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January 21 - 27, 2020

Meaning of Knob Hill Farms Broadens to Ukraine's Corruption
Atlas Auto Parts
Breaking Bombshell on Biden Story
The Owner of Burisma Sells Crocodile Shoes!

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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After the last update was uploaded Monday, and also on Tuesday morning, I added a large section at the very end of the heraldic discussions. It's a very good section on the "big head" phrase I used when first greeting Mrs. Kilpatrick. To read that section, use your find feature to find, "I was impressed." Here's how that section started:
I was impressed with the heraldry as per the duck dinner at the buffalo-meat restaurant as it included buffalo-head Pohls. It reminded me of the time that I first greeted Mrs. Kilpatrick as she walked by in the rear of the church, at a regular get-together there. I reached out my hand and said, "Im John." Her husband was there. I don't remember what we said aside from her mention of the buffaloes on her ranch. And I recall exactly what I responded: "The ones with the really BIG HEADS?" And I spread my arms to indicate bigness.

When I first started to think about that event, I didn't have a way to make a heraldic link, because I needed more than a buffalo. There was Mrs. Kilpatrick / Miss Hicks and a buffalo to go on as the props, but no heraldic links came to mind with those things. So, because I greeted her, I looked up Greets, and recalled that they were with the Greats/Greeps before they loaded. When I saw their blue-on-white saltire, eureka, for the Malcolms/Columns/Calms use that saltire too, and they say that "Malcolm means "BIG HEAD." Is that not wild?

I should add here that the buffalo-meat restaurant was done up in a hunter's theme, suspect as God's pointer to Hunter Biden. Hunters share both Kilpatrick saltires. (Open the Hunter tab to load all other Coats of Arms you'd like to see.)

The ice-cream-line Hansons worked into that big-head discussion when it got onto Kennys, suspect with Khyan-line Hyksos, though they can also I had said: "These Kennys share a version of the Danish / Norwegian Hanson Coat, and English Hansons share the mascles of LICKs/Lucks. AHHH, Miss Hanson the ice-cream girl, and when she gave the ice-cream cone to me, I LICKed it! Kennys can be of the Kenneths/Kenzie's and therefore from Kneza-like queen Kenza." That piece was in the same paragraph in which I showed the "teNEAT" motto term of Knee-like Kennys, which recalled that Knee's are a branch of Needhams. I added, " "Mrs. Kilpatrick had a knee symbol; I touched her knee (in the dream), and we rose in the Skye, so to speak. If Kennys are from Khyan, it appears his line named Kneza. Miss Hick's knee = Khyan Hyksos? Makes sense.

It now appears that the knee of that dream has been solved. It's been a long-standing mystery. It's notable that Kenny- and Kenneth-like Kennedys, kin of Craig-line Carricks, can reveal that the Kenny crescents are those of Craigie's, first found in AYRshire with Carricks, Kennedys, and Kness-beloved Nons in the "Luceo non URO" motto phrase of Kenneths/Kenzie's. I wonder why Nons and Name's/Neams both come up as "Nean". "Uro" is suspect with Kenza of Aures, and the Ure branch of the Aur/Aures surname. Ure's have the motto, "Sans tache." Tache's and Tacks are a branch of Tanks. The "itur" motto term of Kenneths/Kenzie's (and Fisks) is for the ITURean, IDRis, king of Morocco, husband of Kenza of Aures. Shaws, from Aures, use, "VINCit qui patITUR."

As the Intelligence sewer tank concocted / managed the FISC crime against Trump, we could ask why the four-word motto of Kenneths is one letter shy of the Fisk/FISC motto. The latter's "ad" motto term is for their Ad-like kin sharing their checkered Shield, but I always forget how to find it. You just need to keep in mind that God pointed to Kenneths through the Kilpatricks now pointing to Russian things yet to be discovered.

The first order of this update (getting cluttered fast) was to show that the "Saint Petersburg Russia" medallion links to Russian Hansons [I didn't remember until later that Kenneths share the gold border with Russian Hansons and Greets/Greats, the launch-pad reason for this discussion]. I'm hoping that the medallion mystery gets a break-through here. In the last update, many pointers to Biden corruption was though the Alutus river of McLeods/Lutts of Skye, and they can be connected on two counts with Samsons, traceable to Samsam of the Saracens. Miss Hanson pointed heavily to the Saracen-line Sharks, and her first name, KATRina, if there be such a surname, is suspect for the Saraca's of KOTOR. CATTERs use fish, the Arms-of-Saraca symbol. God knows what he's doing.

Can we figure out why the hands of the Catter griffin are emphasized with their own color? The Hands are also Hanson-like Hans', as though God didn't want us to cop-out from giving Him glory for this work he's done through an ice-cream event in my youth. This is His work, and He wants His people to know that He will expose and punish the corrupt in high places, not the useless Trump.

Catters were first found in Berkshire with the Shaws/Sheaves', likely from Kenza of Aures, home of Shawia Numidians. If the Catter griffin wears gloves on its hands, we can snitch that Glove's, first found in Perthshire with Scottish Shaws, are in Catter colors and format. It's related to the following medallion discussion that Glove's share the Craig crescent and show wings for the Wings/Winks (Perthshire), the latter being from GRATian the Elder, the line of Greets/Greats/Greeps. I GREETed Mrs. Kilpatrick, then immediately spoke to her with "big head," and the Greet saltire is that also of big-head Malcolms. The medallion pointed to Groce's/Greggs, you see, like "Craig." AND, Russian Hansons use a swan (same design as Lick/Lock Crest) while Swans/Sions once showed gauntlet GLOVES, but now show falconer's gloves. Pretty amazing.

German CHRISTMAS' have the swan too, and while I first say Miss Hicks on Christmas day, her Hyksos line was at lake Sevan as the Asians / Assi. That can explain why Kenneths use "as" instead of the "ad" used by Fisks (otherwise their four-word motto is identical). The Assi's/Ase's (Fesch sword?) use a Fisk-like fasces symbol with AXE head.

It has been my impression that God has used the Shark line to create a shark-tank theme into which he places corrupt actors in relation to Ukraine and now neighboring Romania / Moldova. I coined "shark tank" for this purpose before reading recently that Igor Kolomoisky, of Ukraine's mobsters, has a literal shark tank. Very interesting indeed.

I need to repeat here that, one day, I left my heraldic writing on Mrs. Kilpatrick at the HOOD of a car, in the 1979 dream that started with a shark in a KIDNEY-shaped swimming pool. A shark tank. Kidneys/Gedneys (branch of fish-using Geds) use the Saraca fish in colors reversed, and in a saltire formation in the colors of the Greet/Great saltire! I then went to town, and upon getting back to my Jeep with a load of GROCeries (hence the Groce/Gregg Coat), I saw that someone had left a medallion on the HOOD of the Jeep. It was odd to find it stamped even in Russian on one side. What was God trying to say? Was He pointing her hood scene to Russia sharks in some way?

I got lucky when viewing the Russian Hanson Coat an hour or two ago, as I wrote the final part of last update's insert. I had noted that Danish and Norwegian Hansons (Miss Hanson is Danish and really had the look of Mrs. Kilpatrick) are split vertically in the horizontally-split colors of Groce's/Greggs. If you want proof that Groce's/Greggs are to be in this medallion-on-hood event, see Grose's in the last update as they relate to my hood event with Allison (she was my girlfriend about a year after Miss Hanson).

Although Russian Hansons are not horizontally split in the horizontally-split colors of Groce's/Greggs, the Russian Hansons do share the gold border with Greets/Greats's and their Justine kin. The latter were first found in Perthshire with their Wing/WINK kin because Justine of Picenum married Gratian's son, born in VINKovci. This line seems to own the gold border, and so we want to know why Russian Hansons have one. How does it relate to my greeting Mrs. Kilpatrick originally?

The last update had an excellent and even funny section on the Smells, as they relate to Joe Biden smelling the hair of females teen-aged to old-aged. One day, in an event provided by God, I smelled the hair of Mrs. Kilpatrick (see story in last update), and while it smelled like old dust (suggested she wore a wig), Smells use an "inDUSTRia" motto term for Dusters. Then, Dusts/D'Ousts can be of the D'Oust location of Hotts, like the Hoot variation of HOODs. Perfect, as though her hood scene in the shark dream points to Biden crimes (or Biden knowledge / winking thereof) involving teen-age girls. She was at her hood on Epstein's island, you see.

The reason that I'm bringing the Smells up again is that they are Smile's too. It recalls the first time she tried to GREET me about seven years before I greeted her with "big head." It was about the third time I saw her in church on a Leakey road. On the first occasion (Christmas day), she was wearing a tight, too-short black dress. Together with her attractive body and face, it seemed inappropriate for church. I was frowning on it a little. Some time later, my wife was asked to take care of the infants in the nursery, and so I sat alone in church...when she came to sit directly in front of me. I didn't think anything of it, but she turned around, at the end of the service, and gave me what I thought was too-nice a SMILE, wanting to say hello, but I didn't return the smile. I maybe didn't frown, but I didn't return the smile, and I didn't even speak to her, because I was married. Smile's/Smells.

As it turned out, to my own great surprise, my wife and I got to disagreements on our first return to Canada, and we became separated, then divorced. As we were in the process of separating (I thought it might be temporary, I didn't want a divorce), the brand-new, huge fiberglass British bulldog in our garage made me remember that a short (knee-high) British bulldog came running past my leg and knee, then fell and/or jumped into the swimming pool with the nasty shark. Later in that dream, there was a beautiful blond women, and I believed, due to the way that part of the dream took place, that God was showing me my future wife. I forgot the dream when I did get married, but when this fiberglass dog came to mind, I remembered this woman who smiled at me in church, and I began to theorize that she was my next, God-sanctioned wife. She was alone in that church, no man with her. I didn't see her again, after that smile, for years; I went to a new church, where she happened to be attending with her husband. That's when I greeted her with a hand shake, the big-head event.

I'm thinking that her smile was a pointer to smiley Biden's smell-hair problem that definitely involved his lust for little girls. Smile's/Smells use a "RATione" motto term while Kidney-branch Geds use "DuRAT" as part code for Dure's (Perthshire) and part-code for Rats/Raids, first found in Nairnshire with Ged-branch Geddes'. I'm pretty sure that Luce's share pike fish with Geddes', and so I'd like to repeat that Luce construction installed my septic TANK at my new Texas property, an alternate symbol for the deep state. From the last update: "The Luce's can be expected in the "luceat" motto term of Kennys because Luce's have a near-copy of a Cain Coat." What else could "luCEAT" be code for? The Geddes-like CEDES' of the SEATs come to mind.

I've been showing why Kenny / Kenneth liners can be for the Kenza-of-Aures (not "Auras") line to Kneza in the area of Bulgaria's Auras river. Hold on to your knees because I had forgotten, until now, that Kenneths share a gold border with Greets/Greats and Russian Hansons!!! This could point to Papadopoulos and his so-called Russian connection to Joseph Mifsud. Reminder: Kennys have a version of the Danish and Norwegian Hanson Coat.

It really blew my mind, in 2016 (14 years after the big-head event), when I came across a Baytown-Sun photo of HAMILTON Kilpatrick with Spuds MacKENZIE, the bull terrier (bulldog) mascot for Bud Light beer. It confirmed that the woman in the 1979 dream was his wife, for I purchased my fiberglass bulldog (almost six-feet tall, 3-D) in HAMILTON (Ontario). MacKenzie's are listed with gold-border Kenneths; they share a gold-on-blue stag with Stanleys ("Sans") who in turn share a blue bend with Knee's and Leakeys (see the latter three surnames in the last update as per an as-yet mystery on 9-11 criminals).

Mrs. Kilpatrick was the "trophy girl" for the Baytown COOk-out contest that her team won, which is why her husband was in the photo with Spuds MacKenzie. As this event is pointing with Russian Hansons to the Russian medallion, let me repeat that the medallion has pointed to Joseph Mifsud, who tried to use PAPADOPOULos to ruin Trump's chances at the White House by a fake-job smear campaign from U.S. Intelligence sewer tank. Intelligence posed Mifsud as a Russian agent, you see, and he has the same first name as the Jew. Joseph Fix, who worked at a Lada dealer, that being a Russian car. He is mentioned briefly in the last update as the boss of Steve Papp, the COOK. Do you see where I'm going? The COOK-out contest and Papp the COOK at Joseph's restaurant. Papps are also PAPADOPOLI's.

If God made Papp, my friend when I was working for Joseph Fix, a cook for a reason, why so? Was it to indicate that the FBI was cooking things up, like a fabricated plot, when using Papadopoulos? After all, he was working for Mr. Fix. The fix (rigging) was in. Okay, but there's got to be more to it. The Cook Coat has a horseSHOE, and Shoe's play into this very discussion with Scoots.

[Late in this update, I discover that the president of Burisma sells expensive shoes, a business that may have connection with his friend, the prince-of-Monaco Grimaldi's. The throne of Grimaldi's is purple, you see, as is the Cook Shield. Grimaldi's share the COCK and Bag Shields, and Bags with Geggs/Giggs were instrumental in pointing to Burisma people in the last update. The pointer included WHITey Burger, and so note the Witley location of Cookseys, for the latter have a version of the Witley/Whitley bend-with-items, both sharing a blue bend with SLOCKs (share blue star with Shoe's). ZLOCHevsky is the president of Burisma. When we get to the Zlochevsky's shoe sales, we come also to COFER Black (Burisma member), and so it's amazing to find here, during the spell check, that Kidders share the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's, for the Cooksey write-up has: "He claimed descent from a family that held large estates in Kidderminster, Witley..." I think this is really hitting the nail on the head for more than I realize at this time.]

From here, I've got to go to the Cooksey ranch, owned by the brother of the woman from whom I purchased my Texas property. The murdered body a Madalyn O'Hair was found cut to pieces on the Cooksey ranch. It reminds of the woman raped and killed by Benjamites; her body was cut to pieces too. Moreover, Kneza is near Gigen, a topic of the last update along with the Bag-kin Geggs/Giggs/Gangs...who share the Cooksey cinquefoils. What could that be about? To top it off, Cookseys share the thick, red border on white Shield with Scoots. Here's a repeat of some highlights in the last update while on our hand-shake that led to the "big head" phrase:

Scotts are a branch of Scoots, and while both have red borders on a white Shield, the Scoots have it bigger, like the same border of Bigs!!! WOW. At the 9-11 memorial in 2002, she said to me, "you can SCOOT over." Later that night, she got her knee symbol on the Leakey rd!!! What could this mean?

...We could say she SHOOK my hand because Shooks/Shoe's/Schughs (like the Skugals variation of Scoots) use a "knight issuing from the KNEES." Knight/Night variations look like Nith liners, and Kilpatrick castle is on the Nith. "Knees" looks like God's pointer to Kneza, a location found only this week. What does this all mean?

...OH WOW. Unbelievable. I loaded Hatchets/HACKets (share trefoils with Sharks) after seeing again the "haec" motto term of Scoots/Skugals, and noted that they share three trefoils in Chief with Bulgers (the latter's Chief is a trefoil version of the Bag Chief). I first noted that the Hatchets/Hackets (share Rock trefoil) can have the Arms-of-Saraca fish, most appropriate for Mr. Burger's involvement with Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, etc., and only then did I re-load Bulgers to find another "haec" motto term!!! It's a rare motto term. The buffalo-liner ZAHRingers are suspect with the ZEHRers, who have crossed HATCHETs! This is what the buffalo mystery has pointed to. The big head pointed to the Calmatui river near Bucharest, all near the Bulgarian border.

...When she said I could scoot over, it was at my request to sit beside her. She said that if her daughter arrived, I could scoot over to let her take my seat. But she did not arrive. Later in the evening, after I got out of my seat, a man took it whom I had seen with her two or three times before, sitting too close to her. So, on the night of the 9-11 memorial, about an hour before she got her knee symbol at the Leakey road, I walked up to her, after the man left, and asked her, "Is that your 'buddy'"? She knew exactly what I meant, and didn't like it. The man was Stanley, and Stanleys (Cambridgeshire, same as Wrench's/Rench's) share the Knee bend with Leakeys (leg bent at the knees). The "sans" motto term of Stanleys traces to the Sensii at the Naparus river. That's what makes Rench's suspect as a pointer to the Ranch = Leakey road.

The Naparus got suspect with the Nappers/Peerless', and God gave me a Peerless event with a wrench to start indicating that Rench's are a pointer to Ranch road. The Cooksey ranch might even be on Ranch road, but the point is that the Cookseys have a cinquefoil version of Stanley bend-with-stags, as well as the scoot border / Shield, and Stanley sat in my seat that was part of the "scoot over" phrase used by God through her mouth.

Morgan Stanley had several floors in one Trade tower, and directly under maintenance floors (entire floors off-limits to the public) where the 9-11 crimes were no-doubt managed. I was thinking about this last night or this morning, asking if mythical Morgan le Fay could help us out. It might have been a thought from God's inspiration, because, on the second or third occasion of Stanley sitting beside her, the two were directly in front of (at church). She had sat in front of me to hand me her music cassette, which I had asked for, and a couple of minutes later, Stanley comes to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with her, too close to be anything other than his protest to her for being that close to me.

That's when I realized they were probably having a relationship. The point is: as soon as he sat down, she gave him this foxy-rebellious smile (he wasn't impressed), and she curled her index finger near her chin, in my full view. I remember that skinny-finger look together with her face; it reminded me of a witch, and i think God set that up. I'm not making it up, she reminded me of a witch, and Morgan le Fay was the chief witch of Avalon. I'm not calling Mrs. Kilpatrick a witch, but am saying that God created an event to tie Stanley to Morgan Stanley, for that event in church was on Sunday evening while the 9-11 memorial, when he took my seat (holding the American flag), was the following Wednesday evening (September 11, 2002). McLeods/Lutts use flags.

Okay, so I reached out my hand, that I remember. If she had not shaken my hand (not man style), I probably would have remembered. As I don't remember whether she shook it, she probably did. We were in the lunchroom with others, she wouldn't have been that rude on our first encounter. Shooks are listed with Shoe's/Schuchs/Schugs, and the latter are the ones with a knight issuing from the Knesa-suspect knees. Knee's were first found in county Down, and that's where we might trace Downers. The Downer Crest has two hands shaking one another, and Alexander Downer had been one of at least three who met with Papadopoulos, prior to the 2016 election, in an effort to ruin Trump. Steve Papp, the COOK, the Papadopoli line.

I remember only one event with Steve at his place of work. I was in the restaurant kitchen a few times, but my only recollection is when he told me that he adds sugar to a certain food that I've forgotten, which surprised me. I think it was a spicy hot sauce. Sugars/Seagars happen to be a part of the Greet/Great line, and my greeting Mrs. Kilpatrick was with a shaking of hands. Therefore, Steve Papp is pointing to the Downer Crest because a variation of his surname is related to George Papadopoulos.

To trace Sugars/Seagers to Greet/Great-liner Gratian the elder at VINkovci, also called, CIBALae, start with the WINGs in the Sugar/Seagar Crest, then go to the "SIGNo VINCes" motto phrase of Fessys/VESCi's, from the FISC-line Fieschi of Genova, where SEGNi's/SEGURana's were first found who have the Sugar/Seagar moline in colors reversed. It's the moline also of CIBALae-like Sibals. It tends to explain why Vinkovci-line wings are used also by Genova's/Geneva's. Mrs. Kilpatrick's daughter, the one who's seat Stanley and I took, is Geneva.

The thing coming to mind after writing the last paragraph is "Aussie" (Australian). Alexander Downer is an Aussie, like "Assi," the surname with the FASCes. The Aus surname is listed with Aur/Aures surname, which shares a red lion on both Shield and Crest with the Ure's suspect in the motto of Kenneths/MacKenzie's (share Stanley stag head, share Greet/Great border). Papp (working for Mr. Fix) the cook pointed to Downer, and MacKenzie's were pointed to by the COOK-out champions in which Mrs. Kilpatrick was the TROPHy girl. Drops/TROPE's share drops with the Kilpatrick dagger, and with the Shield of Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons/Cassane's while Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire with Kenneths/MacKenzie's.

So, with Papp pointing to the Greet/Great line by his sugar event, it reinforces the Greet link to Russian Hansons. To understand what Russian Hansons point to, in relation to schemes with/on Papadopoulos, perhaps I need to revisit things done with Miss Hanson.

There was surprisingly good David-Cameron reason that my taking Geneva's seat at the 9-11 memorial was a pointer to the FISC crime involving Christopher Steele. Prime minister Cameron worked out of Downing street (British "White House"), and Downings share the brown Stanley Crest in their own Crest. Stanley took Geneva's seat too. The crossed Downing swords look linkable to Greet-related Justine's (share gold border with Greets and Hansons), to fasces-like Feschs, and perhaps better yet to the crossed sword with the fasces of Assi's/Ase's/Ise's? Does the ICE-cream symbol of Miss Hanson point to that Ise variations? is that a pointer to Downer too? Only if I can prove that Assi's point to the Aussie.

None of the Irish Downing variations are like "Downer." They look linkable to Dine's/Diens/Dives' (Sussex, same as Downs), Dinners, or Dinans/DIAMONDs, perhaps for a reason, to get us bounced over to some other point / theme / revelation. In the shark dream, once the bulldog was half-way into the shark's mouth and throat, I dove into the pool to save it, and I think the Dives / Dive surname can apply there rather than the Dove's/Dows. Dine's/Diens/Dives' share the inverted (upside-DOWN) white wing with Geneva's/Genova's (in Segurana colors, share the SECOND/Segur lion), and while Stanley took Geneva's seat, Dive's (Cambridgeshire, same as Stanleys) share the dancette with Dove's/Dows, and even share the Scale scallops, suggesting Scalise's hip injury at SECOND base of a baseball DIAMOND. Hmm. Down liners include the surname of Obama's mother. Was Scalise shot by the Epstein crime ring? Makes sense. Is the Epstein crime ring the shark? Epstein was not the king of that crime ring.

The bulldog both fell and jumped into the pool because I could not make out which it did. It just walked along and fell in but with no hint of tripping, meaning that it could have been intentional i.e. a jump. It passed my knee, then kept walking (like a blind dog) until it was above the water, and fell in. There was no leap or dive to attack the shark. Knee's were first found in County Down while Downs have a stag in Jump stag-head colors, and because it's the Trump stag head too, I reasoned that Trump is depicted by this bulldog. The shark's teeth made a ring around the BELLY of this dog, and Bellys share the Jump roses, tending to clinch that Jumps are to be in view. Yet Rockefeller-line Falls'/Fallis share the Pool lion. it makes much sense: a Rockefeller deep state is wanting to cancel Trump's election win because he's not part of the crime rings.

The Tooth's can be in view with the shark's teeth because they were first found in London. A picture develops here, because London was a fundamental part of the attack-Trump gang, probably on matter's of selfish / corrupt "foreign policy."

We can also ask why the Dive scallops are those of Apps'/EPPs', for after the shark scene, I was transported to EPstein's island. I was in the ocean waters off his island to begin with, and Waters share the triple Eppstein chevrons. The last scene in the shark half of this dream was my diving into the pool. I did not see whether I saved the bulldog. The emphasis is on the dive, therefore. The second half included a beautiful woman on Epstein's island.

