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January 1 - 6, 2020

The Trash Can and the Shooting of Steve Scalise

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There was a tootsie section in the last update that was late, and seemingly significant for pointing to certain Obamaites of the corruption squad. That's why I'd like to repeat the things in that section at the top of this update, and expand upon them where I can. I had missed the Basserman variation of Wassermans that should definitely be applied to the event at the baseball field.

Assume that I'm correct in saying that God taught me heraldry over the past 15 years because He set up events in my life, or in my dreams, that point to surnames for the purpose of pointing to, among other things, guilty government characters. I can't give you the literal tons of evidence for that claim that has appeared over many of these updates. It has kept me busy.

As you read, keep in mind the Intelligence of God for pointing to certain surnames not obvious at the face-value of the props used in an event or dream. For example, if you've been reading me lately, you might know that my event at HOME plate with Mamie was a pointer to HUMA Abedin. There was super evidence presented for this thing, and it should be interesting to Christians because God doesn't do things like this on a regular basis. This is a wholly new thing that God is doing through me, and so I hope you can enjoy it. The point is, once God has set up the Mamie event at home plate, with Cindy Richardson at second BASE, we can understand how He could be pointing also to the Basserman variation of Wassermans. Keep in mind that if no Abedin surname exists at the houseofnames, for example, God can use something similar, such as Bedins, to point to her.

It's a perfect duo to point to because Hillary Clinton's attack on candidate Trump was paid for partially by her campaign and partially by the DNC. The latter was led at the time by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, you see, and her campaign was led by John Podesta, and his second-in-command was Huma Abedin. With these things in my, I will not go over the tootsie section of the last update piece by piece with comments and additions in-between. Let's get to the baggy-bottom of this.

For the significance of Stockports, see the last update, but suffice it here to say that the Stockports were at Dunham-Massey, where I trace Obama's Dunham line for very good reasons. Moreover, the Launay location is at the Brest area of Brittany to which God has pointed via the breasts of three women in my life (see last update for explanations). I realize how Christians might resist such a claim, but such is what I've got to go with. Use the Stockport tab above to load other Coats. Here we go:

The Stockport / Launay lozenges are also those of Scottish BEDINs/Beetons/Beths. The English Bedins now pointing to [Huma] Abedin have quadrants shared by Tute's/Tuits while royal-tent Tintons were at Tudy. The point here is that Mamie with the large breasts = TOOTS slept with me [no sex] in her tent while Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with English Bedins and TOOThill-related Eytons/Eitons.

If I did, I don't remember linking Brest elements to Tute/Toot liners by this play-on-words. The Tudys are also Totte's, you see. I had explained why Mamie is to be a pointer to Bedins for multiple reasons, and to HUMA ABEDIN seems definitely to be in my kissing her at HOME plate, not only because Home's/Hume's look like "Huma," and not only because Home's/Hume's were first found in Berwickshire with Toot-like Todds and Toothill-linkable Aytons/Aitons, but because the red rooster of Kiss'/CUSH's is on a CUSHion in the Bible/Bibo Coat. You see, when I kissed Mamie at home plate, we were at a Bible-study outing, and Cindy Richardson at second base, the only other person in the baseball diamond, was the pastor's daughter who would later point to pedophilia expected from John Podesta and James Alefantis' pizzagate.

As I said in the last update, a few weeks after this baseball-diamond event, Cindy with her parents walked into my pizza restaurant, where I was serving tables for one evening only, and to my surprise her parents ordered WINE, which I see as a pointer to Anthony Weiner, pedophilic husband of Huma Abedin. The evidence seems overwhelming, therefore, that God set up the baseball-diamond event with Cindy floating around nearby at SECOND base, especially as Seconds/Segurs use a virtual match with the Bedin Coat. Is that not staggering? The lions in the same quadrants within the Second/Segur and Bedin Coats are in the colors of the BASE lions, as if God has made this discussion undeniably His discussion.

Is God connecting Huma Abedin to second base too for a pointer to the shooting of Steve Scalise? I'll come back to that question.

It is therefore more amazing yet that while Cindy came to DINNER at my pizza restaurant, Dinners happen to share the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits and English Bedins. If we had reached staggering levels above, where are we now? What word is even better than "staggering"? But we're not done, because Dinners are said to be from Foulke de DINAN while Dinans are listed with Diamonds! Cindy and I were at a baseball diamond. Stupendous work!

I didn't know of a Foulke surname until now, thanks to Foulke of Dinan, and it just so happens that the Foulke Coat has the Jugg/Judd / Tenant boar heads. The Juggs became suspect for the breast symbol of Helen my old tenant, for she was the reason I looked up the Tenant surname in the first place. Does God accept slang such as jugs = breasts? You decide. It just so happens that I can explain a good reasons that God set Helen up as my BASEment tenant. First of all, I claimed that God used Kepke's baseMENT as a pointer to Ments/Mants (same place as Pings/Pongs and Keppochs), who happen to share the three bends of Crests/CRESSENTs, important because Tenants (CRESCENTs) were at West Lothian, where Helen-like Helias'/Elias' were first found who have crescents in colors reversed from those of Tenants.

It just so happens that the anti-Trump attack paid for by the Hillary campaign and the DNC was paid to Marc ELIAS of Perkins Coie, that's right. You see, that's why God had to point us to Tenants. Now Kepke's baseMENT symbol was gleaned due to his playing ping-pong with me many times, for Pings/Pongs use three bends in colors reversed from the three of Ments/Mants. It's easy to glean here that God is pointing to Comet Ping Pong pizza, of pizzagate pedophilia, owned by James AleFANTIS, for the Fantis surname (looks like they use teen boys) shares the four-pointed red label in the Ping/Pong Chief. It could be a pointer to Obama's Leon Panetta that Fantis' share the full Chief of Panetta's/PANICO's, a branch of PINCs/Pinks (Yorkshire, same as Pings/Pongs and Ments/Mants) and therefore explaining why PINGs/Pongs share the red label with Panetta's/Panico's.

As I've said many times, Kepke had a white, pet RAT in his basement (we were teens at the time). It seems that God is linking his basement to Helen's basement apartment, not only because of the Ment/Mant link to the Creston location on Tenants, because the Rat cross is that also of Elias' (and Elis'). I suppose that God is portraying Marc Elias as a rat. Also, watch this: the "Plena" motto term of Tenants can be for the Plene variation of English Plants/Plantagenets, for they happen to have three lions in PALE (heraldic term for vertical direction) in the colors of the two lions in pale of Base's, a perfect term for God's use of "basement."

This now gets staggering again because Helen worked for an airline company (I don't recall which one), and Plene-like Plains, a branch of Pale-like Palins, are also PLATERs!!! Is that not higher than staggering??? Home PLATE! Hillary's private and criminal email server was PLATTE River networks of Denver, where there is also an office of Perkins Coie.

Thus, home plate with Mamie can not only point to Huma Abedin, who sent Hillary's emails to a private computer (her husband, Weiner's), but to Hillary's emails (expected to reveal her and Obama's foreign crimes) and to Marc Elias.

Plene's/Plants/Plantagenets were first found in London with Toot-like Tooths expected in the "to the" motto phrase of Hume's/Home's! Zinger. Hume's/Home's were first found in Berwickshire with Tooth-related Letters/Loudons and Tooth-like Todds (foxes, could be for Faucets of Lothian). Todds share the green border with Lothians/Loudons while Lauder is a location between Berwickshire and Lothian.

It's easy to glean that God used big-breasted Mamie to point to Mame's/Mens' (Lothian, same as Tenants and Elias'), who happen to share the Chief-Shield colors of Tenants. I've neglected to mention this where I've been linking Helen's and Mamie's breast symbols. Mamie's breast symbol pointed to Mamesfelde (mammals were named after their breasts) of the MANfields/MANSfields, who use sleeves called the "maunch" as code for the Manx people on the Isle of Man, who named Manche, where Tatton-related Masseys were first found.

To thus help prove that Mamie's breast symbol spills over to Toot liners, Tattons happen to have quadrants colors reversed from the same of Tute's/Tuits, and moreover Tattons share the crescent of Tute's/Toots (Yorkshire again), indicating that Tattons were close to Bedins, important for the Abedin-Wasserman relationship because the Tute/Toot crescent is white and inside a CANTON square, as is the star of WASSERs/Wassa's. To prove that Wassers should apply, they are known to be proto-Washingtons while the Washington Coat is a colors-reversed Coat version of the CANTON, first found in Yorkshire with Tute's/Toots. Is that not amazing? God knows street slang. Mamie has big toots.

Now as I slept with Mamie in a SLEEPing bag, I can now prove that the double Canton fesses are those of Sleeps. The latter are from the Selepitanoi Illyrians in the ballpark of the Ardiaei Illyrians, and the latter's king Gentius married a DARDanian princess while the double-Sleep fesses are like the ermined-white fesse of Dards/Darts (Devon, beside Wassers/Wassa's). The name of this Dardanian princess was ETUTa, and Tute's/Tutts/Toots obviously apply. Note that Cantons are also GANTons (Genton colors), as per GENTius. Something tells me that Bags will prove to be Ardiaei / Dardanian liners.

Mamie has already connected to Ghent/Gaunt elements. Masseys are from Ferte-Mace, which had barons of the Vardy/Verty surname, from the Vardaei, an alternative name of the Ardiaei. Note the crowned boy in the Vardy/Verty Crest, for king PINNES of the Ardiaei was a boy king. Mame's/Mens are from the Isle of Man, where king MACCUS (or his father) ruled who was from Ferte-Mace elements. PINE's were first found in Devon with Darts/Dards and Moons from the father (Monunius) of queen Etuta.

I hope I can remember how the sleeping bag applies to Cantons and Toots, but my head gets cluttered with these traces. She and I were in a tent when in the sleeping bag, and Tintons ("royal tents") were first found in Cornwall with Wassers/Wassa's.

Mame's/Mens' are a branch of Manners. German Manners (Massey quadrants) are interesting for using quadrants half in the colors of the Tute/Tuit / Bedin / Second quadrants. We can now ask whether the savage in the Manner Coat is to be linked to the savage in the Wasserman/BASSerman Coat, since God linked Seconds and Bedins to home plate and second BASE. If the fish in both hands of the Wasserman/BASSerman savage are BASS, we can note that one Bass surname was first found in Haddingtonshire (Lothian) with the Keiths who in turn have three pale bars in colors reversed from the three of Bassmans. The Keiths put the pale bars in their Chief, and their Chief-Shield colors are those of Mame's/Mens, Tenants, and Manners/Maness'. The event at the baseball diamond has brought us here to surnames / themes already pointed to by that event.

We should probably ask why the six Savage/Sava lions are in the colors and format of the six Hillary and Clinton fitchees. Is this a pointer to Jack Sava? Why do English Jacks look linkable to that of Blythe's while the latter share the Clint garbs? Bill Clinton was born to Mr. Blythe. Jack Sava oversaw the fate's of Seth Rich and Steve Scalise.

As the pastor's daughter was at second base, I should probably add that Pastors/Pasters (version of the Bush/Bos/Bosch Coat) have a lion colors reversed from the Second/Segur lion. That works, but why would God want to point to Pasters? Is it because they come up as BASters? Wow, yes, that must be the reason, because English Basters/Besters share the chevron of Batters/Betters!!! Batters at home plate!!! You see, Intelligent Design at our service. And God may be connecting Huma Abedin here to George Bush, recalling that Huma Abedin gave Lindsey Graham (war hawk) a hug at the funeral of John McCain (war hawk, anti-Trumper). I was hugging Mamie at home plate. I'm noting that Hugs have triple fesses in the colors of the triple chevrons of TADDei's.

Why were they hugging who were supposed to be political enemies? Huma wasn't even standing near Graham. She walked up to him from off-camera, just to give him a hug and, I think, slip a note into his pocket that eventually was slipped by Graham, I think, into the pocket of John Kelly (James Mattis was staring at the hug). It looked like part of a conspiracy against Trump by James Mattis and John Kelly, which can explain why Graham may be pretending to be proto-Trump at this time (amounts to a mole in the Trump camp).

I didn't mean to add comments this long before getting back to the tootsie quotes out of the last update. I must now go, as though by the will of God, to Italian Pastors, for they share the stars of Palins (Dorset, same as English Bushers). John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, how about that. To prove even harder that God wants to point to John McCain's funeral (some say McCain was murdered to keep him quiet), the Richardson Coat, with lion heads in Chief in Palin-lion colors, has the Chief-Shield colors of Palins in colors reversed, and Cindy's father, the pastor, was Mr. Richardson! Wow. I can't say that the only reason God wants to point to the funeral is to point out the Abedin-Graham hug, but that is the only thing vivid at this time just because home plate pointed to Abedin.

Keep in mind that the Palin lion can be linked very well to the lion of Savage's/Sava's (Cheshire, same as Richardsons), suggesting that Richardsons share the Savage/Sava lion, which can be pointing Cindy Richardson to Jack Sava!!! But of course. Jack Sava announced publicly that Scalise might yet die of an infection, which I thought was the deep-state's way of making Scalise promise to call off his deep-state investigations, if he wanted to live. It is believed that Jack Sava (chief physician at the hospital) played a roll in killing Seth Rich (the bullet shots didn't kill him) of the DNC, because he stole DNC emails / texts while it was under Wasserman-Schultz. The savage of Wassermans/Bassermans seems to speak loudly here.

Jack Sava was with a woman (Lisa Kountoupes) at the time who was a lobbyist for Uranium One. Figure it out as per the uranium sale to Russians under the watch of Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Spanish Pastors have the Pellican tower in colors reversed, and Pellicans were first found in Maine with Billiards/Billets, which can explain the billets of Pastors/Pasters.

Steve Scalise Needs to be Avenged

The pastor's daughter is Cindy Richardson (sister of Steven) while Cindys share the red cinquefoil with Debbie's, which could indicate that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz played a part in the shooting of Steve Scalise at second base.

Richardsons have a "VirTUTE" motto term, and Tute's/Toots had just linked to Canton/Ganton liners, and so I'd like to add that French Gants/Gands/Gons (could have a savage head) share the Chief-Shield colors of Richardsons. My records tell that the Gant/Gand Crest is a "man's bust," linkable to Mamie because she's already pointed to Ghents/Gaunt liners. Gone's/Guenets can be gleaned as Gaunts/Gants. It just so happens that Ganton-like Gentons/Jentons share the scallops of Scalise-like Scale's.

The Bust Crest shares a naked woman with Elias-branch Elis'. It's online that the Steele dossier purchased by Marc Elias was a continuation of a Republican dossier started by never-Trumpers, and it's also online that John McCain delivered the Steele dossier to the FBI! It's now a no-brainer as to what God is pointing to here with home plate and the pastor's daughter.

The Bust Crest is described as a "demi-woman. OH WOW, the demi-suspect Demys share the Batter Coat!!! Batters and home plate! It never stops!

It just so happens that while "man's bust" brings us also to Man / Mame liners, Manners/Maness' (almost the double-Parr fesses) love the Parrs (in their motto) who use a "A woman's head and shoulders...", a near match with the Bust Crest aside from the clothes that the Parr woman wears. The theory is that shoulders in this picture are pointers to Debbie Wasserman-SCHULTZ. In fact, German Schultz's share the Pastor / Palin stars! Recall that Elias' and Elis' share the Rat/RATE cross, for "oRATE" is a motto term of Shoultz's (no 'c').

Ahh, lookie here, for while Scalise was shot in the hip, the Hips Crest has a gold sphinx, a symbol also of Brocuffs/PROCOPs (Silesia, same as Wassermans/Bassermans). Now see the Wasserman/Basserman write-up: "Chronicles first mention Heincze Wasserman of Liegnitz, Silesia in 1372, PROCOP Basserman (Wasserman) of Prague, Bohemia in 1377..." Can you believe it? It appears as though the DNC chiefs had Scalise shot.

I know as a virtual fact that the Brocuff/Procop Crest is the Dart/Dard fesse because the lion in the Brock Crest holds a dart. The red griffin that holds the Darts/Dard fesse (as a flag) in the Brocuff/Procop Crest looks like it should be the same griffin in the Tooth Crest, for Tooths (Scale colors) share white feathers with the Scale's, and moreover Tooths were first found in London with the Capes' sharing the Scale scallops. To top this off, Tooth-like Toths have a giant swan in the colors of the swans of the Palmans in the Tooth motto. Tooths mention a Hugo while Hugo's use a mermaid with mirror. I was HUGGing Mamie at home plate.

Now watch this new material, staggering. They say that Scalise was shot by Mr. Hodgkinson, and Hodgkinsons happen to share green cinquefoils with Loches' (beside Hugs). "Fulk II, Count of Anjou (942-960), was a son of Fulk the Red and his wife Roscilla de LOCHES, daughter of Warnerius..." A couple of weeks before Mamie at first base, she sat on my lap as a pointer to Laps, who use the merMAID as part-code for Maids. The latter share almost the Coat of Monmouths while Monmouth was called Ghent, and absolutely linkable to Ghent/Gaunt in Belgium. The Lap mermaid holds a mirror that is absolutely a code for the Mire's/Mireux's, first found in Anjou, you see, and we could say that when she sat on my lap, her HIPS were on my lap. Is this pointing to Steve Scalise's hip shot?

Recall that the three lions in pale of Plene's/Plants/PlantaGENETs (look like Ghent kin) are a near-match with the Base Coat, for the first Plantagenet was a Templarized Fulk of Anjou.

To help prove that we are on the right trace with Loches' and Laps, they were first found in Burgundy with the Primo's who show a mirror, and three roses in the colors of the three Loches / Hodgkinson cinquefoils.

Next, the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt use a virgin as code for Virgins, first found in Kent with Gaunts/Gants, and having a version of the Maid Coat and Crest. Both have a red lion in the Shield and a red lion in the Crest, as do Brocks, a branch of Brocuffs/Procops. I'll show you in a minute how Roscilla of Loches can get us to Procops, but for now, I'd like to say that Virgins are also Virginia's while Steve Scalise got shot in Alexandria, Virginia. That looks pretty amazing along with Mamie's hips on my lap. It gives us a new area of discovery, especially as Hodge's have a fesse in the colors of the fesse of Dutch Gaunts/Ghents. (It's notable that the Alexandria Coat shares the Hunter split Shield of Hunters).

Now Roscilla de Loches was a daughter of WARNERius, which is why I looked up Warners. English Warners share three motto terms of English Franks and Scottish Franks while German Franks were first found in Bohemia with Procop Wasserman. Now prince George of Hungary (father of Drummonds) married a woman from PodeBRADY Bohemia, and he traces to English George's, first found in Dorset (beside Laps) with the Babe's who share a finger pointing to the sun with BRADYs. German Babe's use, yup, another mermaid, only this time without a mirror and two tails, suggesting the double-tailed lion of Bohemia. The Scottish Franks (Hodgkinson colors) split the tip of their lion tail in two, and so while German Franks were in Bohemia, it seems that the Warners were at least connected with this Frank line from Bohemia.

Scottish Franks share the saltire of Blade's/Blate's while the latter share the pheons of Hodgkin-like Hutchesons (Hodgkinson colors). The paragraph above started on Ms. Loches, and Hodgkinsons share the Loches cinquefoils. What does this mean? German Blate's are also the Plate's/Platers, and it's just completely astounding that Hutchesons happen to share the three boar heads of Bedins! Huma Abedin at home PLATE!!! Bedins have a version of the Second Coat for a pointer to Scalise at second base too. quad

I should probably add that grapes are shared between Jewish Franks (woman with perhaps a jug), Blate's/Plate's/Platers and TEETers while Teets/Tate's were first found in Berwickshire with Tooth / Toothill kin. One of the German Frank Coats shares the Teet/Tate saltire. The Toothill-related surname in Berwickshire is the Aytons/Aitons, who happen to have four red roses around a cross in the colors of the saltire of German Franks that itself has four red items (leopard faces) surrounding it.

After Mamie sat her hips on my lap (I didn't know her at the time, aside from her name; God probably made this take place), I put my arm around her waist, which started the relationship. I don't remember anything else until we were preparing the sleeping bag in the tent, laying it on the ground. I then remember being in the bag with her (she didn't complain a bit), with my going in (like a dive, we might say) for a nice warm hug against those excellent titties (she was not obese, not an ounce of fat), but she immediately signalled with a near-push that I was out of bounds. She turned away from me, and I had to settle with an arm draped around her waist while we went to sleep. Yes, my arm was at the top side of her hips, but the point is that WAISTells, said to be from a Wasser-possible Wasdale location, share blue dove's with English George's, what are the chances?

I think her rejection of my hug was for the purpose, not only of giving her a tease symbol, but a virgin symbol now pointing to Virginia. Mamie did not know me at all, aside from a casual dance we had at her home a few weeks earlier. In other words, for her to just sit on my lap uninvited by me, and then to follow with a rejection of my hug, amounts to a tease symbol for the Teaser/Tease/TYES surname to which this event pointed, along with her THIGH symbol which she got the next day at her garden. The Gardens/Jardens, you see, were first found in Angus with the Jardins who in turn share the three Teaser/Tyes (and Angus) stars. It now stands to reason that the black Garden/Jarden boar is, not only the one of Bedins (same place as Sleeps), but of HUTCHesons, for the last update stressed the HATCH in the pick-up scene immediately before she sat on my lap.

