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January 7 - 13, 2020

The Bongino Benjamites
The Rox of Wallachia's Muntenia and Oltenia
God's Programs At Hullmar Drive
Hippy Hippy Shakes and Steve Scalise

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On Monday morning I awoke with Annette on my mind. I wasn't enamored with her; she was a Christian friend. I don't know how it happened, but she and I went for a dip into my landlady's pool on RUMble avenue road. I probably didn't see her again after that afternoon. Nothing happened between us. Why would this event of almost 40 years ago be on my mind this morning? I asked whether the Annette surname was related to Vespasia Polla, for I know that Pools descended from her. It turns out that there is verification for that question in a way that reveals quite a lot of ancient things, and probably touches upon the Benjamites that were to topic in my last update (link at top of this page). (Use the Annette tab to load other Coats, to follow better).

There was a mythical woman by a name much like Annette, but I've forgotten where she is found. I had read that she was the wife of mythical Aeneus, symbol for Aenus, a location at the mouth of the Hebrews river, right beside a Sale location. See lower-right of dark map at top-right of Aegean sea:

The Sale surname happens to be the SALLETT too while Vespasia Polla lived in Rieti upon the SALTo river. It's that easy to prove that God set me up with Annette in that pool. But there's much more to say. The Hebros is where I trace the Aphrodite Hebrews that named Abruzzo, where the Salto river has its sources. The "SPERatum" motto term of Annette's can be gleaned for the Spears because the Annette Coat shares the Speer stars and the Speer / Spree crescent. The line of Vespasia Polla was definitely to Pollocks, first found in Renfrewshire with Speers.

The pool was at a home at Rumble and Libby, and Libbys (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's) have a giant lion in colors reversed from the same of Pools and Rieti-line Rita's. The Libby lion is that of Bruce's (anciently Brusi) too, whom I trace to "Abruzzi." One can thus trace Aphrodite Hebrews to the Breuci in the Benjamite/Jabesh theater of the Colapis river. The last update had the Benjamites at Rimna, suspect with the Rim/Rum/Rome surname, which, as you can see, has a RUMble-like variation. So, this morning's "vision" of Annette in the pool seems to be about the last update's Benjamite topic.

The Libby lion is that also of Hallams/Hallens (Yorkshire) while Hellens were near Breuci-like St. Brieuc. Hellens use horse heads, and there is a white horse head, between white wings, in the Crest of Tume's/Tombs, suspect with the "SperaTUM et compleTUM" motto on Annette's. The Tume's/Tombs share a green Shield with Pollocks and Quinns, and as I've said many times, a friend, Sharon Quinn, popped up at the home at Rumble and Libby because she was my landlady's friend. The Quinns use a white horse with white wings, very reflective of the Tume/Tomb Crest. In this picture, as I continue to explain this topic, the Quinns can be expected from Quince's, for Sforza's (Rome, same as Rita's) almost have the Rita lion, and the Sforza lion holds a quince. The Rita lion holds "pieces of wood" while Peace's/PAISE's are in Quinn colors, and look by their Paise variation like a branch of Paisleys/Pasleys at Renfrewshire.

The Helens were at CRESTon while Crests/Cressents are also Crete's/Crays, as are Scottish Creights/Craiths who in turn have a good reflection of the Rim/Rum/Rome Coat. It's pretty amazing here that the full Shield of Creights/Craiths is shared by Scottish Mochs while the Arnot area of Annette's is at PortMOAK. Moaks/Moke's even share the Speer / Annette crescent. The "Cura" motto term of Moaks/Moke's can be for Corrys/Currys sharing the saltire of Gospatricks, for the Dunbar write-up tells that Gospatricks were granted MochRUM while Scottish Mochs are also MOCHRys. See ending on Nimo variations.

Rims/Rums/Rome's are, by two pieces of evidence, of/from that ANANes Gauls, who look like the namers of the chief priest of Israel, ANANus, co-conspirator in Jesus' murder. The Annette's have stars colors reversed from the Annas star, and Ananus was also, Annas, by another spelling. Speer-beloved Annette's not only share the Creight/Craith / Moch/Mochry stars, but Annette's lived "in the lands of ArNOTT" (near Rothes) while Annas'/Arniss' were first found in NOTTinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes' who in turn have the Annas/Arniss stars. Annette's/Arnette's were near the Jardins with the Tease/Tyes / Annas/Arniss stars, as well as the Chief-saltire combination of ANNANdale's. Rims/Rums were at Annandale. Nimo's (Annette crescent?) have the Annandale saltire in the colors used for it by the Annandale Bruce's.

As all of this is from the Ananes Gauls at the Taro river, it's the trash can line (see last two updates) because the Caiaphas-like Cave's, in the Jardin motto, share the Caen/Can Shield. Caiaphas married Annas' daughter, and thus became the high priest. I hold a theory that he was related to Flavius Josephus, and perhaps he was still alive in about 70 AD when Josephus was adopted by the son / grandson of Vespasia Polla. We can see in much of this why God would put Annette into my head this morning, at the pool. That day was as little as two weeks from when God gave Mamie her thigh symbol, for Tease's/Tyes', at her GARDEN. Gardens/Jardens were first found in Angus with Jardins while Annette's were near Angus, or about and Annette's.

I may have met Mamie as little as a week before or after Annette in the pool, at which time I danced with her in her LIVING room. I expect Livings/Levins from Laevi to the Veins of Caiaphas and/or Annas, and so let's look more closely at the Arnot location of Annette's, for it's near Leven, and closer yet to GlenROTHES; the latter reminds me of nearby GlenLYON (Perthshire), location of the MAME's/Mens' (it's what "Mamie" pointed to). Arnot is about 20 miles south of Perth, you see, and Perth is at the TAY river while Tyes-like Tays/Teys' share three white martlets in Chief with the Living/Levin Chief. The "comPLETum" motto term of Annette's could be partly for Pletts/Platers/Platers, whose vine could be code for the Levine's/Livings/Levins and/or Levine's/Levi's.

It was a slow dance, and Slow-like Sallows with Swallows are Shropshire elements of the Alans while Dance's share the Alan fesse. Shropshire is where Levin-like Levens (Alan / dance colors) were first found, and they have the Annas / Tease/Tyes stars. I lived on LEVENdale when Mamie last was in my apartment. Shropshire is beside the first-known Sale's/Salletts, highly suspect from Sale near Annette-related Aenus.

The night with the dance with Mamie (in her living room) was my last night with Lorraine (had nothing to do with my leaving her for Mamie), and God gave Lorraine a pants symbol that night for Pansys/Pantzers, who share white-on-green doves with Peace's/Paise's, though the shade of green Shields are not the same, I wonder shy. Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with Velin and Velens, from/or mont Velino smack at the upper Salto in Abruzzo. This river flows down to Rieti, and it's Rita's who use the pieces of wood suspect with Peace's/Paise's. The Dol Alans (Shropshire, same as Levens) were related to Velens / Velins and, at least closely associated with Pollocks. Alans and Velens did show ducks at one time, and the LinkLETTERs, first found in Orkney with Peace's/Paise's, still do. The "RePULLulat" motto of Letter-branch Lauders looks like it can be for a Polla liner of the Pullen/Pully kind because they share the motto of English Patents while Scottish Patents are Patiens' too, which is the full motto of the Dove's/Dows expected in the Peace / Pansy doves. English Patents share the Leslie griffin head while Leslie's did marry Pollocks and in that way became rulers, if not owners, of Rothes castle. "RepulluLAT" must be for the Late's/Lets because their "ORGAN pipes" looks like code for ORKNey elements. English Lauders/Letters have an "alaRUM" motto term.

This would be a good place to ask why Benjamins show only a SALTire and annulets in their Shield. Saltire's/Salters were first found in Shropshire with the father of Pollocks. However, he may not have been a Pollock liner except that his sons lived at Pollok and, so it's said, they adopted that name. But why would anyone adopt a name from such a small locality? What importance could it have had that they were called Pollocks? Who named that location, I wonder?

There's links all over this. Patents share the SCHOLE/Scayle Shield, and "Skoal" is the full motto of Linkletters (ducks). I wrote Helen a letter in order to get her interested in me, and she and I later went out for a duck dinner at a buffalo-meat restaurant (I can't remember if she had buffalo). A buffalo head is used by POHLs/Pohlmanns (Silesia, partially in Poland), believe it or not.

I'd now like to remention Helen's CHOCoLATE treat because it was suspect partially for Late's/Lets and partially for Chocks/Chicks, the latter sharing to Pool / Rita lion. I believe that Silesia is also in Moravia while Rothes castle is at Scottish Moravia/Moray. I learned of the buffalo-meat place from PAUl Smith, and French Pohls (almost the Pool / Rita lion) are also Saint-Paul. The chocolate was left on her door knob by David while Knobs can be gleaned with Rothschilds/RODDENsteins, from Rothes castle. Davids have been linked solidly to Ade's/Aids who in turn have a version of the RODDEN/Rodham bend, which points to Hillary Clinton, I suppose.

My first evening with Lorraine was at Levendale and Yonge. I was living at Rumble and Libby when with Lorraine. The Rumble's not only share the Leven chevron, but both use three white items upon it. Rumble's share the Hamilton cinquefoil, and Hamiltons with Sallows and Swallows use trees. Tree's (can be linked to Lyons) were first found in Warwickshire while Warwicks share the Chock/Chick Coat. Warwicks (share axe with Drake's) were likely related to Poland's Warsaw. The latter is Masovia's capital, and the dukes of Masovia used the same wyvern dragons as Fly-loving Drake's, first found in Hampshire with Flys of Flavius. The latter term is exactly the surname that Vespasia Polla married.

I met Lorraine at Yonge and Levendale. Yonge's were first found in Essex with Chocks/Chicks, Tays/Teys' and the Quinn-like Quints sharing the Rumble and Leven chevron. The Quint lion paw is the Palin lion, and Palins are from Palinurus at the Laus bay while "laus" is a Rumble motto term. TYsons have the lion of Lyons (Perthshire) in colors reversed, and the Lyon lion is green, as is the Lorraine lion. It seems that all three ladies are pointing to things around Arnott, which is also near the Caiaphas-like Chives' of Tarves and the Caiaphas-like Chappes'/Cheaps of Stirling. Moreover, the Angus-like Annas' share the Annas / Jardin star.
Here's a map of the area.

Arnot is right beside Falkland, and the Jewish Falks (I'm not very familiar with) use what looks like a giant eagle in Lorraine-eagle colors. German Falks are the Fulks with eagle wings in the colors of the Jeepma/Chep/Jappa eagle. The latter happen to share the Zionist star of Hagars, the latter first found right there in Perthshire. See last update as per the Benjamites at the AGARus river.

Fulks are from the Flavians that Vespasia Polla married, for Fulke's/Volks were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks, what look like their branch, and Flys (Prat/Prad colors), looking like they have a form of a Pratt Coat (Palmer trefoil), were from FLAGi, also called, Flavius. Pratts are in the "Pratis" term in the Arms of Rieti, you see, and while Flags/Flecks (Norfolk, same as Palmers) share the double fesses of Palmers, German Plumers are FLAUms too, what looks like it (and Flemings) could have derived in "FLAVius." The Falkland location right there in the area of Annette's looks important for this Polla investigation, therefore.

As Josephus adopted the Flavius name, note that Flys (same place as English Josephs) have martlets colors reversed from those of French Josephs, and of the Polla-line Pullys/Pullens. The latter share the scallops of Sabine's (Norfolk, same as Flags and Fulke's) because Vespasia Polla was marred to Flavius Sabinus. So, the imperial Flavian line was in Anjou.

Fulks/Falks were first found in BRANDENburg while German Brandons have a version of the Fulk/Falk Coat but with giant wings in the colors of the Jewish Falk bird. As Brandenburg is beside the Neisse area of Poland, I'll bet that the English Brandons (share the Buck lion) are using the double fesses of Neise's/Ness'/Nice'/Nessans (Fifeshire, right close to Arnot). Speers/Speyers are from Spree-Neisse, and while the Arms of Spree-Neisse uses the antler, so do English Bucks while German Bucks (probably the Fulk/Falk wings in Crest) were first found in Brandenburg. There's a Buckhaven near Leven above, and Levens were first found in Shropshire with the father of Peter Pollock.

Jewish Glass' essentially have the Coat of German Brandons while Scottish Glass' have the Annette stars and the Moray-Crest mermaid for a link to Peter Pollocks at Rothes castle, for his family lives at GLASgow. German Brands must be borrowing the Coat of Morays and Handle's (Silesia, could be at Spree-Neisse). English Brands have hands in Fulk/Falk colors.

I'd like to record here that English Bucks (Norfolk, same as Hips') share a nebuly-split Shield with Hips', while the previous owner of my Jeep, who was in the door-handle dream, has a hip problem as a potential pointer to the shooting of Steve Scalise in the hip (see last update for that.)

Entry of Glass' to this discussion is very good for Glasgow elements to which I expect the Polla line to Pollocks. We saw that Miss Polla's line is to be expected with Annette's, and the latter have two stars in Chief in the colors of the three stars in the Chief of Mochs/Mochrys, first found in Lanarkshire. The Glass' have stars too, and Glasgow is between Lanarkshire and the Polla-line Pollocks in Renfrewshire. The latter is where Hamiltons were first found who share the cinquefoil of Rumble's. Annette and I took a dip in the pool at the corner of Rumble and Libby.

Who else may have been from the Vespasia-Polla line? Well, Rita's use "pieces of wood" while Woods use the tree, a main symbol of Hamiltons. Woods were first found in Leicestershire, and the Arms of Leicestershire happen to share the ermined-white cinquefoil of Hamiltons. Moreover, Leicester was ruled by the Beaumonts of Meulan/MELLANT while Hamiltons have: "The [Hamilton] Clan traces its origin to the Earls of Mellent in Normandy..."

No Piece surname comes up, but Irish Mellents/Melons (GREYhound head) are in Peace/Paise colors while Paisley is at Glasgow. Scottish Mellents/Millens (share Diamond/Dymott motto), in Jeepma/Jappa colors, share the Chief of JOPlins who otherwise share the GREY Coat, which could suggest that the latter have the Montford lion because Simon de Montfort took over Leicester by marriage with Beaumonts. Millens are thought to share the BUCHANan lion, and the latter are from Buxentum at Palinurus.

Now it seems to me that Lorraine should have something to do with Polla's line too. First of all, Lanarks are LARnacks too, and the Lowry-branch Laurie's happen to share the tree stump and "RePULLulat" motto of Lauders/Letters. "Laura" is a motto term of Lorraine's (share laurel with Lowrys and Laurie's). Laurels are also Lorels/Laure's (same lion as French Pole's). God gave Lorraine a pants symbol for Pansys/Pantzers and Panters. The latter share "spur rowells" with PANs/Payens, and a frying PAN is used by German Pole's/Polls/Pohls. French Paine's/Payne's are in the colors of Leo's, and the latter are expected from Pierleoni Jews at Rome, where Rita's were first found with the Sforza's sharing the lion of French Pole's and Laurels/Laure's.

I'm not sure where God wants me to go with this Annette topic. It's Tuesday morning and I haven't had a clue as to why I'm writing on this. Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine is a Duck liner because, to my great surprise, the Arms of Bar-le-Duc use pansies, code for Pansys/Panters, first found in Westphalia with duck-using Velins / Velens and Ducks. I was awesomely amazed to find those pansies recently, many years after claiming that God gave Lorraine her pants symbol, and many years after claiming that it was for the Pansys/Pantzers. If nothing more, believe that God lives. He's making it plain in this one thing alone. Her pants symbol came with a grass STAIN upon them at the back of her thigh, and this could perhaps be for the Stains (Yorkshire, same as Palms/Parms) because they share the double Fesses of Flags/Flecks and Palmers/Parmers.

Velins are from Velino, in the highlands off of the Salto river that flows to Rieti. The Annette's pointed us to Aenus, near Sale, and mythical Annette (or some spelling like that) was wife of Aeneus. Then, long after Aeneus was coined by a myth writer, along comes Virgil to invent mythical Aeneas,' founder of Rome. It therefore appears that Annette in the pool was symbol of the founder of Romans of the Rita kind.

The Curetes of Crete are suspect to the Quirites cult of Sabines, the latter having been co-founders of Rome. Mont Sabine is at Rieti along the Salto river. Aenus at the mouth of the Hebros, right beside the Sarpedon point, and mythical Sarpedon was a part-Tyrian from Crete, recalling the Crest/Crete surname with a Cray variation while Scottish Crays/Creights/Craiths look like their Coat is linkable to that of Rims/Rums/ROME's. Why do they have a Rome variation? I say (with good evidence) that Romans were founded by Benjamites from Israel's Rimmon through Romania's Rimna river. It's close to the BUZau river, and BUS' (Norfolk, stacked with Rieti / Flavian / Polla liners) happen to share the RUMble cinquefoil. So, you see, God located me at Rumble and Libby for this reason of discovering Rumble's from the Rimna area, and I've got to assume that those Benjamites went to Lorraine because I was with Lorraine while living there, yet I also was in a pool with Annette immediately before moving out.

As Rumble's share the Quint chevron, I can assume that the line of Quintus Caepio is involved, I trace him to the Kupa river of the Japodes for good reasons, and the Benjamites were married to women of Jabesh-Gilead, what I see as proto-Japodes. Virgil was writing his mythology on behalf of his emperor, Augustus, and it just so happens that Augusts share the fesse of Rims/Rums/Rome's. Augustus is suspect in naming an Angusta location off of a Siret tributary not far north of the Rimna tributary (of the Siret). Augusts even share a black talon with Saltz's i.e. expected from Salto-river liners.

If I recall correctly, the granddaughter of Quintus Caepio the younger married a Livius surname, suggesting that it's to the Levens and Libbys, for I first met Lorraine on my date at Levendale, and lived at Libby and Rumble while dating her. As I've said many times, i asked her out earlier that day at her BUS stop, you see, at the corner of Lorraine-like LORNE and Yonge. It now appears that we can be confident in tracing Lorraine elements to the Buzau, and moreover it tends to clinch the Bus surname (Norfolk, same as flame-using Benjamins) with the Buzau. I get the impression that my task is to prove a Benjamite ancestry for Flavians.

I should repeat that I spent a weekend with Miss Peare (no sex) as little as a month before asking Lorraine out at her bus stop, because, I figure, Rumble's share the Peare leopard face, and Peare's are expected from the Pierleoni Jews. They were named after pope Leo while Italian Leo's have a passant lion in Rita-lion colors, you see. It's just a single lion in a Chief, same as Crests/Crete's having what could be the Levi/Levine / CAPONE lion. The granddaughter of Quintus Caepio was Servilia CAEPIONis. Her name is suspect from SERVitium, near the Japodes, what looks like the proto-Serbs from SARPedon.

When I spent the weekend with Peare, I was probably living at Levendale. I still had a car with Peare, but not when living at Rumble. The PYRzewsky variation of German Leo's is a dead give-away for tracing them to Pierleoni. German Leo's were first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs while Trypillians lived at the Rimna / Buzau rivers. To the near south of the Buzau, if not along it's southern banks, were the Sensii that I trace to Sion, and it just so happens that Sions/Swans share the passant Leo lion. The Sens'/Senns were first found in Switzerland with Sion.

Emailer Patterson had a dream with a blue lion having a name upon it, "something like Cappeo," she wrote to me. I didn't know the Caepio's at the time. Libbys use a giant, blue lion, colors reversed from the same of Rita's and Pools. The Libby lion is that of Bruce's (Yorkshire, same as Libbys), from the Breuci in the Kupa-river land of Japodes, not far up the Sava from Servitium. The Rumble cinquefoil is that also of Hamiltons, and Hamiltons place a SAW in their tree, code, we can assume, for the Saw variation of Sava-like Shaws (cups for Kupa liners). Savage's/Sava's use a "pro" term suspect for Pierleoni liners to Pero's/Pierro's at the Pavia location of Laevi Gauls. Miss Peare is Christine, and Christine's essentially share the Saw/Sava Coat.

