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January 14 - 20, 2020

Ice-Cream Shark of Rimnicu and Dan Bongino's Tattoo
God Was BRILLiant with the Yellow-Mattress River
I Smelled her Hair Joe-Biden Style
The Blazer Interpretation of the Trash-Can Scene -- STUNNING
Is De Blasio in the Blazing Bucket of Bucharest?
Sleeping-Bag Pointer to Biden-Romania Corruption

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture
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It's interesting that God seems to want to stress BENJAMites lately, from Moldova, beside the Ukraine with simultaneous criminal scandals of a high order that Dan BONGino has been dissecting almost daily for months. The Ukraine scandals involve the Bidens, and word is that they have committed similar crimes in Romania, location of Moldova. I'm wondering whether my geographical and heraldic Moldova investigations will help to point to criminal actors, and it just so happens that, last night, I think I found Angusta on the Bistrita, which had a name once that apparently includes the Button/Biden bloodline, and even the Sadducee bloodline. Use the tab/link above to load all your Coats.

I need to admit error on the suggestion that Angusta was on the Trotus. I want to explain how I made the error, because Angusta can be the line to the Angus', and to Annas' who share their star; Annas was a chief-priest Sadducee who sentenced Jesus to death on the kind of false evidence that Mueller and his ilk are jailing people today. This is going to be an interesting investigation.

On this dark map, there is an Augusta location that I assumed was the Angusta seen on another map which I've misplaced. Augusta is on a Cogaeonus (or Kogaionos) tributary of the Agarus (modern Siret), and so I'd like to repeat that there was a Sadducee-like Soducena location near GOGarene in CAUCasia. The COGaeonus is off the land of the CAUCoensii. Therefore keep in mind that proto-Sadducees could have been on this river flowing past Augusta/Angusta, and you might also keep in mind that Buttons/Bidens and their Butt/Bute/BOET branch share the August fesse. Augusta is on the map exactly where modern Buhusy (has a Jewish settlement) is, and so see this from its Wikipedia article:

Buhusi is a town in Bacau County, Romania with a population of 14,562 (2011). It was first mentioned in the 15th century when it was named "Bodesti" and was a property of an important family of Boyars named "Buhus".și

We want a Bodes-like surname for this investigation. Sadducees had a house of BOETHus/Boetus), and the Italian Boets/BOEDDs are also Boar-like Boys/Boi's, and they happen to have a giant bull in the colors of the Back/Bacher bull!!! That is incredible, because Buhusi is in BACau county! Zinger. I kid you not, that, last night, while I was reading the Boyar-Bodesti sentence first the first time, a song was playing on my speakers with a "boy" term (I've forgotten the song). [Bacher-like Bucharest becomes a topic].

I didn't load BOYARs/Briars/McBRAYs until now. They have greatly impressed me. They not only share the fesse of Augusts / Rims/Rums/Rome's / Buttons/Bidens / Butts/Boets, but they share the full Shield of Scottish Mochs, and last night was when I came across a Mokissos-suspect term, ZalMOXIS, a god with a following on the Cogaeonus. You can't get better verification for tracing Boyars to the Boyars at Augusta/Buhusy. I've been prepared for years by God for this important find.

I was wonders yesterday, and maybe the day before that, whether the Tattoo on Bongino's arms were a thing that God arranged for helping to track Benjamites (personally, I think tattoos disturb God). Mokissos is on the Halys river smack beside lake TATTa. Mokissos named the mythical false-prophet cult, Muksus, also called Mopsus (at Pamphylia, near Tatta), which I think explains why Scottish Mochs have a one-fesse version of the Washington Coat while Mopsus-like MOPPS (listed with ModBURLEYS) share the double-Washington fesses.

This is the place to tell that Annette in my pool was a topic of the last update. I've been telling for years that Annette's/ARNots should be of the Annas'/ARNiss', for their stars are colors reversed to one another. I had read that a mythical Annette-like woman was the wife of mythical Aeneus, code for an Aenus location beside ZALmoxis-like Sale. Sale and Aeneus are in southern Thrace, and Zalmoxis was on the Cogaeonus river of the Getae Thracians.

I neglected to say, in the last update, that "Aeneus" is like "Annas" of Israel. He was also called ANANus, and the Rims/Rums, Benjamite suspects, were at ANNANdale. The Bruce's of Annandale used a blue lion in Yorkshire, the same lion as the Yorkshire Libbys. Annette was in my pool at RUMble and Libby. RUMs/Rome's can be traced excellently to Roman, a location on the Agarus 20 miles or less from Buhusy, which I'll call ANGUSta. Roman is some 30 miles from PUNGESTi, and "PUNGIT" is a motto term of Rims/Rums/Rome's (sorry, neglected to tell that years-old discovery in the last update). Annette's (ANGUS stars in colors reversed) were at Arnott, smack beside Angus, just look at that. If not mistaken, Arnott is in PERTHshire, and lake Tatta had a PERTa location. AGARus-like Hagars were first found in Perthshire, which can suggest that Agarus elements were from Perta.

So, Annette in the pool relates to this discussion with her name's trace to the proto-Sale's/SALLETTs from the Salto river, home of Pool-liner Vespasia Polla. It is my strong belief that priests of Israel betrayed their people, in or before 70 AD, when taking took shelter under the shade of emperor Vespasian (Polla's son), for Josephus betrayed his people and was adopted by Vespasian's family. Josephus claimed to be from the priests. So, some of the priestly class probably purchased their freedom from Vespasian's wrath (he invaded Jerusalem successfully in 70 AD).

Just look: Annette's have only two stars in chief, in colors reversed from the two in the Angus Chief, and in the colors of the three stars in the Boyar/McBRAY / Moch Chief. It's very clear that God put Annette into a pool at my place for this story at hand. The Brays/Brae's happen to share the eagle leg/talon with Augusts! Is that not incredible, how heraldry has such a big mouth. It means that Boyars/McBrays were from the Boyars of Augusta. It also tends to verify that Augusta is properly stamped upon the map, and the Annette link to Angus tends to verify that this place was also, Angusta. It is not far from L'VIV, which I trace to Vivians and their Fife kin, a branch in turn of Five's/Fifys, who named Fife, beside Angus.

The three stars in the Boyar/McBray / Moch/MOCHS Chiefs are in the colors of the three crescents in the Dean/DIANE Chief, and Annette is the sister of Diane/Dianne, both of whom I met when I was dating Diane Muskatov. The Annette's share the Dean/Diane crescent, you see, and Muskatov's parents had Ukrainian accents i.e. they were first generation Ukrainian-Canadians. What could that be about? Isn't it amazing that the same crescent is used by Tatta-like Tattons and their Tute branch? Hold on to your bonginos.

Are we to expect Angusta elements in Sussex, where Deans/Diane's/Deins / Diens/Dives' and Dans/Dannes' were first found? The latter surname shares the checks of Boyar-like Boyds (and Alleys), said incorrectly to derive in "blond," the word used by Herodotus concerning the hair color of the Boyd-like Budini (i.e. Boyds appear derived in Budini). We saw that the Boyars of Buhusy/Angusta were BODESti. One Bodes/Van Bode Coat, in Bute/Butt colors, has lozenges in colors reversed from the Sire/Siret lozenges, and Buhusy is a few miles from the Siret river.

By what coincidence do Mochs-like Mokes' share the same crescent as Annette's / Deans/Diane's and Tattons? Mokissos is at lake Tatta! Bingo! Or, should I say, Bongino! Mokes' have large ermines in their Chief while Ermine's/Armys (large ermine in Crest) share the ANNANdale Chief-saltire combination, perfect! Teets/TATTs/Tate's do too!!! You can see that Mokissos elements are a part of Ermine line from Tatta, and DAN Bongino has tattoos on his Army-like arm(s)! It's just amazing. It's speaking loudly to me, especially as his producer is Joe ARMacost. It tends to be indicating that Annas of Israel was descended from something at Tatta / Mokissos. English Tate's even use an ARM in Crest, and share the pale bar of Roxburghs, from Roxolani in the sphere of the Rimna-river Benjamites! So, it seems that God arranged these arm elements, for Bongino, for the cause at hand and perhaps more.

A MOCHRum location suspect with Scottish Mochs'/MOCHRys is in the DUNbar (Barr kin) write-up as a branch of Gospatricks. Note "MochRUM," very telling, for Rims/Rums, from Israel's Rimmon, home of Benjamites, were at Annandale. It just so happens that Gospatricks share the saltire of Currys/Corrys (colors reversed from Annandale / Tease/Tess saltire) expected thus in the "Cura" motto term of Mokes'. Tease's/Tyes' (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas' and Bugs) share the Annas star.

German Bugs share ravens (same colors) with one of the two English Tate's, and while Hagar was Abraham's concubine, his brother, Nahor, is suspect to the Neuri on the Bug river. If the Hagars of Perthshire were from Hagar's line through Perta, then it seems that Nahorites on the Bug may have passed through the Tatta / Mokissos area too. English Tate's share a six-sectioned Shield with stork-using Store's, and there happens to be a stork in the PERT/Pett Crest! Excellent find, wouldn't you say? Store's are expected as a branch of Sturs and ISTERs/Easters, and Muntenia is on the ISTER (DANube) river.

Bongino's wife is Paula, and Paula's (Burgundy, beside Galli's) share the giant rooster of French Galli's who in turn share the three stars in the Bongino Chief. Impressed yet? Plus, Galli priests were on the Halys river, the river of Mokissos! Bingo! I mean, Bongino!

I discovered Angusta when coming across an article on Vrm, count of Angusta, whose daughter, Helena, married king Bela of Hungary, brother of Andrew I. I'm thinking that Joe ArmaCOST has to do with this because Costs use bells while Bells were first found in Dumfries with Rims/Rums/Rome's. Just realized that the latter's "PunGIT" motto term, suspect with Geds (proto-Geddes), should be for a surname from the Getae Thracians on the Cogaeonus (modern Bistrita). I should add that while Getae became Dacians, Dace's/Darcys share white cinquefoils with Bus', Bacons, and BELLows. Bacons/Beacons are in the beacon of German Belli's, and thus we're probably all over the line of king Bela. Angusta is in Bacon-suspect Bacau county, you see, a term like the Buzau river (home of Roxolani) to which I trace Bus'. Benjamites of the Rimna river (near Rhamidava on the dark map) were as little as 12 miles from the Buzau (where you see "Cotesii").

"There [Cospatrick] was granted the lands of Dunbar and Lothian, Cumnock in Ayrshire, and Mochrum in Wigtown by Malcolm Ceanmore." Malcolms/Callams/Calms were suspect (last update) with a th CALMatui river (beside the Buzau) in the Moldavian land of Roxolani. It can be gleaned that Malcolms/Calms share the stag of Colts/Celts, first found in Perthshire, traceable to Perta at Tatta. Malcolms/Calms love the Petits in their motto, first found in Kent with PERTs/Petts!!! Just look at that. It makes a capable migration from Perta at the Halys to the lower Siret into which the Buzau flows before going through GALATi! The Galatians were French / Italian Gauls/Gali who came back to live on the Halys river! Bingo-Bango. Here's a map showing Galitia on the Prut river north of Galati (not shown).

Gauls lived in Dauphine, where Galli's were first found, and the Gays (share the gold Paula / Galli rooster) make it possible to trace Galli's to king Gala/Gaia of the Numidians. The Numidian capital was at CIRTa, like "Siret," and the Numidia-suspect Neamt area is just off the Siret on the Cogaeonus river! Zikers, all of the marbles are smacking together miraculously. Piatra-Neamt is about 25 miles up-river from Angusta! BELgian Gays show nothing but bird legs in the colors of the August bird leg!!! Bang-bang-bang go the marbles.

French Gays happen to share the chevron of Dutch Bakers while the Chief of English Bakers/Backers share the lion in the Cabbage Chief while the Cabbage motto has "angustis." This is not new, and tends to verify now, more than ever, that Bakers are from Bacau, location of Angusta. Someone who formed the Cabbage motto knew of the cabbage trace to Angusta. Remember, that while Butts/Boets have the August / Rim/Rome fesse, Italian Boys/Boets share the bull of Backs/Bachers, and we can add that the Chief of Boys/Boets shares the stars in the Bongino / Galli Chief. The English Bakers were paired in the last update with the Prinks/Pringle's having a version of the Benjamin Coat. German Bakers share the Coat of Jewish Pollocks.

The source of the Bug is at L'viv (Ukraine), and passes through Brest while Brest in Brittany is at Launay while Launays share the lozenges of Bodes' and Stockports/Stopfords. This can indicate a Bug-river relationship to the Boyars of Bodesti (the latter location is Buhusy//Angusta). This reminds me of the dream with Michael, when he was standing beside his Volkswagen beetle. I later found that it should be viewed as a BUG, for I placed a bucket into that car's BACK SEAT (while in the dream), and Bugs have a "water bouget" (said to be water containers), which must be a fancy name for a water bucket. I can now add that Michael married a Moldavian. Her parents even have a Moldavian accent. That is cool.

The back seat was deciphered as per the "steer" bull of Backs/Bachers, for Steer's uses a "cede' motto term while Cedes' are listed with Seats. Cedes' look like "Geddes," the latter first found in NAIRnshire with the Rose's (Roxolani, right?) who likewise have the water bouget. God seems to know what He's doing for helping us to make the proper shame the daft historians who are either ignoramus', or deliberately hiding from us these Illuminati realities. I've noted that Cedes-like "Cetis" is a lot like "Sadducee." There was a mythical Cetus, a whale, on the Pontus, which is the area below Mokissos, that was named after something, for myth writers always use their name concoctions as codes for some real things. Geddes use pike fish while the Pyxites river (at Trabzon) was maybe in the Pontus (borders shifted around), or beside it.

Soducena was not very far off at roughly JereVAN, a location I relate to "JERusalem." I trace Gareb's inhabitants (may have been raven-like Rephaites) to crows and ravens, and as Tate's used ravens, Garebites may have been at Tatta. Rephaites lived both at Jerusalem and at the Jabesh-Gilead area of the Jordan. Peoples from the latter may have named Ordu at the Pontus, perhaps the namers of Romania's Ordessus/Ardeiscus river (on both maps). Wouldn't it be something to find that Jordan liners named the Ardahan > Arda > Ardiaei line to Arthurs? The Hayasa-AZZI Asians at Ardahan (at least beside Gogarene) look like part of the FlautASIS river, an alternative name of the Cogaeonus. There's a good Flatt-reason here for seeing the FLAUTasis as the makings of "Flavius," which has the potential to trace Gog to Flavius Vespasian and the rest of the Revelation dragon.

I trace Garebites and the mythical Greek crow (Coronis) to the Ceraunii Celts, and I trace "Celt" to "Khaldi" smack at the Trabzon / Pyxites / Ardahan theater. I've noted that "Ukraine" is like "Ceraunii."

Back to Cirta of Numidia, for Numidians also had a Mascula location while Keiths, traced well in the last update to Cotesii of the Buzau, are listed as Masculs/Mascals too. Keith Catti were suspect from the Hatti on the Halys river partly due to their living in HADDington, and partly because there was a mythical Cotys that was made a son of Manes, and father of Attis, the latter having been the myth code for Hatti. Thracians had a mythical Cotys too, and that can only have been named after the Cotesii. Therefore, Cotesii, or whatever named them, must have been between the Manes-line Maeonians and the Hatti, and this has the potential to trace Benjamites of the Buzau area to the Hatti i.e. right-close to lake Tatta.

Attis was made the son and husband of Cybele, like the Cabyle location in Thrace, right next to the Sallett-like Selletae (dark map). ZALmoxis could have been a Selletae-Mokissos combination, though a Sale-Mokissos combination makes more sense because Sale is at the land of Cicones/Kikons, who smack of the Caucones, and thus they could have named the Caucoensii at the Cogaeonus river. Peoples of Sale may have named Selletae, and, to boot, "halys" means salt in Greek, as does "sale" to Latins. Lydians were proto-Latins.

Maeonians were part-founders of Lydians, and there was a quasi-mythical Gugu, king of the Myso-Lydians at around 700 BC, when Cimmerians (from proto-Ukraine) had conquered king Rusa at lake Van from their military base at Sinope, not far from the mouth of the Halys. Wikipedia on the Cogaeonus river: "Kogaionon was the holy mountain of the Geto-Dacians, the place where Zalmoxis stayed in a cave for three years...Kogaionon's location is still under debate, but thought to be either in the area around the Dacian capital Sarmizegetusa Regia (there is a 2291m summit there called GUGU and there are speculations that it could be the holy mountain..." Caps mine.

There is a RUSIdava on the light map, upon the Alutus river, that probably predated the naming of European Rus. The Varangian Rus came to Kiev, where the Cimmerians had been some 1550 years earlier, just before they invaded king Rusa. The Alutus was the Tiarantus, which I learned last night. I was at a page telling that the Tiarantus was the Alutus (modern Olt), and as soon as I pasted a quote from that page to my notes, "your NAME" was singing over my speakers, from the song, "Your Name," by Zemer Levav. I then saw two things: 1) the source of the Alutus is very near to the source of the Bistrita that flows through Neamt; 2) the Name's/Neams, from Neamt, have a great reflection of the Lute/Lutt Coat, which convinces me that Lutts are Alutus liners. Lute's/Lutts have the fill Massin/Mason lion, and the latter surname was first found on Thanet, like the Zanata area of Numidia's Aures. I'll show you the Auras tributary of the Ister below. It makes me think that Massins are from the Gala > Massena line.

But there's more, for McLeods/Lutts (share the Cassel castle for a link to the Chatti . Keith-Catti line), use flags while Flags/Flecks can be gleaned as kin of FLATTs/Fletts / Floats / Fleets. The Bistrita / Cogaeonus was also called the FLAUTasis,

Flautasis: the Border Between Dacia and Caucaland [of the cauoensii] Reading Jordannes: Flautasis/Plutasi=Bistrita.
"...On the east it is cut by the Flutausis, a swiftly eddying stream that sweeps whirling into the Ister's waters. Within these rivers lies Dacia..."

...According to a decent map derived from Ptolemy the name of this river is "Cogaeonus"-downstream is Comidava, Agarus R. - the border between Moldavia and Wallachia until ~1500AD, i.e. a name related to the Getic sacred mountain Kogaion.

That's pretty compelling for a trace of Flecks/Flack / Fulks to the Flautasis river at Angusta. I'll keep eyes out for evidence. The Getae-like Gettes' were first found in Anjou, and they have the French Mountain saltire in colors reversed. I was convinced in the last update that Mountains are from Muntenia, but here we can add that English Mountains (Essex, same as white-wolf Gore's/core's) share the martlets of FLEETwoods! The Fleetwood Shield is split in the colors of the split Romania/Roman Coat, and both surnames have white a wolf. AND WOW, the Fleetwood Shield is split vertically in the colors of the same of TARves', and the Chives', first found in Tarves, use the cat-a-mountain (or maybe just a mountain cat)!!! Tarves is not far from Angus. Just so you know, the Fleetwood wolf has a trefoil, the Flatt/Flett, Float, and Plumber (kin of Flags/Flecks) symbol. The Tarves-suspect Travis' share the scallops of Flags/Flecks, and thus the McLeod/Lutt flags can now indicate that Flatt-like surnames are indeed from the Alutus, and that the Tarves' (and Tarvisium) may be from the TIARantus name of the Alutus.

Michael's wife is Moldavian, and the Moldova river is one major one north of the Cogaeonus. Roman is at the mouth of the Moldova, and we just saw Roman elements linking to Alutus / Flautasis elements. Michael's VOLKswagen bug pointed to the Volk variation of Fulke's, first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks/Flacks and Floats (crown around a neck, Ceraunii symbol). It pointed to Fulks of Anjou because it was in a parking lot while Parkings/Perkins are from Plancia Magna = Fulk ancestry. Yet the bucket in the back is for Buckets, one branch of which shares the Gang/GEGG cinquefoils, which may be God's clue that Geggs were Cogaeonus / Gogarene liners.

The Googe's share the boar of SCHIMs/Schiens (Aberdeenshire, same as Tarves), and while I suspect Boethus-of-Sadducee ancestry in Boeotia, that's the location of SCHIMaTARI. The ending of the latter location might even be for the TIARantus (Alutus). It can be noted that Tarrs/Tara's/Tarres' have 10 pale bars in the colors of the six of Trotus-liner Trots and Cotesii-liner Cotes'/Coats. The Ananes Gauls = proto-Annandale's were at the Taro river, and Annas elements are expected at Angusta. Recall how the Bodesti of Angusta brought us to Boet liners, for the Bodesti Boyars caused a look-up of the Boyar surname to find the Coat of Scottish Mochs'...with a Schimatari-like scimitar in Crest! That is a huge thing.

Bodes-like Bauds were first found in STIRlingshire while Stirlings/Sturlings (share "forward" with Seatons) can a branch of Steer-like Sturs/Styre's (probably Ister > Istria liners). Sturs/Styre's have three fesses in the colors of the three of Scottish Drummonds who in turn share a "Gang" motto term with Stirlings...probably because Drummonds named Drymen of Stirlingshire. Didn't we just cross the Gangs/Geggs shortly above? They are expected with the cinquefoils of Back-like Bags in colors reversed. Bags were at GAYwood (Norfolk, same as bags and Gangs/Geggs). Didn't we just say, "French Gays happen to share the chevron of Dutch Bakers"? The Back/Bacher STEER is expected as the Boys/Boet and Boso/Boson bull, suggesting Sadducee liners.

So, the Bodesti boyars might therefore have been a branch of the namers of the Bautica river. Rozala of Ivrea was on the Bautica (at Ivrea). The Nimo's of Stirlingshire and Andrea's share the gold-Shield version of the Annandale saltire, and while Andrea of SHOREham drive was a topic of the last update, Nimo's have a "show" motto term for Shows/SCHORE's (share crescents of French Bois'/Boscs). Nimo's also have a "boast" motto term while Boasts are listed with Bois'. Boys/Boets are Boi's too. Why were Caiaphas-like Chappes' first found in Stirlingshire. What was up there?

From the last update: "Note that ROXOLani-like Rossals, first found in Shropshire (home of Dol Alans) share the martlets of English Mountains = more evidence that Mountains are from Roxolani at Muntenia...Rozala of Ivrea comes to mind." Roxolani were Ros-Alans, and so "Rossal" can apply.

Don't Nimo's/Nemo's smack of Name's/Neams? The Cogaeonus/Bistrita river has Piatra-Neamt location, a NUMIDia-like term. If this Piatra term named Pietro's/Pierro's/Pero's of the Laevi city of Pavia, it really makes things Annas-of-Israel interesting, because Angusta -- Baud-like BUDEStu -- is not far down this river from Piatra-Neamt. Again, English Name's/Neams have quadrants in colors reversed from the same of the Stirlingshire Bauds, and in the colors of the quadrants of Piatra- / Pietro-like Pettys. I trace Pettys (not clinched) to Pietas-Julia at ISTRia's Pula/Pola, and STIRlings look like Ister / Istria elements. The Pettys with the quadrants have an elephant head, suspect from the Elaphiti islands beside Saraca's of Ragusa, and Saracens share the Baud crescents.

I've just checked "Boyer" (instead of "Boyar") to find a giant bull in both colors of the Mountain bulls! Zinger. Boyers are also Boyets, and they were first found in Languedoc with bull-using Mountains.

I've just loaded the Blazers, because I claimed that God gave me a flat tire after church, on the day that Mrs. Kilpatrick prayed for me, when I wore the blazer and musical-clef tie (see "clef" in last update). The Blazer Chief shares the Fleetwood / mountain martlets too (the Blazer saltire is suspect with the Kilpatrick saltire). Fleetwoods were a branch (round-about, anyway) of Flatts/Fletts, right? Now look at "flat TIRE," and we almost see TIARantus. WOW. That river was also the FLAUTasis!!! God is talking to you. God is REAL as Existence. Talk to Him; He will hear even if all is dead-silent in return for your words. Your soul knows how to reach out to God; do it.

She saw me in a tie and blazer, though I wasn't in the habit of dressing up for church. So she came over, took my hands, and prayed. Prays/Praters have white wolf heads, suggesting an indication from God that they should link to the white Fleetwood wolf. She prayed in CHURCH, and Church's share the black greyhound with the Pray/Prater Crest! I thought the latter was a winged horse at first, but the description said greyhound. The other Prays/Preys (Irish) share the six pale bars of Trots and Cotes'/Coats.

If the Prays were a Bray branch or merger, let's repeat that Boyars/McBRAYs are from the Boyars of Buhusy = Angusta on the Flautasis river, one major river north of the Trotus. The Pray/Prey Chief looks related to the Baker Chief, and Bacau is on the Flautasis!!! Wow, that's new. In the 1979 dream, Mrs. Kilpatrick was hovering on her back, over the car seats, and Backs/Bachers, like Bakers, have a steer while Steers use a "cede" motto term while Cedes' are listed with Seats. It means that even her hovering scene was a pointer to the Flautasis river. This is new and welcome.

White wolf heads are used by Scarfs while a scarf is used by Trabys while my tie had TREBLE clefs while Treble's were first found in Devon with Trebys!!! I've said all of that before, but never with Moldova /Romania as the topic. Tie's/Thigh's may have a wolf; otherwise it's a fox. I'll even repeat here that Cleffs/Cliffs married the Stichs who are, along with Sticks, from the Astikas' of Lithuania that married Traby (see Wikipedia's article of Traby or the Traby Arms). The tie was a BIRTHday gift (from Norma), which may indicate the Berthe, wife of Mummolin applies here.

In fact, Boso's/Bosons have the bull of Boyer/BOYET (Boet branch?). The Boso/Boson write-up: "The Boso family lived in the city of Milan." Milan is where Maurels were first found, from Maurilion, husband of Berthe, wife of Mummolin!!! I can barely believe that just happened. God must have given me the treble-clef tie for my birthday, knowing that it was a magnet to get Mrs. Kilpatrick over to me to pray, in the same hour that my tire went flat. It was not flat when I arrived to church; it was flat when I left church promptly. Thank you Lord for that. God's done these sorts of things countless times in my life. Italian Maurels have a star version of the Butt/Bute Coat.

Mrs. Kilpatrick was given a knee symbol, the symbol I was given at age 12 when scoring goals off of Steve TARR's assists, perhaps an indication that Tarrs/Tarres' were from the namers of the Tiarantus river. She got her knee symbol both in my 1979 dream, and at the GET'N Go gas bar / corner store. Gettens/Giddings share the giant Treby lion. Prays/Preys were first found in County Down with Knee's.

The Boso/Boson bull holds a card, and Cirta-suspect Cards/CERTs use a similar "letter." Cards/Certs share a blue lion with Numidian Massins/Masons.

MAMie was given a thigh symbol at her garden partially to prove that she represented MUMmolin, father of Babon, for Babons share the black boar head with Gardens. Therefore, as my tie event with Mrs. Kilpatrick linked to Mummolin, note that Thigh's are also Tie's/THYs. "Thy" is a motto term of Sinclairs, who have a fat cross in the colors of the similar saltire of Kilpatricks, RUSTs/Roosts and Blazers. The latter two surnames each have four items of the same colors surrounding their saltires, with Rusts sharing the Tarves fitchees. RUSTicus of Lyon happened to be the great-grandfather of Mummolin, and Mens'/MAME's/Meme's were at GlenLYON of the Lyons (Perthshire). Sinclairs share the gold ROOSTer with Galli's and Paula's, and it's suddenly important that Paula's were first found in Burgundy, home of BOSONids who were related to royal things (see Rozala of Ivrea) in Tuscany, where Bongino's were first found. I expect Paula's to be Benjamite liners in some ways because I feel sure that God caused Dan Bongino to marry a Paula for this cause. Lookie: we saw Bongino's tattoo linking solidly to Tatta elements, but now there's the Taddei's of Florence (Tuscany). Keep watching.

The last update showed that Battistelli's are from Tullia of Lyon, the daughter of GALLia, and ancestor of Rusticus of Lion. It just so happens that Italian Maurels, first found in Milan with Gallia's, share eight-pointed stars of both Batti's/BOTTo's (near Milan) and Stelli's. The Botto-like Bodes' were first found in Brunswick, suspect with Tuscany's Bruno's, the line to Browns (Bodes colors and format) who share the fleur-de-lys of the Brittany Maurels. Tullia of Lyon married Decimus Rusticus of Clermont-Ferrand. Ferrands can be gleaned with the Firenze version of "Florence," and it just so happens that the English Ferrands have a version of the Taddei Chief! There's no mistake; Florence elements do trace to Gallia's daughter at Clermont-Ferrand (in Auvergne), for Bouillons (may have king Bela in their motto), first found in Auvergne, share the Taddei flory cross. Paula's share the rooster of Galli's, you see, and it's also the gold rooster of Clere-liner SinCLAIRs, the ones who named CLERmont-Ferrand.