The bulldog, Spuds MacKenzie can be interesting in a few ways. It was in a photo with an aged Mr. Kilpatrick, more than 30 years older than his wife, and his two sons were in the picture, the oldest not older than about 12. So, when we think of old men and boys, or a pin-up type wife that he had, we could get something like Epstein's crime ring. MacKenzie is the mascot for Bud LIGHT, and here it's interesting of God arranged Lights/Lite's to share the white Tooth feathers. I can explain while Kenza of Aures links to Lights/Lite's by the "lighter than air" motto of Aures-liner Ayers. So, assuming that Bud Light's people did not know their heraldry, it could appear that God arranged for this Light-Kenzie link to prove to you that he set that photo up for our purposes here.

Lights/Lite's use swans, as do Tooth-beloved Palmans, a potential branch of Pohls/Polans/POHLMANNs (feathers, BUFFALO HEAD) and Pole's/Pohls/Pohlmans (feather). It sure appears that God wants to link Spuds and the big-head buffalo event to the shark's pool, and to the shark's teeth.

Tooths have a "PerseveRANTia" motto term, and Rants (Norfolk, same as Dunhams) have three chevrons in colors reversed from the Epstein chevrons. Obama's Down-related Dunham line is known to be from Jonathan Singletary, and the latter share the triple rant chevrons. Rants are probably Randolphs, and Randolphs share the Dunham Coat. Isn't Obama a faggot? Wasn't his wife born a male? Joan Rivers made that claim on camera, and then she disappeared, dead. Are we not living in Sodom?

I saw Miss Hicks taking her seat at the memorial, and went over to her to take her video CAMERA, to set it up on its STAND. Stands/Stans are probably a Stanley branch. Once it was set up, I returned to her, seeing an empty seat beside her. "Is anyone sitting there", I asked. She said it was for her daughter, but, if and when she arrived, I could scoot over. As I crossed in front of Mrs. Kilpatrick to get into the seat, I looked down and saw her sandals. Everything is fair game in this game of heraldry hunt. I did look up Sandals, eventually, and I did find this: "Further to the north in Scotland, John de Sandall or de Sandele, appears as CAMERArius SCOCie..." That's why we can include the Shoe's/Schochs/Schugs/SHOOKs with that event, for the Scoots are SKUGals properly.

And the Camera surname is with the Camerons while David Cameron was the prime minister still when the Steele attack was underway, which attack implemented the FISC spy services on Trump's every move, to assure that he didn't know of deep-state crimes. He was threatened ever since winning the election lest he reveal any of the corruption. Like a good devil, Trump has kept the deep state safe. All he does is bark, no bite, which amounts to deception, a fake building of hope in his voters' hearts.

As Mrs. Kilpatrick got her knee symbol later that evening at the Get'n Go gas bar, it's conspicuous now that Knee's were first found in Downing- / Downer-like Down. Is this pointing to gas corruption like that of Burisma gas? Amazingly, her knee event pointed to the Ecuadorian embassy in London, specifically to Julian Assange, whom they were keeping prisoner so that WikiLeaks would stop leaking. And it worked.

In the 1979 dream, I touched her knee while passing. It was not a sexual touch. I don't even remember what she was wearing. I didn't see her leg, just her knee. I was leaning over to kiss her awake, at the direction of a voice behind me: "What are you waiting for, go wake her up." But as I went to kiss her, Sleeping-Beauty style, her knee appeared, and my hand brushed along it. I think I know what that was, a grazing. The Grazio's can be proven to be a branch of Greets/Greats/GREEPs because Grazio's share the pomegranate with Crispins/CREPons (Lorraine), and moreover Grazio's share the rooster with Greets/Greats/Greeps. It seems that God wants us to link the Knee's, or some other knee event, to the Greet event with the big-head buffalo mystery.

[On Friday, I looked up Alexander Downer's Wikipedia article to find his mother as Miss Gosse. French Gosse's share the pomegranate with Grazio's, and Downers have the handshake GREETing. Gosse's can be shown as a Gas/Gasse branch because the latter share the double lions in pale of Gernons while Ranulph de Gernon was a great-grandson of Richard Goz (German Goz's are likewise Gosse's. Gas'/Gasse's share the checkered Shield of Fiscs while Mr. Downer was involved essentially with those conducting the FISC crimes.]

Why Focsani of Leavell?

Good morning on Wednesday. I didn't realize the keys of Russian Hansons until now. I was lamenting yesterday that I didn't know what to link the upper half of the Coat to, with two the colors of the three of Gallia's. You see, now I think I know, for Gallia's were first found in Milan, the Lombardy capital, and German Hansons use the Scottish Lombard Coat and the snake of the Milan Visconti's. Amazing, for Crema, in Lombardy, is where Miss Hanson's ice-cream symbol traced to indicate that the Hanson-like Ananes Gauls of nearby Placentia were at the Crema area, and/or upon its Serio river...suspect with buffalo-line Zehrers/Sehrers > Zahringers.

After making this Gallia connection to Russian Hansons, the swan in the lower half of the latter's Coat was realized as the same swan (same color even) in the Crest of Locks/LICKs, for the last update made me realize that licks are for ice-creams. Is that not impressive? The French Locks are the Loches', expected with Miss Loches, wife of Fulk I of Anjou, suspect from FOCSani, and, wow, it just so happens that English Hansons share the mascle of English FAUX's!!! The latter were at Vaux while Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus were first found in East Lothian with FAUCets.

The black lion in the English Hanson Crest thus becomes suspect with the black lion of Faucets of Foxside castle, because it was built by SAER de Quincy (Serio-river liner?) while Quincys share mascles (different colors) with English Hansons while Visconti-kin Sforza's have a lion holding a quince, thus making the German Hansons suspect with the Sforza lion. I neglected to say that German Hansons share the gold border with Russian Hansons.

French Faux's are listed with Chalnes', who share the Cremer/Cramer Chief and gold Shield!! Locks/Licks ("ASSIduitate") and Faux's/Chalnes' both love the Nons along with Irish Nagle's having a "VOX non SED" motto phrase. "Sed" is in the motto of Cars along with "serio," and the Sire's/Sirets (ASSI kin), with the three Nagle lozenges in colors reversed, thus start to look like Serio-river kin. The Nagle nightinGALE loves the Gale's who not only have a version of the Nagle Coat, but throw in the saltires of the Westphalia Nagle's/Nails/Neils, who share the Greet/Great saltire. Greet/Great liners (from Gratian) are very linkable to Duck-related Velins and Velens (all three from Westphalia, looking like they are from "Valentinian," Gratian's son, and husband of Justine, the line to the Sire/Siret motto. As the Rimna river at Focsani flows into the Siret, it appears that Benjamites from that area were on the Serio.

The "vox" motto term of Nagle's, who share the Beef/Boeuf fesse, can be linked to Faux's because French Faux's/Chalnes' were first found in Perigord with the Beefs/Boeufs/SANSboeufs (FocSANI kin?), first found in Perigord...with the Saunier's having a Chalnes-like Salnier variation. The Whaleys/Wallets have the Faux / Hanson mascle in colors reversed while sharing a black canton square with Irish Hansons, thus making Whalleys/Wallets looks like ValliBUS'. Focsani is near the Buzau tributary of the Siret. And while Whalleys/Wallets are in Waleran colors and format, Walerans use a vox-like "vos" motto term while English Voss' are listed with Faux's.

The Boeufs are suspect with the Roet-Bough relationship, and so the Bow variation of Boughs can suggest a branch of Boe's/Boys/Boyers, who's bull can explain the TOURNebull variation of Beefs/Boeufs, though the Arms-of-TURIN bull, in the colors of the Boe/Boy/Boyer bull, looks to apply. Turnbulls share bull heads with, and were first found in Roxburghshire with, Boe's/Bullocks, while Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with the Spears sharing the Roet boar heads.

German Voss'/Vos' (share the Thigh/Thy Coat) look very linkable to Jewish Fox's and two Simons surnames linkable to Simon de Montfort, relative by marriage to the Waleran-Beaumont line in Meulan/Mellent. The Arms of Meulan are shared by English Vaux's, and Scottish MILANs, who share the Faucet lion, are also Mellents. Hansons, who share the black lion in Crest with Walerans, were of Milan elements.

I'd like to repeat that the Assi's/Ase's expected in the Lock/Lick motto are also Ice-like Ise's so as to play well into God's ice-cream girls, for I licked the ice-cream CONE that I purchased from Katrina Hanson. Ice's (Rostock) were first found in Mecklenburg with German Voss', and while my hunch is that the gold Sinclair rooster is for Rostock, Sinclairs love the Cone-branch Conte's in their motto along with the Thy variation of thigh's sharing the German Voss Coat.

Lookie. God gave Mamie a tease and thigh symbol on the first day that we were a couple, and we had met only once before when we danced at her PARTY in her LIVING room. Partys share the Vaux checks, but they are also the checks of Pavia-suspect Pavers (could have the Sire/Siret lozenges). Thighs/Thys are expected as a branch of Tease's, from the Ticino river, location of Pavia, land of LAEVillus-like Laevi GAULS, and the Coat of English Hansons is a version of the Levin/LIVING Coat. Walerans were of LEAVELL, and Whelans share the Paver lozenges in both colors. Sam's restaurant is in Gormleys, and while Gormleys are also Grimms', English Grimms share the fesse-with-martlets of English Pavia's three times.

Sams, perhaps in the Samboeuf variation of Beefs/Boeufs, who share the giant Faucet lion, were first found in Essex with Quinn-like Quints. After Miss Hanson HANDed me the ice-cream, I asked if she's like to go out with me, and agreeing, I took her out in the Valiant car of the Quinn family. Valiants (Vallibus'? Wallets/Whaleys?) have a shark on the same Chief-and-Shield of Wrays, and the Wray-Chief martlets are in the colors of the Gormley martlets. About a year later, I lined up at the snack bar of Knob Hill Farms, and while Darlene RAY (could have been "Wray") handed me an ice-cream cone, I asked if she'd like to go out, and she agreed. I didn't know that God had my back on those risky encounters. Sam's famous hamburgers were BEEFburgers, of course.

I think it's appropriate to remind that Maschi's, with pine CONES, were at Rimini, expected from the Rimna, location of Focsani. Fano is beside Rimini, and while Fiens/Fane's use a "fano" motto term, Fiens/Finis' share the Hanson / Sforza lion, expected in the Gale fesse. Three-bend Gallia's (expected in the German Hanson Coat) of Milan are about to come to topic, but let's add here that German Gallus' have part-red bendy looking linkable to the three bends of Voss'/Fos'/Voschs.

I always link the Fien/Finis lions to the same-colored lion paws of WINDOWs, which is amazing because Katrina handed me an ice cream, not from over a typical store counter, but from a window! Yes, Sam's restaurant was a hamburger place, but he expanded to the back of the building (his house) with ice-cream sales, and sold them out a small window. The Window Crest is very linkable to the Crest of Quince-branch Quints; in fact, the Window-Shield paws make Quincy's/Quince's linkable to Quints. The latter's lion paw is that of Palins, whose lion in turn is in the Crest of English Hansons while the two surnames have versions of each other's Coats. From Palins, wow, we go to the PLAINs/Platers, who have a version of the PALIN / Hanson Coat, excellent because the other Platers have three bends colors reversed from the three of Gallia's! So, Hansons were related round-about to Palins (Dorset, same as Quints) and Plains/Platters.

The Hayasa-Azzi / Assi at swan-liner lake Sevan, expected in the motto of swan-liner Locks/Licks, are kin of Justine of Picenum, and so let's repeat that Russian Hansons share the gold border with Justine's and their Greet/Great kin. The latter are the ones with the horizontally-split Shield of Groce's/Greggs that connect to the Russian medallion. Something in these clues needs to link to Saint Petersburg.

Those Cremers/Cramers have the red Hann-Crest rooster, though the latter have a black one in the Shield, and then Grazio's have a black rooster too, in both colors of the German Gallus/Gaul rooster while Italian Gallus'/Galls (Tuscany, same as Bongino's) share the Grass and Grace lion while French Grace's/Grasse's (Provence, beside Grasse) have three chevrons only in the colors of the three bends only of the Milan Gallia's. The black rooster is shared by Grass-like Grazio's, while their Greets/Greats have a gold rooster, as with Galli's and Gays...and the Paula's from Dan Bongino's wife (Paula), which I include because Focsani is at the Rimna river of Benjamites.

Danish and Norwegian Hansons can be potentially linked to the Coat of French Maurels, making sense because Italian Maurels (Molan) were cousins of Gallia's expected in the Russian Hanson Coat. Galati is near Focsani. The old Galli transvestites of the Hebrew-suspect Kabeiri cult of Cybele were suspect with the line of pagan Levites out of Laish before I learned of the Galatian king, BrogiTARUS, high priest of Cybele. His descendant married proto-Leavell Laevillus perhaps because both lines were from Laevi Gauls. What do we thing the "tar" ending on his name is for? The Taro river of the Ananes Gauls? Makes sense. Laevillus was king of Citis, and "citis" is a term buried in the motto of Caens, from the Ceno tributary of the Taro. The Caeni Thracians were not far from Cybele-like Cabyle.

"Waleran" could have been from such a thing as the Gallers/Gaylords, first found in Devon with Walerans, and here this looks like the Galli-Gay relationship, perhaps linkable to the Bags of Gaywood. Gaywoods have white towers in the colors of the tower-top of Sire's/Sirets, and there's a tower-top in the Crest of Wallins. Sire's/Sirets share the green snake with German Hansons, who in turn have a castle in Gaywood- / Siret-tower colors. French Locks/Loches' link to the Primo's (both in Burgundy with snake-using Save's) share a mirror with the snake of Sire's/Sirets. It's hard to say whether Primo's / Prime's are in the "Perimus" motto term of Caens, for the Peri variation of Pero's makes better sense. Peri's/Pero's use "flaming stars" while Dutch Flamings/Flamingo's have the VAUX Shield, a great indication that Laevi Gauls may have been at Focsani amid the Gaul-suspect namers of Galati.

My first pointer-event with Miss Peare was when we rushed up the STAIRs of La Paloma to KISS for the first time. Paloma's share the Peri/Pero pale bar, you see. Stairs share the Capone Coat (share gold chevron with Peare's), with the Peare stars in colors reversed, making Capone's suspect with the Caepionis namers of "Caiaphas." Rush's can play perfectly here, from Roxolani at the Focsani-to-Galati stretch. I have always said that we rushed up those stairs. We were both eager to kiss, and did we. Yes, and we were stepped off of the walkway to the front door, on the parking lot's PAVEment. Since then I've come to learn that pavement is a pointer to Pavia's and Pavers (Vaux checks again). Cool. Parkins/Perkins share the Levi lion. Extra cool.

The Kiss/CUSH rooster is probably the red one on a CUSHion of Bibo's, suspect, but never clinched, with "VIBia," mother of Laevillus. Peare left me a few weeks later for Lawrence, and Lawrence's were at Yeland-REDmaine while more cushions are used by Redmaine's. There's a so-called beacon in the Redmaine Crest while French Bacons, likely a branch of Beacons/Bacons, share the cinquefoils of Bus' while the Buzau is between Focsani and Galati.

There could be more as to why Lawrence (Kepke) and I were both shoe salesmen at the time we met Peare, when she worked for Red-like Reitman's. Trips use shoes, and Trypillians had, I read, a Trypillia south of KEPKe-like Kiev, but I expect more than that. We sold shoes at the Scarborough Town Center, and the Scarborough's, looking linkable by their Coat to KEPPOCKs (Yorkshire, same as Scarboroughs), use a Saracen's head at the TIP of the LANCE?. Tipps' (share pheons with Maine's) were first found in LANCashire with Lawrence's, while one Lance surname was first found in MAINE, that's right, expected with Redmaine's. The red rose of Lancashire was founded by John of Gaunt/Ghent, explaining why the Tipps Chief (pheon ARROW heads) is a version of the Ghent Coat. The Lys river to Gaunt/Ghent goes through Artois, and the Crest of Artois' ARROWs/Arras' has the Murena tower, also in the Scarborough Coat, we might assume. Maine's ("PROjeci") share the black pheons with SALES'/Salletts. So, the mall of his shoe SALES brought us to Redmaine elements by the looks of it, for Maine's Lance's have a giant red rose, symbol of Lancashire. Maine's Pellicans have another tower, in the colors of the Redmaine castle.

Kepke went into plumbing SALES roughly when he left Peare and started up with Miss Walsh. Maine's have a version of a Walsh Coat. English Plumers (like "Paloma") share the Shoe star while German Plumers share the Reitman star. We're going to take Reitmans to Rieti, on the Salto river, and English Plumers, who knew nothing of my events with Kepke and Peare, chose a "ConSULTO" motto term, and moreover sharing "audacter" with Pollocks from Vespasia Polla of Rieti. All three of us were in sales, and Sales' are also Salto-like Salletts, making the Pluming star more suspect yet with the Shoe star.

We rushed up the stairs, and Rush's share the white, courant horse with REITers, who are new to me. It's a verification that Rush's were being pointed to after all with that event. A year or two later, I would ride her white horse in connection to the white, courant horse of Waistells, who put it on quadrants in the colors of the split Shield of Irish Constantine's. It's now extremely important that French Constantine's are listed with Constance's, who come up below with the Lawrence write-up. Lawrence was with us on the day I rode the horse, an apt symbol for the Rush-like Hros Ukrainians and Caucasians. Caucasia has a Kepoi location to which Kepke traced well. Once we establish that Constantine's are Intended by God, we go to English Constantine's with the fleur-de-lys of June-branch Jeune's, first found in Cambridgeshire with the Capone's sharing the Coat of STAIRS!!! BIG BINGO!

Quintus Caepio was the grandfather of June-liner, Capone-like Junia Caepionis. That's one thing that God was pointing to with our rushing up the stairs, but then there must be a related reason for the kiss after the climb of stairs. The line through Laevillus, right? I'm sure of it.

I trace Caepio's and June's to the Colapis / Kupa and Una rivers, where the cups of Christine's trace. Peare's first name, Christine. It's suggesting that the Caepio line was with the Pero's / Pierro's/Pero's in Piedmont and Pavia, home of Laevillus-like Laevi Gauls. It's perfect. This is a little out-of-the-ordinary form of education, but I like it.

I rode her horse to a bank in the field, and Banks have fleur-de-lys of Constantine's in colors reversed. banks were at WinSTANley, and ConSTANce's are also ConSTANTs, suggesting a merger of Cone's / Conte's with Stants/Stans, the likely proto-Stanleys. Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with June's, Jeune's and Capone's.

Note that Reiters share the lion of Deins/DENE's, first found in Sussex with Diens/DINE's, for Irish Constantine's are also ConsiDENE's/ConsiDINE's, similar to endings of English Constantine's, suggesting a Cone / Conte merger with Deins / Diens.

God has different reasons for making these connections, at times to verify that He's the author of the events, but why stop there? Why not educate too? Note the similarity between "Redmaine" and "Reitman." Miss Peare didn't know that Lawrence's were at Redmaine when she stepped out of her Reitman's clothing store with Lawrence, as he came along to hustle her off. The Redmaine write-up: "The Gaelic form of the surname Redmaine is Reamonn." There could be verification in the French Ramond/Raymond Chief that God is educating us on a Redmaine-Raymond connection, for the stars there are colors reversed from the Shoe star, and the entire Chief is shared with French Constance's/Contence's (Languedoc, same as Ramonds/Raymonds).

The "Robert de Kemyers, or Cynyers," in the Redmaine write-up suggests the Kemmis'/Kenys', first found in Gloucestershire with Lets/Late's and the Tewkesburys sharing a giant castle (same colors) with Redmaine's. Let's/Late's have a different-colored version of the Ramond/Raymond and Constance/Contence Chiefs, but with stars in Peare-star colors. Another bingo, bingo after bingo, to prove that God lives. Kemmis'/Kenys can be linked to Kim kin, and Kepke left Peare for Benjamite-pointing Kim Walsh. Kemmis'/Kenys' share blue vair FUR with Quints, the line of Quintus Caepio.

The Kenys' variation can suggest Kenneths/Kenzie's because they share the Stanley stag head, and while king Kenneth was supposedly a son of king Alpin (we could expect a pine symbol there), Alpins use an evergreen, but came to call it a fir tree. Such a mystery, until we discover that Firs are listed with Furs, and we just saw the fur of Kenys'. So, we now learn that Kenys' were indeed from Kenneths/Kenzie's. The Fir/Fur horse looks somewhat linkable to German Caplins (and Waistells) so as to reinforce the theory that Caplins were related to the Cappin variation of Alpins. The vair is one of two heraldic furs, and Vairs/Fers' happen to share the Coat of Raymundo's.

Laevillus was father to Charax Proculus, the line to Craigs > Carricks, and Alpins have a version of the GREGor Coat. Alpins are also Cappins, and Irish Constantine's have the split-Shield of German Caplins in colors reversed, a Shield to which I can trace a belly event with Miss Peare. The event involved Bouillons, Felts, Feltmans/Feldmans (Caplin Coat) and BIRDs, which recalls that the last time I saw her, I drove her home in my FIREBIRD. As Fire's are listed with the Firs/Furs, I'm now realizing for the first time that the Fire horse is the white Waistell horse, for her belly event was linked to her waist event that pointed to Waistells. Feltmans/Felthams were even first found in Middlesex with Fiers, suggesting that Firs/Furs were from Fier county (Alba-like Albania), which is great because the Kuman location of that place is definitely to the Comyns/Comine's who share the garbs of Waistells.

Fire's/Firs/Furs were first found in Austria with Reiters who share the horse with them. Marvelous, wonderful. Miss Peare's Reitmans job definitely points to Reiters too. It just can't be a coincidence that while Pero's are also Perino's, Perrins ("ImPAVIdun FERiunt") use "FUR cones." God must have arranged it. Their "IMPavidun" motto term is very welcome because the Ape's are listed with Imps, taken from the "APPEtitus" motto term in the motto of English Custance's/Constance's. I wasn't sure whether it was code for Ape's or Apps', the latter first found in Middlesex with Fiers because Fier county is on the APSus river. The Apps'/Epps' even use the Rush / Rosco/Rusco Shield, by the looks of it.

[Wow. Not far below, the Rush and Rosco fesse is found with Daltons while on the topic of the Dalton school where Bill Barr's father was the principal when Jeffrey EPStein was hired as a school teacher. I here find that Apps/EPPS' share the same fesse. As Apps'/Epps' share the Scale (and CAPES) scallops, it's made more likely that the Apps/Epps lozenges are those of Scayle's, who come up as SCHOOLs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING POINTER of God, by the looks of it. The Scayle/School Crest has the Julian cross, and perhaps the Scayle/School annulet is that of Benjamins.]

Why do we suppose that Julians, French Constance's/Contence's and Bongino's share the same stars all in their Chiefs? Could BENJamites on the Buzau have anything to do with it? Why did I ride her white, Waistell-pointing horse to the BONGino-like bank? Waistells were from Vestalis of the Cottians (Buzau-river liners), the line of Cotta's and Julians, both first found in Languedoc with Constance's/Contence's, explaining why we are bumping into the latter line in this rush-up-the-stairs discussion on the Caepionis'. It's perfect, because Julius Caesar, son of Aurelia Cotta, had an extramarital affair with Servilia Caepionis, mother of three Junia Caepionis', at least one of which is expected to be Caesar's daughter secretly (can God prove it through me?), and therefore the line to Joseph Caiaphas (my theory).