Plus, Lorraine lived at Church street (Richmond Hill, Ontario) closest to Lorne, when we were dating, and SAWyers (Norfolk, stacked with Rieti liners) use a "Cherches" motto term. I'm not sure whether I should bother mentioning that the Sawyer martlets are in the colors of the Tay/Tey martlets. I wish I could remember where the Plumbing Mart store was that Kepke got me a job at, whether it was directly across the bus stop where I asked Lorraine out. It was either there or a few properties down in the plaza with Joe Fix's restaurant. The Sawyer checks are shared with Pelaiz's (half the Pollock saltire), suspect with the Place's/Plaiz's in the Rim/Rum/Rome motto, perfect.

Miss Peare was engaged to Ukrainian Mr. Kepke when I knew her. His brother was married to Miss Walsh while Walsh's/Walchs are from Wallachia at the Rimna / Buzau theater. His brother worked in plumbing, and so both brothers went into plumbing retail for the long haul. It's therefore interesting that German Plumers are also Flaums while Pero's/Perino's use a "FLAMing star" while Benjamins, with a version of a Walsh/Walch Coat, use flames. Moreover, as though God wants us to trust these implications / expectations, Kepke left Peare and got engaged to Miss Walsh's sister.

As George Bush married LAURA Walsh, doesn't it seem that God is sending a message here of a Bush trace to the Buzau along with Laurel / Lorraine liners. After all, Kepke was himself Lawrence while Lawrence's are a branch of Laurie's (giant Kupa-river cup). Lawrence's were at RedMAINE while Reds/Reeds are Rieti liners, and while I think Demaine's (share Petro fleur) are from the Flavians. You can't appeal to event after event in your life to make heraldry work this well / perfect. God needs to be the author of the events for the express purpose of making heraldic links. I know how crazy this claim sounds.

The last time Kepke visited me, I was living at Demaine crescent and dating Kelly, wherefore it's maybe not coincidental that Kellys share the Rita / pool lion...especially as the Kellys have a version of the Abruzzo/Abreu Coat! The latter's tower is in both colors of the Pellican tower, and, zikers, Pellicans, in the pelican of Polla-liner Pullys/Pullens, were first found in Maine with Demaine's! Excellent.

Aha! Although I've stressed German Plumers/Flaums because they share the REITman hexagrams, and because Miss Peare worked for Reitmans when Kepke met her, lookie at the motto of English Plumers: "ConSULTO et audacter." It's got to be for Salto-river liners out of Rieti because Pollocks use "audacter" too!! Wow, God made Kepke my long-time friend in my youth for these reasons at hand (and more). English Plumers even share the JOPlin stars. Sale's/Salletts have fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from the ones of June's, that being the line from Junia Caepionis, the name of three daughters of Servilia Caepionis, and thus June's are Livius liners now expected to Libbys.

REIDs/Reeds, with a Rieti-like Ried variation, were first found beside Angus, and the REIDman Chief looks connectable to the Angus Chief because Reitmans have the neighboring Rose's in the Shield. English Reeds are also Riets. The red Reitman rose has a stem, as do the red SCHERE/Scherf roses, and the Shops/SHERlands/Shawlands happen to have Chief-Shield colors in reversed from the same of Reitmans. Christine Peare had a white horse, symbol of Jewish Rothchilds (no 's'). The latter, along with Rothschilds/RODDENsteins (with an 's') share the bend of RODDENs/Rodhams, and the Reitman star is that also of ROTENs. It's got the Pollocks of Rothes all over it because Peare's are expected from Vespasia Polla along with Reids/Reeds/Rieds.

After she left Reitmans, Miss Peare worked for Sony electronics. There is a Sonny surname sharing roughly the Rind Coat, and Rinds have a "DiuTURNitate" motto term suspect with Turano-river liners, for Rieti is at the confluence of the Turano and Salto rivers. Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire with Reeds/Reits/Riets, how about that. Plus, Rinds formed to so-called mill rind symbol, and one giant one is in the English TURNer Coat. These Turners were even first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's so that, apparently, God arranged for her to work at Sony for this reason of finding Turners from the Turano river. Turins even share the bend of Kepke-like Keeps. German Turners share the elephant trunks with Swedish Thors, and the towers of English Thors in colors reversed. The TRUNks (share bull with Turin) look like they could have developed from TURNers / Turins, and the two Zionist stars of Trunks are even those of Pero's/Perino's. All of this Turano-suspect material thanks to Sonnys, but there's more.

Soams/SONE's/Soans (Suffolk, same as Mallets) have mallets while Mallets share the Sonny / Rind / Ware scallops. I took Ware's (look like a Voir branch) from Warwicks sharing the Pool / Rita lion. "Voir" is a motto term of Oliphants while Mallet-line Melita is beside the Elaphiti islands. The double Voir lions in pale are colors reversed from the same of Ware's (Vere's were Massey kin), and the Voirs (at VANNES) are using the lion of Maschi's of Rimmon-like Rimini, beside Fano of the Fane's/VANs. It appears that Sonnys > Sone's have taken us to Benjamite blood. Ware's were at PICKENham, likely the line of Picenze, my mother's place of birth who had a Masci mother. Melita is near the island of Vis while Voirs have a "Vis" motto term. The regent(s) of king Pinnes were at Vis while Maschi's have PINE cones. Voirs are said to have married Margesons, who come up as Mackesys.

The Trunk bull heads are those also of Pollock-like BulLOCKs/Bollocks ("conSCIRE"), who use LOCKerbie axes while Lockerbie is in Dumfries, where Bullys/Bollys (share flames with Pero's/Perino's) were first found who in turn have three mascles in the colors of the three Lockerby roses (around a chevron in Bullock-chevron colors). In colors reversed, the latter's roses are those of Pierro's/Pero's.

I told a theory about a month ago that the Assi's/Asse's are Axe-river liners from the Axius river of Paionia. And here I find an "ASSIduitate" motto term with the Locks/Licks. It's good because of the Lockerby axes we just saw. They look more like blades, but apparently they were changed to axe's for their Axe-river kin (I had read that Bullocks use Lockerbie axes). The Lockers (Somerset, same as two Axe rivers and Paioni-line Payne's/Paine's) appear to use the blades of a sword only, and German Plate's/Blate's share the swan (same design) in Crest with the Lock Crest while Blade's (probably the Pollock / Frank saltire in white) are Blate's too. Lockers are LockWEERs too while Were's/Wears (probably a Ware branch) are said to have been on an Axe river...probably the one to Seaton (Devon) because Seatons/Sittens were of swan-line Sion. Sions/Swans come up as Soam-like Some's.

Weers/Vere's/Weirs (Moray stars) were first found in Roxburghshire with Bullocks/Bollocks and the Leavells sharing three, black-on-white piles with Laughers/Lochers (they are the Latter/Latta/Lawta piles in colors reversed).

I always trace swan-liners such as Locks/Licks to Lychnidus, right beside Paionia. English Licks/Lucks make the Lock/Lick saltire look like the Schutz saltire (in colors reversed). The Lick/Luck pelican (and probably all pelicans) is for Pelagonia, between Lychnidus and Paionia. It would be interesting if Pelagonia named Bologna, for I think "VesPASia" was formed partially of Bologna's Pasi's. Pelagonia' may have named the Vespasia-line Pullens (pelican). Pelagonia may have been named by the tribe of Peleg, a son of Eber and therefore a Hebrew tribe. Rieti is not far north of Abruzzo's Hebrews.

Back to the Turins, for they use a "fortuna" motto term while Fortuna's look linkable to the Bologna's. The latter could have the split Fulke/Volk / Fleck Shield because Bologna-like Pollocks/POLKs can possibly have been Fulk cousins. Are Bullocks/Bollocks from Bologna's?

The Turin boars are shared by the Bards/Beards while the Brittany Beards share a red bull with Sabine's. The Turin-like Turano flows along mount Sabina. It suggests the line of Flavius Sabinus and Vespasia Polla through the bull of Turin. Note that the Bards/Beards have the Leslie griffin, for Leslie's married Pollocks and thus acquired Rothes. .

I've never determined whether French Benjamins/Jamins/JAMMES' are a corruption of "Benjamin," or a James merger, for example, with Benjamins. James' do share the Pool lion. I almost missed it: the Lock/Lick saltire is the Benjamin saltire too, and the Drin river out of lake Lychnidus flows past lake Scodra, where I trace Schutz's/Shutz's with a saltire in colors reversed. Licks/Lucks share the black greyhound with Schutz's, the symbol also of the Pennys/Penes', from the proto-Pendragon Penestae on the Drin. I reason that the latter were Paionians from Panias of Phoenicia, and I was asking whether the Banias version of that place was a Benjamite thing. Bologna's use greyhounds.

In any case, red roundels are shared between the Arms of French Boulogne and the Bens/Bends. The latter are probably important enough in heraldry that they named the bend. Here's from the Ben/Bend write-up: "Other records show that the name was also a nickname derived from the Christian name Bennet or Benjamin and was frequently used by the Benedictine monks." Later, it says "JAMES Ben, Bane, Bene, BENNET or Biort (d. 1332), was Bishop of St. Andrews...'by Fordun he is called Jacobus Benedicti; while the name on his tombstone was Jacobus [same as James above] dominus de Biurt.'" Birds/Burds were first found in Cheshire with Bens/Bends. This is extremely interesting because Bennets and their Benedict branch were from Pierleoni, from pope Leo Benedict, or at least named after him. The Ben/Bend Crest has the James-Crest lion, yet the James Shield shares the Pool / Rita lion, in Leo-lion colors too. Is this the reason for the Benjamins/Jammes'? James' are said to be from Jacobs, perhaps from James/Jacob above. It reminds me that the last time I remember my FireBIRD, I was seeing Miss Peare for the weekend. I had split up from Roxanne BENNET a few months earlier, perhaps as few as two or three months.

Scottish Bennets were first found in Perthshire, the area of the Annette's, and the two surnames have stars colors reversed from one another. The Scottish Benedict Coat looks like the one of Pratt-like Prets in the "Tout PRET" motto of Morays. Pratts are in the "Pratis" term in the Arms of Rieti, right? This is good evidence that the line of Flavius Petro of Rieti went to the Pierleoni.

English Benedicts were first found in Warwickshire, while Warwicks share the three James lions. Annette and I were in the POOL. James' were first found in Surrey with WICKs ("nihilo") who in turn share axes with WarWICKs. Vere's use "nihil" (Nihill variation of Neils). English Benedicts use a "roy" motto term while Roys share the James / Pool / Rita / Warwick lion too as well as red roundels with Bens/Bends. Roys are excellent for being first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans/Some's, for the latter have the passant Leo lion.


Lanarkshire is where Scottish Allisons were first found whose "Truth preVAILs" motto term suggests Truths/Trots, Pero's and Vails/Velis'/Volleys. If the latter is using the Julian cross, then consider that Augustus was the heir of Julius Caesar while my best shot at locating Angusta was off the TROTus river. We are at the Ukraine frontier with that river, and Scottish Allisons are from the Kepke-line Keppoch branch of MacDonalds. Truths/Trots share six pale bars with German Julians, and they are almost the pale bars of Scottish Walkers, expected from Wallachia, which may have touched upon the Trotus. Walsh's/Walchs use a "TRANSfixus" motto term while Romania was once, TRANsylvania

Note how the Cabbage's (Benjamin colors) have a "ReBUS angustis" motto phrase, looking like it honors something from the Buzau. A Bacau region is stamped on my atlas along the northern banks of the Trotus while Bacons share the Bus cinquefoil. Bacau is a city off the Siret down-river from Roman. The Cabbage Chief has the Baker-Chief lion, suggesting that Bakers were Bacau elements. Hmm, Italian Romania's/Romans may be with the Fleming wolf. Spanish Romans have a pale bar in the colors of the Truth/Trot pale bars.

I am sure that God just gave me evidence that I'm on the right track here, because a song just sang "truth" and "name" while I was looking at the Romania/Roman Coat, which recalled that I trace Name's/Neams the a Neampt region between the BistRITA and Trotus rivers. It appears that God just verified this trace, though I was never able to prove it (I had abandoned it).

I've told the story many times of Kepke and I sitting on my HOOD when Allison was leaving me. We all worked for a grocery store, and she was leaving me at the grocery-store parking lot. More than 40 years later, God caused someone to leave a medallion on the hood of my Jeep, code for Benjamites / Jabeshite's, I now feel sure. Hoods share the bird of Allisons, by the way. The grocery stores suggested Groce's/Greggs, who happen to have the split Shield of Romania's/Romans. Is that not amazing? The MEDALlion was for the Medals/Dougals and their Hood-related kin of Bauds. And here I find that the Medal/Dougal and Baud quadrants are colors reversed from the Name/Neam quadrants. God takes His time, for the right timing, to reveal what His events are for.

You see, KEPke, like the Chep variation of Jeepma's, is Ukrainian, as is Miss Muskatov, and I never saw her again after my age 22, until I was 46, when I bumped into her in a grocery store. It appears that those grocery stores have to do with the Roman location about 35 miles from Piatra-Neamt (Rock of Neamt?). The Medal/Dougal lion is also the Rita lion, and here we might have evidence that Rieti liners were from the BistRITA! Wow. I had been asking whether the Flavians of Rieti might be Benjamites; maybe so. The city of Bacau is at the mouth of the Bistrita at the Siret = AGARus river. Hagars share the Jeepma/Jappa hexagram, and the eagle of Vails (Allison motto) is in the colors of the Jeepma/Jappa eagle.

AHH, almost missed it. The six Truth/Trot pale bars are those of Coats', from the Cotesii on the Buzau river! Miss Peare pointed to the Waistell-branch Cottians, whom I think were from Cotesii. A song just sang, "Your name," from the song, BLESS the Lord O My Soul." The Bless'/Bleys'/Blois' ("FELICitas") look like the Bles/Bley variations of Bleds, for Bless' have a "VirTUS" motto term while Bleds/Bles' have a "Tous" motto term. Bled is just north of the Japodes! I can understand this song miracle, to this degree, anyway.

There's always more to things, with God. French Blois' happen to share the Sens/Senn patee, and the Sensii were to the direct south of the Cotesii on the Buzau! BLESS His NAME.

Bless' share the Petro / Demaine fleur-de-lys, and Petro's are traceable to Flavius Petro, father of Vespasia Polla's husband. I dated Miss Muskatov while living at Demaine crescent.

Italian Felix's, first found in Rome with Pierleoni and Rita's, are in Leo colors. "Truth PREvails" can be a Trotus-river merger with Pierleoni "Jews"...from Benjamites? Truths/Trots share the bear with French Benjamins/Jammes', ah, er James?

Question: why did the medallion on the hood have "Saint Petersburg Russia" stamped upon it? It's still a mystery.

The theory with "BISTrita" was its being named also by what became the Bissets (Ross-shire, beside Rothes at Moray). The "REVIResco" motto term of Bissets suggests the Revere's and their River branch, who share the giant lion of Massins/Masons, who in turn share the Moray Crest. The Revere's, who are also REDvere's as if to signal their Rieti > Reed / RITA line, have a lion in the colors of the Name/Neam lion head, and it just so happens that English Peters, the ones with the Rothes raven so as to indicate Peter Pollock, have both lions heads of Name's/Neams, what a huge score. Peter-like PIATRA-Neamt happens to be on the BistRITA! Rothes is at Moray, and Basset-like BASTons/Batons connect with Moray's first earl (I'll show how-so later).

If correct that Revere's share the Massin/Mason lion closely, it's a reason to trace NUMIDia to "NEAMT." King Massena of Numidia seems to apply, and his father, Gala, may have been from Galati elements. Numidians had a capital at CIRTa, and Neamt is off the SIRET. Massins/Masons were first found in Kent with Rothes' and Bist-like Bests. French Bests look like a Basset/Besancon branch, and share the Moray star with what could be the Name/Neam lion. French Bests were first found in Languedoc with Cotta's while the "legiBUS" motto term of English Bests can indicate Cotesii on the Buzau. Dutch Bests use four fesses looking linkable to the four points of German Busts, and then Scottish Busts/BOASTs happen to share the cinquefoils of English Bests. Moreover, the Neam-like Nemo's/Nimo's use a "boast" motto term!!!! Wow. Nemo's were from Neamt, I feel sure, and Bests / Boasts are from its Bistrita-river elements.

Bust/Boasts are said to be of Bosco's, and Italian Bosco's (Piedmont, same as royal Cottians) share a tree stump with Bissets. French Bests ("MONStrat"), I now see, have an "ANIMi" motto term! If Strattens are in the motto term, they share a blue fesse with Name's/Neams. Aha! Strattens throw in blue roundels, called, hurts, and the Hurts (Oxfordshire) share the Best / Bust/Boast cinquefoils! Hurts (Bank colors) have an arrow in their stag, and Arrows/Arras' (Arda-like ARTois) share the fleur-de-lys of Benjamin-suspect Banks, perfect. I am so impressed by these good links. Arrows'/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with Bassets, and with Moray-beloved Prets who look like they share a Benedict Coat.

Hurts are used also by SALTire's/Salters (roundels in two colors) along with ten billets, almost the eleven billets of Bassets/Besancons. Saltire's/Salters can be gleaned with the Alans of Arundels and Alan-related Rundels/Roundels (Kent, same as BENGs/Bings/Bongs and Rothes' (share BENG/Bing/Bong lion); the Rothes' were said for years, until the past year, to be first found in Shropshire).

I should repeat here that I trace the Maritsa name of the Hebros to the Mures river near the Bistrita. That's a way for the Binni of the Hebros (at the proto-Arthur Arda river) to have been related to the Benjamites (whatever they were called) at the Rimna. Sale, suspect with the naming of the SALTo river, is near the mouth of the Maritsa. The Marsi (probably Merovingian founders) of the Salto are thus expected from the Maritsa. Merovingians were partly Salian Franks, and the Salian surname is with SALEmans. I trace proto-Abruzzo Aphrodite to the Hebros, and though she was the lover of Ares, he became mythical Mars to the Romans probably due to the Aphrodite Hebrews on the Maritsa. Myth made mythical Hebros a brother of Kikon, and Sale is in the land of Cicones/KIKons. The CHICKs/Chocks share the pool / Rita lion.

The Binn surname ("MORTar" in Crest) happens to share the Moor head of Morano's while Sale is beside Maronia. The Binnys/Binnings ("DOLoque") use a reflection of the Sale/Sallett Coat (beside the Dol Alans and Saltire's/Salters of Shropshire). The Bens/Bends (Cheshire, beside Saltire's/Salters) share red roundels with Saltire's/Salters. The Schutz's have a saltire colors reversed from the Benjamin saltire, and Schutz's are expected from lake Scodra with the Scotts and Scoots who share a white border on red Shield with Saltire's/Salters. Morters/Morte's/Motts/MOTTINs are expected from Modena elements, and Morano's, Marano's and Morinis' were all first found in Modena. Although this doesn't prove that Binni at the Maritsa were Benjamites, it tends to link them to Sale.

As Binnys/Binnings (reflection of the Sale/Sallett Coat) share the star of Polesdons (Cheshire, same as Sale's/Salletts), I might venture to guess that the father of Pollocks were Polesdons first, explaining why they moved to Polok i.e. with their relatives there. The father of Pollocks, FULbert, was suspect with the Fullers even before I discovered PASleys sharing their triple fesses. Irish Fullers share a brown horse with Binnys/Binnings. The line of Vespasia Polla at the Salto is expected through Maine with Demaine's and Pellicans, and it just so happens that the Binny/Binning horse has its MANE emphasized. Maine's (share double Perche chevrons) share a black pheon (probably a Paionian symbol) with the Sale/Sallett Crest. Alan-beloved Bellamys of Perche were beside Maine, and the Bellamy Coat looks like a version of the Ben/Bend Coat (minus the besants).

