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February 11 - 17, 2020

Two New Dreams Pointers to Bill Barr Exposure
Ass-Line Phrygians
Lorraine Bus Stop Points to Jimmy the Greek

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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There's a lot of concerned people noting and repeating that Fox is going to the dogs, as could be expected with Murdoch's hiring of Paul Ryan. Hopefully, the claim is true that people are tuning out Fox and going elsewhere for news. I've been tuning out to a huge degree, as frankly the shows are making me feel sick. Who in their right minds wants to be filled with the latest Democrat doings? Who cares? Fox could instead be filling time and minds with something productive, beneficial, helpful. Now there's this from early this week:
Fox News’ own research team has warned colleagues not to trust some of the network’s top commentators’ claims about Ukraine.

An internal Fox News research briefing book obtained by The Daily Beast openly questions Fox News contributor John Solomon’s credibility, accusing him of playing an "indispensable role" in a Ukrainian "disinformation campaign."

The document also accuses frequent Fox News guest Rudy Giuliani of amplifying disinformation, as part of an effort to oust former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, and blasts Fox News guests Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova — both ardent Trump boosters — for "spreading disinformation."

The 162-page document, entitled "Ukraine, Disinformation, & the Trump Administration," was created by Fox News senior political affairs specialist Bryan S. Murphy, who produces research from what is known as the network’s Brain Room — a newsroom division of researchers who provide information, data, and topic guides for the network’s programming.

Can we trust this report from Murphy? Not without evidence. This article is good for revealing who in Fox news is for the deep state. I trust Solomon very much on his Ukraine material. I even trust Giuliani's Ukraine material, though I don't want to hear from him because he exposed himself as a money-grubber in his new podcasts. I can't stomach someone claiming to have cutting edge facts on the Trump-attack who wants to make advertising money on it. It's just so cheap of this IDIOT. Giuliani, in one fell-swoop, informed me that he's an idiot. But I trust his material because the Ukrainians could expose him as a fraud if he were not being truthful. He has documents that he's releasing, and we hear in the Murphy story above that the Fox document has been LEAKED. That is, Fox has itself leaked it, exposing how desperate Fox's deep-state elements are in covering the corruption.

Who's Murphy? We should like to know. I'm asking google who Murphy is, but google responds by giving me page after page of the story above. It appears that we might now get to see who the real warriors are at Fox, who will speak out at the risk of losing jobs. What do you think? Should Hannity speak out and risk losing his job? Or is that too much to ask of him? For quite a while, Hannity has been changing his guests, pretty-much chasing away most of the anti-deep-staters, though he did bring in John Solomon in the meantime. Hence, Murphy is clamoring against Solomon at this critical time in which the focus can be on the real Ukraine collusion. But why would Murphy be opposed since the real collusion is the crime of Democrats? Is Murphy a Democrat? Wikipedia has no article on him, nor does anyone else, apparently, by that name with the initial, 'S', unless google is hiding things.

Oh wow: "Elsewhere in the internal brief, Murphy urges Fox News employees to focus on a wide range of alleged journalistic misdeeds from Solomon, including "non-disclosure of conflicts, use of unreliable sources, publishing false and misleading stories, misrepresentation of sources, and opaque coordination with involved parties."" What's this? Hannity claimed that Fox bosses don't tell the employees what to say or report on. Just look at that long list of smears on Solomon's character. Solomon seems to me to be an extremely careful reporter, the exact opposite of how Murphy is portraying him. What we have here is an opportunity for Fox anchors and opinionators to fight back against the swamp within Fox. This could be a good thing, if they all come together to form a concerted strategy. Fox bosses are constrained by the fact that Fox viewership will go instantly to rock-bottom if Fox dares to go liberal. The statement above is all-liberal, exactly how liberals and the deep state are portraying the Ukraine-collusion effort.

I can't watch Solomon's podcasts unless I enlist with Twitter, which I refuse to do. I'd rather die a harsh death than be a part of Twitter. I refuse its concept. It's a hypocrite, a diabolical spy tool, the image of the beast, so to speak, part of the globalist-control animal.

Woe. I've hardly been watching Hannity at all recently, and did not know that: "Though he has not appeared on Hannity’s show since Dec. 26, Solomon’s most recent Fox appearance came last Friday on Laura Ingraham’s primetime show." Hannity has rejected Solomon for six weeks and counting??? Who's responsible? Who's Murphy's boss? It seems that Ingraham was fighting back to feature the prohibited Solomon. I think it's time for Fox viewers to quash Murphy's law. Shark elements are high up in Fox, and they need a kick to the teeth. I would really like to know more of this invisible situation. I suspect Rupert Murdoch to have been of the Jeffrey-Epstein camp, which can explain why Dershowitz is on Hannity.

It's interesting that one Murphy surname shares the chapeau (cap) with Buttons/Bidens.

You can bet your teeth-kicking boots that managers at Fox are in cahoots with military planners in Ukraine, and thus they would side against Trump, and for the military agenda that was the precious baby of all the impeachment witnesses against Trump. I'd suggest that upper-level sharks at Fox were hoping for Trump's impeachment. Here's one of the invisibles: "...Mitch Kweit, senior vice president of the Brain Room, said in a statement to The Daily Beast. 'The 200 page document has thousands of data points and the vast majority have no relation to FOX News — instead it's now being taken out of context and politicized to damage the network.'" Oh, I see. Kweit wants the world to believe that irresponsible opinionators like Hannity were ruining Fox's reputation by entertaining falsehoods in relation to things-Ukraine. This reminds us that Fox gagged Hannity on his quest for Seth-Rich truth, which would inevitably have exposed the Guccifer 2.0 crime, part-and-parcel with the DNC-Ukraine attack on Trump to which Obama's Intelligence organizations gave the wink. This was the shark attack on Trump. Take away Fox news from protecting Trump, and into the belly of the shark Trump will go. Perfect, Trump deserves it.

He's had three years to punish this thing, but he left it healthy so that it pounced on him, and it still kicks and fights hoping to get the upper hand. Without Fox's fists, Trump's going to get knocked out. The Republican deep state may be asking Fox to drop Trump on its behalf, now having no other strategy to go with, having suffered a big loss in the impeachment strategy. This war's not over because president Blowhard has been a selfish, yellow-belly. He chose an attorney general who would rather enjoy the steam off of hot apple pie than put on his war boots. Barr seems to be a typical all-mouth Republican do-nothing. If he can't as-yet bring himself to making even one key arrest, he's a false hope.

Send the goons a message, Mr. Barr, that it's time for them to start hiding and cowering. But, no, he seems to prefer a mild, easy life at work. Arresting one of the major players will upset his days, apply pressure on him, frighten him. Then get out, Mr. Barr, and give your job to a fighter!

You can read the article yourself where it goes on to show that Murphy is upset with the diGenova's for not revealing on Fox shows that they had been hired as lawyers by Dmitry Firtash.

In another potentially-slanderous article by the Daily Beast:

Associates of Dmitry Firtash, a Ukrainian oligarch wanted by U.S. authorities on conspiracy charges, reportedly worked to find dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden last year as part of an effort to enlist Rudy Giuliani's help with the oligarch’s legal case. According to Bloomberg, Firtash — who is based in Vienna, Austria, and fighting extradition to the U.S. — hired pro-Trump lawyers Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing earlier this year. DiGenova and Toensing both have worked with Giuliani to get opposition research on Biden and have been vocal in their support of Trump. They reportedly charged Firtash about $1 million for their work.

We can see the battle rage here, and the winners are likely those who have the truth on their side, unless the deep state is allowed to make arrests of key (threatening) figures on false charges, which is the thing that Trump has been allowing left and right without fighting on their behalf, as though Trump were not the general of his own army, but rather a turn-coat fighting instead for the deep state. With a yellow-belly in the White House and a yellow-belly in the DoJ, and a fink in the FBI, there's not much hope here for the ultimate victory.

The United States wants to arrest Firtash, not at all meaning that he's guilty of anything. The American government has been exposed under Trump's watch as a demonic entity arresting high-level figures for nothing, and with trumped charges. Why should we believe the likes of the Daily Beast on the guilt or innocence of Firtash? The latter wants to expose the dirt on Biden, which makes Firtash a good guy as far as that's concerned.

In this all-important war, Giuliani, the IDIOT, is showing advertisements on his podcast to expose Biden dirt. I'm incredulous. It's impossible for anyone to be that stupid, but look, the celebrated mayor of New York is exactly that stupid. Is Giuliani the best Trump could do to protect himself legally? Is trump a laughing stock or what? Yes, and it's because he brags. God will make sure that any president who brags will be humiliated, GUARANTEED. His pants will fall down while he's walking in public. His shirt will fall off, and his drawers come next until he is all-naked and humiliated. That's what he will get if he doesn't repent from his boasting.

It's not a wonder that I often think this entire scandal-versus-scandal is orchestrated theater being played out by both sides so that the actors all make money on the constant flow of news-juice. But I then slap myself and come to my senses. Or do I?

Politico (leftist tool) says that Firtash is a "gas tycoon." The Washington Post claimed that Giuliani met Firtash in Paris, but Giuliani says he's never met Firtash anywhere. If Trump thought the winning of the latest battle is the winning of a war, never forget that the enemy will fabricate ANYTHING in an orchestrated conspiracy. The false scenarios will never cease to be repeated by leftist media, and they will become "facts" in the minds of leftists. Upper-level Fox people are exactly of this vein, we have now discovered, which is no small partial-victory. Know your enemy.

Wikipedia: "U.S. federal prosecutors described Firtash in 2017 court papers as an associate of Russian organized crime." There's a 50-50 chance for that accusation to be true. The FBI in 2017 was under a deep-state tool. Make it a 25-percent chance. Wikipedia: "In 2008, Firtash was involved with a firm owned by Paul Manafort in a $895 million project to redevelop the Drake Hotel in New York City into a spa and luxury mall to be called Bulgari Tower...The deal was never finalized." Mueller did his best to jail Manafort in a sky's-the-limit effort, but was unable to find any collusion crime or involvement. It's not a wonder that Firtash has been targeted by the same deep state that relied on Mueller (corrupt cop), since Firtash had business contact with Manafort.

When the United States under Obama sought to topple, and succeeded in toppling, the pro-Russia government, the United States not-surprisingly slandered the opposition in the same way Democrats slander Republicans in their own country. The way they are treating Trump is the way they treated the pro-Russian Ukrainians. So, when we read that Firtash deserves to be slandered and arrested for being a Russian friend, who cares? Why would we listen to such accusations? Do we gladly take in as fact anything that connects to Russia, ignoring the corrupt state of American politicians? That would be extremely reckless. No thanks, I won't play ball that way. Bongino might, but I won't. Nunes might, but I won't. Show me the facts, but they cannot come from the CIA, for that tool is as corrupt as they come, the cradle of all the corruption now in focus. The CIA: fabricator of "facts"; the false-accusation factory; the son of satan; the anti-Christ maker; the ghost of the KGB; cut-throat ISIS on steroids.

Wikipedia: "Firtash is a controversial figure in Ukraine. According to documents uncovered during the United States diplomatic cables leak in 2010, Firtash told U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor of needing permission from alleged Russian crime boss Semyon Mogilevich to do business in Ukraine during the lawless 1990s. The same documents suggest that Firtash also claimed to be friends with President Viktor Yushchenko. Firtash denied the remarks." Remember: CIA, fabricator of facts.

Do you think that the diGenova's were required, on Hannity, to disclose that they had a contract with Firtash? Not if they never mentioned Firtash. As I recall it, the diGenova's were constantly supporting Trump against the various attacks on him, until things began to leak from the Ukraine that the Democrats were guilty of U.S.-election interference, at which time the diGenova's got involved to help uncover those things, which we should applaud. Why doesn't Murphy and Kweit applaud it? At what point exactly were the diGenova's spreading false reports on Fox? I'd say that their side should put Murphy and Kweit on trial, challenge them openly. I'd like to see these matters on a debate table.

It might be the truth that Murphy and Kweit did not leak their opinions, but rather the leak was from their enemies at Fox. To whom do those two report? Well, Kweit is a vice-president, and so there must be a president of the Brain Room. Who in their right brains would name their news panel a "Brain Room." Does the devil live there?

An excerpt of the [Brain-Room] document was first published earlier in the week by former Fox News producer Marcus DiPaola [was he fired?], who said he went to federal law enforcement officials with concerns unrelated to the network’s coverage of President Donald Trump.

DiPaola said he cooperated with federal investigators [oh no, not the anti-Trump and horned FBI] as a confidential informant [pretty-please don't tell anyone I'm doing this] from 2016 to 2019 [shocker, from the beginning of the Trump-attack] until he revealed his status [why?] to the Fox News Channel, doing so only after learning the network had produced the Brain Room report. He provided a copy of the report to the Daily Beast, which published a story based on it late Thursday afternoon.

The full copy of the Brain Room report is being published for the first time by The Desk and is available to view by clicking or tapping here.

Wow, the Brain Room document reads just like a CNN report, SHOCKING because it's from Fox. We have found John McCain's ghost in the Brain Room, without a doubt. I'm now sure they are all practicing necromancy in there. "John, John, if you can hear us, what should we do now? They're beating the crap out of us."

"Bring in Paul Ryan, he'll know what to do."

"We already did that, and they beat the snot out of us, anyway."

"What's Graham doing?"

"Chewing the fat, as usual. I don't think they're on to him yet."

"He's the best fat-chewer I ever knew. When he spits out the passion, he looks so authentic. They'll never know."

"So what are we going to do, John, our candle's almost burned out.

"Best thing to do: change the name of Brain Room. We're not supposed to laugh down here."

I know nothing of DiPaola or what his gripe was. He confessed to being a Fox mole, essentially, gabbing to the FBI over a period of some three years on some issue(s) that he thinks rises to the level of criminality. We heard nothing in the news of the FBI's dealings with this potential crime(s) at Fox, and so we would like to know all that was said in the back-and-forth, whether Fox bosses were complicit with Comey, and later with Wray, in their attacks on Trump. Then, in the end, DiPaola leaks the anti-Trump script from the Brain Room, but even with this information, we don't know whether he was pro-Trump or anti-Trump. But wait. If he was doing what Fox wanted him to do, he would still have his job, wouldn't he? Did Fox fire him for leaking this document? How long has he been gone from Fox?

Okay, found the answer:

Wednesday morning I stumbled upon this Twitter thread by one Marcus DiPaola, a freelance journalist who is listed as a contributing reporter for Business Insider. Mr. DiPaola alleges that President Trump is none other than a traitor to this country and a Russian asset.

I’ve posted his Twitter thread in its entirety below. Be warned, it gets a little weird.

[DiPaola's tweet] Before the rest of my story comes out, I need to clear some things up: The FBI did not recruit me [why is he telling us this?] for or plant me in Trump campaign press corps [why is he telling us this?], or at Fox News Channel [he thinks he looks like a mole, doesn't he, like one with a guilty conscience]. I was never paid money, I never asked for money. In early January 2016, I walked into the FBI Chicago Field Office to discuss some things that concerned me, unrelated to Trump. I had some suspicions based on articles I’d read in 2015 that President Trump was deeply connected to President Putin, so when I saw that Trump was in Iowa, I decided to go there, cover one of his……

If you read the rest of his tweet, you find that he admittedly decided to act as an FBI mole at Fox and elsewhere. There was no evidence that Trump was working for Putin aside from what the FBI and others fabricated; there was no way for DiPaola to know that there was a Trump-Putin affair unless the deep state put it into his head. He's lying when trying to distance himself from the FBI. He was their happy tool, without doubt. He would have loved to have been a main contributor to Trump's destruction.

He has now revealed that he was helping Wray to knock-out Trump! Hee-hee. Hurray, it exposes Barr as the farce that he is. Yes, Wray did not get rid of this spy after the latter was established with the FBI under Comey's rule, and I think we can now glean that Barr nodded (was agreeable), for Wray was required to inform Barr of such a plant at Fox. In other words, Barr, even while acting publicly as though he was sympathizing with Trump, did not direct Wray to get rid of this spy even though the situation was extremely sinister. Think of it: an anti-trump FBI plant at Fox news, and Barr's okie-dokie with this.

Not until Fox fired DiPaola did the FBI cut him lose, we may glean. It's an awful embarrassment for Wray's FBI. Even after it was established that Trump was innocent of the collusion charges, Wray kept the spy machine operating hoping the hope of hopes to sink Trump, and then this idiotic DiPaola makes this horrendous mistake by spilling the beans on the FBI. Perfect. It's cause for celebration.

The deep-state goal now is to slander anyone who tries to expose the true crimes in Ukraine, it's a no-brainer. The deep state is not almighty after all. It's made of sheer idiots who think we're idiots when they tell their stories. Everything DiPaola says is to be taken as a lie until proven otherwise. And that's the way it will go with any Trump attack, for about half of the United States or more. This half is now wise to the deep state's tricks.

Why is DiPaola no longer at Fox? He tells us: "Fox News Channel’s Washington Bureau Chief Bryan Boughton fired me, accusing me of being planted by 'another organization' which, based on semi-recent events which I will not reveal for the security of the United States, concluded could only mean the FBI. Fox News firing me caused a mental break which had me go to a hospital’s mental health emergency room for treatment…" It sounds like he'd like to sue Fox for mental duress. The tweet goes on: "the next couple of weeks, I received a bunch of intimidating phone calls and got sent to a mental health clinic at 35 K Street where a quack doctor poisoned me, I believe at the behest of rogue actors within Fox News Channel." I'll bet the FBI or CIA tried to murder him. Too late. What will the Wray rat now say for himself? He and Fox could deny the entire account. It's risky, but what's the alternative? How will they explain that he had the Brain Room "book"?

"Hey John, John, wake up. I have another candle. You won't believe this, John..."

"What, what, what is it?"

"We decided to change the name. We're so embarrassed."

Okay, so the main leftist media are not carrying this story, hoping the world with think that DiPaola is a prankster or a nutcase. But what he's saying would be a crime against the FBI, wouldn't it, if it's wholly untrue? How possibly can we expect that he alone fabricated the Brain Room timeline (it's huge). Shouldn't Fox at least put out a statement on it's opinion of this story? Where is it? I don't see it? Where's the FBI's response if only to say that there's no truth to this? I find it suspicious that nothing's being said by the biggies. It's what we could expect if the story has truth. Fox would have a meeting directing no one to speak on this. Would the big-three, week-night opinion crew go along with such a gagging? This is a case where both Fox and the leftist media are expected to say nothing; just wait until it goes away. Every once in a while, such a story arises. The leftists would not want this story out because it's ruinous to the deep state / FBI.

Here's a Fox article of May:

...Freelance journalist Marcus DiPaola was covering the Biden campaign in Iowa last week where he tweeted the accounts of different reporters, including himself, of their interactions with campaign staffers, which he described to Fox News as "out of line, totally."

One unidentified reporter told DiPaola that while covering campaign events in Iowa, a member of Biden's campaign told the reporter to leave, with the campaign staffer saying she was just doing her job. She then took a photo of the reporter who refused to leave.

There we go, DiPaola is for real, and really did work for Fox. How can Fox not respond to this story of his on Twitter??? It's got to be true if Fox won't respond. Fox would be guilty of a crime, wouldn't it, to gag its employees with false reasons, spurious and untrue accusations against Giuliani, Solomon, and the DiGenova's, and with anti-Trump motives in an election year? That would certainly explain zero response to the public.

Online: "View Mitchell Kweit's business profile as Senior Vice President, Brainroom at Fox News." He exists. Where's his response to DiPaola's story??? Did Fox really try to poison him? Could be.

The Washington Post could not resist doing a story on the Brainroom's internal document -- so juicy against Trump -- but the article fails to mention DiPaola. Isn't that unethical, sinister and laughable altogether in one package?

The UK's Guardian has the story too, dated February 7, but without mention of DiPaola (tweets dated February 5), giving credits only to daily Beast:

I'm writing this on the 10th. Even the Daily Beast has only ONE mention of DiPaola, wholly ignoring his story on Twitter. It's a calculated cover-up. His story must be absolutely true. He really was with the FBI! If he were not, all the main leftist media would be plastering this Brain-Room story for all to see while discounting DiPaola's story with reasons given. Instead, no mention of him, no reason given to discount his story, and most leftist media are not even willing to put the Brain-Room story out there even though it's a juicy story they would otherwise covet for their front pages!

It seems clear that any major media finding the story necessary for dissemination is, by a corporate calculation, leaving DiPaola out of the story. That is very, very bad, a betrayal of the people on behalf of covering for the deep state. It is a wicked evil. The country is lost to this deep-state marriage to the "popular" media. American liberals are their headless zombies, it's disgusting, tragic and laughable all at once. Youtube doesn't bring up the story by searching "Marcus DiPaola."

The story is timed exactly with Giuliani's podcasts. Although google is trying to hide the podcasts, time will circulate it, and Barr will come under pressure to deal with it to some extent. But this is a long snore, don't stay up late waiting. Youtube brings up all the political stories on Fox, but leaves out both Giuliani and the DiPaola stories. Travesty. The behind-the-scenes, unelected deep state rules the media each and every day. This is your biggest threat, America, you would do well to get Trump and Barr to deal with it. It has not gone away one iota just because a dozen of its visible pawns have been fired. Besides, they can be hired back. I didn't watch the whole of Monday's Bongino show, but noted he shared some Giuliani material, which I don't care to see at this time, but here it is if you would like:

Here is Barr coming out to the public, on Monday, to explain himself on his previous lack of interest in the Ukraine, only now he's making himself appear a little more interested, but still holding back. He's keeping it short, saying that he can't trust anything that comes out of Ukraine. If we take him at face value, it's a softline version of the Brain-Room story. He seems to be preparing Trump's voters for what he hopes will be a justifiable-sounding way to simply exempt himself from taking the claims of Ukraine seriously. I don't think he wants to give appearances that there will be a heavy-duty investigation, but would rather give appearances that this thing has been, and will continue to be, a non-starter for him.

If he were a good man without a sinister plan, and if he were truly being straight with this appearance, he would simply say that we are looking into the things shared with us from Ukraine. But he did not say only that. Instead, he publicly insulted his counterparts in Ukraine in preparation of insulting them again later, when, he hopes, he can officially denounce their claims and those of Giuliani. This is not the way a professional normally operates in public view. He clearly feels the need to denounce the Ukraine claims. Why? Probably, to side with and protect all of Trump's American enemies in the Ukraine sphere, some of whom could be the buddies of his buddies. An attorney general can commit the crime of obstruction by doing purely what his buddies want done.

The only way to salvage this dim situation is if Trump voters, or future circumstances, pressure Barr to admit that the Obama administration was guilty of conducting a coup against Trump from Ukraine soil. Barr darn-well knows that this coup took place from Ukraine, but look, he's half denying it today. STRIFE. Unless this appearance is his fake job to keep the enemy unaware, it's half a denunciation today, and the other half later:

Note how the Fox video phrases things as a title for the video: "AG Bill Barr discusses the potential of Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's personal attorney, bringing information from Ukraine to the Justice department." It's a deceptive title. It would have been more accurate to use: "AG Bill Barr denounces the potential of Rudy Giuliani..." The leftist media is trying to make this story look as cheap as possible, and Barr seems to be playing their tune.

To put it another way, the last time he commented publicly, not very long ago, he said that he hasn't looked into Ukraine AT ALL. He gave the impression that he doesn't have time for this, a story on one of the biggest political crimes conducted partially by the DoJ he now runs. He made the mistake of saying he knows nothing on Ukraine. It's a mistake because he can't denounce it if he hasn't yet looked into it, and so he gave a better show of it this week, now saying that he'll look at it, but don't worry, Comey my sweet, and Mueller my darling, Ukraine can't be trusted hint-hint. Be happy, my buddies, Apple Pie is on the job!

Giuliani is on the Steve-Bannon War-Room show this week telling what he has already passed on to Barr. Just listen to Giuliani's story on a money-laundering crime on behalf of the Bidens, and the meeting in the White House in 2016 of three Ukraine officials willing to testify against Biden's buddies, then ask: HOW COULD BARR HAVE SPOKEN SO NON-PASSIONATELY / UNINTERESTED AS HE DID TODAY IN THE VIDEO ABOVE? Is Barr a fink? Here's the Bannon show:

Is Barr uninterested in the money laundering (illegal transfers of American tax dollars) of Ukraine criminals where the money is deposited into the bank account of Hunter Biden? Say it isn't so. What kind of a fink is this Barr? If he doesn't know anything about it yet, what's he doing publicly insulting the Ukrainians as thought they are a pack of liars? This is your attorney general, America, a criminal and a criminal supporter / protector. He comes on the heels of your criminal-supporting attorney general, Jeff Sessions, all compliments of Trump your worshipful.

If you would like to listen to Joe DiGenova this week, he's below. He's telling that National Security gives Trump a CIA briefing daily. Until now, National Security was anti-Trump by far, and so we can gather here that Trump willingly took his CIA briefings from his own enemies. I don't know what kind of animal you'd like to call Trump for that attitude, but I wouldn't touch him with a ten-foot pole. Something bad has been growing on his body. This nutcase, this fraud, had no intention of cleaning up the CIA. For the past three years, this fake president has been lying to his voters, and only when National Security attacked him did he put a cleansing torch to it. By his inaction, he gave himself many pains, and wasted the country's time. He allowed his enemies to believe that they could overpower him in a coup, but even if they failed, they would be safe. And look, they are all safe. The worst they get is to be shifted around to other departments, like when the vatican sends a child molester secretly to another church to take the heat off the pope.

Vindman was zealously part of a coup attempt, and pope Trump is happy to see him go to another church rather then to jail him to keep him from harming other people. The lawless are being taken out of his face, but placed in the midst of others.