English Josephs are related to Caplins and Chaplains, that's right, and French Josephs were first found in Maine, the line of RedMaine's. Kepke got us to Redmaine's, and I have been saying (for a long time) that "Kepke" is going to prove to be a distant variation of "Caiaphas." There's a white horse head in the Coat of Keep-loving Hebrons/HEPburns.

The Cynyer-like Conyers are in the same write-up, suggesting that Conyers/Coniers were a branch of Cone's expected with Pine liners such as can be expected in the pine tree of French Constance's/CONTEnce's (Languedoc, same as Cone-branch Conte's and FONT-de-Ville's), who share the crescent of French Conte's. Kiss'/Cush's and Custs use "FOUNTains." Bingo bingo bingo. Conyers/Coniers share the maunch sleeve with the Tonys expected in the "raTIONI" motto term of English Custance's/Constance's. The latter have a "paREAT" motto term while Reats are listed with Reds/Reeds ("PAX copia"). In colors reversed, the latter's garbs are red, the color of the garb of Kepke-like Keppochs/KiPAX's. Bingo again.

Reeds are from Rieti, home of emperor Flavius Titus, and there's an "AppeTITUS" motto term of English CUSTance's/Constance's. Bingo. The Custs are a branch of Kiss'/Cush's. Bingo. The Kiss'/Cush's and Custs share the Coat of Caesar-like Cash's/Casts (Cambridgeshire, same as Julians), as though God arranged the kiss with Peare to lead also to Julius Caesar. It interesting that Cass'/Cash's have a "PAIR of SCALES," for this allows the rush up the stairs = scala to link also to Scalise's/Scalia's, whose ladder is a pale bar in colors reversed from the Pero/Perino pale bar. What could that be about?

Caesars are no longer said to be first found in Kent, but in Surrey at a fairly late time. They are said to have been the Benington Caesars there, Benjamite suspects. Surrey is where James' were first found who share the Caesar dolphin, probably from when Caesars were at Frejus of Provence (probably overlapped with dolphin-line Dauphine). Beningtons/Binningtons (Hertfordshire, same as Titus' suspect in the CUSTance/Constance motto), Bennys ("oPERA") and Binnings all have horses, as do Rosco/Rusco-branch Rush's and Roxburghs. Bennys even share the Rosco/Rusco cinquefoil. It sure looks like a Benjamite-Roxolani merger. Frejus-like Freys/Freeze's and Frays have the three Rush horses, safe to say. We rushed up the stairs, kissed, and pointed to Julius Caesar's romance with Servilia CAEPionis, didn't we?

KEPke invited her out, and then invited me to come along, but I stole her from him that night while he was off to the bathroom or the bar, and she came willingly up the stairs, because it was God's doing. It makes me think that Kepke is a Caepio liner. He RUSHed up the stairs a lot faster than we had, and stormed out the door, ending our kiss abruptly, calling the bouncer and asking him to kick us off the property...for kissing. He had really lost it; I had no idea he wanted her that much.

Here's the write-up of Caesars: "The Benington Caesars, originally named Adelmar, after their ancestor the Count of GENOA, in the 9th century, subsequently adopted the name of the mother of their Italian ancestor, a daughter of the Duke de Cesarini." As Rush's and Rosco's/Rusco's share the fesse of Apps/Epps' while the latter are suspect as kin of Scayle's/Schole's (the Schools) sharing the Julian cross, it looks like Caesars were related to Grimaldi's of Geno(v)a, for they share a Shield of lozengy with Scayle's/Schole's. Grimms use the Genova/Geneva lion, don't they? But is it also the Reiter lion since Reiters share the courant horse with Rush's and Freys/Freeze's? Reuters use the horse too, as do Rothchilds. Reiters apparently have the split Shield of Genova's/Geneva's, substituting the wings with the horse.

The Scayle/Schole lozengy is in half the colors of the Lombard / Hanson lozengy, and Hansons trace God's ice-cream theme to Crema / Cremona, the latter being where Raymundo's were first found. My kiss with Peare led to Custs, and "CUSTodet" is a motto term of Cremers/Cramers (share the Kiss/Cush rooster), the ice-cream pointer to Cremona. As German Cremers/Cramers use a ram, perhaps the Ram surname (involved ARIETE) was short for "RAMond." A Rieti-line merger with Maine's in forming Redmaine's > RAMonds > Raymonds makes sense. Crema is in Lombardy with Milan, and the latter is where Bono's were first found, who come up as "Binni," and they are split vertically in the horizontally-split colors of Reiters.

I almost missed this: cushion-like Cussons/Cusance's share the giant eagle of English Custance's/Constance's! Now I understand the cushion, code for the Constance / Constantine line. Lake Constance happens to be lake BODENsee too, and Budini were south of Kepke-line Kiev with the Trypillians. Beautiful, masterful job, Oh LORD. The Cusson / Constance eagle is that also of MacDonalds, and the latter had a Keppoch branch. The Johnsons with cushions (in Redmaine-cushion colors) also share the spur with Knights while Shoe's have a "knight ISSuing at the knees." Issa is an island also called, Vis, and Knees share the Vice/VISE stag head. It makes the Knee eagle look like the Constance eagle. What are the chances that "vis" is a Ram motto term? The Ram write-up has a Rieti like term: "Richard de Ariete (Ram)". Miss Peare worked for Reitmans. Rieti. Bingo. I own the bingo casino by now.

English Plumers might just be with the lion of Knight-like Knechts/Knacks (a sickle or more-likely a scythe), for Plumers share the Shoe stars while Shoe's love Knights. Plumbers happen to share a motto term of Pollocks, first found in Renfrewshire with Knocks/Knox's, very interesting. The latter may be using a rising eagle as heraldic code for the rising of the Phoenix, an ancient item linkable to the Sumerian AnuNAKI, or the Biblical ANAK of Hebron (have section on this later). The Scythe surname is listed with Skits/SKEOCHs, with variations like Shoe variations, perfect. It looks like Knechts are a Knight branch. The Knocks/Knox's look like they share the "orle" border of Reit- / Rot-like Rutlands and Rutherfords (share "nec" with Rodhams/Roddens).

"Scythes" (with final 's') is listed with the Seaton-Branch Side's, a branch of Sutys who have the Faucet lion, which is colors reversed from the lion heads of Scottish Nights ("duRUM" has potential for Nith-river links). Seatons/SITTens and Faucets, both of East Lothian, are mentioned because the Skit-like SHITTs/Shots/Shute have a "FORTune" motto term while Scottish Fortune's were first found in East Lothian. The Shot variation of Shute's tells me to link the surname to the sling shot in the Arms of Dachau, because Tax's/Dachs share the white swords of Shots/Shute's in both colors. It explains why Forts have an audacter-like "auDAX" motto term, suggesting that Fortune's were a Fort branch. Aude's share three white swords with Shots/Shute's. As scythe is used by Laus' while I trace the SIMson motto to the ancient Enotri of the Laus area in Italy, and then Simms were first found in East Lothian too, suggesting that scythes are heraldic code for elements of SCIDrus, near Laus. One Simson Coat shares the Suty / Faucet lion, in the colors of the passant Scythes/Side lion. Shute-like Scoots/SKUGals have a border in colors reversed from the border of Schocks (white roses on stems). So, Shoe's/Schucks/SCHUGs can be from Scidrus.

The Scottish Johnson write-up says that Perth was named, Johnston at one time, and as I trace "Perth" to the Perdrix peak at Mont Pilat, note that Pilate's share pheons on blue with English Johnsons, wow, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with the Pilotte's sharing the Coat, almost, of Christine's. Christine Peare. She and I RUSHed up the stairs while the "ApPETITus" motto term of Custance's/Constance's can be for the Petts/PERTs (bulRUSHes), first found in Kent with Petits. French Petits were first found in Burgundy with Pilate's and mont Pilat.

If there's the portcullis gate of Porters in the Coat of Spanish Ramone's, note the "OPORTet" motto term of the Tods/Todde's possibly in the "cusTODet" motto term of Cremers/Cramers. The Tods use FOX's.

Here's a Christian hymn sung in Welsh. Do I detect some Slavic / Ukrainian / Russian tones from Wallachia?

Impressive home-piano version:

Here's a youthful version:

It's a beautiful song, in case you'd like to download one of them.

Here's another song with a distinct English sound:

"Hallelujah" is one of the nicest words in the universe. Even Russians are eligible to be Christians, I hate to break it to the NATO war mules.

How do you say, fantastico, in Korean?

They Were Just French Fries But

I'd like to concentrate on Christopher Wray and Bill Barr at this time, noting the Justine-suspect "juste" motto term of Wrays. For this I'd like to repeat what looks like a pointer to Wray: "After Miss Hanson HANDed me the ice-cream, I asked if she's like to go out with me, and agreeing, I took her out in the Valiant car of the Quinn family. Valiants (Vallibus'? Wallets/Whaleys?) have a shark on the same Chief-and-Shield of Wrays, and the Wray-Chief martlets are in the colors of the Gormley martlets. About a year later, I lined up at the snack bar of Knob Hill Farms, and while Darlene RAY (could have been "Wray") handed me an ice-cream cone..." "HANDed" was emphasized because Hahns/Hanns, who share the Cremer/Cramer rooster, are listed also with the Hands sharing the chevron of Danish FRIES (another white tower). It reminds me of my asking Sam (owner of Sam's restaurant) if he would like me to clean up his parking lot of paper, garbage. When I was done, I went in for my pay, and he have me a lousy box of French FRIES, not even a hamburger or a Coke to go with it (I was 14/15, before being with Miss Hanson). So much for my first business enterprise. I quit.

[I failed to read the write-up of Irish French's until on an explosive (surprising) topic at the end of this update, as per Zlochevsky's shoes. It says: "The surname French was originally de Freynes..." Wow. I trust that God gave me that French-fry event. The write-up says that "freynes" means "ash tree," which is garbage, though code for the Ash's having two of the French chevrons (both surnames first found in Devon). There is an Asse variation in the Ash write-up, and Asse's are listed with Assi's/ISE's, suspect with the ICE-cream theme. Assi's were first found in Shetland with Yells (share black fesse with Yellows/YELLEYs) while the Ile's/YLLEYs share the single French chevron. It can explain why God set up this French-fry event where He set up Hanson's ice-cream event. Both French's and Ile's/Ylleys show nothing but a chevron in their Shields.]

The Fries' have quadrants in colors reversed from the same of Jewish Aarons/Arens, and the latter have HANDs either shaking or GRASping one another. That's a good reason to see the Hand/Hann chevron as the Fries chevron, but there is also the "A hand grasping a role of PARCHment", seen in the last update the with Kennys with a version of the Danish and Norwegian Hanson Coats. I asked to clean up the PARKing lot, and so Parkins/Perkins might be related to Parchments, for example.

Stick with me here, for this can be pointing to Hillary Rodham's crime with Perkins Coie, for Rodhams share the ermined bend of Wallins who in turn have the gold-bellied, green wyvern dragon of Irish DALTONs. Bill Barr's father was involved in (or at least in a position to oversee) the hiring Jeffrey Epstein at a DALTON school. And English Daltons use Robin HOOD while the Russian medallion was found on my hood, in a parking lot. In the sleeping bag dream, the parking lot of a mall definitely pointed to Hillary's crimes, only to find later that the ermined Rodham bend was that also of MALbanks (same place as Rodhams). I now find the same ermined bend with Dalton-connectable Wallins. Daltons are Altons while "alteri" is a Rodham motto term, and Daltons share the fesse of ALDa's.

The reason I'm here at all is because, when thinking that the Russian Hansons should point to a Saint Petersburg connection to Christopher Wray, I looked up the Christophers, to see if perhaps God left a clue there, to find that they were first found in Dalton-In-Furness. Bill Barr loves Wray so much that he won't as much as criticize him even though he's covering for Trump's enemies, including the Clintons, and perhaps especially for the Clintons. Why would Barr love Wray so much? Were they previously involved with something in common?

I've found the Alda's as "Add," and while Ade's/Aids are in the Levi motto, Alda's/Adds share the griffin of Letters/Lauders, first found in Berwickshire with Ade's/Aids. I can't re-find the Ade-like surname having a version of the Fisk/Fisc Coat, as per the "ad" motto term of Fisks/Fiscs. Berwickshire is also where Blythe's were first found while Mr. Clinton was born, William Blythe. Alda's/Adds have a "constantia" motto term while Constantine's share the Jeune fleur-de-lys. Alda's/Adds (Ayrshire, same as Carricks and KENNEDys) are said to have been involved with Carricks, who are from LAEVillus of Cetis (tends to explain why Alda kin are in the Levi motto), where the KENNATI priests of AJAX operated, and the latter is suspect to the Jacks having a reflection of the Blythe Coat, both having a fesse colors reversed from the same of Italian Alda's. This recalls the Blythe-like Bilis river of Pamphylia, for that area is beside/near Cetis.

The Bills/Billes' even share the Chief-Shield colors of Clintons, as though God's pointing to Bill Clinton in this, especially as Ade's/Aids have a version of the Rodham Coat, but also because it seems that God arranged for Clintons and Hillarys to share the same six fitchees. It's like a big flaming sign of warning-warning-warning, take heed. The gold billet in the center of the Bill/Billes Chief looks connectable to the Halper Chief. There must be another sign where Billets/Billiards have a version of the HILLARD/Billiard Coat, and then there was the dream in Obama's billiard hall which was about Perkins-Coie and FISC crimes, as though God was round-about pointing to the Clintons with the billiard hall itself.

Recall how the Fries-like Freys have a Coat version of the Wray-like Ray, while Rayburns/RIBONs are suspect with the ribbon of DEMPSTERs, for I expressly remember that the paper / trash I collected in Sam's parking lot went into the DUMPSTER. That old green dumpster is burned into my memory only from the time that I threw the scrap into it. Why? God must have done it. Lookie: Wrays have a "vray" motto term while I usually load Vreys as "Freie," but they come up also as Freies'!!!! My French-fries reward for parking-lot clean-up is pointing to Christopher Wray. Christophers (pineapples) even share the chevron of Parchments.

So along comes Miss Hanson soon after my abrupt trash business at Sam's, and I take her out in a Valiant car while Wallin-like Valiants share the Wray Chief-and-Shield. I can clearly wee why Valiants use the shark, for Wray is protecting the shark, and Barr will not touch any crime of the Bidens in Ukraine while Wrays were at Wray-with-Botton, from the Button/Botton/Biden bloodline. It just looks like a clue from God as to what's going on. Remember, Freys/Frees' are also FREEZE's, and thus linkable to Hanson's though God were insisting on an ice-cream pointer to Mr. Wray in multiple ways.

As the medallion was on the hood at a GROCery store, I wish that the horizontally-split Freies/Vrey Coat was in the colors of the same of Gross'/Greggs, but, instead, they are in colors reversed? Is that good enough to link Wray to the Russian medallion? The Wrays and Valiants have their Chief-Shield colors such that they look much like the split Groce/Gregg Shield.

OH WOW. I just looked up Campanio's because Tony Campania ran a BP station directly across the intersection from Sam's parking lot. My first job (at 14) was for this Tony, and I assume that he had moved away when I asked Sam for a job in his parking lot. The point is, the Campanio quadrants are those also of Fries'!!! And as though God is wanting to drive this home, Campani-like Champs/Descamps have the Wray Chief-Shield colors in reverse! Plus, we have another Tony here, which recalls Tony and my playing marbles with him. Marble's have a griffin in the colors of the griffin heads of English Camps/Champs!

The last update touched upon John Kerry's son-in-law, Mr. Heinz, suspected partner-in-crime with Hunter Biden. Keeping in mind that hoods are a topic here with Wray, especially Robin Hood of the Daltons, here's a bit from that:

Behold: "the blackbird" of Allisons is the "Cornish chough" of Hoods. The Cornish and Corn Coats shares the chevron of Heinz's, I feel sure, because Cornish's (Devon, same as Cornwalls) share the eagle of Nobis'/Nobbes' while Cornwalls have a "beg" motto term while Bag-like Begs have the gold cross of Irish Burys/Buris!!! There's those Irish Burys/Buris' again [pointer to BURISma]. I now suspect that God used the hood of a car three times (once with Allison Bauer) because the hood chough was needed for pointing to this Biden-Heinz picture on the Bulgaria border.

If you didn't read that section on Mr. Bulger and Mr. Heinz, you should. It's late in the update, but just find "Bulger". The Nobis' were found in the motto of Bulgers (version of Bag Chief), and Allison Bauer was a cashier at KNOB Hill Farms, my girlfriend immediately after Darlene Ray (or maybe "Wray"), the ice-cream girl at Knob Hill Farms.

The Cornish's and Corns share the chevron of Camps/Champs, and Champs/DesCamps happen to use "ears of corn." These ears are in the colors of the Wray martlets. I found the Russian medallion when getting back to the Jeep with a shopping cart of groceries, and then, in my shopping-cart dream, there was a trash-can scene immediately after a door-handle scene in which I complained to the previous owner of my Jeep. The earliest I can find Tony Campania is in my 1st update of October, 2017. He's there with the previous owner of My Jeep, from Campania in Italy. I had not yet had the shopping-cart dream at that time. Tony Campania came up in this update as per the trash dumpster across the Gormley sideroad from his BP GAS station. Burisma is a GAS company.

We saw a faint inkling that my story here on Sam's restaurant links to my playing marbles, or alleys, with little Tony back at 10/11 years of age. We can add that Scottish Gas' share the Alley/Aulay checks. We carried around bags of allees. Yes, of course, we didn't use boxes, but bags with pull-tight strings to seal their tops. The Bulger discussion was happily and surprisingly found to link to the Bag-related Gigen area of Bulgaria, i.e. the Bucket-related and DRUMmond-related Geggs/Giggs/Gangs, and the trash can was also a bucket and a drum. Gigen is at the Iskar river that leads to the ESCARbuncle of French Rays, can we believe it? We could be on the Wrays already. It just so happens that while the escarBUNCLE is expected with the buckle-using Buncle's, the Scottish Alleys/Auleys use buckles!!! Amazing. It looks like I should trust my instincts, that Wrays were at least connected with Iskar-river liners.

To prove that the escarbuncle is from the Iskar river, the neighboring river is the VIT while WETTins use three buckles too, in colors reversed from the three of Alleys/Aulays. The Wettins use the Mallet/Malo coat in colors reversed, and one can see ancient MELTa on this light map, not far off the Vit = Utus:

As you can see, the Iskar was the OSCius, and it just so happens that Oscars share the cinquefoils of Bags (Norfolk, same as Geggs/Giggs/gangs), in colors reversed from the Gegg/Gigg/Gang cinquefoils. This all recalls the GANG around the CAMPfire when Mamie became my ladyfriend by sitting on my KNEES. Kneza is across the Iskar from Gigen. Mamie had a breast symbol, and Brest is about a half-dozen miles from Gigen, and closer to the Vit river. Hold on to your French fries, because the nearby mouth of the Vit is about five miles from the mouth of the OSAM. The last update showed why the Asamus, the old name of the Osam, traces to "Asamum" Ragusa, home of the shark-liner Saraca's whom I assume was placed into the Valiant Coat by God in order to link Christopher Wray to the Kolomoisky shark tank. There was a SARACen leader, Samsam, and Samsons were first found in Gloucestershire with Vit-liner Wettins. The Vit is beside the OSAM.

You might ask. How possibly could Trump end up picking an FBI director who would protect Trump's Ukraine enemies instead of revealing them? Easy, because Trump is a dope, who would allow deep staters to advise him who best to pick for an FBI chief.

Recall that Russian Hansons were connectable to the Russian medallion through Groce's/Greggs/GRAGGs, for Gragg-like Gracie's are new to me from the motto of French Rays while Mr. Wray had become suspect, at first from an intuitive hunch, with that medallion picture. The Gracie's/Grassys happen to share the giant Sam lion (and throw in a black border). It tends to verify that Sams are from the Osam, and this then gets us back to Sam's restaurant without much doubt, and to those French fries that pointed to Freies'/VREYs.

John Ratcliffe can be a part of this because Sam's was beside Ratcliff LUMBER, and Lumbers sure look like the Hanson-related Lombards. That's cool. Mr. Ratcliffe became very suspect in the hood scene of the shark dream. Not everyone pointed to is a bad guy.

What good guys might be in the marble-shot miracle (see two updates ago for that miracle?) when Tony and I were playing POTsies. Watch this. Lumbers/Lambs/Lams, with the Potter Shield, are a branch of the Scottish Lambs sharing the RUSH fesse, and LIMBAUGHs are listed with the Hanson-related Lombards. Mmm, I'll bet Rush likes ice-cream. Scottish Lambs have a "PULvere" motto term, and Marble's named MarPUL. As Marble's were first found in Cheshire, MarPUL was suspect with the Polesdons/Pulesdons of Cheshire...who happen to have stars in colors reversed from the Lumber/Lamb stars. That is actually incredible, if you understand how unlikely a four-of-a-kind of heraldry can crop up such as that one just did.

We can then go to English Lone's/Lane's/Lawns as per the Loan variation of Irish Lambs (same Coat as Lumbers/Lambs/Lams), and we find the split Shield of Groce's/Greggs!!! It's no mistake, because Grose's (with an 's') have the fesse of Irish Lambs as well as the latter's pierced stars in colors reversed! And the Grose's even throw in, as by God's arrangements, the three crosslets of Darlene-branch Darlingtons!!! Again, Darlene Ray and Allison Bauer were back-to-back girlfriends (at my age 17), and Allisons have a version of the Grose Coat. She left me while we were in the parking lot of a grocery store, with me on the hood of my car! Is that not amazing, like a full house of heraldry? Darlene was my next girlfriend after Miss Hanson, back-to-back ice-cream girls.

Hold on to your jello, for our boss at Knob Hill Farms was Gill, and Rays were at Gill while Gills/Jills have a green version of the Lombard/Limbaugh Coat. French Gillys/Jillys have a version of the Irish Lone/Lane Coat, and Scottish Gillys share the horizontally-split Shield of English Lone's/Lane's (and Groce's/Graggs)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's impossible unless God set the heraldry up to conform to the events. It's the royal flush of heraldry in spades, and it includes the ace because Ace's are listed with ISE's!!

Kepke was sitting on the hood with me when Allison slipped into the car of her new boyfriend, and Gillys/Jillys share the bend of Keeps. The Nots in the motto of Scottish Gillys (share galley ship with Keeps) share the Shield of drops of Darlene's. There's no mistake: God set that event up. Allison left me for Mike Denardo (stockboy at Knob Hill Farms), and Denardo's share the tower of Auvergne's while the Bots in the Gilly motto were first found in Auvergne while these Bots share the ram with ice-cream liner Cremers/Cramers. German Bots are with the Biden-related Boets.

Denardo's friend at Knob Hill Farms was our fellow worker, Raymundo, whom I've mentioned before, and Raymundo's were first found in CREMona (Lombardy), which I've mentioned before, but what I haven't mentioned is that the Raymundo checks are those of Scottish Alleys!!! The parking-lot event at Knob Hill Farms points to Hillary's crime with Perkins Coie, in which she purchased the Steele dossier, and with which the FBI committed the FISC crimes, and so it's notable here that the Raymundo Coat is also that of Fiscs. As Allisons got into the back of Denardo's car, I assume that Raymundo was in the passenger seat at the time.