What are the chances that Hatch's share the Base Coat!?! Seest thou how God is working this thing? It's now becoming clear that Mamie, at that camp site, is a pointer to Hodgkinson's shooting at Scalise's hip, same as at the baseball diamond. Hatch's were first found in Cornwall with tent-using Tintons, though there's nothing to use, that I can see, for linking these two surnames.

The last update showed why Bill Barr should have been inside the hatch with Mamie. It makes me wonder whether Bill Barr will look into Scalise's shooting.

The symbol of Thighs can be either a wolf or fox, I don't know which it is, but Todds have foxes. My first-ever meeting with Mamie was in a dance in her LIVING room, and Livingstons (double-tressure border), with another savage for possibly pointing to Jack Sava, share a green border with Todds. God may have been pointing to Livingstons with that dance because they share the cinquefoils of Cindys. Tottens/TODDEns use the DANCEtte, you see, which would have more meaning if Thighs did share the red fox with Todds. It was a slow dance, with at least one arm around her waist, on top of her hip(s).

Helen my tenant danced slow with me, starting in my living room and progressing into the DINING room, and Tenants were first found in West Lothian with Livingstons and Elias'. I get it now. We danced only that one time. Ditto with Mamie. The woman with "disheveled hair" in the Elis Crest is shown with bare breasts. DINNERs share the Tute/Tuit quadrants, and the Thwait branch of Tute's/Tuits suggest that Twitch's are a branch too who have the Totten/Todden dancette in colors reversed.

It just so happens that the Twitch's have three bends in the colors of the three CREST/Cressent bends while Tenants (crescents) of West Lothian were at CRESTon. However, the bends of Twitch's are rare, THIN ones, ditto with the Debbie bends. Is that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz? Wassermans/Bassermans (Livingston colors) share a savage with Livingstons, and, believe it or not, the Debbie's even share the red-on-white cinquefoil with Livingstons. Amazing, for the Debbie Crest has the brown dog of Lothians who in turn share the green border with Livingstons (and Todds). It tends to nail Debbie's to West Lothian's Livingstons. Debbie was the name of a woman who operated the phones for my flamingo business while Flamingo's/Flamings are a branch of Flemings (they were packed into Lothian) who share the double-tressure border with Livingstons.

As I said recently, I waved to Helen from in front of Debbie's place when I drove off for Texas, which should explain why the Texas Coat is the Flamingo/Flaming Coat!

Why do Tenants use a "DABIT" motto term? Can it be for something from DEPEDene, home of ancient Debbie's? Note DepeDENE, for Dene's/Deins are likely a branch of Dine's/Diens. We danced from the Livingston room, so to speak, into the DINing room. Tenants even use a "vela" motto term while Scottish Dene's use "vel" twice." Plus, Scottish Dene's share the moline of Segni's/Segurana's while Seconds/Segur's essentially have the Bedin Coat! That is amazing for what I've yet to say.

As Bedins share the Dinner quadrants while the Bedin lion is also the Dene/Dein lion, might Debbie's have been from a DeBEDIN(E) surname??? It looks correct to me. It tends to suggest that my waving to Helen from Debbie's place (I was parked on the SHOULDER of the road at Debbie's) concerns something in Texas relating both the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Huma Abedin. Texas is where judge Scalia was murdered, and Scalise's list Scalia's. Seagars, with the Dene / Segurana moline in colors reversed, share the green snake in Crest with the savage in the Livingston Crest. That's incredible. It definitely looks like God wanted to use Helen to point to Huma Abedin.

The Coat of Bathgate's (West Lothian, same as Tenants / Livingstons) is showing again. It happens to share the suns of German Grimms who in-turn have the Bedin / Second/Segur quadrants-with-lions. Isn't that something? Bathgate's share the motto of Craigs while the latter share the crescents of West Lothians Elias' (colors reversed from the Tenant crescents). Grimms were found to share the green martlet with Denvers when I was investigating Denvers as per Elias' Perkins Coie and PLATTE River Networks both having offices in Denver. It just so happens that the Living/Levin Coat is a reflection of the Plain/PLATER Coat. Denvers use a "Forte" motto term while English Forts ("Fortis") share the Grimm quadrants, and a bee with the Bathgate Crest, tending to nail Grimms as Bathgate kin, amounting to extra evidence that Debbie's had a Bedin branch in West Lothian. Scottish Bedins/Beatons/Beths even have a motto, "DEBonnaire."

Ahh, as Bedins/Beatons/Beths share the Launay lozenges, change the 'u' to a 'v' (in "Laun") and spell, "Laven," for Lavens/Levens (look like Tease kin), first found in Shropshire with English Bedins. AND wow, I just told (last update) that Lorraine and I met on our first date at a LAUNDRomat as a pointer to LANDERneau, beside Launay, and that laundromat was at the corner of LEVENdale (see two updates ago). It appears that Lavens/Levens were Launay liners, and that both Bedin surnames (one from king MacBeth) were branches. I danced with Mamie on my last night with Lorraine (but did not leave Lorraine to be with Mamie).

The "DEBONNaire" motto term of BEDINs/Beths should be for Debons/Bono's and/or Debonne's/Bone's. If the latter use the Batter/Better chevron, then it recalls that Huma ABEDIN is pointed to by home plate, the batter's box.

The Debon/Bono Coat is a virtual match with the Hutchinson Coat, which recalls that Hutchesons are in Hodgkinson colors while sharing three black-on-white boar heads with English Bedins (share SECOND Coat, almost). What could that mean as per Hodgkinson shooting Scalise on SECOND base? He was shot by the DNC's Hillary campaign, wasn't he? How can Bill Barr do nothing? Why didn't Fox investigate? Why don't law makers send hundreds upon thousands of FOIA requests on every suspicious matter until the deep state is squashed to death by revelations? Because, they don't care enough.

Debons/Bono's were first found in Milan with Gallia's who in turn have three bends in colors reversed from the same of Platers, a branch of Plains/Platers. Even the Hutchesons have the Blade/Blate pheons while German Blate's are yet another Plater surname. The Gallia-like Gale's and Galleys both have bends on a horse head.

English Platers convinced me that the paper plane I made on Obama's billiard table was God's pointer to Plains/Platters, because I shot the paper plane with my cue, as one would shoot a cue ball, into the corner pocket without hitting any other balls. That's a sewer, and Sewers are listed with Suters while Platters have a SOTTERly location (not to mention an UgSHALL one). It pointed to Barry SOETORo = Obama's former name. That's why that dream can be trusted as one from God. The reason I'm repeating this here is that the eight crosses surrounding the HUTCHinson Shield looks linkable to the eight surrounding the Sewer/Suter Shield. As my friend, Barry, was with Mamie inside the pick-up truck's HATCH, maybe he was a pointer to Barry Soetoro after all. Was Obama winking at the attempted murder of Scalia by Hodgkinson?

Hutchinsons were at Stockton while Stockports/Stopforts (Cheshire, same as Stocktons) share the lozenges of Bedins/Beths; the latter are the ones with the "DebonNAIRE" motto while Hutchinsons are the ones with the Debon/Bono Coat, almost. Naire's are interesting for using a reflection of the Pastor/Paster Coat. My pastor asked for WINE when he came with Cindy to the pizza restaurant, suspect with Anthony Weiner, husband of Bedin-like Abedin. Naire's use the mermaid and mirror, and the Sire's with a snake on a mirror share the Bedin/Beth / Stockport / Launay lozenges too.

For a few hours, I had lost the surname having a motto term like the "rien" of Hodgkinsons, but then I went to the Birds, who share the Hips martlets. I then re-read that Birds were at BROXton, which caused me to load Brox's, to remember that they are listed with Brocuffs/Procops, the ones sharing the gold sphinx with Hips'! And the Brox's/Brocuffs/Procops are the ones with the motto term I had lost; "oRIENte." It's suggesting that God did set-up the Hodgkinsons to point to the man who shot Scalise in the hip. What's Barr / Wray going to do about it now that God is calling to the world to do something, with His help? Is this the time to cower or join the wicked?

The "rien" motto term has always stumped me, but the red griffin in the Brox/Brocuff/Procop Crest tells that it's likely for Ryans, who have a red griffin in their Crest.

Another "rien" motto term is with Misers/Messervys, expected from the "MISERis" motto term of Diamonds/Dymotts (version of Diamond/Dinan Coat). Misers use cherries while Cherry's have a "CheRIS" motto term, with the same ending as "MiseRIS." Rise / Rice liners have Ryan-like variations. Why should the Rodham-related Malbanks/Milbanks ("RESolute") share the white-ermined bend of Rye's/Rise's? It just so happens that the quadrants of Danish Rye's are in the colors of the same of LUTE's/Lutts expected in "ResoLUTE."

With Elias' first found in West Lothian, it underscores the multiple PARKING LOTs that God has used, both in dreams and real events in my life. The Lots can be expected with the brown dog of Lothians, you see, and Parkings/Perkins share the lion in the chief of Crests/Cressents. The latter are expected at the Creston location of West Lothian's Tenants. You see, Helen was used as a pointer to Marc Elias. Yet the Debbie's share the brown dog of Lothians so that Helen and Debbie together, in that waving event of 1999 (why that year), seem important to God for reasons I may not yet have discovered.

Annandale's are easily linkable to Army and Teets, and, as I've said many times, three days after I waved to Helen, I was in Texas meeting Miss SIMPSON for the first time...the point here being that her husband had been Mr. Deeter, a surname listed with Teeters! I get so amazed by these things. This paragraph, written where it has been, is no small thing, because Marc Elias of Perkins Coie hired Glenn SIMPSON of Fusion GPS to do his dirty-dossier work. Arms are used by Schultz's.

My ARM around Mamie's waist with her hips on my lap, and my arm on her waist/hip in the tent. Armys/Armine's can apply, first because they share the Teet/Tate Chief and saltire. A teet is the nipple on a toot that gives milk, possibly named after a tooth, and Tooths share the griffin of Letters/Lauders while LouderMILKs were at Lauder (Westmorland)! Ha-ha, who arranged that? Letters/Lauders were first found in Berwickshire with Teets/Tate's. Armys/Armine's were at Silk WILLOUGHby while one Willow/WILL surname shares the red griffin in Crest with Tooths and Letters/Louders (Berwickshire, same as Willows/Wills). Can you believe that? I am amazed again.

The motto of Mame's/Mens' is, "Vil God I zal," but in other mottoes is, "WILL God I SHALL." It's pretty darned amazing that Shalls are also Scalia-like Schalls. The Mame/Mens Chief-Shield colors are shared by Teets/Tate's and Arms/Armine's, suggesting a big-tootsie Mame connection to Willoughby / Willows. Shalls/Scalls have virtually the Table Coat while Mamie sat on hips on my lap as I sat at a picnic TABLE.

OH WOW, "lucky" strike: the lion in the Army/Armine Chief must be the Base lion because both surnames (and English Willows) were first found in Lincolnshire! It seems that God used my arm on her hip to link Mamie at the baseball diamond to this discussion that, for the first time ever, is pointing to the hip of Steve Scalise, which is now years after Cindy at second base pointed to him. The Base lions are in the colors of the Second/Segur lions.

I've just found an Arme surname showing just a giant besant, same as the Lane's/Lano's of Brest-line Brescia. It reminds that while Helen of the Brest line was a tenant while Tenants use a "Plena" motto term that should be for Plene's/Plants/PlantaGENETs, the latter share the three lions in pale of English Lane's. I can now figure that Arme's were indeed Lane's/Lano's to the arms of Brace's/Bras', tending to reveal that Brace's/Bras' were Brescia liners. In fact, Brescia is near Placentia while the Ananes Gauls of Placentia named Annandale (where Brescia-line Bruce's lived) while the Annandale Chief-and-saltire is that also of Armys/Armine's. Excellent resolution, like God's electron microscope peering down on His enemies.

Armors (arms) share the stars in the Chief of English's while English Lane's use "English lions." Yes, the three lions in the flag of England ("George's Cross") are these lions, the Templar lions, right?

Good morning, it's new years day, 01 01 2020, which probably means nothing to Jesus. I've made what looks like a significant discovery this morning, and so need to put off the quotes from the last update a little longer.

I checked "Planter" in case there's evidence that it's a Plain/Plater branch, and it just so happens that Planters/Plants/Plantagenets were first found in London with the Plants/Plantagenets having a Plain-like Plene variation. Plain's/Platers happen to share a white fleur-de-lys with Plantagenet-related Fulke's/Volks (Norfolk, same as Platers). On top of this, Planters/Plantagenets have a three pointed label in the colors of the same of the Dinners having the Bedin / Tute/Tuit quadrants. There we have the Huma-Abedin pointer involved with Plate liners / home plate again, but it couldn't have happened unless Dinners were a topic too, as per Cindy coming to dinner at my pizza place.

The Dinners connected the Planters to Bedins, that is, and Dinners were of the Dinans who are otherwise DIAMONDs. Home plate in the baseball diamond. Now one of the two Diamond surnames has a "SUCCERrere" motto term that looks feasibly as code for Seconds/SEGURs, who share nearly the Bedin Coat.

As I go on with Planters, I'm going to bump into ROSCilla of Loches again, and she's the reason I looked up Rosco and Risks/Rusks earlier this morning about the time I checked Planters. I found that Rosco's, from an early RosCOWE variation, share the cinquefoils of Cindys, and while Planters are going to take us to Plunketts of Ille-de-Vilaine, let me repeat that the latter's Arms share the double pale bars of Cindys. As the latter pointed to Steve Scalise at the baseball diamond, note also how Planters will bring us to Mamie on my lap with her hips.

As Plunketts are from Plancia Magna of the Parking/PERKIN bloodline, let's remind that the latter's fleur-de-lys is colors reversed from one of Fulke's/Volks while Fulks of Anjou were given a quasi-mythical Tertullus as an ancestor, which was the name of Plancia's husband in Perk-like Perga. Tertullus might just be the reason for the Turtle variation of Tuttle's/Toothills. The latter share the crescents of Labels/La Bels in the Planter/Plantagenet Coat. If Rosco's/RosCOWE's are from Roscilla, note PERKINs COIE, for Coys happen to share the pheons of Risks/Rusks!!! I think this new material is very good, for Perkins COIE was suspect at my pool CUE with which I shot the paper plane that pointed to Lisa Page, Obama, and the Plains/Platers. Amazing. The Parking/Perkin lion may even be the Cabbage lion in colors reversed.

Just to verify the new-this-morning find that Plains/Platers were a Plantagenet merger with Palins: French Plants/PLANQUE's uses cabbages while the Cabbage Chief is almost the Plain/Plater Chief except that it throws in the Baker-Chief lion. It explains why English Planque's/Planks (Wiltshire, beside Palins) have the giant Palin lion in colors reversed. Bakers share the white-on-black scallops of Flecks/Flacks, first found in Norfolk with Fulke's/Volks, Platers and Hollys. And Plate's have white scallops too. As Cabbage's use one of the Levi chevrons, I guessed that the Cabbage lion is that of Jewish Levi's/LeVINE in colors reversed, and it just so happens that a grape VINE is used by German Platers! Zinger, that works.

The reason that Hollys are entered above is that Cabbage's use holly. Hollys have a version of the PLUNKett Coat, you see, which is good evidence that Plantagenets merged with Cabbage's. The latter were first found in Northamptonshire with sphinx-suspect Spinks, and it's interesting that Spinks use DIAMONDs (mascles) because Hips' use the sphinx. In other words, if we were expecting Scalise's hip to crop up into the baseball diamond, there's a little crop right there. Spink-like Sprinks/Springs use mascles too, and the symbol of the first Plantagenet was a Spring-like SPRIG of broom, probably because Brome's/Brooms use "sprigs of broom." It just so happens that the double pale bars of Vilaine are shared by Spriggs (Suffolk, same as Plains/Platers), tending to nail Plunketts as a branch of Planque's/Plants. [I didn't realize up here that the Hodgkinson motto gets the same eagle as Spinks; show you below.]

Plunketts were first found in Ille-et-Vilaine while Palin-like Vilains share the Chief-Shield colors of Palins and Plains/Platters = more evidence that Palins merged with Planter/Plantagenet liners. As Cindys use the same double pale bars of Vilaine, let's repeat that her surname is Richardson while Richardsons have the Chief/Shield colors of Palins / Vilains in colors reversed, and so the Palin lions would seem to be kin the Richardson Chief. Doesn't it seem as though God arranged her two names for this discussion and more?

As per the Baker and Cabbage Chiefs sharing the same lion (in the colors of the Plank / Arms of Ghent lion), I'd like to go to the dream with Obama's billiard hall, for after it pointed to Plains/Platers, it ended with a character that was feasibly one or both of the Jim Bakers in deep-state news. As I've said several times over the past couple of years, this character was an employee of Obama's, and he had made Obama upset, though I wasn't shown why. Obama was frowning on him? Why was this scene in the BACK YARD of the Billiard hall? Are Yards a branch of Gards / Gardens? This employee was stooped in the backward with back toward both myself and Obama, and the Baker-like BACK seemed significant as the dream ended, when he was looking over his SHOULDER, as backward as he could look, toward an unhappy Obama. Shoulder-suspect Schultz's share the Palin / Polesdon stars.

Months after this dream, I wondered what Obama's employee was doing as he faced the fence line, and it just made sense that he was tending a garden along the fence line. Gardens have PLANTS, right. Hmm. Gardens (share the Bedin boar head) love the GUNTERs with gauntlet gloves, and Ghent/Gaunt liners look like they named "PlantaGENET." Wow, that works excellently. The Gunter stag head is half red, the color of the Planter/Plantagenet stag. The new theory is, therefore, that the last scene in the Obama dream is about whatever Mamie at her garden was about.

More: Dutch Gunters/Genthers share the fleur-de-lys of Diamonds/DyMOTTs/DyMENTs/Dimonts (version of the Diamond/Dinan Coat), and their Dinner branch are the ones with the three-pointed, blue label of Planters/Plantagenets!!! Wow, the Planters are linking to Mamie's garden. Dinners are the ones with a Foulke character, no guff.

Mamie had planted her hips on my lap as we sat with bent legs, and she then got her thigh symbol at her front garden the next day. Her mother was gone for the weekend, and so I assume, as I think back, that she was watering the PLANTs in that garden with a hose. Hose's, with bent human legs which include the thigh, were first found in Leicestershire with Parkings/Perkins, and as the Hose Crest is the Steele lion, that's why I see Hose's as per the Dossier/D'Hosier surname. Another bent human leg is used by Prime's while we saw Primo's (share mirror with Laps) linking to Fulk-line Loches'. It's of obvious hip-importance here that the three Loches cinquefoils are in the Hodgkinson Coat.

Let's go on. Laps were first found in Wiltshire with Plant-branch Planque's/Planks, how about that. Laps use the mermaid that Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg identified as mythical Melusine, mother of a fictitious count of Anjou, Milo de Vere (around 750-800 AD), just before Fulk I was the true count of Anjou. That's why I glean the mermaid's mirror as code for the Mire's/Mireux's of Anjou. There is a mirror in the Primo Coat along with three roses in the colors of the three cinquefoils of the LOCHES' (Burgundy, same as Primo's). Roscilla de LOCHES was the wife of Fulk I of Anjou, wow. We could even add that Loches/Lock variations suggest a branch of Scottish Locks and German Lochs who share the swan with the Crest of German Plate's/Blate's/Platers (same Crest as Scottish Locks).

Note that the Norfolk Platters could have used the Coat of the Murtons/MYRtons, who early had a branch in Norfolk. "MYRTons" can explain the MYRTle tree of Mire's/Mireux's. Note that Murtons/Myrtons, first found in Devon beside the Gale's, share the Gallia Coat.

I recall an online video that came out, and edited to remove a problem or two (news organizations didn't touch it, revealing the fakery), that I claimed to be a deep-state fake of the Scalise shooting. One of these versions showed that, after the rifle shots stopped -- when the viewer was made to assume that Hodgkinson had been shot by police -- Jeff FLAKE, a RINO Republican, was the first man to go see if Scalise was okay. But Scalise wasn't there that day. It was not the day of the baseball game. The video was a fake. It means that Jeff Flake was in on a faked video, probably produced to hide the real scene from viewers.

The point is, you just saw a whack of Fulk liners in a discussion leading to Scalise's shooting, and here we see a deep-state FLAKE character. I know it was Jeff Flake who ran out first to second base because he gave a news interview (which I saw that morning of the shooting), having the same clothes as the man seen in the fake video running out to second base (I think they had a sack of clothes there to act as Scalise's body). Dutch Flake's/Flacks share the black wing of German Fulks, and the Flake/Flack lion heads may therefore be the Planque/Plank / Cabbage / Baker lion (Bakers share the Fleck/Flack scallops). It's baseball-interesting that Dutch Bakers share the Batter chevron.