The Murphy of Avalon

I got to checking out the Murphy surname and came to the Tallis' from the "hospiTALIS" motto term of one Murphy surname (use that link to load other surnames, or you will get lost in the discussion). French Tallis'/Taillepaids/Taillmitte's got me to a Coat looking like a version of the Bell/Label Coat mentioned in the last update along with the Kate's/Kattendyke's. All three latter surnames share the same Chief-Shield colors along with shark-using Valiants, and this has to do with Katrina Hanson. I then added the following to the last update where I was discussing God's ICE-cream theme as His pointer to Ice's and Cremers/Cramers. The latter are the ones with a Crest that links to the Coat of Hahn-related Bibo's, and Hahns happen to have been first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's, you see. here's what I add to the last update today, Tuesday:

Oh wow. The Kate's with a KATTERbeck variation, first found in Mecklenburg, smack of KATRina Hanson!!!!! She's the other ice-cream girl!!! I get it. God named her [first name] to fit this Kate family of surnames so as to go together with the Ice's and Hahns of Mecklenburg i.e. to prove that God set-up the ice-cream girls.

It really is truly amazing. The other ice-cream girl was Darlene Ray/Wray (I don't think I ever knew the correct spelling) while Wrays share the Chief-Shield colors of Valiants, Kate's/Katterbecks, and Tallis'/Taillepaids. The latter's Coat is a gold-crescent version of the white-crescented Bell/Label Coat, and the Tallis/Taillepaid Chief is a hexagram version of the Wray Chief, both using three, red items in the colors of the greyhound in the Bell/Label Chief. Both the Valiant and the Kate's/KatterBECK Chiefs are blank (no symbols). It even appears that God arranged the BECK family to marry Kate liners because, believe it or not, English Becks (Yorkshire) share the giant moline of Shark-liner Sarasins!!!

Valiants were pointed to because my first date with Miss Hanson was in a Valiant car, and the Valiant shark was important for pointing to Ukraine corruption in conjunction with FBI chief, Christopher Wray. The ice-cream came into the event when I was asking Hanson out for the first time i.e. just before the first and last time we went for a ride in the Valiant. I've been talking about this ice-cream event for a long time, but only today have I realized that her first name was for the purpose of proving that Ice's and Cramers / Hahns apply to the event. Sharks were first found in Tyrone, and the Irish Tallis' are said to have been near Tyrone. The last update's emphasis on Hanns/Hands and the red hand of Unions/Annians can now be placed beside the Neils of Tyrone (kin of Sharks), for their giant red lion could be the Fife / Five lion.

It's even Murphy-surname related that Kate's/Katterbecks came up in the last update as per Katie Pavlich of Fox's, The Five. The Veys/Vivians, a branch of Five's a Fife's, can be connected to the Murphy surname, you see, and Murphys have come up in this update as per Fox's Mr. Murphy of the Brain Room. How interesting, especially as Murphy's share the chapeau of Bidens! It's perfect, for Mr. Murphy is seeking to protect the Biden crime from exposure, no doubt lest it lead to other exposures.

Here's how it works. Dutch Veys use the boot as evidence that the mythical witch, Morgan le FAY of Avalon is touching up the Vey bloodline. For mythical Avalon was the island of boot-like Bute (my personal discovery aside from, and before, Vey-surname considerations). What's yet to be said is incredibly impressive, but let me first repeat from the last update that the Coat of English Veys/Vivians is connectable to the Coats of Five's/Fifys and Five's probably because all three surnames are branches...which, by the way, I trace to L'VIV in Ukraine. And to this we can add that the anchor of FIFers/Pfiefers is in the colors of the lion in the Murphy Chief.

The Murphy lion is very key because, although its in a passant position, it's in the colors of the upright MORgan and MOOR lions, indicating that the MURphy/MorFEY surname was as per a Moor-family marriage with the Fie'/PHEE/FEE/McFEY/MacDUFFIE bloodline. The latter surname has a "PRO" motto term, and the Katie-PAVlich discussion was all about the trace of The Five's hosts to PAVia, where Pierro's/PERO's were first found. As Pavia was co-founded by Mars-suspect Marici, note that while French Mars share the Pavia scallops, English Mars share a brown lion in Crest with Fie's/Phee's/Fee's. The latter's DufFIE variation is probably indication that a Fie-line family married the Duffs or Duffys/Duffs', for the latter share the giant Morgan / Moor lion. Duffs, first found in Perthshire, near Fife, share the giant Fife and Five/Fify lion. Fife's have an "oPERA" motto code.

Pero's/PERINO's (points to Dana Perino of The Five) were first found in PIEDmont, which can explain the TaillePIED/Taillepaid variations of the surname coming up as "Tallis." Again, this surname is suspect in the Murphy motto.

One impressive thing is that Moor heads are used by Morano's, from a Morano location smack beside a Shark-liner Saracena location (foot of Italy). To show further that Fie's/Phee's/Fee's apply to this picture, "Pro rege," their entire motto, is used by Irish Pattersons/Cassane's (share Mar / Pavia scallops) while English Cassane's/Cassandra's are expected as a branch of Italian Cassano's/Cassandra's, first found in Modena with Morano's, Marano's and Morinis'. "Rege" thus looks like code for a like from Reggio, a location not far from Saracena. Morano's almost share the Collar Coat, and the Cramer/Cremer ram, in Morano colors, wears a collar.

Another impressive thing is that the blue chevron with three gold items of English Moors, reflecting the same of Five's/Fifys, shares the cinquefoils of Geggs/Giggs/Gangs. The latter surname was an important tool of God (see my 3rd and 4th updates of last month) for pointing to the crimes of Hunter Biden and the nephew of Whitey Bulgar. (It's a little interesting that the Whitey Coat compares well with the chevrons of Five's/Fifys and Moors).

Next, we go back to the side-by-side Schimatari and Tanagra locations of BOEOTia, where I trace the Boethus house of Sadducees. Sadducees of that time included the two chief priests of Israel who conspired to kill Jesus. I trace the Levite blood in these Sadducees back in time to the Laevi Gauls, co-founders of Pavia. Schimatari has been resolved as a location of the Biblical SHECHemites, a line to the Shake's; the latter's chevron is colors reversed from the same of Irish Tallis'/Tallys. The latter share scallops (different colors) with Tanagra-line Tancreds, and the scallops of TAILbois' happen to be in the Coat of Italian Pavia's while the other Tallis' are listed with TAILLepieds.

It should be added that while Tallis/Tallys were first found near Tyrone, Tyrone's/Tyrells share the double chevrons of Dexters, the latter first found in Leicestershire with the Moors having one of those chevrons. Moreover, the split shield of PoinDEXTERs is in the colors of the same of Fie's/Phee's/Fee's.

Next, we go to the Stars, for Pero's/Perino's use "flaming stars." The Stars happen to use a "VIVE" motto term, what a fivincidence, and they share three green items on a white-on-green chevron with Tallis'/Tallys...a great way for God to prove that the "talis" term buried in the Murphy motto is indeed the family's code for the Tallis/Tally bloodline, since Murphy's/MurFIE's/MorFEYs themselves look like Fie/Fey = Vey/VIVian kin.

The Murphy Coat probably has an apple tree. That would be Avalon-important because myth-speak defines "Avalon" as an apple garden, which is not the true derivation of the name. Instead, myth creeps, who kept family secrets in their myths, used secret symbols for themselves, and the apple orchard can be regarded as part-code for the Apple bloodline, as can the apple tree. The Orchard/Orcher surname happens to use PEARs likely for Pero-branch Peare's/Pears. It now gets critically important that Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with their pear-using kin, the ABOTTS, and so let's repeat that Avalon is secretly the island of BUTE while Berman Bute's/BOTTs/Butts/BOETs (version of Pierro/Pero Coat) share the fesse of Buttons/BIDENs while the latter share the chapeau of Avalon-liner Murphys! Excellent, for this is the line from Boeotia, no doubt, that formed the Boethus house of Sadducees.

Plus, I missed this in the last update: Abotts use a "patria" motto term while Pierro-linkable Patria's are also PEARtree's. The last update gave special attention to the Perich variation of Pierro's/Pero's (Pavia), connecting it well to the Perche surname, and here I can add that the English Botts/Botters/Budins (Hampshire, same as buttons/Bidens) has an eagle "standing on a PERCH." You see, the heraldry secrets are, thanks to God's help, assuring that the house of Boethus was related to Pavia elements of the Pero kind.

Peartree's were a topic of the last update off of the "patria" motto term of Belly-like Bailys, and Miss Peare, my ladyfriend for a few weeks, was given a Belly symbol by God (see last update for that). I neglected to give all of the details in how she got her belly symbol. It was on the night that two lady friends decided / needed to stay the night at my apartment, and we all decided to sleep in the same bed. There was no sex because neither lady was my girlfriend at the time. The second lady was LOUISe Phillips, and, wow, I now get it, for Phillips (probably the LOUIS lion) use an "aMOR patriae' motto phrase!!! It links to the Belly-like Bailys! Zinger. It sure makes the Phillip / Louis lion look like the Levi lion, and the Louis branch of Lewis even looks like a potential Levi liner.

As I've said many times, I woke up in the middle of the night PRESSing Peare's belly with my HAND, and here I note that the three estoiles in the Press Chief are in the colors of the three scallops in the Patria/Peartree Chief, and moreover the same estoiles are in the Neil chief while Neils share the red HAND with Unions/Annians!!!

As I've said several times: when moving out of the apartment with the belly event, I moved into another apartment, at Ellesmere road, with these two ladies being my tenants. It just so happens that the castle of Ellesmere's (share Neil lion) was "given in marriage with the natural daughter of that monarch to Llewelyn, Prince of North Wales." "Llewelyn" is in the write-up of Louis-branch Lewis'. Compare the Press Shield to that of Levins, for Levens/LEWins (with second 'e') were first found in Shropshire with LLEWelyn-related Ellesmere's.

I think it's important here that the Neil Coat is a version of the McCain/Keon Coat, for John McCain's circle of anti-Trumpers, who were a part of the dossier crimes, can be expected to be of Mr. Murphy at Fox news. If I recall correctly, David KRAMER of the McCain Institute was involved in handing a copy of the Steele dossier to the FBI. Victoria Nuland testified that the dossier went to the FBI via the state department. Was Nuland lying? No time to waste immediately after Trump won: "November 28 2016 – McCain associate David Kramer flies to London to meet Christopher Steele for a briefing on the Dossier. Upon Kramer’s return, Fusion GPS provided McCain with a copy of the Dossier."

I keep on forgetting to mention Mr. Kramer when on the Cramer/Cremer topic. Hiss Hanson pointed to the SHARKs with our first date, and McCains with Neils share a white-on-blue fish with the Arms of SARACA. Until now, the only purpose I thought God had with "KATRina" was to point to fish-using Catters, and KOTOR, where Saraca's lived, according to Wikipedia's Saraka article. This is why it's important that Kate's/KATTERbecks (in all three colors of the Saraca arms) link absolutely to this theme. Catters were first found in Berkshire with cat-using, Cramer-like Croms/Crums...tending to reinforce my case that God has set this up. There are not many Cream-like surnames. (Croms/Crums were said for a decade or more to have been first found in Berkshire, but are now said to have been first in Herefordshire.)

My files show that I've mentioned Kate's/Katterbecks twice since 2017, but their link to the Valiant shark didn't dawn on me until this update. I had also written: "Ketter" was accidentally entered instead of "Katter," which got Ketters/Kettricks (giant SAM lion in colors reversed), first found at Galloway, where Hanson-like Hanna's/Hannas' (Cattan fitchee?) were first found, how about that. Now I know why God named her Katrina." Looks like I still didn't know the entire reasons. I purchased the ice-cream from her when she worked at SAM's restaurant in Gormley, which is why Wrays apply, for Gormleys/Grimms' share the three Wray martlets while the Wray Shield is also the Kate/Katterbeck Shield. Impressive indeed, and Grimms/Grime's share the fesse-with-martlets of English Pavia's.

Repeat: "Morano's almost share the Collar Coat, and the Cramer/Cremer ram, in Morano colors, wears a collar." Collars, with moor heads in Sam-lion colors, were not only first found in Essex with Sam's, but the two surnames share black lions. Sams are suspect from Samsam, a leader of Sicily's Saracens. During Samsam rule: "The Norman Robert Guiscard, son of Tancred, then conquered Sicily in 1060 after taking Apulia and Calabria, while his brother Roger de Hauteville occupied Messina with an army of 700 knights." Isn't that the line from Tanagra, to the Guiscard vikings? I think so.

The Sam lion is shared with Scottish MILANs/Millens while German Hansons trace excellently to VISconti's of Milan, whom I've pegged, with heraldic evidence, as a branch of WISharts/Guiscards. That's pretty amazing already for pointing the ice-cream girl to Samsam, but there's more, for the BUCHANan kin of Milans/Millens were from BUXENtum (Bay of Laus), very near Morano and Saracena. Milans/Millens were first found near the first-known Drops/Trope's, relevant because Sams use drops. Buxentum is at PALINurus, and Palins not only share the black and giant lion with Sams / Milans/Millens / Buchanans, but Palin-like PILE's/Pilons/Pilots (Brittany, same as Sarasins) have the Palin lion is in both colors while Wisharts/Guiscards (Stirlingshire, beside first-known Milans/Millens and Drops/Trope's) use "piles." The Pile / Palin lion is in the colors of the Buchan lion heads. Buchans (Aberdeenshire, same as Milans/Millens) use a sunFLOWER while Italian Tonys use a "flower" while the Sam write-up has Robert de Saham of Saham TONEY (Norfolk, same as Benjamins from the Rimna river).

As the Guiscard piles are used (in colors reversed) by Ore's/Orrs, the latter should be in the "inferiORia" motto term of Buchans. Crimmons/RIMMONs (suspect with Rimna liners), with a Catter-like "caetera" motto term, belonged to earls of Buchan. Crimmons may have been purely a Rimmon liner but named after its merger (marriage) with Cremer liners such as Crammers/Cranmers (Crimmon/Rimmon colors). Why do we suppose that there is a "diVIS" motto term in the Crimmon/Rimmon motto along with "PERmitte"?

It appears that KATRina (I love that name) was definitely a name used by God to point to Catter liners. It probably has to do with Saraca's in conjunction with Cetina-river liners (Cetins/Cattans), and thus it goes to the Keith Catti whose pale bars are probably those of Cotes'/Coats and Trots (from the Trotus river near the Rimna). Trots can be relevant because my ride on Miss Peare's horse could technically have been a trot. We are about to bump into her horse in relation to Benjamin-suspect Binghams, is that not amazing?

Who in their right mind would ever postulate that God was heavily involved in forming heraldic codes? Yet, I'm also claiming, update after update, that God created events and dreams in my life for the purpose of exposing His heraldic creations, and what they mean. I'm not at all suggesting that heraldry, and the kings / nobles behind it, were holy of God, but that God has used their system to reveal the anti-Christ line to end-time Illuminatists. Who more than a gross and gigantic braggart forms the shape of an Illuminatist? That latter term boasts in possessing the true light when in fact it is a twisted, false Light from mere rebels.

I've only just found Crammers/Cranmere's, sharing the crane with Sharks, very good find. Crammers/Cranmers were at Bingham, and Binghams (not familiar with them at all) happen to have a version of the English Mountain Coat for a trace to Muntenia (Romania / Wallachia), home of BENJamites! Zinger, that's good. The other Binghams (probably the Alan / Rundel fesse) have water bougets, as do the Bugs, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with the first Binghams, and with the Mea's/Meighs in the Bingham motto. The Nottinghamshire Binghams are said to have been at least associated with Arundels, and as the latter share swallows with Swale-like Swallows while Swale's share the Dol fesse, that's the line of Muntenia's Roxolani to the Dol Alans (Shropshire, same as Sallows and the FitzAlans of Arundel). The Roxolani were probably at the Rimna river.

The Cromers/Croomers (ravens, linkable to Pollock's Rothes castle) are said to have been in Swale (Kent), and then the Rothes', once said to have been first found in Shropshire, are of recent times said to have been first found in Kent. Proto-Pollocks lived with Dol Alans in Shropshire. I'm going to guess that the Catter griffin is that of TICKs/Touque's (Kent) who in turn have a Coat linkable to the Coats of Catters (Berkshire, same as Croms/Crums) and Cromers/Croomers, which can explain why Binghams were under the umbrella of TICKhill. As FitzAlans married Alice of Saluzzo while I established the Clintons with the Saluzzo Shield, note that Crammers/Cranmers had a Horseford manor sold to Clintons. I'll come back to this with the Benjamin-suspect Banks below.

God alerted me to His belly event with Peare when giving me a dream a couple of years ago (forget exactly how long) wherein she appeared in a mall with a second woman that I assumed was Miss Phillips. In this dream, I was pulling her toward me by her waist, and the sensual sensation I felt, in the dream, was exactly like the one as I awoke pressing her belly more than 40 years ago. That's how I figure that God connected the two events. He proved to me that the waist scene was His pointer to Waistells, a branch of Wests, and thus this could be indicating that OsWESTry was named by a branch of Waistells / Wests, for there is an Ellesmere location some 10 miles from Oswestry of Shropshire.

Now watch. Oswestry was home to the Dol Alans, which I regards as a line of ROXolani Alans, who lived on the Buzau river (Romania) with the Cotesii whom I trace to royal Cottians, the ones who had VESTALis (son of king Cottius), the line to Waistells. Perfect, but there is more, because OsWESTRy-like Westers share the fesse of Roxolani-suspect Rosco's/Rusco's and Rush's (colors and format of Westers). God proved to me that her waist symbol was for Waistells because they have a white horse said to be "on a gallop," and I once rode her white horse, maybe a year after the belly event, maybe less. The Rush's have the same, courant white horse as Waistells. Believe it or not.

The Gallop surname even worked excellently into the part of the dream that had her waist scene. The waist scene was in a maul because the same dream had David Morley, a definite pointer to Morleys/MAULs and Davids, and Gallops have a gold-bend version of a David Coat. Morleys/Mauls share the scallops of Italian Pavia's who in turn also have the scallops of Platte's while the waist scene was on a wooden PLATform in a mall.

I'm waiting to see if the horse on a GALLOP is a pointer to Alexandra CHALUPa, for she was part of the Steele-dossier smear while there is a Dossier/D'Hosier surname sharing the split Shield (colors) of Morleys/Mauls, and Steele's were first found in Cheshire with the particular Davids having a version of the Gallop Coat. See also the Shropshire EITons, for the Davids are related to the Levi-beloved AIDs/Ade's, likely the kin of AITons.

"Nuland said the State Department received the Dossier directly from Steele in mid-July 2016, whereupon the State Department turned it over to the FBI." A little later, though I don't recall the date, Steele visited Ms. KAVALec of the same state department, who saw through his fraud when he was trying to get the dossier disseminated in time for the election. It's just that her name is like "cavallo = horse." The article above includes fodder on Chalupa, a Ukrainian operative of the DNC who was very likely facilitating the dossier smear, prior to the election.

The waist scene was in a mall because Malls/Marlybone's (Cheshire, same as Steele's and Davids) have the MalBANC in their write-up while I rode her horse (it could have been a gallop, technically) to a small but abrupt decline in a field that is best described as a "bank." God even seems to have offered proof that Banks are to be included in the horse-riding event, because they share the fleur-de-lys of Morley-branch Morlands. The Banks even named BankNewton (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/Mauls) while Newtons (Cheshire) use "shin BONES" while the Cheshire Malls are also MarleyBONE's. So, very apparently, this was one of several reasons that God placed David Morley, an old friend of mine, in the dream with Peare's waist.

Newtons use an "eastern prince" in Crest wearing a purple robe/cape (don't know what it's called), and Banks of BankNewton were in Craven, home also of purple-lion Skiptons. It helps to make the Newton link to Malls and Malbanks. Skipton-related Lacys have a purple "fret-KNOT" while Nottinghamshire had the first-known Crammers/Cranmers of BINGham. Oh wow, this explains why Nottinghams (Bank colors) share the Benjamin / Walsh/Walch annulets! Kepke left Peare to get engaged to Miss Walsh, her line being from Wallachia. Nottinghams have a HAND in Crest while Hanns/Hands can be a branch of Annas', first found in Nottinghamshire.

As Annas/Ananus of Israel was also called Hanan (perhaps only by writers after his death), it's notable that the Hanan Coat looks very linkable to the Mall/Marlybone Coat.

As I rode her horse in a field, note the Horsefield variation of Horsefords (probably the Bruce lion round-about), and then let's go to the write-up of Crammers/Cranmers, not forgetting that Sharks share a crane with them and that Sharks (part of ice-cream elements) point to deep-state operatives: "Another branch of the [Crammer/Cranmer] family was found at Horsforth in the West Riding of Yorkshire in early times [Banks were in North Yorkshire]. 'This place, in the Domesday Survey Horseford, formed part of the revenue of Kirkstall Abbey, after the dissolution of which establishment, the manor was granted to the Cranmer family, who sold it to Lord Clinton.'"

Now look, for I think I've just found, for the first time, that my horse ride is a pointer to Horsefields/Horsefords (new to me here thanks to new-to-me-since-2014 Crammers/Cranmers). Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. As I'm a Massey liner, it's notable that: 1) Masseys/Maceys share a winged horse in Crest with Horsefields/Horsefords; 2) Maceys/Mace's share a the chevron of Horsefields/Horsefords and the pierced stars of Clintons!; 3) Maceys/Mackays have bridled bear heads in the colors of the bridled horse heads of Horse's/Horsleys; 4) Maceys/Mackays ("Manu") are from Maccus of Man while Christine's, looking linkable to both Maceys/Mackays and Maceys/Mace's, were first found on Man. While Miss Peare is Christine, Binghams use a "Christus" motto term while Crammers/Cranmore's were at Bingham too.

When a crane has one foot up, as it does in the Crammer/Cranmer Crest, it's often because it has a ROCK in its foot, code for Roxolani of Muntenia, but of course.

Oh wow. Masseys and Masci's were from Hamon de Massey/Masci, explaining why Hamons (Kent) use a "discRIMINI" motto term that can be read also as "disCRIMINi." While Crooms/Crone's share the Massey fleur-de-lys, Crammers/Cranmers are in the colors and format of Crimmons/Rimmons!!! Fantastic. Maschi's, probably in the Crimmon/Rimmon lion, were first found in Rimini, you see, which traces to the Rimna / Rimnicu home (possibly touches upon Muntenia) of the Benjamites from Israel's Rimmon, which seems to be demanding from me that I claim Banks from Benjamites. Bongino's even share the Macey/Mace stars. In 2012, I was given a dream (definitely from God) causing me to claim and explain that proto-Masci's moved along with the line of Micah of Laish, and with the Benjamins of Rimmon, through the OenoMAUS Amazons of Pisa and then to the Maezaei Illyrians (or Celts), smack beside the Ceraunii, the proto-Crane's! Oenomaus and his daughter (not real people) had horse symbolism from myth writers. The daughter's name was HIPPodamia (Greek word for horse), and my ride on the Peare's horse WOW, was pointed to when I pulled Miss Peare from her waist = HIPS!!! Incredible.

I now recall a sphinx photo I saw that reminded me of Miss Peare's face, which seemed to have been set up by God because she was engaged to Mr. Kepke while Kepoi is right beside Phanagoria while the sphinx was in Phanagoria. Kepke was with us when I took the horse out. The point is, Pan was a cult at Panias, a mile or two from Laish! "Panias" traces to the Peneus river of Pisa, home of mythical Hippodamia! Zinger.

OHHH WOOOOWWWW. I almost forgot. The Hips/Hipkin surname has a sphinx in Crest!!!! Praise to Jesus. She was born, CHRISTine, and Christs/Criss', now evoking mythical Chrysippus (!), have a rose-version of the Hips/Hipkin Coat! You can't deny these implications from God, because I could never make all of this up out of some grand deception upon you. The 2012 dream above pointed immediately (on the morning of the dream) to mythical Chrysippus, son-in-law of Hippodamia. In the dream, I saw execution papers with "Masci and "Micah" written on one, and then saw a man being lowered down a well with by rope with a noose around his neck. In the morning, I awoke to read that Chrysippus was thrown down a well while Hippodamia hung herself (not in a well).

Peare's waist traced with Cottians to the Cotesii of the Buzau river, smack beside the Rimna river and Rimnicu. Buzau elements may have named the Buisli / Busliaco surnames in one Bingham write-up. This is the write-up of the Binghams with a patee version of the Muntenia-line Mountain Coat. Crammers/Cranmers were in particular in the Whatton location of Bingham, and, zowzers, the Whatton motto includes "COTIcula." Whattons (Nottingham) have besants in the colors of the Benjamin / Walsh/Walch ANNuLETs, and the Let's/Late's, sharing the Peare stars, are suspect in the "letho" motto of Samsons (Gloucestershire, same as Let's/Late's). The Samson motto and scallops love the Flags/Flecks, first found in Norfolk with Benjamins.

I can glean that the "coTICULa" motto term is part-code also for the Tickhills/Tickle's whom I link to the Mansfields of Nottinghamshire. Mansfield was pointed to by Mamie, whom I met about an hour before ending my relationship with Lorraine, as she came home to her place with a grass stain on her pants. I've been pointing that stain to the "TUFTs of grass" of Bosco's, but can add here that Tufts/Tuffs share the crosslets of Whattons. Plus, Watts and Watts use "specTACLEs" hanging from their tree, you see, suggesting that the "coTICULa" of Whattons/WATTons is not coincidental. I recall that Nottings once showed three besants on a blue bend, similar to the three besants on a black bend of Whattons.

By the way, I think it's a big deal that Crammers/Cranmers and Crimmons/Rimmons are in the colors of Annas-like Hannas'/Hanna's (collars) with a "PER" motto term. Hannas'/Hanna's (share stags heads with Stanleys) were first found in Wigton while Wiggans (Cambridgeshire, same as Stanleys) have a three-star version of the Annas Coat. It pretty-much confirms that God used Miss Hanson as an ice-cream girl to point to Jesus' murderers. To then find that her Sam's restaurant points very well to the Tanagra > Tancred line, it's amazing, it really is.