Back to the Moray-beloved Prets, keeping in mind that Pratt liners were in Rieti. Not only is the Benedict Coat a reverse-format version of the Pret Coat, but the "De bon" motto phrase of Benedicts and Bennets gets what could be the Rita lion in the Debon/Bono Coat. The other half of the Debon/Bono Coat is the Good lion, and so it's notable that Debons/Bono's are also Buono's, the Italian word for "good." "Bene" also means 'good" so that "Benedict" may have been named after a good thing. Italian Bene's are also Benato's.

Hmm, they say that "Benedict" means, "blessed." Where did we see that term? We saw it with a song-line miracle as per "truth" and "name" that pointed to two areas off the Siret, and it just so happens that while I've linked Sire's/Sirets to Sibals, Segni's/Segurana's and the Arms of Vilnius, there is a Blessed/Blissett/Blizzard surname sharing the blue moline with Sibals and Segni's/Segurana's. That is pretty amazing, as though Benedicts should be from Benjamites of the Siret. The Astikas' of Vilnius are to the Sticks who share the Coat of Goods/Guts. Very impressive.

While Pierleoni were named partly after a Peter too, they lived on the TIBER river while Revere's were at TIVERton, thus making an apparent link between Rome and the Siret's Roman location. Ukrainian Romans have roses that can be for the Rose's at Rothes / Moray, but Rose's were also beside Ross-shire, where Bissets were first found who brought us to Revere's. The lion of Ross', whom I trace to Hungarians of the Drummond kind, now becomes suspect as the Bennet lion. Proto-Hungarians were Magyars in Ukraine, and the Budini of Ukraine may have named Buda, what became the Hungarian capital, the capital also of Attila the Hun. Were Benjamites in the veins of Hungarians? Attila's brother, Bleda, is suspect at Bled, beside the Lesce location that I trace to Hungarian Leslie's. Bled is right near the Benjamite Japodes. The Bless'/Bleys' look like Bled liners.

OH WOW. Buda spread out into Best-like Pest so that it's now Budapest, and Bests looked like they were from the Bistrita (with Name's/Neams)!!! Heraldry is the best tool to use for making geographical links absent historical records.

For those of you who know my claim that God set me up in church with a blazer and TREBle-clef tie (suggested the TRABY-Astikas marriage), let me say here the Cleffs/Cliffs are said to have married the Stick--branch Stichs while Blazers/Blaise's named a Bley location. Treble's were first found in Devon with Trebys and Revere's (beside Sticks). The Blaise-like Place's/PLAISE's are expected from Placentia, thanks to the Rim/Rum Coat, and the Trebia river (suspect from Trypillians) happens to flow to Placentia. The Blaze variation of Blazers/Blaise's now brings to mind the flames around the rim of the trash can.

My blazer had small green-and-black checks, and the only ones I know of with them are the Linkletters, who share the mallard duck with Tracys/Trasse's/Tresse's. The latter were fundamental to the trash can along with Trashers/Tresure's (Fleming kin) and Tarrs/Tarres'/Taro's of Somerset. The trash can traced well with Caens/Cans (near Tracy) to the Taro river, and the Annette-related Ananes Gauls lived between the Taro and the Trebia. Yup, that's right. Note LINKletters, for Vires'/Verona's/Vairs include the Linch/Lynch Coat. The Vairs/Viers'/Fers' almost use the Dutch Flaming Coat. German Flamings/Flemings almost have the Romania/Roman Coat.

It was the first time I wore a tie to that church in Texas, though I attended about 100 times. I wore a tie with musical treble clef on it (got it for my birthday), for Miss Hicks, because she's a singer, and because I thought God promised me (in 1979) that she would become my wife. So, when the pastor asked everyone to stand next to someone to pray for them, Miss Hicks came over to me, took both hands in hers, and PRAYed...on the day I wore this tie. How much do you want to bet that Singers (Devon again) share three garbs with Sticks? (A song just sang "beauty," which was a surname that God pointed to in that 1979 dream.) How much do you want to bet that Prays share the six Truth/Trot pale bars!!! This is new right here! The Chief of Prays (County Down) might be the Trope/Drop Chief/

Yes, English Singers use the Stick garbs as well as a white courant horse, symbol of Waistells (expected from the Buzau river). German Singers share the bear with Truths/Trots. The six Truth/Trot pale bars are almost those of Sturs while the Stur river flows in Somerset and Dorset, where Sticks and Beautys (and Pools) were first found respectively. The Prays are said to have been PRATers and Praiths, suggesting the Pratt / Pret liners from Rieti.

The white wolf is shared between English Prays/Praters/Prathers, Italian Romania's/Romans and Gore's/Core's while the latter share the crosslets of Trips, from the Trypillians of Ukraine, though Wikipedia has them in Moldova too (along the Siret). Roman is at the mouth of the Moldova river.

It's interesting that while MOLD/Mauds/Maids, who can be in the merMAID of Morays, use a version of the Monmouth Coat, Howells of Monmouth have towers in the colors of the tower top of Sire's/SIRETs (have a mirror, often comes with the mermaid).

I'd like to go now to the "baton" of the Libby Crest, not forgetting that my living at Libby and RUMBle can be expected from Rims/Rums at Annandale, where Adam Kilconquhar traces by way of the English and Scottish Adam surnames, first found in Annandale with the Bruce's (Yorkshire, same as English Bruce's) sharing the giant Libby lion. The idea here is that Rims/Rums get us to the Siret river, where Baston-like Bests and similar others seemed to be tracing well. The Rimna is next to the Bus-suspect Buzau, and Rumble's share the Bus cinquefoil. It looks like Intelligent Design for my moving to Libby and Rumble.

My place there had a pool for Pollock liners, and so note that a cross in Pollock-saltire colors is used by Borderlands Adams. I have it recorded that the Libby Crest is a baton, likely code for Basset-like Bastons/Batons, who share the bat with the Moray Randolphs. Not only Pollocks, but BistRITA-suspect Bissets, were at the Moray-Ross area. The giant Rita lion is colors reversed from the same of Libbys, and the latter's is blue, as is the Revere lion while Revere's are suspect in the Bisset motto. It's working.

Adams play to this where the first earl of Moray (Thomas Randolph) was the son of the above-mentioned Adam Kilconquhar, with Marjory Carrick as the mother who was wife also of a Bruce of Annandale. That should explain why English Adams have the Randolph cross in colors reversed, and moreover the Adam cross is in the colors of the saltire cross of Annandale's. The Rose's of the Moray-Ross area share the water bouget with bat-using Bugs, and red roses are used by French Adams and French Bastons/Batons. On the map above, the Siret is the Heirasus, and one can see BASTarnicae beside it, on what I think is the Moldova river. Piatra-Neamt is one major river south of the Moldova, and judging by the length of "Bastarnicae," they lived also at Neamt.

The questions are whether Batons are from BADON, a grandson of Mummolin, and whether Badon's line merged with the namers of Bistrita so as to form "Baston." The Baths can apply to Batons because they share the cross of bat-using Randolphs. The Baton-like Beatons/Beths, known to be from king MacBeth of Moray, look like Batons and Baths; the latter surname was first found in Somerset with Battins/BADONs. AsaMUM at Ragusa has become suspect with a line to/from Mummolin, and to Assi's/Asse's whose fasces has an axe head while two Axe rivers are found in Somerset. Rumble's have a "laus" motto term while Ragusa was also, Laus. Moray's Arbuthnotts have a "laus" motto term.

Now, there was good evidence that the Axe rivers were from Paionians on the Axius, which flows through Stobi, the line to Stops/Stubbs, which God connected to Lorraine's BUS stop. It just so happens that Stops/Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire with Bast-like Bassets. Stobi is near the Paeonian city of AstiBUS. Asty happen to share the Lorraine lion, you see. Astibus is on the river of the Maedi, and the Meads (share "pret" with Morays), first found in Somerset, married Arthur's of Somerset's Clapton. Meads look like kin of Flavian-line Flys and Flavian-line Pullens/Pullys (share pelican with Meads). Pully is a location in LAUSanne, near Morgan-line Morges, and the Morgan Coat has the Asty lion in colors reversed, as does a Moor surname likely from Morano, beside SARACena and near Italian Laus. There's a Pella location near the mouth of the Axius, and while the Pullen/Pully motto has "Pallescere," Pelle's/Pelles' have another pelican, code for Pelagonia, near the Axius river on this light map:

So, the Pella Paeonians / Macedonians may have named Vespasia's surname. If there's a wreath in the Pelle/Pelles Crest (as opposed to a chaplet), it's very notable that Wreaths are like the Wrath variation of Rothes, for Peter Pollock at Rothes is from (or at least a cousin of) the Pullys/Pullens and Miss Polla too. The Wreath Coat is like the Washington and Canton Coats while the Pelle/Pelles Shield has a canton and almost nothing else. Plus, Wreath variations such as "Creight/Craith" are like the variations of Crests/Crete's while there is a Crestonia to the east of the Axius. The Crests/Crete's have three bends colors reversed from the same of Paionian Pungs/Paganells (Yorkshire, same as Pelle's/Pelles' and Pullens/Pullys). Pungs/Paganells are a branch of Panico's/Pane's, first found in Bologna with VesPASia-suspect Pasi's.

I always trace Morays to the Mures/Maros river of Transylvania, now Romania. The Mures is across the Carpathian peaks from the Neamt part of Moldova's Siret. I don't think I've ever said before that this can explain why Morays share the merMAID with Massins/Masons, for Maids/Maud are also Moldova-like Molds, and Name's/Neams share the Massin/Mason lion. As per "MERmaid," French Mars are also Mers/More's (three scallops in the colors and format of the three Moray stars).

Pelle's/Pelles' were first found in Lincolnshire with one of the English Peter surnames, the one sharing both of the lion heads of Name's/Neams (Lincolnshire too). Piatra-Neamt is at the Bisset-like Bistrita, and the raven-using English Peters were first found in Devon, where Revere's ruled who are suspect in the Bisset motto. There's compelling links there between very-distant lands.

Devon is also where TRANS/Trents were first found suspect in the "Transfixus" motto term of Wallachian Walsh's. The Trent-like Tarents share red-on-white spread eagles with Scottish Reeds. English reds/Reeds have a "copia' motto term suggesting the Kupa river of Japodes, because their Scottish branch was first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's/Colps and Leslie's of Rothes. I trace Leslie's to Lesce, beside EMONA and Bled, all near the Kupa. Note how Emona could have named Monmouth, and recall that Bleds/Bleys look like a branch of Bless'/Bleys' coming up in a song title with "Bless," the song of which sang "truth" and "name." It could be added here that while Bleds/Bleys have the triple Clare chevrons in colors reversed, the six pale bars of Truths/Trots are in Clare colors.

The Bisset-like Bassets ("Pro"), in the colors of Pierro's/Pero's (roses), have the three Drummond fesses while Drummonds were first found in Perthshire, near Rothes, Bissets, etc. Pierro's/Pero's use a fesse in Basset-fesse colors, and they are in the colors of the three-and-three pale bars of Truths/Trots and the Coats (Staffordshire, same as Bassets!). German Drummonds (three wavy fesses in Basset/Besancon colors) were first found in Hamburg with Trips. English Trips (Kent, same as Massins/Masons and Rothes') share the scaling ladder with the Pierleoni line of Bennets.

I now want to make a pointer to the Clintons. It starts with Reds/Reeds sharing the garbs of Billet-like Blythe's and Clints/Clents. Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe. Clinton's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and I rode Miss Peare's white horse way back at about age 20. I don't know whether the horse did a trot technically, but it seems that for the purposes here, the horse can be deemed to have taken me for a trot. As I said, it ran until it came to a BANK (small slope), at which point I stopped it and turned back. The BANKS have a cross with items looking linkable to the Coat of BENJamins. The MalBANCs are in the MALL write-up, while Malbanks (Northumberland) share the ermined, Rodham/Rodden BEND.

In the sleeping bag dream, God placed Miss Peare on a PLATform in a MALL. She then came over to the platform I was on, and when I pulled her toward me from the waist, it was code for WAISTELLs, for they have a white horse said to be on a "gallop" as code for Gallops. This dream pointed in multiple ways, especially by the Gallop-related Davids, to Hillary Clinton.

In other words, that scene on the platform was why I remembered riding her horse. And Waistells can be traced very well to Vestalis of the Cottians. Amazingly, this tends to make me clinch the Cottians with the Cotesii near the TROTus, and in the sphere of Benjamites. That's amazing. Yet with me on a trot or gallop to the bank, note that Gallops may have been from Galati, near the confluence of the Siret with the Prut river. The latter went by various Pratt-like names in the past i.e. linkable with Peare liners to the "Pratis" motto term in the Arms of Rita-like Rieti!

Repeat: "Hurts (Bank colors) have an arrow in their stag, and Arrows/Arras' (Staffordshire, same as Bassets) share the fleur-de-lys of Benjamin-suspect Banks, perfect." The Hurt stag (something around its neck) is that also of Eustace's, and Miss Peare on the platform pointed in multiple ways to the family of Eustace II (Boulogne), father of GODfrey de Bouillon. The latter's grandfather, Godfrey III, went to the aid of the Pierleoni, I kid you not.

Revere's are said to have been ancestral to FortiBUS' and Vernons. The latter have a "goddess" in Crest, which reminds that Peare on the platform pointed in two ways to Goods/Guts/Guths (Hurt colors), which is one way to point to the family of Godfrey (son of Goda). We can re-mention here that Godfrey III was a son of Gothelo while Goths/Gothels share the hexagram of Jeepma's and Hagars!!! Excellent pointer to the Siret-river Benjamites. But what I may have missed when on this topic before is that the three lions of English Goods (Kent) could be the three of Bennets (share scaling ladder with Trips). It reminds that Bends, said to be of Bennets, share red roundels with the Arms of Boulogne. It's looking like Bennets and Benedicts were Benjamite liners.

The Dutch Goods are in Tume/Tomb colors, and the latter are expected in the motto of Annette's, who look connectable to Scottish Bennets. I thought that it was clever of God to arrange the Goods in Tume colors because a tum / tummy is a belly and a gut while German Goods/Guts were pointed to by a phrase I used, "it felt so good," to describe my pulling Miss Peare toward me, in real life as teens, by her belly. It was the same feeling I had in the dream when pulling her by the waist. Pullings/Pullens are Vespasia-Polla liners. That's right. Felts have the Bouillon Coat in colors reversed, that's right. God is clever. It appears to me that tombstone's, the symbol of green-Shielded Tume's/Tombs, are on the Arms of Reviers, which itself has a green Shield with perhaps a wheel of Rieti-line Roets (share book with Reeds). Note that the Tume/Tomb tombstones have "RIP", for Ripleys (in the green-gold colors of the Arms-of-Reviers Shield) are also Riparia-like Rippers.

There is evidence in heraldry that Cottians had alliances with the Sequani on the western side of lake Geneva, location of Morges, which I trace to Morgans and Moors sharing the Ripley/Ripper lion. It's very interesting here that Ripleys/Rippers use a perchevron (solid chevron) in the green color of the same of English Josephs who in turn share the garbs of Waistells. Both Joseph surnames (Fly of Flavius kin) trace to Flavius Josephus, believe it or not. Sequani-suspect Saxons use CHAPLets while Josephs were CAPLan / Chaplain kin. French Josephs once showed a swan in both colors of the five of Chaplets (Lorraine). Those are compelling links, and the motto of Caiaphas-like Chives' is suspect with the Viu tributary of the Riparia.

The Ripper write-up: "Thus the original bearers of the surname lived in the area that was defined by a strip of land by the forest." One can't get more stupidly crazy than saying that as a fact.

Chives' of Tarves connect excellently to nearby Turins because CHIVASso is near Turin, and Turin is down the Riparia river from the Cottian capital (Susa). Susans were first found in Berkshire with Modens and Arks/Arch's, and Susa is near Modane of the Arc river. It recalls Verne ARCHiBALD and the Archibure variation of Arthurs, for Chivasso and Arthur-branch Arduinici are on the BALTea river. Vernon-like Verne's were first found in Forez with same-colored Bassets/Besancons. Again, Vernons descended from Riparia-suspect Revere' pointing to Platte River Networks. Bald-branch Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Neamt-suspect Nemo's.

Vernons share the garbs of Waistells, adding evidence that Revere's were from Cottians on the Riparia. I should add that Waistells share the blue dove with George's, suspect from prince George, father of Drummonds. Vernons share the blue fesse with Name's/Neams, and Neamt is on the Bistrita.

Again, Scottish Drummonds share the three, wavy fesses of Bassets, first found in Staffordshire with the Cottian-like Coats who in turn have the six pale bars of Truths/Trots. It lends evidence that Bissets / Bassets were from the Bistrita, especially as Name's/Neams have a lion head in the colors of the Massin/Mason / Revere lion. The other lion head of Name's/Neams is in the colors of the Sforza lion, almost the lion of Rita's (Rome, same as Sforza's)! I like that, especially as Revere's are suspect from Tiber-river elements.

Amazingly, the platform was traced to PLATTE RIVER Networks, the company that Hillary hired for her private email server. I had always wondered why the Rivers never worked into that picture, but it must have been my oversight, for the Cottians were on the Riparia river. Let's therefore quote from the Revere write-up: "His father was Richard de Redvers (or Reviers, Rivers, or Latinised to de Ripariis) ( fl. c. 1066 - 1107) was a Norman from Reviers in Normandy." It could indicate the Cottians, especially as Cotts share a fretty Shield with Caens ("PERimus") while Reviers is in Caen. This is near the Vire river so that "ReVIER / RedVERE" may have been formed for their merger with Vere's at the Vire. Benedicts (means "blessed") and Bennets use a "serVIR" motto term. Vere's ruled Oxford for centuries...where Blesseds/Blissets/Blizzards were first found. There is a Vier/Oliver surname (looks related to Panico's and Fantis') with the giant fleur of Brocks who in turn have a "VIREscit" motto term.

The Viers' are listed with a surname I see as a branch of Fers/Ferrats, and Montferrat is not far from the Cottian capital. The Vier (no 's') surname shares the fleur of Masci's, first found in Piedmont with the Cottian capital, and moreover Maschi's were at RIMINi. Revere's share the Massin/Mason lion.

The Blisset-like Bissets with the "REVIResco" motto share a tree stump with Rodhams/Roddens, the latter first found in Northumberland with the Reds/Reeds sharing the Clint/Clent and Blythe garbs. Then, Bassets/BESANcons, who may be from the Bessin, location of Reviers, use Blythe-like billets while Billets/Billiards are a branch of Hillards/Billiards (Moray stars), what looks like a pointer to Hillary Clinton.

The Vire river is near Tracy, a trash-can liner that God linked to Rims/Rums/Rome's.

If one enters "Need," another Name/Neam surname comes up, first found in Lincolnshire with the other Name's/Neams. I've never known what to do with the brown griffins of Needs/Name's. But now, "velis" is a motto term of Griffins while "Truth preVAILs" is the Allison motto. Velis' are listed with Vails, how about that. Truths/Trots are from near to Piatra-Neamt.

Bianca's, Blinks and Bongino's

Might Benjamites evolved into Bianca's, for example from the Bank / Bang surname. The Bongino's use what looks like a curved fesse, yet it might just be a rainBOW. Rieti-line Roets happen to share the Bow motto, and Bows have a "veRUM" motto term, believe it or not. Rims/Rums are thus more suspect than before for being of the Rimna-river Benjamites.

It's interesting that Hope's use a gold rainbow, the colors of the Bongino curve. It's interesting because Gallops are said to be Gall-Hope's, so to speak, and the Gallops came up as per taking Miss Peare's horse to a BANK in the field. Banks look like they have a cross in colors reversed from the Benjamin saltire for a related reason, which subtly makes a Benjamin-Bongino link. The Benjamin Crest has flames but nothing more, suggesting that it could be code for the Flame's, who are in Bank / Benjamin colors, and moreover Flame's share besants with Hope's.

Peare-line Pero's use a "FLAMING star" as if to confirm that Benjamites are a part of her pointers. The Pero flaming star is the "comet" of Reines', and while the Bongino's might have a RAINbow, they were first found in Tuscany with the Pisa's whose COUNTERchanged Coat is colors reversed in the Reines Coat. Plus, the Raines' share the Beng/Bing/Bong lion. The Counters are listed with the Conte's who make it to topic below.