Repeat from last update after mentioning my duck dinner with Helen: "As Ellens/Alans and Helens are Brittany Alans, by what coincidence do Dinners come from Brittany Alans"? That's where the Dinner write-up's Dinan entity was shown, and so I'd like to go to the DyMOTT variation of Diamonds because Helen my tenant pointed me to Tenants sharing the boar heads of Juggs/Judds and Mea's/Meighs, both of the Brittany area having the Motts and their Mott location. The Tenant crescent is colors reversed from the Mott/Mottin crescent, suggesting that Dinners / Diamonds/Dinans had married Motts to form their Dymott variation. It's not correct when we read in the Jugg/Judd write-up that they derive in "Jordan," but confusion may have taken place where the Brittany Jordans are also Dinan-like Denons/Danons, not a far cry from "Tenant."

Dinners are the ones with a Foulke character; Foulke's share the Tenant / Jugg / Mea boar heads, and throw in a Jordan-like "Jure" motto term probably for Jore's/Gore's (version of French Alans Coat that once showed ducks. Duck dinner with Helen my tenant! It could seem that Jordans were a Jore-Gore merger with a Dinan-like family. Foulke's use "dono' and Dons use "MEI dona," tending to clinch the Foulke / Dinner link to the Meu river. I don't think I've noted before that Jore-like MaJORs share the red greyhound with Jore's/Gore's...and Labels/La Bells. The latter share the crescents of HODGE's who in-turn have a "CRESCENTibus" motto term, feasible code for Crests/Cressents, important because the latter were first found in Burgundy with the Fulk-line Loches' who in-turn share the HODGkinson cinquefoils! Zinger, Diamond liners just brought us to the attempted murder of Scalise at a baseball diamond.

We can then re-address the Ments/Mants for sharing the Coat of CRESTs/Cressents (and the Nerets of Dol) while Tenants were at CRESTon. The Diamonds/DyMOTTs are also DyMENTs, you see. As Bathgate's of West Lothian (same place as Tenants) share the Craig motto, let's add that the Craig crescent is that of Elias' and Motts too, but also of the Glove's. I probably should have realized earlier that God may have been pointing gauntlet gloves to Mamie's baseball theme, and here I can add that Batters were first found in Berkshire with Modens/Modeys/Mode's (and Arks/Arch's), whom I see as a Mott/Mottin branch from Modane of the Arc river. The Elias' (West Lothian) have a "quoMODo" motto term, you see. And Catters/Cathers (Berkshire) are in the colors and format of Glove's.

Suddenly, I'm realizing a Marc Elias link to baseball gloves, especially as Dutch Gunters/Genthers share the fleur-de-lys of Diamonds/Dymotts!!! Wow, what good timing to get this. The Glove's (Perthshire, near the Gunter-loving Gardens) are in the colors of the gloves of English Gunters/Genters, but Glove's happen to be in Coy colors and format while Marc Elias is Hillary's man at Perkins COIE. While English Bedins pointed to Mamie's home plate, Scottish Bedins/Beths look like they have the Naire's in their motto, who were first found in Perthshire with Glove's.

OH WOW, I've just loaded Catchers as per a baseball back catcher, and the Catchers, first found in Norfolk with Platers (!), almost have the Plate Coat!!! Who arranged that? Then, compare Catcher-like Catters/Cathers to Glove's! Incredible. What further clues lie in this?

Catchers and Plate's are in the colors of Plate-like Pilate's, important because the PERDrix peak of mont Pilat (Burgundy, same as Pilate's) traces to PERTH(shire), and the Pilate pheon is colors reversed in the Coats of the Naire's and Celts/Colts, both first found in Perthshire. A version of the Celt/Colt Coat is with nearby Coutes' (from a Cult location), both sharing the red stag with Plater-liner Planters/Plantagenets, and Cootes' were first found in Lancashire with Plate's! The three Pilate pheons are white, as are the three of Coys (Glove / Catter colors and format), and the great thing is, Coys share the pheons, in both colors, of Risks/Rusks, first found in Perthshire! This is near the old Rose clan in case Rusks apply to Roscows/RosCOE's.

Catchers, by the way, share a "cat" in Crest with Chives', the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with the Cult location of Coutes', and then the Chives' moline is shared by their Mathis kin, first found in Burgundy with Pilate's.

Just for fun, I've just loaded Runners (as per baseline runners) to find them with cups and a RunNECKLE variation. I know by heart that Nickle's use a giant pheon in the colors of the Coy / Risk/Rusk pheons, and Cups/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Coutes', which should explain why the English Pilotte's (two t's) share the cup-using Coat of the Perthshire Shaws. Catters were first found in Berkshire with English Shaws.

Runners also have a Nagle-interesting RunNAGALL variation (as well as a RunACRES variation). Nagle's/Nails/NEILs were first found in Westphalia with Ducks and duck-using kin, and Coutes-like Cootes' (look linkable to Keiths) show more ducks. Scottish Bedins/Beths share the lozenges of Gale-related English Nagle's (nightinGALE), and Gallia's have three bends only in colors reversed from the near-same of Platers.

Irish Neils (Arms-of-SARACa fish) were first found in Tyrone with their SHARK kin, from Saraca's of KOTOR. CATTERs use fish. There was a Kotor-like KODRium location (bottom-left of map) on the Apsus river of the DEXARoi (Dassaretae), the latter being the line to Daggers and their ACRE branch. RunACRES.

Tyrone is also where Irish Henrys were first found while Enrico's share the fretty of Modens/Mode's. French Henrys were at Motte-Henry in the Mott region of Brittany, and it just so happens that these latter Henrys share the red martlet with Hips'. However, they are not in both colors of the red Hips martlets, though Alans do use them in both colors of the Hips martlets. Perhaps God arranged the Henrys to have their martlets around the Batter...because wow, Batters were first found in Berkshire with Modens/Mode's!!! Can you believe it??? The Hips' just linked to a baseball-field item, a batter at home plate.

It reminds that OpenHEIMERs share a sphinx with Hips', and "Heimer" is expected to mean, "homer." Is that not remarkable?

These surname links to the baseball theme are wonderful, but why would God have provided them, if, that is, He provided them? The Elias / Mott / Glove crescent we saw above is shared by Alexandria's, and Steve Scalise was shot at a baseball diamond in Alexandria. Alexandria's were first found beside McCabe's, and the latter's Coat looks very linkable to the Wasserman/Basserman Coat (probably bass fish). The Bassmans (Norfolk, same as Platters) look linkable to the Keith Chief, and the two words of the Keith motto are reversed in the motto of Cootes' while the pale bars of Bassmans and Keiths are a form of the pale bars of Coats'/Cotes'. I'm seeing the RINO, and Trump enemy, Dan Coats, the last (former) chief of all American Intelligence. Mr. Coats became the IC chief three months before Scalise's shooting.

Coats/Cotes' are said to have been at the Shropshire border, and the Alans of Shropshire did use ducks, the symbol of the Cootes'. Shropshire had the Rodden river while Roddens share the bend of Rye's/Rise's. The latter are in the motto of Saddocks, kin of Mascals, and Keiths happen to come up as "Mascal." Rye's/Rise's, Saddocks, Mascals, and the Hams who share the McCabe salmon were all first found in Sussex. Mascal / Mussel/Muscel liners were at BASS island in the land of Keiths (at Musselburgh), which should explain the apparent Bassman link to the Keith/Mascal Chief. Ryan-like Orions/Irons/Hirams of AIRAINes can be traced with ABBEville (near Airaines) to ARRAN and its McCabe's/McABBE's. Wassermans/BASSERMANs (like "Bassman") have a Coat looking very linkable to the McCabe Coat. Why should that be?

I'd like to re-visit the "MISERis" motto term of Diamonds/Dymotts, for "Misers use cherries while Cherry's have a 'CheRIS' motto term, with the same ending as 'MiseRIS.' Rise / Rice liners have Ryan-like variations. Why should the Rodham-related Malbanks/Milbanks ('RESolute') share the white-ermined bend of Rye's/Rise's? It just so happens that the quadrants of Danish Rye's are in the colors of the same of LUTE's/Lutts expected in 'ResoLUTE.'" The Ryans are in that quote as per the "rien" motto term of Misers, shared by Hodgkinsons.

Now look. The "rien" motto term was found earlier in this update, buried in the BROX/Brocuff/Procop motto, and we saw why the latter surname was related to Wassermans/Bassermans. BROXton was home to the Birds sharing the Hips martlets, and Hips' share the gold sphinx with Brox's/Brocuffs/Procops. If that's not enough, the Spinks share the spread eagle of the Sans' in the Hodgkinson motto! It's just too much, piece by piece, the same picture developing.

(By the way, Michael I RANgabe was husband to Procopia, and the Arms of Rangabe is a blue-Shielded version of the Bouillon flory cross, the latter's being colors reversed from the Bird flory. Were Ryans / Arran liners related to "RANgabe"? Rangers (a cross almost in Rangabe-cross colors) could have the Orion/IRAN cross in colors reversed.)

OH WOWIE! I happened to check whether Spinks were Spings too, and found that Spings share the look of the Hodge Coat while sharing the Hood crescents!!! Hodge's were Hoods, in other words, and so when Miss Hicks was on the beach (1979 dream), in her bathing suit, at the HOOD of a car, suddenly I'm asking whether that's a pointer to Scalise's shooting. I sense that the BATHing SUIT can go to Bathgate's, for they share the sun of Beach-related Clappers, and Suits/Sewers/Suters are also SHOOTERs while the Hykes write-up has a character whose surname I see with German Suters.

OH WOWWIE again. The mascle of Spinks is in the fret of Hoods!!! That clinches Spings with Spinks! Good one, excellent for linking Hips' to the Hodgkinson motto! Can you believe it?

OH WOWWWIE even bigger. I recall that Allisons, who share the bird of Hoods in the same black color, call their bird, "black BIRD," and Birds are the ones with the Hips martlets!!! I would not have known that Allisons shared the Hood bird design had God not created an event in my teens, where, as I was sitting on the hood of my car, my girlfriend of two months got into the car of a fellow worker (grocery-store parking lot), and left me for good right then and there. At the least, that teenage event verifies that Hoods are to be linked to Hips' by multiple Hood kin. The medallion found on the hood of my Jeep, at a grocery store parking lot, is now open season for adding to this Scalise picture.

Oh WOWWWWIE, one Openheimer Coat has a sphinx, and another a white anchor, the color of the Hood anchor. This would be a good place to add that Heimers, with a version of the German and Jewish Fox Coats, have the same creature in their Shield as Thighs, which tends to link Mamie's thigh symbol to her home-plate symbol. Note that our kiss at home plate was important, for I've just noted that Homers share the red rooster with Kiss'/Cush's.

OH WOWWWWWIE. Another white anchor is in the Crest of English House's, and the House cross, in Home/Hume colors, is colors reversed from the same-type Hodgkinson cross!!! These House's were first found in Berkshire. It's a little interesting that the Rising cross, in colors reversed, is green, the color of the Hodgkinson cross.

I'd like to remind that the 1979 shark dream ended with a rising symbol for Rise-line Rhizon, at Kotor. I was rising enBRACEd with Miss Hicks into the sky over a BEACH, and her middle name, Rena, has been linked to "RINO" but also "Ryan." Those are the theories, and the sky was considered as a pointer to the isle of Skye, where McLeods/Lutts were first found. The embrace was resolved for Bracebridge's, who happen to have the BEACH and Clap/Clapper Shield in black. Dan Coats replaced James Clapper. Verification that this is a correct picture to draw you is where Hicks' are online having married Arthurs of CLAPton. We could even take the Rye/RISE Coat to Rodhams.

Paul Ryan is a RINO along with Jeff Flake, both of them worms / moles of the Democrats (or worse) in the Republican party. I linked Paul Ryan as per the Tooth = Ryan griffin to the teeth of the shark in the 1979 dream. The Lute's/Lutts can suggest the Lutt variation of McLeods, who have flags in Crest. The Flags are listed with the Flacks, and Jeff Flake's surname has a Flack variation. Coincidence? Didn't this all start above with Diamonds? Wasn't Flake in on the shooting of Scalise at the baseball diamond?

The reason that our rising into the sky worked for McLeods of Skye is that they used a black bull head (as well as white) between their flags while the dream's beautiful symbol of Miss Hicks was for the Beauty-bull link to the black bull heads of Walerans.

I've never returned yet to the Toot topic of the last update, and it was supposed to be at the start of tis one, so it may be put off until the start of the next one.

The Dropping of the Trash Can

Wow, as I was wondering what to name this section on the Trypillians, I was going to do with "dumping" of the trash can, but then decided on "dropping" because it's closer to the truth, and Drops happen to be Trope's too, suspect with Trypillians through Tropoje, for ladder-using Trips share the crosslets of Hamburgs and the latter use drops. I was on a ladder dropping the can, wasn't I? I didn't see the ladder, but this paragraph tells me that there was one.

There is a Troop surname first found Banffshire, right near Rothes castle, and the Rothes are very evident in this discussion, for it started with the following quote in the write-up of Rothes-related Raines': "Phillipe de Rim or De Remi (c. 1246-1296)..." As the trash can was dropped onto its RIM, it had me wondering whether Rims/Rums/Rome's were a branch of Raines' of Rennes. If so, we have a very interesting thing.

And so I was looking, yesterday, at the "paRIUM" motto term of Raines', and concluding that it's code for the Rims and Rums together. I had loaded Raines' in the first place after the Ryans, checking out whether they were branches. When I noted the "terrae" motto term of Raines', wow, it recalled the Terra variation of German Terras', and there we have a Trasher/Tresure-like surname! The container in the door-handle dream, which was not named in the dream, was first resolved as a bucket for Buckets, and soon-after as a trash can for Trashers/Tresure's. It can explain why the dream didn't reveal which, if it can be both.

I did not yet know, at that point of seeing the rooks in the Terra/Terras Coat (colors and format of Rothes Coat), why they were important for proving the dream to be from God. I did not yet know that I was going to be on Trypillians, but I was remembering my theory that Rims were from Rimini of the 600 Benjamites in Judges, who definitely named the Rimna river in the land of Trypillians. Again, the Trypillians had not yet come to mind, when I saw the rooks, nor did I remember seeing ROXolani Alans stamped upon a map at the modern Buzau river, very-near south of the Rimna, is that not amazing already? The Raines', who were at least related to Rims/Rums, have a motto term pointing to the trash can's rooks, so to speak.

I checked the Wrens, said to be a branch of Raines', who have three clues for linkage to the Rothes'. The Wren Crest has a spear and a lion head in the colors of the Raines lions and the Rothes lion heads, and Rothes is on the Spey river while Spears are also Speyer. In the Wren chevrons are ravens, the symbol of one peter surname and the German Rothes Coat. Peter Pollock built Rothes castle, but lived in RENfrewshire, apparently named after Wrens / Raines' / Rennes. The latter is a location near the Dol Alans, whom I have figured as being from Roxolani Alans, and therefore the new idea is that Alans / Benjamites / others on the Rimna named Rennes and Rennes-le-Chateau in Aude. You can find Aude in the ROXburgh, Pollock and Fort mottoes (MontFORT is beside Rennes).

As I was looking at the Wren Chief, noting the crosslets, I was wondering whose they were, with the trash-can scene in mind, but it didn't click at the time. It wasn't until waking this morning that Trypillians came to mind. I'll explain this soon. I found myself back at the Raines page, trying to find more evidence that they were involved with the trash-can scene, and while staring at the motto with the wheels of my mind churning, a song over my speakers (can't remember which) sang "ground." Well, in the scene, I was up high, as though on a step ladder, holding this container / trash can, and I simply dropped it to the GROUND upon its open lid. I had looked at the Ground before in respect of that scene, yet I couldn't be sure whether Grounds applied because the container dropped upon a circular patch or mound of white sand. There was the option of Grounds versus Sands. I had noted, some weeks ago, that Grounds/Crannys share the upright wolf (different colors) with German Flemings, important because the rim of the trash can caught flames.

There was nothing else, that I could see yesterday, in the Ground/Cranny Coat, to prove that they applied to the scene. I totally missed the importance of the heron-like crane in their Chief along with the upright wolf. Herons are a branch of Orne's, and the trash CAN included the Caens/Cans, from Caen along the Orne river. Caens/Cans are from the Ceno tributary of the TARo river, and Tarrs/Tara's/Tarres' were first found in Somerset with Trashers/Tresure's. Hence, the trash can was thus discovered absolutely when finding Tracys/Trasse's/Tresse's near Caen.

Seeing not much in the Ground/Cranny Coat, the Grounds/Grundys were loaded, but I saw nothing there either, though I did note this surname traced to "GUNDred, evoking Gunters/Genters and Gaunts, etc. The Arms of Ghent/Gaunt use the same lion as Raines', and throw in a virgin while Virgins were first found in Kent with Rothes' and Gaunts. However, even though I knew by heart that "terras" is a motto term of Alexanders, and even though that thing came to mind when I saw the "terrae" of Raines', it didn't hit me, until now, that it's possibly pointing to Alexandria, Virginia, for the Alexanders are the only ones to come up as Alexandria's, and Virgins come up as Virginia's. As I said, I was probably upon a ladder when dropping the trash can, and the Scalise surname uses a ladder, can thouest believe this? Steve Scalise was shot in Alexandria, Virginia. Just look at the timing of this set of links, immediately after a section on Steve Scalise.

So, it seems that God timed the singer to sing "ground" while I was looking at the Raines motto because Grounds/Grundys held the key to bringing the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt to topic. As Mamie had pointed to Scalise, and as Mamie pointed us to Gunters with gauntlet GLOVEs, let's add that Glove's, in the colors and format of Rothes-related Raines', were first found near Rothes. The bigger point seems to be the German Gunters (quadrants colors reversed from the same of Forts), who share the gold annulets of English Walkers (Yorkshire, same as BUSH's), for the latter are from Wallachia, smack at the Rimna / BUZau rivers! The Bus' were first found in Norfolk with the FLAME-using Benjamins that themselves have gold annulets, and a Coat very linkable to WALCHs/Walsh's of ROXburghshire, no coincidences. Benjamites were at the Wallachia theater in ROMania. Rims/Rums are also Rome's.

When Trypillians came to mind this morning, everything fell into place as per the trash-can scene. I think they came to mind first of all with the "SCALing ladder" of English TRIPs, amazing, for it adds evidence that God wants to point to Scalise. Trips were first found in Kent with Raines-related Rothes', and while Raines' were looked up to see if they were a branch of Ryans, the latter share the griffin of Letters/LAUDERs, the ones to which one may trace the ladder in the trash-can scene.

[Insert -- Letters/Lauders (goose on a ROCK!) share the Fleming double-TRESSURE border to prove that they are of the trash-can scene. Letters/Lauders were at Bass Isle, an entity that can relate to the baseball / Wasserman/Basserman entities. The BASSMANs have the three Keith pale bars in colors reversed while Bass Isle is in the Haddington land of Keiths. Thus, it seems that God is allowing a link of the Trip ladder to the baseball diamond of Steve Scalise on two counts here, and maybe counting.

This is a good place to remind (it only just came to mind after writing the paragraph above) that English Bennets use double scaling ladders while I dated ROXanne Bennet. The "de bon" motto phrase of Bennets gets the Debons/Bono's whose Coat is much like that of Hodgkinson-like Hutchinsons, and the latter's lion is even the Bennet / Debon lion! I can now consider other events with Roxanne, to see if they point to Scalise. Look: the Debonne's/Bone's/BONNETs share the BATTER/Better chevron. English Bone's were first found in Sussex with the Mascals (share Ground elephant) while Keiths are also Mascals. The so-called "boilers" of Bennet-branch Benedicts (German branch) were suspect with Boullier's (Brittany) because they use ROOKs. ROXanne Bennet.

OH WOW. German Bonnets share the chapeau (cap) and with Buttons/Bidens (same fesse as German Bonnets) while English Bonnets share the Coat of Burisma-like Buris'!!! This is not off-topic, anyway, because I'm in the midst of taking this Trypillian topic to Button-like Budini. Can you believe that Budini were in what is now Ukraine?! BEHOLD: as per Burisma GAS, German Gas', first found in Hamburg with German Trips/Treffs (boots), use a goose while Rutherfords of ROXburghshire have a goose on a ROCK!!! That's the symbol of Letters/LAUDERs who are of the ladder to which English Trips are now connecting.

I'm now asking whether the Biden circle was involved in the Scalise shooting, for the Alexandria's (part of the trash can) share the split Shield of Hunters. The "per terras" motto phrase of Alexandria's can go to the Bennet-line PIERleoni, but it should be said that one Terras Coat, with a copy of the ROXburghshire Scott Coat, has a motto, "Amore," like the "Amor" of Grounds/Crannys. I had missed this when viewing the Grounds/Crannys (elephant) last night, now tending to confirm that God set up the song line with "ground." The reason that I didn't see myself on a ladder when dropping the trash can, I now realize, is so one could also deem me upon a terrace, for Terras' are also Terrace's. That makes a lot of sense. I was up high, as on a terrace.