Clermonts share keys with French Clavier's (not showing their keys are this time, but Clavers/Cleavers show one), first found in Auvergne, and they are online having married French Mountains (someone just sang "mountain" just as I wrote "Mountain". The song is, "Mighty One of Israel"). There's a Claviere municipality in the Turin region, and the Arms of Turin has a bull half in the colors of the Mountain bull, and in both colors of the Boyar/Boet bull. The Arms of Clavier has a key, indicating a branch of SHEAVES'/Chiava's. Claviere is near Susa, and Susans are in the colors of the lower half of the Arms of Clavier. Susans were first found in Berkshire with SHEAVES'/Shaws! It traces Shawia Numidians to Susa.

Off the cuff, Shawia Numidians of Aures (Numidia) were at least near the Atlas mountains, and so see this Herodotus quote found last night: "The Atlas, AURAS, and Tibisis, three other great rivers that pour into [the Ister], flow north from the heights of Haemus." It appears that the Auras was either the origin, or a colony, of the Aures Numidians. Compare "Haemus" (Thrace) to the Hams sharing the salmon of McCABE's (Susan colors), for Cable's (Somerset, same as Tarrs/Tarres') are in the same colors while Cabyle is at the southern side of the Haemus peaks. The Cable Coat can be gleaned with the Caen/Can Coat while Caeni were THRACians (TRASH-can elements) too. Caens were of the Ceno tributary of the Taro.

It's interesting that Hams were first found in Sussex with Diens/Dives'/DINE's, from the Dives river not far from Caen. Dine-like UDINE is where Radice's were first found, with a Coat somewhat like that of Cable's because Sub-Radice is likewise on the southern side of Haemus, along with Cabyle. Cable is at the Selletae theater, and the mythical Annette-like character was married to Aenus at the mouth of the Hebros, beside Sale (still in Thrace). Be amazed, for, as was said, Annette's sister is Diane, and Deans/Deins/Diane's were likewise first found in Sussex.

Cable's use the motto, "ImpaVIDE," and Vido's/Vito's were first found in Treviso/TARVIsium (about 50 miles from Udine), where TARves' are expected from. It's not far from TARSatica (at Rijeka). At the sight of "Atlas, Auras, and TIBISis," I recalled the Tibbs', who have six fitchees in the pattern used for them by Tarves, the only problem being that Tibbs' are listed with no other Tibbs-like variations. Chives' are from Cavii, explaining why Cave's ("VIDet") share the fretty Caen Shield. Susans use a lily, part of the fleur-de-LYS from the Lissus location of the Cavii. I trace Lissus and neighboring Bassania to the Bessi priests beside Lissae, very near to Sub Radice (upper Hebros river).

Vido's/Vito's are also Vio's, like the "vi" motto term of Chives' (Tarves), and like the Viu tributary of the Riparia, the latter being the location of Susa. Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire with Tarves.

The 'i' is interchangeable with the similar 'l' is such things as Blancs versus Bianco's and Claro's versus Chiaro's/Charo's (share the Boso/Boson / Boyer/Boyet bull design). This i-l switch seems to be the thing between key-using Chiava's and Clavier's / Clavers so that the whole lot look like Cavii Celts / Illyrians. See also the giant Boiville bull.

Claviere is between Briancon and Modane (Arc river). Modens, sharing a fretty Shield with Cable's, Caens, and Cave's were first found in Berkshire with Susans and Arks/Arch's. You can't argue with the facts. Briancon is on the Turin-like Durance river of the Salyes Ligures that I trace to the Sales'/Salletts, and Cabyle is at the Selletae theater. The Arch of Augustus is in Susa, and Arks/Arch's have three arches.

Napper Joe Biden

Here's Herodotus again on Thrace identifying for us the Tiarantus as the Alutus:

Those [tributaries] that make [the Ister] great, five flowing through the Scythian country, are these: the river called by Scythians Porata and by Greeks Pyretus, and besides this the Tiarantus, the Ararus, the Naparis, and the Ordessus. The first-named of these rivers is a great stream flowing east and uniting its waters with the Ister; the second, the Tiarantus, is more westerly and smaller; the Ararus, Naparis, and Ordessus flow between these two and pour their waters into the Ister."

Okay, the Ararus is the Agarus mentioned in a quote earlier. The light map has it, the "Hierassus (Arasus?)." Yes, it must be the Ararus. The dark map has it the Agarus; this map obviously goofed on locating the Tiarantus too near the Prut. As Herodotus has the Agarus, the Naparis and the Ordessus east of the Tiarantus, the latter must be the Alutus. I'll tell you another amazing thing. Michael in the Volkswagen dream popped in on me one work day, and as he had a small job left for the day, he took me along for a chat, when he told me that his company gets some work in my area from a company called, Peerless. That's what introduced me to the Peerless/Napier/NAPPER surname, like the Naparus river above. It's not within the modern Moldova borders, but it's close, and his wife is Moldavian. As per his Volkswagen bug (not in real life), the southern Bug river is very close to the Moldavian border, less than 50 miles at one point. Is God a bad shot? Did he miss the entire country with His props? Or is He aiming at something else, like deep-state crimes?

WOW, dynomita! I was just to my atlas to find the modern name of the Naparus. It's the Yellow-like IALOmita!!! Within a couple of weeks of the Volkswagen dream, Michael appeared in another of my dreams where his kids were jumping on a YELLOW mattress, and Michaels with Michaelsons have a fesse colors reversed from the same of Yellows. It appears that God is pointing Yellows to the Ialomita, incredible. Yellows were first found in Oxfordshire with Peer-like Peare's! I get it.

German Franks were first found in Bohemia with German Michaels (might now be the Hagar star), and the German Franks not showing a Coat for a while is now showing again, sharing the Napper/Peerless saltire, and both saltires have four red items surrounding the saltire. The Franks have the Anthony leopard faces, which are red, what the Peare leopard faces would be in colors reversed. This is fantastic because the other German Franks have a COLUMN!!! The Column-suspect Calmatui is right next to the Naparus! That dream has now largely verified that the Naparus is in view with the yellow mattress (or bed). Although

Moldavian myth has one Drago character out hunting a wild bull with his dog, Molda, and the dog drowned in the river, thus called the Moldova. This dog theme could be the Neuri wolf theme, and so note the Drago-like dragon head in the North Crest. The Crest of Northens/Northerns (in the Suty motto) have the head of the Seaton dragon. I haven't proven that Norths are from Bug-river Neuri, but it's worth mentioning that the North (and Maschi) lion is colors reversed from that of German Michaels, for Michael was with a bug. Norths were first found in Sussex (beside Muscas-loving Drake's) with Muscel-like Mascals...from Numidia's Mascul, right? The source of the Ialomita is at Moroeno, beside Muscel. The other Michaels look like Meschins, who in turn have a version of the Muscel Coat.

Norths came to topic with Michael DeNardo of KNOB Hill Farms, and while Knobs are Knobels too, Nobels, who share "Fide" with Norths, share the same two lions on either side of a fesse with German Michaels. This is new, and finally starts to make a Knob link to something solid.

As Scottish Tate's/Tatts/Teets share the Napper/Peerless saltire, while English Tate's share the Bug ravens, and because we just crossed Northens/Northerns, it's notable that Tattons have a Mr. WithenSHAW of NORTHENded, whose Massy daughter married a Tatton. Is this more evidence that Nahorites were at lake Tatta? The "ANIMO" motto term of Norths is probably for Nimo's, potential Numidians. Shawia were such along with Masseys. The latter are from the Maezaei, beside the Ceraunii who are in turn symbolized by the crown around the North dragon's neck.

Nimo's have another red saltire surrounded by four red items (as do German Franks and Nappers/Peerless', and the Nimo's use the Seaton crescents for those four items. The "show" motto term of Nimo's gets the Shows/SCHAWs/SCHORE's, and the other Schore's use a column!!! Bingo, more proof that Nappers and Columns are from the side-by-side Napper and Calmatui rivers. The other English Tate's probably have the Roxburgh bend, and Roxburghs are from the Roxolani at the Calmatui river.

Here's more interesting. Michael was clinched as a pointer to Michael I Rangabe before I started to stress, very recently, that the heraldic merMAId is for the Maids/MOLDs. It could indicate Moldova, you see. I believe I've clinched the heraldic mermaid with mythical Melusine, the DRAGON women whose snake tail was turned into a fish tail...perhaps to indicate Moldova-liner Maids/Molds. We just saw Drago in Moldavian-beginnings mythology. I've been saying for years -- long before God made Michael a symbol of Michael Rangabe -- that Melusine was named after the historical Melissena Rangabe, granddaughter of Michael Rangabe. That alone is interesting, but there's more, because Michael Rangabe married Procopia, suspect with the Procops variation of Brox's/Brocuffs. It just so happens that the latter share the gold sphinx with Hips', and then the Drago river (Sicily) is also the HYPSas! Wow. The Brox variation goes to Broxton, home of the Birds/Burds sharing the Hips martlets.

It's almost certain that Melissena's husband, Inger the Varangian, was of the Kiev VARANGians (they conquered Kiev in her adulthood), who look like they could have named VRANCea, a mountain region on my atlas at Fulk-possible FOCsani. The latter is about five miles only from the Rimna river. Nicholas de Vere von DRAKENberg, a satanist, said that Melusine's son, Milo de Vere (probably fictitious code), was a count of Anjou just before the Fulks became counts there. Michael was in the dream with a VOLKswagen, and Fulke's/Volks are also Focs-like Fooks'. How interesting. It appears that Michael Rangabe's granddaughter married a Varangian whose family settled, or was already settled in, Vrancea.

[Compare with "Avranches," asking why Hugh-Lupus D'Avranches shared the Scarf wolf head, white like the one in the Crest of English Walls having what looks like a version of the Moster/Master Coat. Mattres' have a Maistre variation, and the yellow-mattress theme is about to crop up. Walls and Ceraunii-line CORNwalls become important with Burisma pointers late in this update, and so note the Ceraunii symbol, a crown around a neck, in the Wall wolf head.]

Vere's ruled Oxfordshire for centuries, and the Arms of Oxford has a red ox. Is that an ox in the Arms of Focsani? The Arms has the BUCHARest eagle, and it should be said that this place has a Baker / Bacher-like look to it. I put the bucket (why me, not him?) into the BACK seat of the Volkswagen, and while Backs are Bachers too, with an ox-like steer, Bucharest is only about 20 miles from the Ialomita!!! Zing-zinger, how about that.

[YIKES. I wrote several paragraphs below before remembering that Yellows/Yello's were first found in Oxfordshire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The IALOmita at our service.]

Did the Bidens / deep state have affairs at this area who shot Steve Scalise in the hip? Just wondering.

Oh wow, Buchers (compare with Plantagenets) are listed with Bouchar(d)s, and this is the water-bouget line. Bouchier's use water bougets. Even the Buckets/Boquets have Bochard/Buchard variations! I traced the water bouget to Bouchard II of MontMorency, and Morencys were first found in Ile-de-France with Mattres'!!! The yellow mattress! I have finally deciphered the bucket in the back seat, and it does relate to the yellow-mattress dream too, because Bucharest is just off of the MOSTistea river while Mosters are the Masters comparable to the Maistre variation of Mattres"!!! The yellow mattress at our service. It has started to accomplish its tasks.

It's notable that Mosters/Masters have a fesse in the colors of the two of Rivers. The latter, with their Revere branch, are suspect in the motto of Bissets, and the latter are tracing well to the Bistrita river, location of Budesti/Angusta. It's one major river south of the Moldova, and thus the Bistrita is in downtown Moldova. Michael married a Moldavian! Plus, there is another Budesti on my atlas not far south-east of Bucharest.

Plus, Revere's use a lion in the colors of the Name/Neam lion heads while Neamt is at the Bistrita too. As Angusta is in the Cabbage motto while the Baker Chief has the Cabbage-Chief lion, Bakers can trace to Bucharest, yet Budesti at the Bistrita is in back-like Bacau. It seems there were migrations from one place to the other. Cabbages are used by Fulk-line Plants/Planque's. Anjou is at Angers while Anger-related Hangers (share the escarbuncle) share the griffin of Mosters/Masters.

There's a lot more to decipher in the yellow-mattress dream. Why were Michael's kids / children (boys?) jumping on the mattress? The Arms of Bucharest has what looks like a "Patra" motto term and a "meu." The Meu river is in Ille-et-Vilaine, and the latter's Arms shares double-blue pale bars with Seats/Cedes'. I put the bucket into the back seat, and Backs are Bucharest-like Bachers. Those double pale bars can perhaps be gleaned with French Angers. I have been saying that Anger-related Anchors have the Shield of the Arms of Agrigento, and that's the location of the Drago/Hypsas river. So, it appears that Moldavians of the Drake-Vere kind were at Agrigento. Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg even wrote a book, "From Transylvania [Romania] to Tunbridge Wells."

Aha, minutes after wondering whether its the Kids or Children or Boys, Buchers (with an 'e') were looked up to find them sharing a giant green tree with Kids. After that, Bucher-like Bookers were looked up to find a spread, green eagle symbol also of Irish Henrys (Tyrone), and then the Brittany Henrys were at the Meu river's Mott-Henry!!! It seems that Bucharest / Ialomita elements were in Ille-et-Vilaine. The Brittany Henrys even share the chevron of Dutch Bakers. It's then interesting that the Kid Chief shares the Armour stars while Motts (share white crescent with Kids) were first found in Cotes-du-Nord, now called, Cotes-d'Armour (the Meu flows there too). There's got to be more to the Kids than this. Pedophilia symbol for something very illegal in Romania? Joe Biden likes little girls.

Bookers have an "Ad" motto term suspect with Ada of Warenne/Varenne, wife of HENRY Huntingdon. Butchers/Buchers (Alan colors), first found in Shropshire with Ille-et-Vilaine's Alans (of Dol), share the estoiles of Neils, first found in Tyrone with the Henrys sharing the green Booker eagle. The Nihill variation of Neils is in the Vere motto. Vere's ruled Oxfordshire, where Yellows were first found along with Peare's, and Bucharest's outskirts are at the Ialomita river, next to the Naparis where I think Nappers/PEERless' must trace. In a region of Ialomita on my atlas, I see a Dragalina, right beside SLOBozia; the latter is like the Salop version of Shropshire. Hmm, Salop-like Sleeps were first found in Salop, and "Napper" sounds like a sleeper. Did God arrange that?

New-Jersey senator, Cory Booker (Clinton supporter), has come to mind. The first thing I thought, before seeing the Irish Corys (Cork) sharing red estoiles with Neils (look at the timing here) was that Corrys/Currys were first found in Waterford, where the county's Arms uses a stag head facing either sideway or frontward, in the colors of the JUMP stag head. The Corrys/Currys even have the Napper/Peerless saltire in colors reversed, and that's from the Naparis = IALOmita river. Cory Booker might just have made a pointer to the kids JUMPing on the YELLOW mattress. But there's more because the Chief of English Corys share the cinquefoils of French Buckets! Zinger, the Bucket bloodline had traced hard, for the first time above, to Bucharest (Romanian capital, big city), where we could expect a world-class bunch of American mobsters to do political "business."

Irish Corys, in case it applies, have griffin heads: 1) in the two colors of the Griffith and MARBLE griffins; 2) in both colors of the Camp griffin heads; 3) in the gold color of the Moster/Master griffin heads. The latter point is another potential connection (of Cory Booker?) to the yellow mattress. The Camps (Yorkshire, same as Jells/Gells) remind that Mamie sat her HIPS on my lap at the camp fire. Laps use the Moldova-suspect mermaid, now tracing to VRANcea, and Varns are expected from the proto-Varangian Varni of the Pomerania area, where the house of Griffin was. The Varns share the bend of Yell-like Jells/GELLs, expected from Gela of southern Sicily, where the founders of Agrigento came from. Agrigento is on the HYPSAS/DRAGO river, you see, and the Moldova river was related to mythical Drago. I'm seeing Moldavians at the Numidia theater because Neamt is near the Moldova. The Needs/Name's/Neme's (Lincolnshire, same as Name's/Neams) use more griffin heads, and while that creature has an eagle's head, the Irish Name's/Neams have a gold eagle head.

Grahams, kin of Varns, were first found in Midlothian with Mens/MAME's. Grahams and Varns share the same scallops, code for the Sicil founders of Sicily, and very possibly of the Scalia's/Scalise's, not forgetting that the latter are in the scaling ladder of Trypillian-suspect Trips.

Gela and the Hypsas river face Numidia's Aures and Atlas regions, now suspect with the Atlas and Auras tributaries of the Ister. I've just read that the Auras is supposed by someone to be the modern Jiu (about 50 miles west of the Alutus), but this cannot be correct because the Jiu flows from the north of the Ister while Herodotus had it on the south side.

"The Jiu; (...Hungarian: Zsil; German: Schil or Schiel; Latin: Rabon) is a river in southern Romania. It is formed near Petrosani by the confluence of headwaters Jiul de Vest and Jiul de Est." Note how the Jiuls are like "Jill," for Jills are listed with Gills, first found in Yorkshire with Jells/Gells. Jiul-like Gullys (Julian branch) were first found in Oxfordshire with Yellows!!! The Ialomita is on the opposite side of the Alutus from the Jiu. Note that "sani" is a suffix on "Petrosani" so that "Focsani" has a "Foc" root. Fox liners? To Faucets of Foxside?

[I'd like to add that Yellow-like Whele's/Whale's share the Keep / Gilly/Jilly bend and the black canton square of Whalleys, and that the Whalley mascle is colors reversed from that of Hansons. Ice-cream-girl, Miss Hanson, will later point to Rhamidava/Rimnicu, smack beside Focsani! Keeps use a galley ship, likely the symbol of Irish Gillys too. It just so happens that the latter have the horizontally-split colors of Romania's/Romans! Irish Gillys share a red border with English Allisons while Scottish Allisons are from the KEPPOCH MacDonalds. Mr. Kepke and I sat on the hood of my car watching Allison leave me for another man, and later God gave an addition to that pointer with a medallion on my hood, at a GROCery store, that pointed to Groce's/Graggs, who have the horizontally-split colors of Gillys and Romania's/Romans. English Grose's look linkable to Scottish Allisons, and share the three crosses of Darlene-branch Darlingtons. I dated Darlene of Knob Hill farms immediately before dating Allison of Knob Hill Farms, a grocery store where Kepke and I worked at. God is proving in this paragraph that He created both events, four decades apart, for you to consider.

Grose's share the brown dog of Lothians and LOTs, and both events took place in the parking LOT of a grocery store. but see also the dog of Gragg-like Crags and Craig-liner Carricks, for Graggs are listed with Groce's. Craigs have the Allison / Grose fesse in colors reversed. My impression from this is that Groce's and Grose's should be from the Rimna and/or the neighboring Rimnicu river along with the Keep-line Ukrainians. Another Rimnicu is on the Olt/Alutus river that might just be where Hoods/Hoots derive. This update shows evidence of a Rosco trace to the Alutus, and they share three red items (Bus cinquefoil?) on a white fesse with Grose's, both surnames first found in Cornwall, beside Hoods/Hoots.]

Yells, sharing a black fesse with Yellows, named Yell in SHETland, which I propose was named by such surnames as the Sheets/SKEETs' / Skits, like "Scythia." Scythia was centered on the Ister river exactly around the Ialomita theater. It's a good argument for expecting that regions Scythians at Shetland.

The Sheet-branch Sheds/Scheds (Yorkshire again) share the Corrys/Curry rose, and have a cross in the colors of the Corry/Curry saltire. This reminds of my ladyfriend, Miss Whelan of Henry CORson crescent. Corsons/Carsons have the Whelan lozenges, and the Whelans (share Brick Coat), first found in Waterford with Corrys/Currys, have the Brest/Brix lozenges while there is another Brest location on the south side of the Ister river, opposite the mouth of the Alutus. Ukrainian Kepke lived on Henry Corson too.

My dream in Obama's billiard hall had a black SHEET covering his billiard tables, and later, he was dancing and SKATEboarding to help prove that the dream was from God, for Skate's are listed with Sheets, first found in Norfolk with the Bus' having the cinquefoils of Scottish Sheds in colors reversed. The latter Sheds were first found in Ayrshire with Varns and Sheet-branch Skits/Skeochs. The "meum" motto term of these Sheds, and their griffin heads being in the colors of the Berta griffin, suggest that Sheds descend from Mummolin and Berthe (husband and wife).

My sewer shot in the Obama-billiard dream pointed with the SUTER/Suit variations of Sewers to Barry SOETORo (Obama's earlier name). I am sure that Sewers related to Sewards and Swords, from Siward of Northumberland, and this character traces excellently to the Serdi of Serdica, very near to the source of the Jiu river. When God sent the stool pigeon to walk over my septic tank, my SEWER, it involved the Swords, without a word of a lie, and my septic system was inspected by Mr. Gooch, like "Guccifer." As I said, a couple of days after this pigeon -- the first pigeon I've seen at my place in a decade -- the mole that was tunneling at my deck area had tunneled along the septic tank's full length, and then disappeared, not to be seen again. The Mole's (Roxburghshire, same as Gooch's/Googe's) share the GOOCH/Googe boar head! Is that not amazing? It predicts that someone's going to snitch on Obama's crime syndicate concerning Guccifer 2.0.

BARRY Soetoro reminds that Mamie was in the back of a pick-up truck with Barry, earlier in the night that she sat on my lap at the camp fire. Barry owned a blue Volkswagen BUG at the time! And Camps have a virtual copy of a Cory Coat as though God could me pointing to Cory Booker with that hip-on-lap event. I had met her only once before, when we danced at her party, and Obama's back-to-back dance and skateboard scene (he had a SUIT on for both scenes) is expected to concern Julian Assange, for he's in a news video with back-to-back dancing and skateboarding scenes. This has got to concern Guccifer 2.0, for the original Guccifer is a Romanian.

She sat on my knee, and so I'd like to mention Kneza, near another Brest location, the one mentioned above opposite the Alutus. Mamie had a breast symbol, and the other Brest is on the BUG river! Barry owned a bug. Between Kneza and Brest flows the Iskar river that has a source closest of all Ister tributaries to Serdica. In fact, its the Oescus/Oscius river on the light map, which has it incorrectly deep into Serdica (Herodotus calls this the Cius, wherefore it's neither the Atlas nor the Auras). The Kneza-like Kness' ("Animo") are in the colors and format of Sheds, and while Mamie was a definite pointer to Mummolin, he's in the Shed motto. The Nons in the Kness motto were first found in Ayrshire with Sheds and Skits/SKEOChs, and while the latter are suspect as a branch of the Schuch variation of Shoe's, the latter share the lone star of Poindexters (Jersey) having an animo-like "nemo" motto term. The Shoe's/Schuchs have, I kid you not, a "knight issuing from the KNEES." It appears that Mamie sitting on my knee / lap has found the Kneza origins of Kness' and Knee's/NEE's. Plus, "NE m'oubliez" is the motto of Corsons/Carsons (scimitar) sharing the Brest/Brix lozenges.

"Ne oublie" is the motto of Grahams and Varns. It looks like code for Blie-descended Blays (share the Corson/Carson crescent). Blays can link to Blazers that may relate to "ouBLIEZ." Blazers/Blaze's use a good reflection of the English Cory Coat. That's good because Miss Whelan made Corsons look like a Corry/Curry branch. English Corys were first found in Suffolk with the Clare's who in turn have the triple chevrons of Bleys/Bleds in colors reversed.

Blaze's were at Blay at Mole-suspect Le MOLay, and share the Mountain martlets, and the Mountain bend is shared by the Arms of Jacques de Molay (this is new here). The quadrants in those Arms are shared by Jewish Aarons/Arens, who use clouds, possible code for the McLeods/Lutts/Clouds. German Arens share the Sans eagle for a potential trace to the Sensii smack on the Ialomita river! Yellows are in the colors of Shakespeare's (share Gell/Jell bend) while the latter use a "Non sanz" motto phrase. Nons/Nevins are suspect with the Kneza-like Kness' ("non"). Moroeno is at the source of the Ialomita while Mole's share the Marone boar head. Shakespeare's were first found in Cumberland with the Smells, who in turn have a form of the Arms of Jacques de Molay.

I'd now like to go back to the trash-can scene because the trash can doubled as a bucket. Bucket liners have taken us to Bucharest, near the Yellow-line Ialomita, and YELLs share the Blaze crescents. After I DROPped the bucket from a height, a fire started to blaze around its rim while it landed on a mound, and Mounds/Mounts can be Muntenia > Mountain liners. As I said, I jumped down and YELLED "fire" when this fire started!!! This is now an excellent interpretation of that dream's scene, an interpretation I don't think has been realized until now. I don't think it donned on me that Blaze's share the Yell crescents; otherwise I would have connected Blaze's to those flames. Muntenia was at least near the Rim-like Rimna river. The Drops/Trope's can be Trypillians, especially as the Drop/Trope Chief is shared by Prays/Preys.

[Insert -- A couple of days after writing here, I was back to the Baragan article at Wikipedia, where it says that "The city of Bucharest is not part of Baragan but is on the VLASiei Plain." That term could produce the Blase variation of Blaze's. Mrs. Kilpatrick was born a Hicks, and Hicks have a BUCK in Crest. The Blaze Chief and saltire combination is a reflection of the Kilpatrick Coat, and the Blaze's share the Mountain martlets while Baragan (doesn't reach Bucharest) is in Muntenia! That works very well. Blaze's are the ones with the Yell crescents, and Yell is on Shetland, beside the Linkletters and Flatts/Fletts of Orkney. I yelled "fire" when the bucket caught flames, meaning that the dream links to the blazer event at church. The blazer had tiny black-and-green checks (about 1/8" square), the Linkletter symbol. I'm very impressed with this alternative interpretation of the trash-can scene. The Bergs/Burgs with a version of the Mountain Coat are also Baragan-like BARGs.

OH WOW BEHOLD THIS. The church where this event took place is in BARKsdale!!! The Barks/Berks use larks while Larks (Norfolk, same as Barks/Berks and Flags/Flecks) have a version of the Fly Coat. Flys were of Flagi, and Flags/Flecks can be linked to Flatts/Fletts while I had a FLAT TIRE about the time she took my hands to pray!!! God was making the tire go flat while I was in church for about an hour. Fleetwoods share the Blaze / Mountain martlets, and Larks share the Blaze garb. But there is more, get ready: Larks have a cloud while McLeods/Lutts/CLOUDs (flags!!!) are from the Alutus = TIARantus, the Tire/Tier bloodline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. Yes, you'll see the Tier variation of Tire's come up below from a motto term.

Larks and Flys (Hampshire, near the first-known Cabbage's) share the Cabbage chevron, and the Angusta location in the Cabbage motto is on the FLAUTasis river!

I loaded the Blaze's as Blase's while writing this insert, to find an Italian Blase/BLASIO surname sharing all-blue quadrants with Name's/Neams, and with two of the Lute/Lutt quadrants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What in Tiarnation is this? Why did God do this? It's fantastic in my sight, but why why why? Is it pointing to Bill de Blasio?

Irish Kilpatricks share the fleur-de-lys in the other two Blase quadrants. Scottish Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with Wallachia-like Walks (and Rims/Rums) who share the Blaze/Blazer garb. Lookie: "The Blase family lived in the city of Benevento," and the previous owner of my Jeep, who was in the dream immediately before the trash-can scene, was from Benevento. I reason that God's message here is that BENEvento was a Benjamite line. From my 5th of December, 2016: "The landlord from whom I purchased the Jeep was from Benevento, in Campania..."

OH WOW, the Walks have an "InDUSTRia" motto term that comes up huge shortly below in a pointer to Joe Biden's suspected crimes in Romania. This has got to make us giggle a little because Smells have an "Industria" motto term too. What do you think of when we put Smells together with Joe Biden? Smells comes up below because Mrs. Kilpatrick's hair, when she was praying for me in the flat-tire day, smelled like DUST, and I say that Dusters are in "Industria." I now know that God intended the Walks to be a part of the blazer / smell-hair event due to being from Wallachia elements. The Rims/Rums were from Wallachia, and they were in the rim of the bucket / trash can that caught to blazing flames!!! The exclamations just keep coming. Muntenia covers most of Wallachia, and Smells (BUCKle) have a version of the English Mountain Coat.