The Horse surname (white horse heads) has a fesse in the colors of the curved Bongino fesse. It really does look like God set up my horse ride to point to Benjamites, for Miss Peare was essentially engaged to Ukrainian Kepke, back-to-back with Wallachian Miss Walsh. At one point, Kepke was seeing both ladies at the same time Benjamites of the Rimna were at the Wallachia/Ukraine border area. The Kepke brothers were into plumbing, and German Plumers are Flame-like Flaums too. To prove further that I rode to a bank as a Pointer to Banks, they are from Craven while Cravens and Ricks are from Rika/Rijeka smack at the Colapis theater of the Benjamite-related Japodes. Miss Peare is Christine, and the Colapis/Kupa is where the cups of Christine's (Hope colors and format) trace; "KEPke" might just relate to those cups. Christine's share the Coat of Sava-like Shaws, and Japodes were at the confluence of the Sava and Colapis.

English Plumers happen to have a very rare wavy chevron, same as Peare-like Piers/Pierce's/Pears'. Let me say again that I saw Vince Pierce punch Kepke in the mouth (or tooth?) on Rick Young's driveway (see Youngs below). I can even link English Plumbers to Rimna- / Rimmon-like Rimini, for they were first found in Durham with the Conte's who show nothing but three antlers in colors reversed from the nothing-but three antlers of Cone's. Maschi's, first found in Rimini, use pine CONES. It just so happens that the motto of English Plumbers has a "CONsulto." Cone's have an arrow in Crest, and Arrows/Arras' share the Bank (and Mascal) fleur-de-lys, which are colors reversed from the same of English CONstantine's while French Constantine's/CONSTANCE's have a PINE tree. English Constantine's share the fleur-de-lys of Jeune's, from the Aeneus-like Oeneus river that Japodes likely lived on. Kepke lived beside, and worked for, the Youngs who have a "jeune" motto term.

Constantine's/Constance's/CONTans have two of the three Bongino stars. Between the two stars, Constantine's/Constance's have the crescent of French Conte's (Languedoc, same as Constantine's/Constance's and the Julians sharing the Bongino Chief), which is colors reversed from the crescent of French Pine's. Tans/Tanners have pine cones too, suggesting that the ConTANs were a Constance merger with Tans/Tanners.

Irish Constantine's share the three, split-colored lions of Irish Brians, and BrianCON happens to be on the Durance river. This river looks like it was named by Sabine's on the Turano, for the latter flows parallel with its Salto neighbor while Salyes Ligures lived on the Durance.

In Judge's, the Benjamites were nearly wiped out after they raped and killed a woman. I believe that this story was mythicized throughout the European paths taken by a portion of the surviving Benjamites, until it formed the myth, Rape of the Sabines, which was about Romans taking wives for themselves from Sabines. The 600 surviving Benjamites took wives from Jabesh, the line to Japodes = Jupiter, the chief Roman god.

Lake Constance (German-Swiss border) is also the BODENsee, and Budini were in the Ukrainian land of Trypillians. Bude's share the bow with Bows, in case Bongino's use a rainbow.

When finding that ConTANs look like a merger with Tans, I checked Tense's and then Tennis' as per "ConTENCE/ConsTENCE," and re-found the Tennis' sharing the leopard faces of Peare's (Oxfordshire, same as Tennis' and Peare-related Tiens/Thames'). The Tennis' were great because they are in Leo colors, as though confirming that Peare's are of the Pierleoni. The Tennis leopard faces are in jessant form as are those of Morleys, first found in Derbyshire with rainbow-using Hope's.

Now Hope Hicks became a mystery topic with her boyfriend, Rob Porter. Porters happen to share the white-on-black bell with Costs/COTeau's. As the latter were first found in Languedoc with Cotta's and Julians, they look at least related to the line of Julius Caesar, son of Aurelia COTTA. We are now back to the Cotesii of the Buzau river, right beside the Rimna. Julians and Galli's (could be from Galati, less than 20 miles from the Buzau) share the Bongino Chief, which is a near-match with the three estoiles (Bute-estoile colors) in the Chief of Ports (Hampshire, same as Porters). Remember, the Hope rainbow can be part-code for "VeRUM" Bows, and Bute-colored Bude's share the bow with Bows.

I had introduced Constantine's from the Cone's and Conte's thus: "Constantine's/Constance's/CONTans have two of the three Bongino stars." That led to the pine cones of Tans/Tanners, and so I should mention that Kepke got engaged to KIM Walsh, for Kims, first found in BUTE, share the three cinquefoils of French Pine's. The reason that Ports can be with the Bute estoiles is that Scottish Porters were on the shore from Bute.

Okay, so Kim Walsh looks like a pointer to Budini-possible Bute's/Butts. The Kims/Kins share the white cinquefoil with Bus' (expected from the Buzau river at Wallachia, which works with Kim WALSH. Kims/Kins are also Shimis' while the Shins in the Newton "shin bones" share the Coat of Kim-like Kemmis', impressive because Shins are to topic due to Benjamite-suspect Banks being at a Newton location (in Craven). The Newton Crest even has an "eastern prince" while Prince's share pineapples with English Pine's. Kims share the cinquefoils of French Pine's. So, we went from Pine's to Kims to Shins to Newtons to Prince's to Pine's.

After writing that, I got up to make some tuna, and when coming back, I loaded Prince-like Prinks to find, astonishingly, a scallop version of the Walsh and Benjamin saltires-with-annulets!!! Prinks were first found in Roxburghshire with those Walsh's!!! That is amazing. God had to set up those heraldic links for this to work like that. There is a Tuna/Tunnel surname sharing the Zionist stars of Rotens / Reitmans, take your pick. Prinks are listed with Pringle's. Roxburghshire is where Maxwells were first found likely have the Jeepma/Jappa eagle. ROXburghs were likely from the Roxolani who lived on the Buzau river, and who knows where else upon the Siret. The Prince's have the ANNANdale saltire as used by Bruce's and Ayrshire, and ANNulets might be part-code for Annan liners.

I always link NEWmans/Numans, in the "BENIGno Numine" motto of several surnames, to McCabe's/McABBE's, and the NEWtons, in McCabe/McAbe colors, have a "hABEo" motto term looking like code for McAbe's. It tends to make Newtons (share motto term with Coffee's/Coffers) look like Newmans, and then God gave me an event with News'/Nuce's and Coffee's/Coffers while the latter have the same fesse as McCabe's/McAbe's. The latter share the salmon of Hams, first found in Sussex with COFFERts and their Court/Covert branch. Courts/Coverts share "labore" with Wights.

What are the chances, by mere coincidence, that the Walsh's/Walchs, with a version of the Prink/Pringle Coat, have a "numine" motto term? It's Newtons who have a Prink-like "prince" code in their Crest. It's an "EASTERn prince," and Easters/Sturs are very connectable to Sturs of the Stur river through Dorset, where Newmans were first found with Poole. Poole looks out to the Isle of Wight's NewPORT location, explaining why Ports and Porters were first found beside the Stur river. Scottish Porters were first found in Ayrshire with the Nons/Nevins in the Walsh/Walch, Newton and Coffee/Coffer mottoes. Ayrshire is also where Varns were first found who have scallops in Prink/Pringle-scallop colors.

Now that we have crossed Wights/White's while dealing with Rimna-area Moldavians or Trypillians, we can turn to Bianco's/Blancs. But first, I'd like to mention that Irish Prink-like Brinks are listed with the Irish Brians sharing the triple lions in pale of Irish Constantine's. I might not have mentioned Brinks except that the German branch has a flower, of some type, with five petals in the same colors as the five-petalled cinquefoil of Bus' and Bianca-like Blanks/Blanch's. The latter two both have it giant and ermined, as do PORTIS'/Porch's having the three Stur fesses in Crest. PORTIShead is near the source of the Stur.

Then, Austrian Bianco's/Bianchie's have a fesse-wise curve, as do Bongino's. That's what made me thinking that Bianco's could have named themselves off of some variant from "Benjamin." An ermined-white fesse is used by MalBANKs, and it's the fesse of Rodhams/Roddens, who themselves have cinquefoils (though in black). I didn't yet know, not until writing here, that the "RESoLUTE" motto term (of Malbanks) can apply, first because Res'/Dere's share the Bongino Chief, and secondly because Lute's/Lutts have a full-lion version of the Name/Neam Coat! I didn't expect that. The Dero's/Rosa's, looking like a Res/Dere branch, share the giant eagle of Jeepma's/Jappa's. French Lance's (Maine) have a giant rose that can apply because Res'/Dere's use lances. English LANce's have the ALAN fesse in colors reversed while Roxolani were Alans. Lance's share the fesse of Gore's/Core's (Trip crosslets) and a white wolf with Romania's/Romans. Roman is at the Neamt area.

Years ago, I ventured to trace Lutts/Lute's and McLeods/Lutts to the Alutus river (now the Olt) that's on the map above immediately over the Carpathian peaks from the Buzau river. The latter is where you see "Sensii."

McLeods/Lutts were first found on Skye and Lewis with their associates / relatives, the RIMMONs/Crimmons. A part of Wallachia is OLTenia, off of the Olt. It sure does speak of Benjamites in Skye and Lewis. Jeepma's/Jappa's were first found in OLDENburg, and Oldens/Eldens share the border of Greys. As I expect Kepke's to be a cousin of the Chep variation of Jeepma's/Jappa's, let's go back to Plumers, because Kepke went into a plumbing career. Plumers share the stars of JOPlins, and one can see that Joplins (Northumberland, same as Greys, KEEP-loving Hebrons, Rodhams and Malbanks) have the Grey lion while Greys love the Fasts who in turn share the quadrants of Lute's/Lutts and Name's/Neams. The county of Olt (Wallachia) has towers in its Arms in the colors of the McLeod/Lutt castle.

Wikipedia on the Roxolani: "Their first recorded homeland lay between the Volga [origin of Fulks / Volks?], Don and Dnieper rivers; they migrated in the 1st century AD toward the Danube, to what is now the Baragan steppes in Romania." In its Baragan article: "The Baragan Plain is a steppe plain in south-eastern Romania. It makes up much of the eastern part of the Wallachian Plain. It is bounded on the south and east by the Danube, and in the North by the Buza and Calmatui rivers..." Walsh's/Walchs, first found in ROXburgh with the Maxwells sharing the black, double-headed Dero/ROSA eagle, and so here's a Maxwell-Ros Coat sharing the water bouget with Scottish Rose's. Wikipedia is out to lunch on its derivation of "ROXolani," as though historians can't figure that they were from the Caucasian and Ukrainian Hros > Rus > Rose-surname line. Probably the Rosh of Scripture.

There are two Baragan surnames, and one Bargain, looking like they were Bergen liners. Spanish Burgos' use a giant annulet in the colors of the three annulets of Braile-like Brills/Prills!!! Bingo. There are no major settlements between the Buzau and Calmatui rivers aside from Buzau, and a Braila location on the Baragan Plain. Wikipedia's Braila article says that it was also named, Brillago. Braile's (mustaches?) happens to have been first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans. Dols were first found in the land of the VARNi and the Pomeranian GRIFFins. The latter were suspect with GRIPPs/Grape's/Grabbens (Brail colors, share the VARN bend), who come up as Grope's/Grobers too, like the Gropeni location on the south side of Braila. The Varn scallops are in the Prink/Pringle saltire.

What can we make of the HOPringle variation of Prinks/Pringle's? Hope's share a globe with Carpathian-like Carpenters/CarPENDERs, but then Penders are also Pine-like Pinders/PINERs. Carpenters almost have the six pale bars of Truths/Trots and Cotes'/Coats. The Carpenter motto ("Per acuta belli") should be for the Cute's/Cutts linkable to Penns/Penners. The Italian Belli's have the Carpenter pale bars in colors reversed, and were first found in Verona with Bellini's having a giant bear paw, which should be of the Truth/Trot bear. The Trotus river flows down from the Carpathians to a Bacau region. German Belli's use a beacon while Beacons are also Bacau-like Bacons while French Bacons share the cinquefoil of Bus'. Verone's/Varenne's share the raven with the Arms of Wallachia.

Carpenter-related Belli's and their Bellini branch were first found in Verona, and Carpens/Carps have a giant fish that's in the Verona Coat along with a LYNCH-version of the Feller Coat, perfect because Rockefellers are from Roxolani. The fish above is in the colors of the LYNG fish heads, and Lyngs share the chevron of Verona's. It tends to show that Carpenters were Carps before merging with Penders (could be the Rita lion because Bacau is at the BistRITA). The Carpae/Arpii named the Carpathians, or vice-versa. On the dark map, the Arpii are at the upper Prut. On the light map, the Carpae are near Budapest (Aquincum). It look slike Arpad, founder of Hungarians, was an Arpii/Carpae liner, and Carpenter-related Belli's look like they are from Bela, brother of Andrew I.

The lion head in the Pender/Piner Crest now starts to look like the Name/Neam lion head, especially as Penders/Piners were early in Lincolnshire, where Name's/Neams were first found. Neamt is at the Bistrita. However, the "fortis" motto term of Penders/Piners suggests that its the lion of Sforza's, first found in Rome with Rita's. The Needs/Name's use griffins while the house of Griffin was in Pomerania, where Carpens/Carps (fish-fesse in Dol-fesse colors) were first found along with same-colored Dols. Griffins love the Velis'/VAILs (share the German-Belli eagle), as does the Allison motto, "TRUTH preVAILs."

"CALMatui" looks like the Callams apply, a branch of Malcolms/Columns/CALMs (Roxburgh colors). This gets interesting where columns are used by Pelosi's/Pilati's, first found beside Bra while Brays/Brae's could be related to the BRAYle variation of Braile's. Pelosi's/Pilati's share a white bull with French Mountains, who will shortly trace to the Buzau-Calmatui area. Bra is at Asti (and Lyng-like Langhe), and while Bruno's (Tuscany, same as Bongino's) are said to have been at Asti, the Bruno bend is that also of English Mountains. The Pelosi/PILATi columns are topped with the same stars as used by Pounds (Hampshire, beside Poole) while Penders/Piners are said to have been Pounders too. I'm guessing that Pounds share the Button/Biden and Butt/BOET fesse, and that the Pound dragons are for Drin-river Dragons/Drainers. Salome of the BOETHus Sadducees is suspect to the Salome's sharing these very stars. I trace Pine's to king Pinnes, and therefore to the PENEStae on the Drin river. Pounds have a Coat version of the Ponds/Ponts (Hampshire) and Ponders/Pounders, suggesting PONTius PILATE.

The region between the Buzau and Calmatui rivers is part of Baragan. Baragan-like Bargains/Bergens (dancette for the Cottians) have scallops on both colors schemes of the Tache/Tass scallops, and "SANS Tache" is the motto of Napiers (roses). The latter were looked up as per "DNIEPER." It's interesting that Napiers are also PEERless', and the Napier/Peerless saltire is colors reversed from the same of Ticino-liner Tease's/Tess'/TECKs i.e. Tecks and Tache's look like branches in blood relation to Pierro's/Pero's (share the Napier/Peerless roses), first found on the Ticino. It might be that Ticino elements were largely from the Dnieper's Roxolani. Was the heraldic musTACHE part-code for Tache's? [I didn't realize until later that Napiers/Nappers can be from a Naparus river at/beside Wallachia's Roxolani theater (at/beside Muntenia), as though the Naparus was named by Dnieper elements when Roxolani moved from one river to the other. On the dark map, the Sens' / Sans'-suspect Sensii are at the Naparus.]

The Tache-like Tacks are said to be a branch of Tankerville's / Tancreds (share red scallop with Tache's/Tass'), which means that we are on the line of TANAGRA, at Shechemite Schimatari, the line to Shake's. The Shake chevron is colors reversed from that of Stars, and Pero's/Perino's use "flaming stars." Napiers/PEERless' use a "Sans" motto term, and "SANZ" is a motto term of SHAKEspeare's (Shechemites) who share the bend of Grope's/Gropers/Gripps, the ones from Gropeni in Roxolani-infested Muntenia. The Sans-like Sens'/Senns look like the Sensii who are stamped on the light map between the Buzau and Calmatui rivers i.e. Sensii may have been in Muntenia. Bargains/Bergens and Tache's/Tass' are in the colors of Groper-like Grovers, and the latter's Coat compares not-bad with that of German Peers. The latter share the black wing with Fulks while Fulke's/Volks share the fleur-de-lys of Peerless'.

German Baragans can be using the Paine/Payne / Leo fesse, if they are fesses at all, because Leo's are from PIERleoni. Instead of fesses, they might be billets. Baragans may use squares for Deck-related Square's.

The Calmatui flows east in rough parallel with the Buzau, having a mouth near TROESmis (on the map). It's interesting here that while Troy was Tros too, Rocco's look linkable to Tragers that are in the Felltrager variation of Fellers. I expect the latter from Rockefellers, from Roquefeuil in Aude, explaining why Aude liners are in the motto of Roxburghs. That is, Roxburgh was related to Roquefeuil. The Tragers (nothing but an embattled BEND) are also Trojan-like Trogens, you see, and Rocco's show nothing but an embattled bend in the colors of nothing-but-a-bend Grope's/Gropers/Gripps/Grape's. That is good evidence that Roquefeuil, Roxburghs, Rocco's, and Grope's were from Roxolani at the Gropeni theater.

Tragers/Trogans share the bend of Keeps while Keeps throw in a Galati-like galley ship, while the Arms of Buzau is a ship, and while Galati is near the Buzau. Moreover, Keeps and Keppochs were kin of MacDONalds (galley ship), suspect from the Don (Tanais) river, the area where Alans / Roxolani originated before being at the Buzau. The Callam / Malcolm/Calm stars are shared by Galli's who in turn share roughly the Benjamin Chief, and do share the Chief of French Alans exactly.

Braila is in Muntenia. Here's the Arms of Muntenia with the white-on-red bull head of Pollock-like Bullocks/Bollocks. Pollocks have evidence of their links to Aude, location of Roquefeuil/ Pollocks are a sept of Roxburghs Maxwells, and Bullocks/Bollocks were first found in Roxburghshire too! Bingo, not to mention that French Mountains have another white bull while being first found in Languedoc with Conte's, suspect with the Conteville's, born from John de BURGO! Bingo again. For another white bull head, it's in the McLeod/LUTT Crest.

The Mountain write-up: "This family also changed their name in Holland to Van den Bergh, where they held lands." French Mountains look like they have a version of the German Bergh/Burg/Barg Coat, and the latter has the bend of English Mountains. Dutch Van den Berghs/Bargs (load "Berg / Barg") share the triple-Clare chevrons, though this surname was once shown with a dancette for the line of king Donnus of the Cottians!!! That's from the Cotesii on the Buzau river. Donnus looks like a Don-river liner, and Roxolani were on the Don (Tanais). Roxolani were also on the DNieper from Kiev and likely through Trypillia, a river named after a Dan element, probably from "Tanais"). You can see Cotesii on the Buzau on this dark map:

Again, the Cotes'/Coats share the three-and-three Trotus-suspect Trot pale bars, in the colors of the Clare / Van der Bergh chevrons. The Cotys/Archdeacons have triple chevrons too. Cotys'/Cotta's were first found in Languedoc with Roque's, Roquefeuil, and Mountains. They're all from the Muntenia region. Much of this is new to me now, and it comes with verification of several things claimed in the past (by me).

French Mountains are said to have been at Moulines. There are two Moulines surnames, but Moline's/Moulins' are good for this, as they are said to be of Falaise elements, from the brother of the mother of William the Conqueror. Falaise-like Fallis' share the trefoils of Fellers/Felltragers. Therefore, when William the Conqueror was birthed by the daughter of Fulbert of Falaise, he was a Roquefeuil / Roxolani liner. His mother married secondly Herluin of Conteville, the line to Meshech-descended Meschins. There you have the Biblical Rosh and Meshech. The Norman founders of Normandy were the Rosh line to the Scandinavian Rus, weren't they? Yes, William the Conqueror descended from Rollo the Dane (Rus). Danes were from the Tanais river, weren't they?