OH WOW THIS IS GREAT! The picture in my head for the terrace above is a balcony-like terrace, and so this just brought to mind an email exchange between John Podesta and a Mr. Elmendorf while they were apparently discussing the murder to judge Scalia. I think it was Elmendorf writing back to Podesta about his raising money upon trying to walk some "BEDwetters" off of a LEDGE. It was about a week before the murder, and Scalia died in his bed while Podesta had written Elmendorf about "wet works," slang for murder. So, when Elmendorf wrote back with "bedwetters," it sounds like he's got to raise more money for the murderers because they are threatening to walk off the ledge i.e. not do the murder unless they get more money.

As soon as "ledge" came to mind upon ending above with the Trash-like Terras'/Terrace's and Letters/Lauders, I recalled the Ledge's are listed with the Lauder-like Lodge's who have one of the two tressure borders of Lauders, and a giant lion in the colors of the giant Lauder griffin!!! It tends to prove that Lodge's are a Lauder branch, you see, so that my being up high, as upon a terrace, is now pointing also to the murder of SCALIA, for Trips use a SCALING ladder as code for the ladder-using Scalia/Scalise Coat!!! This is knocking me out. I even loaded the balcony-like Balcons/BalCOMBE's to find that it's a near-copy of the Boden Coat.

WOW-WOW. Some of you may know about the photo I once showed of my fallen scaffold. I claimed that God set up that photo for various reasons. I fell off my scaffold on the same day that a news story came out on scaffolds built up to the second story of the embassy that housed Julian Assange at the time (the Podesta-Elmendorf emails above were released by Assange's WikiLeaks after being obtained from Seth Rich). The point here is that the photo has one post to my balcony so that the Balcon/BalCOMBE surname was introduced at that time with the theory that it pointed to the Comeys/COMBE's. The latter surname has a cat with the only tooth I know of, and Tooths share the Lauder griffin. Plus, get a grip, because the same photo emphasized my step ladder (!!) lying over the septic tank upon which a God-sent stool pigeon had walked. Balcons/Balcombe's even have a dove = pigeon. Note the natural ROCKs acting as the step down to the door.

Note that I slipped off of the scaffold because it had slipped off of wet pieces of wood (under its legs) during RAIN. You can see the shine from the wetness in the PLANK in the foreground, and English Planks/Planque's share the lion of Rains/Raines', can you believe it? I slipped off of that plank (I had thrown it to the side temporarily to re-set-up the scaffold). I slipped off of it when nearly finished applying the STUCCO at the corner of the house, where you see I had set up a tarp in case it rained. It rained near the end of the job, by God's will, right? The STUCKs (beetles) are listed with German Stocks while English Stocks share the giant Plank/Planque lion (I've gone over some of this before), and the dove with branch in the Stock Crest is also in the Balcon/Balcombe Crest.

The Rains/Raines' started this section, when I happened to tell that they are in the colors and format of Glove's. The latter are in the "BOT a glove" motto phrase of Comeys/Combe's (!), first found in Perthshire with Glove's. I do declare that James Comey must be inside the trash can with Hunter Biden and the killers of judge Scalia.

Hold on to your step ladder. There is no doubt that "bot" is code for the Chattan-related, Italian Botters, but then English Botters/BUDINs were first found in Hampshire with Butters/Bidens, is that not amazing? But get a load of this: Balcons/Balcombe's have a three-star version of the lone-star Italian Botter Coat!!! It's just too much. Back-to-back "coincidences" like this can't happen unless God sets them up. It tends to prove that the Rain/Raines motto was placed there to lead us to the Tarres'/Terrace's, who in-turn would lead to this balcony post in the photo with a step ladder just when Lauders / Lodge's were a major concern.

From the last update: "The Stocks share "Fortis" with Forts ("auDAX") who in turn have the Felix quadrants in colors reversed, tending to nail StockPORTs as a Stock branch. Stockports are also shown as StopFORTs, while Stocks share a white, double-tailed lion with MontFORTs (see also Stake's). Stockports were at Bootle..." BOOTle looks linkable to the Trip boots and to the Stock beetle. Beetle's (Berkshire, same as Boots) use FLAMES and a ROCK, how about that. It looks like the Budini through the Roxolani of the Rimna > flaming-Rim line. Stockports share the Launay lozenges while Beetle's had a Beetle location in LAUNditch.

The Boots are said to have had a Buat castle "near FALAIS," and then Fallis'/Falls' share the RockeFELLER-line treFOILS partially for RoqueFEUIL liners, and partially for the Treff variation of boot-using Trips (now show shoes) when read as TREFoils.

The scaffold photo and story was introduced in the 2nd update of November, 2018, in case you'd like to see it (click link at top of this page). When I slipped off the plank of the scaffold, I went crashing to the ground / rocks. Wow, you're not going to believe this: just as I placed the last sentence where you see it, a song ("Strangely Dim") by Francesca Battistelli sang, "fall to the ground." I turned the music on early today because it's at the same songlist that sang "ground" last night, and I've been waiting to hear which song in particular it was, and there it came up just now at a perfect time.

As per the name of that song, Strange's share the Drop/Trope lion, is that not "impossible"? I dropped the Trypillian trash can. That lion is also of the Tools and Tulls/Tolle's while the latter share the pyramid with Battistelli's. She doesn't know that God picked some of the words and titles of multiple of her songs for this project at tribwatch. Tulls/Tulia's use BUTTERflies, and Gallia, mother of Tullia of Lyon, is very traceable to Gallia's, first found in Milan with Bute-related Maurels, and beside the Battistelli-branch Batti's/Botto's. Stelli's (share eight-pointed stars with Batti's/Botto's) were first found in Bologna with Guido's. Strange's are said to be from Guido le Strange, and Guido Guerra III married a granddaughter of RAINier of Montferrat. Makes our heads spin. End insert].

When Trips came to mind this morning, I was still lingering in bed trying to solve the Raines-Ground problem (photo above was hours away as yet), for I had determined, last night, to write about it today. I recalled that English Trips (and Hamburgs) share the crosslets in the Chief of Raines-branch Wrens, perfect. Troops were first found near Wren-related Rothes, and Drops/Trope's (Norfolk, same as Beetle) apply because I was on a ladder when DROPping the trash can. But I didn't yet realize that thing while in bed, not until I named the title of this section (before I had written anything else)! I'd never have figured this all out without Help.

And so, while in bed, I recalled that I had traced Trypillians, many years ago on lightweight evidence, to the Po river in relation to Alans at Forum Allieni (the former name Ferrara in and through the period of 70 AD). Later, I found an article claiming that Trypillia was south of Kiev. That's all it said as per their location, and it just so happens that while the Po was also called the BODENcus, the BUDINi lived south of Kiev. The German Trips (Hamburg) once shows BOOTs, suggesting that Boots and similar others are Budini liners.

I remembered that Wikipedia's article on Trypillians had them burning down their homes in what sounded like rituals, and so I developed the theory that Trypillians founded Flemings / Flame's, etc. As the flames developed at the rim of the container, it seems to be pointing to Trypillians at the Rimna river, especially as Benjamins use flames. Hats off to Miss Florida for introducing Trypillians to me; it looks like an act of God many years ago to help solve a crime here. She was also interested in Benjamites before they became my topic.

And so as these things were coming to mind early this morning, I recalled that the Alan-suspect Geloni, who lived in wooden houses (perfect for burning), were amongst the Budini. Galati is near the mouth of the Buzau, and so I reason that Geloni were at least related to the Roxolani (Ros-Alans) of the Buzau. The Bus cinquefoil is colors reversed from the same of ROSco's. It's interesting to ask whether Israelites at Galati named the Bassus-line Galatians to a marriage with Laevillus, or whether those Galatians named Galati. It's not something I've yet investigated, and maybe I will soon.

Galli's share the Chief of French Alans, and the latter's Coat is like that of French Gore's while Gore's/Core's (Essex, same as Este's) have the Trip / Wren crosslets. Roxburghs share the horse head with Geloni-like Helens, very interesting, and while Helens can be deemed related to Este, there is an Este location near the Bodencus river. Este was historically allied to Ferrara = Forum Allieni, and Helens are expected as Alans of some sort. As I said, the Boot-like Bute's/Butts once showed the horse head still showing in the Este motto. Boots show boots, the Trip symbol.

German Bodens, by the way, use roses upon the same fesse as Dols, perfect as per Ros-Alans. The Ros'/Rose's use water BOUGETs, said to be water containers, and so the trash can could double as a bouget-like bucket for the BUCKET surname. In fact, while still in bed, the Geloni brought "gallon" to mind, or a gallon container.

I now remember why I traced Trypillians to the Po river, because the Trebia is one of its tributaries. As was shown recently, the trash-can Caens/Cans use five white ostrich feathers because the Arms of Traby (Poland) do so, and the Ceno tributary of the Taro is near the Trebia.

Herodotus said that Budini were blonds / red heads, and the write-up of Boyds tells the same, though I think someone in the past knew that Boyds were from Budini...meaning that Boyds were NOT named after blond hair, but the Budini. When I was loading Gunters above, I accidentally hit the 'i' instead of the 'u' and got the Irish Ginters...who share the checkered fesse of Boyds. It happened after seeing the GUNDER term in the Ground/Grundy write-up. God told me/us last night that the Raines' motto would be related to Grounds when I heard "fall to the ground" by Ms. Battistelli. The latter points to Tullia of Lyon at Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne, where French Bauds/Bots/Bode's were first found, and German Ginters, sharing the quadrants of Scottish Bauds/Bade's (RENfrew ship), share the gold annulet with German Gunters. Bauds/Bots/Bode's, in Botter colors, share the ram with CREMers/Cramers while Batti's/Botti's were first found in CREMona.

Stelli's were first found in Bologna (on RENO river) with Panico's/Panetta's, Fantis' and several others sharing the Chief of Irish Cremers/Cramers. Panico's were at the Setta river, suspect with the Flemish Seatons who share a green dragon with Trashers/Tresure's and the Guerra's (probably the triple bends of Pings/Pongs). Guido Guerra III married a granddaughter of RAINier/Renier of Montferrat, and Guido's were first found in Bologna at the RENo river. Ping-related Pincs share the Reno/RYNE lozenges. The latter's Coat is colors reversed from, and in the format, of the Ryan Coat. Is this a pointer to Paul Ryan just as I'm in the midst of bringing up Jeff Flake?

German Gunters share the quadrants of English Felix's (cat / Clan-Chattan liner by the looks of it) expected in the "Felis" motto term of Irish Ginters, for Italian Felis'/Felix's share the star of German Gunters (Felis/Felix colors). It may not have been an accident that Ginters were brought up at this time. What could it thus mean, as per Jeff Flake at Scalise's baseball game, that Felix-like Flake's/Flacks and Raines' share the lion in the Arms of Gaunt/Ghent? Cindy on second base pointed to Ping Pong Comet pizza, and Reines' use a comet and the PISA Coat in colors reversed. Steve Scalise was poised, I had read, to combat pedophilia, when he was shot at second base.

The earliest-known English Felix is said to be Felix MONCHus while Monks (Devon, same as Stewarts from the Alans of the Rennes area) essentially have a red-Shield version of the Raines Coat. The Felix mill rinds suggest the Rinds ("fragRANTior"), a likely branch of Raines-like Rants/Rands/Rance's who named Rance near Dol and Rennes. Raines' have a motto term for Judds/Juggs, I gather, who share a white boar head with the Rand/Rance Crest. The latter's write-up looks like the surname got hooked up with the Playter variation of the PLATers whose three bends are essentially the Gallia Coat in colors reversed. Gallia was mother to Tullia of Lyon. Monk-like Monaco's use more flames.

Mamie at home PLATE brought Gunters to topic with the "junGUNTUR" motto term of Gardens. Mame's/Men's are expected from the Monk-like Manx people of Man. Mame's/Mens' were at GlenLYON of the Lyons, probably the lion from Tullia of Lyon, for Lyons were first found in Perthshire with Butters/Bitars while Tulls/Tullia's use BUTTERflies...probably on the pale bar of Stelli-branch Steels. It looks like the Trigg-branch Drigs, sharing a green lion with Lyons, can be in the "DIRIGet" motto term of Butters/Bitars. The Trigg and Drig spears (Pollock colors) are thus probably linkable to Pollocks on the nearby Spey river i.e. at Rothes.

Steve Scalise sponsoring a bill advanced by Ross Spano, "No Pensions For Pedophiles Act":

U.S. House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (LA-1) also proudly spoke out in support of this bill, “People convicted of crimes involving the sexual abuse of children are among the most corrupt and harmful members of our society. They should not be able to keep their jobs as federal employees and do not deserve federal pensions. We have a moral duty to protect our children. I am proud to cosponsor Rep. Spano’s important legislation, and add my voice to his strong message: the United States government will not fund the retirement of pedophiles.”

Pizzagate investigator, Liz Crokin:

“Is it a coincidence that [Scalise] was just starting to push for legislation to end human trafficking?” she asked, rhetorically. “I don’t think so. And we damn well know the Podesta emails, that those emails are filled with pedophile code words. Connect the dots.”

Crokin said the fact that Democrats sent pizza to Scalise’s staff [I didn't know this until now] on the day of the shooting was not simply a kind gesture of sympathy and support, but rather proof that the shooting was orchestrated by this supposed pedophile ring.

Here's from a headline, "Shot congressman Rep Steve Scalise was actively seeking to stop pedophilia":

...Federal law enforcement officials identified the alleged shooter as James Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois, who died following a shootout with authorities.

...Scalise was in critical condition after suffering damage to internal organs, and his injuries will require additional operations, according to a MedStar Washington Hospital Center [same hospital as Seth Rich's murder] medical update late Wednesday.

...A congressional staffer, Zach Barth, was also shot in the leg and has since been released from the hospital. Matt Mika, a lobbyist for Tyson Foods and former congressional staffer, was also identified as one of those shot.

The article has a short youtube video ("Fighting Human Trafficking") of Scalise's anti-pedophilia stand. I never heard anything from Scalise on human trafficking after he was released from the hospital. It seems obvious that he was allowed to live under the condition that he promise not to fight that criminal thing any longer. Just imagine what's going on in government corruption if Scalise must keep his promise to protect his family?

I noted that Belleville's have two of the Stelli eight-pointed stars, in case that means anything. We see a familiar label, for Labels/La Belle's, in a SCHOPP/ScoBELL Coat. Mika's/Micks (Silesia, overlaps Lusatia) are very good because they mention "Mikusch Schoppe in Niess," and this area had a Spree-Neisse area to which I trace Spree's and Speers, the latter first found in Cornwall with Schopps, wow, it's tic-tac-toe time again.

Speers were first found in Renfrewshire with the Simple's in the Spree motto, and then the Parkings/Perkins with a "Simplex" motto term share the three fleur-de-lys of Schopps. Wow, I told ya. Add to this that Silesia is where Brocuffs/Procops were first found who share the Hips sphinx. Lest you missed it, Mika's were looked up because a Mr. Mika was shot by Hodgkinson along with Scalise's hip.

That Schopp surname in the Mika write-up is great right here, for the trash-can dream -- now pointing to Scalise -- started with a SHOPPing cart that pointed us to Shops, and therefore to the Nazi elements of the president Bush's (the evidence won't be repeated here). German Bush's happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Mika's/Micks.

[Insert -- Something new. The Shops with a SHERland variation can be linked now to Carts to show that a shopping cart appearing in a dream has Intelligent Design. Carts share are the palm tree of German Palms/Palmers while English Palms use a palm BRANCH while Branch's share the Coat of SHERwoods (share white roses with Cart-branch Carys). Sherwoods share roses on stems with Schere's/Scherfs, and were first found in Durham with the Plumers (a palm branch in Crest). Plumers share a rare, wavy chevron with Pierce's, the latter first found in Somerset with Carts, Cary castle, Carys, Tarrs, Trashers, Pierce-branch Percivals, and Percival-related Leavells of Cary Castle. Carts are said to be of Cary castle, and Carters (lion in the colors of the Irish-Cary lion) were first found in neighboring Hampshire. The lion heads of Plumers are in the colors of the Cary / Carter lions.

Carts share the saltire of Annandale's for a trace to the Ananes Gauls at the Taro river, a trace justified by the Taro's flow to Parma, for Palms are also PARMs. The Taro and it's Ceno tributary are the trash-can line, right? I'm not yet sure what it all can mean for the shopping cart in the dream, but it can connect to the same elements that Schopps are. One Cary surname has a Speer-loving spear for a trace to the Spey river, and the other Carys (version of Rothes Coat) can be gleaned with the Rose clan beside Rothes at the Spey. Plumers share "audacter" with Pollocks (same place as Speers and Simple's), who built Rothes castle. Rothes' were first found in Kent with Shops (possibly the Annas Shield). Cart-like Certs/Cards have a "letter" in Crest that should be for Letters/Lauders. Finally, German Plumers are also Fleming-like Flaums. End Insert]

The Schopp label is the three-pointed, blue-on-white one of Planters/Plantagenets (and Dinners), and they are of the Plants/Planque's, from Plancia Magna, whom I always link to Parkings/Perkins ("Simplex")...because she was related by marriage to Mr. Simplex. Her husband was the proto-Fulk / proto-Plantagenet. The Schopps/Scobells now clinch the Parkings/Perkins with Plancia Magna, and then the Walkers whom were married by Prescott Bush (the one whom illegally adopted the first president Bush, born George Herbert Scherff Jr., son of a Nazi), have a "magna" motto term. The Shops had confirmed that the Scherff-Nazi line to the White House and the CIA were in view, and Schopps just helped to confirm it.

These English Walkers have the Label/La Belle crescents in colors reversed. Walkers share the Gunter annulets and PlantaGENETs may have been Gunters/Genters, for they both use red stags. Dutch Gunters/Genters have the fleur-de-lys of English Bush's when the latter use a red fesse (they do use one). The same crescent is used by Neisse-like and Mika-colored Kness'/Neece's/Neice's...which might just reveal that Knee's are from Neisse, especially as Welsh Gunters/Genters have their red stag head half in black, the color of the Knee stag head.

The stars of Kness'/Neice's (Perthshire, same as Glove's, beside Moray) could be those of German Gunters because two other Gunters/Genters use gloves, but as they are bound to be the Moray stars, it's pretty amazing suddenly that Moray was also "Moravia" while European Moravia touched upon Silesia. Were Pollocks of Moray's Rothes from Silesia? Why sure, for that's in Poland, and Speers along with Spree kin were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. What in Moravia were Morays from? Brocuffs and Handle's? The broken handle? The Moray star can be the Jeepma star too because Moray's Innis' use an applicable Zionist star. Why should Jeepma's have been in Moravia? It was home to Sorbs, who founded Serbs in Croatia, home of Japodes. I trace "Serb" and "KRVati" (Croats) to mount "Gareb" in Jerusalem, home also of Jabesh-like Jebusites.

I can trace Spree-river elements and the family of Mikusch Schoppe in Neisse to Pollok-like BOLOGna (Bodencus-river area) where the hourglass-like Shield of Spree's is colors reversed from the one of Guido's. The PASi's of Bologna share the crossed spears of Speers, for PASleys/Paisleys were first found in Renfrewshire with Speers. English Pasleys (Berkshire, same as Beetle's and Boots) show nothing but three fesses in colors reversed from those of Mika's/Micks. Beetle's use the hourglass shape too.

New to me: Neise's are listed with Ness'/Nice's/Nessans having two of the three Pasley fesses (Neither Shield has anything else), suggesting that one or all of the queen Nysa's were to the naming of Neisse. The Neisse flows through Bad Muskau (founded 13th century) while Musts/Muscats (ANTELope) share the double Neise/Nice/Nessan fesses! Bingo. The Arms of BAD Muskau (like "Baden") has a savage holding the red ANTLer (for the Varangian-of-Kiev line to Baden's Veringers) found also in the Arms of Spree-Neisse. Speers and Spree's share the crescent of Annette's (Speer star), a branch of Annas, suggesting that both surnames were Neisse-connectable [I'll mention Annette's and their trace to Vespasian in the next update].

I've talked a lot of my first girlfriend as a Christian, Sharon Pascal or Pascel (or maybe it was Pascoe). I met her at WASaga beach, where we kissed the first time, on a picnic table at the sandy beach (underscores WASaga beach). I have not been familiar with Pascoe's until this week, and they were first found in Cornwall with WASSa's, and with Spree's and Schopps. Wassa's use double bars in the colors of the double Neise/Nice/Nessan / Washington bars! About four months after splitting with Sharon, I started to date Diane MUSKATov. Wow, and Diane's/Deins (Sussex, same as Mascals) share the Speer / Spree crescents! Zinger, I get it. I've never known Muscat / Muschat liners to be from the Bad Muskau / Neisse until now.

Wassa-like Wassermans/Bassermans share the savage with Bad Muskau, which recalls my trace of WESSex (Gewisse) Saxons to the Kwisa/Queis river (Silesia) near the Neisse. Massey liners in Cheshire (same as Savage's/Sava's) made a pact with local Wessex Saxons. German Wessels use a white-on-red antler, and WAISTELLs/Wessels are perhaps of Poland's Vestula river. Wassa's are also Wassers.

Pascels are listed with the Pasi's above. The Wassa's are the ones with a canton square linked earlier to the same of Tute's/Toots, who in turn share the crescents of Spree's.