I'm wondering whether the bank in the field is a pointer to Morgan-Stanley bankers because "WinSTANLEY Hall, existing in the 16th century, is the seat of the Bankes family." Morgans made it to today's heraldic discussion via the Murphys.

The last time I saw Miss Peare was over a weekend. On Saturday, we visited a Mr. Moore, and Irish Moore's happen to share the Morgan lion. Mr. MOORE's wife was Carol, the name also of MORley's wife. The problem I have is that, when I'd like to know whether God's events / dreams point to deep-state players, I'm always confronted with His links to Levite / Sadducee / Caiaphas liners. It confuses me. It appears that God arranged the visit to Moore's place to show that Morleys were Moor / Morgan liners, but in the meantime it helps to establish that Morley and Peare were together in the dream for good reasons.

Peare's happen to share gold leopard faces with Morleys and Morlands, and as the David Coat is a version of leopard-face Aids/Ade's in the Levi motto, we note that Peare's are from Pero's of Pavia, home of the Laevi Gauls. Plus, more leopard faces are used by Bryan-like Brains, begging whether God will point to Bryan Murphy's Brain Room. I've noted that DiPaola's essentially share the Clinton Shield. Christine's share the chevron, and perhaps the cup of, DiPaola's while Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons and Skipton-like Shiptons. If DiPaola's use a gold chalice, that's the symbol of Belly-line Belows (I've read the Below description to know it's got a "chalice"). Shiptons use "bellows" while Bellows us a FOX head. CHALICE's (Newton colors) were from Pas de CALAIS, home of Eustace II to whom Miss Peare pointed in several ways, including her waist scene. My ride on Peare's horse pointed us to Banks of Craven, home also of Skiptons.

From a Wikileaks email sent by Chalupa to Luis Miranda, Communications Director of the DNC:
I spoke to a delegation of 68 investigative journalists from Ukraine last Wednesday at the Library of Congress – the Open World Society’s forum – they put me on the program to speak specifically about Paul Manafort and I invited Michael Isikoff whom I’ve been working with for the past few weeks and connected him to the Ukrainians.

...Michael Isikoff is the same journalist Christopher Steele leaked [his dossier details] to in September 2016 [just before the election, hoping to ruin Trump]...(article above).

Note ISIkoff, like the Ise or Ice surname. The island of ISSA was also Vis, and so let's go back to the "diVIS" motto term of Crimmons/Rimmons (probably the lion of the Rimini Maschi's), especially as Dives'/Diens use the Masci wing. The Maschi pine cones were resolved with boy-king, Pinnes, whose regents were on Vis. We can see that French Pine's are in the colors and near-format of Crimmons/Rimmons. And the latter are in the colors and format of Crammers/Cranmers so that we are indeed upon the ice-CREAM line. That works too well to be coincidental. We're simply talking a Maezaei-Ceraunii merger in conjunction here with Ardiaei on Vis. It allows us to identify Cremers/Cramers as Ceraunii, after all.

On this light map, Vis is shown as Issa, out to sea off of the Tilurius (Cetina) river, with a mouth at Oneum, which itself looks like it can be from whatever the myth writer named OENOmaus after. As he was the Amazon father of HIPPodamia, is it a coincidence that the Hips/Hipkins have a good reflection of the Ice/Ick Coat? The Mosca's of the Hypsas-river area are coming to mind. Ardiaei trace excellently to Ardahan of the Moschi mountains, at the theater of the Assi / Hayasa-Azzi (proto-Hyksos or Hyksos branch), and so let's repeat that Ise's are listed with Assi's. It tends to support my old theory that, Keturah (Abraham's wife), the base of God's use of "Katrina," was a proto-Hyksos Hebrew.

That is, Abraham (or perhaps as Abram) married the line to the Hyksos, and probably to the royal Hyksos that God despised, who later came to rule over and abuse the children of Abraham in Egypt. My view is that God chose Abraham to begin a "war" between his sons from Sarah versus his sons from Keturah. Or, to put it another way, God foresaw that Hyksos would form the end-time global rebellion against God, and thus He created Israel to combat them, to put out the lights of the wicked once and for all when they come against Israel in the end times.

I think that Ishmael (Abraham's son) had a similar destiny to Muslim elements. The Hyksos may have named Moscow, or, at least, may have been the Roxolani (Rosh) namers of the Varangian Rus, founders of Meshech-line Moscow. Didn't Ezekiel say that Gog would come against Israel at Armageddon, and can't we expect Muslims in his quiver?? Good luck, boneheads, rebels.

Ice/Ick variations, and this surname's black eagle, look very linkable to Eggs and therefore to Eggertons. It makes sense that German Eggs share hurts with Ardiaei-line Arthurs. If the spread eagle of the Cheshire Eggs was colors reversed, the entire Coat would be a good reflection of the Ice/Ick Coat. Eggertons were at ROSthern, and Rostherns/Rawstorns, no guff, have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of Ice's/Icks.

Rostherns have the Murena/Moreno tower in colors reversed, and while I gleaned that the Murena/Moreno tower is in the Arrow/Arras Crest, that's why there are arrows in the Eggerton Crest. Rostherns can be gleaned with Rostock, where Ice's/Icks were first found. It sure looks like the namers of Artois, from Ardahan in the region of Rosh, for Arrows/Arras' are of the Artois capital. Murena's are from Terentia Murena, wife of Cilnius Maecenas of Arretium/Arezzo. as I trace Childs/Chills to "CILnius," it can explain why Eggs share the Child eagle. The Child/Chill Cat is the Terent/Tarrant Coat in colors reversed, and Tarrents named "Tarrant Rushton, home to the de Rusceaus family." Rushtons reflect Rostherns quite well, and it just so happens that Rostherns come up as Rostons. In fact, there is a Tarrant-Rawston location too in the write-up, and Rostherns are also Rawstons.

Here's how much help the hapless family historians need: "The place name Tarrant is derived from the 'Celtic river-name possibly meaning 'the trespasser' and in 'river liable to floods.'" The experts are so wrong so many times they should take up cleaning toilets or some other productive thing. The experts screw with our heads more then they help them.

Let's not forget the so-called organ "RESTs" of Arthurs, for I see "ORGAN" from "ORKNey," where Assi's/Ise's were first found! Good one. Aha, it just so happens that Assi-like Assisi is near Arretium, making is seem that the ice-cream line passed through that area from the Hayasa-Azzi of Ardahan. Aren't you glad, family historians, that I bought an ice-cream from Katrina?

Take the Arthur rests to ORESTia at Arda (Thrace). Take them also to Restons sharing (almost) the three Door leopard faces, for Arduinici married DORia's, and it just so happens that the Doria Coat looks linkable to the Egg and Ice/Ick Coats. Doria's were first found in Genoa with the Fieschi suspect in the fasces of Assi's/Ise's. Clickety-click. The Fieschi are said at Wikipedia to have joined GRIMaldi's, and, zowie, aren't you glad, family historians, that I, a Grimaldi on one side, bought the ice-cream in Gormley? Gormleys are also GRIMMs'! Genova's (Grimm and Pavia colors) look like they share the lion of German Grimms, and English Grimms use the English Pavia Coat three times.

Grimaldi's were at Monaco too, and my theory is that Monaco's were of the Monk surname, wherefore note the Terent/Tarrant write-up here: "The one exception was Tarrant Monkton which denoted as 'estate belonging to the monks of Tewkesbury Abbey.'" Family historians probably strike-out again. Monks were first found in Devon with the Pike's who in-turn look, by their Coat, related to Ice's/Icks.

My mother is a Masci and a Grimaldi in her two parents, and she was born and raised in Pike-like Picenze, where the town's patron saint was Felice. Therefore, it appears that God arranged the Felix Coat to have the Grimm quadrants in colors reversed. My bet is that Spanish Felice's have a castle version of the Murena/Moreno tower. But what was in Picenze that God should want to stress that small place? I suppose that the line of Terentia Murena was there. Murena's/Moreno's share black eagles with the Arms of L'Aquila.

If I recall correctly, I originally found Terents/Tarrents as "Taran/Tarun," when seeking a line from the Tarun / Mus part of Lake Van, where king Rusa ruled. The Taronites lived there. I may have developed the theory already, by then, that Mus was the background of certain Hyksos rulers proper of Egypt, especially the Hyksos pharaoh whose daughter named Moses. Mus is south of the modern Ardahan province, but historically, Ardahan may have reached Mus. Wikipedia: "The first surviving record about this [Ardahan] region is attributed to Strabo, who calls it Gogarene (Gugark)..." I can see why God has used me, whose mother probably descends from the namers of Mus and the Moschi mountains at Ardahan. The Ardiaei, as "Vardaei," named Ferte-Mace, home of Masci-line Maceys. Ferte's share the red eagle with Terents/Tarrents/Tarons.

Cathy Froggit

Picenze is a few miles from eagle-depicted L'Aquila, the modern capital of Hebrew Abruzzo. Hyksos were non-Israelite Hebrews. Abruzzo is from mythical Aphrodite, lovers of Ares from the Aras river flowing across the Moschi foothills and Gogarene. I assume that God also called me to write the prophecy book (link at bottom of this page). Aphrodite was likely named after the Euphrates river having a source not very far from Mus. "PICenze" could be expected from a peoples off of the ancient PYXites river near or beside the Moschi mountains. When I first sought the identity of Gog, Meshech and Rosh (about 20 years ago), I had no idea that I would come to understand and explain those entities as I have, and now I know why, for God wanted this done through me. I've been over this turf so many times, it's gotten boring. I frankly don't care about these entities, but God seems to want them explained.

Note the L'Aquila-like motto term of Mosca-beloved Drake's who use a wyvern dragon, a form of the COCKatiel of Monks. Felix's are even traced in their write-up to Felix MONCHus. As Grimaldi's share the Cock Shield, that's why Monks are likely a Monaco branch. Although their is a Tiel surname to go with "cockatiel," the Tille's/Tile's can be included because they share a giant wyvern with Drake's (Hampshire, beside Tille's/Tile's). Tiels use the duck, which traces to the Duck kin of mont-Velino liners. That mountain is not far from L'Aquila. Abruzzo-liner Presleys use another cockatiel.

Aha! The Arms of L'Aquila has the same spread eagle as Manets while the motto of the L'Aquila Arms is "Immota MANET." I forgot to re-mention this when I was on Mr. bocci ball two updates ago. I lived in Mr bocci ball's home for two months straight when in Picenze with my mother. He took me to his bocci-ball game, probably in L'Aquila, but was taking so long that I asked him repeatedly if we could leave. Each time, he responded, "in a minute, in a minute" (in Italian, it's something like "minuto"). By the time that I told this story for the first time, I had been tracing the Manet-like Minute/Mynett surname to "Amyntes," and so I was floored to load the Bocci surname, in case God set up that bocci-ball event, to find it listed with BROCATo's. Amyntes was the son of BROGITarus!!! I always become amazed when repeating this story.

The paragraph above is my first piece of writing this Thursday morning. I awoke from sleep recalling a dream, where I was walking around with out my pants and underwear in public (had a shirt on covering at least half my privates). I have had dreams like this before, and each time I am completely bothered by it. I want to hide. I never think that such a dream could be from God, but didn't God order one prophet to walk around nude? I've never woken to think, hey that dream with me walking in public without my pants was from God, and that's why I've not mentioned these dream before. I've had a few of them, re-occurring.

Well, in this latest dream, I was talking to Cathy Froggit, without my underwear, and asking her if it was okay to walk around like this. I don't think I can put an age on her face, and didn't get a good look at it, but I instinctively knew that it was she in this dream. I have never had her in a dream before, and have not seen her for some 50 years.

I can't believe I'm telling you about this dream, but it fits so well with the paragraph above that I feel compelled to tell it. Just look at the timing, right after leaving off last night on Picenze.

Well, when waking, I recalled that I trace FROGGITs to "BROGITarus," for they were first found in Derbyshire while Amyntes (Galatian ruler) had conquered DERBE. So, you see, it seems that God directed my family to move to Gormley (two years after being in Picenze for the summer) also for this revelation, for upon moving to Gormley, I had to go to a new school (two months only) to finish grade eight, and that's where I saw Cathy Froggit. I don't think I ever said a word to her, but all of this time, to this point in my life, I remember her name. It just so happens that this new school, MARK II, was in UNIONville!!! I just know what this means, a pointer to the Mark-line Marici and the Ananes Gauls as per the Annian variation of Unions. You see, the Marici-partnered Laevi and Ananes were Gauls (BC times in northern Italy) that I expect in the formation of the Galatians (BC times) of the Phrygia / Derbe area. Note how "FROGG" is like "PHRYGia."

I had no intention of telling readers my embarrassing dream with Miss Froggit, as I didn't think it was from God, yet the first thing I did was to load the Arms of L'Aquila to see whether its black eagle was in both colors of the Murena/Moreno eagle. It wasn't, but then I spotted the "manet" motto term and found again (what I had forgotten) that Manets have the L'Aquila eagle in both colors. And due to the Mynett-like look of Manets, I then had to re-tell of the bocci-ball event, which necessitated telling this dream because Froggits are Brogitarus liners. God is probably laughing right now because he forced me to tell that I have dreams walking in public without my underwear. This is crazy.

You will probably agree with me that God set up the Parrots/Perrots to use pears as code for the line of Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia (co-founded by Laevi and Marici Gauls). The Froggit parrot is said to be with "a bunch of cherries" while Bunch's (crane?) share the fleur-de-lys of English Marks, pretty amazing because German Marks have an eagle in both colors of the Murena/Moreno eagles. Mark II is in Unionville, and Unions/Annians share the spear with German Marks. Miss Hanson pointed to Hanns/Hands, and Bunch's share red lozenges with Irish Hands/Lavins. The Bunch fleur-de-lys are also with Petro's/Perez's, and Pierro's/Pero's have variations like Petro's/Perez's.

[Not until Tuesday evening, the day after this update was uploaded to the Internet, did I stumble on the fact that the Cherry Coat is a version of the Shirt/Sgard Coat! Who arranged that? The next update looks up previous updates that mention Froggit, and one in 2017 found this: ...the Cherry's (Derbyshire), I've only-now noticed, use the Vito/Vido annulet! The Cherry Coat is a reflection of that one used by neighboring Shirts, and the latter use "inVIDia."]

Plus, the Bunch Coat is a good reflection of the Butt/BOET Coat, probably no coincidence. In the dream, my shirt was covering most of my BUTT. The emphasis was on my butt, because it was partially showing. And Froggit tried to convince me that it's okay to walk around like that in public, which was the last scene I remember. There were lots of people around in what I think were street scenes (daytime). You think this is funny, but note too that Butts/Boets have a Coat like that of Pierro's/Pero's. Cherrys (Derbyshire), sharing the Vito annulet, might just be from the CARY castle of LAEVILLus-line Leavells. That works with Laevi and Marici of Pavia.

Why do we think that PICENze-like Pike's/Pickens share the stars of Salome's? Could it indicate Salome of BOETHus, daughter of Sadducees and wife of Herods?

I recall Mr. bocci ball's first name, Tony. This looks to be by Design because Tonys share the maunch sleeve with MANSfields (Manet colors) while Manets are also Manez's. I'll bet that Harcourt-related Shirts apply to this dream, for Shirts share the peacock in Crest with Manners/MANESS' whose doubles fesses happen to be in colors reversed from the same of HARcourt-related Hairs. The peacock above is that of Harcourts, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/Pears, and with the Purys that I see in the "Pour y" motto phrase of Manners/Maness' (share red Chief with Mens', Glennys and Tollets). The Mens' were at GlenLYON, in Perthshire, where Bunch's (and Lyons) were first found, and Glenns with Glennys share the Pury martlets.

Not many weeks ago, perhaps a couple of months, I had a dream where I was sitting on a toilet (exposed) in a huge public room filled with people. I hate those dreams, I'm not an exhibitionist. I'm mentioning this now because Tollets are listed with Tulls/Toole's, from Tulia of LYON (in Clermont-Ferrand). Glenlyon was named by the Lyons. It would have been nice if God had pointed to Tollets in a less humbling way, so why would He do it in this embarrassing way? If you're finding this funny, just go ahead and laugh at my expense.

The "ADversis" motto term of Tollets links to the "ad" motto term of Fisks/FISCs, you see, and so I think the meaning is that God is EXPOSING the FISA / FISC crimes. To put it another way, it was not me, but James Comey, etc., who was on the toilet exposed in full view of the public. And my walking around without my underwear, talking to the cutest girl I had ever seen by age 13, suggests a sex-trafficking ring for queer-box pedophiles. Tollets share the PYRamid with Fisks/Fisks and BattiSTELLi's, and the latter were a branch of Steele's (Cheshire, same as Shirts and Eggs) while the FISC-court crime's used the Steele dossier to spy on Trump. Note that "adVERSis" should be part-code for Vers'/Fers', a branch of Ferrats/Fers who in turn share the Tollet / Ferrand Shield.

The Manet eagle is also the Ice/Ick eagle, in colors reversed from the Egg/EDGE eagle. There's a good reason for this, for the Adige river to which I trace Edge's flows near Este while the giant Este eagle is that also of Aquila's. It's amazing that we are on the ice-cream line here, from Miss Hanson of Gormley, who lived on Warden avenue while Wardens use more pears. We had found pears from the Froggit Crest to indicate a Laevi-Gaul trace to Brogitarus' / Amyntes' family. I was playing BALL with Cathy Froggit when I first moved to Gormley, and I met her in Unionville, where Miss Peare lived. Unionville is in MARKham township. Markhams were an important topic in the last update.

I don't know the name of the game when kids draw a BOX on the pavement with chalk, and the box is divided into four squares, wherein four people get into the box, each with their own square, and bounce a box from square-to-square. The point is bocci BALLs and the Ball surname (Cheshire) with a "fulCRUM" motto term. The Croms/Crums, until this year, were said to have been first found in BERKshire, where Catters were first found, and while Croms/Crums have a cat (as do Irish BERKs/Burghs), I assume that Cathy Froggit was born Catter-like Catherine. For evidence that this is God's intention, Cottars have lizards in the colors and format of the Froggit frogs. Remember, KATRina Hanson pointed to Catters and Crom liners.

Ahh, Cotters share a brown lion in Crest with Voirs who in-turn call it the lion of "Saint MARK"!!! Here's the description: "St. Mark's lion, supporting a silver book inscribed with the words 'PAX TIBI, MARCE EVANGELISTA'" You see, Only God could have provided that situation to mesh with Catherine Froggit, because no one in heraldry land knew I'd be with Froggit in that box. Roets, from CATHERINE Roet, use the book too, and the Voir lion looks connectable to the Box lion. The Box griffin head is shared by the Caplans (beside Roets) who have a version of the Roet Coat. The "pax" motto term above is shared by book-using Reeds. These are Rieti liners (not far from L'Aquila) that I think includes the Petro's/Perez's.

Sussex, where Unions/Annians were first found, is where Cotter-like Cutters were first found who share the Chief-Shield colors of Berk- and Brogitarus-like Brocks and Brox's/Brocuffs. It seems that CATHERine Froggit applies very well to this picture, especially as Cutters (Dorset, beside Box's) have dragon heads in the colors of the griffin heads of Box's. That's pretty amazing. It appears that God arranged for that chalk box on the PAVEment at Mark II to point to Pavia liners of the Marici kind

You can see what God was doing with that ball game in the box, for the Box Crest, I kid you not, has a griffin holding a bomb. That is, Balls and Box's share the bomb...though Balls call it a "fire ball." Bombs are used by Boms, who look like Bohemians expected with Bone's/Bohums (Sussex, same as Cutters).

The Mark II school really loved its sports. We were always playing sports. In the gym, we played MURDER ball regularly, and I remember throwing the BALL at Froggit. It's just that Balls use a bomb, and bombs are used by the American deep state to murder Americans in false-flag events. In any case, Croms/Crums, in CHILD/Chill colors and format, use QUATRefoils, suspect as code for the line of Quadratus. It just so happens that he was a descendant of Brogitarus and Amyntes. That tends to explain why I was playing ball on that square with Cathy Froggit as one of the four players. I only played that game once, as I remember it, and somehow she was in that box too.

You really need to be impressed here because she was just 13 years old (CHILD), and Joe Biden would really love this exceptionally-cute girl, at his age even today. It's just that while Bidens are listed with Buttons/Bottons, a bottony cross is used by Scottish Crums/Crummys (Crombie branch). What are the chances that Buttonville shares a border with Unionville at Warden avenue?

The Childs/Chills (share the Egg/Edge eagle) were at Wanstead while Wansteads are listed with Weiners while the Clintonite, Anthony Weiner, was mucking around nude (or somethings to that effect) online with under-aged girls, for which he was jailed. The Box's had a Box hall Hertfordshire, where Childs/Chills were first found, near Berkshire, where Croms/Crums were first said to be first found. Berkshire's use a fret that is almost (same colors too) the mill rind of Unions/Annians. Crums/Croms are in Child/Chill colors and format, and both share the chevron of Unions/Annians. The Annans share a gold griffin in Crest with the Box Crest.

As I've said a few times, Christine MASTERs of the same Mark II school stole a kiss from me (without my permission), and here it can be added that the Box griffin heads are those also of Masters, first found in Kent with Minute's/Mynetts and CHALKs. The box was made with chalk. Chalks had a Broad-Chalk Wiltshire, where Box's were first found, is that not very impressive? This recalls my dream with kids / children jumping on the yellow mattress because the Mattres surname has a Master-like Maistre variation. She kissed me on the cheek while there is a Chelka surname in the Chalk write-up.

Unions/Annians were first found in Sussex with FELIX's, both of which use the mill rind. A mill rind usually incorporates a mascle, but Felix's use a box-like object instead. The Union/Annian Coat looks linkable to that of Diss'/Dice's who in turn have a gold-eagle version of the Child-related Terent/Tarrent Coat. This recalls that God seemingly traced Terentia Murena to Picenze, where the patron saint (probably vatican code for a surname) was Felice.

The FeeLICK variation of Felix's (Pavia colors) links to the PavLICKs (Ukrainian surname) because they share the same quadrants. It tends to link Felix's hard to Pavia liners.

The Bunch's that we found in the Froggit Crest with the Parrots/Perrots (linkable to Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia) share the fleur-de-lys of Bless'/Blois' having a "FELICiTAS" motto term while Tass'/Tache's, looking linkable to Diss'/Dice's, are expected from the Tessin name of the Ticino river through Pavia. This brings me back to the red squirrel shared between Dice-like Dyke's, Decks/Daggers and Square's/Squirrels, for a SQUARE box was drawn with the chalk. [some of you may already have guessed what this box was created for by God. I missed it at first, but realized it on Sunday. You'll find out below.]

So many things that God provides for this revelation always touches upon Ticino elements, and this bare-assed update really links that thing to the Brogitarus > Quadratus line that married LAEVILLus. The Leavells of Somerset were at Cary castle, and we could thus form the theory that the bunches of CHERRIES of Froggits applies...i.e. to indicate that Cherrys were of Castle Cary.

Birds, first found in Cheshire with Shirts, almost use the Bunch fesse-with-fleur, and are in Shirt colors and almost in Shirt format. It just so happens that Birds were at BROXton while Brogitarus can be expected to Brocks and their Brox/Brocuff branch. In fact, this dream convinces me of that.

Bless'/Blois' were found here because I checked Box-like Bochs having a "noBLESSe" motto term. It seems to work by design, first because Box's came to topic with Miss Froggit while Bless'/Blois' share the Bunch fleur-de-lys. Secondly, I had reported that Boch-like Baux's/Bauds had an upright goat, only to find it as a ram later on in the same colors, both giant, like the giant goat, in the same colors, of Bochs. German Cremers/Cramers love the Rams, and Baux/Baud/Bode variations look linkable to BUTTs/Boets/Bote's (Coat like that of Bunch's).

As I said, I was bare-assed in exposure in the dream, and talking to Froggit, but my shirt went down to cover most of my butt, but not enough. God definitely was showing my butt. I had no pants on at all, with people all around. I was trying to hide, like Hunter Biden is now trying to hide. The Shirts/Shards are beloved by the "shirt with buttons" of the Tous' in the motto of Bless-like Bleds/Bles', can we believe it? The latter have the Clare chevrons in colors reversed, and two of the Clare chevrons are used by Lise's/LIGE's to be expected in the "obLIGE" motto term of Bochs, tending to nail the Bochs with the box that Froggit and I were in for playing that ball-bounce game. Clare's were first found in Suffolk with English Blois'.

Watch this amazing thing, made possible because Froggits have a version of the Cotter Coat. The Cotter LIZARDs now lead us to the Lizarts/Sarde's suspect with the Shard variation of Shirts. My shirt was covering my butt, mostly, while talking to Froggit. Lizarts/Sarde's can be gleaned with the Lise and List Coats, and Lists, first found in Silesia with the Brox's/Brocuffs sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters, are probably in the Voir Crest's book with the inscription, "PAX TIBI, MARCE EVANGELISTA"...the emphasis there being on "evangeLISTa." Perfect.

If the Dutch Benedicts/Bennets have a lion holding a book, note first that its the same lion as English Marks while Bennets/Benedicts are related to Leo's via the PIERleoni Jews, while Leo's share the Box lion. As Marks share the Petro fleur while Pierleoni were named after a Peter character, it tends to speak for itself that Pierleoni may have named Pierro's/Pero's, or vice-versa. Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Cotters.

Okay, so Cotters and Voirs share the brown lion in Crest, suggesting that the Cotter lion connects by way of Marks to the Marici co-founders of Pavia. Then, while I've suggested that Marici were from the Marsi of Abruzzo, who lived probably in Picenze too, and down into Rieti, explaining the Voir book, let's also add that Scottish Mars have a brown lion in Crest while these Mars share double lion in pale (different colors) with Voirs, in the colors of the Tool and Tollet/Tolle lion. I was sitting probably naked on a toilet where I could not mind my own business, and God was laughing at me while I looked for a solution. Could I get up and run? Where would I hide?