The Denardo tower is also the Fries tower, and while Sam gave me FRENCH fries as my reward for parking-lot clean up, one French surname has a "MALO" motto term. I think God has a little Perkins-lot clean up of his own to do. Scottish Alleys/Aulays share the three buckles of Mallets/MALO's while English Mallets share the scallops of the Rinds who in turn use "gilly flowers" is a "flower pot"!!! Do you see it? Tonys use a "flower," and Tony and I played POTsies with our alleys, and we just saw Gilly liners all over the place from Gill our foreman at Knob Hill Farms. It's very clear that Gill points to my medallion event in another grocery-store parking lot.

English Mallets are traceable to Melita, near Osam-suspect Asamum, and Melita is traceable to Malta while Mifsud the Maltese professor was linking to the Russian medallion. So why did the Alleys bring us to this? Is the marble miracle against Mifsud's bosses? How can Rush Limbaugh have anything to do with that since he never talks about anything but American politics? I don't listen to him hardly at all, but correct me if I'm wrong: he doesn't venture into Ukraine matters. He likes to beat-up on Democrats instead, all the power to him.

Scottish Alleys/Aulays share crossed arrows with KNOBs (and German Rush's), and English Alleys were first found in Worcestershire with HILLs. Irish Alleys/Aulays might therefore have the FARMer lion. Knob Hill Farms, all connecting to Alleys.

Now, as Freys/Freeze's use horses (virtually the Rush horses) in Horse-gyronny colors, and as Freies'/Vreys were pointing Wray to the medallion, I'd like to share this: "Steve Atanas Stavro...was a Macedonian-Canadian businessman, grocery store magnate [owner of Knob Hill Farms], Thoroughbred racehorse owner/breeder, sports team owner, and a noted philanthropist." I checked the Breeds/Bradds to find that they share a demi-red lion in Crest with Irish Alleys/Aulays. The giant lion head of Breeds/Bradds is in the colors of the giant Alley lion, but why? Why should my marble shot point to the owner of Knob Hill Farms?

Stavro was right up there with the owners of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Maple's are Tarves kin, and have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the horizontally-split Gills / Groce's/Greggs/GRAGGs. And WOW, the Craggs have a version of the Rind Coat (gillyflowers), both sharing blue-and-gold, bend-wise symbols with Maple's, but Craggs put LEAVES on their bend, making it appear Arranged to fit Stavro. Craggs have a version of the Knee Coat, and Maple's share "non" with Kness'. The Leafs/Leve's likewise use leaves.

OH-ZOWIE, Marble's are also Maple-like Marple's! That explains the question: why should my marble shot point to the owner of Knob Hill Farms? This answer came within minutes, AFTER asking the question. I did not ask already knowing it. But why would God do marble miracle and then, six years later, set me up at Knob Hill Farms, for this picture? I'm absolutely stumped, not even one lead to go on. There is a Stavro-like Staver surname listed with Stauffers.

OH-WOW. When I first got a job at Knob Hill Farms, they assigned me to the BREAD isle. Breads are listed with Breeds/Bradds! It's extra evidence that God wanted to use Stavro's horse-breeding in these heraldry hunts. Knob Hill Farms is on WoodBINE avenue, and Bine's/Binds/Vynds share the double fesses of Mabels, like the Mapel variation of Maple's. Never under-estimate what God might do to prove the links He wants to make. Maple's share the split-Shield of Norwegian Hansons for an ice-cream link to Stavro's store. There's no telling what the ice-cream symbol might do in due time. The "Defend" motto of Woods can be for the Fentons/Fendons/Wendens/Ventes' sharing the double fesses of Bine's.

I'd like to go back to the English Lone's/Lane's who share the split Groce/Gregg/Gragg Shield, for while Carricks, who share the Cragg dog, are said to be from Craigs, English Lone's/Lane's share "Garde" in their motto with Carricks. Now recall Raymundo's of Cremona (near Crema), and RAYmundo of Knob Hill Farms, where ice-cream girl Darlene RAY worked. It looks set up. English Raymonds share the fleur-de-lys of Irish Lone's/Lane's, and the latter have a version of the Gilly/Jilly Coat while Rays were at Gill, while our FOREMAN there was Gill. Both Formans and the two Lone/Lane Coats can be proven to have the Robert lions, from the Robertian royal line (Capetians). English Lone's/Lane's love Ray-like Roys in their motto, and Roys share the giant Alley lion suspect with the lion head of Breeds/Breads (share demi-lion of Alleys/Caulays). But Roys also share the giant lion of English's ("NOBILilis EST"), and the Lone's/Lane's call their three lions, "English lions."

I can show that the Nobil lion is the one in the Arms of Brescia, but note that Nobils/Nobels are like the Knobell variation of Knobs!!! It's important because the English-loving Lone's/Lane's have the grocery-pointing Groce/Gragg Coat. There are secret things in this discussion (secret to me) that involve the Saint-Petersburg MEDALlion, and so note that the English lion is also that of Medals/DOUGALs while the English Chief is that of DOUGLas'.

It's possible that the English surname were from Eggs/Edge's, the latter looking like the makings of Ice's. I happen to trace Eggs/Edge's to the Adige river past lake Garda. "Garde le Roy" is the Lone/Lane motto, and the Adige flows near Este, suspect in the "Nobilis est" of Egg-possible English's. Lake Garda is at Brescia, where Lano's/Lane's were first found, and Brescia (Brixia) is the line to the Brests/Brix's, which recalls the Brest location between the Vit and Iskar river to which such things as the Ray escarbuncle and the Mallet/Malo buckles trace.

Eggertons/EDGErtons (Cheshire, same as Eggs/Edge's and Marble's/Marple's), share crossed arrows with Knobs/Knobells. Eggertons/Edgertons are said to derive in this garbage: "The name would translate as farm belonging to Ecghere." The Eggs/Edge's are said to derive in the edge of a geological terrain, more garbage from an unreliable delinquent who doesn't care if he/she lies to you.

The Wikipedia article on Stavro doesn't mention the Woodbine horse track (Toronto), but as he was a horse breeder, he probably had some business there. The Knob Hill Farms I worked at was at Woodbine and highway 7, probably within the boundary of BUTTONville. I'm getting that Biden feeling again. The Woodbine surname (could be the Holm lion) has eight bars in colors reversed from the same of the Holms' who in-turn share the chapeau cap with Buttons/Bidens. The object in the Holm canton is looking like a version of the Vito/Vido annulet because there's a "vide" motto term in the Holm motto. Note the Biden-like look of the Bitini variation of Vito's/Vido's. The "cui" motto term of Holms can be God's intended pointer to Perkins Coie. Watch how the cloud of Coye's link back to Holms and allude to the connection with Parkings/Perkins, but thanks largely to Woodbine's.

You see, apart from Woodbine's, I couldn't appeal to Woods. I wouldn't have been on Woodbine's apart from Knob Hill Farms. The Wood tree is helpful because the True variation of Tree's is in the motto of Holm-like Home's while the latter's Hume variation seems to be in the "humiles" motto term of Holds/Holts. The latter are important because they are in the motto of McLeods/Lutts/CLOUDs while Coye's have the cloud. Now that McLeods have brought us to the Alutus river, across from the Vito-suspect Vit river, we can even form the theory that Woods are Vit liners, especially as Woodbine's are also WHITeburns. WHITbys ("VITium") are good for this part of the discussion, and so let's tell that they share a green snake with the Coye cloud, and pheons with the Coye Shield. The Woods are important because they were first found in Leicestershire with Perkins and roughly the earliest Holms.

Next, I noted the Stow location of Coye's (Cambridgeshire, same as Stows/Stouts), which is why I brought up the Holds/Holts, for they not only share the Stow/Stout fitchee, but the Hold/Holt and Holm fesses/bars are in the colors of the Stow/Stout fesses. It just so happens that Holds/Holts have an "ExALTaVIT" motto term looking like an Alutus-Vit combo. The last update confirmed that God would point to Burisma at the Vit-river area, and here we find that Holds/Holts were first found in Bury of Lancashire while Burys/BURIS' are expected as a pointer to Burisma.

I didn't mention the Bitini variation of Vito's in the last update, however. I've never been convinced that Buttons/Bidens are a branch of Vito's, however, but expect a marital merger, if anything. Or, now that I know that God had been heavily involved in manipulating marriages to form heraldic links, perhaps He arranged a Bitini variation for a pointer to Biden crimes. Wrays were first found in Wray-with-Botton, in Lancashire.

Aha! On the Wray of that Botton location: "Wray is the point at which the River ROEBURN joins the River Hindburn." It proves that Wrays are of the roebuck-using Rayburns! There are heraldic hinds that seem, now, to be a play on the Rayburn roebuck...especially as Hinds were first found in BUCKinghamshire. This is the way heraldry worked historically, children's games with symbols.

Back to the "HUMiles" motto term of Holds/Holts, for there is a HumPHREY/HumPHRAY surname with a "L'homme VRAI" motto phrase. It makes Wrays / Rays look like they married Home's/Hume's, and God used home PLATE (baseball diamond) for pointing to Hillary's email crimes with HUMA Abedin and PLATTE River Networks. I ask you, what are the cosmic chances that Humphreys use the so-called BOTTONy cross? Well, maybe they aren't so cosmic at all, if Humphreys married Wrays of Wray-with-Botton. Yup, that's what it looks like. It tends to prove that Freys/Freeze's have a horse version of the three Ray stags because rays too were related to the namers of Wray-with-Botton. The ice-cream girls are pointing to this? Looks like.

It's therefore very much a cosmic coincidence, unless God arranged things, that Fuggers share the Coat of Danish / Norwegian Hansons, for Fuggers look like they are in the "fugere" motto term of WHITbys. With this discussion having so many Vit entities, it's got to be God's finger pointing to WHITey Bulgar and the rest of the mobster pact. "Former vice president Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden partnered with infamous mobster Whitey BULGER's nephew and former secretary of state...Also partnered with Biden is Chris HEINZ, the stepson of John Kerry."

The "pays" motto term of Humphreys happens to be listed with the Pasi's, a branch of Scottish Paisleys/Pasleys while English Pasleys have the Moise fesses in colors reversed. The Kolomoisky shark tank?

Back now to my story on Norman Miles, a kid I knew at 13 years of age for two months only, who knocked on the window of my taxi cab a decade later as a police officer. That story is in the 3rd update of December. I was under the impression that it was a pointer to John Durham's work via a pointer to Durham county, with a capital at WHITby. It fits right into this discussion if God is pointing to officer Miles with "huMILES" (Hold/Holt motto term).

Another thing to add is the error I made earlier today when entering "Wary" instead of "Wray." The Warys use a Shield of white fitchee crosses, as do Marble's/Marple's, which I may not have mentioned had the Wary fitchees not been in the colors of the bottony HumPHRAY cross. It could be that Rays / Wrays had been Ware / Weir/Vere liners to begin with. Ware's share the mallet scallops so that they may trace to Melta, off the Vit river. Ice cream melts, doesn't it? Hmm, a Wray trace to Melta fits that picture.

Evidence that Whitbys are Vit-river liners is where they have a Coat version of the LETs/Late's, first found in Gloucestershire with "letho"-using Samsons. It tends to prove that Samsons are OSAM elements i.e. from the Osam (old Asamus) river next to the Vit. This is fantastic, because Miss Hanson worked at Sam's while God pointed to the Saraca shark with our first date, tending to prove (for me) that Asamus elements named Asamum at Ragusa! That's made more huge because the "fugere" motto term of Whitbys has got to be for the Fuggers sharing the Coat of Danish Hansons exactly. Katrina Hanson is Danish. But this gets cosmic-sized because my first date with her, which involved the shark of Valiants (Wray Chief-Shield), was in the car of the Quinns, and, I kid you not, the Quinn snakes are in the Whitby Coat. That's amazing. The Whitby are the ones with a "VITium" motto term. If this is pointing to Whitey Bulger and Chris Heinz, note that Heinz's share the fleur-de-lys of Irish Hansons.

So, with Melta between the Vit and Osam rivers, it looks like God formed the spelling of the Melta location to conform to an ice-cream theme. She sold ice-cream at Sam's. She worked the ice-cream part of the restaurant.

I can't remember how exactly Marble's touched upon Wray, but Alleys pointed hard to Knob Hill Farms and even to Stavro of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Maple's can be a Marple branch. I knew a Vito character from high school whose mother paid me to lay MARBLE on her staircase. For what looks like a Vit-Osam trace, Vito's father was Sam, though in Italian it was Savario. They lived on a 30-acre farm lot at the corner of 19th sideroad and Woodbine, one block (1.25 miles) from Sam's Restaurant. The latter is at the corner of Woodbine and STOUFFville road while Stavro-like Stovers are listed with Stauffers/STOUFFers. It looks like another ice-cream-of-Sam's connection to Knob Hill Farms.

Back to the Whiteys, for when I saw that they have a version of the Let/LATE Coat, I remembered that my tenant, about an hour before, ate the second third of a chocolate bar I had given him; he ate the first third last night. Even though I've had reason to see the Late's in "chocoLATE" before, I probably wouldn't be writing this if my tenant's surname wasn't, Lara, for Lara's have a pot filled with green snakes, and there is a green snake in the Whitby Crest. plus, this tenant did a strange thing. He bought a pint of ice cream, and didn't finish it. He bought another pint of ice cream, and didn't finish it. The two pints of ice-cream are the only things he's ever had in my freezer, and they are there to this day.

If was due to his surname that I recently did a section starting with Lara's. I was led to the Lares'/Laredo's (who led to the Lurnacks of Lanark). The Lares'/Laredo's are very interesting for sharing the fleur-de-lys of Danish and Norwegian Hansons, and because Laredo is on the Mexican-US border while my tenant was born in Mexico. The Mexican border is supposedly protected by a US-government organization called, ICE. Gotta give my head a shake. What's this? Mr. Lara has talked about the nasty drug mobsters in Mexico. Is Hunter Biden et-al involved in the drug trade?

This was so compelling that I checked the brand of Mr. Lara's ice-cream. It's by Haagen-Dazs, and so Haagens and Hagens were loaded. Haagens share the lozenges of Hinds, and heraldic hinds are female deer. Deer are often shown without antlers. The Darlene/DERling surname, from one ice-cream girl, got recently suspect with a Deer location. From the last update: "The Crimmons/Rimmons are now a part of the Rhamidava/Rimna ice-cream lines (includes Darlene Ray), and so it's interesting that Crimmons/Rimmons are said to have been in Deer (Aberdeenshire), for Darlene's/DERlene's can apply. This Deer plays right into what more I had to say concerning the Asamus-river theater...

The mouth of the Asamus is right across the Danube from the mouth of the Alutus, the river to which flag-using McLeods/CLOUDs trace, and it just so happens that Hagens (one 'a'), with the quadrants of CLOUD-using Aarons/Arens (!), have both a flag (on a POLE) and the Kidney/Gedney fish, colors reversed from the Arms-of-Saraca fish. That's amazing, because Hagels were first found in Tyrone with Sharks!!! Surprise. It's where the Neils were first found who have that fish too, and this could be a pointer to NEILia Hunter, Joe Biden's wife.

God had a shark in a KIDNEY-shaped pool where Pole's/Poole's applied, and so the Hagen flag on pole with Kidney fish points to that dream, apparently, all thanks to Mr. Lara's ice-cream. It's incredible in light of my trace of the Asamus to Asamum at Ragusa. It's the Osam river to which Sam's restaurant of the other ice-cream girl can point or even trace. Ragusa is said to mean, "dear," and while I disagree, some deer and hind symbols could trace to Ragusa elements based on that error / concoction. "DerLING" was suspect as a Deer-Lyng merger, and Lings/Lyngs have fish heads in the colors of the Saraca fish, believe it or not.

As per Haagen-Dazs, I checked for a Daze surname, finding it with the Days that share the green snake with Lara's / WHITbys. It looks like God's verification, and to this I'll show this green snake of Mackesys around a sword, much like the Daze/Day Coat, for the motto of Mackesys/Margesons is suspect with a pointer to Epstein's plane. The Whitby-suspect Vit is beside the Asamus, amazingly enough. This is educational too because Brest is less than five miles off the Vit while the Haagen lozenges are those also of Brests/Brix's, and, wow, while they are from Brescia, that's where Lane's/Lano's were first found, a likely branch of the English Lone's/Lane's/Lawns with a near-copy of the English Daze/Day Coat. How could that happen by coincidence? Neither Haagens nor Brests/Brix's show anything else but their lozenges. As a green snake is used also by Sire's/Sirets, also called the Agarus, "HAGen" could a, Agarus > Hagar line.

Next, we go back to Kidneys/Gedneys, who have fish in saltire in the colors of the Neil/Nail/Nagle saltire, recalling that Hagens (share the Kidney/Gedney fish) are from the land of Irish Neils. Brittany's Brest is beside Launay, and Launays/Lawnays happen to share the lozenges of Irish Nagle's, half in the colors of the Haagen / Hind lozenges. As you saw why I trace Lares'/Laredo's to LANarkshire, see the Lurnack/Lanark write-up, "Their territories were first located in Lorne and they became associated as a sept of the Stewart Clan", for LAUNays show a DeLORNEy variation. It looks like Lanarkshire was named by a Launay-Lares merger.

Launays are also De Lune's, and Lune's are listed with Lyons, first found in Perthshire with Hagars, and having the TYson/Tesson lion in colors reversed, perhaps important where the flavor of Mr. Lara's ice-cream is Green TEA, for Tea's/Tease's are also TYES'. Greens, who come up as Cream-like Greams/Greme's/Greems, have a stag with all legs and head in the position of the brown Daze/Day-Crest stag. A brown roeBUCK is used by Rayburns while the Deer location above is related to BUCHAN, in Aberdeenshire with Crimmon-like Crimms/Crombys (Ray-stag colors). Although not showing one, the latter are said to use a BOTTONy cross. It definitely appears as though God set up Mr. Lara's ice-cream in my ice chest / freezer. Freys/Freeze's look like Ray kin.

Greens were first found in Kent with the Greenwich's sharing the Odin Coat, and the latter's is connectable to the Otone/OLTon Coat for a trace to the Olt = Alutus with a mouth across from the Asamus. The latter probably named AsaMUM, the line to Kirks (share crozier with Greenwich's and Odins) with the "mum" terms, and to Mummolin, descendant of Artemia of LYON. Mamie, who pointed to Mummolin, was given the Thigh and Tease symbol so as to point to the Tea/Tease/Tyes surname. She pointed to the Mens/Mame/Meme surname that was at GlenLYON, in Perthshire with the first-known Lyons (apparent kin of TYsons/Tessons). It all makes sense. She had a breast symbol verified by the Mamesfelde location of Mens-like Mansfields (same place as Tea's/Tease's/Tyes'), and Brest is off the Vit. How can all of that unwrap so tidy?

Earlier, I had linked the green Whitby-Crest snake to the green one in the COYE Crest, and so, as per Perkins COIE, I've just taken note of the Perkin motto term, "vigiLUM," and I've just loaded the two Lum Coats, one being the Lumber-branch Lambs shown earlier. And then I recalled that the Lum cinquefoils are those of Lurnacks/Lanarks!!! That is astounding, for the Lares/Laredo link to Lanarkshire was as per their swan, for Swans/Sions/SINE's (share heart with Lurnacks/Lanarks) were first found in Lanarkshire and share their swan. I then saw the "SINE" motto term of the Lums. Secondly, the latter's Lumber/Lamb branch can be to the Lombards/Limbaugh's in the German Hanson Coat, which has yet another green snake, is that not unbelievable, all coming from a chocolate bar tonight eaten by Mr. Lara? Earlier, the "PULvere" motto term of these Lums had connected to the MarPUL of Marble's/Marple's, and Maple's have the split Shield of the Nordic Hansons.

I'm thinking that God used Mr. Lara to point to Perkins and Coye's. I am reminded that Platte River Networks is in Denver (Colorado) with one Perkins Coie office, and that one can expect hard drugs to Colorado now that POT is legal. Lara's use pots filled with snakes, and Lumbers/Lambs share the Potter Shield with cinquefoils! Zowzers. The Rush's and Limbaugh's had linked exactly to Lumbers/Lambs and Lums. Isn't "ice" a street word for a hard drug? Yes, it is, for crystal METH. Why do METHleys (and Medleys) share the pierced stars of Lumbers/Lambs/Lams??? The border crisis at this time is something that Rush Limbaugh can help with. Who arranged the Motleys of Medlicott to have the Grimm / Fort quadrants in colors reversed?

When I went looking for raw property in Mexico in 1994, I got mugged in Galveston, and decided the next morning to find property in Texas instead. I ended that scouting trip in CRYSTAL City, very near the Mexican border. Why there? God pointed to Rockefellers and Rothschilds when I spent just one night in Crystal City.

Repeat: "The "pays" motto term of Humphreys happens to be listed with the Pasi's, a branch of Scottish Paisleys/Pasleys while English Pasleys have the Moise fesses in colors reversed. The Kolomoisky shark tank?" The Moise's/Moisens seem like a branch of Moses'/Moesens who in turn share the so-called calvary symbol with Crystals, and the latter happen to share the thistle with Paisleys/Pasleys. Everything in this paragraph linked to Crystals. We might say that since Pasleys are Moise kin, it explains why Paisleys link to Moses-related Crystals, but, still, there we have the involvement of Crystals along with a surname suspect in pointing to Kolomoisky.

Denvers share the green martlet with Gormley-branch Grimms, and Miss Hanson sold ice-cream in Gormley. The German Grimms happen to share the quadrants of English Forts while "FORTe en LOYALte" is the Denver motto, a potential pointer to LOYOLa's/LOLITA's and therefore to Jeffrey Epstein's plane, the Lolita. Some say that Bill Clinton, who was on that plane at least 26 times, is in the cocaine trade, and Hunter Biden was hooked on cocaine, wasn't he?

Now watch how we go from Perkins Coye to Hillary Rodham. "The surname Lum was first found in Northumberland, where they were Lords of the manor of West DENTON." Rodhams -- who share the Denton cinquefoils, in colors reversed from the Lumber/Lamb cinquefoils -- were first found in Northumberland with the Lums expected in the Perkin motto along with Vigils. It just so happens that Italian Vigils can have the Rodham bend.


The youtube channel, Trump Breaking News, must be an enemy channel pretending to be pro-Trump. At the start of Laura Ingraham for January 22, she announced a breaking, exclusive story about Hunter Biden and Obama, yet this youtube channel only offered the first 31 minutes of the show. When finally she got to the Biden-Obama story, this you tube channel allowed Laura to bring it to topic again until she said, "You don't want to miss this," after the commercial, but Trump Breaking News cut the show off right there, to make her viewers upset, of course. And youtube has been arranging for Fox videos to go to 2 seconds long on the second day that they air. These demons lust to control everything, and celebrate their wickedness in doing so. Trump Breaking News has the Ingraham show for the 23rd at eight seconds long on the 24th, and ditto for all other Fox shows it presented for the 23rd. Youtube will suffer a very poor reputation between now and election time because it stacks your Republican-news searches with these duds so that Republican news views get stamped out substantially. Here's a video having the entire section:

Here's the story in print:

Ms. Ingraham had part two of this story on the 23rd, and said that "we" are not stopping efforts for obtaining more documents, to discover what happened. Well, all she needs is for Trump to call Pompeo and tell him to hand the documents over, but Trump is a fake, an imposter, clearly, he's not going to do that. And Pompeo isn't expected to be helpful because the deep state still rules. You see, this is Ukrainian meddling in Trump's election, wherefore surely, Trump wants to get this to the public, right? And Pompeo's likely to side with Trump's Ukraine enemies on this, or he would have given up these facts long ago. He would have been interested in Ukraine-Democrat attacks on Trump long ago, and he would have gotten his people to fish out the documents, long ago, but Pompeo has been a do-nothing. And Trump hasn't complained about him. He keeps telling us how wonderful Pompeo is. This is Trump the facade, everything said to aid his own fortunes.