We just crossed the Smells in a Non/Nevin / Kness discussion, and so let me repeat that, after the smell-her-hair event, Mrs. Kilpatrick let go of my hands and left, but turned around at the end of the seats, in the center isle, and did a curtsy toward me in front of the entire church. I couldn't explain this thing, but Curtsys have the look of the Non/Nevin Coat, for whatever that could be worth. A curtsy is by nature a bending of the KNEE. Curtsys are also CERTseys while Kilpatricks have a "Ceart" motto term. As I said, God put her husband in a Baytown-Sun photo with Spuds MacKenzie, and Kenzie's look like Kneza liners (you could find the photo by searching HW Kilpatrick, or Charlotte Kilpatrick, and Baytown Sun).

I was up high when dropping the container, and though I didn't see a ladder that I can recall, I was at ladder height, which can be verified in the "LAIDIR" motto term of Irish Kilpatricks. I link Kilpatricks to Latins, though I sense there is more to the ladder than verifying the inclusion of Kilpatricks in that dream. We needed to have Romanian elements in the pictures to decipher the dream and the blazer-and-tire event.

The dream started with a shopping CART, and the Kilpatrick motto is, "CEART laidir a BOO." The latter term could be for the Boe variation of Boyars/Boys, for they share the same Chief was Walks! The Boyars came up as per the Boyars at Angusta on the FLAUTasis river. There is a CEARD variation of Caird/Kerds who look like they share the hermit in the Crest of Sheds (Ayrshire, same as Ceards/Cairds/Kerds, and Sheds will play a role later in this update for resolving the ice-cream girls with Romanian elements. It's notable that while Shed-branch Skits/SKEOChs were first found in Ayrshire too, the Shoe's/SCOCHs evoke Viktor SHOKIN, the one whom Biden and Obama got fired to protect Biden's crime in Kiev.

The ladder in the trash-can / bucket scene was suspect with high crimes against Steve Scalise. The latter was shot by a Mr. Hodgkinson while that surname shares the cinquefoils of Loches', expected to Miss Loches, wife of Fulk I of Anjou. I saw a deep-state faked video online that faked the Scalise-shooting event. The cameraman had one of those special Bigfoot cameras that don't zoom, a sure sign of a faked video. He never tried to zoom in on the shooter, and he was so close to him that, in real life, he wouldn't have popped his entire head and camera up to shoot video for the few minutes that he did. I even saw a jogger at the road while dozens of very-loud shots rang out, and people / kids were getting into a vehicle as though no shooting was taking place.

On the morning of the shooting, Jeff Flake was interviewed in the news. I saw that interview, meaning I know what clothes he was wearing. Therefore, I know that, in the faked video, the first person to run out to second base, to Scalise (he was not there), was Jeff Flake (I saw his clothes), proving to me that he was involved in the crime. I looked up Black-like Vlacks as per the VLASiei plain at Bucharest, and the Flake's came up who share the BLACK Fulk wing. Scottish Blacks share the saltire of Blaze's/Blazers. Therefore, the trash-can / bucket scene looks to be pointing to the would-be killers of Scalise. German Rushtons have the Fulk wings too, and as per TARRANT-Rushton, isn't that part of the flat-tire theme along with Flake liners? I'll explain Tarrant-Rushton shortly below.

I can now add that the pastor at our Barksdale church is/was Mr. Johnson. It's just that Scottish Johnsons, with a red-Chief version of a Kilpatrick Coat (both use cushions), share a red Chief and black-on-white saltire with Blacks while the latter were first found in Lincolnshire with English Johnsons. So, it checks out even further that God set up this event, where Mr. Johnson asked everyone in the church to go stand by someone else and pray for them (it was the first and last time he did this while I was there), which is how Mrs. Kilpatrick came to me. But the Johnson-Black relationship seems to verify that Blaze's/Blazers are involved, and from that we get to Jeff Flake of the Vlack bloodline, kin of Flatts/Fletts.

[Insert into the insert -- I was finished with this insert, and starting a new section on Mamie-on-my-knees linking to a Gigen location. I loaded Giggens, finding no surname, and then remembered that I should have checked Wiggens, as per Mrs. Kilpatrick's wig, to see if they could add to this discussion. The Wiggen Crest is the Crest of Scottish Johnsons almost exactly!!! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. The only difference is that Wiggens use brown wings instead of the gold Johnson wings. Wiggens have a version of the Annas Coat. End insert to the insert.]

Johnsons are important heraldically because they share the spur with Close's, tending to verify that Close's are of Closeburn, location of Kilpatrick castle. Close's then share the stars of Walks, tending to suggest that Wallachia elements were at Closeburn, or merged with (married to) Closeburn elements. It's then important that Hood-like Hodge's -- potential pointer to Hodgkinson the shooter -- are in the colors and format of Close's while sharing the Walk / Blaze/Blazer garb. The Hodge's share the Bull/Bule annulets while Bulls/Bule's share bulls in Mountain-bull colors for another trace to Muntenia.

The point is, Mrs. Kilpatrick appeared in a 1979 dream at a HOOD of a car, and was then hovering in the car while Hoods/Hoots are like Hooters sharing the hover-like Hoover Coat, both sharing the talon with Augusts, suspect from Augusta/Angusta. The Hotts (not "Hoot") of D'Oust, who share the Terent/Tarant eagle, then link to the Dusts/Dousts as per my smelling her dusty hair (wig), and as this dusty hair will link to Joe Biden's love of smelling hair on women, it might be indicating that Biden's circle shot Scalise...because he was opposing the pedophilia trade.

The Muntenia-suspect Smells sharing "Industria" with Wallachia-suspect Walks love the Alutus-liner Forts...from the Tire-related Tiarantus river. That's why I smelled her hair. It wasn't my fault, because she got that close to me, and she's tall, taller than me. Smells have a "virTUS" motto term while Bleds/Bleys use "tous" while Blazers were at a Bley location. The Smell-Bley / Smell-Blazer link checks out because Bled is beside Lesce, suspect with the Leslie's sharing the buckle with Smells. I smelled her hair on the only day I wore the blazer to that church. Why do English Bleys/Blys share the Hodge crescents? Is that a cloud in the Hodge Crest? Is that the Walk fesse in the Hodge Coat?

Tous'/Tosini's/TONSo's can be traced with Buttons/Bidens to the TONZus river near the trash-can Caeni. That's because Capelli-like Cabyle is on the Tonzus while Capelli's share the chapeau of Buttons/Bidens while Tous'/Tonso's use a man wearing a shirt with buttons (buttons not shown, but they were part of the official description which I had read when the website was available to me).

I thought that Hodge's were linked well to Hoods in the first update of this month (Hodgkinson topic), where I was saying: "The OSTs/Hosts (white bull head) were first found in Somerset with the white-bull-head Bulls (beside Hoods/Hoots) sharing the annulets of the other English Hodge's! Zinger. In the dream, when I saw Mrs. Kilpatrick in front of the car [i.e. at the hood], I had no shirt on, a pointer to Shirts (probably the Tiss/Teece chevron), who use a "HOSTis" motto term (partly for Tiss'/Teece's). The Doust/Dust Coat has the giant Neck(er) stag head in colors reversed..." If the Doust/Dust and/or Neck stag head happens to be a buck, it can explain why the Hicks buck head had a chaplet around its NECK, for Chaplets have black swans, what the swans of Dutch Dousts would be in colors reversed. The "crescentiBUS Orti" motto phrase of English Hodge's can be from the ORDessus river between the Naparus and Alutus.

AHHH, Hodgkinsons share the motto of the Peters with a scallop version of the English Mountain and Smell Coats. These Peters are with the Name/Neam lion heads for a trace to Piatra-Neamt (Flautasis river). The motto is shared by Staple's while BarnSTAPLE's share the bend-with-trefoils of Dusters in the Smell / Walk mottoes. Therefore, yes, Hodge's can have the Walk fesse.

The ARUTELa location up the Alutus river could have named Ruttle's/Rudds, who have bells while Bells and Bull-like Bullys were first found in Dumfries with Walks. Will this discussion get us to the Neamt area at Angusta, where Helena of Angusta reportedly married king Bela? Can Bells trace to Bela?

Ruttle's/Rudds are in the colors and format of Sheds, the latter first found in Ayrshire with bell-using Porters. Porters use the gate perhaps for a line of Getae at Wallachia. Geds were on the Nith, location of Kilpatrick castle suspect also with Walks.

Later in this update, I make a link of the ice-cream girls to the Rams out of the Rimna river (Wallachia), and so let's add that Rams are in the colors and format of Ruttle's/Rudds too, for Arutela is at the SERRorum mountains while the ice-cream girls traced to Crema at the SERio river. How about that. I'll come back to this topic later.

Serio's are in the Car write-up, and Mrs. Kilpatrick was with a car. Cars share a "sed" motto term with Sedans, from Sedbergh, home of the Dents who have another "industria" motto term. The Dent motto in full links to this Arms of Rothschild, which shares the quadrants of Name's/Neams, expected now because Rothschilds were from the Rothes castle of Peter Pollock, the line to the Peters above, and suspect with the naming of PIATRA-Neamt. Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild") have a version of the Duster Coat, which is why I'm confident that Dusters are in "industria." The Crest of Peter-related Staple's (Kent same as Rothes') has the lion design in the Rothes Crest, and BarnSTAPLE's have the Duster fesse-with-trefoils. When smelling her hair's dust (just one faint whiff, I wasn't engrossed), it was a pointer to Joe Biden's sick nature.

The Arms-of-Rothschild quadrants are those also of McLeod-beloved Fasts and their Falstaff branch.

Is that a cloud in the Hodge Crest? Why does one Hodge Coat share the chevron of Ruttle's/Rudds? The Hotts (share red eagles with Tiers/Tire's) with the Tarant eagles have a fesse colors reversed from the fesse of the other Hodge's, and the Alutus was also the TIARANTus. It could occur to us that Hoods and Hodge's were a version of such Alutus liners as Holds (in the McLeod/Lutt/CLOUD motto), and Holds/Holts (Coat similar to Holm Coat) have a "HUMiles" motto term while Hume's/Home's can be a branch of Holms ("SED cui VIDE") who in turn have the Button/Biden chapeau! WOW, for the double fesses of Holds/Holts ("ExALTaVIT"!) are those of Hairs while I smelled her HAIR (or wig) as a pointer to Joe Biden!!! Things like this often make me laugh, but these links are so awesome I'm more awestruck than humored. The other Hairs have the double fesses of Shirt-related Harcourts. God had given me an event at HOME plate that pointed to Scalise's shooting. There you have more evidence that McLeods and Holds are of the Olt river, very near the Vit (Utus on the light map).

I have yet to investigate whether the Burridava location on the Alutus is a pointer to the Burisma gas company that made a criminal pact with the Bidens, for Burrys are also Buris'. Already, Burridava is pointing to the Bidens thanks to other Alutus elements doing so. The Alutus has a source near Piatra-Neamt, and the two rivers together constitute the flat tire.

Wow, I must have fallen into this as a man stumbling in the dark. Look at the timing of this: we can now ask why Staple's, who share the Hodgkinson motto, essentially use the Bury/Buris fesse-with-fleur. Amazing. Did the Biden circle shoot Scalise? I had to get my tire wrench out to put on the spare, and English Rench's/Wrench's have the Darlington crosslets in colors reversed while Darlingtons share the Staple / Burry/Buris leopard faces.

OH WOW, I almost forget. Scalise was shot on Alexandria (Virginia), and Alexandria's were first found in KinTYRE (Argyll and Bute), an island at least in the ballpark of where Tyre's/Tire's/Tiers (Argyllshire) were first found!!! It appears that the flat tire is a pointer to Scalise's would-be killers. Tire's/Tiers use the red MacDonald fitchee in black, as does the Keppoch branch of MacDonalds, and Keppochs were first found in Yorkshire with Jacks. I had to JACK up my vehicle with the jack before putting the wrench to it. Bill Clinton was born to Mr. Blythe while the Blythe's (version of Jack Coat), if their garbs were in colors reversed, would be the red ones on Keppochs. Did Bill Clinton play a part with Hodgkinson?

This Keppoch topic goes to Mr. Kepke sitting with me on the hood of my car watching Allison leave me, for the Allison "blackbirds" are in the design of the "Cornish choughs" of Hoods, and one can discover from the write-up of Scottish Allisons that they are from the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds. Blackbird Allisons share the Keppoch / Jack fesse. So, we are back to Hodge-suspect hoods, and immediately before dating Allison, I was dating Darlene Ray, both working at the same grocery store. I will show you later in this update how rays were from the Alutus river, incredibly enough, and Darlene's (version of Darlington Coat) happen to share the red MacDonald fitchee in colors reversed from the Wrench/Rench crosslets. It could appear that even my events at Knob Hill FARMs relate to Scalise's would-be-killers. Kepke and I worked there too, and Farms are in Keppoch colors and format.

Oh wow, the Spare-like Sparrs (in Spare colors) have the MacDonald eagle!!! I had to use the jack and wrench to put the spare tire on! The "terras" motto term of MacDonalds, Sparrs and Alexanders is for the ROOK-using Terras' because it's from the Roxolani. Terras' are also Derrs while Darlene's are also DERlene's while Darlingtons love the Sparr-like Speers/Spire's/Speyers in their motto.

Kneza is near the modern Vit river, suspect with the "vide" motto term of Holms. The Kness' are in the colors and format of Ruttle's/Rudds, and share the Hodge crescent. It's therefore important to prove that Ruttle's/Rudds were from Arutela on the Alutus.

In the 1979 dream, I touched the KNEE of Mrs. Kilpatrick after she was at the Hood, and we began to rise into the SKY as soon as her knee was touched. Alutus-liner and Hold-loving McLeods/Lutts were on SKYE and LEWIS island. What are the chances, by a fluke, that Ruttle's/Rudds were first found in CARmarthenshire, beside the Glamorgan location of the first-known LEWIS'??? Note "CarMARTHEN," for McLeods/Lutts share the MARTIN castle. That's a hoot if ever we saw one.

The Arms of Glamorgan have triple chevrons in colors reversed from those of Epsteins, and the car of the 1979 dream has been resolved upon the island of Jeffrey Epstein. The Glamorgan page also shows the triple Clare chevrons with roses, probably because French Rose's were first found in Limousin with French Clere's/Clairs (and Seconds). Was Joe Biden a recruiter of young girls for Epstein's "trade"?

She was also at the Rudd-like rad(iator) when she was at the hood, and Rads have a star in Kness-star colors while Kness' were first found in Perthshire, beside the Rats/RAIDs of Nairnshire, where Glamorgan-shire Rose's were first found, and beside the RUSE's/Ross' suspect from Rusidava on the Alutus. Rose's were beside Rothes. Does that work? End insert]

The trash can traced to Caeni of Thrace, and Kneza with Brest (could be considered northern Thrace) are just over the Haemus peaks from Thrace proper. Blaze's/Blazers came to topic with Mrs. Kilpatrick praying for me, and Prays/Preys (COTES/Coats Coat) were first found in County Down with Knee's. The northern Muntenia border was, as I understood the quote, at the Buzau river, home of COTESii.

Wow. As was said, the only three things I remember that night was: 1) arriving to the camp site and asking where Barry was, only to have someone open the hatch of a pick-up truck to expose Barry and Mamie alone inside of it; 2) Mamie sitting on my lap; 3) Mamie and I getting into her sleeping bag in a TENT, and my going to sleep with an arm over her waist / hip. This pointed to Tintons having "ROYal tents," and I also mentioned that Scottish ROYs have a "TENDis" motto term. I now find that term in the Booker motto!!!

My SLEEPing-BAG dream now comes back to topic because Bags, like the Bagh variation of Welsh Bachs, have the Gang/Gegg cinquefoils in colors reversed, and the latter's are those of Buckets and Corys. The point: the Corys use three cinquefoils in their Chief, and ditto for Bags. Is this a Cory-Booker pointer to Bucharest? Was he involved in Bucharest crimes with Clintons?

Thus, if the sleep theme is for the Naparus-liner Nappers, that's the IALOmita river on the Bucharest outskirts. It makes the sleeping bag look like a pointer to something in Bucharest. God works in perfection with multi-layered (complicated-to-us) programs. It's completely interesting that while the first thing the sleeping-bag pointed to (on the morning of the dream) was John B. Poindexter and his role in Scalia's murder. Poindexters were first found in Jersey (England) while Cory Booker is a New-Jersey senator. "After Stanford, Booker was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to study at Oxford University..." Uh-oh, an Illuminati globalist. No one gets to sign-up to be a Rhodes Scholar. Bill Clinton is one. The article below says that secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, convinced Romania to alter it's anti-fracking position to pro-fracking:

Did the Bidens follow up on that prospective bonanza in Romania and/or Bulgaria?

Here's another story on the Romanian, the original Guccifer (not Guccifer 2.0): "In May 2016 — one month after being extradited to the U.S., and while jailed in Virginia awaiting trial — Guccifer claimed to have repeatedly hacked Hillary Clinton's email server. This claim occurred in the midst of an ongoing FBI probe of Clinton's use of a private email server while serving as United States Secretary of State. Lehel claimed that the server was 'like an open orchid on the Internet' and that 'it was easy ... easy for me, for everybody.'" Hillary's deep state covered over Guccifer's claims by discrediting them, to no surprise. He was jailed and forced to comply with deep-state wishes, naturally, or else. The Clinton machine then created Guccifer 2.0 to ruin Trump.

A 1996 headline: "Hillary Clinton Visits Romania Children". Was that like the Clintons in Haiti?

The Mostistea river near Bucharest. There is a Most/Mosten surname first found in Flintshire, beside the Welsh Bachs/Baghs, making the latter appear to be a Bucharest possibility. If you compare Buckets/Buchards with Cowes'/Coo's, then go to the Pennants because Cowes'/Coo's use pennants, you'll see the Most/Mosten Coat with Pennants. Let me remind that while Buckets/Buchards are also bouget-like Boquets, Bugs use the water bouget while I placed a bucket in a VolksWAGEN bug. Wagens and Wagners share swans and the fesse of Mosters/Masters.

Repeat: "The source of the Ialomita is at Moroeno, beside Muscel." It looks like a Morency term. It's the first Muscel location I've ever seen. Recall Mascula in Numidia, and the Mascals/Masculs/Keiths expected from a branch of Cotesii on or beside the Ialomita. Cool. Buckets (Lincolnshire, same as Nemo-like Name's/Neams) and Cowes'/Coo's look like they share the three piles of Guiscards, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with Numidian-suspect Nimo's/Nemo's and Chappes'/Cheaps. French Chappes' were first found in Ile-de-France with Montmorency and the Morencys.

You saw how Michael took us to Procops/Brocuffs with the sphinx that I trace to Spinks. Lookie at this. Michael works in SPRINKlers, and Sprinks/Springs have MASCLEs. He got some of his work from Peerless sprinklers, and Spring-like Spings/Spine's were first found in Warwickshire with Peers! God must have spoken through Michael concerning Peerless sprinklers for this cause.

As soon as I saw the Sping Coat, the Alexanders of KinTIRE came to mind. My flat tire at church pointed to the Tiarantus/Aluta river, which has a source directly over the Carpathian peaks from the source of the Ialomita/Naparus and Bistrita/Flautasis rivers. It means that Muscel is near the Alutus, and Lute's/Lutts have a version of the Numidia-suspect Name/Neam Coat. McLeods/Lutts use flags for Flatt/Flett kin. The thing that clinched McLeods/Lutts with the Alutus/OLT is their "HOLD" motto term.

Sprink-like Spinks share mascles with Spings/Spine's, and share the eagle of Sans' in the Napper/Peerless motto while the Sensii are on both maps between this Ialomita/Naparus and the Buzau. Amazing, is it not? Michael had nothing to do with these heraldic links; he only works in sprinklers, as though God is using it for His causes here.

Sprinks are said to be of the DeFonts, and, for what it could be worth as per Andrew McCabe, DeFonts have triple fesses in McCabe fesse-colors. The yellow-mattress dream started with a fake store suspect with money laundering, what the Bidens were doing. It's being said that Bidens are pulling off the same sort of crimes in Romania, and the Ialomita is in Romania. McCabe's were first found on Arran, beside the KinTIRE of Alexandra's/Alexanders.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the Ialo- / Yellow-like Yale's not only share the Napper/Peerless saltire, with each placing a central symbol upon it, but, by-stars, the Yale's share the chapeau cap with Buttons/Bidens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a double whammy. I made this find about 30 minutes after writing the suggestion above, that God may be hinting of Biden crimes in connection with something at the Ialomita/Naparus river. Yet I'm in the midst of dragging Andrew McCabe into it, if he fits. Yale's share a gold crescent with Spings.

Nappers/Peerless', sharing the Ermine/ARMY saltire, have a white crescent in Crest held by an ARM. This is Dan Bongino territory, heraldry-wise, and he's all over the Biden crimes as well as Alexandra Chalupa (she's covering for the crimes of Perkins Coie). Alexandra's have a white-scallop version of the Sping/Spine Coat while the latter shares the crescents of Hoods/Hoots while Hooters share the giant bird/eagle leg with Augusts. My Jeep's hood event, in a parking LOT, is coming to mind that pointed to Bodesti-like Bauds having the Sping crescents in colors reversed. French Bauds are also Bode's, and Bodds'/Botters/Bodins were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens (share August fesse). The medallion found on the hood was a Russian one, still mainly a mystery.

In the yellow-mattress dream, I walked into a store and asked the SALESman a question, and he showed me a list of products on a piece of paper. Freeze. Salemans are like Salmons (Saleman colors), and McCabe's use a salmon!!! Zikers, I didn't expect that. Was Andrew McCabe involved in some Romania crime near this Naparus/Ialomita river? Alexandra's/Alexanders share the crescent of Yells (share a black fesse with Yellows). Peers/Pere's/Peirs are even in McCabe colors. I've just noted that PERkins (Levi lion?) have fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the one of Nappers/Peerless' (share roses of Pierro's/PERo's).

Michael's Volkswagen bug was parked in the parking LOT of a mall. The malls in my dreams and events were resolved for Malbanks, likely Benjamites, and Malbanks (Rodham bend) are the ones with a "ResoLUTE" motto term. So, we then take it Lute's/Lutts, and of course to the Lutt-like Lotts as per a parking Lot. Ain't that a neat-little package? Parkings/Perkins are the pointer to Rodham's Perkins-Coie crimes.

Lotts share a brown Crest with English Browns, and Irish Browns share a giant and black, double-headed eagle with Lotts (symbol of Rome). Browns have it in both colors of the Jeepma/Jappa (and Below) eagle, which can suggest that proto-Romans from Jabesh-Gilead were on the Alutus. A Romula location is on the dark map west of the Alutus. Rome was founded by a mythical Romulus.

English Belows (fretty Shield) have a chalice pouring water, as does the double-headed, black eagle in the Arms of Rijeka (I don't know whether the jug is officially a chalice, however, in those Arms). This location is TARSatica on the light map. We can thus see a Tiarantus migration to Tarsatica if Lotts (probably kin of Lothians) were Alutus liners.

I have forgotten, until now, that "PER TERRAS" is a motto phrase of Alexanders and several other MacDonald liners. German Terras' use rooks for Roxolani liners!

The Smells were loaded because Joe Biden is on youtube smelling the hair of all sorts of women or girls. It's that the Capelli's, a term meaning "hair," share the Button/Biden chapeau. AND WHAT DO YOU THINK WAS FOUND IN THE SMELL COAT? A hand holding a white crescent, a virtual copy of the Napper/Peerless Crest!!! Trump calls Biden, Sleepy Joe, but what about Napper Joe? I smelled the hair of Mrs. Kilpatrick as she was praying for me at the treble-clef event. I don't remember ever smelling any woman's hair before other than that one time. I think there's a God-pointed reason for that.

On my atlas, there is a Bacau region (beside Tirgu-Ocna) stamped much closer to the Trotus than to the Flautasis river, important because the praying event pointed to the Flautasis while the Prays/Preys share the Trot Coat. The Bacau goes to Bacons/Beacons, and the Steele dossier was initially a job from Republicans at the Washington Free Beacon. I've had evidence that God wants to point to the Beacon's Bill Kristol.

Oh wow, the Smell motto has "InDUSTRia," a term that I've traced to Dusters. When I smelled her hair (she has great hair), it smelled like DUST!!! I thought it was a wig, and it probably was. No hair on a woman, who takes pains as she does to look attractive, has hair smelling like old dust on a Sunday morning. There was no shampoo odor at all. Plus, I've just noted that Smells have a reflection of the English Mountain Coat. The "virTUS" motto term of Smells can be for the Tous variation of Tosino's/Tonso's, who use a shirt with BUTTONs...that's right, another pointer to the Bidens while on the hair-smelling topic.

Here's from my 4th of October, 2019: "WOW. I smelled Miss Hicks's hair when she was holding my hands in prayer. I did, I really did, because her head was close to mine. It smelled like old dust, not shampoo, suggesting that her gorgeous hair was a wig. After she prayed, she left my seat to the center isle, but turned toward me, and started a curtsy...though she didn't finish it because she maybe thought to self, what am I doing? Then she went back to sit beside her husband. THE POINT IS, Joseph Biden likes to smell the hair of ladies!!!" I have the hair-smelling event also in the 2nd of May, 2016, long before I knew that Biden smelled ladies' hair.

There is a Curtsy/Chartsey surname with a CERTsey variation. Like the Smells, Certs'/Cards have a hand in Crest holding an item, and the Certs/Card Crest has the arm in a CLOUD while McLeods/LUTTS (Flags, pointed to the Flautasis = Alutus river) are also Clouds!!! I get it. God caused her to curtsy for this cause. Certs/Cards have a blue lion, a color of a Lute/Lutt lion.

Now that Mrs. Kilpatrick's hovering scene is pointing hard to the Flautasis (Bistrita) river, let's repeat that she was standing at the hood of the car before she was hovering over the seats. It was resolved that this hood scene is to be connected to the Russian medallion on the hood of my Jeep.

McLeods were at SKYE, and, in the dream, while she was asleep and hovering over the seats, I touched her knee, and she popped into my arms as we rose into the SKY. End of dream. It was a 1979 dream, a week or so after my conversion to Jesus, and I thought this was going to be my wife in the future. After we ended up at the same church (by no design of mine), there was all sorts of evidence that she would become my wife as a widow, but I must have been misinterpreting it. God was simply caused us to start relating for this heraldry work today.

Proto-Rus on the Ister

Dusts are also D'Ousts, suspect with Osts/Hosts having bull heads in the colors of the Mountain bulls. The Hoods are Hoots while Hotts were at D'Oust. Hosts's are in the "HosTIS" motto of Shirts, and Tous' have a shirt with buttons while Buttons were first found in Hampshire with Button-colored TISS'. Hotts share the red, spread eagles of Terents/TARANTs, and the latter sure do look like "TIARANTus." The Tarants speak on "Tarrant Rushton, home to the de Rusceaus family," and Rusidava is on the Tiarantus river.

My head is becoming cluttered with so many good traces coming all at once. Rusceaus-like Rusco's/Rosco's (Rush fesse) happen to use the Bus cinquefoil in colors reversed. I can show extra evidence, aside from the red tower of Arrows/Arras, that the Terents/Tarants are from Terentia MURENA, and so that Moroeno location at the source of the Naparis, which places it near the Tiarantus, can apply to Murena. The Tire's/TIERs share red, spread eagles with Tarants. Tarants were at Tarrant RAWston, and Rawstons essentially share the Murena tower. The Arrows/Arras' are from the Artois capital, and there are Art-like terms along the ARDEIscus river between the Tiarantus and the Naparus. Terentia Murena married Cilnius Maecenas of ARRETium, now Arras-like Arezzo, like "Arras,' the Artois capital. That's what makes the Arrow/Arras tower look like the red Murena tower. But, now, it appears that we have proto-Artois / proto-Ardiaei elements at the Ardeiscus-river theater.

Good one: Ardons/Artois' can be expected as a branch of Ardens who in turn have a different-colored version of the Rusco/Rosco Coat. I've always said that mythical king Arthur was code for a Slav-Rus line, and here we are. Ardens were first found in Warwickshire with Peers/Peirs. Nappers/Peerless' share the fleur-de-lys of Decks/Deckers/Daggers.