The Silesian SCHLESingers (named after Silesia) look feasibly like a Scalise branch, which might reveal why God might have arranged the first Mika's to be first found in Silesia. There's a story online that the circle of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz murdered a prosecutor (Beranton J. Whisenant Jr.) out at sea, whose body washed to shore on a beach in her Broward county. Hmm. Note how the SCHULZ variation of Schultz's is like the SCHLESinger surname. Reminder: Wassermans/Basserman's use a savage while Savage's/Sava's, who share the Pascoe lion, can point to Jack Sava, the surgeon over-seeing Scalise's bullet wounds.

It turned out that Sharon lived on the same street I was living on, about a half dozen homes over. It was Demaine crescent, and Demaine's happen to share the fleur-de-lys of Dutch Gunters/Genters and Diamonds/Dymotts while Diamonds/Dinans are linkable to a character in the write-up of Dinners that in turn share the three-pointed label of Schopps. Dinners share the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits. The reason why Sharon came to mind is that I was working on a lumber mill, while still living on Demaine, where the foreman was, Gunter, by first name. Demaine's were first found in Maine, and Maine's (Devon, beside Pascoe's and Wassers/Wassa's) use a "ProJEKi" motto term that I've always thought to be part-code for Jacks. Jack Sava? "PROjeki" is expected for Pero's ("FLAMING stars") who have a pale bar in colors reversed by the pale bar formed by the ladder of Scalise's/Scalia's. Savage's/Sava's use "pro" too, how interesting is this?

Well, if God arranged my job with Gunter on the lumber mill (I made picture frames), it's interesting that Lumbers (VirTUTE") have the Schultz stars in colors reversed, and share in their Crest the red lion in the Crest of Wise's/Whisenants (Devon, same as Maine's). OH WOW, Mr. Whisenant was murdered in BROWARD county, and though no Broward surname comes up, the Browers (Rhineland, same as Schutz's/Shutz's) have the same eagle (different position of wings) as Shoultz's/Shouldhams! That is amazing, suddenly. English Browers/Brewers were first found in Devon, and share two bends (different colors) with Dutch Schultz's. Browers/Brewers have a mermaid holding what could be a brewer's keg of beer = small barrel.

As it seems certain that German Browers were related to the line of SCHUTZ's, I can add that the latter share the black greyhound with SCOOTs/Scougals, and that when I asked Miss Hicks whether I can sit beside her, at our church's first-anniversary memorial of 9-11, she agreed, and said, "you can SCOOT over" if my daughter arrives to take the seat. Hicks' share the fleur-de-lys of Gunters/Genters, Demaine's, and Leaks. Later that knight, God pointed both to the Leaks and related Knee's (Gunter stag head?) as though pointing to WikiLeaks. I just put my heavy head down on a hand wondering what this could mean, when a song ("You raise me Up") over the speakers sang, "on Your shoulders," as if verifying that this discussion was Intended to point to Wasserman-Schultz.

Full Explanation of Trash-Can Scene

I went to bed and dwelled on what was said earlier in the day in the section above, and finally figured out why there was a patch of sand on the ground for the trash can to fall upon. I find this all very amazing, I really do, because unless I had included the Ground surname as well as the Sands, the evidence would not have been compelling for explaining why Sands needed to be a part of the dream. Remember, the Grounds entered by a special Sign from God in a song line.

Before starting on that, I want to add what I had forgotten to, that the "Amor" and "Amore" motto terms of Grounds/Crannys and Terras' suggests the Amore's and their Damory/Amori branch, one of which uses wavy, fessewise bars suggesting the Drummonds, first found in Hamburg with the Trips/Treffs. To underscore a part of the vital key that the Grounds/Crannys are, the Amore's share a white dog head with Barrels so that this can possible lead to a discovery as to why there was a barrel-shaped item missing from the Jeep's door handle immediately before the trash-can scene.

The "Gang" motto term of Drummonds was pointed to by my gang of people around the campfire FLAMES when Mamie sat on my lap. My use of "gang" was not by chance, for the Italian Amori's (have the Ping/Pong-theme Chief) share the Tease/Tyes stars. Ms. Battistelli gave us the "ground" term in her song, "STRANGEly Dim," and the Strange Coat is that also of the Scottish Mars (suspect with Maurice Drummond, the first Drummond) while earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMY castle beside the first-known Drummonds. Earls of Mar were in Angus with the Garden-branch Jardins sharing the Tease/Tyes / Amori stars, you see. But Drummonds will come up again smack in the next paragraph.

Spanish Amors are going to fit into this as per the Malta link I make to an island of Melita, beside the Elaphiti island to which I trace the heraldic elephant. This is why Grounds/Crannys are key, because they have an elephant, but so does the Arms of Oxford while Amore's and Damorys were first found in Oxfordshire...with Trip-related and drop-using Hamburgs. Spanish Amors have a column and an upright lion both in colors reversed from the same of Malta's, and I'll add that Spanish Amors have two eight-pointed stars in the colors of the same of Batti's/Botto's, that being part of the Battistelli entity that links to Christopher Steele, who was working in conjunction with the spy, Joseph Mifsud, the latter being a Maltese professor.

Mifsud was teaching also in Stirlingshire, where Drummonds have their Drymen location, and Stirlingshire is where the medallion-on-Jeep pointed. The latter event has not been fully deciphered, not even close, as yet, but the medallion was on the hood of the Jeep while Hoods have been found to be a branch of Hodge's so as to point to Mr. Hodgkinson (he didn't work alone, did he?).

Let me get the Jeep out of the way before going to the Ground-Sand relationship. Jeepma's/Cheps have variations like "Jabesh," which is so perfect with the Benjamites of Rimna to which the section above pointed, all without the Jeepma's/Cheps in the picture. In Judges, 600 Benjamites of Rimmon married 400 women of Jabesh-Gilead. That's named for a Jabesh location (Jordan river of Israel) in a larger Gilead area, and so compare "Gilead" with the Galati location on the Siret river about 20 miles downstream (as the bird flies) from the mouth of the Buzau. The mouth of the Rimna is on the Siret about 20 miles up-river from the mouth of the Buzau. We can therefore expect the Jabeshites, the proto-Jeepma surname, in that area of the Siret.

Now, I think I understand why God provided a broken door handle with barrel-shaped part missing, partly because Barrels were first found in Herefordshire with Jeffersons/JEPsons (could be of Jeepma's/Jappa's). They use a border colors reversed from the same of Scotts and Scoots while lake Scodra is beside BAR i.e. probably the namer of Barrels. Saraca's were to the near-north of lake Scodra in the land of the Door-like Daorsi. The door handle of the Jeep, we get it. So, it seems that Jeffersons were Jabesh liners. That's right, the founder(s) of the American constitution look like Benjamites and Jabeshites, which can explain why the White House and the Capital building look Roman, and why the eagle is the American symbol. It's a bald eagle, and Scottish Balds look linkable to the Speer Coat. The Baltea is also the Buzau-like BAUTica. German Balds look linkable to Guido's of Bologna.

The Siret was once the AGARus. As Benjamites were Israelites, and as I think Nahorites were the Neuri on the Bug river not far from the Siret, it's a good theory that Hagar, the concubine of Abraham (Nahor's brother), had something to do with naming the Agarus. Either her line directly named an Agar-like tribe, or she was named after such a tribe that later named the Agarus. It just so happens that Hagar(d)s (Perthshire, same as same-colored Drummonds) have a giant Zionist star in the colors of the same of Jeepma's/Cheps/JABACHs. That's why the Jeep had to be in the dream immediately before the trash-can scene, itself pointing to Benjamites of the Rimna / Agarus.

Reminder: the Amore's are in the motto of trash-can Terras'/Terrace's, and Amore's happen to use one Scott Coat exactly. The trash-can scene was immediately after the Jeep scene, and so note that the Zionist star of Jeepma's is on an eSCUTcheon, code for Scott / Scoot / Schutz liners, from lake Scodra. The hunting HORNs, and the "ORNant" motto term, of Scoots, brings us to the Orne river, location of trash-can Caens/Cans.

Note "escutCHEON," and then see that the KEONs/McCains share the Arms-of-Saraca fish, for Saraca's are going to be central in the deciphering of the Ground-Sand mystery. Note that John McCain had a partner, in their unleashing of the Steele dossier to the FBI, by the name of David CRAMER. Just load Cramers to see that they were Crane liners too, and don't forget that while Battistelli's were a Steel branch, Batti's were first found in CREMona.

Keons share the eight-pointed stars of Batti's/Botto's and Spanish Amors, and "Amor" is a motto term of Grounds/Crannys. It's not surprising because Grounds trace to the same as the Keon fish. To prove that Keons have the Saraca fish, compare the Keon Coat to that of Neils, first found in Tyrone with Saraca-line Sharks. Sharks use a Cranny-like crane, as do Grounds/Crannys. That get's Grounds half-way to Saraca's already, and the Ground/Cranny elephant gets us the rest of the way, but the Elaphiti islands are not only beside Saraca's of Ragusa, but beside Malta-line Melita. Italian Amori's were first found in Sardinia, near Malta.

Now, take it to the Keon-like Keens who share this same fish in the same base part of the Shield that Keons and Neils have it. The Keens use another escutCHEON, you see, tending to nail that symbol with Keens and Keons. It's important that the red estoiles of Neils and Colchesters will trace with Colchesters to the Colapis river, home of the Japodes. The Jeepma's are also Jappa's, you see. Go ahead and compare the Grey Coat to that of Jeffersons/Jepsons, for the Greys (Northumberland, same as Joplins) share the lion of JOPlins. It's the Malta lion too, and while Malta's throw in a column, the Columns/Malcolms (this line married the first Scottish Drummonds) have stars colors reversed from the ones in the Joplin Chief. So, Joplins and Jeffersons together were from Jabesh-Gilead, which should explain why the Joplin Chief is colors reversed from the Galli and Julian Chief. Could it appear as though Julius Caesar, and Julians before him, were Jabesh liners? As there is good evidence for tracing Galli's to king Gala/Gaia of the Numidians, I'm of the opinion that Gilead's namers became Gaia, mythical wife of Uranus. The latter's son, Cronus, like "Coronis," is the line to the Crane- / Ground-line Ceraunii (URBANus river), beside the Maezaei who are in turn easily traceable (via Urbans and Massena's) to king Massena, Gala's/Gaia's son. Maezaei lived on the Oeneus/UNA river, the thing that named both Juno, Jupiter's wife, and Ina, the chief goddess of Etruscans.

I discovered that the Benjamites with their Jabesh wives were the very founders of Romans as per mythical Jupiter i.e. from the Japodes. The RIMna is in ROMANia, and the latter was named by the Romans. The symbol of Rome was a black, two-headed eagle, used by Jeepma's. Shocking, is it not, what God has taught me through dreams and heraldry. That discovery needed a dream (back in 2012, I think).

Now the Arms of Colchester has a RAGully cross with NAILs, which clinches the reason for the commonality of Neils and Colchesters in sharing the same estoiles, for German Neils are also Nails/Nagle's, kin of Gale's. "Nil" is even a motto term of elephant-using Sanders (do you see the mystery solved?). "Ragully" was suspect partially for the Ragusa home of Saraca's, which can be proved by solving the Ground-Sand mystery, for Sands use this raGULLY feature. Gullys, with a "Nil" motto term of their own, are a branch of Julians and Gulls, and were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's, and with the elephant in the Arms of Oxford that traces to the Elaphiti islands, smack beside Ragusa.

There were a CAENi peoples in trash-like Thrace, and Tracys/Trasse's were first found near Caen! That's new right here (though the Caeni are not new to me). In fact, the Caeni were near the Benjamite-possible Benni on the Arda river (bottom-right of this map.

Oh wow, a Benny married a cousin of mine, TERESA!!! Did God set that up to clinch the Benni as Benjamites? Teresa's father was Pepin, and Pepins share the white horse head with Bennys! It tends to reveal that Caeni Thracians had merged with Benni Thracians, all expected with the Arthur surname via Arda elements. Arthurs use organs RESTS, part-code for a surname(s) from ORESTia at the mouth of the Arda with the Hebros. Teresa's mother, Letizia, looks connectable to the Lets/Late's with organ (!) pipes while Pipe's share the Pepin Coat!!! It never ends with things in my life going bingity-bang with heraldry. The Letizia surname is listed with crane-using Leto's. I was born in the same house as Teresa was born in (my parents lived on Pepin's upper floor for five years).

If Bus' were from the Buzau, it's notable that Bennys have a cinquefoil colors reversed from the cinquefoil of Bus', the latter first found in Norfolk with Benjamins. See Binnings/Bennings too with half the Benjamin saltire. Compare Benjamins to Banks, which recalls my riding the white horse of Miss Peare to a bank (slope on the ground), for the Pepin / Benny horse heads are white, as are the horse heads of Este's expected in the Hagar motto term, "Modeste."

If we Hebrew-cize "Jabesh" to "Yabesh," it wouldn't be surprising if it lost the frontal vowel to reduce to Besh/Bess-like terms, such as the Bessi Thracians at the sources of the Arda and Hebros river. They are on the map at Lissae, a location traceable with the Bessi to Bassania, the latter near Lissus of the Cavii, expected from Levites of Laish who named Caiaphas. The Cavii named the Chives' whose Coat looks very linkable to that of Benjamin-like Bengs/Bings/Bongs/Bangs...who remind me of Pings/Pongs that I trace to Pincum, thus potentially revealing that Pincum was a Benjamite location. Pincum is beside VIMINacium, where I trace the "WOMAN" of Elis', and Elis of Greece is very traceable to Laish, also called, Dan. The Elis-branch Elias' were first found in West Lothian with Binnings/Bennings, how about that.

The "TeuBOR" motto of Bengs/Bings (Kent, same as Dover) might explain the "conaBOR" of Hagars. Bors use pots while Potters have the Dover cinquefoil in colors reversed, and "George Bing was mayor of Dover". While Tunbridge's share the crescents of SARACens, "Bings also owned property in Tunbridge". Clare's were at Tunbridge while Irish Clare's share the five feathers of the Caen/Can Crest. The latter's ancestors are expected in merger with the Benni Thracians, right? Yes, and they were on the proto-Arthur Arda while Arthurs called the alternative symbol, CLARions.

Note "claRION," for this can indicate the Uranus line to mythical ORION, which went to the Orne river i.e. location of Caen. The Caen area was home to the Maezaei line, kin of Ground-line Ceraunii, from Cronus, Uranus' son. The Rions/Riole's happen to be in Arthur colors and format. I'm going to guess that the Rion/Riole stars are close to those of Salome's/Solomons, from Salome Boethus, whose Sadducee house of Boethus I see from the mythical-Orion BOEOTians, a thing I've stressed this past year to the point of convincing.

Okay, before I go on endlessly, let's go to the Ground-Sand mystery, much of which I've already expounded upon in this section. The reason that the sand was on the ground is that Sanders share the elephant with Grounds/Crannys. It tends to serve as evidence that God gave this scene to us, and the importance of Sands is their RAGully fesse, tending to verify that the Ground / Sander elephants go to the Elaphiti islands, beside Ragusa. But there's more, for Sand liners can be clinched with the Santones Gauls, thanks to Clairs being first found in their vicinity while Sinclairs are also Saints. Santones are on my atlas at Saintes, as well as along the north banks of the Gironde water way, and at Gironde too. GROUND > GIRONDE, we see that clearly. The Gironde waters are fed by the Garonne river. As Grounds use the crane, it stands to reason that Gironde was a Ceraunii liner.

Ragusa is not far from the Urbanus river of the Ceraunii; between Ragusa (Asamum on the map) and the Urbanus is the Neretva river of the ARDiaei and Daorsi/DAVERsi. Davers, in Arthur colors and format, use the jay, and Jays were first found in Herefordshire with Jabesh-liner Jeffersons/Jepsons, as well as Doors and Barrels. The latter can now indicate that the namers of Bar at Scodra were merged with the Ardiaei and Daorsi to the north of Bar.

AsaMUM recalls the two "mum" terms buried in the motto of Kirks. You see, the patch of sand upon which the trash can fell was circular, and there is a Circle/KIRCHner surname (Silesia) using a church; is that not actually amazing for proving God to be the author of that dream? I've already shown how Kirks trace by their crozier to the Arms of Chalons-sur-Marne, home of MUMmolin, and so this circular patch of sand is proving that Mummolin's name was related to "AsaMUM," especially as Santones and their neighboring Lemovices were from Sintians of Lemnos, location of Marne-like Myrina.

We can now trace Myrina's Amazons to Morano, ancient Murunum at SARACena, beside Laus. Ragusa of the Saraca's was also called, Laus(a). You see, you hard-hearted evolutionary historians, the circular patch of sand taught you these traces. God lives, have hope in Him, conform your hearts to Him. French Croziers were first found in Auvergne, explaining why German Kirks share the Auvergne-surname tower.

Dutch Sanders share the now-illegal, gold-on-silver Zionist star of German Walters, first found in Silesia with Circle's/Kurchners. Pretty amazing, and Handle's were first found in Silesia too. Plus, Handle's use the MORay Coat while AMORe's share the white dog head with Barrels! That looks like a partial solving of the missing barrel-shaped part, and Amore's were fetched to topic by the motto of Grounds/Crannys. But why was this part missing? What's it mean? Was the handle BROKen? What could it mean? BROCuffs/Procops, a branch of Broke's/Brocks, were first found in Silesia too. Is that the solution? Looks like. Grounds/Crannys use a "PROXima" motto term that should apply.

Wow, the previous owner of the Jeep has a HIP problem. He could not walk much last I saw him, and was doing therapy nightly from his wife (a Mormon). The Brocuffs/Procops share a gold sphinx with the Hips'!!! Wow. The scene immediately after the broken door handle was me up high holding the trash can upon a LADDER, I feel sure, as code for ladder-using Scalise's. That's amazing. Recall the idea presented above, when I arrived to it as though bumping into it, that Silesian SCHLESingers look like "Scalise." And here Steve Scalise's hip is coming to topic amongst Silesian elements!!! WOW! Fireworks! Explosions!

WHY WHY WHY would God mix Scalise's injury to this dream about Benjamite lines? Is this a pointer to Dan BONGINo's work? He looks as Benjamite as could be? Elephant-using Sanders have a BROKEN sword in the colors of the swords below.

Silesia was named by the Silinger tribe, explaining why Slings use a Walter-like vulture. Walter-like Vlads share the Zionist star of Jeepma's. It's like the Jeep just linked to Silesian elements. The Arms of DACHau uses a SLING shot while Shots/Shute's/Shooters (possible Scodra liners) have swords in the colors of the crossed swords of Tax's/DACHs (and the Sword swords). Kirks almost have the crossed swords of Tax's/Dachs. Swords are from Serdica, at the Bessi-Thracian theater...what could be the Jabesh trash can. It begs whether Base's and their branches are Jabesh liners.

. I'm going to guess that the Walter lion is that of Denardo's/Nordi's/Narbonne's (and Norths) because they share the Kirk tower. Ahh, yes, but the Walter lion is also that of Maschi's, first found in Rimmon-like Rimini.

Shute-like Scute's use eSCUTcheons (shields), and were first found in Lancashire with same-colored Sands. Scute's have another crane, and even throw in some deer for a trace to the Ragusa area. Melita-like Mallets use deer, and Melita is on the map above near Asamum, with the small Elaphiti islands between them.

Elephant-head Sanders share plates with Mussels/Muscels while Mascals have the Ground/Cranny elephant. The Sander Crest has a CROWN around the neck of an elephant head, symbol of the CERAUNii. God taught me well. The sand-ground mystery at our service...and it only took me a couple of years to figure it out. The Chief-Shield colors of Scute's is colors reversed from the same of Kirks whom already trace to Asamum at Ragusa. What are the chances that Church's share black greyhounds with Schutz's and Scoots? The chances are very good of they were related, for heraldic symbols are passed down through marriages. Kirks were first found in Cumberland with the Bernice's who share the chevron in the Arms of Saraca.

After dropping the trash can, and YELLing "fire," I JUMPEd and FELL down upon the CIRCular PATCH or MOUND of SAND, and Sands are said to be from a FELLs location while Fells' were first found in Dundee with the Kids. God gave me another dream with kids JUMPing on a YELLow mattress, and Yells (share black fesse with Yellows) happen to be in the colors and format of Church's, expected as a branch of Circle's/Kurchners. Mounds are listed with the Mons' while Mons is in the land of flame-depicted Flemings. I was looking down on the circular patch of sand, and could not see whether it was a mound of sand, but, I suppose it works heraldically.

There is a Patch surname expected with the Patchie variation of Kilpatricks, the latter first found in Dumfries with the Patiens'/Patents who share the gold tower with Scute's. Mrs. Kilpatrick said to me, "you can scoot over" (2002 9-11 memorial) A patch works because flames are used by Patiens'/Patents (same place as Rims/Rums/Rome's), and it just so happens that their crescents are in flames, in the colors of the Yell crescents. So, yes, it was Intended to be a patch of sand, explaining why the entire ground was not made of it was on the beach in which Mrs. Kilpatrick appeared (1979 dream). If the Patiens/Patent tower is the Scute tower, it should be mentioned that it too is in flames, and that Putins are one of their variations. Is this pointing to military flames caused by Putin due to the American agenda in his back yard starting with 9-11?