French Moulines' happen to have drops for Tropoje in the DARDanian frontier, and Moline's/Moulins' were at DARTington, in Devon, where Darts/Dards were first found. The Cotys' sharing triple-black chevrons with Levi's and the counts of Hainaut, are listed with ArchDEACONs while there is a Decani area on the White Drin not far from Tropoje, Dardania was on the White Drin.

Note Craven-like Crevenia on the dark map, on a tributary of the Black Drin (marked the Drilon) in the area of the Cavii. Tropoje is roughly where the "DA" of "DARDANIA" is shown. As Benjamin-suspect banks were at Craven, it's very interesting that Bengs/Bangs/Bongs share the quadrants of Cavii-liner Chives' while the latter have a black cross, what the bank cross would be in colors reversed. The Chives' happen to share a black moline cross with Moline's/Moulins', can we believe it? The Muntenia-liner Mountains, from the Buzau area of Benjamites, are the ones said to have been at Moulines (Normandy).

The Normans were the Sinclairs (Clare branch), and Sinclairs share the black cross of Arrows/Arras' (Artois, location of LYS river), who in turn share the Bank fleur-de-LYS, a symbol from Lissus at the mouth of the Black Drin. Artois verges upon Hainaut, and the latter's capital, Mons, is listed with MOUNTs/Mons'! Zinger. It seems that Mons was named after Muntenia elements, yet I had traced Mons to "Emona" at the Japodes theater! It's a good way to track Buzau-area Benjamites to the Japodes. Belgian Moulines' were at least near Mons. It seems that the Bank and Beng line of Benjamites may have been on the Drin rivers. The PENEStae?

That term caused a look-up for a Benes surname (Neve colors), and one was found in Angus with such variations as "BalNEAVES," suggesting a Benes merger with the Neve's (Angus) and/or Navys (Angus). Angus is also where Sewers/Suters were first found whose Coat reflects that of French Moulines' (Gascony, same as Marte's/Martins in the "Marte et arte" motto of Navys).

By the way, I was over to the atlas looking at the Dnieper when I spotted Brest on the northern Bug, a tributary of which is the Neuri-suspect Narew. It's a good term for tracing to the Naro/Neretva river, and Nerets were first found in Brittany with another Brest location. I always trace Neuri to the Dol Alans because I hold that Neuri were at least associated with Roxolani. Note that ROXOLani-like Rossals, first found in Shropshire (home of Dol Alans) share the martlets of English Mountains = more evidence that Mountains are from Roxolani at Muntenia. The Rossal Coat begins to look like the Ben/Bend Coat, especially as the latter love the Alan-line Arundels / Rundels/ROUNDELs. That works, and supports a Benjamite descent for Bens/Bends (Cheshire, beside Shropshire). Rozala of Ivrea comes to mind.

Knowing now that Roxolani use gold-on-blue martlets, those are the colors of the Apple and Appleby martlets, recalling that Pine's and Prinks (look like Walsh and Benjamin kin) use pineAPPLEs.

It's interesting that Jeepma's were first found in OLDENburg, perhaps named by Wallachians for this reason: "Wallachia is traditionally divided into two sections, Muntenia (Greater Wallachia) and OLTENia (Lesser Wallachia). Wallachia as a whole is sometimes referred to as Muntenia through identification with the larger of the two traditional sections." Otone's/Oltons/Ouldens, with the Odin lion, were first found in Cheshire with PENDERs and the Eltons having an "ArtiBUS" motto term, and the six pale bars of CarPENDERs. The county of Olt, on Muntenia's western edge, shares the Cheshire / Waistell garb. OTTONE Visconti was the first Visconti ruler of Milan, where Bono's were first found who have a reflection of the Otone/Olton/Oulden Coat. It tends to reveal, suddenly, that Visconti's were at least merged with Oltenia / Wallachian elements.

Now, the six Carpenter bars are half in the colors of the six Trot / Cotes bars, and the latter two share the six of Prays/Preys while Prude's/Pride's have three LamPREYs in the colors of the three wolf heads of Prays/Praters...which amounts to evidence that the Prut/Puretus/Porata (Ports?) river in Moldova had elements in the "pratis" term in the Arms of Rieti. "PRUDer" is a motto term of English Mounts (probably the red lion of Scottish Mounts/Mons'). If not mistaken, there is a "ragully staff" in the Mount Crest, which could reveal that Ragusa-suspect Raggs' are using the Mountain bend.

I've just learned, wow, that Olt county has a Romula location, the name of a location on the light map between the Colapis of the Jeepma-line Japodes and the Juno-line Oeneus. It seems to me that either Romula location named mythical Romulus and Remus (brothers), descendants of Oeneus-like Aeneas. That works. Romulus was made the founder of Rome, and Romans named Romania.

Back in November, Costs were looked up because Dan Bongino's producer is Joe ArmaCOST. Earlier in this update, I wanted to know whether God is pointing to Dan Bongino by the deflection of this discussion to Constantine liners. COSTs were first found in Languedoc with Pine-loving and Cone- / Tan-related Constantine's/Constance's/ConsTANs, and then COSTells/Castle's/Castello's have an ARM in Crest that can explain "ARMacost." With Benjamites near the Olt/Alutus river, and with McLeods/LUTTS on Skye along with Rimmons/Crimmmons, it could appear as though the McLeod/Lutt castle is for that Costell/Castle bloodline. One could therefore say that God set Bongino's show up with Armacost to advance revelations about Benjamite liners. But why? Why is he DAN Bongino? Were Benjamites at Dan/Laish?

The Cost bell should be for Bells, a branch of Bellamys who in turn have the crescents of Seatons. The latter were first found in East Lothian with the Keith Catti, from the German Chatti as Hesse-Cassel. German Cassels use a castle, suggesting Costells/Castle's. It's the McLeod/Lutt castle, even, and the other half of the Cassel Coat could have the triple Berg/Van der Bergh chevrons. If so, figure on Chatti from the Cotesii of Muntenia (!), for Mountains were of these Bergs. This Berg surname was, for years, shown with a dancette (blue on gold, I believe, the colors of the Dance/Donnas pale bars), code for Donnus of the Cottians.

If "Armacost" is fully from Wallachia, what could the Arms be from, in that theater? Armors use the Moray stars, and I see Morays from the Mures, near the Olt having had the proto-McLeods/Lutts. An arm is in the Crest of Eltons who have an "ARMis" motto term to boot. The Eltons are the ones with six pale bars half in the colors of the same of Truths/Trots and Cotes'/Coats. Between the Trotus and the Cotesii was the Rimna river. Benjicidence? Costs share the bell of Porters, and there has developed a question here as to whether Ports were named by the Prut-river liners when it was called the Poratus. BELLows share the Bus cinquefoil, and Bellow-loving Shiptons use the eel too. Prude's/Pride's have lamPREY eels while Prays/Preys have the six Truth/trot / Cotes/Coats pale bars while the light map shows the Prut as the Pride-like PYRETus. One Porter Coat shares the Mountain bend. "PRUDer" is a motto term of English Mounts. Belows (one 'l') share the giant Jeepma/Jappa eagle. Belli's and Bellini's traced to Moldova with Carpenters (share the Belly motto), and Bellys were at Moray while Armors share the Moray stars.

On the light map, the Mures river is the Marisus, and it's where I trace the More location of Malahule and his nephew, Rollo the DANE. That's right, and I expect the namers of More to have named Moray too, which is being repeated because arm-using Armors share the Moray stars. At the sources of the Marisus, one can see an Augusta location expected on behalf of emperor Augustus, and it's right across the Carpathian peaks from an Angustis location not shown. The Cabbage's, first found in Northamptonshire with Pray-like Brays/Brae's (share eagle legs with Augusts!), share in their Chief the lion of Bacau-like Bakers/Backers. I didn't realize until loading Bakers just now that they have a white-scallop version of the Prink/Pringle Coat, wow, itself a version of the Benjamin and Walsh/Walch Coats!!! Excellent. Heraldry opens its big mouth again to shame the historians who derive place names and surnames in whatever they fancy. "The [Baker] name is derived from the Old English 'baecere,' meaning 'baker,' and was first borne as an occupational name." It's stated as a fact, and sometimes i think that there has been a grand cover-up so that common people don't know how heraldry works to trace surnames correctly to their origins.

Bacau is region off the Trot river. When I saw Angusta on a map I have misplaced, where the rivers were not named, I figured it was up the Trotus. It's an excellent picture for tracing Brays/Brae's to Wallachia. Bra is in Cuneo, at least roughly where the Masci's were first found, and where I trace the Cone-like Conns and Conys who have a version of the Meschin Coat. The Meschin scallops are even on the Baker saltire, and Bakers were first found in Durham with Cone-branch Conte's while the first-known Meschin was a grandson of Emma de CONTEville. The Masci-like Maschi's are the ones with the pine cones, and the ones at Rimini. So, this is all excellent verification that Rimna-river Benjamites named Rimini and the Benjamin surname.

The Baker Chief has just a white lion in the position of just-a-white-lion in the Pray/Prey Chief. It can't be coincidental that Prays/Preys share the six pale bars of Truths/Trots, assuring that Bakers are Bacau liners. The Pray-like Brays have a "flax breaker" while Breakers (hunting horn for ORNE liners) look like Brick liners. Baker-like Bachers are listed with the Massey-related Bricks, probably from Ranulph de Briquessart, a ruler of the Bessin (at the ORNE river) and descended from Malahule of More. Briquessart was the father of the first-known Meschin. The Prinks were found after loading Prince's, which happen to have an ARM holding PINEapples. The ANTLers of Cone's and Conte's, and the ANTELope of Breakers (Pray/Prey colors), suggest Les ANDELys, where the Toeni line of Malahule lived. The Toeni sleeve is in the Arms of Leicester along with the Bus / Bacon cinquefoil.

The Miracle at Hullmar Drive

This reminds me of a miracle that God gave me at about age 11. I was playing marbles for keeps with some of neighborhood friends, and Tony up HULLmar Drive from my place was one of them. When you get to the map of Hullmar below, you might want to check it for Skye Court, for this marble miracle happened on Hullmar exactly at the corner of Skye. Did God arrange that name for linking this story to McLeods/Lutts and/or Rimmons/Crimmons?

One day, when I think I was playing against Tony, I PRAYed to God for making a marble shot with the flick of my thumb. These marbles were a half-inch round, and I had to hit the other guy's marble about six, maybe even eight feet away. I don't remember praying to God before for making a marble shot, but after I prayed this time, I flicked the marble and hit the other dead-on. It was fantastic. So, did God arrange Tony in my life at HULLmar to indicate the MalaHULE-line Toeni's, who are in the Tonys (Leicestershire)?

Aha! I flicked the marble, and Flicks are listed with Flags while McLeods/Lutts use flags! Wow already. I'm not making up the flick shot; it really happened. Here's from my 3rd update in February, 2017:

I was just asking what I could recall with Tony, in answer to the question above. I was in his house several times, but remember nothing in there. I do recall that he, I and at least one or two others in the neighborhood were playing "potsies" with marbles, winner keeps all. I recall only one thing, very vividly, a miracle. I had a long-shot. I had to hit a marble a 1/2-inch round with a marble shot from my hand 1/2-inch round. Usually, a marble is tossed like one throws a ball when swinging the arm from back to front, but, in this case, I put the marble to rest on the index finger, sitting above [it at] the thumb nail, to flick the marble. I prayed, and shot, and hit the marble dead-on, I was so amazed. But, drats, it didn't work again after I prayed again and again.

I don't remember the rules of potsies. We dug a small hole (pot) in the ground, and we all tried to get our marbles into the hole first, but we could also hit the other guys marbles. The Potters, believe it or not, with one of the double-fesses of Flicks/Flags, share the Flower cinquefoil. Italian Tonys use a "flower."

I was about to write, "so, what's with the Marble surname?," when I loaded it and did a very short investigation before realizing the importance of the Marble's. The share the giant gold griffin (both colors) of one Irish Griffin surname while the other Irish Griffins use it in white so as to be in the colors of the Allison dogs, themselves in the colors of the Hull/HULE and hall dogs! That's the first take-away, but there's more, for the Hull/Hule and Hall dog heads, in colors reversed, are black, the color of the dog head in the Griffin Crest. That Griffin Coat happens to be the one with a motto, "Ne vile VELIS," and the Allisons with the dogs happen to use "TRUTh preVAILs," while Velis' are listed with Vails. This is incredible because we are not yet done, because the Allison Crest has a brown eagle head, and while griffins have eagle heads, the Needs/Name's/Neme's (Lincolnshire, same as Name's/Neme's, Talbot-loving Halls, and Talbot-line Tailbois'), have brown griffin heads! Wow. Talbots are even said to be from Les Andelys i.e. with MalaHULE liners. So, God chose for my parents to move to HULLmar drive to make this point. But why? The Tailbois Chief (Meschin scallops on red) in the colors of the Pray/Prey Chief.

Note "HullMAR," for MARble's (Cheshire) might be Mar liners, for it just so happens that French Mars are also More's! can we see what God's teaching here? I am descended, on my mother's Masci side, from Malahule of More, and, I think, God's also telling that his Normans were Benjamites to a degree thanks to their being of the Maschi / Masci line. The Malahule-suspect Malls of Cheshire are said to be MalBANCs too. Didn't I PRAY for the marble miracle? Well, Prays/Prays happen to share the passant lion of Scottish Mars! Amazing, is it not. Prays/Praters even have three wolf heads in the colors of the three Hull/Hule and Hall talbot (dog) heads.

The Dutton write-up: "The manor, with its hamlets of Hull and Stockton, belonged in the reign of Henry III. to Geffrey Dutton..." It sounds as though Hull was a Cheshire location. Stocktons (tree stumps in Susan colors) were first found in Cheshire. Susans were first found in Berkshire while Duttons share the Berkshire Coat.

The winged GREYhound of Prays/Praters is interesting where Talbots (Shropshire, same as Braile's/BRAYle's and Meschins) have the GREY Coat in colors reversed. The Grey (and Joplin) lion is in the colors of the Pray/Prey and Mar lion.

I was probably on a KNEE when flicking the marble shot, and so the "NE vile velis" motto of Marble-related Griffins looks to apply, especially as Prays/Preys were first found in County Down with Knee's/Nee's. "Ne vile FANO" is the motto of Fiens/Fane's/Vans, from Fano, smack beside Rimini. The related Fiens/Finis' can now apply who start me on another story at Hullmar which I've told. The Fiens/Finish lions, and the Window lion paws, can now be linked to the same-colored lions of Name's/Neams and Lute's/Lutts for a trace to Olt / Oltenia.

[Insert -- It wasn't until a couple of hours after writing here that I remembered the NEEDhams (Halper write-up), who have a near-copy of the Knee/Nee Coat! Zikers, Knee's look like Neamt elements. Amazingly, the Nuns/Noons, expected in the Needham motto, were first found in Norfolk with Benjamins, and have their saltire in colors reversed. Moreover, the Nun/Noon bull head is partially white, the colors of the bull head in the Arms of MUNTenia. The Nun/Noon bull head is split in red and white, as is the bull head of MONTfort-related Beaumonts/Bellmonts. Go figure. As per MontFORTs, it now doesn't seem coincidental that the Fort quadrants are those of Otone's/OLTONS while Oldens/Eldens share the crescents of the bull-head Beaumonts. Moreover, Oltens use owls while Owls are Howls while Howells were first found in MONmouthshire with their Fien/Fano/Van kin. Amazing. It has taken me about 15 years to get here from the time that God told me to hunt down the Buzites.

Later in this update, I found another "ne" motto term with Steers, but I had forgotten who else (aside from Steers) have a crown in their split colors. It's been found while writing this insert, in the Olden/Elden Crest. Jeepma's/Jappa's were first found in Oldenburg. It's all got Oltenia all over it. End insert]

The Vile's in the Griffin and Fien/Fane/Van motto are also Vail-like Viels, probably from Humphrey de Vieilles, a Harcourt DANE and the father of the Leicester Beaumonts (same lion as Fiens/Finis'). I was playing marbles with Tony, and Toeni's made it to the Arms of Leicester with their Hastings sleeve (or maunch). One of the Beaumont Coats has the Montfort/MONfort lion (as per the Montfort-Beaumont marriage) while Monforte is beside Bra and HASTings-like Asti. Dover is beside Hastings, and Dovers have a giant cinquefoil in colors reversed from the same of Flowers while Italian Tonys use "a flower."

The Dover-like Dove's are in the colors and format of the Trotus-river and Vail-loving Allisons, and so while the Trotus river is in MolDOVA, what was that latter place named after? The Dove's? Why do Molds have a version of the MONmouth Coat? Why were Viel-loving Fiens/Fane's/Vans first found in Monmouthshire? Dove's are also Dows while Blacksmiths have a "Do well" motto phrase suggesting the DOWells/Dougals.

Blacksmiths were looked up because I attended Blacksmith school while on Hullmar, which you can see at this map. Increase the size of the map if needed to see DOVEhaven Court one block over from Hullmar and Shoreham, the corner where my buddy, Frank, lived. German Franks were first found in Bohemia, and the Arms of Bohemia shares the double-tailed Montfort lion, believe it or not. German Franks use a column (as do Stocktons), now suspect with the Calmatui river of the Roxolani. Why are the Malcolms/Columns/Calms in Knee/Nee colors while sharing their spread eagle? Hmm.

[Insert -- One Stockton Coat shares the Tease/Tyes stars, while there is a Stockton location on Durham's Tees river. There in the Stockton column is a possible Calmatui link to the Ticino. Why could that be? Stockers share green parrots with Peeble's/Peoples' (and Pettys), like the People variation of Pepins, whom I trace to "PAPia/PAVia" on the Ticino! Parrots have variations linkable to Pierro's/Pero's/Pietro's, first found in Pavia.

Sherwoods (Durham, same as Stockton) essentially have the Stockton Coat in colors reversed. Sherwoods look linkable to the namers of Shoreham, and Andrea's share the Annandale saltire while, zowie, Stocktons share the Annas stars! I bought Andrea, who lived on Shoreham, a book on TARZan, and Annan(dale)-liner Ananes Gauls lived on the Taro! TARRS'/Tara's were first found in Somerset with Stockers and book-using Roets! Remember the Stockers, for I aim to talk on John the drummer and the pitcher, while Pitchers/Pichers can be of the Picards sharing roughly the Stocker gyronny! I'll get to more on Andrea later.

I almost missed it: Shore-like SCHORE's use a column!!!! It tends to assure the Sherwoods were a branch of Shore's. Schore's have ivy and roses, the latter likely from Roxolani on the Calmatui. Shore's use "liciTIS," and Tiss'/Teece's (Hampshire, near the Ivys) are likely Ticino liners. Were Stocks from "Saddock" or "Sadducee." I was a stockBOY while Italian Boys are also Boets, suspect with the Boethus house of Sadducees. I have it recorded: "The [English] Boy Crest is 'crossed oak branches'..." Branch's share the Sherwood Coat! Boys/Boets are big at the top of the next update for a trace to the Bistrita at ANGUSTA. I NO LONGER THINK ANGUSTA WAS ON THE TROTUS, AS OF NEXT WEEK. End insert]

Stocks, probably Montfort kin, have a dove in Crest. John (about a year older than me), who played DRUMs, lived on Shoreham across from Dovehaven (which wasn't there at the time I was), and GreySTOCKs have three fesses in the colors of the same of German DRUMmonds (Hamburg, same as Trips). Amazingly, the first Scottish Drummond was a son of George, who married a woman from Bohemia's PodeBRADY. John lived almost across the street from Frank, amazing (for German Franks of Bohemia use a column, as do Stocktons). The other German Franks (also first found in Bohemia) share the leopard faces of English Anthonys. Dove-related Wests are a branch of Waistells (from Buzau river) who share blue doves with George's, the latter first found in Dorset with the Babe's sharing a finger pointing to the sun with BRADYs (that's how to prove that George's were from Hungarian George, father of Drummonds). Babe's share the six fesse-wise bars of Nee-like Nie's/Neys.