It's important now that Rawstons have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same of Decks/Deckers/Daggers, for I have not been able to prove that the latter are Ticino liners, as are Tease's/TECKs. If NaPIERs/Nappers/Peerless' are Naparus-river elements to the Pierro's/Pero's of the Ticino, then MOROENO on the Naparus can make a Deck/Dagger trace to the Ticino because their apparent Rawston kin have the tower of Murena/MORENO's. Rawstons named ROStherne, making them appear like Rusidava-of-Tiarantus / Tarrant-Rushton liners. The Rothes' were first found in Kent with the Morinis-descended Deerings.

Next, you're going to be impressed by Rushtons and Rishtons, both of whom share the giant lion of Cabbage's!!! The latter, first found in Northamptonshire with Rushtons, have the "angustis" motto code for the Bistrita's Angusta location. And while BISTrita's were suspect to Bissets (ROSS-shire! Beside ROSE's!), the latter (Bissets) share the motto of Rishtons/RICHtons (!!!) and Maxwells!!!! Incredible. Maxwells are the ones from RICH(ton)-like Rika/Reka/Rijeka at TARSatica, and as the Arms of Rijeka has a rock, it's code for the Roxolani that named Roxburghshire (where Maxwells were first found), and, therefore, we have just discovered that the Roxolani name Rusidava and/or Rushtons and Rishtons. Rush's share the horse with Roxburghs, and "hross" is the horse to Nordics, like the Hros Caucasians (in the Ukraine too) that I see as the proto-Rus. The ERMINEd white wolf head in the Rush Crest links well to the Scarf wolf heads because Ermine's/Armys share the Annandale Coat while Ananes were between the Taro and Trebia river (Trabys/Sadowski's use a scarf).

Maxwells had a Maxwell-Ros branch (using water bougets), and so the Maxwell saltire can be that of Rusts/Roosts (like "RUSHTon"), but also of the Bakers (from Bacau on the Bistrita) sharing the Cabbage-chief lion...which may be in the Rushton Crest. Pollocks are a known sept of Maxwells while German Bakers have the Jewish-Pollock Coat. The first Pollock built the Rothes castle, and the Rothes', first found in Kent with Rusts/Roosts, share the lion in the Rushton Crest. What I'd like now is good evidence that Rusts are from Rusticus of Lyon, father of ARTemia.

In colors reversed, the Murena / Rawston tower is gold, the color of the Patience/Patent tower, and "Have patience" is a Rushton motto phrase. The Have's/Haafs share ducks with Farnworths (Worth's share the double-headed Maxwell / Brown eagle) while Rusco's/Rosco's were at Farnworth. Farns/Ferns share the lion head of English Ducks. As German Ducks are Duckers/Dockers, while Ducks are in Dagger/Dacker colors, this could reveal the proto-Dagger Dexaroi and Ducks were Roxolani-related Dacians. Patricks are from Antipatria, home of Dexaroi, and we just saw Patients/Patents, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. Docks/Dogs/Doags have cinquefoils have the Bus cinquefoils for a trace to the Buzau, home of Roxolani, and these cinquefoils are in colors reversed from those of Rosco's/Rusco's (branch of Rush's). English Docks/Dox's (compare with Focsani-possible Faucets) look like they have a rare bend linkable to the rare chevron of Oscars, and the latter's Coat could be a version of the Crimmon/Rimmon Coat, especially as Oscars are traceable to the Iskar, near the Alutus of Crimmon-related McLeods.

I remember that I wore my Docker, brown-leather shoes with the blazer and treble-clef tie. They went better with the jeans I was wearing than the black leather shoes because the Dockers were more casual. So, I remember. And the blazer event was pointing to Romanians elements, for example the Flautasis = Bistrita river. The Jeans/Janes happen to share the lion of Docks. I'm starting to think that Docks / Dockers / Duckers / Deckers and Kilpatrick-beloved Daggers were all Dacians. Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons were first found in ROSS-shire with BISTrita-suspect Bissets. Dacians were Getae too, and Geds were on the Nith river with Kilpatrick castle. DOUGlas Castle is a location near the Nith, and between the Nith and Galloway. Dougals/Medals were first found in Galloway, and Galloways share the Jean / Dock lion, which is colors reversed from the Dougal/Medal lion. Look at how much a Docker pair of shoes can tell us along with the wife of Hamilton Kilpatrick. Blazers share a form of the Kilpatrick Coat, and Docks/Dogs/Doags have the Hamilton cinquefoil. Dyke's share the red squirrel with Daggers/Decks, and Dickensons have lions in the right colors.

Farne's can be important if they share the Brunswick lion because ROTHSchilds/Roddensteins and SORENsons were first found in Brunswick. Contrary to claims, RothsCHILD's may have been a Rothes-Child merger (i.e. not named after a red Shield), for Pollocks, I've read, descend from king Clovis, son of CHILDeric. The Child Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Tarents/Tarant Coat...making the Chill variation of Childs suspect from CILnius Maecenas. Sorensons are being introduced as per the Sornus location (dark map) near the Naparus.

The PIEPhigi along the Ardeiscus river look like they named Pepin-branch Pipe's, first found in Staffordshire with Arrows/Arras'. The Rushton write-up: " Finally Rushton Spencer is located in Staffordshire an early possession of the Spencer family." SPENCe's and Spencers look like Spinks, first found in Northamptonshire with Rushtons.

It's a good bet that the Rushton / Rishton / Cabbage and PERkin lions (French-Levi colors) are the Jewish-Levi lion i.e. from Laevi Gauls on the Ticino. From this, I would take the Laevi Gauls in BC times to the Galatian ruler, ARTEMidoros, and a few centuries later to Artemia, daughter of Rusticus, wife of Florentinus i.e. suspect with something in Florence. The Taddei's are heavily favored. Arduinici married Doria's (could have the Murena eagle), suspect from whatever named Artemidoros. Artems/AITons and AIDs were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs, and Aids are in the Levi motto.

Now watch how Spencers (share "Dieu" with Rush's) take us to Taddei-suspect lake Tatta, where Dan Bongino's tattoo points. Bongino's were first found in Florence with Taddei's (kin of Bouillons). Spencers share the Coat of Berkshire's and DUTTons (it probably explains why prince Charles of Windsor married lady Diana Spencer, for Windsors were at Berkshire). The "defend" motto term of Spencers (shared by Woods) was suspect with Fenders, and here's the proof, for Fenders (otter) were first found in Huntingdonshire with proto-Windsor Otters/Others (share Yale crescent = possible Naparis/Ialomita liners).

The Spencer / Berkshire / Dutton "fret" is someone's gold saltire, and someone's gold mascle. The mascle here is in the colors of the Quince mascles, and Quince's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Rushtons who named Ruston Spencer. These same mascles are shared by PERTs/Petts, who have a stork in Crest in bulRUSHes, no guff. Perta was a location at lake Tatta. It's making Duttons (Lancashire, same as Rishtons) look like Tatta liners. Duttons (Cheshire, same as Meschins) are said to descend from a nephew of Hugh Lupus, and while Ranulph le Meschin was a nephew of Hugh Lupus, the Meschin scallops are in the Spencer Coat. Perhaps Duttons were of a Meschin family at Dutton, for Massys are said (Tatton write-up) to have married the Cheshire Tattons who share the Dutton / Spence quadrants.

I've made an excellent discovery, a trace of Rays and their ESCARbuncle to the ISKAR river. On the light map, there are only four Ister tributaries from the Haemus mountains, and the modern Iskar is probably one of them. I'm keeping in mind that the Iskar can be either the Atlas or Auras river. The modern Jiu is the Rhabone on the light map, with a mouth near Augustae.

The first thing done was to see if there is a Rabone surname, thinking it might be listed with Ribons/RAYburns. It is. They use a ROEbuck. I then loaded Rush's because I was simultaneously looking at the modern Ruse location on the Ister between the Alutus and the Ardeiscus (modern Arges). I loaded Rush's ("Un Dieu") because I recalled that they have a motto phrase exactly like, or similar to, the "in deo" of Rabone's/Rayburns. When seeing the three courant horses of Rush's, in the colors of the Ruse/Ross lions (this surname is from Varangians of Kiev), I loaded Rays because they have three courant stags. That's when I recalled the so-called ESCARbuncle of French Rays!!! It was amazing, because I simultaneously saw that English Rays were at Gill, and I just finished tracing Gills to the Jiul rivers which form the Jiu = the Rhabone!!! That's incredible because the ISKAR river has a mouth between the mouths of the Jiu and Aluta. It's perfect, and the escarBUNCLE, because Buncle's use BUCKles, can perchance explain the Rabone/Rayborn roeBUCK.

The Leslie Hungarians use buckles, and the Ruse's/Ross' are from king Andrew I of Hungary (married a Varangian of Kiev). His brother (king Bela) is said by at least one to have married Helena of Angusta, which gets interesting where Helens (more horses) were first found near Brittany's Brest while there is another Brest about 10 miles from the mouth of the Iskar.

[Although I knew that Dempsters use a ribbon while Rabone's/Rayburns come up as "Ribon," I didn't load Dempsters until the day after writing here, seeing their "ForTIER" motto term. Tier's are listed with Tire's, who share the red, spread eagle with Tarants!!! So, Tiers/Tire's and Tarents together were from the Alutus/Tiarantus river, or from the namers of the Tiarantus. Just to let you know up here that certain things are clinched, "Fortier" is also for English Forts (OLTon quadrants) because they share the castle of Alutus-liner McLeods/Lutts. You can't argue with the facts, daft historians. Take a back seat and shut-up with your daft derivations. You lie and misrepresent, you deceive and mislead.]

So, the escarbuncle of Hangers and Angers is partly for Iskar-river liners, and partly for Buncle's/Bonkills. The Fulks > Fooks' of Anjou (at Angers) were traced to the mermaid line at Varangian-like Vrancea and Fooks-like Focsani. The Plantagenet-Fulks are a line to Plants/Planque's who use cabbages while Cabbage's have an "angustis" motto term. The Rays of Gill were in BROMfield, and the Plantagenet-Fulks had a broom-sprig symbol which one can read in the write-up of Brome's/Brooms (they use "sprigs of broom"), though the design makes it appear that they used ears of wheat or corn previously. Brome's/Brooms share the chevron of Bromfields/Broomfields and Fields.

There's a Buckie location near the Leslie house of Rothes that I had wrongly read and reported as "Buckle." There's a good chance that Buckle's relate to Buckie's naming, however. If Bens/Bends are from Benjamites, it underscores the heraldic importance of that entity for it's likely owning the heraldic bend. It figures that heraldry would secretly "worship" Benjamites if they had merged with the lines from Jesus' murderers. Bens/Bends share the motto of Buckle-branch Buckleys/Bulkellys, the latter sharing white bull head with McLeods/Lutts. Just like that, Buck liners are keeping us connected to the Alutus...which, by the way, is the location of BURRIdava while Burrys/Buris' (Burisma-like) have a version of the Leslie bend-with-buckles, substituting the buckles with the Masci fleur-de-lys. That works because Buckleys were first found in Cheshire with Dunham-Masci (location) of HAMON de Masci.

Benjamites from Rimna are expected with Maschi's of Rimini from way back at the Oenomaus Amazons (proto-Masci's / Maschi's) of Pisa. His daughter, HIPPodamia, married Pelops, and mythology had Pelops' father cut him into pieces to feed him to the gods. In Judges, the woman killed by the Benjamites, after they raped her, was cut into pieces. So, that story was carried to Greece, suggesting that the Benjamite-Jabesh entity went to the Pelops Lydians / Pisidians. I see "TANTALus, Pelops' father, as code partly for ANTALya, in PISidia, explaining why Pelops married the princess of PISa. I trace "ANTLER" to "ANTALya," and we are about to see antlers. Antalya was also ATLas-like ATTALeia, which explains why Plato's Western-Atlantis mythology had Pisidia-like Poseidon having Atlas as his first/chief son. Mythical Atalantis was a queen in Attaleia-like Aetolia. This is the heraldic antler line.

When Pelops was fed to the gods, it was a cannibal symbol, which had been given by other myth writers to Cronus, the line to the Ceraunii, beside the Maezaei. So, Pelops (probably had a pella = skin symbol that was used in a king-Midas myth with Marsyas and Apollo) was of the Apollo-crow line to Ceraunii. OenoMAUS of Pisa was a mythical code partly for a particular branch of Amazons, and partly for OENeus, king of Calydon in Aetolia. With this background information, let's go on, keeping in mind that the Atlas line out of antler-line Antalya can be to the unidentified Atlas tributary of the Ister.

Maschi's love the Pine's and Cone's. The latter share the Buck and Hamon (and Conte) antlers. Hamons call their antler the "AtTIRES of a stag." Is that God's flat-tire entity (the Tiarantus (Bistrita) river at Angusta)? Flatts/Fletts are in the colors and format of Hamons, and the latter have a "discRIMINa" motto term that can be viewed as "disCRIMINa" for the Crimmons/Rimmons (Skye), the pipers of the McLeods. Wow, we are yet connected to things on the Alutus. Note "DIScrimina," for the Diss'/Dice's have a gold version of the Tarent Coat while that surname is like, TIARANTus. It looks like at attires are code for the Tiarantus, otherwise known as the Alutus, is that not an amazing thing? My flat tire was on a Safari van, suspect as a pointer to emperor Severus, husband of Julia Domna, sister of Julia MAESA. The latter's husband, Julius AVITus, suspect to the modern Vit river, is in the motto of Safari-like Saffers. One can see how greatly important it is that Tire's/Tiers are in a "Fortier" motto term.

The Vit river (the Uts-like Utus on the map) is one of the four or five on the light map originating from the Haemus range. On my atlas, the Vit is one river east of the Iskar, and we know the Iskar is not the atlas. Might the Vit have been the Atlas? We need some clues. The Vit has a mouth within ten miles from the mouth of the Alutus, and the latter term is a consonant reversal from "Atlas." So, a family / people from the Atlas, across the Danube from the Aluta/Alutus, may have named the latter. The fifth river shown is the TIMacus, and Buckleys have a "TIMide" motto term that might apply. The Alutus s the Rhabon, and Rabones/Rayburns use a roeBUCK while Roe-branch Rowe's use a similar "tiMIDAS," looking like part code for mythical Midas Phrygians. He's in the myth where the Marsyas goat is skinned alive by Apollo, and I see Marsyas to the Marsi of Abruzzo, where there is a mount MAIEllo, said to be named after a Maja goddess, like Maia, daughter of Atlas.

The Skin surname (Aberdeenshire) may have been arranged with Skene's due to someone's knowledge that the line traced back to the mythical skin symbol. The Skins/Skene's have three swords, in Sword sword colors, topped by wolves, an Apollo / Artemis symbol. Artemis was an Amazonian hunter, like queen Atalanta, and the male mythical hunter of SCHIMatari was Uranus-line Orion. Schims/Schiens happen to be a branch of Skins/Skene's, how about that. PELops, because his flesh/skin was cut to pieces, looks like a skin liner because "pella" is the Greek for "skin," and then his cannibal symbol is for Cronus, son of Uranus. Cronus wanted to eat Zeus = Jupiter, the line back to Jabesh of the 600 Benjamites at Rimmon.

Pelops and his father ruled Eneti of the Paphlagonian Heneti, in Phrygia. So, Pelops was the Attis (Hatti) > Lydia entity development of peoples (Attis was father of Lydus, code for Lydians). Attis, the sun god of Phrygia, who had a pine symbol, was husband to Cybele, and Cabyle is a location shown on the light map at the southern side of Haemus, along with the Serdi that I trace to the Swords. The Iskar develops from the land of the Serdi. The Heneti, the proto-Veneti who probably lived at Rimini, were symbolized in myth by ANTenor (a Trojan), which brings Tony and the MARble's at Skye court to mind, for Marble's of Marpul were first found in Cheshire with Dunham-Masci.

The Veneti-suspect Venus' emphasize their WHITE antlers, the color of the Hamon / Cone / Buck antlers. Mythical Venus was the Greek Aphrodite, lover of Ares = MARs, the line to Abruzzo's Marsi. This is what I think Marpul is for. Aphrodite was given a birthplace at Paphos, and PAPHlagonians at the Heneti area allows us to see how Aphrodite evolved into a Heneti. I see Heneti from mythical Anat, namers of Anatolia, bringing to mind that mythical, Annette-like woman, wife of Aeneus. I was in the POOL with Annette, and Polesdons/PULesdons (almost the Venus stag) were first found in Cheshire with MarPUL. Vespasia Polla was near the Marsi of Abruzzo. Aeneus represented Aenus at the mouth of the Aphrodite-suspect Hebros, later named MARitsa. Annette's sister, Diane, might even be a pointer to mythical Diana, the Greek Artemis.

As Aphrodite and the Hyksos together were Hebrews, I reason that Paphos and Paphlagonia were from Apophis/Apepi, a Hyksos king. Bucks and similar terms like Backs (now tracing to Bucharest) were suspect with the Hyksos king, Apachnas. Hyksos-like Hicks use a "buck" in Crest. Therefore, the Bucks / Buckleys were are discussing could be Bucharest elements too. Bucharest is beside the Mostistea river, and Maschi-colored Mosters/Masters were first found in Kent with Maschi-beloved Cone's. Musts are also Muscats, and I climbed the Antenor-like ANTENna of Diane MUSKATov (Ukrainian) on the night I walked on her FENCE, suspect with Fens/Venns/Fans = Veneti liners from Fano, beside Rimini. Cone's (probably the Venus / Hamon antler) share the gauntlet glove with Macey-related Fane's/Vans and Wayne's.

I trace Hamon(d)s (Kent, same as Cone's and Hamond-like Minute's/MYNETTs), to AMYNTES, a Galatian ruler, and Galatia is at the Heneti area. His father was even the high priest of Cybele smack in the Heneti area (Parthenius river). Cybele and Amyntes' father was at Pessinos, a term like, piscina, the Italian word for fountain or pissing (urinating). Uranus had a urine/piss symbol, and we can see how Pisidians also had one. As Cybele (great-mother goddess) is suspect from the Cabelees peoples, a tribe of Pisidians, she seems to be none other than Rhea, wife of Cronus and mother of Zeus. The mystery is how Zeus connects with the Jabesh > Jupiter line. Cabelees were a tribe of Solymi, and there was a Zeus-Solymi cult suspect from Salem/Jerusalem, home to Jabesh-like Jebusites.

Okay, so I'm going with the theory that Bucks were Bucharest elements off of the Ialomita/Naparus river. Aha! I looked at the maps after writing the last sentence, finding that Bucharest is in the land of Apepi- / PAPHlagonia-like PIEPHigi! It makes Bucharest suspect with the Apachnas Hyksos. I claim that some Hyksos were from Mus at Lake Van, which could have named the MOStistea (may have been partly named by a Tist entity). OH WOW, I was trying to remember where I had come across Tests (Emilia-Romagna, beside Rimini), and it was MalaTESTa of Rimini! He's suspect with Malahule of Amorite-like More, ancestor of the Antenor-possible Toeni's of antler-suspect Les ANDELys, and ancestor also of the Meschins sharing the scallops of Bucharest-suspect Bakers! When things go tic-tac-toe like this, it's probably a score. Bakers are kin of Angusta-loving Cabbage's, and Angusta is at BACau, another Apachnas suspect. Backs/Bachers once showed the golden calf of the Exodus.

Asians were from the Asi/Assi / Hayasa-Azzi of the Van area, and so see the ending of "FlautASIS," for the Assi/Ase surname was first found in Shetland with the Yells, now suspect at the IALOmita river near Bucharest! I always link Assi's/Ase's to Justine of Picenum, and Rimini is not far from northern Picenum. Ahh, I now recall TONY, whom I called Mr. bocci balls. He was the father of August, and the Flautasis is the Bistrita, location of Augusta/Angusta. Hold on to your marbles, because this Tony took me out one day to his bocci-ball games (Italian form of lawn bowling), where balls smack other balls, just as I smacked marbles together with another Tony at age 10 or 11. I was exactly that age when my mother spent the summer in Picenze, and I was put into Tony's place for the summer!!! WOW. I moved to HullMAR (suspect with a MalaHULE-marble merger) at age 9, but didn't meet Tony until going to his school in grade 5, at 10 years of age. We moved from Hullmar at age 11 just months after returning from Tonys at Picenze.

In the land of the ANTenor-descended Veneti, there is an Aquila-like location, Aquileia. The latter's Arms looks to share the blue-on-gold eagle in the Arms of Bucharest (though many use an eagle in those colors). Neighboring Friuli called Aquileia, Olee, and Germans call it, Agley, wherefore one can imagine the Alley surname from Aquileia elements, which is in the colors of the Aquila and Este eagles while Este is in Padua (named the Po river). The Po was also the BODENcus, and the BOYD checks on a fesse are shared by Alleys/Auleys!!! Wow, I just fell upon that thanks to Tony of Picenze. My alley games with little Tony are pointing to Aquila liners.

The same checks on a fesse are shared by Jewish Marks/Marx's, suspect from the Marici co-founders of Pavia. German Marks (eagle) share the split-Shield colors of Tarves' while Tarvisium (Treviso) is about 30 miles from Padua. English Marks share the lion of Abreu's/Abruzzo's, first found in Padua.

ANTalya was in Pisidia, and Picensii were perhaps Pisa-line Pisidians. Maia out of Antalya traces to Maiello of Abruzzo, and the Abreu-Abruzzo surname was first found in Padua, land of the Veneti.

The "PERIculum" motto term of Alleys/Auleys can be traced to the Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia, for Laevi Gauls co-founded Pavia (Ticinum) with Mark-liner Marici, suspect from Abruzzo's Marsi. Two Mark surnames share checks on a fesse with Alleys/Auleys, and English Marks can therefore be with the Abreu/Abruzzo lion. I kid you not, that I discovered Pierro's because Tony of Picenze had a son, GiamPIERRO. His other son, Augusto, married Franca, and on that day of discovery it was noted that Franca's were first found in Piedmont with Masci's and Pero's/Perino's. Tony had married Miss Masci. I viewed it all as a set-up by God to direct me/you. "PeriCULUM" looks like it can link to the columns of Pelosi's/Pilati's (Piedmont), perhaps partially from the Pelops skin liners. German Franks use the column too.

His wife was Josephine, which recalls the night I slept in a tent with a Josephine and her sister, Joanne, at about age 16/17. I took them both to Bruce's Mill in the wee hours of the morning, and Bruce's (old Brusi) are suspect with "Abrussi" (of Abruzzo). These sisters were both Italians, I wonder whether they were from Abruzzo. Their father had taken over Gormley's BP gas station, which I had worked at for the previous owner, TONY Campania. My mother has an Italian book on Picenze, telling that it's people came from the Naples area (Campania), and the Picentini mountains are "part in the Campanian Apennines"! The Aquila surname was first found in Venice (proves that it has the Este eagle), but said to be from BeneVENTo (looks Veneti), in Campania!

At Tony's bocci-ball game, I became bored and asked him repeatedly, "can we go now / when are we going"? Each time, he answered, "in a MINUTE, in a minute." So, suspecting that God may have caused that event for heraldic links, Bocci's were looked up to find them with BROCATo's, and while I had already traced Minute's/Mynetts to Amyntes, the latter's father was BROGITarus!!! Picenze (just a village) is seven miles from the main center of L'Aquila (probably where he was playing bocci balls), and while ears of wheat are related to sheaves of wheat, Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila. Balls were first found in Cheshire with Marble's. Bingity-bang-bang, it was a miracle.

The Crimmon/Rimmon write-up: "Interestingly, Crimond is a parish, in the district of Deer, county of Aberdeen. 'This place once contained a castle belonging to the celebrated CUMYN, Earl of BUCHAN.'" Buckle-using Leslie's (version of the Masci / Massena / Burry/Buris bend with items) were first settled in Aberdeenshire, and CONTEville's ruled COMINES near Stagg-line Boulogne (shares red roundel with Bens/Bends). The Pero's can be gleaned in the Hamon and Crimmon/Rimmon mottoes, and PIERleoni are to Bennets / Benedicts, who are proposed for being behind Bens/Bends. Eustace of Boulogne married the line from Godfrey III, who went to the assistance of the Pierleoni (I don't know the details but suspect it was the motivation for the first Crusader invasion of the Jerusalem temple).

Stagg-liner Eustace of Boulogne. While Eustace's share the black cross between antlers of Vise's/Vice's, that's probably why "diVIS" is in the Crimmon/Rimmon motto. The Maschi pine cones are for boy-king Pinnes, whose family / regents were on the island of Vis. Boulogne was also called, Bononia, and the light map has such a location west of the Rhabon river. Rabone's/Rayburns use a roeBUCK stag (I think it's drinking at a "pond.") Another Bononia is between the Rhabon and the TIMacus, which might explain the "timidus" motto term of Roe's/Rowe's. The other Rove-related Rowe's (Norfolk, same as Rove's, McLeod-beloved Flags/Flecks, and Fulke's/Volks) split their trefoils vertically in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of Belgian Flecks, and colors reversed from the vertically-split Fulke/Volk/FOOKs Shield. FOCSani is right near the Rimna river to Rimini.

Amyntes' son, ARTEMidoros, is suspect with Artemis cult of Plancia Magna (proto-Fulks and Cabbage-loving Planque's), and the Walkers sharing the Pine crescents have a "magna" motto term. What could the Pinnes connection to Benjamites be? Panias/Banias of the Poseidon-line Phoenicians? With Pine-loving Maschi's at Rimini, it's notable French Pine's are in Crimmon/Rimmon colors. French Pine's probably have the Conte crescent in colors reversed. French Pine's share the Kim cinquefoils, in white like the Bus cinquefoil, and I trust God's work with KIM Walsh. I trust that God named her because the Rimna and BUZau rivers are in WALLACHia, and moreover Walsh's/Walchs of Roxolani-line Roxburgh essentially have the Benjamin Coat. They share gold annulets with the English WALKers sharing the Pine crescents.

Back to Rusidava on the Alutus = Rhabone river. The Ruse's/Ross' are likely with a version of the Mar lion, and the latter's is passant, as with the same-colored one of Rove's/ Roe's are said to be of "Roux," perhaps the Roxolani. Indeed, yes, for they named RoqueFEUIL, the line to trefoils, which Roe's use. Rove's/Rolphs/Roofs/Ruffs (ravens) are probably from Rephaites at Jerusalem but also in the Jabesh-Gilead area. ROSE-related Ralphs/Rolphs are probably a branch of raven-using Ralphs/Raffs (probably the Rock / Rod trefoil), early found in Norfolk with Roe's / Rowe's, Rove's and Benjamins. Jerusalem had Jabesh-like Jebusites.

The Roxolani Rus are likely to Varangian Rus, and Vrancea is at Focsani right at the general area that Romanian Roxolani inhabited. Hugh of AVRANCHEs is to the Branch's having a Coat linkable to that of Hamons. The Rush-related Rusco's/Rosco's share the cinquefoils of Scythia- / Shetland suspect Sheds, and the Arms of Shetland has the raven. Sheds have a hermit in Crest while Hermits share the helmet of German Helms while English Helms come up as Helions, the entity in the Helen write-up. English Helms use Paioni-suspect pheons while Paioni-liner Panters have helmets in Helm- / Hermit-helmet colors. However, I can't see how anything in this paragraph can even begin to prove that Helens were from Helena of Angusta. The Hermits cab be from the Hermes Armenians at mount Hermon, at Pan-town Panias/Banias. Pan was not only made the son of Hermes near the Ladon river, but Marsyas was a mythical goat too. Hermes was the owner of the caduceus, code for the Sadducee-like Cadusii Armenians, potentially the proto-Cotesii (lived amongst Roxolani). Soducena was in Armenia.

The Rabone/Rayborn canton has a white helmet, just for the record.

Paionians/Paeonians are suspect from Phoenix- / Poseidon line Panias/Banias (beside Laish and Daphne), and that's the naming of the Peneus river, in Poseidon-line Pisa, and beside the Ladon of mythical Daphne. Apollo the skin man (probably the same as PELops) wanted to rape Daphne in the Ladon, and Apollo elements trace well as proto-Poles to APULENsis (evokes Polla-liner Pullens), at the sources of the Rhabon and Alutus rivers. PELENdava, on the Rhabon, looks related, and the dark map has SALDensii at that location and upon that river. Apollo skinned Marsyas of Phrygia, and Cybele, the Phrygian great mother, is expected at Cabyle, beside SALD-like Selletae. The Salto river was home to Vespasia POLLA! She looks like the Apollo-Marsyas entity because Marsi lived on the upper Salto.