The 1979 dream started with a shark, and ended pointing to Rhizon, beside Saraca's of Kotor. We were rising together into the sky, and Skye is an island on which the RIMMONs/Crimmons were first found, believe it or not. The Benjamites of Rimmon. Rimmons/Crimmons were at a Deer Aberdeenshire, where Leslie's were first found who share buckles with French Mallets (Craun/Crane colors) while English Mallets have a so-called "deer" (no antlers) with crown around the neck = Ceraunii symbol, shared by CRAUNs/Crane's (could be a deer since it has no antlers, but may be called a "hind").

Aberdeenshire is where Moyers were first found who look like the Morano's of Morano at SARACena. This location is near a modern Scalea, itself near MORMANno.

Okay, so why did God give this latter part of the dream, along with a Jeep owned by my former landlord with MORMON wife? Was it only to trace ancient Benjamites to their various places and kin? Does the rest of the dream concern Benjamite liners too? I've just realized something new: he worked as a metal SMITH (ran his own business in that field), and Mormons were founded by Joseph Smith while Smithers come up as Smothers' (needs the 's'), whom I checked months ago because I jumped from the ladder to smother the flames on the sand. WOW, more new: I know as a fact that codes in the book of Mormon, and even in their title, LATTER Day SAINTs, are from Lemnos and the Sintians thereof to the Santones of Saintes...the Sand / Sander line right? That "Latter" is a thing that just happened thanks to Joseph's Mormon wife. I wasn't expecting it.

Plus, the mythical metal smith was Hephaestus of Lemnos!!! Now I know as a fact that God set me up to live in the metal smith's home. As I've said many times, Paul Smith owned a red Jeep 35 years before I bought Joseph's red Jeep! Amazing. English Smiths (share Schopp fleur) use a Benjamin-suspect "Benigno NUMINE" motto, and Newmans/Numans ("aMOR") share the Beng/Bing/Bang lion. Amore's share the dog head of Barrels.

The motto, "Semper fidelis," in the Arms of L'viv (Bug river, Ukraine) is that also of Scottish Smiths. Sempers are said to be Peters liners, and, probably, the double Semper lion in pale are the same of Scottish Mars, for earls of Mar were with/beside Viv-like Fife's, kin of Five's/Fifys and VIVians (Cornwall, same as Schopps). Peter Pollock of nearby Rothes makes sense, especially as Rothes' share the lion of Smith-beloved Newmans/Numans (Kent, same as Shops) and Renfrew-connectable Raines'. Vivians share the purple lion with Raines-branch Wrens. L'viv is on the Bug river while Bugs share the water bouget with Rose's at/beside Rothes.

The Fiddle's/Fidelows expected in L'viv's "Semper fidelis" use wolf heads, and the Neuri of the Bug river turned into wolves once annually, as Herodotus put it. The Fiddle/Fidelow Crest is probably a wreath while Wreaths, a potential branch of the Wrath variation of Rothes', look like they have a version of the Rim/Rum Coat for a trace to the Rimna river of Benjamites. The Wreaths share the Speer/Speyer stars while Rothes is on the Spey river. The same stars are used by Annette's (whom God wants me to write about in the next update), and while Annette's (Annas branch, I take it) also have the Speer/Speyer crescent, they have a Coat version of the SHERwoods, first found in Durham with English Smiths having a Benjamin-suspect motto term.

"LATTER" looks like it belongs to the dream's ladder, and Mormons are truly a trash can of false Christianity. Mormons had a Morano-like Moroni character. Joseph Smith lived in Rochester, and Rochesters share the checks of the Morman/Moorman surname. Shouldn't Rochesters be from ROXolani at the Buzau river? Is that not amazing? Is that a crane in the Rochester Crest? Yes, for I have it recorded: "the Rochester Crest as a CRANE, sometimes code for UKRAINE. The first inkling I had of a crane acting as code for Ukraine was that of Scute's (crane with ROSE in mouth). The Buzau is right beside Ukraine, and Mr. Kolomoisky of Ukraine has a shark tank.

Why is the Shark line fairly central to the trash-can scene? To date, the shark in the 1979 dream is a representation of the deep state, but in particular the deep state's Ukraine corruption. The shark doesn't enter the trash-can scene until the trash can hits the ground / sand and takes flames that I don't want, suggesting a fire started by the deep state (or by Putin on the deep state?). I smothered the flames, and Smothers/Smithers Coat is one of the Henry Coats while the Brittany Henrys share the martlets of Jabesh-like Bash's who in turn share the cross of Moses'/Moesens/Moys. See Moise's/Moisens shortly below, because Moys could be a pointer to KoloMOIsky.

Bash's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Vince's who share the motto of Sanders, which includes "conscire," like the "conscia" motto term of Crystals that have the Moses/MOESen/Moy cross-with-steps in colors reversed. I'll show how Schopps and Shops can be from MOESia below.

Oh wow. As I've said many times, the Sandals became a topic when Mrs. Kilpatrick said, "you can scoot over." For I then had to pass her seat to get beside her, and, looking down, I was surprised with her pale-green toe nails. I noted that she had sandals on. I had just come to her after setting up her video CAMERA (on a stand), and the English Sandal write-up has "John de Sandall or de Sandele, appears as CAMERArius SCOCie..." The Shoe's have Scoc-like variation much like the SCOUGal surname with which Scoots are listed. God set that event up, but, WOOOOW, the English Sandal cross is that also of Hodgkinsons. Steve Scalise was pointed to in the door-handle scene and in the ladder of the trash-can scene with SAND, and here we have SANDals.

Scougals look like a branch of Shoe variations while one Smith surname uses horseshoes while English Smiths share the Schopp/Scobell fleur-de-lys. Plus, English Sandals share the fleur-de-lys of Schopps/Scobells while this dream opened with my riding a SHOPPing cart down a road. Schopps/ScoBELLs even share a three-pointed label with German Sanders (Rhineland, same as Scoot-branch Schutz's/Shutz's). The Chief-Shield colors of Scute's is that also of Shops (looks like a crown around a neck). The variations of Shops are for branches of Sheers/Shere's / Schere's / SCHIRE's/Schere's/Scherfs, and then the elephant-using Sanders (Irish) have a "Nil conSCIRE" motto phrase. Kilpatricks are also Sheera's. It appears rather certain that God intended to link Mrs. Kilpatrick's sandals to the shopping-cart = trash-can dream.

The Sandal fleur-de-lys is in the colors of the same of Mika's/Micks, and Mr. Mika got shot by Hodgkinson along with Scalise. Is that not amazing? Not many updates ago, I was finding evidence that a Ukraine master of intrigue, Igor KoloMOISky, was pointed to by the Moise/Moisen surname, the quadrants-with-fesses of which are in the Mika/Mick Coat. Moisens look like Moesians, and there was a Schopp-like Scupio (more-commonly "Scopi") location (on map above) on Moesia. That works.

When asking above whether Base's might be Jabesh liners, it struck me that the sandy mound that took flames might also qualify as a baseball pitcher's mound. Looking up Pitchers/Pichers, they don't have much I can see for contributing to this investigation. However, I'll leave this here in case I discover who was pitching when Scalise was shot. Base's share the hunting horns of Patch's, and the proposed Pitcher's mound has been resolved as a patch of sand. It's pretty incredible that I didn't realize here how "pitch" is like "patch" until seeing that Patch's share oak leaves with Pitchers/Pichers! I'm seeing the Picensii Moesians here who lived on the Margus (and probably named the Pek), upon which Scupio/Scopi is marked on the map above.

It doesn't look coincidental that the Shop dancette, and the black Sheer/Shere dog, indicates Carricks, first found in Ayrshire with MARGys/Mackeys (i.e. Scopi is on the MARGus river). The motto of Margesons/Mackesys pointed to Jeffrey Epstein, hmm. The raven of the Margys/Mackeys is for Ceraunii / Croatian liners, part of the Ground/Cranny bloodline. OH WOW, LOOK: I just entered "Grund" to bring up the Grounds/Grunds to take another look-see, but, it first brought up the German Gruns, which I had seen an hour or so ago as the Griner surname, when reading that officer Griner was shot by Hodgkinson!!!!! WOW! I think Griner was the one who shot Hodgkinson, or at least shot at him. There you have it folks, a deep-state reason for dropping of the trash can to the GROUND. I don't think Hodgkinson was acting alone.

Grunds/Griners look linkable to Smoke's/Rauch's, which God pointed to when I was in Crystal City. The officer above is CRYSTAL Griner!! OH WOW, get a load of this. The reason that Smoke's/Rauch's were found is that I had black smoke out the tailpipe the morning I awoke at Crystal City, after hearing cockROACHes behind the wallpaper all night. So, to find Smoke's listed with Roach-like Rauch's looked like a set-up by God for this work. The Roach's use three fish in the colors of the three LUCE fish while Hodge's have a "LUCem" motto term!!! It's pointing to Hodgkinson, is it not? It appears that God set up the Hodge motto for this, and more. The below tends to convince me that Hodge's were a Hood branch:

This topic was in my 2nd update of February, 2018, when I said:

Back to CHARLOTTE Hicks standing in front of the car [1979 dream], which has been resolved with the hood, and Hoods can perhaps be a branch of Hodge's / Hodgkinsons. People were [pretend] killed by the front of the car in the hoax at CHARLOTTESville...Charlottesville is not far from Alexandria, Virginia, where Steve Scalise of Louisiana was shot. I entered Texas the day before driving through Victoria, from Louisiana, and [then] drove to Crystal City [same day as Victoria]...But I didn't know until now that: "Also shot were CRYSTAL GRINER, a U.S. Capitol Police officer assigned to protect Scalise..."

That's why I saw that Griners share essentially the Smoke/Rauch Coat even at that time. It's not only that they share the same bend, but that both Coats use only a bend in the same colors. I didn't yet know that Miss Hicks / Mrs. Kilpatrick standing at the hood of the car was on Epstein's island when writing the above. It could seem that the same Obamaite disturbers that did Charlottesville also shot Scalise en route to thinking that they had a dictatorship coming, as Hillary followed Obama on the throne. They had mean plans for the people, didn't they, in the false name of fixing the problems that they themselves caused. In 2002, I learned from Mrs. Kilpatrick that she had attending church in Crystal City, even though it's a long ways from her place.

WOW, CONTEMPLATE ON WHAT THIS COULD MEAN: the three Roach fish create three fesses in the colors of the Moise/Moisen fesses, colors reversed from the three PASley fesses. The latter two surnames use nothing but their triple fesses, in the colors of the nothing-but-triple chevrons of Epsteins. Then, Luce's, showing only three fish in the colors of the only-three-fishes of Roach's are said to be from PASSeis! Incredible, for Moise's/Moisens are expected to point to Kolomoisky, likely in some partnership with the crap-disturbing, George Soros, the one who creates civil disturbances and then fixes them by moving his partners into power structures. Why was the body of judge Scalia taken to El-PASO (Texas)?

The NEWSpaper I bought in Victoria caused me to seek a property in Texas, and when I purchased it, on the Nueces river, a term like the Nuces variation of News' (Somerset), I had my septic system installed by LUCE Construction. I kid you not. What could that CRAP system portray in the discussion at hand?

"Nueces" means "nut," and then Nuts/Nottings (feasibly Nith-river liners of the Knight / Naught/Nitt kind), first found in Gloucestershire with Hodgkinsons, share white pheons with Hodgkinson-like Hutchesons (Hodgkinson colors), and the latter share three black boar heads with the Hoggs/Hoggers expected to be a Hodge branch. Then, Nottinghamshire is where Naught-like Nations/Nathans were first found who are in the carNATIONs of the Papers/PapWALLS/Papperwells (Gloucestershire) pointed to by my newsPAPER purchase, and the WALLPAPER used for the cockroaches that night.

This is important, so let me go on, for Nathans are expected with Nadlers/Needle's while Nettle's share the symbol of the Biss' expected with the Nuse/Nuce pale bar. Nadlers/Needle's share the sun of Claps/Clappers (share pike fish with Geddes' from the Nith) while Clapton, where the Hicks' lived, is on the Gloucestershire border with Somerset. Irish Pettys use a compass "NEEDLE" while Nations/Nathans have compass'. And English Pettys share the green parrots of Twine's in the Hodge description.

The Nuse's/Nuce's can suggest the noose around Epstein's NECK, for they have two pale bars in the colors of the one of German Neckers/Nichters (possible Nith-river liners of the Knight/Night kind). NOW LOOK: the Nuse/Nuce Crest shares a gold garb with the Crest of the Northumberland Hodge's: "A garb entwined with two serpents." It's a Crest very similar to the two enTWINEed snakes in the Biss Crest, and the Biss Shield has a pale bar (formed by Scalise-line scallops) in the colors of the Nuse/Nuce / Neck pale bars. That's amazing because it's linking my day through Victoria and Crystal City to Hodge's for yet another pointer to Crystal Griner.

Now look, for I've got it recorded that Biss use two snakes "respecting each OTHER," and while Hoods/Hoots can easily form Hooters, OTHERS/Hotters share gold crescents with Hoods/Hoots. "ResPECTing" can be part-code for a line that named the Piggs/PICg's, for they share black boars with Hoggs while the Hodge's with the entwined serpents were first found in Northumberland with Piggs/Picg's. That works. If it looks like it's banging on the doors of Hodge liners, let's add that while Jeff Flake is expected to have been in with the conspiracy to use Hodgkinson, Flake-related Flecks/Flacks (same place as Fulke's/Volks) share the Biss Scallops, and, moreover, Flake's share the wing of Fulks for a trace to Fulk II, son of Ms. Loches' (Hodgkinsons share the cinquefoils of Loches'). It underscores why God may have spoiled the crime of the conspirators by arranging their use of Jeff Flake, for his surname links in multiple ways to Hodge liners.

Belgian Flecks (Probably the Fulke/Volk Shield) are vertically split in the colors of the split Ground/Cranny Chief, as though begging us to link Ms. Griner to Jeff Flake. Belgian Flecks have a Coat version of Vigils (same bend as Grunds/Griners) first found in Piedmont near the Bissone of Ticino canton that shares double, coiled snakes with Biss' (share scallops with Meschins while Meschins were at the Bessin, the line to Bisone's/Bistons, a branch of Bessins). It should explain why German Otters have the bend of Vigils, for Hotters/Others are also Otters. That location could be near Massino-Visconti, for the Visconti snake, now in the colors of the Arms-of-Bissone snakes, but originally green like the Biss / Hodge snakes, is called a biscione. Visconti's were in Milan, the Lombardy capital, and Hotters/Others are from lords of Lombardy as they formed the Windsors.

Expect Bissone, named such (or close to it) centuries before the Meschins, to be named after Basina, wife of bee-loving Childeric, explaining why Bisone's/Bistons, Bessins and Talls (Thuringia, same as Basina) use bees. Bessins named Beaston in Cheshire, where Eggs/Edge's were first found who look like a branch of Each's/Eagers. "Respecting EACH other."

Note that the Blinkens, like the old Blixuni version of "Bissone," almost share the cross of Tease's/Tess' whom were almost-certainly from the Ticino river. Kirks/Kerks (Cumberland, same as Blinkens of Kirkland, and Kirklands) have a version of the Annas Coat, and Annas' (share Tease/Tyes star) were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Tyes'!

German Blicks/Bloders look linkable to Bloods/Bluds and therefore to Bled, near the Carni (not far from the Edge-like Adige river) on the map above, and Blinkens are also BlenCARNE's. Carny's share the Blinken-Crest lion. The Carny-like Karens/Kerns are related to German Roets, first found in Thuringia.

Bissone is in the LUGANo district, and Licks/Lucks/LUGANs share black greyhound heads with CHURCH's while Blinkins were at KIRKland. Licks/Lucks/Lugans share the black-on-white mascle with English Hansons, whose German branch has the Visconti snake because the same Coat has a Lombard Coat while Milan is the Lombardy capital. This is my first trace (that I can remember) of Licks/Lucks to Lugano . English Hansons even share the lions of German Blicks! Bissone was BLIXuni. Miss Hanson, a teenage sweetheart of mine, pointed to Crema, in Lombardy, with her ice-cream symbol.

Kirks/Kerks look like they love Mummolin (their crozier proves it), son-in-law of MAURILion, and Italian Maurels were first found in Milan. The "Facta" motto term of Kirklands can be for Faucets, who share the Milan/Millen/Mellent Coat. SAER de Quincy is in the Faucet write-up while Visconti-related Sforza's have a lion, suspect in the German Hanson Coat, holding a quince (flower). This is perfect because Crema is on a SERio river! As Kirklands have a gold border owned by the line of Gratian the Elder (off the Sava), I'd say that "Saer" is from the Sava-river Sauers. The latter have the same lion as Carnys (upper Sava) and Blinkens. The latter's crown can now be code for the Sava's Carny-like Ceraunii Illyrians. Sauer-like Sawyers (share Tey/Tay martlets) have a "CHERCHes" motto term.

The Twine's expected in the Hodge description have a pelican on a NEST while Nests are listed with Ness'/NESSANs. The night before I purchased the newspaper, I was mugged; the mugger had both hands around my neck at one point. I was sleeping in my Nuse-like Nissan pick-up when the Necker-like NEGRo came to attack me. If Neckers are from the Nith, let's add that Geds of the Nith are the proto-Geddes who share the Luce fish. God caused me to purchase land ten minutes from the home of Mrs. Kilpatrick, herself on the Nueces. This was in 1994, 15 years after God put her into the 1979 dream. Kilpatricks had a castle on the Nith.

The Bullys, first found on/near the Nith, have the mascle of Nuse's/Nuce's in colors reversed, some evidence that News'/Nuces' and Nuse's/Nuce's were Nith-river elements. She was born Miss Hicks, and the Hicks have a chaplet, the News/Nuces symbol, around the NECK of a buck's head. Dutch Necks/Neckers have a crown around an antler (could be a buck), a typical code for Ceraunii liners, who named the Ceraunii mountains near BULLis (AOUS river). The CRAUNs (crown around the neck of a hind or stag) have the annulets of Bulls in colors reversed. Bullis is near Kilpatrick origins at Antipatria. One Clapton Coat no longer showing has the patee crosses of Crauns/Crane's.

Aha! Hoods/Hoots can be a branch of Hotts from Aous-like D'OUSTE. The OSTs/Hosts (white bull head) were first found in Somerset with the white-bull-head Bulls (beside Hoods/Hoots) sharing the annulets of the other English Hodge's! Zinger. In the dream, when I saw Mrs. Kilpatrick in front of the car, I had no shirt on, a pointer to Shirts (probably the Tiss/Teece chevron), who use a "HOSTis" motto term (partly for Tiss'/Teece's). The Doust/Dust Coat has the giant Neck(er) stag head in colors reversed, looking linkable to the stag head in the Windsor Crest (both white with gold antlers).

I'd like to record here that the Windsor saltire can now be deemed, with a good chance of correctness, to be that of Tease's/Tess'/Tecks (Switzerland, same as Ticino canton), for the latter are Ticino-river elements, and place leaves on their saltire for the Laevi who both on the Ticino and at Novara. Massino-Visconti is in the province of Novara, and Visconti's of Milan are expected with the proto-Windsor Hotters/Others/Otters, suspect after OTTONE Visconti of Milan. Hoods were Visconti's? Dousts/Dusts did come to topic from the D'Oust location of Hotts (Brittany as an Oust river). This tends to reveal that the lions of the Fiens (and Windows), expected in the Windsor motto phrase, "fie en," are the lions of Visconti-related Sforza's.

The Bleachers come up big later as per Hodgkinson's shooting from the bleachers. It's going to give you a couple of surprises. I checked Bleach's, therefore, to find them both with Blake's. One Blake Coat shares the fret with Berkshire's (and Hoods), and Bleachers are suspect with the chevron of Batters, the latter first found in Berkshire with Windsors and Windsor castle. On top of this, the Hood fret was resolved with the mascle of Spinks for a pointer to the Hips sphinx and thus to Scalise's hip shot by Hodgkinson from his position in the bleachers. Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with mascle-using Quince's (share the bully mascles), and then the Sforza lion is said to hold a quince. That works all around. The other Bleach's/Blake's have a pale bar colors reversed from the one on Neckers and Biss'.

In this picture wherein the Northumberland Hodge's play such a central role, I can't help but think that Grunds/Griners share the bends of the Northumberland Rodhams, Jewish Rothchilds and Malbanks.

Gruns/Griners are said to have named "Grunau in Silesia". It's very interesting that while Shops pointed to Nazified Americans in the CIA, and to other government infestations of the Scherff-Nazi type, German Williams' (with the 's') use roses much like the Schere/Scherf kind.


It was the last practice before the Congressional Baseball Game, a clear June morning, and the Republican team was wrapping things up. Standing near home plate, Texas congressman Roger WILLIAMS, the head coach, had been smacking the final few grounders of this Wednesday-morning workout. DAVIS, from Illinois, was digging his cleats into the batter’s box and lunging at a couple of closing pitches...