It just so happens that the other ice-cream girl was DARLENE Ray/Wray, an employee of KNOB Hill Farms in Markham township, who likewise lived in Unionville, and Darlene's have a "female figure" holding a book. "Figure" was suspect with the Vickers because they share a red fitchee with Darlene's, but Vickers could just be Vis liners from Vise's/Vice's, first found in Sussex with Cutters / Unions/Annians. "Vis" is a motto term of the book-using Voirs who also use "pruDENTia" while Darlene was in a car ACCiDENT. Vis' are connectable to the Assi's/ASS'/Ise's to which I think her accident points.

The "NOBlesse" motto term of Bochs can even be for Knob-like Nobs whose cross patonce is in the colors of the BOTTONy cross of Crombys (Crum/Crummy branch), relevant because Balls have the "FulCRUM" motto term. Although Cromby's show a flory cross, their description said that they use a bottony cross, which is even shown by Crums/Crummys. I've got to add here that my stockboy job at Knob Hill Farms was predominantly CUTTing BOXes open. Cuttings can be gleaned as a branch of Cotta's/Cottards.

Recall those kids jumping on the mattress, for one Kidd Coat has two of the upright and giant Boch goats. The other Kidds have an "impLEAT" motto term while red lozenges are shared between Leats/Leiths and Bunch's. I've not noticed before that the "Trustie" motto term of Leats/Leiths can be partly for Rusts/Roosts, for both surnames share the black fitchee. The "orBEM" motto term of Kidds (share white crescent with Bells/Babels) can be for the Beems/Beams, said to be of Bellamys who in turn share the red-on-gold Leat/Leith crescents. Tullia of Lyon was married to Rusticus (proto-Varangian suspect).

Repeat: "The FeeLICK variation of Felix's (Pavia colors) links to the PavLICKs (Ukrainian surname) because they share the same quadrants. It tends to link Felix's hard to Pavia liners." QUADRants are suspect with QUADRatus, whose daughter, Quadratilla, was queen of Cetis, and wife of LAEVillus. You're learning here that he descended from the Laevi co-founders of Pavia. As Kennedys are from the Kennati priests of Cetis, what are the chances that UNIONville is centered on Kennedy road? It's as though God set that geographical situation up to help hint that Annas/Ananus of Israel was related to the Kennati priests.

Kennati were at Olba, which I think was also called, ORBa, which can be in the "orbem" motto term of Kidds partially because Cetis was also "CITis." Kidds share the PAVlich crescent as well as the one of Beam-related Bells. The URBanus river flows near the sources of the TILurius, suspect in naming QuadraTILLa, and the Cetins/Cattans of the Tilurius share the black fitchee with Kennedys and BROXTons; BROGITarus was ancestor to Quadratilla. The Kidds have an "impLEAT orbem" motto phrase while Leats/Leiths share the crescents of Tilurius-liner Tillers. The ORBelus mountains (on the light map) of Paeonia were beside the DentheLETae.

Beems/Beams have trefoils colors reversed from those of Ice's/Icks, and a version of the Eggerton Coat. As Eggs/Edge's (same place as Eggertons) have the Manet / L'Aquila eagle while PICenze is seven miles from L'Aquila, it's notable that the Beems/Beams share the PIKE trefoils. I've established that treFOILs are part code for RoqueFEUIL liners, and they might just have been named after the Felice / Felix name that's encoded with saint Felice of Picenze. Pike's have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the horizontally-split Egg/Edge Shield.

[Insert -- On Bongino's Friday show this week, I learned that Obama's White-House council had been W. Neil EGGleston, and it just so happens that Egglestons/Eaglestone's (TEES river) have the giant Ice/Ick / L'Aquila eagle, but throw in purple claws. Incredibly, both the Dunhams and the Cremers/Cramers use a dancette divider between Chief and Shield, and the two surnames have their Chief-Shield colors in reverse! It therefore suggests rather well that the ice-cream was a pointer to (amongst other things) Obama's White-House business with Eggleston. The piece shared at Bongino is from the New York Times, an article likely out on Thursday or Friday complaining that John DURHAM is looking into Brennan and perhaps wants legal papers / emails from Obama (mother was a Dunham). It just so happens that Egglestons were first found in DURHAM. I consider both Tees surnames to be Ticino-river liners.

OHHH WOOOWWW! I ended the insert at the end of the paragraph above, and went to other matters. While writing above, and seeing a pigeon-like bird in the ECCLeston (not "Eggleston") Crest, I was wondering whether Mr. Eggleston might be the stool pigeon that I say God promised us at my septic (stool) tank about a year ago. I also reflected (above) on the last scene in the Obama dream, but saw nothing to link it to Egglestons. I then went and wrote below on the section having the Shitts, as per my toilet dream yesterday morning. It just so happens that Shitts came to topic when God sent the first-ever pigeon to my property, the one that walked over the septic tank = the stool pigeon. It was proven to me that this pigeon refers to a whistle blower by a comparison of Stolls (dove = pigeon in Crest) with Whistle's (same lozenges).

When done with the Shitt section, I went back to staring at the Eggleston Coat, and found my mind reflecting on the last scene in the Obama dream: where one of his employees had disappointed him after he was dancing and skating, which I took to be God's sign that Obama would get away with his crimes...until this employee rats out on him. Not only was that last scene in the BACK yard of Obama's billiard hall, but the last scene emphasized the employee's back, which was facing both Obama and myself as Obama chewed him out. As I reflected on this, I remembered that one Back surname has the same coat as Egglestons, though I was not 100-percent sure because I am very unfamiliar with the other Back Coat. Loading it, ZIKERS, the Eggleston Coat exactly!!! Backs were first found in Somerset with Stolls, Whistle's and Eggle-like Hagle's/Hagels!

Plus, I ended the Shitt section below on the paragraph having the packs, and it just so happens that Stolls have a version of the packer Coat, suggesting that God arranged this to prove to us that this is a viable deciphering of the last scene in the Obama dream. End Insert]

OK, this bare-assed dream appears to prophecy an exposure of things-Biden, while my sitting on a toilet (my pants down) in a big hall (no walls around the toilet, just the toilet and lots of people walking by) looks like an exposure on things-FISA. Boy did I ever want to hide in both dreams. Let me repeat from above as per the "manet" motto term in the arms of L'Aquila:

The Manet eagle is also the Ice/Ick eagle, in colors reversed from the Egg/EDGE eagle. There's a good reason for this, for the Adige river to which I trace Edge's flows near Este while the giant Este eagle is that also of Aquila's. It's amazing that we are on the ice-cream line here, from Miss Hanson of Gormley, who lived on Warden avenue while Wardens use more pears.

The Gormleys share the Wray martlets, and the Aquila / Este eagle is that also of Barrs/Bare's (share Steele lion head). I was BARE-assed. Yet, I rail against Barr and Wray. Am I to think that they will actually come around and do the exposure? Or, are they part of those to be exposed? I'll be happy either way as long as the goons go to jail painfully to freshen up the United States for a long time to come. This country needs to jail about 1,000 leaders of various organizations all gone amuck. How many has Barr arrested thus far?

The Aquila / Bare/Barr eagle is shared in small form with Segni's/Segurana's who I've long found very linkable to the fasces symbol of Assi's/ASS'. That's right. I was bare-ASSed for this reason too, it seems, aside from pointing to Butts/Boets and their Biden branch. We can then mention again the Ice-like Ise variation of Assi's, and since these terms are suspect from Issa/VIS, we can suggest the "Vis" motto term of the Mark-loving Voirs.

If you agree that God has more than confirmed that the priests who killed Jesus were from Laevi Gauls / Ligurians, and perhaps having Marici blood too, then we can go to the Jewish word, cohen, meaning "priest," for the Cohens and Hohens share a Shield filled with checks in the colors used by French Marks and Jewish Marks/Marx's. You can visit Kagans to see that they are listed with Jewish Cohens (probably the Dol fesse and maybe the Kidd stars), suggesting that these claimers to the Jewish priesthood were from the royal-Khazar "Jews," priest-kings called, kagans. As Alan Huns were from out the Khazar way, it should explain why French and Jewish Marks look like a branch of Stewarts and Stewart-related Boyds. If the latter were a Boyer branch, note that Mark-loving Voirs (Brittany) are also Voyers. French Boyers (share bull with Boyd-like Boys/BOETs) were first found in Languedoc with French Marks. Looks good for tracing from the Boethus house of Sadducees.

Hohens and Cohens, and the Marks, share the checks of Ferrats/Fers and Voir-like VAIRs/Vers'/Fers' (Burgundy, same as Mars) while VAIR fur in the same colors is shared between English Boyers/Bowers and the Bless'/Blois', the latter having the same fleur-de-lys as English Marks. The Vere's/Vairs share the lone Annas star. Boyers/Bowers share "passe" with Rollo's who in turn share the blue boar with Vere's/Vairs. The Maple's sharing the Rollo and Speer boar heads are the link to show that Speer-loving German Marks were a branch of Markhams of Nottinghamshire, where Annas' were first found along with their relatives, Ticino-liner Tease's/Tyes'. See also the checks of Tollets.

The "EVANgeLISTa" term used by Voirs to describe their St. Mark's lion should be part-code for Evans/Avons (could be the Mark lion on blue) who have the same lion (essentially) of the neighboring Carters, and they in turn can be of the neighboring Carts and their Cary branch, at castle Cary of the Leavells. Carters were first found near List-branch Lise's, you see, as well as near, and linkable to, the Tibbs (Northampton) who could be in "PAX TIBI, MARCE EVANGELISTA." The Carter wheels can indicate the Catherine wheel of book-using Roets (Somerset, same as Cary castle), and the inscription above is on the book of Voirs/Voyers held by the St. Mark lion.

Who's cat do Tibbs use? Cat-using Croms/Crums were first found in Herefordshire with Evans/Avons. Roets share the boar heads of Mark-beloved Speers. As Roets share the book with Scottish Reeds while English Reeds share "pax" with Voirs/Voyers, compare the Roet Coat to that of Packs (Sussex). French Packs were first found in Languedoc with French Marks. This is not hard, people, once you know that motto term are code for relatives.

Hohens and Vairs/Vers'/Fers' share the same all-checkered Shield as Fisks/Fiscs, while Cohens share the all-checkered Shield of Tollets/Tolle's, and so I'd like to go back to my sitting on a toilet in a public place, what looked like a large hall or store. I have forgotten the spelling of the Ade-like surname that has the checkered Fisk/Fisk Shield, but to help prove that it's true, Fisks/Fiscs have an "ad" motto term that goes with "adVERSis" or Tollets/Tolle's. I just think that's an amazing piece of proof that the sit-on-toilet exposure is God's evidence that He, not Trump, is revealing the Fisc crime. This time, I want to expose that my ass (sorry) is relevant to this toilet scene as per pointing to the Assi/Ass/Ise surname that has an axe head on its fasces.

We just note that Tolle-like Tullia of Lyon married DeciMUS Rusticus of Clermont-Ferrand, and then note that Italian Ferrands, first found Ferrand-like Firenze (Florence), share the all-checkered Shield of Tollets/Tolle's. The latter share the pyramid with Fisks/Fiscs to show that the lot were related at least round-about to Vairs/Vers'. You can then note further the all-checkered shield of Warrens because the "ad" motto term is likely for Ada of Warenne/Varenne. On top of this, Scottish Alda's come up as Adds while Italian Alda's were first found in Florence too, explaining why the Alda/Add Chief is a version of the English Ferrand chief.

Ada married Henry of Huntingdon, and Huntingdons share hunting horns with German Barrs. The line of this Ada (i.e. the Ade's/Aids) was in the sleeping-bag dream that pointed to the murder of judge Scalia when he was hunting, and here I can add that this murder was first pointed to by God on the night he showed me that the Conys and Conns related to Bar-like Bra, a location right beside Asti. Lauders/Letters (rock for Roxolani-Rus liners, and goose for Gog-liner Goose's/Googe's), who will enter this discussion soon, use an "umBRA" motto term, along with a "tuaRUS" term that's got to be for the Rosco/Rusco / Rush line because they both share the Huntingdon fesse.

The Froggit Arse is Everywhere

This is a good place to repeat that, on the day I met her at her BUS stop, we agreed to meet that evening at a laundromat at the corner of Yonge and Levendale, one small block from HUNT and Yonge, where I would come to live about a year later. Not having a vehicle yet, I carried a 32-foot extension LADDER to Hunt on my shoulder. Is that not meaningful with her BUTT symbol, since HUNTer Biden can be pointed to...with her butt? It just so happens that the Rosco/Rusco Crest can have HORNs, though I can't be sure, and the Rosco/Rusco Shield has the BUS cinquefoil in colors reversed. The hunting HORN is code for Orion the Hunter of Butt-line Boeotia, you see. Hunter Biden's pay from his mobster pals was LAUNDERed through Latvia, and Hunt is one street over from the laundromat, at LEVENdale, and Levens were first found in Shropshire with Hunts/Hunters.

What could it mean deep-state wise that I got my taxi job from a taxi dispatcher living at Hunt? His name was Bill, and he shared the third story with an alcoholic taxi driver. Tax's/Dachs are suspect with the crossed swords of Fisk-connectable Feschs suspect in the fasces of the Assi/ASS surname. Just a few weeks after we met at the laundromat, she had a grass stain on her ASS. You should compare the Fisk/Fisc motto to that of Kenneths/MACKENZIE's, for the only difference is that Kenneths change the "ad" of Fisks to "as." That's right. Her bus stop is one block north of Major MACKENZIE drive.

As per the axe head of Assi's, we can go to the TenAX" motto term of English Ferrands because they have a HAND holding an AXE in Crest, and this is code without doubt for one of the two Axe rivers of Somerset, now suspect with the axe-head on the Ass(e) fasces, you see. It's my bare ass on the toilet because Bare's/Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Alda's/Adda, and while my great-grandparent (from Picenze) is a Taddei, it's plain to see that Taddei's (Florence) have a version of the Alda/Add and Ferrand Chiefs. Repeat: "Why do we think that PICENze-like Pike's/Pickens share the stars of Salome's? Could it indicate Salome of BOETHus, daughter of Sadducees and wife of Herods?" Pike's/Pickens were first found in Ayrshire with the Bare's/Barrs who share the Aquila eagle, it's a great way to prove that Pike's were from Picenze liners. Albert Pike, demon, Illuminatist. German Bare's/Barre's/Bere's (Peare stars?) almost have the bend-with-stars of Salome's.

Taddei's, who even share triple-red chevrons with Clare's/Clere's, share the flory cross of Bouillons, first found in Auvergne, location of Clermont-Ferrand. That Flory looks completely connectable to the flory of Tollers (leaves), who throw in a "patraie fideLIS" motto phrase. Liss', first found in Hampshire with Tease's/Tyes', are a branch of Lists, and Tease's/Tess' share leaves with Tollers, and they look related all-around. It's suggesting that Tullia's line merged with something in Pavia. Tulls/Tullia's use butterflies while Flys were first found in Hampshire too.

The PYRamid can be gleaned with Pierleoni because Godfrey III, grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon, was partnered with the Pierleoni, and he, Godfrey III, married Beatrice of BAR, can you believe it? Barrs were in BRUNswick, and Bruno's were likewise first found in Florence, though Bruno's are said to have had a branch in Assi-like Asti, in case that applies. The Kenneths/MacKenzie motto includes "AS ASTra."

In fact, the Astys happen to share the Lorraine lion while Godfrey III was the count of Lorraine. It suggests that Beatrice of Bar was of Bar-le-Duc elements in Lorraine. We easily explain why Bouillons share the Taddei cross where Florence is in Tuscany: "Beatrice of Bar (also Beatrix) (c. 1020 – 18 April 1076) was a stateswoman and marchioness of Tuscany by marriage to Boniface III of Tuscany...She was the daughter of Frederick II, Duke of Upper Lorraine, count of Bar, and Matilda of Swabia. She was married first to Boniface III of Tuscany and later to Godfrey of Lotharingia." The latter location is otherwise, Lorraine, and here I can prove my theory of recent times, that the Lauders/Letters, from Lauder near Bernicia, were named after Lotharingia, for the Alda/Add griffin is the Lauder/Letter griffin too.

This gets important where the Lauders/Letters share the Tooth griffin while Tooths and Teets/Tate's (potential Taddei branch) pointed to the nasty teeth on the deep-state shark. And so we should ask why the Barrs/Bare's are in this sit-on-toilet scene. Is Bill Barr part of the shark to be exposed, or is he the one to expose the FISC criminals, the FISC judges? Does the sit-on-toilet scene reveal it one way or the other? Lauders/Letters were first found in Berwickshire -- anciently called, Bryneich, like "Brunswick" -- along with Teets/Tate's. Barrs were an Este branch in Brunswick, and from there they branched to Bar-le-Duc, which was pointed to be the grass stain on the PANTS of an old girlfriend, Lorraine, when I think she was mucking around with the husband of her own girlfriend, which doesn't look good for pointing to a good-guy Bill Barr, but more like a bad-guy Bill Barr.

The Arms of Bar-le-Duc uses pansies, you see, and so does the Crest of the Cony surname, which I trace to Cuneo, location of the Bruno's of Asti. Astys share the Lorraine lion, and it's green, as is the Lyon lion, which looks like a pointer to Tullia of Lyon, the toilet. The Lyon lion is colors reversed from that of Hume's/Home's, first found in Berwickshire. Berwicks are also BARwicks. The Pansy surname is listed with PANTzers, and first found in Westphalia with Duc-like Ducks/Duckers, and this is how the grass stain on her pants pointed to Bar-le-Duc.

As I said, God set me up to ask Lorraine out for the first time on my 24th BIRTHday, and Berthe married Mummolin, a descendant of Tullia of Lyon. The Berta's share a white griffin with Lauders/Letters and Tooths, but if you know the story of the fistula bump (issued PUS) on my gum at my bad tooth, let's repeat that Bumps/BumPUSS' share the Tooth and Lauder/Letter griffins while also having a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of Dossier's/D'Hosier's. It's as though God gave me a bad tooth in symbolizing the FBI's / DoJ's use of the Steele dossier to happily deceive the FISC judges. What are the chances that German Steels share the Berta griffin in both colors while sharing the pale bar of Tullia's/Tulls??? That's right, God gave me Lorraine on my birthday to point both to Bill Barr and the Steele dossier crimes. The bus stop and other things-Lorraine pointed to George Bush too.

OH WOW. It was recently shown that she had been ROLLing in the grass to get that stain, and Rollo's have a "passe" motto term while Bumps are also BumPASSE's. This is extremely important for linking Lorraine's pointers to my Tooth's pointers, both pointing to Comey's FBI. Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with the Dogs/Doags having the cinquefoil of Puss-like Bus'.

Important: Astys were first found in Lanarkshire while Lanarks/Lurnacks say: "Their territories were first located in LORNE and they became associated as a sept of the Stewart Clan." As I've said a hundred times, I asked Lorraine out for the first time at her BUS stop at the corner of LORNE (like "Lorraine") and Yonge street (Richmond Hill, Ontario), and Bus' share the cinquefoil of Lanarks/Lurnacks, as do DOGs/Dogs.

Here's something interesting that hasn't sunk into my head before: "Beatrice...was also known as Beatrice of Tuscany or Beatrice of Canossa." The Arms of Canossa is essentially the same as what Italian Fortuna's use, which could be the white DOG of Halls in case I was sitting in a hall when on the toilet. It tends to make the toilet scene, if not also my bare-assed scene with Froggit, point harder to Bill Barr. I'm also keeping in mind the three frogs of the anti-Christ in Revelation 16, who prepare the kings of the earth (their coalition) to fight Armageddon against the "kings of the east."

The giant Arms-of-Canossa dog is a reflection of the giant Lauder/Letter / Tooth griffin, and Dogs/Doags were first found in Perthshire with Lyons. Lauders/letters use the double-tressure border as code for Trashers/Tresure's to which God with a BARREL-shaped missing part in the door handle of my jeep. I was starting to interpret that missing part as Bill Barr missing-in-action i.e. not doing his job properly as the attorney general. The dream's scene with the trash can / drum barrel ended up on fire, as when one doesn't want a fire. I didn't want the fire, and tried to smother it.

I was SITTING on the toilet, and Trasher-related Seatons/Sittens (double-tressure border, flame-like Flemish family of Lothian, near Lauder) named Sitten, also called, Sion, and it just so happens that Sions/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire with Astys, and share the heart with Lorne-related Lanarks/Lurnacks, and with Dog-like Douglas'. Sions/Swans use glove's while Glove's were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags and the Rollo's having a "fortune" motto term. It's begging whether "CANossa" is part of the Trash CAN along with Caens/Cans. If that links Beatrice of Bar-Canossa to the trash can, it again points to Bill Barr. As I said, I dropped the trash can, which doubled as a barrel drum as code for the Perthshire Drummonds, from the height of a ladder (I think I was on a ladder), suspect with Lauders/Letters / Lotharingia = Lorraine elements. Scottish Barrs were first found in Ayrshire, to the near-west of Lanarkshire.

Keeping in mind that Astys may have been Assi/Ass liners, and that Hanson's ice-cream symbol may include the Ise variation of Assi's, let me go to the nasty teeth of the shark, which had captured a dog in my 1979 dream. This is why the shark of Valiants is important for linking to that dream's shark scene. After asking her out for the first time when buying an ice-cream from her, I took Miss Hanson out in a Valiant on our first date, and she lived on WARDen avenue while Wards, sharing the checkered shield of Warrens for linkage to Ada in the Fisk/Fisc and Tollet mottoes, have a Comey-like "Comme" motto term that brings up the Gumms. As was said, it seems true that God arranged the bump on my gum at the bad tooth to point to James Comey, for Comeys have the only toothed cat that I know of. The bump on the GUM thus looks like a pointer to James Comey's involvement with the dossier, for the Dossier shield looks connectable to that one of Tooth-related Bumps/Bumpuss'. There is even a cat in the Puss Crest, you see, to assure that I'm reading this correctly.

There are so many interesting things to say with these links that it gets long and confusing. I never quite know how best to write it all out when things go this well. The "umbra" motto term of lauders/letters can be gleaned also for a line out of Umbria, to the naming of Northumberland / Cumbria, which is probably where Gumm / Comey variations derive, yet Assi-like Assisi happens to be in Umbria along with Perusia, where Grass-like Grazio's were first found. As was said, Lorraine came home in my presence with a grass stain on her butt = ASS. This particular evidence for a proposed Assisi link to the Assi/Ass surname is new material right here. It's making great sense. BE AMAZED, for I've just fallen on it, and it just so happens (not new) that Grazio's share the pomegranate with French Crispins, the latter said to be from Perusia-like Parez in LORRAINE!!! Stunning. Lookie: "Assisi is a town and comune of Italy in the Province of Perugia [Perusia] in the Umbria region..."

STUNNING! I didn't know that God uses swear words like "ass" until now. He arranged that stain on her butt for this reason...and probably for more reason(s). As I said, i dropped in on her late in the evening, and met her friend alone on the BALCONY. She said that Lorraine was out on a walk with her husband, and when she got home, I pointed to the stain at her lower BUTT. Balcons (like "balcony") is a version of the Italian Botter Coat, a surname expected from the BUTTeri cowboys, and the Balcon / Botter bend is shared by French Crispins. I asked her out on my birthday as a pointer to the line of Tullia of Lyon, and Tullia's happen to use BUTTERflies, that's right. It thus appears that the Butteri of Tuscany were part of Tullia's line. The Canossa's started out at Lucca, where Botters were first found!!! Wow, it links Beatrice of Bar-Canossa, who married Godfrey of Lorraine, to my Lorraine!!! INCREDIBLE.

Repeat: "You should compare the Fisk/Fisc motto to that of Kenneths/MACKENZIE's, for the only difference is that Kenneths change the "ad" of Fisks to "as." That's right. I met Lorraine one block north of Major MACKENZIE drive." MacKenzie's (rock, ROSS-shire, we get it) share the gold border with Grazio- / Crispin-related Greats/Greeps, and the other MacKenzie's have a "LUCeo" motto term, simply perfect work by your God who's ON THE JOB. These rats shall not get away. Celebrate early today.

God used Miss Hicks (1987) in a trophy event with Spuds MacKenzie, a bulldog mascot for BUD Light beer, and that seems to be no buttincidence. In an event with her on the first memorial of 9-11, I said to her, "is that your BUDDY?" I've said that probably two dozen times, I'm not making it up. Buddys are listed with English Botters/Budins, first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens, and her buddy (whom I was referring to) was Stanley while Stanleys share the stag head of Kenneths/MacKenzie's, just incredible. Spuds of Bud Light and then "buddy." Why did the buddy event happen on the 9-11 memorial in 2002? I purchased a large, fiberglass bulldog in Hamilton (1994), and Miss Hicks married Hamilton Kilpatrick while Hamiltons have the Bus cinquefoil.

Back to the balcony with Lorraine's friend, asking what it could mean that Lorraine was betraying her with her husband. Is Barr going to be a traitor? He's working out to be that way; he's already let Comey off the hook on a criminal referral from Horowitz. Balcons are shown properly as BalCOME's/BalCombs, very linkable to Gumm/Comme / Comey variations. As was said, Comeys use the only toothed cat I know, and Lucca's happen to use a giant cat! You can run, but you can't hide. Your privates are being exposed, Mr. Comey. Stanleys, now made suspect with the MacKenzie stag head in conjunction with Botters of Lucca, and thus with the dog-liner CANOSSa's of Lucca, were first found in Cambridgeshire with Comme's/Gumms. There happens to be a Grasse location near CANNES. It's near Oneglia, the line to/from Nagle's (Westphalia, same as Barr-line Ducks) who happen to share the Great/Greep saltire (I see "Greep" with the Crepon variation of Crispins).