"Marsyas" has the same ending as Peleg-suspect "Phlegyas." Did Peleg-ite Hebrews create the skin symbol? Phlegyas was the father of the Coronis crow, probably an alternate code for Cronus the cannibal, the line to skin-suspect Pelops. As I trace the Greek crow to mount Gareb, note that it was about three miles from Nob, for Helen's chocolate treat was left on the door KNOB. I keep calling it a TREAT, but only now has it come to mind that the TORAETae scythians were a fellow-tribe with SITTACeni, suspect with "Zedek," the earlier name of Jerusalem. It was first, Salem, then Jerusalem probably due to JEREVan elements coming into the city who named, GAREB. Sittaceni-like Soducena is smack at Jerevan. In the days of king David, when he took Jerusalem from Jebusites, the priests of Israel were at Nob. Amazingly, Nob was in the land of Benjamin.

Treats (flag?) even have the trefoil of Ralphs/Raffs (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flecks), and I see "REPHa" from a G-less "Gareb" because Rephaites were on the west side of Jerusalem with mount Gareb. Compare the Ralph RAVen to "Reph."

Helen was given a chocoLATE symbol for Late's/Lets, and Apollo's mother was, Leto. Late's/Lets use organ pipes now suspect for the PIEPHigi, and while I trace "organ" to "ORKNey," beside Shetland, Orkney is where Flatts/Fletts were first found. It just so happens that the Flautasis is the Bistrita, location of Helena of Angusta!

AHHH, of course: the CHOColate must be God's pointer to COGaeonus, the other name of the Flautasis!!! I never would have guessed. I needed to be in Romania to decipher Helen codes. Wow, that puts a whole-new light on other events between Helen and I. I'll let you know as they come to mind. GOGarene near Soducena comes to mind! It's amazing what a chocolate can reveal.

Chocks/Chicks even share the lion of BistRITA-suspect Rita's, kin of Pools...from Vespasia Polla of Rieti. Her line went to Pollocks at Moray's Rothes, and Apulensis (and Apulum) is at the Mures river, where I trace Morays! I get it. Apulum is at a modern Alba area, which was the name of Scotland shortly before MacBeth. The Albany lion is also the Lute/Lutt lion, and Apulensis is off the Alutus. Benjamin-colored MalBANKs look like they can love the Lute's.

Chocks/Chicks have a blue-Shield version of the Ruse/Ross Coat, and Bistrita-suspect Bissets were at Ross-shire. The chocolate was left by Dave, and Davids may be with the Ruse/Ross / Mar lion (both first found in Yorkshire with Breuci-suspect Bruce's). I feel sure already that Helena-of-Angusta elements were at St. Brieux, roughly where Helens were first found. Someone claimed that she married Bela, brother of prince Andrew below.

Davids are from king David, son of queen Margaret...who was in Kiev with prince Andrew of Hungary under the protection of Varangians. Margaret's husband was Malcolm III, and Malcolms/Columns/Calms are suspect now from the Calmatui river of the Roxolani! Plus, Malcolm's father, king DUNCan, can be traced well to mount DUNAX (on the light map), between the Serdi and the Satrae Thracians. The latter look like they named mythical-satyr goats. I trace Serdi to the Swords because they were from Siward of Northumberland, who defeated MacBeth three years before Malcolm III killed MacBeth (the latter had killed Duncan). Duncans (look like Angus kin!), with a Coat version of the neighboring Dogs/Doags, even share the Bus cinquefoil while the Buzau is right beside the Calmatui! MacBeth ruled at Ross-shire and Moray.

Behold. The Sword swords are used by both Dempseys and Dempsters, and I was able to access the heraldry-descriptions website to find that Dempsters use a ribbon. Rabone's/Rayburns are also Ribons, you see, and the Rhabon river has a mouth near the mouth of the Iskar. The latter is the one flowing from the land of the Serdi. That works. It was while writing here that the Tiarantus = Alutus river was linked to the "ForTIER" motto term of Dempsters. As that motto term should be for Forts (McLeod/LUTT castle!!!) too, note that the Fort motto term, "audax," is like the "Audacter" of Pollocks, for Demspters share the "strenue" motto term of Pollocks. Aude's share white swords, and of course they are for Aude, location of the Roquefeuil branch of Roxolani. i

Dempseys were on an Irish Barrow river while Barrows (named Barrow in Lancashire, part of the Parr / Furness bloodline) share white swords with them. The Barrow motto term, "PaRUM," looks like a Parr-Rum combo / merger, Rums being the Rimna = ice-cream line.

Darlene and I worked at KNOB Hill Farms. Repeat: "Norths came to topic with Michael DeNardo of KNOB Hill Farms, and while Knobs are Knobels too, Nobels, who share "Fide" with Norths, share the same two lions on either side of a fesse with German Michaels. This is new, and finally starts to make a Knob link to something solid." Dutch Nobels use a big-fat rose. The "FORTitudine" motto term of Nobels links to Alutus liners in at least two ways with English Forts. Nobels are said to have been at least associated with ValliBUS'. Tudys can be in the Nobel motto term above, for they were first found in Staffordshire with Nobel-like Noels/Knowells and the Arrows/Arras' expected in the Knob/Knobel arrows. I showed earlier how the Arrow/Arras Crest link to the Alutus by way of Terentia Murena.

The Ice-Cream Riddle Solves in Romania

Focsani is very near the Rimna river of Benjamites. Thanks to loading Sheds, I have something to say about the Rimna that involves the two ice-cream girls that God paired me with, at age 16 and 17. It's interesting because one of them was Darlene RAY of Knob Hill Farms. We both worked there, and our foreman / manager was Gill. That's how we pronounced it, and Rays were at Gill of Fulk-line Bromfield. It's very important because Fulks look like they named, or originated at, Focsani at the Rimna.

The dark map has a RHAMidava location probably one river south of the Rimna, for my atlas has Rimnicu-Sarat one river south of the Rimna. Darlene's ice-cream symbol was for Cramers/Cremers, the German branch of which uses a RAM. Get it? The Darlene's share red fitchees with Sheds, you see, and Sheds are in the colors and format of Rams! It just makes so much sense. Apparently, the ice-creams were God's pointers to the Rimna. As you can see, I needed to have the Skate-branch Sheds in there, and if not for that, I wouldn't be telling you what I'm about to.

The other ice-cream girl was Katrina Hanson. She came to one of my hockey games, and perhaps my scoring a Joel-like goal that night plays into the Jiu river (hmm, Goels/Goldtseins have fesse-wise bars in the colors of the double fesses of Alutus-liner Holds (in the McLeod/Lutt motto)). As I've said a few times, I played hockey in my 16th year because a friend invited me to his team mid-way through the season. His name, Mike BRILLinger. Here's from the last update:

There are two Baragan surnames, and one Bargain, looking like they were Bergen liners. Spanish Burgos' use a giant annulet in the colors of the three annulets of Braile-like Brills/Prills!!! Bingo. There are no major settlements between the Buzau and Calmatui rivers aside from Buzau and a Braila location on the Baragan Plain. Wikipedia's Braila article says that it was also named, Brillago.

This area is close to the Rimna, can we believe it? Two ice-cream girls, two traces to Benjamite territory. It happened while I lived in GORMley, by the way, a potential Worm liner, and thus a potential pointer to count Vrm of Angusta. Miss Hanson was working Sam's hamBURGER joint (excellent burgers) in Gormley, I've said that many times! Spanish Burgos' share the Brill annulets! Miss Hanson is Danish, and the Danes have a mythical king Gorm, probably the line to Harcourts sharing the double fesses of Spanish Goels/Guells...highly suspect with Gouel de Percival of Leavell, for Leavells have fesse-wise bars in the colors of the double Goel/Guell bars.

The Calmatui is now suspect to the Malcolms/Calms who share the red stag heads of Colts (beside the Duncans), and the Goels/Goldtseins are also Coltsteins. It therefore looks like God set me up with Miss Hanson for to score a goal when she visited the hockey game.

Back to Darlene Ray. Herodotus placed the Atlas, Auras, and TIBisis rivers at least roughly side-by-side. The mythical Isis cult (related to Ra) was in the midst of the king RAMesses. He looks like a Ra-Massey entity that could have come to name Rams. While German Cramers/Cremers have a giant ram head, Irish Cramers/Cremers share the Masci fleur. The proto-Massey Meshwesh (at proto-Dane Tanis) ruled Egypt starting in the 21st dynasty, and Ramesses may have been a Meshwesh. Ra was probably Ara, god of Armenia, from the Aras river (at Jerevan roughly), the Greek Ares of Thrace.

Rams have a "TIBI" motto term, I wonder whether it is of the Tibisis river. The Meshwesh of royal Egypt were from Libya's Cyrene, but they later became the people groups making up Numidians at/near Tanis-like Tunis(ia). Note that Cramers were also Creamers/CREANers, like "Cyrene." They look like the Numidians to the Ceraunii, therefore, beside the Maezaei.

Ancient Bistones of Cyrene (about 700 BC) used an erect sword for their sanctuary, the symbol of Ares. I had read that. Bistone's and Bessins, the surnames, use that erect-sword theme, and Masci-related Meschins were from rulers of the Bessin. I'm fairly sure that Bessin / Bistons were from the Bessi Thracians, the trash can of history.

Rams have a "fieri" motto term, and CROMwells share the Fier/Fear bend. It's the Chiaro/Charo bend too, and that surname is possibly from southern Sicily's PALMi di Montechiaro and the related Chiaramonte, with Gela between them. They all face Numidia. Crome's/Crone's have the Massey fleur, as do PALMs. Carthage- / Cirta-like Carts use palm trees, and are from castle Cary of the Leavells. Carthys (in Cart colors) may have gotten their Catty variation from the cats of Tibbs, in the colors of the Card/Cert lion. The Scottish Crone's share a Shield of lozengy (different colors) with Gills/Jills and German Hansons.

Okay, so the theory is that Darlene Ray (may have descended from Gela-like Gill) points to Rhamidava, the line to Cremer-beloved Rams with a "tibi" motto term. What are the chances that Tibbs' (not "Tibb") have the Darlene fitchees in colors reversed? That's right, the chances are good if there was a connection between those entities. Yet we got here from a simple event in my life.

I lined up at the snack bar, with the intention of asking Darlene on a date, and she said yes as she handed me my ice-cream even though we had never spoken before. I did this confidently because, about a year earlier, I lined up at Sam's hamburger joint, and as Miss Hanson was handing me my ice cream, I nervously asked her on a date, without us ever having spoken before. She said yes...two back-to-back, God-inspired, God-fueled miracles, at our service.

On our first date, I took Hanson for a ride in a friend's Valiant car, and more than 40 years later, I discovered my first and only heraldic shark in the Valiant surname. It's code for the Saraca's, who were from Saracens at Gela. The word, gel, means, to freeze, which is why Italians call their ice-cream, gelato. Note that Galati is about 15 miles from Braila. Miss Hanson wouldn't have been at my hockey game if not for BRILLinger, and he lived directly across the street from the Quinns, the owners of the Valiant.

Okay, so we now go back to my goal, for Goels are also GELDsteins, and then there are Gelders/Galts who can be Galati liners. I SCOREd a Goel, so to speak, and Schore's use a column suspect with the Calmatui river smack at the Galati theater! Incredible. It tends to clinch heraldic columns with the Calmatui. OH WOW YOU JUST GO AHEAD AND COMPARE SCORE'S (no 'h') To BENJAMINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

English Galts/Gaults love the Patents in their motto, who have the Hanson fretty in half their colors. It looks like the ice-cream line goes to Galts too. As English Galts/Gaults share the black, muzzled bear with Percivals (patee crosses), it could be that Gouel de Percival of Leavell was a Galati liner. It's exactly to be expected because I see Laevi Gauls going to the Galati-like Galatians, and, perhaps, those Gauls were first at Galati before naming Galatia. I think the ice-cream line to the Rimna (a creamy cake-walk to Galati further down the Siret) must be the Laevi line to the Levite blood in the veins of the Sadducees who killed Jesus, especially Hanson-like Annas. I think that's what God is saying with Miss Hanson. Cremers/Cramers definitely share the red rooster with Hahn-/ Hann-related Bibo's, suspect from Vibia, mother of Lupus LAEVILLus (proto-Leavells), and roosters are often used by Galli liners.

Creamers/Cramers put their red rooster on a green mound for Mounds/Mons', because the only thing I know of sharing the triple Levi chevrons were the counts of Hainaut, at Mons. Mounds are now suspect from Muntenia, smack at the cream cake-walk between the Rimna and Galatia. Bibo's put their red rooster on a green cushion to indicate the Cush variation of Kiss' (branch of Custs in the Cremer/Cramer motto), and cushion-using Kilpatricks (Levi lion?) were first found in Dumfries with the other Patents.

Lupus Laevillus married the royal Galatian line in Quadratilla Bassus, the line, I think, to Base's, which can explain: "The [Hahn] name can be traced back to the founder of the Mecklenburg line, Eckhard Hahn, who appears in chronicles as early as 1230; they possessed the estate of BASEdow, since 1337 the family seat of the main family branch." Bibo's were first found in Mecklenburg too, and Ice's (trefoils for Roxolani Trypillians), can we believe it, were at Mecklenburg's Rostock. There's rhyme and reason to the ice-cream girls, like when God wants to expose that the rulers of the earth have largely been descended from the killers of Jesus.

As I expect Sadducees to develop from mythical Orion, recall Mike Brillinger, or the Brills that showed themselves to be from Braila at Galati. Online quote: "Other ancient scholia say, as Hesiod does, that Orion was the son of Poseidon and his mother was a daughter of Minos; but they call the daughter BRYLLE or Hyeles." It appears that I was unable to decipher the ice-cream girls apart from Romanian elements. As Cremers/CREAMERs have the Masci fleur, we can even say that the Maschi pine CONES are ice-cream cones. Tibbs' (suspect in the Ram motto), with the Darlene fitchees in colors reversed, have a cloud probably for McLeods/Lutts, and the Lute/Lutt lions are in both colors of the giant one of German Hammers. Isn't it amazing that Lutts are from the Alutus, right beside the Jiul / Jiu (Rhabon) rivers to which Gills/Jills (same place as Jells/Gells) were tracing earlier. Aren't those ice-cream liners of the gel kind? The robe in the Darlene Crest could be Rhabon-river liner, especially if Robe's/Robbs call their stags, roebucks (what Rabone's/RAYburns call their stag).

Hammers are mentioned because the three mystery rivers above have their sources at the Ham-like Haemus mountains, as does the Ray-related Iskar, and Rays are in Ham / Hammer and Gill colors. The other ice-cream girl, Miss Hanson, was much about German Hansons, who share the lozengy Shield of English Lombards, while Gills have a lozengy Shield in the colors of the Arms of Lombardy. Oh WOW, I suggested that Lombards were from Lom (Almus) on the light map, which is right beside the Jiu / Rhabon river. This now makes the Gills/Jills virtually clinched with the Jiu(l) river(s) while tending to clinch Lombards from that place, thanks to the ice-cream girls. "Almus" is probably what Almos, the Hungarian founder, was from.

Ice's were first found in ROStock.

Gill was our foreman. He was the guy on the floor managing the workers, and so that works out to a foreman. The Foreman surname shares the dragon of FORM-like WORMs, and Helena of Angusta was the daughter of VRM. Worms of Germany was the origin of the so-called Robertians (from king Robert of France/Paris), and Roberts with Propers/Roberts use the lion in the Foreman Chief. The Darlene Crest has a "female figure" wearing a "robe," and Robe's/Robbs (share brown stag with Rays) are suggested as a line of Roberts. Is that not amazing since Darlene didn't put heraldry together?

Where's Angusta again? On the Bistrita with Piatra-Neamt, beside the Drago-related Moldova river, and while the Name's/Neams are heavily suspect with the Massin/Mason lion, Darlene-branch Darlingtons use the full Massin/Mason motto. The latter use the merMAID, and she traces both to Vrancea's Fulks / proto-Fulks (don't yet know which), and to the Moldova river if Maids/MOLDs were Moldova liners.

Ahh, there is a Tibiscum location known to be at a Jabesh / Jeepma suspect: "Tibiscum (Tibisco, Tibiscus, Tibiskon) was a Dacian town mentioned by Ptolemy, later a Roman castra and municipium. The ruins of the ancient settlement are located in Jupa, Caras-Severin County, Romania." It's not where the Tibisis river flows, but one can imagine that the two were related.

I'd like to go back to the mention of Marble's above, for my marble-shot MIRACLE (see last update) was at SKYE Court, and Alutus-river McLeods/Lutts were from the Alutus. Is Skye a SCYthian term? I was wondering whether "miracle" is a code for the Mireux variation of Mire's, first found in Anjou and portrayed by the mermaid's mirror. The Laps give her a mirror. We called our marbles, allees/alleys, and Irish Alleys/Aulays were first found in Westmeath with Name's/Neams. It just so happens that Irish Alleys share the lion of MAIDs/MOLDs, the ones suspect with the Moldavian-mermaid line. I decided to abandon this entire paragraph, putting it aside, until realizing that the Mont ALTO to which Maids/Molds are traced (I couldn't find that location) is like "ALUTus." As she is a Fulk-of-Anjou entity, let's repeat that McLeods/Lutts have flags linkable to Fulke's/Volks.

To the best of my recollection, I was playing marbles with Tony that day. As was repeated in the last update, Tony bought Andrea (Hungarian pointer) a jewel, and I think this proves that God gave the miracle for heraldic purposes, for Joels/Jewels have GILLYflowers in the colors of the Tony flower. Hold on to your gillies, because "Jewel" smacks of "Jiul, where I'm tracing Jills/Gills!!! Can you believe it? The Jiu is beside the Alutus! That's why God arranged the miracle to be across from Skye Court. I recall Italian brothers living on that court; one was named, Cosmo, in case that means anything.

Gillys are from Clan Chattan, who share the cat with Tibbs, and Tibbs' (not "Tibb") share the fitchee of Gillys. Tibb's are the ones with a cloud for the Cloud variation of McLeods/Lutts, safe to assume.

OH WOW, we were playing the marble game of potsies, and Potters (beside Joels/Jewels) share the Flower cinquefoil! Zinger, it all fits like Intelligent Design. Hold on to your pans, because Rinds use "gillie flower(s)" in a flower POT!!! Potters can be from the Poti location of Colchians, for the Argonautica myth had Colchians up the Ister. Ister elements are expected at the Stur river, with a source near the Joels/Jewels. Not long before Michael appeared in a dream with a Volkswagen, Joel bought a Volkswagen Rabbit, and visited me four days after the purchase. That visit proved to point to Ukraine crimes of the Obama-supporting deep state. God's got a little nut cracking to do.

Andrea is a pointer to king Andrew of Hungary (founded Ruse/Ross clan), and his son, George, is to the George surname, first found in Wiltshire with...Joels/Jewels! Tony gave Andrea a jewel!!! I can even get to Hungarians from the McLeod/Lutt motto, "Hold FAST," like the "Grip fast" of Hungarian Leslie's. Oh wow, I trace Gripps/Grape's/Grabbers (share Jell/Gell bend) to the house of Griffin, and Marble's share the giant griffin of Griffins!!! Incredible. I needed to be on Romanian elements to solve that event (but there's probably more Intended not yet found). The house of Griffin (Pomerania) is near the proto-Varangian Varny (Varns share Gripp bend), who worshiped Nerthus along with Lombards. If the latter are from Lom, it was Almus in ancient times, an "Almos" was the Hungarian founder. HOLDers use a gold griffin too.

AHHHH, the Varni were on the Warnow river (to Rostock, where Ice's were first found) with the Wagrians, suggesting the Wagens / Wagners in "VolksWAGEN." If the Wagen / Wagner fesse is that of Alutus-liner Holds, we could speculate that the Fulks in the Volkswagen, and Varni-theater things, were on the Alutus. RUSidava is on the Alutus, and the Rus were all over the Rostock-Denmark area. Dane's may have been Danube liners. Lookie:, on the light map, the Alutus flows by the SERRorum mountain, and while Fulke's/Volks use "Qui SERA SERA," as a motto, Rusi(dava)-like Russells (Rosso branch) use "Que sara sara"!!! The ice-creams traced to Crema at the SERio river. I link Sere's to Zahringer-like Zerrs/Zehrers, and Zahringers were kin of Varangian-liker Veringers.

You're not going to believe this. German Wagners share the red griffin in the Arms of Pomerania. I know a lady who married Mr. Wagner. She buried him in her field, and showed me the grave sight; it had a raven cut-out attached to a stick planted in the ground (beside the grave). The Griffin-like Grave/Grieve surname (!) has a Shield split diagonally in the colors of the Fleck and Fulke/Volk Shields. Grave's/Grieve's share "in deo" with Rabone's/Rayburns, expected from the Rhabone river, the modern Jiu i.e. beside the Alutus of the Holds. "Un Dieu" is used by Rusi(dava)-like Rush's. I see the raven vikings (conquered Shetland and Rothesay) at the Rostock / Denmark area, and Holds use a version of the Stout Coat while the raven banner was devised by a Mr. Stout viking. When I was visiting her, she had two great Dane dogs. I'm not done.

This same woman showed by a JEWEL that her husband made for her. It was a silver bracelet made from the silver taken out of the TEETH of dead Jews killed by Hitler. Her husband worked a job removing the silver and gold, and he stole some to make this bracelet. She told me this, but wasn't disgusted with it. The Tooth surname has a RED griffin in Crest! The tooth motto loves swan-liner Palmans/Pelhams, and swans are used by both Wagens and English Wagners. German Wagners, who share a single, blue pale bars with ROXburghs and Tate's (ravens!), are the ones with the red Pomeranian griffin. Scottish Tate's/Tatts (Berwickshire, beside Roxburghshire) are also TEETs i.e. like "teeth." Teeters (grapes probably for Gripps/Grape's/Grabbers) were first found in Pomerania! God obviously set me up for meeting Mrs. Wagner for the purposes here and likely more. Back to the fact that a bracelet is a JEWEL, for Joel bought a VolksWAGEN, and Joels are also Jewels. It's just incredible.

He pulled silver and gold out of teeth of murdered Jews. German Wagners (Roet Catherine wheel) look related to Jews/Chews (Catherine wheel), especially as the latter (Somerset, same as Roets) share the Moster/Master griffin head while Mosters/Masters, Wagens and Wagners share the same fesse. Holds use two of those fesses, and Holders -- with the same fesse in dancetty style -- have a griffin in the colors of the Jew/Chew / Moster/Master griffin heads. The Master-like Maistre's/MATTREs' use flowers of some sort in the colors of the Joel/Jewel gillyflowers, and the Tony flower. Rinds (gillie flowers in a pot) have a motto term, "DiuturniTATE." Yup, no guff.

Mamie on My Knees

Iskar-like Oscars share Bag cinquefoils, in colors reversed from the same of Geggs/GIGGs/Gangs (Norfolk, same as Bags), while modern Gigen on my atlas is a dog's walk from the mouth of the Iskar. (As soon as I finished that sentence, a song was singing "I NEED Thee," from the Song, "I Need Thee Every Hour", and Knee's happen to share the NEEDham Coat. It appears that Knee liners named Kneza.) Gigen is right beside BREST, near Kneza on the other side of the Iskar. Mamie, who had a breast symbol, sat on my KNEES, and the next thing I remember, we were getting into her sleeping BAG. This is incredible for what's yet to be said, but I've first got to say that, while at the last sentence, "lay on His breast" was singing from the song, "Sing to Jesus," by Fernando Ortega. It's Saturday again, when I often get song-line miracles.

I had often said that Mamie sat on my lap while the entire GANG sat around the camp fire, not realizing (at first) that God was using that term to get me onto the Geggs/Gangs, eventually, which was done only a few months ago or less. It was necessarily to help prove that God arranged my sleeping in her bag (no sex, He probably arranged that too).

Mamie was a pointer to MumMolin, who got suspect recently with the naming of AsaMUM, and here I find that Gigen is near the mouth of the neighboring Asamus river (so-called on the light map), the modern VIT. Asamum is shown on the light map on the Dalmatia coast, and Julius Bassianus was stationed in Dalmatia somewhere, by the emperor (Caracalla) who had Bassianus' daughter (Domna) for a mother. Bassianus' other daughter married Julius AVITus! is that not amazing? It's as though God arranged the Mamie-on-knees event to reveal that Avitus was of the AsaMUS/Vit river. There's probably more to this.

The Bag motto happens to share "in deo" with Rabone's/Rayburns while the Rhabon river, not far from the mouth of the Iskar, has a mouth about a 10 miles from Bucket-like Bechet (on my atlas). Buckets share the Gegg/Gang cinquefoils, and Geggs/Gangs were first found in Norfolk with Bechets/Beckets! Zinger. "Un dieu" is used by Rush's while Rusidava is up the Alutus, itself having a mouth about five miles from the mouth of the Vit.

There is no Gigen / Giggen surname coming up, but Wiggins use a version of the Annas Coat, with the stars of Tease's/Tyes' (Nottinghamshire, same as Annas'), and Mamie got her tease symbol in that sleeping bag! Nailed it. The tease was necessarily to link Wiggins to Gigen. Guiggens are also MacWiggins. And from here I can speak on Nahorites, because the Vit was anciently the Utus, like Uts, first son of Nahor.

His second son, Buz, is to the Bus', first found in Norfolk with Geggs/Giggs/Gangs and Bug-like Bags, and sharing the cinquefoil with them both. Bugs, can we believe it, were first found in Nottinghamshire!!! Earlier on the night that she sat on my knees, the only thing I remember was she with Barry in the back of a truck, and he owned a Volkswagen BUG at the time! What a laugh this is to write. I'm blessed with lots of laughs. I get a kick out of every exclamation mark. It never ends, and at times I need to restrain myself, to only three at most, when I feel like packing in six or seven.

Immediately after writing the above, I looked at the Guiggens, not seeing anything at first, until seeing that they were first found in Tyrone with the Neils whose lion and red hands they share. The point is, Asamum is at Ragusa, home of Shark-like Saraca's, and Sharks share the Neil fish while being first found in Tyrone with them!!!!!!! Wow does that feel good. It means that God had Mamie sit on my knees to connect Mummolin-suspect Asamum to the Asamus river. Plus, Bugs share the water bouget with Vit-like Withens/Wittens (Roxburghshire). Withers were first found in Norfolk with bags / Geggs/Gangs. Bouget-liner Rose's can be cousins of Rusidava because Ruse's/Ross' have the Guiggen / Neil lion in colors reversed.

What about that TYRone term? Is that a Tiarantus element? Is there a flat tire in this somewhere? The Neils are likely kin of Neils/Nails/Nagle's, and the English Nagle's use a NIGHTENgale, while Knights/Nights (Suffolk, same as Babons) share the spur with Closeburn-liner Close's, Wiggens and Johnsons because Closeburn is on the NITH.

Nahor's third son, Kemuel, is traceable to Camel liners, for HAMELtons share the Bus ermined Bus cinquefoil. It just so happens that Irish Hamels were first found in Tyrone too, while Tyrone's/Tirells share the Coat of Dexters, the latter first found in Leicestershire, where the Arms use the Hamilton / Bus cinquefoil. Hamiltons are said to have been of Mellent/Meulan (Meu-river liner?), where the Beaumonts became earls of Leicester.

I'm going to impress you with Mamie's mind-boggling thighs. But first, I've got to go back to pastor Johnson of BARKsdale Baptist church, the one through whom God arranged for Mrs. Kilpatrick to pray to me, for her husband was the late HAMILTON Kilpatrick, that's right. And when I didn't find a Gigen or Giggen surname, that's when I looked up Wiggens to find a virtual copy of the Crest of Scottish Johnsons, they being the Johnsons sharing a red-Chief version of a Kilpatrick Coat. What do you think God's saying there in relation to Hamilton-line Nahorites?

French Hamels share nearly the Walk Coat, and Walks were though Closeburn elements, stressing now the name of Hamilton Kilpatrick. French Hamels are said to have had a branch east of Artois, which can indicate that Walks share the Comyn/Comine garb closely, for there is a Comines location in the Artois theater while Comyns/Comine's share the dagger with Kilpatricks. Comines was ruled by the line of John de Burgo, and we saw Burgos' linked to Brills, from Braila at the BARAGan theater. That discussion had linked to BARKSdale, where Mr. Johnson pastored a church. While Dagger-like Dexters were in Leicestershire, Hamiltons were at Leicester's BARKby, underscoring again why he was Hamilton Kilpatrick.