Then, the thundering blast [from Hodgkinson].

Don't believe everything you read in official stories for events like this. The American government is corrupt from the top down. My point here is that the Williams surname uses gyronny, which I trace to Gironde, part of the Ground bloodline. The Arms of Gironde shares the gyronny of Scottish Picards/Pickars, a surname much like the Picher variation of Pitchers. The article doesn't tell who was on the pitcher's mound, but as the dream's pitcher's mound was also the ground, it speaks for itself.

The only thing I can say about the Davis surname is that the Welsh Branch has a version of the David Coat, an important Coat in the sleeping-bag dream.

I didn't realize until now that the Ground/Cranny elephant stands on a mound.

The article says that Trent Kelly was shot at first while he was on third base. As he was cutting across toward first base, beyond the pitcher's mound, a shot that missed him hit Scalise in the hip. Do you know what that sounds like to me? It sounds like a bogus story, planned before the practice, so that it wouldn't look like the plan was to shoot Scalise. They said: Kelly, you cross toward first, and while you're doing that, you, Hodgkinson, shoot Scalise. We'll do the rest by putting out that storyline." Hodgkinson was probably made to believe by the police / FBI that he was going to be well-rewarded and protected for this deed.

Oh wow. The Kelly and Keveney Crest is a so-called "ENFIELD griffin," and the Hiedler/Hitler Crest has the griffin design of Keveneys. Kelly cut across the Enfield-like infield! I wonder. Were the Nazi's in government protecting a sex trade that Scalise was opposing? Sounds reasonable. Were Keveneys Kiev liners? Trypillians? Budini?

Then, the thundering blast.

For a moment, everyone froze. A political consultant who was playing catcher stood up, took off his mask, and looked toward third base, where the sound had originated. From home plate, Davis studied the tree line in left field, expecting to see a cloud of dust from whatever must have exploded.

At third base, Trent Kelly, a first-term member from Mississippi, looked to his right and saw a short, stout man on the opposite side of the chainlink fence, only 20 or so feet away. The two locked eyes. The man was pointing the long barrel of a rifle directly at Kelly—and he was smirking. “He had the most nasty, sinister, just evil look on his face,” Kelly says. “Kind of like ‘I just shot and killed you, and you don’t even know it yet.’ ”

Um, he missed from 20 feet with a long BARREL? I suppose it's possible. What do you think?

TRENT Kelly. While Kellys can link to the Crest of Hiedlers/Hitlers, first found in Munich, the Trents probably have the crossed swords of Borders (Somerset, same as Trents), yet these are also the crossed swords of Tax's/Dach's while Dachau was headquarters for the concentration camps around Munich. Dachau has a sling shot while Shots/Shute's are also Shooters. The Enfield Coat shares gold escutcheons with Scute's. The latter share a red rose on a stem with Schere's/Scherfs and Williams.

[Wow. the day after writing here, I checked Bleachers because Hodgkinson was shooting from behind the infield, where bleachers are usually built. I'm assuming the baseball field had bleachers. Bleachers are split vertically along with Scherfs, and both use stemmed, red roses on the same half. On the other half, Bleachers use nothing but a chevron in colors reversed from nothing-but-a-chevron Batters. Combine that with what we read above, that Mr. Williams was hitting balls from near home plate, for the three roses on stems of Bleachers is in the Coat of German Williams!!! Coincidence? I don't think so. Online: "Gary PALMER says he had noticed Hodgkinson on the bleachers the day before the shooting..." Palmers/Parmers, it just so happens, were first found in Norfolk with, and have a Coat version of, the Flake-related Fleck/Flack surname. It appears that God wants to point to the Scherff-Nazi line here, but why? End insert]

I have read the Crest description of Keveneys. It's an Enfield griffin. This surname is also the Gaine/Geane, and Gains/Engaine's happen to share the crosslets of SCALing-ladder Trips. The Geane variation could indicate the relationship I see between Jeans and James' (same lion as Keveneys/Geane's). In any case, Vitalis of Engaine is said to have married the early Vere's of Oxford (elephant) while the Hamburgs, sharing the Hain/Engaine crosslets, were first found in Oxfordshire.

As Trips share the Gain/Engaine crosslets, its like, yeah after all, KEVeneys/Gaine's were Kiev-liner Trypillians. You see, even when we get our information from a Scalise-shooting article, we come to the Trypillians that were at topic in the trash-can scene apart from any mention of things-Scalise. It's working, like it's the right track to do Scalise and Ukrainians at the same time. I didn't plan on being on Ukrainians in this dream at the very time that other dreams and events in my life are pointing to Ukraine corruption. You saw this section with your own eyes. I did not manipulate anything. I just followed the clues.

Did Benjamite liners name Banff, where Troops were first found? Cravens -- Croatians from double-head-eagle Rijeka -- use a form of the Gaine/Engaine Coat while Benj-like Banks were at Craven. Jeepma's use a black double-headed eagle too, and Rijeka is smack at the Japodes theater. Told ya: Jeepma's/Jappa's/Cheps are from Japodes. JOPlins are Grey kin while Greys love the Fasts in their motto while Leslie's, who likewise use a "fast" motto term, were from Lesce to the near-north of Rijeka.

Sharks use a crane, and Ukraine was probably named after Crane-line, proto-Ceraunii in mythical-Cronus scythians. Sharks also use TREFoils, part-code for the Treff variation of Trypillian-line Trips. I feel sure that God chose to use a shark in the 1979 dream to point to shark-tank Kolomoisky of Ukraine.

Was Gilead to Sicily's Gell?

As Gilead was on the Jordan watershed, did someone form a Jordan surname to share the Gell-like Yell fesse? Why do the Brittany Jordans look like they can be of GILberts but with the red Alan fesse?

German Michaels share the Zionist star of Jeepma's. Scottish Michaels and Michaelsons have the Yellow fesse in colors reversed, and Bugs (Bug river of Ukraine) have the Yellow fesse. I now recall that a Michael I know appeared in two dreams close together, one in which he was at the front of his Volkswagen BUG, and another where his KIDs were jumping on a YELLOW mattress, which explained why Michaels look related to Yellows. In the dream with him standing at the front of the car, I placed a BUCKET into the back seat of his bug immediately after that scene, and Buckets are of the "water BOUGET" symbol used by Bugs! But I don't think I've ever mentioned this before because I was stuck on calling it a Volkswagen beetle. Wow, I did not use "stuck" in that sentence with the German Stocks in mind, who come up as Stucks and use beetles!

English Stocks share a two-tailed lion with the Arms of Bohemia, and German Michaels were first found in Bohemia, how amazing suddenly. Bohemia is beside Moravia (touches upon Silesia) while the stars of German Michaels are in the colors of the Moray stars (Moray was also called, Moravia), and the Moray stars are even in the Chief of Kids (Aberdeenshire, same as Rothens)! Rothes (beside Aberdeenshire) is at Moray while Stucks/Stocks were at Rothenburg. The Arms of Bohemia even has a lion in the colors of the Stake and Rothen lion. The Rose clan (beside Rothens) was in/beside Rothes, and while Scottish Rose's share the water bouget with Bugs, German Rose's (Silesia) have three roses in the colors of the three Stuck/Stock beetles. It appears that Beetle's / Bedwells relate to the dream with the bug, and moreover German Bugs share the raven with German Rothes'/Rothchilds.

I think I can see that the Bug bat is that of Randolphs (Moray) too because Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray, was a son of Marjory Carrick, and Carricks share the Bug fesse. In the Volkswagen-bug dream, I had to go to the bathroom immediately after placing the bucket into the back seat, and bat-like Baths have the Randolph cross! That works, and explains the dream very well. I did go into the mall to look for the bathroom, and there were two HALLs to chose from. Halls, first found in Lincolnshire with Lucy TAILLEBOIS, share the dog (probably a TALBOT dog) with Carricks. And MAULS share the Tailbois scallops! Perfect. Note how Carricks descend from Craigs while the Bug fesse is a version of the Craig fesse.

Mauls are listed with Morleys while English Morleys were first found in Derbyshire with the Sure's sharing holly with the Renfrewshire Jacks. Sure's are in the motto of Kilpatricks (DAGGER) who in turn have a Sheera branch while Carricks were related to Sheers/Shere's/SHIRE's/SHARE's whose fitchees appear on the Arms of Carrick at times. English Jacks share the scallops of Daggers while German Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Carrick-related GILberts (Arms-of-Carrick chevron) and with SQUIRE's/SQUARE's/Squirrels.

Mount ACRA at Jerusalem can be to the Acre surname, a known branch of Daggers from the Dexaroi at the Jabesh-like APSus river. Peoples on the Apsus, or its namers, are definitely to the Apps/ABBS surname. The latter use lozenges for the Croatian island of Losinj (near proto-Pollock Pula/Pola), and these lozenges are in the colors of the lozengy Shield of Schole's/Scayle's (Benjamin annulet!), possibly from Eschol, in Hebron (near Jerusalem), home of Abraham and Hagar (Hagars share the Jeepma star).

The Colapis river of Jeepma's must always be paired with the neighboring Una/Oeneus of mythical Juno, which can explain why Acre's share the June fleur-de-lys. June's were first found in Cambridgeshire with CHEPmans while Jeepma's are also Cheps. It works. June-like Jumps have a stag in the colors of the June/Jung/Young stag while Yonge's/Youngs have a "jeune" motto term for the June-branch Jeune's (Bug colors). Why were Michael's kids jumping on the yellow mattress? Michaels were kin of Meschins from the Maezaei on the Oeneus river? And suddenly this explains why German Michaels share the Zionist star of Jeepma's! I'll bet that Bugs, sharing the Yellow fesse, were Bug-river elements at the Japodes theater.

Are the Scayle's a Scalia/Scalise branch? Recall the Patiens'/Patents (flames) that made it to the flames at the patch of sand, for the other Patents share the lozengy Shield of Schole's/Scayle's! It looks like another pointer of that dream to Steve Scalise. The tower in the Patiens/Patent Crest is colors reversed from the same of French Bats (Bug / Jeepma colors), suggesting linkage to the bat of Bugs, for English Bats share the Kilpatrick saltire, known to be the saltire of Maxwells (probably the Jeepma eagle) from Rijeka at the Japodes theater.

The other Patents (English) were first found in Essex with Colapis- / ragully-liner Colchester and Yonge's/Youngs. The latter share a wolf in Crest with Bats, and there are a Bat peoples of Colchis while Colchians were at and around the Colapis. The Bat Colchians were at the Moschi foothills, and they lived beside amongst the Lazi Colchians suspect to the Ladon river, and so also to Ladds/Ladons with Yellow / Bug fesse and probably the Michael / James scallops. We could now say that Michael's LADs were jumping on the bed!!! I like that. The Ladon was beside the PENeus while Michael's have a feathered PEN in Crest.

Pens are also Pence's while Gell-like Giles' have a "Pensez" motto term feasibly for the Pense's/PINCons. The "moi" motto term of Giles' thus looks like Moesians at PINCum, near LEDERata, and Leeders/Leaders (same fesse as Yellows, same scallops as Michaels) look linkable to Ladds/Ladons (same fesse as Yellows). The MOIse's/Moisens, feasibly of the Moys/Moses'/Moesens (dove for Cuppae), share the triple fesses of Mika's/Micks/MIKULAS'. The white roses on stems of Leeders/Leaders must be those of SHERwoods (Durham, same as Leeders/Leaders), an excellent addition to this discussion because Shops/SHERlands share the Chief-Shield colors of Giles'!

As Leders (one 'e') share the RADice checks, "LedeRADa may have been a Leda-line merger with elements from Sub Radice (not very far from Pincum). Radice's were first found in Udine, near the Japodes, and Rads/Raders share the Zionist star of Jeepma's/Jappa's, perfect. The Leder roses trace to Rats/RAIDs/Raiders, first found in Nairnshire with bouget-liner Rose's. It recalls Mr. Kepke with the white rat as pet, for his father was Ukrainian i.e. the Bug river is in Ukraine. At a later time, I'll look into whether L'viv, a location at the Bug rivers, is to VIBia, grandmother of Charax Proculus.

Recall how the bat of bouget-liner Bugs linked to Marjory Carrick's son (Mr. Randolph) at Moray, for the fitchees that sometimes appear on the Arms of Carrick are shared by Rusts/Roosts, who have a reflection of the English Bat Coat! The Rusts/Roosts were first found in Kent with Rothes', and with the Masters suspect with a variation of the mattress-like Mattres'. The kids jumping on the yellow mattress. Yellows share the Bug fesse. There's going to be more to this dream, but full materialization is happening.

The Patents (share the Pullen motto) even have a "palleSCERE CULPa" motto phrase that traces with the Colp location of Cups/Cope's/Colps to the COLAPis/Kupa river of the Japodes!!! WOW, I just fell upon all of that. Schole's/Scayle's share the Julian / Gully crosslet so as to be a candidate for "raGULLY."

Cups are used by the Gilead-like Giles/Jiles surname along with pelicans, the symbol of Pullens who share the "palleSCERE COLPa" motto phrase of the Patents sharing the Schole/Scayle Shield who in turn have the black Julian / Gully crosslet. Again, the Giles Coat even has the Chief-Shield colors of Shops whose SHERland variation goes with "palleSCERE." I yelled when jumping down to the sand to smother the fire, and Yells (share Patiens/patent crescents) are also Yule's, suggesting Julians. Jells/Gells/Gills are in Yellow colors.

Was Juliet named after a line of "GILEAD". I know that Julie, a reader, would be surprised if I could prove Julians to be from Jabesh-Gilead. Giles'/Jiles' were first found in Lincolnshire with the Pelles' (pelican), who are like the Palles' expected in "pallescere." Patch-of-sand Sands use raGULLy, and pelican-using Pattersons use "rege." If we think that Ragusa is in this, then let's add that Sicily has both a Ragusa and a Gell location in their Saracen theater. Wikipedia says that peoples of Gell founded Agrigento (Sicily), at the Apsus-like HYPsas river, where HIPS' may have been from, wow! Just as we are on a Scalia/Scalise-like Scayle surname, we bump into the HYPSas river.

The Giles-like Gills/Gilles', with first found in Yorkshire with Gells/Jells/Gills, Pullens and the Palles' in their motto, share a lozengy Shield (different color) with Schole's/Scayle's, and so we keep in mind here that while things-Scalise are now expected in the flaming RIM upon the PATCH of sand, Scottish Kilpatricks, first found in Dumfries with flaming Patens'/Patents (share the Yell crescents) and Rims, have an Irish branch with a Cart-like "CEART" motto term, and a Patchie, as well as a Sheera, variation. Just look at that, because Scottish Pattersons have more pelicans while Irish Pattersons share drops with the Kilpatricks having a "SURE" motto term. The Kilpatricks/Patchie's/Sheera's even have a "Ceart LAIDIR" phrase that can speak to the ladder I was on when dropping the trash can, while Trashers/Tresure's share the green dragon with Kilpatricks/Patchie's/Sheera's.

But that's not all, because the Palles' in the Pullen / Patent motto were at PATRington, and share three terms in the motto of pelican-using Pattersons, one of which is Ragusa-suspect "rege." It just so happens that AntiPATRia, origin of Kilpatricks (Dexaroi-loving dagger) and Pattersons, and apparently also of Patents, is on the Apsus river exactly where the Dexaroi lived.

Behold, the Shera's of Kilpatricks are surely of the Shere's/Sheers and the Schere's expected in the "palleSCERE" motto term of Patents (share the Scayle Shield), and so we go to the "Pro REGE et GREGE" motto of Pattersons, because Gregs are in Carrick / Shere/Sheer colors while the latter two share a dog. The Carricks (Ayrshire, same as Craigie's), said to be from Craig-like Craigs, share the black-on-gold dancette with Shops/SHERlands (!), and Sicily's Agrigento was also, ACRAGus, while Crags, first found in Yorkshire with Gells/Jells (from Sicily, right?), share the Carrick / Shere/Sheer dog, and, besides, Gills/Gilles, first found in Yorkshire too, are Scayle-connectable while Scayle's share the Chief-Shield of Shops/Sherlands/SHAWlands. Why are Sava-river-suspect Shaws (dagger) in this?

Shawia Numidians can be expected in Sicily, and dagger-using Shaws happen to share cups with the Giles'/Jiles' who may have the Shop Shield. Proto-Daggers and proto-Acre's (suspect from Acra at Jerusalem) were on the Hypsas-like Apsus. Irish Shaws (Perthshire, same as Hagars sharing Jeepma star), who have the Greg trefoils in colors reversed, share a black, spread eagle with the Arms of Sicilian Ragusa, and the Shaws use it in both colors of the double-headed eagle of Jeepma's (from the Sava-river Japodes, right?). It looks like the Sherland/Shirland variations of Shops/Shawlands are from "SARAcens." And the Shops (share Carrick dancette), if from the Scopi location on the MARGus, can explain MARJory/Margaret Carrick, mother of royal Bruce's from the Breuci (Sava at the Colapis) of the Japodes theater. Sometimes, the Arms of Carrick (just a red chevron), comes with the three fitchees of Sheers/Shere's/Shire's, as seen in the Kennedy Coat. The Schere's/Scherfs use this fitchee.

The Sure's in the Kilpatrick motto share the motto of trash-can Caens/Cans, which motto has a buried "Citis" term for the family of Charax Proculus, and the Sure's throw in holly, symbol of the Renfrewshire Jacks, from Ajax at Cetis, I assume. The English Jacks share the scallops of English Daggers while German Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with the SQUIRE's/SQUARE's/Squirrels and with the GILberts having the Arms-of-Carrick chevrons...because, it seems, Carricks descend from a Gilbert character suspect from Gell-of-Sicily elements. Squirrels were first found in Worcestershire with Gill-like Hills sharing the fesse of Craigs and Yells (Craig crescents in colors reversed), and while Hills have evidence of having been with Halls / Hulls, the latter two share the dog with Carricks. Yells share the black crescent with Saracens. Gilberts have "a squirrel CRACKing a nut" as code for Carricks. Nobody taught me these things but my Helper.

Sure's lived at Mickleover while Mickle's could be of the Mikulas variation of Mika's/Micks, first found in Silesia with Proculus-suspect Procks/Brocuffs/Procops. Michaels (Meschin kin), with the Carrick and Yellow dancette in colors reversed, were first found in Surrey with Sheers/Shere's/Shire's. Scottish Michaelsons have crescents in colors reversed from the same of Saracens, and English Michaelsons share the Craig crescents.

The Arms of Ragusa has the eagle holding the Hermes caduceus, symbol for the Cadusii Armenians who may have been proto-Sadducees (there's good arguments for that at Soducena of Armenia). The "CREVIT" motto term in the Arms of Ragusa sure looks like code for the Krvati = Croatians at the Sava river. Amazingly, I traced "Gareb" at Jerusalem both to the naming of Croatians/Serbs, and to/from "JEREVan" at Armenia, smack at the Soducena theater. Proto-Jerusalem was SODUCena-like Zedek when MelchiZEDEK ruled it as Salem. I reasons (years ago) that JERevan elements at Salem re-named it to, JERUsalem. What do we make of a Sadducee descent from Zedek elements? How interesting is that?

JereVAN was at lake SeVAN, named after Lake Van, home of the Nairi suspect in naming Nahor, brother of Abraham at the Schole-suspect Eschol valley of Hebron. The Schole/Scayle lozenges are from things in Croatia's Losinj, which is the Colchian island of Apsus-like APSorus on the map above.

Thanks to Ricks, I was able to clinch Cravens from Croatians of Rijeka/Rika, and the double-headed eagle of the latter is the one also of Maxwells, who happen to be in a motto term ("make") of Kilpatricks (share Maxwell saltire). So, Antipatria elements on the Apsus were merged with things in Rijeka, near Apsorus, yet we saw how these Antipatria elements were linked also to Gell at Sicily, near the Ragusa that loves Croatians in its motto. Peoples at Gell, probably Saracens, founded Acragas at the Hypsas river.

It's completely amazing that the trash-can scene, along with the shopping cart in the same dream, has just told this old-Jerusalem story while also pointing to Steve Scalise's hip. I've said many times in the past that the Hips Coat looks like a version of the German Deck/Dagger Coat, which is why the Hypsas has long been suspect from Dexaroi-things on the Apsus. It's been a long time since loading the Deck/Dagger Coat, which by the way shares the red squirrel of SQUIRE's/Squirrel, and so I've just noticed that English Daggers have a "loyalte" motto term that can be for Loyola's/Lolita's.

A Proculus Jack-in-the-Brox

Proto-Carricks out of Acragas must trace somehow to CHARAX PROCulus at Cetis, son of Levi-suspect Lupus Laevillus. Amazingly, PROCKs are listed with the Brox/Brocuffs/Procops who share the gold sphinx of Hips'!!! Is that not amazing? The Birds/Burds at Broxton share the Hips martlet. It's verifying that Charax Proculus was from Acragas elements in some way, from either his Bassus mother or his father. The latter's mother was from the Vibius family expected in the Craig / Craigie mottoes. Now Cetis had KENNATi priests of Jack-like Ajax, and while Carrick-related KENNEDYs were first found in Ayrshire with Charax-line Carricks and Craigie's, Jacks (Yorkshire, same as Crags and Gell / Gill liners) happen to share the scallops of English Daggers, you can't make this stuff up. Dexaroi of the Apsus are expected at Gell-founded Acragas.