One can glean the Montfort lion by an observation of the Stake and Stock Coats, and to this we can add that Marble's were Stockports, by the sound of their write-up. The "fortuna" motto term of Rollo's should apply to the temple of Fortuna in Fano, and Fortuna's use what looks like a talbot dog in the form of the Grey / Montfort lion...suggesting the Greystocks with wreaths / chaplets in the colors of the annulet of the Vito's. The latter are suspect in the "vide" motto term of Beaumonts/BELLmonts, and in the "vita" of BELLows (share Bus cinquefoil). Recall how Belli's and Bellini's traced to Moldova with Carpenters. The bull head of Beaumonts/Bellmonts is half white, and in the colors of the bull head in the Arms of Muntenia. Fiens/Fane's/Vans use a white bull head too, adding to the evidence that Rimini was of the Rimna river some 20 miles from Muntenia.

Oh wow, back to John the drummer above. I'm pretty sure that he was the one who started a baseball tournament of the kids versus their parents. He was the pitcher while Pitchers happen to be Pichers too, suspect from the Picensii at the Pek river, right near Cuppae the city of doves! John lived across from DOVEhaven, as though God set these things up decades ago for heraldic links today. Pitchers/Pichers have wings, and Wings/Winks are a part of the line of Justine of PICENum. On the map, you can see Dovehaven court one block from NorFINCH, and I do trace Vinch's/Finch's to VINKovci with the Wings/Winks. The question now is whether God set up "NORfinch" to indicate that Neuri (Bug river) were at Vinkovci. I was John's back catcher while Catch's/Catchers/Ketch's could be a branch of Kitchens who in turn share a solid chevron with Pitchers/Pichers, as well as the water bouget with Bugs and Roxolani-suspect Rose's (NAIRnshire). His name is John, and Johns share ravens with German Bugs.

As I've said many times, I spent the summer, at age 10, going on 11, in PICenze, with my Masci mother, while we lived on Hullmar. The English Pichers have only scallops in colors reversed from the Meschin scallops.

I now need to go back to Allison Bauer, who brought Allisons to topic in the first place. God linked her to the hood of my car (Hoods share the "BLACKbird" of Allisons but call it a "Cornish chough") at my age 17, and, more than 40 years later, place a MEDALlion on my hood as a pointer to Medals/Dougals/DOWELLs. It just so happens that I always link Wells (double-tailed lions) to things-Beaumont-of-Leicester, suggesting that DoWELLs may have been a Dove/Dow / Dougal merger with Wells. There's an arm in the Medal/Dougal Crest (holding the MacDonald fitchee), and Armors share the DOUGLas / Moray stars. What's the Benjamite take-away from this paragraph? Was Moldova named after the dove of Cuppae?

On my atlas, IMOLa is on the northern edge of where it reads Romania-like, Romagna, and Rimini is at the southern side of "Romagna," and to top it off, Roman is a location at the mouth of the Moldova river at the Siret while I link Sire's/Sirets to Justine of Picenum. Picenum as a northern frontier at Fano. Therefore, MOLdova looks like an Imola entity. I trace Picenum to the Picensii Illyrians (shown on dark map) at the Pek river flowing near Cuppae, "city of doves." Cuppae elements can explain the Chep variation of Kupa-liner JEEPma's/Jappa's. You need to be amazed because the medallion on the hood of my JEEP was found at the GROCery story while Groce's/Greggs played into that thing whose horizontally-split Shield is shared by the Italian Romania's/Romans.

Suddenly, the medallion-on-Jeep is a Moldova thing, but why? Jeepma's/Jappa's share the hexagram of HAGARs while Roman is on what was once the AGARus river (so-named on the dark map). God provided that Jeep for me, and to this let's add that an old friend, Paul Smith, owned a red Jeep while the Scottish-Smith motto is that also in the Arms of L'viv, a Ukraine location roughly between the two Bug rivers. English Smiths (Newman/Numan colors) use "BENIGno Numine" while Newmans/Numans can be from Numidians, whom I trace to "Neamt." The northern Bug flows through Brest, and had the wolf-depicted Neuri upon it. Not only is there a wolf in the Romania/Roman Coat, and not only are there wolf heads in the Coat of Prays/PRATers suspect with an ancient name of Moldova's Prut river, but there is a wolf in the Crest of Fiens/Finis' while their Fien/Fane/VAN branch are from Lake van, location of Neuri-suspect Nairi.

Mythical NEREIDs were named after a Neuri-like Nereus (husband of Doris), whose line was of the Daorsi of the Naro/NERETva river with a mouth at what the light map shows as PARDua, a term like some old version of the Prut river. As was said, the Naro-like Narew river is a tributary of the Bug near Brest. Well, it just so happens that Brest in Brittany is in FINIStere, where I trace the wolf-using Fiens/FINIS', is that not amazing? It is amazing, and I'm not done with events at Hullmar drive. While the moving VAN was being loaded (I've told this story before), I was throwing a tomato at a WINDOW, and because Windows have lion paws in the colors of the Fien/Finis lions, I include Windows (Windsor branch) with Finistere elements because a window to Latins is something like, finestra.

I realize how hard it is to believe that God would inspire me to throw a tomato at a window, but He can make the demons do it for him if He wants to send a message. I was in the backyard of Bill, my friend, at the time, and throwing something at someone's window, at age 11, was out of character for me, though I think the demons were starting to get to me about that time. When I check the Bill surname, kin of Roets, I see the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's, and the Alans of Dol married the daughter of THOMAS of Saluzzo. And so we now go to the Tomati/TOMASSI surname, how about that. And what do we find? Six fesses in the colors of the six pale bars of Truths/Trots / Prays/Preys and Cotes'/Coats, all three Moldova liners. I've never made this Moldova link to the tomato-on-window before, and, to boot, Tomati's/Tomassi's were first found in Naples with Romania's/Romans.

To prove that this is of God, the Alans who married the family of Thomas of Saluzzo were of Arundel. The Arundels share swallows with Swallows, and Swallow-like Sallows were first found in Shropshire with the Clun location of the Alans of Arundel (Cluns share the Saluzzo Coat). The Swallow-like Swale's have a white embattled fesse (Dol-fesse colors) half in the colors of the embattled fesse of Windows, you see, both first found in Yorkshire. The Swale's share a courant greyhound with Prays/Praters.

As the Fiens/Finis' can be found in the Windsor motto, we can glean that Windows are Windsor liners, and it just so happens that Windsors share the crosslets of Trips and Gore's/Core's while the latter share the white wolf with Romania's/Romans.

Having said that, what about that WinDOW surname, looking like "MolDOVa." Were Wends at Moldova? Dove's/Dows use the West dancette, and Wests are from the Vestalis Cottians, from the Buzau-river Cotesii. As was said, Buz was a son of Nahor, and his Nahorite line is very traceable to the Neuri, and therefore to the NERETva river. Nerets were first found at Dol with what I consider to be a Roxolani-Alan family from the Buzau.

I threw a tomato picked from Bill's garden at a window from Bill's backyard, and Bills have pelicans. Windows were first found in Yorkshire with pelican-using Pullens/Pullys. This is being added because Marble's (very linkable to Fiens) are said to have named a MerPUL location (Cheshire) anciently while Polesdons/Pulesdons were first found in Cheshire too. What are the chances that Marble's bring us to Window-line Finistere? "The first record of ownership of the [Merpul] estates was when Randle, Earl of Chester granted the manorial rights to Robert of Stockport." That's either Ranulph le Meschin or his son. Stockports are the ones with the same lozenges as Launays, and Launays were kin of Brests/Brix's of Brest, in Finistere, and beside Launay. There's even a Doly village in Poland, beside Lisa GORa, and near Brest of the Bug river. Gore's/Core's have the Alan fesse in colors reversed.

Doly is near TARNow, and so I'd like to add that Tarns are listed with the Turins having a "fortuna" motto term. You might say that Tarnow couldn't possibly be related to Turin of Italy, but let's not forget that Turin traces with Saluzzo liners to the Turano and Salto rivers through Rieti, and that Alans of Doly-like Dol were at Velino on the upper Salto. So, let's imagine Roxolani at Tarnow and at Turin, for the latter is at the mouth of the Riparia river, home of the Cottians from the Cotesii of the Buzau, home also of Roxolani. The Turin motto can link to Fiens/Fane's/Vans in this way: "An ancient town of Marche, it was known as Fanum FORTUNAE after a temple of Fortuna located there. Its first mention in history only dates from 49 BC, when Julius Caesar held it, along with PISAurum and Ancona." I do trace Benjamites to Grecian Pisa's Amazons.

A bull head is the Fien/Fano/Van Crest, and the Arms of Turin has a bull in the colors of the "steer" bull of Bachs/Bachers (possibly from Bacau). The Steers happen to share "ne" in their motto with Fiens/Fane's/Vans and Steers happen to share the lion of Prays/Prays on County Down, where Knee's/Nee's were first found.

The Fano article tells that the MALatesta family ruled Fano in the 14th century, begging whether the line of Malahule was there, for his line to Meschins merged with Talbots while Fortuna's use the dog. The Dogs/Doags, by the way, have the Bus / Hamilton cinquefoil again. There is a Testa/TestaBRUNa/TestadiFERRo surname. The latter two variations don't likely mean Brownhead or Ironhead, even as it's not likely for someone to give himself a Sickhead surname (which is what "Malatesta" means at face value). The Testa's happen to have a lion head in BRUNSwick lion colors, and while Bars of Brunswick were Este's, Este's rulers had alliances with Ferrara. Mallet-Este makes more sense because Este is near Rimini...though, later, variations appear to have played off of "testa = head." German Antons use mallets.

There's another dog in the English Gross Crest, which can explain the Testagrossa variation of Testa's. These Gross' look like they have a version of the Allison Coat (BROWN HEAD in Crest), which itself has dogs in the colors of the dog heads of Hulls/HULE's and Halls, suggesting MalaHULE behind Malatesta's. It makes sense because Fiens/Fane's/Vans share the Macey gauntlet gloves, and, besides, Glove's (share Craig crescents, black like the Saracen crescents) were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags.

Allison left me at the parking lot of a Gross-like GROCery store. The MEDALlion was found on my hood at a parking lot of a GROCery store, for the Purpose of my looking up Medals/DOUGals...for this led to the discovery that the latter were kin of Bauds having the Hood (and Saracen / Tonbridge) crescents in colors reversed. The Groce's/Greggs/Graggs (share split Shield of Romania's/Romans and Belli's) looks like the proto-Carrick Craigs who themselves have the Crag talbot dog belonging to the Meschin-Taillebois marriage, and Meschins (scallops, code for Sicily's Scylla area at Messina) married Clare's of Tonbridge while being from Messina, at Sicily's Saracen theater. Carricks were from Sicily's Acragas on the other side of the Saracen theater. Saracens were invaded by Guiscard Normans, and Guiscards/Wisharts were first found in Stirlingshire with Bauds.

The Grose/Gross dog has its leash on while Leash's are listed with Lise's having two of the three Clare and Claren/Larin ("Creag") chevrons.

The mystery has been: why are Dougals/Dowells listed with Medals? Wouldn't we like to know? It just so happens that Grose's/Gross' share the pierced stars of MEDLeys and Methleys!!! I have only-now bumped into this solution! I love it because it involves Groce-like Grose's/Gross', proving that I was correct to assume that God was pointing to Groce's with the medallion event. I need all the help I can get to prove that I'm not crazy for making countless claims that God set up events in my life for pointing to heraldic links.

Medleys happen to have two twin sets of fesses in the colors of the same of Monmouth's, while Fiens/Fane's/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire. Maids/Mauds/Molds have the same set of twin bars, but three sets, and they may have been MOLDavians. Maids/Molds and Monmouths have the same lion, but Monmouths leave out one leg while Leghs/Lighs share a giant, red lion with them. It just so happens that the Legh/Ligh lion is also to MONS/Mount lion, with the latter now suspect from MUNTenia. Cool.

What named Monunius, the DARDanian kings, whom I suspect in naming HasMONians = Maccabees from Hesse elements at modern Has (Albania)? I FLICKed the marble when playing with Tony, and he lived on Hullmar at least roughly where it intersects Hisey, and the Hiseys/Hesseys can be gleaned as Hesse liners (see this below). The point is, I figured that Monunius was a line to Moons (same place as Darts/DARDs) and Monans/Moonans (tree stump), while the latter happen to use a flick-like "FLECti" motto term as well as a Frank-like "frangi" motto term. As the daughter of Monunius II married Gentius, note that he traces to Ghent/Gaunt (Belgium), the Arms of which has a virgin for the Virgins (share Monan lion), first found in Kent with Gaunts. Welsh Ghent is at MONmouth, probably no coincidence. Figure on Mons being a Monunius line, since it's beside Artois while Gentius was an Ardiaei king. German Franks have a column, perhaps code for Calmatui at Monunius-like Muntenia, the line suspect to Mons/Mounts/Mounds and the other Mounts (mound) sharing the Monan lion in both colors.

Hang in there because I realized a connection to the attempted murder on Steve Scalise last night, and here on the morning I've come to the Hypsas (Drago) river at Acragas (Agrigento). Note AgriGENTo, suspect with king Gentius, whom I trace to the gauntlet gloves of Fiens/Fane's/Vans. The Meschin-like Mosca's (in the Drake motto) were involved with Agrigento elements. Masci / Macey/Mace liners are expected from Maccabees. Mounds use bees, in case some Masci line, such as Meschins of the Bessin, formed heraldic bees to represent "MaccaBEE."

MEADs were once said to be first found in Sussex with MEDleys so that Meads could be in Dougal/Dowell ancestry, and we still want to know whether Dowells were from a Dougal merger with Dove's/Dows, kin of the Cotesii. At this point, it's looking like Dougals and Douglas' were Dog/Doag liners, and the latter's sharing of the Bus cinquefoil gets their line back to the BUZau, home of Cotesii. As Flys are in the Drake motto as the Muscas variation of Mosca's, let's repeat from above: "Meads look like kin of Flavian-line Flys and Flavian-line Pullens/Pullys (share pelican with Meads). Pully is a location in LAUSanne, near Morgan-line Morges, and the Morgan Coat has the Asty lion in colors reversed, as does a Moor surname likely from Morano, beside SARACena..." The Allison and Grose/Gross Coats can be gleaned with that of Dragons/Drainers, from the Drin river, likely home of the Paionians i.e. who lived also at Astibus. The Grose/Gross dog has a leash with collar while Collars share the Morano Moor heads. There is a way to show links between the Mures river of the CARPathians, through mythical Charops, to Charybdis at the straight of Sicily i.e. near Morano and at Messina.

Meads share "pret" with Morays, and Douglas', first found in Moray, share the Moray stars. I trace Morays to the Mures river, and add to this God's showing that Bellys (Moray) are of the Saraca shark. I'm not at all being clued in to where Dougals / Douglas' got their names in these pictures, but Prets can be from MolDOVA's Prut in case Dowells were named after Moldova's Dove/Dow elements (I haven't proven that Moldova was a Dove/Dow element). Prays/Prays share the pale bars of Truths/Trots in the Allison motto, while the other Prays are PRATers too.

Meads and Medleys can now be traced to Olt-river liners (not far from the Mures) via the MedliCOTT location of Motleys. Do we see the Cotesii at the end of that Yorkshire location? The Motleys have a Coat version of the Otone's/OLTONs, you see, a branch of the Yorkshire Odins.

Proving that Dougals merged with Medleys, we find that the Medal/Dougal/Dowell lion is in the Motley Coat. The Motley Crest shares an item in a red crown with OLDENs/ELDINs...and Eltons ("ArtiBUS"), believe it or not, have stars in the colors of the stars of Medleys / Methleys / Palins / Grose's/Groce's (version of Allison Coat). Palins (version of Medley Chief) are from PaliNURus at the bay of Laus (i.e. near Saracena). Eltons almost have the pale bars of Allison-beloved Truths/Trots, and while Neamt is near the Trotus, Needhams share the gold, spread eagle in Crest with Motleys. The latter may be a branch of Motels and Mota's.

I dated Allison of Knob Hill Farms immediately after dating Darlene of Knob Hill FARMs, and Farmers happen to share a red lion head with FARNE's. The latter have another lion head in the colors of the same of Testa's/TestaGROSSa', and the latter is how Grose's/Gross' came to topic that have a version of the Allison Coat. While Darlene's have a version of the Darlington Coat, the latter share three, red crosslets fesse-wise with Grose's/Gross'. Knob Hill Farms is/was a GROCery store. So, God set me up with Darlene, the ice-cream girl at the grocery store that Pointed to the Crema area, not far from Cremona, and the latter is beside PLACentia while the Farne Coat is a Coat version of the Rim-beloved Place/Plaise Coat having the lion of BRUNswicks i.e. suspect in the TestaBRUNa variation. Rims/Rums/Rome's are from the Rimna river, I feel certain, and wow, Cremona-like Crimmons are also Rimmons!!! New to me now: God used both Darlene and Allison to trace things to Moldova!!!

Rimmons/Crimmons were pipers for the McLeods/Lutts while Lute's/Lutts have more lion heads. Lute's came to topic earlier in this update from the motto of Rodham-related MalBANKs, Benjamin suspects! MALbanks can easily be from Malahule-Meschin liners in the Cheshire Malls (who mention Malbancs). Malbanks (Resolute et FIRM) even share one of the the Farne lion heads. Bacau-suspect and Bacons/Beacons use "firma" while having nearly the Medley Chief. Beacons are in the Coat of German Belli's with the split Shield of Romania's/Romans and Groce's/Greggs. The latter are now highly suspect with Darlene's from something in Moldova. Darlene's share red fitchees with the Medal/Dougal/Dowell Crest. We are on MacDONald lines here, suspect from the Don/Tanais river, and possibly moving to the Buzau with the Roxolani. The "female FIGURE" holding a book, in the Darlene Crest, should be partly for VICKERs, and the book is beloved by Rieti-liner Roets and Reeds while Rita's share the Medal/Dougal/Dowell lion.

Lookie: Allison slipped into the car of our fellow workmate, Mike Denardo, while Ukrainian Kepke and I were sitting on my hood. She wouldn't come out of his car when I went over, and so she left me for him at that time. I now know why God set that up, for Denardo's/NORDi's, sharing the lion of Rimini-liner Maschi's, are obvious kin of Norths while Norrys use a wolf head so that I view them as wolf-worshipping Neuri. It appears that God was using Denardo to indicate Neuri liners. Scottish Nortons (Argyllshire, same as MacDonalds and Vickers) look like they can be connected to Norths.

The Danish NORmans (of Normandy) from NORway may have been Neuri liners because Tanais-suspect Dane's were RUS i.e. whose ancestors named Roxolani. Vickers use a "TANdem" motto. The Vickers have what could be called a tree stump, and so let's go to the Stumps after repeating this from above: "The question now is whether God set up "NORfinch" to indicate that Neuri (Bug river) were at Vinkovci. I was John's back catcher while Catch's/Catchers/Ketch's could be a branch of Kitchens who in turn share a solid chevron with Pitchers/Pichers, as well as the water bouget with Bugs and Roxolani-suspect Rose's (NAIRnshire). His name is John, and Johns share ravens with German Bugs." The Kitchen Coat is a version of the Stump Coat, and Stumps share griffin heads with solid-chevron Needs/Name's/Neme's! The Stumps share the black-on-white griffin (head only) of Vince's/Finch's. Denardo's/Nordi's were first found in Naples with Romania's/Romans while Roman is beside Neamt of the Needs/Name's/Neme's.

A stump appears in the Faith Crest while Faiths have a not-bad reflection of the Benjamin / Prink/Pringle Coats.