Note that English Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with early, cat-using Croms/Crums, though the latter are newly said to be first found in Herefordshire, same as Greats/Greeps. Note that Lucca-like Luce's share fish with Shark-related McCains/Keons (kin of Nagle-branch Neils!), Cains and Kane's, what seems to be definite proof that these surnames are of/from Lucca's Canossa's. We just put the entire shark into the trash can. Yes, for one Irish Cain Coat even shares a bend in the same colors as the Botters of Lucca, and the other Irish Cains have virtually the Luce Coat (colors of Croms/Crums sharing cat with Lucca's), and so here's from the Luce write-up: "Luce in ORNE in the bailiwick of le Passeis..." Orne is important for trash-can liners. This recalls that, in Texas, Luce Construction installed my septic system = SEWER.

Here is a McCain-like MacAne/MacKane surname (said to derive in "John" though I've disagreed for years) that comes up as "Cannes." JOHN McCain, garbage dump, shame. Cannes'/MacKane's share the Ferte eagle and thus they trace to Ferte-Mace along the Horn-related Orne river, location of trash-can Caens/Cans (fretty Shield). That works. Cannes'/MacKane's could have been a Kenneth branch.

Cannes'/MacKane's have the motto, "I HOPE I BYDE." As I don't find a Bid-like surname, it could be partly for a Bud/Bude element to which Spuds MacKenzie points. I cannot find links here to Hope Hicks...aside from my theory that McCains/Keons are from the pharaoh-Khyan Hyksos. One writer said that Khyan and Apachnas were the same king, and while I expect Apachnas liners to such surnames as German Bachs/Backs, Cannes'/MacKane's use the buckle.

John McCain was part of the trash can, and he, like Barr, was a Republican, and likely a Bushite. I think Barr can betray Trump on behalf of doubt making sweet advances toward him as we speak. It was suspect that Lorraine was rolling in the grass behind a BUSH, because Bush-liner Bosco's use "tufts of grass." You see, God is revealing things, watch your pants or they might get away from you, Mr. Barr. Tighten up your belt, stay away from public toilets, and do respectable things.

Wow, I now recall that Assisi happened to come up earlier in this update along with nearby Arretium. It could seem as though God arranged to coin "arse," for Arretium is now AREZZO!!! The Arse of Assisi! "Arse" is not in my dictionary. There was an Aziz(us) character of the Emesa cult (Syria) that started out in Arretium-like Arethusa (Syria). I expect Maccabees / proto-Maccabees to have been there. Annas' father was from Syria. The mother of Herod "the great" was from the household of Arethusa-like Aretas III of Edom.

Artems/Aitons look like kin of Arthurs and Ade's/Aids, and all three surnames were first found in BERNICia with the Hume's/Home's suspect from modern "Homs," which was anciently the Emesa location of this sun-god cult to which Aziz belonged. I see Bernicians from Berenice Agrippa, a Herod. God is exposing this thing through me, and I'm probably a Herod liner (blood counts for nothing). Remember, the Lyon lion is a giant lion in colors reversed from the same of Hume's/Home's, and Tullia of Lyon is connecting here with Ass liners. Hume's/Home's love the Tree's/True's who in turn share the plumed knight with Lyon-branch Lannoys. Lake Tatta, a good place to trace Taddei's and Tate's/Teets (Annan Shield), is near what was once Cappadocia, where I see the beginnings of Herod "the great" on his father's side. Home's/Hume's (same place as Tooth-related Lauders/Letters) use a "to the" motto phrase suspect with Tooth liners, and Tute's / Toots can be gleaned as Tatton branches and thus from lake Tatta too. The Artems/Aitons look like a branch of Eitons who in turn have a version of a Toothill Coat.

The namers of Arretium are expected as a branch of the Arduinici at Ivrea upon the Butt-suspect Bautica river. The butt-ass event with Lorraine involved her balcony, and the roses of Balcons can be expected as code for Rozala of Ivrea, born from the line of Boso of Tuscany, son of BERTHA (died in Lucca, where Botters were first found i.e. who have a version of the Balcon Coat. Bertha now smacks of my asking Lorraine out on my BIRTHday, for Bertha was the daughter of Lothair, king of Lotheringia = Lorraine, the region that Beatrice of Bar would marry, soon after. Bertha even married a noble of Tuscany, as had Beatrice of Bar. On Bertha's son, Boso (grandfather of Rozala of Ivrea): "Few notices from Boso's rule in Tuscany have survived. Most deal with his interventions with the king on behalf of the churches of Lucca and AREZZO." It appears that Lorraine's arse scene, in linking to these elements, applies my birthday to this Bertha, potentially descended from Berthe, wife of Mummolin, centuries earlier.

Again, Berta's share a giant and white griffin with Lotheringia-suspect Lauders/LETTERs, and while I think the Boso bull holds a card rather than a letter, I know that Cards/Certs have a "letter." Lorraine's grass event linked hard to Grazio's and therefore touched upon Greats/Greeps, and the latter happen to share the gold border with Berta's, perfect work, oh Lord. Crispins/Crepons (Lorraine) share the bend of Balcons and Botters while Tullia's use BUTTERflies.

It's now important that the gold border is the symbol also of Justine's, because Justine of Picenze-like Picenum married the son of Great-line Gratian, and here i can repeat what I've said a hundred times: Justine of Picenum is related to the Assi's/Ass'!!! Zikers, just look at all of that from Lorraine's arse stain.

I've just realized that the Ise surname could be in the "adversIS" motto term of Tollets/Tolle's along with the Adds/Alda's and with the Vairs/Vers' (English Ferrands use vair fur in their patee crosses). Repeat: "'Vis' is a motto term of the book-using Voirs who also use 'pruDENTia' while Darlene was in a car ACCiDENT. Vis' are connectable to the Assi's/ASS'/Ise's to which I think her accident points." "Prudentia" is also in the Tollet/Tolle motto, and can be linked to the "dentiBUS" term in the Tooth write-up.

I was sitting on the toilet, and Seatons/Sitten have been very traceable to Sitlers/Schitners, who happen to share the trefoil of Pike's who in turn have the Ice/Ick trefoil. This must be a branch of the SHITTs/Shots/Shute's with a "Fortune" motto term that brings up the Fortuna's having the Arms of Canossa. What a lucca strike. A royal flush. The three swords of Shitts make the three fesses of Puss', in colors reversed from the three of Pasleys, the latter being from Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels while the Rollo motto has both a "fortune" motto term and a "passe" for the Passe variation of Pascals.

Rollo's, with a "tout" motto term, share the chevron of Tuttle's/TOOThills. King Rollo married Pappa of Valois while the Valois/Valais Coat (could have the Valiant Shield) looks linkable to the Tuttle/Toothill Coat. King Rollo's daughter was CRISPINa, no guff, and English Crispins almost share the Pasley Coat. Rollo lived long after Justine of Picenum, yet Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with Justine's. Rollo's share the Speer boar heads (colors reversed) while Speers are beloved by the spears of Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels, and were first found in Renfrewshire with Paisleys/Pasleys. The latter's anchor is in the colors of the Pack anchor, indicating that Packs were a Pasi/Pace/Pascel branch.

Packs are probably kin of Anchor-branch Angers too. Packs were suspect earlier with the "pax" term inscribed on the book of Voirs/Voyers, and the book is used also by the Roets sharing the Spear boar heads in the format of the Pack anchors. I always trace Pasi's to emperor VesPASian of Roet- / Reed-line Rieti, and Reeds have a "pax" motto term as well as another book. I always trace Tertulla, Vespasian's grandmother, to Tertullus, ancestor of the Fulks of Angers.

After ending the paragraph above, it dawned on me that English Backs share the Eggleston Coat. I wrote the insert above on Packers/Pickers and Stolls, and when finished there, I realized that Packers/Pickers were first found in Berkshire with Pasleys while Paisleys/Pasleys (share white roses with Packers/Pickers) share the Pack anchor. Thus, Packs are a Packer/Picker branch. Stolls were at Catherston, suspect with Catherine Roet, and Catherstons are listed with the Catters mentioned earlier in this update which tended to link well to Cottars who tended to link well to Froggits and therefore to CATHERINE Froggit, the one who appeared in my dream yesterday morning.

A previous theory on the final scene of the Obama dream was that the employee's back was a pointer to Jim Baker of the military (Stefan Halper's buddy versus Lovinger the good-guy whistle-blower), and/or Jim Baker, chief counsel for the Comey-led FBI. English Bakers happen to have been first found in Durham with Egglestons, and Ecclestons (with c's) happen to have a giant cross in the colors of the similar saltire of Bakers. The black Eggleston eagle betrays that the surname is a branch of Hagle's/Hagels, and Obama made Chuck Hagel his defense chief, a good candidate to become a stool pigeon on Obama.

Hagel / Eagle liners are from the ACHELoos river, near an Astakos location that named the Astikas' of Vilnius. It was resolved that the Arms of Vilnius is linkable to the Assi Coat, and moreover Assi's were first found in Shitt-like Shetland with the Yells who in turn share the garb of Astikas-like Sticks / Stichs. I suppose the latter could have belonged to the SHITT bloodline as per the SITHech ancestry of Shaws/Seths, for Shaw-like Sava's/Savage's have the Eagle Coat in colors reversed.

This not only brings to mind Jack Sava, likely a part of the murder of SETH Rich, but it recalls that the Obama dream opened with a black SHEET covering all of his billiard tables. Later in the dream, he was SKATEboarding in his SUIT because Skate's are listed with Shitt-like Sheets, and Boards have a version of the Sewer/SUIT Coat. Shitts and Sewers go together more than you may at first think.

Between the sheet scene and the skateboarding scene, I was taking a SHOT on one of his tables, and I SEWERED, only to find that Sewers/Suits apply for two reasons: 1) Obama was wearing a suit; 2) Obama was Barry SOETORo while Sewers/Suters are also Suters, like the Shute variation of Shitts/SHOTs. How about all that; give God a hand for describing Obama by the color of Shitt that suits him best (no insult intended against Blacks in general, but Obama deserves the slammer).

I REPEAT. The scene immediately after my sewer shot, Obama was in a dark suit dancing, followed by he in the same dark suit skateboarding up and down a ramp. Many months later, a news show put out a documentary on Julian Assange, after he admitted that Seth Rich was the one who provided the DNC materials to WikiLeaks (it's why he was murdered by Democrats, no doubt). In that documentary, Assange was shown dancing in a nightclub, and the very next scene was he in his Ecuadorian embassy skateboarding down a small ramp that started at a door (as I remember it, the ramp came down to a lower floor level in a new room inside the door). It seems that God is intent on connecting Obama to Seth Rich's situation in his final days.

I had read that the toilet was founded by Mr. Crapper, and Crappers/Croppers share the pigeons of Pigeons while the other Pigeons, can we believe it, share the chevron of Dutch Bakers. English Bakers have items in Chief in the colors of the pigeons in the Crapper/Cropper Chief; both surnames have white Shield to boot. Crappers/Croppers are the only ones I've noticed to put legs / feet / talons on their footless martlet...unless its not a martlet at all.

Cheneys (gold footless martlets) use a "bull's scalp," the only symbol of Croppe's/Kropers (don't know what the latter call it). Crope's/Kropers are in Grope/Gripp/Grape/Grabber colors.

On the far-right of the light map, there is an Astakos-like Astacus (evokes Astibus of Paeonia) near Anchor-like Ancore, not far from ANKARa. On the Black-sea coast south of the Selletae at Tonzus (on the coast), it's stamped, Astica (see dark map), which can explain why Sale's/Salletts and Shirts/Shards were first found in Cheshire with Stick-branch Stichs.

Tonzus-like Tonso's have a man wearing a shirt with BUTTons, don't forget the shirt-over-butt scene, because you're going to like this. On the dark map, the trouser-like Trausi are along the upper Tonzus river, and while I had no trousers on when the shirt was down to my arse, by what coincidence is there an ARSus location (light map) on the upper Hebros, which flows parallel with the Tonzus at that very area? On the dark map, and Arsus location is, ASSus, I tell you no lie. It's on the Arsus/Assus tributary.

The interesting thing here is that there was a Scodra-like location in Thrace said to have been settled by Phrygians, and my arse scene (I can't believe I'm saying this) with Phryg-like Froggit can apply right at or near Arsus, because it's not far down the Hebros from Lissae and its Bessi priests, which I trace to Lissus, beside Bassania, of the Cavii, a topic that God is primarily concerned with in all my heraldry discussions. I can't recall the spelling of the Phrygian location, but it was revealed to be by a Mr. Skeetz as he sought the Schutz - Scott bloodline in Germany. We communicated quite a lot, and I came to trace those surnames to lake Scodra, near to Lissus and Bassania, you see. Phrygians lived as Briges in Thrace and Troy. There is persuasive evidence that Briges named Brigantium/Briancon, about 25 miles from the Arse-like Arc river. Bonus.

OH WOW! I've just found the term as "Skudra" at this page. I've just recalled that pants were first worn by such groups as Phrygians. The page above describes Skudrians as wearing trousers. It says that Skudra is not known to have been in Thrace for certain. It mentions the Phrygian city of Kydrai in Thrace as a potential version of Skydra in Emathia! Emathia is on the light map along the AXios river!!! The Trashers/Tresure's, who were part of the Thracian trash can (God's invention), were first found in Somerset with Tarrs'/Tarres' and two Axe rivers! Incredible. It can be clearly seen that the Scott surname is kin to the Terras (not "Tarres") surname. Plus, Bridge's were first found in Somerset.

Emathia (Ludius river, could be Lydian) is potentially related to the namers of the old Mathis river, location of Bassania. As the Mathis is now the Mat, note that I got together with Lorraine at a laundroMAT on the day I met her at her bus STOP, the latter being God's code for Paeonians of Stobi smack beside Emathia!!! INCREDIBLE. The grass stain on her ass is therefore a pointer to the Axios river, and I expect more corroboration for that idea. Forgive my unusual language for this update.

Paeonians were also Paionians, like the Paion variation of Payens/Pagans. Payne's/Paine's were first found in Somerset with two Axe river, no coincidence. Hugh de Payens, first grand master of the shyster Templars, married Elizabeth Chappes, a surname traceable to the Cavii, and by now we can start to glean that Cavii were Phrygian / Skudra elements from "Cabyle." Cave's share the fretty Shield of trash-can Caens/Cans, but the fretty Shield of McCabe- / Cave-like Cable's/Cabels (Somerset, no coincidence) is in McCabe colors, suggesting that the Caeni Thracians (Brigians?) got merged with Cabyle's Brigians, and here it should be added that a Cabelees people group were in Asia Minor (probably in/near Phrygia), probably as the namers of the Phrygian great-mother cult of filth.

Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's and the Lys'/Lise's from Lissus, near the mouth of the Mathis, and Lissae is near Cabyle. Skudra, says Wikipedia, is viewed by many as a large, Scythian-ruled region that encompassed Macedon-Paeonia and Thrace, while "Scydra" is a location, shown on the dark map, at the Eordea part of Emathia. I had reasoned that "Eordea" was a G-less version of "Gordion" in Phrygia. Beside Eordea is Orestis, like the Orestia location at the junction of the Arda river with the Hebros and the Tonzus.

French Paine's share the fesse of PIERleoni-line Leo's, explaining why Hugh de Payens got to be in charge (officially as a servant of the papacy) of the secret Jerusalem-temple project. Pierleoni had their fingers in the papacy. Note that Emathia is beside PIERia beside Zeus' mount Olympus. Cable's/Cabels have an "ImPAVIde" motto term suggesting something at Pavia in connection with Vido/Vito elements expected in the inVIDia" motto term of Shirts/Shards (look like Tiss/Teece kin from the Ticino).

I expect that the red fesse of Cable's and Caens is that also of the Roxburgh Leavells, and then English Leavells, from Ivrea-like Yvery, were first found in Somerset i.e. where Axios-river Brigians/Phrygians can now be expected. Bridge's were first found in Somerset. The Setantii Brigantians were likely of the Seatons/Sittens (share green dragon with Trashers/Tresure's of Somerset) that named Seaton at the end of one Axe river, and they should be from the Sithones, who named Sithonia in chalk-like Chalcidice. Recall the chalk box at MARK II school, in MARKham, pointers to the Marici of Pavia.

I'm now going to suggest that God chose Catherine as Froggit's first name because He wants us to see it linked to Catherine Roet, daughter of PAYNE Roet, you see, due to Roets (Somerset = Axe rivers) sharing the boar heads of Gords/GORDONs, you see, thus indicating what historians may not have been able to hammer down: that Phrygians of Gordion were fundamental Paeonians, or a branch of Paeonians, who can be expected through lake Scodra and nearby Kotor. Kotor is at Rhizon, tracing well with its Ardiaei to Ardahan and Rize, the land of Gog and Rosh smack at the Hayasa-AZZI theater. It just so happens that Emathia is beside mount Bermius (light map), origin of mythical king Midas from the Gordian area of Phrygia! It's working out.

I keeping eyes out for a Lorraine-like term in these Ass-like regions, but so far I haven't seen anything. I expect one at the Axios river. God gave her a grass stain on her white PANTS, a potential pointer to Phrygians on the Axios, you see. Her bus stop was suspect also with AstiBUS, near Stobi, and Astibus is at the theater of the Maedi people group while Meads, a branch of Medleys and Methleys, were first found in Somerset. Meads are online as marrying Arthurs of Clapton. The Mead pelicans are code for Pelagonia on the south-west side of Paeonia. The Pellican surname was first found in Maine with the Josephs sharing the footless martlet of Meads, no guff. Why are these martlets colors reversed from the same of Cheneys? Are the latter from trash-can Caeni, who merged with Cabyle elements (Cable's) of Somerset? Looks like.

Josephs once showed a giant swan as an alternative of its giant martlet, and swans, from lake Sevan/Lychnis, are expected from lake Lychnidus, beside Pelagonia, yet we know that Seatons/Sittens named Sitten at Swan-line Sion, and here we can add that Swans/Sions were first found in Lanarkshire while LanARKs/Lurnacks (possible Lorne-Assi merger) are said to be Lorne elements. The bus stop was at the corner of Lorne street. Lorraine lived a couple of properties north of Church and Lorne. Lanarks/Lurnacks have a solid chevron called a PERCHevron, which looks like code for the Perich variation of Pero's/Perino's and PIERo's'/Pero's, this line now suspect from Pieria, land of the mythical Muses. The Drilon river out from lake Lychnidus flows through the land of the Cavii. Why does "Perich" look like "Phrygia." Were Phrygians named after Pieria elements?

Mathis' share the moline of Chives', you see, a way to determine that Chives' were from the Cavii of the Mathis-river theater. It just so happens that Chives' are now said to have been first found in TARves, no guff at all. It tends to identify Cavii from Thracians of some sort, suggesting Cabyle.

I have seen that ancient Scythians often fronted terms with an 's' (or perhaps they removed the front 's'), and we may have seen such an example with "Kydrai" versus "Skydra," so why not such things as "Cottar" and "Scodra." Kotor happens to be to the near-north of lake Scodra. SCOOTER Libby (Yale) comes to mind with my living at Libby and Rumble when dating Bush-pointing Lorraine. Libby was Dick Cheney's chief of staff. God gave us a "scoot over" phrase at the 9-11 memorial (2002). God gave Lorraine a feet symbol on the day that He gave her a Bush-related babe symbol, and Feets/Fate's can be gleaned in the Cheney motto. There is definitely something of a guilty finger of God here pointing to the Bush presidency.

The other Bridge surname has: "A few years later, Giles Bruges (Brydges) had his manor of ARCHer-Stoke in Gloucestershire". I've said many times, even fairly recently, that Lorraine lived on Church street not many homes from my place of rental at Mr. ARCHibald's. That looks like God's set-up for tracing the Archibure variation of Arthurs (first found beside ArchiBALDs) to the Arduinici of the BALTea river that flows through the Chives center of Chivasso. Perfect work. I was dating ROXanne BENNET when first meeting Mr. Archibald, and Archibalds (Roxburgh colors) were first found in ROXburghshire. Lorraine was my girlfriend immediately after Roxanne, and the latter's surname is from the Pierleoni.

Church's, in Bush format and colors, and first found in Somerset with Axe river, no guff, share the black greyhound with Scodra-suspect Scoots/Scougals and Schutz's/Shutz's. Church-like Crutch's/Croochs's were first found in Somerset too, and Church-like Kirks use the CROZier while Crutch's/Crooch's are a branch of Croce's...expected from mythical Creusa. Crozier's share the Creuse lion. Odins (Yorkshire, same as Oddie's) use a crozier while mythical Odin, whom was traceable to Sithones, was married to Brigian-suspect Frigg. Briggs have another pelican, and, in their eSCUTcheons, they have a version of the Bless/Blois Coat while substituting with the Arden cinquefoil. Brigantium is Briancon while French Brians have the Oddie saltire in colors reversed.

OH wow, I'm not familiar with this from the Lorraine write-up: "...they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor of KIRK Hall some say..." Kirks can be traced hard to Mummolin, husband of Berthe, the reason, I've thought, that I met Lorraine on my birthday. That should explain why she lived at Church and Lorne, in order to have me show the Church link to Kirks (version of Annas Coat). However, Lorraine is now tracing just as well, for the first time in this update, to Bertha, mother of Bus-like Boso. Both Bos surnames are listed with Bush-branch Boschs while Bosco's are the ones with tufts of grass (on their pillars), is that not amazing? It appears that it was correct to point her grass stain to Bosco's. Pastors and Church's go together while Pastors have a near-copy of the Bos/Bosch/Bush Coat.

Arthurs/Archibure's share the pelican with Meads. The Arthur motto term, "obSTANTia, is suspect with the Stant variation of Stains so as to make Arthurs linkable to the grass stain on the arse/ass; Arda was near Arsus/Assus. The only thing coming to mind with a grass stain in connection with Arthurs is that Grasse is near Oneglia (home of Arduinici) while Nagle's/Neils (saltire of Grasse-connectable Greats/Greeps) were first found in Westphalia with Pansys/Pantzers. That works. Note "Imperia," like the "IMPelle" motto term of Arthurs (share pelican with Pelle's), for Imperia is the modern name of Oneglia. Recall the Pavia-suspect "IMPavide" motto, for "ImPERia" could be a Pierro / Pero line.

The front of "OBstantia" looks like code for the Hob variation of HAWK-using Habs (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs/Archibure's), feasibly from the Apsus river of Macedonia. AXelRODs'/Haxhulle's/HAWKeswells use axes in Rotten colors and format, and note how Jewish Rots/Rothchilds look linkable to Pierro's/Pero's while also noting that PAVlich's (share arrow with Arms of Rothschilds) share the Zionist stars of RODs. Again, "PavLICH/PavLICK" may be a line of swan-liner Licks/Locks from the Lychnis > Lychnidus line. Pelican-using Licks/Lucks even look linkable to the Hab-like Abbs'/Apps' from the Apsus river (has source near lake Lychnidus). Licks/Lucks, first found in Berwickshire with Gords/Gordons, share the black greyhound with Scodra-suspect Scotts/Scougals and Schutz's/Shutz's. The river from lake LYCHnidus flows to the near-south of lake Scodra.

If not mistaken, the pelican of Licks/Lucks is between laurel branches, the Lorraine symbol (one branch) held by a HAND, and while Hands are Hanns too, Licks/Lucks share the Hanson mascles. Katrina Hanson, a pointer to Kotor's Saraca's, sold me the ice cream, which I LICKed, that's right.

Mr. Archibald is Verne, and Verne's happen to have a version of one Kidd Coat, and while Kidders share the crescents of Coffers and Heffers, potential Cavii liners because Coffers/Coffee's (Caffery colors) share the fesse of McCABE's, a Cavii-like term. this is being pointed out because Kidders look like they could derive in the Kydrai location of Thracian Phrygians...called Briges / Brigians in Thrace.

Bridge's happen to use a "gardeRAY" motto term while French Rays share the escarbuncle with Hangers/Angers and Angers, suspect from Ankara of the Phrygians. English Rays use a stag form of the Phrygian-suspect Frey/Fry and Phreeze/Freeze Coat, very linkable to Phrygians by way of the Singer/SANGER Coat. These Bridge's are very linkable, by their Coat included, to the Childs/Chills = the line of Childeric, king of the early Franks...who came to be called, frogs. Childeric's wife, Basina, is suspect from the namers of Bassania (Chives theater) because their son, Clovis, is often said to be the origin of the fleur-de-lys, and the Lys/Lisse surname is from Lissus, beside Bassania.

Childeric's Merovingians descended from Veneti, and the Adige river past lake Garda (expected with "GARDeray") flows into the land of the Veneti, which included Trojan-suspect PADOVA, the makings of the "BATAVI" at the mouth of the Rhine, where Merovingian make-up took place with the Salian Franks. Were Salians from Sale of the Kikons? If I recall correctly, Caucones were at Padasus (in the Troad), where I trace the Padus (Po) river that named Padova. Compare Salians/Salemans (Bush eagles) to Cheneys. It just so happens that, the last time I saw Lorraine, a couple of years after being with her, she was carrying an infant CHILD, and Childs/Chills happen to share the Lorraine eagles, fascinating is it not? It looks like another pointer to Scooter Libby and Dick Cheney's / Haliburton's crimes.

Brigantium is on the Durance river of the Salian- / Sales-like Salyes Ligures.

Dick Cheney did not arrange for Haliburtons to share a black boar with Bush's, nor did he arrange the love of Majors in the Haliburton and Cheney mottoes. The "sequor" motto term of Haliburtons could be code for a Sakarya-river liner, for Majors were Anchor kin expected from Ankara, near the Sakarya (old name of the Sangarius).

I see the Childs/Chills from Chillingham of the Hebrons/Hepburns because they are in Child/Chill colors and format. Bassania is near Scodra. The Roet-related Scotts were at Chilham castle. The "scoot over" event at the 9-11 memorial was connected by God to Camerons, who love the Cheile's in their motto, first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/KILLs and the Halls who may have named Haliburtons from a Hall-Burton merger.

"Sequor" may be for Secords/Sicco's (giant swan), first found in Maine with the Josephs once showing a giant swan instead of the martlet now showing that's colors reversed from the Cheney martlets. The Levi-beloved Seconds are also Segurs, suspect with Seagars from the Sakarya.