Dagger-using Shaws have the Comyns in their write-up, and while Sava's are also Saws, Hamiltons stick a saw in their tree. The "Through" motto of Hamiltons is probably in honor of a variation of Tree's/True's. It's then interesting that SAWyers have a "CHERCHes" motto term while the church is on Church street, Barksdale.

Scottish Hamels have a full-griffin version of the Moster/Master Coat, and as Dutch Hamils share the upright and white goat with Kidds, the kids jumping on the yellow mattress comes to mind, for Mattres/MAISTRE's look like a Masters branch. The Hamil Goat is in the colors of the Stanford goats, and the Falstaff branch of McLeod-beloved Fasts are said to have engaged Stamfords.

Nahor had so many sons that I decided not to know the others, aside from the first three, or I'd go crazy in conjecture with too many surname links. The Yellows proved to be from the Ialomita river near Bucharest, but the MOSTistea is even closer to Bucharest. Bucharest is where bouget-related Bucket liners traced i.e. suspect with the namers of the Nahorite-suspect Bug river.

The Hamel griffin is probably that of Alberts (Kent, same as Mosters/Masters). Alberts have a Savage with a sledge HAMmer over the shoulder, suggesting that Hams and Hammers (both use fish) are from Hamilton liners (perhaps not from Haemus liners). Savage's/Sava's probably apply to the Hamilton saw. CAMULodunum became Colchester, from the Colapis having a mouth at the Sava.

If we read as "MosTIStea" or "MostisTEA," either way, the Tiss'/Teece's and Tea's/Tease's (share Wiggens / Annas stars) look to be in play, at least as far as God's arrangements are concerned. On the day pastor Johnson was inspired by God to have Mrs. Kilpatrick come over to me, it was the only day I wore a tie to that church, and Tie's are listed with Thighs. The day after Mamie sat on my knees -- now pointing to an area of the Nahorites around Gigen, Brest and Kneza -- she was at her GARDEN in a bathing suit, when I got a glimpse of the most beautiful thighs I had ever seen. Probably not, but God must have given me that impression so that I would look Thighs up one day, and then find the Tyes' listed with Tease's to make a story out of it. Tease's/Tyes'/Tea's were first found in Nottinghamshire with the MAMESfelde location of Mansfields, said to be named after breasts, which is not true, but it's Mamie's breast symbol, anyway, for she has large breasts for that role. And to prove it, we find Brest at Gigen, yet there's another Brest location on the Bug river, what a hoot.

But that's not all. For roughly in 2004/5/6, I can't remember exactly, I went out to work into my vegetable GARDEN, when I saw the biggest bee almost pestering me, and as it flew off I got the impression that God wanted m back inside to find the Buzites, the descendants of Buz, because bees go buzz. So I went in, got on the computer, and haven't stopped since. And here we are on Mamie's thighs at her GARDEN, while Thighs look like they have a giant wolf, symbol of the Nahorite-suspect Neuri on the Bug. Nahorites were non-Israelite, pagan Hebrews, and Gardens share the black boar with Hebrew-suspect Ebers. I didn't use any exclamation marks, but these links are super. The Jardins, like the Jarden variation of Gardens, share the Tea/Tease/Tyes stars. You see, God knows what he's doing, I don't need to take him by the hand or anything.

The Norrys use a wolf head, and their write-up has: "The family name became associated as a sept of the Clan MacLeod."

And God set me up with Julie in that first year of seeking Buzites, who reads to this day (she was reading last time I checked the tracker a couple of months ago). If recall correctly, she has descent from L'viv, at the source of the Bug through Brest. She introduced me to Trypillians on Ukraine / Moldova, very important. They probably named the Trebys and Treble's, and my tie had treble clefs upon it. Cleffs/Cliffs are linkable to Traby liners. Can we propose that God named her, or at least set me up with a Julie, because Julia's/Julians/Gillians were from the Jiul/Jiu river, the Rhabon. At the mouth of the Vit (ancient Utus), there's a Guljanci (Gulianci) location on my "modern" atlas.

Mamie sat on my knees with the gang around the CAMPfire. Camps (Yorkshire, same as Campbells/Cammells) are in the colors of Campbells/CAMMELLs. This can indicate that Campbells and Camps were Kemuel liners. Campbells (share Weir/Vere / Ware boar head) look like kin of Grahams and Varns, and Varni worshiped Nerthus, a goddess that I trace to the NEREtva/Naro river, home of the Daorsi, from mythical Doris, mother of Neret-like Nereids, and wife of Nahorite-suspect Nereus. The Neretva is near Asamum, and the Saraca's of that place use the fish, while Nereids had a fish symbol. This takes us back to the Utus (light map), where the dark map shows a Doriones location (off the Utus). That sure does look like the migratory path between the Uts-like Utus and the Daorsi on the Neretva, and in the meantime, the neighboring Asamus named Asamum not far south of the mouth of the Neretva. From this, we can figure that the Ardiaei of the Neretva may have come from (or vice-versa) the Ardeiscus river.

If I was correct to peg the shark, in the 1979 dream, with the shark tank of Igor Kolomoisky of the Ukraine mob, then perhaps he's involved in the neighborhood of the Asamus (modern Osam) river, for the Shark line is tracing there very well. The Osam happens to have a mouth directly across the Danube from the mouth of the Olt (Alutus), where we find ancient BURRIdava, suspect to the Burry/BURIS surname. Kolomoisky is said by some to be the real owner of Burisma gas. if God is after Kolomoisky, he's a dead duck.

I've just noticed a RIMNicu-Vilcea location up the Olt in the general area of Burridava, which is RAMnicu-Valcea at Wikipedia. Wikipedia's coordinates for Burridava has it about five miles west of Rimnicu. I didn't see this Rimna- / Rhamidava-like location until now. Rhamidava is suspect as the Rimnicu-Sarat on my atlas. Rimnicu-Valcea is very close to Arutela, and so I think it's significant that Ruttle's/Rudds are in the colors and format of Rams. Ruttle's/Rudds have bells while Bells were first found in Dumfries with RIMs/Rums/Rome's. Ahh, and Crimmons/Rimmons are in the format, but in colored reversed from, the Ruttle's/Rudds, which is fantastic, because Crimmons/Rimmons were first found in Sky-and-Lewis with Alutus-liner McLeods/Lutts while Arutela and Burridava are on the Alutus! The Crimmon/Rimmon chevron probably has the Lute/Lutt lion.

Ice-Cream Girls were Saracens

The Crimmons/Rimmons are now a part of the Rhamidava/Rimna ice-cream lines (includes Darlene Ray), and so it's interesting that Crimmons/Rimmons are said to have been in Deer (Aberdeenshire), for Darlene's/DERlene's can apply. This Deer plays right into what more I had to say concerning the Asamus-river theater, but to set that up, I need to repeat that someone at Wikipedia took a dumb chance at deriving "Ragusa" in "deer," which is nonsense. However, I was able to glean that this was likely due to confusion of the heraldry people, for a deer is used by Mallets while Melita (island) is right beside Ragusa / Asamum. On the light map, we find MELTa off the Asamus river!!!!!!! Seven exclamations for that one. Melta connects with Melita, and Asamus with Asamum at Ragusa's doorstep.

Saraca's of Dalmatian Ragusa were ultimately Saracens of Sicilian Ragusa (probably at Gela), and one of their rulers, SAMsam, joined Guiscard in fighting against his fellow Saracens. The Asamus is now the OSAM. The other ice-cream girl, Miss Hanson, who sold me an ice-cream at SAM's hamburger restaurant, pointed to the Shark surname in the shark of Valiants. The Vallans happen to share the moline cross of Sarasins, but I can add something new: Vallans are also Vallets while Melta-like Malta has a Valleta location! Bingo. Saracens of Sicily faced Malta. French Vallets ("valetta valet" motto phrase) are in Malta colors. God knows what He's doing. "Notable in the family were: Jean Parisot La Valette, Band master of the Order of Malta, 1494-1568." The ice-cream girl speaks decades after she agreed to take a ride in the Valiant. Vallet-like Wallets are listed with Whaleys (Waleran colors and format) having a mascle colors reversed from the Hanson mascle. There is a God who knows history.

The Sicilians at Gela had traced well to the Rhabon/Jiu river, where I think the Ribon/Rabone/RAYburn surname traces, and Rays (might share the roebuck with Rayburns) seemed to apply. Hee-hee, Sams have a buried "flag" motto term, and McLeods/Lutts have flags. I have seen the houseofnames page for the McLeod septs and clan badge (the website is hiding those from me/us now); instead of a white bull head, it has a black one, same as the Waleran bull head. Walerans are from the Laevillus > Leavell line, you see. Dols (Mecklenburg, same as Ice's) use the whale, and Alans of Dol descended from one Vallet-like Flaad, father of Alan. The Sarasins sharing the Vallan/Vallet moline were first found in Brittany.

French Mallets use buckles, and Buckle's are a branch of Buckleys; the latter share the white bull head with McLeods/Lutts.

The Ram write-up has "Richard de Ariete (Ram)", a possible indication that Rhamidava / Ramnicu liners were in Rieti. Indeed, earlier in this update, Vespasia Polla of Rieti traced to Apulensis, smack-near Arutela and Ramnicu with SERRorum between them. A song just sang, "from His home in the SKY." Oh wow, it's "Farther Along" by Brad Paisley! Paisleys are part of the VesPASia line through Pasi's to Pasleys/Pasleys (Renfrewshire, same as Polla-liner Pollocks, Pasi- and Roet-related Speers, and Nahorite-liner Hamiltons).

A few weeks ago, it began to look like the Moise's were a pointer to Igor KoloMOISky. In this update, the Shark-line Asamus river seemed to become a pointer to him because it meets the mouth of the Alutus with BURRIdava. But I can now add that English Pasleys show nothing but the three Moise fesses in colors reversed. Plus, thanks to loading Pasleys, Paisleys were seen to be nearly in the colors and format of Ruttle's/Rydds and Rams. The latter can trace to Ramnicu as well as, or better than, Rhamidava.

Pasley-like Pussys/Pusie's, first found in Oxfordshire with Julian-branch Gullys (branch of Gulls), have the Moise fesses in their colors. GULjanci (or Guliantzi), near the mouth of the Asamus, seems to apply because heraldic raGULLY is suspect as a Ragusa-Gully merger.

Where was my head? The Rams use a "vis" motto term, and the island of Vis, not far off from the mouth of the Neretva, is the Ice-like Issa on the light map. It assures all the more that Rams are the ice-cream line, tending to clinch Issa as an Intention of God. That's the island I predicted would have lines from Israel's chief priests. Vice's/Vise's share the Knee stag head, and Knee's were looking like Kneza liners, thanks to a song-line miracle tonight. Ise's are listed with the Assi's/Ase's/ASIS', first found beside the Flatts/Fletts, and note the FlautASIS river. Note the "fasCIAS" motto term of Rams, like the Cius name that Herodotus used for the Oscius (modern Iskar). "FASCias" reminds that Assi's (fasces symbol) should link for two reasons to the FESCHs, suspect with the Fieschi of Genova. We could assume a Fasc-like branch of Feschs.

Not far east of the Iskar, the ASAmus river. Let's re-visit Skye and Lewis, for Lewis' are suspect from Lupus Laevillus. There's a LEWSki location on the Asamus, and as it's beside the Vit/Vid river, it's very interesting that English Wights/White's/Weights share the green dragon head of Lewis', first found in Glamorgan with the Tillers. The latter are from the Tilurius river, where I've been tracing Julius AVITus for years. Wikipedia's Vit article claims simple-headedly that "Utus" means "water." Daft historians have a thousand-and-one different water terms for rivers. Hey honey, there's a river, let's call it the Water river. Brilliant, honey, no one will ever think of that one, except the daft historians. Regarding the Vedea river near the Vit: "The name of the river is Dacian in origin, from Indo-European *wed, 'water'" That sounds all wet to me; I didn't know Dacians could talk English.

Repeat: "French Mallets use buckles, and Buckle's are a branch of Buckleys; the latter share the white bull head with McLeods/Lutts." Melta is off the Asamus, almost half-way to the Vit, and Wettins use buckles to!!!!!! Will the daft historians say that Wettins were named after water too? The Mallet Coat is even a colors-revered match with the Wettin Coat. Mallets have the three buckle's of Alleys/Auleys, the latter now looking like Aquileia / Aquila liners without doubt. This is how you track surnames and people groups, daft historians, yet google suppresses my work...just as though the liberal anti-Christ goons who run it prefer lies to truth. If you haven't the time to learn heraldry enough to use this method, borrow freely from me. I've done that work; I'm good at it because God leads me.

The Wettin buckles are red, the colors of the giant Vito/Vido annuLET. Late's/Lets, suspect in the Samsom motto, were first found in Gloucestershire with Samsons and Wettins. I don't know why Wettens (with the send 'e') are listed with Whelans, but they were first found in WATERford. Don't assume that Waters were named after water. Samsons (scallops, from Sicily, land of Saracens) use a "letho "flaGITIUM" motto phrase, possibly for some Getae element. Saracens of Sicily faced Melta-like Malta, that's right.

Aha. The Vit is beside the Iskar river, and to prove that the latter is in the ESCARbuncle, Buncle's have nothing but three buckle's, same as Wettins!!! This adds to the evidence (probably clinches) that escarbuncle-using Rays trace with Rabone's/Rayburns to the Rabone river across the Danube from the Iskar. The Ray escarbuncle is a three-river merger of rivers side-by-side. The Rabone variation just signalled that the surname might have a RayBONE variation, and it does, suggesting a Ray-Bone merger that then named Buncle's/BONkills. Which Bone surname should we see at/from that area? What about the Bonneys/Bonnets who share the Bury/BURIS Coat?!?!

Okay, so the Wights/White's/Weights (share black Shield with Tillers and Tailors, and the leopard theme with Tailors) look like Vit-river liners in connection with Lewis' of that area, and McLeods of Skye and Lewis were across the Danube at the Olt. The Asamus has just traced well to Ragusa, beside the ELAPHiti islands, and elephant heads are used by LEWins/Levens. The Ragusa-likely Raggs' (share Dole fleur-de-lys) were first found in Leicestershire with the Daggers who share the double chevrons of Tyrone's while Sharks were in Tyrone. Works nicely. The Dagger Crest has weight scales called simply, "weights." The other English Weights/Waits have a "focis" motto term looking like FOCSani. Their full motto is shared by Hazeltons (same chevron as Shake's) while their Hazelwood branch was first found in Shropshire with Lewins/Levins and the Dol Alans (share oak LEAVES with Hazeltons and Hazelwoods). The Hazelton Crest is a man with band on his head, often called a Saracen's head. Sharkincidence?

As the Hazelton / Weight/wait motto suggests the Rice's/Rhys' because they are in the colors and format of Weights/Waits; it seems that Hazeltons / Hazelwoods were from the Rhizon area, for the Ragusa Saraca's were earlier at Kotor, beside Rhizon.

Rice's/Rhys' were first found in Carmarthenshire. Repeat from above: "Alutus-liner and Hold-loving McLeods/Lutts were on SKYE and LEWIS island. What are the chances, by a fluke, that Ruttle's/Rudds were first found in CARmarthenshire, beside the Glamorgan location of the first-known LEWIS'??? Note "CarMARTHEN," for McLeods/Lutts share the MARTIN castle."

Those leaves above are important, for the Hazel-leaf design is shared by French House's while a McLeod-suspect cloud is in the Crest of English House's/HOWES'. HOWells were first found in Monmouthshire, beside Glamorgan's Lewis'. Weights/Waits are suspect with the Quade/Wade surname that shares black wolf heads with Howe's. It creates a problem because Wights/Weights looked like Vit-river liners (expected with TILLers of Glamorgan), while Quade's/Wade's are from QuadraTILLa, wife of Lupus Laevillus. I suggest that the Wade variation of Quade's is as per a Quadratilla merger with Avitus liners, for he married Miss Bassianus', and I saw Quadratilla's Bassus surname as "Bassianus."

QuadRATUS got suspect from Sub RADICE because the light map has a Tyle location to it's east that can explain QuadraTILLa (his daughter's name), and the Tilurius river too. Extra evidence for this is where Cabyle is to the east of Tyle while Cable's are in Radice/Radix colors, yet these are also the colors of Hazeltons / Hazelwoods. If we go over the Haemus mountains from Sub Radice, we are at the Asamus (and Lewski), the line to Asamum of Dalmatia, and Julius Bassianus was stationed there, somewhere. Bassus' were perhaps a branch of the Bessi (near Sub Radice), for I trace that people group, with peoples of neighboring Lissae, to Bassania and neighboring Lissus at the mouth of the Drilon river. Hazel liners are suspect from the namers of modern Has at the northern leg of the Drilon river.

Howe's (Owl colors) share the fesse of Yellows (Oxfordshire, near the Howe's of Berkshire). If Kidds are Cetis liners, then the kids jumping on the yellow mattress can relate to Howe liners. The Tilurius was also the Cetina, where Cetins/Cattans (cat and Saracen heads) trace along with the Keith Catti, and the latter were from the Chatti of Has-like Hesse-Cassel. Hazels and Hesse's are both Hessels too, and Cassels share the McLeods / Martin castle. Italian Martins, sharing the Fantis Chief, share the double-upright goats of English Kidds. FANTIS', a potential pointer to pedophile suspect, James AleFANTIS of "pizzagate," use what look like boys. Scottish Kidds share the hunting horn of Weights/Waits, the ones suspect from Quadratilla, queen of Cetis. That works for a pointer to elephant-like Alefantis.

What would it mean if Quadratilla / Laevillus descended from something at FocSANI, beside the ice-cream line at the Rimna river of Benjamites? Didn't God suggest Annas of Israel with ice-cream-girl HANson? Laevillus' mother is suspect from Bibo's, who share the HANN / HAHN rooster, these lines being from the Varni theater along with Ice's. Focsani-suspect Fulke's/Volks share the double-tipped spear with SHAKEspeare's while "focis" is a motto term of the Hazeltons with the Shake chevron. This has got to be the Shechemites that I see to the Levite-blood in Sadducees. I'd say that "FocSANi" is partly after the Sensii, for Shakespeare's use a "sanz" motto term. Shakespeare's are in Saracen colors, and both were first found in Cumberland. The Shakespeare bend is that also of SARAH's, an apparent branch of Saracens / Sarasins. Sarah's were first found in Essex with Sams, and the ice-cream girl sold me an ice-cream at Sam's Restaurant (it's online in Gormley, Ontario). The Faucets share the Sam lion. Were Faucets from a Focsani variation? Darlingtons love the Speers and Spire's.

Focsani is in VRANCea, suspect with the Varangians of Kiev, from the Varni, and Shakespeare's share the Varn bend, as do Watters'/WALTers (Cambridgeshire), they suspect from VLADimir, king of Kiev. No, he was not named after, water.

[Insert -- The rivers on the south side of the Danube are in BULGARia. "Former vice president Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden partnered with infamous mobster Whitey BULGER's nephew and former secretary of state...Also partnered with Biden is Chris HEINZ, the stepson of John Kerry." Bulgers share the white bull head with McLeods and Albins/Aubins (Barnstaple), and the Bulger Chief, looking linkable to BarnSTAPLE's, is a trefoil version of the Bag Chief. Unbelievably, Staple's share the Bury/Buris / Bonney/Bonnet bend-with-fleur.

The "NOBIS" motto term of Bulgers can be for Nobs/Nobbes', in Ray /Burley/Bourly colors, and sharing a cross on a green Shield with Irish Burys/Buris! I rarely mention the latter in Burisma discussion, but there you have them coming up with Bulgers. There is a Nobis/Nobbes Coat (Germany) that may have the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's') because Knobs were first found in Bavaria with proto-Rothschild Bauers...recalls Allison Bauer of Knob Hill Farms. The bird design of Allisons is in the Nob/Nobbes Coat. I'm not at all familiar with Nobs and Nobis' (knight), but thanks to the Bulger motto, they should play in my writings again.

Behold: "the blackbird" of Allisons is the "Cornish chough" of Hoods. The Cornish and Corn Coats shares the chevron of Heinz's, I feel sure, because Cornish's (Devon, same as Cornwalls) share the eagle of Nobis'/Nobbes' while Cornwalls have a "beg" motto term while Bag-like Begs have the gold cross of Irish Burys/Buris!!! There's those Irish Burys/Buris' again. I now suspect that God used the hood of a car three times (once with Allison Bauer) because the hood chough was needed for pointing to this Biden-Heinz picture on the Bulgaria border. The Allison fesse (surrounded by the blackbirds) is even in Button/Biden fesse colors, and colors reversed from the Cornwall, Rosco/Rusco and Rush fesses. As the latter two are suspect from Roxolani Rus, it can explain why the chough of Cornish's has a nest on a "ROCK wall" (shaped like a boot), suggesting that Cornwalls were a Corn-Wall merger.

Are Walls a part of the Shark-related Vallets / Wallets? Walerans are from a Leavell-Beaumont wolf line, and English Walls use a white wolf head and the Beaumont fleur-de-lys. The Beaumonts, first found in Dorset with Poole, have a reflection of the Poole/Pole Coat!!! The shark was in a swimming pool.

English Walls (look like Moster/Master kin) share the fleur-de-lys of English Burys/Buris' (same place as Cornwalls), and German Walls have the pale bars of NECKers and NUSE's in colors reversed. Did the Biden / Bulgar-mob circle have Epstein murdered with a NOOSE around his NECK? Olt-like Aults use the single Necker pale bar, and "Aut" is a motto term of Irish Walls. Cornwalls are playing large here for bringing us to Mr. Heinz, apparently, and Mr. Bulger. The Alte variation of Aults is suspect in the Hold/Holt motto along with Vit-river liners. It could be pointing the Eric Holder.

Bulgers look like Bag kin, and then Heinz's brought us to Begs (the latter were resolved with Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen (married Itta of Metz), and the capital 'A' in the Beg Coat is probably for Arnulf of Metz, Begga's father-in-law. AHHHH, I recently told of Helen on a stair LANDING, where she got her breast symbol. The landing pointed to Landens/LANDERS (were pointed to in the past by laundry themes), because my laundry machines were under that landing, and the landing is where the Door and its door KNOB is located at which her previous boyfriend (Dave) left the chocolate treat (for her). There's just got to be a pointer to Mr. Bulger / Heinz / Biden in this. Does her breast symbol point to Brest, just a dog's walk from Gigen? Looks like.

Trump calls Biden, "SLEEPy Joe," and the Bags had brought us to Gigen in Bulgaria while the Bulgars (people group) are said to have formed the Khazars, whose kings were called, begs and kagans. Jewish Cohens are also Kagans, and John Kerry was born a Cohn/Kohn (can't remember which)! The Beg-loving Cornwalls share "warily" with Drummonds, and Drummonds use "Gang warily" while Gangs are with the Geggs/Giggs (cinquefoil of Bags in colors reversed) which brought us to Gigen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You see, I wasn't dreaming to suggest that God was pointing us to the Gigen area for a Biden- / Burisma-related reason. Look at how fast that came to fruition. The Bulger Crest might even have ears of CORN, for they look too wide to be ears of wheat. I have seen ears of corn in heraldry, for example with Camp-like Champs/Deschamps. And English Champs/Camps have a version of the Corn / Cornish Coats! I have it recorded that "ears of corn" are in the Gallery/Galloway Crest. French Champs have an owl, likely for Owls/HOWLs, and Howells share the Coat of Gaywoods (Norfolk, same as Bags and Geggs/Gangs), and Bags were at Gaywood (Norfolk).

Drummonds were Hungarians, and Khazars were part-founders of Hungarians. Drummonds were part of the trash-can scene, when the trash can / bucket was deciphered as a drum (barrel) on their behalf, and Gangs/Geggs/Giggs share the Bucket cinquefoil. So, with Bucharest not far over the Bulgaria border, it makes sense that Bucket liners are from Bucharest. I think I have found the reason, on a basic level (no specifics), for God's pointer to Bucharest, shared below.

The SEA's share the three, wavy fesses of Drummonds, explaining why the Cornwall motto is, "I BEG you SEE warily." The one Sea fish is in the colors of the crossed fish of Kidneys/Gedneys, and you'll see shortly why the latter are part of the shark. Sea's were first found in Kent with bulRUSH-using PERTs/Petts, and Drummonds were first found in PERTHshire, yet named Drymen in Stirlingshire. The medallion on my hood pointed to Bauds of Stirlingshire, and was suspect with Mifsud of Stirlingshire's university, and here I can add that the Crest of Sea-branch Seamans can be with the black crescent of MEDAL-related Bauds, and therefore the Seamans can have the Hood crescent upon their Drummond bars, for the Hood crescents are colors reversed from the Baud crescents. French Bauds have a ram in Ram-ram colors for an ice-cream possibility. End insert]

NOW, as per the Vallans/Vallets linking to Shark liners, and keeping in mind that the shark-using Valiants have the Chief-Shield colors of Ray-like Wrays for a pointer to FBI boss, Christopher Wray, watch this new thing with an ice-cream girl. Wrays share the Gormley martlets, and I lived in Gormley for both ice-cream girls. As I've said about one ice-cream girl, Miss Hanson lived on Warden avenue about 1.25 miles east of Sam's restaurant (on Gormley side rd.). Wardens use the pear (with leaves, we get it, the Pero's of Laevi-town), and Peers/Pere's/Peirs share the bend of English Vallets/Valets. It's amazing because she's already linked to the other two Vallet surnames, and Wallets/Whaleys to boot. English Vallets/Valets put red stars on their bend, and red stars are beside the bend, in colors reversed, of Yvery-like IVERYs (Oxfordshire, same as Pears/Peare's). Wallets/Whaleys are of the Walerans, of Leavell, and Leavells are said to have been at YVERY! You see, God even arranged where her parents bought a home; otherwise, He named the road, Warden, in advance...or what you just saw would not have worked.

Plus, the Vallet/Valet and Peer/Peir bend is that of BarnSTAPLE's (Devon, same as Wears/Were's), while Staple's share a form of the Bury/Buris Coat for a pointer to Burisma. Touching upon Warden avenue at the Gormley side road, there is Bruce's Mill park, while Bruce's have a Buris-like Breeze branch. That's a good clue to enter in the hunt for Hunter-Biden pointers, especially as there are two Breeze surnames. Bruce's have several branches.

If you know my story about Mr. Fix of the Lada dealership, and my mention of his cook, Steve Papp, and the latter's pointer to George Papadopoulos via the Papadopoli variation of Papps, then let's add that Lada (a car I owned when meeting Mr. Fix) is owned by Fiat while "Fiat" is a motto term of Breeze's/Brice's. The latter even have a cloud for a trace to the Alutus!!! BURRidava is now suspect with the Hebrew namers of Abruzzo. The Lutt-like Ludds are listed with the Ladons/LADDA's (share the fesse of Yellows?), first found in Somerset with BURleys/Bourlys (from Boura near Greece's Ladon river). Ludds/Ladda's happen to be in the colors of Fiat-like Fothes/Fittes' (share "Industria" with Biden-pointing Smells), who use a CORNucopia and have the Corn / Cornish chevron in colors reversed.

Wardens are probably of the Wears/Were's (beside Vallets/Valets), sharing the Ivery bend and essentially the entire Shield. Wards share the Coat of Varni-line Warrens. I'm going to guess that God arranged Wears to share the red Darlington crosslets, because Darlene is the other ice-cream girl. Darlingtons were first found in Durham, location of the Wear river. Neat and tidy, because Darlene's were first found in Devon with Wears/Were's (contrary to their write-up, they are a Vere branch round-about).

I've said many times that Darlene had gotten into a car ACCident while I was with her, and that term got suspect with the Assi/Ise fasces (has an axe head) with one or both Axe rivers in Somerset (one flows into Devon). The Wears/Were's (Devon) are said to have been on an Axe river. It was a CAR acciDENT, and Cars ("Sero sed serio" motto points to Crema on the Serio) share "sed" with Sedans; the latter were, for years, said to be first found in West Yorkshire with the SEDbergh of DENTs, that's right, but are now said to be first found in Durham (!) with the Wear river (hee-hee) and Darlingtons. Isn't that amazing? It's got me chuckling and shaking my head. Cars even share the Ivery and Vallet/valet stars.

Now, an ice-cream is a gelato, but it can also be a MALTed ice cream. MALTA!!! This is a new one. Miss Hanson pointed to Malta's Valleta! Darlene's/DERlene's got suspect (earlier in this update) with a Deer location, and Malta-like Mallets use a dear!!! Excellent work, Oh Lord; how long were you devising these things? Why were you doing them?