By what coincidence do Denardo's/Nordi's come up as "NARbonne" while Bone's were first found in Sussex with Stumps? Bone's probably have the Ferrari lion as per a Bononia-Ferrara relationship. The NARew tributary of the Bug comes to mind. French Narbonne's (Languedoc, same as Narbonne) have a giant lion in the colors of the Maurice lion, and Maurice's (another brown tree stump) with Marins can be gleaned with Maurice Drummond, the first Scottish Drummond, which recalls what I've said many times: Mike Denardo brought his DRUMs to my place when I threw a party for the young Knob-Hill employees (we guys were all STOCKboys).

Wow, the trash can in the door-handle dream, which was workable as a bucket for the Bouget-liner Buckets, could also be viewed as a drum! I had already traced Drummonds to this trash-can scene, not many updates ago, but I don't know whether the idea of a drum container came to mind. In the dream, this container was not identified as any type of container, as though God could call it more than one thing (for more than one surname). It was first of all identifiable as a small barrel / keg, and Barrels were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Maurice's. That's just one reason that the container can be a drum, but there is also the fact that French Buckets share the Gang/Gegg cinquefoils while Drummonds use a "gang" motto term. Amazing, it really is.

I've just checked the 3rd update of last month for "drum." It's the update where I linked Drummonds to the container, but a drum container did not come to mind at that time. It was said: "The bigger point is that, immediately after complaining about the door handle, I was up high dropping a bucket- / barrel-like container. As I said, I didn't see the ladder, but I felt as though I was at ladder height when dropping it, for I jumped down after dropping it. The Welsh Morris', the one's first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels [and Maurice's], use ladders!!! Finally, this part of the dream is getting deciphered in a logical / compelling way."

Hippy Hippy Shakes

French Maurice's/Morrisons have a Moray-suspect version of the French Mar/Mer/More Coat while Scottish Mars (almost the Brunswick Coat) were at KilDRUMMy castle (near Moray). The Narbonne / Maurice lion is in familiar-to-this-discussion colors for lions. The Mar/mere/More Coat looks to be in the Catcher Coat, and so this now brings me back to John at Shoreham drive, who played the drums. I was in his place a few times, and saw him play the drums. He was probably the one who set up a baseball match with kids versus the parents, where he was the pitcher and I was the catcher. We played at HullMAR park.

HULLmar. The line of MalaHULE to Hulls/Hule's was of Ranulph le Meschin (father of de GERNON), the ruling Norman family of the Bessin, which is the line of BASE's (share the Brunswick / GERNON Coat). The Meschin scallops are on a red background in the Tailbois Coat because Meschin married Lucy Taillebois, and these scallops are white, as are the Mar/Mer/More and Catcher scallops. I've had plenty of evidence that my Masci line descends from le Meschin. Mars/Mers/MORE's were first found in Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's, and Dutch Mers/Meers share the Massin/Mason lion probably because the latter surname shares the MORay mermaid. So, I say that God made me the catcher of that game because Catcher's have the Meschin scallops.

Behold. As was said, le Meschin was the grandson of Emma de CONTEville, and Conte's share the antlers of Cone's (in colors reversed) while Maschi's and TANERs use pine CONES (Kent, same as Massins/Masons and scaling-ladder Trips). Cone's share the gauntlet glove with Maceys, and the antler with Hamons while Hamon-de-Masci was a ruler of Dunham-Masci in Cheshire (where le Meschin ruled). It's a little unfortunate that Tans/Tanners don't come up as Tainers, but "Taner" will need to do because I dropped a CONTainer when on the ladder. A ConTAINER!

I kid you not, that when I first moved to Hullmar, I attended GOSford public school (it's on the map presented above). Le Meschin was the grandson of Richard GOZ. German Gos' are also Goz's. I had to cut through Hullmar park to get to the Gosford school. One day, being lazy when walking to school after lunch, I jumped onto the bumper of a truck as the truck drove by. The driver must not have noticed because he didn't stop. When he got to Hullmar park, oh no, what do I do now, keep going or jump off? I jumped off and slid on the pavement upon my right HIP, burning the flesh deeply at the hip. Ouch, but otherwise I was okay.

This happened right in front of the park where I would later play baseball. Steve Scalise was shot in the hip when he played baseball. On top of this, I can dredge up a story I've told many times, and here it is from the 2nd update of February, 2017: "But, every once in a while in my life, I remember her street, SHOREham Drive, maybe because a friend (forget his name, maybe Frank) lived at a corner of Shoreham. The only thing I recall about him, and vividly, was going over to listen to the song, "Hippy-Hippy SHAKEs," and I even recall doing the hippy-shake DANCE at the time, inside of his house." I was not at all a dancer, but that day, I was doing it, at age 11, maybe even 10. His name was definitely Frank, and he's the one who lived virtually across the street from John our pitcher. Frank was no doubt playing baseball with the kids versus the parents.

It was after recalling that Hippy Hippy Shakes song, earlier in this update, that I remembered sliding on my hip in front of the baseball diamond at Hullmar park. Looking for clues as to what God may have been pointing to, let's start with the three times the song repeats, "it's in the BACK," for I was the BACK catcher. German Backs/Bachers use a steer while Steers seem to love the Cedes'/Seats in their motto who in turn share double-blue pale bars with Cindys. More than a decade after the Hippy Hippy Shakes, God pointed to Steve Scalise with Cindy Richardson on second base (!) while I was at home plate with Mamie. Cindy variations even smack of Conte's.

"Tu ne cede" is a motto phrase shared between Steers and Amore's while the latter throw in "MALis."

French Conte's were first found in Languedoc with CRUCE's/Crois' who look like kin of Messeys/Messier's, the latter first found in Burgundy with Catcher-suspect Mars. The Cruce/Crois cross is that of Crozier's who in turn surround it with the Masci fleur.

Next, the "cruce" motto term of Backs/Bachers is a surname that I've traced with Croce's to mythical Creusa at Agrigento, location of the HYPSas river! Zinger. The French Croziers were first found in Auvergne, beside the province of Creuse. Crose's share the potent cross with the Brox's/Brocuffs/Procops sharing a gold sphinx with Hips'. Plus, BROXton is the location in Cheshire of the Birds sharing the Hips martlets. English Creuse's/Crews' (Cheshire!) share the giant lion of Italian Crose's. Croce's have the Darlington cross in colors revered because they share the same motto, "Cruce dum spiro spero." The last three terms are the full motto of Massins/Masons, first found in Kent with CRUX's/Crucks. We can already spot Intelligent Design, but there's more. Darlingtons were first found in Durham with English Conte's.

Behold. Hippy Hippy SHAKES. The Shake's use mole hills while Mole's/Molle's named Eschyna de Molle, wife of Robert Croc(e)!!! Just like that, we find that God set me up for these pointers at Hullmar drive. OH wow. When I jumped off the truck, it burned the SKIN off at the hip (I remember it being red-bloody, a deep injury, and it hurt much), and Skins are listed with Skene's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Schims/Schiens/Shands sharing the Molle boar head!!! The Hippy Hippy Shakes just linked to my hip injury! Amazing.

I almost missed seeing that French Conte's have a crescent version of the Mar/Mer/More Coat. This was refound now because French Conte's come up as "Comite," a motto term of Schims/Schiens along with sharing "fortuna" with neighboring Rollo's (probably the Speer boars). Richard Goz married Emma de Conteville and birthed Hugh Lupus (he had a wolf-head symbol), who belongs to the Welfs'/Wolfs/Lupus' (Cheshire, same as Hugh Lupus) sharing the Skin/Skene wolf heads!!!!! That's why I had to have my skin burned off! Hugh Lupus' sister was mother of Ranulph le Meschin. The Schims/Schiens even share the Gos stars I now see, and Gos' were first found in Staffordshire with the Duce's in the Schim/Schien motto! PLUS, UNBELIEVABLE, GOSford public school (on this map) is the one I had to cross the Hullmar park for on the day I burned my hip. Incredible. How Did God arrange these heraldic links? In the satellite view, one can see the baseball diamond at Hullmar park.

The ugly-looking bird in the Gos Crest is on the tree stump of the Herefordshire Maurice's.

As Eschyna's daughter (Isobel) married Robert Pollock (brother of Peter of Rothes), I assume that her first name was of the Eskins/Erskins, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks, and with the Spears expected in the Croce / Massin/Mason motto. The Crux's/Crucks even share the Eskin/Erskin pale bar. Cruise's/Crews likely have the Poole / Rita lion closely, but it can be gleaned that the Creuse/Crews lion is certainly the one of Otone's/Oltons and thus the lion of Crozier-loving Odins.

Wow, UNBELIEVABLE. While writing here, I had been wondering how any of this might be related to the MARbles we played at Hullmar. Immediately after writing the full paragraph above, allees/alleys came to mind because that's what we called our marbles. So I checked for an Alley surname, finding the giant lion of Creuse's/Crews', first found in Cheshire with Marble's (of MerPUL). Creuse's/Crews were at Malbanc, and Malbanks share the ermined Rodham bend. There's something in this because God pointed to Scalise's injury with my hip injury and the Hippy Hippy Shakes. Eschyna de Molle married also Mr. Alley-like Alan, the proto-Stewart. English Stewarts share the giant lion of Irish Alleys/Caulays. Scottish Alleys/Caulays have the Boyd version of the Stewart / Stuart fesse. Boyds are expected from the Budini south of Kiev.

Having said that, French Alans share the martlets of Hips', and while I link the latter's Coat to that of Decks/Daggers, the latter share the red squirrel of Squire's/Squirrels, first found in Worcestershire with English Alleys.

I don't remember anything at second base with the baseball games at Hullmar. I don't remember anything but being the catcher. It was fast ball, but so far I see nothing to say about Fasts...who I trace to Vasto's of Saluzzo and Busca. I think that God may be pointing, with John, to the man on the pitcher's mound when Hodgkinson started shooting his rifle. I believe that Flick-like Jeff Flake was one of the conspirators. I flicked the marble from my thumb.

Aha! We played against the parents while English Parents share the three martlets of Alans, in the colors of the Hips martlets! Just look at the timing of this find, because it didn't come to mind to load Parents until after writing that last paragraph.

After this, I was at the Hips page, noting Mr. HIPEcoc, which made me load Hipe's (Bavaria), and there they have the Marble griffin!!! WOW. What would my marble-miracle shot have to do with Scalise's hip shot? I haven't a clue. But here's a possible clue. I remember where we were playing that day, on Hullmar right at Skye court. As McLeods/Lutts were at Skye, I can go from their castle to the same of Martins, the latter first found in Gascony with MARTELs, and Hips' use MARTLets as code for Charles Martel (father/grandfather of king Charlemagne). French Charles'/Charlemagne's use martlets, and English Charles' (Suffolk) have the split-Shield of Hips' (Norfolk and Suffolk). Irish Charles' share the crown with Martels, and so it seems that the marble shot does link to the Hips'. Go figure. I was right at Skye court when I jumped onto the pick-up truck that led to the hip injury!

I used to climb the TV ANTENna, at Hullmar, and jump from the roof to the grass. The German Antons use the same mallets / martellos (different colors) as English Martels, and Tony was likely born, ANTONio. That is just amazing, as though God wants to confirm the marble shot as His event for pointing to Scalise, though He may not confirm everything with absolute proof because He works a little vaguely, because He doesn't want everyone to believe in His existence. It's why He remains invisible, because this history is a test and a stage to set appropriate Punishment for the wicked.

Before ever mentioning marbles with Tony, I told the story of my grade-five cutie, Andrea. Bill's father took me and Bill to the store, where I bought her two gifts, a game board and a book, which had me feeling inferior when, soon-after, I heard through the grapevine that Tony had bought her a jewel of some sort. This story was told because Joels/Jewells have gillyflowers in the colors of the Tony flower. Why was God interested in Tonys? The Malahule line, right? Yes, you can find online that Toeni's descended from Malahule of More, uncle of Rollo, which can explain why Rollo's (Perthshire, same as Dogs/Doags) use "fortuna" for a dog-using surname. Not only the Schims/Schiens, but the Turins/Tarns, first found in Aberdeenshire with Schims/Schiens, use "fortuna."

I've been wondering whether Tonys were at issue due to Flowers being Flavians.

Aberdeenshire is where Reeds were first found who share the book with Roets who in-turn have the Rollo boar heads in colors reversed. If God caused me to buy Andrea that book, could it be due to Scottish Andersons sharing a blue boar head with Rollo's? Half of the wolf of Danish Andersons is in the colors of the wolf in the Arms of Placentia, a location near the Taro river, which can explain why I got Andrea a book on Tarzan. On the map above, one can see Jane street intersecting with Shoreham not far east from Andrea's home on Shoreham. Placentia is on the Trebia, and the Trabys/Sadowski's have a scarf while Scarfs have wolf heads in the colors of the Hugh-Lupus wolf head, and in the colors of the other half of the Anderson wolf, believe it or not. Hugh Lupus just linked to Skins/Skene's thanks to my hip injury.

Scarfs were first found in Yorkshire with Hesse-liner Hesseys/Hiseys who look like proto-Hazels (Cheshire). Hesseys/Hiseys have the same birds as Swallows, suggesting that the Hessey/Hisey stars are those of French Alans, which proves correct where Hazelwoods share the oak leaves of English Alans, and were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans and their Swallow-line Sallows. The Hesseys/Hiseys, sharing a blue wolf with the Arms of Placentia, and colors reversed from the Scarf wolf heads, were found only now because Hisey is a street off of Hullmar about where Tony lived (on Hullmar). Scarfs are suspect with Schare's/Schere's/SCHERFs who link to Shore / Schor / Shop/Shoreland/Sherland liners. Andrea lived on Shoreham. Hazels use a squirrel while Squirrels/Squire's are also Schare-like Square's.

The Hesse Chatti put out a branch at the naming of Caithness, where Anderson-like Hendersons were first found. Andersons are said to have been of cat-line Clan Chattan. Hesse's/Huss' use a giant sun perhaps for the Sola's in the Henderson motto. Cat-using Catchers can apply to Chatti because they share the Fens/Venn/Fan scallops while the latter share the blue border with Irish Hessens/Hassons. I could go to Blacksmith school only by walking down Hisey or Bamford; I'll show you below, by a tomato's throw, how Bamfords take us the Fens'/Venns/Fans.

Andersons can apply to Andrea's because they share a red saltire. The Anderson saltire is that also of Annandale's, from the Ananes Gauls at Placentia. Perfect. Heraldic symbolism has a big mouth that puts historians to shame who choose, out of the fat air in their over-educated heads, what place names are derived in. Andrea's use the Annandale saltire in the colors used for it by Bruce's of Annandale. Blue-lion Bruce's were first found in Yorkshire with blue-wolf Hesseys/Hiseys (share wings in Crest with Hesse's). The blue wolf was a Hun symbol, and I was able to glean that the Andrews at the root of the Ross clan were from Andrew I of Hungary (Varangian RUS wife). Hazels were kin of Weavers who in turn love wolf-head Fiddle's/Fidelows. Hungarians had Hussians, while Hesse's/Huss', when living at Hesse, were called, Hessians. Hazels and Hesse's both come up as "Hessel."

Scottish Andersons were first found at the upper Spey, near Ross-shire, and the Spear/SPEYer boar head would be blue in colors reversed. Scottish Andrews have the Anderson saltire in colors reversed, with another "fortuna" motto term, the term of Rollo's who share the blue boar with Andersons. Hungarians were co-founded by Khazars on the Mures river, and Rollo, whose father I trace to Reghin on the Mures, ruled at More.

My question is whether I was chosen to be the catcher due to cat liners being from Cottians. I always see the latter linked to Piedmont's Masci's, and the Catcher Crest has the leopard design of Mosca's, but calls it a cat, same as what the Chives' call their Mosca leopard. Chives' call it a mountain cat, or perhaps a cat-a-mountain as some others do, and wow, the Cottians are from the Cotesii in MUNTENia! I get it.

I read from someone on the Keith clan that their Catti tribe derives in the Hesse Chatti, then over to the naming of CaithNESS (after the Ness river). The three pale bars of Keiths are in the colors of the three-and-three of the Truth/Trot and COTES/Coats pale bars! That's good stuff. Keiths come up as "Mascul/Mascul," probably from Mascula of Numidia. We can expect Neamt and Benjamite liners in the Haddington / Musselburgh area of Keiths.

A couple of houses past the one of John the pitcher, there was a dead-end barrier when I lived there, and a field beyond it. Frank and I would go to an abandoned factory in that field that fronted on NorFINCH, and the Keiths use a "VINCit" motto term suspect for Vince's/Finch's. The FACTory-like Faucets were first found at Musselburgh, the region of the Keiths. Faucets were apparently related to Saer de Quincy (built their castle), and Quincys happen to use MASCLEs, and were first found in Northamptonshire with the Spinks (mascles) sharing the spread eagle of Sens'/Senns, suspect from the Sensii (on the dark map too) that are on the light may at Muntenia. On the dark map, the Sensii are on the Naparus, possibly to the Ticino-line Napiers/Nappers/PEERless' (Perthshire) with a "SANS tache" motto that speaks to the Tache variation of the Tass'. The latter can be in the Keith motto, which would be an extra way to trace the Keith Catti to Cotesii, beside the Sensii. NaPIERs/Peerless' share the KEATing saltire, and Keatings ("FideLISSiMUS") add leaves for the Laevi of the Ticino, as do the Tass-like Tease's/Tess' with a saltire in colors reversed. The Sempers/SimPIER's/St. Pierre's in the Keating motto are likely from Pierro's/Pero's.

Sensii were suspect in naming Sion, which is also, Sitten, and it just so happens that Seatons/Sittens were first found in East Lothian with Keiths and FAUCETs. The latter were suspect with the factory at Norfinch (I player there a lot against its wall), and FACTORs/Feschs were first found in Switzerland with Tease's/Tess' and Sens'/Senns while Fisks/Fiscs share the Shield of Tommaso's (not "Tommasi").

In case it means anything, the factory was where "Viking Wholesales" is now showing. It's a WAREhouse now, and Ware's were at PICKENham while "Viking" is like the Vichen surname sharing double wings in Crest (different color) with Pitchers/Pichers. Wings are from Vinkovci, home of the husband of Justine of PICENum. The Keatings (share boar in Crest with Ware's, Weirs and Vere's) share the leaf design of French House's. "WareHOUSE."

The Tume's/Tombs, with wings in Crest expected for Wings/WINKs, have tombstones with "R.I.P." written upon them, and they are in the white-on-green colors of the giant lily of Susa-like Susans, while royal Cottians were at Susa on the RIParia river. It seems that Tume's/Tombs were indeed from a Cottian line. Why did I stress Annette's (Perthshire) in this update, who have a "SperaTUM et COMpleTUM" motto? Coms/Gumms (Keith Shield?) were a part of God's Tooth-Bump entity that pointed to the shark in a pool in the 1979 dream (I had jumped into that pool), and Annette's entered this update as per Annette in a swimming pool with me.

I'm mentioning this field, that fronted onto Norfinch, because I once caught a MOUSE there, and can never forget the deep gouge it made into my THUMB with it's long TOOTH. Repeat from when I was on Jeff Flake at Scalise's shooting: "I flicked the marble from my thumb." The Tooths were kin of Bumps/Bumpuss', and I jumped off of a BUMPer when I slid on my hip BONE (smack on the side of the hip bone). Hmm, Bumps are also BONpas'.

There is a Thum surname, with a fence, and it looks like a potential Tume branch. I trace the heraldic fence to Fens/Venns/Fans sharing the Catcher scallops. I see the mouse as a symbol of Meschin/Masculine / Mussel/Muscel liners who were likely behind THOMas of Saluzzo, and Tomati's/Tomassi's have three-and-three fesse-wise bars in the colors of the three Keith/Mascal pale bars.

God used a mouse in my house a few years ago to point to fiendish Dan Coats (of U.S. Intelligence), and the Cotes'/Coats can be expected from king Cottius. To put it another way, the Cottius line in the Keith Chief.