Having said all that, recall that box on the pavement at Mark II school. I told you that it was divided into quarters, one for each of four players. I did not hang out with Froggit or her friends, and she had a boyfriend at that school. I do not remember being with her at all until someone or something got me into that box at the same time that she was in it. That's all I remember. I do not remember a scene where we were bouncing the ball; I do not remember seeing her face in that box. I do not remember leaving it. I have the memory only of the white lines of that box, and the knowledge that Froggit was in there with me. I now know why that quartered box is in my memory, because, in heraldry, I've seen that design called, QUADRants, code for Quadratus Bassus, roughly the gr-great-grandson of Froggit-line Brogitarus. I get it. And while I insisted, less than a year ago, that Annas/ANANus of Israel would be found to be from the ancestry of Lupus Laevillus (married Quadratus' daughter), Mark II school is in Unionville while Unions are also ANNIANs.

Marks and Markhams are additional evidence that God set me up in those quadrants, because Mark ancestry co-founded Pavia with Laevillus-suspect Laevi (they were at Pavia before the birth of Laevillus). God is telling us this, obviously, with the box on the school PAVEment. Box's share the Leo lion while Leo's have the Payne fesse while Pierleoni are expected with Pierro's of Pavia. How can we make a mistake with all of this? Payne Roet is the line of Roets in the Coat of English Scotts who happen to share in their Crest a demi-griffin with the Box crest. Box's use the griffin of Masters (Kent, same as Scotts), and Christine Masters stole a kiss from me at Mark II school while Kiss'/CUSH's have the red rooster of Bibo's who in turn place it on a CUSHion. Bibo's are suspect with Vibia, Laevillus' mother.

Plus, Cabyle liners trace well to Capelli's while Caplans, first found beside Box's, share the Box griffin heads. Caplans were first found in Hampshire with BUTTons/Bidens sharing the chapeau cap with Capelli's, and Cabyle is right-near butt-line Arsus/Assus. Do you see how this works by the arrangements of God? It's suggesting the Button-branch Butts/BOETs, the line to Sadducees, was from Cabyle along with Joseph Caiaphas. Buttons and Butts/Boets share the red fesse with the Leavells, first found in Roxburghshire with Scottish Scotts (kin of Thrace-suspect Terras'). German Terras' have ROOKs, what's left to the imagination? Not much.

Plus, I saw the Bassus' as "Bassianus'," and this line led to Julia Bassianus MAESA, probably my ancestry (explaining why I was in the box), and Bassania happens to be in the Cavii theater while Markhams were at Maplewood while Maple's share parts of the motto of Chives' (Tarves) and share the split-shield of Tarves'. Catherine Froggit is now expected to point to Catherine Roet because Payne Roet is now expected from Paeoni-branch Phrygians, and Roets happen to share the Maple boar head. Maple's were first found in Essex with Quints (and Quint-related Yonge's/Youngs), expected from Quintus CAEPio.

I trace Bassianus' to the Bessin, where the Norman ruler was Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, a term having a Shard-like ending, explaining why it was me, a Masci liner, with the shirt hiding know. Froggits are linkable to Lizarts/SARDE's. De Briquessart was father of le Meschin, who ruled in Cheshire, where Shirts/Shards were first found. The "HosTIS" motto term of Shirts/Shards can be for Hosts/Osts, first found in Somerset...we just can't get away from the Axe rivers. Tiss'/Teece's were first found beside Somerset.

Phrygians were called Briges/Brigians in Paeonia, and Brights with Bride's (Savoy, same as Brigantium) have the three, six-pointed Payen/Pagan stars as five-pointed. Brights not only share the demi-griffin of the Scotts (essentially share Scoot border) having the Catherine wheels of CATHERine Roet, but they give their demi-griffin gold hands / claws, as do Catters/CATHERs/Catherstons...excellent clue. The other Scotts share the Bright / Bride star. I suggest they are claws because the Claws surname smacks of the Clausula river at lake Scodra.

There's Phrygians of Skudra / Skydra everywhere in this discussion, immediately after my Froggit dream, suggesting that the Irish-Scottish peoples, who trace themselves to a mythical Scotia in conjunction with Caria's Miletians, are late-time Phrygians. Note that the white Catter and black Scott griffin is in the Coat of Tooks/Ticks/Touque's (Kent, same as Scotts), who have a Miletus-like motto term.

I've tried to find evidence that the Schools/Scayle's apply to the box on school pavement, but haven't found any, though it's interesting that Schools/Scayle's share the Walch / Benjamin annulet. Schools/Scayle's were in BARwick while Barwicks (share black bear with French Benjamins) were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. Barwicks have a version of the Berwick Coat while Arthurs of Berwickshire are from Arda, at the land of the Binni. This region is at the Hebros, suspect with Amorites of Hebron, and it just so happens that Hebrons, linkable with Lorraine's to Childs/Chills, were first found in Northumberland too. Besides that, Hebron had an Eschol valley while Schools/Scayle's are also Schole's. If I recall correctly, the Amorite, Anak, a friend of Abraham, lived in Eschol, and Abraham's wife, Keturah, traced to Kotor with little doubt, and to Catters, but Abraham was given an additional wife, Sarah, and it just so happens that the Sarah surname (Barwick colors) shares to motto of Barwicks, what do you think about that?

Sarah's were first found in Essex with Lettice's/Lattice's (trefoils) while Genesis 25 has the offspring of Abraham and Keturah to the LETUSHites. There are arguments to trace their Leummite tribe to Lemnos, because it's off the coast of the Hebros river while Abraham lived in Hebron (a good reason to trace the APHRODite cult from the Khabur tributary of the EUPHRATes to Hebron, for Amorites lived at Mari on the Euphrates). I think this trace of Abraham's sons to mainline Greeks of the Hebrew-like Kabeiri cult explains why God told Abraham that he would be the father of countless nations.

Benjamites were to the Jupiter-Juno cult, which may have been at the mount-Olympus area because the ancients found cause to tie Zeus to Jupiter. I trace Jupiter to Jebusite-like Jabesh (Israel), and Jebusites lived at East Jerusalem, now in Palestinian hands. Benjamites lived a few miles north of Jerusalem in what is now the West Bank, and I'll bet you my concubine that Palestinian enemies of Israel in the West Bank were from Ishmael.

The Greek word for fish is like "ISH(mael), and Catters use fish, which was also the symbol of mythical KODRos of Athens, father of Medon. KETURah was mother, with Abraham, of Medan. Sarah-like Saraca's out of Kotor used the fish. It's feasible that Saraca's descended from the people group who named Sarah, and not necessarily that Sarah's and Saraca's were directly from Sarah and Abraham, for that would make them Israelite lines. Kotor is beside BUTua, and Athens is beside BOEOTia. Sarah's share the bend of SHAKEspeare's (beside Northumberland), and I trace Shake's to Boeotia.

The Sarah write-up speaks on their Thayer branch while Tayers/Tawers happen to be in Sarah colors. Moreover, Tayers/Tawers were first found in Northamptonshire with the Quincy's in the Sarah write-up. Tayers/Tawers and Quincy's share mascles, and those of Tayers/Tawers are colors reversed from those of Hansons and Faux's (Essex, same as Quincy-branch Quints). Faux's are a branch of Faucets, first found in East Lothian with Scoots (feathered PEN) and the Vaux's sharing the Coat of Salome's!!! Salome Boethus, right? We are on it. Faucets have SAER de Quincy in their write-up, as do Sarah's. Hansons apply here because French Faux's have the Cremer/Cramer Chief and Shield while Miss Hanson is one of the ice-cream girls.

French Faux's have hard-C variation of Saunier's/Saulnier's, both first found in PeriGORD, which is coming just hours after finding PIERia beside GORDian-suspect Eordea (location of Skydra). Gords/Gordons were first found in Berwickshire with Barwick branches, and this Bernicia territory is, I think, from Berenice Agrippa, a Herod, and thus related to the Herod married by Salome Boethus. The fesse of Bernice's (Cumberland, same as Shakespeare's who share Sarah bend) is the same one in the Arms of Saraca, and the Bernice hunting horns trace to Orion the hunter of Boeotia.

Plus, Berenice married Herod of CHALCis (Syria) while the box-with-quadrants at Mark II was drawn with chalk. I don't think this is a mere coincidence because Chaucers were first found in Kent with Chalks (and the Scotts who were linked above to Catherine Roet and the Box's) while a Mr. Chaucer is said to have married the sister of Catherine Roet.

To help prove that PERIgord was a Pieria-Gordion combination from Phrygians, the Saunier's of Perigord have part of the Bright Coat, and the three bright / bride stars are shared by Girtle's/GORTers/Gurters while Gords/Gordons, in Girtle/Gorter colors and format, had an old Gurton variation.

The Bright / Bride stars (Stelli-star colors) are shared by Battistelli's, and the latter's PYRaMID suddenly looks like it can be unraveled as code for king-MIDas liners at PIERia. I suddenly have the question as to whether the people group that named Midas was to the Medleys / Meads whom I link to Foggs and Figgs from Foca of Lydia. Midas was a Phrygian thing having natural contacts with Lydians. Medleys share the TIGER with the Diems (stripeless tiger) in the Teague/TEEGER motto, and German Teegers happen to share the giant, eight-pointed star of Stelli's! Foggs and Figgs share a Coat roughly with Frocks/Froggs, the latter first found in Shropshire with Middle's/Mittels who in turn have Medley-like Meadley/Medle terms in their write-up. Foggs were first found in Kent with the Scotts who share the border-and-Shield of Middle's/MITTELs (RAGully fesse, expected to be partially of Ragusa, home of Saraca's). Foca is onshore from Lesbos, an island with a MYTILene location.

Again, all I had on with Froggit, in the dream, was a shirt to hide my ass, and the Shard variation of Shirts can be from Sardis (Lydia), up the Hermus (now Gediz) river from Foca. The dream suggests that Azzi-related Phrygians were at Sardis/Hyde.

Hermus elements were from Mount Herman, location of the Pan center of PANIAS, in the land of the Poeni (Phoenicians), which had become suspect to the Paeonians and also to the neighboring, proto-Pendragon PENEStae on the Drilon river of the Cavii. This entity was made the father of king Arthur i.e. these Paeonians had merged with the Ardahan-of-Rize and Arda-of-Hebros line to the Ardiaei Illyrians, and the latter had a king PINNES to help prove it.

Mystery: Jimmy the Greek

There was a strip joint across the street from Lorraine's bus stop. I'm wondering whether it might be relevant to Ukraine mobsters. Right next door to the strip joint there was an abandoned movie theater. To the other side of the strip joint, there was a small plaza where Joe FIX ran a small snack bar. The Fix/Vicks surname looks linkable to the Vice variation of Vise's, and thus it's conspicuous that the upper half of the Fix/Vicks Shield is that also of Ice's/Icks, a surname suspect from Issa = Vis.

Joe Fix hired me to build his dance floor and bar underneath his snack bar. But when I spread BROWN paint on the BAR's wood, instead of stain, he let me go. Barrs of BRUNswick appear to be the thing pointed to, and they named Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. I recall going into Fix's place for the first time and talking to him (Israeli accent), but I cannot think of any means to date it in relationship to my first day with Lorraine. The two events were near to one another.

I now recall the day, about three years earlier, when entering the front doors of that strip joint because they had phone booths between glass doors I needed to use. On that day, a stripper walked into my space from the office / room area, and then went down the stairs to dance in the bar; she did not have any pants on at all, just a shirt, and I saw her bare butt from behind as she started to go down the stairs, I kid you not, identical to the scene in my dream. There must be something of a connection between that and the dream. How many women have you seen walking bare-bum in a public place? It doesn't happen every day. It might have to do with pointing to someone running a strip joint in Ukraine. It then begs the question as to why Froggit was used in the dream.

Is it coincidental that the bottom half of the Fix/Vicks Coat shares the fleur-de-lys of the Arse-line Arrows/Arras'??? Is that not amazing? Arrows/Arras' were first found in the same place as Stops/Stubbs. Lorraine's bus stop was essentially across Yonge street from Mr. Fix.

Oh wow, as I've said a few times, the first two or three times I saw Lorraine was through the glass window of Jimmy's (Greek) restaurant. Directly out that window is the sidewalk with her bus stop. I was renovating Jimmy's TOILET room at that time!!! I was, I really was, and I did replace the toilet. There was no shower, of course, just the typical restaurant toilet and sink. I'm wondering why Jimmy was Greek. Here's from the 1st update in June, 2018: "...I had seen [Lorraine] from her backside while she stood at her bus stop at Lorne and Yonge, for Jimmy, the Greek owner of a restaurant, had asked me to renovate his restaurant's bathroom, and the restaurant window was smack at her bus stop. I saw her at least twice from inside that restaurant. The point here is, the TOILET that I removed / replaced, for Tullia of Lyon was ancestral to Mummolin, and she's suspect to the Tull/Tolle/TOLLET surname, first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs and Pipe's! Zinger."

Ah, I replaced his sink. If Sinks/Sinkers are a branch of Singers / Sangers, it's a thing I trace to the Sangarius/SAKARya river with Segar liners, and so let me repeat: "The Aquila / Bare/Barr eagle is shared in small form with Segni's/Segurana's who I've long found very linkable to the fasces symbol of Assi's/ASS'." ANKARa is about 50 miles from the Sakarya, and Tollets/Tolle's happen to use ANCHORs, perfect. Ankara is in ASIA Minor, probably named by the Assi / Azzi. The Sakarya is also near Pessinos, which looks like a piscinas = fountain term that gave us our "piss." It just so happens that Brogitarus was the chief priest of the great-mother slut at Pessinos!!! He's the line to Froggits!!! The great-mother slut was directly related to the Lydians whose men gave their daughters over to temple prostitution. Is this where the United States is "progressing" to, holy prostitution?

"The capital of the Phrygian Empire was called Gordion at Sangarios river..." Brogitarus was likely named by Briges = Phrygians, and so let's add that while Foca is in Lydia at the end of the Hermus river from Sardis, Foggs and Figgs/Figgins (Fix branch?) have a Coat much like that of Froggs/Frocks, suggesting a Phrygian merger with a line from Foca (ancient Phocaea). SARDis can be to the Shard variation of Shirts, and she had only a shirt on while I was at a PHONE booth. Phone's are listed with Fane's/Vans (named Fano, around the corner from Veneti), suspect from the Van > Veneti line! The Veneti were linked by ancients to Heneti Phrygians! Again, Froggits have a version of the Cottar Coat that itself uses lizards while Lizarts are also Sarde's. Perfect. I was with shirt alone with Froggit.

Isn't it amazing that she was likely born, Catherine Froggit while Catherine Roet links to Gords by way of Gords sharing the Roet bora heads? Catherstons/Catters (Berkshire, same as Arsus-suspect Arks/Arch's) have a version of the Glove Coat, and GAUNTlet gloves are used by Arc-connectable Maceys and Fano's/Phone's!!! It can't be coincidental. Gaunt/Ghent was probably named after the Ardiaei king, Gentius, and Arthurs are also ARCHibure's. Arda of Thrace may have been home to Briges. The Ardiaei were all over to the north of lake Scodra, and could be expected from Arda of Thrace when Hebros-river elements moved things over to the Scodra area. Recall the Froggit-Cottar relationship, and then add in the Cotta's/Cottards, from the Cotesii of the Buzau. Plus, mythical Cotys was a Thracian entity, a garbage cult to boot.

"At least two other ancient sources report that the Phrygians still used the name 'Bryger' before their emigration from the Balkans [Thrace]...The Iliad [myth] also reports that Venetoi, Veneti, was situated on the northern frontier of Paphlagonia, near the Black Sea, but south of the coastal plain." It goes on to say that they migrated from Thrace in conjunction with a migration from Romania of a "Myser" people group, who look like the Mysian branch of Meshech, from Moesia (Romania).

The phone BOOTHs were virtually across Yonge street from the BUS stop, and so it's notable that while Bush's made it to Lorraine's pointers, Foggs and Figgs/Figgins have versions of the Bush Coat while Bush's share the black boars of BOOTHs (Yorkshire, same as Bush's and Methleys). ANNulet-using Figgs/Figgins, and Annas-related Wiggens, were both first found in Cambridgeshire with June's, and the Jeune's in a Yonge/Young motto. God gave Lorraine a babe symbol on Yonge street, and while Babe's were first found in Dorset with Bushers, Busse's/Bussys almost have the Babe Coat, and use triple fesses in the colors of the one fesse of Bush's / Foggs / Figgs/Figgins. It's therefore interesting that LesBOS is off the coast from Foca. Triple fesses in the same colors, along with the pierced stars (in colors reversed) of Foggs and Figgs, are used by METHleys (Yorkshire), and METHymna is a location on Lesbos.

OH WOW, I had ventured a trace of LesBOS to "Bozrah, but didn't notice "MeTHYMNA" until now, like "Timna," wife of Eliphas, son of Esau, king of Edom (black boar symbol) at Bozrah his capital!!! ZIKERS. It can explain why Methleys were first found in Yorkshire with black-boar Bush's (and Boths/Booths). Bush's (Fogg / Figg colors and format) even share the fesse of Foggs, Figgs and Frocks/Froggs. The latter were first found in Shropshire with Motleys of MedliCOTT. Cotts are expected from the Cotesii on the BUZau river!

The three fesses above are used also by HUMBERs (version of Methley / Medley Coat), while UMBRia is the location both of Assisi and the Crispin-related Grazio's pointed to by Lorraine grass stain on her Assisi-like ass.

It seems that God definitely wanted to point to the Bush's with Lorraine. Can we theorize that this means a Barr-Bush partnership developing against Trump? I STAINed the BAR of Mr. Figg-like Fix with brown paint, and Lorraine had a grass STAIN that pointed to the "tufts of grass" of Bush-line Bosco's. Stains/Stans (Yorkshire same as Bush's and Methleys) happen to have double fesses in the black-on-white colors of the triple fesses of Busse's/Busys and Methleys. Mr. Fix soon-after was working at a Lada dealer, and Lydians are suspect in naming the Ladon-river dragon, likely named after the seven-headed Lotan dragon of Syria. The Biblical Lotan, from Syria like Seir, had a sister (Timna) who married Eliphas of BOZrah, son of Assi-like Esau. The book of Enoch claims that the black boar (pig, unkosher) was a symbol of Esau's Edom. The Lotan dragon is expected with Lada-like Ladds/Ladons (Somerset, location of Axe rivers!). Is Mr. Fix an Edomite Jew?

I almost missed it. The so-called Phrygian cap is pointed, as is the cap on the man of German Sinks/Zinggs! I replaced Jimmy's sink and toilet while the Tollet anchors are suspect for Phrygia's Ankara. Incredible. Singers/Sangers share the horse of Phrygian-suspect Freys. STANleys (Cambridgeshire, same as Figgs/Figgins) use a Sanger-like "Sans CHANGER" motto, and there is a Changer surname.

Okay, so now I think I get it why I in particular was BARE-assed with only the shirt to HIDE most of the butt. The SARDis capital was once called, Hyde. Amazing. I think it all means that the Hayasa-Azzi at the Moschi mountains were together with proto-Masci liners in the Cybele cult of Phrygia / Ankara, and they removed to Lyon, giving birth of Tullia, wife of DeciMUS. The Hide's ("noVIS HAEC"), sharing "haec" with Scoots/Scougals, even had a Hyde location in Cheshire, suggesting that Hide's are sharing the Macey/Mace Shield. The latter can be gleaned as kin of the Brigantium-suspect Brights and Bride's, and BERKshire is where the Arks/Arch's were first found who were likely from the Arc river near Brigantium. Bricks share the Massey/Macey fleur.

The bus STOP was important because Lorraine pointed to Pepin liners in multiple ways, whom I have traced to Paphlagonian Heneti, smack at Phrygia. The Pelops Lydians ruled at (H)Eneti. Pepin-branch Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with the Stops having a version of their Coat, and with Tollets/Tolle's, but also with the Artois line of Arrows/Arras from near ASSisi. It seems that God had arranged this heraldry to go with his events at the corner of Lorne and Yonge. I see Pepins from Hyksos pharaoh Apepi/Apophis, and the HYKsos are suspect with the Hayasa-Azzi. Mus is at Armenia's Lake Van, probably the Heneti > Veneti line, and the chief god of Armenia was Haik/HYKe. Mus (still there today) was at Tarun, and Taruns/Tarents are in the red tower of the Arrow/Arras Crest. All perfect.

Just days after the grass stain on Lorraine's pants, I was in a swimming pool with Eneti-like Annette at the corner of Rumble and Libby. Rumble's share the Bus cinquefoil. The pool is most-excellent here because, I now get it, the line of Vespasia Polla was from PESSinos! Yes, I get it, for Pasi's have a Pack-like Pace variation while Packs have the Ankara-line anchor of Pasi-line Paisleys/Pasleys (same place as Pasi-related Speers and Pollocks). Pasi's are also Pascels while Pascals share the Levi lion while I expect Laevi Gauls as descendants of the Galli priests of Cybele; her cult was at Pessinos and nearby Kabeiro (like the Khabur river of Aphrodite's Babylon) in times before the Brogitarus Galatians. She's the one who sits on Rome in Revelation 17.

I strongly expect the proto-Roman Benjamites to have been integral to her cult, and RUMble's, I think, proved to be of the Rums/Rims/Rome's i.e. from Benjamites of the Rimna river (Romania). The Binni are on the light map at Arda, and Cybele-suspect Cabyle is up the Tonzus river from Arda. The Shirts/Shards, suspect from the Lydian capital, Sardis, are beloved by the Tous'/TONSO's, you see, and all I had on with my bare-ass scene was a shirt!!! I get it. Cybele was made mother of Lydians (ruled from Eneti), just a myth writer's way to describe the close connection between her cult and Lydians.

Zowie, the Binni are so near the Caeni that it dawns on me here that the dream's trash can, which includes Thracian elements to Caens/Cans, is also a trash BIN!!! God keeps me laughing things up, it never fails, update after update. The trash can caught flames, and Flemings were suspect from Trypillians at the Moldova theater, which touches upon the Benjamites of the RIMna. It was the trash can's RIM that caught flames!!! The trash can was thus God's method of identifying the Binni at Arda as Benjamites!!! And in the meantime to prove that Flemings were from the Rimna area!!! Astounding. Flame's use besants in the colors of the similar Benjamin annulets. The Rimnicu river is even closer to the BUZau, and the BUS cinquefoil is shared by RUMble's, suggesting that God set my move up to Rumble and Libby to help expose some surname derivations from Romania's Wallachia.

Cabyle is the land of Selletae (on this dark map), and Sale's/SALLETTs (colors and format of Sinks) can apply here because Sale (dark map) was a location near Aenus (mouth of the Hebros), which was mythicized as Aeneus, like "Aeneas" the mythical founder of Rome. Aeneus was husband to a mythical, Annette-like character the spelling of which I have forgotten. And Aeneus was made the son of Aphrodite = Venus = the Heneti > Veneti line. Sale's/Salletts were first found in Cheshire with Creuse's (same lion as Pools / Rita's / Crose's) while Creusa was made Aeneas' wife. It just so happens that "Sequor," like "SAKARya," is a Creuse motto term.

I still think that the Arms of Agrigento has a form of the Anchor Chief-Shield, and Aeneas with Creusa were placed for a short time at Agrigento. It makes "ANKara" suspect from Biblical Anak of Hebron, especially as I see Hebron as part of the Aphrodite cult, and as the namer of the Hebros river. Note how "APHRo" can develop surnames such as Heffer / Hepher / Keefer / Coffer / Keep, for Hebrons/Hepburns use a "Keep" motto term. In myth, Hebros was made the brother of Kikon, the myth writer's code for Kikons/Cicones at Sale.

Oh WOW, Jimmy the owner of the restaurant at Lorraine's bus STOP was Greek, and the well-known Jimmy the Greek was born in STEUBenville while Stops are also Stubbs!!! What is this? "James George Snyder Sr. (born Dimetrios Georgios Synodinos, September 9, 1918 – April 21, 1996), better known as Jimmy the Greek, was an American sports commentator and Las Vegas bookmaker." Snyders happen to share a giant cup with Lorraine-connectable Laurie's/Larrys/Lowrys!!! WOW. What is this? If Snyders were a branch of Senders/Sanders, they trace to Sintians of Lemnos, the island of Aphrodite's husband.

I sat and talked to Jimmy many times over COFFEE as he cooked, 10 feet from where Lorraine would stand for her bus. The Snyder cup is in the colors of the Coffer/Coffer cups!!! WOW. I sat on a STOOL at his counter, same situation as a stool at a BAR, hmm, for Lorraine pointed to Bar-le-Duc elements with her pants, and, in the dream, I had no pants. I suppose that this Jimmy-the-Greek picture can point to a gambler or gambling outfit. Strip joints and gambling casinos? Whose? Trump's?

The Trump stag head is in the colors of the stag of German Yonge's/Jungs/June's, yet they don't come up as "Yonge," which is important where Jimmy's place was on Yonge street. June's, Jeune's and Yonge's/Youngs ("jeune") are from mythical Juno, mother or chief goddess of Romans, and Lowrys/Laurie's/Larrys were first found in Dumfries with Rims/Rums/Rome's. Rumillys were first found in Cambridgeshire with June's and Jeune's. The heraldic cup is code for elements at the Kupa/Colapis river, beside the Una that named Juno. The Una is also the Aeneus-like Oeneus. Romula is a location shown on the light map between these two rivers. It all works. note that while the Maezaei were on the Oeneus, mythical OENOmaus was king of Pisa, which may explain, "ColaPIS." The Pelops Lydians were connected by myth writer's to Oenomaus' daughter, Hippodamia, traceable now to the Hypsas river at Agrigento.