I feel very sure that Antipater, father of the first king Herod, was from elements at Antipatria/Antipater, home of Dexaroi. This Herod's mother, Cypros, was likely named for things in Cyprus, where the cult of mythical Teucer and Ajax came out of. The other mythical Teucer was the co-founder of Thracian Trojans.

Cetis/Citis is expected in the "liCITIS" motto term of trash-can Caens/Cans, whom I've seen from the Caeni THRACians long before God gave us the TRASH can. Surely, the Herods are in that trash can. It just so happens that the Hypsas today is the DRAGO, a term that traces excellently to Thrace-like Drake's. Cetis is at a TRACHeitis river, can we believe it?

The grandfather of Charax Proculus was Quadratus Bassus, a possible line to the baseball themes that pointed to Scalise's shooting i.e. in the hip. I felt there was good evidence to trace "QuadRATUS" to Sub RADICE at the upper-Hebros theater of Thrace, for it's near Cabyle while Cable's have a fretty Shield (as do Caens/Cans) in the colors of the chequey Shield of Radice's/Radix's (near Croatia). These Shields look connectable to the Gills/Gilles'. I fully expect the red fesse of Cable's and Caens/Cans to be that of Laevillus-liner Leavells and Boethus-likely Butts/Boets and Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire, same as Hypsas-river Drake's).

The "Domine" motto term of Gills/Gilles' is suspect with Domna, mother of Charax-like Caracalla, who had minted coins with "Olba/Orba" upon them, the Cetis-area home of the Kennati priests of Ajax. "Orba" looks connectable to the Urbanus river of Croatia, and Caracalla (emperor) stationed Domna's father, Julius Bassianus, in adjacent Dalmatia, land of Croatian Ragusa. I have seen the Bassus' as "Bassianus."

By some coincidence or not, Dunhams are brought up as "Domine." Dunhams, who share upward gold spears with Tracheitis-like Tracks/Tricks and Drigs, share the Coat of Meschin-liner Randolphs, and Meschins descend from Julia Maesa Bassianus, Domna's sister. French Domine's/Dominic's might even have a version of the Hips Coat but with the Annas star. It's amazing what one can find when he/she has hundreds of Coats at the frontal node of the memory bank. I've been at this full-time for 10-15 years, and work off mainly by memory, rarely (three or four time per day) looking up my files. It's not a coincidence that trash-can Cable's have the motto, "ImpaVIDE," for Julius AVITus was the husband of Julia Maesa Bassianus. Tracheitis-like Trickets/Triggetts were first found in Middlesex with Apps'/Abbs' and Fiers (Fier county is on the Apsus river).

Curiously, Scottish Trickets are listed with Picards/Pickars. Dragets/Dracots use a dragon, and Dragons/Drainers share the helmets (in colors reversed) of Minute's/Mynetts (Kent, same as Dragons/Drainers), the line from Amyntes of Galatia, ancestor of Quadratus Bassus.

Repeat: "If that's not enough, the Spinks share the spread eagle of the Sans' in the Hodgkinson motto! It's just too much, piece by piece, the same picture developing." It was an amazing pointer to the shooting of Scalise's hip, especially as Second were first found in Limousin, city of the Lemnite Lemovices, cousins/partners/mates of Santones. The Saint-like Sainz variation of these Sans'/Sanchez's can indicate linkage to the patch of sand, the pitcher's mound, where the Cable-related trash can caught flames. Now look: Pitch's/Petch's were first found in Silesia with Hips-related Brox's/Brocuffs/Procops. What have we here with these Patch-like Pitchs's/Petch's? Why do Patch's share the Base hunting HORN, the line from Orion the mythical hunter of Schimatari to the Orne river at Caen? Might Caens/Cans have named the Cunninghams (Ayrshire, same as Carricks, Cragie's and Kennedys)?

From my files: "However, the Gabel trident is officially a "pitchfork," explaining why the Spanish Gabels use a 'Y', the symbol of Cunninghams (Ayrshire) who use "fork" in their motto as code for Forkers (Ayrshire)..." Gabels were first found in Silesia too, and Cable's/CABELs are part of trash-can Caens/Cans.

As per the trace I make of Cunninghams to Shechemites of Schimatari, the line to Shake's, see that Gabel-like Gable's/Gabriels share the Shake chevron. The Cunningham symbol is called a SHAKEfork. The Shakespeare's (spear) use a "SANZ" motto term! The Shechemites were partners with the Kennati-like Kenites, the tribe married by Moses. We can therefore expect the Kenites to have married heretical / pagan Levites, and that's exactly what I see "Laevillus" (king of Cetis) from.


If I watch Fox news on the US-embassy attack in Iraqi, there is no stress on an American raid from the skies on five targets in Iran and Syria, last week. So, the short of this news story is that Iranian / anti-American forces inside Iraq felt that the American raid was not justified, and so they took it to the embassy (without weapons) to make a show of anger. Wars start in situations such as these, and, it could really be true: the deep state started the raids in order to change the focus of news stations (in the U.S.) when it saw that its Trump-attack crusade was becoming a disaster without remedy. When I watch the demonstrations at the embassy, the faces are not always angry, as though this could be a staged event from some of the contributors.

I expected the deep state to foment a Trump war against Iran ever since it falsely accused Iran of attacking ships in the Persian gulf. The deep state had to create another false-flag operation after Trump refused to attack Iran on that last failure, and here I think we are again. The timing is just right. The deep state has had just the right amount of time to plan another effort to successfully get Trump to start a skirmish, if nothing more. A skirmish is the deep state's best hope because it can open the door to full-blown war, or at least the fear of one. It will change the news, and help the liberal media get back on its feet again. The deep state needs a healthy media like humans need oxygen.

With Trump getting the credit for killing an Iranian military chief (general Soleimani) this week, things could be on the brink of a skirmish. I hope it doesn't happen, but if Iran strikes back, that's all it will take. I hope that the deep state gets further blows instead, because time-out on attacking the deep state will allow it to recover. Barr is letting this thing live. I don't think he's good enough even to arrest McCabe now that he's admitted, this week, to giving outright lies to investigators.

The Americans attacked the five targets after they claimed that one of their "contractors" was killed by a pro-Iranian group. What evidence is there that anyone was killed? I don't trust the American military, and I think the CIA will kill one of its own men to start a war if that's the desired plan. Trump, Fox and similar others are unable to speak like this. Trump is forced to act in such situations out of fear of what the media will do to him if he doesn't act. The longer he leaves the military shadow government in power, the more he will be its puppet whether he likes it or not. He risks a global war because the men who operate in the shadow government are demonic. Demons destroy a person's ability to think straight. Just look at the fruit of the average liberal after one generation (or less) of outright servitude to demonic philosophies. Young liberals are immediately as bad (or worse) as the parents who raise them. Military leaders are the most-susceptible to demonic infestations because they have the job of breeding killers.

I've got to assume that Trump gave the nod for the American strikes. He will personally be responsible for a war if it happens on this present danger. His fornicating with the military, and his failure in getting the right CIA boss, has provided for him a grim dawn in 2020. Some think that the deep state wants Trump in a war as soon as possible in order to kill his current advantage for winning the elections later this year. It's a good theory. If Trump has this idea that anything he does in a war will turn to gold, that's exactly what the shadow government could celebrate in advance.

On Thursday, Dan Bongino revealed that one of the leaders of the attack at Baghdad's U.S. embassy had been invited to the White House by Obama when he was the president. It could reveal that this character is himself a U.S. contractor in Iraq, whose job is to keep war happening, because there's big money in war for corrupt American actors to re-direct to themselves. Or, this character could be on the secret payroll of Obama's "shadow government," as some call it, which could include George Soros, for example. This embassy thing is something that the Soros people alone could conduct; they have experience in demonstrations with the purpose of changing the politics. If this is the correct view, the purpose would be to make deep trouble for Trump.

Here's Trump's big mistake: "Federal tax revenues declined in 2018 while economic growth accelerated, undercutting the Trump administration’s insistence that the $1.5 trillion tax package would pay for itself." That's phrased by Jim Tankersley of the NY Times, and so we should hold him susceptible to lying first of all, guilty until proven innocent. Assuming that $1.5T is as it sounds like it is, the total tax cuts, and because there are about 150 million workers in the United States, the math is easy: $10,000 of tax cuts per worker, PER YEAR.

That's right. Imagine if all workers got all of that free money each year. But Trump went and gave the lion's share to the big corporations instead. Is Trump that stupid? Yes, he is, and so is everyone who celebrates his tax cuts without making the argument I'm making here, that the lion's share of tax cuts needs to go to the lowest-income earners so that they can improve their lives drastically. As it is now, they are barely improving their financial situations, if at all. Trump cut corporate taxes from 35-percent to 21-percent. Even if he cut a worker's tax by that much, it might amount to an extra $2,000 per year of take-home, which today is like a big bag of peanuts. Whoopie, a whole $165 extra per month, whoopie. Trump, you big fat farce.

Another article says: "The [Trump] tax cuts will expire for individuals in 2025. They remain permanent for corporations. In all likelihood, Congress will make the individual cuts permanent when the time comes." Oh yeah? Really? Or is this just a trick to get voters to give Trump another four years while getting one more Republican elected in 2024?

I think I see the game: keep workers as poor as possible so that corporations have an abundance of workers; otherwise the workers, if they make and save too much, will start their own businesses. It kinda makes you see red, doesn't it, to be treated this way.

If workers get all the $1.5T tax cut, they will spend the money, and corporations then get money at that time, but only by working for it. By giving the free money to corporations, those who gamble stock markets are happy. Why should they make such easy money while workers get to work harder? Yes, companies swamped with lots of free money will ramp up their demand for work, per worker. Lucky you, worker, you now get the short end of the short end of the long stick. When they say the economy is roaring, it means you're working and sweating harder but not getting paid for it. Wages under trump went up a "whopping" 2.5-percent this past year, whoopie. That's a whopping $25 extra for every $1,000 you made last year. You get to have two or three extra pizza dinners each month (not including your wife and kids), so long as pizza doesn't go up 2.5-percent too. Uh-oh, yeah, we've got to figure that in too. Oh, yeah, if wages go up 2.5-percent, it's probably because prices have gone up that much. Oh, that means you're working harder while corporations get all of the benefits. ROAR.

Trump and Fox together are deceiving you on this roaring economy. The Republicans didn't spend less than Obama did. Trump's government has increased your tax burden even while he gave you a wee tax cut. They keep giving progressively more of your money to those they borrow from. In just 20 years, they have increased your tax burden by about $15T just for the debt from their over-spending. With 150 million workers, that's $100,000 they have robbed you of, and you need to pay the interest every year. If you think you don't pay it, think again. They tax you extra to pay that debt. It's real money they take from you, to pay interest on money you never gave them permission to spend. And you haven't even begun to pay the $100,000 yet because they never start to pay it off. They only add to that debt. You really need to be a loon to celebrate a roaring economy at this time. Trump, your savior, keeps urging you to celebrate the shining, golden cup...with a gluttonous monster on the inside. They don't even pretend to be concerned because they don't want you to think about it.

Who in this world could be so rich that they could loan the United States $15 trillion in 20 years? Don't you see demons here? They didn't get that money from China, don't be deceived, and other countries are in debt too. So, where does this money come from? Why don't we see on the news where this money is owed? Because, they don't want you to think about it, or to know what game they are playing. The war hawks want more of your money to make more money by war all over the place. There isn't a word bad enough in the dictionary to describe this illness. Trump is your nightmare, mark my words. There are people who want to rule the universe absolutely, because demons fill their hearts, and Trump plays with them, like the piper in a band. Follow me, he says, I have the candy. O goodie, I get to go to my awful death with borrowed candy. Poorer nations don't get that perk.

People can now know that the U.S. owes China just $1T. Therefore, the powers need a second deception now to fool Americans on where they have obtained the rest of the debt. says: "[Aside from $1T owed to China] The rest of the $23 trillion national debt is owned by either the American people or by the U.S. government itself." What a stupid answer. It's no answer at all. It doesn't tell us where the money was borrowed from. The people didn't borrow from the people. The government didn't borrow from the government, unless the government printed the money, in which case the people owe no debt at all, yet they are being charged interest on that printed money. Kinda of makes you see red again.

The more money they print, the more the corrupt actors takes some of it, and the more you pay interest. The more they print, the higher prices go, and the more you beg for raises, always lagging behind the cost-of-living increase. You get the short end of the short end of the short end of the very long stick. So, go out to buy a party whistle, and celebrate Trump's fantastic economy.

I don't believe the figures that the American government gives on what they owe various countries. Besides, they could be borrowing from private foreigners, not from foreign governments. To put that in other words, they could be borrowing from Americans in other countries, or, from family members and friends in other countries. The Rothschild family comes to mind...things we're not supposed to know. For those real debts, as opposed to debts from printed money, there are real people making fantastic amounts of money, on your working backs, for their not lifting a finger. It's what big corporations can do when they get too big, put you in the poor house by lending to you without your consent. And then they give you a shiny credit card and tell you to go fetch your American dream.

Thank God for Jesus, the cure to this sickness. Just pay your bills and wait patiently for the end. Find a way to be happy getting by, and don't injure yourselves chasing materialistic dreams in a world that's not your friend no matter where you turn. The reason that I don't stroke readers with love caresses is that I don't make money off of them. Learn from BCP, for example, always loving his viewers like family, because he's in business with his youtube channel. Sure, he believes in what he's doing, but he wouldn't do it daily unless it makes money per video, with the hope of making more if he can keep at it long enough. He has, and will have, his reward: money. And there will be injury, guaranteed, in one way or another; the only question is: how big?

A good person thinks to self: how can I have a youtube channel for Jesus without making money from it so that I can have a pleased God as my reward? How can I make God want to take me by the hand and fly me away to show me His wonders? But BCP is not doing it all for Jesus, but also for the U.S. of A which he worships probably as much or more than Jesus. He never stops mentioning how wonderful the United States is, and he's always begging God to bless his fellow Americans, as though people in other countries don't matter to him or to God. He wants to blend Jesus with the United States. Rather than calling his viewers to bless God's heart, he calls on God to bless their lives. To bless God's heart, spread the need for righteousness without getting paid for it; otherwise, you have double motives.

On Friday night, a Tucker-Carlson guest said that the Iraqi lawmakers are poised to vote Americans out of their country. This could set up a situation in which the Americans need to invade Iraq once again, though I'm not sure that the nation has the stomach for it. If not, then Iran will become head-strong against Israel more than before, and Assad is rebuilding as we speak. You see, the American globe-trotters are not doing good at all, just angering their enemies all-the-more while going for a pipe-dream. Get out of the Middle East, stupids, and try being kind toward your enemies to pacify them. Kindness pacifies the enemy; antagonism makes him head-strong against you.

Trump said he saved a war by killing the Iranian general, yet that's an act of war. If Iran would kill an American general with a missile, it would be the start of a war. People possessed by demons will bring this world to Armageddon because demons make people stupid. God has Purposed the removal of His Spirit from the world to show what the world is without Him. Even if Iran was behind the killing of an American contractor in Iraq, does that justify a war? Suppose that Iranians and Russians were in Canada, with Canada's wink, threatening to conquer the United States? That's how Iran feels.

If Iraq kicks the American military out of Iraq, it will be a win-win for us, because it's more unlikely that the war-hawk shadow government will get its Trump war at this time. The focus needs to be on corruption inside the United States, including illegal Mexican "immigration" at the invitation of the DNC.

Jim Antle of Tucker's show says that Trump still has many Bush re-treads advising him on Middle-East policy. That's been Trump's schizophrenia. He ran to get elected in opposition to Bushites, then took them under his own wings. They are working him over from the outside and the inside. You can now see clearly why Trump-worship is dangerous, with even Christians nodding at / supporting whatever he may do in warfare or threats thereof. What if Trump's philosophy of peace by striking-back-harder-than-before doesn't end because the other side doesn't stop striking back? Won't Russia enter the war?

Here's from the Iranian point of view, though don't neglect that Iranian religion is God's foe:

Okay, so Bush invades the Middle East with the hope of somehow over-coming Iran, and people like Dan Bongino don't think that Iran had a right to resist the Americans under that scenario. The Americans were plotting to destabilize Iran while weakening Russia, ever creeping toward an Americanized Iran, what the war hawks have as a pipe dream, but if Iran retaliates in any way, they are the bad guys. In Bongino's mind, Iran was resisting Americans end-of-story; Iran is the bad-guy terrorist, and Trump is the heroic savior. This is the shallow mindset of Trump-adoration syndrome. We need to think better, to move our leaders into doing the wise thing: stay clear of war; offer kindness to the enemy; have good will for the enemy. Let God do the punishing. Even in the face of a dangerous situation, Bongino is celebrating Trump's "successful" assassination.

My question: who convinced Trump to do the assassination? Boy, would I like to know. Did Trump agree because he needed to make a political deal with that group? What? Risking a new war abroad for political gain at home? Would Trump do that? I would like to know.

There are Republicans spreading the story that the Iranian general is always going about trying to kill Americans. Well, if the Iranians and the Russians were in Canada with Canada's toleration, wouldn't president Bongino put his generals and spy machines to work seeking to hurt the enemy so that it'll decide to withdraw from Canada? If so, then we need to give Iran that absolute right too, don't we, lest we seem shallow and hypocritical, unable to see things from the other person's shoes.

I don't have any affinity with Iran, but one thing I will say; it won't tolerate the absolute wickedness that half the United States craves, which the America courts have sanctioned and protected. The Great Satan is in the United States, make no mistake about it. That's what the military needs to fight, not Muslims half-way around the world. It's better to kill American liberals who have destroyed society everywhere, which is exactly what God will do. But He will not do it until He makes them go mad with pains and sores first, with cursing and mad schizoid behavior. For this, He will allow demons unleashed. If freedoms is what American liberals want, then let God free the demons upon them, for they too have "rights" according to the liberals' own philosophies. This is not going to make American great again, sorry. It will be our time for hiding, for shrinking back, for closing the doors behind us, while the Fury passes by.

Iran is not clean. It made the mistake of desiring Israel's full wipe-out. It's just that God has different designs for Israel. Still, prophecy says that God will use Iran to punish Israel. It means that God is very unhappy with Westernized Israel. What is it that Christian Zionists can't grasp about this? God opposes Americanized Israel even more than Iran does. If you spit at Iran for opposing Israel, might you be spit at God too? So, try to understand this the proper way, and stop listening to pre-tribulationist Zionists. I am for the survival of modern Israel, because God is too, but the nation needs a colossal pruning of its sick branches. So, if you see Iran coming against Israel, see it possibly as God's plot against Israel...which it will be if the Last Day has about-arrived.

Trump spoke to an audience of evangelicals late this week. What timing. The day after the assassination. Coincidence? Or plan? Is he worried that evangelicals might drop from him? He told them war speak, that Soleimani was planning a major attack, but how would Trump know unless his Intelligence people told him? The Intelligence people who can't be trusted, that is. What if Trump's knowingly lying to my brothers and sisters? What if he knows he doesn't know whether Intelligence told him the truth, but spouts it off to the evangelicals anyway?

By Sunday night our time, RT had a story saying that Iraq voted the Americans out of Iraq. My prediction, not written in stone though, is that the U.S. shadow government will cause strife in Syria as a way to get Trump to park the U.S. soldiers in Iraq there. There's a good chance that Iran had nothing to do with killing the U.S. contractor, anyway. You can't start a war for one American dead in a region filled with war. You take your chances by being there. Trump seems to have lost his mind. He's exactly the crazy ego who would play a game of chicken and not back down in the face of certain disaster. Everything to come from Trump's mouth now will be to justify his actions thus far. Graham and his war-hawk ilk are egging him on as the president makes dire threats.

I'm going to guess that this decision by Iraq will cause war-hawk hopes to be dashed. It was very stupid of Trump to promise dire retaliation if Iran reacts, because Intelligence can react with a false-flag event if it thinks it can get away with it. But the shadow government doesn't want all-out war, does it? I don't think so, not right now, anyway. I think it wants something to ruin Trump politically, but not as much as Trump seems to be promising.

Trump said, "We’re not leaving [Iraq] unless they pay us back for [the miltray base we built]." That's illegal. You can't just not leave a country when the country asks you to leave. Besides, it reveals Trump's facade, pretending to wish a pull-out of troops. You might say that he sinsereley wanted the pull-out, but I might say he said it merely to appear as though he were not wanting to remain. With Trump, one never knows.

More evidence that the enemy is providing Fox shows in order to manipulate what we hear or don't hear much of, the youtube channel, Valdilene pessoa, offered a weeks-old video "Streamed live 8 hours ago" on Jan 4. It's an outright lie.

Here's some marriage counseling on the funny side:


For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God. Also, you might like this related video:

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