To put it another way, the Vasto branch of the Montferrat rulers used an empty blue Chief with an empty white Shield, the Saluzzo, Clun, and Dure Coats exactly. The latter two were first found in Perthshire with Winks/Winks. The rulers of Montferrat used an empty red Chief with an empty white Shield, and that's virtually the Keith/Mascal Coat, aside from the three pale bars in Chief. Dure's may be from something on the Durance river over the Cottian peaks from Susa.

Montferrat is at the southern side of Turin, and the Riparia flows to Turin. The Masci's, who once showed both wings white, can be expected in the double-white wings in the Tume/Tomb Crest along with a white horse that can be the winged Massey horse. Massey use a fleur-de-lily, so to speak, from the Lissus location of Chives' (from Chivasso on the northern side of Turin). A Chives branch may have named Ceva, the home of the mother of Alice of Saluzzo, and the Alice/Alis Coat, said to have a "MUZZLEd bear" expected for Musselburgh elements, have the Keith motto in reverse. Alice was the daughter of Thomas of Saluzzo (husband of Luis of Ceva).

The Chives moline is that of Mathis' because Lissus of the Cavii is near the Mathis (now Mat) river, and Italian Mattis' are also Massi's, like the ending on the Tomassi' variation of Tomati's. I picked the tomato in Bill's backyard from a tomato VINE, and the mouse bit me in an empty grass field while Fields share the garbs of Vine's. The Field write-up: "Robert de Felde was listed as a Templar in Gloucestershire in 1185," and that's where Vine's and Vinners were first found. Weiners/Winners/Wansteads share the fleur-de-lys of Masseys, and the Wanstead is near the first-known Vince's/Finch's. John, living virtually beside the field, was the pitcher, and Pitchers are Pichers while English Pichers have the Field / Vine scallops in colors reversed.

The "comPLETum" motto term of Annette's looks partly for Tume's/Tombs and partly for Plett/Plate's/Platers (swan), who use a grape VINE. Mussels/Muscels use plates.

The Keith stag goes to the Staggs/Stage's, which can be gleaned with the Eustace's and Stacys, from Eustace II, who married the line of Godfrey III and thus named his son, Godfrey (de Bouillon). Bouillon's use "veri," and Keiths use "VERItas." The Tass' expected on the ending on that term are likely of the Tessin/Ticino river, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found who share the red rose of Maso's/Masins (Piedmont, same as Pero's/Perino's, Masci's, and Susa). Godfrey III went to the aid of the Pero-like PIERleoni, the line of Leo's who happen to share the fesse of Maso's/Masins. KEATons have LEOpard faces. It appears that Pierleoni were with and amongst the Keiths/Mascals.

One Godfrey Coat even shares the black passant griffin of Vince's/Finch's in the Keith motto. Maso's/Masins are said to be from "TomMASO," but this is not correct. More likely, a Tommaso surname (black dog) developed when Masci's married the line of Thomas of Saluzzo. The black Tommaso dog is on the checkered Shield of Vairs/Fers', a branch of Fers/FERRATs i.e. likely from Montferrats. The Mattis'/Massi's (Weiner eagle?) share the checkered Fer/Ferrat Shield.

Tony bought Andrea a jewel while Jewells share flowers in the same colors as the Tony flower. Were Flowers from Flavians. As I trace Flavians to Flys of Flavius/Flagi, how incredible is it if there should be flags in the Crest of English Fabians? Andrea's surname is Fabian, and Fabians were first found in Hampshire with Flys. The Fabian fleur-de-lys are those of Perkins/Parkings, and that's the line of Plancia Magna to the Fulks of Anjou, and therefore to the Fulke's/Volks (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flecks/FLICKs) with the Fabian fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. It could appear that God gave me the marble-FLICK miracle with Tony to indicate that Flowers are Flavians. I might even say that my marble-flick shot was BANG-on as code for Benjamites.

Now watch this, which could be new. I gave Andrea a book on TARzan, and the Taro river flows to PARMa while Palmers/PARMers (Norfolk) have a version of the Flag/Flick Coat. But I also gave her a GAME board (can't recall the game), and Game's are listed with Cams, and so the Fabian write-up is just incredible: "the family name was first referenced in the year 1184 when Fabianus of CAM held estates in that shire." I don't know if I've ever realized that before.

Checking, yes, I did realize it, in the 4th update of February, 2017: "I do not recall, when pointing out the GAME board recently, telling that English Fabians are said to be from Fabianus of CAM, just a spectacular piece of evidence that God is speaking to us through this event nearly 40 years later, for Cams come up as "Game," and moreover, zowie, the Cam/Game Coat is identical to that of English Babels/Babwells! Excellent. It appears that God used Andrea to show that Fabians were Babons/Babians." It's just a theory at this point that Fabians were from "Babian." Babcocks share the red rooster of Cocks while Cocks share the lozengy Shield of Italian Fabians (and Bags, Norfolk).

It could just as well be that Babons formed a Babian variation when marrying a Fabian family. Note how "Fabian" is like "Flavian," which is a better theory because Fabians use flags! I don't think I've ever suggested a Fabian-Flavius equation before, but it got hashed out here thanks to the Flower-Flavian theory. Flys were at FLAGi, also called Flavius. The Rieti Flavians were "Flavius."

ButterFLIES are used by Tulls/Tullia's, from Tullia of Clermont-Ferrand, ancestor of Mummolin, father of Babon. The latter's mother was Berthe, and her game board was her BIRTHday gift. My mother even invited her to my 11th birthday party. Tony was probably there.

There should be a reason that Bill's father drove us to get her gifts. Bills were first found in Somerset with their Roet kin and TARZan-like Tarrs/Tarres'. Roets are Rieti liners, and so there we go. The key to figuring out the props to Andrea events is the Flavian origin of her surname. Bills even use pelicans, as do the Rieti-liner Pullens/Pullys. Wow, the latter share red-on-white scallops with Jane's (!) and (rips in my jeans) the Sabine's from Flavius Sabinus of Rieti, husband of Vespasia Polla!!! TARZAN AND JANE, out our service, hee-hee!

The brackets above with "rips in my jeans" is exactly when Francesca Battistelli sang those words, one word after I wrote "Jane." It's another song-line miracle because Jane's are listed with Jeans. Also, Battistelli's share the pyramid with Tulls/Tolle's, a branch of butterfly Tulls/Tullia's. BattiSTELLi's are a branch of at least two Steel surnames, the German branch sharing the griffin of BERTA's, from Berthe above. Look at the timing of the song-line miracle, just after the Berthe link to our birthdays. German Steels even have two fesses in the colors of the one with butterflies of Tulls/Tullia's. Then, hang on to your wood bills, because English Steels, who share BILLets in Chief (different colors) with the Battistelli Chief, have vertically-placed billets in the colors of the one billet in the Bill Chief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. Can you make heraldry sing like this with an event or two in your life?

I now recall that my grade-five teacher, the only year that Andrea was in my class, took the class to swimming lessens i.e. in a POOL. She also took us to see a live airing of the television TURTLE, Razzle Dazzle. Turtle's/Tuttle's are expected from a Tertulla, or from Tertullus, Plancia's husband. Tertullus was also a quasi-mythical ancestor of the Flag/Flick-related Fulks to which Andrea already pointed.

We're not done. Bills share a "solum" motto term with Stevensons. The latter were just looked up because I remembered that they have a copy of the BIRTH/Bert Crest, and Stevensons call it a garland for the Garlands. The latter's three pale bars (in Tarr pale-bar colors) are shared by Scottish WALKers, from Wallachia. We saw Fabians from Plancia Magna, and English Walkers (share gold annulets with Walsh's/Walchs) have a "magna" motto term. The "quam" motto term of English Walkers is that also of CAMbridge's, and as Cambridge is on the Cam river, it makes a Cam/Game link to the Cam location of Fabians. I gave her a game BOARD, and Boards are like "Berta / Birth/Bert." It thus makes sense that the Fabian Crest has a garland if the Scottish Walkers share the three pale bars of Garlands. The Fabian Garland surrounds the Perkin/Parking fleur-de-lys. The Garlands have a garland with red roses upon it, as does the garland-like item in the Fabian Crest.

Plancia's relative by marriage, Mr. Simplex, is in the Perkin/Parking motto. Online quote: "...Julia Tertulla, a close relative of Plancia Magna, married Lucius Julius Marinus Caecilius SIMPLEX." Tertulla was the name of the mother of Flavius Sabinus above, believe it or not. Plancia's father was from the Galatians, who in his time roughly birthed Julia Polla i.e. the surname of Flavius Sabinus' wife. Tertulla-like Turtle's/Tuttle's share the crescent of Scottish Walkers.

Tarzan swings on a vine, and Vine's have a tiger, a symbol I trace to TIGRanes VI, the ancestor of Plancia Magna. His Galatian wife, OpGALLi, may have been the line to Gallia, mother of Tullia above of the butterflies to which Andrea Fabian pointed. Teague's/TEEGERs have an "OPtem" motto term that I trace to Opgalli, and they look like a branch of TICKs/Tooks/TOUQUE's while Julia Polla of Galatia was the daughter of Julia TYCHe. German Teegers have the eight-pointed star of Stelli's, the ones who made the Tullia-liner Battistelli's. Vine's were first found in Gloucestershire with Touque-like TEWKESburys, who, as with Meads, married Arthurs of Clapton (Gloucester-Somerset border). The Meads are a branch of tiger-using Medleys, the ones who formed the Medal variation of Dougals/Dowels (Pool / Rita lion).

The triple pale bars of Garlands and Walkers are used also by Bassmans/BOShams. I therefore checked for a BUSham surname, because these pale bars are almost the three-and-three of Truths/Trots and Cotes'/Coats. There is a Busham surname listed curiously with Byrams/Berone's (Bush colors, almost Bush format). However, they use hedgehogs while Hoggs share black boars with Bush's, suggesting that BUSHams are a Bush merger with Byrams/Berone's. Dutch Bos' are also Bush's/Boschs, and English Bush's were first found in Yorkshire with English walkers so that Bassmans look like a Bash branch connectable to the triple pale bars of Scottish Walkers. The Buzau is in Wallachia.

HEDGEhoggs. Hedge's share swans in the colors of the CAMbridge swans, and Cambridge's share "quam" with English Walkers. Cams/GAME's were first found in Gloucestershire with KEMMIS'...and Vine's. Cams/Game's share the six pale bars of Lise's (Hampshire, same as Fabians!) and Lists, and MaLIS'/Melles', in the Amore motto, have those swans again. The Amore's also have the Cedes'/Seats, I assume, with pale bars in the same colors.

The Vine's have three garbs in colors reversed from those of Derbys, and the latter trace well to Derbe (Anatolia), which was conquered by Amyntes, the Galatian father of ARTEMidoros, father of Julia Tyche. Plancia and her mother were in charge of the ARTEMis temple in Perga, suggesting that Plancia's Galatian father was related to Artemidoros, for Amyntes' father, Brogitarus, a line to Derbyshire's Froggits, was a high priest of Cybele.

The line of Artemidoros married the line of Tigranes VI at QUADRatus Bassus, recalling the TestaQUADRA variation of Testa's/Testagrossa's. The Derby anteLOPE is suspect partly with Les Andelys, over by the TOUQUES river, and partly with LUPus Laevillus, husband of Quadratus' daughter. Derbys have a "PLACuerit" motto term while Testa's/TestaBRUNa's have a lion head in the colors of the Place/Plaise and BRUNSwick lion. During the writing of this paragraph, a song line, "No MATTER the hurt the Cross has made you FLAWless" (song, "Flawless," by MercyMe) Flavian clue? Incredibly, Matters/Mathers have a "celeRITER" motto term while Rieti-like Riters/Rutters (Cheshire, beside Derby) share white garbs with Vine's. The timing of this song line looks like an act of God.

Moments later, before I could write more, the "place" term in the song line, "There's a better PLACE" ("There Will COME a day" by Faith Hill), sang just as I was writing "Pelais" at houseofnames to load that surname (because I had just crossed the Place's/Plaise's). It's not bringing up a page, but "Pelaiz" does bring up a surname sharing the checks of German Bills. Bill's father drove Bill and I to the store, and I bought Andrea a GAME board and a Rieti-pointing book...on Tarzan, the reason that Vine's were looked up. Andrea's and Andersons use the saltire of Annandale's, from the Ananes at PLACEntia.

Come's/Gumms were first found in Cambridgeshire with the expected origins of Cam(e)s/Game's. This is the first inkling I've had that Gumms/Come's were Cam-river liners. The other Come's are with the Comeys.

Oh wow, look at the timing of FAITH Hill's song-line clue, while on the Vine's. A grape vine is used by German Plate's/Platers while Faiths use plates! "Faith and love" (Cry Out to Jesus" by Third Day) was just sung before I could write another word! This paragraph was inserted here after writing the next two, and so note Anthony below, for English Plate's share the leopard face of Antons/Anthonys. I was the back catcher at Hullmar, at home PLATE, and English Plate's share the scallops of Catchers. Faith Hill's song, "There's a BETTER Place"; Betters are also Batters. A few times I was wondering whether to check for a There surname as per the first word of that song, but I refused (I'm tired; it's late), until, after writing the last sentence, the male singer of Selah was singing a long-noted "there," I kid you not, in the song, "Wayfaring Stranger." So, I looked up There's/Theres' (Tarr/Tarres colors) but didn't have anything to say, until realizing that their the giant lion is in the colors of half the Place/Plaise lion. That works. Platte River Networks is coming to mind here.

Vinners were first found in Gloucestershire with Vine's, and Weiners/Winners are also Wansteads, expected at the naming of Wanstead, near the Cam river. Anthony (TONY) Weiner? It must have been no more than weeks after Andrea's birthday gift that my parents moved. My father must have been working with Bruno, in real estate, for we moved beside him into a new development (both new homes)...where I would be paired with Kepke at age 12. It's just that Bruno's show nothing but a bend in the colors of nothing-but-a-bend of Vinners (aside from their Chief).

On the night we moved, while the moving crew was filling the moving VAN, I picked a tomato from Bill's tomato VINE (he lived on Hullmar), and through it at a window. The Windows are related to Fiens/Finis' and Fiens/Fane's/VANS. The latter were first found in Monmouthshire, right beside the Vine's and Vinners of Gloucestershire. Checking Vanners, they are listed with Fanners, first found in Essex with Wanstead of the Weiners/Winners. Hillary's government emails were transferred, from Platte River, I assume, to Anthony Weiner's computer by HUMA Abedin. The latter was pointed to by an event at my age 24 at a HOME PLATE, for Home's are also Hume's. That event pointed to Scalise hip injury at second base because Cindy Richardson at SECOND base was the only other person in the baseball diamond, and because Abedin-like Bedins have a version of the SECOND/Segur Coat. The two have a familiar lion.

What a life I've had, like God's personal robot. He made me do many, many things without my realizing, and has taken 15 years of my life, and counting, learning this heraldic "science," for to tell His stories. What will this thing end up doing? What is this, exactly? Can we limit God to doing just one thing per any project, or can He have a million tasks per project? You know the answer.

MORE. I threw the tomato at the back window of a house on BAMford (the map makes this plain). Andrea was at the corner house of Bamford and Shoreham. There is a Bamford surname with an Adam of BAUMford. This seems to be verification that God set up this tomato toss with the moving VAN in the driveway, for Baumgardens use a fence that I've reckoned to be code for Fens'/VENNS (same scallops as Plate's and Catchers). I picked the tomato in the GARDEN of Bill's mother. BaumGARDENs. That works.

Bamfords share a red fesse with Bamtons, and the latter's upright lions are in the colors of the passant lions of Bramtons having lived at Bamton locations. Bramtons share the Coat of Sempers/St. Pierre's in the KEATing motto. Bamton is on the side of HULLmar park, and Hulls share the dog head (different color) with the Bramton Crest. Keatings were gleaned above from the Laevi Gauls, and Jewish Levi's/LeVINE's share double lions (different colors) in pale with Bramtons. The latter were suspect from "ABRAM, the Biblical Abraham, whose concubine, Hagar, is expected at the Agarus river, location of the Cotesii i.e. the proto-Keatings, right? Yes, and Keatings were linked above to Napier's/Nappers/Peerless', first found in Perthshire with Hagars (and Siret-related Justine's and Wings/Winks). The Agarus/Siret is not far from the Napper-like Naparus.


Judicial Watch has been granted records showing that Hillary's illegal dossier was transferred to John Kerry's state department:

Bill Barr is a criminal. He has obstructed justice with the Epstein case. New news:

Video recorded outside the cell of accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein at the time of his first reported suicide attempt in July “no longer exists,” federal prosecutors said in a court filing.

The Metropolitan Correctional Center, where Epstein was being held, mistakenly kept video feed from the wrong area of the jail, prosecutors wrote.

Every excuse in the book has been used to cover this crime, and Barr is in on the cover-up. For a long time, I wanted to know if Barr was another Sessions but with a different curve to his cover-up strategies. Now I now he's a criminal acting as a good cop. SPIT! On is face.

Obama's Assistant Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Security Division, John Carlin, had for his lawyer the Inspector General (Mr. Atkinson) for the entire Intelligence apparatus (U.S.) who in turn brought the bogus whistle-blower charge against Trump that started the impeachment process. This is a topic of Thursday's Bongino show below. The Carlins, I kid you not, share the Keen Coat exactly (related to the McCain Coat), which has the Saraca fish = the shark symbol that I say God is using to depict the attack-Trump deep state. Carlin was Mueller's chief of staff. Online: "Prior to serving as the DOJ’s highest-ranking national security lawyer, Mr. Carlin served as Chief of Staff and Senior Counsel to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III" (

Deep-state operatives scratch one anothers' backs, which is what defines the deep state as a conspiratorial grouping (multiple groups with commonalities). There's more than one deep state, but the most-powerful are the ones in government positions when a president supports them.

I think Bongino is near-sighted on the Soleimani story. I'm amazed that someone so in-the-know about Intelligence deep-state tricks and corruption believes as God's Word whatever the Intelligence community tells the world concerning the Middle East. Mr. Bongino, if the deep state has created false flag events to ruin Trump, what makes you oblivious to the possibility that what now goes on with Iran is just another deep-state trick to ruin Trump? The dossier was a false-flag (manufactured) event as an excuse to attack Trump probably for protecting the CIA's foreign concerns.

I knew it: "Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is backing a resolution to change the Senate’s rules to allow for lawmakers to dismiss articles of impeachment against President Trump before the House sends them over." McConnell, a deep-state supporter, doesn't want a trial, does he? He's faking if he makes it appear as though he does. There are other Republicans in the Senate who obviously do not want to uncover deep-state corruption, whatever their motives. Lindsey Graham is making the best show of it, but he obviously doesn't want to uncover the corruption. Look at how he's taking his sweet time calling in witnesses and digging for the truths. SPIT! The American republic is a farce from the top down. The working people deserve better than this. They should wizen up to the tricks and the heavy seizures of their taxes. If you follow the American news hoping that some day the republicans will change things, that's why you've been doing it for decades without any change at all. Nothing but the promise of change, like a carrot on a stick, you will never get it. Trump is your mirage, just another trickster; all of them will pay the heavy price.

Here's brazen tricksters:

To realize that there can never be increased temperatures from the wee increase of human-made CO2, go find out how little of the air is made of CO2 to begin with. Then add the wee bit more from human additions, and you will learn how little stuff is added to the air that can never make one iota of temperature difference due to a greenhouse canopy, because such a canopy cannot form with the wee stuff. Wake up everyone. Climate change has been a cruel hoax, and is steeling your tax dollars for other causes we're not being informed about. Chances are, they aren't using the money for our good.

It's high time we devise a way to punish our climate-change leaders for the criminals that they are. You will find them in liberal camps, where all distorted minds are taking shelter these days. They support one another; they scratch each others' backs. They need to be put out of their misery, because they aim to make us miserable. Their existence amongst us is the spoiler. If you join them to acquire your happiness, your happiness will be in destructiveness toward others. That's what demons delight in, that's what liberals are coming to delight in. If they can trick you, they delight in it. If they can trick you and prosper from you, all the better. It's the "golden age" of scamming.

Here's some marriage counseling on the funny side:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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