White House to make both he and his White-house staff miserable for that long, and suddenly he's being given credit for draining the swamp??? What happens if you sit in swamp water for three years? You get disease.

Ahh, Barr, feeling the heat from publicly airing his no-nothing program toward Ukraine corruption is now leaking this: "Graham, appearing on CBS News' 'Face the Nation,' said Attorney General William Barr told him during a conversation that the DOJ has 'created a process that Rudy could give information and they would see if it's verified.'" Barr and Graham seem to be of the same, make-a-good-face piece of dirty cloth. Graham keeps saying on Fox that this or that should be investigated, or he or she should be questioned. So why didn't he do that months ago? What's he waiting for? Election season? It's a great time to utilize make-a-good-face farces.


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