The timing of this story would be expected to be great for getting Hunter Biden into the senate to answer questions, but the Republican leaders can't be trusted to do the right thing. This is half the problem with the United States. The good guys put their trust in Republicans, only to get shafted every time. President Shaft has shafted the people several times, can't you see it yet?

Ingraham on the 23rd said that the FISA court has admitted that two of the four Carter-Page applications were "invalid." Achem, they meant "Illegal," right? So why didn't they say, "illegal". Because the people are going to get shafted again. It is clear to anyone not having a Democrat bias that the FISA judges were themselves a criminal part of this conspiracy, and so for the court to admit that the applications were invalid is a self-protecting measure, because they need to admit guilt one way or the other, lest they look like worse monsters for remaining silent. The ball is now in Barr's court to send people to jail, but he needs to be pressured to fulfill justice, because he's a clown, an actor.

Giuliani said that he never once spoke to Barr. Isn't it sad that Barr doesn't see fit to get information that Giuliani has amassed against Obamaite parasites? Barr would rather have the bloodsuckers suck the people more dry. Nobody in news shows is calling Barr out for the fraud that he is. No Republican wants to be seen as being anti-Barr, which gives the impression that Barr is sacred. That's bad, very bad, because Barr will take advantage of it.

I missed Ingraham's Friday (24th) show, but the Bongino Report had this excellent piece of related fruit:

This week, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham obtained several emails from the State Department regarding a previously unknown White House meeting held in January 2016. After watching Ingraham’s presentation of the story, Ukrainian Embassy official Andrii Telizhenko, who had attended the meeting, issued an exclusive statement and provided several documents which she presented to her audience on Friday night.

...Telizhenko attended the secret January 19, 2016 meeting and his statement began: “I was told to work and cooperate with Mrs. Chalupa, a DNC operative, by Ambassador Chaliy…She asked for me to help her get dirt on Presidential candidate Donald Trump…I never coordinated any work with her or the DNC because…I did not support the unethical orders to work and assist one party.”

Bill Barr must not be permitted to go on pretending that the Ukrainians are all lying about these charges. Even Lindsey Graham is now caving to some form of investigation aside from what might transpire in the impeachment trial. I've been asking God if this new break is His work. I hope so.

The article continues: "Ingraham continued, 'Telizhenko said that while the meeting was touted as a quote prosecutor’s training program (Ingraham clears throat), much of the conversation revolved around the Bidens and Burisma and it wasn’t the Ukrainians who brought up the Bidens and Burisma.'" And, "Telizhenko wrote: The representatives of the DOJ, U.S. Embassy in Kiev and NSC staff raised the question of the Burisma investigation, most of NSC staff were people from Biden’s team."

While Hannity gave Sara Carter the shaft, for the most part, she appeared on Ingraham's show Friday night to discuss this. I think Hannity is becoming someone's idiot box. I'll bet the ones toning him down / shutting him up will now work on Laura to do the same on her.

It's clear now that Ciaramella was Biden's protector, and we'd like to know why, or whether he obtained treasury money too, or whether he was appointed as the protector by some by figure who needs to be exposed. Obama must have agreed to this scheme. I'd love to know how Laura got this story at such perfect timing, for this is a boomerang on the Democrats. The meeting was not only to cope with Biden crimes, but to smear Trump so that the corruption could continue by others after 2016. We can imagine that some of the recipients of the corruption attended this meeting, or had their partners-in-crime attend. The meeting didn't resolve to pull Hunter Biden out of Burisma, did it?

Laura's show on the 24th is still available on the 25th, and might still be available when you click below. The Ciaramella story starts near the end of the 31st minute, but the video owner cut the story off short, so we need a reliable youtube channel for Fox shows so we can get the entire scoops:

Most-every other youtube channel carrying this Friday show was reduced to a few seconds long by Saturday. This is unacceptable. You might try this video near the end of the 52nd minute for the same story, which doesn't cut the story short:

We now get to see whether the U.S. supreme court, with two Trump picks, shafts Christians. There is a case before the court this week involving government funds to parents choosing to send their children to a religious school. The Montana supreme court canceled the aid. Here's one comment about it: "'Look, when the Legislature set this up, they were allowing funds to go to religious schools and our Constitution says that you can't do that.' And so they struck down the program in its entirety. So no children can use the scholarship program right now." So, it's at the U.S. supreme court now.

Where does the constitution talk about payment for education? Separation of state and church has NOTHING to do with whether or not government funds can go to Christians. It's absurd to suggest that the government can't give tax rebates, for example, to Christians because that violates separation of church and state. It's absurd to say that the government can't give money for old-age pension to religious people because that violates separation of church and state. And for the same reason, it's absurd to say that Christians can't have school funds for the school of their choice while everyone else can. The government takes tax money from everyone, including Christians, to pay for schooling, and cannot then deny giving Christians some of it for a religious school of their choice. But this is what anti-Christian forces have done. Have you ever seen anything so sick?

This is the modern America and Canada, sick to the bone. It's chilling what liberals are doing. They really need to be disenpowered, but Republicans have shafted our brothers and sisters. Instead, they are empowering catholics, who will shaft non-catholic Christians. The U.S. supreme court is at least half catholic, half Jewish, and, so far as I know, there isn't one non-catholic Christian on that court. It's not by accident, but by design of the demonic spirits that have always contributed their works to the American government.

Catholicism has been a faked Christianity for a very long time. Only during the falling numbers in catholic membership, in my lifetime, did the vatican (in Canada anyway) start to teach the Bible as protestants do, but it was obviously a mere damage-control program to rebuild membership. If the vatican had a choice -- if it could keep the money flowing on its ceremonial facade alone -- it would not teach the Bible.

Liberals are not finished changing society. Not at all. They have only started. Demons would make things utterly corrupt and sinful, don't the catholics get it? So why in HELL do they vote Democrat??? They are sick people, that is why. They may be able to act angelic, but if they vote Democrat, it's a no-brainer that they're spiritual sickies to the bone. There is no way that a religious catholic cannot understand and know the spiritual damage that the Democrat party is carrying out willfully, by design. It's not a secret anymore. If these sickies now start to vote Republican, it's a good sign on the one hand, except that they tolerated the Democrat party to this day, decades after it started to create the sinful society, yikes. Do true Christians really want these catholic sickies to take power in the Republican camp? I'm afraid that this has already happened. Fox, for example, seems to be a catholic-moral society, which is why it's peddling half-baked morality. It cannot win the day for God's righteous standards. It doesn't have that vision. It's not in the heart of Fox news to manifest the will of God. There are some catholics who have taken the Word of God to heart very seriously, but I don't think that this welcome at Fox. It's money first, for Fox.

When anything is money-first, that's the definition of Jesus' words: money is the root of evils. In other words, when money is the first priority, doing the right stands a good chance of being the last priority because there are only two choices: 1) the right choice; 2) the money-involved choice. The latter choice doesn't always violate the right thing to do, but often it does. If doing right causes people to lose money, they will usually choose the wrong. That's what Jesus meant by money being the root of evil. Just look at all the anchors on leftist media, pouring out lies daily just to keep their high-paying jobs. The root of all evil in our faces. And catholics are voting for this stench. Blacks are voting for this stench. Jews vote for this stench. Shame on Mexicans for voting for this stench. Don't mistaken my disappointment with Blacks, Jews and Mexicans for a racist attitude. That's the lie of the crafters of stench, because they will go out of power if they don't convince their voters that it's true. They want their voters to believe that Republicans hate them for their ethnicity.

And this choice to lie is based not only on money, because voters are money to them, but on their agenda to change society their way. They don't want to lose all they have fought for, all they have accomplished, over the past two centuries roughly, since the "enlightenment," their "age of reason." Those people back then, who gave us evolution, which the vatican subscribes to, to this day, are the leaders of the anti-Christian camp today. If we thought that the Republican party might be on our side, it turns out they only feign it to keep our money flowing in, and our votes. If you don't think that's a sick country -- if you call this a fine example of a wonderful democracy -- you are one sickie.

It's a lethal war for the moral throne of the world, and they will kill us first rather than have us take it away from them. God WILL kill them. This is not democracy at work, but demons at work. We don't celebrate a democratic system just because it gives both devil and Christian a voice; we must call it for what it is: an open platform for the devil. It's not even insidious, it's open. It's not like a sniper shooting secretly from a small window; it's like an open invasion of operation Desert Storm on Christianity. And we don't know whose side Fox is on. It would have us forget that the war is on. Trump would have us believe that America is great again on money issues. He would have us stress the great economy and forget the fight for the moral throne. But if we stress money matters -- if money rules -- then it opens the door to unrighteousness for the choice of choosing money over the right things to do. Once money is king, morality is in last place. Where there is money, there go the sinful and the corrupt, those who do wrong. "Corruption" means "doing the wrong."

"Righteousness" as defined by Jesus is to lose money, if needed, for doing the right. Have a work ethic where you don't obsess with making money. It will cost you money to have that ethic, but it's the right way to be. Live as though this is not all there is. You don't go to work to amass a fortune, as Trump did. You go to work to get by, and if you are fortunate enough to become wealthy, you don't crave more, but you spread it around to family, friends, and the victims of the greedy. You make yourself more poor when you have more than you need. Until Trump and the republicans give the lion share of tax breaks to the poor rather than to money-driven corporations, his great economy is under a Curse. You can bank on it. The outcome of his tax-break package will be greedier corporations, and we have yet to see the fruit of such a thing, though the prediction is: higher prices.

This is how the business world works: the greater the number of coffee shops per capita, the higher the price for coffee. It goes for every other type of product and service. The more stores there are, the higher the prices. When coffee prices shot up in my home town, the number of coffee shops doubled, because working people are looking for a lucrative thing for to start their own business in. Once the number of coffee shops doubled, it became impossible to bring the prices back down, for the shops all needed the high prices just to put food on the table. There were double the coffee shops, but each one only got half the business as compared to before the doubling of coffee shops. This is what Trump's tax cuts to businesses will produce, more businesses, and thus higher prices.

Big corporations with lots of extra money each year, thanks to a huge tax cut, will expand, like when the grubby Walmart started to sell food. It wasn't happy with its billions and trillions, so it moved in on the food industry too. That's the nature of the modern corporation in a liberal-evil world. My local hardware store sells potato chips. If everyone sells potato chips, their price can't come back down until not-everyone sells potato chips. It's not hard to grasp.

So, food prices were forced to remain high by Walmart's entry into the food business, until the smaller grocery stores went out of business. Is this what we want, the giants eating up the smaller businesses? But that's the prediction of Trump's tax reform. The giants come in and offer us products at a few cents less, then, when their small-fry competition finally bows out, the giants get to jack their prices. It's not Trump's fault that evil empires exist, but it is his fault for feeding them, because he knows full well that they exist. The solution was announced by Jesus: give to the poor.

Jesus said that we will always have the poor...because the rich make the poor, and so his solution was to give to the poor. But the modern corporation, based on a stock-market engine, is forced to maximize profits on behalf of share holders i.e. so that corporations are not permitted to give to the poor. Trump knows this more than anyone, but he still gave the lion's share of tax breaks to corporations. He almost cut their taxes in half. What will they do with that extra money, give it to the poor? No, but they will expand instead. Did we see them lowering their prices? I didn't see it. Food prices are going up as we speak.

Wages are going up by a few percentage points annually; Bongino said about five percent in the past year for low-income earners, though another source had about half that amount, on average. If product prices go up five percent too, annually, there is no wage increase. It is deceptive to speak of wage increases, on behalf of Trump-politics, without also mentioning the cost-of-living increase. Put it this way, that if the "economy" is booming, it means that corporations are expanding -- selling more, making more money -- not giving their tax breaks to their workers. "Are you better off with Trump than you were under Obama" is a deceptive question if the average worker is only 1-percent richer under Trump.

When the problem gets so out of hand that one percent of the country is making 90 percent of the profits, you need government intervention. But the solution is not a thousand, two-bit regulations to re-pipe corporate money to the poor classes. I agree with Republicans that this is a monster. On the other hand, corporations would like a free-for-all, zero regulations, zero re-piping to the poor. My solution is just one regulatory measure, to place a cap on prices in the order of: 1) manufacturers can sell product at a maximum 30 percent above their product cost; 2) distributors can sell product at a maximum of 10-percent above product cost; 3) retailers can sell non-stock product at a maximum 35 percent above product cost; 4) retailers can sell stocked product at a maximum of 60-percent above product cost. Try something like that, and the corporate leaders will start sounding the scaaary false alarms, creating doomsday scenarios. But who cares what the corporate leaders say? I know. Trump does.

In my scheme above, a product manufactured for 30 dollars will cost you and me under $60 if the retailer stocks it, and about $45 if purchased from a mom-and-pop store that doesn't stock much. This is actually good for the mom-and-pop store, because more people will turn to them for purchases. But the way things are rigged now, the one not stocking the item is urged to sell at the same price as the one stocking the product because the middlemen are not giving the product up cheaply enough. The food-retail giants control food distribution, making it impossible for me to start a business in order to be generous to the poor. Even if I run the store non-profit, I still can't give food to the poor at low prices due to the high prices of purchasing foods from the middleman. Solution: regulate the middleman's profit margin to what the middleman deserves, but no more, and prices will go down. Everything will stabilize, no more inflation worries, no more begging for, or waiting for, an annual raise that doesn't come annually if the employer can stretch it out to longer.

There is a manufactured sin that's not a sin. They want for us to believe that it's sinful to undercut the going prices. But of course the welder making $50 per hour doesn't want me doing it for $35, so he makes an unwritten law forbidding anyone to undercut the "going" prices. How convenient for those who set high "going" prices. Who came up with "suggested retail prices"? Not the buyers, because everyone sold less than the suggested retail price...because those prices were set by the retail thieves seeking to fix (rig) the "going" prices for everyone. So, with this greed being obvious, it's time for our government to step in (who else?), which it won't if it's in bed with corporations rather than consumers. And that's where we are today, with a sick business world.

It would have you believe that your coffee tastes three times better if you pay three times more for it. There is imagery-deception throughout the business world. And guess who pays for it? You do, sucker. Everytime you load a youtube video and watch a commercial, YOU pay for it, sucker. Every Pepsi commercial you watch is paid for by Pepsi, which it then adds to the cost of your Pepsi when you buy it, FOOL. So what's the solution, since we small-fry buyers aren't given a choice? The government. We need the government to reign in the greed of corporations. It's as easy as this law: a company can only use a maximum of 3-percent of its profits toward advertising. It makes advertising more equal across the board for small and large businesses alike. But Trump might call this evil regulation, but price caps for the greedy are not evil. It's what God wants to see, less money making, a slower economy. A booming economy is the root of all evils, DON'T YOU GET IT? Even if all workers make a little more money in a booming economy, it's not worth the price of curbed attitudes that such a market creates in fathers and mothers. SLOW LIFE DOWN. Stabilize the markets with low profit margins. Make corporate leaders know that they are NOT going anywhere fast. Rags-to-riches is EVIL EVIL EVIL. You are better off in rags. That's the teaching of Jesus, but that's not the teaching or attitude of BCP.

You are not going anywhere in a booming economy. You are trapped in your body until death. You never go anywhere, even when you fly on a plane. You are always in the same place. You go NOWHERE when you get rich. You just change your attitude. You never want to revert to poverty when fly from rags to riches, but you might not realize how poisonous too much honey is. The solution: give away most of the money and maintain modesty. But if you set it "aside" in stocks or bonds, not touching it for your own pleasures, you are only lending it to the obscenely rich. Is that what God prefers? Is that what Jesus ordered?

I agree: it is an evil to be so poor that you have no food if you should lose a job, no place to live. That's why Jesus ordered that we help the poor. It's a no-brainer. I agree: we should all have our home paid for by 30 years of age, and $100,000 in savings on an ongoing basis (as money-value stands at this time). It's a modest and feel-safe situation. But the obscenely rich won't allow us to own a home by the time we are 30. They want us to pay for it our entire working life, to 60 years of age, if possible, and, in the meantime, to have $10,000 or less in saving all the while. The more we have in savings, the less they possess, and so they devise ways to get more of our money.

The government is in bed with these bankers. My government has allowed a situation in which my sons cannot now buy a small home, in their area, for under $600,000, and they are not even in the city where it's more than twice as much money. I feel disturbed by this. I am sickened by it. Those who espouse a free market system should jump into Hell and leave the rest of us to order a better way. Look at what you have done, free-market yahoos. The fruit is in your face right now, a testimony against you, and so will you continue to espouse free market? Are you that STUPID?

I'm all for less government, but I'm all for government acting on our behalf when needed to curb a greedy playing board. There is no other way to curb it but by setting price caps. It is a back-firing to tax the rich, because the rich will increase prices due to the increased cost of operating due to higher taxes. Thou stupid liberals. The more you tax them, the higher the cost of living, and the only benefactors are, the governments. That's not defined as a government acting on our behalf. If you elect Democrats, thou stupid catholics, thou stupid Jews, the poor that the Democrats cater too will get poorer, and they will be made to think that they need more taxing of the rich to get some of that money back, a vicious circle upon which you find the most-stupid voters.

The only explanation for the survival of leftist media is that there are utterly stupid people who watch it. The country is that sick. The leftist media is an arm of the sick Democrat party, and because it needs its sick viewership for the money line and the societal-engineering line, it feeds them more sickness to keep them more mentally-twisted than before. it's a crime on the people, to feed them lies continually. It is the crime of abuse of power, for one thing, but there's more because it involves daily slander, and manipulation of the viewers' education. If a teacher taught lies in school, one would think that such a teacher could be arrested. Why not the media bosses? Sure, the viewers are older than school-aged children, but the threats to their minds come from people their own age, i.e. people with the capability of deceiving them, who have learned the science of deceiving them from continual practice and executive demands.

“Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People,” the former New York mayor tweeted. “The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.”

..."I would love to see a trial. I’d love to be a witness – because I’m a potential witness in the trial – and explain to everyone the corruption that I found in Ukraine, that far out-surpasses any that I’ve ever seen before, involving Joe Biden and a lot of other Democrats,"... (New York Post).

Okay, we get the gist. It's the only ray of light I see at all, shame. It's as though Trump doesn't have it within himself to ask Barr for a few tidbits that he might toss out to his voters? Trump doesn't need to tell where he got his information. But Trump NEVER comes out with anything more than we all read in the press. Isn't that disturbing to you? The one who calls out for revelations, as though he cares, doesn't lift a finger to get one revelation for us, over three years and counting?? Isn't that in the least-bit suspicious in your thinking? Is Trump afraid of the public perception that he's engaging self to protect self? Since when is protecting self a sin?

As soon as he tried to get the Ukrainians to help him, the American spies caught him, and reported him, and impeached him. The solution: punish those spies ever so hard, have no mercy. Has Trump investigated the "whistle-blower" who started the impeachment? If not, why not? Has he asked the CIA director for details? Surely, he has that right even if he were not personally the target. But in being the target, he has more of a right, and owes it to his voters to reveal what sort of crime the CIA is guilty of. If Haspel (the CIA chief) is involved in covering for this whistle-blower, off with her head, Mr. Trump. Replace her. The right thing done is always the best thing done, no matter that the enemy comes on stronger. The entire movement against the deep state has fizzled because Trump's been the yellow-belly of the pack. He's been useless. Hoping this will change.

The senate needs to vote for witnesses, convenient enough for the Republicans who don't want witnesses. The only good news is that Democrats want witnesses too, making it more possible to get at least 51-percent of the vote. If Democrats decide to vote as a bloc for no witnesses, it's only to protect the Obamaites from what some willing Republicans might uncover by questioning Hunter Biden and the "whistle-blower," Mr. Ciaramella.

Here's Bongino's interview of Tom Fitton telling that Pompeo is essentially an anti-Trump fink; but Trump is a similar rodent of some twisted sort, I am now convinced. Start at the middle of the 6th minute:

I think Bongino did a most-excellent job on this interview, and for Fitton, I feel sorry for all of the legal (dry) information he's crammed into his head, and carries with him, all so depressing to boot as his people bang their heads against the government walls simultaneously. I fault both for not portraying Trump as the louse that he is. If media-important men like this would routinely complain about Trump's inaction, Trump would feel compelled to do what's needed on their behalf. Dan doesn't seem to get depressed over the current situation; maybe he has hope, maybe he has no time to get depressed.

Blumenthal and Shearer

Dan was happy about Tom's mention of Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer, names I don't stress either, though I do stress Hillary's role in criminal election interference. I checked out these two surnames to see if God might be pointing to them, and realized that the trash-can dream started with a pointer to Sheer liners. Also, this update crossed the Plumers and Paloma's, potential Bloom / Blumenthal liners. German Plumers have the Reitman and Roten hexagram, you see, and Rodhams are RODDENs too while Blumenthal is said to be worked directly for her crimes. I noted right away that Blumenthals can be linked to the Shark line, how about that.

God set Miss Peare of Reitmans up with the plumbing-salesman-to-be, though he was selling shoes at the time for a company I recall as, Acer/Ace/Aser. I could have that spelling wrong, but it's notable that Ace's are listed with the Assi's/Ise's. I don't know any other surname using shoes, and the Shoe surname has a code, "issuing," which proves to be for the island of ISSA, like the Ise variation of Ace's, how interesting suddenly. Issa was ruled for a time by the Ardiaei, whom I trace exactly to Ardahan in the land of the Hayasa-Azzi!!! Wow. That's amazing. The only proof I have that the Shoe description, "knight issuing from the knees," is part-code for Issa is where the Knee's share the black stag head of Vise's/Vice's while Issa is also called, Vis.

This can actually be the reason that God has stressed the knee surname to me, which started in hockey game at age 12, my first year of organized hockey in which Kepke played too! We became friends that very year, and if I recall correctly, I scored a goal on him in a break-away. He and his brother liked to be goalies. It's interesting that one Goel surname (listed with Goldsteins) shares the eight bars of Holms (Button/Biden chapeau) who in turn have a "cui" motto term that can be a pointer to Perkins Coie, for Blumenthal is expected to have been part of its crime against Trump.

If God was using our shoe sales for more than pointing to Trips / Trypillians, it could be for pointing to a deep-state character / group. Trips are excellent because they once showed boots while BUDini were south of Kiev, where Trypillia was, according to the only source that named and located it. Budini are expected to Buttons/Bidens and to the house of Boethus Sadducees while "Sadducee" is suspect with a Soducena location at/beside Jerevan, roughly or exactly the home of the Assi/Asians / Hayasa-Azzi. It's making sense, and thus far our shoes sales are pointing to the Bidens, whose crimes concern the Ukraine, where Kepke's father originates. How did I come to know that he was Ukrainian? I have no idea. I can't remember.