So, the DerLING variation of Darlene's must be the give-away from God, for Lings have fish heads in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish. Lings, almost in Lynch/Linch colors and format, were first found in Somerset with Vallets/Valets. We just saw Wardens working for the revelation with Saracen-pointing Miss Hanson, and then Irish Wards were first found in Galway with Lynch's/Linch's. It looks like the latter were Saracen liners from Lings, the possible makers of Darlene's.

Leavells were from the marriage of Waleran de Leavell to a daughter of the Meulan Beaumonts (version of Poole/Pole Coat), and the Arms of Meulan has a Shield filled with the checks of the English Vaux's/VALLIbus', first found in Cumberland with Saracens and ShakePEARe's, and beside the Valleys/Volleys/Vails in the "Truth preVAILs" motto of Allisons. "Valet" to the French is pronounced much like "Valli." French Valleys were first found in Brittany with Vallan/Vallet-related Sarasins.

Malta's use a column, suspect with Calmatui river not far south of Focsani. The latter is at the ice-cream line of the Rimna river. Down the Siret from the Rimna is gelato-like Galati. After all of this talk on Saracens, I wonder what the Sarat area of Rimnicu-Sarat was named after. It's on the The Ramnicu Sarat river. As it flows into the Siret, I suppose it was named after the Siret. I see no clues provided by God in the Siret Coat for linking to Saracens, but I'm often blind until exclamation time arrives. The Ramnicu Sarat flows into the Siret at Nanesti, and the Nanes surname shared the Warren / Ward Shield. We just saw one ice-cream girl, who pointed heavily to Saracens, at Warden avenue.

It just so happens that while Malta and Sicily are beside SARDinia, Sarat-like Sards are listed with Sardinian-suspect Shirts/Shards. The latter's "inVIDia" could be for a Vit/Vid-river liner because the Shirt/Shard roundels are in the colors of the Vito/Vido annulet. I had no shirt on in the 1979 dream that started with a nasty shark in a kidney-shaped, residential swimming pool. I almost never mentioned the kidney shape, but, less than a year ago, I looked up Kidneys, and not only was there such a surname, but they have fish, same as the Arms of Saraca. Kidneys are also GEDneys, and Geds do have fish in the colors of the Saraca / Ling/Lyng fish (colors reversed from the crossed Kidney/Gedney fish). Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor is coming to mind. Was he working for Kolomoisky's interests?

The dream featured Mrs. Kilpatrick, and I did find and record an article on the Geddes that told of their Ged ancestors on the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle. You see, I really did identify the woman in the dream with the right person in life...with a lot of help from God's many clues. Sorry, the shark was not jumping on a yellow mattress, if you're thinking that Kidneys are a branch of Kids. Maybe they are, for "Geddes" is like "Cetis."

Well you know, when I see a Saraca shark in a POOL, I'm tempted to trace Saraca's to the family of Vespasia Polla at Rieti. Well, as it turned out, I was very upset when Wikipedia changed the Arms of Rieti. For it changed the fish colors, and so it looks to readers as though I'm color blind when I say it has black/grey fish, only to find white-on-blue fish when they get to the Arms of Rieti. That's right, I had nothing to be upset about, because it seems that God made the change, for Saraca's use a white-on-blue fish. Are you not impressed? Do you still not believe in God? Am I making all of these stories up from my imagination? Am I the devil, do you think? Or is there a God?

I was making the claim from the beginning that the Rodhams were from Rutland at Leicestershire, but I stopped making it when evidence did not materialize. Still, my theories are not to be despised. I've just noticed that the brown tree stump of Rodhams can be in the Kidney/Gedney Crest. Wouldn't we like to identify that nasty shark with Hillary Rodham? The Sards are said to have been at this Rutland location. The Sards have an "HoNORI" motto term that can be partly for Norrys/Norie's (Rodham colors), for they share a black wolf in Crest with Saracens. And the term can also be for Honors sharing "nec" with Rodhams. But aside from that, I can't find more, and so I can't identify her as the shark, yet anyway.

A bulldog fell or jumped into the pool and was swallowed by the shark. God pointed this dog to a bull-terrier mascot for a beer company, Spuds MacKenzie, and here I can say that the MacKenzie stag head is in the colors of the Honor stags. They are colors reversed from the Stagg/Stage stag heads, and a PLATform stage did point to Hillary in the sleeping-bag dream. MacKenzie's are Kenneths properly, suspect from the Kennati priests of Ajax at Cetis. I can understand that God wants to point to that thing. I trace MacKenzie's (thanks to their motto) to queen Kenza of Aures, a Kneza-like term.

It would be interesting to explore whether the Kenza Numidians were at Kneza. Note that Kness' have a Numidian-suspect "ANIMO NON" motto phrase while Nons/Nevins (Kness colors) were first found in Ayrshire while the Arms of Ayrshire uses a "shaw" motto term while Shawia Numidians were at Ayr-like Aures. Kness' look related to the Ayrshire Sheds.

I wrote all of the above without knowing the Biden stories on Romania. On Sunday, I got around to looking into them, and found the following out about three months ago:

In the final year of the Obama administration, an American lawyer traveled to Romania to meet with a businessman accused of orchestrating a corrupt land deal.

The businessman was Gabriel “Puiu” Popoviciu, a wealthy Romanian real estate tycoon. The lawyer brought in to advise him was Hunter Biden, the son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Hunter Biden’s work for Popoviciu in 2016 went unreported at the time, but Joe Biden’s involvement in Romania was very much public. The vice president was among the leading voices pushing the government to crack down on corruption.

Wow, the article goes on: "The case against Popoviciu was set in motion in 2005 when a businessman lodged a criminal complaint against him and the rector of a Romanian university relating to the sale of a 550-acre plot of land near Bucharest, according to documents from the European Court of Human Rights." Near Bucharest. That was half-expected (as I wrote on Bucharest lines) because it's the Romanian capital.

"Popoviciu was convicted in 2016 but launched an appeal. He assembled a high profile legal team to fight the conviction, which included former FBI director Louis Freeh, according to a release from Freeh’s firm." No Freeh surname comes up, but Free's/Freys have three courant horses (as do Rush's) in the colors of the three courant stags of Rays. Darlene Ray, the ice-cream girl. Rush's were highly suspect (thanks to TARRANT-Rushton) from Rusidava, on the Alutus/TIARANTus river with BURRIdava. BURleys are in the colors and format of Free's/Freys and Rays...and Alutus-like Vallets/Valets (Somerset, same as Burleys). Can Burleys be a branch of Burys/BURIS' (Devon, beside Somerset) so that Burisma can be pointed to by Burridava? Freeh was the FBI director under Clinton, but Bush

Irish Burys share a green Shield with Burleys, etc., but I'd like to see a shorter, crisper, Romanian pointer to Burisma than having to go through Burleys via Free's/Frays. On the other hand, Burleys/BOURleys can be linked to green-Shielded BAUERs and green-Shielded Bowers, proto-Rothschilds, which can be an important Message in itself. Furthermore, wow, this Free > Burley method has the benefit of assuring the ice-cream- line involvement, for immediately after dating Darlene Ray, I dated Allison BAUER.

AHHHHHH LOOKIE: The Free's/Freys are also FREEZE's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ice-Cream freeze! Rays are in the colors and format of Freeze's!!! It appears solid that at least one ice-cream girl, aside from pointing to Romanian things, is pointing to Freeh and the Bidens. What other FBI animals were involved in Romanian corruption?

If I remember correctly, the Rayborn roebuck is at a "brook," and Brooks (from Broc of Anjou) were first found in Essex with Free's/Freeze's. Fulk-suspect Focsani is at the ice-cream Rimna river, at Vrancea, where I now expect Inger the Varangian, husband of Anjou-liner Melissena Rangabe. I don't know how Melissena traces to Anjou, but Nicholas de Vere told me that she does through Scottish rulers. Varangians were from Wieringen, in Frisia, and I see mythical Frey from Frisians. Melissena's grandfather married Procopia, suspect in the Procop variation of Brock-branch Brocuffs, and Brooks were first found in Essex with Brocks. It works like a charm, and we got this picture off of the RAYborn brook.

Obama's chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (military sector) was Martin Dempsey, and the Dempsey-branch Dempsters use a ribbon while Rayburns/Rabone's are Ribons too. Dempsey was the chief from October, 2011 to September, 2015. I don't see how he could have been involved in a Romanian real-estate deal, however. Perhaps he had FBI connections. What about the current FBI director with WRAY surname!? Is God pointing to that pathetic slob? Bill Barr respects Wray, how can we explain it? Wrays ("vray") use the Chief-Shield colors of Sharks. As Bidens are listed with Bottons, did God arrange this: "...Wray is a small village, part of the civil parish of Wray-with-Botton"/ Looks like. Why would Wray be covering for the Bidens? Why is Barr (another police slob) uninterested in the Biden crimes?

Vreys/Freie's use a lion split into the colors of the two lions of Name's/Neams and Lute's/Lutts, and I always remember now that Lute's are expected in the motto of the MalBANKs sharing the Rodham bend. There's bound to be more to that than I now realize, but with Lute's/Lutts being from the river at Burridava, it starts to tell a story already.

"Vraye" is a motto term of Boswells (Bush branch), who look linkable by their cinquefoils to Bus' and Rosco's/Rusco's, but also to Potters and Flowers. The latter two are part of my alley miracle, when I played POTsies with Tony (Tonys use a "flower"). The miracle was at Skye court, and Rosco's/Rusco's are Rush / Rushton kin with little doubt, suspect from Rusidava on the Alutus with Skye-liner McLeods. Isn't Chris Wray a Bush boy? Bush's / Bushers are suspect from an EDOMite tribe from Bozrah, and Boswells were at EDENham. The Buzau could have been named by a tribe from Bozrah, for Esau's son married Timna of Seir while the Sire/Siret surname can be from the Siret, the river into which the Buzau flows. Timna liners are suspect in the "Deum time" motto of a Moray Coat no longer shown at houseofnames. Edenhams (slight Bush-like look to its Coat) were first found in Kent with Time's/Timms, and Edenhams share pellets with the Foys expected in the "Vraye FOI" motto of Boswells. Two Foy surnames are also Foix's, perhaps from Focsani. The Arms of EDINburgh has an Edom-like motto term, and Edinburgh is near the FAUCets of FOXside castle.

I might predict that I'm going to blow party whistles when the shark dream is fulfilled with my rising into the sky with Miss Hicks, a pointer to the McLeods/Lutts and/or Crimmons/Rimmons of Skye. There could be a secondary interpretation of that scene: a victory for God's people when the evil entity in relation to Alutus elements are defeated by God. Note that the victory starts when I touch her knee. Note that Hicks' use a buck's head while Rabone's/Rayborns (from the Rhabon river beside the Alutus) use a roebuck. It looks as though God's making the connection of the Skye - victory scene to Ray elements. The Ray write-up: "...the Old English word ray, that referred to a roe or female deer." That's garbage, but it sounds as though the writer knew that Rays were connected to the Rayborn roebuck. Rays were probably something else until marrying Frays/Frys and adopting a Fray-like look; they may have been Roe's / Rows until then.

Aha! I've got it. Rayborns have a white helmet, suspect with the same of Panters secondly because Pansys/Pantzers are in Ray colors and format (see first reason below). Panters happen to use "spur ROWells"!!! Rays thus look like Rows initially. The RABBIT-using Conys have a rabbit holding a PANSY, and so rabbits not look like Rhabon-river liners. Yes, for that river is the Jiul/Jiu now, and Joels/Jewells were first found in Wiltshire with Frays/Frys!!! In fact, the reason that Panters came to mind is that I recalled the "FRYing PAN" of Pole's/Pohls (enter "Pole" to access) while on the Fray/fry surname. Pans are listed with Payens/Pagans, who use "spur rowells." So, the helmet of Panters came to minds first, which recalled the Rayborn helmet, and to boot I was familiar with the Pansys/Pantzers in Ray colors and format. But this has the bonus of tracing Rabbits, and perhaps also Conns and Conys, to the Rhabon river.

Joels/Jewells use "gillyflowers" while Rays were at GILL!!! Just look at that. It tends to assure that Rabone's/Rayborns were from the Rhabone/Jiu river. Fantastic. Gills/Jills (Yorkshire, beside the rays of Gill) share the colors of Frays / Freys / Rays, and the Gill/Jill lozengy is in the colors of the Arms of Lombardy while Scottish Lombards share the lozengy Shield of German Hansons...the other ice-cream line!!! What is God saying in all of this? Crema is in Lombardy. The green Hanson snake was the original color of the snake of Lombardy's VISconti's, and the island of Vis is also Ice-like Issa. The Stout vikings are in the write-up of Gills/Jills (Yorkshire, same as Varn-suspect Gells/Jells. Reminder; ice cream is also a gel / gelato / jello meaning "freeze." Very impressive work by God.

Joel is the one who visited me with his newly-purchased Volkswagen RABBIT!!! It's white, like the white Cony / Conn rabbits. Unbelievable, but all true.

It was Lorraine's white-pants event (with grass stain) that got me to stress Pansys/Pantzers and Panthers/Panters. Much later, I learned that Bar-le-Duc in France's Lorraine province has a pansy in its Arms along with what I say are the Arms-of-Saraca fish. If that indicates that Barr is a part of the shark, I really would not be surprised. Again, Barr loves Wray, and Wrays share the Shark Shield. Rays were at Gill, and French Gillys/Jillys have a red-lion version of the Lorraine Coat.

Frays/Frys (share the Frey/Freeze Coat) have what looks like a Saracen head in Crest, and, if so, it underscores the Frey/Freeze connection to God's ice-cream theme...which pointed heavily to Saraca-shark elements. Frays/Frys were first found in Wiltshire with the buckle-using Mortons, and this could get Burisma-pointed where buckle-using Leslie's have a version of the Bury/Buris Coat. You see, Buckle-branch Buckleys are the ones sharing the white bull head of the McLeods from the river having Burridava.

I now recall that my principal in grade seven was Mr. Fry. Barr's father was a principle of a school when Jeffrey Epstein was hired as a teacher for it. Barr's father played some role in hiring Epstein. I don't think Epstein could have gotten away with, nor would he have tried to get away with, his sexual deeds, if he didn't have the shadow government behind him. The name of the school was Dalton:

But the accounts offer a window into Mr. Epstein’s early adulthood, before he developed extensive private wealth that allowed him to acquire a $56 million mansion just a mile south of the Dalton School. It was there, prosecutors said this week, that Mr. Epstein and his employees paid “numerous” underage girls to engage in sex acts with him.

This article from the NY Times was surely intended to do Trump harm. Instead, it backfired. All eyes now on Barr. If he does damage to the Epstein circle, he may be thinking, the deep state will unveil what his father's role was. Just a theory.

WOWWWIE. English Daltons (Robin HOOD in Crest) happen to share the fesse of Beg-loving Cornwalls (rock wall), Rosco's/Risco's, and Rush's, the latter sharing the three, white courant horses of Freys/Freeze's and Frays/Frys!!! Incredible. God is pointing to Barr and Epstein.

The Ray stag (or whatever it's called) is in the colors of the giant stag of Irish Munichs while there is a Ukrainian Munich/Min/Mink surname (no longer showing a Coat). It's worth recording.

Don Frey (college teacher) visited me in the summer of 2018, after not seeing him for about 20 years. If I recall correctly, the last time I saw him was in 1999, when Helen came to her side door (of my house) as he was driving off (at the end of the driveway) with me in the car. I remember that scene. Why do I remember it? Helens are Helion liners, and Helms/Helions can be expected as a branch of German Helms sharing the white-on-blue helmet with Panters, the ones who linked heavily to the Rabone/Rayborn helmet. Helen pointed to Bill Barr and/or his father through a duck dinner.

Here's a riddle: Mr. Frey, a teacher at Seneca college, left his baseball cap here when he came up in 2018. His father was a pastor in Switzerland, and Seneca's/SENESchals are suspect with the Sens'/Senns, first found in Switzerland with Sion. The way to see connection between those two surnames is in the Spink Coat. The Sensii were on the Naparus, and the Nappers/PEERless' have traced to the Ticino river's (starts in Switzerland) Laevi. Sens/Senns were in Argua, near Bern, and the latter was founded by Zahringers, the ones who had a buffalo-horn symbol.

From the 3rd update of October, 2018: "DON Frey visited me only once that I can recall while Helen was my tenant over about five or six months, and as he was pulling out of my driveway with me in his car that day, Helen [pointer to Alans] came out of her side door, and Don saw her. It's just a small thing, but I declare that God set that event up to point Pharisees and Sadducees both to the Alans of lake Maeotis." In another update, after telling that he left his baseball cap here: "I believe that God recently used a visit from a friend, Don, as a pointer. His surname, Frey, is a branch of Pharos-like [Pharisee-like] Freys'/Phrese's/Phreeze's (Essex!)...The event was simply that Don left his baseball CAP here. Caps are listed with Caiaphas-like Capes'..." Base's are suspect from Bassus' / Bassianus'. His wife is Gail, and the Sadducees are suspect from the Laevi GAULs (Gali). Dons have the double fesses of Parrs in colors reversed, and Parrs are from king Pharnaces, the one who could have named Pharisees. Don's father was a pastor in Switzerland.

English Bonneys/Bonnets share the Bury/Buris Coat while French Bonneys share the chevron of Dutch Bakers, a potential pointer to BUCHARest of Burisma involvement. I should add that the French Gillys/Jillys, first found in Languedoc with Bonneys, have the Keep bend, for Burisma was involved with Keep-suspect Kiev. Keeps were first found in Sussex with English Bone's. So, if the question is: why Would God make a pointer to Bucharest via French Bonnets rather than directly through English Bonneys, it seems that he wanted Kiev / Kepke elements involved in the pointer to nail Burisma with the pointer. Plus, "Keep tryst" is the Hebron motto, and "TRISTus" is the motto of Irish Daltons who share the Bury/Buris and Bonney/Bonnet fleur-de-lys. It looks like a verification that Keeps are to be a part of the Pointer while bringing in the Dalton school. Bucharest sex-trafficking?

"Romanian women are most at risk for sex trafficking...According to experts, Romania has been Europe's sex trafficking hub..." Oh wow, the Romania/Roman Coat has the split Shield of Groce's/Greggs, which came to topic with the Saint-Petersburg-Russia medallion. That's why I just looked up sex-trafficking in Saint Petersburg: "Men from Western Europe and the United States travel to Western Russia, specifically St. Petersburg, for the purpose of child sex tourism. " (Wikipedia, "Human trafficking in Russia").

Oh wow, Daltons, who are ALTons too, share the fesse of Italian Alda's/Aldo's, and the latter are split in the colors of the Otone/OLTON Coat! Zinger, the Daltons are even from the Olt = Alutus river, location of BURRidava! You see, Burridava IS a pointer to Burisma. Daltons are said to be from Hampshire, where Buttons/Bidens were first found who have the Daltons/Alton / Alda / Rush fesse in colors reversed! Can you believe this, that after a couple of days of proving to myself that Biden corruption would be pointed to by Alutus elements, the Dalton school took us to Alutus liners.

Scottish Alda's reveal their relationship with Taddei's, first found in Florence with Italian Alda's and Button-loving Tous'/Tosino's suspect in the "TrisTUS" motto term of Irish Daltons. The latter share the Burry/Buris and FLORE / FLORA fleur-de-lys as evidence that Daltons are Alda-of-FLORence liners. It explains why Scottish Alda's have a "VirTUTE" motto term and the same griffin as Tooth's. Tute's are a Tatton branch, and Taddei's share triple-red chevrons with Epsteins.

As the Alton of Daltons is in Hampshire, beside Poole, it reminds of the shark in the residential, kidney-shaped pool (symbol of high-class). I neglected to mention when last on the Kidneys/Gedneys that their Saraca fish are in saltire form in the colors of the Nail/Neil/Nagle saltire, and then Irish Neils (Tyrone, same as Sharks) share the Saraca fish. Nails/Nagle's were first found in Westphalia with DUCKs and Pansys, the latter two of Bar-le-DUC, which uses a pansy in its arms as well as fish in Neil- / Saraca-fish colors (I've seen the fish of Bar-le-Duc in white-on-blue; Barrs of Brunswick have them gold on blue). That's a way to get Daltons to Bill Barr's father, principle at Dalton school (I've not read whether it's a high-school, but they all agree it had teens (may have been a private school). I would not have been on the Dalton topic had I not had Mr. Fry as a principle at my age 12. Pool-like Pole's/Pohls use a frying pan.

FBI director Freeh quit and was replaced temporarily by Mr. Pickard, yet Bush installed Meuller permanently, six days before 9-11.

Enter the Buffalo Mystery

Helen was resolved as a pointer to Epstein's sex industry, and Helen of the door-knob went out to a duck dinner with me when I wore my BROWN pants. That was a pointer to Barrs of BRUNswick > Bar-le-Duc. Why do I remember those brown pants? You see, God is pointing to Bill Barr's father, and to Epstein. The door knob is pointing to Mr. Bulger, etc. It was a buffalo-meat restaurant (Unionville / Markham) where one of us had duck, and one of us may have had buffalo meat. A heraldic buffalo head is used by Pohls, who are apparently a branch of frying-pan Pole's/Pohls/Pollmans (both use the feather), suspect with the shark-liner Poole's/Pole's and Pollets. It was PAUL Smith who first invited me to this restaurant, before I went a second time with Helen. Pollets are Paulets too. I don't think it's ever dawned on me to point the brown PANTs to the Pansys/Pantzers! I get it.

Oh wow, I just loaded Pole's to find that the Poole's/Pole ("virTUS") have a Shield filled with the fleur-de-lys of Daltons (and Burys/Buris'), making the Dalton Coat a version of the Poole/Pole Coat! Zinger, the shark. Bill Barr's father was a part of the shark. Pole's/Pohls (share blue Shield with Poole's/Pole's) are also Pollmans while Poole's/Pole's come up as "Poolman." Epstein was a part of the Intelligence shark, but I still predict that U.S. Intelligence rats are working with Kolomoisky.

OHHH WOW. Epstein's plane, the Lolita Express, was suspect with the "Loyalite" motto term of Margesons, for Lolita's are also Loyola's. To now verify that this is God's Intention, the Pollets on the Poole/Pole motto use a "loyaulte" motto term. The latter term is partly for Aults, we may assume, and, if correct, its looks like another Olt/Alutus-river liner! The Pollet Coat has the three swords to a point of Ault-like Aude's. Therefore, it seems that God arranged the swimming pool to get us to Epstein's plane, and to Burridava, via the Poole/Pole motto. Reminder: One Dalton Coat has the fesse of Ault-like Alda's, and the other Dalton Coat has the Poole/Pole lion and even the Poole/Pole background fleur-de-lys.

The Aults have one of the two Nuse pale bars, and Nuse's were suspect with the noose around Epstein's neck, for German Neckers have one of the two Nuse pale bars. We now discover that Neckers are linkable to Aults. Nuse's share the white-ermined canton square with Rabone's/Rayburns, and Nuse's are even said to be from RAYnthorpe, though Rayens are listed with Raines'. It could be added that Reines' (comet, Pisa Coat in colors reversed) point to pizzagate of Alefantis. The Pisa and Reines' lions are much like the one to Freie's/Freys/Vreys, which could be Mr. Freeh meaningful.

Where was my head: Rabone's/Rayburns have a Bury/Buris-suspect "RoBUR" motto term. Burleys/Bourlys are in Ray colors and format! Darlene RAY is an ice-cream girl, and Darlene's have a "robe" in Crest while Robe's/ROBBs share the stag with "ROBur"-using Rayburns! Where was my head? Now we know that God chose for me a Miss Ray to be the ice-cream girl for connection to Rayburns. But why? It looks like it's got to do with Burridava liners. Perhaps the Burisma surname was named after this place. Earlier, I had said, "Robe's/Robbs (share brown stag with Rays)...", but I missed the Robe's/Robbs in the Rayburn motto. Robe's/Robbs were first found in Stirlingshire. "[Mifsud] was a professorial teaching fellow at the University of Stirling in Scotland..."

I didn't know until now that Olts are listed with Scottish Alda's ("VirTUTE"), the ones with the Tooth griffin, and, zowzers, I almost forgot to mention that the shark in the pool had nasty teeth that pointed to multiple deep-state / anti-Trump operatives, especially Comey and Halper. Tooths even have a Pollman- / Poolman-like "palman" motto term. The Pollets in the Poole/Pole motto are also Pal-like PAULets. What could it mean that Palmans/Pelhams were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's?

French Paulets are listed with Paula's, the one's sharing the rooster of Galli's and the Gay branch, the latter first found in Savoy with the Aude's having a blue-Shield version of the Pollets/Paulet Cat. Recall that Dan Bongino's wife is Paula while Bongino's has a tattoo while that symbol had traced to Tatta liners that include Tattons, Tute's and therefore Tooths likely. Palman/Pelhams even share the swan of Tooth-like Totts/Toths to prove that the Tooth motto loves the Palmans. Bongino's were first found in Tuscany with Taddei's and Alda's. Totts are suspect in the motto of Hamons who also have a Rimini code while Bongino's are expected as Benjamites...who were Rimini liners.

Tooths were first found in London, where essentially the deep started its Trump attack. Recall Mifsud in London with Papadopoulos, and, the following month, Downer of Australia in London with Papadopoulos. Well, Halper met with Papa in London too, later in September of 2016. Halper was a Bush man. Clearly, Bushites were involved in the Trump-attack. McCains even have a version of the Neil Coat with the fish of the shark used by both. This topic is the thing Bongino stresses most, and he seems determined to go to the end with it, until he can take it no more. May God encourage him with some good victories.

I'm glad I mentioned Cosmo on Skye Court. I had nothing to say about him when mentioning his name. I went over to his place maybe three or four times in the evening to chat, mainly about the Toronto Maple Leafs, the hottest hockey team at the time (hard to beleaf, I know). I now find that "Professor Halper is a member of the Cosmos Club in Washington D.C., and the Travellers Club in London." It's just that everything is pointing to the Alutus, where McLeods of Skye point. My marble miracle was granted across the street from Skye court. I don't think I've even started to decipher the Intentions of that miracle. It signals something very good, like a sudden surprise blow to the enemy.

Repeat; "As the Alton of Daltons is in Hampshire, beside Poole, it reminds of the shark in the residential, kidney-shaped pool (symbol of high-class). " Hampshire is where Liss'/Lise's were first found suspect in the "fideLIS" motto term of Daltons. Liss'/LISE's happen to share the fesse of Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire). This can point to LISA Page because French Page's (Dauphine, same as frying-pan Pans/Payens) and French Lepage's (Ile-de-France, same as Lise's/Lys') share the Poole/Pole lion.

For the purposes of tracing royal Cottians to Dundee, it's important that French Page's and Lepage's have four fesses in the colors of the four pale bars of Dance's/Donnas'/Donna's, for Dundee's, who share the lily with Susans (from Susa, home of king Donnus of the Dance's), share the lily design of Cosmo's.

I was impressed with the heraldry as per the duck dinner at the buffalo-meat restaurant as it included buffalo-head Pohls. It reminded me of the time that I first greeted Mrs. Kilpatrick as she walked by in the rear of the church, at a regular get-together there. I reached out my hand and said, "Im John." Her husband was there. I don't remember what we said aside from her mention of the buffaloes on her ranch. And I recall exactly what I responded: "The ones with the really BIG HEADS?" And I spread my arms to indicate bigness.

When I first started to think about that event, I didn't have a way to make a heraldic link, because I needed more than a buffalo. There was Mrs. Kilpatrick / Miss Hicks and a buffalo to go on as the props, but no heraldic links came to mind with those things. So, because I greeted her, I looked up Greets, and recalled that they were with the Greats/Greeps before they loaded. When I saw their blue-on-white saltire, eureka, for the Malcolms/Columns/Calms use that saltire too, and they say that "Malcolm means "BIG HEAD." Is that not wild?

I don't agree that it means, "big head." That's just another of the thousands upon thousands of imaginary ideas from "experts" and their ancient dictionaries. But God can use their definition as I think He has with my greeting of Mrs. Kilpatrick. It's funny, really.

Okay, so now we've got to figure out what it means, or why He created that event. My immediate reaction is to go to the Pohl-line shark, for she had appeared in a 1979 dream, more than 20 years before I greeted her that day. If a buffalo is code for a surname, my best shot has been the Bouillons, when the 'u' is changed to a 'v.' I probably need to enter the props with Helen's event too, which pointed heavily to the Barrs of Brunswick and Bar-le-Duc. But what's a buffalo got to do with that. Buffalo horns were used by Zahringers of Baden.