Stool-like Stolls use a part of the PACKer/Picker/Pecker Coat, and Packs / Pace's are tracing to Pessinos now. Note that the English Pace's (Cheshire, same as Sale's/Salletts i.e. linkable to Selletae at Cabyle) have a purple Shield while the great-mother, murderous whore in Revelation 17 is dressed in purple. The purple lion of the RUMilly-Skiptons evokes Rumble rd, again, where I was in the pool with Annette, the event pointing to Pasi-suspect Vespasian, the 4th head in Revelation 17, and father of the 5th and 6th heads. One of the seven heads will translate into the end-time anti-Christ that has the murderous whore partnered with him. The American Democrats are right-now bringing half the nation to a lawless state that could facilitate a confident (no fear of arrests) and rampant murder / persecution spree. The anti-Christ deep state is trying to make the good guys afraid of fighting back.

I'd like to go back to the grass STAIN on Lorraine's BUTT to show how it can take us to BUTTons/Bidens. For this we go to the STANleys and their "changer" motto term, for Changers (Hampshire, same as Buttons/Bidens, Buddys, and the Tiss' expected in the Shirt/Shard motto) could be with a version of the Holm Coat for a related reason. Holms share the chapeau with Bidens and Capelli's, and the latter duo can be traced to Cabyle on the TONZus river via the shirt and buttons of Tous'/TONSO's. It's perfect for this Cybele-of-Phrygia discussion, and the "Sans" motto term of Stanleys brings up only the Sans'/SANGuez's, Sangarius-river suspects.

It therefore doesn't seem coincidental that Shirts/Shards have an "inVIDia" motto term while Holms use "vide."

To show how Stanleys link to Stains/Stans, a certain Stanley (don't know his surname), whom I referred to as, BUDDY, at the 9-11 memorial, was holding an American flag when he took my seat beside Hyksos liner, Miss Hicks. Flags/Flacks share the double fesses of Stains/Stans, and we saw above how that picture links to Bush's / Busse's/Bussys, and thus the 9-11 memorial can be pointing to George Bush's crimes in regards to 9-11.

Deep State News One Big Tease

Judicial Watch announced today it received 382 pages of documents showing former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s communications with former Obama officials, including Eric Holder and information sharing with the media in the days immediately surrounding the inception of the Mueller investigation.

...On May 16, 2017, U.S. Attorney John Huber wrote to Rosenstein: “Rod, We’re proud of you.” Later that year, Huber was chosen by then-Attorney General Sessions to head up the Clinton Foundation investigation.

If ever you thought that Sessions was a good guy hampered only by Rosenstein, think again. Sessions will be held responsible for his own actions, and here we find that he chose Huber expressly to cover Hillary's crimes. That's why Huber sat on his hands rather than investigate or reveal. Barr had assured us that Huber's one of the good guys. SPIT! Barr FARCE. Barr: Rosenstein lover. Wake up America, you're being taken to the cleaners. Destroy these men at the risk of your lives or your children will not have a normal country. They have been lulling you into a false hope of harsh action against the deep state when in fact they are putting more ropes around you in the meantime.

Uh-oh: "On May 14, 2017, Rosenstein emailed Judge Brett Kavanaugh for Senior D.C. District Court Judge John D. Bates’ cell phone number, three days before the appointment of Robert Mueller...The day after the special counsel appointment, on May 18, 2017, Judge Bates sent an email to Rosenstein with the subject line 'Great move' and the message 'Well done.'" Is Kavanaugh one of THEM, and does Trump know it?

None of the material given to Judicial Watch, of course, incriminates anyone. I have little doubt that they give Judicial Watch almost nothing of what it hopes to get. It's all a controlled farce. Trump has failed his people. The cover-up continues because there's no one tasked with revealing all. Trump himself has covered things up, do not be deceived. Judicial Watch is either deceived by Trump, or hides its knowledge of the true Trump as part of a strategy. Where's the phone-call recording / transcript of Rosenstein's call with Bates? We'd like to hear his glee in going after Trump.

In the short Fitton video of this week, he shares that Strzok and Page were discussing Julian Assange's implications that Seth Rich was murdered for leaking to WikiLeaks, but when the question arises as to whether the FBI is on that case, the answer seems to be, no, and of course we know why the FBI was not on the case, for it must have known that the murder was conducted by the Hillary and/or DNC crime ring.

Doesn't the first four minutes of Lou Dobbs below just want to make you slap Trump in the face. The next four minutes makes me want to slap the other side of Trump's face for choosing Barr:

Just look at this:

The big picture: Liu was confirmed in September 2017 to lead the largest U.S. attorney's office [Washington DC] in the country, overseeing a number of politically charged prosecutions that included the case against Trump associates Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort and other spinoffs from the Mueller investigation.

Liu stepped down from the U.S. attorney's office last month after Trump announced his intention to nominate her to the Treasury position in December 2019.

Can you believe this fraud of a president, who wanted to put this enemy of his own voters into one of the highest positions at Treasury. She's overseeing the jailing of deep-state enemies while Trump, rather than see to it that deep-staters get jail, is helping the other side. Only on February 11 of this week did Trump pull Liu's nomination out from under her...we wonder why. Was he merely daft to nominate her, or is he deep-state operative in disguise. The case for this latter view keeps building. He's always picking the wrong people, and he left Obamaites in the White House's National Security Council until now. Only when the impeachment spotlight was pointed to National Security did he finally remove dozens of Obamaites. At best, Trump is a piece of trash. At worst, he's playing his voters for fools and for doing them great harm.

Wikipedia on Liu, a Yale graduate married to a Yale graduate: "Liu worked at the United States Department of Justice during the administration of President George W. Bush from 2006 to 2009 [9-11 crimes were fast becoming known during that period; Mueller was only midway through his directorship at the FBI]. Her roles included deputy chief of staff in the National Security Division, counsel to the Deputy Attorney General, and Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division." The deputy attorney general from 2002-05 was, James Comey. The Bush rats versus Trump, yet Trump keeps hiring rats. Is he totally stupid, or does he get along well with rats because he has the nature of a rat? "In June 2017, President Trump nominated Liu to become the next United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, which is the country's largest U.S. Attorney's office, with more than 300 prosecutors. Liu was confirmed by the Senate by voice vote in September 2017." Just look at that, those who celebrate Trump's "changing" of judicial appointees. Is he really installing the right judges? Where's the evidence that he's done so?

Just look: "In March 2019 [the month after Barr became attorney general], President Donald Trump said he would nominate Liu to become United States Associate Attorney General, but she withdrew her name from consideration later that month because the Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee objected to her nomination." "The Associate Attorney General of the United States is the third-ranking official in the U.S. Department of Justice." Wow, Trump wanted to put this woman near Barr's office who's been prosecuting Trump-team people.

Apparently, America, you have only two choices; be lead by Democrats rats, or by Bushite rats. Trump's not offering you any other choice. He's not choosing the people who are the champions at protecting him from the Bushite deep state. Instead, he's choosing Bushite deep staters to run most-everything, if not everything, including Justice, which explains why no one's getting arrested. Wake up: Trump is your enemy who fondles you for re-election purposes. He's a political fornicator, and you're being used.

It's woefully dismal to merely reduce Stone's sentencing time while not arresting Mueller and his gang for a far grosser crime. Why are pro-Trumpers not severely criticizing Barr for this? What mush are these pro-Trumpers? Do they not want to see justice done on behalf of their president? Will they silently let Barr commit the crime of injustice? This is a serious malfunctioning of the justice system by a deliberate decision. It's not a mistake or an accident or poor judgment or recklessness; it's BY DESIGN by Barr. It's his strategy, his plan, his engineering, to get those fiends and others to "walk." He's hoping to deceive the voters as far as he can to accomplish that plan. That is where he's going with this by all appearances. He's let out the signs for anyone watching closely.

He's can't arrest McCabe and not Comey, or he'll look unjust. He can't arrest Comey and not Mueller. He can't arrest Mueller and not Rosenstein. Therefore, he won't arrest any one of them. That's how I've been reasoning on how Barr's mind is working. He can't arrest the small guys and not all of the big guys. Therefore, I think Barr wants to convince us that mistakes were made, not crimes.

[A couple of days after writing here, a Fox headline Friday: "DOJ won't pursue criminal charges against McCabe" Another headline Friday: "Trump insists he has ‘legal right’ to intervene in DOJ cases, but has chosen not to". It looks like it's time to intervene, or be a hypocrite and son of Hell. He can't admit he has the right to intervene and then not intervene when Barr is acting criminally to protect criminals, or Trump condemns himself with his won words. Let the battle begin. Do the right thing, Mr. Trump; throw an apple pie into Barr's face, and demand to possess see all of McCabe's communications in the latter half of 2016, even the incriminating parts that Horowitz kept hidden from the people. McConnell (garbage) says openly that Trump should submit to Barr, as could be expected.]

Here is balance: if Stone gets nine years, Mueller deserves 99, and an additional more-than-nine for lying about knowing nothing about Steele. Mueller failed to tip the country off concerning FISA and its drivers: Comey and Rosenstein. COMPLICIT. But Barr is willing to let Stone go to prison without Mueller? How in tarnation can anyone still give Barr a thumbs-up? Good-night. He's a pervert of justice, it's so clear by now.

Bongino's Thursday show is a must-see regarding the stone and Flynn conspiracies by Muellerites / Rosensteinians (didn't Barr know who was in charge of the Stone and Flynn prosecutions?):

If you watched that, you know that Hell is justified for people who jail innocent people. God is now in the business of proving that his Hell prison is justified, and those who end up there will include those who facilitate the ones who deserve to be there. Mr. Barr, you had best not protect those rats. Mr. Trump, you had best cease covering up for those rats. Sins of omission of sins of support just the same. No nothing to punish the wicked, when it's in your power to do so, and you will be guilty of all the wrongs the rats do to the innocent. And God should sick to rats on you to boot. Mr. Trump, if you are constantly in trouble from the rats, get out your rat trap and start putting in some bait, STUPID.

If you didn't watch it, the gist is here:

On Tuesday morning, the Associated Press reported that the DOJ had taken the “extraordinary step” of reducing Stone’s sentence.

By early Tuesday evening, each of the four prosecutors handling the case had (separately) announced their resignations. It won’t surprise you to hear that three of them, Jonathan Kravis, Aaron Zelinsky, and Adam Jed, had been members of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel team. Nor that, according to the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross, “witnesses and attorneys who have dealt with Zelinsky described him as among the most aggressive prosecutors they’d dealt with on the special counsel’s team.”

If you read that article to the end, you should be able to glean that Bill Barr is like the quiet rat not disturbing the Mueller project as it continues in the DoJ, nor is he announcing it.

The Fox video below has what Trump should be saying on McCabe's fortunes, though the video ends implying that Barr wasn't responsible for McCabe's fortunes. How can that be? How can Barr not be the top overseer of the McCabe case? Barr admitted this week that he was briefed on even the sentencing proposals on merely Roger Stone, and now we're to believe that Barr had nothing to do or say about the decision to let McCabe walk? Preposterous. The truth must be that Fox is unwilling to rebuke and shame Barr even now! Shame. The country is finished. There is no hope in sight.

However, this McCabe thing, following the Epstein thing, following the Comey thing, will finally wake voters up (in spite of Fox's lap-dogism) to Barr's darkness. Where's the explanation for not arresting McCabe? He didn't merely lie; he was part of a coup attempt, which, I assume, is exactly why Barr can't arrest him on smaller crimes, or that fact will come out in court i.e. Barr doesn't want him to suffer it. Why do you think Barr doesn't want him to suffer it? Trump hasn't spoken or tweeted against this McCabe announcement as of late Friday evening. Is he looking for the right words. Will he send Barr a tweet bomb in the morning? Surprise us.

It occurs to me here that this Barr-versus-Trump scuffle may have been orchestrated by their mutual agents in order to give Trump a "good" excuse not to rail against Barr for letting McCabe off the hook. Look at how the McCabe story came out just as the scuffle was taking place. Note that Trump withdrew and became inferior. If this is the correct view, then Trump is just one BIG FAKE DELIBERATELY.

Matt Gaetz on Fox refused to blame Barr for the McCabe walk, suggesting instead that there's still some swamp in the lower levels that Barr needs to clean up. Spit! This sin lies open-wounded on Barr's race track; he IS the runner for the stinking swamp at this time. He has taken the baton from Sessions and is running with it. Gaetz and similar others don't want to ruffle Barr's feathers, hoping that Durham will deliver better for them by that tack. FALSE HOPE. Fry Barr in oil TODAY, or weep tomorrow. Ruin his reputation with TRUTH. Tell it like it is: Barr, unjust, hypocrite, obstructionist, dark.

Below is Matt Gaetz disappointing by dishing out some garbage to protect his stance on not criticizing Barr or Trump. This sort of attitude from Trump worshipers is the nail in the coffin for the United States at this time. The ones who held out the only hope are going to let Barr's hypocrisy slide. If Trump does the same, then all of his worshipers become do-nothings, the very thing they criticize the RINOs for. The video suggests that Trump's furious about the McCabe decision, but that would be the expected report from an orchestrated plot. Trump has been showing outrage from the start, which amounts to fake imagery / facade if he applies no teeth.

Who's going to ask the DoJ for the names of the people responsible for the McCabe decision? That's congress' job, but also Trump's job since Trump knows more than anyone that McCabe deserves jail for the rest of his life.

Let's turn to the Trump worshiper, Tom Fitton (that is, he never speaks against Trump, no matter how NOTHING Trump helps out the anti-deep-state cause). We know Tom's going to be upset with the McCabe decision. Chaffetz, the host of the Fox show, starts out by placing Barr high on a pedestal, as Fox wants him to, you see, such a crying shame. Chaffetz is one of us, but I thought that we had smart people for this fight. Now we see that reputation and money corrupts them too, STUPIDS. Instead of outrage against Barr, Driscoll excuses him yet again...and Barr will therefore continue full speed ahead unless someone stops him. Fox guests are trying to convince voters that the Barr-Durham team is the only hope. I think that Chaffetz and Driscoll together kept Fitton from lambasting Barr. The first two criticize the DoJ, but not Barr, as though Barr is totally disconnected from the DoJ decision. If they can't be that dim, what motives do they have for leaving Barr unscathed?

We can't expect Barr to monitor every case that the DoJ is handling, but we would think he's responsible by his own desires to monitor cases like those of Stone and Flynn. Therefore, how in tarnation can the following opening for a 13th article be? "The Justice Department rejected claims by retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s lawyers that the agency watchdog’s recent surveillance abuse report contained evidence that would justify dismissing the case against him." Does Barr have no say with his underlings? Are they permitted to be iron-fisted for the sake of the deep state with his nod? That's what it looks like to me.

Will Bongino criticize on Friday the thing that deserves to be criticized in this Wednesday article? I got it from the Bongino Report on Thursday. Nope, Bongino did not address it on Friday. Here's more of it: "'The errors and misconduct described in the OIG report … do not amount to ‘egregious government misconduct' necessitating the dismissal of the charge against the defendant for making material false statements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on January 24, 2017,” wrote Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Brandon Van Grack in a court filing." Bongino believes that Flynn was trapped into given false testimony that wasn't really false testimony. Yet, the DoJ attitude above has got to be that of Bill Barr. The buck stops with him on the Flynn case, yet Bongino doesn't seem to want to cultivate a critical attitude toward Barr, and neither does BCP. That's why Barr isn't doing the job that's the right one to do. Trump's supporters in the media are not breathing fire into his face when seeing things like this.

Hope Hicks is leaving Fox, into Trump's inner a mole??? New York Post headline: "Hope Hicks to return to White House as Jared Kushner aide" I really don't understand how this woman can be valued for the positions she's held, unless men are after her legs. She's too young to be that valuable. She could be a super-mole in the position above. Trump's people should find out what her job description was at Fox, how she operated, what she thought on Trump's woes, and whether she was part of the Murphy - Kweit teamsters. I don't think any common person has ever heard her speak her mind on politics. What if Hope Hicks and Rob Porter were moles for Fox news when they previously worked in Trump's White House? I have no evidence that they were, but Hope Hicks made me suspicious.

On the same day that Miss Hicks is in the news as per the above, there's a story about John Kelly, whom hope Hicks respected when both were in the White House, coming out to criticize Trump. He even said that he would have worked as Hillary's chief of staff if she had won the election, which seems either to be his way to secure a welcome by the leftist press, or his hint that he's been a RINO all along.

In an interview this week, Barr says that Trump has never asked him to do any case, which for me shows that Trump's not doing his job as the president. For Bill Barr to put that statement out there as a message that it's good and right for the president to stay out of his job description is not the way things were set up. The president was made the chief of Justice. Barr submits to the president, but the deep state doesn't want to play that way. Barr is on a leftist media drawing his red line in the sand for Trump not to step over:

Barr says he won't be bullied by the president. Does it sound as though he's respecting the will of his boss? Who, really, is Barr working for? He portrays himself as doing his own will, calling all the shots, yet he is routinely giving kindnesses to Trump's enemies...whom I consider to be enemies of the human race, period. What's wrong with Barr? Who has deluded his mind? Why did he allow those deep-state animals to have their way with Stone and Flynn??? The country had best think hard about this, because the deep state is in the business of jailing its enemies on trumped and fabricated (frame-job) charges.

As you can see with your own eyes, Barr is willing to tell a leftist media whether Trump ever calls him to discuss anything. It's as though Barr is dropping candy on the leftist plate, agreeing that it would be wrong for Trump to interject himself on behalf of the people, for Barr did not rebuke the questioner for asking that question. Barr did not respond that he would welcome input from the president. Barr is thus a deep-state animal, doing as he pleases and refusing any authority over his head. I will agree with Barr that Trump should not have tweeted in opposition to the Stone sentencing; he should have called Barr on the phone instead, yet if Barr has made the president feel that he shouldn't call him, then that can explain the tweet as a protest against Barr. Let the war begin, because Barr is yet another bad choice by Trump.

I've seen Trump's tweet concerning Stone. I see nothing wrong with it. It would have been better had he called Barr to make his sentiments known, and to hell with what leftist media say for his interacting with his attorney general. He could have called Barr, and then told the people frankly that he called Barr. So what? Trump's main point was a shot across Barr's bow, saying that the real criminals are still free while Barr's elves are trying to severely punish the people that Mueller was trying to punish. There was nothing wrong about that statement.

Let the war begin against Barr. Trump needs to discover RIGHT NOW whether Barr intends to arrest Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey and ALL of the other guilty parties, even if there are 1,000 of them. It's the only way to cleanse the deep state. THE ONLY WAY. It was his election promise. Three years and counting, and his second attorney general is telling Trump to shut his trap. Don't call me, I'll call you. Trump has AUTHORITY to discover what Barr is doing, and intends to do. Trump has AUTHORITY to discuss Barr's answers with his inner White-House circle, and they all have a right to decide whether to keep Barr on the job depending on what he's doing about Trump's enemies. Trump has an ABSOLUTE RIGHT to DEMAND the arrest of Mueller, etc., because they committed crimes against the peoples' choice for president. ANYONE has the right to ask the top cop to make arrests on his behalf, and the top cop can accept or reject the request, but Trump can ask on behalf of the people whom the deep state oppresses, and that carries a lot more clout. Barr works for the people.

Or put it this way, that if Trump and his inner circle are not going to ask Barr what he intends to do with Brennan, Clapper, etc., then Trump betrays the people. Sufficient time has passed since Barr took the job for him to have put down a "deposit" for the people with at least a few key arrests. The announcement on Durham's formation of a grand jury could be nothing but a political stunt to deceive voters. [The day after writing here, Bongino on Friday tells that the New York Times leaked the DoJ's agenda looking into current CIA resistance to cooperation concerning Brennan's time as CIA chief. Trump just keeps-on picking the wrong people for cleansing swamp. How long do Trump supporters wish to be as kind as possible toward his motives for this these picks?]

Here is even Napolitano saying that Barr could arrest the chief juror in the Stone case. Instead of being agreeable to Trump's objections, Barr did the big-man stand-up-for-myself thing, acting oblivious to the injustice that Trump was hinting at:

Nunes on Thursday said that Barr is "trying to clean up the DoJ." I've got to read this as Nunes holding a false hope in Barr because he doesn't want to be the first to start a rift between Barr and Trump. Some would be frightened of such a rift for fear that Barr will "change his mind" on making arrests. But if Barr would become difficult / snub-nosed in a power struggle, it only goes to show that he's not wishing to do the proper job in the first place. If he needs to be coaxed into making arrests, then he'll make as few as he thinks he can get away with.

As it turned out, Trump acted like he was not disturbed by Barr's comments, which is a big loss for Trump, showing that he's decided to be the inferior. Perhaps his advisors thought best not to turn Barr into a snub-nosed dog, but that's not quite correct, because Barr is worse. There will be more signs of what sort of animal he is. If Barr were a good man, he would have said, the president is right, we are going at Stone like a tornado, and like a summer breeze against the leaders of the coup. So, even though Trump was right, Trump backed down, and Barr looks like a pig without understanding, one who wants to overlook his lawlessness. It is lawless to ignore the coup leaders.

You might say that Barr is looking at the coup leaders, through Durham, but that just can't be much the case at all, because it would have been leaked by the enemies. If Durham were to question any of the leaders of the coup, it's going to get leaked as a travesty of justice. If Durham's department were getting hot toward an arrest, moles in the DoJ would leak it. So, the only hope with the Barr-animal in the Department of Injustice is for Trump to demand papers, and to expose the crimes himself. But he's too much of a wimp to do it. No one knows whether he's even inquired as to what stage Durham is at.

If I were the president, the logical way forward is to demand from Durham the best cases he's got on the highest levels of the coup. I would give the papers to my lawyers, and have them explain to me what they mean, and even what they lack for viable prosecutions. I would ask my lawyers to assist Durham in securing prosecutions. My lawyers would be directed to speak to no one about those papers, except for the papers that I decide should be released to the public in order to shut the leftist media up once and for all.

Instead of having to wait three years for the DoJ to reveal that the FISA applications were illegal, I would demanded those applications on my desk as soon as they were discovered. It wouldn't have been necessary to have Nunes beg them from me. I would have asked my lawyers to assess whether the applications were legal or criminal, and I would have exposed every piece of criminality to the public even if it gave the enemy an advantage for the looming court cases, because the court of public opinion is important too. This concept that nothing can be exposed to the public because the DoJ must hide its strategy against the enemy is a mere excuse to get nothing done, to stall and stall until its practically justified to move on.

I would have demanded from Sessions the arrest James Comey first of all for signing off on the warrants, and Rosenstein too, and I would thus have replaced Rosenstein with Whitaker at an early time. If Sessions refused to make the arrest for recusing himself, I would have asked Whitaker to do it. It's more than dandy for a president to ask for the arrest of a criminal; the leftist media can say against it without hurting itself. The arrests would have been important even if some leftist-leaning jury eventually let the leaders walk. Swift and decisive action against the deep state would have stifled it, confused it, frightened it. Mueller would have been finished much sooner, and, God forbid, I would not have chosen Barr, a Mueller friend, to replace Sessions. You get the gist of how I feel. Trump has been the enemy too. He's happy to survive politically, even if it means zero punishment to the coup leaders, zero deterrent. Sure, he'd like to see them punished, but not if it means risking the next election.

Barr claimed that Trump's tweets make it impossible for him to do his job, but Trump wouldn't complain in his tweets if Barr were doing the proper job. Usually, on these matters, Trump tweets with the flow of his base, which expects proper justice from Barr. Trump should not give-in to Barr's brattish request, but should act exactly as I've said here: Barr, do the right thing, and all Trump's tweets will compliment you. Do the wrong thing strong-headedly, and you should be steered right against your will. You are not permitted to do as you please if you do not dispense justice. The president is responsible to see to it that you dispense justice, and if he's a hypocrite too, then the voters had best steer him right against his will.

Late in the week, BCP gave thumbs-up to Bill Barr, and on his next show, on McCabe's skating, BCP still did not criticize Barr, telling his viewers that Barr's just letting the small fries / cases go but planning to arrest the big fries later. I'm not going to share this BCP video with you to spare BCP his embarrassing himself. It is not sane to let McCabe go free just because he's a small fry. He's not small. He was the second-in-command at the FBI, knowing most of the business of, and following the demands of, James Comey. If Sessions lasted two years under fierce criticisms from Trump voters, it's going to be a breeze for Barr to be a do-nothing with the love strokes upon him from the BCP's of Trump land.

My theory: Washington is largely a masonic brotherhood which is sworn to let brothers off the hook for crimes, and this demand goes for judges and law people. My bet: Barr is one of the brotherhood, or its friend. An alternative is that McCabe agreed to be a stool pigeon in return for dropping charges against him, but I have no hope for such a thing because I think the deep state has secret bugs outside of government control that would pick up such a plot and fight it using media leaks.

Here is a depressing / concerning example of the coming "population control," or perhaps one that has been with us since the 1970s, thanks to evil men (same breed as the deep state) addicted to the love on money:

Maybe we should just eat rice and Rice Crispies everyday. I assume that they don't spray Round-Up on rice. The problem with Round-Up, and it's probably deliberate: Monsanto doesn't kill the seeds of weeds, and causes the sprayed weeds to live long enough to sprouts seeds, assuring that farmers need Round-Up every year. But if Monsanto killed the seeds too, farmers wouldn't need to spray every year, eventually. As you saw, Round-Up is killing the soil itself through annual sprays. So, love of money wins the day for the wicked, and we all get chemicalized to whatever it might do to us. The sickest part is the damage to new births. At any time, the globalists -- who stack the system with like-minded ones -- can stick us with more toxins they desire in us, to hasten our deaths in old age, by adding them to Round-Up. Virtually all farmers use Round-Up. Kind'a makes you wanna to raise your own food, get some dirt under your fingernails.

The tab is in. The price for the DNC to pay for the impeachment cocktails is high. Those who ordered the impeachment roast are going to be despised heavily for months, and then-some for years, as the Democrat party is left hectic to fend for itself like a cooked duck. If Hillary was thinking to enter the race on the argument that none of the candidates can beat Trump, it's going to be harder for her to get appreciated if Sanders keeps the lead. She is well-despised by many Democrats for how she, with the DNC, treated Sanders in 2016. Half the country in support of Hillary is a sick thing. Half the country in support of Sanders is a sick outlook, especially with the prospect of another four years with Trump Ego.