For the Blumenthal connection to the Shark, it's necessary to repeat some things, first that Kolomoisky of the Ukraine owns/owned a shark tank, and that Moise's are suspect in pointing to him while the Moschi mountains are at the Ardahan area. This brings the Ukrainian, Diane MUSKAtov, back to mind, whose purpose may be to point to Epstein by way of Eppsteins sharing the triple chevrons of Muschats/MontFiquets. In any case, Blumenthals share grapes on a gold Shield with Laus' while Saraca's were at Laus(a), an alternative name for RAGusa. I should repeat that while Wikipedia has Greeks from BOURa in Sybaris as founders of nearby Laus (Italy), Saracena is on the Sybaris river. Incredible, Boura's Greeks through the Sybaris have been essentially clinched with Burleys/Bourleys, and can therefore be of the Burrys/Buris' that I think points to Burisma. You might like to revisit the paragraph above with the Knecht/Knack scythe, which linked to Shoe's and Knights, for the Laus Coat has a scythe. A scythe is used by the "goddess" in the Vernon Crest while the Vernon fesse is in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fesse.

"Ragusa" happens to be highly suspect in heraldic "raGULLY" along with Gullys/GOLLYs (Julian branch), and, zowie, while Lawrence Kepke was a GOALIE when God gave me a knee symbol, Lawrence's use a ragully cross! Gulls (Gully branch) had pointed to Rudy Giuliani, whose all over the Biden crimes as we speak. Gullys/Gollys and English Julians share the cross of Scayle's/SCHOOLs, who had pointed earlier in this update, for the first time, to the Dalton school having hired Jeffrey Epstein. The same cross is used by Coie-like Cowes'/Coo's. By what coincidence do Gullys/Gollys have a "Nil" motto term while Sharks are Neil kin? Did the people-group representation of the Shark crane name Ukraine?

As I recall at age 12 in organized hockey, I got a break-away with Ukrainian Lawrence Kepke as the goalie, and I SCOREd. The Schore's use a column now suspect for the Calmatui in the Ukraine theater. The Score's put "ivy" around their column, and Ivy's have a ragully staff in Crest while Lawrence's have a ragully cross. On the ivy, Score's place roses, probably code for Roxolani peoples known to live at the Calmatui. That works pretty good, tending to clinch "raGULLY" as a pointer to his playing goal.

As both Kepke were heavily involved with the Walsh sisters, let's jot down that Gullys/Gollys are in Walsh colors and format, and that the Walsh swan links to the "sine" motto terms of Gullys/Gollys and Gulls (pale bars of German Julians). Can we believe it? Sine's/Swans use the swan, suspect with lake Sevan at the Soducena / Ardahan theater. We can even add that Gullys/Gollys were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Boet- / Boot-like Abotts (pears for Peare's/Pears), clearly linkable via Pierro's/Pero's to the BOTTs/Butts/Bute's/BOETs. The Boethus-Sadducee line, right, from the Laevi of Pavia?

Botts/Boets are suspect with the Saraca fish in the colors of the Geddes' "pikes," and the Ged fish are in the colors of the TurBOT fish while the Lawrence Crest has the tail of a Turbot, that's exactly right. I neglected to mention earlier, when on the Peare-of-REITmans links to Rieti / Reed/Read liners that Lawrence's have a motto, "Be READy," while Readys use more swans, incredible.

It seems undeniable that the Kepke goalies are a pointer to Gollys because the Julians were a part of the Constance's that came to topic earlier in this update from the Lawrence write-up. The Scottish Walsh's sharing the Benjamin annulets also share the Scayle/School annulet.

At about age 20, at the time I was playing Hockey with the Kepke's, I was delivering for Atlas Auto PARTs, and Parts are with the Parrots sharing the Abott pears as code for Peare's. There is an Atlas/Atley surname first found in Kent with PERTs/Petts and Kidney-like Sidneys. I can't find evidence to suggest that Sidneys were a branch of Kidneys/Gedneys, but that would be a hoot for the kidney-shaped pool that God provided in the shark dream. For, German Blumenthals linked above fairly-direct to the Shark line, very impressive, and sharing grapes with swan-liner Plate's/Platers too while God pointed such things as Perkins Coie to the Plains/PLATERs in the dream with Obama's billiard hall. As per Atlas AUTO parts, it would be amazing if the black AUTO head is the POHL buffalo head.

Lookie: the Atley-like Adleys, who share a bend with mascles with PERTs/Petts, appear to share a stork in Crest with PERTs/Petts (Kent, same as scaling-ladder Trips and Petits). It could seem as though God got me that job to point parts to Perts/Petts and Malcolm-beloved Petits. Malcolms are now tracing to the Calmatui river of the Roxolani, and Perts/Petts use bulRUSHes. Peare and I rushed up those stairs perty fast.

The Atlas/Atley Coat is the Poole/Pole Coat, in case Atleys were a branch of Aids/Ade's (Levi motto), who in turn have a leopard-face version of the Rodham/RODDEN bend. Aids/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with Haliburtons (compare motto with that of Cheneys) who in turn have a gold-mascle version of the Adley bend. The Sidneys share the pheon of English Johnsons while Danish Johnsons have a version of the Blume-like Plumer Coat with ROTEN hexagram. It can then seem as though God is pointing to Sidney Blumenthal, Clintonite, because French Plume's (Dol) have arrows heads in the colors of the Sidney pheon arrow head.

[Insert -- Now look. Sidneys can be of the SCIDrus liners mentioned earlier, such as those to Shoe's/Schuchs and Schocks. The latter have a man wearing a hat, and Hatts, who share the Blumenthal/Bloom annulet, could be Atley liners. Scottish Hatleys (could share Adley bend) have a boar-head version of the Thistle Coat, and Thistle's share the Sidney pheon. Thistle's were first found in the Channel islands with Poindexters who in-turn share the Shoe / Plumer star. Kepke had left his shoe-sales job and was en-route at this time to plumbing sales. Hadleys were first found in Essex with the Maple's who have gold boar heads bendwise, as do Hatleys. English Hatts share the Hayden quadrants while Haydens share the Haddington cross. Keith Catti of Haddington (East Lothian, same as Scidrus liners) are also Mascals while Adleys and Perts/Petts use mascles. Petits share the giant lion of Hatricks. It all looks like Intelligent Design to conform with Atlas Auto Parts. As Perts have BULrushes while Bulls/Bule's and Rush's share annulets fessewise, it's notable that the Bull/Bule's annulets are in the colors of the same of Hadleys (ROCHford).

We can already glean that Haddingtons were C-removed Catti liners, and so it's important that Haydens and Tillers share pellets on an animal, because Keiths and Tillers are both from the CETINa/Tilurius river along with cat-using CETINs/Catters. As the latter use Saracen heads, note that Sarasin-related Vallans have a colors-reversed form of the Hayden Coat, a great way to trace the shark to the Haddington theater (Sams share the Faucet lion). It reminds of my taking Katrina Hanson, of Sam's, out in a Shark-pointing Valiant car in Gormley. Watch how Hadleys, first found in Essex, with Sams, link to Gormleys. Miss Hanson had attended one of my organized-hockey games, a week or two after I scored a HATrick.

English Hatleys share the Speer boar heads while the antelope of English Hatleys has a spear through its neck. Hadleys share the Wray martlets on what looks like the Pavia / GRIMM fesse in colors reversed, and while the Hadley martlets are also those of GORMleys/GRIMMS', the Hadley write-up has: "Some of the kings of East Anglia were interred here; as also was Guthrum, or GORMo, a Danish chief..." I'm not familiar with this GUTHRum character, but do have a Guthrum viking recorded in my files, found in the write-up of Pollock-liner Poole's/Pole's (Dorset, same as English Hatts/Hade's, beside the Spear-related Roets). The shark was in the pool. Pollocks of Roet-like Rothes were first found in Renfrewshire with Spears.

Pollocks and Poole's/Pole's were from Vespasia Polla of Rieti, where Miss Peare pointed. Miss Peare's belly symbol was pointed by God to the Goods/GUTs/GUTERs (a gut is a belly), looking like God may want to be pointing to Guthrum. Hadley liners may have formed the HAUTville Dane's.

It's now interesting that Hatleys (Melanson colors) were at MELLERston, for English Mellers, with mascles in Melanson colors, were first found in Dorset too, and Saraca's were near the mouth of the Cetina river. The hockey coach, Steve Melanson, asked me to be his assistant coach probably less than two years after I played hockey with the Kepke's. Scottish Melansons use a version of the Hockey Coat, you see, and look like Milan liners because they have a Coat version of Milan's Maurels.

Indeed, for French Maurels (can be linked to SPHINX-using Brocuffs) were first found in Brittany with French Melansons (and Sarasins), and the latter Melansons have the spread eagle of SPINKs who in turn share the mascles of Adleys, half in the colors of the Meller mascles. Brocuffs were first found in Silesia with Sitlers/SCHITners (probably the Faucet lion), and share the potent cross of Skits/Scythe's/Skeochs (Skits can be gleaned in the Brock and Maurel motto), a branch of Skate's. We skate on ICE when playing hockey. Milan is where ICE-cream-girl Hanson tracked. It all makes my head spin. I think I can glean here God's secret message: that Milan was named from whatever named mythical MELEager, husband of queen Atalantis, a line from mythical Atlas. I'll bet it goes back to mythical Melia of Boeotia.

French Mellers (share blue fesse with Melansons) almost have a Coat version of the Hotts, like the Hoot variation of Hoods. The latter share the fret with neighboring Mells/Mele's. Hodds/Hotts have the Saracen crescents in colors reversed while the Arms of Saraca is the Melanson / Hockey / Seal / Vernon / Hazel fesse too, and the Vernon, Hazel and Hockey fesses with items are a version of the same of Seal-branch Sailers. God set Kepke up to sit on the hood of my car. Hoods/Hotts use a "ZEALous" motto term, suggesting that Hoods were a Hatley branch round-about, for there's a Seal head in the Hatley Crest. Seals share the fesse of Hockeys. It works because I was playing hockey with the Kepke's while driving for Atlas Auto Parts, suggesting that Atlas'/Atleys correctly bounced us over to Hatleys.

The paragraph below was already written before this insert, and so it seems doubly intended by God to include Hatleys because they share the pierced stars of Foggs / Figgs while the latter two share the Hatt annulets. I suppose this proves that God set me up at Atlas Auto Parts because Atlas' are Hatley-like Atleys. Hockeys share the crescents-on-a-fesse with Hazels, and the latter were Weaver kin while KEEPs use a weaver's shuttle, as do Shuttleworths. Hockey with the KEPke's. For what it's worth, Scottish Hatleys look like Stanley kin. End insert] Jewish Blumenthals/Blooms share the double fesses of Plume-like Palmers, kin of the Fulke's/Volks'/FOOKS' ("sera") suspect from Focsani. The annulet of Jewish Blumenthals/Blooms is shared by FOGGs and Figgs, both of whom have a fesse in Blumenthal/Bloom- and Medley- / Methley-fesse colors, which recalls that I traced Foggs / Figgs with Medleys and Methleys to Foca, near the mouth of the Gediz river (Lydia). Geddes' use pikes, and the arrowhead design of Plume's is called a "pike head" by English Picots (lord of Broxton). It just so happens that French Picots (Brittany) almost have the giant moline of Sarasins (Brittany). We're back to the Shark line, and to the GEDney-shaped pool, so to speak, that had the nasty shark. It's now suspect that Foca (ancient Phocaea) named Focsani (Benjamite-of-Rimna theater). Benjamites on the old Hermus (Gediz) river?

The shark had nasty TEETH, and Teets/Tate's share the Chief-Shield of Hermus-like Ermine's. Proto-Hermes was at Phoenicia's Ermine-like Hermon. In the dream with the shark, I was walking without a shirt on the beach. Shirts/SHARDS, who happen to share the red roundels with Shearers, are suspect with a Sardis line to Sardinia. It's starting to make sense that Sidney Blumenthal and Cody Shearer are in the shark dream where I was on Epstein's beach (at his Little Saint JAMES island) without my shirt, but with jeans on as a pointer to Jeans/J'Anes and therefore to James'.

Sardis happens to have been the Lydian capital on the Hermus river. While without a shirt, I saw Miss Hicks at the hood of a car, and Hoods, with their branches, might therefore be from "Hyde," the alternative name of Sardis. Hyde's/Hide's use a "haec" motto term while Hykes' are also Hacks and Hake's. Mythical Haik/Hyke was a god of ARMenia, where "Hermes" derived. I'm guessing that Hyde's/Hide's use the phoenix secretly in Crest for the mythical Phoenix > Cadmus line to HARMONia, Armenian wife of CADmus. The latter's name was no doubt invented code for Cadusii Armenians at Mus of Lake Van, for Hermes owned a caduceus staff.

The "noVIS" motto term of Hyde's/Hide's can be for the ICE-cream theme is its from Issa/Vis. Hyde's/Hide's were first found in Bedfordshire with the Hatleys having the two hexagrams of WISE's/Weis' in the same positioning. The two Coats look like they can be from Muntenia (might cover Focsani) with the English Mountains. As Pero's share these two hexagrams (not the same positioning), it's a good bet that Pero's were from Wallachia, for Miss Peare was with Kepke immediately before Miss Walsh. English Wise's have a "SaPERE" motto term.

The Picot-like Pyxites river was at Trabzon, and Trabzon's Amazons are suspect to Trypillians i.e. at Focsani. These Amazons were all over Lydia too, and may have gotten their all-female symbol from the lesbian island of Lesbos, off the coast from Foca. Lesbos has a METHymna and a Mytilene location for Methleys / Medleys / Motleys to trace to. The MedliCOTT location of Motleys can suggest the Cotesii smack at the Focsani theater. Motleys share the Atlas/Atley lion, and it's interesting that mythical Atlas of Antalya (my personal discovery) traces excellently to TANTALus, father of Pelops, both kings of Lydia and becoming the Amazons of Pisa.

It's a no-brainer that the Phoenix > Poseidon line went to Pisidians at Antalya (ATTALeia), thanks to Plato's Poseidon > ATLas line. The ANTELope of Hatleys is expected from Antalya elements, giving rise to the possibility again that Hat / Hoot liners were from Hyde of Lydia, for the Hatti (of Attis) were made the mythical parents of Lydians. It's perfect for the Atlas Auto Parts discussion, for Hatleys came from the Atley variation of Atlas'. I found myself singing the song, "Rock of Ages" after writing the last line, and noted that it has the line, "HIDE myself in Thee." It's another Saturday song-line miracle. (I'm inserting this paragraph on Saturday, along with the Hermes and Hyde paragraphs above, to what was written a day or two ago.)

When Cadmus killed the dragon of Boeotia, it formed the neighboring Sparti = Spartans, and while I see mythical MeneLAUS (Spartan king) as code for Laas/Las at the Mani peninsula (Sparta), I've just realized that "AtLAS" may have been invented as an ATTALeia-Las combination.

Oh wow. The Motleys have a version of the Otone/Olton Coat with the Odin / Motley lion, but while Motleys throw in the Atlas lion too, Odins/Odo's and their Oddie/Odo branch look absolutely linkable to the AUTO's/Oto's. Atlas AUTO Parts!!! Plus, these surnames suggest the Hoods/Hoots because the Oddeys/Hode's (not "Oddie") share the quadrants of Medals/Dougals. The medallion on the hood pointed to Medals/Dougals sharing the Atlas / Motley lion too. There's more to this, I'm sure of it.

I can trace Atlas'/Atleys not-bad between Julia Polla of the ARTEMidoros Galatians (from Galati at the Cotesii theater?) to the line of Vespasia Polla of Rieti to the Poole's/Pole's, but I'll forego repeating the details at this time (see the paragraph with Julia Polla two updates ago, from link at top of this page). The Flavius-related Polla's were a line to Pellican kin, and Oddeys have a pelican, as do Medley-branch Meads/Meats who in turn share the martlet of French Josephs (probably from Flavius Josephus), first found in Maine with Pellicans.

Without going into it all again, Miss Peare had a belly / gut / tum(my) symbol, and other pointers, for the line of GODfrey de Bouillon (Spanish Guts/Guters are in TUME colors), son of GODa, granddaughter of GOTHELo. In this update, the GOODs/Guts/Guters/GUTHs looked connectable for the first time to Guthrum in the Poole/Pole write-up. There's also a Guter/GUTHEL surname. Medley-branch Meads share a Godfrey Coat while the Meads place black items on their gold chevron, as do Peare's (the Capone stars in colors reversed). Otherwise, the Mead Coat is in Capone colors and format, and we crossed the Capone = Stair Coat when Peare and I rushed up the stairs. It's another way to connect Peare's to Godfrey de Bouillon. Just realized: star-using Stairs/Stayers (Flame/Flamin colors) can be of the Stere's/Stars (Tume / Gut colors) in the "flaming stars" of Pero's. I don't know whether that's ever dawned on me before.

One can even add that Rush's share the annulet of Ottone's/Otto's. Again: Atlas Auto PARTS looks like part-pointer to Parts/Parrots sharing the Peare-depicting pears of Abotts (Peare chevron). The Petits, first found in Kent with Rush-loving Perts/Petts, look linkable to the Prets/Prettys in the Mead (and Moray) motto. Bellys were first found in Moray. You can tell that Meads are linkable to Flys of Flavian/Flagi, and to Pratts, the latter being of the "praTIS" motto term in the Arms of Rieti (probably has the Arms-of-Saraca fish). Tiss'/Teece's are expected as Ticino liners, and therefore connectable to Pero's / Pierro's. Prats (Wolver fesse in colors reversed) were first found in Auvergne with Parats/Pare's and Bouillons, perfect. If Parats/Pare's have wolverines, it can be added that Wolvers have a version of the Meschin Coat.

Wikipedia removed the motto of Rieti, because, obviously, the Internet is running out of room. Note that the Rieti flag used part-purple Shield, the color of the Pace Shield, for I trace VesPASia to Pace's/Pasi's/Pascels. Ask: why do Pascals have the Levi lion (gold crown), in the colors of the Capone lion head (gold crown)? Note that the Rieti fish are on fretty in the colors of the Caen/can fretty, for Caens/Can ("PERImus") have the Peare leopard heads, as though God knew that Miss Peare of REITmans traces by her surname to Rieti. I rode Peare's white horse, and there's a rider on white horse in the Arms of Rieti. The woman could be holding a flag for the Flavian line to Flys of Flagi.

The Rieti motto can be seen here with "PRATIS - LATE" phrase. What are the chances that Lets/LATE's share the Peare stars? The chances are perfect if Peare's trace to Rieti. I probably wouldn't have known it if God didn't set her up at Reitmans. It's been clue enough to get me here.

Lets/Late's use organ pipes while Pipe's have white horse heads and the Bank fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. I rode her white horse in a field to a bank, then turned around and went back. Pipe's (Jeune fleur) were at Field, and Banks were first found in Craven with purple-lion Skiptons, home of the Meschins who ruled Cheshire, where purple-Shield Pace's were first found. Pipe's and their Pepin branch are suspect from Piephigi at the Wallachia theater, on the Naparus river, to be exact, suspect with Nappers/PEERless', wow. That just jumped out. Jupps can be the makers of Jumps.

Cravens and Ricks trace to Rijeka/Rika, at the Colapis / Kupa theater, where the Christine cups trace. It's the home of Japodes suspect with Joplins who share the Shoe star. The Caesars of Croydon can trace to Greys/Croys, kin of Joplins. The Jopps/Jupps are new to me, and they look like kin of Caesar-like and "Per"-using Caseys. Scottish Caseys have a Croy-like crow, and crows share a camel head in Crest with Pipe's and Pepins. Irish Crows/MacinROE's have a "Skeagh" motto term looking like variations of Shoe's / Skits/Skeochs, and thus the Joplin stars could be close to those of Shoe's. Kepke and I became shoe salesmen in two different stores in the same mall at almost the same time, when we knew Peare. Greys and Joplins were first found in Northumberland with white-horsehead and Keep-loving Hebrons/Hepburns.

It looks like God may be pointing hard to Joplin liners because they are from the Jabesh wives of the 600 Benjamites of Rimmon (Israel, same as Hebron). Abram/Abraham lived in Hebron, and his line is suspect to Bramtons sharing the red dog with Plumer-like Plume's. The Kepke's went into PLUMbing sales, and English Plumers ("AUDacter") share the Shoe / Joplin star! Is that not amazing? Much of this is new after years of being in the dark as per the meaning of the shoe sales. Abraham's alternative wife, KETURah, traces with a son, Medan, very well to mythical king KODRos (fish symbol) and his son, Medon, to Kotor, where fish-using Saraca's lived before going to Ragusa.

I know of only three surnames with wavy chevrons: English Plumers, the Fish's, and the Pierce's/Piers. English Plumers probably have a PALM branch, and the Palms/Parms (beside Plumers) share the Napper/Peerless fleur-de-lys. With Plumers having the Joplin stars, they trace to the Jabeshite-Benjamin merger at the Rimna-river theater, near the Naparus, now the IALOmita, suspect with the yellow mattress upon which the kids were JUMPING! Ahh, the Jumps must be the proto-Jopps/Jupps on the Ialomita! Yellows were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's.

As the bulldog JUMPED into the KIDney-shaped pool having the nasty Saraca shark, note that Kids can be the root of Kidneys/Gedneys (Saraca / Ged fish in colors reversed). The shark was nasty as per its big teeth, and Teets/Tate's share the saltire of Nappers/PEERless'. I slept the entire night in the same bed with Peare (no sex) when she was newly with Kepke, but I woke up in the middle of the night pressing her BELLY with my hand (arm around her waist as she faced way from me), and the shark had a ring of teeth around the bulldog's belly, when I myself jumped (or dove?) in to save it. It could be that my hand on her belly is a pointer to Hands/Hanns because they share the Jopp/Jupp chevron.

I neglected to mention that the Napier "family descend from the house of Lennox and their forebears used the name Lenox alias Napier." Lennox's are LEVENax's too, from Laevi Gauls, apparently. Lennox's/Levenax's (share Napper/Peerless saltire) were from Campsie (Stirling), at least very near to where Chappes'/CHEAPS were first found, suspect with the Kepke- / HEP(burn)-like Chep variation of Jeepma's/Jappa's. Camps are in Capone / Stair colors and format. Lennox's/Levenax's were 'of WOODhead," explaining why they share "defend" with the Wood motto. But look: Kids share the giant tree with the Woods, and Lennox's/Levenax's use, "I'll defend," recalling that Ile's are also Yellow-like Ylleys!!! It looks like another riddle of God on the way to be solved.

Woodlands were at Burley (West Yorkshire, same as Jumps!), and share the Medal/Dougal and Baud quadrants while Bauds (Hood crescents colors reversed) were first found in Stirlingshire with Lennox's/Levenax's. We can now apply Michael's kids jumping on the mattress (dream) to the medallion-on-Jeep's-hood event. Woods share the Rattery fitchees while Hoods were at a Rattery location. Excellent. Ratterys (Mattres colors and format) were first known at Perthshire, beside Stirlingshire. The "Super" motto term of Ratterys is almost the motto term of Michaels. But I'll never remember all this without Help.