Ahh, as it seems that God inspired my use of "big head," it seems He also arranged the Head surname with three unicorn heads in colors reversed from the three Helen horse heads. I had already written the paragraph below when this paragraph was conceived, and so be amazed because Heads share the white unicorn with RASmussens. Recall how Helen on the landing pointed to Pepin of Landen, for Pepins have three horse heads in the colors of the Head unicorn heads, and the Pepin bend-with-fleur are in the German Rasmussen Coat. Astounding "coincidences." Pepins are expected from king Apepi/Apophis, and the PIEPHigi are not far from the Calmatui. Rasmussens help to establish that UNIcorns are an Una-river merger with Ceraunii, for the Una (Oeneus) was the naming of mythical Juno, wife of Jabesh-line Jupiter, and June-branch Jeune's share the Rasmussen fleur-de-lys. Recall how Corn liners pointed to Mr. Heinz.

I should probably keep the Calmatui river in mind with Malcolms/Calms. I don't think I've yet mentioned the following in the write-up of Malcolm-branch Callams: "The Callums were an import branch of the Clan McLeod of Raasay." As Malcolm defeated king MacBeth of Moray, there's a good argument to be made that Raasay (island beside Skye) was of the Ras variation of Rose's, the Roxolani, who lived smack at the Calmatui river. Raasay may even have named Rothesay, for Rothes is beside the Ras'/Rose's. The bouget is suspect with the Bug, home of Neuri, suspect as the ancestors of Hamiltons, who use a tree, and Ras'/Rose's use a "true" motto term while Tree's are also True's. Hamilton Kilpatrick. It looks like we are on the right track with Ras'/Rose's (Nairn). Nairns share the chaplet with Hicks'.

Ras'/Rose's have water bougets, which can go to Bucharest, not far from the Calmatui. This Romanian capital is about the location of the PIEPHigi on the maps, suspect as proto-Pepins, and we just saw Rasmussens as Pepin / Pipe kin. Earlier, the daughter of Pepin of Landen, Begga, was mentioned along with Begs, who seemed linkable to Bag kin. Can "BIG head" apply here since Heads looks like Pepin / Rasmussen kin? Piephigi are marked not far from the Calmatui river. Landens share the six pale bars of Langleys, from Langhe, smack beside the first-known Pelosi's who have a COLUMN, that's right. There is a Big Coat, but for the moment I'm stuck on what to define it as, or link it to.

We were given the big-head clue to go to Malcolms; we then went to Callams (share the Malcolm Coat), and found the McLeods, who I think are in the very last scene of the 1979 dream (started with a shark in a pool, pointed to by buffalo-line Pohls), when she and I rose into the SKY. McLeods were on Sky with their pipers, Crimmons/Rimmons, suggesting a line of Benjamites from the Rimnicu area, near the Calmatui again. Our rising pointed to Rhizon without a doubt, beside the Kotor location of shark-liner Saraca's. And the latter moved to Ragusa in the land of the Ardiaei suspect in the "ardua" motto term of Malcolms and Callams.

So, why should the Pohls and their branches link importantly-to-God to Malcolm III? Helen's buffalo dinner pointed to Pansys/Pantzers and/or Panters. The latter share spur rowells with PANs/Payens, and Pole's/Pohls/Pohlmans have a man probably HOLDing its frying pan. I have it recorded that the latter have an ostrich feather, while the other Pohls/Polans have three "plumes" (hmm, like "POHLMan").

I've found something. Helen, a pointer to Pepin and Begga, had a breast symbol on the staircase landing, and Miss Hicks got a knee symbol at the Leakey road. Bigs share the Hicks, Leakey and Rench fleur-de-lys, and Bags had been suspect with a trace of the Gegg/Gigg/Gang kin at Gigen, near Brest and Knee-suspect Kneza. Bigs share the red leopard face with Plate's, who in turn are in the colors and format of Kness'. Rench's were thrown in because there is no Ranch surname, and the buffaloes were on her ranch while the Leakey road (road to Leakey) I'm referring to is the Ranch Road.

On the day that Michael visited and brought me to his work, which was the day he mentioned Peerless sprinklers, he changed a check valve (in my presence) with his wrench, which is what got me to checking Wrench's/Rench's when getting home, which caused me to find that German Rench's have the Leakey fleur, applicable to Ranch rd. Much later, in this update, I traced The Nappers/Peerless' to the Naparus river. As was said, around the time that he mentioned Peerless, I had a dream with his kids jumping on a yellow mattress, which seemed to involve the Yellow surname, and this update finds the Naparus as the modern IALOmita.

Watch this. A little further down the Ister from Kneza and Brest, we come to the Piephigi (Naparus river) and the neighboring Sensii (Naparus), then to the Cotesii, the line to Vestalis of the royal Cottians. Sensii-suspect Sens'/Senns were at Aargau, beside the Bern of the buffalo-horn Zahringers (Baden, same as Rench's!), and I've just found in my records (3rd of November, 2014) that German Wessels have a buffalo horn. It's beside a white on-red antler, which, in colors reversed, is the red one of Veringers (Baden), kin of blue-antler Zahringers (Baden). Perfect. And English Wessels are also Vestalis-line Waistells! Perfect. The Arms of Bern uses a black bear, as do Landons/Langdons (with an 'o'). In light of the Cottians, the latter's Grimscott location should perhaps be read as, Grims-COTT, rather than, Grim-Scott...although wait. Scotts are a branch of Scoots, and while both have red borders on a white Shield, the Scoots have it bigger, like the same border of Bigs!!! WOW. At the 9-11 memorial in 2002, she said to me, "you can SCOOT over." Later that night, she got her knee symbol on the Leakey rd!!! What could this mean?

Back to when I greeted Mrs. Kilpatrick for the first time. I remember reaching out my hand, because I wanted to speak with her. I wanted to know whether she would be my wife as a widow, when her aged husband (more than 30 years older than she) passed away. She realized i was being too forward; she gets that a lot from all sorts of men. But we did talk, the point being that she probably gave me a hand shake of some sort. I can't remember it. We could say she SHOOK my hand because Shooks/Shoe's/Schughs (like the Skugals variation of Scoots) use a "knight issuing from the KNEES." Knight/Night variations look like Nith liners, and Kilpatrick castle is on the Nith. "Knees" looks like God's pointer to Kneza, a location found only this week. What does this all mean?

Reminder: her husband is in a Baytown-sun newspaper photo with Spuds MacKenzie, the line from Kneza-like Kenza of Aures, and the Auras river (location not known) is probably one smack at the Kneza area. For, Kness' love Nons of Aures-line Ayrshire. Plus, the day after I passed her city of Baytown (Texas), seven months before seeing her for the first time, God pointed me to the Kness-like News/NUCES surname, which shares chaplets with Hicks. She had moved from there roughly when I passed by, to a property on the NUECES river. One-to-two months before I saw her, I moved onto my newly-purchased property on the Nueces river 10 minutes from her. I first saw her in church on Christmas day, and the Christmas surname has rabbits, now suspect with the Rhabone river.

A few hours after passing Baytown, I was mugged in Galveston. When the attacker attacked, he had both hands around my neck. German Neckers share the pale bar of Nuse's/Nuce's, and News'/Nuces have a Nuce variation too. The attacker changed my mind about purchasing a snow-bird's retreat in Mexico, and getting a newspaper the next morning to check out properties in southern Texas, I landed on the Nueces river six months later. All God-directed.

OH WOW. Unbelievable. I loaded Hatchets/HACKets (share trefoils with Sharks) after seeing again the "haec" motto term of Scoots/Skugals, and noted that they share three trefoils in Chief with Bulgers (the latter's Chief is a trefoil version of the Bag Chief). I first noted that the Hatchets/Hackets (share Rock trefoil) can have the Arms-of-Saraca fish, most appropriate for Mr. Burger's involvement with Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, etc., and only then did I re-load Bulgers to find another "haec" motto term!!! It's a rare motto term. The buffalo-liner ZAHRingers are suspect with the ZEHRers, who have crossed HATCHETs! This is what the buffalo mystery has pointed to. The big head pointed to the Calmatui river near Bucharsest, all near the Bulgarian border.

When she said I could scoot over, it was at my request to sit beside her. She said that if her daughter arrived, I could scoot over to let her take my seat. But she did not arrive. Later in the evening, after I got out of my seat, a man took it whom I had seen with her two or three times before, sitting too close to her. So, on the night of the 9-11 memorial, about an hour before she got her knee symbol at the Leakey road, I walked up to her, after the man left, and asked her, "Is that your 'buddy'"? She knew exactly what I meant, and didn't like it. The man was Stanley, and Stanleys (Cambridgeshire, same as Wrench's/Rench's) share the Knee bend with Leakeys (leg bent at the knees). The "sans" motto term of Stanleys traces to the Sensii at the Naparus river. That's what makes Rench's suspect as a pointer to the Ranch = Leakey road.

I'm re-telling this buddy thing for two reasons: 1) Buddy Hacket, the old comedian; 2) Buddys are listed with Botters/BUDINs, first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens! It's as though God wants to verify that he's in these pointers to Bulger and the Bidens, the deep-state shark. Buddy Hacket seems to be a perfect verification that God wants to point to Bulger.

The Hatchet-like Hatch's/Haach have the Brunswick Coat, and while Berwick was anciently, Bryneich, a Brunswick-like term, the Bern bear of Switzerland's Zahringers is in the colors of the Barwick bears. This is very good evidence that: 1) Brunswick and Bernicians were related as branches; 2) Hatch's are a Hatchet branch' 3) Zehrers are of Zahringers. Note the Berwicks have a white-Shield version of the BARwick Coat, and that Barrs were in Brunswick. Moreover, the buffalo conversation with Miss Hicks, and the "buddy" term used on her, can indicate that Hatchets / Hatch's are a Hicks branch. Hake's and Hacks list Hykes', perhaps revealing that Hyksos were on the Alutus. Zehrers could be from Serrorum up the Alutus river, very near Burridava; it just all looks Arranged for pointing to Burisma.

The Arms of Saraca shares the fesse of BERNICE's. Upon its fesse, the Arms of Saracahas same-colored fish seen in the Hatchet/Hacket Coat. Hatchets/Hackets were at KilKENNY, perhaps named by Hyksos pharaoh, Khyan. McCains/KEONs (branch of KEENs), Cains and Kane's use fish, as do Hake's/Hykes' and Hatchets/Hackets. Cains look to be using the Coat of Roach's/Roche's, and Kane's (Neil estoile) may be close to the McCabe salmon. Kennys (Brown fleur-de-lys) share "floreat" with Browns, suggesting Bruno-of-Florence elements. The other Kennys share the Ray stag, and perhaps the armored arm of Cone' indicate that Maschi-beloved Cone's / Conte's and similar others could be Khyan liners. Cone's and Conte's are linkable to Hicks-beloved Bucks, and Rayburns use a roeBUCK, suspect with Hyksos king, APACHnas (one writer said he was the same as Khyan).

The Luce's can be expected in the "luceat" motto term of Kennys because Luce's have a near-copy of a Cain Coat. The "teNEAT" in the same motto can be for Neats/Neets, sharing the Barnstaple / Albino trefoils, for example, green like the Hatchet/Hacket trefoil, and Neats/Neets (share Shake chevron) may just be a branch of the Knee-branch Needhams. Mrs. Kilpatrick had a knee symbol; I touched her knee (in the dream), and we rose in the Skye, so to speak. These Kennys share a version of the Danish / Norwegian Hanson Coat, and English Hansons share the mascles of LICKs/Lucks/LUKE's (like "Luce"). AHHH, Miss Hanson the ice-cream girl, and when she gave the ice-cream cone to me, I LICKed it! Kennys can be of the rock-using Kenneths/Kenzie's ("LUCEO non"!) and therefore from Kneza-like queen Kenza.

Mythical Lugh was given a father, Khyan-like Cian, and Luggs (Berwickshire) are listed with Licks/Lucks, whom I trace to "Lychnis," the alternative same of lake Sevan on this Old-Caucasia map that shows Gogarene beside it. The Lugg/Lick/Luck PELICAN indicates that Lychnis-river elements named lake Lychnidus at PELAGONia, suspect with Peleg-branch Hebrews, for Hyksos were Hebrews. Licks/Locks and Lochs, and Russian Hansons, use the Sevan-like swan.

The vertically-split Kenny / Hanson Shields are probably those of Tarves', for Chives' of Tarves are related to Hacks/Hykes' (Devon, where Chives' were early). I will make the case, at the start of the next update, that Russian Hansons relate to the Saint Petersburg medallion.

I had written: "the Kenny Crest: "A hand grasping a roll of parchment." The other Kennys use: "A cubit arm in armor hand grasping a roll of parchment." Why not "holding"? Why is it grasping?" Pings/Paganells share the Kenny fleur. If it was "holding" initially, that's the Olt/Alutus line.

Kennys share "Vincit veritas" with the Alis' who in turn share muzzled bears with Barwicks and Berwicks. Recall how Rose-line Rasmussens played into the "big-head" buffalo phrase, for the giant Rasmussen unicorn is shared by Fire's/Firs expected in the Alis fir tree.

The Hatchet Chief is almost the Albino Chief, and the Albino trefoils are of Bernician-suspect BARNstaple's while Albins/Aubins were at Barnstaple (beside Hatch's/Haachs of Cornwall), who share the white bull head with Alutus-liner McLeods. That works. Barnstaple is in Devon, where Hacks/Hykes were first found who share the scallops of the McLeod-beloved Flags/Flecks.

Miss Hicks and I were embraced while rising into the Skye, so to speak, which indicates to me the Hyksos of the Moschi mountains, at the Gog theater, for they say that "gog" means, sky. That is, Hyksos and Masci's were merged as one, and represented the chief branch of Gog, the Meshech of Ezekiel. The Rosh can then go to Rusidava (Alutus). The ACIdava location on the Alutus could be of the Azzi at Ardahan / Moschi mountains. Ardiaei were at rising-like Rhizon. She is also Mrs. Kilpatrick, and so it's likely McLeod-relevant that Lewis' share drops and a green dragon with Kilpatricks.

Mosca's were first found in Pisa, near the Barone's and Bruno's (both at Florence with Tous') suspect as the makings of Brunswicks. Berone's/ByRUMs/ByRAMs (with an 'e') use a "ARME a TOUS" motto phrase, and Armors (arms) were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs. There was good evidence that our being emBRACED as we rose was code for arm-using Brace's/Brase's.


Here's another video telling that Barr is a criminal:

No exaggeration; Barr is a criminal. He's committing the crime of cover-up obstruction, from the top, on Epstein's jailhouse fate. Criminals killed the criminal Epstein, and Barr's protecting them.

Trump lovers, and Fox, are emphasizing Trump's battle over the impeachment drive, as though the only thing that matters is Trump's fate. No, that's not even important, since he will not be impeached. The only emphasis should be on exposing and punishing the criminals who set off the impeachment push, but thanks to Trump's inaction for three years and counting, and his thinking about his own fortunes, the deep state has threatened Republicans and shut their mouths. Fox is no longer the same. The deep state is winning by miles, and I hold this on Trump's head. God should give this pompous peacock his reward: humiliation.

I'm not watching Fox shows much as they go mundane these days. In what I did see, I didn't see Fox mention that ABC has been airing the Epstein documentary that it had scrapped three years ago. I didn't see this at the Bongino Report either, though I don't check all the headlines. It's a typical liberal production, as in leaving a lot of material out and entering a lot of emotional material that makes the female participants look like victims when in fact they were responsible, in many cases, for getting involved with Epstein. If they took their clothes off willingly at Epstein's request, and if they then returned to do it again on another day, to make money, aren't they willing prostitutes?

Besides, this production is only about Epstein's personal sexual events, not about the political and corporate elite that he catered to, which is what ABC should be investigating. But the Clintons don't want that, do they, from the liberal media? So, the ABC production is not only a failure, it's deceptive. The point in producing this thing was probably to make Epstein look demonic for to use him against Trump. It was never about getting Bill Clinton, was it? FAILURE. It's an exposure of ABC's bosses, their corruption. If we go back three years, it indicates that this production was initially scheduled to air shortly before the election. The man, Dershowitz, who defended Epstein in court, is now front-and-center on Hannity, and even on Trump's impeachment-defence team, while the anti-deep-state people at Fox are at the rear of the show, and may be on their way out. I have come to despise Trump. He's a fake. He's the captain of the ship who lets the rats have their freedoms, and even allows them to command. He merely pretends to be against the rats.

The rest of the show, I believe, will come out Thursday. I'm interested only in knowing the crimes of the government, and what Barr intends to do about it. The leftist media can destroy Barr if he refuses to do anything. I prefer that threat over Barr over his doing nothing. He's apparently doing NOTHING on the Ukraine scandals.

The FISA court has chosen one of its very own demons in "obedience" to the call to reform itself. That's because it can't afford to chose someone on the other political side, because its crimes would be found out more than they already have been. The FISC is a diabolical institution made for special spy services when normal courts aren't going to be willing to hand out spy warrants, or when the FBI can't gamble on a normal court judge not knowing which way it will decide. The FISC has always permitted warrants, 999/1000 times. Here's Nunes' disappointment on this story:

The FISC has condemned itself in an effort to protect itself, and Bill Barr might just be fine with this. The man chosen to improve the FISC was an advocate of the Democrats in opposition to Carter Page et-al. This is laughable and sick at the same time. The FISC is snubbing its nose at the American people because higher-ups have told the chief judges it's okay to proceed in this way. The judges and/or the lawmakers in charge over this court are not acting apart from their conspiring. This terrible decision was not made apart from much discussion. The alternative is to get an anti-deep-stater who will unveil the many sins of this diabolical court. This decision made the news at roughly the height of Iran-diversion news.

Here's Bongino with some good points on Ukraine starting at the end of the 14th minute. Poor Bongino, wasting his breath because Bill Barr doesn't give a minute of his time to Ukraine crimes. Barr's essentially a pathetic deep-state dog:

God can force Barr's hand by revealing such gross crimes that Barr would become infamous to ignore them. All is not lost just because Barr's a hypocritical failure, a liar and deceiver too, a fake attorney general. Sure, he's touting his investigations through Durham, making it sound as though people are in trouble, but the question is: how soft will he go with the outcomes? John Solomon needs to sue the government to get information that condemns Obamaites:

Today with the help of @slf_liberty I filed an open records lawsuit seeking to compel the State Department to release documents showing contacts between US embassy in Kiev and Ukraine prosecutors during the 2016 election.

That's Solomon's tweet on Saturday. He complains that Barr's not helping him out at all, as though Barr can't afford a drop, not a single drop. John's got a new news website coming, just the news .com. Sara Carter has her own youtube show:

Lindsey Graham is doing exactly as predicted, calling for a swift trial, no desire whatsoever to catch the crooks in the Ukraine scandals. FARCE. If you're waiting to get justice from this government, you don't know how sick it is. It will continue in a sick condition because Republicans aren't making war the Sessions, Grahams Rosensteins and Muellers of the party. You need to admit the illness before you can treat it. But Graham is on Fox routinely, and he's never made war with there because he's there to make Fox money, to give the illusion that he's about to fix things, to keep the viewers watching. This is called, SICK. Spare yourself this illness, be on the side of those calling these imposters out. Bongino is only a half-wayer caller-outer because he has the interest of being on Fox. Fox is helping to destroy the nation by peddling deception, unable to make war with the do-nothings, and needing a good reputation with government agencies who act corruptly. Fox anchors go against Democrats only.

In new documents out this week:

Papadopoulos said that Mifsud told him during a meeting in London on April 26, 2016 that he had learned from Russian sources that Russia had “dirt” on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the form of “thousands” of her emails.

...Papadopoulos told Congress on Oct. 25, 2018 that the FBI offered to pay him to travel to London to meet with Mifsud while wearing a wire. The notes do not refer to a request that Papadopoulos wear a wire, but they are heavily redacted.

Papadopoulos insisted in subsequent interviews that he did not tell anyone on the Trump campaign that Russia might have Clinton’s emails.

Papadopoulos pleaded guilty on Oct. 5, 2017 to false statements charges. Papadopoulos acknowledged in the plea that he falsely stated he met Mifsud before joining the Trump campaign.

Okay, so the FBI uses Papa to meet their Intelligence guy (Mifsud) set up as part of the sting on Trump, but the FBI denies it knows who Mifsud is, and enters into it's official notes (records for legal purposes if needed) a fake storyline as to why it permits Mifsud to operate on Papa. It sheds light on how corruptive measures are worked: by entering into its records angelic things for its motives on corrupt plots. Simple: step-by-step, the corrupt agencies protect themselves with fake storylines on their plots, like when someone wanting to cheat the tax department fixes the books to appear legal. The trick for the republicans is to find Mifsud, but now even Fox wants to investigate that all-important story. Instead, liberal media had requested through FOIA information on Mifsud, and they requested it only to do Trump damage. Therefore, the FBI released only parts of its Mifsud plots, and even the parts it released are redacted.

We want to see what Durham and Barr will do with the Mifsud story. With all of their powers to get the truth, will they come out with a mere firecracker? The trick was to get Papa to go tell Trump about Hillary's dirt from the Russians. It's the same theme as transpired with Trump Jr. The trick was to make Trump appear in collusion with Russia, but Papa did not go along with it. He may have started as a part of the plot, then changed his mind in going through with it. If he was not a part of the plot, we'd expect him to tell someone about Mifsud's report, even if he thought it was a bogus claim. He would have told someone in the Trump campaign that Mifsud has this wild, bogus claim that the FBI wanted to know about. But if indeed he kept it to himself, he looks like a part of the plot, to begin with.

So, Mifsud has conveniently disappeared, as if the Intelligence community doesn't know where he is. The article is sure not to mention the claims that Mifsud is an American-spy operative, but portrays him instead as a London guy. But Durham can ask Intelligence if Mifsud was their man, and in getting a truthful answer, it could shed light on the launch pad of the Russia-collusion hoax. How many freelance spies does the CIA have who are not on the official CIA payroll? It's how we would expect the CIA to protect itself when using spies / moles for their own, corrupt plots.

Note the early date of the Mifsud-Papa meeting, a half-year before the election. It is not possible that Intelligence used smear campaigns on a political actor for the first time with Trump. This was a learned science. It defines Intelligence as the governor of the "democracy," the would-be king makers, the controllers of foreign and domestic policies, the shadow government. We can expect it to put arms with grubby hands deeply into the treasury to enrich its players, in any game possible, and to learn how to keep its books looking clean as measures to protect itself from honest judges. It will install, from the top down, players like itself, and they will all become the government mob together.

And Trump has done NOTHING to curb this beast through punishments, even though he has experienced its monstrous mouth first-hand. This should be the message of Trump supporters, if they truly cared for the nation. Instead, they are happy enough if Trump simply wins in 2020 so that they can dance and blow party whistles for four more years. Yahoo! They are willfully ignorant even though they see that he's done nothing to punish the deep state. Instead of making him fear a loss in 2020 if he doesn't punish the deep state, they have sent him the message that he's a shoe-in because they are all in. They don't want others voters to be upset with him, and so THEY, of all Americans, are the most responsible for the continuation of the deep state. They are not responsible for the deep-state's existence, but they are responsible for its continuation because NOW has been the time to do it the necessary damage.

As things now stand, the Intelligence agencies can concoct any story they wish, and plug it into their official stories. It's as harmful as being able to alter someone's emails to make them look guilty in a frame-job. The only remedy is to plant an reliable CIA chief to expose and crush the people who do such things. But Trump has failed twice to install such a CIA leader. And the Trump yahoos are perfectly fine with this so long as the economy and the military sprout big wings. Therefore, Trump yahoos will be responsible for the continued enslavement of the nation after Trump is gone, or even with Trump as king, for he himself can turn on his voters at any time after 2020. They witness greater debt under Trump, but blow party whistles ahead of time because they are sure of a Trump victory already. Barr is under no pressure to punish / damage the deep state from his end of the punishing rod. Trump doesn't use his end, and Barr's not likely going to use his end. Barr will be happy if Trump can get elected.

I'm assuming that because the Mifsud plot wasn't going anywhere: "The FBI opened Crossfire Hurricane based on a tip from Australian diplomat Alexander Downer, who met Papadopoulos in London on May 10, 2017. Downer said in a memo that was given to the FBI that Papadopoulos said Russia might help the Trump campaign close to the election." Okay, I get it. Even though Papa didn't play along with the Mifsud plot, the FBI was able to claim in its notes that Mifsud alerted it to a potential Trump-Russia teamwork to "interfere" in the election. The way the quote above is worded, it seems that the FBI wanted to make Papa look like he was going with the Mifsud plot, taking the Mifsud report seriously.

The FBI framed the story as though Papa took the report seriously enough that he told Downer about it, and so it's Downer whom the plotters chose to squeal on Trump to American authorities, rather than having Mifsud do so, because Mifsud is an American Intelligence operative, a fact they wanted concealed. The more invisible Mifsud was made to be, the better. It just can't be coincidental that Mifsud and Downer both had conversations with Papa playing to the same plot. It was a pre-planned conspiracy to do evil against a man not guilty of the charges, who is now the president. And the president is powerless to help himself against these creatures of hell because the bulk Republicans will not go after them. Scared, many of them quit congress in 2018, and gave the House back to the monster. He himself will not go after them, and I have my doubts that Barr will. So, at any moment, this beast can strike again, and it can get its man back into the White House for to pillage the treasury more than before. They don't lust for power for nothing, or to do the peoples favors. Money and sinful pleasures is what makes their clocks go round.

But I am eager to discover what God has planned. He seems to be working with me to expose what He's doing about this. In my opinion, there is only one way to fight this: make many arrests all at once, even if they walk with corrupt judges, because a crackdown will send them running, each pointing fingers at others, and chaos in their camps will be the product. But such a crackdown takes guts and lots of self-protection, a willingness to risk sacrificing self for the cause. The war hawks don't mind sending young soldiers to die for the glory of the nation, yet they themselves are cowards who will not bring a threatening situation upon themselves to destroy the true enemy of the nation. It is not the Muslims, stupid, it's the rats in Intelligence and the upper levels of the military. If they can get Fox to paint Muslim terror as the true demon, they have won. And Fox is very willing to play the war-hawk cards, as is Trump, the STUPID IDIOT, the Tweety-Bird coward. He tweets up a storm, and that is all he does, because he sends the deep state the message that he won't touch it while speaking out against it. That's a great deal for the deep state: continued survival to rule another day.

Instead of quitting Fox in protest, Hannity looks like he'll stay on. If he does, what does that make him out to be as he claims to care for the nation? If for the money he makes he goes along with Fox guidelines on news stories, what a hypocrite, since Fox is unwilling to do damage to Intelligence, FBI and military. He says that Fox has never told him how to frame his stories, which is an acknowledgement that he frames his stories as he knows Fox will permit him to do so, without being asked. He knows what he can and cannot get away with from the codewords and tones of his bosses in meetings. This is not hard to understand. The tones will always ring out to the effect; we need the FBI on our side; we need the military on our side.

Look at the senate farce:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Sunday that the Senate’s impeachment trial could last as long as eight weeks if the chamber elects to hear from witnesses.

“I think it’s certainly possible that this trial could last one to two weeks. On the other hand, if the Senate makes the decision to go down the road of additional witnesses, that could extend it to six to eight weeks or even longer,” Cruz told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

And Graham is calling for a speedy trial instead of one several weeks long because the deal has already been made (with Pelosi?) not to introduce the Biden scandal. Cruz goes on: "'If the prosecution gets a witness, the defense gets a witness. If the prosecution gets two, the defense gets two. If the prosecution gets to call John Bolton, the prosecution gets to call Hunter Biden,' Cruz said. 'The Democrats are terrified about seeing a witness like Hunter Biden testify because they don’t want to hear evidence of actual corruption.'" But wait, Mr. Cruz. What are you subscribing to? He sounds as though he's already accepted that Biden's not coming to this party, because it's not true at all that Biden can be a part of it only if Bolton is. Cruz is informing us that the Senate leaders have no desire to bring in Biden, and the deal will be: no Bolton, no Biden. The House Democrats had already refused to bring in Bolton, perhaps as a pre-measure to keep the Bidens out of cross-examinations.

So, keep blowing those party whistles, BCP, and dance dance dance all-happy about your "beloved president," because the entire House is controlled by rats as he brags on about how wonderful he is. Mr. Legacy is on the throne with rats eating away at its decorated legs.

Here's some marriage counseling on the funny side:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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