He still calls it a "perfect" phone call, like a boy who yet to grow up to learn that one should not talk or think about self like that. This man could get dangerous in thinking so highly of himself. For the next several months: bragging about his accomplishments, and telling only half the story on those accomplishments. That's why I'm not listening to his rallies. Why subject myself to a mere boy in his 70s? If you love him, you will become like him. Oh-no, millions of little Trumps on the lose in America. This can't be good. Chose a non-establishment president who's not full of himself, because such a man can never be a good leader. Having confidence and bravery is good and fine, but conceit spoils the man. At his rallies: I'm amazing, I've done this, and I'm the first to do that, and no one's like me. How can his voters stomach this immaturity? In whom is the true hope for this country? Christians, you need to be concerned for the coming society; it does not look good. Expect weird mutations from a Trumped-up society.

Americans should be horrified with the entire leftist, political machine because it knows as a fact that Intelligence was systematically turned on the Republican candidate, and this is what they wish for perpetually for all candidates that threaten their powers. The leftist machine would love to get away with deceiving the entire country. It is testing its wheels as we speak, testing to see whether it can deceive at least all of the Democrat party. It's learning as it makes mistakes. It celebrates being able to deceive SYSTEMATICALLY, you understand. It KNOWINGLY deceives, and is therefore a demon incarnate. This is your anti-Christ system. This is what will love the anti-Christ when he arrives. Their sons will not continue to rule the planet; it will be a disgusting end to them. Until then, watch and see the demonic activity proliferate. Do your share in speaking out against it; let's not lose our salt, our desire to see Christ's manifest Kingdom.

The leftist media, the slander machine, is banking on its political enemies to greatly value their reputations, because its job it to ruin reputations in efforts to curb attitudes. So, by smearing Barr, if he dares to make the arrests desired by Trump voters, Barr is less likely to make arrests, if he wants a good reputation. Reputation as described by Democrats means NOTHING. If people care nothing for their reputations, then the slander machine has no power over them. If a law man loves only to do the right things, reputation can be willingly left by the wayside. Do the right things and score your reputation in that way. To love God is much about loving to do right by God's standards, and a good reputation before God is all that matters.

This week: "Trump said four tech giants Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet’s Google, and Amazon are part of a trillion dollar club — MAGA. According to a press pool report, Trump said: 'For 144 days, we set a record stock market. It means 401Ks, it means jobs. Four trillion dollar companies: Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft. You have MAGA. The trillion dollar club'" (CNBC). These companies have gobbled up hundreds of smaller companies, never satisfied, the thing that stock-marked corps do as a rule. This is where Trump's head is at, not in the New Testament, that's for sure. He's not asking them to lower their prices, but is instead wishing they make even more money this year so that he can heap more praise on them for helping out his agenda to boom the economy. This is your clown president, Christians, who acts like he's king Midas when in fact he's the destroyer.

If you know the Word of God, you should know that a man like this is ruin, as when weeds infest a field to choke out the wheat. Make more money, everyone, says Trump, so that I can be glorified for being the one responsible. I am reading him perfectly because he's making himself perfectly clear.

Here's a good issue for which Barr should direct Wray to comply with congress. This issue is on Obama's FBI spying on political / media enemies years before Trump came along:

With all my mentions of Mr. Kepke, I now find this online statement: "Kerri KUPEC, a spokesperson for Barr, did not respond to a request for comment [on the matter of the DoJ receiving Giuliani information]." Bongino's video above mentions the Covington law people whom he says were possibly seeking to screw their own client, general Flynn. Covingtons share the weaver's shuttle with Keeps, and the write-up says that Covington was also COFingtun, which seems Kupec-line relevant because Keeps were first found in Sussex with Coverts/COFFerts, Courts/Coverts and the Kidders sharing the Coffer/Coffare / Heffer crescents. Coffers/Coffare's were first found in Somerset with Heffers/Heifers. It gives the impression that Keep liners were also Keefe's/Keefers, and the latter happen to be in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer CUPs (like "Kupec") as well as the crescents above. These are the colors also of Fife-like Fifers/Pfiefers, and it just so happens that while I link Fife's to mythical Morgan le Fay, Morgans share the giant Keefe(r) lion. It's in the colors of a Hepher leopard/cat, and Hephers share the red garb with Keppochs. Kepke liners are suspect with the namers of Ukraine's Kiev, and Fife / Five / Vivian/Vey liners are suspect with Ukraine's L'viv. Thus, Barr's spokesperson brings us to things-Ukraine.

However, I don't see what the meaning of the paragraph above could be if God used Kepke in my life to point to Kupec. Further evidence that Kupec is being pointed to is where Mr. Kepke loved to dance in BARs with Miss Peare; for a time that's all they did. I can't see, yet anyway, what a Kepke pointer to Kupec could predict for us about Barr's future attitude. Kiplings show nothing but a dancette, and while Keppochs look linkable to English Dance's, Peare's have one of the four pale bars of Italian Dance's (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's), and share the gold leopard face with Coverts/Cofferts and Rumble's (Sussex, same as Coverts/Cofferts).

While the Dol Alans lived at Oswestry, English Dance's (horse head), sharing the fesse of Alans, share the illegal gold-silver combination with OsWESTrys while Wests show nothing but a dancette too. Wests are from Vestalis, as are the Waistells that Peare pointed to, and Italian Dance's are from king Donnus, grandfather of Vestalis.

My Embarrassing End

If you made it this far, congratulations, this emBARE-ASSing update is finally done. Have you ever read anything like this? Can you believe I told of this dream, and expounded upon it? I have one last line of thought, that, because I was in public without my pants, it could mean yet another thing, for God is a genius when creating scenes, with multiple explanations / solutions. I'm actually hoping that I'm going to be embarrassed for attacking Bill Barr. I would by far rather be wrong, and need to admit it, if I could see him severely punishing deep-state operatives.

I actually trace Barrs, for good reasons, to the namers of modern Bar, at the Adriatic coast of Lake Scodra. As Phrygian Froggit was with me in the dream, and as she points to Scodra elements, it makes sense that Bare's are listed with Barrs. It allows me to apply my bare-ass situation to Bill Barr, due to the timing of this dream. Perhaps it's he who will be embarrassed, we shall see.

The first-ever reason i had to trace Barrs to bar at Scodra is that Butua is near Scodra too while BUTTs/Bute's once showed the black horse head exactly of Este's, and it's known that Barrs were kin of Este's. So, as I was bare-butted, this speaks for itself that Bare's/Barrs are indeed a part of God's meaning for this dream. Historically, Scythians have been the destructive butt-heads and wild jackasses of the human race, and that's probably why there's going to be an Armageddon at all. Gog = Scythians, right?

I met Mr. Quinn (13 years of age at the time) at Mark II, and he turned out to live near me. He's the one who loaned me his parents' valiant when i dated Miss Hanson. Valiants use the shark for a trace to Saraca's out of Kotor.

In the 1979 dream with Miss HICKs, whom God used to utter, "you CAN scoot over," suggesting the trash-can line = Skudra > Scodra elements, there was a shark with nasty teeth. The Tooths use a motto term for the Tyne river, the area of the Tooth-related, Letushite-like Letters/Lauders. The Tyne theater is also where Teets/Tate's were first found whom I trace to lake Tatta, not far from Phrygia. It's just that the dream ended with her rising into the sky as code for Rhizon, smack beside Kotor, the line from Keturah, matriarch of Letushites.

Scoots even use a "haec" motto term, and are said to have been at Tyningham, i.e. at the Tyne river. What are the chances that Tyne's are also BOTville's? That's right, likely from Butua thanks to linkage to Scoots. Miss Hicks was rising into the sky while embracing me; me, descended from the Moschi mountains of Gog. "Gog," I've read, means "sky / blue." It may not have meant that originally, but could have come to mean that.

Just before we were rising, she was asleep, code for Sleeps, the line from the Selepitanoi Illyrians, smack at Bar, no kidding. The Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Tyne's/Botville's, and with the Middle's/Mittels (Scott / Scoot border and Shield) having a RAGully fesse in the blue color of the Arms-of-Saraca fesse. The Middle write-up: "Myddle Castle was built here c. 1308 by Lord John Le Strange..." Strange's are said to be of Guido le Strange while Guido's look linkable to Skits/Skeets/Skeochs and Sheets/Skate's. Is the toilet linking to Phrygians? Toilets and Shitts/Shute's/Shots go together. Bridge's use crap-like crabs, and Crappers/Cropers are like the Grope's/Grabbers.

Strange's are interesting because they were first found in Derbyshire (beside Middle's of Shropshire) with Froggits, and because they have the lion of pyraMID-using Tollets/Tolle's (share Stewart checks). The Midas-suspect Middle's came to topic upon mention of the pyramid, and it just so happens that Middle's were first found at the English home of the DOL Alans. "Dol" is traceable to "Tolle," you see, and Strange's were kin of the Alan-Stewarts. Crabs share the Dole fleur-de-lys. English Stewarts share ragully with Middle's. The latter use a black-lion version of the Talbot Coat (Shropshire).

Having said that, I was sitting on a TOILET exposed in the MIDDLE of a big HALL, while Halls, first found in Lincolnshire with Talbot-line Tailbois', use talbot dog heads. Both Talbot Coats are a version of both Scott Coats...meaning that the bare-ass dream with Froggit seems to trace to the same as the embarrassing toilet scene. I was unable to get off the toilet, with people walking by, because I was naked or something. It was a cruel dream, Lord, why'd you do it to me? Am I descended from Tullia of Lyon? Her line was related to Taddei's, the surname of my great-grandmother.

Tullia was the daughter of Gallia, and this line led to Mummolin, husband of Berthe, daughter of MauriLION, the line to Maurels/Maurino's, first found in Milan with Gallia's, and using a version of the BUTT/Bute Coat. My butt was stuck to the toilet. I was trapped. Maurels/Maurino's substitute the Butt/Bute estoiles for the eight-pointed stars of Stelli's, they being the formers of pyramid-using Battistelli's. Batti's/BOTTo's, having eight-pointed stars of their own, were first found in Lombardy with Maurels/MAURINO's. The latter look like they had connected to elements from Morano down by Italy's SCIDRus area, that's right, totally expected. The Brittany Maurels were kin of Stewart-related Brocks/Broke's (Essex), and when Ranulph de Briquessart le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois, he married Lucy of BolingBROKE. Bolingbroke's (chapeau) have a Coat much like that of Maurels/Maurino's, both sharing the fesse of Moro's/Morinis'.

Recall that Lorraine's bus stop is a block from Major MacKenzie drive, for MacKenzie's are listed with Kenneths, who no doubt named quasi-mythical Kenneth MacAlpin. Kenneth (Scott king) was the son of king Alpin (Pict king) in the transition from Pictish royals to the first SCOTT king, that's exactly right. It's the Skudra line coming to Alba (proto-Scotland).

Now look, for the Alpin Coat can be gleaned as the kin of Gregorys and Greeks. It's just that her bus stop was in front of Jimmy's restaurant, a Greek. Loading Greeks/Greers, we find a "Memor ESTO" motto linkable to Barrs of Este, right down Lorraine's alley. Moreover, "MeMOR" looks like it honors Moro's/Morinis' because the Greek/Greer Coat has three items in the Chief identical with the one item in its base, as do the Maurel/Maurino and Butt/Bute Coats in the same colors. So, "MEMor" looks like a Mummolin line in conjunction with Moor liners from Morano (besides SARACena, Scidrus theater, matches Saraca's of Kotor / Butua at Scodra), and this recalls that Mamie pointed to the Men's/Mame's/MEMe's who happen to come up as "Mem," excellent as per "MEMor," for Lorraine's butt event was about an hour after I met Mamie for the first time.

It checks out because the Mens-branch Manners/Maness share the double fesses of English Gregorys. The latter's "vigiLANTER" motto term goes with the LAUNDRoMAT at which I first got together with Lorraine the first evening we spent together. Pepin of Landen married mat-like Metz in Lorraine (near Mummolin and probably related to him), but keep in mind that the ending on "laundromat" traced well to the Mat river with a mouth near Scodra. Landens are also LANDERs, you see, but when we load Lanters, we get the Este and Barr eagle, we can't ask for more than that from Gregorys after their Greek branch already suggested the Butt-related Este's. You see, God put Jimmy the Greek in that restaurant (the owner) for what we are seeing here. Lanters were first found in Champagne, and Mummolin was at Chalons-en-ChamPAGNE, a potential Paeoni element of the Payne / Payen kind.

Yes, for Pepins use a "Mens" (!) and an "est" motto term along with sharing horse heads with Este's and Butt/Bute's. As was said, the Pepin branch of Pipe's was first found in Staffordshire with STOPs/Stubbs (Paeonian line), and the Stops/Stubbs have a good reflection of the Pipe and Pepin Coats. Pepins have the fleur-de-lys of German Matts (so excellent), though the latter use them in colors reversed too, which are then the fleur of arse-line Arrows/Arras', and the latter surname was first found in Staffordshire too. Lorraine's arse speaks loudly here. But why was it used for a grass stain in what was framed as an act of adultery? Did she represent Cybele, the proto-harlot of Revelation? Were Pepins from Cybele?

Lorraine was given a babe symbol, and Babenbergs were founded by a Poppo character. Poppins/Pophams use another "Mens" motto term, and also "MANSit." Poppins/Pophams were first found in Hampshire with the Caplans and Capelli-related Buttons/Bidens, a branch of Butts. There you have her butt speaking while connecting with Cybele-suspect Capelli's. Cybele's priests were transvestites, expected with long hair. Joseph Biden likes to smell hair. Poppins/Pophams have a "pristina" motto term, and I had read that Pres(t)ina was the mother of mythical Melusine, whom I see as the heraldic mermaid, used by Babels/Babe's. PRESTwicks use the Melusine mermaid.

The Gregory / Greek Coats are linkable to that of MacArthurs ("opera"), and the latter have the Seagar MOLINE while I see Moline's with "MumMOLIN." Moline's share the black moline with Mathis' and Chives', that's right. The MacArthur and Seagar moline is in colors reversed with Segurana's, and the latter have the Lanter / Este / Barr eagle yet again. Saraca's of Ragusa were right beside ASaMUM (light map), a location that became well traceable, not many weeks ago, from the Asamus tributary of the Danube. The theory is that Mummolin was named partly after Asamum elements, which seems like a long shot. The Gregory / Greek / Alpin saltire formed with a sword can be of the saltire formed with a sword of Mummolin-line Kirks and Assi's/Ass' (SHETland, linkable to Skudra liners). Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with Sheds and Skits/Skeets'/Skeochs.

Arthurs use "rests" which can trace to Orestes, beside Eordea, and Gords were first found in BERwickshire with Arthurs. Orestes (beside BOIUS on the Apsus) is on the same river as BERoea. MacArthurs have the same laurel branch, with red BERRies, as Lorraine's, and we can see that Berrys / Barrys can be Barr branches. Saraca's were in the area of proto-Arthur Ardiaei, and so a Saraca link to MacArthurs is not surprising. The Arduinici were on the BAUTica river with CHIVASso, suggesting that Illyrians from the Butua theater ended up in that area. For many years, Chives' were said to be first found in Devon, same as Moline's and Berrys. One Axe river ends in Devon. Arduinici had a branch in Oneglia, the line of Nagle's/NEILs, first found in Westphalia with the Ducks, and with the Pansys/PANTzers in the pansies of the Arms of Bar-le-Duc (fish in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish). The Nihill variation of Irish Neils (Tyrone, same as Sharks) is almost in the Berry motto.

There we have the reason for the butt stain on her pants. Two Grass surnames happen to share a lion split in silver and gold with Brigantium-liner Irish Brians. It appears that when I proved Lorraine to be a pointer to Paeonians, it would be some two or three years yet before realizing (this week) that they were at least amongst the original Phrygians. French Brians share the Nagle/Neil saltire. The latter's Oneglia location is also, Imperia, smacking of Pieria! The latter is near Scydra in the heart of Skudra, we may assume. SCYDra is on the dark map due north of lake BEGORRites, named "Begorites" on the light map, and "Byggar" is a motto term in the Arms of SHETland. The Sheds/SCHEDs were first found in Ayrshire with Sheds and Skits/Skeets', all near Biggar (location) at Lanarkshire.

OH wow, although Scydra is not on the light map, it's roughly at mount Bora (shown), and it just so happens that there is a Bora/Borham surname sharing the Both/Booth Coat while Bothwells were first found in Lanarkshire with Biggar! Excellent find, proving multiple things at once. Boths/Booths use an "ADjuvat" motto term, and Bothwells have "ADversus," which could be closely connectable with the "ad" of Fisks/Fiscs (pyramid!) because the dark map has a Physca location between Bigorrites and Scydra. Oh wow, there is an ASTRAcus river (downtown Emathia) flowing near Scydra and Physca, and Fisks/Fiscs use "ad astra"!!! Fisks/Fiscs share the checkered Shield of Vers' in "adVERSus."

The "adversus" of Bothwells recalls the "adversis" of PYRaMID-using Tollets/Tolle's, and Emathia is at Bermius, origin of king MIDas, and also beside PIERia. That works, and so, wow, recall that I was sitting on a toilet in a big and open HALL, because Pieria (near Axios) is along a HALiacmon river...into which the Eordaicus flows that named Gordion-suspect Eordea. "HaliACMON" might just have been related to Akmonia of Galatia, home of Severus, grandfather of Quadratus Bassus, and roughly the grandson (or great-grandson) of Brogitarus (Pessinos, near the Halys river).

Oh-wow, Ackmans/Akmans ("They lived in Lanarkshire" [!!!]) use a "roBORE" motto term that can apply to mount Bora. Berrys (Devon) use "laBORE" and have fesses in the colors of the Labore fesses. Labore's were first found in Yorkshire with the Booths sharing the Bora/Borham Coat. Berrhoea is a region near lake Begorrites.

Also, while DISS is a location at the Norfolk-Suffolk border, Fisks/Fiscs were first found in Suffolk while Physca is beside EDESSa. The latter is at the northern slopes of mount BERmius, itself beside BERoea. The dark map has Edessa significantly to the north, between the Astracus and the Axius. The dark map, by the way, calls it the AZius. Kenneths/MacKenzie's use "AS astra." Recall that MAJOR MacKenzie drive seemed to be chosen by God as part of the revelation, for Majors have an anchor as well as a Coat linkable to ANCHORs and Annas'. Annas of Israel can be suspect descending from a Laevi connection to Brogitarus, who was in or near ANKARA of the Phrygians, and he was the chief priest of the Phrygian proto-whore of Revelation. Do you get this? She's describing the line of the killers of Jesus, and she's going to get her just reward in Due Time.

Majors have a Coat also like that of Kirks while sharing the greyhound head with Church's. Lorraine lived on church and was given, I think, an adultery symbol when she was out walking with her friend's husband. She was probably walking along Church. The revelation whore is given an adultery symbol. Kirks love the line of Mummolin, and he was descended from ARTEMia (of Lyon), suspect with the naming of Artemidoros, Brogitarus' grandson, and father of Severus of Akmonia. That latter term suspect in forming "Hasmonean," the Maccabees of Israel, that is, who put out the Sadducees.

Kirks use the crozier, and one Crozier Coat is the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne, home of Mummolin. The interesting thing about Crozier/Crosier liners here is that Creusa was wife to Aeneas, the mythical founder of Rome, while the Revelation whore sits on the seven hills of Rome. There has got to be a way for Phrygians to have turned into the Trojan line of Aeneas. He was a son of Aphrodite, the Heneti Phrygians, and she was married to HephAEStus of Lemnos, location of Marne-suspect Myrina. There's good arguments for linking the Marne river to Lemnos-liner Lemovices of Limousin, where Clere's were first found who can be expected at Clermont-Ferrand with Tullia's husband. Why does Tullia's mother, Gallia, look Galatian?

Artemia (Mummolin's grandmother) married Florentinus (5th century), explaining the flory cross of Tollers, but note how the latter is a Coat reflection of the Artems/Aitons (Berwickshire, same as Arthurs, Levi-beloved Aids, and Hume's/Home's with the Lyon lion in colors reversed).

Good morning late this week on Monday. I ended last night above, and while in bed realized that the shirt I was wearing in the Froggit dream was not the collared kind. I saw the shirt, a T-shirt type. The Tee surname is listed with the Tease's from the Tessin/Ticino river, where Tiss'/Teece's are expected who are in the Shirt/Shard motto, for Tiss' share the Shirt/Shard chevron. It's just another clue from God as to where surnames trace. Trust it or don't. Tee's/Tease's are said to be from Mousehole, also called, Port Enys, smacking of the Annas' (Nottinghamshire, same as Tee's/Tease's) expected in the Tee/Tease star. It could suggest that Annas of Israel was from Brogitarus because I was talking to Froggit in this dream.

We can now take it to my French-fry reward from Sam himself of Sam's Restaurant, the pointer to Samsam, a Saracen leader. I had a suspicion that Phrygians named Franks, and there we have the French's, who happen to share the motto of Somerset's Payne's/Paine's, Paeonian suspects. It's suggesting that the Varni > Varangi line to Franks was pure Phrygian, and to this we can add that Varni were a fellow-tribe of Lombards while Scottish Lombards are in the Coat of German Hansons, important because God planned to have me date Miss Hanson out of Sam's ice-cream section shortly after Sam gave me my French-fry reward (for cleaning up his parking lot). Scottish Lombards share a lozengy Shield with Grimaldi's.

As Frys/Freys are Phrygian suspects, the message may be that my mother's Grimaldi side descends from Phrygians, for Sam's restaurant is in Gormley while Gormleys are also Grimms'. It now recalls that I first found Frocks/Froggs due to the Grimaldi write-up's mention of the Grimaldi symbol, a MONK with a sword HIDDEN in a cloak, which the write-up calls a FROCK. I suspected that it was written that way as deliberate code for Frocks/Froggs, but perhaps it was God's doing instead. The head in the Fry/Frey Crest looks like a Saracen's head wearing a turban of some sort. I first saw Cathy Froggit as soon as we moved to Gormley, for it was then that I had to change schools to attend her's in UNIONville. Unions/Annians were first found in Sussex with Diens/DINE's. On my mother's Grimaldi side, her nephew is DINO.

The Grimaldi Shield looks linkable to the Fisk/Fisc Coat, but moreover Wikipedia's article on the Fisc-like Fieschi of Genova have them allied to Grimaldi's of that place, though Grimaldi's became "royals" in Monk-like Monaco. Genova is where Sakarya-river Segurana's (MacArthur moline in colors reversed) were first found whose Segni variation is virtually a motto term of FESSYs, thus tracking Fessys and Fieschi to Physca migrants from the Scydra area of Macedonia / Paeonia.

Therefore, Genova had Phrygians from the Sakarya. My mother's brother, MIMO, named his son, Dino, and Scottish Deans/DENES' ("arte") happen to share the Segni/Segurana moline with a sword within it. For a long time, Deans/Denes were said to have been first found in Sussex with Diens/DINE's/Dives'. Dino's can be gleaned with Taddei's and the ADDs/Alda's (suspect in the Fisk/Fisc motto), first found in Ayrshire with early Deans/Denes'...and with the SCHEDs and Sheds, the latter using a "hermit," if I recall correctly, which looks like play on a monk. The Hermit Coat looks linkable to Berta's, husband of Mimo-like MumMOLIN. The latter was grandfather to Grimo (son of BABon), no kidding at all.

Mimo Grimaldi's first name was properly, Dominic, but no one called him that. French Dominics share the lone star of Annas' and Vere's while Irish Vere's essentially have the Grimaldi Coat, excellent. It seems as though God named Dominic. The Dominic Shield is split horizontally in the colors of the same of Schwerins (Mecklenburg), and Schwerin is in the land of the Varni.

English Dominics share the eight-pointed star of Stelli's while the Berta/Bert griffin is used by German Steels while Battistelli's share the pyramid with Fisks/Fiscs and the Tollets/Tolle's in Mummolin ancestry! Good one. I'm getting the impression that Mummolin may have been named, Dominic, after Domna Bassianus, for her father was stationed in Dalmatia, home of the Saraca's at/beside AsaMUM. English Berts were first found in Devon with Monks (cockaTIEL traces to the Tilurius, where I see Bassianus').

The Denes variation of Deans now points to Dennis Quinn of Gormley, who loaned me his parents' Valiant to take Miss Hanson for a drive; Dennis' happen to use axes while Valiants may be a branch of whatever the "Vel" terms stand for in the Dean/Denes motto. Vails/Veils/Velis' happen to have a "DOMINE" motto term.

Hermits happen to have a gold border = the line of Justine of Picenum who was related to Assi's/Ass' and to the Sibals having both the Dean/Denes MOLINE and that of Valiant-like Vallans who in turn have the Sarasin moline, important because Valiants have the Saracen-line shark. Justine married Vallan-like Valentinian, son of GRATian of Sibal-like Cibalae, explaining why GREATs/Greeps share the gold border with Justine's. But Greeps are linkable to Crispins/Crepons, and it just so happens that there is an online quote wherein a Grimaldus character married Crispina, daughter of Rollo.

Hermits happen to share the helmets of PANTers/Panthers, and the latter share "spur rowells" with Paeonian Payens/Pagans, suggesting what Lorraine's pants would suggest already, that Panters were Paeonians. Her pants pointed also to Pansys/Pantzer, first found in Westphalia with Vallan-like Velens and Velins (ducks = line of Bar-le-Duc). Payens/Pagans were first found in dolphin-depicted Dauphine, and this may link to the dolphin in the French Crest, for French's use one of the two Rowell chevrons. The Westphalia Ducks look linkable to Valance's/Valens'.

It should be added that Scheds/Sheds share the potent cross with Croce's, a branch of Crocs, while Irish Deans have a CROCodile. Both Croc surnames have Croke/Croak variations bring frogs to mind.


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