Ahh, Mattres-like Matters/Matts (German) have a good reflection of the Heinz Coat. Scottish Matters/Mathers (compare with Joplin Chief) share the SHOE star, and were first found in KinCARDINE near the first-known Kids of Dundee. Cardine's have a Coat a little like that of Coye's, and the latter were at Stow while Stows/Stouts have three of the two Matter/Mather fesses. I worked in shoes when meeting CHRIS(tine) Peare, at REITmans, and Riters/Reiters can be in the "celeRITER" motto term of Matters/Mathers. That works pretty good to point the kids on mattress to Chris Heinz. "CELERiter" can also be for Celers / Sellers (share cups with Christine's), and the latter, first found in Aberdeenshire i.e. the Kincardine theater, can apply to the salesman = seller who wanted to sell me the yellow mattress. There is a shoe revelation coming below as per Burisma. The last update predicted that Burisma things would be revealed around Gigen, which is off the Utus/Vit river not much less than is Melta, and then Scottish Riters/Rutters have a "Melitae" motto term.

The stork-using Store's might just apply to that store because they have: "William Storie was a charter witness in Dundee in 1281". Store's (in the colors of Stow's Coye's) can be linked to Sturs/STOWers, you see. That's an interesting, new addition to the mattress-dream riddle.

Ratterys (same place as DOGs/Doag) share a heart with flames with Bullys, first found in Dumfries with the Geds of about 400 AD. Dumfries was home to Kilpatricks, who adopted a Sheera variation for some reason, and Shearers can apply. The BULLdog jumping into the pool can maybe be primarily for Bullys. The Bullis'/Bulliards, with a version of the Shearer Coat, are now said to have been first found in Wiltshire, right beside Bulls/Bule's (Somerset) who share the white bull head with Osts/HOSTs (Somerset) while "HOSTis" is a motto term of the Shirts/Shards who share red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards and Shearers. It's much interesting that while Blumenthals appear linkable to the Kepke-related plumbing theme, Shearers are in the colors and format of Keppocks (and Clinton-pointing Blythe's).

It's interesting that Kidneys/Gedneys are also GIBBneys while Gibbs use a "TenAX" motto term as well as AXes. With LevenAX's (share white roses with jumps) now equated with the jumping KIDs, Levenax's look like a Laevi-line merger with Axe-river liners. Gibb-like Giffords in the Wear/Were write-up were on an Axe river.

The Lennox'/Levenax saltire looks likable to the one of Currys/Corrys, first found in Waterford while an Arms of County Waterford has exactly the Jump / Trump stag head. "LenNOX" may have formed with a merger with Knocks/Knox's, for their Crest seem to share the bird (probably a falcon) in the Kidney/Gedney Crest.

Back to the Caens/Cans expected in the Arms of Rieti. They are the trash-can line as per Trash-like Trace's/Trasse's being from Tracy, near Caen. Tracys have a mallard duck, and duck liners trace to mont Velino up the Salto river from Rieti. Trash's/Tresure's have the dragon head, and there is a dragon head in the Crest of ARCHers along with the Caen/Can crown design, which can explain why Caens/Cans share a Shield of fretty with Modens/Modeys, first found in Berkshire with ARKs/ARCH's, from Modane on the Arc river. The ArchiBURE variation of Arthur's is then very telling because Devon Archer was involved with Hunter Biden's Burisma crimes.

Archers have a "bono" motto term for "Bono's/Binni's" which apparently gets us back to the Otone/Olton / Odin / Motley / Atlas/Atley lion again, for Bono's/Binni's were first found in Milan with Ottone Visconti. The Pierleoni Jews of Rome are from the Bennets/Benedicts/Bendish's having a "De bon" motto phrase as well as what should be the Bono/Binni lion round-about.

While having that short-term job at Atlas, the Kepke's were involved in non-organized, weekly hockey games, as well as organized hockey, both of which I participated in, and Kepke's brother was the goalie. When the father of the Kepke's became a coach in organized hockey just at that same time period, the Kepke brother again played goal. He was married to one Walsh sister at the time, and Kepke was engaged to the other sister. Both Walsh's attended those games. I never learned how badly Miss Peare took being shafted by Kepke; I don't imagine it was pleasant, but this seems to have been God's will, to get him with Walsh for Benjamite-pointing purposes. There is absolutely no doubt that Irish Walsh's were of the Walsers, from Wallis canton, location of Sion, the line to Golly-beloved Sine's/Swans/Sions. Is that not impressive? It's new material as per stressing the goalie theme. Walsh's are also Walchs, from Wallachia, location of Benjamites.

Back to the Odo liners suspect with Atlas AUTO parts, for Galli's share the Julian Chief, and the Galli cousins of Gays were first found in Savoy with Oddeys/Aude's. The latter can be linked via the Fort motto and quadrants to Otone/Oltons, making the white-on-blue lion of Atlas'/Atleys look like the lion of Rita's (Rome, same as Fort-like Sforza's), which is almost the lion of Visconti-related Sforza's. Visconti's first ruled Milan with OTTONE Visconti. Ottone's/OTTO's (same variation as Auto's) share a version of a Puck Coat, how hockey-interesting.

Back to Cotesii (at/beside Focsani) in relation to Medlicott of the Motleys, for their Methley and Medley branches came up as per Focsani-suspect Foggs and Figgs who in turn came up from Jewish Blumenthals/Blooms. The latter's annulet, and that of Foggs / Figgs, is colors reversed from the same of Brills, who were traced to Braila, smack beside the Buzau river of the Cotesii. Sidney Blumenthal is apparently working with CODY Shearer. The Codys are listed with Cotys/ARCHdeacons, as though God may wish to point to Devon Archer, for the French Cotys' are listed with Cotta's, sharing a Shield of white fretty with Caens/Cans. With things-Burisma being pointed to by the Gigen theater at the Vit (old Utus) river, note the "Ut" motto term of ARCHibalds (ROXburghshire).

Cody Shearer was a journalism assassin:

According to a Slate profile, Mr Shearer’s defining moment as a journalist came when he and Mr Glen published several accounts of drunken behaviour by former Senator John Tower, helping to derail his nomination for secretary of defence.

There's more than that in the article, including his part in the Steele dossier. The dossier was an political assassin. This is what the left has been specializing in for a long, long time, and now they do it so brash, so routinely, it's too second-nature for them to hide it. They don't know any other way to operate. These people must be assassinated, as they deserve. The rock they rolled must be rolled back on them. The Shearers, by the way, have a Coat version of the Blythe's (Berwickshire, same as Shearers). The Shearer Crest even has the gold garb in the Blythe fesse.

Bongino has a segment of Laura Ingraham's exclusive exposure. It appears that the Obama White House called a meeting under the supervision of Ciaramella, under the guise of supporting Ukraine anti-corruption efforts, but this ploy is blown out of the waters because Ciaramella becomes the Trump assassin in 2019. Missing with his shot, his cohorts put the president under impeachment punishment in efforts to turn him into a lame duck, but his gull, Rudy Giuliani, refuses to become lame, and shouts from rooftops all over the place, with even Trump worried about the fall-out.

This story from Ingraham's sources is like an awakening from the dead. It comes with several opportunities to nail the leftist coffin tighter as they try to deny a crime even in all of this, and it compels Barr and Durham to look into it because it goes right up to Obama's office. It begs Pompeo to straighten out his act, and may even cause his replacement, if Trump knows what's good for the country. This meeting of Ukraine's anti-corruption people in the White House way back in January of 2016 may have been used to solidify the crimes, with certain Americans ironing out what their pieces of the corruption pie will be.

Here's Giuliani saying he's about to reveal his documents el-promto:

This is another awakening from the dead. Just as Barr is signalled that he is a farce, if anyone has a mind to realize it, Giuliani is compelling him to look into Ukraine crimes from the Obamaites, which he has refused to look into, which he has misrepresented as unimportant. I despise Barr. He needs to be jailed.

Starting next week, Giuliani is going to reveal much, step-by-step, like a gull dancing to the sound of blinkers when it's time to turn the car around. My prediction is that this will lead to Perkins Coie; it was fed dirt by Ukraine elements. You can take this on your white horse to the bank. I gotta say, Giuliani has turned out to be the hero of this saga, so far. He really has indignation for the Obamaites; congressional Republicans should be more like him, and less like that trash can, Bill Barr, or that piece of Pompeo trash. Giuliani is bringing out the war papers. Giuliani is going to put the leftist camps on the defensive, for a change.

There is not one instance of "Giuliani" in Trump's Twitter archives this month. He won't even show support for the anti-Biden crusade. Trump will not even urge his voters to support Giuliani's crusade. Is it because Giuliani's doing his way, not Trump's way? Or is Trump just being a nice puppet of Bill Barr? Trump was supposed to drain the swamp, but:

Hannity on Friday night, pathetic, as usual lately. He starts off telling how terrible the ratings are for impeachment viewership, then spends almost the entire show covering it himself. In the middle of the show, Dershowitz, sick. Then, as usual, Lindsey Graham, sick. The Hannity show has been ruined, it may not be a wonder that someone(s) leaked the juicy Ciaramella story to Laura Ingraham this week. Hannity didn't even mention it (on Friday night, anyway); no panel to discuss it was called on. Instead, impeachment impeachment impeachment, the thing he calls ridiculous is the thing he stresses. SICK. Fox is sick. It needs a cure. It's making you sick if you watch it too much. The nice thing about youtube is that one can pick and chose what parts of Fox to watch.

Take a look at the jagged mountain tops in the following video, and you will see that ground zero for anti-Christ evolutionists is in them. They could see that mountain tops were carved by water, and so, to explain away the common belief that Noah's Flood eroded mountain tops when the flood receded, they had no choice but to ask; how long would it take for these mountains to form by rain and wind erosion alone? They realized right away that it would take many millions of years, and from that ground-zero notion, they looked for a rock-dating scam that they could pass off to the public as reliable fact, and they even devised more than one rock-dating scam. These "scientists" are of the same breed as the Democrat liars who form a professional facade for themselves, but lie to our faces unashamed. They have no concern for the right.

Pause some of those peak views to ponder how the waters rushed past to take away (erode) soft "mud" at the end of the flood. This mud consisted of freshly-deposited layers of volcanic ash and other materials within the flood waters. It's clear that the waters, at least at the start of the recession, receded very fast, not mildly. In my view, the earth's crust, not yet cracked, cracked at the end of the Flood. That is, the busting-up of the crust at one region caused a crustal "plate" to sink into the molten lava beneath it, and thus caused the end of the flood. As it sank, waters followed and eroded the freshly-laid sediments all around it. The violence of the sinking of one busted piece of the crust pressurized the molten interior, bursting the crust in another region(s), causing another sinking "plate(s)." All the sunk plates became the ocean floors, a no brainer.

Once all of the depressions were filled by rush-in waters, the major carving of continental geology ended. After that, water receded slowly, unless sudden, sporadic depressions formed in spots. The Grand Canyon looks like a small-area carving from a sudden sinking of land (on the low side of the canyon, of course) causing fast waters from above to rush in and carve. This is not difficult to conceive. The pressures in the molten interior from the sinking of plates can be predicted to form higher elevations (mountain ranges and hill regions) on the parts of the crust that didn't get cracked.

Whenever you see (in the video) boulders chaotically piled at the bottom of mountain sides, that's not from Flood-water erosion. From time to time, especially in the beginning when the rock was on the soft side, steep peaks and rock faces would dislocate and fall, causing rock to crumple and pile up at the base of a rock wall. Rock falls occur to this day from time-to-time, like when these guys realized it wasn't the best day to rock climb (God may have been saving someone's life).

Okay, so now you know how jagged mountain peaks formed, some of them absolutely stunning. If you've subscribed to evolutionary views of geology, you need to un-educate yourself by re-education. Raising the water level of this globe by three or four miles is not as impossible as our enemies would have you believe. The earth is 4,000 miles deep. There's expected to be a lot of water under the ocean floors that can be brought to the surface (i.e. as Noah's flood) if God simply ordered a special heating of the planet's interior. Hence, volcanic spewing of material onto sea floors that simultaneously fell as sedimentation, all in just a few months. Evidence of huge volcanic systems at the Flood is in the so-called, mid-ocean ridges, which are known to be volcanic ranges stretching almost across entire sea floors.

The Flood was a terrible event, let's not forget. God will kill painfully. When you ask youtube for nature videos giving God credit, the people at youtube arrange to provide nature videos from God's enemies. God will kill painfully, be warned. Here's a Creationist's view of modern scientific findings:

Look at how the comments in the video make people sing with praise, how it reminds them of how super-intelligent God is. How can it be, His existence? How could He exist from nothing? How could nothing have never existed? How lucky that, of all possible things for existence to be, it was a super-Intelligent being? How "lucky", and yet there are those who want God dead. Are they absolutely nuts? Would you want the universe in their hands alone? As Jesus said, no one would be left alive if this Creation were left in their hands. There has been nothing but war after war, and in this one generation alone in which God has permitted liberals to rule, nothing but violence and sickening things save for the few Christian salts keeping the day sane. We have the sanity, the salt, otherwise all will become very sickening. We are learning it right now.

I think the hummingbird impressed me the most as a flying machine of God. If left to evolution alone, birds would crash into branches, and fall off when landing, because evolution can't see their needs. Evolution would never devise proper wings, and the proper-everything for flight, because it doesn't even know the viscosity of the air, or that air exists. Yet look at that spectacular hummingbird. And birds never fall off the branch when landing, they never look clumsy.

It's also incredible how each individual bird, per kind, builds exactly the same nest, bird after bird. I love the way the speakers laugh at evolutionists by their giving glory to God. Evolutionists, evil, wicked people who know better, but have hearts of stone toward God. What is their problem? Did you understand that God created the butterfly to mock evolutionists, to call them, STUPID? In a few weeks do fish evolve into amphibians, the frogs. In a couple of weeks does a worm evolve into a flying butterfly. Mock mock mock. Stupid stupid stupid. It doesn't take millions of years if there is a Programmer who builds programs to alter physical features. Evolutionists are IDIOTS, for if God can create such programs, He can also Create the whole creature from scratch.

I wouldn't call them idiots if they didn't know science, but they do know the realities yet still deny a Creator. They are special kinds of idiots, we could say, laughable ones. To despise them is not sinful. It's not coincidental that nature shows on television never give God one credit; it's called indoctrination by the sickies of soul. One comment says: "It's too bad they don't show inspiring things like this on television." In Canada, the state-news org, CBC, was never compelled by the government to offer such shows as this, giving God glory. From the government on down, there was indoctrination to stamp God out. That's why I will never be a proud Canadian. I disown Canada, the corporation. I despise it. It is to be condemned.

That's how every American and EU-er should feel about his country in the last days. It is the American government that permits leftist news to thrive, to destroy God in the nation, and so you've got to call a spade a spade. The nation is extremely sick from the top. Immigrants are urged to reject God, and to join the liberal movement. The Christian voice will become supreme in the media over their dead bodies. If patriotism involves loyalty, there is nothing left to be loyal to. The American military is a demon. The courts oppose us. The police are goons from the top down. The wicked seize the tops, not the bottoms. To what are you being loyal? The social engineering has been against us, more now than before. I do not believe for a second that Trump is installing judges who will overcome the liberal faction. Just looks at his picks for top, deep-state positions. Even his beloved Pompeo is being exposed at this time as just another rat.

Did you ever notice that butterflies look like clumsy fliers, yet when its time to land, suddenly it does so on a mere blade of grass or thin stem perfectly every time, even though it approaches hectically in our view. In other words, it's perfectly in control of its erratic flight patterns. It may look like it, but God is perfectly in control when allowing liberals to take the world out-of-control. It's by Design, to educate us, to condemn them for taking things out of control. It's a painful lesson, but we will endure it. Stick with Him, keep the Light burning. If your candle flickers, may He make it soar again. Don't bow out and become one of the stupids, thinking you're being smart. Never forget the worm-to-butterfly program. Though its life becomes motionless mush, out it comes to soar after a few days of darkness.

Anunaki of Annandale?

Along with shear atheists, there are the twisted "Christians" who come up with bizarre ideas. For example, that the Anunaki Sumerians were aliens from other planets. Abraham was from Sumeria, and he lived with the people of Anak, father of giants, a man apparently named after the Anunaki religion. There is no evidence of an Anunaki people group. They are possibly mere Sumerian / Babylonian inventions. They may have had large-body genes, but let's not get ridiculous with stories of aliens mating with humans. Let's not get Hollywood. We have all seen giants. They can be mild and decent. They don't look half-alien. UFO's are derived in the machines of the American military, the demon to be feared for its ambitions, not honored for them.

If the Sumerians had Flood accounts, or garden-of-Eden accounts, with some similarity to the Biblical accounts, we shouldn't think, as the twisted people wish for us to think, that the Sumerian versions are the more-correct / original ones. Abraham was under the Direction of the One God, but Sumerians remained in the dark, with pagan theology. There is a vast difference between Light and dark, between a nation of Israel tended by the Living God, and the Sumerians left to their own twisted, serpent-loving religions. They sided with the serpent of Eden, with animosity toward the Creator in favor of becoming masters of their own destiny, and likely plugging into the spirits of demons for obtaining special powers.

They had Innana (like "Anunaki"), the "mother of the great dragon," as their chief goddess, you see, who became Ishtar of the Babylonians. This religion was polluting the Israelites, and God's prophets complained much about it. There was no commonality even if there were some textual commonalities. We can find casual / fanciful resurrections in Greek myth; do we then lump Jesus in with them? Greek myths are so numerous that there is bound to be many similarities with Old-Testament stories, but let's not be misled into lumping them together as though they had a common path. They all have the common genetic root in Noah, but they diverged, each individual, in their world views, each choosing their specific world views. Each of us chooses whether or not to respect / honor the Creator. Respecting / revering Him is a good start, but honoring Him with deeds and thoughts is better. It's not a trivial thing, but the calling of mankind.

We're not justified in choosing to be the masters of our own destinies due to having ugly views of the Creator. The CIA and the American military doesn't ask for God's opinion on its globe-trotting programs. The American military thinks it's in a position to be the master of the universe, don't you get it? If if can overcome Russia and China, it will be the uninterrupted Darth Vader of all Creation. It's a demonic plot.

I expect the Anaki of Hebron in mythical Inachus, founder of Argos. He was given Melia, the honey goddess of Boeotia, as his wife. It looks like the proto-Sadducees could descend from that thing. Might Anunaki lines have named the Sadducees, Annas/ANANus of Israel? As I trace Knights to the Nith river, near the Annandale location of the Ananes Gauls, and as KNACKs and also Knechts, were the Ananes descended from an ancient Anunaki cult? As Ananes lived at the Trebia, it's notable that the Arms of Traby uses HUNTing horns, for Horns/Orne's are from mythical Orion the hunter of Boeotia i.e. very linkable to Anak-like Inachus of Argos. The latter had a white-cow goddess (Io), and Orion was from Uranus, the grandfather of the white bull, Zeus of Tyrian-Crete. Tyre was anciently Tyrus, and the Taro river was the other boundary of the Ananes Gauls. Did not the Uranus cult have human giants (Titans) as its theme?

There's a question on whether Ananes were a branch of Name's/Neams, from the Numidia-like Neamt area at Angusta. For example, the Needs/Name's/Neems (Lincolnshire) share the griffin with the Annan(dale) Crest while the other Lincolnshire Name's/Neams come up as "Nean" so that, possibly, Nane's were Ananes Gauls to Annandale. Nane's share Shield of checks with Louvier's while Le Louviere is beside Mons of Hainaut. From the write-up of Nane's: "The name was first recorded in Hainault, a province in Belgium, based on the ancient county of Hainaut." The counts of Ananes-like Hainaut are the only ones I know of sharing the triple Levi chevrons. English Hains and Hannitys were first found in Lincolnshire with both Name/Neam surnames, how about that.

Louvains/Louvier's share the lion of Name's/Neams/Neans, and it's known that Percys shared the Louvain lion. From the Nevile write-up: "Another branch of the family was found at DALTON-Piercy in Durham. 'In 1370, Henry, Lord Percy, sold this manor to Sir John Nevile, of Raby...'" It's a great case for tracing "Neamt" to "Numidia," for Masons/Massins (Kent), sharing the Coat of Louvains/Louvier's (Kent), are from Numidians, as are Shaws in the "shaw" motto term of the Arms of Ayrshire, where Neans/Nons/Nevins were first found (who might just be sharing the Hain crescent). Plus, Scottish Hains, first found in Dumfries with Bullys whose mascles they share, share the mascles of Perts/Petts, first found in Kent with Louvains / Masons. It's a strong case for equating the Ananes Gauls to Annandale with Neamt liners, which is to say that Ananes Gauls look like they may have derived from Neamt.

This recalls that HANNibal attacked the Romans at the Trebia, which became suspect in my view with a Hannibal trace to "Ananes." I reasoned that he attacked at Trebia because the Romans were abusing the Ananes amongst whom his relatives lived. Hannibal was a king of Carthage, right beside the Numidians (Cirta), and so he may have been a Numidian ruler of Carthage.

Scottish NEANs/Nons/Nevins have a "SPERanDUM" (partially for Dumfries?) motto term while Annandale's of Dumfries use "SPERabo." The latter term can be expected partly with Rabys, because they speak on NEVILE of Rabi while Griffins, who share a gold griffin with the Annandale Crest, use a "NE VILE" motto phrase...tending to suggest that the phrase is neither code for Knee's/Nee's or Vile's/File's, for Nevile's have a saltire in colors reversed from the Annandale saltire. It's possible that Nevile's were of the Nevins originally but named purely from the motto, however, and that it does, therefore, honor Knee's and/or Vile's. Knee's/Nee's happen to share a Coat with NEEDhams while one Name/Neam surname comes up as "Need."

The Raby write-up: "Today, Raby Castle stands on a 200 acre deer park near Staindrop, Durham and was originally built by John Neville, 3rd Baron Neville de Raby in the late 1300s." Rape's/Reabys (book in Crest?), in case they were a Raby branch, share the Nean/Non/Nevin crescent, have a fesse in Knee-fesse colors, and look like Scott / Terras kin.

I find it notable that while the Hannity show is back-to-back with the Ingraham show, Ingrahams/IngRUMs have scallops on a fesse colors reversed from the same of Scottish Hains, the latter first found in Dumfries with the Annandale-associated RUMs/Rims/Rome's. The latter's motto has a term for Placentia elements, and Ananes lived at Placentia, or on the verge of that city.

Keep in mind that while God placed a trash can on its RIM in flames, the trash can is defined from the Ceno tributary of the Taro, land of Ananes. It goes from there to Caens/Cans at Caen, beside Tracys/TRASSe's, and here it's so interesting that Tracys share a version of the Varn and Graham Crests while InGRAHAM looks like a surname merged with Grahams ("Ne"). Let's investigate that, shall we.

The 3rd update of last month dredged up this old quote from my files: "The Maidens are listed with Maddens having a 'falcon volant seizing a silver mallard,' evoking the 'falcon KILLING a stork' of Varns/Warnochs." The two surnames are said to be related, and they do share the same scallops, gold, like the Ingraham scallops. This all quite amazing, it really is, for while Varns were VARANgians, INGER the Varangian smacks of "INGRaham." Plus, he was married to Melissena, which I say was placed into European myth as Melusine, and she's the merMAID that I now link to Maids/Mauds/MOLDs, and trace to the MOLDova river, location of Roman to which Rums/Rims/Rome's can trace!!! The Moldova is one major north of the Bistrita that itself has Piatra-Neamt!

Plus, not only do Maids look like a branch of Maddens/Maidens sharing a version of the Varn and Graham Crests, but they are use "killing" to describe it while Killins have the PLUNKett Coat, a surname from Plancia MAGNA that we can assume to be in the "MAGNAnimus" motto term of Ingrahams, and it can be read also as "MagnaNIMus," what looks like a combination of Numidian-suspect and Neam-like Nimo's/Nemo's and the Mus entity in the "FuiMUS" motto of Bruce's of Annandale.

The Drakenberg Vere's had Melusine's son (Milo) as a the first count of Anjou immediately before the Fulk counts of Anjou. For the 100th time, PLANCia Magna's husband, Tertullus, is what named the Fulk ancestor (whether real or mythical), of the same name, of the Anjou Fulks. This is why the Plantagenet Fulks are in the Plant/PLANQUE surname that uses cabbages while the Cabbage surname has an "angustis" motto term!!! Just look at that for Augusta/Angusta (top-center of map) is at Piatra-Neamt! But there's more, for the first ancestor of the Fulks known to be a real person was INGELger. The Ingraham write-up seems to be pushing his line: "Alternatively, the name could have been a variant of the Latin name INGELramus, an ancient personal name which was also listed as Ingelram and Ingerham." I had suspect that Inger and Melissena were related to the Ingelger > Fulks of Anjou.

If Ingrahams are Graham kin (I won't yet call them branches), we can note the "ouBLIE" motto term of Grahams because Bleys/Blye's (said to have had old Blie variations) have a giant gold griffin half in the colors of the Hanger/Anger griffin, and while the latter surname shares the escarbuncle with Angers, Anjou is at Angers. The Ingrahams have thus solved part of the Graham motto. It just so happens that Angers share the lozenges of the Nagle's who have a NIGHTingale. Yet more, the Angers can be gleaned as having a version of the Anak-like Anchor/ANNACKer Coat! It makes Angers and Anjou look like an Anaki-line center, explaining why de Vere traced his Vere line to Anunnaki.

Hangers/Angers even share a gold griffin Crest with Annandale's, suggesting that their Ananes cousins named Angers, perhaps after their Angusta elements. While Annandale's have a motto, "SpeRABO" for the Rabys, Hangers/Angers use an "HonoRABIt" motto term, possibly for Rabits, first found in Suffolk with the Clare's having the triple Bles/Bled chevrons in colors reversed. There's a rabbit in the Arms of Acqui Terme, the city of the Statielli Ligurians, and State's could have the gold-on-red lozenges of Anger-branch Anchors/Annackers when reversed in colors. The Angers can be with the Segurana Chief-and-Shield because the latter with in Genoa, near Acqui Terme, and thus we can trace Segurana's with Seagars/Sagars to the SAKARya river at/near ANKARa.

Bleys/Blye's, said also to be from "blyth," share the Nean/Non/Nevin / FALCon crescent, and can be expected as a branch of Bleys/Bleds from Bled, right beside Emona and Lesce (upper Sava river). "Emona" is traceable to Mons, the Hainaut capital, and Lesce is expected to/from Leslie's who share the buckle with Buncle's. MONmouths happen to have a version of the Maid/Maud/Mold Coat. The Bley/Blye write-up is out to lunch with its definition of "blyth," and here I can add good evidence that Blythe's share a version of the Jack Coat, for the Jack Coat is also the Ingraham Coat.

As Blythe's are a pointer to Bill Clinton, who was/is in cahoots with Sidney Blumenthal, let's add that the fret of Jewish Blumenthals is the giant fret of Cattle's/Cattels, who can be gleaned with Blake's/Caddells (giant fret). Cattle's are suspect from Cattolica, beside Fano, and it just so happens that "Ne vile fano," almost the "Ne vile velis" of the Hanger-Anger-related Griffins, is the motto of Fane's/Vans, first found in Monmouth. The falcon-loving Grahams and Varns use "Ne ouBLIE," and Blake's have one Blaik variation suspect with the Bles variation of Bleys/Bleds. To help prove that Blake's were Bley elements, Blaze's/Blaise's were at Blay.

At this point we can bring back the Nane's, for while their share the checkered Shield of WARRENs, Varns are also Warnacks. Why WarNACK? It was the Drakenberg Vere's who traced themselves both to Melusine and to Anunnaki.

The Warnow river of the Varni flows to Rostock, where Ice's were first found, and there's a case to be made that the IngelRAMus term in the Ingraham write-up is as per an Inger-the-Varangian merger with Cremer-related Rams (Varn / Graham colors). The ice-cream line of Hansons, that is, noting that Rostock-area Hahns and Hanns both share a rooster in Crest with Cremers/Cramers and Ingrahams. Most Varn variations end in "Noch/Noch," and there is a Noch/Noke surname in Varn colors, and sharing the fesse of the Oxfordshire Yellows. It's maybe not much to go on, but here we can entertain an Anaki trace to the IALOmita river, for it was the old Naparus while nappers/Peerless' share the Annandale saltire. This potential trace of Anaki elements (to the real person, Anak, I assume) may be much of the reason that God gave the yellow-mattress dream, so that I would realize the Yellow-surname link to the Ialomita.

OXford, where Vere's ruled for centuries who should be from Varni one way or another, was suspect from a tribe of the Biblical giant, Og. He is suspect to mythical Ogyges of Boeotia, and that's where I expect proto-Sadducees. Og's tribe might even have named Gogarene/Gugar, near Soducena. It was Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, a self-proclaimed satanism prince, who traced his Vere bloodline to Anunnaki. Vere's happen to share the star of Anak-like Annas'. God showed me that Annas liners should be from mythical ANNette, wife of Aeneus of Aenus at the Hebrew-suspect Hebros river. Anak was at HEBRon. Coincidence? He was am Amorite, and the Hebros was also the Maritsa while Amorites had a large kingdom at Mari (Euphrates river). The Marsi of Aphrodite-line Abruzzo had an ANGitia snake goddess. The Euphrates, with a Habur tributary, named Aphrodite, mistress of Ares from the Aras river near Soducena and JERevan. Salem > JERusalem was Zedek too, like "SODUCena," and so it appears that Amorites of Hebron (near Jerusalem) were from the Habur of upper Babylon / Akkadia. Yup, the Sumerian Anunaki was a cult in those parts.

The proto-Rus of Ares can be expected to Roxolani, at the Ialomita river. It's interesting that Varni-like Verne's share a version of the Kid Coat, for kids were jumping on a yellow mattress. Only now do I recall the REPHaites who had a Rephaite valley at Jerusalem, for they look like they could have named Rabys, expected in the Annandale motto. I had looked up Ravers in seeking a Raby branch, and they are listed with Rivers, suspect with Revere's from the Riparia river of Cottians, the line from the Cotesii, smack at the Roxolani / Focsani theater. Focsani is at Varangian-like VRANCea, and this area was suspect with the family of Inger above, husband of Melissena RANGabe. Ravers/Rivers have two fesses looking linkable to the one of Mattres-suspect Masters.

I think I can now understand why God had a Michael I know as the father of the kids jumping on the bed, not only because Scottish Michaels have a fesse colors reversed from the Yellow fesse, and not only because English Michaels have the same scallops as Varns and Grahams (!! biggie there), but because God showed me that this Michael was a pointer to Michael I Rangabe, Melissena's grandfather! Zinger.

As was said, I entered a store I thought was fake retail, and tested the salesman by pointing to an item on his LIST of products. I saw the paper up close, and saw the list of items. He pointed to the middle of the list, having a yellow mattress. So I asked Michael if this was a good mattress/bed, because he happened to have one (that's the cartoonish way dreams go, anything goes), and he said, yes. And I saw kids jumping on his mattress. End of dream. The Lists were first found in Silesia with PROCOPs/Brocuffs, and Michael I Rangabe was the husband of PROCOPia. You see, God was verifying what was suspected from other considerations, that this Michael was a symbol of Mr. Rangabe.

German Michaels were first found in Bohemia with the column-using Franks, and columns are now suspect from the Calmatui river, right beside the Naparus. It's probably by God's design that the other German Franks (Bohemia) share the Napper/Peerless / Annan(dale) saltire because God had Michael visit me one day, to inform me of a Peerless company that led to my knowing the Napper/Peerless surname. It's obviously God's work, and so I do say that Anaki elements appear to have been in Muntenia, at least between the Naparus and Calmatui river, right beside the Benjamites of the Rimna / Vrancea area who mated with women of Jabesh-Gilead, on the east side of the Jordan where Rephaites also lived. The Calmatui has a mouth near Gilead-like Galati.

German Michaels share the hexagrams of HAGARs. The other beautiful thing about this is that "Varangi" was suspect with, and probably named after, "Frank," the people group. Therefore, the Frank surnames under discussion could have been from Vrancea, an area off the AGARus river. The three stars of German Michaels are in the colors of the three Kid stars.

Another thing is that Michael's brother is Dan, whom God used in a COAT closet for pointing to Dan Coats, Trump's Intelligence enemy. The Coats/Cotes' share the six pale bars of Trotts, from the Trotus tributary of the Agarus. It's very apparent that Coats'/Cotes' were Cotesii liners. Six pale bars are used also by Lists. The Naparus and Calmatui have mouths in the DANube river. Between the Calmatui and Galati is modern GROPeni, and Grope's/GRAPE's/Gripps share the Varn bend. Jewish Franks have grapes.

If you found the Bulger discussion in the last update interesting for its pointers to Burisma crimes, note that Bulgers share a "nobis" motto term with Scottish and English Franks. Nobis share the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothchilds, while Knobs/Knobells can have the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow. Nobs are in the colors of Scottish Franks, but perhaps more-importantly share the blue eagle head with Jopps/Jupps/Jobs (oval buckle). The Nobs place their blue head in Crest, which recalls that Jays and English Jeffersons (both of Herefordshire) share blue Crests while Welsh Jeffersons/JEPsons can be sharing the Shield-with-border of JOPlin-related Greys. That's works super, especially as the bend-with-roses of Nobis is that of Jays too. Benjamites lived at Nob of Israel, and their remnants married woman of Jabesh. Jobincidence?

What could it mean that the Joplin/Joblin Chief is in the colors of the Bag and Bulgar Chiefs? Joplins/Joblins share the Shoe star, and Shoe's love the Knack/Knecht-like Knights (potential Anaki to the Nith river of Dumfries), and then the Nobis Coat shares a white Knight with Shoe's. It could appear as though Anak's family was with a people in Nob.

Dutch Jephers/Jeevers/Geevers, sharing the green Shield with Nobs and "nobis"-using Franks, share the bee hive with Kerrys while Whitey Bulgar's nephew was involved with corruption with John Kerry's son-in-law. As the Bauer-Rothschild was from FRANKfurt, the "nati" motto term of Scottish and English Franks should be for Rothschild-related NATTs/Nathans sharing a version, I think, of the Nitt/NAUGHT Coat, a surname first found in Dumfries with the Nith river. I can't think of any other surname with a blue eagle [found one in the Crest of Bristols the following week, and Bristols were loaded as per the Irish Dean write-up: "According to Hardiman, the name came from England when William Den of Bristol arrived in Galway." Irish Deans are big shortly below].

I just found it amazing that, in the last update, the Bag-related location of Gigen, on the BULGARian side of the Danube river, started to indicate that Biden / Burisma crimes would point there, and then came Whitey Bulger to topic, with the realization that Bulgers share a treFOIL version of the Bag Chief (cinqueFOIL). It's as though God was setting us up for Whitey Bulger. Foils have long been suspect with Roxolani liners to proto-Rockefeller RoqueFEUIL, and TREFoils have long been suspect with a Roxolani-Trypillian line to the Treff variation of English Trips (SHOES!). God showed me in Crystal City that the Smoke's/Rauch's were a Rockefeller line, and they share the bend of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's').

I've just loaded Whiteys, a thing I didn't do in the last update. Whiteys happen to have stars colors reversed from the blue ones of Slocks/Slacks, the latter being the closest thing I can find to ZLOCHevsky, the president of Burisma. Some are calling him, Zloch. Blue stars are in the Joplin/Joblin Chief. OH ZIKERS, I was just wondering whether to add that the Joplin/Joblin stars are the Shoe stars, and so I googled "Zlochevsky shoes" to see if he maybe had a shoe store, and immediately found a photo of a shoe store with the caption: "The Zlocci shop [Dnieper river] features collections of flashy men's shoes made from crocodile and caiman skins arranged on two polished marble tables. In 2015, investigative reporters traced the ownership of the business to Zlochevsky." What a lucky strike. Look at the timing, just as I was on Burisma.

Even though the Zlocci website says the outfitter is Spanish, a journalistic investigation in 2015 traced the ownership to Zlochevsky. A promotional video — in Ukrainian — shows a model wearing Zlocci shoes in the port of Monaco, where Zlochevsky has been hosting an annual international energy conference since 2016.

...Zlochevsky's event has featured such speakers as Prince Albert II of Monaco...

The article talks on Zloch's ties to Atlantic Council, begging the question as to whether the Atlas-Auto-Parts topic above is somehow destined to point to him. Prince's of Monaco are Grimaldi's, who share the Bag Coat. Might Zloch also sell crocodile-skin bags?

I do know of one "CROCodile STATant" of Irish Deans, and then their Dean/Diane branch (same motto), who share the crescent of Crocs, can be a pointer, via Ukrainian Diane Muskatov to Kolomoisky. Deins/Diane's share the giant lion of DILE's/Dills, explaining "crocoDILE." Lookie: Irish Deans were first found in Galway while Galways share the bridge with the Slock Crest!!! The latter surname is suspect with the Shoe star, and Zloch sells crocodile-skin shoes! Crocs are of Eschyna de Molle's husband, Robert Croc(e), and Molle's share the boar of Skin-branch Schiens/Schims/Shands! That's pretty amazing, and may be pointing to moles in the Trump camp ordered by the Ukrainians in cahoots with Obamaite partners.

The "statant" code for the Dean crocodile could be God's arrangement for proving that Grimaldi's are involved with Zlochevsky, for State's have lozenges in Grimaldi lozengy colors, while Statielli Ligurians were in/near Genoa, a main hub of Grimaldi's. State's were first found in Cheshire with Sale's while Aeneus was myth code for Aenus, near an Sale location on the dark map. Sale is in the land of Kikons/Cicones, whom I trace to mythical CYCNus/Cygnus of Liguria. His father, STHENelus, is expected as code for the Sithones, and so as the Nordic Sitones were with the SVIONES, I expect Sthenelus elements at Savona, smack beside Genoa, because Cygnus was given a Savona-like swan symbol. Gog of lake Sevan is expected with this. Compare "SVION" with Switzerland's Sion, for Sions/Swans use the swan, and Sion was also Sitone-like, Sitten. Seatons/Sittens (Dean/Diane colors) happen to share red crescents with Deans/Diane's while Scottish Deans (both first found in Sussex) happen to share the moline of Genoa's Segurana's! Bingo.

Just for the record from the article above: "Three years later, Burisma added COFER Black, a former CIA official and foreign policy adviser to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, to the board." Something stinks there, as in Burisma worming into U.S. Intelligence. It might not be a wonder that Romney opposed Trump's presidential bid. I've mentioned many times that Miss Covert (like "Cofer") was wife do Mr. Dein, and Deins are listed with Crocodile-liner Deans/Diane's. I've always expected that she would play a key role in heraldry purposes. Coverts/Cofferts could easily be of Cofers/Coffee's.

Lookie; Blacks share the Dein/Diane crescent, and "Non" and "sed" with Cofers/Coffee's. Moreover, the "crux" motto term of Blacks is easily linkable to Crocs / Croce's, and the "lux" motto term of Blacks should be for the Lux's, said to be from 'lynx,' while lynx-using Lynch's were first found in Galway with crocodile-using Deans! I think that's all very compelling as a pointer to Cofer Black and to Zlochevsky's shoes. Mr. Kepke, a Ukrainian, was the first to get a shoe-sales job, and when I was visiting him at his shoe store, I walked up the mall stairs to another shoe store, asked if they needed an employee, and was hired on the spot. Word from others was that the manager who hired me that day used cocaine. Could this be relevant to Ukraine corruption?

I have told several times that Miss Covert's other husband had an address in the Bay City area that I drove through on the morning that God arranged for me to purchase a coffee and newspaper in Victoria. Coffers/Coffee's use a "victoria" motto term. I now think that God arranged that Bay-City address to verify that the Dean discussion here points to Zlochevsky's crocodile shoes, though I expect more to this.

I fortunately recorded in my notes that the green dolphin of the Cofer/Coffee Crest is used by Irish French's. I've just added the following to the French-fry topic above; "I failed to read the write-up of Irish French's until on an explosive (surprising) topic at the end of this update, as per Zlochevsky's shoes. It says: "The surname French was originally de Freynes..." Wow. I trust that God gave me that French-fry event." Frys are also Freys, you see, but it just so happens that German Fries' have the Dean crescent!!! Amazing. The Crest of Danish Fries' even has blue stars, the colors of the Slock stars.

Oh wow, aside from the Whitey stars, which are colors reversed from the Slock stars, there's nothing in the Whitey Coat by a blue-on-white chevron, same as in the quadrant of German Fries'. It's tending to nail my parking-lot clean-up, at Sam's restaurant, as a pointer to Burisma / Zlochevsky / Cofer Black. I wonder what exactly it points to. German Witts get that Dean / Black chevron again.

The French write-up claiming that the Freynes surname that was the proto-French surname (not necessarily the origin of the name) lies to the reader by saying that it means "ash tree." It's probably code for the Ash's (Devon, same as Irish French's and Burrys/BURIS') who have two of the French chevrons. But it's then super that the Ash's are said to be from a man, D'Esse Court, and it just so happens that the Courts are listed with the Cofferts, first found in Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts and Deins/Deans/Diane's!!! It's just too much coincidence to be coincidental. God seems to have arranged these things to signal a strong argument for pointing to Zlochevsky. The Ash motto is even, "NON NOBIS SED omnibus," sharing "nobis" with French-like Franks and Bulgars. Excellent. God is pointing to mobsters, let them be warned.

I'd like to quote from the insert early in this update when on Steve Papp the cook, while crossing the Cook horseSHOE, and while about to introduce Cookseys:

Late in this update, I discover that the president of Burisma sells expensive shoes, a business that may have connection with his friend, the prince-of-Monaco Grimaldi's. The throne of Grimaldi's is purple, you see, as is the Cook Shield. Grimaldi's share the COCK and Bag Shields, and Bags with Geggs/Giggs were instrumental in pointing to Burisma people in the last update.

I'll stop the quote there and continue it below. Steve Papp worked at a snack shop of Mr. Fix. The first time I walked in there to get a coffee, it was essentially a COFFEE shop, but later grew to offer lunches. The impression I'm getting here is that George Papadopoulos was intended to ruin Trump from a Burisma effort. The Burrys/Buris' have a fleur version of the Cooksey / Witley bends-with-items. Let's continue the quote, to bump in the Coffers/Coffare's, in the colors of the Coffer/Coffee cups, noting that the latter shares the fesse of McCabe's:

The pointer included WHITey Burger, and so note the Witley location of Cookseys, for the latter have a version of the Witley/Whitley bend-with-items, both sharing a blue bend with's amazing to find here, during the spell check, that Kidders share the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's, for the Cooksey write-up has: "He claimed descent from a family that held large estates in Kidderminster, Witley..." I think this is really hitting the nail on the head for more than I realize at this time.

Kidders (might have the Parchment in the Kenny Crest) were first found in Sussex with Deins/Deans/Diane's, and Miss Covert married Mr. Dein, both of whom pointed to Aryan Nations headquarters. As the French Crest has the green dolphin on the Cofer/Coffee Crest, it's notable that the latter has the fesse of Spanish Franks/Franca's while the Italian branch almost has the Shield of Heffers who in turn share the Coffer/Coffare / Kidder crescents. It's a little interesting that Kids share the stars of Whiteys.

When crossing the Whitleys, the Coat recalled the similar Sassy Coat, for the latter surname came to topic because God arranged to get me a kitten which was named, Sassy. I'm sure that He arranged for it to SUCK it's tail routinely as an adult, for this pointed heavily to cat-using Cetins/Catters (share Saracen heads with Sassys) of the Tilurius river to which Tillers and TAILs/Tailors trace. The reason this is being repeated here is that the Papps/Papadopoli's are the only ones I know of with a tail at. or in. the lion's mouth! Probably, there's more to this than the near-sharing of bends between the Witleys/Whitleys and the Sassys, or the fact that the besants of Cookseys (of Witley) are those also of SUCHs/Zouch's. The latter's besants cover the entire Shield, as do the besants of Gidleys (Devon), perhaps a branch of Shark-related Kidneys/Gedneys/Gidneys.

I have established that the OMEN I received a few hours before driving into Galveston, where I was mugged and frightened, was a thing pointed to by the "omnia" motto term of Dons, and we just-about saw one with Ash's. The omen took place the day before I got the coffee and newspaper in Victoria, and it was a small (tiny) cloud over the sun. As I remember it, it was the only cloud in the sky, about as wide as the sun, and completely covering the sun, a picture which I later found in the Crest of one Jeffrey surname. I sensed something bad about to happen as I saw this omen, and was mugged after midnight that night. It was God's doing. German Ash's have triple fesses in colors reversed from the same of Epsteins, now suggesting Jeffrey Epstein.

The Jeffrey surname (Herefordshire, same as Jeffersons) suggests something to do with the Jephers / Jeffersons/Jepsons / Joplins, and Jephers are the ones sharing the bee hive with Kerrys while Joplins have the Shoe star.

The sun-over-cloud was found also in the Lease surname as I was investigating Donna Lease Brazile (for partial-birth abortion and not ashamed of it) along with the Don surname "OMNia" and "dona") having double fesses in the colors of the double Braswell chevrons. Also, I was mugged in the Nissan while Nissans have the double Don fesses in colors reversed. Wikipedia's article on Donna Brazile says that her surname was, Braswell, some generations back. It's now important that Braswells have the double DEXTER chevrons in colors reversed, for the chevron-with-stars of Whiteys (Berwickshire, same as Armours) is that of Armours (both in Dexter-chevron colors) while the white helmet in the Armour Crest is essentially in the PoinDEXTER Crest while Poindexters (compare with Freies'/Vreys) have the lone Shoe star. Obama's mother was the granddaughter of an Armour family, and she descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham while Singletarys share the triple chevrons of German Ash's. Doesn't it make sense that Obama was involved with Kerry-Bulgar-Heinz corruption? There's a lot there to contemplate upon, and I've no doubt left some things out.

Evidence that Donna Brazile is being pointed to is where I invented a fence post and took the product to an International fencers show in New Orleans, where Donna Brazile was born. As her middle name, as a surname, has the cloud-over-sun omen, as does a Jeffrey surname, it seems as conspicuous as the omen that these Jeffreys have a "Post' motto term. I had temporarily called the post, Pillar Post, and Pillars/Pilots share the Coat of Welsh Jeffreys. The omen was pointing to Brazile, but why? How does she connect to Zloch, etc.? She helped to foist the Guccifer 2.0 hoax on Democrat voters, which was a Clinton effort to hide her roll in Ukraine collusion to illegally undermine Trump. The fact that Clinton is not yet in jail is a good reason to have no rest until the country is completely changed, until the people wipe out this terrible (tyrannical) situation. But Trump would rather bask in his rallies, where he feels as though he's worshiped. He lives to be famous.

Here's another give-God-the-credit nature show:

That was an awesome salmon story, you should see it if you decided not to click the video.


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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